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PS427 Ag2 m (mr h a redfern, age 34, schoolteacher) unspecified
PS428 Ag3 f (mrs trinder, age 40+, schoolteacher, or non-teaching assistant.) unspecified
PS429 Ag0 m (Chris, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42A Ag0 f (Louise, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42B Ag0 f (Jennifer, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42C Ag0 m (Phillip, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42D Ag0 f (Jody, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42E Ag0 m (Alan, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42F Ag0 m (Steven, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
JAAPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JAAPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 118301 recorded on 1994-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Mansfield ( Classroom ) Activity: Lesson Demonstration, question-and-answer.

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mr h a redfern (PS427) [1] All right sit please.
[2] ... I've checked your books ... and I have to say ... that I'm very pleased.
[3] Worked very well most of you erm Rachael you weren't here last week were you?
[4] ... What five S, this is five S five [...] you were over there.
mrs trinder (PS428) [5] Er
mr h a redfern (PS427) [6] [...] .
mrs trinder (PS428) [7] Oh well it doesn't matter.
[8] We've got [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [9] [...] .
mrs trinder (PS428) [10] Yeah [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [11] I'll explain later.
mrs trinder (PS428) [12] So this this is five S?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [13] Yes.
mrs trinder (PS428) [14] Right.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [15] [...] Mrs .
mrs trinder (PS428) [16] Okay [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [17] Right if I can give Ken those to give out.
[18] Erm and while Ken's giving them out let's try and remind ourselves what we talked about last week.
[19] The rule is I ask and you put your hand up.
[20] What did we talk about last week?
[21] Chris.
Chris (PS429) [22] The universe.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [23] The universe.
[24] What is the universe?
[25] Louise.
Louise (PS42A) [26] Er the universe is er planets.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [27] Is it?
[28] Is that all it is?
[29] No hand up.
[30] Jennifer.
Jennifer (PS42B) [31] The universe is everything.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [32] Everything absolutely everything.
[33] How big is the universe?
[34] ... Phillip.
Phillip (PS42C) [35] No one knows.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [36] Nobody knows.
[37] What's that word, who was that put that word up that was it you Phillip?
[38] Er ... what was that word you you used last week?
Phillip (PS42C) [39] Infinitive.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [40] Infinitive.
[41] The universe is infinite we don't know.
[42] When we look out of the window at night what do we see?
[43] Jody.
Jody (PS42D) [44] Stars.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [45] Stars.
[46] What are those stars?
Jody (PS42D) [47] Suns.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [48] Suns.
[49] Not all of them most of them are.
[50] Some of them are?
[51] Alan.
Alan (PS42E) [52] Planets.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [53] Planets.
[54] How many stars are there?
[55] Come on everybody's hand should be up, how many stars are there?
[56] It's that word again isn't it?
[57] Infinitive.
[58] We can't count them because if we could count all the ones that we could see there's still plenty beyond those.
[59] What's the nearest star to us.
[60] What's the nearest one?
[61] Louise.
Louise (PS42A) [62] Is it the sun?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [63] The sun.
[64] The sun.
[65] Our sun.
[66] Well why can't we see stars during the day.
[67] If we look out at the sky why can't we see stars during the day?
[68] Steven.
Steven (PS42F) [69] It's too light.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [70] It's too light and where's that light coming from?
Steven (PS42F) [71] The sun.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [72] The sun.
[73] Our star is too bright for us to see stars from further away.
[74] Do you know why we can see them at night and not at day time.
[75] Why is the sun bright during the day time?
[76] Does it switch off at night?
[77] That's what we've got to go on to.
[78] I'm just wondering how much you know already.
[79] Kieran.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [80] The earth turn round [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [81] The earth turns round so we're in a shadow.
[82] Host stars will have what going round them?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [83] The moon.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [84] Not the moon no.
[85] Phillip.
Phillip (PS42C) [86] [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [87] Try.
[88] You're doing really well.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [89] Planets.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [90] Planets.
[91] How many planets has our sun got that we know about because there might be some we don't know.
[92] Lee.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [93] Nine.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [94] Nine.
[95] Nine that we know about.
[96] Which one are we?
[97] What's the name of our planet?
[98] Katrina.
mrs trinder (PS428) [99] Earth.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [100] Earth.
[101] How where do we come in the order of nine?
[102] Are we furthest away, nearest, in the middle? [...] .
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [103] Third.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [104] Third.
[105] And you wouldn't remember just how far away we are would you?
[106] You, come on.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [107] One hundred and fifty million kilometres.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [108] A hundred and fifty million kilo kilometres.
[109] I think you deserve a house point there.
[110] What house are you in?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [111] [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [112] [...] .
[113] Oh go on then.
[114] Hundred and fifty million kilometres from the sun.
[115] And what does the sun do for us?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [116] Er gives us energy.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [117] Gives us energy.
[118] What sort of energy?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [119] Sun light and [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [120] Light.
[121] Katrina.
mrs trinder (PS428) [122] Warmth.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [123] And warmth and without those we can't live.
[124] Light and warmth.
[125] Without the light plants couldn't live and without plants we couldn't live.
[126] Do you think we could live on another of the planets then?
[127] What's the one nearest the sun can anyone remember?
[128] Stacey.
Chris (PS429) [129] Mercury.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [130] Mercury.
[131] What would it mean being nearer the sun?
[132] What would it mean about that planet compared with earth?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [133] We wouldn't be able to live.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [134] Why?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [135] It would be too hot.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [136] Oh lovely and warm a nice sun tan.
[137] No?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [138] [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [139] Er it's, what are you saying?
[140] I mean are we talking it's a lot hotter, too hot.
[141] What would happen to us?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [142] We could die.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [143] We [...] .
[144] All right so we can't go that way it's too hot.
[145] What's the next one to Mercury?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [146] Venus.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [147] Venus.
[148] Venus.
[149] That's about the same size as earth you know.
[150] Mercury's very small but Venus is is roughly like us.
[151] How about that one then.
[152] Could we live on Venus?
[153] ... Do you think?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [154] No.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [155] No, why not?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [156] Because we're we're in the exact spot where we've got enough warmth and
mr h a redfern (PS427) [157] Exactly.
[158] That's a good point.
[159] We're here because we're suited to being here.
[160] If we sh wanted other conditions we'd live on a different planet or we would have developed on a different plant.
[161] We have to be exactly where we are.
[162] Earth's just the right place.
[163] Let's just see how smart you really are then.
[164] You've done Mercury which is nearest before.
[165] You've done Venus, what comes next?
[166] Er there are some hands that aren't up.
[167] Come on what comes next, what's number three?
[168] Number three in charts for the last million million years ... Michael.
Louise (PS42A) [169] Mars.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [170] You've missed one out.
[171] Oh sit down.
[172] You're life doesn't depend on being asked to answer this question because you know the answer.
[173] Oh I'm going to ask somebody who hasn't got their hand up.
[174] Kendal.
Jennifer (PS42B) [175] Earth.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [176] Earth exactly.
[177] Right Mercury, what comes next I've forgotten?
Louise (PS42A) [178] Erm mars.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [179] Steven.
Steven (PS42F) [180] Venus.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [181] Venus.
[182] This is?
[183] Come on Jenny.
Phillip (PS42C) [184] Earth.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [185] Earth.
[186] Now Michael.
Louise (PS42A) [187] Mars.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [188] Mars and we don't know any moons do we?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [189] Yes.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [190] Er d'ya mind, I'm the teacher.
[191] If I say you don't know you don't know.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [192] You don't know, Lee.
[193] You don't know what comes next, you don't.
[194] What is it?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [195] Jupiter.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [196] Is it?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [197] Yeah.
[198] We wrote it down in our book last week.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [199] All right.
[200] Erm what comes after Jupiter then?
[201] Look at them all looking through their books for goodness sake.
[202] Lee.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [203] Saturn.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [204] Saturn.
[205] What comes after Saturn.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [206] Uranus.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [207] Uranus.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [208] Neptune.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [209] Neptune.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [210] Pluto.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [211] Pluto [...] .
[212] That's fairly straight forward then.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [213] Yes Mr .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [214] Yes Mr .
[215] Kieran says we're on earth we belong here this is the perfect place for us.
[216] Jennifer how far are we from the sun?
Jennifer (PS42B) [217] One hundred and fifty million kimome
mr h a redfern (PS427) [218] Kimometres.
[219] Kimometres Kilometres.
[220] Yes and I'm gonna give you this sheet which ... it's to save time for drawing it.
[221] This is where you now need to concentrate.
[222] What we've done so far is dead easy.
[223] ... Because it's not as simple as it looks on this sheet.
[224] What's at the centre of our universe?
[225] Not our universe our solar system sorry.
[226] Kieran.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [227] The sun.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [228] The sun.
[229] Our sun our star.
[230] Is there somebody sit there going [sigh] ?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [231] Think, does it?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [232] No.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [233] No it doesn't.
[234] What does the sun do?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [235] Gives us light and [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [236] It does but that's because it's like a huge atom bomb flowing hydrogen all the time.
[237] ... It moves around in space, it's moving all the time.
[238] All those stars are moving.
[239] Not quickly as far as we can see.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [240] Don't get upset you're not going to disappear one night.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [241] All right concentrate.
[242] The sun is moving, it's also turning, spinning, like a ball spinning on your finger.
[243] What are the planets doing?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [244] Revolving [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [245] They are spin not all of them.
[246] Not all of them.
[247] Now that's a little thing you might want to check if you've got an atlas at home.
[248] Some of them don't revolve don't spin in their axis.
[249] Earth does.
[250] What else are they doing, apart from those that spin?
[251] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [252] Moving.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [253] Moving.
[254] And they're moving around the sun.
[255] What do we call the path that they follow?
[256] ... When something's going round something else, do you know the word?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [257] Oh no.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [258] Try it.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [259] Solar.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [260] No that's that's to do with the sun.
[261] That's what we talked about last time yes.
[262] But if you know it.
[263] What about space craft?
[264] Space craft goes up and when it gets to a certain height above the earth it just goes round and round and round.
[265] What do we say it's doing, what what is it in?
[266] Come on star trek, when he parks his star ship what does he say?
[267] We're in?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [268] Space.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [269] Well [...] yes you're in space.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [270] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [271] Well hardly ever [...] our watch.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [272] Orbit.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [273] Orbit.
[274] They're in orbit.
[275] Orbit means you go round and round and round and round and round.
[276] Because you're held there by all these planets and stars pulling at you.
[277] And that's what holds these planets.
[278] The sun has its own gravity.
[279] Do you remember me mentioning that?
[280] And it's trying to pull the planets in, Lee, but other stars are pulling them and stopping them falling into the sun.
[281] All different distances away from the sun and there's Jennifer's a hundred and fifty million millimetres.
[282] All going round in, what's the word again?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [283] Orbit.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [284] Orbit.
[285] In fact this a this isn't quite accurate.
[286] Because the orbit isn't round isn't a circle, it's an ellipse, it's more like that.
[287] All right?
[288] And while you've got the planet orbiting the sun there are things that orbit the plant.
[289] What d'ya call something that goes round and round a planet?
[290] Think you've all seen them.
[291] At least one regularly.
[292] When you look at night you see?
[293] Lee.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [294] Stars.
[295] But they're not ones that are orbiting the planet.
[296] Katrina.
mrs trinder (PS428) [297] Moon.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [298] Moon.
[299] Moon orbit the planet.
[300] Here it tells you how many moons each planet's got.
[301] Earth has one you know that.
[302] Jupiter which is a huge planet, if you look carefully here this is a this is to scale, this shows you the size of the planet.
[303] So this size of Jupiter compared with earth.
[304] You see, there's Venus which is about the same size, Mercury's a small one, Saturn is huge, Uranus, Neptune they're big ones and Pluto's another one about the same size as earth.
[305] So that's not quite accurate either.
[306] This is just to give you the order and the distance.
[307] And Jupiter has twelve moons.
[308] Some of the moons of Jupiter are enormous.
[309] These are all orbiting Jupiter as Jupiter orbits the sun.
[310] Right.
[311] Would you give one of those out.
[312] We we won't do anything with it yet.
[313] We need now to open our books.
[314] Rule off from where you were before I want you to get some information down about our solar system.
[315] More or less what we've just talked about.
[316] ... Because it's still only the second week with me I think get the information down and we'll do what we did last week.
[317] Do you remember what we did last week?
[318] We did it all together.
[319] And by the way I'm very pleased to see that some of you actually wrote it completely in your own words didn't you.
[320] Either that or I can't read your writing properly.
[321] That's very good.
[322] As [...] you get the facts right.
[323] We finished off with giving a list of the planets haven't we?
[324] We've talked about the sun a little bit, we just have done.
[325] We started to talk about the solar system.
[326] How far have we got on the solar system Josephine?
[327] Naming the planets?
Jody (PS42D) [328] Mm.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [329] We need to do a bit about the sun spinning and moving through space don't we?
[330] We've not got that down have we.
[331] So put today's date.
[332] ... What happened to the one that you had did you give it back in?
[333] Have you got a ruler?
[334] ... So can somebody give me a sentence that explains what we talked about the sun isn't staying still it's, all right Kieran.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [335] The sun's in the middle of the galaxy that [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [336] Well it's you can't say in the middle of the galaxy, it's only in the middle of the galaxy as we look at it.
[337] Er let's be absolutely scientific.
[338] Erm all we need to say is the sun isn't still, what can we say.
[339] Go on Louise.
Louise (PS42A) [340] Is it moving?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [341] The sun moves through space yes.
[342] And while it's moving through space what is it doing, what did we say.
[343] Steven.
Steven (PS42F) [344] Is erm it spins.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [345] Spins good.
[346] What shall we say spins or rotates.
[347] I think spins is best.
[348] Quick [...] the sun.
[349] So what did we say.
[350] Louise said you said that you said?
Louise (PS42A) [351] It's moving.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [352] The sun moves through space ... and Steven we decided on spins.
[353] Spins.
[354] Just to make sure that erm just to make sure that we don't think it's just spinning wherever it feels like spinning, it's spinning on its axis isn't it.
[355] D'ya know what the axis is?
[356] Erm imaginary line that goes down through the middle of a ball, yes, through there Jupiter.
[357] No apostrophe on its.
[358] No this is an apostrophe free zone for now.
[359] Next er thing we need to describe is that planets move round the sun don't we?
[360] How can we say that?
[361] ... Go on then.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [362] The planets all nine planets all move round
mr h a redfern (PS427) [363] Well let's not say all nine planets for all we know they'll discover a new one tomorrow.
[364] Have to say the planets and don't forget we've got to think about other solar systems as well so we're not let's not limit us to to the number, the planets why not.
[365] Yes.
[366] Go on.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [367] The planets orbit around the sun.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [368] Everybody happy with the word orbit?
[369] Do you understand that?
[370] Kieran suggest we say, instead of saying the planets move round in orbit we should say the planets orbit the sun.
[371] Yes?
[372] Suits me.
[373] Saves chore.
[374] ... It's essential that we ... we understand this orbiting bit because that makes it makes the seasons which we're going to go on to do.
[375] But I'm sure you know all about them anyway.
[376] ... Right.
[377] What else did we talk about and we need to know, we haven't got down yet.
[378] We talked about the sun moving, we've got that, spins, planets orbit the sun.
[379] What else might might there be out there in space?
[380] Think about what you've seen.
Louise (PS42A) [381] Jupiter's got twelve sun moons.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [382] Twelve moons.
[383] The moons that's what we need.
[384] Need something else first.
[385] Said the sun spins, do all the planets spin?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [386] Er no.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [387] No.
[388] Can we check that?
[389] I'm thinking of one in particular that wants checking.
[390] There's one that's very hot one side and extremely cold the other.
[391] So some of the planets spin.
[392] Is there anybody that can look into that for us for next week?
[393] Oh Jamie's not here is he?
[394] Then we've got Louise's point about moons.
[395] The moons orbit what?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [396] [...] erm the planets.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [397] The planet.
[398] Do all the planets have moons?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [399] No.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [400] No.
[401] So that's [...] some planets ... haven't ... why not?
[402] That's a surprise Jeremy.
[403] Some planets have moons.
[404] ... And that's on that sheet that you've got.
[405] ... There are quite a lot of other bits and bobs floating about, asteroids, meteors, little bits of chunks flying all over the place.
[406] Now can we think of a famous thing that sometimes appears in space?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [407] Halley's comet.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [408] Halley's comet which is er a big lump of rock that flies around in its own orbit.
[409] It's not part of our solar system it just is it every sev how many years is it every seventy six or something?
[410] It's not that long with Halley's comet because you don't see it very very well sometimes.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [411] I think it's [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [412] I can't remember that's something else you need to check.
[413] Erm it's quite regular I know, but some years you just can't see it very well.
[414] Erm and there are loads of other ones some only come every few hundred years.
[415] And they just travel through the the galaxy on a huge orbit, yes?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [416] Is the thing what happens in America where [...] ?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [417] Mud?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [418] Like something to do with mud like comes from America.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [419] What to do with space?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [420] Yes. ...
mr h a redfern (PS427) [421] You're not thinking of er like er a meteorite are you ?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [422] Yeah.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [423] A meteor yes, yes I know what he means now.
[424] A meteor is is something rock floating through space.
[425] When it comes into our atmosphere it's called a meteorite and most of them burn off as they come through the atmosphere.
[426] Some of them [...] and yet you get huge damage.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [427] Like there's all [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [428] That's it everything knocked down and
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [429] And everyone there's like dead deep and deep
mr h a redfern (PS427) [430] Cany er crater.
[431] Crater.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [432] Everyone drowns.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [433] Yes all right, let's not worry about that.
[434] Okay.
[435] ... Let's go on to talk about ... I assume you know this.
[436] I shall talk through it and if you can get something written ... I'll leave you to do a diagram and you may want to staple this into your book staple's easier than gluing this.
[437] Glue your pages together then.
[438] Erm if you wanted to get time to look at the chart to colour the planets the right colour that's up to you.
[439] Day and night.
[440] What do you mean by day and night?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [441] Is it what happens?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [442] It it usually does yes.
[443] Can you explain what is happening?
[444] How long is there of day and night?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [445] Twenty four hours.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [446] Yes it's actually a day, what we call a day.
[447] Twenty four hours.
[448] What happens in that twenty four hour period?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [449] [...] switches from day to night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [450] Why, why twenty four hours, what's happening in twenty four hours, Stacey [...] .
[451] Sit there looking puzzled.
[452] Have to [...] .
[453] You either know this or you don't and when when you hear what the answer is you're think, oh yes.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [454] There's the sun going down.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [455] The sun doesn't go, er he, think about what you're saying, explain it exactly.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [456] We turn round.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [457] We do?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [458] Yes so we orbit
mr h a redfern (PS427) [459] You turn round every once every twenty four hour.
[460] What do you mean by we?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [461] Earth.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [462] The planet turns round once every twenty four hours.
[463] ... And when you talk about earth as a planet it has a what at the beginning of the name because it's a proper noun.
[464] Always ... Now it doesn't mean to say every twenty four hours it has to quickly spin round.
[465] It takes it twenty four hours to turn round.
[466] ... Part of the time our side our half of the sphere is facing the sun.
[467] ... And the rest of the time ... when we're facing away from Hello Mrs Lawrence.
Alan (PS42E) [468] Hello how are you?
[469] Can I borrow some books?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [470] Books?
Alan (PS42E) [471] And some [...] .
[472] Those blue ones that are down there on your [...] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [473] Oh yes of course.
[474] Of course yes feel free.
Alan (PS42E) [475] [laughing] Thank you. []
[476] Oh thank you.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [477] I knew they were there.
Alan (PS42E) [478] Yes of course you did. ...
mr h a redfern (PS427) [479] When we are facing away from the sun ... what?
[480] When we are facing away from the sun?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [481] It becomes night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [482] Well, it's science, think what's it exactly what you're saying.
[483] Once it becomes night what happens? [...] what happens when it's night?
[484] Go on.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [485] The sun goes to the other side.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [486] The sun doesn't move. [...] .
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [487] Erm it doesn't erm
mr h a redfern (PS427) [488] Come on Kieran it's got to be exact.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [489] [...] the moon.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [490] No not necessarily.
[491] Er Kieran I want some action please, please.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [492] Can I borrow this?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [493] Is it er when you don't
mr h a redfern (PS427) [494] We've got more anyway.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [495] when you don't [...] the sun it's in like a
mr h a redfern (PS427) [496] What's the word?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [497] a black shadow.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [498] Brilliant, that's fine.
[499] When we're facing away from the sun you are in?
[500] All together one two three
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [501] Shadow.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [502] And Kieran we call that shadow?
[503] Night.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [504] Night. ...
mr h a redfern (PS427) [505] Well try and explain it.
[506] ... Who's nearly finished writing off?
[507] Katrina and Kieran out here please.
[508] Right, have you here Katrina.
[509] Katrina is the sun right?
[510] Stand forward a bit otherwise I'm in the way.
[511] It's all gone dark, there's an enormous teacher in between and the sun.
[512] Kieran is the earth.
[513] Kieran is facing, sorry [...] back now.
[514] Kieran is facing the sun.
[515] Kieran is in light right?
[516] Now turn slowly, still day time for Kieran, still day time, still day time, now what's happened?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [517] Afternoon.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [518] What's happened?
[519] Stand still now Kieran.
[520] Steven?
Steven (PS42F) [521] It's going round so it's turning to night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [522] He's in night, this side of him is in day.
[523] Keep turning.
[524] Keep turning.
[525] Long night.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [526] [yawn] .
[527] Wakey wakey Kieran daytime.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [528] All right don't don't build your parcel.
[529] Now of course all the time [bell ring]
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [530] Ah [drawn out]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [531] Ooh what you, you and me, one of these days, one of us is going to crack up.
[532] [laugh] It's not going to be is it Jennifer?
[533] Of course all the time Katrina's spinning round as well.
[534] But it doesn't matter as far as we're concerned because one side of Katrina is just as bright as the other side.
[535] Yes?
[536] All right.
[537] At the same time Kieran is moving as he's spinning he's moving round.
[538] Now if we had [...] we could do this with all nine planets.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [539] All right.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [540] You've passed the audition.
[541] We need to do a diagram for that.
[542] Does everybody understand that?
[543] Say so if you don't.
[544] Because it starts to get a bit more complicated now.
[545] Right thank you you two sit down.
[546] And how might we draw that?
[547] Right.
[548] We need a planet first.
[549] ... No they're third.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [550] No that third actually.
[551] Is that Jupiter?
[552] Look at it.
[553] I just drew those on purpose because you small children don't understand.
[554] You always said, you always said Mark but you do don't you?
[555] Because it's not scientific, you don't want that on there do you?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [556] Well it looks like an arrow's gone through it so I don't think it would work.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [557] All right let him do it.
[558] All right all right I can take cri I can take criticism.
[559] I won't get [crying] upset [] .
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [560] Doesn't matter.
[561] All right don't don't criticize me for this not being an accurate map.
[562] I haven't got time to draw the world out properly.
[563] ... That for you information is sea.
[564] Er shh, we'll do it with [...] cos there's more sea over there and I'm going to have to draw some plans.
[565] Now there's a bit of America, whoops. [noise of dropping something]
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [566] This is a nasty earthquake on the west coast of America east coast of America.
[567] Right, bit of land in the middle, doesn't really matter.
[568] Could be any planet, right.
[569] And the sun ...
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [570] Yes it's not scientific.
[571] Shh.
[572] It's not scientific but I felt like it.
[573] That's the sun.
[574] The sun rays are shooting off into space ... you know that light travels in straight lines, yes?
[575] Take my words for it.
[576] Here, I'll have to draw that line on again anyway, is daylight.
[577] It's important to understand that the earth is actually tilted slightly.
[578] Right?
[579] That's all right with you [...] ?
[580] Oh fine.
[581] Let's ... right?
[582] ... That shh, [...] waste of time.
[583] The sun's shining Katrina it's shining.
[584] The light is travelling at, it's hitting the earth.
[585] [...] is it in day or night?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [586] Day.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [587] Day.
[588] Why day or night?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [589] Night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [590] Just just just a minute this is a frightening new concept.
[591] Is that part in sunlight or not?
[592] Yes.
[593] Z day or night?
[594] Josephine.
Jody (PS42D) [595] Day.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [596] Day.
[597] A is it day or night?
[598] Luke.
Steven (PS42F) [599] Night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [600] It's night because it's shaded.
[601] It's on the shaded side.
[602] Right.
[603] Have you all finished that board?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [604] Yes. ...
mr h a redfern (PS427) [605] Now we said that the earth rotates once in how many hours?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [606] Twenty four.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [607] Twenty four.
[608] So in twenty four hours it will be exactly as it is now having gone all the way round, yes?
[609] Can anybody tell me how long it will be until A is on this side and [...] is on that side?
[610] No.
[611] It will be exactly the same place, it will have gone all the way round, right?
[612] Lewis.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [613] It will be twelve hours.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [614] Twelve hours good lad, house point.
[615] Oh you're in Sherwood aren't you?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [616] Yeah.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [617] What a good idea.
[618] [laugh] Erm in twelve hours it will be half way round, so the position will be reversed.
[619] I feel a diagram coming on.
[620] Oh my class makes a groan when I say that.
[621] Right.
[622] [...] diagram.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [623] The tilt's still the same way.
[624] If it's rotating round like [...] you want me to draw.
[625] It's like it's like one of those old films isn't it.
[626] [mimicking] Twelve hours later. []
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [627] Is that the north pole and the south pole sticking out of the earth?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [628] You counting on surviving this lesson?
[629] Kieran, a word of advice.
[630] Just because I'm critic doesn't mean to say I'm [...] .
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [631] [laugh] .
mr h a redfern (PS427) [632] Any more from you madam and you're out here drawing X Y Z.
[633] Right concentrate now.
[634] Shh.
[635] [...] ... Nearly had yellow sea then.
[636] There's the water again.
[637] There's a bit of land.
[638] Right.
[639] Now ... Where will A be?
[640] Someone come and point to it. [...]
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [641] On the other side of the magpie.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [642] Direct me.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [643] Straight line down.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [644] Down.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [645] This way.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [646] Which way?
[647] Towards you or me?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [648] This way, up a bit, across a bit this way, down, that's it.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [649] Here, A.
[650] Good.
[651] Shh.
[652] X Y Z.
[653] Stacey [...] direct me.
[654] Quietly.
[655] Help me here, this way or that way, right or left?
[656] Louise?
Louise (PS42A) [657] Left.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [laugh]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [658] Right.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [659] Down.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [660] Down.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [661] There.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [662] X Y Z.
[663] Right.
[664] The sun's still over here.
[665] Honestly think, it's rotated it's face is on the other side.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [666] It looks like it [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [667] Shh.
[668] Now is A in daylight or night, Phillip?
Phillip (PS42C) [669] Day.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [670] Day.
[671] What about X Y and Z?
Phillip (PS42C) [672] Night.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [673] Night.
[674] I want you to do a diagram like this.
[675] Mm [...] .
[676] ... And then we've got twelve hours later, half a day, turned round half way.
[677] ... Right can I ask you to pay attention to a couple of things when you do this diagram.
[678] Firstly, I'm sure we've got the earth on a tilt.
[679] Won't particularly matter with what we're doing now but it will do when we go on to seasons.
[680] Very important that the pole is pointing top and bottom.
[681] You don't have to do it perfectly round because the earth isn't perfectly round.
[682] You don't have to draw the continent and oceans exactly as they are because it's a diagram.
[683] What you do have to be is neat, your labelling is in pen, your drawing is in [...] ?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [684] Pencil.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [685] Pencil.
[686] You have about twenty minutes, listen, to do this in your own way.
[687] I should get, how many of you are there today?
[688] Twenty four?
[689] Only Jenny away?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [690] Laura.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [691] Oh Laura's away and Paul [...] yes.
[692] I should get twenty two different diagrams.
[693] When you've done that I want you to look at this.
[694] If you want to colour the planets, don't all go and stand round that picture, go and have a look come back and colour them.
[695] You need crayons, there are some crayons in there, cupboard.
[696] If you were away last week can you please leave space to catch up with the writing which you will do in your own time.
[697] All right.
[698] Does anybody have a problem with what they've got to do before we start put your hand up if you don't know what to do.
[699] Luke a problem?
Steven (PS42F) [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [700] I hope you're not talking to me like that.
Steven (PS42F) [701] Please may I borrow a rubber sir.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [702] Already?
[703] Why don't you ask for a rubber when you make a mistake.
[704] You haven't made a mistake yet?
[705] You'll be writing in pen though.
[706] You haven't been told to start yet, see you in a minute all right?
[707] Yes?
[708] Everyone know what to do?
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [709] Yes sir.
mr h a redfern (PS427) [710] I don't mind you talking to the person next to you but keep the noise down please.
[711] I want this work this week to be as good if not better than the work you did for me last week.
[712] Which I'm very pleased with, very impressed.
[713] Yes James?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [714] Yes they're erm ... don't forget your title, the title for your diagrams as well, day and night the same title will do, in pen underlined.
[715] Come on then Luke.
[716] You want a rubber don't you?
[717] ... Can I just erm, carry on working but just look this way a minute please.
[718] Have you seen have you seen this?
[719] Beautiful work.
[720] Well done.
[721] I've not graded your work I will give you A Bs and Cs next time.
[722] Yes keep working while I just explain that if you've not had it before.
[723] Erm Luke put your hand up and wait to be asked to speak please.
[724] Yes Luke?
Steven (PS42F) [...]
mr h a redfern (PS427) [725] Yes you have to to explain what's happening.
[726] If you want to do some writing with it to explain earth rotates half way in twelve hours that's up to you.
[727] Yes.
[728] Yes we've just said.
Unknown speaker (JAAPSUNK) [729] When you draw can you put that up?
mr h a redfern (PS427) [730] Of course you can.
[731] Yes.
[732] There's a tin full of counters you can use.