Classroom history lead session. Sample containing about 2241 words speech recorded in educational context

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PS42V Ag4 f (p lynch, age 45+, schoolteacher) unspecified
PS42W Ag0 m (Kieran, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42X Ag0 f (Daisy, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS42Y Ag0 f (Jennifer, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS430 Ag0 f (Katrina, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS431 Ag0 m (Phillip, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS432 Ag0 m (Adam, age 9, school pupil) unspecified
PS433 Ag4 m (mr rose, age 51, retired music teacher, Making recording.) unspecified
JABPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 118401 recorded on 1994-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Mansfield ( Classroom ) Activity: Teaching lead session Demonstration, some question-and-answer.

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p lynch (PS42V) [1] Right.
[2] Now when I spoke to Mrs [...] on the telephone last night she told me about the work you've been doing on [...] and I have looked at it and I'm going to go over it again with you this afternoon because she thought it was very very good work.
[3] And she's marked it and I'm going to give it back to you and talk to you about it.
[4] I was very very pleased to see that a lot of you have tried to do your join up handwriting after a bit of practice we'd had and it had come out really really nicely, well done.
[5] Josephine [...] your work was on the top and I thought goodness that can't be Josephine's writing.
[6] It was very nice wasn't it?
[7] So good girl.
[8] And some of the others I still have to look at.
[9] So I want to look at them at dinner time and share them with you this afternoon.
[10] But because Mrs [...] did that work with you yesterday you did not do your history work, so I'm going to talk to you a bit and ask you some questions about the tiny bit we talked about to do with Roman Britain and how the Romans invaded Britain two thousand years ago.
[11] So ... sorry just a moment.
[12] [talk in background] If you could pop into five A, yes [...] I would prefer to see [...] music's doing [...] do you know what I mean?
[13] ... Just sit down and and sit still for a minute because you'll be standing for a long time playing the recorder as well, if you want if you want to go to the toilet just take yourself [...] all right .
[14] Seems to be something else going on.
[15] Let's go back to the invasion of Britain two thousand years ago.
[16] But it was less than two thousand years ago in actual fact that the first emperor Julius Caesar into Great Britain wasn't it?
[17] Can you remember how we talked about the Romans having a very strong army and how they captured land around Rome around it's lake and before long they'd captured land all around the Mediterranean Sea and they formed that into what we call the Roman Empire.
[18] And Julius Caesar stood in France in [...] because he was in [...] , the place he captured in France, and he could see Britain across the water and he wondered what the land was like over there.
[19] And he came over with [...] .
[20] Er let's see if you can remember the year that was.
[21] It was after Jesus was born so we call that B C, no sorry it wasn't after it was before Jesus was born we call it B C before Christ.
[22] It was about two thousand years ago and it was how many years before Christ.
[23] Jody perhaps you could like would like to think, if you want us to listen to your playing this afternoon I would like you to listen to what I have to say this morning please.
[24] Can you tell us?
[25] Can you tell us?
[26] On the top of this sheet it told you.
[27] Kieran.
Kieran (PS42W) [28] Fifty five.
p lynch (PS42V) [29] Good it was fifty five B C.
[30] Fifty five years before Jesus was born.
[31] And you know we've had bible stories just before Christmas we know about the Romans being there in in erm Greece and Rome and all around that area at that time.
[32] Because when Jesus was born the the Roman soldiers were there and the kind at that time Herod ordered that all babies were killed and the Romans went out to do that didn't they?
[33] All babies born
Kieran (PS42W) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [34] You tell us Kieran sorry?
Kieran (PS42W) [35] He killed the [...] and heard that Jesus was born and he would be made king so he sent his men to go out and find every baby that was under two or three years old and kill them.
p lynch (PS42V) [36] Can you speak up when you're telling us.
Kieran (PS42W) [37] And erm Joseph and Mary [...] they went to Egypt or somewhere, yeah Egypt, and when they went erm and I think the angels called them to go [...] cos they came to Egypt as well and then they went to [...] .
p lynch (PS42V) [38] Going to Bethlehem to get taxed didn't they?
[39] So we do know and we we do remember reading about bi er Romans in the bible at that time.
[40] Yes Daisy?
Daisy (PS42X) [41] Can I go the toilet?
p lynch (PS42V) [42] If you're very quick because you might miss out on what we're going to talk about.
[43] [unclear background conversation] Was there anybody in here ... who plays a recorder and has some knowledge already of music and would be interested trying for the violin?
[44] I mean not just trying but if you if you get chosen to play the violin it means practising and practising and staying with it so that you become a good violin player.
[45] [unclear background conversation] I think I'll do that for you Mr [...] .
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [46] Shh.
p lynch (PS42V) [47] Excuse me.
[48] Okay put your hands down again.
[49] Shh.
[50] Stacey we were just talking I've interrupted this talk on the Romans.
[51] Talk about or Mr [...] has, er to to ask about anybody interested in violins playing.
[52] And I know you enjoy playing music.
[53] Er put your hands down for the moment.
[54] I'll I promised Mr [...] a list but I've had a very busy week and haven't done him a list this week and I have promised and I've broken a promise.
[55] So I'm going to promise and you've got to remind me about this promise that the next Tuesday, that's when you're [...] or even Wednesday, but if I give it you Tuesday we can be organized for Wednesday can't we?
[56] The the next Tuesday I'll give him a list of people who are interested and that means asking at home as well.
[57] Because it's no good saying you're interested and then going to ask your mother or father if you could talk a violin home and they said no I don't want you practising at home I don't like the sound of it or whatever.
[58] But sometimes mum and dads don't like you practising, so you need you need to ask and if you are chosen you need to commit yourself.
[59] That means turn up to all the practices and stick with it and join the orchestra and play in concerts as you get better all right?
[60] So it is a commitment it's not just for, oh I'd like to have a go.
[61] If you want to have a go I could bring my violin in and you can have a go at my violin any time.
[62] That's a different thing isn't it?
[63] Having a go and sticking with it?
[64] You may like you may have a try and find that you don't particularly en er like like it after all.
[65] But if I give some names to Mr [...] next week I think [...] yes well I've got them at the music later today so I can ask them then.
[66] Okay then sorry I hadn't [...] .
[67] Right.
[68] Yes yes.
[69] Let's stop talking, sorry about the interruptions.
[70] So fifty five years before Jesus was born the Romans were already [...] he was born I think but they had not come as far as Britain.
[71] Who was the who was the emperor at the time who decided to send soldiers and the army to Britain?
[72] Jennifer.
Jennifer (PS42Y) [73] Was it Julius Caesar?
p lynch (PS42V) [74] It was.
[75] It was Julius Caesar he was a very famous Roman Emperor and a famous English writer called Shakespeare wrote a story about Julius Caesar.
[76] Right he sent only a very small army and when they arrived on the shores.
[77] Let's talk about first of all the boat that they went in.
[78] How did they get across the water?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [79] Wasn't?
[80] You don't think it was.
[81] What do you think Kieran?
Kieran (PS42W) [82] Erm they went on a ship that looked a little bit like dry bean.
p lynch (PS42V) [83] Yes.
Kieran (PS42W) [84] They had rows on the bottom all the [...] and some of the men on the top.
p lynch (PS42V) [85] Right a trireme a Greek warship had three layers didn't it?
[86] And I I do believe that the Roman boats had two.
[87] They had the deck on the top where all the Roman soldiers stood in their uniform, I say their uniform I mean their armour don't I?
[88] Er and all their fighting gear and we're we're going to have a look at a Roman legionnaire.
[89] That was their name a legionnaire because they belonged to a legion of erm the Roman army.
[90] Er and we'll have a look at all the things that they carried and erm fought with later on.
[91] But they had all their equipment with them and they just stood on the deck and underneath below deck were the people who rowed the boats over.
[92] Who were they?
[93] Yes?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [94] The slaves.
p lynch (PS42V) [95] The slaves yes they had slaves to row.
[96] And when they arrived Great Britain or Britain as it was called then and the people living there were Britons.
[97] Also Celts.
[98] And when they arrived some of the Celtic tribes were standing on the shore and they were very very fierce, bright red hair some of them had and beards.
[99] I think a lot of these Roman people had never seen red hair before, people who looked quite so fierce.
[100] And even though they were supposed to be the biggest and gravest army in the world they were frightened to get off the ... So what, who was the first person who stepped on land?
[101] See if you can remember because we did we did talk to you a very short time about this on Monday.
[102] Now let's have somebody else different because I I know there's been listening hard obviously.
[103] Katrina?
Katrina (PS430) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [104] Yes that that's right it had a special name.
[105] The person who held the
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [106] [...] well what was he called?
[107] ... Standard bearer.
[108] Do you remember he was called the standard bearer.
[109] See if I can find you a picture of a of a, I've got a picture of a Roman legionnaire here but not the standard bearer.
[110] Standard bearer's like a pole it was a pole they held, that's what the Roman soldiers look like look the Roman legionnaires and the standard bearer had a pole with shields on it.
[111] And he stepped forward first.
[112] Now once he'd stepped forward on to the on to the shore what happened?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [113] They, what's the word you want?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [114] Stepped on
p lynch (PS42V) [115] They followed didn't they.
[116] They followed.
[117] Phillip.
Phillip (PS431) [118] His tooth's fell out.
p lynch (PS42V) [119] Do you need to wash your mouth out Adam?
Adam (PS432) [120] Yes.
p lynch (PS42V) [121] Go on then quickly.
[122] We're having a a lose a tooth week I think.
[123] Erm right so it was it was supposed to be a disgrace to lose your standard in your legion in the Roman army.
[124] So there was way they were going to let the standard bearer go on his own and face all these fierce fighters.
[125] They had to go and give him some support and they put up quite a good fight.
[126] They didn't have enough people with them, they didn't have a big enough army.
[127] So they decided to retreat.
[128] What does retreat mean?
[129] What does retreat mean?
[130] Do you do you know Phillip?
Phillip (PS431) [131] Does it mean go back?
p lynch (PS42V) [132] Go back that's right good.
[133] So they got back on their boats and they went back.
[134] They went back to France which was already part of the Roman Empire.
[135] Perhaps back to Rome where they'd come from to see their families. [knocking]
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [136] Can we have [...] dental inspection please.
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [137] Yes.
p lynch (PS42V) [138] Is it is it absolutely necessary?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [139] Mrs [...] has already asked for her class to be after one and we've only got the two classes to do.
p lynch (PS42V) [140] Erm right erm Jennifer.
[141] I tell you what we could do cos Mr [...] might have to stay.
[142] Jennifer could you ask Mr [...] if he could just pop in and see me a minute.
[143] You can turn the tape off and we can carry on this
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [144] Oh wait a minute.
p lynch (PS42V) [145] She seems to be
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [146] Oh erm
p lynch (PS42V) [147] You can carry on this afternoon.
[148] You've got me first two lessons after dinner haven't you?
[149] So that would be all right I think.
[150] Let me just have a word with [...]
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [151] I was going to say can we take them in small groups?
[152] Is that any help?
p lynch (PS42V) [153] Not really cos it's a sort of discussion with the whole class so I need the sort of feed back
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [154] Oh.
p lynch (PS42V) [155] Okay?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [...]
p lynch (PS42V) [156] Have all the other classes been looked at?
Unknown speaker (JABPSUNK) [157] Yes.
p lynch (PS42V) [158] They have to go for a dental inspection
mr rose (PS433) [159] That's all .
p lynch (PS42V) [160] And we're the only ones that haven't been.
[161] We do have a double lesson after dinner which we could continue this.
mr rose (PS433) [162] That's perfectly okay.
p lynch (PS42V) [163] If that's all right with you.
mr rose (PS433) [164] Yes.
p lynch (PS42V) [165] Okay.
[166] Right then could you g you want all of them.
mr rose (PS433) [167] We want the girls first in registration order or alphabetical order.
p lynch (PS42V) [168] Well I'll tell you what we'll do then because we don't want to sit here, just a moment, before you go, don't start talking.
[169] I would like the boys to go and get out their topic folders and colour the map that shows all the things that the Romans are hoping to find in Great Britain.
[170] That's a simple task you can do while the girls are at the dentist.
[171] And when the girls come back they can do that while you go to the dentist.
[172] And girls I don't know whether you know your order in the registers.
[173] If you can work it out and stand at at the door and I'll get the register to check.