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Commercial Union: training session. Sample containing about 7110 words speech recorded in business context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C525

PS44A X u (No name, age unknown, no respondent information given) unspecified
JJ8PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
JJ8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JJ8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 109501 recorded on 1993-11-22. LocationUnknown () Activity: Training session

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [1] Well, I wanted, basically to [...] determine cereals, with the main ones.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [2] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [3] The main, the two main ones there.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [4] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [5] Different cereals, presume yours are old and er, [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [6] It seems to be er,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [7] What, how, bearing in mind we're after ten er, ten horses and fifteen [...] how many, erm, how many would you let us have, [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [8] Well ... the maximum
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
(PS44A) [9] Certainly, [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [10] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [11] Erm, I mean, horses, probably have two horses.
(PS44A) [12] I think we're gonna [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
(PS44A) [13] [...] This is good news, we can actually let you have all the cows.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [14] We've actually got quite a good er cow stock ourselves.
[15] Are you sure he give fifty notes.
(JJ8PS000) [16] Yeah, he did.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [17] Yeah, effectively.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [18] Positive.
[19] Look at this.
[20] [...] within one or two.
(JJ8PS000) [21] Did he.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [22] Depends who er, need to discuss that.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [23] Yeah, I'll send him round nearer the time, I think.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [24] Well, erm, well obviously we've got some, as you know, we've got the timber all the material.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [25] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [26] We could certainly erm, we could certainly address some of your needs in that respect, but erm, not all.
[27] Erm, so effectively, it's a, we'll be negotiating without a balancing of horses and [...] on our part.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [28] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [29] Erm, timber and materials, timber and materials on your part.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [30] And you don't want my cows.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [31] Er, we'll certainly be er after some of your cows, yes.
[32] But er,
(PS44A) [33] We could throw in quite a lot of er, extra manure.
(JJ8PS000) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [34] Yeah, I mean our crops actually work better with horse manure, erm, then they do with er cow manure.
(JJ8PS000) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [35] The thing is we gotta got a slight problem in the transport
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [36] back Isle of Mann [...] a certain number of years.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [37] Yeah, it's the same with our blokes, erm, so I mean, we're perfectly willing to help.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [38] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [39] If you would with us on the point of transport.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [40] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [41] That's not a problem.
[42] So rea realistically, really, erm, bearing in mind we can't satisfy your need, your full need for ten cereals and fifteen timbers.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [43] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [44] I mean, what are we sort of, what arrangement are we working within.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [45] Well,
(JJ8PS000) [46] Fingers crossed.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [47] Yeah, what, no, tell us, what's the maximum amount of timber you could theoretically give us ... on a good day.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [48] Well, on a good day, erm, we could give you ten.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [49] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [50] But that's it, on a good day we could give you ten only, and we couldn't give you any more.
[51] Basically we've only got ten.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [52] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [53] And we can't give you any over five horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [54] Are you sure?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [55] Positive.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [56] So you're saying, you've got five horses and ten [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [57] Yeah.
(JJ8PS000) [58] On account.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [59] And we can give you on account. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [60] Which was?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [61] I'm buying.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [62] Ah, right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [63] Mm.
[64] Presumably you can give us, either fifteen or twenty.
(JJ8PS000) [65] Ten.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [66] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [67] We can certainly give you ten.
(JJ8PS000) [68] He wants to make an offer on our cereals.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [69] Maybe we shouldn't have had them, and left our horses to five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [70] Yeah, I mean, we, we, we couldn't, certainly couldn't give you any more than five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [71] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [72] So basically, we can give you ten [...] for ten timber and ...
(JJ8PS000) [73] Five cereal.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [74] And five cereal for five horses, basically.
(JJ8PS000) [75] [...] much as that.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [76] What about er, fruit and veg.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [77] [...] five pounds ...
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [78] Is there any chance of getting five veg and five fruit?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [79] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [80] What was the maximum number of cows you could let us have?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [81] We could let you have five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [82] Five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [83] Isn't there a figure higher than that?
(JJ8PS000) [84] What we could do.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [85] Yeah.
[86] No.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [87] We could give you five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [88] Give you ten sheep.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [89] We could also give you some coal.
(JJ8PS000) [90] Yeah, [...] suppose to be reporting to industries in coal power, power station, [...] No. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [91] [...] wool and fibres makes you [...]
(JJ8PS000) [92] [...] yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [93] Eight comes to mind.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [94] No, no no.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [95] Eight horses, maximum of ten horses, maximum of five cows.
(JJ8PS000) [96] Ten horses. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [97] Ten horses. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [98] Sorry, sorry, sorry Ten ten horses, ten horses that you need.
[99] We can give you a maximum of five horses.
[100] Five horses and five cows. [...]
(PS44A) [101] How many cows of sheep.
[102] Oh, you said [...] sheep.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [103] Can't spare the sheep.
(JJ8PS000) [104] We don't want sheep.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [105] I still think we're falling [...] short of what we need.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [106] Mm.
[107] Erm, [...] you interested in our veg and fruit.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [108] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [109] Erm, if we were willing to throw that into the pot,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [110] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [111] Erm, would you reconsider the offers you made on the horses in the offer.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [112] How much, if we definitely decided [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [113] Oh it's an attractive amount.
(JJ8PS000) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [114] We can.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [115] Oh, do you now.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [116] The sheep are very attractive.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [117] We can't, we can't give you, we can't give you more than five horses on [...] I think I think sheeps out of the bargain anyway, because we're both, sounds that we both got an over supply of the sheep.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [118] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [119] I can't give you a pound.
[120] It's all I've got.
(JJ8PS000) [121] Oh.
[122] But we wouldn't agree that erm, the lives the livestock is negotiable now.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [123] [...] negotiating livestock [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [124] [...] cereals of five.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [125] The maximum we can lay is five, yeah.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [126] And apparently [...] cereal.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [127] So you want to, in respect of us offering you sort of fruit and veg into the bargaining, is er,
(JJ8PS000) [128] Make you change the horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [129] [...] we can't change the horses.
[130] Can't not that we won't.
[131] We can't do, we can't [...]
(JJ8PS000) [132] What, do you only have five horses?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [133] Well ... no, right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [134] But we need something to power of appeals.
(JJ8PS000) [135] Yeah, but we don't need, er
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [136] [...] to society.
(JJ8PS000) [137] Would be easing, so to speak [...] in sort of units of horses or electricity.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [138] Okay, if [...] plough the fields, if we were to supply you with erm, fruit and veg, erm, obviously that would, [...] some of [...] for you to plough the fields, in which case you would have more to to offer us.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [139] Mm.
[140] I mean, she coped nicely because, providing we maintain a breeding stock of horses, cows and sheep, we can perhaps help you out a little bit more on that [...] if you could erm, help us some more on the timber.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [141] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [142] Because [...] as well.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [143] Okay, if you're interested in it.
[144] So what what how, what could you increase the horse quantity to.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [145] I think probably be seven ... horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [146] Would you reckon eight.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [147] I really anticipated breeding [...] two horses, to keep a breeding stock.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(JJ8PS000) [148] [...] to breed.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [149] I think think, we'd want, you know for that, we'd want to push the two, you know your offer of ten, [...] erm,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [150] Okay, we we wouldn't settle for seven horses, then.
[151] For
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [152] We've ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [153] Okay, we'd be willing to up the the, be willing to up the ten to twelve.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [154] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [155] I working on the training timber directly for horses, and then talk about cereal [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [156] So ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [157] We'll exchange your seven horses for twelve of our timbers, and we'll throw in a quantity of barrels, I think.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [158] Barrels?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [159] Barrels.
(JJ8PS000) [160] Barrels. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [161] What empty barrels,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [162] In which to store your oil, because of the heated [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [163] [...] having transported [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [164] Excellent idea.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [165] Er, forget out it.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [166] I mean, I mean I'm in charge [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [167] To be honest, empty barrels just take up space on the [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [168] Mm.
[169] Yeah.
[170] We could possibly, could probably, er we could, say, we could probably give you fifteen [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [171] All your own,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [172] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [173] If you forget the horses for a minute.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [174] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [175] We could give you fifteen [...] if you want your timber to maximum.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [176] I think your your priorities obviously [...] well, okay, it's it's pulse [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [177] Horses are my life , and they're the two priorities [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [178] So we, say we give you [...] horses,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [179] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [180] Could you give us say, fifteen in timber and [...] and we both reduce the ...
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [181] We still need, we still need some fruit and veg, but er, I don't see that being a problem, you know. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [182] We'd strike a bargain at erm, at twelve to timber and seventeen ... we're after.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [183] What about the er fruit and veg?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [184] Erm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [185] Couple of units each of those?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [186] Yeah, we can throw in a couple of units each of those [...] .
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [187] So, let's just summarise.
[188] So you'll give us twelve timber, two materials, two veg and two fruit.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [189] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [190] We will give you seven horses, fifteen oil
(JJ8PS000) [191] Five cans.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [192] Five cans.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [193] Well let's take it or leave it.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [194] Any chance of you giving us another five units of something.
(JJ8PS000) [195] And a jack-pot.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [196] Well, I'm giving you a total of er twenty-seven units.
[197] You're giving us a total of ... twenty-three.
(JJ8PS000) [198] And we're giving you boats to transport it.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [199] We'll we'll be we'll be, we'll be willing to give you.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [200] Well, you haven't said that, yet, have you?
(PS44A) [201] I think [...] transport being the problem.
[202] You could say we should agree with our sums.
[203] That's fine.
[204] But erm, we do seem to be coming out a little bit light.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [205] Okay, how many units we go after?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [206] Well, we've ... I would like ... we're basically giving you all your cow requirement and all your oil requirement.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [207] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [208] We're getting not all our timber requirement and, not all our cereal requirement, no.
[209] We're getting ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [210] So what what, if we can erm, three more timber.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [211] We can't.
[212] I don't think we can erm, talk about timber and cereal or be willing to up the [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [213] Compensate with a little bit of extra veg and fruit.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [214] Would you give us all all our requirement for veg and fruit.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [215] What would you need?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [216] Or would that be impossible.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [217] Three, three of each.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [218] Three.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [219] Three of each.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [220] Yeah.
(JJ8PS000) [221] No, another three of each [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [222] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [223] So you want five of each, like.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [224] And then we'll give you [...] and seven horses.
(JJ8PS000) [225] It's not really interesting [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [226] Okay.
[227] Right.
[228] Okay.
[229] So let's ... you're getting fifteen oil,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [230] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [231] seven horses, five cows.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [232] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [233] We're getting five veg, five fruit, twelve timber and what's it seven [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [234] So you've got a surplus of ... we're giving, [...] units.
(JJ8PS000) [235] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [236] Erm.
(JJ8PS000) [237] [...] manure if they're [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [238] Manure?
(JJ8PS000) [239] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [240] [...] throw in a, after a bucket load of manure.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [241] What's a bucket load?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [242] It's about as much as you can carry.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [243] Erm.
[244] Want some sheep, they're not expensive.
(JJ8PS000) [245] No, we don't want sheep.
[246] Don't want sheep, do we?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [247] No.
[248] [...] we'll have the manure.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [249] Yeah.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [250] I don't want any sheep.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [251] [...] up to their necks. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [252] Okay, we'll take our own couple of units, couple of units.
(JJ8PS000) [253] Couple of units.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [254] And we'll be alright.
[255] Right, er, we need er, we need ... thirteen units of pole stakes, because we've only got sixt , you've given us twenty nine units.
[256] We want sixteen units of pole stakes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [257] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [258] So you either either sell back to our sixteen units of poles and let us stay the night, or come back again tomorrow.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [259] Oh.
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [260] It's an imposition.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [261] Oh, right, sorry, right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [262] We can help you shut yourself over if you don't want to [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [263] Yeah, that's basically.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [264] I believe [...] two journeys, so we've got to come to you [...] vice-versa, so I think [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [265] Well if you've got if you've got sixteen units of space, if you come over with effectively, sixteen units of your, you know, agree to supply us with.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [266] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [267] Erm, then you can take sixteen of our ... units in your boat and we'll take the surplus, which is ... [...] I imagine two of our boats, erm, if we come over with all three, effectively, which is twenty-one, if you can, of ours.
[268] Making us a space to come back again.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [269] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [270] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [271] I dont see why that's [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [272] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [273] Which won't mean that [...] sixteen units [...] .
[274] So if we send two boats over,
(JJ8PS000) [275] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [276] We then asked them to [...] already booked.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [277] So do you have all you want, know.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [278] Erm, no, but we're ready to settle on what we've got.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [279] Same here.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [280] Mm.
[281] Where where abouts are you short?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [282] Well, obviously we would have liked a erm a lot more oil, oil, we got the oil, ain't we, the horses
(JJ8PS000) [283] Yeah, the horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [284] But erm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [285] So you got seven horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [286] Mm.
[287] Got enough to get us by.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [288] Yeah, we've got it all [...] no problem.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [289] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [290] Pleas pleasure doing business with you.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [291] [clears throat] The pleasure was ours, entirely.
(JJ8PS000) [laugh]
(PS44A) [292] I'm afraid the tide has now turned, and er, this negotiation will have to come to an end.
[293] There are some friends who are a get who get drowned, whichever ones that travel, so.
[294] Thank you for your negotiation.
[295] In terms of sort of feedback, with er, in the er, provisional way, of ... [...]
(JJ8PS000) [296] Sort of
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [297] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [clears throat]
(PS44A) [298] Okay, let's start with the objectives.
[299] What sort of things were you
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [300] Hoping to get out of that negotiation?
[301] Perhaps we'll start with and then we'll ask .
[302] What was some of the things you were after ... from that negotiation.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [303] We knew what our [...] were, were something like what they're they're requirements were.
(PS44A) [304] Okay.
[305] So you had minimums, maximums
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [306] Yeah.
(PS44A) [307] For each item.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [308] Mm.
(PS44A) [309] There, and you want to ascertain their requirements.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [310] Mhm.
(PS44A) [311] Any other objectives [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [312] Some negotiating with achieving some compromise at the end of the day.
(PS44A) [313] Okay, so to negotiate and achieve some sort of compromise [...] what are your objectives?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [314] Er, what, we didn't get a discussion, what we decided was erm, because it was in negotiation [...]
(PS44A) [315] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [316] So I would be best to lay lay down the law straight away, what we needed, and what we didn't need.
(PS44A) [317] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [318] Erm, [...] we knew exac we knew what we wanted, what we got.
(PS44A) [319] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [320] We thought that's the only thing [...] possible, and flexible as possible.
(PS44A) [321] Right.
(JJ8PS000) [322] Because [...] at once, that we we intend to satisfy [...] okay.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [323] So we could have sold, like [...] have the cereals and the timber.
(PS44A) [324] So that, there was some key objectives within that, some more important issues, that concerned the others.
[325] Okay.
[326] Can I ask generally, how did you feel at the end of that negotiations.
[327] Did you both feel you got what you wanted, got more than you wanted, less than you wanted.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [328] We didn't get what we wanted, obviously.
(PS44A) [329] Right.
(JJ8PS000) [330] Got [...] top line maybe.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [331] Got more than the bottom line.
(JJ8PS000) [332] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [333] Yeah.
(PS44A) [334] So some satisfaction of the outcome.
(JJ8PS000) [335] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [336] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [337] Yeah.
(PS44A) [338] Yeah.
[339] So you were somewhere between the top and the bottom line again on this ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [340] Yeah.
(PS44A) [341] This negotiation.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(JJ8PS000) [342] There's something, there's something
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [343] Sorry.
(JJ8PS000) [344] Perhaps we had, or we had no idea what they had to offer.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [345] Yeah.
(PS44A) [346] Right, okay.
[347] So you felt you were probably nearer the top line, than than the bottom line.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [348] Perhaps not trying, probably probably knew.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [349] Because if you did, there's no [...]
(JJ8PS000) [350] [...] top line.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [351] [...] shot myself first.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [352] We did, we did, sort of, with only the horses, erm, so we lost out that way.
[353] Obviously they couldn't give us [...]
(PS44A) [354] I mean, some of these [...] who could be passed round to see, to get the size, but some of these, in fact the grand total does not equal by the teams needs, in courses that's why they are unsuccessful.
[355] In fact, fifteen horses, was it fifteen horses [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [356] Er, yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [357] Yeah.
(JJ8PS000) [358] [...] sacrifice the horses.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [359] Sorry ten horses.
(PS44A) [360] Ten horses available.
[361] Fifteen needed.
[362] So some of those are items you can't satisfy what you need, anyway, so it's gonna obviously have to be, somebody's got to go and satisfy some of those.
[363] But look at the negotiation you did, what were you doing well, what were some of the things that you needed most strength.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [364] We were gonna have, if both sides knew that it was mutual benefit, we would handle, say, furniture.
(PS44A) [365] Right.
[366] What do you think to establish that?
[367] How do you establish that?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [368] Erm,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [369] Well, the initial boundaries,
(PS44A) [370] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [371] [...] you know the openings,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [372] Well, I I suggested to [...] so.
(PS44A) [373] Right.
[374] I think you're right, we were saying a little bit earlier, that.
[375] At the outset, some things are bit like a first round of a sparing match.
[376] Didn't come across like that, I think,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [377] There may well be because of that.
[378] Right.
[379] Well, let's let's have class three on the table, and the [...] on is, erm,
(JJ8PS000) [380] Yes, but we decided that we would ask them what, they could offer us first, or what they wanted, that is.
(PS44A) [381] Right.
(JJ8PS000) [382] Before we actually ...
(PS44A) [383] Put your cards on the table.
(JJ8PS000) [384] For our part we wanted to know what they wanted, first.
(PS44A) [385] So that was a deliberate strategy, in fact, they did it early anyway.
(PS44A) [386] Yeah, that's right.
(PS44A) [387] Okay.
[388] So it was never been an honest sort of work relationship, from the outset.
[389] So that's working well.
[390] What else?
[391] That's working well.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...] [writing on board]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [392] [clears throat] Okay, I think you both recognise that we're gonna have to make, but we realise it then, in the case of horses there are only ten possible,
(PS44A) [393] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [394] And fifteen were needed.
(PS44A) [395] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [396] So we would have have to make sacrifices in some respects.
(PS44A) [397] Right, so you recognised early on, that you would have to make a move for some of the stances that you wanted.
[398] So there's er, there's er an important movement, actually.
[399] [writing on board] [...] Yes.
[400] Any other things, see you doing well.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [401] We actually saw alternatives ... to what we were after.
[402] We could sacrifice, ought to get rid of some of the horses, and the cows and, we were quite willing to throw in the sheep, because that would reduced only to cereals,
(PS44A) [403] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [404] In the hope of perhaps pushing up the timber and the fruit and veg.
(PS44A) [405] Right.
[406] I mean, there were certainly elements of creativity, I think, there's was at the beginning, I heard about coal fire stations.
(JJ8PS000) [407] That was me.
(PS44A) [408] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [409] I mean, there are plenty of options with this station, including, in fact, you could actually float the timber across, you don't actually carry it on the boat, you tie it to the back and float it across.
[410] Same with your barrels, if you want to transport barrels.
[411] Maybe get your horses to swim across.
[412] All those sort of things, that are maybe options, creative options, the ways round it, linking issues together.
[413] Maybe you find a new [...] Any others?
[414] Strengths.
[415] Things that are working well.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(PS44A) [416] Right, the actually, yeah
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [417] the effectual record within negotiations.
[418] Can I just check out, how do you think [...] roles within the teams.
(JJ8PS000) [419] We both erm, needed a spokesperson.
(PS44A) [420] Right.
[421] Chief spokesperson here, another chief spokesperson there.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [422] Yes.
(PS44A) [423] Any other roles you'd delegate?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [424] In fact, that was only done as I walked through the door.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
(PS44A) [425] There was something I saw, and I don't know whether it was deliberate or not.
[426] Erm, but take this team, there was somebody feeding information into the slowest person,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [427] Mm.
(PS44A) [428] They were actually say, no we can't do that, or yes we can do that.
[429] Erm, that may or may not have been deliberate, but it's very important, particularly within a group, erm of people in negotiation, who were clear about roles, and when I was out on the road, I used to occasionally take the [...] out, and I'd go and see my broker and erm, I'd say, oh we love to do fish and chip shops, we love insuring fish and chip shops.
[430] And the [...] sort of had a blue fit, and sort of say, no we don't, and very quickly you've got to mixed message.
[431] If you're not clear about the roles, and who gonna say what, you can end up actually totally competing each other.
[432] Anything else that we [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(PS44A) [433] Erm, no.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
(PS44A) [434] So, save a lot of things going to [...] areas that you might do different then.
[435] Limitations.
[436] Areas [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [437] I don't know if it's a limitation, but it's certainly a weakness that I didn't trust, trust them, that's what they were saying, they surprised.
(PS44A) [438] So you actually found yourself not trusting what was going on.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [439] Even now, I don't know, I don't, you just said that there's stuff [...] finance survive.
(JJ8PS000) [440] It doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [441] No, until you said that, I still didn't, didn't trust them.
(JJ8PS000) [442] Poor Tim.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [443] [...] I'm sure you trust [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [444] [...] I'll cover you.
(PS44A) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [445] Were you aware that you weren't trusted.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [446] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [447] Yes.
[448] [...] in what way?
(JJ8PS000) [449] A bit pushy with the horses, you know, are you sure you can't, you know.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [450] Yeah. [...]
(PS44A) [451] It's this sort of thing, I, well I'm sure you said that.
(JJ8PS000) [452] And get quite [...] didn't you say, eight horses or something, [...] fifteen.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [453] Okay, so you felt, didn't trust them, they were were aware that you weren't trusting them.
[454] How do you think that helps under negotiation.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [455] Can't do anything.
(PS44A) [456] Right.
[457] What would you do differently in the future?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [458] Try and get more trust in the outset.
(JJ8PS000) [459] I bet you you reach a certain stage where, you realise I don't trust you, which [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [460] I suppose we could have asked him outright, how many have they got [...] , and how many we need.
(PS44A) [461] Yeah, I mean, it could have been done with real honesty, but [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [462] Mm.
[463] But then we still wouldn't have known.
(PS44A) [464] Well, that's right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [465] [laughing] the specific answer or not []
(JJ8PS000) [466] But is it driving a business.
[467] They got what they wanted, they got.
(PS44A) [468] [...] decide that.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [469] I mean, you could have asked the same about us, on a lot of things.
(PS44A) [470] And it maybe about a relationship that will build up with these people over a period of time and I know it's expensive as negotiation.
[471] You think about salesmen who've got ongoing relationship with their client.
[472] It maybe faithful for a long time, perhaps you build up that trust, and it's only once you've got beyond that, that you can then begin to actually influence er, negotiate with them.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [473] I think would have probably, had more, if we'd had more time and reversed all [...] and been clearer on our roles.
(PS44A) [474] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [475] So that when they said, are you sure you've only got x number of horses.
[476] We would have said, well, of course we have, because of, you know, we would had reasons and facts
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [477] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [478] Perhaps to back that up.
[479] Albeit lies, but ... convincing.
(PS44A) [480] Right.
[481] So you reckon if you had more time to think about an overall, sort of, web, if you like, of
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [482] Deceit.
(PS44A) [483] [...] deceits [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [484] Well, now you've put the words in my mouth, [...] convincing lies, that is a ringer, I mean, nothing but the truth.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [485] I'm sure it matters [...]
(PS44A) [486] Yeah, I think you're right, but I think you had certainly time there [...] enabled those to be dealt with more effectively.
[487] Any other areas, didn't do so well.
(JJ8PS000) [488] We really needed a bit more of an introduction.
[489] Erm, another day, when you tried to set some, and we were all dying, and we kept carry on going, but we could have said somebody would on to each other, or whatever [...]
(PS44A) [490] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [491] Sort of, priorities.
(PS44A) [492] This perhaps ties into to that one a bit as well.
[493] It's about the rapport, it's about the introduction, it's about how we actually settle the thing from the outset.
[494] Yeah.
[495] Anything else.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [496] A little bit more when somebody said to me.
(JJ8PS000) [497] Yes, [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [498] You said welcome to, wherever it was [...] you know, we thought you came to us.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [499] Yes, but that's deliberately set up, that is.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [500] To get you to work at that.
[501] We see when we're introducing [...] negotiation.
[502] If you're giving things away, give things away of low value to you, but of high value to them.
[503] Were there any things that were given away, that might be of high value to the opposition, given away for less than nothing.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [504] Fruit and veg.
(PS44A) [505] Fruit and veg, might be one example.
[506] There's another one as well, and it was actually from this side, given away, but wasn't received by this side.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [507] Barrels.
(PS44A) [508] Yeah, the barrels, I mean, of of no value, I think to, a layman
(JJ8PS000) [...]
(PS44A) [509] [...] because ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [510] Craftsmen are experts in making barrels from the wood of trees, you have the use of barrels, except for storing the oil, you now have a large quantity of barrels available.
(JJ8PS000) [511] I think we [...] oil, [...] so we didn't want them.
(PS44A) [512] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [513] We're seeping [...]
(JJ8PS000) [514] Oh, right.
(PS44A) [515] I think, this group [...] but we don't want to attack it.
[516] Don't want them, it actually lowers
(JJ8PS000) [517] Mm.
(PS44A) [518] The value to this team.
[519] Erm, I can't remember what happened at the end, if you were tempted to the barrel as well.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [520] No, we didn't.
(PS44A) [521] [...] In fact, you probably needed some barrels, and I'm sure [...] or were given away.
[522] It's gett , it's thinking about, you know, barrels, yeah, well everyone is giving them away.
[523] Perhaps your [...] was thinking.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [524] See, we'd given away all our oil, so we didn't need any barrels, and they were aware that the oil was a storage problem.
(PS44A) [525] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [526] But there wasn't [...] normally storage problems, [...] normally had spare, [...] seep out of the ground in, so we'll be alright.
(PS44A) [527] Okay.
[528] In terms of the sort of, negotiation, were there any stages, when people were not telling you about [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [529] It got a bit confusing, writing it all down.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [530] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [531] And trying to [...] and see who was winning it and who was losing, you know, what the score was. [...]
(PS44A) [532] Right. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [533] Three more units [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [534] You know, we don't eat [...] confuse [...] would it.
(PS44A) [535] Come on, see what you [...] a bit.
(JJ8PS000) [536] I don't think [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [537] Certainly [...] confused about, is how many horses [...]
(JJ8PS000) [538] Yes, that was [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [539] [...] our side.
[540] We we started off ten, aw, ten, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [541] Right, so I think, on some occasions there was some confusion, although towards the end, it was certainly quite [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [542] Yeah, we do summarise where, what the mistake was.
(PS44A) [543] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [544] And see if there was any further room. [flipping pages over]
(PS44A) [545] Certainly I think there were summaries in that note [...]
(JJ8PS000) [546] Yeah, it was difficult for to be negotiating and to keep up with where we were.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [547] Mm.
(PS44A) [548] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [549] Yes.
(PS44A) [550] Yeah.
[551] Because it's going along so fast.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [552] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [553] Yeah.
(PS44A) [554] I mean, there were a couple of occasions, when he got a cheap negotiator, other people joined in as well, and then, I don't know, you got three or four different ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [555] All got views as well.
(PS44A) [556] I know it's [...] something that's particularly welcome here, but it's quite important to think about seeking positions, rather than negotiation, otherwise it's set up in here.
[557] This negotiation.
(JJ8PS000) [558] Space.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [559] It's very them them and us.
(PS44A) [560] Might be worth just thinking about that for me, actually, have a a future negotiation.
[561] When I negotiate this person, they always go and sit across the desk.
[562] Maybe they don't like that.
[563] Maybe that comes in with a hat that says, Authoritarian, disciplined type of interview.
[564] And if I did come and sit face to face across the desk, it would have a discipline.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [565] I think if you were gonna s use any other situation to this, with the quantity of information that you'd have to, to record, as we're going through,
(PS44A) [566] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [567] Would have to be er probably a lot lower, this would probably be a maximum, because, I felt I needed a bit of time, to just sort of, you know, pass information.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [568] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [569] And obviously if you playing cards close to your chest, you need something like this to sort of be able, you know,
(PS44A) [570] Yeah, I mean, that's going, that it's actually quite powerful situations, normally er you got roles worked out, and exactly who's doing what.
[571] At times, I just take a breather, actually stop and say, yeah hang on a minute, let's just walk through and work out what's going on.
[572] Okay, any other sort of areas you'd like to think about for the future.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [573] No.
(PS44A) [574] Not somebody else. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [575] [...] this morning.
(PS44A) [576] [...] this morning.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [577] I think preparation is is quite important.
(PS44A) [578] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [579] Erm, we tend to get it [...] it's just an exercise, but it proved a point that even in twenty minutes we were, we'd only got through only got through to doing ideals,
(PS44A) [580] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [581] or fall-back and realistic, we didn't get any further than that.
[582] Just making it up as we went along.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [583] You're right, erm, certainly an exercise twenty minutes, is about time, special timescale, but again a bit more time, might actually.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [584] Yeah.
(PS44A) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [585] Well I I was doing [...]
(PS44A) [586] Yeah, you gotta be the same.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [587] He used to spend hours [...]
(PS44A) [588] Yeah, you end up caving in, because you think, oh, I've got a timescale, I've got to do something and actually cave in.
[589] I think, because maybe you haven't been flexible at the outset, and all you've ended up doing is scoring points off each other,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [590] Mm.
(PS44A) [591] for the first nineteen and a half minutes.
[592] Quite like that [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [593] Then again if you're ... I think the only thing on that I would say is that, [...] creativity in as a positive, erm, that that your [...] there are loads of possibilities about how you could actually try and create situations, which would actually break down barrier, one of the barriers you had was, I'll give you one if you give me one.
[594] Yeah.
[595] You've actually got into number counting.
[596] [...] Erm, there are other aspects about that that you could afford [...] break that down, I know there was sheep, [...] cows, for instance.
[597] I know the outlook.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [598] Well, we thought that. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [599] Er, you know, what could you do with it.
[600] Erm, maybe since the rams are a problem on the island, maybe you could get the horses over here, to work part of the year, and then foal, er, then you'll an agreement to have some of the foals back.
[601] I don't know, you know, erm, think about options, think about.
[602] One of the problems is when they're starting to optimistically with tunnel vision.
[603] Take those [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [604] blue out there, sideways.
[605] Erm, but [...] still getting, but we maybe getting a broader front on either focus too narrow a beam, sometimes it's [...] too difficult to get that narrow boat to be on exactly the right spot.
[606] So keep [...] creative [...] can work.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [607] Yeah, it's [...] issues, quite often as well.
[608] I remember when I was out on the road, I had a particular connection with, we had a motor bike policy, and it was an appalling risk, and it came up for renewal, and er, nobody had [...] take it round the market, and I mean, that that was an idol threat, because nobody in their right mind would want this particular motor [...] and we said, well not [...] if they want to jack up the premium on it, they wanted to jack it up by about thirty or forty per cent, and and the broker was not very happy about this.
[609] But I said, alright, well we'll consider it, so long as you let us quote for the rest of the business.
[610] Erm, and if we actually get the rest of the business, we keep the motor pre premium down, at ten per cent increase, if we don't we're jacking it up by forty per cent.
[611] So, in fact, it's tying the two things together, and [...] getting both bits of business.
[612] The motor [...] is completely rubbish, [...] won't be rubbish, but the profit bit is actually quite good.
[613] So it's actually sometimes thinking about, can I tie in something else to this, which may bring the whole picture, bring it all together, but be creative.
[614] Thinking things out.
(PS44A) [615] But perhaps one other thing, I mean, it's all useful.
[616] I don't know how many times I have to say, that we've we've been there and we know all about this.
[617] But, [...] didn't work out.
[618] Erm, my story of this, was I I failed to recognise the role status.
[619] I [...] at roles, and at one stage I almost did.
[620] Er, the secretary gets out of her chair, and she [...] while I have a look, and you can hear annual negotiation, and er, and the golden rule for negotiating [...] was er looking at your list up there, and he was a boss, he was also working as a colleague, he was even a friend.
[621] He [...] of friends, [...] and I thought well, when we're going into this, you know, he's obviously coming in as a colleague, because actually he was a member of the same damn union.
[622] And it was a ridiculous situation, [...] so I went along and said er, look Jack er, we're going to go into the annual palaver, I mean, you know, [...] very high inflation.
[623] I said, you're gonna come in at two per cent, and I'm gonna come in at twenty-two, and we both know that actually we're gonna up finish between eight and a half and nine, don't we?
[624] Which we did.
[625] I said, so so shall we actually save each other time, and we'll both come in with reasonable, reasonable, till we open our pay, you know, [...] erm, stand-points, and he said, yeah, all right.
[626] So we, we went away, putting our package together, and we went in we sat in the [...] either end of the table.
[627] He said, you've got er, your package for this year, as requested.
[628] I said, yes, here it is.
[629] And he said good, and here's ours, and we passed them along the table, and we wrote down [...] two point six, I said excuse me, could I just have that back, there's a slight typing error, excuse me, sorry [...] twenty-two per cent.
[630] And of course, we settled at eight point six two or something ridiculous.
[631] I mean, we were exactly where we said we were gonna be, but suddenly I didn't realise that he was boss.
[632] He had to show other people, that he had gone [...] because that was what boss's did.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [633] Mm.
(PS44A) [634] And he had to do that every year in order to satisfy his stance his hat that he was wearing, that he was actually being the boss, and knocking the workers down, look I'm [...] holding down, what twenty-two point on six, er and he believed that my need was that I could go back to my manager, and say, look I got him up to two point one, [...] .
[635] Erm, we both had something to gain, but equally we had something to lose and maybe that's the sort of things, we think about [...] to change the cost.
[636] The cost of doing that [...] it was too high for him.
[637] [...] safest, [...] reputation, so he couldn't do it, he couldn't change [...] so, I've been there.
[638] It won't always work, if you think you've [...]
(JJ8PS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [639] Shall we begin to pass out the oppositions ...
(PS44A) [640] [...] team.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [641] Who are you, you are, [...] what's your name, [...] touch of the old garden, touch of the old garden, do you.
[642] [...] [flicking through papers] [...] Good ... Okay.
[643] In terms, of sort of where we are in the course, we spent yesterday having a look at, and yes this morning, having a look at planning for England.
[644] And we spent [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [645] having a look at some skills,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [646] In terms of listening terms.
[647] Getting down to specific information and in terms of negotiation.
[648] The fun part of the course tomorrow morning, it actually involves you in doing a role play, with one of your colleagues.
[649] Your colleague plays your person your trying to influence, you obviously play yourself, trying to influence them.
[650] Now we're looking for tomorrow for about a twenty minute or so role play.
[651] And if you're still going after twenty minutes or so, we'll stop you.
[652] Which doesn't really matter, because just we're just looking at a snap-shot of [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [clears throat]
(PS44A) [653] actually going on.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [654] So tonight you're actually to do a little bit of discussion, and tonight, tomorrow morning, discussion with your colleague, to brief them in terms of what they need to do to fulfil that role.
[655] How they actually need to play it.
[656] Erm, but we aren't going to the sort of, end of degree, that er, I say this, and then you sort of enter stage left and say this, and I respond like this, and then erm, something else happens, and then somebody comes crashing in through the door.
[657] It's er, obviously, you'll need to give them a briefing, so they can play the character, but to the end of degree, 'cos you'll need to respond to things that they say, as indeed, you'll have to back in influencing situation, back in your own department, back in your own ground.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [658] So think about, in terms of preparation, for the influencing situation, but what are some of the things you might want to do.
[659] Not that I want you to agree with your colleague, but check perhaps, particularly for a bearing yourself.
[660] What are some of the things you want to think about for tomorrow.
[661] Er, exercise?
(JJ8PS000) [662] Structure.
(PS44A) [663] Right.
[664] Need to think about a structure.
[665] Okay.
[666] What in particular on that?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [667] How you'll introduce certain people.
(PS44A) [668] Right, in terms of the of the dealing with the intro.
[669] Anything else?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [670] Terms of the structure.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [671] Whether you're gonna do all the talking, or whether you're gonna write down ideas.
(PS44A) [672] Right Okay, so whose ideas, whose contribution.
[673] [writing on board] So we've got an introduction.
[674] Anything else.
[675] Terms of the structure.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [676] What you're negotiating points are, all about the [...]
(PS44A) [677] See the negotiator stance.
[678] Position, if you like.
[679] Yeah.
[680] Anything else?
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [681] [...] structure.
(PS44A) [682] [...] about introductions.
[683] Might need to think about what are some of the things, that I would want to have as a conclusion.
[684] Lead to that, certainly.
[685] But whereabouts do you hope to be at the end of twenty minutes, however long we've got.
[686] What other things might you want to be thinking about, in terms of preparation for this one.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [687] [...] erm, outcomes. [laugh]
(PS44A) [688] Right, yeah, outcomes, perhaps you're looking for.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [689] Yeah.
(PS44A) [690] Which is again related back back to that.
[691] I mean, a whole variety of other things from erm, put ten extra staff to erm, it could be, that actually I just open the doors, so that ne next time I could actually go back in.
[692] That's [...] that's measurable.
[693] Some are very clearly measurable, but nevertheless measurable.
[694] Any other things that might be [...] in terms of preparation.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [695] Anticipate what they might say.
(PS44A) [696] Right, there's a bit of about anticipation.
[697] [writing on board] [...] Yeah.
[698] Anything else.
[699] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [700] [...] Anybody else wanting to be talking [...] last day of term, it might be worthwhile now.
[701] Don't you think.
(JJ8PS000) [702] Surely is. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [703] Difference in roles.
(PS44A) [704] Right.
[705] It's it's about roles.
[706] Where am I coming from?
[707] What kind of role.
[708] And not only that, but where are they coming from, and how do I signal who I am?
[709] And indeed, if I'm in a different role to what I am normally.
[710] How do I make that particularly clear?
[711] They always see me as The Boss, and I don't want to The Boss.
[712] What are some of the ways that I can actually make that clear.
[713] Anything else?
[714] Perhaps just a couple of others, you may want to think about things like Questions.
[715] Let's have a few questions up our sleeve.
[716] Maybe some avenues, that we want to explore.
[717] [writing on board] You might want to think about things like that.
[718] What I also want to think about the model, the positive outcomes, remember that.
[719] If, maybe I've got a negative outcome to the relationship to this one, are there any things I [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [cough]
(PS44A) [720] or positive.
[721] So maybe I'll start off, maybe memories after you are only plans, start off with some positive plans.
[722] And you'll start working round something there.
[723] So that you can think about er ... positive outlook is one of them.
[724] [writing on board] So perhaps, a host of things to think about in terms of preparation, maybe not all of those are gonna be suitable, a relevant few, preparation this evening, but perhaps, if focusing in at least some of those, might help to to give you the opportunity to persuade to influence your colleague.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [725] I think the only thing I'll say, you know, it's been a real odd situation, really, [...] horse for your bit, you reckon how well do I know this person.
[726] The bit on the video, something to do with that bit, where she says to him, What did, what are you going to say?
[727] And what's he going to say to that.
[728] And what are you going to there.
[729] If she suddenly erm, you gonna have to, sort of, do this, I think it's ridiculous, but you know.
[730] You find a very very small group, and erm, perhaps you can do this yourself.
[731] Sounds ridiculous, but you say, oh [...] erm, you're not gonna like this, and he's gonna say, bloody right I don't like you.
[732] So that's not good news [...] Erm, if I can show the way of overcoming that problem, how, would you be interested, and you say, that problem's always been difficult for me, you know [...] what can I say then, can't say, you ready to train yourself to think, you know, physically you [...] a little bit of [...] actually, putting yourself in their world.
[733] Remember you've got to influence them in their world, you can't just live in your own.
[734] You'll be very good, if left carrying on in their own world, for the rest of their time.
[735] Just think about it, I mean, in a real life situation, think about, ought you think about, imagine what [...] how much do you know about, do you need to use your network, to find out what [...]
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [736] I do that but [...] curtain across the window in case you get [laugh] [...] what is it.
[737] So how do you get neighbours ...
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [738] [...] as a senior employee there, [...] you sell tickets to them.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS44A) [739] Okay, so a whole of things to think about, certainly for the role plays tomorrow but, indeed, for a situation back in the real world.
[740] Okay, well maybe we could have called it a day now.
[741] However, what we're gonna do, is usually at nine o'clock in the morning er, ready to start filming.
[742] I think, has everybody got their pair, who they're working with,
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [clears throat]
(PS44A) [743] The person you've been working with over the last couple of days.
[744] That's alright, we can we can swap them round, I think, if we have them play first in one group and [...] .
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [745] [...] I think we could work [...]
(PS44A) [746] We'll work something out about what what's gonna happen.
[747] Work work with your pair, erm, for now, and overnight, what we'd like you do is, obviously decide for yourself your strategy, but also if you can brief your other half, as to how they need to play that role, to get you the best opportunity of practising the skills.
[748] Now I'm not looking to people to be totally bloody minded, erm, but I'm gonna [...] for people to sort of totally cave in, erm, with these newly acquired influencing skills, because as we've said all along, they will work on some occasions, but they're not gonna work all the time.
[749] So, you need to make your colleague work for what they get, without being totally sort of bloody minded.
[750] But actually just cave in.
[751] Looking for about twenty minutes or so.
[752] Erm, [...] to get some feedback at the end of those.
[753] Okay.
[754] Anything else [...] Now, just before we all er disappear, can I just quickly check what we want to do about the departure.
[755] I guess there's only six of us, who probably finish about mid-day tomorrow, erm, of which time there are various options.
[756] Erm, you can have a twelve o'clock bus, if you wanted to sort of flee your premises, with a packed lunch, or without a packed lunch, if you er, if you don't want to do that.
[757] If you want to have a lunch, and then to just shoot off afterwards, we would probably get you in the staff lunch, I should think ... but I'll need to check that, if not you'll have to wait till half past twelve, to have a, to have a lunch.
[758] Or erm, no, that's it, that's the various options.
Unknown speaker (JJ8PSUNK) [759] Mm.
(PS44A) [760] .
[761] I think I'm gonna have lunch at one, so [...]
(PS44A) [762] Right okay, we'll put you down for twelve.