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  1. Tape 111901 recorded on 1994-01-13. LocationUnknown () Activity: interview

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(PS45K) [...]
(PS45L) [1] erm right I'm new to the area and I'm sort of wanting to move into the Garden City
(PS45K) [2] great take a seat, is it still as cold out there as it looks?
(PS45L) [3] Absolutely freezing out there
(PS45K) [4] Oh yuk oh horrible horrible.
[5] Okay so you're looking for a house or
(PS45L) [6] well I'm actually I'd like something cottagey if at all possible but erm I'm quite open minded at the moment erm I'm so new to the area I'm actually in Brookmans Park at the moment
(PS45K) [7] right
(PS45L) [8] but my house is on the market
(PS45K) [9] Okay has that been on there long?
(PS45L) [10] it's been on for about the past month
(PS45K) [11] and what sort of response are you getting on that?
(PS45L) [12] not too bad had a couple of people round in the last week and one seems quite keen
(PS45K) [13] all fairly encouraging then
(PS45L) [14] yeah, you know quite hopeful so what I as I say what I'm really looking for is I've got a preference for older properties but you know try not to pin myself down to too much at the moment, I've got about a hundred and thirty to spend [...] so ideally I'd like a cottage old style but I do need three bedrooms
(PS45K) [15] O K, right
(PS45L) [16] erm ideally would like something in villages
(PS45K) [17] O K
(PS45L) [18] but something on the outskirts of the Garden City might be O K perhaps on the northern side
(PS45K) [19] right O K that's fine
(PS45L) [20] um I've heard the west side's nice
(PS45K) [21] yeah west side is very popular and it tends to be the area where we get the older properties as well so that's encouraging
(PS45L) [22] that would suit me then wouldn't it?
(PS45K) [23] O K, with erm other than the three bedrooms do you have any particular requirements, do you need a garage or anything like that?
(PS45L) [24] A garage would be nice and as we've got two cars so although a garage is vital if we as long as we can get them off the road that would be an advantage
(PS45K) [25] and with regard to the three bedrooms do you actually need three bedrooms or if a a two bedroomed cottage came up with perhaps an extra room downstairs or something would that be okay?
(PS45L) [26] erm yes it should be okay perhaps you know if obviously if one bedroom a box room wouldn't be any good to us but that would be [...] consider that
(PS45K) [27] yep it's just that some of the cottages tend to be a bit smaller so that it might well be that we can get you something where there's a perhaps ground floor extension or whatever okay.
[28] Do you need to be or have access to the railway station or to the main roads or anything like that?
(PS45L) [29] It's an advantage but with cars it's not really a problem so ...
(PS45K) [30] that's fine okay, smashing.
[31] What sort of timescale are you looking at to move, really just waiting to get a buyer on yours or
(PS45L) [32] well yes as soon as things get moving there then we would be ready really so hopefully in the next month or so
(PS45K) [33] Good, okay well let's take some details from you and what I'll do is I'll register your details onto our mailing list so that erm, anything that's coming onto the market you'll get a phone call on straight away to let you know but also I'll then check and see what we've got that might suit your requirements at the moment.
[34] So what's the name please?
(PS45L) [35] erm, it's erm
(PS45K) [36] okay and what's your address
(PS45L) [37] erm it's
(PS45K) [38] and the postcode there is?
(PS45K) [39] okay is there a home telephone number for you?
(PS45L) [40] erm yes it's erm would be
(PS45K) [41] okay and is there a day-time telephone number a work telephone number?
(PS45L) [42] yes you could probably ring me at work yep that's more convenient so that's
(PS45K) [43] okay any extension on that or do we come straight through to you?
(PS45L) [44] that'll come direct
(PS45K) [45] that's smashing okay.
[46] Now you just said you've got your own property to sell and that's on the market at the moment okay, erm have you had any advice on mortgage and what we should be able to obtain on the mortgage side of things?
(PS45L) [47] er yes we have actually but erm
(PS45K) [48] is that from your own building society or
(PS45L) [49] well we were actually going to be going through the Halifax but have you got any other suggestions?
(PS45K) [50] Yes erm, we've actually linked with a firm of independent mortgage brokers erm so rather than being tied to a particular building society as most estate agents are erm what they will do is they'll shop around and tell you which lenders are offering the best terms and particularly good schemes at any one time erm, it's literally free information they simply phone you up and say get some idea of what your salary is and what your requirements are and then they'll send through some information for you.
[51] Can I ask our adviser just to give you a free phone call?
(PS45L) [52] Yeah, erm it certainly wouldn't do any harm, erm I'd rather not be rung at work if that's alright
(PS45K) [53] no that's alright we try and keep it confidential so they work evenings they'll contact you, is there
(PS45L) [54] yeah right well you know any time after sort of six, six thirty you should be able to catch me then
(PS45K) [55] okay and is there a particular evening that's best for you?
(PS45L) [56] erm, no most evenings it doesn't really matter no
(PS45K) [57] that's fine, okay, smashing.
[58] Right, well as I say I've got your details here so what I'll do is if you bear with me I'll go and a have a look through the drawers and see what we've got available.
[59] Okay?
(PS45L) [60] Do you just have the one office or
(PS45K) [61] No , no we've got another office at Knebworth which is a village approximately six miles north of here, what I will also be doing automatically is passing your details through to the office so that as you're looking for character property and village property they'll be particularly appropriate okay, but also to make life easier we actually carry their details here so anything that they've got available I'll be able to give to you now
(PS45L) [62] Oh fine okay then give me a ring if anything new comes in
(PS45K) [63] I'll give you a ring if anything new comes in
(PS45L) [64] Well thanks very much indeed
(PS45K) [65] Thanks
(PS45L) [66] Okay, thank you bye bye