Friends Provident Insurance: training session. Sample containing about 11476 words speech recorded in business context

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PS46R X m (No name, age unknown, salesman) unspecified
PS46T X m (Martin, age unknown, instructor) unspecified
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  1. Tape 114201 recorded on 1993-12-21. LocationUnknown () Activity: Training session

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Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [clears throat]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1] Go on John, you gonna start?
(PS46R) [2] Er in general terms er there was no big mannerisms or faults as far as I can see, there's very good eye contact er throughout er you, you kept the person's attention.
[3] Er we then take this as the actual structure er [...] social qualities we're okay then you jump straight into the statement of the purpose ... er [...] er because you're [...] .
[4] The thing I noticed was that they're all close questions, you like the area, now Martin was very fair to you because you, he was very me most ... you could've got very much [...] did you move because of your [...] , yes.
[5] Again you cooperated, you gave er a good idea so erm ... you went on there er ... Martin to a certain extent was then taking control simply because he was [...] verbose nature.
[6] Er then he made the ... I'd better cut back to the business card [...] because you jumped into the statement of purpose erm ... you assum er there was an assumed ... er [...] was okay erm I put superb and I can't remember what that actually was there.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [7] That was the the [...]
(PS46R) [8] Oh that's erm ... your objection er was nobody had seen me and you didn't really answer the question [...] [microphone moved] clients by coming in to their homes ... you know, Martin made the comment er that in actual fact nobody had seen them [...] seen them in six or seven years so I thought that was a possibility for a [...] just er oh n maybe not as deep a [...] but nevertheless ... erm there was a good, good pause er ... er how did you er come to be with Friends Provident er you, it was good that you asked er er if the wife would be attending the second meeting, that was an important thing.
[9] You completely [...] the wife actually what ... erm ... another good point was that you got in are, are there dependants ... there were certain close questions again, the fact that the wife smoked a pipe gave you the opportunity to turn round and say well that's, that's good, that's a benefit because she could be classed as a non-smoker ... there's just wee er opportunities there and that's as much as I had if anyone else wants to add to ... these comments.
(PS46N) [10] I agree with a lot of, of what John's saying.
[11] I actually disagree [...] wife's erm employment service cos I feel [...] asking things like that
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46N) [12] he actually, he actually seemed to miss it and go back to s saying I know what you're actually thinking.
[13] The one, the thing that I actually picked up on is tt erm in the greeting part of it you, you started very well and then Martin seemed to take control and you almost felt as if Martin was interviewing you at one point and erm ... you tried to get the control back and that's when you went straight into the statement of purpose, [...] because Martin was taking control.
[14] Erm ... I thought that erm ... I, I mean I was getting some things that John hasn't, hasn't mentioned, erm when you mentioned the wife being there erm when you, when you were introducing the C C Q you then assumed that you would be coming back with recommendations
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [15] Mm.
(PS46N) [16] erm and I think maybe that you, you jumped in [...] shouldn't have done that er because obviously M Martin got quite defensive at that point ... you know because you were only going there to do this financial planning service and er [...] selling them anything, you were just offering this financial planning service and then you jumped in with these, when I come back with my recommendations [laugh] erm ... tt I also thought that erm ... you know it was a little bit dodgy actually to say you, well you know erm tt we have found that our records are incorrect [laugh] [laughing] and I thought [] well then that maybe [...] and erm you went ve you went very o when you were talking about the dependants erm ... you, you ... you didn't seem to get into er erm how many children have you got and is there any other dependants, it, you, it seemed to take you a long time to actually get there.
[17] And the other thing
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [18] I was writing the information down.
(PS46N) [19] Yeah and [laugh] and the other thing which I, actually I've been laughing at here is because you were laughing at yourself when you [laughing] were asking the questions [] .
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [20] [laugh] I was thinking about all the [...]
(PS46N) [21] So, so erm ... wh which, you know, made me smile and I'm sure it did everybody else but whenever you were asking a question to Martin you, you started laughing as you were [laughing] telling it [] erm and that's ... I don't think that I would actually have to [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [22] Apart from all of that
(PS46N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [23] erm ... it's, it's, like, like the, the clo closed questions, there was no real ... no real commitment er with, with the questions you were asking, you, you seemed to be afraid to ask them.
[24] ... You know, erm, you know what sort of gross salary [...] and you know and there was, you were holding back in a way erm tt ... and why you didn't wanna discuss your hobbies ... you know where you were losing it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [25] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [26] well he didn't wanna di discuss his hobbies you didn't wanna reveal any of yours.
[27] Erm what sort of pastimes do you actually get up to, this is what we wanna know now.
[28] ... Erm ... and the willingness to proceed ... erm ... it seemed, it missed something ... no I, I didn't think it, you, you sort of said you know, can we go for it ... there was no real ... that's what I picked up on.
Martin (PS46T) [29] Okay.
[30] Okay Sally.
(PS46R) [31] Could I just make one final [...]
Martin (PS46T) [32] Yeah.
(PS46R) [33] I know where I was when I wrote assume superb, he assumed the Friends Provident policies were good
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [34] Mhm.
(PS46R) [35] now someone could turn, take e exception to that [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [36] Right.
(PS46R) [37] cos these blooming policies are not doing as well as I expected
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [38] Well this is an [...]
(PS46R) [39] and then and then you're splitting yourself, you're building a barrier up for yourself.
[40] That was, that was the one I think assume superb was actually policies.
Martin (PS46T) [41] Yeah.
[42] Okay fine.
[43] Er right then tt here we go.
[44] Erm as well as all that erm I'll just try and add in the extra bits that [...] ... Erm ... what was ... oh sorry how did I come to Friends Provident then?
[45] How did I come to Friends Provident?
(PS46R) [46] Through his company. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [47] Yeah.
(PS46R) [48] presentation.
Martin (PS46T) [49] Mhm.
[50] Er and who did that presentation?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [51] [...] presentation [...]
Martin (PS46T) [52] [...] ?
[53] He said I should like to redeem this I F A
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [54] Well
Martin (PS46T) [55] and you've got to stop, you've gotta back off
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [56] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [57] okay, so that wasn't er explored
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [58] Mhm.
Martin (PS46T) [59] [...] I thought the [...] was very good and I liked the way you, you introduced that, you introduced it, came to agreement by acknowledgement I thought that went really quite well.
[60] ... Erm the ... statement of [...] fine.
[61] Erm ... maintain, to maintain contact is not as good as what it should've been but that was fair enough.
[62] You did actually sort of make [...] when I said well I've not seen anybody you did say ... [...] say that but I'll come to that later on, okay, so it wasn't a [...] but you acknowledged and you answered it.
[63] Okay I that would have been okay in that particular case but you did come back to it as [...] benefit, you say we haven't seen you for such a long time ... that was a [...] not just look at your policies but to put a, a face to the name so I can become your point of reference
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [64] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [65] right now or some time in the future.
[66] [...] erm the buyer's guide and the business card ... erm ... yes it is a legal requirement but I mean, you know, don't hammer the fact, this is a legal, I've gotta give it to you, okay so it came across in that particular vein.
[67] And again, as Jimmy said, don't knock the system, you know there are mistakes made but we don't hang it up and say look know we've made lots of mistakes, you're, you're undermining your own erm performance.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [68] Yeah. [...]
Martin (PS46T) [69] Mm.
[70] The reason I said smoking a pipe, okay, you assumed that she smoked cigarettes.
[71] ... She could've smoked ci er cigarillos, she could've smoked a pipe, yeah, [...] ... erm ... tt with regards to working, you did ask did she work but is sh she is a tax payer, she wasn't ... because it's pin money.
[72] Again the temptation to become assumptive [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [73] Although that information would've come out with her salary wouldn't it?
Martin (PS46T) [74] Yeah but you did say on that base oh well you pay tax but obviously you must do as well then
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [75] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [76] but she didn't, she was a non tax payer in that particular scenario.
[77] They would have come
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [78] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [79] out later on but again try not to be too assumptive.
[80] Tt ... and what else did I put, erm ... yeah when you are writing things down try and maintain some sort of eye contact, the only time, the eye contact was fine but there were
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [81] Yes.
Martin (PS46T) [82] occasions when, you know, you actually turned your shoulder to me, your head went down and obviously
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [83] Yeah I was aware of that.
Martin (PS46T) [84] you're trying [...] about the erm
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Martin (PS46T) [85] point, okay that was a bit of wide ball but I might have taken offence at that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [86] Yes, yeah you could've done [...]
Martin (PS46T) [87] I mean why why [...] ?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [88] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [89] You know you had a [...] but be, be aware of that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [90] Yes.
Martin (PS46T) [91] Good to see you checked to see if the wife would be there, okay [...] pretty pointless going through the whole process if, if she has all the facts
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [92] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [93] erm especially [...] budget and [...] so that was good.
[94] Erm you look fairly fit ... thank you very much, you know, very sweet of you dear, erm ... tt and I think to, to carry on with the regards to well how much do you earn you went all around the houses, don't apologize and say well I have to ask you because, you know, [...] , you know you need to know
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [95] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [96] cos if you don't know how much money that he's earning what can you do?
[97] ... Tell me, how much do you earn ... end of story.
[98] You did go round the houses on that that wasn't to get the point
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [99] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [100] yeah, so you know, get stuck in there.
[101] Er and I think that's all I have to say.
[102] All in all very good, [...] ... lots of good aspects there but again be aware of erm ... you ... learn the C C Q
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [103] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [104] cos you were taking yeses when it should be nos
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [105] Yeah I know.
Martin (PS46T) [106] you were putting in information that shouldn't be there, okay you've gotta grip to the C C Q before we [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [107] I think the other thing also, I found it a disadvantage actually having it on the table, I think if I'd just left it on the [...] like that
Martin (PS46T) [108] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [109] and then done it [...]
Martin (PS46T) [110] [...] yeah, you could've [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [111] [...] you know, I just put it on the table and left it there and as I say it's certainly better to [...] because when you're looking like then it's easier [...] do that.
Martin (PS46T) [112] Okay, you could [...] yeah.
[113] Yeah.
[114] Any other comments?
[115] I mean what were your thoughts Sally?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [116] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [117] Yeah it went er it went [laugh] it went a bit wrong at the beginning because as I say you did it with business card and er buyer's guide, that came in a after the erm statement of purpose really.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [118] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [119] Erm but I felt ... because we were sitting there ... the appropriate sociability went on longer.
[120] I think if you're actually th when you, when you go into somebody's house and you're talking ... once, once you actually sit down you more or less then accept that you're going into a business situation.
Martin (PS46T) [121] Possibly.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [122] and er and i it's easier to do that er sort of, I mean certainly you, you, you were very forthcoming to [...]
Martin (PS46T) [123] You might [...] you might [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [124] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [125] come and sit down and get to business, now he may not, he may still want to have a chat about the weather or whatever you know so again be aware that ... to cut too soon to business
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [126] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [127] like well I want to know you do, I mean what you picked up [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [128] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [129] oh sorry [...] well I don't wanna talk about that because I want to get to business
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [130] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [131] I could've taken offence at that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [132] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [133] The other thing is as well though you could've actually got more out of Martin by talking about that because you may have mentioned something that he's enjoying and says oh I do that, or something like that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [134] Right.
[135] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [136] So it would've led to other things as well.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [137] Yeah I, I mean to be honest on that I was more conscious of the fact that we'd only got fifteen
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [sneeze]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [138] minutes and we wanted to get into the thing.
[139] I mean it's not er it's not something that I would normally do, I mean I would be quite happy to chat to somebody probably for too long.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Martin (PS46T) [140] And that could be just as bad.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [141] I know, yeah, yeah
Martin (PS46T) [142] Yeah cos you find you're cutting the [...] too short
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [143] That's right.
Martin (PS46T) [144] and then cutting business too late, cutting them off as things are starting to flow
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [145] Mm.
Martin (PS46T) [146] so be aware that you don't want to ramble on too long or this appointment could go on for ever and a day.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [147] I thought that was brilliant, is there somebody at the door?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [148] But I, but I think you know the, the, the thing that I found erm most difficult as you say was, was actually completing the C C Q and I think part of it and asking the question [...] but it is, certainly it would be easier to do it using that on your knee rather than doing it at the table because I was aware that I was turning away
Martin (PS46T) [149] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [150] from you and, and I was looking at that and ticking boxes and I was, I was almost not listening to what you were saying at times.
[151] Erm
Martin (PS46T) [152] Yeah.
[153] That that's the C C Q [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [154] That's right.
[155] But as I say it ce it would be better to do it that way.
Martin (PS46T) [156] Good.
[157] Any other comments?
(PS46R) [158] Er actually that's, the, the position becomes important, you see that wouldn't present a problem [...] because I was like that
Martin (PS46T) [159] Mm.
[160] Yeah.
[161] Yeah.
(PS46R) [162] [...] it's just, just an observation
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46R) [163] you see, avoid these particular problems [...]
Martin (PS46T) [164] Yes that's a good point.
(PS46R) [165] and just ... wherever you sit.
[166] See you could sit that way [...] interview
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [167] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [168] But your, your point about not being very er positive ... the interviews that I do I, I do in a very relaxed manner.
Martin (PS46T) [169] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [170] Oh yes [...]
(PS46N) [171] I, I think erm I think it may have been that er ... you, they assumed you're lacking confidence because you were laughing at yourself so much when you were asking the questions.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laughing] [...] [] [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [172] [...] away.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [173] [laughing] Yeah [] .
(PS46N) [174] And that made them laugh.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [175] It was actually, I nearly creased up and fell off the chair at that stage. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [176] I'll just pass these to
Martin (PS46T) [177] Yeah give them to Ron
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [178] [...] they're for you.
Martin (PS46T) [179] that's for your ... personal development and er
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [180] Ta.
Martin (PS46T) [181] [...] but try and keep, you know try and get some good feedback ... this is something to go away and look at in conjunction with if you wanna view the video again ... then say [...] .
[182] Good, get the idea?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [183] Yeah.
Martin (PS46T) [184] Right, okay.
[185] So what time's the next one start?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [186] Er ... [...] we'll start in fifteen minutes I think. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [187] Sorry seven minutes.
Martin (PS46T) [188] No.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [189] Yeah we've got five minutes [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [190] The first one started at quarter past.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [191] Past, we should be starting the second one at ten past.
[192] So we've got a minute.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [193] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [194] Cos you've got five minutes preparation.
(PS46N) [195] But who's my customer?
Martin (PS46T) [196] Er it will be erm ...
(PS46N) [197] [laugh] Did you hear about my erm ... my Friday afternoon with Robert as my customer?
Martin (PS46T) [198] No.
(PS46N) [199] Well
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [200] you know that we wer we weren't allowed to see our customer's briefing?
[201] Now well I'm sitting there, Robert's my customer and like I'm sitting there and he comes out with this fabulous spiel, right, as this objection, right, that was word perfect and he's sitting there after he's finished it as smug as anything and looking at me as if to say so what are you gonna do about that then?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [202] Oh dear!
(PS46N) [203] You know?
[204] And at this point
Maggie (PS46U) [205] Sorry to keep you waiting.
(PS46N) [206] That's okay.
Maggie (PS46U) [207] The timetable doesn't [laughing] appear to bear [] bear any resemblance to what er I've got on the programme.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [208] You're not looking like Steve [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Maggie (PS46U) [209] Steve is downstairs.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [210] Is he?
[211] Oh right, well
Maggie (PS46U) [212] Well he, well I dunno
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [213] we don't mind.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [214] We don't mind.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [215] Martin came in and told me I was supposed to be upstairs, Steve was ... has gone into where I was so
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [216] Oh well they've obviously swapped round.
(PS46N) [217] Anyway I'll, I'll just finish er telling you this, so Robert's then sitting back smug with himself and looking at me as if to say what do you think about then, and I'm thinking I've heard these words before, where have I [laughing] heard these words before []
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [218] right, and I look over to Roger and Roger's flicking through his notes like this and as you, you were peeping through and he's trying to find out what, what he's talking about, they're not looking at each other and anyway at the end of it, er we went through it and at the end of it [laughing] he turned round and went [] how was it, what were you playing at, what was that spiel that you gave ... it's in my brief, that's one of my objections
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [219] and you know what it wasn't one of his objections at all, you know the video that we saw that morning
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [220] Yeah it was in that.
(PS46N) [221] and he'd remembered this [...] spiel and he'd got it word perfect and he's reeling it off [laughing] as his one objection []
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [222] You just need people like him don't you?
[223] You really do.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [224] It was excellent though wasn't it?
(PS46N) [225] It was brilliant [laughing] because []
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [226] He didn't miss anything out. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [227] Right.
(PS46N) [228] It was just ... oh dear.
(PS46R) [229] Are yous gonna start the
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [230] I'll start the camera.
[231] I'll wait till Maggie finishes her danish.
Maggie (PS46U) [232] Please.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Maggie (PS46U) [233] Steve came in with a danish and a cup of coffee and I'm thinking
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [234] I know.
[235] Where's mine.
[236] I called in at the wrong time. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS46N) [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [237] [...] ... Are you going to be my customer?
[238] Er my sales person?
(PS46N) [239] Unfortunately. ...
Maggie (PS46U) [240] Never mind.
[241] It could be worse for you.
[242] [laughing] I'm not quite sure how but I'm sure it could be worse [] .
[243] Mm. ...
(PS46N) [244] Alan's going to be very dodgy. ...
Maggie (PS46U) [245] Well if I start being [...]
(PS46N) [246] No I'm not, I'm not [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [247] Carry on. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [248] Are you ready?
[249] ... Joan.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [250] Are you ready Joan?
(PS46N) [251] A minute. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [252] [...] Have you finished your danish?
Maggie (PS46U) [253] Yes thank you very much and don't put that [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [254] Okay have you got both of us in? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [255] Yes.
[256] I did check earlier, hang on I'll just er ... as you've moved the chair I'll just check it again.
[257] ... Yeah you're both in.
[258] ... The red light is on.
[259] Off you go.
[260] Action.
(PS46N) [261] Good morning Mrs it's Joan from Friends Provident.
Maggie (PS46U) [262] Oh right, yes.
[263] Nice to see you.
(PS46N) [264] Yes it's a lovely area around here actually isn't it?
[265] I didn't know this part existed actually. [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [266] Yeah it's fairly new actually, it's a nice new development.
(PS46N) [267] Well I think it's quite quiet as well.
Maggie (PS46U) [268] Well there's a few children around but erm they generally tend to be the older ones.
(PS46N) [269] Oh right.
[270] Have you lived here long?
Maggie (PS46U) [271] Erm no we moved in eighteen months ago.
(PS46N) [272] Oh right so you're still settling in then.
Maggie (PS46U) [273] Yes.
(PS46N) [laugh]
Maggie (PS46U) [274] Very much so.
(PS46N) [275] You're not new to the area though, just to this bit?
Maggie (PS46U) [276] No we, we heard that this development was coming up so we came round and looked and liked it and ... took the plunge.
(PS46N) [277] [...] Okay if I can just erm give you my business card that tells you who I am
Maggie (PS46U) [278] Alright.
(PS46N) [279] erm ... I'll just give you this buyer's guide erm this tells you erm that I'm a representative of Friends Provident and can therefore only recommend the Friends Provident products which er suit your needs.
[280] Okay? ...
Maggie (PS46U) [281] Okay.
(PS46N) [282] So tell me Mrs how did you come to [...] with Friends Provident in the first place?
Maggie (PS46U) [283] Ah I think it's when Martin and I were taking a top up on our mortgage the last time erm the building society suggested we took the policy out with you.
(PS46N) [284] Right.
[285] So really you were recommended to us then?
Maggie (PS46U) [286] Well yes, yes I suppose we were.
(PS46N) [287] Good.
[288] Cos that's the usual line you see that, that er that I get, you may have heard the phrase that we've grown big by being recommended.
Maggie (PS46U) [289] I haven't actually, no.
(PS46N) [290] [laughing] Oh right [] .
[291] Well erm I'll tell you what it is we, we actually build our business by word of mouth ... and it er these sort of introductions means that we rarely advertise erm and the money saved can be used to benefit policy holders such as yourself which sometimes means that it can reduce charges and erm increase bonuses wherever possible.
[292] How do you feel er about that way of building our business?
Maggie (PS46U) [293] Yeah I suppose that's makes, that makes sense, yes.
(PS46N) [294] Oh good, good.
[295] Because during the course of our discussions today I'll ask you to introduce me to others if, and only if, you think this meeting with me today has been of benefit to yourself, would that be okay? ...
Maggie (PS46U) [296] Mm yes, let's see what you can do for me first.
(PS46N) [297] Well I can understand that.
[298] ... Okay.
[299] As I said to you er when I spoke to you on the phone, I wanted to come erm one to introduce myself because I'm now the new financial adviser for this area, erm also to review your existing policies to make sure that they are doing what they were originally designed to do.
[300] What we find is that sometimes people have taken out policies some years ago and they've actually forgotten what their money's doing for them so erm that's another side of it ... and also to introduce our new financial planning service erm and in doing so we may be able to highlight areas in which we could save you money er for example erm saving you money on tax or increasing your income either now or some time in the future.
[301] Is that okay? ...
Maggie (PS46U) [302] Well yes, yes that sounds fine.
(PS46N) [303] Good.
[304] Good.
[305] Well tt during, during our discussions I'll be taking notes on your current financial situation but also why erm your thoughts for the future and erm and in doing this I'll be using this form to actually assist me to actually take down these notes.
[306] It also keeps me on the right track as well.
[307] Is, is that okay?
Maggie (PS46U) [308] It does look rather a big document, you know.
(PS46N) [309] Well [sigh] it is but er what we do is we, we've got the one er we've got the one erm pack that actually we use for, for all kinds of business and not all of this would actually relate to yourself but what we do is we combine it in into one pack.
[310] So a lot of this would actually be irrelevant to yourself.
Maggie (PS46U) [311] What are you going to do with the information though?
[312] I mean erm ... does, does this get, get s given to other people?
(PS46N) [313] No any information that I actually take from yourself and put down here is completely confidential.
[314] It goes back to our branch and erm everything they tell me it's completely confidential and erm ... you would be able to see this and sign whatever I wrote in here as well.
Maggie (PS46U) [315] Okay.
(PS46N) [316] Is that okay?
Maggie (PS46U) [317] Yeah, okay.
(PS46N) [318] Good.
[319] Okay then.
[320] ... Have you got any middle names? ...
Maggie (PS46U) [321] No just er just the one name. ...
(PS46N) [322] Okay.
[323] ... Your husband's not in today?
Maggie (PS46U) [324] Er no he's at business.
(PS46N) [325] Oh right, okay.
[326] ... Could I have your husband's name please?
Maggie (PS46U) [327] His er name's Martin. ...
(PS46N) [328] Your both tax payers?
Maggie (PS46U) [329] Unfortunately yes.
(PS46N) [330] I know, I feel like that as well but [laughing] never mind [] .
[331] Can I enquire your husband's date of birth please?
Maggie (PS46U) [332] Yes it's the fourth April ... nineteen forty seven. ...
(PS46N) [333] Okay and children, do you have children, yes.
Maggie (PS46U) [334] Yes we've got two erm ... eight and ten.
[335] My daughter's the eldest, Susan.
(PS46N) [336] Okay.
[337] ... And
Maggie (PS46U) [338] John. ...
(PS46N) [339] Could I have their date of births?
Maggie (PS46U) [340] Erm Susan is the seventeenth of August nineteen eighty two and John is the tenth November erm er nineteen eighty four.
(PS46N) [341] Eight four.
[342] Okay you've got no other dependants, financial dependants?
Maggie (PS46U) [343] Er well Martin does have an elderly mother, she's not financially dependent on us as such but we do try and keep a track of her finances and if she needs help we, we ... erm help her out.
(PS46N) [344] Oh right, okay.
[345] Er she lives with you?
Maggie (PS46U) [346] No she doesn't live with us but she does live locally and that was one of the reasons for being here because it's a little bit easier to get to her.
(PS46N) [347] Okay.
[348] But this probably makes her feel a little bit more secure [...] as well doesn't it?
Maggie (PS46U) [349] Yes and the kids can drop round and see her from time to time.
(PS46N) [350] Cheer her up [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [351] Yeah.
(PS46N) [352] [laugh] Okay erm your children go to the local schools do they?
Maggie (PS46U) [353] Er well Susan's erm gone to, obviously gone on to senior school now er she's, she went, she started this year.
[354] John, we don't know what's happening at the moment, he's, we're not, we're not at all sure.
[355] There are a few problems there.
(PS46N) [356] Right.
[357] Have they got any ideas about what they want to do in the future?
[358] Yeah?
Maggie (PS46U) [359] Er well Susan's very much into music and erm I think she thinks she'd like to earn her living that way but it's a very hard way to earn a living.
(PS46N) [360] I can imagine so, yes.
[361] It'd be a very difficult business to get into.
[362] Okay.
[363] Erm ... so maybe they'll be going on to university, college university.
Maggie (PS46U) [364] Susan I think probably will, John's more on the practical side.
(PS46N) [365] Okay.
[366] ... You always say that you never get two children the same, they're
Maggie (PS46U) [367] No.
(PS46N) [368] always, it sounds as if they've got completely different personalities.
Maggie (PS46U) [369] Yes.
[370] [laughing] Yes [] .
[371] Susan takes after Martin's family and unfortunately John takes after my family. [laugh] ...
(PS46N) [372] Okay.
[373] Your state of health?
Maggie (PS46U) [374] Erm mine's good but Martin's been having some back trouble. ...
(PS46N) [375] Is that only recently is it?
Maggie (PS46U) [376] Mm no he's had it over a period of time, we think it may be hereditary cos his father had some back trouble too when he was alive
(PS46N) [377] Oh right.
Maggie (PS46U) [378] so ... he's going for some more tests next week.
(PS46N) [379] Right so he's under [...] ... okay.
[380] Do you smoke?
Maggie (PS46U) [381] I don't but Martin does. ...
(PS46N) [382] Cigarettes?
Maggie (PS46U) [383] Yes.
[384] Far too many, that's a source of contention.
(PS46N) [385] My husband actually said to me that giving up smoking was easy because he's done it plenty of times. [laugh]
Maggie (PS46U) [386] Yes Martin has as well. [laugh]
(PS46N) [387] So erm ... what do you do in your spare time?
Maggie (PS46U) [388] Well I don't have actually a lot of spare time.
[389] Erm as a family we, we tend to erm go camping.
(PS46N) [390] Right.
[391] You're not into any of this bunjee jumping or free fall parachute jumping of anything?
Maggie (PS46U) [392] Oh!
[393] Perish the thought you have to be certified to do that.
(PS46N) [394] I don't know how they've got the nerve actually, it's quite terrifying just to watch it.
[395] [laugh] ... Okay.
[396] Wha what is it that you do for a living?
Maggie (PS46U) [397] I'm, well I work part-time down at the local library. ...
(PS46N) [398] You are a librarian?
Maggie (PS46U) [399] I was yes I er I got my degree in ... was qualified and er the hours they, they were offering happened to fit in with the family so I was quite glad to get the extra income.
(PS46N) [400] Right.
[401] And that's just down in the [...] library is that it?
Maggie (PS46U) [402] Yes.
[403] Yes. ...
(PS46N) [404] Okay and what does your wife, tt your wife, your husband do?
Maggie (PS46U) [405] Er he's the sales manager for erm [...] software company. ...
(PS46N) [406] Oh he's into computers is he?
Maggie (PS46U) [407] [laughing] Yes, that's why I've got one upstairs [] .
(PS46N) [408] They drive you round the bend.
[409] My husband works in computers as well.
[410] They're worse than children [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [laugh]
(PS46N) [411] Who does he work for?
Maggie (PS46U) [412] Erm it's A P C erm ... they moved their, their erm business out from erm ... er Liverpool, decided to come back here cos it was cheaper.
(PS46N) [413] And that's just down near [...] ?
Maggie (PS46U) [414] Yes. ...
(PS46N) [415] Okay what's your gross salary?
Maggie (PS46U) [416] Oh couldn't tell you my gross straight off, erm I do twenty hours a week and I bring home er bring home about thirty five pound. ...
(PS46N) [417] And your husband?
Maggie (PS46U) [418] Erm well he's expecting a rise in the spring erm but last year he was on ... twenty five and a half. ...
(PS46N) [419] Obviously neither of you are at retirement age so you won't be in receipt of any retirement benefits.
Maggie (PS46U) [420] No. ...
(PS46N) [421] Okay, do you know what your actual take home pay is out of those?
[422] Yours would obviously be thirty five pounds a week.
Maggie (PS46U) [423] I'm not sure because erm Martin has a number of things that come out of his er ... salary, there's erm his pension of course and erm there, there's some insurance scheme they run at work as well. ...
(PS46N) [424] Okay.
[425] ... Is that er erm a contracted out pension scheme [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [426] Yes, yes [...] ...
(PS46N) [427] I is it a non-contributory ...
Maggie (PS46U) [428] No no no, he does contribute.
(PS46N) [429] Right.
[430] And the insurance?
[431] Did you say there was an insurance [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [432] Yes there's some sort of insurance scheme, it's erm ... widows and orphans som something like that.
(PS46N) [433] Right.
[434] What's that, that actually insuring for?
Maggie (PS46U) [435] Erm if anything happens to him quite a large lump sum comes to us.
(PS46N) [436] So it's, it's a life assurance?
Maggie (PS46U) [437] Mm oh well yeah I suppose so. ...
(PS46N) [438] Okay.
[439] Have you any other source of income, either you or your husband?
Maggie (PS46U) [440] Erm well I've got a little cottage that was left to me up in erm North Wales that we rent out. ...
(PS46N) [441] Erm is that seasonal is it that you just rent out in the summer?
Maggie (PS46U) [442] Erm no it does get rented out sometimes in the winter as well but it tends to be more in the summer. ...
(PS46N) [443] Right so you rent that out on a weekly basis?
Maggie (PS46U) [444] Yes.
[445] Aha.
[446] I go through an estate agent up there that, that acts as my agent but erm don't make any money out of it.
(PS46N) [447] No?
Maggie (PS46U) [448] Well no the, the cost, the rent more or less covers the cost of maintenance.
(PS46N) [449] Right.
[450] What is the rent that you're actually charging?
Maggie (PS46U) [451] Erm it's ... er si sixty pound a week. ...
(PS46N) [452] Erm but you've maintenance charges to come out of it.
Maggie (PS46U) [453] I've got to pay the estate agent as well. ...
(PS46N) [454] Your husband, has he any other source of income?
Maggie (PS46U) [455] No. ...
(PS46N) [456] Okay.
[457] I think that's it.
[458] ... I've come to the end of the form. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46N) [459] fifteen minutes?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [460] [...] two minutes
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [461] Have you er has it gotta re be rewound right back to the beginning?
(PS46N) [462] No because I've got my erm interview from
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [463] Oh right.
(PS46N) [464] from Friday.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [465] Do you know exactly where it is? [...] rewind on there.
(PS46N) [466] Oh it'll be zero won't it? [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [467] Alright.
[468] You're not [...]
(PS46N) [laugh] ...
Maggie (PS46U) [469] Hidden talents you see.
(PS46N) [470] It is. ...
Maggie (PS46U) [471] It's a good thing you didn't have me doing it.
[472] The camera would have fallen apart by now.
(PS46N) [473] I did it, there was this one group on Friday [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [474] Really?
(PS46N) [475] Yeah, we had one that broke and [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [476] Well Diane's group was probably okay.
(PS46N) [477] Well one of their videos erm Martin had got the position of the camera set up wrong so all she got was erm arms.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [478] Are you not gonna play it back to ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [479] Yeah.
Maggie (PS46U) [480] Oh right. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [481] We are [...] ... What do we want, just press play?
(PS46N) [482] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] [video recording]
(PS46N) [483] Rewind [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [484] You don't like that one Joan do you?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46N) [485] Yeah hold it. ... [thirteen minutes of video recording playing the role playing exercise transcribed above] ... [end of side one of tape and start of side two]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [486] Sir Patrick Mayhew became the new Northern Ireland Secretary.
[487] His appointment is thought to herald a tougher security policy particularly so since it was announced that the back bench ... [video ends]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [488] I think that's it.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [489] Right who's going to start?
[490] Are you starting Robert?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [491] I'll start, yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [492] [...] in dreamland.
[493] ... Right.
[494] Erm ... greetings and appropriate sociability ... although it flowed ... a lot of it was actually sort of statements and or closed questions.
(PS46N) [495] Right.
[496] Oh I'm sorry I aren't supposed to talk am I?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [497] Well no you're not really but don't worry about it.
[498] Erm ... it, it did sort of get going but I felt that Maggie held back a little bit on that whereas you, you might have got er you know a bit, a bit more information with open questions.
[499] ... Erm ha having gone through that you moved on er and gave out ... your business card fi first and then the buyer's guide ... erm ... don't know whether you're happy doing it that way or whether it's better round the other way, I ... I, you, you tend to think if you give somebody the buyer's guide first ... when they start to look at it you give them your business card and take it away, perhaps if you do it the other way round they might s start reading the buyer's guide
(PS46N) [500] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [501] but ... oh no I mean you gave them both out anyway, that, that was er that was no problem.
[502] Erm the link to referrals and introductions ... that was very good.
[503] ... Erm you, you went into that very well.
[504] The only, the only bit I did [laughing] find was [] the very last part during the course ... didn't sound as natural as the rest of it.
[505] The first part, the build up to it
(PS46N) [506] No I, I
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [507] was very good.
(PS46N) [508] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [509] But as I say the last bit where you sa dur during the course of the, of this conversation it almost sounded as though you were gonna, you're doing it parrot, parrot fashion whereas the rest of it was, was superb, there was no, no problems in that.
[510] Erm your statement of purpose was good, in fact excellent.
[511] Erm ... the tentative benefit you put in ... at the end of that you said is that okay ... and Maggie said yes ... erm the answer could be construed I, I thought in that basis well yes it's okay so what ... whereas if you'd've said is that of interest to you
(PS46N) [512] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [513] you'd've known that, you know, she, she was gonna be interested in that.
[514] ... Erm ... checking the willingness to proceed, you did that as you went along.
(PS46N) [515] Maybe a little bit too often though. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [516] No [...] erm ... Maggie, Maggie arranged an objection about the C C Q erm and you overcame that ... very easily, no problems at all really, you went through that well.
[517] Erm she said about, you know, [...] the thickness or the bulging er the information and worry about giving personal details and, and that was good, that was fine.
[518] Erm ... so as far as the, the you know, the steps was concerned that, that went through good, very well, and ... you went through them all in er in, in the right order.
[519] Other comments ... you didn't actually ask at any ti any point through there I don't believe whether the husband ought to be involved.
(PS46N) [520] No I didn't.
[521] I forgot.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [522] Erm ... it turned out in the end that, that you got some information about the husband, particularly about a pension scheme, but you almost got the impression was well, you know, was it really right?
(PS46N) [523] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [524] I think a lot of er a lot of wives may not have given you as much information as Maggie did.
[525] Erm ... also as far as the husband's back trouble was concerned, I f I felt that perhaps you should've got a bit more information about the fact that he was going for tests next week at the hospital.
[526] You've gotta look at it as an ongoing er on an ongoing problem but erm you, you could've perhaps have gone into it a little bit more then just to find out ... erm ... there was also a mention of, of an income rise in the spring
(PS46N) [527] Which I made a note of.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [528] Yeah but you didn't a actually sort of hone in on any particular date.
[529] The only point I felt w you know we mentioned the other day that if, if there's a rise say on the first of April then you wanna get in a couple of months before then.
(PS46N) [530] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [531] It could've varied, you know, any time if you like from, from March till May and without knowing the exact date you might be a bit late ... or a bit too early ... er for future business.
[532] ... As far as the, the cottage ... er was concerned, the information about that erm ... the answer was oh well you know I don't make any money out of it ... erm you, you asked about whether it, whether it was erm ... whether it was making money but you di you didn't actually ask, bearing in mind that, that, that Maggie had already said she paid tax, whether she actually de declared it for tax purposes and what, what sort, what sort of figure it showed.
[533] Whether there was actually any income there and er as a result of that.
[534] ... Erm bearing in mind that when she actually came and spoke about her part-time job her income was thirty five pound a week and yet she said she was a tax payer ... well take home pay was thirty five pound a week and talking about being a tax payer.
[535] Erm she said that her husband was a sales manager ... you didn't clarify, you know,whe exactly what that was.
[536] Whe whether it was involved in, whether there was any travel involved or whether it was all desk bound or anything else ... you know whether he goes zooming off all over the country or ... whether, whether there's a possibility of travel involved or any danger in it, in the job, unlikely but ...
(PS46N) [537] Okay.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [538] Alright?
(PS46N) [539] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [540] Erm ... as far as mannerisms are concerned, the only one I picked up was that you say okay ... quite often. ...
(PS46N) [541] Right. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [542] Okay [laugh]
(PS46N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [543] but other than that it's fine.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [544] Maggie do you wanna go if, if you've gotta shoot off? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [545] No [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [546] Is it time to change over?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [547] No we just, we, we finished a bit early.
Maggie (PS46U) [548] Oh.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [549] I see.
Maggie (PS46U) [550] Oh.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [551] Anybody else want to add anything?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [552] Erm ... not, not really.
[553] I thought, I thought it, it ... flowed a a apart from all that, I think it flowed
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [554] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [555] well
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [556] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [557] and of course, you know like yours yourself Bob and probably both of us, it's, we're not used to ... the actual C C Q as such
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [558] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [559] which we need to be and once we get into the rhythm I'm sure it'll all be a lot easier but you seem to have a calmness about your ... how you speak which is good and you know I'm sure I'll go to pieces but erm ... yeah it was just, and what I've picked up on ... as you say where it's er ... how did you come to Friends Provident bum de bum de bum, we're going through erm a structured erm spiel if you like and then they're saying well I don't really wanna give you ... any [...] you know, recommendations at this moment and erm what we should do there is, is I suppose apack that isn't it?
[560] We're just saying oh well we'll see how it goes ... and we're sort of putting it down whereas I suppose we should hit them straight away.
(PS46N) [561] Well she didn't object, she just wanted to see how it went so it wasn't a [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [562] Yeah but it's [...] I don't know.
(PS46N) [563] Right, okay, fair comment though, fair comment.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [564] Okay?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [565] I mean you know it's, it's both you and me
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [566] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [567] and we're probably the same ... you know
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [568] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [569] I, I could quite easily miss it.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [570] Right.
(PS46N) [571] Okay.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [572] Anything else?
[573] ... No?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [574] Not really.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [575] Bill?
(PS46R) [576] Er [...] never asked about full names er ... of everyone whether it be yourself, the husband or the kids [...] the full names.
[577] Er who do you work for ... is it a local library, is it district council, is it gr er er regional council
(PS46N) [578] I asked that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [579] I thought she said local library actually.
(PS46R) [580] She said local library and the local library could be run by the regional council, it could be run by the district council because ... although you work part-time ... you've got to look at pension if you've got other income er to use the revenue maximum.
[581] Erm ... never got to what, what your annual salary was at all, you just said thirty five pounds was take home pay erm ... confidentiality ... yeah you'll be able to sign it but that doesn't give confidence as to whether anybody else is gonna see it
(PS46N) [582] No I did tell her that it was completely confidential.
(PS46R) [583] You said it was completely confidential but I mean I would just say well it's, it's between Friends Provident and yourself ... end of story.
[584] ... Erm does er Martin's mother own her own home?
[585] Wee question, and I mean she's dependent upon them but she may own
(PS46N) [586] But she isn't dependent on them, she's, I did actually clarify that.
(PS46R) [587] Yeah.
[588] Dependent in the sense of looking after them but she is independent so therefore she may own her own home so there's obviously the opportunity what happens [...] .
[589] One thing I picked up, maybe rightly or wrongly, well there's two, there's two actually ... Maggie said that John was like them and he had problems ... maybe you've got problems, Maggie has problems I mean.
[590] Erm where do you go when they went camping?
[591] Camping in the Himalayas?
[592] ... I don't know I mean er maybe these are ... minute but whether you should explore them at that moment in time I mean only experience will tell. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [593] Okay?
(PS46R) [594] Finish it off.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [595] I th there was, there was one big point that I actually missed out as well that neither of you have picked up on ... and that was that Maggie actually said that they were having problems with John in school and I should've come back and, and said ... well she di she actually said that she was having problems with John, full stop, and I should've actually come back and, and clarified whether it was at school or not and hence led to the private education and I missed that one completely ... and realized that I'd done it afterwards but none of you picked up on that one.
Maggie (PS46U) [596] Erm well, you haven't heard me yet.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [597] No [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [598] No obviously [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [599] Right.
[600] Okay Maggie.
Maggie (PS46U) [601] Erm greeting and appropriate sociability fine, you were a little bit nervous so you tended to sort of talk over me a little bit but that's not a problem, it probably wouldn't happen in real life.
[602] You said about the buyer's guide that it's, that you were a representative of Friends Provident, you're an employee and it's very very important to stress that because people like Abbey National were appointed representatives but we are employees ... and that's one of the things, that's one of the good things you can get out of the buyer's guide.
[603] ... Erm I thought your, your link to referrals was excellent.
[604] However I did throw in a little bit of doubt, there was a possible objection there that you might have apacked you sound a little bit doubtful Mrs , do you have a problem with that
(PS46N) [605] Mm.
Maggie (PS46U) [606] and find out what my problem was.
[607] Your statement of purpose was excellent, there was a good explanation erm the fact about the existing policies and what you might be able to achieve in the future, very very good.
[608] Your tentative benefit was not perhaps as clear as it might have been which would have made it easier to lead into my willingness to proceed.
(PS46N) [609] Mhm.
Maggie (PS46U) [610] Erm ... the point that both the others raised about my objection with the large document and my objection regarding what you were going to do with the information you could have apacked and come out with a stronger result.
[611] Erm a lot of cl closed questions but that's unavoidable to a certain extent with this part of the C C Q, however you didn't ask about whether there are any other family locally or otherwise
(PS46N) [612] Mm.
Maggie (PS46U) [613] yes there was my mother-in-law, but there's a probability that there's quite a few others living locally.
[614] Erm ... I said it was unfortunate that John took after my family and that was your cue to ask a bit more, I said we were having problems erm and also the business about Martin's back, the tests, what problems, how long it's been ongoing, what are the possible future problems arising from that.
[615] With the camping, yes, where do we go, who else is involved, again the openings for referrals.
[616] Erm the rise was also the cue to check on erm pension increase and I felt you should've asked a little bit more about the life cover, most companies do have arrangements for quite large sums of money to be paid out to dependants, this will have an impact on life ... cover planning in the future.
[617] Erm you asked about the cottage and the amounts, yeah there was ... you could have asked a bit more perhaps about the tax there but otherwise you're very good.
[618] ... I felt relaxed, felt you knew what you were doing.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [619] Mm.
(PS46N) [620] Er there are some areas on that that, that ... that all of you picked up on that I actually thought that when, just dealing with that part of the C C Q like finding out about details and everything
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [621] Mm.
(PS46N) [622] I knew that there was a problem and made a note of it erm that it was hereditary and that he was seeing a consultant, but there's other parts of the C C Q that would actually relate to that and go into it in a lot more detail
Maggie (PS46U) [623] Mhm.
(PS46N) [624] so I mean erm and that is the reason why I didn't go into wanting to get all the details at that point erm
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [625] Fair enough.
(PS46N) [626] you know so there's, there's a lot of things that you bear in mind and you take notes on them as you're doing it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [627] Yeah.
(PS46N) [628] but they're not relevant to that so when you actually come to that you fill in all the relevant details [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [629] Let's, yeah and I thought
Maggie (PS46U) [630] Cos you can jump around you see, you can
(PS46N) [631] Yeah.
Maggie (PS46U) [632] actually move on to the page, you don't have to go page two, page three, page four ... oh right John has problems, is that related to [...]
(PS46N) [633] Yeah.
Maggie (PS46U) [634] your husband's back problem, could you give me a little bit more detail.
(PS46N) [635] Yeah.
[636] But I, I, I know that I missed out on the, the private education one because I should've come back on that.
Maggie (PS46U) [637] But good and relaxed you got all, every part of the structure there
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [638] and that's the important part.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [639] like the the
Maggie (PS46U) [640] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [641] wage rise
(PS46N) [642] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [643] I mean I thought you'd've made a note about oh I must come back to that later
(PS46N) [644] Yeah.
[645] But I, I think I mean
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [646] But you know later
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [647] Yeah.
(PS46N) [648] That's, that's it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [649] not, not at this point [...]
(PS46N) [650] As Maggie's talking to me I mean you can see like my ... here I mean I've got all sorts, as you would use that, those pages for, there's notes as I'm going through of things that we were doing and er the university and, and everything like that and there's other parts of it that, I mean the, the things that you would come back to and elaborate more on
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [651] Mm.
(PS46N) [652] but not necessarily within what we had to do today so.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [653] That's fair enough.
(PS46N) [654] So that was why.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [655] That was good.
(PS46N) [656] I'm not saying that I would've picked up on all those points because
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [657] No.
(PS46N) [658] there were some of them that I had missed er completely but
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [659] Okay.
[660] Right.
Maggie (PS46U) [661] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [662] Thanks Maggie.
Maggie (PS46U) [663] Thank you.
(PS46N) [664] Thank you.
Maggie (PS46U) [665] You're welcome.
[666] ... So, nice atmosphere. ...
(PS46N) [667] Right I'm in [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [668] [...] downstairs now.
(PS46N) [669] Oh it's Bill now isn't it?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [670] It's Bill now yeah.
(PS46N) [671] Have none of you got your er [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [672] [...] whereabouts
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS46U) [673] Right.
[674] On me way.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [675] Is there any coffee [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [676] There may not be any left.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [677] [...] you came in.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [678] I suppose you're ready to top yourself now are you?
(PS46N) [679] Who?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [680] Ready to top yourself now.
(PS46N) [681] Who me?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46N) [682] I don't mind criticism as long as it's constructive.
[683] And you learn [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [684] Well I thought you you did alright there. ...
(PS46N) [685] Pardon? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [686] I thought you did fine.
[687] ... [...] was quite interesting.
(PS46N) [688] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] ... [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [689] What did your parents die of?
[690] Nothing serious I hope.
[691] Has he done this?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [692] No.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [693] No?
[694] Oh well I'd better not [...] ... [laugh] ... [laughing] Oh good stuff [] ...
(PS46N) [695] We had horrendous problems with the tapes on Friday. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [696] We've not met before have we?
(PS46N) [697] Oh no sorry, Joan .
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [698] Hi I'm Steve .
(PS46N) [699] [laughing] Hi [] .
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [700] Whereabouts are you from Joan?
(PS46N) [701] Leith in north Edinburgh.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [702] Edinburgh
(PS46N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [703] Ah so that's Ron isn't it, of Edinburgh?
(PS46N) [704] There's the two Rons.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [705] The two Rons?
(PS46N) [706] Yes Ron, Ron and Ron
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [707] Yes.
[708] ... I don't know Ron but obviously I know Ron . ...
(PS46N) [709] The accent's a giveaway actually.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [710] [laugh] Well i it could be Glasgow couldn't it?
(PS46N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [711] Unless I suppose if you come from up there you, I would ... presumably you would know that's an Edinburgh accent and Glas Glasgow has got a different accent has it?
(PS46N) [712] To be qui I can't actually tell the difference
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [713] No.
(PS46N) [714] [...] erm they all sound very similar to me. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [715] So have you been in this business before?
(PS46N) [716] No.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [717] So what, what, what was your background?
(PS46N) [718] I worked for Group Four before moving to Edinburgh, erm tt ... I was the accounts manager for the retail division in Group Four.
[719] Nothing to do with the prisoners though
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [720] No, I wasn't gonna say anything about that.
(PS46N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [721] So how are you finding this? ...
(PS46N) [722] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [723] [singing] doo de doo de doo [] .
(PS46N) [724] parts of it erm are not too bad and other parts of it I find a lot of them actually quite confusing erm
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [725] Is that the technical side?
(PS46N) [726] Well some of it erm with some of it is, I mean it's like the taxation side and, and things like that I can understand quite easily because I'm used to dealing in that but when it comes to [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [727] Excuse me.
(PS46N) [728] and the products [...] so it's [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [729] Did, did you have two weeks sort of training [...] leaving before you joined the branch?
(PS46N) [730] Three weeks.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [731] Three weeks. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46N) [732] I think because everybody else was erm already in [...] erm and knew a lot more I sometimes [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [733] Yeah.
(PS46N) [734] erm because erm [...] completely irrelevant and as soon as I go away from it er erm you know there's times when it's quite confusing really.
[735] Erm I mean Martin, Martin's very good and he'll, you know, stop me there and, and, and go back over it and [...] but it, it, the ... the [...] was already there so it's already got you thinking about other things and, you know, things that were completely irrelevant and it confused me at times.
[736] ... But
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [737] It'll all come clearer I'm sure. ...
(PS46R) [738] Maybe it's just a question of practising.
(PS46N) [739] Bill did you know that there's nothing on this tape?
(PS46R) [740] Yes. ...
(PS46N) [741] Right.
(PS46R) [742] Yes there's absolutely nothing on it, that's the problem we had
(PS46N) [743] Right.
(PS46R) [744] on Friday.
(PS46N) [745] I was just checking before I actually erm
(PS46R) [746] No no, no problem.
(PS46N) [747] went ahead.
[748] ... Are you ready then? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [749] Well it's thee and me.
(PS46R) [750] As ready as I'll ever be.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [751] I'm Steve , nice to see you.
(PS46R) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [752] You're Bill are you?
(PS46R) [753] That's right, that's right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [754] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [755] Cue action one two three.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [756] And we're doing exactly the same, it's just the, the first bit isn't it?
(PS46R) [757] First, first part.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [758] Right.
(PS46R) [759] Okay.
[760] Well I'd like [...] to do the introductions
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [761] Mhm.
(PS46R) [762] okay?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [763] Okay.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [764] Sorry. [...] ...
(PS46R) [765] Mr Bill Friends Provident.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [766] Oh nice to see you.
(PS46R) [767] Nice to see you.
[768] Nice to put a face to a name.
[769] Erm ... thanks very much for the directions er you gave me, it's quite awkward coming off the main road there cos you really have to
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [770] Yes it is isn't it?
(PS46R) [771] How long have you been here?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [772] Been here about five years.
(PS46R) [773] Yeah and was this of your own choosing or did your have to move to this particular area?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [774] Oh n no we've, we've been in the area for about fifteen years but we've, we needed a move up so er that's why we've come here.
(PS46R) [775] Was it an increase in the family that caused that?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [776] Well there has been an increase in the family, you're right, yes.
(PS46R) [777] Mm.
[778] Good, good.
[779] Er it's a lovely garden, who looks after the garden?
[780] Your
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [781] Oh that's my wife
(PS46R) [782] Oh
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [783] she's, she's the gardener.
(PS46R) [784] she's the one with the green fingers.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [785] Absolutely.
(PS46R) [786] That's great.
[787] Oh well that's fine.
[788] Er well before we proceed er there's two pieces of information I'd like to give you
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [789] Mhm.
(PS46R) [790] the first one er explains that I'm er employed by Friends Provident and as such could only er recommend or advise on Friends Provident's products
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [791] Mhm.
(PS46R) [792] that's the form there, you can read this at your leisure or you can read it later on
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [793] Do you ever find that that makes life a bit difficult for you ... only recommending one company? ...
(PS46R) [794] Well i it can yes but i it can but at the same time it, we have a good detailed knowledge of every product and we only sell products to your needs.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [795] Mhm.
(PS46R) [796] Er the other thing is I'm going to give you a business card, if
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [797] Oh fine, yes.
(PS46R) [798] at any time in the future you need er con to contact me er that's a point of contact you can
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [799] Okay.
(PS46R) [800] you can have.
[801] Okay.
[802] Erm and proceeding to business you know tell me why did you come to Friends Provident in the first place?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [803] Erm it was a mailshot I received oh must be about twelve, thirteen years ago from Friends Provident.
(PS46R) [804] Yeah.
[805] And er you just er answered the advert.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [806] Yes that's right, looked like a, a good plan, I was looking for a savings plan and er I suppose it's one of those er fortunate circumstances, Friends Provident sent some stuff through, it looked good so I took it out.
(PS46R) [807] Oh that's good.
[808] Erm well in actual fact Friends Provident er actually built their bus business by recommendation
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [809] Mhm.
(PS46R) [810] er we built our business by word of mouth introductions er which means that we very rarely advertise.
[811] This means that we can pass on the benefits to policy holders such as yourself by either reducing the policy charges or indeed er increasing the bonuses wherever possible.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [812] Oh I'm all in favour of that one.
(PS46R) [813] So you, you think that's a good way of building business?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [814] Oh yeah definitely.
(PS46R) [815] Well erm what I'd like to do during our course of discussions is er ask you for referrals
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [816] Mhm.
(PS46R) [817] er of others that may benefit from this but only if and we er you find this of particular benefit, er to yourself.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [818] Mhm.
(PS46R) [819] Is that alright?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [820] Yeah perfectly reasonable.
(PS46R) [821] Great.
[822] Now erm the reason why I'm here is really to put a face to a name
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [823] Mhm.
(PS46R) [824] er there's a new er thing started with Friends Provident by er following first call, I'm now responsible for looking after you as a policy holder, that's the first point
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [825] Mhm.
(PS46R) [826] the second one is that er we want to make sure that the policies you do have are doing the job that they were initially designed to do, and it's thirteen years since you er took out the policy
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [827] Mhm.
(PS46R) [828] so it's about time we actually saw that the policy was doing [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [829] Yeah why's, why's it taken so long for Friends Provident to get round to doing this?
(PS46R) [830] Well it's the industry in general er feel that er this is, this is the proper way to go
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [831] Mhm.
(PS46R) [832] I mean you've now had twelve annual statements, a piece of the policy has gone but you've never [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [833] Mm.
(PS46R) [834] and we feel that this is the correct er way to do it.
[835] In addition what we're actually doing is we're building in this new fin financial planning guide which gives you the opportunity to just look at where you are just now and where you want to do in the future.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [836] Mm.
(PS46R) [837] Now er by doing that we actually use what we call a questionnaire
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [838] Yeah well before you go any further
(PS46R) [839] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [840] you talked about these erm these statements, these bonuses
(PS46R) [841] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [842] would you be able to explain how they work to me? ...
(PS46R) [843] Well er let's, let's just look at the policy there er what type of policy do we have here?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [844] You call it, I think it's called a maxi-dowment plan.
(PS46R) [845] A maxi-dowment policy.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [846] Yes.
(PS46R) [847] Now that's ... technically it's a with profits policy which means that there are bonuses added annually to er to it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [848] Yeah that's the piece of paper you sent me isn't it?
(PS46R) [849] That's right.
[850] Now that one was for ten years
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [851] Mhm.
(PS46R) [852] now you ha you must've converted to a unit linked policy by continuing after the period you
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [853] Oh yes I, that's right I did, I got something from you to say I could
(PS46R) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [854] exercise some option to, to switch it over and I didn't need the cash at the time
(PS46R) [855] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [856] so I just rolled it into, to something else I guess.
(PS46R) [857] So you're actually continuing on the savings fund
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [858] Oh yes.
(PS46R) [859] so we want to do is look at that one and we see that it's keeping on track and er it's doing the things that we actually want to do
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [860] Yeah.
(PS46R) [861] that's good.
[862] That's fine.
[863] Now erm tt ... what I would like to do is er take a few notes in what we call this questionnaire.
[864] Now this is really a road mark in my opinion
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [865] There's a lot of it, how long's this gonna take by the way?
[866] You've got
(PS46R) [867] It's gonna take
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [868] stacks of paper in there.
(PS46R) [869] Yeah, yeah it, it does look frightening doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [870] Mm.
(PS46R) [871] Er in actual fact er it's a multip multi-purpose form so that we cover everyone whether they be self-employed, employed, so on and so forth, so many of the actual parts to this may not be relevant to your situation
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [872] Right.
[873] Mhm.
(PS46R) [874] okay?
[875] But er it should take about an hour, hour and a half.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [876] Erm yes er my, my wife will be back
(PS46R) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [877] back in about an hour and a half's time so erm that's good timing actually.
(PS46R) [878] Good.
[879] Good.
[880] Er right, now there was just a few things that er I've got to ask.
[881] Erm ... now you're married obviously
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [882] Mhm.
(PS46R) [883] and er is it Ste Steve your full name?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [884] Geoffrey Lester are the er middle names, family names.
(PS46R) [885] Right.
[886] ... And is that er J or G?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [887] G. G.
(PS46R) [888] G.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [889] And Lester as in Piggott. ...
(PS46R) [890] Now er your wife is, her full name please?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [891] Deborah ... Bridgit and that's [spelling] B R I D G I T [] .
(PS46R) [892] [spelling] D ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [893] [spelling] B R I D
(PS46R) [894] G D G []
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [895] D G I T []
(PS46R) [896] that's unusual
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [897] Yeah
(PS46R) [898] you usually spell it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [899] that's why I spell it because most people get my name wrong and get her name wrong and it's, it's a source of irritation to me.
(PS46R) [900] Well let's get on [...] correct at the, at the outcome.
[901] Is, is there any [...] unusual name?
[902] Was there er
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [903] Who whose hers or mine?
(PS46R) [904] an ances ancestry? [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [905] Oh yes yeah they're family names, yeah the Bridgit and the Geoffrey Lester are, are family names.
(PS46R) [906] Right, oh that's interesting.
[907] Now erm tt we have your date of birth but I'll just confirm that er just to make sure that our records our correct
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [908] Mhm
(PS46R) [909] er twenty one eight fifty?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [910] Yeah your records are spot on.
(PS46R) [911] Grand that's, well that's fine, and your wife's date of birth?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [912] Yes her date of birth is the twentieth of the first nineteen fifty eight.
(PS46R) [913] Nineteen fifty eight, thank you.
[914] Er and do er do you both pay tax? [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [915] Erm I pay tax, she's a non tax payer.
(PS46R) [916] She is a non tax payer.
[917] Okay.
[918] Erm what dependants do you have?
[919] I notice a photograph of your, your children there.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [920] Yes, yeah we've got three children.
(PS46R) [921] Three children.
[922] Names?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [923] Yeah there's Sam er Sam's the eldest boy er and he's nine years old
(PS46R) [924] And is that Samuel ... his name?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [925] Erm i it's Samuel yes sorry, yes it is Samuel.
(PS46R) [926] Yeah and any [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [927] No no other names, no.
(PS46R) [928] Right.
[929] And
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [930] Then there's Max, he's the er the middle, middle boy.
(PS46R) [931] And Max's full name?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [932] Er it's Maximilian.
[933] ... And er he's three
(PS46R) [934] He's three, fine.
[935] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [936] And there's Harriet who is er well she's three months old.
(PS46R) [937] The new addition.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [938] Yes indeed.
(PS46R) [939] That's lovely.
[940] Right erm can we go back to Samuel and just ask his date of birth please.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [941] Oh well now you're asking me a tricky one.
[942] Erm it's rather embarrassing I can't, to be honest I can't quite recall his, his da I can't recall any of them.
[943] I always get my wife's
(PS46R) [944] None of them, none at all?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [945] date of birth right but the children, erm that's I mean, that's how old they are.
(PS46R) [946] Right well that's no problem er when your wife comes back in an hour's time [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [947] [...] don't no don't say that to her or I'll be in the dog house
(PS46R) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [948] if I can't remember their birthdays.
(PS46R) [949] Okay that's fine.
[950] Are there any other dependants at all er financially dependent upon you other than your er immediate family?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [951] Erm ...
(PS46R) [952] In-laws?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [953] no I can't think of anyone.
[954] No.
(PS46R) [955] There's no one at all?
[956] Right.
[957] Erm what's the, your future intentions regarding the children?
[958] I mean obviously er you said eight six and three months er any future ideas as to looking to their education in the future.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [959] Er well there's a good state school here so er
(PS46R) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [960] I mean it's one of the reasons we, we moved here, we wanted to get into the catchment area erm so I've got no, no thoughts about private education.
(PS46R) [961] Fine.
[962] But what about further education if they show an aptitude to go to university or college?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [963] Oh most definitely yes I, I'd like them er i if they're bright enough to go then er be very happy for them to, to go to university.
(PS46R) [964] Well this would be the ideal opportunity to look at that because obviously planning now for the future gives you an opportunity just as you've done with your maxi-endowment
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [965] Mhm.
(PS46R) [966] built up a wee nest egg, at least there's money there to assist er [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [967] Yeah actually that's that's a good point because I'm, I had something from you the other day your erm, you know the magazine that you sent
(PS46R) [968] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [969] round and it was talking about erm was it university fees
(PS46R) [970] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [971] and er actually that is something perhaps we ought to be talking about.
(PS46R) [972] That's something we could look at in the future because we can actually stagger the payments for that and it
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [973] Mm.
(PS46R) [974] [...] it matures on a year by year basis which may be of interest.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [975] Yeah I was thinking about, you know, fifteen, twenty pounds a month might be er a reasonable investment to, to put aside for the children.
(PS46R) [976] Right I'll just make a note of that.
[977] Thank you.
[978] Now erm ... the,wh if we go into your, the, the health, your health situation how er ... when was the last time you saw the doctor?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [979] Er [sigh] last time I went to the doctor was when I hurt my back.
(PS46R) [980] And when was that?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [981] Er well just over a year ago.
(PS46R) [982] A year ago.
[983] Has that been a recurring thing or was it er was it just a one off situation?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [984] I hope it's a one off, I'm sure it is.
(PS46R) [985] You've never had any problems in, in, in the past?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [986] What with my back?
(PS46R) [987] With your back?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [988] No no that was, that was erm a com a completely er something which had never happened before
(PS46R) [989] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [990] I was, I was just being foolish in, in picking up er one of the children and my back went.
(PS46R) [991] Mm.
[992] ... Your wife and, and her health apart from the pregnancy and the new arrival
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [993] Mhm.
(PS46R) [994] three months ago, er how's, how's her general state of health.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [995] Oh she enjoys good health.
(PS46R) [996] No, no problems at all?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [997] No.
(PS46R) [998] Fine.
[999] Obviously during the pregnancy she was visiting the doctor so she would get a good check up.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1000] That's right.
[1001] Yes.
(PS46R) [1002] Ah that's fine.
[1003] Do either of you smoke?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1004] Erm I, I smoke er a ci ci a cigar probably once every two or three months.
(PS46R) [1005] And your wife, does she smoke cigarettes?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1006] No she doesn't.
(PS46R) [1007] Not at all?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1008] No.
(PS46R) [1009] Fine.
[1010] Er what do you do for relaxation?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1011] Erm I like to visit the theatre, the cinema erm play a bit of tennis, squash ...
(PS46R) [1012] Good.
[1013] So you're qui quite
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1014] That's about it really.
(PS46R) [1015] quite active er as well as passive [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1016] Well it sounds like a lot of things but, but actually getting a game of tennis in it can be quite difficult because you know the weather's turned against us now so
(PS46R) [1017] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1018] you make an arrangement to have a game of tennis but the weather, you know i it's snowing or it's raining so a lot of them get rained off which is er ... quite sad.
(PS46R) [1019] Oh that's a pity, yeah.
[1020] Yeah.
[1021] Er and what, what do you do for a, a living?
[1022] Er what's, what's your occupation?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1023] Oh tel telecommunications manager.
(PS46R) [1024] Telecommunications manager.
[1025] Erm and what does that actually involve?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1026] Erm ... there are networks throughout the U K and Europe erm for my company and I have to make sure that er all the telecommunication systems are up and running.
(PS46R) [1027] Right.
[1028] Is that er er a central based or are you travelling around [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1029] I do a bit of travelling, yes.
(PS46R) [1030] Right er how many miles ... roughly per annum do you do? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1031] Mm well erm I do a bit of fly I mean do you mean [...] flying?
(PS46R) [1032] [...] as a er as a fare paying passenger, you're, you're, you're not er doing that
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1033] Well this is bu these are like business miles that I
(PS46R) [1034] [...] business miles
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1035] Yeah.
(PS46R) [1036] aye well I mean er er in, on the ca er in a car or something the mileage
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1037] Oh in a car?
[1038] Oh er probably about twenty two, twenty three thousand.
(PS46R) [1039] Right.
[1040] And the telecommunications manager is with whom?
[1041] Who is your employer.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1042] Excon.
(PS46R) [1043] Excon.
[1044] And they're based?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1045] Erm well they're, they're based actually in, in America but I work for the U K division.
(PS46R) [1046] And their head office is?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1047] In er Leatherhead.
(PS46R) [1048] Leatherhead, right, that's super.
[1049] Obviously your wife er with the new arrival she, she won't be working as yet
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1050] No.
(PS46R) [1051] has she any intentions of working?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1052] No.
(PS46R) [1053] No.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1054] No. ...
(PS46R) [1055] Coming to your er employer, what's your gross salary per annum?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1056] Tt er [sigh] well it's thirty five thousand
(PS46R) [1057] Does that include bonuses [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1058] There's a few other bits and pieces to be added in to that.
(PS46R) [1059] Right so there's, there's the basic salary of thirty five thousand?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1060] Basically thirty five.
(PS46R) [1061] Er fine, thank you.
[1062] ... Right erm ... and [...] is there regular overtime involved?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1063] No there's n there's no overtime, I do get erm some performance related pay
(PS46R) [1064] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1065] er last year wasn't too much it was about two and a half thousand.
(PS46R) [1066] And is there any er share participation in er [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1067] Yes there is I've been, yeah I've been I've been buying shares er Excon shares in a share p er a share purchase [...]
(PS46R) [1068] That's a very sensible thing to do because
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1069] Yes it's done brilliantly.
(PS46R) [1070] Yeah because you're on [...] well in some instances you can more than double your money [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1071] Well we have done yes it's been very very good.
(PS46R) [1072] Yeah and so I believe it's what, two hundred and fifty pounds per month is the maximum
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1073] Mhm.
[1074] I don't do, I don't do the maximum.
(PS46R) [1075] How much do you probably
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1076] about a hundred and fifty.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1077] Okay chaps that's fine thank you very much that's er fifteen minutes.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1078] Fifteen minutes!
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1079] Yeah it zoomed through didn't it?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1080] Wow unbelievable. ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1081] It is according to my watch anyway. ...
(PS46R) [1082] Well let's see what [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1083] Still haven't got your coffee Steve.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1084] [sighing] God [] !
[1085] I'm gasping.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1086] There's some juice on the table.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1087] Yeah want some juice?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1088] Yeah I think I'll have to have a
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1089] Here you are, that's a clean one.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1090] It's better than nothing. ...
(PS46R) [1091] Can I go away and hide now? ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1092] How was your journey this morning then?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1093] It was not too bad
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1094] Alright was it?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1095] erm yeah, got stuck on the M ooh on the M twenty five for about thirty five, forty minutes, erm Heathrow was, the bit round was Heathrow was alright but it was [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1096] Is that where the roadworks are?
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1097] Yeah although in fact the roadworks were, were not slowing us down it was, it was the approach to the M three junction was, was really very bad but the erm the road the, the roadworks at Heathrow, we just sort of breezed through that.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1098] Oh.
[1099] Oh that's right I got stuck there the other ... the other day
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1100] Well I was expecting to be when I got there.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1101] when we went to erm Brentwood erm tt to er Salisbury.
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [1102] Ah! ...
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [...]
(PS46R) [1103] I'm not really supposed to say anything about [...] about my Grecian two thousand [...]
Unknown speaker (JJPPSUNK) [laugh] ...