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PS46V X u (No name, age unknown, lecturer, no further information given) unspecified
PS46W X m (No name, age unknown, pupil, no further information given) unspecified
PS46X X f (Louisa, age unknown, pupil) unspecified
PS46Y X f (No name, age unknown, pupil, no further information given) unspecified
PS470 X f (No name, age unknown, pupil, no further information given) unspecified
PS471 X f (Tisha, age unknown, pupil, no further information given) unspecified
PS472 X m (Daniel, age unknown, pupil) unspecified
PS473 X m (Stuart, age unknown, pupil, no further information given) unspecified
PS474 X f (Clair, age unknown, pupil) unspecified
JJRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JJRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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(PS46V) [1] In your own minds, now, I want you to think of a famous building or a famous site or perhaps a famous street or avenue yes a a statue would be fine, erm or something that's famous, like an animal perhaps, or a park erm or a zoo, although that might be a bit difficult.
[2] You'll see why in a minute.
[3] I'd like you to think if I say building that will give you the idea.
[4] If you think of a famous building that you associate with London okay we are doing life in the city, we all live in London okay, think in your mind of a famous building for example Saint Paul's, what I want you to do, and we'll go round the class, is that I want you to describe yourself
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [5] Yourself?
(PS46V) [6] Erm yes if you were that if you were that building
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [7] Oh
(PS46V) [8] okay, pretend that you're that building and I want you to describe yourself and and I want the rest of the class to see if they can guess what it is and how long they take it they take to guess okay, and if you think you know what that person is, put your hand up don't don't shout out.
[9] So, for example, if I was doing ... there's no writing involved, just a speaking thing.
[10] So for example if I was doing Saint Paul's I'd say right erm ... erm ... I'm a building in the City of London, very old, very big and extremely famous on of the most obvious things that really stand out about me is my very large domed roof with a little cross on top of it.
[11] Princess Diana and and Prince Charles were married in me.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [12] Shorts
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [13] Right, so then you'd guess that I was Saint Paul's Cathedral.
[14] Right I I've taken one of the more obvious ones.
[15] You needn't do that
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [16] Yeah, yeah, no.
(PS46V) [17] Do you think you can do it quite well?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [18] Yeah, no, Yeah
(PS46V) [19] [...] you're looking a bit unsure.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [20] Yeah, yes sir.
(PS46V) [21] Don't you want to do it?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [22] [scream] Yeah [] [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [23] Open that window [...] Sir, can I open that window, please?
(PS46V) [24] Let's try it
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [25] Oh sir
(PS46V) [26] The reas the reason
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [27] Listen please.
[28] The reason why it's quite a good thing to do is because it gets you into descriptive language okay and thinking about how you describe things, adjectives are describing words.
[29] But take a little bit of time now to think of a building, or a thing, or a place or an animal or a street ... Right
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46V) [30] Let's start with erm you got one?
(PS46W) [31] I got one.
(PS46V) [32] whose gotta good one?
[33] Yeah let's start again let's start with you.
[34] You gotta good one.
[35] Now if you think you know what [...] building or place is, put your hand up, but I think what we'll do is actually let him get to the end of his description first.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [36] What if somebody erm, erm thinks of one that somebody else has thought of
(PS46V) [37] erm, now that's a good question
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [38] In that case
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [39] [...] describe it differently.
(PS46V) [40] Well, you could describe it differently yes, or try and think of another one, all right, right let's start again.
(PS46W) [41] I'm big, and I've gotta a hole in the middle of me all the lines and it's green all the best teams
(PS46V) [42] No let him finish okay, we're gonna let him finish.
(PS46W) [43] [...] what am I?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [44] I couldn't even hear that properly.
(PS46V) [45] okay can we have it again, nice and clear [...] could you close the door please for me please
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46W) [46] Oh yeah an' I'm the best one in England.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [47] I know.
(PS46V) [48] Right,jus just do the first bit again.
(PS46W) [49] I'm big an' I gotta hole in the middle
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [giggle]
(PS46V) [50] You're big and you've got a hole in the middle and what's the next bit.
(PS46W) [51] there's grass wiv lines on and whenever [...] play games
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46W) [52] and whenever [...] get somefink and I'm the best one in England.
(PS46V) [53] Right, I think I know what it is and there's a forest of hands erm they know what it is.
[54] Erm right, Louisa, whatcha think [...] building or thing is?
Louisa (PS46X) [55] Wembley.
(PS46V) [56] Wembley.
[57] Yep did everybody think that?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [58] Yeah.
(PS46V) [59] Yeah, I did too.
[60] That was that was a good description then.
[61] I think the best in England gave it away and the lines in the grass.
[62] The hole in the middle was obviously
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [63] When you look down on top
(PS46V) [64] When you look down, when you are seeing it in on the television pictures, you look down from an aerial view.
[65] Yeah, right, okay very good.
[66] Erm right erm let's have a lady now [...]
(PS46Y) [...]
(PS46V) [...]
(PS46Y) [67] Yeah, yeah I'm, I'm quite big, I used to do [laugh] They used to do ballet in me.
[68] They did Cinderella in me, erm
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46Y) [69] erm I'm not a featre , I'm a library as well Erm..
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [70] Oh, I know what it is.
(PS46Y) [71] Erm
(PS46V) [72] Ssh, don't interrupt [...] .
(PS46Y) [73] Erm I'm near a MacDonalds, erm I'm quite kinda [...] [laugh] that's it.
[74] What am I?
(PS46V) [75] All right, erm
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46V) [76] Erm
(PS470) [77] Erm, the Civic Centre.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [78] yeah
(PS46V) [79] Where, where's the Civic Centre [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [80] Old Kent Road.
(PS46V) [81] Old Kent Road, okay, good.
[82] Erm, can we have yours please.
Tisha (PS471) [83] Right, I'm a place, erm
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [giggle]
Tisha (PS471) [...]
(PS46V) [84] No, there's no need to laugh of course she's a place, that's fine go on listen to her.
Tisha (PS471) [85] Erm got animals, erm got shops and things are expensive in there, you have to pay to get in, it's very big and its got aquari aquariums
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [86] Oh that's easy.
(PS46V) [87] Anything else?
Tisha (PS471) [88] No.
(PS46V) [89] No.
[90] Very good.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46V) [91] Erm Daniel.
Daniel (PS472) [92] London Zoo.
Tisha (PS471) [93] Yeah.
(PS46V) [94] London Zoo, Regents Park.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [95] Buckingham Palace.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [96] Right, erm let's have another boy, Stuart, nice and loud and clear
Stuart (PS473) [97] I'm a large place on the river bank
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
Stuart (PS473) [98] I've got very expensive things in me.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [99] Oh, I know.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [100] Don't have a heart attack
Stuart (PS473) [101] an' if somefink flew away I'd fall down.
[102] What am I?
(PS46V) [103] What was that last bit?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [104] I know what it is.
(PS46V) [105] What was that last bit, Stuart?
Stuart (PS473) [106] If somefink flew away, I'd fall down.
(PS46V) [107] If something flew away, I'd fall down.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [108] Claire
Clair (PS474) [109] Tower o' London.
Stuart (PS473) [110] Yeah.
(PS46V) [111] Is she right?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [112] She is.
[113] What do they say about the ravens?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [114] if they flew away it would fall down.
(PS46V) [115] Right, okay.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [116] Who's next?
[117] Katie.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [118] I'm very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very tall.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [119] Very well, Claire
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [120] I think that was a dead give away that was.
[121] Right
(PS46V) [122] I, I, I'm a tall building, I've got a bell in me
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [123] A what?
(PS46V) [124] every hour I ring out.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [125] Big Ben.
(PS46V) [126] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [127] Tall building with a bell in you?
(PS46V) [128] Yeah.
(PS46V) [129] Right, okay.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [130] An' he rings every hour.
(PS46V) [131] Right, who's got a good one.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [132] Oh just [...]
(PS46V) [133] Louisa.
Louisa (PS46X) [134] Nah, I've forgotten it.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [135] Oh, no.
Louisa (PS46X) [136] Oh, no I haven't.
(PS46V) [137] Go on then.
Louisa (PS46X) [138] Right, I, I'm quite a small building, erm, I got scary stuff in me.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [139] London Dun , London Dungeons
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [140] Sir's house.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [141] Thank you very much. [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [142] Right, London Dungeons.
[143] Right, okay go on then.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [144] If you look upon me from an aerial view, I'm open.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [145] Yes, thank you very much Year Seven, carry on Katie.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [146] There's grass in me wiv lines on it.
(PS46V) [147] I know what this is.
[148] This is a bit like [...] but go on.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [149] And erm a very good team play there and
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [150] Arsenal won by the way.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [clapping]
(PS46V) [151] Not Millwall.
[152] I got one, I got one.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [153] No, sir, I got one.
(PS46V) [154] Erm erm I wanna think of one that isn't too easy.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [155] No, sir, I've got one, I've got one that's not easy.
(PS46V) [156] okay, okay, here's one.
[157] I am quite old,
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [158] How [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [159] I used to generate lots of electricity.
[160] I'm by the river bank an' I've got four
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [161] I know, I know
(PS46V) [162] great big towers which are painted an off white colour, an' I'm featured, an' I'm featured on the front of a very famous album by Pink Floyd.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [163] Who?
(PS46V) [164] Aha, you see you don't know this one do you
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [165] Oh, er.
(PS46V) [166] Sarah Sarah 's hand was up first.
(PS46W) [167] Banksides Power Station.
(PS46V) [168] Banksides?
(PS46W) [169] Yeah.
(PS46V) [170] No.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [171] What's it called?
[172] Stuart.
Stuart (PS473) [173] Battersea Power Station.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [174] I think, I think there is one at Bankside, but Battersea Power Station was the one I was thinking of.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [175] I haven't done one yet.
[176] Let me do one.
(PS46V) [177] Right, Yvette first, she's done one.
Louisa (PS46X) [178] Right [...] right, I'm erm very big, I'm like a football ground, but I'm not and erm lots of crickets have fallen on me before [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Louisa (PS46X) [179] I'm near erm Kennington
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [180] I know, I know. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [181] Please.
Louisa (PS46X) [182] and Ian Botham is very popular in my in my place where I am
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [183] Please, Please.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [184] Please, please, sir.
(PS46V) [185] Er all right I think you better ask him.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [186] The Oval.
(PS46V) [187] The Oval.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [188] Sir, sir I got one.
(PS46V) [189] Oh yeah [...] .
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [190] I fought you said you [...]
(PS46V) [191] Have you done one, Stuart?
[192] Right [...] which one [...] best one [...] go on [...] .
[193] One more then we'll do something different.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [194] I fought you said [...]
(PS46V) [195] Have you got one, Stuart.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [196] Well
(PS46V) [197] Right, you have as well, which, which one of you's got the best one I wonder.
[198] Go on [...] .
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46W) [199] [...] in me
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [200] What?
(PS46W) [201] [...] like a crystal
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [202] Oh, I know.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [scream]
(PS46V) [203] Le.. let's let's reach the
(PS46W) [204] Er ... .
[205] and yeah it's almost [...] where [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [scream]
(PS46V) [206] I can't actually hear [...] description.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [scream]
(PS46V) [207] Hang on a minute, hang on
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [208] [whine] That's what he said.
(PS46V) [209] Since when have Center Parcs been in London.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [210] Oh, yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [211] Stop, stop.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [212] Listen, okay.
[213] What I want you to do now is tell me what you've been doing with Miss this week [...] Tuesday.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [214] Oh.
(PS46V) [215] Put your hands up please.
[216] Right, Sarah.
(PS46W) [217] We've been erm talking about different transport and [...] some poems erm ... and we do like ... what else.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46W) [218] like [...]
(PS46V) [219] So you've done a transport poems
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [cough]
(PS46V) [220] Right, have you done advantages and disadvantages
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [221] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [222] No we ain't.
(PS46V) [223] Erm I did some of that with you erm you've written to
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [224] Right, I think what we are going to do having done you're doing most of your inner city stuff with Miss it now, an' I wanna give you some basic skills sheets
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [whine]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [225] You said there's no writin'.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [whine]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [226] All teachers are the same, that they go back on their word.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [227] [whine] Oh, please sir.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [whine]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...] ...
(PS46V) [228] Right Sarah, could you share with Katie, and you two share as well
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [229] Right, I wanna do something all together now okay, so you can't go right now [...] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [230] Okay Year Seven, Year Seven, I won't tell you again, you're being too noisy.
[231] Now, the sheet in front of you even if you've got a bundle of sheets is entitled Writing Dialogue, okay.
[232] Now, learning how to punctuate dialogue is not easy because there are a lot of things to remember and I want to see whether or not you can do this okay.
[233] So, first of all, look carefully at the sheets, and if you're sharing with somebody else, look at what you've got between you okay, and, Gemma, stop doing that now.
[234] You don't need to fiddle with your pens or clatter around with pencil cases, I want you to listen.
[235] Right, or rustle the paper even, you're not looking at it are you?
[236] Right, that's better.
[237] Writing dialogue, follow as I read please.
[238] You may think writing dialogue, recording the actual words people use is difficult, it's quite straightforward really.
[239] Look at the diagram and then try the exercise.
[240] I want you to have a look at that diagram and read it to yourself quietly now.
[241] Look at the labelling, which the rules, those labels being the rules for writing dialogue.
[242] Hold on a second please.
[243] Look at it carefully, you've gotta [...] between you [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [244] Should I start it?
(PS46V) [245] Don't start it just yet
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [246] Has everybody read it?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [247] Yes sir.
(PS46V) [248] Right.
[249] I wanna do this together first of all before you write it yourself.
[250] Erm who can do the first sentence for me.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [251] Oh what, change it?
(PS46V) [252] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [253] Take this pen, come out here.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [254] On the board?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [255] All right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [256] Make sure everyone can read it.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [giggle]
(PS46V) [257] I want you to write the exercise and now try this and see if you can do it.
[258] Here, I'll hold it for you.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [259] thanks the the first line.
(PS46V) [260] Yep, the first, the first sentence.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [261] [...] fullstops.
(PS46V) [262] I know, you've gotta put all the punctuation in.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [263] Oh.
(PS46V) [264] The re , the rest, the rest of you look at this and see if he's right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [265] [...] quiet please ...
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [266] okay just do what you think's correct ... Right, gimme the pen.
[267] Thank you.
[268] Erm next sentence, who wants to do it?
[269] ... Don't correct anybody else's, you just do the sentence as you think it's right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [cough] ...
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [270] Is anybody beginning to see some mistakes.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [271] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [272] I can see a mistake.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [273] [...] should be a fullstop where [...]
(PS46V) [274] Right, next sentence please.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [275] [...] doctor. [...]
(PS46V) [276] Ethan.
(PS46Y) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [277] You all right?
(PS46Y) [278] Yes, sir.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [giggle]
(PS46V) [279] Erm not really.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [280] [...] fullstops in [...] .
(PS46V) [281] Right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [282] Right, next line.
[283] Erm Stuart.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [284] You said line.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [285] Well, I'll tell you later.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [286] [...] you get it all right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46V) [287] Hold your breath.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [288] That's a sentence ...
(PS46V) [289] That's the end of the sentence, is it?
Stuart (PS473) [290] Mm
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [291] It's not.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [292] Sir, I know [...] finish
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [293] Sir, you said line.
(PS46V) [294] okay, sentence, sentence, I want to the end of the sentence.
[295] Can you do to the end of the sentence.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [296] Well, you write until you think that the sentence is finished.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [297] Well, if that's what you think, write it down ...
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [298] All right, Stuart.
[299] Leave it there and the pen.
[300] Now I'm gonna leave it there, 'cos one thing that's emerged is that even though you've had this sheet with the diagram to tell you how to do it, you can't do you can't do it yet.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [301] I know
(PS46V) [302] You can't write , you can't write in dialogue yet.
[303] So I'm just go through
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [304] Sir, I know what was going wrong.
(PS46V) [305] with you the mistakes.
[306] I want you to pay attention.
[307] Then you can get a chance to do it again in your book.
[308] Now, first of all
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [309] No, don't speak, just listen please listen [...] that includes you.
[310] Right, one thing that you need when somebody speaks is inverted commas okay or speech marks, name, if you read it out aloud name ask the doctor, the inverted commas come here because name is somebody speaking and it tells you that somebody is speaking here, it says asks okay [...] say asked.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [311] Asked.
(PS46V) [312] Say asked.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [313] Asked
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [314] Asked
(PS46V) [315] It's not aksed , is it?
[316] Sometimes you say that.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [317] Asked.
(PS46V) [318] All right.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [319] Asked.
(PS46V) [320] Yvette, you say asked.
Louisa (PS46X) [321] Asked.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [322] Asked.
(PS46V) [323] Gemma, say asked.
(PS470) [324] Aksed
(PS46V) [325] Aksed .
[326] Say again.
(PS470) [327] Aksed .
[328] Aksed
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [329] Asked.
(PS46V) [330] Asked.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [331] Georgina say asked.
Tisha (PS471) [332] Asked.
(PS46V) [333] Ethan say asked.
(PS46Y) [334] Aksed
(PS46V) [335] Say again.
(PS46Y) [336] A a aksed
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS46V) [337] Victoria say asked.
(PS470) [338] Asked.
[339] Asked
(PS46V) [340] Stuart.
Stuart (PS473) [341] Aksed , aksed .
[342] Asked.
(PS46V) [343] Asked.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [344] Asked.
(PS46V) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [345] Asked, asked, asked.
(PS46V) [346] okay, okay, all right year seven, that was just by the way.
[347] Right, name asked the doctor.
[348] Now the way he asks that is as a question.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [349] So,
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [350] So, look, [...] .
[351] Now as your sheet tells you and as you should know if you read it carefully, punctuation marks where someone is speaking come inside the inverted commas, so, the question mark is a type of punctuation, isn't it, obviously, so it comes within the inverted commas. okay?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [352] Sir , there's somefink wrong there, 'cos she says Blenkinsop [...] and it should be just Blenkinsop.
(PS46V) [353] Yeah, there there are lots or mistakes, there are lots of mistakes all the way through
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [354] [...] sir, [...] do it.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [355] Start a new line if a new person is speaking.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [356] Yes, well, we'll come to that.
[357] We haven't got to that yet.
[358] Sit tight for a moment and we'll get to it.
[359] Now, name question mark asked the doctor now that is the end a sentence, so we have a fullstop there.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [360] And we have a new line because
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [361] Somebody else is talking.
(PS46V) [362] Somebody else is saying Blenkinsop so what I'm gonna do is rub this out
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [363] That's not fair [...]
(PS46V) [364] So, name asked the doctor fullstop, Blenkinsop ... , Blenkinsop
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [365] Replied
(PS46V) [366] Replied the patient ...
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [367] Blenkinsop replied the patient.
[368] Pardon, have you noticed something?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [369] Yeah, [...]
(PS46V) [370] What?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [371] Yes, speech marks, what else have you noticed?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [372] Comma.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [373] Comma or stop.
(PS46V) [374] Where does the comma come?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [375] after Blenkinsop
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [376] Yes, where else?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [377] It comes, the comma comes inside the inverted commas.
[378] What else have you noticed about the lines?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [379] You start a new line when someone else is speaking.
(PS46V) [380] Yeah, it does say that here.
[381] You start a new line every time a new person speaks.
Stuart (PS473) [382] They've all got capital letters.
(PS46V) [383] What's all got capital letters, Stuart?
Stuart (PS473) [384] Well, the names an' that.
(PS46V) [385] We know that names, we know that all names have to have capital letters.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [386] An' [...]
(PS46V) [387] Everything in the speech marks has a capital letter to start it.
[388] Yes, that's right, or to put it the other way round, Sarah, whenever you start speech, whenever you start writing down what the wor the words somebody actually says, Louisa, Yvette, concentrate hard you always use a capital letter.
[389] okay.
[390] So, pardon and Blenkinsop and name all have capital letters.
[391] okay the n, b and the p.
[392] Name asked the doctor, Blenkinsop replied the patient, pardon, new person speaking I said Blenkinsop.
[393] Now, I've done that, you're gonna do the rest yourself in your books.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [394] I need a new book.
(PS46V) [395] Yep.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [396] Sir, I need a new book.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [397] You've got your books haven't you?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [398] [...] yes, go on.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [399] Sir, can I have one 'cos [...]
(PS46V) [400] Good grief you've got through your books very quickly.
[401] okay I'll have to give you some paper actually.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [402] [...] here's a book.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [403] Sir, [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [404] Sir can we do the diagram?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [405] Sir.
(PS46V) [406] Yep.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [407] What do I [...] ?
(PS46V) [408] No don't copy out the diagram, just do the exercise which starts like this
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [409] You mean this bit in the middle?
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [hiccup]
(PS46V) [410] No.
[411] You know where it says now try this, I'd like you to do that exercise, putting in all the punctuation.
[412] Punctuating the speech.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [413] What, re-write the passage that one?
(PS46V) [414] Ye-es.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [...]
(PS46V) [415] Yes, it's this one.
[416] I've done the first bit for you.
[417] You, you carry on from where I've left off.
[418] Or, rather, include that, do that first, an' then finish it yourselves.
[419] You don't need to talk to do this.
Unknown speaker (JJRPSUNK) [420] Sir, you said [...]
(PS46V) [421] Yes, we are.