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  1. Tape 110801 recorded on 1994-01-14. LocationHertfordshire: Stansted () Activity: business meeting

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Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1] Right as far as I'm concerned we've completed the first four points on the agenda right.
[2] Yeah?
[3] Point five is under your name what's that all about?
Brett (PS4BL) [4] Right well just that er it's been resolved a bit since I handled it cos er got this meeting set up which I don't know whether, whether you need to come, it's on the second of February
Gary (PS4BK) [5] Yeah
Brett (PS4BL) [6] And we're going to discuss er the likes of and and myself and Stuart er how we're gonna allocate the national accounts and who's gonna do what and just clarify
Gary (PS4BK) [7] What what what accounts and whose portfolio?
Brett (PS4BL) [8] Yeah [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [9] Are you asking me whether I wanna be in there?
Brett (PS4BL) [10] I was just mentioning it to you in case you wanted to
Gary (PS4BK) [11] Don't wanna.
[12] No, you can sort it out between yourselves can't you?
Brett (PS4BL) [13] Yeah, so that was that.
[14] I just wanted to actually sort of mention it to so that he knows cos he's obviously invited to come if he wants to [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [15] I don't think there's going to be any dramatic changes
Gary (PS4BK) [16] Well he should be there if you're there he should be there
Brett (PS4BL) [17] Yeah exactly [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [18] Well just tell him to be there
Brett (PS4BL) [19] Yeah, okay
Gary (PS4BK) [20] You,,,, and , yeah?
Brett (PS4BL) [21] Yeah and new people if they're on board
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [22] They won't be there by the second
Brett (PS4BL) [23] No way
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [24] So that was just that one er ... nineteen ninety-three
Gary (PS4BK) [25] So is that is that point five gone is it, yeah?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [26] Yeah, only because it's [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [27] Well you do have clearly define it you don't want yourself [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [28] Got er got an agenda here
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [29] The key issue is really the multiples isn't it?
Gary (PS4BK) [30] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [31] About how far down we go and how far up mob goes
Gary (PS4BK) [32] done this agenda where she wants where we need to discuss allocation of non-national accounts, national accounts, regional accounts, special offers, plans for nineteen ninety [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [33] I think that one of the most confusing aspects is this word corporates, what's a national account corporate, what's a national account [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [34] I went in to two corporates yesterday er and erm who are a massive potential for us, right in where we need to be
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [35] I actually put a deal forward to
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [36] Well I didn't yeah well we may have done
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [37] We agreed didn't we , no we agreed, I thought we agreed that where
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [38] that head office was in
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [39] no where erm the multiple concern who looked after that business, where their national account department looked after that corporate we would look after it and where their key account department looked after it you would look after it and is a national account for [...] for erm [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [40] I remember that at one of the meetings, yeah
Gary (PS4BK) [41] is it?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [42] Yeah, so erm
Stuart (PS4BM) [43] The sales rep shouldn't have called on because that's, that's a
Brett (PS4BL) [44] That's easy to say Gary but where's the memos, where's the lists that tell people these things?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [45] This is the grey area, we didn't call on the company we called on the implants and I hope we haven't done any damage, but what we have done and what the p
Gary (PS4BK) [46] And these things move from time to time as well of course
Stuart (PS4BM) [47] Yeah I know but nothing's happened since that time to change what we originally agreed
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [48] Yeah but I mean I don't clearly remember an agreement like that meself and does
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [49] I'm sure that was agreed at one of our meetings
Gary (PS4BK) [50] Well might do but I think it needs to be put in writing you know like who's is who's what you know
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [51] Well we can start off with the top one hundred companies and allocate them like that if you want, if it makes things easier rather
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [52] depends on where the head office is doesn't it?
Stuart (PS4BM) [53] Well no the top one hundred companies isn't a guide to anything at all.
[54] What you mean top one hundred F T S E companies you mean?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [55] [...] half of them don't even travel
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [56] No I know but it can be a springboard
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [57] Well the best guide is the one that's in the Travel Weekly that mag er
Stuart (PS4BM) [58] Yeah but that' that's but half of them don't travel
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [59] Oh you mean the Business Travel World magazine
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [60] Yes that has [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [61] Yeah that's useful No I think I think er it should be a national corporate account, the definition of a national corporate account it one that is multi-locational throughout the country
Brett (PS4BL) [62] Yes, exactly yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [63] That's the only definition and worth over x million pound or whatever total revenue or whatever their threshold is
Brett (PS4BL) [64] It's not throughout the length and breadth of the country it's only in my patch
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [65] [...] I agree, I agree
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [66] The other grey area which
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [67] [...] cos in point cos that's only in your area innit
Brett (PS4BL) [68] Yeah as far as I know
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [69] unclear
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [70] No, no, because passed it over to us that's why I had to go and see the guy if you remember
Brett (PS4BL) [71] Yeah well Mar was un got, got the impression perhaps wrongly now that it was a national account by virtue of where the allocations were
Stuart (PS4BM) [72] Well can we make it a clear definition please because national means, national in terms of agents and corporates means multi-locational and all represented
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [73] [...] is multi-locational doesn't just have one branch
Stuart (PS4BM) [74] Yeah but it only has Norwich and it has Dagenham doesn't, that's it isn't it?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [75] Yeah those are the two big ones
Stuart (PS4BM) [76] Well that falls in region so it's a regional account in my respect
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [77] Yeah but it's dealt with by the national account department back in
Stuart (PS4BM) [78] Bollocks to [...] I don't care less about [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [79] This is where the grey areas comes in
Stuart (PS4BM) [80] Well I mean I don't care how they define their, their descriptions.
[81] We have to define ours separately
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [82] No we said that's how we were going to define us, erm define it, I distinctly remember that being said it would be defined
Stuart (PS4BM) [83] Yes but
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [84] Things may change now but we've working on that basis
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [85] We can't, we can't be driven by the definition that they work
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [86] No but that's what we agreed before
Stuart (PS4BM) [87] Well if we did [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [88] unclear
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [89] No I thought we agreed
Stuart (PS4BM) [90] I don't remember that I've never seen it on any minutes
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [91] I'm gonna pull out the minutes cos we did have a meeting, we had a meeting at which was present and that's how we defined it
Stuart (PS4BM) [92] Oh well it was not a meeting that I was at then
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [93] No well you said you don't want to be involved in the meetings anyway
Brett (PS4BL) [94] Well I wasn't there either was I?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [95] Well that's true, but what I'm saying now is regar I think national is national it's it's multi-locational and it across boundaries right [...] If it's confined within the southern region therefore it's .
[96] If it's even lower than that it's local and it's area
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [97] I'm not sure No I'm not sure I agree with that because I mean area goes right up to Birmingham from the south and it be made multi-regional, multi-locational accounts within Southern England and London which are big accounts
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [98] What happens if we get one of the national agencies who's located in the opposite part to where the majority of the erm the business from the multi-location commercial account is?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [99] There's no point my people working [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [100] [...] a certain part of I beg your pardon sorry I'm getting my definitions wrong may be looking after something which the erm corporate locations are solely within the south but it's handled by an corporate account.
[101] Now surely that comes under or through
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [102] No, it doesn't matter what the travel agent is when you're talking to the corporate
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [103] The basis of our decision before was my people work very closely say take with the national account people in right, and the main objective there is to get as much business from the corporate accounts as they're responsible for like or whoever.
[104] If they're split, you can't have people from the field going into dealing with national account managers when my people are also dealing with them.
[105] That's the basis [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [106] That's what's caused the grey area
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [107] Yeah, that's not, that's where it's changed
Stuart (PS4BM) [108] Well that is actually a problem from you know
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [109] Cos you got
Stuart (PS4BM) [110] Well the national account what you are saying is the national account [...] if the work's for is then responsible for all those accounts that happen to be from the national account manager.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [111] That's what, that's what I thought we agreed
Mike (PS4BN) [112] Well no I thought we agreed that if it was in the southern boundaries, the locations it doesn't matter what were
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [113] You can have that Frank, you can't have several different sales reps going into seeing different people and my people seeing them as well.
[114] You need one central point for each of the multiples
Mike (PS4BN) [115] Yeah well this is what's not, I mean we don't know who who those accounts are that you're dealing with where that's the situation
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [116] Well you c I can get a list of all the corporate accounts that and have and we can go through them one by one
Mike (PS4BN) [117] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [118] We can't have people crossing over
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [119] main problem at the moment is that they want one person to deal, cos at the moment we've got us dealing with national account and we've got dealing with the regional account managers and sales execs dealing with the individual branches and I think things are getting lost as it goes from one to the other
Stuart (PS4BM) [120] It's a question of whether we adapt to their structure or or we have our own structure
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [121] mm
Stuart (PS4BM) [122] Isn't it, that's the question
Mike (PS4BN) [123] The other area was er the area of er tour operators and allocations because as you know holidays was not one of your accounts and we wandered in there only to find that they'd got allocations and business was [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [124] Yeah, the reason that happened was that there was no-one servicing holidays erm and they came to us for an allocation and and we gave it to them.
[125] Had somebody been in there to see they would've spoken to them
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [126] Well no I mean
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [127] It's account isn't it?
[128] There was no-one covering that area
Stuart (PS4BM) [129] Well [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [130] Yeah, if if there's no-one covering that area then I have to make arrangements for that to be covered which I I will do and that will be .
[131] I don't think
Stuart (PS4BM) [132] Well it seems like we've got the wires crossed in one or two areas
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [133] I think the problem's been is the problem's been is that we don't want to let any business go
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [134] and if it comes to us we take it on board means we'll be short of people
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [135] which is not a bad thing
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [136] yeah well quite
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [137] I'm not trying to cast any blame here but handed over allocations on Innsbruck to at one time yeah and left us to carry the ball cos she sort of withdrew at one time
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [138] Yes well I understand so [...] on board
Stuart (PS4BM) [139] [...] Well er just hang on a minute I think
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [140] that's what she [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [141] You've got a meeting for the second have you?
[142] Well can you sort that out amongst yourself and then after you've done that then present it to the February sales meeting as to what you've done so everybody knows
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [143] mm
Stuart (PS4BM) [144] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [145] Not least the girls in the office
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [146] Yeah so it's absolutely clear even if it's a precis I think it'll be [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [147] Cos you're right cos we don't want to get people trampling on each other.
[148] I think we're actually getting in each other 's way [...] for the right reasons rather than the wrong reasons, like just said and it's not a question of somebody else trampling on others er cos I've heard this sporadically for some time.
[149] People walking in but we need to need to clearly define the areas and if it's that the national account department at has this list of corporate clients then maybe it makes sense that the national account manager responsible for deals with those also
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [150] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [151] to avoid repetition
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [152] you see we have to be a bit careful because what happens if we closed down right and transferred out to the field
Mike (PS4BN) [153] And then we have to change our structure
Stuart (PS4BM) [154] Then we have to change again and that's what you're saying we have to be a chameleon
Mike (PS4BN) [155] Oh yeah, we'd have to adapt to the situation we find ourselves with
Stuart (PS4BM) [156] Yeah cos they have, they have a tendency to do that sort of thing you see they're changing all the time
Mike (PS4BN) [157] We don't know what they'll do so [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [158] Well I don't see , I don't know why we're, we're trying [...] to
Mike (PS4BN) [159] No what I'm saying is the logistics, the logistics of servicing with a field of national account departments is going to be a potential nightmare
Brett (PS4BL) [160] But I don't think that means we have to adjust our sales structure to them it may mean that we have to look at theirs and decide who's gonna deal with what, but th but we don't have to gear all our structure [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [161] Yeah well
Mike (PS4BN) [162] No but the national accounts department is set up to deal with the head offices of of the key multiples and national accounts.
[163] You take and their equivalents away from my people we're redundant and you might as well take it all over Britain.
Stuart (PS4BM) [164] No, no that's not quite true
Mike (PS4BN) [165] Well it is.
[166] I mean
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [167] [...] for the national account person [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [168] Well , I'm not saying
Gary (PS4BK) [169] Not necessarily, Peterborough should be the core
Mike (PS4BN) [170] Yeah, well that's my job Peterborough really because that's really just just the review every quarter.
[171] The core of the business and the business development is at and that's the main problems we've been having with because not co-operating
Stuart (PS4BM) [172] Well maybe, maybe it's because the person that's been dealing with is not sufficiently au fait with Peterborough
Mike (PS4BN) [173] Peterborough's got no control over this is this is the problem
Stuart (PS4BM) [174] Well it has, but but the level that we're pitching at hasn't ... the level at which
Mike (PS4BN) [175] It comes into yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [176] Well if we were into or into or then it might not be a problem
Mike (PS4BN) [177] Yeah well [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [178] That's where it em , that's where it emanates from isn't it?
[179] Can't think for one minutes if for instance was interested in a deal with that he, that er that he wouldn't, only just to have flick his fingers and would crap themselves
Mike (PS4BN) [180] Well they don't really know [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [181] Well [...] getting into another issue
Mike (PS4BN) [182] Yeah I know we are but
Stuart (PS4BM) [183] Yeah but I mean that's the way it's meant to work.
[184] That's the theoretical version of it.
Mike (PS4BN) [185] Most airlines I'm told by the multiples have one person who look after that camp and they go down from erm regional, regional level to regional sales manager.
[186] Now you [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [187] Don't do that but then again they're slightly different I suppose
Mike (PS4BN) [188] [...] somebody almost exclusively for
Stuart (PS4BM) [189] [...] national account manager who's specifically looks after and then go and see on a regular basis but call on them but invariably the accounts that those account managers deal with at erm will be split all round the country and will be controlled by our local sales executives in those areas
Mike (PS4BN) [190] Yeah I would've thought it was the job of the national account executive or whoever it may be to go there do the business, find out what's what and apportion that out to wherever it's most appropriate either to the field sales or or to whatever, because
Stuart (PS4BM) [191] It's, it's a peculiar situation [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [192] That would avoid a multitude of following people in one after the other
Stuart (PS4BM) [193] Well what we don't want is
Mike (PS4BN) [194] What and I used to do
Stuart (PS4BM) [195] There's people that
Mike (PS4BN) [196] used to meet there and go in and see them
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [197] Yeah, crossing over
Mike (PS4BN) [198] We used to go see [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [199] Well why don't , well why don't, why don't, why don't
Mike (PS4BN) [200] Well you see that complaint is that and myself are not actively seeing these regional managers, they believe that we should see them
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [201] Well if if if if had their way they'd have in all their branches you know, I mean, you know that's
Mike (PS4BN) [202] Yeah, but I'm looking at how we're gonna [...] this deal through next year because [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [203] Well that's, well that's
Mike (PS4BN) [204] perhaps we shall
Stuart (PS4BM) [205] Well you know I agree with ya and I think I think
Mike (PS4BN) [206] Yes we need to, if we're gonna do a deal.
Stuart (PS4BM) [207] If we're gonna do a deal then we, we, we have some [...] to drive it through but what I'm saying is that I think that if you have this meeting I, which is what February the second?
Mike (PS4BN) [208] mm
Stuart (PS4BM) [209] then you argue the toss amongst yourselves really, but you've got, you have to
Brett (PS4BL) [210] well we are thin on the ground and limited resources so we don't want doubling up, that's what we don't want, doubling up, but I don't, I don't
Mike (PS4BN) [211] I don't think we should mirror just for the
Gary (PS4BK) [212] No but we have to look at what, what's a workable solution
Stuart (PS4BM) [213] Yeah, well okay then we'll do it at that meeting and work it out then right?
[214] Yeah?
[215] Right then well I think that's the easiest otherwise we gonna waste a lot of time [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [216] It must be in your tray cos I've only just got that today.
Stuart (PS4BM) [217] Well do you want me to be at that meeting then?
Mike (PS4BN) [218] Well let us explore it first and see what the issues are and then if there's any dispute then, then you can call another meeting at the February sales meeting we can discuss it
Stuart (PS4BM) [219] Well alright we'll do that that way
Mike (PS4BN) [220] Cos you don't need to get into the argy bargy
Stuart (PS4BM) [221] Yeah but I'm not erm [...] .
[222] I don't want to get into any argy bargy about anything particularly [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [223] We'll see if we can come to a solution
Stuart (PS4BM) [224] Well, yes you gotta, you gotta see the other person's point of view, you gotta understand the structure.
[225] I mean for instance is a national account at [...] do any business with us, do they?
Mike (PS4BN) [226] Yeah, but we wouldn't target that account would we?
Stuart (PS4BM) [227] Well you see,tha that's one element of it, right let me think of another one then er
Mike (PS4BN) [228] You can't, take your point [...] which we've been trying to tackle at national account level
Stuart (PS4BM) [229] Well is another one
Mike (PS4BN) [230] Well we've been targeting as well
Stuart (PS4BM) [231] Well that, I've already has already done a deal with
Mike (PS4BN) [232] I know he has but that's one we're working on
Gary (PS4BK) [233] He's done with has he?
Stuart (PS4BM) [234] Yeah, Aberdeen, in Aberdeen
Mike (PS4BN) [235] Yeah it's a national account
Stuart (PS4BM) [236] Well you see this is where
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [237] basically the criteria is what is the most, how is it most sensibly dealt with, right, cos you don't want a or somebody like that rushing all over the bleeding country going to Aberdeen one minute, Edinburgh the next
Mike (PS4BN) [238] No, but she's does work with .
[239] I mean the one is a classic one when she knew it was Scottish based that she passed any correspondence on to
Stuart (PS4BM) [240] Maybe that's, maybe that's, that's the, that's the system
Brett (PS4BL) [241] I just think it's important that say at they have one reference point
Stuart (PS4BM) [242] Well yes.
[243] They have one reference point and just that, but if it's related to an account then
Mike (PS4BN) [244] I only go for tendering of accounts ... like B T for example
Gary (PS4BK) [245] Well B T [...] is a national account
Mike (PS4BN) [246] Well you could argue it is in area because [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [247] No, no it's not because B T all over the country isn't it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [248] [...] one agency point
Stuart (PS4BM) [249] No it isn't
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [250] Every single thing's through the one place now for B T. The lot
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [251] Every, every single B T thing goes to the one location now
Stuart (PS4BM) [252] Wasn't there a case when it was right?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [253] That's not the point the point is that er it doesn't matter which agency it goes through it, their multi-locational site, so that's why it's a national account.
[254] It's not just in my area they're all over the place in Scotland as well, so [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [255] Yeah, we need to talk about this, because I mean when I saw he was upset by the treatment he got from I presume it was before, the way she dealt with him erm and he believed you know, he was big enough to be dealt with by the national accounts department.
[256] Yeah, but you know he's an old, I mean you know the guy he's quite an old, old fart basically he likes to be looked after
Gary (PS4BK) [257] But is he gonna give us any business?
Mike (PS4BN) [258] Well he reckons we're losing our business now because we didn't give him a deal
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [259] Yeah, well I know but er he hadn't seen anyone, he reckons for well over a year and when phoned me up I agreed to have lunch with him and then he gave me an earful about all sorts of things including erm in Norwich issuing net fares on Norwich Amsterdam [laugh] .
[260] You know [...] this K L M deal, so obviously we hadn't got under the finger until called me in almost desperation
Stuart (PS4BM) [261] Well phoned me about and I passed it to you
Gary (PS4BK) [262] Yeah, but nothing was done so he came through to me
Stuart (PS4BM) [263] Oh well [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [264] [...] well he wasn't happy with what he'd received.
[265] had basically told him he lived in the Stansted catchment area and we didn't need to do a deal with him, and that's what irritated him
Mike (PS4BN) [266] Well on the basis of what was told by the guy she went to see at who was the key account manager
Stuart (PS4BM) [267] yeah?
Mike (PS4BN) [268] er no some other bod who was dealing with the accounts at in Enfield.
[269] He got a letter on file, he produced a load of stats which were a load of bollocks and prove and proved that we weren't losing any business and then he they had a deal with us which was Eurobudget with no restrictions when they were based at Dagenham
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [270] cos they were using [...] right that, no the deal hasn't lapsed that's what we were trying to do
Gary (PS4BK) [271] Well according to him it has elapsed
Mike (PS4BN) [272] We told him it's elapsed because they're not at Dagenham any more and he doesn't like it.
[273] So he said oh, when he see me he said
Stuart (PS4BM) [274] The truth will out here
Mike (PS4BN) [275] He's told you that you're not, we're not getting a fair share of the business with him, but the figures I see don't don't say that at all
Gary (PS4BK) [276] Well he reckons he hadn't seen anyone from for months
Mike (PS4BN) [277] Well that's crap
Gary (PS4BK) [278] I'm only telling you what he said
Mike (PS4BN) [279] Well I know but this is, but this is where we're caught with our pants down because we haven't got the thing
Gary (PS4BK) [280] [...] when I spoke to about it she said that you told her to hand it over to my department cos it was a national account
Mike (PS4BN) [281] Well if it is then that's right, but it's not [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [282] so if she had been told that
Mike (PS4BN) [283] well if it isn't yeah, if we, if and I thought it was national account which means it's a multi-locational site which it is
Gary (PS4BK) [284] mm
Mike (PS4BN) [285] then it's a national account, but in terms of the guy not seeing anybody we went to him to sort out what was going on and she must have come away there from with all the sites and said I shouldn't be dealing with this, it's a national account, it's the national account and that's when I said you must pass it over to then
Stuart (PS4BM) [286] Well can we get this sor stuff sorted then, because this is gonna go on forever, because I I think to be quite honest it is a lack of communication between two parties
Brett (PS4BL) [287] I don't think it is
Gary (PS4BK) [288] I think it's in all honesty the corporates have taken decisions
Mike (PS4BN) [289] and we haven't got to grips with the corporate market yet fully
Gary (PS4BK) [290] Yeah well [...] I know that's true erm and we've been power fighting and that's the problem
Brett (PS4BL) [291] I think those of you have genuinely erm defined what's been said in two different ways and perfectly correctly because [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [292] I think, I think we need a meeting to get it laid down, we need a meeting to clear the air or not clear the air necessarily but get some definitions some definitions down yeah?
Mike (PS4BN) [293] mm
Stuart (PS4BM) [294] [...] cos we can't seem to be, cos otherwise we look like flipping idiots
Gary (PS4BK) [295] It's not fair on either of you or or your people either
Mike (PS4BN) [296] Well no
Stuart (PS4BM) [297] All right
Gary (PS4BK) [298] Well that's the been the problem issue we've been struggling through on that basis
Mike (PS4BN) [299] But one thing I would say and I think this is very valid and think pe it won't be long before people start to pick up on it and er we haven't got a national accounts, a proper national accounts team cos we haven't got the people and we all know the reasons why [...] but nevertheless you know they're, they're pinpointing areas of big business with big companies like and and not allowed to go into new business
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [300] ah, hello
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [301] No we have put a proposal to but they turned it down twice
Brett (PS4BL) [302] Yeah I know
Gary (PS4BK) [303] cos they said it wasn't good enough
Brett (PS4BL) [304] There's quite a few, there's quite a few national accounts
Stuart (PS4BM) [305] Yeah, [...] come out with look I mean right what happens any travel agent right will tell ya right that these are that there are huge corporates with massive opportunities for business in the corporate sector particularly on because they're used to saying that the reps and in the main will buy that because they'll be able to get something out of it.
[306] It's not the same for , different set-up and they don't understand us therefore they come out with statements like that
Mike (PS4BN) [307] No, this isn't this isn't travel agents making these statements this is us when we go and talk to say an implant
Stuart (PS4BM) [308] Well it's the same thing as a travel agent
Mike (PS4BN) [309] Well I mean you can see from the stats, the figures and routes they fly that we get ten per cent when we should be getting twenty
Stuart (PS4BM) [310] Yeah, but you can always establish why though
Brett (PS4BL) [311] like remember when we first went to see he reckons we were losing business.
[312] When we looked at the figures we proved that we wouldn't get any more business because of where people lived and when we tried to push them to Detroit over Amsterdam they wouldn't have it, people would prefer to drive to Gatwick.
Stuart (PS4BM) [313] If there was ever a classic is about the laziest bastard on this side of Christendom and he and he he wouldn't do anything that supports your business at all
Brett (PS4BL) [314] We know, we never suggested that said that their business is going down with us and that there was no extra business there for us [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [315] erm who was national account manager wanted us to relieve for an exploratory [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [316] is that tea there?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [317] yes
Mike (PS4BN) [318] I think basically
Gary (PS4BK) [319] [...] but how I structure my department would depend in all honesty on the type of people we get knows this.
[320] If we get first division people I'll do it a different way to him if I had to end up with second division people and the responsibilities they take on board will very much reflect that and the same surely should happen to the field sales force erm their abilities are reflected in in what sort of activities we give them and by looking at the people we have we then put together a team to most accurately attack whatever we want to do.
[321] I'm not sure how I'm going to structure the department, it depends on the people I get in all honesty
Brett (PS4BL) [322] Right, okay well can we just leave this for a minute please because we're not getting
Gary (PS4BK) [323] I mean it's not a major issue I mean it is an issue it's not a major issue it's just that there have been one or two occasions like where we have cross purposes but considering you know they are a relatively minor tour operator I wouldn't want that to muddy the water because that was just just erm a misunderstanding.
Stuart (PS4BM) [324] What it does and I think we're also dealing with a with a with a, people like right and is probably arguably worse right who've never really had any sort of responsibility before and they not quite sure where the lines are drawn.
[325] And in a worse position than because the North [...] they've never done any deals, never seen anybody, national accounts, done nothing in that area in terms of deals and negotiations and things like that and it was only six months ago that where could actually find out he could do deals.
[326] I mean that's the worst scenario than the one you got into
Brett (PS4BL) [327] Oh, yeah absolutely at least we were able
Stuart (PS4BM) [328] and what they do is all this typical regimented structures and regimented bloody this and that run like the fucking civil service
Brett (PS4BL) [329] But we not regimented in this department we're flexible that's why these things are happening cos we turn our hands to whatever we believe is in the interests of the company.
Stuart (PS4BM) [330] Yes I know that
Mike (PS4BN) [331] See what I mean
Stuart (PS4BM) [332] but it cuts across, no there there comes a point where the of this world say oh am I allowed to do this, am I allowed to do that if you've been here for more than three years right and it's particularly prevalent in Scotland, oh are we allowed to do that, oh I didn't know and that's old that is. old to a certain extent you know, she's been around longer than has and been around but influenced by who's been around a long time you see that's where we get it, you see we don't get the initiative coming in that area we get we get the oh Christ, bloody hell let's shove that one out the way that's a national account.
[333] You know.
Gary (PS4BK) [334] That's what happened over , hadn't really dealt with big tour operators in the past and I think she got a bit nervous about it
Brett (PS4BL) [335] Well yeah
Mike (PS4BN) [336] erm [...] and ended up dealing with it but that's not to say she shouldn't deal with it erm she just got to be trained how to deal with it
Mike (PS4BN) [337] She's put allocations on that list cos the other, the other field sales people don't see why they can't get involved with the tour operator who wants an allocation
Gary (PS4BK) [338] Well we don't normally do allocations
Brett (PS4BL) [339] I know
Gary (PS4BK) [340] It's only on Innsbruck that we've done it because that's what the market demands.
[341] We don't want pe I mean we don't want sales reps agreeing to allocations I mean at the moment we haven't got anybody to administer them it's being done by groups it's going to be a nightmare [...] in a big way
Stuart (PS4BM) [342] Well we've actually turned away [...] I think that the best thing is that you er that the three er [...] obviously there's [...] .
[343] I think that's there's certain things implied from area and er and er there's misunderstanding coming from your area
Mike (PS4BN) [344] I don't think it's misunderstanding
Stuart (PS4BM) [345] It is!
[346] Total misunderstanding from area.
[347] They're not quite clear at all.
[348] I can hear that just in the last ten minutes
Mike (PS4BN) [349] Yeah, I must admit
Stuart (PS4BM) [350] I mean, I must admit I was talking to beforehand and [...] not clear not sure on certain things.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [351] She's asked me
Stuart (PS4BM) [352] Whose responsibility or whose, whose supposed to be that is irrelevant, it just needs to be cleared up.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [353] Okay
Stuart (PS4BM) [354] All right moving on rapidly
Gary (PS4BK) [355] Before you do anything, I'm gonna interrupt here, tea coffee?
[356] Which would you like?
Stuart (PS4BM) [357] Er black tea
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [358] I was gonna say same thing.
[359] A lot of these queries, or some of it stems from the fact that we're also conscious of the fact that we can't keep passing things to Gary when he's only got one person
Gary (PS4BK) [360] wants to go full-time into erm groups and she's trying to do a one hundred and one different things.
[361] Can we not say that we say if we don't have agreement by the thirty first of January we can take someone like who we've already identified who will do the job for the money and take at least one person on pending a decision on the salary increase?
Stuart (PS4BM) [362] I think we've got to
Gary (PS4BK) [363] Because we need at least one person to do it, it's go it's getting out of control now
Mike (PS4BN) [364] I think we'll have to take a person internally
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [365] Do you have sugar, Gary?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [366] Well is the strongest internal candidate
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [367] Sugar?
Gary (PS4BK) [368] Yes, please
Stuart (PS4BM) [369] Well let's
Gary (PS4BK) [370] Do you see what I mean I don't want this to drag on and on
Stuart (PS4BM) [371] No, no, well I know that and I know
Gary (PS4BK) [372] Even if I can get rid of the the tour operators erm or put somebody like onto because we got up and running now and I haven't got anyone to deal with it
Stuart (PS4BM) [373] Well I think your group selection thing with the internal candidates [...] that's all gonna take time again isn't it?
Gary (PS4BK) [374] No, that's what I'm saying, we've identified one person who'll join us for the summer.
[375] If we don't get approval to increase the salary by the thirty first of January so I can have the two people I want can I appoint this lady and bring her on board cos I know she'll do a reasonable job in a certain area? ...
Stuart (PS4BM) [376] Well I think you've got to, I mean
Gary (PS4BK) [377] Don't say no please because things aren't getting [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [378] No I agree with that, I think you've got to yes we'll agree that and also hopefully by then we'll have clarity the clarity on the salary and then we'll get in there in which case you're laughing, right
Gary (PS4BK) [379] So we'll say deadline by thirty one January.
[380] If we don't get agreement we take on this lady from Oxford
Stuart (PS4BM) [381] Because internally we still haven't got anybody that shines out have we?
[382] Yet
Gary (PS4BK) [383] That's why I would like to do a group assessment erm but yes long term [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [384] Group assessment though is is a luxury isn't it at the moment
Gary (PS4BK) [385] I think for a day's er work it's worth assessing the three top people identified with the six outside people that I've identified who are you know in the next division down to see how they compare.
[386] I think we owe it to people like or at least to give them another crack at the whip to see if they've come on in that interim period cos it's a good six months since we interviewed
Mike (PS4BN) [387] Well I don't think we owe it to them we just delivered them a nice big salary and they've got more than enough work to do.
[388] I think we were in that situation six months ago, I don't think we owe owe those three candidates anything now
Gary (PS4BK) [389] Well do you think?
[390] Would you like to see them in [...] against the outside candidates if we look at this [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [391] I think it's not very likely though is it, Christ Almighty [...] we're talking here about getting people on board to help you out [...] the assessment are bit academic
Gary (PS4BK) [392] right well if we haven't got the decision then by the thirty first of January you're agreed we can offer one job to from ?
Stuart (PS4BM) [393] Yeah [...] to do the leisure things?
Gary (PS4BK) [394] Yep
Stuart (PS4BM) [395] Alright
Gary (PS4BK) [396] And then if we get agreement on a salary increase then we only have to pay it to one person
Stuart (PS4BM) [397] Well we've only got one person to pay it to
Gary (PS4BK) [398] Well no, we got two in the sidelines, we got this Indian guy who was not coming for a second interview until we can say we'll pay him [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [399] Well you don't know I mean you don't know, you might say right twenty grand and then he might say oh no I've re-considered I want twenty two and then he might say I'm not gonna turn up.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [400] He might turn up he might turn up and then say no sorry twenty grand forget it, don't want to work for you anyway.
[401] It's all a bit iff in the clouds
Mike (PS4BN) [402] Can I just make a point this thing about salary because I know we can't people we want at the salary and all the rest of it but then there's, if we're go if that's the s if we're now saying that that's the salary for the job and there's no no way in my conscience rests clear really that we should just pay that to one person
Gary (PS4BK) [403] It isn't, it's not ideal I mean I've got a problem with
Mike (PS4BN) [404] Well he's happy [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [405] and I can't see any way out of it
Mike (PS4BN) [406] well
Gary (PS4BK) [407] I want the best people for the job and it if means I gotta pay one or two thousand more
Mike (PS4BN) [408] But I'm not sure that's right I just, I mean I spent three years
Stuart (PS4BM) [409] It's not right we know it's not right it's the fact that it's an expedient measure.
[410] We need staffing, people in that area and she's an internal candidate that's come through, she's done a good job right and and now she's you know it's not right but at the moment it gets us over a q over a quick fix
Mike (PS4BN) [411] You can always red circle that salary at a later date and hold her increases down against other people.
[412] There are all sorts of options
Stuart (PS4BM) [413] But as you say, it may never happen anyway.
[414] Anyone else think we should bother about that yet?
Gary (PS4BK) [415] No but it's all tied up with this role of national accounts
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [416] It's dragging on too long
Gary (PS4BK) [417] Yes a tricky issue but I think we've got to get to grips with it
Stuart (PS4BM) [418] Well we can get to grips with it at this meeting when you talk amongst yourselves er as to how you divide up the base accounts yeah?
Gary (PS4BK) [419] But we can't get that meeting any earlier for you
Stuart (PS4BM) [420] No well [...] as well as an issue
Mike (PS4BN) [421] But there's, there's people people holding a shotgun to our heads saying yeah I'll come and do this job and I want x.
[422] We've been all through that we've got the salaries re-graded and we don't pay a bad wage now
Gary (PS4BK) [423] Well not at national account level I've seen lots of people now and I'm sorry
Brett (PS4BL) [424] We've let five people go who would have joined for another two grand
Gary (PS4BK) [425] so we mis-judged the grading of my people when we reset the salaries.
[426] The evidence is there in abundance
Stuart (PS4BM) [427] We got it there or thereabouts for sales executives right? the area development exec job but we didn't get it right we were two grand adrift quite clearly demonstrable evidence that we were two grand adrift on that pay and I've asked now to agree to upping the pay level and if he does we might get some decent people and then we worry about the ramifications of that afterwards, yeah?
[428] But that's always the way it is in
Mike (PS4BN) [429] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [430] You go for a quick short-term fix, right?
Brett (PS4BL) [431] Yeah, there are, there is another quick, another quick short-term fix is promote people from within
Mike (PS4BN) [432] Good luck to them, I'm not convinced in my own mind and I mean we've interviewed these people that there are people internally ready yet, that's why I said perhaps we should [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [433] Well what're you saying then , what are you saying that, are you saying that is now ready? ready?
Mike (PS4BN) [434] In an ideal world of course they're not but but I'm saying if if you're looking for a quick fix then that's a quick fix.
[435] You say there's three candidates there who get, one who is actually earning the money that we pay and two that aren't, the quick fix is to say right we given you an opportunity to do this national accounts job at the same salary for six months, see if you can do it, and if you do it we confirm the salary.
[436] Now that's a quick fix and hasn't cost anything, hasn't put anybody's nose out of joint and [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [437] It has cost you
Mike (PS4BN) [438] No it hasn't
Gary (PS4BK) [439] You've lost all your back-up a very high proportion of it on your own team
Mike (PS4BN) [440] Have I?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [441] Sorry I thought you were talking about two
Mike (PS4BN) [442] He says you've got one that would join at the money and can do the job
Mike (PS4BN) [443] My top objective is to get on board because I believe she is the best person for the job.
[444] I've worked with her now for nearly two years and I think she'd do an excellent job.
[445] Now she may accept if the salary is not confirmed, a lower salary.
[446] I mean we've got to offer it to her and see what her ultimate decision is.
[447] She could be bluffing we don't that do we for certain erm yes we have got one who will accept the salary yes we could take one from outside the field that's why I wanted this deadline so if we don't get the increase in salary by this date we can then start planning and take on board the second tier level
Brett (PS4BL) [448] Because there's no doubt I'll find somebody to do a field sales role
Stuart (PS4BM) [449] Oh that's two a penny
Brett (PS4BL) [450] Well they're easier, I'll find somebody easier
Stuart (PS4BM) [451] Well it's easier to recruit at the lower level than it is the upper
Brett (PS4BL) [452] Yeah, so I mean
Gary (PS4BK) [453] But don't forget this this is a very important time with the all the increase coming in they've got a helluva lot to take on, not just learning the company but they got the new routes and everything and it's going to leave I would've thought very short in an exceptionally busy period
Mike (PS4BN) [454] No more short than
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [455] I'd rather had the people I can survive with one person, one person down
Stuart (PS4BM) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [456] [...] from the three that you've got [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [457] just moved from sales hasn't she [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [458] I, I've I've put forward
Stuart (PS4BM) [459] I thought didn't want to do it anyway
Brett (PS4BL) [460] Due to location where she lives ...
Mike (PS4BN) [461] Do you think she wants to do it?
Brett (PS4BL) [462] Yeah not 'alf
Gary (PS4BK) [463] Yes
Brett (PS4BL) [464] Yes, she very very erm keen to give it a go
Mike (PS4BN) [465] You see we've gone from paying these people twelve thousand to fourteen thousand to eighteen thousand
Gary (PS4BK) [466] [...] in six months do you
Brett (PS4BL) [467] See what I mean, you don't pay her that for six months, you say to her right this this is the score, we will review this first July nineteen ninety-four
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [468] Would you pay her an interim amount?
Brett (PS4BL) [469] No we can't, she's on trial .
[470] If she hack the job she gets it if she can't she goes back to what she was doing
Gary (PS4BK) [471] Okay we'll give it until the end of January then.
[472] If we find we can't get an increase in salary
Brett (PS4BL) [473] In fact you're in a stronger position now because then you can say she's not s she's not suitable and pass her back [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [474] Well you're in a stronger position than if you take somebody on and find out six months later that they can't do it, where you gonna put them?
Mike (PS4BN) [475] Okay we wait until the end of the month and see if comes up with the salary and work along that basis
Gary (PS4BK) [476] Why is, do we know why he's taking so long?
Stuart (PS4BM) [477] Who?
Gary (PS4BK)
Stuart (PS4BM) [478] He hasn't.
[479] He's not taken that long.
[480] I only asked him the other day
Gary (PS4BK) [481] Oh beg your pardon sorry I didn't realise
Stuart (PS4BM) [482] [...] gone you see
Gary (PS4BK) [483] yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [484] I mean if this had all sort of come before left we'd have got it through no problem
Gary (PS4BK) [485] Right
Stuart (PS4BM) [486] Unfortunately the bloke decided to leave too early ...
Brett (PS4BL) [487] Erm well one way or the other it's got the result
Mike (PS4BN) [488] I'm quite happy to do that take and and put on a six month's trial if we don't salaries through
Stuart (PS4BM) [489] Well something's gonna be done
Gary (PS4BK) [490] Which is this?
Stuart (PS4BM) [491] This is an outside candidate
Gary (PS4BK) [492] Oh beg your pardon I'm sorry I thought you said internal right
Stuart (PS4BM) [493] You see, I must admit you see not I don't gonna do as good a job as
Brett (PS4BL) [494] [...] don't think she's gonna do as good a job and that would definitely make it.
[495] If we got internal candidates [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [496] [...] well water's gone under the bridge since then
Brett (PS4BL) [497] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [498] Water's gone under the bridge since then be fair did not perform well there's no question about it and we have worked with her in the field erm she wasn't she wasn't brilliant
Brett (PS4BL) [499] No she
Stuart (PS4BM) [500] She got a , I think she got a bit of a shock you know she actually probably thought she was better than she was and a lot of people had been giving her a lot of pats on the back and I tell you where half of that emanated from was down the corridor.
[501] and other various tosspots who were sort of giving her pats on the back and they were making all sorts of slurping noises about her, weren't they? erm salivating
Brett (PS4BL) [502] Somebody else did, somebody else said something
Stuart (PS4BM) [503] Yeah, wasn't it
Brett (PS4BL) [504] Yeah that's right
Stuart (PS4BM) [505] saying oh what a great [...] person you've got.
[506] Totally uninformed judgements yet again clouding the issue.
[507] She probably had a real great impression of herself right she did and then when she turns round and we said well I'm sorry [...] and said well sorry no [...] got a bloody big shock, gave her a shock to the system and to be quite honest what I've seen of her since then has been a darn sight more er spruced up and a bit more on the bloody ball than she was before
Brett (PS4BL) [508] Yep
Stuart (PS4BM) [509] Witnessed at the Tottenham Hotspur game and er
Mike (PS4BN) [510] [...] Tottenham Hotspur game what else played a role in that is the two people going
Stuart (PS4BM) [511] Yes
Mike (PS4BN) [512] which is a nasty shock
Stuart (PS4BM) [513] shock for everybody
Mike (PS4BN) [514] and the [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [515] and the course she was dynamite on the course, she was cruising on the course
Mike (PS4BN) [516] yeah but she also, that we a tough course
Stuart (PS4BM) [517] and she was very ill at the time [...] was it?
Brett (PS4BL) [518] so I mean she's, she's she's and I said to her when when all the things were going wrong with I had to have a lot of chats with her and said well you you've got to prove that you can rebound from this
Stuart (PS4BM) [519] Yeah
Brett (PS4BL) [520] you've just taken a knock you didn't get the job, it's not to say a job won't come up again now what you gonna do give up or keep trying?
[521] And she's kept trying and that's what makes me think she's got
Stuart (PS4BM) [522] [...] I got it here
Brett (PS4BL) [523] But she's not, I'm not saying she's hasn't got a lot to learn
Stuart (PS4BM) [524] Yeah, but she's only got as much to learn as the girl that girl [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [525] seventh of Feb
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [526] seventh of Feb [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [527] You can make a judgement after that, if you're not impressed after the
Stuart (PS4BM) [528] Have you worked with her in the field?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [529] [...] with the greatest respect you can't actually [...] cos you haven't worked with that many of them have you?
[530] ... But horses for courses you see there are not an option cos he won't move from Scotland and there's not reason why he should do and so you can forget anybody north of forget anybody in area
Brett (PS4BL) [531] if you don't think that the girl that you've interviewed is gonna do as good a job as
Gary (PS4BK) [532] Well it depends in which area
Mike (PS4BN) [533] This girl's quite switched on on the tour operator side
Stuart (PS4BM) [534] Well she's worked she works for a tour operator, she worked for a
Mike (PS4BN) [535] she's worked in a number of different areas [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [536] she hasn't gone out and sold it though has she? [...] for one or two fairly decent names er
Mike (PS4BN) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [537] Yeah well her her travel experience is fairly late
Mike (PS4BN) [538] Yeah but I mean that's not necessarily an issue I mean what did she do for B M W cars?
Brett (PS4BL) [539] Sold cars, it's nothing like what we're doing
Stuart (PS4BM) [540] She's financing on cars
Mike (PS4BN) [541] Well it's nothing like it is it? [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [542] Well you see in an ideal situation [...] of the six people I've got on the second list there's better quality people there but they've got absolutely zero experience but we're not the sort of company who can take these people on and train them really
Stuart (PS4BM) [543] I'd agree with there
Mike (PS4BN) [544] So you know we're stuck between a rock and a hard place
Brett (PS4BL) [545] Yeah but at the end of the day is she is she better or worse than ?
Stuart (PS4BM) [546] Yeah
Mike (PS4BN) [547] I would've put them on the same level in all honesty
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [548] where do you put them then ?
Stuart (PS4BM) [549] I would go for every time better the devil you know for that reason alone really
Brett (PS4BL) [550] In many ways I wish we'd taken on that girl now who we saw right at the very beginning with
Stuart (PS4BM) [551] [laugh] Fucking hell what ?
[552] Oh I don't think she was right either sorry old son
Gary (PS4BK) [553] Yeah you see but when I was seeing them one after the other tens and twenties you don't see the dross you see
Stuart (PS4BM) [554] Well I know I don't see [...] [laugh] .
[555] Nobody's criticising you nobody's making I'm not making a criticism of her cos at the end of the day right if we now talking the scenario that we're painting now let's take this girl on, not girl girl on right, you can have cos she's far more impressive.
[556] You would have had, if you played the scenario back, take yourself back in time when we interviewed this bird you would have had well I would have had her
Mike (PS4BN) [557] Well I gotta say I I I
Stuart (PS4BM) [558] Not in the biblical sense but you know what I mean
Gary (PS4BK) [559] I was quick to snap her up before you changed your mind she wasn't right for national accounts at that time she'd been good in the groups role
Brett (PS4BL) [560] [...] yeah but you haven't got the right people now have you?
Stuart (PS4BM) [561] He hasn't got anybody now [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [562] No what I'm saying is we'd have the right people if we pay more money, that's the core of the problem
Brett (PS4BL) [563] That's moving the flipping goalposts isn't it? [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [564] I think the thing you have to say that as far as I'm concerned, from what I've see of her so far and I haven't worked with her in the field yet but far brighter spark in your department than that one we interviewed the other day
Gary (PS4BK) [565] All I'm saying is I've got to have people, I've got confidence in me because at the end of the day I'm responsible
Stuart (PS4BM) [566] Well this right well I know that I know that .
[567] All I'm try we're only speaking from the best interests here, speaking from the bloody heart rather than the head probably here but we we do want th we do want the best but it's the old old story, it's botching it up isn't it, it's fudging it, it's trying to fit a square pet into a role [...] cos we pay crap money [...] y'know
Mike (PS4BN) [568] Yeah, if at the end of the day it's a quick fix then
Stuart (PS4BM) [569] Yeah, quick f if a the end of the day it's a quick fix we may as well take somebody we've got
Mike (PS4BN) [570] Yeah, exactly cos at least they know the culture
Stuart (PS4BM) [571] [...] culture, they know what an agent looks like and they know what a tour operator looks like and they know and they know one or two other people around and so on and so forth
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [572] They also know what's expected of them [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [573] Okay, we'll set the deadline at thirty one January
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [574] Right okay
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [575] Do you want to dictate it to me ?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [576] [...] it was agreed that thirty one January would be set as a deadline for recruiting national account execs, pending a salary review
Stuart (PS4BM) [577] Are these national account or key account
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [578] Key account
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [579] Key account
Gary (PS4BK) [580] Thank you.
[581] Right I'll just put national account execs, key account execs, right okay
Stuart (PS4BM) [582] Alright well I think well I think actually well I know we've droned on about it for half an hour but I think it's worth a discussion to be quite honest, don't you?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [583] I know it is, it's not exactly doing a lot for me either but er cos it gets raised every bloody management meeting but I think having discussed the matter we've actually opened ourselves out a few more options than we probably thought we had
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [584] Yep
Stuart (PS4BM) [585] Right?
[586] And I think that's [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [587] It'd be nice to have and say in together
Stuart (PS4BM) [588] Well let's see you see at the end of the day will probably suit you better er cos she's quite mature isn't she for her age?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [589] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [590] That's just because she's married to an older man basically er she's I know it's a sweeping generalisation but it is it is a fact that and and she's more your type
Gary (PS4BK) [591] What does that mean?
Stuart (PS4BM) [592] Well, she's quiet and quite steady
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [593] Well we have to be we have to be because erm
Stuart (PS4BM) [594] I know you do it's not don't get touchy old pal, it's not a criticism.
[595] You do in [...] account management is a different discipline than field sales.
[596] Account management is a a lot about files and backup and administration and sorting this out and sorting that out.
[597] Yeah it is, it's going out and doing the business as well but it's gotta have a lot more intellectual input er in you know in terms of having a having a greater insight into how a company works, how an airline operates, how the marketing department operates and so forth.
[598] Why do you think I why do you think I gave you the fucking job eh?
[599] National accounts department.
[600] You know.
[601] would've struggled in that job.
[602] He'd be the first to admit it.
Brett (PS4BL) [603] I'm struggling in this one
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [laugh]
Stuart (PS4BM) [604] You know it is you do need that quality people who have a bit of insight but got a lot of those
Gary (PS4BK) [605] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [606] She's got a lot of those what what's the word?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [607] Skills
Stuart (PS4BM) [608] Not necessarily skills, she's got a lot of those erm
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [609] Disciplines?
Stuart (PS4BM) [610] Erm
Gary (PS4BK) [611] Do you think they've come on then since we interviewed here?
[612] Cos it's sad in my opinion that going back to where we were several months ago because we set out [...] out to attracting higher quality people paying them more money and we've come back again to basically seeing the people who we saw in the first instance
Mike (PS4BN) [613] Yeah, but time's have changed .
[614] Things have changed since then.
[615] You've only gotta look in the back of the T T G because there's now four pages of jobs compared to half a page
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [616] that's why all these people can now ask for more money.
[617] Eighteen months ago they wouldn't have been asking for more money
Stuart (PS4BM) [618] They wouldn't have dared.
[619] Well you wouldn't have got and er when you did
Mike (PS4BN) [620] No, exactly, no
Stuart (PS4BM) [621] You wouldn't get them now.
[622] You wouldn't get them today
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [623] Wouldn't get them today no
Stuart (PS4BM) [624] Tell you to stuff you know, get stuffed
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [625] I think I think we know where we're coming from there and I mean that's worthwhile.
[626] Point six, he says quickly, what does that mean, point six?
Mike (PS4BN) [627] Point six means that wh just to remind you that when we had the sales conference we did promise these
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [628] Yes, I know, I remember that, that's what I thought it may be.
[629] I thought about it last night and I was laying awake all last night thinking about it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [630] So was I
Stuart (PS4BM) [631] I think we [laugh] I think the only way we can actually really do this is is to pick one from area, one from your area, one from area and one from Europe and just have er almost arbitrary er decision but justify it.
[632] Fucking hell [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [633] We have to come to an arbitrary decision and then justify it
Stuart (PS4BM) [634] Yes, so it looks kosher
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [635] And I think what we should have is a fifth person which is an outstanding sales award or something like that which covers all regions cos in Europe you woul you wouldn't vote for any of them would you?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [636] I don't think there's any question about that
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [637] We'll make a case that he can't.
[638] We'll kick him in the groin if he questions it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [639] Your area's got have one, got have one erm and we have er one I think deserves something er I think erm one other person may be deserves something, who that is, God knows who.
[640] But I mean is gonna struggle cos he ain't had many people for very long, has he?
[641] The only person he's had through the tr the turbulence and turmoil of the last year is and you wouldn't give her a [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [642] You wouldn't give her anything, should have it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [643] I don't see what's wrong with frankly, she's been through it all and she's hung on in there
Stuart (PS4BM) [644] Which is a very er
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [645] [...] don't pre-judge it has gotta decide, you've gotta decide your area , that's one north, one south.
[646] Europe? [...] well we could beat about the bush but there's not a single rep on the road that ever gets out the office so gotta win it cos I actually saw I actually we I actually saw her go out and see a customer so she must she must be er
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [647] [laugh] she saw two with you?
[648] Well she saw six with me right, that's eight times more than any of the rest of them have seen so I mean that's er
Mike (PS4BN) [649] That's not fair does a good job
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [650] Yeah
Mike (PS4BN) [651] [...] so er is a waste of space so and he works he works for so er that's stuff it
Stuart (PS4BM) [652] You pick who you want but you gotta justify it and er and then so so okay, for arguments sake you pick say, for arguments sake picks .
[653] is picked in er Europe er that's three.
[654] Er outstanding achievement award er dreamt up title say er and then runner up to that or something like that or something like that, yeah?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [655] Yeah?
Mike (PS4BN) [656] I think that would be a good mix actually
Stuart (PS4BM) [657] And then you got five, yeah? ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [658] Yep
Mike (PS4BN) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [659] Well we promised them a week in Bali, didn't we?
[660] How the fuck we'll get round that I don't know
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [661] What, the five of them together, unaccompanied?
Brett (PS4BL) [662] No, the five plus partners we said, didn't we?
Gary (PS4BK) [663] Plus partners yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [664] And there could be one outstanding person of the year [...] telephone sales which God knows I wouldn't wanna pick that.
[665] Dear oh dear.
[666] Who'd wanna pick that?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [667] I think they oughta drop res out of it.
[668] It's too complicated isn't it?
[669] Can you image one sales agent getting a flipping prize like that? [...] mental, there'd be a riot.
Stuart (PS4BM) [670] So that was that point, was it ?
Brett (PS4BL) [671] Yep
Stuart (PS4BM) [672] So let's say we award five, five categories, shall I put that down?
[673] Five categories of award ... for nineteen ninety-three performance er awarded at sales conferences, yeah
Mike (PS4BN) [674] I actually think that, I know it is more complicated and messy but I think that she should pick someone from res.
[675] I think you've got to keep er you've got to keep that momentum going because
Stuart (PS4BM) [676] Yeah well I'll speak to about it by all means but I'm not quite sure how the hell she's gonna be able to do it.
[677] Yeah?
Mike (PS4BN) [678] [...] know it's difficult
Stuart (PS4BM) [679] No it's alright there might be a way I mean I could be wrong, I could be wrong
Mike (PS4BN) [680] [...] I know it is more complicated and messy but I think that she should pick someone from res.
[681] I think you've got to keep er you've got to keep that momentum going because
Stuart (PS4BM) [682] Yeah well I'll speak to about it by all means but I'm not quite sure how the hell she's gonna be able to do it.
[683] Yeah?
Mike (PS4BN) [684] [...] know it's difficult
Stuart (PS4BM) [685] No it's alright there might be a way I mean I could be wrong, I could be wrong.
Mike (PS4BN) [686] Right , having put them under the banner, clear banner of sales you know
Stuart (PS4BM) [687] Yeah
Mike (PS4BN) [688] To be excluded and then you know when all the glory's around there's no-one there again.
[689] I'm sure that's that's gonna work against what you've been trying to do since you got here.
[690] You know, maybe we pick someone from groups who've been doing a lot of good work lately, perhaps or something or you know some something like that, just er so they're not left out the frame
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [691] You're gonna want to support someone in groups aren't you?
Stuart (PS4BM) [692] Sorry?
Mike (PS4BN) [693] You're gonna want to support someone in groups with the changes coming on board, know what I mean?
Stuart (PS4BM) [694] Alright, alright let me speak separately to about that.
[695] What about er [...] then ?
Brett (PS4BL) [696] well the have agreed the contract.
[697] Er I did bring it with me to give to but obviously I'll have to send it now.
[698] I've got the phone number er it's just a case now of er getting on and getting it advertised and marketing it but it's all been signed
Stuart (PS4BM) [699] Is the [...] ledger line?
Brett (PS4BL) [700] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [701] Are we marketing it then?
Brett (PS4BL) [702] Through all the literature the produce
Stuart (PS4BM) [703] not doing a brochure then huh?
Brett (PS4BL) [704] Oh got to produce a few sheets of stuff and we've gotta get the addresses of the bases and get it distributed and it's a task I'm gonna pass on to
Stuart (PS4BM) [705] But the don't do their own brochure th ?
Brett (PS4BL) [706] Yeah, they do services, booking services, yeah.
[707] We we he's giving us free advertising in there for [...] issue anyway
Stuart (PS4BM) [708] W where do they ring?
[709] What number do they ring?
Brett (PS4BL) [710] Erm
Stuart (PS4BM) [711] I don't want the number, where is it?
Brett (PS4BL) [712] Norwich
Stuart (PS4BM) [713] Oh, it's in Norwich, is it?
Brett (PS4BL) [714] Yeah, they wanted to put it in Norwich ... [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [715] Well fair enough
Brett (PS4BL) [716] I just hope she's got it right cos I've explained it all to her and sh
Stuart (PS4BM) [717] Well to be quite honest I think the reason she wanted it in Norwich was cos Glasgow're over-loaded as it was I think and they had to learn new skills and staff support and therefore it might not be a good idea to have them [...] as well
Brett (PS4BL) [718] Right so that's fine so I've got the number, I've got things signed, they've got the rates, can handle it you know, she's all ready to go and get the advertising in and that should start
Stuart (PS4BM) [719] And when does that start then?
Brett (PS4BL) [720] Well it's it's it's started really
Stuart (PS4BM) [721] What do you mean, it's started?
Brett (PS4BL) [722] Well at first of February
Stuart (PS4BM) [723] Is it?
Brett (PS4BL) [724] Yeah, paper work's all been signed now
Stuart (PS4BM) [725] And what's it called, Leisure Line or [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [726] Yeah, Leisure Line
Stuart (PS4BM) [727] Alright okay
Brett (PS4BL) [728] Cash er cheque or credit card ... and then I said to you that's really some it's really a special market that, Leisure Line.
[729] [...] it's a special market
Gary (PS4BK) [730] Well no not once it's set up, it runs itself, doesn't it?
Brett (PS4BL) [731] Well someone's gotta liaise with the , someone's got to make sure that re erm res are up-dated with rates
Gary (PS4BK) [732] Yeah, but rates just get [...] so whenever we up-date those they just get the new rates
Brett (PS4BL) [733] Yeah, but I mean someone's got to open it
Stuart (PS4BM) [734] They're not getting I T A flights, they're getting [...] for full fare, aren't they?
Brett (PS4BL) [735] No no [...] mega passengers
Stuart (PS4BM) [736] Cor this looks a good deal
Brett (PS4BL) [737] It is a good deal, that's why [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [738] Fucking hell is not as generous as that
Brett (PS4BL) [739] I know it's not [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [740] [...] full fare
Brett (PS4BL) [741] is only flights [...] , ours isn't
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [742] What d'you mean it's flights?
Brett (PS4BL) [743] it's any flight, thirty percent off, our is off-peak flights [...] class
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [744] plus a ten pound booking fee
Stuart (PS4BM) [745] So I can't remember everything you know
Brett (PS4BL) [746] Ten quid booking fee I got out of them as well so it's better than
Stuart (PS4BM) [747] Ten pound booking fee?
Gary (PS4BK) [748] Yeah, per booking, not per passenger, per booking
Stuart (PS4BM) [749] So they're gonna pay ten quid for booking?
Brett (PS4BL) [750] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [751] Well aright I'm k [...] I've just had long had long memories of the .
[752] You've done well, I think you, so what has the said then, is that a national account or is it?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [753] Well I suppose ultimately it is if they use the [...] yeah.
[754] They come in as a net fare operator
Brett (PS4BL) [755] Someone's gotta organise all the literature and the
Stuart (PS4BM) [756] Oh well maybe you discuss that at your meeting on the second of February yeah cos er where that lies with I'm not bothered who it lies with to be quite honest ... Er, so what you're saying basically on point seven then is it's all tickety boo is it?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [757] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [758] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [759] Open for business
Stuart (PS4BM) [760] Open for business.
[761] Cor I've heard that phrase before.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [762] It's only taken two years to [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [763] Staff travel policy part eight erm well.
[764] [...] made his comments about that.
[765] Does anybody really want to have a twopennorth on the erm staff travel comment cos
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [766] [laugh] cos , had her twopennorth, put this together brilliantly before he left
Brett (PS4BL) [767] Where is it then, where's the [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [768] These documents, I mean it deals with ev everything apart from the main things about
Gary (PS4BK) [769] One of the big changes that they propose is that should be put on an exact par with within .
[770] Not th not talking about travel on other carriers but within [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [771] The service charges well
Gary (PS4BK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [772] Standardising service charges for tickets er things like firm concessions God Almighty erm who is going to decide whether denim suits look quite smart
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [773] I put that
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [774] suggested that they be allowed as they can be quite smart
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [775] [whispering] something from the seventies []
Stuart (PS4BM) [776] Dress.
[777] We should seriously look at modifying this rigid code of dress.
[778] Some sports jackets and denim suits are quite smart and these would be quite acceptable to the group of companies.
[779] What is not acceptable are jeans with holes in the knees etcetera.
[780] Oh when we travel with other airlines you must abide by the specific code of dress.
Mike (PS4BN) [781] You're gonna really cloud the issue if you if you s if you say denim's allowed.
Gary (PS4BK) [782] Go on, tell him what I said directors
Stuart (PS4BM) [783] Yeah ... [...] directors policy would be dealt with separately.
[784] This was in paper.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [785] Entitlement for directors to be reviewed separately, right, it says here.
[786] As none of the directors are shareholders in the group right, surely they are employees?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [787] Yes they are
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [788] Quite right
Stuart (PS4BM) [789] Anyway, it's a bit of a can of worms that to be quite honest
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [790] I'll collect my P forty-five later on [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [791] [laugh] .
[792] You should be so lucky.
Brett (PS4BL) [793] Have you seen a pencil sharpener in here?
Gary (PS4BK) [794] He's obsessed by pencil sharpeners this guy
Stuart (PS4BM) [795] You should get a proper posh pencil like I have
Brett (PS4BL) [796] Yeah, these ones keep breaking
Stuart (PS4BM) [797] Well you should get one like this
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [798] Cos this one just detached out like that you see, the pencil sharpener's on the end
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [799] Oh that's clever
Stuart (PS4BM) [800] Just sharpen it up, put it back in and retract it and you've got a sharp pencil.
[801] The business
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [802] Well I got given these when I was a rep at when I started, ten years ago and I've still got half a dozen of these you know.
[803] That's that's the difference between us and [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [804] That's not the only difference
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [805] [...] pencil fill out your order forms
Stuart (PS4BM) [806] Ah yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [807] Cos there's computer-generated and picked up graphite from pencil
Mike (PS4BN) [808] Yeah cos I notice you do everything in pencil in your diary, don't you?
Stuart (PS4BM) [809] That's right and er [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [810] They did actually, I've lost the clip.
[811] It should actually have a clip so that you stick it in your inside pocket
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [812] Has one got a rubber in it as well?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [813] It's a clutch pencil, the business.
[814] This is this is this is yonks ago.
[815] We're talking about, oh fifteen years ago maybe
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [816] [laugh] .
[817] Fifteen years ago that's the sort of technology that we were [...] .
[818] We even got round g we even got round to giving them mobile phones.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [819] We haven't got a fax in the sales office
Gary (PS4BK) [820] [...] yours truly did a bit of negotiation on that this week but more of that later maybe when we have er we haven't got any A O B's so while we're on that subject
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Gary (PS4BK) [821] I did just ask, out of the blue
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [822] faxed across to Stansted cos she's waiting for it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [823] Oh yeah ...
Mike (PS4BN) [824] I'll get one of the girls downstairs to do it, can I?
[825] She's gotta fax it over to Southampton cos I've got the master
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [826] Southampton?
Mike (PS4BN) [827] It's twenty to four [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [828] Alright, well I tell you what, we'll have a break then for five minutes because er I forgot I need to phone the office [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [829] I need to go home
Stuart (PS4BM) [830] Sorry?
Mike (PS4BN) [831] I need to go home
Stuart (PS4BM) [832] Go home then you're bloody welcome.
[833] Told to go home
Gary (PS4BK) [834] What have we got left?
[835] Sales services,?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [836] Half an hour ...
Stuart (PS4BM) [837] Right ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [838] [...] this phone? ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [839] [...] d'you reckon?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...] ...
Gary (PS4BK) [840] Hm, hello there, could I speak to please in the sales office? ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [841] [...] the [...] puffy lunch
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [842] Where's that bloody pencil sharpener thing gone?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [843] I asked for it on Wednesday, she's gone me one, she put in this bag and
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...] ...
Gary (PS4BK) [844] Oh, well we'll see if I get chance later on I'll phone, alright? ... oh that can wait.
[845] I'm gonna come in first thing Monday thought cos I've gotta pick some things up right.
[846] But it's a ten past ten flight, I'll be left by half past nine so I'll be there for half an hour
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...] ...
Gary (PS4BK) [847] Oh yeah, sales merchandising company yeah?
[848] ... Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh does he really?
[849] Well forget him then.
[850] That's a sales representation company.
[851] We don't want any sales representation in Belfast.
[852] We've got somebody that'll go over there once a m once a year is enough for the business.
[853] Yeah yeah.
[854] D'you want do you?
[855] Alright, that's it then apart from that right okay, alright, I'll put you on to then.
[856] I'll see you later.
[857] I'll see you Monday morning then, have a good weekend.
[858] Alright dear.
[859] Bye
Brett (PS4BL) [860] Hello alright?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [861] Pencil sharpener
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [862] I've been search for it and here it is look at that, two in there, that's the new one
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [863] Oh, they've half-inched it have they?
[864] Oh dear dear, can't have that eh?
[865] Valuable commodities pencil sharpeners
Gary (PS4BK) [866] Talking about valuable commodities, when are we gonna get on to the subject of
Stuart (PS4BM) [867] [laugh] oh dear
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [868] Excuse me excuse me boys we have er we have a rare opportunity here to have er a bring the sales meeting to an end where we will resume in the sub-committee, the third party in the sales office users sub-committee [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [869] You realise you dragged me away from one of my important I A T A meetings today?
Stuart (PS4BM) [870] He's never missed one since
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [871] he hasn't missed one since the second world war
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [872] Was it?
[873] Oh well done, all you gotta do is find the agenda now.
[874] Okay then we'll see you some time over there will I?
[875] ... Right okay great yeah yeah right okay lovely.
[876] So you s you just stay in the morning eh?
[877] Right that's it fine.
[878] Fair enough, thanks a lot, see you later, bye.
Stuart (PS4BM) [879] Right, well back to this please.
[880] Final final sales [...] update
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [881] Very quick, erm for the new route to already got all his plates for Munich, erm we're under negotiations with
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [882] [...] to go in there?
Brett (PS4BL) [883] Well we're trying for first of March.
[884] I don't know if accounts'll be ready because they've got to set up new bank accounts in Norway and Denmark and accounts with the credit card companies in both of the countries separately.
[885] Erm, as far as we're concerned we can get it under way.
[886] I'm seeing on Tuesday to see how he wants to g us to go about it in Norway.
[887] I think because we're going to have lack of erm secretarial setup erm in either country
Gary (PS4BK) [888] Denmark is a priority [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [889] we'll almost certainly erm use the contractor over there, the recognised contractor, both for supplying and servicing all our planes.
[890] It's erm a modest cost.
[891] I'll do a complete costing on it but I think er the only thing is of course there are so few agents total.
[892] We're talking just under two hundred in Denmark and just under three hundred in Norway it may be cost-effective for us to do it ourselves with initial distribution from Stansted and maybe a local person doing any new distributions but I think in all honesty it will be as cheap for us [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [893] You see because does that
Brett (PS4BL) [894] Erm I think accounts are gonna be pushed f pushed for the first of March.
[895] queried whether we really needed to be in it and I told him that sales wanted it and the reasons why we wanted to be in erm even the fact that it was going to k erm give us more accounting work erm whatsisname what bank is it?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [896] Yeah
Brett (PS4BL) [897] There are four banks in all and that means extra accounts and what are you going to do with all that money?
[898] I said [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [899] [...] remind you that all money at the moment goes either to first which isn't quite so bad cos they're family but a vast amount goes into and , both of whom have therefore access to our commercial sensitive, for want of a better term, information and we want to control that.
[900] We want to put it back in to .
[901] We also want the money quicker which erm I would have thought would more than outweigh any of the so-called extra expense that you've got and er I said we regard it as an essential sales tool to be get m better recognition in the country so er he is progressing with the applications.
[902] As regards the purely administrative side, I can see no problem at all, can see no problem.
[903] Erm, it's extremely highly automated both in respect of the agents and the reporting and everything which er says will actually be very good for them.
[904] Erm but what we will have to do is set up our local procedures as regards agents queries and things like that in both countries, both with and also whatever you decide in Denmark of how we run the procedure but that can be something [...] later but what we'll need to do is no doubt before we actually do the distribution to the agents and the erm the information out to them th why we're going into [...] on our own as opposed to being served by the other carriers.
[905] So erm that's really it.
[906] I'm not intending to do anything with any carriers as regards new [...] stuff through the [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [907] it's me.
[908] Alright dear?
Brett (PS4BL) [909] schedule, just in case we suddenly find we haven't got slots and [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [910] yes, I got the message
Brett (PS4BL) [911] signed up and until they give us a firm this is it
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [912] but there will be one or two quite good new opportunities I think.
[913] One or two of the long-haulers [...] in Munich who are erm
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [914] Copenhagen as well
Brett (PS4BL) [915] Copenhagen yes sorry there's existing ones but there's there's erm I think Malaysian and is it Denmark, somebody like that
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Mike (PS4BN) [916] You got my note on [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [917] Yes thank you
Mike (PS4BN) [918] Cos that's quite easy to set up
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [919] No erm do they want it on er full and excursions?
[920] Two separate rates and do they want it net or gross?
Mike (PS4BN) [921] You need to contact that guy
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [922] Okay so I'll t I'll talk to him direct
Mike (PS4BN) [923] Okay
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [924] Erm but Stansted Paris and Stansted Frankfurt [...] centre business trips and
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [925] Really?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [926] Of course they've got the
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [927] [...] so they can go round the circuit
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [928] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [929] Using us as the middle bit, it doesn't matter which airport they use?
Stuart (PS4BM) [930] Cos we need to cos we need to sort of all hands to the pump next week cos we've got a big change-over ... Yeah but I know ink [...] ... well no cos the leaflet he's got has only just been approved and it's going out next week ... yeah ... well I mean you're to ha you're to handle their enquiries er deal with their enquiries and then tell them to phone ... yeah ... yeah yeah but you see it's the mailing that's gone out and and then he's got to do some advertising first two weeks in Feb.
[931] Mailing's gone out.
[932] It's not really made it clear that it's for bookings and reservations as well.
[933] It's not made it clear.
[934] It says this is the only number you want but as read it and said well it doesn't really make it clear it's for reservations and bookings and it doesn't really so we'll just have to make sure that it damn well happens on the advert.
[935] The other thing is I need er we need to monitor the source of er informations reg information regarding the cordless phone promotion so I've devised a form which I'll get faxed [...] ... yeah in other words, where did they find out about the promotion.
[936] Right?
[937] Oh other people.
[938] So when they phone up your girls and they say oh I I've seen this promotion about a cordless phone I want the girls to ask where where did you hear about it?
[939] Well I've desi I've got a special form for it ... Mhm yeah right okay and we well this is this is a different type of form and it needs it we need it more specific.
[940] We need to know whether it was from the Mail on Sunday or the Sunday Times, from the television, all those sort of things and it's just a simple form, they tick a tick a box.
[941] Right so I'll I'll post that up to somebody ... right.
[942] Well I'll I'll fax it first thing in the morning on Monday right or somebody will so you can get it y'know we just need to monitor it for a week and that's it.
[943] No longer so just to get a feel f ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [944] [...] she lacks what I would call sales technique
Stuart (PS4BM) [945] Yeah but it was well [...] it in until two days before Christmas
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [946] that's one thing she has done more of in this last six months [...] structure.
[947] If I showed her this you know what you've done there
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [948] yeah well I mean I wouldn't
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [949] and a number have had two or three on time saver with the incentive
Mike (PS4BN) [950] I can't see the reason
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [951] No, but she works from home, she's got
Mike (PS4BN) [952] got an advantage she got a fax at home [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [953] yeah well that's probably not a bad thing.
[954] No well I don't want anybody going round saying that the phones have been inundated in Norwich because we because we haven't circularised the number properly cos that's our fault not anybody else's
Mike (PS4BN) [955] come in every day does she, not if she's got calls to make from home [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [956] I don't mean today I mean if she's going in to London or something [...] you know she's got a base in London to do something in the morning before she goes on a call as opposed to some of them who haven't got a proper office space [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [957] Well it will be for a for a month at least until people find out the number
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [958] [...] running a social club [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [959] Well I mean the sort of like in Reading will probably only call once every blue moon ... Yeah but you've got a situation where there's and and sort of and th she's not gonna tell is she?th what's going on ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [960] all that off her own back y'know, only a little thing but she's doing that as well
Stuart (PS4BM) [961] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [962] I don't know you'll have to ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [963] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [964] Yeah well b well what I'm trying to say and I can't emphasise it too strongly is that I don't want anybody going round like writing another stupid letter to somebody saying that erm you know the reason we're inundated that it hasn't been advertised properly cos I tell you what it'll come back right in our faces cos it's our bloody fault ... Well that's right well we know that I mean I told them all I told them all quite clearly when I was up in Glasgow that they'd be quiet for at least a month because p it'll take time to filter through.
[965] You know, the number and I mean [...] hasn't been able to get round to buying space in the T T G and Travel Weekly until the first two weeks in February cos we were so late in informing him ... I must [...] had this conversation has taken away the brochure so there's not a copy here but we'll try and get hold of some as soon as possible but I mean they're mainly for Glasgow [...] but had been been up there from R and D y'know and she said that the people up there didn't seem to know the slightest thing about interline how to deal with interline tickets and agency tickets and all that sort of business.
[966] Well I think that well ... [laugh] what interline? oh good thinking.
[967] Well good th yeah right yeah.
[968] Well she c well when she came down there I mean she wasn't trying to score points or anything.
[969] I just think that she was genuinely worried that they didn't seem to know a lot about it.
[970] I said well I thought well has been up there been up there er I thought had been up there a had been up there?
[971] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [972] Now that's that's not account management in the same way that [...] isn't it?
Stuart (PS4BM) [973] well between the two between the two no the only between the two [...] in Glasgow is that you've got to cover it all anyway
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [974] Whatever.
[975] I mean if Glasgow breaks down for I mean if the pros get called out for two weeks it's not gonna make a big deal of difference [...] at Norwich.
[976] But you know what's gonna happen.
[977] Some arsehole right is going to pick up and say oh well I phoned up this and y'know and then phoned the bloody managing director ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [978] based on a two for one that's hundred and ten quid [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [979] yeah well exactly that's wh yeah that's what I said alright ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [980] that's what we that's what we sold [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [981] right [laugh] no ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [982] anything like that again just [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [983] yeah well you know it's okay ... well you know I well you know yeah it's just that it worried me [...] about this meeting here and three people out of the five people in the room didn't realise that it was a reservations and booking service.
[984] They thought it was an enquiry line that was [laugh] yeah well it just shows you though doesn't it?
[985] It says it's there is a moral in the story as they say.
[986] Well you can never you never assume anything
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [987] and thought it was a reservations line oh was sorry it wasn't a reservations [...] line and that it was just an enquiry line.
[988] Well I know I know [laugh] is the only one that realised [...] I would've been more shocked if had [laugh] yeah [laugh] I would have been out on the pavement here whistling with a banjo whistling Dixie there you are [laugh] [...] that one [laugh] no not yet no.
[989] No it's er the initial the initial report that's gone back has said that you're gonna have a bad knee very shortly [laugh] but apart from that you'll be inflicted with some physical injury.
[990] Yeah well par for the course par for the course.
[991] Well I hope you're alright anyway.
[992] Put yo put your foot up y it's about time for Home and Away now so you've gotta get that on [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [993] No I'm not I'm not starting to get worried dearest.
[994] Alright.
[995] No I'm only phoning you because you phoned I'm only phoning because you ph yeah yeah no no we've been here all the time and the phone didn't ring once ... well ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [996] some houses some houses for sale in your village aren't there? [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [997] Yeah there's one little minor adjustment that you y you might be aware you might need to be aware of.
[998] Due to protestations that er is g for the meantime is go in the interim is going to man Glasgow er on Saturday afternoons.
[999] Well he's just gonna make them stay longer isn't he?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1000] Well that's fine, don't worry we'll get round it.
[1001] Just just for a couple of weekends to see how many actual calls we do get.
[1002] Ah just a couple of people that's all two people and er they'll just have to get round it somehow but we don't ... yeah ... well you speak to him right yeah well they can have they can have what they want but I mean it might be just a short term thing.
[1003] It depends it depends on how many calls we get but says that the agencies are all open on Saturday afternoons, you shouldn't get lots of leisure leisure bookings and [...] ... [laugh] yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1004] I heard that
Stuart (PS4BM) [1005] No he no [laugh] no way she didn't say that [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1006] I could hear her thinking it then
Stuart (PS4BM) [1007] [laugh] he could hear you thinking that he was a silly old git [laugh] .
[1008] Do you know this conversation's being taped?
[1009] You've missed you've missed this today.
[1010] You've missed this today.
[1011] We're having a k our entire meeting's being taped for er for an interest of science [laugh] in the interests of science for posterity for a survey on English language
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [yawn]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1012] No no this is being done by a university or Longmans press or something like that, surveying the use of language in the nineteen nineties.
[1013] However [laugh] they can hear me but they can't hear you so that's no no no we've had a fairly usual frank and honest er discussion.
[1014] Right okay.
[1015] Right we'll leave it at that then.
[1016] Have a nice weekend, keep on taking the pills [laugh] yeah well you know what it's like y'know there'll be so many people dying for this to fail ... well they don't know what's going on but but all they'll get is one call interception which says I can't get through I can't get through, or I've tried this number and it doesn't work and blah you know usual thing but ... right I must [laugh] keep on taking the Buffalo Bills.
[1017] Yeah that's right.
[1018] Yes [...] Amsterdam [laugh] no no no I'm cont contactable.
[1019] I'll be contactable.
[1020] I'll be in first thing for half an hour and then I'm off ... alright.
[1021] I'll be in Amsterdam sales office for the af from two o'clock in the afternoon yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1022] There's a thrill for ya
Stuart (PS4BM) [1023] Alright cheers bye.
[1024] Right, sorry about that chaps.
[1025] Sorry.
[1026] Right then
Gary (PS4BK) [1027] Are you doing an internal notice on the changes to all departments, including the other airports and everything like that or who's gonna put that out?
Stuart (PS4BM) [1028] Well I was going to but I was I was hoping to get some news on er summer cruise cos I'm gonna do a whole sales department down in swops and changes first
Gary (PS4BK) [1029] But I'm just thinking, the airport's should know and also the switchboards should know ...
Stuart (PS4BM) [1030] Well I told , knows ...
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1031] [...] ... don't look at me like that cos I know that that means [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1032] No it's alright.
[1033] I think that there ought to be a proper company wide inst or certainly U K wide instruction going out so that everybody's aware of the changes
Stuart (PS4BM) [1034] Alright.
[1035] I'll send a note round then.
[1036] You watch some bright spark will say [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1037] I think you're gonna get that anyway whatever you
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1038] People don't mind being referred if it's something that is genuinely [...] but say they phone Leeds and Leeds don't know and Leeds refer them to a number they think it is and then they refer to a third number then somebody gets [...] .
[1039] If Leeds say it's not something we can deal with here, this is the number you ring and they've been told the wrong number that is a very bad impression and all the airports get calls constantly, as you know from B A days, so no matter what it's about people will ring a local number, no matter whether it's in two foot high capitals saying for enquiries ring this number
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1040] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1041] Even though it says it's free for you to do it, they'll still ring up another number
Stuart (PS4BM) [1042] Alright so are we have we done point ten have we?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1043] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [1044] Yeah.
[1045] Point eleven.
[1046] You've got the notes
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1047] You you were just saying about us not knowing.
[1048] There's my notes from the when I actually passed a repeat and we didn't say that travel agents sales were going to be done on that number.
[1049] I wrote them down, trade enquiries, then I [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1050] Don't you remember I stopped no you won't remember but I stopped because I was writing down exactly what we were doing
Stuart (PS4BM) [1051] Alright I won't repeat what [...] said
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1052] Thank you very much
Stuart (PS4BM) [1053] All I'll say is you missed a good lunch [laugh] .
[1054] Right, air passenger duty.
[1055] Th the notes that're attached are actually for er he's been looking into the matter and basically it's for information only really
Brett (PS4BL) [1056] It's completely comprehensive and really the only thing I would say in addition to that is er there are further meetings coming up.
[1057] The next one is er got a meeting on it er I think the airlines are going on a very much a co- ordinated thing er I think most people are probably in agreement with this size eight exemption, make a group specific because really the idea when they put this original proposal in about the size of aircraft was to protect things like the [...] and [...] troops that are shall we say [...] and I think most people would go for that line of thinking because as put in there, why the hell should something again on Cambridge when we can't on Stansted but it was really designed to protect certain things.
[1058] Erm somehow or other it's going to come along and I think most people's thinkings are that it will be shown as a tax item on the ticket as are the taxes in other countries
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [1059] As you can see the erm, where is it, we've got to have, or the airlines have got to have their submissions in by the end of this month so if we have got anything really that we want to say from sales we ought to be letting have it in in a formal thing.
[1060] Er the other thing I did mention is we're not the only people who have erm problems with typing.
[1061] Timetables
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1062] Did you know that I was the only one in the management meeting that picked that up?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1063] You were?
Stuart (PS4BM) [1064] I was the only one that picked that up, that I was incorrectly spelt
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1065] And the other one that caught on second was which says something doesn't it?
[1066] And even when it was explained to he didn't clock it.
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1067] Really?
Stuart (PS4BM) [1068] No, he just looked at everybody blank
Gary (PS4BK) [1069] I went to erm whatever her name is, no, is it ?
[1070] Training cabin staff lady, I've forgotten her name
Stuart (PS4BM)
Gary (PS4BK) [1071] Yeah.
[1072] And said that really shouldn't our cabin staff announcements be changed to say, that the use of portable telephones is not permitted on the aircraft.
[1073] She says it is.
[1074] I said well will you please stop the girls saying the use of portable telephones are not permitted
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Gary (PS4BK) [1075] I said three flights that I've been on in the last fortnight.
[1076] She said Stansted crew, I said yes, and Norwich and Glasgow.
[1077] Apparently it is laid down as is but they're all saying are because they thing it's telephones are, not use is
Stuart (PS4BM) [1078] [laugh] That's a good one for the tape isn't it? [laugh]
Gary (PS4BK) [1079] Considering they come from the pick and mix department at [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1080] [laugh] is that another one of phrases, is it?
Gary (PS4BK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1081] Oh it's a fill in, I thought that was sort of more like a personnel type phrase.
[1082] queens
Gary (PS4BK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1083] the pick and mix department from oh brilliant.
[1084] No, it's the personnel statement is well what do you expect from queens who can't talk proper [laugh]
Mike (PS4BN) [1085] While we're on the subject of can we clear [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1086] [laugh] no well that comes last.
[1087] Please can we get on with the serious stuff please.
Mike (PS4BN) [1088] Oh this is serious I'm sorry it is
Stuart (PS4BM) [1089] [laugh] oh hang on a minute, wait til I've finished please
Mike (PS4BN) [1090] okay sorry
Stuart (PS4BM) [1091] Right, last one then.
[1092] Twelve, summer schedule ninety four.
[1093] Does anyone want to say anything about that?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [1094] I don't know cos we thought you'd be the only one who actually managed to get a copy when nobody else could lay their fice for the af from two o'clock in the afternoon yeah F finalised
Gary (PS4BK) [1095] Well it seems that being a member of the luncheon club gives you some benefits
Stuart (PS4BM) [1096] Yes yes
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1097] Is it worthwhile talking about it now or shall we leave it til next week?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1098] Probably best [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [1099] asked for a second rotation on Scotland to Amsterdam on a Saturday
Stuart (PS4BM) [1100] Yeah
Gary (PS4BK) [1101] In fact, what they've done is split the morning service.
[1102] Separate aircraft from Aberdeen and Edinburgh so that will double the capacity but it won't give us two frequencies of cost.
[1103] So I mean that's that's [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [...]
Gary (PS4BK) [1104] Seventy five percent of solving the problem because the big problem for capacity was the in-bound on a Saturday morning which, of course, will be solved now
Stuart (PS4BM) [1105] Well we need to we need t there are one or two what I would call relatively minor scheduling issues that we need to keep a handle on and again it's the usual, it's the East coast and Essex stuff isn't it?
[1106] You know, Teesside , Norwich that sort of thing.
[1107] I mean, one or two, I mean t you've got a copy haven't ya [...] of latest missive on this which was the twenty third of December actually about all these things.
[1108] I think he went into far too much detail about it.
[1109] I'm worried about this Amsterdam [...] Amsterdam because it's obvious from paper
Brett (PS4BL) [1110] Mhm
Stuart (PS4BM) [1111] right that have got a bit of a niche round about five o'clock from bloody Amsterdam and we're getting shafted.
[1112] I looked at it, I looked at the er [...]
Brett (PS4BL) [1113] Yeah, it's a question of what goes up comes down.
[1114] It's all the same stuff you know, we can't move forward unless it comes forward at the other end [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1115] well you see there [...] to seventeen forty and Stansted to the comparable er
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1116] Yeah
Stuart (PS4BM) [1117] service is nineteen fifty.
[1118] We're getting slaughtered on that and on the other way round.
[1119] Th that's now what's the w what time is the fifth rotation?
Mike (PS4BN) [1120] Seventeen hundred
Stuart (PS4BM) [1121] It's crap, it's in the middle of the day, it's a load of shit, never sell that.
[1122] It needs to be it needs to be at one at four, one at six or something like if we can possibly do it
Mike (PS4BN) [1123] In fact you know that's probably one of the only ways we can attack on this
Stuart (PS4BM) [1124] Exactly well it's look at this report.
[1125] Of all the things that sprung out at me on the paper in this report that we could actually do something about was to slot in a fifth round about the five o'clock crunch time and taken them out the market but I ...
Mike (PS4BN) [1126] do something about
Stuart (PS4BM) [1127] Er eighteen forty five to Stansted is ours, there's a seventeen twenty
Mike (PS4BN) [1128] Yeah it's much better
Stuart (PS4BM) [1129] Well it's much more user-friendly schedule than we've got.
[1130] They're four a day, we're four a day.
[1131] We've got five a day.
[1132] We've got one more than them therefore we should use it to our advantage.
Gary (PS4BK) [1133] We haven't got the aircraft at that time, it's peak time
Stuart (PS4BM) [1134] Well why do we then shove it in a stupid s four o'clock job?
Gary (PS4BK) [1135] Because that's when the seats are available
Stuart (PS4BM) [1136] Yeah well come on I mean we ought to be able to be a little bit more creative than that.
[1137] That's one issue that I don't like.
[1138] The other issues are Aberdeen to we're gonna get shafted again [...] cos have got a different schedule now haven't they?
Gary (PS4BK) [1139] They're going to today
Stuart (PS4BM) [1140] Yeah, are they?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1141] But aren't they going from seven o'clock nine o'clock or something like that?
Gary (PS4BK) [1142] No
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1143] No
Gary (PS4BK) [1144] No, not now, our schedules are perfect with that they're planning cos I spoke to the other day
Stuart (PS4BM) [1145] Oh well
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1146] Are they still ahead of us out to Aberdeen back to though?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1147] They're gonna be after us now
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1148] Are they?
Gary (PS4BK) [1149] [...] before us but their plan now is to come after us on a D C nine
Stuart (PS4BM) [1150] Oh right, well that's not so bad then I'm happy
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1151] so if we get
Stuart (PS4BM) [1152] on this.
[1153] I'm not sure about the er I'm not sure what the issues are regarding Aberdeen Aberdeen
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1154] [...] short spain
Stuart (PS4BM) [1155] Yeah short which is what you suggested [...] get this plane from and then we can probably er
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1156] And we need to put an end to the rumour about Stansted I mean it's ridiculous
Stuart (PS4BM) [1157] Well this i that's a lunch club rumour because that one has not been [...] to airport
Mike (PS4BN) [1158] Yeah but that
Stuart (PS4BM) [1159] You what?
[1160] You what?
Mike (PS4BN) [1161] had meetings with airport
Stuart (PS4BM) [1162] Well I mean that's
Mike (PS4BN) [1163] cos wants to keep the door open
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1164] I mean by all means talk, Southend is the latest one over there so
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1165] Stansted doesn't it?
Mike (PS4BN) [1166] airport are desperate.
[1167] were gonna do it weren't they?
Stuart (PS4BM) [1168] ?
[1169] Well you can almost swim from there
Mike (PS4BN) [1170] Just for the opening of the channel time, that'd be perfect timing for us wouldn't it?
[1171] Just the sort of wrong time you know
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Mike (PS4BN) [1172] who wants to go somewhere when the channel tunnel [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1173] Well has got to have something to do hasn't he? to justify his job because I mean he's talked to in the past, he's talked about everything.
[1174] Can we fly er Stansted or whatever bloody hell towns there are, Stansted I mean it's Stansted Stansted every bloody place in that's got a sodding airport
Mike (PS4BN) [1175] I don't think I [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Gary (PS4BK) [1176] It's a bit of poetic licence there but I think [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Gary (PS4BK) [1177] if an aircraft does come back it would be an ideal way of getting our market share back from by putting it on the east coast
Stuart (PS4BM) [1178] Well apparently our load facts according to I mean they're sixties all the time so
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1179] Apart from where we've only got one or two
Stuart (PS4BM) [1180] Oh well crap yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1181] Yeah what I don't like about if they're doing
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1182] Yes I know
Stuart (PS4BM) [1183] If if they're doing the business on they could be pulling off , that's what I don't like cos the airport's are too so close together, like it's too you know too er ... Right, shall we revert, I think more sensible to talk about this in the beginning of February yeah?
[1184] Yes?
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1185] Well, it's getting close ...
Brett (PS4BL) [1186] Well it's up to the managers but I agree with Stansted four times a day, I think we're losing a lot of traffic because we have nothing between seven in the morning and three o'clock in the afternoon
Stuart (PS4BM) [1187] That that's [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1188] Yeah
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1189] [...] the other ones on Saturday and Sunday I mean
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1190] was tut-tutting that we shouldn't be using [...] out of er Stansted airport, they should be jets
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1191] What aircraft could we use for it ?
Stuart (PS4BM) [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1192] Then will have twenty seven
Mike (PS4BN) [1193] That would be too late wouldn't it for that though
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1194] Twelve o'clock?
Mike (PS4BN) [1195] Yeah, fourteen hundred
Brett (PS4BL) [1196] Well I can't see why we want the other two but I can see [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1197] Yeah this is at weekends.
[1198] has already crapped himself about the [...] visit cause extra work of course but er the er however we should er revert maybe we'll keep an eye on the schedule and things er but we we need to tie it up tight so we don't get a cos I mean what's being said now in the corridors of power is that the schedule is totally sales driven and it's the sales department that's put it together, I am only the administrator, I only I d I completely take my orders from the sales department quote unquote in front of everybody at the management meeting.
[1199] looked around and said well he said looked at me said er well cos he was just about to g throw a wobbly and say, well surely the sales department should be dealing with this, should be should be giving him the information and he he just turned round and gave the aforementioned quote and I just sort of went yes it is.
[1200] I said but you do appreciate there are some dead sectors in the timetable that wouldn't w that even the greatest salesmen in the world couldn't sell because they're precisioning sectors.
[1201] And he said oh well that will always be the case, that will always be the case.
[1202] I said well it shouldn't be the bloody case at all and that's when we got into the debate about er Aberdeen to er one following half half an hour after the other.
[1203] I said well why the why the fuck does it do that?
[1204] We don't need two services f for the [...] from Aberdeen to one half an hour after the other.
[1205] Why doesn't it cut out airport and fly [...] one less stop you know.
[1206] They said oh well we'll have to look at that you know
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1207] Well they're doing that now aren't they?
[1208] Take it to then back through [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1209] according to they're they're they're according to I should say they've adjusted it that it's g it's not gonna go Aberdeen it's gonna go Aberdeen or even Aberdeen direct so which is pretty [...]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [1210] How many years have we been flying that route ?
Stuart (PS4BM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JN6PSUNK) [...]
Stuart (PS4BM) [1211] Right okay erm so there's the ref it's refinement rather than radical changes that we're talking about here really isn't it?
Mike (PS4BN) [1212] I'm glad I'm glad he said that cos I'm having a bit of a problem on flights for the summer we want more capacity than