Consultation with solicitor. Sample containing about 1360 words speech recorded in business context

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PS4G8 Ag4 m (Neville, age 45, solicitor) unspecified
PS4G9 Ag2 m (No name, age 30, Client) unspecified
JNUPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JNUPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 122701 recorded on 1993-06-30. LocationNottinghamshire: Southwell, Near Newark ( Solicitor's office on busy street ) Activity: Legal consultation Question-and-amswer, explanation

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Neville (PS4G8) [1] We've got a hearing coming up on the sixteenth of July in
(PS4G9) [2] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [3] in Norwich or wherever it is.
[4] Erm ... we've ... sent all the paperworks ... down to er an agent there and we've still not heard from the other solicitors as to what this ... erm ...
(PS4G9) [5] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [6] thing is ... but I'm pretty sure I can identify it ...
(PS4G9) [7] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [8] from the stuff that's now been introduced to us.
[9] Cos there is there appears to have been a display kitchen at some stage. [...]
(PS4G9) [10] So I gathered after Mr and Mrs were [...] .
Neville (PS4G8) [11] Yeah.
[12] Erm ... just track the letter down where he said that.
[13] ... [...] between February and March nineteen ninety.
[14] ... Two five eight nine seven two in which [...] exactly er the amount that was [...]
(PS4G9) [15] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [16] [...] .
[17] ... Now I can't identify what these numbers mean but I think it relates to
(PS4G9) [18] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [19] erm a display kitchen.
[20] It it says [reading] display account [] .
(PS4G9) [21] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [22] ... Erm [reading] creative cuisine, kitchen-wise [] .
[23] But i this was actually addressed to erm the Mansfield address.
(PS4G9) [24] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [25] So maybe that's why ... it's not come to light before.
[26] Erm ... I presume that ... the s are right in saying that this this relates to the display account at at Newark .
(PS4G9) [27] Mhm.
[28] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [29] I mean I dunno whether you whether you you may want to [...]
(PS4G9) [30] Well well I I as I er as both myself and my wife understood it, everything had been paid and then obviously when we got the letter saying we owed this amount of money it didn't come to light till Mr and Mrs came to see you
Neville (PS4G8) [cough]
(PS4G9) [31] and said yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [32] Yeah.
(PS4G9) [33] But they ... discrepancies on their side as well with credits owed and all.
[34] I mean I had nothing at all to do with t' business except I went in partnership with me wife and that.
Neville (PS4G8) [35] Right.
(PS4G9) [36] So er obviously I didn't know anything about the money owed ... or we would've endeavoured to pay it off straight away when we went to the bank er originally when it went ... when it folded.
Neville (PS4G8) [37] Right.
[38] Erm ... there's two points really.
[39] First of all you've got to be satisfied that that actually relates to the unit that was at at Newark.
(PS4G9) [40] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [41] ... And as I say the curiosity is that it it was actually addressed to Mansfield.
[42] ... Erm I don't represent Mr and Mrs as you know, although they've been in to give us a witness statement.
(PS4G9) [43] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [44] Erm you're fairly ... Are you're fairly confident that they're ... not telling us a porky about this?
(PS4G9) [45] ... [cough] Well I honestly don't know.
[46] We've had erm ... I wouldn't say a fall out but er we're on frosty terms to say the least.
Neville (PS4G8) [47] Right.
(PS4G9) [48] This is doing me no good at all whereas it seems to be all me and my wife it's ... but like we went to court, Mr [...] and Mrs who were equally involved in it
Neville (PS4G8) [49] Sure.
(PS4G9) [50] are not, you know, haven't been petitioned or anything.
Neville (PS4G8) [51] Don't worry, I've told the solicitors that are appearing for us on the sixteenth of July that that's the situation, that the have not joined in all of the partners [...]
(PS4G9) [52] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [53] joined in too and that they they really ought to be invited to put the s in the frame as well.
[54] Erm ... so I think this hearing on the sixteenth of July will be quite useful in trying to be able to i identify that this display unit relates to Newark and not to Mansfield.
(PS4G9) [55] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [56] Assuming for the moment that is right then obviously that sum is is outstanding
(PS4G9) [57] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [58] er and to avoid racking up costs which is a thing that worries me
(PS4G9) [59] That that's what I come to see ya yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [60] erm I think that some sort of offer ought to be made.
[61] Now we we've got these suggestions that you have problems with late the later deliveries from
(PS4G9) [62] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [63] which created ... inconvenience at the least and expense in you having to buy units from elsewhere [noise - traffic] [...] customs.
[64] Er if we're doing the job properly as I said to you before we really need the invoices for various
(PS4G9) [65] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [66] customers and how much it's actually cost you to put the jobs right.
[67] Erm ... but taking a very broad approach to it it may be that we can suggest to the receivers of that ... erm ... taking the inconvenience, the extra cost and so on, roughly say half of that account erm
(PS4G9) [68] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [69] can be wiped out.
[70] Er and and just going through my mind at the moment [...]
(PS4G9) [71] Is that like settling out of court cos that's [...]
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [72] On yes
(PS4G9) [73] I would settle for that.
Neville (PS4G8) [74] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
(PS4G9) [75] As you know I mean I'm ... only a working man
Neville (PS4G8) [76] Yeah.
(PS4G9) [77] wi not an extortionate amount of wages and [...] we've just had this [...] two hundred pound for the to be transferred to Mansfield.
Neville (PS4G8) [78] Sorry what's that?
(PS4G9) [79] Erm ... well I bought in two hundred pound on account for my cost to you and then
Neville (PS4G8) [80] Oh yes I'm sorry, yeah that's right
(PS4G9) [81] Had a letter
Neville (PS4G8) [82] Yeah
(PS4G9) [83] this weekend
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
(PS4G9) [84] for another two hundred pound for ... if I get it right is it to fetch it over to Mansfield or their
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [85] newsagents over in Norwich and
(PS4G9) [86] Yeah yeah
Neville (PS4G8) [87] obviously you don't want to pay us to travel over there
(PS4G9) [88] No
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [89] So erm I'm [...] just throwing this out as an idea that we perhaps we offer one half of this amount here
(PS4G9) [90] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [91] erm each side to pay its own costs
(PS4G9) [92] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [93] and we get the s to pay half of the half.
(PS4G9) [94] ... Yeah.
[95] Well
Neville (PS4G8) [...]
(PS4G9) [96] if worst comes to worst and they don't accept that
Neville (PS4G8) [97] Aha.
(PS4G9) [98] speaking on my own for my own personal point of view erm if they if [...] they insist they want this full amount
Neville (PS4G8) [99] Yeah.
(PS4G9) [100] would it be possible for me to pay my half of that and [...] the s pay the other half because I'm not i it it's really started to worry me and concern me a lot
Neville (PS4G8) [101] I'm
(PS4G9) [102] now
Neville (PS4G8) [103] I'm sure that's right and [...] includes a lot of interest as well
(PS4G9) [104] That's right yeah
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [pages of paper being turned over] [...]
(PS4G9) [105] building up every day really.
[106] I mean [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [107] The object
(PS4G9) [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [108] as far as I'm concerned is to try and kill it as quickly
(PS4G9) [109] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [110] as we can cos of the cost side ... erm ... I'm not happy about the way they've drawn up the writ because it doesn't say precisely wh it doesn't say what that invoice says it's only
(PS4G9) [111] No.
Neville (PS4G8) [112] because we've done some digging around that we've actually got that information
(PS4G9) [113] Mm.
Neville (PS4G8) [114] it doesn't say it it was at Newark ... erm and I think you've got reasonable prospects of knocking it back because of the problems you had with towards the end.
[115] So I think you know erm
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
(PS4G9) [116] we've got no proof they were labelled deliveries or
Neville (PS4G8) [...]
(PS4G9) [117] customers complaints or
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [118] Er I mean the interest is one thousand one hundred quid so
(PS4G9) [119] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [120] we're talking about three six aren't you at the end of the day that's what they're trying to apply for.
[121] Erm ... [sniff] I'll start on the basis that we offer one two fifty.
(PS4G9) [122] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [123] What I want to do is clear that with Mr and Mrs as well pay half of that
(PS4G9) [124] Yeah.
[125] I think [noise - traffic] [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [126] So does that sound okay to you?
(PS4G9) [127] It sounds very good yeah ... [cough]
Neville (PS4G8) [128] But you're saying anywhere between those two figures personally you will pay half of the two thousand [...] five hundred and eighty nine [...]
(PS4G9) [129] Just to finish it off yeah.
[130] I mean if they insist they want all that I mean I'll [...] if they insist they want the interest as well then I'm in er a bit of a spot [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [131] Yeah.
[132] ... Okay leave it with me.
[133] I'll er telephone them possibly
Unknown speaker (JNUPSUNK) [...]
Neville (PS4G8) [134] I'll telephone them tomorrow and see whether we can sort something out.
(PS4G9) [135] Thanks a lot them Mr .
Neville (PS4G8) [136] Okay I'll be in touch .
(PS4G9) [137] I feel a little bit better at least.
Neville (PS4G8) [138] Yeah.
(PS4G9) [139] Thank you anyway.
Neville (PS4G8) [140] Alright.
(PS4G9) [141] Cheerio then .
Neville (PS4G8) [142] Ta-ta.
(PS4G9) [143] Er shall I pop in tomorrow with the two hundred pound for Norwich then?
Neville (PS4G8) [144] Er yes if you wouldn't mind.
(PS4G9) [145] Okay then.
Neville (PS4G8) [146] It may be that we don't have to use all of that.
[147] Obviously you'll get a refund if I can solve
(PS4G9) [148] Yeah.
Neville (PS4G8) [149] this fairly quickly.
(PS4G9) [150] Okay then Mr .
[151] Thanks a lot.
Neville (PS4G8) [152] Alright.
(PS4G9) [153] Cheerio.
Neville (PS4G8) [154] Bye. [door closing]