Sales pitch. Sample containing about 2852 words speech recorded in business context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C571

PS4GH Ag4 m (John, age 51, retired music teacher, Householder) unspecified
PS4GJ Ag2 m (Markus, age 25+, salesperson) unspecified
PS4GK Ag4 f (Gill, age 51, music teacher, Householder) unspecified
JNYPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JNYPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 122902 recorded on 1994-01-25. LocationNottinghamshire: Southwell, Near Newark ( Private house ) Activity: Sales pitch Interactive sales demonstration, discussion.

Undivided text

John (PS4GH) [1] [...] listen in to everything which is
Markus (PS4GJ) [2] Oh right.
John (PS4GH) [3] [...] said.
[4] If I can get you to scrawl your signature and today's date which is the twenty fifth on there.
Markus (PS4GJ) [...]
John (PS4GH) [5] Right, is your signature readable?
[6] Ah could you print your name
Markus (PS4GJ) [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [7] it's just that she needs your name, the fact that you're male,th an approximate age within five years.
Markus (PS4GJ) [8] [...] that information.
John (PS4GH) [9] Erm [...] basically
Markus (PS4GJ) [...]
John (PS4GH) [10] Oh right er twenty five plus.
Gill (PS4GK) [11] I don't know why people are a bit
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [12] touchy about their ages to be perfectly honest.
[13] You know.
John (PS4GH) [14] [...] erm what is your job basically?
[15] You're a
Markus (PS4GJ) [16] Well I suppose I'm a a blind salesman.
John (PS4GH) [17] Salesman
Gill (PS4GK) [18] [laughing] Blind salesman, that sounds good doesn't it. []
Markus (PS4GJ) [19] And fitter.
[20] I fit it as well.
John (PS4GH) [21] And fitter.
[22] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [23] So I have to make sure it's measured right.
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [24] You can't blame anybody else for anything can you .
Markus (PS4GJ) [...]
John (PS4GH) [25] Okay that's lovely thanks very much.
[26] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [27] Right, [...] it's not gonna
John (PS4GH) [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [28] fall down on your plants.
[29] If you get the middle about the middle of it.
John (PS4GH) [30] Dead in the middle, yeah.
[31] Or alive in the middle as they say.
Markus (PS4GJ) [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [32] You want that supported [...] . ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [33] Right.
[34] That is ... [...] right thank you.
John (PS4GH) [35] [...] ... [...] with the lights fading, it's gonna be five o'clock in half an hour's time, feed the dogs just before five and then see you you see.
Markus (PS4GJ) [36] I was a bit quicker in Newark than I thought.
John (PS4GH) [37] It's a good place to be quicker in.
Markus (PS4GJ) [laugh] ...
John (PS4GH) [38] [...] delicate measurements.
Markus (PS4GJ) [39] Yeah well we don't want it brushing on your
John (PS4GH) [40] The trouble is I'm quite sure that the plasterers never did that. [laugh]
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [41] They they just slop it up don't they.
Markus (PS4GJ) [42] Yeah.
[43] There is a bit of difference actually.
John (PS4GH) [44] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [45] Yes there is quite a bit of difference [...]
John (PS4GH) [46] Well we realized that when we had the windows changed.
Gill (PS4GK) [47] Yes I
Markus (PS4GJ) [48] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [49] I haven't quite finished wallpapering, I don't think that's gonna make a lot of difference is it to the [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [50] [...] ... Right, I've got a range of prices.
[51] Erm
John (PS4GH) [52] Essentially we need to know what what you can do and what you can't do and
Markus (PS4GJ) [53] Right. [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [54] What's av We've never ever bought a blind. ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [55] Right.
[56] Now what kind of colour were you looking for?
Gill (PS4GK) [57] White.
Markus (PS4GJ) [58] White.
Gill (PS4GK) [59] It must be white.
[60] [...] I don't think anything else is going to [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [61] Er that's our reduced one.
[62] That would be sixty nine pounds.
Gill (PS4GK) [63] Mhm.
[64] What are they made of?
Markus (PS4GJ) [65] Erm well they're usually
Gill (PS4GK) [66] Or doesn't that matter.
Markus (PS4GJ) [67] Well i a they're all polyester or
Gill (PS4GK) [68] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [69] erm some are fibreglass.
Gill (PS4GK) [70] [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [71] Yeah.
[72] [...] . These are the washable ones.
Gill (PS4GK) [73] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [74] These are the most expensive.
Gill (PS4GK) [75] Mhm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [76] These have just come in in the last year.
[77] Bu I mean I'd only advise those if you have like er you know, children with grubby hands and
Gill (PS4GK) [78] Or smokers.
Markus (PS4GJ) [79] Or sm whatever yeah, where it's gonna get really dirty .
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [80] And we don't have children with grubby hands [...] .
Gill (PS4GK) [81] No it's just you.
Markus (PS4GJ) [82] Well you see with those you can stick them in the washing machine.
Gill (PS4GK) [83] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [84] And your dryer and you can iron them.
[85] [...] Right, these are your whites.
[86] Erm I'll tell you how we price them.
[87] Erm the higher up it goes, the more expensive it is.
Gill (PS4GK) [88] Mhm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [89] Mhm.
Gill (PS4GK) [90] Mhm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [91] With anything.
[92] [...] That's a C you see, that would one [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [93] Mhm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [94] Erm that's an A, that would be ninety eight ad so on.
Gill (PS4GK) [95] Aha right.
[96] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [97] [...] have a look
Gill (PS4GK) [98] I quite like that sort of texture actually, that's you know that's quite [...]
John (PS4GH) [99] Oh yes yes that's quite nice that is.
Gill (PS4GK) [...] ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [100] Which is a D.
John (PS4GH) [101] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [102] Mm.
[103] See it's quite nice but [...]
John (PS4GH) [104] We've got just a bit of sun.
Gill (PS4GK) [105] [...] [...] .
John (PS4GH) [106] I can't see the difference between that one and the one that was [...] .
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [107] Oh yes there is, this is slightly closer weave.
Markus (PS4GJ) [108] Mm.
[109] It just depends how difficult they are to weave and that that usually makes them you know, more expensive.
[110] And if it's a difficult pattern.
John (PS4GH) [111] Well we wanted something that you know, wasn't just completely plain white, that had got either
Markus (PS4GJ) [112] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [113] a bit of texture or a pit of pattern in it when the light's shining through it.
Markus (PS4GJ) [114] We've got some beiges as well that a few are quite sort of close to white.
John (PS4GH) [115] Yeah. ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [116] I mean if you're interested in one I'll take one out because
Gill (PS4GK) [117] Well
Markus (PS4GJ) [118] if you hold them up to the light then you see them [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [119] Yes and then you see through [...] That one's got a
Markus (PS4GJ) [120] You'll have to hold it up to
Gill (PS4GK) [121] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [122] in front of that light then
John (PS4GH) [123] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [124] you can see it [...]
John (PS4GH) [125] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [126] Yes this is probably [...] see them at night time.
Gill (PS4GK) [127] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [128] Yes.
Gill (PS4GK) [129] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JNYPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [130] I quite quite like that that one.
[131] Which I think is the same.
Markus (PS4GJ) [132] Well on theirs I'm allowed to give you a discount, I [...] bring that down to a B. The higher up you're going.
John (PS4GH) [133] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [134] I mean I can get a bit more off you see.
John (PS4GH) [135] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [136] So I can give you a B a B price for that one. ...
Gill (PS4GK) [137] It's difficult to say well I mean suppose with all of these, the the light [...] the sunlight is going to
Markus (PS4GJ) [138] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [139] is gonna be diffused enough isn't it.
Markus (PS4GJ) [140] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [141] Yeah yeah.
[142] Cos you can see
Gill (PS4GK) [143] Yes it's
John (PS4GH) [144] see quite a bit through.
Gill (PS4GK) [145] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [146] that one.
Gill (PS4GK) [147] Well that would make [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [148] Yes you can yes.
[149] But it's it it would still
Gill (PS4GK) [150] [...] denser.
Markus (PS4GJ) [151] it would still you know erm ... stop stop the sunlight from you know,
Gill (PS4GK) [152] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [153] spoiling your T V programs or something.
Gill (PS4GK) [154] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [155] Or stopping it from rotting the furniture.
Gill (PS4GK) [156] Yeah my main er our main problem is the [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [157] Oh right yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [158] carpet because this this stuff does fade rather.
Markus (PS4GJ) [159] You're probably better off with something with a bit more texture to it then.
Gill (PS4GK) [160] Mm.
[161] A bit denser.
[162] [...] more open weave isn't it.
[163] [...] thicker
Markus (PS4GJ) [164] I mean they will they will protect your furniture it's just that they'll take all the battering then from the sun.
John (PS4GH) [165] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [166] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [167] I know white will probably d discolour a bit won't it.
Markus (PS4GJ) [168] Over
Gill (PS4GK) [169] It's erm
Markus (PS4GJ) [170] a long period of time, I mean we give a guarantee of two years on material.
Gill (PS4GK) [171] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [172] And a ten year guarantee on the headrail.
[173] So
John (PS4GH) [174] Mm [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [175] If in the future you wanted just to change your louvres,
John (PS4GH) [176] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [177] you know, you can do that.
[178] You can do it that way and it works out a lot cheaper.
John (PS4GH) [179] H how much do the louvres cost as a proportion
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [180] of the
Markus (PS4GJ) [181] Erm I think it's about half.
John (PS4GH) [182] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [183] It's about half yeah.
John (PS4GH) [184] So you could you could replace the blind if you redecorated and changed the colour
Markus (PS4GJ) [185] Oh yeah.
John (PS4GH) [186] scheme or something like that for about half the price.
Markus (PS4GJ) [187] Yeah. ...
John (PS4GH) [188] It doesn't look like [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [189] Yeah they don't call them [...] other than beige and white and [...] .
Gill (PS4GK) [190] I'm assuming that the that when they're actually made, when they're cut, they are actually cut absolutely dead straight on the [laugh] the grain of the erm the weave.
Markus (PS4GJ) [191] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [192] or otherwise you you know
Markus (PS4GJ) [193] No no they're gonna be dead straight.
Gill (PS4GK) [194] Er well it would be absolutely wouldn't they ?
Markus (PS4GJ) [195] Yes yes.
Gill (PS4GK) [196] It's just that some of these of course, the ones that have got like a square textured,
Markus (PS4GJ) [197] No you wouldn't get any sort [...]
John (PS4GH) [198] They'd look a bit funny if they were sort of
Gill (PS4GK) [199] They would they would look weird if they weren't exactly.
John (PS4GH) [200] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [201] Oh no they'd they'd be cut like you see them there .
Gill (PS4GK) [202] Perfect yeah.
[203] [...] [laugh] If I got something and it wasn't
Markus (PS4GJ) [204] The price includes VAT,
John (PS4GH) [205] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [206] includes the fitting.
John (PS4GH) [207] What's the waiting time?
Markus (PS4GJ) [208] The weighting?
[209] Wh
Gill (PS4GK) [210] How long to wait?
Markus (PS4GJ) [211] Oh the waiting time.
[212] Sorry I thought you were talking about the weights on the
John (PS4GH) [213] Oh no no no.
Markus (PS4GJ) [214] [laugh] Erm it's two to three weeks
John (PS4GH) [215] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [216] maximum.
[217] Erm if it's if you're desperate for them we can rush it in
John (PS4GH) [218] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [219] a bit bit quicker.
Gill (PS4GK) [220] Mm.
[221] That one is not bad [...] .
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [222] It's slightly it's slightly [...] I don't know I I still like that one actually I mean w [...]
John (PS4GH) [223] There probably isn't no.
[224] That's liable to catch the dust a bit more than that I suppose.
Markus (PS4GJ) [225] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [226] Well you've got to brush on the [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [227] When they Yeah
Gill (PS4GK) [228] As long as you do them fairly regularly, you're not going to have any problems as far as erm [...]
John (PS4GH) [229] That's acrylic and the other one you were looking at was fibreglass.
Gill (PS4GK) [230] Mm.
[231] Yes it yes it [...]
John (PS4GH) [...]
Unknown speaker (JNYPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [232] No I still like that one actually.
John (PS4GH) [233] Yeah.
[234] ... Well it's you know, it's up to you you can look at whatever.
Markus (PS4GJ) [235] I'd give you the discount on that as well. [...]
John (PS4GH) [236] The lakes one was an E
Gill (PS4GK) [237] No it was a it was an E I think.
Markus (PS4GJ) [238] Oh an E.
Gill (PS4GK) [239] I think it was an E
Markus (PS4GJ) [240] That would be a hundred and fifty two, [...] two hundred and thirty eight.
Gill (PS4GK) [241] [...] I'm not so keen on that much of a [...] St I still prefer that.
Markus (PS4GJ) [242] It's difficult isn't it when you've got a [laugh]
Gill (PS4GK) [243] Well too much choice
Markus (PS4GJ) [244] bit of choice.
Gill (PS4GK) [245] is is is fatal isn't it ?
John (PS4GH) [246] We've got Spice and we've got Snowdrop and the expense what was the expensive one? ...
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
John (PS4GH) [247] Dune.
Gill (PS4GK) [248] [...] . ... [...]
John (PS4GH) [249] You like that?
Gill (PS4GK) [250] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [251] Dune. ...
Gill (PS4GK) [252] It's just got some [...] .
John (PS4GH) [253] Yeah it wouldn't wouldn't matter if it was cut slightly off square either would it.
Gill (PS4GK) [254] Well it's not quite [...]
John (PS4GH) [laugh]
Markus (PS4GJ) [255] [...] and you get the dunes effect when you've
Gill (PS4GK) [256] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [257] when you've got them all up .
Gill (PS4GK) [258] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [259] Oh they th
Gill (PS4GK) [260] Well of course you will won't you because you're gonna go right the way across.
John (PS4GH) [261] Always assuming they match together.
Gill (PS4GK) [262] Well no they wouldn't match together but that doesn't matter. [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [263] Erm might might be a problem for you.
Gill (PS4GK) [264] No it wouldn't be a problem might be a problem for a my mother
John (PS4GH) [265] Er your mother yes.
Gill (PS4GK) [266] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [267] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [268] So what would that
Markus (PS4GJ) [269] Well I'll drop that down to a C, that'd be a hundred and fourteen.
John (PS4GH) [270] A hundred and fourteen.
Gill (PS4GK) [271] Mm.
[272] Cos that looks quite a nice one.
John (PS4GH) [273] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [274] I want something really that's not absolutely completely dead plain.
Markus (PS4GJ) [275] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [276] Well
Gill (PS4GK) [277] Because it's quite a bit window.
Markus (PS4GJ) [278] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [279] I think [...] mind you the rest of the walls, everything else is white so
Markus (PS4GJ) [280] Want something that's a bit interesting in your living room don't you.
John (PS4GH) [281] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [282] You know, depending on what kind of decor you have.
[283] But you've got white walls
Gill (PS4GK) [284] Yes.
[285] Well I I don't think we can go on any other sort of colour.
Markus (PS4GJ) [286] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [287] Cos I think a big expanse of something that matched this would be awful really.
Markus (PS4GJ) [288] Well I was just I was just thinking, if you had a patterned paper and then you had you're pattern in your
John (PS4GH) [289] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [290] your blind as well
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [291] Well yes, I think we'll have to stick to white [...] .
[292] I think that's [...] .
[293] The background [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [294] Mm. ...
John (PS4GH) [295] [...] well we've got some sort of sorting out and thinking to do haven't we?
Gill (PS4GK) [296] Yeah, what about the erm ... oh what do you call the top bit of the rail?
John (PS4GH) [297] Oh the the rail
Gill (PS4GK) [298] The erm.
John (PS4GH) [299] Yes erm.
[300] Wh which side do do do they go to the side?
Markus (PS4GJ) [301] They actually go, you can have them at either side,
John (PS4GH) [302] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [303] erm you can have your controls at either side, the bunch going to either side.
[304] And you can
Gill (PS4GK) [305] Can you have it going from the middle?
Markus (PS4GJ) [306] You can have the bunch splitting.
Gill (PS4GK) [307] Cos it being a big window I think
Markus (PS4GJ) [308] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [309] it's better.
Markus (PS4GJ) [310] I'll just tell you about if you have it splitting.
Gill (PS4GK) [311] Mhm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [312] Erm the two middle louvres that come together will overlap slightly more than the others.
Gill (PS4GK) [313] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [314] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [315] So the shadow w when the sun's shining
Gill (PS4GK) [316] You can see a slightly thicker one.
Markus (PS4GJ) [317] becomes sl er slightly larger.
John (PS4GH) [318] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [319] That's the only er difference with those.
Gill (PS4GK) [320] But if er if it all going to one side I think it's going to be take up half the window won't it .
John (PS4GH) [321] I think it could be very heavy here wouldn't it.
Markus (PS4GJ) [322] Mm.
Gill (PS4GK) [323] [...] look better going.
Markus (PS4GJ) [324] It wouldn't quite take up it wouldn't take up half the window [...] .
Gill (PS4GK) [325] Wouldn't it?
Markus (PS4GJ) [326] No.
John (PS4GH) [327] But a fair amount.
Markus (PS4GJ) [328] It also depends if you have your windows open and you've got them each side and a bit of a wind, they'll be flapping .
John (PS4GH) [329] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [330] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [331] [...] think about that as well.
Gill (PS4GK) [332] Mm I I I still think [...] the middle.
John (PS4GH) [333] You want it to open from the middle?
Markus (PS4GJ) [334] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [335] It's this sense of proportion isn't it?
Gill (PS4GK) [336] No it's not really [...] what I prefer.
John (PS4GH) [337] Yes.
Gill (PS4GK) [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [338] Right.
Gill (PS4GK) [339] And what about the bottoms?
[340] Presumably they're chained .
Markus (PS4GJ) [341] They're they're they're all chained together
Gill (PS4GK) [342] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [343] with weights.
Gill (PS4GK) [344] And they they go a hundred and eighty
Markus (PS4GJ) [345] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [346] degrees?
Markus (PS4GJ) [347] That's right yeah. [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [348] Cos obviously that's quite necessary [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [349] Mm yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [350] The way the sun comes.
John (PS4GH) [351] Which end do you want to have the controls?
Gill (PS4GK) [352] Well it would have to be this end.
John (PS4GH) [353] You want the controls this end?
Gill (PS4GK) [354] No no sorry same end as the other one, same end yes the same end .
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [355] Yeah it's a bit more difficult to get in there isn't it.
Markus (PS4GJ) [356] Do you want to order now or do you want a quote?
Gill (PS4GK) [357] Could you quote ?
John (PS4GH) [358] Probably the best is a quote .
Markus (PS4GJ) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [359] And then we'll
John (PS4GH) [360] Cos we've got one more person to talk to
Markus (PS4GJ) [361] Right.
John (PS4GH) [362] yet.
Markus (PS4GJ) [363] Okey-doke.
John (PS4GH) [364] [...] .
[365] [...] if you can give us the the two alternatives for the the Dunes one and the ... Spice
Markus (PS4GJ) [366] Oh I'd better just er [...] .
[367] So it's the Dunes is the ...
Gill (PS4GK) [368] That one.
Markus (PS4GJ) [369] that one.
John (PS4GH) [370] The dunes is the preferred one.
Markus (PS4GJ) [371] Is the preferred one.
[372] And then there's the Spice.
John (PS4GH) [373] Mm.
Markus (PS4GJ) [374] And was it the Snowdrop?
Gill (PS4GK) [375] No. [...]
John (PS4GH) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [376] [...] just those two?
Gill (PS4GK) [377] Just those two.
[378] ... I like the texture of that other one [...] .
John (PS4GH) [379] Which one?
Gill (PS4GK) [380] That well the [...] .
John (PS4GH) [381] The Spice one.
Gill (PS4GK) [382] Spice one but er
John (PS4GH) [383] Yeah.
[384] You like the pattern of the Dunes one.
Gill (PS4GK) [385] [...] Well no it's not that I just think it's the I don't know [...] you can see through it more.
John (PS4GH) [386] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [387] I [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [388] Is it Mr ?
John (PS4GH) [389] yeah.
[390] As in the flower.
Markus (PS4GJ) [391] And the address again please.
John (PS4GH) [392] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [393] And your phone number?
John (PS4GH) [394] is .
[395] Why am I saying all these [...] .
Markus (PS4GJ) [396] With the er white headrail or chocolate brown?
Gill (PS4GK) [397] White.
Markus (PS4GJ) [398] White?
John (PS4GH) [399] White [...] .
[400] ... That doesn't make any difference to price [...] does it?
Markus (PS4GJ) [401] No. ...
John (PS4GH) [402] What width are the are the vanes of the the louvres.
Markus (PS4GJ) [403] Er they're five inch.
John (PS4GH) [404] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [405] These are three and a half so they'd be slightly longer.
John (PS4GH) [406] Yeah yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [407] Slightly wider.
John (PS4GH) [408] Mhm.
[409] ... Well I hope they will be slightly longer.
Markus (PS4GJ) [410] [laugh] .
[411] Yeah.
[412] Right [...] .
[413] You want it split?
John (PS4GH) [414] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [415] And you want it er controls on the
John (PS4GH) [416] Left. ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [417] And the other one was Spice White.
[418] ... Right I'll write this out again and if you decide to go ahead,
John (PS4GH) [419] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [420] then just cross the one out you don't want.
John (PS4GH) [421] Okay.
Gill (PS4GK) [422] Mhm.
John (PS4GH) [423] Yeah.
[424] Otherwise you get two. [laugh]
Gill (PS4GK) [425] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [426] Which could be quite fun.
[427] Well you you'd have no problem with sun penetration then would you.
Gill (PS4GK) [428] No you're right dear.
John (PS4GH) [429] No.
Markus (PS4GJ) [430] That would be [...]
John (PS4GH) [431] We already have a roller blind on the outside
Markus (PS4GJ) [432] I see
John (PS4GH) [433] which is useful for taking the heat off the window itself in the Summer.
Markus (PS4GJ) [434] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [435] But it doesn't have any effect
John (PS4GH) [436] It doesn't take the light off.
Gill (PS4GK) [437] [...] .
John (PS4GH) [438] [...] I mean that's got a very open weave texture.
Gill (PS4GK) [439] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [...] ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [440] Ten ... Right, I'll let you fill that in when you're
John (PS4GH) [441] Okay yeah. ...
Markus (PS4GJ) [442] It's a Newark phone number, yeah?
[443] ... Right.
[444] ... [...] ... There's a little bit more for you.
[445] [...] competition on the toes.
Gill (PS4GK) [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [laugh]
Markus (PS4GJ) [446] Right I'll give you these.
John (PS4GH) [447] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [448] Erm if you want to go ahead with it, pull the top one off,
John (PS4GH) [449] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [450] pop it into one of these prepaid envelopes
John (PS4GH) [451] Right.
Markus (PS4GJ) [452] with the deposit in.
[453] And it'll be twenty pound deposit.
[454] Twenty pounds [...] .
Gill (PS4GK) [455] Mm.
John (PS4GH) [456] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [457] And then as soon as our office gets that it'll be two to three weeks.
Gill (PS4GK) [458] Right.
John (PS4GH) [459] [...] That says plus thirty, that's that's inclusive .
Markus (PS4GJ) [460] No [...] Well I'll just put it on.
John (PS4GH) [461] Thought thought I'd better ask. [laugh]
Markus (PS4GJ) [462] Yes yes [...] . ...
John (PS4GH) [463] Thank you.
Markus (PS4GJ) [464] [...] and that'll be attached [...] and when we come to fit it, if you keep hold of the one you keep
John (PS4GH) [465] Yeah.
Markus (PS4GJ) [466] you needn't sign that now [...]
John (PS4GH) [...]
Markus (PS4GJ) [467] It looks a bit complicated but
John (PS4GH) [468] No no.
Gill (PS4GK) [469] No not really.
John (PS4GH) [470] [...] got the idea.
Gill (PS4GK) [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [471] Well that's marvellous thank you.
Gill (PS4GK) [472] [...] I've been thinking about these blinds for such a long time.
John (PS4GH) [473] Yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [474] Really just I mean a roller blind's just too the window's too wide for a roller blind.
Unknown speaker (JNYPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS4GK) [475] And then at least you can see through while you're shading the sun from that direction and then
Markus (PS4GJ) [476] That's right yeah.
Gill (PS4GK) [477] the other direction.
[478] [...] seemed to be the answer.
John (PS4GH) [479] Well [...] thank you very much.
Gill (PS4GK) [480] Yes, you've got your measure. [laugh]
Markus (PS4GJ) [481] I've got my measure yeah. [laugh]
John (PS4GH) [482] Yeah.
[483] I've just well and truly broken mine, you know I chipped the end of the
Gill (PS4GK) [484] Yeah.
John (PS4GH) [485] tape on the [...] it went and did it again on me now and it's well and truly gone I'll have to buy another one.
[486] It was a nice idea.
Gill (PS4GK) [laugh]
Markus (PS4GJ) [487] [...] put this back.
Gill (PS4GK) [488] Oh don't worry it's very very it's very easy.
Markus (PS4GJ) [489] There you go.
John (PS4GH) [490] They're all on rollers these days.
Markus (PS4GJ) [491] Oh right.
John (PS4GH) [492] Right thank you very much indeed.
[493] Hello there goes the phone .
Markus (PS4GJ) [494] I'll answer it dear [...]
John (PS4GH) [495] Right okay. [recording ends]