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  1. Tape 123001 recorded on 1994-01-20. LocationNottinghamshire: Newark ( Company office ) Activity: Business meeting Discussion, reports

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mr poole (PS4GL) [1] The press release that I I put erm [...] to the internationally known bearings company.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [2] Right er
mr poole (PS4GL) [3] Which you secretary seemed to think was okay for that one.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [4] Yes it should be shouldn't it Jane?
mr poole (PS4GL) [5] As opposed as opposed to oblique.
jane warner (PS4GN) [6] Well yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [7] Yes
mr poole (PS4GL) [8] Right.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [9] As opposed to oblique.
mr poole (PS4GL) [10] Okay I think what
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [11] Erm
mr poole (PS4GL) [12] I'll do in that case is hold this press release because you may want to change it again a little bit.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [13] Er yes.
mr poole (PS4GL) [14] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [15] Well erm what what does holding it involve?
mr poole (PS4GL) [16] Telling them not to post it tomorrow.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [17] Not to post it tomorrow.
[18] Right okay .
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [19] Yeah, I mean that's not going to miss us a particular slot in the in the publication [...] .
mr poole (PS4GL) [20] Oh no no.
[21] No not at all.
[22] I look if I can do that now, I can save erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [23] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [24] I can save her photocopying it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [25] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [26] Erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [27] Yes that would be a good idea wouldn't it.
mr poole (PS4GL) [28] What would I do without these things I don't know.
[29] [laugh] [...] I've I've got an appointment in London at five o'clock so I've got to leave here at about quarter to three.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [30] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [31] To get the the three o'clock train.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [32] No problem.
mr poole (PS4GL) [33] Yeah.
[34] If you'd like to just have a look through that, is that paragraph where I put a line [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [35] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [36] Hello?
[37] Chris?
[38] Chris?
[39] Er Rosie the the press release number six that I've given to Sandra, will you tell her to hold it please and not to send it out tomorrow.
[40] Yeah.
[41] Okay.
[42] Sorry?
[43] No no to do nothing with it.
[44] Yeah, I'll sort it out tomorrow morning.
[45] Alright, bye.
[46] Good.
[47] Just there is a little bit that I want to add that erm that teachers get free admission. [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [48] Ah right.
[49] Good.
mr poole (PS4GL) [50] But does that paragraph
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [51] Yeah I I think in principle that that
mr poole (PS4GL) [52] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [53] that's er that's fine erm
mr poole (PS4GL) [54] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [55] er the internationally known bearings company.
[56] Er er what should we what have we been u have we been using any particular sort of of form of words Jane?
jane warner (PS4GN) [57] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [58] For that?
[59] Because actually isn't internationally known.
[60] It's the that's internationally known and the 's internationally known
mr poole (PS4GL) [61] [...] Yes yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [62] but the fusion of the two is not .
mr poole (PS4GL) [63] I think I I I don't think we're in treason of the truth [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [64] I No I think it's probably that's probably about as you're going to get anyway .
mr poole (PS4GL) [65] Yes yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [66] Er e erm.
[67] I think that'll be okay.
jane warner (PS4GN) [68] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [69] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [70] I think that'll be okay .
mr poole (PS4GL) [71] And then what we will do, later on we shall do another press release which will talk more about the [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [72] Exactly exactly what's erm gonna happen.
[73] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [74] Erm to persuade some of the nine hundred schools to reply to us.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [75] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [76] Yes Good.
mr poole (PS4GL) [77] We've got twenty five schools taking part at the moment.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [78] They're already committed to too
mr poole (PS4GL) [79] They're already committed which is quite good in January .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [80] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [81] Cos we'd got I think, about twelve last year at this time.
[82] Erm Now what we want to talk about if I can Well you tell me what you want to know I think that's the best .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [83] I I think what what I wanted to put some more meat on the basic idea so that
mr poole (PS4GL) [84] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [85] our factory colleagues, and Jane as far as the erm preparation of of er any equipment and so on is concerned
mr poole (PS4GL) [86] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [87] can actually start thinking about what what we're actually going to do.
mr poole (PS4GL) [88] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [89] So er because there will be certain input from the factories.
[90] Erm David's Newark erm Road based
mr poole (PS4GL) [91] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [92] er and and erm e erm Eric's erm Road based
mr poole (PS4GL) [93] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [94] so we've got the two Newark factories represented.
mr poole (PS4GL) [95] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [96] Er and Jane looks after all the publicity er er preparations and that sort of thing so
mr poole (PS4GL) [97] Good good.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [98] so that really it's to try and er get us thinking about what we could do
mr poole (PS4GL) [99] Yes yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [100] because there may be initiatives that can come from the factories er which would bring the thing alive also for local
mr poole (PS4GL) [101] Yes yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [102] people in some way.
[103] So erm Philip could you could you just begin by putting a bit more meat on o on what the competition how the competition is envisaged to work .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [104] Yes yes I will.
[105] Let me tell you about the schools involved in the show anyway.
[106] Er the Nottinghamshire branch of the of the National Farmer's Union are the instigators of the children of the show.
[107] And they together with who are animal feed stuff and and and corn and fertilizer people, erm organized the marquis and generally do the groundwork that gets the kids there.
[108] Erm and they sponsor that, sponsor the marquis and so does the N F U. Erm now within the marquis there are lots of exhibits that are of educational value.
[109] I mean it may well be there's a there's a lamb, there may be a calf.
[110] Erm there'll be someone talking about cereal production, there'll be someone talking about milk production, this sort of thing.
[111] Now within that marquis you can have a table.
[112] Erm now if you wanted to go larger I say a table because of the size of the marquis and what the [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [113] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [114] This is what National Grid did last year.
[115] If you wanted to have something erm larger than that then I'm e I am empowered to say you can have a trade stand at half price. [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [116] Right yeah yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [117] Now what I'm really looking at there is that our basic trade stand space i is about a hundred pound.
[118] Erm there's no reason why you shouldn't have double that size the the the basic one is three metres square.
[119] Now I didn't know whether you've got an exhibition unit or something?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [120] Er well we have we have all sorts of exhibition
mr ingall (PS4GP) [121] Yeah you'd better have a mobile unit
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [122] er things that we
mr ingall (PS4GP) [123] that erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [124] Well Right, David, you've got a a an input there because we've done a project with the erm er p with a technical college here.
[125] Er for a mobile a mobile unit.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [126] Mhm exhibition caravan.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [127] Exhibition
mr ingall (PS4GP) [128] Caravan.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [129] er caravan.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [130] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [131] Trailer
mr ingall (PS4GP) [132] Yes.
[133] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [134] it is actually isn't it?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [135] Trailer yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [136] Trailer yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [137] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [138] Erm and it would be appropriate I guess to to use that.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [139] But that probably wouldn't be inside the tent would it?
mr ingall (PS4GP) [140] Well it wouldn't matter because you see, the treasure hunt takes the kids all around the show ground.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [141] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [142] Now the idea [...] and collect a piece of treasure, a ball bearing.
[143] From.
[144] Or or out of the reject box.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [145] Yes yeah yeah Yes.
[146] I think we could probably find plenty of them.
[147] [...] surplus stocks.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [148] [...] talking of rejects I was I was conned into going down to Stoke yesterday to look at the Portmeirion seconds shop.
[149] Ah but this is great, and everything is nice and cheap there, I came away paying two hundred and forty pounds [...] what we bought.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [150] Now that you see so it might be an idea If you have your table within the marquis, that does whatever you want it to do, that can talk to kids if they want and so forth, you see they they're sort of juniors upwards [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [151] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [152] Erm and then you could have your trade stand where they've got to come and collect something and answer a question.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [153] Mhm.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [154] Now the quiz will be erm what was our I mean if there's a history of the firm [...] what did what did used to be called or something.
[155] Something that you've got on display where they could just read it, pick the answer out.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [156] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [157] And they put their answer on their form.
[158] they pick their bit of treasure up, whatever it is?
[159] I mean National Grid gave them a bit of cable.
[160] They chopped a lot of cable into one inch pieces you see and just gave a bit of this out.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [161] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [162] It's a nonsensical bit of treasure but they've gotta
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [163] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [164] come back with a bit of treasure and the answer.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [165] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [166] Then then then the winner of course is the one that takes the money.
[167] Erm now that sounds to me to be the best way of doing.
[168] Wh what we do you see, they have to wander around the showground doing this, so we get our traffic through the showground and they see other things while they're going around.
[169] As opposed just going
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [170] Mm.
[171] Mhm.
[172] Mhm.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [173] into a marquis and having it all laid on for
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [174] Mhm.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [175] them in there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [176] Erm now if if we have if we have our er erm caravan and we have the table in the in the tent, they can
mr ingall (PS4GP) [177] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [178] obviously be at opposite opposite ends or different different places so there's plenty of space between them .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [179] Absolutely.
[180] Oh yes [...] yeah.
[181] We wouldn't put the caravan next to the tent.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [182] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [183] Er are those [...] Er w would would the would the er treasure hunt just involve visiting that, or or
mr ingall (PS4GP) [184] Ooh no about twenty about twenty others.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [185] So so
mr ingall (PS4GP) [186] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [187] what do we do?
[188] Pick particular stands or pick
mr ingall (PS4GP) [189] Erm we select the stands where the treasure's going to be because some
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [190] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [191] of the treasure might be our treasure or N F U treasure and so right
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [192] I see.
[193] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [194] we'll put this treasure on this stand.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [yawn]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [195] Yeah right, I see.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [196] Erm so unless anyone is sponsoring, they wouldn't necessarily have the treasure on their stand.
[197] We'd select other stand holders.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [198] And what we'd do, we'd go to say , the farm machinery people and say
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [199] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [200] Right will will you take part in the treasure hunt.
[201] Will you give a nut and bolt or something.
[202] Or or whatever [...] something that they've
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [203] Right.
[204] Yeah yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [205] got low on their stock.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [206] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [207] Erm costings if you like that they
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [208] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [209] can give away.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [210] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [211] Erm [...] the blacksmith and we give them a horseshoe nail.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [212] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [213] [...] this sort of thing.
[214] But they
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [215] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [216] come back with it and we we give them a carrier bag erm to carry all the stuff in.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [217] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [218] And them they come back.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [219] Erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [220] And if you've got any goodies you want to dish out to them it helps .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [221] Well well we'll provide the carrier bags.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [222] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [223] Won't we, carrier bags.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [224] You have some of those have you?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [225] We have them we have them yeah.
[226] Er and er we could provide as as treasure,
mr ingall (PS4GP) [227] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [228] we could provide steel balls in profu profusion out of the
mr ingall (PS4GP) [229] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [230] as out of assembly rejects.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [231] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [232] Er and I should think we could supply rollers on the same basis couldn't we?
[233] Er ... and
mr ingall (PS4GP) [234] It it would need to be either one or the other I think.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [235] Well I mean these could be these could be collected from somebody else somewhere else.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [236] Yes yes of course.
[237] Yeah yeah .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [238] Er so I mean that c because er I mean they the steel balls and steel rollers go into the bin I mean they can't be used for anything .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [239] Well that's right.
[240] Well yes, absolutely.
[241] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [242] So er and and they're quite I mean if nobody's ever seen a er erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [243] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [244] a good quality steel ball before, they're quite nice things to have and they
mr ingall (PS4GP) [245] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [246] feel soft.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [247] Right.
[248] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [249] Erm we could certainly do that.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [250] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [251] Erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [252] Of a size that
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [253] Well of a reasonable a re Yes I mean they won't be so small you can hardly see them
mr ingall (PS4GP) [254] Yes quite quite.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [255] And they won't be s so large as you can't carry them .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
jane warner (PS4GN) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [256] Erm I just wonder also whether er we could possibly out of our erm surplus or dead stock, provide some er some small complete bearings.
[257] ... How many how many are we looking for?
[258] How many are we expecting to take part?
mr ingall (PS4GP) [259] We don't know, last year it was about four hundred, four or five hundred.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [260] So we'd need [...] beginning to get a bit more bu But but in terms
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [261] of showing people what.
[262] Y yes.
[263] Yes that's true .
mr poole (PS4GL) [264] I think [...] steel balls are But you see you can do a display on your table can't you [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [265] But i but i but in terms of showing people what bearings actually are,
mr poole (PS4GL) [266] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [267] there's nothing like a complete bearing.
mr poole (PS4GL) [268] No that's right.
[269] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [270] Because what the tendency is that people feel that that bearings when when you say a bearing, you mean a steel ball.
[271] And of course Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [272] Yes yes [...] as opposed to the ball race [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [273] Er I mean, what we want to be getting them to think about is the complete
mr ingall (PS4GP) [274] Yes yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [275] unit.
[276] So I think we might make an effort
mr ingall (PS4GP) [277] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [278] to try to provide erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [279] We we it's it's always difficult in January to say how many people are going to be there to take part, but we last year it was about about five hundred I think.
[280] Erm so we ou and carrier bags, we may have enough to carry us through the show, I don't know.
[281] But certainly I mean, if you have carrier bags, you can give them [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [282] I I would like to do that.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [283] You can give them away anyway
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [284] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [285] there's no problem.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [286] Yes.
[287] Er er erm and if we can if if they can all use is it
mr ingall (PS4GP) [288] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [289] then that's further
mr ingall (PS4GP) [290] I mean if there's a leaflet you can put in them as well, fair enough.
[291] Make that be your goody bag of whatever.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [292] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [293] Erm there's no problem there.
[294] Cos I was going to be ordering carrier bags anyway.
[295] Well I can cross that out you see .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [296] Mm.
[297] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [298] Erm I can't remember who said they'd sponsor those, but we'll get them onto something else. [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [299] Well they can ... Erm so e e and and we ought to provision probably for a thousand.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [300] I would have thought so.
[301] If it's likely to be any more, I'll come back to you.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [302] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [303] Er but I would have though that should easily do it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [304] Er ... right so so we're talking er about basically being involved specifically at two locations.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [305] Yes.
[306] If you wish that.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [307] What I was gonna come onto there is erm can we e e that would involve manning wouldn't it?
[308] On the Friday and the Saturday.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [309] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [310] Er would the factories between them be able to help with that for a spell Er one of the things that I'm slightly concerned about is if you've only got old buffers on the stand erm rather than younger people
mr ingall (PS4GP) [311] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [312] that might er erm lose an opportunity.
[313] Would there be I mean is there is there a possibility of getting some some of our younger people
mr poole (PS4GL) [314] Oh yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [315] involved ... on the factory side.
jane warner (PS4GN) [316] You know this caravan, is it covered with or ?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [317] It's got logos all round it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [318] That's something that I think we need to have a look at.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [319] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [320] Perhaps if we may.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [321] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [322] Erm and and update ... er update it .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [323] The only perm the only permanent er writing on it is er [...] School and College.
[324] [...] that actually built it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [325] That's fine.
[326] Could erm could you perhaps tie up between you, David and Jane, erm so that Jane you could go and have a look at it and see what's actually needed to get that up to date.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [327] By environmental friendly screen.
jane warner (PS4GN) [328] Whereabouts is this?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [329] It's actually in the in the grounds of the of the college.
[330] You can drive past it, you can actually see from the roadway.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [331] Mm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [332] Are the college involved at all?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [333] I I've spoken to the college.
[334] Erm
mr poole (PS4GL) [335] Are they involved i in their own right?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [336] Er they aren't but they I think they're in it on the canvas.
mr poole (PS4GL) [337] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [338] They'll they'll be part of erm either Nottinghamshire County Council or [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [339] District Council.
[340] Both of whom [...] .
mr poole (PS4GL) [341] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [342] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [343] But it's likely that it'll be the last showing at Notts County Council of course.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [344] Indeed there won't be a County Council will there.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [345] Well we're all hoping there won't [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [346] [laugh] Er right so erm basically, if we have if we have that stand which erm perhaps could be factory manned
mr rowan (PS4GR) [347] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [348] in principle.
[349] And er Jane if perhaps we could organize the manning of the table.
[350] And er I think perhaps if we could put a c are are we allowed to put round the table some
mr ingall (PS4GP) [351] Oh yes. [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [352] erm some pictures .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [353] You can you can back the table with a
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [354] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [355] with a screen. [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [356] That's that's the sort of thing cos we've we've got erm erm perhaps we could put up some of the I mean the ones that you've got out in behind your desk at the moment.
jane warner (PS4GN) [357] That somebody's just pinched.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [358] Oh have they?
jane warner (PS4GN) [359] [laughing] Yeah. []
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [360] Well maybe we
jane warner (PS4GN) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [361] Yeah but er maybe we could we could book erm half a dozen panels
jane warner (PS4GN) [362] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [363] or something of that with with some photographs on, [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [364] No reason no reason why that shouldn't be I mean we've we've got what we use as a as a clip display thing that's about six foot high and three panels you know but erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [365] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [366] That goes nicely behind a six foot trestle or whatever it is.
[367] Oh yes you can dress that little area up as much as you like.
[368] But my worry was that there wasn't going to be enough space there for you to perhaps say all you wanted to say.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [369] Erm I think maybe we need to think about it, we need to give a bit more thought to that
mr ingall (PS4GP) [370] Mm.
[371] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [372] Erm as to how much we er want
mr ingall (PS4GP) [373] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [374] need to do.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [375] You see if you're if you do have a display [...] caravan [...] you can probably do some some grass displays of of large bearings or something in the front of it to
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [376] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [377] You know for people to have a loot at.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [378] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [379] That's not a bad idea from the point of view of the general public really, because that does give you a show to the sixty thousand odd people who are wandering around there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [380] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [381] Erm who wouldn't necessarily go to the schools marquis of course.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [382] That's right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [383] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [384] That's right, yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [385] Just as a just as a sales pitch for that. [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [386] Well you're you're gonna ask us to pay fifty quid for the to to to park the caravan.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [387] I was gonna ask you to pay a hundred but I'll talk about that.
[388] You tell me how big a ground you want and I'll tell you what you're gonna [laughing] pay for it [] .
jane warner (PS4GN) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [389] Right okay.
mr poole (PS4GL) [390] Good try good try Tom.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [391] Okay.
[392] Sorry I I thought I thought you quoted a price of a hundred and said that
mr ingall (PS4GP) [393] No I said [...] space is a hundred pound and we'll give you twice that size for that.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [394] Oh I see.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [395] I just I just assumed you'd give us that size for fifty quid. [laugh]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [396] Well I can talk about this, I mean it depends erm.
jane warner (PS4GN) [397] You know this marquis, will it just be
mr ingall (PS4GP) [398] Yeah?
jane warner (PS4GN) [399] the schoolchildren at that that are actually going into it.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [400] Adults can go into it but we have found generally speaking that particularly on Friday, erm it's full of kids.
[401] I mean it's a place that adults would tend to avoid, the minute the put their head inside it.
[402] Saturday, there tends to be kids going in with their parents.
[403] Erm you see we do we do a family ticket which is used for Saturday, the Friday which admits two adults and four kids on on Saturday for twelve pounds fifty.
[404] Or [...] .
[405] Erm and so kids that don't come on the Friday, tend to come with their parents on Saturday.
[406] And we have made a point of saying in this press release that children can individually enter this as well.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [407] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [408] But if they win it, the prize goes to their school and not to them.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [409] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [410] Now of course there is the there is the spin off as well, that you can get some mileage out of the winning school or the first three, by inviting them here or visiting them and so forth ,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [411] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [412] Cos they're got to divert the money to a project.
[413] They they can't just put it into the school fund.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [414] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [415] They've got to buy some equipment.
[416] The school that won it last year bought a skeleton.
[417] Erm a fully mobile workable skeleton, and th it's a deprived area of Nottingham and they've apparently been able to teach them more with this skeleton over this past six months than than any other kids in the school.
[418] I think they know where to hit people where it hurts most of them .
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [419] Well yeah, I me I think that's perhaps something for er David and Eric to
mr ingall (PS4GP) [420] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [421] er to consider, as to whether whether it would be appropriate to invite the winning schools for er to to bring a party in or involve them in the erm Gala Day or e I mean i erm or the open day or something.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [422] I think whatever whatever's our value
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [423] when they come, you're bound to get a picture in the paper of it happening.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [424] Yeah.
[425] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [426] Erm you know, and also we want a picture of The presentation isn't actually on the day, the presentation will be at the school.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [427] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [428] So again [...] come along and present it you see, as well.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [429] So we'll go along to school Yeah yeah yeah.
[430] Erm now er just just Philip just correct me er on the on the detail of this thing, er individuals pitch up at the tent, collect the collect the instructions
mr ingall (PS4GP) [431] Yeah.
[432] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [433] which you've prepared.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [434] That's right.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [435] Er which gives them the clues as to where they've got to go .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [436] That's right it gives the it tells them where they've got to go.
[437] And it will be on and stand.
[438] Erm It'll tell them where the clues are.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [439] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [440] So they haven't got to find the site of the clues,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [441] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [442] They've merely got to sort the clues out when they get there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [443] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [444] Right and they'll be told what the clue is.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [445] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [446] And so they've got to they they'll be asked the question rather, and they know the answer's going to on the stand that they go to.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [447] Right so so they get the answer.
[448] And when they get the answer they pick up the the tro treasure the treasure .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [449] They pick up the treasure.
[450] Yeah.
[451] And then they're off to the next one.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [452] Right.
[453] And now how do we decide the winner?
mr ingall (PS4GP) [454] The winner is decided erm on the total correct entries and if I'm right there is a slogan to fill in.
[455] But that's all done by N F U,, you need have no part of that unless you want to have.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [456] Right yo I w no I was just gonna say th th there's there would need to be a tiebreaker of some sort presumably .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [457] There needs to be a tiebreaker.
[458] Yeah it isn't the first correct one out, they've all got shout if you like.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [459] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [460] Erm but it's but what happens, they're all done and N F U rather treasure their erm their their job as the scrutineers of these.
[461] And I haven't erm I thought it's prudent to leave that alone. [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [462] Right I I was just wondering if they would i if they would like us to suggest a tie breaker.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [463] Why not?
[464] Why not?
[465] What I would do
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [466] Or something of that sort which might be associated with like, when was
mr ingall (PS4GP) [467] Yeah I'll get the next erm I'll get last year's questions.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [468] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [469] And just see what they are like, and see what they did as a tiebreaker.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [470] Yeah yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [471] And then perhaps you can sort one out. [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [472] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [473] There's no problem [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [474] I I mean like like the the er competitions cereal competitions, erm invent a slogan for , something like that .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [475] That's right that's right and who knows, you might get a good one.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [476] Might get a good one.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [477] Er so erm ... Yes I think something like that would would be erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [478] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [479] er
mr ingall (PS4GP) [480] Yes well I could arrange that .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [481] [...] ... So the treasure hunt course as it were
mr ingall (PS4GP) [482] Yeah?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [483] is arranged by
mr ingall (PS4GP) [484] Is def is defined by [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [485] by the show . ...
mr ingall (PS4GP) [486] And what we really do, when we've got the show ground plan done you see, we look at which stands are where and say, Right, we'll have that one, that one, that one, this one, and so forth and go [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [487] Yeah and then you just go and talk to them
mr ingall (PS4GP) [488] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [489] and er run off a s er a sheet of questions
mr ingall (PS4GP) [490] And if and if they haven't got any treasure, then we provide them with it,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [491] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [492] whatever it is.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [493] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [494] Erm I think last year, Well what I've got to do, I've got last year ... National Grid provided them with pens.
[495] I think we might have that one sorted out.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [496] You've got somebody to give them pens.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [497] We may have.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [498] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [499] That's that's something I've got to sort out because [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [500] Er that that again if you haven't, we could probably fix.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [501] Could you?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [502] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [503] Well do you want to do that whether I whether I [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [504] Do we want to do that Jane?
jane warner (PS4GN) [505] How many er
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [506] Well maximum a thousand.
[507] Could probably only five hundred.
[508] How how are we off for for pens?
jane warner (PS4GN) [509] We'd have to order
mr ingall (PS4GP) [510] Cheap pens.
jane warner (PS4GN) [511] order some more.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [512] We'd have to order some more would we?
jane warner (PS4GN) [513] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [514] Are yours fairly elaborate ones that you have?
jane warner (PS4GN) [515] No we do have cheap ones as well. [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [516] Yeah.
[517] Yeah.
[518] That sort of thing.
[519] Yeah.
jane warner (PS4GN) [520] Well I personally my stock [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [521] I think p maybe Philip it would be best if y er I mean if you've got somebody up your sleeve who
mr ingall (PS4GP) [522] I haven't at the moment because last year it was it was National Grid who haven't
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [523] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [524] who are closing their Newark operation you see, which has made it rather tricky to approach them .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [525] Right.
[526] Yeah.
[527] Yeah.
[528] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [529] Shall I see what I can do?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [530] See what see what you can do and perhaps er Jane ... you could just look into the possibility of erm because if I mean if we were going to do a run of pens we wouldn't just have a thousand would we?
jane warner (PS4GN) [531] No.
[532] Not not the cheap ones.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [533] No.
[534] Erm so perhaps we could have a a look and see what whether there is a plan afoot to er do those so that we could have some available for [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
jane warner (PS4GN) [535] Yes er I mean that sort [...] tell me what they want. [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [536] It's fifteen by eight.
[537] Fifteen foot by eight foot.
jane warner (PS4GN) [538] [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [539] Er ... right.
[540] Er are you telling me that that is there are any existing pens, they would be in the sales company?
[541] And I might have a thousand stashed away that I didn't know about?
jane warner (PS4GN) [542] Could have yeah.
[543] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [544] Er well perhaps I'd better have a look.
jane warner (PS4GN) [545] You could have a look but like I say, ordering freebies now it's up to the sales people to tell me what they want and I order them on their behalf.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [546] Erm right but but presumably there's some coordination between all the various sales companies.
[547] For for things like pens isn't there?
jane warner (PS4GN) [548] Well yeah, if if the U K came to me and said, I want ten thousand pens, tell me what which ones they wanted, I would then contact the sales companies, Are you interested to to [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [549] Oh I see.
[550] Right okay.
jane warner (PS4GN) [551] But I wouldn't just go off my own bat now and order stuff.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [552] Right.
jane warner (PS4GN) [553] And dish them out to the sales companies.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [554] Right.
[555] Okay.
[556] Er we'll have a lo we'll have a look at that
mr ingall (PS4GP) [557] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [558] er Philip anyway .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [559] I mean they are they're funded by themselves.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [560] Er I'm conscious of that.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [561] I'm conscious of that.
[562] Er er and no doubt no doubt David and Eric are are erm noticing how much what we've funding
mr rowan (PS4GR) [563] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [564] I mean basically, the s the the funding will come from the sales company
mr rowan (PS4GR) [565] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [566] Erm er and erm wh what we're offering you is an opportunity to ... erm give your factories some promotion in the local area.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [567] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [568] As well as the as well as the erm er the sales activity.
[569] Because from a sales point of view we won't actually
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [570] [...] cost you
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [571] We won't actually sale
mr rowan (PS4GR) [572] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [573] We we we we won't s sell anything.
jane warner (PS4GN) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [574] What we will do perhaps is just promote the name,.
jane warner (PS4GN) [575] sign-writers [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [576] Er that's the object of the exercise
mr rowan (PS4GR) [577] Yeah
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [578] as far as I'm concerned.
[579] I wouldn't expect to take an order or even have a serious enquiry resulting from it.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [580] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [581] Erm but I do feel that there is likely to be some positive spin off for the factories.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [582] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [583] Erm and er I I don't know exactly what's in your caravan but erm er whether you would want to put in something about employment opportunities or the training scheme, er apprenticeship schemes and that sort of thing .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [584] Mhm.
[585] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [586] I would think there's a a grand opportunity to do all that .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [587] Oh yeah that's the main area really is is erm recruiting for apprentices mainly to the young people.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [588] Yes yes.
[589] That's why it would be good idea if you could man the [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [590] When is it when is it?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [591] It's the sixth fifth and sixth is it, or sixth and seventh.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [592] [...] six and seventh of May it is [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [593] Six and seventh of May, Yeah six and seventh of May, that's right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [594] Ideally [...] have to be recruiting before then really.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [595] Well okay.
[596] Er but but there maybe there maybe some others
mr poole (PS4GL) [597] [...] well it gives a picture doesn't it of of erm I mean we do one of the
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [598] Erm and that type of stand I mean it [...] that in a very restricted area haven't you
mr rowan (PS4GR) [599] Yes yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [600] [...] your backdrop and everything.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [601] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [602] The caravan is ideally designed as er an exhibition with steps in er either right or left in to see whatever's on show and then out on the opposite side.
mr poole (PS4GL) [603] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [604] Quite wide steps and it's designed as as a exhibition.
[605] So whatever we put inside there, you can walk through it.
mr poole (PS4GL) [606] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [607] Up a few steps, across and out the other side.
mr poole (PS4GL) [608] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [609] It has its own built in generator for the lighting.
mr poole (PS4GL) [610] Brilliant.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [611] You can boil a kettle in there [...] .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [612] It's own bar.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [613] Not quite, it is padded.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [614] relatively warm.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [615] Yeah, right okay.
[616] Erm so we we need to work out how much space we need to stand it in so that I can get back to Philip and and and agree that.
[617] Oh you've got the dimensions, oh right, yeah .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [618] Well I've got the dimensions here so I can [...] I'm just thinking you see, I may persuade the society to do a deal of free stands facing [...] or something like this.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [619] Good.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [620] But see see where we go on that.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [621] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [622] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [623] Right.
[624] Erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [625] I mean I know the deal I'd do now but er only being their consultant I can't really clinch it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [626] You can't commit
mr ingall (PS4GP) [627] Well I can tell Oh I can tell them wh In fact I would be prepared to do that.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [628] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [629] Are you happy with that?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [630] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [631] You provide the pens, we'll give you a free stand space .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [632] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [633] Right, done.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh] [...] ...
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [634] So we're provid we're we're going to have a table which we will man which will have some sort of display around it.
[635] Some some pictures and things .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [636] [...] that's right.
[637] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [638] Er and there will be somebody there.
[639] On that we will provide erm er carrier bags, er some pens ... and er we'll probably er dish out some leaflets there as well.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [640] Yeah.
[641] It may be that the carrier bags and pens would go onto the onto the table where the entry forms are dished out as part
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [642] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [643] of the package there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [644] Yeah fine.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [645] In fact I suggest it probably should.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [646] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [647] Erm ... and also you'll get admission tickets of course.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [648] Right
mr ingall (PS4GP) [649] Erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [650] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [651] [...] a reasonable number erm and you and I decide what's reasonable on that.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [652] Right.
[653] Right.
[654] Erm so that's that's that.
[655] We will we will undertake to provide some steel balls, some steel rollers
mr ingall (PS4GP) [656] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [657] and some er bearings.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [658] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [659] For a as giveaways.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [660] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [661] Yes as as as the treasure.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [662] Yes quite.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [663] Er we will mobilize the er the caravan erm which needs updating and modifying to display whatever we want [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [664] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [665] And we will man that.
[666] At a at a space which you will provide us Yeah.
[667] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [668] [...] distance away from the marquis as well.
[669] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [670] Erm and
mr ingall (PS4GP) [671] Yes bear in mind that that of course, that you're going to get quite a lot of adult audience going through it as well as kids of course .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [672] Yes.
[673] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [674] Erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [675] I think er er we need some product range leaflets and things like that in and and the er the group giveaway.
[676] D I suppose it doesn't have a er something we could the corporate video on does it?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [677] Oh yes [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [678] Does it?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [679] Tables and chairs and
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [680] Oh well we'll we could we might easily use the corporate video for that.
[681] Cos that's rather exciting and and new.
[682] Er that but anyway we can we can organize that
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [683] Er within within that space.
[684] The factories will will man well between us we'll work out the manning.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [685] Yeah [...] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [686] You'll provide us with sufficient entries so that the people who are man it get in and car parking .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [687] Yeah yeah.
[688] And car parking.
[689] Yeah yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [690] Erm you're going to arrange the er the course.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [691] Yes yes indeed.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [692] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [693] And we will set the questions.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [694] And set the questions.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [695] Erm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [696] Yes and
mr ingall (PS4GP) [697] And also talk to you about a tiebreaker.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [698] And tiebreaker, yes.
[699] Tiebreaker ... [...] .
[700] And then er in due course, some time after the event, er we need to be erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [701] You'll do the presentation of the award.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [702] [...] present the award.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [703] [...] school at which we'll invite the press.
[704] This didn't happen last year and I was cross it didn't but I've organized it so that it will this year.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [705] Right
mr ingall (PS4GP) [706] Erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [707] okay.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [708] I think they daren't take it to Road at Nottingham for some reason.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [709] Right erm er presentation to the schools and then we need to consider if we would want to invite .
mr ingall (PS4GP) [710] Then if you want if you want to invite them back that's right, yes.
[711] It i it could depend on where the school is you see because the winner was Nottingham last year.
[712] Erm it could be Newark, it could be Lincoln it could be Gainsborough.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [713] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [714] Er wherever, wherever they come from .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [715] Yeah.
[716] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [717] Yes it was rather it it was quite unintentional but they The winner last year, one of the teachers at the school was the [...] secretary's sister.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [718] Oh dear.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [719] And and er this is [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...]
mr ingall (PS4GP) [720] And the [...] society have nothing to do with it of course you see.
[721] But it didn't stop the cries.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [722] Right, okay I think I I've covered everything that was
mr ingall (PS4GP) [723] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [724] er that that that I think will enable us to do our bit.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [725] Erm erm
mr ingall (PS4GP) [726] If there's anything else, do ring me and ask.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [727] Right.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [728] And erm
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [729] Okay.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [730] But I will confirm all this to you.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [731] Yes.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [732] [...] the decision's made on the [...] and the stands space so there's no stand space.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [733] Good.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [734] Erm and what we will do is make sure you've got enough room for fifteen foot by eight foot with with whatever space in front of it as as a as a lawn if you like.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [735] Mhm.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [736] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [737] Yeah.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [738] No problem with that at all.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [739] Great.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [740] Great okay.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [741] Lovely, thank you very much indeed.
mr ingall (PS4GP) [742] I will get me down to my [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...] [break in recording]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [743] Well you see he said that the problem with [...] the college site is very few people at the college know how it runs.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [744] Well that's all right I'll I can provide somebody to run it and
mr rowan (PS4GR) [745] But as far as freebies are concerned, as you know our cage driller machine, that's now into it's third year of development, I have an assurance from the college that we could be we could use it on the day.
[746] Now talking of freebies, they could actually watch a cage being drilled for them as part of it [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [747] That's that's [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [748] [...] resin cage, not a brass cage.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [749] Yeah yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [750] Very cheap, but actually watch it being made and then that becomes the freebie.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [751] Wonderful
mr rowan (PS4GR) [752] So that would give the publicity to the companies as certainly as the bearing as well, this I've just had this made.
mr poole (PS4GL) [753] [...] which which one the the one that went to the erm exhibition, the one that went to the competition.
[754] Cos we're doing another one aren't they?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [755] They're doing another one now the that was a prototype.
mr poole (PS4GL) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [756] Would would I mean could that be operated in conjunction with the trailer.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [757] Well yeah well
mr poole (PS4GL) [758] Wherever
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [759] As as part of the trailer.
[760] In the trailer
mr poole (PS4GL) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [761] or by the trailer. [...] compressed air and electricity don't you.
mr poole (PS4GL) [762] It's no problem, Malcolm's [...] has got compressed air and and and electricity laid on.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [763] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [764] [...] the college compressor for that.
[765] That's no problem.
[766] I'm just thinking now [...] if there are youngsters there, they see something working,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [767] Absolutely
mr poole (PS4GL) [768] And that's an it's an ideal display [...] see the mechanics working and they take out the cage and off you go.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [769] I think I think that would be splendid David if you could if you could erm organize that er on the on the trailer or or by the trailer, on the trailer stand as it were.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [770] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [771] Erm and provide the freebie I mean the the the cages, the giveaway
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [772] that would be tremendous.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [773] Cos they actually see it being made.
mr poole (PS4GL) [774] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [775] This was made for me.
mr poole (PS4GL) [776] And it was made by and youngster because that's the project [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [777] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [778] made by the you know, not made by the the full industry but i the off spin of the industry.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [779] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [780] And it's already I mean we've we've kept it in prime condition, painted with company colours.
[781] It does say on the front of it but
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [782] And and I I would think I'm just thinking of freebies that just giving them something, and yet if they've actually watched something being made and then
mr poole (PS4GL) [783] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [784] [...] made then erm [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [785] You've just to got be ca You've just got to be careful that you get it i i you've got it pristine working and it's gonna work for two days.
[786] You don't want
mr rowan (PS4GR) [787] Well now this is why [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [788] That's an important thing.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [789] that are now on the project, make sure that it is tip top condition for the event.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [790] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [791] Er Eric and I know fully [laugh] we've been through that, fingers crossed behind our backs. [laugh]
mr poole (PS4GL) [792] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [793] Situations.
[794] But we had it at the N E C for a week and it must have produced hundreds of cages on a routine daily basis.
[795] They were there for five days and they were producing them.
[796] I'm just thinking now that er we changed lots of things, the heads and things of that nature so it was [...] If it's just producing the same cage [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [797] Yes, no set-ups or anything.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [798] [...] they're just watch it come in, drill the cage, the cage turns and comes in.
[799] The mechanics of it would capture the young imagination.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [800] Yeah.
[801] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [802] Especially if it's demonstrated by the younger people as well.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [803] I think that would be that would be terrific.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [804] As opposed to giving them possibly a ball bearing.
mr poole (PS4GL) [805] Well [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [806] Well I mean we well Well
mr rowan (PS4GR) [807] Well give them a ball bearing and a cage.
[808] That's the treasure isn't it, that's the treasure.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [809] Why I'm yes that that might be a bit more complicated because that means we've got to get a thousand a thousand reject up to a thousand reject ball bearings which are all the same.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [810] But we can get the balls and then drill the cases to them.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [811] No no are you I think this treasure is something they're gonna get, they're gonna they're gonna g come to the stand, they're gonna a ask a ask a question and and and be given once they've answered the question they're given a ball, any sort of ball from sort of
mr rowan (PS4GR) [812] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [813] that big to that big which we
mr rowan (PS4GR) [814] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [815] we can pull out of the scrap.
[816] No problem there is there?
mr poole (PS4GL) [817] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [818] No as far as as far as the ball and the roller is concerned,thos those are something we could give away from somebody else's stand.
mr poole (PS4GL) [819] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [820] Erm and and we could actually give if we if we can find some small reject ball bearings or roller bearings, then we can or reject I mean erm dead stock.
mr poole (PS4GL) [821] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [822] Then and we're always we're always finding dead stock it seems to me, er then we could give those away on yet another stand, give the cage away on the e on our own so we will actually have provided three, four different treasures, all of which are associated with bearings .
mr poole (PS4GL) [823] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [824] Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [825] Three components and one complete so
mr rowan (PS4GR) [826] Yeah.
[827] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [828] the thing might even begin to connect in the individuals mind er as to what's involved with the bearing.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [829] Quite true.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [830] Erm and and I mean the actual bearing when you you pick up a a a a little miniature bearing and and you can spin it on your finger and
mr rowan (PS4GR) [831] Yeah
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [832] so it makes a lovely little toy.
[833] Apart from anything else.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [834] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [835] If we could get some of them.
[836] Erm
jane warner (PS4GN) [837] [...] just round this table [...] product.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [838] Er I should think we might just have some products on the table and some leaflets.
mr poole (PS4GL) [839] Are you looking, who are you looking to man it, apprentices or or or young salespeople.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [840] I think I would try and get young salespeople to
mr poole (PS4GL) [841] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [842] er to do that.
mr poole (PS4GL) [843] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [844] Erm
mr poole (PS4GL) [845] We can get the apprentices operating the machine can't we.
[846] If we can get that machine though.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [847] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [848] Mhm. ...
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [849] Erm and we have a er we could we could take erm a few people out of the er out of the sales office.
[850] Erm and maybe out of marketing as well.
[851] Lots of young people in marketing aren't there Jane? ...
jane warner (PS4GN) [852] Well I don't know I don't know about that.
[853] Probably two, me and Karen.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [854] Oh yes.
[855] Right.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [856] Erm
mr poole (PS4GL) [857] We've got we've got Leslie Leslie at erm precision .
jane warner (PS4GN) [858] Yeah but the thing is
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
jane warner (PS4GN) [859] Somebody like me, if I was stood at that table, I mean okay if you've got kids coming in, but if you get adults coming in, I wouldn't be able to answer questions, I don't know enough about the product.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [860] Erm.
[861] No I I I don't I don't think
jane warner (PS4GN) [862] You've got to have
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [863] I don't think we need worry about that too much.
jane warner (PS4GN) [864] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [865] Er I mean if I if I try and cover it with one of our professional salesmen,
jane warner (PS4GN) [866] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [867] erm I think that's going to be overkill.
jane warner (PS4GN) [868] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [869] We're not going to get a lot of serious bearing enquiries.
jane warner (PS4GN) [870] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [871] Erm and I think that part of the skill on the on on such a stand is erm to to show enough interest, to take the details down and say, The only thing that's important
jane warner (PS4GN) [872] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [873] it'll be a matter of taking the details down and then if it's that important we'll have somebody call Monday morning.
mr poole (PS4GL) [874] Mm.
jane warner (PS4GN) [875] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [876] Erm to er
jane warner (PS4GN) [877] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [878] er to to to get back at it.
[879] Or alternatively, I mean if it's really that important, erm and and it's on the Friday, we we could actually send for somebody from here to come out.
jane warner (PS4GN) [880] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [881] So I don't think
jane warner (PS4GN) [882] Yeah I don't I don't think you will there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [883] I don't think we will.
jane warner (PS4GN) [884] No.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [885] I don't think we will.
[886] Erm it'll it'll be enquiries which are of very general interest, Mm erm which I should think you're just as much of an expert as anybody else at answering.
jane warner (PS4GN) [887] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [888] Come to that.
[889] Er
mr poole (PS4GL) [890] Most of the questions are going to be related to to what it is, are there any jobs available, or what [...] type of thing.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [891] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [892] General sort of
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [893] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [894] interest things.
[895] How
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [896] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [897] how can it help the er the Newark populace.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [898] Yeah.
jane warner (PS4GN) [899] I'll do Friday and Gary can do the [laughing] Saturday [] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [900] Right okay.
[901] Done.
[902] Done done done.
[903] Well you don't ne you'll need some other other people erm
jane warner (PS4GN) [904] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [905] other people to help out
jane warner (PS4GN) [906] No I was only joking.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [907] but er Oh.
[908] You you're not joking.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [909] I I've written I've writ I've wri it's minuted, it's minuted er er it recorded as well.
jane warner (PS4GN) [910] So [...] are we on tape here.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [911] Yeah yeah yeah.
[912] Er so so it's Jane on Friday er er and Karen on Saturday.
jane warner (PS4GN) [913] No Gary I said.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [914] Oh Gary.
jane warner (PS4GN) [915] [laugh] That's why I said I was only joking.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [916] Right Gary on Saturday.
[917] Right, okay.
[918] Erm
jane warner (PS4GN) [919] No we'll sort that out.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [920] But we need to no we need to sort that out.
[921] Er er ... I don't see that it's a big problem.
[922] ... And er we ought to make a very definite point of putting our heads together perhaps, what do you think, about early March or something like that.
[923] Er m no mid- March.
[924] Sometime mid-March in order to just make sure that we're all you know that that there isn't some great hang-up somewhere.
[925] ... And that then still gives us four or five weeks to put anything right.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [926] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [927] Er ... how about somewhere around the twenty third of March?
[928] Right, twenty third of March, would that be a
mr rowan (PS4GR) [929] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [930] a good day?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [931] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [932] For the moment at least.
[933] Er and shall we say, what's a good time for you?
[934] What's the best time for you?
mr poole (PS4GL) [935] P P M's better for me.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [936] P M.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [937] Right.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [938] One thirty?
mr poole (PS4GL) [939] One thirty, fine.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [940] One thirty, ... Newark Show ... meeting.
[941] ... David, ... Eric, ... Jane, Me and anyone else.
[942] If you want to bring anybody else along.
mr poole (PS4GL) [943] Yeah,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [944] Erm who's involved, that's fine.
[945] ... How's that grab you?
mr poole (PS4GL) [946] Fine.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [947] Good.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [948] Yeah.
[949] That sounds exciting.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [950] Well it's a bit different isn't it.
mr poole (PS4GL) [951] Yeah yeah.
[952] A bit different. ...
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [953] I'm sorry to hear about your er apprentice bay.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [954] Well yes it's er it is rather a a sad story really.
[955] I think after all these these years of having a an apprentice bay running and then er see it more or less wind down.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [956] But at least it's w it's wound down without the apprentices winding down.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [957] Oh yes, [...] we're er as you know, we gave four and a half thousand to the local college this year or last year [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [958] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [959] to in increase apprentices into ... er the engineering or bringing into young people into engineering.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [960] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [961] Not necessarily for , but from the town
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [962] Generally.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [963] The idea being is that they would now spend the first year at college, possibly we then would look at them better and
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [964] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [965] pick them off.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [966] Right.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [967] And we intend to do exactly the same this year.
[968] So so we've actually [...] Chamber of commerce to certain people at college and we're hoping
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [969] Good.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [970] it will embarrass one or two of the smaller firms to also put money into the kitty to keep our college orienta er orientated towards engineering.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [971] Excellent excellent
mr rowan (PS4GR) [972] Because er we can do the arts and crafts, there's no problem, but engineering there's in a sorry state.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [973] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr poole (PS4GL) [974] [...] that the engineering is now safe.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [975] Yes.
mr poole (PS4GL) [976] Whereas up until a few months they were thinking of closing the engineering department [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [977] Were they really?
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [978] college.
[979] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [980] So we've er we've come to the front and we've led from the front.
[981] We can honestly say
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [982] Well this is what is faced with doing.
[983] It's what we're doing on a pricing on on a pricing thing as well.
[984] We've we're we're taking the lead.
[985] Telling everybody else what the what the rules are and [...] you know, what the pace is.
[986] Erm and and er of course, did make a very clear statement that it would be the leader.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [987] Mhm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [988] Well erm we certainly are in we certainly are in Newark.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [989] And I I think the the ongoing concern then is we seem to have got on an even keel with apprentices.
[990] Erm literally training throughout throughout the year.
[991] ... Staff of twenty one.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [992] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [993] All of them have come out of the time over the nineteen ninety three have all been employed by the company.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [994] Ah that's terrific.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [995] Erm so yes I think we're we can we can [...] say we've been leading from the front.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [996] Yeah good.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [997] And if we've now embarrassed one or two smaller firms into actually putting money into our college.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [998] Wonderful
mr rowan (PS4GR) [999] So er
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1000] wonderful
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1001] likewise we have some projects to show that we have worked very closely as an engineering firm, with the local college.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1002] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1003] And the local people.
[1004] As tomorrow we give [...] Cancer Fund, three and a half thousand pounds, cheque tomorrow.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1005] Do you really?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1006] From the Gala Day receipts.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1007] Oh that's wonderful.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1008] So we yes we are [laugh] It's erm beginning to [...] very good.
[1009] Yes very good in in that respect .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1010] Look look quite significant.
[1011] Yeah.
[1012] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1013] No longer are we referred to as [...] although we still [...] we're referred as [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...] [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1014] But it's getting it's getting the image it's getting
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1015] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1016] the image has certainly improved.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1017] Well certainly I mean this this whole initiative is something that I s just seemed to me when Philip got in touch in the first place, that that something that we ought to er be involved with.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1018] I think e the idea there of the cage drilling machine and the caravan is to show that our connections , with college, what we can produce with youngsters of today.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1019] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1020] A and because schools outside the area will see what we've done,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1021] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1022] It may give them the light as well as what [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1023] Right, that's that's terrific Terrific.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1024] And we have been involved, I have certainly been into schools a fair bit but but they're erm they are a bit reticent [...] they're certainly slow to come forward to ask for your for you help and and
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1025] Right.
[1026] Wh while while you're erm doing that while you're th while we're thinking about that, erm there's something else on the schools front and the promotional front which which I am in the process of setting up.
[1027] Which er I will be officially erm circulating to the factories er later and that is a national erm [break in recording]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1028] Yes yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1029] Of setting a real live project for a design and technology A level student.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1030] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1031] Now because of other connections I've done it through Eton.
[1032] Er not doing the one this year because of the changes that
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1033] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1034] are going on and I just didn't feel that we could erm support one.
[1035] But with the arrival of Ruddington, er the erm we have a wonderful opportunity there for doing something pretty pretty flashy.
[1036] And so I've tried to open it up er rather wider and w what I've I've I've been put in touch with a a thing called the independent schools, design and technology association, which covers design and technology studies in all independent schools.
[1037] Erm and in due course, they are hoping, that body is hoping to extend not just to independent schools but to all schools and be a design and technology education association for all schools.
[1038] Erm however they're not there yet.
[1039] [clears throat] Now it concerns me that er I don't want to be associated with the possible charge of elitism if we're only associated with independent schools.
[1040] Therefore what I want to do is to seek the support of the factories to er spread the word, to circulate the information necessary to all the schools in the area.
[1041] So that any any school within Nottinghamshire if you like or or Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire or whatever might be appropriate in this area.
[1042] However many you thought you could manage, it might just be the two
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1043] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1044] secondary schools in Newark come that.
[1045] Erm but that that opportunity would be there to circulate the information and the the entry rules er around the erm er er state schools within within the sort of factory catchment area.
[1046] So it's an opportunity for the factories to promote their own activities within whatever they regard as the school catchment area.
[1047] The way it's going to work is that we will er that the first thing is to invite applications.
[1048] And the individual student will submit an application with some er example of work already done.
[1049] And I don't know, I asked th the chap from the I S D T A how many people he thought we might get applying, he said he thought, well if we got fifty we'd be doing very well.
[1050] Er so say we get fifty people applying, we will then use those application forms to decide how ma er sorry which ones we're going to go with.
[1051] And I've said that the maximum that I think we could reasonably cope with would be five.
[1052] And then we would give a complete project specification to the five participants and er we would invite them to visit a factory, to have a conversation with a sales person, to get a bit of a feeling for the style of thee of the be doing area.
[1053] However many you
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1054] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1055] out of those, and one will win and we'll have a second and third prize and the fourth and fifth will be runners up and erm highly commended or what have you.
[1056] Er and basically what I want to do is to put the winner, the winning e exhibition into the new reception area, for the new erm office at Ruddington when it opens.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1057] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1058] So that er we can sort of give a great big bit of publicity for the schools, for the individual, for the concept of design and technology at A level.
[1059] That sort of thing.
[1060] The other four er erm loser er like as not, will be on display and remain on display in the er in in in the atrium area which is
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1061] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1062] going to be a display area for product and projects.
[1063] So erm we can give them a bit of a
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1064] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1065] bit of a splash as well.
[1066] So what what I'm that that that's the sort of basic outline and I see it as an opportunity of putting the name in front of quite a lot of schools
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1067] Aha.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1068] erm and in the design and technology area.
[1069] Er it is then an opportunity of getting at five five individuals and giving them a a pretty thorough going over and and a lot of encouragement.
[1070] It gives them the opportunity of working on a real live project er which actually has an end point and is going to be used.
[1071] It also gives them the incentive of winning some cash.
[1072] Er it gives us when when we actually set the thing up and make the presentation, it gives us another opportunity for publicity not only in the local papers o of our own area but the local papers of wherever the school was.
[1073] And it could be anywhere round the country.
[1074] Erm and I would I would want to try and do some er organize some press coverage at that time for the losers as well as for the winner so that a a and one of the things when we select the participants, er the entrants, er we will not have them all coming from the same school or from the same area, even if the five best entrants all do come from the same school .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1075] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1076] We won't have that, we'll have them from
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1077] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1078] where suits us.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1079] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1080] Er er er so so we've got lots of opportunity for er getting the name in front of young people, promoting design and technology and the engineering concept, getting these kids working on something that's real and live, erm and generally promoting the whole thing.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1081] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1082] So er in the course of the next week or two, I will erm be writing officially to er to each of the factories to invite participation.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1083] Right [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1084] Er and I daresay you'll get involved in that when the time comes .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1085] Mhm Yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1086] For Road and
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1087] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1088] and and Road.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1089] Yeah [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1090] So er there we are.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1091] Oh yes. [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1092] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1093] Of course there's I don't know whether you'd [...] well you won't if you haven't been involved but we for the last last year and this year we've had this [...] children from er there's a a sort of Nottingham University
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1094] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1095] is where it's set up from.
[1096] Er and the young people who've left school er who are having a year out in industry before they go to university.
[1097] Er and and I've found it very useful in t term
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1098] I've just seen this.
jane warner (PS4GN) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1099] Would you like a cup of coffee?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1100] Yes yes.
[1101] At the minute the erm last year's
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1102] last year's individual with us he had I think he had he had five A levels of which four were grade A and one was greed B grade B.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1103] That's not bad.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1104] And and er he's gone off to Warwick University to do doing maths and stuff.
[1105] And a chap, lad this year's got not quite the same but very very good A level results.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1106] Please.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1107] You must think I'm absolutely barking just to have been sat with this in front of me and not done anything about it.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1108] Thank you.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1109] No Philip must have been er wondering what on earth it was [laughing] doing there [] .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [laugh] ...
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1110] Er so erm
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1111] Well it's it's on on the sane vein, just like the machine tool association competition was that the apprentices went in for.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1112] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1113] Erm ... that was on the same vein and they got they got a ce er a certain amount of national er erm national er publicity.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1114] Yeah.
[1115] Milk?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1116] No thank you.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1117] Jane's [...] have some I think by the look of things.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
jane warner (PS4GN) [1118] Thank you very much.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1119] Erm well I don't think one can do too much on that score really can one.
[1120] Er any publicity is good publicity.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1121] Yeah.
[1122] Yeah.
[1123] Are you doing the open day again?
[1124] Or has nothing been said about that yet?
[1125] Or is it just assumed you would do an open day ?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1126] No I don't think we're doing an open day this year.
[1127] We're still having another gala day.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1128] Another gala.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1129] And er I think [...] throughout the year, er all of the younger apprentices, either sixteen, eighteen year olds have now been enrolled in Duke of Edinburgh Award
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1130] Have they?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1131] Scheme yeah.
[1132] And they're all about to do their silver.
[1133] One of the somewhat older guy, he can orchestrate it so much so that he gets his gold out of it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1134] Out in in he he's going straight to gold is he?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1135] No he's done bronze and silver.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1136] Oh he's done them yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1137] And he if the rest of them get silver, he will get a gold.
mr poole (PS4GL) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1138] It's rather rather good actually.
[1139] It's a form of team leadership [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1140] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1141] And er we so we'll we'll pull that in over the year, over this next year and that's one of the projects that
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1142] Good for him.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1143] I think younger guys, the sixteen, eighteen year old with their silver award
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1144] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1145] er and of course the gold award erm [...] older guys next year's team then can go on for their their gold.
[1146] Not that we're making any stipulation as part of their apprenticeship but er I think it's a good idea, they have extra
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1147] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1148] erm just beyond the engineering side.
[1149] What it really means of course is that erm I've committed ourselves to doing the dare I say it, the odd jobs.
[1150] It sounds v [...] the odd jobs to do with all the the smaller schools and and
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1151] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1152] er kindergartens.
[1153] As you know, we fixed the roundabout for the people in town, I can't remember the name of the place.
[1154] I used to call it the back of [...] actually.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1155] But nevertheless we
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1156] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1157] the the guys went up there and they fixed it and they were very very We had Christmas cards from them and we've [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1158] Lovely.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1159] And so I what I said was, as part of their community service, we would then earmark the various small erm children's homes, old people's homes and they would go as a team of electricians, fitters, craftsmen and do a community work.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1160] Marvellous
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1161] To towards their silver award .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1162] Towards the [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1163] So we will be flying the flag there.
[1164] Because of course they will be wearing our [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1165] Very constructive.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1166] And that has a a nice ring to it.
[1167] That younger element, are doing something for the local community.
[1168] And we're trying
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1169] That's very good.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1170] we're obviously there's old people's homes here on [...] Drive, there are lots of small erm kindergartens that will require their appliances being serviced.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1171] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1172] And things of this nature.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1173] One project was to literally find out all of the old age pensioners in town and go along as a group of electricians and check all of their appliances for them.
[1174] Quite [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1175] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1176] So [...] they'll have so many houses to work in, [...] they will go along initially and make sure the plugs on er irons and It sounds very simple but it's part of helping the community.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1177] Yeah.
[1178] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1179] For their award.
[1180] Erm we'll be flying the flag on on those I tell you yeah .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1181] Well that's very nice.
[1182] That's very nice.
[1183] Good initiative.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1184] Of course they they have to do all that out themselves.
[1185] They've got to negotiate with the the er people that run these homes and and erm and that kind of thing.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1186] And set it up?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1187] And set it up.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1188] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1189] Oh it's all part of their er their project.
[1190] But likewise we were looking for another project similar to what er Eric and I were involved in with the cage drilling machine.
[1191] I think [...] superb projects.
[1192] We're only hoping at the end of this year, hopefully the company will incest in it.
[1193] And buy some.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1194] They have they not Cos I thought they were going to buy some of these drilling machines .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1195] Oh yes but but but what they're doing now is all the erm, they did the presentation to the manufacturing side,
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1196] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1197] er with your assistance.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1198] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1199] Er they did they did the sales pitch to [...] and then management came back and said, well we need automatic loading and [...] modifications to it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1200] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1201] So they've been working on modifications and this year, oh we will we'll put the modifications right and then come back with another sales pitch to [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1202] Right oh I see.
[1203] Yeah.
[1204] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1205] They're doing another one but I think erm [...] was talking to er Andy the other day because erm [...] I've been in manufacturing management meetings at [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1206] Yes.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1207] where they're talking about spending money on a one of these old old cage drillers, tooling it up to drill cages at [...] .
[1208] And and my ears went you know, what on earth are you spending all this money for on that
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1209] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1210] when when you've got this new technology which you can develop.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1211] Mhm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1212] Er and it looks as though it certainly in in Andy's budget for this year
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1213] Mhm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1214] and a bit later on, he's looking to put erm I don't know, twenty thirty thousand into building a brand new cage drilling machine based on that technology.
[1215] But using the the technicians and [...] who who the main ones Robert and Bill
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1216] Mhm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1217] with Brian , [...] main input really.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1218] Mhm.
[1219] That sounds excellent doesn't it.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1220] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1221] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1222] So they're looking [...] because we we at precision now need it but we need it faster than if we if we awaited for this, then put in [...] and so on.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1223] Yeah yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1224] Erm you know, five years hence, we don't want it in five years hence, we want it the end of this year, early next year .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1225] This year.
[1226] Yeah.
[1227] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1228] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1229] But so far you see, the er [...] have been involved in it, who have been craftsmen, technicians have all come out of the end of a B Tec qualification with a distinction
mr poole (PS4GL) [1230] On the project.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1231] on the project.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1232] Yeah
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1233] so
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1234] yeah
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1235] er
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1236] yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1237] it's
mr poole (PS4GL) [1238] It it it I I think there's a lot to be said for er people doing almost any sort of practical course like that, to give them something which is real.
[1239] Because certainly the thing that particularly struck me about these design and technology A levels which so often seem to be sort of er erm a contrived project, not not a real one.
[1240] And and the three individuals who I worked with particularly, they'd all been more or less written off, and they all come through with distinctions.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1241] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1242] And and the feedba I mean I've had feedback particularly from the parents of of all three, and in every case, er they have said, this was the making of this guy.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1243] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1244] You know i it's pick picked him up from being very much an also ran for whom there was virtually no no hope, er to leaving the school with a a really good qualification and a sense of pride and purpose
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1245] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1246] erm er which has really made a big difference.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1247] It's a good thing really, my son did erm A level craft, design and technology
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1248] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1249] er and erm he he he designed his own thing what what
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1250] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1251] what he wanted to do and and then he got a reasonable pass and went off to university.
[1252] But I think if er if he'd have had a firm's input, that wanted something designing, he'd he'd have done a lot better.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1253] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1254] Because the thing he produced eventually, it fell over at the end of the day [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1255] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1256] you you know I mean, but he'd put the the research and the effort into it to get the pass.
[1257] To get to get the
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1258] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1259] qualification.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1260] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1261] But if he'd have had some a little bit of direction
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1262] Mm.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1263] from a firm you know, I'm sure he would have he would have got a distinction er an A rather than a B you know.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1264] Well than the other the other thing which I think particularly in the last one that we did which was finished back in March, we kept on changing the specification, because it started off [...] such a such and specification and it was going to the Hanover Fair in Germany
mr poole (PS4GL) [1265] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1266] in April.
[1267] Or May.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1268] April.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1269] April.
[1270] And then we decided not to go to the Hanover Fair, so change the specification so that it could be a a versatile sort of display for whatever we wanted to display.
[1271] Er and then I heard from Australia that they were going into the engineering exhibition in Melbourne and I offered them er a mobile display and they came back with one or two added ideas and so I changed the specification again.
[1272] That was going to be in May so we needed it to ship in April so I said, well you've got to you've got to still finish it at the same time.
[1273] And then Australia came back and said, no that won't be soon enough, you've got to ship it I can't remember when it was, beginning of March.
[1274] And so er the guy had to bring the whole project forward a month.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1275] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1276] Erm and er [whispering] he worked like the blazes to get this thing done [] .
[1277] Er and it was quite complex
mr poole (PS4GL) [1278] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1279] and it worked, and it got over to Australia, it got unpacked and it still worked when it got to Australia, and it went on the stand and it stood on the stand for a week or however long it was.
[1280] Er and they've now got it stashed away in in Australia waiting for the next exhibition.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1281] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1282] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1283] So it it was it really worked well.
[1284] Very well.
[1285] And I'd like to do something like that again.
[1286] And I mean, some of the some of the results that we get from this competition, might well be appropriate for a a stand at an exhibition somewhere.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1287] Or it could be that they would be appropriate for the reception area in one of the factories, or we might give one to a distributor and say, here you are, this you know, put this in if you've got the right sort of area and would like to use it for a bit, stick it in there.
[1288] You know so there's all sorts of [...]
jane warner (PS4GN) [1289] What happened to that [...] The first [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1290] It's in mothballs down in the [...] .
jane warner (PS4GN) [1291] Was it ever repaired?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1292] Oh aye, they repaired it
jane warner (PS4GN) [1293] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1294] they were modifying the I think it was the geography of the world.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr poole (PS4GL) [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1295] I mean like Australia
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1296] Oh a mere detail
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1297] [...] in the middle of the Arctic
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1298] Put Australia in the Northern hemisphere and that sort of thing.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1299] But er
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1300] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1301] yes it er I think the the wiring needs to be changed because i
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1302] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1303] it had a wooden a wooden bearing would you believe
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1304] Did they?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1305] Yeah.
[1306] They modified that
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1307] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1308] I think that was okay.
[1309] It required slip rings
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1310] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1311] Which was a very good thing [...] most of the the young apprentices would never know about slip rings.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1312] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1313] They had to manufacture that part itself.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1314] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1315] And er as I say, at the moment [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1316] Well when you when you say it's in mothballs, erm how seriously in mothballs?
[1317] I mean if could you take the mothballs off and dust it off and it would work?
[1318] Plug it in and it would work?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1319] More or less yes, just a few adjustments and it could be up and running I would think.
[1320] Maybe maybe a couple of hours work on it to put it back together [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1321] Cos I mean, that again is something that that one might put into the into the tent or something.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1322] See the idea was it it picked up the the balls, took them to the [...] and then the ball rolled round inside globe, slowly down to the bottom and then picked it up [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1323] Yeah.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1324] Originally it was supposed to be water wasn't it in in in the bottom.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1325] Er there was going to be water in the bottom at one stage but that
jane warner (PS4GN) [1326] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1327] got a bit too complicated.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1328] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1329] He was o he was over ambitious.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1330] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1331] In the design.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1332] The idea of the three spotlights of course
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1333] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1334] was was [...] see that the ball
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1335] Yeah.
[1336] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1337] rushing round inside of the literally going round the worlds and then down and then [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1338] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1339] Erm I know at one time they were the motors were going to fast, the ball was [...] .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1340] But the idea of course was to bring the electrical, mechanical and the technicians to redesign the little bits that were
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1341] Yeah.
[1342] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1343] erm the inside they they had to redesign that because the wood er had almost become charcoal were the
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1344] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1345] [...] had been so that
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1346] Had they really?
[1347] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1348] Erm and again to make it safe, it all ran on a twelve volt system.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1349] That's right, it was on a twelve twelve volt erm wiper motor.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1350] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1351] And er and that [...] that's They had to take the top off to make it safe, that's why I say a couple of hours work to put the top back on, erm makes [...] balance.
[1352] What it really required was probably sandbags or or steel in the base to keep the base
jane warner (PS4GN) [1353] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1354] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1355] stable because it was rather top heavy
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1356] A bit top heavy.
[1357] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1358] with the globe at at at the top.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1359] Well er
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1360] [...] I mean a brilliant idea really.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1361] I mean if if er erm er if it would work,
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1362] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1363] I mean I one of the things that I've always sort of had in mind is that we put it down in the reception area.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1364] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1365] The only things is that now if we did that, what we want instead of saying on it, it ought to say .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1366] Well possibly I ought to put it on my review panel and er if there's a requirement for it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1367] If you could dig it out if you could dig it out
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1368] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1369] we'd put it down in the reception area.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1370] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1371] Yeah.
[1372] For a bit.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1373] And then if it if if we have it down in reception for a bit, er and it works and doesn't look like falling to bits, the we could consider taking it along to the Newark Show as well.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1374] Mhm.
[1375] As I say, it's that mechanical movement that catches the eye [...] globe slowly turning round and the
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1376] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1377] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1378] [...] I think the stress and strain on the bearings for instance, the the middle bearing of it was underrated to carry that amount of weight, not in the vertical sense but in the yawing to and fro . [laugh] [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1379] Er
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1380] old spin and and yaw.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1381] Yes it might have been.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1382] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1383] It might have been.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1384] They need the extra weight at the bottom.
[1385] The shaft needed to come through two bearings to give it that stability .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1386] Yeah.
[1387] Yeah.
[1388] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1389] But erm the idea is [...] have this up and running and look at the problems.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1390] Right.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1391] So th this caravan aside
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1392] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1393] [...] can presume that it it's going to involve as a whole so it will have some
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1394] Yeah.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1395] industrial type applications and precision applications in there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1396] Well I I guess the graphics need to be looked at in that
mr poole (PS4GL) [1397] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1398] Jane.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1399] Whereabouts is it?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1400] In the grounds of the college.
[1401] If you go [...] by the side of the college you'll see it [...] from the
jane warner (PS4GN) [1402] Where you pull into the car park?
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1403] under the trees.
[1404] On that side.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1405] Yeah it's a sort of er trailer thing you can see from the pavement.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1406] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1407] They had it on the gala day.
[1408] Used it on gala day.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1409] I didn't go to the gala day.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1410] [...] We towed it to er [...] and back.
[1411] That was a feat of
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1412] I think the nearest thing to it is probably towing a caravan er a pyramid.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1413] Really?
[1414] Yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1415] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1416] Quite a quite a lot of wind resistance .
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1417] Aerodynamic [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1418] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1419] It wasn't the best [...]
jane warner (PS4GN) [...]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1420] But ideal it's it's very spacious inside.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1421] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1422] Erm in that respect.
[1423] And erm [...] I mean we towed it over a thousand miles so the
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1424] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1425] the local journeys round the town, there's no problem.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1426] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1427] The average car could pull it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1428] Mm.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1429] Erm it's very well made [...] we have a video, watching it being made from the bare
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1430] Well
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1431] all the way up to it's [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1432] That that's that's certainly something [...] Do we have a video on a on a loop or anything [...] .
[1433] Erm cos that that would be the ideal thing to do wouldn't it .
jane warner (PS4GN) [1434] [...] we haven't yet got copies, they're just masters at the moment but
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1435] Ah but we'll have copies by May surely.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1436] If the European sales companies get their fingers out and get the languages checked for me then yes.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1437] I'm quite happy to have it in English.
Unknown speaker (JP0PSUNK) [laugh]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1438] Erm ... yeah that's another thing.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1439] Yeah it c it can be put onto a loop.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1440] Video. ...
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1441] So the [...] as far as I'm concerned, the the two projects put together erm really do show what we can do we can do with a a team of bods.
[1442] Originally the er the idea was to to build this caravan in connection with School.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1443] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1444] And er we were told that, we were told that our apprentices would be working alongside apprentices from Mercedes and Volkswagen and and so on and so forth.
[1445] That wasn't quite true.
[1446] So consequently we made sure that we we picked the best of our guys to match
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1447] Yeah.
[1448] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1449] the German Er secondly there there was a golden opportunity for our apprentices in industry to go and see German industry and French industry.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1450] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1451] And so on and I'm pleased to say that they came back saying, Yeah we can still hold our head up high.
[1452] The the fact that we are ... very good at what we do.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1453] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1454] Of course we didn't realize that these would be erm students from from schools.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1455] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1456] So their engineering knowledge was very little.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1457] Still basic.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1458] Very basic.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1459] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1460] So consequently our guys ran circles round them
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1461] Marvellous.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1462] and we balance it out that we had to built the caravan, the deadline [...] we had to tow it across there in back end of March.
[1463] Erm ... so it had to have all the lighting, official lighting for the continent and so on and so forth.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1464] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1465] And that was a bit of a nice little deadline [...] the pressure was on.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1466] Yeah yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1467] But er we got it over there and I'm quite pleased to see it, the entire school, six hundred pupils turn out to see this thing being towed up there on a
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1468] Wonderful
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1469] sunny evening.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1470] Wonderful
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1471] And er had a tremendous press coverage over there.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1472] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1473] likewise the when it went through the town on the way out, everybody turned out to see this thing leaving .
[1474] Because of the association between and York, being twins
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1475] Yeah yeah yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1476] And people were in the street shaking hands and Marvellous absolutely marvellous you know.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1477] Brilliant.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1478] Of course the logo was the biggest logo on there you see.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [laugh]
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1479] Er and even [...] lads from the college, it was a mixture of five welding students and and five students
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1480] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1481] er I think our guys stole the show [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1482] Good.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1483] Right, well we're on to a we're on to a new er a new era, a different erm different angle.
[1484] Er and erm there we are .
mr poole (PS4GL) [1485] [...] bef between now and March.
[1486] Or are you gonna
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1487] Well erm ... no doubt Jane will actually look inside the the caravan.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1488] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1489] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1490] Sometime and see what the facilities we've got there.
[1491] Erm ... [...] I can certainly [...] no problem.
[1492] I've already earmarked the cage drilling machine just in case we did require it, to make sure that no parts were taken off it to support the next one .
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1493] Right, good yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1494] Erm this is where we've asked our tool room to supply them with any parts, save taking them off the the original.
[1495] To make sure it does roll.
[1496] And now if with your wish we can certainly go ahead and make sure it is in tip top condition.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1497] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1498] Make sure was have enough material to make the these cages.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1499] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1500] Erm so I I'll concentrate on those those
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1501] Terrific.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1502] those two things.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1503] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1504] And again the the manpower to run it.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1505] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1506] I E if it works out in er that the younger guys to match up with the make sure they've got the experience to actually fault find on the machine if [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1507] Right.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1508] But I'm pretty certain it'll run all weekend.
[1509] It ran all week at the N E C.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1510] Yeah.
[1511] Wonderful wonderful.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1512] [...] gave erm Robert and Bill and [...]
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1513] Oh yes.
[1514] Oh yes.
[1515] Oh yes.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1516] The idea is, if one of those and a couple of the younger guys, like we did at N E C
mr poole (PS4GL) [1517] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1518] ideal.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1519] Mm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1520] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1521] Get the expert as well as a couple of supportive
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1522] Lovely.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1523] Yeah.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1524] to talk about it.
[1525] That's how we covered it at the N E C.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1526] Right.
[1527] Okay well I'll I'll do a I'll do a note on on the various headings that I've made so we've all got the same piece of paper.
mr rowan (PS4GR) [1528] Mhm.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1529] Erm and then we meet again in March.
[1530] Er I'll let you know if there's anything cropping up again before then.
[1531] Er but hopefully by March we will be able to say, well it's all ready to
mr poole (PS4GL) [1532] Yeah.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1533] hot to trot.
jane warner (PS4GN) [1534] Okay.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1535] Ready to go.
mr poole (PS4GL) [1536] Right.
mr fremantle (PS4GM) [1537] Wonderful, thank you very much indeed.
[1538] I'll really turn it of this time. [recording ends]