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Meeting. Sample containing about 5875 words speech recorded in business context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C573

PS4GS X m (John, age unknown, manager) unspecified
PS4GT X m (Shane, age unknown, manager) unspecified
JP1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
JP1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 123101 recorded on 1994-01-21. LocationNottinghamshire: Newark ( Business office ) Activity: Business meeting Fairly informal

Undivided text

John (PS4GS) [1] project.
[2] And they're collecting words.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [3] Right?
John (PS4GS) [4] Right.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [5] And they just want to hear people talking so just carry on with your meeting, take no notice of that.
[6] No you can use any words you like, they are unattributable
John (PS4GS) [7] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [8] They're totally unattri er attributable.
[9] Nobody'll kno nobody will know erm who it is.
John (PS4GS) [10] Right.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [11] Or be able to associate who said what.
John (PS4GS) [12] Fine Tom yeah. [laugh]
Shane (PS4GT) [13] We'll use some big ones now.
John (PS4GS) [14] Undubitably.
Shane (PS4GT) [15] To be sure to be sure sir.
[16] Right, where were we?
John (PS4GS) [17] .
[18] L H [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [19] .
[20] Er ... November automatic, should have gone up eight per cent automatic.
John (PS4GS) [21] End date?
Shane (PS4GT) [22] November.
John (PS4GS) [23] Er so that'll be [...] first eleven ninety four,
Shane (PS4GT) [24] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [25] check price increase applied.
Shane (PS4GT) [26] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [27] Increase.
[28] [...] All I have to do is go and see her [...] and say I want to know see each one ticked.
Shane (PS4GT) [29] Cos remember you're [...] headers, just the headers.
John (PS4GS) [30] Right.
Shane (PS4GT) [31] Got to check the end dates, list numbers
John (PS4GS) [32] Sure.
Shane (PS4GT) [33] To make sure that you know, they've got to understand we police it from that which means that you go over to [...]
John (PS4GS) [34] Yeah.
[35] I think to be honest to you, the the [...] have been given very little guidance, she doesn't understand what's supposed to happen
Shane (PS4GT) [36] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [37] and the importance of it.
Shane (PS4GT) [38] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [39] So it's just got in a bigger mess and a bigger mess to be honest with you.
Shane (PS4GT) [40] Yes and I've got the [...] smelly straw now.
John (PS4GS) [41] Yeah that's right that's right.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [42] .
Shane (PS4GT) [43] [...] .
[44] Well one of those Yeah, one of them's negotiated and the other one isn't.
John (PS4GS) [45] Three one four three six one.
Shane (PS4GT) [46] [...] one three six one one eight.
John (PS4GS) [47] Yeah
Shane (PS4GT) [48] Is that it?
John (PS4GS) [49] Eight eight three eight two eight four.
Shane (PS4GT) [50] I've got one three nine [...]
John (PS4GS) [51] That's right.
Shane (PS4GT) [52] That's okay then.
John (PS4GS) [53] That's okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [54] Er.
John (PS4GS) [55] Narrow aisle.
Shane (PS4GT) [56] Narrow aisle being done, I know that.
[57] I've seen a note for that.
[58] First of the first ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [59] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [60] Would you know what they were?
John (PS4GS) [61] Er check price increase [...] .
[62] ... Oh this is good of you [...] .
[63] Saves me doing this [...] .
[64] You see, I gave all this information on disk.
[65] She's had all this on disk
Shane (PS4GT) [66] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [67] Cos I was brassed off cos [...] I said [...] .
[68] Erm now [...] uplifted [...] .
[69] ... [...] there's a letter down here. ... [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [70] It doesn't [...] that price it just tells you.
John (PS4GS) [71] Look do you want to write on there and work that out.
[72] And then you can see what [...] .
[73] Nineteen fifty one for the S S F two and a half.
Shane (PS4GT) [74] Yeah.
[75] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [76] Eleven twenty nine for the seventeen stroke.
Shane (PS4GT) [77] Eleven twenty nine.
John (PS4GS) [78] And eleven O eight for the two stroke.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [79] So that they're the latest [...] prices.
[80] Effective first of the first [...] first of the first ninety five.
Shane (PS4GT) [81] Super.
John (PS4GS) [82] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [83] 's Engines.
John (PS4GS) [84] 's Engines.
Shane (PS4GT) [85] Oh I'm going there next week.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [86] That's right, just say it's the thirty one one ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [87] [...] check [...] Backwards and forwards like a yo-yo.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [88] Erm ... First of the second ninety four actually.
Shane (PS4GT) [89] Thirty first of the first, that's right, that's where it ends .
John (PS4GS) [90] Yes that's right.
[91] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [92] Yeah.
[93] So that's okay?
John (PS4GS) [94] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [95] Brilliant..
John (PS4GS) [96] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [97] No in-date.
John (PS4GS) [98] No they were called something else actually erm [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [99] Let's have a look at the P L A. ... [...]
John (PS4GS) [100] [...] didn't have on this did we?
Shane (PS4GT) [101] No.
[102] I think we ought to remove that list.
John (PS4GS) [103] Which list.
Shane (PS4GT) [104] This list.
John (PS4GS) [105] Erm, they've only got one size, and S F T thirty with protector .
Shane (PS4GT) [106] That's right.
[107] Yeah.
[108] ... Nice profitable business [...] .
John (PS4GS) [109] Pardon.
Shane (PS4GT) [110] Nice profitable business.
John (PS4GS) [111] It is yes, and we've erm
Shane (PS4GT) [112] So that should be a three O eight customer.
John (PS4GS) [113] Yeah it should.
[114] Outside of one size, we should only have one size on the net list.
Shane (PS4GT) [115] It's impo let's have a look at the account number [...] .
John (PS4GS) [116] The price on the net list should be six pound eighty.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [117] That's for the S F T thirty.
Shane (PS4GT) [118] Price ... six pounds eighty, latest.
[119] Check price increase done.
[120] Change [...] and date it to when? ...
John (PS4GS) [121] Maybe er
Shane (PS4GT) [122] Thirty one twelve
John (PS4GS) [123] Thirty one twelve nine four yeah.
[124] Right.
Shane (PS4GT) [125] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [126] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [127] I didn't have that on this list did I?
Shane (PS4GT) [128] No.
[129] [...] . ... [...] . Four five six ... sorry four six five
John (PS4GS) [130] four six five
Shane (PS4GT) [131] six eight one hundred.
John (PS4GS) [132] six eight one hundred. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [133] ... er two two
John (PS4GS) [134] Two two,
Shane (PS4GT) [135] double one
John (PS4GS) [136] double one
Shane (PS4GT) [137] three one
John (PS4GS) [138] three one
Shane (PS4GT) [139] O one.
John (PS4GS) [140] O one.
[141] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [142] Travel.
John (PS4GS) [143] Mm.
[144] Take [...] forty P out of that.
Shane (PS4GT) [145] Er T L A customer, well yes yeah I think we should delete all ne dene delete the net list, remove er list ... and end date.
[146] ... Right that's okay..
John (PS4GS) [147] Ah right.
[148] we've erm we've done that.
[149] ... [...] Is that all we've got on erm
Shane (PS4GT) [150] Yeah we're onto the next area [...]
John (PS4GS) [151] [...] Right.
[152] Do you want me to just go through any others?
Shane (PS4GT) [153] The other thing you've got is the fact that P O A customers will be on here, and therefore those P O As should be on here.
[154] Right?
John (PS4GS) [155] Right.
Shane (PS4GT) [156] Plus these are over your horizon or the end of February. ...
John (PS4GS) [157] Oh right, okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [158] Yeah?
John (PS4GS) [159] Yeah gotcha.
[160] Erm , we've got we're in a situation with where we've just put eight per cent.
[161] We haven't affected their order book, but all future orders we've affected by eight per cent.
Shane (PS4GT) [162] So this should be [...] by eight per cent.
John (PS4GS) [163] It should be updated by [...] but not applied to the order book, do you follow me.
Shane (PS4GT) [164] Yeah, sure.
[165] Check price increase ... of eight per cent for new business.
[166] ... Not order book.
John (PS4GS) [167] That's one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [168] Er ... end date, should ... be ... one ninety four.
[169] So it'll be thirty one twelve ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [170] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [171] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [172] Well if you'd like to keep it at that, that's fine.
Shane (PS4GT) [173] Yeah cos that then that then ends on that date and you negotiate for [...]
John (PS4GS) [174] That's right, yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [175] And that's .
[176] . I'd say that's the same thing myself.
John (PS4GS) [177] Yeah. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [178] [...] this price.
[179] No sorry no it isn't.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [180] N one oh one three.
[181] N one oh one three, N B C three.
[182] N B, ... [...] .
[183] So ... four five [...] seven six three one O one.
[184] [...] That's alright, that's no problem.
[185] It's er
John (PS4GS) [186] It's picking up onto the same list is it?
Shane (PS4GT) [187] Yeah.
[188] End date it's picking up off the same list.
[189] End date, thirty first, of twelfth nine [...] .
[190] Link list, [...] O nine O to I O eight three.
John (PS4GS) [191] Good thinking.
Shane (PS4GT) [192] .
John (PS4GS) [193] .
[194] Er that was automatic ninety th er November ninety three but we've had a problem with them so we're negotiating [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [195] So that wants to be
John (PS4GS) [196] They've actually resisted.
Shane (PS4GT) [197] thirty one ten ninety three.
[198] Er end date.
John (PS4GS) [199] I'm just bringing you up to date really, they've actually er resisted quite violently towards the reacted quite violently towards the erm price increase and er we've erm just sent them back, Peter's just writing a letter so there'll be a letter coming in [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [200] So you see, that needs to go in there so that when it prints it out again, we come and ask you
John (PS4GS) [201] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [202] what's happening.
[203] And when you update it er which updates the whatever percentage it is, then we change the end date so that it is [...]
John (PS4GS) [204] Right, fine.
Shane (PS4GT) [205] Otherwise I'm getting paid [...] .
John (PS4GS) [206] No no that's right okay.
[207] I understand.
[208] That's how it should that that's how it should work yeah, I agree.
Shane (PS4GT) [209] .
John (PS4GS) [210] [...] we've got this P O A actually.
Shane (PS4GT) [211] Ah remove ... [...] net list, P O A customer.
[212] I heard they were in trouble.
John (PS4GS) [213] Have you?
Shane (PS4GT) [214] I no sorry..
John (PS4GS) [215] Be the sa it's the all part of the same.
Shane (PS4GT) [216] Well [...] precision for a while because
John (PS4GS) [217] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [218] of the redundancy situation.
John (PS4GS) [219] Oh.
Shane (PS4GT) [220] [...] be a bit careful with that.
[221] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [222] Oh that's [...] site contractor.
Shane (PS4GT) [223] So the end date?
John (PS4GS) [224] It should follow it's list, and erm it it's one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [225] That's right then.
John (PS4GS) [226] Yeah.
[227] So that's alright then?
Shane (PS4GT) [228] I don't think you'll find it.
[229] I don't think we'll find anything [...] should be the same, one one ninety four .
John (PS4GS) [230] One one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [231] Yes.
[232] One one ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [233] One one ninety four.
[234] Yeah.
[235] 's all the same. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [236] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [237] ?
[238] Erm that's fifteenth of the second ninety four for some reason.
[239] I don't know why.
Shane (PS4GT) [240] Deferred.
John (PS4GS) [241] But we've got [...] we do very little business with them, it's really an account.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [242] Well we should actually [...] we should That wants linking to erm 's account.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [243] Can't at the moment no.
[244] But I mean, our business with them is two hundred and nineteen pound.
[245] Why we're worrying about them [...] I don't know. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [246] They probably negotiate the list at the same time as .
John (PS4GS) [247] No I don't think we do.
[248] I don't think we do.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [249] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [250] Okay, if we do it to the fourteenth of the second ninety four, er and then that'd come up, I can tell you what we cos Peter's just is halfway through it with Well I say halfway through it.
[251] Hopefully he's halfway through it with erm erm so that should come up.
[252] Okay?
John (PS4GS) [253] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [254] .
[255] No end date.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [256] it's two [...] four O two four five O five or two seven.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [257] remove
John (PS4GS) [258] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [259] oh it's quite a big value.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [260] [...] .
[261] Well let's not remove it, let's go let's erm put it November ninety three
John (PS4GS) [262] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [263] November ninety four sorry, automate so it goes automatic.
[264] [...] date to November ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [265] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [266] So thirty one ten ninety four.
[267] Okay.
[268] ... no end date. ...
John (PS4GS) [269] P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [270] Remove ... from ... net ... [...] ?
John (PS4GS) [271] No.
Shane (PS4GT) [272] Because then you get you get this which is [...] .
John (PS4GS) [273] Right and we'll be able to dummy this one will we?
Shane (PS4GT) [274] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [275] Okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [276] And you can clear this up?
John (PS4GS) [277] Sure.
Shane (PS4GT) [278] I know [...] .
John (PS4GS) [279] Carry on carry on.
Shane (PS4GT) [280] Lead on Macduff.
John (PS4GS) [281] Carry on regardless.
Shane (PS4GT) [282] .
John (PS4GS) [283] Yes,.
[284] [...] I've put all the together under Peter 's responsibility.
[285] Because he deals with on the [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [286] Ah right.
John (PS4GS) [287] and since are a big potential [...] one one ninety four I've got down here.
Shane (PS4GT) [288] Yeah, it's only one [...] .
John (PS4GS) [289] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [290] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [291] And er
Shane (PS4GT) [292] So it's still outstanding presumably?
John (PS4GS) [293] Er I think it is, yes.
[294] Do you want me to ch check for you?
Shane (PS4GT) [295] It's just that if there has been a price increase, then the end date wants changing as well. [...] ..
John (PS4GS) [296] There's a letter in with that one. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [297] Right so we haven't had a price increase?
John (PS4GS) [298] No.
[299] No we have we haven' we're halfway through it with working out [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [300] .
John (PS4GS) [301] All the same, they should all be the same.
Shane (PS4GT) [302] And the end date wants to be in as?
John (PS4GS) [303] I don't think we can treat them individually.
Shane (PS4GT) [304] Right.
John (PS4GS) [305] You know, I think we should tie em all up with the same [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [306] Thirty one well ninety th ninety it says ninety three [...] .
[307] Hang on, this [...] account number.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [308] End date thirty one twelve ninety three.
[309] It looks like they're all linked in
John (PS4GS) [310] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [311] Thirty three, thirty four
John (PS4GS) [312] They should all be the same, [...] let's put them together anyway, even if they're not, we should put them together because erm [...] I mean they're all part of the same company anyway.
[313] We can't tre we shouldn't treat them individually.
[314] We should treat them [...] .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [315] Right, [clears throat] .
John (PS4GS) [316] [...] people.
[317] One four ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [318] End ... date ... thirty one ... O three ninety four.
[319] That'll stop this one coming up [...] .
[320] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [321] yeah, 's a subcontractor.
Shane (PS4GT) [322] So one
John (PS4GS) [323] one one ninet
Shane (PS4GT) [324] Thirty one twelve [...]
John (PS4GS) [325] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [326] [...] .
[327] That's okay.
[328] . [...] list price.
John (PS4GS) [329] ?
[330] P O A I've got down here.
Shane (PS4GT) [331] So
John (PS4GS) [332] Somebody's [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [333] Remove
John (PS4GS) [334] No no [...] I don't think we should do that.
[335] We could actually remove the net list right, but I think we should have a net list for .
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [336] Yeah but I don't think it's been updated for so long.
Shane (PS4GT) [337] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [338] At the moment erm Shane I've got a new enquiry in the system for a whole works, right,
Shane (PS4GT) [339] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [340] What I'd like to do is reprice that and put that in as the net list.
Shane (PS4GT) [341] Right.
John (PS4GS) [342] Do you follow me, for the spares.
Shane (PS4GT) [343] Yeah yeah.
[344] But we need to put an end date on that.
John (PS4GS) [345] Erm oh I see, yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [346] Otherwise it's gonna keep [...] up.
John (PS4GS) [347] Yeah.
[348] Erm ... well ... we can change this end date can't we?
Shane (PS4GT) [349] Yes, if we put end date in as thirty one, twelve ninety three.
John (PS4GS) [350] Yeah.
[351] That's right.
[352] So that keeps popping up, and then we get it right.
[353] When we've got it right, we can put it to [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [354] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [355] [...] one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [356] [...] end date ... thirty one twelve ninety three. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [357] [...] , Engineering,. ... .
John (PS4GS) [358] .
[359] ... Er one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [360] End date ... thirty twelve ninety three..
John (PS4GS) [361] One two ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [362] [...] end date ... thirty one, one ninety four.
[363] Er Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [364] November automatic.
[365] November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [366] So check price increase done.
[367] ... Enter ... [...] .
[368] Enter end date ... er thirty one ten ninety four.
[369] Next one [...]
John (PS4GS) [370] Er automatic, November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [371] Check price increase done.
[372] ... [...] enter ... end date ... what date was it again?
John (PS4GS) [373] November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [374] Thirty one ten ninety four. [...]
John (PS4GS) [375] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [376] Cancel.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [377] Take it out.
Shane (PS4GT) [378] Remove net list [...] P O A customer.
John (PS4GS) [379] Don't wan don't even want [...] it this far.
Shane (PS4GT) [380] Okay well we'll do that later.
John (PS4GS) [381] Okay okay.
Shane (PS4GT) [382]
John (PS4GS) [383] , yeah, we're in the middle of that.
[384] It's one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [385] So that's okay.
[386] So [...]
John (PS4GS) [387] [...] do a lot of work on that.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [388] .
[389] Er one one ninety four [...] negotiate.
Shane (PS4GT) [390] So one one ninety four, enter ... annual date ... thirty one twelve ninety three.
[391] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [392] Engineering, November automatic.
Shane (PS4GT) [393] Enter end date, thirty one twelve, automatic?
[394] So these should have had price increases.
John (PS4GS) [395] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [396] Check price increase.
[397] ... Thirty one twelve ninety four.
[398] [...] increased ... [...] . ...
John (PS4GS) [399] That should've been automatic,ni November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [400] [...] ninety three, [...] .
[401] ... [...] done, thirty one ten ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [402] [...] that's automatic.
[403] Ninety three.
[404] November ninety three.
[405] [...] . ... Think of the money we're giving away by missing these.
Shane (PS4GT) [406] They might have been done, it's just that we don't know.
John (PS4GS) [407] No I know.
Shane (PS4GT) [408] That makes it even worse.
John (PS4GS) [409] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [410] Er one one ninety four.
[411] ... Really for our business, it's [...] worth messing around now.
[412] Erm that's business, I think if you just put er eight per cent on that, just p whatever, if we've got a net list, put it out the way.
Shane (PS4GT) [413] Ninety three, check price ... increase ... eight per cent done ... [...] thirty one twelve ninety four.
[414] [...] one six three three O three [...]
John (PS4GS) [415] That looks a reference.
Shane (PS4GT) [416] M C three. [...]
John (PS4GS) [417] [...] ... I think that's [...] ceramic coated bearings [...] isn't it?
Shane (PS4GT) [418] Really.
John (PS4GS) [419] Bit of a failure weren't they?
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [420] Well so we should certainly put them up [laughing] by eight per cent.
Shane (PS4GT) [421] Er .
John (PS4GS) [422] , automatic, November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [423] Check ... price ... increase ... [...] thirty one ten ninety four.
[424] If not thirty one ten ninety three. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [425] That's automatic again. ...
Shane (PS4GT) [426] Industries.
John (PS4GS) [427] , yes we've I've just just done those.
[428] We're on to the next area now aren't we?
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS4GS) [429] , one one ninety four.
[430] Erm but I've been this is I've been progressively pricing this account.
Shane (PS4GT) [431] Right.
John (PS4GS) [432] We've had erm on those two [...] two two price increases on the O eighty eight which is the volume size,
Shane (PS4GT) [433] Yes.
John (PS4GS) [434] and we've just had another one on the B A C O ninet [...] O nine O.
[435] Yes that's why I've [...] the increase of twelve and a half per cent on it.
Shane (PS4GT) [436] Right.
John (PS4GS) [437] So you can see that er ... that price seventy six of those, that price goes up to two hundred and something pound which is [...] . [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [438] [...] thirty one twelve ninety three was that?
John (PS4GS) [439] Ninety three yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [440] Ninety three if price increase ... not done.
John (PS4GS) [441] [...] should say, C J B G [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [442] Yes, thirty twelve ninety four.
[443] C J B G letter. [...]
John (PS4GS) [444] Yeah I think you will yeah.
[445] Don't you?
Shane (PS4GT) [446] I bloody hope so.
[447] Cos I'm not doing this every year.
John (PS4GS) [448] No but we shouldn't need to.
Shane (PS4GT) [449] No.
John (PS4GS) [450] We shouldn't need to.
[451] Volumes is not until er later on in the year.
Shane (PS4GT) [452] Third of April.
John (PS4GS) [453] That's it yeah, first of the fourth ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [454] [...] that sounds okay.
John (PS4GS) [455] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [456] Whoops. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [457] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [458] [...] thanks a lot bruv
John (PS4GS) [459] is erm quite a circus cos they we've got two accounts, we've got [...] and the original equipment manufacturers.
Shane (PS4GT) [460] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [461] And er it's a real game of soldiers, last time I had them up here and er oh it was quite fun really.
Shane (PS4GT) [462] That's nice.
John (PS4GS) [463] Yes it's good, yeah.
[464] Well last year I've improved the margin on that something something wicked.
[465] Cos er we went through it last year and I [...] all the sizes that we only supplied, I just put them up
Shane (PS4GT) [466] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [467] and er if they were if they weren't making a reasonable amount you know, [...] eight and a half per cent, ten and a half on some of them.
Shane (PS4GT) [468] Right.
John (PS4GS) [469] And on the ones cos they were trying to s screw us down to the floor and on the popular metric where they I knew they were gonna they could find better suppliers, I was only about two per cent on some of those.
[470] You know, one and a half per cent.
[471] And I said to them, Look I've re-costed all this, this is your new price sorted, and he said, we can't see what price increase we made.
[472] [laugh] And I said, well, you know, overall it's gonna be what we said, you know I said, we I've tried to meet your targets, I said, but I've had to to increase some up fart higher than others you know.
[473] [laugh] . Got away with it.
Shane (PS4GT) [474] Bloody Hell.
John (PS4GS) [475] They believed me.
Shane (PS4GT) [476] Oh dear.
[477] Er
John (PS4GS) [478] .
[479] Oh automatic that should be, eight per cent automatic.
Shane (PS4GT) [480] Check price increase ... done eight per cent.
[481] If yes, enter ... end date of which date?
John (PS4GS) [482] November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [483] Thirty one ten ninety four.
John (PS4GS) [484] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [485] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [486] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [487] Don't have to do it [...] done that one.
[488] Dear oh dear.
[489] Limited.
John (PS4GS) [490] That should be automatic, November ninety three. ...
Shane (PS4GT) [491] [...] sorry about this.
John (PS4GS) [492] That's alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [493] [...] date [...] ninety four.
[494] [...] ninety three.
[495] Wonderful. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [496] ?
Shane (PS4GT) [497] .
John (PS4GS) [498] Er automatic ...
Shane (PS4GT) [499] Quick.
John (PS4GS) [sigh] [...] ...
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [500] [...] manager of .
Shane (PS4GT) [501] So this hopefully [...] .
John (PS4GS) [502] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [503] Right then.
[504] Limited.
John (PS4GS) [505] Oh dear of dear.
[506] I don't think I've done any business really I think I've just written that account off.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [507] So P O A customer.
John (PS4GS) [508] P O A [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [509] [...] list.
[510] ... What we could do actually is with a we could have a
John (PS4GS) [511] I think I've just dumped it to the
Shane (PS4GT) [512] [...] .
[513] We really ought to have these n these P O A customers with their pl with with their blind lists on the computer.
John (PS4GS) [514] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [515] And we could factor em up.
John (PS4GS) [516] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [517] So if you decide you want to some er eight per cent
John (PS4GS) [518] That's right.
[519] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [520] Right, Instruments.
John (PS4GS) [521] Well I think [...] do something like that.
[522] They do something very similar to that.
Shane (PS4GT) [523] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [524] They have this blind list [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [525] Er sorry [...] er Instruments Limited.
John (PS4GS) [526] Automatic November ninety three.
Shane (PS4GT) [527] [sigh] Check price increase ... done
John (PS4GS) [528] Is this print picking up people who haven't had a price increase then?
Shane (PS4GT) [529] It's picking up people who don't have end date.
John (PS4GS) [530] Oh right.
Shane (PS4GT) [531] It gives us an opportunity to say, if the end date's not been done, has the price increase been done?
John (PS4GS) [532] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [533] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [534] Yeah, [...] with an end date have actually been done.
Shane (PS4GT) [535] No because if the end date is [...] .
[536] If you have a look at the end date, [...] price.
John (PS4GS) [537] Price.
Shane (PS4GT) [538] End date, thirty one ten ninety four.
[539] Is that November?
John (PS4GS) [540] Yes.
Shane (PS4GT) [541] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [542] No.
Shane (PS4GT) [543] No ... not ... end date thirty one ten ninety three..
John (PS4GS) [544] P O A customer.
Shane (PS4GT) [545] Let's write him off.
John (PS4GS) [546] Got to be yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [547] P O A [...] .
John (PS4GS) [548] [...] Seven two O four E T A.
Shane (PS4GT) [549] Yeah, they use that [...]
John (PS4GS) [...] [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [550] Yeah that's right.
[551] Yeah, you know all about that don't you.
[552] Yeah cos you were in precision. ... .
John (PS4GS) [553] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [554] No.
John (PS4GS) [555] [...] .
[556] Er [...] .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS4GS) [557] I don't know anything about that.
Shane (PS4GT) [558] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [559] , November ninety three, automatic. ...
Shane (PS4GT) [560] Eight per cent thirty one ten ninety four
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [561] .
John (PS4GS)
Shane (PS4GT) [562] [...] item.
John (PS4GS) [563] Automatic [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [564] [...] check price increase
John (PS4GS) [565] [...] worried about this one.
[566] I put that price up more than the standard, that's wrong.
[567] ... This is one where I put the price up and then we went and wrote to him with a net price list showing a lower price than I'd put up and we had to reduce it.
[568] So it's got to put up it's gotta be put up eight per cent, I can tell you that.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [569] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [570] Yeah.
[571] Yes, thirty one twelve ninety three.
John (PS4GS) [572] I'm annoyed about that.
[573] You know we negotiated one price, [...] didn't get [...] .
[574] And then we we're sending them the net list and saying there's your new le er price
Shane (PS4GT) [575] Sending them the net list [...]
John (PS4GS) [576] and he said, this is lower than what you'd said it was gonna be.
[577] You know.
Shane (PS4GT) [578] Took the legs from under us didn't he.
John (PS4GS) [579] That's terrible. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [580] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [581] [...] do the next page.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [582] Automatic [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [583] [sigh] ... [...] .
[584] ... Er ... .
John (PS4GS) [585] Right,, P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [586] P O A by the way, another thing I'm thinking of doing is saying, if you want a net price [...] enter in there, it has to come through a [...] manager or [...]
John (PS4GS) [587] Yeah.
[588] Good idea.
[589] And er we'll have a a summary of what have got net lists and what haven't.
Shane (PS4GT) [590] And then you say whether yes or no.
[591] You have to sign it off [...] .
John (PS4GS) [592] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [593] .
John (PS4GS) [594] Oh [...] this one.
[595] We had some fun with it Yeah we just done this one.
Shane (PS4GT) [596] Oh we're on fourteen, area fourteen.
John (PS4GS) [597] Yeah .
[598] One one ninety four it should be.
Shane (PS4GT) [599] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [600] That's right okay.
[601] Erm and then we've just done a letter to them with the new prices.
Shane (PS4GT) [602] So that's okay.
John (PS4GS) [603] Well [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [604] We haven't done it yet have we.
John (PS4GS) [605] Well I don't know whether you [...] .
[606] We've done a combined jobby here [...] erm We've done er [...] .
[607] here they are.
[608] The prices should be [...] .
[609] According to that [...] dated the ninth of December.
Shane (PS4GT) [610] Oh no that's wrong then.
[611] Check price increase done.
John (PS4GS) [612] Letter ninth of December.
Shane (PS4GT) [613] [...] nine twelve ninety three, if yes, [...] ninety four, if not, ... [...] . ...
John (PS4GS)
Shane (PS4GT) [614] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [615] this is P O A I think.
[616] Isn't it?
Shane (PS4GT) [617] No it's got a an end date [...]
John (PS4GS) [618] Oh it has got one one ninety four, yes you're right.
[619] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [620] Yes.
[621] That should be er negotiate, one one ninety four.
Shane (PS4GT) [622] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [623] [...] .
[624] I think we've put ... I know we've put erm ... eight per cent on on everything that's now outstanding so it should all go up eight per cent.
Shane (PS4GT) [625] Check price increase ... done eight per cent on new business, yeah?
[626] ... Yes one twelve ninety four.
[627] If not, [...] ninety three. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [628] Oh we c they cancelled them.
Shane (PS4GT) [629] Oh is that what it is?
John (PS4GS) [630] I think so, yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [631] Ah.
John (PS4GS) [632] I assume so.
Shane (PS4GT) [633] Yeah there's no there's no cost ass
John (PS4GS) [634] No cost.
Shane (PS4GT) [635] So if it w it was after the receipt then it would be
John (PS4GS) [636] Be
Shane (PS4GT) [637] [...] It would be a negative margin wouldn't it.
John (PS4GS) [638] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [639] The profit would have been minus cos [...] the costs would still be there so it must be a cancellation.
[640] Mustn't it?
John (PS4GS) [641] That one is the same size isn't it?
Shane (PS4GT) [642] Yes.
John (PS4GS) [643] That's a C three fifths, the C M [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [644] Yeah.
[645] And then [...] no that's not the same.
John (PS4GS) [646] No. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [647] I dunno what's happened there. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [648] That's a shame [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [649] Limited.
John (PS4GS) [650] er that should have gone up eight per cent.
Shane (PS4GT) [651] Check price increase
John (PS4GS) [652] I don't think that has gone up.
[653] I'm pretty sure that hasn't [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [654] eight per cent.
[655] If yes
John (PS4GS) [656] Ah yeah that's why [...] because because [...] our business was smaller but business was big.
[657] With our size we could just put up by eight per cent.
Shane (PS4GT) [658] If yes it would be what date, thirty one twelve?
John (PS4GS) [659] Well it's it's
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [660] That's right yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [661] [...] getting frustrated.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS4GS) [662] in a very matter fact way.
[663] He writes it all down, he sends it all in and expects the system to handle it. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [664] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [665] Yeah but sh he should I mean on the road, you should be able to just write in and say, I want this to happen.
John (PS4GS) [666] That's right.
Shane (PS4GT) [667] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [668] But it doesn't.
Shane (PS4GT) [669] Yeah [...] .
John (PS4GS) [670] It doesn't happen on the pricing, that's for sure. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [671] that's under review at the moment.
John (PS4GS) [672] Just cos
Shane (PS4GT) [673] Carry on.
John (PS4GS) [674] Just cos we can hear you when you're in here.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [675] It's got nothing to do with that Roger.
Shane (PS4GT) [676] Nice one Tom.
John (PS4GS) [677] Touché.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [678] Just tal talk into don't talk
John (PS4GS) [679] Just talk [...]
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [680] away.
Shane (PS4GT) [681] [laugh] There you are you see, and you thought we were joking .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [682] Get on get on with your business.
John (PS4GS) [683] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [684] [laugh] Right, what I've come round here for er I'm going to Israel in a month.
John (PS4GS) [685] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [686] Right.
John (PS4GS) [687] [...] .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [688] Yes that's right.
[689] I wanted to talk to you about the things that er you've got [...] from the meetings and to just think about the pricing issues.
[690] Erm and [...] what you might say [...] .
John (PS4GS) [...]
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [691] Yeah.
[692] Alright, well when you've finished here perhaps we can touch base.
Shane (PS4GT) [693] Touch ba that's a good one, touch base.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [694] signing out.
Shane (PS4GT) [695] [laugh] I don't know. [clears throat]
John (PS4GS) [696] Yeah, erm ... I don't think we increased this.
[697] Erm we quote once a year for it really er Shane this is one that
Shane (PS4GT) [698] Mm.
John (PS4GS) [699] comes out for tender.
Shane (PS4GT) [700] Right.
John (PS4GS) [701] And it should really it's I think we should put November automatic on that.
Shane (PS4GT) [702] Thirty one, ten ninety
John (PS4GS) [703] Three.
Shane (PS4GT) [704] three.
John (PS4GS) [705] Yeah and check that we've had an increase.
Shane (PS4GT) [706] Check price increase.
John (PS4GS) [707] Yeah.
[708] I don't know whether it's been done or not.
[709] I really couldn't tell you.
Shane (PS4GT) [710] Eight per cent.
[711] Check done.
[712] Right that's okay.?
John (PS4GS) [713] [...] that's not mine.
Shane (PS4GT) [714] That's okay I can [...] can I [...]
John (PS4GS) [715] That's n yeah [...] that's well that's erm that's now erm erm .
[716] So you ought to
Shane (PS4GT) [717] That's my boy.
John (PS4GS) [718] Yeah, you ought to get the dates in that for that.
Shane (PS4GT) [719] Again that's in as well.
John (PS4GS) [720] Right..
Shane (PS4GT) [721] Yeah that's in as well.
John (PS4GS) [722] These are national accounts aren't they.
Shane (PS4GT) [723] Yeah, well that's in isn't it.
John (PS4GS) [724] That's [...] That's not a national account.
Shane (PS4GT) [725] No [...]
John (PS4GS) [726] That's [...] .
[727] An area nine twenty?
[728] Oh I know why administrative receiver.
[729] Administrative receiver.
Shane (PS4GT) [730] Oh right.
John (PS4GS) [731] was administrative receiver and then it went over to Limited.
Shane (PS4GT) [732] Oh right.
John (PS4GS) [733] So you need to check with on that one just to make sure that area code's right.
Shane (PS4GT) [734] Ok.
[735] Fine.
John (PS4GS) [736] Right.
Shane (PS4GT) [737] [...] with me.
John (PS4GS) [738] That's it thank you, I've now been through the lot.
Shane (PS4GT) [739] Smashing.
John (PS4GS) [740] Now I need to talk to er [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [741] Right erm
John (PS4GS) [742] And make sure that she can
Shane (PS4GT) [743] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [744] go through all that.
[745] [...] if I leave this here [...] through, I can tell her what she want what i want her to do.
Shane (PS4GT) [746] That's it, and then erm then we take it to the next stage.
John (PS4GS) [747] Yeah, well the next stage is as I say to [...] [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [748] one of the priorities is to get on with the price increases and get them done, right, you know.
[749] The administration, even if it goes wrong, we can catch up with them later.
Shane (PS4GT) [750] No cos that's the mistake we made [...] .
John (PS4GS) [751] Well alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [752] That's the state the mistake we made before.
John (PS4GS) [753] Yeah.
[754] Well the I mean the we won't leave it too late will we?
[755] I mean, there's a few that's been done that haven't been caught anyway.
[756] ... Isn't there? you know there's
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [757] a few we've increased.
Shane (PS4GT) [758] Well that's what I mean.
John (PS4GS) [759] Yeah we want em caught up [...] now.
Shane (PS4GT) [760] Precisely, if we leave it too late then [...] .
John (PS4GS) [761] That's right I agree.
Shane (PS4GT) [762] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [763] Yeah, I meant from me, I'm not I'm not doing any more and I'm not I mean, I'm just keeping this log
Shane (PS4GT) [764] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [765] to administer the price increases.
[766] I'm not going to do that any more Shane.
Shane (PS4GT) [767] You're not?
John (PS4GS) [768] No.
[769] Only in as much as where we are.
[770] I'm gonna continue with that
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [771] Yeah.
[772] But I'm not gonna c I'm not gonna administer if they're been done or not and double check every model.
Shane (PS4GT) [773] Oh no.
John (PS4GS) [774] No that's right.
Shane (PS4GT) [775] That's what this [...] .
John (PS4GS) [776] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [777] That's why she [...]
John (PS4GS) [778] Agreed.
Shane (PS4GT) [779] Yeah and I'm not saying that you know, this is yours get on with it.
John (PS4GS) [780] No no no.
[781] No I understand that.
Shane (PS4GT) [782] No.
John (PS4GS) [783] If you like, I've been doing a job which I shouldn't be doing.
Shane (PS4GT) [784] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [785] Right, it shouldn't be my responsibility to do that it should [...] it should be accepted that it's gonna be done.
Shane (PS4GT) [786] It should be done.
[787] Any decent run organization, it would be done.
John (PS4GS) [788] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [789] [...] go through the P O A customers.
John (PS4GS) [790] Right.
Shane (PS4GT) [791] Sorry [...] I thought we'd finished but we haven't.
John (PS4GS) [792] Aha.
Shane (PS4GT) [793] Er Precision Engineering, P O A .
John (PS4GS) [794] Yeah.
[795] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [796] . ...
John (PS4GS) [797] Don't know much about them, yes go on.
Shane (PS4GT) [798] Well if you don't recognize them.
[799] P O A.
John (PS4GS) [800] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [801] .
John (PS4GS) [802] Yeah go on.
Shane (PS4GT) [803] .
[804] They're either dead or No that's November ninety three so that's
John (PS4GS) [805] No that's a that's a that's it's only one size but we should have that recorded as a
Shane (PS4GT) [806] Well [...] you see, that's the point.
John (PS4GS) [807] Oh right.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [808] Okay yeah, sure.
Shane (PS4GT) [809] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [810] [...] got it yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [811] P O A cust
John (PS4GS) [812] P O A customer yeah.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [813] That's [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [814] Oh sorry
John (PS4GS) [815] Yeah yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [816] Medical/
John (PS4GS) [817] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [818] Yeah they're they're dead.
Shane (PS4GT) [819] Dead. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [820] Yeah okay. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [821] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [822] yes, all rollers yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [823] .
John (PS4GS) [824] Cancel.
[825] Cancel.
Shane (PS4GT) [826] [...] you can't leave it [...] it's dead, it just sits there..
John (PS4GS) [827] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [828] .
John (PS4GS) [829] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [830] . ...
John (PS4GS) [831] One size isn't it.
Shane (PS4GT) [832] Cancel they're dead.
John (PS4GS) [833] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [834] .
John (PS4GS) [835] Don't know anything about it.
Shane (PS4GT) [836] It's automotive isn't it.
John (PS4GS) [837] Yeah. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [838] .
John (PS4GS) [839] forget that.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [840] That's that was some stuff you see.
Shane (PS4GT) [841] Yeah sure.
John (PS4GS) [842] And then and I think they've they're a subcontractor that's died.
Shane (PS4GT) [843] .
John (PS4GS) [844] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [845] Got to be in Coventry isn't it?
John (PS4GS) [846] Don't know what they [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [847] .
John (PS4GS) [848] ?
Shane (PS4GT) [849] .
[850] Yeah.
[851] it's .
[852] That's erm yeah.
John (PS4GS) [853] Yeah it's automatic [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [854] No it's no it's not [...] beginning to recognize these things.
John (PS4GS) [855] Yeah but [...] it's a long story behind that.
[856] Yeah that's definitely [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [857] .
John (PS4GS) [858] [...] did you?
Shane (PS4GT) [859] Yeah..
John (PS4GS) [860] Yeah that's P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [861] .
John (PS4GS) [862] yes, definitely a P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [863] .
John (PS4GS) [864] Mm [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [865] That's dead.
John (PS4GS) [866] That's dead yeah, it's now erm .
Shane (PS4GT) [867] .
John (PS4GS) [868] Don't know anything about that.
Shane (PS4GT) [869] Not worth worrying about.
John (PS4GS) [870] [...] dead.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [871] No it's not,i that's just the history man.
John (PS4GS) [872] Alright, okay [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [873] .
John (PS4GS) [874] Dead.
Shane (PS4GT) [875] , P O A customer?
John (PS4GS) [876] Yeah, well we don't so a lot of business with them, it's more distribution than anybody else actually.
[877] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [878] I was going to say to you, you know erm engine of Peterborough,
John (PS4GS) [879] Yeah?
Shane (PS4GT) [880] do you supply them direct?
John (PS4GS) [881] No.
[882] [...] I don't think it's one of our accounts.
[883] I don't think we trade we don't trade with them.
[884] [...] No it's the only business I think we get out there is from and that's automotive.
Shane (PS4GT) [885] I'd have thought had Oh mind you, have got a contract on bearing for for for .
John (PS4GS) [886] Have they?
Shane (PS4GT) [887] Yeah. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [888] Oh right.
[889] I don't know I don't know I don't know anything about it.
Shane (PS4GT) [890] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [891] [...] the O E side.
Shane (PS4GT) [892] .
John (PS4GS) [893] No.
Shane (PS4GT) [894] [...] used to do er he used to make sure he got precision when he wanted it.
John (PS4GS) [895] Oh right. [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [896] Yeah...
John (PS4GS) [897] [...] Yeah fine that's
Shane (PS4GT) [898] It's really to make sure that there's nobody on here that should be on there .
John (PS4GS) [899] [...] [...] yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [900] That's all, to make sure there's nobody on here that should be on there..
John (PS4GS) [901] Yeah that's all right that is.
Shane (PS4GT) [902] .
John (PS4GS) [903] Yeah that's okay, leave them on P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [904] .
John (PS4GS) [905] When do these prices go up?
Shane (PS4GT) [906] They don't.
John (PS4GS) [907] They don't?
Shane (PS4GT) [908] No they don't I mean, the whole point is with P O A is what's wh what we're doing is sorting out should the customer be on P O A or should be on net list.
[909] If he's on P O A and he should be on net list, we need to change it, if he's on
John (PS4GS) [910] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [911] Right.
[912] Once we've done that we can then start examining the list to see what's on the list.
John (PS4GS) [913] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [914] And on the P O A.
John (PS4GS) [915] On some of these P O A's if there's a big potential, I'd like to have a dummy net list.
Shane (PS4GT) [916] Yeah, that's what I want.
John (PS4GS) [917] So we'll be saying, look these are the core sizes,
Shane (PS4GT) [918] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [919] but anything out of that, we don't want to know
Shane (PS4GT) [920] Right.
John (PS4GS) [921] [...] these are the prices we quote.
Shane (PS4GT) [922] Right.
John (PS4GS) [923] Do you follow me?
Shane (PS4GT) [924] Yeah, I mean I I don't know what what [...] but that's obviously [...] by the look of it.
John (PS4GS) [925] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [926] That's the sort of thing you're interested in isn't it?
[927] Not not two of this
John (PS4GS) [928] No that's right yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [929] That's so what.
[930] Engineering.
[931] Engineering.
John (PS4GS) [932] Yeah that's P O A.
Shane (PS4GT) [933] .
John (PS4GS) [934] yeah the same.
Shane (PS4GT) [935] . ...
John (PS4GS) [936] I thought we had a net list for them.
[937] But er go on leave them on there leave them on there
Shane (PS4GT) [938] Ooh are you sure?
John (PS4GS) [939] leave them on there.
[940] Go on.
Shane (PS4GT) [941] Well I suppose you what the thing is we
John (PS4GS) [942] Leave them on there [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [laugh]
John (PS4GS) [943] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [944] Yeah I think so.
Shane (PS4GT)
John (PS4GS) [945] Er
Shane (PS4GT) [946] Linear account that.
John (PS4GS) [947] Yeah well leave that leave that alone that's alright.
[948] But it should really we should quote volumes for that and they do volumes business.
Shane (PS4GT) [949] Right.
John (PS4GS) [950] But they always go [...] market and they go against stipulation and buy when they want to.
[951] They they [...] supposed.
Shane (PS4GT) [952] They're not, no. [...] .
John (PS4GS) [953] Yeah I know.
[954] But erm they do.
[955] Mind you I want to try and get them to take .
Shane (PS4GT) [956] That's different.
John (PS4GS) [957] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [958] That's made in the U K.
John (PS4GS) [959] That's right yeah.
[960] [...] . Power Tools.
Shane (PS4GT) [961] [...] it's all bloody walls isn't it.
John (PS4GS) [962] Yeah. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [963] Isn't it .
John (PS4GS) [964] It is no it's part of Group but it's power tools down in .
Shane (PS4GT) [965] Oh right.
[966] Hydraulics. [...]
John (PS4GS) [967] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [968] .
John (PS4GS) [969] Yeah.
[970] yeah forget about that.
Shane (PS4GT) [971] .
[972] International.
John (PS4GS) [973] That rings a bell, that's [...] the same account actually.
Shane (PS4GT) [974] .
John (PS4GS) [975] That's de that's cancelled.
Shane (PS4GT) [976] .
John (PS4GS) [977] , yeah leave that on.
[978] Yeah [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [979] Engineering.
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [980] .
John (PS4GS) [981] What's the next thing?
Shane (PS4GT) [982] .
John (PS4GS) [983] Yeah that's alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [984] . [...]
John (PS4GS) [985] [...] I don't know what that's Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [986] .
John (PS4GS) [987] Fine yeah that's that's [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [988] Is it?
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [989] No no no C F C.
John (PS4GS) [990] No no [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [991] They don't come back.
John (PS4GS) [992] [...] tell you about it [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [993] They don't come back.
John (PS4GS) [994] They don't come back.
Shane (PS4GT) [995] They go [...]
John (PS4GS) [996] They don't come back [...] .
[997] Bang.
Shane (PS4GT) [998] Bang.
John (PS4GS) [999] Weapons isn't it.
Shane (PS4GT) [1000] .
John (PS4GS) [1001] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [1002] .
John (PS4GS) [1003] Yes.
Shane (PS4GT) [1004] ?
John (PS4GS) [1005] Yeah .
[1006] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [1007] .
John (PS4GS) [1008] [...] business [...] .
[1009] Oh yeah, special bearings yeah, leave that.
Shane (PS4GT) [1010] .
John (PS4GS) [1011] yeah.
[1012] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [1013] .
John (PS4GS) [1014] [...] yeah leave it on.
[1015] Leave it on.
Shane (PS4GT) [1016] ..
John (PS4GS) [1017] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1018] .
[1019] I mean I can't take them off I can't cancel them off .
John (PS4GS) [1020] No okay.
[1021] Oh well if they we can't cancel them off, that's alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [1022] .
John (PS4GS) [1023] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1024] .
John (PS4GS) [1025] Don't know anything about them.
Shane (PS4GT) [1026] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [1027] , that's alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [1028] .
John (PS4GS) [1029] Er yeah, that's okay, [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1030] The .
John (PS4GS) [1031] yeah.
[1032] You can le you can't take it off so leave it there.
[1033] I don't think we'll ever trade with them again.
Shane (PS4GT) [1034] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [1035] No. [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1036] .
John (PS4GS) [1037] That's the sort of thing we should have isn't it.
Shane (PS4GT) [1038] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [1039] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [1040] We've gotta do a new record card you know for the .
[1041] And when they're all filled in we shall [...] in here.
Shane (PS4GT) [1042] Well what would it tell you?
John (PS4GS) [1043] It'll tell [...] trading an account, contacts there, percentage of business goes where.
Shane (PS4GT) [1044] How are you gonna get that?
John (PS4GS) [1045] [...] salesman's gonna do that [...] over a period of time.
[1046] [...] . [...] I don't know.
Shane (PS4GT) [1047] They buy six X R J T four three forties.
John (PS4GS) [1048] Oh do they?
Shane (PS4GT) [1049] It ain't worth worrying about to be honest mate.
John (PS4GS) [1050] Course it ain't.
Shane (PS4GT) [1051] [...] .
John (PS4GS) [1052] [...] .
[1053] That's a bit special bearings [...] special bearings job [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1054] Company.
John (PS4GS) [1055] Yeah, that's gonna be a good one.
Shane (PS4GT) [1056] Yeah.
John (PS4GS) [1057] I want that put on a net list.
Shane (PS4GT) [1058] Whoo.
John (PS4GS) [1059] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [1060] Change
John (PS4GS) [1061] To
Shane (PS4GT) [1062] to
John (PS4GS) [1063] net
Shane (PS4GT) [1064] net list.
John (PS4GS) [1065] [...] that one size.
[1066] Alright.
[1067] End date, one one nine [...] what do you want?
[1068] You want thirty first of the twelfth ninety four.
[1069] That's it.
[1070] [...] well we've got one.
Shane (PS4GT) [1071] Got one.
John (PS4GS) [1072] [...] . ...
Shane (PS4GT) [1073] .
John (PS4GS) [1074] [...] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1075] .
John (PS4GS) [1076] Oh bollocks to that.
Shane (PS4GT) [1077] P O A.
John (PS4GS) [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [1078] Is that a new word? ...
John (PS4GS) [1079] .
Shane (PS4GT) [1080] .
John (PS4GS) [1081] Oh.
Shane (PS4GT) [1082] Oh that wants to be a net list.
John (PS4GS) [1083] Yeah does it?
Shane (PS4GT) [1084] Yeah.
Shane (PS4GT) [1085] Russell
John (PS4GS) [1086] Oh it's Russell it's alright.
Shane (PS4GT) [1087] It's okay.
John (PS4GS) [1088] It's alright.
[1089] You got [...] list.
Shane (PS4GT) [1090] O twenty two.
John (PS4GS) [1091] That's right.
Shane (PS4GT) [1092] I don't want to do that then do I.
John (PS4GS) [1093] Hey that's interesting
Shane (PS4GT) [...]
John (PS4GS) [1094] that's interesting.
Shane (PS4GT) [1095] You've finished with me [...] .
John (PS4GS) [1096] Yeah we do want a net list for that [...]
Shane (PS4GT) [1097] [...] .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS4GS) [1098] [...] should have done that by now.
[1099] Machines.
[1100] Interesting.
[1101] Machine Tools, Yeah this is all Russell's.
Shane (PS4GT) [1102] It's all Russell's.
John (PS4GS) [1103] Alright yeah thank you very much .
Shane (PS4GT) [1104] Okay.
John (PS4GS) [1105] [...] very much obliged [...] some more er [...] .
Unknown speaker (JP1PSUNK) [...]
John (PS4GS) [1106] Right thanks a lot Shane that's lovely.