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Meeting. Sample containing about 595 words speech recorded in business context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C574

PS4GU X m (s williams, age unknown) unspecified
PS4GV X m (t fremantle, age unknown) unspecified
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  1. Tape 123102 recorded on 1994-01-21. LocationNottinghamshire: Newark ( Office ) Activity: Business meeting Fairly informal

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s williams (PS4GU) [1] Well I'm not [...] down are they? [laugh]
t fremantle (PS4GV) [2] Now tell me tell me about ?
s williams (PS4GU) [3] Right you know they're at export price list?
t fremantle (PS4GV) [4] Yes.
s williams (PS4GU) [5] Yeah, er Steven er Steve their er designer
t fremantle (PS4GV) [6] These were the people I wrote to the other day [...] ?
s williams (PS4GU) [7] That's right, Roy and Jerry .
[8] Steve works in the engineering office and has taken over some of the er you know purchasing function as well, like enquiries and stuff.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [9] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [10] He's just been on to Maureen, got a couple of orders [...] bearings and an Anglia contact.
[11] I explained to him about what we've done up to date and the fact that we've yet to sort the account out properly.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [12] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [13] Er and what he's saying is, well can I have a price for these items?
[14] So I said, well I I explained, now look, you were on an export price list now, one of the things Jerry didn't like [...]
t fremantle (PS4GV) [cough]
s williams (PS4GU) [15] but we've got to look at is more comparable with U K.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [16] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [17] Erm so what I've done is said, Are these for use in U K or export? and these are for use in the U K. Right so I've said well we'll probably give you a price relating to that then.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [18] [...] ball bearings and and what was the other one?
s williams (PS4GU) [19] And an Anglia contact bearing as well.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [20] [...] .
s williams (PS4GU) [21] Yeah.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [22] Right er
s williams (PS4GU) [23] Now you know, to be to be honest I was talking about it, I couldn't tell you what the average percent [...] is from last year.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [24] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [25] Er in fa I don't know
t fremantle (PS4GV) [26] Could I ... I could from those statistics couldn't I tho Or or haven't we sold anything to this year?
s williams (PS4GU) [27] Erm I'm not sure whether we have or not.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [28] Won't it be on this lot?
s williams (PS4GU) [29] Er I'm not sure actually whether they would appear on them or not, I haven't seen the new statistics so I don't know.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [30] Wh who no no no these are old statistics, these are your
s williams (PS4GU) [31] Mine?
[32] No they won't be on because they're export.
[33] No they're not on January's.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [34] Oh because they count as export?
s williams (PS4GU) [35] That's right.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [36] Although they're at home.
s williams (PS4GU) [37] Ye they've only just been put onto a home account.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [sigh]
s williams (PS4GU) [38] [laugh] You think you've got problems.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [sigh]
s williams (PS4GU) [39] Yeah.
[40] Right.
[41] So now I can't tell you but I
t fremantle (PS4GV) [42] Right.
s williams (PS4GU) [43] know I know it'll be say thirtyish percent.
[44] Yeah as
t fremantle (PS4GV) [45] Right.
s williams (PS4GU) [46] opposed to the forty in the U K so we've got to get it up a bit.
[47] Erm but I've just thought, you know, get this away, let him get you know, buy them, go in at say forty percent as an O E margin
t fremantle (PS4GV) [48] What would I mean if it wasn't , if it was if it was erm think of another U K customer .
s williams (PS4GU) [49] A similar sized U K customer
t fremantle (PS4GV) [50] Yes.
[51] Well
s williams (PS4GU) [52] We'd be looking at making forty percent margin.
[53] Between thirty five, forty percent margin.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [54] Well you better price them accordingly.
s williams (PS4GU) [55] Right okay.
[56] It's just that and then we have got to get this sorted out long
t fremantle (PS4GV) [57] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [58] term obviously.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [59] Yeah.
s williams (PS4GU) [60] So [...]
t fremantle (PS4GV) [61] Well i apart from anything else, it's stating our position
s williams (PS4GU) [62] Sure.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [63] isn't it?
s williams (PS4GU) [64] Yeah.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [65] Now where erm ... Yeah I mean does that
s williams (PS4GU) [66] You see [...] .
t fremantle (PS4GV) [67] does that compare them with the customers?
[68] U K customers ?
s williams (PS4GU) [69] I haven't even looked at yet.
[70] Oh on those, no we charge them a lot more.
[71] The ones we c we manage to sell at about fifty, fifty five percent margin.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [72] Right.
s williams (PS4GU) [73] Because although that's
Unknown speaker (JP2PSUNK) [74] [...] three o'clock.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [75] It's not three o'clock is it?
Unknown speaker (JP2PSUNK) [76] Oh it is.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [77] It's three o'clock.
s williams (PS4GU) [78] It's two minutes to.
t fremantle (PS4GV) [79] Right okay. [recording ends]