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Abbey Life: training session. Sample containing about 10920 words speech recorded in educational context

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  1. Tape 124101 recorded on 1994-01-13. LocationUnknown () Activity: training session

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(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [1] Are you er who have you got then?
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [2] Okay [...] who is it?
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [3] Get real [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [4] Okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [5] Cos I've got one tonight haven't I? [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [6] Anywhere you wanna sit lads.
[7] ... Next to each other ideally [...] should
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [8] [...] moving around now.
[9] Right [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [10] Where you gonna go? [...] my seat.
(JT5PSUNK) [clears throat]
(JT5PSUNK) [11] So who's gonna go first out of you two? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [12] Yeah I'll go first.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [13] Right.
[14] Give us your form then er ... [...] ... and in your own time and your own pace.
(JT5PSUGP) [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [15] Just gonna get a quick little refresher.
[16] ... [clears throat] Just a quick refresher [...] , I dunno what page it's on.
(JT5PSUNK) [17] [...] ?
[18] ... That would be a good refresher for you.
(JT5PSUNK) [19] No it's alright I've got that in my head, okay I'll, it's alright ... Hi Mike.
(JT5PSUNK) [20] Hiya.
(JT5PSUNK) [21] How you doing?
(JT5PSUNK) [22] Very well thank you.
(JT5PSUNK) [23] Okay.
[24] All we've been through this evening
(JT5PSUNK) [25] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [26] are you quite happy with it?
(JT5PSUNK) [27] Yes, quite interesting, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [28] Quite interesting?
[29] And you're happy, ah right.
(JT5PSUNK) [30] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [31] Okay right that's good.
[32] Do you remember when I said er as we were going through I said there were one or two things that you perhaps could help me with?
(JT5PSUNK) [33] Yes you did mention that, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [34] Yeah?
[35] Well I'm, as a matter of fact before that I actually said that er this, all this that I am doing on your behalf is completely free of charge
(JT5PSUNK) [36] You did.
(JT5PSUNK) [37] I did didn't I?
(JT5PSUNK) [38] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [39] Well it's a bit of a lie actually ... er there's a fee involved in all the preparation and all the work I've done er and what do you think the fee's worth?
[40] How much do you think it's worth?
(JT5PSUNK) [41] Well I don't know [...] you didn't mention this earlier did you?
(JT5PSUNK) [42] Er that's true, as I said I, I lied a little bit, I, I failed to tell you the cost of the fee.
[43] How much do you think it's worth?
(JT5PSUNK) [44] Well I don't know.
(JT5PSUNK) [45] You don't know?
[46] Alright let me tell you it's not actual money, the help will come in the form of er recommendations.
(JT5PSUNK) [47] [tut] ah yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [48] Yeah?
[49] Er I would appreciate it very very much indeed Mike if er you know you could recommend me to one or two people you know, open minded like yourself who I can sit with, take a couple of er half an hour of their time like I've done with you, show them what the services are.
(JT5PSUNK) [50] Well I don't think I know anybody that would be interested really.
(JT5PSUNK) [51] Yeah?
[52] Erm as we were going through and we talked about a will, you said there there's somebody you knew who would be able to, you know, who you'd like to carry out your wishes if you were not here to carry them out yourself er I think it was, was it er John?
(JT5PSUNK) [53] Oh yes, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [54] Yeah?
[55] You know have you got his phone number?
(JT5PSUNK) [56] Er yes okay I can give you that, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [57] Great that's [...] okay right, and is your, is your brother-in-law [...] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [58] Yes my brother-in-law [...] yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [59] Right right right right and ... does he live locally?
(JT5PSUNK) [60] Yes but I'm not sure, I think I'd rather phone him first if [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [61] Ah in fact I'd appreciate that very very much indeed Mike, I, in fact
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [62] I'll tell you ... give him a ring, tell him that you've given me his, the telephone number and he should expect that I'll give him a call in the next week [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [63] Okay then, yes okay then.
(JT5PSUNK) [64] That's terrific.
[65] Okay.
[66] Erm ... is there anyone else er as open minded as your brother-in-law?
(JT5PSUNK) [67] No I can't think of anybody at the moment.
(JT5PSUNK) [68] You can't think.
[69] You play cricket don't you? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [70] I've been known to have the odd game, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [71] Right and er [...] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [72] Er there's about twelve other guys.
(JT5PSUNK) [73] Right.
[74] Course naturally ... as in the service this, this cost, this [...] for yourself [...] ?
[75] Perhaps er they could take up [...] services.
[76] [...] the guys you play cricket with, what are their names?
(JT5PSUNK) [77] You want all twelve do you?
(JT5PSUNK) [78] I wouldn't mind!
[79] I'm a greedy person as you can see, look at the size of me.
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [80] I, I'll speak to them first and I'll, I'll er when, when, when you come back with some details I, I'll let you know then.
(JT5PSUNK) [81] Sure so at least you'll know when I come back I'm gonna ask you, thank you very much indeed.
(JT5PSUNK) [82] Okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [83] Okay? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [84] [tut] ... I thought you were a bit pushy [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [85] So did I!
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [86] [...] prospect erm ... and also at the beginning there y I [sigh] you, you did it in your own way, not, not, not following the script er that may be, well be previous experience you know, that
(JT5PSUNK) [87] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [88] you, you, you're relying on, but you didn't really sort of go back and say, I mean I, I would use a phrase like erm you know, regards to planning your future [...] I'm sure you found that of benefit to you tonight ... and get re and actually dig a bit deeper in that and say what was it in the, in, in that actual form that, that
(JT5PSUNK) [89] [...] interest in your eyes.
(JT5PSUNK) [90] that was the one that interested you most.
(JT5PSUNK) [91] Yeah I was just looking for a memory jogger here, I just couldn't remember what it was [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [92] Erm I didn't get anywhere that you actually reminded the prospect erm or pe potential client here why you're actually asking for referrals.
(JT5PSUNK) [93] Yeah.
[94] If, if he ... if he was open minded, I think he's happy with
(JT5PSUNK) [95] [...] open minded
(JT5PSUNK) [96] he's happy, er said are you happy with all the preparation that we've done ... [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [97] You didn't remind him t by not using the script you didn't
(JT5PSUNK) [98] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [99] get into the point that like earlier on in the conversation
(JT5PSUNK) [100] I actually found it [...] I know me and you have discussed this earlier on and I, I, I didn't find it ... I found it confusing to be honest with you.
(JT5PSUNK) [101] You did?
(JT5PSUNK) [102] Yeah, I, I found that you suddenly put
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [103] you suddenly put me on the spot asking me for money.
(JT5PSUNK) [104] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [105] That, that threw me completely.
[106] I don't know where you got, I mean is that previous, where you worked previously?
(JT5PSUNK) [107] No that's it I mean, look ... er the scenario's this
(JT5PSUNK) [108] Yeah?
(JT5PSUNK) [109] you get, it's that ... er in a normal conversational piece, yeah, I open my, okay it's not an Abbey Life
(JT5PSUNK) [110] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [111] set piece
(JT5PSUNK) [112] Yeah the only thing
(JT5PSUNK) [113] no it's it's [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [114] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [115] so I walked in his house or her house or their house, you know, and I've said to them blah blah blah blah blah but this is what it's all about
(JT5PSUNK) [116] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [117] Yeah?
[118] There's no fee involved, it's a completely free service, all I'm here to really do today is to have a chat with you, find out what you're interested in and see if we can [...] situation, is that alright? [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [119] Pursue all that pursue all that Sunday, yeah?
[120] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [121] Yeah, but is that alright so he'll say yeah it's alright. [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [122] I mean I thought you felt uncomfortable Mike.
[123] I thought you felt uncomfortable.
(JT5PSUNK) [124] I did.
[125] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [126] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [127] Okay fair enough that's the feeling but ... you [...] the first bit, I'm justifying the [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [128] Yeah yeah I mean I'm trying to give you a score here [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [129] He's trying to justify it [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [130] Yeah, so yeah ah you're alright so you'll say yeah course I'm alright, [...] there's no fee, so eventually I get to the point where I said look I did say there's no fee involved but I'd, I, that's a bit of a lie because there is a fee for all the work I'm er but it comes in the form of referrals, in the form of recommendation, not actual money.
(JT5PSUNK) [131] No.
(JT5PSUNK) [132] You know I asked you to commit yourself, how much do you think it's worth for me to do all this kind of work and he's, you're confused because you think I'm actually talking about money and I take the weight off your shoulders by saying no it's not actually money, it's in the form of two or three names, people open minded like yourself, who I can sit down and discuss the whole situation with [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [133] Yes, yeah all that all that part was okay erm ... but from the point of view of the script th th that we'd asked you to learn last night y you didn't do that now that may well work for you, the way you're actually doing it, but from a training point of view we, we're trying to look that you're actually following the, the script there.
[134] Erm so on that one that's, that's [...] you didn't use any slang, the belief in the way you asked ... I think that came out, I was trying to ... be a prospective client rather than be the trainer cos I could see that Mike was uncomfortable and I was trying to, well okay, how, how would I ... well I think yeah there was a belief that you had there, I think he was er reasonably attentive, Mike, to your response?
(JT5PSUNK) [135] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [136] All be it wasn't, well th th th the, the [...] response, and you didn't actually, you mentioned his brother didn't you?
(JT5PSUNK) [137] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [138] At the time.
(JT5PSUNK) [139] He gave me his phone number [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [140] But again, see again cos we're not following the actual script, the picking up and pinpointing people mentioned in earlier conversations, which you would've done if you'd've gone back to the planning the future.
(JT5PSUNK) [141] Yeah if I [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [142] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh] [...] ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [143] [...] one two three four five six ... seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen ... you've got fourteen ... which actually still gives you, would still actually give you an A in the real world.
[144] Right where's [...] ... Okay that's gonna be a ... [banging] a C. Stick that in your locker when you go back in.
(JT5PSUNK) [145] Alright boss.
(JT5PSUNK) [146] Okay Mike it's over to you now then to ...
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [147] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [148] to your situation now, so imagine you've done the old planning of the future like we said, yeah? [tut] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [149] When I said to you earlier ... erm ... there's several ways in which you can help me ... now the main way you can help me is erm ... is er [laugh] the way I do, the way I prefer to do business is by personal recommendations and you've seen the service that I can give you, you've seen, we've been through your, your personal situation, your financial situation, have you found that of benefit? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [150] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [151] You have?
(JT5PSUNK) [152] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [153] And, and that's ... you found it of interest to you?
(JT5PSUNK) [154] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [155] Right, now what I'd like to do now is ask you for some of your, some names of friends of yours who, who I could ... go through the same process with them and, and establish their financial security for them too.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [156] Can you think of anybody offhand?
[157] You mentioned earlier you, you, you work with, is it [...] you work with?
(JT5PSUNK) [158] Er yeah yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [159] Yeah?
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [160] Could you, would you like to give me his number?
(JT5PSUNK) [161] Well I don't actually have his er telephone number.
(JT5PSUNK) [162] Okay, can I contact him [...] your place of work?
(JT5PSUNK) [163] Yeah you can
(JT5PSUNK) [164] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [165] cos you've got the telephone number.
(JT5PSUNK) [166] We also was discussing earlier on that er you play squash.
(JT5PSUNK) [167] Er I don't actually it's er cricket.
(JT5PSUNK) [168] It's cricket is it?
(JT5PSUNK) [169] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [170] Right.
[171] Erm have you got any, any er people there from the cricket team that I could er contact? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [172] Yeah I know er one or two persons.
(JT5PSUNK) [173] Yeah?
[174] ... You, you mentioned one was, was Steve was it?
(JT5PSUNK) [175] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [176] It was Steve, yeah?
(JT5PSUNK) [177] Steve .
(JT5PSUNK) [178] Yeah, Steve ?
(JT5PSUNK) [179] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [180] Good.
[181] And his, his phone number?
(JT5PSUNK) [182] Er yeah he's a good mate actually.
(JT5PSUNK) [183] I does he, is he a batsman or a [...] or what?
(JT5PSUNK) [184] He's a bit of an all-rounder [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [185] He's a bit of an all-rounder.
[186] Is he any good, is he better than you?
(JT5PSUNK) [187] He's a bit of a [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [188] Quite good is he?
[189] Yeah that's good, good.
[190] You also mentioned that you're erm [tut] you're involved in scouting, is this right?
(JT5PSUNK) [191] No I'm not.
(JT5PSUNK) [192] [laugh] [laughing] Yes you are [] . [laugh] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [193] Okay then er right, fine.
[194] ... That's it.
(JT5PSUNK) [195] Oh! ...
(JT5PSUNK) [196] That's it.
[197] Well you didn't actually revisit planning the future properly
(JT5PSUNK) [198] No.
(JT5PSUNK) [199] right?
[200] Erm ... remind er er and again your phraseology Mike like, well can you think of anybody, [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [201] Yes I re I said that and I realized that I'd said it and I shouldn't have done.
(JT5PSUNK) [202] Th that, that [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [203] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [204] you know, you
(JT5PSUNK) [205] Yeah I
(JT5PSUNK) [206] er whereas if you had said positively that I'm sure you can think of a number of
(JT5PSUNK) [207] [...] I asked him a question and he could answer no.
(JT5PSUNK) [208] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [209] But I realized I'd said it so I tried to ... dig myself out the hole
(JT5PSUNK) [210] Right well you didn't actually get any objections so you couldn't've handled them, you didn't mention about the prospect contacting the referrals prior to the [...] being made ... er ... [sigh] ... at the end you did actually bring up didn't you about the, the cricketer, is, is he a batsman then [...] said he was a erm [tut] [...] said he was a er all-rounder so you know I'll, I'll give you that [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [211] You, you did actually say that I only work on, yeah
(JT5PSUNK) [212] Alright okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [213] The idea of finding out about the, the [...] batsman was what he did in the cricket team, so that when I mentioned that I could say ... [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [214] I don't, I don't think there was a lot of belief in the way you were actually asking Mike.
[215] I've got [...] scripts, no [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [216] enthusiastic ... well because of above, no. ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [217] Alright, not use slang, show belief in the way he or she asks for recommendations [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [218] going first which is probably not the best thing to do, be attentive ... you, you were reasonably attentive.
[219] Pick up and pinpoint names mentioned earlier ... well you did it cos you, you [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [220] when asking for name and telephone number [...] eye contact, alright there.
[221] You, I mean you weren't pushy enough I didn't think.
(JT5PSUNK) [222] No probably not.
(JT5PSUNK) [223] Yeah but again I think it all goes back to the script doesn't it?
(JT5PSUNK) [224] That's right, but I've also got a thing about being pushy you see. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [225] Well sorry, pushy, I mean we got push not ... what's the, what's the, the, the, not ... pushy's not the right word I'm looking for ... erm asking in a confident manner
(JT5PSUNK) [226] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [227] that was missing, right?
(JT5PSUNK) [228] But the confidence comes with practice.
(JT5PSUNK) [229] With practice, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [230] Practice, practice, practice.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [231] [...] ten [...] which would actually give you a B in, in, in normal circumstances but as you know ... we're only allowed to give you a C. ... Right and there's a few notes in there as well, did I'll tick your box on your one.
(JT5PSUNK) [232] Do what?
(JT5PSUNK) [233] Er I dunno, which box is that?
(JT5PSUNK) [234] At the front on the front.
[235] At the top.
(JT5PSUNK) [236] Requires further on the job training?
(JT5PSUNK) [237] What C?
[238] I've ticked C have I?
[239] ... At, in, in the four boxes at the top
(JT5PSUNK) [240] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [241] I've ticked?
(JT5PSUNK) [242] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [243] Right, okay then.
[244] Alright, okay lads erm first is always the most difficult as I think you'd appreciate
(JT5PSUNK) [245] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [246] if you wanna sit in on another couple of guys ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [247] There's a queue formed, there's a queue, right okay.
[248] Now don't forget because these boys have forgotten it, you've gotta make sure you mention the planning your future document
(JT5PSUNK) [249] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [250] gonna revisit it and, and it's standard [...] cos it all hinges, if you look at that script, what happens next all hinges on what you've actually got ... on there, right?
(JT5PSUNK) [251] Who wants to go first then? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [252] I'll go first.
(JT5PSUNK) [253] Alright give us your, give us your ... seat then [...] and I'll
(JT5PSUNK) [254] Cheers.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [255] Fine, now just imagine I'm not here now for a moment.
(JT5PSUNK) [256] Okay.
[257] ... Erm [clears throat] ... so you can see actually from this fact find, from the planning the future document, there are, there was, there is a particular interest to you ... erm are you, are you quite happy with the figures er sorry was it erm ... was it [...] that you were more or less interested in?
[258] Was that the er particular interest [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [259] Yeah [...] er cover was the one that, after we'd been through the document, I did find of be of particular interest
(JT5PSUNK) [260] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [261] because er it's obviously gonna fill a gap in my financial planning that I'd not thought about in the past so I did find it particularly helpful.
(JT5PSUNK) [262] Y you're quite happy how we achieved those figures?
(JT5PSUNK) [263] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [264] You, you're quite happy [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [265] Yes I thought the explanation was er was pretty good and clear and I was happy with the way the er the premium's worked out.
(JT5PSUNK) [266] That's good, I'm, I'm pleased about that.
[267] Erm yeah I did mention earlier actually there was one or two ways that you could perhaps help me ... er one was erm I hope, I'd like to think that obviously my service has been of value to you erm I'd also like to think that you can perhaps recommend me to people you know er you did actually mention earlier erm was it Peter you work with, was it
(JT5PSUNK) [268] Peter who works, yeah I don't know whether
(JT5PSUNK) [269] yeah Peter yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [270] I'm too happy about sort of passing on er you know friends' names and addresses er I don't think it's really appropriate.
(JT5PSUNK) [271] Yeah that's, that's okay it's just er [laughing] I mean [] I would like to feel you would introduce me if they actually knocked on the door and came in this evening otherwise they'd think [...] wouldn't you, I mean
(JT5PSUNK) [272] Well I s yeah I suppose I, I suppose I would when you put it like that, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [273] And so it's Peter from?
(JT5PSUNK) [274] That's right, Peter he's er he, he just started work in my department about three or four weeks ago, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [275] And was it Peter ?
(JT5PSUNK) [276] Peter, Peter
(JT5PSUNK) [277] That's right.
(JT5PSUNK) [278] Peter .
(JT5PSUNK) [279] Peter that's [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [280] and does he actually have a home telephone number or so can I [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [281] Er I'm not too sure where he lives cos he just, I think he's just new to the town but if you give him a ring erm on the 's phone number and use the
(JT5PSUNK) [282] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [283] same extension you used to contact me originally that would find him.
(JT5PSUNK) [284] Okay that, that's great.
[285] I would like to think you could perhaps mention to Peter if you see him in the next couple of days, I don't know whether he pops into the office but we, it would be nice if you could if you could mention
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [286] our meeting and
(JT5PSUNK) [287] I'll probably see him er back at the office tomorrow, I, I will mention it to him when I see him.
(JT5PSUNK) [288] Yeah, yeah you could certainly point out the areas that have been of interest to you and perhaps I could follow up with a phone call to er to Peter in the
(JT5PSUNK) [289] Oh certainly.
(JT5PSUNK) [290] next couple of days.
(JT5PSUNK) [291] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [292] Er [...] Jim across, across the road, is it Jim you play [...] on a Thursday [...] so
(JT5PSUNK) [293] That's right.
[294] Yes.
[295] Yes [cough] certainly give you his er
(JT5PSUNK) [296] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [297] phone number, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [298] Thanks that's great.
(JT5PSUNK) [299] It's er I'll just, I'll just get my little book out and I'll tell you what it is.
(JT5PSUNK) [300] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [301] It's er Darlington three four five six seven.
(JT5PSUNK) [302] Great that's smashing.
[303] Also the same if you're playing football with Jim on Thursday you could also just mention to, I'll leave you a couple of these er ... these leaflets which do explain a lot of the areas we've covered tonight, erm perhaps you could give one to Peter or
(JT5PSUNK) [304] Yes I'll er
(JT5PSUNK) [305] try [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [306] I'll do that if I remember.
(JT5PSUNK) [307] Yeah that's okay.
[308] Erm ... [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [cough]
(JT5PSUNK) [309] does erm does Judy, I know your wife, she goes to yoga class doesn't she?
[310] She, she goes to the
(JT5PSUNK) [311] She does, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [312] [...] classes, yeah.
[313] Do you think she knows er do you think she er I know she did mention the girl Kate she, she goes to yoga with, does she pick her up
(JT5PSUNK) [314] She did didn't she?
(JT5PSUNK) [315] that's right she picks her up cos you're out on Wednesday night [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [316] so yeah do you think I could er perhaps get erm the number for Kate?
(JT5PSUNK) [317] Yeah well
(JT5PSUNK) [318] I'm sure she'd be interested, I think she has [...] children I think doesn't she?
(JT5PSUNK) [319] Certainly when my wife comes back in I'll er I'll mention it to her and I'll get her to give you a ring.
(JT5PSUNK) [320] That's great, well you've, you've got my number and you can always contact me that would
(JT5PSUNK) [321] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [322] would be great.
[323] Okay that's, that's very kind of you, thanks very much.
[324] That's, that's good so thanks very much John, I'll leave you now
(JT5PSUNK) [325] Thank you John, it's been a pleasure
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [326] thanks very much for [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [327] [...] thanks very much.
(JT5PSUNK) [328] Terrific ... except for one think, you didn't actually ask for the client to contact the referrals prior to the approach being made, number five
(JT5PSUNK) [329] I did.
[330] I said could you mention it to him. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [331] You didn't.
(JT5PSUNK) [332] Yes he did, asked er I said er I'll be
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [333] I'll be seeing him when I go back to work in the morning
(JT5PSUNK) [334] That's right
(JT5PSUNK) [335] [...] said perhaps can you mention it to him, mention [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [336] Yeah, sorry, you're right, you're right.
[337] Okay.
[338] Erm number one asking for the completion had been worthwhile, very good there, reminded er John why, yeah that was excellent, thought you handled the objection well, you know, about if the person walked through, that was good, everything else was tick tick tick ... erm sound pretty enthusiastic there, that little extra note, excellent voice, quite enthusiasm ... again [...] controlled but not appear too pushy, it was very controlled
(JT5PSUNK) [339] I think so, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [340] erm you know, I put down here that you're a natural, [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [341] Very fair.
(JT5PSUNK) [342] I can only give you a C. [laugh]
(JT5PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [cough] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [343] Tell me John I'm pleased that we've er we've managed to get [...] business completed this evening, I think it's gone very well, I'm sure you agree, er do you think that er did you find the, the exercise of completing that planning the future document was of benefit to you?
(JT5PSUNK) [344] Yes er I did er I think my wife and I both agreed that er ... the, the [...] was, was quite [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [345] Was that the ar was that the area that you felt was of the most of er benefit to you?
(JT5PSUNK) [346] Yeah certainly.
(JT5PSUNK) [347] Why was that specifically do you think?
(JT5PSUNK) [348] Well that just er [laugh] to be honest with you I mean after, after looking at it we, we couldn't believe it really that, that amount of people could be affected by that, we obviously thought it wouldn't happen to us but after seeing that, at the age we are, I really think it's a super plan and I'm sure we'll feel a lot better [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [349] It is quite surprising how many of my particular clients do take out that particular plan and they do tend to mention the same type of er of benefits that y that er that you just mentioned there, it is er I think it is a good plan, universally appreciated.
[350] Tell me when, when we ... when we s started our discussion of the planning the future document I did say that er there was one or two things you could do for me and er one of those of course was to ask you if you could, during the course of our discussion, if any names came to, to mind, anybody who you would find that you could er you could recommend me to or can refer to me to if in fact you found our discussions were of benefit
(JT5PSUNK) [351] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [352] and in fact you did mention erm erm
(JT5PSUNK) [353] I can't think of yeah well I can't really think of any at the moment, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [354] Well actually you did mention er Chris at er at where you work I think you said
(JT5PSUNK) [355] That's right, Chris yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [356] I think you said he'd just moved into the area recently.
(JT5PSUNK) [357] He has yeah he lives in er [...] now I believe, yeah [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [358] Does he?
[359] Is that in Darlington?
(JT5PSUNK) [360] It is, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [361] Have you, do you have
(JT5PSUNK) [362] Er
(JT5PSUNK) [363] have his phone number handy?
(JT5PSUNK) [364] I, I don't think I've got his home phone number but you can certainly ring him at work, er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [365] If I contacted him on the same number that I contacted you
(JT5PSUNK) [366] Yeah you could, you could perhaps get him on that, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [367] and that was?
(JT5PSUNK) [368] Yes that was, that was Darlington .
(JT5PSUNK) [369] Great, thanks very much.
[370] I think you also mentioned that you play, you play a fair bit of football as well John [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [371] I do actually yeah, I play for [...] on a, on a Thursday night, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [372] Yeah I used to play a lot of football when I was a young guy like you
(JT5PSUNK) [373] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [374] it's a good sport isn't it?
(JT5PSUNK) [375] Oh it's great, I love it [...] I like keeping fit you know.
(JT5PSUNK) [376] And you did mention that you were particularly pally with the goalkeeper, Alan, I can't recall his
(JT5PSUNK) [377] [laughing] Yeah [...] []
(JT5PSUNK) [378] his, his surname, what was that?
(JT5PSUNK) [379] Oh yeah it was er
(JT5PSUNK) [380] I think it was Alan
(JT5PSUNK) [381] Alan yeah, [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [382] is that [spelling] [] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [383] It is, yeah [spelling] []
(JT5PSUNK) [384] Any idea what his phone number is?
(JT5PSUNK) [385] Er I can certainly get it for you cos I've got most of the lads' phone numbers er in case any of the games are cancelled [...] , yes it's er
(JT5PSUNK) [386] Great, smashing.
[387] ... Those people whose names you've just, you've given me their details from, could I ask you er if the next time you see them if it's within the next few days or certainly erm if, if you could over the next day or two give them a ring just to let them know that I do intend to contact them, I'll probably contact them within the next week or so.
(JT5PSUNK) [388] Yeah sure, I
(JT5PSUNK) [389] Is that okay?
(JT5PSUNK) [390] Yeah no problem I'll see Peter at work, I'll, I'll, I'll pr er I will mention to him about it cos I was very impressed with [...] , yes certainly I'll mention it to him and er Alan, if he's, if there's a game on Saturday yes I'll, I'll I could mention it to him.
(JT5PSUNK) [391] Oh that's great.
(JT5PSUNK) [392] And if you're er with you intending to ring them you know it's er
(JT5PSUNK) [393] Yes cos what I mean obviously in, in the, in the type of business that, that I do, you can see yourself a very personal business
(JT5PSUNK) [394] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [395] and I do prefer to work on the er on a personal recommendations or referrals basis because that actually allows me to, to devote most of my time to my current clients without having to go out cold calling and looking for people.
(JT5PSUNK) [396] Yes, yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [397] It is a, a sort of a, a beneficial way of doing business both for myself and for my clients so is that okay?
(JT5PSUNK) [398] Yeah that's, that's great, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [399] Erm when you see erm Alan [...] John erm if you see them over the next day or two if I can just give you this er these, these little leaflets
(JT5PSUNK) [400] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [401] that do explain a little bit about Abbey Life products and also have a copy of [...] as well erm they might find that of help before I give them a call.
(JT5PSUNK) [402] Yeah, oh certainly yeah that's no problem.
(JT5PSUNK) [403] Okay, good, erm ... I think that's probably gonna be sufficient for tonight John
(JT5PSUNK) [404] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [405] I think er well I think we've managed to er to complete our business er very nicely, I hope you're very satisfied [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [406] That'll do you, that'll do you that'll do you.
[407] Right okay good, very good ... the objections cos you tried to whizz one in there very early on but John actually overcome it quite, quite good.
[408] Erm everything as I say okay ... yeah g er on knowing your script yeah good, didn't erm ... waver at all and also very good John at the old active listening, sales type people, we tend to rabbit rabbit rabbit and not listen and it's a fault
(JT5PSUNK) [409] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [410] because you can actually learn more by listening than you can
(JT5PSUNK) [411] I know.
(JT5PSUNK) [412] by actually talking.
[413] Er all very good, stay in control, excellent, very polished erm yeah y you'd be worth an A but you've only got C.
(JT5PSUNK) [414] Great.
(JT5PSUNK) [415] I felt that ... to be er truthful now, I mean, how excited can they be about [...] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [cough]
(JT5PSUNK) [416] With this, well erm ... I was er after the first two years when I didn't get a referred lead or recommendation cos I, I had this fear in my mind that if I asked for names, they'd actually not give them and that they would actually then cancel the policy they'd taken out with me, I actually thought that
(JT5PSUNK) [417] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [418] but if you think about it, if you've done a good job, you've done a good presentation, done a good fact find and they buy, then they should be very happy at that moment in time and er it was stupid because that is the right time to actually ask
(JT5PSUNK) [419] I would say it's perfect because
(JT5PSUNK) [420] that's the perfect time and I had this sort of doubt in my mind erm then I was fortunate I learnt a co a very good scripted presentation for getting referred leads and once I started to actually ask, cos that's all it comes down to, erm then I was getting three, four, in the end I was being quite clever and saying look if you just restrict them to three then I'll give them the same good service I reckon I've given you this service
(JT5PSUNK) [421] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [422] by saying restrict them to three you get the best three they can think of
(JT5PSUNK) [423] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [424] you usually get the fourth and the fifth as well but I did actually only say three but alright [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [clears throat]
(JT5PSUNK) [425] as it's you I will take another one
(JT5PSUNK) [426] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [427] erm and, and it actually came out like that, quite sincere
(JT5PSUNK) [428] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [429] it wasn't but it [laughing] came out quite sincere [] erm no i it's the only way to work er but y you know it's here ... it's your attitude, I mean
(JT5PSUNK) [430] You've gotta think [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [431] you've gotta think er think, it was like erm ... one of the guys was saying oh I've got a real problem getting the names, I said well how do you ask and he said well look I'm in the people business John but I don't suppose you know anybody do you
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [432] no, and he wasn't er he said see they say it all the time I said well of course they do, it's the phraseology you're using
(JT5PSUNK) [433] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [434] I'm in the people business but I don't suppose you know anybody do you, you're bound to get a no-no.
(JT5PSUNK) [435] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [436] What would you say is a fair [...] fair percentage of referrals and actual cold calling would you say for an associate?
[437] ... You know [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [438] Well probably in your early days you'll probably do a mix, but if y the quicker you can get to only work, and even to the extent I mean I went out and bought my own book that had personal recommendations on the front and I would actually show that and say look John the only way I actually work, while I get everything ready you might like to look through because it's the only way I work, I purely work on a personal recommendation basis and that enables me to get quality clients like yourself erm and I can devote time to you rather than have to go out looking for people to tell my story to
(JT5PSUNK) [439] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [440] I use my clients to actually me expand my business which I means I can give you more of my time.
(JT5PSUNK) [441] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [442] And this shows if you give the book out at the end and then what'll the guy say you wanna give it out at the beginning, sow the seed that this is the only way you work, you're now thinking well this guy's gonna be asking me for recommendations at some stage during the hour together
(JT5PSUNK) [443] Yeah it seems a nice little idea, there's a nice black bag with
(JT5PSUNK) [444] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [445] personal recommendations [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [446] Well I've got a red I got a red book out of Smiths and I had, one of my clients was a printer so I got him to put it in in the gold
(JT5PSUNK) [cough]
(JT5PSUNK) [447] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [448] inlay [...] my name and [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [449] Yeah for the sake of what, it cost me a fiver, probably a tenner these days, speculate to accumulate
(JT5PSUNK) [450] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [451] so, yeah.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [452] Does this go in with erm
(JT5PSUNK) [453] Yeah that goes in your locker now.
(JT5PSUNK) [454] same place as the other one?
(JT5PSUNK) [455] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [456] Cheers. ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [457] Yeah just imagine I'm not here.
[458] Got your forms?
(JT5PSUNK) [459] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [460] Who wants to go first?
[461] ... Who's going first?
(JT5PSUNK) [462] I do.
(JT5PSUNK) [463] Alright well in that case you keep [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [464] I'm, I'm the client am I?
(JT5PSUNK) [465] so you've got a guideline as to what you are ... if you need it.
(JT5PSUNK) [...] ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...] [laugh] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [466] Don't forget the old planning the future, revisit it
(JT5PSUNK) [467] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [468] make the point you know I'm sure you found this useful, what particular area was the one that excited you the most, yeah?
(JT5PSUNK) [469] Aha, aha.
[470] [...] erm [tut] do you think that the erm planning your future that we've gone through this evening was er ... was of value to you?
(JT5PSUNK) [471] [laugh] [laughing] I'm sorry []
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [472] Right start again.
(JT5PSUNK) [473] [...] do you think the er the planning your future that we've gone through this evening was of er particular value to you? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [474] Yeah I th yeah, yeah I think it was [...] I was a bit hesitant before [...] came round to, to er be pleasantly surprised.
(JT5PSUNK) [475] A lot of my best clients say that actually.
[476] Er which area do you think you found the most interesting? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [477] Er well the pension planning [...] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [478] Why was that?
(JT5PSUNK) [479] Well I thought I was adequately, adequately provided for the er future but obviously I'm not, I'll have to bump that up a little bit.
[480] I want to enjoy life when I retire.
(JT5PSUNK) [481] Indeed.
(JT5PSUNK) [482] Keep up the golf [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [483] [laughing] [...] [] well you remember er when we sat down this evening I said there was a couple of ways that you could help me, one of these ways was that er you might be able to introduce me to one or two of your friends and I can run through the same ideas with them.
[484] Er tell me you work with a chap called Chris
(JT5PSUNK) [485] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [486] er would you mind introducing me to him?
[487] Do you have his phone number?
(JT5PSUNK) [488] Er well yeah I don't know ... I don't really know whether he'd er like me to be handing it out.
(JT5PSUNK) [489] Mhm.
[490] Mhm.
[491] Well look
(JT5PSUNK) [492] [...] too happy with that er ...
(JT5PSUNK) [493] I can understand you saying that.
[494] I think erm what, what we, what I'd really like to do is if I could get in touch with him and give him the chance to make up his own mind er then he could decide whether or not he would like to have a chat with me and I'd just run a few ideas by him, just as you've done, without any pressure er and he can make his own decisions.
(JT5PSUNK) [495] Erm
(JT5PSUNK) [496] Whereabouts is he?
[497] ... Do you have his phone number? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [498] Er yeah go on then, it's er .
(JT5PSUNK) [499] Great, well thanks for that.
[500] Now what's, what's erm what, what sort of age is Chris?
(JT5PSUNK) [501] He's about ... thirty three I think.
(JT5PSUNK) [502] Aha, aha.
[503] And he does the same job as you?
(JT5PSUNK) [504] Yeah same department in fact.
(JT5PSUNK) [505] Is he married?
(JT5PSUNK) [506] No he's living with someone.
(JT5PSUNK) [507] Has he er got any family?
(JT5PSUNK) [508] No.
(JT5PSUNK) [509] No?
[510] Right okay I'll get in touch with him, thank you.
[511] [clears throat] You also said you played squash regularly erm there was a chap David you mentioned that er you play quite regularly er I'd like to get in touch with him as well if I could. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [512] Er well yeah I suppose [...] so why not
(JT5PSUNK) [513] [laugh] Great
(JT5PSUNK) [514] it's er
(JT5PSUNK) [515] Okay, thanks for that.
[516] Maybe erm ...
(JT5PSUNK) [517] You have to be careful with Dave, he's a little bit er touchy at times
(JT5PSUNK) [518] Is he?
(JT5PSUNK) [519] yeah.
[520] And I don't
(JT5PSUNK) [521] I'll only
(JT5PSUNK) [522] want him coming back to me [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [523] Well I tell you what
(JT5PSUNK) [524] if he says no you, you know, I don't want you pushing him.
(JT5PSUNK) [525] Yeah, right, right.
[526] Well maybe you could have a quick word with him first and I could give you a call and then erm [tut] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [527] [...] I won't be playing squash with him for about another what, four or five days so it's next Wednesday
(JT5PSUNK) [528] Mhm, okay well
(JT5PSUNK) [529] and so if you leave it till after that and
(JT5PSUNK) [530] So you'll give me a call on Thursday then?
(JT5PSUNK) [531] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [532] Yeah okay give me a call and er if he's quite happy I'll give him a call.
[533] Well thanks very much for that Dave I'll look forward to seeing you in the near future. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [534] Okay, thanks er thanks [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [535] Okay you covered all that okay yeah erm I think the objection bit you could've been a bit better on that one erm cos that was quite a sort of bad one, well you're not too sure about sort of giving his name or his telephone number out
(JT5PSUNK) [536] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [537] you might've er ... I mean you did it right, it could've been a bit stronger though, a bit more ... punch to it, er punch isn't the right word erm, you know, well okay look what I'm really asking for Dave is your help, you know, [...] when people ask you to help what would you normally do, you'd help wouldn't you?
(JT5PSUNK) [538] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [539] I mean for example if they walked in the room right now I'm sure you'd introduce me ... so I'm really saying is look can you give me a telephone number, I'll give them a chat and in fact, by the way, if you do see him within the next couple of days or so please give him a shout, let me know that you've been quite excited about some of the ideas that I've shown you this evening, I wanna do the same thing for him, you know, nothing gained nothing ventured nothing lost.
(JT5PSUNK) [540] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [541] Right?
(JT5PSUNK) [542] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [543] Okay good.
[544] With me?
(JT5PSUNK) [545] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [546] See it's difficult but then that's, but it's only practice
(JT5PSUNK) [547] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [548] and don't forget all next week you'll be doing the planning the future bit as well.
(JT5PSUNK) [549] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [550] Okay, do you wanna get yours back then and then we'll do [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [551] Right Jim we've gone through the er planning the future form there this evening, erm what do you think of it?
[552] Any, any benefit there for you?
(JT5PSUNK) [553] Yeah sure
(JT5PSUNK) [554] Interest?
(JT5PSUNK) [555] Mhm. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [556] Well any particular area that we've looked at, the five key areas we looked at there if you remember.
(JT5PSUNK) [557] Erm definitely savings, that's something that er I never really thought about, it's shown me a way to get some, some money together to buy, buy a boat which would be nice.
(JT5PSUNK) [558] Your boat, yes, you're a bit of a sailing man.
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [559] Er you remember earlier this evening I said there was two ways you could help me
(JT5PSUNK) [560] Aha.
(JT5PSUNK) [561] one of them you already have, you've er given me some good information for this fact find, you've helped me fill it in [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [562] [...] aha.
(JT5PSUNK) [563] the second one was that er if you found er my service helpful, to be of benefit to you, you'd feel free to recommend me to some of your friends and colleagues.
[564] ... Now earlier this evening you mentioned Chris who you er play squash with and what I'd
(JT5PSUNK) [565] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [566] you to do is er give me his telephone number so that I er contact him, offer the same service to him as I have to you.
(JT5PSUNK) [567] Yeah certainly I would do but I must admit I don't really like er giving people's phone numbers out, I don't know how he'd react to, you know, somebody ringing him up and [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [568] Well how did you react when I called you?
[569] You know.
[570] I'm here, I've ... provided that service.
[571] It's just an opportunity to meet and that's all I'm asking for.
[572] ... You know he'll, he'll decide for himself whether he
(JT5PSUNK) [573] Yeah fair enough [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [574] [...] services [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [575] I thought it would be er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [576] I mean if he called round here now you'd introduce me wouldn't you?
(JT5PSUNK) [577] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [578] [...] just throw a blanket over my head and pretend I was a budgie.
(JT5PSUNK) [579] Absolutely [...] by all means, okay his number his .
(JT5PSUNK) [580] and do you have his address at all as well?
(JT5PSUNK) [581] Yeah it's erm
(JT5PSUNK) [582] Okay.
[583] Is Chris married or ... children?
(JT5PSUNK) [584] Yeah he's married and he's got one little boy who's about three I think.
(JT5PSUNK) [585] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [586] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [587] Does his wife work as well do you know?
(JT5PSUNK) [588] Erm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [589] [...] Also there's Dave that er you work with
(JT5PSUNK) [590] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [591] erm ...
(JT5PSUNK) [592] Well I suppose [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [593] I'd like to see him as well if possible so do you have his number?
(JT5PSUNK) [594] Well erm but er I, I don't actually, probably the best thing is just to er call at the office.
(JT5PSUNK) [595] Okay that's er the same number as yourself?
(JT5PSUNK) [596] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [597] And same extension?
(JT5PSUNK) [598] Erm no he's erm
(JT5PSUNK) [599] right.
[600] You don't have his home address at all by any chance do you?
(JT5PSUNK) [601] No I don't really know him outside of work to be honest [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [602] Okay that's fair enough.
(JT5PSUNK) [603] we have a few beers occasionally but [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [604] That was erm what was his surname?
(JT5PSUNK) [605] It's erm er ...
(JT5PSUNK) [606] [...] open minded type of character [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [607] [laughing] He certainly is []
(JT5PSUNK) [608] Have to keep our fingers crossed.
[609] ... [tut] ... er who else do you know that er may be interested in this service?
[610] ... Well any other friends, family, brothers, sisters?
(JT5PSUNK) [611] Well I can't really think of anybody.
(JT5PSUNK) [612] Neighbours?
(JT5PSUNK) [613] No.
(JT5PSUNK) [614] Do you know anybody who's got married lately?
[615] ... Had a child?
(JT5PSUNK) [616] Erm ...
(JT5PSUNK) [617] It's er just offering a service ... er I really think it's a ... class act, to use an expression
(JT5PSUNK) [618] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [619] you know you cover all the areas, five areas there
(JT5PSUNK) [620] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [621] plan your future, [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [622] Er well
(JT5PSUNK) [623] there's people that, you know, people [...] take it up with me.
(JT5PSUNK) [624] There's the girl next door, she's just had a baby.
(JT5PSUNK) [625] I believe everybody should be given this opportunity, whether they take it or not is up to them.
[626] ... The girl next door?
(JT5PSUNK) [627] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [628] What do they call her?
(JT5PSUNK) [629] Er Yvonne.
(JT5PSUNK) [630] Yvonne and er she's married I presume [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [631] No she's single actually, she lives [...] her parents' house [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [632] Oh I see.
[633] Does she work then or?
(JT5PSUNK) [634] Er ... I think she does a bit of part time I'm not really sure what she does she comes and goes, she probably works in an old folks' home or something, she has a uniform.
(JT5PSUNK) [635] Right I'll, I'll give her a call.
[636] Do you know her telephone number?
(JT5PSUNK) [637] No I don't, you probably, I don't,sh she, I know she's a bit hard up, she's not on the phone you'd probably be better off just [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [638] Do you think she'll object if I er just give a knock on the door on my way out there?
[639] Would you object?
(JT5PSUNK) [640] No not at all, no.
(JT5PSUNK) [641] Okay I'll do that if you don't mind.
(JT5PSUNK) [642] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [643] Er anybody else?
(JT5PSUNK) [644] Er ... no can't think of anybody.
(JT5PSUNK) [645] I'll tell you what anyway Jim ... I'm coming back next week to er ... give you a few answers ... coming out of this fact find so
(JT5PSUNK) [646] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [647] if you wouldn't mind in the meantime if you could think of a few names you know as you're going about your daily business [...] .
(JT5PSUNK) [648] No well I'll think about it yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [649] [...] pleased to have those.
[650] And that's it for this evening so I'll look forward to seeing you next week then, okay?
(JT5PSUNK) [651] Okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [652] Thanks a lot Jim.
(JT5PSUNK) [653] Well you've been very helpful er
(JT5PSUNK) [654] Smashing.
(JT5PSUNK) [655] Right Doug erm there's a couple of points there really erm like you, you got the, the, the guy and you said who else do you know ... why not paint a picture, you know, erm like for example Jim the people I do business with are between twenty five and thirty five, they're usually married [...] buying their own home
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [656] probably got, possibly got children, you know,
(JT5PSUNK) [657] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [658] who do you know who actually fits that description?
[659] Whereas who else do you know and a little bit later it's well anybody else ... it's er vague isn't it?
(JT5PSUNK) [660] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [661] And they c er and you won't get a response, apart from that
(JT5PSUNK) [662] I mean I think I mentioned like friends, family er brothers, sisters [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [663] Yeah but it wasn't done in a, in an enthusiastic manner it was like a sort of [mimicking] well who do you know like friend, family [] that sort of thing and at the beginning I thought you was a bit more positive but I thought when you were revisiting the, the planning the future that might have been nerves right at the beginning of the session, you then relaxed and your pace all slowed down, excellent at reminding er Jim ... picked up [...] referrals mentioned earlier, handled the objection okay, don't remember you asking Jim to ... contact them beforehand ... don't think you did, Jim did he?
(JT5PSUNK) [664] Er
(JT5PSUNK) [665] Mm. [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [666] I don't think he did so it's the only one you missed out, probably find the [...] the video that's not, not applicable but [...] yeah.
[667] Erm you [...] yeah you did actually you were good and it was a nice pace you know it was a relaxed, you know
(JT5PSUNK) [668] Mm [...] yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [669] er that, that was good.
[670] Friendly enthusiastic, yeah, didn't use any slang ... erm the link was there, the attention to the client's responses that was good, I was saying to erm [tut] [...] th th that, that sales people tend to be a bit sort of more rabbit than Watership Down, you know that they're
(JT5PSUNK) [671] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [672] but you've got a very nice way of actually listening and you'll actually learn far more about people by listening than actually talking so erm I found that quite ... picked up and pinpoint areas [...] contact er eye contact, that was good, stayed in control, not too pushy ... yeah.
[673] You're worth an A mate but you're only gonna get a C.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [674] Okay we'll have our next two in [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [675] [...] are we free to er run away now?
(JT5PSUNK) [676] Well I think we'll actually do a bit of a debrief, yeah? [...] we should be finished.
(JT5PSUNK) [677] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [678] I, I think some of the lads have gone.
(JT5PSUNK) [679] Have they?
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [680] Well one one definitely has er
(JT5PSUNK) [681] Oh er J David has, he [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [682] [...] football [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [683] Oh that's right yeah. ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [684] Hallo Brian.
[685] Thanks for seeing me this evening er
(JT5PSUNK) [686] You haven't gotta do it on me
(JT5PSUNK) [687] Oh sorry
(JT5PSUNK) [688] I'm I'm well I'm the fly on the wall.
[689] Don't forget, yeah, give us, whoever's gonna go first ...
(JT5PSUNK) [690] Oh right.
(JT5PSUNK) [691] Er who's going first?
(JT5PSUNK) [692] I don't mind.
[693] Ian?
(JT5PSUNK) [694] I don't mind.
(JT5PSUNK) [695] Shall I go first?
(JT5PSUNK) [696] Yeah you go first.
(JT5PSUNK) [697] Oh right I'm I'm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [698] In that case you give me your form, [...] keep hold of it
(JT5PSUNK) [699] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [700] [...] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [701] I don't mind, I'm not here I'm just a fly on the wall like.
[702] Erm but don't forget to like if you look at the beginning, number one, you've gotta make a big thing on planning the future
(JT5PSUNK) [703] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [704] I mean I'm gonna try and give, the first two guys and er Mike who came in, they didn't do very well cos they didn't actually mention that bit and it didn't flow from then on, you've gotta make the point, you know, did you find that er well not did you, that's bad phraseology, I'm sure you found this beneficial ... which of the areas of the five tonight actually interest you the most ... do that bit and then go in with the fact that you actually mentioned earlier on that you do work on a recommendation basis.
(JT5PSUNK) [705] When you, when you say that Brian I mean you ... you're, you're talking about at the end of the planning the future after you prioritize?
[706] Is that correct or, or
(JT5PSUNK) [707] Yes, yes yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [708] well you don't want us to prioritize [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [709] No don't do it just assume all that stuff, that's been done
(JT5PSUNK) [710] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [711] so you just wanna revisit it and say oh I'm sure you found this document has been really useful this evening and out of those five areas we discussed, you might wanna consolidate it a bit, which was the one that excited you the most and that's [...] your retirement savings ... you know [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [712] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [713] not been [...] for anything else yet
(JT5PSUNK) [714] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [715] and then you can pick it up from there.
(JT5PSUNK) [716] Right, okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [717] Alright?
(JT5PSUNK) [718] Right.
[719] ... Well Ian we've, we've finished the completion of the document erm the planning your future document, now which of those five areas did you find interesting?
(JT5PSUNK) [720] I thought helping to er increase me pension and [...] was very good.
(JT5PSUNK) [721] Right.
[722] Okay well as I said previously what I'm gonna do is go away and then I'll prepare some figures for you and perhaps I'll come and see you next week, okay?
[723] Erm ... what, what I said to you earlier was that er at the very beginning where you could help me was if, if you found this of value to you, this service that I've just provided, erm perhaps you could erm th there might be er some friends of yours that er you might find that this might be of beneficial to.
[724] Now you
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [725] mentioned Chris earlier I believe
(JT5PSUNK) [726] Oh aye yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [727] erm the fella that you work with
(JT5PSUNK) [728] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [729] erm ... erm y have you his [laughing] [...] []
(JT5PSUNK) [730] I don't [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [731] er have, have, have,wou [...] I believe this Chris might be interested in this er have you got his telephone number where I can contact him [...] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [732] Yeah why do you think that?
(JT5PSUNK) [733] Well I, I ... what I ... I would like to er ... erm sorry I've gotta stop [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [734] Go on, go on [...] go on
(JT5PSUNK) [735] Erm
(JT5PSUNK) [736] cos you were doing great up until that point and then you left yourself
(JT5PSUNK) [737] Yeah I know but
(JT5PSUNK) [738] wide open and that's where you got
(JT5PSUNK) [739] I, I'm
(JT5PSUNK) [740] the response you got.
(JT5PSUNK) [741] That's right, yeah.
[742] Er well er the reason is I believe that I think you mentioned earlier that Chris is er in the same line of trade as you
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [743] and as you mentioned about the pension side which you was interested in on the planning the future I feel
(JT5PSUNK) [744] Oh yeah [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [745] that Chris might be ... this might help Chris
(JT5PSUNK) [746] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [747] erm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [748] Yeah [...] have his number, yeah. [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [749] [...] like to say er if you'd like to ring you could ring him, I'll ring him next week
(JT5PSUNK) [750] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [751] and if you'd like to ring him first and [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [752] Oh I'll see him at work and I'll obviously we'll talk about [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [753] Okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [754] yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [755] So er
(JT5PSUNK) [756] Yeah his number's whatever
(JT5PSUNK) [757] Right okay erm is there anyone that, members of the family that erm that might like, appreciate the service?
(JT5PSUNK) [758] Erm ...
(JT5PSUNK) [759] Perhaps your m mum and dad or brothers and sisters
(JT5PSUNK) [760] Yeah me me brother might be of interest now, he's [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [761] Okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [762] yeah I mean I'll, I'll, I'll give you his number.
[763] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [764] And your your brother's
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [765] [...] right.
(JT5PSUNK) [766] and his telephone number's whatever
(JT5PSUNK) [767] Right okay.
[768] And is there anyone you know that ... has just recently got married cos these are areas that obviously [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [769] Yeah erm
(JT5PSUNK) [770] really help people.
(JT5PSUNK) [771] no at the moment all my friends have, have been married a few years erm ... [...] next time you come and er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [772] Right that's, that's, that's lovely Ian anyway thanks very much for seeing me this evening erm well as I say I'll go away and prepare some figures and then I'll, I'll see you what, what ... say Wednesday next week?
(JT5PSUNK) [773] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [774] Er in the meantime I may ring Chris up er and
(JT5PSUNK) [775] Yes no problem.
(JT5PSUNK) [776] see if I can be of help to him.
(JT5PSUNK) [777] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [778] Okay, thanks very much.
(JT5PSUNK) [779] Thanks.
(JT5PSUNK) [780] You may ring Chris up?
[781] You will ring Chris up.
(JT5PSUNK) [782] I will ring Chris up [laughing] right [] er I lost track of it halfway erm ... you know it was but er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [783] so I, I just
(JT5PSUNK) [784] and you got your points in, I mean you asked whether it was worthwhile, you did that very well actually er and you were good on reminding the prospect why you were actually asking for recommendations, probably a little bit weak after that point although you did, you, you picked up again, there were, there were points we're looking for you did pick up [...] referrals [...] mentioned earlier.
[785] The objections, we didn't re didn't really get the i you were doing that first of all and then you paused and started again
(JT5PSUNK) [786] Yeah that's right.
(JT5PSUNK) [787] and it flowed quite nicely and you didn't actually give any objections or any [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [788] He wasn't supposed to give me any objections
(JT5PSUNK) [789] I wasn't
(JT5PSUNK) [790] Well you
(JT5PSUNK) [791] [laugh] No er er we just done it naturally actually, it was just er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [792] Yeah I mean you coped be er you, you came across as very natural, you knew your script er friendly enthusiastic, yeah, no slang, belief was there, attentive to Ian's responses, yeah, picked up the names mentioned earlier, [...] eye contact when [...] yeah er [...] that.
[793] Qui
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [794] quietly confident I would say
(JT5PSUNK) [795] Yeah I, I feel Brian I mean, you know, you said we'd gotta be natural, it's all very well reading from a script but at the end of the day it's natural that comes across.
(JT5PSUNK) [796] That's the guideline, you put your own phraseology and
(JT5PSUNK) [797] Yes.
(JT5PSUNK) [798] your own mannerisms on it.
(JT5PSUNK) [799] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [800] Right?
[801] Okay that's, you'd better hang on to that one and I'll [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [802] Yeah [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [803] Oh can I put a C on the front.
[804] ... Tick C for me [...] tick C
(JT5PSUNK) [805] I'll tick C
(JT5PSUNK) [806] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [807] er requires further on the job training
(JT5PSUNK) [808] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [809] that's what [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [810] We can't give you more than that. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [811] Yeah do I, do I throw in objections or ...
(JT5PSUNK) [812] Well I mean if he's very good you probably won't be able to.
(JT5PSUNK) [813] Right, okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh] [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [814] Erm David we've just obviously completed a, a plan of your future, we just looked at areas which we
(JT5PSUNK) [815] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [816] we both felt you need to highlight erm ... can I ask you which of the areas you felt particular interest in?
(JT5PSUNK) [817] Yeah I, I was very interested in the savings plan actually, I, I ... I, I'm not very good at saving and I believe that could be a help.
[818] I, I'm not looking to put a l put a large amount of money away but that's ... I'm interested in that.
(JT5PSUNK) [819] Yeah?
[820] Ah right that's good.
[821] Earlier we mentioned that erm there were a couple of areas which ... if I was helpful to you you could possibly help me and one was obviously [...]
(JT5PSUGP) [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [822] [...] best advice I could give to you [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [823] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [824] the other point was obviously people that you may know which may be able to help me in my business, people you feel this information ... obviously it was of interest to you
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [825] Yeah I, I found it very interesting
(JT5PSUNK) [826] erm
(JT5PSUNK) [827] yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [828] but would obviously be beneficial to them and
(JT5PSUNK) [829] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [830] you mentioned er John erm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [831] Yeah John
(JT5PSUNK) [832] bit of golf with
(JT5PSUNK) [833] that's right, yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [834] erm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [835] Yeah right what I'll do I'm I can a I'll see, I'm seeing John Saturday and I'll, I'll mention to him.
(JT5PSUNK) [836] Right.
[837] Could I have his telephone number and give him a ring?
(JT5PSUNK) [838] him a ring?
(JT5PSUNK) [839] Right.
[840] John, and what's his surname?
(JT5PSUNK) [841] Er it's John
(JT5PSUNK) [842] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [843] erm
(JT5PSUNK) [844] Telephone number, whatever
(JT5PSUNK) [845] address yeah
(JT5PSUNK) [846] right and you mentioned your brother as well cos he's a guy [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [847] Right yeah my brother, he could be interested
(JT5PSUNK) [848] Aha.
(JT5PSUNK) [849] erm yeah I'll, I'll certainly
(JT5PSUNK) [850] Right.
[851] And obviously people
(JT5PSUNK) [852] yeah [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [853] you feel would [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [854] [...] yeah I, I'm not sure at this stage but they might, they might be able to benefit yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [855] Great.
[856] Erm anybody else [...] ?
(JT5PSUNK) [857] Erm well there's some other guys I play golf with er ... Fred ... perhaps I'll mention it to him as well.
(JT5PSUNK) [858] Right.
[859] Do you have his
(JT5PSUNK) [860] Give him [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [861] number at all?
(JT5PSUNK) [862] I don't know his number offhand but I
(JT5PSUNK) [863] Well I'll see you next, I'll see you next week
(JT5PSUNK) [864] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [865] cos I'll, I'll come back and see you so
(JT5PSUNK) [866] Right yeah okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [867] erm ... er [...] if there's anybody who you feel erm next door or who have recently been married cos it's obviously a great help to people who have just recently been married.
(JT5PSUNK) [868] Er actually my cousin's just recently been married er then again I don't know her phone number at this present time but I'll, I'll perhaps, I'll perhaps er [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [869] Well, well what I'll do is next week I'll [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [870] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [871] erm [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [872] Right.
[873] Watch the dog round me cousin's
(JT5PSUNK) [874] Ah right I like dogs so that'll be alright.
(JT5PSUNK) [875] because she's got a big alsatian. [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [876] And erm good, thank you very much indeed and I look forward to seeing you next week.
(JT5PSUNK) [877] Yeah, okay, thanks very much.
(JT5PSUNK) [878] Good Ian [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [879] I was I was a good client wasn't I? [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [880] Yeah [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [881] Yeah [...] but the way he was asking, again it was, it was a natural flow
(JT5PSUNK) [882] Yeah, that's right.
(JT5PSUNK) [883] there was no, there was no pressure there at all was there?
(JT5PSUNK) [884] Yeah that's right.
(JT5PSUNK) [885] And he'd actually confirmed that you, you found it useful and he had mentioned earlier on there were one or two ways that you could actually help him
(JT5PSUNK) [886] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [887] it was a na if you do it, if you follow those two first parts right the rest of it almost slots into place.
[888] Very very good Ian erm excellent voice, remind the prospect as to why you were gonna be asking and I thought you were very good there erm i in fact you were that good that you were actually offered to contact before you even asked
(JT5PSUNK) [889] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [890] you had the offer to, to contact these people for him erm the video doesn't apply, [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [891] [...] at the end of the day [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [892] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [893] He's very enthusiastic er superb on that I thought erm kept on asking I've put here, you actually ended up with five names
(JT5PSUNK) [894] I didn't!
(JT5PSUNK) [895] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [896] I had, I had five names here, that would give you sixteen, you're worth an A but I'm afraid ...
(JT5PSUNK) [897] You've only got a C.
(JT5PSUNK) [898] you've only got a C.
(JT5PSUGP) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [899] Alright Ian, good.
(JT5PSUNK) [900] I, I should imagine when you go out and do it it's er it's a lot easier in a sense cos you [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [901] This is the toughest one.
(JT5PSUNK) [902] yeah, [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [903] But as long as you follow the guidelines that are there
(JT5PSUNK) [904] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [905] you're there.
(JT5PSUNK) [906] Yeah.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [907] Has everybody else been done? ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [908] Oh right.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [909] Yeah fine, give us your form. ...
(JT5PSUGP) [...] ...
(JT5PSUNK) [910] Now I'm not here, alright?
(JT5PSUNK) [911] Yeah okay. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [912] But don't forget to revisit planning the future.
(JT5PSUNK) [913] To re ?
(JT5PSUNK) [914] Revisit the planning the fu the fact finder okay so that the sort of phraseology will be well I'm sure you, you found this a very worthwhile exercise
(JT5PSUNK) [915] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [916] incidentally er Jim which of the areas was of particular you know interest to you.
(JT5PSUNK) [917] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [918] Paint us a picture yeah?
[919] ... Alright.
(JT5PSUNK) [920] Okay Jim well we've, we've been through the erm the planning your future exercise
(JT5PSUNK) [921] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [922] and er erm ... and we discussed it fully and I've been noting the points down you know but what, what in particular was of interest to you on that er ... er on that ... on those discussions?
(JT5PSUNK) [923] Er I think it was the er the pension really.
(JT5PSUNK) [924] The pension?
(JT5PSUNK) [925] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [926] Why in particular the pension?
(JT5PSUNK) [927] Well it was something that you hear a lot about it and er I've never done anything about it and it's cos I'm starting to think towards the future and it's gonna be nice to know that I'm gonna have a pound or two to go and do what I want when I retire.
(JT5PSUNK) [928] Fine.
[929] Right [...] we'll do something on that for you and erm
(JT5PSUNK) [930] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [931] see what we can do and we can arrange that, that's no problem [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [932] Yeah good.
(JT5PSUNK) [933] Do you remember earlier this evening when we was erm talking of going through erm I said there were ways that perhaps you might be able to help me erm
(JT5PSUNK) [934] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [935] help you, er you mentioned your, your brother John and his family
(JT5PSUNK) [936] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [937] erm I'm sure that I could be of some help to them
(JT5PSUNK) [938] Aha.
(JT5PSUNK) [939] I'd like to contact them, have you, can you give me their number?
(JT5PSUNK) [940] Erm ... yeah I can give you their number, it's erm ...
(JT5PSUNK) [941] Yeah let me just write that down.
(JT5PSUNK) [942] Okay it's ... erm I dunno, I dunno how they'll feel about you phoning them up though to be honest with you.
(JT5PSUNK) [943] Well would you perhaps like to give them a, a ring to, to say what I spoke about today then I'll give them a ring, say if you could ring them tomorrow then I'll ring them er er ... tomorrow evening a as well and then perhaps I can, you know, they, you've given them the ground work to actually er ... for me to ring as well and then I can discuss with him and arrange an appointment to go and see him [...] is that okay?
(JT5PSUNK) [944] Yeah I should think so.
(JT5PSUNK) [945] Oh good, okay.
[946] Oh talking about th that sort of thing er I think you mentioned the ph photographic club is that right?
(JT5PSUNK) [947] Yeah that's right I go every Tuesday night.
(JT5PSUNK) [948] Oh do you?
[949] Oh that's good.
[950] Er is it erm a large club, many members?
(JT5PSUNK) [951] Erm I think there's probably about twenty odd members with ten people who are there every week.
(JT5PSUNK) [952] Oh they're there every week?
(JT5PSUNK) [953] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [954] Oh erm ... I'm sure er who do you think will perhaps be of benefit erm for me to talk to them as well you know to discuss this with them?
(JT5PSUNK) [955] I don't really know [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [956] Erm ... well perhaps you, you ... wou would you er let me perhaps er well not let me but perhaps I could ring a few of erm those people just to have a chat with them and perhaps put, you know, talk about the er planning your future exercise with them as well, could you, would you give me some numbers please?
(JT5PSUNK) [957] Yes sure I've actually got erm a list here of erm all, all the members of the club.
(JT5PSUNK) [958] A list?
[959] Oh that's fine.
[960] Oh that will be splendid er well thanks for that, that's er that's great obviously
(JT5PSUNK) [961] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [962] [...] erm er going on from there erm who else would you think would be interested, there's obviously relatives, friends, anybody like that with a wedding erm soon or [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [963] Er
(JT5PSUNK) [964] can you think of anybody like that perhaps who might be interested I mean because you know we cover for weddings and er
(JT5PSUNK) [965] Actually Sue, this friend er er Sue she's getting married.
(JT5PSUNK) [966] Is she?
(JT5PSUNK) [967] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [968] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [969] Yeah.
[970] Er Sue, Sue
(JT5PSUNK) [971] Super mhm, telephone number?
(JT5PSUNK) [972] Erm er er er I can't remember but if you ring, ring Sedgewicks, you know
(JT5PSUNK) [973] Oh Sedgewicks in Norwich yeah
(JT5PSUNK) [974] [...] she works there.
(JT5PSUNK) [975] ask for Sue yeah that'll be great.
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [976] If you see her in the meantime obviously mention [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [977] Sure we, we're going over there at the weekend actually, give them a ring next week.
(JT5PSUNK) [978] Yeah well I'll give them a ring say early next week
(JT5PSUNK) [979] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [980] and if you can have a word with them I'd be grateful [...] that just lays the foundation for me to talk to them and er and to go and see them.
[981] Well that's splendid [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [982] [...] you know we've got mortgage [...] and everything like that
(JT5PSUNK) [983] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [984] [...] thanks for that information anyway.
(JT5PSUNK) [985] That's okay.
(JT5PSUNK) [986] Well thanks for the names erm and er what I'll do is I've, I've got this video, I'll leave that with you, you and your wife
(JT5PSUNK) [987] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [988] have a look at that
(JT5PSUNK) [989] Aha.
(JT5PSUNK) [990] and er I would like to make an appointment to come and see you er again next week to talk over this mortgage and to go into it a bit more [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [991] Right.
(JT5PSUNK) [992] Okay?
[993] Fine.
(JT5PSUNK) [994] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [995] So then perhaps if you'd like to take a look at the video in that, in the meantime
(JT5PSUNK) [996] Mhm.
(JT5PSUNK) [997] erm then erm what I'll do I'll pick it up next week and that will obviously show you a bit more about Abbey Life and any, any of your friends or anybody you think might, might like to look at the video erm you know just to give them an insight, people you mentioned erm to me that you perhaps know you'd like to pass the video on to them to have a look erm and if er er you've got my number and if you want to ring me then I can get some more videos if you think other people might be interested I'm quite happy to pass them on, on to you as well, okay?
(JT5PSUNK) [998] Yeah okay Bill.
(JT5PSUNK) [999] Yeah well thanks Jim, it's been lovely meeting you and I, I've enjoyed the evening erm and enjoyed, thanks for the tea and we've been through
(JT5PSUNK) [1000] [laugh] That's alright.
(JT5PSUNK) [1001] we've been through everything erm everything possible on the fact find er on, sorry, planning your future and I think er, you know, you, you've helped me [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [1002] Alright Bill exc excellent, excellent.
[1003] Apart from a little wobble half way through when er when you threw in a bit of an objection you wobbled a bit, no very good excellent
(JT5PSUNK) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [1004] erm you know I liked the way you actually confirmed the pension as a number one priority, I thought that was good.
[1005] Yes you reminded erm er Jim about the, the er asking why you asked for recommendations, pinpointed [...] handled the objections excellently erm I'd actually put video not available but you brought it in so you've got a cross here and it's got yes you, yes it was
(JT5PSUNK) [laugh]
(JT5PSUNK) [1006] I'll give you that erm but a very nice quiet sort of controlled enthusiasm Bill.
[1007] Very good with searching questions
(JT5PSUNK) [1008] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [1009] you know you sort of, you were [...] there, I am as a trainer you were sort of digging away there getting a bit more information out about people.
[1010] Excellent voice I mean worth an A Bill, brilliant if you do that, but I mean I'm not, I know speaking to sort of Charles and Tom and Alan, they say that sort of recommendation referrals in Norwich are very difficult but I think if you do it the right way
(JT5PSUNK) [1011] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [1012] Mm.
(JT5PSUNK) [1013] I don't see why it should be.
(JT5PSUNK) [1014] Yeah.
(JT5PSUGP) [...]
(JT5PSUNK) [1015] Right do you wanna grab another couple of guys and send them in and I'll er
(JT5PSUNK) [1016] Thanks Brian.
[1017] Will do.
(JT5PSUNK) [1018] sort them out.
[1019] ... Is that all? ...
(JT5PSUNK) [1020] I think that's it Brian.
(JT5PSUNK) [1021] That's it is it?
[1022] Oh well we'll go back in the other room. ...
(JT5PSUNK) [1023] I think exercise completed Brian.
(JT5PSUNK) [1024] Is it?
[1025] Oh good
(JT5PSUNK) [1026] Yeah.
(JT5PSUNK) [1027] good, good.
[1028] Well we'll just arrange for the er ... [...]