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  1. Tape 124701 recorded on unknown date. LocationNottinghamshire: Newark () Activity: Business meeting Reports, discussion, decision-making

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Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [1] [...] shortage was twenty five K Gs of .
[2] You hadn't got the bags printed, the bags being printed today and Tony will make it today.
[3] Currently Alan is having extreme difficulty in getting hold of any dried blood.
[4] Apparently we're not killing as many cows as we used to.
[5] So there's a tremendous shortage, he's trying Germany, he's trying all over.
[6] But the consequence is, until he gets it, we can't make any fish, blood and bone.
[7] And that applies to twenty fives and obviously pre-packs.
[8] Er ... before I went off, we were talking about [...] packaging, have we decided to bring any in yet?
[9] There's another few weeks have drifted and sooner or later we'll have to start making [...] .
(PS4US) [10] Yeah Alan and I are gonna go through the details [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [11] I've got a I've got a lot of things to talk about so
(PS4US) [12] [...] you know before we do [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [13] The next thing I'm not very happy about the supply of printed bags coming in from er the workshop.
[14] ... Talking to Eric yesterday, how many should she be able to do an hour, five hundred erm approximately.
[15] I said to Celia how many she thinks she can do a day, she thinks about two thousand, depending on what she's doing.
[16] And when she worked here, she had her daughter working with her and they were a team and they went like a bomb.
[17] Up there she's got no disrespect, somebody who's not quite as bright as they might be er and she's not working overtime as they would do here if they got behind, they're working half eight to half four is it Ray?
Ray (PS4UT) [18] Yeah. [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [19] And in consequence you know, there's an accumulation.
[20] Erm ... Simon had a list Well we'd come and see him the thirty first of January, Tony came to me to work on it today, and that's not [...] .
[21] All I'm saying is at the moment, she can't apparently cope with the demand on her for bags.
[22] According to Tony we're going out of at the end of the month.
Lynne (PS4UU) [23] Well s well erm Pete said originally, at the end of the month but it looks like, with this problem, it's gonna be phasi If we can get some off-site at the end of the month.
pete? (PS4UR) [24] It doesn't matter though does it if we overflow?
Lynne (PS4UU) [25] No because all we have to do is switch it on switch it off like that.
[26] We don't give them any notice at all.
pete? (PS4UR) [27] But I do believe that we should seriously look at getting say, internal usage bags for nutrients er bags for lime, anything that we have printed, we ought to look at the [...] and say to Mike or get 'em printed or something.
[28] Okay.
(PS4US) [29] Alright.
pete? (PS4UR) [30] Lynne at a meeting yesterday, Tom said to ask you please, no more to be ordered.
Lynne (PS4UU) [31] That is [...] Ian, I'll give Ian a ring cos Ian r rings direct.
pete? (PS4UR) [32] Okay.
[33] Erm ... Ray can you arrange please to send one hundred thousand J E B [...] bags up to?
[34] Okay.
[35] A complaint from George er in the pre-packs this morning, reference er [...] going through the U V A. Apparently, I don't understand this but he says it's wearing out erm belts at a cost of a hundred and forty a pair every fortnight.
[36] And last night he was out back here at work at nine o'clock.
[37] And as a result of this, through the night, er Angela working in U V A produced two hundred and ninety seven.
[38] Eig the three K G line when the machine and everything was running properly, you'd be getting six eighty.
[39] Er I mean obviously [...] be due to
(PS4UV) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [40] Right in the back. [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [41] Angela's er lack of experience yeah .
[42] George [...] inexperience.
[43] And he says it's I think he was gonna talk to you about it [...] .
(PS4US) [44] Yeah yeah.
[45] [...] he has done this morning, and he's talked to us about the film.
[46] I think [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [47] Yeah.
(PS4US) [48] the machine side of it.
pete? (PS4UR) [49] Yeah yeah.
(PS4US) [50] We know there's a problem and we've all gone back in and [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [51] Er Tom has also asked for twenty tonne of anutrients to go up to.
[52] Er [...] this week's production sheet er and I wonder of Ian could bear in mind that he should try and keep an extra ten tonne when he's looking at his reserves here just in case
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [53] and we don't get stuck in the middle of an export [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [54] He'd already he'd seen the bags going up and he'd already got that in his head.
[55] But ... you see he knows he's gotta keep something back.
pete? (PS4UR) [56] If he can
Lynne (PS4UU) [57] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [58] keep up a reserve here so that
Lynne (PS4UU) [59] Yeah [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [60] send them five or ten tonne.
Lynne (PS4UU) [61] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [62] Er one thing Stewart, erm any word for from John about the state of the [...] ?
Stewart (PS4UW) [63] No no [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [64] Right, on the thing, just finally, there's a hundred and thirty thousand growbags here [...] next week.
[65] And currently we've got a hundred and thirty four thousand cos we've got four days production [...] to build up the surplus.
[66] But we've got eighteen thousand three hundred and thirty [...] .
[67] My count at the moment, I reckon we've got scattered round the countryside, ten thousand.
[68] Which would cover us for Friday and Monday's loadings.
[69] Phil said if you wish he'll [...] his men on Saturday and Sunday.
Stewart (PS4UW) [70] Right well [...] don't have any papers on those but I thought we'd got more than that.
[71] I thought we'd got I thought we could satisfy [...] .
[72] Friday, Monday and Tuesday.
pete? (PS4UR) [73] Well, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, you're talking about nearly twelve thousand.
[74] We're almost there [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [75] Yes.
[76] But that's wh that's your position at the moment isn't it?
pete? (PS4UR) [77] That's how I take it.
[78] We've got that on the computer, that came in [...] yesterday, that came in [...] wherever
Stewart (PS4UW) [79] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [80] and that came in [...] this morning.
Stewart (PS4UW) [81] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [82] That's the total we've got in at the moment.
[83] We've got one thousand eight hundred and ninety at [...] and Eric checked and we've got nine hundred at the other place.
Stewart (PS4UW) [84] And they did another h eleven hundred and forty yesterday didn't they?
pete? (PS4UR) [85] Well that's what he says they've got in stock at the moment.
[86] Perhaps they've got more in transit Eric do you think?
[87] Lorries on the road. [...]
(PS4UX) [88] I don't know I don't know mate.
pete? (PS4UR) [89] No.
(PS4UX) [90] I don't know.
(PS4US) [...]
(PS4UX) [91] I've got [...] a bit on that, if you want I could bring it up now while you're talking about it, I will.
pete? (PS4UR) [92] Okay.
(PS4UX) [93] Pete while you're talking about [...] I've got I've I've got a quickie to bring up on that.
[94] I've been on to this morning, [...] asked me to and they have got thirty palettes there at the moment.
[95] And they and they're working away.
[96] What they say is they're getting no liaison at all when there's any lorries going in to pick any product up.
[97] It would be lovely he said if somebody could give him a ring .
(PS4UY) [98] No [...] Let me just tell what is actually happening.
[99] who are the main people
(PS4UX) [100] Yes.
(PS4UY) [101] Actually had a program of what is going through.
(PS4UX) [102] Yes.
(PS4UY) [103] So does Tim .
(PS4UX) [104] Yes.
(PS4UY) [105] I think it's a lack of communication [...]
(PS4UX) [106] Ah so it's their end, not our end.
(PS4UY) [107] [...] yeah.
[108] They have got a program of what's being pulled out as far as the trucks are concerned.
(PS4UX) [109] Yeah.
(PS4UY) [110] Dick got one, 's have got one.
[111] The people at have got one.
[112] Everybody's got the schedule of what they pull out so [...] .
[113] Yesterday what actually happened was Yeah hang on a minute
(PS4UX) [114] So it's only the poor bloke on-site who doesn't know?
(PS4UY) [115] What happened yesterday was, they had a breakdown again.
(PS4UX) [116] Yeah.
(PS4UY) [117] Right.
[118] And they had three wagons turn up.
(PS4UX) [119] Yes.
(PS4UY) [120] And they couldn't load three wagons.
(PS4UX) [121] Yes.
(PS4UY) [122] They loaded I think one and two thirds.
(PS4UX) [123] Yeah.
(PS4UY) [124] And they had to send one wagon, because they couldn't load it, over to to pick up some more [...]
(PS4UX) [125] Yes I see.
(PS4UY) [126] [...] It's more [...]
(PS4UX) [127] So it it's yon end [...] .
(PS4UY) [128] I think it's just Tim and and the other guy,
(PS4UX) [129] Okay.
(PS4UY) [130] cos he he does do a hundred and one jobs.
[131] He's on [...] .
(PS4UX) [132] Okay.
(PS4UY) [133] The breakdown was only for an hour and a half [...] the lorries turned up and the breakdown was happening .
(PS4UX) [134] But the information is there, just that
(PS4UY) [135] [...] said I've got a guy that's been stood here for an hour, don't know what to do with him. [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [136] What was this production here last night?
Lynne (PS4UU) [137] Yeah cos it was [...]
(PS4US) [138] They didn't do anything really did they .
Lynne (PS4UU) [139] What happened was the the stuff didn't come in till quarter past four, the dust extraction didn't get done till after five, so we said, Right, from six this morning till they finish it, give me bags per hour and the run. [...]
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [140] I've just timed
Lynne (PS4UU) [141] Hello.
(PS4US) [142] Er instantaneous timing per bag fifteen seconds so that's about you know, it's two hundred odd an hour .
Lynne (PS4UU) [143] Do you want to [...] .
[144] Just a sec, hang on.
(PS4US) [145] [...] .
[146] And I know they got to palletize them, wrap 'em and shift 'em and everything but er as our lot [...] more than [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [147] Mm.
(PS4US) [148] You know if they did [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [149] But it's Brian I would like to see.
Ray (PS4UT) [150] The calculation [...] it's not just the bagging, it's the bagging and the stacking [...] .
(PS4US) [151] Well what I'm saying though Ray is really everything downstream of
(PS4UV) [...]
(PS4US) [152] the baggers should be able to cope shouldn't it.
[153] You can get it through the sealers quickly and under the flattener.
[154] Providing you can get it palletized and it's chucking men at it.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [155] I wanna go out I'll go out there with Bryn and Eric anyway as soon as we've finished cos it wants [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [156] As soon as it's finished I'll ring Joseph and get one [...] .
(PS4UV) [157] Well ring him now then, see if he's got any [...] .
[158] The and then we'll let him know when [...] .
Ray (PS4UT) [159] There's always er Mr if you want to drag him [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [160] Well I could take him off line.
Ray (PS4UT) [161] No.
(PS4US) [162] Where is he?
Ray (PS4UT) [163] I mean John.
Lynne (PS4UU) [164] Oh.
(PS4US) [165] Oh.
Ray (PS4UT) [166] I says to him I says, we're flexible here, you might find [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [167] Erm the only other thing is, we've still got a spare man out on the [...] haven't we, covering the breaks.
[168] We take him off and don't cover the breaks while you want him.
[169] Right?
(PS4US) [170] Well let's we'll go and have a look.
Lynne (PS4UU) [171] Yeah.
(PS4US) [172] Me and Bryn and Eric [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [173] [...] .
(PS4UV) [174] There's not really much [...] .
[175] We had a breakdown [...] yesterday it was an hour and a half.
[176] Apparently it was caused by dust getting in.
[177] Dust got into one of the circuit breakers on the machine and apparently shorted it out.
[178] [...] electrician in [...] .
Ray (PS4UT) [...]
(PS4UV) [179] Yeah that that was solved very quickly.
[180] The problem with the truck you know about now.
[181] The plan is today to i is still three loads, and we've got three loads planned for the rest of this week.
[182] If they are double shifting it'll be on Monday.
[183] ... Just whilst
Ray (PS4UT) [184] They've got through eleven hours today have they?
(PS4US) [185] Yes that that [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [...]
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [186] We've definitely gone to eleven hours [...] ?
(PS4US) [187] Yes that's what he told me, he said we were going on to for the rest of the week, eleven hours and then start double shifting Monday.
Ray (PS4UT) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [188] Who's responsible for shipping it from and into here.
[189] Who's the trigger, what's the trigger?
[190] To bring it in.
[191] Cos it doesn't It's not gonna [...]
(PS4US) [192] I don't like the way you're looking at me.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UY) [193] We're the trigger we've got to try and schedule three pickups three baggings a day .
Ray (PS4UT) [194] Three pickups a day.
pete? (PS4UR) [195] Three a day.
(PS4UY) [196] Based on we can do they were doing sixty five palette loads a day.
[197] [...] three trucks would equate to sixty six approximately. [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [198] And is that to Phil to get his lot over is it?
Ray (PS4UT) [199] I've asked Phil to bring his as he produces it, bring it over.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [200] There's one in this morning I saw.
Ray (PS4UT) [201] Has he.
pete? (PS4UR) [202] Yeah. [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [203] Well it's just a question of him arranging the transport to get rid of it.
[204] It's best if he arranges the transport cos he knows what's there.
(PS4UV) [205] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [206] Well I'll tell Phil then and no Saturdays but also get it [...] on a daily basis.
(PS4UY) [207] What's erm what are we gonna work here assuming this goes?
Lynne (PS4UU) [208] If it goes we're gonna bring the lads that finish at [...] lines three and four so it'll be what six six till, whenever you want, ten hours?
[209] Twelve hours?
Ray (PS4UT) [210] Well that'll be from Monday Lynne won't it?
Lynne (PS4UU) [211] From Monday yeah.
(PS4US) [212] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [213] If you want [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [214] I think that's alright for Monday.
Lynne (PS4UU) [215] Er no cos we're what we're gonna use the product that we've got in and you need some [...] don't you?
(PS4US) [216] Definitely.
Lynne (PS4UU) [217] So what we're gonna do was do what Peter wanted and have from Monday, if you do want us to do it.
[218] Cos again no decision, it's just yes we can do it.
[219] We're just running out the material that we've got here.
pete? (PS4UR) [220] I dunno Steve said yesterday he thought it was cheaper at .
[221] They seem to be able to cope with it far better than anybody in this group at the moment don't they.
[222] They're producing more than
(PS4US) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [223] or well
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [224] It's not a sort of a long term thing.
[225] I mean what's the position with ?
(PS4UV) [226] Well you've got the contract [...] finite number of bags.
[227] I think if we went in again and tried to do another [...] .
Ray (PS4UT) [228] They want the work I'll tell you that.
(PS4UV) [229] They want the work.
Ray (PS4UT) [230] They want the work.
(PS4UV) [231] They're keen to do it a and if you want to make any more [...] it can be done but I think [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [232] They was hoping [...] three months work then.
(PS4UV) [233] Yeah I don't think they're doing a great er I don't think they're making a great deal of money out of it themselves.
Ray (PS4UT) [234] They're not.
[235] Well he keeps [laughing] telling me that [] he keeps saying [growl] .
(PS4UV) [236] [...] .
(PS4UY) [237] Well can we not buy it [...] see where stocks lie.
(PS4UV) [238] Do we have to make a decision.
[239] Now?
(PS4US) [240] Well you've only got actually you've got
Ray (PS4UT) [241] Well no only that
(PS4US) [242] You've got five thousand bags here anyway.
[243] The rest are out at and and you've got one load at [...] run that load through.
(PS4UV) [244] Oh yeah it makes sense to run that load through but whether What I'm saying is whether we go on next week to a continuous [...] .
Ray (PS4UT) [245] Well I think you have a look at what they're doing, the only thing is if if we say they need another bloke, if you're gonna do that next week, then you've gotta plan for that before next week .
Lynne (PS4UU) [246] That's the main problem What it is I'm ho we're holding fire
pete? (PS4UR) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [247] the temps.
[248] The temps [...] we're holding fire on them to know what to do with it.
[249] If you want them on a coach [...] , they'll be I think there's six up there is there?
Ray (PS4UT) [250] Six [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [251] Six so that means five five on a shift down here, we'll find something to do with them.
[252] If not we're gonna double the shift back with the mixers.
[253] We don't want to lose the men so we've got them here.
Ray (PS4UT) [254] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [255] And we're saying, Yes you've got next week but we don't know where you are.
Ray (PS4UT) [256] [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [257] Yeah, that's why they're here and really I would like to know by ... Friday m tennish.
(PS4UV) [258] Let's make a decision on Friday management meeting.
(PS4US) [259] [...] depending on what we've got out of by then.
[260] What 's done .
Lynne (PS4UU) [261] Yeah.
(PS4US) [262] What the breakdown situation is .
Ray (PS4UT) [263] We need to look at [...] Bryn and Eric and just [...] tidy up the bits but see what they get off this then.
Lynne (PS4UU) [264] Yeah.
Ray (PS4UT) [265] Today.
Lynne (PS4UU) [266] Yeah.
Ray (PS4UT) [267] Get an idea of what [...]
(PS4UV) [268] Well let's leave that let's leave [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [269] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [270] to Friday morning then.
Lynne (PS4UU) [271] So Friday [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [272] So just flogging it to death
(PS4UV) [273] Yeah.
Stewart (PS4UW) [274] at the minute, we're waiting for some bits for this [...] should be in today.
Ray (PS4UT) [275] Yeah yeah
(PS4UV) [276] Yeah but we're that that would enable a double shift to be done [...] decide not to run a double shift [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [277] Only because it would have meant stopping the pre-pack.
Stewart (PS4UW) [278] No it doesn't no no no that's what we've been
pete? (PS4UR) [279] Prior to getting the [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [280] [...] Yeah yeah.
[281] But that was why as I understood it, that was why I wanted the sealer.
pete? (PS4UR) [282] Yeah.
[283] Well Arthur wants the sealer anyway because if you're not doing [...] over there, you'll have double shift working on pre-packs.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [284] So it still wants
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UY) [285] I still want to get it going but I don't want to put a double shift onto [...] unless I have to.
pete? (PS4UR) [286] [...] .
(PS4UY) [287] [...] pre-packs.
[288] Mm.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [289] The message I got was that [...] the last few days [...] it didn't matter a bugger what it cost but we were in desperate straights to get in stock.
[290] What we're saying now really, that's not quite.
(PS4UY) [291] Well I'm saying I still don't know, the figures that I'm being given suggest that by Friday, erm or by Monday, we'll have sufficient ... to meet the orders of .
[292] The fifteen [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [293] It's on there Steve, and the amount that [...]
(PS4UY) [294] The eighteen the allocation is eighteen thousand.
[295] By Friday night we'll have sixteen thousand of those right.
[296] Now that's the worst scenario given that you get five hundred a day out of
Stewart (PS4UW) [297] Yeah.
(PS4UY) [298] and you get fourteen hundred a day out of.
Stewart (PS4UW) [299] Mm.
(PS4UY) [300] Now that would be the worst scenario [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [301] they should do two thousand plus.
(PS4UY) [302] Then then okay, two thousand plus.
[303] And then you've got however many you're gonna get off the line here between now and
(PS4V0) [304] Well you're gonna get whatever [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [305] And did seven hundred in el in eleven hours on Monday.
[306] So they've upped slightly.
[307] Seven hundred.
pete? (PS4UR) [308] But they did four hundred last night [...] breakdown.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [309] But we know are going on to double shift on Monday
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [310] Yes it's eleven hours this week.
Ray (PS4UT) [311] The problem is [...] .
(PS4UV) [312] They should do
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [313] You'll get two thousand on Monday.
(PS4UV) [314] Yes.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [315] and that's without going onto a double shift
Stewart (PS4UW) [316] That's right.
(PS4UV) [317] at .
Stewart (PS4UW) [318] That's right.
(PS4UV) [319] That's why I'm saying let's wait while
Stewart (PS4UW) [320] I think so.
(PS4UV) [321] Friday and make a decision on Friday without panicking into a decision .
Ray (PS4UT) [322] If things change in the meantime we could always
(PS4UV) [323] We could always ch we could always
Lynne (PS4UU) [324] Well we've got the o we've got the
(PS4UV) [325] You've got the option.
Lynne (PS4UU) [326] the people
(PS4UV) [327] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [328] and we've got the people here.
(PS4V0) [329] Why look for spending extra money when you don't need to?
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [330] Alright let's review at [...] but let's make a decision on Friday about what we do on the shift pattern on Monday.
[331] Okay just before we go off Peter's erm the first comment you made Peter was about ten K Gs of [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [332] Yes.
(PS4US) [333] the computer says there was some and there isn't any .
pete? (PS4UR) [334] Yes.
(PS4US) [335] I think this is erm it it's an extremely worrying fact as far as I'm concerned, I got a phone call from Chris just before this meeting.
[336] He wants er to to get together with Ian and myself Ian and myself straight after this meeting.
[337] Because he's saying that the January stock take is quite is al is impossible to reconcile. ...
Ray (PS4UT) [338] Bloody Hell.
(PS4US) [339] He says he just can't backtrack.
[340] He says there's so many differences [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [341] Quite honestly Steve [...] .
[342] It's very difficult at this moment to say we're not talking about finished stock you know, you're gonna get fluctuations on product, but what worries me, I don't know at this stage how many tonnes of bone meal we've got stashed away somewhere or how many tonnes of compost maker we've got stacked anywhere for use in the pre-pack.
[343] Because that information is not in the computer at the moment.
(PS4UV) [344] Can I just [...] I think it's fairly important [...] that if we'd have actually done the reconciliation, last week, we'd have had the opportunity to recheck them.
[345] Which wasn't possible because Chris was saying it wasn't possible to do.
[346] We might not be in this situation now.
(PS4US) [347] But I thought that er with coming off that, Malcolm was going on to that.
(PS4UV) [348] Malcolm was doing part of it.
(PS4US) [349] Sorry I'm not laying any criticism anywhere [...]
(PS4UV) [350] [...] I know you're not Steve but all I'm saying is that we had a discussion about this earlier in the week.
[351] Chris refuses to do something I'm afraid when somebody's already done three quarters of the work, you can't put somebody on to do the last quarter.
(PS4US) [352] Mm.
(PS4UV) [353] And Chris was already inputting all of the data.
[354] And when he was offered help he said, No, I will do it myself.
[355] And we've been waiting and waiting and waiting now for a week to get this reconciliation at least together so that we could go out and re-count whatever was required.
[356] Eric and myself went out and did a physical re-count last week of wha a whole bay of [...] because numbers weren't adding up.
(PS4US) [357] Mm.
(PS4UV) [358] We went and did that ourselves [...] it needed that concerted effort.
[359] And I'm not being funny but when Malcolm did it, we would do that almost two or three days after the stock taking if there were odd counts.
(PS4US) [360] That's the question I asked this morning, Why wasn't it you know, why weren't we doing it?
(PS4UV) [361] And I think I think the reconciliation [...] what he's actually saying is he hasn't got time to recheck those reconciliations before this weekend's deadline [...] that's what it appears to be .
(PS4US) [362] [...] And that's that's not good enough.
(PS4UV) [363] No it's not, agreed.
[364] And and Chris has just put his head in his hands and said I can't do it.
(PS4US) [365] Mm.
(PS4UV) [366] It's not a matter of they're not reconcilable, I think there has to be a strong point that's made.
[367] And I think Peter's been saying this for almost well since he's come back anyway that, I can't work because the stock figures have not been updated.
pete? (PS4UR) [368] Monday's production's not in.
[369] Tuesday's production's not in.
[370] And I said to Chris, you know, I said to Chris yesterday, Are you putting in the production or have you put I can't do two jobs at once, I can't do two jobs at once and that was it.
[371] So at five o'clock last night when I called down, [...] I didn't respond.
[372] ... I just ignored it.
[373] At five o'clock I said to Chris I said, How about if I ask Cindy if she can help.
[374] It's bugger all to do with me but my interest is getting the [...] in.
[375] No!
[376] No!
[377] Now Cindy's saying to me, I can put it in.
(PS4US) [378] Mm.
pete? (PS4UR) [379] So if you if you're having words with Chris if you can say
(PS4US) [380] Well I am.
pete? (PS4UR) [381] If you you know
(PS4UV) [382] Well I think we we should [...] reaction was happening with Malcolm last week.
[383] How Malcolm was asking how he could help
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [384] And you can't unfortunately take it away on block like I said, and give it to someone and say, finish it off.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [385] and the other is, why should I clear up the mess that this guy's made.
(PS4US) [386] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [387] I don't think it was a lousy stock take.
[388] I think the the count etcetera went alright.
[389] I think it's the reconciliation based on perhaps some of the problems that we had at the lost last stock take which are accelerated [...] You know probably the odd miscount here and there this time.
(PS4US) [390] Mm.
(PS4UV) [391] I mean I looked through it this time.
(PS4US) [392] Mm.
(PS4UV) [393] I mean I looked through it yesterday and th there are a few reconciliations which wouldn't take much sorting out.
[394] Small ones.
[395] There appear to be a lot jotted throughout, but they don't amount to a vast amount of money.
(PS4US) [396] I d I don't know the problems at the moment.
(PS4UV) [397] I think it's worth looking at.
(PS4US) [398] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [399] First actually.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [400] Yeah perhaps that's yeah alright I'll retract that.
[401] I don't know whether it was a lousy stock take or not.
[402] The ... the reconciliations [...] suggesting that it wasn't a good stock take.
(PS4UV) [403] Yeah.
(PS4US) [404] When I was speaking t very very briefly erm to Ian before before I came down he said, well I'm really not surprised, the the the continuing problem and difficulty in establishing what's on the palette, as to whether it's lawn feed and weed, lawn feed and [...] , for example.
[405] And erm
Ray (PS4UT) [406] Why should that be.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [407] I think prob problems of identification haven't really been right this time and we made a point a clear point this time with a note to people, if they weren't sure, to make comments on the books.
[408] I think if you look through the books, there are comments in there where they weren't sure, with question marks and they were to be rechecked.
[409] The problem is it's not got to that stage yet.
(PS4US) [410] Yeah.
[411] I mean th that is that's crazy.
(PS4UV) [412] Absolutely yeah, I mean I and I I'll reiterate it and I'm not siding with Malcolm but two days after the stock taking they did prior to this one, we were out there rechecking.
(PS4US) [413] Mm.
(PS4UV) [414] [...] out rechecking [...] with Malcolm in cahoots to say, well show me where you counted these and let's do it again.
(PS4US) [415] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [416] That's not happened, there's been absolutely zero coordination either [...] on a daily basis [...] here.
[417] But Malcolm [...] Chris, have you got the numbers yet, have you got them crunched?
[418] Oh well, I'll got to enter another few [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [419] I I feel a bit sorry for for some of the counters because they can see certain on one palette for instance, I found there were three sorts of bags.
[420] Just on one palette.
[421] And if you didn't have the expertise to know Ah well I know what's in there, then what the hell does that person count [...] they've got to go and chase somebody to to find out
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [422] These were from erm from .
[423] There was there was ten ten ten [...] bags, there was eleven five five ,
(PS4US) [424] Ah right.
Stewart (PS4UW) [425] there was Spring and Summer and you thought well, what's what like you know we
pete? (PS4UR) [426] But as Ray said, all they got to do is query it haven't they.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [427] Yeah but everything was queried You look at
(PS4US) [428] Oh the Yeah.
(PS4UV) [429] books and they were all queried.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [430] I'm partly agreed with you the fact that the stock take at the end of the day we got it right, but all I'm saying it was very difficult
(PS4UV) [431] Difficult to count yeah.
Stewart (PS4UW) [432] And we could make it better by making sure that the bags came in more correct like what Simon's doing now with those printed labels.
[433] Every bags gonna have a printed label on.
[434] So
(PS4UV) [435] Steve you were here on the day.
(PS4UY) [436] Mm.
(PS4UV) [437] We were supposed to start at six o'clock.
[438] I mean some of us were in at six.
(PS4UY) [439] No no no it wasn't supposed to start at six, it was supposed to start at seven thirty.
(PS4UV) [440] [...] No Chris should have been in at six, that's when the first team started counting.
[441] Most of the teams that we'd organized that we sent notes round to start at seven thirty.
(PS4UY) [442] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [443] When you got in there at seven thirty, Chris wasn't there and the books weren't there and people were waiting around ready to get off.
[444] It it wasn't organized well from that point of view.
[445] I I'd asked Chris to organize it and it wasn't.
(PS4US) [446] Okay.
(PS4UV) [447] I think the fact that the books were filled out correctly and I think you should give the people that did the stock take, congratulations because the books were filled out reasonably well considering some of their ex inexperience in it.
[448] I think they did a good job on the day and they stayed until the counts were done.
[449] In fact I do believe one team was here till about two thirty doing it
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [...]
(PS4US) [450] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [451] I know Chris was here doing doing his own calculations on [...] books but after that I mean the I think on the Sunday I he came in and did some work [...] .
[452] And then the stock stock take was dropped then for four or five days.
[453] And we got Malcolm in to enter some of the input, we got Joe to enter some of the input.
[454] But the final reconciliation has taken so long.
(PS4US) [455] Mm.
(PS4UV) [456] Even after I mean, as I say, we went out on the Wednesday [...] and he said, all I need is for you to do this book again for me.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [457] for God's sake.
[458] I mean we did that on the Wednesday, and he said that's all I need now.
Stewart (PS4UW) [459] Monday it was.
(PS4UV) [460] And it's now
Stewart (PS4UW) [461] Straight after [...] .
(PS4UV) [462] Middle of the following week and we got the first reconciliation yesterday.
(PS4US) [463] Okay.
[464] I I don't have anything further to bring up, there are no packaging issues [...] .
(PS4V0) [465] [...] .
[466] Yeah erm just to clarify one thing, chutes and blockage up in chutes and s when the screen blocks up.
[467] Who's job is it to dig it out or clean it out?
[468] That's what I'd like to know cos there's a lot of confusion going on out there.
(PS4US) [469] In terms of what Ray [...] .
(PS4V0) [470] Well a lot of people out there think it's a fitter's job to clean chutes out and unblock screens.
[471] I in my personal opinion I I don't think it is.
(PS4US) [472] [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [473] If you need tools to do it, then a fitter initially and then if the help comes from the people that are stuck because it's not working anyway, to help clean out.
(PS4US) [474] Mm. [...]
(PS4V0) [475] Well there's a prime example at the moment down the sedge hopper.
[476] Which we call the sedge hopper on the [...] line.
[477] Now I've looked at that this morning, we are getting spillage because the chute is that blocked up, there's that much polythene round the flail which we had a fire on before, down there and the stuff is piled right up, you can't even see the bottom tail drum.
[478] And the conveyor that takes the stuff away.
[479] Now you know, it's alright, we can't stop spillage, we never will stop spillage.
[480] But I think we with the wet stuff we've had going through, the chute is blocking up.
[481] And not getting cleaned out.
[482] Pete got some cleaning up done last Saturday which is you know, round the er [...] screen, that area's all been cleaned up but obviously he ain't got enough blokes to to get the lot done.
(PS4US) [483] [...] clean them.
(PS4V0) [484] Well apparently so yeah.
[485] Yeah.
(PS4US) [486] [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [487] Yeah, basically it's always been but it hasn't been enforced for quite some time, that the clean up rate is four pounds and hour which equates to six pound an hour on a Saturday.
[488] Yeah, cos it's time and a half ?
(PS4US) [489] Mm.
Lynne (PS4UU) [490] Now ... erm when Paul came in he unfortunately come in and clean up come in and clean up and they were put on their own rate which they should never have been.
[491] [...] right l I'd said to Paul now have you told them it's [...] .
[492] Oh no I haven't.
[493] So they got paid their own rate.
[494] So they've been used to their own rate and I said each time, if you're gonna get [...] you must tell them it's the cleanup rate.
[495] So probably three months went by where they got their own rate.
[496] So I says to Pete, right, start as we mean to go on, I refuse to pay any more than the cleanup rate.
[497] So he goes out there and they all turn round and say, stuff you, I'm not coming in to clean up for four pound and hour which again equates to six pound an hour.
[498] So we got ... Mark I think was the only erm full timer off the compost plant that agreed to come in.
(PS4US) [499] Mm.
Lynne (PS4UU) [500] And two or three temps and the rest were a couple of temps from the mixing plant.
[501] Now Pete has said he's not gonna give in.
[502] It's four pound an hour and it stands.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [503] When Dick's lads are down to seven and a half hours which they are in the erm summertime, I mean we s the lads'll come in I mean we can't pull them off now, but those lads'll come in and clean up.
[504] Permanent lads will come in and clean up.
[505] But no they're just being damn awkward I'm sorry.
[506] So Pete said, right, they're not gonna beat me, it's four pound an hour and that's it.
[507] So they turn round and say, I'm not coming in.
[508] But they'll come in if we want [...] cutting out and cos they get their own rate.
(PS4V0) [509] Well if they're going onto eight hour regular they'll probably [...] they'll probably still change their mind .
Lynne (PS4UU) [510] You see As I said, they might have just actually cut off their nose to spite their face .
(PS4US) [511] Well they I think Yes I think they
(PS4V0) [512] [...] really got to play them at their own game really.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [513] and I'm sorry.
(PS4US) [514] Mm.
Lynne (PS4UU) [515] It's been hard work for us but we're not giving in in here and that's it .
(PS4V0) [516] Oh it is, I mean I [...] that responsibility.
[517] They they would come in mate if it was on their own rate but as soon as you.
(PS4US) [518] There's a erm if there's a need for 'em to clean this Saturday, say [...] they need to clean round that sedge
(PS4V0) [519] Well I I think there's a necessary to clean up this
Lynne (PS4UU) [520] I I'll try and get a gang
(PS4US) [521] Well no, what you want to do, ask that same gang that came in last week,
Lynne (PS4UU) [522] I will.
(PS4US) [523] and bugger the rest.
Lynne (PS4UU) [524] Yeah.
(PS4US) [525] Ask those same blokes specifically [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [526] I mean, I've had an offer from [...] who said I'll come in any Saturday but I can't take him off Dick cos Dick needs him there.
[527] But when it comes to the
(PS4V0) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [528] you know, when all our temps are gone, then the first people that'll get asked are Dick's lads who've said, yes we'll do it, providing Dick doesn't want us.
(PS4US) [529] I wouldn't I wouldn't give them the option, I would go and ask those same ones you had in last week.
(PS4V0) [530] As long as you've got somebody here that can
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V0) [531] Underneath the screen up in the pie in the sky I mean that I mean I've known that when you've only got about that much where you should have that.
(PS4US) [...]
(PS4V0) [532] [...] and it's maybe narrowed down to that.
[533] Which the fitters'll take the side off for 'em,
Lynne (PS4UU) [534] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [535] but to get in to clean it out
Lynne (PS4UU) [536] What I might actually do it see if Ian's not doing anything if he not come in for the full time that they're cleaning up, but come in for those sort of things.
(PS4V0) [537] Well as long as the chutes get cleaned out
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
(PS4V0) [538] you see that we're getting a lot behind that sleeper wall in between the packing line and the sleeper wall again.
[539] I mean, an incident happened last week er the fitter went up They asked the fitter if they could track the belt up on the top.
[540] So the lad went up and tracked it.
[541] He come back to me he says, it's spilling over the top [...] because the chutes are blocked up he says I'll tell the track driver, the track driver says, Oh well get the [...] to clean that up.
[542] I said, like hell you will.
(PS4US) [543] Like hell you will.
(PS4V0) [544] I've had bloody platforms put up there to make it a lot easier for people to get up there.
[545] I mean I could understand [...] when we had to climb up the belt which was damn dangerous, but now we've altered all that.
[546] But they keep thinking I mean I've got like forty days holiday [...] my staff to get in in fif in fifty days left.
[547] You know it's it's a problem.
(PS4US) [548] Will you will you for Saturday though [...] do that, see Ian and make sure he knows what wants do what you think wants doing.
[549] And make sure that he isolates the plant.
(PS4V0) [550] Ian did come in one Saturday
(PS4US) [...]
(PS4V0) [551] for me last year and he and he did [...] Yeah I will see him
Lynne (PS4UU) [552] Yeah we'll see if he'll come in and do something like that again.
[553] Yeah.
(PS4US) [554] You will see him before [...]
(PS4V0) [555] and have a word with him because he he knows what chutes is blocked up and what wants cleaning out.
[556] But as I say, we can take the plates off the screen underneath here but I mean I think you still ought to have another bloke
Lynne (PS4UU) [557] Well get together with Ian and sort of
(PS4V0) [558] up there with him to clean it out because I say, you can isolate things but you're up in the air.
(PS4US) [559] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [560] And that and that's what
(PS4US) [561] Well as long as he knows what wants doing, as long as they're safe.
(PS4V0) [562] Well [...] .
[563] [cough] Erm I've been out as on the er line three this morning and I think there's another little bit we ought to buy but we'll discuss that as we're going on eh ?
(PS4US) [564] Mm.
(PS4V0) [565] Erm ... the U V A machine, the problem we've got on there which Ray's explained or Peter raised this morning, there is in between the the drive belts that take the film down the former and which They've put a new set on which is a hundred and forty pound a pi They're in between the two drive wheels, there is a plastic adjuster.
[566] And what it does really is keep the belt firm so when it goes on the former it keeps it firm [...] .
[567] That is worn.
[568] And one's been on er apparently I didn't know this but George showed me this morning.
[569] Brian made on and put on.
[570] Well it ain't lasted.
[571] I think it's only lasted about eight or ten weeks.
[572] And it's worn.
[573] So what I'm doing now I've got one of the lads down at er Plastics
(PS4US) [574] Mm.
(PS4V0) [575] Yes they have got some stuff, yes he's gonna get a price to make some on this hard plastic that we've got on the [...] .
(PS4US) [576] Mm.
(PS4V0) [577] Erm which I think that's gonna solve one of the problems.
[578] It's gonna be cheaper doing it that way than going through U V A .
(PS4US) [579] U V A yeah.
(PS4V0) [580] Erm as I say but but that is on there.
[581] Now the mix-up we had yesterday, er on a lot of aggro when I got [...] about this dust extract system one line three.
[582] I don't know whether people think they can move a dust extract [...] in an hour or two hours.
[583] Er we're limited with people and while Brian was in the verge of moving it which the electrics all had to be took out and rerun, he got called away, down to the pre-packs to a breakdown so obviously it didn't get done, the job stopped cos there's nobody else.
[584] When I come back in, things was all up in the air because while he was moving the first position of the dust extractor, there's a radio there.
[585] And we'd [...] squared it up once before [...] because there was wires hanging all over from the sp not from the radio, from the speakers.
[586] And we asked them to tie it up, the lads made a bloody job I think they tied it up for coming round.
[587] Which they did do, but yesterday when Brian went to move the dust extractor that the radio was at the side of, there was wires hanging again like bloody clothes line again.
[588] So straight away he said, that's it I I'll condemn it.
[589] And that's when he lost cooperation with the workers out there.
(PS4UV) [590] They buggered him about apparently.
[591] Went and signed the forklift off and signed the keys out and generally
(PS4V0) [592] Well he was moving with the forklift, their forklift and he come back and he says [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [593] Pete was out there and I know a lot of tempers got frayed.
(PS4V0) [594] Yeah [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [595] [...] said I walked away.
(PS4V0) [596] Yes quite right .
Lynne (PS4UU) [597] It was it was personalities
(PS4V0) [598] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [599] more than anything.
(PS4V0) [600] And I said to Brian you know he's
Lynne (PS4UU) [601] Out there wasn't it yesterday.
(PS4V0) [602] you know I did say to Brian
Ray (PS4UT) [603] Yeah well at the end of the day I mean I I wasn't there but a the facts at the end of the day were that they'd been buggering about with that radio system which they shouldn't do.
Lynne (PS4UU) [604] No.
(PS4V0) [605] So I said to Brian, right leave it.
[606] I think the best thing there would be to leave it for a week,
Lynne (PS4UU) [607] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [608] let 'em have it back
Lynne (PS4UU) [609] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [610] on condition that they don't do anything silly with it.
[611] That way Brian's had his [...] they've got their
Lynne (PS4UU) [612] It's yeah yeah
(PS4V0) [613] radio back and everything should be status quo.
Lynne (PS4UU) [614] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [615] But they shouldn't do that.
[616] They're not they aren't allowed they aren't qualified to bugger about with [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [617] Well that have actually been told that if anything comes in providing This is what I can't get through We've said to them you can bring your radios in but give to Brian first.
(PS4US) [618] To check.
Lynne (PS4UU) [619] Let Brian check them
(PS4V0) [620] It's not [...] the radio though it's not [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [621] They they've put some speakers on it haven't they.
(PS4V0) [622] They [...] bloody speakers all over the place.
[623] I mean the mixer's just as bad but really we've got on to them Brian did and they made a good job, they squared it up.
[624] But I mean I mean we still walk round [...] there's wires hanging and connectors [...] .
(PS4US) [625] Mm.
(PS4V0) [626] Now [...] .
(PS4US) [627] Well it shouldn't be done anyway.
(PS4V0) [628] It shouldn't be done [...]
(PS4US) [629] End of story as far as I'm concerned.
(PS4V0) [630] But I think I think it was the way maybe the way Brian approached them you know, I think there's a little bit on both sides
Lynne (PS4UU) [631] But it was a bit of Yeah.
(PS4V0) [632] To come back in and get [...] bloody aggro like that and it's you know and it
Stewart (PS4UW) [633] Brian'd be under stress anyway having to move that er dust extractor quickly and he's
(PS4V0) [634] Well he got called away.
Stewart (PS4UW) [635] had to go to a breakdown, the poor bloke didn't know whether he was coming or going so one of these situations that stress stress arrives.
(PS4V0) [636] Yeah but as I say I just want to make it clear to people that it's er it's a bit of both and I think a bit of bit of heated argument was
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
(PS4V0) [637] This morning they're different again down there cos I've been down there and I've looked at the situation erm and I've had a word with the lads there and I will try and alter it a little bit more.
[638] Which I'm g
(PS4US) [639] Give them a week then and give them their radio back then.
Stewart (PS4UW) [640] I gave them some er jackets and trousers that I got in stock down there that's that's that's it then yeah .
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
(PS4US) [641] I see.
(PS4UX) [642] [...] er us I went to [...] yesterday the the the borehole is now fully covered in secure er and the water system is working well.
[643] I [...] as well but he's still a load of water on the top.
[644] A lot of water.
(PS4US) [645] Did you get the [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [646] Took it home last night [...] .
(PS4UX) [647] He took it home last night I w I got it going I got the time on it but I
Lynne (PS4UU) [648] He couldn't find an eleven year old kid to do it.
[649] Because it's like an M F I.
[650] Y all you need is an eleven year old kid, you can't do it can you.
[651] [...] take it home and sort it out.
(PS4UX) [652] Well apparently Paul his his erm his mate up there he's done works on the B T so he'll set it for him.
Lynne (PS4UU) [laugh]
pete? (PS4UR) [653] Nobody works for B T.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [654] Only the buggers that send the bills out.
(PS4UX) [655] While I was there we had the council man there.
[656] And he he wasn't he said [...] they can only stand the water problem so long so what they can do with it I don't know.
[657] I keep saying I said to Dennis, well it's on our property.
Lynne (PS4UU) [658] There will be a report coming through because the chap from the council believe it or not, said, Oh this should be undercover.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [659] and it's true it's right.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [660] Dennis said, I've got asthma, you're not putting this under cover. [...]
(PS4UX) [661] But I mean when I went [...] going towards [...] they were screening it you know, seeing it.
[662] It was [...] .
(PS4US) [663] [...] water on then.
(PS4UX) [664] Yeah.
[665] Well you see you you don't put water on when you put [...] screening system
(PS4US) [666] No.
(PS4UX) [667] it's when it comes through isn't it.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [668] the stuff that they're using now is crap it's nothing like
(PS4UX) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [669] it once was it's just so it's just absolute dust.
Lynne (PS4UU) [670] Sawdust isn't it.
(PS4UX) [671] Well when Tom [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [672] It's wo it's p It's not actually sawdust it's wood flour.
(PS4UX) [673] It is yeah.
Stewart (PS4UW) [674] Absolutely crap Yeah it's nothing like it was I mean
(PS4UX) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [675] why you know what I don't know what's changed in the meantime or whether we're paying different rates or whatever, but if you take the material that we were getting in two three years ago when first time I was involved, it's just absolutely nothing like.
[676] And there's no wonder it's blowing away cos it's just lighter than air.
[677] I mean in terms of stock
(PS4UX) [678] Well it is [...] you're right.
Stewart (PS4UW) [679] in stock out
Lynne (PS4UU) [laugh]
Stewart (PS4UW) [680] I shudder to think.
(PS4UX) [681] I mean yesterday was yesterday really was there wasn't a deal of wind at all but [...] bloody sandstorm [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [682] If it dries up for three or four days [...] it's st dries up for three or four days and Dennis has to stop [...] the minute he picks it up it's just blown away.
Stewart (PS4UW) [683] That's right, you get so much in the hopper you get seventy five percent
Lynne (PS4UU) [684] Yeah and it's blown away.
Stewart (PS4UW) [685] in the hopper whup and then the rest is in the field.
(PS4US) [686] Well that's the first first I've heard about the change to it. [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [687] Do you want to samples bringing d Pete's going up on
Stewart (PS4UW) [688] Tomorrow.
Lynne (PS4UU) [689] Yeah Pete's going up tomorrow do you want some
(PS4US) [690] Who's responsible who's responsible [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [691] Who buys the timber?
(PS4US) [692] who buys the D I Y.
(PS4UV) [693] Well it's bought in it was an original contract that was [...] but we buy it through here.
[694] We set the contract up.
[695] Technology.
Lynne (PS4UU) [696] Technology.
(PS4US) [697] Mm.
(PS4UV) [698] It's been going ongoing for eighteen months two years [...] change it [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [699] Do you want some samples bringing down
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UX) [700] Tom Tom Tom knows what it's like cos last time I was up there [...] yesterday Tom was and Chris Turner was up there and we went past an heap and it and we said is that a lorry-load and Dennis said, well it was at [...] this morning.
Stewart (PS4UW) [701] I've got some original samples down here
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [702] what's changed is that they in in the early days we used to get the offcuts and they they were ideally they used to put those through a hogger which is a thing that breaks it down and it's these it's worktops
Stewart (PS4UW) [703] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [704] Yeah.
(PS4US) [705] that they break down.
[706] So you end up with a particle if you look at that it's particles about two or three mills square.
[707] And then what they used to put with that on each of the machines that have dust extract system.
[708] So if they were where the machine was planing or moulding or whatever, the material'd be sucked away like ours is into bins and then that used to go with the material we used to get.
[709] And that would be finer.
[710] The way it looks now as if somebody else is getting the material that was the lumps [...] maybe that's going to [...] er what's his name Technology and we're getting the crap, we're getting dust.
(PS4UV) [711] Was there a specification set at the beginning do you know on this [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [712] Hardly there's hardly anything There's hardly anything written down at all about this.
(PS4US) [713] Sorry.
Lynne (PS4UU) [714] I've got a deal in writing [...] this.
(PS4UV) [715] As far as the specification's concerned I mean obviously [...] I think it says something very simple like D I Y wood waste [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [716] Yeah I d I think there's hardly anything in writing.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [717] I did in December but it was not relative to any of the specifications it was simply to try and ascertain how long the contract was was still live, to find out [...] get this guy [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [718] Well according to Barry of Technology it doesn't finish it's ongoing .
(PS4UV) [719] Arthur erm Arthur actually met with him as well on that particular day.
(PS4US) [720] Mm.
(PS4UV) [721] But there was no talk at the time about [...] .
(PS4US) [722] I think what you and I ought to do is sit down we ought to list [...] the pros and cons and problems of and look at them afresh and then maybe talk to Tom anyway.
(PS4UV) [723] What vis a vis
(PS4US) [724] Well [...] Well if you take the site as a whole I mean there are numerous problems.
[725] They've got a problem at the minute where the electrics aren't very good [...] .
(PS4UV) [726] Yeah.
(PS4US) [727] You've got the fact that you [...] we're paying Dennis but we don't employ Dennis you know he's he's so there there's the extra cost there [...] what you wouldn't have anywhere else.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [728] Hello?
(PS4US) [729] The things that they
Lynne (PS4UU) [730] Yes.
(PS4US) [731] The implications that are onto that and we've got [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [732] I'm just in a meeting at the minute.
(PS4US) [733] And really [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [734] [...] coming over at dinner.
[735] I mean tea break.
[736] You've just got back.
[737] I'll give you a ring when I've finished then.
[738] Alright [...] .
(PS4US) [739] What's the difference between [...] I jotted down this morning.
[740] We've got According to the information I've been given we've got seven thousand cubic metres of [...] which is useful
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [741] no this is processed D I Y.
Lynne (PS4UU) [742] Well according to Dennis he thinks it's eight thousand.
(PS4US) [743] Alright, seven to eight thousand.
Lynne (PS4UU) [744] Yeah.
(PS4US) [745] We've got nine thousand of raw material not processed.
Lynne (PS4UU) [746] Yeah.
(PS4US) [747] The ... takes it to twel it's a twelve week cycle isn't it?
Lynne (PS4UU) [748] Yeah.
(PS4US) [749] So we have four, five six, seven, eight, nine ... we haven't even got enough to see us [...] through the next twelve months.
Lynne (PS4UU) [750] But
(PS4US) [751] Twelve weeks.
Lynne (PS4UU) [752] But out of this out of that seven thousand [...] some are s weeks plus.
[753] Some [...] already been down four weeks, five weeks six weeks .
(PS4US) [754] What of the eight thousand cubic metres.
Lynne (PS4UU) [755] Yeah now
(PS4US) [756] I'm assuming that's twelve weeks is it?
[757] Is that
Lynne (PS4UU) [758] Yeah.
[759] Th the the eight the processed one are twelve weeks ready to go out the door.
(PS4US) [760] That's twelve weeks.
Lynne (PS4UU) [761] Now I have I've asked Dennis and Chris 's insisted that he deals with it so Chris has taken it over, and Dennis is getting back to Chris with the stockpiles of how much is ten weeks old, eleven you know so so you
(PS4US) [762] [...] Right so the the nine thousand raw material not processed, in fact some of it's processed in various stages of
Lynne (PS4UU) [763] Some wh is ready Yeah some is is on the road to being processed.
[764] I had a word with Tom yesterday, it was me who brought this up.
[765] I was concerned, Dennis has never been given any schedule since he last spoke to erm Arthur which was get as much down as you can boy.
[766] I mean it was like that.
[767] He works like that.
[768] Now I was concerned that nobody although they were looking at the water, they were looking at the borehole, they were looking at the electric, nobody was actually looking at production up there.
[769] And where we stood.
[770] So I said, Tom, like I says to Tom.
[771] He then said, right you ring Dennis, get the stockpiles and wha Cos apparently Paul used to flag them.
(PS4US) [772] Yes.
Lynne (PS4UU) [773] He started a system of flags didn't he.
Stewart (PS4UW) [774] Mm Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [775] He puts the date that it's laid down and then he knows how many weeks you know, this is ready in three weeks time.
[776] So then [...] Tom had a word with Chris and Chris insisted that he did it.
[777] Because he's got a plan of the site so he wants to know with his little squares, what's what.
[778] And Dennis is now going straight back to Chris and he's going to give him
(PS4UV) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [779] So he's probably got it now.
(PS4US) [780] [...] it's ... D I Y really not a [...] function I don't think.
(PS4UV) [781] Not in terms of controlling what's down there and what's mulching.
[782] They they all that we can do is to [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [783] That needs to be more production yes.
(PS4UV) [784] specification if we know what it's meant to [break in recording]
(PS4UX) [785] Which is [...] since we had him here last time but we just ain't had time to get it do by [...] .
[786] And also he's dropping in with unnecessary and you know, when I'm short staffed.
(PS4US) [787] I think the think is though if you're not careful [...] .
(PS4UX) [788] Well it is and I'm going concerned I mean it's I mean it's like now I mean th we've got leaking taps and plugs missing, I've got toilet rolls [...]
(PS4US) [789] What you wanna do is I've just done a seven day report on the er on hazard spotting etcetera etcetera etcetera and all the different surveys we've had on the site over the past month.
(PS4UX) [790] Mm.
(PS4US) [791] Plus risk management meetings, works committee meetings, work from.
[792] I think we can keep 'em going another week anyway.
Stewart (PS4UW) [793] You've got another you've got another report coming [...] from .
(PS4US) [794] Well I mean I yeah.
Stewart (PS4UW) [795] I think what you want to do now , write down a list of what you want him to do and let Steve do that for tomorrow if you can and then let's see if we can make him stick to that list cos otherwise he'll be here in
(PS4US) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [796] another fortnight saying can I give another fortnight.
(PS4UX) [797] When we get this list typed up that Joanne's doing at the moment,
(PS4US) [798] Yeah.
(PS4UX) [799] then you probably [...] have to take it from that and I think you'll find there's a weeks work on there.
[800] I'll [...] .
[801] And now we're doing [...] down the pre-packs on the Saturday, apparently that's coming off my budget.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [802] The hours are being [...] .
(PS4V0) [803] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [804] George's hours are in the pre-pack.
(PS4V0) [805] Yeah because they they
Lynne (PS4UU) [806] They are not in your maintenance budget.
(PS4V0) [807] They're not on my budget.
Lynne (PS4UU) [808] No.
[809] I left his hours in the pre-pack
(PS4US) [810] I think this is quite interesting [...]
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [811] The only one that's gone down to yours is Bill last week for those four and a half hours doing that interceptor.
[812] That's the only thing I've charged to you.
[813] All the rest has been kept by myself .
(PS4V0) [814] So I've got something spare now.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [815] [...] piece of metal put up over the entrance to the compost plant please.
[816] It's gonna be like Omen two one day.
[817] [...] bloody decapitated.
(PS4V0) [818] What do you mean, shut them big doors and lock 'em?
pete? (PS4UR) [819] No just the piece of corrugated iron that's just about to drop off
(PS4V0) [820] No it's not dropping off.
Lynne (PS4UU) [821] Now be be sure that it's all in the pre-packs, it's been taken by the pre-pack department
(PS4V0) [822] [...] Yeah.
[823] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [824] and it's not gone to yours.
Stewart (PS4UW) [825] Anyway who who do you think's gonna stand my pay while I'm [...] ?
Lynne (PS4UU) [826] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS4V0) [827] Eh you've got [...] .
[828] You've got it all now.
[829] Er now that is another thing Peter about that hanging sheet.
[830] But have you seen the state of the doorway what somebody's clobbered.
pete? (PS4UR) [831] Can't blame me [...]
(PS4V0) [832] Have you seen it?
[833] That bay three doorway.
(PS4US) [834] No the big doors?
(PS4V0) [835] And they've clouted it from the outside going in.
pete? (PS4UR) [836] Could that be a lorry reversing in to tip sand and grits in it?
Ray (PS4UT) [837] Don't know.
(PS4V0) [838] [...] sand and grit bay's this way not that way.
[839] But er that I mean and then there's [...] that's another thing we ought to look round, there's the state of the shed outside
pete? (PS4UR) [...]
(PS4V0) [840] on the r main road.
(PS4US) [841] Yes yeah it's not very good.
(PS4V0) [842] It's not
(PS4US) [843] It wasn't very good in nineteen eighty four.
pete? (PS4UR) [laugh]
(PS4V0) [844] Well somebody else has clobbered it now ain't they further down.
(PS4US) [845] Have they?
(PS4V0) [846] Yeah.
[847] But anyway that's all my moans and groans this morning.
Stewart (PS4UW) [848] [...] you know there was something wrong I was sitting listening I mean I'm not been involved when you were talking about the stock take [...] somewhere along the line a few things have slipped because when you go back, in the days when I used to be morning stock takes, we used to before the event, you would nearly always have the counts done.
[849] I'm thinking now, the areas I used to do, the prepacks.
[850] I used to really go down there and all I did was sort of tick off what the lads had already done.
[851] Cos [...] used to tell 'em when it was gonna be and they would have time before the event to get it all tidied up, it was all ready, he would in and say, there's such and such on that one, such and such on this one
Lynne (PS4UU) [852] A four letter word Dick, time.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [853] And he would you would really only have to verify because at the end of the day what you said about You you mentioned somewhere along there Ray about given the fact that they were inexperienced.
[854] And that's a problem because you really want the blokes counting who are used to counting
Ray (PS4UT) [855] Precisely.
Stewart (PS4UW) [856] because otherwise you or I can only take your best estimate.
Ray (PS4UT) [857] Oh aye [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [858] If if if you have the people doing it who know what they're doing you've really only got to look at what they're counting.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [859] [...] in fairness, the people what did it
(PS4UV) [860] Well yeah I mean bear in mind bear in mind you've got a week's notice to put one together.
Stewart (PS4UW) [861] Mm.
(PS4UV) [862] The most people that we could get together in a weeks notice, we have to put the actual amalgamation of the team [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [863] Yeah I'm not I'm not
(PS4UV) [864] over to someone else anyway.
[865] And [...] Malcolm sorted that out as you know.
Stewart (PS4UW) [866] Yeah I'm not criticizing that.
[867] What I'm saying is
(PS4UV) [868] We did the best we could [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [869] that maybe it shouldn't have been a we a weeks notice then.
Lynne (PS4UU) [870] Yeah.
(PS4UV) [871] Correct but even The one prior to that which was apparently wrong which I think a lot of things were reconciled [...]
(PS4US) [872] Well we don't know whether it was wrong or not do we?
(PS4UV) [873] No exactly but I think prior to that, we did do what you're suggesting, we did go round all the areas, Dick, myself and Malcolm and Chris, walked round all the areas, told told the people what needed tidying up to go in the [...] it was before we had the racking up by the way so it was more messy
(PS4US) [874] Yeah yeah [...]
(PS4UV) [875] down there.
[876] And we tidied those areas up and we went round and said right, the people with the problem areas, take 'em round and show them.
[877] We designated the areas, we chalked 'em off, we did as much as we could pre-prep.
[878] This time there wasn't time to go round and do that.
(PS4US) [879] Mm.
(PS4UV) [880] Malcolm, myself and Chris went round I think it was two days before, looked for the [...] well it's a lot tidier that it was the previous time because of the new racking.
(PS4US) [881] Mm.
(PS4UV) [882] It is easier to count, there's not so much in the aisles as there were.
[883] The problem area's going to be the yard because we didn't have enough people to count the yard.
[884] We wanted to split it into three,
(PS4US) [885] Mm.
(PS4UV) [886] we had to split it into two.
[887] I volunteered then to do one of the yards because you know, you're asking other people to do it, it was gonna be a nightmare.
[888] And you did have the odd team of people like Don and Tina who o obviously hadn't done things before.
[889] But most of the teams
Ray (PS4UT) [...]
(PS4US) [890] That was hardly [...]
(PS4UV) [891] Sorry.
[892] They [...] scribes, but even then if you've got somebody climbing up the top of a palette, shouting [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [893] The people were They was only scribes [...] people I mean
(PS4UV) [894] what's on a palette.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4UT) [895] Yeah but we spent three hours, Lynne, Malcolm, myself sorting that list out and everybody what was on the stock take
Lynne (PS4UU) [896] Who was
Ray (PS4UT) [897] worked in that area.
[898] I mean it
Lynne (PS4UU) [899] It we we actually got the expertise and the people.
[900] We we had problems because there wasn't an awful lot we had the good old ones back again.
[901] We had Loretta and Wendy and Terry , they'll come and do it.
[902] A lot of 'em you know [...] where's Mr .
[903] But I mean you know, we didn't have much.
(PS4US) [904] I've got a lot in reserve, you've got a [...]
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [905] I honestly had to bully Eric to get a list.
[906] I r You had a word with him didn't you?
(PS4UV) [907] Mm.
Lynne (PS4UU) [908] So I rang him a bit later, Now look, we've got a weeks notice, we know it's gonna take some time.
[909] So I rang him up I said, Eric I haven't had time to ask anybody, I thought, well I'll bloody come down and ask you then.
[910] We got that much cooperation from up there didn't we.
[911] I mean Tina said,I I haven't done it before but if you need a scribe, I'll come in.
(PS4UV) [912] And we had people coming back after they'd actually done their run out there saying, Do you want any help with [...] I mean that's what we asked them for
Lynne (PS4UU) [913] Yeah we had a lot of people offering help.
(PS4UV) [914] and they gave it.
[915] So I mean a as a team it wasn't really a problem at the end of the day.
[916] We ran short of numbers to do it if you like, from seven thirty to to twelve initially, in terms of the original count and the original people [...] when they'd finished their count.
Stewart (PS4UW) [917] But if that that was only I was gonna say the other thing, when you're talking about damage you know, at one time I would suggest that a good many years, you wouldn't see any damage out there.
(PS4US) [918] No no.
Stewart (PS4UW) [919] And something's changed in the intervening time, I mean I know there's aggravation and times are hard, I know we've cut back on the hours and the rest, but there's a lot ... of things that aren't good .
pete? (PS4UR) [920] There's a lot more going out the gate for a start Stu.
Stewart (PS4UW) [921] Oh yeah yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [922] There's a lot hell of a lot more going out the gate
Stewart (PS4UW) [923] Yeah.
pete? (PS4UR) [924] and it ain't coming in the gate.
Stewart (PS4UW) [925] Yeah but we've had we've had times before Peter when there's been huge [...] pressure.
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
(PS4US) [926] Thanks Bryn I think you've proved the point really by the the length of these meetings.
[927] O normally a meeting of this type should take twenty minutes.
(PS4UV) [928] Mm.
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
(PS4US) [929] Because because there's so many there's so many things that are going on at the moment that it it does take time.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [930] Primarily because it's that time of the year when things will start going bad.
[931] We're just at the beginning of it and this is going to go on till the end of April or May now, it'll be like this.
[932] Chaos.
[933] Cos it's that sort of business.
Stewart (PS4UW) [934] Well no [...]
(PS4UV) [935] Well [...] I don't think it needs to be.
Stewart (PS4UW) [936] That I know we're flogging a dead horse, but that [...] half past ten, a phenomenal amount of time, it should never ever have taken a fraction of that if it had been done properly.
pete? (PS4UR) [937] Well how many weeks Stuart have we been talking in here about bre You wouldn't know because you haven't been in here.
[938] But we've been talking about it for three four months .
(PS4UV) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [939] Every day.
[940] There's water on the site, bloody, there's a borehole problem.
Stewart (PS4UW) [941] Mm.
pete? (PS4UR) [942] He's gotta get a generator.
[943] And it goes round and around and around and around.
(PS4US) [944] Well it's true [...] .
pete? (PS4UR) [945] And the same things are spoken about every day.
Stewart (PS4UW) [946] Mm.
(PS4V0) [947] Yeah but you may spend that bloody [...] standing at end of a bloody airfield here thinking nothing's been done .
pete? (PS4UR) [948] No no no Bryn I'm just saying [...] you know, the reason the meetings are going on
(PS4V0) [949] But there is I mean I've assured him that things are being done.
[950] But it takes time.
Lynne (PS4UU) [951] [...] bring the same things up.
pete? (PS4UR) [952] [...] all these massive problems that [...] end result .
(PS4V0) [953] Yeah.
[954] Oh yeah.
[955] Yeah yeah.
[956] But as I say [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
(PS4UV) [957] [...] I mean I [...] I accept what they say that you
(PS4V0) [958] That's right I mean the the I mean
Stewart (PS4UW) [959] It's part of [...] isn't it that's [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [960] Hello.
[961] ... Okay.
(PS4V0) [962] But I mean [...] [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [963] [...] finish
(PS4V0) [964] this idea pettiness you know, but you're just waiting while they get their load done, to come up with some suggestion.
[965] I mean that might be er a solution to our water problem.
Stewart (PS4UW) [966] I've spoken to him [...] yesterday
(PS4V0) [967] You did?
Stewart (PS4UW) [968] Yeah, I've spoken to Tom, he wants me to get an outline price which I'll do today.
(PS4V0) [969] [...] .
(PS4US) [970] Okay Bryn let's get on.
(PS4V0) [971] Yeah that's alright.
(PS4US) [972] Eric.
(PS4UX) [973] [...] .
[974] And that's about I think that's about w vaguely covered everything.
[975] Apart from one thing, the the lads out at [...] taking this [...] .
[976] Apparently when they're not on the lines, there's [...] .
[977] And they're doing a pretty good out there for us and Ray went out there [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [978] Cos they're restacking all the other stuff.
(PS4UX) [979] Re-palleting about ten thousand bales
Lynne (PS4UU) [980] Re-palletizing it all.
[981] So when it actually comes it's gonna be a lot cheaper cos we're not gonna send the lads up. [...]
(PS4US) [982] You [...] you do.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [983] It is bless 'em.
[984] I mean you know how much it costs don't you, for me to send those lads up there, we worked it out Steve.
[985] Now hopefully, Dick said they're palletizing while they're waiting for the containers they're also palletizing the rest of that stuff.
[986] So can we give 'em some bonus for their work up there.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [987] Can we have some bonus.
(PS4US) [988] How are you gonna work that out?
pete? (PS4UR) [989] [...] .
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [990] I might as well be [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [991] It's what we used to do if we took them off a line and got them cleaning up, it's a token ... tow pound ten a day.
(PS4US) [992] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [993] Ten pound fifty the week.
(PS4US) [994] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [995] Please.
(PS4US) [996] Mm.
Lynne (PS4UU) [997] Thank you. [...]
(PS4US) [998] Is everything still alright up there Eric?
(PS4UX) [999] Yeah it's going fine sir, yeah.
[1000] Going fine.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1001] And is there a chance we'll give a little bit extra for the hour to [...] cos he's organized it, he's taken
(PS4UX) [1002] Yeah
Lynne (PS4UU) [1003] he's not the charge hand, he's taken charge, he's taken responsibility.
[1004] Something like the line leader rate.
[1005] Which is about ten pence an hour extra.
(PS4UX) [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [1006] Is he gonna on Friday [...] have have fax both to er and to erm ... s s s to fetch the elevator and the generator the generator away .
(PS4US) [...]
(PS4UX) [1007] Yeah yeah.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V0) [1008] I'll I'll ask Mark to stay there while while they're collecting it.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1009] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [1010] Yeah?
(PS4UX) [1011] Yeah that's okay.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1012] He should be that lot [...] three anyway.
(PS4UX) [...]
(PS4V0) [1013] Yeah.
(PS4UX) [1014] Well I could always ring and ask them to get the container up here earlier on ... Friday you see so
Stewart (PS4UW) [1015] Well whatever time you say.
[1016] [...] if I say if I say three [...]
(PS4UX) [1017] Well you can make it three if you want.
[1018] We'll be finished with it at three.
Lynne (PS4UU) [cough]
Stewart (PS4UW) [1019] Right then I'll tell them three.
(PS4UX) [1020] Cos I mean, the generator's not a problem anyway.
[1021] Re Oh it is for the [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
(PS4UX) [1022] Yeah I was thinking of the lights and them [...] we hardly use the lights.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1023] [...] Saturday because Mark [...] Mark [...]
(PS4UX) [1024] Three of us [...]
(PS4US) [1025] What about bringing your own lights [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1026] make sure everything is safe for the containers to come in.
[1027] So that's already gone through. [...] .
Stewart (PS4UW) [1028] Yeah well that what about your elevator [...] sort that out next week or is it
(PS4V0) [1029] Are you leaving the elevator up here?
(PS4UX) [1030] Well [...] no it doesn't [...] container [...] we don't want
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
(PS4UX) [1031] the other one back you see.
(PS4V0) [1032] Yeah.
(PS4UX) [1033] We shan't nee the other one [...]
(PS4V0) [1034] Well so that one's got to go back to back to Cambridge then hasn't it.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1035] Yeah I've arranged that but i if the lights if erm [...]
(PS4V0) [1036] Well [...] caravan weren't we.
pete? (PS4UR) [1037] [...] three months time.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS4UX) [1038] Well you won't get 'em in in er
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V0) [1039] So three o'clock Friday then we ought to be [...] the lights before I suppose.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1040] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [1041] Can't we?
(PS4UX) [1042] Oh yeah you can fetch the lights.
[1043] You can fetch the lights Friday morning, seven o'clock Friday morning .
(PS4US) [1044] How many more consignments are like that Steve?
Stewart (PS4UW) [1045] Eh?
(PS4US) [1046] How many more lots like that?
[1047] How many more lots have come in?
[1048] Equivalent to what we've had.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1049] Erm we've had
(PS4UX) [1050] It'd be about.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1051] What have we had, we've had twenty twenty footers in.
(PS4UX) [1052] Yeah.
[1053] Twenty.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1054] that's twenty five, twenty, fifty five.
[1055] Erm equivalent of fifty five twenty footers.
[1056] So two and a half times as much again.
(PS4UX) [1057] It was about twenty five more [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [1058] Yeah two and half [...] two and half time.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4US) [1059] So about another er two two and a half weeks then, maybe a bit less.
[1060] Maybe doing two weeks. [...]
(PS4UX) [1061] Well I think [...] Yeah we could put it up to three a day we'll got [...] cos there isn't quite so much messing about you know.
[1062] We could certainly go for three [...] .
(PS4US) [1063] When you say you want [...] , [...] will it do a forty footer?
(PS4UX) [1064] No it'll go twenty foot.
(PS4US) [1065] [...] .
(PS4UX) [1066] Yeah but i yeah but I mean.
[1067] seven people here doing it [...] .
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1068] No.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS4UX) [1069] It'll go about fifteen foot into the [...] .
Stewart (PS4UW) [1070] It's just whether it's worth having the hire for that one doing forty foot.
(PS4UX) [1071] Well I think the one we've got is actually longer than the one you've got.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UX) [1072] I've never seen it fully extended actually so I
Stewart (PS4UW) [1073] [...] forty foot.
(PS4UX) [1074] Yeah well it probably will be cos but it I mean they've never had to go to that extension have they?
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
(PS4UX) [1075] You see, with it being twenty foot, so so I've never seen it fully extended.
(PS4US) [1076] Okay yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1077] Yeah I've just got When [...]
Stewart (PS4UW) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1078] this by the way when you've finished.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1079] Right, a few problems yesterday, a forklift and trailer keys not being signed in and I had [...] taking them home.
(PS4US) [1080] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1081] Pete says nobody's pointed a finger, can we get big fobs on like hotel keys so they don't take the damn things home or leave them in their pockets.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1082] Or if you
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V0) [1083] Yeah you're right I mean
Lynne (PS4UU) [1084] Can we have big fobs on them or something so as they don't put the bloody things in their pockets?
pete? (PS4UR) [1085] [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [1086] Can you put that on his list for next week?
(PS4V0) [1087] Yeah er yeah it is a good idea.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1088] Right, Ian [...] concerned that are hauling in ... grain into brig then loading six five thirty five.
[1089] Apparently according to we are supposed to grain free t certificates.
(PS4US) [1090] Yes.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1091] we haven't seen one yet.
Ray (PS4UT) [1092] Yeah but it's in hand.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1093] That's alright.
Ray (PS4UT) [1094] 's slinging a bit of shit.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1095] That's alright.
Ray (PS4UT) [1096] Just for a change.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1097] Bless him.
[1098] Right, there's one for you.
Ray (PS4UT) [1099] [...] got that sorted he was speaking to Guy yesterday and apparently if after two days we don't have certificates then I [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1100] Hello?
[1101] Yeah.
[1102] Yeah.
[1103] Yeah it'll be about five minutes and then he'll be down.
[1104] Alright .
Ray (PS4UT) [1105] Check with him [...] communicated that with Ian
Lynne (PS4UU) [1106] Some problem I think on line three.
[1107] Can you go down when we've finished.
(PS4V0) [1108] Right we're going down in a minute, yeah.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1109] Stu Ste erm Pete said the erm hopper nineteen, have any answers, anything been thought on that one?
Stewart (PS4UW) [1110] Well he's supposed to be testing it.
[1111] [...] left it with er
Lynne (PS4UU) [1112] Well he's put it on here [...] give me an answer on what steps we should carry out on hopper nineteen.
[1113] Which is now empty or is it a sloop bed problem?
[1114] So you want them to do
Stewart (PS4UW) [1115] No I'll see him [...] .
Lynne (PS4UU) [1116] Will you?
(PS4V0) [1117] I thought they'd done it because Ray I asked a question the other morning in the Tardis, cos it was on the board.
[1118] You know they set out what [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1119] Yeah.
(PS4V0) [1120] And I says to Ray, aren't we using hopper nineteen?
[1121] He says, Yeah I've just used it, worked perfectly.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1122] Apparently he did use it but with a different he didn't put nutrients in it did he.
(PS4V0) [1123] I don't know I don't know [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1124] No apparently there's no problem at all.
Stewart (PS4UW) [1125] [...] test with it It was all arranged I thought, testing [...] to see what weight they got [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1126] Can you just please.
[1127] And oh ... probably after this meeting, not now, apparently Peter came and see me about samples procedure, I E marketing.
[1128] So you, me, Dick cos we're the ones that it's it's gonna be somebody they're gonna pull off aren't they, to do these samples.
[1129] Maybe Brian but what they want is initial contact point [...] for somebody.
(PS4US) [1130] Samples for what?
(PS4UV) [1131] Marketing samples.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1132] Well they haven't got anybody marketing have they?
[1133] They pull on
(PS4UV) [1134] Well [...] that's debatable I think they've got plenty of people up here to do it it's just that they don't want to do it .
pete? (PS4UR) [1135] What about the young girl they got up here? [...] young girl's here.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
(PS4UV) [1136] Isn't she there one day a week?
pete? (PS4UR) [1137] I've no idea.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1138] Probably [...] what what they'll be calling for is empty packaging, erm you know what it's like, pristine condition, samples for sales that go out you know, to customers.
(PS4UV) [1139] I mean, the answer is that somebody's got to have a bit of experience to do it.
[1140] It's not [...] .
Stewart (PS4UW) [1141] What's that got to do with Peter then?
Lynne (PS4UU) [1142] Well it's go apparently there's got to be a procedure .
pete? (PS4UR) [1143] It to be [...] five seven five O.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1144] Hello?
[1145] Sorry Phil?
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
pete? (PS4UR) [1146] It's only ten past ten.
Lynne (PS4UU) [1147] Okay [...] thanks.
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1148] So again after this meeting cos I want to tie it up.
Ray (PS4UT) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1149] It's gonna
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4UU) [1150] Yeah sometime.
[1151] Peter's whingeing that he wants
(PS4US) [1152] Peter?
Lynne (PS4UU) [1153] .
Unknown speaker (JTBPSUNK) [...] [recording ends]