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  1. Tape 124801 recorded on 1994-02-02. LocationNottinghamshire: Newark ( Office ) Activity: Business meeting planning, discussion, reporting, decision-making

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(PS4V1) [1] On this subject that we ought to carry on and and and
(PS4V2) [2] No I'll come to it.
(PS4V1) [3] Do you want to come to it alright.
(PS4V2) [4] I'll come to it.
(PS4V1) [5] Sorry.
(PS4V2) [6] Ray would you care to start the meeting .
Ray (PS4V3) [7] Okay yes, okay meeting commenced with the production shortages of which there are no production shortages today.
[8] There are also no packaging shortages.
[9] Er yesterday on non-conformances [...] most of my non-conformances I think there are about five outstanding.
[10] Er with the exception of one that [...] from er [...] which is relative to er grit sand where [...]
(PS4V1) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [11] the computer.
Lynne (PS4V4) [12] Oh that one's been
Ray (PS4V3) [13] [...] sand in the bags instead of sharp sand.
[14] What's happened?
[15] Have they been scrapped?
Lynne (PS4V4) [16] Is is that the er super five litre standard?
Ray (PS4V3) [17] That's correct yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [18] No [...]
(PS4V1) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [19] No p what Peter said was, if it hasn't been picked up by the lab and it's an internal problem, it can be dealt with internally.
Ray (PS4V3) [20] So as far as reducing stocks are concerned, am I to reduce my figures by [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [21] No no because the bags have already been you know on the back of the compost plant time sheet, you've already got that those bags have actually been wasted.
[22] So that has already been done.
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
(PS4V5) [23] So really the non conformance was no need to be
Lynne (PS4V4) [24] There was no need cos it didn't turn [...]
(PS4V5) [25] Issued or raised
Lynne (PS4V4) [26] erm the stocks came off, the bag stocks off.
[27] So according to Peter we've no need to do a non-conformance for such as this.
[28] When it can be dealt with internally within a couple of days.
(PS4V2) [29] It's nice to see that it was action anyway and the rest of the [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [30] I agree with that.
(PS4V2) [31] gone through despite [...] .
(PS4V6) [32] But there is actually some production shortage cos we want four hundred twenty five kilos .
(PS4V2) [33] Well according to Cindy this morning, that's where I got my information from, she said there were no production shortages.
(PS4V6) [34] From yesterday.
[35] But there's one today.
[36] [...] we need four hundred er S H M load samples for but it's in S H M bags.
[37] [...] we've only got two pallets.
[38] And they can't produce them
(PS4V1) [...]
(PS4V6) [39] They can't produce some more tomorrow cos they're on [...] tomorrow.
[40] Check with Rob.
(PS4V5) [...]
(PS4V6) [41] Loaded today, delivered tomorrow.
(PS4V5) [42] [...] .
(PS4V6) [43] So it's that doesn't Cindy's now [...] see if we can put the lorry back or see if the [...]
(PS4V5) [44] How long does it need to get it done?
(PS4V6) [45] It won't be ready while tomorrow afternoon.
(PS4V5) [46] [...] be on stock duty did you say?
(PS4V6) [47] Well there's eighty on stock.
[48] We know it's eighty from the stock count but I don't know what the computer says.
(PS4V5) [49] Well we'll have a look, that's the simple answer [...]
(PS4V6) [50] So we're we're trying to rearrange the load like.
[51] Cos it's ten tonne short on the lorry.
(PS4V2) [52] Did [...] erm [...] was mentioned yesterday because we didn't have any of this erm
Ray (PS4V3) [53] Seaweed.
(PS4V2) [54] Seaweed.
[55] In and that's coming in on Friday and I asked Jackie yesterday whether she could come in and talk to you, she was trying to [...] Monday.
Lynne (PS4V4) [56] No she's sorted it out.
[57] What she decided to do was produce Monday which we agreed to put it in for Monday and she would ask them midweek delivery.
(PS4V2) [58] I was just wondering [...] put that back to the same delivery [...] .
(PS4V6) [59] Well this isn't going direct to er [...] .
[60] So [...] and it's part of the three drop load so.
Lynne (PS4V4) [61] No Jackie'd agreed that midweek the turf hardener goes out.
(PS4V2) [62] Is that lorry going out ten tonne short today then?
(PS4V6) [63] Yes [...] ten tonne short.
[64] Well I don't know yet, we're trying to sort that one out, we're trying to either put the load back or get another order to go with it .
(PS4V2) [65] As I say w [...] plus they're not gonna want that t today are they [...] they're not gonna s they're not gonna use it in
(PS4V6) [66] No no they're not gonna use it today.
[67] Well they're not gonna be using it tomorrow when it gets there.
[68] But the other one of the [...] is a nine o'clock delivery in the morning you see so the rest of the load must be there you see.
[69] The other two drops.
(PS4V2) [70] Yeah.
(PS4V6) [71] There's obviously a ten tonne drop and two t five tonne drops on the lorry.
[72] But we tried this get round that.
(PS4V2) [73] [...] .
[74] So do we know why we've got the shortage, is it because th [...] [...]
(PS4V6) [75] It hasn't been picked up you see has it?
(PS4V2) [76] production well no
(PS4V6) [77] It hasn't been picked up on Unless the computer says there's a suff It may be [...]
(PS4V5) [78] Yeah [...] there's sufficient stock [...] And that's why it hasn't been picked up.
[79] The computer's telling them it's in stock.
(PS4V1) [80] Which suggests we've got a stock problem again then.
(PS4V6) [81] Well when the [...] from Saturday's stock-take anyhow I don't think.
(PS4V5) [82] Well they've been put in now.
(PS4V6) [83] They've put in now.
(PS4V5) [84] [...] Who's doing production planning at the moment.
(PS4V7) [85] Peter from home apparently.
(PS4V2) [86] Okay. ... [...] .
Ray (PS4V3) [87] That's it from me.
(PS4V2) [88] Okay.
(PS4V7) [89] Lines one and two well lines one we're having a problem erm with some of the bags.
[90] Alan come to me yesterday afternoon, er and they said the rubber suckers was missing of the end of the sucker spouts that picks the bag up.
[91] We put them on and apparently it's making no difference.
[92] Er I haven't Alan this morning to discuss it with him but I will see him [...] .
(PS4V5) [93] Alan's just gone out there actually Bryn to have a look .
(PS4V7) [94] Has he?
(PS4V5) [95] Yeah yeah.
(PS4V7) [96] Right.
[97] Erm ... tomorrow at nine o'clock I've got coming in to do this interceptor drain.
[98] I arranged with Dick that w Bill would be with him for two two and a half hours.
[99] But having seen Bill this morning, Jack is gonna [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [100] No no no no no.
[101] It's all been rearranged .
(PS4V6) [102] [...] no we've rearranged that one.
Lynne (PS4V4) [103] Right one's going.
(PS4V7) [104] Oh [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [105] No problem you can have him .
(PS4V6) [106] Bill doesn't know yet
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [107] We haven't even told Brian and Bill yet.
(PS4V7) [108] Well that's what I'm saying
Lynne (PS4V4) [109] But he's arranged
(PS4V7) [110] Bill Bill's coming to me and saying he can't do that .
Lynne (PS4V4) [111] No.
[112] It was arranged yesterday and we haven't got round to telling everybody yet.
[113] We I agreed with Dick well we both agreed that Bill would be with you and we'd sort out Jack.
[114] So we haven't seen anybody yet .
(PS4V6) [115] We'd previous arranged this for Bill to go.
[116] Then when you asked me if you could have Bill for Thursday morning.
Lynne (PS4V4) [117] We rearranged it .
(PS4V6) [118] Then we had to rearrange it.
(PS4V8) [119] Yeah well [...] it was supposed to be done yesterday wasn't it, then Jack couldn't [...] .
Lynne (PS4V4) [120] No the car wasn't running.
(PS4V7) [121] That's right.
(PS4V6) [122] Well yes, see so Jack [...] we didn't know that's right, [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [123] No it's all been done.
(PS4V6) [124] still got Bill as previously arranged but we had to find somebody else for Jack.
[125] Cos Jack rearranged the day, we didn't.
(PS4V7) [126] Right [...] .
(PS4V2) [127] Is this the oil out of the drain.
(PS4V7) [128] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [129] Did they they did a test on that and they can [...]
(PS4V7) [130] Yeah they're gonna clean it all out and bring the erm er water [...] erm ... [...] they're gonna flush [...] .
(PS4V2) [131] Is that gonna be is that gonna be a recurring problem?
(PS4V7) [sigh]
(PS4V2) [132] Or has it been a build up over a ye number of years [...]
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [cough]
(PS4V7) [133] This is the first time we've had to do this interceptor cos I didn't even know it was in and I don't think Dick did.
(PS4V1) [134] I never knew it was there anyway.
(PS4V7) [135] [...] been here ten years so.
(PS4V2) [136] This is the first time this problem's arisen?
(PS4V7) [137] Yeah.
[138] Yeah.
[139] But we we still always get problems with drains because of the the state of the yard and what materials we've got in the yard.
(PS4V2) [140] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [141] You know
(PS4V2) [142] On on the state of the yard did did you speak to er Lynne [...]
(PS4V7) [143] Yeah yeah yeah and they they're coming back with the three separate quotes.
(PS4V2) [144] Okay.
(PS4V7) [145] So erm we should well Mick said he'll give me this week anyway.
[146] So as soon as I get I'll I'll let you know.
[147] Erm that's as much as I've got [...] this morning.
(PS4V2) [148] [...] are you happy with [...] are you?
(PS4V7) [149] Well I am.
[150] Up to a point, because now we've got the the go ahead for the new chiller, which is ordered, erm ... that's only getting rid of part of the problem.
[151] Erm because the old plates and the water inlets and outlets in the machine and the pipework'll still let stuff in.
[152] So we don't when he was here last week doing some er alterations on it, to go through what he'll actually want to make it all new all the way through.
[153] So [...] done it, that's got rid of that problem.
[154] Er and I'll price it all up so another two hundred and sixty quid.
(PS4V2) [155] Sorry what's two what's two hundred and sixty quid?
(PS4V7) [156] These parts to go on the machine.
[157] There's there's a waterways, where the water flows through to cool the bars [...] .
(PS4V2) [158] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [159] Now.
(PS4V2) [160] They're all furred up are they or something.
(PS4V7) [161] They're all furred up.
[162] Er you clean 'em out but then again you you get it back so
(PS4V2) [163] Is it lime scale or something?
(PS4V7) [164] Well it is and it it's it's like sludge and that that's coming out the bottom of the erm tank, the water tank.
[165] It's dust it's dust.
[166] But saying we've got that problem now, we've got the problem with that so we're gonna change one part which is the chiller
(PS4V2) [167] Yes.
(PS4V7) [168] So alright, we're gonna filter the water that goes into that, but the stuff inside the pipes and inside the little waterways that [...] through the cooling bars, are still got stuff in.
(PS4V2) [169] Well is isn't there isn't there erm ... c
(PS4V7) [170] And the gaskets are in there there's a s there's gasket sets in there, they've all got it all in.
(PS4V1) [171] Can't you close it through or something or can't you put anything in it that would
(PS4V7) [172] Well.
(PS4V1) [173] de-scale it.
(PS4V7) [174] I don't know how you do sludge and that there and it's it's everything it's a con [...] you know we ought to have kept some and shown you because it is it is I've never seen anything like it myself.
[175] It sludges everything up.
[176] Anyway s to cut a long story short, I had a word with Stuart to see what it'd cost.
[177] He said, well we ought to do it.
(PS4V5) [178] Is the two hundred and sixty quid?
(PS4V7) [179] Yeah.
(PS4V5) [180] And does that resolve the problem?
(PS4V7) [181] That's that's new [...] new chiller all where your waterways and everything'll be clear.
(PS4V5) [182] Does that resolve the problem though?
(PS4V7) [183] Well yes.
(PS4V5) [184] Or are you saying it's resolving the problem today and next month it's gonna be as bad again.
(PS4V7) [185] No because what we're [...] what we're gonna do now which we haven't got now, we're gonna have a sealed tank where no dust can get into it
(PS4V5) [186] Right.
[187] The chiller's a sealed unit isn't it?
(PS4V7) [188] Yeah yeah.
[189] And it's got the tank in the bottom.
[190] And the outlet to that into the machine is gonna have a a charcoal filter in.
[191] So you're filtering it before it goes in the machine and still we're saying, why don't we filter it as it comes out the machine, before it goes back in the tank.
(PS4V5) [192] Yes.
(PS4V7) [193] Cos you're circulating the water round.
(PS4V5) [194] Right.
(PS4V7) [195] And it chills it.
[196] And this is what I'm going into.
[197] But I mean [...]
(PS4V5) [198] It's only say two hundred and sixty quid, add it on to the chiller thing.
(PS4V7) [199] Yeah but the the point is this.
[200] I said, that's alright, but when you find out what wanted to er to to do, he said it'd take two days.
[201] And I said well we can't [...] two days.
[202] So I've been in touch with Brian [...] again erm and I said, can't you make sure that your blokes can do it in a day.
[203] Cos I've had a word with with them [...]
(PS4V1) [204] There's nothing we can do ourselves then, it's got to be done by
(PS4V7) [205] Well we can we can but as I said, the two lads who know about it, who could do it, they said well it might take us two days.
[206] Then they says anything technical that they don't know about, you've got to bring back in. [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [207] Have you got the labour costs on top of that at as well?
(PS4V7) [208] Yeah yeah that's that's what I'm saying, it's gonna take that's that the [...] it's gonna take two days .
Lynne (PS4V4) [209] Plus the lost production time.
(PS4V7) [210] Yeah, plus lost production.
[211] But I said to Brian, if we can have it say for a Saturday, and make sure you do it in one day.
[212] So [...] coming back to me on that .
(PS4V1) [213] But you don't I mean you're gonna [...] production anyway by putting the chiller in presumably aren't you?
(PS4V7) [214] No.
[215] No.
[216] Well you are, ten minutes.
(PS4V1) [217] Oh.
(PS4V7) [218] That's what er
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [219] Is it because of our hard water in this area do you think, or would that machine have been the same anywhere in the country.
(PS4V9) [220] Well if you
(PS4V1) [221] No at the moment it's getti the tank the water tank isn't sealed, it's drawing a lot of dust in, er we've tried putting a cover over it and everything else and that's what's causing the sludging.
[222] As well as the scaling.
[223] It's sludging and scaling at the same time.
(PS4V2) [224] But if you're putting a ch if you're putting this chiller in, [...] and don't do the other part
Lynne (PS4V4) [225] Hello?
(PS4V2) [226] where it all sludges.
[227] Isn't the sludge gonna go through your new chiller ?
(PS4V7) [228] Ah no no no no no.
[229] The the actual sludge that's in there is in the chiller, it's in the bottom of the water tank where we're drawing the water from that goes through the cooling system.
(PS4V2) [230] But that that goes through that goes to chiller won't it.
[231] That water will go through the chiller.
(PS4V7) [232] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [233] Won't it be pulling up some of that sludge through the chiller and if we don't
(PS4V7) [234] That is what's happening now but what I'm saying is [...] put a new chiller in
(PS4V2) [235] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [236] That's got rid of the sludge in the tank and everything, you put in a complete sealed unit on.
(PS4V2) [237] Okay.
(PS4V7) [238] But we're not saying is the pipe-work and the little waterways if you see [...] the machine you'll understand more.
(PS4V2) [239] Okay.
(PS4V7) [240] But there is little er flows in in the in this pipe-work [...] and everything.
[241] See you've got to get rid of all that because at the back of your mind you're still saying, Well I've spent a lot of money [...] still only done part of the job.
(PS4V2) [242] What [...] is is this come to light after the event as it were or did you know that was there when we were redoing the machine?
(PS4V7) [243] They've known they've known about this for a fair while.
(PS4V2) [244] Well why wasn't this why wasn't this done when we were redoing the machine for goodness sake.
(PS4V7) [245] It it should have been because I put [...] in.
[246] It was giving the [...] back.
[247] I mean it could have been done if we'd got a go-ahead.
[248] But nobody come back and give us the go-ahead to do it.
(PS4V2) [249] So you're saying that er this additional two hundred and sixty quid for d replacing those pipes was a separate [...] ?
(PS4V7) [250] No no no but we're saying that the chiller should have been put on wh
(PS4V2) [251] But you've got your chiller but y did you know those pipes were a problem before when you
(PS4V7) [252] No no y No nobody's thought of it until I stood there and watched it and I says to George the operator, I says, Right we're gonna put a new chiller on here.
[253] Now we should get rid of the problem, but what about the waterways in there.
[254] He says, Well really, he says, you it could do to be changed.
(PS4V2) [255] So.
(PS4V7) [256] And then we had [...] because we got problem on the waterway again.
(PS4V2) [257] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [258] Last week.
[259] We got man in and he started clearing it all again.
[260] I said when we get a new er new chiller on there, that will cut that out.
[261] He says, Yeah, but he says, you'll still have stuff in these pipes somewhere, he said, you can blow them out, you can do what you like, but he said, you'll find out you'll get some in.
(PS4V2) [262] So what's [...] cost of ?
(PS4V7) [263] What's today's cost?
(PS4V2) [264] Today's cost for for a fitter?
(PS4V7) [265] [cough] I don't know I don't know this is why I'm waiting for Brian to come back.
[266] [cough] I know what I Know what it's cost us for that weekend.
(PS4V2) [267] Yeah what was it costing us for that weekend?
(PS4V7) [268] It's cost us three and a half thousand pound.
(PS4V2) [269] Of labour.
(PS4V7) [270] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [271] For for one man?
(PS4V7) [272] Two men.
Lynne (PS4V4) [273] Hello?
(PS4V2) [274] Some people over charge don't they?
Ray (PS4V3) [275] Three and a half thousand pound for two men for a weekend?
(PS4V7) [276] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [277] I'll give you a ring.
(PS4V7) [278] Yeah it was all time and a half, double time.
Lynne (PS4V4) [279] Three and a half thousand pound!
[280] For two men for two days.
(PS4V7) [281] Yes. ...
Lynne (PS4V4) [282] And the chiller and the waterways and everything should all have been done all at the same time .
Ray (PS4V3) [283] [...] can we send somebody away to and do a course.
[284] And then hire him out at weekends?
Lynne (PS4V4) [285] Yeah sure.
[286] I've got Arthur on for you Bryn. ... [...] .
(PS4V1) [287] [...] took out [...]
(PS4V7) [288] Good morning.
(PS4V1) [289] it used to get in [...] .
(PS4V7) [290] [...] .
[291] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [292] How long have we had that machine?
(PS4V2) [293] Three years [...] .
Lynne (PS4V4) [294] Three years.
[295] And want to buy one.
(PS4V1) [296] Can't we sell them ours and put in a new one
Lynne (PS4V4) [297] Yeah [laugh] can't we have a .
Ray (PS4V3) [298] They're here tomorrow, we're gonna treat them and we're gonna suggest.
Lynne (PS4V4) [laugh]
Ray (PS4V3) [299] Well I certainly am.
(PS4V1) [300] With a weight filler next time, not a volumetric.
Lynne (PS4V4) [301] Exactly.
(PS4V7) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [302] That's what we're saying, whoever's
(PS4V1) [303] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [304] if you have a volumetric you've also got to have some sort of weight checks with it haven't you.
(PS4V1) [305] [...] you can't tell the weight through the volume can you?
Lynne (PS4V4) [306] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [307] It was [...] there there could be
(PS4V1) [308] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [309] er a weight
(PS4V1) [310] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [311] thing added onto it.
[312] But it was something like couldn't afford two thousand pounds.
(PS4V6) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [313] That much.
[314] And all the hassle.
(PS4V1) [315] Well we laughed at the time didn't we. ...
(PS4V7) [316] Yeah ... yeah. [break in recording]
(PS4V5) [317] [...] not just this place is there.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V5) [318] Not just this place to look after really.
(PS4V2) [319] So that's gonna cost another grand then isn't it.
[320] It's gonna be eight hundred odd quid for nine hundred pounds for [...]
(PS4V7) [321] I can't remember what I can't remember what they charge, it is on that bill what they charge for a Saturday.
[322] It is on that bill and I think it's something like [...] thirty pounds [...] .
[323] I've got it down on my desk somewhere.
[324] The bill.
(PS4V2) [325] Well I mean it's going to sort of s start shooting up to round about a thousand pound then you'll have to have a word with Tom .
(PS4V7) [326] Well that's I was intending to have a word with Tom about it.
(PS4V2) [327] [...] well do that.
(PS4V7) [328] Because it is it's a lot of money.
[329] It's a lot of money.
(PS4V2) [330] Okay.
(PS4V7) [331] But what I say to do is buy a new chiller and get it on and then all Summer we'll get this damn problem again.
(PS4V2) [332] Well yes, you're just throwing money away aren't you .
(PS4V7) [333] That's right.
[334] Yeah.
[335] Yeah.
[336] But I say, it should've been it should've been all d I mean everybody's known about this chiller for a long while and it's as I say, I mean [...] when [...] was here it was costing a thousand pound a time.
(PS4V2) [337] Mm.
(PS4V7) [338] To clear all the waterways and that out.
[339] You see and it's alright to buy a new chiller, it's only half the problem.
(PS4V2) [340] But I mean, if it was costing this sort of money to clear the pipes and so forth out, what I fail to understand is if we're having a full overhaul of the machine, why this wasn't incorporated within it.
(PS4V7) [341] Well yeah.
[342] I agree with you.
(PS4V2) [343] I mean.
(PS4V7) [344] But it should have it should have been brought [...]
(PS4V6) [345] [...] Paul introduced a total system there for er maintenance on that machine on a daily weekly and monthly basis.
[346] Because the machine was so busy, just after the time he introduced it, the line was never available to do all the checks that were on that and it and Roland's got them in a file there [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [347] I've got them as well.
(PS4V6) [348] You've got a file of them.
[349] Of everything they had to check.
[350] And the cooler was one
Lynne (PS4V4) [351] Yeah.
(PS4V6) [352] and cleaning the cooler was one of the checks.
Lynne (PS4V4) [353] Yeah it's Yeah.
(PS4V2) [354] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [...]
(PS4V6) [355] Sorry but it was.
(PS4V7) [356] But you see this is not the first chiller is it.
[357] We've had another chi You see it's always been the same kind of chiller.
(PS4V5) [358] Yeah but they've been open chillers as opposed to closed chillers before haven't they.
(PS4V7) [359] The wh the whole point is Steve, when it comes down to basic facts, it should have had a proper sealed unit chiller on it when it was new.
[360] Where you wouldn't have had any of this problem.
(PS4V2) [361] This is a case of hindsight's a wonderful thing.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V7) [362] But it was so costly so they said they'd get a second hand one.
(PS4V1) [363] But I mean the the the chi how much was the chiller?
[364] Two two thousand something?
(PS4V7) [365] Two thousand a hundred and fifty pounds [...] .
(PS4V1) [366] Well relative to the price of the machine, it's hardly costly is it.
(PS4V7) [367] Yeah but it's been in what?
[368] Two and a half years now?
[369] I mean they knew they knew about the chiller at time cos I think said
(PS4V2) [370] Anyway, you've got your chiller, let's price the pipes and let's go on Alright [...]
(PS4V7) [371] Well I've got the price of the pipes [...] it's just the labour.
(PS4V2) [372] the labour because erm I can't see any point in doing half a job.
(PS4V7) [373] No.
(PS4V2) [374] Okay.
[375] Anything else Bryn?
(PS4V7) [376] No th that's that's all.
(PS4V2) [377] Eric?
(PS4V6) [378] We've talked [...] .
Lynne (PS4V4) [379] Hello?
(PS4V6) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [380] Yeah, morning.
(PS4V6) [381] Just to remind everyone that er it is the er property insurance inspector's visit today.
Lynne (PS4V4) [382] Alright Stuart cheers.
(PS4V1) [383] Do we know what time, Eric?
(PS4V6) [384] I've no idea at all.
[385] I I'll go in I the only information I've got is Stuart came into the meeting, Monday and give us half an hour talk on it.
[386] It's the only information I've got,
(PS4V2) [387] Insurance.
(PS4V7) [388] Stuart will ring and let you know he said, this morning.
[389] He'll let you know when [...] coming round.
(PS4V1) [390] [...] coming round today isn't he [...] .
(PS4V2) [391] Yes.
(PS4V7) [392] He's got he's got about two or three visitors today [...] .
(PS4V2) [393] Yes yes he's he's ta taking round some Japanese investors.
[394] Is the er is the yard in a good state?
(PS4V6) [395] The yard's quite good .
Lynne (PS4V4) [396] Yeah we did did we organize a sweeper for today.
(PS4V6) [397] No.
Lynne (PS4V4) [398] No.
(PS4V6) [399] You what?
Lynne (PS4V4) [400] No sweepers today?
(PS4V6) [401] No never said owt to me about [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V6) [402] No no we didn't know there was a visit there w only this
(PS4V2) [403] I only found out about the Japanese this morning.
Ray (PS4V3) [404] Oh I didn't know about it but I mean the
(PS4V6) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [405] we we've had guys out and we've cleaned up some [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [406] Yeah it's just a little bit muddy that's all.
[407] Unfortunately.
(PS4V2) [408] It's a working yard I mean
Lynne (PS4V4) [409] Yeah Yeah I mean [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [410] Yeah I mean we we we haven't done anything extra special but it is neat.
(PS4V6) [411] It is neat.
Ray (PS4V3) [412] And it's tidy.
(PS4V6) [413] It's tidy.
Lynne (PS4V4) [414] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [415] It's tidy.
[416] And people are aware of the insurance inspector coming round .
(PS4V1) [417] Yeah.
[418] And you're working on that shrink wrap er areas aren't you [...] saw them there yesterday.
(PS4V6) [419] Yeah yeah yeah.
(PS4V1) [420] The only other thing is that er I was [...] .
[421] We are due for another service and it's this month, the yearly service.
[422] That they are all up to date and er I'll just do a final check up after the meeting.
[423] Make sure nobody's let one off and I don't know about it which often happens.
Lynne (PS4V4) [424] And can you ring Stuart please when you've finished in this meeting.
(PS4V6) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [425] Yeah.
(PS4V6) [426] Mm.
[427] Er yeah just just one other thing, Pete going through the accident book, there's one or two that are coming up with people on the liquids line getting splashes of liquid in their eyes.
[428] And one of them has had a day off.
[429] Which was smarting in the eye and she went to hospital to have her eye rinsed and all that.
[430] And there was another one as well.
[431] Is there any possibility they could wear glasses on that line.
[432] I I know I've asked before.
Lynne (PS4V4) [433] The glasses are in number four, they've all been provided but they just Whether they don't know that they're there.
(PS4V1) [434] I will ensure that everyone who's working on that line is issued with a pair of safety glasses .
(PS4V6) [435] [...] I don't mean goggles I mean just the glasses with the side pieces .
Lynne (PS4V4) [436] Yeah yeah we got them.
[437] We got twenty didn't we?
(PS4V1) [438] I will make sure that everybody's issued with them.
(PS4V6) [439] Thank you very much.
[440] ... That's all from me.
(PS4V2) [441] Dick.
Ray (PS4V3) [442] Twenty seven lorries today then, Pete and I went down to [...] two o'clock on Monday.
[443] s to see what had been done over there.
[444] And [...] really had a good clean up.
[445] It was really good.
(PS4V2) [446] Was it?
Ray (PS4V3) [447] [...] it was four pallets which had fell over near the door which we're gonna get tidied up, we'll get those tidied up in time.
[448] There's a lot of [...] there in bulk which we're gonna get out on Friday.
[449] So you can
(PS4V5) [450] Bulk?
Ray (PS4V3) [451] Bulk.
(PS4V2) [452] So are [...]
(PS4V1) [453] We've got one load of bulk.
[454] Yeah and
Ray (PS4V3) [455] That they're gonna load it, the lorries arranged.
[456] I've talked to Arthur about it, he's agreed we can put it on pallets.
[457] Because at the
(PS4V2) [458] Has he?
Ray (PS4V3) [459] end of the day, we
(PS4V2) [460] You're palletizing and the containers.
Ray (PS4V3) [461] We're gonna palletize [...] containers.
(PS4V2) [462] Isn't that gonna is that gonna slow up the unloading of the containers considerably ?
Ray (PS4V3) [463] It it is No it isn't now because w Pete said they could have seven people out there so if they get seven people out there,
(PS4V2) [464] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [465] you've got two elevators, so we can have
(PS4V2) [466] It it does it makes far more sense [...]
(PS4V1) [467] We we can actually I mean if if
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
(PS4V1) [468] these twen these twenty foots come, we can actually discharge from either end.
(PS4V2) [469] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [470] Straight onto a pallet, palletize it, wrap it, forklift it, put it in, stack it three high.
(PS4V2) [471] Well I I have to pose the question then do we want the
Ray (PS4V3) [472] Well I'm not sure about the three high yet.
(PS4V1) [473] Well [...]
(PS4V2) [474] [...] the conveyor that Stuart's got ordered.
Ray (PS4V3) [475] Well that's alright, we need it we shall need it for the
(PS4V1) [476] We need it anyway.
Ray (PS4V3) [477] for the forty foots anyway.
[478] We shall need it for the forty foots.
(PS4V2) [479] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [480] [...] but we can unload, three men on each and one fork lift driver.
(PS4V2) [481] Right.
Ray (PS4V3) [482] B We're going out [...] at ten to have a look at it again to test see how high that fork lift
(PS4V2) [483] Will reach?
Ray (PS4V3) [484] will reach.
[485] Cos I don't think it'll reach three pallets high.
(PS4V1) [486] Well Mark can operate that thing anyway.
[487] Yeah yeah that's fine.
Ray (PS4V3) [488] Yeah yeah well that's why I asked his [...] .
[489] So we're going out well after the meeting to to sort that one out, we'll try it in there.
[490] Er
(PS4V2) [491] Oh it would it would make life so much easier for getting that stuff out later won't it [...] palletize it .
(PS4V1) [492] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [493] well it will.
(PS4V2) [494] But you don't do you hav wil will have you got to shrink wrap it at all or will it hold will it will it just sit right on the pallets without falling off?
Ray (PS4V3) [495] [...] shrink wrap it.
(PS4V2) [496] You'll have to shrink wrap it won't you.
Ray (PS4V3) [497] Yeah yeah.
(PS4V2) [498] I mean you won't want much but I mean just to hold it.
Ray (PS4V3) [499] Just to hold it on.
(PS4V2) [500] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [501] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [502] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [503] So it's now we've got seven people, it's gonna make it a lot easier for the first twenty containers which is forty containers in actual fact isn't it.
[504] But
(PS4V2) [505] We need
Ray (PS4V3) [506] back to back.
(PS4V2) [507] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [508] So we that's going to sort that problem, co s we can
(PS4V2) [509] Forty containers back to back.
Ray (PS4V3) [510] There's twenty containers.
(PS4V2) [511] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [512] But there's forty boxes isn't there there's forty actual container's isn't there?
[513] Cos there's
(PS4V1) [514] There's twenty trailers, forty containers isn't it .
Ray (PS4V3) [515] twenty back to back.
[516] There's twenty trailers [...] forty .
(PS4V2) [517] No there's not, there's twenty containers.
[518] There's twenty twenty foot containers.
Ray (PS4V3) [519] So it's only ten.
(PS4V2) [520] It's ten lorries, twenty twenty foot containers .
Ray (PS4V3) [521] Oh well that's alright .
(PS4V1) [522] Oh well that's fine that's even better.
Ray (PS4V3) [523] Yeah, that's even better, but then we're on to the forty foots so that's even better.
(PS4V2) [524] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [525] Yeah.
[526] with you saying twenty, I thought there'd be twenty lorries with
(PS4V2) [527] So so it's only No no it's twenty twenty foot containers .
Ray (PS4V3) [528] Oh well that's even better still.
(PS4V2) [529] Erm we'll need to isolate separately the wages on that cost Lynne because we'll need to add it to the
Lynne (PS4V4) [530] [...] No problem.
(PS4V2) [531] stock value.
Lynne (PS4V4) [532] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [533] Otherwise Arthur'll jump up and down like a demented rabbit.
Lynne (PS4V4) [534] And can we erm hire a minibus?
(PS4V2) [535] If you need to hire a minibus [...]
(PS4V1) [536] We we need to hire a minibus it's about a hundred and seventy quid for the week .
(PS4V2) [537] For the week?
[538] Yeah okay.
Lynne (PS4V4) [539] That okay, can I go ahead.
(PS4V2) [540] Yeah make sure that's added to the stockpile to the stock value [...]
(PS4V1) [541] But it it'll actually reduce costs later because later on it's just a matter of
Lynne (PS4V4) [542] Calling it in.
Ray (PS4V3) [543] Calling it in.
[544] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [545] Yeah that's good.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [546] seven thousand cubic metres of the damn stuff up at er [...] area. [...] .
Ray (PS4V3) [547] How much.
(PS4V1) [548] Seven thousand, one hundred and sixty three cubic metres. ...
(PS4V7) [549] Can it be mixed with half peat so that it goes to er
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [550] So this has all been arranged for Friday.
[551] Have you any idea when the containers are coming in yet?
(PS4V2) [552] Erm
Ray (PS4V3) [553] Cos the chap Norman says he's he's given a contact there
(PS4V2) [554] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [555] for the chap to ring me but he hasn't rung me yet.
(PS4V2) [556] Well you ring him then if you like
Ray (PS4V3) [557] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [558] it's erm George [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [559] Oh I've got his name
(PS4V2) [560] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [561] I've got a I've got his name and
(PS4V2) [562] Yeah.
[563] Lawrence anyway.
Ray (PS4V3) [564] That's right, yeah.
[565] Er
(PS4V2) [566] I mean the the stuff's due to come in on Friday, he reckons it'll get it's the fourth on Friday isn't it?
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [567] [...] the docks on Friday.
(PS4V2) [568] They're due into the docks on into the docks on Friday, they're due to get customs clearance sort of pretty well immediately apparently and the the speed at which they're gonna load these containers is quite phenomenal.
[569] They don't really expect any er any delay erm and they're expecting to start shipping up here on the Monday.
[570] What I don't know is when on the Monday.
[571] So you know, really you want to tie that up with Lawrence
Ray (PS4V3) [572] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [573] [...] because you don't want guys out there from eight o'clock in the morning
Lynne (PS4V4) [574] No.
(PS4V2) [575] standing around at three o'clock in the afternoon
Ray (PS4V3) [576] That's right.
(PS4V2) [577] waiting for a blasted lorry to turn up.
Ray (PS4V3) [578] Well Yeah I don't want to send them [...] .
[579] I think we're gonna struggle with the three in a day on the twenty foot.
[580] We maybe okay .
(PS4V2) [581] Three lorries a day?
(PS4V1) [582] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [583] Mm well it's six containers.
(PS4V2) [584] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [585] Norman doesn't think we're gonna do three a day.
[586] We
(PS4V2) [587] Well as long as you as long as you've got the twenty cleared in the week.
[588] [...] five days, I don't mind.
Ray (PS4V3) [589] [...] .
[590] ... You see wh Ideally I'd like to try one to see how [...] gonna take like you know.
(PS4V2) [591] Well why don't you get two for the first day, and then and then then they're not [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [592] Well we can get we'll have two [...] .
[593] Well h we'll have two a day I think that's if you say we can great I mean [...]
(PS4V2) [594] Oh yeah I mean I'm saying two a day, but erm if you can get three a day, I'd prefer it because
Ray (PS4V3) [595] Oh yeah yeah.
(PS4V2) [596] obviously it's gonna reduce the time of the er
Ray (PS4V3) [597] But if I order two
(PS4V2) [598] of the of the cost of the guys
Ray (PS4V3) [599] That's right.
(PS4V2) [600] seven guys.
Ray (PS4V3) [601] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [602] I mean I don't want to enhance the cost of that [...] any more than I have to.
Ray (PS4V3) [603] No.
Lynne (PS4V4) [604] No.
Ray (PS4V3) [605] Well no no but I mean, if we limit it to two for the first day, and a I mean I shall know by eleven o'clock
(PS4V2) [606] It makes far more sense to to do two for the first day, then you can judge how many you can get through in a day from those two.
Ray (PS4V3) [607] Because.
(PS4V2) [608] If you have three [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [609] [...] charging on you gonna cost an arm and a leg like that's why I was saying that you know, we don't want too much to start with.
(PS4V2) [610] No.
Ray (PS4V3) [611] Er will the forty foots can they is there a time between 'em or can we just carry straight on with it.
(PS4V2) [612] No you can't the forty foots haven't even The [...] we've got a huge problem in Sri Lanka.
[613] The are playing silly buggers.
[614] We've paid them for fifty percent of the F O B costs, er because they said, Unless you pay us, we won't load.
[615] So we paid them, it cleared our bank last week and they're still refusing to move the product, we don't know why.
[616] So it's still sitting in a
Ray (PS4V3) [617] I see.
(PS4V2) [618] still sitting in a
Ray (PS4V3) [619] So [...] be quite a time before [...]
(PS4V2) [620] It's still sitting in bales in Sri Lanka.
Ray (PS4V3) [621] Mm.
[622] So.
(PS4V2) [623] I mean it's gonna I think it's gonna be quite a time delay.
Ray (PS4V3) [624] Well at least we can plan it for the week then.
[625] I least we know we're gonna clear the first lot in a week then now don't we .
(PS4V2) [626] Yes yeah
(PS4V7) [627] On Friday w would it be a good idea Cos I don't know what time the generator's [...] but I mean it would be really best if we could set things up.
[628] Wouldn't it on Friday.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V2) [629] you'll have to talk to Stuart because you've got the hire on a week by week basis.
[630] Now whether they'll deliver on a Friday and not count that as a delivery day I don't know.
(PS4V7) [631] Aye it's yeah it's well I don't know but I think it's it is definitely coming on Friday.
(PS4V2) [632] Is it.
(PS4V7) [633] Yeah cos I
(PS4V2) [634] I I left it with Stuart to to arrange all that but maybe he's got the hire from Friday to Friday.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V7) [635] people [...] generator was on to me the other day cos we I [...] insisted that it's got two three phase outlets on.
[636] But the point is what I'm saying is if we could get that stuff there on Friday afternoon and get the the conveyor set to where you want 'em, because I don't know what leads you want [...] the lorry got there on Monday morning, wants unloading, and we're flying about for damn leads, we we're gonna be in trouble.
Ray (PS4V3) [637] Well yeah but the beauty is now Arthur's agreed to let us put it on pallets, we can start unloading the containers without the elevator.
(PS4V7) [638] Ah.
Ray (PS4V3) [639] Can't we [...]
(PS4V2) [640] These are whites you're putting on aren't they?
Ray (PS4V3) [641] White forty forty eights yeah.
(PS4V2) [642] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [643] Yeah, he says [...] but he didn't want to buy er five by fours.
[644] And the thing is we were buying forty forty eights we that we were u reusable for the plant when we need 'em.
(PS4V2) [645] Yeah that's okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [646] Er
(PS4V2) [647] Right.
Ray (PS4V3) [648] But e So the conveyor's going on on the line on Friday afternoon
(PS4V2) [649] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [650] At two o'clock.
(PS4V2) [651] Yeah is that one from here.
Ray (PS4V3) [652] That one from here.
(PS4V2) [653] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [654] The bulker's going in at two o'clock.
(PS4V2) [655] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [656] So's he he can [...] the bulker to get rid of [...] .
(PS4V2) [657] Yeah yeah.
(PS4V1) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [658] If we take some diesel down when we go,
(PS4V2) [659] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [660] Providing we can find some twenty five litre drums.
(PS4V2) [661] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [662] So that's the diesel.
(PS4V2) [663] Yeah.
(PS4V7) [664] Well you see the the generator will come on a lorry with [...] .
[665] So really when he well it obviously wants to be in the place where you want it.
(PS4V2) [666] Yeah yeah.
(PS4V7) [667] You know.
[668] That's what I'm saying you you know you've really got to say well, the generator can be there.
[669] Cos once he drops it.
Ray (PS4V3) [670] Yeah.
(PS4V5) [671] Is
Ray (PS4V3) [672] well it'd be better really for Friday afternoon.
(PS4V2) [673] Mm.
Ray (PS4V3) [674] I mean really I mean I can't see that [...] before Monday
(PS4V7) [675] Yeah I'll have a word with Stu but i mean he's gonna be that busy today.
Ray (PS4V3) [676] if he's setting it up if they're not bringing while Friday and they set it up give you time to set it up
(PS4V7) [677] Mm.
[678] Mm.
Ray (PS4V3) [679] But we can start working out there on on Monday morning
(PS4V7) [680] Without the elevator.
Ray (PS4V3) [681] without the elevator without the
(PS4V5) [682] The generator.
Ray (PS4V3) [683] generator.
(PS4V1) [684] Can I ask a question?
[685] Erm this is two isn't it? [...]
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [686] one.
(PS4V1) [687] one.
[688] two is is is er
Ray (PS4V3) [689] .
(PS4V1) [690] manufacture,.
[691] They're storage of diesel, do they have storage of diesel there?
(PS4V7) [692] Well they've got lorries haven't they I don't know why they they have got lorries
Ray (PS4V3) [693] Hang on that's [...] that's not.
[694] We'd better have gas-oil
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [695] [...] to take containers from here and leave the containers there.
[696] I think that you should have a small amount, just what you're using on the day
Lynne (PS4V4) [697] Hello?
(PS4V1) [698] and and fetch it from if al if we're allowed to do that .
Lynne (PS4V4) [699] No just a sec who is it, Vernon?
[700] Just a sec.
[701] It's Vernon.
(PS4V5) [702] [...] I'll look at the safety aspect.
Ray (PS4V3) [703] well it's not all that inflammable, gas oil isn't is it?
(PS4V2) [704] Hello [...] .
(PS4V1) [705] No
Ray (PS4V3) [706] Not diesel.
(PS4V1) [707] be nice to get it from [...] rather than take it from here that's what I was thinking.
(PS4V7) [708] [...] what I don't see any difference in it actually.
[709] Cos we've still got to put it in drums to take it from from to one .
(PS4V2) [710] Mm well yeah What is it is it on this turntable ?
(PS4V1) [711] I'll make a note that you mentioned it anyway.
[712] Er the
Ray (PS4V3) [713] I did work for a petrol company [...] .
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V5) [714] Is is the er is the space that's gonna be taken up by palletizing [...]
(PS4V2) [715] Yeah.
(PS4V5) [716] much greater than it would otherwise be if you
(PS4V2) [717] Yeah.
(PS4V5) [718] free free stacked it? ...
Ray (PS4V3) [719] Well it all depen if we can get it three high
(PS4V2) [720] Yeah [...] I mean there's no comeback on us is there?
(PS4V1) [721] This lifter three pallets high [...] lifting [...]
(PS4V2) [722] Er well if it's if it's possible yeah, but if if it's on your [...] you'll have to disconnect your battery [...] .
(PS4V1) [723] That's why 's going up today
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V5) [724] something about the space availability.
(PS4V2) [725] As long as there's no comeback.
(PS4V1) [726] Erm you'll be surprised.
(PS4V2) [727] Okay okay .
(PS4V5) [728] There's a lot of space there is there?
Ray (PS4V3) [729] There is a lot of space.
(PS4V5) [730] [...] all the packaging and the gateway stuff and all that?
Ray (PS4V3) [731] The gateway we're still in the far left hand corner cos he's [...] said he'll move that over the other side.
(PS4V5) [732] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [733] He knows it's got to be kept separate from the other.
(PS4V5) [734] Okay.
[735] And then what about the remainder of the old [...] because there's about four thousand cubic metres of that.
[736] Is the intention to palletize that or to leave it as it is.
Ray (PS4V3) [737] Well erm we'll leave that as it is .
(PS4V5) [738] Leave it as it is.
[739] Now
Ray (PS4V3) [740] But what we could do of course, is is we put in a time between [...] containers, we could always use them to re-palletize it.
(PS4V5) [741] Palletize it.
(PS4V2) [742] Yes you could that's that's a good idea.
Ray (PS4V3) [743] Yeah I mean so as they're not stood there doing nothing.
(PS4V2) [744] Yeah that's an excellent idea.
Ray (PS4V3) [745] This is the idea wh asked Peter [...] Mark cos you know and he can can control people you know.
(PS4V2) [746] One of the main concerns that Vernon had was the mess that was caused by throwing, his words, the bales down, and they were breaking open.
(PS4V5) [747] Mhm.
(PS4V2) [748] Erm has that how are we going to address that problem in the future?
Ray (PS4V3) [749] Well we can't because they're that high.
[750] You can't
(PS4V2) [751] So it's still going to create a mess.
Ray (PS4V3) [752] It's still gonna create a mess
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [753] The pile that's there there's gonna be a certain amount of mess that comes of it .
(PS4V2) [754] So [...] if he's got that place in a good state, it's beholden on us
(PS4V1) [755] To keep it
(PS4V2) [756] to keep it that way.
(PS4V1) [757] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [758] The area where he's cleared.
[759] Yes.
(PS4V2) [760] Yes.
(PS4V1) [761] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V2) [762] I got this clear but you've messed it up again.
(PS4V1) [763] No I mean we're we're we're actually getting the area just inside the door where there's some quite unstable amount.
[764] Alright we're actually getting that sorted out straight away and we're gonna sort of step it back if you like.
(PS4V2) [765] Okay.
(PS4V1) [766] Initially.
Ray (PS4V3) [767] We're gonna make it safe cos when you're [...] the door you can actually walk in the door and and get clobbered with a lot of bales I feel so we're gonna make that safe.
[768] But by starting at the other end,
(PS4V2) [769] Mm.
Ray (PS4V3) [770] we're gonna leave it nice nice and tidy [...] pallets.
(PS4V2) [771] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [772] but it doesn't solve the problem at the other end.
(PS4V2) [773] No no.
Ray (PS4V3) [774] So anything we're doing now
(PS4V2) [775] Is for the future.
Ray (PS4V3) [776] I rang yesterday I said, well look we've got the okay to palletize it now and he's quite happy about that.
(PS4V2) [777] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [778] And it solves the problem once and for all.
(PS4V2) [779] It does yeah.
[780] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [781] So everything's going really according to plan [...] .
[782] Er racking damage, Carrie's who [...] in bay one and two, came to me this morning and said the the racking that he checks it every morning when he comes at six or wh Six seven, whenever he starts.
[783] He said one of the beams had been hit and dented.
(PS4V1) [784] [...] of the new racking.
Ray (PS4V3) [785] One of the new racking.
[786] Now it's pretty obvious one side ... the fo A forklift [...] has tried to put a pallet in between two and nudged the pallet next to it and it's the pallet's dropped down into the racking.
[787] Right.
[788] Then he's tried from the other side and he's done the same from the other side.
[789] That by putting it in the middle of the other side, he clipped the pallet again the opposite side and that also went down in between the racks and dropped on the pallet below it.
[790] Fortunately they're both part pallets so they [...] .
[791] But when he's put the pallets in the centre of the beam [...] one either side, he's hit the racking beam and it's dented.
[792] Now nobody's done it, now we've got two people in our area and one [...] packing line, so I suggest we get them three together now and sort it out as to who done it and if they haven't done it and then wait while the three o'clock mane comes on, see if he's done it.
(PS4V2) [793] Mm.
Ray (PS4V3) [794] Cos there's only four people working there.
(PS4V2) [795] This this is er carelessness is it?
[796] It's
Ray (PS4V3) [797] Pardon?
(PS4V2) [798] That is carelessness that's caused this?
[799] I mean c can that sort of thing happen by accident or is it just carelessness
Ray (PS4V3) [800] I could happen by accident pure accident
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [801] Certainly [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [802] but what I'm saying, nobody's a
(PS4V1) [803] Nobody's owned up to it.
Ray (PS4V3) [804] Nobody's owned up to it.
[805] So we we well all I suggest is we get the three together after the meeting, John and our two men and say, well look, who's done it and if they haven't, see the other man when he comes on.
(PS4V2) [806] [...] as far as the racking itself's concerned has it erm affected the stability of the racking or has it just dented it I mean is do we need to do anything about it?
Ray (PS4V3) [807] The beam'll have to come out.
[808] The beam'll have to be changed without a doubt.
[809] And what we don't know yet if the back beam's alright.
[810] I I think the back beam'll be alright.
(PS4V2) [811] He must've whacked it fairly hard to caused that sort of damage.
Ray (PS4V3) [812] It wouldn't take a very big hit with the mass of a forklift to dent it in actual fact.
(PS4V2) [813] Wouldn't it?
Ray (PS4V3) [814] No no.
(PS4V2) [815] Is that sort of thing, presumably we've got to get the racking people back in to do that have we?
Ray (PS4V3) [816] Well we can change it
(PS4V2) [817] We can change it?
Ray (PS4V3) [818] No we we can change them.
[819] we [...]
(PS4V2) [820] Do we have spare racking beams?
Ray (PS4V3) [821] No we've got five spare uprights though, by changing the design, the layout, we've got five spare uprights out of the
(PS4V2) [822] But it's a horizontal beam you want.
Ray (PS4V3) [823] But it's the horizontal beam we want.
(PS4V2) [824] Sod's Law innit.
Ray (PS4V3) [825] Sod's Law.
[826] [...] the horizontal beam [...] cost so much [...]
(PS4V5) [827] [...] swap for one of your spare uprights.
Ray (PS4V3) [828] No but
(PS4V5) [829] I though of ringing Paul today to ask him about what he was gonna do with this other racking [...] .
Ray (PS4V3) [830] Er there's a chap coming to see me tomorrow
(PS4V2) [831] Oh fine.
Ray (PS4V3) [832] er a local chap was rung me up yesterday Well rang me up
(PS4V2) [833] Mm.
Ray (PS4V3) [834] I said, no no we haven't got any scrap racking.
[835] But he put me [...] in touch with a chap who was interested in buying it.
[836] So I rang Paul and er he's coming up tomorrow, he would have come in today [...] had to go to but he's coming in the morning to look at it.
(PS4V2) [837] Fine.
Ray (PS4V3) [838] It's the same chap as put the racking in the [...] room.
(PS4V2) [839] Oh from er [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
(PS4V2) [840] Yeah yeah [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [841] knows you quite well.
[842] Well apparently Peter
(PS4V2) [843] Yeah, Pete .
[844] Pete .
Ray (PS4V3) [845] And he says, I understand you've put some new racking in.
[846] Why didn't Steve ring me and tell me he was putting some
(PS4V2) [laugh]
Ray (PS4V3) [847] I said, I don't suppose Steve knew at the time.
[848] So he said [...] .
[849] I don't want to know that he says.
(PS4V2) [850] Eh?
Ray (PS4V3) [851] I don't want to know that.
[852] But he's interested in buying the old racking
(PS4V2) [853] Is he?
Ray (PS4V3) [854] but he's not [...]
(PS4V2) [855] I thought Pete had retired actually mind you [...] sons isn't it.
[856] Anyway.
[857] Yes.
[858] Nothing to do with me.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [laugh]
Ray (PS4V3) [859] Yeah, that was all I had to report thank you.
(PS4V2) [860] Thank you Peter?
(PS4V1) [861] We have had a problem for a long period of time now on high conductivity.
(PS4V2) [862] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [863] Now contrary to what we'd been informed erm the problem occurred over the last couple of days and having spoken to the ladies in the laboratory, the problem hasn't been purely on line five [...] machine.
[864] It has been occurring on lines one, two and the [...] machine.
[865] And it is an ongoing problem.
[866] Now in the absence of Dr and anybody else, yesterday, er myself, Ian , Nick er and one of the lab girls got together, we trialled all sorts of different er ways and means of getting round the high conductivity that was occurring er vis a vis a multi-purpose mix.
(PS4V2) [867] That was the one that you had the problem with last week wasn't it?
(PS4V1) [868] Yes.
[869] It's always appears to be that's the one that's brought to our attention.
[870] Now whether it's a h because it's a er a home name brand erm and it's not a standard, it is brought to our attention, there may be something there.
[871] We went round various different avenues and to [...] I asked Ian and Nick to actually change the formulation and decrease the amount of nutrients that were put in a mix.
[872] We did that mixed it up
(PS4V2) [873] Sorry did you get [...] did you get Chris 's approval?
(PS4V1) [874] No I didn't no I didn't.
[875] I did a two metre batch.
(PS4V2) [876] Oh okay.
(PS4V1) [877] Okay.
[878] A minimal amount.
[879] Because I couldn't er i mean Chris was one minute he was on the phone, the next minute you couldn't get hold of him.
(PS4V2) [880] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [881] But we had to do something.
[882] I did this and the actual conductivity reading come out at one thousand.
[883] Now the minimum is supposed to be eight hundred, the maximum is supposed to be twelve hundred.
[884] And I thought a thousand was a good mean average between them.
[885] Erm ... but obviously that was only a two metre mix.
[886] I then asked rather than erm wait for ... er Dr to come back, er we changed onto a different product which didn't involve conductivity but before doing that, I asked for ten pallets of to be run off with the nutrient mix reduced from two K Gs per metre to one point five K Gs per metre.
[887] And see how that panned out.
[888] And I've had the lab results this morning, and they're still high.
[889] The conductivity is still high.
[890] Not as high as they have been but they range from thirteen eighty five to fourteen forty.
(PS4V2) [891] Isn't [...] something to do with the with the the way it's mixed isn't isn't Chris talking about ... No?
(PS4V1) [892] Erm if we knew the answer and this problem has been going on for for nine months.
[893] Er but it was
(PS4V2) [...]
(PS4V1) [894] an area that we hadn't attempted before.
[895] Okay we hadn't attempted reducing the nutrient
(PS4V2) [896] [...] thin ground I think you're on dangerous grounds adjusting the formulations aren't you without [...]
(PS4V1) [897] Yes yes of co of course I was, but i couldn't get hold of Dr and I thought well we're gonna have to try it this way anyway at some stage.
[898] So
(PS4V2) [899] So you've done ten pallets, what's happening with that ten pallet?
(PS4V1) [900] Well as soon as we get hold of Dr I am sure he will he will clear it as being okay on the conductivity readings.
[901] Okay there's no problem there.
[902] Or there is a problem because they're slightly high.
[903] But not as high as some we have.
[904] By the sa at the same time, I obtained the lab analyses for the last year.
[905] Now just going on products, off the compost plant for the last six months, I've gone through, I've taken I've noted down the number of samples taken, each month by month.
[906] The total conductivity readings for those samples for that month.
[907] And divided it by the number of samples taken to give us a mean average.
[908] Erm ... and it it it there's actually a pattern emerging er from October whereby the the conductivity reading is going higher and higher and higher.
[909] Erm and then averaging it out over that six seven months.
[910] Now I'm gonna discuss it with Dr who I spoke to y when I spoke to him yesterday, assured me he would be in today.
[911] Er and also Tom.
(PS4V2) [912] So what was the mean average of the conductivity from October?
(PS4V1) [913] October was one thousand one hundred and forty six which is quite near
(PS4V2) [914] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [915] to the border line.
[916] November was one thousand one hundred and two, December was one thousand and eighty seven and January was one thousand two hundred and eighty two.
[917] Now if we go back to July, it was nine hundred and nine.
[918] August was nine hundred and ninety one, September was nine hundred and seventy six.
(PS4V2) [...]
(PS4V1) [919] So it appears that it's increased.
(PS4V2) [920] Is there anything that's fundamental changed with I mean we're using exactly the same formulation.
(PS4V1) [921] We're using the same formulation.
(PS4V2) [922] Same process
(PS4V1) [923] Well as far as I'm aware we're using the formulation, yes.
(PS4V2) [924] Same process?
(PS4V1) [925] Same process.
(PS4V2) [926] Same raw material suppliers?
(PS4V1) [927] Yes.
[928] Yes.
[929] In in erm December in fact, we went on to what had happened was early last year, the nutrients were changed.
(PS4V2) [930] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [931] Now we'd never had a problem before with high conductivity.
[932] Erm so we ... we asked and asked and asked could we change back to the old nutrients which we did do in the early part of December, and lo and behold, suddenly there wasn't a problem.
[933] Everything was being passed.
(PS4V2) [934] Have we gone back to [...]
(PS4V1) [935] But it's now going ba No we're still on the trial nutrients.
(PS4V2) [936] The the or
Lynne (PS4V4) [937] The original old ones .
(PS4V1) [938] The original nutrients .
(PS4V2) [939] The original old ones .
Lynne (PS4V4) [940] Yes.
(PS4V1) [941] The original old ones we're still on those but it's
(PS4V2) [942] [...] you're still using those, but your conductivity's still going up.
Lynne (PS4V4) [943] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [944] it's still going up again.
[945] So that really
(PS4V2) [946] Have you got any readings from January last year?
(PS4V1) [947] Yes.
(PS4V2) [948] What what was January last year like?
(PS4V1) [949] Er I I couldn't tell you off the top of me head I because I was working on it till half past midnight. [...]
(PS4V2) [950] It's nothing to do Nothing to do with the [...] the atmospheric conditions is it.
(PS4V1) [951] It could be.
Lynne (PS4V4) [952] [...] it seems funny because we reckon when it rains, it's it makes a difference
(PS4V1) [953] But when I spoke to Dr last week I mean he just held his hands up and said i don't know.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V2) [954] Okay.
Lynne (PS4V4) [955] What do you want Brian.
(PS4V2) [956] [...] .
Lynne (PS4V4) [957] You don't want any white rolls do you?
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [958] No I want to plug something in there.
(PS4V2) [959] Anyway [...] seeing [...] about that Steve.
(PS4V1) [960] I'm seeing Chris about that today but in the absence I I did clear it with Arthur, what i was going to do.
(PS4V2) [961] Oh okay.
(PS4V1) [962] Alright?
[963] I I explained to him exactly what I was going to do and he said, okay.
(PS4V2) [964] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [965] Alright but just this once.
(PS4V2) [966] Okay.
(PS4V1) [967] Erm Yes i know I was treading on dodgy ground but we've got to do something
(PS4V2) [...] [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [968] But it's been so long.
(PS4V2) [969] okay just that I think if you'd done it on your own
(PS4V1) [970] Oh no.
(PS4V2) [971] then I think that might have been
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [972] No but it I mean it's just been so long, it I I said to him, can I do this trial and he said, and i explained everything about it and he said, yes try it.
(PS4V2) [973] What do we do with all this stuff that's got excessively high conductivity, I mean is it being [...] what's happening to it ?
Lynne (PS4V4) [974] Well nine times out of ten we re re-sample it and it's allowed to go out.
(PS4V1) [975] But there are occasions when we've had to rip and tip but it's causing a problem
Lynne (PS4V4) [976] Most of it has been
(PS4V1) [977] cos we've got thirty five pallets down at street which then has to be
Lynne (PS4V4) [...]
(PS4V1) [978] re-stacked and it has to be rewrapped and
Lynne (PS4V4) [979] But if it's rubbish it's storage for Dick it's taking up.
(PS4V7) [980] Once you start pulling pallets to pieces and then you've got to replace the pack what you've t taken off and rewrap it again and
Lynne (PS4V4) [981] Hopefully today we'll get an answer because the first eleven samples it said that the conductivity ... up and down up and down
(PS4V6) [982] [...] because you you've got something else [...] that's erm each pack is six by five litres.
[983] [...] how many packs there are on there.
Lynne (PS4V4) [984] Forty two.
(PS4V6) [985] Forty two, yeah.
[986] Forty two packs of six by five litres, you go across, you take a a sample out of a bag and if it's low it's okay, if it's high they scrap the pallet.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [987] What surprises me is I went into the lab and I said to Sharon you know, er I said we've still got [break in recording]
(PS4V6) [988] Well I thought what we wous what we would have done four fi four, five years ago like, I mean that would have been stopped and and and scrapped.
(PS4V2) [989] Okay.
(PS4V6) [990] He's letting all sorts go through at the moment.
(PS4V2) [991] Erm.
(PS4V6) [992] Mainly because when we recheck it again you see, through whatever reason you see, it's [...]
(PS4V1) [993] A lot of times [laughing] a lot of times [] it it it goes back to normal.
[994] Goes okay.
(PS4V2) [995] The conductivity doesn't stay at a certain level then?
(PS4V6) [996] Well [...]
(PS4V1) [997] Well it appears to fluctuate.
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [998] Yeah but Eric Eric took one bag and took how many four different samples and got four different readings out of one bag.
[999] How can you do that?
(PS4V1) [1000] It's got absolutely nothing to do with the with the erm with the peat.
[1001] Let me say that because we've done a trial with wet peat we did a trial with dry peat .
(PS4V6) [1002] [...] wet and dry [...] exactly the same [...] Yeah identical.
(PS4V2) [1003] Okay, seeing Dr [...] .
(PS4V1) [1004] Okay and just one th I don't know who's responsible for the area by the the washing hose.
[1005] Outside the packing store.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1006] Just there a in the packing store.
(PS4V1) [1007] The the hose is ... is well I mean i somebody could fall over it, it's by a fire exit door.
[1008] Somebody could fall over it.
[1009] Er I don't know who's responsible for the area, if nobody is, I'll get somebody to tidy it up .
(PS4V2) [...]
(PS4V6) [1010] Well yeah it's a it is a yard area.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1011] Well it's actually inside and
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [1012] But it's a by a fire exit so and i would assume they're gonna be looking at it anyway.
[1013] [...] Just need to get it sorted.
[1014] Lynne brought it to my attention.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1015] Well it is [...] It's actually inside that door.
[1016] I was checking the walkway [...] the insurance man and the fire door's there and the hose is on the floor like that.
(PS4V2) [1017] [...] it's not outside.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1018] No it's inside.
(PS4V1) [1019] It's inside.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1020] It's inside the packing door.
(PS4V2) [1021] So this is this is [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [1022] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [1023] We better get it cleared before this lot
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [1024] We need a reel or a hook on the wall for them to put the
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [1025] Yeah but at the minute it just comes out the way of the door .
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [1026] The reason why it's inside, cos of frost, that's why it's inside.
(PS4V2) [1027] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [1028] But you see the people they just drag it down, they don't put it back.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1029] Mad.
Ray (PS4V3) [1030] And now we've made it a fire door it's made it worse.
(PS4V1) [1031] That's that's all from me.
[1032] Thank you Steve.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1033] No.
(PS4V2) [1034] Erm Dick I I walked round the site on ... Friday with er Paul and S Paul and Stuart because Paul has been [...] I don't necessarily think this for you I don't know why I said Dick then.
[1035] To everybody, I walked round the site with Paul and and Stuart last Friday because Paul had been whingeing to me about erm twenty five K G palletizing and the fact that they weren't they weren't properly packed as it were.
[1036] And I said, Okay look, if I'm gonna say something to anybody, I want to have a look [...] show me what you're talking about.
[1037] So we went to the sixty six shop and I said what's wrong with that, pristine beautiful.
[1038] And we actually then went down and we looked all over the place and there are quite a number of pallets that in fact are not properly stacked.
[1039] Now er they're all Hand [...] I take it those twenty fives are they?
[1040] Twenty five K Gs.
Ray (PS4V3) [1041] Yeah when they're patting the when they're patting the mixtures yeah.
(PS4V2) [1042] Erm
Ray (PS4V3) [1043] And then we pick from them.
(PS4V2) [1044] You pick from them.
[1045] The the problem would appear to be on people like D K who are the main complainers, that unless it's dead square, they're complaining about it.
Ray (PS4V3) [1046] That's right.
(PS4V2) [1047] And they're saying They are saying that we're only ones they get pallets like that from.
[1048] Now if you do walk around you'll see that there are quite a number of pallets that you could argue are not well not well packaged on the on the pallet.
Ray (PS4V3) [1049] Mm.
(PS4V2) [1050] Do is there is there anything we can do about this.
Ray (PS4V3) [1051] Yeah well what we do i All D K is double wrapped.
[1052] We select the pallets then
(PS4V2) [1053] Do you?
Ray (PS4V3) [1054] they must be uniform.
[1055] They mustn't be out of the perimeters of the pallet.
[1056] We go to no end of trouble to
(PS4V2) [1057] [...] D K I mean the fee
Ray (PS4V3) [1058] And it's all all the loads have to be signed by Chand and or [...] to say [...]
(PS4V2) [1059] Okay so you do bend over backwards for D K .
Ray (PS4V3) [1060] We do bend over backwards for D K .
[1061] And what's concerning me about the D K , I think we brought it up yesterd yesterday it was.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1062] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [1063] About when they get a load of in,
(PS4V2) [1064] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [1065] I always insisted it went from
(PS4V2) [1066] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [1067] now it's going from er .
(PS4V2) [1068] Yes.
Ray (PS4V3) [1069] They're stacking isn't as good as what was.
[1070] And the wrapping certainly isn't which Ray's taken up with them anyway.
(PS4V2) [1071] Well we're gonna get complaints from D K again if that's the case aren't we.
Ray (PS4V3) [1072] We are.
[1073] But er we don't send the out of there.
(PS4V2) [1074] You don't send it out of.
Ray (PS4V3) [1075] I think a lot of our problems is caused by outside satellite locations cos we never have any control over what [...]
(PS4V2) [1076] I think if we if we if we did actually look around long and hard rather than superficially at what we've got out in the yard, then it's ever so easy to criticize.
[1077] I mean it's [...] the world [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [1078] Oh well yes it is.
(PS4V2) [1079] I do think if er if we it strikes me I forgotten what the new guy's name is you've got in charge of the yard, what's his name?
Ray (PS4V3) [1080] Brian .
(PS4V2) [1081] Brian, he strikes me as being a guy that that will look will do things and will probably get that yard in a good state.
Ray (PS4V3) [1082] We will but it'll it'll take him another probably another three weeks [...] but it's he's getting there.
[1083] He knows which way he's going .
(PS4V2) [1084] Alright all I all I'd ask is that would you erm just mention to him what I've said and that if he believes after discussion with you that there are some pallets which are not in a fit state to send out, and they are gonna tip over on a lorry and dislodge, then they are rejected and Pete Pete knows about it and they are they are actually isolated and rewrapped.
[1085] I'd rather spend money doing that before they go out than send them out and the bloody things to have to come back again.
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
(PS4V1) [1086] In in fact it wasn't long before it wasn't long before Christmas was it we we actually got together and I wrote a memo that if there is anything erm before it leaves the plant, if the tractor driver or whatever e doesn't like it and it's not acceptable then it goes back to the plant.
[1087] And a and a memo did go out .
Ray (PS4V3) [1088] [...] re-palleted though.
(PS4V1) [1089] Yes they will.
[1090] Well you you're not gonna accept it out in the yard.
[1091] Do you remember the memo I sent round.
Ray (PS4V3) [1092] Well yeah yeah.
(PS4V2) [1093] I do think we've just got to be self critical about [...] .
(PS4V1) [1094] Well that th this is why I put the memo that if it's rejected by the tractor driver who takes that trailer out,
(PS4V2) [1095] Yes.
(PS4V1) [1096] then it's you know, the plant will do it .
(PS4V2) [...]
(PS4V1) [1097] Oh no I we understand that.
(PS4V2) [1098] I'm saying we have to be self critical
(PS4V1) [1099] Oh of course we do yeah.
(PS4V2) [1100] and er er walking round with Paul and Stuart, I saw what they were talking about.
[1101] You know, I couldn't hand on heart say, Paul, Stuart you're wrong.
[1102] Now here it i this is what we do this is what it's like, it's fine, you've got nothing to complain about.
[1103] I couldn't say that.
[1104] I had to come back to a degree agreeing with them.
[1105] There was only a small percentage but it's that small percentage which gives our problem.
Ray (PS4V3) [1106] That's right yes.
(PS4V2) [1107] And so I say, for heaven sakes, let's all be self critical and and not send stuff out because Ah it'll be alright, that'll probably be accepted.
[1108] I'd rather not take that risk because [...]
Ray (PS4V3) [1109] Yeah.
[1110] One of the main concerns with Dick is [...] twenty five
Lynne (PS4V4) [1111] Hello.
Ray (PS4V3) [...]
(PS4V2) [1112] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [1113] And that was bagged at [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [1114] We're in a meeting who is it?
Ray (PS4V3) [1115] Now I know Alan and Ray [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [1116] I'll get then to ring [...] Alright.
Ray (PS4V3) [1117] but it's got so much of a slip factor on it.
[1118] Bone meal [...] and it's like bloody walking on ice.
(PS4V2) [1119] Yeah.
Ray (PS4V3) [1120] You know.
[1121] But it has improved now.
[1122] The ones that come in now are a lot better.
(PS4V2) [1123] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [1124] But we are conscious of D K .
(PS4V2) [1125] Right.
Ray (PS4V3) [1126] [...] we have to do that as well.
(PS4V2) [1127] Right [...] just quickly whip through because I'm a bit out of touch with what's go Erm Nick ?
[1128] He's he's [...] . ...
(PS4V1) [1129] Nick is diabetic.
(PS4V2) [1130] Yeah. ...
(PS4V1) [1131] And he he was ill
(PS4V2) [1132] I don't [...] .
Lynne (PS4V4) [1133] Sorry?
(PS4V2) [1134] I don't want this minuting.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1135] Fine.
(PS4V1) [1136] He was ill back November, December, over Christmas, through to January.
[1137] He was cleared by the doctor to come back because he had basically renal failure.
(PS4V2) [1138] Yes.
(PS4V1) [1139] Erm ... I am concerned about his eyesight.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1140] He's undergoing laser treatment at the minute isn't he?
(PS4V1) [1141] Yeah.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1142] Hello Yeah.
(PS4V1) [1143] He's undergoing laser treatment but as everybody will point out to you, when he's in the Tardis and he's operating the computer, even with his glasses on, he's reading it like this.
[1144] I am concerned about his eyesight.
[1145] The chap is very very experienced, he knows what he's doing and he's he you you couldn't ask for a better worker really but yes d I I do believe he's got a problem with his eyesight.
(PS4V2) [1146] Okay.
Ray (PS4V3) [1147] Er
(PS4V2) [1148] [...] affecting the way [...] job?
Ray (PS4V3) [1149] I'll get back to you in a minute then.
[1150] Just give me a couple of minutes Cindy.
(PS4V2) [1151] Should he be should he be
(PS4V1) [1152] Yes.
(PS4V2) [1153] re re reassigned [...] reassigned to something else ?
Ray (PS4V3) [1154] Does he?
(PS4V1) [1155] I'm certainly looking at that trying to f find a hole, I mean unfortunately he's a very experienced charge-hand.
(PS4V2) [1156] Oh I know he is [...]
(PS4V1) [1157] Erm yes er and and
Ray (PS4V3) [1158] Okay I'll I'll get back to you in a couple of minutes.
[1159] Thank you. [...] .
(PS4V1) [1160] I think we've we've certainly got to look at him seriously
(PS4V2) [1161] Yeah.
(PS4V1) [1162] And say erm [...] where he would be best used but there have been a couple of errors caused by his bad eyesight.
(PS4V2) [1163] What sort of errors?
(PS4V1) [1164] Erm
Lynne (PS4V4) [1165] Bulk loads.
(PS4V1) [1166] Bulk load a wrong formulation or a not a wrong formulation
Lynne (PS4V4) [1167] No no.
(PS4V1) [1168] erm the wrong amount being put onto a bulk order .
Lynne (PS4V4) [1169] He couldn't read, he assumed it said twenty cubic metres which it usually does.
[1170] And it said thirty five. ...
(PS4V1) [1171] Yeah so instead of doing thirty five metres, he actually only did twenty.
(PS4V2) [1172] I mean as you as you say, Nick's a long serving and well experienced reliable
(PS4V1) [1173] And loyal employee.
(PS4V2) [1174] and a loyal employee
(PS4V1) [1175] Yeah.
(PS4V2) [1176] so it's not a case of er ditching the guy [...] no no no
(PS4V1) [1177] No definitely not no.
(PS4V2) [1178] I mean that's that's not in question I just want to know you know try and get a bit of background, I had heard there was a possible problem erm and er how bad it was.
(PS4V1) [1179] I it's his eyesight.
[1180] [...] anything else I mean he's he's fine .
(PS4V2) [1181] Is it [...] condition?
Lynne (PS4V4) [1182] Well he's actually having treatment for it now in fact he's gone today.
[1183] Apparently they're giving him laser treatment for it.
(PS4V2) [1184] Is this likely to improve his eyesight ?
Lynne (PS4V4) [1185] To It's supposed to do yes.
(PS4V1) [1186] It's supposed to do but I think once his treatment has finished we w then w I we need to get an independent assessment
(PS4V2) [1187] [...] reassess reassess his [...]
(PS4V1) [1188] of it yeah.
(PS4V2) [1189] What other sort of job could he do erm that
Lynne (PS4V4) [1190] Could he cope as the assistant?
[1191] Rather than the charge-hand?
[1192] I mean we're asking Kevin to help him now.
(PS4V1) [1193] I mean Kevin is is helping him and he's he's checking a certain amount of his work but obviously he can't be there all the time.
(PS4V2) [1194] No.
(PS4V1) [1195] Erm I mean I'm concerned again through his eyesight that i were we to put him as the assistant and put him on a machine, that he might just put his hand somewhere and get his hand bloody trapped or whatever with his eyesight.
[1196] Er which concerns me.
(PS4V2) [1197] When's this treatment likely to be finished?
Lynne (PS4V4) [1198] I don't know when [...]
(PS4V1) [1199] I don't know we we haven't spoken to his doctor I mean
(PS4V7) [1200] He's also Professor ain't he as well?
(PS4V2) [1201] Who?
(PS4V1) [1202] Sorry.
(PS4V7) [1203] Professor [...] gentleman I was under.
[1204] And that's for protein as well.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1205] Oh that's right, he's not getting rid of his protein.
(PS4V7) [1206] That's right, he's the same as what I was.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1207] But it's his eyesight [...]
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
(PS4V1) [1208] It's his eyesight that concerns me.
(PS4V2) [1209] This is on is he er on injections for diabetes or is he er
Lynne (PS4V4) [1210] I think he's [...]
(PS4V7) [1211] Oh yeah he does, yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (JTCPSUNK) [...]
Lynne (PS4V4) [1212] And everything's alright as I say until this problem with his eyesight.
(PS4V2) [1213] And it's [...] recently.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1214] Well again we we don't know
(PS4V1) [1215] We we don't know because he hasn't said anything.
[1216] Alright but now it is starting it is starting to deteriorate quite badly because people are now noticing.
Lynne (PS4V4) [1217] The fact he's brought a magnifying glass in.
(PS4V1) [1218] He's brought a magnifying glass in and he's he's also wearing glasses now.
(PS4V2) [1219] Okay.
[1220] Right [...] to be discussed.
[1221] Right I've nothing else.
[1222] Okay, got anything else?
Lynne (PS4V4) [1223] No thank you.
(PS4V2) [1224] No right, thank you gentlemen, ladies. [recording ends]