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Orkney Sound Archive tape OSA 303: interview for oral history project. Sample containing about 4402 words speech recorded in leisure context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C639

PS5M5 X f (No name, age unknown, historian, Interviewing) unspecified
K6SPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
K6SPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
K6SPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
K6SPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 100701 recorded on 1992-08-24. LocationOrkney: South Ronaldsay () Activity: Interview for oral history project Interview, reminiscences

Undivided text

(PS5M5) [1] Oh!
[2] Just see if it's speaking to me.
[3] Sometimes it just won't work.
[4] [...] that nearly works and [...] stick that under there.
[5] Hear it?
(K6SPS000) [6] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [7] We hear it.
[8] We're saying nothing.
(PS5M5) [9] [laughing] [...] [] Now you just have to tell me about that that peedie er shop again Vera. [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [10] [...] I don't know that it was actually a shop
(PS5M5) [11] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [12] but I think it would in fact you'd maybe find records of it in some of the old Orkney boats.
(PS5M5) [13] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [14] I'm sure that's where he got it [...] .
(PS5M5) [15] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [16] And er it's it was just a I think a sort of supply of stuff was kept at certain houses.
(PS5M5) [17] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [18] So that folk maybe in the sort of parish didn't have to walk into the village to get it.
(PS5M5) [19] To get it.
[20] Well
(K6SPS000) [21] And it well they certainly [...] seemed to be to do with it at the burying like the the linen
(PS5M5) [22] Yeah?
(K6SPS000) [23] and then the bows for the [laugh]
(PS5M5) [24] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [25] I suppose it would be when they well when they dressed [...] that was the night they had a big celebration wasn't it.
(K6SPS001) [26] Aye that would be it.
(PS5M5) [27] Mm.
[28] Was that that was that was the night [...] or
(K6SPS000) [29] No.
[30] Yes that would the night when the body was put in the coffin .
(PS5M5) [31] Coffin.
(K6SPS001) [32] Aye.
(K6SPS000) [33] Yes.
(PS5M5) [34] Right.
(K6SPS000) [35] And a lot of the friends were asked to come [...]
(PS5M5) [36] To come [...] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [37] Aha.
(PS5M5) [38] Because I've had [...] a look through all the books that there was and er there's never more than what [...] .
(K6SPS000) [39] Mhm.
[40] Well you see
(PS5M5) [41] So it's something nobody knows much about what [...] were like in Orkney .
(K6SPS000) [42] [...] but this actually came from [...] thinking about shops.
(PS5M5) [43] I see.
(K6SPS000) [44] And and things that that were sold you know in different places and this
(PS5M5) [45] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [46] small sort of shops that were well in Bremness and
(PS5M5) [47] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [48] Mhm.
[49] And they would sell maybe the cloth
(K6SPS000) [50] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [51] and and the what else would they sell?
(K6SPS000) [52] Well I don't know what else they had I think
(PS5M5) [53] Ah.
(K6SPS000) [54] it was just more or less They they certainly wouldn't have food or anything like that I think it was just more or less the supplier or [...] That would be
(PS5M5) [55] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [56] when relatives called you see.
(PS5M5) [57] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [58] And so that the folk wouldn't have to trudge into the [...] to to buy their stuff [...] .
(PS5M5) [...] [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [59] No but you certainly nobody no woman ever went [...]
(PS5M5) [...]
(K6SPS000) [60] when I was young.
[61] Nobody.
[62] And in fact women weren't
(PS5M5) [63] Mm.
[64] No.
(K6SPS000) [65] seen at funerals.
(PS5M5) [66] Oh is that right?
(K6SPS000) [67] Yeah
(K6SPS001) [68] [...] the woman was never seen
(K6SPS000) [69] They went into the either the upstairs room or the kitchen or somewhere, the door was shut and that was them.
(PS5M5) [70] Oh I see so sort of on on the funeral day they they wouldn't even be in the house .
(K6SPS000) [71] Oh no no
(K6SPS001) [72] No no [...]
(K6SPS000) [73] And
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [74] and like when anybody died, your blinds were taken down.
(PS5M5) [75] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [76] And maybe a relative or a near relative would do the same.
(K6SPS001) [77] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [78] I can
(PS5M5) [79] Yes.
(K6SPS000) [80] mind being in in here with blinds down.
[81] And always when a funeral come down the school road, there's blinds would be taken down as well.
[82] As well as all
(PS5M5) [83] Oh [...]
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [84] the folk in sc on the school road.
[85] [...] Shops everything took their blinds down.
(PS5M5) [86] A sign of respect I suppose was it not ?
(K6SPS000) [87] Yes a sign of respect I suppose.
(PS5M5) [88] And what about bairns, would they keep them in?
(K6SPS000) [89] Oh yes
(PS5M5) [90] Rather then
(K6SPS000) [91] Oh yes and you didn't get to go to school.
[92] I mean you were kept home.
(PS5M5) [93] Oh!
[94] Oh is that right?
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [95] Yes.
[96] You you stayed at home.
(PS5M5) [97] I see.
[98] Oh and you would you would just get a day off for the for the funeral if it was a near relative to you.
[99] Would it be?
(K6SPS000) [100] Yes but usually you were off school right from the person died to the to to after the funeral .
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [101] How long would that be?
(K6SPS000) [102] Maybe three days.
(K6SPS001) [103] Three or four days.
(K6SPS000) [104] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [105] Three of four days.
(K6SPS000) [106] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [107] Mhm just [...] kind of
(K6SPS000) [108] Mhm.
[109] And then there's black clothes was worn.
[110] From top to toe.
(PS5M5) [111] Oh yes I've heard of it.
[112] I've heard of it.
[113] That was the one thing that was that I read in the books that it was kind of tradition for the men to wear black.
(K6SPS001) [114] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [115] Oh but the women wore black too.
(PS5M5) [116] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [117] And if you I mean if you maybe couldn't afford to buy a new raincoat, you would have a big black diamond cut off a piece of cloth
(PS5M5) [118] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [119] and sewn on.
(PS5M5) [120] Oh
(K6SPS000) [121] or an armband but it was usually a black diamond here that was worn.
(PS5M5) [122] Really?
(K6SPS000) [123] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [...]
(K6SPS001) [124] Aye and the women would wear maybe grey.
(PS5M5) [125] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [126] After [...] or or a [...] .
(K6SPS000) [127] Mhm.
[128] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [129] Aha and what about hats?
[130] Would they have [...]
(K6SPS000) [131] Oh well hats were worn.
(PS5M5) [132] or or would they [...]
(K6SPS000) [133] The funeral day they wore bowler hats.
(PS5M5) [134] Oh really?
(K6SPS000) [135] Oh yes, the men wore I can remember my father wearing a bowler hat
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [136] Oh really?
(K6SPS000) [137] Oh yes.
[138] And some of them may maybe the old women had a cap on but it was usually bowler hats.
(PS5M5) [139] For heaven sakes, bowler hats.
[140] That's just [...]
(K6SPS000) [141] That's with stiff white collars and
(K6SPS001) [142] Oh yes.
(K6SPS000) [143] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [144] That's that would be a complete suit then really wouldn't it ?
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [145] And would it be just kept for funerals especially.
(K6SPS001) [146] Oh well they usually had a dark suit [...]
(PS5M5) [147] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [148] usually in a dark navy or
(PS5M5) [149] Mhm so it would double as kind of a [...] suit
(K6SPS000) [150] Oh yes [...]
(PS5M5) [151] it they wouldn't have just special clothes for the funeral ?
(K6SPS000) [152] No no.
(K6SPS001) [153] No.
[154] [...] the bowler hat was special
(PS5M5) [155] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [156] the bowler hat.
(PS5M5) [157] Aha.
[158] Yes I can imagine that would that would be special.
[159] It wo must have been I mean that was if you [...] to get completely new clothes every time, that would have been an amazing expense wouldn't it .
(K6SPS001) [160] Oh no [...] usually [...] dark clothes.
(K6SPS000) [161] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [162] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [163] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [164] You know.
(PS5M5) [165] Ah.
[166] Well I suppose that's still a bit true.
(K6SPS001) [167] Yes.
(PS5M5) [168] [...] try and wear the dark clothes .
(K6SPS000) [169] Oh yes yes.
(K6SPS001) [170] Mm.
(PS5M5) [171] Yeah.
[172] Mhm.
[173] So would it would it almost be two parts to a funeral then?
[174] A [...] and a a burial.
[175] Was it the both both
(K6SPS000) [176] Oh yes [...]
(K6SPS001) [177] Yes [...] [...] they don't [...] now? [...]
(K6SPS000) [178] No but [...]
(PS5M5) [179] Sometimes.
(K6SPS001) [180] Well well the undertaker [...]
(K6SPS000) [181] Yes.
[182] Oh no there's no [...]
(K6SPS001) [183] [...] no report filed in like [...]
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [184] Mm.
(K6SPS000) [185] You see before there would be no women at the funeral so the women would maybe be
(K6SPS001) [186] No.
(K6SPS000) [187] you know they would come actually at that rather than funeral day .
(PS5M5) [188] Mhm.
[189] Aha.
[190] So what what was the [...] ?
[191] What you call a wake?
[192] Would that be the same ?
(K6SPS000) [193] Well yes, something the same.
[194] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [195] Mhm.
[196] So were folk actually invited to that before?
[197] Really ?
(K6SPS000) [198] Yes yes
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [199] Cos that's something that's completely
(K6SPS000) [200] Aha.
(PS5M5) [201] changes [...] and who were the invited?
[202] I read somewhere there was something called bidding?
(K6SPS001) [203] Just [...]
(PS5M5) [204] [...] bids
(K6SPS001) [205] Near relations I suppose.
(PS5M5) [206] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [207] Yes.
[208] And some would maybe just arrive if they thought they should be there.
(K6SPS001) [209] Oh I suppose so .
(PS5M5) [210] Yeah.
[211] Mhm.
[212] And would the minister be there too?
(K6SPS000) [213] No.
(K6SPS001) [214] No.
(K6SPS000) [215] No.
(PS5M5) [216] That would
(K6SPS001) [217] Not at the [...]
(K6SPS000) [218] No no.
(PS5M5) [219] Aha.
[220] That would just be the near relations then?
(K6SPS000) [221] Mhm.
[222] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [223] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [224] The undertaker [...]
(K6SPS000) [225] And then they would all stay for tea or whatever.
(K6SPS001) [226] Mm.
(PS5M5) [227] Yeah.
[228] Mhm.
[229] So who would arrange for the funeral then?
[230] Would it be that head of the family? or the coffin maker ?
(K6SPS000) [231] Oh yes usually.
[232] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [233] [...] the undertaker [...] .
(K6SPS000) [234] Oh yes I mean [...]
(K6SPS001) [235] He [...] maybe not
(K6SPS000) [236] Oh I think so I think they just you just contact the undertaker and he
(PS5M5) [237] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [238] [...] he does everything else.
(K6SPS001) [239] Yes.
(PS5M5) [240] He does the the main thing.
[241] Cos I did hear on Sanday that erm it was a joiner that made the coffin.
[242] And he was the joiner was the undertaker.
(K6SPS000) [243] Well that's quite often the case.
(PS5M5) [244] Yes.
(K6SPS001) [245] Aha.
(PS5M5) [246] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [247] And Bill [...] that was here he was the same.
[248] He made the coffins.
(K6SPS001) [249] Yes but they don't do it now
(K6SPS000) [250] No no.
(K6SPS001) [251] No.
(PS5M5) [252] Oh I see they don't so i No I suppose they're bought [...]
(K6SPS000) [253] But it's still the joiner that's the undertaker.
(PS5M5) [254] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [255] Yes that's right.
(PS5M5) [256] Yeah.
[257] And it was er no it was a lady on Sanday, her dad had been the joiner there and she said that erm he acted as the funeral arranger as well.
(K6SPS001) [258] Aye [...]
(PS5M5) [259] He did so he actually organized the funeral.
[260] But I
(K6SPS000) [261] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [262] thought that w couldn't have been normal.
[263] I was sure that it was usually the head of the family that organized that.
(K6SPS000) [264] Well I don't know.
(K6SPS001) [265] Well But it was sto er I mean to say they told er the undertaker who they wanted.
(PS5M5) [266] I see.
(K6SPS001) [267] At one time they'd say, Oh just bid the whole parish.
(K6SPS000) [268] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [269] And they'd be written cards put put out to everybody.
(PS5M5) [270] Oh I see not a funeral notice ?
(K6SPS000) [271] Yeah.
[272] Oh no no.
(K6SPS001) [273] No No.
[274] [...] funeral notice
(PS5M5) [275] Oh I s Oh really.
(K6SPS000) [276] That's that's [...]
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [277] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [278] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [279] I think [...] the first time I remember that I thought, Lord that just looked like a dance advertised through the window .
(PS5M5) [280] Yeah it does.
[281] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [282] That was [...] .
(PS5M5) [283] Mhm.
[284] So I so there'd there'd be there'd be written to and would it be special paper ?
(K6SPS000) [285] Well [...] were posted.
(PS5M5) [286] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [287] You know [...] like there was always a boy that er went round the village
(K6SPS001) [288] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [289] and just had the card with him.
(PS5M5) [290] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [291] And he had to be dressed in his Sunday best when he went round [...] .
(PS5M5) [292] I see.
(K6SPS000) [293] And he just knocked on the door and you just came and you read the card and that was it.
[294] I mean you didn't get the card, he just had the one card [...]
(PS5M5) [295] I see.
(K6SPS001) [296] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [297] Mhm.
[298] [...] Stewart [...] doing that
(PS5M5) [299] So this official card would be passed round.
[300] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [301] so that's not so many years ago.
(K6SPS001) [302] No.
(PS5M5) [303] Really is that right.
[304] I never n that's changed.
[305] And would this card be a a special black card or
(K6SPS000) [306] Oh yes.
(K6SPS001) [307] It was just a ordinary
(K6SPS000) [308] Aha just a aha
(K6SPS001) [309] [...] black edge on it.
(K6SPS000) [310] Yes
(PS5M5) [311] A black edge.
[312] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [313] And you [...] the wee envelopes that came in with the black edging on them.
(K6SPS001) [314] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [315] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [316] Aha.
(PS5M5) [317] I see and and the boy that would be sent round would he be one of the family or related to any [...]
(K6SPS000) [318] No no he would just be [...] It would just be the undertaker would usually have somebody that did that.
(K6SPS001) [319] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [320] Oh I see so
(K6SPS000) [321] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [322] this was something they would
(K6SPS000) [323] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [324] arrange.
(K6SPS000) [325] Aha.
(PS5M5) [326] I see, I didn't realize funeral notices were that new.
[327] I just thought [...]
(K6SPS001) [328] Ah well it's a good few years for this.
(K6SPS000) [329] Well [...] Stewart still did it.
(PS5M5) [330] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [331] But he would be [...] the last of them in [...] that did it.
(K6SPS001) [332] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [333] Mhm.
[334] So was there a chap in [...] that made coffins then?
(K6SPS001) [335] Oh yes.
(K6SPS000) [336] At one time yes.
[337] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [338] Aha.
[339] And
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [340] Bill [...]
(K6SPS001) [341] And [...]
(K6SPS000) [342] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [343] And sis he do it for the whole of the island or just the [...] was did the sort of parish have their own chap ?
(K6SPS000) [344] Oh no the whole whole lot.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [345] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [346] I see.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [347] Whole island.
[348] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [349] [...] .
(K6SPS000) [350] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [351] Oh there's two.
(K6SPS001) [352] Aye there's two. [...]
(PS5M5) [353] [laugh] There's always two of everything.
[354] [laugh] And what did they look like?
[355] Were they cos I read this wife in Sanday said that her dad covered the coffins in black material.
[356] So that you didn't
(K6SPS001) [357] Aha so they did.
(PS5M5) [358] see the wood.
(K6SPS000) [359] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [360] Yeah that was right.
[361] And I mind er [...] mother the first time [...]
(PS5M5) [362] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [363] it was [...] material.
(PS5M5) [364] Mosh?
(K6SPS001) [365] [...] . [...]
(PS5M5) [366] [...] .
Unknown speaker (K6SPSUNK) [...]
(K6SPS001) [367] And er I thought it was so bonny besides the [...] black.
(PS5M5) [368] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [369] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [370] So they were mauve mauve covered here.
(K6SPS001) [371] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [372] And would would erm the joiner do that himself then, he would do everything ?
(K6SPS001) [373] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [374] Yeah.
[375] And cover it was well?
(K6SPS001) [376] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [377] Mhm.
[378] And then once I suppose he wouldn't make it in the house would he he would have it made and brought to the house .
(K6SPS000) [379] No no he would [...]
(PS5M5) [380] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [381] Aha.
(PS5M5) [382] Mhm, yeah.
[383] And then there would be the [...] and then and while it would be while the f the coffin was in the house that it was [...] was it?
(K6SPS001) [384] Aye that's right.
(K6SPS000) [385] Oh yes [...] I mean the wh the funeral day, you would keep the blinds down that day too.
(K6SPS001) [386] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [387] Yeah.
[388] So so it would about four days.
(K6SPS000) [389] [...] the next day they [...] you went to nothing.
(PS5M5) [390] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [391] You didn't go to dances or anything like that. [...]
(PS5M5) [392] Yeah.
[393] And what about after the funeral day?
[394] Did it relax more then
(K6SPS000) [395] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [396] or was there a sort of spell afterwards too .
(K6SPS000) [397] Oh yes there would be you'd [...] a year you would be supposed to be [...] not very much .
(PS5M5) [398] Oh heaven's Oh right.
(K6SPS001) [399] Oh yes,you wouldn't be supposed to go to a dance or corn [...] or anything like that .
(K6SPS000) [400] Oh no.
[401] No.
(PS5M5) [402] For about a year? [...]
(K6SPS000) [403] Aha.
[404] By that time somebody else had died [...]
(PS5M5) [405] [laugh] So you were [laugh]
(K6SPS001) [406] [...] you wouldn't get [...] .
(PS5M5) [407] So you were in in mourning just like the [laughing] whole time [] .
(K6SPS000) [408] I can remember you wearing black forever.
[409] Black slippers, black stockings black [...] ,
(PS5M5) [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [410] black hat.
(K6SPS001) [411] And mother died and then father j well mother died in nineteen forty and father died in nineteen forty one.
[412] And I can't mind [...] what er what dates. [...] .
(PS5M5) [413] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [414] I can't mind [...] the dates.
[415] But it'll [...]
(PS5M5) [416] was this the time you had your black edged writing paper and black edged envelopes and [...]
(K6SPS001) [417] No well I never [...] that far but that was done and some would have the broad black [...]
(PS5M5) [418] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [419] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [420] [...] letters would come from [...] in this broad black [...]
(PS5M5) [421] Oh is that right?
[422] Mhm.
[423] Mhm just to mark
(K6SPS001) [424] You never see that now.
(K6SPS000) [425] Oh no.
(K6SPS001) [426] No.
(PS5M5) [427] No that's that's completely gone by the by yeah, yeah.
[428] Folk seem to I don't know have a different attitude completely .
(K6SPS000) [429] [...] invitations to funerals lying somewhere.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [430] [...] used to get them sent
(K6SPS001) [431] Aye [...]
(PS5M5) [432] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [433] [...] somebody had one that
(PS5M5) [434] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [435] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [436] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [437] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [438] What about the service?
[439] Would that take place in a church then or in the home ?
(K6SPS001) [440] No in the house.
(PS5M5) [441] In the house.
(K6SPS001) [442] Aye the home [...] .
(PS5M5) [443] Yeah.
[444] And and
(K6SPS001) [445] [...] it was always the home.
(PS5M5) [446] Mhm and that would be the time then that the women would go upstairs or into the kitchen or
(K6SPS001) [447] Aye [...]
(K6SPS000) [...]
(K6SPS001) [448] Aha.
(PS5M5) [449] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [450] [...] funny mind, we were just speaking about funerals not that long ago and you were just saying like er you remember the [...] , when he died, [...]
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [451] Oh yes aha.
(K6SPS001) [452] [...] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [453] And I mean there was they walked to [...] .
(PS5M5) [454] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [455] [...] it was a long trudge.
(PS5M5) [456] That is a long trudge.
(K6SPS000) [457] Aha.
(PS5M5) [458] Going from [...]
(K6SPS000) [459] And then it would just be well it would be a horse ca hearse then .
(K6SPS001) [460] Aye yes.
[461] Yes it was a horse [...]
(K6SPS000) [462] Yes it would be pulled by horses.
(PS5M5) [463] Mhm.
[464] Heaven sakes [...]
(K6SPS001) [465] And mother was the last that was in that hearse.
(K6SPS000) [466] Was that right?
(K6SPS001) [467] Mhm nineteen forty, I don't think [...] ever [...] after that.
(K6SPS000) [468] Aha.
(PS5M5) [469] Is that right.
(K6SPS001) [470] Mm.
(PS5M5) [471] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [472] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [473] [...] that field there.
(K6SPS000) [474] [...] James 's?
(K6SPS001) [475] Aye [...] stood there and mind one halloween, the boys took it and set it in front of 's door.
(K6SPS000) [476] Aha.
(PS5M5) [477] Is that right?
(K6SPS001) [478] Yes.
(PS5M5) [479] [...] . [laugh]
(K6SPS001) [480] [...] they must have
(PS5M5) [481] Oh
(K6SPS001) [482] destroyed it .
(K6SPS000) [...]
(K6SPS001) [483] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [484] Probably right enough.
[485] So would the coffin be carried out of the house then, into the hearse.
(K6SPS000) [486] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [487] And that would be the ma well that would be the like the closest
(K6SPS000) [488] Yes.
(PS5M5) [489] be like the bearers would do that [...] ?
(K6SPS000) [490] Aha.
[491] Aha.
(PS5M5) [492] Do you ever mind them walking, carrying the coffin [...] to the graveyard.
[493] Cos on a couple of islands
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [494] the walked with the coffin.
(K6SPS000) [495] Yeah that that used to be I've seen on film I've seen that you know like in Stornoway and places like that they carried the coffins
(K6SPS001) [496] I suppose.
(K6SPS000) [497] Aha.
(PS5M5) [498] I suppose that's where they had no roads maybe or no hearse or something .
(K6SPS000) [499] No no.
[500] No.
(PS5M5) [501] There would always be a a hearse.
(K6SPS000) [502] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [503] Was that a special cart then?
(K6SPS000) [504] Oh yes.
(K6SPS001) [505] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [506] Mhm
(K6SPS000) [507] Aha.
[508] Special.
(PS5M5) [509] Just just used for
(K6SPS000) [510] It was c it was covered.
[511] Wasn't it, the hearse was covered in?
(K6SPS001) [512] Yes it was just a
(K6SPS000) [513] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [514] black coach you know with glass
(K6SPS000) [515] Something like a coach.
(PS5M5) [516] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [517] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [518] Yes just like a coach.
(K6SPS000) [519] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [520] Driven with horse driven.
(K6SPS000) [521] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [522] Mhm.
[523] And would the undertaker drive it?
(K6SPS001) [524] No.
[525] It was always a
(K6SPS000) [526] Well it was somebody who could work horses I suppose .
(K6SPS001) [527] Somebody well it was Magnus Bruce that used to drive it.
[528] Cos well I
(K6SPS000) [529] Ah.
(PS5M5) [530] Magnus Bruce.
(K6SPS001) [531] don't know why.
[532] I don't know [...] but he used to drive it.
(K6SPS000) [533] That would be Robert [...] 's grandfather.
(PS5M5) [534] Oh heaven sakes yeah [...] .
(K6SPS001) [535] I think he I think he drove it.
(K6SPS000) [536] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [537] Mhm.
[538] So would this be just a a this hearse be just a black cart with glass and then a hood?
[539] Be quite, nobody would fit in it?
[540] Or did [...]
(K6SPS001) [541] No no there's just [...]
(K6SPS000) [...]
(K6SPS001) [542] Yes
(PS5M5) [543] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [544] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [545] I see.
[546] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [547] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [548] And then it would be Then would the mean follow the hearse?
(K6SPS000) [549] Yes yes.
(K6SPS001) [550] Yes.
(PS5M5) [551] Mhm.
[552] Right to the graveyard and then it would be
(K6SPS000) [553] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [554] It was a long day you know.
(PS5M5) [555] Yes it would be.
(K6SPS000) [556] [...] some of them forgot to come back at night.
[557] They used to [...] .
(PS5M5) [558] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [559] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [560] Consolers. [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [561] Yes.
(PS5M5) [562] And what times would funerals normally be?
[563] In an afternoon?
(K6SPS000) [564] I don't know.
(K6SPS001) [565] Twelve o'clock usually .
(K6SPS000) [566] Twelve o'clock?
(K6SPS001) [567] Yes.
[568] Twelve o'clock used to be a great well as far as I can remember.
(K6SPS000) [569] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [570] It was twelve o'clock the funeral was a usually at.
(PS5M5) [571] I see .
(K6SPS001) [572] And now it's usually two.
(K6SPS000) [573] Aha.
(PS5M5) [574] That's right it's moved to the afternoon.
(K6SPS001) [575] [...] well [...] twelve before they walked the distance and got back again.
(K6SPS000) [576] Aha.
(PS5M5) [577] That's well that's right.
[578] They'd be following the cart so it would be going slow wouldn't it.
(K6SPS001) [579] Yes.
(K6SPS000) [580] Aha.
(PS5M5) [581] Mhm.
[582] And er the minister would be at the house?
[583] Or would have to would he ?
(K6SPS001) [...] [...] [...]
(PS5M5) [584] Was the minister at the house? [laugh]
(K6SPS001) [585] Whether he had to walk or whether [...] I don't know.
(PS5M5) [586] But he would be at the house anyway wouldn't he ?
(K6SPS001) [587] Oh sure.
(PS5M5) [588] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [589] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [590] And old Mr our minister he he used to by pony and trap.
(K6SPS000) [591] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [592] But I remember [...] he never had a trap or anything.
(K6SPS000) [...]
(PS5M5) [593] Mhm.
[594] Mhm.
[595] Yeah so he wouldn't have a tra And then they would So it would start I suppose folk would start arriving at the house quite early in the morning .
(K6SPS000) [596] Oh I would think so.
[597] Mhm .
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [598] And then they'd have the funeral at twelve and then they would walk.
(K6SPS001) [599] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [600] Right.
[601] And then was did they come back for tea at the house?
(K6SPS001) [602] No no that wasn't done then.
(PS5M5) [603] I see.
[604] That's is that a new thing then?
(K6SPS001) [605] Yes.
[606] Er
(PS5M5) [607] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [608] I don't remember anybody coming back here
(PS5M5) [609] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [610] Not [...]
(PS5M5) [611] So the women weren't staying at home in the itched to make things for or to back or anything ?
(K6SPS001) [612] Oh no there was nothing of the kind no.
(PS5M5) [613] Mhm.
[614] I see.
[615] And and [...] they wouldn't be in the procession either ?
(K6SPS001) [616] Oh no no.
[617] No no
(K6SPS000) [618] No no .
(PS5M5) [619] No.
[620] Yes it'd be just be the men at the graveyard .
(K6SPS001) [621] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [622] Cos in [...] apparently the women attended too.
[623] But I've
(K6SPS000) [624] Yes. [...]
(PS5M5) [625] Yeah But I've never
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [626] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [627] [...] attended as well. [...]
(PS5M5) [628] Oh is that right?
(K6SPS000) [629] that the women went there.
[630] But
(PS5M5) [631] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [632] how long ago that was I don't know.
(PS5M5) [633] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [634] [...] they certainly went there long before they did down here.
(K6SPS001) [635] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [636] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [637] That's right.
(PS5M5) [638] I see.
(K6SPS000) [639] And even still, there's not an awful lot of women go to funerals here .
(PS5M5) [640] No no.
[641] You don't see it right enough.
[642] Not really.
[643] And then but it was seen as okay that the men could go to the pub after a funeral?
(K6SPS000) [644] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [645] Er that was
(K6SPS001) [646] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [647] Aha.
(PS5M5) [648] Yeah.
[649] Quite condoled.
[650] Mhm.
[651] So that's that's quite interesting too.
[652] Cos I wondered if funerals would would wo have been seen as another sign of disrespect.
[653] To have alcohol at it.
[654] But it doesn't seem to have been .
(K6SPS000) [655] Oh no no.
(PS5M5) [656] [...] And the wake would that always be The [...] would that always be an evening thing?
(K6SPS000) [657] Always an evening thing yes .
(K6SPS001) [658] Yes.
[659] Aha.
(K6SPS000) [660] Aha.
(PS5M5) [661] Yeah.
[662] Whereas the funerals was a whole day.
(K6SPS000) [663] Aha.
(PS5M5) [664] Yeah.
(K6SPS001) [665] That's right.
(PS5M5) [666] Well that's we've got quite a lot that's that's [laughing] brilliant [] .
[667] [...] you see none of that's written down because nobody
(K6SPS000) [668] No.
(PS5M5) [669] knows that.
(K6SPS000) [670] No.
(PS5M5) [671] Er [...] nobody knows that.
(K6SPS000) [672] Did they have wreaths in them days?
(PS5M5) [673] Oh that's the other thing I meant to ask
(K6SPS001) [674] [...] it was home-made wreaths.
(PS5M5) [675] Home-made wreaths.
(K6SPS000) [676] Yeah, the people, what did they make them out of?
(K6SPS001) [677] Well evergreens.
(K6SPS000) [678] Oh I see.
(PS5M5) [679] Oh I see.
(K6SPS001) [680] Well if there was flowers in
(K6SPS000) [681] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [682] growing at that time, it would have flowers stuck in.
(K6SPS000) [683] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [684] But it was evergreens [...] I can mind mother making them.
(K6SPS000) [685] Aha.
(PS5M5) [686] Oh really.
(K6SPS001) [687] Oh yes, I can mind mother
(K6SPS000) [688] Would it be gorse and wire and
(K6SPS001) [689] Well er just [...] wire and they just laid evergreens you know and one and just [...] them and [...] them and made a circle and a
(PS5M5) [690] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [691] everyday [...] stuck them in.
(K6SPS000) [692] Oh yes.
(PS5M5) [693] Mhm.
[694] So would every family make a wreath if it was you know somebody c near them, they'd make their own .
(K6SPS001) [695] Oh yes.
[696] Yes it was Yes [...] make a wreath you know and send
(PS5M5) [697] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [698] [...] .
[699] Yes.
(PS5M5) [700] Oh heaven sakes cos that's that is a a new thing [...] plastic flowers.
[701] Couldn't possibly have been there in the old days .
(K6SPS001) [702] Oh [...] no no never saw any plastic flowers then.
(K6SPS000) [703] No.
(K6SPS001) [704] But when evergreens you know was bonny [...] white evergreen you know
(K6SPS000) [705] Yes.
(PS5M5) [706] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [707] and made a bonny wreath.
(PS5M5) [708] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [709] Aha.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(K6SPS000) [710] [...] white on it.
(PS5M5) [711] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [712] And just a small leaf on
(K6SPS001) [713] And just a small leaf
(PS5M5) [714] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [715] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [716] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [717] Mhm.
[718] I know they make wreaths just like you're meaning in Germany f at Easter.
(K6SPS000) [719] Aha.
(PS5M5) [720] A woman I was staying with made a wreath like that
(K6SPS000) [721] Aha.
(PS5M5) [722] specially for Easter and it was just exactly like you said.
(K6SPS001) [723] Aha.
(PS5M5) [724] Wire and she twisted them.
(K6SPS001) [725] Twisted [...]
(K6SPS000) [...]
(K6SPS001) [726] lay on and twist it and lay on you know.
(PS5M5) [727] Aha.
[728] But it took her it used to take her quite a while I suppose it would take couple of hours to make a bonny wreath would it .
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [729] Mhm.
[730] Yes it would
(K6SPS000) [731] Well I can mind us making a wreath at school when Miriam died, that was the only only body I ever remember dying when I was at school.
(K6SPS001) [732] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [733] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [734] And we [...] eight maybe took meningitis and died
(PS5M5) [735] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [736] And I can remember we went and gathered violets.
[737] Bunches and bunches of violets.
(PS5M5) [738] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [739] And [...] they were tiny and we tied them in wee bunches and it was Miss [...] who was the teacher then and she made a cross and put [...]
(PS5M5) [740] Oh how nice.
(K6SPS000) [741] Ad we tied on these bunches on the cross. [...]
(PS5M5) [742] [...] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [743] And we went away up to [...] to gather the violets.
(PS5M5) [744] Heaven sakes.
(K6SPS001) [745] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [746] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [747] It's just been such, it's obviously been a thing that affected the whole community [...]
(K6SPS001) [748] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [749] Yes.
(PS5M5) [750] That's what It seems that you don't It seems to affect the immediate folk and not many other folks nowadays .
(K6SPS001) [751] [...] never wore anything but black from that day to the day she died .
(PS5M5) [752] Oh really?
[753] Is that right?
(K6SPS000) [754] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [755] Never had a colour on her again.
(PS5M5) [756] Heaven sakes.
(K6SPS000) [757] No.
(PS5M5) [758] No that's erm quite
(K6SPS000) [759] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [760] Cos nowadays if you if you did something like that folk would say you'd gone a bit funny.
(K6SPS000) [761] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [762] They would say it's really affected you .
(K6SPS000) [763] Mhm.
[764] [...] colour again.
(PS5M5) [765] Mhm.
[766] Yeah that's just that's sad really.
(K6SPS000) [767] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [768] Very sad.
[769] Yes that that is interesting.
[770] The other thing I was wondering is about the grave-diggers. [...] nowadays they're at the side of the grave ready aren't they.
(K6SPS000) [771] Aha.
(PS5M5) [772] After funerals.
[773] Was that so in the old days do you know?
[774] Or d
(K6SPS001) [775] I've no idea about that what they did at the grave?
(PS5M5) [776] Yeah.
[777] Cos you wouldn't be there you see [...]
(K6SPS000) [778] No.
(PS5M5) [779] It wouldn't be wouldn't be done.
[780] Mm.
(K6SPS000) [781] Well I know they're not allowed [...] to dig down like what they used to do.
[782] I mean before they went quite a depth down sometimes.
(K6SPS001) [783] [...] be two layer down.
(K6SPS000) [784] Yes well you see they're not allowed to do that.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [785] Oh!
(K6SPS000) [786] Cos you see [...] and they could fall in.
(PS5M5) [787] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [788] There'd just be one of them there.
[789] But you see it's jut new regulations and a lot of the graveyards were on sandy ground and they'd be quite liable
(PS5M5) [790] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [791] to cave in.
(PS5M5) [792] Yeah.
(K6SPS000) [793] So this is the [...] that you're going over so much.
[794] Otherwise they'd have had had
(PS5M5) [795] Oh I see.
(K6SPS000) [796] had this shored up.
(PS5M5) [797] Mhm.
(K6SPS000) [798] [...] always used to be sort of double depth down but they're not any longer.
(PS5M5) [799] That's true.
(K6SPS000) [800] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [801] Cos that's right it was quite traditional to put folk
(K6SPS000) [802] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [803] kin, husband and wife and maybe
(K6SPS000) [804] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [805] a bairn or something all in the one.
(K6SPS000) [806] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [807] That's right, I mind that.
[808] Well all this new the regulations are fairly new I think about
(K6SPS000) [809] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [810] Cos there wasn't a regulation afore about how deep they had to be.
(K6SPS000) [811] No.
(PS5M5) [812] So or anything like that.
[813] I mind that right enough.
[814] Yeah.
[815] Well that is very interesting, that's helped me a lot. [laugh]
(K6SPS000) [laugh]
(PS5M5) [816] [...] a bit for the for the archive.
(K6SPS001) [817] Bits and pieces.
(PS5M5) [818] Bits and pieces.
[819] See if this grave-digger knows any more.
[820] I bet he won't know [laughing] much more than that [] .
(K6SPS000) [821] [laugh] I would think every community would have sort of customs of their own to a certain degree too wouldn't they.
(K6SPS001) [...]
(PS5M5) [822] Yeah.
[823] Well this is that's what it says there too, it diff Doesn't it say there it's different
(K6SPS000) [824] Yes.
(PS5M5) [825] in Orkney but nobody knows what was different .
(K6SPS000) [826] Mhm.
(K6SPS001) [827] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [828] Nobody knows what was normal and what was different.
[829] But if it's true about the women going to funerals in [...] , that's certainly different.
(K6SPS001) [830] Yes.
[831] That's right.
(PS5M5) [832] Aha and maybe in in [...] .
[833] That's that's certainly a a big big difference.
(K6SPS000) [834] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [835] From what from what would be here.
[836] Indeed.
[837] But that about the shops I I never knew.
[838] That you might have shops for
(K6SPS000) [839] Mhm.
(PS5M5) [840] for that things but I suppose right enough.
[841] That would be quite different.
[842] [...] listen if that worked. [recording ends]