BNC Text K6U

Gwynedd County Council tape 1: interview for oral history project. Sample containing about 8841 words speech recorded in leisure context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C641

PS5M7 X f (No name, age unknown, historian, Interviewing) unspecified
K6UPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
K6UPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
K6UPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 100801 recorded on 1985. LocationGwynedd: Anglesey () Activity: Interview for oral history project Interview, reminiscences

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (K6UPSUNK) [1] Right erm, can I start by asking you, can you tell me your full name please?
(K6UPS000) [2] Mary .
(PS5M7) [3] And can you tell me your date of birth.
(K6UPS000) [4] [...] say that.
(PS5M7) [5] H where were you born?
(K6UPS000) [6] In Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [7] And erm who were your father and mother.
(K6UPS000) [8] Oh my my er my father came from Horley, Suffolk.
(PS5M7) [9] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [10] And mother was bo was born in Llaneilian too.
(PS5M7) [11] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [12] And er father came as a sexton from from Horley with a parson you see.
[13] And so
(PS5M7) [14] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [15] mother was a er a the cook in the rectory so they got together you see, that's how they got [laughing] [...] [] .
(PS5M7) [16] Oh I see.
[17] Why was it your father came came to Llaneilian?
[18] From Suffolk.
(K6UPS000) [19] Oh he my father came from Horley, Suffolk.
(PS5M7) [20] Why why did he make the move?
(K6UPS000) [21] Oh well he came to Llaneilian to to be a sexton of the church .
(PS5M7) [22] Oh I see.
[23] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [24] Yes.
(PS5M7) [25] Erm was his father in the church as well?
(K6UPS000) [26] Oh no I don't know where father [...] I don't know where his father was no .
(PS5M7) [27] No.
[28] Do you know much about your mother's parents?
(K6UPS000) [29] Oh my mother my mother was brought up with her grandmother in Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [30] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [31] Yes.
(PS5M7) [32] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [33] My father came from Horley, Suffolk with a parson you see.
[34] To Llaneilian to [...] got to get it they got they got together and they got married and they had ten children.
(PS5M7) [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [35] [laugh] I in in in in the same place.
[36] Mother was brought up with her grandmother.
(PS5M7) [37] I see.
(K6UPS000) [38] Yes.
(PS5M7) [39] Why was that, was that Were her parents di Had her parents died? [...]
(K6UPS000) [40] Oh no.
[41] No.
[42] No.
[43] No.
(PS5M7) [44] She was just brought up with her grandparents.
(K6UPS000) [45] Yes.
[46] Yes.
(PS5M7) [47] I see.
[48] Erm, whereabouts in Llaneilian did you live when you were young?
(K6UPS000) [49] Oh I lived with I was born in Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [50] Yes, whereabouts?
(K6UPS000) [51] Oh er er [...] .
(PS5M7) [52] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [53] Yes.
(PS5M7) [54] Oh I see.
[55] Yes.
[56] And did your father remain er working in the church?
(K6UPS000) [57] Yes.
[58] Mother was a cook at the rectory
(PS5M7) [59] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [60] and my father was the sexton of the church.
(PS5M7) [61] Oh yeah.
(K6UPS000) [62] And my three brothers went after my br my father to be a sexton of a of a church.
(PS5M7) [63] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [64] Grave-diggers and all that you know.
[65] Yes.
[66] Yes .
(PS5M7) [67] Oh I see.
[68] Yes.
[69] Erm do you remember much about your father?
(K6UPS000) [70] Oh yes I remember
(PS5M7) [71] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [72] father yes.
(PS5M7) [73] Do you remember him working?
(K6UPS000) [74] Oh yes, he was a d gra the grave-digger.
(PS5M7) [75] Yes.
[76] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [77] Of a church.
(PS5M7) [78] I see.
(K6UPS000) [79] And er I he used he used he u used to take lunch he wouldn't he wouldn't take tea [...] dinner he used to have like to have tea in a bottle.
(PS5M7) [80] Oh did he.
(K6UPS000) [81] And er
(PS5M7) [82] Cold?
[83] Cold tea?
(K6UPS000) [84] No warm.
(PS5M7) [85] Warm tea.
(K6UPS000) [86] Yes.
(PS5M7) [87] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [88] And er he er he used I used Mother used to send me with the tea to the to the church to the churchyard to father.
(PS5M7) [89] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [90] And I put [...] father all the time and I couldn't find him.
[91] There he was in the bottom of a grave. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [92] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [93] Did you yourself go to school in Llaneilian?
(K6UPS000) [94] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [95] Yes.
[96] Was it a little school there.
(K6UPS000) [97] Oh oh yes, a little school there yes.
(PS5M7) [98] Mm.
[99] Do you remember your schooldays?
(K6UPS000) [100] Oh yes. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [101] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [laugh]
(PS5M7) [102] What was it like?
(K6UPS000) [103] Oh it was alright.
(PS5M7) [104] Yes?
[105] And how old were you when you left school?
(K6UPS000) [106] Oh I was I was very young.
[107] I was left school very young.
[108] I was left school about er eleven years old I was.
(PS5M7) [109] Did you?
(K6UPS000) [110] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [111] Did most people leave that young?
(K6UPS000) [112] Oh
(PS5M7) [113] In those days?
(K6UPS000) [114] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [115] Did most people leave school at that age?
(K6UPS000) [116] Oh yes.
[117] Mostly yes.
[118] In those days you could you know .
(PS5M7) [119] Mm.
[120] Yes yes I see.
(K6UPS000) [121] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [122] Wh what erm what was your first language when you were a child?
(K6UPS000) [123] Oh Welsh.
(PS5M7) [124] Welsh you spoke?
(K6UPS000) [125] Yes,
(PS5M7) [126] Did your father learn Welsh as well?
(K6UPS000) [127] Oh yes, father learnt Welsh.
[128] Although
(PS5M7) [129] I see.
(K6UPS000) [130] he came from Horley, Suffolk, he learnt Welsh alright.
(PS5M7) [131] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [132] Yes.
(PS5M7) [133] I see.
(K6UPS000) [134] And
(PS5M7) [135] So you only spoke Welsh at home?
[136] Did you?
(K6UPS000) [137] Oh yes yes.
[138] Yes.
(PS5M7) [139] Just Welsh.
[140] Erm was Llaneilian a small place in those days?
(K6UPS000) [141] Oh yes very small but it's got very big now you know.
(PS5M7) [142] Yes.
[143] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [144] It's it's f it's full of erm full or campers.
[145] You know campers .
(PS5M7) [146] Mhm.
[147] Campers.
(K6UPS000) [148] [...] with the with the with the campers coming like you know.
(PS5M7) [149] Yes.
[150] Erm can you tell me some more about your father's job and what he did in his time .
(K6UPS000) [151] Oh well father came from Horley, Suffolk and he he went as a grave-digger
(PS5M7) [152] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [153] to the old Llaneilian church.
(PS5M7) [154] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [155] And er w he used to work between er you know, do do do odd jobs,
(PS5M7) [156] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [157] between like ten
(PS5M7) [158] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [159] and er he he used to ring the bell and he used to clean he had [...] to clean the church and all the rest of it you know.
[160] Yes .
(PS5M7) [161] Oh yes.
[162] Yes.
[163] Was a lot of hard work he did?
(K6UPS000) [164] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [165] did he work very hard?
(K6UPS000) [166] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [167] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [168] Grave-digging grave-digging was very hard in those days .
(PS5M7) [169] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [170] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [171] Would he be the only person digging the graves?
(K6UPS000) [172] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [173] Would he be the only one doing that job?
(K6UPS000) [174] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [175] So he'd have to dig the grave by himself .
(K6UPS000) [176] Yes.
[177] Yes.
(PS5M7) [178] That's a lot of work. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [179] [laugh] Yes.
(PS5M7) [180] Erm what was were his wages very low?
(K6UPS000) [181] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [182] Did he only get a small amount of money?
(K6UPS000) [183] Oh yes very small, yes.
(PS5M7) [184] Did your did you have trouble living on the amount of money he earned ?
(K6UPS000) [185] Oh yes, mother mother had to work hard
(PS5M7) [186] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [187] you see she used to erm she used to take er six dressed chickens to the mansion place in Lla in er [...] .
[188] To an old lady.
[189] And er she had to pluck them and everything, clean them ready to put in the oven you know.
(PS5M7) [190] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [191] I remember.
[192] And we had to run [...] to take these chickens [laughing] [...] []
(PS5M7) [193] Oh I see.
[194] Why was that?
[195] Where would where would the chickens come from?
(K6UPS000) [196] Oh mother used to go and [...] from different farms you know.
(PS5M7) [197] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [198] And she used to clean them kill them and clean them and
(PS5M7) [199] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [200] [...] to be put in the oven.
(PS5M7) [201] So would that be to add a little bit more money?
(K6UPS000) [202] Oh yes yes yes .
(PS5M7) [203] I see.
[204] Erm what kind of food would you eat?
[205] In those days?
(K6UPS000) [206] Oh th We used to have a i don't know whether you used to eat it [...] we used to have a [...] erm er turnips and p and er [...] and er made a have a basin full of buttermilk and and [...] potatoes mixed together you know.
(PS5M7) [207] Oh yes.
(K6UPS000) [208] They were very good you know.
(PS5M7) [209] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [210] Yes.
(PS5M7) [211] Would you have that often?
(K6UPS000) [212] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [213] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [214] We used to we used to we used to erm have a lot a big lot of buttermilk.
(PS5M7) [215] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [216] We had three cows.
[217] And mother used to
(PS5M7) [218] You had three cows?
(K6UPS000) [219] milk them and make erm make the buttermilk and we used to have buttermilk and potatoes in a basin mixed up [laughing] and []
(PS5M7) [220] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [221] pepper and salt in them. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [222] Yes.
[223] Did you live in a farm?
(K6UPS000) [224] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [225] Did you live in a farm or a church house?
(K6UPS000) [226] No. [...]
(PS5M7) [227] A church house?
(K6UPS000) [228] little cottage you know.
(PS5M7) [229] Was it Did it belong to the church?
(K6UPS000) [230] Yes.
(PS5M7) [231] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [232] Father father was the sex
(PS5M7) [233] The bell-ringer's house.
(K6UPS000) [234] Er?
(PS5M7) [235] It was the bell-ringer's house then ?
(K6UPS000) [236] Yeah.
[237] And er he used to be he he [...] mother used to make make some tea for him and warm tea in a bottle in a glass bottle you know.
[238] And he he didn't li he didn't like milk, he liked [...]
(PS5M7) [239] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [240] And so I was the one that used to take this lunch to father [...] .
(PS5M7) [241] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [242] And er [...] I went to look for him once and I couldn't f Couldn't find him anywhere.
[243] And I shouted, Father, father.
[244] No sign of him.
[245] And there he was, I went to look and I saw at the end there, a big pile of erm earth fresh earth you know.
[246] So I went there and there he was, father was in the bottom of a grave. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [247] Did you have to pay rent for the house?
(K6UPS000) [248] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [249] Did you have to pay rent?
[250] For the house?
[251] Did you have to pay rent?
(K6UPS000) [252] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [253] To the church?
(K6UPS000) [254] Yeah.
[255] Yes.
(PS5M7) [256] Was that in the wages?
(K6UPS000) [257] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [258] Did the church pay your father?
(K6UPS000) [259] Oh yes. ...
(PS5M7) [260] What kind of a house was it?
[261] Was it a very small house?
(K6UPS000) [262] Only two only two rooms.
(PS5M7) [263] Two rooms?
(K6UPS000) [264] Two rooms. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [265] Oh.
[266] And how many lived in all of you lived in one house ?
(K6UPS000) [267] Oh we didn't all live together.
[268] You know.
[269] But mother brought up ten of us up and mother was brought up with he grandmother.
(PS5M7) [270] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [271] In the little cottage you see.
(PS5M7) [272] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [273] And erm so she used And then sh I used to take lunch for father and I couldn't find him.
[274] Shouted, Father, father.
[275] Couldn't find him.
[276] And there I went a bit I once saw a big pile of soil at the back you know. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [277] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [278] So I went towards this soil and there was father in the bottom of a grave. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [279] Oh dear.
[280] Er how did you manage living in such a small house?
(K6UPS000) [281] Well we didn't we didn't all live together like you know
(PS5M7) [282] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [283] some of us had gone over the border you know.
(PS5M7) [284] So if it was just two rooms you had,
(K6UPS000) [285] Yes.
(PS5M7) [286] erm were they both used for sleeping in at night?
(K6UPS000) [287] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [288] And then one would be used ... erm as in the daytime as a sitting room or
(K6UPS000) [289] Oh no we'd no sitting room.
(PS5M7) [290] No.
[291] What were they u What did you do in the daytime then?
(K6UPS000) [292] Oh we used to er we used we used to at sc we used to be at school until we were eleven years old.
(PS5M7) [293] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [294] And then we er we left school and then we went to work for to w we went to look for work. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [295] I see.
[296] Erm ... what How did you used to spend your time When you were at school but in your spare time.
(K6UPS000) [297] Oh.
(PS5M7) [298] When you weren't at school.
(K6UPS000) [299] W oh we used to we used to go out gather firewood and we used to
(PS5M7) [300] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [301] Borrow the er er bits of coal you know from the
(PS5M7) [302] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [303] [...] .
(PS5M7) [304] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [305] Yes.
(PS5M7) [306] What would you do with them then?
(K6UPS000) [307] Oh we used to lay fire.
(PS5M7) [308] I see.
(K6UPS000) [309] Yes.
(PS5M7) [310] Mm.
[311] Erm were most people in those days poor?
(K6UPS000) [312] Oh yes very poor, yes.
(PS5M7) [313] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [314] They were very very poor.
[315] Of course it's got better now you know.
(PS5M7) [316] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [317] Yes.
(PS5M7) [318] Did most people erm have a few animals, keep a few animals?
(K6UPS000) [319] Oh yes, mostly yes.
(PS5M7) [320] Mm.
[321] So you did you just have cows or did you have any other animals?
(K6UPS000) [322] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [323] Just the cows.
(K6UPS000) [324] No.
[325] Mother used to er the cow used to calf and she used to mother used used to bring the little calf up you know.
(PS5M7) [326] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [327] Yes.
(PS5M7) [328] Mm.
[329] Did you used to have to milk the cows?
(K6UPS000) [330] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [331] Did you do that?
(K6UPS000) [332] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [333] Mm. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [laugh] [laughing] [...] []
(PS5M7) [334] Erm do you think you were quite happy as a child?
(K6UPS000) [335] Oh yes, quite happy.
(PS5M7) [336] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [337] Yes.
(PS5M7) [338] We how would your would your mother be busy all the time?
(K6UPS000) [339] Oh yes [...] mother was very busy.
[340] She used to [...] with the with these confinement cases you know.
[341] With the with the mothers who used to have er used to have babies you know.
(PS5M7) [342] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [343] And mother used to attend to them with a doctor like you know.
(PS5M7) [344] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [345] And she used to do that work.
(PS5M7) [346] So she worked almost as a nurse?
(K6UPS000) [347] Oh yes .
(PS5M7) [348] Like a nurse.
(K6UPS000) [349] Yes yes.
(PS5M7) [350] She wasn't qualified was she?
(K6UPS000) [351] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [352] No.
(K6UPS000) [353] But she knew it alright, you know.
(PS5M7) [354] Mm.
[355] So she helped Did she help with the childbirth as well?
(K6UPS000) [356] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [357] Did she have midwife there, like a midwife?
(K6UPS000) [358] Oh yeah yes.
(PS5M7) [359] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [360] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [361] [...] helped
(K6UPS000) [362] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [363] with the children
(K6UPS000) [364] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [365] Was erm would she get paid for that?
(K6UPS000) [366] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [367] Yes?
(K6UPS000) [368] Yes.
(PS5M7) [369] So just just occasionally would that [...]
(K6UPS000) [370] Yes that's right, yes yes.
(PS5M7) [371] Mm.
[372] Erm how did she know how to do that?
(K6UPS000) [373] Well I I tell you how she she she picked it up [...] .
[374] She was brought up with her grandmother
(PS5M7) [375] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [376] you see?
(PS5M7) [377] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [378] And but her her her grandmother used to go used to go and so she used to take my mother with you see.
[379] So that's how she got it.
(PS5M7) [380] So her grandmother was a midwife? [...]
(K6UPS000) [381] Yes, she was yes yes.
(PS5M7) [382] I see, yes.
[383] And that was learnt just by practice then really wasn't it?
[384] Just from watching .
(K6UPS000) [385] Yes that's right.
[386] Yes, yes, yes.
[387] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [388] Yeah I see.
[389] Was that erm would she go all around the island or would she just go round Llaneilian area?
(K6UPS000) [390] Oh no you used to used to go to different to different to dig graves in different churches where there was no man to be out to dig a grave
(PS5M7) [391] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [392] you know.
(PS5M7) [393] Oh yes.
(K6UPS000) [394] Yes.
(PS5M7) [395] Mm.
[396] How far away would that be that he might go?
(K6UPS000) [397] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [398] How far might he have to travel to dig a grave?
(K6UPS000) [399] Oh not well sometimes very very very long way.
[400] But mostly he was at home in the old church you know.
(PS5M7) [401] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [402] And different churches round, they used to send for him when there was nobody there.
(PS5M7) [403] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [404] To have the grave digging there.
(PS5M7) [405] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [406] Yes.
(PS5M7) [407] I see.
[408] Erm so he would he would have to dig the graves.
[409] And would he have to keep the churchyard?
(K6UPS000) [410] Well m mother used to clean for the church clean
(PS5M7) [411] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [412] and er filled up the lamps and all that you know.
(PS5M7) [413] Oh I see .
(K6UPS000) [414] And father used to dig the graves.
[415] And my three brothers went after father
(PS5M7) [416] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [417] er finished to dig the graves.
(PS5M7) [418] I see.
(K6UPS000) [419] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [420] Yes.
[421] So erm ... w if Had he been doing digging graves when he was in Suffolk?
(K6UPS000) [422] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [423] Had he been doing the same job when he was in Suffolk ?
(K6UPS000) [424] Oh no.
[425] No.
[426] No.
[427] No.
[428] No.
(PS5M7) [429] No?
(K6UPS000) [430] No.
[431] No.
[432] No.
(PS5M7) [433] Oh.
[434] Had he been u unable to get work in Suffolk?
(K6UPS000) [435] Oh I don't know, I couldn't tell you.
[436] No .
(PS5M7) [437] Or don't you know?
[438] Mm.
[439] Erm ... [...]
(K6UPS000) [440] He ca he came with the he came with excuse me [...] he he came with a rector
(PS5M7) [441] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [442] from Suffolk.
[443] And he ca he got a job in the old church Llaneilian church to do this job the gal grave digging you know.
(PS5M7) [444] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [445] And my three brothers went after it.
(PS5M7) [446] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [447] Yes.
(PS5M7) [448] Was was the rector English?
(K6UPS000) [449] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [450] Was the rector English?
(K6UPS000) [451] Yes.
(PS5M7) [452] Could he speak Welsh?
(K6UPS000) [453] Yes.
(PS5M7) [454] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [455] And father and father was English.
(PS5M7) [456] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [457] And father learnt the Welsh you know. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [458] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [459] A
(PS5M7) [460] Can you tell me Sorry. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [461] What age was your father when he came here.
[462] How old was he?
(K6UPS000) [463] Oh he was very young
(PS5M7) [464] Was he?
(K6UPS000) [465] He came with with a rector to Llaneilian church.
(PS5M7) [466] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [467] And [...] after after he came and settled, my three brothers went and dig dig the graves in the old Llaneilian church you know .
(PS5M7) [468] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [469] And when they were when they were out of er of er anybody to dig the graves [...] They used to send for father.
[470] Father used to [...] and do the grave.
(PS5M7) [471] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [472] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [473] [...] Did he ring the bells in other churches?
(K6UPS000) [474] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [475] Did he ring the bells in other churches?
(K6UPS000) [476] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [477] At weddings as well
(K6UPS000) [478] Yes.
[479] Yes.
(PS5M7) [480] And funerals.
[481] Would he be the only person ringing the bells?
(K6UPS000) [482] Oh no there was a [...] there was another man but he was a but queer like you know he was alright but he used to ring the bell and [...] Did you hear the bell ringing on Sunday?
[483] [laughing] And so I said, Yes. []
(PS5M7) [...] [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [484] [laugh] [laughing] And it was him that was ringing the bell you know. []
(PS5M7) [485] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [486] Oh it were all camp.
(PS5M7) [487] Was there only one bell?
(K6UPS000) [488] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [489] Was there only one bell?
(K6UPS000) [490] No there were three there were three bells in the belfry.
[491] Yes.
(PS5M7) [492] Mm.
[493] And how many men did it need to ring the bells?
(K6UPS000) [494] Only one.
(PS5M7) [495] Only one.
(K6UPS000) [496] Mm.
(PS5M7) [497] So he'd ring the bells in other churches as well?
(K6UPS000) [498] Oh.
[499] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [500] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [501] Yes.
(PS5M7) [502] So how would he travel from church to church?
(K6UPS000) [503] Oh walk.
(PS5M7) [504] He'd walk?
(K6UPS000) [505] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [506] Oh I see.
[507] It would take him a long time then wouldn't it?
(K6UPS000) [508] Oh yes.
[509] [...] they didn't he didn't drink he didn't he didn't dig the graves all a in one in one in one day like you know.
(PS5M7) [510] No.
(K6UPS000) [511] He used to [...] for different days for grave digging
(PS5M7) [512] Oh yeah.
(K6UPS000) [513] there.
(PS5M7) [514] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [515] Yes.
(PS5M7) [516] Why How did your brothers manage to do the same job as he did?
(K6UPS000) [517] Well I [...] I suppose [...] they were they were going around with him you know in the
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [518] [...] to do the grave and then they got [...] .
[519] They used to b to do brickwork in the grave.
[520] You know.
[521] To
(PS5M7) [522] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [523] to to [...] with bricks.
(PS5M7) [524] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [525] Mm.
(PS5M7) [526] Was that just sometimes he'd do that?
(K6UPS000) [527] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [528] Yes.
[529] Something spec for sp for special reasons .
(K6UPS000) [530] Yes.
(PS5M7) [531] And where did he get the bricks from?
(K6UPS000) [532] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [533] Where did he get the bricks from?
(K6UPS000) [534] Oh I suppose they were they used to make them with with with with soil in those days you know.
(PS5M7) [535] With soil?
(K6UPS000) [536] Some soil yes and cement you know.
(PS5M7) [537] Ah.
(K6UPS000) [538] Cement them together and then leave them to dry and them er [...] left them to dry until the till they they get dried you see.
[539] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [540] So h would he do that as well or would He'd do that.
(K6UPS000) [541] Oh yes.
[542] Yes yes yes.
(PS5M7) [543] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [544] I don't what [...] mother used to mother used to take s chickens.
[545] She used to take dressed chickens six every Tuesday.
(PS5M7) [546] Every Tuesday ?
(K6UPS000) [547] To to a [...] place.
[548] [...] we used to call it.
[549] And she used to dress them and they was ready to put in the oven and [...] [laughing] [...] with these chickens [] .
(PS5M7) [550] [laugh] So you'd have to deliver them?
(K6UPS000) [551] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [552] To deliver them.
[553] You had to deliver them ?
(K6UPS000) [554] Oh yes, I was at home yes.
(PS5M7) [555] What was that every Tuesday?
(K6UPS000) [556] Well er well she used two Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday.
[557] She used two the the this lady that took had the chickens and ready to put in the oven there.
[558] And we used to [...] her home in the Wintertime [...] [laugh]
(PS5M7) [559] [laugh] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [560] So she she did that and she did she was a midwife sometimes as well.
(K6UPS000) [561] Oh yes.
[562] Yes yes.
(PS5M7) [563] So that all helped with the money did it ?
(K6UPS000) [564] Oh yes.
[565] yes.
(PS5M7) [566] Yes.
[567] Erm did you used to have new clothes ever?
(K6UPS000) [568] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [569] Did you ever have new clothes, when you were young?
(K6UPS000) [570] Oh not very few.
(PS5M7) [571] Mm.
[572] Erm what about birthdays, did you have anything special on birthdays ?
(K6UPS000) [573] Oh I tell you what [laughing] [...] [] we used to have a dresser like this in front of of of a of a h of a of a [...] at home and er mother used to make a a jelly and she used to put it underneath the dresser and put a plate on on top of it in case the mice would get it. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [574] [laugh] I see.
(K6UPS000) [575] [laughing] Yes. []
(PS5M7) [576] Mm.
[577] Did you used to have erm grow vegetables yourself?
(K6UPS000) [578] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [579] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [580] In the garden you know.
(PS5M7) [581] Would your father do that or would
(K6UPS000) [582] Oh yes, no he'd do that yes.
(PS5M7) [583] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [584] I remember the once we used to e he used to catch er blackbirds.
(PS5M7) [585] Catch them?
(K6UPS000) [586] He used to catch blackbirds.
[587] He used to put a [...] in front in the front and put the [...] and put some string in the [...] and put plums in it.
[588] And
(PS5M7) [589] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [590] when when the when the blackbird would go in, he'd pull the string.
(PS5M7) [591] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [592] And and caught them.
[593] And he he used to cook them and do you know we we used to pluck them and we used to roast them [...] by the fire in a [...] [laugh]
(PS5M7) [594] Did you?
(K6UPS000) [595] Yes.
(PS5M7) [596] What did it taste like?
(K6UPS000) [597] Oh Pardon?
(PS5M7) [598] What did it taste like?
(K6UPS000) [599] Oh lovely.
(PS5M7) [600] Was it?
(K6UPS000) [601] Yes.
(PS5M7) [602] What would you eat that with?
(K6UPS000) [603] Oh potato and gra made some gravy.
[604] And
(PS5M7) [605] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [606] slice of bacon you know.
(PS5M7) [607] Mm.
[608] Did Would many people eat birds like that ?
(K6UPS000) [609] Oh yeah.
[610] No not many, only father did.
[611] But er not many people would would er do that you know.
(PS5M7) [612] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [613] We had a little [...] garden in the front and we used to put er a [...] in in in the in in on the soil and we used to put some crumbs on on a on a plate you know.
(PS5M7) [614] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [615] And then the birds would go and pick the the the
(PS5M7) [616] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [617] the crumbs there.
[618] So when they they [...] we used to pull [laughing] the pull the pull the pull the bread the the line []
(PS5M7) [619] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [620] And c and caught them.
[621] And do you know we used to pluck them and we used to fry em er fr and fry them in front of the fire.
(PS5M7) [622] Would you roast them?
(K6UPS000) [623] Yes.
(PS5M7) [624] Yes.
[625] And how many birds would you catch to eat a meal?
(K6UPS000) [626] Oh [...] .
[627] We we used to have lots, they used to go [...] my father used to put [...] er a a [laughing] bird a bird trap er bird [...] second time to catch [...] and we used to pluck them and and [...] them and roast [...] by the fire you know [] .
(PS5M7) [628] Yes.
[629] So erm would you have that often?
[630] Would you eat blackbirds often?
(K6UPS000) [631] Well [...] it just depended it was snowy.
(PS5M7) [632] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [633] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [634] Because erm was that when there was other food was short?
(K6UPS000) [635] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [636] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [637] Yes.
(PS5M7) [638] Mm.
[639] Did you catch rabbits?
(K6UPS000) [640] Oh father was a great rabbit catcher, yes.
(PS5M7) [641] Did he keep ferrets?
(K6UPS000) [642] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [643] Did he keep ferrets.
(K6UPS000) [644] Yes.
[645] Oh I was afra
(PS5M7) [646] To catch them with.
(K6UPS000) [647] I was afraid of the ferrets.
[648] [laughing] We had to hold them [...] and father put them [...] []
(PS5M7) [649] H where would he keep his ferrets?
(K6UPS000) [650] Oh, in a box.
(PS5M7) [651] In a box?
(K6UPS000) [652] Yes.
(PS5M7) [653] In the house?
(K6UPS000) [654] No, in the shed.
(PS5M7) [655] Yes and how many did he have?
(K6UPS000) [656] Oh just depends er sometimes he'd [...] they they brought them little you see so they were father would separate the the big ones from the little ones and [...]
(PS5M7) [657] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [658] Yes.
[659] Dear me.
(PS5M7) [660] What other what other wild animals and birds would you would you eat?
(K6UPS000) [661] Oh
(PS5M7) [662] Did you have pigeons?
(K6UPS000) [663] No.
(PS5M7) [664] No.
(K6UPS000) [665] We do we didn't keep any anything else only only ferrets.
[666] Fa father used to breed the ferrets you know.
(PS5M7) [667] He used to breed them?
(K6UPS000) [668] And then he used to catch rabbits with them you know.
(PS5M7) [669] Mm.
[670] Did he have to poach to get the rabbit?
(K6UPS000) [671] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [672] Did he have to poach to get the rabbits?
(K6UPS000) [673] No.
(PS5M7) [674] No?
[675] He was allowed on the land then ?
(K6UPS000) [676] Yes.
(PS5M7) [677] Mm.
[678] What about pheasants?
[679] Did he catch pheasants?
(K6UPS000) [680] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [681] Did he catch pheasants?
(K6UPS000) [682] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [683] No.
(K6UPS000) [684] He'd have to have a licence to have pheasants.
(PS5M7) [685] But he didn't poach?
(K6UPS000) [686] Eh?
(PS5M7) [687] Did he poach to get the
(K6UPS000) [688] Yes.
(PS5M7) [689] pheasants?
(K6UPS000) [690] Yes.
[691] Th they used he used to [...] er hunting with the with the with the with the ... with the with the with the people that used to go hunting.
[692] With the people you know.
(PS5M7) [693] Oh right.
[694] From the mansion.
(K6UPS000) [695] And and er father used to go er a beater with a big stick to beat the he
(PS5M7) [696] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [697] [...] And do you know father used to now where they used to [laughing] [...] and he used to go [...] and caught a lot of them [] .
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [698] [laughing] And [...] them.
[699] [...] in the place where they used to be. []
(PS5M7) [700] Mm.
[701] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [702] Yes.
[703] Oh poor old father.
(PS5M7) [704] When he went out beating them, beating the pheasants out of the bushes,
(K6UPS000) [705] Yes.
(PS5M7) [706] would he get paid for that?
(K6UPS000) [707] Oh yes.
[708] Yeah.
[709] He they were er they were er they were hired.
[710] With with the mansion men you see.
(PS5M7) [711] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [712] Cos he had a big stick like this and beating the woods you know.
(PS5M7) [713] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [714] Yes.
(PS5M7) [715] Do you remember the hunts?
[716] Do you remember them when you they used to come and hunt?
(K6UPS000) [717] No I don't I don't remember no.
[718] No .
(PS5M7) [719] You don't remember?
[720] No.
[721] Erm ... did he go fishing much your father?
(K6UPS000) [722] No father never went fishing.
(PS5M7) [723] Never.
(K6UPS000) [724] no.
(PS5M7) [725] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [726] But my brothers [...] .
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [727] Yes. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [728] Would they catch much fish?
(K6UPS000) [729] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [730] Mm.
[731] ... What what else would you eat when you were young?
(K6UPS000) [732] Oh rabbits.
(PS5M7) [733] Rabbits.
[734] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [735] Yes and fish.
(PS5M7) [736] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [737] And er ... birds we used to we used to we used to father used to caught pheasants occasionally. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [738] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [739] Would you ever have erm any other meat? would you have lamb or beef ever?
(K6UPS000) [740] Oh yes we used to have it yes.
(PS5M7) [741] Yes.
[742] Just was that often?
[743] Or just a a few times.
(K6UPS000) [744] On no [...] well we only used to have a [...] nearly every week you know.
(PS5M7) [745] Mm.
[746] And what vegetables would you have in the garden.
(K6UPS000) [747] Oh we we we we used to have er suede and er carrots.
(PS5M7) [748] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [749] And er turnips.
[750] Father used to he was a great gardener.
[751] He used to put everything in the garden.
[752] And I tell you what he used to do.
[753] He we used he used to put a [...] in the little front garden like you know.
(PS5M7) [754] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [755] And what he used to do in this [...] , he had a string in the [...] and er he could [...] the string [...] put some some er crumbs in the in the er in a [...] and the birds go in and [laughing] he used to he used to catch them and we used to kill them and pluck them you know.
[756] Oh [] .
(PS5M7) [757] Which birds were they?
(K6UPS000) [758] Blackbirds.
(PS5M7) [759] Any other birds?
(K6UPS000) [760] No.
(PS5M7) [761] Just blackbirds.
(K6UPS000) [762] They were lovely too.
(PS5M7) [763] Mm.
[764] Did you used to go to Sunday School?
(K6UPS000) [765] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [766] Did you go to Sunday School?
(K6UPS000) [767] Oh yes.
[768] Sometimes church until school time.
(PS5M7) [769] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [770] Yes.
[771] Mm.
(PS5M7) [772] Ho wold were your were your brothers and sisters all older than you?
(K6UPS000) [773] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [774] Were your brothers and sisters older than you?
(K6UPS000) [775] Oh yes there were some older than me yes.
(PS5M7) [776] And some younger?
(K6UPS000) [777] Yeah.
[778] Yes.
(PS5M7) [779] Mm.
[780] Did they all leave school young, all of you?
(K6UPS000) [781] Oh yes.
[782] We had to go to school for we were young.
(PS5M7) [783] From what age did you start school?
(K6UPS000) [784] Oh about er about five.
(PS5M7) [785] Mm.
[786] And you left about eleven?
(K6UPS000) [787] Yes.
(PS5M7) [788] Mm.
[789] What did you do when you left school?
(K6UPS000) [790] Oh I went to service [laugh]
(PS5M7) [791] Did you?
(K6UPS000) [792] Yes.
(PS5M7) [793] Where did you go into service?
(K6UPS000) [794] Oh I went to to a [...] place and er there was a staff of maids there you know.
(PS5M7) [795] Mm.
[796] Where was that one?
[797] Where was it?
[798] What was it called?
(K6UPS000) [799] Oh [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [800] Yes.
(PS5M7) [801] What was the name of the house?
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [802] [...] .
[803] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [804] And and er so I ...
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [805] So I er we used to catch these blackbirds and them in a [...] and pull the string and they used er try and catch them and we used to we used to kill them and and pluck them
(PS5M7) [806] Roast them.
(K6UPS000) [807] and roast them. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [808] What did you do in [break in recording]
(PS5M7) [809] Right.
[810] Do you remember your first day at work?
(K6UPS000) [811] Oh yes.
[812] Quite
(PS5M7) [813] Yes?
(K6UPS000) [814] well.
(PS5M7) [815] [...] What happened, what was it like?
(K6UPS000) [816] Well [laughing] [...] [] er I went when I was when I went first went and do you know I went into the to the place and do you know I run away from the place.
[817] [laughing] I went to. []
(PS5M7) [818] [laugh] Was that on your first day?
(K6UPS000) [819] Yes.
(PS5M7) [820] Did you get sent back again.
(K6UPS000) [821] Oh yes.
[822] Mother mother b mother brought me back by the the by my by my hair. [...] [laugh]
(PS5M7) [823] Was
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [824] Were you just eleven then?
[825] [...] You were still eleven.
(K6UPS000) [826] Oh yes I was just eleven yes.
(PS5M7) [827] Yes.
[828] How far away from your home was [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [829] Oh it was a big way. [...] .
(PS5M7) [830] Did you have to walk there.
(K6UPS000) [831] Yeah.
[832] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [833] Would you stay there in the
(K6UPS000) [834] I didn't stay I went [laughing]
(PS5M7) [835] You we you didn't like it at first?
(K6UPS000) [836] No.
[837] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [838] No.
[839] Did you have to live at [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [840] Eh?
(PS5M7) [841] Did you have to live at [...] ?
[842] Sleep there?
[843] Did you have to sleep in [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [844] Oh yes yes.
(PS5M7) [845] Was that, all the week you stayed ?
(K6UPS000) [846] Yeah.
[847] yes.
(PS5M7) [848] Yes.
[849] What was it like when you were when you were young starting work at that age?
(K6UPS000) [850] Well I used I used to be in the kitchen [...] you know.
(PS5M7) [851] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [852] And they used to catch pheasants and er I had to clean I had to pluck these pheasants and er birds and get them ready and ready for them to put in the oven.
(PS5M7) [853] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [854] In this mansion place you know.
(PS5M7) [855] Yes so you were a scullery maid were you?
(K6UPS000) [856] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [857] You were a scullery maid when you started ?
(K6UPS000) [858] Yes that's right yes yes.
(PS5M7) [859] I see.
[860] And what else would you do besides the pheasants?
(K6UPS000) [861] Oh I used to well the used to catch rabbits you know.
(PS5M7) [862] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [863] And I used to kill er c er clean them.
(PS5M7) [864] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [865] And I used to get them ready for them to put in the oven or fry it.
[866] And I sometimes I used to fry them first.
[867] And [...] in the oven and er put some in the oven and put some gravy on and they were lovely now.
(PS5M7) [868] Were they?
(K6UPS000) [869] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [870] Erm would you have to do a lot of cleaning work as well in the kitchens?
(K6UPS000) [871] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [872] You wouldn't?
(K6UPS000) [873] No.
[874] No.
(PS5M7) [875] You were doing the food
(K6UPS000) [876] No.
(PS5M7) [877] were you?
(K6UPS000) [878] No no no.
(PS5M7) [879] Would you spend all your time preparing food?
(K6UPS000) [880] Oh yes mostly .
(PS5M7) [881] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [882] Vegetables and you know
(PS5M7) [883] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [884] and birds.
(PS5M7) [885] How many people worked in the kitchen?
(K6UPS000) [886] Oh there were there were there were cook and cook [...] waitress and cook general and [...] waitress oh I don't know how many [...] they were.
(PS5M7) [887] Were there a lot of other servants as well?
(K6UPS000) [888] Oh yes in the in the big rooms [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [889] You know.
[890] We were in the back place you see.
(PS5M7) [891] Yes.
[892] Where would you sleep?
[893] Would you sleep in
(K6UPS000) [894] Oh sleep in sleep in the mansion place.
(PS5M7) [895] Whereabo would you be upstairs in the attics or
(K6UPS000) [896] Oh no, in the attic.
(PS5M7) [897] In the attic?
(K6UPS000) [898] Yes.
(PS5M7) [899] How many people what kind of number of servants stayed in the house?
(K6UPS000) [900] Oh [...]
(PS5M7) [901] About twenty or
(K6UPS000) [902] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [903] About twenty or would you say more ?
(K6UPS000) [904] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [905] About twenty?
(K6UPS000) [906] Something like that yes.
(PS5M7) [907] Mm.
[908] Who who was the master of the house?
(K6UPS000) [909] Oh he he was the he was the Sir Thomas [...] .
(PS5M7) [910] [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [911] Yes.
(PS5M7) [912] I see.
[913] Mm.
[914] Did you used to see erm the master of the house ever?
(K6UPS000) [915] Oh yes very very often see him.
(PS5M7) [916] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [917] He was a nice gentleman.
[918] Top [...] hat. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [919] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [920] And a walking stick. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [921] Yes.
[922] Would you erm be afraid of of him?
(K6UPS000) [923] No.
(PS5M7) [924] You wouldn't?
(K6UPS000) [925] No.
[926] No he was very nice.
(PS5M7) [927] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [928] He was a proper gentleman.
(PS5M7) [929] What about the lady?
(K6UPS000) [930] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [931] What about the lady of the house?
(K6UPS000) [932] Oh she was there too.
(PS5M7) [933] Was she nice?
(K6UPS000) [934] Yes very nice.
(PS5M7) [935] And what did you think of the clothes?
(K6UPS000) [936] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [937] What did you think of the clothes?
(K6UPS000) [938] Oh beautiful.
(PS5M7) [939] Do you remember what kind they were?
(K6UPS000) [940] Oh they were beautiful things.
[941] Er satin blue and satin green you know.
(PS5M7) [942] Mm
(K6UPS000) [943] And er and and the hats with with the bow with a bow [laughing] on it [] .
(PS5M7) [944] Were you Did you wish you had clothes like that when you were young?
(K6UPS000) [945] Oh aye [...] you know.
(PS5M7) [946] Did you?
[947] Yes.
[948] Did you used to have to wear a uniform?
(K6UPS000) [949] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [950] You did?
[951] What was it like?
(K6UPS000) [952] Oh very nice.
[953] I used to I used to er wear print and white apron in the in the morning.
[954] And in the afternoon i used to wear erm a blue and er and er blue [...] oh I forgot.
[955] And a big bow [...] [laugh]
(PS5M7) [956] Mm.
[957] Would you serve food as well at the table?
(K6UPS000) [958] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [959] You served the food as well?
(K6UPS000) [960] Yes.
[961] Yes.
(PS5M7) [962] I see.
[963] Did they often have big parties?
(K6UPS000) [964] Oh yes, they had parties galore.
(PS5M7) [965] Did they?
(K6UPS000) [966] Yes.
(PS5M7) [967] Erm would they have lots of important people coming to dinner [...]
(K6UPS000) [968] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [969] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [970] Yes.
(PS5M7) [971] Did you look forward to occasions like that?
(K6UPS000) [972] Oh yes I did.
(PS5M7) [973] You did?
(K6UPS000) [laugh]
(PS5M7) [974] Weren't weren't you afraid you'd do something wrong?
(K6UPS000) [975] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [976] No. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [977] No.
(PS5M7) [978] Oh.
[979] Erm were they the master and mistress of the house, in the house all year?
(K6UPS000) [980] Oh yes they were there all all the year round they were they were there.
[981] Yes.
(PS5M7) [982] Mm.
[983] They wouldn't go away much?
(K6UPS000) [984] No no.
(PS5M7) [985] Mm.
[986] Would they have people guests to stay?
(K6UPS000) [987] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [988] They would?
(K6UPS000) [989] Yes.
(PS5M7) [990] Erm
(K6UPS000) [991] They were they were people in those days too you know.
[992] Good people you know.
(PS5M7) [993] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [994] I remember the one [...] one of the ladies, er she was dressed in erm in green and she had a big bow [...] .
[995] Big [...] you know.
(PS5M7) [996] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [997] And a big hat and she had a big bow [...] [laughing] [...] she looked you know [] .
(PS5M7) [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [998] Yes.
(PS5M7) [999] Can you tell me about erm a typical days work that you would have to do.
[1000] Can you remember what you'd have to do?
(K6UPS000) [1001] Oh w when I first went to to place I I had to er I had to clean er clean I had to I was like a scullery maid.
[1002] And I used to clean birds, poultry you know [...] pheasants and things like that.
[1003] And I used to [...] and [...] ready to put in the oven.
[1004] Dressed up and I used to take them and I used to leave them in the kitchen and the the head kitchen maid er the head kitchen maid w went and took them in.
(PS5M7) [1005] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1006] [...] ready to put in the oven see.
(PS5M7) [1007] Yes.
[1008] Erm what time in the morning would you have to get up?
(K6UPS000) [1009] Oh now then.
[1010] [laugh] That's a hard one.
(PS5M7) [1011] Was it very early?
(K6UPS000) [1012] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1013] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1014] We used to get up [...] seven o'clock in the morning you know.
(PS5M7) [1015] Mm.
[1016] Would you as All the servants would you eat together yourselves?
(K6UPS000) [1017] Oh yes.
[1018] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1019] Where would you eat, in the kitchen?
(K6UPS000) [1020] Yes in the kitchen yes.
(PS5M7) [1021] Mm.
[1022] And would you eat leftovers from from the from the mai the master's food?
[1023] Or would you have erm a s a different meal altogether?
(K6UPS000) [1024] Oh no we had we had fresh meals for for ourselves [...] and they had different meals for the for the gentlemen as well you know .
(PS5M7) [1025] Yeah.
[1026] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1027] [...] we could see it all set in the in the kitchen ready to put in the oven you know.
(PS5M7) [1028] Mm
(K6UPS000) [1029] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1030] Would you be allowed to eat anything belonging to the the gentlemen's food and any any of his food .
(K6UPS000) [1031] Oh er er leftover sort of thing?
(PS5M7) [1032] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1033] Oh no no.
(PS5M7) [1034] You wouldn't?
(K6UPS000) [1035] No.
(PS5M7) [1036] No?
(K6UPS000) [1037] No.
(PS5M7) [1038] Was there a big difference between your meals and his meals?
(K6UPS000) [1039] No.
(PS5M7) [1040] No?
(K6UPS000) [1041] We all ate the same.
(PS5M7) [1042] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [1043] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1044] So you'd have quite nice food.
(K6UPS000) [1045] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1046] Yes.
[1047] Erm did you once you settled down working there, did you like it?
(K6UPS000) [1048] oh yes I liked it.
(PS5M7) [1049] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1050] I had to or all I could go somewhere else. [laughing] [...] []
(PS5M7) [1051] Mhm.
[1052] How often would you go home?
(K6UPS000) [1053] Oh not very often.
(PS5M7) [1054] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [1055] No.
(PS5M7) [1056] Did you look forward to going home sometimes?
(K6UPS000) [1057] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1058] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1059] I I I I went to to a place first and er I [...] and I I went home you know, without them knowing.
[1060] [laugh] [...] mother took me back [laughing] by the hair [...] []
(PS5M7) [1061] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [1062] By my hair.
(PS5M7) [1063] Did did they know you'd gone home?
(K6UPS000) [1064] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1065] Did they know that you went?
(K6UPS000) [1066] No.
(PS5M7) [1067] No?
[1068] What did your mother say then, was she cross with you?
(K6UPS000) [1069] No she said, Oh, she said, What do you want?
[1070] So I says, I I don't like there I want to go I want to come back.
[1071] So she said, Look here my dear girl, she said, you go back and tell the lady that you [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1072] Do you remember how much they paid you?
(K6UPS000) [1073] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1074] Do you remember how much they paid you?
[1075] Per quarter.
(K6UPS000) [1076] Oh paid very little.
[1077] Very little they paid.
(PS5M7) [1078] Did you manage to save any money?
(K6UPS000) [1079] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1080] You did?
[1081] ... What what were the other servants in the house like?
(K6UPS000) [1082] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1083] What were the other servants in the house like?
(K6UPS000) [1084] Oh they were very nice they were gentle
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [1085] you know.
(PS5M7) [1086] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1087] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1088] Did you all get on quite well together?
(K6UPS000) [1089] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1090] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1091] Mm.
(PS5M7) [1092] So you were quite friendly with them.
(K6UPS000) [1093] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1094] Mm.
[1095] Do you remember any any unhappy times when you were working there?
(K6UPS000) [1096] No no not for not for for my remembrance like you know.
(PS5M7) [1097] No.
(K6UPS000) [1098] No.
(PS5M7) [1099] Do you think the wo the work was very hard for you?
(K6UPS000) [1100] Oh I think [...] the work the work was very hard in those days you know.
(PS5M7) [1101] Mm.
[1102] Did you ever think it was unfair that you had to work so hard for so little money?
(K6UPS000) [1103] Oh no. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1104] You didn't think that?
(K6UPS000) [1105] We had to.
[1106] There was nothing else for us you know.
(PS5M7) [1107] Yes.
[1108] You didn't you didn't think it was wrong?
(K6UPS000) [1109] No.
[1110] No.
(PS5M7) [1111] No.
[1112] Would you carry on going to church?
(K6UPS000) [1113] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1114] Did you used to go to church [...]
(K6UPS000) [1115] Oh yes I used to g I used to go to church regularly every Sunday.
(PS5M7) [1116] Mm.
[1117] Did you go to Llaneilian Church from [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1118] On no.
[1119] I was in [...] I wasn't in Llaneilian in those days then er it was [...] far for me to go from Llaneilian you know.
(PS5M7) [1120] Mm.
[1121] So you went to [...] Church?
(K6UPS000) [1122] No Llaneilian Church.
(PS5M7) [1123] [...] Oh Llaneilian.
(K6UPS000) [1124] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1125] How long did you stay in [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1126] Oh I was there about [...] a good bit.
(PS5M7) [1127] How old were you when you finished there?
(K6UPS000) [1128] Oh I was [...] and er let me see eleven, twelve, thirteen about fourteen years.
(PS5M7) [1129] Were you?
(K6UPS000) [1130] When I when I left.
(PS5M7) [1131] Mm.
[1132] What made you leave?
(K6UPS000) [1133] Well I don't know.
[1134] I was tired of it I suppose you know.
(PS5M7) [1135] Where you doing a different job when you left?
(K6UPS000) [1136] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1137] What were you doing when you left.
[1138] Bef before you left was your job?
(K6UPS000) [1139] Oh before [...] [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [1140] I I was er ... I used to be a kitchen maid.
(PS5M7) [1141] Mhm.
(K6UPS000) [1142] And er they used to catch er pheasants and er what else, the pheasants and
(PS5M7) [1143] Poultry.
(K6UPS000) [1144] And they used to they used to I had to I had to pluck them and clean them ready to put in the oven. [...] . [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1145] So you started off doing kitchen maid work.
(K6UPS000) [1146] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1147] W after fourteen years, before you left [...] what were you doing then?
Unknown speaker (K6UPSUNK) [...]
(PS5M7) [1148] Oh.
[1149] you left when you were fourteen years old yeah?
(K6UPS000) [1150] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1151] You left [...] when you were fourteen years old?
(K6UPS000) [1152] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1153] And what did you do then?
(K6UPS000) [1154] Well I went I went to to to a to a er to a er to Sir Thomas then after and er
(PS5M7) [1155] Where was he?
(K6UPS000) [1156] Eh?
(PS5M7) [1157] Where was he?
(K6UPS000) [1158] Oh he was at [...]
(PS5M7) [1159] And when did you leave [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1160] Oh I lived in Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [1161] Yeah wh after [...] where did you go?
(K6UPS000) [1162] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1163] After you finished at [...] where did you go?
(K6UPS000) [1164] Oh I no I don't [laughing] remember where did I go [] .
(PS5M7) [1165] [...] How many years did you work at [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1166] Oh I w I went there as a young girl.
[1167] And then er I used to er be in the kitchen.
[1168] And I used to to dress er rabbits
(PS5M7) [1169] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1170] and er poultry you know.
[1171] Ready to put in the oven there.
(PS5M7) [1172] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1173] And oh what were [...] oh I went to [...] I went to service then.
(PS5M7) [1174] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1175] After that.
(PS5M7) [1176] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [1177] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1178] So where were you doing the working as a kitchen maid?
[1179] In [...]
(K6UPS000) [1180] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1181] So after that where did you go into service after that?
(K6UPS000) [1182] Oh I went to to some friends of mine.
[1183] I I was [...] very nice place to.
(PS5M7) [1184] Where was that, in in Llaneilian?
(K6UPS000) [1185] In Llaneilian yes.
(PS5M7) [1186] I see.
[1187] How old were you when you went there?
(K6UPS000) [1188] When I went to Llaneilian?
(PS5M7) [1189] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1190] Oh I wasn't very old.
[1191] I was er ... twelve or thirteen years old I was there .
(PS5M7) [1192] Mm.
[1193] I see.
[1194] And what were you doing then when you went back to Llaneilian?
[1195] What was your job then.
[1196] In s in service?
(K6UPS000) [1197] Oh domestic service.
(PS5M7) [1198] I see.
[1199] Was it a small house you worked for?
(K6UPS000) [1200] Oh no it was a big house.
(PS5M7) [1201] Oh yes.
[1202] Who o who owned the house?
(K6UPS000) [1203] Oh er the daughter and the other son of [...] .
(PS5M7) [1204] Oh I see.
[1205] Yes.
[1206] So erm what were you doing there then?
[1207] What what were you [...]
(K6UPS000) [1208] Oh I I would I would be the kitchen maid.
(PS5M7) [1209] I see.
(K6UPS000) [1210] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1211] So you're doing a similar job as you were doing in [...] .
(K6UPS000) [1212] Yes that's right.
[1213] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1214] I see.
[1215] But did you prefer being in Llaneilian as it was near home?
(K6UPS000) [1216] Oh yes I used to [laughing] I used to play a lot [...] when I left the the the these places you know [] .
(PS5M7) [1217] Yes.
[1218] Well you were only a child really when you went there [...]
(K6UPS000) [1219] That's right.
[1220] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1221] Mm.
[1222] So erm did you used to sleep in in Llaneilian ?
(K6UPS000) [1223] Yeah.
[1224] Oh yes.
[1225] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1226] So it but it was easier for you to go home if you wanted to I suppose.
(K6UPS000) [1227] Oh I [...] afternoon off, you know.
(PS5M7) [1228] Did you?
(K6UPS000) [1229] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1230] Mhm.
[1231] And what would you do on your afternoon off?
(K6UPS000) [1232] Oh I would go and see some friends of mine. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1233] Mm.
[1234] I see.
[1235] Erm did you work in the kitchen doing a different job than you were doing ?
(K6UPS000) [1236] Oh no.
[1237] Only in the kitchen.
(PS5M7) [1238] Yes.
[1239] So were you doing the same kind of work then?
[1240] Again?
(K6UPS000) [1241] Yes.
[1242] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1243] Did you prefer working in a smaller household?
(K6UPS000) [1244] Oh no I f I preferred er be in a big house you know.
(PS5M7) [1245] Yes.
[1246] Did you erm find the work the sam as as easy or more difficult in in Llaneilian?
(K6UPS000) [1247] Oh I I was alright but I didn't feel er tired at it all you know.
(PS5M7) [1248] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1249] But I got with that some some time [laughing] [...] [] .
(PS5M7) [1250] Did you was it you who chose to go and work in Llaneilian or did they send you to work there from [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1251] Oh no We had to look for work.
(PS5M7) [1252] You had to?
(K6UPS000) [1253] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1254] Erm ... how many staff were there working in the house in Llaneilian?
[1255] Do you remember?
(K6UPS000) [1256] Oh I don't remember how many [...] how many staffs were there.
(PS5M7) [1257] No.
[1258] And
(K6UPS000) [1259] I couldn't tell you.
(PS5M7) [1260] And what were the the master and mistress of the house like?
(K6UPS000) [1261] Oh they were champion.
(PS5M7) [1262] Were they nice?
(K6UPS000) [1263] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1264] Mm.
[1265] Would you have to erm did they used to have dinner parties as well there?
(K6UPS000) [1266] Oh they had they had big house parties you know.
(PS5M7) [1267] Yes.
[1268] What was the name of that house then?
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [1269] Oh.
[1270] And what about the other house in Llaneilian?
[1271] What
(K6UPS000) [1272] Oh.
(PS5M7) [1273] what was that house called?
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [1274] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1275] And what were the the master and mistress like there ?
(K6UPS000) [1276] Oh they were champion.
(PS5M7) [1277] Were they?
[1278] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1279] I was there for twenty years.
(PS5M7) [1280] Twenty years?
(K6UPS000) [1281] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1282] Oh long time.
(K6UPS000) [1283] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1284] And would you just would you do they food all the time that you were there for twenty years?
(K6UPS000) [1285] Oh yes.
[1286] I got sick and tired of it you know. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1287] Did you?
[1288] Mm.
[1289] Did you used to have wait at table as well?
(K6UPS000) [1290] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1291] You did?
(K6UPS000) [1292] I had to I had to lay the table and they had to be laid spick and span you know.
(PS5M7) [1293] Yes.
[1294] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1295] Everything had to be it you know.
(PS5M7) [1296] Yes.
[1297] What would happen if it wasn't quite right?
(K6UPS000) [1298] Oh well they wouldn't say anything.
(PS5M7) [1299] Wouldn't they?
(K6UPS000) [1300] No.
(PS5M7) [1301] Did you get more money there?
(K6UPS000) [1302] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [1303] Didn't get much more?
(K6UPS000) [1304] No.
[1305] No.
(PS5M7) [1306] Oh.
[1307] Erm ... how did when when the first world war came do you remember that? ...
(K6UPS000) [1308] No not very well.
(PS5M7) [1309] No?
(K6UPS000) [1310] No.
(PS5M7) [1311] Erm d do you remember much about the time after the first world war?
(K6UPS000) [1312] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1313] You remember the twenties ?
(K6UPS000) [1314] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1315] Erm do you remember a lot of poverty in in the nineteen thirties, early Do you remember much poverty and times like that?
(K6UPS000) [1316] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1317] Do you remember
(K6UPS000) [1318] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1319] do you kno did you know a lot of people who had trouble with money?
(K6UPS000) [1320] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1321] Yes.
[1322] Erm what did what did your other brothers and sisters do when they when they left school?
(K6UPS000) [1323] Oh they they had to go to service.
(PS5M7) [1324] They all went and had to go to service ?
(K6UPS000) [1325] Yes.
[1326] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1327] Mm.
[1328] Would you see them much when you'd gone to work?
(K6UPS000) [1329] Yes I'd see them every week.
(PS5M7) [1330] Would you?
(K6UPS000) [1331] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1332] Would you all go home on the same day?
(K6UPS000) [1333] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1334] Oh I see.
[1335] Erm what else do you remember as as different about those days and and nowadays ?
(K6UPS000) [1336] Oh yes.
[1337] Oh yes.
[1338] And it is nowadays.
(PS5M7) [1339] What what do you remember specially a about those days that was different?
(K6UPS000) [1340] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1341] Anything particular?
(K6UPS000) [1342] Oh of course I remember a lot.
[1343] I remember father he was a grave- digger and er he used we I used to take er er milk tea and milk and sugar you know, in a glass bottle for him.
[1344] He wouldn't he wouldn't he wouldn't he wouldn't he wouldn't want milk, he'd only want tea.
[1345] So I went and I used to take it in a bottle for him.
[1346] And I used to take it down to the grave yard.
[1347] And I couldn't find him once and I shouted, Father, father.
[1348] No sound of father anywhere.
[1349] But er where he was he was in the in the bottom of a grave [laughing] digging a grave [] .
[1350] Oh dear me yes.
(PS5M7) [1351] How old was your father when he had when he stopped working?
(K6UPS000) [1352] Oh he was seventy.
(PS5M7) [1353] Was he?
(K6UPS000) [1354] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1355] That's old.
(K6UPS000) [1356] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1357] Erm Why did he work for so long?
(K6UPS000) [1358] Well that was his work you see.
[1359] Digging the graves.
(PS5M7) [1360] Yes.
[1361] Mm.
[1362] Did he used to get very tired at his work?
(K6UPS000) [1363] No.
(PS5M7) [1364] No?
(K6UPS000) [1365] He didn't get tired. ...
(PS5M7) [1366] Did he have any erm money when he finished work?
[1367] How did he live then?
(K6UPS000) [1368] Oh he he he he he he he had he had kept some money backward you see.
(PS5M7) [1369] Oh yes .
(K6UPS000) [1370] [...] and he he put them in the in the bank and when he finished, when he was [...] he used to go for the money for for for some money
(PS5M7) [1371] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [1372] from the bank you see.
(PS5M7) [1373] I see.
(K6UPS000) [1374] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1375] Mm.
[1376] When he stopped working, did he have to leave the church house?
(K6UPS000) [1377] No.
(PS5M7) [1378] Who was the new bell-ringer then?
(K6UPS000) [1379] Eh?
(PS5M7) [1380] Who was the new bell-ringer?
(K6UPS000) [1381] Oh fat father kept the my brother my three brothers went after him.
(PS5M7) [1382] So they lived in the house
(K6UPS000) [1383] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1384] with your mother and father ?
(K6UPS000) [1385] Yes.
[1386] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1387] S and they were paid by the church?
(K6UPS000) [1388] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1389] So they had to share one wage between three of them ?
(K6UPS000) [1390] Yes.
[1391] That's right, yes.
(PS5M7) [1392] Mm.
[1393] ... Would your mother erm ... How old was your mother ... when your father retired?
[1394] Was she still living then?
[1395] When your father stopped working,
(K6UPS000) [1396] Yes?
(PS5M7) [1397] was you mother still alive then?
(K6UPS000) [1398] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1399] Yes?
(K6UPS000) [1400] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1401] Erm h was she the same age as he was or y or younger or How old was your mother?
[1402] Was she younger than your father.
(K6UPS000) [1403] Oh yes yes younger than father.
(PS5M7) [1404] A lot younger?
[1405] Or
(K6UPS000) [1406] Good bit yes.
(PS5M7) [1407] Mm.
[1408] What what was her name do you remember, before she got married?
(K6UPS000) [1409] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [1410] You don't know it?
(K6UPS000) [1411] No.
[1412] No.
(PS5M7) [1413] No.
[1414] What was her first name?
(K6UPS000) [1415] Mary.
(PS5M7) [1416] Mary.
[1417] Mm.
[1418] I see,
(K6UPS000) [1419] Mary .
(PS5M7) [1420] Mm.
[1421] Erm what were you doing after you finished working?
[1422] You said you worked for twenty years about,
(K6UPS000) [1423] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1424] in the house in Llaneilian.
(K6UPS000) [1425] Yes.
[1426] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1427] Why did you stop working there after twenty years?
(K6UPS000) [1428] Oh well ... er I got tired of it you know so I went and got another place.
(PS5M7) [1429] You just wa wanted
(K6UPS000) [1430] And And I
(PS5M7) [1431] a change then was that it?
(K6UPS000) [1432] Eh?
(PS5M7) [1433] You just wanted to have a change?
(K6UPS000) [1434] Yes that's right yes.
(PS5M7) [1435] Mhm.
[1436] So w where did you go then?
(K6UPS000) [1437] Oh I didn't go r er ve very very much far I took I went and [...] old lady and er looked after her.
(PS5M7) [1438] Wh Was that in Llaneilian then ?
(K6UPS000) [1439] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1440] Yes.
[1441] Was it easy to find work?
(K6UPS000) [1442] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1443] Was it easy to find another job ?
(K6UPS000) [1444] Oh yes well quite easy for finding work yes.
(PS5M7) [1445] So did you find the job before you left the old place?
(K6UPS000) [1446] Oh no.
(PS5M7) [1447] No.
[1448] You left
(K6UPS000) [1449] No.
(PS5M7) [1450] first.
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [1451] Mm.
[1452] Where the old lady lived what was the house called?
(K6UPS000) [1453] Er what?
(PS5M7) [1454] Where the old lady lived where what was the house called ?
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [1455] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [1456] Do you know it?
(PS5M7) [1457] Yes.
[1458] Well It rings a bell.
(K6UPS000) [1459] [...] but yes.
(PS5M7) [1460] Mm.
[1461] And so you looked after her as a housekeeper did you?
(K6UPS000) [1462] Yes mostly yes.
(PS5M7) [1463] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1464] After father after father died.
(PS5M7) [1465] Oh I see.
(K6UPS000) [1466] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1467] Did you like having a change of job.
(K6UPS000) [1468] No I don't think so?
(PS5M7) [1469] No you didn't like it ?
(K6UPS000) [1470] No.
[1471] No. [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1472] Oh.
[1473] Were you working for her when when the second world war came? ...
(K6UPS000) [1474] No.
(PS5M7) [1475] You weren't?
(K6UPS000) [1476] No.
(PS5M7) [1477] Were were you working then?
(K6UPS000) [1478] Er I was I used to work with a to an old lady and she passed off.
(PS5M7) [1479] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1480] So I was left on the on the on the on the verge.
[1481] [laugh] So I had to [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [1482] find a place.
(PS5M7) [1483] And where did you Did you find another place?
(K6UPS000) [1484] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1485] Where was that?
(K6UPS000) [1486] In Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [1487] Llaneilian again?
(K6UPS000) [1488] [...] place.
(PS5M7) [1489] A big place?
[1490] Which place was that?
(K6UPS000) [1491] [...] .
(PS5M7) [1492] [...] mm.
[1493] Was it nice there?
(K6UPS000) [1494] Oh yes, lovely.
(PS5M7) [1495] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1496] It had twenty rooms in it.
(PS5M7) [1497] Twenty rooms?
(K6UPS000) [1498] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1499] How many people worked there?
(K6UPS000) [1500] Only only me.
(PS5M7) [1501] Only you?
(K6UPS000) [1502] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1503] Oh dear. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [laugh]
(PS5M7) [1504] Did you used to have all all the cleaning to do as well then?
(K6UPS000) [1505] Oh yes.
[1506] Cleaning
(PS5M7) [1507] Oh.
(K6UPS000) [1508] silver and brasses.
(PS5M7) [1509] Mm.
[1510] Must have been a lot of work for you .
(K6UPS000) [1511] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1512] Mm.
[1513] How many years were you working there?
(K6UPS000) [1514] I was there for twenty years.
(PS5M7) [1515] Twenty years there as well?
(K6UPS000) [1516] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1517] So you were twenty years at the first place as well?
(K6UPS000) [1518] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1519] I see.
[1520] Oh I see.
[1521] Erm do you remember the second world war? ...
(K6UPS000) [1522] No not very well.
(PS5M7) [1523] No.
(K6UPS000) [1524] No.
[1525] No.
(PS5M7) [1526] It didn't affect your life much?
[1527] No.
[1528] Were you living in the s in the h house with the old lady?
(K6UPS000) [1529] Oh yes.
(PS5M7) [1530] You lived in?
(K6UPS000) [1531] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1532] I see.
(K6UPS000) [1533] And I was looking after her father.
(PS5M7) [1534] After her father?
(K6UPS000) [1535] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1536] What was her name?
(K6UPS000) [1537] .
(PS5M7) [1538] ?
(K6UPS000) [1539] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1540] [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [...] [...]
(PS5M7) [1541] [...] I see.
[1542] Erm did you used to go home then at all? to your own home?
(K6UPS000) [1543] Oh no, I used to I used to go home occasionally like you know.
(PS5M7) [1544] Mhm.
[1545] Yes.
(K6UPS000) [1546] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1547] Erm were were your brothers and sisters all living in Llaneilian at that time ?
(K6UPS000) [1548] Oh yes we were all living there yes.
(PS5M7) [1549] You all were?
(K6UPS000) [1550] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1551] Yes.
[1552] What happened to the house where your father and mother lived?
[1553] Did you live there again at any time?
(K6UPS000) [1554] On no.
[1555] I didn't.
(PS5M7) [1556] You didn't live there.
(K6UPS000) [1557] The they left it you know.
(PS5M7) [1558] Mm.
[1559] Oh did they?
[1560] Where did they go to?
(K6UPS000) [1561] Oh they w they went to a little cottage in Llaneilian.
(PS5M7) [1562] Did they?
(K6UPS000) [1563] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1564] Did they buy that?
(K6UPS000) [1565] No they didn't buy they they they er they erm
(PS5M7) [1566] Rent it.
(K6UPS000) [1567] They rent it.
(PS5M7) [1568] Who did they rent it from a farmer or something?
(K6UPS000) [1569] No er the the people that owned it you know.
(PS5M7) [1570] I see.
[1571] Mm.
[1572] What was the house called?
(K6UPS000) [1573] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1574] What was the cottage called?
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [1575] [...] .
[1576] And why did they leave the church house?
(K6UPS000) [1577] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1578] Why did they leave the church house?
(K6UPS000) [1579] Oh I don't know.
(PS5M7) [1580] And did you brothers stay on in the little cottage?
(K6UPS000) [1581] Yes.
(PS5M7) [1582] What was the the cottage called?
(K6UPS000) [1583] The cottage where my mother and father lived was [...] .
(PS5M7) [1584] What was the church house called?
(K6UPS000) [1585] Oh there wasn't a Oh er [...] .
[1586] Was the name of the the church house.
(PS5M7) [1587] Mhm.
[1588] Erm ... did your brothers stay at [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1589] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1590] Did your brothers stay at [...]
(K6UPS000) [1591] Well [...]
(PS5M7) [1592] Yeah.
(K6UPS000) [...]
(PS5M7) [...]
(K6UPS000) [1593] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1594] So your father moved to [...] to retire.
(K6UPS000) [1595] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1596] Mm Did he have any animals there?
(K6UPS000) [1597] Pardon?
(PS5M7) [1598] Did he keep any animals at [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1599] We kept two cows.
(PS5M7) [1600] In [...] ?
(K6UPS000) [1601] Yes.
[1602] And er they used to the cows used to calf you know
(PS5M7) [1603] Mm.
(K6UPS000) [1604] and we used to bring the calf up.
[1605] And then we used to milk the calf.
(PS5M7) [1606] Mhm. [laugh]
(K6UPS000) [1607] [laugh] Oh [...] .
(PS5M7) [1608] Where di when after you worked erm for the old lady and her father, where did you go to then?
[1609] Were you working after that or did you stop working then?
(K6UPS000) [1610] No I didn't I didn't go [...] I stopped working.
(PS5M7) [1611] You stopped working then ?
(K6UPS000) [1612] Yeah.
(PS5M7) [1613] Mm.
[1614] And where were you living after that?
(K6UPS000) [1615] I think I went to my sister's to one of my sisters. ...
(PS5M7) [1616] When you erm look back on it now, do you wish you'd had more education at all when you were younger?
(K6UPS000) [1617] Oh no I was a proper dunce. [recording ends]