BNC Text K6X

Nottingham Constabulary: meeting. Sample containing about 3382 words speech recorded in business context

10 speakers recorded by respondent number C644

PS5MJ Ag4 m (Storer, age 47, no further information given) unspecified
PS5MK X m (Collishan, age unknown, no further information given) unspecified
PS5ML Ag3 m (Jeffery, age 38, sergeant) unspecified
PS5MM Ag3 m (Mills, age 38, sergeant) unspecified
PS5MN Ag4 m (Stone, age 47, inspector) unspecified
PS5MP Ag4 m (Williams, age 48, inspector) unspecified
PS5MS Ag3 m (Hadfield, age 40, sergeant) unspecified
PS5MT Ag4 m (Smith, age 47, sergeant) unspecified
K6XPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
K6XPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 114101 recorded on 1994-02-01. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham () Activity: meeting

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [1] Any plans?
Collishan (PS5MK) [2] Well I, obviously want to try and attend meetings if and when possible, er I've been to one last week, which basically was er [...] because I don't feel I'm qualified to get up and [...] David got up and spoke very well actually, he was always, at the police not neighbourhood watch, er to do with the cascade telephone system which we found out afterwards, after a three quarters hour debate a man came up to Dave afterwards and showed him a memo which said this cascade system has now ceased in November nineteen ninety-two and that was the the abuse on that particular meeting.
[3] I do intend to er to attend inaugural meetings with each of the C P O s er with a view to looking I mean obviously at some stages you said to me that I would probably have to attend at short notice
Storer (PS5MJ) [4] Mm
Collishan (PS5MK) [5] probably by going to these meetings I can pick up the be best practice for ideas which can be passed on to the others
Storer (PS5MJ) [6] If anybody hears of any neighbourhood watch group meetings, I think make sure Paul knows about it so he can attend where possible
Collishan (PS5MK) [7] Yeah
Storer (PS5MJ) [8] Like him to go and look at the one at er the at er which seems to be a successful one
Collishan (PS5MK) [9] Well I went to the [...] last week and I did say that I'd like to go to that one, I'll go to as many as I can
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [10] Yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [11] what I would like and I'm sure it happens with the previous C P O er and I have been notified by telephone and I keep saying to them let me know, but I would like probably a memo from each C P O to say that there is a meeting on this particular night.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [12] Do you mean inaugural meetings
Collishan (PS5MK) [13] Well an any meetings really because I think if I can er show my face at these meetings it might er I mean I think whether or not it's because of the increase in burglaries or whether it's because of the publicity via David we seem to have had er a hell of a lot of er enquiries about the schemes.
[14] More than normal Tracy ain't it?
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [15] Yeah I think so
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [16] Yeah
Storer (PS5MJ) [17] Okay er
Jeffery (PS5ML) [18] It's amazing that he's [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [19] What you saying that for Jed, how long you been saying that for?
Jeffery (PS5ML) [20] Yeah I know, but there has ain't there, you know but I say that and I live in an area where there's not a neighbourhood watch scheme and I ain't setting one up to until I retire
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [21] As crime goes up, people see it as a way of protecting their property don't they
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [22] Yes
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [23] seventeen per cent of reported crime is up
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [24] mm
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Mills (PS5MM) [25] Erm, may I make a comment on neighbourhood watch, I went to er a job the other day, it was a theatre, I was off duty and er I got tapped on the shoulder by my local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator who said, nine months ago I resigned, I wrote a letter to headquarters, I wrote a letter to the divisional commander, and I wrote a letter to the local constable, and nobody's replied to me and they still keep sending me papers are you gonna get your act together, now I I have brought this up before, we never ever have let a neighbourhood watch scheme lapse, it's nothing to do with you, this is all before you came
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [26] no
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [27] Er we just kept them on and there's I know quite a few schemes have stopped working but we've still got them written down somewhere
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [28] probably now we started it might be well worth while g getting rid of some of these schemes that aren't operating
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [29] Are you saying then that when one's lapsed for six months or over a given period of time we should actually go out there and remove the signs
Mills (PS5MM) [30] Yeah
Stone (PS5MN) [31] Well that's one of my next questions because I think it's debatable either way, a a lot of people and I'm finding this just want to be in a neighbourhood watch scheme to take advantage of insurance er and also to have the sign up once the signs are up and they got insurance [...] they're not bothered, and you can tell that by the er gist of the conversation on the telephone.
[32] The other the other thing is I've discussed this with C P Os as regards the signs, if a scheme folds then we take the sign down, there are arguments for and against,
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [33] No No
Stone (PS5MN) [34] [...] say yeh or nay at the moment
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [35] No
Stone (PS5MN) [36] But if the sign's left up surely that's erm
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [37] deterrent
Stone (PS5MN) [38] towards crime prevention on the other hand it might make some people realise that if they're no longer a scheme then they don't get the er the
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [39] Yeah
Williams (PS5MP) [40] Once a co-ordinator's retired or resigned who do you actually communicate with to find out if the group wants to continue playing
Stone (PS5MN) [41] Well it should be in the file and I asked for this and keep it before me when a scheme is set up, A we have a map which I must have sent out [...] letters,
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [42] em
Stone (PS5MN) [43] I've received very few replies so the signs can be erected and B either a deputy co-ordinator or the deputies that should come in, now some some oblige a lot of them don't
Storer (PS5MJ) [44] Right well let's find one or two of these schemes that appear to have lapsed, send some letters to the names in the file, if we don't get any positive response within a couple of months, let's go and take the signs down er and then wait for the squeals
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Storer (PS5MJ) [45] We'll do it ourselves, although the council are the only people who can put them up anyone can take them down,
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [46] All you need is a pair of wire cutters
Storer (PS5MJ) [47] wire cutters and we'll have them down, have 'em back here, and they won't be wasted, cos although you can't use the straps again we're always short of fronts because of damage cos you can regularly replace the fronts but not the straps
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [48] Well we can buy straps, or always order some more straps if that's the case
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [49] Yes
Mills (PS5MM) [50] It'll also if we start to take action provoke somebody else to take over the schemes,
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [51] Well that's right
Mills (PS5MM) [52] At the moment nobody's interested
Storer (PS5MJ) [53] But I think we need to prove that we've actually communicated with quite a few people to say that if we don't hear from you in two months then I'm afraid the scheme will lapse.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [54] Is that down to us or should we notify the division to make contact
Storer (PS5MJ) [55] No if if we notify the division after the end of it
Collishan (PS5MK) [56] We can only write to people we know it might well be twenty out of thirty houses wanted
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [57] Well
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [58] I think you'll find, but they might be more up to date than Mike
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [59] Well then, in that case let's send a copy letter to the local station
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [60] I think so
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [61] for their information [sniff]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [62] I intend o go through all the files in due course, I mean it's
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [63] Well
Stone (PS5MN) [64] It its a big task, em er the thing is that I think that that the first point of call is one is that we get the questionnaire out and see whether you know the one where can we can the questionnaires [...] to all the neighbourhood watch is it,w w we prepare the questionnaire and we get on and send it out, right.
[65] Depending on the replies from them in relation to those that have lapsed we then send a second letter to them saying is there anybody that will take over the scheme, if not, right we we intend to remove the signs from the er from the area and then if there is no reply to this letter within fourteen days we you know we'll come and remove the signs.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [66] I think there's a lot of them
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Williams (PS5MP) [67] That trawl will bring out a couple of dozen schemes that have totally lapsed, and people will write snotty letters saying I've told you this once before.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [68] Mm yeah
Williams (PS5MP) [69] So great, let's communicate with any other deputies and say if you're not prepared to take it over we'll close the we're afraid the scheme will have to close down.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [70] And
Williams (PS5MP) [71] And remove the signs
Stone (PS5MN) [72] And any claim and and please inform your insurance companies,
Williams (PS5MP) [73] And depending on the area we'll give a photocopy of the map and Derek will fetch 'em in, Derek can take them down.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [74] Who'll [...] doing
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [75] No [...]
Collishan (PS5MK) [76] We have that many er applications I mean I've just gone through A division and I've got er a pile of cards literally an inch thick with people a made an initial inquiry or b they've been furnished with questionnaires and not been returned, so I'm sending those er right through the divisions
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [77] Mm
Collishan (PS5MK) [78] That's the task of the moment, in between the everyday work.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [79] Mm, yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [80] Then of course there's this insurance thing to do as well when David's er free and sorted out
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [81] Yeah well it's [...] a lot of that
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [82] Yeah, at least we'll end up with a scheme that's up-to-date and accurate
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [83] Yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [84] Well we could also from that by photocopying the er the addresses erm and sending these letters out we might well get updated on the schemes anyway [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [85] That er a scheme isn't operating
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [86] What about [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [87] computerisation of the system to come back to us every twelve months if no contact
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [88] Eventually, yes.
[89] Eventually yes.
[90] I think we only want to be on the mainframe so that the divisions can access details in the middle of the night.
[91] I think we still have priority at the moment to computers, in effect Paul is going to [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [92] We might as well
Collishan (PS5MK) [93] I still think we have to have the system as such, perhaps not so intricate, but certainly keep the file probably with the bits in
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [94] We might, cos you won't be able to put maps and things on them
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [95] Eh
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [96] But certainly the main co-ordinators er
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [97] Almost like the burglar alarm [...] you just have scheme, head co-ordinators, you know deputy co-ordinator, number of 'ouses and that just a basic so you go in
Collishan (PS5MK) [98] We we don't want really is street co-ordinators because
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [99] No
Collishan (PS5MK) [100] that'd be a mammoth task
Stone (PS5MN) [101] If you have somebody like somewhere like that
Collishan (PS5MK) [102] I'm not talking about that, I'm now talking about Tollerton but it's eight hundred properties, it's a small village but there are twenty seven street co-ordinators, so you know
Stone (PS5MN) [103] Erm yeah so say all you need is just access to that field so if they do change you can just
Mills (PS5MM) [104] At the moment you do I take it you're recording people who sort of ring up say I'm interested you send out a package to them you record them
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [105] Yes
Mills (PS5MM) [106] I would think about giving up that, send the package out and forget about them
Collishan (PS5MK) [107] Well, this is something I've just done myself
Mills (PS5MM) [108] Yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [109] but I mean you send the package out and you get a phone call er it's Mr Davies, and then you get card out and then you send him the questionnaire it's merely a record duplicated on the form but
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Collishan (PS5MK) [110] it's, I can't see any other way to do it at the moment, I mean probably when I
Mills (PS5MM) [111] Yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [112] think about it, but
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [113] I mean you don't start a file at that stage do you?
Collishan (PS5MK) [114] No just a card in er a pending tray and that's it
Mills (PS5MM) [115] So you know who they are, yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [116] Er a sheet of paper for Tracy to get the initial erm [...] out and then they just go through the system
Stone (PS5MN) [117] And you also get sometimes two people off the same street
Collishan (PS5MK) [118] Well that's it
Stone (PS5MN) [119] It's just a reference they want you [...] Mr Smith two doors away
Collishan (PS5MK) [120] Well I've had one for Basingfield or Basingfield
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [121] Oh I spoke to her, yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [122] yeah, I've had three applications all for the it's only a small village albeit it's spread
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [123] and that's a [...]
Collishan (PS5MK) [124] You know for the er village
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [125] Well have you spoken to Sergeant [...] to alleviate all the paperwork, and
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [126] yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [127] and incur any additional expense
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [128] Three three farms and there's only te ten properties altogether in about two hundred yards
Collishan (PS5MK) [129] But they're building some more aren't they, building another seven
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [130] Building some, yeah building some massive houses there
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [131] and a Happy Eater as well
Collishan (PS5MK) [132] Well that's it
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Collishan (PS5MK) [133] Do they include that in the scheme, some of them on the rate, I won't bother with that anyway it's not our problem
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [134] yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [135] Okay anybody
Hadfield (PS5MS) [136] I've got one I meant to put on the main agenda and I forgot, and I wrote the agenda [...] .
[137] I've been offered the opportunity by er Bob in training er in force [...] have taken this on er the tactical unit have taken it on, the chance of er one day erm assessment or appraisal training, at erm probably at Exeter for those of us that do it and erm I think that perhaps with the the way that the diverse way that our staff's spread out the proper ways of assessing people which I've I've never been shown how to do and I don't think many of us have.
[138] Erm I mean he it sort of went through our staff inspector wise and er Paul was sort of chatting, and he wasn't being unkind he said yes, they'll be dinosaurs because it's a long time since you've had er any training like that.
Stone (PS5MN) [139] What about civilian staff, I have to assess my staff, I haven't had no training.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [140] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [141] right, yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Hadfield (PS5MS) [142] I also said that erm my I expressed that the fears that I expressed at this meeting last time about er the fact that Paul and I now supervise civilian staff, er which I've never been sat down and told what the civilians term of contract are and what I can or cannot say or whatever, so erm I feel it will be quite valuable, and brought it for me to see if anybody think it's worthwhile pursuing.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [143] A one day appraisal
Hadfield (PS5MS) [144] Yes, it's a one day,
Storer (PS5MJ) [145] Just write it on a memo form Paul and send it round with a circulation slip, and those who feel they want to get involved put their name down, probably the quickest way of doing it.
Mills (PS5MM) [146] Right, things are on hold though with assessments aren't they at the moment, cos they
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [147] aren't they always don't they change every ten minutes
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [148] I ain't got time to do assessments let alone a one day course.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [149] Yeah, that's true.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [150] I think that your two waiting for signature on his desk,
Mills (PS5MM) [151] You haven't seen mine have you, [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [152] Well why do you want one, you've just bloody had one
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [153] No it's Derek [...]
Mills (PS5MM) [154] First time he's said anything nice about me, I thought I'll get in while I can
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [155] Derek, it won't last
Storer (PS5MJ) [156] Right, anyone else want to bring any points up
Stone (PS5MN) [157] Took me, took me about bloody two days to do your last one
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Smith (PS5MT) [158] Stuart is having a social event on the eleventh of March for the media and the police, I'll circulate this round with a er slip on it, erm it involves a conducted tour of the police station and some bits and bobs
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [159] oooh
Smith (PS5MT) [160] And everyone's very welcome to come, I'll let you know
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [161] [...] reply to it
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [162] Eleventh of March
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [163] Well it's now come under a general invited round to us all
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [164] Yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [165] Eleventh of March, yeah
Smith (PS5MT) [166] The [...] on the contacts slip so you can read at your leisure, anybody else want to raise any points, Tracy at all, David
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [167] About car park
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [168] Green vans, green vans
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [169] green vans
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [170] Are we
Stone (PS5MN) [171] I'm gonna tell it
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [172] don't start
Storer (PS5MJ) [173] No, I've been and spoken to them again this morning and yesterday, R S C left it there not O S D although it's O S D's van, so they should've come out to move it on Friday and the mechanics didn't turn up, then they lost the keys, cos yesterday myself and who was it, Lyn, waited up for the keys cos they were gonna move down put it into a safer spot.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [174] mm
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [175] Couldn't find the keys anywhere
Stone (PS5MN) [176] Well they were hung up on the board in O S D on Friday when I went down there
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [177] Which which office?
Stone (PS5MN) [178] In the a in the
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [179] No, you know you know as you're going down the corridor before you get to the doors to go down the next set of stairs, I mean in O S D, the last one is er for the P C that does all the man er you know all the duties and things like that, and in his office there's a great big board with all the vehicles on, and the key's hung up at the end and who's got 'em out, and the bottom one is that green van, because he went up and picked 'em up, when I was there.
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [180] I was coming to David
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Collishan (PS5MK) [181] tomorrow morning if it's still there
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [182] yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [183] yeah
Collishan (PS5MK) [184] We're not gonna put any [...] down cos it's going somewhere else
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [185] But they're gonna have to find him
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [186] Erm Bob Bob
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [187] No no no
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [188] You have to wait until all the transit vans are out and double parked put it across across the transit van bays
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [189] So nobody can get in at all
Stone (PS5MN) [190] Mm, or their transits
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [191] Let's throw the keys away
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [192] I was saying to David this morning there was a [...] on the police [...] that was good
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [193] probably terribly naive
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [194] oh it says something like J R Green a number which doesn't exist and any tradesperson could have the name address type of trade and a real phone number
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [195] course they would
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [196] yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [197] You could change the signs quite regular though couldn't you
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [198] Painter and decorator one day and er butcher the [laughing] other []
Stone (PS5MN) [199] Quite easily
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [200] throw, throw some paint over the back and everything [...] paint running out the back
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [201] Mm yeah
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [202] detail like that
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [203] Hear that
Storer (PS5MJ) [204] rubbish really, not our problem, anybody else want to bring any points up
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [205] No no
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Storer (PS5MJ) [206] We've got dates for the meeting, I've got two suggestions, one is that I can't see any point anymore why
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [207] here here
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [208] and it's [...] to one
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [209] yeah, here here
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [210] better headquarters,
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [211] yeah, where where
Stone (PS5MN) [212] S thirty one, if we book it in advance we can get in S thirty one downstairs [sniff] in the canteen, cos we're only an hour and half, two hours meeting
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [213] yeah
Stone (PS5MN) [214] We can be finished by quarter to twelve
Storer (PS5MJ) [215] Good idea, any items of agenda for Sergeant , who will be organising the next meeting in S thirty one
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [216] Okay yeah fine twenty eighth of March
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [217] Hang on
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [218] He's on holiday
Stone (PS5MN) [219] bloody right
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [220] The meetings
Stone (PS5MN) [221] coming for comments like that
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Mills (PS5MM) [222] There's an S L O's meeting on the twenty eighth of March
Stone (PS5MN) [223] Oh good I'm in Majorca
Storer (PS5MJ) [224] Are we gonna do dates now or I think we regard the deputies visit as a special visit and
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [225] Mm
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [226] yeah
Stone (PS5MN) [227] I mean I think the thing to do I mean we most of our lot are within the corridor, what we need to do is get headquarters find out when the rooms free and ring everybody round
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [228] Can you organise that
Stone (PS5MN) [229] Yeah I'll find it
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [230] Yeah, if you go up to that door [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [231] Yeah well fifteenth March what day is it Tuesday?
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [232] There there's some dates on there
Stone (PS5MN) [233] No fifteenth of March is out.
[234] Silly bugger
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [235] Wednesday it's a Tuesday
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [236] Fifteenth of March
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Stone (PS5MN) [237] twenty second of March
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [238] It's much easier with a cal diary
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [239] Okay for that one
Williams (PS5MP) [240] What twenty second of March, is that too far ahead?
[241] Right twenty second if there's any difficulty I'll come back to Paul and Keith cos to let everybody else know about any problems
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [242] S thirty one is it
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [243] Well yes
Stone (PS5MN) [244] S thirty one
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [245] Well
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [246] Do you think it's
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [247] Do you not think it's worthwhile booking the rest of the year's meetings or shall we do it as we carry on
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [248] What you mean going to find a room
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [249] I'm bored now
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [250] Are we closing the meetings [...]
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [251] Yeah we're all bored
Unknown speaker (K6XPSUNK) [252] The meeting's closing just before ten thirty thank you.
Stone (PS5MN) [253] The sun has now risen the sun is over the yard arm.