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17 conversations recorded by `Albert' (PS01A) between 1 and 6 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 5856 s-units, 39285 words, and over 3 hours 6 minutes 40 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 57

PS01A Ag4 m (Albert, age 53, unemployed, Central Northern England, )
PS01B Ag4 f (June, age 47, forecourt attendant, Central Northern England, ) wife
PS01C Ag5 f (Ada, age 70, retired, Central Northern England, ) mother-in-law
PS01D Ag1 f (Corrinne, age 18, student, Central Northern England, ) daughter
PS01E Ag3 m (Colin, age 39, unemployed, Central Northern England, ) brother-in-law
PS01F Ag3 f (Karen, age 38, housewife, Central Northern England, ) sister-in-law
PS01G Ag0 f (Sasha, age 5, student, Central Northern England, ) niece
PS01H Ag5 f (Rose, age 67, retired, Central Northern England, ) aunt-in-law
PS01J Ag4 f (No name, age 46+, shopkeeper, Scottish, ) stranger
KB1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

17 recordings

  1. Tape 059801 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: talking to parrot then mother-in-law on phone
  2. Tape 059802 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( in car ) Activity: taking mother-in-law to hospital
  3. Tape 059803 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( mother-in-law's home ) Activity: just returned from taking mother-in-law to hospital
  4. Tape 059901 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home and car ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 059902 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home and car ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 059903 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Doncaster ( hospital and car ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 059904 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Doncaster ( hospital and car ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 060001 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 060002 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( mother-in-law's home ) Activity: visiting
  10. Tape 060003 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( shop ) Activity: buying cough medicine
  11. Tape 060004 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: talking to wife
  12. Tape 060005 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: talking to wife
  13. Tape 060006 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: talking to wife
  14. Tape 060007 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home and in car ) Activity: talking
  15. Tape 060008 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( mother-in-law's home and car ) Activity: taking mother-in-law to hospital
  16. Tape 060101 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 060102 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Stainforth ( daughter's home ) Activity: visiting

1 (Tape 059801)

Albert (PS01A) [1] George ... George.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2] Want a scratch?
[3] Mm [whistling] do you want a scratch?
[4] Come on then, there, I can't reach, come on then, that's a good boy ... there you are ... you like that?
[5] Gonna give us a kiss, give us a kiss then, come on. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [6] Give us it, give us a kiss, that's a good boy.
[7] [laugh] ... There you are
June (PS01B) [8] Oh, oh, oh ...
Albert (PS01A) [9] ah [...]
Albert (PS01A) [10] [phone rings] There she blows, it's your mama [telephone conversation starts] hello, yeah we've been up half er, since half past, about eight o'clock ... yeah, we'll be round at nine o'clock, okay, bye [telephone conversation ends] .

2 (Tape 059802)

Albert (PS01A) [11] You don't look very well this morning ma.
June (PS01B) [12] We just had to stop half way.
Albert (PS01A) [13] Well we're not as far this way.
June (PS01B) [14] You should of said, I could've borrowed a chair.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [15] yes love, come on then ma, can you manage?
June (PS01B) [16] We almost there?
Albert (PS01A) [17] We're only just walking in here.
June (PS01B) [18] Yeah. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [19] In here, don't run.
June (PS01B) [20] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [21] That's why you can't
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [22] there you go ... ooh [laugh] it's lower than what I thought it were.
June (PS01B) [23] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [24] I said it's lower than what I thought it were ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...] ...
Albert (PS01A) [humming] ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [25] hello
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [26] well I think it would be easier to go straight down here and walk out other door, one of other doors, it's not as far I don't think, the way I've come it's not, it's quite a way like what er
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [27] it's twenty past nine, appointment's at half past innit?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]

3 (Tape 059803)

June (PS01B) [28] [phonecall starts] Nah, not being papered till next week ... never know, well it can't be any worse than any other time really can it?
[29] ... I don't know, they've sold out a dozen at Broadway this week, well int last fortnight, so White Gates were telling me, so, well if we do, we do, if the bungalow goes before we sell well, we'll have to come and live with me mum [laughing] until we find another one [] .
[30] [laugh] I saw Johnny yesterday, he started coming to manor for his petrol ... he went to Gateway, Kwik Save whatever you call it ...
Albert (PS01A) [31] Tesco.
June (PS01B) [32] one o'clock int morning, ah yeah, what, what you, what time do you go, five o'clock?
[33] ... I used to like that shift, oh innit alright for some? ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [34] [phonecall starts] Aye, can me mum borrow your single bed?
[35] Well it, it's been stupid this laid on this settee falling down back, it's blinking ridiculous, yeah, we've just got back from hospital and they'll send her a letter for er, to make an appointment for her to go back, to see what the treatment they're gonna give her, so, will it go in Pete's car?
[36] No, I'll have to ring our Carl then, see if he can shift it, I mean she might as well be laid down here watching telly as upstairs laid in bed uncomfortable, you know ... yeah
Ada (PS01C) [37] [...] once you get in bed you'll be like [...]
June (PS01B) [38] well it's hard lines she's having [laugh] .
[39] Okay I'll ring our Colin anyway and see what he's doing, yeah okay, tarrah then [phonecall ends] .
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...] ...
Albert (PS01A) [40] Mm, he didn't wanna go to work.
June (PS01B) [41] Shut door.
Albert (PS01A) [42] I can't I'm going to er
June (PS01B) [43] What, what's our ?
Ada (PS01C) [44] No
Albert (PS01A)
June (PS01B) [45] Oh, oh [...] ... God they're never in, they're not.
Albert (PS01A) [46] I told you they wouldn't be in.
June (PS01B) [47] Came
Ada (PS01C) [48] June now rang him only [...] all day Tuesday
June (PS01B) [49] [...] started school when Sasha [...] ... have to ring him later.
Ada (PS01C) [50] I don't know, I rang from what time, weren't it?
Albert (PS01A) [51] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [52] When I got that letter June and, were it Tuesday?
[53] And I rang that on and off right to ten to four and they weren't in. ...
Albert (PS01A) [54] Cos usually never in when I ring.
[55] Mind you, I don't I, I think it were yesterday morning I [...] oh no it were Monday morning.
Ada (PS01C) [56] No it were Monday when in here cos I was [...] oh I were, Gavin were wanting some toast with jam on and I'd only got a little bit like that, I says oh you'll have to wait while your Aunty Margaret brings some more tomorrow.
Albert (PS01A) [57] Is it tea you're after?
Ada (PS01C) [58] I walked out.
Albert (PS01A) [59] Do you want tea June?
June (PS01B) [60] No I'd rather have coffee.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [61] I mean I'd rather have tea, sorry, yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [62] I wished you'd make up your mind.
June (PS01B) [63] Shut the door.
Albert (PS01A) [64] I can't shut door ...
June (PS01B) [65] I will.
Albert (PS01A) [66] Which teapot is it? ...
June (PS01B) [67] Does it matter what teapot you make it in?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [68] in the metal one ...
Albert (PS01A) [69] Oh [...] what's up with this? ...
June (PS01B) [70] when I'm watching it.
Albert (PS01A) [71] What?
June (PS01B) [72] That settee.
[73] The chairs are not so bad cos they don't lean as far back as settee back
Ada (PS01C) [74] No.
June (PS01B) [75] but the back of the settee goes right back ... I know it looks nice, that's about all I'll say for it.
Albert (PS01A) [76] Mm, it's not bad.
Ada (PS01C) [77] [...] still on me right across here and
June (PS01B) [78] It's not that bad.
Ada (PS01C) [79] right, right round here.
Albert (PS01A) [80] You can feel it, it's
Ada (PS01C) [81] Yeah I know it's cold.
Albert (PS01A) [82] Told ya, I know when I were in hospital I had that stuff on me you know it were terrible ... even though it was
Ada (PS01C) [83] That's right [...]
Albert (PS01A) [84] even though it's about seventy degrees all time it still felt cold ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [85] That's how I were on Monday when I were full of cold, I went to bed in end, cos it were warmer.
Albert (PS01A) [86] Do you want the settee pulling up a bit?
Ada (PS01C) [87] Yeah, it'll be warmer.
Albert (PS01A) [88] Er sit down I can manage with it
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Ada (PS01C) [89] further up here.
June (PS01B) [90] Probably set fire.
Albert (PS01A) [91] It'll not set fire.
Ada (PS01C) [92] Er come, come in middle of day, she says I wondered wh ... , why you were coming to [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [93] It's a hell of a long wire on that phone int it?
[94] ... [humming] ... Oh ... your teapot's like my arse ... how much sugar want, one ma?
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [95] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [96] I thought you said three ... that er, them teabags are not very good are they?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [97] That what?
Albert (PS01A) [98] Them tea bags.
Ada (PS01C) [99] What do you want then for ninety nine P?
Albert (PS01A) [100] A cup of tea ma. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...] ...
Albert (PS01A) [101] I've shut the door now I've finished running about ...
June (PS01B) [102] With door instead of handle
Albert (PS01A) [103] You know no matter what I do it's always bloody wrong.
June (PS01B) [104] I'm glad, he reminds me of me dad, you [...] put door handles on doors to open em you don't use 'em for shutting ...
Albert (PS01A) [105] Says er last night who went and got a bath and left every door in the house open ...
June (PS01B) [106] It's alright.
Albert (PS01A) [107] Yeah, it's alright for you, you were in a nice warm bath, I was downstairs.
June (PS01B) [108] You're in a, you're in a permanently heated house love.
Ada (PS01C) [109] No that's right, it's small coal like, what they fetch last lot like
Albert (PS01A) [110] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [111] and it all sticks together like that when you put it on
Albert (PS01A) [112] Mm
Ada (PS01C) [113] in a big clump.
June (PS01B) [114] I can't say I'm looking forward to going back to bloody coal central heating either.
Ada (PS01C) [115] Oh it's nice.
June (PS01B) [116] I know it's nice to see it isn't that it's
Albert (PS01A) [117] It's nice.
June (PS01B) [118] cleaning a mucky fire out again.
Ada (PS01C) [119] Well I don't have to do that, that's the er
Albert (PS01A) [120] I'll probably go gas, when they get gas down there ... the only thing that
Ada (PS01C) [121] you want to see me, I get up three times to rake ashes er out and then I go int the kitchen in that cupboard, gerra newspaper and I'm here screwing it up and throwing it on fireplace.
Albert (PS01A) [122] What for?
Ada (PS01C) [123] Cos er they're still in bag and I'm very [...]
June (PS01B) [124] Do they go out every night like?
Ada (PS01C) [125] Yeah, they're only in because they [...] two big logs on [...]
Albert (PS01A) [126] What happened to the other fire grate with electric?
Ada (PS01C) [127] Give it our Colin, I never liked it Albert, I didn't want that one.
Albert (PS01A) [128] It were a damn sight better bloody thing than that.
Ada (PS01C) [129] It was a novelty to [...]
Albert (PS01A) [130] No it weren't ma, it were, it were it did its job, that was keep your heating up, cos you could blow it up and it
Ada (PS01C) [131] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [132] ten minutes and you couldn't breath in here, but that ...
Ada (PS01C) [133] Bloody big bedroom like freeze [...]
June (PS01B) [134] Mother we've got our heating on all times.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [135] yeah but look at
June (PS01B) [136] Extremely cold outside you know
Albert (PS01A) [137] you've got to buy your coal now June and loo and ... I mean
June (PS01B) [138] I'm not complaining I'm just saying
Albert (PS01A) [139] where I used to put two, two bags on a day, and have it up at number five and six we've got it on one bag a day and it's on nu less than number one.
June (PS01B) [140] I'm not complaining duck, I'm just telling you now it's extremely cold outside, that's why it's cold up there.
Ada (PS01C) [141] They must of been mad.
Albert (PS01A) [142] I've seen I've seen it been down sub zeros outside and it's been eighty degrees in our house.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [143] well they've got three bloody cars in there [...] there
Albert (PS01A) [144] I said to 'em over there I says er have you er moved in then?
[145] Got settled?
[146] He says not quite he says but, we're, we're nearly there.
June (PS01B) [147] Want some new windows in.
Albert (PS01A) [148] He says [laughing] to me [] he says to me ... he's, I've been two or three time while he been int garden he says every time you come in here you lock your car, he says why you're only int garden, I says well I've lived round here for a lot of years, ha, [laughing] I says [] and when you've lived here long enough I says you'll be locking your car every time you get it out.
[149] He says why?
[150] I says because things go missing. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [151] It's more force of habit though [...]
Albert (PS01A) [152] You, it's a habit I've got into.
Ada (PS01C) [153] He's been out the car and locked me in it.
Albert (PS01A) [154] Yes, even if I go anywhere, if I go to, go into a shop I always lock the car ... always.
Ada (PS01C) [155] You're supposed to, that's how they get pinched.
Albert (PS01A) [156] The point, the point is you know it, it is a deterrent
June (PS01B) [157] [...] pinch our Colin's.
Albert (PS01A) [158] There's nothing wrong with Colin's.
June (PS01B) [159] Oh ... it'll stop him moaning won't it?
Albert (PS01A) [160] I'll have a look at it today ... I don't think it's anything, from what she told me yesterday, I think it's electrical. ...
June (PS01B) [161] Ooh that firm's gone bad with Jess.
Albert (PS01A) [162] What firm?
June (PS01B) [163] You know Sure Start
Albert (PS01A) [164] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [165] They've had his car three times to repair it
Albert (PS01A) [166] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [167] and the last time he said take it away for a week and see if it's any better, so he took it away and it were no better so he took it down to Paul and somebody from come and had a look at it and said it's injector problems
Albert (PS01A) [168] Mm.
June (PS01B) [169] so Sure Start rang him up and said how's your car er Mr , he said it's no better now than when I fetched it to you, three oil changes since and two months since and they said well what you gonna do about it?
[170] He said I'm not gonna do nowt about it, he says well, we've put a part on it that cost us a hundred and forty pound he says.
Albert (PS01A) [171] Where's me cigs then?
June (PS01B) [172] He says well I'm not paying you for it, he says you put it on and it don't work, he says well we want it back, he says well you take it back and put my parts on that you took off, he says we can't, he says well I'm not paying you hundred and forty pound for a part that don't work ... and he says, anyway he says er, are you sure it's a hundred and forty pound he said, an oil filter cost ten pound at some places but they're actually only two so if you di divide it by five that's forty pounds, he says I'll pay you forty pound, but I'm not paying you no hundred and forty he said.
Ada (PS01C) [173] Can you pass me me [...] June [...]
June (PS01B) [...]
Ada (PS01C) [174] find me bills.
June (PS01B) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [175] You should, we told you you should of had a little dog like ours and it could of ripped them up for ya.
[176] [laugh] We don't get bills.
Ada (PS01C) [177] Oh well mine [...]
June (PS01B) [178] Well they've sent you a letter from hospital.
Albert (PS01A) [179] Oh.
Ada (PS01C) [180] Open it and see what it says.
Albert (PS01A) [181] Don't bother coming this week. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [182] Cancelled your appointment.
Albert (PS01A) [183] Cancel your appointment ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [sigh] ...
June (PS01B) [184] Oh not another one.
Albert (PS01A) [185] What's the matter?
June (PS01B) [186] You've gotta go back again.
Ada (PS01C) [187] Why?
June (PS01B) [188] Tuesday fourth of February, what's a C T examination?
Ada (PS01C) [189] Don't know.
June (PS01B) [190] It's to where we've just been.
Albert (PS01A) [191] That is
June (PS01B) [192] Department of medical [...]
Albert (PS01A) [193] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [194] C T scan examination, that's what you've just had.
Albert (PS01A) [195] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [196] [reading] Will you please attend for your C T examination on Tuesday the fourth of February nine o'clock, if you cannot attend at this time please ring extension []
Ada (PS01C) [197] Oh well [...]
Albert (PS01A) [198] Aye, I'll ring now.
June (PS01B) [199] [reading] This is a painless examination which would take bet [] ... er, hang on, [reading] this is a painless examination which will take between thirty and sixty minutes, there may be some waiting time at the start of the examination depending on whether we have to fit in an emergency, be prepared for this.
[200] Preparation, do not eat or drink four hours before your appointment [] .
Ada (PS01C) [201] Ah.
June (PS01B) [202] [reading] If you are [] it's, it's a chest scan, you'd better ring and see what they have to say, I know.
Ada (PS01C) [203] Well that's what I thought I was going for this morning as well as that one.
Albert (PS01A) [204] [sigh] Who's it from?
June (PS01B) [205] Doctor .
Albert (PS01A) [206] Well.
June (PS01B) [207] Er fag
Albert (PS01A) [208] I'm not touching you with your
June (PS01B) [209] You were, you were gonna set bloody fire to me
Albert (PS01A) [210] Well move then.
June (PS01B) [211] you bugger ...
Albert (PS01A) [212] Extension what was it?
Ada (PS01C) [213] Tell them we've just come back from that [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [214] Were it ?
June (PS01B) [215] I don't know the number on there int it
Ada (PS01C) [216] that ...
Albert (PS01A) [217] [phonecall starts] Can I have ex extension please? ...
Ada (PS01C) [218] She said to me when they find out what it is she could soon have you on your feet, but she thought it were that shadow on me lung.
June (PS01B) [219] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [220] She said if it's that shadow on your lung we'll soon have you on your feet ... [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [221] Hello er, I'm phoning on behalf of Mrs Ada er she's got to come in for a scan on the fourth of February, nine o'clock, now we've only just got back from the hospital today, cos she oh, she had to go today for one, yeah, and we've just
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [222] got back home and the post's been in between time and we've just got this letter for her to attend on February, I wonder if there's, if you've had a mix up?
Ada (PS01C) [223] Or if it's a different one.
Albert (PS01A) [224] Pardon?
[225] ... Ultra radio scan or something, yeah ... oh yeah, so she's, she will, we've gotta keep that appointment, okay then love ... yeah, okay bye, bye love [phonecall ends] .
[226] No you attend that one ma.
June (PS01B) [227] I don't know why they don't just keep the [...] to- bloody-gether .
Albert (PS01A) [228] It's a different type.
Ada (PS01C) [229] No.
Albert (PS01A) [230] It's a different type of scan altogether.
June (PS01B) [231] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [232] What a carry on.
Albert (PS01A) [233] So er
Ada (PS01C) [234] Not as long as the kids have their sandwiches [laugh]
June (PS01B) [235] Them other buggers there's er
Ada (PS01C) [236] er jammy eh?
June (PS01B) [237] there's er
Albert (PS01A) [238] Do you get a free meal like?
Ada (PS01C) [239] No, eh, I've had them sandwiches when I had that other
June (PS01B) [240] Wednesday the fourth of February.
Albert (PS01A) [241] Oh .
June (PS01B) [242] That's another week again innit?
Albert (PS01A) [243] Will be ... on Tuesday?
Ada (PS01C) [244] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [245] Coming what [...] .
June (PS01B) [246] No mother, no no.
Ada (PS01C) [247] Er June here here.
June (PS01B) [248] No.
Albert (PS01A) [249] no ma will
Ada (PS01C) [250] Don't have to drop me, you're not me taxi, don't matter how many times you have to take me, here.
Albert (PS01A) [251] No, no, you're not, no I'm not, well pay us next time.
Ada (PS01C) [252] Well just take that, here, I haven't
Albert (PS01A) [253] No.
Ada (PS01C) [254] just took it out me pension now.
June (PS01B) [255] Well save it
Albert (PS01A) [256] No listen
June (PS01B) [257] in case one of us wants cigs
Albert (PS01A) [258] save it in case we run
June (PS01B) [259] if we, if we need, if we're desperate
Albert (PS01A) [260] if we, if we
June (PS01B) [261] and we need some cigs some time.
Albert (PS01A) [262] I'll get it next time.
Ada (PS01C) [263] I've still got that and twenty besides.
Albert (PS01A) [264] That's alright.
June (PS01B) [265] If we run short of cigs some time we will
Ada (PS01C) [266] Told Albert it don't run on fresh air.
June (PS01B) [267] It's alright.
Albert (PS01A) [268] Well, it doesn't do so bad.
June (PS01B) [269] It's usually cigs we run out of not petrol. [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [270] Well get, get some cigs with it then.
June (PS01B) [271] Look we'll get 'em
Albert (PS01A) [272] We will mum when we need 'em
June (PS01B) [273] we've got enough money for the time being, if ever we get desperate like last time.
Albert (PS01A) [274] Bloody hell I might have pools up and win a million pound this week, what the hell I wanna take your money for?
Ada (PS01C) [275] You're the same as me
Albert (PS01A) [276] I'm not.
Ada (PS01C) [277] as long as you've got two hands and you can work for money you'll never bloody win any.
June (PS01B) [278] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [279] There's a draught, it must of come from that window there I think.
June (PS01B) [280] Keep that door shut then.
Ada (PS01C) [281] Eh?
June (PS01B) [282] Door shut.
Ada (PS01C) [283] Are you working today did you say?
June (PS01B) [284] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [285] I'll give Albert
June (PS01B) [286] Oh it don't shut because of that thing.
Ada (PS01C) [287] No I know, that's what she said, she'd wondered where that were coming from cos it were right up here.
June (PS01B) [288] I thought it come out that window.
Albert (PS01A) [sniff]
Ada (PS01C) [289] She were laughing when I showed her that letter I got, cos she got one the same morning, [...] , she said, and it said, and you can go round and talk to him. [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [290] Ha.
Ada (PS01C) [291] So they mustn't put, you know, their full name or whatever
June (PS01B) [292] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [293] first name ...
Albert (PS01A) [294] Oh.
Ada (PS01C) [295] said you want to put 'em in a bag and shake 'em up.
Albert (PS01A) [296] Ah well ...
June (PS01B) [cough] ...
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]
Ada (PS01C) [297] Oh I don't mind paying you, it'd cost me that for a bloody taxi.
Albert (PS01A) [298] That's what we're here for ma, that's what we're here for ... don't need paying ...
Ada (PS01C) [299] When you run out of cigs erm
Albert (PS01A) [300] Aye ...
Ada (PS01C) [301] No they were out all day Tuesday, I don't know where they were, I rang right from phoning our June when I got that letter twenty five past ten and so ten to four were ringing on and off and there were nobody so I don't know where they were.
Albert (PS01A) [302] Well, mind you June don't know what the hell she's ringing me half the time, because she bloody rings and, half of time it's
Ada (PS01C) [303] Well I rang 'em and they weren't in Albert, our Colin ... [phone rings]
Albert (PS01A) [304] Don't they go to er, school today?
Ada (PS01C) [305] Not Tuesday that's where I thought they were er Tuesday
Albert (PS01A) [306] Oh.
Ada (PS01C) [307] but when I kept ringing, you know, because they generally call here
Albert (PS01A) [308] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [309] they didn't come and I thought, I tell ya I kept ringing right up till ten to four on and off ... [phone rings]
Albert (PS01A) [310] I don't know where they are because
Ada (PS01C) [311] Unless he's gotta job [...]
Albert (PS01A) [312] I shouldn't I shouldn't, even so doesn't go with him ... well it don't look like there's anybody in. [phone rings]
Ada (PS01C) [313] I wonder if Margaret's had to work [...] she'd come home Friday dinner, with that sickness and diarrhoea.
Albert (PS01A) [314] Yeah
Ada (PS01C) [315] Has she started?
Albert (PS01A) [316] I don't know our, our, very rare we'll ring em ... John was down well the same day as she dropped that little potty off for our Kay
June (PS01B) [317] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [318] and he said she was poorly.
Ada (PS01C) [319] He didn't stop here Albert, he just dropped them things off.
Albert (PS01A) [320] Yeah
Ada (PS01C) [321] He says I'll go and drop this potty off at our June's, I'll take
Albert (PS01A) [322] No
Ada (PS01C) [323] our Colin's car and he said and I'll [...] shop and that's when he told me about Margaret.
Albert (PS01A) [324] They'll be round er father's or somewhere daft like that ... or at their Geoff's ... mm ...
Ada (PS01C) [325] what's Pete coming round [...] for?
Albert (PS01A) [326] Mm, probably got some work to do, on car ... mm, puts [...] cos he don't like Friday night. [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [327] Oh he goes on at five, he leaves house at five Al, and he must be in at one ...
Albert (PS01A) [328] It all depends what he's doing ma.
Ada (PS01C) [329] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [330] I mean er, I didn't like er that Friday night it were hor horrible shift, cos half the time you used to turn up, only half a team would turn up and you'd be expected to do
Ada (PS01C) [331] Job.
Albert (PS01A) [332] er job with half a team and ... and it couldn't get done properly.
Ada (PS01C) [333] No, I'll have to get that bed up, put this across here and that chair beside that window.
June (PS01B) [334] Oh I don't think you'll get it all in mother.
Albert (PS01A) [335] You will ...
June (PS01B) [336] You'd be better with settee along that wall and leave chair there, and you'll have more room.
Albert (PS01A) [337] leave chair where it is, just to give it
June (PS01B) [338] If you put that that way you'll have chair stuck out.
Albert (PS01A) [339] We'll sort it out when we get to it.
Ada (PS01C) [340] I'll put chair round here, beside bed, can't ya?
Albert (PS01A) [341] Before we beep we'll go down in our car, bloody hell it's three times smaller than Pete's so I'll get it in our bloody car ...
June (PS01B) [342] Where's your dish cloth mum?
Ada (PS01C) [343] Eh?
June (PS01B) [344] Where's your dish cloth?
Ada (PS01C) [345] The big what?
Albert (PS01A) [346] Dish cloth.
June (PS01B) [347] Dish cloth.
Albert (PS01A) [348] There ain't one, there's that sponge.
Ada (PS01C) [349] Did you have this in new one int room as you go other side of fire place in that big polythene bag June ...
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]
Ada (PS01C) [350] No I've never felt as rotten as what I did this morning.
Albert (PS01A) [351] No, well
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [352] Mm, why did Steven kidnap?
[353] Or why did Stef kidnap [...] ... well I, you know I can't understand this girl, because she's been in er, I mean she must of seen him when, when he's approached her to buy the house
Ada (PS01C) [354] Yeah that's what I
Albert (PS01A) [355] so surely she must be able to give him
Ada (PS01C) [356] D'ya, d'ya know what I think Al, I think he's from Barnsley cos that Bob lots of money he's had dropped there at Barnsley
Albert (PS01A) [357] Yeah but, I mean but it's right on
Ada (PS01C) [358] where he's kidnapped her.
Albert (PS01A) [359] motorway link so
Ada (PS01C) [360] where's he's kidnapped her, it's hundred mile from Barnsley ... so I think he belongs Barnsley [...] out the bloody area.
Albert (PS01A) [361] Well he's not, he's not forced to do, he just might know the area, I mean, all he's doing is sticking to er places just off the motorways int he?
Ada (PS01C) [362] Yes.
Albert (PS01A) [363] But er ... I mean he's come from Birmingham up to Barnsley it's only what a hundred mi well is it hundred about ninety odd mile?
Ada (PS01C) [364] Yeah, he's [...] there from Barnsley up Birmingham it says that were a hundred miles away where we got 'em to drop the money off [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [365] But the thing is she must've seen him.
Ada (PS01C) [366] Of course she has but day time, now they're getting two, if there's two women, they're getting two women out of show, did you see it on telly?
Albert (PS01A) [367] Yeah, but I mean even, even so, she, she has met him once before and she must of seen him when she's gone to the house for him to kidnap her.
Ada (PS01C) [368] Yeah he must've been following her about.
Albert (PS01A) [369] Alright he's probably blindfolded her after that, but at least she should have some kind of er
Ada (PS01C) [370] Yeah whether he were dark hair or light hair or tall or short.
Albert (PS01A) [371] you know I mean it's not just one of them ... surely she could give the police some indication of what he's like ...
Ada (PS01C) [372] Oh Thomas must be still be Tottenham ...
Albert (PS01A) [373] Mm, mm I'm sure, has he still got car in garage like?
Ada (PS01C) [374] No they must of took it er, at, his son must of took it because they've put that girder back in.
Albert (PS01A) [375] What girder?
[376] Oh that big one.
Ada (PS01C) [377] Yeah they took key with 'em ... our Thomas must of.
Albert (PS01A) [378] But what the hell did they took that?
[379] It, I thought they gonna leave the key.
Ada (PS01C) [380] Ooh, our Tommy took that mat key, but he took it down home, [...]
Albert (PS01A) [381] I mean it's alright, but nobody else can get in damn garage
Ada (PS01C) [382] Yeah I know.
Albert (PS01A) [383] I'll have to tell him when he comes.
Ada (PS01C) [384] I didn't know he took car Al tell you truth until I saw girder in [...]
Albert (PS01A) [385] He still should of left the key here I mean there's no
Ada (PS01C) [386] He didn't, no
Albert (PS01A) [387] you know, I mean even if
Ada (PS01C) [388] I know
Albert (PS01A) [389] if they're leaving it one, just for one night, there's not, it's, it's easy enough to just say I'll, I'll put key on windowsill and ...

4 (Tape 059901)

June (PS01B) [390] He'll have ya, Barney. [...] [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [391] You grot bag.
[392] George.
Albert (PS01A) [393] [...] last year.
June (PS01B) [394] I know, that's what he were after.
[395] Wants to chew the basket, 'cos when he [...] , I think he started chewing photo.
[396] You bugger, George.
[397] George.
[398] George.
[399] What you doing?
[400] George.
[401] What you doing, you bald headed bugger.
Albert (PS01A) [402] He'll come out with it, you know.
June (PS01B) [403] I don't think he will.
[404] The only thing he's picked up since we've had him, is me name.
[405] And how long we had 'im.
[406] We 'ad 'im a good six months, ain't we?
Albert (PS01A) [407] Aye.
June (PS01B) [408] Georgie babes.
[409] Georgie, look at ... look.
Albert (PS01A) [410] He won't pick the names, he he picks up, it's the ones he already knows.
June (PS01B) [411] Oi, [...] basket, [...] look.
[412] Oi

5 (Tape 059902)

June (PS01B) [413] Where's your tissue for your nose?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [414] Oh yeah.
June (PS01B) [415] Chock-a-block.
Karen (PS01F) [416] Have you see her ear, it's by her ear as well.
[417] [...] the other day, and it's all black, all gunge coming out of it.
[418] So I'll take her to the doctor.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [419] You're bloody full of it, you, aren't ya.
Sasha (PS01G) [420] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [421] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...] [giggle]
Albert (PS01A) [422] No, it's only a ... checked it, [...] I don't think it's contagious, really.
[423] [...] this morning.
Sasha (PS01G) [424] Oh, Bert, oh, Bert, your dog's [...]
Karen (PS01F) [425] Blow.
Sasha (PS01G) [426] [...] put it back [...] .
Karen (PS01F) [427] Okay, you give it [...]
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [428] Thank you.
[429] Oh, Bert, your dog's gonna whip me teddy.
Albert (PS01A) [430] He won't.
Sasha (PS01G) [431] [...] has fire up there.
June (PS01B) [432] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [433] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [434] Oh, he'll go out the door, one day.
June (PS01B) [435] He's just had a fright.
Albert (PS01A) [436] He's just had a fright.
June (PS01B) [437] Tried to sit on basket.
[438] He he wanted he wants to chew it, and he didn't realise it swings.
[439] When he jumped on it, it startling swivelling.
Karen (PS01F) [440] oh
Sasha (PS01G) [441] We're staying here today.
June (PS01B) [442] He's getting a sod for biting.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [443] Aren't ya.
Karen (PS01F) [444] Ma, [...]
June (PS01B) [445] Yeah, he went for nose other day, [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [446] Arrr.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [447] Why's he up there for?
June (PS01B) [448] I think what it is, 'cos I'm out so much at time now.
[449] And they don't have much time for him.
Sasha (PS01G) [450] uh oh.
June (PS01B) [451] Where before ...
Sasha (PS01G) [452] [...] there for?
June (PS01B) [453] Scratching him and playing with 'im, you know.
Karen (PS01F) [454] You know when the eyes kept itching, [...] last time, and I said I wondered if it were 'cos of birds, [...]
June (PS01B) [455] No, your eyes.
Karen (PS01F) [456] Yeah, you know two times I've been, and me eyes are going right mad.
June (PS01B) [457] Just a minute while your mum tells me.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [458] [...] 'cos of bird, you've always had Bobbie.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [459] Always had 'im.
Karen (PS01F) [460] [...] started again today. [...]
June (PS01B) [461] Mind you, he does chuck a lot of stuff about, 'cos you can see.
Karen (PS01F) [462] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [463] You're always dusting with him, 'cos he's right dusty.
Karen (PS01F) [464] Right er, maybe that's what it is then.
[465] [...] seems funny though, it's only started.
June (PS01B) [466] Albert says I've got to sell 'im.
[467] Shall we sell you?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [468] Mm.
June (PS01B) [469] Who's gonna make you, scratching his bloody head, and he's made his head bleed.
Karen (PS01F) [470] [...] would you have Colin [...] about him.
June (PS01B) [471] Well.
Albert (PS01A) [472] Colin.
June (PS01B) [473] I ended up paying for him.
[474] She's not bothered, she never goes near him.
Albert (PS01A) [475] Never goes near him.
June (PS01B) [476] She never goes near him.
[477] She's frightened to death of 'im
Karen (PS01F) [478] [...] isn't it.
June (PS01B) [479] I know.
[480] But I don't think Geoff would be very pleased.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [481] Well, if you say to him, that just say that [...] and that, that's you know, oh, just say something like, just say something like [...] I can't keep up with him Dennis, he's throwing loads of dust about, just say to him, [...] think about selling, to you want to buy him back or, you know.
June (PS01B) [482] Well, they won't, I don't think they'd have him back.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [483] No and that's [...] a
Albert (PS01A) [484] I don't think, I don't think sell him.
Sasha (PS01G) [485] Has he got to wait.
June (PS01B) [486] A.
Albert (PS01A) [487] I don't think you'd get what you paid for him.
June (PS01B) [488] Probably not, but I mean, cage is worth a hundred and fifty quid.
[489] That's what Russell paid for the cage.
Sasha (PS01G) [490] Oh, look.
Karen (PS01F) [491] Mm
Sasha (PS01G) [492] Oh, look.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Sasha (PS01G) [493] What.
[494] Look, [...]
Karen (PS01F) [495] [...] that he's into, [...]
June (PS01B) [496] Well, I mean, he's no problem to me.
[497] I'm not bothered about him.
[498] You know, I'd rather keep him than sell him, but
Albert (PS01A) [499] [cough] It's like everything else, you've always summat else to bloody feed.
June (PS01B) [500] Mm.
Karen (PS01F) [501] By the way, when we had that pair, that were driving me mad, and then that one died, when we were in bungalow.
[502] Other one would learnt how to open a crack, and it were in that cage, and it could hear birds outside.
[503] Anyway in the end we let er Kenny's grandad have 'im, I mean, 'cos they got me mum's bird.
[504] They've got two of his own, he ended up with four birds.
June (PS01B) [505] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [506] But at least they were happy, you know what I mean.
[507] 'Cos they were with other birds.
[508] But I never missed, I never missed him. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [509] I don't think you get attached to birds like you do animals.
Albert (PS01A) [510] I don't think you get attached to birds like dogs.
June (PS01B) [511] Not like dogs and cats.
Karen (PS01F) [512] No.
June (PS01B) [513] I mean Albert said, [...] if we do get that bungalow, we are [...] 'cos the owner, he said she'll disappear.
Albert (PS01A) [514] She'll disappear.
June (PS01B) [515] I mean I'll be upset about our Whisky, 'cos we're, I mean, we've had a long time, although she's not a pet ... pet, you know what I mean.
Karen (PS01F) [516] What [...] feel like.
June (PS01B) [517] Well, they they just, they go away when you take them somewhere fresh.
[518] [cough] and they don't know where they are.
Sasha (PS01G) [519] That one.
Albert (PS01A) [520] They're very very ...
June (PS01B) [521] Sometimes, you're lucky, and you know, if if you keep them in long enough
Albert (PS01A) [522] We've always had cats, always had cats, when we lived at and we moved into and we'd had this one cat years, it were old cat.
[523] I wouldn't say it was ready for popping off, you know what I mean.
Karen (PS01F) [524] Yeah
Albert (PS01A) [525] It were always fit and we were only there a fortnight, three weeks disappeared.
June (PS01B) [526] I mean, if our Whisky died, I wouldn't be as upset about it, as I would about these.
[527] But if she disappeared I'd be worried all time.
Albert (PS01A) [528] And yet ...
Karen (PS01F) [529] Aye.
June (PS01B) [530] You know, like when our Dawn's kittens disappeared.
[531] It, they weren't bothered, I think Mick took them away meself.
Karen (PS01F) [532] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [533] I'm convinced he did.
Albert (PS01A) [534] I think he did.
June (PS01B) [535] But I were I were upset about that, you know.
Karen (PS01F) [536] [...] without a break.
June (PS01B) [...] [...]
June (PS01B) [537] No, it's a can't be in the garden, can he.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [538] Yeah.
[539] Same as with these next door.
[540] I get right upset about Paddy.
[541] I mean she's give his kennel away now, and he's got no kennel again.
Karen (PS01F) [542] Ar.
June (PS01B) [543] And he's running streets, and you know how cold it was last week, and he's running streets.
Karen (PS01F) [544] What she give kennel away for, then.
June (PS01B) [545] I don't bloody know.
Albert (PS01A) [546] I think she'd give the dog away as well.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [547] Saw him coming.
June (PS01B) [548] Don't lick, don't let him lick her, Karen. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [549] Don't lick.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [550] You mutt
Sasha (PS01G) [551] [...] all right.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [552] I've been round me mums this morning.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [553] [...] I expect I'll go.
June (PS01B) [554] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [555] [...] any better or.
June (PS01B) [556] She said, when I went round she was sat doing crossword on bed.
[557] And then, er, I said I've just come to see if you want any cigs.
[558] She said, well our John's coming down tonight, she said, just get me twenty.
[559] I said, you might as well get forty, I said, because if he's late coming down
Karen (PS01F) [560] Yeah, right.
June (PS01B) [561] And he can't round shop after, you'd be stuck, and I mean, he.
[562] I don't ... Albert don't mind going for her cigs, but it's just that we don't get up early in the morning, you know, and if me mum's ringing at eight o'clock in the morning, 'cos she got no cigs.
[563] It's a bit unfair like, when when she could at [...]
Karen (PS01F) [564] [...] I said [...] she said after my job at [...]
June (PS01B) [565] Margaret's not very well.
Karen (PS01F) [566] [...] she hadn't seen Margaret since Christmas Eve.
[567] Yeah, but she ain't been bad since Christmas Eve.
June (PS01B) [568] Oh, no.
[569] no.
[570] But she
Karen (PS01F) [571] Ov over a month ago.
June (PS01B) [572] When they came on Sunday, when it were your anniversary, she'd got diarrhoea and sickness, Margaret.
[573] I think she were off work last week.
Karen (PS01F) [574] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [575] I I mean, you're anything like that, but not not for a month, I mean.
Sasha (PS01G) [576] I got two toilet papers on [...] .
June (PS01B) [577] Oh yeah.
[578] Well, put one in your pocket then, [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [579] I [...] Margaret [...] last night.
June (PS01B) [580] Oh I I bet ... if you look at it,
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [581] I don't Pete's been to me mum's for about six months.
[582] Because I can't remembering him going.
[583] He never goes without Margaret.
[584] She always goes herself, she were down there last night, by herself.
[585] He were at pub.
Karen (PS01F) [586] Mm.
[587] Well, I said to her, told her about not having nowt to eat from that Wednesday morning, er Wednesday dinner time, till Thursday when they went
June (PS01B) [588] Well she took away fish last night for her supper.
Karen (PS01F) [589] Oh.
[590] And that she she looked shocked, you know, she didn't didn't know me like, and er, well she was shocked, and then I said I said, right [...] well we'll have to get together and sort something out about stopping with her, and Pete said straight away.
[591] Margaret's there every day, she goes out every morning.
[592] Right.
[593] Not that he actually asked her.
Albert (PS01A) [594] [...] years ago about Beryl.
June (PS01B) [595] I told you that's what he said.
Karen (PS01F) [596] And I said, aye up, I don't mean in day-time.
[597] I says on a night-time, I said, you know, she can't leave her home now, I said, she can't manage to put coal on fire, and she can't manage to get up up to eat and drink and that, I said, I don't mind dropping off and taking me turn on the night-time but I mean, but it's hard, it's hard with me with kids every night.
June (PS01B) [598] It's [...] for you with kids.
Karen (PS01F) [599] But I don't, certainly don't mind taking her down once a week or twice a week and taking me turn.
Albert (PS01A) [600] Karen there's no need, no need, you're needed at bloody home.
June (PS01B) [601] I mean, there's only you got kids.
Karen (PS01F) [602] There's no reason your Margaret can't stop when he's on nights.
[603] Or [...] afters.
June (PS01B) [604] No.
Karen (PS01F) [605] I mean, 'cos we can all [...] down.
[606] Only days really what's difficult for him.
June (PS01B) [607] Yeah.
[608] I don't think Pete'd stop.
Karen (PS01F) [609] [...] really.
[610] I mean, he only got to get his clothes on and go to work, the same.
June (PS01B) [611] I don't think he'd go stop.
[612] Our Margaret might go stop herself, but I don't think he'll go.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [613] Ah.
[614] You're bending
June (PS01B) [615] Watching ya.
Albert (PS01A) [616] Will you settle down.
Sasha (PS01G) [617] No.
June (PS01B) [618] I don't think [...] Margaret would want to stop, actually.
June (PS01B) [619] No, I don't think they would.
Albert (PS01A) [620] None of em will
Karen (PS01F) [621] But er, I don't think [...]
Albert (PS01A) [622] If no one will go down there at all and and sit with their mother for a for a couple of hours.
Karen (PS01F) [623] No.
June (PS01B) [624] I mean, I can't talk, because I never go.
[625] Er, to say 'cos I mean, I closest, and I don't go.
Karen (PS01F) [626] Yeah, but I was your [...]
June (PS01B) [627] But er, me and me mum's never got on like our Margaret and me mum have.
Karen (PS01F) [628] No.
Sasha (PS01G) [giggle]
Karen (PS01F) [629] It's same as, what [...] ow she's gone into hospital with her, you know, and I'd actually been that day, you know what I mean, I don't mind, don't get me wrong, I'm not cross, 'cos I don't mind.
[630] But it annoys you [...] they they they think they're doing a lot for her 'cos they go in ev every morning.
June (PS01B) [631] Yeah, they're more thought of.
Karen (PS01F) [632] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [633] More thought of.
June (PS01B) [634] Has he.
Karen (PS01F) [635] Yeah.
[636] I mean, I know, but Colin ain't been down much this week, because Colin's been working, he's been working every day [...] and that, you know what I mean, it's been a bit hard for us to get down but we tried.
June (PS01B) [637] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [638] [...] who should try and pick kids up and then have an hour down there.
June (PS01B) [639] Well, he spends more time there than me.
[640] 'Cos I've been this morning and I've cleared fireplace out, washed [...]
Karen (PS01F) [641] No, you're not wearing your shoes in here.
June (PS01B) [642] and I've 'oovered up,
Karen (PS01F) [...] [...]
June (PS01B) [643] and dusted and polished.
[644] That kitchen floor could do with washing, I saw a mop, but didn't see no bucket.
[645] I don't whether she's got one, but I thought, I didn't have time to do it this morning.
Karen (PS01F) [646] Mm.
June (PS01B) [647] So I just run round with 'oover and dusted and polished, then I made a cup of tea.
Karen (PS01F) [648] Who's doing the washing?
June (PS01B) [649] Our Margaret.
Karen (PS01F) [650] Ah.
June (PS01B) [651] I can't, our Margaret's drying it on radiators, and I says to Albert, what me mum doing with the dryer.
[652] He says, I don't know.
Albert (PS01A) [653] It's still there.
June (PS01B) [654] So I'm gonna ask her if I can borrow it
Albert (PS01A) [655] It's [...]
June (PS01B) [656] and then now I'll do her dryer washing for her.
Karen (PS01F) [657] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [658] I mean, I only really wanted to dry me towels, because I hate having to run out laun launderette while I'm drying all me other clothes on radiators.
Albert (PS01A) [659] It's more expensive to use.
June (PS01B) [660] Yes.
[661] I know it's more expensive.
Karen (PS01F) [662] Sasha.
June (PS01B) [663] but it's really only for towels.
Albert (PS01A) [664] Come in, and shut that door.
Karen (PS01F) [665] What you got.
June (PS01B) [666] Get, shout Barney in.
[667] Shout Barney.
Sasha (PS01G) [668] [shouting] Barney []
June (PS01B) [669] I don't whether she doing ironing, I know she's doing washing.
Karen (PS01F) [670] Oh, alright.
June (PS01B) [671] 'Cos she's, well, that day Albert took me
Sasha (PS01G) [672] Barney
June (PS01B) [673] mum to 'ospital, and I, er she give me a lift.
[674] She dropped her washing off.
[675] I thought she'd dried it, and she said, oh, I'm just gonna put this washing on radiators, and then it, it were then that er it made me think, well, what [...] done with her dryer.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [676] Yeah, I know.
June (PS01B) [677] Well, 'cos I mean, she can't be paying much electric.
Karen (PS01F) [678] It's not that [...] that your Margaret ain't got time to stop there and dry it for her, you know what I mean.
June (PS01B) [679] Oh, all you got to do is put it in, somebody'll take it out.
Karen (PS01F) [680] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [681] Go over there, no don't, she won't go outside, keep them on there.
Sasha (PS01G) [682] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [683] I don't know.
Karen (PS01F) [684] I mean, your Margaret sent a dinner down last night
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [685] [...] you know what I mean, the
June (PS01B) [686] Yeah, she she said she might.
Karen (PS01F) [687] [...] she's took er fish and that, and she's tried in ways like that.
June (PS01B) [688] Yeah.
[689] I mean I can't afford to take care [...]
Albert (PS01A) [690] We tried to [...]
June (PS01B) [691] We can afford to keep afford to [...] dog.
Albert (PS01A) [692] And Margaret's dad, when they, when my kids were little would never take our kids anywhere but they [...]
June (PS01B) [693] It were me dad, it were me dad that didn't take up [...]
Albert (PS01A) [694] And always relied on one or the other, I don't [...]
June (PS01B) [695] Me dad wouldn't me dad didn't mind taking [...]
Albert (PS01A) [696] I don't care which one.
[697] But they would never take 'em out for day
Karen (PS01F) [698] No, I know.
Albert (PS01A) [699] But they would fetch 'em and pay for them, and I even today, you cannot buy love.
Karen (PS01F) [700] No.
Albert (PS01A) [701] And it's proven my point, our Dawn wouldn't even think about [...] there.
[702] Our our Corinne goes round when she got to.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [703] Don't think about what. [...]
June (PS01B) [704] Our Corinne don't only go round when she got to.
[705] She goes round [...]
Albert (PS01A) [706] Goes round [...] weeks ago.
June (PS01B) [707] Well, she won't go and stop.
[708] Said she won't go and stop again.
Albert (PS01A) [709] Who's gonna stop then.
June (PS01B) [710] When we were all on about stopping [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [711] I don't mind going and doing her shopping and bits, she says, I'm not stopping.
Karen (PS01F) [712] Yeah.
[713] When you were on about that love, what pa was saying about, you know, like every night, that our kids, when, they had their pyjamas on, and they're like, to get hold, [...] I'm lying watching television, I'm usually falling asleep, but I put the kids, [...] you know.
[714] And er, last time I I get in touch, me mum told me, [...] turned round and says to me, I don't want [...] any more mum, I says why, he says, oh she won't let me have pillow [...] and then I then I think if summat else [...] brought to light, I [...] kill her
June (PS01B) [715] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [716] if she had come in
Albert (PS01A) [717] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [718] [...] and that, I know it's a filthy old thing, but it it's comfort ain't it.
June (PS01B) [719] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [720] And when they start [...] let them have the pillow down, they don't feel, they can't get comfortable.
[721] I know it's a little bit trivial like, but it's just, it's still [...]
June (PS01B) [722] She has queer ways me mother.
[723] Karen I I'm forty-seven and I can't work me mother out, so, no chance for you working her out, few years you've known her.
Karen (PS01F) [724] [laugh] No no, I I, I mean, she's always been alright with me really, I mean,y you know, she's not [...] not at all mother-in-law, she's not [...]
June (PS01B) [725] Well, me and me mum's, me and me me mum's never been close.
[726] It were always like, me and our Colin were more or less with me dad, and our Margaret and John were more or less for me mum.
[727] Then when they got older, me dad sort of took our John on, because our John were mechanical minded, and our Colin got pushed out a bit, 'cos our Colin weren't interested in cars.
Sasha (PS01G) [728] [...] I found this.
June (PS01B) [729] Oh yeah, oh that's what that bird.
[730] Yuk.
[731] And our Colin was to be off t' fair, and that, so, me dad sort of went on to our John and pushed our Colin out a little bit.
Karen (PS01F) [732] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [733] But er, me and our Colin's never been me mum's favourite.
[734] It's always been our Margaret.
Karen (PS01F) [735] Mind you, did you see that photo that [...]
June (PS01B) [736] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [737] You are, I mean, I could just work out, [...] I said, your Margaret and John are a lot like you.
[738] She is [...] 'cos she's got Margaret's lips and your nose, but out of all of you, I think your your Jo you can see your John in it, can't you, more than anybody.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [739] I always think our John looks more like a Prescott, 'cos he al every time I see him, I see me Uncle Bill more and more.
Karen (PS01F) [740] Yeah, John [...] used to say, years ago about how much that you're, John looks like your Brian, and I don't think he looks anything like it.
June (PS01B) [741] No, I don't.
Karen (PS01F) [742] And she [...] again now, she says like somebody [...] your John look like that bloke next door.
[743] What a load of rubbish, I thought well.
June (PS01B) [744] No.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [745] He looks more and more
Karen (PS01F) [746] Aye.
June (PS01B) [747] our Colin's getting more and more like me dad.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [748] Well, Brian [...] ain't it.
[749] Brian , Brian I think don't like, er,
Albert (PS01A) [750] [...] they are, they're all like that.
[751] All of them. [...]
June (PS01B) [752] And I think our John looks like me Uncle Bill.
Karen (PS01F) [753] Yeah, I think he does.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [754] But then again, he did look like that photo, I think he does look like that photo, but you were younger then,
June (PS01B) [755] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [756] but he does look like Uncle Bill.
[757] Mind you [...] Colin's getting more like your dad every day.
June (PS01B) [758] I know he is.
Karen (PS01F) [759] black welding glasses on, and he turned round and he made me jump.
[760] Like oh, Colin, and then he go like this, you know, [...] isn't it.
[761] You know, he'll come running [...] glasses.
Albert (PS01A) [762] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [763] I can't do it.
[764] And right, he made me heart jump, 'cos he looked just like your dad, and then a few days later, he's in garage again, and Johnny come in and he said, God he said, he gave me a flaming heart attack out there.
[765] I said, why, and he said, he turned round with these glasses on, then he said it was just like John's stood there.
[766] I says, don't tell me, I said, he did the same thing to me the other day, and it were only within a couple of days of each other.
[767] When he puts those glasses on, honestly he's his double.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [768] I think it's the way he looks, like, if you know what I mean, you know like [...] pull his face and like, look over glasses, I mean, [laugh] he did it to me when [...] did it to Johnny.
[769] He probably thought [...] like.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [770] He's like me dad, er me dad, he never had no patience, and our Colin's just like him.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [771] Mind you, I'm like our Colin as well in a lot of ways.
[772] I haven't got a lot of patience.
[773] But where ... where we're better off 'cos Albert, he's calm, where you and our Colin are both fiery tempered
Karen (PS01F) [774] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [775] Where, when I start, Albert's
Karen (PS01F) [776] He, I tell you want he doesn't do, I shouldn't let you hear, but, when he, when him and me are arguing when we were younger, and me dad used to wind Colin up, and wind me up, and I'd get madder and madder, and me dad used to love it.
[777] But looking back, you know, and now, that's what Colin does to me, he winds me bloody up, [...] but I can't help it, because he gets me that wild, I should just, I should, I mean, how can you change his temperament.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [778] I mean, I should just turn round and tell him where to go, but.
Albert (PS01A) [779] I think Colin winds you up summat chronic
Karen (PS01F) [780] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [781] And instead of just
Karen (PS01F) [782] Ignoring him.
Albert (PS01A) [783] Ignoring him.
[784] You don't, he [...] and he [...] going through bloody [...]
Karen (PS01F) [785] Yeah, I know.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [786] What
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [787] A [...] where
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [788] No.
[789] Bird pooh on window.
Albert (PS01A) [790] [cough] But, [...] I mean, er,
June (PS01B) [791] Where the birds have poohed on me window flying past.
Sasha (PS01G) [792] Oh God.
June (PS01B) [793] I know aren't they dirty.
Albert (PS01A) [794] He thinks a lot about ya [...]
Karen (PS01F) [795] Yeah.
[796] Right duck.
[797] You know, I [...] he mustn't pushed me, that man, who that keeps asking me out.
[798] I mean, I sometimes, I mean, I admit I'm not most passionate person in the world but I then again I'm not
June (PS01B) [799] You're not by your bloody self.
Karen (PS01F) [800] I'm not frigid or owt
June (PS01B) [801] I can't see, [...] are neither of you passionate?
Karen (PS01F) [802] No.
[803] I keep saying to him, look Colin, I said, I know a couple of times a week's enough for me, but that's worth waiting for, but when you're doing it three times and then get sick of it.
[804] [laugh] and he can't understand that.
Albert (PS01A) [805] Yeah. [cough]
Sasha (PS01G) [806] You think [...] got 'er.
Albert (PS01A) [807] Aye.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [808] No.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [809] No, don't do any more.
[810] [...] any more.
[811] You've got enough.
[812] Don't rip 'em.
[813] They're to blow your nose on.
Sasha (PS01G) [814] I tried to get one.
Albert (PS01A) [815] I know, but you're wasting 'em.
Sasha (PS01G) [816] I tried to make a [...]
Albert (PS01A) [817] It's alright like that.
Sasha (PS01G) [818] Oh yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [819] You're wasting 'em ... That back door shut!
Sasha (PS01G) [820] [...] It scared me.
Albert (PS01A) [821] Go and tell Auntie June to shut the back door.
[822] Else she'll be missing a bird.
Albert (PS01A) [823] June.
[824] June.
Sasha (PS01G) [825] [...] That was close, wasn't it?
Albert (PS01A) [826] It was.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [827] Did it frighten ya?
Sasha (PS01G) [828] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [829] Aye.
[830] Flies round your head, you know.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [831] Oh aye, gets stuck in your hair.
Sasha (PS01G) [832] Well, he's not going out.
[833] I [...] in a minute
Albert (PS01A) [834] He will get on your head an' all
Sasha (PS01G) [835] I will get on his head in a minute, again.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Sasha (PS01G) [836] Aren't we [...] ... He's got [...]
Albert (PS01A) [837] He's got what?
Sasha (PS01G) [838] Got, your [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [839] A bogie.
Albert (PS01A) [840] Mm.
Sasha (PS01G) [841] Said this looks dodgy.
[842] [...] that's a funny talk, i'n't it it Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [843] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [844] [...] talk.
[845] [...] talk, don't ya.
[846] Don't get scared of her now.
[847] She's scared of me, ain't she, Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [848] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [849] Wait a minute, Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [850] Behave, bloody scratching.
[851] Bloody big, stupid sod.
Sasha (PS01G) [852] I'm making a bed for for Barney.
Albert (PS01A) [853] And Barney's in bed.
Sasha (PS01G) [854] [...] I need a blanket [...] Gotta blanket for 'im.
[855] [...] told you now, make your pillow, [...] fellow, Is Barney got little little legs?
Albert (PS01A) [856] He he's in bed.
Sasha (PS01G) [857] Has Barney got little little legs [...]
Albert (PS01A) [858] Mm.
Sasha (PS01G) [859] [...] a little bit bigger don't ya.
Albert (PS01A) [clears throat]
Karen (PS01F) [860] Look at that flaming dog.
Albert (PS01A) [861] Come on, come on, throw them over there.
Karen (PS01F) [862] I wonder if there's any way you can actually check, you know, where he is, is there any way that [...]
Albert (PS01A) [863] Watch me tea, now.
Karen (PS01F) [864] straight out, or,
June (PS01B) [865] Well, what what do you think erm,
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [866] Are you worried about how much money it's gonna cost ya.
Karen (PS01F) [867] No, because money's cost us less.
[868] Er, you know when they said we had to pay two hundred and fifty one for er, administration and search and survey.
[869] It's come back, and it's under two hundred.
Sasha (PS01G) [870] Can I have a cup of tea, please.
Karen (PS01F) [871] Then they said I've got to pay five hundred pounds for
Albert (PS01A) [872] Do what, love.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [873] I don't think Allied Dunbar will deal with anybody that's dodgy.
Albert (PS01A) [874] No.
June (PS01B) [875] Er,
Albert (PS01A) [876] Now, watch that tea.
Sasha (PS01G) [877] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [878] That's what he said.
Albert (PS01A) [879] Are you ready.
June (PS01B) [880] I don't think they'd deal with anybody that dodgy.
[881] Er.
Sasha (PS01G) [882] [...] Bert.
Albert (PS01A) [883] Are you doing alright, are ya.
June (PS01B) [884] What they do, they look they look around and they weigh up up pros and cons up, and it it's like these insurance brokers, they ring all over to buy cheapest insurance for you, well, that's what Allied Dunbar are doing.
Karen (PS01F) [885] Well, well, this is a broker, but it's a [...] broker, so that's [...]
June (PS01B) [886] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [887] You see, what it is, it's where they've been behind with their mortgage, we will pay a slightly higher rate, but it's only
Albert (PS01A) [888] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [889] a matter of about, er, I think I think the mortgage now is ten point nine, and we'll be paying eleven point something,
June (PS01B) [890] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [891] So it's only a matter of a
Albert (PS01A) [892] Yeah, but one per cent 's a hell of a lot you know.
[893] It's a penny in the pound.
Karen (PS01F) [894] Yeah, but I mean it, it will drop, it will drop again.
[895] But the thing is, also what I thought of once we gotta us a mortgage and got established, you could always remortgage and go into er like Bradford and Bingley, and come out like that [...]
Albert (PS01A) [896] Yeah, once you get it back up to
Karen (PS01F) [897] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [898] Yeah, well that's
Karen (PS01F) [899] Well, I thought once we get

6 (Tape 059903)

Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [900] It'll not be a dodgy one.
[901] Put it in there, then.
Albert (PS01A) [902] It won't be, it's not forced to be a building society.
Karen (PS01F) [903] No, it isn't.
[904] It gonna [...] to be a building society.
Albert (PS01A) [905] Oh, well, it might be Abbey National.
Karen (PS01F) [906] No, it's come back, it's got Target Finance on it.
Albert (PS01A) [907] Ah.
[908] Well that's o that is a finance company ... and not a building society.
[909] If it says finance, it doesn't mean a building society.
[910] Nine times out of ten, it's a finance company.
[911] Same as er, Mercantile, and
June (PS01B) [912] Well, 'cos I mean, we dealt with Mercantile, we dealt with Key Finance,
Albert (PS01A) [913] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [914] Er ...
Albert (PS01A) [915] We've dealt with summat Wagon.
June (PS01B) [916] Key, that, when we first bo when we first bought our car through that Scottis that bloody bank.
Albert (PS01A) [917] Scottish Amicable.
June (PS01B) [918] Scottish Amicable.
Karen (PS01F) [919] Like Widows.
June (PS01B) [920] They're always ringing up.
[921] They ring up at seven and eight o'clock at night.
Karen (PS01F) [922] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [923] Asking us whether we want to borrow some money.
June (PS01B) [924] Er, asking if there's anything we co , look at him walking about with that [...]
Karen (PS01F) [925] Everything, everything, what oh, papers have got, has got Legal and General on it.
June (PS01B) [926] Mm.
Karen (PS01F) [927] So, I thought, well
Albert (PS01A) [928] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [929] it can't be a a dodgy ...
June (PS01B) [930] I don't think it'll be anything dodgy.
Albert (PS01A) [931] It won't be dodgy.
Karen (PS01F) [932] Oh.
Albert (PS01A) [933] But you can always, easily find out
June (PS01B) [934] What usually happens, though.
Albert (PS01A) [935] All you do, is pick the phone up and and get, oh now, what place do you ring.
[936] I forgot what place you ring, but we're find out, and you ring up to see what they're, what the company's like.
[937] You know, if it's a variable company.
Karen (PS01F) [938] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [939] Things like that, you could do that.
June (PS01B) [940] Different companies take over, I remember that time we borrowed that four thousand pound.
[941] We started out with Key Finance and we ended up with Mercantile Credit, didn't we?
Albert (PS01A) [942] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [943] Changed companies three times, that time we had that four thousand pounds.
Karen (PS01F) [944] You told me about that, yeah.
[945] Well [...] said that it will be a sm a really small building society.
[946] He says, that, 'cos er, it's not
Albert (PS01A) [947] Well.
Karen (PS01F) [948] Big building societies are not prepared to give you rates, and small building societies are wanting to get going
Albert (PS01A) [949] You see, the only trouble with building societies is, it's the same when you buy a pigging house , they put the money on what you've actually borrowed every year.
Karen (PS01F) [950] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [951] Well, finance companies only, you only get the interest on what is left.
June (PS01B) [952] On the money that you owe.
Karen (PS01F) [953] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [954] That's the difference.
[955] And between them both, you can, you could ... I mean you take a ten thousand pound out with a mortgage, mortgage, and you could end up paying what, twenty thousand, twenty four thousand ... back.
Karen (PS01F) [956] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [957] Well, finance company.
[958] You, you borrow ten grand or twenty grand whatever you like to, and you get a certain amount put on that, and that's it, it's fixed.
Karen (PS01F) [959] No.
Albert (PS01A) [960] You don't pay no more.
[961] Say you'll, you'll you'll get twenty thousand five hundred, that, if you buy, if you borrow twenty thousand just for er round figures.
[962] You borrow twenty thousand, and the interest payments works out
June (PS01B) [963] Benji
Albert (PS01A) [964] very high
June (PS01B) [965] He's alright.
Albert (PS01A) [966] It's very high, you know, the interest payments are very high, but for that money you've borrowed you'll only pay say, just for a a figure, five hundred pound back for that twenty thousand, five you know,
Karen (PS01F) [967] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [968] five thousand pound, not.
Karen (PS01F) [969] Not paying it for years and years all the time.
Albert (PS01A) [970] But if you borrow it from a in er mortgage company, you're gonna, you're gonna borrow twice that, you gonna have to pay twice that much back.
[971] Forty grand, you kn that's the only difference, and
Karen (PS01F) [972] I don't mind that so much though, 'cos they say we are paying a lot less back a month than other way.
[973] But I just got one thing that I want, that they gonna send me owt dodgy like a loan shark bloke or owt like that, I mean you, you're bound to be a bit nervous, you know.
Albert (PS01A) [974] No, they won't send a loan shark.
[975] You you can tell loan sharks, straight away, because the A P R's about twenty seven per cent .
[976] Ma maybe twenty nine, even thirty, depending, but if it er, mind you I don't know, because it's a long time since I had a look at 'em.
[977] But, you know, when you when you borrow money, you get er, an interest rate, don't you, over so many,yo you've got to figure out ho how many years you're gonna pay it back.
[978] You know.
[979] If you say, oh, we'll take it over ten years.
[980] Well you've got ten years interest to pay, ain't ya.
[981] So you pay the interest for for nine years, and they start paying your loan off.
Karen (PS01F) [982] We're still having trouble getting insurance, and er, anyway I phoned, and I wrote him again yesterday, and he's given this number, who er, who he's with.
[983] 'Cos he had a right job, [...] got plastic, 'cos he even [...] plastics, I mean that's
Albert (PS01A) [984] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [985] Inflammable, ain't it.
[986] Anyway, er, the bloke who managed to get him insurance, this this, the premises are insured with him,
Albert (PS01A) [987] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [988] so I thought, well, if he's already got, er, part of his insurance without having [...]
Albert (PS01A) [989] Yeah, because he was in, paper, waste paper, and the fire insurance on that must have been colossal.
Karen (PS01F) [990] That's where [...] cardboard and paper.
Albert (PS01A) [991] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [992] Sasha come in here, shut door.
Sasha (PS01G) [993] He's not coming in.
Albert (PS01A) [994] But er, I can't understand why, because I mean, let's face it,he he's only using fibre-glass and they're not that flammable
Karen (PS01F) [995] No, what they're saying is.
[996] Not the flammable, it's the er indemnity, nobody can breathing it in who's in [...]
Albert (PS01A) [997] Oh, yeah, yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [998] They're frightened like, in years to come, like, they're gonna try and make a claim against them 'cos their er, been on the chest, is summat like that.
Albert (PS01A) [999] Yeah.
[1000] I, it's health and safety, yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1001] [...] er.
Albert (PS01A) [1002] Through the health and safety, but.
June (PS01B) [1003] Eighty four we had this extension put up.
Albert (PS01A) [1004] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1005] Sasha come in here.
Albert (PS01A) [1006] But, after saying that,
Karen (PS01F) [1007] There's a draught in [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1008] what you gotta do, is make up your mind, what chemicals you're gonna use
Karen (PS01F) [1009] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1010] and then find out all about
Karen (PS01F) [1011] What ya got?
Sasha (PS01G) [1012] Don't know.
Albert (PS01A) [1013] them particular chemicals and then submit it to the, the insurance company, what them's the only chemicals you use, and the company said this and that.
Karen (PS01F) [1014] [...] they told him that.
Albert (PS01A) [1015] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1016] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1017] And they still
Karen (PS01F) [1018] See he's off again, [...] I bet it is.
[1019] Just started itching. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1020] Well, he has just flown about.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1021] I say, he's just flown round bloody house,
Karen (PS01F) [1022] He has.
Albert (PS01A) [1023] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1024] Oh.
[1025] I bet [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1026] 'cos I thought I'd look.
June (PS01B) [1027] Aye.
Karen (PS01F) [1028] I couldn't [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1029] It might be dust out of his wings.
Karen (PS01F) [1030] Yeah ... I [...] every time I come here. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [1031] Nineteen ninety one, ninety two.
Karen (PS01F) [1032] I must have sensitive eyes
June (PS01B) [1033] Eighteen hundred and fifty two.
Albert (PS01A) [1034] Dear me.
June (PS01B) [1035] We've had that pebble-dash nearly, nearly, it's nearly two years since they did that pebble-dash.
[1036] Cost us two thousand nine hundred, and in two years, we've only paid, eight hundred, nine hundred ...
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [1037] A hundred
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [1038] A hundred and forty pound,
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [1039] we've paid off in two years, Karen.
Karen (PS01F) [1040] How much.
June (PS01B) [1041] A hundred and forty pound.
Albert (PS01A) [1042] In two years.
June (PS01B) [1043] In two years.
Albert (PS01A) [1044] Now, if that had been a finance company, I would have paid a damn sight more.
June (PS01B) [1045] But it cost us ... thirty seven pound a month.
[1046] But, last year, we put, no wait a minute, last year, we paid 'em four hundred and eight pound fifty two, and they put two hundred and seventy two pound fifty interest on.
[1047] So actually all we paid, was
Albert (PS01A) [1048] Thirty seven, per cent
June (PS01B) [1049] Thirty odd, thirty [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1050] That's round about thirty-seven per cent, innit, somewhere around there.
June (PS01B) [1051] Yeah, we paid thirty eight pound off it last year.
Albert (PS01A) [1052] Makes more.
[1053] It's ridiculous, you know, mortgage payments.
[1054] When you think of it.
Karen (PS01F) [1055] I know.
June (PS01B) [1056] and on 'ouse, they put eight hundred and ninety eight pound, you could say, nine hundred pound interest on 'ouse.
Albert (PS01A) [1057] Oi.
[1058] I don't know how they get away with mortgage payments like they are, because, you know,it it's totally unfair,
Karen (PS01F) [1059] They are.
Albert (PS01A) [1060] I mean, alright, we know you're handling large lumps of money, but when you think of it, if you, if you, borrowed it at a different rate, you know, same rate as you could do finance, 'cos which I think the government could do it and make a profit at it.
Karen (PS01F) [1061] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1062] You know what I mean.
[1063] Instead of having all these different mortgage companies, Abbey National and that, the government have er, have er, a whatsname to do it, they're wouldn't be half and a quarter.
[1064] I mean, it happens all over the world, you know, in in the in the especially in the whatsname countries.
Karen (PS01F) [1065] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1066] Communist countries.
[1067] Everything's owned by the by the government and er, I know it's not a right good thing, like, but if it could work properly, it would be a damn good thing.
June (PS01B) [1068] Watch she don't bite ya.
Albert (PS01A) [1069] I mean, communism in England,
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1070] in it's ... in it's proper form would be a wonderful thing, but er, it's on because er, it's only the rich people what make people poor.
Karen (PS01F) [1071] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1072] The say as with damn education, like, at bloody Tory sods, they took all blinking, we gi for al for all these people what's going to college, every time they drop on holidays they've got nothing to keep 'em.
Karen (PS01F) [1073] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1074] So I my opinion, what this government's doing is stopping stopping the lower class, well I say lower classes, the lo the the
June (PS01B) [1075] [...] isn't it.
Albert (PS01A) [1076] poorer people, they stop 'em getting educated.
[1077] That I'm I'm almost convinced.
Karen (PS01F) [1078] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1079] It says, everything they're doing, it says, is going back to the eighteenth century, when you hear about these Kath Catherine Cookson days, working for pennies and you can't get educated
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1080] un cutting back,
Albert (PS01A) [1081] They're cutting back on education.
June (PS01B) [1082] Oh, you're telling me ...
Albert (PS01A) [1083] They're making it so only the rich can be educated.
Karen (PS01F) [1084] Yeah, trying to turn it back into [...]
June (PS01B) [1085] [...] at the end of the day.
Albert (PS01A) [1086] I mean, our Colin's there waiting for a grant and what's happening.
[1087] Sweet nothing.
[1088] Now we're, it were in bloody paper last ... on Thursday, they don't get nothing when they're on holiday.
Karen (PS01F) [1089] No, they don't,
Albert (PS01A) [1090] I mean, how the hell they supposed at eighteen year old without a job.
Karen (PS01F) [1091] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [1092] If they have a job, they don't get no grants.
[1093] And how can you have, hold a ... a job down
Karen (PS01F) [1094] I don't think ...
Albert (PS01A) [1095] And do education at same time.
Karen (PS01F) [1096] I'm not sure, but ... I think I don't got my family allowance until I were eighteen, I think, I think they used to give us [...]
June (PS01B) [1097] [...] let me keep our Karen's
Karen (PS01F) [1098] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1099] So I've got a form to fill in, actually.
[1100] It should have gone back last week, and I [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1101] It'll all stop when she gets her grant through.
June (PS01B) [1102] Don't knock me.
[1103] She said not necessarily.
[1104] I think it will stop them [...] thought shit I'm not bloody going to declare it, [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1105] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1106] She applied for a grant, and in, er in career, it says like,
Karen (PS01F) [1107] Sasha [...]
June (PS01B) [1108] you'll, like you you [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1109] No, you'll rip it.
June (PS01B) [1110] Left home, you know, we are, like, say our Karen to leave home.
Albert (PS01A) [1111] Aye.
Karen (PS01F) [1112] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1113] And she were living in the parks.
Albert (PS01A) [1114] Get up here.
Karen (PS01F) [1115] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1116] They used to give 'em subsidies to help 'em pay the rent, they've stopped that, so they've either to gerra job, to help put supplement to pay in the, you know, their housing accommodation, or they've got to stop school.
[1117] In summer holidays, er, the grant don't ... they take that six weeks
Albert (PS01A) [1118] Off the grant.
June (PS01B) [1119] off the grant, so that actually they get six weeks money less, through the year, than they should do, where they're used to paying all through year
Albert (PS01A) [1120] For twelve months, now they don't.
June (PS01B) [1121] Now, they don't get anything for that six weeks that they're not at school.
Karen (PS01F) [1122] No.
June (PS01B) [1123] So, you know, any girl that's not living at 'ome.
[1124] She got to go out and work for that six weeks, to, to earn the money [...] feed the [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1125] And where can you get that bloody kind of money, only [...] corner.
Karen (PS01F) [1126] Yeah, but where can you get a job.
June (PS01B) [1127] Well, that's it.
Karen (PS01F) [1128] Where can you job.
Albert (PS01A) [1129] Well, it's forcing the girls on to streets, ain't it.
Karen (PS01F) [1130] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1131] [...] corner.
June (PS01B) [1132] I mean, they're begging 'em you to ke they're begging you to keep 'em on at school, and yet you can't get no help to keep 'em on.
Karen (PS01F) [1133] It's like other day, [...] we were talking to this bloke like, and he were on about businesses, says you can't underst , oh he said something about finances, [...] how difficult it is to get finance to start a business up [...] and er, he said, I know, he said you can't me, he said.
[1134] You seen all these adverts about starting your own business, you know, governments like, you know, doing all these courses and making it out as though it's it's dead easy to get fi , you know [...] hitting your head against a brick wall
June (PS01B) [1135] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1136] The only way you can start a business, is by starting it without insurance
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1137] straight off your own back, and then, you know, after it's running, get insurance.
Karen (PS01F) [1138] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1139] That ho ninety five per cent of firms do that.
June (PS01B) [1140] [...] regulate.
[1141] I mean it's [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1142] I mean, look at laddo round there what's been broke into.
[1143] He's no insurance ... no insurance whatsoever, 'cos he couldn't afford it.
Karen (PS01F) [1144] I know.
[1145] Ours is gonna us about a thousand pound for insurance.
June (PS01B) [1146] Oh.
Albert (PS01A) [1147] Well, a thousand pounds not a lot, Karen, but er ... it all depends what the, what what you gonna be insured for?
Sasha (PS01G) [1148] It's not.
Albert (PS01A) [1149] I mean, even that, you're gonna you you gonna be insured for breaking in and break-ins and
Karen (PS01F) [1150] Yeah, I think it's everything.
[1151] I think it's [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1152] That's what I mean, so what you're actually getting for your, thousand pound isn't a lot of money.
Karen (PS01F) [1153] No.
[1154] I think it's covered for like, like you say, like for some reason, say you had a fire, and you had to stop work.
Albert (PS01A) [1155] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1156] I think it's covered for that.
[1157] Covered for personal injury, er, covered for hundred thousand, for like, that's what trailers, [...] they've got [...] trailers in.
[1158] It's covered for everything.
Albert (PS01A) [1159] I mean, you imagine somebody breaking in and setting fire to a trailer.
Karen (PS01F) [1160] I mean, it's a lot of money when you think Norma's paying nine hundred pound just for her car.
[1161] For that Cabriolet.
[1162] To me, you think phew a thousand pound, but cer I mean, it's it ain't really very much, no.
June (PS01B) [1163] It's a high insurance for a car.
Albert (PS01A) [1164] What for car?
June (PS01B) [1165] [...] yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1166] Right [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1167] What how how comes that, then?
Karen (PS01F) [1168] Because, well, Cabriolet's are classed as dangerous, aren't they, because they're ... soft roofed.
Albert (PS01A) [1169] Oh, aye.
Karen (PS01F) [1170] It's not got no ...
June (PS01B) [1171] Aye, this [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1172] Yeah, [...] she's only been driving a year, two years.
Albert (PS01A) [1173] Soft top, yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1174] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1175] Well, I mean, look at our Connie's.
June (PS01B) [1176] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1177] Three hundred and eighty for third [...]
June (PS01B) [1178] Our Connie's were five hundred and seventy.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [1179] Now it's gone up to five hundred and seventy because that accident.
Albert (PS01A) [1180] I mean, when you look at it, it's for a third party fire and theft.
[1181] Christ, that's gonna be a thousand pounds on a full comprehensive, just about.
Karen (PS01F) [1182] I know.
Sasha (PS01G) [1183] I'm still [...]
June (PS01B) [1184] Are ya.
Albert (PS01A) [1185] Well, I I I'll promise not to fondle. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [1186] [...] need to tell her.
Karen (PS01F) [1187] Connie [...] get in touch with me again, I told her that.
Sasha (PS01G) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [1188] I don't know.
[1189] Tell the truth innit.
Karen (PS01F) [1190] Aye.
Albert (PS01A) [1191] How it goes.
June (PS01B) [1192] He wouldn't be be able to keep that promise if he'd tried.
Albert (PS01A) [1193] He won't promise.
Sasha (PS01G) [1194] Who [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1195] No, I don't.
Sasha (PS01G) [1196] I be [...] You get to walk by yourself [...]
June (PS01B) [1197] See that piece in free press about [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1198] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1199] It's a big piece.
June (PS01B) [1200] Give ya mummy that that free press.
Sasha (PS01G) [1201] What.
June (PS01B) [1202] Give mummy that free press
Albert (PS01A) [1203] That paper.
Sasha (PS01G) [1204] [...] one.
June (PS01B) [1205] Yeah [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1206] Er [...] for me eyes.
Albert (PS01A) [1207] It's only one like you had for [...]
June (PS01B) [1208] He does make a lot of dust. [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1209] I thought, when, last time I were here, I kept thinking, well, why's he only doing it, 'cos I know he never done it before.
[1210] When I thought, he says to Colin, I said, [...] bird, you know, like, when something started to ...
Albert (PS01A) [1211] Wet your fingers [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1212] Mind, er ...
Albert (PS01A) [1213] Might be dust.
Karen (PS01F) [1214] Mm.
[1215] I'm not worn no make-up for ages, 'cos me eyes seem to be like, itching all of a sudden.
Albert (PS01A) [1216] Aye.
Karen (PS01F) [1217] So whether it's just that as well.
June (PS01B) [1218] Well, it can't be 'im, 'cos we always had [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1219] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1220] ... it's gotta be 'im.
Karen (PS01F) [1221] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1222] You bald headed mutt, aren't ya ... George.
[1223] Old baldy.
Sasha (PS01G) [1224] He's ... can he talk?
June (PS01B) [1225] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [1226] He says [...]
June (PS01B) [1227] He's baldy.
Sasha (PS01G) [1228] He's says [...]
June (PS01B) [1229] Baldy.
[1230] Baldy George.
Karen (PS01F) [1231] You know Margaret, she's got that new suite round there.
[1232] You seen it?
June (PS01B) [1233] No.
[1234] I ain't been round.
Karen (PS01F) [1235] Oh.
[1236] It's it's er,
Albert (PS01A) [1237] Benji.
June (PS01B) [1238] Benji, come off.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1239] I didn't, I mean, I don't like small [...] the right brightly coloured or what, but it looked like it were coloured like this, like this kind of colouring.
Albert (PS01A) [1240] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1241] It it's blue.
[1242] I'm sure, she said it's blue.
Albert (PS01A) [1243] It's got some cream in it as well ain't it.
Karen (PS01F) [1244] Well, [...] more, so I couldn't see, but I just, to me it was just like er, thought it was like minky coloured.
[1245] But mind ya, [...] more like a, but what I was gonna say is,
Albert (PS01A) [1246] Suppose to be a [...] but I mean
Karen (PS01F) [1247] On back of it, on back of it, she's got like all them tapestry pictures laid over back of it.
June (PS01B) [1248] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1249] She got, same on chairs, all, you can hardly see the suite, 'cos she's got, she says, and er, I says to her, I says to her, oh it's nice your suite, innit.
[1250] She says yeah, if I can keep it clean, she got all cushions covered up, well like er, er [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1251] Keep it clean, there's only them two buggers.
Karen (PS01F) [1252] I know, but what's the point of having a new suite, and having old covers on it like that.
June (PS01B) [1253] They make me laugh, when they sit in 'ouse with blanket round them, so they don't have to turn 'eating up.
Sasha (PS01G) [1254] I don't [...]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1255] Aye, you go in there and it's empty that other [...]
June (PS01B) [1256] That's empty.
Albert (PS01A) [1257] I know, I see it.
Karen (PS01F) [1258] I tell you what, you [...] to make mistakes in your life, I mean and, I just, well one of those things that [...] that I'm pleased about, is that I just [...] George when ...
Albert (PS01A) [1259] Don't work.
Karen (PS01F) [1260] Aye.
Albert (PS01A) [1261] When what?
Karen (PS01F) [1262] When I stopped with Colin.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1263] Oh well.
[1264] You don't know how green, how green the grass is until you actually stand

7 (Tape 059904)

Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [1265] You can't go till your dad comes.
Sasha (PS01G) [1266] Why, I'm going home all by myself, then.
Albert (PS01A) [1267] Well, get off there.
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1268] [...] get on with it.
Sasha (PS01G) [1269] [laugh] [...] We do [...]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1270] You'll end up with a smack bum.
June (PS01B) [1271] Benjy, will you leave her alone.
Sasha (PS01G) [1272] Are you ... have you told her to leave me alone?
June (PS01B) [1273] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [1274] No.
June (PS01B) [1275] [...] get on ya [...] Benj
Sasha (PS01G) [1276] Do you always smack him, when he plays [...]
June (PS01B) [1277] Yeah, I smack his bum.
Sasha (PS01G) [1278] Does he play with dad.
June (PS01B) [1279] No.
Sasha (PS01G) [1280] Why he plays [...] Does he play with toilet paper?
Albert (PS01A) [1281] No, he eats it.
June (PS01B) [1282] No, Look ain't that 'orse [...] going back [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [1283] Where?
June (PS01B) [1284] You've missed it, it's gone now.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [1285] I mean, when you think of what he started with, Karen,
Karen (PS01F) [1286] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1287] He borrowed money from his father-in-law.
Karen (PS01F) [1288] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [1289] Is that [...] which one?
June (PS01B) [1290] It's gone.
Sasha (PS01G) [1291] Which.
June (PS01B) [1292] Me dad, if if me dad had done what
Albert (PS01A) [1293] What's that, that that young girl here says they won't have nowt do with them at all.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1294] Any relations.
Karen (PS01F) [1295] Well, well Richard won't.
Albert (PS01A) [1296] I know.
June (PS01B) [1297] Er.
Albert (PS01A) [1298] She's is his cousin.
Karen (PS01F) [1299] Is that ... maybe the other side, but I don't [...] be Wendy's side.
Albert (PS01A) [1300] She's his cousin.
[1301] 'Cos I says to her one day, well why don't you ask yer, your relation, if he'll er, if he'll give yer a job.
[1302] Give us a job, she said, he won't even pass the time of day with us.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Albert (PS01A) [1303] I said, well, I, there must be summat there, out there, she said no, he said, she said it goes back a long time.
[1304] But er, she says, never even ... speaks to us.
[1305] And if we if if we ring up, he puts he just puts the phone straight down, soon as you tell him who it is.
June (PS01B) [1306] Probably goes back from when they went [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1307] He said, I, she said I can live without him anyhow.
June (PS01B) [1308] It'll drop off, that.
Sasha (PS01G) [1309] It won't.
June (PS01B) [1310] It will.
[1311] Come on, [...] yella.
Sasha (PS01G) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [1312] I found some Mighty Muscle in garage, you know.
June (PS01B) [1313] How much.
Albert (PS01A) [1314] You know that big round tin.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1315] I, not how much is in it, but it'll probably be about that much in bottom.
June (PS01B) [1316] I know [...] wanting [...] to do this room, really, 'cos it would be too cold.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1317] Get away with one.
June (PS01B) [1318] I wish we'd just [...] too cold.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Albert (PS01A) [1319] You won't, as far as [...] we're having to buy coal at that price.
June (PS01B) [1320] No, I know.
[1321] Every time we have any spare money, it has to go on pigging coal.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
June (PS01B) [1322] [...] how much.
Albert (PS01A) [1323] You know that big round tin?
June (PS01B) [1324] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1325] I don't know how much is in it, but probably be about that much in bottom.
June (PS01B) [1326] [...] might be [...] really, couldn't [...] too cold.
Albert (PS01A) [1327] Get away with one.
June (PS01B) [1328] I wish we'd afford some [...] I mean, it's cold.
Albert (PS01A) [1329] You won't [...] while we're having the buy coal, at that price.
June (PS01B) [1330] No, I know.
[1331] Every time we have any spare money, it has to go on pigging coal.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
June (PS01B) [1332] We'll probably just buy some, and that lad'll ring up.
Albert (PS01A) [1333] He probably will.
[1334] Especially if this mild weather stops.
[1335] But it is mild today, ain't it.
June (PS01B) [1336] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...] [singing]
June (PS01B) [1337] That's not a moo cow.
Albert (PS01A) [1338] Get down.
Sasha (PS01G) [1339] It is.
[1340] It is.
Albert (PS01A) [1341] It isn't.
Sasha (PS01G) [1342] Mooo.
June (PS01B) [1343] That's it.
[1344] That's what moo cows do.
Albert (PS01A) [1345] You're crackers.
Sasha (PS01G) [1346] It is.
[1347] It is a moo cow.
Karen (PS01F) [1348] I mean like er, Eileen was saying summat yesterday, she said, she said I don't er, have [...] at home, she said, I decided to [...] I said I'm frightened, and sometimes [...] knows I'm not frightened.
[1349] I said, I'm frightened someone's in the 'ouse, I'm frightened not waking everybody [...] well, well what do you do, I says, you don't, unless you have a go, you don't, I mean, if I'd turned out [...] you know, you don't really know.
June (PS01B) [1350] I know.
Karen (PS01F) [1351] I mean, that
Albert (PS01A) [1352] You might, and then again, you might be a millionaire inside three months.
Karen (PS01F) [1353] Yes, I said to her, think about it, I I was that frightened, I frightened meself to death, and I I wouldn't I wouldn't.
[1354] I hated it.
June (PS01B) [1355] That's what I used to do every time I thought about selling 'ouse [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1356] You just got to do it.
Albert (PS01A) [1357] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1358] I thought about it, and thought about it, and then then changed my mind.
[1359] But this time I decided it's what I want to do and bugger it.
[1360] If we don't sell it, we we haven't lost anything.
Albert (PS01A) [1361] Oh well.
June (PS01B) [1362] [...] sell it till we move.
Karen (PS01F) [1363] I honestly think myself ...
June (PS01B) [1364] As long as we're not worse off than what we were before we moved.
Karen (PS01F) [1365] I honestly think meself, that I might have a have a couple of hard months, maybe three, first three months might be a bit difficult for me.
Albert (PS01A) [1366] Oh, it probably will be.
Karen (PS01F) [1367] Well, I think, once he gets established, and once he starts getting work in, I think meself, that work will start, won't say rolling in, but I think the work'll start coming in after about three months and I can get established.
Albert (PS01A) [1368] Oh we can always lend you a couple of ten pences.
Karen (PS01F) [1369] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1370] I know we're hard up, but you can ten pence.
Karen (PS01F) [1371] You never know, might be [...] to make enough money to take you out somewhere for a decent Christmas do.
Albert (PS01A) [1372] Oh [...]
June (PS01B) [1373] Yeah, Christmas party.
Karen (PS01F) [1374] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1375] Yeah, might.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Albert (PS01A) [1376] You might.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1377] [...] want to come work for him, did I tell ya.
Albert (PS01A) [1378] Who?
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [1379] Him that used to work with our Colin.
Karen (PS01F) [1380] Yeah.
[1381] You know, er, well,
Albert (PS01A) [1382] Aye, the ...
Karen (PS01F) [1383] It, he would [...]
June (PS01B) [1384] It's gotta be better than being on dole, innit.
Karen (PS01F) [1385] No, I don't know.
June (PS01B) [1386] Oh, is that [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1387] No he's, no he's got a good job.
[1388] He works at [...] with plenty of overtime.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [1389] Benjy.
Karen (PS01F) [1390] Colin phoned him up, and er, it it [...] he mentioned, how he was starting up, and he said he might be interested, anyway Colin phoned him a couple of weeks ago to see if he was still interested in.
[1391] Anyway he says he'd pay him the same money as what he's on there, 'cos he'd have to really, wouldn't just say, say [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1392] You've, you've got to, but how the hell get it, if he don't get paid up front.
Karen (PS01F) [1393] What do ya mean?
Albert (PS01A) [1394] Well, wages,
June (PS01B) [1395] Got to [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1396] Well, it have to come out of capital, at first.
Albert (PS01A) [1397] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1398] [...] put by ten or eleven thousand, or whatever it is, just come out of that.
Albert (PS01A) [1399] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1400] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1401] So we got money coming in.
Albert (PS01A) [1402] Mm.
June (PS01B) [1403] [...] our Karen.
Karen (PS01F) [1404] But er, I mean, I says, can't we manage without him, can't you manage by yourself, but Colin says he can't really, because
Albert (PS01A) [1405] He needs somebody.
Karen (PS01F) [1406] Yeah.
[1407] Well, Colin's gotta be able to do a lot of office work, he's gonna be out doing quotes, you know what I mean, so he's going have to have somebody there.
June (PS01B) [1408] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1409] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1410] Or I would apply for er, family credit straight away.
[1411] [...] get coming in, I'm gonna say, yeah, we've got ten thousand pounds.
[1412] But we don't know how long it'll be, before get any money coming in, and if you go on to family credit, you get it for six months, so that'll be our wages.
[1413] So then, what what comes out of business we'll pay him anyway.
June (PS01B) [1414] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1415] You might have too much in bank for family credit, that ten thousand, it's only eight, innit?
June (PS01B) [1416] It's got, it's gotta know what [...] increase, when you running a business.
Karen (PS01F) [1417] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1418] Oh, I don't know.
Karen (PS01F) [1419] If you apply for it straight away, could you say you don't know how much monies coming in.
[1420] How much money your gonna coming in.
June (PS01B) [1421] His dad's in a new business, anyway,bec so you should get forty quid a week at least, anyway.
Karen (PS01F) [1422] Thirty-five now, [...]
June (PS01B) [1423] Is it thirty-five,
Karen (PS01F) [1424] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1425] Bloody hell.
Karen (PS01F) [1426] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1427] It's like everything else
June (PS01B) [1428] I mean, that's seventy pound, you wouldn't have had, anyway, ain't it.
Karen (PS01F) [1429] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1430] Oh.
Karen (PS01F) [1431] I ju I mean, it, now it's just getting me, more depressed than nowt else, I mean, I just wish that they'd phone and say yeah, we've got you a insured.
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1432] And then, I mean, 'cos we daren't say that to accountant know, to have 'ouse valued, 'cos what's point in, I mean, anybody said to us, er, get it sent off, you'll find, you're, somebody will insure ya.
[1433] But what if they don't.
June (PS01B) [1434] You've lost all your [...] ain't ya.
Karen (PS01F) [1435] Ya, so that's [...] the end of the world.
[1436] Even if you find out they won't.
Albert (PS01A) [1437] No.
[1438] Why don't you get a free ... put on market.
June (PS01B) [1439] No, the on the company's, that's coming up with all the money got to ...
Albert (PS01A) [1440] Oh aye.
June (PS01B) [1441] do the valuation.
[1442] And they ought to form [...] value of what, so they know how much it's worth, what the company that's gonna earn them the money want the money for the valuation.
Karen (PS01F) [1443] It's just another way of making a bit more money out it.
June (PS01B) [1444] That's it.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [1445] Well, it's same as when you buying and selling 'ouses.
[1446] You [...] when it comes out, when, the people that's, mind me cigarette, darling, the people that's gonna buy your 'ouse, who, mortgage company comes out and values it, they've got that to pay as well haven't they.
Karen (PS01F) [1447] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1448] The same as, I, them that buys our 'ouse, they'll have to pay whatever it cost for 'em to value our 'ouse, see if it's worth lending money, we'll have the same thing with er bungalow, down there.
Karen (PS01F) [1449] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1450] It's only money [...] I mean, how long are they 'ere.
Karen (PS01F) [1451] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1452] Ten minutes.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [1453] Mean, that woman come out, when when we had this done, didn't she,
Albert (PS01A) [1454] Mm.
June (PS01B) [1455] To to see if it were satisfac she weren't here three minutes.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1456] No.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1457] What was that for, for [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1458] You know when we had extension put up.
Karen (PS01F) [1459] Oh yeah, yeah,
June (PS01B) [1460] Well,
Karen (PS01F) [1461] Did it [...] value.
June (PS01B) [1462] They sent they sent 'em out from er, Abbey National and we had to pay, well we did pay 'im fifty pound, people that put the building on paid.
Sasha (PS01G) [1463] [...] she keeps getting up.
June (PS01B) [1464] She's not.
Sasha (PS01G) [1465] She is.
June (PS01B) [1466] She'll bite you, and our Whisky can [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1467] She scratched him outside, didn't she.
June (PS01B) [1468] And, if she were here three and a half minutes, that's all she were 'ere, and it and it 'em fifty quid.
Karen (PS01F) [1469] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1470] Bloody ridiculous.
June (PS01B) [1471] It's all a bloody money making racket.
Karen (PS01F) [1472] Another thing is, I'll tell why we don't want er, they always having valuations, they are, they come and value it, and then they give us money.
[1473] That means we're gonna be paying extra eleven thousand with money we ain't got.
June (PS01B) [1474] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1475] That's another reason we're daren't send it off.
Albert (PS01A) [1476] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1477] Yeah, because if ya, if ya, get it before ya start your business.
[1478] You've still got it to pay as soon as you get it.
Karen (PS01F) [1479] Yeah.
[1480] Trust them, because it's in their [...] at the moment.
[1481] Well, I still believe in [...] and I don't pushed around and say, no you can't have money, no you can't get insured, and so that means [...] others.
June (PS01B) [1482] You haven't lost anything have ya?
Karen (PS01F) [1483] Well, just er disappointment, I suppose.
[1484] For what
June (PS01B) [1485] Well, yeah,
Karen (PS01F) [1486] Then again, I mean, I [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1487] There's always summat else you can go and do.
Karen (PS01F) [1488] You know that, doing that, fabricating, and things like that, you know like actual welding and that type of [...] Er, we wouldn't make as much money out of that as you probably would
June (PS01B) [1489] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1490] No, you'll be, you'll be stuck to it, all time, and it's not good for 'im.
Karen (PS01F) [1491] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1492] And it kills your eyes welding.
June (PS01B) [1493] Benjy.
Albert (PS01A) [1494] But as he said to me, why don't you go [...] welding.
[1495] I says, the point is I've got bad eyes as it is,
Karen (PS01F) [1496] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1497] what's the point in making them worse.
Karen (PS01F) [1498] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1499] So, jump in me box, and I ain't jumping in me box blind, for the last ten years.
[1500] I'll manage the way I am. [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1501] You see, that works where I
June (PS01B) [1502] Benjy
Albert (PS01A) [1503] Aye,
June (PS01B) [1504] Benjy, look at 'im.
[1505] Benjy
Albert (PS01A) [...] [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1506] Where are you, when it's gonna be, he said corner, then we'll make an office and a little canteen in that anyway.
[1507] Then there's another long unit right at side of it, just enough to get one trailer in.
[1508] I said, I said, if we do get going, and we do start finding out that it's going alright, he'll turn that, into like er, shop er, blasting shop.
[1509] And like,
Albert (PS01A) [1510] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1511] A spray area, then
June (PS01B) [1512] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1513] Employ a sprayer.
[1514] So, I mean, we know what we want, but ... it's them and not us, I mean, it is frightening to start a business up, 'cos we don't know how much work we'll be getting, but, I mean,
June (PS01B) [1515] Well, it's same for anybody starting any business, ain't it, you don't know if it's gonna work [...] as well.
Albert (PS01A) [1516] It might go well for the first three or four months, and then all of a sudden we might have a lapse in a few months ,
Karen (PS01F) [1517] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1518] you could be struggling to keep it above ...
Karen (PS01F) [1519] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1520] and especially, you know, these bloody big firms, they do not like paying bloody bills.
Karen (PS01F) [1521] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1522] I mean, you could have as as much as two or three thousand pound owed to ya, but your business will still go under.
Karen (PS01F) [1523] Yeah, because of it.
Albert (PS01A) [1524] Because of it.
Karen (PS01F) [1525] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1526] They don't look on them things, how much you've got owed out to ya.
[1527] I know.
June (PS01B) [1528] When you look you see everything's a bloody risk,
Albert (PS01A) [1529] Let's hope he gets off the floor.
June (PS01B) [1530] walking across roads a risk, ain't it.
Karen (PS01F) [1531] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1532] It's ju just if you've got the nerve to do it.
Albert (PS01A) [1533] It's a risk with these buggers, what's in power, aye, it's no matter what whose in power.
Sasha (PS01G) [1534] I got [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1535] I think if labour gets in, you'll not get it tough at all.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1536] I can tell you that, now.
June (PS01B) [1537] Oohh.
Sasha (PS01G) [1538] What?
June (PS01B) [1539] Oohh.
Karen (PS01F) [1540] You feel like [...] er, that's whose, like ex soldiers [...] throughout the company, and he said to Colin er, he said, how many people are you thinking about employ , our Colin seems to think there'd be enough work to keep 'im going, like, he says, he says, well how many people are you thinking about employing, he says, only only me and me [...] like, it's oh, oh, he says, there's plenty of work to keep two of going, he said, I thought you employed about six.
[1541] So if he thinks that Colin do have six working for him, and he's got enough work for six, then surely there's gonna be plenty of work for two of 'em.
Albert (PS01A) [1542] Yeah, but what he means by six is, he gets the jobs done quicker [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1543] Yeah, but then you still got six wages to pay out, haven't ya.
June (PS01B) [1544] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1545] That's it.
[1546] He probably will have six later on, if he gets it off, but ... the thing is, I mean, he'll need somebody to drive wagons round yard, and half the time,y you know, he'll be sat doing nothing, scratching his nose.
[1547] Them's the people he's got to be wary of, the people that want a job, but don't wanna work for it.
[1548] There's a hell of a lot in Broadway and Stainford,
Karen (PS01F) [1549] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1550] round about here.
Karen (PS01F) [1551] Mind Lee's a, Lee's a good worker, he says that, he wants, you know, best worker what he can [...]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1552] Yeah, but I mean, working for a mate, is different to working for a firm.
Karen (PS01F) [1553] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1554] You know, I mean
Karen (PS01F) [1555] Well, he's not a mate, he won't, he's working with him when he were at er [...] over in Brad oh, here's Richard now. [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [1556] Aye, you'd better jump in bed with him, [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1557] [laugh] [...] [laugh] Oh dear, no but he is, Richard is the one with the [...] comical magazine, [...] laughing bursts two incomes.
[1558] I think that's part of [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1559] Yes.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1560] Look, slow down, or you're driving me mad.
Sasha (PS01G) [1561] Oh yuk.
Karen (PS01F) [1562] [...] weekend, aren't we? [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1563] Get settled.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1564] Pity she can't go as well, you could have had a quiet weekend.
Albert (PS01A) [1565] Where's Gavin like, is he with Colin?
Karen (PS01F) [1566] No, in the barn, 'cos they went yesterday morning, and er, they end up sleeping last night, [...] due back today [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [1567] I was [...] I was [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1568] Don't make sense.
Sasha (PS01G) [1569] Mmoo
Karen (PS01F) [1570] If I don't 'ave 'im, I'll be having 'im for a, you know, two days at a time.
Sasha (PS01G) [1571] Mmoo.
June (PS01B) [1572] Well, if you 'ave 'im two days at a time, it's better than nowt at all innit.
[1573] How's that came and stop 'ere.
Karen (PS01F) [1574] How long she's got to go for other one.
June (PS01B) [1575] Twelve, [...] , he's got her ten days.
Albert (PS01A) [1576] Ten days.
Karen (PS01F) [1577] Yeah, [...] could it
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1578] Could be ten, between ten and twelve days, couldn't it.
June (PS01B) [1579] George, your birthday's not twenty-first ain't it,
Karen (PS01F) [1580] No.
June (PS01B) [1581] I thought it were twenty sixth.
Karen (PS01F) [1582] That's true.
Albert (PS01A) [1583] Well, you'll have to wait while [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1584] A week before [...]
June (PS01B) [1585] Oh, I said George, [...] bed with ya, I said, that's worse [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1586] Oh Benjy lie down, what matter with ya.
June (PS01B) [1587] He's worse than your father ain't he.
Karen (PS01F) [1588] [...] lie down now.
[1589] Look.
June (PS01B) [1590] He's coming in.
Karen (PS01F) [1591] Lie down.
June (PS01B) [1592] Snuggled up on that blanket, little un. [...] [laugh]
Sasha (PS01G) [1593] Lie down [...] .
Karen (PS01F) [1594] You'd do it for for Bert.
June (PS01B) [1595] He's he's like that with everybody.
Albert (PS01A) [1596] He's like with everybody, ah, give us a cuddle.
June (PS01B) [1597] Yeah, but he won't keep bloody still.
Karen (PS01F) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [1598] If you're cuddling me, you won't move [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1599] What were you saying about er, [...]
June (PS01B) [1600] [...] two hours old.
Karen (PS01F) [1601] [laugh] [...] look in me dad's then. [laugh]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1602] [...] maybe in February after this worst month of year.
[1603] But, after [...] everybody's birthdays and anniversaries in bloody February.
Karen (PS01F) [1604] Aye.
Albert (PS01A) [1605] It must be the summer what does it.
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1606] Aye, it's always [...]
June (PS01B) [1607] It's Linda's anniversary tomorrow.
[1608] It's her birthday on on Wednesday, it's our [...] on twelfth, and whenever our Dawn has this baby, that's gonna be in February.
Karen (PS01F) [1609] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1610] It's your birthday, me mum's birthday.
[1611] Have we got any buggers in March?
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1612] It won't matter whether it's born on your Margaret's birthday or not, it still won't get nowt.
June (PS01B) [1613] [cough] It won't get nowt.
Karen (PS01F) [1614] It were born on, [...] Yvon Yvon hang on, get it [...] Yvonne's birthday is the first of February, and mine's the twenty first, but she'll be a year older than me, so she's like a year and twenty days
June (PS01B) [1615] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1616] exactly older than me.
[1617] First and twenty-first.
June (PS01B) [1618] You want to do what she's doing now.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1619] Who's it for.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1620] Oh.
[1621] I thought it was that [...] wife. [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1622] Oh, Norma.
June (PS01B) [1623] Oh no.
Karen (PS01F) [1624] Oh no, not 'er.
Albert (PS01A) [1625] [...] Norma.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1626] Pack [...] one, her.
Karen (PS01F) [1627] I know, I call that, but I mean, I don't [...] down the town, [...] but her.
[1628] But I, I didn't think I like that.
Sasha (PS01G) [1629] Mum, mum watch this, are you watching.
Albert (PS01A) [1630] You have to lose a race now and again.
Karen (PS01F) [1631] Yeah, but she ain't even,
Sasha (PS01G) [1632] Are you watching,
Karen (PS01F) [1633] er, what was was I saying, the [...] I don't know what George has [...] all the customers, I mean, she's isn't even particularly [...]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [1634] isn't she, she's not what you call really bonny, she ain't got a right bonny face.
[1635] I know she's got a nice figure.
[1636] She's as thick as two short planks, she's got a dirty mouth.
[1637] I mean, I, you know, maybe
Albert (PS01A) [1638] I can't understand [...] your cross.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Karen (PS01F) [1639] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1640] Cannot understand [...] or something.
[1641] Their as different as chalk and bloody cheese.
June (PS01B) [1642] Plenty of different people [...] cheap, er, [...] the other people who have different likes to you, but what, what you might think's attrac attractive, somebody else'll
Karen (PS01F) [1643] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1644] won't be, you know.
Albert (PS01A) [cough] [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1645] To be quite honest, without talking like a school [...] on a fence.
[1646] They're not very happy, they ain't been happy for a while, but it's getting worse,wh is, what is them now is, you know I say things to Colin, and Co I mean, Colin'll tell me like, you know, you know, [...] over there, and er, he's latest thing is, they built this little office.
[1647] You know when you go into [...] on the right, er a coal-house and a wash- house ain't there.
Albert (PS01A) [1648] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1649] The coal-house part it's is quite wide now we've done it, big coal-house, but altered [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [1650] And then it twists, and like a small office, and when when I were there, after Michael had shown it me and Colin, he says oh, he says, er I'm come in here to get get out of way, and you know, he was like telling me, I thought I don't want to be a fiddle, because it's alright telling Colin, the boys
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [1651] telling yeah,
June (PS01B) [1652] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1653] ain't it, yeah, it's not like a woman telling you problems.
June (PS01B) [1654] Don't knock my dusters off.
Karen (PS01F) [1655] Anyway, I just said, well, summat about ... about what I said, I says, yeah, [...] nice to get away from it all, ain't it, to be by yourself, and that's all I said, and I think he knew that I I didn't want to [...]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [1656] but, and he said to Colin
Albert (PS01A) [1657] [cough] oh shit.
Karen (PS01F) [1658] [...] said, he said, yeah, he said, it'll be ideal in here, he said, I can put, he said, put a full lock on door, and he said, I can come in here, he said, [...] and so I thought, ah.
June (PS01B) [1659] Yeah but, there's not many people that you can [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1660] Sasha, behave.
June (PS01B) [1661] I don't think I know anybody that hundred per cent 'appy.
[1662] Well, I think it's got a lot to do with the climate we're living in, you know,
Karen (PS01F) [1663] Rushing about
June (PS01B) [1664] There's that much, there's that many people out of work, there's and [bird chirping]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [1665] you know, there's that many pressures on people.
Karen (PS01F) [1666] I mean, it's like like Colin and I, I mean, like we're happy but then, no were not hundred per cent happy at all, [...] But like, er, like some people I can't [...] if you get upset, some people eat more, some people eat less, or you know, some go into recluse, some get [...] and like Colin,
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1667] he's when he's depressed, he's goes like a raving sex mania, he
June (PS01B) [1668] I'm bloody glad Albert don't, he'll drive me [...] out of a bed.
Karen (PS01F) [1669] He takes all, takes all his [...] [laugh]
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
June (PS01B) [1670] Why didn't you stop [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1671] No I think every [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1672] I think everybody's got themselves summat some faults.
June (PS01B) [1673] Nobody's hundred per cent perfect.
Karen (PS01F) [1674] I mean, I don't think Colin's unhappy where he wants to do, then an offers an offer, like either they go in and make [...] share, but if they work all day.
Albert (PS01A) [1675] No, it's not er, it's so much ... I mean, he's at work all day, [...] and he works all bloody hours that God sent, when they want, when they got down,
Karen (PS01F) [1676] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1677] and what happens.
[1678] He's got to build an office where he can go and let, sit in it, can't abide [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1679] That's right.
Albert (PS01A) [1680] Summat wrong somewhere.
June (PS01B) [1681] Now look at our Margaret and Peter.
[1682] They've got no family, so they've got no pressures like that, they haven't got any money problems ... well they're not 'appy.
[1683] They live two entirely separate lives.
Karen (PS01F) [1684] Yeah, I know.
[1685] There's is just a marriage of er convenience.
June (PS01B) [1686] Convenience.
Karen (PS01F) [1687] Innit it.
Albert (PS01A) [1688] Yeah, it's convenient [...]
June (PS01B) [1689] It's a way of life, they've lived together that long, like, they don't want to [...]
June (PS01B) [1690] If when you and Pete had that trouble, if our Margaret had er been working, I honestly think she would have left Pete.
Karen (PS01F) [1691] I know.
June (PS01B) [1692] But the only thing that our Margaret could come up with, was why should I, why should I leave me home and sell up, she said, when all my life, he's had money from the house.
[1693] He'll have the money from the house, plus a wage every week.
[1694] She said, and what will I have, she said, just the money from the house.
[1695] She said, and where do I live.
[1696] You know, he can move back home with his mum, she said, I suppose I can go back home to me mum, well then I've got to look for a job, you know.
Karen (PS01F) [1697] Mm.
June (PS01B) [1698] And I honestly think that was the only reason that she stopped for Pete.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [1699] Yes.
[1700] Because, she's she, he he were gonna get a wage every week.
Karen (PS01F) [1701] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1702] You know, and she worked all them years, and then when she weren't working, she have no money coming in every week.
Albert (PS01A) [1703] Yeah, but she's got all the shares.
June (PS01B) [1704] She hasn't, she got rid of them all.
Albert (PS01A) [1705] Aye, not with Bl not with [...]
June (PS01B) [1706] Yeah, but you could see, you could see, that, I mean Pete were getting about hundred and twenty pound a week.
Albert (PS01A) [1707] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1708] We'll he had his money he won't have to touch, he could live on that hundred and twenty pound a week.
Albert (PS01A) [1709] Oh, aye,
June (PS01B) [1710] And he could start again.
[1711] Find another woman and buy another house and start again.
Karen (PS01F) [1712] Mm.
[1713] I mean like Jeremy and Kay, I mean, they're not happy.
[1714] They pretend they are, but I mean like, he's he's
June (PS01B) [1715] They've got to do, aren't they, I mean, after all bloody [...] harm they caused.
Karen (PS01F) [1716] Yeah, you know, you know how flaming miserable and mardy he is.
June (PS01B) [1717] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1718] He's another one.
[1719] But you see when he living with Ange, maybe he were younger then, but I mean like, when he were living with Ange, he had all the women as you know, plus he had Kay, plus he had, you know, Ange, he had everything, there was Kay, [...] as well, weren't he, now he can't.
June (PS01B) [1720] No.
Karen (PS01F) [1721] But then again, if, even Kay over there with [...] she said something about er, oh we've been out, but, I told you I went to a [...] last Monday.
June (PS01B) [1722] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1723] [...] and she said something about, oh we've been to that new pub, she said, mind, she said, we had to come home at half past nine, she said, he'd had enough, she said, he were ready for bed, God, she said he's turning into a right old man, and you know what I mean, she didn't, she wouldn't,
Albert (PS01A) [1724] Exactly.
Karen (PS01F) [1725] She didn't realise what she was saying as such, but I thought, and I thought, yeah I know.
Albert (PS01A) [1726] Yeah, well he is, what ten years.
Karen (PS01F) [1727] Thirteen you got from 'er.
Albert (PS01A) [1728] Thirteen years difference.
Karen (PS01F) [1729] She's, how old am I, twenty-two, so she's twenty-nine.
[1730] Same age as our Kim
Albert (PS01A) [1731] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1732] Oh she'll be coming at thirty this year, won't she?
Albert (PS01A) [1733] You see, she's just coming into her prime, and now he's he's just leaving it.
Karen (PS01F) [1734] [...] yeah.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [1735] He's really forty-three this year.
Albert (PS01A) [1736] Don't work.
Karen (PS01F) [1737] He'll be forty-three this year, and she'll be thirty this year. [bird chirping]
Albert (PS01A) [1738] The only thing, time that happens is, that is you hear about,
Sasha (PS01G) [1739] Look George [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1740] if yo if one's fifty over sixty,
June (PS01B) [1741] He's plucking his feathers out.
Albert (PS01A) [1742] then it works.
[1743] But when your younger it, or even when you're young, you know, it does.
[1744] But when you get into your forties ...
Karen (PS01F) [1745] Well, it's like, I mean like,
Albert (PS01A) [1746] ... It works.
Karen (PS01F) [1747] I'm [...] me and Colin are settling down a lot compared to what we were five year ago.
[1748] I mean, like, like now, we were a, say even two and three years ago and [...] somebody'd said to me, are you going to Spain, and I would have said, yeah, we'll go to Majorca, lovely, we could stop out all night, do what you want.
[1749] Now only three or four years later I'd say of yeah we're go to somewhere a bit quieter, so that kids can go to bed of a night time, we could have a [...] apartment.
Albert (PS01A) [1750] Yeah, that's right, yeah.
June (PS01B) [1751] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1752] And that, I'm changing that way, but, if our kids have to be home with the, a group, when I went to see Squeeze.
[1753] And it were a good group, I wanted to go see.
[1754] Our think nowt about going and watching 'em.
[1755] Johnny won't go anywhere like that.
[1756] Kay's wanted to do what we do, and Johnny's not interested.
June (PS01B) [1757] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1758] Like went to fair, she went to the riding, he [...] .
[1759] He said, that's [...] ya like a big kid, going up fair.
[1760] I mean, look at [...]
June (PS01B) [1761] I mean, that's all she is, yet, she's she's only a bloody ...
Karen (PS01F) [1762] Yeah, twenty nine.
Albert (PS01A) [1763] [...] Well, I like to go on rides.
[1764] I go on rides, June won't [...] go on.
Karen (PS01F) [1765] I know.
[1766] Yeah, well, that's what I mean, [...]
June (PS01B) [1767] Go on, shit.
Karen (PS01F) [1768] The thing is, like he is even apart apart from 'im being a lot older than 'er, he acts older.
[1769] I mean, he acts like his always, er forty three, he acts like he's like, fifty sometime, well you you're older than, you know what I mean, he acts older than you, because as you say, you'll go on fair rides and ...
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1770] Aye.
June (PS01B) [1771] Mind you, we're we're getting on ...
Karen (PS01F) [1772] No, but you know what I mean, I mean, [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1773] Yeah, I know what you mean.
Karen (PS01F) [1774] Fifty,
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1775] Fifty-three.
June (PS01B) [1776] Four.
Karen (PS01F) [1777] Fifty-three,
June (PS01B) [1778] Fifty-four.
Albert (PS01A) [1779] [shouting] I'm fifty-three []
June (PS01B) [1780] [shouting] Your fifty-four next birthday [] you're only a couple of months off.
Albert (PS01A) [1781] Well, I'm fifty-three.
Sasha (PS01G) [1782] He's fifty-three.
Karen (PS01F) [1783] 'Cos you probably do more things.
[1784] You know younger things, than what he does.
[1785] And he gotta [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1786] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1787] He should be keeping himself young for 'er.
June (PS01B) [1788] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [1789] Instead of 'er keeping him young, she's, he's making her old.
Karen (PS01F) [1790] That's it, yeah.
June (PS01B) [1791] I think Chris on about moving to blinking Gainsborough, now.
Karen (PS01F) [1792] Gainsborough.
June (PS01B) [1793] Colin were telling me today.
Albert (PS01A) [1794] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1795] He said they've had twelve 'ouses them, since they've been married.
Karen (PS01F) [1796] God.
June (PS01B) [1797] I were talking to him on Friday, and er, I mean, they've not been down there five minutes.
Karen (PS01F) [1798] Oh no, Road.
June (PS01B) [1799] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1800] Mind, I never been there 'fore, oh I can't remember, a few years, can't re , last time I've been there.
June (PS01B) [1801] Mm.
[1802] Well la , last year, when you were doing that painting for er, Derek.
Sasha (PS01G) [1803] Mum.
Karen (PS01F) [1804] Wait a minute.
June (PS01B) [1805] Er, Derek, paid him off,
Karen (PS01F) [1806] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1807] and got Johnny to finish it.
Sasha (PS01G) [1808] Mummy.
June (PS01B) [1809] and er, I I saw Chris quite a lot, then, but I mean, they're not living how they used to do, I mean, they they were always boozing and that, [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1810] Yeah, I know.
June (PS01B) [1811] she said they'd they'd cut down on boozing and everything.
[1812] [cough] But er,
Karen (PS01F) [1813] Give up, Sasha.
June (PS01B) [1814] I says to Tommy, why don't they buy one of them big caravans, I said, because every time they get ...
Sasha (PS01G) [1815] Mum.
June (PS01B) [1816] it must be costing them a fortune, when every time they move, they alter 'ouse, they decorate and put new carpets down and [...] furniture
Karen (PS01F) [1817] My God, we'll have to [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1818] Yeah, well, I mean, I mean not ...
June (PS01B) [1819] Yeah but I mean, twelve times, Karen.
Karen (PS01F) [1820] I know.
[1821] You're saying like us, I mean, we wouldn't want to move again, I mean, if we move again, it's 'cos something's gonna happen with his business, ain't it,
June (PS01B) [1822] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1823] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1824] But, or because same thing like it were a couple of years ago, with finances.
June (PS01B) [1825] I mean, how how olds their oldest [...] , is it eighteen or seventeen.
Karen (PS01F) [1826] Is it Mandy whose older,
June (PS01B) [1827] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1828] I mean, I thought Mandy's er, eighteen, nearly nineteen.
June (PS01B) [1829] So.
Karen (PS01F) [1830] Oh no, she must be older because er, Vicky's twenty ... she must be about eighteen.
[1831] No, she's same age a Treena, twenty.
June (PS01B) [1832] So in twenty years, they've had twelve 'ouses
Karen (PS01F) [1833] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1834] And you've been married how long?
Karen (PS01F) [1835] Twelve.
June (PS01B) [1836] Twelve years, and you've had three.
Karen (PS01F) [1837] Three.
June (PS01B) [1838] Christ, you better not be married twenty years, Karen, you might end up with another twelve.
Karen (PS01F) [1839] I know, but how many's your Pete and Margaret have, they had er,
June (PS01B) [1840] Er, they moved, they went on to
Albert (PS01A) [1841] One, two, three.
June (PS01B) [1842] didn't they.
Karen (PS01F) [1843] Yeah, then t'
June (PS01B) [1844] Yeah, then, now they went to ... aye, they went to Oval, went to bungalow
Karen (PS01F) [1845] [...] yeah some four times.
June (PS01B) [1846] four, yeah, four or five times, yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1847] Yeah.
[1848] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1849] There's only us who never moved.
Albert (PS01A) [1850] Oh yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1851] Angie [...] how long's me mother been in there.
[1852] I'm forty-eight this year, me mum must have been in there nearly fifty year.
Albert (PS01A) [1853] And we've only moved into here.
Karen (PS01F) [1854] In actual fact your Pete and Margaret have moved more, in the twelve years that they were married, I know they've been married longer now, but when,th they been married twelve years and they moved four times,
June (PS01B) [1855] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1856] we've been married twelve years, and we've moved three times, so we haven't moved as much as them, really.
Albert (PS01A) [1857] No.
[1858] No.
June (PS01B) [1859] I couldn't keep moving and [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1860] I couldn't move like that.
June (PS01B) [1861] I mean, a couple of moves, is fair enough, yeah, but bloody twelve.
Karen (PS01F) [1862] No.
June (PS01B) [1863] And it's not as if they made money every time they moved, 'cos they haven't, 'cos they lost money on that 'ouse, there.
Albert (PS01A) [1864] Yes.
Karen (PS01F) [1865] I [...] won't it.
June (PS01B) [1866] Well, Chris said they moved because er,
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1867] Give up.
June (PS01B) [1868] er, transport, you know.
[1869] It would be difficult for 'er to get back'ards and for'ards, and she were on her own all the time.
Karen (PS01F) [1870] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1871] That's why they moved.
[1872] But they moved down, they moved from 'ere because he says, er,
Albert (PS01A) [1873] Too noisy, weren't it.
June (PS01B) [1874] Too too noisy and dogs were keeping them up all night.
Karen (PS01F) [1875] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1876] So I don't what the excuse is for moving from ... Road.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1877] Same thing, 'cos it's noisy down there.
Karen (PS01F) [1878] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [1879] I could scare you, Auntie June.
June (PS01B) [1880] Could ya.
Sasha (PS01G) [1881] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1882] Go on then.
Karen (PS01F) [1883] Why people think it's noisy for us on a double main road, but it ain't really.
June (PS01B) [1884] Well, you get used it in don't ya.
[1885] When our Norma come and stop here, she she was,
Albert (PS01A) [1886] Used to sleep [...]
June (PS01B) [1887] I don't know how you sleep all night with all that traffic going up and down.
Karen (PS01F) [1888] No.
June (PS01B) [1889] But we never hear it.
Albert (PS01A) [1890] You don't hear it.
Karen (PS01F) [1891] No, we didn't.
[1892] I remember one [...] first night we stopped there, buses were coming at crack of dawn,
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [1893] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1894] it must have been about four or five o'clock in morning, and now we never hear any traffic.
June (PS01B) [1895] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1896] No.
[1897] Perhaps you get used to.
Karen (PS01F) [1898] Yeah.
[1899] But we don't hear many people, on a road like that.
June (PS01B) [1900] No.
[1901] I were thinking about that bungalow, and, well actually it's as far from ... our road, nearly as far from our road to there, as what is it from bungalow window to road.
Albert (PS01A) [1902] Where to ... yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [1903] [...] it really is [...]
June (PS01B) [1904] Know, thinking about people walking back as far as t' shopping my point.
[1905] There nowt much difference in, from t' garden ...
Karen (PS01F) [1906] I think the only trouble over there, is your to gonna have people parking in front of ya gate, like when they go to the chip shop.
Albert (PS01A) [1907] They won't
June (PS01B) [1908] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1909] They won't 'cos 'cos er, I'm afraid if they do, I shall be out straight away at 'em.
June (PS01B) [1910] Well, it's only a matter of parking at, parking your own car as well
Albert (PS01A) [1911] I'll clamp the bugger, I'll buy a wheel clamp and wheel clamp it.
[1912] Park here at your risk.
June (PS01B) [1913] It'll be awkward getting cars in and out, when you know, with one more to be out and, all these cars in road, like, but.
Albert (PS01A) [1914] That's the only difficulty.
Karen (PS01F) [1915] You'll probably end up say, leaving one on road all night.
June (PS01B) [1916] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1917] Don't hurt [...] I mean, [...]
Albert (PS01A) [1918] Oh, not leaving one on bloody road [...]
June (PS01B) [1919] Well, we could put 'em at night time, it's just through time, if one backs in, comes in behind other.
Karen (PS01F) [1920] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1921] It's a one way street and all ain't it, that makes it worse.
June (PS01B) [1922] Why does it make it worse?
Karen (PS01F) [1923] Well, we don't have to have a problem, do we?
Albert (PS01A) [1924] No, but I mean.
Karen (PS01F) [1925] It's like barbed wire, I mean that's, Sasha come in 'ere.
June (PS01B) [1926] What backs onto that bungalow, Karen.
Albert (PS01A) [1927] Another 'ouse.
Karen (PS01F) [1928] Another 'ouse.
June (PS01B) [1929] Another 'ouse.
Karen (PS01F) [1930] Er, I told you what backs onto it, you know the right small on , what you were going to see that time, but on the side.
June (PS01B) [1931] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1932] We went to see that, [...]
June (PS01B) [1933] Oh.
Karen (PS01F) [1934] That's what backs onto it.
June (PS01B) [1935] Oh.
[1936] well, at least they won't be looking int' bungalow will they, with it all being down,
Karen (PS01F) [1937] No.
June (PS01B) [1938] and that.
Karen (PS01F) [1939] Yeah, that's straight behind it.
June (PS01B) [1940] Oh.
[1941] Not like them, I mean, they can see straight into our [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1942] I'm not sure, but I think it was Mr that had that bungalow built.
[1943] You know Mr
Albert (PS01A) [1944] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1945] Somebody told me that he had that built.
Albert (PS01A) [1946] Oh.
Karen (PS01F) [1947] Years ago before he had that 'ouse built on Road.
Albert (PS01A) [1948] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1949] What you doing with the [...] a cup of tea.
Karen (PS01F) [1950] Sasha.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1951] She's there.
Albert (PS01A) [1952] She's there.
Karen (PS01F) [1953] Come 'ere.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1954] Georgie babes.
Karen (PS01F) [1955] Them [...] can be [...] about, I mean, that's what it probably is.
June (PS01B) [1956] That's what it is.
Albert (PS01A) [1957] Dust, yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1958] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1959] It's not so much now, it's so much that,
Albert (PS01A) [1960] It's not his feathers, it's dust
June (PS01B) [1961] when he ...
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [1962] when he does that, and he flaps, the dust off his body,
Karen (PS01F) [1963] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1964] You know like they're always picking their feathers.
Karen (PS01F) [1965] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1966] Well, they have right tiny little scales, coming off their feathers,
Karen (PS01F) [1967] Oh.
June (PS01B) [1968] for the feathers to open out, like it's like wax.
Albert (PS01A) [1969] Wax.
Karen (PS01F) [1970] Oh, yeah,li like like birds have.
[1971] Yeah, like birds have,
June (PS01B) [1972] Yeah, like what they have on the crest.
Karen (PS01F) [1973] Yeah, yeah.
June (PS01B) [1974] Well, that's that's what they're doing.
Albert (PS01A) [1975] The problem is, it's dry.
June (PS01B) [1976] They're pulling it off, and when he's shed, he, all floated [...]
Karen (PS01F) [1977] Is that what causes that parrot to ...
Albert (PS01A) [1978] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1979] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [1980] To er, what call it.
Albert (PS01A) [1981] Yeah.
[1982] We were [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1983] No.
Albert (PS01A) [1984] Took us an age to cut it.
Karen (PS01F) [1985] [...] on there.
Albert (PS01A) [1986] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [1987] Oh, [...] , or summat daft like that, they call it.
[1988] [...] but, it's like sum , it's like some people of being allergic to different things, you know.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [1989] No, he wants to stay out, he pulls his feathers out when he's in cage.
Karen (PS01F) [1990] How do you [...] off feathers, and not off birds.
Albert (PS01A) [1991] You do, you get it off any bird.
June (PS01B) [1992] Yeah but some are not, not so much 'im 'cos he don't shed his feathers as much as 'im.
[1993] 'e's not half, 'e's not half as dirty as 'im.
[1994] I mean, you only have to look at top of that cupboard, and it were don't yesterday.
Karen (PS01F) [1995] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [1996] That's what I say.
June (PS01B) [1997] Everywhere's white, everywhere white.
Albert (PS01A) [1998] June, I did I did all dusting and polishing one day
Sasha (PS01G) [1999] He's upside down.
Albert (PS01A) [2000] And this silly bugger's out, playing about.
Karen (PS01F) [2001] [...] heard that again.
Albert (PS01A) [2002] and when she came in, she said, you haven't done dusting.
[2003] I said, I have, but I bloody have.
[2004] But she wouldn't 'ave it.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [2005] You old grot bag.
Albert (PS01A) [2006] But, I mean, she's done it today, and what she's saying now.
June (PS01B) [2007] I haven't done it today, luv.
Albert (PS01A) [2008] Well, you should have done.
June (PS01B) [2009] I haven't got round to it yet.
Albert (PS01A) [2010] I tell you, within an hour of you doing it, it's just as bad.
Karen (PS01F) [2011] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2012] Dust.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [2013] Come in.
Karen (PS01F) [2014] I probably saw it, [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2015] Hello.
Albert (PS01A) [2016] I mean, before, before we got 'im, we could dust and it used to stay all right.
June (PS01B) [2017] Actually dust off 'im, you, some of it you can't even see.
[2018] The only time you'd see it, as if be in the light
Albert (PS01A) [2019] When it settles, I think.
June (PS01B) [2020] You know, you see it then.
Albert (PS01A) [2021] When it settles on summat dark.
Karen (PS01F) [2022] I know, I pulled [...] I told you, I'm having [...] deliver milk round, didn't I, they're ever so good.
[2023] I'd only had it round about ten minutes and I thought [...]
June (PS01B) [2024] Aren't you beautiful.
Albert (PS01A) [2025] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2026] [...] up there.
Karen (PS01F) [2027] I was into [...]
June (PS01B) [2028] [cough] Yeah, it's cold outside.
Sasha (PS01G) [2029] He ain't.
[2030] He won't
June (PS01B) [2031] He's watching.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [2032] He's watching, ain't ya, George.
Albert (PS01A) [2033] Oh, that Vick that Vick cough syrup's better than that bloody Veno's.
June (PS01B) [2034] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2035] Yeah.
[2036] [...] better than Veno's, 'cos Veno's like water.
Sasha (PS01G) [2037] I'm watching you.
Albert (PS01A) [2038] But that's good.
Sasha (PS01G) [2039] I'm watching him flying about.
[2040] I watch him flying about.
Karen (PS01F) [2041] You [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2042] Last time he flew out, you were frightened.
June (PS01B) [2043] Our Tom don't like it when he flies and yet, they're not bothered about him, that one, that's the one that bites.
Albert (PS01A) [2044] He's more frightened of you than what you are of him, actually.
Karen (PS01F) [2045] I know.
Sasha (PS01G) [2046] I know.
Karen (PS01F) [2047] Georgie.
[2048] Hello chuck. [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2049] [shouting] Georgie []
Karen (PS01F) [2050] No, you'll deafen 'im.
Sasha (PS01G) [2051] Georgie.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [whistling]
Sasha (PS01G) [2052] Come out.
Albert (PS01A) [2053] Hello bubby
June (PS01B) [2054] Bubby
Albert (PS01A) [2055] Our Bubbs.
June (PS01B) [2056] Bubby.
[2057] What you're doing.
[2058] George.
Karen (PS01F) [2059] Mind you, I think they were, going back to George and Norma again, I mean like, how she cuts his hair, [...] style, and Colin'll say to me,
Albert (PS01A) [2060] Oh, aye.
Karen (PS01F) [2061] I mean, that, maybe that's the way they do it, ain't it, you know what I mean, they'll say, he sometimes [...] when you think of some of the things he does like that.
Albert (PS01A) [2062] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2063] Mind you I'll tell you
Albert (PS01A) [2064] That mohican cut.
June (PS01B) [2065] I'll tell you summat.
[2066] On a ... were it last Sunday, yeah it were last Sunday when I took [...] off, er Lisa always goes down to 'elp 'er, when, like what, you know when Eileen cut her finger, what did she do to her finger?
Karen (PS01F) [2067] She did have it all bandaged up, she were she were cleaning toilet at bottom, and er, apparently there was a piece out of it and she didn't know, and she wiped round it, it sliced it, and it were bleeding like mad, well she came across to our 'ouse, and we weren't in, and then she went to Kevin's and she had she had it, but it, now it's just like a line now,
Albert (PS01A) [2068] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2069] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [2070] but should think it had gone deep.
June (PS01B) [2071] Well, Lynn did her shift last Sunday morning, and when I went home, Lisa were home.
Karen (PS01F) [2072] Yeah, [...]
June (PS01B) [2073] And she says to Lisa, er, when you get to end of shift, you you rule off, what you have sold, everything you've sold, but next shift starting ... here's your daddy.
[2074] She said to Lisa, rule off when you've finished,
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [2075] for June to starting, and then she said, did you rule off when I told ya.
[2076] Well, she went, like balling and shouting at the top of her voice, I mean, she talks to Terry like shit.
[2077] I mean, I shout and our [...]
Karen (PS01F) [2078] Let your dad in Sasha.
June (PS01B) [2079] But it's it's like, I don't think
Albert (PS01A) [2080] I don't think she can.
June (PS01B) [2081] she'll be able to open it, Karen.
[2082] If I spoke to 'im, like Lisa spoke to Terry, I'd I'd gerra clip round bloody [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2083] You would that.
June (PS01B) [2084] She talks, she talks to him like [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2085] Told me how she [...] talk to Terry.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2086] I'm bloody authorised and no second thoughts.
[2087] No second thought at all.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2088] [...] cage.
June (PS01B) [2089] Sh she shouts at the top of her voice at 'im.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2090] Aye.
Karen (PS01F) [2091] Is that the one [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2092] Aye, he's on top of the cage.
June (PS01B) [2093] They're right.
[2094] She's right.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2095] Can I come in.
June (PS01B) [2096] No wonder she's bundle of nerves.
[2097] She makes [...] and she's as green as them shelves.
Sasha (PS01G) [2098] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2099] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2100] Mind you he is useless, Terry.
[2101] [...] tell the truth, give you that.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [2102] My knees [...] I tell you what you can't, you know [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...] [...]
June (PS01B) [2103] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2104] Oh deary me.
June (PS01B) [2105] Terry's a good bit older than 'er.
Sasha (PS01G) [2106] Oh deary me.
June (PS01B) [2107] I think he's twelve year older than 'er.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2108] Do you know what's up with 'er.
Albert (PS01A) [...]
June (PS01B) [2109] [cough] It'll be on in a bit, Col.
Albert (PS01A) [2110] You can't.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2111] Oh.
Karen (PS01F) [2112] Yeah, he does look old, don't her.
June (PS01B) [2113] Yeah.
[2114] You should see what he's done to his hair.
[2115] Talking about George.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [2116] She's made 'im have.
[2117] He's had, skin head.
[2118] His hair's only about that long, all over.
Albert (PS01A) [2119] What you mean, Col.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2120] Terry's
Albert (PS01A) [2121] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2122] It don't look bad, actually.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2123] Mind you, it were falling out that much everywhere else, he wouldn't know the difference, would he.
Albert (PS01A) [2124] No.
June (PS01B) [2125] But you know, but she talks to him like like, nobody.
[2126] Well, she'll say to him, put kettle on and butter some bread, and he'll sit there, and he's smoking, and he's continuing what he's doing, you know, and she'll go and do what she's doing, and she, have you flicking [...] arse-hole you to do, and, you know, any, it just goes in that ear, comes out 'ther ear, and just sallies on, and don't take blind bit of notice.
Karen (PS01F) [2127] [...] I mean, she's got a right squawky voice,
June (PS01B) [2128] Oh, horrible.
Karen (PS01F) [2129] 'cos I always [...] when she talks she's squawking.
Albert (PS01A) [2130] Oh, when she squeaks, [...]
Karen (PS01F) [2131] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2132] When she when she does get up a few octaves, I cringe.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2133] And because it, she screeches don't she.
June (PS01B) [2134] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [2135] [...] Come on, [...] voice is like.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2136] High pitch.
Karen (PS01F) [2137] Yeah.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2138] Well we're done for next week.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [2139] What the [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2140] Oh saw.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2141] What's saw young lad.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2142] Chain saw I got.
June (PS01B) [2143] Colin, you know anybody's that's got any white elusion at all.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2144] [...] We've er, just give two gallon away.
June (PS01B) [2145] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2146] Mind you, honestly, I wouldn't have put it on a dog kennel.
[2147] Honestly.
June (PS01B) [2148] I only wanted it for a [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2149] Yeah, honestly, I wouldn't put it on, if you were stopping a week.
[2150] She did all our garage round it, she's said it worth it, well, it's been there twelve months, she wouldn't put it on anywhere else.
[2151] She says it [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2152] It probably wanted stirring.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2153] Na, it was cheap.
Karen (PS01F) [2154] What a load of rubbish.
June (PS01B) [2155] What.
Karen (PS01F) [2156] That priest trying to to take a curse off that [...] [laugh] I've heard a lot of excuses, half are bloody mad.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2157] Has he bought [...] as well.
Karen (PS01F) [2158] Mm.
June (PS01B) [2159] Oh he's showing he cares.
[2160] There's a big piece in there about [...] ain't there.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2161] Ah, yeah.
[2162] Yeah, 'cos she's just altered it.
[2163] It's opening to public.
Albert (PS01A) [2164] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2165] To civvies.
[2166] I mean, I couldn't [...] anyway.
Albert (PS01A) [2167] Well, you can go, it's not er, it's
Karen (PS01F) [2168] Well go up there for our Christmas Dinner, [...]
June (PS01B) [2169] Yeah, when you get your [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2170] [...] no rules on the general public, there wasn't a general public,
June (PS01B) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2171] it was only collar and ...
Albert (PS01A) [2172] Tie.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2173] Tie.
Albert (PS01A) [2174] But now it's casual.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2175] But now he's put a casual bar in as well.
[2176] He's opened another bar, he [...] when they went bust.
Karen (PS01F) [2177] They [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2178] Aye.
Karen (PS01F) [2179] Doesn't want [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2180] Said the menu w ,
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2181] the menu was second to none.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2182] The meals were second to none, Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [2183] Mm.
Karen (PS01F) [2184] What.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2185] Always on about it.
Sasha (PS01G) [2186] [...] paper.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2187] What you want paper for.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2188] [...] it's in middle.
June (PS01B) [2189] No Peter wants [...] about them [...] finally closing his business down.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2190] He's still obliged to [...]
June (PS01B) [2191] No, I mean, the C G Whittakers.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2192] I was working there other day.
June (PS01B) [2193] Ha.
Sasha (PS01G) [2194] I said [...] people you.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2195] I went to put back what he had somebody take out.
[2196] He were that [...] as well.
Karen (PS01F) [2197] Well, you know, I didn't mean exactly the middle, go back [...]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2198] Well, I don't bloody know, alright if you can say middle, you mean middle.
Karen (PS01F) [2199] [...] papers.
Sasha (PS01G) [2200] Stop shouting.
Karen (PS01F) [2201] Shut up, you.
Sasha (PS01G) [2202] No.
Karen (PS01F) [2203] Go on.
Sasha (PS01G) [2204] You shut up.
Albert (PS01A) [2205] There's a picture of it going,
June (PS01B) [2206] Many pictures in the [...] opposite.
Albert (PS01A) [2207] There's a picture of it.
June (PS01B) [2208] Your worse than Albert, but why don't you go to front of bloody paper.
Albert (PS01A) [2209] You got your finger in it nearly.
June (PS01B) [2210] Well, turn it over.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
June (PS01B) [2211] Wow,
Albert (PS01A) [2212] Go on.
June (PS01B) [2213] No, that's not it, not yet [...] ain't ya.
Albert (PS01A) [2214] There it is.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2215] Now why don't ya, why don't ya go to middle.
[2216] Page twenty-one.
Karen (PS01F) [2217] Well, it's not far from middle.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2218] Aye.
[2219] Sixty pages.
Karen (PS01F) [2220] Well, it's only nine,blo stop flipping chopping hairs.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2221] There now, you women.
Sasha (PS01G) [2222] You're women.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2223] Nice boys don't holler.
June (PS01B) [2224] It looks nice.
Karen (PS01F) [2225] Where's the [...] paper of your 'ouse.
June (PS01B) [2226] That's where [...] it can probably be next week or week after, I don't know.
[2227] I don't think, he he said, he said
Karen (PS01F) [2228] Lie down, [...] lie down
Albert (PS01A) [2229] I don't think they've been to take the photographs yet
June (PS01B) [2230] He said, when he come, he said, he can't take a photograph just yet, 'cos it's erm, weather's not good enough.
[2231] What I'll do I'll send our Coleen in to pick 'er, er thingie up, you know.
Karen (PS01F) [2232] They usually send it to ya.
June (PS01B) [2233] Do they,
Karen (PS01F) [2234] Yes.
June (PS01B) [2235] Oh.
Karen (PS01F) [2236] Mind, it is from [...] er, [...] what they do is send them through the post, just check 'em, make sure everything's alright, ain't it.
[2237] Did they ask you what you were leaving, and things like that.
Albert (PS01A) [2238] No.
June (PS01B) [2239] No.
Karen (PS01F) [2240] Oh.
Sasha (PS01G) [...] [...]
June (PS01B) [2241] I I forget to ask him, to make it [...]
Sasha (PS01G) [2242] What.
June (PS01B) [2243] I don't whether they do [...] or not.
Sasha (PS01G) [2244] What.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2245] See a man about a dog.
Sasha (PS01G) [2246] Oh.
June (PS01B) [2247] Time he got his scruffy [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2248] If anybody comes June, just say, I have you been in touch with yet, and they'll say no, well, say well,
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2249] Sasha, do you mind.
Albert (PS01A) [2250] You'll have to go with [...]
June (PS01B) [...]
Karen (PS01F) [2251] Mind you can always say to [...] you caught me at a bad time, you say, it's supposed to have appointment only, but just say, can you, is there any chance of you coming back.
Albert (PS01A) [2252] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2253] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2254] You put appointment only on board.
Karen (PS01F) [2255] But if you're not too bad, I mean, it don't really matter, does it.
June (PS01B) [2256] No, don't say it on board, does it.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2257] Yeah, they put it on board, if you if you having them by by appointment
Karen (PS01F) [2258] By appointment.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2259] only, they put it on board.
[2260] Stick come in front of that.
Albert (PS01A) [2261] Right, well.
June (PS01B) [2262] Oh, shit, we're having [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2263] It's nowt shit.
[2264] Take us as we find us,
Karen (PS01F) [2265] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2266] if they don't, that's it.
Karen (PS01F) [2267] They don't come and look at your 'ouse, they come have a look at what they can do with it, you now, have a look like, why you got extension and,
Albert (PS01A) [2268] I don't mind beds being untidy and things like that.
Karen (PS01F) [2269] No.
Albert (PS01A) [2270] I mean, you don't look at, your not, who's sleeping in your bed.
Karen (PS01F) [2271] When ours were, it was a right state when we looked at ours, but we still said we'd have it.
[2272] Mind, it's just that, it's worth nowt as we've [...] name it.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Karen (PS01F) [2273] We'll get it right one day.
Albert (PS01A) [2274] One day, Karen, one day.
[2275] When the moon comes up and it's in two. [laugh]
Karen (PS01F) [2276] When the ...
Albert (PS01A) [2277] You got two moons.
Karen (PS01F) [2278] Yeah, all I wanted was go in and, now we're bankrupt and we're nowt where we are.
[2279] If we were well off we could get it done.
Albert (PS01A) [2280] You'd be employing, you'd be employing builders to come in and do it for you.
Karen (PS01F) [2281] Yeah, that's what I said, it'd be nice, wannit.
Albert (PS01A) [2282] It would.
Karen (PS01F) [2283] [...] your half of next door to get some [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2284] Remember, remember, if you want taking anywhere, it's er, is it four pound ten an hour ... chauffeurs.
Karen (PS01F) [2285] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2286] What I mean you have to put petrol in, I mean, it doesn't [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2287] No, you have to put petrol in.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2288] Do you hell, not at four pound an hour.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [2289] Walk.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2290] One fifty an hour, driving.
Albert (PS01A) [2291] Ain't it four fifty an hour ... chauffeuring, and he puts petrol in, and taxes and insures car.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2292] Bugger off.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2293] Back of the bloody van.
Albert (PS01A) [2294] You can't go in van with ya, with ya suit on, and [...]
June (PS01B) [2295] Oh, you've got to, you go play your part.
Albert (PS01A) [2296] You got to have a chauffeur, you'll have to buy me a hat ... you'll have to buy me a hat ... you'll have to make it worth me while coming off dole at forty pound a week.
Karen (PS01F) [2297] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2298] [laugh] [cough] [bird singing] You paying me in 'and, and Dennis is paying me in 'and and I'll a er, thousand pound a week, the way that [...] I keep getting these job offers.
[2299] Back-handers.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2300] Anticipation obligations.
Albert (PS01A) [2301] [cough] The only trouble is they're only offers.
Karen (PS01F) [2302] What's happening down here, then, didn't you hear no more about when you finish then, down here at [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2303] No.
Sasha (PS01G) [singing]
Albert (PS01A) [2304] Only some bad ... things, what I've supposed to have done, or what I'm not supposed to have done.
[2305] But ...
June (PS01B) [2306] Who cares over it.
Albert (PS01A) [2307] [cough] [...] some money out of it, I took him to court.
[2308] [cough] [...] proven.
Karen (PS01F) [2309] Oh.
Albert (PS01A) [2310] But you can't do it without money.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2311] No, that legal aid don't go far [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2312] Legal aid, won't enter enter entertain it.
[2313] Not for owt like that.
Sasha (PS01G) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2314] No, I'm afraid ...
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2315] You see, 'cos you weren't actually employed, you see, 'cos you say,
Albert (PS01A) [2316] No.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2317] you couldn't really take him to a tribunal could you, 'cos ya ...
Albert (PS01A) [2318] No, I weren't employed.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2319] [...] any money to take him to a tribunal.
Albert (PS01A) [2320] Well, I made my, I made it plain that er, at the training centre, you know, I says, I says to em, I said er, in my opinion, I says, he doesn't want, he don't want to kn , he he don't want to know.
Sasha (PS01G) [2321] Oy, you.
Albert (PS01A) [2322] He says any anything what goes wrong, he says, you automatically get blamed for.
Sasha (PS01G) [2323] I told you.
Albert (PS01A) [2324] He says, well, it's your job not to let it go wrong, I said, I didn't let it go wrong.
[2325] I said, but other people let it go wrong and they got away with it.
June (PS01B) [2326] Look what I found.

8 (Tape 060001)

Albert (PS01A) [2327] I've just called for her money.
[2328] Corrinne's money.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2329] I've,ju I paid her last, yesterday.
Albert (PS01A) [2330] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2331] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2332] Well she never bloody said nowt!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2333] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2334] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2335] Paid her yesterday Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [2336] That means we can't bloody get no cough mixture while she gets home. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2337] You ain't give her [...] [car starting]
Albert (PS01A) [2338] No.
[2339] ... Well ... well I'll look down our house.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2340] Yeah. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2341] Never mind.
[2342] I'll have to, I'll have to go home and see where she's put it.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2343] Yeah.
[2344] I give it to her last night she, when she left here.
Albert (PS01A) [2345] Oh she's really poorly is June!
[2346] She's been up erm, with it at night.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2347] She were bad on Friday.
Albert (PS01A) [2348] She was!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2349] She were coughing like mad!
Albert (PS01A) [2350] I wanted her to have ... complete weekend in bed.
[2351] Well I, I took bad yesterday, I were, I were in bed nearly all day yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2352] And I was worse [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2353] I couldn't move!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2354] last night.
[2355] Bloody woke the dog when I went past!
Albert (PS01A) [2356] Who?
[2357] Oh!
[2358] Da
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2359] Here.
Albert (PS01A) [2360] dogs outside?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2361] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2362] Yes.
[2363] But er ... I sa I said look I said, you're not doing yourself any favours by going to work, and I says, and I don't [...] mind you having day off.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2364] No you can't when you're bad.
Albert (PS01A) [2365] You bloody can't!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2366] No, no, she we but she were te Friday she was terrible!
[2367] Looked ill
Albert (PS01A) [2368] Well she's
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2369] like as well, you know.
Albert (PS01A) [2370] she's worse this morning.
[2371] She's worse.
[2372] She's not been ... asleep a minute all night!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2373] No, that's it.
[2374] So she'll to stay in bed for a ... [clears throat]
Albert (PS01A) [2375] Course, I were ba I weren't very well yesterday so I said ... I'm not very well, but I had ... pains as well, back pain and all ... all
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2376] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2377] all kinds of pains this is.
[2378] I says, no, I said I'm gonna stop in bed today.
[2379] So I stopped in bed now I, I'm better, well
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2380] No, that's only way you'll throw it off.
Albert (PS01A) [2381] Yeah.
[2382] I'm a bit better but I've had to get out this morning to let [laughing] June stay in [] !
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2383] Yeah.
[2384] Well I say, she were terrible on Friday, I know.
Albert (PS01A) [2385] Right then, I'll get off home and er ... see what's what.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2386] Alright.
Albert (PS01A) [2387] But she never said.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2388] She never bloody said!
[2389] Cos she always does bugger you know!
[2390] The tight bugger!

9 (Tape 060002)

Albert (PS01A) [2391] No, she's in bed.
Ada (PS01C) [2392] Is she bad?
Rose (PS01H) [2393] Oh dear!
Albert (PS01A) [2394] Yep!
[2395] Can you lend me a fiver while our Corrinne comes home?
Ada (PS01C) [2396] Mm.
[2397] I suppose so.
Albert (PS01A) [2398] She's er ... no we lent our Corrinne our money
Ada (PS01C) [2399] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2400] to get her tax ... she got paid yesterday
Ada (PS01C) [2401] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2402] and she didn't, she hasn't paid us it back.
[2403] So, we're, we're skint and I want to go and get some
Ada (PS01C) [2404] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2405] stuff for her.
[2406] I were in bed yesterday.
Ada (PS01C) [2407] I know!
Rose (PS01H) [2408] Oh dear!
Ada (PS01C) [2409] She said.
Albert (PS01A) [2410] I couldn't, I had pains all over place!
[2411] I couldn't speak!
[2412] Couldn't ... do erm, anything, I was surprised.
Rose (PS01H) [2413] Just give her some, bit of these.
Albert (PS01A) [2414] No I've got some, I've got some better than them.
Rose (PS01H) [2415] Well they're ever so good if you've got
Albert (PS01A) [2416] Ah!
[2417] It, they're only Solphadeine them.
[2418] Mine's Cocod Cocodamol.
Rose (PS01H) [2419] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2420] They're a bit stronger than them.
Rose (PS01H) [2421] Well I thought there must be something, because I thought oh, she must have had to go in early with her not coming in.
Albert (PS01A) [2422] No.
[2423] No.
[2424] She's in bed.
[2425] I told her to stay in there as well.
Rose (PS01H) [2426] Yes.
Ada (PS01C) [2427] Mm mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2428] You alright?
Rose (PS01H) [2429] I know she were coughing her guts out here!
Albert (PS01A) [2430] I know!
Rose (PS01H) [2431] Er,gi I've done that you know, when I were younger and I'd ... strained a heart muscle!
Albert (PS01A) [2432] Oh!
Ada (PS01C) [2433] Mm.
Rose (PS01H) [2434] I couldn't lie down for five weeks!
Albert (PS01A) [2435] I started coughing yesterday and I, that were it!
Rose (PS01H) [2436] You should have got her a drop of brandy, brandy or whisky Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [2437] Ah!
[2438] It's no good them grandma.
Rose (PS01H) [2439] You don't know.
[2440] A little drop of whisky does you good.
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2441] I can manage without it.
[2442] I don't drink. [laugh]
Rose (PS01H) [2443] I like a bit of brandy!
Albert (PS01A) [2444] [cough] ... I'm still coughing like, but not as bad. [laugh]
Rose (PS01H) [2445] Cos I said to her get some of that cough stuff [...] cos I've only took about three times this [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2446] What Venos?
[2447] Ah!
[2448] But it's
Rose (PS01H) [2449] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2450] not a tickly cough she's got ... it's a chesty cough.
Rose (PS01H) [2451] And it's dear!
[2452] It were one
Albert (PS01A) [2453] I know!
Rose (PS01H) [2454] sixty five!
Albert (PS01A) [2455] Well I'm gonna get some for her.
Rose (PS01H) [2456] Well I paid er ... seventy five pence for twelve of them er ... Anadin!
Albert (PS01A) [2457] Well what you buying Anadin for when you've got Solphadeines
Rose (PS01H) [2458] I know, that was before I'd started those.
Albert (PS01A) [2459] Oh!
[2460] That same.
[2461] They're about the same.
Rose (PS01H) [2462] And they keep telling me it's cheaper to buy it.
[2463] It looks like it dunnit?
Albert (PS01A) [2464] It isn't them.
Rose (PS01H) [2465] No.
Albert (PS01A) [2466] If you went to buy them
Rose (PS01H) [2467] [...] don't have on prescription now.
Albert (PS01A) [2468] Yeah, you can buy any tablet off ... off prescription.
Ada (PS01C) [2469] Yeah you're right.
Albert (PS01A) [2470] Any tablet.
[2471] There's only the ... the really
Rose (PS01H) [2472] Mm mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2473] you know.
[2474] All pain killers you can get ... cheap.
[2475] Well, they're not cheap, they're more e sometimes they're more expensive ... to buy.
[2476] But them Cocodamol things what I take
Rose (PS01H) [2477] She [...] cigs though, but it's them bloody cigs she's smoking!
Albert (PS01A) [2478] She smokes blue ones!
Rose (PS01H) [2479] I thought you both smoked the red?
Albert (PS01A) [2480] No.
[2481] No, blue.
Ada (PS01C) [2482] I don't smoke.
Albert (PS01A) [2483] She only smokes red when she's got none.
Ada (PS01C) [2484] It's [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2485] She smokes mine.
Rose (PS01H) [2486] [...] I get a cough sometimes I'll [...] to them as well.
Albert (PS01A) [2487] She went through nearly forty fags yesterday!
Ada (PS01C) [2488] Oh eh!
Albert (PS01A) [2489] On her own.
[2490] Cos I had three all day.
Rose (PS01H) [2491] But I was saying, but it's, when she used to lie in here Albert.
Ada (PS01C) [2492] Mm.
Rose (PS01H) [2493] I've smoked more while I've been like this
Albert (PS01A) [2494] Ah but
Rose (PS01H) [2495] than ever I've done!
[2496] That's all
Albert (PS01A) [2497] Oh!
Rose (PS01H) [2498] I'm doing is smoking and eating.
Albert (PS01A) [2499] Well you shouldn't!
Rose (PS01H) [2500] I know.
Albert (PS01A) [2501] Should watch that clock and say I'll have one every two hours.
[2502] And cut them down by twenty a day.
Ada (PS01C) [2503] Yeah.
[2504] Ooh!
[2505] I don't know what I'd do if I smoked as many as them! [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [2506] Cor!
Rose (PS01H) [2507] Have you a smoke now?
Albert (PS01A) [2508] Oh yeah, I've got some.
[2509] I don't carry them about with me though.
[2510] Like you!
Ada (PS01C) [2511] That's right.
[2512] Yeah.
Rose (PS01H) [2513] Well I never used to take mine down
Albert (PS01A) [2514] Oh!
Rose (PS01H) [2515] town [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2516] Yeah.
Rose (PS01H) [2517] Only if it's nice, you know, it's summer, I used to go and sit in garden ... with dog.
[2518] ... But when
Albert (PS01A) [2519] And it
Rose (PS01H) [2520] and cos of like this haven't had, took them down, I'd been down there three or
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Rose (PS01H) [2521] hours.
Albert (PS01A) [2522] Lot better with se bed than it is settee.
Rose (PS01H) [2523] Yeah.
[2524] Cos you go down that way Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [2525] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [2526] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2527] Never were any good for sleeping on that!
Rose (PS01H) [2528] Now you kno if my arm touched the back it would start it off.
Albert (PS01A) [2529] Yeah.
Rose (PS01H) [2530] Least little thing, even if
Albert (PS01A) [2531] You shouldn't be lifting it up and putting it at back of your head!
Rose (PS01H) [2532] Even the ... I crumple it up like that
Ada (PS01C) [2533] Mm.
Rose (PS01H) [2534] and it irritates.
Albert (PS01A) [2535] You shouldn't have the arm up, you should have it down!
Rose (PS01H) [2536] No.
Albert (PS01A) [2537] Resting it.
[2538] ... [yawning] Yeah, you're going to your hospital tomorrow are you [] ?
Rose (PS01H) [2539] Yes.
[2540] The appointment's for nine.
[2541] It says it could be thirty minutes or half an hour on that one.
Albert (PS01A) [2542] Well thirty minutes is half an hour ma!
Rose (PS01H) [2543] Er,thi thirty or sixty I mean.
Albert (PS01A) [2544] [laugh] ... Yeah, don't worry about it.
Ada (PS01C) [2545] Half an hour or an hour.
Rose (PS01H) [2546] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Ada (PS01C) [2547] Appointment's usually half an hour.
[2548] So as you can
Albert (PS01A) [2549] Well
Ada (PS01C) [2550] wait.
[2551] You can wait.
Albert (PS01A) [2552] if you get straight in.
Rose (PS01H) [2553] The er , injection.
Albert (PS01A) [2554] Ah!
[2555] He's not [...]
Rose (PS01H) [2556] That, so that it's painless.
Albert (PS01A) [2557] I shouldn't think they'll give you an injection.
Ada (PS01C) [2558] No.
Albert (PS01A) [2559] They didn't last time did they?
Rose (PS01H) [2560] No I was saying to Carol [...] I hope tomorrow's the last.
[2561] She, you don't know there might be a letter, you need [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [2562] Yeah.
Rose (PS01H) [2563] No wonder he's pushing it through doors he don't want to come within gate.
[2564] I hope they get to bottom of it.
Albert (PS01A) [2565] Well
Rose (PS01H) [2566] I'm fed up with lying [...] .
[2567] I can get up now, even to go to bunker and upstairs and
Albert (PS01A) [2568] Aye.
[2569] It'll be right.
Rose (PS01H) [2570] wash pots with my one hand!
[2571] [laugh] ... Then I'll, probably have to end up [...] and wash up [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [2572] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2573] Right, I'll get off to shop and get her the stuff what she wants, and make her her dinner.
[2574] ... She wants a tin of soup she says.
[2575] ... Well ... [cough] ... [humming] ... Right.
[2576] I'll see you later!
Ada (PS01C) [2577] See you Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [2578] Nowt you want is there?
Ada (PS01C) [2579] No
Albert (PS01A) [2580] While I'm here.
Ada (PS01C) [2581] Margaret's just doing some shopping for [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2582] Fair enough.
[2583] See you later then!
Rose (PS01H) [2584] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [2585] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2586] Ta-ta!
Ada (PS01C) [2587] Ta-ta!
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]

10 (Tape 060003)

Albert (PS01A) [2588] Any cough mixture?
None (PS01J) [2589] Coffee?
Albert (PS01A) [2590] Cough mixture?
None (PS01J) [2591] Oh!
[2592] It's over here love.
Albert (PS01A) [2593] Oh!
None (PS01J) [2594] We don't have it [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2595] Don't you?
[2596] Eh up!
[2597] You alright?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2598] Are you alri yes.
[2599] Are you?
Albert (PS01A) [2600] Ooh!
[2601] Champion!
[2602] Champion!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2603] Ta love!
Albert (PS01A) [2604] And er ... some cough mixture then.
None (PS01J) [2605] Which one do you want?
Albert (PS01A) [2606] Have you, have you got Venos?
None (PS01J) [2607] Yes.
[2608] For dry or chesty cough?
Albert (PS01A) [2609] Er, not Ven not Veno , er ... Vic?
None (PS01J) [2610] Vic, yeah.
[2611] Yes we have. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2612] Chesty.
[2613] ... [cough] ... And I'm in bed yesterday, and she's in bed today!
None (PS01J) [2614] Oh dear!
Albert (PS01A) [2615] Going through it!
None (PS01J) [2616] Tall size that one?
Albert (PS01A) [2617] That'll do it, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2618] Tammy's not well.
Albert (PS01A) [2619] Is she got it and all?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2620] Mm!
Albert (PS01A) [2621] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2622] Yeah, she, she's down at Bath.
[2623] Ooh!
[2624] She's full of it!
[2625] She's been like it all weekend I think.
None (PS01J) [2626] Two pounds forty one love.
Albert (PS01A) [2627] It er ... it comes on you all at once!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2628] Oh it does!
[2629] Just hits you.
Albert (PS01A) [2630] You know , you
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2631] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2632] whoop!
[2633] And yo
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2634] I was right as rain other day, and then
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2635] And then [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2636] yesterday I were in bed all day I couldn't move!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2637] Yeah?
Albert (PS01A) [2638] And yet today I'm
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2639] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2640] hundred percent better.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2641] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2642] Queer int it?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2643] Mm.
None (PS01J) [2644] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [2645] That's how it goes though.
[2646] See you later!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [2647] Tarrah love!
Albert (PS01A) [2648] Tarrah!

11 (Tape 060004)

Albert (PS01A) [2649] I thought you were asleep love.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2650] I'll leave you alone, let you get some sleep.
[2651] Do you want ... yeah I'll leave you alone while you can get sleep if you want.
[2652] Or do you want some company?
June (PS01B) [2653] Come and sit up here now.
Albert (PS01A) [2654] I'll sit up here now.
[2655] ... Sit up and keep you company, no problem.
[2656] I'll take my shoes off.
[2657] ... What you watching?
June (PS01B) [2658] Nothing really.
[2659] I'm just staring [...] . ... [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2660] Mm. [tv on]
June (PS01B) [2661] Are they going and er
Albert (PS01A) [2662] I didn't go in June with being full of cold, I just ... knocked on door and that ... got him out.
[2663] I rang him up before I went down and said I wouldn't be going in, I said I'll just ... drop it off for you I says, cos er ... there's me and June full of cold, it's no good letting Ben get it is it?
[2664] So ... I didn't stop.
[2665] ... Mm.

12 (Tape 060005)

Albert (PS01A) [2666] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2667] Her mother's in hospital.
[2668] And Terry's took her dad ... through to hospital cos they put her on oxygen because [...] .
[2669] And his other [...] won't go.
[2670] But she was all ... Terry's Liz were going mad cos she'd through to garage.
[2671] And then, cos they've got car but ... well nobody took after Alan.
[2672] And I said, and what's up with me he said?
[2673] She said, well what's up with me?
[2674] He, she said I daren't leave them together two minutes she said our Liza'll play hell out of our Alan!
[2675] She said, she was standing on her face yesterday!
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [2676] So ... it's like [whispering] [...] [] .
Albert (PS01A) [2677] [laugh] ... [cough] ... You troubles!
[2678] What does Val want?
[2679] Eh?
[2680] What did Val want?
[2681] ... Well?
[2682] ... [whispering] Oh he's a [] ... Oh!
[2683] ... D'ya owt ... she got nowt else to say then?
June (PS01B) [2684] No.
[2685] [cough] ... Colin dropped a card off.
[2686] And it's Eileen's anniversary as well today.
Albert (PS01A) [2687] Oh bugger Eileen!
June (PS01B) [2688] I said there's no, no way I can get out and get her card or a card or erm
Albert (PS01A) [2689] By the time you've finished buying cards for everybody June, you may as well buy one every day of week!
June (PS01B) [2690] And I [...] , it's better than them round there, they even sent one another a frigging Christmas card!
Albert (PS01A) [2691] Who?
June (PS01B) [2692] Laura and Matt.
Albert (PS01A) [2693] Oh!
[2694] Well, aye.
[2695] ... You're not on her Christmas list yet that were all.
June (PS01B) [2696] Aha.
[2697] ... I didn't get one, anything for her.
Albert (PS01A) [2698] They probably don't believe in it June!
[2699] ... And it's ... What's [...] ?
[2700] Mm mm!
[2701] [phone rings] What's those?
[2702] [dog barks] Oh!
[2703] Is it ... young, oh ... Young Doctors?

13 (Tape 060006)

Albert (PS01A) [2704] Fourth of February ... eight thirty ... A M.
[2705] ... I'll give you some milk cat, but that's all you're having ... till I get back.
[2706] I'm in a hurry.
[2707] Here.
[2708] Here!
[2709] There!
[2710] ... Make that do!
June (PS01B) [2711] It's gonna really pour!
Albert (PS01A) [2712] You what?
June (PS01B) [2713] I'm not going yet to
Albert (PS01A) [2714] [laughing] Oh oh [] !
June (PS01B) [2715] [sighing] Oh ah [] !
Albert (PS01A) [sigh]
June (PS01B) [2716] I'll have today off.
Albert (PS01A) [2717] You're not going today are you not?
June (PS01B) [2718] No.
[2719] I'm gonna ... have today off to make sure it
Albert (PS01A) [2720] And get yourself back to bed then for the day.
June (PS01B) [2721] then maybe
Albert (PS01A) [2722] I could've gone to hospital
June (PS01B) [2723] No!
Albert (PS01A) [2724] on my own if you
June (PS01B) [2725] You'd be there an hour love, it's a long time to sit by yourself.
Albert (PS01A) [2726] Mm.
June (PS01B) [2727] I know what it's like in hospital, it's boring!
[2728] As I said it could be a thirty or a sixty minute job.
Albert (PS01A) [2729] Yeah, but given owt
June (PS01B) [2730] It's either that one, but I'd have thought they would have [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2731] I don't think so.
[2732] It's only a scab.
June (PS01B) [2733] Cos [...] that's whatsername's erm ... Kenny said ... that they might give you an injection.
[2734] ... They probably put ... dye or something through to ... send it aro cos it's three dimensional.
Albert (PS01A) [2735] Oh!
[2736] Is it?
June (PS01B) [2737] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2738] Oh well.
June (PS01B) [2739] It's done by computer.
Albert (PS01A) [2740] Have they put dye in when they want to sca find the
June (PS01B) [2741] Ah!
[2742] He said
Albert (PS01A) [2743] the blood
June (PS01B) [2744] well you see
Albert (PS01A) [2745] if your blood's circulating.
June (PS01B) [2746] whatsername said ... he ... they're not supposed to be looking for a tumour, although that's what they could be looking for.
[2747] Well she said ... this scan'll tell whether it's something like rheumatoid arthritis ... fibrositis, or whether it's pulled muscles or anything like that.
Albert (PS01A) [2748] I wonder if they'll give me one on my back while I'm there?
[2749] [laugh] ... Mm mm!
[2750] [whistling] ... Mm.
[2751] Hello Bobby!
[2752] Hello Bobby!
June (PS01B) [2753] Hello June!
Albert (PS01A) [2754] Bugger June!
[2755] Hello Bobby!
[2756] Come on then!
[2757] Hello!
June (PS01B) [2758] I can see you!
Albert (PS01A) [2759] Hello!
June (PS01B) [2760] Have you been a [...] ?
Albert (PS01A) [2761] Bob!
June (PS01B) [2762] You little scraggy little [...] !
Albert (PS01A) [2763] Hello Bob!
June (PS01B) [2764] Got a scrawny neck!
Albert (PS01A) [2765] Come on then.
[2766] [bird whistling] ... Hello Bobby!
[2767] Don't squawk!
[2768] ... No!
[2769] No!
[2770] ... [whistling] ... Hello George!
[2771] [birds whistling] ... That's enough Bob!
June (PS01B) [2772] That's enough! [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2773] I've set him off now ain't I?
June (PS01B) [2774] [cough] ... Well you done summat to him!
Albert (PS01A) [2775] Come on Benjy!
[2776] Outside!
[2777] Before I, we go out.
[2778] Come on!
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2779] Come on!
[2780] ... Benjy!
[2781] ... Are you going out?
[2782] Come on then!
[2783] Come on Benny!
[2784] ... Come on!
[2785] Come on!
[2786] Come on!
[2787] ... Mm.
[2788] ... [cough] ... Oh dear!
[2789] ... [cough] It's a lot clearer out there this morning.
June (PS01B) [2790] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2791] Bit of a wind blowing and all!
June (PS01B) [2792] Oh I hate this! [birds whistling]
Albert (PS01A) [2793] What you doing?
[2794] We're going out!
[2795] ... I'll have them tools out now.
June (PS01B) [2796] Oh!
[2797] Only a [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2798] Ah!
[2799] But where, the big'un?
June (PS01B) [2800] Oh I dunno.
Albert (PS01A) [2801] Well you int outside.
[2802] Oh he's here!
June (PS01B) [2803] Can't see him.
Albert (PS01A) [2804] He's upstairs waiting.

14 (Tape 060007)

Albert (PS01A) [2805] Right!
[2806] I'll go and get the car and then you ... are you ready, or what?
June (PS01B) [2807] No, but the cat's coming in.
[2808] It's only twenty past.
Albert (PS01A) [2809] It's no good waiting too long cos you know how your mam panics.
[2810] ... She'll be there a couple of minutes before.
[2811] ... Aye.
[2812] It's clear today.
[2813] Not foggy.
[2814] [cough] ... Hello Bobby!
[2815] Come on!
[2816] Hello Bobby!
[2817] Hello Bobby!
June (PS01B) [2818] Bobby [...] !
[2819] Morning Bobby!
Albert (PS01A) [2820] Give me a kiss then!
[2821] [bird singing] ... Give us a kiss!
[2822] You're off again aren't you?
[2823] Eh?
[2824] You're off again!
[2825] Pack it in! ... [whistling]
June (PS01B) [2826] Hello!
Albert (PS01A) [2827] Hello!
[2828] Hello!
[2829] Hello!
[2830] [whistling] ... Shut up George!
[2831] ... [whistling] ... You'll have that soft bugger doing it!
[2832] Give over!
[2833] That's enough Bob!
[2834] Ooh!
[2835] Heck!
[2836] Goes through you dunnit?
June (PS01B) [2837] Yeah.
[2838] Excited.
Albert (PS01A) [2839] Hello George.
[2840] Give us a kiss.
[2841] Blow June a kiss. [kiss]
June (PS01B) [2842] George!
[2843] Bobby!
Albert (PS01A) [2844] George!
June (PS01B) [2845] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [2846] George.
[2847] D'ya want your head scratching do you?
[2848] Ah!
June (PS01B) [2849] Have you got some money on you love?
Albert (PS01A) [2850] Yeah I've ... I fetched it all in case we we ... we remembered summat.
[2851] ... Right, I'll go and get the car.
[2852] ... Better fix them up hadn't I?
June (PS01B) [2853] [cough] ... [break in recording] I know it's
Albert (PS01A) [2854] Ah!
[2855] Are you ready?
June (PS01B) [2856] That's why he'll join you over ... I mean, he'll be leaving it on to get ready to go
Albert (PS01A) [2857] Yeah.
[2858] [cough] It'll be out if we ... when we get back.
[2859] [cough] ... Can I take paper with me?
June (PS01B) [2860] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2861] It'll give me summat to read.
[2862] I'll fetch it back.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2863] Fergie's amazing letter!
June (PS01B) [2864] With this bloke.
[2865] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2866] Hmm!
[2867] She don't write very well does she?
June (PS01B) [2868] No.
Albert (PS01A) [2869] Aye.
[2870] Bloody [...] !
June (PS01B) [2871] [clears throat] ... They got more in there than bloody Blackpool tower!
[2872] In tha hasn't the outhouse next door? [in car]
Albert (PS01A) [2873] What you mean them ... security lights?
Ada (PS01C) [2874] No.
June (PS01B) [2875] That white ... [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [2876] They've got erm ... they've got like ... wall lights like ours but with white balls on
June (PS01B) [2877] You know like [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [2878] and there's three on then they've got a light on outside of outhouse.
[2879] When I come ... Sunday night they were all lit up!
[2880] It were
June (PS01B) [2881] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [2882] like Blackpool tower!
June (PS01B) [2883] I would have known [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [2884] Cor!
[2885] I think they're moving again there.
June (PS01B) [2886] Are they?
Ada (PS01C) [2887] Well, I saw them talking to her ... they were on about moving away.
June (PS01B) [2888] Oh!
[2889] To another ... place?
Ada (PS01C) [2890] Yes.
[2891] You know, to that, that big [...] about sixty pounds!
Albert (PS01A) [2892] Yeah, but they do get moved about a bit.
Ada (PS01C) [2893] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2894] You know.
Ada (PS01C) [2895] I bet they do.
Albert (PS01A) [2896] I mean, many years when I
June (PS01B) [clears throat]
Albert (PS01A) [2897] applied for it ... they wanted er, they said are you prepared to go to any prison at er ... at any notice?
[2898] ... One of the reason you get took on, I mean, it were only a borstal when he went weren't it?
Ada (PS01C) [2899] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2900] Hello!
[2901] Jack is having forecourt painted.
June (PS01B) [2902] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [2903] He's having it pa mind you ... I wouldn't have bothered.
[2904] ... That dirty red, white and blue!
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2905] They ain't ha
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2906] they're not three D colours are they?
June (PS01B) [2907] Well he's got a three D station.
Albert (PS01A) [2908] Or are they?
[2909] Oh yeah!
June (PS01B) [2910] Thing is, no,yo ... you're determined on Saturday.
Albert (PS01A) [2911] Oh!
[2912] Look at traffic here!
[2913] ... Maybe you should have gone other bloody way!
June (PS01B) [2914] Can understand these houses going quick, they're a lot nicer aren't they?
[2915] Look at this one.
Ada (PS01C) [2916] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [2917] These are only single.
[2918] ... They're not popular are they?
Ada (PS01C) [2919] No.
[2920] Dining room too.
[2921] ... Well Raymond bought one up Myrtle Road, and he only paid twenty three quid for it and she left all furniture and everything!
June (PS01B) [2922] Mm mm!
Albert (PS01A) [2923] Twenty three quid?
Ada (PS01C) [2924] Er er, twenty three thousand.
Albert (PS01A) [2925] I were gonna say!
Ada (PS01C) [2926] Twenty three thousand, and she left all carpets, furniture ... curtains and everything and all he had to do was just move in.
June (PS01B) [sniff] [sigh]
Albert (PS01A) [2927] I suppose it's lot of money when you reckon it up into today's value.
[2928] ... Anyway, when I first wanted to buy us own house when we first got married we were talking twelve ... how much?
June (PS01B) [2929] Five thousand.
Albert (PS01A) [2930] Five thousand.
Ada (PS01C) [2931] And that's for these up here.
Albert (PS01A) [2932] And that was a lot of money.
[2933] Mind you, it was when you only got fifteen quid a week.
Ada (PS01C) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [2934] Hard labour.
[2935] Okay?
June (PS01B) [2936] Right.
Albert (PS01A) [2937] [cough] ... [singing] We're off to see the wizard [] !
[2938] Mm!
June (PS01B) [2939] [...] petrol.
Albert (PS01A) [2940] Eh?
June (PS01B) [2941] The petrol exploded
Albert (PS01A) [2942] What?
June (PS01B) [2943] into that [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [2944] It was [...] by petrol you get a ticket somebody was [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2945] Oh!
[2946] It's same as Michael?
[2947] They've got it on haven't they?
Ada (PS01C) [2948] No, it [...] .
[2949] ... Well
June (PS01B) [2950] There goes [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2951] Well he's out.
June (PS01B) [2952] Is that Mr [...] ?
Albert (PS01A) [2953] [singing] I, dee da dee dee da dee ... dee da dee dee dee [] .
[2954] Nowt in, nowt good in paper.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2955] Ah?
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [2956] [singing] La da dee dee [] . ...
[2957] There's some traffic on this road int there?
June (PS01B) [2958] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2959] Crikey!
[2960] ... Just look at it!
[2961] ... Well I
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [2962] [singing] La da dee dee da dee [] .
Ada (PS01C) [2963] Must have been raining last night.
Albert (PS01A) [2964] It was pouring.
Albert (PS01A) [2965] Chucking it down ma!
Ada (PS01C) [2966] Was it?
June (PS01B) [2967] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2968] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [2969] It were raining at five o'clock this morning.
[2970] And I went to bed about twenty past ten [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [2971] It were raining last night at ... what time did we go?
June (PS01B) [2972] Won't
Albert (PS01A) [2973] About
June (PS01B) [2974] walk to them [...] .
[2975] Oh God!
Albert (PS01A) [2976] Look at this!
[2977] ... Another fine mess he's got into.
[2978] Ha!
[2979] ... Then there's ... fog speeders.
June (PS01B) [2980] It weren't late when our Corrinne come upstairs and she said it was belting down.
[2981] ... Must have been about ... half past nine.
Albert (PS01A) [2982] It's either broke down or it's been an accident because there's three cars there not just one or two.
[2983] ... [cough] One at either side of road!
June (PS01B) [2984] They had bonnet up though.
Albert (PS01A) [2985] We'll have to get some plaster June for that wall.
June (PS01B) [2986] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2987] Where's best place to get some from?
[2988] Mind you, we'll go buy some and your Corrinne'll be down with half a bag or summat daft like that!
[2989] ... That's what I call ... an idle ... woman!
[2990] Just getting paid for nowt!
June (PS01B) [2991] [...] there with your table.
Albert (PS01A) [2992] Bloody ... how they, what the hell do they want a lollipop lady on ... a zebra co
Ada (PS01C) [2993] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [2994] pelican crossing though!
June (PS01B) [2995] Yeah, but with all the ... kids crossing to other side like.
Albert (PS01A) [2996] It's a total waste of money!
[2997] ... And there int one on this one here and it's nearest to school!
June (PS01B) [2998] No, but they're bloody grown up children in there.
Albert (PS01A) [2999] [cough] All go to
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3000] same school don't they?
June (PS01B) [3001] No!
[3002] That's [...] Hill, that's the equivalent to Hatfield High that one.
Albert (PS01A) [3003] Is it?
June (PS01B) [3004] A ... they're all fourteen to eighteen year olds in that school.
Albert (PS01A) [3005] Hunger Hill.
[3006] I wonder why they call it Hunger Hill ma?
Ada (PS01C) [3007] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3008] I wonder why they call ... Hunger Hill?
June (PS01B) [3009] Oh!
[3010] Oh!
Ada (PS01C) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [3011] They're doing it on there look!
Albert (PS01A) [3012] Eh?
June (PS01B) [3013] [...] on there.
[3014] I said [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3015] [laugh] ... It'll probably be whatsername's June!
[3016] What they call him?
[3017] ... Him who's er ... [...]
June (PS01B) [3018] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3019] [laughing] It wouldn't surprise me now you know [] !
[3020] It wouldn't surprise me at all.
[3021] ... Cos you do you've not been anywhere unless you've been made bankrupt in this place round here.
[3022] Come on!
[3023] Where you going mate?
June (PS01B) [3024] Bloody hell!
[3025] The traffic!
Albert (PS01A) [3026] That's what I say it's er ... bad time int it between
June (PS01B) [3027] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3028] half past eight and nine?
[3029] Especially when it's that foggy.
[3030] ... [singing] La la tee tee [] !
[3031] ... Rover club.
June (PS01B) [3032] Reading Bailey
Albert (PS01A) [3033] It's who?
June (PS01B) [3034] Reading Bailey.
Albert (PS01A) [3035] This time they're out in, in town int they?
[3036] Selling bloody second hand motor bikes!
[3037] ... [cough] ... The Baileys.
June (PS01B) [3038] They're hopeless!
Albert (PS01A) [3039] [singing] La la da dee dee da dee [] .
[3040] Eight fifty one.
[3041] ... [cough] ... I can't understand ... why this part of Doncaster is forty mile an hour!
[3042] ... Can you?
June (PS01B) [3043] Mm mm.
[3044] Well you're taking it across there.
Albert (PS01A) [3045] This is a built up area int it?
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3046] Houses on both sides of
June (PS01B) [3047] It's wide.
Albert (PS01A) [3048] road.
[3049] It's a wide road.
June (PS01B) [3050] These houses, they really ought to be there.
Albert (PS01A) [3051] But that don't make it, and it's ... it's still a built up area.
[3052] ... I mean, they make it thirty and people will travel at forty anyhow.
[3053] ... Nine times out of ten.
June (PS01B) [3054] Is it X-Ray department scan department?
Albert (PS01A) [3055] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3056] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3057] Well, I'm not wrong.
[3058] I'm right.
Albert (PS01A) [3059] Yeah.
[3060] Probably be about fi five foot seven won't you, or summat?
[3061] That's
Ada (PS01C) [3062] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3063] You're probably about five foot seven aren't you?
Ada (PS01C) [3064] What does Sarah like?
June (PS01B) [3065] Said it's between thirty and six minutes.
Ada (PS01C) [3066] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3067] [laughing] Thirty minutes [] !
June (PS01B) [3068] Between thirty and sixty minutes.
Ada (PS01C) [3069] Oh that's good!
June (PS01B) [3070] And nothing to eat or drink four hours before your appointment tonight.
[3071] If you are coming from home wear loose clothing.
Albert (PS01A) [3072] Well what do they expect you to do?
[3073] Put down bloody [...] !
June (PS01B) [3074] You may have an injection normally.
Ada (PS01C) [3075] Eh?
June (PS01B) [3076] You may have an injection [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3077] Yeah,tha I think that's er ... the ... whatsername pre type
Ada (PS01C) [3078] Yeah, but it says
Albert (PS01A) [3079] them
Ada (PS01C) [3080] you may have a ... you may have to have injection but it's painless.
June (PS01B) [3081] Oh!
[3082] I don't think it'll it be painful.
Albert (PS01A) [3083] They all are aren't they?
June (PS01B) [3084] Eh?
Ada (PS01C) [3085] This one was saying, it'll be quicker to go in front they say now or
Albert (PS01A) [3086] Yeah but ... [cough] ... if you get in there yo you won't get out ... I'll drop you in there.
[3087] I'll see if I can straight back into it there.
[3088] ... [cough] ... I would have co thought it'd be better here.
[3089] ... Squeeze in there.
[3090] ... [humming] ... Come on!
[3091] ... Oh heck!

15 (Tape 060008)

Albert (PS01A) [3092] I know.
[3093] Horrible!
[3094] And ... when he gets the other stuff they give you that big bloody beaker full of it!
June (PS01B) [3095] Our Dawn told me he's had to go and wait for that bloody pregnancy scan.
[3096] Meant to have [...] that water.
[3097] It took her ages!
[3098] She had to drink a pint of water.
[3099] I thought she were never gonna, I said to her for goodness sake, drink it!
Albert (PS01A) [3100] [laughing] Our Dawn thinks she's at a tea party [] !
June (PS01B) [3101] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3102] [laughing] Our Dawn thinks she's going just for a tea party [] when they to ask her to drink owt she just takes her time and drinks it.
Ada (PS01C) [3103] [...] ... How d'ya do this?
Albert (PS01A) [3104] Pull i hold the other end and pull it.
June (PS01B) [3105] Is that Margaret ... and er
Ada (PS01C) [3106] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3107] Well
Albert (PS01A) [3108] Oh all you gotta do is to hold that white, hold both ends of it and pull it, it'll come out.
June (PS01B) [3109] No, I haven't got bloody strength Albert!
Albert (PS01A) [3110] It is, to join it to that.
Ada (PS01C) [3111] I feel as if they're gonna put me in a bag and shake me up.
[3112] And just I went and got [...] cup of tea and I were a lot better.
Albert (PS01A) [3113] Think you bloody would!
[3114] ... That's probably what it is lifting glass up ... too much.
[3115] [laugh] ... Oh!
[3116] ... [cough] ... See what my stars say.
Ada (PS01C) [3117] [...] , they're all bugger all Albert!
[3118] Any time you get any money is when you work for it!
Albert (PS01A) [3119] Ha!
[3120] It says [reading] no doubt employers ... employers ... or other individuals will keep on pestering you, and probably add insult to injury, take heart.
[3121] Your ruler Venus is ... also sparkling away in the heavens today [] .
June (PS01B) [3122] Look what you're doing!
[3123] Never mind reading the bloody paper while you hold the cup!
Ada (PS01C) [3124] What?
Albert (PS01A) [3125] If you held the cup and let me get hold of handle I'd have been alright.
Ada (PS01C) [3126] Go back to bed.
[3127] I bet you run up and down stairs for all the day.
June (PS01B) [3128] Mhm.
Ada (PS01C) [3129] Do you like the nice biscuits?
[3130] I get them all the
June (PS01B) [3131] Yeah!
Ada (PS01C) [3132] time just,
June (PS01B) [3133] They're lovely!
Ada (PS01C) [3134] just like that.
June (PS01B) [3135] They're very nice!
Ada (PS01C) [3136] They're only ninety nine P them June!
[3137] When I saw them, I thought I might get one every week.
[3138] And if you want them with chocolate on one side they're one thirty nine.
Albert (PS01A) [3139] Mm!
Ada (PS01C) [3140] I said
Albert (PS01A) [3141] Big deal!
Ada (PS01C) [3142] about ... five [...] .
June (PS01B) [3143] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3144] And er, the doctors were giving me them tablets.
[3145] I were going through one of them a week! [...]
June (PS01B) [3146] Shall we wander down and get one?
Ada (PS01C) [3147] Eh?
June (PS01B) [3148] I says, [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3149] Mm!
June (PS01B) [3150] go down and get one.
Ada (PS01C) [3151] Well, she fetched me another one on Monday.
[3152] So I've took them in [...] now.
June (PS01B) [3153] They're quite crispy and
Ada (PS01C) [3154] Yeah!
[3155] They are nice!
[3156] Lesley's found them sli er too sweet for her.
June (PS01B) [3157] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3158] Because [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3159] I think they've got a bloody cheek, you know, asking for a car park fee when yo si from the ... you've got
June (PS01B) [3160] All it is is to go towards the infirmary you know.
[3161] Nobody's benefiting er, benefiting
Ada (PS01C) [3162] No.
June (PS01B) [3163] by it.
Ada (PS01C) [3164] Could do for some charity.
June (PS01B) [3165] It's not for council.
Albert (PS01A) [3166] Yeah, but, I mean to say ... if you don't pay it they clamp you.
[3167] Then you've got a twenty
June (PS01B) [3168] That's [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3169] pound fine to pay if they
Ada (PS01C) [3170] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [3171] clamp you.
Ada (PS01C) [3172] Well that's if they clamp you that's what they do
June (PS01B) [3173] The thing is
Ada (PS01C) [3174] isn't it?
June (PS01B) [3175] people go in and park in there all day ... and you're not supposed to.
[3176] It's to save people going in and out.
Albert (PS01A) [3177] Well we know.
[3178] But unawares ... you could, they can put on, same as they've done ... yo ... with your mam ... er, up to an hour.
[3179] That hour can go into two and three bloody
Ada (PS01C) [3180] Yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [3181] hours!
June (PS01B) [3182] Well I heard what that bloke said to you last time when I went before, don't worry, once you've paid for it ... once you've paid it ... they'll sort it out from there.
[3183] Ooh! [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3184] The thing is June ... if it puts you to some inconvenience then don't it?
[3185] Of going and saying you've clamped my car and who do you
Ada (PS01C) [3186] Ah!
[3187] That's it.
Albert (PS01A) [3188] and that chap's never there!
June (PS01B) [3189] If we had a perfect world we'd be all alright.
[3190] ... And they're always collecting for babies ... unit.
Albert (PS01A) [3191] Oh aye!
June (PS01B) [3192] Just like now.
Ada (PS01C) [3193] Well they are on baby unit.
June (PS01B) [3194] Yes.
Ada (PS01C) [3195] They are [...]
June (PS01B) [3196] That'll be that's all that's collecting for that er ... what do they call it?
[3197] Them that come round and give you exercises.
Ada (PS01C) [3198] Yeah.
[3199] Physio?
June (PS01B) [3200] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3201] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3202] They're always coming, that's right.
Ada (PS01C) [3203] Well I don't mind owt like that for a good cause June.
June (PS01B) [3204] Mother, mind you don't fall off edge of that bed!
Ada (PS01C) [3205] No.
[3206] It's the way I can get ease June, I'm eased when this [...] .
June (PS01B) [3207] In that room where my mam were getting changed there were one of them machines, you know what you blow into Alb?
Ada (PS01C) [3208] Yeah, but I didn't.
Albert (PS01A) [3209] Mm.
June (PS01B) [3210] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3211] There were two o there's always two no matter where you go, there was two in that room they had to fetch me out.
[3212] There were another
June (PS01B) [3213] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3214] one in there.
[3215] ... Bloody heck!
June (PS01B) [3216] I'm gonna have another day off work and then I'll have to have bath tonight.
Ada (PS01C) [3217] Eh?
June (PS01B) [3218] Er, I'm gonna have another day off work.
Ada (PS01C) [3219] I don't blame you.
[3220] If you can afford it.
June (PS01B) [3221] Well I can't afford it mother!
[3222] But, if I go back ... and it's not cleared up ... it might ruddy come back again!
Ada (PS01C) [3223] You might get it [...] .
June (PS01B) [3224] I don't think so.
[3225] It's more my chest than ... than if it's anything else.
Ada (PS01C) [3226] That's why [...] June.
June (PS01B) [3227] [...] done about a month ago where it comes up.
Ada (PS01C) [3228] Oh!
[3229] Urgh!
[3230] I've stopped smoking I have like.
June (PS01B) [3231] Eh?
[3232] I don't suppose the smoking helps!
Ada (PS01C) [3233] She kept getting a bad throat.
June (PS01B) [3234] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3235] Said don't it bother you?
[3236] She said, no, Des smokes and ... you should have one as well.
June (PS01B) [3237] Well I mean, it's not the warmest of places.
[3238] I if I'd have been at Jacksons I, I'd have gone back today.
Albert (PS01A) [3239] Excuse me.
June (PS01B) [3240] But I'm not going out [...] with a bloody cold like this!
[3241] ... I never have no time off anyway.
[3242] He can manage.
Ada (PS01C) [3243] He can manage [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [3244] [cough] ... [...] taking dog for a walk.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [...]
June (PS01B) [3245] Yeah, he works for er ... what do you call them?
[3246] Three D Lines.
Ada (PS01C) [3247] There's
Albert (PS01A) [3248] June
Ada (PS01C) [3249] about five of them all with the same name?
June (PS01B) [3250] Yeah.
[3251] Him and er
Ada (PS01C) [...]
June (PS01B) [3252] Ian works at place.
Ada (PS01C) [3253] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3254] June.
[3255] The joke here ... little girl on a beach says, mum, if I eat enough silicone chips will it increase [laughing] my bust size [] ?
June (PS01B) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [3256] [laugh] ... Shh shoo shoo, sha sha.
June (PS01B) [3257] Our Betty were looking for biscuits and thought when they come the other day ... but I didn't buy any.
Ada (PS01C) [...]
June (PS01B) [3258] I'd opened the fridge door and our Corrinne had got about that much in bottom of bottle and she spotted it.
Ada (PS01C) [3259] Should have said no,Ju I had three in there ... but ... our Corrinne had got some.
[3260] Claire had fetched one and then our Corrinne fetched the other two and there's that much in.
[3261] She'd not seen them.
[3262] In between drier and
Albert (PS01A) [3263] Ha!
Ada (PS01C) [3264] fridge.
[3265] Cos I got some last night.
[3266] Tried to make, but I threw it out ... there were none of that sparkle left in it.
June (PS01B) [3267] Yeah.
[3268] It loses it's fizz dunnit? [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3269] Mm!
Ada (PS01C) [3270] I must have thought [...] this morning.
[3271] It were only his [...] .
[3272] I wonder they don't want him cos they paying for their own won't they?
June (PS01B) [3273] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [3274] They don't seem to be doing owt to it, do they?
Ada (PS01C) [3275] Well, what you buy is a little cleared out don't they?
[3276] And, they do get used to one bloke.
Albert (PS01A) [3277] Who?
[3278] Next door's?
Ada (PS01C) [3279] Yes.
Albert (PS01A) [3280] Mm.
[3281] Been taking it ... for a week or so now!
Ada (PS01C) [3282] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3283] Rubbish.
[3284] Wanna read it?
Ada (PS01C) [3285] Well it were lovely bike erm, Joanna sold!
June (PS01B) [3286] I know.
Ada (PS01C) [3287] His mam had run it out from top to
Albert (PS01A) [3288] It was.
Ada (PS01C) [3289] bottom.
[3290] It was Maggie's.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [3291] Hello.
Ada (PS01C) [3292] And , you couldn't blame her June cos they were only there two years.
[3293] She were pregnant when she came down ... she'd nothing when [...] .
June (PS01B) [...]
Ada (PS01C) [3294] So I mean, you can't blame her.
[3295] And, he used to lean over bloody fence while she were digging garden and she were pregnant.
[3296] He's a big fat lump!
June (PS01B) [3297] Typical her like.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [3298] Oh!
[3299] I saw him looking at her, you know, when [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [3300] He had a petrol account at Jacksons.
Albert (PS01A) [3301] He has?
June (PS01B) [3302] Yeah.
[3303] He gives him a petrol account and then he sa he's started [...] in the building.
Albert (PS01A) [3304] Well that's a better way int it?
[3305] I wouldn't call that lo ... I wouldn't call that a petrol account.
[3306] That's paying for his petrol before he gets it.
[3307] ... A good idea.
[3308] ... That's the time we go to ... time
June (PS01B) [3309] Well
Albert (PS01A) [3310] of the week innit?
June (PS01B) [3311] [...] ... Only wanted a couple weeks.
Ada (PS01C) [3312] What?
Albert (PS01A) [3313] What?
June (PS01B) [3314] He keeps getting two hundred pound to pay for his petrol.
Albert (PS01A) [3315] He must do some motoring then!
Ada (PS01C) [3316] He [...] [...]
June (PS01B) [3317] No, and you're not always sure if you're gonna get bloody
Albert (PS01A) [3318] What yo
June (PS01B) [3319] wages or not?
Albert (PS01A) [3320] What you talking about, fifty gallon?
June (PS01B) [3321] Cos he's [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3322] As near as damn it!
June (PS01B) [3323] Well, about forty eight.
Albert (PS01A) [3324] Forty eight, yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3325] His other brother drives for them er, can't remember what they're called.
June (PS01B) [3326] Oh!
[3327] Oh!
[3328] I know who you mean.
Ada (PS01C) [3329] Cleaners.
June (PS01B) [3330] Yeah.
[3331] Be awful if
Albert (PS01A) [3332] I should say forty
June (PS01B) [3333] Yes!
Albert (PS01A) [3334] nine.
June (PS01B) [3335] i=If Jacksons, or, for here though.
Albert (PS01A) [3336] How much is Jacksons?
[3337] Two pound
June (PS01B) [3338] Two six.
Albert (PS01A) [3339] Two pound six pence.
June (PS01B) [3340] Yeah, two sixty nine.
[3341] And [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3342] It's near enough fifty gallon June as damn it int it?
Ada (PS01C) [3343] Yeah.
[3344] We're alright for, to have petrol they haven't had to put it up for [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3345] Yes.
Ada (PS01C) [...]
June (PS01B) [3346] It'll go up again when budget comes in as
Albert (PS01A) [3347] Oh aye!
[3348] It'll go up with a bang I think!
Ada (PS01C) [3349] When's that?
[3350] Next month?
June (PS01B) [3351] No.
Albert (PS01A) [3352] April int it?
Ada (PS01C) [3353] No I think it's March time.
[3354] They were on about March.
Albert (PS01A) [3355] Never!
June (PS01B) [3356] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3357] They always budget for April.
[3358] ... Not unless he's putting a mini-budget in.
[3359] Before election.
[3360] To see how good he is to the people.
June (PS01B) [3361] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3362] Grand job!
[3363] Ha!
[3364] ... You can bet he puts another two and half percent on V A T.
[3365] As daft as hell! ... [whistling]
Ada (PS01C) [3366] I wanted her to get me some chocolate.
June (PS01B) [3367] I know, they're horrible! [...]
Ada (PS01C) [3368] Cos our Corrinne must have fetched me some drinking chocolate she fetched me.
[3369] Mind, I'm not bothered but ... if you get them little'uns they last no time do they?
Albert (PS01A) [3370] No.
Ada (PS01C) [3371] And our Margaret fetched me a big tin of Ovaltine.
Albert (PS01A) [3372] You're using too much water ma.
Ada (PS01C) [3373] I know.
[3374] I like a lot.
[3375] Cos I don't drink a lot of water like.
Albert (PS01A) [3376] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3377] The only time I'll drink water is owt like this ... or if I've ... one of them Mister Softee cornets.
Albert (PS01A) [3378] You're only supposed to use a small amount of
Ada (PS01C) [3379] Yes.
Albert (PS01A) [3380] water.
Ada (PS01C) [3381] But I'll ... [...] .
June (PS01B) [cough]
Ada (PS01C) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3382] Yeah.
[3383] [cough] ... We've not been long here really have we?
[3384] You were only half an hour.
Ada (PS01C) [3385] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3386] You were only half an hour.
Ada (PS01C) [3387] I know.
[3388] Cos she says er ... she fetched the blanket cos it were cold in there she says I'll cover you up
Albert (PS01A) [3389] It always is.
Ada (PS01C) [3390] and I'll go and see doctor see ... we want to [...] .
[3391] And she came back about five minutes after she went and you can call me [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3392] He hadn't fetched that key back for garage has he?
Ada (PS01C) [3393] No, I told her.
[3394] I see her over at Corrinne's.
June (PS01B) [3395] [sighing] Oh dear [] !
Ada (PS01C) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [3396] What's shift's ... what shift's Pete on this week then?
Ada (PS01C) [3397] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3398] What shift's Pete on?
Ada (PS01C) [3399] I think he's on early.
[3400] I think you told me.
Albert (PS01A) [3401] Oh!
[3402] He were on er, he were on evenings last week weren't he?
[3403] He would be.
Ada (PS01C) [3404] Yeah, well she went back to school then.
Albert (PS01A) [3405] He is now it's [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [3406] To that thing last week, first day.
Albert (PS01A) [3407] Well that week I phoned him.
[3408] ... Week before.
[3409] ... Course, he wanted to know if we'd got a video we could lend him.
Ada (PS01C) [3410] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3411] He wanted to know if we vi borrow one of our videos. [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [3412] Well she's had another [...] and that's not very nice will they?
June (PS01B) [3413] She will when they do.
Albert (PS01A) [3414] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3415] I'm not sure.
[3416] Well, somebody said she were having [...] again, I thought she were having them like [...] .
[3417] Mind you, Corrinne had hers removed.
June (PS01B) [3418] Has she?
Albert (PS01A) [3419] The only trouble with plastic
Ada (PS01C) [3420] Well she is like mine but just the one window opens down side, you know.
Albert (PS01A) [3421] only trouble with plastic it sweats like hell!
Ada (PS01C) [3422] Mm mm!
[3423] That's what they're putting in council bungalows now Ale houses.
[3424] With them keys on.
Albert (PS01A) [3425] Oh!
[3426] If you're gonna have double glazing going to that exte that expense, you may as well get the aluminium and
Ada (PS01C) [3427] I know, council's put them up with the [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3428] There's no problem with them then.
[3429] Cos them ... plastic things, they do split.
[3430] And the nature goes out of plastic.
[3431] Cos that's what Margaret ... stopped paying her ... paying for them didn't she June?
June (PS01B) [3432] Don't know.
Albert (PS01A) [3433] She wouldn't pay for them because th the plastic and all that started splitting and
Ada (PS01C) [3434] Well, you could go in to shop to buy them don't you?
June (PS01B) [3435] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3436] A glazing shop.
Albert (PS01A) [3437] Yeah.
[3438] ... Could go in some time or other.
Ada (PS01C) [3439] Our John never come down you know!
[3440] It's a good job we're at church
June (PS01B) [3441] No?
Ada (PS01C) [3442] this, this Sunday.
Albert (PS01A) [3443] Well he, if he co if he'd have come down my wa he come down at eight or nine o'clock ... the shops would have been shut.
Ada (PS01C) [3444] And he goes to that beer up at er ... Cross Brampt Chase
Albert (PS01A) [3445] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3446] That's where he gets all his beer from.
[3447] He spends, all, all his money on [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3448] Well ta tha that little shop?
Ada (PS01C) [3449] Yeah.
[3450] Across from Chase.
[3451] You know, at ... Ashfield Lane
Albert (PS01A) [3452] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3453] just round the Ashfield Common.
Albert (PS01A) [3454] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3455] He always goes there.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3456] [sighing] Oh well [] .
Ada (PS01C) [3457] I want a little loaf.
Albert (PS01A) [3458] Mm?
Ada (PS01C) [3459] I say, I want a little loaf ... [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3460] What, brown?
Ada (PS01C) [3461] No white.
[3462] I've ... that [...] .
[3463] Always [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3464] D'ya want it for your dinner love?
Ada (PS01C) [3465] [...] ... That Frenchy stuff.
[3466] If they've not got soft [...] .
June (PS01B) [3467] No mat if you want it for your dinner here ... better he goes now the [...]
Ada (PS01C) [3468] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3469] I know.
Ada (PS01C) [3470] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]
Ada (PS01C) [3471] I wonder if they've got a house, Alan?
[3472] Have you seen him to ask him, like, June?
June (PS01B) [3473] He's got one down Old Road.
Ada (PS01C) [3474] Has he?
June (PS01B) [3475] Mm.
[3476] It's only a single one.
Ada (PS01C) [3477] Oh! [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3478] It'll do him for now.
Ada (PS01C) [3479] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3480] It'll do him for now.
June (PS01B) [3481] Yeah.
[3482] But somebody with four bloody kids in a ... in a so
Albert (PS01A) [3483] In a single house.
June (PS01B) [3484] single house!
Albert (PS01A) [3485] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3486] Then they give somebody like her ... that single parent girl, Vera, a bloody big double house!
Ada (PS01C) [3487] Oh!
[3488] That's it isn't it?
Albert (PS01A) [3489] Well that's typical council that int it?
[3490] ... All they, all they know is it's an house.
Ada (PS01C) [3491] Is there four kids there or five?
June (PS01B) [3492] Er ... four.
Ada (PS01C) [3493] Four.
Albert (PS01A) [3494] But she's not that old is she?
Ada (PS01C) [3495] No.
June (PS01B) [3496] No.
Ada (PS01C) [3497] Three lads ... one lass.
[3498] Cos when he had that ... first kid, you know, when he moved here ... and I were asking ... [...] ... be nice if you'd had a ... a girl. [...]
June (PS01B) [3499] How many kids did he have when moved here?
Ada (PS01C) [3500] Two.
[3501] Cos she were pregnant when she moved here.
June (PS01B) [3502] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3503] She says, I'm not bothered what it is as long as it's got ... all its fingers there.
June (PS01B) [3504] Mind you, they're hardy.
[3505] I mean [...]
Ada (PS01C) [3506] He said , if I have a football team, I'm not bothered.
June (PS01B) [3507] No ... especially when you're a dole.
Albert (PS01A) [3508] It pays when you're on dole ma.
[3509] ... And it's cheaper by the dozen.
June (PS01B) [3510] And, I mean, if if he's working and he gets a low wage he'll be able to get Family Income Support.
Ada (PS01C) [3511] Yeah, he would.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3512] I don't think it's worth the hassle though. [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [3513] Well ... just don't [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3514] Having house full of kids and ... being on dole.
Ada (PS01C) [3515] I said, well some people don't bother.
June (PS01B) [3516] Don't have kids.
Albert (PS01A) [3517] Well, yeah, some people thrive on it.
June (PS01B) [3518] I mean, look at them next door, twelve of the buggers!
Albert (PS01A) [3519] [laugh] ... Old Ted!
June (PS01B) [3520] But they're all ... well mannered kids and
Ada (PS01C) [3521] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3522] and they're all
Albert (PS01A) [3523] Oh!
[3524] Aye.
[3525] Yeah, they're brought up right.
June (PS01B) [3526] you know [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [3527] One thing that was missing [laughing] [...] [] !
June (PS01B) [3528] I hope it's like they bloody said!
Ada (PS01C) [3529] Cos, Claire was saying when ... they went, they went, they'd been to Wales, France, and Scotland while they've been here ... he said, [...] . [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [3530] They were having a right ding-dong other day!
Ada (PS01C) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3531] Weren't they?
June (PS01B) [3532] You know, I were saying [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3533] Somebody were a having a right ding-dong other day when we were here.
[3534] They were a having a right ding-dong other day!
Ada (PS01C) [3535] I know.
[3536] I couldn't hear them.
[3537] [...] ... that's why I locked that door cos I don't know
Albert (PS01A) [3538] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3539] that anybody's coming in until this come from.
Albert (PS01A) [3540] Cos I thought about getting a glass and sitting here with glass at [laughing] the front door [] !
June (PS01B) [3541] Well I told you it was her, that daughter.
Albert (PS01A) [3542] Were it his daughter?
June (PS01B) [3543] The one from Australia.
Albert (PS01A) [3544] Yeah.
[3545] She weren't half giving it him! [laugh]
Ada (PS01C) [3546] And I thought they called her [...] ... er ... he's from Scotland June, cos
June (PS01B) [3547] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3548] his parents.
[3549] They've been twice to Scotland, but no ... well they went there when they come from Australia, instead of coming straight here.
[3550] These three [...] just come and then they went to Wales.
[3551] And ... they went to France for holiday.
[3552] They go back a month today.
[3553] Is it seventh, they're going back?
June (PS01B) [3554] No, it's fourth today.
Albert (PS01A) [3555] Mind you, that's what our Brian did weren't it?
[3556] They came here.
June (PS01B) [3557] That's what Brian did.
Albert (PS01A) [3558] And they went to America, then came back.
Ada (PS01C) [3559] It's Tuesday!
[3560] I'm thinking it's Friday.
June (PS01B) [3561] It's Tuesday today.
Ada (PS01C) [3562] Mm. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3563] They said it were cheaper to come here, then fly from here to, to America than what it was to go from America, from Australia to America!
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [3564] It surprised me that!
Ada (PS01C) [3565] I think [...] , there's the ... there's five of them.
[3566] She's three lasses June, there's him and her, that's five.
[3567] Well there's only been [...] and when we will get [...]
June (PS01B) [3568] What's [...] tired all week then?
[3569] It were that black i er ... Capri.
[3570] And one that come from abroad.
[3571] Is it [...] or not?
Ada (PS01C) [3572] It's [...] went to Australia.
June (PS01B) [3573] Mm.
[3574] He's always trying to get our Terry to go out with us.
Ada (PS01C) [3575] Stanley's the one that married ... [...] daughter. ... [whispering] [...] [] .
June (PS01B) [3576] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3577] It wants to stay and get that
Ada (PS01C) [3578] There's an awful lot it were a windy night!
Albert (PS01A) [3579] I prefer wind to blinking fog!
[3580] Any day of week.
[3581] ... [cough] ... I think it's the fog what gives you all chest complaints on quiet.
Ada (PS01C) [3582] Terrible this smog innit?
Albert (PS01A) [3583] Cor!
[3584] We've had some this last ... few week.
June (PS01B) [3585] Mind, got your [...] .
[3586] [laugh] ... Been using [...] that thing [...] that we bought.
Albert (PS01A) [3587] Saunas are no good!
[3588] They only get your skin clean ma.
[3589] That's all they're designed to do.
Ada (PS01C) [3590] Well one of them Whirlpools with water spilling out.
Albert (PS01A) [3591] We've got one.
Ada (PS01C) [3592] Yeah, but ... it's [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3593] You're not getting owt till I get a new suit!
June (PS01B) [3594] New what?
Albert (PS01A) [3595] [laughing] Suit [] .
Ada (PS01C) [3596] A suit?
[3597] You'll have to wait while our Corrinne gets paid now.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3598] [cough] Bloody hell!
[3599] I'll say!
June (PS01B) [3600] I don't think she's gonna get a job and get herself a flat.
Albert (PS01A) [3601] [laugh] ... You've no chance!
Ada (PS01C) [3602] You're not going to push her out are you?
June (PS01B) [3603] Mother!
[3604] You don't have to live with her!
Albert (PS01A) [3605] And she nearly got her bloody marching
Ada (PS01C) [3606] But you never know
Albert (PS01A) [3607] last night!
Ada (PS01C) [3608] you never know, when I do, yous will be left on your own.
June (PS01B) [3609] Well ... so what!
[3610] If we're left on our own, we're left on our own and that's it!
[3611] We've kept her for bloody eighteen years!
[3612] And what, what, what
Ada (PS01C) [3613] Well you'll be saying you can keep her for another eighteen.
June (PS01B) [3614] and what bloody
Albert (PS01A) [3615] Right!
June (PS01B) [3616] thanks do you get!
[3617] She pigged off, left us with no bloody money!
[3618] She rang me up to say she'd be home.
[3619] I said to her you've left wi ... with no money, your dad can't get no bread or anything.
[3620] I'll be home in a bit.
[3621] She did, she come home at pigging eight o'clock!
[3622] She went and picked our Kia up and went back to Bill's.
Albert (PS01A) [3623] Then she's wondering
June (PS01B) [3624] She's so thoughtless!
Albert (PS01A) [3625] then she's saying where is everybody
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3626] when she comes and we're both in pigging bed!
Ada (PS01C) [3627] Yeah I know, but [...] .
June (PS01B) [3628] I know, but we shouldn't have to borrow mother when ... I had to get back, to borrow my wages off Jes to get her tax for her car ... which left us with no money!
[3629] Jes ... paid her on Sunday and instead of telling us how they went round for her wages yesterday ... and he'd already paid her, and she'd gone to school with money in her car!
Albert (PS01A) [3630] I mean, what if her car had of been broke into.
Ada (PS01C) [3631] Yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [3632] You know, I mean
Ada (PS01C) [3633] Well, it's same as me lately, I've got my pension book laid on there with my money in and my purse in there.
Albert (PS01A) [3634] Yeah but you're already here ma.
[3635] You know, I mean, you ... but I mean ... Ford Escorts ... are easiest thing in the world to drive
Ada (PS01C) [3636] Oh yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [3637] away.
June (PS01B) [3638] She just don't think, our Corrinne.
[3639] I'll be getting rise.
[3640] Ooh!
[3641] I get two pounds from work, rise.
Albert (PS01A) [3642] I've just had a rise on mine.
June (PS01B) [3643] Just about.
[3644] Where?
Albert (PS01A) [3645] On my pension!
June (PS01B) [3646] Oh!
[3647] On your pension.
[3648] You should be getting
Ada (PS01C) [3649] Your state pension.
June (PS01B) [3650] rise on your social.
Albert (PS01A) [3651] Ha!
Ada (PS01C) [3652] Yeah, cos I've got one on my pension
Albert (PS01A) [3653] If I get as much as I get
Ada (PS01C) [3654] June
Albert (PS01A) [3655] on social, [laughing] as what I do on blinking pension []
Ada (PS01C) [3656] Yeah it does, I bet that'll mean mine [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3657] It'll, it'll make us very rich that!
Ada (PS01C) [3658] My pension's made up with social security and I've
Albert (PS01A) [3659] I mean
Ada (PS01C) [3660] got two pounds, two pounds [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3661] what did I get, a couple of quid?
June (PS01B) [3662] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3663] Better than, you're better than nothing.
Albert (PS01A) [3664] Oh aye!
[3665] It's better than kick int arse!
Ada (PS01C) [3666] When they put the pension up,wha they sent me a letter there other day and I can't remember what I've done with it.
June (PS01B) [3667] No.
[3668] Albert got one.
[3669] It's just to say that it's not going up as much as they thought.
Albert (PS01A) [3670] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3671] Cos I just opened it and when I were just [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3672] Oh!
[3673] From Coal Board?
Ada (PS01C) [3674] I couldn't pu yeah, I couldn't [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3675] Ah!
[3676] But, it's a different pension scheme
Ada (PS01C) [3677] Eh?
Albert (PS01A) [3678] that.
June (PS01B) [3679] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3680] Dad working to
Ada (PS01C) [3681] I got my rise and couldn't [...] the last one.
Albert (PS01A) [3682] I could never understand that because ... I thought ... dad was in ... in the whatsername?
[3683] I thought he were, I always thought he were in superannuation.
Ada (PS01C) [3684] No, that's with the, ah, that's dad's Coal Board that one.
Albert (PS01A) [3685] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3686] That's what ... I get [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3687] Yeah, but ... ma ma ma dad should have er ... in superannuation.
[3688] I can't understand why he wasn't.
Ada (PS01C) [3689] I don't know Alb.
[3690] You know, what your dad's [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3691] He probably agreed not to go into it like, you know, or ... didn't want to go into it.
Ada (PS01C) [3692] He probably [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3693] But he'd have been, he'd have been better, well ... well he wouldn't have done.
Ada (PS01C) [3694] Yeah, the only the time he'd been paid
Albert (PS01A) [3695] You'd have been better off.
Ada (PS01C) [3696] is when he has no money.
[3697] And ... he had.
[3698] If he said he had no money he had.
Albert (PS01A) [3699] [laugh] ... He'd always got, he always put his hand in his pocket wou couldn't he?
Ada (PS01C) [3700] Are you gonna nip down shop for me?
Albert (PS01A) [3701] [sighing] Yeah [] .
[3702] What do you want?
[3703] Small ... white ... thick loaf?
June (PS01B) [3704] Why are you eating white bread instead of brown?
Ada (PS01C) [3705] I like it for toast June.
Albert (PS01A) [3706] Well you can toast brown.
Ada (PS01C) [3707] I like it [...] brown ... you know, if I go to a party.
June (PS01B) [3708] Ooh!
[3709] I can't ... be doing with white bread now!
[3710] It's too bloody ... pastry!
[3711] It's doughy!
Albert (PS01A) [3712] Mm.
[3713] ... What do you want?
[3714] Forty fags
Ada (PS01C) [3715] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3716] And er
Ada (PS01C) [3717] Walkingtons small loaf.
June (PS01B) [3718] D'ya want thick or thin?
Ada (PS01C) [3719] Thick.
Albert (PS01A) [3720] That's if I can get on [...] .
Ada (PS01C) [3721] If you can't get it [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3722] Alright.
[3723] See you later.
Ada (PS01C) [cough]
June (PS01B) [3724] [...] bloody drag it!
Ada (PS01C) [3725] I try to keep [...]
June (PS01B) [3726] Where did you want that food putting mother?
Ada (PS01C) [3727] Eh?
June (PS01B) [3728] Where did you want that food putting?
Ada (PS01C) [3729] Outside June.
Albert (PS01A) [3730] Oh aye!
Ada (PS01C) [3731] Cos if it rains that won't come on outside.
June (PS01B) [3732] Oh!
[3733] Them [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3734] Why won't it come on?
Ada (PS01C) [3735] It just won't come on.
Albert (PS01A) [3736] I bet he's not tightened it up properly to ... seal it.
June (PS01B) [3737] But it ... you want none of them [...] on ...
Albert (PS01A) [3738] Yo
June (PS01B) [3739] things?
[3740] And you want me to do [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3741] And that's your lot for today!
June (PS01B) [3742] go in there?
Ada (PS01C) [3743] Yeah.
[3744] This one here.
Albert (PS01A) [3745] Sorry?
Ada (PS01C) [...] [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3746] I'm not
June (PS01B) [3747] Don't kick you out.
Albert (PS01A) [3748] I was saying I'm not buying no more!
Ada (PS01C) [3749] Can you [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3750] No, it we
June (PS01B) [3751] Over there.
Albert (PS01A) [3752] I'm keeping them down.
[3753] Which one?
Ada (PS01C) [3754] This one.
[3755] ... And you're gonna have to get a chair.
[3756] I like the other people ... fixing them because I like having to come round here.
Albert (PS01A) [3757] Mm mm.
[3758] Get the bulb June.
Ada (PS01C) [3759] Is that awkward [...] ?
June (PS01B) [3760] No.
[3761] No.
[3762] Cos it's them bloody things we've got!
Albert (PS01A) [3763] They're bloody working though!
Ada (PS01C) [3764] I know.
[3765] Our John spent the rest of the time [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3766] That's why they've gone brown.
Ada (PS01C) [3767] Are they?
[3768] You sure?
[3769] ... Yeah, cos they were too dear others weren't they Albert?
Albert (PS01A) [3770] Yeah.
[3771] These are a lot cheaper.
[3772] And they only, they o [laughing] they only do same [] job don't they?
Ada (PS01C) [3773] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [3774] Try it.
[3775] See what ... what.
[3776] There you are!
Ada (PS01C) [3777] [...] last night.
Albert (PS01A) [3778] Oh aye.
[3779] ... And the other one's for outside.
Ada (PS01C) [3780] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3781] Yeah.
Ada (PS01C) [3782] That one you fetched, you know.
Albert (PS01A) [3783] Mm.
Ada (PS01C) [3784] Because you put it in to, the other time [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3785] I put the one what we had in our house.
June (PS01B) [3786] At least it's
Ada (PS01C) [3787] [...] it's only last night, I didn't know if you could hear, it come on three times and they were nobody there!
Albert (PS01A) [3788] Probably rain ... dripping down in front of it.
Ada (PS01C) [3789] I were right here ... and I'd got that light out [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3790] You never know somebody might have just
Ada (PS01C) [3791] and er
Albert (PS01A) [3792] come in dark yard.
Ada (PS01C) [3793] And I thought and it's light out there.
[3794] And three times it come on ... on and off!
Albert (PS01A) [3795] You see, if somebody just come to that corner
Ada (PS01C) [3796] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [3797] it picks it up.
Ada (PS01C) [3798] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [3799] And they go and ... walk back and you wouldn't know they were there.
Ada (PS01C) [3800] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [3801] I mean, that's what it's for.
[3802] ... I think we'll have one when I get ours ... other house.
Ada (PS01C) [3803] Why?
[3804] Haven't they got one outside like er that one?
Albert (PS01A) [3805] Don't think so.
June (PS01B) [3806] It's got a burglar alarm on.
Albert (PS01A) [3807] Mm!
June (PS01B) [3808] As such anyway.
Albert (PS01A) [3809] We don't know if it works.
[3810] ... Alright then?
[3811] We'll see you.
[3812] If you need owt ... you better give us a ring.
Ada (PS01C) [3813] Well I've all for today Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [3814] Right.
[3815] Well we'll go to ta
June (PS01B) [3816] Alright.
Albert (PS01A) [3817] go get to shop.
[3818] And
Ada (PS01C) [3819] You're going?
Albert (PS01A) [3820] Mm.
[3821] See you later!
June (PS01B) [3822] We're going, yeah.
[3823] Bye-bye!
Albert (PS01A) [3824] Mm!
[3825] Thought I'd put that alarm on.
[3826] [getting into car] ... Can't weigh your mother up!
June (PS01B) [3827] Why?
Albert (PS01A) [3828] She come out of here and she couldn't walk.
[3829] [cough] ... She bloody ran to car when I, when she got out of chair!
[3830] ... [cough] ... And when I asked yo and when I said to her, you were in toilet ... she got up and she ran across there!
[3831] ... Can't weigh her up at all!
June (PS01B) [3832] I've give up trying!
[3833] I don't know what's real and what's not real.
Albert (PS01A) [3834] I think she puts a lot on for you, for your benefit.
[3835] ... Who's that?
June (PS01B) [3836] Oh dear! [...] in a wheelchair now.
Albert (PS01A) [3837] Who?
June (PS01B) [3838] Pat .
[3839] That'll be another scam for her to get money!
[3840] ... What's Radio Intel?
Albert (PS01A) [3841] Builders' merchants ... I think.
June (PS01B) [3842] Your bi oh they're putting a [...] into pigeons!
Albert (PS01A) [3843] [laugh] ... Yeah, you've got to admit it's the best pigeon [laughing] outfit [] !
June (PS01B) [3844] Right!
[3845] Better than other one innit?
Albert (PS01A) [3846] [cough] ... Aye.
[3847] A lot better.
[3848] ... Look at state of ours!
June (PS01B) [3849] I know but Corrinne never cleans it! [dogs barking]
Albert (PS01A) [3850] What are you doing?
June (PS01B) [3851] Hello!
[3852] Hello!
Albert (PS01A) [3853] No mail?
[3854] Wow!
June (PS01B) [3855] Don't look like it.
Albert (PS01A) [3856] No bits of letters?
[3857] Eh?
[3858] No bits of letters?
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [3859] Well what we gonna do?
[3860] Are we going to go down?
June (PS01B) [3861] Oh!
[3862] Now that's bloody stupid that!
[3863] You've let us get in, take me coat off, and now are gonna go to shop!
[3864] Wait till our Corrinne comes in.
[3865] Well, [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3866] Well what we ha we have those chips for dinner anyhow.
[3867] ... I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll ... yeah.
[3868] It's a bit early yet anyhow.
[3869] It's only eleven o'clock.
[3870] ... Hello Bobby! [birds singing/whistling]
June (PS01B) [3871] No!
Albert (PS01A) [3872] What's up with you?
[3873] June's upstairs.
[3874] ... Hello Bobby!
[3875] Hello Bobby!
[3876] Who's a clever boy? [whistling]
June (PS01B) [3877] [cough] ... Alb.
Albert (PS01A) [3878] What?
June (PS01B) [3879] I don't think I could eat chips.
[3880] I feel bloody sick!
Albert (PS01A) [3881] What d'ya want, toast?
June (PS01B) [3882] Yeah.
[3883] I think I'm better off just having ... [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [3884] Well it's too early yet!
[3885] I mean it's only eleven o'clock.
June (PS01B) [3886] What do [...] want?
[3887] ... No I don't want [...] [tv on]
Albert (PS01A) [3888] [whistling] ... See that [...] looks a bit iffy!
June (PS01B) [3889] Oh!
[3890] It do dunnit?
Albert (PS01A) [3891] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [3892] Get down boy!
[3893] ... I'll have a cup of tea though Alb.
Albert (PS01A) [3894] I know.
[3895] ... [singing] La dee dee da [] .
[3896] [birds singing/whistling] [whistling] ... What's the matter then?
[3897] What's the matter?
[3898] Eh?
[3899] What's the matter?
June (PS01B) [3900] Ah.
Albert (PS01A) [3901] Where can I put this?
[3902] ... Alright!
[3903] Alright!
[3904] Just settle there.
[3905] Settle there.
[3906] Come on boys.
[3907] ... Oh!
[3908] It's a Walkman.
[3909] [laugh] ... [whistling] ... George!
[3910] What you doing?

16 (Tape 060101)

June (PS01B) [3911] Er, it's in the other magazine I fetched from work after the ... I'd left them at work.
Corrinne (PS01D) [3912] Oh!
[3913] That's the one I found out what mine was .
June (PS01B) [3914] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [3915] Oh!
[3916] Look at black hair on that hooker!
Albert (PS01A) [3917] We've seen that, haven't we?
June (PS01B) [3918] No.
[3919] Well I've not.
Albert (PS01A) [3920] We've seen this one.
June (PS01B) [3921] You can't!
[3922] Cos it's a completely new series with him innit?
[3923] Well he's never been on before.
Albert (PS01A) [3924] [cough] ... Big baby!
[3925] It must have been two month old. [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [3926] Where did you ge get this from?
June (PS01B) [3927] Er, whatsername bought it for her.
[3928] What they call her?
[3929] Leigh.
[3930] Go Albert will you stop pratting with that!
[3931] You're turning sound up and down like a yo-yo!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3932] Says about mine.
[3933] [reading] The Ox is strong and reliable, a practical person with a head for business [] .
Albert (PS01A) [3934] She gets one every year.
June (PS01B) [3935] But bloody hell!
[3936] I'm sure she's picking out [...] .
[3937] Cos you know he's sitting there!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3938] She's, saw her in town today.
June (PS01B) [3939] Yeah.
[3940] They walk from Bentley into town for all John's [...] .
[3941] [cough] ... You can try and put them [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [3942] I thought it must have been ... [...] .
June (PS01B) [3943] She says they've got a student teacher, she's only about twenty three [...] .
Corrinne (PS01D) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [3944] Anyway, is John alright?
[3945] ... I mean, where do you see at the beginning [...] ?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3946] [...] ... Will you geroff my back!
June (PS01B) [3947] [...] lucky he's not feeling up it, he's feeling everything else!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3948] [...] keeps biting me!
[3949] He tried to grope up back of my thing!
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [3950] He's doing it again!
June (PS01B) [3951] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [3952] He's in a playful mood int he?
June (PS01B) [3953] You're cheeky!
Albert (PS01A) [3954] Do you want one Corrinne?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3955] Go on then.
June (PS01B) [3956] I bought a packet of these ... [...] ... and ... he opened them, took one out, and put them back, and put them in his pocket.
[3957] And he said to me, I said, that's, do you want one June?
[3958] And I said no.
[3959] Geoff said ... look at him!
[3960] He's putting them back in his pocket, he don't ask anybody if they want any does he?
[3961] And he goes, I can't see you buying any!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3962] I couldn't get over Des asking me if I wanted a bottle of beer!
[3963] I nearly passed out on floor!
Albert (PS01A) [3964] Not very often you get owt off a businessman June.
[3965] Er, Corrinne.
June (PS01B) [3966] Er, has he ... fetched you that letter yet [...] ?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3967] It's Des what's sorting it out.
[3968] I forgot
June (PS01B) [3969] Oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3970] to ask him for it.
Albert (PS01A) [3971] Don't push it!
June (PS01B) [3972] Bloody hell! [...] too much anyway.
[3973] Oh it were Julie's birthday yesterday and she didn't tell us.
[3974] She didn't tell us till today.
Albert (PS01A) [3975] The miserable bugger!
June (PS01B) [3976] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [3977] How old was she?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3978] Thirty four.
Albert (PS01A) [3979] Thirty four?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3980] Oh no!
Albert (PS01A) [3981] That's why she [laughing] didn't tell you [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [3982] No, she must be thirty seven.
June (PS01B) [3983] Bloody hell!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3984] Summat like that anyway.
[3985] Helen's older than her!
June (PS01B) [3986] Cos hers is today.
[3987] ... Terry sent her a card and wrote on back, all my love Terry.
[3988] Can you lend me a fiver [...] ?
Corrinne (PS01D) [3989] [laughing] And what Liz say [] ?
Albert (PS01A) [3990] [laughing] She di []
June (PS01B) [3991] She knows what Terry's like.
Albert (PS01A) [3992] she didn't get the hint.
[3993] ... It's the thought what
June (PS01B) [3994] He went and bought her a sherbet
Albert (PS01A) [3995] it's
June (PS01B) [3996] flying saucer!
Corrinne (PS01D) [3997] Ah!
[3998] Ah!
[3999] Ha ha!
[4000] What did Liz say to that?
Albert (PS01A) [4001] I'm surprised erm ... people round corner didn't buy her a blinking ... blow up doll ... doll without the wedding tackle.
June (PS01B) [4002] Well I'm not kidding you, you know when we went in fish shop last time we were there?
[4003] That ... Pakistani, or Indian, whatever he is, that's got a fish shop, he's bought, we were in there five minutes and before we came she knew ... his whole life history!
[4004] Was he living in flat by himself?
[4005] Did his mum and dad live round here?
Albert (PS01A) [4006] Who was that?
June (PS01B) [4007] Er where was his girlfriend?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4008] Who were this?
June (PS01B) [4009] Liz to this, to this, in the ... bought fish shop up there.
Albert (PS01A) [4010] Oh!
[4011] Cos they, when I went in that shop ... it's, he'd tell me he hadn't, he'd failed his driving test.
June (PS01B) [4012] No.
[4013] Oh that, to go to top of Broadway.
[4014] It's nearer [...] this one.
Albert (PS01A) [4015] Been for my test today he say, and I failed.
[4016] [cough] ... I says, what a what as, a shopkeeper?
[4017] [laughing] He says, no my driving test [] !
[4018] I says, oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4019] Well he come into garage the other day and told me his wife had kicked him out!
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [4020] Eh?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4021] He told me his wife had kicked him out!
[4022] [laugh] ... I were killing myself with laughter!
Albert (PS01A) [4023] Oh they got some funny ideas some of them! ... [laugh]
June (PS01B) [4024] These are not as hot as they usually are are they?
Albert (PS01A) [4025] No.
[4026] I thought they were right mild.
[4027] ... I mean you used to be able to go ah!
[4028] Ha!
[4029] Ha!
[4030] Ha!
June (PS01B) [4031] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [4032] He's toned them down a hell of a lot.
[4033] You're not supposed to eat more than four packets in twenty four hours.
June (PS01B) [4034] That reminds me, I've got that box and all, the ... you know when you took that bo that ... box of Twix back ... that time ... what do you do when you take them back?
Albert (PS01A) [4035] Go to ... whatsername.
June (PS01B) [4036] What?
Albert (PS01A) [4037] Go to that counter.
June (PS01B) [4038] That square place where you don't
Albert (PS01A) [4039] Mm.
June (PS01B) [4040] normally go in?
[4041] And do they take them off you?
Albert (PS01A) [4042] No.
[4043] They give you a, a credit note ... and you, you go put them back.
[4044] Why, are they outdated like?
June (PS01B) [4045] No.
[4046] I fetched double Twix instead of single, you picked wrong ones up.
Albert (PS01A) [4047] Ah!
[4048] Oh it would be me!
June (PS01B) [4049] You picked them up love!
Albert (PS01A) [4050] I said to you, are these right ones?
[4051] You said, yeah.
June (PS01B) [4052] No!
[4053] You just said Milky Way?
[4054] I said, yeah, and you picked them up and looked at dates and chucked them on cart.
[4055] Cos you were checking dates.
Albert (PS01A) [4056] And they won't sell will they not?
June (PS01B) [4057] No.
[4058] Derek hardly sold any.
Albert (PS01A) [4059] Hadn't he opened them like?
June (PS01B) [4060] No.
[4061] It were me that realized we'd fetched wrong ones, not Des.
[4062] ... Did you get any money back when you took that box of crisps back that time?
Albert (PS01A) [4063] No, he we, he was credited with it wasn't he?
June (PS01B) [4064] How d'ya mean credited with it?
Albert (PS01A) [4065] He got a credit note.
June (PS01B) [4066] Oh!
[4067] I wonder what he's done with that?
[4068] ... We've got them Milky Ways to take back yet.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4069] Have you ... [...] today?
[4070] It's only Wednesday innit?
June (PS01B) [4071] It's only Wednesday today [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4072] It's Thursday tomorrow cock!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4073] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4074] Are you working ... two tomorrow?
[4075] Is it two?
June (PS01B) [4076] No.
[4077] On
Albert (PS01A) [4078] Oh!
June (PS01B) [4079] Friday.
Albert (PS01A) [4080] Friday is it?
June (PS01B) [4081] And then most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
Albert (PS01A) [4082] Mm mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4083] I'm on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.
[4084] I might do this car Saturday morning.
[4085] That's the only time I'm gonna get to do it innit?
June (PS01B) [4086] All depends if you're gonna leave it there while you do it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4087] Oh yeah.
June (PS01B) [4088] Oh!
[4089] You mean, while he's at work?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4090] No I mean we ain't got much choice.
[4091] Unless he decides to go away and leave me again!
Albert (PS01A) [4092] Does he pay you extra for doing car like?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4093] Well they give me a tenner for hoovering it out.
Albert (PS01A) [4094] For hoovering it out?
[4095] Bloody hell!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4096] Hoovering it inside.
Albert (PS01A) [4097] I hope you're not taking my One-Step?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4098] I'm not as it goes!
June (PS01B) [4099] Got her own stuff!
Albert (PS01A) [4100] Oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4101] You've got all that [...] stuff.
Albert (PS01A) [4102] Nearly up to there innit?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4103] What?
Albert (PS01A) [4104] That One-Step.
[4105] That son of a gun.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4106] Er ... [...] .
June (PS01B) [4107] Put it into soak.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4108] I've not done that car out for ages.
[4109] I've done this.
Albert (PS01A) [4110] I did it last time.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4111] Yeah, but you haven't done mine.
Albert (PS01A) [4112] Why?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4113] Th they're on their own.
[4114] Mind you, it's not ... cutting out now.
[4115] Not at all.
June (PS01B) [4116] Good job you haven't got Liz's, hers broke down ... yesterday!
Albert (PS01A) [4117] It's not cutting out at all now?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4118] It stalls, I stalled it tonight ... but ... well I just caught it.
June (PS01B) [4119] Don't get settled cos I have to go toilet.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4120] You know, I told you that day Ju I saw Julie walking down top of Broadway?
June (PS01B) [4121] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4122] Her car had broke down.
June (PS01B) [4123] Oh oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4124] That's what I got now.
Albert (PS01A) [4125] They've just had it brought back from ... whatsername's? [...] haven't they?
June (PS01B) [4126] Who?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4127] Who?
Albert (PS01A) [4128] Julie!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4129] Well they got a Sierra ... she's on about a Fiat.
June (PS01B) [4130] I were gonna say it, it's checking Fiats [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4131] [cough] ... Which Fiat?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4132] She's got a [...] , and she's got a Fiat.
[4133] She's got a Fiat Strada.
Albert (PS01A) [4134] Did she?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4135] She's had it ages!
[4136] ... But her dad's got ... well ... Stu's dad's got a Sierra ain't he?
June (PS01B) [4137] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [4138] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4139] And Sierra's are ... if something jerks it cuts the fuel line dunnit?
Albert (PS01A) [4140] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4141] It stops it and you've got a button somewhere on your dash what you press to release it.
[4142] Well they didn't know ... and they to ... it were towing Julie's car and the tow belt snapped, and of course when it jerked this car forward it cut the petrol off.
[4143] Or what
Albert (PS01A) [4144] Shouldn't have done.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4145] Well it did.
[4146] And he couldn't get no petrol for it and he had to call A A out.
[4147] So she [laughing] had to walk home [] and he [laughing] walked home [] !
Albert (PS01A) [4148] It shouldn't have done that.
[4149] Not on, not when they're, when they're already in motion.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4150] Set off with the ... towing Julie's car and the tow rope just snapped in two, and it jerked both cars and it cut off the fuel.
Albert (PS01A) [4151] Well he should have just zoomed off!
[4152] It shouldn't have jerked his, should it?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4153] Yeah, but you've got your feet down and you're towing summat, and then suddenly it releases, it just ... goes er forward a bit dunnit?
June (PS01B) [4154] See that bit in
Albert (PS01A) [4155] That doesn't
June (PS01B) [4156] paper about that Robin Reliant and he's done it all up and it does hundred mile an hour!
Albert (PS01A) [4157] [cough] Hundred and eight!
June (PS01B) [4158] I wouldn't fancy going down no bloody motorway, hundred eight in one of them!
Albert (PS01A) [4159] I tell you some of them Robi
Corrinne (PS01D) [4160] I bet [...] , I bet it's [...]
June (PS01B) [4161] I know!
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4162] he had a ... Honda Civic engine in it!
[4163] [laughing] Oh, oh dear [] !
June (PS01B) [4164] I shouldn't think anybody'd insure it!
Albert (PS01A) [4165] I'm surprised!
June (PS01B) [4166] Then that bloody prat towing down motorway at hundred mile an hour!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4167] Towing?
June (PS01B) [4168] Yeah!
[4169] Towing a
Albert (PS01A) [4170] Car!
June (PS01B) [4171] towing somebody down motorway.
[4172] And they're going hundred mile an hour!
Albert (PS01A) [4173] [laugh] ... He had a new Fiat er ... what were it?
June (PS01B) [4174] Don't know.
[4175] I just know that it
Albert (PS01A) [4176] The next one up from ours.
June (PS01B) [4177] Oh!
[4178] The one that er ... oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4179] Oh!
[4180] The Corona?
Albert (PS01A) [4181] Corona.
June (PS01B) [4182] Coroma?
Albert (PS01A) [4183] Coroma?
[4184] He had a new Coroma ... two litre ... [laughing] and he's towing this bloke on motorway at hundred mile an hour [] !
June (PS01B) [4185] Have you seen [...] ?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4186] Well Terry came down last night.
Albert (PS01A) [4187] Well
June (PS01B) [4188] Will you have any exams this year?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4189] Got loads!
[4190] I've got about twelve.
June (PS01B) [4191] For what?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4192] Everything.
[4193] I've got ... I've got one in March ... for definite.
Albert (PS01A) [4194] What exams?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4195] Yeah.
[4196] I don't know.
[4197] I think I've got one in April.
Albert (PS01A) [4198] You don't pay for them though do you?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4199] I hope not.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [4200] Ah!
Albert (PS01A) [4201] [laughing] I hope not and all [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [4202] I have one in April ... two in May
Albert (PS01A) [4203] And what are they all on like?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4204] three in June ... or two in June ... and then when we go back we've got ... about three in September
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4205] and we'll have some more at Christmas.
Albert (PS01A) [4206] They're not mock exams are they?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4207] No.
[4208] Proper exams.
[4209] I've got my Red Cross in stage one, my R S A ... part one and two, stage two.
[4210] I've got shorthand Pitman ... not Pitman, R S A, shorthand Teeline ... shorthand Teeline again at end of one, end of year.
[4211] And I've got another one in ... word processing, hopefully.
[4212] I've got my audio.
[4213] My audio o transcription ... medical ... and I've got my Teeline medical.
June (PS01B) [4214] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [4215] Mhm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4216] And then after that I've got er that thing in for my ... exams.
[4217] My proper ... diploma exams.
[4218] None of them, there's only two of them that are to do with my diploma.
[4219] ... All the rest are at [...] ... fortunately.
June (PS01B) [4220] How long will you finish this?
[4221] Middle of next year or end of next year?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4222] It'll be July when we take the exams.
[4223] That's when the course will actually finish.
Albert (PS01A) [4224] What, this July?
June (PS01B) [4225] No!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4226] No.
[4227] That's right.
[4228] But I don't know how long it is before I get my results back.
[4229] But ... you can get a post ... as a medical secretary in a hospital or a G P without ... having your full diploma.
[4230] If yous let it, cos ... to get the full diploma you've got to get your two skills which is medical ... audio, and medical shorthand, you've got to have them two skills ... to get the diploma.
[4231] And you've also got four papers ... ethics and ... etiquette ... you got an English one, a medical aspects one, and a clerical skills one.
[4232] Not a clerical skills one, but, office procedures.
[4233] And you've got to pass all them, plus your two skills ... to get the diploma.
[4234] But you can resit any what you fail the following year.
[4235] Mm. [clears throat]
Albert (PS01A) [4236] Mm!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4237] Teresa says, the only one what presents any difficulty is usually the medical aspects one.
Albert (PS01A) [4238] Well why should that present anything different?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4239] Because it covers such a wide area.
[4240] It says the English paper you only need, you only need seventy five percent ... for your ... erm ... it's seventy five percent pass rate.
[4241] You've got to get above seventy five to pass.
[4242] Yeah, it's
Albert (PS01A) [4243] That's quite high that, you know, seventy five percent!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4244] Well it's got to be ain't it?
[4245] The office procedures, she said, is simple anyway, and yet, ethics and etiquette is a, she said, and your teacher works you that hard and it just drills in anyway!
Albert (PS01A) [4246] No, but, seventy five percent is a high pass rate.
June (PS01B) [4247] Well I don't know ... who she is that sends letters out to your nana, but she's bloody useless!
[4248] She misses more words out than she gets in!
[4249] And she just writes over them in, in pen!
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4250] If it's her computer though, they might just ... erm, thingy it and change it to suit them.
Albert (PS01A) [4251] Well it wouldn't be on ... word processor.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4252] You don't know.
Albert (PS01A) [4253] Cos it's,the you're supposed to ... that's what it's for so you can check all your spellings.
June (PS01B) [4254] A lot of them letters that come out are already done and you just delete
Corrinne (PS01D) [4255] Gonna say that's ... they're all on word processor that's what I'm saying.
[4256] Eh!
[4257] I got a pass, oh I got a distinction for, we did er ... like mock exam for ... word processing, I got a pass. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [4258] Whatsername
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4259] her in, her ... the launderette were asking me ... er ... she was, she were on about I, ain't you got a job yet?
[4260] I said, I think I'm too qualified to get a job!
[4261] She said we ... she said, well aye, you might be.
[4262] She says, int your ... daughter ... i er ... a nice girl?
[4263] I said, well aye ... sometimes!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4264] [...] ?
Albert (PS01A) [4265] She's seen you in there.
[4266] She says what's sh what's she do?
[4267] I said, oh she's at college.
[4268] Oh!
[4269] Really?
[4270] I says, she says er ... what she's studying?
[4271] I said, well she's er ... she's going in for medical secretary.
[4272] She said, well where does she get her brains from?
Corrinne (PS01D) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [4273] I sa I said well who do you think?
[4274] I says, I'm over- qualified for work, I says, and it looks like she's gonna end up that way if you're not careful!
[4275] She says, oh!
[4276] So ... she said, I think she's ever so pretty!
[4277] I says, aye.
[4278] Said, pity her manners don't blink er mannerisms don't match her ... [laughing] looks [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [4279] Teresa's on about ... erm ... a she were asking me if anybody'd be interested into going on to higher er education after this?
[4280] And I [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4281] college yet!
Albert (PS01A) [4282] Yeah, but you get, you don't get no grant for that.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4283] What college?
[4284] [...] . But if it's only a part-time so you can actually work part-time that's the difference.
Albert (PS01A) [4285] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4286] Fantastic salary if you get qualified!
Albert (PS01A) [4287] It's alright if you can get day release from your
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [4288] work ... to do it.
[4289] That's what you want to be after, day release.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4290] Yeah.
[4291] They're trying to make our course into a three day a week.
[4292] Erm, nine till six at night.
June (PS01B) [4293] It's a long day though.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4294] That's what I said.
[4295] I mean,
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4296] you get ... we get a mental block after three ... [laughing] three o'clock us [] !
Albert (PS01A) [4297] You do.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4298] I mean, doing shorthand for four hours a day, it's ... too much!
[4299] It's far too much!
June (PS01B) [4300] Well, just think, when you're working full-time you'd be working nine till five.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4301] I know, but it's different when you're concentrating
June (PS01B) [4302] Mind you
Corrinne (PS01D) [4303] on studying and when you're concentrating on working.
June (PS01B) [4304] Billy , er Billy 's ... one of Billy 's daughter-in-laws, she, she does it part-time.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4305] What, medical secretary?
June (PS01B) [4306] Yeah.
[4307] She's er
Corrinne (PS01D) [4308] Good money at part-time!
June (PS01B) [4309] I know.
[4310] That's what erm ... that's ... which one of them, who were it telling me?
[4311] Er ... I don't know whether it ... were the young lad that comes in, or whether it was Jes that were telling me.
Albert (PS01A) [4312] Mhm.
June (PS01B) [4313] I can't imagine it being Jes.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4314] I think it were Jes what were telling you [...] .
June (PS01B) [4315] Well it might have been Jes ... cos ... I don't know tha well they've got, I think they've got two children.
[4316] And she were doing it full-time and then she went ... she had children and then she went part-time.
[4317] But I don't think she's working [...] .
Corrinne (PS01D) [4318] That's one advantage of being medical secretary
June (PS01B) [4319] I think she's just had another baby or summat.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4320] cos if you get in a big organization like N H S, they provide a creche.
Albert (PS01A) [4321] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4322] And thi I mean, you don't have to pay for the creche cos it comes in the, it's part of your
Albert (PS01A) [4323] Well
Corrinne (PS01D) [4324] thingy.
Albert (PS01A) [4325] part of your job innit?
June (PS01B) [4326] It's like nurses at hospital innit?
[4327] And they've got a hospital.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4328] Mm.
[4329] Well that's the creche what you get into.
June (PS01B) [4330] [...] .
Corrinne (PS01D) [4331] That's why a lot of people will go into medical secretary who have children.
June (PS01B) [4332] Has Sue ... got a job at all?
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4333] I don't know.
[4334] She's not interested.
Albert (PS01A) [4335] No.
[4336] I think she'll be married shortly.
June (PS01B) [4337] I can see her marrying him.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [4338] Yeah.
[4339] But he's one of them lads where she'll never have owt, cos he don't do, he won't bloody work will he?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4340] Well he's doing taxis.
June (PS01B) [4341] Yeah but
Albert (PS01A) [4342] Ah!
[4343] It's only a pound a
June (PS01B) [4344] it's not [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4345] pigging hour!
June (PS01B) [4346] He's on dole!
Albert (PS01A) [4347] Well I'm gonna report him!
[4348] Mm!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4349] And he, he's getting one parent benefit!
[4350] [laugh] ... He'll be getting all sorts for that young girl!
June (PS01B) [4351] As soon as he gets a house ... she will leave home.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4352] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4353] He's not so sure of that.
Albert (PS01A) [4354] What's happened between other one?
[4355] Have they had an argument like?
June (PS01B) [4356] No.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4357] I just don't know.
[4358] ... She's got two men.
Albert (PS01A) [4359] I know, but ... always nice to know.
[4360] Bit of scandal now and again.
June (PS01B) [4361] You're getting worse than a woman you, now you're at home!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4362] I know, there's nowt from men though is there?
[4363] They say women are bitchy but have you ever heard a conversation betwe
June (PS01B) [4364] No.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4365] conducted by men?
[4366] They beat us easy.
June (PS01B) [4367] That back door wants rubbing down I think don't it, before you ... paint it dunnit?
Albert (PS01A) [4368] Yeah.
[4369] ... Yeah
June (PS01B) [4370] Oh!
[4371] Oh!
[4372] You are listening then?
Albert (PS01A) [4373] I am listening!
June (PS01B) [4374] Are you?
Albert (PS01A) [4375] I were just thinking where my sander were.
[4376] It's, Mick's got it.
[4377] I must fe
June (PS01B) [4378] Mick's got it.
Albert (PS01A) [4379] Mm.
June (PS01B) [4380] Did you clean that cupboard out I asked you to do?
Albert (PS01A) [4381] No, I forgot.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4382] Which cupboard?
June (PS01B) [4383] That one where oil's kept cos it ... I, the last time, I cleaned it out last time and put a ... some kitchen roll in in a plastic bag on top but it's all over again.
Albert (PS01A) [4384] What it wants
June (PS01B) [4385] Have you see how that ... unit's all cracked under sink?
Albert (PS01A) [4386] Mm.
June (PS01B) [4387] I can't understand why it's cracked like that.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4388] It's what?
Albert (PS01A) [4389] I ca
June (PS01B) [4390] It's all cracked!
Albert (PS01A) [4391] Mhm.
[4392] I, you don't know why it's cracked?
June (PS01B) [4393] That one where we used to keep rubbish bin.
Albert (PS01A) [4394] [cough] I cracked it when I put it in.
June (PS01B) [4395] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [4396] [cough] ... I knelt on it if you remember.
[4397] ... And broke it.
June (PS01B) [4398] I can't get over that ruddy idiot in [...] !
Albert (PS01A) [4399] That what?
June (PS01B) [4400] That idiot in [...] .
[4401] Moving all that stuff into, a washer, a cooker, in middle of floor like that!
Albert (PS01A) [4402] The cupboards are nice!
June (PS01B) [4403] I didn't like them.
Albert (PS01A) [4404] Well they're fairly nice tha
June (PS01B) [4405] They're alright.
Albert (PS01A) [4406] They're alright, they're passable.
June (PS01B) [4407] It don't matter if they were [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4408] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [4409] Nice aren't they?
Albert (PS01A) [4410] Yeah.
[4411] I think they're too alike but ... after saying that, they're quite nice ... and he made such a bugger of them ain't he?
[4412] By putting
Corrinne (PS01D) [4413] Put them in the wrong places ain't he?
Albert (PS01A) [4414] I mean ... what he's do I, I know why he's done it.
[4415] They didn't ... what he's done, he's thought well I'll just do that ... and incorporate the sink in it.
June (PS01B) [4416] Yeah, but fancy putting sink up in corner like that!
Albert (PS01A) [4417] Well
June (PS01B) [4418] They can't put a worktop along that wall under window cos it cuts the unit off.
Albert (PS01A) [4419] If it'd been me and I were gonna put it there, I would have put a window there ... to look out of.
June (PS01B) [4420] Or a door there.
Albert (PS01A) [4421] Yeah I know.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4422] Well I can't understand why he wanted to move the sink from where it were!
June (PS01B) [4423] No I can't.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4424] I think it was in a lovely position.
June (PS01B) [4425] They could have had cupboards right round there, rate along there if they'd left
Albert (PS01A) [4426] Rate?
June (PS01B) [4427] the sink.
[4428] Mm.
June (PS01B) [4429] [cough] ... You say worse words!
Albert (PS01A) [4430] [mimicking] Rate round there!
[4431] Rate round there [] !
[4432] ... Ah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4433] One of lasses are getting married, at college is getting married in July.
Albert (PS01A) [4434] Is she?
June (PS01B) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4435] Registry.
Albert (PS01A) [4436] Mm mm.
[4437] Always say we got married in registry office.
June (PS01B) [4438] What's that gotta do with owt?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4439] Have you seen that picture of my nana?
June (PS01B) [4440] Our Margaret says our ... my mam lo I look like my mam looks there.
Albert (PS01A) [4441] Do you know ... yo a we where the hell did your Margaret look?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4442] I think that Aunty Margaret looks more like her.
Albert (PS01A) [4443] I were gonna say,yo yo ... she looks more like your mam than any of them.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4444] I think she does.
[4445] Cos on that photo, my nan's got a right sort of face hasn't she?
Albert (PS01A) [4446] And gifted.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4447] Cos Aunty Margaret used didn't she?
June (PS01B) [4448] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4449] All the time.
June (PS01B) [4450] Your Aunty Margaret's thinner now than when she got married.
Albert (PS01A) [4451] And just as bloody tight!
[4452] ... [cough] ... Ooh!
[4453] I can't cough and I can't ... move.
June (PS01B) [4454] Don't start again!
[4455] I can't afford to have any more time off.
Albert (PS01A) [4456] You're not having any more time off, I've made my mind up!
June (PS01B) [4457] Jes said, I thought you'd have been off rest of week.
Albert (PS01A) [4458] You know, you can't weigh him up.
[4459] I gets on telephone, I says June's not coming into work today [...] .
June (PS01B) [4460] I thought you'd told him I were having a couple of days
Albert (PS01A) [4461] No.
June (PS01B) [4462] off.
[4463] I didn't realize you'd o you hadn't said that ... I'd be off a couple
Albert (PS01A) [4464] I said
June (PS01B) [4465] of days.
Albert (PS01A) [4466] she's poorly in bed
June (PS01B) [4467] Yo you didn't.
[4468] Jes said, I can't let June come to work today.
Albert (PS01A) [4469] That's right, she's in bed ... poorly.
June (PS01B) [4470] He says, I thought ... aye!
[4471] Aye!
[4472] What's gone off?
[4473] After I'd ... been talking to him about leaving.
[4474] He says that's a ... when, he said I can't let June come to work he said I was ... he said first things that went through my mind were ... someone's decided to finish, what's gone off?
Albert (PS01A) [4475] Well you ain't that [...] .
[4476] I told him you were poorly.
[4477] Said she's poorly.
June (PS01B) [4478] Well it was, he had to go to er ... Heldon ... yesterday.
Albert (PS01A) [4479] What for?
June (PS01B) [4480] He said ... Dawn rang up ... er, oh!
[4481] He said Dawn was swimming on a Tuesday ... he says, but because you hadn't rang up, he said, I thought oh, she must be coming to work.
[4482] So he said, our Dawn rang up and said ... I wonder if she did my shift on Monday.
[4483] Er ... he'd, and she said er ... she says to him ... what you doing today?
[4484] What you doing about today?
[4485] He says well June must be coming in cos she hadn't rang up.
[4486] She says, oh well I'm going swimming then.
[4487] He said, well I, I, I won't need you anyway.
[4488] He said, then ... half an hour after ... Albert rung up to say that you weren't coming to work, so I were right in shit!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4489] For some reason Jes was out there, why can't he get Jes to do it.
June (PS01B) [4490] Well he and Jes were doing summat.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4491] Oh he were washing windows other day.
June (PS01B) [4492] Which windows?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4493] The shop.
[4494] He had to,i th he was up on ladders ... and they were washing o you know sign up on top?
June (PS01B) [4495] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4496] He cle he scrubbed all that!
[4497] [laughing] And did all windows [] !
[4498] Must have been about Monday, or Tuesday.
June (PS01B) [4499] Well the Jehovah's Witnesses come in last week before I come off work, must have been Thursday, they said ... you haven't seen window cleaner lately have you?
[4500] I said no.
[4501] I says, I had to clean them myself last time.
[4502] He said, I'll get onto them and I'll tell him he has to come and clean your windows he's been a bit busy.
[4503] I don't think he'd been for about six month.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4504] No, well it's not that long.
Albert (PS01A) [4505] Look at this bugger, eating Victory V's!
June (PS01B) [4506] He'll eat shit on bloody shovel if you give it him!
[4507] He won't eat them Hacks!
Albert (PS01A) [4508] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4509] Are you surprised?
[4510] Them menthol ones you bo you bought me, God, they were burning my throat!
June (PS01B) [4511] They're good though aren't they?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4512] Yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [4513] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4514] And my throat were on fire!
[4515] I didn't dare breathe out!
June (PS01B) [4516] He likes them.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4517] I bet he does.
Albert (PS01A) [4518] He don't.
[4519] Cos it hit bottom of cage.
[4520] No, I've hoovered it up.
June (PS01B) [4521] Well I took it out, a load of it out this morning ... in my hand cos he were nearly sitting on it!
Albert (PS01A) [4522] Mhm.
[4523] ... Like [...] , they gotta [...] haven't they?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4524] Oh God!
[4525] Th they're different.
June (PS01B) [4526] I said to Jes he, the only bird I know that can shit through side of a bloody cage bars and, and get it through!
[4527] He says, I know, Carmen used to go crackers that's why she went and fetch him here.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4528] I know, you'll have a carpet [...] have to do it, do that again.
June (PS01B) [4529] I know.
[4530] We done that tonight.
Albert (PS01A) [4531] And Benjy likes them!
June (PS01B) [4532] You stroppy bloody parrot!
[4533] You stroppy parrot!
[4534] ... Put you on your chain and take you out!
[4535] ... You bugger!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4536] I can't see how that chain fits on him!
[4537] How does he put it on him.
June (PS01B) [4538] He ... he lifts it through and pulls it till it goes on his leg.
[4539] ... What you doing you bald headed bugger!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4540] It's alright.
[4541] He, he can't see that [...] a dog!
June (PS01B) [4542] Daft!
Albert (PS01A) [4543] Mm mm mm.
[4544] They're both at it now.
[4545] [laugh] ... You daft buggers!
[4546] Are you gonna sort her out Barney?
[4547] Mm?
[4548] Benjy?
June (PS01B) [4549] Georgey!
[4550] Ee!
Albert (PS01A) [4551] You're not having any more!
[4552] No!
June (PS01B) [4553] [...] keep trying to reach that picture.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4554] You straggly little thing!
June (PS01B) [4555] Have you seen mess on that floor in back of that, in ... office?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4556] What, or what?
June (PS01B) [4557] All bloody mud and stuff they've got all over it!
[4558] My pumps were a mess!
[4559] Mind you, somebody had cleaned all toilet out, I don't know who.
[4560] Or sink, cos sink were clean, and toilet
Albert (PS01A) [4561] You
June (PS01B) [4562] were clean.
Albert (PS01A) [4563] two want a bath.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4564] Well I put bleach down it on Saturday.
June (PS01B) [4565] Yeah, that's disappeared.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4566] The Domestos bottle?
Albert (PS01A) [4567] Tomorrow morning
June (PS01B) [4568] Disappeared.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4569] I bet whoever did toilet out used
Albert (PS01A) [4570] Tomorrow morning
Corrinne (PS01D) [4571] rest of bleach [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4572] bath.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [4573] Probably.
Albert (PS01A) [4574] Wanna bath?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4575] There weren't a lot of bleach in it.
[4576] I was actually gonna open it put some bleach round the edge.
June (PS01B) [4577] Well somebody had cleaned all sink cos ... sink were ... there weren't a mark on sink when I went today.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4578] Dawn must have done it then.
June (PS01B) [4579] But ... all the ... wash cloths had gone.
[4580] No wash cloths were there.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4581] Well I washed owt what was [...] in the toilet again ... on Sunday.
June (PS01B) [4582] It's a waste of time cos they just splatter it all back up again!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4583] I know
Albert (PS01A) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4584] but I forgot to take my typewriter hadn't I?
[4585] Got all this stuff to type up and I'd forgotten my typewriter.
Albert (PS01A) [4586] You should put a notice up, if you make the mess, clean it up!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4587] Oh!
[4588] They'd not even washed
Albert (PS01A) [4589] Or it'll stay!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4590] all stuff off the
June (PS01B) [4591] What?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4592] the taps.
June (PS01B) [4593] They'd bloody take notice down and push it down toilet!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4594] No they won't flush it [...] !
June (PS01B) [4595] Mind you, I don't know. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4596] Well they wi I'll tell you now
June (PS01B) [4597] bloody toilet!
Albert (PS01A) [4598] if I worked there ... and they didn't do it, I'd just turn round and say, no you're not having the bloody key until you can learn to keep it clean.
June (PS01B) [4599] It's not so bad now because tap's working again.
[4600] They're not washing in [...] like they were before.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4601] Have they got it fixed?
June (PS01B) [4602] They must have done.
[4603] It weren't running today.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4604] I just bi I went outside, I mean, I was gonna go outside five minutes before and not notice anything, and I went out five minutes later and I heard this water running.
[4605] And I looked up at tap and this water were pouring out of tap, I thought oh!
[4606] Must have run ... defrosted.
June (PS01B) [4607] I went to turn tap off cos that's what I thought it were.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4608] Yeah, it were that.
[4609] And it were running out!
[4610] And it were coming down to tap.
[4611] So I got out the car and I went over and I, turned it down, as it were turning down I saw it wasn't pouring just out the tap, it was also pouring from the
June (PS01B) [4612] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4613] pipe in the place!
June (PS01B) [4614] I don't know who fixed it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4615] He said he were gonna get in touch with somebody.
June (PS01B) [4616] Oh!
[4617] He's always gonna!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4618] Oh!
[4619] Then this bloke came in ... how long's your tap
Albert (PS01A) [4620] That's enough Barney!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4621] been running?
[4622] I says, I don't know I've just rung him about it.
[4623] It's wasting precious water!
[4624] as if we have enough droughts without we it, people like
Albert (PS01A) [4625] Ooh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4626] yous lot wasting water from [...] !
Albert (PS01A) [4627] Who's this?
June (PS01B) [4628] You should have said, the tap's nowt to do with us it belongs to him that has the garage!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4629] If I had my own way, I shall tell him where to shove his petrol!
[4630] Right
Albert (PS01A) [4631] Who's that?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4632] I don't know who he were!
Albert (PS01A) [4633] Got nowt to do with him how much water you use at the garage, it's pa ... you should turn round and ta
Corrinne (PS01D) [4634] Yeah, but it was pouring all over the forecourt.
Albert (PS01A) [4635] [cough] ... You should have told him ... that we pay for it by the gallon ... not by the year!
[4636] Geroff!
[4637] It's nowt to do with you!
[4638] You get some ... funny buggers coming to garages you know!
June (PS01B) [4639] You get some folk who [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4640] Bloody do!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4641] I bet [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4642] My wo is that one at garage?
[4643] I mean, with frost and whatsername we've had just lately ... they can expect bust pipes anywhere where they're ... where they're not protected.
June (PS01B) [4644] Did you see that top of Broadway?
Albert (PS01A) [4645] No.
June (PS01B) [4646] They've blocked off Broadway tonight!
Albert (PS01A) [4647] Oh!
[4648] Down here?
June (PS01B) [4649] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4650] Yeah I know.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4651] Made a right mess!
Albert (PS01A) [4652] Been like that a couple of days.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4653] Yeah I know, but it weren't that [...] , now it's got it all wheels to top.
Albert (PS01A) [4654] That is the bottom.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4655] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4656] That's the top.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4657] You're going up the hill.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4658] Oh!
[4659] It's [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4660] You don't go down a hill.
[4661] And you don't go down, up the hill.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4662] You go that way.
Albert (PS01A) [4663] Eh?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4664] Go up hill that way then.
Albert (PS01A) [4665] No.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4666] You do.
Albert (PS01A) [4667] It's down hill all the way.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4668] But, it's not.
[4669] Especially at top [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4670] Well it's only that little bit of rise there.
[4671] ... Not like going up there. ... [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4672] Did I tell you Chris's wife were pregnant?
June (PS01B) [4673] Yeah. ... [cough] ... [sniff]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4674] Claire made it on the Sunday, I said innit about time you took your wife out?
[4675] He says why?
[4676] I says, oh, she were right depressed when she came in.
[4677] He says, why?
[4678] What's up with her?
[4679] I says, she wanted to go out Saturday and you'd ... gone to work.
[4680] ... Cos me and my brother had been working on wagon again.
[4681] And with it being a nice day.
[4682] He says, oh no!
[4683] He says, I feel awful we were making plans that being the week to go out ... so they had trouble with wagon ... so we had to spend some time on wagon.
[4684] [laugh] ... [laughing] And he says, it weren't bad enough me [] not going out that day, but with it being nice weather and all.
Albert (PS01A) [4685] Aye.
[4686] It is in June.
[4687] Get the door shut.
June (PS01B) [4688] It's shut [...] .
[4689] It can't,ho he can't hook it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4690] Oh!
[4691] We'll have to learn you George.
[4692] [birds singing/whistling] Have you seen her hair yet?
[4693] Mum?
[4694] She's had it permed
Albert (PS01A) [4695] What's the matter with you?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4696] she's had it cut into bob and permed.
June (PS01B) [4697] Oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4698] Had it cut right back.
June (PS01B) [4699] Oh!
[4700] She's had it cut short then?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4701] Well it ... er, about that long, about my length weren't it?
[4702] Cos she always used to have it in a pony tail.
[4703] D'ya know her?
June (PS01B) [4704] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4705] Mum?
June (PS01B) [4706] Cos her hair's ginger
Corrinne (PS01D) [4707] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [4708] innit?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4709] Yeah.
[4710] She had it cut to there and permed.
[4711] I, I can't remember if she's had it done straight or not.
[4712] Cos underneath ... it, I mean it didn't look nice but when she lifted it up ... it's how mine was, like it is now, flat underneath.
June (PS01B) [4713] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4714] It's gone like that straight away.
[4715] She said, well if it's like this after one night, what's it gonna [laughing] look like [] when I wash it?
[4716] So,sh I mean, it cost her thirty five pounds!
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [4717] What?
[4718] For a perm?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4719] A perm!
[4720] And there were fiver off it.
Albert (PS01A) [4721] I tell you summat, I'd a, go back!
June (PS01B) [4722] I remember Kerry, quite a few years going to er ... to
Albert (PS01A) [4723] Bins in town and it cost her twenty quid!
[4724] And that's a few years ago.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4725] This is Geoffrey 's.
June (PS01B) [4726] Oh well.
[4727] I ... you know, his ordinary name's
Albert (PS01A) [4728] Oh!
[4729] Geoffrey 's?
June (PS01B) [4730] Geoffrey .
[4731] I remember once me and your Aunty June going have our hair done there and when we come out it was snowing!
[4732] And it just went poof!
[4733] And it cost us a bomb!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4734] She paid thirty five pounds for a perm, and ... she got a fiver, she'd got a coupon for a fiver off.
Albert (PS01A) [sigh]
June (PS01B) [4735] Lee's er ... paid for ... Liz to go and have her nails manicured tomorrow.
[4736] Cos, er, that Angeliques at ... Thorne.
[4737] You know where
Albert (PS01A) [4738] They must be bloody crackers!
June (PS01B) [4739] you know where that whatsername is?
[4740] Er ... er, Fox that barb er that hairdressers
Corrinne (PS01D) [4741] Oh, oh yeah!
June (PS01B) [4742] on corner of
Corrinne (PS01D) [4743] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [4744] Bridge Street there?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4745] Mhm.
June (PS01B) [4746] Well Angeliques next door.
[4747] She did my make up
Corrinne (PS01D) [4748] Oh yeah.
June (PS01B) [4749] when we,ma when my mum had been married twenty five years that time.
[4750] Well, she ... she waxes Lee's legs ... but ... she goes
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [4751] she goes to ... part-time ... so they get it at a reduced rate.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4752] Not having my legs waxed!
[4753] Just about Epilady, but I couldn't stand them waxed!
Albert (PS01A) [4754] [laugh] ... You think you can't neither!
[4755] What women put up with!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4756] At least with Epilady you take a rest if [...]
June (PS01B) [4757] Have you seen that new ... technique they have with honey and ... warm thingy?
Albert (PS01A) [4758] What's an Epilady?
June (PS01B) [4759] It pulls them out.
Albert (PS01A) [4760] Oh!
[4761] That thing, that roller thing?
June (PS01B) [4762] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4763] Why have you got one?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4764] Yeah I no it don't hurt.
[4765] I'm just wondering what waxing does though.
June (PS01B) [4766] They've got ... er
Corrinne (PS01D) [4767] The only time it hurts is when it nips your skin!
June (PS01B) [4768] a, a new thing
Albert (PS01A) [4769] Mm.
June (PS01B) [4770] out now and it's like erm ... it's like tre er, it's like soft toffee.
[4771] And they roll it over like that
Corrinne (PS01D) [4772] Like with wax?
June (PS01B) [4773] and do it like that.
Albert (PS01A) [4774] Ah!
[4775] Little bit at a time.
June (PS01B) [4776] Just looks like just looks like toffee ... and they just ... roll it like that and then ... do it like that.
[4777] It's only a little bit and they take it off your lip with it as well.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4778] With wax?
Albert (PS01A) [4779] Lip and
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [4780] No, it's a new
June (PS01B) [4781] It's summat else [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4782] a new thing it were on Tomorrow's World other day.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4783] Same as the, as the wax though innit?
Albert (PS01A) [4784] [cough] ... It were like a ... it were like a ... a toffee.
[4785] They mix these two things together and it went like a
June (PS01B) [4786] It looked like soft toffee. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4787] Summat gel they call it don't it June?
June (PS01B) [4788] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [4789] Summat gel?
[4790] And they just put it on leg and just put a little bit on like that ... and just went ee ooh!
[4791] Ee ooh!
[4792] Ee ooh!
[4793] But it were so quick it were untrue!
[4794] That's how they were doing it.
[4795] It's like that
Corrinne (PS01D) [4796] It's more relaxing at home.
June (PS01B) [4797] Oh aye!
Albert (PS01A) [4798] Oh aye.
June (PS01B) [4799] Takes ages!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4800] [...] that electrolysis, that's the best way but it takes ages.
Albert (PS01A) [4801] Well, it'll cost you
June (PS01B) [4802] Yeah, even that you've
Albert (PS01A) [4803] good week's
June (PS01B) [4804] got to keep your feet up for so long before
Corrinne (PS01D) [4805] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [4806] it kills the
Albert (PS01A) [4807] Er i takes them out
June (PS01B) [4808] What with all the advertisements on, bloody
Corrinne (PS01D) [4809] You are recording other side?
Albert (PS01A) [4810] It's Sky , oh!
[4811] It's Sky Movies.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4812] Was gonna say.
Albert (PS01A) [4813] They do have them on now and again.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4814] They have them on a lot now.
Albert (PS01A) [4815] [whistling] ... What a waste of a good car!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4816] They'll have a parachute on it I expect.
Albert (PS01A) [4817] I don't think so.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4818] Yeah, but you do for a programme.
June (PS01B) [4819] Can't see no bloody parachute on there!
Albert (PS01A) [4820] I think it'll be a cardboard unit.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4821] Could be superimposed.
Albert (PS01A) [4822] [cough] ... I suppose they could do it, yeah.
[4823] Superimpose.
June (PS01B) [cough] ... [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4824] I did a lot of revision on my spellings yester for a spelling test, Claire didn't turn up.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4825] We had a medical aspects test.
June (PS01B) [4826] She don't half have some time off them bloody, that teaching staff!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4827] So we had an extra hour for dinner.
[4828] So we had a walk round town.
[4829] The dinner hour was spent revising for a test we're supposed to be having on.
[4830] We've got some ... you've got to learn these terms
June (PS01B) [4831] I wished you'd know, you could have took them Milky Way for
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4832] She give us all these, like ... diseases and we had to learn ... parrot learn them ... the definition for them cos she were giving us a test on them.
[4833] She said, not to bother.
[4834] Spent an hour ... revising these things!
[4835] And, she said oh, we're not having the test today.
Albert (PS01A) [4836] Yeah.
[4837] She'll probably drop it out onto you [laughing] tomorrow [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [4838] No, we don't have her till Friday now.
[4839] She give us th
June (PS01B) [4840] Oh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4841] even I couldn't do them.
Albert (PS01A) [4842] Ha!
June (PS01B) [4843] Bloody Road House were on other night!
Albert (PS01A) [4844] Right!
[4845] [cough] It had it's last play blinking months ago that!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4846] Total Recall's on at the Savoy isn't it?
Albert (PS01A) [4847] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4848] Should do some typing but I can't be bothered.
Albert (PS01A) [4849] Have we seen this?
June (PS01B) [4850] Yep. [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4851] Benjy!
[4852] Stop biting your toes.
June (PS01B) [4853] We've still got that tape for a couple of a weeks.
[4854] Haven't we?
Albert (PS01A) [4855] No, I'll ring her.
[4856] I'll ring her on Fri on Friday night.
June (PS01B) [4857] Ring her mother, not her, cos it costs you extra money when you ring her on that bloody ... telephone!
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [4858] I don't envy whoever marries Janine.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4859] Not very nice thing to say.
Albert (PS01A) [4860] She's a funny girl is Janine!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4861] She has her ways like everybody else.
[4862] ... And you say Janine's moody, there's nobody worse than me!
Albert (PS01A) [4863] No, I know that.
June (PS01B) [4864] I don't know.
[4865] According to Janine's mam.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4866] Ah!
[4867] How much of that can you take then?
June (PS01B) [4868] Yes!
[4869] One thing she told me ... I mean, Janine will tell you herself.
[4870] I mean, actually lots of things her mother had told me Janine had already told me.
Albert (PS01A) [4871] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4872] And that
June (PS01B) [4873] Mind you, I think she were a bit frugal with truth when she said that first lad she'd gone with ... and she got pregnant.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4874] Is that what she told you like?
Albert (PS01A) [4875] Yeah!
[4876] [laugh] ... [laughing] Tell you summat else.
[4877] It wasn't the bloody last night that []
Corrinne (PS01D) [4878] That thing on her neck well it weren't a bite, cos it'd have gone by now.
June (PS01B) [4879] No.
[4880] She's got one on her face now.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4881] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4882] Yeah, I don't know.
June (PS01B) [4883] I think it's this month that Lee goes back to see the specialist at ... whatsername, Bradford.
Albert (PS01A) [4884] Who?
June (PS01B) [4885] Lee.
Albert (PS01A) [4886] Oh aye!
June (PS01B) [4887] God!
[4888] You're looking awful.
Albert (PS01A) [4889] Lee can't breathe ... Liz has got psoriasis ... and Lee's got ... whatever it is [laughing] she's got [] !
[4890] Their bairn's always being sick!
[4891] So
Corrinne (PS01D) [4892] Claire's got God knows what!
June (PS01B) [4893] Gerry's got idle-itis!
[4894] As long as it ain't got work attached to it he's alright.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4895] Oh!
[4896] His hair!
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4897] It's awful innit?
June (PS01B) [4898] No, I think it's alright.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4899] I think it's awfully
Albert (PS01A) [4900] It suits him.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4901] short!
Albert (PS01A) [4902] It suits him.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4903] No, I don't think it does.
Albert (PS01A) [4904] It suits him, aye.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4905] Bill upstairs calls him a pillock Corrinne!
Albert (PS01A) [4906] Yeah.
[4907] Oh!
[4908] Make a cup of tea love. [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [4909] [...] stew ... you know like ... it is a beef ... ah, but it weren't mince meat, but it weren't stew.
June (PS01B) [4910] It were.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4911] It might have been mince meat just ti cooked in tins.
[4912] But we shoved some veg in it.
June (PS01B) [4913] Where did you get that from?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4914] Tracy.
[4915] ... Cos she thinks she was asleep.
[4916] What, when I went down for [...] , so I called back later, about half an hour later and she was awake so I just took her then.
Albert (PS01A) [4917] Who, Kia?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4918] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4919] She were asleep when I went down.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4920] She's always asleep!
June (PS01B) [4921] No.
[4922] She don't sleep at night.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4923] That's it!
[4924] I mean, she'd been asleep [...]
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [4925] What?
Albert (PS01A) [4926] Well it were two o'clock when I were
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4927] down there ... half past one.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4928] It were one o'clock Monday I went to pick her up.
June (PS01B) [4929] It were twelve o'clock when you went today, when you dropped me off at work.
Albert (PS01A) [4930] Ah!
[4931] There were nobody in, I went back.
[4932] I we I got down there and there were no bugger in!
Corrinne (PS01D) [4933] They did that to me one day.
[4934] She sa Mick said fetch tape down, so I says alright, I'll be down in a bit.
[4935] I got down there and there were nobody in!
[4936] So I went back later on, I says, why weren't yous in?
[4937] And she said we were in!
[4938] I says, you weren't in, there were no telly on, and I brayed the door down!
Albert (PS01A) [4939] Oh!
[4940] The telly was on.
[4941] But the door were locked.
Corrinne (PS01D) [sneeze]
Albert (PS01A) [4942] And I brayed on window.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4943] I went back in the [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [4944] So I thought, oh!
June (PS01B) [4945] [cough] ... have you done owt on Choleacs disease Corrinne?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4946] Any what?
June (PS01B) [4947] Done owt on Choleacs disease?
Corrinne (PS01D) [4948] On what?
Albert (PS01A) [4949] Choleacs
Corrinne (PS01D) [4950] What are they?
June (PS01B) [4951] Well they spell it ... it's not spelt as i if you, if you were talking it really, you'd probably, you'd probably
Albert (PS01A) [4952] Choleacs disease ... cos it's spelt
Corrinne (PS01D) [4953] Ah!
[4954] [spelling] C H O L E [] ... oh we've done
Albert (PS01A) [4955] Choleitis or something.
June (PS01B) [4956] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4957] Summat to do with gallstones innit?
June (PS01B) [4958] Not ... not Choleacs
Corrinne (PS01D) [4959] The gall bladder.
June (PS01B) [4960] disease.
[4961] It's it's ... they're allergic to gluten ... and it makes the inner bowel ... inflamed ... so it gives him
Albert (PS01A) [4962] Oh!
[4963] Like Margaret had?
[4964] In they've got to have a certain
June (PS01B) [4965] Our Mervin's wife had it.
Albert (PS01A) [4966] Yeah.
[4967] Have they got to eat certain things?
June (PS01B) [4968] They have to eat gluten free, they can't eat
Corrinne (PS01D) [4969] So you're not allowed to eat bread or owt like that
June (PS01B) [4970] No.
[4971] Because [...]
Albert (PS01A) [4972] Yeah, they make special without yeast or something
June (PS01B) [4973] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [4974] don't they?
June (PS01B) [4975] It's gotta be gluten free.
Albert (PS01A) [4976] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4977] Erm
June (PS01B) [4978] But more women suffer ... from it, than men.
Corrinne (PS01D) [4979] We're not , we're not on dietician foods.
June (PS01B) [4980] And it says ... it's connected to something ... and that's why more women suffer from it than men.
[4981] I can't rem I were reading about when I were in hospital on ... er ... Tuesday while waiting
Corrinne (PS01D) [4982] D'ya know more women su suffer from multiple sclerosis than men?
Albert (PS01A) [4983] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [4984] I think they suffer
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [4985] from most diseases than men.
[4986] It's same with rheumatoid arthritis, more women ... suffer from that than men.
[4987] And that's got something ... that's conne this bloke's come up with something
Albert (PS01A) [4988] Something about moving their bottom jaw or summat innit?
June (PS01B) [4989] and i it's ... something to do with the hormones that women produce
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [4990] that can er, and it's got to cope with this thing.

17 (Tape 060102)

June (PS01B) [4991] I keep writing dates on calendar and forgetting to look!
[4992] ... I say to our Corrinne every year, write all dates upon new calendar and then ... I forget all about them.
Colin (PS01E) [4993] It's like many of us though June, they don't know
June (PS01B) [4994] What d'ya mean?
[4995] In other places
Colin (PS01E) [...]
June (PS01B) [4996] only two of us, and neither one of us sends Christmas cards.
Colin (PS01E) [4997] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [4998] Cheers!
Colin (PS01E) [4999] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5000] Dawn, you're dead pleasant!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5001] See you!
Colin (PS01E) [5002] Bye love!
[5003] Who'd waste a card on her!
[5004] ... Well they go up to I ought to remember that again.
[5005] Never.
June (PS01B) [5006] Before wait till you get to your fifties Dawn.
Colin (PS01E) [5007] No.
June (PS01B) [5008] I don't know when
Colin (PS01E) [5009] Have a par we'll have party.
[5010] I'm not doing my [...] or my fortune. [...]
June (PS01B) [5011] Who?
Albert (PS01A) [5012] She were blotto!
Colin (PS01E) [5013] She was legless!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5014] Anyway, I'm gonna have to go.
June (PS01B) [5015] Yeah.
[5016] See you!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5017] See you tomorrow.
Albert (PS01A) [5018] What time is it?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5019] Oh!
[5020] Oh I've left my lights on!
Colin (PS01E) [5021] Half three.
Albert (PS01A) [5022] Three.
Colin (PS01E) [5023] Tarrah.
June (PS01B) [5024] You'll have to wait till tomorrow [...] .
Colin (PS01E) [5025] I've come to get my shoes for [...] .
[5026] [...] [laughing] at my shoes [] !
June (PS01B) [5027] No!
Albert (PS01A) [5028] Oh!
June (PS01B) [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5029] [...] ... in fact, I took it for a taxi up here ... [...] from there ... went to pit club, we had one in pit club and a game of bingo, went to Peacock ... we had one in Peacock and eat our sandwich.
[5030] So, we got a taxi, I says ... look here Jack [...] I'm not getting a taxi it's my birthday.
[5031] Don't be such a [...] .
[5032] We'll go to Fox, we had one in Fox, went to [...] ... asked for ... [...] for Alan and Lynn and Lisa.
[5033] We're not taking you home [...] .
[5034] And told her.
[5035] So I went to you and I said [...] June.
June (PS01B) [5036] Just coming out! [laugh]
Colin (PS01E) [5037] I'm down [...] like this!
[5038] I'd got my shoes on and I were, I just went ... flung my shoes and flung my handbag, I went ... oh! [...] like that to Linda.
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
Colin (PS01E) [5039] [...] Linda's.
[5040] And I thought ooh!
[5041] I wanna be sick!
[5042] And I missed kitchen and went all over flo over kitchen, I went urgh!
[5043] Then he's saying go on Corrinne have a look!
[5044] I said, I'm going to be sick!
[5045] And I were in, took me un got me undressed, put me in bed I can't remember!
June (PS01B) [5046] I enjoyed it though.
Colin (PS01E) [5047] And that were on a Wednesday and then on Saturday when I went and asked him ... come home, got changed, and went down to the club [...] .
June (PS01B) [5048] [laughing] Oh [] !
Colin (PS01E) [5049] [...] ... Then I remember
June (PS01B) [cough]
Colin (PS01E) [5050] walking down with a
June (PS01B) [cough]
Colin (PS01E) [5051] lovely bouquet of flowers for me.
[5052] Well that's it
June (PS01B) [5053] Ah!
[5054] Ah!
Colin (PS01E) [5055] I were crying again!
Albert (PS01A) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [laugh]
Colin (PS01E) [5056] Oh!
[5057] Oh!
[5058] I were [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [5059] Mm.
June (PS01B) [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5060] Never do when I'm on.
[5061] Never!
June (PS01B) [5062] No, it's nearly always nine o'clock when someone [...] .
Colin (PS01E) [5063] I tell you, I bet she's really narky!
June (PS01B) [5064] Oh God!
[5065] She'll be in a right nark!
Albert (PS01A) [cough] ... [unable to hear conversation for some time]
June (PS01B) [5066] Oh!
[5067] I wished I'd known he were going, he could have swapped them Milky Ways for me!
[5068] Yeah, if I'd have known he were going there.
Colin (PS01E) [5069] He could of [...] .
June (PS01B) [5070] Yeah.
[5071] I wanted to swap some Milky Ways.
Colin (PS01E) [5072] Oh! [...]
June (PS01B) [5073] I've picked double up instead of single.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Colin (PS01E) [5074] Put them up.
June (PS01B) [5075] Eh?
Colin (PS01E) [5076] Put them out.
June (PS01B) [5077] You can't really can you?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5078] Are they wrapped?
Colin (PS01E) [5079] They're not wrapped together?
June (PS01B) [5080] They're all in
Albert (PS01A) [5081] They're not wrapped.
June (PS01B) [5082] No.
Albert (PS01A) [5083] No.
June (PS01B) [5084] The double wrap [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5085] Get it picked then you [...] Kit-Kat.
Colin (PS01E) [5086] What's that with new top on?
June (PS01B) [5087] Mm?
Colin (PS01E) [5088] There, in orange [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [5089] Bulbs.
June (PS01B) [5090] Lucozade.
Colin (PS01E) [5091] Oh!
June (PS01B) [5092] Ah?
Colin (PS01E) [5093] It's Lucozade is it?
[5094] Got a new top on.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5095] It's only Lucozade dear.
Colin (PS01E) [5096] Oh!
[5097] Could do with some of that.
Albert (PS01A) [5098] So could I.
[5099] [cough] Right!
[5100] We're away!
June (PS01B) [5101] Right.
Albert (PS01A) [5102] We're fibbing.
June (PS01B) [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5103] Ba Bye!
Albert (PS01A) [5104] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5105] What's that [...] ?
June (PS01B) [5106] Fifty four.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5107] No that's not right.
June (PS01B) [5108] Oh!
[5109] Terry!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [5110] Oh!
[5111] D'ya know
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5112] Look!
[5113] You'll have to slim down.
June (PS01B) [5114] He keeps telling me he's gonna put me on that Micro Diet again.
Albert (PS01A) [5115] I'm gonna put her on that er
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5116] [cough] ... I said I'd put her on that Slim, that Slim diet.
[5117] Tha what, what they call it?
[5118] Not Micro Diet.
[5119] Slimfast.
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5120] Is that where you get ... blow up things from?
June (PS01B) [5121] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5122] I've not seen these.
[5123] ... [break in recording] Oh!
June (PS01B) [5124] Come on!
[5125] What you doing?
Albert (PS01A) [5126] Switching it off.
June (PS01B) [5127] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [5128] [cough] ... Is that June's boyfriend then?
June (PS01B) [5129] Well ... that Phil, he's a ... screw I think.
Albert (PS01A) [5130] [laughing] Ah ah [] !
June (PS01B) [5131] Or a, he's either a security bloke or a screw, I don't know which.
Albert (PS01A) [5132] I think he is security cos he's been in a couple of times hasn't he?
June (PS01B) [5133] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5134] Used to come in with his uniform on didn't he?
June (PS01B) [5135] Yeah but you can't tell screws from security can you?
Albert (PS01A) [5136] Well, I think he's just security.
June (PS01B) [sniff]
Albert (PS01A) [5137] Whoops!
[5138] Bit of wind.
[5139] ... [singing] La, la la dee [] .
[5140] Oh!
June (PS01B) [5141] Eh up!
Albert (PS01A) [5142] Bloody hell!
[5143] Whose dustbin is it?
June (PS01B) [5144] Bin's have spilt out.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5145] There's.
[5146] I had to move
June (PS01B) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5147] it other week.
Albert (PS01A) [5148] Don't worry.
[5149] Leave it where it is.
[5150] ... I'll manage. ... [cough] ... [cough]
June (PS01B) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5151] Hello cocker!
[5152] What you doing?
June (PS01B) [5153] You gonna need bath?
Albert (PS01A) [5154] Getting tired of this box around here. [boxing on tv]
June (PS01B) [5155] Six foot ten.
Albert (PS01A) [5156] Who?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5157] [...] ... What's more, he'll knock him out end of this round.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5158] [...] ... shock of your life!
Albert (PS01A) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5159] [...] ... You having a nice time?
Albert (PS01A) [5160] Where's granddad's?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5161] You giving granddad one?
Albert (PS01A) [5162] Where's granddad's kiss?
[5163] Not, I'm not buying you no more then!
June (PS01B) [5164] Oh! [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5165] I'll get you no more Buttons!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5166] Say thank you to granddad.
Albert (PS01A) [5167] Don't I get a kiss for them sweeties?
[5168] ... Do I?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5169] No!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5170] Come on then Mick!
[5171] Get kettle on, don't blinking sit there like one o'clock half struck!
[5172] [cough] ... It's not very often we come.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [5173] And you, you come even less to our house.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5174] I know.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5175] You don't often ... go our house.
Albert (PS01A) [5176] Where's my kiss?
Karen (PS01F) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [5177] Oh!
June (PS01B) [5178] You're shoving them in.
Albert (PS01A) [5179] You're putting them in too many!
June (PS01B) [5180] Now!
Albert (PS01A) [5181] No more.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5182] Oi!
Albert (PS01A) [5183] No more.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5184] Slow down!
June (PS01B) [5185] Did [...] drop her other little people off Mick?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5186] Yeah. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5187] That's somebody else innit, we've ... we've er ... we've not seen all bloody week!
June (PS01B) [5188] No. [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5189] Not had it yet
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5190] What's that?
Albert (PS01A) [5191] Not had it yet then cocker?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [laugh]
Albert (PS01A) [5192] You look like you're getting taller!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5193] Do I?
Albert (PS01A) [5194] Mm.
June (PS01B) [5195] It's, Micky's hanging her up! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5196] Put the kettle on then.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5197] No!
June (PS01B) [5198] Now, how dare you say that!
Albert (PS01A) [5199] Where's my kiss?
[5200] Come on!
[5201] Come and give him love!
Karen (PS01F) [5202] No!
Albert (PS01A) [5203] Oh well!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5204] Did you bring them pyjamas down?
Albert (PS01A) [5205] Not friends then?
June (PS01B) [5206] Are you been in bath?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5207] Watch the cup!
June (PS01B) [5208] Been in bath have you?
Albert (PS01A) [5209] I'm not friends then!
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5210] [...] ... it wants cutting, she can't see!
Albert (PS01A) [5211] What you doing? [tv very loud]
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5212] Well I pushed [...] to play with that er ... he don't like the [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5213] And what happened with that?
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5214] one of them.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5215] Eh?
[5216] It's shut it.
Albert (PS01A) [5217] Never touched it.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5218] What's that?
June (PS01B) [5219] What's them?
Albert (PS01A) [5220] Changed channels on it's own.
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [5221] It's on there.
[5222] And go, where's the [...] ?
[5223] There.
June (PS01B) [5224] Nana couldn't buy you one last time
Unknown speaker (KB1PSUNK) [...]
June (PS01B) [5225] she were at [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5226] Were you?
June (PS01B) [5227] cash and carry next time.
Albert (PS01A) [5228] On there.
Karen (PS01F) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [5229] Yeah.
[5230] Cos they didn't have none last time.
Karen (PS01F) [5231] Not them!
June (PS01B) [5232] [...] No!
[5233] One of my
Colin (PS01E) [5234] Are they nice?
June (PS01B) [5235] mushrooms?
Colin (PS01E) [5236] Are they nice?
Karen (PS01F) [5237] Ouch!
Albert (PS01A) [5238] A sort of zip.
June (PS01B) [5239] [...] Albert.
Albert (PS01A) [5240] Come and give us a kiss!
Colin (PS01E) [5241] They're nice!
Albert (PS01A) [5242] Yep!
Colin (PS01E) [5243] Urgh!
June (PS01B) [5244] Urgh!
Colin (PS01E) [5245] We've got ants.
[5246] What do you call that stuff that you put down?
[5247] That they take back to nest that kills
Albert (PS01A) [5248] Ant powder.
Colin (PS01E) [5249] them off?
June (PS01B) [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5250] No it does, doesn't it?
[5251] It's not ant powder.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5252] Oh!
[5253] That sugar stuff what they take back to nest?
[5254] It's like sugar but it kills them.
Colin (PS01E) [5255] That's right.
[5256] They take it back to nest to like feed the others so that kills them off.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5257] It's dead sweet so they take it, they feed to others
Albert (PS01A) [5258] Yeah?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5259] and it kills them off.
Albert (PS01A) [5260] Oh!
[5261] I'll have to get some.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5262] The only thing what you can get them to
Colin (PS01E) [5263] I don't know what it's called.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5264] to get to nest.
[5265] And that only kills when they come out.
Albert (PS01A) [5266] Yeah.
Karen (PS01F) [5267] No!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5268] They're hundreds in nest, but this stuff [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5269] Aargh!
[5270] Aargh!
[5271] Aargh!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5272] like little sugar bits and they pick it up and take it back to nest [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5273] Oh!
[5274] Oh!
[5275] Oh!
[5276] Oh!
[5277] Give me a kiss!
Karen (PS01F) [5278] Urgh!
[5279] Urgh!
Albert (PS01A) [5280] Did you like that?
Karen (PS01F) [5281] Mm.
Albert (PS01A) [5282] Eh?
[5283] Did you like it?
Karen (PS01F) [5284] Mum, mum.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5285] But it's just like you, ah well, you see an ants' nest in the room [...] .
June (PS01B) [5286] Watch [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [5287] There's millions of them.
June (PS01B) [5288] Listen.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5289] Whoa!
[5290] Ah!
[5291] Ah!
[5292] Ah!
Colin (PS01E) [5293] I don't know where they're where putting [...]
June (PS01B) [5294] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5295] the [...] , so
June (PS01B) [5296] Look at that little fat tum!
Colin (PS01E) [5297] Or in this one.
Albert (PS01A) [5298] Why have you got ants now?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5299] No.
Colin (PS01E) [5300] In the morning there's ... it's usually
June (PS01B) [5301] One
Colin (PS01E) [5302] then like.
June (PS01B) [5303] shoe.
[5304] She always says one, then two
Albert (PS01A) [5305] Do they fly out when you
June (PS01B) [5306] she never gets any further.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5307] Three.
June (PS01B) [5308] One.
Colin (PS01E) [5309] Well ... not really.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5310] Not really.
Albert (PS01A) [5311] What you could really do with is leaving
June (PS01B) [5312] Two
Albert (PS01A) [5313] it out for a
Corrinne (PS01D) [5314] Three
Albert (PS01A) [5315] couple of days when it's gone really cold
June (PS01B) [5316] three
Albert (PS01A) [5317] and kill them.
Colin (PS01E) [5318] We've not had any today ha we didn't have on till later on today have we?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5319] No.
Colin (PS01E) [5320] We went out last night.
[5321] What time did you light it?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5322] When?
[5323] Today?
Colin (PS01E) [5324] Did you go out before you were coming to bed?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5325] No, it was still in, but not much.
Albert (PS01A) [5326] I mean, they shouldn't be out at this time of year cos the ... you know,the
Corrinne (PS01D) [5327] They get in all the chairs!
Albert (PS01A) [5328] they hibernate don't they?
[5329] I
Colin (PS01E) [5330] Yeah but
June (PS01B) [5331] Oh!
Colin (PS01E) [5332] yeah but, yeah but, they're not
June (PS01B) [5333] Oh are they?
Colin (PS01E) [5334] like in all the
Corrinne (PS01D) [5335] They must be
Colin (PS01E) [5336] time.
[5337] When it's cold.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5338] They must be nesting in here somewhere.
Colin (PS01E) [cough] ... [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [5339] What behind bricks.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [5340] [...] fall off ain't
Corrinne (PS01D) [5341] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5342] it?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5343] There's gotta be a brick somewhere under here.
June (PS01B) [5344] Yeah!
Colin (PS01E) [5345] Well they run
Corrinne (PS01D) [5346] There's a
Colin (PS01E) [5347] [...] most of the time.
June (PS01B) [5348] Er er er er!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5349] Or in between
Albert (PS01A) [5350] Well can't you find out where the
Corrinne (PS01D) [5351] Well I'm not digging pigging floor up!
Albert (PS01A) [5352] No.
[5353] But is there no holes where they go
June (PS01B) [5354] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5355] through?
June (PS01B) [5356] You daft!
[5357] You, go on!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5358] Not really.
[5359] You see in this
Colin (PS01E) [5360] We, usually they see them round there don't we?
June (PS01B) [5361] Wah!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5362] Yeah.
[5363] You see them down here
June (PS01B) [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5364] But, we've seen them on this side as well!
[5365] So they might
Corrinne (PS01D) [5366] But we seen them over here as well!
[5367] So we don't know whether they're in that wall and all.
Colin (PS01E) [5368] they might have even gone and made a nest.
June (PS01B) [5369] Yeah!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5370] What you want is that sugar stuff what they'll take back to nest.
Karen (PS01F) [5371] Ee ee!
June (PS01B) [5372] Yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [5373] Mm.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5374] Just can't think what they call it.
June (PS01B) [5375] Ooh!
[5376] Ooh!
[5377] Ooh!
Colin (PS01E) [5378] Well there was some ... and [...] this morning [...]
June (PS01B) [5379] Ooh!
[5380] Ooh!
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [5381] I know Ben!
Colin (PS01E) [5382] Let the fire go out last night and we've had it out all day haven't we?
June (PS01B) [5383] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5384] Since what, five o'clock.
June (PS01B) [5385] Tic a tic a tic tic a tic a tic a tic! [tickling little girl]
Albert (PS01A) [5386] Aye.
[5387] You'll probably get them tomorrow then.
June (PS01B) [5388] Tic a tic a tic a tic a tic ee! [tickling little girl]
Colin (PS01E) [5389] But we had them this morning.
[5390] It's in the morning when you see them.
[5391] If you've left cups out they're usually in cups and all.
Albert (PS01A) [5392] Have you eat them all now?
June (PS01B) [5393] Oh!
[5394] Have they all gone?
Karen (PS01F) [5395] No.
June (PS01B) [5396] One left?
Albert (PS01A) [5397] The trouble is if you get her boxfuls she won't stop until you eat the lot!
June (PS01B) [5398] Ah!
[5399] Don't put too many in.
Colin (PS01E) [5400] [laugh] Two in at once.
June (PS01B) [5401] Don't put two in.
Albert (PS01A) [5402] She's had five in her mouth at once!
Colin (PS01E) [5403] Thank you!
June (PS01B) [cough]
Karen (PS01F) [5404] Oh!
Colin (PS01E) [5405] Bang!
Albert (PS01A) [5406] She likes them friendship rings you know.
Colin (PS01E) [5407] Like jelly things?
Albert (PS01A) [5408] Like a, they're like a jelly.
June (PS01B) [5409] There's one look.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5410] This bloke looks like Len .
[5411] Put it in ... pot and everything.
Colin (PS01E) [...]
June (PS01B) [5412] Yes.
[5413] ... Thank you!
Albert (PS01A) [5414] Got a broken [...] .
Corrinne (PS01D) [5415] Yeah.
[5416] I wish we'd had.
Albert (PS01A) [5417] Have they all gone now?
Karen (PS01F) [5418] Ah?
Albert (PS01A) [5419] Have they all gone?
[5420] They have!
Corrinne (PS01D) [clears throat]
Colin (PS01E) [5421] Have they all gone?
June (PS01B) [5422] No, we've got one left.
Albert (PS01A) [5423] Your nana's got one.
Karen (PS01F) [laugh]
June (PS01B) [5424] Are you ready?
Albert (PS01A) [5425] Catch!
Colin (PS01E) [5426] Catch it!
June (PS01B) [5427] Catch!
[5428] Wee ee ee ee
Albert (PS01A) [5429] Ach!
June (PS01B) [5430] ee ee ee ee!
Colin (PS01E) [5431] [laugh] It fell.
June (PS01B) [5432] Oh aye.
[5433] She never does.
Albert (PS01A) [5434] I don't think she wants it.
June (PS01B) [5435] No, she's had enough.
Karen (PS01F) [laugh]
Colin (PS01E) [5436] Whoop!
Albert (PS01A) [5437] Whoop!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5438] I'm surprised [...] .
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [5439] Wee ee ee ee!
[5440] Oh!
[5441] Lovely paper!
Colin (PS01E) [5442] No, I was [...] for today and I've gotta go back ... the week after I'm due.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5443] D'ya want a cup of Dawn?
Albert (PS01A) [5444] What time do you go hospital?
Colin (PS01E) [5445] That week af
June (PS01B) [5446] When are you due?
[5447] The sixth, you'll be flipping hoping you've had it before week after you're due!
Colin (PS01E) [5448] Yeah.
[5449] Well I went back [...] [tv very loud]
Karen (PS01F) [5450] No!
[5451] Da!
June (PS01B) [5452] How long did you go over with her?
Karen (PS01F) [5453] Da!
Colin (PS01E) [5454] I think ... I had appointment for week after she were due
Karen (PS01F) [laugh]
Colin (PS01E) [5455] and I, and then, and then I ended up going to that
Albert (PS01A) [5456] Didn't they say owt to you when you think they'd have it?
June (PS01B) [5457] No.
[5458] Well it's only guesswork isn't it?
Albert (PS01A) [5459] Ye well I thought, haven't you had a scan or owt?
June (PS01B) [5460] She's had two haven't you?
Colin (PS01E) [5461] Yeah, right at ... yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5462] Eh?
Colin (PS01E) [5463] Right at the beginning I did.
Albert (PS01A) [5464] Oh!
[5465] You don't have any more then?
Karen (PS01F) [scream]
June (PS01B) [5466] No.
Colin (PS01E) [5467] No.
June (PS01B) [5468] [cough] ... Not unless they think there's something wrong.
Albert (PS01A) [5469] Mm.
Colin (PS01E) [5470] Perhaps I've not forget it then cos that's, that's [...] there's about [...] !
Albert (PS01A) [5471] [cough] ... I'd have thought
June (PS01B) [5472] Well, that's alright.
Albert (PS01A) [5473] you'd be going ou finding out what it is.
Colin (PS01E) [5474] They'll only tell you if they're doing it anyway.
[5475] They'll not do it
Albert (PS01A) [5476] They er
June (PS01B) [5477] Oh!
[5478] If you wan they had to tell you when
Colin (PS01E) [5479] Ooh!
June (PS01B) [5480] they're actually doing it?
[5481] Not unless you have to an amniocentesis and then they'll tell you if you want?
June (PS01B) [cough]
Albert (PS01A) [5482] We're alright with another one like you lady!
Colin (PS01E) [5483] There's nothing wrong with her!
[5484] She's a little angel when she's out of
Albert (PS01A) [5485] Aren't we?
Colin (PS01E) [5486] house.
Albert (PS01A) [5487] Where's that
June (PS01B) [5488] Is she?
Albert (PS01A) [5489] baby?
Colin (PS01E) [5490] Yeah.
[5491] She is a little angel.
[5492] ... Tell granddad.
Albert (PS01A) [5493] Where's that baby?
June (PS01B) [5494] She knows you've got it there.
Colin (PS01E) [5495] Ah lovely!
Albert (PS01A) [5496] Is it there?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5497] Took her out other day and she played all day.
Albert (PS01A) [5498] You getting a little sister?
Colin (PS01E) [5499] She goes to sleep now, she tells me when she's tired and she gets in pushchair and that.
[5500] When she gets
Corrinne (PS01D) [5501] Yeah when
Colin (PS01E) [5502] in her sort of chair and whatever.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5503] she started playing, she just playing up cos she banged her head at Tracy's.
[5504] She's alright.
June (PS01B) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5505] She started crying [...]
Colin (PS01E) [5506] The thing is she gets tired.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5507] Yeah that
Albert (PS01A) [5508] See you Mick.
Colin (PS01E) [5509] She gets tired.
June (PS01B) [5510] She started doing that funny face when we had her last time!
[5511] What?
[5512] They've all gone?
Colin (PS01E) [5513] What when she's tired?
June (PS01B) [5514] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5515] She does.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5516] She doesn't cry. [laugh]
June (PS01B) [5517] And a bloke come in garage yesterday, he's just one of them hoovers like yours.
[5518] So I says, I, I were telling him though, I'm going ten o'clock my car needs done!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5519] Not bad are they?
June (PS01B) [5520] No.
Albert (PS01A) [5521] No the er ... I think there as good as Vax but they're not as cheap
Karen (PS01F) [5522] There.
Albert (PS01A) [5523] as Vax.
Karen (PS01F) [5524] There.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5525] They are!
[5526] Cheaper!
Karen (PS01F) [5527] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5528] Are they?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5529] Yeah.
[5530] That's why I've got it.
[5531] Could have had a Vax.
Colin (PS01E) [5532] It's the cheaper one.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5533] Th th the cheapest one like.
Albert (PS01A) [5534] Aha.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5535] They said it well it
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5536] [...] like, and he said were as good
Albert (PS01A) [5537] Do
Corrinne (PS01D) [5538] as what a Vax were.
Albert (PS01A) [5539] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5540] You know.
Albert (PS01A) [5541] They are because a th the in the good feature about it is ... that and the Vax, that doesn't bloody fall over.
[5542] It's drawback ... if, it's doesn't hold as much ... fluid.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5543] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [laugh]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5544] Yeah I know.
Albert (PS01A) [5545] I re I, I, I've ... it got a monotonous filling it up.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5546] Yeah, to have it filled up.
Albert (PS01A) [5547] But you don't have to empty it every time do you?
Colin (PS01E) [5548] Yeah Kia ... what you done to your leg Kia?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5549] I usually ... I usually fill that
Colin (PS01E) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5550] you know that thing what you fill up ... with liquid?
Albert (PS01A) [5551] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5552] Kia!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5553] Er the ... fill that up twice
Colin (PS01E) [5554] You have to keep chasing that.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5555] and then empty it.
Albert (PS01A) [5556] That's what I were doing, twice.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5557] Yeah.
[5558] Every two goes.
Colin (PS01E) [5559] We did kitchen when we bought some carpet cleaner didn't we?
Albert (PS01A) [5560] I like the idea of the pipe going up the er ... up the inside d'ya know what I mean?
Colin (PS01E) [5561] Ready!
[5562] Steady!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5563] Yeah.
[5564] In your
Albert (PS01A) [5565] Cos you haven't got all ... pipe
Corrinne (PS01D) [5566] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5567] switched all
June (PS01B) [5568] No!
Albert (PS01A) [5569] over place.
June (PS01B) [5570] Kia!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5571] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5572] Don't!
Karen (PS01F) [crying]
June (PS01B) [5573] Kia!
Colin (PS01E) [5574] Get Kia!
Albert (PS01A) [5575] Then all you've got to do is take the
June (PS01B) [5576] I'll get Kia!
Albert (PS01A) [5577] take the bag out.
June (PS01B) [5578] It's gone!
[5579] I bet she's had it.
Albert (PS01A) [5580] Well I've got to ... change the complete unit.
[5581] Cos
Corrinne (PS01D) [5582] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5583] one's a dry unit and one's a wet unit.
Colin (PS01E) [5584] You're supposed to use bag in that when you do it like, but [...] ?
Albert (PS01A) [5585] What, paper bags?
Colin (PS01E) [5586] Yeah!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5587] Yeah, you know, you know when you put your filter
Colin (PS01E) [5588] When you're drying [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5589] in, you're supposed to be a bag in first and then your filter.
[5590] But when you put your filter in it won't run because by time your bag's filling up ... it's pushing your filter in.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5591] That's what this one's like.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5592] But then.
Colin (PS01E) [5593] Until we get the bags.
Albert (PS01A) [5594] What you mean?
[5595] It's a
Corrinne (PS01D) [5596] Come in here.
[5597] I'll show you.
Colin (PS01E) [5598] When you're do it dry.
Karen (PS01F) [scream]
Albert (PS01A) [5599] You noisy little bugger!
Colin (PS01E) [5600] Then put the top on.
June (PS01B) [5601] Oh!
[5602] Alright. [...] .
Colin (PS01E) [5603] Put your filter like that.
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5604] You put your bag ... on that.
Albert (PS01A) [5605] Oh!
[5606] I see.
[5607] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5608] See what I mean?
Albert (PS01A) [5609] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5610] But when your filter's in ... it's
Albert (PS01A) [5611] Er, well it's only to protect that.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5612] Well this is really to protect this, mostly.
Albert (PS01A) [5613] No, I mean, it's prot it's to protect the bag.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5614] The bag?
Albert (PS01A) [5615] The cloth bag.
[5616] Not unless you keep
Colin (PS01E) [5617] Oh yeah!
Albert (PS01A) [5618] taking that out and keep it clean.
[5619] You've got to keep washing that.
[5620] You'll have to keep washing that to er
Corrinne (PS01D) [5621] What this?
Albert (PS01A) [5622] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5623] What about your dummy?
Albert (PS01A) [5624] Cos the dust'll deteriorate it.
Colin (PS01E) [5625] [...] want to bring it up?
[5626] And my shampoo. ... [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5627] Well, they told us not to wet it.
[5628] That's why they told us to keep it out when you were cleaning.
Albert (PS01A) [5629] Oh aye.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5630] They told us not to wet it.
Albert (PS01A) [5631] Yeah, that.
[5632] While it's
Corrinne (PS01D) [5633] That.
Albert (PS01A) [5634] wet.
[5635] Well while it's dry, it won't wet will it?
June (PS01B) [5636] Yeah.
[5637] I think [...] .
Colin (PS01E) [5638] I know we never used it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5639] But you put that, you put a bag in
Colin (PS01E) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5640] now put your filter in, it just ... it lids your bag but your bag splits because there's no room for your bag.
June (PS01B) [5641] There!
Albert (PS01A) [5642] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5643] They should be dome-shaped bags shouldn't they?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5644] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5645] Then [laughing] they'd work [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [5646] They'd go down bottom wouldn't they?
Albert (PS01A) [5647] They'd cost a fortune and
June (PS01B) [5648] No!
Albert (PS01A) [5649] all won't they?
June (PS01B) [5650] No!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5651] No mother!
[5652] I'm only doing [...]
June (PS01B) [5653] Oh!
[5654] She needs it Corrinne!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5655] Well th well that ... that filter's mainly to protect your motoring.
Albert (PS01A) [5656] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5657] You know, so it don't get covered in dust.
Albert (PS01A) [5658] This is what I'm saying whe ... with it, with it being
June (PS01B) [5659] Where's your other [...] go?
Albert (PS01A) [5660] There's no er ... wet filter in.
[5661] What
Corrinne (PS01D) [5662] [...] !
Albert (PS01A) [5663] you call a wet filter to
Corrinne (PS01D) [5664] Yeah.
[5665] I know.
June (PS01B) [5666] Benjy likes you in you when you feed him don't he?
Albert (PS01A) [5667] to stop the water going up into motor.
Karen (PS01F) [5668] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5669] He always runs after thee!
Albert (PS01A) [5670] And I thought it ... you know
Karen (PS01F) [5671] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [...]
June (PS01B) [5672] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5673] Our Corrinne brought the car home didn't she?
June (PS01B) [5674] Yeah!
[5675] We'll get it back.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5676] Well like, only bit of piping you mess about is that
Albert (PS01A) [5677] That little ... mind you, it is a bit of a
Colin (PS01E) [5678] What that? [...]
June (PS01B) [5679] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5680] It takes ages!
Albert (PS01A) [5681] It could have been ma I tell you what happened to me.
[5682] I backed up onto it ... I backed up onto it, you know, when I was do ta ... and ... I were hoovering away, I thought ... aye aye!
[5683] Water's gone out of bag.
[5684] I turned round and it were all right at back of my jeans!
June (PS01B) [5685] D'ya know, I thought she said that I weren't coming
Albert (PS01A) [5686] I knocked the pipe off
June (PS01B) [5687] back.
Albert (PS01A) [5688] and it comes out of hoover.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5689] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5690] [laughing] And it's squirting all over my pigging leg [] !
[5691] I thought, oh!
Colin (PS01E) [5692] [...] .
[5693] He, don't she, she keeps saying damn?
June (PS01B) [5694] When she were
Corrinne (PS01D) [5695] Yes.
June (PS01B) [5696] at our house the other Saturday, she were playing and she said, I said, what did you say?
[5697] And she just went on saying it.
Albert (PS01A) [5698] Bit like your parrot ... don't repeat nowt!
Colin (PS01E) [5699] I don't know where she's got it from!
June (PS01B) [5700] Yeah.
Colin (PS01E) [5701] I sa we thought maybe she were saying
Corrinne (PS01D) [5702] Well I don't say damn.
Colin (PS01E) [5703] down instead.
Albert (PS01A) [5704] Oh!
[5705] I forgot them little green men.
Colin (PS01E) [5706] Can you hear her saying it?
[5707] I'm wondering if she's saying down ... you know, like ... cos they fall down ... she saying up, and then she's damn.
Albert (PS01A) [5708] She might be
June (PS01B) [5709] Up!
Colin (PS01E) [5710] Cos I can't think where she's [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5711] Where are they?
Karen (PS01F) [5712] There.
Albert (PS01A) [5713] What's these on floor?
Colin (PS01E) [5714] I don't think she's saying damn, I think she just [...] .
June (PS01B) [5715] Yeah, I thought she were saying damn, so maybe she were saying down.
Colin (PS01E) [5716] Cos, we've heard her say it but I can't think how she can be.
[5717] I don't know where she gets it from.
[5718] Nobody uses it.
[5719] ... I think she must be saying down, [laughing] it just sounds like [] ... Er!
Albert (PS01A) [5720] Bom!
[5721] Bom!
[5722] He's got long hair and all.
Colin (PS01E) [5723] [laughing] [...] she keeps saying it [] !
Corrinne (PS01D) [5724] That other
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5725] gonna be next world champ that Michael .
Colin (PS01E) [5726] Are you sleepy then?
Albert (PS01A) [5727] You think so?
Colin (PS01E) [5728] Yeah.
[5729] Are you sleepy now?
Karen (PS01F) [5730] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5731] Between him and that ... Lennox bloke.
Albert (PS01A) [5732] Ooh!
[5733] Woo!
[5734] Woo!
[5735] What you doing?
June (PS01B) [5736] Well did you see that one other night?
Colin (PS01E) [5737] Kissing.
Karen (PS01F) [...]
June (PS01B) [5738] Erm ... I think we saw somebody [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5739] Are you putting that extra line on this week?
June (PS01B) [5740] and then we went home before.
Albert (PS01A) [5741] Eh?
[5742] You putting that extra line on this week?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5743] Who?
Albert (PS01A) [5744] Are we putting that extra line on this week?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5745] Yeah.
[5746] Yeah.
[5747] I'd have done eight more and then move across [...] .
[5748] Who were that?
Albert (PS01A) [5749] We're gonna have that, we're gonna have that million.
June (PS01B) [5750] Who were it boxing we were watching ... other night, when they were messing about?
Albert (PS01A) [5751] Oh!
[5752] World champion.
[5753] Er ... who is it, middle weight?
[5754] Were they middle weights?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5755] Oh!
[5756] You mean erm
Albert (PS01A) [5757] Yeah we do.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5758] Him who knocked Michael Watson out, who's in a coma?
June (PS01B) [5759] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5760] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5761] Him.
June (PS01B) [5762] I thought it were rubbish!
Albert (PS01A) [5763] You know
June (PS01B) [5764] He couldn't have played with him
Albert (PS01A) [5765] Did you see him?
June (PS01B) [5766] if he'd have wanted to!
Albert (PS01A) [5767] Di did you see him though Mick?
June (PS01B) [5768] He were just messing about!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5769] That's, that's who he boxed ... that Michael Watson in first place.
[5770] And beat him.
Albert (PS01A) [5771] What like that?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5772] Yeah.
[5773] That's, that's all he does.
[5774] You know how he does like ... moved off him then [...]
June (PS01B) [5775] He just stands back and looks at them!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5776] Yeah.
Albert (PS01A) [5777] Well, I'll tell you something, he's gonna get in ring with one,som with so with a fighter ... one day ... and they're gonna knock seven colours of shit out of him!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5778] Hope so.
[5779] That Michael Watson give him some stick.
[5780] In fact, if he hadn't have knocked him and out and put him in a coma in last round ... that Michael Watson would have won it.
Albert (PS01A) [5781] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5782] He did half batter him!
[5783] And he just gave him one in last round and that were it!
[5784] He's in a coma.
June (PS01B) [5785] Is he out of of hospital or is he still in?
Albert (PS01A) [5786] No, he's still in.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5787] Still in, but he's ... I think come off
Albert (PS01A) [5788] He's recovered.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5789] he, he's recovered, he's come off that life support machine ... but he's still
Colin (PS01E) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5790] Well
Albert (PS01A) [5791] I thought they said it were over?
June (PS01B) [5792] They said he even thought about giving it up didn't he?
[5793] After he
Albert (PS01A) [5794] Oh!
[5795] Has he, replay.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5796] It's just his way to talk to them, that's how he, that's how he boxes.
[5797] Dead funny boxer!
Albert (PS01A) [5798] But I ... I was, I was bored to tears!
[5799] I thought they were gonna play some music and let them dance!
June (PS01B) [5800] Int it terrible!
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [5801] Oh!
Albert (PS01A) [cough]
June (PS01B) [...]
Corrinne (PS01D) [5802] But then again, that's the first time he's been in ring since
Colin (PS01E) [5803] [...] all day.
Albert (PS01A) [5804] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5805] him and Michael Watson, and he won.
[5806] And then it upset him [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5807] Well I'll tell you know ... for my money ... he didn't deserve to win.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5808] No, I'd have thought he'd have put up a better show than that.
Albert (PS01A) [5809] You know, because i it was absolute, I was bored to tears!
June (PS01B) [5810] Then you, the way they spoke about him they thought he were brilliant!
Albert (PS01A) [5811] They were thought he were brilliant, but he wasn't!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5812] Well in some of [...] he boxes like that ... and once he hits them, and he knows he's hurt them, then they
Albert (PS01A) [5813] Oh yeah!
Corrinne (PS01D) [5814] get stuck into them!
Albert (PS01A) [5815] He's a heavy hitter, admitted.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5816] Yeah.
June (PS01B) [5817] What's happening in
Corrinne (PS01D) [5818] But er
June (PS01B) [5819] Tyson case?
[5820] Has anyone been on telly?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5821] Well he's
Corrinne (PS01D) [5822] Well they're trying to set this trial aren't they?
Colin (PS01E) [5823] They said Tyson admitted it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5824] Yeah.
[5825] It's er, admitted something with a ho hotel [...] .
Colin (PS01E) [5826] Oh!
[5827] Whatever
Corrinne (PS01D) [5828] The what?
Colin (PS01E) [5829] the jurors were saying.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5830] They wanted to bring ... they wanted to bring some
Colin (PS01E) [5831] And he had.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5832] Tyson's lawyer wanted to bring some women in or summat, these three women ... what would say ... what other, like go against her to say erm ... that she wou just wanted him ... [...]
Albert (PS01A) [5833] Yeah.
[5834] Oh!
[5835] I read it in paper about it.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5836] They wouldn't have it.
[5837] They, they says no.
[5838] E ... evidence is no good if ... dismissible or summat, admissible whatever.
Albert (PS01A) [5839] Insu not ins ... admissible.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5840] Inadmissible.
Albert (PS01A) [5841] Inadmissible.
June (PS01B) [5842] Yeah.
Corrinne (PS01D) [5843] And er
June (PS01B) [5844] They've got to tell the hearsay innit?
Corrinne (PS01D) [5845] Although, saying th at this big do what they were having that ... when Tyson walked in this one woman says that ... that beauty queen and this other woman were singing that Money, Money, Money by Abba.