BNC Text KB2

25 conversations recorded by `Alec' (PS01T) between 31 January and 7 February 1992 with 5 interlocutors, totalling 5729 s-units, 35089 words (duration not recorded).

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 60

PS01T Ag5 m (Alec, age 68, retired, Central Northern England, )
PS01U Ag4 f (Ann, age 45, saleswoman, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS01V Ag5 f (Joyce, age 63, retired, Central Northern England, ) wife
PS01W X f (Joan, age unknown, retired, Central Northern England, ) friend
KB2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

25 recordings

  1. Tape 061001 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  2. Tape 061002 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  3. Tape 061003 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  4. Tape 061004 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  5. Tape 061005 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  6. Tape 061006 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  7. Tape 061007 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: having a cup of tea
  8. Tape 061101 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: drinking tea
  9. Tape 061301 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Woodlands ( club ) Activity: over sixties club
  10. Tape 061302 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 061401 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 061402 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 061403 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Doncaster ( market ) Activity: shopping and talking to friends
  14. Tape 061404 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Doncaster ( market ) Activity: shopping
  15. Tape 061405 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: having a cup of tea
  16. Tape 061501 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 061502 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 061503 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 061504 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 061505 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 061506 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 061507 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 061508 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 061509 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 061510 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 061001)

Joyce (PS01V) [1] Who's here?
Alec (PS01T) [2] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [3] Who's hang that coat up?
Ann (PS01U) [4] Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [5] Yeah ...
Ann (PS01U) [6] Hiya
Joyce (PS01V) [7] Hiya
Ann (PS01U) [8] Bloody fog eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [9] Are you alright?
Ann (PS01U) [10] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [11] Terrible int it?
Ann (PS01U) [12] Aye
Joyce (PS01V) [13] I didn't I didn't know if you'd be coming or not.
Ann (PS01U) [14] Oh, God
Joyce (PS01V) [15] Mind you, you had a good week off didn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [16] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [17] It was terrible
Ann (PS01U) [18] Yeah, freezing weren't it?
[19] It was cold up there
Joyce (PS01V) [20] Was it?
Ann (PS01U) [21] Mm, bitter, it's like really biting up there
Joyce (PS01V) [22] Yeah, how did Dan go on?
Ann (PS01U) [23] Erm, most of it grown, it'd grown back and it has grown back funny
Joyce (PS01V) [24] Do what?
Ann (PS01U) [25] My sideboard has grown back, it's grown back funny
Joyce (PS01V) [26] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [27] you know, more like causing a blockage and that
Joyce (PS01V) [28] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [29] you know
Joyce (PS01V) [30] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [31] so we are alright now
Joyce (PS01V) [32] [cough] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [33] thank God
Joyce (PS01V) [34] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [35] there's no bugger in
Joyce (PS01V) [36] So what did you like, what did you think about your week off then?
Ann (PS01U) [37] Me, liked it off thank you
Joyce (PS01V) [38] Do you like it up there?
[39] Did you like it off? [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [40] Oh I do
Joyce (PS01V) [41] You didn't enjoy it?
Ann (PS01U) [42] No, ready for home
Joyce (PS01V) [43] We are
Ann (PS01U) [44] Bored
Joyce (PS01V) [45] we are
Ann (PS01U) [46] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [47] our old
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [48] be in town, if you only go up and see her if you're in town couldn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [49] Oh God, he went in Sunday, Bill took him in at ten o'clock about sixteen mile here and sixteen mile back it is
Alec (PS01T) [50] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [51] so Sunday we went [clears throat] Sunday afternoon when
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [52] had got back we had to go back again, er Monday he had his operation so we didn't go in afternoon we went over the Metro Centre, but I couldn't settle, so we come back
Joyce (PS01V) [53] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [54] [clears throat] and er
Joyce (PS01V) [55] When did he have his operation?
Ann (PS01U) [56] Monday morning
Joyce (PS01V) [57] Oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [58] Joe said he went through night, he said I sat and come home in morning
Joyce (PS01V) [59] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [60] so he come home Wednesday morning
Joyce (PS01V) [61] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [62] and then he went back Monday for his stitches out
Joyce (PS01V) [63] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [64] and then he's got a big packing, he can't have that out like tenth of February er so
Joyce (PS01V) [65] So he was only in for a couple of days then?
Ann (PS01U) [66] Yeah Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Joyce (PS01V) [67] It's like Peggy across the road
Ann (PS01U) [68] four days
Joyce (PS01V) [69] she had, she's had to have her breast off you know, she had cancer
Ann (PS01U) [70] Has she?
Joyce (PS01V) [71] and she had it er Tuesday
Ann (PS01U) [72] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [73] and I went across to see how she was and he says I'm expecting her home today, that were Thursday, so that was
Ann (PS01U) [74] It's not long enough you know
Joyce (PS01V) [75] that was two days
Ann (PS01U) [76] disgusting
Joyce (PS01V) [77] that was two days
Ann (PS01U) [78] Yeah well, they let her home in a week you know
Joyce (PS01V) [79] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [80] after a week
Joyce (PS01V) [81] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [82] and right, they have a drainage thing on it
Joyce (PS01V) [83] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [84] to fetch all badness, I mean it were all five of those bottle or four up in London
Joyce (PS01V) [85] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [86] erm, you know like creamy stuff and that
Joyce (PS01V) [87] Yes
Ann (PS01U) [88] anyway they were needed beds, so they sent her home, and er, you know er see that stuff that come away, you see there were still some stuff left to come away
Joyce (PS01V) [89] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [90] and it finds a way to
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [91] and she was in a right mess
Joyce (PS01V) [92] So where is she now?
Ann (PS01U) [93] right in between stitches, it was all oozing out
Joyce (PS01V) [94] Oh God, dear
Ann (PS01U) [95] One day she sat here and she had a T-shirt on Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [96] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [97] and yes she was just all covered
Joyce (PS01V) [98] Was she?
Ann (PS01U) [99] with all this stuff and she were like it were eh hard
Joyce (PS01V) [100] It's like your dad were, weren't it, but he's, he had a hole in his back, so it ran up, and it used to fill up and it, every so often it would burst out wouldn't it [...]
Ann (PS01U) [101] Yeah, you see it's just got to come away
Joyce (PS01V) [102] She couldn't keep up with cloths and that for it
Ann (PS01U) [103] No
Joyce (PS01V) [104] could she?
Ann (PS01U) [105] No
Joyce (PS01V) [106] She had a right job did she with it?
Ann (PS01U) [107] but like somebody else that were in, erm, the, the bloody pressure were up so they kept them in cos of that
Joyce (PS01V) [108] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [109] over the weekend
Alec (PS01T) [110] Don't they [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [111] No
Alec (PS01T) [112] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [113] and they kept their
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [114] bottle on longer you see, while they were in and they were alright, and it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [115] no
Ann (PS01U) [116] She had some right trouble because they, they sent her home too early, so
Alec (PS01T) [117] I did know they let her home, I didn't know she had her breast off though
Joyce (PS01V) [118] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [119] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [120] did you?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [121] that's worse than having
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [122] it looks worse
Alec (PS01T) [123] Oh does it?
Ann (PS01U) [124] Does it?
Joyce (PS01V) [125] it look's worse
Ann (PS01U) [126] I've never seen it
Joyce (PS01V) [127] erm, er in next bed to have, they've gotta have, well the
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [128] pretty shook up
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [129] anyway
Ann (PS01U) [130] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [131] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [132] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [133] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [134] Oh dear, oh dear
Joyce (PS01V) [135] er in next bed to our Beryl
Ann (PS01U) [136] She's ever so bitter about it then
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [137] about fifty
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [138] she's fifty two
Ann (PS01U) [139] Yeah, she's about that age, yeah she is about that age
Joyce (PS01V) [140] you see, you know, er
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [141] that little girl though, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [142] fifty eight is worse age for breast cancer
Ann (PS01U) [143] Is it?
Joyce (PS01V) [144] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [145] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [146] er there's a bit of stew in there, would you like some of that heated up in microwave?
[147] It's all that's left from yesterday ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [148] it's only vegetables in that, there's nothing fattening in it
Ann (PS01U) [149] Oh Joyce I'm not worried about oh fat in it anyway
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [150] Oh [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [151] not this weather anyway
Ann (PS01U) [152] Er, erm
Joyce (PS01V) [153] I thought you were watching it like, you know
Ann (PS01U) [154] No ... I've eaten more bloody stuff while I were up there last week meant for a star, bought chocolate
Joyce (PS01V) [155] Have you?
Ann (PS01U) [156] Oh I was bored to tears and I was eating whole time
Joyce (PS01V) [157] Ooh
Ann (PS01U) [158] going and buying
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [159] you said you were going up nearer
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [160] instead of just going, you should of said oh I just come up for a few days
Ann (PS01U) [161] Blair had to look after him Joy cos he were bad when he come home like
Joyce (PS01V) [162] Ah
Ann (PS01U) [163] you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [164] Ah
Ann (PS01U) [165] He come home Wednesday night, they went and picked him up
Joyce (PS01V) [166] Oh she went in like?
Ann (PS01U) [167] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [168] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [169] and er what did he do, got out of car, banged his bloody head on car
Joyce (PS01V) [170] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [171] his ear started bleeding
Joyce (PS01V) [172] Ooh love him
Ann (PS01U) [173] the very next day anyway I sent for a doctor
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [174] mm
Ann (PS01U) [175] anyway doctor said she should, they shouldn't of even let you home
Joyce (PS01V) [176] Tt
Ann (PS01U) [177] he said I can't believe it, I mean he had the operation Monday
Joyce (PS01V) [178] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [179] he says er, it's a big operation that
Joyce (PS01V) [180] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [181] cos like you go dizzy and that, it hits your balance you know what I mean and then
Joyce (PS01V) [182] Of course
Ann (PS01U) [183] were having this packing
Joyce (PS01V) [184] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [185] anyway, erm tt bloody smell smoke, making him feel sick
Joyce (PS01V) [186] Oh so he couldn't have a smoke?
Ann (PS01U) [187] He didn't have a comfortable drag Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [188] [laugh] A comfortable drag
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [189] oh
Ann (PS01U) [190] Oh I feel so sorry for
Joyce (PS01V) [191] Oh we've had er, there was this wait Chris rung us up, she's coming over in April
Ann (PS01U) [192] Oh is she?
Joyce (PS01V) [193] she's coming over before David
Ann (PS01U) [194] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [195] have a few weeks well
Ann (PS01U) [196] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [197] she's having seven weeks
Ann (PS01U) [198] Oh yeah is she?
Joyce (PS01V) [199] ain't she?
[200] And then David's coming over and having three weeks, so she'll be over seven weeks
Ann (PS01U) [201] Oh that'll be lovely that
Joyce (PS01V) [202] So I said to him
Ann (PS01U) [203] with the kids?
Joyce (PS01V) [204] Yeah, I said yeah, I mean it is, I said, you come tomorrow if you like bedrooms are ready, but you see she'll be staying at her mum's some time
Ann (PS01U) [205] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [206] she'll be staying here and at her mum's but er
Ann (PS01U) [207] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [208] her mum or er
Ann (PS01U) [209] Ooh that'll be nice
Joyce (PS01V) [210] her mum really she's got a lot on, she'll have a lot on cos she's got to prepare for that wedding, you know what you're like when you, you've got
Ann (PS01U) [211] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [212] you know if you want, want to be doing things don't you get out of house and that
Ann (PS01U) [213] Yeah,pre preparing for a wedding, yeah ... aye
Alec (PS01T) [214] Just stop here now can you see caravan out on road? [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [215] It'll be old'un won't it?
Alec (PS01T) [216] Yeah September er
Ann (PS01U) [217] Eh?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [218] right, have you heard owt from
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [219] no, er paid er his money
Joyce (PS01V) [220] Oh have you oh
Alec (PS01T) [221] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [222] good everything's alright then
Alec (PS01T) [223] brewery, brewery's took it over
Joyce (PS01V) [224] Brewery, oh
Alec (PS01T) [225] must of took whole lot of them ...
Joyce (PS01V) [226] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [227] took all ground and everything off them
Joyce (PS01V) [228] Yeah ... yeah, well they've got plenty of money breweries haven't they?
Alec (PS01T) [229] Yeah, I, have some [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [230] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [231] have some of mine if it's
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [232] We haven't been out for a drink us since, I think last time we went out New Year's Day ...
Alec (PS01T) [233] It's only now
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [234] Aye we so far
Alec (PS01T) [235] We so far
Joyce (PS01V) [236] were down were hospital Sunday I says to her I tell what
Ann (PS01U) [237] Cor all that [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [238] and er you know we can have a drink, we'll go out and have a drink and have a meal like, anyway our John says oh
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [239] mum, I'm not bothered about going out, you know so
Ann (PS01U) [240] No
Joyce (PS01V) [241] we've not been out now we us
Ann (PS01U) [242] No
Alec (PS01T) [243] we haven't been since Sunday dinner have we?
Joyce (PS01V) [244] Erm centre on Wednesday
Alec (PS01T) [245] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [246] Your
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [247] only for a drink
Joyce (PS01V) [248] Oh not for a drink, no, no we haven't
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [249] we have, but it's Friday
Ann (PS01U) [250] What a difference it makes, it costs you at least ten pounds a night
Joyce (PS01V) [251] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [252] so if you're staying a few nights some get some saved up don't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [253] Yeah of course you can, I mean my mum haven't been out for weeks
Ann (PS01U) [254] No
Joyce (PS01V) [255] she still had that cold
Ann (PS01U) [256] Has she?
Joyce (PS01V) [257] Aye
Ann (PS01U) [258] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [259] well we, we stayed in a week when we had that cold didn't we?
[260] We stayed in for a week
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [261] and then we started going out didn't we?
[262] You know
Alec (PS01T) [263] And we haven't been out this week either
Joyce (PS01V) [264] No, but it's surprising how you, you get set you, you soon get used to it not going out
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [265] I mean he's used to going out, but he, you still get used to not going out as well don't you?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [266] That's how it goes
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [267] well it's been, the, the weather's not been fit has it?
Ann (PS01U) [268] No
Joyce (PS01V) [269] I mean with his chest being bad he's
Ann (PS01U) [270] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [271] not been fit to go out
Ann (PS01U) [272] I mean we went to pick babe up five o'clock erm Saturday and I had to ring it were really freezing cold
Joyce (PS01V) [273] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [274] cos they've had their car pinched
Joyce (PS01V) [275] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [276] took the car keys to them
Joyce (PS01V) [277] Who has?
Ann (PS01U) [278] Our Wayne and
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [279] who got babe, they've only had car a month
Joyce (PS01V) [280] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [281] and they were, Pip's in hospital
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [282] oh where are they?
Ann (PS01U) [283] They went to see him Monday night, with all that fog, they come out and bloody car had gone
Joyce (PS01V) [284] Oh my God
Ann (PS01U) [285] and er police rang them up Tuesday, cos er they found car at Great Alton, they went to pick it up, somebody had nicked it again
Alec (PS01T) [286] Yeah?
Ann (PS01U) [287] so erm ... it's a right bloody case
Alec (PS01T) [288] Wonder how they're getting in?
Ann (PS01U) [289] Just smash the lock, what they do, what, what that cop told us, oh that looks nice Joyce, they just erm get her things, put it on wall like that and then they just start it with wires, but it, that's what they trying to do with ours, but er they've either, either been disturbed or erm they, they took theirs, Monday night in all that fog
Joyce (PS01V) [290] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [291] and
Joyce (PS01V) [292] poor things
Ann (PS01U) [293] police rang them up this woman had rung him up, she's got a farm at Great Alton and
Joyce (PS01V) [294] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [295] oh she says there's an Astra car here
Joyce (PS01V) [296] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [297] in middle of field, so er anyway police came
Joyce (PS01V) [298] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [299] and erm they said er oh it's been stolen like, rang our Wayne up, our Wayne went through to pick it up
Joyce (PS01V) [300] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [301] and er gone again, somebody nicked it again
Joyce (PS01V) [302] Oh, never
Ann (PS01U) [303] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [304] Oh ...
Ann (PS01U) [305] It's nice this stew is
Joyce (PS01V) [306] It's alright if you like in it, I put steak and kidney in it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [307] seems to be ate tons of it [laughing] today, eh []
Ann (PS01U) [308] There's plenty of meat
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [309] yeah we ate we right enjoyed it
Joyce (PS01V) [310] It's nice and tasty though don't it?
[311] It warms you up
Ann (PS01U) [312] Oh yeah, what you reckon Joy I did it cos we went to see his sister yesterday, cos he's only got one sister so we go and see her, see her regular and, she's not all that good is she in health?
Alec (PS01T) [313] No
Ann (PS01U) [314] So she said she's no car to come over here
Joyce (PS01V) [315] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [316] we go over there and erm ... so I do, what I did I put that meat out to thaw the night before so it was thawed
Joyce (PS01V) [317] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [318] so I thought well I'd put that in with some onion
Joyce (PS01V) [319] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [320] and, so I did, you know, and, and pearl barley in it
Joyce (PS01V) [321] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [322] and then er I thought oh I might as well put some veg in, you know, so I put some veg in, so when we, I says oh I'll do this, I'll do this stew, you know, nearly to finish it like, and erm when we come in we'll have a meal ready for us, it were right nice coming into it meal ready
Joyce (PS01V) [323] Yeah, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [324] weren't it love?
Alec (PS01T) [325] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [326] Can be, how my hyacinth gone, look at it, the silly thing [laugh] it's gone cock-eyed, can you see it
Joyce (PS01V) [327] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [328] instead of growing up straight look ... one of those things has broke off on that Alec
Alec (PS01T) [329] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [330] I've got plants, quite a few plants upstairs, the only geraniums I've put in my greenhouse has died, must of been too cold for them
Joyce (PS01V) [331] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [332] but I put some upstairs, good job, but I did loads didn't I all little cuttings, they were coming on a bit weren't they?
Alec (PS01T) [333] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [334] Still
Joyce (PS01V) [335] You learn don't you?
[336] Live and learn
Ann (PS01U) [337] Yeah, I cooked a lasagne this morning, I thought well
Joyce (PS01V) [338] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [339] just pop it in oven then when they come in
Joyce (PS01V) [340] Ah yeah
Ann (PS01U) [341] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [342] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [343] so
Joyce (PS01V) [344] I've never done one of them
Ann (PS01U) [345] Ain't you?
[346] It's lovely Joyce it's really nice
Joyce (PS01V) [347] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [348] do it with mince meat and it's cheap and erm, but my, erm ... chopped onions, I can't, I'm allergic to mushrooms, it's nice with mushrooms in, if you like mushrooms
Joyce (PS01V) [349] Oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [350] erm chop my oni onio onions er onions up and erm, what do they call it?
[351] ... It's sort of like cucumber
Joyce (PS01V) [352] Oh er
Ann (PS01U) [353] green stuff
Joyce (PS01V) [354] erm
Ann (PS01U) [355] not
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [356] courgettes
Ann (PS01U) [357] Yeah, courgettes do a little brown frying
Joyce (PS01V) [358] Yeah, yeah yeah
Ann (PS01U) [359] and then cut some bacon up, put that in saucepan just let it brown a bit
Joyce (PS01V) [360] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [361] in a bit of fat, er soften onions, then put mince in, brown mince
Joyce (PS01V) [362] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [363] erm a bit of garlic if you like garlic, we don't like it that much, so I get garlic salt that's not as strong
Joyce (PS01V) [364] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [365] and the erm put a tin of tomatoes in
Joyce (PS01V) [366] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [367] in er a spoon of tomato puree
Joyce (PS01V) [368] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [369] and some mixed herbs
Joyce (PS01V) [370] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [371] with salt and pepper and that
Joyce (PS01V) [372] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [373] then just simmer it
Joyce (PS01V) [374] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [375] er and then just put some er on bottom of a dish if you put a mixture
Joyce (PS01V) [376] What like the mixture, yeah , mm
Ann (PS01U) [377] and then you make some white sauce up, you pour white sauce on top
Joyce (PS01V) [378] mm
Ann (PS01U) [379] and then I buy that lasagne that's already cooked, just in like strips
Joyce (PS01V) [380] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [381] the lasagne verdi
Joyce (PS01V) [382] Oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [383] and put it on top
Joyce (PS01V) [384] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [385] and I put the lo row, row of mixture of bolognese like
Joyce (PS01V) [386] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [387] then some more white sauce, then another
Joyce (PS01V) [388] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [389] row of lasagne
Joyce (PS01V) [390] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [391] then my mince again
Joyce (PS01V) [392] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [393] white sauce and then just grate cheese on top
Joyce (PS01V) [394] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [395] and it's really nice
Joyce (PS01V) [396] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [397] filling an'all
Joyce (PS01V) [398] Yeah lovely
Ann (PS01U) [399] I don't think you'll like it though do you?
[400] Eh?
Alec (PS01T) [401] Don't sound like it
Ann (PS01U) [402] Mind you, he likes tomatoes he likes, he likes mince, he
Joyce (PS01V) [403] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [404] likes onions, bacon and stuff like that
Joyce (PS01V) [405] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [406] er it tastes really nice, I mean like, you can put carrots in it if you want
Joyce (PS01V) [407] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [408] I mean like Alison she puts mushrooms in, she puts
Joyce (PS01V) [409] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [410] red peppers, green peppers, she
Joyce (PS01V) [411] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [412] puts all sorts, but we don't bother to buy all that
Joyce (PS01V) [413] Mm, no, no we don't like peppers , I don't like peppers
Alec (PS01T) [414] No garlic
Ann (PS01U) [415] No
Joyce (PS01V) [416] No
Ann (PS01U) [417] but, I like that garlic salt, it's alright that
Joyce (PS01V) [418] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [419] it's not strong or owt you know?
Joyce (PS01V) [420] Yeah I've got
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [421] salt as well mm
Ann (PS01U) [422] But but, I put
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [423] in that, so I've got a bag, I've got a bag of that erm stew pack you know, frozen, that's really handy that int it?
[424] I put my meat in and er, and erm tt my onions
Ann (PS01U) [425] Is it like mixed veg like?
Joyce (PS01V) [426] Yeah, stew pack
Ann (PS01U) [427] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [428] with all sorts in it, onions
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [429] turnip, carrots, er all, all the root veg like you know
Ann (PS01U) [430] Aye, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [431] so what I did I put another carrot in extra
Ann (PS01U) [432] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [433] and a couple of onions in extra and er
Ann (PS01U) [434] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [435] some celery what I got fresh, I cooked some of that cos that's what I got from that bloke [...]
Ann (PS01U) [436] Oh that's good Joyce, very tasty
Alec (PS01T) [437] Is that that stuff?
Joyce (PS01V) [438] What love?
Alec (PS01T) [439] Is that that stuff I got?
Joyce (PS01V) [440] Yeah that's that stuff
Alec (PS01T) [441] Oh, oh
Joyce (PS01V) [442] you didn't grumble about it did you this time?
Ann (PS01U) [443] Is it in oven or on top?
Alec (PS01T) [444] Probably didn't know
Joyce (PS01V) [445] I just did it in the pan on top
Ann (PS01U) [446] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [447] and I did it er
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [448] the burner and then simmered it, I put, didn't put my kidney in well, when I put my veg in
Ann (PS01U) [449] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [450] because kidney don't take as long to cook
Ann (PS01U) [451] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [452] as stew meat does it?
[453] But that stew meat I got that
Ann (PS01U) [454] Very nice
Joyce (PS01V) [455] that from Cleethorpes you know
Ann (PS01U) [456] very tasty
Joyce (PS01V) [457] [laugh] We've got
Ann (PS01U) [458] tasty
Joyce (PS01V) [459] we've got stew meat, we got erm lamb, I got, I don't know how many joints of lamb, I got er, I don't know how many joints of that er rib of beef you know?
Ann (PS01U) [460] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [461] Oh that's beautiful
Ann (PS01U) [462] Is it?
Joyce (PS01V) [463] and it's only ninety eight pence a pound, it's absolute gorgeous int it Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [464] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [465] So er
Alec (PS01T) [466] What you call it?
Joyce (PS01V) [467] Well it's rib of beef int it?
[468] They don't call it that
Ann (PS01U) [469] Don't call it that
Joyce (PS01V) [470] they don't call it that, but it is that int it?
[471] That's what it is a rib of beef
Ann (PS01U) [472] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [473] cos I said to him can you, can you cut me small ones he said well they're from the rib of the beef he said and it depends on the size of the beef what size your
Ann (PS01U) [474] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [475] you know, and he brought this piece up, oh and it was pretty gorgeous, so Alec says how much is that piece?
[476] And he said er ten pound weren't it, but it made four joints, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [477] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [478] lovely joints, you know like er with a bone and the, the meat
Ann (PS01U) [479] Mhm
Joyce (PS01V) [480] all around it like that
Ann (PS01U) [481] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [482] I thought we'll have it
Ann (PS01U) [483] well I've seen it here and er honest it's oh so dear innit?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [484] that's it yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [485] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [486] yeah, yeah and it's really tasty isn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [487] Yeah we enjoyed it didn't we?
Joyce (PS01V) [488] Well
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [489] it will do me erm ... er, er Sunday joint a dinner and then there's some left for Monday and then there's some left for a stew you know
Ann (PS01U) [490] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [491] which I usually make it into
Ann (PS01U) [492] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [493] a stew and put
Ann (PS01U) [494] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [495] it in freezer and I
Ann (PS01U) [496] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [497] bring it out, you know
Ann (PS01U) [498] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [499] like when we have it
Ann (PS01U) [500] It's lovely that dress it'll go, gorgeous
Joyce (PS01V) [501] Is it alright?
Ann (PS01U) [502] right enjoyed it
Joyce (PS01V) [503] Right, we'll be having all them erm
Ann (PS01U) [504] very tasty
Joyce (PS01V) [505] all them eggs you know, when we went to Alec, when they were selling these trays of eggs, er, we went there with Alec, so I said I'll have one like, and they were really fresh, but when I got home I got that thing of, from Kwiksave, I got the whole packet, big packet
Ann (PS01U) [506] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [507] so I'd got all that, I think it's forty odd eggs ain't I just
Alec (PS01T) [508] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [509] us two, we don't use many, so I made, I made quiches, I put them in raw in the freezer, you know ready just to cook
Ann (PS01U) [510] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [511] bring out and cook, I made sponge cakes, fruit cakes, er
Ann (PS01U) [512] Use up all these eggs
Joyce (PS01V) [513] yorkshire pudding, I had to use them up didn't I, cos I don't like eggs laid about, you know, I don't like them being there a lot
Ann (PS01U) [514] Yeah, but if boil eggs they're alright
Joyce (PS01V) [515] boil them we have we have, we don't eat many eggs, though, do what?
Alec (PS01T) [516] It's nice [...]
Ann (PS01U) [517] with the bread it's alright if you fried
Joyce (PS01V) [518] Yeah, but I've had it, I mean I've had them a week now haven't I?
Alec (PS01T) [519] They're alright
Ann (PS01U) [520] Oh I have them over a week eggs
Joyce (PS01V) [521] I don't like to keep them too long eggs, you know, especially with this scare being on
Ann (PS01U) [522] Mm, mind you ... I never bother, I mean if you look in supermarket, erm, you know it has er best before, and it you know it's always a few months
Joyce (PS01V) [523] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [524] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [525] Yeah ... I suppose it would of been alright like, but I don't like keeping them
Ann (PS01U) [526] If they're fresh I mean
Joyce (PS01V) [527] and anyway this fellow said do you want some rabbit it's a pound each, so we ordered some rabbits [laugh] , ain't got them yet like, but I don't know if we'll get them or not
Alec (PS01T) [528] After all there is Sunday dinner to go
Joyce (PS01V) [529] so whether we'll get them or not, I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [530] we ordered ten so I don't know whether we'll get, maybe if we'd ordered two we might of got them, but er, ordering ten is a lot ain't it?
Ann (PS01U) [531] Mm, you
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [532] as soon as he can, eh
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [533] got MOT next month
Alec (PS01T) [534] Yeah, ours, ours is due
Ann (PS01U) [535] and er, oh is this it?
[536] Oh brakes wants seeing to, a side light, the shock rears want doing
Joyce (PS01V) [537] Why are you
Ann (PS01U) [538] get it to steering
Joyce (PS01V) [539] Have you done it like?
Ann (PS01U) [540] wheel bearings might want doing that bloke's
Joyce (PS01V) [541] Who do
Ann (PS01U) [542] gonna do it
Joyce (PS01V) [543] Oh is he gonna do it for you?
Alec (PS01T) [544] Oh is he?
[545] Oh, oh
Joyce (PS01V) [546] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [547] go down and see him, if he'll check mine over
Joyce (PS01V) [548] So erm anyway goes in, I said to him other day, I asked him other week, he says our turn to give me a ring
Ann (PS01U) [549] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [550] anyway Bob said oh you'll see him on Friday, I says Bill is a busy bloke you know, I says you can't just go on Friday and expect to do it over weekend
Ann (PS01U) [551] No this is it
Joyce (PS01V) [552] he might of booked somebody else in
Ann (PS01U) [553] Yeah, well, I wouldn't ask him because I think it's too cold for poor devil to work, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [554] Anyway , erm, I don't know where he's got all this lot from, somebody must of said at work that, what's wheel bearing er gate steering?
Alec (PS01T) [555] Dunno
Joyce (PS01V) [556] Dunno what that is, I mean oh we haven't got a clue, he's not got a clue on car, don't know where he's got that bloody lot from, so ... besides other things that want checking for MOT, I think he wants them to check
Alec (PS01T) [557] They do steering them
Joyce (PS01V) [558] for them ... so
Alec (PS01T) [559] we ought to have somebody have a look at it
Joyce (PS01V) [560] we've managed to drive
Ann (PS01U) [561] Well that cost a lot, but a bloody
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [562] well where've you got that from then Ann?
Ann (PS01U) [563] Oh that, they'll sort it out
Joyce (PS01V) [564] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [565] somebody, somebody programmed
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [566] see if it
Ann (PS01U) [567] Oh it work
Alec (PS01T) [568] don't
Ann (PS01U) [569] oh yeah ...
Joyce (PS01V) [570] Might of done it
Ann (PS01U) [571] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [572] cos there's not many cars in that yard when we past
Alec (PS01T) [573] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [574] No they've been
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [575] that's it, when we went past er that Sunday, was it Easter Sunday we went and
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [576] Oh probably nobody
Alec (PS01T) [577] No
Ann (PS01U) [578] in a weekend
Joyce (PS01V) [579] Saturday , Saturday we
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [580] not in at weekends Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [581] No, nobody
Ann (PS01U) [582] there's no other time
Joyce (PS01V) [583] The, the, the thing was empty
Alec (PS01T) [584] Well do it in week [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [585] No it was the weekend love I said oh next week then they're not
Ann (PS01U) [586] Perhaps weekend they're not working much in the week then
Joyce (PS01V) [587] They're not
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [588] we went for
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [589] market
Joyce (PS01V) [590] not all, but it were dead actually
Ann (PS01U) [591] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [592] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [593] anyway we, we paid our er, our rates for Mansfield
Ann (PS01U) [594] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [595] Mansfield breweries took them over now
Ann (PS01U) [596] Ah
Joyce (PS01V) [597] and we got the bill
Ann (PS01U) [598] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [599] so we had to take a hundred and twenty five pound off what we owed
Ann (PS01U) [600] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [601] and if we paid it before the end of January
Ann (PS01U) [602] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [603] we got twenty nine pounds summat off
Ann (PS01U) [604] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [605] nearly thirty pound off, so we did, took that off and I sent the rest
Ann (PS01U) [606] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [607] and I took my hundred and twenty five off
Ann (PS01U) [608] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [609] and I sent the rest
Ann (PS01U) [610] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [611] and I got my oh, oh would I, I couldn't wait to get my receipt back you know, anyway, I got my receipt back as well
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [612] didn't I?
Ann (PS01U) [613] Yeah well if you say you've paid by cheque that's
Joyce (PS01V) [614] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [615] your receipt an'all int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [616] Yeah I went out and got erm
Ann (PS01U) [617] You know
Joyce (PS01V) [618] got er nice little watch an Accurist watch with that money Dave sent, I thought if I don't it's gonna fritter away
Ann (PS01U) [619] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [620] you know ... so er
Alec (PS01T) [621] Buy, she buys ladders with her money ...
Joyce (PS01V) [622] That's it
Ann (PS01U) [623] Oh that's nice Joyce, oh it's gorgeous that
Joyce (PS01V) [624] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [625] Oh that's beautiful isn't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [626] Yeah, got a small little face and
Ann (PS01U) [627] It's gorgeous that
Joyce (PS01V) [628] it had to change that for me, cos it was so big the other one
Alec (PS01T) [629] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [630] Aye, he said it's just er to stop it from slipping straight off
Ann (PS01U) [631] It's gorgeous
Joyce (PS01V) [632] your hand
Ann (PS01U) [633] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [634] I said well it would do
Alec (PS01T) [635] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [636] that could jerk it out, the test to hold my hand out, and my get it on int it?
Ann (PS01U) [637] It's gorgeous that
Joyce (PS01V) [638] But er, he ain't spent his yet, I've spent mine, [laugh] I've spent mine.
[639] ... Go on if you had a bloody some bloody stuff nicked last Saturday
Alec (PS01T) [640] What again?
Joyce (PS01V) [641] we had last Saturday again
Ann (PS01U) [642] They're all shit honestly
Joyce (PS01V) [643] You had what?
[644] He had some stuff nicked, a ski jacket which cost me seventy five quid it were half, the rest it should of been a hundred and fifty
Ann (PS01U) [645] Nicked?
Joyce (PS01V) [646] Nicked
Alec (PS01T) [647] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [648] Pinched
Ann (PS01U) [649] Aargh
Joyce (PS01V) [650] pair of football boots
Ann (PS01U) [651] nicked, ooh
Joyce (PS01V) [652] and a pair of trainers
Ann (PS01U) [653] oh not again tt oh
Joyce (PS01V) [654] I took her to school last week, anyway I think it were last Thursday
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [655] ain't she?
Joyce (PS01V) [656] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [657] Thursday aye er, she come home and I said to her where's your ski jacket?
[658] She says oh she says I've left it in sports hall, it's locked up in a locker
Ann (PS01U) [659] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [660] so erm tt so anyway Saturday we gets to Durham, she's says oh your Alex was just been on phone, she'd, she'd been up to school to do a hockey match
Ann (PS01U) [661] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [662] sports hall's been broke into er used a door bar and broke into all lockers, so her ski jacket's gone
Ann (PS01U) [663] Oh this is a joke in hell
Joyce (PS01V) [664] so I told her to fetch them bloody home
Ann (PS01U) [665] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [666] I says there were no need for her to leave them there, we're gonna bloody create it
Ann (PS01U) [667] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [668] anyway she rang up have Alec told you?
[669] Don't get no sympathy off me, when you gonna bleeding learn I says, you get things too easy that's your trouble, she says [...]
Ann (PS01U) [670] Could she not could she not lock them up right
Joyce (PS01V) [671] Yeah well I've told
Ann (PS01U) [672] Oh er what else could she do then?
Joyce (PS01V) [673] Oh, she could of fetched them home
Ann (PS01U) [674] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [675] Well I mean, you got your stuff lot, pinched you start your car didn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [676] She were laughing at me Joyce when it happened to me, I can't believe how stupid you are she said
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [677] Oh ah, she
Joyce (PS01V) [678] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [679] and she said I don't like to tell time, she kept going, looking at me with a [sigh] can't believe how stupid you are
Joyce (PS01V) [680] And what, you'd got your car locked outside haven't you?
[681] How did they get in then?
Ann (PS01U) [682] Broke the window open
Joyce (PS01V) [683] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [684] It were open that much you see
Joyce (PS01V) [685] Oh ... so that's how they got in?
Ann (PS01U) [686] Mhm
Joyce (PS01V) [687] But she kept on saying how er stupid I was
Ann (PS01U) [688] They being quick though aren't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [689] Yeah, weren't gone two minutes
Ann (PS01U) [690] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [691] but you see they reckon it were that Sandra don't they?
[692] You know that Sandra
Ann (PS01U) [693] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [694] she were parked at side of me
Ann (PS01U) [695] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [696] yeah used to do here?
Joyce (PS01V) [697] Yeah, anyway only her in when mine got pinched and, and erm Kath's got pinched and the police
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [698] customer's
Ann (PS01U) [699] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [700] er and said
Ann (PS01U) [701] put two and two together
Joyce (PS01V) [702] and said there's nobody, we didn't see anybody, because her Carol parks the side of mine an'all, she'd gone
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [703] oh
Joyce (PS01V) [704] or get in and put her in her boot
Ann (PS01U) [705] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [706] so, but I don't know
Ann (PS01U) [707] Mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [708] So
Ann (PS01U) [709] How's Pauline going on?
Joyce (PS01V) [710] Oh don't bloody joke
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [711] I couldn't get out this morning, all the trouble, I've had a fortnight's troubles, he's there the week
Ann (PS01U) [712] Oh yeah, you've had a fortnight today won't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [713] Mm it seems though it's funny not come in next, last week didn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [714] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [715] Did it?
Joyce (PS01V) [716] Yeah, oh Belinda's been going bloody crackers again
Ann (PS01U) [717] Has she?
Joyce (PS01V) [718] Oh I've never known anybody like her, er I think it's an
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [719] anyway
Ann (PS01U) [720] Do you?
Joyce (PS01V) [721] but, you know erm, I told you she ran subsidy didn't I?
[722] A hundred and forty seven quid a week [...]
Ann (PS01U) [723] Mm, well I think that's good
Joyce (PS01V) [724] Well she created on Christmas
Ann (PS01U) [725] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [726] cos she got to three thousand or summat
Ann (PS01U) [727] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [728] and then she kept saying they owed her some money you know
Ann (PS01U) [729] Yeah, I know
Joyce (PS01V) [730] fifty odd quid
Ann (PS01U) [731] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [732] anyway when I come back in one day, she says to me, she says listen to this, a neighbour were sat here
Ann (PS01U) [733] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [734] I says what?
Ann (PS01U) [735] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [736] She says Chris, that's her in office, she's told me that I'm off the subsidy now, she says I've been on it twelve week and er
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [737] area manager now
Ann (PS01U) [738] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [739] Mr manager at branch mean the area manager us, she said he's not even had the decency to tell me himself
Ann (PS01U) [740] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [741] she said Chris oh you're off the subsidy, she said I'd got my wages anyway, er because she'd only collected sixteen hundred and, hundred pounds so that, seven six are forty two, hundred and two pound you see
Ann (PS01U) [742] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [743] then they stop her this tax what she owes them all, well she's been getting a hundred and forty seven
Ann (PS01U) [744] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [745] and she says that, oh this is wrong Chris
Ann (PS01U) [746] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [747] she says er I'm er guaranteed, she says oh no you're not, she says Ruth's told me last week to take you off guarantee, so they took her off like
Ann (PS01U) [748] Who is , who is this on in, on guarantee
Joyce (PS01V) [749] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [750] based her on it
Joyce (PS01V) [751] oh and took her off and David says to me she's a bloody fool to have sent, says instead of keeping her mouth shut, she's, there's George claim nowt, you know what I mean?
Ann (PS01U) [752] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [753] George is saying things to him and they're saying you can't do this and they can't do that, well they can do what they want can't they?
Ann (PS01U) [754] Yeah of course they can
Joyce (PS01V) [755] So they took our subs in
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [756] yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [757] So she said
Ann (PS01U) [758] What can she do about it?
Joyce (PS01V) [759] cos she, she kept saying that they owed her
Ann (PS01U) [760] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [761] fifty odd quid but
Ann (PS01U) [762] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [763] she didn't cos working it out by week
Ann (PS01U) [764] No
Alec (PS01T) [765] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [766] she's quids in int she?
Ann (PS01U) [767] Bound to be
Joyce (PS01V) [768] She's had one good week
Ann (PS01U) [769] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [770] at Christmas
Ann (PS01U) [771] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [772] which we do
Ann (PS01U) [773] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [774] and
Ann (PS01U) [775] cos you've got double that
Joyce (PS01V) [776] and as the trustee so she bloody guaranteeing a hundred and forty seven pound
Ann (PS01U) [777] Oh aye
Joyce (PS01V) [778] and Graham took
Ann (PS01U) [779] want it
Joyce (PS01V) [780] it off her and I said she's going mad
Ann (PS01U) [781] and the other is
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [782] guaranteed as well?
Joyce (PS01V) [783] Yeah, you know if, if they alter your round
Ann (PS01U) [784] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [785] if they alter your round, er and it's not collecting as much
Ann (PS01U) [786] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [787] so, you know, to give chance, chance to go
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [788] usually it's twelve month, usually they put you on guarantee while you're earning that much
Joyce (PS01V) [789] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [790] they've gave us since we've been creating that much ... she's had been in to see Mr she said and he says oh no he says er that's not right Brenda, he says er mine are all guaranteed until they're earning that money he says you can't just do it
Joyce (PS01V) [791] No
Ann (PS01U) [792] anyway er David said he'll get in touch with us to see what's going on
Joyce (PS01V) [793] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [794] and erm tt, he says well he says she did enough creating about it, he says, so
Joyce (PS01V) [795] Well if she wanted to earn her own money
Ann (PS01U) [796] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [797] she did alright though int it?
Ann (PS01U) [798] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [799] When she gonna pack up work?
Ann (PS01U) [800] She'll never pack up Joyce, she won't, she'll never pack up
Joyce (PS01V) [801] How old is she now?
[802] Turned sixty int she?
Ann (PS01U) [803] Oh yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [804] Mind you I shouldn't talk I worked until I was sixty
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [805] get lost you [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [806] Instead of sitting there you're knitting
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [807] Pearl did my round, she did well last week, David did Friday, but she did Monday and Thursday
Ann (PS01U) [808] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [809] and er she worked Monday and Thursday and er ... what did she get fourteen hundred so it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [810] she get ninety eight quid plus her own money what she earned doing her round
Alec (PS01T) [811] Who's this?
Joyce (PS01V) [812] Margaret
Ann (PS01U) [813] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [814] she works Monday and Friday
Ann (PS01U) [815] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [816] herself, so she'll get her own money plus ninety eight quid for doing my round for two days
Ann (PS01U) [817] What she did your round?
Joyce (PS01V) [818] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [819] What she did round here?
Joyce (PS01V) [820] No David did here, she just did
Ann (PS01U) [821] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [822] Monday and Thursday
Ann (PS01U) [823] Oh did she?
Joyce (PS01V) [824] Ascot, cos she lives at Ascot
Ann (PS01U) [825] Oh didn't call here
Joyce (PS01V) [826] so
Ann (PS01U) [827] [laugh] Tell him, said Jo said you never called in for a quick [laugh] , I don't mind David he's alright
Joyce (PS01V) [828] Yeah he's alright, he's, he probably didn't set off
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [829] probably didn't
Joyce (PS01V) [830] you know
Ann (PS01U) [831] Yeah, probably did it in a few hours
Joyce (PS01V) [832] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [833] picked his stuff up before it finished
Joyce (PS01V) [834] Mm, does it take much doing?
Ann (PS01U) [835] Nah it's a doddle
Joyce (PS01V) [836] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [837] Yeah it's a doddle Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [838] If they're in that's right
Ann (PS01U) [839] Yeah if they're in but like it's compact really int it?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [840] You know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [841] Oh yes
Ann (PS01U) [842] It's all
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [843] pretty
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [844] oh yeah it is you know
Joyce (PS01V) [845] It is compact because I mean I used to do Stamford as well
Ann (PS01U) [846] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [847] and erm
Ann (PS01U) [848] so I mean like I go down here, I do some off Broadway and then I nip down
Joyce (PS01V) [849] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [850] is it Beech Road?
[851] ... Where
Joyce (PS01V) [852] Er
Ann (PS01U) [853] Ashfield Road I don't
Alec (PS01T) [854] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [855] oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [856] like all of Broadway you know?
Joyce (PS01V) [857] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [858] You've got some
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [859] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [860] in Broadway and you just nip in end of that
Alec (PS01T) [861] Oh Beech Field
Joyce (PS01V) [862] Beech Field
Ann (PS01U) [863] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [864] Beech Field
Ann (PS01U) [865] then I'll go round er Oval
Joyce (PS01V) [866] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [867] then as I come out of Oval
Joyce (PS01V) [868] How did you find out how did you find Annie in?
Ann (PS01U) [869] Oh shuffling out, he's going round and round her David
Joyce (PS01V) [870] Is she paying?
[871] Cos you know last week she, er, she's had all sorts for Christmas, it's er
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [872] you ought to see what she er, you ought to see her outfit she's got, she's nearly going around er, oh he, he can see her with different outfits on
Joyce (PS01V) [873] Yeah how, she got all these bloody vouchers off me at Christmas you know
Ann (PS01U) [874] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [875] erm shopping vouchers where you can go to different places
Ann (PS01U) [876] Oh did she?
Joyce (PS01V) [877] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [878] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [879] and I let her have two loans
Ann (PS01U) [880] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [881] and erm then she wanted some more Argos vouchers so I'll have them
Ann (PS01U) [882] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [883] so anyway she said anyway er she's had this bloody Aga put in, you know she had that other Aga in didn't she?
Ann (PS01U) [884] That what?
Joyce (PS01V) [885] It's run on solid fuel, it's a cooker
Ann (PS01U) [886] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [887] and er
Ann (PS01U) [888] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [889] you put, put coke in
Ann (PS01U) [890] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [891] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [892] and it heats your oven up, it's got all temperature thing on it a hot, hot plate, she had one before
Ann (PS01U) [893] Oh yeah, oh she had one of them put in
Joyce (PS01V) [894] Yeah, but it weren't smokeless so she's had to change it
Ann (PS01U) [895] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [896] and it's cost them two thousand pound
Ann (PS01U) [897] Has it?
[898] Has it?
Joyce (PS01V) [899] Well when I went on
Ann (PS01U) [900] Did she have a
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [901] over there?
Joyce (PS01V) [902] Well I went not last Friday but the Friday before, they were doing it
Ann (PS01U) [903] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [904] they'd got it in right, cos she was showing my how it worked and that, all
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [905] control, but it's run on coke
Ann (PS01U) [906] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [907] anyway she says oh she says it's gonna be a feature here, it's a beauty, I mean I don't like old line, I don't, you know for the money what they costs, [...] cooker
Ann (PS01U) [908] Yeah, no, I think it's too much int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [909] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [910] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [911] and, but she says like it, you know what I mean like
Ann (PS01U) [912] What about her heating?
[913] Has she got radiators?
Joyce (PS01V) [914] Er that's run off her fire now, that's not run off it, that's just for a cooker that
Ann (PS01U) [915] I see
Joyce (PS01V) [916] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [917] just for that?
Joyce (PS01V) [918] Well no it for the, the heating's swapped over cos
Ann (PS01U) [919] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [920] they're gonna do
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [921] I was gonna say cos I think Jackie said hers was five hundred, but of course maybe it isn't
Joyce (PS01V) [922] But might of been might of been more because erm, tt she's had a, a grant for so much
Ann (PS01U) [923] Cos she only paid two thousand for house [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [924] and she had a grant for so much off the council
Ann (PS01U) [925] She did , oh is she?
Joyce (PS01V) [926] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [927] They're brick houses you know ... that's why she had a grant?
Joyce (PS01V) [928] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [929] You see er she can have one because
Joyce (PS01V) [930] she had under a grant
Ann (PS01U) [931] her, her fire won't burn coke, but ours will because ours is an Atlas
Joyce (PS01V) [932] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [933] which will burn coke
Joyce (PS01V) [934] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [935] er well saying that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [936] burner
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [937] she says she says to me just take thirty pound, the, there were, I think there's about seven quid that belongs to their bed, well their bed was bloody horrible to pay
Joyce (PS01V) [938] I wished that, is she still on?
[939] I thought she paid up
Ann (PS01U) [940] She has, but it's in Annie's name
Joyce (PS01V) [941] Oh I see
Ann (PS01U) [942] cos she's, she's got no
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [943] for Christmas
Joyce (PS01V) [944] Oh what she spends every year
Ann (PS01U) [945] and anyway she rang David up and she said, she didn't say it were for Bet but she said she wanted another two hundred pounds
Joyce (PS01V) [946] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [947] in vouchers, so he said yes, and then she tell me she said our dad will give me money, she said the, the to help out with that, she'll have about three holidays next year
Joyce (PS01V) [948] Yeah and
Ann (PS01U) [949] and then, then he said to me
Joyce (PS01V) [950] she will won't she?
Ann (PS01U) [951] he'd been round last Friday, on Thursday she rang
Joyce (PS01V) [952] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [953] up and she wanted five hundred pounds
Joyce (PS01V) [954] Ooh God
Ann (PS01U) [955] for erm, what were it?
[956] She says
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [957] hairdresser an er she'll, it would of cost so much to get car and she needed car doing, this, that and the other, and David refused her and when he went on Friday
Joyce (PS01V) [958] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [959] key were in lock, but it were locked door
Joyce (PS01V) [960] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [961] he said I know she'll in
Joyce (PS01V) [962] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [963] cos bike were outside
Joyce (PS01V) [964] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [965] so
Joyce (PS01V) [966] Yeah ...
Ann (PS01U) [967] of course since Christmas she's not paid full money
Joyce (PS01V) [968] No
Ann (PS01U) [969] and yet she's saying I'm gonna make this a feature, I'm having erm an archway over my Aga and erm, I mean she's got a new carpet you know
Joyce (PS01V) [970] She's had hope that
Ann (PS01U) [971] she er think should be eleven quid a week on carpet, she had an old carpet
Joyce (PS01V) [972] She paying eleven pound a week for that house in
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [973] yeah, she pays eleven, eleven pound a week then?
Joyce (PS01V) [974] cos she wanted it on sixty weeks
Ann (PS01U) [975] Ooh ... oh
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [976] cos she's had er patio doors put in her big room
Joyce (PS01V) [977] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [978] it's not very nice shape
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [979] are they?
Joyce (PS01V) [980] It seems ever
Ann (PS01U) [981] Not very
Joyce (PS01V) [982] kitchen's every so queer though innit?
Ann (PS01U) [983] Well that well that's not a kitch well I don't, you know where she got her table?
Joyce (PS01V) [984] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [985] That used to be the kitchen and then the wall, you know where that stove was
Joyce (PS01V) [986] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [987] and they moved the sink from there into that side place, you know, made that like a kitchen, but it's, it's rightly weird house well now
Joyce (PS01V) [988] You know
Ann (PS01U) [989] you know you go in front door and she had stairs knocked in, she's had all spindles done up the stairs
Joyce (PS01V) [990] Oh has she?
Ann (PS01U) [991] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [992] She's had that done an'all?
Ann (PS01U) [993] Yeah, she's had all spindles put in
Joyce (PS01V) [994] I mean that's not necessary is it?
Ann (PS01U) [995] No, but she had hers done cheap because er
Joyce (PS01V) [996] Oh has she?
Ann (PS01U) [997] I says to her that's what I want, you know I want mine doing like that
Joyce (PS01V) [998] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [999] a bit, I mean I've got a hall, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1000] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1001] whereas as you open front door
Joyce (PS01V) [1002] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1003] anyway she says I've set my mind on it, and she said I kept going round and going round she says it was such a price
Joyce (PS01V) [1004] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1005] anyway their Bev's husband he'd been doing some work plus some money they dropped on these spindles, so she was telling me
Joyce (PS01V) [1006] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1007] cheap and that
Joyce (PS01V) [1008] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1009] and then she got a joiner in to do it, but you know that
Joyce (PS01V) [1010] He's a welder int he Bev's husband?
Ann (PS01U) [1011] Well he's
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1012] to work
Joyce (PS01V) [1013] Is he?
Ann (PS01U) [1014] Mm ... and er
Joyce (PS01V) [1015] Gone contract to somebody I think
Ann (PS01U) [1016] she did, oh she was sending money and dad's been down there and the money ain't been paid into bank though
Joyce (PS01V) [1017] She's a lovely girl Bev int she?
Ann (PS01U) [1018] Yeah but she
Joyce (PS01V) [1019] You can't you can't really get, be mad with her cos she's so nice, she never er, never nasty with you, is she?
Ann (PS01U) [1020] No, it's
Joyce (PS01V) [1021] Ever so nice it's just
Ann (PS01U) [1022] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1023] that she just gets a
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1024] I mean she
Joyce (PS01V) [1025] she does
Ann (PS01U) [1026] she got electric bill two hundred and odd pounds
Joyce (PS01V) [1027] Oh God
Ann (PS01U) [1028] she were crying and doing, you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [1029] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1030] And er, but I mean you've got to watch your bills if you haven't got much money coming in Joyce ain't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [1031] Well you watch your bills if you have don't you really
Ann (PS01U) [1032] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1033] I mean you don't go mad at it do you?
[1034] I mean look at what's
Ann (PS01U) [1035] No
Joyce (PS01V) [1036] costing us lately, we're having to get these, I mean we have that on two in the morning to get this room warmed up don't we have to put it down to one
Alec (PS01T) [1037] Yeah, Joyce has turned it down to one
Ann (PS01U) [1038] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1039] and er, then it's costing er three bags of coal every week
Ann (PS01U) [1040] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1041] while this cold weather's on
Ann (PS01U) [1042] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1043] fourteen pound twenty five a week
Ann (PS01U) [1044] Yeah it's a lot of money
Alec (PS01T) [1045] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1046] and then that every
Ann (PS01U) [1047] I know
Joyce (PS01V) [1048] two or three weeks
Ann (PS01U) [1049] it's a lot of money
Alec (PS01T) [1050] It's a lot of battle
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1051] keep using much stuff we've got now, hmm you know we do well with that stuff too
Joyce (PS01V) [1052] Well, just oh what we had stuff
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1053] yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1054] I know Pauline was saying she's had to buy some coal
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1055] that's it
Ann (PS01U) [1056] They do on the day fourteen bags for four ninety eight, cos I were in
Joyce (PS01V) [1057] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1058] and she's had to go and buy some that had gone, and I says well I, she says it's just burning it up that fire
Joyce (PS01V) [1059] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1060] I said it's a great big grate
Joyce (PS01V) [1061] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1062] I says well I actually put a couple of bricks at side
Joyce (PS01V) [1063] We've got a couple of bricks in ours
Ann (PS01U) [1064] I says it'll throw same heat out
Joyce (PS01V) [1065] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1066] and you'll not need all that
Joyce (PS01V) [1067] But we have a couple of bricks in
Alec (PS01T) [1068] Couple of half bricks
Joyce (PS01V) [1069] Half bricks
Alec (PS01T) [1070] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1071] so the fire can still get me warm
Joyce (PS01V) [1072] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1073] get up, you'll still get your
Joyce (PS01V) [1074] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1075] erm, there's holes or summat at side for er central heating
Ann (PS01U) [1076] Oh, oh ... cold
Joyce (PS01V) [1077] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1078] oh that's, that must be for burning coke then
Joyce (PS01V) [1079] What's that love?
Alec (PS01T) [1080] Holes are yours, holes the same
Ann (PS01U) [1081] Yes she's got holes the same she, burning
Joyce (PS01V) [1082] I agree
Ann (PS01U) [1083] yet it'll be suitable for coke they said
Alec (PS01T) [1084] Yeah knowing she, she'll probably be put in for planning then ... for coke
Ann (PS01U) [1085] Oh, she's got central heating like, you know what I mean ... erm she's not really into them now [clears throat] I think
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1086] how she's got a cheek, she just gets what she wants don't she?
[1087] She just takes charge
Joyce (PS01V) [1088] And then
Ann (PS01U) [1089] I've never heard anybody like her
Joyce (PS01V) [1090] No
Ann (PS01U) [1091] and she gets away with it don't she?
Joyce (PS01V) [1092] cos he says er her husband is
Ann (PS01U) [1093] She's always [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1094] [...] she took it on six year, he says seven to eighty so she looks like working for next six year
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1095] then you know when I go she's pleading poverty, she'll say
Ann (PS01U) [1096] Bet she'll go and buy it
Joyce (PS01V) [1097] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1098] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1099] but er they've still had a, a lot of money put to it theirselves
Ann (PS01U) [1100] I see
Joyce (PS01V) [1101] because you see ... all this bloody expensive Aga, they won't be
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1102] towards that council, I mean like she's gonna have it tough again you know what I mean?
Ann (PS01U) [1103] She always does, doesn't matter what she gets it's got to be different to anybody else's and
Joyce (PS01V) [1104] Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1105] she'll get what she wants
Joyce (PS01V) [1106] and I thought oh fancy paying all that bloody money, I thought why it's only a cooker
Ann (PS01U) [1107] Mind you I like Annie I like Annie as well do you?
[1108] [laugh] I don't I can't say I don't like her, but er
Joyce (PS01V) [1109] Yeah she's, she's alright, she's alright, but she's
Ann (PS01U) [1110] you just feel like er, saying look Annie go steady, don't you, you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [1111] Well er I mean
Ann (PS01U) [1112] Er I think well it, it's not on, she's got all this stuff and then she just thinks she can pay what she wants
Joyce (PS01V) [1113] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1114] and it's, it's I mean shouldn't let her have that Joyce?
Joyce (PS01V) [1115] She could [...] shouldn't let her have all that
Ann (PS01U) [1116] No, we could do that
Joyce (PS01V) [1117] Yes
Ann (PS01U) [1118] couldn't we?
Joyce (PS01V) [1119] Of course we could yeah anybody could
Ann (PS01U) [1120] Anybody could go and get all this stuff and then not pay
Joyce (PS01V) [1121] Not pay for it yeah that's right
Ann (PS01U) [1122] er, I mean it's irresponsible
Joyce (PS01V) [1123] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1124] and she'll say our Bev's, our Bev's been, you know, and the money ain't run in or his pit pension ain't gone in
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [1125] you know and then
Joyce (PS01V) [1126] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1127] she's here telling me how they sent over and she said oh don't call for the next two week because we're going to Italy
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [1128] and, like I say I mean
Joyce (PS01V) [1129] She will do
Ann (PS01U) [1130] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1131] and she, and she, just dumps
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1132] then she'll say
Ann (PS01U) [1133] I know she used to be like that with me [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1134] Yeah we haven't we haven't got much to go away and
Ann (PS01U) [1135] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1136] as if she wants some money off you as well
Ann (PS01U) [1137] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1138] to go with and she's not gonna pay you
Ann (PS01U) [1139] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1140] she does, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1141] and I think well you cheeky sod you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1142] I know
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1143] I know, aye, you know when you just can't believe it can you?
Ann (PS01U) [1144] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1145] Can't ...
Alec (PS01T) [1146] [clears throat] You gonna have that one left when you finish that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1147] yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1148] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [1149] it'll come in
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1150] what they call it desperate dye faces
Alec (PS01T) [1151] Oh and you'll do it in that one there, that's er do one
Joyce (PS01V) [1152] You could have white faces, I can't can I?
Alec (PS01T) [1153] Mm?
Joyce (PS01V) [1154] I can't do it all in this wool, with that many different colours to do, if they did it in, if they made ounce balls ... if they made it, did ounce balls it won't be so bad, but that's a hundred gramme that, so
Alec (PS01T) [1155] Mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1156] I mean even doing two, you're not gonna use a hundred grammes for two, but not just for face and hair and that here ...
Alec (PS01T) [1157] No, no when you went football I did it, how's it doing?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1158] step it up, button up for you
Joyce (PS01V) [1159] She could what?
Alec (PS01T) [1160] Step it up, make it bigger like
Joyce (PS01V) [1161] Got one
Alec (PS01T) [1162] Oh you've got one, just one done
Joyce (PS01V) [1163] Well you
Alec (PS01T) [1164] done this morning did you? ...
Ann (PS01U) [1165] Oh yes it looks gorgeous Joyce, Darren's
Joyce (PS01V) [1166] Oh does it?
Ann (PS01U) [1167] he's paid, she's paid for it all, I know it's fabulous paper
Joyce (PS01V) [1168] Is it?
[1169] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1170] it's like erm, it's like a white background like, it's right thick paper you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1171] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1172] I mean it's got a little pink elephant, a green, a little lime green, a lemon and a blue
Joyce (PS01V) [1173] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1174] they've got like bubble, er balloons, but if it's, they're holding balloons
Joyce (PS01V) [1175] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1176] you know there same colours
Joyce (PS01V) [1177] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1178] and then she's put a wide frieze round with all little elephants on and then top part it's just all little balloons with elephants
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1179] then she's put wide frieze round top of little elephant
Joyce (PS01V) [1180] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1181] and then er, they got some units from M F I, they're beautiful
Joyce (PS01V) [1182] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [1183] they were half price, erm, it cost them a hundred and twenty nine quid I think
Joyce (PS01V) [1184] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1185] and they've got a lovely wardrobe in white
Joyce (PS01V) [1186] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [1187] er Hygiena and er they've got like two little rails here and cupboard down here, shelves
Joyce (PS01V) [1188] Oh aye
Ann (PS01U) [1189] and three little drawers
Joyce (PS01V) [1190] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [1191] here and a set of drawers, she's got a changing mat on top of here, to match
Joyce (PS01V) [1192] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1193] thick lovely mint green carpet, about that thick Joyce ... and er then
Joyce (PS01V) [1194] Has she done it herself, paper it?
Ann (PS01U) [1195] Yeah, she's done it, and er Doug put wardrobes up and drawers like, cos they're all in flat packs
Joyce (PS01V) [1196] Yeah yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1197] he did that
Joyce (PS01V) [1198] Your sister got some didn't she
Alec (PS01T) [1199] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1200] she got two wardrobes and one dressing table in middle
Ann (PS01U) [1201] Yeah Hygiena they are
Joyce (PS01V) [1202] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1203] and erm, then she's got like white satin curtains with frill and all white lace to match bumpers that in cot, she's got a white cot, white satin festoon with frills, oh it looks bloody gorgeous, white satin lightfitting to match
Joyce (PS01V) [1204] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1205] with all lace on, she got it all from same place
Joyce (PS01V) [1206] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1207] and then there's like a little white thing hanging with a little teddy in
Joyce (PS01V) [1208] Ah
Ann (PS01U) [1209] in thing, ah do you know it looks bloody lovely
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1210] it didn't cost them that much
Joyce (PS01V) [1211] No
Ann (PS01U) [1212] Did you see erm, they see in this paper the light did it were in Kingfisher book and it was seventeen pound for a roll
Joyce (PS01V) [1213] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1214] and then frieze were ten ninety nine
Joyce (PS01V) [1215] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1216] anyway, oh he says well you only need four rolls, cos it's not a very big room
Joyce (PS01V) [1217] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1218] and er anyway our Dawn says I'm not paying all that bloody money for babe to rip it off for when
Joyce (PS01V) [1219] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1220] he gets going like
Joyce (PS01V) [1221] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1222] Anyway they went in this big store Dickens and they'd got it in there
Joyce (PS01V) [1223] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1224] er seven ninety nine a roll
Joyce (PS01V) [1225] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1226] and four ninety nine for frieze
Joyce (PS01V) [1227] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1228] so they got that and the carpet it had been seven ninety nine in Allied and it had been reduced three ninety nine for a week
Joyce (PS01V) [1229] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1230] so they got that, well
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1231] fitted it
Joyce (PS01V) [1232] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1233] so they didn't, it only cost them thirty quid for carpet
Joyce (PS01V) [1234] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1235] and erm
Joyce (PS01V) [1236] What for that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1237] carpet?
Ann (PS01U) [1238] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1239] What kind of carpet is it like?
Ann (PS01U) [1240] It's erm, oh it's beautiful for a bedroom
Joyce (PS01V) [1241] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1242] you know it's like er, erm ... it's right soft
Joyce (PS01V) [1243] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [1244] it's right soft carpet, it doesn't, there not be a lot of wool in it for that money, you know what I mean
Joyce (PS01V) [1245] No, no
Ann (PS01U) [1246] be a lot of nylon but
Joyce (PS01V) [1247] I don't think there are
Ann (PS01U) [1248] it's alright for a baby's room
Joyce (PS01V) [1249] Yeah, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1250] you know, and erm, our Kim, er, she, she goes to bloody extreme then, she's picked a wardrobe, one wardrobe and a set of drawers, should of been a thousand pound and that bloke at Aston where she got her bed from, which she paid twelve hundred pound just for a bedhead
Joyce (PS01V) [1251] Mm, just for a bedhead
Ann (PS01U) [1252] er the bedhead and the bottom
Joyce (PS01V) [1253] Oh my God
Ann (PS01U) [1254] he's let her have it for six hundred pound, because
Joyce (PS01V) [1255] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1256] er what happened were, er she got this ... brass bottom and brass top and it's like, was up like that and she's got curtains round and drapes like that
Joyce (PS01V) [1257] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1258] but she had drapes and that to buy herself and, and they put it on the frame and she can't get into her drawers on bed, so they're no good
Joyce (PS01V) [1259] No
Ann (PS01U) [1260] and er they've been back so that she can take her camera and that out, cos she kept cameras and er bedding and stuff in drawers
Joyce (PS01V) [1261] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1262] anyway he says d'ya know he says I feel awful, he says anything I can do, he said I'll let you have one of my beds cos
Joyce (PS01V) [1263] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1264] their bed is as new as ours
Joyce (PS01V) [1265] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1266] he says for cost price, our Kim says well it were a lot of money that bed and we've only just got it
Joyce (PS01V) [1267] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1268] she says and we like, like it like, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1269] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1270] she says we're just not gonna be able to use drawers that's all she said I'm not going for another bed
Joyce (PS01V) [1271] No
Ann (PS01U) [1272] Anyway he says look if there's owt you want he said I'll let you have it at cost
Joyce (PS01V) [1273] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1274] so, she thinks like they were, they were on show these just for a wardrobe and a set of drawers for a thousand quid, he let her have them for six hundred, so she's been and paid a deposit on them
Joyce (PS01V) [1275] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1276] six hundred quid for them, she bought a rocking horse three hundred pound, they went out last weekend
Joyce (PS01V) [1277] That's stupid
Ann (PS01U) [1278] went out last weekend bought a bloody camcorder twelve hundred quid
Joyce (PS01V) [1279] Ooh
Ann (PS01U) [1280] on weekly like, on monthly like
Joyce (PS01V) [1281] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1282] you know what I mean, and they've even got bloody babe's bedroom done
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1283] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1284] you know and I says like
Joyce (PS01V) [1285] When does she have her baby?
Ann (PS01U) [1286] April
Joyce (PS01V) [1287] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1288] Everything with them, you know like ... er, I mean, I mean they get paid for fair enough
Joyce (PS01V) [1289] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1290] but, he's one of the
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1291] it's always got to be the dearest all the time
Joyce (PS01V) [1292] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1293] You know telly
Joyce (PS01V) [1294] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1295] they ain't got a Nicam telly for four hundred quid
Joyce (PS01V) [1296] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1297] they had to get dearest Nicam telly
Joyce (PS01V) [1298] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1299] six hundred and fifty, six hundred and odd for Nicam ... video
Joyce (PS01V) [1300] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1301] you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [1302] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1303] Everything he gets Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [1304] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1305] er it's got to be
Joyce (PS01V) [1306] It's not them that pays it int it you know
Ann (PS01U) [1307] Oh he pays them, but like
Joyce (PS01V) [1308] Does he pay them erm, does it matter, do they last any longer then er, then er
Ann (PS01U) [1309] You can't tell him any different, er like Dan at work he does videos of profession like you know.

2 (Tape 061003)

Joyce (PS01V) [1310] Ain't it?
[1311] It's so easy to keep clean that and that it only wants wiping over, you know.
[1312] ... No we ain't spent much on bedroom have we? ...
Alec (PS01T) [1313] No [clears throat]
Joyce (PS01V) [1314] Not if you want to buy some melamine and get some of that in that thirty five pound stuff put insides ... you can't do it now anyway you're no good standing you can't. ...
Alec (PS01T) [cough] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1315] What do you sound like on the er thingummybob Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [1316] Do what love?
Joyce (PS01V) [1317] What you sound like
Alec (PS01T) [1318] What?
Joyce (PS01V) [1319] on it?
Alec (PS01T) [1320] I've no idea
Joyce (PS01V) [1321] You go, is it on?
Alec (PS01T) [1322] Yeah I've put it on to record yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1323] Put it to record have you?
Alec (PS01T) [1324] Yeah, oh where's that?
Joyce (PS01V) [1325] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1326] oh have you? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1327] Would you like a
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1328] yeah ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1329] If I'd known this cake were gonna go so quick I wouldn't of fro froze that other one.

3 (Tape 061004)

Joyce (PS01V) [1330] It's not done yet
Alec (PS01T) [1331] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [1332] It's not done yet
Alec (PS01T) [1333] Oh, can't have it then can I? ... see now
Joyce (PS01V) [1334] Well ...

4 (Tape 061005)

Joyce (PS01V) [1335] I'm not envious of their heating
Alec (PS01T) [1336] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [1337] I'm not envious of their heating ... freezing in their hall, isn't much, you can nearly see the
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1338] outside through their door and all cold's coming in, it's worse than our door
Alec (PS01T) [1339] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1340] it is.
[1341] ... She's right though about Annie, Annie will just have what she wants
Alec (PS01T) [1342] Yeah, mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1343] if she's refused about having something she'll set
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1344] she'll get it by hook or by crook, that's on the, wonder she's not in jail though for not paying ... I heard how many time, how much she's borrowed over Christmas, for at, for, for er, what they call it as well you know er, what they call it Beverley her daughter
Alec (PS01T) [1345] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1346] you know, she's only got two daughters and one of them, one of them's a hairdresser. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1347] a taste ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1348] do you, I
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1349] I've got ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1350] What?
Alec (PS01T) [1351] Pass me end piece
Joyce (PS01V) [1352] Mm?
Alec (PS01T) [1353] pass me end piece
Joyce (PS01V) [1354] You want it all?
Alec (PS01T) [1355] No end piece
Joyce (PS01V) [1356] Oh, don't you want that bit?
Alec (PS01T) [1357] No, prefer the crust bit
Joyce (PS01V) [1358] Do you?
[1359] ... You don't really miss them much do you?
Alec (PS01T) [1360] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [1361] Don't miss them much?
Alec (PS01T) [1362] No
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1363] eh if I know it were gonna be that quick I wouldn't of put that other one in freezer ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1364] were you?
Joyce (PS01V) [1365] Oh no
Alec (PS01T) [1366] Make a change
Joyce (PS01V) [1367] I'm not gonna take it out again, I know what it's gonna be like this one freeze it and re-thaw it don't you?
[1368] ... Oh God whatever's that? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1369] Are they off then?
Alec (PS01T) [1370] Mm?
Joyce (PS01V) [1371] Have they gone?
[1372] Are they stampeded?
Alec (PS01T) [1373] Mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1374] How would she be able to blow that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ... [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1375] mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1376] mm
Alec (PS01T) [1377] do reverse and make it bigger ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1378] Got a bit of paper
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1379] mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1380] Not making that noise
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1381] that margarine take it up on Kwiksave
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1382] That's
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1383] that's alright int it?
Alec (PS01T) [1384] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1385] No that's Stewart Grainger, who's the other one?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1386] yeah, oh is it Robert Taylor?
Alec (PS01T) [1387] Who?
Joyce (PS01V) [1388] It's not Robert Taylor is it?
[1389] Might be ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1390] should be done
Alec (PS01T) [1391] Well I'll have a look
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1392] that's today's paper that.

5 (Tape 061006)

Alec (PS01T) [1393] Mm Robert Taylor
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1394] mm Robert Taylor and
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1395] You er add name down on that paper, cos you'll forget if you don't
Alec (PS01T) [1396] Oh there's nowt on yet
Joyce (PS01V) [1397] Ain't there?
[1398] Better do it otherwise you'll forget, gonna eat that little bit of cake or I'll throw it away?
Alec (PS01T) [1399] No you have it
Joyce (PS01V) [1400] I've had half of it, there about ... I tell you Chris had leave got get a new carpet when kids have come back
Alec (PS01T) [1401] Mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1402] I can't wait to get rid of that carpet, I am sick of seeing it
Alec (PS01T) [1403] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [1404] absolutely sick of seeing it.
Alec (PS01T) [1405] what's wrong with it?
[1406] Nothing wrong with it
Joyce (PS01V) [1407] I've told you, I'm sick of seeing it.
Alec (PS01T) [1408] I wanna go on holiday [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1409] Oh then I'll be like, I then be glad to see it when I come back
Alec (PS01T) [1410] even I am glad to see when come back ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1411] Oh well it's gonna be a right change for us in that room int it?
[1412] Whatever we get ... I say Angie's is that, carpet's that thick, three pound odd a roll
Alec (PS01T) [cough]
Joyce (PS01V) [1413] you must be joking, eh? ...
Alec (PS01T) [1414] I'm glad I
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1415] They're an awful lot here though won't it?
[1416] It cost me ... oh, oh she said it's right soft didn't she?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1417] You don't think she said she had er a few days off, a week off [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1418] Not very much ...

6 (Tape 061007)

Joyce (PS01V) [1419] I thought he were gonna forget that, I thought I should of got up and told everybody at the front ...
Alec (PS01T) [1420] Oh dear ... [clears throat] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1421] I'm gonna have a little rest from this in when I've done this
Alec (PS01T) [1422] Oh you've had, you're gonna start doing sewing?
Joyce (PS01V) [1423] Yeah I'm gonna sew that blouse [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1424] I thought you would do I thought there was something you'd be doing ... I won't be sure now I'm gonna put that tax disc in
Joyce (PS01V) [1425] Mhm
Alec (PS01T) [1426] do it tomorrow anyway
Joyce (PS01V) [1427] Is it due?
Alec (PS01T) [1428] Yeah it's the first today ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1429] What we on February tomorrow?
Alec (PS01T) [1430] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1431] Oh you've got to say rabbit rabbit for you
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1432] rabbit rabbit for it [laugh] rabbit rabbit, keep saying rabbit rabbit, but we never get none do we?
Alec (PS01T) [1433] You say rabbit rabbit tomorrow when we get there if we ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1434] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [clears throat] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1435] it must of been a long
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1436] weren't it?
Alec (PS01T) [1437] Mm ... What's it, was time to ring up and
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ... [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1438] what's it say?
Alec (PS01T) [1439] I dunno [clears throat] [spelling] H O S []
Joyce (PS01V) [1440] Hospital ...
Alec (PS01T) [1441] Dunno what
Joyce (PS01V) [1442] They've made a mistake haven't they?
Alec (PS01T) [1443] Mm, aye
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1444] bloody doctors ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1445] When is it written for?
Alec (PS01T) [1446] Third of January
Joyce (PS01V) [1447] Well that's when you went
Alec (PS01T) [1448] When?
Joyce (PS01V) [1449] Third of January ... silly devil
Alec (PS01T) [1450] And then there's this [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1451] January's gone
Alec (PS01T) [1452] I know
Joyce (PS01V) [1453] it's nearly February now int it?
Alec (PS01T) [1454] Aye, yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1455] characters in here int there?
Alec (PS01T) [1456] Yeah ...

7 (Tape 061301)

Alec (PS01T) [1457] Some of these old ladies it's the highlight of their week
Joyce (PS01V) [1458] Oh yeah yes, mm
Alec (PS01T) [1459] innit?
Joyce (PS01V) [1460] mm ...
Alec (PS01T) [1461] Listen me it's a long day if you're home on your own
Joyce (PS01V) [1462] Yeah, yeah ... well that's him with Lil, you know Lil between
Alec (PS01T) [1463] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1464] since she's lost Charlie she's lost, cos they're used to going out together
Alec (PS01T) [1465] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1466] so you said a
Alec (PS01T) [1467] What?
Joyce (PS01V) [1468] they, were gonna take her to bowls with us
Alec (PS01T) [1469] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [1470] and then er she can't be a member, but take her to bowls and then bring her here, she goes to bingo on a Tuesday and a Thursday, but the point is it's night time, so if we can fill her days in a bit
Alec (PS01T) [1471] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [1472] it won't be so bad, I mean we're coming here so we might as well
Alec (PS01T) [1473] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1474] bring her ...
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1475] Who's that?
Joyce (PS01V) [1476] Lil
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1477] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1478] Lost her husband
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1479] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1480] just before Christmas weren't it?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1481] All the twos
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1482] Twenty two
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1483] thirty nine
Alec (PS01T) [1484] Oh that's mine that
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1485] Twenty
Joyce (PS01V) [1486] Twenty two, twenty seven
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1487] Oh they're all little numbers
Ann (PS01U) [1488] Twenty two and twenty seven
Joyce (PS01V) [1489] well it must be in the book, we've got a, we've got a card ...
Alec (PS01T) [1490] Its not on your card though
Joyce (PS01V) [1491] int it on your card, oh
Alec (PS01T) [1492] for some reason or other she doesn't put your number on your card, I can't understand that dear I really can't
Joyce (PS01V) [1493] If your name's on, if you're on, you know if that's your number
Alec (PS01T) [1494] She kept putting her name in er different book
Joyce (PS01V) [1495] yeah twenty five pence
Alec (PS01T) [1496] about three books we were put in
Joyce (PS01V) [1497] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [1498] the big book to say we've come
Joyce (PS01V) [1499] yes well all the numbers in time go in that bag
Alec (PS01T) [1500] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1501] and there's two drawn out every week and get twenty five pence, but those two numbers are kept out
Alec (PS01T) [1502] Oh I see, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1503] so they see
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1504] that's right, yeah, so you do at least get one
Joyce (PS01V) [1505] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [1506] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1507] you're supposed to yes
Alec (PS01T) [1508] I won twice though in a run didn't I me, more or less
Joyce (PS01V) [1509] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1510] didn't I?
Joyce (PS01V) [1511] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [1512] Ever so quick it's still twenty five pence
Joyce (PS01V) [1513] but there's both when they've taken two out ... with the members here and they've got their, you know, money, they are left out then
Alec (PS01T) [1514] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1515] put er put away and then another two drawn out
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1516] them two have not been for a while so they've crossed off so, you have another
Joyce (PS01V) [1517] Oh so you can do another
Ann (PS01U) [1518] Ooh, well she should of put my name in
Joyce (PS01V) [1519] Trust us to do it all then
Alec (PS01T) [1520] She's given you a number already she says
Ann (PS01U) [1521] Fifty three
Alec (PS01T) [1522] fifty three
Ann (PS01U) [1523] She has that
Alec (PS01T) [1524] yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1525] Yeah but they don't put it on the card so
Ann (PS01U) [1526] I think you're thirty nine
Joyce (PS01V) [1527] we don't know what number we are ...
Alec (PS01T) [1528] ninety eight fifty three
Joyce (PS01V) [1529] Ninety eight
Alec (PS01T) [1530] and ninety eight
Joyce (PS01V) [1531] Oh ninety eight might
Ann (PS01U) [1532] Oh I might, oh I might, might
Alec (PS01T) [1533] It might be yours
Joyce (PS01V) [1534] Is it yours?
[1535] There's a lot here int there ninety odd
Alec (PS01T) [1536] Ninety three, is yours ninety eight then?
Ann (PS01U) [1537] I don't know what mine is [laugh] they did tell us but I forgot
Alec (PS01T) [1538] Yeah I thought you said yours was ninety
Ann (PS01U) [1539] I thought it was ninety three
Alec (PS01T) [1540] was it ninety three?
Ann (PS01U) [1541] but it couldn't of been cos it came out last week ...
Alec (PS01T) [1542] Might be ninety eight then
Ann (PS01U) [1543] Well
Joyce (PS01V) [1544] Said who?
[1545] ... Ah, speak
Ann (PS01U) [1546] Ah no they're both of
Alec (PS01T) [1547] They're both in
Ann (PS01U) [1548] them are in
Joyce (PS01V) [1549] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1550] they're both hers she says
Joyce (PS01V) [1551] oh that's right
Ann (PS01U) [1552] Mrs and Mrs [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [1553] they haven't been for a long time them two so they're cast off, well they must of been they've had to join
Alec (PS01T) [1554] Mrs or what?
Ann (PS01U) [1555] Mrs
Joyce (PS01V) [1556] haven't they?
Alec (PS01T) [1557] Well maybe they've not been so they give them so long and then they cross them off the books don't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [1558] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1559] You've nineteen nine
Ann (PS01U) [1560] Six weeks now int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [1561] Oh er she's put them in even though you've not saved your subs
Alec (PS01T) [1562] Oh they haven't been collected
Joyce (PS01V) [1563] Oh I would of thought that she would of put them in if you hadn't paid your subs, you know you're not a member are you unless you've paid your subs
Alec (PS01T) [1564] No
Joyce (PS01V) [1565] are you?
Alec (PS01T) [1566] well they'll be crossed off ... they've not paid a while so they've got
Joyce (PS01V) [1567] Until you've paid your subs, no I wouldn't bother, no, that's what she said they're gonna be thrown out ... yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1568] I'm good, I'm not drinking in the week ... I'm not, I don't really have a drink do you have a drink
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1569] some people have headache when you get on you
Joyce (PS01V) [1570] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1571] yeah for the hell of it
Joyce (PS01V) [1572] I know
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1573] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1574] yeah we could, yeah, romance [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1575] That's just what I can do with now
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1576] bring it back
Alec (PS01T) [1577] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1578] Well I don't need them
Alec (PS01T) [1579] er I'm er read it first
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1580] Bring it back when you've done with it
Alec (PS01T) [1581] I will love, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1582] I like them paperbacks they're not too big is it?
Alec (PS01T) [1583] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1584] You can get through them
Alec (PS01T) [1585] I don't do I've not got time, I start reading and then it's, it's we're doing something else
Joyce (PS01V) [1586] Well I don't really
Alec (PS01T) [1587] when he gets a book he's always stuck in it indoors
Joyce (PS01V) [1588] unless I really sit down to read
Alec (PS01T) [1589] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1590] If there's nothing on telly when we're in I might just
Alec (PS01T) [1591] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1592] read it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1593] but er, I don't even have time to read er ... the er, er [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1594] You know we, we've even cancelled newspapers us
Joyce (PS01V) [1595] Have you?
Alec (PS01T) [1596] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1597] Ah
Ann (PS01U) [1598] we never
Joyce (PS01V) [1599] oh we have a newspaper a day
Ann (PS01U) [1600] we never
Joyce (PS01V) [1601] oh I like me newspaper
Ann (PS01U) [1602] we never look at them Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [1603] Well I like me newspaper
Alec (PS01T) [1604] When we get up in the morning
Joyce (PS01V) [1605] I read mine in bed [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [1606] Do you?
Joyce (PS01V) [1607] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1608] you know, look, I always look through headlines and read what I'm interested, [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1609] I go down and get me paper and take it back up, we have a teasmade and we have a cup of tea and [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1610] We used to get, we used to get newspaper, look what were on television
Alec (PS01T) [1611] And that was it
Ann (PS01U) [1612] sometimes do crossword
Joyce (PS01V) [1613] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1614] but not very often
Joyce (PS01V) [1615] yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1616] and that were it.
Joyce (PS01V) [1617] Well er if you get Saturday's paper
Ann (PS01U) [1618] What we do now what we do now, we've, we've er, we've just started it
Joyce (PS01V) [1619] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1620] we, we rent a teletext twenty two inch
Alec (PS01T) [1621] Teletext
Ann (PS01U) [1622] seven pound a month
Joyce (PS01V) [1623] Do you?
Ann (PS01U) [1624] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [1625] How much?
Joyce (PS01V) [1626] Seven pound a month
Ann (PS01U) [1627] Seven pound a month
Alec (PS01T) [1628] We'll have one of them
Ann (PS01U) [1629] I used to I used to pay fifteen quid for the years ago to rent the set
Alec (PS01T) [1630] Yeah, it's a lovely
Ann (PS01U) [1631] I've got me own
Alec (PS01T) [1632] they're, what they er, they're just for the, our age group you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1633] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1634] you've got to be old age pensioners
Ann (PS01U) [1635] Got to be old age, I can't get it, she gets it in her name
Joyce (PS01V) [1636] In erm oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1637] seven pound a month Joyce
Alec (PS01T) [1638] And it's a lovely television
Ann (PS01U) [1639] and it was costing us ten quid a month for the newspapers
Joyce (PS01V) [1640] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1641] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1642] costing you ten pound a month for newspapers?
Ann (PS01U) [1643] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [1644] Yeah, well
Joyce (PS01V) [1645] That's unbelievable that isn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [1646] yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1647] Handy for us
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1648] when you think about twenty five
Joyce (PS01V) [1649] Yeah you would wouldn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [1650] It's twenty five it, it it were twenty two
Alec (PS01T) [1651] Well it's costing us
Ann (PS01U) [1652] it was costing us two pound fifty per week
Alec (PS01T) [1653] er we could get a twenty inch one for six pound
Ann (PS01U) [1654] A twenty inch for six pounds
Alec (PS01T) [1655] you know where it is, you know er not the Water Dale
Ann (PS01U) [1656] you know er
Alec (PS01T) [1657] the Colonaise
Ann (PS01U) [1658] the Colonaise
Joyce (PS01V) [1659] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [1660] that's
Joyce (PS01V) [1661] Colonaise
Alec (PS01T)
Ann (PS01U) [1662] Dick, Dick
Joyce (PS01V) [1663] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1664] Dick
Ann (PS01U) [1665] summat like that
Joyce (PS01V) [1666] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1667] in there
Joyce (PS01V) [1668] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [1669] we went in there and we went in Saturday and it's er one of them
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1670] funds you know it
Joyce (PS01V) [1671] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1672] in fact it's better than the television we've got
Ann (PS01U) [1673] Better than what we've got it's a slimline, it's only that wide
Joyce (PS01V) [1674] Slim?
Ann (PS01U) [1675] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1676] and it's a twenty two inch it's seven pound
Ann (PS01U) [1677] He fetched it in and he bunged it down and I said that's not a twenty two, he said it is, so when he'd gone it were only nineteen so I rung him up I says hey
Alec (PS01T) [1678] We'd measured it, it weren't it was nineteen, so we knew it wasn't
Ann (PS01U) [1679] you're trying a bastard here like anyway
Alec (PS01T) [1680] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1681] he come, he come yesterday and brought us a twenty two
Alec (PS01T) [1682] He changed it, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1683] Do they do videos then?
Alec (PS01T) [1684] How do they measure them like?
[1685] How do they measure them?
Alec (PS01T) [1686] I don't know if they do them on video of old age people
Joyce (PS01V) [1687] Ah
Alec (PS01T) [1688] but we've got a video
Joyce (PS01V) [1689] A video we could do with int it really?
Alec (PS01T) [1690] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1691] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1692] we've got, we've got a big
Joyce (PS01V) [1693] It's only our video's gone
Alec (PS01T) [1694] yeah we've got a video
Ann (PS01U) [1695] No I, I didn't like
Alec (PS01T) [1696] it's right old one you know we've had it
Joyce (PS01V) [1697] Yeah ours is, ours is
Alec (PS01T) [1698] since Brian was sixteen
Ann (PS01U) [1699] What is the video's gone?
[1700] What is it irreparable?
Joyce (PS01V) [1701] No it, we took it to this bloke and I don't know what he's done with it because it played before we took it and when he, he said it weren't worth doing and when we brought it back it won't even roll now even play now will it?
Alec (PS01T) [1702] Oh he's messed it up
Joyce (PS01V) [1703] So what he's done with it I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1704] oh no, we, we, we er what's the name of it?
Ann (PS01U) [1705] I know a bloke at Waddington he's very, very good with videos
Joyce (PS01V) [1706] Is he?
Ann (PS01U) [1707] Yeah, really is, yes ... er you take it to him
Joyce (PS01V) [1708] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1709] I mean he's a business you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1710] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1711] he, erm ... and he'll tell you whether it's worth repairing or not Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [1712] Well he said it weren't
Alec (PS01T) [1713] Has he
Joyce (PS01V) [1714] but like I say
Alec (PS01T) [1715] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1716] it weren't too bad when we took it, it would play but there weren't even, when we brought it back
Alec (PS01T) [1717] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [1718] and he said to erm when we went to pick it up is there a tape?
[1719] Have I left a tape in there?
[1720] And he said I don't know and Alec said well how the heck can you bloody try to mend it if you don't bloody know if there's a tape in or not
Alec (PS01T) [1721] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1722] I, I
Joyce (PS01V) [1723] you know so what he's done
Alec (PS01T) [1724] He sounds like somebody who mended our
Joyce (PS01V) [1725] what he
Alec (PS01T) [1726] washer
Joyce (PS01V) [1727] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1728] Well he's in business is he?
[1729] Is it a shop?
Joyce (PS01V) [1730] I think, yeah , it's a shop, it's a shop
Alec (PS01T) [1731] Yeah, oh ours come from er
Joyce (PS01V) [1732] I think it
Ann (PS01U) [1733] er this bloke had his done in a shop
Alec (PS01T) [1734] When he's mended
Joyce (PS01V) [1735] I think he's made it
Alec (PS01T) [1736] our washing machine
Joyce (PS01V) [1737] so that it weren't even made sure that it didn't [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1738] I do, I really do
Alec (PS01T) [1739] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1740] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1741] I think he's made it to make sure it didn't mend because he wants the
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1742] see
Ann (PS01U) [1743] Just like that Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [1744] and he got it see
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1745] well we thought if we could get that done
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1746] it would do for caravan and erm at home you know
Alec (PS01T) [1747] Who's that?
[1748] Erm
Ann (PS01U) [1749] What were you took to him Joyce were it the video or television?
Joyce (PS01V) [1750] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1751] I wouldn't leave it with him he's a right cowboy
Alec (PS01T) [1752] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1753] at Ash Hill
Alec (PS01T) [1754] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1755] Ash Hill at
Joyce (PS01V) [1756] Yeah that's him
Alec (PS01T) [1757] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1758] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1759] Yeah I took mine to him he's a right cowboy
Alec (PS01T) [1760] Right careful of him
Joyce (PS01V) [1761] Yeah he is isn't he?
[1762] Well how d'ya know?
Ann (PS01U) [1763] I took it to this kid at
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1764] well how do you know about him?
Ann (PS01U) [1765] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [1766] How do you know about him?
Alec (PS01T) [1767] Drink your tea so they can have your cup
Ann (PS01U) [1768] How do I know about him?
Joyce (PS01V) [1769] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [1770] I think I see, I think it were advertised in, in Advertiser something like that
Joyce (PS01V) [1771] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1772] I took summat to him I did
Joyce (PS01V) [1773] Oh you took summat did you?
Ann (PS01U) [1774] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1775] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [1776] yeah I think yeah and, and he er, he look, he didn't even know how to take bloody back off I had to show him how to take it, I said oh I'm not leaving this with him, that were video
Alec (PS01T) [1777] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [1778] that were video
Joyce (PS01V) [1779] Was it?
Ann (PS01U) [1780] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1781] because it's all
Alec (PS01T) [1782] Oh I see
Joyce (PS01V) [1783] Oh I beg your pardon
Alec (PS01T) [1784] That's alright love, that's alright, it's my fault for being up there, it er ... I'm always doing that putting me elbow up, er, it's a right old'un you know I mean it's about ten, twelve years old now
Joyce (PS01V) [1785] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1786] this video
Joyce (PS01V) [1787] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1788] so show you how old it is I mean now it
Joyce (PS01V) [1789] He said, he said when they get to how old?
[1790] About seven years he says you can expect them to start going like then, you know and I
Alec (PS01T) [1791] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [1792] think what he wants to do is he wanted to sell us a new one
Alec (PS01T) [1793] Sell it, yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1794] oh dear, so er
Alec (PS01T) [1795] so who's that who's been organizing
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1796] have, have er, it, do they just sell one lot like again in same, same again
Joyce (PS01V) [1797] Yeah, just one same again
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1798] and that's it then
Ann (PS01U) [1799] Is that it?
Alec (PS01T) [1800] Yes
Ann (PS01U) [1801] Oh right, I will get
Joyce (PS01V) [1802] Right
Alec (PS01T) [1803] Ah you'll be singing a bit later on
Ann (PS01U) [1804] Oh will we?
Alec (PS01T) [1805] Happy birthday
Joyce (PS01V) [1806] Yes
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1807] Well ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1808] I'm not, I'm not a hat person me
Joyce (PS01V) [1809] I'm not
Alec (PS01T) [1810] d'ya know we've got the wedding coming up and I dread, I keep trying hats on
Joyce (PS01V) [1811] Whose wedding?
Alec (PS01T) [1812] Me daughter
Joyce (PS01V) [1813] Ooh have you?
Alec (PS01T) [1814] Yeah eight quid a piece
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1815] yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1816] Well
Joyce (PS01V) [1817] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1818] well I can't put a hat on me hair takes the same shape and I take me hat off me hair's the same shape as me hat
Joyce (PS01V) [1819] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1820] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1821] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1822] well I thought if I could see just a little bit of er
Joyce (PS01V) [1823] Yeah that's the thing innit?
Alec (PS01T) [1824] just across here just to say you've got something on your head
Joyce (PS01V) [1825] Maybe you'll get some
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1826] they sell them don't they?
Alec (PS01T) [1827] Oh I've not thought about, I tell you I looked in British Home Stores they had these
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1828] You know if you go
Alec (PS01T) [1829] wide brim things and put it down and it comes down here on me
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1830] I think it I think it's still there
Joyce (PS01V) [1831] What colour are you wearing?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1832] as you go through where
Alec (PS01T) [1833] I don't know yet
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1834] you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1835] Oh
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1836] where
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1837] are, where Lowestock market used to be them gates
Alec (PS01T) [1838] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1839] go through there and it's somewhere around that area they sell
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1840] and things for and bits for hats don't they?
Alec (PS01T) [1841] Oh I know, yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1842] You know where I mean?
Alec (PS01T) [1843] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1844] Maybe just get a piece of something
Alec (PS01T) [1845] Piece of something yeah, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1846] a bit of
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1847] mm, yes
Alec (PS01T) [1848] Just say you've got owt yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1849] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1850] it's more or less just to say you've got something
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1851] especially the hat, I bought one of them er it was a little pill box things
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1852] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1853] for me son
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1854] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1855] That'll, that'd be a good idea and I can decorate it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1856] yeah, the, that's the awful part I tried one of them with a big bit here and I tried it on and it looked like a tit on a pimple, I said god what am I gonna do?
[1857] No I haven't got me outfit yet
Joyce (PS01V) [1858] No, when is your wedding coming up?
Alec (PS01T) [1859] April the fourth
Joyce (PS01V) [1860] Ooh is it, ooh
Alec (PS01T) [1861] She, she'd met him, she'd come home from abroad in September you know from Korea dancing, that was er that came in on Sunday
Joyce (PS01V) [1862] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1863] er she'd came home, she said I'm not dancing no more I'm finished so we said alright fair enough, she's joining er trying for the police ... she comes on holiday with us in the October, she come home September, come on holiday with me in October she met this young fellow, she got engaged at Christmas and they're getting married they, they
Joyce (PS01V) [1864] Is that the one she was with on, on Sunday?
Alec (PS01T) [1865] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1866] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [1867] he's in the Air Force
Joyce (PS01V) [1868] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1869] so he's getting married in uniform with all his blue and white and I said oh blooming heck
Joyce (PS01V) [1870] Oh hell well he won't have to bother, bother about a suit will he?
[1871] If he's wearing his uniform
Alec (PS01T) [1872] No, that's what he says
Joyce (PS01V) [1873] they always look smart don't they?
Alec (PS01T) [1874] Yeah, yeah, me eldest son he, he got married in uniform and he looked nice
Joyce (PS01V) [1875] Yeah ...
Alec (PS01T) [1876] So he's a nice lad you know she couldn't, she couldn't of picked anybody better, he don't drink a lot, you know just have them
Joyce (PS01V) [1877] Where she met where she met him then?
Alec (PS01T) [1878] Butlins
Joyce (PS01V) [1879] Oh did she?
Alec (PS01T) [1880] Yeah Butlins
Joyce (PS01V) [1881] Oh of all places
Alec (PS01T) [1882] She'd been all over the Far East
Joyce (PS01V) [1883] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1884] and she comes home and meets him in Butlins.
Joyce (PS01V) [1885] Oh it's alright
Alec (PS01T) [1886] Mind you it's like
Joyce (PS01V) [1887] it's better to have an English man anyway
Alec (PS01T) [1888] I was gonna say that was all that I were frightened of
Joyce (PS01V) [1889] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1890] she'd meet up with a
Joyce (PS01V) [1891] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1892] Japanese and ooh
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1893] I just, they know my opinion of the Japs
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1894] ooh if they, cos me eldest lad he does the karate ... he's in Wiltshire, he's in the police force, he does karate, he's got his own schools and he mixes with the Japs a lot
Joyce (PS01V) [1895] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [1896] but he never talks to me about them
Joyce (PS01V) [1897] No
Alec (PS01T) [1898] cos he knows I
Joyce (PS01V) [1899] Yeah I'm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1900] oh bloody hell, I think the Japs are worse than the Germans
Joyce (PS01V) [1901] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1902] and the Germans are bad enough
Joyce (PS01V) [1903] Yes, he plays
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1904] some of them I, I, I suppose the ordinary people but the Japs the whole lot of them
Joyce (PS01V) [1905] You never know you never know where they
Alec (PS01T) [1906] Never turn your back on them
Joyce (PS01V) [1907] No, but they er
Alec (PS01T) [1908] been about too much
Joyce (PS01V) [1909] Particularly York how they were, now they're all growing up
Alec (PS01T) [1910] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1911] it makes you wonder how they
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1912] yeah, I, I think they'll, oh as soon as we drop all our arms
Joyce (PS01V) [1913] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1914] that's when they'll start, that's what happened last time weren't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [1915] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1916] They will, and the Japs I think they're evil
Joyce (PS01V) [1917] Do you like me Christmas frock, the, our David sent me some money from America
Alec (PS01T) [1918] Oh that's nice
Joyce (PS01V) [1919] so I though I'd get, it'll just fritter away if I don't
Alec (PS01T) [1920] Yeah yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1921] we went and got that
Alec (PS01T) [1922] you do right, it's nice, it's a nice neat one that innit?
Joyce (PS01V) [1923] Alec ain't spent his yet, he'll probably pay
Alec (PS01T) [1924] Yeah, it's better to wait and get something when you, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1925] He said he hasn't seen anything new yet, he said I'll spend it, I said what you spend it, he said I'll see something when
Alec (PS01T) [1926] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1927] when I see, when I see something I want
Alec (PS01T) [1928] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1929] but er, I said well I said you need some new trousers like with you being
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1930] I know he says but I'm losing weight and I might go back to where I was
Alec (PS01T) [1931] Mm, he can but he hope
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1932] I have left it out, I have left it out for him
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1933] yes oh yes, could do that, I've let him some out though when you see him at the back
Alec (PS01T) [1934] Yeah just, just unpick it
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1935] well he used to be right out here Frank didn't he?
[1936] He used to be right out here Frank, he used to be a right paunch
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [1937] he's er, since he's had his heart attack he's slimmed down
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] [talk simultaneous]
Alec (PS01T) [1938] ooh you ain't filled your thing in
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [1939] You don't need them on er this time love
Alec (PS01T) [1940] Oh don't you need them
Joyce (PS01V) [1941] No he don't put them in the rubbish bin
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1942] that's so that we don't have to mess about with it, it, it
Alec (PS01T) [1943] Well
Joyce (PS01V) [1944] they're not
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [1945] they'll just er stick them put them in a box and sling them you see
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] [talk simultaneous]
Joyce (PS01V) [1946] we've got the heating on in here today by the feel of things
Alec (PS01T) [1947] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [1948] it's warm int it?
[1949] I'm glad I put this on
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] [talk simultaneous]
Joyce (PS01V) [1950] I like your outfit you had on Sunday
Alec (PS01T) [1951] Frank bought it last year
Joyce (PS01V) [1952] Did he?
Alec (PS01T) [1953] for Christmas
Joyce (PS01V) [1954] I thought maybe you'd got it while you were abroad
Alec (PS01T) [1955] No, no, he he bought it [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1956] a woman, a friend, er she makes it
Joyce (PS01V) [1957] Oh does she?
[1958] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1959] and she er she knitted it
Joyce (PS01V) [1960] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1961] and he
Joyce (PS01V) [1962] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1963] well she knew my size so
Joyce (PS01V) [1964] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1965] and it washes up lovely
Joyce (PS01V) [1966] So he bought it for Christmas for you no
Alec (PS01T) [1967] Yeah yeah it washes up lovely
Alec (PS01T) [1968] Oh these tellies are alright
Joyce (PS01V) [1969] I've got one that's been [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1970] I've worn it before, yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [1971] and er it's that warm, it's got to be really cold, I mean you couldn't wear it in here on a Sunday night
Alec (PS01T) [1972] No, well that's what happened I thought it oh
Joyce (PS01V) [1973] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1974] it's bound to be cold with all that frost and I was sweltering
Joyce (PS01V) [1975] You, you were, that's only a fine one int it you've bought so that'll be alright
Alec (PS01T) [1976] Yeah, yeah it's got a lot of er ... it's a holey, what I call a holey one you know
Joyce (PS01V) [1977] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1978] with plenty of holes in it
Joyce (PS01V) [1979] Holes in it yeah ...
Alec (PS01T) [1980] then I got sort of er saving because I got paid what redundancy protection and everything, and I says to her oh bugger it I'm gonna pay that off and then
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1981] so I paid it in the November, the second of December they announce me redundancy don't they?
[1982] And I'd been paying it for two years then
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [1983] There's a lot of knitting mind, but, but
Ann (PS01U) [1984] Well we bought ours
Joyce (PS01V) [1985] every row
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] [talk simultaneous]
Alec (PS01T) [1986] well we had er black and white
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1987] didn't we?
[1988] I bought him, it's ages since for his birthday
Joyce (PS01V) [1989] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [1990] you know in case he were ill
Ann (PS01U) [1991] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1992] he wanted it, I just er keep him occupied in bedroom
Ann (PS01U) [1993] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [1994] and we'd had it that long and er it's stopped having any
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [1995] yeah
Alec (PS01T) [1996] and we'd left it, and not bothered and then he says one day I might as well sling this out it's no good is it?
[1997] So he put it in shed, left it in shed for a while and then it were not last year the year before, he took it down, I'm putting this in dustbin duck he says it's no damn good, we went on holiday and me daughter's boyfriend came down while we were away and er, he must of been looking in dustbin he says what's this telly doing, our Mandy said it's no good, me dad's slinging it out, so he took it home and fixed it, it's been going ever since
Ann (PS01U) [1998] Yeah it was love
Joyce (PS01V) [1999] It's just marvellous isn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [2000] and yes er yes
Alec (PS01T) [2001] If it were, it were snow all it were were your aerial
Alec (PS01T) [2002] Yeah and yet Marion had one, she'd only had it about just over a year didn't she?
[2003] And er, it went wrong so she took her daughter's out of her bedroom and using hers and when our John came down she were telling about it so he said oh I'll take it this Sunday and I'll fix it for you, of course with John working away he took the television
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2004] Hello everybody
Alec (PS01T) [2005] and it were gone about seven or eight weeks and when he heard nowt about it
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2006] It's a nice day today for you, anyway
Alec (PS01T) [2007] so I reminded our John and when he he gave [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2008] We have some new members this afternoon
Joyce (PS01V) [2009] Got some new members
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2010] and you all know the register is closed before Christmas, after February we close, the register will be closed at the end of February, no more new members then unless they live on the estate, we have to do that for the Christmas party, okay?
[2011] Right, well er, we've some birthdays this week there's er Miss on the fifth today she isn't here, Mrs on the sixth, Mrs is on the sixth and Mrs of Gasworthy Close on the seventh.
[2012] So join with me in wishing our members a happy birthday
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [2013] [singing] happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear members, happy birthday to you []
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2014] I hope you all have a nice birthday and many more to come ... now last week the flower box raised one pound forty two, the raffle four pound forty six and the bring and buy two pound sixty making a total of eight pound fourteen
Alec (PS01T) [2015] I've got news for you he's been ventriloquist, he's a ventriloquist
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2016] er next week is your let letters N and P for the raffle table, for the benefit of new members you go alphabetically through, you know, from A to Z and when it's your turn we'd like you to bring something for the raffle table
Alec (PS01T) [2017] Bring something for the raffle when it's your turn
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2018] to help the funds, a tin of something, er your attendance draw goes to Mrs I was praying that you know
Joyce (PS01V) [2019] So when it comes to our turn
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2020] and Mrs whose both numbers were nearly at the end of them anyway, with, they'll all be back again in a, another week's time
Joyce (PS01V) [2021] What did the second name did you say [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2022] Yes Mrs and Mrs , right now then
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2023] fix your diary, a lot of you weren't here last week, oh by the way P C is er coming along with a film, it broke down the other week, you all enjoyed the talk so I do hope you come along to see the film, it only takes about twenty minutes and it's on er ... security, you know, it's for your own benefit
Alec (PS01T) [2024] It is really yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2025] Events for your diary, your two outings, July the fifteenth and August the thirteenth
Alec (PS01T) [2026] Drop them down
Joyce (PS01V) [2027] Got them down
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2028] July the fifteenth and August the thirteenth, one's on a Wednesday
Joyce (PS01V) [2029] Haven't got anything [...] though
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2030] and the others on a Thursday.
[2031] We're having hot cross buns as usual on April the fifteenth
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2032] Eighteenth
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2033] Eighteenth
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2034] Outing what one July the fifteenth?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2035] July the fifteenth and August the thirteenth, one's on a Wednesday
Alec (PS01T) [2036] Where'd you get them from then?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2037] the other's on a Thursday, okay?
Alec (PS01T) [2038] What do you call it give me them,me John gave me mine
Joyce (PS01V) [2039] Well I don't get a diary
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2040] Er the destination hasn't been decided yet I've got two quotes that were, we have plenty of time to pick that, the buses are booked so we've got the outings
Alec (PS01T) [2041] Hot cross buns
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2042] er, the Easter fair will take place on April the twenty ninth, now I've heard from Goldthorpe, I only heard this week, and their, the production they're doing is My Fair Lady, now we're hoping to go on the Thursday, March the nineteenth, the tickets, the balcony is three pound and the stalls are two pound fifty, and they, there'll be your bus fare on top so if any of you are interested please give me your names this afternoon so I can ... get them tickets sorted out, right, now if that [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2043] Where's that?
Joyce (PS01V) [2044] My Fair Lady at Goldthorpe
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2045] What is a senior citizen?
Ann (PS01U) [2046] Two fifty or three pound
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2047] A senior citizen is one who was here before the pill, before television, frozen food, credit card and ballpoint pens, for us timesharing meant togetherness, not computers and a chip meant a piece of wood, hardware meant hardware and software wasn't even a word, teenagers never wore slacks, we were before pantyhose, drip-dry clothes, dishwashers, clothes driers and electric blankets, we got married first and then lived together
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2048] How quaint can one be?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2049] They all wore Peter Pan collars and thought cleavage was something butchers did, we were before vitamin, vitamin pills, disposal diapers, Q E one, jeeps, pizzas, instant coffee and Kentucky Fried wasn't even thought of, in our day cigarette smoking was fashionable, grass was for mowing, pot was something you cooked in.
[2050] A gay par person was the life of the party and nothing more
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2051] while
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2052] meant beauty lotions or help for someone in trouble, we are today senior citizens, a hardy bunch when you think of how the world has changed and of the adjustments we have had to make and that is [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [clapping]
Joyce (PS01V) [2053] That was good that was weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2054] And don't forget any of you who would like to go to Goldthorpe I'm taking the names
Joyce (PS01V) [2055] She's on tape here
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2056] this afternoon, thank you, and your raffles now, er Mrs on the pink you've got the first one love, give it to Mabel ...
Alec (PS01T) [2057] That's her little one, thought he had Downs didn't they?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2058] A tin of salmon the first one
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2059] or whatever
Alec (PS01T) [2060] Was it, was it forty three thousand she won then?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2061] Who's J C R fifteen?
Joyce (PS01V) [2062] Oh me
Alec (PS01T) [2063] You
Alec (PS01T) [2064] Oh you've got it [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2065] It's me [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2066] J C R fifteen that was second one
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [2067] You'll get second
Joyce (PS01V) [2068] Leave that Christmas pudding alone
Ann (PS01U) [2069] [laugh] Get that Christmas pudding
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2070] Then Vera again ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2071] What has she got?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2072] What's that C? ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2073] She's got the Christmas pudding I think, it's only a little tiny thing ... is that it?
[2074] Oh no it's
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2075] I don't know what this is, is it W A or C O A, W A?
Ann (PS01U) [2076] What you got?
Joyce (PS01V) [2077] Some scones
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2078] It's you well go and get a prize then my duck, Will has got the next one
Alec (PS01T) [2079] Why didn't you get the Christmas pudding?
Joyce (PS01V) [2080] Didn't want a Christmas pudding
Alec (PS01T) [2081] I did, I like it better than that
Alec (PS01T) [2082] Thought you were getting Christmas pudding
Joyce (PS01V) [2083] Go on, you go and change it
Alec (PS01T) [2084] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2085] I didn't want it
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2086] That's Mrs ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2087] Christmas pudding now
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2088] Christmas is over
Alec (PS01T) [2089] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2090] Don't go Florrie you've got a pound to come, M A B's gotta pound, Flo and D A ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2091] Just put them under there
Alec (PS01T) [2092] Put them under where?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2093] Who's M O D, D A Doris , Mrs , Flo and Doris , right you ready for your next bingo?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [2094] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2095] It were worth coming for weren't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2096] It were [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2097] Oh dear ...
Alec (PS01T) [2098] You see you're getting your money back
Joyce (PS01V) [2099] Scones for tea
Alec (PS01T) [2100] getting your money back what you paid in
Alec (PS01T) [2101] I'd rather of had Christmas pudding
Joyce (PS01V) [2102] Go and change it then
Alec (PS01T) [2103] No, I'm not changing it now
Ann (PS01U) [2104] [laugh] That's alright but you've got no [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2105] You're not, it's fattening
Alec (PS01T) [2106] So them
Joyce (PS01V) [2107] Yeah, he don't know that
Alec (PS01T) [2108] Don't he?
[2109] Oh dear ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2110] There were a tin of pilchards, but I don't like pilchards
Alec (PS01T) [2111] Tin of pilchards was there?
Joyce (PS01V) [2112] Yeah, a tin
Alec (PS01T) [2113] Big one, ooh ... I get those little ones for us
Joyce (PS01V) [2114] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2115] I got them for me, I'd get them for me daughter but I don't know if she likes them
Joyce (PS01V) [2116] Yeah ... she likes tuna
Alec (PS01T) [2117] and er mackerel you can get them little tins as well
Joyce (PS01V) [2118] Yeah, yeah I wished we did like them cos many a time you can make a meal
Alec (PS01T) [2119] Snack int it?
[2120] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2121] Yeah we usually have dinner time, then have our dinner at tea time ... sometimes you don't know what to have do you?
Alec (PS01T) [2122] You don't
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2123] especially with us not eating fish
Alec (PS01T) [2124] Yeah, you don't eat fish?
Joyce (PS01V) [2125] No, we don't eat fish
Alec (PS01T) [2126] Don't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [2127] The only fish I, well I say fish it's seafood, is salmon
Alec (PS01T) [2128] Oh yeah, mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2129] it's the only thing we eat
Alec (PS01T) [2130] Tinned?
Joyce (PS01V) [2131] Tinned salmon, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2132] So you don't eat fish, don't you like fish?
[2133] Neither of you?
Joyce (PS01V) [2134] No
Alec (PS01T) [2135] Well that's strange that
Ann (PS01U) [2136] Oh yet me father, me father'd have fish every meal
Alec (PS01T) [2137] Oh I love fish
Joyce (PS01V) [2138] and me daughter loves fish
Alec (PS01T) [2139] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2140] she loves it, but
Alec (PS01T) [2141] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2142] I never touch it
Alec (PS01T) [2143] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2144] fish to me was my mother making me sit at a
Alec (PS01T) [2145] I don't mind fish
Joyce (PS01V) [2146] table
Alec (PS01T) [2147] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2148] from dinner time to tea time, to eat this fish
Alec (PS01T) [2149] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2150] for me dinner
Alec (PS01T) [2151] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2152] and I wouldn't eat it
Alec (PS01T) [2153] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2154] I tried it, but it used to, I used to, I just did not like fish
Alec (PS01T) [2155] No ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2156] and when ever anybody talks of fish it's just me sitting at the table from dinner time and then she
Alec (PS01T) [2157] Yeah that's what reminds you of
Joyce (PS01V) [2158] realized I didn't like it
Alec (PS01T) [2159] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2160] I used to, I love fish and chips, used to love fish and chips
Joyce (PS01V) [2161] Yeah, when I were
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2162] when I was er
Alec (PS01T) [2163] I'm alright with fish until I get a bone
Joyce (PS01V) [2164] when I was expecting our John
Alec (PS01T) [2165] and once I get a bone that's it, it's over [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2166] Yeah, I used to go down to [...] and I used to pass these fish shops, I had to have fish and chips
Alec (PS01T) [2167] I like tuna
Joyce (PS01V) [2168] cos I don't know why they've got blooming queues in fish shop
Ann (PS01U) [2169] Do you?
Alec (PS01T) [2170] Aye
Joyce (PS01V) [2171] he says well why don't you use your pass?
[2172] You're pregnant, you know your book
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2173] Yeah that's right
Joyce (PS01V) [2174] I said I'm not standing here queuing letting everybody know I'm pregnant [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2175] Ah
Joyce (PS01V) [2176] so I, I used to, he used to take me home and then he used to go and stand in the queue
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2177] Are you all ready then?
Joyce (PS01V) [2178] Yeah, is this two?
[2179] For two games?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2180] For playing a line?
Alec (PS01T) [2181] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2182] For two games?
Alec (PS01T) [2183] That's right
Ann (PS01U) [2184] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2185] same as the first time
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2186] Two fifty a line and six pound a house
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2187] now pay attention, right, first number
Joyce (PS01V) [2188] Oh yeah, if she don't give you a cheque
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2189] two and eight ... twenty eight, are you playing Mr ?
Alec (PS01T) [2190] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2191] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [2192] You're alright?
Joyce (PS01V) [2193] He's alright, we're alright Evelyn
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2194] Come on
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2195] Go on
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2196] Oh there's always one
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2197] Bloody hell, there's always one
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2198] There's always one int there?
[2199] There's always
Joyce (PS01V) [2200] Just a minute, just a minute [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2201] First number, two and eight twenty eight ... four and seven forty seven
Alec (PS01T) [2202] Could of carried on love
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2203] two and nine, twenty nine
Joyce (PS01V) [2204] I was doing it love I told you it was alright
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2205] seven and nine, seventy nine, by itself number two ... four and eight, forty eight, six O, sixty ... four and five, forty five, by itself number one, two and three, twenty three, seven and one, seventy one, three and two, thirty two, five and six, fifty six, four and six, forty six ... five and nine fifty nine, seven O, seventy, three and one thirty one ... three and six, thirty six, five and one, fifty one, one and two, twelve, seven and five, seventy five, one O, number ten, six and ninety, sixty nine, five and three, fifty three, four and ninety forty nine, eight and seven eighty seven, both the eights, eighty eight
Joyce (PS01V) [2206] Can't be long twenty seven numbers
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2207] one and three thirteen
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2208] Here
Alec (PS01T) [2209] That was long
Joyce (PS01V) [2210] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2211] don't usually go that long
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2212] Who is it please?
[2213] Mrs
Joyce (PS01V) [2214] It's a long one
Alec (PS01T) [2215] Twenty eight numbers for a line, mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2216] Have you got the other half of this one Frank?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2217] Yeah, why?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2218] Thirteen
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2219] Thirteen
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2220] twenty three
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2221] twenty three
Joyce (PS01V) [2222] Oh it doesn't matter
Alec (PS01T) [2223] What's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2224] thirty two
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2225] thirty two
Joyce (PS01V) [2226] I just asked if he'd got the other half of this card
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2227] twenty three
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2228] twenty three
Alec (PS01T) [2229] Oh have they?
[2230] Oh I see so there's only one who can [...]
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2231] and seventy one
Joyce (PS01V) [2232] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2233] that's why I don't give them like that
Joyce (PS01V) [2234] Don't you like them that way?
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2235] don't like them, that way
Joyce (PS01V) [2236] Oh
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2237] I'm always sitting thinking if I hadn't got them, I'd be thinking now was it on the card I haven't got you know
Alec (PS01T) [2238] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2239] I'm like that
Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [2240] The next number for the full house, by itself number five, three O, thirty, both the ones, eleven

8 (Tape 061302)

Joyce (PS01V) [2241] Now that I've finished work I'll probably do that for you
Alec (PS01T) [2242] [laugh] Oh aye
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2243] oh I well I won't be doing it then, will I?
Alec (PS01T) [2244] Won't be doing nowt then
Joyce (PS01V) [2245] I don't know I don't
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2246] eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [2247] Sometimes well
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2248] easier innit?
Alec (PS01T) [2249] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2250] Easier just to pick up ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2251] go out to Johnny's early tomorrow won't we?
[2252] If she's coming tomorrow afternoon
Joyce (PS01V) [2253] Who?
Alec (PS01T) [2254] Who, Denise
Joyce (PS01V) [2255] Oh yeah I forgot about that
Alec (PS01T) [2256] Mm ... [singing] up the lazy river, happy [] ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2257] I think we er better go today then, don't you? ...
Alec (PS01T) [2258] Well er she's not coming until tomorrow night is she?
Joyce (PS01V) [2259] Afternoon
Alec (PS01T) [2260] Well tomorrow afternoon ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2261] be coming dinner time
Alec (PS01T) [2262] I'd go and have a look and see to buy some tellies like you know
Joyce (PS01V) [2263] That what?
Alec (PS01T) [2264] Some videos
Joyce (PS01V) [2265] Yeah

9 (Tape 061401)

Alec (PS01T) [2266] There's one thing you can, you can gamble if you don't bloody well gonna like it
Joyce (PS01V) [2267] No
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2268] sure won't, two different patterns, two different materials ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2269] I don't know this pickle this last pickled onion do I?
Joyce (PS01V) [2270] But one did you eat like that, you sat, it's not like having a form of material to cut out more than that is it?
Alec (PS01T) [2271] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2272] You know?
Alec (PS01T) [2273] [clears throat] Oh there's some on there if you wanna ... er Joyce was saying that get vast material
Joyce (PS01V) [2274] Yeah, I thought these things that I don't wear that I like the material of, it's good material, it's a matter of trying ... built it up
Alec (PS01T) [2275] Ah dear, dear, dear, dear
Joyce (PS01V) [2276] otherwise it might just as well get chucked out mightn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [2277] Yeah, try a pickled onion
Joyce (PS01V) [2278] Here ... half a one int it?
Alec (PS01T) [2279] Mm, the last
Joyce (PS01V) [2280] Mm, good that vinegar though cos I sliced some onion, I like it like that, do you?
Alec (PS01T) [2281] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2282] I think I prefer to get it like that and, instead of having a whole onion it's better when, they're, the big ones like they are ... bit too big aren't they?
Alec (PS01T) [2283] Mm ... that's better, go and get some more in won't we?
[2284] ... One day we'll call into Rose ... I mean you didn't get them from Rose did you, where'd you get that one from, butchers weren't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2285] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2286] Ah?
Joyce (PS01V) [2287] What?
Alec (PS01T) [2288] This pickle, pickles, get them from there
Joyce (PS01V) [2289] Erm you know that butchers next to the post office?
Alec (PS01T) [2290] At the bottom here?
Joyce (PS01V) [2291] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2292] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2293] just happened to go in one day for some meat and ... I got me bacon there for Christmas, that's what I went in for weren't it?
[2294] ... You don't want er video straight away do you?
[2295] ... That's the cheapest place down there
Alec (PS01T) [2296] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2297] that's the cheapest place ... int it?
Alec (PS01T) [2298] Mm, mm he's a cowboy int he? ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2299] Well they say so, but
Alec (PS01T) [2300] Well he looks like [laugh] we could play at ours the day before and can borrow Doug's
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2301] can't we?
Joyce (PS01V) [2302] Yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2303] Mm?
Alec (PS01T) [2304] Everything wrong now
Joyce (PS01V) [2305] No, I know we can get a new one off him ... we can always get
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2306] keep it okay for you ... in fact that's who I'd thought you'd gone to, I thought you had called in at their house like cos must of seen his, I thought you must of seen his run out his car at
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ... [...] ...
Alec (PS01T) [2307] No I'll be up early in morning to
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2308] It's, it's no good we going tomorrow or Howard'll be coming turn out late shift be coming out you know, might as well get ready and going out, now I've had summat to eat, it's only quarter to ... Really we're starting into the second leaves, the frosts through to the second set of leaves these, that's gonna be better plant ... and here when the wind blows
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2309] do what love?
Joyce (PS01V) [2310] I say when the wind blows it sort of a howl in here
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2311] I noticed it when I were doing window other day

10 (Tape 061402)

Joyce (PS01V) [2312] Are you gonna go and have a look then?
[2313] What about looking at back and me bulbs, our Michael might be there mind, I doubt it though I think it's his day off ...
Alec (PS01T) [2314] Oh I wonder if you
Joyce (PS01V) [2315] Just er cut er, stop that, turn that iron off love
Alec (PS01T) [2316] He just wants to er, just want to go and get your groceries don't you?
[2317] ... We can do that love ... [humming] ... You having a go at this when you come back?
Joyce (PS01V) [2318] Probably, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2319] Gonna put them on top don't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2320] I don't need the iron, I don't need, I don't need this out though ... just the, leave that ... just leave them on there like that ...

11 (Tape 061403)

Joyce (PS01V) [2321] In the, in the sun from so many hours
Alec (PS01T) [2322] Right oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2323] but at the beginning of the morning it were cold and then it went warmer
Alec (PS01T) [2324] Oh yeah and that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2325] cold at nights then it went very cold again
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS01W) [2326] Hey he's recording me here
Joyce (PS01V) [2327] We, we, we did some with them
Alec (PS01T) [2328] We were at the centre yesterday with Frank and Joy
Joyce (PS01V) [2329] Oh er did he come?
Alec (PS01T) [2330] Mm, yeah, we had a couple of game of in garden
Joyce (PS01V) [2331] Did they sign on?
Alec (PS01T) [2332] She won the first, she won what did she win?
Joyce (PS01V) [2333] Did she?
[2334] Annie
Alec (PS01T) [2335] She won a packet of scones
Alec (PS01T) [2336] No
Alec (PS01T) [2337] [laughing] at raffle [] [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2338] They signed on then did they?
Alec (PS01T) [2339] Yes they're already, they're signed up members now
Joyce (PS01V) [2340] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2341] yeah, and it ends the, they don't, er she doesn't sit any more members after the end of February she said
Alec (PS01T) [2342] Yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2343] Yeah, so, do you want to get, get your, you'll have to start, come on then
Joyce (PS01V) [2344] Aye
Alec (PS01T) [2345] get yourself signed up
Joyce (PS01V) [2346] Oh we would of been there on Sunday but, I've been, I've been, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2347] No I mean at centre on Wednesday
Joyce (PS01V) [2348] Mm, I mean we've been going out in the daytime, when the weather's
Alec (PS01T) [2349] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2350] been good, a bit of sunshine
Alec (PS01T) [2351] Aye
Joyce (PS01V) [2352] but stopping in at night
Alec (PS01T) [2353] Night, no
Joyce (PS01V) [2354] because we've not been able to talk to people
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2355] it's been er
Alec (PS01T) [2356] I know
Joyce (PS01V) [2357] it's not been very good or nice for you
Joan (PS01W) [2358] Oh how you doing?
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2359] I'm sure of that [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2360] Not very nice to me
Joan (PS01W) [2361] Aye that bad
Joyce (PS01V) [2362] It isn't it isn't
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joan (PS01W) [2363] is it nearly, was it nearly video shop here
Ann (PS01U) [2364] Video?
Joan (PS01W) [2365] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2366] We're out looking for it we're looking
Joan (PS01W) [2367] Where have they gone?
Alec (PS01T) [2368] we've got a couple of fruit and veg and that, but we are were looking
Joan (PS01W) [2369] Where are they?
Alec (PS01T) [2370] for a video, our video's gone
Joyce (PS01V) [2371] Has it?
Alec (PS01T) [2372] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2373] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2374] My son took it to be mended
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [2375] for selling new ones?
Joan (PS01W) [2376] Aye, I
Alec (PS01T) [2377] and when we got it back the flipping thing won't play at all
Ann (PS01U) [2378] Er, Dixons
Joan (PS01W) [2379] Dixons, aye that's what Joy said Dixons, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2380] it just wasn't er, it wasn't just anybody who were advertising, it was a shop
Joyce (PS01V) [2381] We took mind to the [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2382] Anyway still working or
Ann (PS01U) [2383] Yeah I'm on nights Alec
Alec (PS01T) [2384] Oh you lucky sod [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [2385] I'm like a bear with a sore arse ...
Alec (PS01T) [2386] Yeah, er, have a chat with these, no we won't
Joan (PS01W) [2387] Oh what a shame
Alec (PS01T) [2388] no we ain't got much time for pinting have you?
Joan (PS01W) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2389] Do you, ah see you son
Joan (PS01W) [2390] Yeah see you Alec
Alec (PS01T) [2391] I hope
Joyce (PS01V) [2392] It's on your left, don't you turn down
Alec (PS01T) [2393] There's a place at Bentley on the left hand side, you might get one, that's reasonable, do you want a new video?
Joyce (PS01V) [2394] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2395] A new one?
Joyce (PS01V) [2396] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2397] Well you should be able to get one Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [2398] Well we could've got a second hand one, but I mean what I'll pay for a second hand one we might as well get
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2399] three hundred pound for a second hand one
Alec (PS01T) [2400] Can't you get one in town a decent video
Alec (PS01T) [2401] I mean I've been in two shops now there's fifty pound difference like, you know
Alec (PS01T) [2402] Can't you get, well what about those electrical shops on the front
Ann (PS01U) [2403] Oh you've got to shop around
Alec (PS01T) [2404] There's fifty pound difference so you
Alec (PS01T) [2405] on the right, Phil's Radios
Alec (PS01T) [2406] oh you've got to have a look ain't you?
Alec (PS01T) [2407] and all that, Phil's
Ann (PS01U) [2408] Oh you got to shop round, you might get something
Alec (PS01T) [2409] That's what I'm saying we about forty or fifty pound, forty, got a big different now on, some I've seen like
Ann (PS01U) [2410] Someone selling videos, three hundred
Alec (PS01T) [2411] No we got
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2412] they were all about three hundred weren't they?
Alec (PS01T) [2413] Start from two, about two four ninety
Joyce (PS01V) [2414] Say that, some were hundred, weren't it Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [2415] to five hundred, some were seven hundred
Joyce (PS01V) [2416] He had two
Ann (PS01U) [2417] And I Nicam liable
Alec (PS01T) [2418] We don't want Nicam we, we just want to
Alec (PS01T) [2419] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [2420] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2421] record a programme
Joyce (PS01V) [2422] He had two didn't he?
[2423] A hundred pound and a hundred and
Alec (PS01T) [2424] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [2425] twenty five pounds
Alec (PS01T) [2426] Yeah, reconditioned
Joyce (PS01V) [2427] in that er, yeah, don't know, well if he's doing a, if, ours are no good when they're finished with it will they?
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2428] we could, we could go and hire a film like if you wanted to play it
Joyce (PS01V) [2429] it could plays at home and it played alright, it played well, but it wasn't being [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2430] Aye
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2431] How's your Tom, is he any better?
Joyce (PS01V) [2432] How is he?
[2433] Why is he poorly?
Alec (PS01T) [2434] I thought you said he's got to go in hospital for his
Joyce (PS01V) [2435] Oh well er I asked Joyce and she said erm, he hasn't to go in, he's not bad enough
Alec (PS01T) [2436] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2437] er, sort of er, they wanted to sign him off but our Tom said no he don't want to be signed off so they put them on er, he's to go back in six months
Alec (PS01T) [2438] Out dancing tonight?
[2439] Jack are you out dancing tonight?
Ann (PS01U) [2440] Yeah, are you?
Alec (PS01T) [2441] No I don't think so, well, no Frank, Frank said he were going like
Joyce (PS01V) [2442] And er but you see, well er [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [2443] you know we're going on a surprise er trip to Scarborough don't you?
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2444] Are ya?
[2445] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2446] Joyce doesn't know about it so don't let slip
Ann (PS01U) [2447] Now look, now, now just let me tell her this
Joyce (PS01V) [2448] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [2449] just let me tell her this is
Joyce (PS01V) [2450] for her birthday?
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [2451] this, this is how this has come about
Alec (PS01T) [2452] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2453] now Joyce has, it's Joyce's birthday
Joyce (PS01V) [2454] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2455] and for a treat he's taking her to the, er nostalgic weekend at
Joyce (PS01V) [2456] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2457] Scarborough Grand Hotel
Alec (PS01T) [2458] Forties, forties
Joyce (PS01V) [2459] Oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2460] for a weekend
Joyce (PS01V) [2461] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2462] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2463] forties
Joyce (PS01V) [2464] Oh yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2465] and er ... unknown to, to Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [2466] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2467] I'm going and Tom's also all us all, all four going
Joyce (PS01V) [2468] Ah you're all going ah yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2469] but you see Joyce has been saying to us
Joyce (PS01V) [2470] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2471] why don't you come?
[2472] I said no
Joyce (PS01V) [2473] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2474] it's for you
Joyce (PS01V) [2475] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2476] but this is the surprise you see?
Alec (PS01T) [2477] Oh that'll be nice
Joyce (PS01V) [2478] Now I see what you mean, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2479] So Tom's, she going to Tom she said why don't you come Tom?
Joyce (PS01V) [2480] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2481] And he says no I haven't got me name down look
Alec (PS01T) [2482] No I'm waiting
Ann (PS01U) [2483] to go in hospital, it's his excuse you see
Joyce (PS01V) [2484] Ah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2485] says I'm not
Ann (PS01U) [2486] So Joyce thinks he's, he's going in after you see
Joyce (PS01V) [2487] Well she told me that he in six months, yeah it was planned weren't it six months
Ann (PS01U) [2488] He can't go, that's the reason he can't go you see but he's going
Alec (PS01T) [2489] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2490] Six months' time
Joyce (PS01V) [2491] But they're going now, Wednesday next, is it this month?
Alec (PS01T) [2492] It's the twenty first of February
Joyce (PS01V) [2493] I thought it were February
Ann (PS01U) [2494] I think it's the twenty first
Alec (PS01T) [2495] cos we went to her sixty fifth, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2496] and we booked end suite
Joyce (PS01V) [2497] Have you?
[2498] Oh, oh bloody hell, oh
Ann (PS01U) [2499] bride, bride room suite we've got
Alec (PS01T) [2500] No we've got premier suite
Joyce (PS01V) [2501] Oh, oh
Ann (PS01U) [2502] Premier suite
Joyce (PS01V) [2503] Oh, oh
Alec (PS01T) [2504] Premier suite
Joyce (PS01V) [2505] Oh lovely
Alec (PS01T) [2506] we, all four of us have booked premier suite, but
Joyce (PS01V) [2507] Yeah, oh [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2508] but the others, the others
Ann (PS01U) [2509] They don't know, she don't know
Joyce (PS01V) [2510] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2511] Frank does
Alec (PS01T) [2512] She doesn't know we're going so don't let it slip
Joyce (PS01V) [2513] No
Alec (PS01T) [2514] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2515] No
Ann (PS01U) [2516] There's a place where they go for lunch you see
Joyce (PS01V) [2517] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2518] and we're gonna be sat there having lunch when they walk in
Joyce (PS01V) [2519] Oh I see, aye
Alec (PS01T) [2520] That sounds great
Joyce (PS01V) [2521] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [2522] as a surprise
Joyce (PS01V) [2523] Oh yeah, well that'll be nice then won't it?
Alec (PS01T) [2524] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2525] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2526] That's how it come about that Joyce thinks
Joyce (PS01V) [2527] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2528] he's going in hospital
Alec (PS01T) [2529] Do you know if Graham's got that flat, he's been offered a flat
Joyce (PS01V) [2530] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [2531] Has he got it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2532] Yes
Alec (PS01T) [2533] He's taking it
Ann (PS01U) [2534] Has he gone in then Joyce?
Joyce (PS01V) [2535] Well he must have it cos she were on about it yesterday weren't she?
[2536] On about this flat that George, helping him to get the thing for
Alec (PS01T) [2537] Yes, yes
Ann (PS01U) [2538] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2539] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2540] So he must be going, of gone in it
Joyce (PS01V) [2541] Yeah must be, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2542] Oh he's got it anyway
Joyce (PS01V) [2543] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2544] Oh that's good
Joyce (PS01V) [2545] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2546] They say there's a lot of alterations
Joyce (PS01V) [2547] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2548] Thinks there's a lot of alterations to be done
Joyce (PS01V) [2549] Yeah, I was wondering about our Tom, cos they never go nowhere do they?
[2550] They never go out at night, they don't
Alec (PS01T) [2551] Well I don't, I don't know, I don't know
Ann (PS01U) [2552] No
Alec (PS01T) [2553] we don't see that much of them
Joyce (PS01V) [2554] No that's what I mean they never go out
Ann (PS01U) [2555] He's golfing at day time
Joyce (PS01V) [2556] I mean
Ann (PS01U) [2557] he's too tired to go out at night
Alec (PS01T) [2558] I don't think Elsie's bothered
Joyce (PS01V) [2559] Oh not too bothered oh
Alec (PS01T) [2560] I don't think it makes a lot of difference
Joyce (PS01V) [2561] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2562] I don't think so
Alec (PS01T) [2563] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2564] Ah that's that then
Ann (PS01U) [2565] I don't know how
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2566] I don't know, I don't think she's bothered Jack about that cos she
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2567] a lot don't she?
Joyce (PS01V) [2568] She does have a tipple
Ann (PS01U) [2569] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2570] she's probably getting tired as well looking after her
Alec (PS01T) [2571] She's more of a family person I think
Alec (PS01T) [2572] They get used to stopping in you know Jack
Ann (PS01U) [2573] Ah?
Alec (PS01T) [2574] You get used to stopping in after a while
Joyce (PS01V) [2575] I think they do at Skegness don't they?
Ann (PS01U) [2576] Oh aye you do
Joyce (PS01V) [2577] So don't care now
Ann (PS01U) [2578] I couldn't care less whether I go dancing or not me
Alec (PS01T) [2579] Oh not just when they were dancing, before they started dancing
Alec (PS01T) [2580] Have you?
[2581] Me either
Alec (PS01T) [2582] they were always out [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2583] when it comes to [...] [laugh] then I start getting itchy feet
Ann (PS01U) [2584] Oh I can stop in every night me
Joyce (PS01V) [2585] You could what?
Ann (PS01U) [2586] I'm a right stopper-inner me
Joyce (PS01V) [2587] Are you?
Alec (PS01T) [2588] Well I've been stopping but I thought, I, I
Joyce (PS01V) [2589] Aren't you bothered about going out have you?
Alec (PS01T) [2590] I, I I mean I'm talking smashing now
Joyce (PS01V) [2591] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2592] but on Monday I couldn't speak a word
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2593] Oh you're lucky had you had a row?
Joyce (PS01V) [2594] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2595] Yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2596] This is the third lot of antibiotics they've given me
Joyce (PS01V) [2597] Yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2598] Aye
Alec (PS01T) [2599] it went in me ear, I went deaf before it went away
Joyce (PS01V) [2600] Oh God
Alec (PS01T) [2601] I couldn't hear a thing in me right ear
Joyce (PS01V) [2602] Oh it's
Alec (PS01T) [2603] had to go back to the doctor
Joyce (PS01V) [2604] it's to be hoped it doesn't er go right for travel all around, like, you know
Ann (PS01U) [2605] We aren't nearly started breathing again cos er are you going to sleep or what you see or what you see or what
Alec (PS01T) [2606] you know you're not worry about it she said
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2607] No it's not funny at all actually what she said to me was, was a
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2608] I had a virus in me head
Alec (PS01T) [2609] Yeah, I see yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2610] and it's not been funny at all, he's laughing about it but I've had to cope with it
Alec (PS01T) [2611] No, I know it's not funny we've, we've had it
Ann (PS01U) [2612] I know we've, we've had it love
Joyce (PS01V) [2613] it's not been funny at all
Alec (PS01T) [2614] it's not funny at all, no
Joyce (PS01V) [2615] he makes jokes about me not being able to talk but I ain't been able to talk
Alec (PS01T) [2616] Yeah, no
Joyce (PS01V) [2617] it's been awful
Alec (PS01T) [2618] No, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2619] I've been really, really poorly
Ann (PS01U) [2620] No I didn't mean nothing by that
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2621] bound to be, bound to be awful when a woman can't talk it must be terrible [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2622] Well it, it wasn't funny that day before I went to the [...] that ear
Alec (PS01T) [2623] Oh dear
Joyce (PS01V) [2624] cos I had to go to the doctor and tell them
Alec (PS01T) [2625] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2626] I were flying the next day to Benidorm I've had trouble all the time with me back
Alec (PS01T) [2627] Oh yeah been away
Joyce (PS01V) [2628] since before Christmas with me back
Alec (PS01T) [2629] Ooh
Joyce (PS01V) [2630] I've had, I've had the tr
Alec (PS01T) [2631] did you [...] with the wall then?
Joyce (PS01V) [2632] No
Alec (PS01T) [2633] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2634] because he went
Alec (PS01T) [2635] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2636] back up there
Alec (PS01T) [2637] Frank cured it
Alec (PS01T) [2638] Did he?
Alec (PS01T) [2639] he jerked her up, up settee she couldn't get up
Alec (PS01T) [2640] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2641] and it, since then her back's been alright [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2642] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2643] I nearly fell over, he pulled me up with such a
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2644] acting about
Alec (PS01T) [2645] Did he?
[2646] Oh, er
Joyce (PS01V) [2647] and it really hurt me back
Alec (PS01T) [2648] Yeah but it went right
Joyce (PS01V) [2649] but it went [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2650] Well he probably put it right
Joyce (PS01V) [2651] I've had it funny
Alec (PS01T) [2652] he's probably jerked it back in, eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [2653] funny for weeks
Alec (PS01T) [2654] Well I would of put rope round her neck
Alec (PS01T) [2655] He could of done
Alec (PS01T) [2656] and hang her up, pressure on it
Alec (PS01T) [2657] [laughing] Oh my God []
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2658] I can't win can I?
Alec (PS01T) [2659] [laugh] Oh dear
Joyce (PS01V) [2660] I can't win at all
Alec (PS01T) [2661] Oh he's pleased what he's been doing that
Joyce (PS01V) [2662] I just, I can't wish, I don't know how he's stuck with fifty one years really do you?
[2663] I don't know how he's stuck me
Alec (PS01T) [2664] I could of roared of laugh when [laughing] she won [] when Joyce won that raffle you know, all little bits of this and little bits of that you know, and there were a Christmas pudding on the, er, well you picked what you wanted well
Joyce (PS01V) [2665] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2666] hers were the number the second one out, so she had the second choice
Alec (PS01T) [2667] Oh, er
Alec (PS01T) [2668] so, er, Jack saying get that Christmas pudding, anyway she comes back with the ready scones don't she?
[2669] And he wanted the Chri why didn't you get that Christmas pudding, why did you get that
Joyce (PS01V) [2670] What did she say?
Alec (PS01T) [2671] What Christmas pudding
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2672] She said
Joyce (PS01V) [2673] Is it, aye won the scones did she
Alec (PS01T) [2674] I don't like Christmas pudding
Joyce (PS01V) [2675] Well I don't my lovely
Alec (PS01T) [2676] [laugh] Anyway Alec won a line two pound ten didn't you?
Alec (PS01T) [2677] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2678] And he, she won the scones [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2679] What time does it start?
Alec (PS01T) [2680] It starts at half past one till about three
Alec (PS01T) [2681] It's only a couple of hours, it gets easy [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2682] What have they got to get from bowls to there
Alec (PS01T) [2683] Yeah, that's right
Joyce (PS01V) [2684] I see and then er, well that's what they did yesterday
Alec (PS01T) [2685] Where'd they go bowling?
Alec (PS01T) [2686] Up to Insthrope
Joyce (PS01V) [2687] And he had a drink and he had a pint [...] had a white wine, I don't bother
Alec (PS01T) [2688] Is it indoor like eh?
Alec (PS01T) [2689] She had a cup of tea did she Joyce?
Joyce (PS01V) [2690] Oh we all had a cup of tea, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2691] I see a cup of tea is it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2692] we all have a cup of tea, yeah you pay fifteen pence to go in each, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2693] That's to cover, that's a cup of tea and two biscuits
Joyce (PS01V) [2694] fifty pence to join once a year
Alec (PS01T) [2695] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2696] and then it's fifteen pence
Alec (PS01T) [2697] It's what love?
Ann (PS01U) [2698] Can Joyce drive?
Joyce (PS01V) [2699] Fifty pence
Alec (PS01T) [2700] Eh?
Alec (PS01T) [2701] To join
Joyce (PS01V) [2702] to join
Ann (PS01U) [2703] Can Joyce drive?
Alec (PS01T) [2704] That's a pound for two
Alec (PS01T) [2705] Yeah, why?
Alec (PS01T) [2706] and thirty pence for two a week to go in
Ann (PS01U) [2707] So you can have a drink.
Alec (PS01T) [2708] Well I don't drink much do I?
[2709] I haven't been able to drink actually, er I couldn't get me
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2710] I'm a lot better now though
Ann (PS01U) [2711] Have you got bronchitis?
Alec (PS01T) [2712] [clears throat] Must have
Ann (PS01U) [2713] Well you weren't like that last time I saw you
Alec (PS01T) [2714] Er I was, bloody was, fortnight about three week ago I was
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2715] no before holiday I were alright
Ann (PS01U) [2716] Have you been to doctors?
Alec (PS01T) [2717] Oh aye, erm he give me tablets and whatnots
Ann (PS01U) [2718] What he say to er, asthma or something?
Alec (PS01T) [2719] No just, [laughing] no, no [] bronchitis I should imagine ... nothing wrong with me apart from that.
Joyce (PS01V) [2720] No she, she had a grapefruit or something didn't she?
Alec (PS01T) [2721] What's that love?
Joyce (PS01V) [2722] She didn't have an
Alec (PS01T) [2723] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2724] alcoholic
Alec (PS01T) [2725] no
Joyce (PS01V) [2726] drink, it was either grapefruit
Alec (PS01T) [2727] grapefruit
Joyce (PS01V) [2728] or bitter lemon or something like that she had
Alec (PS01T) [2729] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2730] I didn't have a drink I just
Alec (PS01T) [2731] I'm pleased he's
Joyce (PS01V) [2732] had me cup of tea
Alec (PS01T) [2733] When, when he rang us up it, it was looking at us like for Brian he kept, called in as I was
Joyce (PS01V) [2734] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [2735] going enjoy
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2736] oh well they'd got it then ain't they?
[2737] Had they got it through a Council then?
Ann (PS01U) [2738] You see he's he's got a choice, he got three weeks to move in, make his mind up
Alec (PS01T) [2739] Yeah must of done, he got up to three weeks to move in
Joyce (PS01V) [2740] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2741] make his mind on moving, so he's having it is he?
Ann (PS01U) [2742] Yeah he had to have some alterations made
Joyce (PS01V) [2743] Well it looks like it, I know she was saying that er on about er
Alec (PS01T) [2744] It looks like it
Joyce (PS01V) [2745] she were gonna look at that place at er Audrey's brother's got it same as Walter's, er second hand stuff to see if they could get a little bit of something, start him off, like, you know
Alec (PS01T) [2746] Yes, yes of course
Joyce (PS01V) [2747] he's got a nice
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [2748] you know he really has, I looked in one day, it was very nice, they weren't what I wanted but they nice for anybody to
Alec (PS01T) [2749] To start him off, yeah, start him off so he must of got it he's moving in, I'm pleased about that
Joyce (PS01V) [2750] got on, it was a good one yeah he wants to go anyway doesn't he?
[2751] Bless him.
Alec (PS01T) [2752] He does, yeah he does
Joyce (PS01V) [2753] Ooh
Alec (PS01T) [2754] if he, he feels for once
Joyce (PS01V) [2755] he seems a great lad int he?
Alec (PS01T) [2756] thing is he wants his own independence
Ann (PS01U) [2757] Oh he's old enough now he's twenty seven
Joyce (PS01V) [2758] Oh that's fantastic
Alec (PS01T) [2759] Aye
Alec (PS01T) [2760] you know he's twenty seven coming up you know he's time
Joyce (PS01V) [2761] I mean I'm here to say, er is that disability but he's, he's a great lad int he?
Alec (PS01T) [2762] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [2763] And I says to him you're always smiling
Alec (PS01T) [2764] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2765] you'd think he'd be the last one to smile, but he's always smiling int he, lovely
Alec (PS01T) [2766] Yeah he is yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2767] Aye
Joyce (PS01V) [2768] I think he's a lovely lad
Alec (PS01T) [2769] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2770] I really do
Alec (PS01T) [2771] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2772] yeah ... yeah he's wanting his own independence you see
Alec (PS01T) [2773] Yeah, that's right yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2774] a bit
Alec (PS01T) [2775] I'm gonna have a look in that er that er
Ann (PS01U) [2776] Gonna have a look at er electric shop er in Stock Lane?
Alec (PS01T) [2777] Yeah we're going, we've gotta
Alec (PS01T) [2778] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2779] cos we've gotta get back we want some, we want some veg for
Joyce (PS01V) [2780] We have some curtains to do no, I want some of them velour curtains for the bedroom for them I do
Alec (PS01T) [2781] Oh crikey
Ann (PS01U) [2782] Oh summat else, some more expense
Alec (PS01T) [2783] [laughing] I know []
Joyce (PS01V) [2784] Well they're coming in April you know not May
Alec (PS01T) [2785] left to me I'd take all curtains down
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2786] stop people looking in
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [2787] yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2788] Ain't that marvellous?
Joyce (PS01V) [2789] Yeah, so er
Alec (PS01T) [2790] You won't stop people
Joyce (PS01V) [2791] not giving me much chance to get done what I was gonna do though [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2792] If you want to stop people looking in your window board them up, like on continent be [...] time
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [2793] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2794] Daft, it's er, it's really I want some of that erm curtains, cos they stop the sun and you know in the, I've got them downstairs and you know they're no trouble, they're great aren't they?
[2795] They never look dirty [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2796] No, want some dark curtains
Alec (PS01T) [2797] Yeah [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2798] Sun waking up and you're waking
Joyce (PS01V) [2799] and er
Alec (PS01T) [2800] up about four
Joyce (PS01V) [2801] so er, but I thought we've the sun in the morning
Alec (PS01T) [2802] That's no good is it?
Ann (PS01U) [2803] No
Joyce (PS01V) [2804] it wakes you up
Alec (PS01T) [2805] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2806] so if I get, put some of them in it will not wake her up in the morning
Alec (PS01T) [2807] That's right
Joyce (PS01V) [2808] Mind you they don't have the sun in the back in the morning do they?
[2809] It's in the front er it's, it's in the back at the front, I've got the
Alec (PS01T) [2810] Still bright though int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2811] Yeah, anyway need new ones for there anyway
Alec (PS01T) [2812] Want dark, want dark, want dark yes
Ann (PS01U) [2813] Get some dark glasses for your eyes
Joyce (PS01V) [2814] I do need some because mine are going er
Alec (PS01T) [2815] Yeah, wants some dark, dark er [...] them buggers in red don't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [2816] er check, you know, there's nothing wrong with them, but faded [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2817] Awful aren't they?
[2818] I like, don't like getting them like that and if he gets the new ones
Joyce (PS01V) [2819] Oh I'll get
Ann (PS01U) [2820] When are they coming?
Alec (PS01T) [2821] er, er April aren't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [2822] April the ninth
Ann (PS01U) [2823] For ten weeks
Alec (PS01T) [2824] April the ninth
Joyce (PS01V) [2825] Yeah, Chris is yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2826] She is Chris, she's a coming
Joyce (PS01V) [2827] just with the kids
Alec (PS01T) [2828] with two kids
Joyce (PS01V) [2829] Our Dave's coming for us, he can't have all that time off, he's coming for three weeks in er
Alec (PS01T) [2830] That'll be nice, does she like to come back then Chris?
Joyce (PS01V) [2831] Well I think, I think she'll be that fed up being here all that time, she'll be glad to get back to America to be quite honest with you Chris, what is there for her to do all that time?
[2832] [cough] With our Dave not being here either
Alec (PS01T) [2833] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2834] you know
Ann (PS01U) [2835] Mm, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2836] it'll be different if he were here I mean they could, he'd take her all over wouldn't he and every weekend he'd take her
Alec (PS01T) [2837] Aye, she can drive
Joyce (PS01V) [2838] take her for a drink and everything
Alec (PS01T) [2839] Is she an English girl Chris?
Joyce (PS01V) [2840] Oh yeah she did live
Alec (PS01T) [2841] Yeah, mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2842] in Thorne, she's only from Thorne
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [2843] Well she's coming home then int she?
Alec (PS01T) [2844] Does she like it in America?
Alec (PS01T) [2845] Oh aye she's coming home to her mum and her mum's here
Ann (PS01U) [2846] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [clears throat]
Joyce (PS01V) [2847] I don't know why they come here for in this weather it's beautiful there
Alec (PS01T) [2848] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2849] even this time of the year, over Christmas and January we were outside in the morning having our breakfast every day weren't we Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [2850] Yeah, every day, rained
Joyce (PS01V) [2851] For a couple of days we had rain
Alec (PS01T) [2852] rained two rained two days out of six weeks
Joyce (PS01V) [2853] but er that was all in six weeks it's beautiful
Ann (PS01U) [2854] Lovely climate there innit?
Alec (PS01T) [2855] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [2856] That was Christmas and New Year was it?
Alec (PS01T) [2857] Bit chilly at night like, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [2858] We went Boxing Day
Alec (PS01T) [2859] we put gas fire on
Joyce (PS01V) [2860] came back February the eighth
Alec (PS01T) [2861] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [2862] we had beautiful weather
Alec (PS01T) [2863] Did you?
[2864] That was last year of course
Joyce (PS01V) [2865] Yeah yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2866] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2867] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2868] We're alright letting
Ann (PS01U) [2869] It's a shame having to go that, that time of year every year
Alec (PS01T) [2870] alright letting you here at four o'clock in the afternoon, sun shining
Joyce (PS01V) [2871] It's lovely all the year round Jack
Alec (PS01T) [2872] Yes, yes
Joyce (PS01V) [2873] it's lovely all the year round and it's hotter in the summer like
Alec (PS01T) [2874] Drinking, drinking gin
Ann (PS01U) [2875] Too hot in the summer
Alec (PS01T) [2876] Too hot, it's, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2877] Well we haven't had it too hot, we went down, was it the American Independence day didn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [2878] Yeah oh that were very hot that day
Joyce (PS01V) [2879] We had to sit in the shade out the road a bit
Alec (PS01T) [2880] we had about that much shade Jack
Joyce (PS01V) [2881] We had, we had bring some water to cool you down it was really hot that day
Alec (PS01T) [2882] that's about that much wa shade didn't you around the house
Joyce (PS01V) [2883] Yeah but that was er, the worse day we had the sun really
Alec (PS01T) [2884] The sun right overhead
Joyce (PS01V) [2885] weren't it?
[2886] That it in that time
Ann (PS01U) [2887] Sun right above you then weren't it?
Alec (PS01T) [2888] Yeah it is yeah mind you only short days
Joyce (PS01V) [2889] At that time yeah yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2890] Oh aye it's dark for, it's dark before half past seven
Joyce (PS01V) [2891] The only, the only thing it has short days
Alec (PS01T) [2892] Mm, mm
Ann (PS01U) [2893] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2894] Oh it's not dark that early
Alec (PS01T) [2895] It is ...
Joyce (PS01V) [2896] It's
Alec (PS01T) [2897] at eight o'clock I were sat outside
Joyce (PS01V) [2898] Aye but that, yes
Ann (PS01U) [2899] What mid, in mid summer?
Alec (PS01T) [2900] eight o'clock I was just
Joyce (PS01V) [2901] Aye, but that was
Alec (PS01T) [2902] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [2903] January, December
Alec (PS01T) [2904] it's, it's, I was sat outside at eight o'clock and it were dark, I could, sat watching traffic lights, there was that much to do I was sat outside smoking watching traffic lights change
Joyce (PS01V) [2905] Dusk dusk
Alec (PS01T) [2906] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2907] dusk here at eight o'clock
Alec (PS01T) [2908] Mm, oh aye
Alec (PS01T) [2909] I mean when they come here when they come here
Alec (PS01T) [2910] it's winter isn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [2911] it's ten o'clock, half past ten, half past ten you know
Joyce (PS01V) [2912] Oh yeah we've been twice
Alec (PS01T) [2913] Did you like it?
Alec (PS01T) [2914] when it gets dark
Joyce (PS01V) [2915] once on our own
Alec (PS01T) [2916] we don't know what to do
Joyce (PS01V) [2917] and once with the kids
Alec (PS01T) [2918] Oh do you think it's marvellous?
[2919] Everybody says that
Joyce (PS01V) [2920] Lovely, yeah it were lovely
Alec (PS01T) [2921] really good to see you
Joyce (PS01V) [2922] Yeah, we liked it didn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [2923] What?
Joyce (PS01V) [2924] Disney Land
Alec (PS01T) [2925] Oh, aye
Joyce (PS01V) [2926] We went to a lot of things
Alec (PS01T) [2927] Nice
Joyce (PS01V) [2928] and you know it sort, it surprises you so much because I've said we'll go on this moving stair thing er what they call it?
Alec (PS01T) [2929] Pave remover it is
Joyce (PS01V) [2930] Mm, pave remover
Alec (PS01T) [2931] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2932] I said we'll go on that to get to this other place, and the bloody things there were shoots of firing and there were
Alec (PS01T) [2933] Yeah laser,la
Joyce (PS01V) [2934] all sorts going off in there [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2935] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2936] you couldn't believe it
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [2937] I says God flipping hell what's going up here, then, something going on all the time int there?
Alec (PS01T) [2938] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2939] Yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2940] You're never bored
Alec (PS01T) [2941] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [2942] and we, then we went to Universal Studios didn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [2943] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2944] and er
Alec (PS01T) [2945] Did you enjoy that?
Joyce (PS01V) [2946] we had Jaws and all that lot you know, there was, they had Jaws on and you're just going round this corner and bloody great water comes up and jaws opens [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [2947] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2948] It's worth going to see isn't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [2949] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2950] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [2951] They reckon that one in, in France are gonna be better
Alec (PS01T) [2952] When when they it's erm
Joyce (PS01V) [2953] Well that one is
Ann (PS01U) [2954] more money
Alec (PS01T) [2955] It'll be the same but it
Joyce (PS01V) [2956] It'll be along the same lines
Alec (PS01T) [2957] Same, erm
Joyce (PS01V) [2958] I should imagine
Alec (PS01T) [2959] Because they can
Alec (PS01T) [2960] probably be more modern whatever they say
Joyce (PS01V) [2961] The kids love it cos
Alec (PS01T) [2962] It's bound to be newer
Joyce (PS01V) [2963] Mickey Mouse was there and they had their photographs took with Mickey Mouse
Alec (PS01T) [2964] Mini Mouse
Joyce (PS01V) [2965] And Mini Mouse
Alec (PS01T) [2966] That's right
Joyce (PS01V) [2967] and er, and then there was erm
Alec (PS01T) [2968] That's right
Joyce (PS01V) [2969] tt oh what else was there Donald Duck and erm
Alec (PS01T) [2970] Oh there all, there all Disney characters
Joyce (PS01V) [2971] Pluto and erm all that lot you know there were all
Ann (PS01U) [2972] Pluto yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2973] they were all there, yeah, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [2974] Oh well we'll go and get
Alec (PS01T) [2975] Yeah we
Alec (PS01T) [2976] Take off
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2977] we'll go
Joyce (PS01V) [2978] We will
Alec (PS01T) [2979] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2980] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2981] we'll go and leave you and see you both hopefully on Sunday are you going Sunday?
Ann (PS01U) [2982] Aye, I hope so
Alec (PS01T) [2983] Er yes all being well, yeah, yeah we enjoy it in there mind it gets hot, oh it gets hot
Joyce (PS01V) [2984] Was there many in on Sunday?
Alec (PS01T) [2985] to cool off it was
Ann (PS01U) [2986] Yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2987] so hot
Ann (PS01U) [2988] yeah er, yeah were full
Joyce (PS01V) [2989] We were sweltering
Alec (PS01T) [2990] it was full sun
Ann (PS01U) [2991] quite full yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [2992] sweating
Alec (PS01T) [2993] never, was it really?
Joyce (PS01V) [2994] it was
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [2995] oh
Joyce (PS01V) [2996] Yeah my Joyce will tell you
Alec (PS01T) [2997] that does surprise me
Joyce (PS01V) [2998] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [2999] yeah, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3000] yeah, have you not talked to Joyce then?
Alec (PS01T) [3001] we've, we've only seen her that, we've only spoke to her once
Joyce (PS01V) [3002] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [3003] since we've came home because she was, oh didn't you talk to her Wednesday morning early you know
Joyce (PS01V) [3004] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [3005] and we were gonna go Thursday to
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [3006] couldn't speak
Joyce (PS01V) [3007] Oh
Alec (PS01T) [3008] so we rung
Joyce (PS01V) [3009] I see
Alec (PS01T) [3010] so they weren't going, they weren't going anyway
Joyce (PS01V) [3011] Oh yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3012] and then Sunday we had a walk round in the sunshine
Joyce (PS01V) [3013] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3014] and I still couldn't
Joyce (PS01V) [3015] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3016] speak so
Joyce (PS01V) [3017] No
Alec (PS01T) [3018] we thought oh we'll have another holiday
Joyce (PS01V) [3019] Well this is it
Alec (PS01T) [3020] and get rid of it cos you see Lily, Lily smokes, Lily smokes
Joyce (PS01V) [3021] it's no good Chery going out if you can't talk
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [3022] Lily smokes
Joyce (PS01V) [3023] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3024] but let's face it you'll want to enjoy yourself love
Alec (PS01T) [3025] Lily smokes
Joyce (PS01V) [3026] love
Alec (PS01T) [3027] Iris smokes and you sit between them and they
Ann (PS01U) [3028] They all smoke and all them fags in
Joyce (PS01V) [3029] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3030] I suppose they were both there weren't they Lily and Iris?
Joyce (PS01V) [3031] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3032] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3033] And they smoke a bit
Joyce (PS01V) [3034] Yeah Lily was, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3035] And was Iris and Jack
Joyce (PS01V) [3036] I don't know, I don't think so I don't think they're, I did, I don't
Alec (PS01T) [3037] Didn't they come other two?
Joyce (PS01V) [3038] No I didn't seem them, might, might of been there I never noticed them
Alec (PS01T) [3039] Smoke coming in your face
Joyce (PS01V) [3040] Yeah I know yeah, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3041] and I thought oh
Joyce (PS01V) [3042] yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3043] they're usually there aren't they on Sunday?
Joyce (PS01V) [3044] Well she said that you're going to join up at centre and that Lil, and that Lil so I said to me [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3045] That's, I said that's the best [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [3046] Is Lil gonna join in?
Joyce (PS01V) [3047] I think she is
Alec (PS01T) [3048] It's humping them int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3049] I said we'd need a table of your own then
Ann (PS01U) [3050] I did car park, eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [3051] cos there'll be five of them and there's already four of us cos we sit with Don and
Ann (PS01U) [3052] I've walked it me
Alec (PS01T) [3053] Where from?
Ann (PS01U) [3054] From home
Alec (PS01T) [3055] Aye that's right
Joyce (PS01V) [3056] Might as well
Ann (PS01U) [3057] We walk it
Joyce (PS01V) [3058] that's right
Alec (PS01T) [3059] You never have
Ann (PS01U) [3060] I have
Alec (PS01T) [3061] Were nice, yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3062] It was nice was it?
Ann (PS01U) [3063] We, eh, every day we walk right round field up Bennett Dork and back through town and back home every day
Alec (PS01T) [3064] [laugh] I complain now cos I've got to walk from there, there to Currys [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3065] They don't believe me
Alec (PS01T) [3066] I'm not
Ann (PS01U) [3067] Chery where do we walk every day?
Alec (PS01T) [3068] Oh we go all ups and down go all over the playing field
Ann (PS01U) [3069] Oh right round town we

12 (Tape 061404)

Joyce (PS01V) [3070] Ah these are them anyway, cos them er curtains that were up there for ages were a right mess ...
Alec (PS01T) [3071] No
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3072] do what?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...] ...

13 (Tape 061405)

Joyce (PS01V) [3073] So it's cost me, it's cost me for ordering the bloody thing
Ann (PS01U) [3074] Yeah tell them that you wanted them, and they weren't like the description
Joyce (PS01V) [3075] ain't it?
[3076] Where's put er I put the rest on there, that's how much everybody's that is
Ann (PS01U) [3077] and erm
Joyce (PS01V) [3078] look ...
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3079] it's the third
Ann (PS01U) [3080] your third
Joyce (PS01V) [3081] I've had this week
Ann (PS01U) [3082] They're paying it all back anyway, I mean how do people want, order stuff out of catalogue and send them back
Joyce (PS01V) [3083] They never ever mention them bloody things, they were them windscreen wipers which I ordered before Christmas and it's, it's ridiculous, cos that's, I know I can eh, I know by the er, by the er, that's where I sent them back to that Brian Mill whatever I call it, well
Ann (PS01U) [3084] Eh?
Joyce (PS01V) [3085] would you credit that lot eh, I say would you credit that, now they're gonna send me another bill for six pound odd for them and two pound, another two pound postage
Ann (PS01U) [3086] Oh I know what I'd tell them to do an all, returned
Joyce (PS01V) [3087] Yeah,re returned
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3088] yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3089] I only got two things, there then
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3090] Did they say owt and that when you ordered it, did it say that you weren't satisfied er that you'd have postage to pay?
Joyce (PS01V) [3091] No, no it didn't say you'll have the postage to pay
Ann (PS01U) [3092] Oh well tough then
Joyce (PS01V) [3093] but it's, but er it's on me bill two pound, you know I've got that on er, these two things on
Ann (PS01U) [3094] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3095] plus two pound postage
Ann (PS01U) [3096] [sigh] Never known that before
Joyce (PS01V) [3097] That's what I've got to do
Ann (PS01U) [3098] have you having to pay postage?
[3099] I haven't
Joyce (PS01V) [3100] I said so it will, they said they're gonna send the debt collector [laughing] if, for that two quid [] it's very serious
Ann (PS01U) [3101] Oh let them
Joyce (PS01V) [3102] it's two pounds
Ann (PS01U) [3103] This is now a very serious situation
Joyce (PS01V) [3104] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3105] God I wouldn't chuffing bother about them me, I wouldn't even pay it, think it's disgusting, bloody stuff, what a load of crap anyway, you'd of had it weren't yeah if it weren't
Joyce (PS01V) [3106] Of course I would
Ann (PS01U) [3107] you wanted it
Joyce (PS01V) [3108] it were er I think it were a big con myself
Ann (PS01U) [3109] It was
Joyce (PS01V) [3110] especially that bloody thing, right then I will
Ann (PS01U) [3111] This is all split
Joyce (PS01V) [3112] we'll tape you know, they're going, they want the English language ...
Ann (PS01U) [3113] Who does?
Joyce (PS01V) [3114] It's a survey, erm market research thing
Ann (PS01U) [3115] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3116] you know, they come and asked us last week if we'd do it
Ann (PS01U) [3117] Oh Joyce you didn't fall for that did you?
Joyce (PS01V) [3118] He did
Ann (PS01U) [3119] Aargh
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3120] Oh dear [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [3121] He'll get he'll get about should be twenty five pound but she's coming to pick them up today
Ann (PS01U) [3122] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3123] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3124] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [3125] so
Ann (PS01U) [3126] oh well it's worth twenty five pounds yes
Joyce (PS01V) [3127] Twenty five pounds Marks and Spencers' vouchers
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3128] oh that's very good
Alec (PS01T) [3129] It's been alright in there love
Ann (PS01U) [3130] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3131] What love?
Alec (PS01T) [3132] It would of been alright on there
Joyce (PS01V) [3133] Yes it would of been, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3134] So you're taping it are you?
Joyce (PS01V) [3135] Yes so you're taped
Ann (PS01U) [3136] I won't be able to speak now [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [3137] Yes so you're taped, they want the English language they want all different er
Alec (PS01T) [3138] Where you from Ann?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3139] where I'm from?
Alec (PS01T) [3140] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3141] Collingsborough
Ann (PS01U) [3142] Collingsborough
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3143] She's always lived there haven't you?
Ann (PS01U) [3144] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3145] Oh have you?
Ann (PS01U) [3146] yeah, I used to live at Snakesborough
Alec (PS01T) [3147] Snakesborough
Joyce (PS01V) [3148] Oh did you?
[3149] Oh well
Ann (PS01U) [3150] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3151] just next door anyway
Ann (PS01U) [3152] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3153] int it really?
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3154] the milk, oh we've got milk in
Alec (PS01T) [3155] Got milk in
Ann (PS01U) [3156] Have you made the tea love?
Alec (PS01T) [3157] Oh yes erm except sugar not in
Joyce (PS01V) [3158] There's your sugar, spoon
Alec (PS01T) [3159] I knew I'd got to do something
Joyce (PS01V) [3160] there's a spoon, oh you cheeky devil, I'm ruddy sweating
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3161] Same here [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [3162] I know well, this is it they say don't they
Alec (PS01T) [3163] I've only just made tea
Joyce (PS01V) [3164] you're supposed to of, you're supposed to
Ann (PS01U) [3165] Just for you chuck
Joyce (PS01V) [3166] Oh they want another then they want another two pound off us for that now for postage
Alec (PS01T) [3167] They won't love, let's, let's, let's get it over with see what's happening before we start jumping the gun, throws in ... if there's any good we'll have them
Joyce (PS01V) [3168] I know what it is
Ann (PS01U) [3169] I think it's disgusting anyway, they don't deserve custom
Alec (PS01T) [3170] Aargh it's Brian Mil Brian Mills isn't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3171] It's erm, don't know what it's called is it's Ann?
[3172] Marshall Ward
Ann (PS01U) [3173] Marshall Ward they all belong to same don't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [3174] it's Marshall Ward, yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3175] They're all same
Ann (PS01U) [3176] How do these go on with catalogues then?
[3177] They don't send them back, they don't charge postage
Joyce (PS01V) [3178] Postage
Ann (PS01U) [3179] if, you know if you're not satisfied it goes that's
Joyce (PS01V) [3180] No
Ann (PS01U) [3181] your priority
Joyce (PS01V) [3182] Oh
Ann (PS01U) [3183] by mail order Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [3184] it costs me a bomb for phone calls to them cos they put the long, wrong address on
Alec (PS01T) [3185] Oh it [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3186] everything were going to twenty three you see
Alec (PS01T) [3187] and that
Joyce (PS01V) [3188] Good job they were honest
Ann (PS01U) [3189] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3190] because they were bringing things here
Ann (PS01U) [3191] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3192] you know she knew what they were
Ann (PS01U) [3193] Has that letter come to here then?
Joyce (PS01V) [3194] That letter came to here
Ann (PS01U) [3195] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3196] yeah, but some of the letters have come, in fact they sent me that catalogue you know
Ann (PS01U) [3197] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3198] I don't know if I've shown you it
Ann (PS01U) [3199] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3200] catalogue, that went up there and call in, call in with it didn't they Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [3201] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3202] I'll go and get me sandwiches Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [3203] Oh ain't you got your sandwiches box?
Ann (PS01U) [3204] No
Joyce (PS01V) [3205] Oh, why'd you left them in fridge?
Ann (PS01U) [3206] Eat that
Joyce (PS01V) [3207] Oh, right er
Alec (PS01T) [3208] There's no invoicing note on this ... does it come after?
Joyce (PS01V) [3209] Oh Alec yeah comes after, it don't come with it, are they alright?
[3210] Are they the right size?
[3211] ... Go and check them and see if they're the right
Alec (PS01T) [3212] No I didn't
Joyce (PS01V) [3213] they're what?
Alec (PS01T) [3214] No I didn't
Joyce (PS01V) [3215] Are they the right size then love?
[3216] ... So what I'll do I'll send them two pound postage and six pound owe them [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [3217] You gotta wait er bill
Joyce (PS01V) [3218] Yeah I know, you know, there'll be two pound postage on it you can guarantee on it ... so the crafty devils they are
Ann (PS01U) [3219] What?
Joyce (PS01V) [3220] they're gonna want another two pounds off us for that
Ann (PS01U) [3221] Mm, they won't get it off me Joyce I'll tell you
Joyce (PS01V) [3222] They want money, they want two pounds for the first lot which they've had that and two pounds for that
Ann (PS01U) [3223] and I won't pay it.
[3224] Bill got his car back last night, put it through M O T
Alec (PS01T) [3225] Did he?
[3226] What number is it?
[3227] That log
Ann (PS01U) [3228] Er thirty two I think
Joyce (PS01V) [3229] I've got it written down love
Ann (PS01U) [3230] thirty two
Alec (PS01T) [3231] Oh do they oh?
Ann (PS01U) [3232] I've got me dad
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3233] servicing it
Joyce (PS01V) [3234] Is he?
Ann (PS01U) [3235] I think he's gonna get it
Joyce (PS01V) [3236] He's servicing it?
Ann (PS01U) [3237] ready for tonight I think mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3238] Oh you've serv oh ready for M O T like?
Ann (PS01U) [3239] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3240] Oh ...
Ann (PS01U) [3241] Yeah
Alec (PS01T) [3242] Nobody knows what's behind the steering wheel
Ann (PS01U) [3243] Yeah, seventy five pounds ours
Alec (PS01T) [3244] I don't like I don't like getting I don't like getting
Joyce (PS01V) [3245] I don't worry about [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3246] well there were eighteen pound M O T in with that
Joyce (PS01V) [3247] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [3248] twenty seven pounds
Joyce (PS01V) [3249] He doesn't do M O Ts does he?
Ann (PS01U) [3250] He takes it to a garage like you know what I mean and
Joyce (PS01V) [3251] Oh I see
Ann (PS01U) [3252] and then like if there's oh what a favour on it he can do it, you know what I mean
Joyce (PS01V) [3253] Ooh
Ann (PS01U) [3254] he don't charge for doing
Joyce (PS01V) [3255] Eh that weren't bad Ann was it?
Ann (PS01U) [3256] There were
Alec (PS01T) [3257] What he charge him?
Ann (PS01U) [3258] It erm
Joyce (PS01V) [3259] Seventy five pounds, which having it for M O T
Ann (PS01U) [3260] Eighteen pound M O T
Joyce (PS01V) [3261] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3262] twenty seven pounds for parts, thirty pound labour, it come to seventy five and Bill give him eighty
Joyce (PS01V) [3263] Well there were all sorts
Ann (PS01U) [3264] so
Joyce (PS01V) [3265] of things that er fellow had on
Ann (PS01U) [3266] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3267] weren't there?
Ann (PS01U) [3268] Mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [3269] Alec you have mine love because I've not made enough tea
Alec (PS01T) [3270] Who have?
Joyce (PS01V) [3271] and I like mine weak anyway
Alec (PS01T) [3272] I haven't
Ann (PS01U) [3273] I don't think they have
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3274] well that's her you have my cup
Ann (PS01U) [3275] I know [...] bearings wanted doing [clears throat] erm tt what he said was they wanted packing and greasing and summat, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [3276] Oh, yeah ... saw it advertising selling er, what you call it, what you call Cavaliers
Ann (PS01U) [3277] I dunno
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3278] it's a right bloody size ... look at them
Joyce (PS01V) [3279] Oh they are aren't they?
Ann (PS01U) [3280] Mm
Alec (PS01T) [3281] Who put you them up?
Ann (PS01U) [3282] The van
Joyce (PS01V) [3283] What is it, she put you on, he, you cut your own bread do you?
Ann (PS01U) [3284] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3285] Ah, it's not that cut, I like that cut bread do you?
Ann (PS01U) [3286] I says ... she says I'll do sandwiches you'll go up and get ready cos we're sat there telling tale
Joyce (PS01V) [3287] Yeah ...
Ann (PS01U) [3288] tyres on them
Alec (PS01T) [3289] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3290] [laugh] Well they'll fill you up won't they?
[3291] ... I was gonna save you some apple pie, I didn't know whether you liked it or er rabbit pie I mean, I didn't know whether you liked it or not
Ann (PS01U) [3292] Ain't you saved me any?
Alec (PS01T) [3293] No
Joyce (PS01V) [3294] No [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3295] God
Joyce (PS01V) [3296] Well what I did, I did two so I put one in freezer, you know cos there's only us two
Ann (PS01U) [3297] And you've eaten other one [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [3298] but there's only me and us though more rabbit
Alec (PS01T) [3299] I have your I have your cup do I?
Joyce (PS01V) [3300] Yeah you have my cup
Alec (PS01T) [3301] Here are
Joyce (PS01V) [3302] There were a whole rabbit and there were some er stewing meat in with it
Ann (PS01U) [3303] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3304] you know er
Ann (PS01U) [3305] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3306] onions and carrots so it made a, a dish full
Ann (PS01U) [3307] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3308] well we couldn't eat that
Ann (PS01U) [3309] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3310] warmed up, so I put a pie crust on, put it in two dishes and put a pie crust on
Ann (PS01U) [3311] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3312] and I've put it and I've cooked it and I put it in freezer
Ann (PS01U) [3313] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3314] one in a casserole dish like
Ann (PS01U) [3315] Yeah, yeah, oh that'll be nice that does
Joyce (PS01V) [3316] so it's not two in a row ... yeah, we went right, er we've been right round looking at all shops this week and we've had a right bloody go haven't we Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [3317] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3318] We went to M F I, we went to erm B & Q, Furniture Factors didn't we?
[3319] And [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3320] What you looking for?
Joyce (PS01V) [3321] For bedroom stuff
Ann (PS01U) [3322] Mhm
Joyce (PS01V) [3323] there's some nice stuff, M F I beat the lot, didn't they Alec?
Ann (PS01U) [3324] Yeah they do Joyce
Alec (PS01T) [3325] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3326] And erm mind there were nice, nice unit in erm in Furniture Factors
Ann (PS01U) [3327] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3328] it had got a little tiny mark on the door, you know, as you opened it
Ann (PS01U) [3329] Yes
Joyce (PS01V) [3330] you could see it like, er but it could easily have been filled in with some wood and nobody would know it was there, yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3331] Yeah, filler
Joyce (PS01V) [3332] of course it could
Ann (PS01U) [3333] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3334] and were reduced to, was that two hundred and fifty for the lot now, it were lovely weren't it Alec?
Alec (PS01T) [3335] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3336] It were right high one
Ann (PS01U) [3337] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3338] a right high one but it had er, had it got all things on top?
Alec (PS01T) [3339] Ceiling, is a ceiling too
Joyce (PS01V) [3340] And two, two wardrobes
Ann (PS01U) [3341] That'll be good then that was good
Joyce (PS01V) [3342] it was beautiful, two wardrobes and a dressing table
Ann (PS01U) [3343] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3344] er get, have a mirror at the back?
[3345] Can't remember now
Ann (PS01U) [3346] Mm, it would have
Joyce (PS01V) [3347] It would, two hundred, it was two hundred and fifty pound instead of, that is really worth the money
Ann (PS01U) [3348] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3349] that
Ann (PS01U) [3350] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3351] Yeah ... and then we were looking for some carpeting weren't we?
[3352] Well we looked at the carpet didn't we?
[3353] Didn't know whether to, er didn't really see anything, you know that, that I would of
Ann (PS01U) [3354] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3355] I said oh well that, that's lovely
Ann (PS01U) [3356] Mhm
Joyce (PS01V) [3357] that would go with my suite lovely, didn't see anything really did we?
[3358] But we only looked in B & Q for that didn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [3359] No
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3360] er the din the dining room suites in er Furniture Factory, oh they are absolutely gorgeous
Ann (PS01U) [3361] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3362] aren't they Alec?
[3363] Mind they're dear oh but they're lovely, you could see your face in them you know
Ann (PS01U) [3364] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3365] they're that highly, there's that, I don't know what kind of wood they are, but they were lovely
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3366] mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3367] beautiful aren't they?
Alec (PS01T) [3368] Mm it was
Ann (PS01U) [3369] I've got mine like that, mine's erm what they call it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3370] With all different shapes?
Ann (PS01U) [3371] Italian ... it's like, it's very shiny
Joyce (PS01V) [3372] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3373] and it's got like er, marking on them
Alec (PS01T) [3374] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3375] a bit like Furniture Factors, like a pattern on them, round edge
Joyce (PS01V) [3376] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3377] shape like
Joyce (PS01V) [3378] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3379] you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [3380] Mhm
Ann (PS01U) [3381] er, tt what they call it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3382] Mm, oh lovely them
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3383] I got mine from dining room centre
Joyce (PS01V) [3384] He's shaking
Alec (PS01T) [3385] Mm?
Joyce (PS01V) [3386] he's a lot better though he got them tablets, he got some tablets from doctor on Monday when he went
Ann (PS01U) [3387] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3388] and er, he said if he's not better, any better when he goes back in a fortnight he's gonna send him to a chest specialist, but you've been a lot better haven't you?
Alec (PS01T) [3389] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3390] What for breathing this week, only thing is he can't rush
Ann (PS01U) [3391] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3392] he can't bend, or er otherwise he [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3393] Six died in that ward where Pip were, last week with the chest
Joyce (PS01V) [3394] Bloody hell did he?
Ann (PS01U) [3395] Six died he were, he were only in a week
Joyce (PS01V) [3396] Oh ... eh
Ann (PS01U) [3397] I wouldn't mind but he
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3398] smoking
Joyce (PS01V) [3399] Yes
Ann (PS01U) [3400] and then he took badly you know one night, she had place in uproar, cos choose whatever you do
Joyce (PS01V) [3401] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3402] she copies
Joyce (PS01V) [3403] Oh yeah [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3404] so of course they were all coughing weren't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [3405] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3406] Well if you cough she coughs, well she got a right audience you know what I mean
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3407] just sat here on bed and every time anybody coughed she'd go [cough] like this
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3408] she's just at that age where you cop she copies everything you know?
Joyce (PS01V) [3409] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3410] Mm ...
Joyce (PS01V) [3411] So I got some of them velour curtains but I've got the wrong size I'll have to take them back
Ann (PS01U) [3412] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3413] er you see my bedroom curtain windows they're as wide as this but they're not as deep
Ann (PS01U) [3414] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3415] well I've got ninety drop
Ann (PS01U) [3416] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3417] well [laughing] its gonna be [] miles too long
Ann (PS01U) [3418] No seventy two you want
Joyce (PS01V) [3419] The seventy two will do
Ann (PS01U) [3420] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3421] yeah and er I wouldn't mind the extra width, I don't know if they've got that size in though
Alec (PS01T) [3422] Well we'll have to go and see
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3423] mm
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3424] we've got insurance end of month, er tax at end of month
Ann (PS01U) [3425] Yeah we've just paid our tax
Joyce (PS01V) [3426] and then insurance
Ann (PS01U) [3427] beginning of beginning of this month
Alec (PS01T) [3428] We're gonna have a that car taxed before its M O T runs out
Joyce (PS01V) [3429] Mm, yeah have it I think
Ann (PS01U) [3430] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3431] No you don't, aye he does
Alec (PS01T) [3432] No you do like
Joyce (PS01V) [3433] he does M O T them
Ann (PS01U) [3434] My M O T's due next week
Alec (PS01T) [3435] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3436] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3437] but he's insuring it this weekend really to be quite honest
Joyce (PS01V) [3438] Ours usually want twenty four and what our garage usually do, if you take it earlier they put down the twenty fourth of February
Ann (PS01U) [3439] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3440] cos you're owed a month
Ann (PS01U) [3441] Oh yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3442] and that garage were at Dave's chuck it the ain't put like date on
Alec (PS01T) [3443] No, no
Joyce (PS01V) [3444] but you're allowed, supposed to be allowed it so it tallies up with test certificate, twenty eight days
Ann (PS01U) [3445] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3446] you can take it before
Ann (PS01U) [3447] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3448] and they should still date it
Ann (PS01U) [3449] So was it too early then?
Joyce (PS01V) [3450] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3451] Oh well they should of dated it for now the date
Joyce (PS01V) [3452] Mm, that's what I says to Bill
Ann (PS01U) [3453] Oh ... well next time when you go just go on the proper date that you should go on
Alec (PS01T) [3454] It'll be out of order then though
Ann (PS01U) [3455] Will you?
Alec (PS01T) [3456] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3457] You want your test certificate
Ann (PS01U) [3458] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [3459] it weren't due until about twenty fourth of February Ann
Ann (PS01U) [3460] Well can't you take it back and get it re-dated
Joyce (PS01V) [3461] I don't know
Ann (PS01U) [3462] Whereabouts have they took it to?
Joyce (PS01V) [3463] I don't know
Ann (PS01U) [3464] Mention it to that man cos he maybe get it altered, tell her it don't start, well, how, when does it start?
[3465] Twenty fourth of this month?
Joyce (PS01V) [3466] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3467] This month?
Joyce (PS01V) [3468] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3469] Oh well that's
Joyce (PS01V) [3470] That's when the M O T runs out
Ann (PS01U) [3471] Well that's three weeks
Joyce (PS01V) [3472] I know
Ann (PS01U) [3473] Oh I would taken it, take it all to it
Joyce (PS01V) [3474] You see it suits us it suits us better for twenty fourth cos if there's owt wrong with it like you've got the chance to do it
Ann (PS01U) [3475] Mm
Joyce (PS01V) [3476] you know like now we've had it done
Ann (PS01U) [3477] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3478] and it's gone through well usually
Ann (PS01U) [3479] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3480] they'll date it from twenty fourth
Ann (PS01U) [3481] Well they should do
Joyce (PS01V) [3482] Mm
Ann (PS01U) [3483] yeah , well ours are due Saturday int it?
[3484] I said to him ring up and
Alec (PS01T) [3485] We did that, we wrote for a M O T
Joyce (PS01V) [3486] Some places it's twenty five now, it's gone up
Ann (PS01U) [3487] You paid ten pound last year didn't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [3488] Mm, we did, we paid nine fifty last year
Ann (PS01U) [3489] Has it gone up that much?
Alec (PS01T) [3490] Has it gone, has it gone that much?
Joyce (PS01V) [3491] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3492] Aye
Joyce (PS01V) [3493] er they can charge up to twenty five pound
Ann (PS01U) [3494] Oh
Joyce (PS01V) [3495] one of the lasses at work, work she was saying she, she went and she didn't have enough money, it were twenty two fifty
Ann (PS01U) [3496] Aargh
Joyce (PS01V) [3497] as well aye, ours
Ann (PS01U) [3498] wanna s
Joyce (PS01V) [3499] were cheap then eighteen pound weren't it?
Ann (PS01U) [3500] Yeah I wonder where he took it to, you wanna try Dunscroft down at bottom, see what they do
Joyce (PS01V) [3501] Well Mary got parts from
Ann (PS01U) [3502] How much they charge?
Joyce (PS01V) [3503] Well they called it, cos of its bill
Ann (PS01U) [3504] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3505] erm, Stainforth, they must have one at Stainforth for the farm
Ann (PS01U) [3506] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3507] weekend discounts is it
Alec (PS01T) [3508] Yeah
Joyce (PS01V) [3509] something like that ...
Ann (PS01U) [3510] The
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3511] weekend discount
Alec (PS01T) [3512] Yes, er yeah
Ann (PS01U) [3513] Do you know where it is?
Joyce (PS01V) [3514] It's er, it's the same
Ann (PS01U) [3515] Yeah near Janet's
Joyce (PS01V) [3516] fifth and thorn
Ann (PS01U) [3517] Near Janet, oh they might
Group of unknown speakers (KB2PSUGP) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3518] They're open seven days a week

14 (Tape 061501)

Unknown speaker (KB2PSUNK) [3519] Otherwise form two.
Ann (PS01U) [3520] It just depends what you want doesn't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3521] Well that's it.
[3522] I'll ... I'll, once all of it's gone, I mean if you want ... [...] it's called.
Ann (PS01U) [3523] But they ... they like the cartoons and that, you know.
Joyce (PS01V) [3524] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3525] But they've changed that over, but they won't
Joyce (PS01V) [3526] Ooh!
[3527] They've got a right good offer on at Manor Grove for videos last week, they were ... er ... er eight o' clo er they were arriving ... I think there were only about half a dozen.
Ann (PS01U) [3528] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3529] Er, eighth of February.
[3530] No!
[3531] First of February.
[3532] Well that that's not the arrangement cos I remember
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3533] looking
Ann (PS01U) [3534] Er yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3535] and erm ... it were a long play and it were hundred and twenty nine pound ... video.
Ann (PS01U) [3536] Was it?
Joyce (PS01V) [3537] Yeah.
[3538] Ooh I said, you ought to go get one of these!
[3539] She says, oh I see enough bloody telly without recording!
[3540] Because that's where I got Angela's hi-fi from.
Ann (PS01U) [3541] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3542] You know?
Ann (PS01U) [3543] Yeah you did, yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3544] [clears throat] ... With it's compact disc or
Ann (PS01U) [3545] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3546] something.
Alec (PS01T) [3547] Where's my drill?
Joyce (PS01V) [3548] She reckoned
Alec (PS01T) [3549] Where's that?
Ann (PS01U) [3550] Leicester.
Alec (PS01T) [3551] Yeah [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [3552] You got one of your own [...] ?
Alec (PS01T) [3553] Couple of minutes.
Joyce (PS01V) [3554] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3555] They might be.
[3556] I know there was one in [...] but it closed down didn't
Joyce (PS01V) [3557] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3558] it.
[3559] Is it nice the ... Manor Grove?
Joyce (PS01V) [3560] Mm.
[3561] They weren't mixed but they won't bother them.
[3562] And
Ann (PS01U) [3563] Oh!
Joyce (PS01V) [3564] all that.
Ann (PS01U) [3565] That's cheap
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3566] though int it?
[3567] Hun
Joyce (PS01V) [3568] It were hundred and twen cos that to, to tell you the truth I was seriously thinking because ours we've
Ann (PS01U) [3569] Mm mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3570] had it, ooh!
[3571] About seven year.
Ann (PS01U) [3572] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3573] And er ... I thought well, well I wouldn't pass that one.
Ann (PS01U) [3574] Do you use yours a lot?
Joyce (PS01V) [3575] Yeah we do.
Ann (PS01U) [3576] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3577] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3578] We got so that, I mean, especially if we're going out at night and something's
Joyce (PS01V) [3579] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3580] on that I think's gonna be interesting I'll say oh well I'd like to
Joyce (PS01V) [3581] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3582] have seen that
Joyce (PS01V) [3583] Well I took
Ann (PS01U) [3584] you know.
Joyce (PS01V) [3585] most of late films are on ... er, like and we like to go to bed [clears throat]
Ann (PS01U) [3586] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3587] So I said Bill we'll tape that so if there's owt on
Ann (PS01U) [3588] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3589] on telly
Ann (PS01U) [3590] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3591] we can watch that like, you know.
[3592] I don't mind buying any videos
Ann (PS01U) [3593] No.
[3594] We don't but we, we do tape.
[3595] But it's er ... had it ... we took round [...] to that fella round Dash Hill there ... well Alec took it ... and er ... he said I'll ring you up in morning and give you an estimate.
[3596] Anyway, he never rung so, and we went out, that was the day we went out we'd got to go
Joyce (PS01V) [3597] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3598] shopping, we were out shopping from morning till
Joyce (PS01V) [3599] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3600] didn't get home, well, four.
[3601] [...] int it ... changed?
Joyce (PS01V) [3602] [laughing] And hour [] !
Ann (PS01U) [3603] Ooh!
[3604] And Joyce, we got it back last
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3605] Friday and Saturday, I come by car on Saturday and I go away Saturday, then we had to go Friday.
Alec (PS01T) [3606] Oh! [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3607] I didn't do any collecting.
[3608] Started it now.
Joyce (PS01V) [3609] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3610] Er, mind you, what I did
Joyce (PS01V) [3611] You come out?
[3612] What did you come out for then?
Ann (PS01U) [3613] Well er ... no I were working Saturday morning
Joyce (PS01V) [3614] Oh right.
Ann (PS01U) [3615] so, I says I'll meet you at quarter past twelve
Joyce (PS01V) [3616] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3617] at er Dave
Joyce (PS01V) [3618] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3619] and, I'd got some collecting to do.
[3620] Well I went to Morrisons we had, I'd got to do my shopping, so by time I got to here
Joyce (PS01V) [3621] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3622] it were half past twelve, so I'd done
Joyce (PS01V) [3623] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3624] no collecting.
Joyce (PS01V) [3625] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3626] Anyway , I says to Di, I'm not doing any in this!
[3627] You couldn't even see ... where you had to turn off into street, it were worse Saturday
Joyce (PS01V) [3628] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [3629] morning than it was Friday!
Joyce (PS01V) [3630] But, no it's not worth it.
Ann (PS01U) [3631] So I didn't bother.
[3632] [...] if they paid me.
[3633] My Thursdays is absolutely brilliant!
[3634] They're spot
Joyce (PS01V) [3635] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3636] on!
[3637] Never miss your ... you
Joyce (PS01V) [3638] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3639] can go out and think well I'm gonna pick up six hundred pound today
Joyce (PS01V) [3640] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3641] and, I must have collected two hundred ... at most.
Joyce (PS01V) [3642] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3643] Yesterday.
[3644] Cos you know, everything just went wrong.
[3645] To start with Wednesday night one of the customers rang me up
Joyce (PS01V) [3646] And that's your
Ann (PS01U) [3647] it was
Joyce (PS01V) [3648] good day?
Ann (PS01U) [3649] Yeah.
[3650] Sh she pays me fifty pounds, she rang me up she were away to a funeral
Joyce (PS01V) [3651] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3652] she wouldn't be in.
[3653] Then er ... it was like that all day.
Alec (PS01T) [3654] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3655] One way and another.
Alec (PS01T) [3656] Somebody else has gotta ... get their giro banked [...] pay hundred and thirty quid.
[3657] I couldn't change it.
Joyce (PS01V) [3658] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [3659] Cos you can't change [...] cheques now.
[3660] [...] pick sixty five pound up he had.
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3661] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [3662] I'll pick it up Monday night.
Joyce (PS01V) [3663] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3664] It's not this week is it?
[3665] So
Joyce (PS01V) [3666] No.
Ann (PS01U) [3667] I'm off to Germany next week.
Joyce (PS01V) [3668] And what do you do about your holiday, well pay then?
Ann (PS01U) [3669] You get seventy five pound holiday pay.
[3670] Minus your stoppages.
Joyce (PS01V) [3671] Oh do you?
[3672] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3673] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3674] They give you a ... they give you ... holiday pay then?
Ann (PS01U) [3675] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3676] And yet they don't give you a basic wage?
Ann (PS01U) [3677] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [3678] That's [...] .
Ann (PS01U) [3679] So, and it's just not very good, it's part of
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3680] the tax code come in, you know Joyce ... your tax code?
Joyce (PS01V) [3681] Oh I dunno.
Ann (PS01U) [3682] Cos they [...] ... you know
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3683] when they owe you three hundred and fifty pound ... and then they had two thousand one hundred on, not getting my car.
[3684] So I don't know, I don't, I ... got a tax code now for next year.
Joyce (PS01V) [3685] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3686] Cos you er ... they put two hundred and four ... next year it's nil.
[3687] So everything I earn is taxable.
Joyce (PS01V) [3688] Oh!
[3689] God!
Ann (PS01U) [3690] So ... oh I've only got a year.
[3691] [...] and then she's finished college anyway.
Joyce (PS01V) [3692] Yeah.
[3693] I bet you'll be proud of her!
Ann (PS01U) [3694] I have been but I always go home.
[3695] You know, glad when she's gone back.
Joyce (PS01V) [3696] You know this government, I don't know what's the matter with this government it seems ... [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3697] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3698] Er ... it were in paper about this er ... this woman she'd gone to the hospital and she must have been there longer than she thought, and so she'd got her ... car clamped ... and it was thirty pound to have it off but
Ann (PS01U) [3699] Yes.
Joyce (PS01V) [3700] she hadn't got thirty pound on her.
[3701] Took her little boy to the hospital.
[3702] So ... the attendant says to her, have you got a wrist watch and she hadn't got her wrist watch on, but he spotted her wedding ring ... and he said, I'll take that ... and she said, she had to hand her wedding er ring over and she vowed when she put that on that she would never
Ann (PS01U) [3703] Mm mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3704] take that off.
[3705] And then she said here she was hanging, handing it to a stranger and you know what they said
Ann (PS01U) [3706] So she could get her wheel, get her car back.
Joyce (PS01V) [3707] to get her car back, you know what they said ... if she doesn't pay that thirty pound within six weeks they'll pawn it!
Ann (PS01U) [3708] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3709] They'll auction it
Ann (PS01U) [3710] I know.
[3711] Well
Joyce (PS01V) [3712] to get her
Ann (PS01U) [3713] So
Joyce (PS01V) [3714] thirty pound.
Ann (PS01U) [3715] so that was the wedding ring gone?
Joyce (PS01V) [3716] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3717] I mean that is ... the thing yo you know, [...] hope they want to auction like that.
Joyce (PS01V) [3718] Oh I can't believe it!
Ann (PS01U) [3719] I know they will.
Joyce (PS01V) [3720] And er [...]
Ann (PS01U) [3721] Quite a few years.
Joyce (PS01V) [3722] It's true that.
Ann (PS01U) [3723] But now I've just done a refill.
Joyce (PS01V) [3724] Oh do you?
Ann (PS01U) [3725] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3726] Oh I always give you first cup, I'll have to give you the last one then.
Ann (PS01U) [3727] No, it's nice this!
[3728] Oh!
[3729] I don't know.
Joyce (PS01V) [3730] What did you say Anne there's a programme on it?
Ann (PS01U) [3731] Yeah.
[3732] There were a programme on telly about it, making a fortune these clampers!
Alec (PS01T) [3733] Aye.
Ann (PS01U) [3734] They drive down, you know our town and cities
Alec (PS01T) [3735] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3736] they're driving round
Alec (PS01T) [3737] Drive to get the fine don't they?
Ann (PS01U) [3738] Yeah!
[3739] They're driving round and say, oh we'll have that!
[3740] Straight away.
[3741] And what's, what happens is ... er ... if you're, if you're on scene they're not supposed to take it ... clamp it
Alec (PS01T) [3742] Right.
Ann (PS01U) [3743] but they were doing ... you know, and then you'd got to go ... and claim it back.
[3744] But it says, by law, if you're on the scene they're not allowed to clamp it's, you know they're supposed to
Joyce (PS01V) [3745] If you're on what?
Ann (PS01U) [3746] If you're on scene and then
Joyce (PS01V) [3747] Oh yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [3748] say if you come back and they've said, they're
Joyce (PS01V) [3749] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3750] just gonna clamp you
Joyce (PS01V) [3751] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3752] and then they're supposed
Joyce (PS01V) [3753] They stop.
Ann (PS01U) [3754] to er, you know ... erm, you supposed to be er, be able to drive away.
Joyce (PS01V) [3755] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3756] But they're not.
[3757] They're saying, oh you know, you'll have to come and pick it up.
[3758] They're on a right bomb!
Joyce (PS01V) [3759] Are they?
[3760] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3761] Int it awful!
[3762] Now the council er ... er the
Joyce (PS01V) [3763] Colonaise the council car park at Colonaise Pete works there don't he?
Alec (PS01T) [3764] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3765] Or just started to work there.
[3766] It were thirty pence when it were, when it was er this fella owned it
Alec (PS01T) [3767] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3768] the council's took it over
Alec (PS01T) [3769] No, the council's took it over, they sold it to this bloke.
Ann (PS01U) [3770] The council's took it over now and it's sixty pence!
[3771] The council has because that's who Pete works for!
[3772] And that's how he's got that job.
Joyce (PS01V) [3773] And what about me paying ten pound fine didn't I?
[3774] Cos I were twenty minutes over the
Ann (PS01U) [3775] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3776] thing.
Ann (PS01U) [3777] Oh it's disgusting it is I reckon!
[3778] Disgusting!
Joyce (PS01V) [3779] Well I don't know!
Ann (PS01U) [3780] Makes you wonder.
Joyce (PS01V) [3781] They have, in fact they're, they're absolutely slaughtering the motorists aren't they?
Ann (PS01U) [3782] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3783] I mean, all the money that you
Ann (PS01U) [3784] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [3785] pay, I mean, oh and two pound odd to er petrol!
Ann (PS01U) [3786] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [3787] A gallon.
Ann (PS01U) [3788] It's ne there's no need for that is there?
[3789] No need at all.
[3790] Our Nicola's been moaning all week!
Joyce (PS01V) [3791] Has she?
Ann (PS01U) [3792] Cos car's been here since Saturday.
Joyce (PS01V) [3793] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [3794] She thinks it's her car Joyce!
Joyce (PS01V) [3795] Does she?
Ann (PS01U) [3796] Yeah.
[3797] She thinks it's her car.
Joyce (PS01V) [3798] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3799] But she's been moaning [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3800] I thought she'd got her own little car?
Ann (PS01U) [3801] No!
[3802] No, she uses Bill's car.
Joyce (PS01V) [3803] Oh!
[3804] I thought she'd got her own.
Ann (PS01U) [3805] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [3806] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3807] No, wouldn't be alright ... running a car for her would we?
Joyce (PS01V) [3808] Oh!
[3809] Well I thought she had a mini.
[3810] You know she had it bro broken into to, was it your
Ann (PS01U) [3811] It was Bill's.
Joyce (PS01V) [3812] car?
[3813] No?
Ann (PS01U) [3814] She'd got it more than Bill's got it.
Joyce (PS01V) [3815] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3816] I mean, Bill's got a lift all week he he
Joyce (PS01V) [3817] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3818] he would never mo moan or groan because
Joyce (PS01V) [3819] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3820] his car has got to be done
Joyce (PS01V) [3821] No.
Ann (PS01U) [3822] and her ... ooh give them a ring see if it's ready yet!
Joyce (PS01V) [3823] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3824] You know.
Joyce (PS01V) [3825] Well don't Bill use it for work like?
Ann (PS01U) [3826] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [3827] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3828] Yeah.
[3829] But she uses at night and
Joyce (PS01V) [3830] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3831] weekends you see.
Joyce (PS01V) [3832] Oh yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [3833] Oh!
[3834] She says, I couldn't
Joyce (PS01V) [3835] You know it's like er, George next
Ann (PS01U) [3836] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3837] door but one ... er, his grandson takes off with his car!
[3838] He's never a car there to when he wants to go
Ann (PS01U) [3839] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3840] shop or owt, you know.
[3841] And he plays hell about it!
[3842] But he still lets him take it!
Ann (PS01U) [3843] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3844] So I thought, well it's your own fault int it?
Ann (PS01U) [3845] Well that's Bill that!
Joyce (PS01V) [3846] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3847] He, I says to her, I says to him I said look, I said you want to tell her ... when
Joyce (PS01V) [3848] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3849] she goes back to college
Joyce (PS01V) [3850] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3851] that er you're not ... you know, take her back on a Sunday but you're not picking her up on a Friday, I said she's got a train pass make her come home
Joyce (PS01V) [3852] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3853] on a tra you know, on a train on a Friday.
Joyce (PS01V) [3854] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [3855] And er, but he won't.
[3856] You watch
Joyce (PS01V) [3857] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3858] he'll be going back.
Joyce (PS01V) [3859] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3860] And er, sure enough, will you er ... pick me up dad?
Joyce (PS01V) [3861] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3862] He will, he'll go and pick her up so soft [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [3863] Why don't you tell him?
[3864] Tell her! [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [3865] I've told her!
Joyce (PS01V) [3866] You have, have you?
[3867] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3868] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3869] You've told her?
Ann (PS01U) [3870] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [3871] I would say no.
[3872] [clears throat] Say it
Joyce (PS01V) [3873] Yes.
Alec (PS01T) [3874] don't matter where ours are, [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [3875] Yeah he does.
[3876] I mean our little'un's
Alec (PS01T) [3877] I don't.
Joyce (PS01V) [3878] coming on Sunday but he'll go and pick them up and take them back.
Ann (PS01U) [3879] Mm.
Alec (PS01T) [3880] No matter where they are, I'll, I'll, I'll ... go and pick them up.
Joyce (PS01V) [3881] Mind you, I was surprised that his
Ann (PS01U) [3882] Yeah!
[3883] He do!
Joyce (PS01V) [3884] has, his sister, er you ought to come over on Sunday er, I was surprised you said on Sunday cos we, well last Sunday we went and had a ... [...] drink with them.
[3885] And she said, yeah didn't she, straight away!
Alec (PS01T) [3886] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3887] I've just got to take car into Halfords tomorrow to have er ... the radio cassette put in and
Joyce (PS01V) [3888] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3889] it's all the messing about!
[3890] Dear God!
Joyce (PS01V) [3891] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [3892] Yeah!
[3893] Erm
Joyce (PS01V) [3894] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3895] I went last Saturday and bought a radio cassette and speakers and
Alec (PS01T) [3896] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3897] and aerial
Alec (PS01T) [3898] Haven't you got one?
Ann (PS01U) [3899] from Halfords.
[3900] Yeah, there
Joyce (PS01V) [3901] No.
Ann (PS01U) [3902] weren't one in car.
Joyce (PS01V) [3903] Oh!
Alec (PS01T) [3904] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3905] Then I bought, yeah, I said I feel as if I've gone deaf you know what I mean, cos there's no
Joyce (PS01V) [3906] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3907] music in car.
Joyce (PS01V) [3908] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3909] So, anyway, he says oh he says we'll fit it for you
Joyce (PS01V) [3910] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3911] if you want.
[3912] Thirty eight pound.
Joyce (PS01V) [3913] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3914] So Bill says, well you might as well let them fit it.
Joyce (PS01V) [3915] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3916] So anyway, we booked it in to have it done Sunday.
Joyce (PS01V) [3917] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3918] Bill takes it through Sunday, he come back ... the they're special door speakers and you've got to have the front door [...] because ... there's a bar at back so these are special speakers that
Joyce (PS01V) [3919] Mm.
[3920] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3921] fit flush.
Alec (PS01T) [3922] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3923] So erm ... anyway, so they said that yo they can order you some ... ring
Joyce (PS01V) [3924] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3925] them up and let them know.
[3926] So I rang up ... they said er, oh we'll order them and we'll get back to you of how much they are.
[3927] Never rang me back!
Joyce (PS01V) [3928] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [3929] I rang up ... cos they hadn't rang me back ... er, oh!
[3930] Er he's gone to Barnsley, cos they asked me to ask for this [...] , gone to Barnsley.
[3931] So, then ... th er asked them to ring me back.
[3932] Never rang me back!
[3933] So I rang
Joyce (PS01V) [3934] No.
Ann (PS01U) [3935] him back again
Joyce (PS01V) [3936] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3937] He said, ah!
Joyce (PS01V) [3938] They're spending your money all the time you're ringing them.
Ann (PS01U) [3939] Ah!
[3940] I'll see to it, for you.
Joyce (PS01V) [3941] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3942] Er, I'll ring up after half past four.
Joyce (PS01V) [3943] Whereabouts is Halfords?
Ann (PS01U) [3944] On ro er ... Northwich.
Joyce (PS01V) [3945] Oh!
[3946] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [3947] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [3948] What, down [...] way, that way?
Ann (PS01U) [3949] Yeah.
[3950] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [3951] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [3952] Before you get there, it's the big
Joyce (PS01V) [3953] Oh I know.
Ann (PS01U) [3954] service centre and MOTs and
Joyce (PS01V) [3955] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [3956] and exhausts are and that.
Joyce (PS01V) [3957] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3958] Anyway, they were supposed to ring back, they never rang back after half past four.
[3959] So [...] , Bill gets on the phone, I want to know what's going on, what they're playing at!
Joyce (PS01V) [3960] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3961] So anyway, this bloke says oh I'll chase it up and I'll see what's going on, he says I'll give you a ring in morning.
Joyce (PS01V) [3962] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3963] They never rang!
[3964] I'm waiting to go and do my shopping
Joyce (PS01V) [3965] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [3966] they never rang!
[3967] So I felt like, I'm not getting on that phone again because I'm talking to different people, you
Joyce (PS01V) [3968] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3969] have to explain to everybody and
Joyce (PS01V) [3970] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3971] then they're putting you through, and
Joyce (PS01V) [3972] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3973] if this Dave's not there ... they say ring back!
[3974] I thought I'm going through.
Joyce (PS01V) [3975] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [3976] So anyway, I went through ... and I said to could I speak to the manager?
Joyce (PS01V) [3977] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3978] And er, ee oh, he, he, he's on the phone, I said I'll wait.
[3979] Anyway, he come out and I told him all rigmarole!
Joyce (PS01V) [3980] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3981] And I said I bought the radio cassette, bought
Joyce (PS01V) [3982] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3983] and aerial, I says
Joyce (PS01V) [3984] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3985] the speakers I says, then they said they were no good!
[3986] I said I've been phoning all the time, I said, and I still don't know [...] about it!
Joyce (PS01V) [3987] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3988] So, anyway, erm ... he went to see this lad, then he says oh I've only just rang up ... about these speakers, they're eleven pound odd each.
[3989] I says, fair enough.
[3990] So er, anyway I booked it in for in morning.
Joyce (PS01V) [3991] Tt!
Ann (PS01U) [3992] So I'm to get it done.
Joyce (PS01V) [3993] Are you?
Ann (PS01U) [3994] But, in meantime ... while I were waiting for them to ring me I were that mad!
[3995] I thought I'll ring er, G T Motors up, that's ... one not far from us, so I rang them up and I said, do you put radio cassettes in cars?
[3996] So he said yes.
Joyce (PS01V) [3997] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [3998] So er ... I said er, I'd got aerial and I'd radio cassette
Joyce (PS01V) [3999] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4000] and I needed these special speakers.
Joyce (PS01V) [4001] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4002] So he said, oh I'll find out how much they are.
[4003] I
Joyce (PS01V) [4004] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4005] says can you tell me how much it will be for you to fit it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4006] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4007] So he says, no.
[4008] Depends how long it takes me.
Joyce (PS01V) [4009] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4010] So I says well there is an hole in ... roof for
Joyce (PS01V) [4011] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4012] aerial to fit in.
Joyce (PS01V) [4013] Mm,
Ann (PS01U) [4014] Oh bloody hell he says!
[4015] I ain't faffing about with one of them!
[4016] He says this
Joyce (PS01V) [4017] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4018] they're more trouble than they're worth!
[4019] He says
Joyce (PS01V) [4020] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4021] if I do it I'd drill hole on bonnet ... and put it in there.
[4022] He
Joyce (PS01V) [4023] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4024] said sometimes he says, you've got to take windscreen out if you can't get it down rubber.
[4025] You know
Joyce (PS01V) [4026] Oh yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4027] aerial and that.
Joyce (PS01V) [4028] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4029] He says, and it'll cost you a fortune he says, cos it takes some time
Joyce (PS01V) [4030] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4031] Anyway, erm ... but he says er, I can't book it in all next week anyway.
Joyce (PS01V) [4032] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4033] He couldn't tell me a price.
Joyce (PS01V) [4034] No.
Ann (PS01U) [4035] So I thought well I might as well come
Joyce (PS01V) [4036] Leave it where it is.
Ann (PS01U) [4037] Let , yeah, let them do it cos they never ... moaned about it being
Joyce (PS01V) [4038] Is someone coming in then?
Alec (PS01T) [4039] No, it's next door.
Joyce (PS01V) [4040] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4041] never moaned about it being a roof aerial or owt so
Joyce (PS01V) [4042] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4043] le we'll let them do it.
Joyce (PS01V) [4044] Mm.
[4045] Why did you go on about that erm ... place where you went for that beer and ... you know, you said that we worked for that
Ann (PS01U) [4046] Oh dear!
Joyce (PS01V) [4047] paper.
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4048] [laughing] Have you left [] ?
Ann (PS01U) [4049] No.
[4050] No, I'm not here no more.
[4051] But they're not advertising, I mean, we keep looking in the paper every week.
Joyce (PS01V) [4052] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4053] There's no advertisement.
Joyce (PS01V) [4054] Int there?
Ann (PS01U) [4055] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4056] It might just be saving money?
[4057] No?
Ann (PS01U) [4058] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4059] What do they call that place?
Ann (PS01U) [4060] Emperor's Rooms.
Joyce (PS01V) [4061] Emperor's Rooms?
Ann (PS01U) [4062] Mhm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4063] At Conisbrough there?
Ann (PS01U) [4064] Mexborough.
Joyce (PS01V) [4065] Mexborough?
[4066] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4067] Oh dear!
[4068] I don't know!
Joyce (PS01V) [4069] [sighing] Mm [] !
Ann (PS01U) [4070] I don't know if our Danny's coming down or not tonight.
[4071] He says he might do, he's fed up.
[4072] Cos he's
Joyce (PS01V) [4073] Oh really?
Ann (PS01U) [4074] not working either.
Joyce (PS01V) [4075] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4076] So, [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4077] God he will be though won't he?
Ann (PS01U) [4078] Mm mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4079] No they're up the er, back of beyond, you never see a soul!
Joyce (PS01V) [4080] Don't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4081] No!
[4082] They're all like ... yo like it's, it's a biggish estate, but they're all new houses
Joyce (PS01V) [4083] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4084] but they're all in little cul-de-sacs.
[4085] You know, there's only
Joyce (PS01V) [4086] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4087] like ... there's one, two, three, four, five, six ... and then like seven.
Joyce (PS01V) [4088] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4089] They're ... three lots of semis
Joyce (PS01V) [4090] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4091] and a detached, that's all there is, so there's only
Alec (PS01T) [4092] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4093] and they're all working like.
Joyce (PS01V) [4094] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4095] So they don't see anybody.
Joyce (PS01V) [4096] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4097] And their lounge is on back anyway ... so ... oh!
Joyce (PS01V) [4098] Mm!
[4099] So er ... I've got some, I got them curtains, I got blue curtains to go out
Ann (PS01U) [4100] What, to go with them?
Joyce (PS01V) [4101] They was to go with them, they we you know, the blues were to go together won't it?
Ann (PS01U) [4102] These are lovely!
[4103] [sighing] Oh [] !
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4104] Are they any good them?
Alec (PS01T) [4105] I think so, yeah.
[4106] Fit ... fit ours anyway.
[4107] According to this it does.
Joyce (PS01V) [4108] Do you like that, what I've done for our
Ann (PS01U) [4109] Oh it's gorgeous Joyce!
Joyce (PS01V) [4110] I liked the blue.
Ann (PS01U) [4111] Int it gorgeous!
Joyce (PS01V) [4112] [...] I mean.
Ann (PS01U) [4113] Beautiful that!
Joyce (PS01V) [4114] Just got the buttons to go on that.
Ann (PS01U) [4115] Gorgeous Joyce!
Alec (PS01T) [4116] Ah?
Ann (PS01U) [4117] It's lovely that!
Joyce (PS01V) [4118] [...] you to look at it today, good job I've knitted some erm ... good job I've knit some jumpers for them, they're gonna need them aren't they?
Ann (PS01U) [4119] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [4120] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4121] Oh they're lovely!
[4122] It's not very nice.
Joyce (PS01V) [4123] I've seen the look, the sun's coming through
Ann (PS01U) [4124] Gorgeous blue aren't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [4125] look!
Ann (PS01U) [4126] Yeah!
[4127] Oh they're gorgeous colour them!
Joyce (PS01V) [4128] They just look like velvet when they're open [...] same as there.
Ann (PS01U) [4129] Ah!
[4130] Course they do!
Joyce (PS01V) [4131] Same as these, these are no
Ann (PS01U) [4132] Course they do!
Joyce (PS01V) [4133] trouble.
Ann (PS01U) [4134] I were gonna say, they wash better than
Joyce (PS01V) [4135] But I've had
Ann (PS01U) [4136] velvet.
Joyce (PS01V) [4137] I've had to take them up.
[4138] Cos they were, they were gonna be miles too long.
[4139] And I've not even took them out the thing.
[4140] They said he'd swap them if they didn't fit.
Ann (PS01U) [4141] Ah they do!
Joyce (PS01V) [4142] And he ... [...] .
Ann (PS01U) [4143] Where d'ya get them from Joyce?
Joyce (PS01V) [4144] I got them from that er
Alec (PS01T) [4145] Top Marks.
Joyce (PS01V) [4146] that shop.
Alec (PS01T) [4147] Top Marks.
Joyce (PS01V) [4148] Top Marks.
Ann (PS01U) [4149] Oh yes!
[4150] I know it.
Alec (PS01T) [...] [clears throat]
Joyce (PS01V) [4151] But it ... it sells all so they're only twenty one pound then you know!
Ann (PS01U) [4152] Top Marks?
Alec (PS01T) [4153] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4154] Where's that?
Joyce (PS01V) [4155] Twenty one pound odd.
Alec (PS01T) [4156] Er at market, at market.
Joyce (PS01V) [4157] Twenty o twenty two pound odd.
[4158] Near market.
[4159] Them I got there from Solo
Alec (PS01T) [4160] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4161] were thirty odd, I think I were with you when
Ann (PS01U) [4162] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4163] I got them rust ones.
Alec (PS01T) [4164] Used to go in Brooks.
Joyce (PS01V) [4165] They were thirty five and I got these for twenty two
Alec (PS01T) [4166] I've gone in there [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [4167] same size!
Ann (PS01U) [4168] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4169] Saying
Ann (PS01U) [4170] Yeah!
[4171] Just shows
Joyce (PS01V) [4172] just shows!
Ann (PS01U) [4173] you dunnit?
Joyce (PS01V) [4174] Aye.
Ann (PS01U) [4175] Yeah!
Alec (PS01T) [4176] Opposite fish market.
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4177] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4178] You know where I mean?
Ann (PS01U) [4179] Yeah.
[4180] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4181] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4182] I ain't been in town since before Christmas.
Joyce (PS01V) [4183] Have you?
Alec (PS01T) [4184] We went yesterday, wished we'd [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [4185] Oh we did!
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [4186] We stood there with nothing in our bags we went for my fruit and veg and er, [laughing] sto there, met this couple who we know [] we had a right good talk to them about, it were half an hour weren't we?
Alec (PS01T) [4187] Half an hour.
Joyce (PS01V) [4188] And erm ... and then we went and got my fruit and veg and then we went in Top Marks and got them [laughing] so we never got [] we went through for a video really, never got round to looking for a video did we?
Ann (PS01U) [4189] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4190] Mind, we're in no desperate hurry.
[4191] But, I mean, they sell them round at Dash Hill for erm, they sell them for two hundred and fifty don't, the shops
Alec (PS01T) [4192] Mm mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4193] you
Ann (PS01U) [4194] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4195] know.
[4196] Erm
Ann (PS01U) [4197] Tt!
[4198] I ain't, I haven't got a clue what it [...] , you know that's a good thing Joyce.
Joyce (PS01V) [4199] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [4200] They don't have them ... at [...] it's at erm ... Home World, and it [...] like.
Joyce (PS01V) [4201] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4202] And er ... our [...] got a beauty ... for hundred and ninety five!
Alec (PS01T) [4203] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4204] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4205] And it's say oh ... brilliant!
Joyce (PS01V) [4206] What kind?
[4207] What make?
Ann (PS01U) [4208] I think it's er
Alec (PS01T) [4209] Dolstar
Ann (PS01U) [4210] I don't know whether it's Amstrad or not.
[4211] But it's, it's like er, one of them ... dual bar ones, right easy to set.
Joyce (PS01V) [4212] Are they?
Ann (PS01U) [4213] Just run a thing across it.
Joyce (PS01V) [4214] Oh!
Alec (PS01T) [4215] Oh aye.
Ann (PS01U) [4216] It's right easy to do.
[4217] And it's long play as well.
Joyce (PS01V) [4218] Is it?
[4219] Mm!
Ann (PS01U) [4220] You can put a four hour tape on and ... put it
Joyce (PS01V) [4221] Yeah
Ann (PS01U) [4222] on long play and it lasts us eight hours.
Joyce (PS01V) [4223] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4224] It's good innit?
[4225] It were only two hundred pound!
Joyce (PS01V) [4226] Crikey!
[4227] ... That's not bad then is it?
Ann (PS01U) [4228] No.
[4229] No.
[4230] It's a lovely thing!
Joyce (PS01V) [4231] But I could, one of Dolstars for hundred couldn't we?
[4232] I'm sure that was two hundred and fifty ... round here.
Ann (PS01U) [4233] That one's [...] attached to that.
[4234] He is.
Joyce (PS01V) [4235] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4236] He is.
Joyce (PS01V) [4237] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4238] I know she [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4239] He says when yo he says when you're er ... and what were it like?
[4240] No good?
Ann (PS01U) [4241] Well it, yeah it was.
[4242] But it
Joyce (PS01V) [4243] Was it?
Ann (PS01U) [4244] didn't last long as Hitachi.
Joyce (PS01V) [4245] No.
Ann (PS01U) [4246] Andrew's got another
Joyce (PS01V) [4247] He says
Ann (PS01U) [4248] one now.
Joyce (PS01V) [4249] He says when you've had a ... er ... video about seven years
Ann (PS01U) [4250] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4251] he says, you know,th they're about ready for renewing or parts
Alec (PS01T) [4252] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4253] renewing didn't he?
Ann (PS01U) [4254] Well, when he came out I thought it were er tape heads that had gone.
Joyce (PS01V) [4255] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4256] And anyway, he says, no, he says it's not it's the motor.
Alec (PS01T) [4257] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4258] Cost me thirty quid, a new motor and summat else.
Joyce (PS01V) [4259] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4260] Never had new tape heads in.
Joyce (PS01V) [4261] You haven't?
Ann (PS01U) [4262] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4263] No.
Ann (PS01U) [4264] He just cleans them up every time ... he comes out, either
Joyce (PS01V) [4265] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4266] to see to the telly or video, you know.
Joyce (PS01V) [4267] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4268] And er ... I says to him, I says ... you know,wha what do you think?
[4269] Do you think it's worth ... doing?
Joyce (PS01V) [4270] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4271] He says, it's a brilliant set this!
Joyce (PS01V) [4272] Did he?
Ann (PS01U) [4273] That's what he said.
[4274] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4275] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4276] Says definitely worth
Joyce (PS01V) [4277] I think the
Ann (PS01U) [4278] spending thirty pound on.
Joyce (PS01V) [4279] I think the Hitachi are, are good aren't they?
Ann (PS01U) [4280] Yeah. [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4281] You know
Ann (PS01U) [4282] [...] video's Hitachi.
Joyce (PS01V) [4283] It's the same as erm ... th
Ann (PS01U) [4284] The they were a bit dear.
Joyce (PS01V) [4285] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4286] I think they're about three nine nine, but they were
Joyce (PS01V) [4287] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4288] dearer anyway then
Joyce (PS01V) [4289] then yeah
Ann (PS01U) [4290] originally weren't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [4291] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4292] You know, the
Joyce (PS01V) [4293] But even in Millers, we went and looked there was supposed to be a sale on they're not much reduced are they?
Ann (PS01U) [4294] Yes!
[4295] And cos I went through
Joyce (PS01V) [4296] [...] Did you?
[4297] And they were over
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4298] three hundred pound.
Ann (PS01U) [4299] I know.
[4300] I think it's dear in Millers.
Joyce (PS01V) [4301] Yeah!
[4302] It is.
Alec (PS01T) [4303] They must th they must think you're thick!
[4304] I mean, we used to get
Joyce (PS01V) [4305] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4306] all our stuff from Millers didn't we?
Joyce (PS01V) [4307] Yeah there's, yeah we have had a lot.
Ann (PS01U) [4308] They're ever so dear now!
[4309] They're opening that big place
Joyce (PS01V) [4310] Yeah we have had a lot.
Ann (PS01U) [4311] it's not a family business any more.
Joyce (PS01V) [4312] No!
[4313] We've had a lot of stuff from Millers!
Alec (PS01T) [4314] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [4315] Got our er ... microwave from Millers didn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [4316] Got the microwave.
Joyce (PS01V) [4317] We got ... we got
Ann (PS01U) [4318] And I got
Joyce (PS01V) [4319] televisions from Mi Millers didn't we?
Ann (PS01U) [4320] Ah well I got my freezers from Millers, and I got my fridge.
Joyce (PS01V) [4321] Er I know, that was from Millers [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4322] And they are ... really
Alec (PS01T) [4323] Fridge.
Ann (PS01U) [4324] dear now!
Joyce (PS01V) [4325] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4326] Not like it used to be.
Joyce (PS01V) [4327] Yeah!
Alec (PS01T) [4328] Telly.
Joyce (PS01V) [4329] In fact, I looked at Currys' prices, cos Currys' were a, and Currys looked as if they were the cheaper
Ann (PS01U) [4330] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4331] er ... I know that turbo power er ... hoover, it was a
Ann (PS01U) [4332] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4333] hundred pound.
Ann (PS01U) [4334] Do you know er
Alec (PS01T) [4335] But Currys were always de dearer than Millers.
Ann (PS01U) [4336] Different people who you speak to though Joyce
Joyce (PS01V) [4337] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4338] not just round here but er asking, and like, I've had our
Joyce (PS01V) [4339] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4340] Kim's husband Ian ... th when they were shopping round for different things ... and
Joyce (PS01V) [4341] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4342] you can hear them ... [...] ... and that's where your thingybob were.
Joyce (PS01V) [4343] [...] yes.
Alec (PS01T) [4344] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4345] I'll give them a ring.
Ann (PS01U) [4346] I know our erm ... er Dean, our [...] paid
Joyce (PS01V) [4347] Apart from that you can get on weekly can't you there?
Ann (PS01U) [4348] he's paid twelve hundred pound for this erm ... camcorder
Alec (PS01T) [4349] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4350] and er ... I think it were about fourteen, fifteen hundred different places.
[4351] He went to Comet and it were fourteen hundred.
Joyce (PS01V) [4352] Mm!
Alec (PS01T) [4353] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4354] You know, and he's got it from [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [4355] But Comet's, Comet's gone I noticed that's
Joyce (PS01V) [4356] I said ours is [...] I might just
Alec (PS01T) [4357] that is a smaller, smaller shop
Joyce (PS01V) [4358] give it him.
Ann (PS01U) [4359] Mm.
Alec (PS01T) [4360] now it's got big shops ... they're, they're to they're top of the range and all now.
[4361] They used to be
Joyce (PS01V) [4362] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4363] Anyway there's a advertisement in there for Grays at Bentley ... and, it were funny because Jack and Sherry who we were talking to yesterday, they said that shop in Bentley didn't they?
Ann (PS01U) [4364] Yeah well they're just a family business.
Joyce (PS01V) [4365] Yeah.
[4366] And it said it's a family business.
Ann (PS01U) [4367] Yeah. [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4368] And it said at prices we can a you can
Ann (PS01U) [4369] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4370] afford.
Ann (PS01U) [4371] Yeah.
[4372] They'd so they'd sooner
Joyce (PS01V) [4373] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4374] make twenty pound rather than lose order.
Joyce (PS01V) [4375] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4376] You know?
Joyce (PS01V) [4377] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4378] When it's a business like that.
Joyce (PS01V) [4379] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4380] So erm
Joyce (PS01V) [4381] So er, I might, I might give our Mark a ring and see what he's got in there.
Ann (PS01U) [4382] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4383] Oh!
[4384] Might go and see him a shall we go right through to our ... do you think that Mark can be closing next week?
Alec (PS01T) [4385] Well it's pa parking there int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4386] Well you can park in front of Iceland er, I can always go
Alec (PS01T) [4387] Oh aye.
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4388] Gotta pay
Alec (PS01T) [4389] That's what
Ann (PS01U) [4390] [laughing] about two quid [...] to go and park there you might as well ring him [] !
Alec (PS01T) [4391] Cos we'd have to [...] to go and pa go and park in here like.
[4392] And ... [...]
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Alec (PS01T) [4393] and it costs us a bloody bomb!
Ann (PS01U) [4394] It does!
[4395] Costs you about ten pound do it?
Alec (PS01T) [4396] Yeah!
[4397] Mind
Joyce (PS01V) [4398] It's not free parking at all!
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4399] [laugh] Mind you, you've got the stuff haven't you?
[4400] So
Alec (PS01T) [4401] Ah but what it means, I've got to walk around and ... look at it this and look at it that!
[4402] Well we could do with some lollipops couldn't we?
[4403] Some chocolate lollipops and what have
Ann (PS01U) [4404] Are the kids coming?
Alec (PS01T) [4405] Mind you, it's er
Joyce (PS01V) [4406] No.
Alec (PS01T) [4407] two or three, two month innit, yet?
Joyce (PS01V) [4408] Yeah.
[4409] They'll not be co they're not coming for, at all at the beginning of April, and that's if, it's not that long.
[4410] It's er, February, March.
Ann (PS01U) [4411] Mind, that's when
Joyce (PS01V) [4412] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4413] we have baby int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4414] It's quite
Ann (PS01U) [4415] April?
[4416] I can't wait!
Joyce (PS01V) [4417] Oh!
[4418] Is it April?
Ann (PS01U) [4419] Mm!
Joyce (PS01V) [4420] Oh!
[4421] Er
Ann (PS01U) [4422] April nineteenth it'll be, well that's Easter int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4423] Oh!
[4424] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4425] Easter.
Joyce (PS01V) [4426] Mm!
Ann (PS01U) [4427] So we'll be up there, for Easter.
Joyce (PS01V) [4428] Yeah!
[4429] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Alec (PS01T) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4430] Could have a party of your own.
Joyce (PS01V) [4431] Oh yeah, April , April erm
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [4432] Easter's late this year int it?
Ann (PS01U) [4433] April the nineteenth.
Joyce (PS01V) [4434] Sevent
Alec (PS01T) [4435] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4436] Nineteenth, yeah.
[4437] Cos after, our er
Ann (PS01U) [4438] That [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4439] caravan site don't open till then you know!
Ann (PS01U) [4440] Don't it?
Alec (PS01T) [4441] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4442] No!
[4443] It don't open till that weekend.
Ann (PS01U) [4444] Used to be always ... the first of April.
Joyce (PS01V) [4445] Open the first of April.
[4446] Yeah.
[4447] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4448] Mm!
Joyce (PS01V) [4449] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4450] And well it were early one year, March last year wasn't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4451] March!
Ann (PS01U) [4452] Yeah it was earlier
Joyce (PS01V) [4453] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4454] it was earlier still
Alec (PS01T) [4455] Yeah the last year.
Joyce (PS01V) [4456] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4457] Cos well, if Easter's early they open early don't
Joyce (PS01V) [4458] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4459] they?
Joyce (PS01V) [4460] But erm
Ann (PS01U) [4461] They must open for Easter then?
Joyce (PS01V) [4462] Yeah they do.
Ann (PS01U) [4463] So that's it then?
Joyce (PS01V) [4464] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4465] Easter's late, they're opening late.
Joyce (PS01V) [4466] Yeah.
[4467] I know it always used to be the first of April though.
Ann (PS01U) [4468] [sighing] Yeah [] !
[4469] God!
Joyce (PS01V) [4470] But erm ... I mean ... caravan season, it goes quick enough don't it?
[4471] I mean, most places open in March!
Alec (PS01T) [4472] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4473] You know like all of Skegness.
Ann (PS01U) [4474] Well some , I know.
Joyce (PS01V) [4475] They're
Ann (PS01U) [4476] But
Joyce (PS01V) [4477] all open in
Ann (PS01U) [4478] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4479] March!
Ann (PS01U) [4480] Mind you, cost them
Alec (PS01T) [4481] Yeah, and the week afterwards.
Ann (PS01U) [4482] cost them a lot dunnit?
[4483] Cost them nearly about a thousand
Alec (PS01T) [4484] And a fortnight afterwards.
Ann (PS01U) [4485] pound for ... Skegness now you know.
Joyce (PS01V) [4486] Yes.
Ann (PS01U) [4487] It's a lot of money.
Joyce (PS01V) [4488] It is.
Alec (PS01T) [4489] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4490] And all the ones
Ann (PS01U) [4491] Booking.
Joyce (PS01V) [4492] in er, oh, all different rates!
[4493] What they actually charge.
Ann (PS01U) [4494] And er, I know they want over a hundred pound just for a caravan for a week don't they?
[4495] At Skeggy
Joyce (PS01V) [4496] Two hundred.
Ann (PS01U) [4497] Yeah!
[4498] They need it
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4499] though really don't they? [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4500] Well it depends how much.
[4501] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4502] Cos our Darren he said, like, he says ... I want to that babe ... like, they won't go abroad this year with having baby coming
Alec (PS01T) [4503] No.
Ann (PS01U) [4504] and he says, they'd really like to go in a caravan he says ... to show
Joyce (PS01V) [4505] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4506] that we've had holiday like, you know?
Joyce (PS01V) [4507] Yeah.
[4508] Just to have a break.
Ann (PS01U) [4509] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4510] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4511] Anyway er ... so I said well you can come down home like.
[4512] He says yeah but then you come down home and ... like, they have to go visiting everybody.
Joyce (PS01V) [4513] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4514] Do you know what I mean?
[4515] He says
Joyce (PS01V) [4516] It's not a rest is it?
Ann (PS01U) [4517] He said it's not a rest.
Alec (PS01T) [4518] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4519] No.
Ann (PS01U) [4520] And er ... anyway, I says, Darren, I said they're wanting about two hundred and odd pound for a caravan you know!
[4521] Now.
Joyce (PS01V) [4522] Mm.
[4523] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4524] So, I says an I says you're working I said
Joyce (PS01V) [4525] Not at [...] they're not though.
Alec (PS01T) [4526] Oh no!
Ann (PS01U) [4527] and I says why don't you, no, but like
Joyce (PS01V) [4528] If you want to go to Skeggy it's a lot.
Alec (PS01T) [4529] Well what's the rush?
Joyce (PS01V) [4530] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4531] You know like ... Scarborough, it's dearer
Joyce (PS01V) [4532] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4533] for there
Joyce (PS01V) [4534] That's right.
Ann (PS01U) [4535] it really is top mark int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4536] Ah yeah!
Alec (PS01T) [4537] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4538] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4539] D'ya know what I mean?
[4540] He's
Joyce (PS01V) [4541] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4542] he is nearer that way than us
Joyce (PS01V) [4543] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4544] or summat, to Scarborough and that.
Joyce (PS01V) [4545] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4546] I says erm ... yo it'd be cheaper to go bed and breakfast!
[4547] So, he says
Joyce (PS01V) [4548] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4549] yeah but it won't be as convenient with baby like.
Joyce (PS01V) [4550] Well, they can relax and have their meals when they want, get up when they
Ann (PS01U) [4551] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4552] want, and if their baby wakes at night they can just go
Ann (PS01U) [4553] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4554] and see to it can't they?
Ann (PS01U) [4555] I says I think, this year, you'd be better off stopping at home.
Joyce (PS01V) [4556] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4557] I says, because er ... you know, with him ... like [...] working so he's, he's having a week off with
Alec (PS01T) [4558] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4559] baby int he?
[4560] I said and th erm
Joyce (PS01V) [4561] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4562] and go out and that, if you want to come down for a couple of days.
Joyce (PS01V) [4563] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4564] You know, I think erm ... rather than they paying all that money for a caravan.
Joyce (PS01V) [4565] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4566] So ... mind you, they're on about getting their own car.
Joyce (PS01V) [4567] Are they?
Ann (PS01U) [4568] He wants Orion Ghia.
Alec (PS01T) [4569] Wants
Joyce (PS01V) [4570] Oh!
[4571] That's the one
Ann (PS01U) [4572] So
Joyce (PS01V) [4573] we're going for.
Alec (PS01T) [4574] Not that bad.
Joyce (PS01V) [4575] [...] work be getting done won't it? [...] behind it.
Ann (PS01U) [4576] So I says what we might do, we might buy his off him.
[4577] Cos it's
Joyce (PS01V) [4578] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4579] not got a lot of miles on.
Joyce (PS01V) [4580] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4581] It's only got about twelve thousand miles [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [4582] Has he?
[4583] Were it new?
Ann (PS01U) [4584] F reg Fiesta it is.
Joyce (PS01V) [4585] Can they do that then?
[4586] Can you sell that?
[4587] Isn't it firm's?
Ann (PS01U) [4588] No.
[4589] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4590] Oh!
[4591] I see.
Ann (PS01U) [4592] It's alright.
Joyce (PS01V) [4593] It's his own?
[4594] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [4595] Yeah.
[4596] It's er F reg Fiesta.
Joyce (PS01V) [4597] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [4598] One point four sport it is.
[4599] It's a
Joyce (PS01V) [4600] Mm mm!
Ann (PS01U) [4601] lovely car!
Joyce (PS01V) [4602] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4603] It's got all extras in, the lot, you know the
Joyce (PS01V) [4604] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4605] and er
Joyce (PS01V) [4606] Well it's big enough, a Fiesta, for you anyway.
Ann (PS01U) [4607] Well ... he ta
Joyce (PS01V) [4608] Int it?
Ann (PS01U) [4609] he I should of thought it were big enough for them but he said
Joyce (PS01V) [4610] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4611] when, he says when they come down he said it's loadened with all our stuff!
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4612] He says, so when we get baby seat on back
Joyce (PS01V) [4613] Yeah, as well.
[4614] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4615] And then all baby's stuff, he said
Joyce (PS01V) [4616] Well they've got a boot!
Ann (PS01U) [4617] So
Joyce (PS01V) [4618] Ah!
[4619] That Orion's
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4620] got a lovely big boot
Ann (PS01U) [4621] Astra it is.
Joyce (PS01V) [4622] hasn't it?
Alec (PS01T) [4623] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4624] I drove that Orion.
[4625] And I went up centre with it.
[4626] [laugh] ... Cos he were going somewhere with David when you over.
Ann (PS01U) [4627] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4628] And I went to centre
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4629] in it, it were lovely!
[4630] ... You like it didn't you?
[4631] You liked the new one, you don't like the first one you had?
Alec (PS01T) [4632] Aha.
Joyce (PS01V) [4633] You had two Orions didn't you?
Alec (PS01T) [4634] Yeah, and then the first one I
Joyce (PS01V) [4635] First one he didn't like it.
Alec (PS01T) [4636] Got a smaller horsepower weren't it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4637] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4638] I don't know, but I know he wanted it.
Joyce (PS01V) [4639] [...] about the turbo or summat.
Alec (PS01T) [4640] Weren't as good as it, it weren't as good this one that I, weren't as good as ours for petrol. [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4641] Well no!
Joyce (PS01V) [4642] That's just great for petrol.
Alec (PS01T) [4643] Ain't put no, ain't put no petrol in mine for three weeks!
Ann (PS01U) [4644] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4645] It's ever such a good car for petrol.
[4646] It really is.
Ann (PS01U) [4647] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4648] You know like going to Cleethorpes and back, how you do
Ann (PS01U) [4649] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4650] er i it's great
Ann (PS01U) [4651] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4652] for petrol!
Ann (PS01U) [4653] Well that's what you want int it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4654] Mm mm.
Alec (PS01T) [4655] I fill it up
Joyce (PS01V) [4656] It's great for petrol!
[4657] That's it.
Alec (PS01T) [4658] And he filled up and it only cost me five to tenner a week.
Joyce (PS01V) [4659] And we never walk nowhere do we?
[4660] Never walk, even
Alec (PS01T) [4661] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4662] at the caravan we never walk, we always go in ... he even goes for paper in bloody car, him!
Ann (PS01U) [4663] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4664] You know, it's only round corner innit? [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4665] The car? [...]
Alec (PS01T) [4666] Well you start going for the paper and seeing how you like walking right under the [...] !
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [4667] I don't mind it.
[4668] I don't mind walking round camp.
Alec (PS01T) [4669] Ha!
Joyce (PS01V) [4670] I don't mind walking round camp.
Alec (PS01T) [4671] Don't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [4672] I'd rather, well you don't see not if you're in car all time, do you?
Alec (PS01T) [4673] I do.
Ann (PS01U) [4674] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4675] You can't see anything when you're in car!
Ann (PS01U) [4676] [...] oh it's nice to have a bit of fresh air!
Alec (PS01T) [4677] Well no, you just
Joyce (PS01V) [4678] Yes.
Alec (PS01T) [4679] said you would go like. [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [4680] I wonder what time ... what they call it's coming ... for that?
[4681] Is it off?
Alec (PS01T) [4682] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4683] Is it?
Alec (PS01T) [4684] I don't know.
[4685] Maybe I'll go out tonight.
Joyce (PS01V) [4686] She said afternoon didn't she?
[4687] But
Alec (PS01T) [4688] This is
Joyce (PS01V) [4689] she didn't come while ... we'd just come in from
Alec (PS01T) [4690] It were Thursday weren't it [...] ?
Joyce (PS01V) [4691] Yeah, we'd just come in from town as well hadn't we?
Alec (PS01T) [4692] Yeah.
[4693] [...] till about four o'clock.
Joyce (PS01V) [4694] Mm.
Alec (PS01T) [4695] [sneeze] Oh dear!
[4696] Oh dear!
Joyce (PS01V) [4697] Mm mm.
[4698] That's got to go in ... that's horrible that is!
Alec (PS01T) [4699] Is it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4700] Too strong.
Ann (PS01U) [4701] Oh!
[4702] But it's cost me over, well it will have done by time I've finished putting radio in, about hundred and forty pound.
Joyce (PS01V) [4703] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4704] But I can't cope without my radio Joyce!
Joyce (PS01V) [4705] Can't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4706] Cos you think I've gone deaf!
Joyce (PS01V) [4707] Mm!
[4708] You got er a, battery rad er radio cassette or something?
[4709] Couldn't you put it on
Ann (PS01U) [4710] Well they don't ... it don't sound the same does it?
Joyce (PS01V) [4711] Don't they?
[4712] Ah!
[4713] It's better with er speakers
Ann (PS01U) [4714] You know.
Joyce (PS01V) [4715] yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4716] Yeah.
[4717] I mean I've got one at home what [...] .
Joyce (PS01V) [4718] Well we listen to ours a lot though don't we?
Ann (PS01U) [4719] What my radio,rel radio or, er electric or, I've got one at home electric or
Joyce (PS01V) [4720] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4721] battery.
Joyce (PS01V) [4722] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4723] But, I thought, oh!
Joyce (PS01V) [4724] Oh!
Alec (PS01T) [4725] Well anyway, do
Ann (PS01U) [4726] I might as well.
Alec (PS01T) [4727] if you just leave it stuck out, stuck outside somebody's liable to break in aren't they, if they see
Ann (PS01U) [4728] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4729] like that?
Ann (PS01U) [4730] So I thought well ... I got it kind a three year haven't I?
Joyce (PS01V) [4731] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4732] Don't change
Joyce (PS01V) [4733] Have you?
Ann (PS01U) [4734] it for three year.
Joyce (PS01V) [4735] Well in any case when you
Ann (PS01U) [4736] So
Joyce (PS01V) [4737] when you take it you take that off don't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4738] Yeah!
[4739] I said to
Joyce (PS01V) [4740] In that case.
Ann (PS01U) [4741] David, if I'd have known I'd have took wha other one out.
Joyce (PS01V) [4742] Ooh!
[4743] You could of couldn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4744] I'd take other one.
Joyce (PS01V) [4745] Yeah!
[4746] You could of done couldn't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4747] Cos it were a good'un that!
Joyce (PS01V) [4748] Ah!
[4749] What a shame.
Ann (PS01U) [4750] But I mean, I didn't know they were all coming.
[4751] But apparently what's happened is
Joyce (PS01V) [4752] Didn't even know you were gonna be getting another one.
Ann (PS01U) [4753] in January ... the, she were telling me they delivered hundred and fifty nine new cars.
Alec (PS01T) [4754] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4755] New ... Metros.
Joyce (PS01V) [4756] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4757] So they must have, done them a de done a deal of whole lot
Alec (PS01T) [4758] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4759] cos they were
Joyce (PS01V) [4760] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4761] bigger engines than others what we had.
Joyce (PS01V) [4762] Yeah, but you actually know that they weren't gonna ... have a
Alec (PS01T) [4763] Are they?
Joyce (PS01V) [4764] radio cassette in there did you?
Ann (PS01U) [4765] They have [...] engines.
Alec (PS01T) [4766] Ah!
[4767] They'd be better engines, a better
Ann (PS01U) [4768] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4769] car then won't they?
Ann (PS01U) [4770] Eleven hundred, yeah.
[4771] Oh yeah!
Alec (PS01T) [4772] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4773] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4774] So, well they must have like done a deal and said right, we'll not put radios in or summat, you know we'll
Alec (PS01T) [4775] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4776] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4777] do without, so I thought oh well!
Joyce (PS01V) [4778] Will it be yours now when you, when you take it in do you take that out don't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4779] Mm.
[4780] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4781] So
Ann (PS01U) [4782] I will.
Joyce (PS01V) [4783] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4784] Sometimes
Ann (PS01U) [4785] I've
Alec (PS01T) [4786] they don't tell you though do they, when they come to change them do they?
Ann (PS01U) [4787] No.
Alec (PS01T) [4788] That's a very snidey that isn't it?
Ann (PS01U) [4789] They come Tuesday before you know.
[4790] You know when I were up at Darren's
Alec (PS01T) [4791] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4792] I mean, if I'd have been, If I'd have know I could of coming back down cos Bill came back down to work Tuesday
Joyce (PS01V) [4793] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4794] and I stuck it up here ... then when it comes through, they brought the car on the Tuesday
Joyce (PS01V) [4795] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4796] when I were up at Darren's.
[4797] Cos she told me when she came.
Joyce (PS01V) [4798] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4799] She said I brought it last Tuesday
Joyce (PS01V) [4800] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [4801] she said, and you weren't here.
Joyce (PS01V) [4802] Oh did she?
Ann (PS01U) [4803] Mm.
Alec (PS01T) [clears throat]
Ann (PS01U) [4804] So, and they rang up, Darren ra er he rang me up Monday morning, and he says can you get in office for half past ten?
[4805] I says, yeah.
[4806] He said they've just rang up they're bringing your car.
Alec (PS01T) [4807] It's alright that's [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4808] You know I don't know what I've done with that
Alec (PS01T) [4809] It's alright in the
Joyce (PS01V) [4810] photograph!
Alec (PS01T) [4811] background there.
Joyce (PS01V) [4812] Do you know I'm ever so mad about it!
[4813] Cos I
Ann (PS01U) [4814] What?
Joyce (PS01V) [4815] I should look after my bills!
Ann (PS01U) [4816] For what?
Alec (PS01T) [4817] Oh oh!
Joyce (PS01V) [4818] For that curtain!
Alec (PS01T) [4819] Well what did you want it for?
Ann (PS01U) [4820] Well you've still got price ticket on haven't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [4821] I never even touched it!
Ann (PS01U) [4822] So, well the price ticket will still be on.
Joyce (PS01V) [4823] Everything's well I've not touched
Ann (PS01U) [4824] Well that's not there.
Joyce (PS01V) [4825] it, it's still as it was actually.
Ann (PS01U) [4826] Yeah.
[4827] They're
Joyce (PS01V) [4828] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4829] not bothered as long as
Joyce (PS01V) [4830] Twenty one ninety
Ann (PS01U) [4831] the price thing is still here.
Joyce (PS01V) [4832] Where do you want [...] ?
Alec (PS01T) [4833] [...] You worry too much for ... it'll be alright.
Ann (PS01U) [4834] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4835] He said don't, if you look after it you know, it's a ... does the colour change in it?
[4836] And he said, yeah, if you look after it
Ann (PS01U) [4837] Ah!
[4838] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [4839] keep the cardboard inside, you
Ann (PS01U) [4840] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4841] know.
[4842] But we haven't even
Ann (PS01U) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4843] opened it.
[4844] But like he said and yo and your bill, your receipt and I've forgo I've lost the bloody receipt!
Ann (PS01U) [4845] It's not in bag is it?
Alec (PS01T) [4846] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [4847] Mm?
Ann (PS01U) [4848] Not in bag?
Joyce (PS01V) [4849] No, I've looked in the bag.
[4850] I don't know what I've do cos I, don't I keep my receipts?
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4851] It were that skirt weren't it?
[4852] I mean, we found it after I took it back.
Joyce (PS01V) [4853] Yeah!
[4854] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4855] So ... it's my mam's birthday soon.
[4856] Yeah.
[4857] This time
Alec (PS01T) [4858] See that
Ann (PS01U) [4859] [...] I'll get money.
Alec (PS01T) [4860] Well she's got bills from, for Gateway and I mean ... who says [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [4861] Oh I'm just looking at bottom of my bag there, there was, there was bills from Gateway, that was from last year.
[4862] You know my shopping bag?
Ann (PS01U) [4863] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4864] My, my cloth shopping
Ann (PS01U) [4865] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4866] shopping bag?
[4867] There was all these bills in the bottom from Gateway, I said look here
Ann (PS01U) [4868] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4869] from Gateway.
Ann (PS01U) [4870] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4871] And I threw them, I just cleared it out and threw them away yesterday.
Ann (PS01U) [4872] We go to Morrisons now.
[4873] It's brilliant there!
Joyce (PS01V) [4874] Is it?
Ann (PS01U) [4875] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4876] Mm.
[4877] Don't you go to Kwik Save?
[4878] Kwik Save's quite good.
Ann (PS01U) [4879] Er ... I go to Kwik Save and I come back
Joyce (PS01V) [4880] That's really cheap.
Ann (PS01U) [4881] and there's, there's nowt for a meal ... when I come back.
Joyce (PS01V) [4882] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [4883] You know, if you went
Joyce (PS01V) [4884] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4885] to
Joyce (PS01V) [4886] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4887] Morrisons ... and
Joyce (PS01V) [4888] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4889] like
Joyce (PS01V) [4890] you come back without your stuff, I mean
Ann (PS01U) [4891] especially
Joyce (PS01V) [4892] we're like that aren't we [...] ?
Ann (PS01U) [4893] you know like the fridge it's full ... of food
Joyce (PS01V) [4894] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4895] like a su like I get ... my cooked meats ... and
Joyce (PS01V) [4896] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4897] quiche, and all my salads
Joyce (PS01V) [4898] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4899] and stuff, I get all my veg
Joyce (PS01V) [4900] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4901] and then er ... like, they do Kentucky Fried Chicken in here, sixty five pence Joyce!
[4902] It's like
Joyce (PS01V) [4903] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4904] that!
[4905] Like
Joyce (PS01V) [4906] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4907] half a chicken!
[4908] All breast.
Joyce (PS01V) [4909] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4910] Er, sixty five for breast, and I think they're about fifty for the legs.
[4911] But they're, they're done in that lovely ... savory batter stuff, you know what I mean?
Joyce (PS01V) [4912] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4913] They're all cooking while you're there.
Joyce (PS01V) [4914] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4915] So ... like, I'll fetch them like for us dinner
Joyce (PS01V) [4916] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4917] and er ... tt you know what I mean, the ... fri fridge is full.
Alec (PS01T) [4918] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4919] And
Joyce (PS01V) [4920] Yes.
Ann (PS01U) [4921] like I put my
Joyce (PS01V) [4922] Stuff to go out [...] .
Ann (PS01U) [4923] put my meat in freezer ... let get it for week
Joyce (PS01V) [4924] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4925] you know what I mean, and put
Joyce (PS01V) [4926] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4927] in there.
Joyce (PS01V) [4928] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4929] Whereas like ... if I'm out, at least I get a bus down, go into to Kwik Save
Joyce (PS01V) [4930] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4931] there's nowt for a meal, you've still got to go to Coplands
Joyce (PS01V) [4932] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4933] and buy all the
Joyce (PS01V) [4934] Yeah.
Alec (PS01T) [4935] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [4936] stuff and in butchers and
Joyce (PS01V) [4937] Well even when you go to Kwik Save yo I mean, you come out, and you've got to come out to get meat, cos in a
Ann (PS01U) [4938] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4939] different thing
Ann (PS01U) [4940] Mm.
Joyce (PS01V) [4941] you've got to pay for your vegetables
Ann (PS01U) [4942] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4943] as you go around don't you?
Ann (PS01U) [4944] I know.
Joyce (PS01V) [4945] You know what I mean?
Ann (PS01U) [4946] So ... I mean, like
Joyce (PS01V) [4947] I like buying stuff from the market
Ann (PS01U) [4948] a lot of the stuff
Joyce (PS01V) [4949] I get all my [...]
Ann (PS01U) [4950] a lot of the stuff's cheap ... cheaper at Kwik Save.
Joyce (PS01V) [4951] Yeah, I mean ten oranges for fifty P yesterday.
Ann (PS01U) [4952] I know!
Joyce (PS01V) [4953] Ten!
[4954] For fifty P!
[4955] I mean that's absolutely
Ann (PS01U) [4956] So
Joyce (PS01V) [4957] fantastic that int it
Ann (PS01U) [4958] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4959] for [...] !
[4960] I mean
Ann (PS01U) [4961] Well it's
Joyce (PS01V) [4962] I thought it were only
Ann (PS01U) [4963] I get them off of my
Joyce (PS01V) [4964] thirty P, yeah, Coxes.
[4965] And pears were only twenty five.
Ann (PS01U) [4966] Yeah.
[4967] I mean, last week my barrow ... were absolutely loadened up
Joyce (PS01V) [4968] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4969] and it were fifty five pound.
Joyce (PS01V) [4970] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4971] We bought loads of stuff!
[4972] I got
Joyce (PS01V) [4973] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4974] erm ... a lovely piece of middle leg pork for Sunday ... there were erm ... a piece of turkey breast, a bit like a joint
Joyce (PS01V) [4975] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4976] you know with all the skin put round.
Joyce (PS01V) [4977] Mind you, that's good for fifty five pound innit? [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [4978] No, but ... like Bill, he'll go down to Tescos
Joyce (PS01V) [4979] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4980] right?
Joyce (PS01V) [4981] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4982] Then go to Coplands then to go to market
Joyce (PS01V) [4983] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4984] and erm ... I leave him about eighty quid, cos there's six of us [...]
Alec (PS01T) [4985] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [4986] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [4987] and yet he comes back and there's nowt for a meal, and there's hardly any change!
[4988] It's true!
Joyce (PS01V) [4989] [laughing] Ah, ah ah God [] !
Ann (PS01U) [4990] It is!
[4991] Like, there's two hundred and sixty with that.
Alec (PS01T) [4992] Oh yes.
Ann (PS01U) [4993] But like, and then I have to go again on Tuesday to Tesco!
Joyce (PS01V) [4994] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [4995] I go again Tuesday.
Joyce (PS01V) [4996] Tesco's dear!
Ann (PS01U) [4997] So ... we have
Joyce (PS01V) [4998] Tesco's dearer than Kwik Save
Ann (PS01U) [4999] Yeah!
Joyce (PS01V) [5000] int it?
[5001] Well I think it is anyway.
Ann (PS01U) [5002] Oh it is Joyce!
Joyce (PS01V) [5003] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5004] It is.
[5005] But
Joyce (PS01V) [5006] But I do love the bacon from there!
[5007] Th you know the
Ann (PS01U) [5008] But it
Joyce (PS01V) [5009] bacon that you
Ann (PS01U) [5010] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5011] to cook?
[5012] You know, er
Ann (PS01U) [5013] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5014] to slice
Ann (PS01U) [5015] Oh it's so nice [...] !
Joyce (PS01V) [5016] beautiful!
Ann (PS01U) [5017] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5018] So tasty!
Alec (PS01T) [5019] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5020] I've never had anything better
Ann (PS01U) [5021] You know what I got?
Joyce (PS01V) [5022] [...] that.
Alec (PS01T) [5023] Er yep.
Ann (PS01U) [5024] And Bill had cooked it last night and it were really nice, I bought it last week.
[5025] You know, Bill always goes down on a Tuesday
Joyce (PS01V) [5026] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5027] and, there were a big family meat pie ... and it had
Joyce (PS01V) [5028] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5029] been one fifty nine I think, or one ninety nine, they'd got a special price
Joyce (PS01V) [5030] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5031] ninety nine pence.
Joyce (PS01V) [5032] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5033] Anyway, I thought ooh I'll get that!
[5034] And put it in freezer.
Joyce (PS01V) [5035] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5036] Cos Bill can't cook, you know, he's a terrible cook!
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [5037] And er, I thought, oh he's only got to put that in oven
Joyce (PS01V) [5038] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5039] you know, I'll, I'll buy Morrisons' frozen chips, they're lovely their chips!
Joyce (PS01V) [5040] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5041] And so all he's got to do, he can't spoil it.
Joyce (PS01V) [5042] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5043] And er ... anyway, when I got in from work last night, he'd done carrots, sprouts, cabbage, mashed potatoes, and he'd done this pie.
Joyce (PS01V) [5044] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5045] And it were right nice, and he'd done some lovely onion gravy!
Joyce (PS01V) [5046] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5047] Couldn't believe it!
Joyce (PS01V) [5048] Mm!
Ann (PS01U) [5049] Cos Monday
Joyce (PS01V) [5050] Is that Morrisons that's er, opposite Nettows at
Ann (PS01U) [5051] Anthorpe it is int it?
Alec (PS01T) [5052] No that's ... Grandways
Joyce (PS01V) [5053] Oh!
[5054] Grandways ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5055] And erm
Joyce (PS01V) [5056] There int a Morrisons round here is there?
Alec (PS01T) [5057] I don't know.
Ann (PS01U) [5058] No, I ain't seen one.
Joyce (PS01V) [5059] The nearest Morrison is down erm
Alec (PS01T) [5060] No idea duck.
Joyce (PS01V) [5061] going down towards er, when I used to go down towards
Ann (PS01U) [5062] Walthe er down er ... near Bath, that way.
[5063] What you
Alec (PS01T) [5064] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5065] call it?
Ann (PS01U) [5066] I don't know.
[5067] I know nearest to us it's ... erm, tt ... you know where we used to
Joyce (PS01V) [...]
Ann (PS01U) [5068] work at Bramley.
[5069] You know when we used to work, go to Southern Trust ... they built a new, big new Morrisons there didn't they?
Joyce (PS01V) [5070] Oh!
[5071] It er
Ann (PS01U) [5072] Next to Macros.
Joyce (PS01V) [5073] [...] Yes.
Ann (PS01U) [5074] No!
[5075] Bramley.
[5076] When we used to go to Southern Trust.
[5077] We used to go to
Joyce (PS01V) [5078] Southern Trust?
Ann (PS01U) [5079] Faircroft didn't we?
[5080] To office.
Joyce (PS01V) [5081] Yes.
[5082] Yeah.
[5083] Faircroft
Ann (PS01U) [5084] Mm.
[5085] Well you know by those garage we used to ... use
Joyce (PS01V) [5086] Ya.
Ann (PS01U) [5087] well
Joyce (PS01V) [5088] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5089] it's in there.
Joyce (PS01V) [5090] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5091] Well I used to go to that one.
Joyce (PS01V) [5092] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5093] And then
Joyce (PS01V) [5094] There was one there.
Ann (PS01U) [5095] they've built a
Joyce (PS01V) [5096] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5097] another one at Retail World.
[5098] You know, Parkgate
Joyce (PS01V) [5099] Mm mm.
[5100] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5101] They've built another big'un there.
Joyce (PS01V) [5102] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5103] So I go there now ... to
Joyce (PS01V) [5104] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5105] that one.
[5106] Cos it's
Joyce (PS01V) [5107] Ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5108] nice you know.
Joyce (PS01V) [5109] Mm.
[5110] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5111] But erm ... Morrisons on Monday ... er Bill, he'd er cooked fish, er er there was some ... frozen fish what I'd got him like.
Joyce (PS01V) [5112] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5113] Tough as hell it were!
Joyce (PS01V) [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [5114] Chips ... with them Morrisons' chips, and they are really lovely but he'd left them in
Joyce (PS01V) [5115] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5116] too long so they're too crisp.
Joyce (PS01V) [5117] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [5118] The peas ... well they were like bullets!
Alec (PS01T) [5119] Yeah?
Ann (PS01U) [5120] The frozen peas, but and he says, said what he'd done ... he'd
Joyce (PS01V) [5121] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5122] put them in
Joyce (PS01V) [5123] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5124] instead of putting them on ... to cook ... put them in to defrost!
Joyce (PS01V) [5125] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [5126] So, by the time he'd sort of looked and it were defrosting
Joyce (PS01V) [5127] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5128] they're not as nice if you defrost frozen peas and then cook them are they?
Joyce (PS01V) [5129] No, you're supposed to ... cook them from frozen.
Ann (PS01U) [5130] You know, so they were like, they were like bullets!
Joyce (PS01V) [5131] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5132] So the fish ... were horrible!
Joyce (PS01V) [5133] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5134] The chips ... were so crisp and dry ... and then, then, and yet last night
Joyce (PS01V) [5135] He did all that.
Ann (PS01U) [5136] Yeah!
[5137] And i and it were lovely!
Joyce (PS01V) [5138] Yeah.
[5139] Sure your Nicola, are you sure your Nicola didn't do it?
[5140] What do you say he did?
Ann (PS01U) [5141] Last night?
Joyce (PS01V) [5142] Mm mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5143] He did mashed potatoes
Joyce (PS01V) [5144] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5145] cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots ... and he'd cu cut them like I always cut them cos they were only them little baby carrots so, what I do I slice them down
Joyce (PS01V) [5146] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5147] you know, down middle like
Joyce (PS01V) [5148] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5149] into quarters so I do them longer
Joyce (PS01V) [5150] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5151] and he'd done them like that in microwave for eight minutes ... and er, done sprouts ... then he'd put this meat pie in oven
Joyce (PS01V) [5152] Crikey!
Ann (PS01U) [5153] and er, done onion gravy!
Joyce (PS01V) [5154] Mm mm!
Ann (PS01U) [5155] I says, ooh this gravy's lovely!
Joyce (PS01V) [5156] Yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5157] He says er, yeah he said I did some onion, and then, I got some of them, you know
Joyce (PS01V) [5158] Granules?
Ann (PS01U) [5159] yeah, put some of that in
Joyce (PS01V) [5160] Mm.
Ann (PS01U) [5161] he says, I put a bit a ... Italian mixed herbs in middle of meat pie in my hand, put them
Joyce (PS01V) [5162] Mm. [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [5163] and a bit of Bovril.
[5164] [laughing] And it were lovely!
Joyce (PS01V) [5165] Done that, done all that!
Ann (PS01U) [...] []
Joyce (PS01V) [5166] God!
Ann (PS01U) [5167] [laughing] [...] [] !
Joyce (PS01V) [5168] [laugh] Yeah! [laugh]
Ann (PS01U) [laugh]
Joyce (PS01V) [5169] And was that meat pie alright?
Ann (PS01U) [5170] It was [...] it were lovely!
Joyce (PS01V) [5171] Sometimes you get them and they're not very nice are they?
Alec (PS01T) [5172] No.
Joyce (PS01V) [5173] But I tell you what we've got fish
Ann (PS01U) [5174] But we don't have meat pie us, cos we don't normally
Joyce (PS01V) [5175] No.
Ann (PS01U) [5176] it's the gristle on it, it's that tinned meat, but that were
Joyce (PS01V) [5177] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5178] mince Joyce.
Joyce (PS01V) [5179] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5180] It were mince.
Joyce (PS01V) [5181] Yeah.
[5182] We got some nice fish from er ... Kwik Save.
[5183] It was ... was it Bird's Eye Alec?
[5184] And there was, I just
Alec (PS01T) [...]
Joyce (PS01V) [5185] got a packet of
Alec (PS01T) [5186] I don't know.
Joyce (PS01V) [5187] two in to try, it
Ann (PS01U) [5188] Yeah.
Joyce (PS01V) [5189] were lovely weren't it?
[5190] Really lovely white meat!
Alec (PS01T) [5191] Oh , ah yeah!
Ann (PS01U) [5192] [...] that we've had for a while.
Joyce (PS01V) [5193] We got it last week cos we finished
Ann (PS01U) [5194] Nice!
Joyce (PS01V) [5195] our fish from ... Cleethorpes now ... and, we're ready for going again to get some more.
Ann (PS01U) [5196] But you see what he'd done he'd, he'd had it out a freezer since four o'clock since he come in
Joyce (PS01V) [5197] Oh!
Ann (PS01U) [5198] from work
Joyce (PS01V) [5199] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [5200] Well I didn't get in till half six so by time he'd put them
Joyce (PS01V) [5201] Ah!
Ann (PS01U) [5202] in
Joyce (PS01V) [5203] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U) [5204] supposed to cook from frozen aren't you?
Joyce (PS01V) [5205] Yeah, you're better cooked from frozen.
Ann (PS01U) [5206] You know
Joyce (PS01V) [5207] Yeah they are.
Ann (PS01U) [5208] cos once they've thawed they go soft
Joyce (PS01V) [5209] Yeah.
Ann (PS01U)