BNC Text KB3

8 conversations recorded by `Alison' (PS147) between 30 January and 4 February 1992 with 4 interlocutors, totalling 1966 s-units, 10492 words, and 2 hours 20 minutes 32 seconds of recordings.

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 72

PS147 Ag3 f (Alison, age 43, housewife, Scottish, )
PS148 Ag0 m (Grant, age 7, student (state primary), Scottish, ) son
PS149 Ag4 m (Bob, age 53, deputy prison governor, Scottish, ) husband
PS14A Ag0 f (Annabel, age 2, student (private pre), Scottish, ) daughter
KB3PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB3PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

8 recordings

  1. Tape 066401 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: helping son with homework
  2. Tape 066402 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: helping son with homework
  3. Tape 066403 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: helping son with homework and general
  4. Tape 066404 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: with children
  5. Tape 066405 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: with children
  6. Tape 066406 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: with husband and children
  7. Tape 066501 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: preparing tea with my son and helping with his homework
  8. Tape 066601 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( hotel ) Activity: having a drink

1 (Tape 066401)

Grant (PS148) [1] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [2] What have we got?
[3] We don't want
Grant (PS148) [...] [...]
Alison (PS147) [4] Oh good.
[5] ... Did
Grant (PS148) [6] Mm.
Alison (PS147) [7] you manage your sums at school today?
Grant (PS148) [8] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [9] You did.
[10] Good boy.
[11] ... Now what do you want to do first?
Grant (PS148) [12] Er
Alison (PS147) [13] Reading?
Grant (PS148) [14] spelling.
Alison (PS147) [15] Spelling.
[16] ... Now
Grant (PS148) [17] Oh should have a pencil in the bag
Alison (PS147) [18] Hopefully hopefully the baby'll be asleep in a few minutes.
[19] Erm
Grant (PS148) [20] here.
Alison (PS147) [21] Snip, snap and snub.
[22] So do you want to do this first?
Grant (PS148) [23] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [24] And Mummy'll put on some coffee for Daddy.
[25] ... Good boy, darling.
[26] Good boy.
[27] How many times, five?
Grant (PS148) [28] Six.
Alison (PS147) [29] Two, three, four five, six, good.
[30] [reading title of book] Machines Work For All [] .
Grant (PS148) [31] I'm going [...] mum.
Alison (PS147) [32] Good, but I think we should be slightly bigger, Grant.
[33] Mummy was as school as, as though er a too small, teacher used to smack us. [laugh]
Grant (PS148) [laugh]
Alison (PS147) [34] We did, we used to get the ruler across the knuckles when mummy was in primary school.
[35] That's why we were taught to write beautifully I suppose.
[36] Snip, good and Mummy'll see if Daddy's ... make the coffee
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [37] Oh she should be in bed.
[38] ... Mummy has forgotten the milk.
[39] I think we'll put it to off just now, Grant.
Grant (PS148) [whispering] [...] []
Alison (PS147) [40] Yes, because [...] because there's a pause.

2 (Tape 066402)

Alison (PS147) [41] Good
Bob (PS149) [42] Is that your homework that you've got?
Grant (PS148) [43] Yeah and it's just gonna finish it.
Alison (PS147) [44] Jus just spell them to me and then he's got to read.
Grant (PS148) [45] S N
Alison (PS147) [46] Snip
Grant (PS148) [47] I P, S N A P
Alison (PS147) [48] snap
Grant (PS148) [49] S N O
Alison (PS147) [50] S N O B.
[51] Or do you still O.
[52] Good boy.
[53] Good boy
Grant (PS148) [54] Now now we're gonna do my reading, Dad.
Bob (PS149) [55] Well before you do that what about
Alison (PS147) [56] So how many pictures, Grant?
Bob (PS149) [57] what about doing it without looking at the book? [...]
Alison (PS147) [58] I think it's jolly good.
Grant (PS148) [59] Dad!
[60] Can I just go [...]
Bob (PS149) [61] No, how do you
Alison (PS147) [62] Spell them to daddy again first darling and then
Bob (PS149) [63] how do you spell snip?
Alison (PS147) [64] you can read your book.
Bob (PS149) [65] Without looking at the book.
Alison (PS147) [66] [whispering] Twenty three to thirty two []
Grant (PS148) [67] S I
Bob (PS149) [68] No, snip.
[69] How do you spell snip?
Alison (PS147) [70] Snip
Unknown speaker (KB3PSUNK) [71] S N I P
Alison (PS147) [72] [whispering] Come on darling, you can do it [] .
Grant (PS148) [73] S I
Bob (PS149) [74] No, S N I P ... S N I P how do you spell snip?
Alison (PS147) [75] [whispering] S N I P, you do it, no?
Bob (PS149) [76] How do you spell it?
Alison (PS147) [77] There's snap S N A P []
Bob (PS149) [78] Grant, how do you spell snip? ... [...]
Alison (PS147) [79] [whispering] Come on, darling [] you can spell so well!
[80] You can spell so well!
Bob (PS149) [81] You've gotta get on without looking at the book, Grant.
[82] If you, you can't do it looking at the book.
[83] That's no use.
Grant (PS148) [84] That's been recorded.
Bob (PS149) [85] Well, we're doing it, normally.
Alison (PS147) [86] Snip
Grant (PS148) [87] S N I
Bob (PS149) [88] What's that [...]
Grant (PS148) [89] P!
Alison (PS147) [90] Again.
[91] Three times.
Grant (PS148) [92] S I N
Bob (PS149) [93] No, it's
Grant (PS148) [94] P
Bob (PS149) [95] N
Alison (PS147) [96] Oh Grant, you're so good darling, normally.
[97] S N I P, snap and snub.
[98] Grant!
[99] Never mind.
Bob (PS149) [100] Oh [...]
Alison (PS147) [101] Pages twenty three to thirty two.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [102] You did a lot last night, Bobby.
[103] Oh that's up to the last page.
[104] I only got this book last week.
[105] [...] He can read beautifully.
[106] I'm so delighted.
[107] Aileen's amazed and Harry used to be a teacher, Bobby
Bob (PS149) [108] Well [...] if the spelling is good.
Alison (PS147) [109] she's a amazed because erm
Bob (PS149) [110] This is [...]
Alison (PS147) [111] Come on Grant!
Bob (PS149) [112] Grant!
Alison (PS147) [113] He likes the bear [...] .
[114] Is baby asleep?
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [115] [...] would you like a coffee just now or tea or coffee?
Bob (PS149) [116] Grant!
[117] Come on!
[118] We've got this homework to finish.
Alison (PS147) [119] Oh finish his work first.
Bob (PS149) [120] Where are you?
Alison (PS147) [121] Albert!
[122] Come on darling!
[123] Would you like a drinkie?
[124] You've been outside?
[125] Good boy.
[126] Come and have a drinkie then.
[127] Come on.
[128] Good boy.
Bob (PS149) [129] He's pretending it's not there.
[130] Should've got him to do it first. [...]
Alison (PS147) [131] Come darling.
[132] You've done well.
Grant (PS148) [133] No!
Bob (PS149) [134] Come on!
[135] Come out now!
Bob (PS149) [136] No!
Grant (PS148) [137] Yes!
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [138] Come on.
[139] Look [...] look at it.
[140] He's got, no, just do it normally.
Grant (PS148) [crying]
Bob (PS149) [141] That's how you do it normally.
[142] Come on now.
[143] ... Snip!
[144] Jus just think how it's pronounced.
[145] Snip!
[146] ... Snip.
Grant (PS148) [147] I'm not doing it now.
Bob (PS149) [148] You're not doing it enough till you doing [...] now come on.
[149] Snip.
[150] ... Come on.
[151] Snip.
Alison (PS147) [152] Oliver hit him though, Bobby.
Grant (PS148) [153] S N I P
Alison (PS147) [154] [...] you can do it.
Alison (PS147) [155] That's excellent!
Bob (PS149) [156] Right.
[157] Snap!
Grant (PS148) [158] S A N P
Bob (PS149) [159] Snap!
Alison (PS147) [160] [whispering] S N []
Bob (PS149) [161] Snap!
Grant (PS148) [162] S N I P [crying]
Bob (PS149) [163] That's snip!
[164] Snap is A.
[165] Just [cough] listen to how it's pronounced.
[166] It's pronounced
Grant (PS148) [167] N A I N
Bob (PS149) [168] Snap!
[169] S N A P.
[170] Snap!
[171] ... S N A P.
[172] Grant, come on!
[173] ... S N A P
Grant (PS148) [174] I'm gonna rub that out!
Alison (PS147) [175] Good boy
Bob (PS149) [176] You're not going to rub it out.
Alison (PS147) [177] Good boy then come on page twe
Bob (PS149) [178] It's just normal conversation.
[179] That's exactly what we're having.
Alison (PS147) [180] page twenty three to
Bob (PS149) [181] No
Alison (PS147) [182] thirty two, Grant.
Bob (PS149) [183] I'm sorry.
Alison (PS147) [184] Twenty three to thirty two.
Bob (PS149) [185] No, he hasn't finished this yet.
[186] He hasn't finished this yet!
[187] ... Snap!
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [188] Come and
Bob (PS149) [189] S
Alison (PS147) [190] see [...]
Bob (PS149) [191] N A P
Alison (PS147) [192] he's left her in the car.
Bob (PS149) [193] Well she should be in bed!
[194] ... She should be in bed.

3 (Tape 066403)

Bob (PS149) [195] Right, you're ready to do your spelling now?
Grant (PS148) [196] Yes
Bob (PS149) [197] Okay, we'll start with snip again then.
[198] How you spell [cough] spell snip?
Grant (PS148) [199] S N I P
Bob (PS149) [200] How do you spell snub?
[201] ... Snub.
[202] How do you spell snub?
Grant (PS148) [203] S N I P
Bob (PS149) [204] That's snip
Alison (PS147) [205] Snip good.
Bob (PS149) [206] How do you spell snub.
Grant (PS148) [207] S N, S N A P
Bob (PS149) [208] That's snap.
[209] Snub!
[210] Snub! [...]
Grant (PS148) [211] [...] you're saying them, you're saying them both at once.
Alison (PS147) [212] Come on, S N A P, darling
Bob (PS149) [213] [...] learn to spell them you don't give them an autograph.
[214] ... Jus listen you can pick it up by the way [...]
Grant (PS148) [...]
Bob (PS149) [215] Snub!
[216] Snub!
[217] Can I have it?
Grant (PS148) [218] Don't wanna [...]
Bob (PS149) [219] Snub!
Grant (PS148) [220] I want to do [...]
Bob (PS149) [221] Can I
Grant (PS148) [222] [...] one!
Bob (PS149) [223] If you don't do better I'll count three, you go to bed.
[224] Now please yourself!
[225] Snub!
[226] One
Grant (PS148) [227] S O
Bob (PS149) [228] Snub!
Grant (PS148) [229] S N O B
Alison (PS147) [230] Good boy!
Bob (PS149) [231] That's U B
Alison (PS147) [232] That's it!
Bob (PS149) [233] [...] okay?
Alison (PS147) [234] Yes.
Bob (PS149) [235] Snap!
Grant (PS148) [236] S N A P!
Alison (PS147) [237] Excellent!
Bob (PS149) [238] Okay, I think you've had enough.
[239] ... Okay, what else have you got to do then?
[240] Some reading next?
Grant (PS148) [241] Reading
Alison (PS147) [242] Page twenty three to thirty two, darling.
[243] No
Bob (PS149) [244] Right
Alison (PS147) [245] sing the bear went over the mountain?
Bob (PS149) [246] Okay.
Grant (PS148) [247] I'm not singing it.
Bob (PS149) [248] [...] together.
Alison (PS147) [249] Come on Grant, like a singing kettle.
[250] [singing] Oh the bear went over the mountain the bear went over the mountain
Bob (PS149) [251] Come on Grant, it's you that's gotta do it, not mummy or me.
Alison (PS147) [252] the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see [] .
Grant (PS148) [253] Grant, if you could
Grant (PS148) [254] [shouting] You sit down [] and [...]
Bob (PS149) [255] She can't sing she's too young.
Alison (PS147) [256] [...] you should be in bed, you naughty [...] come and sing with
Bob (PS149) [257] What, what are you doing up?
Alison (PS147) [258] Well [...]
Bob (PS149) [259] You should be in bed
Grant (PS148) [260] [singing] The bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see [] .
Alison (PS147) [261] Good.
[262] Next page, darling.
[263] [reading] Space Man.
[264] ... Sunday night []
Bob (PS149) [265] Come on, Grant.
Grant (PS148) [266] [reading] It was Sunday night and Scott was watching Space Man on television.
[267] Scott had watched him get into the rocket many times and he dreamed about going with Space Man.
[268] It would be fun if I could get into the, that rocket too, thought Scott.
[269] It would be fun to go far out into space.
[270] That was the one thing
Alison (PS147) [271] Full stop.
Grant (PS148) [272] Scott thought about.
[273] He was fast asleep before Space Man had finished his trip.
[274] Scott began to dream.
Alison (PS147) [275] Good.
Grant (PS148) [276] The time had come for Space Man Scott to go to the moon!
[277] He would be the first boy to land on the moon.
[278] Scott walked outside and looked up at the rocket.
[279] The rocket was as tall as seven houses.
[280] It was as tall as seven houses.
[281] This rocket was, this ... Scott said that that would take him to the moon.
[282] Scott climbed inside the rocket.
[283] The men were getting ready for blast off.
[284] [shouting] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!
[285] Blast off [] !
[286] Space Man Scott be began ... has
Bob (PS149) [287] His.
Grant (PS148) [288] his trip to the moon.
[289] On and on into space went Scott Seven.
[290] Then a part of the rocket fell away.
[291] When Scott looked out, he could see the stars and many flashing lights.
[292] Part of the time Scott talked on the rocket's radio.
[293] Part of the time he just looked out into space.
[294] The rocket came to a stop at Space Station.
[295] Some works at the station
Bob (PS149) [296] Some workers.
Grant (PS148) [297] some workers at the station took Scott inside.
Alison (PS147) [298] New line.
Grant (PS148) [299] They asked him
Alison (PS147) [...]
Grant (PS148) [300] they asked him to remember all the things he could about the trip from earth.
[301] Then the men talked about other rocket
Bob (PS149) [302] About the other.
Grant (PS148) [303] about the other rocket would take him
Bob (PS149) [304] That would take him.
Grant (PS148) [305] on to the moon.
[306] They helped Scott get ready.
[307] In the morning, Scott, three other men got into the moon rocket.
[308] Again he were ready to go.
[309] [shouting] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!
[310] Blast off [] !
[311] Away went the rocket with Scott and his friends inside.
[312] Away it went on its long trip to the moon.
[313] As last
Bob (PS149) [314] At.
Grant (PS148) [315] it, at last they landed on the moon.
[316] Scott and the men got out and looked around.
[317] What a strange place it was.
[318] Look here, look here Scott, said one men
Bob (PS149) [319] Man.
Grant (PS148) [320] one ma one, said one man.
[321] Do you see that big brown thing that looks a boat?
[322] You live on that boat.
[323] That's the earth.
[324] That's what your home looks like from up here on the moon.
[325] How strange it was fro for Scott to see.
[326] That ...
Bob (PS149) [327] His.
Grant (PS148) [328] his home was a round planet far out in space.
[329] One man had a shovel.
[330] He wanted to take some things from the moon back to earth with him.
[331] The other men looked around and talked on the radio.
[332] Scott ... followed the men.
[333] He was not looking where he was going
Bob (PS149) [334] He was, he was looking [...] .
[335] Yeah okay, sorry, you're right [...]
Grant (PS148) [336] he was not looking where he was going, where he was going
Bob (PS149) [337] And.
Grant (PS148) [338] and he fell ... down.
[339] Down, down, down Scott fell.
[340] ... The dream was over and so was Scott's trip to the moon.
[341] Well, said his mother, what are you doing down there on the floor?
[342] Scott laughed I just fell off the moon.
[343] He said what a dream I had [] .
Bob (PS149) [344] Very good.
[345] Any more homework?
Alison (PS147) [346] Well that's excellent, darling.
Bob (PS149) [347] Any more homework?
Grant (PS148) [348] No
Bob (PS149) [349] That's all.
[350] That's it
Alison (PS147) [351] I, I think [...] Aileen's amazed how well he can read.
[352] Aileen's amazed, Bobby.
Bob (PS149) [353] Yeah
Alison (PS147) [354] She used to be a
Bob (PS149) [355] Look at him
Alison (PS147) [356] teacher and she can read, he can read so beautifully.
[357] Aileen, do you remember [...] last year and you had the trampoline in the back garden, Grant, on the lawn and you started her off.
[358] [...] I mean I was appalled because she kept making such a lot of mistakes.
Bob (PS149) [359] You haven't looked for it?
Alison (PS147) [360] I was mortified [laughing] mortified [] .
[361] Do you remember the mistakes she made, Grant? [...] mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy could hardly stop laughing because you could go through [...] and she's older than you, but Aileen thinks you're wonderful.
[362] I think you can read beautifully.
[363] You've done really so well.
[364] ... So you've nothing else?
[365] ... Do you want some sums?
[366] Want some sums?
Grant (PS148) [367] No!
Alison (PS147) [368] Going to see the baby
Bob (PS149) [369] Goodnight, Annabel
Alison (PS147) [370] and er is it too late for Bob's computer for Grant [...] Bobby?
Bob (PS149) [371] I don't know.
[372] Do you want to play [...] computer game?
Grant (PS148) [373] [shouting] Yes [] !
Alison (PS147) [374] Leave it up to you.
Grant (PS148) [375] [shouting] Yes [] !
Alison (PS147) [376] I feel that if he got extra, I feel he got extra work, homework, school work and things.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [377] No
Alison (PS147) [378] [...] so young.
Grant (PS148) [379] I don't want to [...]
Bob (PS149) [380] Because there's [...] in there [...]
Alison (PS147) [381] For what?
Grant (PS148) [382] Shall I get a [...] shall I?
Alison (PS147) [383] Yes
Bob (PS149) [384] and she sent for one of your, you know, help you with your
Grant (PS148) [385] Thank you.
Bob (PS149) [386] sums.
Alison (PS147) [387] Your sums all right I'm looking for concentrating sums at school because ... [...] Bobby, every night and I feel that sums are the
Grant (PS148) [388] Och!
[389] It splattered
Alison (PS147) [390] important thing
Grant (PS148) [391] on me!
[392] ... Mum!
Alison (PS147) [393] Annabel!
[394] That's Mummy's, give it back.
[395] ... Grant, it's twenty to nine.
Bob (PS149) [396] Where are you going with that tape, Grant?
Alison (PS147) [397] [...] that tape.
[398] Do you want to play scrabble? [...]
Bob (PS149) [399] Look [...]
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [400] [...] Isobel
Bob (PS149) [401] Let me take that let me take that [...]
Grant (PS148) [402] Okay
Bob (PS149) [403] the good one, look.
[404] ... Okay.
[405] Where's your school bag?
[406] ... Put these away in your bag?
Grant (PS148) [407] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [408] Bobby, can Grant have some money for lunch?
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [409] Now Daddy give you a pound this morning, Grant and you got thirty pence change [...]
Bob (PS149) [410] Haven't got much change I've only got another pound.
Alison (PS147) [411] Oh Good!
[412] So he needs forty.
Bob (PS149) [413] I've only got a pound.
Alison (PS147) [414] Well, if Daddy gives you a pound again, Grant
Bob (PS149) [415] So that's sixty pence in thirty today and thirty tomorrow.
Grant (PS148) [416] I know.
Alison (PS147) [417] Good boy.
[418] [...] Bobby.
Grant (PS148) [419] And I have [...]
Alison (PS147) [420] You've gotta get quite a lot for seventy pence!
Group of unknown speakers (KB3PSUGP) [...]
Grant (PS148) [421] Are you going away to Glasgow tomorrow?
Alison (PS147) [422] No, darling, mummy went at the weekend [...] .
[423] Do you want [...] Grant? ... [...]
Grant (PS148) [424] I am.
Alison (PS147) [425] nice cup of tea or hot milk before you go to bed?
Grant (PS148) [426] Tea.
Alison (PS147) [427] Cup of tea?
Bob (PS149) [428] Coffee ready?
Alison (PS147) [429] Yes it's ready.
[430] ... Now Mummy's had that for twenty five years, now just leave it.
[431] Bobby, you gave me that twenty five years as a cheese tray, one of the lovely cheese tray it's got a smoked glass top.
Bob (PS149) [432] Yeah
Alison (PS147) [433] I've only got the base I've lost the top.
Bob (PS149) [434] Really?
Alison (PS147) [435] Now aren't they pretty [...] Bobby, it's so much nicer to take to people than maybe chocolates or cake.
[436] The Bromley bath cubes, it's something that Dorothy would appreciate [...] next erm month.
[437] ... I'm
Bob (PS149) [438] How much do they cost?
Alison (PS147) [439] I'm looking forward to that weekend break.
[440] The Bromley bath cubes they were erm I don't think they were seventy five pence each.
[441] They were originally one
Bob (PS149) [442] Is that half price?
Alison (PS147) [443] pound ten.
[444] No, they were originally one pound ten.
[445] [...] It's lovely, I think it's much better.
[446] If somebody give things like that to me instead of maybe chocolates or cake.
Bob (PS149) [447] But [...]
Alison (PS147) [448] Because last time we went to
Bob (PS149) [449] just cos you like soap.
Alison (PS147) [450] Well, no but I love lovely soaps.
[451] I went to see Dorothy [...] and went to a lovely [...] .
[452] We took her some flowers and erm I [...] eucalyptus leaves and she thought they were lovely.
[453] Remember the carnations, we got them at one of the shops, the florist in [...] .
[454] She, she was delighted.
[455] So do we phone them once we get to the hotel or do they contact us?
Bob (PS149) [456] Sit up!
[457] Not that way.
[458] No, no Barry'll be calling tomorrow.
[459] I'll phone him two days before for the restaurant.
Alison (PS147) [460] So when did you [...] last, last week [...]
Bob (PS149) [461] What I was gonna say, you're asking me, you asked me, you're asking me you asked me about [...]
Alison (PS147) [462] Haven't you?
Bob (PS149) [463] No [...]
Bob (PS149) [464] Dad!
[465] I can't, I can't
Bob (PS149) [466] [...] because the day, the week after that when I should, what?
Alison (PS147) [467] But they will leave on the fourteenth?
Bob (PS149) [468] Yeah the week after that week I shouldn't have a day off
Alison (PS147) [469] Mm mm
Bob (PS149) [470] but if I work next week I'm due a day off.
[471] So it suits me to work all next week and take that day off on the Friday.
Alison (PS147) [472] Mm mm
Bob (PS149) [473] Okay, I will
Alison (PS147) [474] Hello sweetie.
Bob (PS149) [475] It's either that or taking a day's [cough] leave on the Friday.
Alison (PS147) [476] Mm mm
Bob (PS149) [477] So I'll see what John says tomorrow.
Alison (PS147) [478] It'll be a lovely break.
Bob (PS149) [479] Cos he didn't know [...] this.
Alison (PS147) [480] No
Bob (PS149) [481] So I'll have to see what goes.
Alison (PS147) [482] Where's mummy's [...] bed darling
Bob (PS149) [483] Are you gonna make your bed now, Annabel, again?
Alison (PS147) [484] You should be in bed
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [485] Want Daddy to take you upstairs
Bob (PS149) [486] Night, night!
Alison (PS147) [487] and read you a story?
Bob (PS149) [488] No?
Alison (PS147) [489] No.
[490] Cos Grant's gone off to play with his computer for a few minutes.
Bob (PS149) [491] What you going to do?
Alison (PS147) [492] Just a short while Bobby read for twenty minutes or something.
Annabel (PS14A) [493] Gotta go to bed.
[494] Gotta go to
Bob (PS149) [495] You won't go to bed [...]
Alison (PS147) [496] No oh Bobby not, Bobby Bobby can you take Oliver's
Annabel (PS14A) [497] Bed!
Alison (PS147) [498] drink.
[499] He says he's meant to have a drink
Bob (PS149) [500] Bed!
[501] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [502] Oliver,
Annabel (PS14A) [503] Bed!
Alison (PS147) [504] Bobby
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Bob (PS149) [505] He's had his drink.
Annabel (PS14A) [506] [shouting] Bed []
Alison (PS147) [507] Now you come outside darling for wee wees, have you done your wee wees? [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [508] Done the wee wees?
Alison (PS147) [509] He's done his wee wees.
[510] He's been outside.
Bob (PS149) [511] He's been a good boy!
Alison (PS147) [512] He's been a
Annabel (PS14A) [513] Good boy!
Alison (PS147) [514] good boy.
Bob (PS149) [515] Is Oliver a good boy?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [516] And when I came back, Bobby I gave Grant they and erm ... he must've been pretty desperate because he did a wee wee before we left and ... he did a wee wee before [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [517] Well the [...] just boiled!
[518] Do you want tea Oliver!
[519] Grant loves his new dinosaur books.
[520] He loves them, Bobby.
[521] I could
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [522] only get two, three and four.
[523] I said to the lady have you got erm number one and she said no, just what we've got left.
[524] So it's two, three and four Dinosaurs in Space
Bob (PS149) [525] There's no more?
[526] Just those, there's four in the series?
Alison (PS147) [527] Seems to be four.
Bob (PS149) [528] Does it tell you anywhere?
Alison (PS147) [529] No, I thought it might've said at the back and Dinosaur
Bob (PS149) [530] What shop was this?
Alison (PS147) [531] It was Littlewoods actually.
Bob (PS149) [532] Littlewoods.
Alison (PS147) [533] Life after the Dinosaurs and the End of the Dinosaurs.
[534] I think [...] Littlewoods.
Bob (PS149) [535] I'll have to try and get number one as well.
Alison (PS147) [536] And I went out to Frasers.
[537] Got my new [...] shoes at Frasers.
[538] Erm number one it'll be lovely cos they hadn't got
Bob (PS149) [cough]
Alison (PS147) [539] I think it'll be [...] enough to get him or Lost Dinosaurs
Bob (PS149) [540] He's going to be an expert on dinosaurs.
Alison (PS147) [541] Oh I think so.
[542] I think so and his dinosaur models his erm stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus he just loves them, Bobby, he, I think he's sorry they're extinct.
[543] There they are, look!
[544] That's like
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [545] the one we bought in Edinburgh, remember?
Bob (PS149) [546] I always knew them as dinosaurs but he knows
Alison (PS147) [547] And it's the [...] he's got proper
Bob (PS149) [548] he knows the other names
Alison (PS147) [549] names for them because the stegosaurus has got teeny weeny front feet at the front and huge back legs
Bob (PS149) [550] What's that one, a dip a dip
Alison (PS147) [551] like, like a frog.
Bob (PS149) [552] A [...] is it, a [...]
Alison (PS147) [553] He likes the [...] but erm
Bob (PS149) [554] That other one, what's that
Alison (PS147) [555] it's, it's the stegosaurus
Bob (PS149) [556] tyrannosaurus or something
Alison (PS147) [557] er the tyrannosaurus
Bob (PS149) [558] the tyrannosaurus.
Alison (PS147) [559] Oh no, sorry that's my fault!
[560] The tyrannosaurus has got teeny weeny front legs and big back legs.
[561] Sorry.
[562] The stegosaurus is the one
Bob (PS149) [563] That
Alison (PS147) [564] that's got the big
Bob (PS149) [565] that's his favourite
Alison (PS147) [566] things on its back like big spikes on its back.
[567] It's little and dumpy.
Bob (PS149) [568] What, this one here?
[569] What's that?
Alison (PS147) [570] No that.
[571] I think that's like the model one you bought in Edinburgh.
Bob (PS149) [572] This is that?
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [573] A [...] is it?
[574] Another dinosaur that might've had wings.
Alison (PS147) [575] This is a [...] they've got the big horns
Bob (PS149) [576] Don't touch it.
Alison (PS147) [577] and then the [...] has got a very big neck.
[578] Now a lot of people think [...] something like that [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [579] You see [...] Grant has got a lot to put up with.
Bob (PS149) [580] What [...]
Alison (PS147) [581] He's got the one with the teeny weeny arms.
[582] Remember he got one when he went
Bob (PS149) [583] Oh yes.
Alison (PS147) [584] to see them at the Dinosaurs Alive and then they went to the museum.
Bob (PS149) [585] But we got we got two in Edinburgh.
Alison (PS147) [586] We did.
Bob (PS149) [587] Is that the two we got?
Alison (PS147) [588] Oh yes.
[589] [shouting] Grant, when Mummy and Daddy went
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [590] when Mummy and Daddy went to Edinburgh last week, what two did we buy you the tyrannosaurus and the stegosaurus?
Grant (PS148) [591] Tyrannosaurus and er ... tyrannosaurus and
Alison (PS147) [592] Wasn't it the stegosaurus, no?
Grant (PS148) [593] tyrannosaurus
Alison (PS147) [594] And something else
Grant (PS148) [595] and [...]
Alison (PS147) [596] [...] dinosaurus
Bob (PS149) [597] And the what?
[598] Grant.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [599] This one?
Grant (PS148) [600] Yeah.
Bob (PS149) [601] How do you, how do you pronounce it?
Alison (PS147) [602] There it is, yes, remember?
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [603] Look
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [604] with the horns.
[605] I thought it was the ones with the big things at the back like erm fans, but actually it's erm but he really loves them.
[606] Nana's delighted
Grant (PS148) [607] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [608] isn't she?
Grant (PS148) [609] Mum!
[610] Mum!
Bob (PS149) [611] She'll have to read these books [...]
Grant (PS148) [612] I said
Alison (PS147) [...]
Grant (PS148) [613] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [614] [...] nothing about dinosaurs.
[615] Yes, darling?
Bob (PS149) [616] I'll only get one coffee, it's alright.
Alison (PS147) [617] Sorry, Bobby.
[618] Yes, sweetie.
[619] Yes Grant, what do you?
Grant (PS148) [620] Er can I get the budgie out to my room?
[621] The one in the [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [622] Grant [...]
Grant (PS148) [...]
Bob (PS149) [623] [...] waiting ages for.
[624] Don't tell me which one it is.
Alison (PS147) [625] You can only play your computer for twenty minutes, Grant cos it's late.
Bob (PS149) [626] Don't tell me which one it is [...] .
[627] You, you have to stay there so you, it, it's actually a disk [...]
Alison (PS147) [628] Give Daddy a surprise and then he can come up and play the computer.
Grant (PS148) [629] Mum, can you
Alison (PS147) [630] Can you tell Mummy which one to put on?
Grant (PS148) [631] Er forgotten, er
Alison (PS147) [632] You haven't.
Grant (PS148) [633] oh Space Man Two
Alison (PS147) [634] Space Man Two?
Grant (PS148) [635] I think it's Space Man Two
Alison (PS147) [636] Do you like that one?
Bob (PS149) [637] [...] you can use er [sneeze] whatsit?
[638] It's not the dipstick it's the whatsit?
Grant (PS148) [639] Joystick
Bob (PS149) [640] The joystick.
Alison (PS147) [641] [laugh] Dipstick
Grant (PS148) [642] Dipstick
Bob (PS149) [643] That's for cars.
Alison (PS147) [644] Cars.
[645] Silly Daddy.
[646] And what would you like [...]
Bob (PS149) [647] They can't tell, cos somebody comes up they says used a [...] , used a [...]
Alison (PS147) [648] Would you like some?
Bob (PS149) [649] used a keyboard.
Alison (PS147) [650] Would you like some juice or anything?
Bob (PS149) [651] I'm getting it confused am I?
Grant (PS148) [652] Yeah but you just put this if it says [...] joystick er
Bob (PS149) [653] But it doesn't say
Alison (PS147) [654] Ask Daddy
Bob (PS149) [655] that it just says keyboard [...] it doesn't mention, oh it says what is it, that other, that other word er
Grant (PS148) [656] Joystick.
Bob (PS149) [657] inter interfaces or something.
Alison (PS147) [658] Does it?
Bob (PS149) [659] Yeah ... we haven't got one of them so
Alison (PS147) [660] Look at Grant's bulbs!
Bob (PS149) [661] it's a lot easier to use a joystick cos the, the keys are awkward to use.
Alison (PS147) [662] Aren't they lovely?
Bob (PS149) [663] They're starting to open
Grant (PS148) [664] Yeah, I'm just
Alison (PS147) [665] look Grant, in a few days time
Grant (PS148) [666] Mum
Alison (PS147) [667] Mummy did try to help them just a teeny weeny bit cos hyacinths, he's going to show them at the Airdrie Town Hall, Bobby.
[668] I think it's the Town Hall, isn't it Grant?
Bob (PS149) [669] When you taking them to school?
Alison (PS147) [670] Just just gently, gently.
[671] On the
Bob (PS149) [672] Must be
Alison (PS147) [673] tenth, I think.
Bob (PS149) [674] Tenth.
Grant (PS148) [675] That one's coming up
Alison (PS147) [676] No two weeks yet.
Bob (PS149) [677] I thought you said
Alison (PS147) [678] Two weeks this week
Bob (PS149) [679] Annabel's!
Alison (PS147) [680] Friday's the last day, I think and then they're showing on the s oh Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [681] What?
Alison (PS147) [682] Well, will you see them being shown?
[683] Oh yes, because we're [...] on the fourteenth, so it's the week before.
[684] So it's next weekend.
Bob (PS149) [685] Is it on all week?
Alison (PS147) [686] Sixth seventh eighth, ninth
Bob (PS149) [687] I just wondered
Alison (PS147) [688] Oh no it'll be next week at [...]
Bob (PS149) [689] Not next week
Alison (PS147) [690] next Saturday
Bob (PS149) [691] What a week on Saturday?
[692] ... That's my weekend off as I'm working
Alison (PS147) [693] Oh no Bobby
Bob (PS149) [694] I'm working at the weekend
Alison (PS147) [695] it'll be the fifteenth.
[696] It's the fifteenth.
Bob (PS149) [697] So [...]
Alison (PS147) [698] The weekend when we [...] .
[699] Oh no!
[700] Oh Grant!
Bob (PS149) [701] Oh no!
Grant (PS148) [702] I said to you and [...]
Bob (PS149) [703] Dad.
[704] What?
Alison (PS147) [705] Oh no!
Bob (PS149) [706] Is that a nice book?
[707] Do you like that one?
Alison (PS147) [708] We'll have to ask Mrs if she'll go and see the main
Bob (PS149) [709] Is it pretty?
Alison (PS147) [710] judge.
[711] Oh Grant!
Grant (PS148) [712] I'm [...]
Bob (PS149) [713] Hey, are you going to your bed?
Grant (PS148) [714] I'm gonna tell this
Bob (PS149) [715] No?
Grant (PS148) [716] this if my teacher mentions, if my teacher mentions
Bob (PS149) [717] You need your beauty sleep.
Alison (PS147) [718] Well I think I'll try and put the baby up to bed again.
Bob (PS149) [719] Come on Grant [...]
Alison (PS147) [720] Dinosaurs!
Bob (PS149) [721] or else there won't be time left to play.
Alison (PS147) [722] Look!
Bob (PS149) [723] It'll be your bedtime.
Grant (PS148) [724] That's the erm ostrich
Alison (PS147) [725] [...] big dinosaurs so I'd like to show you just how big their faces were because look at the height of that ostrich.
Bob (PS149) [726] Yeah
Alison (PS147) [727] Yes?
Grant (PS148) [728] I want a chair.
Alison (PS147) [729] Grant, you've got two in your bedroom.
[730] You've got two basket chairs in your bedroom.
[731] He wants one of the chairs, Bobby, out of the [...] Bobby, he wants one of the big chairs upstairs out of your room.
Bob (PS149) [732] Oh no, Grant, you don't need that.
Alison (PS147) [733] Well you can if you want, but
Bob (PS149) [734] You can't, Grant!
[735] ... Okay, put, put these away.
[736] ... You can look at that one.
[737] ... You look at that, that's Annabel's one.
Alison (PS147) [738] Bobby [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [739] Annabel one.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [740] You [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [741] [shouting] Dad!
[742] Egg!
[743] ... Dad [] !
Bob (PS149) [744] Yes
Annabel (PS14A) [745] [shouting] Egg [] !
Bob (PS149) [746] Egg.
[747] Oh that's what you like, egg.
[748] Do you like egg?
Annabel (PS14A) [749] [shouting] [...] egg [] !
Bob (PS149) [750] Egg.
[751] Are you hungry?
[752] ... Egg ... Do you like egg?
Annabel (PS14A) [753] I like egg.
Bob (PS149) [754] You like egg ... very good.
Annabel (PS14A) [755] Egg.
Bob (PS149) [756] Egg.
Annabel (PS14A) [757] [shouting] Oliver's []
Bob (PS149) [758] Oliver's?
[759] Oliver's what?
[760] Let me have a look.
Annabel (PS14A) [761] Go walk!
Bob (PS149) [762] Let's have a look.
[763] Oh it's cans.
[764] It's not Oliver's cans though.
[765] No that's
Annabel (PS14A) [766] Mamma!
Bob (PS149) [767] strawberries and raspberries.
Alison (PS147) [768] Is that mamma's?
Bob (PS149) [769] That's mamma's.
Annabel (PS14A) [770] Mamma's
Bob (PS149) [771] Mamma's toilet paper.
Annabel (PS14A) [772] Mamma's toilet paper.
Bob (PS149) [773] Is that the kind that she likes?
Alison (PS147) [774] Mummy likes peach and pink.
[775] Bobby!
Annabel (PS14A) [776] [shouting] Mamma [] !
Alison (PS147) [777] To Annabel from Grant
Bob (PS149) [778] Mamma's [...]
Grant (PS148) [779] Cos Grant's got lots and lots of books and [...] quite a lot now but she loves books and she takes care of them as well.
[780] Look!
[781] [reading title of book] A Son of a White Horse [] that your book from France mummy bought you [...]
Bob (PS149) [782] [...] Daily Express today?
Alison (PS147) [783] She loves books [...]
Bob (PS149) [784] It's the same
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [785] it's the same thing today.
[786] ... Er
Alison (PS147) [787] Let's have
Bob (PS149) [788] young, gifted and demanding it says.
Alison (PS147) [789] Her [...] have said and she went along, Bobby and they found her so brilliant
Bob (PS149) [790] Is that the same one?
[791] That's her?
Alison (PS147) [792] Erm she
Bob (PS149) [793] She can use a computer
Alison (PS147) [794] yes, that's right
Bob (PS149) [795] she enjoys [...]
Alison (PS147) [796] and her mummy was so sweet.
[797] The little boy looks like his mummy.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [798] Catherine [...]
Bob (PS149) [799] Tells you things she should, she should be able to read when she's three or something?
Alison (PS147) [800] Jodie oh that's Jodie Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [801] Right, [reading] have you [...] starting to talk early and with a wide coverage [cough] unusual it is for their age example, classical music for a three year old, reading by the age of three, early ability and enjoyment of [...]
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [802] real curiosity about how things work [...]
Alison (PS147) [803] Mm mm
Bob (PS149) [804] not just to repeat the question why?
[805] Logical ability, proficient in chess, good at puzzles or special toys such as Lego [] .
[806] That's your favourite, Lego.
[807] You like Lego?
Alison (PS147) [808] She loves Lego and she especially like [...]
Bob (PS149) [809] Lego?
[810] Where's your Lego?
Alison (PS147) [811] But to make them that Bobby, for her teeny weeny hands, how she can manu manipulate.
[812] The, Grant's Lego, the big
Bob (PS149) [813] Yes
Alison (PS147) [814] Lego she can handle them beautifully, even Sheila
Bob (PS149) [815] Lost a Lego?
Alison (PS147) [816] when Sheila was here last week and Linda, and Linda's little boy Christopher and he's only about a month younger than Annabel and erm she feels the bits would be too tiny for him.
[817] He would eat them.
[818] Cos one day we found him and he was choking to death practically and erm er Tam, Linda's husband turned him upside down and smacked his back, he'd eaten a one pound coin.
Bob (PS149) [819] Blimey!
Alison (PS147) [820] Now he could've choked and died!
Bob (PS149) [821] Hey, you're damaging that, Annabel.
Alison (PS147) [822] So ... the last time, remember
Bob (PS149) [823] Don't do that to it!
Alison (PS147) [824] remember the last time Linda was here she came on her own and her father
Bob (PS149) [825] Okay, okay
Alison (PS147) [826] dropped her and then her husband picked her up and the Reverend
Bob (PS149) [cough]
Alison (PS147) [827] the Reverend Peter came that day?
Bob (PS149) [828] Yeah
Alison (PS147) [829] And erm well he came to the door and Linda and the little, the little boy Christopher they were upstairs.
[830] But previous to that Linda had said that she was terrified ... to get Lego for the little boy.
[831] She was terrified when him and Annabel was playing it.
[832] I said she's okay and she can handle it beautifully, and she's never eaten any little parts yet and some of the arms, Bobby, are tiny!
[833] So she thought, well she saw Annabel handle it so beautifully she thought she might get some for Christopher for his Christmas.
[834] But obviously she hasn't got them because erm she would have said when she was here last week.
[835] She [...] last week.
[836] But [...]
Bob (PS149) [837] Be a singer, sing a song
Alison (PS147) [838] Bobby, and it's [...] to move their fingers and to use their imagination with pictures.
Bob (PS149) [839] It's good for them.
Alison (PS147) [840] It, it is, it's so good for them!
[841] And [...] for that things that erm Tupperware that Totem Pails, and you stack up the pails.
Bob (PS149) [842] Yeah
Alison (PS147) [843] I think they were about twelve pounds just for a, just some little things that you can use just like a little seaside pail but the totem pails, totem poles, it was totem pails
Bob (PS149) [844] Your turn to phone them up? [cough]
Alison (PS147) [845] Erm it's my turn actually erm
Bob (PS149) [846] So you'd do it at the weekend?
Alison (PS147) [847] That was last week, no I phoned her on Sunday.
Annabel (PS14A) [848] Mamma!
[849] I go phone ma.
Bob (PS149) [850] You phoned Mamma?
Alison (PS147) [851] I did phone through the week because, yes it was somebody [...]
Bob (PS149) [852] [...] to phone you.
Alison (PS147) [853] because she wanted to watch that programme
Annabel (PS14A) [854] Mummy!
Alison (PS147) [855] and she insisted it was on at quarter past seven and it
Annabel (PS14A) [856] Daddy!
Alison (PS147) [857] was on at quarter to.
[858] Erm the one of David Jason's [...]
Bob (PS149) [859] Sorry I'm still not clear.
[860] Is it her turn to phone you or your turn to
Alison (PS147) [861] It'll be her turn to phone, I think she'll phone me next weekend, this coming weekend.
[862] So I'll get Oliver booked in at kennels ... and erm
Bob (PS149) [863] Oh blast!
[864] I'd forgot all that.
Alison (PS147) [865] he's beautifully groomed erm Sheila thought he was lovely last week.
[866] I think it's the first time she'd actually seen Oliver look clean.
[867] But, but I think, Bobby, he's got a severe chill.
Bob (PS149) [868] Is Sheila [...] this weekend?
Alison (PS147) [869] [...] winter time, did you [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [870] You could've taken Oliver
Bob (PS149) [871] taken Oliver and left him there.
Alison (PS147) [872] Are you off next week?
[873] Are you off next week?
Bob (PS149) [874] I'm gonna take him up, yeah.
[875] ... Oh, I suppose there's er
Alison (PS147) [876] Did you want to or
Bob (PS149) [877] I was thinking I haven't seen my dad since what, Christmas?
Alison (PS147) [878] Christmas time.
Bob (PS149) [879] And it's not gonna be before April. [...]
Alison (PS147) [880] It is Iris's turn to call us.
Bob (PS149) [881] Mm
Alison (PS147) [882] It's Iris's turn to call us really but, but I, I did think about Iris earlier and [...] I should really phone just to see how your dad is, Bobby because it's really up to her just to see about the weekend and much times that I've phoned the hospital recently.
Bob (PS149) [883] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [884] Erm I'm just wondering if he ever gets the messages ... to say I've phoned.
[885] They're always so busy.
Bob (PS149) [886] Well, I don't know, maybe
Alison (PS147) [887] But they are busy.
Bob (PS149) [888] I don't know!
Alison (PS147) [889] You must miss him terribly, Bobby?
[890] But I think he's quite settled in hospital.
[891] I think he's quite settled and
Bob (PS149) [892] Oop!
[893] Pardon me, excuse me.
Alison (PS147) [894] quite happy I think.
Annabel (PS14A) [895] Pardon!
Bob (PS149) [896] Pardon!
Alison (PS147) [897] Although it is a worry, Bobby.
[898] Erm but dad visits him quite a lot.
[899] Well [...] ... the ladies who wait ... [...] ... ladies
Bob (PS149) [900] [...] oh no, I can't go the next week!
Alison (PS147) [901] Why?
Bob (PS149) [902] Because I'll still be covering for John
Alison (PS147) [903] Oh
Bob (PS149) [904] Besides, I'll have to ... [...] ... oh that er garden party I was telling you about
Alison (PS147) [905] Yes?
Bob (PS149) [906] it is the Royal Garden Party.
Alison (PS147) [907] Is it?
Bob (PS149) [908] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [909] Yes.
Bob (PS149) [910] I thought it was something to do with something else but, you know a bit of a
Alison (PS147) [911] I thought it might've been to a Royal Garden Party
Bob (PS149) [912] I don't think
Alison (PS147) [913] cos that's [...]
Bob (PS149) [914] Yes, May I've got to do, it's May's stuff.
[915] [cough] ... So, just have to wait and see whether ... we get an invitation or not.
Alison (PS147) [916] Oh, that'll be nice.
Bob (PS149) [917] Don't know when I'll find out.
Alison (PS147) [918] I've really enjoyed this.
Bob (PS149) [919] I didn't realize it was that.
Alison (PS147) [920] I told him it must've been about the Royal Garden Party.
Bob (PS149) [921] So that'll be alright.
Alison (PS147) [922] It's probably [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [923] [...] Queen [...] I think it's got a preference for [...] but erm I'm [...]
Bob (PS149) [924] I'm not sure he'll be there but
Alison (PS147) [925] Mm?
Bob (PS149) [926] I'm not sure whether [...]
Alison (PS147) [927] Oh I should imagine
Bob (PS149) [928] suppose it will.
Alison (PS147) [929] it will be.
Bob (PS149) [930] Mm
Alison (PS147) [931] It'll be the Queen, won't it?
Bob (PS149) [932] Well, let's keep your fingers crossed.
[933] ... Well Grant should have tape loaded by now so I suppose I'd better go and see how he's getting on.
Alison (PS147) [934] Want to check it?
Bob (PS149) [935] So, yeah I'll go, I'll go and check.
Alison (PS147) [936] Now darling, let's get you to bed.
Bob (PS149) [937] Right, Annabel we'll try again.
Alison (PS147) [938] This is one minute past nine.
Bob (PS149) [939] Off to your beddy this time.
Alison (PS147) [940] Do you want to go to bed with Daddy?
Bob (PS149) [941] I see you!
Alison (PS147) [942] Mummy put Oliver outside.
[943] Outside Oliver!
Bob (PS149) [944] Okay!
[945] Beddy again.
Alison (PS147) [946] Yes darling.
Bob (PS149) [947] Okay.
[948] Night, night.
[949] Good girl.
Annabel (PS14A) [950] Bye!
Bob (PS149) [951] Night!
[952] Night Annabel!
[953] Good girl.
Annabel (PS14A) [954] [shouting] Bed [] !
Bob (PS149) [955] Bed!
Alison (PS147) [956] Is the [...] light on, Bobby?
Bob (PS149) [957] Okay.

4 (Tape 066404)

Alison (PS147) [958] Come and see mummy, darling!
Annabel (PS14A) [959] Outside!
Alison (PS147) [960] There's Oliver.
Annabel (PS14A) [961] Outside!
Alison (PS147) [962] Well you can go outside in a few minutes.
[963] Now
Annabel (PS14A) [964] Go outside!
Alison (PS147) [965] Grant'll be in from school in about
Annabel (PS14A) [966] Go outside!
Alison (PS147) [967] ten minutes darling.
[968] What do you want?
Annabel (PS14A) [969] Go outside!
Alison (PS147) [970] Do you want to go outside?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [971] Do you want your coat?
[972] Well let mummy fasten your shoes first and Grant'll be in from school in a few minutes.
[973] Oliver!
[974] Come on, darling!
[975] Grant'll be in from school in a few minutes.
[976] He will!
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [977] Do you want to go outside [...] now?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [978] Good girl!
[979] ... Mummy put on your coat?
[980] And hat?
[981] ... Clever girl!
Annabel (PS14A) [982] [shouting] Mum [] !
Alison (PS147) [983] [...] Oliver's lead, darling I don't think so because you choked Oliver one day before and daddy said no.
[984] You mustn't put on Oliver's lead.
[985] We only put on his lead when we go to the vet.
[986] Now, sweetie!
[987] Would you like a drinkie?
[988] Would you like some [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [989] [shouting] No [] !
Alison (PS147) [990] some cocoa?
Annabel (PS14A) [991] [shouting] No [] !
Alison (PS147) [992] Why!
[993] And we'll get one ready for Grant.
[994] Couldn't you get your tooth tablet today?
[995] Tooth tablet?
Annabel (PS14A) [996] Where's tablet?
Alison (PS147) [997] There's your piggy!
[998] Do you want another sip at it?
Annabel (PS14A) [999] My
Alison (PS147) [1000] This one? [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1001] [shouting] Snowman [] !
[1002] Snowman!
[1003] Snowman!
Alison (PS147) [1004] A snowman for me, make up your snowman just now.
Annabel (PS14A) [1005] Snowman now, mummy.
Alison (PS147) [1006] Or this one!
[1007] Would you like a drinkie in snowman?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1008] Clever girl!
[1009] There's your tooth tablets.
[1010] We should get Grant's all ready because mummy forgot to give him one before he went to school.
[1011] Which colour would you like?
[1012] A pink one?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1013] Pink one?
[1014] Grant said they've a nice flavour the pink ones!
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1015] And a pink one for Grant.
[1016] ... He'll be home in a few minutes.
[1017] No!
[1018] That's Grant's, darling.
[1019] You can only have one.
[1020] They're dangerous.
[1021] Good for your teeth.
[1022] Makes your teeth nice and strong!
[1023] And you've had
Annabel (PS14A) [1024] Cackle!
Alison (PS147) [1025] your Super Ted tablet today your
Annabel (PS14A) [1026] Cackle, Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1027] vitamin pills.
[1028] Cackle!
[1029] Okay
Annabel (PS14A) [1030] [...] snowman cup [...]
Alison (PS147) [1031] Snowman, yes!
[1032] He's a lovely
Annabel (PS14A) [1033] Snowman!
[1034] Snowman!
Alison (PS147) [1035] snowman!
[1036] Where's a snowman's nose for mummy.
[1037] Where's his nose?
[1038] Nose!
[1039] He's got a carrot for a nose and big leaves like erm, don't know what they are
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1040] big leaves for eyebrows and he's got a lovely green and orange scarf, stripy scarf.
[1041] You take care.
[1042] Watch your lovely books, okay?
[1043] I'm gonna put Grant's tablet up here.
[1044] Annabel, would you like some milk?
[1045] ... Drink for Oliver?
[1046] Drinkies?
[1047] Want some milk?
[1048] It's too early for your tea yet.
[1049] ... Good boy!
[1050] Clever boy!
[1051] Drinkie all up! [...] darling.
[1052] Is that what's cackle?
[1053] And mummy get your hat ... and you go outside with Oliver
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1054] You get down now!
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1055] Oh look at your dress!
[1056] What's that, lipstick?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1057] Nice lipstick, you naughty little girl!
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1058] You not big girl?
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1059] [...] darling.
[1060] Let me get your coat.
[1061] Just a minute.
[1062] Right.
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1063] Now leave Oliver just now.
Annabel (PS14A) [1064] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1065] It's nothing!
[1066] It's cooker!
Annabel (PS14A) [1067] Cackle, Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1068] Cackle! [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1069] Clever girl!
Annabel (PS14A) [1070] Snowman!
Alison (PS147) [1071] Snowman!
[1072] ... Good girl.
Annabel (PS14A) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1073] Daddy's late night, tonight.
[1074] Daddy's working late!
[1075] He'll be in about nine o'clock.
[1076] So we'll have our tea about maybe half past five and just you and mummy and Grant.
Annabel (PS14A) [1077] Alright!
Alison (PS147) [1078] Yes?
Annabel (PS14A) [1079] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [1080] Grant'll like [...] after school.
[1081] Oliver!
[1082] Outside just now darling!
[1083] Mummy give you a comb.
[1084] [door closing] Clever girl!
[1085] Mummy best open the door for Grant.

5 (Tape 066405)

Alison (PS147) [1086] Did you have a nice day at school?
[1087] You did?
Grant (PS148) [1088] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [1089] Look at Annabel she looks like a little snow baby, darling!
[1090] Looks like a snow baby.
[1091] Grant, it's not tonight it's May the eighth, the eighth of May, your thing for the Boys' Brigade.
[1092] I had to phone Mrs erm, erm Reverend 's wife and she said, she said I couldn't tell you, Mrs but she said erm phone Mrs .
[1093] So I phoned Mrs I eventually got through to her then I had to phone the prison to tell daddy because he was going to go in and erm I mean I, and then I go back to work, Grant.
Annabel (PS14A) [1094] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Alison (PS147) [1095] Cos I said there was some
Annabel (PS14A) [1096] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Alison (PS147) [1097] display, Grant there'll be a display
Annabel (PS14A) [1098] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Alison (PS147) [1099] Leave mummy just now, Annabel, mummy'll [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1100] [shouting] Mum [] !
Alison (PS147) [1101] It's too cold [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1102] Mummy!
Alison (PS147) [1103] Her hands are absolutely blue, Grant.
Annabel (PS14A) [1104] Come on!
Alison (PS147) [1105] So did you have a nice day at school?
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1106] You did, so you're playing at the weekend.
[1107] So mummy er
Grant (PS148) [1108] Isn't [...] going to school.
Alison (PS147) [1109] spoke to Mrs had a lovely time.
[1110] She said well, tell Grant, she said he can have a reprieve, she said it's May the eighth and, and she says, she probably heard me say it was Friday and that's when I thought it was this Friday, so I had to phone erm the receptionist at daddy's works, so she was going to pass on the message to daddy just to tell him just to work late as usual, Grant, rather than come in at teatime and then go back to work again.
[1111] So can mummy take your coat, darling? [...]
Grant (PS148) [1112] [shouting] Yes [] !
Alison (PS147) [1113] What do you want?
[1114] Your, your little shovel and spade?
[1115] This?
Grant (PS148) [1116] [shouting] I am not wearing them tight trousers again [] !
Alison (PS147) [1117] Why?
Grant (PS148) [1118] [shouting] They're too tight [] !
Alison (PS147) [1119] Oh look, there's your spade, darling!
[1120] Look, there's your little spade.

6 (Tape 066406)

Alison (PS147) [1121] Did you have a nice day at work?
Bob (PS149) [1122] Well, not too bad.
[1123] Cos the car had to get fixed up.
Alison (PS147) [1124] Yes.
[1125] Did you have a quiet Saturday morning while [...] ?
Bob (PS149) [1126] Well it's just normal really for a Saturday.
Alison (PS147) [1127] Yes.
Grant (PS148) [1128] Mum, can I play outside?
Bob (PS149) [...] [...]
Alison (PS147) [1129] Shh down just wait a minute while mummy
Bob (PS149) [1130] but Jack said he couldn't look at it just now he was busy so
Alison (PS147) [1131] listens to daddy.
Bob (PS149) [1132] so I've gotta go back there.
[1133] They're gonna phone me up and tell me when it's so
Alison (PS147) [1134] Of course
Bob (PS149) [1135] A mess!
Alison (PS147) [1136] So you put it in at what?
[1137] Quarter to one?
[1138] Ten to one?
Bob (PS149) [1139] Er ... yeah, quarter to one it was.
Annabel (PS14A) [1140] [shouting] Mum [] !
Alison (PS147) [1141] So last week, when did you put it in, Monday?
Bob (PS149) [1142] Er
Alison (PS147) [1143] Monday initially?
[1144] Monday night
Bob (PS149) [1145] no it was supposed to be the Monday, wasn't it and then they didn't have the part
Grant (PS148) [1146] Can I borrow [...]
Alison (PS147) [1147] And they phoned Glasgow? [...]
Bob (PS149) [1148] I think about Tuesday
Alison (PS147) [1149] Yes, that's right, Tuesday night
Bob (PS149) [1150] [...] Tuesday, same as it was before.
[1151] So I [...]
Grant (PS148) [1152] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1153] So do they think it might be the new clutch or was it the [...] when you went [...]
Bob (PS149) [1154] No, it's not the clutch.
Grant (PS148) [1155] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1156] No, I, I said to Mr
Grant (PS148) [1157] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1158] [shouting] Mum [] !
Bob (PS149) [1159] so, yeah the [...]
Alison (PS147) [1160] But I thought the coil drove that thing and that's made it juddery recently
Bob (PS149) [1161] I'm assured [...]
Alison (PS147) [1162] it had made it juddery, yes?
Grant (PS148) [1163] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1164] Yes, darling?
Bob (PS149) [1165] It might be juddery as you know, but
Alison (PS147) [1166] You can play cowboys and indians!
[1167] Course you can.
Grant (PS148) [1168] [singing] Cowboys and indians [] !
[1169] I've got my belt.
[1170] I've got my
Alison (PS147) [1171] That's Lee's gun, Bobby, when are you going to take it to
Grant (PS148) [1172] I've got my weather
Alison (PS147) [1173] school?
Grant (PS148) [1174] I've got my
Alison (PS147) [1175] That wood gun, it's lovely!
Grant (PS148) [1176] I've got my weather shoes.
[1177] I've got my cowboy [...] I've got my horse.
[1178] I've got the one to catch.
Bob (PS149) [1179] Can I play the Sheriff?
Grant (PS148) [1180] I've got the rope.
Alison (PS147) [1181] And give American pie
Grant (PS148) [1182] And I've got er in one pocket I've got rope to
Alison (PS147) [1183] You've got rope for Alison
Grant (PS148) [1184] I've got rope to catch people and to climb and in, and th and in the other pocket
Alison (PS147) [1185] But cowboys used to use rope
Grant (PS148) [1186] I've got and
Alison (PS147) [1187] to catch horses.
Grant (PS148) [1188] and another er pocket I've got the rope to tie up my horse.
Bob (PS149) [1189] Oh Oliver [...]
Grant (PS148) [1190] There's a blackbird there I'm gonna shoot it!
Alison (PS147) [1191] It's a blackbird
Grant (PS148) [1192] [shouting] Bang!
[1193] Bang!
[1194] Bang!
[1195] Bang [] !
Alison (PS147) [1196] Be like birdie sing that song
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1197] Yeah
Bob (PS149) [1198] [...] Oliver!
Alison (PS147) [1199] And then, daddy.
[1200] There used to be a song on television, Grant.
Bob (PS149) [1201] Annabel [...]
Grant (PS148) [1202] [singing] Cowboys and indians.
[1203] Cow []
Alison (PS147) [1204] [singing] I shot the sheriff but I should've shot the deputy []
Bob (PS149) [1205] Grant, I'm gonna be sheriff.
[1206] You're under arrest.
Alison (PS147) [1207] Daddy was [...]
Bob (PS149) [1208] You're under arrest for, for having shot that
Alison (PS147) [1209] Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [1210] man.
Alison (PS147) [1211] Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [1212] So you're my prisoner now I'm gonna put you in jail
Alison (PS147) [1213] Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [1214] cos I got
Alison (PS147) [1215] What's this baby want?
Grant (PS148) [1216] [shouting] Can I tie my horse up [] ?
[1217] I'm tying my horse up.
Alison (PS147) [1218] What do you want, darling?
Grant (PS148) [shouting] [...] []
Bob (PS149) [1219] I thought you might [...] put you in jail for that
Alison (PS147) [1220] Do you want to go outside?
Bob (PS149) [1221] [...] oh you're going outside?
Grant (PS148) [1222] [shouting] Dad I'm going []
Bob (PS149) [1223] Off you go then.
[1224] Bye, bye.
Grant (PS148) [1225] [...] I've got weapons in my pocket.
Alison (PS147) [1226] What kind of weapons?
Grant (PS148) [1227] Ropes to catch people.
[1228] That one's
Bob (PS149) [1229] Ropes?
Grant (PS148) [1230] that one's to catch [...] that one's [...]
Bob (PS149) [1231] That's against, that's against the law, son.
Alison (PS147) [1232] The last time he was [...]
Bob (PS149) [1233] So you're under arrest for taking it off
Grant (PS148) [1234] [shouting] He went I'm tying my horse up [] !
Bob (PS149) [1235] and
Alison (PS147) [1236] Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [1237] yeah I'll just tie your horse up there.
[1238] That's, that's against parking regulations.
Alison (PS147) [1239] Oh Bobby! [...] difference?
Grant (PS148) [1240] Look
Alison (PS147) [1241] Let me get me tights.
[1242] There's some tights.
[1243] No Bobby
Bob (PS149) [1244] Oh that let's have
Grant (PS148) [1245] Yes, sheriff wants to tie your horse up here.
[1246] [shouting] Don't want you, I don't want you to tie your horse up here [] !
Bob (PS149) [1247] No, that's a sign there saying no, no tying horses there.
Alison (PS147) [1248] Little baby!
Grant (PS148) [1249] It says
Bob (PS149) [1250] The traffic warden'll come along and ... and book you for parking horses
Grant (PS148) [1251] [shouting] There's no traffic wardens [] !
Bob (PS149) [1252] There is there's, there's horse
Alison (PS147) [1253] The last ti
Bob (PS149) [1254] traffic wardens.
Alison (PS147) [1255] the last time Grant went up to Mum's with Leon and taught him how to use
Grant (PS148) [1256] Well
Alison (PS147) [1257] a rope.
[1258] Didn't he
Grant (PS148) [1259] erm
Alison (PS147) [1260] Does he still live
Grant (PS148) [1261] that's not
Alison (PS147) [1262] up on the farm?
Bob (PS149) [1263] Yeah [...]
Grant (PS148) [1264] that's not the one.
[1265] That's not the one.
Alison (PS147) [1266] That was quite good [...] a difficult stairs and the bannister.
Grant (PS148) [1267] Yes.
Alison (PS147) [1268] Bobby?
Grant (PS148) [1269] It's what I
Bob (PS149) [1270] Very good.
Alison (PS147) [1271] And Bobby did you see Moira last night?
[1272] And [...]
Grant (PS148) [1273] [shouting] Look!
[1274] Look [] !
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1275] And how is she?
Bob (PS149) [1276] She's alright, yes, she's alright.
[1277] ... They were complaining about their telephone bill it was er thirty seven pounds.
Alison (PS147) [1278] Was it!
Grant (PS148) [1279] [shouting] Ha, ha, ha, ha []
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1280] Of course.
Grant (PS148) [1281] How much have we gotta pay?
Bob (PS149) [1282] Is he paying more than us for apparatus cos ... I think they've bought one phone but the other one [...]
Alison (PS147) [1283] But we are we own our phones.
Bob (PS149) [1284] Yeah, but they've ... but they don't, they own one.
Alison (PS147) [1285] Mm mm
Grant (PS148) [1286] Look, Dad!
Bob (PS149) [1287] They must rent the other one so that's what he's complaining about the charges.
[1288] He says [...]
Grant (PS148) [...]
Bob (PS149) [1289] [...] and save all these charges.
Grant (PS148) [1290] Dad, can you come upstairs and
Bob (PS149) [1291] But I think he's thinking of buying another phone.
Grant (PS148) [1292] and [...]
Alison (PS147) [1293] But it's still ridiculous, Bob
Bob (PS149) [1294] Not just now, I, I got
Grant (PS148) [1295] Dad!
Bob (PS149) [1296] Grant!
[1297] I can't just now!
Grant (PS148) [1298] Please!
Bob (PS149) [1299] I can't!
Alison (PS147) [1300] it's still ridiculous because erm
Grant (PS148) [1301] Yeah, but just a wee minute!
Bob (PS149) [1302] No, I can't, I can't leave it.
Grant (PS148) [1303] I want to show you!
Bob (PS149) [1304] Look, Grant!
[1305] Just give me five minutes, okay?
Grant (PS148) [1306] I'm playing cowboys and indians and
Bob (PS149) [1307] No, you're supposed to be in prison.
Alison (PS147) [1308] Grant, the people could come back in a few minutes
Bob (PS149) [1309] So you have to go through them.
Grant (PS148) [1310] Who?
Alison (PS147) [1311] to tell daddy they've repaired the car.
[1312] Daddy has to leave it at the garage.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1313] They've got to repair daddy's car because it could be dangerous, Grant.
Grant (PS148) [1314] There's not horse traffic wardens.
Alison (PS147) [1315] I mentioned to Mrs Bobby, was it last week when we went to Glasgow?
[1316] Yes, last week.
[1317] And I said we just come out of the drive went across the road and there was just a bus behind us and erm ... I said the car almost came to a halt.
[1318] I said and when we got to Glasgow I said there were people in a van blasting their horn they were absolutely mortified because
Bob (PS149) [1319] Mortified!
Alison (PS147) [1320] it came, it did it almost came to a halt again and it could've been dangerous as well you, children in the back, two children in the back!
Bob (PS149) [1321] Yes, it's stuttery.
Alison (PS147) [1322] Oh it was unpleasant!
Bob (PS149) [1323] [...] fixed it now.
[1324] [...] fixed it [...] reasonable.
Alison (PS147) [1325] I also said every morning you went to work you were terrified, Bobby.
[1326] You'd sit at the gate for ages in, in the hope that the road would be clear as well.
Bob (PS149) [1327] Yes, you're never sure [...]
Alison (PS147) [1328] You're never sure his car would stop, Grant and there was going to be somebody behind daddy coming up Alexander Street very, very fast and then jumped into daddy's back!
[1329] It could've!
Bob (PS149) [1330] So didn't you take [...]
Alison (PS147) [1331] and bumped into the back of the car!
Bob (PS149) [1332] in your computer?
Grant (PS148) [1333] [...] no [...]
Bob (PS149) [1334] I've gotta, gotta go and see if Stuart's back.
Grant (PS148) [1335] and I've been playing with my computer.
Alison (PS147) [1336] That seems a bit silly to take five minutes to load up and
Grant (PS148) [1337] I've watched, I've been watching my cartoons
Alison (PS147) [1338] and you've gotta wait
Grant (PS148) [1339] on T V.
Alison (PS147) [1340] He can handle that computer scrabble beautifully, Bobby and he played last night on his own and he scored one thousand, was it three hundred
Annabel (PS14A) [1341] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Alison (PS147) [1342] and thirty nine, Grant?
Bob (PS149) [1343] I think he must be
Grant (PS148) [1344] Yeah!
Bob (PS149) [1345] cheating.
Alison (PS147) [1346] Hello Annabel!
Grant (PS148) [1347] [shouting] I was not [] !
Bob (PS149) [1348] You got computer to play for you!
Alison (PS147) [1349] He did!
Grant (PS148) [1350] Yeah!
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1351] Yes he did!
[1352] Because because Annabel and me and him were originally on the
Bob (PS149) [1353] That's cheating
Alison (PS147) [1354] the scrabble board and then Grant
Grant (PS148) [1355] [shouting] It's not cheating [] !
Alison (PS147) [1356] Grant decided
Grant (PS148) [1357] It's not cheating.
[1358] It said do, do you want the computer to have a name [...]
Alison (PS147) [1359] Yes it did, of course
Bob (PS149) [1360] You've got [...]
Alison (PS147) [1361] Yes.
Bob (PS149) [1362] That's cheating.
Grant (PS148) [1363] [shouting] It's not
Alison (PS147) [1364] He's delighted
Grant (PS148) [1365] you called you've called [] the computer mummy, ha, ha, you're cheating.
Alison (PS147) [1366] Yes.
Bob (PS149) [1367] That's cos she wasn't there.
Alison (PS147) [1368] Mm mm.
[1369] Played me one day and it played Annabel one day.
Bob (PS149) [1370] [...] Annabel she's too young.
Alison (PS147) [1371] Mummy was in the kitchen here and the computer played me.
Grant (PS148) [1372] Then you need [...]
Alison (PS147) [1373] It's wonderful but I do like the educational games preferably to the fun games
Grant (PS148) [1374] and then you need a [...] and it was so slow!
Alison (PS147) [1375] Was slow when?
Grant (PS148) [1376] It was, it's slow when you don't have the computer just doing it on its own.
[1377] It's really slow.
Bob (PS149) [1378] Here's a bargain for somebody who's looking for a dining room suite.
Alison (PS147) [1379] What?
Bob (PS149) [1380] [reading] Italian style dining room suite.
[1381] Beautifully carved ornate design with four chairs and two carvers.
[1382] Dralon upholstered.
[1383] Cost two thousand, nine hundred and ninety five pounds, offers for around six hundred accepted [] .
Alison (PS147) [1384] Isn't that excellent?
Bob (PS149) [1385] [...] three thousand pounds, six, six hundred.
Alison (PS147) [1386] Is there a [...] ?
Bob (PS149) [1387] It says Italian style [...]
Alison (PS147) [1388] It'll be pretty.
[1389] I like my lovely older-fashioned mahogany.
Bob (PS149) [1390] Three thousand pounds! [whistling]
Alison (PS147) [1391] [...] chairs and the leather seats.
Grant (PS148) [1392] [...] a lot of money.
Alison (PS147) [1393] It'll be a lot for your young people, Grant.
Bob (PS149) [1394] It says [reading] Nelsons moderate grey
Alison (PS147) [1395] But [...] for that much.
[1396] Pardon?
Bob (PS149) [1397] Nelsons moderate grey, leather three piece suite.
[1398] Seven months old.
[1399] Cost one thousand, eight hundred
Alison (PS147) [1400] Mm mm
Bob (PS149) [1401] accept, accept
Grant (PS148) [1402] Does my horse tied up
Bob (PS149) [1403] eight, nine, five [] .
Alison (PS147) [1404] Mum bought her, mum
Grant (PS148) [1405] [...] tried to get away
Bob (PS149) [1406] [reading] Parkerknoll Parkerknoll fireside
Grant (PS148) [1407] she could
Bob (PS149) [1408] chair, good condition [...] []
Alison (PS147) [1409] mum bought her leather suite
Annabel (PS14A) [1410] [shouting] Dad [] !
Alison (PS147) [1411] I think it was at Maitlands the lovely shop
Annabel (PS14A) [1412] [shouting] Dad [] !
Alison (PS147) [...] [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1413] [shouting] Dad [] !
Bob (PS149) [1414] Yes!
Annabel (PS14A) [1415] [shouting] Dad [] !
Bob (PS149) [1416] What!
Annabel (PS14A) [1417] [shouting] Dad [] !
Bob (PS149) [1418] Come in!
Alison (PS147) [1419] And Mum got a lot of money for her suite.
[1420] I still prefer my green chesterfield, Bobby and it gets so much rough treatment but they mellow.
[1421] I [...] buy used all the club money at the time when we bought it [...]
Grant (PS148) [1422] Dad, if I still had my wee Claxton Annabel could go outside and play in it.
[1423] It's still out [...]
Alison (PS147) [1424] You coming in, baby!
Bob (PS149) [1425] Aye.
Grant (PS148) [1426] I still got
Alison (PS147) [1427] Bobby her jacket'll be wet!
[1428] That's your slippers.
[1429] Her little [...] close the door, darling!
Grant (PS148) [1430] Mum!
Bob (PS149) [1431] [...] try and stop her.
Annabel (PS14A) [1432] Mummy
Alison (PS147) [1433] Have you brought that in to mummy, the twigs?
Bob (PS149) [cough]
Grant (PS148) [1434] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1435] Yes darling?
Grant (PS148) [1436] I've still got the red trailer from my tractor and
Alison (PS147) [1437] Mm mm
Grant (PS148) [1438] I fixed on [...] once.
[1439] ... I fixed on to
Alison (PS147) [1440] The red trailer?
Grant (PS148) [1441] Mhm
Alison (PS147) [1442] But Granddad Jack er put my red tractor away in the dump and it got smashed, smashed up by a digger.
Alison (PS147) [1443] Why did Granddad put it in a dump or of the pocket?
Grant (PS148) [1444] I got too big for it?
[1445] I don't know.
Alison (PS147) [1446] What did you do with the little red tractor?
[1447] Did you sit in it?
[1448] Oh the red one and the trailer!
Grant (PS148) [1449] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1450] Yeah but
Annabel (PS14A) [1451] We got one! [...]
Alison (PS147) [1452] Come on, darling it'll be cold!
[1453] ... Look at the mess Oliver's made!
Grant (PS148) [1454] She took [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1455] I closed it.
Grant (PS148) [1456] She took out
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1457] [shouting] Mum [] !
Alison (PS147) [1458] Yes?
Grant (PS148) [1459] She took out for both of them once
Alison (PS147) [1460] Oh yes!
Grant (PS148) [1461] and er, and er she put it [...] and it smashed [...]
Bob (PS149) [1462] Annabel!
Grant (PS148) [1463] and er, and we had to be [...] so we got [...] Ian's one did when we pedal up and down
Alison (PS147) [1464] Ian had one as well?
Grant (PS148) [1465] then, no Ian had an orange one and when we pedalled it up and down it kept falling off so Katie put a bolt in it, a wee little one and it screwed onto the tractor bit.
Alison (PS147) [1466] Good.
[1467] Grant, can you see Annabel's little bowl for her tea set?
Grant (PS148) [1468] No.
[1469] ... Dad!
[1470] You put
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1471] you put me under the desk so I've gotta get in there.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1472] No it's not!
Bob (PS149) [1473] It is.
Grant (PS148) [1474] Isn't!
Bob (PS149) [1475] It is.
[1476] I should
Grant (PS148) [1477] Isn't
Bob (PS149) [1478] know I'm the sheriff.
Alison (PS147) [1479] Oh! [...]
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1480] Well, it's my game!
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [1481] No daddy's sheriff, you can do that as a sheriff. [...]
Grant (PS148) [1482] Yeah but
Bob (PS149) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1483] yeah but I, I'm [...] and I sawed through the board and you ran away so fast [...]
Bob (PS149) [1484] Oh
Grant (PS148) [1485] and I got away.
Bob (PS149) [1486] Well [...] put you in [...]
Grant (PS148) [1487] You got me, you
Bob (PS149) [1488] I'll have to, I'll have to arrange a hanging squad here.
Grant (PS148) [1489] Dad!
[1490] You go outside!
Bob (PS149) [1491] I'm not going outside
Grant (PS148) [1492] Go outside and come in, back in again.
Bob (PS149) [1493] Too, too cold, Grant.
Grant (PS148) [1494] [shouting] Bang!
[1495] Bang [] !
[1496] ... I got you, Dad.
[1497] You're dead.
Bob (PS149) [1498] Okay, that's it [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1499] Bye bye, Dad.
Alison (PS147) [1500] Bye bye, Annabel!
Bob (PS149) [1501] Bye!
Alison (PS147) [1502] Take care, darling!
Bob (PS149) [1503] Bye, bye.
Grant (PS148) [1504] Look!
[1505] It's easy to [...] ...
Alison (PS147) [1506] Bobby!
[1507] ... Could you put your glasses through behind the bar?
[1508] Please.
Bob (PS149) [1509] Yeah ... [cough] Have to get the [...] next week.
Alison (PS147) [1510] There they are, why?
Bob (PS149) [1511] [...] holidays to be won.
Alison (PS147) [1512] Oh gosh!
Bob (PS149) [1513] St Lucia, Seychelles
Alison (PS147) [1514] St Lucia St Lucia.
Bob (PS149) [1515] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [1516] When Raymond came and did the windows last week, he said he'd booked up ... I [...]
Grant (PS148) [1517] I've got
Alison (PS147) [1518] [...] the same time as we go to Cyprus and he hasn't actually booked a flight yet but he's got the villa cos Aily a few doors along, remember she's got a villa in erm
Bob (PS149) [1519] Aye, [...]
Alison (PS147) [1520] it's near, it's near Orlando.
[1521] What?
Bob (PS149) [1522] Is it her villa he cleans her windows?
Grant (PS148) [1523] My horse!
Alison (PS147) [1524] Yes, he cleans her windows as well.
[1525] Her name's Ann
Grant (PS148) [1526] Dad!
Alison (PS147) [1527] because he mentioned and I said is that the lady that lives in America?
Grant (PS148) [1528] My horse ran away!
Bob (PS149) [1529] Mummy's speaking [...]
Grant (PS148) [1530] My horse ran away so I got away.
Alison (PS147) [1531] Remember last year when they went to America [...]
Bob (PS149) [1532] So the [...] again last year, were they?
Alison (PS147) [1533] Slightly younger than me erm, no, but he'd mentioned that and he said erm
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1534] if he wanted to book again that she could let her, his, her villa.
[1535] So it's free for October, the complete month of October and erm he hasn't booked a flight yet because the fares are so expensive.
Bob (PS149) [1536] [...] ... Did he tell you how much they charge?
Alison (PS147) [1537] Yes.
[1538] The last time you saw Raymond, remember he said it was erm, how much further.
[1539] I think there's gonna be six this time.
[1540] There's Raymond and his wife and his wife Sherry's I think brother and his wife and little baby and then somebody else.
[1541] So there'll be six people.
[1542] So they've got to book the flight but they might book it nearer the time when hopefully they'll get a cheaper flight.
[1543] He's tried direct flights and so on but he thought four hundred pounds, four hundred and fifty was a bit much although he'll get the villa so cheaply.
Bob (PS149) [1544] Yeah.
Alison (PS147) [1545] So he goes in October [...] you went and er same time as us
Bob (PS149) [1546] Quiet, Annabel
Alison (PS147) [1547] September the thirtieth, first two weeks in October, Bobby.
[1548] First two weeks in October.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1549] But, that's what he wants just now but if he can get the flight then it, it could end up being the second and third or the third and fourth week.
[1550] But Ann says it's free the whole month
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1551] well he can't cos he's self-employed.
[1552] A lovely young chap, Bobby.
[1553] He's a nice young man, I like him.
[1554] Very sweet chappy.
Annabel (PS14A) [1555] Mummy!
Alison (PS147) [1556] If you can say a man's sweet. [laugh]
Annabel (PS14A) [1557] Mummy!
Alison (PS147) [1558] You can have this, darling
Grant (PS148) [1559] Then somebody [...] and I, and I gun shots so you are dead but I still have the weapon.
Alison (PS147) [1560] Gum drops!
Bob (PS149) [1561] Where did you get this stuff from?
Alison (PS147) [1562] Oh Bobby!
[1563] I said when you came in we made it at school
Bob (PS149) [1564] We made it?
Alison (PS147) [1565] Grant took it from the loft this morning.
Grant (PS148) [1566] Scratch my back.
[1567] No, you said handle were working!
Alison (PS147) [1568] Could've been [...]
Grant (PS148) [...]
Bob (PS149) [1569] Right, okay.
Grant (PS148) [1570] Dad!
[1571] Look!
Grant (PS148) [1572] Annabel for deputy.
[1573] We haven't got a deputy so she's [...]
Alison (PS147) [1574] Sweet baby!
Grant (PS148) [1575] No!
[1576] She's the horse!
Bob (PS149) [1577] She is!
Bob (PS149) [1578] I've made her my deputy.
[1579] I can make her my
Grant (PS148) [1580] Dad!
Bob (PS149) [1581] deputy.
Grant (PS148) [1582] And you said handle were [chairs moving] [...]
Alison (PS147) [1583] Could you put those three behind the bar?
[1584] Please.
Bob (PS149) [1585] What?
Alison (PS147) [1586] Handle the [...]
Grant (PS148) [1587] Handle your [...]
Alison (PS147) [1588] Look at the xylophone darling.
[1589] Where's Annabel's xylophone?
Grant (PS148) [1590] I've I've got a
Alison (PS147) [1591] Where's you xylophone, your wooden xylophone?
Bob (PS149) [1592] Can't reach
Alison (PS147) [1593] Give it to mummy.
Bob (PS149) [1594] reach for the sky!
Alison (PS147) [1595] Look!
[1596] Here's your xylophone
Grant (PS148) [1597] I've got this far, I've got this far on my horse so I can't, I've got [...]
Alison (PS147) [1598] Clever girl!
Bob (PS149) [1599] Have you got a, a licence for your horse?
Grant (PS148) [1600] Yes!
Alison (PS147) [1601] Lovely music to mamma!
[1602] Look!
[1603] See if it's got a scale on it.
[1604] Look!
[1605] [singing] Do ray me far so la tee do.
[1606] Do ray me far so la tee do [] .
Grant (PS148) [1607] I have got a licence for my horse.
Bob (PS149) [1608] Right.
[1609] You got a, you've passed your driving test?
Grant (PS148) [1610] Yes.
Bob (PS149) [1611] Where, where's your licence, give me your licence.
Annabel (PS14A) [1612] Mum!
Alison (PS147) [1613] I'm [...]
Grant (PS148) [1614] Dad [...] I could get a piece of paper and you say alright, you're okay.
Alison (PS147) [1615] [laugh] Yes, sweet!
Grant (PS148) [1616] Here it is.
Bob (PS149) [1617] That's it.
[1618] That's only a provisional licence.
Grant (PS148) [1619] It's not.
Alison (PS147) [1620] Unbelievable!
Bob (PS149) [1621] That means you've gotta put you've gotta put L plates on the back as well.
[1622] ... [...] you put L plates up.
Grant (PS148) [1623] I have, have
Bob (PS149) [1624] That's that's just [...]
Grant (PS148) [1625] Look!
[1626] Look!
Bob (PS149) [1627] No, you haven't passed your test yet.
Grant (PS148) [1628] That
Alison (PS147) [1629] Want to sing snowman?
Grant (PS148) [1630] That says
Bob (PS149) [1631] That says provisional [...] provisional
Alison (PS147) [1632] Want to sing snowman, darling?
Grant (PS148) [1633] It says from
Alison (PS147) [singing]
Bob (PS149) [1634] No, it says
Grant (PS148) [1635] [...] you are allowed to ride a horse.
Bob (PS149) [1636] You know I've got my tickets then from [...] I'll have to go.
[1637] [...] our membership tickets for the [...]
Alison (PS147) [1638] Oh yes!
Bob (PS149) [1639] There they are.
[1640] ... That's our membership [...] er members fees
Alison (PS147) [1641] [singing] Mummy flying through the air and I wasn't mummy's [...] [] [singing]
Bob (PS149) [1642] I think [...] that's funny cos I don't know which is which though.
Grant (PS148) [1643] What?
Bob (PS149) [1644] I think I put my name first or is it mummy's so I can use [...]
Alison (PS147) [1645] Bobby!
Grant (PS148) [1646] Well [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [singing]
Bob (PS149) [1647] [singing] Flying through the air []
Grant (PS148) [1648] Dad!
[1649] But my, but [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [1650] [singing] Flying air []
Bob (PS149) [1651] [...] save it on computer.
Grant (PS148) [1652] Nineteen forty two, nineteen forty five
Bob (PS149) [1653] Yeah they're in sequence
Alison (PS147) [1654] Can you do it, Bobby, it's far too heavy.
Bob (PS149) [1655] Far too heavy
Alison (PS147) [1656] Oh!
Bob (PS149) [1657] There they are.
Alison (PS147) [1658] A big girl!
Grant (PS148) [1659] [...] nineteen
Bob (PS149) [1660] Are you gonna be a pilot when you grow up, Annabel?
Grant (PS148) [1661] Dad!
[1662] I've got two, three, four and five
Alison (PS147) [1663] Bobby what
Bob (PS149) [1664] Are you gonna be a pilot, fly, fly through the air!
Grant (PS148) [1665] Look, Dad!
[1666] Two, three, four and five.
Bob (PS149) [1667] Four and five.
[1668] Right we'll keep those together.
Grant (PS148) [1669] Dad, but that is my licence.
[1670] Can I take your pen a minute?
Bob (PS149) [1671] [...] does mummy [...]
Annabel (PS14A) [laugh]
Grant (PS148) [1672] She said when she's swimming.
Alison (PS147) [1673] [laugh] I did!
[1674] I did!
Bob (PS149) [1675] [...] Splash!
Alison (PS147) [1676] I normally lose just a few pounds, Bobby.
Bob (PS149) [1677] What's a matter, Annabel!
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1678] [...] lovely.
[1679] She wants to fly, Bobby.
Bob (PS149) [1680] She wants to fly.
Alison (PS147) [1681] But she's too heavy.
Bob (PS149) [1682] Well, you'll be flying in seven months' time.
Alison (PS147) [1683] Bit too heavy for mummy. ...
Bob (PS149) [1684] So you go in a plane?
Alison (PS147) [1685] She loves
Bob (PS149) [1686] Fly in a plane!
Alison (PS147) [1687] planes, Bobby.
[1688] She loves them!
[1689] She made me
Bob (PS149) [1690] Fly the plane!
Alison (PS147) [1691] realize this time she'll
Bob (PS149) [1692] Go in the plane!
Alison (PS147) [1693] be in a plane.
[1694] Last time she was a bit young
Bob (PS149) [1695] A bit too young.
Annabel (PS14A) [1696] Don't wanna go to beddy!
Bob (PS149) [1697] [...] beddy?
Annabel (PS14A) [1698] Where beddy?
Bob (PS149) [1699] Where's your beddy?
[1700] ... Are you going to your beddy?
[1701] Annabel go to beddy!
Alison (PS147) [1702] Now this year, Bobby.
[1703] Last year she was just under two?
[1704] Yes, she was just under two.
[1705] This time she'll be what?
[1706] Three and a bit?
Bob (PS149) [1707] She'll be
Alison (PS147) [1708] Was she in her chair, her seat in the thing?
Bob (PS149) [1709] Er ... yes she was still
Alison (PS147) [1710] My pudding!
Bob (PS149) [1711] under two.
Alison (PS147) [1712] Mm mm ... So it'll be lovely!
Bob (PS149) [1713] Yes
Alison (PS147) [1714] Thrill her in her window seat, Grant
Bob (PS149) [1715] You don't think that'll mean one of us will have to sit the other side of the
Alison (PS147) [1716] Well
Bob (PS149) [1717] Well
Alison (PS147) [1718] well you could do that couldn't you providing you get opposite me?
Bob (PS149) [1719] I can do it.
Alison (PS147) [1720] And I could be with the children
Bob (PS149) [cough]
Alison (PS147) [1721] [...] in turns.
Bob (PS149) [1722] I can sit in the smoking section [...] with you?
Alison (PS147) [1723] Mm mm ... Good!
[1724] That'll be lovely.
[1725] Bobby, could you fly her through the air for a minute?
[1726] Do you want to fly through the air with daddy?
[1727] Every time Snowman's on, Bobby, I have to lift her up and she's heavy even though she's neat and petite, she's, she's quite erm neat and petite
Bob (PS149) [mimics plane]
Alison (PS147) [1728] she is petite, but she's quite big, she's quite heavy.
Bob (PS149) [1729] Let's ride horse!
Alison (PS147) [1730] Look at your twig, darling!
[1731] Gonna bring this in to mummy!
Bob (PS149) [1732] [singing] Horsy!
[1733] Horsy! you stop just let your tail
Alison (PS147) [1734] It's lovely!
Bob (PS149) [1735] go clippety clop
Alison (PS147) [1736] Is this to mamma?
Bob (PS149) [1737] your tail goes swish and away you go [] [...]
Alison (PS147) [1738] [...] is this to mamma? [...] on walls, look!
[1739] Mummy's kitchen walls, darling!
Grant (PS148) [1740] That's my licence.
Bob (PS149) [1741] Oh careful!
[1742] Ah!
[1743] Ah!
[1744] Ah!
[1745] Oh careful!
Grant (PS148) [1746] That's my licence.
Bob (PS149) [1747] Is that your licence?
[1748] You are are, in the are you need an E, and E ends are, are is that a proper [...]
Grant (PS148) [1749] Ride
Bob (PS149) [1750] missed out the E, no that's, that's because I learned [...]
Grant (PS148) [1751] one
Alison (PS147) [...]
Grant (PS148) [1752] because I want licence
Bob (PS149) [1753] lessons, licence
Grant (PS148) [1754] licence
Bob (PS149) [1755] licence
Grant (PS148) [1756] one O seven
Bob (PS149) [1757] That's the number your licence?
Grant (PS148) [1758] P A
Bob (PS149) [1759] A
Grant (PS148) [1760] A
Bob (PS149) [1761] sixty four
Grant (PS148) [1762] sixty four.
[1763] That's my licence, so am I [...]
Alison (PS147) [1764] Good boy!
Bob (PS149) [1765] No, but here's a, here's a, a stamp authorizing it, showing it's as legal cos it's not legal till the
Grant (PS148) [1766] What kind of
Bob (PS149) [1767] stamp
Grant (PS148) [1768] stamp [...]
Bob (PS149) [1769] A circular stamp and people say on it er ... er [...] District Council ... or something like that.
Grant (PS148) [1770] How do you spell pa I'll get it off the thing
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1771] You got any [...] paper to write on
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1772] Bobby!
[1773] Has Bill come back to his sons again this year?
[1774] Remember
Bob (PS149) [1775] Don't know
Alison (PS147) [1776] he went on holiday last year.
Bob (PS149) [1777] I don't think so, he never said.
Alison (PS147) [1778] Cos Moira often feels needs a break and then she can ... relax or else get some things done.
[1779] Last year, remember, she did up some of the bedrooms and had them decorated, her brother decorated them and also she did the erm the tables, remember, she stripped back some tables and varnished them and she made a lovely job.
[1780] There's one in her
Bob (PS149) [1781] Yes, she's [...]
Alison (PS147) [1782] her conservatory and one in her
Bob (PS149) [1783] she's about late seventies, isn't she?
Alison (PS147) [1784] No!
[1785] She
Bob (PS149) [1786] No?
Alison (PS147) [1787] would be sixty
Bob (PS149) [1788] Elderly
Alison (PS147) [1789] seven.
Bob (PS149) [1790] Is she?
[1791] Oh I thought she was [...]
Alison (PS147) [1792] Well, she might be sixty eight this year but she's
Bob (PS149) [cough] [...]
Alison (PS147) [1793] cos she's slightly younger than dad.
[1794] My dad's sixty nine.
[1795] Bill's seventy five.
Bob (PS149) [1796] Seventy five?
Alison (PS147) [1797] We went to his seventy first birthday!
[1798] ... Silly daddy!
[1799] And that was ... October or November I think, if I remember rightly.
Bob (PS149) [1800] I know it was a while ago.
Grant (PS148) [1801] And what do you put after that?
Bob (PS149) [1802] And there's no Blind Date tonight, so
Alison (PS147) [1803] No, it's finished up until October
Bob (PS149) [1804] Oh it is!
[1805] Best of Blind Date's on tonight.
Alison (PS147) [1806] Oh I thought Cilla said it was finished!
Bob (PS149) [1807] It says the last programme, so is it?
[1808] So it's
Alison (PS147) [1809] It's the best of, for the clips?
Bob (PS149) [1810] Oh, must record that.
Grant (PS148) [1811] Yeah!
[1812] What do you put after that?
Alison (PS147) [1813] Bobby, I enjoy Blind Date.
Bob (PS149) [1814] [...] that's it.
Alison (PS147) [1815] and [...]
Bob (PS149) [1816] [reading] Best of Blind Date.
[1817] Cilla Black [...] as she looks back at some of the funniest moments in the success [...] of her matchmaking series [] .
Grant (PS148) [1818] Here!
[1819] Here!
Bob (PS149) [1820] Oh thank you, right.
Alison (PS147) [1821] I think she's excellent.
Grant (PS148) [1822] See!
[1823] There's my licence.
Bob (PS149) [1824] That's your licence, right.
[1825] It's expired!
[1826] It's out of date!
Alison (PS147) [1827] Oh!
[1828] What did you write Grant, ninety one?
Grant (PS148) [1829] No, it hasn't got a date on it.
Grant (PS148) [1830] Dad, can I get the date on?
Alison (PS147) [1831] Daddy's naughty.
Grant (PS148) [1832] It's, I've been told
Alison (PS147) [1833] I'm sure he's as bad to his prisoners, Grant.
Bob (PS149) [1834] When, when does it expire?
Alison (PS147) [1835] No, I think they like him okay.
Grant (PS148) [1836] Here, two hundred
Alison (PS147) [1837] Two thousand, the year two thousand
Bob (PS149) [1838] The year two thousand?
Grant (PS148) [1839] Up ... up
Alison (PS147) [1840] [...] Grant
Bob (PS149) [1841] [reading] The running and jumping and standing still folk [] .
Alison (PS147) [laugh]
Bob (PS149) [1842] Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan as seen by [...]
Alison (PS147) [1843] Best Sellers Bobby, yes.
[1844] Best Sellers, I think it starts, what, tonight?
Bob (PS149) [1845] Well, Best Sellers at nine o'clock and then
Grant (PS148) [1846] Dad, there's my licence!
Bob (PS149) [1847] at ten fifteen at, it says film [...] [cough]
Grant (PS148) [1848] There's my, that one that's the one
Bob (PS149) [1849] Right, let's have a look, Grant er
Alison (PS147) [1850] I liked him in the Pink Panther.
Bob (PS149) [1851] There's no name on it.
[1852] That, that could be anybody's licence! ...
Alison (PS147) [1853] Grant, could you lean on the book please?
[1854] ... Before you write on the table.
Grant (PS148) [1855] Mum, how do you spell Ashley?
Alison (PS147) [1856] [spelling] A S H L E Y [] .
[1857] Grant, you've spelt your name
Grant (PS148) [1858] I've got
Alison (PS147) [1859] often enough [...]
Grant (PS148) [1860] [spelling] A S H
Alison (PS147) [1861] [spelling] L E Y [] Grant Ashley
Grant (PS148) [1862] L E Y [] and ?
Alison (PS147) [spelling]
Grant (PS148) [spelling]
Alison (PS147)
Grant (PS148) []
Alison (PS147) [1863] , []
Bob (PS149) [1864] Oh thank you, Annabel.
[1865] Lovely.
[1866] Thank you!
Alison (PS147) [...]
Bob (PS149) [1867] Right, er let's have a look then.
[1868] Expires the year two thousand.
[1869] [...] . It doesn't say when it starts though.
[1870] Maybe it doesn't start till next year though.
Alison (PS147) [laugh]
Grant (PS148) [1871] No, it starts
Alison (PS147) [1872] Help him, Bobby!
[1873] He's just a little
Bob (PS149) [1874] When does it start?
Alison (PS147) [1875] Daddy's naughty.
Grant (PS148) [1876] It
Alison (PS147) [1877] Bobby!
Bob (PS149) [1878] What?
Alison (PS147) [1879] If they repair the car maybe in the next hour or so how long will they take, Bobby?
Bob (PS149) [1880] No [...] think it's gonna be five o'clock.
Alison (PS147) [1881] Do you think so? ... [...] took a little drive.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1882] It's a bleak dismal day but I [...] quite like a little
Grant (PS148) [1883] That one's not
Alison (PS147) [1884] drive.
[1885] Would you like to go to Glasgow?
Bob (PS149) [1886] Okay!
[1887] But it doesn't say you've paid your money.
Grant (PS148) [1888] Oh yeah it's paid
Alison (PS147) [1889] We had a lovely tra time on the train last day, didn't we darling, on Thursday?
Grant (PS148) [1890] It's o it's, it's
Alison (PS147) [1891] She loves the train Bobby.
[1892] She absolutely loves the train.
Bob (PS149) [1893] Been on the train?
[1894] Toot!
[1895] Toot!
[1896] Been on the train?
[1897] What's the train say?
[1898] Train say
Alison (PS147) [1899] Toot!
[1900] Toot!
Bob (PS149) [1901] Toot!
[1902] Toot!
Grant (PS148) [1903] It's
Bob (PS149) [1904] What's the train say?
[1905] What does the train say?
Alison (PS147) [1906] Remember one day mummy forgot to put on your, your brake in the pushchair, Bobby, she went whizzing across the [laughing] train [] Bobby!
[1907] So I bought her some fruit pastilles again just while we were waiting for the train, but funnily enough, the last few times we've been at the station, Bobby
Bob (PS149) [1908] That's how much money I've paid!
Alison (PS147) [1909] the train's gone past and it's gone off to Clarkeston, which is five minutes up the road and then you've got to wait until it comes back again.
[1910] Passes through [...]
Grant (PS148) [1911] So can I go free then!
Alison (PS147) [1912] and then it goes up to Clarkeston, that's on the road up to Sheena's farm and then it comes back.
[1913] So ... it's usually twenty five to
Grant (PS148) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1914] eleven, the train I get
Bob (PS149) [1915] [...] here
Alison (PS147) [1916] it's, just plenty time to eat.
[1917] By the time I get to Glasgow, twenty
Grant (PS148) [1918] Dad!
Alison (PS147) [1919] minutes or so
Grant (PS148) [1920] Can I go free now?
Alison (PS147) [1921] get some shopping done, then have afternoon tea, baby and me and then come back for Grant.
[1922] But the other day I was late.
[1923] I got back at quarter to four so erm
Bob (PS149) [1924] Okay, [...]
Alison (PS147) [1925] Grant had his key
Grant (PS148) [1926] Can I get my weapons back?
Grant (PS148) [1927] He was delighted to be
Bob (PS149) [1928] Get your weapons back, right okay.
Alison (PS147) [1929] independent.
Grant (PS148) [1930] Because I need them to fight all the baddies. ...
Bob (PS149) [1931] [cough] I give up.
[1932] ... Do you want [...] No, not that.
Alison (PS147) [1933] She seems to be terribly erm restless.
[1934] Do you want to draw, darling?
[1935] Do you
Bob (PS149) [1936] You've got your horse, where's your horsy?
Alison (PS147) [1937] want to draw?
Bob (PS149) [1938] You go on horsy?
Alison (PS147) [1939] Want some Calpol?
[1940] Mummy give you some Calpol?
Bob (PS149) [1941] Do you want your po-po? ... [...]
Alison (PS147) [1942] Oh, she just refuses to use the po-po.
Grant (PS148) [1943] Oh yeah!
Alison (PS147) [1944] This morning I put on her little panties and
Grant (PS148) [1945] You asked me, Dad!
Alison (PS147) [1946] was so upset!
Bob (PS149) [1947] What?
Grant (PS148) [1948] You asked me if I've got, Dad, can I get that pen a minute?
[1949] You've gotta take the gun [...]
Alison (PS147) [1950] Some Calpol [...]
Grant (PS148) [1951] you asked
Alison (PS147) [1952] Clever girl!
[1953] We maybe go to Glasgow again this week on the train.
[1954] This week on the train.
Grant (PS148) [1955] You asked if I've got, Dad, what's the licence for the gun?
Bob (PS149) [1956] How much the licence for the gun is?
[1957] A hundred pounds.
Grant (PS148) [1958] Yeah but what's the licence you have, what's the licence for the gun?
Bob (PS149) [1959] What's the licence for the gun?
Alison (PS147) [1960] That's her Calpol finished.
Bob (PS149) [...]
Alison (PS147) [1961] We'll miss church tomorrow because you've got to work.
[1962] Bobby [...] miss the church.
Bob (PS149) [1963] He can go [...]
Alison (PS147) [1964] Pardon?
Bob (PS149) [1965] [cough] He go [...]
Alison (PS147) [1966] Grant.