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1 conversation recorded by `Alan2' (PS1CP) [dates unknown] with 5 interlocutors, totalling 174 s-units, 828 words, and 8 minutes 0 seconds of recordings.

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 17

PS1CP Ag4 m (Alan, age 55, driver, London, )
PS1CR X f (Mandy, age unknown, London, ) role unspecified
PS1CS Ag1 m (Darren, age 24, unemployed, London, ) son
PS1CU X m (Gary, age unknown, London, ) role unspecified
PS1CV X f (Tracey, age unknown) role unspecified
KB4PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB4PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 011402 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 011402)

Darren (PS1CS) [1] It was actually [laugh] .
Gary (PS1CU) [2] [...] to my deaf mute son. ...
Tracey (PS1CV) [3] Everyone shuts up now. [laugh]
Darren (PS1CS) [4] Mm.
Alan (PS1CP) [5] Yeah.
Mandy (PS1CR) [...]
Alan (PS1CP) [6] That'll be a good dictionary when it comes out. ...
Tracey (PS1CV) [7] Is that what they're doing it for?
Unknown speaker (KB4PSUNK) [8] Mm
Alan (PS1CP) [9] Spoken English not ...
Gary (PS1CU) [10] What [...] bollocks and things like that. [laugh]
Alan (PS1CP) [11] not ... not like them ... you know in the ord in the ordinary dictionary it's all the ... sort of
Darren (PS1CS) [12] Hairy minge
Gary (PS1CU) [13] [laughing] yeah you can imagine looking through the book.
[14] Oh look, hairy minge []
Mandy (PS1CR) [15] The er ... [...]
Gary (PS1CU) [laugh]
Darren (PS1CS) [16] Cuddling.
Mandy (PS1CR) [17] College style vocabulary [...]
Alan (PS1CP) [18] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB4PSUNK) [...]
Mandy (PS1CR) [19] Mm.
Alan (PS1CP) [20] Like eh oop.
[21] You never see that in the dictionary.
Mandy (PS1CR) [22] Eh oop.
[23] Eh oop lad.
Gary (PS1CU) [24] You're never likely to either.
Alan (PS1CP) [25] [...] the new one.
Gary (PS1CU) [26] Not [...] you won't either.
Alan (PS1CP) [27] It'll be in that one.
Gary (PS1CU) [28] You'll get [shouting] fucking hell [] .
[29] Things like that.
[30] ... The the Whitstable dictionary
Darren (PS1CS) [31] Yeah.
Gary (PS1CU) [32] bollocks you cunt.
[33] [laugh] That's it.
Darren (PS1CS) [...]
Gary (PS1CU) [34] Dave ... Dave.
[35] I'm gonna miss old Dave really for his words of wisdom.
Darren (PS1CS) [36] I'm gonna miss him.
Gary (PS1CU) [37] And Les .
Darren (PS1CS) [38] He's a nice bloke.
[39] No Les's a pain in the arse.
[40] Dave's alright.
Mandy (PS1CR) [41] [...] please.
Gary (PS1CU) [42] Er?
[43] ... Les's alright.
Darren (PS1CS) [44] He's alright he's just a pain [...] on and on and on and on.
Gary (PS1CU) [45] When I was at Tesco's. [laugh]
Darren (PS1CS) [46] Oh I ... yeah.
[47] Me, me and Jock used to wind him up.
[48] I'd say shut up Jock.
[49] He'd say why?
[50] I'd say shut up, shush.
[51] He said why?
[52] I said cos ... Les, Les is gonna tell us a Tesco's story otherwise.
Unknown speaker (KB4PSUNK) [laugh]
Darren (PS1CS) [53] [laughing] You little cunts you [] .
[54] You young bastards.
[55] You don't know what it's like to work.
[56] When we was here, when it was [...] .
[57] Oh dear.
Tracey (PS1CV) [58] You [...]
Gary (PS1CU) [59] Yeah.
Mandy (PS1CR) [...]
Gary (PS1CU) [60] Take my, my super mini out.
Mandy (PS1CR) [61] With the L plates on.
Gary (PS1CU) [62] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[63] L plates on.
[64] They're not being used though.
Alan (PS1CP) [65] Gotta learn to ... Gotta learn to drive first.
Gary (PS1CU) [66] Here Tracy!
Tracey (PS1CV) [67] What?
Gary (PS1CU) [68] Martin at work.
[69] When he found out you got a mini he said where does Tracey sit?
[70] In the back and Darren sits in the front.
Alan (PS1CP) [laugh]
Darren (PS1CS) [71] That was Jim weren't it?
Gary (PS1CU) [72] And Jim said it.
Tracey (PS1CV) [73] Tell them to shut their mouths.
Gary (PS1CU) [74] I will. ...
Darren (PS1CS) [75] Tracey in the back and Darren in the front.
Gary (PS1CU) [76] Well he said you can't both, can't get in the front of that.
[77] [laugh] ... ooh.
Alan (PS1CP) [78] Cheer up Mandy.
Mandy (PS1CR) [79] Mm?
Alan (PS1CP) [80] Cheer up.
Mandy (PS1CR) [81] I'm alright.
[82] ... Just thinking of the things I gotta do when I get home.
Alan (PS1CP) [83] Oh.
Mandy (PS1CR) [84] I put an agenda in my head you know?
[85] [laugh] What I'm gotta do first and
Gary (PS1CU) [86] What have you gotta do then?
Mandy (PS1CR) [87] I gotta clean the kitchen.
[88] ... Do the rest of the washing
Alan (PS1CP) [89] Oh I better start getting the dinner ready for tomorrow.
Mandy (PS1CR) [90] hoover through.
[91] ... Do the bathroom.
Gary (PS1CU) [...]
Mandy (PS1CR) [92] Sort Hannah's clothes out in her wardrobe and get all them sorted.
[93] See what I need to get her. ... [singing]
Gary (PS1CU) [94] Is this today's?
[95] I wanna see what they say about Spurs after yesterday. ...
Mandy (PS1CR) [96] Cor I bet that nearly deafens them when they listen to that tape and he's squawking on it.
Alan (PS1CP) [97] Bloody thing.
Mandy (PS1CR) [98] Wonder if they'd accept a parrot with it.
Alan (PS1CP) [99] I doubt it.
Mandy (PS1CR) [100] No?
[101] Oh well.
[102] Not even if we squashed it into the cassette case. [laugh]
Alan (PS1CP) [103] Wouldn't be that lucky.
[104] Couldn't be that lucky.
[105] ... You'd have to be really lucky wouldn't you? ...
Mandy (PS1CR) [106] Blimey, they said a lot about Spurs. ...
Alan (PS1CP) [107] What?
Gary (PS1CU) [108] They're only seventh off the bottom.
Alan (PS1CP) [109] Who?
Gary (PS1CU) [110] Spurs.
Alan (PS1CP) [111] Where's Liverpool?
Gary (PS1CU) [112] Halfway down.
Alan (PS1CP) [113] What's Arsenal?
[114] Fifth aren't they?
Mandy (PS1CR) [115] Fourth now aren't they?
Gary (PS1CU) [116] Fourth.
Alan (PS1CP) [117] Are they fourth.
[118] Oh.
Mandy (PS1CR) [119] After winning yesterday.
Gary (PS1CU) [120] Fucking ten points behind [...] though.
Alan (PS1CP) [121] Mm.
Gary (PS1CU) [122] What you [...] , what they don't realize in this paper is that Spurs have got about three games down on everyone else.
Mandy (PS1CR) [123] Oh well they wouldn't would they?
Gary (PS1CU) [124] Well no.
[125] If we win them three games that we got in hand then we'll be up to about sixth place.
Mandy (PS1CR) [126] If.
[127] ... There's a big if.
Alan (PS1CP) [128] They're ain't doing so well at the moment are they?
[129] They've hit a bad patch.
Mandy (PS1CR) [130] Is there anything in there about ... Gary Lineker's baby?
Gary (PS1CU) [131] I don't know.
[132] I was just gonna have a look.
Alan (PS1CP) [133] No.
[134] Just he's er ... said thank you over the
Mandy (PS1CR) [135] Mm.
Alan (PS1CP) [136] on the telly.
[137] For all the cards and that. ...
Gary (PS1CU) [yawn]
Alan (PS1CP) [138] I reckon that's ... wrong innit?
[139] That bloke there.
[140] ... That bloke, the council are paying all that on his mortgage.
[141] He's moved into a council house now.
[142] ... [...] . ... [...] perching.
Mandy (PS1CR) [laugh]
Alan (PS1CP) [143] Get out. [the parrot goes mad]
Mandy (PS1CR) [144] That new tyre law comes in soon dunnit?
Gary (PS1CU) [145] That what?
Mandy (PS1CR) [146] New tyre law.
Alan (PS1CP) [147] First of Feb First of ... erm ... first of November, it came in.
Mandy (PS1CR) [148] Oh.
Alan (PS1CP) [149] Why?
Mandy (PS1CR) [150] Mm?
[151] I'd better check my two back ones then.
Alan (PS1CP) [152] They're alright.
Mandy (PS1CR) [153] Are they?
Alan (PS1CP) [154] Well they were. [parrot squawks]
Gary (PS1CU) [155] [...] dad.
Mandy (PS1CR) [156] [laugh] [...] .
[157] Right come on then shit box.
Alan (PS1CP) [158] Does him good to stir him up now and again. ...
Gary (PS1CU) [159] There's a difference between stirring him up and aggravating him dad.
Alan (PS1CP) [160] Well that is agg , that is stirring him up innit?
[161] ... He's well stirred up.
[162] ... Suppose I'd better do the washing up.
[163] ... Put two more tyres on [...] Cambridge the other day.
Mandy (PS1CR) [164] Mm?
Alan (PS1CP) [165] On the back.
[166] I had them ... erm two little ones on there.
[167] Got two proper ones on there now.
Mandy (PS1CR) [168] Mm.
Alan (PS1CP) [169] I had them down there look, they were on. ...
Mandy (PS1CR) [170] See you later [...]
Alan (PS1CP) [171] Yeah
Gary (PS1CU) [...]
Alan (PS1CP) [172] Go careful.
Gary (PS1CU) [...]
Alan (PS1CP) [173] Yeah I know.
[174] I seen them.