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8 conversations recorded by `Angela' (PS029) between 2 and 6 December 1991 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 2360 s-units, 12953 words, and 1 hour 22 minutes 59 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 13

PS029 Ag2 f (Angela, age 29, out work (pt), Central South-west England, )
PS02A Ag2 m (Chris, age 25, engineer, Central South-west England, ) husband
PS02B Ag2 f (Angela, age 32, housewife, London, ) friend
PS02C Ag2 f (Angela, age 32, housewife, London, ) friend
PS02D Ag2 f (Zoe, age 28, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS02E Ag2 f (Sue, age 29, hairdresser, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS02F Ag0 m (Ben, age 3, student (state pre)) son
KB6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

8 recordings

  1. Tape 011301 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 011302 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 011303 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 011304 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 011305 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 011306 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 011307 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Having hair cut
  8. Tape 011308 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Having hair cut

1 (Tape 011301)

Angela (PS029) [1] My head was going like this on the [...] [laugh] .
[2] He said I'll come up ... he said if it's more than thirty pound Ange, he said you can give me some money next week.
[3] Don't worry about it, get what you want and I'll fill this for you.
Chris (PS02A) [4] Thirty pound?
[5] What do you mean ... why he charging you to ... do it?
Angela (PS029) [6] Yeah I said cos I couldn't ask him to do for nothing.
Chris (PS02A) [7] Yeah well what are you giving him?
Angela (PS029) [8] No I'm giving him a tenner.
[9] I said I'll give you a tenner to build it all for me.
[10] Drill it and do everything.
[11] Come with me, get the wood, measure it the lot.
[12] And he said that's alright.
Chris (PS02A) [13] So how much you reckon that's gonna be, cost then?
Angela (PS029) [14] He said what, if you're getting them ... he got a worktop six erm ... sixty inches.
[15] That must be two foot he must mean.
[16] And ... for his kitchen the thick stuff.
[17] That's what you want he said the thick stuff.
[18] You don't want that thin little stuff like that.
[19] He said and that cost me ... he looked round, twenty two pound.
[20] Well I said Angie said she went up Wicks' and got her worktops and it cost her fifteen pound.
[21] ... And he said well Wicks' are cheaper he said we'll go to Wicks' then and ... I'll measure up for it when I come over.
Chris (PS02A) [22] What, have I gotta take him up?
Angela (PS029) [23] Yeah because Jenny might, she might be on a late.
[24] If she's on a late.
[25] But she's on a early she can come with him and we'll go in her car.
[26] Put the roof-rack on her car.
[27] But if not if, if ... I go up with them and I'd go in with them.
[28] Just wait in the car.
[29] I'll go in with them and see what I gotta get ... and just strap it on the roof.
[30] And he'll come home and do it he said.
Chris (PS02A) [31] What colour are you do , well you gotta [...] , haven't you?
Angela (PS029) [32] Yeah.
[33] [...] as well.
[34] So that's what he said, it might be a bit more than twenty pound.
[35] So he said, I said well ... what if I get the stuff ... right?
[36] Erm I said if there's any money left over ... I'll give you the money, I said and give you the rest the week after or if there's none left I'll give you the tenner week ... Oh that's alright don't worry about that, he said, that's fine.
[37] I said alright.
[38] Well I want it done properly see and I said you gotta drill and all that.
Chris (PS02A) [39] You gotta buy my Christmas present yet mind.
Angela (PS029) [40] Eh?
Chris (PS02A) [41] You gotta buy my Christmas present yet.
Angela (PS029) [42] Oh yeah I'll sort that out.
[43] Is he better yet then?
Chris (PS02A) [44] No.
Angela (PS029) [45] Well then.
Chris (PS02A) [46] You could sort me out this week with all that money you've got.
Angela (PS029) [47] I'm getting me kitchen done.
[48] And then I'll get Christmas presents.
[49] ... Cos the walls ain't gonna be done ... I'll get back and get a tub next week and I gotta tenner left over look to get you something for [...] and get your hat.
[50] You'll have to come with me Chris.
[51] Because they do it in sizes.
Chris (PS02A) [52] Mm. ...
Angela (PS029) [53] See?
[54] ... See how much it is.
Chris (PS02A) [55] What colour are you having the worktop?
Angela (PS029) [56] Well I thought cos I like that marble ... flooring.
[57] If they haven't got any green ... worktops cos Ange said when she went up there
Chris (PS02A) [58] You'd best price that as well.
Angela (PS029) [59] What?
Chris (PS02A) [60] Your flooring.
Angela (PS029) [61] Yeah.
[62] They didn't have any worktops, the green Ange said.
[63] She can't remember any but there again you were she weren't looking for green.
[64] But they've got that marble.
[65] You know what we had?
[66] Over Jan's, pity we didn't nick that weren't it?
[67] They got that sort of marble stuff.
[68] The same as the floor so I might pick the green marble.
[69] To go with the floor.
[70] I don't know yet.
[71] Well I really want ... light green.
[72] ... If they've got it.
[73] If they haven't got it well ... He said if, I can always cut it down to size and that.
[74] ... At least it's being done.
Chris (PS02A) [75] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [76] Being done and that's one job
Chris (PS02A) [77] So you
Angela (PS029) [78] out of the way.
Chris (PS02A) [79] So you've gone over that wall again?
Angela (PS029) [80] No.
[81] I'm doing it tomorrow cos I want to leave it a little bit ...
Chris (PS02A) [82] Let it dry.
Angela (PS029) [83] Try and make sure it's dried and then I'll do it tomorrow morning when I've been to that playgroup.
[84] ... You come up with me to pick him up tomorrow [...] ?
Chris (PS02A) [85] No I ain't going out tomorrow.
Angela (PS029) [86] You won't be here at all?
Chris (PS02A) [87] No I ain't gonna, I gotta go and have a look round a few second hand shops and that.
Angela (PS029) [88] [...] Oh you're taping.
[89] Oh! [laugh]

2 (Tape 011302)

Angela (PS029) [90] Oh I got two plugged in at home [...] .
[91] That's it.
[92] You just, I just leaves it on the side.
[93] I taped Chris last night [...] like that.
Ben (PS02F) [94] You [...]
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...]
Angela (PS029) [95] Yeah cos you gotta London accent.
[96] They want your accent.
[97] It's your London accent.
[98] [...] ... What are you trying to do?
Angela (PS02B) [...]
Ben (PS02F) [99] [...] Hello [...]
Angela (PS029) [100] I put in me bag when I go up the school and I had the little microphone hanging out.
[101] We're chatting away and I thought ... oh you've got to come back and write down who said what.
[102] Not who said what but erm ...
Angela (PS02B) [103] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [104] You know.
Angela (PS02B) [105] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [106] Stop.
[107] I want a cup of tea.
Angela (PS029) [108] You just drank all my milk! ...
Ben (PS02F) [109] Yeah [...]
Angela (PS029) [110] I can't [...] tapes [...] Ange.
[111] I need to leave it just hanging there.
Angela (PS02B) [112] How many you got?
Angela (PS029) [113] Twenty.
[114] ... But they say you must leave it running for two days.
[115] ... Two days' conversation
Angela (PS02B) [116] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [117] and that's it.
[118] I mean I ain't doing it for a whole week.
[119] I'm only gonna do it for two days.
Angela (PS02B) [120] Too much innit?
Angela (PS029) [121] You want a drink do you?
Ben (PS02F) [122] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [123] Yeah it's only two days.
Angela (PS02B) [124] That ain't too bad is it?
Angela (PS029) [125] I haven't filled one side up yet.
[126] [laugh] I [...] chatting on there.
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [127] I was chatting all about me units Ange
Angela (PS02B) [128] Ah.
Angela (PS029) [129] [...] gonna make them [...] .
Angela (PS02B) [130] Didn't have none up er Attic's then?
Angela (PS029) [131] No.
[132] ... Well Chris went.
[133] He come home with [...] .
[134] Three quid [...] Ange.
Angela (PS02B) [135] Has it?
Angela (PS029) [136] Yeah you don't ... Get off the bin!
Ben (PS02F) [137] Alright.
Angela (PS029) [138] Yeah, you don't use surnames cos no-one knows who, who anybody is.
Angela (PS02B) [139] No.
Angela (PS029) [140] Do you know what I mean?
Angela (PS02B) [141] That's right.
Angela (PS029) [142] It don't go broadcasting anywhere it's it's ... a research team.
Angela (PS02B) [143] Yeah.
[144] It's good there [...] innit?
Angela (PS029) [145] And they just pick out certain words that people use and they want different people's, different, you talk different.
[146] Like you know [laugh]
Angela (PS02B) [147] Oh yeah that's right.
Angela (PS029) [148] Hang on.
[149] Ooh.
[150] Hang on.
Ben (PS02F) [shouting] [...] []
Angela (PS02B) [151] Get Sue on there. [...]
Angela (PS029) [152] Yeah, yeah.
[153] It's quite funny actually when you listen to it.
Angela (PS02B) [154] Yeah, I know.
[155] Bad enough when Pete [...]
Ben (PS02F) [making a racket]
Angela (PS029) [156] [...] you could ... tape Pete snoring.
Angela (PS02B) [157] I already done that.
Ben (PS02F) [158] Snoring!
Angela (PS029) [159] This is a new language ... from [...] .
Angela (PS02B) [160] Yeah.
[161] ... Shut up. [laugh]
Ben (PS02F) [162] No, you.
Angela (PS02B) [laugh] ...
Ben (PS02F) [163] Ooh a big [...]
Angela (PS02B) [164] Yeah I know.
[165] ... Terrible.
Angela (PS029) [166] [...] he's built it see Ange.
Angela (PS02B) [167] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [168] Leave it to cool.
[169] He built it and he put those, instead of drawers he put those wire racks in?
Angela (PS02B) [170] Yeah, they're better.
Angela (PS029) [171] Put those in [...]
Angela (PS02B) [172] Yeah.
[173] That's better.
Angela (PS029) [174] So I want it ... like I want a [...]
Angela (PS02B) [175] Yeah.
[176] That'll be nice.
Angela (PS029) [177] So I can take them doors off look, and put green ones on.
Angela (PS02B) [178] Yeah course you can.
[179] Er [...] say fifty quid, sixty [...] if that.
Angela (PS029) [180] Well the worktop ain't gonna cost that much.
[181] It's gonna be the sides and the shelves.
Angela (PS02B) [182] I reckon just for this it'll cost you about eighteen quid.
[183] That's all.
[184] That's all it cost me.
Angela (PS029) [185] Yeah for the top.
[186] But then I got the drawers in haven't I?
[187] In there ... and shelves ... cupboard [...]
Angela (PS02B) [188] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [189] Yeah but it's only a piece of erm ... board innit?
Angela (PS029) [190] Mm.
Angela (PS02B) [191] Wood to put on the back.
[192] Won't be too bad will it?
Angela (PS029) [193] Mm ... I'm not sanding that down properly.
[194] I'm just doing a quick shwooo.
Angela (PS02B) [195] Yeah.
[196] That'll be okay.
Angela (PS029) [197] [...] That one.
Angela (PS02B) [198] Oh yeah it's started cracking.
Angela (PS029) [199] That was last night that went [...]
Angela (PS02B) [200] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [201] Then we gotta put a real stiff coat on there and make it really ripply.
[202] I mean this bit I like.
[203] I likes this [...] This is nice
Angela (PS02B) [204] Yeah that's come up really nice that.
Angela (PS029) [205] That's alright I want it like that.
Angela (PS02B) [206] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [207] And up there but I gotta do that again.
Angela (PS02B) [208] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [209] Oh Doreen what she did on her door
Angela (PS029) [210] Mm?
Angela (PS02B) [211] is erm ... you can buy the strip ... for the door erm ... [...]
Angela (PS029) [212] Strip?
[213] What do you mean?
Angela (PS02B) [214] You can buy strips for your door.
[215] Instead of er sanding them all down and all the paint and that, you can put them on the top.
Angela (PS029) [216] Like a wood effect?
Angela (PS02B) [217] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [218] Oh I know you get great big sheets can't you?
Angela (PS02B) [219] And that's what she done yeah.
[220] And that's what she done to hers and it looks really nice.
[221] Really dark ... wood ... effect.
Angela (PS029) [222] So that's how they do it then?
[223] Cos I've seen them.
[224] They're really fine aren't they?
Angela (PS02B) [225] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [226] You know it looks like balsa wood.
[227] Thin.
Angela (PS02B) [228] Similar to this but very thin.
[229] And it's
Angela (PS029) [230] Thin and you just stick it on with a glue.
Angela (PS02B) [231] Yeah that's it.
[232] On either side of the door.
Ben (PS02F) [233] Yeah that's it.
Angela (PS029) [234] Oh I might do that.
Angela (PS02B) [235] I'm doing that ... I [...] upstairs.
Angela (PS029) [236] [...] anyway Ange [...]
Angela (PS02B) [237] Yeah.
[238] That's okay. [...]
Angela (PS029) [239] I ain't worried about the floor. [...]
Ben (PS02F) [singing]
Angela (PS029) [240] You've gotta learn some songs.
Angela (PS02B) [241] Have you?
Angela (PS029) [242] You've gotta learn some songs.
[243] What did you learn today?
Ben (PS02F) [244] Erm
Angela (PS029) [245] When Santa ... got stuck up the whatsit.
Angela (PS02B) [246] Chimney.
Ben (PS02F) [247] Erm ... erm ... erm [laugh] well I ain't saying it.
[248] [...] Give me my card.
[249] Give me erm my erm thing.
Angela (PS029) [250] Yeah he got this thing over here.
Ben (PS02F) [251] I erm ... made a Christmas one.
[252] ... Mum's gonna get it for you. [...]
Chris (PS02A) [253] There you are.
[254] When Santa got stuck up the chimney.
Angela (PS02B) [255] He's gotta read that have he?
Chris (PS02A) [256] He's gotta sing it.
Angela (PS02B) [257] Oh dear.
Chris (PS02A) [258] And there's when the robot comes to dinner.
[259] This is the one [reading] when the robot come to dinner they came on Christmas day.
[260] They didn't like the turkey so they threw it all away.
[261] They ate up all the knives and forks and then they asked for more.
[262] They'd never had a Christmas day quite like that before. [] [laugh]
Angela (PS02B) [263] That's good innit?

3 (Tape 011303)

Angela (PS029) [264] leave it there, like that ... can you fix it.
Angela (PS02C) [265] Is it on?
Angela (PS029) [266] Yeah.
Angela (PS02C) [267] Oh right.
Angela (PS029) [268] Yeah you just talk normal, like you would normally as if you was having a cup of tea.
Angela (PS02C) [269] Well you have got, you've got a cup of tea.
Angela (PS029) [270] Yes.
[271] Like we're having a cup of tea.
Angela (PS02C) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [272] That's it and that's it.
[273] You ought to have seen Ange on it.
[274] She went [...]
Ben (PS02F) [shouting] [...] []
Angela (PS029) [275] [...] she knew it was there and then she forgot about it and she was chatting .
Ben (PS02F) [shouting] [...] []
Angela (PS029) [276] Yeah, you'll be on there.
Zoe (PS02D) [277] Here I better listen to that to see if they were talking about me.
Angela (PS029) [278] No there isn't nothing like that.
Zoe (PS02D) [laugh]
Angela (PS02C) [279] [...] some juicy gossip?
Angela (PS029) [280] No, it's only me and Ange chatting about my kitchen.
[281] And me and Chris talking about money for the kitchen.
[282] And that's it.
Ben (PS02F) [283] Mum, mum are we going [...]
Angela (PS029) [284] [...] what?
Angela (PS02C) [285] So you've done all your Christmas shopping have you?
Angela (PS029) [286] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [287] What colour's the
Angela (PS02C) [288] We should have put it on in there.
Angela (PS029) [289] Yeah.
Angela (PS02C) [290] We've been gossiping like anything.
Ben (PS02F) [291] Mum!
[292] Mummy!
Angela (PS029) [293] People are funny though.
[294] You say I've got a tape recorder here.
[295] Oh well turn it off.
Angela (PS02C) [296] Turn off yeah.
[297] Yes Ben?
[298] I'm not your mummy, but what?
Ben (PS02F) [299] I'm going to go to the beach tomorrow Sunday.
Angela (PS029) [300] He's going on about the beach!
Angela (PS02C) [301] He's going to the beach, tomorrow Sunday?
Angela (PS029) [302] No.
[303] No.
Ben (PS02F) [304] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [305] What's this, six foot [...]
Angela (PS02C) [306] What's Father Christmas bringing you Ben?
Ben (PS02F) [307] Erm a bobblin
Angela (PS02C) [308] A what?
Ben (PS02F) [309] Bobblin
Angela (PS029) [310] Bobblin
Angela (PS02C) [311] A bobblin?
[312] Oh Adam likes those.
Angela (PS029) [313] Yeah?
Ben (PS02F) [314] [...] you having a bobblin? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [315] [laugh] Oh Ben [laugh] .
[316] You stupid thing.
[317] [laugh] Where's my drink, where's my drink?
Angela (PS02C) [318] Where's your drink?
[319] In the cup.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [320] [scream] [laugh] Where's my, where's my drink?
Angela (PS02C) [321] It's in the cup.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [322] [...] ?
[323] Erm so what eleven by eleven foot.
[324] Eleven by eleven and a half foot I want.
Zoe (PS02D) [325] It's per foot then so you'd have to ... what do you want?
Angela (PS029) [326] Eleven ... eleven by eleven and a half foot.
[327] How much is that? ... [...] [kids playing in background]
Zoe (PS02D) [328] Well you want to nip over there and see what they come on on the roll.
Angela (PS029) [329] [...] hang on.
Zoe (PS02D) [330] No.
Angela (PS029) [331] That one but in the brown.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...] [kids making a lot of noise]
Angela (PS029) [332] I don't know.
[333] Is that it there.
[334] No [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [335] Yeah.
[336] When you see [...] at the carpet place, they come on a nine foot ...
Angela (PS029) [337] Here you are [...] there it is.
[338] That's beige though innit? [...] it's the colour innit?
Zoe (PS02D) [339] So it's off erm six foot six inch, what is yours eleven foot?
Angela (PS029) [340] Mm.
[341] I'd have to go to that one wouldn't I?
Zoe (PS02D) [342] Yeah you'd have to have the
Angela (PS029) [343] Thirteen foot.
Zoe (PS02D) [344] Thirteen foot.
[345] How much would that work out?
Angela (PS029) [346] [...] how much that is look.
[347] [crash as kid falls over] Oh my god.
Zoe (PS02D) [348] You alright Ben?
Ben (PS02F) [crying]
Angela (PS029) [349] [crying] Oh my god [] Is he alright?
[350] The chair's alright is it Zoe?
Zoe (PS02D) [351] Oh yeah your chair's alright.
Angela (PS029) [352] You leaning back on the chair weren't you?
[353] Weren't you?
[354] ... Was you?
[355] You alright?
Ben (PS02F) [356] [crying] I hurt my leg. []
Angela (PS029) [357] Your leg?
[358] Which leg?
[359] Which leg?
Ben (PS02F) [360] [crying] Oh this one. []
Angela (PS029) [361] Let's see.
Zoe (PS02D) [362] Oh give it a good rub.
[363] Never mind.
Angela (PS029) [364] Don't lean back on the chairs.
[365] I told you about that before.
[366] [...] . You just sit down nicely.
Ben (PS02F) [367] No No
Zoe (PS02D) [368] [laugh] Oh my god.
Angela (PS029) [369] Now, now just sit down!
[370] No swinging! ...
Zoe (PS02D) [371] Thirteen [...] .
[372] How many, you want it that way, you want eleven.
Angela (PS029) [373] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [374] So it's eleven times ... that.
[375] [...] like that's that one, that's that foot, that's that foot.
[376] So you want it all the way round [...]
Angela (PS029) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [377] So it's that per foot.
[378] So it'll be eleven times that.
Angela (PS029) [379] Oh my god. [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [380] So that'll be over a hundred and forty pound innit?
Angela (PS029) [381] Yeah.
[382] Easy.
Zoe (PS02D) [383] Easy.
Angela (PS029) [384] No I'll have to go to Great Mills then.
Zoe (PS02D) [385] Unless there's any others.
[386] Which one's that?
Angela (PS029) [387] No I think this is the cheap one.
[388] [...] Dear though innit?
Zoe (PS02D) [389] Well it is a dear game.
[390] That's like us look.
[391] There [...] .
Angela (PS02C) [392] Unless ... unless ... you had [...] together.
[393] If you had that
Angela (PS029) [394] Mm.
Angela (PS02C) [395] and you had a [...] down the middle.
Angela (PS029) [396] Mm.
[397] Yeah, what's that?
Angela (PS02C) [398] Well this?
Angela (PS029) [399] Yeah.
Angela (PS02C) [400] That's two ... you'd have to have [...] more of that.
Angela (PS029) [401] Oh.
[402] Yeah
Angela (PS02C) [403] Yeah It would still probably work out the same though.
Angela (PS029) [404] Yeah
Angela (PS02C) [405] Not much difference.
Angela (PS029) [406] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [407] Did he make those numbers?
Angela (PS029) [408] Sit down!
[409] Yeah he makes those, Zoe.
[410] And he makes that as well.
Angela (PS02C) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [411] Yeah they're good aren't they?
[412] Sit down Ben.
[413] ... I thought well they're nice.
Angela (PS029) [414] [...] school Zoe?
Zoe (PS02D) [415] Mm? ...
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [416] Well, no I, I told her I needed something to encourage him.
[417] Get out of that drawer you!
[418] Oi!
Angela (PS029) [419] Has he coloured them in?
Zoe (PS02D) [420] No!
[421] Yeah he's got paintbrushes, I know.
[422] ... They done magic painting the other night [...] .
[423] Our [...] gets it everywhere and she was alright.
Angela (PS029) [424] And she was alright?
Zoe (PS02D) [425] Mm. ...
Angela (PS029) [426] Mm, so er ... still got the fire on Zoe?
Zoe (PS02D) [427] In there, yeah.
Angela (PS02C) [428] [...] thought I'd better come round and have a chat [...] .
Ben (PS02F) [429] We gotta go now.
Angela (PS029) [430] No we haven't gotta go.
Zoe (PS02D) [431] He's having his drink.
Angela (PS029) [432] [...] funny the other week.
[433] Was you getting funny cos I ain't come to a [...] party every week?
Zoe (PS02D) [434] No, cos I thought well Ian ain't very well look.
Angela (PS029) [435] No ... I can't afford it though see Ange.
[436] I said to Ange
Zoe (PS02D) [437] Zoe, Zoe I ain't Ange.
Angela (PS029) [438] Zoe ... but no I said to Ange, and she said to me are you going?
Zoe (PS02D) [439] And what did she say?
Angela (PS029) [440] And I said well I can't really afford it Ange and er she said oh ... she said Zoe won't get funny with us then, I said no.
Zoe (PS02D) [441] No.
[442] I did seventy five pound anyway.
Angela (PS029) [443] Did you?
Zoe (PS02D) [444] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [445] How much do you get back on that?
Zoe (PS02D) [446] Well ... Steve's mum had fifty pounds worth off of Steve' aunty look, so erm ... I did about hundred and twenty five and I had twenty five pound back.
[447] I had that one as well up there up there look.
Angela (PS029) [448] Yeah that's nice.
Zoe (PS02D) [449] And I gotta pay some myself.
[450] ... I still got collect some more money in.
[451] I ain't having another one.
Angela (PS029) [452] Aren't you?
Zoe (PS02D) [453] No.
[454] ... can't have another one.
[455] It's too much hassle.
[456] ... I had it here two days [...]
Angela (PS029) [457] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [458] too long.
Angela (PS029) [459] [...] twenty percent [...] haven't you?
Zoe (PS02D) [460] Well yeah and ... you don't get nothing out case somebody come look or ... I can't put all me washing round like you know?
Angela (PS029) [461] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [462] And I was so tired by the end of the week.
Angela (PS029) [463] It it ... it it does get you like that don't it?
Zoe (PS02D) [464] It does get you like that I reckon when you've got something like that.
[465] Cos you're chatting all the time aren't you?
Angela (PS029) [466] Yeah.
[467] Yeah you are.
Zoe (PS02D) [468] [...] come.
[469] Do you reckon they'll come?
[470] [...] . Got a [...] .
[471] She got a little boy.
Angela (PS029) [472] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [473] She come.
[474] And I thought she might have come today cos she said she'd bring up the money but ... she hasn't, not yet.
Angela (PS029) [475] I like that fish tank [...] those fishes are nice, they're big aren't they?
Zoe (PS02D) [476] Yeah they're a bit looks a bit slow don't they?
[477] Probably wants cleaning out but the pump's [...]
Angela (PS029) [478] They rising to the top a lot Zoe?
Zoe (PS02D) [479] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [480] You need, is the air pump on?
Zoe (PS02D) [481] No.
Angela (PS029) [482] It ought to be put on cos it, if they rise to the top
Zoe (PS02D) [483] Oxygen dunnit?
Angela (PS029) [484] Yeah they want the oxygen.
Zoe (PS02D) [485] Yeah but that drives me mad.
[486] Right, put it in the bin then.
Angela (PS029) [487] And they keep ... they keep popping to have air?
Zoe (PS02D) [488] Mm?
Angela (PS029) [489] Do they keep popping up to have air?
Zoe (PS02D) [490] Air?
Angela (PS029) [491] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [492] Well they don't seem to be ... too bad but they're ever so still.
Angela (PS029) [493] They're not swimming around, yeah they're staying at the top as well aren't they?
Zoe (PS02D) [494] Yeah.
[495] ... Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [496] They're not ill are they?
Zoe (PS02D) [497] No ... well they've, I've had them three days look.
[498] So really it's just a matter of
Angela (PS029) [499] Is one diseased?
Zoe (PS02D) [500] No, don't think so.
Angela (PS029) [501] I've read up on me fish.
[502] So I know all about fish, at the minute.
Zoe (PS02D) [503] [...] he's a shebumkin look, that one.
[504] But they just look ... half dead look, don't they?
Angela (PS029) [505] No, they might be just ... I don't know .
Zoe (PS02D) [506] No .
Angela (PS029) [507] They [...] sleep [...] .
[508] What did I do with that ashtray?
Zoe (PS02D) [509] I mean the hamster died in that corner so .
Angela (PS029) [510] Oh did he?
[511] He died then did he Zoe?
Zoe (PS02D) [512] Yeah he died.
[513] ... Yeah we had him about ... we had him a year look cos I bought him just before Christmas
Angela (PS029) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [514] last year when our Adam started school.
[515] ... Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [516] Seemed like animal farm up here at one time, didn't it?
Zoe (PS02D) [517] Yeah.
[518] [...] hamster ... fish ... cat ... dog.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [519] No.
Angela (PS029) [520] [...] fins or anything [...] ?
Zoe (PS02D) [521] No.
[522] ... But ... they say when their fins are down, like now ... then they're [...]
Angela (PS029) [523] Mm.
[524] And if they hide a lot.
Zoe (PS02D) [525] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [526] If one of them bull , being bullied they wanna hide.
[527] They hide a lot.
Zoe (PS02D) [528] Mm we have got some more weed upstairs, some more of that plastic weed that I could put in.
Angela (PS029) [529] Yeah that would, that ... If you brought proper weed
Zoe (PS02D) [530] Weed, yeah.
Angela (PS029) [531] just floated it on the top, not down the bottom. [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [532] Yeah but that [...] the pump look cos they don't, don't need so much weed look that, we don't put it on.
[533] Though I shall have to keep it on in the summer to keep er
Angela (PS029) [534] The water clean.
Zoe (PS02D) [535] the water clean else it erm ... Do you clean yours out a lot?
[536] Cos you've got a little one haven't you?
Angela (PS029) [537] Yeah.
[538] [...] if it starts getting milky then I change it but ... at the moment there's only one little fish see?
Zoe (PS02D) [539] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [540] Oops ... alright.
Zoe (PS02D) [541] Here you are.
[542] ... Louise!
[543] You hold that [...]
Angela (PS029) [544] What'd she say?
Zoe (PS02D) [545] A piddle?
[546] Doesn't get that from me. ...
Angela (PS029) [547] Is that Steve's shirt is it?
Zoe (PS02D) [548] Yeah I hate ironing them shirts.
Angela (PS029) [549] Your kitchen looks nice though Zoe.
[550] I like the grill.
Zoe (PS02D) [551] Yeah?
[552] ... I gotta get some more [...]
Angela (PS029) [553] Mine's like, it's a bit it's a bit like this but not as thick.
[554] It's Polyripple innit?
Zoe (PS02D) [555] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [556] It's not as thick as that.
[557] It is width, like that
Zoe (PS02D) [...]
Angela (PS029) [558] Yeah.
[559] But it ain't as thick.
[560] ... But it's better than mine that is.
[561] Mine's like that but very ... not so much.
[562] And I want it like yours ... but like you said I'd have to buy erm [...] Artex and get Chris to do it. ...
Zoe (PS02D) [563] Once it's on you can't get it off mind.
Angela (PS029) [564] Yeah I know.
Zoe (PS02D) [565] Gotta sand it off.
Angela (PS029) [566] The Polyripple peels off though Zoe.
[567] It goes like rubber.
Zoe (PS02D) [568] Does it?
Angela (PS029) [569] Yeah cos I had a ... I did one roll alright.
[570] And erm ... it was like crooked and I got my nail behind there like that ... right?
[571] And I went like that
Zoe (PS02D) [572] [...] get it off.
Angela (PS029) [573] and it peels like rubber.
[574] Peels off like rubber.
[575] You can get it off [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [576] Mm [...] .
[577] Perhaps it's sort of on there yeah.
Angela (PS029) [578] Yeah.
[579] You gotta paint it like.
Zoe (PS02D) [580] But it was, it was cheaper to by the artex like that cos it's only three pound a bag look, three fifty a bag ... for a bag of it.
Angela (PS029) [581] [...] Do you know how much I paid?
Zoe (PS02D) [582] How much?
Angela (PS029) [583] I paid ... for a tub of polyripple already ... with the stuff in it
Zoe (PS02D) [584] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [585] I paid twelve pounds.
Zoe (PS02D) [586] Yeah but there's stuff you put on before you gotta paint a certain square amount of area
Angela (PS029) [587] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [588] and I can ... keep it on the wall innit?
[589] A bonding
Angela (PS029) [590] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [591] Unibond?
Angela (PS029) [592] Yeah.
[593] Something like that.
Zoe (PS02D) [594] Is it?
[595] And then erm ...
Angela (PS029) [596] Roll it out after.
Zoe (PS02D) [597] You gotta roll it out af , and you've gotta leave it on so long like overnight, and it stinks.
[598] And then you've gotta ... well [...] area, this bit here
Angela (PS029) [599] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [600] we had to plaster it underneath because erm ... he had to, we just had wires like this down the end?
Angela (PS029) [601] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [602] They weren't, they weren't in the wall?
Angela (PS029) [603] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [604] So Steve had to chisel all the wall out.
Angela (PS029) [605] Mhm.
Zoe (PS02D) [606] Set them in the wall.
[607] I expect, you gotta [...] ?
Angela (PS029) [608] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [609] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [610] But I've gotta [...] though.
[611] I can't erm ... there's one lot that ... just one lot like that [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [612] [...] Yeah Steve uses a paintbrush .
[613] Find an old paintbrush.
Angela (PS029) [614] Mm.
[615] I've got a paintbrush.
Zoe (PS02D) [616] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [617] Cos I've been doing round the edges [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [618] Now my sister just ... just had her bathroom ... just had her bath bathroom artexed?
Angela (PS029) [619] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [620] And do you know what she done it with?
[621] Her finger.
[622] ... Her finger.
[623] And it looks lush
Angela (PS029) [624] What like ... bumps, like bumps?
Zoe (PS02D) [625] All she done is S's.
Angela (PS029) [626] Oh S's.
Zoe (PS02D) [627] Little S's all, all over, it like that?
Angela (PS029) [628] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [629] And it looks lovely.
[630] ... Really nice.
Angela (PS029) [631] And I gotta do my bathroom as well.
[632] But only down to the tiles so mine'd only be half way.
Zoe (PS02D) [633] And it's ... in a Rome pink it is, like a sort of a ... nice pink.
[634] It looks really nice it do.
[635] And she got her bath in the middle of the bathroom.
Angela (PS029) [636] So you buy a packet of Artex?
[637] You don't buy it in tubs?
Zoe (PS02D) [638] No.
[639] It's a great big bag.
[640] Mind this took about ... well it's [...] innit [...]
Angela (PS029) [641] Cos mine's only half way cos the tiles are up to here look
Zoe (PS02D) [642] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [643] and then it's the bath.
[644] So it'd only be say from there ... to the roof round.
Zoe (PS02D) [645] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [646] So I could do that couldn't I?
[647] Artex that
Zoe (PS02D) [648] [...] Unibond then
Angela (PS029) [649] Yeah first.
[650] How much is that?
Zoe (PS02D) [651] And you've gotta have a bucket to mix it in.
Angela (PS029) [652] I've got a bucket.
[653] How much is that for ... Unibond?
Zoe (PS02D) [654] I don't know.
[655] About a fiver I expect, the Unibond.
[656] And you gotta mix it up
Angela (PS029) [...]
Zoe (PS02D) [657] it's like mi mixing a cake.
Angela (PS029) [658] Is it?
Zoe (PS02D) [659] You gotta have the right consistency and the right colour and
Angela (PS029) [660] Mm.
Zoe (PS02D) [661] So you'd probably be better off with that stuff.
[662] ... Cos it might be different texture then look if you've already started.
Angela (PS029) [663] I'm not gonna do it in the kitchen.
Zoe (PS02D) [664] Oh.
Angela (PS029) [665] I gotta finish the kitchen off with the ... Polyripple.
Zoe (PS02D) [666] The Polyripple.
Angela (PS029) [667] But the bathroom [...] bathroom
Zoe (PS02D) [...]
Angela (PS029) [668] it's only like from the tile to the ceiling.
[669] It's only about
Zoe (PS02D) [670] Yeah like [...] bit in there.
Angela (PS029) [671] Yeah.
[672] It's only half way round look.
Zoe (PS02D) [673] Cos you gotta have windows out haven't you?
Angela (PS029) [674] Eh?
Zoe (PS02D) [675] You gotta have your windows out haven't you?
Angela (PS029) [676] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [677] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [678] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [679] Benny won't ... Benny wouldn't [...]
Angela (PS029) [680] He's not Benny.
[681] ... Won't he?
[682] ... Why not?
[683] Don't he wanna play?
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [684] No he [...]
Angela (PS029) [685] Ah.
Zoe (PS02D) [686] Doesn't wanna play [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...]
Angela (PS029) [687] Is that the trousers [...] ?
Zoe (PS02D) [688] No.
[689] ... No these ones I got up BeWise two ninety nine.
Angela (PS029) [690] No I like those they suit you those do.
[691] ... See I can't wear anything like that they're all too bloody long on me.
Zoe (PS02D) [692] Yeah [...] they'd be too big round the waist.
Angela (PS029) [693] Yeah.
Zoe (PS02D) [694] Cos you're so tiny aren't you? ... [...]
Angela (PS029) [695] I'm on a eating diet, you won't believe it Zoe. [laugh]
Zoe (PS02D) [696] What ... what see food and eat it?
Angela (PS029) [697] Yeah.
[698] Chris ... up till Christmas cos I've gotta put some weight on.
Zoe (PS02D) [699] You have?
Angela (PS029) [700] Yeah cos I went in that shop and I put on a size ten skirt and it was hanging.
Zoe (PS02D) [701] Ooh.
[702] You'll have to give it a [...]
Angela (PS029) [703] And then it [...] me a pair of trousers .
[704] Give me a pair of, brought me a pair of trousers.
[705] They fitted but they still looked a bit baggy.
[706] And I said to her well I'll have to go on a eating binge.
[707] She said yes ... go on ... stuff your face.
[708] So, yeah so what I have erm ... I don't really need to stuff my face cos I eat one meal a day see
Zoe (PS02D) [709] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [710] and that's it.
[711] I don't pick.
Zoe (PS02D) [712] No I do see.
[713] That's why I'm so fat.
Angela (PS029) [714] So and I, so then I, I thought right.
[715] I'll do what I did last time.
[716] I'll eat breakfast dinner and tea ... and supper.
[717] And I'll bump the weight on then.
Zoe (PS02D) [718] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [719] Guess what I had yesterday, I stuffed, I had breakfast.
[720] Dinnertime I had pizza, tomatoes
Zoe (PS02D) [721] Oh my god.
Angela (PS029) [722] tinned tomatoes, chip, egg ... two slices of bread and an apple afterwards
Zoe (PS02D) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [723] and teatime I had chicken, roast chicken, roast spuds, gravy
Zoe (PS02D) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [724] and then I had supper and we bought these cakes.
[725] I ate three cakes ... erm and then I had another one at two o'clock.
[726] Erm ... cups of tea.
Zoe (PS02D) [727] Oh my god.
Angela (PS029) [728] Yeah I stuffed me face.
[729] ... Half the trouble with me is that I'm so busy Zoe I can't be bothered.
[730] ... [...] ... I'll wind it back a bit, you can listen.

4 (Tape 011304)

Angela (PS02B) [731] Oh no you can't have my chair.
[732] ... That's my chair said the big bear.
[733] [laugh] Come here.
[734] Can you get up?
[735] Come here.
Ben (PS02F) [736] No.
Angela (PS02B) [737] Come on mister ... heavy man.
Ben (PS02F) [738] [laugh] heavy man.
Angela (PS02B) [739] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [740] No, no.
Angela (PS02B) [741] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [742] Mister man.
Angela (PS02B) [743] Yeah mister man.
Angela (PS029) [744] Do you want orange Ben?
Ben (PS02F) [745] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [746] There.
Ben (PS02F) [747] Yeah mister man
Angela (PS02B) [laugh]
Ben (PS02F) [748] [laughing] mister man []
Angela (PS029) [749] Here you are.
Angela (PS02B) [750] [...] ... Oh Ange!
[751] ... Take it back.
Angela (PS029) [752] [...] bought these.
Angela (PS02B) [753] Where do you buy them?
[754] Up Asda?
Angela (PS029) [755] Wednesday!
Angela (PS02B) [756] That shouldn't go like that. ... [...]
Angela (PS029) [757] They're all gone ... get some more.
Angela (PS02B) [758] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [759] It gets [...] dunnit?
Angela (PS029) [760] He does.
Angela (PS02B) [761] Yeah, naughty daddy innit?
Angela (PS029) [762] Ooh [...] get the yukky ones.
Ben (PS02F) [763] [...] don't I?
Angela (PS02B) [764] So you took your work back then Ange?
[765] Did you get some more back?
Angela (PS029) [766] No not yet they erm ... he was gonna bring some yesterday but the er ... the guy who does it is out.
Angela (PS02B) [767] Oh yeah.
Angela (PS029) [768] And somebody, this other boy had to do his own work.
[769] You know his proper job
Angela (PS02B) [770] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [771] and [...] cut any rubbers.
[772] ... They might have some today.
Angela (PS02B) [773] Yes.
Angela (PS029) [774] So they're waiting to cut the rubbers so ... at least I had, some of them haven't had, had any Ange so
Angela (PS02B) [775] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [776] I'm lucky to have had five.
Angela (PS02B) [777] Yeah, yeah.
[778] What babe?
Ben (PS02F) [779] I've got something to show you.
Angela (PS02B) [780] Oh it's a big wheel is it?
Ben (PS02F) [781] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [782] Ooh ... you gonna open it up and eat it. [noises - playing with ben]
Angela (PS029) [783] [laughing] How much do you want [] .
[784] When she said that Ange, how much do you want cut!
Angela (PS02B) [785] That's it.
[786] I thought what's she on about.
[787] You don't want it cut.
Angela (PS029) [788] Yeah I do.
[789] I want this off.
Angela (PS02B) [790] Yeah I know.
[791] Yeah cos last time you left it.
Angela (PS029) [792] It's too heavy.
Angela (PS02B) [793] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [794] Too heavy on top.
[795] She can cut that ... quite short on top so it's more fuller.
[796] I think that's what it was ... I left it too long.
Ben (PS02F) [shouting] [...] []
Angela (PS02B) [...] [...]
Angela (PS029) [797] Yeah it's not bad is it?
Angela (PS02B) [798] No.
[799] ... What babe?
Ben (PS02F) [800] And and the big bear said who's been sleeping in my bed.
Angela (PS029) [801] Zoe wants [...] I gotta tell her [...]
Angela (PS02B) [...]
Angela (PS029) [802] [...] Yeah she wants [...]
Ben (PS02F) [803] I know more, I know more.
[804] And and the big bear said who been sleeping in my bed.
Angela (PS02B) [805] That's right.
[806] ... Very good.
[807] ... Thank you my love.
Angela (PS029) [808] [...] said ... what's that?
[809] I said that's just, nothing.
[810] Oh it's only a ... tape recorder.
Angela (PS02B) [811] Oh that thing again!
Angela (PS029) [laugh]
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [812] Yeah that's right Ben.
Angela (PS029) [813] Had any hampers Ange? [laugh]
Angela (PS02B) [...]
Angela (PS029) [814] [...] [reading] wondering what Christmas [...] .
[815] ... [...] wishing you had a little extra money.
[816] Spending all your money on food instead of presents! [...] about changing ... the way you [...] .
[817] Take a look through this leaflet and you'll see how [...] .
[818] All you have to do ... is ... ta ra ... earn top commission.
[819] One pound in every four pound. []
Angela (PS02B) [820] That's right.
Angela (PS029) [821] [reading] Choose your super free gift.
[822] Win fifty thousand cash in our free prize draw or win the holiday of a lifetime [] .
Angela (PS02B) [823] That's right.
Angela (PS029) [824] [reading] All this ... while helping your family and friends enjoy themselves this year [] .
[825] Why are they ... why are they so happy? [laugh]
Angela (PS02B) [826] Don't no.
Angela (PS029) [827] This must be it then.
Angela (PS02B) [828] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [829] I'll probably be doing hampers next year.
[830] [laughing] I won't be able to go anywhere [] .
Angela (PS02B) [831] I tell you what, they're not cheap Ange.
Angela (PS029) [832] [reading] Enjoy the best Christmas ... with [...] Family Hampers [] .
Angela (PS02B) [833] Mine came yesterday.
Angela (PS029) [834] Oh what do you win then?
[835] What do you get?
Angela (PS02B) [836] Well you get the money.
[837] Or you get the
Angela (PS029) [838] What's your free gift.
Angela (PS02B) [839] Free gift?
[840] Oh you pick one out of twelve.
[841] Mine was erm
Angela (PS029) [842] Where?
Angela (PS02B) [843] a barrel of erm [...]
Angela (PS029) [844] Where is it Ange?
Angela (PS02B) [845] Yeah but it's crafty Ange.
[846] I got it yesterday right.
[847] And when I read it on there for a free gift I thought ooh if I do it myself I'll get a free gift.
[848] You don't.
[849] ... You gotta recommend a friend.
Angela (PS029) [850] To get a free gift?
Angela (PS02B) [851] Yeah.
[852] Then you recommend another friend
Angela (PS029) [853] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [854] and you get one ... if you run it.
[855] Crafty you see.
[856] ... I'm not doing it, it's too dear anyway Ange if you look at it.
[857] Not every week, couple of quid every week it's not so bad.
Angela (PS029) [858] Mm.
Angela (PS02B) [859] You know it's cheap.
[860] But the thing is ... looking at the actual price of the er thing that you're having ... of the hamper.
[861] It's a lot of money.
Angela (PS029) [862] Here you are.
[863] [reading] Bumper lager pack.
[864] Join the party with cans galore for only two pound a week []
Angela (PS02B) [865] Yeah that's right, you can.
Angela (PS029) [866] That's alright.
Angela (PS02B) [867] Well it's hundred and odd pounds.
Angela (PS029) [868] Yeah well it's good for the year though innit?
Angela (PS02B) [869] Oh yeah.
Angela (PS029) [870] [reading] All your Christmas [...] beer, lager, wine various lagers [...] [] .
Angela (PS02B) [871] Frozen foods, sweets, all sorts.
Ben (PS02F) [872] [shouting] Mum mum mum []
Angela (PS029) [873] What yeah?
Ben (PS02F) [874] I didn't have my erm birthday yet [...] bobblin
Angela (PS02B) [875] Goblin.
Angela (PS029) [876] Well Uncle Richard's gonna think about buying you a goblin alright?
[877] A bobblin, sorry.
[878] He's gonna have a look in the shop he said.
[879] ... We'll see, if if Uncle Richard don't get you one we'll see what mummy and daddy can do.
Angela (PS02B) [880] Oh that one's nice Ange.
Angela (PS029) [881] Let's have a look.
Angela (PS02B) [882] Oh that's lovely.
Angela (PS029) [883] It smells though.
[884] It smells like a woman's.
Angela (PS02B) [885] Yeah and you smell that one.
[886] It's like a ...
Angela (PS029) [887] Mm.
Angela (PS02B) [888] Oh I like that one.
Angela (PS029) [889] I like this one.
Angela (PS02B) [890] Mm.
[891] Smells like [...]
Angela (PS029) [892] It's like a flower
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...]
Angela (PS029) [893] I wouldn't mind that one.
[894] It's nice.
Ben (PS02F) [895] [...] like this one
Angela (PS02B) [896] What darling?
[897] ... Ooh that smells lovely.
Angela (PS029) [898] Very nice.
[899] [reading] Beat inflation.
[900] ... All our hampers full of quality goods price fixed today.
[901] Fifty p a week.
[902] You can make your Christmas easier for yourself and extra special for your friends.
[903] [...] You can choose as much as, or little as you like and can be sure of a superb service [] .
[904] So you pay fifty p a week Ange?
Angela (PS02B) [905] Yeah you can.
Angela (PS029) [906] So ... you, well you can recommend me ... if you want ... to get your ... your thing.
[907] Once you've recommended someone do they only send me, I don't have to order it do I?
Angela (PS02B) [908] No.
[909] Yeah you do.
Angela (PS029) [910] I do?
Angela (PS02B) [911] Yeah, you have to start it.
Angela (PS029) [912] Recommend Zoe then cos Zoe wants to do it.
Angela (PS02B) [913] Yeah but she's already got her own catalogue to do it with.
[914] She won't, she [...]
Angela (PS029) [915] Yeah but it's only Littlewood's or something it is.
Angela (PS02B) [916] Yeah well ... you only
Angela (PS029) [917] She ain't had it through yet.
[918] It's only in the back of the book.
[919] She ain't even done it yet.
[920] She told me she wants to do it.
[921] Recommend Zoe .
Angela (PS02B) [922] No ... no I won't recommend her she [...]
Angela (PS029) [923] You want me to ring her?
Angela (PS02B) [924] No it's okay.
[925] If she wants to run it she can if she wants.
Angela (PS029) [926] Yeah but
Angela (PS02B) [927] I'm not bothering though.
Angela (PS029) [928] Have it off her.
Angela (PS02B) [929] Too much bloody hassle.
[930] You gotta keep going to the bank every bloody week.
Angela (PS029) [931] Oh what to pay it in?
Angela (PS02B) [932] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [933] Oh.
[934] Well I tell you who did that, Rich.
Angela (PS02B) [935] Mm.
[936] It's good
Angela (PS029) [937] And at the end of the year he [...]
Angela (PS02B) [938] Yeah you have.
[939] You can get a free
Angela (PS029) [940] And then he did another one ... where at work he paid in a pound a week or two pound and at the end of the year, they kept the money like in the bank.
Angela (PS02B) [941] Yeah they do.
Angela (PS029) [942] Put [...] .
[943] At the end of the year they give him the cash.
Angela (PS02B) [944] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [945] And it was, so he had ... his food and his Christmas money.
[946] For presents [...] out of his pocket
Angela (PS02B) [947] [...] do that see?
Angela (PS029) [948] We ought to do one where we
Angela (PS02B) [949] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [950] just say right we'll put a pound a week in ... and at the end of the year
Angela (PS02B) [951] That's it and say ... and then split it you know [...]
Angela (PS029) [952] Like say if you put one fifty in a week
Angela (PS02B) [953] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [954] Give it to someone.
[955] That's what they did.
[956] Someone at work said right I'm gonna start up a thing.
Angela (PS02B) [957] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [958] Pay one fifty a week, at the end of the year we put it all in a jar write your name down.
Angela (PS02B) [959] That's right.
[960] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [961] Take one fifty.
[962] Put it in a jar and at the end of the year we'll give you the money.
[963] All of it.
Angela (PS02B) [964] Yeah.
[965] It's better innit?
Angela (PS029) [966] It is better.
Angela (PS02B) [967] It's like a [...] you want really where you put ... some people put [...] .
[968] Like they do at [...] , they do a [...]
Ben (PS02F) [969] Ooh my toe.
Angela (PS029) [970] But you want people who's gonna pay every week.
[971] You don't want people you're gonna have to keep
Angela (PS02B) [972] Yeah that's what I mean Ange.
Angela (PS029) [973] Well if they don't pay ... it's no worry
Angela (PS02B) [974] No.
Angela (PS029) [975] cos ... they only get what they paid.
[976] You write it down, and what they paid each week.
[977] If they miss a week and they haven't paid it
Angela (PS02B) [978] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [979] just put ... not paid and keep going till the end of the year. ...
Angela (PS02B) [980] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [981] [reading] Although we, you agree to pay [...] we have not received the amount shown [] .
[982] Fifty nine pound, what! ... ooh
Angela (PS02B) [983] And yet they've got the nerve to bloody ask you if you wanna do hampers.
[984] What a cheek.
[985] And yet they send you letters [...]
Angela (PS029) [986] No that's the water bill.
[987] [laugh] [...] water bill.
[988] Where's me bag?
Ben (PS02F) [989] That's bill ... what's bill?
Angela (PS02B) [990] Does your socks come up alright Ange?
Angela (PS029) [991] Socks?
Angela (PS02B) [992] Does you get them white?
Angela (PS029) [993] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [994] Oh I ain't.
[995] I have to buy
Angela (PS029) [996] Yeah they always come up white,
Angela (PS02B) [997] bloody bleach on mine.
Ben (PS02F) [998] Bloody
Angela (PS029) [999] No Ben
Angela (PS02B) [1000] Bleach.
[1001] I got it.
Ben (PS02F) [1002] Bleach.
Angela (PS029) [1003] That's old socks.
Angela (PS02B) [1004] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1005] [laughing] That's old ones. []
Angela (PS02B) [1006] But mine I have to use bleach in it.
Angela (PS029) [1007] Oh I don't.
[1008] ... I've only got an old one [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1009] Yeah [...]
Angela (PS029) [1010] [...] they all come out clean
Angela (PS02B) [1011] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1012] Angie.
[1013] I use that Persil.
[1014] No not Persil.
[1015] No erm ... Bold.
Angela (PS02B) [1016] Yeah I bought that er ... Surf I use now.
[1017] That lasts longer.
[1018] ... Yeah, I've used that.
Angela (PS029) [1019] Perhaps you ought to get automatic?
Angela (PS02B) [1020] I had automatic, I didn't get on with it.
[1021] It didn't seem very good Ange.
Angela (PS029) [1022] Didn't it?
Angela (PS02B) [1023] No.
[1024] Yeah I'm on
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1025] I'll have to use ... I've got Surf and I've got bleach and that'll do them.
[1026] Bleach is bloody good.
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1027] Cos it's [...] ... the lid.
Angela (PS02B) [1028] Now what shall I have done to my hair?
Angela (PS029) [1029] What [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1030] Oh I'm just having it cut.
Angela (PS029) [1031] Are you?
Angela (PS02B) [1032] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1033] Well that perm didn't take long did it?
[1034] It was only thirty minutes weren't it?
[1035] And it was out.
[1036] And it was about ...
Ben (PS02F) [1037] There's something wrong with that ... and this [...]
Angela (PS029) [1038] [...] they even give you the papers as well.
Angela (PS02B) [1039] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1040] It's a good perm this one.
Angela (PS02B) [1041] Yeah it is.
[1042] Well you can tell can't you Ange?
Angela (PS029) [1043] [...] one I had before.
Angela (PS02B) [1044] Yeah.
[1045] Gosh that money you spent out Ange ... twice.
[1046] And still you had a mistake.
[1047] Didn't you?
Angela (PS029) [1048] Mm. [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1049] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1050] I know.
[1051] I was gonna have a breeze
Angela (PS02B) [1052] Breeze cut ?
Angela (PS029) [1053] Permanent breeze.
Angela (PS02B) [1054] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1055] But erm ...
Angela (PS02B) [1056] Bit dodgy innit?
Angela (PS029) [1057] [...] it's just the way of rolling it
Angela (PS02B) [1058] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1059] that's all, but then I'd have to keep blow drying and [...] it every day.
[1060] I can't be bothered to do that.
Angela (PS02B) [1061] No, it's too much.
Angela (PS029) [1062] I'd like her to wind it tighter this time.
Angela (PS02B) [1063] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1064] And cut quite a bit off the top
Angela (PS02B) [1065] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1066] so it's shorter.
[1067] Cos it'll hold it better.
Angela (PS02B) [1068] That's right.
[1069] Yeah it will.
Angela (PS029) [1070] [...] ... Yeah ten minutes ... [...] neutraliser
Angela (PS02B) [1071] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [1072] and erm ...
Ben (PS02F) [1073] Yuk ... yuk ...
Angela (PS02B) [1074] What babe?
Ben (PS02F) [1075] Don't want these black-currant sweeties.
Angela (PS02B) [1076] Why babe?
Angela (PS029) [1077] Don't like them?
Ben (PS02F) [1078] Cos they're all ... they're all ... all ... all erm ... all ... all got all ... got all [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1079] What?
Angela (PS029) [1080] What [...] ?
Ben (PS02F) [1081] All things on them.
Angela (PS029) [1082] What things?
Angela (PS02B) [1083] What things ... babe?
Ben (PS02F) [1084] Things [...]
Angela (PS02B) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1085] What things?
Angela (PS02B) [1086] What things?
Ben (PS02F) [1087] [shouting] Things! []
Angela (PS02B) [1088] Got things in them.
[1089] I dunno [...]
Angela (PS029) [1090] You don't like the taste?
Angela (PS02B) [1091] You don't like the taste babe?
[1092] ... Are they horrible?
Angela (PS029) [1093] Alright.
[1094] I, I'll tell you what I think I've got [...] in here.
[1095] Actually I [...] get some [...] .
[1096] Frutella!
[1097] You like those ... orange ones.
Angela (PS02B) [1098] Orange.
Angela (PS029) [1099] Oh look at your top!
Ben (PS02F) [1100] What?
Angela (PS02B) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1101] Looks like you've spat it all over your top did you?
Ben (PS02F) [1102] Mhm.
Angela (PS02B) [1103] He don't like them.
Angela (PS029) [1104] No.
Angela (PS02B) [1105] Don't like them babe?
[1106] No.
Angela (PS029) [1107] You stand up on there cos mum wants to sit down.
[1108] Cos you're, you're bigger than me.
Angela (PS02B) [1109] Yeah, you're taller.
Angela (PS029) [1110] You're bigger than mummy.
[1111] You can see.
[1112] Oh that's better I had a bad back.
Angela (PS02B) [1113] I tell you what these are good for your back Ange.
[1114] Makes you sit up [...] .
[1115] Wish my [...] chairs [...] .
[1116] I like a big ... settee I do.
Angela (PS029) [1117] Yeah I do.
Angela (PS02B) [1118] Nice [...] .
[1119] Comfy mind. ...
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1120] Yeah.
[1121] ... They're not coming to you this week Ange?
[1122] Like they said?
Angela (PS029) [1123] No it'll be next week.
[1124] Three weeks, it'll be next week should be.
[1125] Some time.
Angela (PS02B) [1126] They'd better.
[1127] Got one week left for them to come ... after that.
[1128] [...] . I'm going up the fair on er ... Saturday.
Angela (PS029) [1129] Well I won't be going unless Chris gives me some money.
Angela (PS02B) [1130] Yeah, it's only a couple of quid. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1131] [...] or something?
Angela (PS02B) [...] [ben is making a lot of noise]
Angela (PS029) [1132] Mm. ...
Angela (PS02B) [1133] Father Christmas is fifty p.
Angela (PS029) [1134] You need your hair cut again.
Ben (PS02F) [1135] Have I?
Angela (PS029) [1136] That's sticking up, look [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1137] Mm.
[1138] I can't [...] wash it.
[1139] It's when they lie.
Angela (PS029) [1140] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1141] That's what I put it on.
[1142] Mrs didn't go up there yesterday Ange.
Angela (PS029) [1143] Oh.
Angela (PS02B) [1144] She's getting on my nerves.
[1145] I said to Jay did you do any work yesterday?
[1146] He said no.
[1147] I said what do you mean no?
[1148] He said no, we didn't do nothing [...]
Angela (PS029) [1149] Lee said that.
[1150] ... Lee said that.
Angela (PS02B) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1151] Yeah.
[1152] Alright Ben.
[1153] That's what Lee said.
[1154] They didn't do anything.
Angela (PS02B) [1155] And I said why's that then.
[1156] She said I don't know.
[1157] She said don't, don't play nothing.
[1158] I suppose cos it's coming to Christmas they don't bother. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1159] Yeah but it's a few weeks yet though.
[1160] Last week Lee said he didn't do nothing.
Angela (PS02B) [1161] Oh. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1162] They haven't done no decorations have they?
Angela (PS02B) [1163] No.
[1164] No.
[1165] ... Jason took a box in today cos they've gotta do er ... whatsit, a Christmas decoration or something.
Angela (PS029) [1166] I gotta wash Lee, Lee brought these er ... for the shepherd ne , you going next week?
Angela (PS02B) [1167] Mm.
[1168] What the shepherd thing?
Angela (PS029) [1169] Erm ... their play.
[1170] I gotta go on to next Thursday.
[1171] Half past one?
Angela (PS02B) [1172] Have you?
[1173] Yeah I'll come up with you.
Angela (PS029) [1174] I gotta er ... cos he can go in the creche look
Angela (PS02B) [1175] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1176] up there, so that'll be alright.
[1177] Did we go last year?
[1178] We did didn't we?
[1179] And they all stood on the stage doing something?
Angela (PS02B) [1180] Yeah they did.
Angela (PS029) [1181] Didn't they?
Angela (PS02B) [1182] Yeah.
[1183] ... No we didn't go last year.
Angela (PS029) [1184] Singing.
[1185] They were singing weren't they ... remember?
Angela (PS02B) [1186] Oh yeah yeah that was right yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1187] In the hall.
[1188] And then that funny speech [...] didn't they?
Angela (PS02B) [1189] Yeah, yeah.
[1190] ... Yeah, got a bit boring when they started talking so we walked off.
Angela (PS029) [1191] Mm.
[1192] Yeah.
[1193] ... You're going a creche next week.
Ben (PS02F) [1194] What?
Angela (PS029) [1195] In Lee's class, the play.
[1196] Play with all the toys.
Angela (PS02B) [1197] That'll be nice.
Angela (PS029) [1198] Like you did last time, remember?
Ben (PS02F) [1199] What?
Angela (PS02B) [1200] With them ladies.
Angela (PS029) [1201] With the ladies.
[1202] And you played with the sand and the water.
[1203] In Lee's school.
[1204] Remember you went in his classroom and you was playing?
[1205] ... Yeah?
[1206] You're going there next week, that'll be nice won't it?
[1207] Play in Lee's classroom with all the toys.
Ben (PS02F) [1208] What erm ... what in [...] in in in [...]
Angela (PS029) [1209] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1210] You'll like that babe ... won't you?
Ben (PS02F) [1211] What one?
Angela (PS02B) [1212] Up the school.
Angela (PS029) [1213] At school.
Ben (PS02F) [1214] What one?
Angela (PS029) [1215] He got a tiny little face round here hasn't he?
Angela (PS02B) [1216] [...] he is ... isn't he?
Angela (PS029) [1217] Mm.
Angela (PS02B) [1218] He's got big cheeks.
Angela (PS029) [1219] Got a tiny, it's small though innit?
[1220] He's got a real little face hasn't he?
Angela (PS02B) [1221] Yeah but he ... it's not a baby face any more.
Angela (PS029) [1222] No.
[1223] Small though innit?
[1224] His jaw and that.
Angela (PS02B) [1225] Yeah but you wait till he gets older.
[1226] It'll start filling out.
Angela (PS029) [1227] Mm.
Angela (PS02B) [1228] Like Jay's shooting up so much that he, he, he just cannot put weight on .
Angela (PS029) [1229] On.
[1230] That's Lee's like that mind.
Angela (PS02B) [1231] You know they're just shooting up all the time.
[1232] They can't put weight on.
[1233] I thought you skinny little rake.
Angela (PS029) [1234] time, yeah you look at them you think oh skinny
Angela (PS02B) [1235] [laugh] Like a beanpole.
Ben (PS02F) [1236] Did you say beanpole you little rake?
Angela (PS02B) [1237] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [1238] Do you?
Angela (PS02B) [1239] Yeah I say you ... got to behave yourself ... to my children yeah.
[1240] To Chrissie and Jason.
[1241] ... Have to do as they're told.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1242] Yeah ... yeah ... yeah.
[1243] Oh you get some Ange did you?
Angela (PS029) [1244] Yeah that's what I had.
[1245] ... I've given [...] .
[1246] One for Alex from Lee and Ben [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1247] Oh yeah yeah
Angela (PS029) [1248] Zoe's knocking on the window tomorrow.
Angela (PS02B) [1249] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1250] Sharon ain't here. [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1251] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1252] Ange and Pete.
Angela (PS02B) [1253] Oh thank you.
Angela (PS029) [1254] [laugh] Rowena and Dave.
[1255] Is that how you spell Roma?
Angela (PS02B) [1256] Yeah ... I think so but if not
Angela (PS029) [1257] Well
Angela (PS02B) [1258] it's just too bad, you're like me Ange
Angela (PS029) [1259] Jenny.
Angela (PS02B) [1260] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1261] and family [...] and family.
[1262] Thought I can't give one without the other.
Angela (PS02B) [1263] No.
Angela (PS029) [1264] Jan.
[1265] Got her give it this morning.
Angela (PS02B) [1266] Yeah. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1267] Lynn.
Ben (PS02F) [1268] Lynn.
Angela (PS029) [1269] I put ... in there well I can't remember, what'd I put?
[1270] Lynn ... [...] put Lynn and I put
Angela (PS02B)
Angela (PS029) [1271] Lynn and husband.
[1272] And then I put ... and ... what's her name?
Angela (PS02B) [1273] Erm ... oh gosh!
Angela (PS029) [1274] I had to think ... what's her name?
[1275] And he, he said oh that's erm.

5 (Tape 011305)

Angela (PS029) [1276] [laugh] Did you forget as well?
Angela (PS02B) [1277] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1278] [...] I just stick it on.
[1279] If she's coming.
[1280] Just turn it on.
[1281] [...] when it click.
[1282] No I didn't even hear it click so ... [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1283] [...] let you know.
[1284] Mind you if it's up there you won't know.
Angela (PS029) [1285] It, well if it stops it stops.
[1286] Cos I only wanna do one tape
Angela (PS02B) [1287] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1288] [...] I need to do one tape.
Angela (PS02B) [1289] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1290] And I'll recommend Zoe then [laughing] so it won't be so bad [...] [] .
Angela (PS02B) [1291] Yeah.
[1292] See she still brings that dog up the school and it says on that paper you know no dogs allowed in the school.
Angela (PS029) [1293] Yeah I know and the other one does as well.
[1294] Her, her friend.
[1295] What's her name?
Angela (PS02B) [1296] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1297] Ryan's mum.
[1298] Carol.
Angela (PS02B) [1299] She she gets hold of her a lot now don't she?
Angela (PS029) [1300] Mm.
[1301] Carol
Angela (PS02B) [1302] Nattering to her and ... Zoe's husband with her this morning.
Angela (PS029) [1303] Was he?
Angela (PS02B) [1304] Is that her husband ... or brother?
Angela (PS029) [1305] With the glasses on?
Angela (PS02B) [1306] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1307] Her husband.
Angela (PS02B) [1308] Thinnish.
Angela (PS029) [1309] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1310] Not th thin thin, but just slight
Angela (PS029) [1311] Yeah [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1312] Dark hair with glasses?
Angela (PS029) [1313] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1314] Mm yeah he was with her this morning.
Angela (PS029) [1315] Oh was he?
Angela (PS02B) [1316] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1317] Oh.
[1318] Go careful cos you might fall.
Angela (PS02B) [1319] Yeah, jeans on.
Angela (PS029) [1320] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1321] Yeah
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1322] Yeah I know.
[1323] I don't know what he sees in her Ange.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1324] Must be something about her.
Angela (PS029) [1325] Yeah that's really nice [...] .
[1326] ... [...] Turn it over.
Ben (PS02F) [1327] Why?
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1328] So anyway Zoe's gonna have some [...] .
[1329] And they fitted her Ange so I told you I bet she put them on first.
Angela (PS029) [1330] Yeah because ... they were baggy.
Angela (PS02B) [1331] She, I told Jenny Yeah I told you.
[1332] She must have stretched them.
[1333] That's what she did.
Angela (PS029) [1334] Cos the box was open wasn't it?
Angela (PS02B) [1335] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1336] And one of the ... things were [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1337] I think she is a size eight looking at her feet they look bigger than my fives.
Angela (PS029) [1338] [...] she's a size eight [...] cos our [...] she's a size eight for nothing.
[1339] Cos that is a big five.
Angela (PS02B) [1340] She is ... She is a size eight [...]
Angela (PS029) [1341] She must of Ange cos they were ... slopping.
Angela (PS02B) [1342] I know.
[1343] She ... she stretched them.
Angela (PS029) [1344] Well she'll never get a size four on, my boots.
[1345] Cos I said order them size four.
[1346] And she said why
Angela (PS02B) [1347] Hope she doesn't stretch them.
Angela (PS029) [1348] She goes ... that's probably why she was telling me to get the flat ones ... cos she won't get them on.
Angela (PS02B) [1349] Cos she [...]
Angela (PS029) [1350] I said no no I don't want those.
[1351] And she goes [...] .
[1352] See she can't wear high heels.
Angela (PS02B) [1353] No No.
[1354] [phone rings] That's your mum Ange.
Angela (PS029) [...] [laugh]

6 (Tape 011306)

Angela (PS029) [1355] Yeah she said erm ... you have it my love don't you worry but I said no I'll give you some ... no no I don't want no money for it at all she said, you take it my love.
[1356] She said th that's [...]
Ben (PS02F) [scream]
Angela (PS029) [1357] [...] buy her a box of chocolates.
[1358] ... Won't I?
Ben (PS02F) [1359] No way [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1360] [...] gonna do.
Angela (PS029) [1361] Well get her a box of chocolates.
Angela (PS02B) [1362] Yeah can she eat chocolates?
Angela (PS029) [1363] [...] I'll get her a box of chocolates and a Christmas card.
[1364] I can't just take it for nothing can I?
Angela (PS02B) [1365] Yeah ... no ... ah
Angela (PS029) [1366] She won't take, she said I don't want no money she said.
[1367] You're welcome [...] .
Angela (PS02B) [1368] Ah.
Angela (PS029) [1369] I thought Cath might have [...] .
[1370] But the funny is [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1371] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1372] Cos I think Zoe thinks cos I ain't got any parents look
Angela (PS02B) [1373] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1374] like her mum gives her stuff.
Angela (PS02B) [1375] Mm.
[1376] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1377] She gives it to me look.
[1378] She says well you ain't got no-one to [...] .
[1379] What?
Ben (PS02F) [1380] [...] going [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1381] I'm going home [...] .
[1382] I gotta do some work and mummy has cos [...]
Angela (PS029) [1383] [...] heavy so it must be a big one.
Angela (PS02B) [1384] Yes, I expect it is.
[1385] What is it [...]
Angela (PS029) [1386] I don't know.
[1387] I didn't ask [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1388] [...] long as it goes innit? [...]
Angela (PS029) [1389] She said it were works, it's fine
Angela (PS02B) [1390] That's good.
Angela (PS029) [1391] she said to me yeah it works.
[1392] Cath's just tested it, she said it works [...] .
[1393] It's probably too big for her thingy or something.
Angela (PS02B) [1394] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1395] Stick it over in the corner.
Angela (PS02B) [1396] Yeah, put it over there.
[1397] Be nice.
Angela (PS029) [1398] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1399] Oh Chris'll say what have you been buying? [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1400] I'll say we've got a microwave Chris.
[1401] He'll say what?
[1402] I'll say for nothing.
[1403] What?
[1404] ... He'll love that Ange!
[1405] He can go in there [...] and god knows what else.
Angela (PS02B) [1406] He can get his own then.
Angela (PS029) [1407] Yeah he can go in there.
[1408] [...] it all in there.
Angela (PS02B) [1409] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1410] Oh I'll have to get her a box of chocolates.
Angela (PS02B) [1411] Yeah.
[1412] Get her a little something [...]
Angela (PS029) [1413] She said ... let me know when you're coming my love she said cos erm ... I don't like ... cos I'm on me own ... [...] strangers and that
Angela (PS02B) [1414] Oh yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1415] I said alright I'll I'll [...] .
[1416] It was embarrassing talking to her Ange [...] .
Angela (PS02B) [1417] Yeah I know it do don't it?
Angela (PS029) [1418] Have to get her some chocolates same as Zoe.
[1419] I'll say give me some money I want to go and get her some chocolates.
Angela (PS02B) [1420] Mm.
[1421] That's nice that is.
[1422] Nice.
Angela (PS029) [1423] Cos if she, if she can't have chocolates ask Zoe what she likes.
Angela (PS02B) [1424] Yeah.
[1425] Yes.
[1426] That's alright.
[1427] Saves you buying one.
Angela (PS029) [1428] Well yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1429] Cos you was gonna buy one.
Angela (PS029) [1430] Yes.
Angela (PS02B) [1431] That's good. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1432] Must be my lucky day Ange.
[1433] [laugh] I want a thousand pounds to come through the door now. [laugh]
Angela (PS02B) [1434] Erm no you don't want money.
[1435] You want er chairs.
Angela (PS029) [1436] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1437] You want someone to give you some lino
Angela (PS029) [1438] Lino.
[1439] New units
Angela (PS02B) [1440] Someone to come to do all this for you.
Angela (PS029) [1441] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1442] New units.
Angela (PS029) [1443] Three piece suite.
[1444] Yeah she said her next door neighbour
Angela (PS02B) [1445] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1446] got a ... colour like Jenny's, wine though it is
Angela (PS02B) [1447] Ah.
Angela (PS029) [1448] corner unit, dralon.
[1449] She said to me you [...] .
[1450] And she said [...] can I have it?
Angela (PS02B) [1451] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1452] Cos I want a corner unit look.
Angela (PS02B) [1453] Yeah you always wanted one.
Angela (PS029) [1454] Yeah so she's gonna ask her [...] .
[1455] She said she ain't [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1456] Oh yeah.
[1457] [whispering] Well that's alright Ange [] .
[1458] Hope you get it.
Angela (PS029) [1459] Yeah. [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1460] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1461] It's a bit embarrassing though.
[1462] Cos they're obviously saying oh ... give it to Ange look.
Angela (PS02B) [1463] Yeah.
[1464] The
Angela (PS029) [1465] You know what I mean?
Angela (PS02B) [1466] the offs! [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1467] Yeah [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1468] Oh well Ange if you ain't gotta pay for it I'd bloody take it.
Angela (PS029) [1469] Yeah, yeah I'd be a fool innit?
[1470] Don't look a gift horse in the mouth that's what they say innit?
Angela (PS02B) [1471] Yeah ... yeah that's it.
[1472] You know, [...] money if somebody wants to offer you some, take it.
[1473] I flipping well would.
[1474] ... Good.
[1475] ... About time you had something go right.
[1476] You watch you'll have that microwave and then the [...] 'll come in.
Angela (PS029) [1477] It'll blow up.
[1478] [laugh] Yeah, it'll blow up, it'll go [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1479] Oh don't [...] .
[1480] Right.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1481] Thanks.
[1482] Good.
Angela (PS029) [1483] [...] paid forty five pounds for his.
[1484] And it's not even a nice one either.
Angela (PS02B) [1485] No, that's alright.
Angela (PS029) [1486] It's free.
Angela (PS02B) [1487] So you gotta go round and get it have you Ange?
Angela (PS029) [1488] Yeah.
[1489] But she said it's a bit too heavy to ...
Angela (PS02B) [1490] Oh yeah [...]
Angela (PS029) [1491] carry so get your husband to come round and get it.
Angela (PS02B) [1492] Yeah ... well you go round with him ... and just tell her through the letter box, don't say anything.
Angela (PS029) [1493] Yeah.
Angela (PS02B) [1494] It's up to Zoe to tell her.
Angela (PS029) [1495] Well Zoe said tell me up the school [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1496] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [1497] [ben has previously been shouting unintelligibly] that does this mean?
Angela (PS029) [1498] Three.
Angela (PS02B) [1499] Oh that's alright.
Ben (PS02F) [1500] Four.
Angela (PS029) [1501] So if, if he goes round after er school he can just walk round and see if he can get it. [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1502] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1503] [...] Ange.
Angela (PS02B) [1504] Alright.
Angela (PS029) [1505] [...] have you got a microwave I was gonna say no [...] has. [...]
Angela (PS02B) [1506] No, don't say no.
[1507] Bloody have it.
[1508] You wanna ask [...] she knows anyone with [...]
Angela (PS029) [1509] Yeah [...] ... Oh Ange your shopping ... Right see you at half past twelve then Ange, come over a bit before at twelve if you want.
Angela (PS02B) [1510] Alright then I will.
Angela (PS029) [1511] Alright?
Angela (PS02B) [1512] Alright.
[1513] Ta ta Ben.
Angela (PS029) [1514] Bye bye then.
Ben (PS02F) [1515] Ta ta [scream] .

7 (Tape 011307)

Sue (PS02E) [1516] Not only that I've gotta fit in like the children as well.
[1517] Well Clare was off yesterday.
Angela (PS029) [1518] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1519] With a cold and whatever.
[1520] ... And ... and er ... Katie was off the day before with something and ... [...] just managed to get to school that day.
[1521] They were all, both off last week.
Angela (PS029) [1522] Mm.
Sue (PS02E) [1523] But my mum's pretty good you know what I mean she ... as long as I can arrange it round her she'll arrange her arrangements around me sort of thing.
Angela (PS029) [1524] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1525] But if they're sick I mean there's no way I can take them to anybody's house.
Angela (PS029) [1526] No.
Sue (PS02E) [1527] They're not ill enough to be staying in bed.
[1528] Otherwise I'd have to cancel altogether.
Angela (PS029) [1529] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1530] And I thinks to myself well I might as well be going out earning money if they're ... not in bed.
Angela (PS029) [1531] No.
Ben (PS02F) [1532] Ah
Angela (PS029) [1533] Have you gotta have him today or not?
Sue (PS02E) [1534] No.
[1535] Katie I took out of school [...] and then she went back again.
Angela (PS029) [1536] Oh. ... [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1537] Oh yeah there, there's some people I wouldn't take them to.
[1538] Do you know what I mean.
Angela (PS029) [1539] Yeah, I know what you mean.
[1540] ... [...] [laugh] I'm so starving.
Sue (PS02E) [1541] Do you have a breakfast?
Angela (PS029) [1542] No.
Sue (PS02E) [1543] Oh. ...
Angela (PS029) [1544] Yeah [...] a sandwich [...] in a minute.
Sue (PS02E) [1545] How the hell do you keep so slim.
[1546] I've completely cut out [...]
Angela (PS029) [1547] Well we've been rushing around haven't we?
Sue (PS02E) [1548] Haven't got time to think about food.
Angela (PS029) [1549] No.
[1550] ... Been here there and everywhere, you know what I mean?
Sue (PS02E) [1551] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1552] [...] ... How did Ann have her hair cut then?
Sue (PS02E) [1553] She had it cut into the neck.
Angela (PS029) [1554] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1555] Well ... to start off with she had it just trimmed at the neck.
Angela (PS029) [1556] [laughing] Yeah []
Sue (PS02E) [1557] Right?
[1558] Just took the ends off
Angela (PS029) [1559] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1560] without thinning it out, thinning it out at all.
[1561] And then she wanted me to sort of layer it in which would look better cos she wanted to keep the fringe longer. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1562] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1563] So she's actually sort of had it
Angela (PS029) [1564] Cut into the neck.
Sue (PS02E) [1565] cut into the neck but it's sort of brushed back [...]
Angela (PS029) [1566] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1567] Looks better.
[1568] ... But she don't have her st , her hair cut sort of every sort [...] six weeks.
[1569] But she ought to.
Angela (PS029) [1570] Yes, true.
[1571] ... Soon as my perm's ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [1572] [...] Eh? [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1573] Start again Sue.
Sue (PS02E) [1574] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1575] Right go on then.
Sue (PS02E) [1576] The woman was lucky she had a perm in then this morning?
Angela (PS029) [1577] Who?
Sue (PS02E) [1578] [...] chemist [...]
Angela (PS029) [1579] Yeah, yeah. ...
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1580] He's [...] isn't he?
Angela (PS029) [...]
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1581] What?
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1582] How old's this one then?
Angela (PS029) [1583] Three.
[1584] ... Just.
Sue (PS02E) [1585] He's too young to go to nursery then is he?
Angela (PS029) [1586] Yeah.
[1587] They won't take him till next summer.
[1588] ... Will they Ben?
[1589] No.
[1590] ... So it'll be [...] quite [...] the top Sue.
Sue (PS02E) [1591] Right.
Angela (PS029) [1592] Alright?
Sue (PS02E) [1593] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1594] [...] the top the better
Sue (PS02E) [1595] Right.
Angela (PS029) [1596] [...] no no no no
Sue (PS02E) [1597] You've already had a disaster in the month [...] didn't you?
Angela (PS029) [1598] Yeah [...]
Ben (PS02F) [1599] You're a hairdresser.
Sue (PS02E) [1600] You what?
Angela (PS029) [1601] She's a hairdresser.
Sue (PS02E) [1602] I'm a hairdresser, yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1603] Does people's hair like mummy's.
[1604] Makes me look tidy occasionally. [...]
Ben (PS02F) [1605] Sue why are you doing that?
Angela (PS029) [1606] No no.
[1607] Not having it cut.
[1608] ... Zoe goes to me why don't you have it all chopped off [...]
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1609] Oh I said cos the perm's coming out, shut up.
[1610] ... Someone gave me a microwave oven this morning ... for nothing.
Sue (PS02E) [1611] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [1612] She rung me up and asked me did I want a microwave oven?
Sue (PS02E) [1613] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1614] I says ... no she says have you got one I says no but I was gonna say Ange has cos I thought she wanted to defrost something.
Sue (PS02E) [1615] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1616] And she said well our mother's ... got one you can have.
[1617] She, she said you can have it.
[1618] I said no I'll buy it off her she said no our mother don't want no money.
[1619] So I spoke to her mum.
[1620] And she said no you have it my love.
[1621] I've just bought a new one and you can have it.
[1622] ... So I gotta go round and get it.
Sue (PS02E) [1623] Who's this then?
Angela (PS029) [1624] Zoe.
[1625] You know Zoe?
Sue (PS02E) [1626] Oh yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1627] Her mum.
[1628] ... giving [...] a microwave oven for nowt.
[1629] I thought that's alright.
Sue (PS02E) [1630] They're ever so handy.
Angela (PS029) [1631] [...] I thought.
[1632] Well I was gonna buy one, but what's the point?
Sue (PS02E) [1633] Well [...] [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1634] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1635] When you gotta pick it up then?
Angela (PS029) [1636] Some time today or tomorrow.
[1637] I don't know.
Sue (PS02E) [1638] Yeah?
[1639] ... You're friendly with Zoe are you?
Angela (PS029) [1640] Yeah.
[1641] ... Yeah I used to go to playgroup when er ... she used to take Adam and our, I used to take our Lee up.
Sue (PS02E) [1642] Yeah. ...
Angela (PS029) [1643] Yeah I don't want a lot off the back mind Sue, then it can grow.
Sue (PS02E) [1644] No.
[1645] I ain't cut any off the back at all.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1646] I'm just taking the ends off the
Angela (PS029) [1647] It's a bit knotty innit, at the ends?
Sue (PS02E) [1648] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1649] I think half of that was the highlights see?
[1650] ... Innit?
Sue (PS02E) [1651] [laugh] Yeah.
[1652] Who did, who did your highlights?
Angela (PS029) [1653] Erm [...] Zana.
Sue (PS02E) [1654] Who?
Angela (PS029) [1655] Like when Angie said, [...]
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1656] [laughing] You ought to have seen her when she looked in the mirror [] .
[1657] She went argh.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1658] [laughing] I said quick we'll get a toner on, we'll get a toner [] .
[1659] [...] fine now.
[1660] She said I got, she said to me Sue I want a lot, all over.
Sue (PS02E) [1661] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1662] So I thought right.
[1663] That's how she wants it so I done a lot.
[1664] When she took the hat off she went erm ... erm ... erm ... I don't think I wanted that many! ...
Sue (PS02E) [1665] Mm.
[1666] ... I got used, I got used to it now.
Angela (PS029) [1667] Yeah.
[1668] When you first seen it though.
[1669] I thought ... bloody hell.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1670] I said ... it looks really nice Ange I said.
[1671] [laughing] ... I said it looks lov , I said what we'll do I said ... we'll rush down the road ... and we'll get a tint.
[1672] I said it, I think it suits you. []
Sue (PS02E) [1673] Oh dear.
Angela (PS029) [1674] Well what can you say?
[1675] When you just ... [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1676] [...] nothing you can do.
[1677] Nothing at all you can do.
Angela (PS029) [1678] I thought ooh.
[1679] I was going [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1680] And you don't know the [...] colour until you've actually washed it off anyway.
Angela (PS029) [1681] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1682] I mean I ha , I hate doing them.
Angela (PS029) [1683] Ooh.
[1684] ... Mhm.
Sue (PS02E) [1685] Right.
Angela (PS029) [...] [laugh]
Sue (PS02E) [1686] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1687] Do you want a sandwich now, Sue?
Sue (PS02E) [1688] No.
Angela (PS029) [1689] Sure?
Sue (PS02E) [1690] No ... I'll have one in erm
Angela (PS029) [1691] In a minute.
Sue (PS02E) [1692] When you've done.
Angela (PS029) [1693] Alright.
Ben (PS02F) [1694] Mum.
Angela (PS029) [1695] Mm?
Ben (PS02F) [1696] I [...]
Angela (PS029) [1697] Don't tell me.
Ben (PS02F) [1698] Look.
Angela (PS029) [1699] What?
Ben (PS02F) [1700] I do a poo.
Angela (PS029) [1701] Oh [...]
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [...] [laugh]
Sue (PS02E) [1702] [laughing] What a morning. []

8 (Tape 011308)

Angela (PS029) [1703] I wish Ange was here.
[1704] She would be most helpful if she was here.
Sue (PS02E) [1705] Well it, yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1706] Passing things.
[1707] [laugh] ... Tell Ange to come and help pass me things Ben.
Ben (PS02F) [1708] What?
Angela (PS029) [1709] Mummy says you gotta come to her house and pass the things [laugh] .
Ben (PS02F) [1710] No.
Angela (PS029) [1711] No?
[1712] Why not?
Ben (PS02F) [1713] [...] I can't cos I can't open the door.
Angela (PS029) [1714] That's alright.
[1715] Eat your dinner.
[1716] ... Eat your dinner.
[1717] So what do you think of my breakfast bar then Sue?
Sue (PS02E) [1718] It's very good.
Angela (PS029) [1719] It's good?
Sue (PS02E) [1720] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1721] He can't finish it.
[1722] He gotta put this bit on there.
Sue (PS02E) [1723] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1724] And that'll be coming today or tomorrow.
[1725] ... Half the wall's done.
[1726] ... Cos I ran out of money.
[1727] So I shall ... get one next week.
Sue (PS02E) [1728] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1729] I've been doing it bit by bit.
[1730] Know what I mean?
[1731] It's twelve pound for a bloody tub of that stuff.
Sue (PS02E) [1732] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1733] That Polyripple [...] , and I've got to do this side again it's rubbish.
Sue (PS02E) [1734] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1735] Then I gotta paint it.
Sue (PS02E) [1736] What colour you doing it?
Angela (PS029) [1737] Like erm ... what is it, magnolia?
Sue (PS02E) [1738] Yeah.
[1739] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1740] Put me new floor in after Christmas.
[1741] ... In the sales.
Sue (PS02E) [1742] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1743] [...] . ...
Ben (PS02F) [1744] Ha ha ha ha ha
Angela (PS029) [1745] Yeah, alright Ben. [...]
Ben (PS02F) [1746] Why've you got that?
Angela (PS029) [1747] Oh I'll blow me nose with it in a minute.
Sue (PS02E) [1748] Oh have you got a lighter now?
Angela (PS029) [1749] No.
[1750] I've got matches behind you Sue.
[1751] Up on the
Sue (PS02E) [1752] Oh.
[1753] [laugh] ... Why do you [...]
Angela (PS029) [1754] Over there Sue.
[1755] Up on that thing
Sue (PS02E) [1756] Where?
[1757] ... Oh.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [laugh]
Sue (PS02E) [1758] Oh, dear dear dear. ...
Ben (PS02F) [1759] [laugh] What's wrong with your hair?
Angela (PS029) [1760] [...] Talk about ... desperate.
Sue (PS02E) [1761] [laugh] ... So what time did you leave?
Angela (PS029) [1762] Here?
Sue (PS02E) [1763] This morning, yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1764] Erm ... oh ... what time did you get here?
[1765] Eleven?
Sue (PS02E) [1766] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1767] Must have been about ... quarter to then.
Sue (PS02E) [1768] I only just missed you then.
Angela (PS029) [1769] Yeah, cos I didn't go out ... it wasn't, you know it was going on eleven when I left here.
Sue (PS02E) [1770] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1771] Yeah cos I got up J C R at eleven o'clock ... cos I looked at the clock up there.
Sue (PS02E) [1772] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1773] Yeah.
[1774] ... Oh I could have kicked myself when I got up there.
[1775] Went all that way on the bus.
[1776] Come back again. [laugh]
Sue (PS02E) [1777] Well you'll know next time.
[1778] Oh dear.
Ben (PS02F) [1779] What does you live?
Sue (PS02E) [1780] I lives in a house.
Ben (PS02F) [1781] Where?
Sue (PS02E) [1782] Along the road a bit.
Angela (PS029) [1783] [...] She lives in a hole in the ground.
Sue (PS02E) [1784] [laugh] ... Not quite. [laugh]
Ben (PS02F) [1785] Not quite in a hole?
Angela (PS029) [1786] That's right.
[1787] Sue lives in a hole.
[1788] ... With badgers.
[1789] ... Bodger and Badger she lives with.
Ben (PS02F) [1790] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1791] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1792] He'll be saying to me is that lady coming who lives in a hole now, [...] Bodger and Badger.
Sue (PS02E) [1793] It's like we went to visit one of Phil's uncles and aunts, few weeks ago.
[1794] And er course we went about three weeks before that then we got invited over for tea [...] .
Angela (PS029) [1795] Yeah?
Sue (PS02E) [1796] And er ... course the first time ... you know, first impressions [...] like
Angela (PS029) [1797] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1798] you know what I mean and everything.
[1799] And the second time we goes up.
[1800] Are we gonna see that lady yet mum?
[1801] I said what lady?
[1802] The one with the big elephant, you know that lady.
[1803] I was thinking
Angela (PS029) [1804] Oh yeah
Sue (PS02E) [1805] oh my god, who the bloody hell's got a
Angela (PS029) [1806] Big elephant.
Sue (PS02E) [1807] Yeah well you gotta decipher the words first before you [...]
Angela (PS029) [1808] Yeah.
[1809] So you know what they're chatting about.
Sue (PS02E) [1810] Oh dear.
[1811] ... I thought what the bloody hell's she on about.
Angela (PS029) [1812] It's getting colder now innit?
[1813] I can't stand it.
Sue (PS02E) [1814] Mm.
[1815] Well it is December.
Angela (PS029) [1816] Yeah I know, but.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1817] Yeah but last we , week was quite warm weren't it?
Sue (PS02E) [1818] Yeah. ...
Angela (PS029) [1819] Cos [...] to me last, I did this one on crisps last week.
Sue (PS02E) [1820] Did you?
Angela (PS029) [1821] Yeah.
[1822] This woman [...] the door she said to me would you like to try some crisps? [...] yes.
[1823] Come in.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1824] [laughing] Two packets [] .
[1825] And er sh it had on there ... this is to do with crisps right, and it, and it had on the survey ... how warm do you think the weather is?
[1826] Do you think it's cold or warm?
[1827] Well I thought what's that gotta do with crisps?
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1828] Said well ... I think it's quite warm for this time of year [laugh] ... December like.
Sue (PS02E) [1829] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1830] And now it's freezing.
[1831] ... Eat your cheese on toast.
Ben (PS02F) [1832] No [...]
Angela (PS029) [1833] And old Sue won't be here at half past eleven, half past twelve hurry up.
[1834] Come on.
Sue (PS02E) [1835] [laugh] Yeah cos I've been coming round at, cos you said ... I'm in all day, you know ... sort of any time.
[1836] [laugh] I thought right.
Angela (PS029) [1837] Until the gas ran out.
Sue (PS02E) [1838] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1839] I went to turn the fire on and there's no gas.
[1840] I thought ... oh no, just my luck.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Ben (PS02F) [1841] Just my luck.
Angela (PS029) [1842] Just my luck I thought.
Sue (PS02E) [1843] Do you drive at all?
Angela (PS029) [1844] No.
Sue (PS02E) [1845] No.
Angela (PS029) [1846] Only [...] and up the wall that's all.
Sue (PS02E) [1847] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1848] Don't say mm!
Sue (PS02E) [1849] Mm.
[1850] ... I did drive.
[1851] Passed me test about twelve years ago. [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1852] Did you?
[1853] Well why [...] .
[1854] Don't you drive now?
Sue (PS02E) [1855] No.
Angela (PS029) [1856] Why not? [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1857] Last time I attempted it I drove into the gates ... at [...] .
Angela (PS029) [1858] Oh that's not [...] .
[1859] Oh no.
[1860] I bet you could do it an emergency though.
Sue (PS02E) [1861] I don't know.
[1862] I don't know.
[1863] I tried to, I tea
Angela (PS029) [1864] I expect you would.
Sue (PS02E) [1865] I was teasing Phil the other day.
[1866] I said give us the keys and said I'll take the bloody car.
[1867] So he give me the keys and I couldn't start it. [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1868] Oh no.
[1869] So you passed your test?
[1870] You [...]
Sue (PS02E) [...]
Angela (PS029) [1871] refresher course.
[1872] You could do it.
Sue (PS02E) [1873] Yeah, no ... the thing is I'm not a driver.
[1874] I shouldn't have took it in the first place.
Angela (PS029) [1875] Well you passed it.
Sue (PS02E) [1876] I passed.
[1877] Yeah, the second time.
[1878] But I shouldn't have pa , I shouldn't have been a dri , I'm not a driver.
[1879] I'd rather, much rather walk.
[1880] Me brain's so bloody crinkled up with other things I haven't got time to bloody think about driving.
Angela (PS029) [1881] That's like me.
[1882] I had six right and on the, on the fifth one he said you done really well, I didn't tell you nothing.
[1883] On the sixth one ... it was like this sort of year and I was getting into Christmas and that.
[1884] And I'm driving along ... and I'm thinking all about Christmas
Sue (PS02E) [1885] You [...] panic now then I should imagine.
Angela (PS029) [1886] Eh?
Sue (PS02E) [1887] I should think you were getting rea , a real panic then.
Angela (PS029) [1888] When?
Sue (PS02E) [1889] What, taking your sixth test, did you say?
Angela (PS029) [1890] Not ... test.
[1891] I mean like lessons [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1892] Oh lessons.
Angela (PS029) [1893] And erm ... I'm in the car like, and I'm driving along.
[1894] And he says you're doing really really well.
[1895] That was it.
[1896] I started thinking about Christmas then didn't I?
[1897] Not what I'm doing.
[1898] He had to grab the wheel twice I think he smashed two cars coming down the road.
Sue (PS02E) [1899] Oh no.
Angela (PS029) [1900] I thought that's it.
[1901] I stops the car.
[1902] I said take me in.
[1903] That's it.
[1904] I ain't getting in here again. ...
Sue (PS02E) [1905] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [1906] I think [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1907] The thing is I've been out a few times with my husband cos it's his car.
Angela (PS029) [1908] Yeah?
Sue (PS02E) [1909] Do you know what I mean it is erm ... it's his car and I can't do nothing wrong with it.
[1910] Know what I mean?
Angela (PS029) [1911] No. [...]
Sue (PS02E) [1912] I drove out to Yate one day from Westerley Road
Angela (PS029) [1913] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1914] you know Westerley Road?
[1915] ... And you know that, that er I don't know if you know up that way round at all?
[1916] You know that sort of?
Angela (PS029) [1917] Westerley Road?
[1918] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1919] Yeah.
[1920] And there's that nasty turning on the left isn't there as you go to Yate
Angela (PS029) [1921] Yeah, yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1922] Phil ... where's this damn road?
[1923] Is it coming up?
[1924] ... Philip where's this road to?
[1925] And we were driving along [shouting] Philip where's the bloody road [] .
[1926] [laugh] Oh dear. [...]
Angela (PS029) [1927] You gotta have a lot of confidence haven't you?
Sue (PS02E) [1928] You've got to have a lot of confidence.
[1929] And the thing is with my kids, if I was in the car on my own I could imagine chatting away
Angela (PS029) [1930] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1931] and I wouldn't be able to concentrate at all.
Angela (PS029) [1932] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1933] And it's not only risking my life it's risking their lives as well.
Angela (PS029) [1934] Yeah that's what I worries about.
[1935] What if the kids [...] .
Ben (PS02F) [1936] Have you got a car?
[1937] Have you got a car?
Sue (PS02E) [1938] No I haven't.
Angela (PS029) [1939] Chris wouldn't let me drive his car.
[1940] ... He said [...] the other week weren't it Benj?
[1941] I said, you know that bend just out here?
[1942] I said let me drive it round there.
[1943] So he gets out, I gets in.
[1944] I can't even move [...] vroom vroom
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1945] And he said well come on then we're stuck halfway up on the kerb here.
[1946] We're going vroom weren't we?
[1947] And we, I said oh I'm getting out now.
[1948] I can't do it.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1949] All the neighbours was looking at I.
[1950] I thought [...] bloody hell.
Ben (PS02F) [1951] Bloody hell.
Angela (PS029) [1952] Oops.
[1953] We'll scrub that off the tape.
Ben (PS02F) [1954] [...] off the tape.
Angela (PS029) [1955] [...] .
[1956] ... You forget, they've got little ears haven't they?
Sue (PS02E) [1957] Mm. ...
Angela (PS029) [1958] [...] Ben.
Sue (PS02E) [1959] Oops.
Ben (PS02F) [shouting] [...] []
Sue (PS02E) [1960] What a big mouth you've got.
[1961] ... All the better to eat you with Ben.
Ben (PS02F) [1962] What are you talking about?
Angela (PS029) [1963] I'm flicking all me ash [...]
Ben (PS02F) [1964] What are you talking about?
Angela (PS029) [1965] Ben slide that ashtray down to me.
[1966] Well that saucer.
Ben (PS02F) [1967] What saucer?
Angela (PS029) [1968] They'll think what kind of home does she live in?
[1969] Saucer for a bloody ashtray. [...]
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [1970] [...] me and Ange this morning.
[1971] ... Chatting chatting. [...]
Ben (PS02F) [1972] Chatting chatting [...]
Angela (PS029) [1973] Yeah [...] phone call out the blue.
[1974] And I [...] .
[1975] And she said you got a microwave Ange?
[1976] I said ... no I was just about to say ... cos Ange have, you know
Sue (PS02E) [1977] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1978] I'll ask Ange.
[1979] And she said well our mother's said you can have hers.
[1980] I said what?
[1981] ... Pardon?
[1982] She said our mum said you can have her microwave.
[1983] I said oh I'll give her some, oh no she said she don't want no money for it.
[1984] I said why not?
[1985] She said she just don't.
[1986] She said you can have it.
[1987] Cos I've met her mum like.
Sue (PS02E) [1988] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [1989] Go in there sometimes with Zoe.
[1990] And [...] our mum said you come round and get it.
Sue (PS02E) [1991] Quite bad isn't she?
[1992] Or
Angela (PS029) [1993] She's in a wheelchair isn't she?
Sue (PS02E) [1994] Yeah.
[1995] Oh she's been in a wheelchair for years.
Angela (PS029) [1996] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [1997] But erm
Angela (PS029) [1998] She said to me.
[1999] When you come round she said, her mum.
[2000] She said just ... press the buzzer and say it's you cos I'm, I'm on my own.
[2001] I said alright.
Sue (PS02E) [2002] Her husband died has he?
Angela (PS029) [2003] Yeah.
[2004] He died a few years back didn't he?
Sue (PS02E) [2005] I don't know.
Angela (PS029) [2006] Mm.
Sue (PS02E) [2007] Thing is I didn't like to ask her about her mum because er, didn't think she, she was very ... quite bad a few years ago when I knew her.
Angela (PS029) [2008] Yeah.
[2009] She's al , she's alright like, you know?
Sue (PS02E) [2010] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2011] She's not sort of ill ... ill.
[2012] She's, she [...] chatting.
Sue (PS02E) [2013] Disabled.
Angela (PS029) [2014] Yeah, that's it.
[2015] She's disabled.
Sue (PS02E) [2016] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2017] That's it.
Ben (PS02F) [2018] What, what what.
Angela (PS029) [2019] What?
Ben (PS02F) [2020] What? [...]
Angela (PS029) [2021] What's what?
Ben (PS02F) [2022] Did you say?
Angela (PS029) [2023] What did I say?
[2024] I dunno.
Ben (PS02F) [2025] What did you say?
Angela (PS029) [2026] I ain't got a clue.
Ben (PS02F) [2027] What, what.
Angela (PS029) [2028] You talked to Louise your girlfriend, didn't you?
Ben (PS02F) [2029] What?
[2030] Who?
Angela (PS029) [2031] You.
Ben (PS02F) [2032] Who?
Angela (PS029) [2033] You.
Ben (PS02F) [2034] Who?
Angela (PS029) [2035] Talked to Louise.
Ben (PS02F) [2036] Just now?
Angela (PS029) [2037] Yeah, on the phone [...] .
Sue (PS02E) [2038] You got a girlfriend?
Angela (PS029) [2039] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [2040] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2041] And Tommy got one at ... playgroup and I said what's her name and he said welly.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2042] So it must be Wendy or something.
Sue (PS02E) [2043] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [2044] I don't know.
Angela (PS029) [2045] You don't know her name?
Sue (PS02E) [2046] Or Kelly, Kelly
Angela (PS029) [2047] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2048] Kelly's [...]
Angela (PS029) [2049] Is it Kelly?
Ben (PS02F) [2050] Erm ... I think so.
Angela (PS029) [2051] Ah ... that's it then.
[2052] Not Wendy?
Sue (PS02E) [2053] Where does he go to er
Angela (PS029) [2054] Up erm ... tut Coronation Road up there, you know [...] scout hut.
[2055] ... By the park.
[2056] ... You know where the swings are up by the shops?
Sue (PS02E) [2057] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2058] You know the park?
Sue (PS02E) [2059] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2060] Right over the other side of the field there's that
Sue (PS02E) [2061] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2062] like looks like a scout hut.
Sue (PS02E) [2063] But [...] ?
Angela (PS029) [2064] No.
[2065] [...] till after Christmas and then I'm taking him out.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2066] [laughing] I'm taking him out after Christmas [] .
[2067] I'm sending him up erm Mulwell Green
Sue (PS02E) [2068] Yeah.
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [2069] Eh?
Ben (PS02F) [...]
Angela (PS029) [2070] Nanny's grave?
Ben (PS02F) [2071] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2072] No.
Ben (PS02F) [2073] Yes we did.
Angela (PS029) [2074] Oh Nanny Davis' grave we've seen, yeah.
[2075] Great nanny Davis you mean.
Ben (PS02F) [2076] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2077] [...] .
[2078] Sue will you go?
Sue (PS02E) [2079] No.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [...]
Angela (PS029) [2080] Go and get in your basket for god's sake dog.
[2081] God.
Sue (PS02E) [2082] My name [...] [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2083] [...] .
[2084] I wanted to call her Blackie
Sue (PS02E) [2085] [...] .
[2086] Novel.
Angela (PS029) [2087] We went out Sunday right Sue?
Sue (PS02E) [2088] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2089] And we come in about ... eight [...] .
[2090] And we come in and Chris opened the front door to let the dog out.
[2091] And he said he noticed something on the path but he couldn't see what it was.
[2092] Anyway he goes to work in the morning.
[2093] I take the kids to school.
[2094] Comes back and like blood, right all over the front of that doorstep
Sue (PS02E) [2095] Really?
Angela (PS029) [2096] that there.
[2097] All round by the bin
Sue (PS02E) [2098] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [2099] all up to the path to the grass.
Sue (PS02E) [2100] Really?
Angela (PS029) [2101] That big, like this it was.
[2102] Not little bits.
[2103] Big lumps, blood.
[2104] And it was all up pa , the side of the path.
[2105] And to the end of the path, you know as you're coming ... along that long path there?
Sue (PS02E) [2106] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [2107] All down there and I had to get a ... it was that much I had to get a bucket of water, soapy water to scrub it down.
[2108] So I don't know what was going on there.
[2109] Chris said, it was there at eleven o'clock he said cos I thought it was, somebody had spilt something.
Sue (PS02E) [2110] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2111] And it was [...] blood.
[2112] Oh it was horrible.
Sue (PS02E) [2113] Oh no .
Angela (PS029) [2114] I don't know what was going on.
[2115] [...] evidently while we was out look?
Sue (PS02E) [2116] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2117] Cos when we come home it was dark.
Sue (PS02E) [2118] And you wouldn't have noticed it.
Angela (PS029) [2119] No. ...
Ben (PS02F) [2120] And we was asleep wasn't we?
Angela (PS029) [2121] Chris said it might have been somebody that knew you like, was banging on the door.
[2122] I said more like someone was being bloody chased.
Sue (PS02E) [2123] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2124] You know?
[2125] ... Just cut, took a short cut.
[2126] Across [...] look cos that comes from the grave look if you go round his fence there.
Sue (PS02E) [2127] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2128] That's the grave look, straight across. ...
Ben (PS02F) [2129] Where? [...]
Angela (PS029) [2130] It's not too dry is it Sue?
[2131] It's alright innit?
Sue (PS02E) [2132] Yeah [...] .
[2133] It don't have to be wound wet does it?
[2134] ... Or does it?
Angela (PS029) [2135] Damp. ...
Sue (PS02E) [2136] Yeah, it's gotta be damp.
Angela (PS029) [2137] Oh I wouldn't worry.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2138] Dish, dish of water over [...] that'll do.
[2139] That'll do.
[2140] Alright.
[2141] That's it. ...
Ben (PS02F) [2142] What [...]
Angela (PS029) [2143] Oh it's a bit of water.
Ben (PS02F) [2144] Why?
Angela (PS029) [2145] Don't ask me why.
[2146] I don't know.
Ben (PS02F) [2147] I got to [...] in a minute.
Angela (PS029) [2148] Yeah.
[2149] ... I'll put the water on so that I, I can have hot water on my head.
Ben (PS02F) [2150] Put [...] on your head.
Angela (PS029) [2151] [...] Mummy's a pig.
Ben (PS02F) [2152] A pig?
Angela (PS029) [2153] Benny want a cheese on toast?
[2154] ... Want a cheese on toast?
Ben (PS02F) [2155] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2156] Do you?
[2157] [...] Want a cheese on toast?
Sue (PS02E) [2158] What do you reckon on that ... Freddie Mercury dying?
Angela (PS029) [2159] Yeah I know.
[2160] I know.
Sue (PS02E) [2161] Well I didn't realize he was a weirdo.
[2162] He looked like a weirdo [...]
Angela (PS029) [2163] Yeah.
[2164] But they've been keeping it though haven't they?
[2165] Hiding it.
Sue (PS02E) [2166] Well they must have done.
[2167] They must have done.
Angela (PS029) [2168] Here Suze, have a, have a tomato and cheese.
[2169] Here you are.
[2170] Open your mouth.
[2171] Ready?
[2172] Catch.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2173] They you are.
[2174] That's nice innit?
[2175] Go on hide it.
[2176] That's it, take it in your bed.
[2177] [...] ... Leave her Ben.
[2178] ... It's so rubbery she can't even chew it.
Unknown speaker (KB6PSUNK) [laugh]
Sue (PS02E) [2179] Oh dear.
Angela (PS029) [2180] You know Lynn's working now?
Sue (PS02E) [2181] Yeah.
[2182] Working quite hard too isn't she?
Angela (PS029) [2183] Yeah, yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2184] So Ange was saying she's, she gets a bit funny don't she?
Angela (PS029) [2185] Bit paranoid, yeah.
[2186] Cor bloody hell she give I ... three questions the other day.
[2187] ... Did you, did Jenny come round your house?
[2188] Did you go round Jenny's house?
[2189] Have you been talking about me?
[2190] I thought oh my god.
Sue (PS02E) [2191] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [2192] I borrowed fifty P off her the oth , I was going up the school, and I only had four fifty for the [...] I needed fifty P but I didn't have enough change like.
Sue (PS02E) [2193] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [2194] [...] thirty P.
[2195] So I said to her, you know, can I borrow fifty P off you till I ... see you later.
[2196] Yeah she said so she gives I fifty P so I paid the dinner.
[2197] She comes down here ... all I did was put me coat on, right?
Sue (PS02E) [2198] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2199] And walk out that door, there.
[2200] And she asked me for the fifty P.
Sue (PS02E) [2201] Really?
Angela (PS029) [2202] Yeah.
[2203] ... She ask , I mean I had it for her all ready.
[2204] I went up the shops and changed ... a pound.
[2205] You know
Sue (PS02E) [2206] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2207] so I'd have it for her?
[2208] And er ... she asked me for it.
[2209] I thought bloody hell Lynn you're only waiting for fifty P, you know?
Sue (PS02E) [2210] But still she seems to be round here all the time more or less don't she?
Angela (PS029) [2211] Yeah.
[2212] She's a bit funny.
Sue (PS02E) [2213] Do you ever go up her house?
Angela (PS029) [2214] Yeah, now and again.
[2215] But she erm ... [...] like, you know?
Sue (PS02E) [2216] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2217] I remember another time I borrowed her strimmer, right?
Sue (PS02E) [2218] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2219] And I [...] on the Friday.
[2220] On the Monday I [...] take it back but I didn't see her and I forgot.
Sue (PS02E) [2221] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2222] See her on the Tuesday and she said to me ... erm ... Chris was coming round your house Saturday.
[2223] And I looked at her, I said what for.
[2224] She said because er he wanted our strimmer back.
[2225] I went oh god I said I'll go and get it for you.
[2226] I goes and gets the strimmer.
[2227] I said there you are.
[2228] She said he was fuming.
[2229] He wanted to know where the strimmer was, he was [...]
Sue (PS02E) [...]
Angela (PS029) [2230] Yeah.
[2231] He was looking to see where you lived.
[2232] I said my god Lynn, I, it was only a mistake.
[2233] Forgot, you know but you'd get it back.
[2234] Oh and she didn't take no bloody notice of me might have been [...]
Sue (PS02E) [2235] Well she knows she's, she's a bit funny then.
[2236] Otherwise she wouldn't feel so conscious about it.
Angela (PS029) [2237] [...] You gotta be careful with her.
Sue (PS02E) [2238] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [2239] You know, what you say to her.
[2240] And if you tell her about somebody she'll tell them.
Sue (PS02E) [2241] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2242] You know [...] chat I said [...] don't like me hair.
[2243] She'll go and tell them.
Sue (PS02E) [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [2244] Yeah you've gotta be careful.
[2245] Cos ... Ange said she'd, she'd been chatting about Jenny to her.
[2246] She went and told Jenny.
[2247] And Jenny asked Ange about it.
[2248] See?
Sue (PS02E) [2249] Maybe it's the best thing she could have done then, get a job?
Angela (PS029) [2250] Yeah.
[2251] ... And now she's paranoid.
[2252] She thinks everyone's talking about her.
[2253] I said I've got better things to do than talk about you Lynn.
Sue (PS02E) [2254] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2255] And that day we was all over Jenny's.
[2256] Ange said let's pop in Jenny's.
[2257] So we go down Jenny's and er ... the door knocked and I said [whispering] Christ it's Lynn [] .
[2258] And Lynn came in.
[2259] You should have seen her face ... cos we were sat in Jenny's.
Sue (PS02E) [2260] Ooh.
Angela (PS029) [...]
Sue (PS02E) [2261] Ooh.
[2262] Oh well.
[2263] She does stare quite a bit I must admit.
Angela (PS029) [2264] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2265] Don't she?
Angela (PS029) [2266] Yeah she does.
Sue (PS02E) [2267] as if every, she thinks everybody is talking about her [...] .
Angela (PS029) [2268] Yes.
Sue (PS02E) [2269] There's no need for it.
Angela (PS029) [2270] Yeah I know.
Sue (PS02E) [2271] And what's this ... Angie's taking her kid ... little boy out of school.
Angela (PS029) [2272] Yeah.
[2273] She's thinking of taking him out isn't she.
[2274] Cos erm ... I mean she went to a report evening and Miss said, was saying about Jay and saying ... you know if he falls behind you ... know what'll happen and Ange says what?
[2275] Well you'll have to go in the office.
[2276] ... Course that was playing on Angie's mind see and Miss said she'd give Jason extra work.
Sue (PS02E) [2277] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2278] Cos it had been playing on her mind for weeks.
Sue (PS02E) [2279] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [2280] So she's been trying to get work off her.
[2281] Well in the end she took a stack and went in to see ... Miss and Miss tried to change the subject,subj
Sue (PS02E) [2282] Subject.
Angela (PS029) [2283] Yeah.
[2284] So erm ... anyway she told her that she wanted Jay out.
[2285] And she wanted her to [...] Mr .
[2286] Well she hasn't gone to Mr .
[2287] So Ange rang this bloke, woman who ... sorted out Chrissie at at the school.
Sue (PS02E) [2288] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2289] And she goes up Parker school so ... she was going, she said to Ange she was talking to Miss tomorrow.
[2290] Yesterday, sorry.
Sue (PS02E) [2291] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2292] But Ange hasn't heard nothing.
[2293] So I think she's gonna ring them back up again.
[2294] I think Miss shouldn't have said what she said because ... Jay hasn't got a problem.
[2295] But she just said it ... like if he drops down like Chrissie you know what would happen see?
Sue (PS02E) [2296] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2297] Course it worried Ange look cos she don't want to go back in the office like last time.
Sue (PS02E) [2298] Mm. ...
Ben (PS02F) [2299] Get my [...]
Sue (PS02E) [2300] Get your what?
Angela (PS029) [2301] You got a watch on Sue?
Sue (PS02E) [2302] Mhm.
Angela (PS029) [2303] What's the time?
Sue (PS02E) [...] [laugh]
Angela (PS029) [...] ...
Sue (PS02E) [2304] Yeah.
[2305] In between doing ... you and the dentist, I was fitting in Mrs , she's Sharon's mum.
Angela (PS029) [2306] Oh yeah.
[2307] ... Oh you mean Sharon down the road?
Sue (PS02E) [2308] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2309] Oh is it?
[2310] You do her and her mum's hair then?
Sue (PS02E) [2311] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2312] What do you think of Sharon's hair?
Sue (PS02E) [2313] Eh?
Angela (PS029) [2314] Sharon.
Sue (PS02E) [2315] Well I cut it last week ... but erm
Angela (PS029) [2316] Sharon, [...] same Sharon aren't we?
Sue (PS02E) [2317] Sharon who lives at number twenty four.
Angela (PS029) [2318] By Ange?
Sue (PS02E) [2319] Yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2320] Yeah.
[2321] She had it permed didn't she?
[2322] You didn't do that did you?
Sue (PS02E) [2323] No I didn't do the perm.
[2324] No, I trimmed it for her last week
Angela (PS029) [2325] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2326] cos it needed cutting.
[2327] But she, she's asked me to perm it and she's cancelled and she's ever so funny with hairdressers sort of thing.
[2328] Well erm ... I said if you want me to do it let me know and I'll come and do it but just make ... well she's cancelled before because once she hadn't got the money and ...
Angela (PS029) [2329] Oh.
Sue (PS02E) [2330] which is the excuse, I'd rather somebody went along sort of said right I'll have it done such and such a time rather than keep buggering about
Angela (PS029) [2331] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2332] like anybody, do you know what I mean?
Angela (PS029) [2333] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2334] Oh come on, you've got to have one more in here.
[2335] Right.
[2336] And er ... you know she asked me to cut it for her so I cut it for her.
Angela (PS029) [2337] Yeah.
Sue (PS02E) [2338] Which, it looks a hell of a lot better now ... than what it did before.
Angela (PS029) [2339] Yeah, cos it looked a bit heavy I thought, on top didn't it?
Sue (PS02E) [2340] Yeah but erm ...
Angela (PS029) [2341] So what time did you cut Ange's hair?
Sue (PS02E) [2342] About eleven.
Angela (PS029) [2343] She still going up Kingswood?
Sue (PS02E) [2344] I don't know.
Angela (PS029) [2345] Well she was going to go up Kingswood to see Lynn.
Sue (PS02E) [2346] Oh ... yeah.
Angela (PS029) [2347] So she still might go up.
[2348] If you cut her hair at eleven she said
Sue (PS02E) [2349] Mm.
Angela (PS029) [2350] she said was ... she was going to go up about twelve?
Sue (PS02E) [2351] Yeah?
Angela (PS029) [2352] I don't know [...] .
[2353] ... I think she said Lynn said she finishes at two ... today.
[2354] Don't know why that is she normally finishes at, yeah half past two she [...] .
[2355] ... Do you want me to wet the front down?
Sue (PS02E) [2356] Mm?
Angela (PS029) [2357] Do you want me to wet the front down or is that alright?
Sue (PS02E) [2358] No.
[2359] It's alright I I done, I'm just there so ... [...]
Angela (PS029) [2360] Oh.