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60 conversations recorded by `Ann' (PS02G) between 28 November and 5 December 1991 with 35 interlocutors, totalling 16243 s-units, 103997 words, and over 13 hours 5 minutes 36 seconds of recordings.

35 speakers recorded by respondent number 28

PS02G Ag4 f (Ann, age 46, team leader, North-east England, )
PS02H Ag2 m (Stuart, age 33, factory operative, East Anglia, ) partner
PS02J Ag4 m (Brian, age 45, paper-man, Northern England, ) stranger
PS02K Ag3 f (Jill, age 40, estate agent, East Anglia, ) stranger
PS02L Ag5 f (Jeanie, age 63, retired, Scottish, ) partner's mother
PS02M Ag3 f (Sue, age 40, care assistant, Scottish, ) stranger
PS02N Ag4 f (Shirley, age 45, publican, Midlands, ) friend
PS02P Ag4 m (Alan, age 50, Scottish, ) stranger
PS02R X m (Terry, age unknown, Scottish, ) stranger
PS02S Ag4 m (Bob, age 46, publican, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS02T Ag4 m (Harry, age 50) friend
PS02U Ag5 m (John, age 60, retired (policeman), London, ) friend
PS02V Ag1 m (Martin, age 23, marketing person, Northern England, ) friend
PS02X Ag1 f (Helen, age 22, housewife, East Anglia, ) daughter
PS02Y Ag1 m (Jonathan, age 17, Youth Training Scheme trainee, East Anglia, ) son
PS030 Ag1 m (Christian, age 19, process worker) colleague
PS031 Ag0 m (Richard, age 2, pre-school) grandson
PS032 Ag0 f (Anna Marie, age 1, pre-school) granddaughter
PS033 Ag2 m (Bernie, age 26, building labourer) son-in-law
PS036 Ag5 m (Bill, age 61, team leader) colleague
PS037 Ag4 f (Jean, age 57, process worker) colleague
PS038 Ag2 m (Steven, age 26, process worker) colleague
PS039 Ag3 f (Deidre, age 44, senior team leader) colleague
PS03A Ag4 m (John, age 56, process worker) colleague
PS03B Ag4 f (Dawn, age 50, process worker) colleague
PS03C Ag2 f (Tina, age 27, team leader, East Anglia, ) colleague
PS03D Ag3 f (Val, age 36, Queen's counsel) colleague
PS03F Ag3 m (Trevor, age 40, process worker) colleague
PS03H Ag3 f (Brenda, age 44) friend
PS03J Ag1 f (Lynda, age 21) friend
PS03K Ag4 m (Neville, age 50) friend
PS03M Ag2 f (Maxine, age 25, process worker, Northern England, ) colleague
PS03N Ag3 m (Mervin, age 36, process worker, East Anglia, ) colleague
PS03R X f (Grace, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TB X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified

60 recordings

  1. Tape 018201 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 018202 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 018203 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 018204 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 018205 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 018206 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 018207 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home/in car ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 018301 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: driving to Wisbech
  9. Tape 018302 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( out ) Activity: viewing flats
  10. Tape 018303 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( stranger's flat ) Activity: viewing flat
  11. Tape 018304 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( 5's home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 018401 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: having drink, playing cards and bar billiards
  13. Tape 018402 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, playing cribbage, watching snookerette
  14. Tape 018501 recorded on 1991-11-20. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  15. Tape 018502 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  16. Tape 018503 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  17. Tape 018504 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  18. Tape 018505 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  19. Tape 018506 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing crib
  20. Tape 018507 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing 9 card brag
  21. Tape 018508 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: drinking, chatting, playing 9 card brag
  22. Tape 018601 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( coffee shop ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 018602 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unknown
  24. Tape 018603 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( shop ) Activity: shopping
  25. Tape 018604 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech () Activity: shopping
  26. Tape 018701 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( home ) Activity: unpacking shopping
  27. Tape 018702 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( 5's home ) Activity: chatting, doing crossword/quiz
  28. Tape 018801 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( out ) Activity: shopping
  29. Tape 018802 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( out ) Activity: in doctor's surgery
  30. Tape 018803 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( out ) Activity: shopping
  31. Tape 018804 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car/5's home ) Activity: driving, visiting
  32. Tape 018805 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car/5's home ) Activity: driving, visiting
  33. Tape 018901 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 018902 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 018903 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 018904 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 018905 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 018906 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 018907 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 018908 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 018909 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: going to work
  42. Tape 018910 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: going to work
  43. Tape 018911 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( car/office ) Activity: going to work/solicitors
  44. Tape 019001 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( work ) Activity: talking in canteen
  45. Tape 019002 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( work ) Activity: canteen
  46. Tape 019101 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: housework
  47. Tape 019102 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 019103 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car/work ) Activity: driving to work/work
  49. Tape 019201 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: West Walton Highway ( pub ) Activity: relaxing after work
  50. Tape 019202 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 019203 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 019301 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: driving
  53. Tape 019302 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( shop ) Activity: shopping for carpets
  54. Tape 019303 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( estate agents ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 019304 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( estate agents ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 019401 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( 5's home ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 019501 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car ) Activity: driving to work
  58. Tape 019502 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car ) Activity: driving to work
  59. Tape 019503 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( work ) Activity: chatting before work
  60. Tape 019504 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( work ) Activity: chatting before work

1 (Tape 018201)

Ann (PS02G) [1] Yeah I pushed one down and the other one [...] down [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2] Automatically yes.
[3] So, same as this.
[4] If you press [...] this one, if you press record ... it won't because there's a tape in but if you just press press record [...] automatic [...] and you press [...] record and the play button ... but you can't press just the record button.
[5] They automatically both go down.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6] Provided there's a tape in the
Ann (PS02G) [7] In the machine.
Stuart (PS02H) [8] in the machine that
Ann (PS02G) [9] I saw it actually when I was ... just doing it and it went ... how loud it was.
[10] How could you be unobtru but it isn't look.
[11] Can't hear it.
[12] Cos you can hear it bzzzzzzzzzzz
Stuart (PS02H) [13] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [14] I thought ... [...] loud.
Stuart (PS02H) [15] [...] noisy [...]
Ann (PS02G) [16] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [17] You're gonna
Ann (PS02G) [18] You could be an ob an obtrusive [...] making that noise.
Stuart (PS02H) [19] No.
[20] No it doesn't
Ann (PS02G) [21] Though it doesn't make a noise cos I was doing it wrong.
Stuart (PS02H) [22] Yes.
[23] It's going slowly now.
Ann (PS02G) [24] [laugh] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [25] Going much more slowly now as it records more ... conver conversations.
Ann (PS02G) [26] That's it.
[27] ... Mm ... Don't stop talking now.
[28] [...] silly.
[29] [laugh] ... It's all gonna go quiet now isn't it?
[30] Nobody else'll say anything. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [31] [...] at all.
Ann (PS02G) [32] [laugh] That's ridiculous!
[33] [laughing] You gotta []
Stuart (PS02H) [34] [...] .
[35] We'll just have to ... put it down there some time and just ... put it on.
Ann (PS02G) [36] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [37] So you wouldn't know when it's on or when it's off.
Ann (PS02G) [38] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [39] Just have to try and, take a little while to get used to it.
[40] Once you're used to it it's probably [...] .
[41] It's all a matter of getting used to being recorded.
[42] Conversation.
Ann (PS02G) [43] Yeah well it sounds ever so funny when you hear it [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [44] I know.
[45] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [46] Horrible.
[47] You think ... I don't sound like that!
[48] [laugh] . Really makes you think.
[49] I wish [...] done something about my ... the way I speak.
Stuart (PS02H) [50] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [51] Mine's terrible because I've got a low voice, a deep voice anyway.
[52] Sound more like a man I do.
[53] I do on the phone don't I?
Stuart (PS02H) [54] Don't know really.
[55] I've not really heard you much on the phone.
Ann (PS02G) [56] Used to telephone didn't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [57] Well yeah but
Ann (PS02G) [58] Didn't know it was me.
Stuart (PS02H) [59] Oh yeah I knew it was you so it didn't make a lot of difference.
Ann (PS02G) [60] People have told me on the phone that I sound [cough] cos I've got a deep voice I
Stuart (PS02H) [61] You sound different.
[62] ... Vera does.
Ann (PS02G) [63] Does she?
Stuart (PS02H) [64] Mm.
[65] ... She sounds funny on the phone.
[66] Most odd.
[67] Phone her up and think ... that's not Vera I'm talking to.
[68] Doesn't sound like Vera.
[69] But it is ... although it doesn't sound like her.
[70] Funny innit?
Ann (PS02G) [71] What, her voice is different?
Stuart (PS02H) [72] No it just sounds
Ann (PS02G) [73] Or does she talk different because she's on the phone?
Stuart (PS02H) [74] No ... just sounds
Ann (PS02G) [75] Some people do.
[76] [clears throat] They put their phone voice on.
Stuart (PS02H) [77] Yeah.
[78] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [79] Don't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [80] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [81] Oh I can't put any voice on, I've just got me own. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [82] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [83] I find people do tend to put a ... quite a lot do, put a telephone voice on. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [84] Specially if you're phoning a posh restaurant.
Ann (PS02G) [85] Yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [86] Or something like that.
[87] You tend to sort of I'd like to book a table for two
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [88] on Saturday night.
[89] Rather than say ... look mush I want a
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [90] I want a table, you know. ...
Ann (PS02G) [91] [cough] ... Oh I'd better go and wash our dishes dear.
Stuart (PS02H) [92] Not many to do now [...] done them all.
Ann (PS02G) [93] Most of them.
[94] There's only yours.
[95] Have you had
Stuart (PS02H) [96] What about
Ann (PS02G) [97] enough to eat?
Stuart (PS02H) [98] Yes thank you.
[99] Fine.
[100] I would have done it actually when, when I took the plate out but the water in the bowl was cold.
[101] Thought it was hot but it was cold.
Ann (PS02G) [102] I think I've used most of the hot water.
[103] I think I need to put the immersion on for just ... a little while.
Stuart (PS02H) [104] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [105] I need a bath as well but
Stuart (PS02H) [106] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [107] I've used quite a few buckets of water washing walls.
Stuart (PS02H) [108] Washing the walls and ... [...] ... What's going on outside?
[109] ... Car or lorry or something going by by the sound of it. ...
Ann (PS02G) [110] About that little ... flat in ... [...] in Albany Road.
Stuart (PS02H) [111] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [112] You have to realize that ... we're never gonna get away from work.
[113] Cos when the wind blows you can smell a tandoori and [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [114] It's when you walk up that way you know you're getting near it
Stuart (PS02H) [115] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [116] cos you can smell it.
[117] Won't bother you?
Stuart (PS02H) [118] No.
[119] Not really.
Ann (PS02G) [120] Mhm.
Stuart (PS02H) [121] [...] fact it'll be quite handy in a way really, you know it's
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [122] handy to live on the ... on your ... right next to work in a way cos you don't have to ... worry about
Ann (PS02G) [123] Getting there.
Stuart (PS02H) [124] getting there so much do you?

2 (Tape 018202)

Ann (PS02G) [125] It'd be quite nice for me to ... be able to pop into town and get a bit of meat or something
Stuart (PS02H) [126] Handy, really.
[127] ... And it's not far from town.
Ann (PS02G) [128] Very handy.
[129] You can go in for a drink.
Stuart (PS02H) [130] It's a little walk but it's not that far is it?
Ann (PS02G) [131] Not very far at all.
Stuart (PS02H) [132] Top [...] Street and you
Ann (PS02G) [133] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [134] cross the main road and you
Ann (PS02G) [135] You're there.
Stuart (PS02H) [136] and you're [...] like the horse fair
Ann (PS02G) [137] I said if you go for a drink you don't have to worry about getting home.
Stuart (PS02H) [138] No.
Ann (PS02G) [139] Yeah I know we'd still go up the Clickers sometimes but we don't have to go all the time do we?
Stuart (PS02H) [140] We're not there yet are we?
Ann (PS02G) [141] Mm.
[142] [...] lot of things. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [143] It's going well.
Ann (PS02G) [144] You and Andy?
Stuart (PS02H) [145] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [146] Where did you meet him?
[147] [laugh] When you went to Russia.
[148] ... Suppose you know that song well as well?
Stuart (PS02H) [149] Sorry?
Ann (PS02G) [150] Suppose you know that tune well as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [151] I wrote it.
Ann (PS02G) [152] You wrote it did you?
[153] Mm.
[154] ... [clears throat] [laugh] Sing it then.
Stuart (PS02H) [155] [...] not now.
Ann (PS02G) [156] [laugh] ... When I fill a book in about ... recordings and that how do you put ... have you got a regional accent? ...
Stuart (PS02H) [157] You have.
Ann (PS02G) [158] Mm I'm aware I have.
[159] And so have you.
Stuart (PS02H) [160] Not really.
Ann (PS02G) [161] Local I suppose I put [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [162] Well ... haven't really got much of an accent at all have I?
Ann (PS02G) [163] No.
[164] ... Think we'll have to put down yes though when we talk to mum. [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [165] Yes.
[166] But not this region. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [167] No.
[168] You have to put [...] the the regional accents acc ... accent if they have one.
Stuart (PS02H) [169] Ah.
Ann (PS02G) [170] Like er Liverpudlian or ...
Stuart (PS02H) [171] Get [...]
Ann (PS02G) [172] [...] No it ... I won't see [...] .
[173] ... cos he comes back next Friday and we're on lates so ... he's on earlies so
Stuart (PS02H) [174] [...] Yeah, suppose [...]
Ann (PS02G) [175] We shan't be seeing him.
Stuart (PS02H) [176] [cough] Never mind.
[177] Rita?
Ann (PS02G) [178] [...] Essex isn't she?
Stuart (PS02H) [179] [...] that sort of ... [...]
Ann (PS02G) [180] Yeah, Essex isn't she comes from London doesn't she?
Stuart (PS02H) [181] [...] Romford yeah.
[182] ... So she's got a bit of an accent in in a way hasn't she?
Ann (PS02G) [183] Oh she definitely has.
[184] ... Ann has n't.
Stuart (PS02H) [185] No.
[186] ... Frank?
[187] Frank and Barbara.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [188] Frank's London isn't he?
Ann (PS02G) [189] Yeah yeah.
[190] Definitely.
Stuart (PS02H) [191] Bob?
[192] Bob's Notting
Ann (PS02G) [193] Mm yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [194] Not [...] though is he?
Ann (PS02G) [195] No but he has got a bit of an accent.
Stuart (PS02H) [196] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [197] Says lots of words ... that I don't use.
[198] ... Get old Sonny and George.
[199] I won't though cos we hardly see them.
Stuart (PS02H) [200] No.
Ann (PS02G) [201] Which is a pity because they are
Stuart (PS02H) [202] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [203] cos they've both got accents.
Stuart (PS02H) [204] Sonny is ... more sort of
Ann (PS02G) [205] Norfolk.
Stuart (PS02H) [206] Norfolkish isn't he?
Ann (PS02G) [207] Er and George is ... Holbeach
Stuart (PS02H) [208] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [209] in Lincolnshire.
[210] ... He's got a ... funny little voice hasn't he?
Stuart (PS02H) [211] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [212] [...] yeah.
[213] Mild weather.
Stuart (PS02H) [214] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [215] Cloudy mild weather's forecast North Gloucester [...] .
[216] ... Why didn't you go in for that?
[217] ... Meteorology.
[218] Is that what you call it?
[219] Yes.
[220] ... Cos you're quite interested in the weather aren't you?

3 (Tape 018203)

Ann (PS02G) [221] See what it's like Saturday evening when we go to the party.
Stuart (PS02H) [222] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [223] Whether we're gonna walk, ride or what.
Stuart (PS02H) [224] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [225] Good walk up there you know, isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [226] Well it's only about as far up there as it is up town.
Ann (PS02G) [227] Is it?
[228] Oh. ... [clears throat] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [229] Don't think the weather's gonna be too bad.
Ann (PS02G) [230] We're usually pretty lucky when [clears throat] when we're on holiday.
[231] Aren't we?
Stuart (PS02H) [232] Mhm.
[233] Not that
Ann (PS02G) [234] It's just
Stuart (PS02H) [235] we're going anywhere. ...
Ann (PS02G) [236] I tried to watch that but it wasn't very interesting.
Stuart (PS02H) [237] So you couldn't get interested in it?
[238] No.
Ann (PS02G) [239] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [240] It's a bit I don't know ...
Ann (PS02G) [241] [clears throat] [...] to it.
Stuart (PS02H) [242] [...] see what it's about.
[243] What about it?
[244] You don't really know cos you weren't in interested [...]
Ann (PS02G) [245] No.
[246] I I turned it over in the end.
Stuart (PS02H) [247] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [248] I turned it over and that's about [...] ... Did you have
Stuart (PS02H) [249] [...] again.
Ann (PS02G) [250] Ooh would you ever?
[251] Did your teachers used to hit you?
Stuart (PS02H) [252] No.
Ann (PS02G) [253] Oh, would have hit other kids cos you wouldn't have been naughty enough to be ... hit.
Stuart (PS02H) [254] I've seen people caned.
[255] ... Saw one ... one lad was really ... really sort of well ... okay he wasn't clever by any stretch of the imagination but he just, was just a ... you know a sort of no-hoper and he ... he riled one teacher up very ... very badly one day ... cos he didn't do his homework or he was ... pratting about or he was ... you know.
[256] And he got this ... he got a ca no it wasn't a cane but it was a ... quite a big stick.
[257] It wasn't a sort of a ... sort of a thin cane, it was quite a ... big stick, he whacked him a couple of times across the backside.
[258] And he really, and he really did belt him one.
[259] You know.
[260] ... Cor [...] but he got him so riled and ... you know.
Ann (PS02G) [261] Wouldn't he have felt it as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [262] [laugh] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [263] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [264] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [265] He was just a nice teacher.
[266] ... Got on al we got on ever so well with him.
[267] I did anyway, I got on with most teachers but ... but he did, really did give him a ... a really big, say a big ... couple of swipes on his backside.
[268] ... Mr ... Mr had erm ... a locker.
[269] You know he had about half a dozen in there, you know he [...]
Ann (PS02G) [270] [laugh] Chose the one.
Stuart (PS02H) [271] Yeah.
[272] Yeah.
[273] ... Yeah which one ... you know.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [274] Right you're gonna get one of these.
[275] Which one do you want sort of thing, you know?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [276] [swish] Yeah that will, no, maybe not.
[277] Maybe this one [swish] .
[278] Try that one today.
[279] Aah!
[280] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [281] No I don't think I was ever caned.
Ann (PS02G) [282] No.
[283] Good boy.
[284] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [285] Yeah.
[286] Too good.
Ann (PS02G) [287] One of the goody goodies.
Stuart (PS02H) [288] Yeah.
[289] Goody goody [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [290] [laugh] Just a good boy.
Stuart (PS02H) [291] I'm a good boy now aren't I?
Ann (PS02G) [292] Sometimes.
Stuart (PS02H) [293] Oh sometimes.
Ann (PS02G) [294] [laugh] ... Mm ... Well you never hardly go ever got into trouble at school.
Stuart (PS02H) [295] No.
Ann (PS02G) [296] You were a model pupil.
Stuart (PS02H) [297] Oh I don't know about model, but ... no, not a model pupil dear. ...
Ann (PS02G) [298] You always did your homework.
Stuart (PS02H) [299] I tried.
[300] ... Sometimes it took hours and sometimes it didn't.
[301] Depending how much you got. ...
Ann (PS02G) [302] I don't think I, I don't know, well I didn't get caned.
[303] I got a swipe or two off Miss .
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [304] Her with the withered paralyzed arm that she bashed you with because she couldn't clear it and you blooming well could.
Stuart (PS02H) [305] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Ann (PS02G) [306] Her arm was like this ... only ever such a little hand ... and if you, she used to go ... and it just sort of reached your earhole when she was ... walking past you and if you were talking in class she'd go [swipe] . [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [307] That's all she could move it really was
Stuart (PS02H) [308] Just far enough to get your earhole.
Ann (PS02G) [309] like that.
Stuart (PS02H) [310] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [311] Stop that .
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [312] Sit still.
[313] She [...] a few times [laugh] .
[314] She was a ... the sewing mistress.
[315] And do you know, with this arm ... it was the right arm as well there was the most beautiful sewing.
[316] She used to hold it, she sort of took it in here
Stuart (PS02H) [317] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [318] and then sew with this hand [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [319] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [320] one hand how she ... And it was beautiful work
Stuart (PS02H) [321] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [322] she used to do.
Stuart (PS02H) [323] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [324] Really did.
[325] [...] she used to call us heathens ... cos we didn't wear vests.
[326] So we would ... deliberately not wear one even if you did
Stuart (PS02H) [327] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [328] if you had to go and try a garment on, you deliberately didn't wear underwear or [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [329] Oh yeah, yeah
Ann (PS02G) [330] just just to annoy ... Heathens, she used to say.
[331] Disgusting!
[332] Where is your underwear?
[333] ... But I wear a bra miss, I've got me underwear.
[334] Where is your vest and your liberty bodice?
[335] [laugh] You will come to a bad end!
[336] You gals.
[337] ... Yes Miss we'd all chant.
[338] [laugh] ... She used to really get ... not just sit, you know really ... silly old bat.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [339] And we had Miss ... who used to wear knickers down to her knees.
[340] She used to sit behind her desk like this with her legs open and her knickers used to come down here, pink ones and blue ones.
[341] And she used to eat chalk.
Stuart (PS02H) [342] Eat chalk?
Ann (PS02G) [343] Yeah, she was ever so odd.
[344] She used to
Stuart (PS02H) [345] What, lumps of chalk?
Ann (PS02G) [346] she used to chew it.
[347] Mm and it used to be all around her mouth and she used to have a bit here sort of one of those old ladies who had whiskers on her chin and it'd be all white.
[348] [laugh] We didn't take a lot ... I mean she was a history teacher so now you know why I didn't [laughing] learn a lot of history cos all we did was giggle [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [349] And if you played up she used to chuck the blackboard rubber at you. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [350] She was really dotty.
[351] Really was.
[352] ... Absolutely bananas.
[353] [laugh] She always used to sit with her legs open and these bloody knickers [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [354] right down her knees.
Stuart (PS02H) [355] Real passion killers like then?
Ann (PS02G) [356] Yeah.
[357] ... It's just as well she [...] wore knickers like that the way she was sitting behind her desk. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [358] Well sorry if she didn't wear any at all eh dear, eh?
Ann (PS02G) [359] [laugh] ... Miss but by god she had a good aim, she might have been bloody dotty
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [360] You got up giggling and laughing the back of the class and whoosh [laughing] the bloody board rubber come flying across the classroom [] .
[361] Mm and blooming hurts and all [laugh] .
[362] ... That terrible? ... [...] what they're gonna do with them?
[363] [sigh] Put them away for ... life we hope.
Stuart (PS02H) [364] They ought to.
[365] ... Seem to put them away for ... a long while but ...
Ann (PS02G) [366] Would you like anything before you go out dear?
Stuart (PS02H) [367] Mm I don't think so.
Ann (PS02G) [368] To abandon me to your friends .
Stuart (PS02H) [369] Oh here we go again! [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [370] [laugh] Don't love you any more [...] heard it all before I know
Stuart (PS02H) [371] I've abandoned abandoned you all day, most of the day darling and
Ann (PS02G) [372] I know.
[373] We're on holiday and I'm being left on my own.
[374] ... Cruel cruel hard man.
Stuart (PS02H) [375] I know.
Ann (PS02G) [376] Not stopping you going boozing though is it? [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [377] Well there's [...] you're quite welcome to come with me if you want to.
Ann (PS02G) [378] I don't want to.
Stuart (PS02H) [379] You don't want to.
[380] Well there you are then.
[381] If you don't want to you don't want to. ...
Ann (PS02G) [382] [yawning] Well it's about quarter to seven so I suppose you're soon going to [] ... be off. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [383] So a little bit of discipline and a clip round the earhole obviously ... done them good.
Ann (PS02G) [384] Oh they don't know half.
Stuart (PS02H) [385] I was gonna say they discipline [...] hard to ... discipline's much more
Ann (PS02G) [386] Oh [...] ... we had much more discipline when we were young than they have nowadays and I don't think it does them any harm.
Stuart (PS02H) [387] No.
Ann (PS02G) [388] If my children came home and said to me ... that they got the cane at school I'd have just said well you must have deserved it.
[389] I wouldn't have gone rush I mean some mothers have gone rushing up the school and complained.
[390] I said well he must have done something to deserve it.
Stuart (PS02H) [391] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [392] Otherwise they wouldn't have done it.
[393] ... [...] Jonathan the other two didn't so much.
[394] ... Jonathan did ... couple of times.
[395] He come home with lines and ... write passages out of this that and the other.
Stuart (PS02H) [396] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [397] Well Steven used to tell on him you see.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [398] He's been in detention again.
[399] [laugh] Tell-tale.
[400] What you tell her for.
[401] Huh [laugh] You telly-tale [...] ... oh you're too goody goody, you never get [...] [laugh] .
[402] ... Over exuberant, that's what they put on Jonathan's report, school report.
Stuart (PS02H) [403] Good for some things.
[404] ... Exuberant. ...
Ann (PS02G) [405] That's what one of his school reports said.
[406] Jonathan suffers with an over ab abundance of exuberance.
[407] [laugh] When I were at the parents' evening I said does that mean er ... he never sits still and he's always tearing about and [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [408] said well something like that. [laugh] .
Stuart (PS02H) [409] Yeah but probably now they'd call it hyperactivity.
Ann (PS02G) [410] Probably.
[411] ... I don't think he was, he was just ... I dunno [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [412] A lad.
Ann (PS02G) [413] Yeah.
[414] And I I er and not only that I used to say to teachers well if ... if they'd ask him about and if he had ... anything er er and he'd be bored.
Stuart (PS02H) [415] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [416] [...] why do you [...] Jonathan,St Steven said oh he'd been in detention.
[417] Why have you been in detention?
[418] ... Oh I was playing up and they chucked me out the class or something and I had to stay in at dinner time.
[419] Said well why were you playing up?
[420] I was bored.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [421] I tried telling some of the teachers that.
[422] He finds the lessons boring ... so obviously they're gonna mess about.
Stuart (PS02H) [423] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [424] If they're bor if you're bored and you can't
Stuart (PS02H) [425] Bored yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [426] So you, you get distracted and do something else
Stuart (PS02H) [427] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [428] you shouldn't be doing.
[429] And that's a fault in some ways of the teachers.
Stuart (PS02H) [430] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [431] If the pupils are bored the ... should make it interesting enough to keep their interest.
Stuart (PS02H) [432] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [433] Mm.
[434] Yeah I know [...] subjects they're not ... you can't be interested in all of them.
Stuart (PS02H) [435] No.
Ann (PS02G) [436] Look at them cars. [cough]
Stuart (PS02H) [437] When I was at the garage ... getting the petrol ... I give them, signed the cheque and they put the cheque through the ... cheque machine printing it out and that ... and er ... they've got a free offer at the moment.
[438] You collect these tokens for ... collect so many tokens and you get ... a free Corgi toy.
[439] ... I mean normally I don't bother with the tokens, I mean I ... Anyway I paid the cheque ... and I said to Peter I said ... oh by the way what about me ... tokens for me ... for me toy I said ... if I get a free one of them I can give it to ... give it to the grandchildren.
[440] See, Ricky'd like that I'm sure, little Corgi car I said [...] .
[441] He said oh no you don't get them with cheques.
[442] Cash sales only.
[443] ... [...] I thought ... I just spent twenty seven quid on petrol [...] I said [...]
Ann (PS02G) [444] And you can't even have a bloody free Dinky car.
Stuart (PS02H) [445] free couple of vouchers for a new ... for a Corgi toy.
[446] ... There's a woman in there she said oh give it to him.
[447] I said [...] give you a cuddle some time.
Ann (PS02G) [448] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [449] I just thought you know I ... [...] okay it's only a cheque I know but
Ann (PS02G) [450] Yeah but it's still twenty seven quid.
[451] They don't get many twenty seven pound customers.
Stuart (PS02H) [452] No.
[453] That's what I thought.
Ann (PS02G) [454] Fiver or what have you.
Stuart (PS02H) [455] I think it's I think it's one voucher for fifteen litres.
[456] ... Now what do I have?
[457] If I had twenty seven quid's worth ... at fifty P a litre ... that's ... fifty two ... fifty two?
[458] Fifty two litres [...] roughly [...] so if it was one voucher for fifteen that's ... three innit?
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [459] And I think it was six vouchers for for a free
Ann (PS02G) [460] That's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [461] free Corgi toy.
[462] So all I've got to do is when I run out again fill it up again spending another twenty five quid's worth or so ... that would have been six and I could have had a free Corgi toy for ... Ricky for Christmas.
Ann (PS02G) [463] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [464] Or ... whatever. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [465] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [466] Little present innit?
Ann (PS02G) [467] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [468] Hasn't cost me nothing has it?
[469] Or hasn't cost you anything.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [470] But next time I shall have to run, take the cash in there.
[471] ... And see ... see what they say next time.
Ann (PS02G) [472] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [473] [...] pays a cheque it was just easier to pay by cheque.
[474] And they've got a machine to do it anyway to ... work it all out, print it all out.
Ann (PS02G) [475] Not very fair is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [476] Oh no.
Ann (PS02G) [477] Saying cash I mean it's still cash ... innit? ...
Stuart (PS02H) [478] Would have thought so. ...
Ann (PS02G) [479] [...] big business that.
Stuart (PS02H) [480] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [481] Toys.
[482] ... Terrible prices. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [483] Bet mum's still got that [...]
Ann (PS02G) [484] Oh I don't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [485] You want to ask her about that.
Ann (PS02G) [486] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [487] You could see if anyone's got one at work couldn't you?
Ann (PS02G) [488] Yeah. ... [laugh] [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh] ...
Ann (PS02G) [489] Oh well ... I'd better go and do the dishes I think.
Stuart (PS02H) [490] [...] say there's not that many there is there?
[491] Only a plate and a few fork, fork and a knife and that.
[492] She's done everything else.
Ann (PS02G) [493] I must do them now and then it's out of the way cos you [...] and I want to see Emmerdale at seven.
Stuart (PS02H) [494] Oh yeah.
[495] Yeah of course.
[496] Don't forget that clock's gone about five minutes slow.

4 (Tape 018204)

Ann (PS02G) [497] Come along dear.
Stuart (PS02H) [498] Yes, yes.
[499] Oh there was ... couple of nice bums there definitely.
Ann (PS02G) [500] Oh I know there was. [cough]
Stuart (PS02H) [501] And then when we finished er finished the game about, I don't know ... must have been about twenty to eleven when we finished the game ... there was ... sandwiches and ... chips coming out.
Ann (PS02G) [502] At that time of night?
Stuart (PS02H) [503] Well the game had finished you see so they brought supper out.
Ann (PS02G) [504] Usually have it half way don't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [505] Mm sometimes yeah.
[506] [...] ... basket of chips and
Ann (PS02G) [507] Oh so you've had bloody supper have you?
Stuart (PS02H) [508] sl sliced sliced ... sliced boiled potatoes and ... some er
Ann (PS02G) [509] Huh me sitting here and you've been eating blood supper .
Stuart (PS02H) [510] sandwiches and french bread and that.
[511] It it was about ten to, five to eleven ... mm Bob said you know cos we went, me Ron Bob went in ... in Shirley's car ... and er cos Dave and ... Tracy they come in their own car because ... Sarah was not feeling very well so they had [...] .
[512] So Tracy went back to the Griff and said oh share in with the supper.
Ann (PS02G) [513] What, it was for the team there as well?
Stuart (PS02H) [514] The, for the A team yeah.
[515] Erm ... as I say it was about ten to five to eleven and ... Bob said what are you ... you know what's Ron doing?
Ann (PS02G) [516] Chatting up the women probably if I know Ron.
[517] [laughing] Quite enjoying himself [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [518] He [...] .
[519] Yes he was.
[520] Very much so.
Ann (PS02G) [521] Yeah I bet he was.
Stuart (PS02H) [522] Said what you doing and
Ann (PS02G) [523] Eyeing up the bums like you.
Stuart (PS02H) [524] and I said ... I said to Bob I said well, you know ... said well hadn't you better get ... cos Shirley had had a go at Bob first off, before when, when I went in there first thing.
[525] Shirley said and don't stay to the end.
[526] He said well ... you've got to stay to the end I mean, but don't stay right to the end, you know sort of
Ann (PS02G) [527] Mhm [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [528] So she'd had a bit of a go at Bob [...] and er
Ann (PS02G) [529] And I suppose you were saying I had Ann saying oh leaving me.
Stuart (PS02H) [530] like I say about ... ten to eleven, five to eleven said what are you doing then Bob?
[531] He said well I'm ... [...] .
[532] Shirley's sort of getting on to you a bit I think we'd better ... make a move.
[533] [...] home and [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [534] Pardon?
Ann (PS02G) [535] [laughing] I'm going to bed now [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [536] Have one more at yours before we you know before you ... go home sort of thing you know [...] .
[537] He said oh I don't know, well what's Ron doing?
[538] Ron!
[539] What do you want to do?
[540] [...] I'm stopping for another.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [541] So we stopped for another one.
Ann (PS02G) [542] So Bob's gonna be in the ... in trouble.
Stuart (PS02H) [543] Du n no.
Ann (PS02G) [544] [laugh] Well I didn't ask [...] when he come in the door up there ... where the hell have you been?
[545] With me on me own for five hours. ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [546] And I had ... John Smith bitter.
Ann (PS02G) [547] Oh well you've quite enjoyed that and you've had a few of them by the smell of you.
[548] Smell like a bloody ... brewery.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [549] Told you, that's not a bad little pub is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [550] What the [...] ?
[551] It's a goldmine.
[552] Absolute goldmine.
Ann (PS02G) [553] Told you that and you said ... yuk.
[554] I don't mind it in there.
Stuart (PS02H) [555] It's years since I've been in there.
[556] Must be about three or four years since I've been in there [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [557] Not bad is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [558] Oh no.
[559] It's a nice pub.
[560] [...] say that but er ... they've extended it
Ann (PS02G) [561] Yeah I know.
Stuart (PS02H) [562] down the back and out the back there for darts and that.
Ann (PS02G) [563] I know.
[564] I know and a little stage.
[565] I've seen ... yeah I have.
[566] [...] round the corner a bit
Stuart (PS02H) [567] Well maybe, maybe they ... maybe they change it round when there there's something on there and there's no darts on or that.
Ann (PS02G) [568] Mm yeah probably.
[569] Because erm because ... er ... Sue
Stuart (PS02H) [570] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [571] thing and her dad's got a ... country and western music I mean he, they go all over the bloody place.
[572] But we we were in there one night and he, he was playing.
[573] They had country and western night on there, now ... I think I was doing nowt one Saturday night and Sue and Steven were going to hear her dad.
Stuart (PS02H) [574] Mm. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [575] Why don't you come with us for an hour or so?
[576] Mum'll be there after bingo at half past nine.
Stuart (PS02H) [577] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [578] I was going to bingo and I said ... and I said to her well we'll go and pick Sue's mother up and we'll pick you up and all and ... she went the Empire, I went the Corn Exchange but that's beside the point.
Stuart (PS02H) [579] Yeah.
[580] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [581] And picked us up and I went in there and I were ... yeah half past eleven time.
[582] I mean it was a bit loud because it was live music I suppose but ... it wasn't a bad night [...] .
[583] [...] got lively.
Stuart (PS02H) [584] I say it was say it was about three, four years since I've been in there so
Ann (PS02G) [585] Oh [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [586] they'd extended it, they extended it round the back and
Ann (PS02G) [587] Yeah.
[588] Well I was, it was round the back where
Stuart (PS02H) [589] Oh it [...]
Ann (PS02G) [590] he stood with erm the [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [591] It's probably where they've got the dartboard and that in there.
[592] Probably change it round.
[593] Yeah there is.
Ann (PS02G) [594] And there was a bit of ... there's a bit of floor in front of it.
[595] And we were dancing on that bit you see.
Stuart (PS02H) [596] Oh did you?
Ann (PS02G) [597] There weren't a lot of room but [laugh] you don't care do you?
[598] When you've
Stuart (PS02H) [599] Mm [...] little dance and [...]
Ann (PS02G) [600] at ten o'clock at night and ... pub was packed.
[601] People singing with the ... the group.
[602] Yeah he plays guitar and sings Sue's dad does. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [603] [...] Stewie [laugh] in The Loco well huh
Ann (PS02G) [604] You know everybody.
Stuart (PS02H) [605] Well not everybody but
Ann (PS02G) [606] Biggest part.
Stuart (PS02H) [607] Knew the landlord [laugh] .
[608] Who I hadn't seen for goodness knows how long.
[609] ... Hallo Stewie, how are you mate!
[610] ... Bloody hell's that?
[611] ... Knew his face and I can't remember his damn name.
[612] ... Gary [...]
Ann (PS02G) [613] Might even have had my Steven in [...] wouldn't have known him.
Stuart (PS02H) [614] Yeah, he would.
Ann (PS02G) [615] How do you know?
Stuart (PS02H) [616] Because there wasn't a tall ... slim ... ginger-haired chap in [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [617] I did think it, well I did think it was a possibility but I mean
Ann (PS02G) [618] Probably his mother and father ... her mother and father had been in there anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [619] [...] there's a little boy there'd be no chance of him ... going in there anyway.
Ann (PS02G) [620] Oh no, course not.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [621] Course not.
Stuart (PS02H) [622] So
Ann (PS02G) [623] I'm going soft in the ... her mum and dad'll probably be in.
[624] That's their regular [...] if they were having a ... country and western they would ask him to do it because he's
Stuart (PS02H) [625] What's his ... what's her mum and dad look like?
Ann (PS02G) [626] He's big.
[627] He's a, such a big fella.
[628] Fat.
[629] ... Sue's mum's little and fat, nearly as tall as she's [laughing] broad [] .
[630] But dad's a [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [631] Maybe they were in the lounge perhaps.
Ann (PS02G) [632] bigger ... I mean he he he's at least as tall as you if not bigger and er also ...
Stuart (PS02H) [633] Sort of Tom size?
Ann (PS02G) [634] Yeah.
[635] ... And she's about the same size round but about five foot two. [laugh] .
Stuart (PS02H) [636] Well I didn't see anybody
Ann (PS02G) [637] Sue's a big girl.
[638] She's as tall as me and ... weighs nearly
Stuart (PS02H) [639] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [640] she must weight fourteen, fifteen stone I should think.
[641] Sue's ... big
Stuart (PS02H) [642] Well then I certainly didn't see anybody in there looking like that.
[643] ... I must admit. ...
Ann (PS02G) [644] Oh she usually goes after bingo.
[645] They'll probably be in all night and she's just walked up from the bingo and ... toddle in there.
Stuart (PS02H) [646] No I didn't see anybody looking like that so ... I don't know.
Ann (PS02G) [647] I wouldn't think they'd be in the lounge.
[648] They could be but I wouldn't have thought so.
Stuart (PS02H) [649] Thursday night anyway I wouldn't, does she go to the Empire [...]
Ann (PS02G) [650] Well I don't really know do I?
[651] Empire.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [652] Do they have it Wednesday night [...] bingo?
Stuart (PS02H) [653] [...] Thursday night don't they, bingo?
Ann (PS02G) [654] Is it Thursday night?
[655] No oh I don't know [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [656] Thursday night not at the Empire.
[657] Wednesday night the Empire, Friday night [...] .
[658] Thursday night [...]
Ann (PS02G) [659] Oh well she wouldn't be there after the bingo then would she?
[660] ... Probably went to ... I know that she does go [...] .
[661] She [...] there most of the evening and she goes to bingo and
Stuart (PS02H) [662] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [663] Cos they live ... [...] down round near Tina's but ... not like Tina's house, before that ... off Allard Avenue round the back of Allard Avenue.
[664] ... Sherwood is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [665] Sherwood, yeah Sherwood Avenue .
Ann (PS02G) [666] Yeah.
[667] Yeah they live up [...] yeah.
[668] ... So it's not that far for The Loco really.
Stuart (PS02H) [669] No just a ... short walk.
Ann (PS02G) [670] It's sort of their local type of thing.
[671] ... [...] anyway but ... Well Ann is going ... to retire.
[672] I suppose you're gonna have a bottle and a fag.
[673] Mind you, the smell of you I think you've had sufficient bottles but
Stuart (PS02H) [674] [...] well [...] ...
Ann (PS02G) [675] Told you not to drink much.
Stuart (PS02H) [676] I did n't.
Ann (PS02G) [677] Ooh.
[678] Perhaps I'd better stop up then.
Stuart (PS02H) [679] Well I tried not to, but
Ann (PS02G) [680] [laugh] What?
Stuart (PS02H) [681] [...] Bob said do you want a drink and ... Ron said do you want a drink and I said to Ron do you want a drink Ron and everyone said do you want a drink and ...
Ann (PS02G) [682] You had quite a few.
Stuart (PS02H) [683] No, not that many.
[684] [laugh] But er
Ann (PS02G) [685] But I might as well go to bed.
Stuart (PS02H) [686] probably erm
Ann (PS02G) [687] But I might as well go to bed?
[688] And you do realize that this conversation is on a tape recorder?
Stuart (PS02H) [689] Well I don't mind.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [690] [...] if it is [...] .
[691] That's what they want.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [692] Natural conversations so
Ann (PS02G) [693] Not sure how natural though [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [694] [laugh] I'll have a can of beer and ... then I'll probably go to bed. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [695] We haven't got any left.
[696] I drunk them.
Stuart (PS02H) [697] They've gone have they?
Ann (PS02G) [698] Mhm.
Stuart (PS02H) [699] Oh.
[700] I'd better have a bottle then.
Ann (PS02G) [701] I drunk them as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [702] [...] Oh you drunk them as well?
[703] ... Oh.
[704] ... ah ... oh ... now what am I gonna do?
Ann (PS02G) [705] Without. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [706] I'm without.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [707] Crafty devil.
[708] ... Put them round the corner where ... where I didn't know where they were.
Ann (PS02G) [709] Falling over now.
Stuart (PS02H) [710] No I'm not. ...
Ann (PS02G) [711] Oh that young couple next door ... [...] ah!
Stuart (PS02H) [712] Yeah?
[713] They been at it, have they been at it again?
Ann (PS02G) [714] Oh I wish you'd have been at home, I'd have gone round there.
Stuart (PS02H) [715] What've they been up to now then?
Ann (PS02G) [716] Oh god!
[717] She's been screaming.
[718] He's been ... reckon she must have locked herself up in the dark.
[719] And the only place with a lock on is the bathroom and I reckon they'll blooming knock the blooming door down by the sound of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [720] Gawd.
Brian (PS02J) [721] She was screaming, he was swearing.
[722] Running up and down the stairs.
Stuart (PS02H) [723] What time was this?
Ann (PS02G) [724] Quarter to ten till about half past ten.
[725] Or half an hour till half past ten [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [726] Well that wouldn't please them next door would it?
Ann (PS02G) [727] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [728] Coo. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [729] And and really I mean you can't ... I'm I'm s I'm saying that you, you can't interfere but ... by god I'd long for someone to come in and interfere.
[730] ... I really would have done.
[731] And er er I ... I could never understand why people ... that obviously could hear what went on ... and pretended they never.
[732] ... I know you don't wanna get involved
Stuart (PS02H) [733] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [734] and this that and the other ... but people must have heard what went on and and ... you know the next morning they'd see a black eye and just carry out a normal conversation as though
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [735] and you know they hadn't heard it all and
Stuart (PS02H) [736] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [737] ooh have you had a fall or something?
[738] Then you know I mean they must have [...] what was going on oh aye they just completely ... ignore it.
Stuart (PS02H) [739] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [740] I'd be walking round ... if I could get around.
Stuart (PS02H) [741] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [742] It were just you know oh it's a nice morning when I'm hanging the washing out as though everything was wonderful you know [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [743] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [744] normal.
Stuart (PS02H) [745] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [746] Ooh I thought he was going to, ooh I felt ... made me go cold and I ... I thought if, if I hadn't been here on my own I'd have been very tempted to go round and ... and say is there anything I can do.
[747] ... Or I'd have called the police I think.
[748] I weren't sure what I'd have done but
Stuart (PS02H) [749] Bad as that?
Ann (PS02G) [750] Oh [...] .
[751] He was a calling her effing this, swearing oh it was dreadful.
[752] She was screaming and you could hear her crying.
[753] Then you hear, she pounded up the bloody stairs and he was after her ... and I reckon ... well the only room with a lock ...
Stuart (PS02H) [754] As you say is the bathroom.
Ann (PS02G) [755] is the bathroom, so she must have been in there cos he's hammering on the door and bashing it and kicking it.
[756] ... Bloody hell of a row.
[757] ... Or whether she opened it or whether she was in the front bedroom with something behind the door I dunno but ...
Stuart (PS02H) [758] That's his
Ann (PS02G) [759] and she run back down the stairs and the front door was opening and banging and shutting, whether she run outside or what ... I don't know what happened, the dog was bloody barking.
Stuart (PS02H) [760] Oh lord. ...
Ann (PS02G) [761] Well it's a wonder Ann and Rita haven't done something about it.
Stuart (PS02H) [762] Well I say it's er ... amazing they've not said, said something [...]
Ann (PS02G) [763] And they had company as well there's a car there, blue car. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [764] Who Ann and Rita or?
Ann (PS02G) [765] Or Ann and Rita.
[766] I don't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [767] [...] Sally innit?
Ann (PS02G) [768] I don't know who it was. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [769] It was Sally if it was a blue e , blue cavalier.
[770] ... T D O something something something.
Ann (PS02G) [771] Sally can't drive so it must be some
Stuart (PS02H) [772] Can't she?
Ann (PS02G) [773] [...] Her latest beau I should think, I don't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [774] Maybe.
[775] Maybe maybe. ...
Ann (PS02G) [776] But it was ... I mean I could hear it over the telly.
[777] ... I know I don't have the telly on full blast but ... I could hear it
Stuart (PS02H) [778] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [779] above the telly.
[780] When I first heard the first noise I thought what the bloody hell's that and I turned the sound down.
Stuart (PS02H) [781] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [782] Thought bloody hell, put it back up but you could, it was really distressing me cos
Stuart (PS02H) [783] You knew what was possibly going on.
Ann (PS02G) [784] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [785] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [786] A woman and that don't s I mean ... if you're having just an argument ... it's raised voices but a woman doesn't scream and ... cry like that unless ...
Stuart (PS02H) [787] Unless there's something really
Ann (PS02G) [788] something awful going on.
Stuart (PS02H) [789] Mm. ...
Ann (PS02G) [790] I mean Ann and Rita reckon they're not married or anything but why the hell does she stay with him then?
[791] She's not got a bloody
Stuart (PS02H) [792] Well there you go I mean
Ann (PS02G) [793] she's got no children.
[794] They're only young.
[795] ... It's her house.
[796] Isn't his.
[797] ... He couldn't, she bought it without, with her father and
Stuart (PS02H) [798] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [799] and he come and lived with her in it.
[800] ... Bloody hell.
[801] I know I mean I stayed with him but I had three kids.
Stuart (PS02H) [802] Gonna say you're you're [...]
Ann (PS02G) [803] I had three kids, where could I go with them?
Stuart (PS02H) [804] Mm.
[805] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [806] If I'd have been on me own I mean that's all I was waiting for, mine to grow up so I could clear off.
Stuart (PS02H) [807] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [808] If I'd have been on me own I wouldn't have stopped bloody long.
[809] ... I mean even if she walks out he doesn't, no court in the land would give him the house if it's hers.
[810] ... [...] evicted and then she could come back again.
Stuart (PS02H) [811] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [812] Well if she went to the police they'd chuck him out.
[813] He has no legal rights to the property.
[814] It's in her name, she's, her father's helping her ... paid the deposit or something and she clears the mortgage ... she has no right, he has no right to it all if she went to the police.
[815] They'd just turf him out wouldn't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [816] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [817] Well why stay in a relationship like that?
[818] ... Don't understand it. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [819] Certainly a bit rough, a bit hard.
Ann (PS02G) [820] Went quiet about half past ten so whether he buggered off out or what I don't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [821] Mm maybe.
Ann (PS02G) [822] Certainly the front door was opening and banging and shutting.
Stuart (PS02H) [823] Say I'm surprised Ann and Rita haven't sort of didn't
Ann (PS02G) [824] Well banging on the wall probably with all the other banging and [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [825] May maybe.
[826] Maybe.
[827] They [...] part of the banging.
Ann (PS02G) [828] So much bloody banging going on.
Stuart (PS02H) [829] Probably part of the banging ... Ann and Rita.
Ann (PS02G) [830] And the people on this side [...] you don't know how they were reacting as well.
[831] Say, they was a quite young couple.
[832] We don't hear them that much do we?
[833] ... Mornings is the ... time I hear them most.
[834] Cos they go out to work at half past eight and you hear them between half past seven and half past eight

5 (Tape 018205)

Ann (PS02G) [835] There you are I've made you a cup of tea.
[836] Thank you dear.
Stuart (PS02H) [837] Very kind of you.
Ann (PS02G) [838] Are you sure you don't want any breakfast?
Stuart (PS02H) [839] No.
Ann (PS02G) [840] You want nothing at all?
Stuart (PS02H) [841] No.
Ann (PS02G) [842] You'll be hungry.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [843] Eh?
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [844] What do you mean good?
[845] ... Don't be silly.
[846] What's the point in getting really hungry. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [847] [...] ... Had me tea last night and ... the beer and ... [...] few sandwiches last night.

6 (Tape 018206)

Ann (PS02G) [848] How would you like that?
[849] ... Order's not completed you've got to stay till it is. ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [850] Up yours mate.
[851] ... I'm going home.
[852] Ten o'clock and that's it.
[853] ... Or whatever. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [854] Not many would.
[855] [...] Very rare. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [856] Not often. ... [listening to radio]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh] ...
Ann (PS02G) [857] [laugh] ... Oh my god!
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [858] I had that yesterday.
[859] What's our post code?
Stuart (PS02H) [860] P E fourteen seven P G. ...
Ann (PS02G) [861] They was looking for it on a list. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [862] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [863] Said I know it's P fourteen, I don't know the rest of it.
[864] And he looked on a list he had and he put seven something.
Stuart (PS02H) [865] Seven P G.
[866] ... I can always remember it.
Ann (PS02G) [867] Well you're good at remembering numbers.
Stuart (PS02H) [868] Well yeah but I just think P E fourteen, half of fourteen is seven and then T.
[869] ... [...] G.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [870] Yes darling.
Stuart (PS02H) [871] So that's how I remember it.
[872] Funny innit?
Ann (PS02G) [873] Yes very strange but you are strange.
Stuart (PS02H) [874] I know yes.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [875] Very strange, yeah, very strange.
Ann (PS02G) [876] You always remember numbers.
[877] Don't you?
[878] Car numbers and telephone numbers and
Stuart (PS02H) [879] Car numbers I remember more by the letters than the numbers.
[880] Because there are s specific set numbers.
[881] ... Once I see
Ann (PS02G) [882] [...] When they come round at work and says ... this car blocked in I say oh go and ask Stuart he'll probably know.
[883] [laugh] Give you a blooming it's a blue something or other and this is the number.
[884] [...] Go and ask [...] .
[885] I said go and Stuart or Bill they, they know most of them.
[886] [laugh] ... I wouldn't know one from another.
Stuart (PS02H) [887] [...] associated the letters with the car and the letters with the car go together.
[888] And then the numbers, the numbers I don't remember that well.
[889] Some of them I do.
[890] ... [...] now with them changing the ... the changeover cos they always used to be ... the letters followed by the numbers.
[891] Now they've got ... the initial letter ... followed by the number then the letters.
[892] Rather than so ... As I say you associate the car and the number together.
Ann (PS02G) [893] I don't. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [894] It would probably throw me completely If you [...]
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [895] it would throw me completely if you put, if you changed some of the number plates over.
[896] If you put Tina's number plate ... on another car ... and visa versa ... that would throw, I I'd probably look at it and think ... you know, oh somebody's got a new car or that looks familiar but it's not the right car so I wouldn't think about it.
[897] Even though I know Tina's is C two one one Y C L ... if it was on a different car ... I'd probably look at it ... and think
Ann (PS02G) [898] Oh that's not right.
Stuart (PS02H) [899] it's not right, it's not Tina's.
[900] And so I wouldn't think that that ... I ... probably ... Just a ... just a trait of personality.
Ann (PS02G) [901] I wonder how she is if she's ... at work or at home. [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [902] Don't really ... [laughing] don't really care to tell you the truth in a way but []
Ann (PS02G) [903] Oh that's nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [904] Well no I care ... I care if Tina's not well and hope she gets better soon but ... I don't care if [...]
Ann (PS02G) [905] You don't care about work getting in a muddle [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [906] I don't care about work and them being in a muddle, no not at all.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh] [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [907] Let them get on with it.
Ann (PS02G) [908] That's not very nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [909] It is.
Ann (PS02G) [910] No it isn't.
Stuart (PS02H) [911] Well it is.
[912] Why isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [913] Cos it isn't.
Stuart (PS02H) [914] Well
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [915] if ... a lot of others were off we'd have to cope somehow wouldn't we?
[916] ... So ... there you go.
[917] Just cos we're off.
[918] ... And possibly Tina and that is off so ... they'll just have to struggle on as if we were there and ... a lot of others were off.
[919] ... Don't you agree?
Ann (PS02G) [920] Yes darling. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [921] Right.
[922] So what's on the agenda for today?
Ann (PS02G) [923] Well you know very well.
[924] We are going shopping.
Stuart (PS02H) [925] Where are we going shopping?
Ann (PS02G) [926] Whenever you're ready to take me shopping.
Stuart (PS02H) [927] But where ... are we going shopping?
Ann (PS02G) [928] Well ... probably Wisbech.
[929] No point in going to Lynn if we're going to mum's.
Stuart (PS02H) [930] No but where?
Ann (PS02G) [931] Wherever you wish to take me.
Stuart (PS02H) [932] Where would Ann want to go?
Ann (PS02G) [933] I don't mind.
[934] ... Haven't got a lot of choice.
[935] I don't like Tescos at Wisbech cos it's [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [936] Right.
Ann (PS02G) [937] So it's Gateway Gateway or blooming Rainbow.
[938] ... Suppose we could go down the Rainbow and have a look at that microwave.
[939] ... But I'll have to go into town first.
[940] ... Cos I don't think they'll give me the shopping for nothing and there's no bank down Rainbow.
[941] Well there is, a Co-op bank but I don't think they'll let me have some money out of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [942] Mm.
[943] Maybe not.
Ann (PS02G) [944] And seeing as I haven't got an account with them I don't think they'll say well you can ... have some anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [945] No.
Ann (PS02G) [946] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [947] And then we're going into town?
[948] Well we've got to go into town
Ann (PS02G) [949] Got to see the estate agents and see if we can ... view something today.
Stuart (PS02H) [950] Mm [...]
Ann (PS02G) [951] [...] other ones that we are ... definitely interested in and underneath the ones that we are ... not so interested in.
Stuart (PS02H) [952] Yeah [...] there's one down, that one down Elizabeth Terrace.
[953] I was just trying to figure out which one it is.
[954] ... Hundred and twenty.
Ann (PS02G) [955] I don't know if that isn't ... erm what they call it who died not long ago?
[956] ... Hazel's mum's.
[957] Cos perhaps the dad's moved out or you know [...] .
[958] Quite close to her.
[959] ... Oh what was her name?
[960] Old Hazel's mother.
Stuart (PS02H) [961] Hazel's mother.
Ann (PS02G) [962] The little old lady who went to Salvation Army, always wearing a little hat.
[963] Oh what was her name?
[964] Cos you know her as well.
[965] And I said oh my god she's died and you said ... oh I know her. ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [966] What used to go to the Salvation Army?
Ann (PS02G) [967] She was [...] to Salvation Army.
[968] Ever so small little lady.
[969] ... or something.
[970] I can remember her kids and I can't remember her name.
[971] ... Terrible.
[972] Hazel and Terry, mother-in-law's brother Terry ... fire officer at Wisbech, it's his mother-in-law ... laws.
[973] And she died not more than a few months ago.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [974] [...] Oh it's awful.
[975] It's dreadful I mean ... quite fond of her.
Stuart (PS02H) [976] Just trying to think which one it was anyway .
Ann (PS02G) [977] I think it's her house.
Stuart (PS02H) [978] Yeah but I'm trying think which one it is.
[979] ... Cos I say I know that ... I know Elizabeth Terrace well.
Ann (PS02G) [980] Yeah I know cos I think you called on her cos you knew her.
[981] When she died you said ... oh I know her well [laugh] .
Stuart (PS02H) [982] Hundred and twenty.
[983] ... Let's go and have a look.
[984] Oh it's in here somewhere innit?
Ann (PS02G) [985] [...] I put a ring round it so I know ...
Stuart (PS02H) [986] Oh yeah here we are, hundred and twenty.
[987] Ah the one ... one in from the end.
[988] ... Yeah, I know the one now.
[989] One in from the end. ...
Ann (PS02G) [990] I think that is her house.
[991] Mind she had a husband but ... should think he ... living with one of the kids.
Stuart (PS02H) [992] Can't think who lived there now.
[993] God, cos I used to call on that one.
[994] ... [...] perhaps.
[995] ... [...] The only trouble down Elizabeth Terrace ... parking.
Ann (PS02G) [...] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [996] That's the only trouble.
[997] The only consolation ... if
Ann (PS02G) [998] [...] the college.
Stuart (PS02H) [999] if that was a possibility ... or if that became a possibility [...] mum only live round the corner.
[1000] ... Not that far away is she?
[1001] Few hundred yards.
Ann (PS02G) [1002] She drives.
Stuart (PS02H) [1003] And I could leave the car in her driveway.
Ann (PS02G) [1004] Then there's the college.
[1005] Lot of people park in the college.
[1006] ... Don't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [1007] So that is a possi I was just wondering which one it was cos I say I know ... some of them are a bit you know
Ann (PS02G) [1008] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1009] a bit dodgy.
[1010] I knew there there they had a lot of trouble with one of them but ... nearer Helen's end.
[1011] There was one there that was empty and ... for a long long while.
[1012] The builders started building, knocking it about
Ann (PS02G) [1013] And it fell to bits.
Stuart (PS02H) [1014] And then it
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [1015] and then, no the ... ran out of money.
[1016] The builder ran out of money ... and the ... it was just a shell.
[1017] You know, nothing in it.
[1018] No windows no doors no nothing er you know, completely gutted it ... to make it all, to renovate it and then ran out of money and then it just stood there completely empty.
[1019] ... And can you imagine a house in the open air in winter?
Ann (PS02G) [1020] Do it a lot of good would it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1021] It wouldn't do it a lot of good, no exactly.
Ann (PS02G) [1022] Woodwork and
Stuart (PS02H) [1023] [...] exactly.
Ann (PS02G) [1024] and even the brickwork.
Stuart (PS02H) [1025] No.
Ann (PS02G) [1026] [...] damp and ... If you get me back to mum's for about three o'clock time at the latest to take her to Osborne House.
Stuart (PS02H) [1027] Well that's what she's that's what she's [...] she's, she just sort of she didn't mean it but
Ann (PS02G) [1028] No it [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1029] it was her thought that we were
Ann (PS02G) [1030] Yeah cos I mean you'd probably run her back, rather than her biking.
[1031] ... As I say I mean we, if we could make an appointment say three fifteen or three thirty to see Sefton Avenue.
[1032] ... Cos we'd be up there anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [1033] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1034] Wouldn't we?
[1035] Before it gets dark and you couldn't see anything anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [1036] Oh we'd have to go and have a look in the light.
Ann (PS02G) [1037] Well that's it. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1038] Definitely.
Ann (PS02G) [1039] cos you can't see a lot.
[1040] Cos there won't be electricity on.
[1041] Anyway you wanna have a good look round [...] seriously consider it.
[1042] Cos I think now we [...] haven't heard from Mr and I think that means ... he's not prepared to take it so he's not bothered about coming.
[1043] ... Yeah?
[1044] Is that the ... way you're reading it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1045] That's the way I'm reading it.
[1046] I'm ...
Ann (PS02G) [1047] Ignore it cos the man might ... just leave him in there renting it until or when forever it goes up.
[1048] But we can't afford it to go up.
Stuart (PS02H) [1049] I'm disappointed that he's not been back
Ann (PS02G) [1050] Yeah I am.
Stuart (PS02H) [1051] to discuss it.
Ann (PS02G) [1052] Yeah I am.
Stuart (PS02H) [1053] And to put the position to him.
[1054] Look the market's not very good I know but ... we're sitting tenants.
[1055] We're quite happy to take it on.
[1056] We'd like to take it on.
[1057] If we leave have you got another tenant to come in?
[1058] You're gonna lose two hundred and fifty pound a month.
[1059] And a good two hundred and fifty pound a month.
Ann (PS02G) [1060] Exactly.
Stuart (PS02H) [1061] You know, not one that he has any hassle in getting.
Ann (PS02G) [1062] That's it.
[1063] He don't have to keep calling and wandering around after us.
[1064] [...] But I'm not prepared to go on renting it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1065] No no.
Ann (PS02G) [1066] As you say three thousand pound a year that could be paid off ... a place of our own is is just ... I mean if [...] I have to rent it well I'll have to rent one.
[1067] If we can't get anything else and we can't afford anything else we've just got to go on paying it but
Stuart (PS02H) [1068] But
Ann (PS02G) [1069] when there's so much other [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1070] as I say you look at ... I mean this is two fifty.
[1071] You look here in the paper and see how much they are.
Ann (PS02G) [1072] Yeah I know.
[1073] Some of them are terrible.
Stuart (PS02H) [1074] You're talking two sixty, two eighty.
Ann (PS02G) [1075] I know.
[1076] Three hundred.
Stuart (PS02H) [1077] To let.
[1078] Three seventy.
Ann (PS02G) [1079] No!
Stuart (PS02H) [1080] Detached four bedroomed house admittedly.
[1081] [...] Granary.
[1082] Two b two two bed
Ann (PS02G) [1083] That's the one I fancy.
[1084] If I went anywhere into another flat, I'd quite fancy going into [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1085] Two bed second floor self-contained flat.
[1086] Living room kitchen bathroom twelve months two seventy five unfurnished.
Ann (PS02G) [1087] Mm I know.
Stuart (PS02H) [1088] Armada Close two eighty.
[1089] Norfolk Street two eighty.
Ann (PS02G) [1090] Mm I wouldn't I wouldn't go in to Armada Close I don't think.
Stuart (PS02H) [1091] That's furnished.
[1092] Six months.
[1093] Two eighty.
Ann (PS02G) [1094] Yeah well you see, furnished you see they can charge extra.
Stuart (PS02H) [1095] Norfolk Street [...] self-contained principally first floor flat, two bedrooms furnished two eighty.
Ann (PS02G) [1096] I wouldn't want a furnished one now.
Stuart (PS02H) [1097] No, of course not.
[1098] But ... as I say
Ann (PS02G) [1099] I know they are expensive.
[1100] Which is why I [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1101] Two sixty [...] two eighty which is the same price as [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1102] which, which is why now er that Rose and Jean when they considered it.
[1103] Mum said how about renting one in Wisbech but I said well if she can't afford a mortgage you can't afford to rent one.
[1104] Not anything that's ... worth living in.
Stuart (PS02H) [1105] No.
Ann (PS02G) [1106] [...] fifty quid a week ones are er forty pound a week and so on.
[1107] You gets what you pay for ... which nowadays isn't a lot, not for that money.
[1108] You know when I asked, was gonna have ... er on Lynn Road there what was that fifty a ... fifty a week?
[1109] I mean it was
Stuart (PS02H) [1110] Fifty or fifty five weren't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1111] it was ... clean but that's about all you could say.
Stuart (PS02H) [1112] Is that the one Ann is in now?
[1113] Or in that area.
Ann (PS02G) [1114] I don't know where Ann is.
[1115] No I think she's down Victoria Road somewhere.
[1116] She won't tell anybody.
[1117] But I think she lives somewhere down Victoria Road.
[1118] ... I don't know.
[1119] She's only in a bedsit.
Stuart (PS02H) [1120] Yeah.
[1121] But I mean you see her up town though.
Ann (PS02G) [1122] I know.
[1123] That's cos she's lonely and she just wanders about.
[1124] She gets up
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1125] don't want to stay in the bedsit.
[1126] One room ... [...] she she shares a bathroom and kitchen.
[1127] She just goes for a walk.
[1128] I mean she's seeing people and ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1129] Yeah but I mean the times I've seen her it's been this end of town rather than that end of town.
[1130] Which has made, which which just makes me think
Ann (PS02G) [1131] I don't really, I just presume she lives down Victoria Road somewhere but I don't really know.
Stuart (PS02H) [1132] And she walks to work.
Ann (PS02G) [1133] She couldn't do any other.
[1134] She hasn't got a vehicle, she can't afford one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1135] No no.
[1136] But that just makes me think why, that's what makes me think she's living [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [1137] She could be.
[1138] [clears throat] But that weren't a bedsitter that I was in [...] .
[1139] Shared bathroom but I
Stuart (PS02H) [1140] No [...] but yeah
Ann (PS02G) [1141] but it was a kitchen and bedroom and living room.
[1142] They're only tiny like an alcove bedroom but
Stuart (PS02H) [1143] Oh yeah I've been in one of them.
[1144] You know I've seen them.
Ann (PS02G) [1145] I mean it was the only one with a ... with its own kitchen.
[1146] The one that I was gonna have.
Stuart (PS02H) [1147] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1148] This was right up the top and there were ... a tiny attic bedroom thing was made into a ... not very salubrious but it had a cooker and a sink.
Stuart (PS02H) [1149] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1150] [clears throat] ... And as I say that was fifty or something a week and it wasn't ... wasn't worth it really.
Stuart (PS02H) [1151] No.
Ann (PS02G) [1152] Furniture wasn't that posh but then er but the only thing I thought about it was safe and it was clean.
[1153] Needed a bit of personalizing but it was ... it was old-fashioned furniture but it was polished.
[1154] It was clean.
[1155] Had a reasonable carpet on the floor and, and so on.
Stuart (PS02H) [1156] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1157] But it wasn't worth fifty pound a week.
[1158] ... Definitely not.
Stuart (PS02H) [1159] But that's what they're going for though isn't it?
[1160] If they can get them for that [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1161] [...] people do [...] .
[1162] People are desperate to buy and they'll have whatever and they have to pay.
Stuart (PS02H) [1163] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1164] When you think that one ... [...] what was thirty three thousand two hundred and sixty a month or something wasn't it?
[1165] Well that's gonna be about two hundred and forty, two hundred and fifty a month for that one down [...] .
[1166] [clears throat] Cos thirty three worked out two sixty didn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1167] Oh the mortgage you mean?
Ann (PS02G) [1168] Mortgage.
[1169] So you can say two hundred and fifty pound a month to buy a place.
Stuart (PS02H) [1170] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1171] And yet they want two eighty to rent one.
[1172] ... Seems quite ridiculous.
Stuart (PS02H) [1173] Well that's if you're prepared to ... buy a flat.
[1174] ... That's the only thing isn't it?
[1175] If you're prepared to buy a flat.
Ann (PS02G) [1176] Yeah but at least you've got, actually got the property haven't you?
[1177] You're not just paying somebody else to have a ... Cos if you're moving if you can't sell it you can always rent it again.
[1178] Which is what a lot of people are doing [...] ... houses especially.
[1179] They buy a house cos they've had a child or something.
[1180] They can't afford to ... they can't sell that one so they rent that out which pays the mortgage for it and start again on another mortgage.
Stuart (PS02H) [1181] You've got to be a bit careful when you're renting out though.
Ann (PS02G) [1182] Oh yes.
[1183] Got to be careful of your tenants.
[1184] [...] pay.
Stuart (PS02H) [1185] Tenants.
Ann (PS02G) [1186] That's why it's best to go through an agency or er something like White and Eddies because they have people that collect them and they have people who have to take up references and [clears throat]
Stuart (PS02H) [1187] Yeah but not only that but I mean if you
Ann (PS02G) [1188] And they have they have proper leases.
[1189] I mean after that they're out and
Stuart (PS02H) [1190] Yeah ... .
[1191] well I mean all, all well it counts towards your income as well.
Ann (PS02G) [1192] Oh yeah I know.
[1193] ... Oh yeah income tax on it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1194] Counts counts towards your income.
Ann (PS02G) [1195] But a lot of people are doing it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1196] Mm.
[1197] ... Oh I know.
[1198] Well there's [...] for one.
[1199] [...] sell [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1200] Lot of people are doing it because they just can't ... well circumstances.
[1201] It's either the job or something means they've gotta go away or ... they can't afford, they can't sell them so they ... [...] I don't know if that would make your income different if you were still paying a mortgage [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1202] Even though your, all the money
Stuart (PS02H) [1203] Think [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1204] you were getting in was getting paid out again?
Stuart (PS02H) [1205] I think you'll find it counts towards your income.
[1206] So I mean if you had a job ...
Ann (PS02G) [1207] Paying them more tax.
Stuart (PS02H) [1208] You, you got a job say you're earning
Ann (PS02G) [1209] But I think the expenses when you're
Stuart (PS02H) [1210] earning ten thousand a year.
[1211] And you're going, you're getting two hundred and fifty pound a month ... as well in rent
Ann (PS02G) [1212] Yeah but you, you'd be able to claim expenses.
Stuart (PS02H) [1213] I think so, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1214] You wouldn't pay the whole of it taxable if it was ... you know you would claim expenses for one thing and another.
Stuart (PS02H) [1215] Oh I don't know but I mean I wouldn't have thought so.
[1216] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1217] Otherwise ... probably that's why they are dear because they have to do things like that. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1218] That's probably why they're the price they are, two eighty.
Ann (PS02G) [1219] That's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1220] Because people take [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1221] Pay fifty and thirty quid a week more is a bloody what they get stopped off them. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [1222] [...] and people have taken out big mortgages like Tina.
[1223] ... And to pay off the mortgage they've got to charge so much [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1224] I mean Tina's got that little house .
[1225] I mean now you'd get it two hundred and fi , I mean Tina pays two hundred and forty eight er pound a week, a month.
[1226] Three hundred and forty eight pound a month mortgage on that little house.
Stuart (PS02H) [1227] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1228] I mean that was bloody thirty nine thousand, or was it forty one when she had it.
[1229] It was
Stuart (PS02H) [1230] I know.
Ann (PS02G) [1231] forty one I think.
[1232] I mean now they're going for thirty two.
[1233] We can afford one like that.
Stuart (PS02H) [1234] Yeah we could [...] isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1235] Mm.
[1236] ... They don't sell now.
[1237] Not selling at all.
[1238] There's a few renting now cos they can't sell them.
[1239] ... So ... It's a nice enough little house but ... I'm not awfully keen on it are you?
Stuart (PS02H) [1240] I don't like the, I don't like the bedroom
Ann (PS02G) [1241] No I don't
Stuart (PS02H) [1242] situation for one.
Ann (PS02G) [1243] If it had a door and a wall and
Stuart (PS02H) [1244] You're just straight upstairs and you fall into bed.
Ann (PS02G) [1245] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [1246] Handy I suppose but
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [1247] [laughing] In some respects but [] ... I mean it just doesn't ... I mean in a way I suppose well with Tina being a non smoker and Wiggie being a non smoker
Ann (PS02G) [1248] It's not so bad.
Stuart (PS02H) [1249] isn't so bad but, I mean if you're like us and I mean the smoke's just
Ann (PS02G) [1250] That's it.
[1251] That's why Tina doesn't like people smoking in her house because it gets into her bedroom.
Stuart (PS02H) [1252] Yes.
[1253] Exactly.
[1254] The smoke would just rise straight up and
Ann (PS02G) [1255] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1256] straight up into the bedroom.
[1257] I mean she doesn't smoke anyway so I mean you know
Ann (PS02G) [1258] She doesn't like people smoking in her house.
[1259] Because she says I don't want my bedroom smelling of smoke, her sheets and ... everything else. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1260] She would do [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1261] Mind you they have done a bit more to it since Wiggie's been there in as much as she's had a big curtain put across
Stuart (PS02H) [1262] Oh yeah.
[1263] Across the top of the stairs like or [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1264] All the way across.
[1265] Because Steve couldn't sleep.
Stuart (PS02H) [1266] Because of the light in that little
Ann (PS02G) [1267] Because it's light.
[1268] See you'd even the patio door light went
Stuart (PS02H) [1269] Straight upstairs.
Ann (PS02G) [1270] straight upstairs.
Stuart (PS02H) [1271] And that
Ann (PS02G) [1272] Because he's, and then
Stuart (PS02H) [1273] skylight [...] .
[1274] Mm yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1275] skylight .
[1276] He's had a blind put up ... a special blind that leads straight across the fanlight.
[1277] And she's had curtains ... big track put across so that sh
Stuart (PS02H) [1278] She can shut it off.
Ann (PS02G) [1279] she can shut it right off.
[1280] She couldn't, she just wasn't sleeping.
[1281] Said was broad daylight.
Stuart (PS02H) [1282] Mhm.
Ann (PS02G) [1283] She said oh he ... you know we've had all that done.
[1284] Tracked across the ceiling so that ... shut the [...] off.
[1285] ... She said he just couldn't sleep in there.
Stuart (PS02H) [1286] With the light.
Ann (PS02G) [1287] With all the lights and ... daylight and sunshine through the bloody ... thing and ... It was alright once he got off but he had a job getting off when it was
Stuart (PS02H) [1288] Mm mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1289] as I say when it was sunlight shining through the bloody thing on his face.
[1290] ... Mm they've had a special, they had a skylight blind made .
Stuart (PS02H) [1291] Mm mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1292] They couldn't have an ordinary one cos it would hang down.
[1293] ... Has to be on a runners on the side as well otherwise it would ... just fall down.
Stuart (PS02H) [1294] Side yeah so it [...] fall [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1295] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1296] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1297] It's got a, you know like a frame what you put in ... along.
Stuart (PS02H) [1298] Like a venetian blind in a way [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [1299] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [1300] Or a straight down blind but at an angle ... but er but on runners to hold, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1301] But it's got runners to hold the side in you see?
Stuart (PS02H) [1302] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1303] I mean [...] but Steven would but
Stuart (PS02H) [1304] Do they owe [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1305] [...] the building society and erm
Stuart (PS02H) [1306] [...] the building society.
[1307] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1308] They'll have to pay another mortgage as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [1309] Yeah but on the ... yeah but I mean if she ... sold it for thirty two ... she'd still owe them nine thousand wouldn't she?
Ann (PS02G) [1310] Well she must have paid a bit off.
[1311] She's been in there about three years.
Stuart (PS02H) [1312] Yeah.
[1313] Well say she owes them nine thousand anyway.
Ann (PS02G) [1314] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1315] But then er if they wanted another mortgage it would be
Ann (PS02G) [1316] That would be added to it you see.
Stuart (PS02H) [1317] They'd probably have a fifty thousand pound mortgage ... to pay off the ... the existing mortgage on that one and the balance.
[1318] I mean they can afford it between them.
Ann (PS02G) [1319] Well I don't know, I mean Steve must pay about eighty pounds a bloody week.
Stuart (PS02H) [1320] Oh yeah of course Steven and his maintenance.
[1321] Maintenance.
Ann (PS02G) [1322] Maintenance and one thing and another.
Stuart (PS02H) [1323] Yeah.
[1324] ... Yeah that would cut it down wouldn't it? [...] on their own you can say they'd be able to afford it but if you consider the outgoings as well eighty pound a
Ann (PS02G) [1325] Mind you saying that, three hundred fifty ... pound a month to buy a bigger mortgage anyway.
[1326] ... Nowadays.
Stuart (PS02H) [1327] For the interest rate yeah, but it would only buy the same sort of mortgage that Tina's got on it already.
Ann (PS02G) [1328] Yeah well that's what I mean.
[1329] They could have bought, afford a
Stuart (PS02H) [1330] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1331] a a better property for about forty four thousand or whatever for the same money.
[1332] Cos that's how it's worked out.
Stuart (PS02H) [1333] No cos she still owes, if she sold it she'd still owe the balance between the selling price and
Ann (PS02G) [1334] Yeah so she's got to buy a cheaper one and that would be added to it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1335] That would be added to it you see.
Ann (PS02G) [1336] Mm and just his wages how much extra they could afford.
Stuart (PS02H) [1337] That's it.
Ann (PS02G) [1338] I know Steven would like [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [1339] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1340] He'd like one with a spare bedroom so the children can come and stop.
[1341] I mean Tina's worried now, she's got his mother coming for christmas for a fortnight.
[1342] ... Don't know where the hell she'll sleep, she's got to sleep in the living room.
Stuart (PS02H) [1343] Mm.
[1344] [...] ... But that's about fifty [...] isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1345] Fifty two [...] probably get the fifty.
Stuart (PS02H) [1346] As I say you're looking at a
Ann (PS02G) [1347] Hefty mortgage.
[1348] Tina reckons out of her wages she's got ninety [...] , ninety six pound a week ... out of her wages ... just for mortgage and
Stuart (PS02H) [1349] Expenses.
Ann (PS02G) [1350] expenses.
[1351] That's gone before she starts. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1352] And then out of Wiggie's he's got
Ann (PS02G) [1353] Seventy five I think he pays.
[1354] ... It's a lot of money gone before you've even [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1355] Mhm before you even start.
[1356] [...] ... Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1357] Depends what you want most don't it I suppose?
Stuart (PS02H) [1358] Mm mm.
[1359] That's true.
Ann (PS02G) [1360] She'd like to change the car.
[1361] I mean she never liked that car.
[1362] Ever.
[1363] She had a nice car before Chris made her have that more or less.
[1364] She didn't want it.
[1365] She hated it at first, she wouldn't drive it.
[1366] ... Noisy and clumsy, she didn't like it at all.
[1367] She never has really.
Stuart (PS02H) [1368] It's not it's not a bad car is it?
Ann (PS02G) [1369] She doesn't like it.
[1370] Never been happy with it.
[1371] Never.
[1372] It was Chris's idea to have the ... diesel one and that model.
[1373] He ... talked her into it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1374] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1375] But ... she hated it at first.
[1376] ... She'd do anything rather than drive it at first.
[1377] ... I don't know what she had before but it was a
Stuart (PS02H) [1378] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1379] Mind you it was quite old.
[1380] I think it was a car that she'd had for ... was well looked after her dad used to see to it for her but it was ... she'd had it for some years and she was always poodling about in you see.
[1381] ... And it was her second car that she'd ever had sort of thing.
Stuart (PS02H) [1382] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1383] She'd had it five or six years or something like that.
[1384] ... You know, think it was about ten year old when she got rid of it.
[1385] Something like that.
Stuart (PS02H) [1386] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1387] But, say it was a lovely little car really.
[1388] ... And she hated that.
Stuart (PS02H) [1389] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [1390] Times she used to go [...] really hate it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1391] [laugh] ... Yeah if that one, that Elizabeth Terrace one is, is the one I think it is ... which is the one fairly near the end ... in that in that bottom, bottom row ... I think the live in the first one, they still live in the first one ... on the corner.
[1392] I'm not sure if they've moved actually now.
[1393] They may have done.
[1394] Got a funny feeling they have now.
[1395] But [...] ... Who's that?
Ann (PS02G) [1396] Paper man.
Stuart (PS02H) [1397] Bloody hell. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1398] Morning.
Stuart (PS02H) [1399] Did somebody kick you out of bed this morning Brian?
Brian (PS02J) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1400] Thank you very much.
[1401] Thankyou.
[1402] Bubye.
Stuart (PS02H) [1403] Thought somebody must have kicked him out of bed this morning.
[1404] Only half half past ten.
Ann (PS02G) [1405] [...] quarter past ten. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1406] That ain't bad.
[1407] Got the time to have a quick look at the paper now haven't we?
Ann (PS02G) [1408] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1409] [...] The Standard?
Ann (PS02G) [1410] I don't mind.
Stuart (PS02H) [1411] Oh [...] mind at all

7 (Tape 018207)

Ann (PS02G) [1412] And if we make an appointment to view some places and then we'll know what time we've got to doing the shopping and fit it in round taking mum.
[1413] Seeing mum.
Stuart (PS02H) [1414] [...] something erm next week.
Ann (PS02G) [1415] So you don't fancy this afternoon?
Stuart (PS02H) [1416] In the morning.
[1417] Oh yeah well ... yeah I mean if if they if
Ann (PS02G) [1418] Cos as I say if we did see Sefton Avenue or New Drove today.
Stuart (PS02H) [1419] If there's nothing available.
[1420] That's what I meant.
Ann (PS02G) [1421] Oh yeah, there's plenty of time.
[1422] ... I don't really want to go on a Saturday.
[1423] [...] Saturday afternoons with mum. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1424] [...] Saturday afternoons with Helen.
Ann (PS02G) [1425] [...] well I wouldn't be absolutely ... if, if I had to go out then I'd have to go out.
[1426] ... Then there's always Saturday morning [...] see Helen but then Stuart likes to sleep in.
[1427] [laugh] But no I think Saturday's out really.
[1428] It's not a day for viewing houses.
[1429] ... We could go out Sunday?
[1430] And mum could come as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [1431] I don't know whether they work [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1432] [...] Oh yes.
[1433] People at work all the week don't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [1434] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1435] Gets dark in the evenings then then then ... definitely.
[1436] That's the only time you can view a property.
[1437] I mean unless somebody's living in it you can't go in the evenings in the winter can you?
[1438] And I don't ... fancy a house that somebody's actually living in.
[1439] Cos then you've got ta wait while they
Stuart (PS02H) [1440] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1441] And it can all fall through because theirs is falling through or they can't get out when you want and ... that can go on for ... Can it not?
Stuart (PS02H) [1442] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1443] Sometimes it just can't be helped cos there's nothing ... in your price range you know that you like that ... isn't empty but ... I would prefer ... an empty property so that when we decide and then whatever just [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1444] Certainly if we'd see something that would do this afternoon, or [...] New Drove [...] today, that's fine.
Stuart (PS02H) [1445] No problem. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1446] Two of them at New Drove are downstairs and one is an upstairs.
[1447] The one upstairs, because it hasn't got a bay window
Stuart (PS02H) [1448] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1449] is larger.
[1450] ... The upstairs one is slightly larger.
Stuart (PS02H) [1451] The upstairs one's larger? [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1452] [...] number seven which is an upstairs one ... hasn't got any bay windows.
[1453] It is ... larger than the two five and six that are downstairs.
Stuart (PS02H) [1454] Who's selling that one?
Ann (PS02G) [1455] Well one's Cornerstone.
[1456] One's Cornerstone
Stuart (PS02H) [1457] So one's Cornerstone and two are the other [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1458] Two are Hansard
Stuart (PS02H) [1459] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1460] I think it's Cornerstone one that's ... the larger of the two, the three.
[1461] ... Six ... seven.
[1462] Hansard.
Stuart (PS02H) [1463] Hansard.
Ann (PS02G) [1464] They're doing five and seven so they've got one above each other.
Stuart (PS02H) [1465] So they've got ... one ... one's doing two and one's doing one.
Ann (PS02G) [1466] One's doing five and seven which is ... this is for two and one's doing six which is this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1467] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1468] Seven is definitely slightly bigger than six and five.
[1469] ... I checked it out.
[1470] The lounge is fourteen by ten.
[1471] ... The bedroom is thirteen nine by nine [...] instead of eleven by eight.
[1472] ... That kitchen's thirteen by five, that totals eleven by seven.
Stuart (PS02H) [1473] Neither here nor there is it?
Ann (PS02G) [1474] No.
[1475] None of it's much difference.
[1476] It's only a diff er it's a matter of two feet here and
Stuart (PS02H) [1477] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1478] But then I don't mind [...] .
[1479] I don't mind living upstairs or on the ground.
[1480] Well I mean if they've got the key to both might ... haven't decided on both of them you might as well go and see them.
Stuart (PS02H) [1481] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1482] Both of them.
[1483] See which one you like the best or if you like them at all.
[1484] ... But as it's ... got that financial package
Stuart (PS02H) [1485] That's Cornerstone?
Ann (PS02G) [1486] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1487] Don't know whether the same applies to the other two.
Ann (PS02G) [1488] [...] it.
[1489] The financial package [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [1490] With Cornerstone?
Ann (PS02G) [1491] [...] Cornerstone.
Stuart (PS02H) [1492] Doesn't actually say that in ... Pantiles
Ann (PS02G) [1493] No
Stuart (PS02H) [1494] Oh.
[1495] Just have to ask [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [1496] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1497] But actually the one at Cornerstone is fifty pound cheaper than the both of them at Hansard.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [1498] It is!
Stuart (PS02H) [1499] Fifty pound.
Ann (PS02G) [1500] One's nine nine fifty and one's nine nine
Stuart (PS02H) [1501] [...] five, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1502] So it's forty five pound different. [laugh] [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1503] Well that's a good way, if you think about it he's got, he's got four flats there ... hasn't he?
Ann (PS02G) [1504] Oh yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1505] Four flats at thirty thousand.
[1506] That's a hundred and twenty thousand for two houses.
[1507] They could be sixty thousand apiece.
Ann (PS02G) [1508] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1509] Whereas if he had, if he sold them as separate houses he'd probably get forty thousand apiece.
Ann (PS02G) [1510] Yeah that's just [...] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1511] Forty five thousand even apiece.
Ann (PS02G) [1512] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1513] But he's making the money by selling them as flats.
Ann (PS02G) [1514] Yeah.
[1515] The only difference is he's had a few thousand extra because it's got two kitchens and two bathrooms.
[1516] [...] partitions and
Stuart (PS02H) [1517] Yeah true he's had that yeah extra fittings.
Ann (PS02G) [1518] But apart from that oh an extra bath instead of the other bedroom
Stuart (PS02H) [1519] Yeah.
[1520] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1521] and erm another kitchen instead of a dining room or something and that's the only difference.
[1522] Say three four thousand probably.
[1523] For the extra bits and pieces that's all.
Stuart (PS02H) [1524] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1525] I don't know how many of them there are.
[1526] ... Whether they only had four flats or whether there's a ... flat on another block and another block of fours down the road.
[1527] I mean I don't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [1528] Only assume there's ... you've got that one block.
Ann (PS02G) [1529] Well there might be ... four blocks of four or ... I du n no.
Stuart (PS02H) [1530] No I don't think so.
[1531] Not enough space for them.
Ann (PS02G) [1532] No I don't know.
[1533] I mean you know the area better than me.
Stuart (PS02H) [1534] Unless they've knocked them garages down or something [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1535] I've no idea [...] .
[1536] I know them council houses aren't usually [...] but I mean I can't visualize how much land there is.
[1537] ... I only know that by going to school and ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1538] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1539] [...] where they are. ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1540] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1541] Probably should have gone the other way into town but
Stuart (PS02H) [1542] [...] that
Ann (PS02G) [1543] Eh?
Stuart (PS02H) [1544] Neither here nor there. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1545] Well you could have gone sort of like round the Rainbow and ... that way on.
[1546] That's what I meant.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1547] [...] the bypass [...] that end of town ... would have been perhaps a little bit clearer.
Stuart (PS02H) [1548] [...] If you look at the first it might help you to decide whether you like
Ann (PS02G) [1549] That's it.
[1550] Whether you wanna go and see it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1551] Whether you wanna go and see them or not.
[1552] Whether you like the positions.
Ann (PS02G) [1553] I mean we know where Sefton Avenue is and we know that's
Stuart (PS02H) [1554] Well we know where it is.
Ann (PS02G) [1555] a nice house. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [1556] Well we don't know really.
[1557] We haven't seen it have we?
Ann (PS02G) [1558] Well I mean [...] I mean
Stuart (PS02H) [1559] Yeah but we haven't actually looked ins
Ann (PS02G) [1560] No but I mean I know which house it is with that [...] one, and you do don't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [1561] I think so yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1562] Well I think so as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [1563] But it would be nice just to go and have a quick ... check.
Ann (PS02G) [1564] Oh I think, just to make sure that [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1565] Just to make sure I like it.
[1566] Or
Ann (PS02G) [1567] it is the house that we're thinking about.
[1568] We think it is.
Stuart (PS02H) [1569] You may not like it.
Ann (PS02G) [1570] I said as soon as I see it in the paper oh that looks nice.
[1571] Where's that?
[1572] I mean ... not sure.
Stuart (PS02H) [1573] [...] is it?
[1574] Or is this the one round the other end?
Ann (PS02G) [1575] It's that one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1576] It's up here.
[1577] That one there right on the corner yeah?
Ann (PS02G) [1578] Yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1579] That's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1580] I thought there was a separate [...] but it's not, no it's not is it?
Ann (PS02G) [1581] Think it is.
Stuart (PS02H) [1582] It's an older property.
[1583] Got the double glazing.
[1584] ... Alright.
Ann (PS02G) [1585] [...] ... Looks nice.
[1586] Nice house though isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1587] Yeah it's an older, more solid house.
Ann (PS02G) [1588] You know sometimes I like as I say they've got
Stuart (PS02H) [1589] Yeah.
[1590] Yeah Yeah true.
[1591] Very true.
Ann (PS02G) [1592] they've got erm
Stuart (PS02H) [1593] Very true.
Ann (PS02G) [1594] Yeah it's a nice house. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1595] And this is a back, the back door [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1596] Oh I see.
[1597] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1598] this one because you, there's the back view look I mean that's ... that's a back door isn't it?
[1599] So you have the downstairs back and the the front stairs go up to the ... can't actually see [...] ... That's definitely the back door.
Stuart (PS02H) [1600] There's a parking space as well.
Ann (PS02G) [1601] Oh yeah it says allotted parking space. ...

8 (Tape 018301)

Ann (PS02G) [1602] We have made him an offer but he's not very keen.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1603] I don't think, I don't think he will.
[1604] He's not like that.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1605] It looks as if he's not very keen on the price we want to pay.
[1606] He said he knows the market's low and he'd rather wait.
[1607] But then we wouldn't be able to afford it if the market goes up and ... [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [1608] That's right.
[1609] [...] same time [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [1610] If it's on, if it's on the market for a long while.
[1611] ... He can have it on the market for a year or so.
None (PS6TB) [1612] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1613] And he's and he's
None (PS6TB) [1614] He's got you there and [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1615] Well at the moment he's got us
Ann (PS02G) [1616] Well that's it.
[1617] I mean we're paying two hundred and fifty pound a month so at least he's getting that coming in.
[1618] But then you can really have a mortgage for that. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [1619] [...] and the thing is as well [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1620] No.
[1621] But at the moment he's ... well he's not come back to us with any answer from our offer at all so ... we're we're presuming that means no so we thought we'd better start looking. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [1622] Oh and if you're paying that kind of money you could afford a mortgage couldn't you?
Ann (PS02G) [1623] That's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1624] Thereabouts anyway.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1625] Yeah it's it's not much more.
[1626] And Stuart's been and enquired and it wouldn't be much more for a small property.
None (PS6TB) [1627] When the market lifts then you'd [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [1628] That's it.

9 (Tape 018302)

Ann (PS02G) [1629] There's not a lot more in here is there?
[1630] [laugh] ... There's a bedroom, it's very [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1631] They don't make them any more do they?
Ann (PS02G) [1632] No. ...
Jill (PS02K) [1633] They call this the bedroom do they, or ... ?
Stuart (PS02H) [1634] Yeah.
[1635] I mean it's quite a good
Ann (PS02G) [1636] This bedroom's got the bay window.
[1637] They've got security locks [...] same as ours.
Stuart (PS02H) [1638] Security locks like ... like we've like we've got at home.
[1639] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1640] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1641] [...] can't you? ...
Ann (PS02G) [1642] Quite nice [...] .
Jill (PS02K) [1643] Mm. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1644] Don't think [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1645] No.
Jill (PS02K) [1646] Quite like the ceilings.
[1647] They're different aren't they?
Ann (PS02G) [1648] Yeah, mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1649] Quite pretty.
[1650] You've got erm point behind where you could [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1651] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1652] In burgundy.
[1653] I don't know what other colours they had [...] .
[1654] But it's ... reasonably good quality.
[1655] ... There's an airing cupboard [...] ... Probably got a dead body in there.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1656] I watch too many mysteries don't I?
Ann (PS02G) [1657] [...] ... Cooker goes in there and the washing machine in there.
Stuart (PS02H) [1658] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1659] Nowhere for a fridge.
[1660] Well you'd have to have it sticking out [...] round.
Stuart (PS02H) [1661] This is a bit silly isn't it?
[1662] Not having any room for a fridge anywhere.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1663] The cooker would have go in there and the washing machine in there.
Stuart (PS02H) [1664] Washing machine in there.
Ann (PS02G) [1665] No fridge.
Jill (PS02K) [1666] No he hasn't thought about it very well has he? ...
Ann (PS02G) [1667] I'm afraid it would have to be sticking out. [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1668] Is it, is it a tall fridge?
[1669] Or is it just an ordinary worktop one?
Ann (PS02G) [1670] No just an ordinary fridge.
Stuart (PS02H) [1671] There isn't a fridge. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [1672] Well there will be .
[1673] Just an ordinary one.
Jill (PS02K) [1674] [...] what the other ones are like.
Stuart (PS02H) [1675] Unless you, unless you get the fridge in the [...] cupboard.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1676] Oh this is just exactly the same only the other way round.
Stuart (PS02H) [1677] Same, the same but opposite.
Ann (PS02G) [1678] Yeah.
[1679] [...] in the cupboard [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1680] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1681] Oh that's [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1682] [...] It hasn't got a sink in this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1683] It hasn't got a toilet either.
Ann (PS02G) [1684] Or toilet.
[1685] It's all been [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1686] Er actually [...] it has been broken into, this one.
Jill (PS02K) [1687] Oh no.
Ann (PS02G) [1688] We looked at it outside and and the window
Stuart (PS02H) [1689] It looks like it yeah. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1690] at the back there is broken.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1691] [...] somebody's been helping themselves.
Jill (PS02K) [1692] [...] fire alarms keep [...] though don't they? [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [1693] Number seven.
[1694] This is the [...] .
Jill (PS02K) [1695] [...] ?
Ann (PS02G) [1696] Yeah.
[1697] ... Yeah you see ... [...] your washing machine.
[1698] Cooker that
Stuart (PS02H) [1699] Oh I see.
[1700] This is different isn't it?
Jill (PS02K) [1701] Yeah.
[1702] Got a bit more space.
Ann (PS02G) [1703] Yeah.
[1704] See you could have your cooker one side and your washing machine and fridge, washing machine under there and fridge there.
Jill (PS02K) [1705] So what you've achieved is this piece over the stairs.
Ann (PS02G) [1706] Yeah.
[1707] Mm.
[1708] I said the one upstairs was bigger.
Stuart (PS02H) [1709] Yes.
[1710] You said it was bigger didn't you?
[1711] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1712] I was reading the things and I said it was a bigger ... upstairs is, are bigger than the downstairs.
Jill (PS02K) [1713] It's better cos the other one's a little bit of an alley isn't it, the kitchen?
Ann (PS02G) [1714] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1715] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1716] It's quite pleasant that is.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1717] Yeah you see it's bigger cos the bedroom
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1718] is a bigger bed bigger room altogether.
Jill (PS02K) [1719] Goodness.
[1720] What a difference.
Stuart (PS02H) [1721] Oh there is a difference.
[1722] No this is the living room.
Jill (PS02K) [1723] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1724] This is the living room here.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1725] Yeah that's right.
[1726] This is the bedroom.
Jill (PS02K) [1727] But even so
Ann (PS02G) [1728] But even the bedroom's bigger.
Stuart (PS02H) [1729] Oh crikey that's a big bedroom too isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1730] It's bigger.
[1731] Most definitely.
Stuart (PS02H) [1732] Yeah I said [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1733] So you'd have [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1734] It's a lot better.
[1735] Yeah.
[1736] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1737] I could tell by the ... you know the details
Stuart (PS02H) [1738] Financial [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1739] it just seemed that
Stuart (PS02H) [1740] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1741] The way they were reading.
Ann (PS02G) [1742] Yeah the way it was reading.
[1743] I said to Stuart I'm sure
Jill (PS02K) [1744] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1745] the upstairs is bigger [...] .
[1746] He said that can't be.
[1747] But you've got the hall and that underneath you see.
Jill (PS02K) [1748] Yeah it's the landing and everything.
Stuart (PS02H) [1749] Underneath us yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1750] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1751] It would be quite pleasant up here.
Ann (PS02G) [1752] Yeah.
[1753] I like this one, I don't like the downstairs one so much.
Stuart (PS02H) [1754] No I like this much more.
Jill (PS02K) [1755] What colour's the bathroom?
Stuart (PS02H) [1756] [...] the bathroom's even nice.
Ann (PS02G) [1757] It is isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1758] I don't know why but it just is.
Jill (PS02K) [1759] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1760] Yeah I prefer this one definitely.
Stuart (PS02H) [1761] I do.
[1762] Yeah I do.
Jill (PS02K) [1763] What's [...] this little cupboard?
Ann (PS02G) [1764] It's quite big as well isn't it?
Jill (PS02K) [1765] Yeah.
[1766] You could put your hoover and ironing board in that.
Ann (PS02G) [1767] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1768] Cos they don't think of those things do they? [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [1769] No they never do, do they?
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1770] Yeah I prefer this one to downstairs.
[1771] It's much better.
Stuart (PS02H) [1772] I do.
[1773] ... I do.
[1774] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [1775] You've also got ... the loft there you can shove
Jill (PS02K) [1776] Oh this one's locked [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1777] rubbish [laugh] .
[1778] ... Well that one actually's not advertized so it might have gone.
Jill (PS02K) [1779] Oh. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [1780] [...] we've only seen ... well we've seen advertized [laugh] six five six and seven
Stuart (PS02H) [1781] Numbers five six and seven isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1782] but that one wasn't
Jill (PS02K) [1783] Oh right.
[1784] That wasn't ...
Ann (PS02G) [1785] well there's no details in
Jill (PS02K) [1786] That's probably sold then because if I had a choice of four ... I would take the upstairs one wouldn't you? [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1787] Yes.
[1788] [...] said.
Stuart (PS02H) [1789] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1790] Let's have a little look how it goes again if I may.
[1791] Cos I haven't seen [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1792] I like the look well I like this one if out out out of all of them
Ann (PS02G) [1793] I do.
[1794] Yeah I do.
Stuart (PS02H) [1795] this is much more ... much the nicer.
Ann (PS02G) [1796] I like it very much.
Jill (PS02K) [1797] Yeah I like it.
Stuart (PS02H) [1798] Much the nicer.
Ann (PS02G) [1799] As I say you've got plenty of room to have your
Stuart (PS02H) [1800] [...] there's room [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1801] You know, you've got your washing machine goes in here ... the cooker there your fridge here.
Stuart (PS02H) [1802] Yeah.
[1803] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1804] You could get it all in there wouldn't you?
Ann (PS02G) [1805] You'd get everyth , you'd get your cooker ... cooker goes there, fridge here, washing machine under there, you're
Jill (PS02K) [1806] Yeah.
[1807] You're away.
[1808] Plus it's a little bit
Ann (PS02G) [1809] Yes it's more
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1810] Yeah that other one was a bit narrow and
Jill (PS02K) [1811] [...] a bit more elbow room.
Ann (PS02G) [1812] Yeah.
[1813] I like this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1814] Yeah I do.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1815] I definitely much prefer this one.
[1816] And I say the rooms are bigger as well.
Jill (PS02K) [1817] Yeah, it's a good size.
Stuart (PS02H) [1818] Yes they are.
[1819] Oh yes I definitely like the upstairs to the downstairs.
Jill (PS02K) [1820] And what number's this?
Stuart (PS02H) [1821] Seven.
Ann (PS02G) [1822] Seven.
[1823] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1824] This is much better you can ... almost see your furniture can't you?
[1825] There's room to put it in.
Ann (PS02G) [1826] Yeah that's it. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1827] [...] afford this
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1828] Yeah.
[1829] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1830] [...] any of them.
Ann (PS02G) [1831] I like this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [1832] I like this one better ... than the others.
Ann (PS02G) [1833] Yeah.
[1834] I definitely [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1835] That that [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1836] Yeah that's, when I was reading the thing I said to you somehow the upstairs seemed much better.
Stuart (PS02H) [1837] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1838] Cos it's quite a big [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [1839] It is.
[1840] It is a nice size bedroom.
Jill (PS02K) [1841] Have you got
Ann (PS02G) [1842] Yes.
Jill (PS02K) [1843] wardrobes and dressing tables?
[1844] So you'd [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1845] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1846] Quite pleasant view as well.
Ann (PS02G) [1847] It is, that's it.
[1848] It's not likely to be over ... well actually I don't we don't know if they're gonna be building there.
Stuart (PS02H) [1849] Well I think you'll I think you'll find you'll get buildings
Ann (PS02G) [1850] Eventually.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1851] eventually round the back.
Jill (PS02K) [1852] It would be a good start wouldn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1853] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1854] Especially if you can get the right price.
Ann (PS02G) [1855] Well I certainly, yeah, I certainly like this one. ...
Jill (PS02K) [1856] When you say you've had [...] what sort of figures are looking ... well, can you achieve?
[1857] Do you know?
Stuart (PS02H) [1858] Thirty two thousand.
Ann (PS02G) [1859] Thirty two and a half maximum wasn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1860] Mm thirty two and a half at a push.
Jill (PS02K) [1861] So really you just wanna get something as cheap as possible and
Ann (PS02G) [1862] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1863] Cheap but nice.
Ann (PS02G) [1864] Yeah. [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1865] Cheap as possible but
Ann (PS02G) [1866] That's it.
Jill (PS02K) [1867] you want a bargain.
Ann (PS02G) [1868] And this one's, as I say it's twenty nine something so I mean it's ... it's about right isn't it? [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1869] Mm .
[1870] Yeah and there are all sorts of ways you could [...] .
[1871] You could either go in with [...] cash [...] .
[1872] Do you have any deposit at all?
Stuart (PS02H) [1873] No.
Jill (PS02K) [1874] [...] ?
Stuart (PS02H) [1875] No.
[1876] I definitely like this one.
Jill (PS02K) [1877] The benefit of this one as well is ... if, let's just say we, that you knocked him right down on his money [...] force as cheap a buy as possible ... then ask if you can do a hundred percent.
None (PS6TB) [1878] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1879] Providing ... it's [...] providing it's [...] providing it's not [...] damp [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1880] That's right.
Jill (PS02K) [1881] new roofs and everything.
[1882] I mean you'd have no problem with this.
Stuart (PS02H) [1883] No.
[1884] None at all.
Jill (PS02K) [1885] No problem at all, no maintenance at all .
[1886] Right, looks good.
Ann (PS02G) [1887] It does yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1888] Yeah.
[1889] Alright.
Ann (PS02G) [1890] I definitely like this one.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1891] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1892] So we could work towards [...] to knock him right down.
[1893] Cos then obviously when the market lifts it's then ... that's where you're gonna gain.
Ann (PS02G) [1894] Gain.
Stuart (PS02H) [1895] Mm. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1896] Mm I definitely like this one so
Jill (PS02K) [1897] Well it's a good size isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [1898] It is.
[1899] Much better.
[1900] Surprising really.
[1901] Only that
Ann (PS02G) [1902] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1903] extra foot more.
Ann (PS02G) [1904] That's why I said to you
Stuart (PS02H) [1905] Extra foot or extra few inches isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1906] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [1907] Just makes all that difference.
Jill (PS02K) [1908] Yeah.
[1909] Just that extra what, eighteen inches?
[1910] That's all it is ... in the kitchen.
[1911] And somehow [...] the rooms downstairs [...] the bay.
Stuart (PS02H) [1912] Yes.
[1913] Yes because of the bay.
[1914] Yeah it makes ... makes that much difference. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1915] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1916] I like the colour best up here.
Ann (PS02G) [1917] Yes I like the colour better.
Jill (PS02K) [1918] Another thing [...] you've got a window in the bathroom.
Ann (PS02G) [1919] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [1920] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1921] Mm.
[1922] Funny down here it's a dark hole.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1923] Yeah down here there's no, no.
Stuart (PS02H) [1924] [...] the bathroom's quite nice [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1925] Right.
Ann (PS02G) [1926] I know but in here there's no window at all it's er ... you've got to have the light on all the time.
[1927] ... Don't you?
Jill (PS02K) [1928] Yeah.
[1929] It's the way the door is as well.
[1930] The door ... in the other flat is here isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1931] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1932] And you've got the bathroom and
Ann (PS02G) [1933] Yeah. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [1934] The bathroom, bathroom [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1935] are here and th there you've got the kitchen and the lounge.
[1936] It's turned over [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [1937] Kitchen to kitchen to the front.
[1938] And the bathroom's [...]
Jill (PS02K) [1939] And I mean you don't really need all that space.
[1940] It's dark isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [1941] It is dark.
[1942] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1943] Then you have the noise of the fan where upstairs you've got the window.
[1944] If you have a shower you can
Ann (PS02G) [1945] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1946] let the condensation out.
[1947] This kitchen's really quite tiny .
Ann (PS02G) [1948] It's quite but what I'm ... I mean where would you put your fridge?
Jill (PS02K) [1949] You don't do you?
Ann (PS02G) [1950] I mean you've really got to have a fridge in this day and age haven't you?
Jill (PS02K) [1951] Oh ... yeah.
[1952] I mean you can't really afford to take a unit out.
Ann (PS02G) [1953] No.
Jill (PS02K) [1954] I mean
Ann (PS02G) [1955] No cos then you wouldn't have enough space.
Jill (PS02K) [1956] And you haven't got [...]
Ann (PS02G) [1957] You couldn't have your fridge sticking out here so you could go and ... to get [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1958] No you couldn't do that could you?
[1959] Somebody hasn't thought, have they?
Ann (PS02G) [1960] No.
Jill (PS02K) [1961] Cos they've put a separate drawer unit in.
Ann (PS02G) [1962] Oh yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1963] So you can't even lose that cos you lose your drawers.
Ann (PS02G) [1964] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [1965] Cos this is a double base.
Ann (PS02G) [1966] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1967] No I think number seven's the one.
Ann (PS02G) [1968] Yes.
[1969] I do.
Jill (PS02K) [1970] It's better than this one.
Ann (PS02G) [1971] I like that one. ...
Jill (PS02K) [1972] [...] like being upstairs wouldn't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [1973] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [1974] Yes.
[1975] Well w we said we'd prefer to be upstairs
Stuart (PS02H) [1976] Well we prefer stairs
Ann (PS02G) [1977] rather than have somebody above your head. [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1978] [laugh] And you can make the noise can't you?
[1979] ... Also as well
Ann (PS02G) [1980] We work, we we work shift work so I I mean ... you know we get up at half past four in the morning and and if you've got people trundling about above your heads all hours of the night it's er
Jill (PS02K) [1981] Oh god.
[1982] How are we gonna get out?
Stuart (PS02H) [1983] Erm ... we're not. ...
Ann (PS02G) [1984] Oh.
[1985] [laugh] ... [...] Stuart. [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1986] Is it a security lock and I'm not turning the key round enough?
Stuart (PS02H) [1987] No you're not.
[1988] Is is there a key in the
Jill (PS02K) [1989] No I've got the keys. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1990] No there's no key ...
Ann (PS02G) [1991] Erm
Jill (PS02K) [1992] [...] ... Can you hold it here so it's [...] security keys and I haven't turned it round the other way.
Stuart (PS02H) [1993] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [1994] Do you feel like jumping out the window?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [1995] Oh dear what a pity.
[1996] Never mind we'll just have to stay here the night.
Jill (PS02K) [1997] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [1998] Oh well done.
Ann (PS02G) [1999] Window, oh we've done it. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2000] I think it just needs a bit of ...
Jill (PS02K) [2001] Maintenance.
Stuart (PS02H) [2002] a bit of something on it just to
Jill (PS02K) [2003] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2004] [...] key.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [2005] [...] what is it?
[2006] Something forty [...] .
[2007] UB forty?
Stuart (PS02H) [2008] WD forty.
Jill (PS02K) [2009] WD.
Stuart (PS02H) [2010] Yeah. [...] ...
Ann (PS02G) [2011] Ah that's it. ...
Jill (PS02K) [2012] Oh I wonder if it's going to ... yeah.
[2013] It's it's the security thing isn't it [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2014] Mm.
[2015] [...] turn it right round the key [...] it should ...
Jill (PS02K) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2016] Yeah it's not
Jill (PS02K) [2017] It needs
Stuart (PS02H) [2018] It needs, just needs a little bit of attention.
Jill (PS02K) [2019] Just, yeah. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2020] That's to open it and that's to lock it.
[2021] ... Take the key out and that should lock it now. [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2022] Yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [2023] But now it should ... yeah it does.
Jill (PS02K) [2024] Yeah.
[2025] It's been just lying here.
Stuart (PS02H) [2026] That's now locked.
[2027] You won't be able to shut it now ... because of that [...] .
Jill (PS02K) [2028] Oh right.
Stuart (PS02H) [2029] You could leave it open ... that way.
[2030] If you leave it to there then that will click then then you'll be alright.
Jill (PS02K) [2031] That's handy cos [...] to shut yourself out.
Ann (PS02G) [2032] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [2033] Not if you've turned it that way cos then you won't be able to [...] ...

10 (Tape 018303)

Ann (PS02G) [2034] Ours is actually a new house.
[2035] It was but er ... the market was so low that he decided not to ... well I don't think he could get a buyer actually, it's just stood there so he he he let it out rather than have it stood there ... with the option for us to buy it but I say now the prices are lower he's not keen on selling it at that price.
[2036] ... And I'm not prepared to go on paying three thousand a year renting it to give to him when I could be buying one myself.
Jill (PS02K) [2037] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2038] Mm.
[2039] I mean three thousand a year to rent one's a lot of money really.
Jill (PS02K) [2040] Mm.
[2041] ... Hallo there [...]
None (PS6TB) [2042] Oh hallo yeah, sorry about that
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2043] a bath and I was soaking in there for ages.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2044] I wasn't quite decent and I thought well I'm not letting people in when I'm not decent
Jill (PS02K) [2045] [laughing] Oh no [] .
None (PS6TB) [2046] I mean, please excuse the mess won't you.
Stuart (PS02H) [2047] Doesn't matter.
[2048] ... If you'd have let me in I could have washed your back for you.
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2049] No no no.
[2050] No I can manage on my own thank you.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2051] Fair enough.
[2052] Fair enough.
Jill (PS02K) [2053] Right.
Stuart (PS02H) [2054] Sorry to intrude on your ... on your privacy.
None (PS6TB) [2055] That's okay.
Stuart (PS02H) [2056] But er ... there we are.
Ann (PS02G) [2057] That's the kitchen is it?
Jill (PS02K) [2058] Economy seven [...] .
None (PS6TB) [2059] [...] it's dark in here. ...
Jill (PS02K) [2060] [...] bit sort of dark [...]
None (PS6TB) [2061] Yeah.
[2062] It's not normally.
Ann (PS02G) [2063] Nice size kitchen isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [2064] Yeah that's alright [...] isn't there?
None (PS6TB) [2065] Yes.
[2066] If you can imagine it without the boxes it
Stuart (PS02H) [2067] Yeah.
[2068] Cos you're packing up. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2069] for a flat it's er
Ann (PS02G) [2070] Yeah.
[2071] It's a nice size.
None (PS6TB) [2072] It's a lovely size kitchen. ...
Jill (PS02K) [2073] [...] you?
None (PS6TB) [2074] Oh yes. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2075] What act what actually does the price include?
[2076] ... Does it does it
None (PS6TB) [2077] That I couldn't tell you.
Stuart (PS02H) [2078] Is the cooker included or not?
None (PS6TB) [2079] No.
Ann (PS02G) [2080] No.
[2081] That's [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2082] That's, that's yours is it?
Ann (PS02G) [2083] Doesn't, doesn't say.
[2084] It just says a cooker point.
Stuart (PS02H) [2085] Cooker point.
[2086] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2087] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2088] Yeah.
[2089] All the units are obviously [...] ?
Ann (PS02G) [2090] Yes.
None (PS6TB) [2091] Yeah.
[2092] Oh yes, yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2093] Are they your carpets?
None (PS6TB) [2094] No.
Jill (PS02K) [2095] Okay.
[2096] And
Ann (PS02G) [2097] So the carpets may be as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [2098] So we might get might get the carpets in as well.
None (PS6TB) [2099] [...] you'd have to negotiate on that one with Mr and Mr .
Jill (PS02K) [2100] Yeah.
[2101] [...] talking about your home.
[2102] The carpets [...]
None (PS6TB) [2103] Everything that is here is mine with the exception of the carpets.
Stuart (PS02H) [2104] Yes.
Jill (PS02K) [2105] Right.
[2106] Shall we go, is that the bedroom through there?
None (PS6TB) [2107] No that's the bathroom.
Jill (PS02K) [2108] Oh right.
[2109] Do you want to come?
[2110] And is that a store cupboard?
None (PS6TB) [2111] That's that's the airing cupboard through there.
[2112] But it
Stuart (PS02H) [2113] This is the airing cupboard in here is it?
None (PS6TB) [2114] it doesn't air.
[2115] I'll be honest with you, it doesn't air.
Stuart (PS02H) [2116] No.
None (PS6TB) [2117] It's er very cold in there.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2118] Well it's good ... good, got a well lagged tank.
Ann (PS02G) [2119] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2120] Which is not a bad
None (PS6TB) [2121] Yeah that is it.
[2122] That's what he said he had to
Stuart (PS02H) [2123] That's not a bad thing in a way is it?
Ann (PS02G) [2124] No.
[2125] It's better than having the water [...] .
None (PS6TB) [2126] They actually took they actually took the front off so that the water would get hotter.
[2127] Erm and it didn't work and ... you know
Ann (PS02G) [2128] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2129] I thought then I'd be able to use it as an airing cupboard but it still didn't work but it's like you said it's because it's got such a good
Ann (PS02G) [2130] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2131] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2132] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2133] And it does, once you've actually heated the water ... it keeps hot for so long it's amazing.
Stuart (PS02H) [2134] Ours is like that isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2135] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2136] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2137] Where we are now is
Ann (PS02G) [2138] We've got a similar one on ours.
Stuart (PS02H) [2139] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2140] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [2141] But it's a good store isn't it?
[2142] For your ironing board and cleaner and
Ann (PS02G) [2143] Yes it's quite large as well isn't it?
[2144] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2145] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2146] I I mean you can put anything in there really.
Ann (PS02G) [2147] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2148] I mean I did have some of the boxes in there until I sort of, thought while I was sorting things out.
Stuart (PS02H) [2149] Yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2150] The bathroom
None (PS6TB) [2151] Yeah that's the bathroom in there yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2152] Oh it's a nice little bathroom as well isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [2153] Oh that's not too bad either is it?
None (PS6TB) [2154] No.
Jill (PS02K) [2155] No it's pleasant.
Ann (PS02G) [2156] It is isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [2157] Yeah.
[2158] Isn't it.
Ann (PS02G) [2159] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2160] It's quite
Jill (PS02K) [2161] Very pleasant.
Ann (PS02G) [2162] Yeah, it's quite nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [2163] Big enough.
Ann (PS02G) [2164] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2165] I like the colour as well. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2166] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2167] Yes it's a nice colour.
Jill (PS02K) [2168] It's a warm colour.
None (PS6TB) [2169] Yeah.
[2170] That's right.
Ann (PS02G) [2171] Mm.
[2172] Nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [2173] Yeah this would be terrific.
[2174] Yeah that's alright.
[2175] [...] like we've got the, quite, similar lot
Ann (PS02G) [2176] Yeah.
[2177] Same as we've got at home.
Stuart (PS02H) [2178] we've got already.
[2179] ... Feels warm in here as well.
Ann (PS02G) [2180] Yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [2181] Do you have any problem with the heating?
[2182] Or
None (PS6TB) [2183] Erm the bedroom doesn't get as hot as I would like it
Stuart (PS02H) [2184] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2185] but then I have circulation problems so I do feel the cold.
Stuart (PS02H) [2186] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2187] Erm but here in the kitchen it's lovely and warm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2188] But but it's quite, it's a warm it's a warm
None (PS6TB) [2189] Yeah.
[2190] I mean that heater is not on full, not on full power.
Stuart (PS02H) [2191] That's quite good isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2192] [...] like ours.
Stuart (PS02H) [2193] That's very much like the one, I mean ours is on ... about two or something like that and
Ann (PS02G) [2194] Yeah.
[2195] We have ours on two and it's ever so warm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2196] You go in there in the evenings you know when it's been ... when it's been off and
None (PS6TB) [2197] Yeah.
[2198] As I say I mean well because I do feel the cold I suppose I have to have more heat than
Stuart (PS02H) [2199] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2200] a normal person but er
Stuart (PS02H) [2201] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2202] Quite nice really isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [2203] Yeah I like this too.
None (PS6TB) [2204] The bathroom's a bit chilly but once you've put that heater on ... and shut the door for a few minutes it's
Stuart (PS02H) [2205] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2206] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2207] it's lovely.
Ann (PS02G) [2208] Yeah we've got one like that, I know.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2209] That's not my artwork on there, that's my little niece's artwork.
(PS001) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2210] [...] space under there as well [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [2211] Yeah there's space under there for ... bits and pieces.
Stuart (PS02H) [2212] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2213] And it's amazing actually what you can get under there.
Stuart (PS02H) [2214] Ooh look at this. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2215] That's a nice size bedroom.
Stuart (PS02H) [2216] It is a nice size isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2217] Yes.
[2218] It's
Stuart (PS02H) [2219] Eh?
Ann (PS02G) [2220] quite a big bedroom.
Stuart (PS02H) [2221] That's a smashing size bedroom isn't it?
Jill (PS02K) [2222] Mm it's a very good size.
[2223] This is where you [...] isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2224] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2225] Oh that's a lovely big bedroom isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2226] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2227] And you've got the heater here over in the corner as well so it's gonna
Stuart (PS02H) [2228] Got the heater yeah ... yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2229] air it through.
Stuart (PS02H) [2230] Yeah.
[2231] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2232] Cos you don't always want it hot do you?
Ann (PS02G) [2233] No, we don't like it too hot in the bed, well Stuart doesn't.
[2234] He's always well I'm always
None (PS6TB) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2235] cold and he's always boiling.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [2236] If I have the heat up very high in the bedroom he can't sleep. [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [2237] I'm impressed aren't you?
Ann (PS02G) [2238] It's ever so nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [2239] Very.
[2240] It is lovely, yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2241] [...] Have the oth is there another flat then above this one then?
Ann (PS02G) [2242] Above.
None (PS6TB) [2243] Yeah that's a bit smaller.
Ann (PS02G) [2244] Yeah [...] the door there isn't it?
None (PS6TB) [2245] That's a bit smaller.
Ann (PS02G) [2246] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [2247] Do you hear them at all?
None (PS6TB) [2248] Erm ... sometimes if he's ... been out very very late and I'm still up and he's come home after a heavy night drinking.
[2249] I mean I'm not saying he's alcoholic but he goes out with the lads and he ... you know he'll he'll sort of thud up the stairs.
Stuart (PS02H) [2250] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2251] But then he'll apologize the next day.
Stuart (PS02H) [2252] Man after me own heart.
None (PS6TB) [2253] You know I mean other than that, no I mean it it's not as if
Ann (PS02G) [2254] Yeah I was gonna say same.
[2255] [laugh] [...] this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [2256] [laugh] Oh probably, probably.
Ann (PS02G) [2257] If he goes to the pub Stuart would probably know him anyway. [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [2258] Might do yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2259] More than likely.
None (PS6TB) [2260] No, I mean it it's not as if you hear the telly or
Jill (PS02K) [2261] Oh I see, these are his stairs.
Ann (PS02G) [2262] That's the stairway.
None (PS6TB) [2263] That's his stairs, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2264] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2265] Yes.
[2266] His door's just there isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2267] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2268] That's right, yeah that's [...]
Ann (PS02G) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2269] Yes that's his door there and
Stuart (PS02H) [2270] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2271] that's his stairs out.
[2272] But the upstairs one that's ... the kitchen's a bit smaller.
[2273] Erm and instead of the bath in the bathroom he's just got a shower up there.
Ann (PS02G) [2274] [...] probably is [...] wardrobes there.
None (PS6TB) [2275] I must admit I like a shower but then again I do like the chance to have a bath now and again
Stuart (PS02H) [2276] bath every, every now and again yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2277] Yeah that's bigger.
None (PS6TB) [2278] Erm which is why I went for the downstairs cos I had a choice of either.
[2279] But I went for the downstairs one because of the bath.
Stuart (PS02H) [2280] Yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2281] Yeah be nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [2282] It's nice.
[2283] It's a nice size.
[2284] I mean we've just been to look at some others and ... upstairs and downstairs [...] .
[2285] But the upstairs one in the other one was was
Ann (PS02G) [2286] Was bigger than the downstairs.
Stuart (PS02H) [2287] Hell of a lot of difference really, it's surprising just a
None (PS6TB) [2288] Yeah.
[2289] I mean I must admit I've looked at some other flats.
[2290] Erm ... and one I looked at I couldn't believe it.
[2291] Erm ... I mean it was a top floor flat.
[2292] And so I mean you had to sort of go up several flights of stairs ... and you walked in and it, it looked lovely.
[2293] Thought oh this is nice it erm ... it ha it hadn't got a separate kitchen, it was sort of like ... a kitchen diner
Jill (PS02K) [2294] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2295] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2296] but it was very big.
Jill (PS02K) [2297] A studio.
Ann (PS02G) [2298] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2299] It was very big.
[2300] I thought oh well this is lovely.
[2301] Walks into the bedroom, well you would have hardly got the bed in there never mind about anything else.
[2302] And er there was a hand basin in there ... and when you went into
Stuart (PS02H) [2303] In, in the bedroom?
None (PS6TB) [2304] In the bedroom.
Stuart (PS02H) [2305] Yeah.
None (PS6TB) [2306] When you walked into the ... well what I would call a cupboard but they classed it as the bathroom.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2307] You'd got the toilet there ... and behind the door, I mean you had to sort of squeeze yourself and shut the door, and behind the door was a shower.
Jill (PS02K) [2308] You're joking.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2309] No shower curtain mind you.
Jill (PS02K) [2310] Even so, no room to swing a cat.
None (PS6TB) [2311] Terrible.
[2312] It was terrible.
Stuart (PS02H) [2313] Yes.
[2314] This is nice though.
[2315] I like this.
Ann (PS02G) [2316] Yeah I like this one.
Stuart (PS02H) [2317] Very much.
None (PS6TB) [2318] Yeah it's a nice, just a nice size.
Jill (PS02K) [2319] Do you know who the builder is?
[2320] It says here local [...] building.
None (PS6TB) [2321] Erm ... well no all I know is Bates and Dack but they didn't actually, but I mean yeah they put it together.
Stuart (PS02H) [2322] They, they renovated it.
[2323] They they they
None (PS6TB) [2324] That's right yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2325] They renovated it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2326] they re, revamped it or whatever.
Jill (PS02K) [2327] [...] allocated parking.
[2328] You just park in the road or?
None (PS6TB) [2329] No, no there's the gravel down
Stuart (PS02H) [2330] There's a space down [...]
None (PS6TB) [2331] the side is for parking.
Jill (PS02K) [2332] Oh good.
[2333] So you've ... got your own bit.
None (PS6TB) [2334] Oh yeah.
[2335] ... Yeah this one, I mean upstairs hasn't but ... this one has.
Jill (PS02K) [2336] And is there anything there, I mean can you dry your clothes out there at all? [...]
None (PS6TB) [2337] No.
[2338] There's no ... line.
Jill (PS02K) [2339] Can't get over the size of this though.
[2340] I think I'd probably put my wardrobes on his, on the stair wall.
[2341] That would dampen it a bit wouldn't it? [...]
None (PS6TB) [2342] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2343] Nice [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2344] I like it.
[2345] It's lovely and warm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2346] Very nice.
[2347] yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2348] What is your situation?
[2349] I mean, are you renting the flat?
None (PS6TB) [2350] Yes.
[2351] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2352] So how much notice do you have to give [...] ?
None (PS6TB) [2353] Er ... a month.
[2354] I'd like you to give me a month. [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2355] Thank you very much indeed for showing us your home.
Ann (PS02G) [2356] Thank you very much.
[2357] I'm sorry to bother you. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2358] If you can hear next door's music I can assure you it's not a regular occurrence.
[2359] And if you tell him about it he tu , he's in a rock band.
[2360] Erm ... now and again he practises but he usually tries to do it when I'm not here but erm not
Jill (PS02K) [2361] [...] seem quite friendly then?
None (PS6TB) [2362] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2363] Well we, we work shifts so he could probably do it when we're on earlies and
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [2364] Well that's right yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2365] And when we're on lates he can do it at
None (PS6TB) [2366] Yeah if you let it, I mean you know he's fair like that.
[2367] If you let him know.
Ann (PS02G) [2368] We're not really in that much anyway are we?
Stuart (PS02H) [2369] No.
Ann (PS02G) [2370] No.
[2371] We work long hours and ...
Jill (PS02K) [2372] Thing is don't you find in th in this sort of environment if you've got, you know ... if they're nice people you all communicate don't you?
Ann (PS02G) [2373] Yeah, you can do things like that.
Jill (PS02K) [2374] And that can work to your favour because if ever you have a problem, then you know.
Ann (PS02G) [2375] Yeah you can talk and
Jill (PS02K) [2376] That's right.
Ann (PS02G) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2377] Yeah I mean that's the same as ... I di I must admit I did have sort of an argument with him ... once over his music.
[2378] We fell out for a little while but I mean, [...] playing loud but I mean upstairs is fine.
[2379] And next door to him, number five ... they're an elderly couple erm and they've got one of their sons living there at erm ... he's disabled in some way but I'm not quite sure how.
Ann (PS02G) [2380] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2381] But they are very very friendly.
[2382] Very friendly they are.
(PS001) [2383] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2384] I suppose some people might say to them oh you're being nosy but then that doesn't bother me because you don't tell them what you don't want them to know.
Jill (PS02K) [2385] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [2386] That's right.
Jill (PS02K) [2387] But it's nice because if ever you're poorly then it's in your welfare isn't it?
None (PS6TB) [2388] That's right, yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2389] They keep an eye
None (PS6TB) [2390] They do tend to keep an eye on me anyway.
Jill (PS02K) [2391] Neighbourhood watch. [laugh] .
None (PS6TB) [2392] It's, well there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme down here.
Jill (PS02K) [2393] Really?
None (PS6TB) [2394] Yes.
[2395] Oh yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2396] No I'm really impressed.
Ann (PS02G) [2397] It's nice isn't it?
Jill (PS02K) [2398] Did you just want to have a little wander? ...
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2399] Yeah.
[2400] I like this one too.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2401] We'll have them both shall we?
Jill (PS02K) [2402] Yeah.
[2403] One each.
Ann (PS02G) [2404] We'll have them both.
[2405] Yeah, you can live in one and I'll live in another.
None (PS6TB) [2406] [...] and live in yours [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2407] Nice aren't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [2408] Lovely aren't they?
[2409] Mm.
[2410] ... [...] corner there [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2411] Goodness.
[2412] Where do you get your carrots from?
None (PS6TB) [2413] Er ... my nephew has a shop.
[2414] Erm ... in Leverington actually.
Ann (PS02G) [2415] Yes [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2416] What, just like a shop shop or a?
None (PS6TB) [2417] A [...] shop.
Stuart (PS02H) [2418] So you got your you got your washing machine under there?
Ann (PS02G) [2419] Washing machine and cooker and fridge So of course you could have [...] in here.
Stuart (PS02H) [2420] Cooker, fridge.
[2421] I mean Yeah I say, or you could have a taller fridge.
Ann (PS02G) [2422] Oh yeah you could have a taller fridge.
Stuart (PS02H) [2423] Fridge fridge-freezer up there or against that window couldn't you?
[2424] Have it away from that [...] .
None (PS6TB) [2425] I like them like that because what I tend to do with [...] so I like them that big because then I can cut them up into sticks, stick them in the fridge, then if I feel like being naughty ... [laughing] not ever so naughty because I'm nibbling at carrots rather than a packet of crisps or something [] .
Jill (PS02K) [2426] But they're a nice ... aren't they?
None (PS6TB) [2427] Oh yeah and I mean that sort of size [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [2428] Yeah. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2429] I know.
[2430] [laugh] . Well it's make your mind up time. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2431] Well We've got to see what Mr says first won't we?
None (PS6TB) [2432] They're specially for ... baking.
Ann (PS02G) [2433] I dunno.
[2434] ... I'm not waiting, bother waiting for the desired
None (PS6TB) [2435] I mean with ordinary ones
Stuart (PS02H) [2436] Well.
None (PS6TB) [2437] Er carrots are fifteen pence a pound but the potatoes th they're different.
[2438] I mean those bakers, they weren't very expensive erm ... but it's ordinary potatoes
Stuart (PS02H) [2439] [...] nice kitchen.
None (PS6TB) [2440] I think they're probably a little bit more expensive but ... he is much cheaper than in
Jill (PS02K) [2441] Well [...] in Leverington then?
None (PS6TB) [2442] Erm along the main Gorfield Road
Jill (PS02K) [2443] [...] But I mean, you can't get those that size where I live.
[2444] And I love baked potatoes.
None (PS6TB) [laugh]
Jill (PS02K) [2445] We end up having [...]
None (PS6TB) [2446] That's right.
[2447] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2448] So thanks for showing us [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2449] Yep, thank you very much.
Stuart (PS02H) [2450] Right.
[2451] Thank you.
Jill (PS02K) [2452] disturb you again.
None (PS6TB) [2453] No that's okay.
Stuart (PS02H) [2454] Yeah.
[2455] Very nice.
Ann (PS02G) [2456] Yeah I like it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2457] Very nice.
Ann (PS02G) [2458] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2459] Yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2460] It's nice and central [...]
None (PS6TB) [2461] That's it, yeah.
[2462] I mean you're you're not sort of right in the centre of town, but
Ann (PS02G) [2463] Right in but it's only a few minutes away.
None (PS6TB) [2464] That's right yeah.
Jill (PS02K) [2465] You don't have to have
Stuart (PS02H) [2466] It's up the road and cross the main road and you're in ... Kingsway aren't you?
Jill (PS02K) [2467] You don't need any wheels do you, really?
Ann (PS02G) [2468] No.
None (PS6TB) [2469] No.
[2470] Which is just as well.
[2471] I crashed
Jill (PS02K) [2472] You're wheel-less are you?
None (PS6TB) [2473] Yeah I crashed mine.
[2474] Put it in the dyke.
Jill (PS02K) [2475] Oh no.
Ann (PS02G) [...] [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2476] Very nice.
None (PS6TB) [2477] I was very lucky actually.
Jill (PS02K) [2478] Mm.
None (PS6TB) [2479] Somebody was looking after me cos I shouldn't have got out and I did.
Stuart (PS02H) [2480] Mm.
Jill (PS02K) [...]
None (PS6TB) [2481] It does actually.
[2482] I was out with erm an nephew la last night and ... I mean it wasn't icy but it was sort of getting late and it was cold.
Stuart (PS02H) [2483] It was slippy.
None (PS6TB) [2484] And he was being silly.
[2485] And I said to him if you don't pack it up I'm gonna get out and walk.
Jill (PS02K) [2486] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2487] Mm.
[2488] Cos
None (PS6TB) [2489] And he said well it's a long time since you had the accident.
[2490] I said I don't care.
[2491] It's still, you know silly little things
Jill (PS02K) [2492] No it still makes you very careful.
None (PS6TB) [2493] like that still unnerve me.
Jill (PS02K) [2494] A bit of mud on the road and
None (PS6TB) [2495] That's it, yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2496] It was slippy though I mean I noticed that even, you know just pulling away from or something like that ... okay I mean it's a ... reasonably ... [...] car but I mean, you know just a little bit too heavy on the accelerator
Jill (PS02K) [2497] You can feel it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2498] it's very easy ... you can feel it slipping
None (PS6TB) [2499] That's right.
Stuart (PS02H) [2500] quite easily. [...]
Jill (PS02K) [2501] Thanks very much indeed.
None (PS6TB) [2502] That's alright.
Stuart (PS02H) [2503] Lovely.
[2504] Yeah thank you.
Ann (PS02G) [2505] Thank you.
Jill (PS02K) [...] ...

11 (Tape 018304)

Jeanie (PS02L) [2506] Are you alright?
[2507] Are you warm?
[2508] Oh I I mean I haven't been ... I had it on but I put it off because it was
Ann (PS02G) [2509] Yeah well you're going out anyway so you
Jeanie (PS02L) [2510] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2511] don't need the heater on.
[2512] How are you, alright?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2513] Enoch's coming for me.
[2514] ... Three o'clockish.
Ann (PS02G) [2515] Oh well.
[2516] We didn't have to come. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2517] [...] you see.
[2518] We came round to give you a lift.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2519] Oh that's very nice of you but I didn't know whether you were or not and she phoned, no I phoned her and she's going and ... she said she'd come for me so
Ann (PS02G) [2520] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2521] I didn't know whether you were coming or not cos you said you didn't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [2522] Well we didn't know, we weren't sure but
Jeanie (PS02L) [2523] No.
[2524] You said you would be too busy.
Stuart (PS02H) [2525] Well we didn't know what time when we
Ann (PS02G) [2526] What time we were gonna be viewing houses but we've been to see two.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2527] Where?
[2528] ... Oh yeah I think, think [...] just finished meeting me and they're [...] .
[2529] ... Have you heard from the people yet?
Ann (PS02G) [2530] No.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2531] Well th er ... you have to wait till you hear from them really before you do [...] can you?
Ann (PS02G) [2532] I don't know whether it's
Jeanie (PS02L) [2533] Mm?
[2534] Whether it's what?
Ann (PS02G) [2535] Well you can't just leave it and not bother can we?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2536] No I know but I thought they'd, you know?
Ann (PS02G) [2537] We thought there'd have been some response
Jeanie (PS02L) [2538] I thought they
Ann (PS02G) [2539] by now but there hasn't been.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2540] There hasn't?
[2541] Did they say they'd come and see you?
Ann (PS02G) [2542] Yeah.
[2543] And they haven't bothered.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2544] Oh I wouldn't [...] .
[2545] Mm?
Ann (PS02G) [2546] And he hasn't bothered. ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2547] Well ... time yet isn't there?
Ann (PS02G) [2548] Well we ... thought we'd better get looking.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2549] Oh yeah, you might as well.
[2550] ... You might as well.
[2551] Well what have you seen?
[2552] Where you been?
Ann (PS02G) [2553] Albany Road and New Drove.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2554] New Drove, where's that?
Ann (PS02G) [2555] Down near Queen's Boys
Jeanie (PS02L) [2556] Oh aye, down that way.
[2557] Yeah I know.
Ann (PS02G) [2558] That one.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2559] Oh!
[2560] A new one.
Ann (PS02G) [2561] Yeah, brand new.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2562] It's a flat?
Ann (PS02G) [2563] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2564] They're both flats.
Ann (PS02G) [2565] They're both flats that we've seen. ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2566] Well is it upstairs or downstairs?
Ann (PS02G) [2567] Well there's one of each but we prefer the upstairs one, it's nicer.
[2568] ... I didn't like the downstairs one.
[2569] I didn't like the kitchen.
[2570] ... It was like a passage weren't it really?
[2571] It's a funny little
Stuart (PS02H) [2572] It was a small kitchen wasn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2573] funny kitchen.
Stuart (PS02H) [2574] There's no room for any
Ann (PS02G) [2575] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [2576] well there's room for a cooker and a washing machine.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2577] Is it, there's nobody in it?
[2578] It's it's it's empty?
Ann (PS02G) [2579] Brand new.
[2580] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2581] Yeah brand new empty.
Ann (PS02G) [2582] Nobody's been in them yet.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2583] And how how big?
[2584] ... Is it the whole hou I mean how, what half the house? [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2585] No.
[2586] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [2587] Well the upstairs ... half.
Ann (PS02G) [2588] Upstairs half.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2589] Yeah.
[2590] Well there's a h that's two houses there, there's four there?
Ann (PS02G) [2591] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2592] There's four flats altogether in that block.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2593] I see.
Ann (PS02G) [2594] There's one bedroom and a living room and a kitchen and a bathroom and ... it's qu they're quite sizeable really I mean they're not
Jeanie (PS02L) [2595] You're quite impressed?
Ann (PS02G) [2596] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [2597] Well the upstairs one's certainly much much better than the downstairs one.
Ann (PS02G) [2598] Yeah we haven't, we liked the upstairs one very much.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2599] Is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [2600] Yeah.
[2601] The upstairs one [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2602] And we can get a good package on that you see.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2603] How do you mean?
Ann (PS02G) [2604] Well he he's wanting to sell them.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2605] Yeah but I mean [...] what do you
Ann (PS02G) [2606] And he'll either you can either knock ... he'll ei , you can either knock ... some money off, which he'd accept whatev ,mo most ... or he'd pay your deposit for you.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2607] Oh.
[2608] And what's that?
Ann (PS02G) [2609] Well I'm ... if it's full price thirty thousand, that's three thousand pound innit, near enough?
Stuart (PS02H) [2610] Yeah well fifteen hundred.
[2611] Five percent is
Ann (PS02G) [2612] Fifteen at five percent.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2613] Oh he'd pay fifteen hundred for you?
[2614] What
Ann (PS02G) [2615] Or or he'll knock it off the price if you want to.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2616] Oh.
[2617] Well that doesn't
Ann (PS02G) [2618] You can get a good deal with him because
Jeanie (PS02L) [2619] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [2620] he wants to get, he wants them sold now he's built them.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2621] Yeah.
[2622] And this is the other one is it?
[2623] What this is a house is it?
Ann (PS02G) [2624] That's a flat as well.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2625] No this is a flat as well?
Stuart (PS02H) [2626] [...] they're both flats.
Ann (PS02G) [2627] Yeah.
[2628] That's a downstairs one.
Stuart (PS02H) [2629] A downstairs flat.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2630] Downstairs flat.
[2631] In an old house?
Ann (PS02G) [2632] [...] .
[2633] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2634] Older, yeah it's an older house but it's been completely
Ann (PS02G) [2635] It's been ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2636] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2637] builders ren made it into two separate [...] .
Jeanie (PS02L) [2638] Is it nice?
Ann (PS02G) [2639] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2640] Yeah I think I like that.
[2641] ... It's the older one I know but ...
Ann (PS02G) [2642] I think they're both nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [2643] The bath the kitchen's nice in that one though isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2644] The kitchen's nice
Jeanie (PS02L) [2645] What, in this one?
Ann (PS02G) [2646] Yeah.
[2647] It's a lovely kitchen.
Stuart (PS02H) [2648] Yeah.
[2649] It's been done out nice and there's tiles and there's nice coloured units and that.
Ann (PS02G) [2650] There's some lovely lovely units in that one.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2651] And would there be any erm ... difficulty in getting a mortgage with this one?
Ann (PS02G) [2652] Well I don't think so.
[2653] No, they're quite happy to lend Stuart the money ... as long as it's not more than thirty two which that isn't.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2654] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2655] And we'll probably knock him down anyway because say there's
Jeanie (PS02L) [2656] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [2657] properties aren't going.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2658] Where's this?
[2659] Albany, where's that?
Ann (PS02G) [2660] Top top of Chase Street.
[2661] Behind factory .
Stuart (PS02H) [2662] Bottom of Chase Street.
Ann (PS02G) [2663] Bottom.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2664] Ch Chase Street, now where's that?
Ann (PS02G) [2665] Where, Rutland Arms is on the corner.
[2666] It's right on the end of that.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2667] Oh oh off Lynn Road?
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2668] Oh aye you're right in town then?
Ann (PS02G) [2669] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2670] Yeah.
[2671] I say there, there
Jeanie (PS02L) [2672] Interest you?
Ann (PS02G) [2673] I've seen that before.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2674] Oh have you?
Ann (PS02G) [2675] Mm.
[2676] I was gonna rent it.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2677] Are you making a cup of tea?
Ann (PS02G) [2678] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2679] I'm making you a cup of tea.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2680] Oh right make [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2681] We're desperate.
[2682] We've not, we've been out since ... about eleven o'clock and not had a drink.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2683] Ah!
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2684] Haven't you been to the [...]
Ann (PS02G) [2685] We've been in we've been in the estate agents and
Jeanie (PS02L) [2686] Oh.
Ann (PS02G) [2687] seeing houses and
Jeanie (PS02L) [2688] Well there's biscuits there, there's a c a bit of cake Ann.
[2689] I made a coconut cake but ... er er I put some coconut icing on it ... pink.
[2690] But the pink went a bit
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2691] Well the cochineal was a bit dry so I put some water in and boof
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2692] out it came.
[2693] So you, it's got red icing on it. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2694] But you can have it if you like, you know.
[2695] You can have it if you like.
Ann (PS02G) [2696] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2697] Or there's some biscuits.
[2698] Or there's some Ryvita.
[2699] ... Sheila has lost three and a half pounds this week.
Ann (PS02G) [2700] Oh lovely.
[2701] Isn't she doing well?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2702] And ... well she's that chuffed with herself last night
Ann (PS02G) [2703] She's so, done really well hasn't she?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2704] yeah, no she won the fruit.
[2705] Have this heating on.
Ann (PS02G) [2706] No it's alright.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2707] Sure?
[2708] Erm
Ann (PS02G) [2709] It's not cold outside it's lovely.
[2710] ... No it's quite mild.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2711] No it isn't cold.
[2712] I mean I had the heating on to start with and oh I thought this is ridiculous.
[2713] I mean
Ann (PS02G) [2714] Yes.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2715] I may as well save my ga
Ann (PS02G) [2716] That's it.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2717] cos it's gonna cost me ... Erm ... she won the fruit.
[2718] Now what they do is ... each of them takes ... a piece of fruit each time they go
Ann (PS02G) [2719] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2720] I mean this is quite a good idea actually.
[2721] An apple or an orange or something.
[2722] So the one who loses the most weight wins the fruit.
[2723] And she got the fruit.
Ann (PS02G) [2724] Wins it.
[2725] Oh that's definitely an incentive.
[2726] Oh lovely.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2727] Three and a half pound she lost and she lost more than any of them.
Ann (PS02G) [2728] [...] lovely .
Jeanie (PS02L) [2729] Some of them's one of the women had gained a pound. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [2730] Oh dear. [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2731] Had gained a pound, so you know
Ann (PS02G) [2732] So I mean she's over half a stone now isn't she so that's nice for
Jeanie (PS02L) [2733] That's right.
[2734] That's what she say.
[2735] I said good girl, keep going.
Ann (PS02G) [2736] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2737] Oh I'm going to she says.
Ann (PS02G) [2738] Mm yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2739] But I mean that makes a difference Ann doesn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [2740] It does.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2741] Eh?
Ann (PS02G) [2742] Mm that's smashing.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2743] Yeah she's right chuffed with herself.
[2744] ... Right chuffed with herself.
[2745] ... I'm trying to wash my hair, but I daren't do, I'll do it tomorrow [...] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2746] There you are dear.
Ann (PS02G) [2747] Erm
Stuart (PS02H) [2748] Pop that down there [...] There you go.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2749] Bet you're ready for that.
Ann (PS02G) [2750] Yes
Stuart (PS02H) [cough]
Ann (PS02G) [2751] def definitely ready for it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2752] Definitely. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2753] Definitely desperate for it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2754] Yep.
Ann (PS02G) [2755] I'll leave yours another minute.
[2756] I'm desperate. [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2757] Ah!
Ann (PS02G) [2758] Mum's got some cake in there she said if you want a bit.
Stuart (PS02H) [2759] [...] cake at home.
Ann (PS02G) [2760] Fair enough.
[2761] Just thought you might be hungry. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2762] Cheers my dear.
Ann (PS02G) [2763] Cheers. ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2764] See what I got yesterday Ann. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2765] Oh they're nice.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2766] Three pound.
Stuart (PS02H) [2767] Oh!
Ann (PS02G) [2768] They're lovely.
[2769] Like them.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2770] Oxfam.
[2771] Not Oxfam [...] .
[2772] Look it's even got
Ann (PS02G) [2773] Aren't they nice.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2774] a tummy thing in it.
[2775] You know, to hold your tummy in.
Ann (PS02G) [2776] They're lovely.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2777] How about that!
[2778] Three quid.
[2779] Three fifty.
Ann (PS02G) [2780] They're nice.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2781] Like them?
[2782] Yeah.
[2783] New pair of trousers aren't they?
[2784] And they fit me perfect.
Ann (PS02G) [2785] They're smart.
[2786] Yeah they've not been worn have they?
[2787] You can tell [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2788] No, look.
Ann (PS02G) [2789] They're lovely.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2790] Like them?
Ann (PS02G) [2791] Mm.
[2792] Mm nice.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2793] [...] will go bananas.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2794] The Heart Foundation Shop.
Stuart (PS02H) [2795] Well what's wrong with the Heart Foundation Shop?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2796] Well whatever it is, you know?
Stuart (PS02H) [2797] It's as good as anywhere.
Ann (PS02G) [2798] Sheila doesn't agree with it.
Stuart (PS02H) [2799] And why not?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2800] Mind it's a pair, it's a tw it's about what, twelve pound pair of trousers for only for
Ann (PS02G) [2801] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2802] a fifteen pound pair of trousers for
Ann (PS02G) [2803] Yeah.
[2804] Cos they're not ... it's not a cheap pair is it?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2805] They haven't been worn have they?
[2806] No.
[2807] I'm quite happ chuffed with them.
Ann (PS02G) [2808] Mm. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2809] [belch] Ooh pardon me. ... [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2810] Have that cake Stuart.
Stuart (PS02H) [2811] No it's alright.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2812] Well help yourself.
Stuart (PS02H) [2813] Don't worry.
Ann (PS02G) [2814] [laugh] He would.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2815] Oh alright, alright. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2816] [laugh] .
Jeanie (PS02L) [2817] I had the baby [...] ... I had the baby [...] in the er ... in the er verandah all morning.
Ann (PS02G) [2818] Oh have you?
[2819] I bet they liked it out there.
[2820] Change of scene.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2821] I put the two of them in the cage, they went in the cage and they, oh and they get on alright together.
[2822] They was chirping a bit and ... Whiskey's the bully.
Stuart (PS02H) [2823] Yeah?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2824] And Padley and then I sprayed them ... and Padley started to wash himself.
[2825] Oh!
[2826] The size of them!
[2827] When he [...] flutter, oh he's very ... he, oh he's a big bird.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2828] He is.
[2829] He was a devil though.
[2830] They were alright though, quite happy out there.
Stuart (PS02H) [2831] Mm
Jeanie (PS02L) [2832] Do you wanna s er at the table Ann?
Ann (PS02G) [2833] No you're alright.
[2834] That'll do me.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2835] You're sure?
Ann (PS02G) [2836] We shan't be stopping that long
Jeanie (PS02L) [2837] Eh?
Ann (PS02G) [2838] if you're going out anyway won't you?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2839] Oh you can stay as long as you like.
[2840] It's up to you, I don't mind.
Stuart (PS02H) [2841] No.
[2842] We'll have a cup of tea then we'll go home.
[2843] Get our tea on.
Ann (PS02G) [2844] Liver casserole for tea.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2845] Oh very nice.
[2846] ... Very nice.
[2847] Just the job.
Stuart (PS02H) [2848] I hope so.
[2849] Should be alright.
Ann (PS02G) [2850] Have you had your hokey thing?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2851] No I haven't [...] that.
Ann (PS02G) [2852] Oh it's lovely.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2853] Is it?
Ann (PS02G) [2854] It's delicious.
[2855] I've eaten mine.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2856] It ... do you want er do you want
Ann (PS02G) [2857] No, no you have it.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2858] Did you have the two bits or the one bit?
Ann (PS02G) [2859] Yeah.
[2860] I had two with a bit of salad.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2861] With a bit of sa yeah I've got to do salad.
Ann (PS02G) [2862] Oh it was lovely.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2863] Was it?
Ann (PS02G) [2864] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2865] Ooh.
[2866] Yeah, no, I'm gonna have it tonight Ann.
[2867] I erm ... had baked potatoes last night.
Ann (PS02G) [2868] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2869] What else did I do?
[2870] ... Just had a shower, cor feel a bit cold now.
Ann (PS02G) [2871] What did you have last night?
[2872] Oh you had tandoori didn't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [2873] Tandoori. ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2874] I don't know whether to give Vera her present today or tomorrow. ...
Ann (PS02G) [2875] What did you get her in the end?
Jeanie (PS02L) [2876] [...] A rosebush.
Ann (PS02G) [2877] Oh yeah you said you probably were.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2878] I mean I know, er do you think it's daft?
Ann (PS02G) [2879] No, I think it's nice.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2880] Ah but it's a it's a you know a rose, not ... you know I think ... I thought well what can you buy her?
Ann (PS02G) [2881] Well that's it.
[2882] No point in buying her ornaments and things I mean
Jeanie (PS02L) [2883] Everybody's buying her all s .
[2884] No!
[2885] She's gonna get loads of ornaments.
Ann (PS02G) [2886] That's it.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2887] And and you know what she's like.
[2888] So ... I I I mean, but I don't know whether to take it today or ... you know because she'll get a lot of things given her today.
[2889] Or wait till tomorrow night or, Joan phoned this morning and ... oh I s I saw Tom in town yesterday.
[2890] Although I didn't, he he, I didn't have time to ask him what the hell he'd been up to.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2891] Here you are.
Ann (PS02G) [2892] Oh I've got some n new cigarettes.
[2893] I never brought them in.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2894] What kind?
Ann (PS02G) [2895] What they called?
Stuart (PS02H) [2896] Dorchester.
Ann (PS02G) [2897] Dorchester.
[2898] They're cheap.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2899] Yeah.
[2900] Have you tried them?
Ann (PS02G) [2901] Well th they're cheap.
[2902] I only got one packet cos they're cheap in Gateway and I thought well if ... if they're alright might just go on them then.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2903] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2904] These are getting ridiculous prices.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2905] Well they are aren't they?
[2906] I agree with you.
Ann (PS02G) [2907] So I'm, I thought we'll try them.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2908] Dorchester?
Ann (PS02G) [2909] Yeah.
[2910] Never seen them before.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2911] Yeah.
[2912] How much were they anyway?
Ann (PS02G) [2913] One sixty seven
Jeanie (PS02L) [2914] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2915] kingsize and one sixty six ordinary.
[2916] Thought you might as well have the kingsize.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2917] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [2918] Won't smoke as many if they're bigger. [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2919] No.
[2920] If they're alright Ann.
Stuart (PS02H) [2921] That's it.
[2922] If they're alright.
Ann (PS02G) [2923] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [2924] [...] tomorrow.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2925] Ha.
Ann (PS02G) [...] ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2926] I put on this ... as this rose blossoms each year hope you will too.
(PS001) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2927] And remember this day with joy.
[2928] Do you think that's alright?
[2929] Do you think that's daft?
Ann (PS02G) [2930] Yeah lovely.
[2931] No.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2932] I don't know whether to take it with me.
[2933] ... You are coming tomorrow night?
[2934] Cos I'm gonna tell [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [2935] Oh yeah.
[2936] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2937] You know?
Ann (PS02G) [2938] Yeah.
[2939] We're definitely coming.
Stuart (PS02H) [2940] Yeah, we're booked in. ...
Jeanie (PS02L) [2941] You don't have to come too early only I've got to go at quarter to seven.
[2942] But I mean you don't
Ann (PS02G) [2943] Well we'll be here.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2944] Oh here's [...] .
[2945] Oh here [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [2946] You said three o'clock.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2947] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [2948] It's five to.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2949] No I said [...] ... oh
Ann (PS02G) [2950] [...] Sue.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2951] Pardon?
Ann (PS02G) [2952] [...] Sue.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2953] Yeah.
[2954] ... Oh Enoch's staying and oh they're not waiting, I'd better go.
[2955] ... I'll leave you to it then, I'll hear all the gen tomorrow then.
Ann (PS02G) [2956] Yeah.
[2957] We we'll still be, we won't be going, we'll be staying here.
[2958] Isn't no point in going home.
[2959] ... Unless you wanna go home and get washed and changed do you?
Stuart (PS02H) [2960] Might as well stay here and get washed and changed [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [2961] Might as well bring clothes and get ready here and
Stuart (PS02H) [2962] No point is there?
Ann (PS02G) [2963] No. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [2964] No, no point is there?
[2965] Might as well bring the clothes and stay here as go home, all the way home and all the way back again.
[2966] ... Mightn't I?
Ann (PS02G) [2967] Mhm. ...
Sue (PS02M) [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [2968] I've got her pressy here but I think, I don't think I'll give it till tomorrow night.
[2969] I was just thinking you know she'll have that many things to do today won't she?
Sue (PS02M) [2970] Yes.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2971] So I think I'll give it tomorrow night.
[2972] Come in.
Sue (PS02M) [2973] So I feel a bit
Jeanie (PS02L) [2974] This is Sue.
[2975] Mrs .
Ann (PS02G) [2976] Hello.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2977] This is Ann.
[2978] And that's Stuart.
Stuart (PS02H) [2979] On your own?
Sue (PS02M) [2980] Well I know Stuart.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2981] Well it's so nice to mee , Mrs , oh, very pleased to meet you.
Sue (PS02M) [2982] Oh yes.
[2983] It's very nice to meet you.
Stuart (PS02H) [2984] Yes.
[2985] Yes.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2986] You have met him haven't you?
Sue (PS02M) [2987] Yes.
Jeanie (PS02L) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [2988] Unfortunately she says.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2989] Oh no that is [...]
Sue (PS02M) [2990] So I've had two injections.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2991] What for?
Sue (PS02M) [2992] Well they give you one don't they in your ... bloodstream so they can have a deep scan.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2993] Well what are they scanning then?
Sue (PS02M) [2994] My back.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2995] Your back.
[2996] Your back.
Sue (PS02M) [2997] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [2998] What are they doing that for?
Sue (PS02M) [2999] It's my last one.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3000] Oh to see whether your things are all in place?
Sue (PS02M) [3001] I'm going back Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3002] Oh I see.
Sue (PS02M) [3003] So and then they gave me an injection in the back.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3004] Ooh.
Sue (PS02M) [3005] Cos I've got a bit er my blood's a bit thick round the scar so [...] disperse the blood.
Stuart (PS02H) [3006] Ugh!
Jeanie (PS02L) [3007] Sounds [...] .
[3008] You're not so you're not feeling so good?
Ann (PS02G) [3009] Glad when it's all over.
Sue (PS02M) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3010] Eh?
Ann (PS02G) [3011] [laugh] Be glad when it's all over.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3012] Yeah.
Sue (PS02M) [3013] That's right.
[3014] ... To be quite honest I could just go to bed.
[3015] And [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3016] Well why don't, why don't you go then?
Sue (PS02M) [3017] No.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3018] Don't bother coming out there.
Sue (PS02M) [3019] Then I won't sleep tonight then Jean.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3020] Eh?
Sue (PS02M) [3021] If I sleep during the day I don't sleep at night.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3022] Well that's true but maybe, you know ... and if you've to drink she , maybe you shouldn't drink sherry on top of what you've had injected into you.
Sue (PS02M) [3023] Oh I know I shan't have any drink.
[3024] And my feet keep swelling up.
[3025] I've got my shoes on now, but I couldn't
Jeanie (PS02L) [3026] Do they?
Sue (PS02M) [3027] Yeah.
[3028] But they don't know what's the matter with them.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3029] Oh.
Sue (PS02M) [3030] Don't know why ... they keep swelling up.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3031] Oh crikey.
[3032] ... Oh dear.
[3033] ... Otherwise your er [...] otherwise she's alright?
Sue (PS02M) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3034] Otherwise she's alright.
[3035] Yeah. [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3036] I'll get me coat.
Sue (PS02M) [3037] Yeah otherwise I'm ...
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Sue (PS02M) [3038] Yeah well
Ann (PS02G) [3039] Mmmmmmm
Sue (PS02M) [3040] Not A fit but
Stuart (PS02H) [3041] No.
Ann (PS02G) [3042] No.
Sue (PS02M) [3043] not A one but ... getting there.
Stuart (PS02H) [3044] Getting there.
Sue (PS02M) [3045] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3046] Slowly but surely.
Sue (PS02M) [3047] Yeah.
[3048] No work so ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3049] Let's hope they soon get you sorted out.
Sue (PS02M) [3050] Mm.
[3051] Well they've sorted my back out.
Stuart (PS02H) [3052] Mm.
Sue (PS02M) [3053] Yeah I had my disc removed but ... took two operations but
Stuart (PS02H) [3054] Say it'll take you a while won't it, to
Sue (PS02M) [3055] Well I had my first operation twentieth of August then I had another one the second ... of October.
Stuart (PS02H) [3056] Mm.
Sue (PS02M) [3057] But ... at least I haven't got no pain anyway so
Ann (PS02G) [3058] Do they think you'll be able to go back to work?
Sue (PS02M) [3059] Yeah, six months.
Ann (PS02G) [3060] Six months?
Sue (PS02M) [3061] Yeah, February.
[3062] Never mind eh.
Ann (PS02G) [3063] Mm.
Sue (PS02M) [3064] That'll soon be here.
Ann (PS02G) [3065] Then you'll have to be careful [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3066] won't you?
[3067] Be very careful.
Stuart (PS02H) [3068] Get christmas and that over with.
Sue (PS02M) [3069] Yeah.
[3070] ... Oh Ashley's going this afternoon.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3071] I know.
[3072] I met him.
Sue (PS02M) [3073] But Ashley isn't going tomorrow is he?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3074] I know.
[3075] So I hear.
[3076] I met him.
[3077] She's going tomorrow.
Ann (PS02G) [3078] But he's not allowed is he?
Sue (PS02M) [3079] Yeah.
[3080] Why can't he come?
Ann (PS02G) [3081] He's not allowed he told you didn't he?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3082] Well I [...] He told me he wasn't allowed to go [...] nights.
Ann (PS02G) [3083] [...] told him that er seeing he's on the sick he wasn't allowed to go.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3084] [...] he's only coming for an hour.
[3085] I tell you what he, bet, I bet you he's shitting, oh excuse me
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3086] shitting bricks today.
Sue (PS02M) [3087] Well you know why.
[3088] It's either Maurice going to be there or [...] . [...]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3089] I know.
[3090] [...] 's the b the big boy.
[3091] They'll
Sue (PS02M) [3092] Yeah but they don't
Jeanie (PS02L) [3093] probably both be here.
Sue (PS02M) [3094] Well it don't look very good me being there then does it?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3095] Oh that doesn't matter.
[3096] Well that's what, that's what his excuse was, never ... cos he's never been in here.
Sue (PS02M) [3097] Yeah but he told me ... he told me he told
Jeanie (PS02L) [3098] He said told him
Sue (PS02M) [3099] him
Jeanie (PS02L) [3100] Yes?
Sue (PS02M) [3101] that he's not even to phone the place.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3102] That's right.
[3103] told him that, because
Sue (PS02M) [3104] Yeah but why don't tell the girls?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3105] Well exactly.
Sue (PS02M) [3106] Because you know what, they're up in the air aren't they?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3107] Yeah [...] , can you believe it?
None (PS6TB) [3108] Mm
Jeanie (PS02L) [3109] And why?
[3110] Why can't he ph , that's ridiculous isn't it?
[3111] I said
Sue (PS02M) [3112] Oh well if he wants to know why I'm there and [...] me are you off sick I shall just show him a ... I've got proof that I've been off sick. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [3113] [laugh] Show him your scar [laugh]
Sue (PS02M) [3114] [laughing] I've got eight pins I have [] .
[3115] But
Jeanie (PS02L) [3116] Well I know you're off but I mean that [...]
Sue (PS02M) [3117] Yeah but ... here there er
Jeanie (PS02L) [3118] Yeah I know but
Sue (PS02M) [3119] and everywhere isn't he?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3120] Well if if said that, and he he he he shouldn't have said it well he's in trouble.
[3121] Now I've lost my keys.
[3122] No I haven't.
[3123] Here they are.
[3124] I mustn't forget my keys.
[3125] No erm ... I mean that's s but he's he's gonna feel like a right ... it'll be funny today ... Sue.
[3126] It will be ... jockeying for position.
Sue (PS02M) [3127] Ah ... but he isn't there yet is he?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3128] What, today? [...]
Sue (PS02M) [3129] Will go?
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3130] You don't think he
Sue (PS02M) [3131] Well it it's gotta be seen to believe.
[3132] You can't say
Jeanie (PS02L) [3133] Well yeah that's true.
Sue (PS02M) [3134] until he turns up.
Stuart (PS02H) [3135] No.
Sue (PS02M) [3136] Can you?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3137] True.
[3138] But the thing is ... he he's gonna be ever so, isn't he?
[3139] He'll be making excuses all the way round [...]
Sue (PS02M) [3140] [whispering] No I've gotta go [] .
Jeanie (PS02L) [3141] Eh?
Sue (PS02M) [3142] He he won't be there long if he does come.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3143] Well that's it.
[3144] That's it.
[3145] But I mean if he doesn't and sh , I mean why shouldn't you?
[3146] I mean after [...] all these years here I mean you can't ... well that's [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3147] Do you wanna say cheerio?
Jeanie (PS02L) [3148] Yeah.
Sue (PS02M) [3149] Bye [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3150] Bye bye.
Sue (PS02M) [3151] Bye.
Ann (PS02G) [3152] Bye bye.
Stuart (PS02H) [3153] See you Sue.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3154] You'll see them tomorrow.
[3155] Th they're coming tomorrow
Ann (PS02G) [3156] Yeah we'll see you tomorrow.
Stuart (PS02H) [3157] [...] See you tomorrow look.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3158] [...] but you know.
Sue (PS02M) [3159] Oh yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3160] Well they said,wh when we, last Sunday weren't it?
Ann (PS02G) [3161] Yeah when we called in.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3162] I went in and paid my money ... and they said to Ann
Ann (PS02G) [3163] Isn't Stuart coming? [laugh]
Jeanie (PS02L) [3164] aren't you coming?
[3165] You know, [...] be seeing you.
[3166] [...] in the office didn't she?
Ann (PS02G) [3167] Mm.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3168] She nearly begged us to g , nearly went down on her knees to get us to go didn't she?
Sue (PS02M) [3169] Well I'll see you tomorrow then Stuart.
Stuart (PS02H) [3170] Yeah alright Sue.
Ann (PS02G) [3171] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3172] We'll see you then.
Ann (PS02G) [3173] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3174] Yeah.
[3175] See you tomorrow.
Ann (PS02G) [3176] Yeah.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3177] Just lock up and ... do what you like to the cat.
[3178] You can either leave it in or out you know.
[3179] Don't [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3180] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3181] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3182] Okay.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3183] Okay.
Ann (PS02G) [3184] Cheerio.
Stuart (PS02H) [3185] Toodaloo.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3186] Yeah.
[3187] See ... are you coming round tomorrow afternoon Stuart?
Stuart (PS02H) [3188] Yes mum.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3189] You
Ann (PS02G) [3190] We're not going ... he's bringing his clothes.
[3191] We're not going home.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3192] Oh aye yeah Ann.
[3193] Are you bringing yours?
Ann (PS02G) [3194] Yeah, well there's no point in going home.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3195] No that's true.
[3196] That's true.
[3197] [...] okay.
Ann (PS02G) [3198] Bye.
Jeanie (PS02L) [3199] See you.
[3200] Bye.
Stuart (PS02H) [3201] See you tomorrow.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh] ... [mimics tea pouring]
Stuart (PS02H) [3202] There we go.
[3203] Is that better dear?
Ann (PS02G) [3204] Yeah.
[3205] That's lovely.
Stuart (PS02H) [3206] Shall we have a nice cup of tea?
Ann (PS02G) [3207] I was gasping.
[3208] Especially when that man was ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3209] Rabbitting?
Ann (PS02G) [3210] Yeah, which I didn't understand any of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3211] No.
Ann (PS02G) [3212] Pension mortgages and this mortgage and and he didn't really know how er er ... cos that that foreign Lucy or whatever her name was
Stuart (PS02H) [3213] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3214] that foreign lady was quite amused.
[3215] She was laughing when you were asking him questions. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3216] Oh.
Ann (PS02G) [3217] [laughing] as if to say ah ah ... he's not sure what he's doing.
[3218] ... He's got somebody here who knows [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [3219] [laughing] Instead of just sitting there and quoting all these figures
Stuart (PS02H) [3220] [...] yeah
Ann (PS02G) [3221] and blinding you with science [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [3222] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3223] Somebody who can ask questions and knew what he was talking about. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3224] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3225] And she was giggling away.
[3226] She kept raising her eyebrows and laughing.
[3227] [laugh] I was watching her.
Stuart (PS02H) [3228] Well I couldn't see her cos I had my back turned.
Ann (PS02G) [3229] No you had your back to her.
Stuart (PS02H) [3230] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3231] But I could see behind you and she was ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3232] Well there you are.
[3233] When you do know a bit about it you yes you want to know
Ann (PS02G) [3234] Well that's it.
[3235] You're not, and you're not gonna be blinded by all these ... like he was, what was he saying about ... all endowments are are not unit then you were saying yes they are and [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3236] I didn't know ... what [...] on about there.
[3237] I I think he got his
Ann (PS02G) [3238] [...] said that.
Stuart (PS02H) [3239] Oh he knew what he was talking about but ...
Ann (PS02G) [3240] But you were confusing him because you knew, where he's used to just sitting there and telling blah blah blah blah and
Stuart (PS02H) [3241] Well you see the thing is they they they
Ann (PS02G) [3242] And you knew what he was on about.
Stuart (PS02H) [3243] they quote this unit linked business.
[3244] Now it's all
Ann (PS02G) [3245] And you didn't want that did you?
Stuart (PS02H) [3246] well and good a unit linked policy but ... as I said to you before that ... if they, if the market crashes the day before your policy is due out you
Ann (PS02G) [3247] And you haven't got enough money.
Stuart (PS02H) [3248] you could, you can lose a th ... I don't want one.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3249] If the market crashes the day before you take your policy's due to mature ... wallop.
[3250] You can lose a lot of money in a ... you know, just like that.
Ann (PS02G) [3251] But do you think this thing what he was on about, pension ... mortgage, do you think that would be better?
[3252] Was that that PEP thing what's all in the papers at the moment?
Stuart (PS02H) [3253] No.
Ann (PS02G) [3254] Is that what it means?
Stuart (PS02H) [3255] PEP's different.
Ann (PS02G) [3256] Oh.
[3257] Is it similar?
Stuart (PS02H) [3258] PEP's a personal equity plan.
Ann (PS02G) [3259] Oh.
[3260] Sorry.
Stuart (PS02H) [3261] Which is different.
[3262] ... To be perfectly honest ... in my current situation
Ann (PS02G) [3263] Mhm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3264] a pension mortgage ... would be more advantageous.
Ann (PS02G) [3265] Well that's the most important thing isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3266] At the moment.
[3267] Because well I'm not in a pension scheme at work.
[3268] But I have got an option to go in it
Ann (PS02G) [3269] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3270] if I want to.
Ann (PS02G) [3271] Mhm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3272] Erm ... the only problem is ... well, even s even, not so much now because ... because the er ... [...] a bit better.
[3273] ... Because of the m because of the way pensions and that are are organized now, they're more flexible now ... I mean, you can go to a job beforehand if if if your company had a pension scheme, you were obliged to go in it ... that was it.
[3274] All your other arrangements went up, went through the window.
Ann (PS02G) [3275] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3276] Erm so it it it it's difficult.
Ann (PS02G) [3277] Mm I know you can take them along with you nowadays can't you and [...] into a
Stuart (PS02H) [3278] You can now take, now now now you can take them with you.
Ann (PS02G) [3279] Mm.
[3280] Where they used to be frozen and then you started another one wherever you went next time.
Stuart (PS02H) [3281] That's right.
[3282] That's right.
[3283] Whereas now [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3284] And you ended up with three four d silly little bits and pieces didn't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [3285] Yeah.
[3286] Yeah.
[3287] Whereas now you see all the they can put them all into one.
Ann (PS02G) [3288] Yeah.
[3289] I know you can take them with you now.
Stuart (PS02H) [3290] Mm.
[3291] So in a way I think
Ann (PS02G) [3292] And it was a lot less money as well wasn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3293] I mm yeah but that w don't forget
Ann (PS02G) [3294] It started
Stuart (PS02H) [3295] that was sixty five.
Ann (PS02G) [3296] Yeah [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [3297] The quotation he give was sixty five and as he said which is true they double every five years.
[3298] Particularly in the later years there's you know
Ann (PS02G) [3299] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3300] more ... And that's why I said, when it sounded so low ... that's why I I still doubt his figures.
[3301] I still think two hundred pound a month ... a thirty thousand pound mortgage ... it's too low.
Ann (PS02G) [3302] And and a cash sum at the end of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3303] Still think it's low.
Ann (PS02G) [3304] Seems quite ... doesn't seem a lot does it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3305] No.
[3306] I'm pretty certain
Ann (PS02G) [3307] And would you still have to have an insurance on top of that?
Stuart (PS02H) [3308] You have to have term assurance.
Ann (PS02G) [3309] So you'd still have to have ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3310] You'd have
Ann (PS02G) [3311] you'd have the two hundred pound and then you'd have a life insurance on top?
Stuart (PS02H) [3312] No no no.
[3313] No.
[3314] That was it, two hundred and twelve pound
Ann (PS02G) [3315] The whole lot?
Stuart (PS02H) [3316] The whole lot.
Ann (PS02G) [3317] Well why doesn't everybody have them then?
Stuart (PS02H) [3318] Because not everybody's eligible for them.
Ann (PS02G) [3319] I know but they didn't, he didn't suggest it to you or ... why doesn't he say well there is this er er, you said that he didn't.
[3320] And he must have known that they're gonna be cheaper so why doesn't he advise people who are starting out to take one of them?
Stuart (PS02H) [3321] Didn't ask [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3322] Rather than a
Stuart (PS02H) [3323] Didn't ask the questions.
Ann (PS02G) [3324] I know, exactly.
[3325] But surely that's
Stuart (PS02H) [3326] He didn't ... he
Ann (PS02G) [3327] his job.
[3328] If he's trying to find you the cheapest
Stuart (PS02H) [3329] He's not doing his job.
[3330] Basically
Ann (PS02G) [3331] Exactly.
Stuart (PS02H) [3332] he's not doing his job.
Ann (PS02G) [3333] Because a young couple going in ... well even in our situation, you haven't got much money and you want the cheapest thing for the best ... we you know.
[3334] But he never suggested it.
[3335] You said ... what about a company, what about a a pension mortgage and he
Stuart (PS02H) [3336] He didn't, he he didn't ask the question.
[3337] Which he should have asked.
Ann (PS02G) [3338] Mm.
[3339] Exactly.
[3340] Yeah because it is cheaper and
Stuart (PS02H) [3341] You see the thing is ... you see I mean wh wh when this ... law came out, LAUTRO and all that business came out ... that, and best advice and all this sort of thing ... you had to go through all the finances and what people earned and all that sort of thing.
[3342] What they've got insurance already ... erm so on and so forth.
[3343] And arrange around those circumstances the best advice ... package.
Ann (PS02G) [3344] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3345] But he didn't ask me the questions.
[3346] He just ... he just ... he just
Ann (PS02G) [3347] No he just could do an endowment one and that was it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3348] he just assumed it was gonna be
Ann (PS02G) [3349] An an endowment policy, and endowment mortgage and that was it.
[3350] He didn't tell you anything else.
Stuart (PS02H) [3351] No.
[3352] ... Well you see when he said your base is gonna be
Ann (PS02G) [3353] I know.
Stuart (PS02H) [3354] a hundred and two hundred
Ann (PS02G) [3355] Ninety six.
Stuart (PS02H) [3356] and fifteen pounds or whatever
Ann (PS02G) [3357] Two hundred and five and then that ... on a ninety six
Stuart (PS02H) [3358] And then a percent I could get you a percent off as a first time buyer.
Ann (PS02G) [3359] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3360] That brings it down to a hundred and ninety six ... for the first year.
[3361] Then it goes back up to the base rate.
Ann (PS02G) [3362] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3363] Not, I know all that's that's obvious.
Ann (PS02G) [3364] That's quite clear.
[3365] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3366] But then when he said two hundred and one pounds for a ... pension mortgage ... I thought well if a hundred and ninety
Ann (PS02G) [3367] That's only five pound a month to earn your pension. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3368] if a hu if a hundred and ninety six is only your base how come you don't
Ann (PS02G) [3369] That gives you five pound a month towards your pension which is nothing is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3370] how do you get two how do you get two hundred and one pounds or two hundred and fifteen pounds and what with, because of the term assurance on top.
[3371] That's fourteen pounds a month term assurance.
[3372] ... Quite high I think.
Ann (PS02G) [3373] [sigh] What's term assurance?
[3374] Don't understand that.
Stuart (PS02H) [3375] Term assurance is ... life insurance ... just on life only.
[3376] With no cash sum at the end.
Ann (PS02G) [3377] Well if you died ... you'd be dead.
[3378] Well that's fair enough isn't it?
[3379] You wouldn't want anything else.
Stuart (PS02H) [3380] But er throughout throughout the term of my life ...
Ann (PS02G) [3381] And if you died the [...] would be paid.
Stuart (PS02H) [3382] If I died a lump sum of thirty thousand pounds is payable.
Ann (PS02G) [3383] That's it, you'd pay [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3384] But I think fourteen pounds a month is quite high.
[3385] ... Term assurance.
[3386] I'm tempted, I'm I'm I'm tempted to have a word with Mick. ... [...] ...
Ann (PS02G) [3387] What and arrange your own?
Stuart (PS02H) [3388] Well
Ann (PS02G) [3389] Or he'd just tell you?
Stuart (PS02H) [3390] well I, whether I, I don't know whether he would or whether he wouldn't.
[3391] I mean he might ... he might not but ... then again he might.
[3392] He might if I, if I talk to him he might tell me what sort of ... I don't want to hassle him you see cos I've hassled
Ann (PS02G) [3393] No, that's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3394] him before [...] .
[3395] Not on that sort of thing but other things as well sort of thing and I don't wanna ... I'd like to know.
Ann (PS02G) [3396] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3397] I'd like to know ... before you know
Ann (PS02G) [3398] You've got to get the right deal.
Stuart (PS02H) [3399] Yeah.
[3400] I, I did ... two hundred and one pound a month or two hundred and fift okay it sounds cheap but ... I don't know fourteen pound a month just for li thirty thousand pound life cover over ... suppose it's the
Ann (PS02G) [3401] Yeah but that's not that much a we
Stuart (PS02H) [3402] I suppose it's the term of years.
Ann (PS02G) [3403] It's only three quid a m a week.
Stuart (PS02H) [3404] Yeah but I suppose it's the term of years as well.
[3405] You sort of to sixty five rather than at sixty.
Ann (PS02G) [3406] Well that's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3407] So that probably makes it but I say without having me own book ... to check it I can't
Ann (PS02G) [3408] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3409] I can't tell you.
[3410] You see you can, you get a lot, you can get tax relief off that or you used to be able to get tax relief.
Ann (PS02G) [3411] Well he said you could get tax relief on the whole lot.
Stuart (PS02H) [3412] On the whole lot, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3413] That's what he said.
[3414] At twenty five percent.
Stuart (PS02H) [3415] At twenty five percent.
[3416] I think you still, I'm not sure whether they've changed the law round or not cos they
Ann (PS02G) [3417] Well that's what he said didn't he?
Stuart (PS02H) [3418] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3419] Er you'd be handy for a a tax relief on the whole lot rather than just
Stuart (PS02H) [3420] Yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [3421] part of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3422] Cos that [...] you see if you, if you, if you could link up ... life assurance to your pension ... you could get tax relief on your life assurance you see?
Ann (PS02G) [3423] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3424] Which makes it advantageous ... because there's no tax relief on life policies now as there was
Stuart (PS02H) [3425] There used to be, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3426] There used to be but there is no
Ann (PS02G) [3427] But they stopped it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3428] there is, they stopped it.
[3429] There isn't any more.
Ann (PS02G) [3430] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3431] No, I'm sort of I think he confused himself as well as confusing me slightly [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3432] Yeah be because you ... you confused him.
Stuart (PS02H) [3433] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3434] Because you knew.
Stuart (PS02H) [3435] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3436] Rather than somebody as I say like me who sat down there and he'd just quote all these figures and you wouldn't know what the hell he was on about and just, all you, all I would understand at the end is ... that's what you gotta pay.
Stuart (PS02H) [3437] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3438] [laugh] Which is what most people that go in there
Stuart (PS02H) [3439] Are interested in.
Ann (PS02G) [3440] Well they wouldn't understand all the rest.
[3441] This plan, that plan, the other plan.
[3442] They only know well ... you either have this option paying this amount, that option paying that amount or that option paying that amount and which one do you want to have.
Stuart (PS02H) [3443] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3444] And and you don't understand any of the rest of it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3445] No.
[3446] No.
Ann (PS02G) [3447] You just sit there mm yeah mm no mm ... well that's the cheapest, that's the dearest and ... and take their [laughing] advice which ones the best for you and have it [] .
[3448] And that's er that's all normal ... people who don't understand any of it ... that's the way they'd go about it isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3449] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3450] You'd just accept whatever was ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3451] See the other thing, I don't know ... well no I'm not sure you can now.
[3452] ... See if I took a pension ... mortgage out it would be linked to me ... lumped into me current ... pension contract.
[3453] Cos I've already got a pension ... scheme running.
[3454] ... Cos I've contracted out of SERPS.
[3455] ... And also got ... erm ... erm what used to be called [...] seventy seven.
Ann (PS02G) [3456] [laugh] Yes Stuart.
Stuart (PS02H) [3457] Erm ... a frozen pension with the Pru
Ann (PS02G) [3458] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3459] linked in with it ... at the moment.
[3460] That's that's that's my pension arrangements at the moment.
Ann (PS02G) [3461] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3462] Mm so ... I'm tempted ... er if I'm gonna do a pension [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3463] I tell you what you wa who you wanna go and see.
[3464] Who I saw when I bought the house ... at er thing.
[3465] Now he was, I know he blinded me with science but he wa , he was really very good and he had his computer there and he went through all these different societies and plans.
Stuart (PS02H) [3466] Well that's what he's done.
[3467] You see that's what he's done.
Ann (PS02G) [3468] No but he had I mean he had a screen and er
Stuart (PS02H) [3469] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3470] and that was ... that's along near Maxie's near the post office but it's a ...
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3471] Yeah, I saw him.
Stuart (PS02H) [3472] Oh the erm the Scots chap?
[3473] Er what's his name?
Ann (PS02G) [3474] Oh and he was smashing.
[3475] And he explained it all to me.
Stuart (PS02H) [3476] Oh ... I can't think of his name now.
[3477] I I I have had dealings with him.
Ann (PS02G) [3478] He he explained it all.
Stuart (PS02H) [3479] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3480] And although there was all these figures and er ... and he explained ... what was best, I mean he was purely a financial ... I mean he he ... as he said when we went in cos ... it doesn't make no difference, I I I'm not ... attached to anything.
[3481] I'm here to
Stuart (PS02H) [3482] No.
[3483] But nor's he.
Ann (PS02G) [3484] I am here to give you advice.
Stuart (PS02H) [3485] That's it.
Ann (PS02G) [3486] And that's it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3487] Independent financial advice.
Ann (PS02G) [3488] And ... and therefore I'm not here to sell you this or that.
[3489] I'm here purely to find out, you want to buy this council house ... and and and I'm here purely to find out your circumstances and and what would be the best deal for you.
Stuart (PS02H) [3490] That's right.
Ann (PS02G) [3491] And he went, I mean I was there ... for blooming ages.
[3492] And he went through everything ... till he found out ... and it wa I didn't have the abs the absolute cheapest one.
[3493] Cos he didn't think that was a ... because Steven was disabled and that as well and on my money and one thing and another
Stuart (PS02H) [3494] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3495] and ... and one thing and another but er ... it ... I mean mi mine ended up with the Bradford and Bingley, I mean
Stuart (PS02H) [3496] Yeah well they're agents for Bradley, Bradford and Bingley [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3497] Yeah I know but he did say that even though agents I'm not giving you this and then he showed me all the things you know to sort of prove that he was doing it.
[3498] But that's wh oh yeah that's who I had.
Stuart (PS02H) [3499] Yeah.
[3500] It doesn't matter what building society you go to.
Ann (PS02G) [3501] No well that's what he said, it doesn't but I mean ... he went through all these and insurance companies and because of my ... kidney being removed ... I had to pay, I had to pay higher even though I didn't have to have a bloody medical but I had to pay high because of my ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3502] Yeah.
[3503] Medical condition.
Ann (PS02G) [3504] because I'd had medical Yeah it was cos I'd had all these operations.
[3505] You know you had to put how many operations have you had in the last ten years and ... have are you er receiving any treatment and all that bloody blah blah blah.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3506] And so mine, mine was higher
Stuart (PS02H) [3507] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3508] than er than other peoples which is why he went to all these bloody quotes.
Stuart (PS02H) [3509] See the thing ... yeah.
[3510] As I say the thing, the thing is as I say it's you you your mor
Ann (PS02G) [3511] He sorted it all out.
[3512] But he was really good.
Stuart (PS02H) [3513] Yeah.
[3514] Your mortgage, it doesn't matter who your mortgage is with, basically.
[3515] I mean you can go to most places and
Ann (PS02G) [3516] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3517] you're gonna be paying
Ann (PS02G) [3518] But when you buy a council house it is slightly different in as much as some ... some of them won't have them.
Stuart (PS02H) [3519] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3520] Then also, he also gave me ... I mean I got hundred percent mortgage which you are allowed on, I mean the law says er ... t ... the chance to buy so therefore you don't have to have a deposit.
[3521] But he also gave me enough to cover all my fees, legal fees.
Stuart (PS02H) [3522] Yeah.
[3523] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3524] So I borrowed over what the house was worth.
[3525] But that was only because ... I'd lived in it for a long time and I got a discount so the house was really
Stuart (PS02H) [3526] Discount.
[3527] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3528] worth more
Stuart (PS02H) [3529] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3530] than what I was paying for it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3531] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3532] Cos I got a discount so er I borrowed another thousand pound
Stuart (PS02H) [3533] To cover your costs.
Ann (PS02G) [3534] to cover all the costs for the survey for Maxie's and ... and this that and the other.
[3535] Which I think come to about eight nine hundred pound.
Stuart (PS02H) [3536] Mm.
[3537] As I say it doesn't matter what building
Ann (PS02G) [3538] Anyway he borrowed all that for me.
Stuart (PS02H) [3539] it doesn't matter what building society you go to, you're gonna be paying basically the same rate.
[3540] Because they're all the same rate.
[3541] The base rate's the same.
[3542] You, okay one place you can get a percent discount ... you might get a percent and a half discount depending on your
Ann (PS02G) [3543] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3544] depending on the building society at the time.
[3545] It's the life policy
Ann (PS02G) [3546] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3547] that makes the difference.
Ann (PS02G) [3548] But to go to somebody like him ... who knew his job
Stuart (PS02H) [3549] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3550] which was his job and and had everything there and he, he patched through to this computer this place and ... different computers that he had.
Stuart (PS02H) [3551] Yeah.
[3552] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3553] And the facility to to get through to.
Stuart (PS02H) [3554] Mm.
[3555] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3556] That he could get all these to find out what he thought was the best policy in in your
Stuart (PS02H) [3557] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3558] as I say because of my health and one thing and another you couldn't just ... and he, and he was really good he was and explained everything to me I say that
Stuart (PS02H) [3559] Can't think of his name now but I know the chap.
[3560] He was a tall chap with glasses. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3561] Mm.
[3562] Yeah.
[3563] Yeah.
[3564] Ever so nice.
Stuart (PS02H) [3565] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3566] He really you know made me feel ... I say I weren't sat there like I was with that fella thinking ... well he don't seem to know what he's saying anyway. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3567] No no.
Ann (PS02G) [3568] Which is what the impression I got about him, he wasn't really sure himself.
Stuart (PS02H) [3569] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3570] But I think that was partly you floored him because you knew.
Stuart (PS02H) [3571] Yeah.
[3572] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3573] He sort of was a bit you got him a bit couldn't say.
[3574] But certainly that man that I went to that time he was very very nice and
Stuart (PS02H) [3575] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3576] then you could see he'd patch into all these different bloody things and
Stuart (PS02H) [3577] Mm mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3578] and and and I ended up with ... er a reasonable ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3579] Was yours an endowment?
[3580] Or just
Ann (PS02G) [3581] It was an endowment.
[3582] Yeah it had to be.
[3583] [...] I dunno why but ... it had to be. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3584] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3585] Well I don't know but that's what
Stuart (PS02H) [3586] When does your mortgage finish then?
Ann (PS02G) [3587] My mortgage?
[3588] I had it in ... eighty one, twenty years so ... another ten years.
Stuart (PS02H) [3589] So in fact there's still an endowment policy on you to cover that mortgage?
Ann (PS02G) [3590] No they were all cancelled weren't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3591] I dunno [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3592] Oh yeah I signed the form. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3593] So your endowment ... policy
Ann (PS02G) [3594] Everything's all
Stuart (PS02H) [3595] Ended.
Ann (PS02G) [3596] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3597] Cancelled.
Ann (PS02G) [3598] Cancelled.
[3599] Stopped.
Stuart (PS02H) [3600] Well what about the money?
Ann (PS02G) [3601] The money was all [...] .
[3602] I don't know.
[3603] I just signed forms to say that I was ... no longer responsible or had any claim on the property or whatever.
[3604] And that was it.
[3605] I didn't have to pay any more and I didn't, and I was passing it over to ... to Steve.
[3606] I don't know what happened.
Stuart (PS02H) [3607] Yeah but what about the [...] The life policy was in your name.
Ann (PS02G) [3608] The whole lot was in ... was it endowment?
[3609] No I dunno, it can't have been can it?
[3610] I don't know.
[3611] No it wasn't it was a ... no it wasn't an endowment.
[3612] I didn't pay.
[3613] I only paid extra insurance.
Stuart (PS02H) [3614] Oh just a straight term p policy like I was
Ann (PS02G) [3615] Yeah because ... yeah because, because of my health.
Stuart (PS02H) [3616] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3617] Yeah.
[3618] That was it.
[3619] Yeah it was [...] ... Yeah.
[3620] Because of my health.
Stuart (PS02H) [3621] It was a term assurance rather than it being an endowment insurance.
[3622] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3623] I couldn't, I don't think he could get the other ... he got that one because of,i in my health you couldn't ... they couldn't say how long
Stuart (PS02H) [3624] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3625] because of my kidney.
[3626] The other kidney could go all blah blah blah and this that and the other.
[3627] Yeah.
[3628] It was just ordinary insurance.
[3629] ... I don't know how much it was.
[3630] ... I don't know.
[3631] I mean I only paid a hundred and sixty pound a month but I mean [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3632] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3633] Then I only borrowed twenty odd thousand cos I got a ... forty odd percent discount off the price of the house anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [3634] Mm. ...
Ann (PS02G) [3635] Twenty two I think it was, something like that.
Stuart (PS02H) [3636] Mm.
[3637] ... You see [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3638] And the rent was thirty six pound ... a week.
[3639] And it ended up I was buying it for less money than what I was paying monthly for rent.
Stuart (PS02H) [3640] Yeah.
[3641] Well you would do.
Ann (PS02G) [3642] So it was all
Stuart (PS02H) [3643] It was worth it.
Ann (PS02G) [3644] Might as well have done it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3645] Mm.
[3646] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3647] So I went into it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3648] Mm.
[3649] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3650] Yeah it ... it worked out hundred and sixty one pound a month, with the insurance.
[3651] So it's alright I mean I paid the whole bloody lot to them, I didn't
Stuart (PS02H) [3652] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3653] sort it all out.
[3654] You don't pay it separate, I didn't.
[3655] I paid to council offices.
Stuart (PS02H) [3656] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3657] And they sorted, they ... forward it I suppose or did whatever they had to do with it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3658] Mm mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3659] Used to pay at the council offices.
[3660] [...] different book.
[3661] ... [...] used to go and pay it.
[3662] Write the cheque out and he'd just take it in.
Stuart (PS02H) [3663] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3664] I could have had it done through the bank but he was always up town anyway so
Stuart (PS02H) [3665] Mm.
[3666] So it didn't make any difference.
Ann (PS02G) [3667] didn't make any difference one way or the other.
Stuart (PS02H) [3668] Mm.
[3669] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3670] So how about you?
[3671] You'd have it done through the bank anyway and I'd just pay you ... weekly I cou might as well rather than monthly [laugh] .
Stuart (PS02H) [3672] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [3673] Save you going to the bank.
[3674] ... Couldn't I?
[3675] Just give you the money you [...] spends.
Stuart (PS02H) [3676] We'll see when we come, when it comes down to it won't we?
[3677] What we could do financially.
[3678] And sort something out then.
Ann (PS02G) [3679] Well of course we will.
[3680] [...] expect you to pay
Stuart (PS02H) [3681] But I cert I I I I I ju I it it just sounds ... you know two hundred pounds a month, just over two hundred pound a month [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3682] Sounds smashing dunnit?
Stuart (PS02H) [3683] Sounds wonderful.
Ann (PS02G) [3684] That's what I said, why doesn't everybody have them? ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3685] Well that's why I can't believe it.
Ann (PS02G) [3686] Well he said go back and ... tomorrow at least and ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3687] And check his figures.
Ann (PS02G) [3688] Mhm.
[3689] If that's right that's the one you want really isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [3690] Well I I I yeah.
[3691] I mean obviously I'd have to pay more ... er for if I want it to ... end at sixty.
Ann (PS02G) [3692] Mm.
[3693] But even then it won't be ... will it be that much?
Stuart (PS02H) [3694] To get [...] to get a higher lump sum.
[3695] To get a higher lump sum.
[3696] But then you see
Ann (PS02G) [3697] Would it be that much more?
Stuart (PS02H) [3698] Shouldn't think so.
Ann (PS02G) [3699] Well exactly.
[3700] So it's gonna
Stuart (PS02H) [3701] You see it's
Ann (PS02G) [3702] be less than a ... want two hundred and eighty.
Stuart (PS02H) [3703] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3704] [...] I said so you might as well have that and have a lump sum and a blooming house and
Stuart (PS02H) [3705] And a pension.
Ann (PS02G) [3706] And a pension.
[3707] That's what I mean.
[3708] Might as well have your pension.
[3709] [...] when you get to sixty.
Stuart (PS02H) [3710] Mm.
[3711] ... Say it's only twenty six years and ... course with a pension see you can increase your contributions.
Ann (PS02G) [3712] Yeah.
[3713] If if you get a better job and what have you you can always
Stuart (PS02H) [3714] Better job or whatever or ... pay rise or whatever you can increase
Ann (PS02G) [3715] Yeah you
Stuart (PS02H) [3716] your contributions into your pension plan
Ann (PS02G) [3717] Exactly, yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [3718] and still, and finish your mortgage earlier.
Ann (PS02G) [3719] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3720] Fifty five.
Ann (PS02G) [3721] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3722] Or fifty.
[3723] Depending on how much you wanna pay.
Ann (PS02G) [3724] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3725] If you wanna pay more into it.
[3726] ... But I still think [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3727] Well see what he comes up with.
Stuart (PS02H) [3728] See what he comes up with, yeah.
[3729] See what he comes up with.
Ann (PS02G) [3730] And certainly ... say ... two hundred and twenty five pound a month it's still worth having.
Stuart (PS02H) [3731] It's cheaper than we're paying now isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [3732] Mm.
[3733] Even if it's two hundred and fifty it ... the same
Stuart (PS02H) [3734] Well you'd still
Ann (PS02G) [3735] you're gonna have a pension and and a home.
Stuart (PS02H) [3736] In a way I'd rather pay the same ... and finish the mortgage earlier.
Ann (PS02G) [3737] Yeah well that's it.
[3738] You could volunteer to pay two hundred and fifty a month couldn't you?
Stuart (PS02H) [3739] And pay a higher pension ... policy.
Ann (PS02G) [3740] Mhm.
[3741] That's what I mean.
Stuart (PS02H) [3742] And then and then you've got the option ... then you've got the further option that if you want to reduce your premiums on your pension ... you can do.
Ann (PS02G) [3743] If anything happened.
[3744] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3745] If anything ... if ... if it does ... You see again and then you see if you're out of a job you see you ... if you happen to be out of a job then you're not eligible for a pension policy.
Ann (PS02G) [3746] What happens then then?
[3747] If you get made redundant?
Stuart (PS02H) [3748] Well.
Ann (PS02G) [3749] And you've already got it.
Stuart (PS02H) [3750] Well, then you have to freeze it.
[3751] See that's that's the oth that's another drawback with the pension.
[3752] Whereas an endowment policy it doesn't matter.
[3753] You you can carry on paying an endowment policy.
[3754] ... So it, you know ... there's pros and cons either way.
Ann (PS02G) [3755] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3756] There's there's er pros and cons in buying either of tho either of the flats.
[3757] ... You see er that's the thing isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [3758] Mhm.
[3759] ... But you've got to make the decision cos I like both of them very much.
Stuart (PS02H) [3760] I do.
Ann (PS02G) [3761] So therefore you have to make the decision which one, if it comes down to it, would you like to live in.
[3762] ... I mean if we could get that one down at ... New Drove what is it, twenty nine?
[3763] ... So that's gonna be, say if you get ... fifteen hundred off it ... it's gonna be twenty eight.
Stuart (PS02H) [3764] Call it, it's thirty thousand isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [3765] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [3766] What is it, twenty nine nine nine five.
[3767] You might as well call it thirty thousand [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3768] Well say you get twenty eight and a half.
[3769] ... You're gonna get it cheaper ... the mor the monthly payment is cheaper.
[3770] ... And then aff and then you could afford to buy some blooming carpets.
[3771] And with the other one you've got to find a deposit which you'd have to pay back. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3772] But you wouldn't have to buy any carpets.
Ann (PS02G) [3773] You wouldn't have to buy the carpets. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3774] And ... you say we'd ... gonna have to have a cooker and a fridge and that aren't you?
Ann (PS02G) [3775] Well a cooker you definitely, a fridge ... say we could perhaps borrow that one of mum's until we could afford one.
[3776] Or pick up a cheap one.
Stuart (PS02H) [3777] Unless ... I say if you knocked him down.
Ann (PS02G) [3778] But a cooker's no problem because I know you can go into the Electricity Board and say ... I'm moving into a new property, I haven't got a cooker ... and they would, you can get them.
[3779] No deposit, just added to your electric bill.
[3780] That's a way to ... because
Stuart (PS02H) [3781] Oh buying it on some sort of
Ann (PS02G) [3782] Oh yeah on er er a financial agreement.
Stuart (PS02H) [3783] Or ... look around and see what there is going in the, in the market.
[3784] And get a sort of
Ann (PS02G) [3785] Second hand one.
Stuart (PS02H) [3786] no percent ... free credit.
Ann (PS02G) [3787] Yeah.
[3788] ... I mean there's no difficulty in getting a cooker.
Stuart (PS02H) [3789] Say if we ... I mean if, if we're paying say ... two hundred pound a month ... on a mortgage
Ann (PS02G) [3790] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [3791] for twenty eight thousand [...] .
[3792] We've got fifty pound a month we can play with and we, to buy
Ann (PS02G) [3793] Well that's it.
[3794] You could
Stuart (PS02H) [3795] to buy a cooker over the ne

12 (Tape 018401)

Ann (PS02G) [3796] I might have one before I go home.
Stuart (PS02H) [3797] Oh.
Shirley (PS02N) [3798] [...] a wine?
Ann (PS02G) [3799] No.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3800] Cup of tea?
Ann (PS02G) [3801] Mm, no ... no.
[3802] I'll have a ... I might have a sliml er bacardi before I go home.
[3803] Just one.
[3804] I
Shirley (PS02N) [3805] You can have a diet coke, bacardi won't hurt you will it?
[3806] It's not fattening.
Ann (PS02G) [3807] Mm it's still extra calories.
[3808] I shall be drinking some tonight no doubt and and eating.
Shirley (PS02N) [3809] What do you want, bitter lemon?
Ann (PS02G) [3810] Yeah please.
Shirley (PS02N) [3811] Ice?
Ann (PS02G) [3812] Yes please.
[3813] ... I shall be partying tomorrow night.
Shirley (PS02N) [3814] Oh are you?
[3815] ... Very nice too.
[3816] ... You alright there?
[3817] ... You alright? ...
Ann (PS02G) [3818] There was ... a a house, a bungalow two doors from Stuart's mum.
[3819] And I popped out to the shop on Sunday the second of November and came back totally and utterly bemused to see them putting a christmas tree up and ... father christmas in the window and fairy lights all over the place.
[3820] On the second of November.
Shirley (PS02N) [3821] Oh well.
[3822] That's a bit late, really.
Ann (PS02G) [3823] I mean wouldn't you be absolutely pig sick of them by the first of December [laughing] never mind christmas [] .
Shirley (PS02N) [3824] [...] year I can remember.
Ann (PS02G) [3825] Good god.
Shirley (PS02N) [3826] [...] it was ... [...] in October.
[3827] Some time by the end of September beginning of October, somewhere round there.
[3828] [...] they've got christmas decorations [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [3829] Oh well I couldn't believe it.
[3830] I come back to Stuart and I said it is the second of November isn't it?
[3831] He said, yeah.
[3832] I said well idiots a couple
Stuart (PS02H) [3833] There you are darling.
Ann (PS02G) [3834] of doors away [laughing] are now putting their christmas
Shirley (PS02N) [3835] [...] mine are you see [...] the first week in December [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [3836] Yeah cos you get fed up of them don't you?
[3837] And they get
Stuart (PS02H) [3838] [...] December really isn't it?
Shirley (PS02N) [3839] Well yes but I mean [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3840] It is for home .
[3841] For a pub is, is fine the beginning of December.
Shirley (PS02N) [3842] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [3843] You don't want, you get sick of looking at them and they're dust traps aren't they?
Shirley (PS02N) [3844] I think christmas should start everywhere in the first week [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3845] Yeah, not not beforehand.
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3846] No.
Shirley (PS02N) [3847] in the shops before then.
[3848] ... Because I mean little kids are seeing father christmas and decorations
Ann (PS02G) [3849] I know.
Shirley (PS02N) [3850] and they think it's christmas.
Ann (PS02G) [3851] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [3852] [...] then they've got to
Stuart (PS02H) [3853] Don't know any other do they?
Shirley (PS02N) [3854] wait and wait and then they get fed up don't they?
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3855] As far as putting them up too early as well I say they get all dusty and you get sick of looking at them.
Shirley (PS02N) [3856] Yeah. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3857] Time a week or so after christmas has come you're you're glad to get them down and out the way.
Shirley (PS02N) [3858] That's right, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [3859] And then it looks bare.
[3860] Then you think oh oh it looks bare [laugh] .
Shirley (PS02N) [3861] Yeah, yeah. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3862] You wouldn't er ...
Ann (PS02G) [3863] Wouldn't what?
Stuart (PS02H) [3864] happen to have er got er [...] ... pound coin or two spare on you?
Ann (PS02G) [3865] I don't think I have any.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3866] No, cos I was gonna pay the butchers which I would have had to have changed a note and you said ... I'll pay.
[3867] All I've got is some coppers for the tin.
[3868] ... So you'll have to change some money up if you ... want
Stuart (PS02H) [3869] Oh.
Ann (PS02G) [3870] See.
Stuart (PS02H) [3871] [cough] [...] money, I've got money but ...
Ann (PS02G) [3872] But I haven't got any darling ... change.
[3873] ... Sorry. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3874] If I ask Shirley nicely she might lend me a couple.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [3875] Ask me nicely what [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3876] Well either that or she'll have to change you a note up.
Stuart (PS02H) [3877] [...] well I don't [...] have a
Ann (PS02G) [3878] He wants to put some pennies in a machine and he hasn't got any. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3879] a little ... investment in your money box, but I haven't got any money to put in it.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [3880] [...] pound coin [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3881] But I have got ... erm what have I got?
Shirley (PS02N) [3882] You want some pound coins which I ain't got.
Stuart (PS02H) [3883] Ah.
[3884] You haven't got any?
[3885] ... Haven't you got any at all?
Shirley (PS02N) [3886] Only what's in the till.
Stuart (PS02H) [3887] Oh dear. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [3888] There you go.
[3889] One two three four five.
Stuart (PS02H) [3890] I'll try and give you some back.
Shirley (PS02N) [3891] Oh do ... do.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3892] But I ... can't guarantee that. ...
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3893] Hallo people.
Grace (PS03R) [3894] Hallo.
[3895] Hallo Stuart.
Stuart (PS02H) [3896] How are you, alright?
Grace (PS03R) [3897] Yes thank you.
Stuart (PS02H) [3898] Jolly good. ... [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3899] How the devil are you?
Grace (PS03R) [3900] Fine.
[3901] How's you?
Shirley (PS02N) [3902] Yeah, probably. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3903] There's you [...] Bob
Bob (PS02S) [3904] [...] pint and a half [...]
Grace (PS03R) [3905] [...] four.
[3906] ... Course she will.
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3907] What, for fourpence?
Grace (PS03R) [3908] Four glasses.
Stuart (PS02H) [3909] How many times [...] that?
[3910] Tuppence on each?
Shirley (PS02N) [3911] Ooh [...] .
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [3912] Take the whole lot. [...]
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Bob (PS02S) [3913] Oh ... well [...] just have to pay for them between us.
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [3914] Shall I give him two straws?
Grace (PS03R) [3915] Yes please.
Ann (PS02G) [3916] [laugh] .
Bob (PS02S) [...]
(PS001) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [3917] I'll have one, I'll have
Bob (PS02S) [3918] We'll share the straw [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3919] [laugh] .
Bob (PS02S) [3920] She's ever so greedy. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [3921] Do you want a quick game of [...] ?
Shirley (PS02N) [3922] Oh!
Grace (PS03R) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3923] [...] Thursdays [...] play it.
[3924] We got a match on Thursdays. [laugh]
Bob (PS02S) [3925] [...] forgot how you do it [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3926] Are we?
Grace (PS03R) [3927] It's been that long since I played that game [...] .
Shirley (PS02N) [3928] Lager for you my dear?
Grace (PS03R) [3929] Yes please.
Ann (PS02G) [3930] Shouldn't have bothered dear.
Shirley (PS02N) [3931] Fifty p ... eh?
Grace (PS03R) [3932] [...] handle?
Shirley (PS02N) [3933] Fifty p ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3934] A little that's not bad [...] fifty p. [...]
Grace (PS03R) [3935] Here, is it easy to lift off, it's not that heavy is it?
Shirley (PS02N) [3936] Pull it towards you.
Grace (PS03R) [3937] Oh.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3938] You see we've got some gentlemen here, they'll do it for you.
Ann (PS02G) [3939] Stuart.
Grace (PS03R) [3940] Oh it's easy.
Ann (PS02G) [3941] It's quite heavy.
[3942] ... No, right away
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [3943] [...] downwards.
Grace (PS03R) [3944] Oh, sorry.
Shirley (PS02N) [3945] Downwards.
[3946] Pull it down.
Stuart (PS02H) [3947] Downwards [...]
Grace (PS03R) [3948] I'm with you.
Shirley (PS02N) [3949] And mind your fingers.
Stuart (PS02H) [3950] That's it.
[3951] Then keep pulling it towards you ... that's it.
Grace (PS03R) [3952] Oh I'm with you.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [3953] There we go.
Grace (PS03R) [3954] Thank you very much.
John (PS02U) [3955] You've done that before.
[3956] That's how he knackered his thumbs.
(PS001) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [3957] You made me look at you, I've overlowed his ... [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [...] ...
John (PS02U) [3958] That's how you buggered your thumbs, weren't it, doing that?
Shirley (PS02N) [3959] I was, I was looking to see that you weren't [...] your fingers and ... [...] dear.
John (PS02U) [...]
(PS001) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [3960] [...] what I was worried about.
John (PS02U) [3961] [...] fifties please, in the change or ... [...] five if you've got them. ...
Grace (PS03R) [3962] Oh, look at all that change.
John (PS02U) [3963] I can give you the total of [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3964] It's alright then, you've got fifty now look.
John (PS02U) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3965] Hi Harry.
Harry (PS02T) [3966] Hello.
[3967] Oh, first time I've been out in years on a Friday.
[3968] Too busy.
[3969] Erm I'll have a
Shirley (PS02N) [3970] Say, it's not Monday already. [laugh]
Harry (PS02T) [3971] Can I have a [...] er I'll have a pint of lager please.
Shirley (PS02N) [3972] Another shock I've had today.
[3973] Three of you came in [...] Friday either.
Harry (PS02T) [3974] No I'm trying to clear the decks before christmas.
Shirley (PS02N) [3975] Oh.
Harry (PS02T) [3976] Three weeks hence.
[3977] ... Another working weekend. ...
None (PS6TB) [...]
Harry (PS02T) [3978] Good.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [3979] Well I thought you'd come cos I very rarely get many people in much before er
John (PS02U) [3980] On the top.
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [3981] [...] .
[3982] Oh.
Ann (PS02G) [3983] If you pull the cord on the light, your light'll come on then you'll be able to see what you're doing.
Shirley (PS02N) [3984] Put the light on [...] .
[3985] Over here, over here .
Ann (PS02G) [3986] This ... the other side.
[3987] There's a little s cord.
Harry (PS02T) [3988] Hello Alan, how are you keeping, alright?
Alan (PS02P) [3989] Fine.
[3990] Yourself?
Harry (PS02T) [3991] Busy busy busy.
Alan (PS02P) [3992] Well, that's your problem.
Grace (PS03R) [3993] [...] find the timer.
Harry (PS02T) [3994] Yeah.
Alan (PS02P) [3995] You will go in for these educational [...]
Grace (PS03R) [3996] The way I play [...] five minutes.
Shirley (PS02N) [3997] Pull it in, she ain't pulled [...]
Ann (PS02G) [3998] You have to pull that, you have to pull the handle out and it don't start.
Shirley (PS02N) [3999] Now then, [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4000] Right let's have a go.
[4001] We'll have a crack at it shall we?
Shirley (PS02N) [4002] [...] then you pull the handle.
Grace (PS03R) [4003] Which one?
[4004] This one?
Shirley (PS02N) [4005] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [4006] That's it.
Shirley (PS02N) [4007] Got it? [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4008] That's it. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4009] That hasn't worked.
Shirley (PS02N) [4010] Hey, [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4011] Er the keys haven't popped up have they?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4012] No, I think you have to put them up yourself.
Stuart (PS02H) [4013] No, surely
Grace (PS03R) [4014] You do.
Stuart (PS02H) [4015] it's not manual is it?
[4016] It's, well it's not digital yet.
Shirley (PS02N) [4017] Yeah, now you're on the timer Grace.
Grace (PS03R) [4018] Now I'm on a timer [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4019] Now you pull the now you the handle.
Grace (PS03R) [4020] Which one?
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4021] Which handle?
Shirley (PS02N) [4022] No, I said now you [...] timer
Grace (PS03R) [4023] Oh now I pull it.
Shirley (PS02N) [4024] So you want a stick.
Ann (PS02G) [4025] You want a st a a cue.
Grace (PS03R) [4026] Yes.
[4027] ... [...] god only knows.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4028] There are shorter ones in the broom cupboard.
Grace (PS03R) [4029] Oh.
John (PS02U) [4030] Oh I don't know about that.
[4031] That's [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
John (PS02U) [4032] Sorry?
Shirley (PS02N) [4033] You don't knock the skittles down.
[4034] That's the idea. ...
John (PS02U) [4035] Ah dear.
Shirley (PS02N) [4036] Now put your ball up on there [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4037] Which one?
[4038] Oh [...] white ones?
Shirley (PS02N) [4039] Yeah.
Grace (PS03R) [4040] And where do I go for on there?
John (PS02U) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4041] You don't.
[4042] You missed.
John (PS02U) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4043] Now the red ball counts double.
Grace (PS03R) [4044] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4045] And here's your scores look.
Grace (PS03R) [4046] Right.
[4047] I'm with you.
Shirley (PS02N) [4048] That's fifty.
Grace (PS03R) [4049] Ah
Stuart (PS02H) [4050] How do you play this?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4051] Oh ... dear.
[4052] ... [...] while I've got a minute.
Stuart (PS02H) [4053] Oooh.
Shirley (PS02N) [4054] Keep your score in your mind cos I'm not sure of it.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4055] Well you've got [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4056] You got [...] and one and one, which one do you get this one?
John (PS02U) [4057] Ah it doesn't matter, we're losing pet.
Grace (PS03R) [4058] Oh don't cheat.
Shirley (PS02N) [4059] That's a foul.
[4060] She gets a hundred.
Grace (PS03R) [4061] Oh!
Shirley (PS02N) [4062] Left the table.
Grace (PS03R) [4063] Go on then.
John (PS02U) [4064] What do you mean, left the table?
[4065] It didn't.
Shirley (PS02N) [4066] Well it went up in the air.
Harry (PS02T) [4067] It hit the back doors
John (PS02U) [4068] Doesn't matter.
Harry (PS02T) [4069] that's a [...] to her.
Shirley (PS02N) [4070] Yes it does.
[4071] She gets a hundred.
Harry (PS02T) [4072] Oh, hundred away.
[4073] Hundred away.
John (PS02U) [4074] I lose my score obviously?
(PS001) [4075] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4076] No you lose the score you've got but she gets a hundred.
John (PS02U) [4077] Yeah well it saves me counting, don't it?
Harry (PS02T) [4078] Hit the ball you can see without knocking th , without knocking the other skittle Grace.
[4079] Just keep it at that.
Stuart (PS02H) [4080] She's played this game before, look.
(PS001) [4081] Oh!
Grace (PS03R) [4082] Dear oh dear.
Stuart (PS02H) [4083] Not quite hard enough Grace.
[4084] If that had been a bit harder then
Shirley (PS02N) [4085] Well put your hundred up.
Grace (PS03R) [4086] Oh what did I do?
[4087] Oh me hundred.
[4088] Which is mine, bottom or top?
Shirley (PS02N) [4089] And what did you get just now?
Grace (PS03R) [4090] Hundred.
Shirley (PS02N) [4091] Well you can be top or bottom.
Grace (PS03R) [4092] Yeah, I'm bottom.
Shirley (PS02N) [4093] Did you get any score just now?
Stuart (PS02H) [4094] Yes.
Shirley (PS02N) [4095] What did you get?
Grace (PS03R) [4096] Don't think so.
[4097] ... [...] nothing went down did it?
Stuart (PS02H) [4098] Yeah it did, it went down ooh
Grace (PS03R) [4099] What was it?
Stuart (PS02H) [4100] Er twenty odd weren't it?
[4101] Thirty odd, I dunno.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4102] Call it twenty.
Grace (PS03R) [4103] Ten here, this side and a hundred up there. [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4104] No you wanna be both on the same line, okay?
Grace (PS03R) [4105] Well that's what I mean.
[4106] Ten ... then there
Stuart (PS02H) [4107] Yeah.
Grace (PS03R) [4108] and a hundred there?
Stuart (PS02H) [4109] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4110] That's it.
None (PS6TB) [4111] Thirty.
[4112] Is that right?
Grace (PS03R) [4113] I think I ought [...] Steve Davis.
Shirley (PS02N) [4114] Yeah, put a bit of chalk on the end. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [4115] Ooh dear.
Grace (PS03R) [4116] [...] score mister.
Stuart (PS02H) [4117] [...] thirty forty ... forty and twenty ... sixty.
Shirley (PS02N) [4118] Sixty.
[4119] ... [...] ten.
Stuart (PS02H) [4120] [...] hundred and ten.
John (PS02U) [4121] [...] for you Grace then [...] .
(PS001) [laugh] ...
John (PS02U) [4122] He's getting too cocky.
[4123] Getting too cocky, [...] .
Shirley (PS02N) [4124] She's played it before.
Grace (PS03R) [4125] [...] not a lot more than me [...] .
[4126] ... [...] played it about once [...] .
Shirley (PS02N) [4127] Two hundred. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4128] [...] encourages me to make a comeback. ...
(PS001) [4129] Ooh!
John (PS02U) [4130] That's the last thing I wanted.
Shirley (PS02N) [4131] Two eighty. ...
John (PS02U) [4132] Two eighty to play for Al.
[4133] [laugh] Just to let you know. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4134] A good player could be out of this easy.
John (PS02U) [4135] Easy.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
John (PS02U) [4136] I could actually.
[4137] I've seen so many people do it.
None (PS6TB) [4138] Ooh.
Shirley (PS02N) [4139] Oh dear.
Stuart (PS02H) [4140] Oh dear.
Shirley (PS02N) [4141] She gets another hundred.
Grace (PS03R) [4142] Mm.
[4143] I like them like that. [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
John (PS02U) [4144] Oh sorry.
Terry (PS02R) [4145] You can win this Grace. [laugh] .
Grace (PS03R) [4146] I doubt it, I doubt it.
Stuart (PS02H) [4147] Red, red ball Grace.
Shirley (PS02N) [4148] Where are you, on the bottom Grace?
Grace (PS03R) [4149] Oh sorry.
Stuart (PS02H) [4150] Red ball.
Grace (PS03R) [4151] A red one?
[4152] Oh you've got to put the red one up near this?
Shirley (PS02N) [4153] Well yeah, I mean there's ... there's no fast rule about having the red one but it scores you double.
Terry (PS02R) [4154] Shirley ... give her give her a little bit of coaching on the angles and things [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4155] Well I wouldn't know Terry.
[4156] You know me.
Grace (PS03R) [4157] Neither do I.
Shirley (PS02N) [4158] So he's got a hundred now.
Grace (PS03R) [4159] Oh why?
Shirley (PS02N) [4160] [...] didn't hit the ball.
Grace (PS03R) [4161] Ah
Terry (PS02R) [4162] Next time round.
Grace (PS03R) [4163] I didn't know.
[4164] Ah.
[4165] I see.
[4166] You've got to go for a ball that's on the table.
Shirley (PS02N) [4167] You've got to hit a ball.
Stuart (PS02H) [4168] Oh.
Grace (PS03R) [4169] Right.
(PS001) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4170] So have I, so I've lost that hundred he gave me?
John (PS02U) [4171] I went to have a go last time and missed it.
Grace (PS03R) [4172] Oh.
[4173] [...] red ball [...] .
[4174] If the red ball goes down the edge of the white ball?
None (PS6TB) [4175] Oh no no no no.
[4176] You have to you you have to make contact
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4177] to ...
Alan (PS02P) [4178] As long as you make contact you're okay.
Grace (PS03R) [4179] Right.
Terry (PS02R) [4180] Alan's got problems.
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Alan (PS02P) [4181] No, I shouldn't have problems.
[4182] I just dropped that silly shot and cocked it didn't I?
Shirley (PS02N) [4183] [...] yeah.
[4184] So you don't go there again.
Terry (PS02R) [4185] It's a second chance.
Alan (PS02P) [4186] No that's ... I can't remember where I went after this.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4187] And the timer's going.
Terry (PS02R) [4188] Yes, come on.
[4189] Don't talk about it, play it.
[4190] Time.
Stuart (PS02H) [4191] It's gonna be crucial at the end of the game.
(PS001) [4192] [laugh] Oh. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4193] Red ball on the spot, Grace.
Shirley (PS02N) [4194] And your white
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4195] And the white, white on the ... that's it.
Grace (PS03R) [4196] There?
Shirley (PS02N) [4197] You've got to start again cos [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4198] Yes.
[4199] So I've got to hit this red?
Shirley (PS02N) [4200] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [4201] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4202] Just split that ... nice and soft, not too hard. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [4203] Perfect.
(PS001) [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4204] Oh you've definitely played this before. ...
Grace (PS03R) [4205] Oh I see.
[4206] Now I've got to [...] this one?
None (PS6TB) [4207] You could tell that one
Shirley (PS02N) [...] [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4208] Nice and soft. ...
(PS001) [4209] Oh! [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4210] Oh you didn't [...] of it Grace.
Alan (PS02P) [4211] Another goes down.
[4212] Do we get any chalk?
Shirley (PS02N) [4213] Yeah look.
Alan (PS02P) [4214] For that fifty pence.
Grace (PS03R) [4215] It's in the corner look.
Alan (PS02P) [4216] Oh.
(PS001) [laugh] ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4217] Er Trish and Ron lost on Tuesday.
Terry (PS02R) [4218] Oh, weep weep.
[4219] I weep.
[4220] How badly?
Shirley (PS02N) [4221] Yeah I just thought I'd tell you.
Terry (PS02R) [4222] How badly?
[4223] ... Absolute zilch.
[4224] Oh.
[4225] Who was at ... who was at fault?
Shirley (PS02N) [4226] Pardon?
Terry (PS02R) [4227] Who was at fault?
Stuart (PS02H) [4228] What's that, ten?
[4229] ... Pardon?
Shirley (PS02N) [4230] She skittled at the last.
Terry (PS02R) [4231] Did she?
[4232] Oh.
[4233] Was that ten, yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4234] Ten.
Stuart (PS02H) [4235] Seven.
[4236] Seven.
Terry (PS02R) [4237] Mm?
Stuart (PS02H) [4238] Seven.
Shirley (PS02N) [4239] Cos your red ball went down it counts double. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4240] I thought a red ball was thirty? [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4241] [...] Well if it, it it, down which?
[4242] If it goes down a thirty hole, it'll be sixty won't it cos it's double score.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4243] Did er Trish play the table? ... [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4244] Oh.
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4245] You know Trish!
Terry (PS02R) [4246] Well table first, Ron second.
(PS001) [laugh]
Alan (PS02P) [4247] Oh got a [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4248] It's a gentle [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4249] I bet we have to buy the I bet we have to buy the umpire a drink at the end.
Shirley (PS02N) [4250] You damn well do.
(PS001) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4251] How did you guess? [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4252] [...] Shirley.
[4253] What, table first Ron second, or?
Shirley (PS02N) [4254] Erm ... it it's a ... silly table
Grace (PS03R) [4255] Red's gone down.
[4256] [...] oh.
Shirley (PS02N) [4257] Sixty.
None (PS6TB) [4258] Yeah but look at where the weight is though darling.
Shirley (PS02N) [4259] So you've got to hit that white one.
Alan (PS02P) [4260] You have to hit the white one now.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4261] Shirley.
[4262] If it was a silly table?
Shirley (PS02N) [4263] Even if it's a stupid table, hang on ...
Grace (PS03R) [4264] Dead right down [...]
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4265] [...] didn't tell Lee.
[4266] She didn't say to me.,
Shirley (PS02N) [4267] You've got to go to one side Grace.
Grace (PS03R) [4268] One side?
Shirley (PS02N) [4269] Yeah.
Grace (PS03R) [4270] Oh. ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4271] Definitely not.
[4272] Not there.
[4273] Definitely not there.
Terry (PS02R) [4274] Let's get serious Grace.
Grace (PS03R) [4275] [...] me, cos I haven't got me glasses on.
Shirley (PS02N) [4276] You know how she You know how [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4277] That's it.
[4278] If that was [...] it would have been ... what do they call it?
[4279] Take it again foul shot.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4280] You know how they're always shouting at me because I hit them too hard?
Terry (PS02R) [4281] Mm.
Shirley (PS02N) [4282] That was the only way.
Terry (PS02R) [4283] Oh what ... yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4284] If you did that ... you you'd get nothing.
[4285] Like that.
[4286] Absolute nothing.
None (PS6TB) [4287] There's a red yours darling.
Shirley (PS02N) [4288] So slow.
Terry (PS02R) [4289] Did John turn out?
Shirley (PS02N) [4290] No.
Terry (PS02R) [4291] [laughing] Thank god for that [] .
Shirley (PS02N) [4292] No it was so slow.
[4293] The only way we
Terry (PS02R) [4294] Like sort of ploughing through a field or erm yeah
Shirley (PS02N) [4295] The only way to get a score was to hammer it.
Terry (PS02R) [4296] Oh.
[4297] That one wasn't bad actually Grace.
Stuart (PS02H) [4298] Who was that you played?
Grace (PS03R) [4299] But it didn't go through.
Shirley (PS02N) [4300] Tartan.
Stuart (PS02H) [4301] Oh. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4302] [...] say if you did it slow
Stuart (PS02H) [4303] Mm.
Shirley (PS02N) [4304] it, you know?
Stuart (PS02H) [4305] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [4306] And you'll have to take time to do [...] Terry [...] .
Alan (PS02P) [4307] What was that?
[4308] Twenty?
Shirley (PS02N) [4309] I dunno.
Grace (PS03R) [4310] [...] about you putting your score up because I [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4311] Well I'll say twenty.
[4312] Harold said twenty.
[4313] Alan old score twenty [...]
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4314] How do you get twenty for that one when it went in that hole?
Alan (PS02P) [4315] Argue with Shirley not me.
[4316] ... Shirley said twenty, that's good enough for me. ...
None (PS6TB) [4317] Er five.
None (PS6TB) [4318] Six.
None (PS6TB) [4319] Alright then we'll compromise. [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4320] Is it?
None (PS6TB) [4321] Yeah [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4322] Mm?
[4323] Oh well they're uncivilized aren't they?
Terry (PS02R) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4324] Oh!
None (PS6TB) [4325] Six.
[4326] ... Six.
[4327] Not too hard Grace and just keep on potting them down.
Grace (PS03R) [4328] Oh well I'll try.
Alan (PS02P) [4329] Which is mine?
[4330] Do you know?
None (PS6TB) [4331] Top.
[4332] You're the top.
Alan (PS02P) [4333] Top.
(PS001) [4334] Ooh. [...]
None (PS6TB) [4335] Ooh darling.
[4336] You've missed that ... Six on here?
Stuart (PS02H) [4337] No.
[4338] No no no no no no, no.
[4339] On the the other one.
Ann (PS02G) [4340] Six on the other one.
Stuart (PS02H) [4341] No, on the tens.
Ann (PS02G) [4342] On the tens.
Stuart (PS02H) [4343] Six sixty.
Ann (PS02G) [4344] Sixty you got, you [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4345] That's it. ...
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4346] Cheat ... you'd have to be cheating [...] or they wouldn't
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4347] Well it can't be six hundred odd can it?
Shirley (PS02N) [4348] Well you can.
Grace (PS03R) [4349] My god, what's ...
(PS001) [4350] Ah!
[4351] Ooh!
None (PS6TB) [4352] Well you bollocksed you ... bollocksed that didn't you?
(PS001) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4353] No. [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4354] Gently.
[4355] ... Soft. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4356] Bit harder. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4357] A little bit harder.
Shirley (PS02N) [4358] [...] .
[4359] Just a little bit.
[4360] [...] over there now.
Grace (PS03R) [4361] Yeah [...] Okay.
Stuart (PS02H) [4362] Right hand side of the red. ... [...]
None (PS6TB) [4363] Yes the touch has come. [music in background]
Stuart (PS02H) [4364] [...] Grace.
Shirley (PS02N) [4365] Just a little bit harder. ...
Grace (PS03R) [4366] Oh ooh.
(PS001) [4367] Ooh. [...]
None (PS6TB) [4368] Oh wonderful shot.
Grace (PS03R) [4369] Was that good or bad?
Shirley (PS02N) [4370] Six seven, you got two hundred just then.
[4371] [...] two seventy.
Alan (PS02P) [4372] That one was worth two hundred.
[4373] Yeah, two hundred and
Shirley (PS02N) [4374] Seventy.
Alan (PS02P) [4375] The white in, er white one in there as well didn't she?
Shirley (PS02N) [4376] Yeah I counted that.
Alan (PS02P) [4377] Oh.
None (PS6TB) [laugh]
Alan (PS02P) [4378] Don't rob me.
Terry (PS02R) [4379] Now take it easy.
[4380] Don't get panicky.
(PS001) [4381] Oh!
John (PS02U) [4382] You [...] score darling.
Grace (PS03R) [4383] Do I?
Shirley (PS02N) [4384] Oh [laugh]
John (PS02U) [4385] That's scored.
Grace (PS03R) [4386] Right.
Shirley (PS02N) [4387] I'll turn that down a bit. ... [...] ...
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4388] Yeah, please. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [4389] What did you think about them?
Ann (PS02G) [4390] [...] don't leave me to [...] .
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4391] [...] go and get another pint.
[4392] I'll erm [...] at the same time alright?
(PS001) [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4393] Every time if you miss a shot ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4394] Yeah.
Alan (PS02P) [4395] totally [...] every time [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4396] Put the white one down the red [...] .
[4397] Did anybody count [...] .
Alan (PS02P) [4398] Six.
[4399] Six.
Ann (PS02G) [4400] Yeah I'm gonna beat [...] I think.
[4401] And then five card ... nine card brag afterwards.
Stuart (PS02H) [4402] Do you think so?
Ann (PS02G) [4403] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [4404] Huh!
[4405] What makes you so confident? ...
Ann (PS02G) [4406] Just feeling lucky.
[4407] ... What?
[4408] ... What's the matter? ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4409] What's happened to your twenty three P?
Stuart (PS02H) [4410] Oh.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4411] And ... and a bit of loose change as well.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4412] Tell me about it.
Stuart (PS02H) [4413] Oh not now [...] Shirl.
[4414] Later dear, later.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4415] Er ... twenty five.
None (PS6TB) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4416] Did you?
Shirley (PS02N) [4417] No, see you can pull them across here look
Ann (PS02G) [4418] Have you had your twenty three P?
[4419] Or have you g paid your twenty three P?
Shirley (PS02N) [4420] Hey!
[4421] Not yet.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4422] We had an excuse.
[4423] We're, we're on holiday so
Shirley (PS02N) [4424] Oh well, [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4425] Yeah .
[4426] It's an excuse innit?
Shirley (PS02N) [4427] I've got an excuse [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4428] Twist to the right hand side of the ... red.
[4429] That's it.
[4430] Not far enough.
Shirley (PS02N) [4431] You're hitting it too hard Grace.
Terry (PS02R) [4432] But there again you're getting about ten
Grace (PS03R) [4433] Do I have to use the red one all the time?
None (PS6TB) [4434] Well ... the red's beneficial.
Shirley (PS02N) [4435] You you you don't, you don't have to.
Grace (PS03R) [4436] Oh I see.
Shirley (PS02N) [4437] But it's double score.
Grace (PS03R) [4438] I see.
None (PS6TB) [4439] Beneficial. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4440] So if you sort of went ... and it should
John (PS02U) [4441] Who's in front actually?
Shirley (PS02N) [4442] Grace.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4443] Ooh!
[4444] What an excellent shot.
Grace (PS03R) [4445] Erm yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4446] Doesn't help you though. [laugh]
Grace (PS03R) [4447] Bloody hell
Shirley (PS02N) [4448] It doesn't help your ... score. [...] ...
Terry (PS02R) [4449] Well there's two up there so [...] because she can only get one. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4450] Been conning me.
Grace (PS03R) [4451] What do you mean, been conning you?
Stuart (PS02H) [4452] Oh the red's in play as well is it?
Grace (PS03R) [4453] Mm it is. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [4454] She's playing for time now you see.
Grace (PS03R) [4455] Yes.
Stuart (PS02H) [4456] [...] playing for time again. ...
None (PS6TB) [4457] Whoa!
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [4458] You're in the lead. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [4459] Whoops-a-daisy.
Terry (PS02R) [4460] Whenever you do that Grace it means a non score.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4461] [...] just rub it in Al, I'm sorry.
Grace (PS03R) [4462] Lampposts I call them, what do you call them?
Alan (PS02P) [4463] I see us coming second.
Ann (PS02G) [4464] Skittles.
None (PS6TB) [4465] All you've gotta do is roll up and you've won.
Shirley (PS02N) [4466] Yeah you don't have to even ... put it anywhere.
None (PS6TB) [4467] Beg your pardon?
Terry (PS02R) [4468] Good shot.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4469] He's gotta do all the [...]
None (PS6TB) [4470] It's gone up now hasn't it, the
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4471] No.
[4472] [...] balls are still coming down. [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4473] Harold's gotta do all the work now. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4474] I don't ... well he could catch up.
Stuart (PS02H) [4475] He could.
Grace (PS03R) [4476] Er he had more [...] .
[4477] Lot more [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4478] If you, if you don't knock a skittle down, Grace, you've won.
Grace (PS03R) [4479] Oh.
Terry (PS02R) [4480] Basically. ...
Grace (PS03R) [...]
(PS001) [4481] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [4482] Go for what you can see Grace.
Grace (PS03R) [4483] That's what I'm going [...]
(PS001) [...] [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4484] You can have a game.
Stuart (PS02H) [4485] That red's a good [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4486] Not tonight.
Stuart (PS02H) [4487] good [...] .
Shirley (PS02N) [4488] Oh yes.
Ann (PS02G) [4489] When it's quiet. [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4490] No no no.
Grace (PS03R) [4491] Foul shot. ... [...]
None (PS6TB) [4492] I never saw that.
Stuart (PS02H) [4493] No, take it again Grace.
Grace (PS03R) [4494] You sure?
None (PS6TB) [4495] I never saw that.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4496] Cheat.
Stuart (PS02H) [4497] We weren't looking at the time. ...
John (PS02U) [4498] Two hundred now.
(PS001) [laugh] ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4499] Not when he's told me he was playing on somebody else's table and not gonna have a game.
[4500] I'm not having that.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [4501] Oh so vicious
Ann (PS02G) [4502] Oh.
None (PS6TB) [4503] so hard, so strong, so powerful.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4504] Foul shot.
None (PS6TB) [4505] Missed.
(PS001) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4506] Don't do too many of them
None (PS6TB) [4507] No good.
Shirley (PS02N) [4508] don't do too many of them [...]
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4509] he'll he'll catch up if you do [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4510] I know.
Stuart (PS02H) [4511] Pardon me.
John (PS02U) [4512] Five out. ...
None (PS6TB) [4513] Oh I [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4514] Look at that red one on there?
Shirley (PS02N) [4515] Yeah.
Grace (PS03R) [4516] That's not on is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [4517] Mm.
Shirley (PS02N) [4518] It's not touching either so you can play it. [laugh]
Alan (PS02P) [4519] [...] Keep away from it Grace.
[4520] Miss a shot.
(PS001) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4521] So what do you do now there's no balls on the table?
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
John (PS02U) [4522] Pray.
Grace (PS03R) [4523] [laugh] Pray!
Alan (PS02P) [4524] I'm going for easy shots [...] . ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4525] That's seven anyway. [laugh] ...
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4526] This one?
[4527] ... Oh no there's one in here.
None (PS6TB) [4528] There's one in here, so ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4529] Yeah we were [...] and I didn't know how to go for this fifty one on the [...] .
[4530] ... Or I didn't know where to go next.
Grace (PS03R) [4531] Have to have a red [...]
None (PS6TB) [4532] Nearest.
John (PS02U) [4533] No, oh the red's
Shirley (PS02N) [4534] There was Tony here like this ... [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4535] He was supposed to be scoring.
[4536] Not supposed to coach from the sidelines
Stuart (PS02H) [4537] No.
Shirley (PS02N) [4538] and there was him with his finger hanging over the side. ...
Grace (PS03R) [4539] Oh.
None (PS6TB) [4540] [...] white up there.
[4541] [...] other two whites. [...]
None (PS6TB) [4542] Oh dear.
Shirley (PS02N) [4543] Did you get this one? ...
Grace (PS03R) [4544] [...] count it?
Terry (PS02R) [4545] No.
(PS001) [4546] Ooh.
Grace (PS03R) [4547] How did you hit that one first?
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4548] Grace.
[4549] You haven't played a single ball off our cushion yet have you?
Grace (PS03R) [4550] No.
[4551] I'm not that good.
Terry (PS02R) [4552] Just try it.
[4553] Yeah just try it.
Grace (PS03R) [4554] I'll try, I will though , yeah.
Terry (PS02R) [4555] [...] at the top there.
[4556] It's so easy.
[4557] Don't lose your position and you've won the game.
[4558] ... Have a crack at it [...]
Alan (PS02P) [4559] Shut up.
(PS001) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [4560] If you don't think you can get one just [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4561] I will go for, try for that one though [...]
None (PS6TB) [4562] Sh Shirley.
[4563] Oh sorry, I'm interrupting, I'm interrupting. [...]
John (PS02U) [4564] What did you say pet?
None (PS6TB) [4565] That's the one. ...
Grace (PS03R) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4566] Just take the bloody ball.
[4567] You won it.
Grace (PS03R) [4568] Well I hit the ball
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4569] [...] you're winning.
Shirley (PS02N) [4570] The gate's on now.
(PS001) [4571] Ah.
Grace (PS03R) [4572] Ah. [...] .
None (PS6TB) [4573] Ah.
Grace (PS03R) [4574] That's it now.
[4575] Points for points there, [...] .
None (PS6TB) [4576] He's he's he's ... he's lost it there.
[4577] He's [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4578] Erm ... can I take any?
Shirley (PS02N) [4579] Erm
Grace (PS03R) [4580] Or not?
Stuart (PS02H) [4581] Nearest nearest white.
Shirley (PS02N) [4582] Yeah, the nearest white [...] .
Grace (PS03R) [4583] Yeah.
Terry (PS02R) [4584] His nerve's gone Grace.
[4585] You've won it.
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4586] Just keep your head.
Alan (PS02P) [4587] Not necessarily.
Terry (PS02R) [4588] Or something.
[4589] ... Just hit the ball.
[4590] [laugh] That's the way, that's the way.
None (PS6TB) [4591] [...] for a chance.
Shirley (PS02N) [4592] You'll count it though won't you because
None (PS6TB) [4593] Oh I've counted it.
Grace (PS03R) [4594] Are you counting?
[4595] Are you counting somebody?
Stuart (PS02H) [4596] The nearest, the nearest white.
None (PS6TB) [4597] Twenty.
None (PS6TB) [4598] Thirty.
(PS001) [laugh]
John (PS02U) [4599] Forty.
[4600] Forty will do.
Stuart (PS02H) [4601] Just roll up to that one Grace.
Terry (PS02R) [4602] Just hit the ball.
Stuart (PS02H) [4603] No no no no the one you can see.
Terry (PS02R) [4604] Softly.
Stuart (PS02H) [4605] That's it.
None (PS6TB) [4606] Do you ever feel as though you're being ganged up on?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4607] Not too hard.
[4608] Just roll up
Grace (PS03R) [4609] No.
Terry (PS02R) [4610] [...] two go down.
None (PS6TB) [4611] That'll do.
None (PS6TB) [4612] Ooh.
Grace (PS03R) [4613] No.
None (PS6TB) [4614] That'll do.
[4615] Now the nearest, the nearest one.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4616] The nearest one.
[4617] Which is that one?
[4618] That's it.
Grace (PS03R) [4619] I want thirty?
None (PS6TB) [4620] I was playing for that [...] .
Terry (PS02R) [4621] Ooh you set them up beautifully Grace.
[4622] Look at that.
Grace (PS03R) [4623] How do you do thirty on here?
Shirley (PS02N) [4624] Well count, how many
None (PS6TB) [4625] Three on the bottom.
[4626] ... Well that one, which, which are you there?
Grace (PS03R) [4627] I'm on [...]
None (PS6TB) [4628] That one?
[4629] Well go there ... go to there.
[4630] And that one will
Shirley (PS02N) [4631] And a hundred.
None (PS6TB) [4632] to there.
Grace (PS03R) [4633] Where?
Shirley (PS02N) [4634] Another hundred.
Stuart (PS02H) [4635] The other way, that's it.
Grace (PS03R) [4636] Oh.
Stuart (PS02H) [4637] That's it.
None (PS6TB) [4638] Som someone hasn't got their specs on tonight.
Grace (PS03R) [4639] [...] thirty to me [...] you know what you've got [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4640] Yeah but you got thirty on [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4641] You had seven hundred and eighty.
Shirley (PS02N) [4642] which makes it a hundred and ten.
Grace (PS03R) [4643] Ah.
None (PS6TB) [4644] We're on your side.
[4645] We're ganging up on Alan.
Shirley (PS02N) [4646] You've got another hundred now, so
None (PS6TB) [4647] That's it, got another hundred.
[4648] [...] take the nearest one. ...
Terry (PS02R) [4649] Is it alright if I make a comment?
[4650] ... Grace?
[4651] Grace?
[4652] Take it off the cushion.
Grace (PS03R) [4653] Yeah.
Terry (PS02R) [4654] Your bound to hit one of them. ... [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [4655] [...] round about there.
[4656] Somewhere round about there.
[4657] Probably a bit here or there. ...
Alan (PS02P) [4658] I've lost now. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [4659] Now you can see that one [...]
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
John (PS02U) [4660] Put them both down together darling.
Stuart (PS02H) [4661] Yeah ... either one down or both down.
Grace (PS03R) [4662] Oh ... I missed it. ...
Terry (PS02R) [4663] That's Alan's problem then.
Alan (PS02P) [4664] I've lost haven't I? [...]
(PS001) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4665] [...] go off the cushion.
Alan (PS02P) [4666] What cushion?
Grace (PS03R) [4667] Ooh [laughing] clever clogs [] .
None (PS6TB) [4668] That's what he was waiting for.
(PS001) [...]
Grace (PS03R) [4669] [laugh] Good though, I enjoyed that.
Stuart (PS02H) [4670] Well have another one then.
Grace (PS03R) [4671] I'll enjoy it better than er ... pool for a change [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4672] Clever clogs.
[4673] Aren't we? [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4674] He was hanging off that red ball for a four hundred at the end though cos [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4675] There's not many people get that two hundred [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4676] Right then dear.
[4677] So you're gonna beat me are you?
Ann (PS02G) [4678] Yeah ... gonna beat you.
Stuart (PS02H) [4679] You sure about that?
Ann (PS02G) [4680] Yes, I'm going to beat you.
Stuart (PS02H) [4681] No, are you?
None (PS6TB) [4682] I thought you played very well Grace [...] .
[4683] Alright?
Grace (PS03R) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4684] Do you wanna game?
Grace (PS03R) [4685] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [4686] Do you wanna game [...] .
Terry (PS02R) [4687] Oh rubbish Alan [...]
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4688] He tells me lies as well.
Alan (PS02P) [4689] It's the same rate.
Terry (PS02R) [4690] What, for a pint?
None (PS6TB) [4691] Now I'm, I'm gonna play you for the sake of the game.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4692] Alright.
[4693] What are we playing for?
Shirley (PS02N) [4694] He tells lies as well Alan,.
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [...] [people are playing bar billiards in the background but their conversation can only be heard when w0002 and w0001 aren't talking]
Ann (PS02G) [4695] A penny a point.
Shirley (PS02N) [4696] Don't take any notice [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [4697] A penny a point.
[4698] ... Big gambling eh, what?
[4699] There you are then dear, [...] .
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4700] Five.
Stuart (PS02H) [4701] Fifteen for two.
Ann (PS02G) [4702] My box.
[4703] Thank goodness.
[4704] ... [whispering] two three three four four five five six six [] .
[4705] And I'll have the yellow ones.
Stuart (PS02H) [4706] The yellow ones?
Ann (PS02G) [4707] Just ... oh bloody hell.
Stuart (PS02H) [4708] The yellow ones were thrown.
Ann (PS02G) [4709] What do I do?
Stuart (PS02H) [4710] Well I don't know.
Grace (PS03R) [4711] Ain't got me glasses either.
Shirley (PS02N) [4712] Poor old thing.
None (PS6TB) [4713] She lost them.
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4714] Got to put two out haven't I?
None (PS6TB) [4715] But she lost them, she [...] .
Grace (PS03R) [4716] [...] downstairs.
Shirley (PS02N) [4717] We won't mention it.
[4718] Oh you want a light on Alan don't you?
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4719] See where you're putting it. [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4720] Shirley.
[4721] Straight game? ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4722] Yeah, they lost the first one.
Terry (PS02R) [4723] Yeah.
[4724] And the second one. [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [4725] I don't know what to do.
Shirley (PS02N) [4726] Erm ... [...] because it was a dreadful table.
Ann (PS02G) [4727] If I keep this hand I've got now I've got two four six eight ten.
[4728] I've got a dozen.
Stuart (PS02H) [4729] All six cards?
Ann (PS02G) [4730] Yeah. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4731] Yeah [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4732] I know, but which two?
Stuart (PS02H) [4733] Ah well.
[4734] There you are.
[4735] If I don't look out might [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4736] So it goes on the four of that, turn that up. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4737] Yeah well I can't tell you unless I've got them can I?
Ann (PS02G) [4738] Shall I put them two in? ... [...] then I've got six.
[4739] I'll put them two in.
Stuart (PS02H) [4740] Well you've got to put your you've got to put your hand down and hope you turn the rest turn up with the rest of the box.
Ann (PS02G) [4741] Right two four six eight.
[4742] Then ... oh bugger it.
Stuart (PS02H) [4743] Top one dear.
Ann (PS02G) [4744] And that hasn't helped at all. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4745] Oh well, never mind.
[4746] See one play one.
[4747] ... Twenty two ... twenty seven, twenty eight ... twenty nine that's right.
[4748] You want the ... you want the ... you want fifty on three.
[4749] You want the yellow ones?
[4750] Yes?
Ann (PS02G) [4751] Yes.
[4752] ... Two four six. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [4753] Put them down the hole.
Grace (PS03R) [4754] Well [...] .
[4755] Alright now?
[4756] Well it don't matter does it [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4757] Well it don't matter now.
Stuart (PS02H) [4758] Er fifteen [...] four ten six two eight.
Ann (PS02G) [4759] Oh.
[4760] Well at least I got something cos I put two queens and that's what I had.
Stuart (PS02H) [4761] Ten.
[4762] [...] ten.
Ann (PS02G) [4763] [laugh] Did I put me king, the ten [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4764] Yeah that's what, that's what [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [4765] Yeah.
[4766] ... But I wanted ... some of me boxes as well I suppose.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4767] Oh, so I done it wrong?
Stuart (PS02H) [4768] Well it's not what I would have done
Ann (PS02G) [4769] But actually
Stuart (PS02H) [4770] but there you go.
Ann (PS02G) [4771] I've got six in the box. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [4772] That's what I would have done but [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4773] But I didn't know you see, I
Stuart (PS02H) [4774] Course not, no.
Ann (PS02G) [4775] I couldn't work it out. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4776] I think I would have been tempted to do that.
Ann (PS02G) [4777] I didn't know whether to put two blue queens in or ten things or
Stuart (PS02H) [4778] Mm.
[4779] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [4780] a king and queen.
[4781] In which case [...] had both. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [4782] Oh, it's like that is it?
Ann (PS02G) [4783] Mhm.
Stuart (PS02H) [4784] My box.
Ann (PS02G) [4785] Oh god.
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4786] It doesn't matter.
[4787] It doesn't matter who goes first.
[4788] Who goes first if you win the toss?
None (PS6TB) [4789] Shirley says.
None (PS6TB) [4790] What?
None (PS6TB) [4791] Heads or tails?
None (PS6TB) [4792] Tails.
Shirley (PS02N) [4793] I can't score, I'm useless at maths.
Ann (PS02G) [4794] Oh bloody hell.
[4795] It's impossible, I can't do it.
[4796] And them two go together, them two go together and them two go together.
[4797] All of them go together and these two are a pair. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4798] Well what can I say?
Ann (PS02G) [4799] Exactly.
Shirley (PS02N) [4800] I'm useless at maths.
[4801] Now don't get too many balls down too many holes at once. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4802] I'll have to take a chance won't I?
Stuart (PS02H) [4803] Mm well that's up to you isn't it?
[4804] Play
Ann (PS02G) [4805] Well I've got to somehow.
[4806] I've gotta
Stuart (PS02H) [4807] Jack [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4808] Mm that won't help me.
Stuart (PS02H) [4809] Your
Ann (PS02G) [4810] It'd have been better if I'd kept them two.
Stuart (PS02H) [4811] your lead [...] .
[4812] Sixteen. [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [4813] I'm going to do a Terry now when we play on Monday nights.
[4814] [clears throat] Don't do it like that.
[4815] Can I suggest something. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4816] Fifteen two ... [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4817] Go on [...] I know I've done that wrong.
[4818] Four.
Stuart (PS02H) [4819] [...] .
[4820] Four.
[4821] ... Fifteen sixteen fourteen [...] ten fifteen twelve so it's fourteen
Ann (PS02G) [4822] Oh.
Stuart (PS02H) [4823] [...] seventeen.
[4824] Five ten fifteen sixteen seventeen.
[4825] Nice little turn that. ... [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4826] Oh bloody hell.
[4827] [laugh] Oh I don't like this, it's not fair.
[4828] You're not playing fair.
Stuart (PS02H) [4829] I am [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4830] No you're not cos I didn't know what to put in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [4831] You did right.
[4832] And bought it
Ann (PS02G) [4833] Oh yeah not right for me.
Stuart (PS02H) [4834] No.
Ann (PS02G) [4835] I'd have been better off keeping that one two.
[4836] I had two sixes, two queens one two.
[4837] Well I didn't know.
Stuart (PS02H) [4838] Here you are I've got your two queens and hope for your turn up or you put your one to it.
[4839] Simple as that.
[4840] The queen six and hope for turn up.
[4841] That would split, split your hand up totally.
Ann (PS02G) [4842] Mm that's why I was yeah.
[4843] Yes well I didn't know you see.
[4844] If I don't like playing singles, easy as doubles because you only have to put one in and it's easier.
Stuart (PS02H) [4845] One in ... yeah.
None (PS6TB) [4846] He's not a gentleman.
Shirley (PS02N) [4847] I know. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4848] I was just lucky with a turn up though.
[4849] That's all.
[4850] Just lucky with a turn up.
Shirley (PS02N) [4851] Come on, stop wasting time.
None (PS6TB) [4852] I think I wouldn't [...]
(PS001) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4853] Top one [...] ... Mm try seven.
None (PS6TB) [4854] Oh I thought I was [...] then.
[4855] I'm a gentleman.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4856] Fifteen and ten.
[4857] ... Twenty eight.
None (PS6TB) [4858] I'm on a run now [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [4859] Twenty nine?
[4860] No. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4861] I don't think I've got anything.
Stuart (PS02H) [4862] Fifteen two fifteen four.
[4863] That's all I've got.
Ann (PS02G) [4864] I've I've got four .
Stuart (PS02H) [4865] I [...] four.
[4866] Oh erm ... fifteen two ... four six.
Ann (PS02G) [4867] Mm nothing in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [4868] Fifteen two and four is six.
Ann (PS02G) [4869] Nothing in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [4870] Five six.
[4871] You've got nothing at all?
[4872] Ooh nothing at all.
[4873] That's a shame isn't it? ...
Ann (PS02G) [4874] [...] blooming street ahead nearly.
Stuart (PS02H) [4875] No, not quite.
Ann (PS02G) [4876] Well.
Terry (PS02R) [4877] Oh it went way out.
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4878] Yeah but it was [...] shot.
[4879] Wasn't meant that one.
Shirley (PS02N) [4880] Well it got there.
Terry (PS02R) [4881] Yeah.
[4882] ... Is that ball touching Shirley?
Shirley (PS02N) [4883] No. [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [4884] It's it's too late to ask I know.
Ann (PS02G) [4885] I've got to pay for a turn [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [4886] How about a six?
Ann (PS02G) [4887] No ... well.
[4888] ... Terrible.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4889] Not getting any hands.
Stuart (PS02H) [4890] Go on then, I'll take a chance, I mean I'll [...] you thirty for six, no?
[4891] Thirty?
[4892] Any aces?
Ann (PS02G) [4893] No.
[4894] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [4895] Thirty for one.
Ann (PS02G) [4896] I ain't got nothing cos I can't get anything.
Stuart (PS02H) [4897] Two then.
[4898] Twenty two for two.
[4899] ... Nine will do for two.
[4900] Oh and I'll have one for the last card.
Ann (PS02G) [4901] Hang on, two ... four [...] nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [4902] Two and two is four.
[4903] ... Ten jack queen for three.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4904] I can't get a good hand.
Stuart (PS02H) [4905] Twenty two twenty four twenty six. ...
Ann (PS02G) [4906] Street ahead.
[4907] Over.
Stuart (PS02H) [4908] No.
Ann (PS02G) [4909] You are.
[4910] ... You are, you're over a street ahead.
Stuart (PS02H) [4911] Not quite.
[4912] Not quite.
[4913] Not quite.
Ann (PS02G) [4914] I haven't a chance in hell.
[4915] ... Think we'll cancel this game.
Stuart (PS02H) [4916] Don't give up straight away darling.
[4917] There's plenty of time to go yet. ...
Ann (PS02G) [4918] Oh I don't know.
[4919] ... I've no idea.
[4920] Waste of time playing.
Stuart (PS02H) [4921] One.
[4922] That's not very good is it?
Ann (PS02G) [4923] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [4924] Got a seven.
Ann (PS02G) [4925] Aye another one, go on put the third one down.
[4926] Might as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [4927] Yes.
[4928] Eighteen.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4929] [...] alright.
[4930] [...] play though can you?
[4931] Six.
[4932] [...] I haven't got very many.
Ann (PS02G) [4933] [...] two.
Stuart (PS02H) [4934] I've got fifteen two and four is ... six, four of diamonds.
Ann (PS02G) [4935] Thank you dear. [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4936] So I've got ... one three in.
Stuart (PS02H) [4937] Oh well there you are. [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [4938] That's a bit better.
Stuart (PS02H) [4939] Are you caught up now?
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4940] No, that thirty was meant but not th not not the other one.
[4941] I'll be honest there.
[4942] That was an ... an extra. ...
Grace (PS03R) [4943] Am I in a good position?
None (PS6TB) [4944] On your knees is better.
(PS001) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [4945] Oh!
[4946] I only wanna give you one.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4947] Ah!
[4948] Now that was tried for.
[4949] That was meant. ...
None (PS6TB) [4950] I tell lies as well.
[4951] [laugh] I'm walking home.
Terry (PS02R) [4952] It was, seriously.
Shirley (PS02N) [4953] [...] thirty nine isn't it? [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4954] Oh it's awful.
Terry (PS02R) [4955] Oh dear oh dear.
Shirley (PS02N) [4956] Thirty nine.
Terry (PS02R) [4957] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [4958] There's four.
Ann (PS02G) [4959] Don't do nothing for me.
[4960] How many did you get?
Stuart (PS02H) [4961] I don't know.
Ann (PS02G) [4962] Just let's have a look.
Stuart (PS02H) [4963] No [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4964] Yes I can, I can't remember.
Stuart (PS02H) [4965] No you, no you can't.
Ann (PS02G) [4966] Oh I should have kept the other one. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [4967] You'll [...] .
[4968] ... Go on I'll take a chance.
Ann (PS02G) [4969] Oh bloody hell, every time I've one down
Stuart (PS02H) [4970] Thirty one for two.
[4971] Oh ... twelve.
[4972] Three for two. [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [4973] I had a two as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [4974] Oh dear.
Ann (PS02G) [4975] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [4976] Fifteen, two [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [4977] Very very lucky but
Stuart (PS02H) [4978] Two for six eight ten.
[4979] I reckon you've won the box.
[4980] Nothing.
Terry (PS02R) [4981] I'm glad I ... I'm glad I didn't listen to you Shirley.
None (PS6TB) [4982] Who's winning?
Shirley (PS02N) [4983] I didn't say, I just said it was gettable.
Terry (PS02R) [4984] No no, yes yes.
[4985] I know.
None (PS6TB) [4986] Who's winning?
Stuart (PS02H) [4987] What do you want?
[4988] Two and a one don't you?
[4989] Two, two four.
Ann (PS02G) [4990] Two six.
[4991] No two three six.
[4992] Queen king two three six.
Stuart (PS02H) [4993] I've got eight ... two four s oh two six ... oh you should put king six on.
[4994] Kept jack queen three and three two.
[4995] Your box dear.
Ann (PS02G) [4996] Yeah and I would have got nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [4997] Four.
Ann (PS02G) [4998] Oh yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [4999] You would have had four.
[5000] Oh admittedly you would have been pig sick when a ... king would have, but even if the king had turned up you'd have still got the, got a run and fifteen.
[5001] Ace turned up you'd have got the run ... four turns up you get your runs.
[5002] Ten turns up, another jack, queen.
Ann (PS02G) [5003] Well I've done, didn't do it right did I?
[5004] [laugh] So there, hadn't got any turned up.
Stuart (PS02H) [5005] Well I mean yes
Ann (PS02G) [5006] Didn't I? [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5007] There you go. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5008] Oh now I'm definitely not giving you nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [5009] It's your box.
Ann (PS02G) [5010] Cos I've got a straight run through.
Stuart (PS02H) [5011] It's your box.
Ann (PS02G) [5012] Seven ... six five four three [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5013] It's your box!
Ann (PS02G) [5014] Well how, I don't bloody well know what to put in it.
[5015] ... I haven't the faintest idea, look ... three four five six seven eight.
Stuart (PS02H) [5016] No question.
[5017] Easy.
Ann (PS02G) [5018] Oh well it weren't to me cos I probably would have given you the [laughing] eight [...] []
Stuart (PS02H) [5019] No my, it's your box.
[5020] ... Try a nine.
Ann (PS02G) [5021] You know what I've got now anyway so it don't matter.
Stuart (PS02H) [5022] Oh no I would have played the nine anyway.
[5023] Twenty five. [...]
Grace (PS03R) [5024] Don't talk about it, do it. [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5025] Two four .
[5026] Six tens.
[5027] ... What are you up?
[5028] Are you gonna do [...] .
[5029] Box.
Ann (PS02G) [5030] Two in there so
Stuart (PS02H) [5031] Oh you're putting [...] .
[5032] It's no quite easy.
[5033] Then you've got the four ... three four five six seven eight and it's your box ... play the seven.
[5034] They're the same suit, they're close, they'd score.
[5035] If it'd been my box ... yeah it's eight three.
[5036] But your box ... you, you gotta keep four five six because any four any five or any six you can [...] .
Terry (PS02R) [5037] Well yeah but I I'm alright now.
[5038] I'm [...] cos I can see balls in front of me.
Shirley (PS02N) [5039] Yeah, right.
Stuart (PS02H) [5040] So you've gotta keep your four five six ... and I say it's your box, seven eight has got to be the [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5041] It's very easy this.
Stuart (PS02H) [5042] Gotta be.
Terry (PS02R) [5043] Easy.
[5044] So we'll try and lead Al with that one again.
[5045] ... Oh sh [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5046] I [...] give you that and it's probably a big mistake.
[5047] But I hadn't any choice.
Stuart (PS02H) [5048] I like you.
Ann (PS02G) [5049] Thank you.
None (PS6TB) [5050] No, that's not right.
Shirley (PS02N) [5051] You do, you try doing what you're telling other people.
Terry (PS02R) [5052] What, [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5053] Thirteen.
Terry (PS02R) [5054] No I'm not.
[5055] I'm gonna try and work round it.
[5056] I don't know, honestly I don't.
[5057] That's that's a bad shot isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5058] But you [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5059] I know, oh sorry, yeah.
John (PS02U) [5060] [...] you're well in front.
Stuart (PS02H) [5061] Seven.
Terry (PS02R) [5062] I'm well in front and I can easy just lose the hundred but I I'll try for it without trying to knock down too many skittles.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5063] There you are, handy little turn up.
[5064] Fifteen two [...] six sixteen.
[5065] Sixteen.
None (PS6TB) [5066] I didn't realize that the ball couldn't hit the table. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5067] There you are, look at that.
[5068] Four now.
[5069] ... You want you wanted to discontinue?
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5070] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5071] Yeah here we go.
(PS001) [...] [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5072] Come on then.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5073] Fifteen two fifteen four and a pair of six. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [5074] Yeah.
Terry (PS02R) [5075] Whoa!
[5076] What a
None (PS6TB) [5077] And got a ball down.
Terry (PS02R) [5078] And that's a complete accident.
Shirley (PS02N) [5079] Come on then.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5080] Fourteen [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5081] God that makes me look like a good player that, doesn't it?
[5082] [laugh] . Shirl, any time you want me in the team.
[5083] [laugh] ... That was a good shot though, wasn't it?
[5084] ... Well, I think I got ...

13 (Tape 018402)

None (PS6TB) [in pub - lots of conversations going on at once. when 1 and 2 speak other people cannot be heard]
Stuart (PS02H) [5085] It's your first take.
[5086] Give you fifteen.
Ann (PS02G) [5087] Oh I've [...] bloody hell, [laugh] . ...
Terry (PS02R) [5088] If, if I was playing a game I would actually ... [...] somebody else.
[5089] [shouting] Ah!
[5090] [] .
[5091] Done it.
(PS001) [laugh]
Terry (PS02R) [5092] I was trying for that one.
None (PS6TB) [5093] Didn't that work out?
Stuart (PS02H) [5094] So I need to take six.
Terry (PS02R) [5095] Oh I, I was trying to get it up there.
Ann (PS02G) [5096] Oh it's my, is it your box?
Stuart (PS02H) [5097] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5098] Won't matter will it?
Stuart (PS02H) [5099] Not really.
[5100] You need fifteen.
Ann (PS02G) [5101] Oh what do I do?
[5102] I don't know how it counts, that's ... four seven eight nine
Stuart (PS02H) [5103] Got to try holding as many as you can really.
Ann (PS02G) [5104] I know but I don't know how many many is [raspberry] [laugh] .
[5105] That's three.
None (PS6TB) [5106] You started it.
Terry (PS02R) [5107] Yes.
[5108] Alright alright alright. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5109] What's the chances of one of them coming up?
Stuart (PS02H) [5110] Well if it ... if it gives you the ... required amount or
Ann (PS02G) [5111] I don't know how to work it out.
[5112] Look ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5113] Mm well that's a problem isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [5114] Keep them and one of them in case you get another three or a six.
[5115] [laughing] oh oh oh oh oh []
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5116] That's only four though innit you see?
[5117] ... No, yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5118] [laugh] ... That's what I said, to do that and hope for a three or a six or another five or a king.
Stuart (PS02H) [5119] You want a six preferably or a king or five, yeah. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5120] Two for jacks.
[5121] ... Oh [laugh] .
Stuart (PS02H) [5122] It's your lead then. ...
None (PS6TB) [5123] Good shot.
(PS001) [5124] Oh! ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5125] I'm [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5126] Six ... sixteen, twenty two.
Terry (PS02R) [5127] Cor I'm not, I'm not gonna risk that.
Stuart (PS02H) [5128] Two [...] twenty eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5129] You know I haven't got it. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5130] [...] you got a dozen though.
Ann (PS02G) [5131] Not enough though.
Stuart (PS02H) [5132] Not quite.
Ann (PS02G) [5133] You've done it anyway.
Stuart (PS02H) [5134] Yeah [...]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5135] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six ... two three four six [...] eight, two's ten.
[5136] Threepence after all that dear.
[5137] Three P.
Ann (PS02G) [5138] That was quite a good game actually, in the end.
Stuart (PS02H) [5139] Three P [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5140] Didn't I have some bloody funny hands?
Stuart (PS02H) [5141] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5142] Awkward hands to work out.
Stuart (PS02H) [5143] Oh yeah I'd ... I'd agree with you.
[5144] Threepence then dear.
[5145] You owe me.
Ann (PS02G) [5146] Threepence I owe you.
Stuart (PS02H) [5147] Threepence you owe me.
[5148] ... My box?
Ann (PS02G) [5149] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5150] Yeah. ...
Terry (PS02R) [5151] Cor, something's shaved that one over a little bit. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5152] Mm [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5153] It's [...] .
[5154] You wanna Put ... four ten.
Terry (PS02R) [5155] That's a lovely table Alan.
Stuart (PS02H) [5156] Nineteen.
[5157] ... Jack nine.
[5158] ... Thirty, no?
None (PS6TB) [5159] Ooh!
Shirley (PS02N) [5160] That was good playing that was.
[5161] That was a good shot.
Stuart (PS02H) [5162] Oh I'm sorry [...] ... you did didn't you?
None (PS6TB) [5163] Ever so close wasn't it?
Shirley (PS02N) [5164] Yeah it was a good shot.
None (PS6TB) [5165] You know [...] [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5166] [...] one .
None (PS6TB) [5167] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [5168] Trying to ... yeah. ...
None (PS6TB) [5169] Oh well, what do you do when you're ... seven hundred behind?
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5170] [...] two.
[5171] Twenty for two and the rest three.
[5172] [...] table isn't it?
Terry (PS02R) [5173] [...] oh sorry I've got to get, move another way.
Stuart (PS02H) [5174] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six sixteen, eight two is ten?
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5175] Yeah yeah I'm trying out shots, that's all.
Stuart (PS02H) [5176] Ten.
[5177] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six [...] fourteen.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5178] Tut ... oh ah ... I can't win no matter what I do.
Stuart (PS02H) [5179] Well you're not ... [...] .
None (PS6TB) [5180] All the balls are on the table actually.
Ann (PS02G) [5181] Least I know what to put in the box.
[5182] [laugh] Cos I worked out that was fifteen and there were a picture go [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [5183] Yeah.
[5184] I need ten.
Ann (PS02G) [5185] Or a three or a six.
[5186] At least I'd ... erm four five, what two in one.
[5187] You know and that's
Stuart (PS02H) [5188] Yeah.
[5189] Yeah.
[5190] Any ten you wanted didn't you?
Ann (PS02G) [5191] Yeah or a
Stuart (PS02H) [5192] I mean you got the ten you wanted.
Ann (PS02G) [5193] But er
Stuart (PS02H) [5194] Or a six.
Ann (PS02G) [5195] a six or ... so I knew what, that the nine was no good to me or the
Stuart (PS02H) [5196] Yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5197] s six.
None (PS6TB) [5198] Who put the fifty pence in there?
[5199] Who put the fifty pence in there?
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [5200] Who asked me to?
(PS001) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [5201] Yeah [...] you go and stand in a corner in a minute.
None (PS6TB) [5202] No I didn't.
Martin (PS02V) [5203] Go to the headmaster.
Stuart (PS02H) [5204] Oh bloody hell.
[5205] Can't do that seeing it's your box.
None (PS6TB) [5206] Got to get in closer to that. [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5207] And I'm hoping as well.
Shirley (PS02N) [5208] It's anybody's game isn't it, really?
None (PS6TB) [5209] Yeah.
[5210] Anybody's game.
[5211] It's nice though [...] what it's all about.
Stuart (PS02H) [5212] Try two.
[5213] ... In ... thirty.
None (PS6TB) [5214] Someone's gonna crack.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5215] You don't get interest [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5216] Just th just the ... turn up I wanted, [...] or a five. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5217] Yeah I wasn't too bad.
[5218] [...] eight.
[5219] Seven eight.
[5220] Oh you got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, ten.
Ann (PS02G) [5221] Nothing in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5222] Ten.
[5223] One for [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5224] Try whatever you like dear.
[5225] ... If you can see it, hit it.
None (PS6TB) [5226] Well I can't see it so I'm going round [...] , I'm going round the back.
Stuart (PS02H) [5227] I'm in the lead.
[5228] Not by many but I'm in the lead.
Ann (PS02G) [5229] I can see you're in the lead.
[5230] It's where you usually are dear.
None (PS6TB) [5231] That was a crafty move that. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5232] Have the been in any more since erm ... Monday?
Shirley (PS02N) [5233] Yeah they came up [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5234] Oh so they're all ... [laugh] ... Oh bloody hell.
None (PS6TB) [5235] They've fallen out haven't they?
Shirley (PS02N) [5236] Mm. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5237] Can't do that ... See what happens if I give you them.
None (PS6TB) [5238] Like that [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [5239] You're alright you won't hit [...] got your box so you're alright.
Ann (PS02G) [5240] I would if I give you them.
[5241] ... How do you know I won't?
Stuart (PS02H) [5242] Cos I know cos of what I've put in ...
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5243] Oh I'll have to put you a pair in you two.
[5244] Probably [...] eight probably. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5245] [...] Hope you put the right pair in .
Ann (PS02G) [5246] Oh good.
[5247] I ain't got nothing so ... oh I didn't know what to put in.
Stuart (PS02H) [5248] [...] Thirteen.
[5249] ... Twenty five.
[5250] ... Thirty ... yeah, couldn't get away from it.
[5251] Thirty.
[5252] Want four
Ann (PS02G) [5253] No [...]
None (PS6TB) [5254] That stirred it up a b oh.
[5255] Good shot!
Stuart (PS02H) [5256] I only want four.
[5257] Oh [...] the last card.
[5258] Have you got [...] four?
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5259] Sorry?
Ann (PS02G) [5260] Didn't know what to give you.
[5261] I got to give you two eights.
Stuart (PS02H) [5262] Oh that's alright.
Ann (PS02G) [5263] Yeah, you wouldn't let me box.
[5264] What are you putting, two sevens?
Stuart (PS02H) [5265] Fifteen two No [...] .
[5266] Fifteen two fifteen four four's eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5267] And a nine there.
Stuart (PS02H) [5268] If you put two eights in I did put another eight in, but that's [...] six or eight. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5269] Didn't know what to do.
[5270] Cos I'll have two
Stuart (PS02H) [5271] Well
Ann (PS02G) [5272] for two eights or like that for ... four that way, so.
Stuart (PS02H) [5273] yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5274] That's all I had.
Stuart (PS02H) [5275] Yeah.
[5276] It's difficult.
[5277] It's your box Ann.
Martin (PS02V) [5278] I thought you said he he lost by a hundred.
[5279] No, what did he lose by?
Shirley (PS02N) [5280] Er ... eight hundred and fifty.
Martin (PS02V) [5281] He lost by?
Terry (PS02R) [5282] I I played canny at the end rather than
None (PS6TB) [5283] [...] by that many, surely?
Shirley (PS02N) [5284] Yeah he did.
[5285] You kept giving him a hundred.
[5286] By not hitting the ball.
None (PS6TB) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [5287] That's where it all mounts up.
[5288] You know you keep giving, if you keep missing the ball.
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5289] Yeah, it does.
[5290] Yeah.
Martin (PS02V) [5291] Good though.
Shirley (PS02N) [5292] Have you done?
[5293] Can I get up?
None (PS6TB) [5294] Yes, yeah.
[5295] Thanks very much.
None (PS6TB) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [5296] [...] want a game Bob?
Bob (PS02S) [5297] What?
None (PS6TB) [5298] Do you want a go?
Bob (PS02S) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5299] I can't afford another game of that.
Shirley (PS02N) [5300] He owes you a pint now doesn't he?
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5301] Is it coming out for you?
[5302] Four
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5303] Put your other one down.
Stuart (PS02H) [5304] Alright then, I will this time.
[5305] Twelve.
Ann (PS02G) [5306] Ten.
Stuart (PS02H) [5307] Ooh.
[5308] ... Twenty five.
[5309] [...] . One.
[5310] Ooh bloody hell.
[5311] What have you got, have you, have you got a hand?
[5312] I'd better get mine on quick fifteen two fifteen four ... [...] six pairs eight.
[5313] Five six twelve eight.
[5314] How many have you got?
[5315] Bloody hell.
[5316] Fifteen two fifteen four two six eight fourteen.
Ann (PS02G) [5317] Six in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5318] [...] six in the box.
[5319] Now who's in the lead? ...
Ann (PS02G) [5320] I knew what to do with that one you see? [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5321] Now who's in the lead?
Ann (PS02G) [5322] I knew what to do with that one.
[5323] Specially when the five come up, I thought I'll put ... the blooming
Stuart (PS02H) [5324] Two tens.
Ann (PS02G) [5325] Exactly, ten in there. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5326] Now who's in the lead?
Terry (PS02R) [5327] [...] I could have had two thousand [...] points ahead and John was on the skittle.
[5328] I like that .
Shirley (PS02N) [5329] Yeah, they did last night, it
Terry (PS02R) [5330] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [5331] Yeah.
[5332] They did that last night.
Terry (PS02R) [5333] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [5334] Couple of their best players as well. [...]
None (PS6TB) [5335] [...] playing that.
Shirley (PS02N) [5336] Yeah.
[5337] ... I like it when
None (PS6TB) [5338] It does tend to come [...] twenty forty
Stuart (PS02H) [5339] Now then. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5340] Your lead dear. [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5341] You're a gentleman.
[5342] Thankyou.
Stuart (PS02H) [5343] Eleven.
[5344] Fifteen
None (PS6TB) [5345] Well you have to keep your balls on the table.
Shirley (PS02N) [5346] Pardon?
Stuart (PS02H) [5347] Twenty five.
None (PS6TB) [5348] He he doesn't put his balls on the table.
Shirley (PS02N) [5349] Neither do you.
Stuart (PS02H) [5350] Six. [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5351] And it's his go first this time isn't it?
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5352] [...] I tell you.
Ann (PS02G) [5353] Well I dunno, doubt if I've got any even.
Stuart (PS02H) [5354] Oh.
None (PS6TB) [5355] Oh, does it make any difference, actually?
None (PS6TB) [5356] Er ... well [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5357] No it doesn't make any difference [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5358] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen [...] eight.
[5359] ... One two three four five six seven eight nine ten.
None (PS6TB) [5360] That's a big difference.
Shirley (PS02N) [5361] No.
None (PS6TB) [5362] Erm
Shirley (PS02N) [5363] It's just the way it's always been
None (PS6TB) [5364] I suppose [...] people are are playing [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5365] I'll have a queen ... four, king ten and four in.
[5366] You know [...] played aces and fours [...] so two.
[5367] ... Two.
[5368] Oh I'll just sneak back one.
[5369] Sneak [...] .
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5370] But it can work.
[5371] When when people [...] table they keep on potting [...] thirty thirty all the time [...]
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5372] Oh sorry, you've got [...] cue [...]
None (PS6TB) [5373] I just took one over there.
[5374] Could be yours.
[5375] Do you want this one?
[5376] You can have it.
None (PS6TB) [5377] No [...] sit there cos ... red to there, white to there.
[5378] Five times six [...]
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5379] Now who's on where?
[5380] ... You started first so you're on a ...
Terry (PS02R) [5381] Alan got off to a ... less than
Alan (PS02P) [5382] Bad start.
Terry (PS02R) [5383] auspicious start.
Shirley (PS02N) [5384] So Alan started first so he [...] on top.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5385] No erm ... I'm I'm on top.
[5386] I'm I'm on the bottom.
Shirley (PS02N) [5387] Well he gave you a hundred.
Terry (PS02R) [5388] Yeah he's skilled. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5389] Still wanna play one?
Shirley (PS02N) [5390] So you're on the bottom?
Terry (PS02R) [5391] Yeah I'm on the bottom.
[5392] Yeah I've got four down.
Shirley (PS02N) [5393] [...] he's started so he's on top.
Alan (PS02P) [5394] Exactly.
[5395] There you are.
Terry (PS02R) [5396] Yeah [...] Yeah that's right.
Stuart (PS02H) [5397] Twenty for two.
Terry (PS02R) [5398] I've got four so far Shirley.
Shirley (PS02N) [5399] I know what I'm doing.
Stuart (PS02H) [5400] Frankie goes to Hollywood.
[5401] [...] . Twenty nine.
Alan (PS02P) [5402] Don't upset the [...] cos we'll be back at ... you could toss a coin in under there.
Stuart (PS02H) [5403] Thirty ... fifteen two, fifteen [...] six [...] is eight.
[5404] ... Fifteen two [...] six.
Ann (PS02G) [5405] Hello.
None (PS6TB) [5406] Hello [...]
None (PS6TB) [5407] Alright Sid?
None (PS6TB) [5408] Alright Frank.
Ann (PS02G) [...] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5409] You're back in the lead dear.
[5410] ... You're favourite.
[5411] ... You're favourite to win this one.
Ann (PS02G) [5412] Depends on what the cards do.
Shirley (PS02N) [5413] [...] Frank?
Stuart (PS02H) [5414] Yeah, the number of your hands are ... the number of your hands to mine.
Ann (PS02G) [5415] She's refereeing .
Alan (PS02P) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5416] No erm ... because
Ann (PS02G) [5417] Oh god.
Terry (PS02R) [5418] [...] that's four and I won't do anything
Alan (PS02P) [5419] Alright you're cheating me.
Terry (PS02R) [5420] No ...
None (PS6TB) [5421] Hello Sid.
None (PS6TB) [5422] Hallo chief.
[5423] Alright? ...
Alan (PS02P) [5424] Teasing me.
Terry (PS02R) [5425] No certainly bloody not.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS02R) [5426] I'm not that bloody good Alan .
Stuart (PS02H) [5427] Eleven.
Terry (PS02R) [5428] I don't know how to play the game.
None (PS6TB) [5429] Oops.
Stuart (PS02H) [5430] Your lead.
None (PS6TB) [5431] [...] that tap hasn't he?
Shirley (PS02N) [5432] That's Strongbow
Stuart (PS02H) [5433] Oh I'm [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5434] you silly boy.
[5435] Your lager's the other end.
None (PS6TB) [5436] You know what's ... [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5437] Where've you been?
None (PS6TB) [5438] I've I've been ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5439] Twenty two.
None (PS6TB) [5440] You know why?
[5441] Cos I was served a pint up last night in ... our ... social club.
[5442] And their pump's on that end.
Stuart (PS02H) [5443] Twenty six . [...] ...
None (PS6TB) [5444] So I have to do this job everywhere I go [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5445] Bloody hell you've got about four fives .
Stuart (PS02H) [5446] No.
[5447] I've only got two of them.
[5448] You're alright though.
Ann (PS02G) [5449] You [...] till I've got one.
Shirley (PS02N) [5450] Don't make a mess.
Stuart (PS02H) [5451] I've got fifteen, yeah [...] .
[5452] Fifteen two fifteen four four's eight.
[5453] ... Fifteen two fifteen four [...]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5454] Well, I could do with a good box and that might put me in with a chance.
[5455] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six.
[5456] Outside chance though.
[5457] Thirteen [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5458] Stop yakking and get on with it.
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5459] I suppose I've got to get the ice out as well have I?
(PS001) [5460] Ah!
[5461] Ooh! [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5462] Two middles and a paper one here please.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5463] No.
Ann (PS02G) [5464] Oh no.
[5465] Now what do I do?
Stuart (PS02H) [5466] Oh no.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5467] Oh god. ...
Terry (PS02R) [5468] Oh.
[5469] That was absolutely lousy.
Alan (PS02P) [5470] I couldn't understand why you didn't do that in the first place.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5471] I'm sorry, it's taking me a long time cos I don't know what to do.
Stuart (PS02H) [5472] It's alright.
[5473] Take as long as you like.
Alan (PS02P) [5474] Well.
[5475] Someone's gotta do something about that Brian, [...] ?
Ann (PS02G) [5476] I think I've gotta do that.
[5477] That's probably
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5478] wrong but
Stuart (PS02H) [5479] Top one, top one, top one.
[5480] Oh!
Ann (PS02G) [5481] It is. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5482] King. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5483] I've done the wrong one I think.
Stuart (PS02H) [5484] Twenty eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5485] Oh no.
Stuart (PS02H) [5486] Twenty nine for one.
[5487] ... Eleven.
[5488] ... Four is all I have.
[5489] Fifteen two fifteen four, one two three four.
[5490] Well that's alright isn't it?
[5491] Fifteen two fifteen [...] a dozen.
Ann (PS02G) [5492] I know.
[5493] I pu I had five.
Stuart (PS02H) [5494] You've got a dozen in there as well.
[5495] You win.
Ann (PS02G) [5496] But I had
Stuart (PS02H) [5497] Yeah but you've won!
Ann (PS02G) [5498] but I had
Stuart (PS02H) [5499] Yeah.
[5500] What did you do wrong there?
Ann (PS02G) [5501] and I had ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5502] What nine five?
[5503] No you didn't have nine five.
Ann (PS02G) [5504] No I had three nine.
Stuart (PS02H) [5505] Twenty nine.
Ann (PS02G) [5506] Three five sorry.
Stuart (PS02H) [5507] Three five. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5508] I didn't know whether to put ... that out or er
Stuart (PS02H) [5509] No.
[5510] No no.
Ann (PS02G) [5511] I done it right?
Stuart (PS02H) [5512] Perfect.
[5513] Absolutely perfect.
Ann (PS02G) [5514] Thank god for that.
Stuart (PS02H) [5515] No you, it's your box.
Ann (PS02G) [5516] I know it is.
Stuart (PS02H) [5517] Box away ... yes.
[5518] Not your box definitely eight three but three five on your own box, oh yeah.
[5519] Close ... you put the five in ... keep
Ann (PS02G) [5520] What you've gotta keep your double run?
Stuart (PS02H) [5521] You're keeping a good, yeah you're keep you're keeping your double run that way as well but
Ann (PS02G) [5522] Yeah
Stuart (PS02H) [5523] you're not scoring so many ... because you've got your fifteen at the end there.
[5524] But ... oh yeah, oh yeah.
[5525] Absolutely.
Ann (PS02G) [5526] And I won. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5527] Yeah you got a dozen in your box.
[5528] Wallop.
[5529] Straight in.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5530] Bang bang, two hands, thank you ma'am.
[5531] ... Ha!
[5532] It's your box still.
[5533] Oh, how many's that?
[5534] Five six seven eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5535] Erm
Stuart (PS02H) [5536] [...] five.
Ann (PS02G) [5537] can I just go to the ...
None (PS6TB) [5538] Yes I do, I do.
Shirley (PS02N) [5539] [...] .
[5540] Teetering.
Ann (PS02G) [5541] It's my box isn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [5542] Yes.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Alan (PS02P) [5543] You teetered.
Terry (PS02R) [5544] Oh thanks Al. [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5545] Don't worry Bob.
[5546] Don't worry.
[5547] ... It's only a little bit of ... cigarette ash [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5548] Oh it's probably from me from me own cigarette.
[5549] Don't worry.
[5550] I'm sure I shall have worse than that before I'm done, a bit of fag ash in me drink.
[5551] [laugh] Won't be the first time.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5552] Won't be the first time Bob. [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [5553] Oh, this is a real balls-up this one right.
[5554] So if that thing will shoot off and hit that ... yes I have.
[5555] Yes I know.
(PS001) [...]
Martin (PS02V) [5556] Ah!
[5557] Too hard. ...
Terry (PS02R) [5558] Pretty good.
[5559] ... That was, that was almost [...]
(PS001) [...] [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5560] No I didn't.
Stuart (PS02H) [5561] [...] .
[5562] Can't have any of these.
[5563] ... Ah, play it safe.
[5564] Oops.
Ann (PS02G) [5565] Hasn't helped.
[5566] [laugh] It's done nothing for the box. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5567] Two will play one.
[5568] ... Sixteen.
[5569] ... Seventeen.
[5570] ... [...] ... Erm twenty. [...] ...
None (PS6TB) [5571] Go on!
Shirley (PS02N) [5572] Yes!
None (PS6TB) [5573] Twenty three.
None (PS6TB) [5574] Play for Alan.
Alan (PS02P) [5575] Rubbish.
(PS001) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [5576] I know what I'm doing.
(PS001) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5577] Now, where are we?
[5578] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six and six is a dozen.
[5579] ... Ha!
[5580] Fifteen two fifteen four and sixteen that's eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5581] Ten in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5582] Two greens.
[5583] Level pegging now then.
Ann (PS02G) [5584] That's no good on my box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5585] Level pegging.
Ann (PS02G) [5586] That's no good on my box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5587] Yes it is.
[5588] It's quite handy for me. ...
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5589] Is that touching?
Shirley (PS02N) [5590] No it isn't.
(PS001) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5591] Whose box?
[5592] My box.
[5593] Oh well.
[5594] Try those.
[5595] ... Not very good, but there you go.
[5596] ... So, eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5597] No good to me.
Stuart (PS02H) [5598] Go on then.
[5599] Your go.
[5600] ... Fifteen two [...] .
[5601] Twenty five ... no!
[5602] ... No? [...] one.
[5603] One niner. ...
None (PS6TB) [5604] There's a hundred there, definitely.
Stuart (PS02H) [5605] Ten twenty nine. [...]
None (PS6TB) [5606] I'll try my best.
[5607] A kiss ... on the left hand cheek of that red ball.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5608] Six.
[5609] Eight.
Stuart (PS02H) [5610] One two three four five six seven eight nine.
None (PS6TB) [5611] And that wasn't a bad shot. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5612] Fifteen six fifteen four four's eight.
[5613] Five six seven eight.
[5614] Not a lot in it.
[5615] Nothing [...] .
[5616] Two ... four
None (PS6TB) [5617] Thanks Shirley.
Shirley (PS02N) [5618] Just that little bit harder and that would have gone in there.
None (PS6TB) [5619] No [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5620] How did you get that far ahead?
[5621] I've got nine you've got eight.
Stuart (PS02H) [5622] I pegged some.
Ann (PS02G) [5623] Oh.
[5624] Gonna say, we were level.
[5625] Ha!
[5626] You pegged hell of a bloody lot then.
[5627] About ten?
[5628] Twelve?
Stuart (PS02H) [5629] No.
Ann (PS02G) [5630] We were level pegging
Stuart (PS02H) [5631] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5632] I got nine, you got eight.
Stuart (PS02H) [5633] Yeah, I've taken about four or five.
Ann (PS02G) [5634] But you're all them in front.
Stuart (PS02H) [5635] I'm only ... oh half a dozen in front.
[5636] Course I had the box, don't forget.
[5637] I only pegged four.
[5638] Or four more than you. ...
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5639] Oh go on.
[5640] Treat yourself.
[5641] Treat the box.
[5642] put the right ones in there darling, you've got a fortune.
[5643] ... If you put the right ones in there my love you've got a ... fortune.
[5644] ... Eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5645] [...] nothing in me hands so it don't make no ... three ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5646] Twenty eight two.
Ann (PS02G) [5647] Oh.
Stuart (PS02H) [5648] Any good?
Ann (PS02G) [5649] [...] to do that.
[5650] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5651] Put the wrong one down. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5652] Thirteen.
[5653] ... Twenty eight for one.
[5654] Nine [...] .
[5655] One two three, four five six, seven eight.
Ann (PS02G) [5656] Three.
Stuart (PS02H) [5657] Three.
[5658] ... Didn't put your tens in the box did you?
[5659] Oh, look at that.
[5660] Unlucky eh?
[5661] ... Mormon's orchard ... four, that's all you got out of that lot.
[5662] If you'd put one of them tens in ... with that turn up you gotta [...] .
[5663] I put ace four in. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5664] And I put ace two in.
Stuart (PS02H) [5665] And when that and when that four turned up I thought oh bloody hell.
[5666] If you put a ten in there you're ... well away.
[5667] Any ten you got half a doz.
[5668] ... Oh well, spoils a good hand but there you go. ...
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5669] Here we go.
[5670] ... Twelve. ...
Shirley (PS02N) [5671] Eight hundred and sixty now.
[5672] Oh dear. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5673] Don't know if you put a five down there, I already had it.
Stuart (PS02H) [5674] Twenty seven.
[5675] ... Twenty eight, thirty.
[5676] ... [...] Might as well turn for a dozen.
Ann (PS02G) [5677] Bloody hell.
[5678] How do you keep getting them?
Stuart (PS02H) [5679] Only got two in the box though.
Ann (PS02G) [5680] You always get a dozen or ... fourteen, sixteen
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5681] You do. ...
None (PS6TB) [5682] Oh we didn't do that.
Ann (PS02G) [5683] We didn't do it.
Shirley (PS02N) [5684] No [...] out the book.
None (PS6TB) [5685] [...] out the book.
Ann (PS02G) [5686] There weren't any, many of us so we didn't do it.
[5687] By the end, it was quite fun in the end weren't it?
None (PS6TB) [5688] Yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [5689] Well we enjoyed what we did didn't we? [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [5690] Yeah, it was really good fun.
[5691] There weren't, we did it singly and it made more people didn't it?
Shirley (PS02N) [5692] Yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5693] There was Tracey and John and ... Bob and ...
Terry (PS02R) [5694] Sorry Alan.
[5695] Four. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5696] Oh.
[5697] Fiddle-dee-dee, now what do I do?
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5698] Your box isn't it? [...] seeing as it's your box.
[5699] ... Oh.
[5700] No help at all. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5701] No. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5702] Twenty five.
Ann (PS02G) [5703] No.
Stuart (PS02H) [5704] No? [...] waste paper [...] .
[5705] All yours.
[5706] ... [...] ... Four
Ann (PS02G) [5707] Not a lot.
Stuart (PS02H) [5708] Not a lot.
[5709] ... What have you got?
[5710] Fifteen two fifteen four pay six.
[5711] ... [...] tops.
[5712] You jammy bugger.
Ann (PS02G) [5713] It's only six.
Stuart (PS02H) [5714] Yeah I know but ... I didn't think I treat I thought no I'll go safe put them ... far then you just happened to put two three in the [...] of two king.
Ann (PS02G) [5715] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5716] Nearly caught up again.
[5717] Not that far behind.
Ann (PS02G) [5718] Far enough.
[5719] It's your box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5720] [...] get very many this time.
[5721] [...] no competition.
Ann (PS02G) [5722] Mm that looks, sounds really nice.
[5723] ... Oh god I don't know.
Terry (PS02R) [5724] Shirley's throwing the balls down the table at you. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5725] Should keep that I think.
[5726] [...] think.
Shirley (PS02N) [5727] Hi Neil.
None (PS6TB) [5728] Hi Shirl.
[5729] Alright?
Shirley (PS02N) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5730] Hallo Dave.
None (PS6TB) [5731] Hallo matey.
[5732] Alright?
Stuart (PS02H) [5733] Turn me one up my darling.
Shirley (PS02N) [5734] Ring the bell Neil.
None (PS6TB) [5735] [bell ring] [...] .
[5736] I'll have half.
Stuart (PS02H) [5737] Your lead darling.
[5738] Fifteen for two.
None (PS6TB) [5739] Lager shandy.
None (PS6TB) [5740] Pint?
None (PS6TB) [5741] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5742] Mm!
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5743] [...] for two.
[5744] Twenty nine for two.
Ann (PS02G) [5745] Tut.
[5746] ... No.
Stuart (PS02H) [5747] No.
[5748] ... Nine.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5749] What have you got?
[5750] Fifteen two fifteen four and six pair's eight. ...
None (PS6TB) [5751] Give too many secrets away Shirl.
Shirley (PS02N) [5752] Oh fair enough then.
Stuart (PS02H) [5753] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six two is eight [...] .
Ann (PS02G) [5754] Mm and I give you some in the box as well so you ... that's it, done.
Stuart (PS02H) [5755] No it's not many in here.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5756] Twenty two twenty four twenty six. ...
(PS001) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5757] Did they win Shirl?
Shirley (PS02N) [5758] Yeah, unfortunately.
(PS001) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5759] Really what you want to do is make him hit the ball up. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5760] Oh.
[5761] Treat the box?
[5762] ... Yeah go on, she's behind.
[5763] Treat the box.
[5764] ... Put the right ones in there my darling you've got a fortune.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5765] Turn the top [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5766] I doubt if it's right.
Stuart (PS02H) [5767] Turn the top one over darling.
Ann (PS02G) [5768] I'm sure it's wrong.
Stuart (PS02H) [5769] Three.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5770] No I'm not doing it.
Stuart (PS02H) [5771] For fourteen. ...
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5772] Nineteen.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5773] Four ten five.
[5774] Right, oh [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5775] Oh thankyou.
Stuart (PS02H) [5776] One two three, four five six, seven eight nine and six is fifteen.
[5777] Five
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5778] Fifteen.
[5779] [...] . One two and three is five.
[5780] ... [...] is five.
Ann (PS02G) [5781] Six eight nine in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [5782] One two three, four five six, seven eight nine.
[5783] Oh yeah.
[5784] Told you.
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5785] I told you didn't I?
[5786] I'm favourite to win though.
[5787] But ... Told you you put ... put ten, I put jack queen in s same suit and close and everything.
[5788] Had to for that. ...
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5789] [laugh] Now what do I do?
[5790] ... Mm [...] I suppose.
[5791] ... ooh it's nine.
[5792] Mm mm mm mm ... [...] ... Never mind.
[5793] Up to you darling.
[5794] Nineteen.
[5795] ... Well ... ten.
[5796] ... Thirty for three.
Ann (PS02G) [5797] I know you [...] any others.
Stuart (PS02H) [5798] [...] four.
[5799] What have you got to finish with?
[5800] ... Come on darling.
[5801] One two three, four five six, seven eight ...
Ann (PS02G) [5802] I had another queen as well.
Stuart (PS02H) [5803] Sixteen.
[5804] ... Into the box.
[5805] Oh dear darling.
Ann (PS02G) [5806] I've had it I know.
[5807] Street.
Stuart (PS02H) [5808] Oh dear.
Ann (PS02G) [5809] You already won.
Stuart (PS02H) [5810] [...] two fifteen twenty twenty five thirty ... thirty five.
[5811] ... And I owe you five so that's thirty pence you owe me now isn't it?
Ann (PS02G) [5812] Yes dear. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5813] Whose box?
[5814] It's one two three, my box.
[5815] ... Yeah, my box isn't it?
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5816] [...] later I suppose. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5817] Pass me a goody darling.
[5818] Pass me a goody.
[5819] ... That's not a goody, that's a baddy.
Ann (PS02G) [5820] That's a goody.
Stuart (PS02H) [5821] No it's not, it's a baddy.
[5822] ... Your lead dear.
Ann (PS02G) [5823] See one, play one.
Stuart (PS02H) [5824] Nineteen.
[5825] ... Twenty nine, no?
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5826] Seven.
[5827] ... Twenty four. ... [...]
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [5828] You jammy bugger.
[5829] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six twenty eight two is ten, six is sixteen and one for his knob, is seventeen.
Ann (PS02G) [5830] Think I played right that time.
Stuart (PS02H) [5831] I think you did.
[5832] Two.
Ann (PS02G) [5833] Can't remember what I put in the box, another picture I think.
Stuart (PS02H) [5834] Yeah but what else with it though?
Ann (PS02G) [5835] Or did I put a picture or ten?
[5836] I dunno.
Stuart (PS02H) [5837] No you put four two in.
Ann (PS02G) [5838] Four two.
Stuart (PS02H) [5839] Four, I mean eight four.
Ann (PS02G) [5840] Eight four, yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5841] And I put a pair of twos in so you didn't [...] very much.
[5842] I got two.
[5843] I scored five in that [...] .
[5844] And you scored all that lot.
[5845] It's your box now.
[5846] You're gonna get that thirty pence back plus interest this time aren't you?
Ann (PS02G) [5847] I doubt it.
[5848] You'll catch up.
Stuart (PS02H) [5849] [...] No I won't. ...
Ann (PS02G) [5850] If, if we were once round then I'd say yes but not
Stuart (PS02H) [5851] Mhm.
[5852] ... Oh you can't have any of these.
Ann (PS02G) [5853] I don't want you to have any of these, so ...
Stuart (PS02H) [5854] Oh I've got to take a chance on it.
[5855] No.
[5856] Turn up.
[5857] ... Turn up, please.
[5858] ... Seven ...
Ann (PS02G) [5859] Teen.
Stuart (PS02H) [5860] Twenty seven.
[5861] [...] . Seventeen.
[5862] ... Twenty seven.
[5863] Oh six.
[5864] ... Two
Ann (PS02G) [5865] Six.
Stuart (PS02H) [5866] Two four six.
Ann (PS02G) [5867] That's the other blooming one.
[5868] Mind you that isn't too bad is it?
Stuart (PS02H) [5869] Oh bloody hell one two three four five six seven eight.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5870] Five six seven eight.
[5871] I'm getting slaughtered Shirley, this time.
Shirley (PS02N) [5872] Are you?
Stuart (PS02H) [5873] Absolutely completely and utterly slaughtered.
Shirley (PS02N) [5874] Bob did yesterday.
[5875] Bob did yesterday.
Stuart (PS02H) [5876] She said, yeah.
Shirley (PS02N) [5877] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5878] I'm thirty pence up, but ... this game I'm getting absolutely trounced.
Shirley (PS02N) [5879] I won him about I don't know it was three or four games [...] . [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [5880] Couldn't go wrong!
Stuart (PS02H) [5881] [laugh] ... [...] to get back.
[5882] ... A oner.
Shirley (PS02N) [5883] Did you enjoy your little self?
None (PS6TB) [5884] Erm ...
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
None (PS6TB) [5885] makes a change to have a [...] game rather than erm
Shirley (PS02N) [5886] Yeah [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5887] Thirteen
None (PS6TB) [5888] something with an edge to it, you know.
Shirley (PS02N) [5889] Yeah, that's right.
[5890] Yeah.
Stuart (PS02H) [5891] Twenty, twenty five.
[5892] ... Thirty?
[5893] No.
Shirley (PS02N) [5894] Just takes your mind off your troubles for five minutes doesn't it?
Stuart (PS02H) [5895] Queen.
None (PS6TB) [5896] No, no I like the game but then I I like to play
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
None (PS6TB) [5897] the game [...] [laugh] .
Shirley (PS02N) [5898] Mm.
[5899] That's right.
[5900] That's what it should be.
Stuart (PS02H) [5901] Well, look at this lot.
[5902] Fifteen two fifteen four fifteen six two is eight one for his knob is nine.
[5903] ... Nine.
[5904] Fifteen two fifteen four twenty six and three is nine.
[5905] ... Keeps her distance [...] .
[5906] Pop a pair of sixes in ... don't put, what's on top?
[5907] ... Ace .
Ann (PS02G) [5908] Oh yeah one.
Stuart (PS02H) [5909] Fifteen two fifteen four and a pair is six.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5910] [laugh] Bubye.
Stuart (PS02H) [5911] See you Grace, see you Al.
Shirley (PS02N) [5912] See you again.
None (PS6TB) [5913] Teach [...] how to play that game will you?
Shirley (PS02N) [5914] [laugh] Okay then.
[5915] Oh dear, well it's all good fun,.
Stuart (PS02H) [5916] Ah.
[5917] It certainly is.
Shirley (PS02N) [5918] It's all good fun.
[5919] ... Hello Harold.
[5920] ... Maybe it's getting a bit chilly out there ... with that door open.
Ann (PS02G) [5921] There's talk of ... is it my box?
Stuart (PS02H) [5922] Yes, unfortunately.
Shirley (PS02N) [5923] I haven't heard the weather.
[5924] And I don't know what er
Ann (PS02G) [5925] Oh I've got sweet ...
None (PS6TB) [5926] Well we're gonna get a lot of it.
Shirley (PS02N) [5927] Are we?
[5928] Oh.
[5929] Okay.
Stuart (PS02H) [5930] No, I can't ... nothing I can do here.
None (PS6TB) [5931] All day.
Shirley (PS02N) [5932] All day?
None (PS6TB) [5933] Lot of what?
None (PS6TB) [5934] Weather.
None (PS6TB) [5935] Oh well, yeah, yes.
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5936] Seven eight.
None (PS6TB) [5937] But what ... type of weather?
Ann (PS02G) [5938] I might have known the ... come on, put the third one down.
Stuart (PS02H) [5939] Ooh sixteen.
[5940] Twenty five.
Ann (PS02G) [5941] Oh. ... [laugh]
Shirley (PS02N) [5942] They're dim. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5943] [...] twenty five.
[5944] Twenty seven, twenty nine for two.
Ann (PS02G) [5945] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5946] [...] my other husband. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5947] Twenty ... fifteen ... two
(PS001) [laugh]
Ann (PS02G) [5948] Nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [5949] Fifteen two fifteen four for seven.
[5950] ... Two for [...] ?
[5951] Yes. [...]
Ann (PS02G) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5952] [laughing] Oh dear [] .
Stuart (PS02H) [5953] Two for fours.
[5954] Ooh.
Ann (PS02G) [5955] Caught up now.
Stuart (PS02H) [5956] No.
[5957] Haven't caught up.
[5958] ... I'm still behind.
Shirley (PS02N) [5959] Well hallo!
None (PS6TB) [5960] Hello.
Shirley (PS02N) [5961] How the devil are you?
None (PS6TB) [5962] Alright thanks.
[5963] How are you?
Shirley (PS02N) [5964] Alright Johnny?
Stuart (PS02H) [5965] Alright?
None (PS6TB) [5966] [...] come to see you.
Shirley (PS02N) [5967] I should damn well think so too.
[5968] ... Are you delivering? [...]
None (PS6TB) [...]
Shirley (PS02N) [5969] I don't know you Doug, no.
[5970] Hello Doug. [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5971] Oh god.
[5972] ... Tut.
[5973] ... Can't do that can I? ...
(PS001) [...] [...]
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5974] That'll give me four.
[5975] ... Gives me four.
(PS001) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5976] Oh I'll do it that way and take a chance.
[5977] I don't know whether I'm doing right or wrong.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [5978] Oh god I've give you a bloody handful now so that was stupid.
[5979] ... [...] let me have a look.
[5980] ... Oh I only need ten, well it depends on what you've put in.
[5981] I give you two. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5982] Your lead now.
[5983] ... Eight.
[5984] ... Eighteen ... seventeen.
[5985] ... Twenty two, twenty nine.
[5986] ... Mm [...] .
[5987] Ann's take, fifteen two fifteen four two six ... six.
[5988] I've got two.
[5989] ... Have you?
[5990] No ... king, ten I've got two queens on I've got to get king jack [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [5991] No ... [...] put king ... king ten's fairly safe [...] jack queen is.
[5992] ... It's your
Ann (PS02G) [5993] Yeah but I'm going to keep the two pictures and a five ... and then you had to put two twos in or ... two and a six or
Stuart (PS02H) [5994] Yeah, yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5995] I don't blooming know and I thought if a seven comes up and I've got five and six and
Stuart (PS02H) [5996] Yeah.
[5997] Oh yeah.
[5998] Yeah.
Ann (PS02G) [5999] I thought oh ... I try to work it out.
[6000] I can't always.
Stuart (PS02H) [6001] Mm.
Ann (PS02G) [6002] Whoops, I give you ...
(PS001) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6003] Still well in the lead my love. ...
Ann (PS02G) [6004] Oh now again, what do I do?
[6005] ... I think I'm supposed to keep that.
Stuart (PS02H) [6006] Top, top.
Ann (PS02G) [6007] I don't know but I think I'm supposed to, yeah that'll do.
Stuart (PS02H) [6008] King of spuds.
[6009] ... Five, four. ...
Ann (PS02G) [6010] God.
[6011] [laugh] Oh well I've ... put it down now.
Stuart (PS02H) [6012] Fifteen for two.
[6013] ... Seventeen.
[6014] Twenty for two.
[6015] ... Twenty two, twenty three for three.
[6016] [...] four for two and a go is three.
[6017] ... ended up [...] right.
[6018] ... Fifteen two fifteen four and five is nine.
[6019] Five six seven eight nine.
[6020] Fifteen two fifteen four two [...] a dozen.
Ann (PS02G) [6021] Six in the box.
Stuart (PS02H) [6022] [...] king in the box.
[6023] Bloody hell.
[6024] Six for kings in the box.
[6025] You did well out of that didn't you?
Ann (PS02G) [6026] Mm.
Stuart (PS02H) [6027] Stormed back into the ... a very very handy little lead.
[6028] ... Very handy little lead. ...
None (PS6TB) [6029] Is he beating you again?
Ann (PS02G) [6030] Erm ... he's beating me two one and then, but I'm winning in this one.
None (PS6TB) [6031] Ooh crikey.
[6032] You've been taking lessons. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6033] Thirty pence up I am though.
None (PS6TB) [6034] Oh.
Stuart (PS02H) [6035] But ... she's gonna get some of it back this time.
[6036] ... Aren't you dear?
Ann (PS02G) [6037] No. [laugh] ...
Stuart (PS02H) [6038] Mm could go the other way I suppose.
[6039] ... Yeah, put that on.
[6040] Try that one.
[6041] ... Give them a, take a chance.
[6042] Depends what you put in the box.
Ann (PS02G) [6043] I only [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6044] Depends what turns up.
[6045] Mm.
[6046] Maybe another
Ann (PS02G) [6047] Four.
Stuart (PS02H) [6048] Oh I've changed my mind.
[6049] ... Oh I don't know though.
Ann (PS02G) [6050] Oh bloody hell, I give you ... I might as well not be playing now cos I've ... [...] I've got nothing in me hand.
Stuart (PS02H) [6051] No.
Ann (PS02G) [6052] Nothing. [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6053] Your lead.
[6054] Your lead.
Ann (PS02G) [6055] Nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [6056] Nineteen.
[6057] Only nine, oh got nine in the box as well eh.
[6058] Twenty nine, thirty.
[6059] ... Ah ... two four one that would have been.
[6060] ... Three [...] gets four.
Ann (PS02G) [6061] Oh well .
[6062] And nothing.
Stuart (PS02H) [6063] What do you mean, nothing?
Ann (PS02G) [6064] I haven't got anything.
Stuart (PS02H) [6065] Yes you have.
[6066] You got one for his knob.
Ann (PS02G) [6067] One.
Stuart (PS02H) [6068] One for his knob.
[6069] ... I only got fifteen two and two is four.
[6070] ... [...] put a nine up for that [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6071] I didn't know what to do.
Stuart (PS02H) [6072] I know.
[6073] I only got fifteen.
[6074] Just a minute, just a minute!
[6075] Fifteen two two is four, give us chance to count them up.
Ann (PS02G) [6076] You've already got them counted up [...] .
Stuart (PS02H) [6077] What did you have?
[6078] The nine jack ... two ace
Ann (PS02G) [6079] Yeah.
[6080] Two nines.
Stuart (PS02H) [6081] Why didn't you keep your nine, two nines your jack ... and put your king ace in the box?
[6082] ... Or your king two in the box?
Ann (PS02G) [6083] I don't know. ...
Stuart (PS02H) [6084] Cos jacks are not
Ann (PS02G) [6085] Didn't know what to do with it.
[6086] It was all
Stuart (PS02H) [6087] Hallo Ray.
Ann (PS02G) [6088] None of it made sense.
Stuart (PS02H) [6089] Jack two nines and the ten turns up. ...
Ann (PS02G) [6090] There was just nothing ... apart from the two nines was any
Stuart (PS02H) [6091] Oh no.
Ann (PS02G) [6092] then what do you do?
Stuart (PS02H) [6093] Oh go on, bugger it.
[6094] Take a chance on it.
[6095] ... Turn it up darling.
[6096] Oh ... one go one box.
[6097] Try a jack.
[6098] ... Sixteen for two.
[6099] ... Twenty six, twenty nine ... two's in time.
[6100] [...] look at that.
[6101] Try a jack.
[6102] One to one.
[6103] Fifteen two fifteen four two six two's eight one for his knob is nine.
[6104] Five six seven eight nine, fifteen for two fifteen four

14 (Tape 018501)

Stuart (PS02H) [6105] Oh wow!
Bob (PS02S) [6106] Everything alright mate?
Ann (PS02G) [6107] I dunno but I got a wonderful hand ... look wha I'll just show you for a start, cos I'm putting that in the box.
John (PS02U) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6108] Cos it doesn't matter
John (PS02U) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6109] And you know me ... I wouldn't put that in the box unless ... What are these?
Bob (PS02S) [6110] Yeah ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6111] Quarter to six.
Bob (PS02S) [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6112] Right.
Bob (PS02S) [6113] Well please yourself, how long it takes you to do it.
Stuart (PS02H) [6114] [...] ... fifteen, yeah I put them on ... get a drink ... On are they
Bob (PS02S) [6115] Who have you bought then?
Shirley (PS02N) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6116] Oh, five, ten, fifteen, seventeen off thirty.
Ann (PS02G) [6117] Thirteen pence darling ... you owe me still.
Stuart (PS02H) [6118] There's a big [...] up there.
[6119] Please

15 (Tape 018502)

None (PS6TB) [6120] There you are dear.
Ann (PS02G) [6121] Thank you ... [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6122] Now ... so that's two each, you owe me thirteen pence yes? ... [...] and it's your box ... [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6123] This wonderful person here darling
None (PS6TB) [6124] It wasn't.
Ann (PS02G) [6125] I thought you told me earlier on I was wonderful.
Stuart (PS02H) [6126] You are my love ... absolutely
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6127] wonderful ... don't like those, don't really wanna give you those ... there are ... right ... have I got it on [...] ... bloody hell mum!
[6128] ... Turn it round for you ... try a niner ... twenty ... sixes [...] ... alright ... seven ... put five on there ... four on this ... my turn ... fifteen two, fifteen four ... fifteen two, fifteen four ... fifteen two, fifteen four, fifteen six ... three's nine, that's it, [...] seven, eight, nine ... fourteen ... four in the box ... nineteen, that goes up to fifteen ... fifteen two, fifteen four, fifteen six ... good job I'm honest innit?
Ann (PS02G) [6129] Oh ah.
Stuart (PS02H) [6130] You said four, six
Ann (PS02G) [6131] Where's six?
Stuart (PS02H) [6132] Eight seven, ten five, seven three five
Ann (PS02G) [6133] Then take out all of [...]
Stuart (PS02H) [6134] Good job I'm honest isn't it?
[6135] ... Cos in a match ... if that was in a match ... cos you'd have said [...] ... you'd have said, fifteen two, fifteen four ... I wouldn't have said nothing ... take four, I would have ... kept quiet ... but you don't do you?
[6136] ... Play in pairs, it's different but ... when you're just playing singles, you can say ... or maybe you could sort of friends that go, you'd probably say something like, are you sure?
[6137] ... Say, yeah fifty four, right, fair enough

16 (Tape 018503)

Stuart (PS02H) [6138] You had a choice of an eight or a three ... I had two jacks and a king ... you chose the three, the two turned up that would've given you [...] eight and a [...] ... but you picked the three ... so ... that'll give you more in the box as well an ... three hit your ... three hit your hand as well so [...] ... [...]

17 (Tape 018504)

Stuart (PS02H) [6139] The only reason I've beaten you this time is look at that ... sixteen [...] ... Don't even know [...] four one for [...] are you?
[6140] ... Got a got a pair of twos there ... ee by heck! ... [...] for four and a pair is six ... well I think I'll have [...] I'm afraid ... two eights, two o , two eights, two tens and then nine [...] ... didn't ask for that ... but I had to throw a pair of twos away for that ... and go in ... there you go.

18 (Tape 018505)

Ann (PS02G) [6141] I lost the last one and I gave my winnings [...] [laugh] ... ha ha.
Stuart (PS02H) [6142] Thank you very much ... twenty four pee and [...]
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Bob (PS02S) [6143] Last one, ha ha ha.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6144] Can't you hear me saying to that [...] ... They all go in a tin up there John.
John (PS02U) [6145] Oh right.
Stuart (PS02H) [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6146] We put them in ... or in the holiday tin with all the change.
Stuart (PS02H) [6147] [...] so ... don't make a lot of difference does it?
[6148] It all goes the same way ... [...] whe when we went on holiday ... in ... O end of Octob end of October it goes
Ann (PS02G) [6149] Didn't cost us anything.
Stuart (PS02H) [6150] Saving bits and pieces.
John (PS02U) [6151] Oh did you?
Ann (PS02G) [6152] We paid for the holiday with just with ... change out of our pocket
Stuart (PS02H) [6153] Cos I went in
Ann (PS02G) [6154] and purse
Stuart (PS02H) [6155] I empty into my pocket at night
John (PS02U) [6156] Yeah
Ann (PS02G) [6157] That's what we do
Stuart (PS02H) [6158] [...] you know I'll settle up [...]
John (PS02U) [6159] Yeah
Stuart (PS02H) [6160] you know I don't really want [...] [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6161] But we erm
Stuart (PS02H) [...] [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6162] we we saved two hundred pound and and had a ... week away
Stuart (PS02H) [6163] About three or four days
Ann (PS02G) [6164] Well four
Stuart (PS02H) [6165] Four four days
Ann (PS02G) [6166] four days in the Autumn for that
Stuart (PS02H) [6167] Yeah
Ann (PS02G) [6168] for ... just out your ... change not missed it.
Stuart (PS02H) [6169] What [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6170] Accommodation, meals and petrol
Stuart (PS02H) [6171] Accommodation, [...] and the petrol ... all we had to find was
Ann (PS02G) [6172] Just spending money and he wo had that anyway
Stuart (PS02H) [6173] just [...] [...] what you spent it on ... as if you were at home.
Ann (PS02G) [6174] You don't miss it do you, not just putting it in a tin like that.
Stuart (PS02H) [6175] So your prediction ... did not come true.
Ann (PS02G) [6176] No it didn't, did it
Stuart (PS02H) [6177] So now what're we playing?
Ann (PS02G) [6178] Shall I tell them all what I'm doing?
Stuart (PS02H) [6179] No no.
Ann (PS02G) [6180] No?
[6181] ... Oh alright.
Stuart (PS02H) [6182] Won't be bothered so
Ann (PS02G) [6183] Nobody's even nobody's take any notice.
Stuart (PS02H) [6184] So what're we playing for now?
Ann (PS02G) [6185] Are we still playing are we?
[6186] ... We're playing brag but I ain't got not change.
Stuart (PS02H) [6187] Oh you give it all to me have you?
[6188] ... Yeah
Ann (PS02G) [6189] Only now I've got a five p now.
Stuart (PS02H) [6190] Is that all?
Ann (PS02G) [6191] Yep.
Stuart (PS02H) [6192] Well play for five.
Ann (PS02G) [6193] Not playing for tenners, I can't afford that.
Stuart (PS02H) [6194] Well play for penny then.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6195] Give me your five p and I'll use five of these and we'll play for penny a time ... probably win it!
Ann (PS02G) [6196] I might have sixpence actually but
Stuart (PS02H) [6197] Oh money's [...]
Ann (PS02G) [6198] Oh I got more than that actually I got about ten p.
Stuart (PS02H) [6199] Ooh dear!
Ann (PS02G) [6200] Got two fives and tuppence.
Stuart (PS02H) [6201] Oh two fives and tuppence ... well we'll play for tuppence then.
Ann (PS02G) [6202] Oh wait a minute.
Stuart (PS02H) [6203] Ooh, wait a minute.
Ann (PS02G) [laugh]
Stuart (PS02H) [6204] Oh!
Ann (PS02G) [6205] Oh I'm rich.
Stuart (PS02H) [6206] Ooh!
Ann (PS02G) [6207] And another one.
Stuart (PS02H) [6208] Twenty ... twenty four pence there.
Ann (PS02G) [6209] Twenty four but I've paid him