BNC Text KB8

34 conversations recorded by `Ann2' (PS14B) on 3 April 1992 with 37 interlocutors, totalling 12018 s-units, 78798 words, and over 8 hours 19 minutes 57 seconds of recordings.

38 speakers recorded by respondent number 601

PS14B Ag4 f (Ann, age 53, registered childminder, Central Northern England, )
PS14C Ag4 m (James, age 57, charge nurse, North-east England, ) husband
PS14D Ag0 f (Rebecca, age 9, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS14E Ag0 f (Amy, age 8, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS14F Ag0 m (Matthew, age 8, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS14H Ag0 m (Richard, age 6, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS14K Ag0 m (Martin, age 6, student, Northern England, ) friend
PS14L Ag3 f (Dorothy, age 36, probation officer, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS14M Ag0 m (James, age 2, pre-school, North-east England, ) friend
PS14N Ag0 f (Bryony, age 2, pre-school, North-east England, ) friend
PS14P Ag0 m (Richard, age 2, pre-school, North-east England, ) friend
PS14R Ag4 f (Isabelle, age 53, shop assistant, North-east England, ) neighbour
PS15B Ag0 f (Sally, age 10, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS15C Ag3 f (Andrea, age 37, teacher, North-east England, ) friend
PS15D Ag3 m (Sid, age 35+, teacher, North-east England, ) friend
PS15G Ag3 f (Marilyn, age 42, secretary, Northern England, ) friend
PS15S Ag4 m (Bill, age 55, clerk to town council, North-east England, ) friend
PS15U Ag4 f (Betty, age 58, housewife, North-east England, ) friend
PS15V Ag2 m (Paul, age 27, unemployed, North-east England, ) friend
PS166 Ag3 f (Jackie, age 38, clerical officer, North-east England, ) neighbour
PS167 Ag3 f (Pat, age 39, shop assistant, North-east England, ) husband's niece
PS168 Ag0 f (Chris, age 9, student, North-east England, ) husband's great-niece
PS169 Ag5 f (Margaret, age 86, retired, North-east England, ) mother-in-law
PS16F Ag0 f (Erin, age 7, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS16G Ag2 f (Kathy, age 32, housewife, Northern England, ) friend
PS16H Ag0 m (Martin, age 6, student, North-east England, ) friend
PS16S X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS172 X u (Evelyn, age unknown) role unspecified
PS17G Ag2 f (Maggie, age 30, childminder, Northern England, ) friend
PS17L Ag5 m (Arthur, age 70, retired, Northern England, ) neighbour
PS17M Ag5 m (Tom, age 70, retired, Irish, ) neighbour
PS17N Ag3 f (Rosie, age 35, childminder, Northern England, ) friend
PS17S Ag5 m (Alan, age 60, baker, North-east England, ) acquaintance
PS18D Ag2 f (Louise, age 29, housewife, North-east England, ) friend
PS50S Ag3 f (Jean, age 35, housewife, Northern England, ) acquaintance
PS6NU Ag1 f (Alison, age 24, housewife, Northern England, ) neighbour
KB8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

34 recordings

  1. Tape 069001 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: child minding
  2. Tape 069002 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: child minding
  3. Tape 069003 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: children arriving to be taken to school
  4. Tape 069004 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home and out ) Activity: taking children to school and bringing other children home in car
  5. Tape 069201 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: getting children ready to go for a walk
  6. Tape 069202 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home and outside ) Activity: getting children ready to go for a walk and out walking
  7. Tape 069301 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: with children
  8. Tape 069302 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: with children
  9. Tape 069401 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: talking with husband
  10. Tape 069402 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: talking with husband
  11. Tape 069403 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home and out ) Activity: washing dishes and out shopping
  12. Tape 069501 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: visit from friend on business
  13. Tape 069502 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: preparing dinner
  14. Tape 069503 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: eating dinner
  15. Tape 069601 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( neighbour's house ) Activity: having a coffee
  16. Tape 069701 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( neighbour's house ) Activity: taking parcel to neighbour
  17. Tape 069702 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: talking with husband
  18. Tape 069801 recorded on 1992-04-05. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: husband leaving for work
  19. Tape 069802 recorded on 1992-04-05. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: picked up niece to visit mother-in-law in hospital
  20. Tape 069803 recorded on 1992-04-05. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( hospital ) Activity: visiting mother-in-law
  21. Tape 070001 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home and outside ) Activity: going to school
  22. Tape 070002 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( outside ) Activity: going to school
  23. Tape 070003 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( out ) Activity: walking to school and having lift back
  24. Tape 070004 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( friend's home ) Activity: having a cup of coffee
  25. Tape 070201 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 070202 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 070203 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 070401 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 070402 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 070701 recorded on 1992-04-07. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 070801 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 070802 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 070803 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 070804 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 069001)

Ann (PS14B) [1] Hello Matthew.
Matthew (PS14F) [2] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [3] How was your grandma?
Matthew (PS14F) [4] Erm ... she's getting better.
Ann (PS14B) [5] Mm?
Matthew (PS14F) [6] She's getting better.
Ann (PS14B) [7] Did you go to see the river yesterday?
Matthew (PS14F) [8] No.
Ann (PS14B) [9] Oh.
[10] We did, didn't we?
James (PS14C) [11] It was okay.
Ann (PS14B) [12] Yes.
James (PS14C) [13] And it had gone down hadn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [14] Yes.
[15] It had gone down a lot though.
[16] Has anyone listened to erm ... what was it, Radio Newcastle?
Matthew (PS14F) [17] Yes.
[18] It's on.
[19] The [...] 's on.
Ann (PS14B) [20] You've listened to it?
Matthew (PS14F) [21] No.
[22] I've not listened to it.
Ann (PS14B) [23] Oh.
[24] We see Mrs as we came out of school.
[25] ... It was at the school yesterday, rather.
[26] And er ... she said that one of them was drying out nicely.
[27] ... What's happened to my voice this morning?
[28] [clears throat] ... Can I turn it down a little bit please James?
[29] ... James?
James (PS14C) [30] What?
Ann (PS14B) [31] Can I turn it down a little bit please?

2 (Tape 069002)

Ann (PS14B) [32] Why?
[33] What about yesterday?
Matthew (PS14F) [34] With all the walking we did.
Ann (PS14B) [35] Oh!
[36] The walking?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Matthew (PS14F) [37] [...] with our two feet. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [38] Aren't you used to walking that far?
Matthew (PS14F) [39] No.
Richard (PS14H) [40] We walked further than that when we went to Crackside.
Ann (PS14B) [41] Aye.
[42] You walk a long way when you go to, across Crackside.
[43] ... Would you like to go to Crackside Richard?
[44] ... He is.
[45] Tired I think, just nodding his head isn't he?
Matthew (PS14F) [46] Aha.

3 (Tape 069003)

Ann (PS14B) [47] What are you doing?
Matthew (PS14F) [48] Making a fortune teller.
Ann (PS14B) [49] Making what?
Matthew (PS14F) [50] Fortune tellers.
Richard (PS14H) [51] Fortune tellers.
Ann (PS14B) [52] A fortune teller.
[53] Oh I love you.
Matthew (PS14F) [54] That's for one.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [55] It's for what?
Matthew (PS14F) [56] One, four
Ann (PS14B) [57] One.
Matthew (PS14F) [58] eight.
[59] ... Will you a choose a number?
Richard (PS14H) [60] Two.
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [sigh]
Matthew (PS14F) [61] I got [...] .
[62] It's that one with the
Ann (PS14B) [63] What do you
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [64] What is this?
Richard (PS14H) [65] A thingummybob!
Ann (PS14B) [66] [laughing] A thingummybob [] !
Richard (PS14H) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [67] Explain it.
Matthew (PS14F) [laugh]
Richard (PS14H) [68] I'm doing it that way.
[69] Erm, there, you open up and turn it upside down.
Ann (PS14B) [cough]
Richard (PS14H) [70] It's got a face there and he's got ears up there and he's got ... erm the ears on the other head of his
Ann (PS14B) [71] Oh!
[72] That's clever.
[73] Have you seen it Amy?
[74] Look!
Richard (PS14H) [75] Ha.
Ann (PS14B) [76] You can have it that way up ... or
Amy (PS14E) [77] That way.
Ann (PS14B) [78] that way up.
Richard (PS14H) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [79] Brilliant!
[80] There you are.
Richard (PS14H) [81] I'm not really sure about side heads yet.
Ann (PS14B) [82] Oh.
[83] I see.
[84] ... And what are you doing?
[85] Oh!
[86] You're making one as well.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [87] Making the same as Richard. [tv on]
Ann (PS14B) [88] Jim.
James (PS14C) [89] What?
Ann (PS14B) [90] How many leaflets did you say you still had to deliver?
James (PS14C) [91] All this side ... Hillside ... and Tayside, [...] ... and Catherine's ... Square.
Ann (PS14B) [92] Well
James (PS14C) [93] And possibly [...] Village.
Ann (PS14B) [94] have you got the leaflets?
James (PS14C) [95] That's all the leaflets I have left.
Richard (PS14H) [96] Do a little bit more.
Ann (PS14B) [97] Are, are you going to ring Martin and see if you can get some ... if he's got any more?
James (PS14C) [98] [cough] Well I might.
Ann (PS14B) [99] I just thought, if it was any ... good ... if I took Bryony to the hairdresser with me ... and you took Richard and James
Matthew (PS14F) [100] Take me.
Ann (PS14B) [101] if you could get hold of any before ... I went out, I need to be out at quarter to ten.
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [102] Is that any good?
[103] Or not?
Richard (PS14H) [104] You might need this.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [105] I can't take them with me either.
Ann (PS14B) [106] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [107] I'll deliver when you ... for the half an hour when you come back.
Ann (PS14B) [108] Okay.
[109] [sighing] Right [] .
[110] ... I just thought it would have saved time.
[111] ... Still a lot of roads ... blocked ... by snow according to the television news.
Matthew (PS14F) [112] Snow?
Ann (PS14B) [113] Yes.
Matthew (PS14F) [114] We didn't have snow at home.
Ann (PS14B) [115] Didn't you see the
Richard (PS14H) [116] I saw it.
Ann (PS14B) [117] cars ye when Doro ... didn't you have snow at Lonsdeen?
[118] Dorothy said her lawn was covered with snow when she arrived yesterday morning.
[119] And it was thick on the front of our car.
Matthew (PS14F) [120] Well we didn't have any on our car.
Ann (PS14B) [121] And you're only a hundred yards from her.
Matthew (PS14F) [122] Well ... we had some on the garden but ... there's no
Ann (PS14B) [123] Oh it was th and we saw a ... well you saw some, who was it?
[124] Erm ... Richard ... you were trying to break up a big lump of snow yesterday weren't you?
Richard (PS14H) [125] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [126] Where was that?
Richard (PS14H) [127] On the road.
James (PS14C) [128] On the road.
Richard (PS14H) [129] Up in town.
[130] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [131] Yes.
[132] Er, that could have fallen off a car cos it was a big piece and there wasn't anywhe anywhere else.
Richard (PS14H) [133] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [134] Where else did it say the ... roads are blocked Jim?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [135] The road from [...] to Ashington is closed because of flooding.
Ann (PS14B) [136] No I meant
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [137] And [...] ... er [...] .
[138] The ... er ... road from Alston over to [...] is blocked with snow and it's passable from ... Alston over to Wear there only with four wheel drive vehicles.
[139] I did mention cars are barred anywhere else.
[140] ... Cos that's where all, where the roads to Alston are closed.
Ann (PS14B) [141] Aye.
James (PS14C) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [142] What are you reading Richard?
Richard (PS14H) [143] That.
Ann (PS14B) [144] I can't see it.
[145] What does it
Richard (PS14H) [146] Soccer Coaching.
Ann (PS14B) [147] Who?
[148] Soccer Coaching.
[149] Mm!
[150] Do you want to be a footballer?
Richard (PS14H) [151] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [152] I think your brother is tired this morning Amy, all we're getting from him is nodding.
[153] Was he in a bad temper when he got up again?
Amy (PS14E) [154] Yes he was screaming.
Ann (PS14B) [155] Screaming?
Richard (PS14H) [156] Didn't wanna get up.
Ann (PS14B) [157] Oh dear.
[158] Oh dear.
Matthew (PS14F) [159] Pick a colour Jim.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [160] I dunno.
[161] Er
Matthew (PS14F) [162] Yeah?
Rebecca (PS14D) [163] You have to ... you have to write in, in proper numbers.
Matthew (PS14F) [164] I don't know what to do for the numbers.
Rebecca (PS14D) [165] In that just there.
Richard (PS14H) [166] You go, one, two, three, four.
[167] One, two, three, four.
[168] Where does it come out?
Matthew (PS14F) [169] What do you do?
Rebecca (PS14D) [170] This'll do for the numbers.
Ann (PS14B) [171] Have you finished it?
Rebecca (PS14D) [172] You put one two
Amy (PS14E) [173] Not yet.
Rebecca (PS14D) [174] three ... five
Ann (PS14B) [175] Sorry.
Rebecca (PS14D) [176] six ... seven, eight.
Ann (PS14B) [177] You're an expert on these are these aren't you Rebecca?
Rebecca (PS14D) [178] Yep.
[179] And I
Ann (PS14B) [180] Whoops!
[181] You've dropped your pencil
Rebecca (PS14D) [182] I thought you had to make them
Ann (PS14B) [183] pen.
Rebecca (PS14D) [184] quite a while ago.
Amy (PS14E) [185] [laughing] And you forgotten [] .
Rebecca (PS14D) [186] No!
[187] You've forgotten.
Amy (PS14E) [188] No I didn't.
Rebecca (PS14D) [189] Oh yeah!
[190] Ner ner ner!
[191] Then I wouldn't start making them.
Amy (PS14E) [192] I, I made them ... I started making them quite a while ago.
Rebecca (PS14D) [193] So have I.
Ann (PS14B) [194] Rebecca.
Amy (PS14E) [195] What?
[196] Rebecca wants red
Rebecca (PS14D) [197] Matthew can try it.
Matthew (PS14F) [198] I can
Amy (PS14E) [199] Rebecca wants, Rebecca wants
Rebecca (PS14D) [200] Red.
Amy (PS14E) [201] red.
Matthew (PS14F) [202] Erm ... you've got a hairy chest.
Ann (PS14B) [203] [laughing] Who's got a hairy chest [] ?
Matthew (PS14F) [204] I love your hairy chest.
Ann (PS14B) [205] Oh. [laugh]
Rebecca (PS14D) [206] Matthew used to love that one.
Matthew (PS14F) [207] No I don't.
Rebecca (PS14D) [208] [laughing] He still does [] .
Amy (PS14E) [laugh]
Matthew (PS14F) [209] You're being ... horrible!
Rebecca (PS14D) [210] Saying I've got a hairy chest.
Matthew (PS14F) [211] Oh oh!
Ann (PS14B) [212] Where are you up to?
[213] Oh you're still filling in the
Amy (PS14E) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [214] Aha.
[215] ... What are you making?
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [216] Is that a hat or a boat?
[217] What
James (PS14C) [218] A boat.
[219] It's a u
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [220] Well unless he's a really
Ann (PS14B) [221] The what?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [222] small head, it's a
Ann (PS14B) [223] [laugh] ... The crayons?
James (PS14C) [224] Yes please.
Ann (PS14B) [225] And there you are.
James (PS14C) [226] I'm gonna try and make it waterproof.
Ann (PS14B) [227] Waterproof?
[228] Oh!
[229] Of course, with wax crayon.
[230] You'd have
Amy (PS14E) [231] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [232] to do every single tiny bit.
James (PS14C) [233] The triplets ... have been coming in here.
Ann (PS14B) [234] I know, we've got, we've got hardly any crayons left, I think someone's eating them!
James (PS14C) [235] Well I'm not eating them!
Richard (PS14H) [236] Me neither Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Richard (PS14H) [237] I don't eat them!
Rebecca (PS14D) [238] Neither have I!
Amy (PS14E) [239] Neither have I!
Ann (PS14B) [240] Now are you sure Richard?
[241] You do strange things!
[242] Are you sure you haven't eaten [laughing] the crayons [] ?
Richard (PS14H) [243] No.
Ann (PS14B) [244] [laugh] ... I don't know where they're disappearing to.
Amy (PS14E) [245] What shall I do [...] ?
[246] What shall I do for seven?
Ann (PS14B) [247] What have you got so far?
Amy (PS14E) [248] I've got ... kiss me quick, I love your hairy chest, I love your bi but I love your big ears, I love you
Rebecca (PS14D) [249] Give us a kissy, kissy!
Amy (PS14E) [250] I hate you
Rebecca (PS14D) [251] Give us a kissy, kissy!
[252] ... Actually now I've got those three.
[253] ... Erm
Amy (PS14E) [254] And eight?
[255] Eight?
Rebecca (PS14D) [256] I don't know.
Ann (PS14B) [257] Mm?
Matthew (PS14F) [258] We can clear up [...]
Amy (PS14E) [259] What shall I do for eight?
Rebecca (PS14D) [260] I've put
Ann (PS14B) [261] What do you usually put on?
Amy (PS14E) [262] Er, I dunno.
Ann (PS14B) [263] Well do you want something nice or something horrible?
Rebecca (PS14D) [264] You're a princess.
Ann (PS14B) [265] Do you want something complimentary ... [laughing] or something insulting [] ?
Amy (PS14E) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS14D) [266] You're a princess.
Ann (PS14B) [267] Ooh!
[268] Ooh!
[269] Ooh!
[270] Who wants to be a princess?
Rebecca (PS14D) [271] Don't know.
Richard (PS14H) [272] You're a queen. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS14D) [273] Or a queen.
Ann (PS14B) [274] Richard do you want to be a princess?
Rebecca (PS14D) [laugh]
Richard (PS14H) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Matthew (PS14F) [laugh]
Amy (PS14E) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [275] Well
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [276] There you are, we've got a smile out of him.
Richard (PS14H) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [277] He must be ... coming round.
Richard (PS14H) [278] Like you said ... you get people who are not morning people.
Ann (PS14B) [279] That's right.
[280] ... [sneeze] ... Well if I could choose I would go to bed at about two o'clock in the morning ... and get up at about ... ten o'clock in the morning.
[281] That would suit me fine.
Richard (PS14H) [282] Eight hours sleep?
Ann (PS14B) [283] Er er ... well, I would read for an hour before I went to sleep.
Richard (PS14H) [284] Seven hours sleep?
Ann (PS14B) [285] Yes.
[286] Well last night I went to bed at about ... I went to bed early last night, I was in bed at half past eleven ... and I read
Richard (PS14H) [287] Early?
[288] That's early?
Ann (PS14B) [289] That's early for me.
[290] ... And I read for ... about an hour.
Richard (PS14H) [291] Do you usually go to bed at midnight?
Ann (PS14B) [292] Midnight, one o'clock ... depends what I'm doing.
Richard (PS14H) [293] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [294] I better get my contact lenses in hadn't I?
Richard (PS14H) [295] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [296] Oh!
[297] Good heavens!
[298] It's twenty to already.
[299] I haven't even got my face on.
[300] And my lenses in.
[301] Ooh!
[302] Urgh!
[303] Where are they?
Matthew (PS14F) [304] Your hairy legs are lovely!
Ann (PS14B) [305] [laugh] ... Whose hairy legs are lovely?
Matthew (PS14F) [306] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [307] Tt!
[308] Oh!
[309] There's a bit of ... fluff or something on there.
Rebecca (PS14D) [310] Even just now I got [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [311] Has anyone seen the river this morning?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [312] No.
James (PS14C) [313] But probably gone down.
Ann (PS14B) [314] Oh it was down a ... tremendous amount
James (PS14C) [315] Do you want [...] ?
Ann (PS14B) [316] yesterday afternoon wasn't it Rebecca?
Rebecca (PS14D) [317] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [318] Oh!
[319] You were there ... [laughing] weren't you [] ?
Rebecca (PS14D) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [320] Right from the ... what was it?
[321] The
Rebecca (PS14D) [322] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [323] ninth step it was the night before.
[324] Right down to the second from the bottom.
[325] ... Oh!
[326] Don't say I'm going to have ... bother with my lenses this morning.
James (PS14C) [327] Red, green, yellow or blue?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [328] Yellow.
James (PS14C) [329] Mm.
[330] Pick a number?
Ann (PS14B) [331] This one feels funny.
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [332] Is anyone here later tonight?
Amy (PS14E) [333] No.
Ann (PS14B) [334] Rebecca, are you?
[335] Matthew are you here after school today?
Matthew (PS14F) [336] Yes I am, but I'm not late.
Ann (PS14B) [337] You're not late.
[338] What day is it?
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [339] Frid oh it's
Matthew (PS14F) [340] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [341] Friday that's everyone's here.
Rebecca (PS14D) [342] I keep thinking it's ... [...] were off school yesterday.
Ann (PS14B) [343] Yeah.
[344] Martin's not coming after school today, his ... granny Jean's going to meet him because ... his mum has to go to Scotland ... with her work ... so Trevor has to push the triplets home in the buggy.
[345] Cos Jim'll be at work, he won't be able to give them a lift in the car.
[346] And granny Jean is going to take Martin home in the bus.
[347] And Dorothy's bringing granny Iris back down ... from Scotland with her.
[348] I think she's probably going to stay overnight.
Matthew (PS14F) [...] [...]
Richard (PS14H) [349] I'm not, I'm just [...] .
James (PS14C) [350] [singing] Dee dee dee, dee dee [] .
Matthew (PS14F) [351] Red.
[352] ... two ... four.
Rebecca (PS14D) [353] Eight.
Amy (PS14E) [354] You're a ba bug.
Rebecca (PS14D) [355] Maybe not.
[356] ... Amy said I was a bug!
Amy (PS14E) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [357] Amy said you were a what?
Rebecca (PS14D) [358] A bug.
Ann (PS14B) [359] A bug?
[360] ... Well ... come to think of it, Rebecca!
[361] [laugh] ... I do see the similarity.
Rebecca (PS14D) [362] It was off this.
Ann (PS14B) [363] Mm?
Rebecca (PS14D) [364] It was off the fortune teller.
Ann (PS14B) [365] Oh..
Amy (PS14E) [366] You don't really look like a bug.
Ann (PS14B) [367] She doesn't really think you lo you're a bug then?
Matthew (PS14F) [368] Ooh!
[369] Are these for you?
Ann (PS14B) [370] Oh yes.
Amy (PS14E) [371] You've got a hairy chest.
Matthew (PS14F) [372] Hairy chest!
Ann (PS14B) [373] Oh.
[374] It's got
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [laugh]
Amy (PS14E) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [375] Who had the hairy chest?
Matthew (PS14F) [376] Me!
Amy (PS14E) [377] Matthew.
Ann (PS14B) [378] Oh yes.
Amy (PS14E) [379] Erm
Matthew (PS14F) [380] Oh yes!
[381] ... Oh no!
Amy (PS14E) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [382] Well you've got a cough Amy.
[383] How long have you had that?
[384] You weren't coughing yesterday.
Amy (PS14E) [385] I was.
Ann (PS14B) [386] Were you?
[387] I didn't hear you.
[388] ... Right.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [389] Where am I looking at?
[390] Inside?
Matthew (PS14F) [391] What?
Amy (PS14E) [392] In there.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [393] Eight.
Ann (PS14B) [394] He saying eight cos that's his birthday.
Amy (PS14E) [395] [laughing] Is it [] ?
Rebecca (PS14D) [396] Oh!
[397] Matthew!
[398] Stop hitting!
Amy (PS14E) [...]
Rebecca (PS14D) [399] Which colour Ann?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [400] I'll have eight again.
Ann (PS14B) [401] What colour?
[402] Erm, I'll have ... red
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [403] Green.
Ann (PS14B) [404] What do I do now?
[405] Choose an number?
Rebecca (PS14D) [406] Choose a number?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [407] Two.
Ann (PS14B) [408] Six.
Rebecca (PS14D) [409] Pick a number.
Ann (PS14B) [410] Er
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [411] Four.
Ann (PS14B) [412] five.
[413] Two.
Amy (PS14E) [414] I love you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [415] Oh!
[416] Ooh!
[417] That's nice to know Amy.
Amy (PS14E) [418] I love Jim
Rebecca (PS14D) [419] I hate you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [420] Only twenty minutes to go then Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [421] Oh!
[422] Rebecca!
Amy (PS14E) [423] I love Jim.
[424] I got the opposite.
Ann (PS14B) [425] Love Jim and hate me.
[426] Right, I've got to go upstairs and put my face on, very quickly.
Amy (PS14E) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS14D) [427] Don't make a mess of it.
Amy (PS14E) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [428] [laugh] ... I'll have to do it quickly.
[429] Erm
Amy (PS14E) [430] Check that, Rebecca's hand.
Rebecca (PS14D) [431] Ten.
Ann (PS14B) [432] where was that, I was going to take
James (PS14C) [433] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [434] that upstairs?
[435] That, and that.
Amy (PS14E) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [436] Okay.
Richard (PS14H) [437] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [438] Right, I'll
James (PS14C) [439] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [440] I haven't got time to do it again
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [441] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [442] pet, I've got to get ready.
James (PS14C) [443] One!
Ann (PS14B) [444] Will you ti put the er
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [445] papers and things that you've finished with ... bits of paper in the bin please.
Amy (PS14E) [446] What number?
Ann (PS14B) [447] And
Amy (PS14E) [448] Where's my thingybob?
Rebecca (PS14D) [449] You've probably picked [...]
Ann (PS14B) [450] tidy up the rest of the things.
Amy (PS14E) [...]

4 (Tape 069004)

Ann (PS14B) [451] Jim, there's a letter here ... addressed to Mrs S ... do you think it must be Shirley?
[452] It says inside your Sealink travellers cheques.
[453] ... Why would Shirley use our address do you think?
[454] Unless they've sent for ... two lots and used ... used this address for one.
[455] [sighing] Right [] .
[456] Er ... well I'll just put it up there.
[457] I better go.
[458] ... Where are we?
[459] Right, see you shortly.
[460] Bye.
[461] [going outside] ... Have you all got your lunch boxes.
Richard (PS14H) [462] Me, me.
Ann (PS14B) [463] Have you got everything Richard?
[464] Right.
[465] Okay, let's go.
Richard (PS14H) [466] I have.
[467] Now you're ... [...] !
Ann (PS14B) [468] Ooh!
[469] Should have
Bryony (PS14N) [470] Ah!
[471] Ah!
Ann (PS14B) [472] brought my umbrella I think.
[473] Look at the sky.
Bryony (PS14N) [474] Don't!
Ann (PS14B) [475] Come along.
[476] Don't ... fiddle along in the middle
Richard (PS14H) [477] No!
[478] No!
Ann (PS14B) [479] of the ro ... mind the puddle!
[480] Oh!
Richard (PS14H) [481] Ah!
[482] Ah!
Ann (PS14B) [483] You'll have soaking wet socks in school.
Richard (PS14H) [484] I didn't notice it.
Bryony (PS14N) [485] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [486] What love?
Bryony (PS14N) [487] What's that thing?
Ann (PS14B) [488] I'll let you see this.
[489] ... Oh.
[490] Can you see this?
Bryony (PS14N) [491] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [492] Come on Twinkle.
[493] ... You're losing your socks Rebecca.
Richard (PS14H) [494] Rebecca, you're losing your socks.
Ann (PS14B) [495] If you trip up with two hands in your pockets Amy, you'll have nothing to stop you falling on your nose.
Amy (PS14E) [496] What?
Richard (PS14H) [497] Amy.
Ann (PS14B) [498] Where is she?
Rebecca (PS14D) [499] It'd be funny if she did fall on her nose.
Amy (PS14E) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS14D) [500] She'll have a flat ... nose! [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [501] A flat nose?
Rebecca (PS14D) [502] Like Miss ... if you don't do hard work you'll get a flat face!
Amy (PS14E) [503] Yeah I know.
[504] No, I mean
Rebecca (PS14D) [505] She won't have a flat face, she'll have a flat nose. [laugh]
Amy (PS14E) [506] I mean, not likely.
Ann (PS14B) [507] How do you get a flat face if you don't do hard work?
Rebecca (PS14D) [508] I don't know.
[509] And she's just joking with us to get [laughing] us working [] .
Ann (PS14B) [510] Oh I see.
[511] ... I see.
Rebecca (PS14D) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [512] Er, stop here, we'll ... we'll cross here look.
Amy (PS14E) [513] I wonder why she likes me?
Ann (PS14B) [514] Right.
[515] Line up to cross the road.
Richard (PS14H) [516] Aha!
Amy (PS14E) [517] After school can we see the river again?
Richard (PS14H) [518] Urgh!
[519] Urgh!
Ann (PS14B) [520] Yes.
[521] Right, cross now.
Amy (PS14E) [522] And see if the water has passed that line.
Ann (PS14B) [523] Pardon?
Amy (PS14E) [524] Can't wait to see if the water has passed [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [525] Oh it ... those huge puddles along the path sometimes take ages to clear away.
[526] The weather man said dry today, look at it.
[527] Doesn't look as if it's going to be dry to me.
Matthew (PS14F) [528] Look!
[529] It's a little
Richard (PS14H) [530] I know.
Matthew (PS14F) [531] island. [...]
Amy (PS14E) [532] [laugh] ... So I need to stay a bit later.
Matthew (PS14F) [533] After we've been to the river tonight?
Amy (PS14E) [534] That's what I've just asked!
[535] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [536] Yes.
[537] You can have a look at the river toni it's right
Amy (PS14E) [538] He asked [...]
Ann (PS14B) [539] it's right down Matthew.
Amy (PS14E) [540] He hasn't seen the river on a Saturday.
Ann (PS14B) [541] I don't think it's time to go across now.
[542] ... Cos it's er ... nearly nine o'clock.
[543] ... That's not Dorothy's car, it ... no, it isn't.
Matthew (PS14F) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [544] Mm?
[545] Who ran in front of a car?
Matthew (PS14F) [546] The new
Rebecca (PS14D) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [547] Who?
Matthew (PS14F) [548] The new girl.
Ann (PS14B) [549] The new girl in your class?
[550] Oh!
[551] Who's the new girl in your class?
Matthew (PS14F) [552] Dunno.
Ann (PS14B) [553] Just stop here a minute.
[554] Look, there's a car reversing.
[555] Wait a minute till this car
Richard (PS14H) [556] Why?
Ann (PS14B) [557] gets out onto the road.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [558] Is it okay?
Rebecca (PS14D) [559] Bye Ann.
[560] See you tomorrow.
Ann (PS14B) [561] Wait a minute
Richard (PS14H) [562] Bye.
Ann (PS14B) [563] Rebecca you can't cross yet.
Rebecca (PS14D) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [564] Is anyone going to decide which way the ... cars are [laughing] going here [] !
Matthew (PS14F) [565] She's in there, and then ... this one.
Ann (PS14B) [566] Right.
[567] I can go, oh!
Amy (PS14E) [568] Our car conked out on the way to school.
Ann (PS14B) [569] Did it?
[570] Where?
Amy (PS14E) [571] At ... in ... we'd just turned round the corner ... and it conked out.
Ann (PS14B) [572] Oh!
Amy (PS14E) [573] But we got it started again.
Ann (PS14B) [574] Right, you can cross now.
[575] Bye
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [576] Bye!
Ann (PS14B) [577] Amy!
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [578] Bye!
Ann (PS14B) [579] Bye Matthew.
[580] Bye
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [581] Bye!
Ann (PS14B) [582] Rebecca.
[583] I'll come this way.
[584] I think ... they're just going in.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [585] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [586] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [587] Morning.
Ann (PS14B) [588] [shouting] Bye Richard [] !
[589] ... Morning Cathy.
[590] Morning
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [591] Morning.
Ann (PS14B) [592] Brenda.
[593] ... [sighing] Oh [] !
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [594] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [595] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [596] It's not a nice morning is it?
Ann (PS14B) [597] It isn't. [traffic noise]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [598] Hello everyone!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [599] I was listening to the radio!
Ann (PS14B) [600] Were you?
[601] What did you hear?
Bryony (PS14N) [602] Er, just songs.
[603] Do you know
Ann (PS14B) [604] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [605] what
Ann (PS14B) [606] Songs?
[607] Wait a minute.
[608] Hold on!
[609] Hold on!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [610] You know what I hear on on the radio
Ann (PS14B) [611] There are no cars coming.
[612] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [613] cos she's in Scotland now.
Ann (PS14B) [614] That's right.
[615] Well
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [616] And I got ... [...] 's coming.
[617] And I got
Ann (PS14B) [618] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [619] a badge with it.
Ann (PS14B) [620] Oh!
[621] Yes.
[622] Well I'll see you tonight because I know granny
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [623] No!
[624] I'm not going!
Ann (PS14B) [625] No, I know granny Jean's collecting you but granny
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [626] I'm not coming later [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [627] Jean usually comes and stands beside me anyway.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [628] Oh yes.
Ann (PS14B) [629] See you later pet.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [630] Give me a kiss.
Ann (PS14B) [631] Go straight in cos they've just gone in.
[632] Bye-bye.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [633] Have a nice day dear.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [634] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [635] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [636] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [637] Quickly!
Ann (PS14B) [638] [shouting] Bye Martin [] !
[639] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [640] Oh hello.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [641] Off to see Jim?
Ann (PS14B) [642] I am.
[643] Yes.
[644] ... Hello.
[645] Ooh! [sigh]
James (PS14C) [646] What you doing?
Ann (PS14B) [647] Er ... oh right.
[648] ... There we are.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [649] A piece of paper.
[650] And how are all of you this morning?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [651] What?
Ann (PS14B) [652] Is Bryony any better?
[653] ... Oh!
Dorothy (PS14L) [654] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [655] There we are.
Dorothy (PS14L) [656] They're all home.
Ann (PS14B) [657] Oh!
[658] There isn't much room.
Dorothy (PS14L) [659] Not too bad at all.
[660] They all slept for twelve, nearly twelve hours Saturday
Ann (PS14B) [661] Wow!
Dorothy (PS14L) [662] night.
[663] Yes.
[664] So all be
Ann (PS14B) [665] Aren't you good?
[666] Thank you.
Bryony (PS14N) [667] I, I've got up too early.
Ann (PS14B) [668] You got up too early?
Dorothy (PS14L) [669] No you didn't, you got up just right.
Ann (PS14B) [670] No!
[671] You were very, very good mummy says.
Dorothy (PS14L) [672] Ah, we were pleased daddy and I.
Ann (PS14B) [673] I bet you were. [laugh]
Dorothy (PS14L) [674] [laugh] ... Well we've got up this morning we've, and I said to Trevor ... have the kids been up in the night?
[675] Cos I thought ... have I slept through everything
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [676] and er
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS14L) [677] left him with the lot?
[678] But, no.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [679] Are they still alri
Dorothy (PS14L) [680] They got to bed at ten to seven, they were shattered.
Ann (PS14B) [681] er ... well ... you had a busy day yesterday didn't you?
[682] This morning
Bryony (PS14N) [683] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [684] I'm going to go to the hairdressers ... so Jim's going to look after you.
[685] I won't be away very long.
Dorothy (PS14L) [686] Say, that's fine.
Bryony (PS14N) [687] That's fine.
Dorothy (PS14L) [688] Yes.
Bryony (PS14N) [689] Where's Jim go and [...] say?
Ann (PS14B) [690] I'm going to the hairdressers, cos I usually go today don't I?
Bryony (PS14N) [691] No!
Ann (PS14B) [692] But you're here today instead.
[693] So instead of going this afternoon I'm going this morning while Jim's at home before he goes to work.
Bryony (PS14N) [694] Oh I'm going to look after the house.
Ann (PS14B) [695] You're going, you're
Dorothy (PS14L) [696] No, that's
Ann (PS14B) [697] going to look after Jim, how about that?
Dorothy (PS14L) [698] Jim needs a lot of looking after.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Bryony (PS14N) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [699] Right.
[700] Oh!
[701] Get this seat belt off
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [702] this
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [703] car seat off my ni
Dorothy (PS14L) [704] [...] looking at him since half past nine and
Ann (PS14B) [705] Oh!
Dorothy (PS14L) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [singing] [...] []
Dorothy (PS14L) [706] Now watch the puddles!
[707] No!
[708] Ah!
[709] Straight through the puddles in [...]
Ann (PS14B) [710] Oh dear!
Dorothy (PS14L) [711] James!
[712] In this house!
[713] One
Ann (PS14B) [714] [laughing] Oh ho your []
Dorothy (PS14L) [715] two ... if I get to three I'm going to be cross!
Ann (PS14B) [716] Come along Richard.
[717] Your brother's being naughty, he's run away up the street look!
[718] Where's Bryony?
[719] Oh sta Bryony stay there, I'll lift you over the puddle.
[720] Don't come through it.
Richard (PS14H) [721] Jump over the puddle.
Ann (PS14B) [722] Right Richard.
[723] Wait a minute.
Dorothy (PS14L) [724] Right.
[725] In this house this time
Ann (PS14B) [726] No, you're not going to run away!
Dorothy (PS14L) [727] so you can and see Jim.
Ann (PS14B) [728] Come and see Jim.
Dorothy (PS14L) [729] [...] your bottom.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [730] Yes!
Dorothy (PS14L) [731] In you go.
Ann (PS14B) [732] You go to mummy while I close the other car door look.
Dorothy (PS14L) [733] And I'll er
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [734] Go!
[735] In!
[736] Why don't you
Ann (PS14B) [737] In you go.
Dorothy (PS14L) [738] get in.
[739] Do you want to get a smack bottom?
Ann (PS14B) [740] In you go.
[741] Go and find Jim can you?
Dorothy (PS14L) [742] Just stop running away!
[743] ... I'll, I'm not chasing after him [...] . [...]
Ann (PS14B) [744] Cathy ... Dorothy ... James ... You've decided to come back have you Ja er we ... [laugh] ... Got you!
[745] Aargh!
[746] You thought you were going to escape!
[747] Didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [748] I'm [...]
Ann (PS14B) [749] Get in that house!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [750] I'll fall.
Ann (PS14B) [751] Wipe your feet.
[752] Clever boy.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [753] Who is that?
Ann (PS14B) [754] Wipe your feet.
[755] Feet wiped.
[756] Come on.
[757] Wipe your feet.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [758] Ah!
Ann (PS14B) [759] Er, feet wiped please.
[760] Clever boy.
[761] Show me how you do it.
[762] Com oh!
[763] Very, very good.
[764] Oh!
[765] Very good indeed.
[766] There we are.
[767] In you go, find Jim.
[768] Go and say good morning to Jim.
[769] ... Have you said good morning Jim?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [770] Where, where's this letter?
James (PS14C) [771] Go and say hello.
Ann (PS14B) [772] Where's what letter?
Bryony (PS14N) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [773] I'm doing a picture.
Ann (PS14B) [774] You're doing a picture are you?
Bryony (PS14N) [775] There.
[776] You're at work
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [777] And I've erm ... a letter to draw.
Ann (PS14B) [778] you're at work already.
Bryony (PS14N) [779] Er, you're very nicely, you're very
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [780] And I have a letter to draw.
Bryony (PS14N) [781] nicely.
Ann (PS14B) [782] You're doing it very nicely.
[783] She's drawing a picture mummy, very nicely.
Dorothy (PS14L) [784] Right.
[785] Well the thing
Ann (PS14B) [786] What are you doing Richard?
Dorothy (PS14L) [787] the thing I'm gonna concentrate on with you now is sto to stop you running away.
Bryony (PS14N) [788] Mine!
[789] It's mine!
Dorothy (PS14L) [790] So, that's what you're going to be getting
Bryony (PS14N) [791] That's mine!
Dorothy (PS14L) [792] smacked bottoms for now.
Bryony (PS14N) [793] That's mine!
Dorothy (PS14L) [794] Not much else, just running away.
Ann (PS14B) [795] It's what, Bryony?
Bryony (PS14N) [796] It's
Ann (PS14B) [797] It's what?
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [798] A I've drawed a letter.
Bryony (PS14N) [799] That's that [...] .
[800] It's that one.
Ann (PS14B) [801] That's that one.
[802] Yes.
[803] What are you drawing?
Dorothy (PS14L) [804] What are you doing?
Bryony (PS14N) [805] I'm doing a picture.
Ann (PS14B) [806] Yes, but what a what
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [807] Mummy, I'm drawing a
Ann (PS14B) [808] are you drawing a picture of?
Bryony (PS14N) [809] Mm.
[810] A picture.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [811] I, I'm drawing, we've drawn a circle.
Ann (PS14B) [812] You've drawn a circle.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [813] Mm.
[814] We, we're drawing that.
Bryony (PS14N) [815] I'm drawing a picture.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [816] I've
Ann (PS14B) [817] You're drawing a circle as well.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [818] What colour is this circle?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [819] Erm, wait till I've done, I haven't drawn it.
Bryony (PS14N) [820] I've done a orange circle.
Ann (PS14B) [821] You've drawn a
Dorothy (PS14L) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [822] Yes, that's right.
[823] That's
Bryony (PS14N) [824] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [825] orange.
[826] That's an orange circle.
Dorothy (PS14L) [827] Could you give these to Trevor to go on the buggy tonight please?
Ann (PS14B) [828] Oh yes.
Dorothy (PS14L) [829] Cos he's
Ann (PS14B) [830] Right.
Dorothy (PS14L) [831] collecting them.
James (PS14C) [832] Cor!
Ann (PS14B) [833] Will
Dorothy (PS14L) [834] And
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [835] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [836] I put
Dorothy (PS14L) [837] I've got them [...] for, for er, see if
Ann (PS14B) [838] Put those
Dorothy (PS14L) [839] they've been a pain.
Ann (PS14B) [840] at that end look.
[841] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [842] Look at our picture!
Dorothy (PS14L) [843] It's erm
James (PS14C) [844] That's a beautiful picture James!
Dorothy (PS14L) [845] I have to freeze it, er defrost it in the kitchen
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [846] the night [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
James (PS14C) [847] You've
Ann (PS14B) [848] Right.
James (PS14C) [849] drawn me a
Ann (PS14B) [850] No problem.
James (PS14C) [851] bee!
[852] Was it
Ann (PS14B) [853] No problem.
James (PS14C) [854] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [855] [...] !
Bryony (PS14N) [856] Nearly
Dorothy (PS14L) [857] And Martin ... you remembered
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [858] It's just there.
Dorothy (PS14L) [859] going to his mum's
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [860] I'll do it again.
Ann (PS14B) [861] Yes.
Dorothy (PS14L) [...]
James (PS14C) [862] And James did it?
[863] Well you're very clever
Ann (PS14B) [864] She, cos she
James (PS14C) [865] boys!
Richard (PS14H) [866] No.
[867] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [868] when she's been at the school gate, she comes
Bryony (PS14N) [869] What's this?
Ann (PS14B) [870] and stands with me anyway usually
Bryony (PS14N) [871] What colour is this?
Ann (PS14B) [872] so I'll see her.
James (PS14C) [873] Mm.
[874] What?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [875] Why?
James (PS14C) [876] So, if you put it up there [...] .
Dorothy (PS14L) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [877] There you are.
James (PS14C) [878] Okay?
[879] There you are.
Dorothy (PS14L) [880] I wonder what's brought this change of heart?
Bryony (PS14N) [881] You have that.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [882] Mummy, see what she needs.
Ann (PS14B) [883] What time have you to be in ... Clackmannan?
Dorothy (PS14L) [884] Two o'clock.
[885] But I've gotta go
Ann (PS14B) [886] Oh.
Dorothy (PS14L) [887] back into the [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [888] Aha.
James (PS14C) [889] The er ... the roads up ... right up to Ashington is ... closed.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [890] I wonder if I'll get o ... through Longhurst okay?
James (PS14C) [891] Well you should do, but it never mentions that.
Dorothy (PS14L) [892] I'm wondering whether to go the A one way, or Longhurst way.
[893] I mean, there's no easy way to get there.
James (PS14C) [894] Th they never mentioned
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [895] You have that.
Bryony (PS14N) [896] And you have those.
Ann (PS14B) [897] Well, there's no, well there is a ... there is a bit between ... er, Ocken and er ... Widdrington isn't there?
[898] There's quite a bit
Dorothy (PS14L) [899] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [900] there.
Dorothy (PS14L) [901] I'll go the A one way I think.
Ann (PS14B) [902] Aha.
James (PS14C) [903] But they've mentioned that ... but it was
Ann (PS14B) [904] You've made clean
James (PS14C) [905] but it was quite funny yesterday when I went to
Ann (PS14B) [906] Let's have a look.
James (PS14C) [907] Ashington.
Dorothy (PS14L) [908] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [909] Oh!
[910] You have done green and red, yes.
James (PS14C) [911] No, but they never mentioned
Ann (PS14B) [912] That's a beautiful picture!
Dorothy (PS14L) [913] He's brought Goldilocks Ann, erm ... can he bring it home please because he reads it at night before he goes to bed.
[914] And if he doesn't he goes mad!
Richard (PS14H) [915] I read, I went [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [916] Cos that's his favourite book.
Ann (PS14B) [917] Oh!
[918] You should have left your Goldilocks at home and just choosed mine.
Dorothy (PS14L) [919] Oh!
[920] You see
Richard (PS14H) [921] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [922] And then we wouldn't, you wouldn't forget.
Richard (PS14H) [923] I wanna read this one.
Dorothy (PS14L) [924] He feels a bit at grief cos he didn't
Richard (PS14H) [925] I didn't
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [926] That one.
Dorothy (PS14L) [927] James had an extra Goldilocks
James (PS14C) [928] Oh dear me!
Dorothy (PS14L) [929] story yesterday, last night.
James (PS14C) [930] Let's have your picture.
Ann (PS14B) [931] Because what?
Dorothy (PS14L) [932] James had an extra Goldilocks story
James (PS14C) [933] Right, the tissues?
Dorothy (PS14L) [934] yesterday so he's brought it with him, it's Ja it's his book!
Ann (PS14B) [935] Oh I see.
James (PS14C) [936] Where are the tissues?
Ann (PS14B) [937] Is that your book today?
[938] The tissues?
[939] In the kitchen I think.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [940] What time
Richard (PS14H) [941] And, and use the, use
James (PS14C) [942] Billy Goats Gruff.
Richard (PS14H) [943] and use the [...] your home.
James (PS14C) [944] Upstairs [...] Billy Goats Gruff Ann?
Richard (PS14H) [945] A and, erm
Ann (PS14B) [946] Pardon?
James (PS14C) [947] I'm talking to [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [948] The Three Billy Goats Gruff?
James (PS14C) [949] Where will it be?
Ann (PS14B) [950] I don't know where it ... it should be
James (PS14C) [951] You've got a runny nose Richard.
Dorothy (PS14L) [952] Give us a kiss bye-bye.
Ann (PS14B) [953] The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Dorothy (PS14L) [954] Yeah I know that.
Ann (PS14B) [955] should be with all the books.
[956] I read it to them yesterday afternoon.
[957] We practised didn't we?
James (PS14C) [958] I don't know.
[959] You
Ann (PS14B) [960] Cos when we went to nursery yesterday morning Jim, all the children
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [961] Mine!
Ann (PS14B) [962] sat on the floor for this story.
Bryony (PS14N) [963] Erm!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [964] Mine!
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [965] And these three wouldn't cos they're used to sitting on the chair arm.
[966] Aren't you?
[967] But we, we'd better practise sitting on the floor for stories, so that you're ready for nursery when you go
James (PS14C) [968] Have to sit on the floor.
Dorothy (PS14L) [969] Well if practise that
Ann (PS14B) [970] properly in May.
Dorothy (PS14L) [971] I'll practise them not running off!
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Bryony (PS14N) [972] I wanna see those [...] !
Dorothy (PS14L) [973] Right, well give us a kiss bye-bye then.
Richard (PS14H) [974] No.
Dorothy (PS14L) [975] See you tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [976] [...] [...] trousers.
Ann (PS14B) [977] Oh no Ja oh!
James (PS14C) [978] It's alright cos Ann's [...]
Dorothy (PS14L) [979] Bye-bye.
James (PS14C) [980] Come and see what Ann's got.
Ann (PS14B) [981] James this ho this hole in the corner near the
Richard (PS14H) [982] Bye-bye.
Ann (PS14B) [983] door is being stuffed
James (PS14C) [984] Ta-ta mummy.
Ann (PS14B) [985] with all kinds of things!
[986] I bet that's where half my crayons are.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [987] Yes, it's in the front room.
James (PS14C) [988] Yes, it's in the front room.
Ann (PS14B) [989] Look, no Richard!
[990] I don't want things stuffing down that hole.
[991] Put it in the bin.
[992] Clever boy.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [993] Come and say bye-bye to mummy, look, cos she's in a hurry.
Richard (PS14H) [994] I want to come with you.
James (PS14C) [995] Yes, well say tarrah to mummy first then.
Ann (PS14B) [996] Come, are you coming to the door?
Richard (PS14H) [997] Well I'll, I'll just [...]
Ann (PS14B) [998] Well pu i alright put it in the bin quickly, then come and say bye-bye to mummy.
[999] Hurry up.
[1000] Hurry up!
[1001] Hurry up!
[1002] Diddle ee dee dee!
[1003] That's it.
James (PS14C) [1004] [...] go and say tarrah to mummy.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1005] Er, no!
Ann (PS14B) [1006] [laughing] Oh ho [] !
Dorothy (PS14L) [1007] [laughing] James doesn't!
[1008] Oh ho [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1009] Oh!
[1010] What a polite boy.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1011] I know.
James (PS14C) [1012] Bye-bye mummy.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
Dorothy (PS14L) [1013] Go on then, give me a [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1014] No!
Dorothy (PS14L) [1015] I've got to open that without that in.
James (PS14C) [1016] Tarrah mummy!
Dorothy (PS14L) [1017] Bye-bye! [...]
Richard (PS14H) [1018] I want Beethoven music.
[1019] We want Beethoven!
James (PS14C) [1020] You want Beethoven music?
Ann (PS14B) [1021] You want Beethov
James (PS14C) [1022] Oh alright.
Richard (PS14H) [1023] I want [...] !
Ann (PS14B) [1024] Who wants Beethoven music?
James (PS14C) [1025] Richard and James.
Ann (PS14B) [1026] Oh right, if
Bryony (PS14N) [1027] Richard and James.
Ann (PS14B) [1028] alright you can have Beethoven music.
[1029] I'm going to go and wave to your mummy, seeing as no one else will!
Richard (PS14H) [1030] She's gone, mummy.
Ann (PS14B) [1031] Horrible lot!
[1032] ... I'll wave [laughing] to you [] .
Dorothy (PS14L) [1033] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [1034] They're too busy ... jumping around wanting Beethoven music.
Dorothy (PS14L) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS14L) [1035] I wonder if [...] up to them you know.
Ann (PS14B) [1036] [laugh] ... Well they don't like Elvis.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1037] No they don't.
Ann (PS14B) [1038] James doesn't anyway.
[1039] He switched it off.
[1040] ... Are you staying at your mum's tonight?
Dorothy (PS14L) [1041] No.
[1042] I'm staying at Christopher's.
Ann (PS14B) [1043] Oh.
[1044] Aha.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1045] She's not been any more so ... I'll have to go round to [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1046] Aha.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1047] And then he'll be [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1048] How long's your mother going to stay?
Dorothy (PS14L) [1049] Few weeks.
Ann (PS14B) [1050] [laugh] ... [laughing] Don't look like that [] !
Dorothy (PS14L) [1051] Well
Ann (PS14B) [1052] Oh!
Dorothy (PS14L) [1053] But the thing is, my mum's an and, and Trevor's Aunty Edna have started writing to each other and have become friends ... so we'll see you again at Christmas ... [laughing] she'll say to aunty Edna [] !
[1054] So they've both invited themselves again.
Ann (PS14B) [1055] Oh!
[1056] God!
Dorothy (PS14L) [1057] [laugh] ... And my mum's going to ... on holiday to Wales ... she thinks, this summer
Ann (PS14B) [1058] Aha.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1059] which I'm really pleased about cos she's never done that before in Wales.
Ann (PS14B) [1060] Yes.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1061] But she might be going with a friend, and I think she's planning on meeting up with Aunty Edna.
[1062] So it's gonna be a conspiracy against him.
Ann (PS14B) [1063] Aunty Edna's Trevor's Aunty Edna i that's right
Dorothy (PS14L) [1064] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [1065] yes.
[1066] Oh well.
Dorothy (PS14L) [1067] But they're lovely separately.
[1068] ... Put them together, and I think we've lost out.
Ann (PS14B) [1069] [laugh] ... Oh well. [car starting]
Dorothy (PS14L) [1070] Martin still calls her Aunty Yakky Da!
Ann (PS14B) [1071] O hang on, I can't hear you.
[1072] What?
Dorothy (PS14L) [1073] Martin still calls her Aunty Yakky Da. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [1074] Aunty Yakky Da!
[1075] [laugh] ... Yakky Da!
[1076] [laugh] ... Right.
[1077] I'll see you on
Dorothy (PS14L) [1078] Monday.
Ann (PS14B) [1079] Monday.
[1080] Bye!
Dorothy (PS14L) [1081] Bye!
Bryony (PS14N) [1082] We, we just ... we, we're having a look at Beethoven's music!
Ann (PS14B) [1083] Yo you're not having a look at Beethoven music, you're listening to Beethoven music.
Bryony (PS14N) [1084] We're lis we're listening. [music]
James (PS14C) [1085] And then they want Mozart music on they said.
Ann (PS14B) [1086] Who wants Mozart?
Richard (PS14H) [1087] After, after
James (PS14C) [1088] Richard.
Richard (PS14H) [1089] Beethoven's
James (PS14C) [1090] did.
Ann (PS14B) [1091] After Beethoven, what?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1092] You want Mozart music do you?
Richard (PS14H) [1093] After Beethoven.
Ann (PS14B) [1094] I see.
Bryony (PS14N) [1095] Me ee!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1096] And er, and [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1097] And Bryony's going to play the piano at the same time
Richard (PS14H) [1098] Yeah.
[1099] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1100] is she?
Bryony (PS14N) [1101] He says he's gonna
Ann (PS14B) [1102] Pardon?
Richard (PS14H) [1103] Ah, I am.
James (PS14C) [1104] Those begonias are doing quite well now look.
Ann (PS14B) [1105] Ooh yes!
[1106] They've sprouted up.
Richard (PS14H) [1107] That's erm ... Billy Goat Gruff.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...] [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1108] Richard, what?
[1109] Yes.
[1110] That's Billy Goat Gruff.
[1111] Look at these begonias!
Richard (PS14H) [1112] Oh! [...] !
Bryony (PS14N) [1113] I want to see the Billy Goat Gruff.
Ann (PS14B) [1114] They're growing bigger aren't they?
Bryony (PS14N) [1115] Billy Goat Gruff.
James (PS14C) [1116] Mind the door darling.
Ann (PS14B) [1117] I think that umbrella tree's going to have to be thrown out.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [music]
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [1118] Hello!
[1119] Anna!
Ann (PS14B) [1120] Hello Bryony!
Bryony (PS14N) [1121] Look!
James (PS14C) [1122] Come on.
[1123] You can come and [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1124] Yes, I'm in here as well.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [piano music]
James (PS14C) [1125] What d'ya have
Ann (PS14B) [1126] Well
James (PS14C) [1127] to do?
Richard (PS14H) [1128] The very ... [...]
James (PS14C) [1129] Billy Goats Gruff.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1130] How can you listen to music and listen to the Three Billy Goats Gruff at the same time?
Bryony (PS14N) [1131] Once upon a time!
[1132] Once upon a time
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
James (PS14C) [1133] Once upon a time
Ann (PS14B) [1134] Why don't you save the story for when I go to the hairdresser?
James (PS14C) [1135] there was three billy goats
Ann (PS14B) [1136] Cos I'll be going out in
Bryony (PS14N) [1137] Hello!
Ann (PS14B) [1138] in what?
James (PS14C) [1139] I made some coffee?
Ann (PS14B) [1140] Have you?
[1141] Oh thank you.
James (PS14C) [1142] One fine day in the Bluesberry Woods [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1143] Right, Jim's made me some coffee, so while you have the story
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1144] Yes, yes!
James (PS14C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1145] Me!
Ann (PS14B) [1146] I'll go and drink my coffee.
James (PS14C) [1147] and at the bridge lived [...] three billy goats gruff
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1148] Look what I've got!
Bryony (PS14N) [1149] I founded you
Ann (PS14B) [1150] You found it for me?
[1151] What is it you've found for me?
Bryony (PS14N) [1152] Erm, a card.
Ann (PS14B) [1153] Oh, my Mother's Day Card.
[1154] That's the one from Jim.
[1155] What are you doing? [piano music]
Richard (PS14H) [1156] [...] !
James (PS14C) [1157] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [1158] Right, take ... come and have your milk and biscuits, I've got it ready.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1159] Come along Bryony.
Bryony (PS14N) [1160] I want that off.
James (PS14C) [1161] Alright.
[1162] I'll turn it off then.
Ann (PS14B) [1163] Jim put it off.
James (PS14C) [1164] Don't touch!
[1165] Go with Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [1166] Come along then.
[1167] It's ready.
James (PS14C) [1168] Come and get your biscuits.
Ann (PS14B) [1169] Cos I've got to go out in a few minutes.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1170] I know, I wa I want this
Ann (PS14B) [1171] Come along James.
James (PS14C) [1172] Won't this work [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1173] What are you doing this?
Ann (PS14B) [1174] What am I doing?
[1175] I'm get I've ... going to give you your milk and biscuits.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1176] What have you got in your hand?
Ann (PS14B) [1177] What have I got in my hand?
[1178] I've got a ... a tape recorder in my hand.
[1179] Right, let's have you at the table.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1180] Well, Bryony wants to sit in her own chair today, so you sit on your own chair.
Richard (PS14H) [1181] No I don't want to sit there.
Ann (PS14B) [1182] Well she might want to swap later.
Richard (PS14H) [1183] [crying] I don't
Ann (PS14B) [1184] You don't wa
Richard (PS14H) [1185] wanna go on my chair [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1186] You don't want to go on your chair?
[1187] You haven't sat in your own chair all this week.
Richard (PS14H) [1188] I don't wanna sit on that!
Ann (PS14B) [1189] Come on.
[1190] Clever boy.
[1191] Cos I've got to go out in ten minutes, I'm going to get my hair done and you're going to look after Jim aren't you?
[1192] Come along.
[1193] Up you jump.
[1194] Let's see how quickly you can jump up off the floor.
[1195] Let's see if you can jump up
James (PS14C) [1196] [cough] Well where's my [] coffee then?
Richard (PS14H) [whining] [...] []
Ann (PS14B) [1197] I thought you'd had yours when you made mine.
[1198] I'll make you
James (PS14C) [1199] I made yours, and mine, but you never
Richard (PS14H) [1200] [whining] I'm
Ann (PS14B) [1201] brought mine.
Richard (PS14H) [1202] finishing my cup [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1203] Oh!
[1204] Sorry.
[1205] I didn't think it was in there.
[1206] Let's see how quickly Richard can
Richard (PS14H) [1207] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1208] jump up, see if he can jump up before I count three.
[1209] One, two
Richard (PS14H) [1210] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1211] three!
[1212] Oh!
[1213] He
James (PS14C) [1214] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [1215] can't.
[1216] Come on Twinkle, up you come.
[1217] Oh!
Richard (PS14H) [1218] No!
[1219] No!
Ann (PS14B) [1220] You're going to have a squawk are you?
Richard (PS14H) [1221] [crying] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1222] Don't you want this nice biscuit?
Richard (PS14H) [1223] I don't want any
Ann (PS14B) [1224] No do there's yours look James.
[1225] Don't eat
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1226] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [1227] your brother's as well.
[1228] Oh well.
[1229] Richard doesn't want his biscuit.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1230] [whining] He just got mine then [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1231] He hasn't, I got it back off him.
[1232] Look, there it is.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1233] [whining] He just took it [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1234] There it is.
[1235] Up you jump.
[1236] There.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1237] [whining] He just got it [] .
[1238] [crying] I just wanna have er any [...] [] !
Richard (PS14H) [1239] [...] ... And that one's yours.
Ann (PS14B) [1240] Right, I'll ... we'll go out after dinner shall we?
Richard (PS14H) [1241] Well I just wanna go
Ann (PS14B) [1242] We'll go and see if the river's gone down any more.
[1243] See if the swans have come back shall we?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1244] After dinner!
Richard (PS14H) [1245] Where were they?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1246] [whining] I don't want another [...] []
Richard (PS14H) [1247] I think it might be deep, because that'll be deep.
Bryony (PS14N) [1248] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [1249] Is it very deep?
[1250] That wasn't
Bryony (PS14N) [1251] Yeah.
Richard (PS14H) [1252] I'm not going to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1253] It will be deep.
Ann (PS14B) [1254] Well
Richard (PS14H) [1255] I am not going to [...] ma ma my, I do ... [whining] I am not going to go in my own chair [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1256] You're not going to go in your own chair?
[1257] Well, in that case, wait till Bryony's finished hers and then you can sit in her chair.
[1258] Will that do you?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1259] See if we've got ... there's lots of milk left.
[1260] Right.
Bryony (PS14N) [1261] He's got his ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1262] Mummy, I'm tired.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1263] Mine!
Ann (PS14B) [1264] Well give him it ... what back?
Bryony (PS14N) [1265] My drink.
Richard (PS14H) [1266] Well that biscuit.
[1267] I've drunk ... drunken it.
Ann (PS14B) [1268] You've drunken it?
[1269] It's, you ... you've drunk it you mean?
[1270] No you haven't.
[1271] Are you going to drink yours later then?
Richard (PS14H) [1272] I'm going to look for my [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1273] I think I'll have to get some straws and you can practise drinking out of th drinking with straws.
[1274] Cos they have little
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1275] We
Ann (PS14B) [1276] milk bottles at nursery school don't they?
[1277] With straws.
Richard (PS14H) [1278] So we could [...]

5 (Tape 069201)

Ann (PS14B) [1279] Quickly!
James (PS14M) [1280] I don't
Ann (PS14B) [1281] Look ... if we don't be quick it'll be time to meet the children from school before
James (PS14M) [1282] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1283] we've even ... got anywhere.
[1284] Right, here are your reins Bryony.
[1285] Have yours then.
[1286] Arms in.
Bryony (PS14N) [1287] Don't want to.
Ann (PS14B) [1288] Just put your straps on
Bryony (PS14N) [1289] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [1290] so you can get in the buggy.
Bryony (PS14N) [moan]
Ann (PS14B) [1291] Yes you can have the red cover on you, don't worry.
[1292] Haven't even got the buggy out yet.
[1293] I didn't
James (PS14M) [1294] Have you got
Ann (PS14B) [1295] want to get it out till the last minute in case it rained on it again.
[1296] Right, who's next?
Bryony (PS14N) [1297] I'm red.
Richard (PS14H) [1298] I'm next!
Bryony (PS14N) [1299] [crying] I'm red [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1300] You're red!
[1301] I no, the door's locked Bryony.
[1302] I'm not ready to get the buggy out yet.
[1303] I haven't got your coats on, or mine even.
[1304] Right.
[1305] You stand still.
[1306] Good boy.
[1307] Hood up.
[1308] Wait a minute!
[1309] Where are your reins?
[1310] Don't think that, come here!
[1311] Don't run away when I'm trying to
James (PS14M) [1312] Richard
Ann (PS14B) [1313] get you ready!
James (PS14M) [1314] Richard run away.
Ann (PS14B) [1315] Well Richard'll be left behind won't he?
[1316] ... Come on Richard.
Richard (PS14H) [1317] I'm coming!
Ann (PS14B) [1318] If you're coming, come now.
Richard (PS14H) [1319] I'm going in the
James (PS14M) [1320] I'm really cold!
Richard (PS14H) [1321] front today.
Ann (PS14B) [1322] No, I want James in the front today.
Bryony (PS14N) [1323] Oh!
[1324] And I'm having the, I'm er ... I having the
Ann (PS14B) [1325] Listen to me!
[1326] Listen to me!
[1327] Listen to me!
Bryony (PS14N) [1328] Well I'm having the ee ee
Ann (PS14B) [1329] Will you be qui ... yo will you be quiet and listen please.
[1330] I want James in the front today because ... the buggy is easier to tip up with the lightest one in the front.
[1331] And
Richard (PS14H) [1332] Oh oh!
Ann (PS14B) [1333] if it starts to snow or hailstone, or pour down ... I want to try and carry the umbrella ... and it's very difficult
James (PS14M) [1334] I wa do I wa I wa I wa I want ah
Ann (PS14B) [1335] to, push a buggy with three of you in, and hold an umbrella up.
[1336] So ... now don't vanish again.
[1337] You can't get out the door James cos it's locked.
James (PS14M) [...]
Richard (PS14H) [1338] You've got reins. [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [1339] You're going to get it.
Richard (PS14H) [1340] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1341] Right, let's have the cream on your faces.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1342] Come here.
[1343] Come ... come on, we've got to windproof
Richard (PS14H) [1344] I'm not a
Ann (PS14B) [1345] you.
Richard (PS14H) [1346] I'm not ha having some on my face.
Bryony (PS14N) [1347] Am I?
James (PS14M) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [1348] Lift your ... dab, dab, dab ... dab ... dab.
James (PS14M) [1349] My mummy.
Ann (PS14B) [1350] Rub a dub dub, three
Bryony (PS14N) [1351] I don't want that.
Ann (PS14B) [1352] keep still it'll go in your mush.
[1353] Three men in
Richard (PS14H) [1354] A tub
Ann (PS14B) [1355] a tub.
Bryony (PS14N) [1356] [whining] I don't like that [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1357] Yes you do like it, it stops your face getting sore.
Bryony (PS14N) [1358] [whining] I don't like it [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1359] Who wants a sore face?
Bryony (PS14N) [moan]
Richard (PS14H) [1360] I don't like it.
James (PS14M) [1361] I don't.
Ann (PS14B) [1362] No you don't.
Richard (PS14H) [1363] I don't.
Ann (PS14B) [1364] Did you have to do that James?
[1365] Give it back to me please.
[1366] Thank you.
[1367] It'll have to be washed now.
[1368] Right, let's have the cream on your face.
[1369] Bryony do you want some?
Bryony (PS14N) [1370] No.
James (PS14M) [1371] But, I don't.
[1372] But, we need
Bryony (PS14N) [1373] I don't.
[1374] Ready.
[1375] I don't want some on me.
[1376] But I don't want some on me.
Ann (PS14B) [1377] Stand still please James.
Bryony (PS14N) [1378] [whining] I don't want some
James (PS14M) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [1379] on me.
[1380] I don't want some on me [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1381] Well don't you?
[1382] Why?
Bryony (PS14N) [1383] But I don't.
Ann (PS14B) [1384] Well your face doesn't get in a mess like the boys
Richard (PS14H) [1385] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1386] does, does it?
Bryony (PS14N) [1387] [whining] I don't [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1388] Alright.
[1389] Just a tiny bit to your face.
[1390] So your face doesn't get
Bryony (PS14N) [1391] [whingeing] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1392] sore.
Bryony (PS14N) [1393] [whingeing] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1394] Alright.
Richard (PS14H) [1395] You get rid of them shells.
James (PS14M) [1396] No. [singing] [...] []
Ann (PS14B) [1397] Hey!
[1398] Little boys do not sit on windowsills.
[1399] Get down!
[1400] Before you break your neck.
[1401] Come on.
[1402] Down, quickly.
[1403] Get back on that chair arm.
James (PS14M) [1404] Get off!
Richard (PS14H) [crying]
James (PS14M) [1405] I pull him down.
Ann (PS14B) [1406] It's not a good idea to pull him off.
[1407] Let me have a look.
Richard (PS14H) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1408] Don't you climb on now you've pulled him off.
Richard (PS14H) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1409] Let's have a look at you.
Richard (PS14H) [1410] [crying] He's [...] [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1411] What did you bump?
[1412] Show me what you bumped.
Richard (PS14H) [1413] [crying] I hate you [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1414] Show me what you bumped.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
James (PS14M) [1415] Erm, I fell off the end.
Ann (PS14B) [1416] He just did something did he?
James (PS14M) [1417] Aha.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1418] Come on, let's have your straps on.
Bryony (PS14N) [1419] Er, what has he done?
[1420] What did he do'ed ?
[1421] What did he do?
Ann (PS14B) [1422] What did he do?
Bryony (PS14N) [1423] On the arm.
Ann (PS14B) [1424] James pulled Richard off the windowsill and sat on his head.
[1425] Now come down!
[1426] Down!
[1427] Now!
[1428] You're not to climb up there.
[1429] Dangerous.
Bryony (PS14N) [1430] He know, it's high.
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1431] You will fall on yourself and bang your head on the radiator when you step backwards.
Bryony (PS14N) [1432] Well don't kick ... me with those shoes.
James (PS14M) [1433] We're going.
Ann (PS14B) [1434] Yes.
[1435] Right.
[1436] ... Have my coat on.
Bryony (PS14N) [1437] Where are we going now?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1438] Will you pick that
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1439] cover up off the floor please so I can get near the back door?
[1440] Thank you.
Richard (PS14H) [1441] That's my
James (PS14M) [1442] Ooh!
[1443] Ooh!
Richard (PS14H) [1444] cover, there's my rain cover.
[1445] There
Ann (PS14B) [1446] That one's Bryony's the red one.
[1447] Who knows where my gloves are?
Bryony (PS14N) [1448] Mine is the red one.
Ann (PS14B) [1449] Here's yours, yours is on the radiator Richard.
[1450] There's yours.
[1451] And I
Richard (PS14H) [1452] Mine.
Ann (PS14B) [1453] don't want you to take them outside because you trail them in the wet.
Bryony (PS14N) [1454] I know
Ann (PS14B) [1455] And there's no point in
Bryony (PS14N) [1456] we do.
Ann (PS14B) [1457] put, covering you
James (PS14M) [1458] I want my raincoat on.
[1459] That's my raincoat.
Ann (PS14B) [1460] I'm going to cover you up with
James (PS14M) [1461] And thi thi
Ann (PS14B) [1462] Yes, that one's yours.
James (PS14M) [1463] out.
Ann (PS14B) [1464] Let me find my gloves first.
[1465] Are they in my shopping bag?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [1466] And my covers!
James (PS14M) [1467] Richard
Ann (PS14B) [1468] No they're not in
James (PS14M) [1469] like this.
Richard (PS14H) [1470] Where's mine?
Ann (PS14B) [1471] Where's your cover?
[1472] It's on the radiator in the hall.
[1473] Go and get it carefully
Bryony (PS14N) [1474] It's
Ann (PS14B) [1475] I think
Bryony (PS14N) [1476] lovely and warm.
Ann (PS14B) [1477] I think it's there.
[1478] No it's not, it's in the chair in the kitchen look.
[1479] It's on the chair in the kitchen.
[1480] Why have you only got one hand in this glove.
James (PS14M) [1481] Oh oh oh!
Bryony (PS14N) [1482] There.
[1483] There.
James (PS14M) [1484] Where, [singing] [...] [] aargh!
Bryony (PS14N) [1485] [shouting] Mine!
[1486] Mine [] !
[1487] [crying] Mine, he's [...] [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1488] What are you doing?
[1489] Don't! [laugh]
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1490] I think I'll cry in a minute.
[1491] Get out the way.
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1492] What's the matter?
[1493] Did you hit your sister again?
[1494] Well ... you might be the smallest, but you're a bully do you know that?
Bryony (PS14N) [1495] [crying] He's a naughty boy [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1496] He is a naughty boy when he hits you for nothing.
[1497] That's not kind is it?
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
James (PS14M) [1498] I'll [...] in a minute!
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1499] You'll what in a minute?
[1500] Right.
[1501] Let's have my lipstick on.
[1502] We'll be ready yet, won't we?
Richard (PS14H) [1503] Ooh!
[1504] Ooh!
[1505] Ooh!
Ann (PS14B) [1506] What time is it?
Richard (PS14H) [1507] [whining] I don't wanna go out.
[1508] I don't wanna go out [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1509] Do you realize we've been trying to get ready for twenty minutes?
[1510] Or more.
[1511] Move over please, I can't get past you.
Bryony (PS14N) [1512] You can.
Ann (PS14B) [1513] I can't.
[1514] Let me just write the
James (PS14M) [1515] [singing] Dee dee ee, dee dee ah ha [] .
Bryony (PS14N) [1516] Did you see the river?
Ann (PS14B) [1517] Hold on a minute.

6 (Tape 069202)

Ann (PS14B) [1518] There you are, you're past.
James (PS14M) [1519] Yep.
[1520] Let's go out.
Bryony (PS14N) [1521] [...] he hit
Ann (PS14B) [1522] Richard, where have you got
Bryony (PS14N) [1523] me!
Ann (PS14B) [1524] I know he hit you pet, but you're better now aren't you?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1525] Richard, come back please.
Bryony (PS14N) [1526] Naughty.
[1527] Er, naughty.
Ann (PS14B) [1528] No you do not need to go in the shower.
[1529] You're not going in the shower!
[1530] Come back!
Bryony (PS14N) [1531] I've been in the
James (PS14M) [1532] Come back!
Bryony (PS14N) [1533] shower.
Ann (PS14B) [1534] You've been in the shower have you?
Bryony (PS14N) [1535] I been in the shower.
Richard (PS14H) [1536] I go in that shower [...] .
Bryony (PS14N) [1537] I been in the shower.
Ann (PS14B) [1538] Have you?
James (PS14M) [...]
Richard (PS14H) [1539] I'm going to climb in.
Ann (PS14B) [1540] You're not supposed to go in the shower with shoes on.
Richard (PS14H) [1541] I did.
[1542] I did.
Ann (PS14B) [1543] Right.
[1544] I'm fastened up.
James (PS14M) [1545] Well turn it on [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1546] Now then, gloves.
[1547] Where have I put the key?
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1548] I'm going to get the buggy out of the garage so mind your,
Bryony (PS14N) [1549] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [1550] lift Jack out the way.
[1551] Now listen, I want ... nobody to come over the step because you're trailing these covers ... and you'll get them wet, so inside!
[1552] Are you listening James?
James (PS14M) [1553] I am listening.
Ann (PS14B) [1554] Good.
[1555] I'm pleased to hear it.
[1556] Right, I'll just get the ... when I get this lock off ... two ... three, that's it.
[1557] ... I said stay inside James!
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1558] No!
[1559] Stay on the doorstep please till I bring the buggy over.
[1560] Cos it's very wet, and if you jump in this puddle and get your trousers wet we'll never get out if we've got to stop to change you.
[1561] ... Oh!
[1562] And I hope the handle's not stuck this time.
[1563] Or I'll have to bash it with a rolling pin again.
Bryony (PS14N) [1564] I want to go.
Ann (PS14B) [1565] You want to what?
Bryony (PS14N) [1566] I want to go in my seat.
Ann (PS14B) [1567] Oh in a minute, I've got to put ... get my lock off the gate ... put it back in.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1568] Now wait a minute till I get the handle fixed.
[1569] Wait a min oh!
[1570] It's sticking, look.
[1571] Let me, wait till I
Bryony (PS14N) [1572] You come in and
Ann (PS14B) [1573] tt.
Bryony (PS14N) [1574] get one.
Ann (PS14B) [1575] [sighing] Oh [] !
Bryony (PS14N) [1576] You come in and get one.
Ann (PS14B) [1577] No!
[1578] Don't get in yet ple ... er ... will you bring me the rolling pin please James.
James (PS14M) [1579] I will.
Ann (PS14B) [1580] Go with si go on then, now!
Bryony (PS14N) [1581] I want, I want to go in.
Ann (PS14B) [1582] Let me get ... anybody.
[1583] Don't fight, I asked James cos he was nearest Richard.
Bryony (PS14N) [1584] I sit in.
Ann (PS14B) [1585] You're not going in the front Bryony, you're going in the back beside Richard.
[1586] Can you get in the back please.
Bryony (PS14N) [1587] I'm in, in the back.
Ann (PS14B) [1588] Go on then, climb in the back.
Richard (PS14H) [1589] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1590] I wonder if I kicked it
James (PS14M) [1591] Is that a rolling pin?
Ann (PS14B) [1592] wait a minute I've kicked it.
[1593] Oh!
[1594] It's a bit
James (PS14M) [1595] Is that a rolling pin?
Ann (PS14B) [1596] Still no good though.
James (PS14M) [1597] Is that a rolling pin?
Ann (PS14B) [1598] Yes, no.
[1599] [laughing] That's a roll of greaseproof paper [] .
[1600] You know what a rolling pin looks like.
[1601] What do we use when we're baking pas oh it's alright, I've fixed it.
[1602] Right.
[1603] Wait till I put the brake on.
[1604] Right, come and get in.
[1605] Bryony, you've got in the front, you're supposed to be in the back.
Bryony (PS14N) [1606] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [1607] Come on.
Bryony (PS14N) [1608] [whining] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1609] In you get.
Bryony (PS14N) [1610] No!
Ann (PS14B) [1611] Good girl.
[1612] Sit down please.
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [1613] Sit down please.
Bryony (PS14N) [1614] [crying] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1615] That's it.
Bryony (PS14N) [1616] No!
Ann (PS14B) [1617] That's a rolling pin.
[1618] Clever boy.
[1619] But it, I don't need it now, I managed to fix it without bashing it with that.
Richard (PS14H) [1620] Oh jump!
Ann (PS14B) [1621] [sighing] Mm [] .
[1622] ... Don't climb over backwards, get in the side like you're supposed to.
Bryony (PS14N) [1623] He's getting in my
Ann (PS14B) [1624] In you get.
Bryony (PS14N) [1625] side!
Ann (PS14B) [1626] He's not in your side.
[1627] Right.
[1628] Sit down so I can fasten you all in.
Bryony (PS14N) [1629] No!
Ann (PS14B) [1630] Wait a minute.
James (PS14M) [1631] I'll go in that ... one side.
Bryony (PS14N) [moan]
James (PS14M) [1632] And mine
Ann (PS14B) [1633] [sighing] Oh [] .
James (PS14M) [1634] not that.
Ann (PS14B) [1635] Where's Richard clipped in.
[1636] Turn round James.
[1637] Put your foot re
Richard (PS14H) [1638] Ee ee ee [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1639] Put your footrest up.
James (PS14M) [1640] What?
[1641] What?
Bryony (PS14N) [1642] [crying] No!
[1643] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1644] Leave your sister's face alone Re Richard.
Bryony (PS14N) [1645] [crying] Er, naughty boy [] !
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1646] I think your brothers are not being kind to you today are they?
Bryony (PS14N) [1647] They're naughty boys!
Ann (PS14B) [1648] Don't say it's raining again!
[1649] Oh!
[1650] Ah.
James (PS14M) [1651] Not raining
Ann (PS14B) [1652] There.
James (PS14M) [1653] now.
Ann (PS14B) [1654] Right, that's everybody clipped in.
[1655] Let's get your rain covers on.
[1656] Keep
Richard (PS14H) [1657] Yep.
Ann (PS14B) [1658] the wind off you.
Bryony (PS14N) [1659] No!
[1660] No!
[1661] [whining] I don't, I don't want to [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1662] Maybe you don't want to but it'll keep the wind off you, and it keeps raining.
Bryony (PS14N) [1663] [whining] No!
[1664] No [] !
Ann (PS14B) [1665] Well you'll just have to cry Bryony because you're going to have them on because it keeps raining.
Bryony (PS14N) [1666] I don't
Ann (PS14B) [1667] And, they'll keep your hands warm cos none of you'll keep your gloves on will you?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1668] Right.
[1669] Red one for Bryony
Bryony (PS14N) [1670] [whining] No [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1671] to match your coat.
[1672] Here we are.
[1673] Where is she?
James (PS14M) [1674] My hood's come off.
[1675] Quick!
Ann (PS14B) [1676] Your ho alright!
[1677] Your hood's come off, we'll pull it up again.
[1678] Don't panic.
[1679] ... Just tell me, there's no need to squawk.
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1680] Right.
[1681] Let's see.
Bryony (PS14N) [1682] And you've done it like this.
Ann (PS14B) [1683] Put your head up straight so I can get this one on top of this.
[1684] And then it won't come off.
James (PS14M) [1685] [whining] It's on [...] [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1686] Your hood's up, your, your anorak will
James (PS14M) [1687] [whining] But I want it that way [] .
Ann (PS14B) [1688] You don't want it
James (PS14M) [1689] That way.
Ann (PS14B) [1690] That's right.
[1691] That's the way it goes.
James (PS14M) [1692] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [1693] Now then, let's see ... put your feet straight on the footrest so I can ... tuck these things over.
Richard (PS14H) [1694] Well you just get my rain cover.
[1695] I haven't got mine.
Ann (PS14B) [1696] I'm going to get your rain cover, I can only ... I've got two hands and there are three of you.
[1697] So you have to wait your turn.
[1698] ... Who's been tearing up all the newspaper that the wet wellies were on?
James (PS14M) [1699] I don't know.
Ann (PS14B) [1700] Right.
[1701] Richard, let's get yours on.
Richard (PS14H) [1702] We didn't do it, we didn't do it [...] Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [1703] [laughing] Oh!
[1704] No, you never do it do you [] ?
Richard (PS14H) [1705] The other one did, no, other ones did it.
Ann (PS14B) [1706] The other ones did?
Richard (PS14H) [1707] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [1708] It wasn't torn up when the other ones went to school.
[1709] So I don't think they did it.
[1710] Put your arm ... up a little bit till I can get this pulled down over your feet.
[1711] ... There!
[1712] Is everybody wrapped up warm?
[1713] ... Now ... hang on, cos I need some tissues in my pocket.
[1714] Erm ... where are we?
[1715] I don't need my purse.
Richard (PS14H) [1716] Do you need your pen?
Ann (PS14B) [1717] [sigh] ... Let's see ... I need my umbrella ... my gloves, where have I put the key now?
[1718] I took it out so you wouldn't lock me ou oh, it's my coat pocket.
[1719] I'll just put the ... lock off the gate on the windowsill.
[1720] Er ... I need that piece of paper.
[1721] ... I think we're ready.
[1722] ... I think.
[1723] Right, what's stuck to my foot?
[1724] A piece of newspaper.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1725] Lock the door.
Richard (PS14H) [1726] Take that ... you've got to take that.
Ann (PS14B) [1727] I've got, yes.
Richard (PS14H) [1728] You've got to take that?
[1729] You've got to take that!
Ann (PS14B) [1730] Mhm.
[1731] ... Can I put this bag
Bryony (PS14N) [moan]
Ann (PS14B) [1732] do you think it'll just go on there?
Bryony (PS14N) [1733] By me.
Ann (PS14B) [1734] I'll just put it on there like that.
Bryony (PS14N) [1735] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1736] Cos it keeps slipping off my shoulder.
[1737] Oh!
[1738] I've still got my glasses on and I don't need them.
James (PS14M) [1739] I don't like that there.
Ann (PS14B) [1740] I'll just put them in the bag cos I've locked the door.
James (PS14M) [1741] And move your bag.
[1742] Carry it on my shoulders.
Ann (PS14B) [1743] Yes.
[1744] I know you carry it on your shoulder sometimes.
[1745] It's a bit long for you.
[1746] Oh!
James (PS14M) [1747] But
Ann (PS14B) [1748] Look at
James (PS14M) [1749] I want
Ann (PS14B) [1750] I'll have to go back in the house because I've got two odd gloves on.
[1751] I've got two left hand gloves here.
[1752] Ooh, I am a nitwit!
[1753] ... I don't know where I go er ... [sigh] ... Right.
[1754] That's better.
[1755] I've got ... a pair of gloves now instead of two odd ones.
James (PS14M) [1756] Well put it on.
Ann (PS14B) [1757] I'm going to put it o
James (PS14M) [1758] You can put that one on.
Ann (PS14B) [1759] I'm going to put it on.
James (PS14M) [1760] Put that one on.
[1761] Got that one on.
Ann (PS14B) [1762] Yes.
[1763] Right.
Richard (PS14H) [1764] And that [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1765] Take the brake off, and off we go.
[1766] Are we ready?
[1767] We'll reverse out the gate.
Richard (PS14H) [1768] That way.
Ann (PS14B) [1769] Are you going to reverse.
[1770] Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!
Bryony (PS14N) [1771] I don't want
Richard (PS14H) [1772] Ann.
Bryony (PS14N) [1773] to.
Ann (PS14B) [1774] Aren't you doing it today?
James (PS14M) [1775] We're a minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1776] We're a minibus today are we?
[1777] Right, we're in the
James (PS14M) [1778] We're in a [...] minibus.
Bryony (PS14N) [1779] There.
[1780] May we driving the minibus
James (PS14M) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [1781] with you.
Ann (PS14B) [1782] You're in a minibus Bryony.
[1783] James said he's in a double decker.
Richard (PS14H) [1784] And we're, I, I'm driving the ... [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1785] A what?
Bryony (PS14N) [1786] I'm driving a minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1787] You're driving a mini
James (PS14M) [1788] I'm driving a double
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
James (PS14M) [1789] decker.
Bryony (PS14N) [1790] I'm driving a minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1791] Yes, you're driving a minibus Bryony.
[1792] James is driving a double decker.
[1793] I don't know what Richard's driving.
Richard (PS14H) [1794] I'm driving a double decker.
Ann (PS14B) [1795] You're driving a double decker as well.
Richard (PS14H) [1796] I'm driving a double decker.
James (PS14M) [1797] The road!
Ann (PS14B) [1798] There we are.
James (PS14M) [1799] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [1800] Paul must be fixing his car.
Bryony (PS14N) [1801] Paul not in his car today.
Ann (PS14B) [1802] Pardon?
Bryony (PS14N) [1803] Paul not in his car today?
Ann (PS14B) [1804] Paul's not in his car today?
[1805] No.
[1806] I think he's been fixing it.
[1807] [cough] ... Not many flowers left on that winter jasmine now are there?
James (PS14M) [1808] Winter jasmine.
Ann (PS14B) [1809] Yes.
[1810] It's winter jasmine.
[1811] There's only about six left on.
[1812] ... The leaves are growing now though.
[1813] The flowers come on before the leaves come on.
[1814] And when the when the flowers drop off the leaves grow.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1815] Pardon.
[1816] ... You'll have to talk louder I can't hear you, you're all muffled under those covers.
James (PS14M) [1817] And we're all muffled under the [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1818] And the wind's blowing in my ears.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1819] Pardon.
Richard (PS14H) [1820] We're nice and warm aren't we?
Ann (PS14B) [1821] You're nice and warm?
Richard (PS14H) [1822] We're nice and warm now.
Bryony (PS14N) [1823] We're nice and warm.
Ann (PS14B) [1824] Yes you are nice and warm.
James (PS14M) [1825] We're nice and warm.
Ann (PS14B) [1826] My face is cold.
[1827] The rest of me gets warm with pushing this
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1828] buggy.
Richard (PS14H) [1829] I'm cold.
James (PS14M) [1830] Buggy.
Richard (PS14H) [1831] Buggy.
[1832] Buggy.
[1833] Buggy.
Bryony (PS14N) [1834] My hands are cold.
Ann (PS14B) [1835] Mm?
Bryony (PS14N) [1836] I saw a Telecom ... van.
Ann (PS14B) [1837] You did.
Bryony (PS14N) [1838] I saw a Telecom van
Ann (PS14B) [1839] I don't think it is a Telecom van any more.
[1840] It used to be ... but I think it's an old
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1841] I think it's an old one that somebody's bought to use for themselves.
[1842] Cos they've painted the Telecom writing off it.
[1843] So it's just plain yellow now.
[1844] The new Telecom vans are grey.
[1845] I like the yellow ones better.
James (PS14M) [1846] I like the yellow ones.
Ann (PS14B) [1847] You like the yellow ones as well.
[1848] They're nice bright ones aren't they?
Richard (PS14H) [1849] I like the yellow ones.
James (PS14M) [1850] Well ... the new ones are grey.
Ann (PS14B) [1851] Can you see the sandbags?
[1852] Look at those sacks full of sand near the door, near the shop door.
[1853] They're called sandbags, do you know what they were for?
James (PS14M) [1854] What sandbags?
Ann (PS14B) [1855] That was to stop the water flooding into the shop.
[1856] It didn't get quite that high though.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1857] [sighing] Oh [] !
Richard (PS14H) [1858] Ah ah!
Ann (PS14B) [1859] What can you see now?
Richard (PS14H) [1860] That, I can see a
James (PS14M) [...]
Richard (PS14H) [1861] a gas van.
Ann (PS14B) [1862] Yes.
[1863] That's right, that's a gas van.
[1864] Clever boy Richard.
Bryony (PS14N) [1865] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [1866] Whoops!
James (PS14M) [1867] I can see a gas van.
Ann (PS14B) [1868] Yes, that's right.
James (PS14M) [1869] And I can
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [1870] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [1871] Hello Shirley.
Richard (PS14H) [1872] Who was that coming?
[1873] There goes the gas van.
Bryony (PS14N) [1874] Gas van.
[1875] Gas van.
Ann (PS14B) [1876] It is, it's a gas van.
Richard (PS14H) [1877] Why does it live there?
Ann (PS14B) [1878] Perhaps somebody's having a ... gas cooker repaired.
[1879] Perhaps the gas ... cooker's broken and they need it mending.
[1880] Oh look ... the boys and girls are coming for play time.
[1881] I saw Erin ... run past ... and Amanda.
[1882] Did you see Erin and Amanda?
Richard (PS14H) [1883] We saw [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1884] I wonder if Martin and ... Richard are out?
[1885] ... Hello Claire.
[1886] Hello!
[1887] ... Hello Christie.
[1888] ... Who's that?
[1889] Can you see them?
[1890] Look, they're coming out for play time.
[1891] You can't wave to them can you, cos you're all covered up?
[1892] ... Anyone else we know?
[1893] ... There's Mrs .
[1894] Hello.
[1895] Mrs said hello.
James (PS14M) [1896] Oh.
[1897] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [1898] We'd better go hadn't we?
[1899] Oh!
[1900] It's too cold to stand still anyway for me.
[1901] We'll see them when we come back to collect the others.
Bryony (PS14N) [1902] See the [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1903] Wait a minute, I can't hear you Bryony?
[1904] What pet?
[1905] What did you say?
[1906] I don't know what you said.
[1907] I didn't hear you properly.
Bryony (PS14N) [1908] Minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1909] Is that the minibus you're driving ... Bryony?
Bryony (PS14N) [1910] I'm driving my minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1911] Hang on a minute.
[1912] This path's all covered in mud look.
Bryony (PS14N) [1913] I'm driving my minibus.
[1914] I'm driving my mini
Ann (PS14B) [1915] It's a plarty path.
[1916] Yes it wa you're driving your minibus.
[1917] And one just went past.
[1918] Didn't it?
Bryony (PS14N) [1919] He's driving double decker.
Ann (PS14B) [1920] Oh, a man's pressed the button ... we can't make it in time.
Bryony (PS14N) [1921] [...] ... Another minibus.
Ann (PS14B) [1922] Another minibus.
[1923] And a motorbike.
[1924] Oh it's a [...] .
[1925] ... What colour's that car?
Richard (PS14H) [1926] Black.
Ann (PS14B) [1927] I can see an, an orange Land Rover.
[1928] It's an electric one, electric van.
[1929] ... Hurry up green man.
[1930] He's coming ... now.
[1931] Over we go.
[1932] Round the corner.
[1933] There look.
[1934] There's an electricity van.
[1935] It's an electricity Land Rover.
[1936] With two big ladders on it.
[1937] There.
[1938] ... Look at the trees now.
[1939] Oh look!
[1940] Can you see the buds ... on the conker trees?
[1941] Look!
[1942] They've all opened out.
[1943] Can you see all the new little leaves on the conker tree?
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [1944] I didn't notice them before.
Bryony (PS14N) [1945] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1946] Probably cos we've had to walk with my head down with the rain ... all the time.
[1947] ... Right, we'll go along ... we'll go the long way.
James (PS14M) [1948] No, go just here.
Ann (PS14B) [1949] Mm?
James (PS14M) [1950] What can we hear.
[1951] What can you hear?
Ann (PS14B) [1952] Oh.
[1953] Yes we're going in here, we ... say that again, what did you say?
[1954] What can you hear?
[1955] Oh!
[1956] That was what you said, what can you hear?
[1957] I can hear the
Richard (PS14H) [1958] Car wash!
Ann (PS14B) [1959] That's right.
[1960] The car wash.
[1961] You can see the steam coming from it cos it's hot water.
[1962] ... I can hear the weir.
[1963] Listen.
[1964] Can you hear the weir.
James (PS14M) [1965] I can hear the weir.
Ann (PS14B) [1966] At least you can see the weir today, we couldn't see it on ... Wednesday could we?
[1967] ... The water went straight across the top.
[1968] There wasn't a weir there.
James (PS14M) [1969] Oh no!
Ann (PS14B) [1970] Oh look.
[1971] It's all bubbling up again.
[1972] The water's still flowing very fast isn't it?
James (PS14M) [1973] It's very deep.
[1974] It is very deep isn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [1975] It is very deep.
[1976] It's very, very deep.
[1977] But it's gone down a lot.
[1978] ... I bet there's been a lot ducks' nests washed away though.
[1979] I don't think there'll be as many ducklings this year.
[1980] A lot of the ducks' nests will have been washed away.
Bryony (PS14N) [1981] I can see [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [1982] Can you see the sand on this path where the water's been right over the top of it?
Richard (PS14H) [1983] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [1984] What you saying Bryony?
[1985] What love?
[1986] I wish you'd talk a bit louder I can't hear you.
[1987] Look, here's another conker tree.
[1988] Horse chestnut.
[1989] Can you see the leaves?
[1990] Wait a minute, I can reach this one.
Bryony (PS14N) [1991] So can I.
Ann (PS14B) [1992] Look at this one, can you see ... hang on ... there look ... look at the leaves opening, oh, you're too far forward.
[1993] There look.
[1994] Can you see James?
James (PS14M) [1995] No.
Ann (PS14B) [1996] Up here look.
James (PS14M) [1997] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [1998] And, can you see on the end, look ... that's where the flowers'll grow, the blossom.
[1999] They look like big candles don't they, when they're growing?
[2000] That's the beginnings of the flowers growing.
[2001] ... Can you see all the sand on the grass?
James (PS14M) [2002] Up came the river and [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2003] Yes, the river washed it all up, right over this path.
[2004] Look, we're going through sand now.
[2005] Think we were at the beach wouldn't you?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2006] Yes, it looks like the beach with all the sand across the path.
[2007] The river washed it all up onto the path.
James (PS14M) [2008] Ah!
[2009] Ah!
[2010] We're on a beach.
[2011] Look Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [2012] Can't see the swans though.
[2013] They're not at this end of the river.
Richard (PS14H) [2014] Can you see ducks, Ann?
Ann (PS14B) [2015] Yes, I can see ducks.
[2016] Ah look!
[2017] There's a white duck.
[2018] Can you see the white duck?
[2019] Straight over there look.
[2020] There's a white
James (PS14M) [2021] I see it!
Ann (PS14B) [2022] duck.
James (PS14M) [2023] There.
Richard (PS14H) [2024] I can't see the white ducks over there.
Bryony (PS14N) [2025] Oh oh!
[2026] [...] . There are white ducks over there.
Ann (PS14B) [2027] White ducks like that one have escaped from farms.
Richard (PS14H) [2028] And th and the ... they're little, little lady ducks.
Ann (PS14B) [2029] There a lot more drakes than ducks though look, aren't there?
Richard (PS14H) [2030] They ... I look?
Ann (PS14B) [2031] Yes, you look.
[2032] There's a
James (PS14M) [2033] Moorhens!
Ann (PS14B) [2034] Moorhens?
[2035] Where?
[2036] I can't se
James (PS14M) [2037] Over there.
Ann (PS14B) [2038] I can't see any just at the moment.
James (PS14M) [2039] There.
Ann (PS14B) [2040] How much time have we got?
[2041] Right, we'll go up this way, through the promena along the promenade, and then we'll go ... back through the town ... and it'll be time to get the others from school by then.
Richard (PS14H) [2042] Don't push me! ... [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2043] Right.
James (PS14M) [2044] Where we going?
Ann (PS14B) [2045] We're going for a walk along the river to see if we can ... if the swans are near the Old Gate Bridge.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2046] See what else we can find to see.
James (PS14M) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [2047] I'm having the bag like that one.
Richard (PS14H) [2048] No you're not.
Bryony (PS14N) [2049] I'm having the, I'm having the bag!
James (PS14M) [...]
Bryony (PS14N) [2050] I having the bag!
Ann (PS14B) [2051] You're having the bag.
Bryony (PS14N) [2052] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2053] Are you carrying my bag for me?
Bryony (PS14N) [2054] I'm carrying your bag for you.
Ann (PS14B) [2055] Someone naughty's smashed a seat, look!
[2056] Can you see?
[2057] A seat's missing from there.
[2058] Just the posts at the end.
Bryony (PS14N) [2059] Naughty [...] . [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2060] When Jim and I came along at ... night time on Wednesday
Richard (PS14H) [2061] Oh look!
Ann (PS14B) [2062] there was erm
Richard (PS14H) [2063] There's some
James (PS14M) [2064] Where did you go there?
Richard (PS14H) [2065] there's some more duck.
Ann (PS14B) [2066] Those are drakes those.
[2067] Yes.
[2068] They're the daddy ones.
[2069] There was erm, some ribbons tied right across here sa saying police notice ... closed.
[2070] Couldn't go down there under the promenade.
[2071] But the river was right over the top of it.
James (PS14M) [2072] Who left the gate open?
Ann (PS14B) [2073] Who left the gate open?
[2074] I don't know.
[2075] Oh it's tied up a somebody's tied it back with a piece of string.
Richard (PS14H) [2076] What's the dog doing there?
Ann (PS14B) [2077] What's the dog doing?
[2078] I can't see a dog, where is it?
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2079] I can't see a dog.
[2080] I can only see a daddy and a little girl on a roundabout.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2081] Along where?
[2082] We're going down here, yes.
Richard (PS14H) [2083] Don't want to go down here.
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2084] Right, now this is steep hill so I've got to go slowly and hang on to you ... tightly so th ... buggy doesn't run away from me.
James (PS14M) [2085] Whee!
[2086] Vroom!
Ann (PS14B) [2087] Whee!
[2088] There we are, we're at the bottom.
[2089] We haven't seen any moorhens at all have we?
[2090] Look over there!
Richard (PS14H) [2091] There is over there.
Ann (PS14B) [2092] Look though
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2093] I can only see one ... one duck ... all the rest are drakes.
[2094] One, two ... three, four
James (PS14M) [2095] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [2096] five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen drakes and one duck.
Bryony (PS14N) [cough] ... [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2097] Not many ducks though are there?
[2098] They're all daddy ones.
James (PS14M) [2099] I see a white one.
[2100] I see the white one.
Ann (PS14B) [2101] Yes, we saw a white one, that was round near the leisure centre.
James (PS14M) [2102] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2103] Wasn't it?
Richard (PS14H) [2104] Over the bridge.
Ann (PS14B) [2105] Can you see all the bubbles on the river.
[2106] All the white bits.
[2107] That's all the air bubbles because the river's flowing so fast.
Richard (PS14H) [2108] Blue, blue [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2109] And bubbling up over ... the stepping stones and things.
[2110] ... Can you hear the birds singing?
[2111] Listen.
James (PS14M) [2112] Er ... yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2113] Can you hear?
Bryony (PS14N) [2114] I hear birds singing.
Ann (PS14B) [2115] You can hear the birds singing.
[2116] Yes.
[2117] They're in those trees up there.
James (PS14M) [2118] I wanna go in the tunnel.
Ann (PS14B) [2119] You want to go in the tunnel?
James (PS14M) [2120] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2121] You mean underneath the bridge?
[2122] I think it's still flooded James.
James (PS14M) [2123] I want to go under the bridge.
Ann (PS14B) [2124] It was still flooded yesterday. [sniff]
Richard (PS14H) [2125] And all up under the [...] ?
James (PS14M) [2126] I want to go under the tunnel.
[2127] I want to go under the tunnel.
Ann (PS14B) [2128] We can't pet, I can't get the buggy down the steps
James (PS14M) [2129] I've got
Ann (PS14B) [2130] anyway.
James (PS14M) [2131] I've got ... I've got my coat on.
Ann (PS14B) [2132] Yes, you've got your coat on.
[2133] You need your coat on today don't you?
James (PS14M) [2134] And I've got a [...] .
Bryony (PS14N) [2135] I've got coat on.
Ann (PS14B) [2136] Yes, we've all got our coats on.
[2137] Cos it's cold.
[2138] Look at the wind blowing the trees.
[2139] Can you see the wind blowing the leaves?
Richard (PS14H) [2140] Yes, I can.
Bryony (PS14N) [2141] Oh, that was ... [...] leaves.
Ann (PS14B) [2142] Yes.
[2143] Can you see
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2144] can you see all this rubbish, all these leaves and bits of grass and everything on this ... wire netting?
[2145] Can you see James?
[2146] Look ... all of this, this is where the river came up to.
[2147] The wa the water was right up to there.
[2148] That's why no one could come along here on Wednesday night.
[2149] You can see how high the water is with all ... all that
Richard (PS14H) [2150] All with the water!
Ann (PS14B) [2151] all those bits of grass and leaves stuck on the fence.
[2152] [sniff] ... There's a bird singing, listen.
[2153] ... Can you hear it?
[2154] Sounds as if it's just above us
Richard (PS14H) [2155] [...] sand.
Ann (PS14B) [2156] doesn't it?
Richard (PS14H) [2157] All this sand.
[2158] ... All this, look
Ann (PS14B) [2159] Mm?
Richard (PS14H) [2160] [...] ... with that stuck on the
Ann (PS14B) [2161] It has, it's
Richard (PS14H) [2162] there.
Ann (PS14B) [2163] all stuck on the fence.
[2164] Bits of grass and leaves.
Bryony (PS14N) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [2165] And all kinds of rubbish
James (PS14M) [2166] What?
Ann (PS14B) [2167] stuck on the fence cos that ... that's how high the river was.
[2168] ... And there's all those things got washed along in the river, they got stuck on the fence.
[2169] And that's how hi you can tell how high it was.
[2170] ... It was right over the top of this seat look.
James (PS14M) [2171] On the back.
Ann (PS14B) [2172] Even over the back of this seat.
Bryony (PS14N) [2173] I see some on the fence.
Ann (PS14B) [2174] Mm mm.
Bryony (PS14N) [2175] It got stuck on the fence.
Ann (PS14B) [2176] It did, yes.
[2177] Didn't get stuck on here because
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2178] these ... this fence is, has, hasn't got
Bryony (PS14N) [2179] Stuck on the fence.
Ann (PS14B) [2180] netting on it.
Bryony (PS14N) [2181] It's stuck on the fence.
Ann (PS14B) [2182] Yes.
[2183] ... Yeah, they've ... oh!
[2184] Hey!
[2185] I wonder if you can ... there's a huge tree stuck underneath the bridge.
[2186] Oh.
[2187] I don't know, wait a minute till I see if I can ... where can I, can you see ... wait a minute, I'll show James first.
[2188] Look James.
James (PS14M) [2189] Mm.
[2190] What?
Ann (PS14B) [2191] Can you se no you're too far forward.
[2192] Wait a minute.
[2193] Can you see
James (PS14M) [2194] What?
[2195] What?
Ann (PS14B) [2196] There's a big tree stuck underneath the bridge.
[2197] If you look un can you see the bridge over there?
[2198] Underneath the arch ... of the bridge.
James (PS14M) [2199] What's it doing
Ann (PS14B) [2200] It's a big tree stuck there.
[2201] Now, can Richard see it?
[2202] Hang on a minute.
[2203] ... Bryony, can you see it now?
[2204] Look through there ... look through that ... opening there.
[2205] You're looking the wrong way.
[2206] Let's see if Richard can see it.
[2207] It's a huge tree!
Richard (PS14H) [2208] I can see it in the way.
Ann (PS14B) [2209] Can you see, Richard, now?
Richard (PS14H) [2210] Mm mm.
[2211] Under the bridge.
Ann (PS14B) [2212] Ov that's, that's right.
[2213] Big tree stuck underneath.
Bryony (PS14N) [2214] Can I see the
James (PS14M) [2215] There's [...] in it ... haven't they?
Bryony (PS14N) [2216] I was looking the wrong way.
Ann (PS14B) [2217] What?
Bryony (PS14N) [2218] I was looking the wrong way.
Ann (PS14B) [2219] You were looking the wrong [laughing] way [] ?
[2220] Yeah.
Bryony (PS14N) [2221] Round the wrong way.
James (PS14M) [2222] I can,
Richard (PS14H) [2223] Look, [...]
James (PS14M) [2224] I can do that.
[2225] ... Do, down, and there.
Richard (PS14H) [2226] No.
Ann (PS14B) [2227] Look, if you look down there ... under the bridge in the tunnel, look it's still flooded.
[2228] Oh!
[2229] Look at all the sand, you can't get down the sand's so deep.
[2230] Cos the river was right up here.
[2231] ... Look at all that sand
James (PS14M) [2232] Look at that.
Ann (PS14B) [2233] it's left behind!
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2234] Tha would make a huge sand pit that would.
James (PS14M) [2235] Look at that!
Ann (PS14B) [2236] Ooh!
[2237] Golly!
[2238] Look at the state of the path, it's all wet mud.
[2239] Never mind.
[2240] We can't go back again, we'll have to go this way.
[2241] Look at the muddy state of the path!
Richard (PS14H) [2242] It's all muddy. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2243] We're gonna have muddy wheels.
[2244] Never mind.
Bryony (PS14N) [2245] Why?
Ann (PS14B) [2246] [sigh] ... A ... pick-up ca pulling a horse box look.
[2247] Oh, there's no horse in it though.
[2248] That's a horse box for carrying horses around.
[2249] But it's empty.
[2250] There isn't a horse in it.
[2251] If I can get across this road ... and the bridge ... I'll take you over the other side and you might be able see the big tree trunk better.
Richard (PS14H) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2252] Hang on, there's a car coming this way.
Bryony (PS14N) [2253] Ah!
[2254] That muddy path.
Ann (PS14B) [2255] What love? ... [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2256] It's a wonderful contraption but
Ann (PS14B) [2257] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2258] it looks heavy.
Ann (PS14B) [2259] It might be a [laughing] wonderful contraption, but it is heavy [] !
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2260] [laugh] ... Yeah.
[2261] Now they're this size
Ann (PS14B) [2262] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2263] [laughing] I suppose, yes [] .
[2264] It's, ooh!
Ann (PS14B) [2265] It's suppo [laugh] ... hello.
James (PS14M) [2266] [...] what are they [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2267] It's supposed to fit them until they're four, but it won't.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2268] Oh.
[2269] No.
Ann (PS14B) [2270] It's had the handle repaired three times.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2271] Times, yeah.
[2272] And you've got ... to balance [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2273] And it's so high now their dad's mended each time, fortunately he teaches technology
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2274] Oh. [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2275] and he's mended it, but er ... it's high.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2276] Yeah.
[2277] It looks it.
Ann (PS14B) [2278] You know when I want to turn a corner I've got to stand on my toes and put my full weight on it to turn it.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2279] [...] ... you could have them on a lead [laughing] couldn't you [] ?
Ann (PS14B) [2280] Oh they're, they're
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2281] they can walk very well
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2282] That's right.
Ann (PS14B) [2283] and they can walk a long way
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2284] But
Ann (PS14B) [2285] but if the weather's bad
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2286] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [2287] and they want to stop and look in
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2288] They want to be
Ann (PS14B) [2289] every shop window
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2290] Oh I know.
Ann (PS14B) [2291] which we usually do
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2292] Yes.
[2293] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [2294] it takes forever to do it.
[2295] So
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2296] That's right.
[2297] [laughing] That's the best way [] .
Ann (PS14B) [2298] So this is [laughing] we [] ... yes.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2299] How's your [...] hubby?
Ann (PS14B) [2300] He's fine thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2301] Yes.
[2302] But the
Ann (PS14B) [2303] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2304] last time I met him he was off sick.
Ann (PS14B) [2305] He was off for ten weeks.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2306] Was he really?
[2307] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2308] Yes.
[2309] But he's
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2310] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2311] he's ... they put him on erm ... he went onto ward one
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2312] Oh yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2313] because it was lighter
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2314] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [2315] for
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2316] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [2317] oh about ... six weeks I think he was on er ... and then he decided he was well enough to go back to his
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2318] Go back.
Ann (PS14B) [2319] own heavy ward.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2320] So he's fit again?
Ann (PS14B) [2321] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2322] Oh well,tha ... as long as he's [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2323] Yes.
[2324] Mind, the election's taking up quite a lot of his time.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2325] Ah!
[2326] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2327] He's out
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2328] It will.
Ann (PS14B) [2329] so he
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2330] I thought he would be, yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2331] haven't seen a great deal of him recently.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2332] He can't leave it alone [laughing] can he [] ?
Ann (PS14B) [2333] [laugh] ... And I'll only go when it, the rain's not torrential.
[2334] Get fed up being frozen and wet!
[2335] Now then
James (PS14M) [2336] Where are we going then?
[2337] Where are we going this time.
Ann (PS14B) [2338] Look, I've brought you, now you can, now you can see the great big tree stuck under the bridge.
[2339] Look at it.
[2340] Is Bryony looking the right way this time.
[2341] Hang on, till I get the brake on, [laughing] or you'll run into the river [] .
[2342] ... Can you see?
[2343] Look at that great big tree stuck under the bridge!
[2344] It's pulled up by its roots.
[2345] By the deep water running so fast.
[2346] The water's been flowing so fast it's just ... dug up the tree by its roots ... and it pulled it along ... and it's got wedged in the bridge look.
Richard (PS14H) [2347] It's got ... wedged.
Ann (PS14B) [2348] Yes, it's wedged against
James (PS14M) [2349] Look!
Ann (PS14B) [2350] the bridge.
James (PS14M) [2351] Look!
Ann (PS14B) [2352] Yes.
[2353] Oh, a digger going over the bridge, look.
Bryony (PS14N) [2354] Digger!
Ann (PS14B) [2355] Yes.
[2356] A digger.
[2357] That's right.
Richard (PS14H) [2358] It's [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2359] I'll just er ... put you beside this ... seat for a minute ... while I ... check this whatsit.
Bryony (PS14N) [2360] What are you doing?
Ann (PS14B) [2361] I've got to check, ouch!
[2362] Oh my ... silly knee!
[2363] ... I'm checking to see if this has stopped.
[2364] ... I'll sit on this seat a little minute ... while you tell me what you can see.
Bryony (PS14N) [2365] I can see a tree.
James (PS14M) [2366] I can see the tree do wedged under there.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2367] You can see the tree wedged under there?
[2368] I can, oh you can, can you see the duck sitting on the bank?
[2369] If you look under the arch of the bridge you can see them.
[2370] What can you hear?
[2371] ... Listen very carefully.
[2372] ... Can you hear
Richard (PS14H) [2373] No.
Ann (PS14B) [2374] What can you hear?
James (PS14M) [2375] Hear a car.
Ann (PS14B) [2376] Hear what?
James (PS14M) [2377] I can hear a car coming.
Ann (PS14B) [2378] A car coming?
[2379] Yes but ... listen what you can he ... I'll tell you what I'll turn you round.
[2380] ... I can hear something else, another sound.
Bryony (PS14N) [2381] Boys and girls.
Ann (PS14B) [2382] Yes!
[2383] Clever girl.
[2384] Bryony can hear boys and girls.
[2385] They're in school, I'll show you where the school is.
Bryony (PS14N) [cough]
Richard (PS14H) [2386] Look!
[2387] Look! [...]
James (PS14M) [2388] Ducks!
[2389] Ducks!
[2390] Ducks!
[2391] I can
Ann (PS14B) [2392] Yes we ca ... I think these ducks must think we've got some bread for them, but we haven't have we?
Richard (PS14H) [2393] We haven't.
[2394] We haven't.
Ann (PS14B) [2395] We haven't.
[2396] No.
[2397] They're coming to see if we have though.
[2398] And there's a white duck come along now look.
[2399] I think it's escaped from a farm.
Bryony (PS14N) [2400] White duck.
[2401] A white duck!
Ann (PS14B) [2402] Yes, a white duck.
[2403] That's right.
Bryony (PS14N) [2404] A [...] duck.
Ann (PS14B) [2405] And there's one other duck ... that's a mallard duck ... isn't it?
[2406] And all the rest are drakes again.
Bryony (PS14N) [2407] Oh look!
[2408] A green duck.
Ann (PS14B) [2409] Yes.
[2410] What are green ones?
[2411] The ones with green heads are
Richard (PS14H) [2412] Er, they're the mummy ones.
James (PS14M) [2413] They probably think we've got some bread for them.
Richard (PS14H) [2414] They're the mummy
Ann (PS14B) [2415] Yes.
Richard (PS14H) [2416] ones.
Ann (PS14B) [2417] What are the ones with green heads?
[2418] They are the
Bryony (PS14N) [2419] The [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2420] The what,da the what, Bryony?
Bryony (PS14N) [2421] The daddy [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2422] Bryony said they were daddy ones.
[2423] That's right.
[2424] And the daddy ones are called
Richard (PS14H) [2425] Drake ones.
Ann (PS14B) [2426] Drakes.
Richard (PS14H) [2427] The drake ones, and the daddy ones are called ... drakes.
Ann (PS14B) [2428] Oh!
[2429] My goodness!
[2430] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven drakes chasing one duck!
[2431] Poor duck.
James (PS14M) [2432] What's it doing then?
Ann (PS14B) [2433] They're chasing them.
[2434] All the drakes are chasing the duck.
James (PS14M) [2435] Poor old duck.
Ann (PS14B) [2436] Yes.
[2437] They're all chasing the duck.
[2438] Ooh!
[2439] They've all sat down.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2440] Mm?
[2441] ... [sniff] ... Sounds like the boys and girls are go having a good time at play time doesn't it?
[2442] That's the school that Terry goes to.
James (PS14M) [2443] Ooh!
Ann (PS14B) [2444] We haven't been round this way for a ... while have we?
[2445] We usually go one of the other ways.
[2446] ... Where it's easier for you to walk.
Richard (PS14H) [2447] All chasing the duck weren't they?
Ann (PS14B) [2448] They were, yes.
[2449] All of them were chasing the duck but they've all ... they've all decided to stop for the moment, they're all sitting down on the grass.
[2450] I don't think you can see them, can you see them?
[2451] Or is that tree in the way?
[2452] ... I wonder if that's the latest fashion?
[2453] All those boys er, over there have got scarves tied round their head like pirates.
Bryony (PS14N) [2454] They are.
Ann (PS14B) [2455] They are what?
[2456] Pirates? [laugh]
Bryony (PS14N) [2457] They are pirates.
Ann (PS14B) [2458] You think they're pirates do you?
Richard (PS14H) [2459] No she does not.
Bryony (PS14N) [2460] That's the [...]
Richard (PS14H) [...]
James (PS14M) [2461] Er,we we're gonna get underneath the bridge.
[2462] Over
Ann (PS14B) [2463] Pardon?
James (PS14M) [2464] there.
Ann (PS14B) [2465] What?
James (PS14M) [2466] [...] ... stuck underneath the bridge?
Ann (PS14B) [2467] Yes.
[2468] It is.
[2469] It's still stuck underneath the bridge.
Richard (PS14H) [2470] Aha.
James (PS14M) [2471] It's stuck underneath
Richard (PS14H) [...]
James (PS14M) [2472] the bridge.
[2473] Still stuck

7 (Tape 069301)

Ann (PS14B) [2474] Richard.
Amy (PS14E) [2475] Hello [...] !
Ann (PS14B) [2476] Come up here.
James (PS14M) [2477] Urgh!
[2478] I don't want my [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS14H) [2479] [singing] Di di di, ah da []
Ann (PS14B) [2480] Here we go.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [screaming]
Matthew (PS14F) [2481] Richard!
Ann (PS14B) [2482] You've got your what?
Matthew (PS14F) [2483] Take the other side off.
Ann (PS14B) [2484] A birthday?
Rebecca (PS14D) [2485] It's an aeroplane that's
Ann (PS14B) [2486] You're in an aeroplane?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2487] Oh I see.
Amy (PS14E) [2488] I'll be the cook [...] .
Richard (PS14P) [2489] She's sitting on a [...] and doesn't know what she's sitting on!
Ann (PS14B) [2490] I see.
Matthew (PS14F) [2491] Right I'll be, I'll be the [...] .
Richard (PS14P) [2492] And Matthew's the cook in the kitchen.
[2493] Richard, you're the driver.
Richard (PS14H) [2494] I'm being
Richard (PS14P) [2495] Right.
Richard (PS14H) [2496] the driver.
James (PS14M) [2497] That's one of Matthew's sticks!
Richard (PS14P) [2498] You want Matthew to [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS14P) [2499] Right.
[2500] Richard!
[2501] Stop driving!
Amy (PS14E) [2502] More please?
Richard (PS14P) [2503] Stop driving Richard.
James (PS14M) [2504] Can I have some more?
[2505] Can I have some more?
Amy (PS14E) [2506] That's mine!
Ann (PS14B) [2507] I forgot, I've gotta change the batteries.
Richard (PS14P) [2508] Get off!
[2509] Get off!
[2510] Get off!
Rebecca (PS14D) [2511] Well the driver doesn't get any!
[2512] Give that here!
Richard (PS14H) [2513] Mm mm.
[2514] This is good.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS14P) [2515] Richard!
[2516] Stop driving please!
Rebecca (PS14D) [...]

8 (Tape 069302)

Andrea (PS15C) [2517] Please Richard!
[2518] Please Richard!
[2519] Please stop jumping on the chair arms will you?
Richard (PS14P) [2520] Yeah.
Andrea (PS15C) [2521] You don't jump on chair arms.
Ann (PS14B) [2522] That was your daddy ... James and Richard and Bryony.
[2523] Your, he's, he's er ... he's going to try to leave school earlier today and he'll be here at half past four ... instead of quarter past five.
[2524] So, I'll just drink my coffee and I'll get your tea ready quickly.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Rebecca (PS14D) [2525] Richard, you've gotta set the table.
Ann (PS14B) [2526] Richard, let me wipe your nose again.
[2527] Keep still.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2528] Don't move your head around.
Richard (PS14P) [2529] I'll eat it up.
Ann (PS14B) [2530] There you are.
[2531] Right, let me drink my coffee quickly and then get their tea ready.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [screaming]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2532] James!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [2533] Oh gosh!
[2534] I'm going to be drinking cold coffee here aren't I?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [2535] You, can you slow down!
[2536] D'ya know Rebecca
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [2537] Oh dear!
Amy (PS14E) [2538] What you gonna do?
Ann (PS14B) [2539] Rebecca made me a cup of coffee ages ago
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
James (PS14M) [2540] I didn't really mean it.
Ann (PS14B) [2541] and I'm never going to get it drunk.
James (PS14M) [scream]
Andrea (PS15C) [2542] Oh!
[2543] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [2544] Right.
Andrea (PS15C) [2545] Oh!
[2546] Oh!
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2547] Are you in the aeroplane now?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2548] Yo!
Ann (PS14B) [2549] Oh!
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2550] You're what?
[2551] You're bad guys?
[2552] I know that
Rebecca (PS14D) [2553] Good guys.
Ann (PS14B) [2554] you don't have to tell me you're bad
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2555] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2556] guys.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2557] I'm being a bad guy.
Rebecca (PS14D) [cough]
Andrea (PS15C) [2558] Is that Rebecca?
[2559] You keep swallowing [...] .
Rebecca (PS14D) [2560] Amy.
Ann (PS14B) [2561] Who's doing anything
Andrea (PS15C) [2562] You did that?
Ann (PS14B) [2563] exciting this weekend?
James (PS14M) [2564] Me!
Richard (PS14P) [2565] Not me.
Ann (PS14B) [2566] Not you?
Amy (PS14E) [2567] We've got to sit at the back [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2568] What are you doing?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Rebecca (PS14D) [2569] Nothing.
Ann (PS14B) [2570] You're not doing anything?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2571] Can Amy catch this aeroplane?
Richard (PS14P) [2572] Ah! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2573] You can.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [for five minutes or so as tape inaudible due to kids playing, screaming, loud tv]
Rebecca (PS14D) [2574] That there was a mighty splash.
Ann (PS14B) [2575] He'll, he'll tell you what's next.
[2576] He ... please come out of that drawer will you?
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2577] That's right.
[2578] There was a mighty splash and he fell head first into the river and he didn't come up again.
[2579] That's exactly right.
[2580] You know it word for word.
[2581] Every time [...] I say what ... which story shall we have today, they say ... the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
James (PS14M) [2582] Get off!
Ann (PS14B) [2583] It's exactly
Bryony (PS14N) [crying]
Ann (PS14B) [2584] the same.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2585] I don't need you!
Ann (PS14B) [2586] Exactly the same as when I used to look after
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2587] [singing] [...] [] .
Ann (PS14B) [2588] Amy and Richard!
[2589] Here's your mum.
James (PS14M) [2590] Amy and Richard!
Ann (PS14B) [2591] Here's your mummy, Amy and Richard.
James (PS14M) [2592] Amy, mummy [...] !
Rebecca (PS14D) [2593] [laughing] Just, he's going []
James (PS14M) [2594] Here's your mummy!
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2595] Oh!
[2596] D'ya know I've wiped, washed this floor three times from this orange spilt!
Andrea (PS15C) [2597] Seventeen one eighty fives?
[2598] Thirty one
Ann (PS14B) [2599] [laughing] Can't be bad cos ... I couldn't work it out [] !
Andrea (PS15C) [2600] Don't ask me.
Ann (PS14B) [2601] Do you want a calculator?
Andrea (PS15C) [2602] I did it twice in my
Richard (PS14P) [2603] Mum!
Andrea (PS15C) [2604] head.
Richard (PS14P) [2605] Mum!
Ann (PS14B) [2606] Thank you.
Andrea (PS15C) [2607] Thank yo thank you very much.
Richard (PS14P) [2608] What, what did she say to you?
Ann (PS14B) [2609] She's ... trying to work money out
Andrea (PS15C) [2610] Oh [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2611] in her head.
[2612] Move over please Rebecca, I need to sweep there dear.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2613] Let's have a look.
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2614] I'll just, come over here cos this is hot.
James (PS14M) [2615] No you want it!
Richard (PS14P) [2616] No!
[2617] Oh no!
[2618] We want ... it in soup cups.
James (PS14M) [2619] Get your
Richard (PS14P) [2620] No!
Ann (PS14B) [2621] Yes you want it in soup cups.
[2622] You can have it in soup cups.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2623] Do not worry.
[2624] I'm stirring it to make sure it's hot enough.
[2625] Warm enough.
Richard (PS14P) [2626] Don't worry [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2627] I'll have to [...] though.
[2628] I've got a clean spoon.
Bryony (PS14N) [2629] I don't want a spoon.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2630] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [2631] It isn't warm enough yet.
Andrea (PS15C) [2632] Go on.
[2633] Just taste it.
Bryony (PS14N) [2634] [whingeing] I didn't want the soup
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2635] Yes yo
Bryony (PS14N) [2636] warming [] .
Ann (PS14B) [2637] Yes you want, you don't want cold
Rebecca (PS14D) [2638] Are you go are you gonna get me a spoon?
Ann (PS14B) [2639] soup, it's a cold day.
Bryony (PS14N) [2640] No!
Group of unknown speakers (KB8PSUGP) [...] [children playing]
Ann (PS14B) [2641] Let's see.
[2642] Have you got your sleeves pushed up?
James (PS14M) [2643] That ready.
Ann (PS14B) [2644] We don't want soup on your sleeves.
James (PS14M) [2645] That ready.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2646] Do mine.
Ann (PS14B) [2647] [laugh] ... Have you
Richard (PS14P) [2648] Mum.
Ann (PS14B) [2649] Oh.
[2650] These are Amy's papers aren't they?
Amy (PS14E) [2651] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2652] There you are.
Amy (PS14E) [2653] Ee ee ee ee.
Ann (PS14B) [2654] That's it.
Bryony (PS14N) [2655] I've got my [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Andrea (PS15C) [2656] What are you doing?
Ann (PS14B) [2657] I, I'll, I'll cut that in two.
[2658] Wait a minute, I'll cut it in two.
[2659] It's too big.
Andrea (PS15C) [2660] With a bit of luck.
Ann (PS14B) [2661] Here you are.
[2662] Sit on your chair.
[2663] There's a piece of stottie for you.
[2664] And there's a piece of ... stottie for you.
Andrea (PS15C) [2665] Wave bye-bye to Ann now.
Richard (PS14P) [2666] Bye-bye Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [2667] Bye-bye Richard.
[2668] Bye Amy.
Andrea (PS15C) [2669] Bye.
Ann (PS14B) [2670] Bye Andrea.
Andrea (PS15C) [2671] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [2672] Cor!
[2673] I'll have to give this floor a wipe again.
[2674] My ... shoes are sticking to the floor.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2675] Where there's orange been spilt.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2676] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2677] [sighing] Oh [] !
Rebecca (PS14D) [laugh] [tv on] [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2678] Where's Bryony gone?
[2679] [shouting] Bryony come and have your tea pet [] .
[2680] ... Your dad's coming at half past four.
[2681] Well as near as half past four he can.
[2682] [laughing] That means he'll be quarter to five [] !
Rebecca (PS14D) [2683] Why's he early tonight for?
Ann (PS14B) [2684] Well Dorothy had to go to a prison in erm ... Clackmannan ... for her
Rebecca (PS14D) [2685] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2686] you know with her job
Rebecca (PS14D) [2687] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2688] and ... while she's up there, after she's been there she was going to Creep ... to spe
Rebecca (PS14D) [2689] What does she do again for
Ann (PS14B) [2690] Probation Officer.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2691] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [2692] She's going to spend the night with her sister
Rebecca (PS14D) [2693] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2694] and then pick her mother up cos she lives in Creep as well, she can't stay at her mother's house cos she's just
Rebecca (PS14D) [2695] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [2696] got a one bedroomed ... flat.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2697] One bedroom flat?
Ann (PS14B) [2698] Yes.
[2699] Anyway, she's ... I think it's an old people's flat.
[2700] She's got ... she's gonna pick her mother up and come back home, bring her mother back home tomorrow with her.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2701] Mm mm!
Ann (PS14B) [2702] And [...]
Rebecca (PS14D) [2703] Is that Martin's granny Iris?
Ann (PS14B) [2704] That's right.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2705] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2706] And she's going to stay for a fortnight with them.
[2707] ... So ... bu [shouting] Bryony!
[2708] Your tea, come and have your tea [] !
[2709] What's she doing?
Rebecca (PS14D) [2710] Watching [laughing] television [] .
Ann (PS14B) [2711] Come on square eyes!
[2712] Never mind the television.
[2713] ... Oh!
[2714] Golly!
[2715] This floor's sticky everywhere.
[2716] You must have spilt more juice than I wiped up.
Sally (PS15B) [2717] Mm.
[2718] ... Come on Bryony.
Bryony (PS14N) [2719] Okay.
Ann (PS14B) [2720] Never mind, by the time
Sally (PS15B) [2721] Bryony!
Ann (PS14B) [2722] I've wiped this I'll have washed the whole floor.
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2723] I won't need to do it tonight.
[2724] ... I'll get some knitting done.
[2725] Seeing as I haven't any ironing to do.
Sally (PS15B) [2726] We're not gonna have
Ann (PS14B) [2727] See if that's better.
Sally (PS15B) [2728] Urgh!
[2729] You're not gonna be going before tea are you Bryony?
Ann (PS14B) [2730] See if this soup's warm enough now.
Bryony (PS14N) [2731] Has she really got
Sally (PS15B) [2732] She's just gonna
Bryony (PS14N) [2733] No!
Sally (PS15B) [2734] she keeps on running
Ann (PS14B) [2735] She
Sally (PS15B) [2736] away from me.
Ann (PS14B) [2737] she's not very well Sally.
[2738] She's not well
Sally (PS15B) [2739] Ah!
Ann (PS14B) [2740] She's not even very we she's got a ... quite a bad
Sally (PS15B) [2741] Have you got a cold?
[2742] Keeps on laughing at me [laughing] and running away [] !
Ann (PS14B) [2743] Oh.
[2744] Come on horror!
Bryony (PS14N) [2745] I'm not one ... I'm [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2746] Are you our horror?
Bryony (PS14N) [2747] Not a horror!
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2748] You're not a horror?
[2749] What are you?
Bryony (PS14N) [2750] I'm not erm
Ann (PS14B) [2751] What are you?
[2752] You are the best
Bryony (PS14N) [2753] girl in the world!
Ann (PS14B) [2754] That's right!
[2755] The best
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2756] girl in the world Sally!
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2757] We told her that once she started going to the loo every time.
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2758] There you are sh oh where's your cushion?
[2759] You can't reach the table without your cushion?
James (PS14M) [2760] I want some more stottie
Sally (PS15B) [2761] Here it is.
Ann (PS14B) [2762] You want some more stottie Well that's no way to get any is it?
[2763] Try again.
James (PS14M) [2764] Me
Ann (PS14B) [2765] May
James (PS14M) [2766] I have some more stottie please!
Ann (PS14B) [2767] That's a good boy.
[2768] ... You like
James (PS14M) [2769] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [2770] stottie don't you?
[2771] Do you know when I go stay with my Gareth ... I've got to so we've got to take stotties with us
James (PS14M) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2772] for him and Shirley.
[2773] Cos they, Shirley loves it as well.
[2774] And Shirley's not a Geordie like you.
[2775] A Geordie hinny.
Sally (PS15B) [2776] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2777] Oh!
[2778] There's a knot in your ... apron.
James (PS14M) [2779] I, I want some more stottie please?
Ann (PS14B) [2780] Good boy.
[2781] Just a sec
James (PS14M) [2782] May I ... have er some more stottie
Ann (PS14B) [2783] You certainly may.
[2784] Clever boy.
James (PS14M) [2785] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [2786] Just wait one minute.
James (PS14M) [2787] Look a tree.
Ann (PS14B) [2788] Cos your brother's apron's got a knot in it.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2789] Please can I have some stottie please?
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2790] You may.
James (PS14M) [2791] That apron alright?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2792] Me.
[2793] Yeah.
James (PS14M) [2794] That apron alright?
Ann (PS14B) [2795] Yes his apron's alright now.
[2796] You need your sleeves up.
Sally (PS15B) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2797] And you need it fastened a bit higher.
James (PS14M) [2798] I want my stottie
Ann (PS14B) [2799] Yes it's coming.
[2800] It's coming.
James (PS14M) [2801] I want it.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2802] I
Ann (PS14B) [2803] It's coming.
[2804] There you are.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2805] don't like it.
James (PS14M) [2806] Can we have some more stottie please?
Ann (PS14B) [2807] Yes.
[2808] Here you are.
Rebecca (PS14D) [2809] [singing] I want to go [...] [] .
Ann (PS14B) [2810] There now.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2811] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [2812] Clever boy.
[2813] Oh!
[2814] What polite children we've got.
[2815] Haven't we?
Rebecca (PS14D) [2816] There's another.
James (PS14M) [humming]
Rebecca (PS14D) [...]
James (PS14M) [2817] Can I have [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [2818] Mm?
[2819] ... We couldn't see the swans today Sally.
[2820] Were they
Sally (PS15B) [2821] I couldn't see them either.
Ann (PS14B) [2822] Which way did you come home?
Sally (PS15B) [2823] Erm, the .
Ann (PS14B) [2824] Oh!
[2825] And the Skillery Bridge isn't washed away is it?
Sally (PS15B) [2826] I know.
[2827] But there's two
Rebecca (PS14D) [2828] Except under the bridge it was.
Sally (PS15B) [2829] erm trees
Ann (PS14B) [2830] But who, who started
Sally (PS15B) [2831] under there.
Ann (PS14B) [2832] the rumour that Skillery Bridge had been washed away?
James (PS14M) [...]
Sally (PS15B) [2833] It was Stephen .
Ann (PS14B) [2834] Yeah but then dad said when he came in that, he'd heard that the middle of it had gone. [tv on]
Sally (PS15B) [2835] What?
[2836] Stephen came in our class and he said that ... er ... Skillery Bridge had
Ann (PS14B) [2837] And who said the flood wall had gone?
[2838] When you were all sent home early.
Sally (PS15B) [2839] Er er ... I think he said that as well. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2840] Ha!
[2841] [laughing] One way of getting out of school, I don't know [] !
Sally (PS15B) [2842] [laugh] ... He did.
[2843] He di he did.
Ann (PS14B) [2844] Said that as well?
Sally (PS15B) [2845] And ... and ... none of his parents came to collect him.
[2846] He just walked by himself.
Ann (PS14B) [2847] Were you only collected?
[2848] Could you only come out if your parents collected you?
Sally (PS15B) [2849] No, I didn't think they were bothered to tell you truth.
Ann (PS14B) [2850] So how did you manage to get out early?
Sally (PS15B) [2851] Well it was ... well ... Dawn's mum came into school she said we were [...]
James (PS14M) [2852] [...] I want one!
Ann (PS14B) [2853] Oh!
[2854] But er ... nobody rang me.
Sally (PS15B) [2855] Mm!
Ann (PS14B) [2856] I don't think I was out.
[2857] I mean, I would have come up and
James (PS14M) [2858] I've got a [...] soup!
Ann (PS14B) [2859] and got you all.
James (PS14M) [2860] Have I got all my [...] soup?
Ann (PS14B) [2861] You have, yes.
[2862] You like that soup don't you?
Sally (PS15B) [2863] I don't know how she came in the school.
[2864] Sh she just came in.
[2865] She got this ... pen and paper ... and wrote everybody's names down ... mm mm ... so then she just
Ann (PS14B) [2866] I didn't re
Sally (PS15B) [2867] took them all out.
Ann (PS14B) [2868] I didn't realize, I would have thanked her.
[2869] I've seen her twice since then.
Sally (PS15B) [2870] Mm mm!
Ann (PS14B) [2871] I didn't, I didn't realize that erm
Sally (PS15B) [singing] [...] []
Bryony (PS14N) [2872] I wanna do something in my chair.
Ann (PS14B) [2873] Right.
[2874] Let's find some spoons.
[2875] One
Sally (PS15B) [2876] You love stottie cake.
Ann (PS14B) [2877] two
Bryony (PS14N) [2878] Two ... three!
Ann (PS14B) [2879] three ee ee!
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2880] There's a spoon for Bryony.
[2881] One for James.
[2882] And one for Richard.
[2883] Are you going to swap hands Richard?
Richard (PS14P) [2884] I'll cross hands.
Ann (PS14B) [2885] You've, you've got it in
Richard (PS14P) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2886] Oh!
[2887] You're going to be right handed today are you?
Richard (PS14P) [2888] I'm not trying to use both hands.
Ann (PS14B) [2889] That's first time I've seen Richard use his right hand.
[2890] With his spoon.
Sally (PS15B) [2891] Who's this coming?
Ann (PS14B) [2892] Matthew, here's your daddy!
[2893] ... Mummy's coming back for you two.
Sid (PS15D) [2894] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [2895] Right then.
[2896] Hello.
Sid (PS15D) [2897] Feeding time?
Ann (PS14B) [2898] It is.
Sally (PS15B) [2899] [...] .
[2900] There you go, you can speak to yourself.
[2901] You're pretending that you're speaking to somebody and just ... [laughing] speak all the time [] .
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2902] I don't [...] .
Sid (PS15D) [2903] You can't find your what?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2904] Find my shoes.
Ann (PS14B) [2905] Well
Sid (PS15D) [2906] You can't find your shoe?
[2907] You've probably
Ann (PS14B) [2908] they're eating better than they did at dinner time.
Sid (PS15D) [2909] The triplets will have eaten it?
Ann (PS14B) [2910] What?
Sid (PS15D) [2911] A shoe. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [2912] [laugh] ... That wouldn't surprise me at all, the things ... I've seen them try to eat.
Sid (PS15D) [2913] Nope.
Ann (PS14B) [2914] Erm
Sid (PS15D) [2915] I'll let ... I'll let you figure this one out.
Ann (PS14B) [2916] Is it four ... four times?
[2917] Monday he didn't come ... Tuesday he didn't come
Sid (PS15D) [2918] Wednesday he didn't come.
Ann (PS14B) [2919] Wednesday he didn't come.
Sid (PS15D) [2920] Thursday was about
Ann (PS14B) [2921] Thursday
Sid (PS15D) [2922] he did.
Ann (PS14B) [2923] I did two sessions [...] .
[2924] So that's five from ten.
Sid (PS15D) [2925] I didn't think I could be [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2926] Well I know what you mean.
Sid (PS15D) [...]
James (PS14M) [2927] Could I have some more stottie
Ann (PS14B) [2928] I ha
James (PS14M) [2929] cake please?
Ann (PS14B) [2930] I haven't been up there since ... I got in from school
Sid (PS15D) [2931] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [2932] I haven't checked with the [...] so in, just in case they don't
Sid (PS15D) [2933] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [2934] see it
Sid (PS15D) [2935] Okay.
Ann (PS14B) [2936] they had, they've been telling everyone to go home [...] ... [...] .
Sid (PS15D) [2937] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [2938] Now then ... ooh!
[2939] You're eating very, very nicely.
Bryony (PS14N) [2940] I, I want some more of that [...] ... er please.
Ann (PS14B) [2941] Er don't wipe your se hang on a minute till I catch this soup that's dribbling down.
[2942] You want some more stottie cake?
Bryony (PS14N) [2943] I do.
James (PS14M) [2944] I, I got more of this soup.
Ann (PS14B) [2945] You have, yes.
Sally (PS15B) [2946] Yeah.
James (PS14M) [2947] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [2948] Is it delicious?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2949] Scrumptious!
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2950] Scrumptious?
James (PS14M) [2951] It's dripping all over the place.
Ann (PS14B) [2952] It's dripping on the table is it?
[2953] There's your stottie Bryony.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [2954] There you are James.
Richard (PS14P) [2955] Please can I have some more?
Ann (PS14B) [2956] Yes you may.
Richard (PS14P) [2957] Please.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [2958] He, he says he'll eat this.
Sally (PS15B) [2959] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [2960] There you are Richard.
[2961] Thank you.
Sally (PS15B) [2962] Thanks Ann.
Richard (PS14P) [2963] Thank you Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [2964] Good boy.
Richard (PS14P) [2965] Thank you Ann.
Sally (PS15B) [2966] Good
Ann (PS14B) [2967] You're welcome.
James (PS14M) [2968] Orange juice.
[2969] He's got orange juice in ... it's got orange juice in it.
Ann (PS14B) [2970] Your cup's got orange juice in it has it?
[2971] ... Have you got everything Matthew?
Matthew (PS14F) [2972] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [2973] Do you think I'll be able to put my wellies away now?
Sally (PS15B) [2974] [laughing] Away [] .
[2975] I think ... Bryony likes ... erm ... Smarties because she's always ... sucking the juice out of beans.
Ann (PS14B) [2976] I'm just going to, I think I can put my wellies away now. [laugh]
Sid (PS15D) [2977] You nearly needed your waders, I tell you!
Ann (PS14B) [2978] Well, we were getting worried.
Sid (PS15D) [2979] You'll get, I'll bet you were getting
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Sid (PS15D) [2980] Okay.
[2981] Thanks a lot.
Ann (PS14B) [2982] Bye.
[2983] Bye Matthew.
Sid (PS15D) [2984] Bye.
Ann (PS14B) [2985] Right.
[2986] Oh!
[2987] I was gonna put the television off but Rebecca's still in there?
[2988] Rebecca, is Joanna coming tonight?
[2989] Or is she going to library?
Rebecca (PS14D) [2990] I think she'll be
James (PS14M) [2991] Oh look!
Rebecca (PS14D) [2992] going somewhere because
Ann (PS14B) [2993] I think
Rebecca (PS14D) [2994] it's twenty past four now.
Ann (PS14B) [2995] Mm.
[2996] Yes.
[2997] Well ... it's quarter past already.
[2998] ... Why are you eating left-handed this Bryony?
[2999] You don't eat left-handed.
[3000] ... And Richard's decided to be right-handed after all this time.
[3001] ... Well ... that is daddy's isn't it?
Richard (PS14P) [3002] I'm not spilling it too.
[3003] I'm not spilling too.
Ann (PS14B) [3004] No, you're not spilling it.
[3005] ... You're being very careful.
Richard (PS14P) [3006] Yes.
James (PS14M) [3007] But
Richard (PS14P) [3008] Can you drink it?
James (PS14M) [3009] but, but I'm making it very hard.
Ann (PS14B) [3010] Can you drink it [...] ?
Richard (PS14P) [3011] No.
Ann (PS14B) [3012] Take your spoon out of this
Richard (PS14P) [3013] He's got it on his face!
Ann (PS14B) [3014] cup.
Richard (PS14P) [3015] He's got it on his
Ann (PS14B) [3016] No.
Richard (PS14P) [3017] face!
Ann (PS14B) [3018] Put that there.
[3019] Who's got it on his face?
[3020] [laugh] ... He's got moustache!
[3021] Right.
[3022] Carefully, with two hands then.
James (PS14M) [3023] I want the spoon.
Ann (PS14B) [3024] You need your spoon.
[3025] Oh.
[3026] There it is.
[3027] ... Wait a minute now, we'll just wipe that on ... this off the table so it doesn't go on your sleeve.
[3028] That's it.
Richard (PS14P) [3029] There's some on my arm.
Ann (PS14B) [3030] There's some on your arm is there?
[3031] Hang on a minute then.
[3032] Let me see.
[3033] ... Is it off?
Richard (PS14P) [3034] It is.
Ann (PS14B) [3035] That's good.
[3036] That's why we push your sleeves up cos we don't want it on your arms do we?
Richard (PS14P) [3037] Erm ... [...] hands.
Ann (PS14B) [3038] On your hand?
[3039] There you are then.
[3040] It's off. ... [sniff]
Sally (PS15B) [3041] What are they having for their pudding?
Ann (PS14B) [3042] Er er
Sally (PS15B) [3043] [laughing] Richard's got it all over his face [] !
Ann (PS14B) [3044] Let's see you Richard.
[3045] Yo oh ... just a minute, it's dripping down your chin.
[3046] Let me get it off here so it doesn't go on your collar.
[3047] Lift your chin up cos your collar's got out of your pinny somehow or other.
[3048] Let me wipe it down here look.
[3049] It's on the edge of the table.
[3050] That's it.
[3051] That's it.
Richard (PS14P) [3052] And on my [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3053] Oh well you'll ha ... if you keep getting it on your fingers just eat it up and I'll wash you when you've finished.
[3054] As long as it's not going near your sleeve it doesn't matter. ... [...]
Sally (PS15B) [3055] Shall I ... I want to stir it.
Ann (PS14B) [3056] Oh!
[3057] Girls.
[3058] ... What are you doing?
Sally (PS15B) [3059] Stop that now.
Ann (PS14B) [3060] Look, don't mess about.
[3061] Daddy's coming early for you today.
Sally (PS15B) [3062] We've got these in our house.
Ann (PS14B) [3063] Those?
Sally (PS15B) [3064] Those
Ann (PS14B) [3065] These
Sally (PS15B) [3066] soup like ... soup like things.
Ann (PS14B) [3067] Well you know where I got them from.
[3068] When er
Sally (PS15B) [3069] I dunno.
Ann (PS14B) [3070] you probably got them from the same place.
[3071] They were free with petrol.
Sally (PS15B) [3072] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [3073] And ... when Paul ... had his taxi business.
Sally (PS15B) [3074] Betty gave us them.
Ann (PS14B) [3075] Betty?
[3076] Betty gave you yours.
[3077] Betty gave me mine.
Sally (PS15B) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [3078] [laugh] ... They use so much petrol on a taxi business they got ... she's got about a dozen still I think.
[3079] She gave me ... five I think it was.
Sally (PS15B) [3080] It's those ... that's the same.
Ann (PS14B) [3081] Well I think Jim got one and I got five.
[3082] Erm Betty gave me five I meant.
Sally (PS15B) [3083] I think we've got about four or five.
Richard (PS14P) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3084] Richard!
[3085] Properly please.
Richard (PS14P) [3086] And there.
[3087] No.
Ann (PS14B) [3088] Do you want some help?
[3089] Anyone want some help?
Bryony (PS14N) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [3090] Well you're getting nowhere doing that.
[3091] Come on, I'll help you.
Richard (PS14P) [3092] I want to do that!
Ann (PS14B) [3093] Well, well do it properly then.
[3094] ... Look if you hold the handle you can tip it, tip it up.
[3095] Like, like that.
Richard (PS14P) [3096] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3097] [...] it.
[3098] ... Bryony's going to drink hers.
Sally (PS15B) [3099] Mm!
[3100] I like that smell.
Ann (PS14B) [3101] Do you?
Sally (PS15B) [3102] Mm.
Bryony (PS14N) [3103] My er [...]
Sally (PS15B) [3104] Was it good washing with that Bold al ... Bold all in one?
Ann (PS14B) [3105] Erm
Sally (PS15B) [3106] Don't slurp it.
[3107] [whispering] Stop it [] !
Ann (PS14B) [3108] I didn't think it was really much better than any
Sally (PS15B) [3109] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3110] item used.
[3111] ... Are you finished Bryony?
Bryony (PS14N) [3112] I'm finished.
Ann (PS14B) [3113] Are you going to eat your stottie
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Sally (PS15B) [3114] That's, that's you keep on eating.
Ann (PS14B) [3115] Don't!
[3116] ... Right.
[3117] That's to go home with Trevor.
[3118] ... Has Bryony got her other shoe back on again by the way, does anybody know?
Sally (PS15B) [3119] Erm, nope.
[3120] [laughing] She's, got a bare foot and sa a shoe on [] .
Ann (PS14B) [3121] Shall I take that off you
Bryony (PS14N) [3122] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [3123] now you've eaten
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3124] all that?
[3125] Good girl.
[3126] Give me your spoon.
[3127] Give me your spoon.
Bryony (PS14N) [3128] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [3129] Clever girl!
[3130] What a clever girl!
[3131] And you're a clever
Bryony (PS14N) [3132] Look at those two!
Ann (PS14B) [3133] Pardon?
Bryony (PS14N) [3134] No, look at those two.
Ann (PS14B) [3135] Look at those two?
[3136] Yes.
[3137] They're being good boys
Bryony (PS14N) [3138] They're good boys
Ann (PS14B) [3139] aren't they?
[3140] Well
Bryony (PS14N) [3141] there.
Ann (PS14B) [3142] look at the sun shining again!
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3143] Hooray!
Richard (PS14P) [3144] What?
Bryony (PS14N) [3145] It's not dark yet.
Ann (PS14B) [3146] No it's not dark yet.
[3147] It ... it's springtime now.
[3148] It was dark when you went home in the
Bryony (PS14N) [3149] It's light time.
Ann (PS14B) [3150] winter.
Bryony (PS14N) [3151] It's light time.
Ann (PS14B) [3152] It's light time is it?
Bryony (PS14N) [3153] Light time.
Ann (PS14B) [3154] It's the day time.
Sally (PS15B) [3155] Oh.
Bryony (PS14N) [3156] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3157] It gets dark later now.
[3158] Cos it's springtime now.
[3159] And James has so soup on his sweatshirt.
James (PS14M) [3160] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3161] Keep still a minute while I wipe you.
James (PS14M) [3162] No that's ... that you don't
Ann (PS14B) [3163] It's because
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3164] James will not sit straight at the table, he sits
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3165] sideways.
Bryony (PS14N) [3166] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [3167] Don't you?
James (PS14M) [3168] I don't.
Ann (PS14B) [3169] Oh yes you do.
Bryony (PS14N) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3170] [mimicking pantomime cheer] Oh yes you do []
James (PS14M) [3172] No I don't [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3173] [mimicking] Oh Yes you do []
James (PS14M) [3175] No I don't [...] .
[3176] Yes you do.
Ann (PS14B) [3177] That's not what you're supposed to say.
[3178] Richard'll tell you what you're supposed to say.
[3179] You do it Richard.
[3180] [mimicking a pantomime cheer] Oh! Yes you do [] .
Richard (PS14P) [3182] [mimicking] Yes you do [] !
James (PS14M) [3183] I don't Richard.
Sally (PS15B) [3184] Do you want him to have this
Ann (PS14B) [3185] And what do you say?
Sally (PS15B) [3186] do you Anne?
Ann (PS14B) [3187] What?
Sally (PS15B) [3188] You didn't have this one before.
Richard (PS14P) [3189] No.
James (PS14M) [3190] You go.
Ann (PS14B) [3191] No I said that.
[3192] You look as if you've been washing your face in soup.
Sally (PS15B) [3193] Do you want that one?
James (PS14M) [3194] Oh oh!
Ann (PS14B) [3195] Thanks Sal.
Sally (PS15B) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3196] Sally be careful!
[3197] Oh you've got your sock off as well.
[3198] Not Sally, Bryony.
[3199] I'm calling you Sally!
[3200] Aren't I silly?
Bryony (PS14N) [3201] I'm not
Sally (PS15B) [3202] Yeah.
Bryony (PS14N) [3203] Sally.
Ann (PS14B) [3204] You're not Sally are you?
Bryony (PS14N) [3205] I said I'm not Sally.
Richard (PS14P) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3206] I'll go and ... I'll go and find your ... can anyone see Bryony's sock?
[3207] Oh there it is.
[3208] And where's her shoe?
[3209] ... Right.
[3210] Right.
[3211] Let's put your shoe and so
Bryony (PS14N) [3212] That's my shoe!
Ann (PS14B) [3213] Put your shoe and sock back on.
James (PS14M) [3214] Ooh!
[3215] Bryony.
Ann (PS14B) [3216] Very good!
[3217] Thank you James.
[3218] Good boy.
[3219] Give me your spoon.
Sally (PS15B) [3220] Let me see you take it off.
Ann (PS14B) [3221] Thank you.
James (PS14M) [3222] Ooh!
[3223] It's not here. ... [children watching tv]
Ann (PS14B) [3224] Have you finished with, ooh no, not quite Richard.
Richard (PS14P) [3225] Not finished.
[3226] Not finished now.
[3227] ... I want to do it.
Ann (PS14B) [3228] Well I'll he look it's difficult to get the last bit out of soup cups, I'll help you.
[3229] You do it then.
[3230] Here you are.
[3231] I'll tip
Richard (PS14P) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3232] wait a minute look, you've got some on the table, you don't want your sleeve in that.
Richard (PS14P) [3233] I don't that bit there.
Ann (PS14B) [3234] You don't want that piece?
[3235] Right let's sling it on the garage roof for the birds.
[3236] Here you are stuggies ... Wo!
Sally (PS15B) [3237] For the birds. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [3238] I hit it.
[3239] Right from the back door.
[3240] D'ya think
Richard (PS14P) [3241] It's the
Ann (PS14B) [3242] I'm brilliant?
Richard (PS14P) [3243] I give it the birds.
Ann (PS14B) [3244] Er, wait a minute.
[3245] D'ya want a
James (PS14M) [3246] I think you brilliant.
Ann (PS14B) [3247] You think I'm brilliant?
[3248] That's good.
[3249] Do you want something else to eat?
Richard (PS14P) [3250] I do.
Ann (PS14B) [3251] Well sit back at the table please.
[3252] Don't get off your chair until you've finished.
Richard (PS14P) [3253] I sit there.
Ann (PS14B) [3254] Let's see ... what I've got
Richard (PS14P) [3255] I want [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3256] Let's see what I
James (PS14M) [3257] No [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3258] can find for you.
James (PS14M) [3259] Aargh!
[3260] Aargh!
[3261] Aargh.
Richard (PS14P) [3262] Urgh!
Ann (PS14B) [3263] Do you want one of these?
Richard (PS14P) [3264] I do.
James (PS14M) [3265] I want one of them please.
Ann (PS14B) [3266] Say yes please.
James (PS14M) [3267] I don't
Richard (PS14P) [3268] Yes please.
James (PS14M) [3269] want one.
Ann (PS14B) [3270] You don't?
James (PS14M) [3271] No.
[3272] I don't wa I [...] this one.
Ann (PS14B) [3273] There you are.
Richard (PS14P) [3274] I want a green one.
Ann (PS14B) [3275] You wanted the green one?
[3276] What
James (PS14M) [3277] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [3278] colour have you got James.
Richard (PS14P) [3279] I want a green one.
James (PS14M) [3280] lellow one.
Ann (PS14B) [3281] Yes, you've got yellow.
Richard (PS14P) [3282] I want green.
Ann (PS14B) [3283] There's one for you.
[3284] Right.
[3285] Let's see
Richard (PS14P) [3286] I, I get, there you are.
[3287] There you are.
[3288] There you are.
Ann (PS14B) [3289] I thank you.
[3290] Give me yo
Rebecca (PS14D) [3291] Ann can you look, look a colour one for me?
Ann (PS14B) [3292] See what colour's in here for you then?
Bryony (PS14N) [3293] You got a red one ... for me ... haven't you?
Ann (PS14B) [3294] What love?
Richard (PS14P) [3295] Here you are.
Ann (PS14B) [3296] Thank you.
Bryony (PS14N) [3297] Oh!
Richard (PS14P) [3298] One for her, and none for [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3299] I have to get the packet open first.
[3300] It's difficult.
[3301] Where's my sharp knife?
Sally (PS15B) [3302] I'm gonna get you!
Ann (PS14B) [3303] Here we are.
[3304] What colour ra what colour Richard?
Richard (PS14P) [3305] It's er er er ... erm
Ann (PS14B) [3306] What colour is it?
Richard (PS14P) [3307] Green.
Ann (PS14B) [3308] Yes.
Richard (PS14P) [3309] Green.
Ann (PS14B) [3310] Another green one.
[3311] There you are Richard.
[3312] ... Now where have I put the cloth?
[3313] Here.
Sally (PS15B) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3314] I keep losing things don't I?
James (PS14M) [3315] We've lost one.
[3316] I've lost one.
Ann (PS14B) [3317] Lost one what?
James (PS14M) [3318] Lost er
Ann (PS14B) [3319] What have you lost one of?
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3320] Let me just wipe your ... hands and your chin before you wipe them on your sleeves.
[3321] What are you doing down there Bryony?
[3322] ... Get back on th
Richard (PS14P) [3323] I dropped it.
[3324] I got it.
Ann (PS14B) [3325] What did you get?
Richard (PS14P) [3326] I got it.
James (PS14M) [3327] Can I have another biscuit please?
Ann (PS14B) [3328] You got what?
Richard (PS14P) [3329] I got ... my chocolate biscuit back.
James (PS14M) [3330] Well I got you ... gre got another green one haven't you?
Ann (PS14B) [3331] You want me to open that?
Richard (PS14P) [3332] I don't wanna, I'll do it.
[3333] I want you to leave it open.
Ann (PS14B) [3334] Do you want it opening?
Richard (PS14P) [3335] I just want you to leave it in.
Ann (PS14B) [3336] You want it leaving in?
Richard (PS14P) [3337] I want it leaving in.
Ann (PS14B) [3338] Don't you want to eat it?
Richard (PS14P) [3339] I can still, I can still eat it inside.
Bryony (PS14N) [3340] My shoe come off.
Ann (PS14B) [3341] You mean you want the wrapper leaving on it?
[3342] Oh.
Bryony (PS14N) [3343] My shoe come off.
Ann (PS14B) [3344] I know.
[3345] I'm going to put your shoe on any second.
James (PS14M) [3346] I want the wrapper on.
Ann (PS14B) [3347] Do you mean like this Richard?
Richard (PS14P) [3348] I want
Ann (PS14B) [3349] Is that what you mean?
Richard (PS14P) [3350] the wrapper on.
Ann (PS14B) [3351] There you are.
Richard (PS14P) [3352] On it.
Ann (PS14B) [3353] Right Bryony I'll ... put your shoe on now.
Richard (PS14P) [3354] That's a [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3355] Come on then.
[3356] It's your other foot.
[3357] Bring your foot round carefully.
[3358] That's it.
[3359] ... And who's coming to see you tomorrow?
Bryony (PS14N) [3360] Daddy!
Ann (PS14B) [3361] No, daddy's coming in a minute for you.
[3362] Who's coming to see you tomorrow?
Bryony (PS14N) [3363] Mummy!
James (PS14M) [3364] Daddy!
Ann (PS14B) [3365] Yes, mummy's coming back from Scotland, but who's she bringing with her?
Bryony (PS14N) [3366] Granny Iris!
James (PS14M) [3367] Granny Iris!
Ann (PS14B) [3368] Granny Iris!
Bryony (PS14N) [3369] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [3370] [singing] Won't that be lovely [] ?
[3371] ... And your Granny Jean had a lovely holiday.
[3372] She went over the sea in an aeroplane didn't she?
James (PS14M) [3373] What?
Ann (PS14B) [3374] To Jordan.
James (PS14M) [3375] I'm going on today!
Ann (PS14B) [3376] And she went to Egypt at the end of last year.
[3377] ... South America.
[3378] Goes on lots of holidays doesn't she?
[3379] There now.
[3380] Are you finished James?
Richard (PS14P) [3381] Go, going on holiday
James (PS14M) [...]
Richard (PS14P) [3382] again.
Ann (PS14B) [3383] My goodness!
[3384] You've filled your mouth too fu
Richard (PS14P) [3385] Going on holiday again.
Ann (PS14B) [3386] Mm mm?
[3387] Keep still.
James (PS14M) [3388] I've nearly finished.
Ann (PS14B) [3389] You've still got that lot.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3390] Do you want some milk James?
James (PS14M) [3391] Yeah I want
Ann (PS14B) [3392] Pardon?
James (PS14M) [3393] Yes please.
Ann (PS14B) [3394] Better.
[3395] Where's your cup gone?
[3396] Here.
James (PS14M) [3397] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [3398] I'll get you some milk.
James (PS14M) [3399] A I er I don't want erm finish my bun.
Ann (PS14B) [3400] There you are dear.
[3401] Drink some milk Richard now.
Richard (PS14P) [3402] I, oops!
Ann (PS14B) [3403] It's lovely and sunny now.
Richard (PS14P) [3404] I want cold milk.
[3405] Don't want it warming do I?
Ann (PS14B) [3406] No.
[3407] There you are.
[3408] Thank you.
James (PS14M) [3409] I [...] big boy, I need the toilet.
Ann (PS14B) [3410] You need the toilet?
[3411] A wa
James (PS14M) [3412] I say I've got a wa well I ... I don't I, but er ... I didn't er, I will get washed.
Richard (PS14P) [3413] I'll take the [...]
James (PS14M) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3414] Yes.
[3415] You need to be washed first.
James (PS14M) [3416] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3417] Let's wash your face quickly
James (PS14M) [3418] I will
Ann (PS14B) [3419] then, then we'll go to the toilet.
James (PS14M) [3420] Erm ... I will walk ... on the back erm ... [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3421] Let's see your hands.
Richard (PS14P) [3422] I need the toilet.
[3423] I need
Ann (PS14B) [3424] You need the toilet as well?
Richard (PS14P) [3425] I need a poo please.
Ann (PS14B) [3426] Oh right.
James (PS14M) [3427] I need a wee.
Sally (PS15B) [3428] If they need the toilet
Richard (PS14P) [...]
Sally (PS15B) [3429] I'll take them.
Ann (PS14B) [3430] Oh thanks Sal.
Sally (PS15B) [3431] You need the toilet James?
Ann (PS14B) [3432] Just a minute
James (PS14M) [3433] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [3434] I'll take it off for you.
Rebecca (PS14D) [3435] And I'll take them too cos I'm gonna go as well.
Ann (PS14B) [3436] Oh!
[3437] Rebecca needs the toilet as well.
Sally (PS15B) [3438] You can take Richard up cos I'll take James.
Ann (PS14B) [3439] She's going to take you.
[3440] I don't think James ne Richard needs to go, it's, it's
Rebecca (PS14D) [3441] No.
Ann (PS14B) [3442] er James.
[3443] Sit down there you do ne ne ... don't need to go yet do you?
Rebecca (PS14D) [3444] Wait Sal!
James (PS14M) [3445] Sal. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3446] Wait a minute.
James (PS14M) [3447] Mm mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3448] It isn't loose enough it won't go over your head.
James (PS14M) [3449] You look after er ... Amy.
Ann (PS14B) [3450] Look after Amy?
[3451] Amy's gone home.
Sally (PS15B) [3452] Amy's gone home.
James (PS14M) [3453] Look a ... [...] .
Sally (PS15B) [3454] You
Ann (PS14B) [3455] Amy, and big Richard and Matthew have all gone
Sally (PS15B) [3456] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [3457] home now.
James (PS14M) [3458] But they ... didn't, you won't get Richard [...] .
Sally (PS15B) [3459] Come on then.
[3460] Come on then.
Ann (PS14B) [3461] Er, Richard!
[3462] You're not going upstairs ... in a mess like that, you'll stick your hands on everything you come to.
[3463] Let's get you washed.
[3464] Are you going to finish eating that first?
[3465] You sit there and finish eating that and I'll wash your hands.
Richard (PS14P) [3466] [singing] [...] [] .
[3467] ... I've eaten all up!
Ann (PS14B) [3468] You've eaten it all up?
Richard (PS14P) [3469] I've
Ann (PS14B) [3470] Yo
Richard (PS14P) [3471] finished.
Ann (PS14B) [3472] you put too much in your mouth at once.
[3473] You can hardly close your mouth!
Richard (PS14P) [3474] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3475] Can you?
Richard (PS14P) [3476] I'm throwing water in the ceiling.
[3477] I'm putting water in the ceiling.
Ann (PS14B) [3478] You put water in the ceiling?
Richard (PS14P) [3479] No, I'll put water on your ceiling.
Ann (PS14B) [3480] I don't want water on the ceiling.
[3481] We had water on the ceiling.
Richard (PS14P) [3482] And I we I'm gonna put all of my [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3483] Gareth's turned the bath on.
[3484] When Gareth lived with us before he got married he turned the bath on and walked away and left it.
Richard (PS14P) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3485] Mm mm.
[3486] That was a mess!
[3487] We couldn't have the lights on.
[3488] all the water came over the top of the bath.
Richard (PS14P) [3489] I, I er,o we had to get the ladders ... we had to go up the ladders didn't we?
Ann (PS14B) [3490] Had to get the, ladder?

9 (Tape 069401)

James (PS14C) [3491] I thought, they'd
Ann (PS14B) [3492] They went ... years ago.
James (PS14C) [3493] well I thought they'd gone but, but I saw them here.
Ann (PS14B) [3494] How long was our guarantee?
James (PS14C) [3495] Well there won't be anybody there.
[3496] At Horsefields.
Ann (PS14B) [3497] Oh yeah!
[3498] I haven't even read the papers today.
James (PS14C) [3499] Exactly.
[3500] Past a thousand picture window normally two hundred and forty a pound, now only forty eight pounds.
Ann (PS14B) [3501] What?
[3502] ... Do you think it's a real [...] ?
James (PS14C) [3503] Well it says it is, it's been
Ann (PS14B) [3504] It's a whole page spread.
[3505] ... Three at five hundred there.
James (PS14C) [3506] Don't go for that one there.
Ann (PS14B) [3507] [...] the last three hundred [...] .
[3508] ... There's no catch.
[3509] ... [reading newspaper advertisement] From such an established ... reputable company.
[3510] ... All prices are fully inclusive of double glazing ... the Raid One Security P V C, da da da.
[3511] Fittings and all the ... service guaranteed [] .
[3512] ... Well I don't know.
[3513] ... It doesn't say anywhere where there's a guarantee.
[3514] ... All [...] Windows in ... Cheshire.
[3515] I wonder if it's the same address as when we got ours?
James (PS14C) [3516] Well, we should have the guarantee still, there in the box there.
Ann (PS14B) [3517] Unle it's, it's ... how
James (PS14C) [3518] Well
Ann (PS14B) [3519] long is it since it was supposed to have gone bust?
James (PS14C) [3520] Well that's since that.
[3521] I thought it had gone ins
Ann (PS14B) [3522] I thought it was about ten years.
James (PS14C) [3523] Ah.
[3524] Wasn't there somewhere in Lancaster Park ... who got the ... [...] ?
Ann (PS14B) [3525] I can't remember.
[3526] ... When we got that, when we had ours it, and er ... they said if you ... if you found someone else who would ... like ... who would have ... cold shield you would get er, seventy five pounds back.
James (PS14C) [3527] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [3528] And you gave the thing to, who was it who was thinking about it?
[3529] Was it erm ... what did they call ... Isobel ... Isobel
James (PS14C) [3530] .
Ann (PS14B) [3531] .
[3532] Wasn't it her?
James (PS14C) [3533] It might have been.
[3534] I can't remember.
Ann (PS14B) [3535] Wasn't it just before or after her husband died?
James (PS14C) [3536] Dunno.
[3537] ... Cos that, well I don't know, her husband died when we were just, came here.
[3538] It could have been that.
Ann (PS14B) [3539] Yeah.
[3540] Yeah.
[3541] ... Well I phoned Shirley ... and she said she's fine.
James (PS14C) [3542] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [3543] I told her off for not le not telling me she was ill.
[3544] And she said, no, no!
[3545] I'm fine.
[3546] She's got her friend Sandy staying with her.
James (PS14C) [3547] So where's Gareth gone?
Ann (PS14B) [3548] She was, he was in the house, I didn't speak to him though
James (PS14C) [3549] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [3550] so that, I just spoke to Shirley.
[3551] Erm ... Sandy's staying with her for a few days.
[3552] ... What else did she say?
James (PS14C) [3553] Did you say about us going down or not?
Ann (PS14B) [3554] No I didn't mention it.
James (PS14C) [3555] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [3556] At the moment.
James (PS14C) [3557] Have you asked her about the
Ann (PS14B) [3558] She's got ... somebody
James (PS14C) [3559] the letter?
Ann (PS14B) [3560] staying now.
[3561] I asked her about the letter ... and she kne she said ... she couldn't remember anything about it ... but she filled in something when they came back from Belfast.
James (PS14C) [3562] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [3563] And ... she said, open it.
[3564] So I opened it ... and it's one of these things ... er ... if you ... book to go to ... Dublin ... before May the, whatever, the end of May
James (PS14C) [3565] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [3566] then if you went again in ... the autumn ... [laughing] you [] ... you ge you get er ... fifty pounds' worth of ... vouchers or something,yo you go half price.
[3567] It's one of those con things like they tried
James (PS14C) [3568] Well like our holiday they, they go
Ann (PS14B) [3569] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3570] and,an ... where they booked.
Ann (PS14B) [3571] Why , I mean why would she go to
James (PS14C) [3572] Dublin, yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [3573] Dublin before
James (PS14C) [3574] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3575] it's ... and why Dublin when er, when they were
James (PS14C) [3576] Coming across from Belfast.
Ann (PS14B) [3577] when they crossed from Northern
James (PS14C) [3578] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [3579] Ireland?
James (PS14C) [3580] I don't know.
[3581] Cos they're trying to sell the things aren't
Ann (PS14B) [3582] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [3583] they, all the time?
Ann (PS14B) [3584] Anyway, she doesn't want it.
[3585] ... Martin still ha hasn't got his ... erm ... invalidity ... pension sorted out.
James (PS14C) [3586] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3587] But he's managing alright at the moment.
[3588] He's filled in all the things.
[3589] I forgot to ... er, I haven't watched the television at all.
[3590] And I forgot to ... record, what do you call that thing?
[3591] With a devil in it?
James (PS14C) [3592] Well it was ... half
Ann (PS14B) [3593] I fo
James (PS14C) [3594] way through when I came
Ann (PS14B) [3595] I forgot to
James (PS14C) [3596] in.
Ann (PS14B) [3597] That's, I know, I forgot to record it for you.
[3598] I think I'll go to bed early tonight.
[3599] ... Does that rain mean ... it's off the coast or it's
James (PS14C) [3600] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3601] [laughing] in our area [] ?
James (PS14C) [3602] Ha.
Ann (PS14B) [3603] And was that minus one just the western side or us as well?
James (PS14C) [3604] We'll get to th
Ann (PS14B) [3605] Oh yeah.
James (PS14C) [3606] we'll get it with the local news after this.
Ann (PS14B) [3607] Oh well.
[3608] According to this it's cloud.
[3609] At least it's a white cloud not a ... black one.
[3610] ... Did you see your mother?
James (PS14C) [3611] [yawning] No [] .
Ann (PS14B) [3612] Oh.
James (PS14C) [3613] [yawning] But I've got a message [] , will you tell my brother, no, don't tell my brother ... th sa they said ... she said to one of the nurses ... and they said, your brother?
[3614] Oh!
[3615] My son.
[3616] [laugh] ... I said well what did yo don't you have to tell me?
[3617] She says, I'm not gonna tell you.
[3618] [laughing] So I didn't get to hear what, what, I [] , they didn't have to tell nothing.
Ann (PS14B) [3619] Oh.
[3620] What was she doing tonight?
James (PS14C) [3621] I don't know.
Ann (PS14B) [3622] Ooh!
James (PS14C) [3623] Mostly dry
Ann (PS14B) [3624] Mostly
James (PS14C) [3625] sunny spells.
Ann (PS14B) [3626] sunny spells.
[3627] ... I'll have to get some washing done.
James (PS14C) [3628] [yawn] ... Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [3629] Sally was quite intrigued by that.
[3630] ... You'll have to get this week's ... a new one.

10 (Tape 069402)

Ann (PS14B) [3631] We'll have to get a ... a better box.
[3632] There's some bottles ... jars for the bottle bank as well.
[3633] ... You know the last time you missed the erm
James (PS14C) [3634] Aye.
Ann (PS14B) [3635] the last time you missed the ... television pages ... television supplement and a comic thing ... out of the Mirror.
[3636] I don't think he believed me.
[3637] And it's in ... it'll be twice in a month.
[3638] And ... Chris is back again as our paper boy.
James (PS14C) [3639] Tt.
[3640] What happened to the new one?
Ann (PS14B) [3641] The other was so useless!
[3642] But according to the ... er, that new manager in the paper shop ... everyone else got theirs.
[3643] So I said, well I'm sorry but I'm not included in everyone else.
[3644] And he gave me one.
James (PS14C) [3645] I think I'll get the Radio Times this week [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3646] The Radio Times?
[3647] Why?
James (PS14C) [3648] Cos it's got all the ... them extra wo got all of them extra ones in. ... [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3649] Oh.
[3650] ... Are we staying up all Thursday night?
James (PS14C) [3651] I don't know.
Ann (PS14B) [3652] What shift are you on on Friday?
James (PS14C) [3653] I'm off.
Ann (PS14B) [3654] Oh!
[3655] Of course.
[3656] Well you could stay in bed all day on Friday.
[3657] ... And I could take the kids to school and go back ... I could do that. [laugh]
James (PS14C) [cough]
Ann (PS14B) [3658] We need to ... oh no we don't.
[3659] I need to go to the Co-op ... and Iceland.
[3660] What shall I get for your mother?
[3661] ... I'll get her some chocolate biscuits or something.
[3662] ... You would think she would ... put on a lot of weight wouldn't you?
James (PS14C) [3663] I don't think she eats that much though.
Ann (PS14B) [3664] I know, she's ... she doesn't eat that much, but what she is eating i everything's sweet.
James (PS14C) [3665] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3666] Chocolates and
James (PS14C) [3667] Is she eating them?
Ann (PS14B) [3668] Pardon?
James (PS14C) [3669] Does she eat [...] though?
Ann (PS14B) [3670] Well sh ... I don't know.
James (PS14C) [3671] You know what the
Ann (PS14B) [3672] She goes in the
James (PS14C) [3673] staff are like?
Ann (PS14B) [3674] Mm?
James (PS14C) [3675] You know what those sa staff are like.
Ann (PS14B) [3676] I know.
[3677] Most of them are, well yes.
[3678] But, they certainly do.
[3679] If anyone offered me a chocolate when I was nursing, yes I would eat it cos I was always [laughing] hungry [] .
[3680] ... Which reminds me I meant to get weighed this morning ... before I had my breakfast.
James (PS14C) [3681] That don't matter.
Ann (PS14B) [3682] And I forgot.
[3683] Remind me tomorrow.
[3684] Before I eat anything.
[3685] ... I think I'd better put some washing in before I go out.
[3686] ... Are those ... ankle boots dry?
James (PS14C) [3687] That's all she's saying ... you couldn't it with these before if you [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3688] What?
James (PS14C) [3689] The boots you've got on.
[3690] Give better support than the ones ... those flat heeled ones.
[3691] Where did you buy them from?
[3692] For your Achilles' tendon.
Ann (PS14B) [3693] It's better now.
[3694] I get, on Wednesday I, I did the erm ... Angeline said to me don't do the high impact if you think it's ... going to hurt again.
[3695] I co still have the support under it.
[3696] ... I managed okay.
[3697] It didn't hurt.
James (PS14C) [3698] Who's Angeline?
[3699] ... Which is the right one for
Ann (PS14B) [3700] The pink one's a dish cloth.
[3701] ... The blue one's the one I wipe up ... small stains off the floor.
James (PS14C) [3702] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [3703] I wonder how Bryony is?
James (PS14C) [3704] What?
Ann (PS14B) [3705] I said, I wonder how Bryony is?
[3706] ... And she wasn't very well yesterday.
[3707] Every time she got a bump ... or knock off one of the others she was crying ... instead of clouting them back.
[3708] ... It must have been Richard, I do I don't think ... Richard's very, he
James (PS14C) [3709] Sorry, what d'ya say Richard was?
Ann (PS14B) [3710] I said I don't ... well stop running the tap.
[3711] I say, I don't think Richard's ... very well either.
[3712] ... Cos he cried more than usual.
[3713] ... I wonder what time, the other night, Trevor had with them on his own?
[3714] ... What do you think of granny Jean offering it ... offering again to get Martin ... from school to save Trevor walking him home?
James (PS14C) [3715] Well it's ... well perhaps there's nothing in it for him.
Ann (PS14B) [3716] I don't know.
[3717] ... I like her.
James (PS14C) [3718] Mm?
Ann (PS14B) [3719] I like her.
[3720] ... Can I just ri ... rinse my thingy.
[3721] And get my [...] in.
[3722] ... Ooh!
[3723] I've got hand cream on my hands.
[3724] ... That spurtle was used as a ... I can't
James (PS14C) [3725] A [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3726] remember what Richard was using it as yesterday.
James (PS14C) [3727] Well he was poking me ... in the groin.
Ann (PS14B) [3728] What are we going to do about these ... tiles for the step
James (PS14C) [3729] I dunno.
Ann (PS14B) [3730] to cover this ... little hole in our path?
[3731] I should hate to think what must be down there now.
[3732] Tt.
[3733] Oh!
[3734] Well leave it cos it's ... it's
James (PS14C) [3735] Well I told you that Fenwicks had ... and they were cheaper than
Ann (PS14B) [3736] Cheaper?
[3737] Fenwicks?
James (PS14C) [3738] but cheaper than ... what they call it?
[3739] The place in, the old place.
[3740] ... Yes.
[3741] They were cheaper.
[3742] I got the price for you.
Ann (PS14B) [3743] Cheaper than the do-it-yourself shop up Brady's?
James (PS14C) [3744] They were both
Ann (PS14B) [3745] But when, can we get through to Newcastle?
James (PS14C) [3746] Well I ... well I'll have a week's holiday after Easter and I've gotta go ... unless we go to [...] .
[3747] And I've got a ... an all day meeting, I've arranged it on the ... Tuesday ... that's if we're being presented to [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3748] Which Tuesday?
[3749] After they break up?
James (PS14C) [3750] That's right.
[3751] ... Which is, this, next Friday.
Ann (PS14B) [3752] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3753] So I hope to sort it out ... the Lenten appeal ... well
Ann (PS14B) [3754] The what?
James (PS14C) [3755] The Len
Ann (PS14B) [3756] Lin
James (PS14C) [3757] the Lenten's appeal at the schools ... that Mrs was supposed to ... let Miss know ... so she could get it off to the parents to get the money back ... so that they bought the scanner.
Ann (PS14B) [3758] See, you didn't tell me about that.
James (PS14C) [3759] I did tell you.
Ann (PS14B) [3760] You didn't.
[3761] All you told me ... go on ... ah ... only this one's
James (PS14C) [3762] Miss wanted to
Ann (PS14B) [3763] all you told me was that Miss was retiring.
[3764] But, I haven't to tell anyone.
[3765] Which I haven't done.
[3766] ... Which I don't intend to do.
James (PS14C) [3767] At the beginning of Lent Miss approached me
Ann (PS14B) [3768] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3769] to see ... what she should do about the Lenten appeal
Ann (PS14B) [3770] Aha.
James (PS14C) [3771] as she always does.
[3772] Since I said, why send money to Great Ormond Street when there was ... plenty of children's things local?
Ann (PS14B) [3773] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3774] So I asked if we wanted anything?
[3775] And she said what about the bed at the Cottage Hospital?
Ann (PS14B) [3776] What good's a bed with no extra nurses?
James (PS14C) [3777] Well there are special beds.
Ann (PS14B) [3778] Oh you mean a bed?
[3779] Well
James (PS14C) [3780] Tt!
Ann (PS14B) [3781] D'ya mean a special kind of mattress be
James (PS14C) [3782] Well, she just asked about a bed, so I told her that ... we were
Ann (PS14B) [3783] You mean a bed to replace a bed that there already is?
[3784] But why's
James (PS14C) [3785] She di na she just said a bed, and so
Ann (PS14B) [3786] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3787] I told her there were special beds that we have ... are very useful, in fact ... very necessary in some, some cases, and are ... painfully short of them.
Ann (PS14B) [3788] Aha.
James (PS14C) [3789] And a Nimbas bed ... costs two thousand pound.
[3790] And there's another one on the market which I can't remember the name of, which costs a lot more.
Ann (PS14B) [3791] Mhm.
James (PS14C) [3792] Something like, five thousand.
[3793] But I can't remember the name.
[3794] Anyway, I said I'd ... make enquiries as to what a ... is wanted.
[3795] And I said there's a, there's a new children's ward ... will open at the Wandsbergh Hospital ... perhaps they would like something.
[3796] I saw Mrs , and Mrs said ... they were aiming to raise money for the scanner appeal.
Ann (PS14B) [3797] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [3798] But, also they're going to ... have a ... an obstetric adult patient's department ... at the College Hospital for the very first time.
Ann (PS14B) [3799] A what?
[3800] A
James (PS14C) [3801] An obstetric outpatients
Ann (PS14B) [3802] Yeah.
[3803] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [3804] and they're, obviously they would be, tend to be other children ... with mothers then ... so they would like perhaps a play facility there.
[3805] And other children who go to the E N T clinic, and go to the
Ann (PS14B) [...]
James (PS14C) [3806] or just go to the outpatients in general, and the casualty
Ann (PS14B) [3807] Yes.
James (PS14C) [3808] there's very limited facilities for children to play.
[3809] So ... but I also coaxed Mrs about ... the Wandsbergh [...] .
[3810] Anyway, she ... wanted to, me to go and see her, she said there we there was a scanner appeal, and she was also trying to talk about all sorts of other things that were possible ... and ... because there was an arts appeal and ... for arts facilities at the hospital, and all sorts of things.
[3811] So ... I went back to Miss and said about the scanner appeal and she said that would be ... she thought that that would be the best idea.
[3812] ... Not the children's things at the ... Cottage Hospital.
[3813] I also told her it's the diamond jubilee of the hospital ... and ... the children from ... will be invited to the hospital for that day ... that week, sorry.
[3814] It's gonna be a week ... [...] .
[3815] So she wanted to know what date it is.
[3816] So I, I asked Mrs to ... but would she write to Miss and give her all the details.
[3817] And she said, oh she'd be, she'd be far better if she went to see and explained it all.
[3818] And that she was going on Wednesday, I think.
[3819] Up she went ... you know
Ann (PS14B) [3820] Hold on.
[3821] Which one was going to see which
James (PS14C) [3822] It's
Ann (PS14B) [3823] one?
James (PS14C) [3824] Mrs was going to see Miss
Ann (PS14B) [3825] Was going to see Miss
James (PS14C) [3826] .
Ann (PS14B) [3827] Oh.
[3828] I see.
[3829] I didn't know which one.
James (PS14C) [3830] But I give them a ... so then I saw Mrs on Tuesday ... [cough] ... when I was at Ashington.
[3831] And she came up with all sorts of things that ... she would like for the ... the new Wandsbergh development.
[3832] But on a ... but there's nothing ready of course, so th ... there's, there's a ... giant sundial they're going to have in one of the courtyards ... and it's a giant one ... it's, it's the, the building and the blocks of ... things in, in the ... in the courtyard that make up the ... the time.
[3833] So the sun shines on the that particular bit of the ... of the courtyard and it's eight o'clock, and that one is nine o'clock and so forth.
[3834] This is just in a courtyard and there'll be shrubs and things so she's got
Ann (PS14B) [3835] Hold on.
[3836] Wha how ... where is it going to be seen from?
James (PS14C) [3837] I presume it's seen from the wards ... that are up behind looking down onto this courtyard.
[3838] There's also erm ... a play area for the ... the children's ward ... there's also some murals on the ... the walls, various artistic murals.
[3839] And, of course, they've got this grant from ... Artcan ... for six thousand pound ... for a proggie mat ... exhibition.
Ann (PS14B) [3840] A six thousand pound grant for a proggie mat
James (PS14C) [3841] Well
Ann (PS14B) [3842] exhibition?
James (PS14C) [3843] well over, over a period, it's ... and other things too but they sa they said that murals and proggie mats are involved in it.
[3844] ... And various other art things.
[3845] But also,th the thought of a gar a garden and the children keeping the garden ... up.
[3846] But that's a, apparently that was a long way and they have transport difficulties to go from here ... to ... the Wandsbergh Hospital.
[3847] But then I thought, perhaps ... if ... that
Ann (PS14B) [3848] I can't see the education committee ... with their lack of money paying for transport for children from here
James (PS14C) [3849] Well they won't
Ann (PS14B) [3850] to go Ashington Hospital to do a
James (PS14C) [3851] they won't so the they, they
Ann (PS14B) [3852] garden.
James (PS14C) [3853] the, the, the ... education committee and the school governors have no money at all
Ann (PS14B) [3854] No.
James (PS14C) [3855] to pay for that.
Ann (PS14B) [3856] I would expect
James (PS14C) [3857] But then
Ann (PS14B) [3858] that's a very low priority.
James (PS14C) [3859] well it isn't even a priority, it is nothing.
[3860] They won't get the money.
[3861] Th they won't pay for them to go swimming
Ann (PS14B) [3862] Well I don't
James (PS14C) [3863] they've gotta walk to go swimming.
[3864] But, I thought that ... now that the M S has acquired that bus ... and it's going to be standing around doing nothing for most of the time ... and it's a twenty nine seater bus.
[3865] I mean, the seats come out so that wheelchairs can go in ... but ... in between times it's twenty seats you see.
Ann (PS14B) [3866] And then you'll need a P S V
James (PS14C) [3867] Well
Ann (PS14B) [3868] licence.
James (PS14C) [3869] but, but that's, that's ... that's easily remedied if you could get a er ... a driving licence holder ... to take them ... oh a volunteer driving licence holder among one of the parents ... or somebody who could take the children, er, periodically in the bus to visit the hospital to do this sort of thing.
[3870] So that was a possibility.
[3871] But I haven't seen Miss about all these sort of things.
[3872] But I did also say ... to Mrs , that a new head would be appointed to take the imports from the first of September, that it might be better to discuss it with them ... after I've discussed with Miss .
Ann (PS14B) [3873] I only know one person ... I only know one bus driver with children.
James (PS14C) [3874] There's ambulance drivers.
Ann (PS14B) [3875] And he got hi I think their children go to the Catholic School.
[3876] Er ... this ... letter from the Multiple Sclerosis
James (PS14C) [3877] Yes.
[3878] Says any
Ann (PS14B) [3879] that says if you've got wheelchairs in you reduce your number of people.
[3880] You're not
James (PS14C) [3881] To sixteen.
Ann (PS14B) [3882] you're not reducing the size of the bus.
James (PS14C) [3883] Well I think that's crazy.
Ann (PS14B) [3884] And someone who's been just used to driving a car ... are they going to be able to drive the huge long bus with no extra
James (PS14C) [3885] Well
Ann (PS14B) [3886] tuition?
James (PS14C) [3887] Well I, I
Ann (PS14B) [3888] Whether it's got ... whether it's got sixteen people in it or ... twenty nine
James (PS14C) [3889] Well er
Ann (PS14B) [3890] it doesn't alter the length of the bus.
James (PS14C) [3891] I drive the minibus at the hospital
Ann (PS14B) [3892] I know.
James (PS14C) [3893] which only takes four wheelchairs ... and of course there's the drivers of, of the minibus things that bring them.
[3894] I think, I, I would query that anyway, that just [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3895] Would you like to get into a vehicle the length of a bus with no extra tuition
James (PS14C) [3896] No.
Ann (PS14B) [3897] and just drive
James (PS14C) [3898] But, but
Ann (PS14B) [3899] it?
James (PS14C) [3900] but I query as well, whether just because you reduce the number of spa passengers in it ... that you, you, you don't need ... a P S V licence, or the equivalent isn't a P S V licence but it's, it's
Ann (PS14B) [3901] Oh you do,the they've looked into that.
James (PS14C) [3902] But it sounds ... doubtful to me.
[3903] But anyway ... there's the insurance point of view.
[3904] But anyway, any ... I mean ... that's the easy, and I mean, if, if people who are willing to drive can have experience in driving ... before they take passengers out.
[3905] I mean, I didn't drive the minibus until I'd driven it without passengers.
Ann (PS14B) [3906] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [3907] I mean I ... I, I ... I [laughing] drove the minibus [] ... with only somebody in with me ... before I drove out with people in it.
Ann (PS14B) [3908] Didn't you da drive Dancy Dags?
James (PS14C) [3909] Oh yes, I drove that, but that was a long time ago that.
Ann (PS14B) [3910] Yeah, but ... yo you drove that one
James (PS14C) [3911] I drove it to Ashington and [...]
Ann (PS14B) [3912] Mm.
[3913] You drive her to Ashington in it.
James (PS14C) [3914] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [3915] Erm ... do you think I should throw these roses out?
[3916] They're
James (PS14C) [3917] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [3918] dead aren't they?
James (PS14C) [3919] I'm afraid so.
Ann (PS14B) [3920] It's a shame.
James (PS14C) [3921] Well they'll be forced for last Sunday.
Ann (PS14B) [3922] Pardon?
James (PS14C) [3923] They will be forced for last Sunday, and that was
Ann (PS14B) [3924] Oh I know.
James (PS14C) [3925] the air wasn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [3926] I know, but they were dead by about Tuesday.
[3927] The yellow one was dead by Tuesday.
[3928] So ... what a shame.
[3929] Never mind.
[3930] ... Right, I'll put my make up on.
James (PS14C) [3931] Have you decided where you want this umbrella tree?
Ann (PS14B) [3932] Er er
James (PS14C) [3933] You need a saucer at the bottom.
[3934] But they're never the right size for that it wants [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [3935] Well there's a huge saucer on the old one.
James (PS14C) [3936] Ah but that's in it ... you can put one in that
Ann (PS14B) [3937] Well
James (PS14C) [3938] plant pot, that's a different matter altogether.
Ann (PS14B) [3939] Jus just leave it there for now.
[3940] Erm ... I'm going to put my make up on ... and think what I need from the shops.
James (PS14C) [3941] Right.
[3942] It's ten o'clock love.
Ann (PS14B) [3943] I know.
[3944] I'm gonna have to hurry up or you'll get no dinner.
[3945] ... I'll take that upstairs with me.
[3946] Ooh!
[3947] My head feels a lot better.
James (PS14C) [3948] It's gotta be better.
Ann (PS14B) [3949] [sighing] Oh [] !
[3950] ... I don't
James (PS14C) [3951] That er
Ann (PS14B) [3952] I haven't had a ... a headache like this for a
James (PS14C) [3953] Still it's much more quick.
Ann (PS14B) [3954] I know.
[3955] I need some ... le er ... the, I wanted a carton of live yoghurt ... I don't think the live yoghurt I used was any good because, for a start [laughing] it was [] fruit flavoured, no it wasn't, it was natural, but it said mild flavoured
James (PS14C) [3956] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3957] and I don't think it was the proper ... like the Greek style, real live yoghurt that would have
James (PS14C) [3958] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [3959] started all the fungus growing on it.
[3960] It is beginning to look like a proper stone cup though.
[3961] And they're saying that ... er ... okay, I'll go and get ready.
James (PS14C) [3962] So do you want the yoghurt, yoghurt before we go to the ... [...] ?
Ann (PS14B) [3963] I don't think it matters, but ... if the weather's still going to be freezing at night
James (PS14C) [3964] And if so does, does
Ann (PS14B) [3965] I've got the
James (PS14C) [3966] the, [laughing] it's outside all the time anyway [] .
Ann (PS14B) [3967] I know, but it's got the polythene bag round it still.
[3968] ... I got it standing on that brick ... so it would drain.
[3969] ... I wish I knew what to do with the other azalea.
[3970] Some of the ... erm ... stems on it look as if the ... not mouldy but they're, they're sort of
James (PS14C) [3971] Well we'll just have to dig it up and put
Ann (PS14B) [3972] green.
James (PS14C) [3973] another one in.
Ann (PS14B) [3974] Those hyacinths in the cauldron are taking a long time to come out aren't they?
James (PS14C) [3975] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [3976] I would have thought the tulip ... that went in the er coal scuttle ... the tulips in the cauldron ... I thought they'd had it, they were lying down completely.
James (PS14C) [3977] I know.
[3978] They just straightened
Ann (PS14B) [3979] They were
James (PS14C) [3980] up.
Ann (PS14B) [3981] just ... grown up again.
[3982] And those ... forget-me-nots ... that are called blue ball and are supposed to have brilliant blue flowers, they're coming out with erm ... tiny ... pinkey, purpley flowers.
James (PS14C) [3983] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [3984] If they're blue, so am I!
James (PS14C) [3985] And then we've got miniature roses gonna come up, one that's on it own, that one with the
Ann (PS14B) [3986] The wha
James (PS14C) [3987] on the tub.
Ann (PS14B) [3988] Is there one in the tub?
[3989] No.
James (PS14C) [3990] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [3991] Oh ye the one in the tub looks okay, it's the other one.
James (PS14C) [3992] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [3993] I like the other best as well, it's the peach one.
[3994] When are you going to prune them?
James (PS14C) [3995] Well, when I plant that other one where you want it planted, that's
Ann (PS14B) [3996] I wonder when er ... John 's going to have the erm
James (PS14C) [3997] Wheelbarrow ready.
Ann (PS14B) [3998] Yes.
[3999] Oh!
[4000] Said in yesterday's paper ... that someone had had a wheelbarrow ... valued at thirty pounds stolen from a back garden ... and it was somewhere at Kirk Hill.
[4001] Where the back gardens aren't particularly accessible.
[4002] ... So ours must have cost, I'm sure that would cost them a lot more than thirty pounds.
James (PS14C) [4003] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [4004] Cos it didn't, it didn't say ... a wrought iron wheelbarrow or anything, it just said a wheelbarrow.
James (PS14C) [4005] Well those er ... four tapes
Ann (PS14B) [4006] So we'll have to get it
James (PS14C) [4007] those four tapes, incidentally, I saw, you know the ... compil the Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and ... Tchaikovsky, I saw them for fifteen pound.
Ann (PS14B) [4008] What four tapes?
James (PS14C) [4009] The four, not tapes, compact discs.
[4010] The set of four that we sent ... so they were fifteen pound in ... there.
Ann (PS14B) [4011] That who sent to you?
James (PS14C) [4012] That Shirley and ... Gareth sent me for Christmas.
Ann (PS14B) [4013] Ah ah!
James (PS14C) [4014] The
Ann (PS14B) [4015] I wish you'd think of something you would like for your birthday.
James (PS14C) [4016] I told you, I want a ... I would like a fiddle.
[4017] D'ya know I ... and you need binoculars to go to ... Rome with.
[4018] Take a couple of them.
Ann (PS14B) [4019] Well I can't see very well through binoculars.
James (PS14C) [4020] The Sistine Chapel.
[4021] We mustn't take those big ones with us.
Ann (PS14B) [4022] Oh Jim ... they're too heavy.
James (PS14C) [4023] I know.
[4024] ... You, [laughing] an easier camera [...] [] .
Ann (PS14B) [4025] It doesn't need a camera, it needs you!
[4026] New
James (PS14C) [4027] No it doesn't.
Ann (PS14B) [4028] new camera
James (PS14C) [4029] What's happened with that camera, you've
Ann (PS14B) [4030] You
James (PS14C) [4031] got to rewind it every time the ... better ones now automatically wind, that's what I mean.
Ann (PS14B) [4032] You have never sat down ... and read
James (PS14C) [4033] You have to rewind it, it's a
Ann (PS14B) [4034] all the
James (PS14C) [4035] problem.
Ann (PS14B) [4036] read all the instructions, the same with the video camera.
[4037] You haven't even watched the tape.
James (PS14C) [4038] When have I had an opportunity to watch the tape?
Ann (PS14B) [4039] Oh!
[4040] You must have been able to squeeze half an hour sometime or other.
[4041] ... Anyway, I'm going to get ready or we'll never get the shopping done before you go to work.
[4042] ... Will we?

11 (Tape 069403)

Ann (PS14B) [4043] Right, I'm ready.
[4044] Have you locked the back door?
[4045] ... I thought we were walking?
James (PS14C) [4046] No.
Ann (PS14B) [4047] I thought we were walking?
James (PS14C) [4048] No, it's alright.
Ann (PS14B) [4049] Are we not?
[4050] Okay.
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4051] Pardon?
[4052] ... I thought we were walking?
James (PS14C) [4053] Well do you want to walk or do you want to go in the car?
Ann (PS14B) [4054] Well I'll have to go ... to the paper shop.
James (PS14C) [4055] Well I'll drop you at the paper shop while I go round
Ann (PS14B) [4056] Oh.
[4057] That's a good idea.
[4058] ... I'll turn it.
[4059] ... I hope we can get out at the road end.
[4060] Have you stuck a poster in, no you haven't, in the back window?
James (PS14C) [4061] No, I haven't.
Ann (PS14B) [4062] I think more people see the back
James (PS14C) [4063] Well I know, cos
Ann (PS14B) [4064] coming up that way than they do the front window.
James (PS14C) [4065] a lot of people go to [...] now, more people
Ann (PS14B) [4066] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4067] there, yeah.
[4068] So they'll see it
Ann (PS14B) [4069] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4070] both ways.
[4071] I'm gonna stick one in the back as well.
Ann (PS14B) [4072] Have I got my glasses with me or I can't see the prices.
[4073] Oh!
[4074] I haven't got my purse.
[4075] Oh well, brilliant!
[4076] ... Is that a squashed ball in the road?
[4077] ... That means I haven't got a key to get back in the house.
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4078] If you just stop here I'll run over the road.
[4079] If you give me the key please.
[4080] Thanks.
[4081] Ooh!
James (PS14C) [4082] There's a car wants to be in.
Ann (PS14B) [4083] It's there.
[4084] ... Sorry!
[4085] [car starting] ... He didn't look very pleased did he?
James (PS14C) [4086] If he was in a such a desperate hurry he could have gone down and gone ... over there.
Ann (PS14B) [4087] We don't usually get a second post on a Saturday.
James (PS14C) [4088] We do, you get a parcel delivery.
Ann (PS14B) [4089] Oh yeah.
[4090] ... I've dropped my pen under your seat.
[4091] ... I'll get it when we sa ... unless you, have you got another one?
[4092] Thanks.
[4093] ... Have you seen Kathleen, er ... Katherine recently?
James (PS14C) [4094] No.
Ann (PS14B) [4095] I've just realized I haven't either, when I saw that woman crossing the road I thought it was her.
[4096] Please let us out someone!
[4097] Press the
James (PS14C) [4098] It wasn't
Ann (PS14B) [4099] button somebody
James (PS14C) [4100] it wasn't them that was [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4101] Oh, thank you kind sir.
[4102] ... It wasn't what?
James (PS14C) [4103] It wasn't the cars there it was the cars turning in that's stopping him getting out.
Ann (PS14B) [4104] [sigh] ... We need some sugar.
[4105] We've had no sugar all this week.
[4106] Not that you've noticed.
[4107] ... I made the custard from er ... sugar cubes.
[4108] And I didn't know how lo how old the sugar cubes were.
[4109] Right.
[4110] We got them ... when we packed up your mother's house.
[4111] Right, where am I, I'll meet at er
James (PS14C) [4112] Co-op.
Ann (PS14B) [4113] Co-op.
[4114] Okay.
James (PS14C) [4115] Better hu hurry up.
Ann (PS14B) [4116] I can't get out any quicker.
[4117] See you later. ... [opening door of shop]
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4118] Hello.
Ann (PS14B) [4119] Hello.
[4120] please.
[4121] And there was no erm ... television supplement, and no comic in the ... Daily Mirror this morning.
[4122] That's the second time in ... the past four weeks we've had ... missed that.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4123] Erm, I dunno.
[4124] There's seven only, oh that one.
Ann (PS14B) [4125] Seventeen.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4126] Seventeen.
Ann (PS14B) [4127] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4128] That's three sixty four please.
Ann (PS14B) [4129] Sixteen forty eight.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4130] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4131] That's it, thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [4132] There you go, the sixty five.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4133] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [4134] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4135] One sixty two.
Ann (PS14B) [4136] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4137] Thank you. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4138] You haven't given me the bits missing from the Mirror.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4139] Well that's erm ... tt ... nothing I can do about that until asking for the Mirror itself [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4140] Well I'm sorry but my Daily Mirror divi delivered this morning without the television supplement, and without the comic ... and I want
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4141] The page of
Ann (PS14B) [4142] them.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4143] the actual page?
Ann (PS14B) [4144] The whole, the whole supplement that come on Saturdays.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4145] That was [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4146] That part.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4147] That part wasn't in?
Ann (PS14B) [4148] This part was not in.
[4149] And there's usually a free comic as well and that wasn't in either.
[4150] And that's the second time in the past four weeks that those pieces have been missing from it.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4151] Tt.
[4152] Well, take that paper there okay.
Ann (PS14B) [4153] No, I don't need the whole paper, I've got the rest of it.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4154] Look, I cannae give you one out of there though.
Ann (PS14B) [4155] Well you're going to have to!
[4156] Because
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4157] I can't
Ann (PS14B) [4158] when I pay for a paper I want it to be complete, so I want that piece ... and I want that, that piece.
[4159] No, wait a minute, where is it?
[4160] Which is the television?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4161] Can you take my eighty P for this so we can go.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4162] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4163] Ta.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4164] What's that, sixty pence?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4165] Fifty.
Ann (PS14B) [4166] Where does it start?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4167] That's forty change.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4168] Thanks a lot.
[4169] Ta.
Ann (PS14B) [4170] Which is the beginning of this?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4171] That's thirty six please.
Ann (PS14B) [4172] There we are.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4173] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [4174] Right, so I've got the two pieces that are missing from my paper.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4175] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4176] And that's gonna be [...] someone else's paper then?
Ann (PS14B) [4177] Well ... I've already paid for mine so I'm going to get
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4178] Well some, well someone'll pay for that.
Ann (PS14B) [4179] so, well you'll just have to tell them that it's missing.
[4180] But when I've paid for a newspaper I expect all the pieces ... that I've paid for.
[4181] And I've already paid for mine, so this I'll take.
[4182] Thank you.
[4183] ... [cough] ... Hello.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4184] Alright?
Ann (PS14B) [4185] I said to him [...] .
[4186] ... Hello.
[4187] ... Hello.
[4188] ... That's
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4189] A dona helps needy children and their communities abroad.
[4190] It drop
Ann (PS14B) [4191] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4192] drops wells with clean water and
Ann (PS14B) [4193] I'll support that.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4194] things like that.
[4195] Helps with education.
[4196] Raises a lot of money through sponsorship.
Ann (PS14B) [4197] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4198] A few people committing money every month.
Ann (PS14B) [4199] Will it go in?
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4200] Yeah.
[4201] I'm sure it will.
Ann (PS14B) [4202] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [4203] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [4204] Thanks.

12 (Tape 069501)

Ann (PS14B) [4205] Because we get no sun in this room whatsoever
Bill (PS15S) [4206] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [4207] of course
Bill (PS15S) [4208] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4209] with the ... the bathroom
Bill (PS15S) [4210] Well, you said we could.
Ann (PS14B) [4211] blocking it off.
Bill (PS15S) [4212] Er, we seem to have, you know, before
James (PS14C) [4213] Let's enough light in.
Bill (PS15S) [4214] before I was a gard er ... was a mo a gardener, and after I'd three years to the extent I can't.
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4215] You sound like me, I'm always moving
James (PS14C) [4216] Who do you want me sign it as?
[4217] Member or Vice Chairman?
Bill (PS15S) [4218] Vice Chairman please.
[4219] That's
James (PS14C) [4220] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [4221] Would you like some coffee?
Bill (PS15S) [4222] No thank you.
[4223] I'll er ... [...] for years ... she's just come back and she's ... I said I want [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4224] Where's she been?
Bill (PS15S) [4225] She's been down to [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4226] Oh!
[4227] I didn't know.
[4228] I
Bill (PS15S) [4229] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4230] was talking to Maurice yesterday.
Bill (PS15S) [4231] She's act ... she er ... they've been down for a ... for a flying visit, I think,th they like to fly and fly back because it gets th ... the fre [...] used to the freedom.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4232] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4233] [laugh] ... You get er ... rather tied up with looking after Marcus and his ... sister.
Bill (PS15S) [4234] Well, yeah.
[4235] I know Marcus and ... Naomi is, is relatively easy compared with er
Ann (PS14B) [4236] [laugh] ... He's a lovely little boy isn't he?
Bill (PS15S) [4237] Yeah, that one ... er,wha th were all from, from the er ... they were all from the
Ann (PS14B) [4238] Urgh!
[4239] This coffee's
Bill (PS15S) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4240] cold.
Bill (PS15S) [4241] except for the last one ... which ... I missed off the last time.
[4242] I, it went through alright, but er ... I've got a reminder this time so I ... I thought well
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4243] I will miss that one.
[4244] That er ... er,i information centre.
James (PS14C) [4245] Oh yes.
[4246] Ah yes.
[4247] Right well, have you
Bill (PS15S) [4248] That's it.
James (PS14C) [4249] sorted anything out about the oranges?
[4250] Aha.
Bill (PS15S) [4251] Yes.
[4252] Erm ... I've got a letter saying that it's er ... th the mayor ... the [...] ... is it sixteen, fifteen pounds worth of o of er
James (PS14C) [4253] Oranges.
Bill (PS15S) [4254] oranges, is ... gonna be issued in the place we say that that er, er at two o'clock ... if it's wet we'll be in the
James (PS14C) [...]
Bill (PS15S) [4255] the pavilion.
James (PS14C) [4256] Oh!
Bill (PS15S) [4257] Which is, like, next door.
[4258] I had the Rotaract, erm, they ... said they'd probably be, offered, er er, one of these castle things ... er jumping castles from ... [...] .
James (PS14C) [4259] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [4260] Did you see those on the news yesterday?
Bill (PS15S) [4261] Aye.
[4262] I see, yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4263] They can cause a lot of [...] apparently.
Ann (PS14B) [4264] Adults and children
James (PS14C) [4265] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4266] injuries.
[4267] I fell off one the week before last ... at the soft play ... but ... it wasn't blown up ... quite enough.
Bill (PS15S) [4268] Oh I see.
Ann (PS14B) [4269] And, as I ste
James (PS14C) [4270] Well there's no carpet, he said there's just
Ann (PS14B) [4271] Well, there was
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4272] there's a great ... you know the big heavy ... erm, foam thing, but it kept slipping away.
[4273] All the morning I kept pushing it back again.
Bill (PS15S) [4274] Aye.
[4275] Yeah.
[4276] They
Ann (PS14B) [4277] Er
Bill (PS15S) [4278] couldn't tell me I suppose.
Ann (PS14B) [4279] and it a it had happened to of ... slipped away at that time ... and I went to step off, and, with it not being blown up properly ... that's how ... it just flattened and I went off sid I've still got a big bruise on my left knee! [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4280] Well erm ... the only
Ann (PS14B) [4281] So I, I do not jump on any more.
Bill (PS15S) [4282] the only trouble with that sort of thing i is, again if you ever get any wet on it because
James (PS14C) [4283] Mm.
[4284] Mm mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4285] Oh well.
[4286] And, there's certainly some
James (PS14C) [4287] So the mayor's taking out the oranges?
Bill (PS15S) [4288] And er
Ann (PS14B) [4289] So they've got, they've got it back now, so it's got nothing to do with us?
Bill (PS15S) [4290] No, I don't suppose, thank you.
[4291] Er
Ann (PS14B) [4292] Do you work?
Bill (PS15S) [4293] No. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4294] Mm.
James (PS14C) [4295] No, erm ... basically er ... I think for the [...] anyhow Trevor will be coming in, so we'll, we just st try and stay a little more to see what happens at the end.
Bill (PS15S) [4296] [...] ... But erm
James (PS14C) [4297] See they handed it over to us and, but they didn't wanna ... you know, it was very ... when, what they call them?
[4298] Erm
Bill (PS15S) [4299] It was Temple wasn't it,la last year?
James (PS14C) [4300] Aye, Temple was ... [...] ... but it, it was a good job because we had no oranges ... and they had to go and break in. [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4301] It's alright now [...] .
James (PS14C) [4302] [clears throat] ... Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4303] Was that the year the oranges were horrible?
James (PS14C) [4304] Er
Ann (PS14B) [4305] I've
Bill (PS15S) [4306] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4307] they were Seville oranges, I'm sure they were
James (PS14C) [4308] Well they've, they've been nice.
Ann (PS14B) [4309] Seville oranges.
Bill (PS15S) [4310] Aye.
James (PS14C) [4311] They've never been really nice.
Bill (PS15S) [4312] Yeah.
[4313] Well I don't know where they're getting them from, but I mean, that's what they say.
Ann (PS14B) [4314] Well that year
Bill (PS15S) [4315] And they've got Round Table laid on to help and they want help from the ... from us.
[4316] So they want us to go around at ... half past one ... or the two of them can start cos we've got an addition [...] .
James (PS14C) [4317] Well, it worked.
[4318] Er, I'm just ... wondered, you know,wi with ... because they came to expect it and we, we didn't know.
[4319] And, they'd handed it over to us and then ... obviously they wanted it back, but then
Bill (PS15S) [4320] Well, I think it's like everything else, I think that ... er, with, with Lawrence being off they're just sort of meeting everything as a crisis and getting, getting
Ann (PS14B) [4321] Well if you're at work
James (PS14C) [4322] Yo you see as well to go with what you call them?
James (PS14C) [4323] Er, [...]
Bill (PS15S) [...]
James (PS14C) [4324] he, he
Bill (PS15S) [4325] Didn't
James (PS14C) [4326] he didn't want anything to do with it you see.
[4327] That's where ... and he's not from [...] , he's not from this end so ... had ... er no real interest ... for him I don't think.
Ann (PS14B) [4328] If you're at work Dorothy could go ... If I help, I'll help with Trevor with his triplets.
James (PS14C) [4329] Well you can go and get their oranges and the
Ann (PS14B) [4330] Yes, but it's, he, he ... couldn't possibly push that buggy
James (PS14C) [sigh]
Ann (PS14B) [4331] around that field.
James (PS14C) [4332] But it isn't in the fields though.
Bill (PS15S) [4333] [...] it's up beside the
James (PS14C) [4334] It's, it's
Bill (PS15S) [4335] it, it's Carlisle Park.
Ann (PS14B) [4336] Oh!
[4337] That's
James (PS14C) [4338] Because
Ann (PS14B) [4339] better.
James (PS14C) [4340] because the, the, the pa the er
Ann (PS14B) [4341] Oh!
[4342] Because of that lea
James (PS14C) [4343] The Easter Field is, is
Ann (PS14B) [4344] leaking
Bill (PS15S) [4345] It's got a [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4346] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4347] So it can't be used.
Ann (PS14B) [4348] Right.
Bill (PS15S) [4349] But I presume that ... we do turn out if we do it right in the middle.
James (PS14C) [4350] Well in actual fact, people who turned out were Isobel ... and me, and er ... what they call him?
[4351] Er, one who goes on?
[4352] Er, from Lonsdene?
[4353] Er ... Fred ?
Ann (PS14B) [4354] Fred
James (PS14C) [4355] No.
[4356] Fred .
Bill (PS15S) [4357] No, Jack's not very well.
Ann (PS14B) [4358] Well I helped you ... one year
James (PS14C) [4359] Oh yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4360] cos there was only
James (PS14C) [4361] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4362] there was only ... you and somebody else.
James (PS14C) [4363] Well the year I was chairman.
[4364] Th the, er ... the year I was wi I was chairman, we were both there. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4365] There was one child came up about seventeen times
James (PS14C) [4366] Oh yes!
Ann (PS14B) [4367] I think.
James (PS14C) [4368] Erm, down, it was down here remember?
Bill (PS15S) [4369] I know.
James (PS14C) [4370] That was the year the oranges were horrible, maybe his mother was making marmalade.
Bill (PS15S) [4371] [laugh] ... The only thing about er is that the Rotaract one tentatively mentioned about the [...] .
James (PS14C) [4372] Well that's it.
[4373] I mean,th tha when we took it over we, we got that, cos people said well, you know, just dishing out the oranges wasn't ... there should be something organized so Rotaract said they would do ... we said we would give the money towards the prizes.
Bill (PS15S) [4374] So that they wouldn't hate us.
[4375] Well when er, the, the, the, there's two words, the charter, and what's the other word?
[4376] There's two things to do with [...] .
James (PS14C) [4377] Food and jar, that's right.
Ann (PS14B) [4378] Yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [4379] Well well Barlen, Barlen.
James (PS14C) [4380] Barlen [...] and [...] .
Bill (PS15S) [4381] Yeah.
[4382] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4383] I can't say that properly.
[4384] Those words aren't used where [laughing] I come from [] .
Bill (PS15S) [4385] [laugh] ... And er, er
Ann (PS14B) [4386] Mind, I use words that Jim doesn't.
Bill (PS15S) [4387] the, the Rotaract er ... presents this year that they're [...] towards, so he's been ... quite pleased.
James (PS14C) [4388] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4389] [...] ... So they'll, they'll be done.
[4390] And Round Table it says, has laid on for the
James (PS14C) [4391] Well Round Table a er have never, that's the first time then?
[4392] We got
Bill (PS15S) [4393] Well it's
James (PS14C) [4394] because, cos it's Rotaract who's always
Bill (PS15S) [4395] It must be the borough involved with the
James (PS14C) [4396] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4397] But I'm er
James (PS14C) [4398] But they were keen.
[4399] I mean, I, they, they've, they've, they did work didn't they?
[4400] With, with the games and things when, when we were there.
Ann (PS14B) [4401] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4402] And it was a reasonable day too
Ann (PS14B) [4403] I know all the children.
James (PS14C) [4404] I mean, we thought it'd rain this year so it's ... more
Bill (PS15S) [4405] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4406] likely to be a better day then
Ann (PS14B) [4407] And ee, all the kids ended up with a prize didn't they?
James (PS14C) [4408] Oh, eventually, yes.
[4409] I mean,th the
Ann (PS14B) [4410] Yeah they
James (PS14C) [4411] they were [...] that had bigger to ones
Ann (PS14B) [4412] The winners got
Bill (PS15S) [4413] Who supplied those then?
James (PS14C) [4414] Out of the money that we gave them.
Bill (PS15S) [4415] Oh!
[4416] The
Ann (PS14B) [4417] Yes.
Bill (PS15S) [4418] I see, it was, and that was what Rotaract did?
James (PS14C) [4419] Yes.
[4420] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4421] They had big eggs, well, you know, sort of the
Bill (PS15S) [4422] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [4423] Smarties type egg so about so big
Bill (PS15S) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4424] for the prizes
Bill (PS15S) [4425] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [4426] and the others got little Cadbury's
Bill (PS15S) [4427] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [4428] Creme Eggs.
[4429] Which remi reminds me, I've got to get some for all they ... spare children [laughing] before []
Bill (PS15S) [4430] Yes.
[4431] [cough] ... well
Ann (PS14B) [4432] before they ran out.
Bill (PS15S) [4433] It's surprising actually cos th the more, the more ... common ones do run out because of course th the other ones are a bit pricey.
Ann (PS14B) [4434] The blooming Creme Eggs are on sale all the year round ... and then they run out at Easter.
[4435] That's happened, I couldn't get any ... one year ... I took the triplets to the erm ... Goose Hill coffee morning in the Town Hall and I gave them all money for the tombola ... and one of them ... won a Creme Egg
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4436] but I persuaded him that it would melt while he had his drink and to put it in my bag ... and er ... it was lunchtime when we got home and we were going some ... I, I can't remember what we were doing afterwards ... so I gave it to his mother, I thought she could share it.
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4437] Mind, by the time you'd shared a Creme Egg between ... those three and their older brother
Bill (PS15S) [4438] Yeah.
[4439] There's not much of it left.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4440] No, but I could have seen a, there'd be an ... almighty tantrums from the other two if Ji er
Bill (PS15S) [4441] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [4442] James had had it.
Bill (PS15S) [4443] I can imagine.
Ann (PS14B) [4444] Mm.
[4445] Mm.
James (PS14C) [4446] Is there anything much for the agenda for a week on Tuesday?
Bill (PS15S) [4447] Not a great deal.
[4448] I mean, what I'll
James (PS14C) [4449] Yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [4450] do is ... we'll get rid of those couple of things left over
James (PS14C) [4451] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4452] and er ... basically, it's, Peter's got the one coming which is er ... put the ducks in the river.
James (PS14C) [4453] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4454] Er, he's doing the, a, and what I'm er sug suggesting
James (PS14C) [4455] Aha.
Bill (PS15S) [4456] like well ... apparently the fella that's done it, for years, and years, for years, for years has had a [...]
James (PS14C) [4457] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4458] and he's, he's just ... ke you know what I mean, I think he's, he's getting an extension so that's why there's a bit of delay on that.
James (PS14C) [4459] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4460] And it's where that lot meet [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4461] I've been counting them since.
James (PS14C) [4462] Well how much, I mean
Ann (PS14B) [4463] I read the letter in the paper.
James (PS14C) [4464] how much was he paying [...] ?
Bill (PS15S) [4465] It was summat like er ... I dunno, it was summat like five hundred pound a year.
[4466] It was quite modest.
James (PS14C) [4467] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4468] Er
Ann (PS14B) [4469] There were thirteen
James (PS14C) [4470] But
Ann (PS14B) [4471] drakes cha ... er chasing one duck ... er, just past the baths along the promenade.
[4472] And then we sat ... at the far side of the Old Gate bridge ... and er ... an old lady came along ... and said, and she was counting them ... but she said, just look at that thing, she counted seven ... although, in actual fact, by then ... th these dra the seven drakes had stopped cha chasing the duck and they were all sitting down.
[4473] And a there was a domestic one ... in each group ... there was one along near the baths in among the thirteen, and there was another white one ... near Old Gate Bridge.
James (PS14C) [4474] Did he cull them as well?
Bill (PS15S) [4475] Yeah, apparently so.
Ann (PS14B) [4476] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4477] Did he feed them?
[4478] Cos there's ... there was, there used to be fe feed put down for that as well. [...]
Bill (PS15S) [4479] Well, to be honest, it seems to, I ... Peter's got the details cos he's been talking to er, the public health clerk.
James (PS14C) [4480] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4481] But it's, it's, it's ... it sort a ... it's, I think carrying through from the old borough days
James (PS14C) [4482] That's right.
Bill (PS15S) [4483] and, somebody ha erm ... nobody really knew a great deal about it, so I think he's been doing some research on that.
[4484] That's the one paper that is a bit er ... maybe a bit so ... but th I'll have to check with the N ... R A because of course er, the river
James (PS14C) [4485] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4486] er policing is their responsibility.
James (PS14C) [4487] It is.
Bill (PS15S) [4488] They, they've not ... they'll not do that.
James (PS14C) [4489] No.
Bill (PS15S) [4490] No.
[4491] But I mean,we really, we've gotta make sure that they haven't got any objections.
[4492] But of course, in the meanwhile, of course we've had a flood.
Ann (PS14B) [4493] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4494] And it's going to kill most of the
Ann (PS14B) [4495] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4496] eggs ... wash most of the nests away I was thinking yesterday.
Bill (PS15S) [4497] It's bloody incredible actually!
[4498] We always get extreme [...] .
James (PS14C) [4499] Well that's, it wasn't a obviously as high as the flood twenty seven years ago.
Bill (PS15S) [4500] No.
James (PS14C) [4501] But was, pretty near.
[4502] It was getting near.
[4503] But of course the higher standards they've got no protection cos they ... didn't want ... what was offered.
Bill (PS15S) [4504] They didn't want a bank.
James (PS14C) [4505] Well that's right.
Bill (PS15S) [4506] Er none whatsoever.
James (PS14C) [4507] It was
Bill (PS15S) [...]
James (PS14C) [4508] a raised footpath that was before
Bill (PS15S) [4509] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4510] this wasn't it?
[4511] Than, than the bridge right round.
Bill (PS15S) [4512] Which is what we're doing at, at the Wandsbeck innit?
[4513] So we'll put a ... we'll put a bank in, very deliberately at the first level
James (PS14C) [4514] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4515] erm ... and went right the way through with, it did look, it doesn't look bad at all, it was
James (PS14C) [4516] Yeah well ... no, it didn't.
[4517] I mean, this looks ... well there's nothing else they could do here.
[4518] It doesn't look il ugly, but I mean it, it ... it's not attractive
Bill (PS15S) [4519] No.
James (PS14C) [4520] but it's
Bill (PS15S) [...]
James (PS14C) [4521] but, but, but they've got protection.
Bill (PS15S) [4522] But I mean er that one lent itself to that.
James (PS14C) [4523] That's right.
[4524] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4525] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4526] It would have been ideal.
Bill (PS15S) [4527] But you see now of course, that was when there were River
James (PS14C) [4528] Yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [4529] River Authority days and
James (PS14C) [4530] Yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [4531] that was quite good.
[4532] Erm ... it was quite useful er, they ... you could get things done, now
James (PS14C) [4533] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4534] now it's nothing.
James (PS14C) [4535] Well they just ... put
Ann (PS14B) [4536] I came along the river path when I came home from shopping.
[4537] Sitting in the, the sand, damp sand [laughing] under the bridge [] .
James (PS14C) [4538] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4539] You never saw that one that would er ... you know the one on the Bedford Road because Bedford Road has a [...]
James (PS14C) [4540] Well they ... that's right.
[4541] I mean
Ann (PS14B) [4542] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4543] there's nothing can be done, than the
Ann (PS14B) [4544] No.
James (PS14C) [4545] nothing at all.
Ann (PS14B) [4546] Mhm.
Bill (PS15S) [4547] Mhm.
James (PS14C) [4548] But er, ah, you know, it gets up into the garden but I don't think it, it's got anywhere near the house er this time, cos I was up there ... on Thursday and I, you could see where it had been, but it was ... and I mi I'd have got very worried about er
Bill (PS15S) [4549] But you could actually put a bag all the way and tie it into ... tie it into er ... the ... it's the Skillery Bridge that one.
James (PS14C) [4550] Yes, the Skillery Bridge
Bill (PS15S) [4551] And
James (PS14C) [4552] yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [4553] you just sort of tied up the
Ann (PS14B) [4554] Well
James (PS14C) [4555] Yes, well, that's where we'll have to go from there
Bill (PS15S) [4556] I think.
James (PS14C) [4557] round ... but
Ann (PS14B) [4558] There were wild rumours flying around on Wednesday, I was told
James (PS14C) [4559] They didn't want to
Ann (PS14B) [4560] by several people that the Skillery had gone.
[4561] In
James (PS14C) [4562] But it hadn't, no.
Bill (PS15S) [4563] It survived. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4564] Well Jim, Jim saw the children going back to er ... school after swimming
Bill (PS15S) [4565] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [4566] over it on Thursday afternoon ... but er
James (PS14C) [4567] But there was a lot of debris up against it, and high up against it!
Ann (PS14B) [4568] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4569] So they could see how bad
Ann (PS14B) [4570] Was Fold Cottage flooded?
James (PS14C) [4571] It was bound to be
Ann (PS14B) [4572] It didn't
James (PS14C) [4573] Ann.
[4574] Bound to be.
Ann (PS14B) [4575] I thought they built a wall around it the
James (PS14C) [4576] No.
Ann (PS14B) [4577] last people who bought it.
Bill (PS15S) [4578] Yeah, but even on that you see,yo yo you know,yo ... you're never really stuck with it ... I mean
James (PS14C) [4579] No.
Bill (PS15S) [4580] [...] , once you're in the clear ... you ... really it's the silliest in the world to have a little [...] actually.
James (PS14C) [4581] Yeah.
[4582] Well this , who is ... must be related to David , anyway, erm ... they bought the house facing the o is it Old Cross, Old Gate bridge ... and has spent a lot of money on doing it up,li just over three million ... of course the whole of the downstairs was flooded today.
Bill (PS15S) [4583] Is that Mrs 's?
James (PS14C) [4584] Yes, that's right.
[4585] The one
Ann (PS14B) [4586] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4587] facing her, that's right.
[4588] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4589] Aha.
[4590] It's called Aubern House is it?
James (PS14C) [4591] That's right.
Bill (PS15S) [4592] That's right.
[4593] It's Aubern, it's bigger than Aubern Place on the left.
James (PS14C) [4594] No, it's, it's not, it's called something Cottage actually.
[4595] Aubern is the one round the corner.
Bill (PS15S) [4596] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [4597] Oh!
Bill (PS15S) [4598] Aye, she must have lived around the corner ... but she was the [...] .
[4599] Cos she was only, the only one I'm thi
James (PS14C) [4600] The first one I'm sure is something Cottage.
[4601] It might be Aubern Cottage but ... but the one round the corner ... the newer one, not the stone one
Bill (PS15S) [4602] Aye.
James (PS14C) [4603] the stone one
Bill (PS15S) [4604] Cos he used to live in that one..
James (PS14C) [4605] .
[4606] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4607] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4608] Yes he did.
[4609] Before the . [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4610] Ah.
[4611] Well Stan was a ... he looked like Cliff Michelmore didn't he?
[4612] Stan.
[4613] The original Stan [...] .
James (PS14C) [4614] Aye.
Bill (PS15S) [4615] [...] ... And he, and I remember ah, er er, I mean I was only, well I was sort of and he had his feet up on the table, he was smoking a cigarette ... and he, and he had a laid back attitude. [laugh]
James (PS14C) [4616] Oh yes, definitely.
[4617] But we, we got our mortgage from, from the council, you know, obviously
Bill (PS15S) [4618] Aha.
James (PS14C) [4619] because it's ... our ... it's, Ann was pregnant then ... didn't smo and she didn't smoke so
Ann (PS14B) [4620] And I, I gave up smoking when I was pregnant.
James (PS14C) [4621] So, do you smoke?
[4622] No.
[4623] I don't smoke.
[4624] Erm, d'ya drink?
[4625] Not really.
[4626] Erm, have you got any hire purchase goods?
[4627] No.
[4628] The, the cooker which we were buying quarterly, can't have a mortgage.
Ann (PS14B) [4629] It was ... it was the
James (PS14C) [4630] They say they won't believe that.
Ann (PS14B) [4631] The cooker was three pounds a quarter.
James (PS14C) [4632] He says they won't believe
Ann (PS14B) [4633] And he let
James (PS14C) [4634] they, you can't have it, I'll put you down as a moderate drinker.
Ann (PS14B) [4635] We couldn't afford to drink!
[4636] We were destitute in those days
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4637] We didn't know at the time, but I wasn't working
James (PS14C) [4638] Couldn't have a mortgage.
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4639] and we were actually living, living below the poverty line.
[4640] If I'd read ... erm ... i if I'd read properly ... all the instructions in the back of the er ... book
James (PS14C) [4641] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4642] I would have got fo erm ... free orange juice, free vitamin drops
James (PS14C) [4643] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4644] and free milk for Gareth.
Bill (PS15S) [4645] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4646] But, Jim was a charge nurse.
[4647] Goodness only knows what ... staff nurses did then?
[4648] Jim was a charge nurse, it never occurred to us that we were living before, below the poverty line.
Bill (PS15S) [4649] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4650] I mean, er
Bill (PS15S) [4651] You probably still are. [laugh]
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
James (PS14C) [4652] I know we're
Ann (PS14B) [4653] Possibly.
James (PS14C) [4654] no, we're a, we're, we're
Ann (PS14B) [4655] we do we do live on
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4656] we don't live on so much erm
James (PS14C) [4657] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [4658] broth and er
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4659] we used to have, I used to make big pan of broth ... you could get gorgeous bacon bones with plenty bacon on in the Co-op in those days, it were wi it was when they, they did all the boning in the shops and you could go, get good meaty bones and I used to
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4660] I used to fill it full of vegetables
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4661] and ... barley so, and
James (PS14C) [4662] Yeah I know.
Ann (PS14B) [4663] and split peas.
[4664] But er ... it was po possibly a healthier diet actually, than we have now.
Bill (PS15S) [4665] Aye.
[4666] Well of course, this is it, I mean you just
Ann (PS14B) [4667] It was quite fat free anyway. [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4668] When you, when you look and you see how people survived [...] and of course they delivered the [...] ... that you, I mean like we had dripping and bread.
James (PS14C) [4669] Oh yes!
[4670] Yes.
[4671] That's a real, that's
Bill (PS15S) [4672] Terrible thing isn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [4673] Yes.
[4674] You read books like erm ... Lark Rise to
James (PS14C) [4675] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4676] Candleford and there they went ... breakfast was bread and dripping and
James (PS14C) [4677] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4678] It used to taste nice.
James (PS14C) [4679] [laugh] ... Oh!
[4680] I liked it.
Ann (PS14B) [4681] I gave my, a
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4682] a few years ago when my sons were teenagers ... I had some nice dripping and I said, you've never had bread and dripping and I gave them some, I put a bit of salt on, I said, try this, I loved a bit of med bread and dripping when I was ... your age.
[4683] And they took a mouthful and urgh!
[4684] Urgh!
James (PS14C) [4685] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [4686] And we when ... how old were they when we went to Whitley for a holiday?
[4687] And I saw some liquorice root ... and I said, oh!
[4688] Look Jim
James (PS14C) [4689] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [4690] I haven't seen that for years.
[4691] I used to buy that for a ha'penny.
James (PS14C) [4692] During the war time
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4693] a ha'penny for two sticks.
[4694] And I got them some of that, urgh urgh!
James (PS14C) [4695] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [4696] They thought it was horrible.
[4697] So there was I walking round Whitley chewing this liquorice root.
Bill (PS15S) [4698] Just look as if you were spitting tobacco. [laugh]
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4699] [laugh] ... I didn't like the locust beans though.
James (PS14C) [4700] Nah.
[4701] But it
Ann (PS14B) [4702] And I loved a pennorth of, a pennorth of karie lick your finger and dip that in.
Bill (PS15S) [4703] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4704] I know they call it sherbet now, but it's not the same, it was sort of erm
James (PS14C) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4705] it's like sugary
Bill (PS15S) [4706] We never saw sweets in those days [...] .
James (PS14C) [4707] Oh well there was, the sweets were on the rationing and, and they
Bill (PS15S) [4708] Mm.
James (PS14C) [4709] were they very, very few to get.
Ann (PS14B) [4710] Was it two ounces a week we got?
Bill (PS15S) [4711] And that was only after the war er in
James (PS14C) [4712] Mm.
Bill (PS15S) [4713] Scotland anyway.
James (PS14C) [4714] That's right.
[4715] Yes.
Bill (PS15S) [4716] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4717] Oh yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4718] I used to get my, my teacakes.
James (PS14C) [4719] Well I didn't know what bananas were.
[4720] I mean, I knew what they looked like from pictures
Bill (PS15S) [4721] Yeah.
James (PS14C) [4722] but I never
Ann (PS14B) [4723] No.
Bill (PS15S) [4724] never had a taste.
James (PS14C) [4725] Just, no, no.
[4726] Well I
Ann (PS14B) [4727] I
James (PS14C) [4728] I obviously had just before the war but I don't, don't, didn't remember then until afterwards.
Ann (PS14B) [4729] I knew what a pineapple
James (PS14C) [4730] And oranges.
Ann (PS14B) [4731] looked like because we had erm
Bill (PS15S) [...] [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4732] a black leaded, no we had one of these black leaded grates, you know, with
Bill (PS15S) [4733] Aye.
Ann (PS14B) [4734] oven at the side
Bill (PS15S) [4735] Ah yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4736] and there was a pineapple on the oven door.
Bill (PS15S) [4737] Oh.
[4738] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [4739] The first
Bill (PS15S) [4740] I mean
Ann (PS14B) [4741] oh we, I, I got dried bana we had dried bananas Jim.
James (PS14C) [4742] Ah, but you were
Ann (PS14B) [4743] I was under five.
James (PS14C) [4744] You were under five.
[4745] I wasn't.
Ann (PS14B) [4746] And my bro
James (PS14C) [4747] I was the youngest, I was just five
Ann (PS14B) [4748] My brother and I got dried bananas
James (PS14C) [4749] when war broke out.
Ann (PS14B) [4750] and we also got peanut butter because we were under five.
James (PS14C) [4751] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [4752] But erm
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4753] the first bananas I saw, my
James (PS14C) [4754] [laughing] Luxury, is peanut butter [] !
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4755] My great aunt had a sho
Bill (PS15S) [4756] Yeah.
[4757] They
Ann (PS14B) [4758] a fruit shop.
Bill (PS15S) [4759] You wouldn't touch the stuff now would you?
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4760] [...] .
[4761] I like bananas.
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Bill (PS15S) [4762] Mind you, I bet you don't touch peanut butter then?
Ann (PS14B) [4763] Erm ... just very occasionally ... in the school holidays
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4764] erm ... at lunchtime I don't have many children at school holidays because ... apart from one of them, all of them have one or both parents who are teachers
Bill (PS15S) [4765] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [4766] so I have Sally, and, and er, her mum always cooks a meal in the evening so I, I do something like toasted cheese sandwiches or beans on toast or something like that at lunch time, but there was one time when she wanted peanut butter ... and, all her brother used to ask, I, her brother doesn't come to me now, he stays at home cos he's going on fifteen, and as he's next door but one anyway, you know if, if anything goes wrong he can come along to me, but all he wanted was my homemade blackcurrant jam, and now he doesn't come any more I've got to actually give him
James (PS14C) [4767] Send some round.
Ann (PS14B) [4768] I give him the blackcurrant jam, I give Myrene the blackcurrant jam, jam to take home for him.
Bill (PS15S) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4769] He loves it!
Bill (PS15S) [4770] [laugh] ... Yeah, that's right.
[4771] I remember you saying.
James (PS14C) [4772] If you will be industrious.
Bill (PS15S) [4773] Mm mm mm.
James (PS14C) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [4774] Oh I like, I qui I quite like making jam.
Bill (PS15S) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4775] And it would be absolutely sacrilegious to, to ... buy hot cross buns. [walking out of room]
Bill (PS15S) [4776] Oh well.
Ann (PS14B) [4777] Yeah.
Bill (PS15S) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4778] Oh do no I
Bill (PS15S) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4779] Oh.
[4780] ... No there are certain things that I just couldn't do.
[4781] I couldn't buy a Christmas pudding, and I couldn't buy a hot cross bun.
[4782] It, I think it's too ingrained in me from my grandmother and my mother.
[4783] You know, you made your Christmas puddings, everybody had to have a wish when they ... stirred them.
[4784] I better see if this dinner's ready.
[4785] Bye.
Bill (PS15S) [4786] Bye.

13 (Tape 069502)

Ann (PS14B) [4787] Hey, you know, talking about the ducks on the river, you know that ... elderly, ever so refined lady
James (PS14C) [4788] Who brought bread to feed
Ann (PS14B) [4789] Yes.
James (PS14C) [4790] the ducks?
[4791] Yes.
[4792] Yes well, that's right.
Ann (PS14B) [4793] I think she must have been ... quite well off some time, had fallen on ... really hard times.
[4794] I mean, she told me ... oh, a couple of years ago that she was eighty.
[4795] And, I better get this dinner out.
[4796] And erm ... she always thought of her husband as daddy.
James (PS14C) [4797] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [4798] And her daughter ... I think she must have been getting on because ... around the time she told me that she was eighty, she happened to mention that her daughter was forty.
James (PS14C) [4799] She had no grandchildren [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4800] I know, her daughter, er her daughter's not married.
[4801] Well I haven't seen her feeding the ducks ... for about three or four months.
[4802] I wonder if she's died or she's ill?
James (PS14C) [4803] She's always going to jumble sales.
Ann (PS14B) [4804] I know.
[4805] All, all her clothes came from jumble sales.
[4806] Everything.
[4807] She wa she was buying, long after nylon shirts went out of fashion, there we there was a pile of nylon shirts, and she said I'm, I'm just looking to see if this ... if these will be suitable for daddy.
[4808] I can't remember ... er, she gave me the reason why she wanted these for ... oh, he, he, he always wears his cuffs out or something.
[4809] ... She was quite pleasant to talk to, I liked listening to her.
[4810] I don't think I know her name.
[4811] So, I couldn't even ask anyone.

14 (Tape 069503)

Ann (PS14B) [4812] Are you ready for your dinner?
[4813] I've made the tea.
[4814] ... I forgot to put those in the freezer.
[4815] ... I think I'll do the bedrooms this afternoon.
James (PS14C) [4816] Especially Bry Bryony's bedroom.
[4817] ... And those begonias are doing well now.
Ann (PS14B) [4818] Which?
[4819] Where?
[4820] In the front room?
James (PS14C) [4821] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4822] How many have grown?
James (PS14C) [4823] Er
Ann (PS14B) [4824] Sometimes you look at them.
[4825] ... It doesn't matter, you don't need to look.
[4826] Get on with your dinner!
[4827] You'll be late.
James (PS14C) [4828] Mm.
[4829] ... There's four in the sitting room, there's one well advanced that's doi doing quite well, there's one upstairs that's just about ready for ... er, repotting, and there are ... two more that have sprouts on.
[4830] Only [...]
Ann (PS14B) [4831] So that's seven out of ten, was it?
James (PS14C) [4832] Oh yeah.
[4833] Yeah.
[4834] About seven.
Ann (PS14B) [4835] Well that's not bad for one ninety nine.
[4836] There's erm ... I know they'd be, probably be better quality ... but there are ... nine, I think it is, advertised in ... today's paper that say, erm for er eleven ninety nine.
[4837] ... So even, we get ... seven for one ninety nine, it's a bargain.
James (PS14C) [4838] Depends what they flower like though.
Ann (PS14B) [4839] I hope they're different colours.
James (PS14C) [4840] And how long they last.
[4841] ... And if we
Ann (PS14B) [4842] Well they go on flowering for quite, you you've got
James (PS14C) [4843] No, no, I mean, how long ... you put
Ann (PS14B) [4844] Oh yeah, you'll have to le leave the children's.
James (PS14C) [4845] I know that.
[4846] But ... if we keep them for the next ten years they're a ... a real bargain, if, if, if
Ann (PS14B) [4847] Aha.
James (PS14C) [4848] they're all no good next year, well ... it'll be just a ... an ordinary bargain.
Ann (PS14B) [4849] I don't think, I dunno ... that ... I wonder if we should put some gravel under that umb umbrella tree.
[4850] ... Or if it should even be near that radiator.
[4851] In Australia, you know they grow into great big huge trees in Australia, Mrs told me.
James (PS14C) [4852] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4853] She said er, Derek ... has them in his garden.
James (PS14C) [4854] Well it's a bit better climate out there.
[4855] Well I don't know if it's a better climate, but it's a warmer climate.
Ann (PS14B) [4856] Well it must get hotter ... than it does in this house for a start!
James (PS14C) [4857] It is hotter.
Ann (PS14B) [4858] I was freezing last night in bed!
[4859] And you were snoring.
James (PS14C) [4860] So were you.
Ann (PS14B) [4861] I hardly got any sleep last night, my head was aching so much.
James (PS14C) [4862] Well every night you do.
[4863] Every night.
Ann (PS14B) [4864] How can I, it, I was on my side.
James (PS14C) [4865] Well you still snore, er you snore on your side.
Ann (PS14B) [4866] Ouch!
[4867] Ooh they're hot!
James (PS14C) [4868] Have to close your mouth.
[4869] It's a wonder you haven't got a sore throat all the time Ann.
Ann (PS14B) [4870] How many staff have you got off?
James (PS14C) [4871] I'm not sure, everyone's off sick.
Ann (PS14B) [4872] Mm.
[4873] Will you be home late?
James (PS14C) [4874] I don't think so.
Ann (PS14B) [4875] Mm.
[4876] Have you checked the television pages?
[4877] Is there any wildlife programmes or anything you want me to ... oh hold on, I've got it here.
[4878] ... Er
James (PS14C) [4879] When's the Messiah on?
[4880] That's on tomorrow isn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [4881] The Messiah?
James (PS14C) [4882] And the original version from Dublin.
Ann (PS14B) [4883] The Messiah, the Messiah in Dublin ... seven forty five tomorrow.
James (PS14C) [4884] I'd like that recorded please.
Ann (PS14B) [4885] Right.
[4886] There's absolutely nothing on ... on Saturdays.
[4887] I hate being here with ... on my own on a Saturday.
James (PS14C) [4888] Well you should save the programmes you recorded ... and watch them on a Saturday.
Ann (PS14B) [4889] I haven't recorded any.
James (PS14C) [4890] Instead of
Ann (PS14B) [4891] Have I?
James (PS14C) [4892] wanting, get rid of them quickly.
Ann (PS14B) [4893] I haven't recorded any.
[4894] ... Can't remember what I was doing.
[4895] Might as well watch the wildlife programme.
James (PS14C) [4896] You didn't record them either.
Ann (PS14B) [4897] Oh well.
[4898] Tt.
[4899] [reading newspaper] Jim'll Fix it, the Big Break [] .
[4900] [sighing] Oh [] .
[4901] [reading] Clint Eastwood film.
James (PS14C) [4902] You haven't gotta record any more of them anyway.
Ann (PS14B) [4903] On The Up [] .
[4904] On The Up's a repeat.
[4905] Casualty's a repeat.
James (PS14C) [4906] We never watch Casualty so
Ann (PS14B) [4907] [reading] The Life and Works.
[4908] A writer has his work, has her works republished and proves to be something of a mixed blessing [] .
[4909] ... I wonder what that's about?
[4910] It don't give you much information [...] .
[4911] ... [reading] Film, The Marrying Kind at three twenty five.
[4912] ... Barton and Simpson comedy ... An Extra Bunch of Daffodils.
James (PS14C) [4913] Well there's all these
Ann (PS14B) [4914] A humorous view of a wife murderer from the writers who brought us Hancock and Steptoe.
[4915] Stratford John's Killer [] .
James (PS14C) [4916] Isn't tha these
Ann (PS14B) [4917] That might be interesting.
[4918] That's at five past eight.
James (PS14C) [4919] what they call it?
[4920] These pro is that Channel Four?
[4921] Cos there's these programmes
Ann (PS14B) [4922] Randall and Hopkirk Deceased.
James (PS14C) [4923] Deceased.
[4924] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [4925] That surely must be a repeat.
James (PS14C) [4926] They're all repeats those specials.
Ann (PS14B) [4927] They haven't put repeat on for that.
James (PS14C) [4928] But the Channel Four they're
Ann (PS14B) [4929] Johnny Cash and San Quentin.
[4930] I seem to remember seeing that years ago.
James (PS14C) [4931] Well if you, read it, it's these special ... things on Channel Four.
Ann (PS14B) [4932] Is that the, ah!
[4933] T V Heaven.
[4934] Ah!
[4935] So it is.
[4936] I don't remember An Extra Bunch of Daffodils do you?
James (PS14C) [4937] No.
Ann (PS14B) [4938] Oh oh oh!
[4939] [reading] Live and Let Die.
[4940] House of Fear.
[4941] A spooky tale about a woman ... who returns to the stately [...] which has been home to the ... Stafford Dynasty for hundreds of years.
[4942] The trouble is her ancestors are still around [] .
[4943] ... It doesn't say who, I suppose, the guests are.
[4944] Nope.
[4945] Absolutely nothing.
[4946] ... Are these ... oh.
James (PS14C) [4947] Well they expect everybody to go out on a Saturday night you see.
Ann (PS14B) [4948] Mm.
James (PS14C) [4949] Or at work.
Ann (PS14B) [4950] There's much more on a Sunday.
[4951] ... There's May to De ... December.
[4952] And I like Lovejoy, except I've missed ... but they're repeats, but I never saw it the first time.
[4953] Did we?
[4954] ... [reading] Messiah in Dublin [] .
[4955] ... Well there's no point in me watching it if I'm going to record it for you.
[4956] I'll watch it with you.
[4957] ... Blimey!
[4958] He's brave.
[4959] [reading newspaper] A man left paralysed from the waist down after a parachuting acce accident two years ago, attempts the World's first solo ... paraplegic sky dive [] .
[4960] ... Blimey!
[4961] ... Perhaps he thinks lightning doesn't strike twice.
[4962] ... [reading] Jeeves and Wooster.
[4963] ... Screaming Thing [] .
[4964] Knocked quite a lot in their reviews in the ... papers.
[4965] I like it.
[4966] And I like Wed anyway.
James (PS14C) [4967] Yes, but that's just their opinion.
Ann (PS14B) [4968] What are your shifts next week?
[4969] Can you remember offhand?
James (PS14C) [4970] Yes.
[4971] I'm early Monday and Tuesday ... and Wednesday ... a day off Thursday ... Friday ... late
Ann (PS14B) [4972] Wait a minute.
James (PS14C) [4973] late Saturday.
Ann (PS14B) [4974] You're early, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?
James (PS14C) [4975] Mhm.
[4976] ... And I'm off
Ann (PS14B) [4977] And you're off Thursday, Friday.
James (PS14C) [4978] Thursday and Friday.
[4979] And I'm late Saturday ... and then I'm on holiday.
Ann (PS14B) [4980] Oh.
[4981] ... It's time you had some early.
James (PS14C) [4982] I'm early, New Years, no, not New Years, Easter ... [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [4983] Do what?
James (PS14C) [4984] I'm early Easter Monday instead of being on late.
Ann (PS14B) [4985] Why?
James (PS14C) [4986] Cos somebody wan
Ann (PS14B) [4987] Has someone changed with you?
James (PS14C) [4988] somebody wants ... wants to be late for some reason.
[4989] ... And, if we're not going to Aldershot ... it doesn't make any difference.
[4990] Well it wouldn't made any difference cos we would have come on the Sunday anyway.
Ann (PS14B) [4991] That will be Easter Sunday.
James (PS14C) [4992] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [4993] Do we want to travel on Easter Sunday?
James (PS14C) [4994] Well the traffic's not big on Easter Sunday.
[4995] The traffic would be big on the Monday.
Ann (PS14B) [4996] Well if it hadn't been al for all those hours and hours hold ups last time we went down I quite like travelling ... overnight.
[4997] Especially when you get to the M twenty five.
[4998] Are you ready for your pudding?
James (PS14C) [4999] Oh yes please.
Ann (PS14B) [5000] [cough] ... If it stays fine I think I'll put another load of washing in here.
James (PS14C) [5001] Thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [5002] I think I've given myself too much dinner.
[5003] And I've got, there was some left if you wanted it by the way?
[5004] If forgot.
James (PS14C) [5005] No thanks.
Ann (PS14B) [5006] I cooked too much.
[5007] ... D'ya know that blue wool I got?
James (PS14C) [5008] That.
Ann (PS14B) [5009] Well Dorothy got ... er, some to knit something for Bryony ... and she actually got too much so if I do run out ... if I haven't enough to finish this ... er er ... vest, T-shirt ... summer top, whatever it's called ... she'll have some.
James (PS14C) [5010] Is that one you're knitting for Shirley?
Ann (PS14B) [5011] Mm mm.
[5012] ... There should be plenty of that wool for me.
[5013] I still have to stitch er, erm ... my cardigan up for ... Melanie but erm ... it was easy to start off the other one while I was ... talking to your mother.
[5014] ... Right.
[5015] [...] . ... So were these dumplings okay?
James (PS14C) [5016] Very nice thank you.
Ann (PS14B) [5017] Well they were ma and they were made with vegetarian suet.
James (PS14C) [5018] Well they [...] Catherine baked them.
Ann (PS14B) [5019] Catherine's were baked not ... boiled.
[5020] ... I prefer baked dumplings anyway.
James (PS14C) [5021] You what?
Ann (PS14B) [5022] I've, I would bake dumplings if you liked them.
[5023] I prefer them baked.
[5024] I like crusty tops on them.
James (PS14C) [5025] Well with the taste, sooner have them ... the hardness of it.
Ann (PS14B) [5026] You only had a tiny taste of one.
James (PS14C) [5027] No it wasn't.
Ann (PS14B) [5028] You were pinching somebody else's ... I don't know.
James (PS14C) [5029] The Yorkshire pudding I love.
Ann (PS14B) [5030] I don't know.
[5031] They were in the middle of the dinner when we got there.
James (PS14C) [5032] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [5033] You'd had yours.
[5034] And you grabbed a piece of somebody's dumpling and said, oh I'll have a bite of that.
[5035] And you said afterwards you didn't like it.
James (PS14C) [5036] Well I didn't care much for it.
[5037] No.
Ann (PS14B) [5038] Well they must be better for you than an animal fat.
James (PS14C) [5039] Possibly.
[5040] With all this ... it's a predisposition
Ann (PS14B) [5041] They cook just as fluffy
James (PS14C) [5042] the cholesterol you know
Ann (PS14B) [5043] as with ordinary suet.
James (PS14C) [5044] that's, that's the problem.
Ann (PS14B) [5045] What?
James (PS14C) [5046] It's the predisposition to ... heart attacks, it doesn't matter how well you sa stick to your diet what have you ... cholesterol
Ann (PS14B) [5047] You can have a, a cholesterol test, you know ... in erm
James (PS14C) [5048] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [5049] which chemist is it?
[5050] Er ... Simm and Webb, they've got a notice on the window, have your cholesterol tested.
[5051] Why don't you go and see?
James (PS14C) [5052] What for?
Ann (PS14B) [5053] Well I would be interested ... to see them put
James (PS14C) [5054] Well why don't you have your cholesterol tested.
Ann (PS14B) [5055] I know what mine is, mine was erm ... well below
James (PS14C) [5056] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5057] the last ti what did I have to go for?
[5058] ... The last time I went for a smear and ... a blood pressure check and various things sh I, I said ... are you doing cholesterol checks?
[5059] And she said no.
[5060] Would you like one?
[5061] And I said, yes I would please.
[5062] ... Anyway, I had to ring up after two week, can't you remember?
[5063] I rang up after two weeks ... and I spoke to the nurse and she said, oh, your cholesterol's alright.
[5064] And I said ... but what is it please?
[5065] And she said, oh well it's ... no it was the receptionist, she said it's fine.
[5066] And I said, yes but I would like to know exactly ... what my cholesterol count is.
[5067] So she said, oh I'll have to get the nurse.
[5068] So the nurse came on the phone and she sa she said ... erm ... oh it's, it's fine it's well within the limits.
[5069] And I said, but what is it?
[5070] So she said it was ... five point ... four, or five point six I think it was.
[5071] Why can't they just tell you?
[5072] Why do you have to drag these things out of people.
James (PS14C) [5073] Well they
Ann (PS14B) [5074] I want to know.
James (PS14C) [5075] wanna keep these things to themselves you see.
[5076] Keep it to themselves [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [5077] Oh!
[5078] That's stupid.
[5079] It's my body!
[5080] ... Betty's ... Betty has lived on ... they had roast beef for Christmas because they'd eaten no red meat for so long
James (PS14C) [5081] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5082] with her cholesterol, that they actually, she was so sick of turkey and chicken, and fish ... and er ... she's had no cream cakes.
[5083] What else does she have?
[5084] ... She uses semi-skimmed milk.

15 (Tape 069601)

Ann (PS14B) [5085] He's thoroughly settled isn't he?
Betty (PS15U) [5086] No.
[5087] Well, have a seat.
Ann (PS14B) [5088] Thank you.
[5089] ... Oh, were you watching it?
[5090] The horse race?
Betty (PS15U) [5091] No.
[5092] No, no.
[5093] [sighing] Oh [] .
[5094] I said to Paul ... if Alex comes and he's putting the bet
Ann (PS14B) [5095] Oh!
[5096] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5097] gonna fall off with any [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [5098] No.
Betty (PS15U) [5099] Cos Alex comes and he's putting a bet on, I says he'll have to put ... ten pence each way or whatever for me on
Ann (PS14B) [5100] Mm mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5101] over the road. [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5102] Ah!
[5103] [laugh] ... Oh oh!
[5104] Yes.
[5105] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5106] Because I always refer
Ann (PS14B) [5107] Ah Norman.
Betty (PS15U) [5108] I, when I'm going over there, I would say, I'm just going over the road
Ann (PS14B) [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5109] Paul.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5110] And he
Ann (PS14B) [5111] Have you got a chance?
Betty (PS15U) [5112] [laughing] It's eighteen to one [] .
Ann (PS14B) [5113] I'm thinking about Tony.
[5114] Oh well.
Betty (PS15U) [5115] Eighteen to one!
[5116] And it says, it's a stayer.
Ann (PS14B) [5117] And is Alex comi are you expecting Alex?
Betty (PS15U) [5118] Well he might come.
[5119] He might come.
[5120] But I mean it's
Ann (PS14B) [5121] Anyway, talking of over the road, where is she?
[5122] Is she home?
Betty (PS15U) [5123] No.
[5124] She's in the Cottage.
Ann (PS14B) [5125] Still?
Betty (PS15U) [5126] Same ward as Mr .
Ann (PS14B) [5127] And has she been cleared o
Betty (PS15U) [5128] She's been quite ill.
[5129] No.
Ann (PS14B) [5130] Has she?
Betty (PS15U) [5131] She's been quite ill.
[5132] She's not, she's had a kidney ... er, yes a kidney infection.
Ann (PS14B) [5133] She's not
Betty (PS15U) [5134] Er er
Ann (PS14B) [5135] demanding to be home or anything?
Betty (PS15U) [5136] No she's been ... quite ... very ill.
[5137] She's been very ill.
[5138] Er, but she's recovered.
[5139] But now she is wanting to be home.
Ann (PS14B) [5140] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5141] But er ... Doctor had suggested to Jimmy ... that erm ... he try the new home this Friday.
Ann (PS14B) [5142] Oh yes.
[5143] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5144] Because they have qualified nurses apparently.
Ann (PS14B) [5145] Mm mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5146] And erm
Ann (PS14B) [5147] Would she agree to it?
Betty (PS15U) [5148] Well he hasn't dared put it to her.
[5149] Well, mind, she has been quite ill, but she's recovering now.
[5150] She'll say a few daft things like ... she always says, how's my mother?
Ann (PS14B) [5151] Oh!
[5152] But
Betty (PS15U) [5153] And what does she think
Ann (PS14B) [5154] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5155] of this carry-on?
[5156] Well I mean her mother's been dead ... for, I don't know how many years.
Ann (PS14B) [5157] Well how old is she, eighty
Betty (PS15U) [5158] She's eighty two.
Ann (PS14B) [5159] eighty two.
Betty (PS15U) [5160] That's what I said to her when she said it the other day I said ... how old are you Mrs ?
[5161] She said ... eighty two.
[5162] I says, right.
[5163] How old would your mother be?
[5164] And I could see the ... wheels turning
Ann (PS14B) [5165] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5166] round, see.
Ann (PS14B) [cough]
Betty (PS15U) [5167] Then Jimmy said ... well you know she's been dead for ... many years ... and er ... she says, oh that's right.
[5168] And she just sort of brushed it off.
[5169] And she'll say to Jimmy ... erm ... I don't know how you're managing to look after yourself.
[5170] Who's getting your [laughing] meals [] ?
[5171] Well, of course Jimmy's got his own meals for ... the whole of his life more
Ann (PS14B) [5172] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5173] or less.
Ann (PS14B) [5174] In fact, one of the nurses had said to Jim last night ... your mum said ... er ... don't tell my brother ... and then, then she said, your brother?
[5175] Who, who is your brother?
[5176] She said, I don't, I mean, don't tell my son.
[5177] So well Jim said, well what is it?
[5178] She said I can't [laughing] tell you, I haven't to tell you [] !
[5179] So he didn't know what she'd been up to.
Betty (PS15U) [5180] [laugh] ... [laughing] Oh dear [] !
Ann (PS14B) [5181] [laugh] ... Oh yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5182] Well the thing is, she's got nobody to talk to there you see, she's in this little four bedder
Ann (PS14B) [5183] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [5184] all the clo and like all closed off [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5185] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5186] and the lady ... opposite
Ann (PS14B) [5187] I've never been in wo in er ... one or ... two.
Betty (PS15U) [5188] Two.
Ann (PS14B) [5189] Two.
[5190] I've never been in ward two.
Betty (PS15U) [5191] The lady opposite, erm ... has had a stroke but she's not ... exactly ... and she's deaf
Ann (PS14B) [5192] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5193] so she can't hear her.
[5194] Mrs can't get up to go over to her.
Ann (PS14B) [5195] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5196] Now the lady in the bed diagonally, she, has to be hoisted everywhere.
Ann (PS14B) [5197] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5198] I think she must have had a really bad stroke.
[5199] Now she talks across to her, but she has a bit of a ... ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, and it's difficult
Ann (PS14B) [5200] Mm.
[5201] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5202] to understand.
Ann (PS14B) [5203] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5204] And the lady on the other bed ... beside her, is erm ... she's very deaf.
[5205] So, the result is that, that she just ... sits there or lies there
Ann (PS14B) [5206] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5207] she can't, she can't stand or anything.
Ann (PS14B) [5208] Who's Mr got in with him?
[5209] Has he got
Betty (PS15U) [5210] He's right at the bottom
Ann (PS14B) [5211] has he got
Betty (PS15U) [5212] of the ward ... on the right ... erm, and er, it's like a mens' ward.
Ann (PS14B) [5213] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5214] Er, at the bottom and on the right and i it's all men, and I, I, I speak to them, but I don't know any of them er, personally.
[5215] Now, Mr ... pardon me.
[5216] He goes into his riding on Wednesday
Ann (PS14B) [5217] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5218] cos he showed me his calendar.
[5219] He says, I'm going ma his speech is terribly good.
Ann (PS14B) [5220] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5221] Erm ... he forgets, he knows the word but he can't get it
Ann (PS14B) [5222] Get out.
Betty (PS15U) [5223] out.
Ann (PS14B) [5224] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5225] And he was trying, he says I'm going to my new home.
[5226] I says, when are you going?
[5227] And he tried to er, to get it out and he couldn't, then he pointed to the calendar
Ann (PS14B) [5228] Oh.
Betty (PS15U) [5229] and ... on Sunday it says ... Roger ... comes.
[5230] They must have picked the wrong [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5231] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5232] And then on Wednesday ... it is erm ... his riding ... and I asked the sister, I said, is that right?
[5233] She said well depending how he ... he holds up like.
Ann (PS14B) [5234] Oh.
Betty (PS15U) [5235] She says, there's been [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5236] So are they selling his house?
Betty (PS15U) [5237] Well it's not his.
Ann (PS14B) [5238] Isn't it?
Betty (PS15U) [5239] No.
Ann (PS14B) [5240] Oh!
[5241] Who does it belong to?
Betty (PS15U) [5242] He, he rented it privately, a private owner.
Ann (PS14B) [5243] Mm!
Betty (PS15U) [5244] Because that, he did mention that ... he says ... so the next thing is the home'll have to go.
[5245] You know the tears came at this time
Ann (PS14B) [5246] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5247] I says, yes.
[5248] I says it's sad.
[5249] I said you couldn't manage ... on your own [...] .
[5250] ... No, that's why he was frightened when they did the alterations.
[5251] Er, and they wanted him to move ... out completely away somewhere, he was frightened he didn't get back in after.
Ann (PS14B) [5252] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5253] And, I think he just moved in to ... Muriel's next door.
Ann (PS14B) [5254] Yes.
[5255] Yeah, that's right.
Betty (PS15U) [5256] And he said well
Ann (PS14B) [5257] He did.
Betty (PS15U) [5258] erm, he wouldn't leave in case they wouldn't let him back in after modernizing.
Ann (PS14B) [5259] Yeah.
[5260] [sighing] Oh well [] .
Betty (PS15U) [5261] So ... but ... erm ... Jimmy hasn't sort of put it to her yet.
Ann (PS14B) [5262] Is Doug ... going into the police ... or applying?
Betty (PS15U) [5263] Well he told me last year he'd applied.
Ann (PS14B) [5264] I know.
[5265] He told me he applied but I thought he told me he'd been turned down.
Betty (PS15U) [5266] Well I never heard the ... well he had applied once before ... and ... he ... he got as far an interview and then he ... didn't get any further.
[5267] But then he applied just last summer for the Metropolitan.
Ann (PS14B) [5268] Yeah.
[5269] Cos er erm
Betty (PS15U) [5270] I haven't heard the outcome of that.
Ann (PS14B) [5271] Marie ... Marie was going down to her mother's ... she was running as usual, she dashed up to our back door and said, is Doug around?
[5272] And I said, I don't know what shift he's on, is his car out?
[5273] And it wasn't.
Betty (PS15U) [5274] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5275] And I said do you want a piece of paper to write him a message or something?
[5276] And she said, no it was just that ... he's talking of renting his house ... erm ... and I know of someone who wants to rent one.
Betty (PS15U) [5277] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5278] So I said well where's Doug going?
[5279] Then she said something about ... June ... and the Met.
Betty (PS15U) [5280] Oh well Doug wasn't here again, he never mentioned it.
Ann (PS14B) [5281] Or did she say he's going for an interview in ... June for the Met, or something, anyway.
Betty (PS15U) [5282] Well he's not
Ann (PS14B) [5283] Cos I, I haven't seen him at all.
Betty (PS15U) [5284] I walked up ... from the woods with him, came
Ann (PS14B) [5285] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5286] together, he never mentioned it.
Ann (PS14B) [5287] In fact, I thought it must be all finished with because ... he, he was quite talkative about it during the summer
Betty (PS15U) [5288] Yes.
[5289] A well I remember a well I was, I was sure
Ann (PS14B) [5290] then I, and he said to me about
Betty (PS15U) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5291] being turned down.
Betty (PS15U) [5292] Oh!
[5293] Cos he hoped, if he got into the Met ... and then he transfer ... up here.
Ann (PS14B) [5294] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5295] You see, like ... it's like 's grandson.
Ann (PS14B) [5296] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5297] I mean he started off in the Met ... er ... did his training and everything ... and then I think he's up here somewhere now.
Ann (PS14B) [5298] I tell you someone ... erm ... our boiler went wrong on ... ah, I think it was Wednesday
Betty (PS15U) [5299] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5300] Thursday, I just can't remember, and Raymond came through
Betty (PS15U) [5301] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5302] it must have been Thursday because I didn't want him to come, I said to Jim, tell him not to come we'll just turn the whole lot off.
[5303] But the kitchen was reeking ... of
Betty (PS15U) [5304] mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5305] fumes!
[5306] And, and
Betty (PS15U) [5307] Oh dear!
Ann (PS14B) [5308] er, I could feel it prickling the back of my nose and my throat
Betty (PS15U) [5309] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5310] and ... and my eyes started to water
Betty (PS15U) [5311] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5312] I opened the windows.
[5313] Oh!
[5314] And there was ... when it came on, in the afternoon there was this tremendous ... very loud roar!
[5315] Now, it sometimes goes ... whoosh!
Betty (PS15U) [5316] Yes.
[5317] When they
Ann (PS14B) [5318] It comes on initially
Betty (PS15U) [5319] Yes.
[5320] And dies down.
Ann (PS14B) [5321] and it immediately dies down and then it's okay, but there was this tremendous roar ... and a loud click and it went out.
[5322] And it was only about ... we i it was wi within a couple of minutes, or, probably less ... Jim came in ... er ... I think he was, I don't know where he'd been cos his day off was Thursday I think.
[5323] Yes he was.
[5324] And ... I told him about it, and he said oh yes, the pilot light has gone out ... and he relit it.
[5325] And it was fine.
[5326] It sounded okay ... but we kept getting these fumes.
[5327] So we kept opening the door ... it blew out once again and he put it on again ... and we were still getting these fumes till about ... oh ... about half past five it seemed to stop,u we had the windows open.
Betty (PS15U) [5328] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5329] And then ... Raymond phoned at about quarter to seven.
[5330] No.
[5331] He didn't.
[5332] Sorry!
[5333] Sorry!
[5334] It we he phoned at ... it was, it was five to six, Jim was going to take me to aerobics because of the weather
Betty (PS15U) [5335] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5336] I had my wellies in case the leisure centre was flooded!
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5337] Ha.
[5338] There was only ten of us there.
[5339] Anyway, erm ... Raymond was on the phone because he was tal and I was saying to Jim ... tell him I don't want him to come if the ra if the road's cut off to Blythe I don't want him to get stuck, I mean, he's got a wife
Betty (PS15U) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5340] and two small children at home.
[5341] And I'm saying, it's time I was out, I'm gonna be [laughing] late [] .
[5342] Anyway, he insisted he was coming at half past seven.
[5343] And he came at half past seven and he cleaned it and he looked at it, and he said er ... it wasn't ... anything that he could see, he thinks it was just down draught, but we've had winds before.
[5344] And he said that ... the cowl ... we've got on that chimney
Betty (PS15U) [5345] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5346] off the kitchen and ru and runs the boiler, he said it's the best kind you can get, nothing should come in there.
[5347] And as he's driven up at the back then he looked up and he said ... you ca you could see daylight through it so it was, wasn't blocked by anything.
Betty (PS15U) [5348] Wasn't blocked.
Ann (PS14B) [5349] Erm ... but he said
Betty (PS15U) [5350] D'ya think it was the rain, maybe?
Ann (PS14B) [5351] I don't know.
Betty (PS15U) [5352] Driving wind?
Ann (PS14B) [5353] I said could it have been continuous rain?
[5354] And he said something about ... he'd once ... they'd once had to work ... all one day and all one night a near the Regent [...] Centre ... because ... er, something had gone wrong with the ... gas pipes because erm of flooding.
Betty (PS15U) [5355] Oh!
[5356] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [5357] So whether we've ... but nobody else seems to have noticed anything like this.
Betty (PS15U) [5358] No, I, I haven't had anything like that.
Ann (PS14B) [5359] Anyway, he couldn't find anything.
[5360] He said, we'll just have to ... leave it ... and, if it happens again we'll have to go into it further, but it hasn't happened again, so now it's okay.
Betty (PS15U) [5361] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5362] Except last night ... I thought ... what on earth's this?
[5363] It just smelt like Christmas cake cooking, and I wasn't cooking anything at all.
[5364] I mean ... Jim went to work at one o'clock and the last of the kids ... went home, I've had my dinner
Betty (PS15U) [5365] Perhaps something's melting then.
Ann (PS14B) [5366] at midday.
[5367] But i it was no, it was no stronger in the kitchen than the living room.
Betty (PS15U) [5368] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5369] I sniffed around the boiler, I sniffed around the cooker
Betty (PS15U) [laugh] [...]
Ann (PS14B) [5370] ah, but ... when the kids went home I just had ... ha I had a sandwich.
Betty (PS15U) [5371] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5372] That's all I had, I hadn't cooked anything.
Betty (PS15U) [5373] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5374] Erm ... the triplets had ... soup ... and stottie and I warmed that up in the microwave.
Betty (PS15U) [5375] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5376] And this smell lasted for about half an hour and then, then I couldn't smell it again.
Betty (PS15U) [5377] And it disappeared?
[5378] It's, what kind of boiler is that you have?
Ann (PS14B) [5379] Er ... ooh!
[5380] ... I can't remember the make.
[5381] It's one of these that uses less fuel.
[5382] More efficient.
[5383] Well we've had it, how long have we had it?
[5384] About ... three, four years.
[5385] Anyway, how are the
Betty (PS15U) [5386] Well you've had a lo bother with it though haven't you?
Ann (PS14B) [5387] We've have had,we
Betty (PS15U) [5388] Well about two or three
Ann (PS14B) [5389] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5390] haven't you?
Ann (PS14B) [5391] Th the shelf ... with ... containers on have been too close, you know those Tupperware containers?
Betty (PS15U) [5392] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5393] Have been too close to it ... and it had, and the vents at the back had got churned up with dust at one time, I keep dusting it now.
Betty (PS15U) [5394] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5395] Anyway, while I go Ra Raymond was here, he says, oh Alan's back.
[5396] And they said, well where from?
[5397] He said well he's got a transfer to Accrington.
[5398] Didn't you know he was in the prison service?
Betty (PS15U) [5399] Is that
Ann (PS14B) [5400] I didn't
Betty (PS15U) [5401] his brother?
Ann (PS14B) [5402] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5403] Oh!
[5404] Right.
[5405] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5406] And he had to go and train somewhere down south, but he's got a ... he, apparently he'd been trying for a year and he's got to Accrington.
Betty (PS15U) [5407] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5408] Cos I thought he was doing pretty well in the Post Office, he was
Betty (PS15U) [5409] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5410] he was getting promotion.
Betty (PS15U) [5411] Once you see th there's gonna be changes there possibly.
Ann (PS14B) [5412] Oh!
[5413] Is there?
[5414] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5415] Well maybe not wi depends, depends whoever gets in.
[5416] Erm ... that bloody racist.
Ann (PS14B) [5417] It's, no, it, that's the Telecom I think, he actually worked for the
Betty (PS15U) [5418] Oh!
[5419] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5420] Post Office.
Betty (PS15U) [5421] Oh!
[5422] They er, oh aye.
Ann (PS14B) [5423] He started off as a counter clerk
Betty (PS15U) [5424] Right.
[5425] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [5426] and worked his way ... higher up.
Betty (PS15U) [5427] Mhm.
[5428] Mhm.
[5429] ... Well I'm surprised that erm ... actually going into the police force but he didn't hear when he
Ann (PS14B) [5430] No.
Betty (PS15U) [5431] I mean it was just ... day before yesterday I walked up with him.
Ann (PS14B) [5432] I mean, last year was [...] [phone rings] Oh! [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5433] That's probably Gillian telling me [...] [phone rings]
Ann (PS14B) [5434] Oh!
[5435] I saw Gillian ... I met her round [...] .
Betty (PS15U) [5436] [phonecall starts] Ee!
[5437] I, you know I think I'm failing!
[5438] [laugh] ... That's the second time today I haven't remembered my
Ann (PS14B) [5439] Don't you know your own number?
Betty (PS15U) [5440] number.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5441] I want to say ... [laugh] ... That's you.
[5442] , that's, that's right.
[5443] I just got it off [...] .
[5444] I'm carrying it over.
Ann (PS14B) [5445] It is Gillian.
Betty (PS15U) [5446] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5447] Oh!
[5448] Right.
[5449] So ... righto Gillian.
[5450] Okay.
[5451] Bye for now.
[5452] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Ann (PS14B) [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5453] Well she says Michael hasn't rung so she said I assume that he's ... coming ... cos if he's ... going to be late, if he's anywhere ... reasonable
Ann (PS14B) [5454] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5455] and finds a phone he rings and tells her.
[5456] Erm, because I was going out for half past two and er, she rang, she says he hasn't rung yet so I assume he's going to be home.
[5457] So that's alright
Ann (PS14B) [5458] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5459] isn't it?
Ann (PS14B) [5460] I saw her briefly, and, I didn't even speak to her other than to say hello.
[5461] Dorothy and I took the triplets for their nursery visit ... on
Betty (PS15U) [5462] Oh!
[5463] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [5464] Thursday
Betty (PS15U) [5465] Yes.
[5466] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5467] Er ... they wouldn't go and sit down for the story with all the other children sit at, sat on my knee on the floor for a short while.
Betty (PS15U) [5468] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5469] Cos, at home you see ... er ... Dorothy and Trevor always read their stories in bed, and when I read their stories I have me on the arm chair ... two sitting on one chair arm
Betty (PS15U) [5470] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5471] and one sitting on the other chair arm
Betty (PS15U) [5472] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5473] so that they can all see the pictures.
Betty (PS15U) [5474] All see the book.
[5475] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5476] So, they couldn't get it into their heads that you had to sit on the floor.
Betty (PS15U) [5477] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5478] Mind, when I read their story on erm ... I read them on Thursday afternoon and I said, right we better practise for nursery
Betty (PS15U) [5479] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5480] so I had the older ones from Goose Hill
Betty (PS15U) [5481] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5482] you know the ... when they were off school
Betty (PS15U) [5483] That's right.
Ann (PS14B) [5484] and I sat them [laughing] on the floor []
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5485] and they sat and listened then.
Betty (PS15U) [5486] How old are the triplets?
Ann (PS14B) [5487] They're three on the nineteenth.
Betty (PS15U) [5488] Ah!
[5489] Right.
Ann (PS14B) [5490] And, the other thing ... it took a while for u for us to get them to, they'd never drunk milk out of a straw, through a straw
Betty (PS15U) [5491] [laughing] Oh yes [] .
Ann (PS14B) [5492] and a third of a pint bottle is too big.
Betty (PS15U) [5493] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5494] I only give them half that much at a time.
Betty (PS15U) [5495] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5496] Bryony especially tends to drink small amounts.
Betty (PS15U) [5497] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5498] But you leave the cup on the table and she'll call you back every ten
Betty (PS15U) [5499] She keeps going back.
Ann (PS14B) [5500] minutes for a sip.
Betty (PS15U) [5501] Yes.
[5502] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5503] But of course, they were picking the bottle up and they were trying to tip it as well .
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5504] So I'll have to get some straws and we'll have to practise
Betty (PS15U) [5505] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Ann (PS14B) [5506] that.
Betty (PS15U) [5507] [laugh] ... Aren't they bent straws or not?
Ann (PS14B) [5508] No, this, they're quite, they didn't ... th they were quite tough
Betty (PS15U) [5509] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5510] strong plastic ones so they ... they didn't chew
Betty (PS15U) [5511] They'll soon
Ann (PS14B) [5512] they didn't chew them.
Betty (PS15U) [5513] they'll soon fit in.
Ann (PS14B) [5514] And er
Betty (PS15U) [5515] Cos Stephanie will
Ann (PS14B) [5516] I know.
Betty (PS15U) [5517] be there.
[5518] Was it morning?
Ann (PS14B) [5519] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5520] Ah, Jenny will be meeting Stephanie.
Ann (PS14B) [5521] Yes, well when we came out ... Bryony was difficult to start with, she didn't want her coat on.
Betty (PS15U) [5522] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5523] But Richard ... I was trying to get his on a and I, I've, I've helped two other children to put theirs on, I don't know who they were, and Dorothy says, oh we better get out Ann the teacher wanted the ... the visitors
Betty (PS15U) [5524] Away.
Ann (PS14B) [5525] to get out before
Betty (PS15U) [5526] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5527] the others came.
[5528] Well, we just got out into the hallway where all these mothers were standing round ... and
Betty (PS15U) [5529] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5530] Richard threw himself on the floor screaming!
Betty (PS15U) [5531] Ee!
Ann (PS14B) [5532] He wasn't going home.
Betty (PS15U) [5533] Oh dear!
Ann (PS14B) [5534] And I was try and he,he of course he's, he's heavy
Betty (PS15U) [5535] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5536] and when he just makes himself flop, he wouldn't stand up.
[5537] When I tried to sit him up
Betty (PS15U) [5538] Pick him up.
Ann (PS14B) [5539] to put his coat on, I picked him up and tried to carry him, and he just flung himself around so hard I had to put him down and he immediately flung himself on the floor again!
Betty (PS15U) [5540] Oh!
[5541] Lovely [laughing] exhibition [] .
Ann (PS14B) [5542] Oh!
[5543] Golly!
[5544] Anyway
Betty (PS15U) [5545] And was it because he didn't want to leave?
Ann (PS14B) [5546] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5547] Oh!
[5548] He was staying there.
[5549] And we I was ... I was trying to explain to him that erm ... we've had to go home, the teachers were clearing everything up
Betty (PS15U) [5550] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5551] all the children were going home
Betty (PS15U) [5552] For lunchtime.
Ann (PS14B) [5553] because there were different children coming in the afternoon.
Betty (PS15U) [5554] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5555] But no, no.
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5556] So I picked him up and I carried him, Dorothy had gone out the wrong door, instead of going out the door at that end ... she'd gone right along this long corridor
Betty (PS15U) [5557] And come out the main door.
Ann (PS14B) [5558] so I followed her and of course, we're going past all the blooming classrooms!
[5559] And the
Betty (PS15U) [5560] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5561] classrooms all had their doors open.
Betty (PS15U) [5562] Yeah.
[5563] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5564] And ... anyway I carried him half way along and I had to put him down
Betty (PS15U) [5565] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5566] I managed to get his coat on ... and a woman came along, I, I don't know if she was a dinner lady or what, she had a ... a sort of overall on ... and er ... I said come on let's catch up with your mummy, and she said, ah!
[5567] Are these triplets?
[5568] Are these
Betty (PS15U) [5569] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5570] Mr 's triplets?
Betty (PS15U) [5571] Oh!
[5572] Right.
[5573] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [5574] And I said yes.
[5575] And she said, oh Mr teaches ... my son at school.
Betty (PS15U) [5576] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5577] She said, come along hold my hand as well and er, I'll tell my son tha that, that er Mr 's son ... took me to the door.
[5578] So he shut up
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5579] and listened to her.
Betty (PS15U) [5580] [laugh] ... Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5581] He'd calmed down tha
Betty (PS15U) [5582] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5583] by then.
Betty (PS15U) [5584] Well I had trouble
Ann (PS14B) [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5585] with Joshua on erm ... what day will it be?
[5586] ... Erm ... it must have been the last day, it must have been Friday, must have been Friday.
[5587] Cos usually, he's keen to go to Ron and Stephanie's.
Ann (PS14B) [5588] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5589] He wouldn't get in his pushchair.
[5590] He wouldn't put his coat on.
[5591] Erm ... I finally got his coat on, and then, I said, come on we'll walk.
[5592] No.
[5593] No.
[5594] And chuck his hat down on the kitchen floor.
[5595] I said, well I'd have to go and leave you then.
[5596] So, of course, he got up, I went to close the door ... he was there ... so ... I tried him in his pushchair, I says well you'll have to walk, I know it's only five minutes away.
[5597] So
Ann (PS14B) [5598] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5599] it was a bad day.
[5600] So er ... he wouldn't move!
[5601] Got so far on, he stood and he started crying and yelling and, don't want to go!
[5602] Want to go home!
[5603] Don't want to go!
[5604] Now I used to get him along there ... and ... then he was sort of in tears but there was ... kids in the hall, the little hall ... and then when you sort come in the door, not the main door, the one, the
Ann (PS14B) [5605] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5606] door you're supposed to come in.
Ann (PS14B) [5607] The one we should have go gone in
Betty (PS15U) [5608] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5609] and come out of?
Betty (PS15U) [5610] Well, immediately on the left there's a door ... an and the hall goes along by the path that you, you come up to that door.
Ann (PS14B) [5611] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5612] And, the children were in there erm doing their P E and er ... he went stood at the door and watched them and he was ... quite happy.
[5613] And, they all filed out ... and the ... the caretaker, I presume, started putting the tables up, and the chairs for lunch
Ann (PS14B) [5614] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5615] and er ... he wouldn't keep out, so, so in the end the caretaker got him a little chair
Ann (PS14B) [5616] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5617] and ... sat him against the wall.
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5618] He said that's your chair, now ... you can watch me.
[5619] Well he sat there as good as gold.
[5620] The only trouble was when Stephanie come out he didn't [laughing] want to come home [] .
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5621] Oh!
[5622] It was difficult.
Ann (PS14B) [5623] It's a lovely nursery isn't it?
Betty (PS15U) [5624] I haven't actually been in ... to, I've only ever got as far as the [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [5625] They've got every kind of toy and equipment you can think of.
Betty (PS15U) [5626] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5627] And they've got it divided up into bits with a, sort of a little kitchen.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [5628] Are you still going up to start me off?
Betty (PS15U) [5629] Well Gillian's been on the phone
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [5630] Or was that Gillian?
Betty (PS15U) [5631] she says, she thinks Michael must be coming home because he hasn't rung her.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [5632] Right.
[5633] So you're not baby-sitting?
Betty (PS15U) [5634] Well, not that I know of.
[5635] Not
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [5636] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [5637] unless he hasn't been near a phone and couldn't ring her.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [5638] Right.
Betty (PS15U) [5639] So, I might get a call by half past two ... but I doubt it.
Ann (PS14B) [5640] Erm ... and then there's one ... like a little living room, it has a little settee in it and chairs, you know, child size?
Betty (PS15U) [5641] Oh, Oh yeah.
[5642] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5643] And there's a big er ... water play ... bath sort of thing
Betty (PS15U) [5644] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5645] and sand ... and slides and
Betty (PS15U) [5646] Well I know there's slides cos Stephanie talks about them.
Ann (PS14B) [5647] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5648] She loves it!
Ann (PS14B) [5649] And every kind of building brick and ... Duplo brick and Lego brick and Stickle brick and
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5650] things.
[5651] And plenty of easels and paint
Betty (PS15U) [5652] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [5653] and er ... oh, they've also got books ... yo you know you can buy the books
Betty (PS15U) [5654] Oh!
[5655] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5656] just ... just in that er, sort of little tiny lobby bit
Betty (PS15U) [5657] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5658] where you turn right to go into the ... nursery
Betty (PS15U) [5659] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5660] into the actual classroom
Betty (PS15U) [5661] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5662] er, they've got ... books on there
Betty (PS15U) [5663] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5664] and there's a, a book to sign and you can borrow any book
Betty (PS15U) [5665] Oh!
[5666] Right!
Ann (PS14B) [5667] then you just sign the book to say you've got it.
Betty (PS15U) [5668] Oh I see!
[5669] No I didn't know that.
Ann (PS14B) [5670] And have you looked ... erm, the headmistress took us outside to see the yard ... and ... that looks
Betty (PS15U) [5671] No, I haven't been out
Ann (PS14B) [5672] huge
Betty (PS15U) [5673] there.
Ann (PS14B) [5674] yard with a a apparently they have er, a lot of ... in the summer ... they do a lot of er ... whatever they're doing out there.
[5675] Practically everything they do out there, they take all the equipment outside.
Betty (PS15U) [5676] Yeah.
[5677] Well they have like ... erm, sort of bogey things or something, cos I know ... Stephanie was tipped out of one last
Ann (PS14B) [5678] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5679] year.
[5680] The friend was ... erm ... pushing her, and she came home with a big ... bump on her head
Ann (PS14B) [5681] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5682] and erm ... and that's what erm, the teacher came and said she'd fallen out of erm ... one of the, er I think she said bogeys or something?
[5683] Because when Gillian came home, Gillian says who were you playing with?
[5684] And she said Melanie.
[5685] And, but she says it wasn't deliberate, it wasn't deliberate, it was an accident.
[5686] So Gillian had seen the teacher
Ann (PS14B) [5687] Still around?
Betty (PS15U) [5688] Still there.
[5689] [cat noise] Must a reluctant bride.
[5690] [laugh] ... Erm, she said oh it was just purely and simply an accident that erm
Ann (PS14B) [5691] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5692] But she starts proper school in September.
Ann (PS14B) [5693] Does she?
Betty (PS15U) [5694] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5695] Mm!
Betty (PS15U) [5696] Yeah, she's only four in August.
Ann (PS14B) [5697] Is that, you put it flat onto it
Betty (PS15U) [5698] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5699] it's a ... windproof thing.
Betty (PS15U) [5700] Yeah, she's only four in August.
Ann (PS14B) [5701] Oh yes
Betty (PS15U) [5702] And erm
Ann (PS14B) [5703] she's gonna be one of the very young ones.
Betty (PS15U) [5704] and she's, she's really quite small, cos Mike isn't
Ann (PS14B) [5705] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5706] very tall.
[5707] Now Kate
Ann (PS14B) [5708] Ya.
Betty (PS15U) [5709] takes after her mum.
[5710] But
Ann (PS14B) [5711] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5712] er Stephanie's ... quite small really ... but, she's all there, she's, she's quite bright.
Ann (PS14B) [5713] Do you remember when I had erm ... Michael ... he's fifteen now.
[5714] The one whose mum had multiple sclerosis ... they lived at Upham Pond.
Betty (PS15U) [5715] Oh yes!
[5716] Yeah!
Ann (PS14B) [5717] He was only four and one week when he started school.
Betty (PS15U) [5718] Well, Stephanie's just going to be
Ann (PS14B) [5719] His birth er his birthday was the thirty first of August ... and ... I think it was, I can't remember when he started
Betty (PS15U) [5720] About the sixth or something
Ann (PS14B) [5721] it was the fifth or the sixth of
Betty (PS15U) [5722] September.
Ann (PS14B) [5723] I think it was the sixth ... of September.
[5724] And he was ... [laugh] ... I know he was chubby but he was quite ... short.
Betty (PS15U) [5725] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5726] He looked so young.
Betty (PS15U) [5727] And, Joshua now goes to the playgroup at the erm ... Saint Aden's Church.
Ann (PS14B) [5728] Oh yes.
[5729] That's where er
Betty (PS15U) [5730] I think just one day a week visiting allowed.
Ann (PS14B) [5731] Dorothy takes the triplets on Mondays.
Betty (PS15U) [5732] Right.
[5733] Oh.
Ann (PS14B) [5734] They, they are actually starting nursery school on the fifth of May.
[5735] They seem so tiny to be going five mornings a week though.
Betty (PS15U) [5736] The triplets?
Ann (PS14B) [5737] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5738] Er fifth of ... that's just next month?
Ann (PS14B) [5739] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5740] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5741] I don't
Betty (PS15U) [5742] So is she going to drop them off there earlier?
Ann (PS14B) [5743] Yes.
[5744] Er ... well, well she'll obviously
Betty (PS15U) [5745] Or have you to go there?
Ann (PS14B) [5746] collect them on Mondays and Fridays
Betty (PS15U) [5747] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5748] and walk up, they'll get the minibus down.
[5749] I forgot to notice exactly where the mi where the bus stop outside the school.
Betty (PS15U) [5750] They just stop anywhere.
[5751] You just wait outside the gate, Gillian just waits outside her gate.
[5752] The minibuses will stop anywhere, you just put your hand out.
Ann (PS14B) [5753] Oh!
Betty (PS15U) [5754] Jus erm ... park yourself, you know, away from the entrance
Ann (PS14B) [5755] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5756] erm
Ann (PS14B) [5757] Well I'll have to move myself away from the school gate [...] they can just ... they think I'll be actually waiting
Betty (PS15U) [5758] That's right.
[5759] That's right.
Ann (PS14B) [5760] at the school gate.
Betty (PS15U) [5761] But erm, er, they drop you off wherever you want to be dropped off and then pick you up ... I mean I ... I come down on occasions ... and I just stand outside their gate.
Ann (PS14B) [5762] Oh.
Betty (PS15U) [5763] Erm ... and I've noticed that they drop people off.
[5764] They drop Jessie off at her door next door ... they drop somebody else two or three doors down, er, they'll stop anywhere.
Ann (PS14B) [5765] Oh that's fine.
Betty (PS15U) [5766] And they run every erm
Ann (PS14B) [5767] And the ... yeah
Betty (PS15U) [5768] five minutes I think it is.
Ann (PS14B) [5769] Mm.
[5770] Their grandma said to me yesterday, have you worked out how you're going to get to ... nursery?
[5771] And I said, well yes I'll just walk up and I'll get the minibus back.
[5772] And she said, will you manage?
[5773] But, I've had them on buses several times just when I, when I'm going on a bus.
Betty (PS15U) [5774] Well now the occasions
Ann (PS14B) [5775] It won't be a special treat any more once [laughing] they're coming back from nursery three times a week on a bus will it [] ?
Betty (PS15U) [5776] That's right.
[5777] That's right.
[5778] Yeah.
[5779] Erm ... I mean I go up there
Ann (PS14B) [5780] And probably when I was
Betty (PS15U) [5781] at half past eleven, but that's when Gillian's on ... doing the manager's job which is nearly twice a, twice a year.
[5782] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [5783] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5784] She's just ... like a week ago she was ... she did the manager's job ... and, she drops ... she brings Joshua down here for about quarter to nine, then she goes back up to Stop Hill with the girls
Ann (PS14B) [5785] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5786] takes them to school.
Ann (PS14B) [5787] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5788] And then Paul takes me ... up to their house ... where I, usually about ten past eleven ... gives me time to get the pushchair put up again and
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5789] [laugh] ... sorted out ... and then I just walk along and pick up Stephanie.
[5790] Erm ... so I was there, at the odd occasions when I can give you a lift up ... but the they'll be very odd.
Ann (PS14B) [5791] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5792] They'll be very odd.
[5793] And then I stay there you see.
Ann (PS14B) [5794] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5795] I stay there then.
Ann (PS14B) [5796] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [5797] Erm ... until Gillian ... because she, she doesn't finish till five when she's doing the manager's shift.
Ann (PS14B) [5798] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [5799] Five.
[5800] So erm ... but that's only about three times a year at the most.
Ann (PS14B) [5801] Yeah.
[5802] ... [sniff] ... Have I seen you since erm ... I haven't seen you to talk to for very long have I?
Betty (PS15U) [5803] No, well I, I tend to keep away at nights when I, cos I think erm, those triplets so you must be
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5804] absolutely worn out and ready for peace and quiet.
[5805] Cos I know what it is myself with ... I mean, they're different ages but, and they're independent ... but it's wearing.
Ann (PS14B) [5806] Well it's
Betty (PS15U) [5807] Questions all the time.
Ann (PS14B) [5808] d'ya know it's funny, on a Wednesday when I go, when they've gone home and I've tidied up a bit
Betty (PS15U) [5809] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5810] and gone straight to aerobics for six o'clock
Betty (PS15U) [5811] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5812] I feel quite fit by the time I get back, you know ... by the time I've done
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5813] the aerobics ... you sho I should be feeling absolutely knackered!
Betty (PS15U) [5814] [laughing] Absolutely [] !
Ann (PS14B) [5815] But I'm not.
[5816] I fe I fe I feel, you know
Betty (PS15U) [5817] Full of beans!
Ann (PS14B) [5818] I feel full of beans and quite
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5819] hungry by then.
Betty (PS15U) [5820] Well I, when I come back from Stop Hill when I've been on a long shift till five o'clock, I'm whacked because ... their bungalow is so warm
Ann (PS14B) [5821] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5822] and it, really it drains.
Ann (PS14B) [5823] Mm.
[5824] It's like Jim at work he's shattered when he comes in.
Betty (PS15U) [5825] Ee!
[5826] I come here
Ann (PS14B) [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5827] I sit down, I yawn and it comes to bedtime and I'm really too tired to go up the stairs.
Ann (PS14B) [5828] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [5829] I feel absolutely, and I think thank goodness I'm back [laughing] in my draughty old house [] !
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [5830] [laugh] ... Wha ... oh dear!
Ann (PS14B) [5831] I never feel cold in your house.
Betty (PS15U) [5832] Well, it's alright if, you know, if you're in a room where the fire's on, although I have had the heating on ... erm ... a few days recently because of the cold.
[5833] But I was hoping it was off for good er ... but it didn't work out that way cos of the weather.
[5834] Erm ... I thought I'll try and save a bit of gas ... this month.
[5835] This quarter.
[5836] But erm ... and I, I got my er microwave and I'm trying to save some electric.
[5837] I've been doing most of my ... cooking with the
Ann (PS14B) [5838] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [5839] rather than putting a big oven on.
Ann (PS14B) [5840] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5841] And if ... some, er,jus it was very thin slices of beef, topside of ... well I thought I'll get some beef out, and I did it in the microwave and it cooked ... but it was ... it was quite tough.
[5842] I think if I'd had er ... no teeth I wouldn't have been able to manage at all, or if I had
Ann (PS14B) [5843] You might have slightly overcooked it.
Betty (PS15U) [5844] That's what he said.
Ann (PS14B) [5845] It's, you tend, to start with you do tend to erm
Betty (PS15U) [5846] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5847] overcook things.
Betty (PS15U) [5848] Yeah.
[5849] Well it ... there wasn't a recipe to cover just what I was doing with the
Ann (PS14B) [5850] I know i i it
Betty (PS15U) [5851] and it was just a case of ... erm ... pot luck, I would sort of brought it out and looked at it and, er no it wasn't cooked, it was cooked on the edges so I turned it over and ... turned it round and put it back in again.
Ann (PS14B) [5852] Did you let it stand?
Betty (PS15U) [5853] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5854] For a while after?
Betty (PS15U) [5855] Yes.
[5856] Yes.
[5857] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5858] Before it carries on.
Betty (PS15U) [5859] Er it was
Ann (PS14B) [5860] It's like when you cook
Betty (PS15U) [5861] it was cooked
Ann (PS14B) [5862] cakes they look as if they're not quite cooked
Betty (PS15U) [5863] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5864] but by the time they've stood for five minutes they are.
Betty (PS15U) [5865] Well
Ann (PS14B) [5866] Did you remember if you cook a cake and you put a piece of erm ... kitchen paper over the top
Betty (PS15U) [5867] Mhm.
[5868] I don't.
Ann (PS14B) [5869] Oh.
[5870] I, I can't remember where I got, I remember telling ... Beryl that a long
Betty (PS15U) [5871] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5872] time ago
Betty (PS15U) [5873] Right.
[5874] Well I
Ann (PS14B) [5875] well before she knows
Betty (PS15U) [5876] well I've cooked a
Ann (PS14B) [5877] Someone who told me roundabout that
Betty (PS15U) [5878] a cake recipe
Ann (PS14B) [5879] time.
[5880] The other thing is ... yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5881] but it was, to me, it was more like a erm ... er, er a sponge ... erm ... like a pudding sponge.
Ann (PS14B) [5882] Yes.
[5883] What
Betty (PS15U) [5884] Er
Ann (PS14B) [5885] kind of a cake did you make?
Betty (PS15U) [5886] It was just a plain erm ... Victoria
Ann (PS14B) [5887] Oh.
Betty (PS15U) [5888] sponge recipe.
Ann (PS14B) [5889] Chocolate cakes are, are very nice if
Betty (PS15U) [5890] But I didn't have a proper tin.
Ann (PS14B) [5891] you do, brown, but use brown sugar.
Betty (PS15U) [5892] Yes.
[5893] I made a pudding actually
Ann (PS14B) [5894] And u and dark brown
Betty (PS15U) [5895] A pudding.
Ann (PS14B) [5896] sugar.
[5897] I that's nice and
Betty (PS15U) [5898] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5899] moist.
[5900] But ... when you, when you time ... when the cooked cake's finished cooking
Betty (PS15U) [5901] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5902] if you leave it for two minutes
Betty (PS15U) [5903] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5904] run a knife round
Betty (PS15U) [5905] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5906] tip it up onto your hand, just briefly
Betty (PS15U) [5907] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5908] just for a second, and then
Betty (PS15U) [5909] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5910] back a again.
Betty (PS15U) [5911] Yes I did.
Ann (PS14B) [5912] Let's the air go, and get underneath
Betty (PS15U) [5913] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [5914] and that helps the bottom to dry out quicker.
Betty (PS15U) [5915] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5916] Now ... someone else told me, and it worked, and if you just lay a piece of kitchen paper over the top, that absorbs some of the moisture
Betty (PS15U) [5917] The moisture.
Ann (PS14B) [5918] as well and ta and the top isn't so soggy.
Betty (PS15U) [5919] Mm.
[5920] Well I didn't have
Ann (PS14B) [5921] But chocolate cakes are definitely the best.
Betty (PS15U) [5922] Well I did a chocolate pudding
Ann (PS14B) [5923] In the microwave.
Betty (PS15U) [5924] and it was lovely.
[5925] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [5926] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5927] but this ... cake that I made ... erm ... we thought was more like a ... a pudding ... and I
Ann (PS14B) [5928] Yeah but they're so
Betty (PS15U) [5929] put jam on it
Ann (PS14B) [5930] they're so pale as well.
Betty (PS15U) [5931] and the next day it, it was ... sort o like a rock, well not
Ann (PS14B) [5932] The o
Betty (PS15U) [5933] exactly, but it was pretty
Ann (PS14B) [5934] the only cakes I make in erm ... in a microwave are ... chocolate cakes
Betty (PS15U) [5935] And are they alright the next day?
Ann (PS14B) [5936] Yes.
[5937] They're a lot moister if you, if you use dark brown sugar
Betty (PS15U) [5938] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5939] they definitely are a lot more moist.
Betty (PS15U) [5940] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [5941] And as long as you don't over, overcook them.
Betty (PS15U) [5942] Mm.
[5943] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5944] And I'll tell you what I always do.
Betty (PS15U) [5945] But what, what do you make them in?
[5946] Er, like a, a deep er flan, erm
Ann (PS14B) [5947] I've got these, you know the very thin microwave dishes?
[5948] They're getting a bit battered now.
Betty (PS15U) [5949] Plastic?
Ann (PS14B) [5950] They're very thin plastic.
Betty (PS15U) [5951] No.
[5952] I haven't got
Ann (PS14B) [5953] They're about
Betty (PS15U) [5954] any plastic ones.
Ann (PS14B) [5955] Th I got them in the electricity board, there three for sixty pence.
Betty (PS15U) [5956] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [5957] You're only, I think you're only supposed to use them for a, a few months, I've been using them for about three years.
Betty (PS15U) [5958] Mhm.
[5959] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5960] Er, they've got a dimple in here and there.
Betty (PS15U) [5961] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5962] But er
Betty (PS15U) [5963] Cos it's a, my recipe said a, a
Ann (PS14B) [...]
Betty (PS15U) [5964] a souffle dish.
[5965] Well I'd smashed
Ann (PS14B) [5966] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5967] my souffle dish.
[5968] But I had, I, I ... I never thought, I have a casserole dish which is about the ... the same height as the
Ann (PS14B) [5969] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [5970] souf I could have done it in there
Ann (PS14B) [5971] That might help.
Betty (PS15U) [5972] but I didn't, I did it my pyrex ... bowl
Ann (PS14B) [5973] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [5974] which of course, the bottom is narrower than the top.
Ann (PS14B) [5975] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [5976] [laughing] And it came right up like that
Ann (PS14B) [5977] Ah!
[5978] Ah!
Betty (PS15U) [5979] and it come over the top [] !
Ann (PS14B) [5980] These things are about ... so high.
[5981] Smales
Betty (PS15U) [5982] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5983] have a lot of microwave dishes.
Betty (PS15U) [5984] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [5985] They're about that wide and they're about that deep and I just put a circle of greaseproof in the bottom
Betty (PS15U) [5986] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [5987] don't grease them or anything.
Betty (PS15U) [5988] Oh, just put the greaseproof in?
Ann (PS14B) [5989] Ju I just lay a piece of greaseproof in the bottom.
Betty (PS15U) [5990] Oh!
[5991] Now, I grease mine and er, I put the greaseproof in.
Ann (PS14B) [5992] I don't grease them I just put this ... I've got ... a pile of little circles of greaseproof paper ready cut to to fit the
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [5993] bottom of the
Betty (PS15U) [5994] Oh, well you're well organized.
Ann (PS14B) [5995] three dishes.
Betty (PS15U) [5996] You're well organized.
[5997] Well I, I do
Ann (PS14B) [5998] I've done it for all kinds of things, I mean, I, I cook vegetables in them in it and I warm up
Betty (PS15U) [5999] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6000] tins of peas in it.
[6001] I warm up baked beans for the children's
Betty (PS15U) [6002] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6003] tea in it.
Betty (PS15U) [6004] Pa Paul does that.
Ann (PS14B) [6005] In fact, they're
Betty (PS15U) [6006] And I've
Ann (PS14B) [6007] stained with tomato soup.
Betty (PS15U) [6008] Mm.
[6009] Baked potatoes, we've had quite a lot of baked pot
Ann (PS14B) [6010] I don't know why I get tomato soup with all that colour in it.
Betty (PS15U) [6011] baked potatoes, and er it makes lovely erm ... custard.
Ann (PS14B) [6012] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6013] Lovely custard.
[6014] Er
Ann (PS14B) [6015] And
Betty (PS15U) [6016] the only thing is I haven't got a big enough jug so I have to do half quantities.
Ann (PS14B) [6017] I make mine, I make my, my custard in erm ... er ... I think it is ... it's a casserole about so wide, it's my biggest casserole.
Betty (PS15U) [6018] Oh right!
[6019] It's in a, about
Ann (PS14B) [6020] It's a round one about that far across.
Betty (PS15U) [6021] about a three pint?
Ann (PS14B) [6022] Er er ... nearly two pint I think
Betty (PS15U) [6023] Two pint.
Ann (PS14B) [6024] it'll be.
[6025] It's about this shallow
Betty (PS15U) [6026] Oh well, I put
Ann (PS14B) [6027] I found it, it, it, it seems to cook quicker.
Betty (PS15U) [6028] Yeah.
[6029] Oh I could be using that, that
Ann (PS14B) [6030] Erm ... the last time
Betty (PS15U) [6031] casserole dish.
Ann (PS14B) [6032] I made ... half a pint of ... white sauce in the ... measuring jug ... I
Betty (PS15U) [6033] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6034] boiled it all over the place.
[6035] The last time I made ... about half a pint of [laughing] bread sauce, I lost half the bread sauce all over it [] !
Betty (PS15U) [6036] [laugh] ... Oh well I can do half a pint successfully, but I've gotta watch.
Ann (PS14B) [6037] Yeah, you need to stir it every minute or so.
Betty (PS15U) [6038] Yes.
[6039] I have to, I have to watch it.
[6040] Er, I can do half a pint
Ann (PS14B) [6041] And you don't
Betty (PS15U) [6042] quite well.
Ann (PS14B) [6043] no you know your erm ... smoky ... glass beakers
Betty (PS15U) [6044] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [6045] don't use those in
Betty (PS15U) [6046] Oh no.
[6047] I haven't.
Ann (PS14B) [6048] Nancy used one of those in it ... and she just lifted it out and the whole lot shattered all over
Betty (PS15U) [6049] Chee ee!
Ann (PS14B) [6050] the place.
Betty (PS15U) [6051] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6052] But I read ... you know when you make your coffee in it
Betty (PS15U) [6053] Mhm.
[6054] Well Paul makes his in ... there.
Ann (PS14B) [6055] Give it a stir first.
[6056] It's just recently I read about this ... it's not getting air into it or something is the reason it ex it can suddenly shoot up all over you.
Betty (PS15U) [6057] Oh it's in my book, yes, it can come
Ann (PS14B) [6058] Well I always
Betty (PS15U) [6059] up.
Ann (PS14B) [6060] I put the coffee, my milk powder, and the water in
Betty (PS15U) [6061] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [6062] and, stir it ... anyway
Betty (PS15U) [6063] Aha.
[6064] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6065] and then put it in, and it's ... so far ... it's been okay.
Betty (PS15U) [6066] Well Paul makes, he does hot chocolate actually
Ann (PS14B) [6067] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6068] in the tu erm
Ann (PS14B) [6069] I di er, I only have er ... I only make chocolate [...] .
Betty (PS15U) [6070] But mine has a, mine has a grill, I got one with a grill
Ann (PS14B) [6071] Oh yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6072] so I've cooked, I cook the
Ann (PS14B) [6073] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6074] chicken ... in it ... in a casserole dish
Ann (PS14B) [6075] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6076] covered ... and then I erm ... switch off microwave and put it on grill and it browns
Ann (PS14B) [6077] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6078] erm
Ann (PS14B) [6079] I haven't got one of
Betty (PS15U) [6080] the breast.
Ann (PS14B) [6081] those of course.
Betty (PS15U) [6082] Well mine's a Moulinex.
Ann (PS14B) [6083] When this wears out ... I'm gonna
Betty (PS15U) [6084] I got it
Ann (PS14B) [6085] get rid of this one.
Betty (PS15U) [6086] I got it cheap at the Co-op at Lyme.
[6087] I went to Argos to get this particular Moulinex.
Ann (PS14B) [6088] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6089] And they didn't have it in there, they just had the ... the touch oven ultra erm ... is that on?
Ann (PS14B) [6090] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6091] Tt!
[6092] Oh!
[6093] God!
[6094] Erm ... and it was quite expensive.
[6095] Erm, and so I said no I can't afford that, cos I sold my shares you see.
Ann (PS14B) [6096] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6097] I'm glad I did, they've gone right down.
[6098] Have you noticed?
Ann (PS14B) [6099] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6100] Erm ... so ... Paul says come on, we'll have a look in the Co-op ... and here they had ... the very same one I wanted in the Co-op ... and it was ten pound cheaper.
Ann (PS14B) [6101] Well you know when we got our Vax ... vacuum cleaner
Betty (PS15U) [6102] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6103] that was ten pounds cheaper than Argos.
Betty (PS15U) [6104] Really?
Ann (PS14B) [6105] So, er we got that at the Co-op.
[6106] It was
Betty (PS15U) [6107] Really?
Ann (PS14B) [6108] a hundred and forty nine
Betty (PS15U) [6109] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6110] in ... or a hundred and forty nine ninety nine or whatever it was, I can't remember ... in erm ... Argos
Betty (PS15U) [6111] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6112] and it was ten pounds cheaper in the Co-op.
Betty (PS15U) [6113] Well
Ann (PS14B) [6114] But ... so we got it there.
Betty (PS15U) [6115] this is what we found cos I said, oh
Ann (PS14B) [6116] There was something else, you know when I got the ... when I got my food processor
Betty (PS15U) [6117] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6118] that was something like eighty pounds, I can't remember exactly
Betty (PS15U) [6119] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6120] but for some reason we'd been to Gateshead, and I'd looked up food processors in the Argos catalogue
Betty (PS15U) [6121] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6122] and the Index, Littlewoods
Betty (PS15U) [6123] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6124] catalogue ... and we were in Argos, I mean, sorry, we're in Gateshead ... and we ... I know ... I was trying to get erm ... a very pale peach wallpaper ... for, for the
Betty (PS15U) [6125] Oh right.
Ann (PS14B) [6126] bathroom to match ... the very, very, very ... extremely pale peach
Betty (PS15U) [6127] I know.
Ann (PS14B) [6128] flowers that we've got
Betty (PS15U) [6129] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6130] on so many tiles
Betty (PS15U) [6131] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6132] and I couldn't get any.
[6133] And, we've looked in Mawpers, and we've Newcastle, and Jim said let's go to Gateshead.
[6134] I can't ... somebody had a sale on in Gateshead so we went there ... and then we went to the Co-op, and of course, I got the exact paper I wanted, just sort of this mottley ... mottley, marbly pale peach
Betty (PS15U) [6135] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6136] paper.
[6137] And we looked at erm ... food processors
Betty (PS15U) [6138] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6139] and we got the food, food processor, it was cheaper than Argos and Index
Betty (PS15U) [6140] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6141] I got a free, there was a free electric carving knife with it
Betty (PS15U) [6142] Oh!
[6143] Right!
Ann (PS14B) [6144] plus, at the time there was five percent ... extra off ... erm, cos Jim's got a, a Co-op gold card
Betty (PS15U) [6145] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6146] and if you got it through this gold card there was another five percent off so or ... something like that off.
Betty (PS15U) [6147] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6148] So, we got a real bargain there.
Betty (PS15U) [6149] Oh!
[6150] You got, you got quite a few
Ann (PS14B) [6151] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6152] bargains didn't you?
[6153] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6154] Oh, I'm very careful with my money.
[6155] [laughing] I always
Betty (PS15U) [6156] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6157] check if them things are cheaper first [] .
Betty (PS15U) [6158] Well erm ... I do most things ... in it if I can.
[6159] I did some pork chops er, the other day ... erm ... and, and they cooked ... they cooked very well.
Ann (PS14B) [6160] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6161] They cooked very well.
Ann (PS14B) [6162] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [6163] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [6164] That, that erm ... yellow ex ... Telecom van
Betty (PS15U) [6165] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6166] that usually parked down
Betty (PS15U) [6167] That parks on
Ann (PS14B) [6168] the end of the road
Betty (PS15U) [6169] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6170] is that the same one that's just gone past with ... it said erm ... snacks?
[6171] I could just er say read it when it went by
Betty (PS15U) [6172] Oh I didn't know.
Ann (PS14B) [6173] in big red writing it said snacks, and one er, I couldn't make out what
Betty (PS15U) [6174] Whose is it?
Ann (PS14B) [6175] I don't know.
[6176] Has somebody started up in business?
Betty (PS15U) [6177] I wondered if it was ?
Ann (PS14B) [6178] [sighing] Oh [] !
[6179] Don't mention the !
Betty (PS15U) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [6180] I'd love to slaughter that child!
Betty (PS15U) [6181] Were you having trouble with them the other night?
Ann (PS14B) [6182] Having trouble?
[6183] Did you not hear about when they broke the thing?
Betty (PS15U) [6184] Well I ... I went out to them, and ... because I heard banging, and I looked out the window and they were hacking at my fence, and I went out bu and was playing war with them when Jim crossed the road with one of them following behind and away down the street, and I thought oh!
[6185] Jim must have had ... trouble.
[6186] And
Ann (PS14B) [6187] He
Betty (PS15U) [6188] then when I was in the kitchen I saw Mr go to your door later
Ann (PS14B) [6189] Yeah.
Betty (PS15U) [6190] one night.
[6191] And, I've gone out, it wasn't that was hacking my fence mind, erm, it was another boy, I didn't know him with a [...] , and I went out and I, I ... and he said, I wasn't.
[6192] I says, yes you were!
[6193] And, that chap that lives ... two below Mrs , they haven't been in very long with
Ann (PS14B) [6194] Yes.
Betty (PS15U) [6195] a little dog.
Ann (PS14B) [6196] Aha.
Betty (PS15U) [6197] He came out the curtain ... and swore at him.
[6198] And he said, yes you were.
[6199] He says, I saw you!
[6200] So I says, right get away from my property!
[6201] And they'd hacked two or three of the erm ... the wood ... erm ... staves on the fence.
Ann (PS14B) [6202] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [6203] Now, when I came back from Stop Hill the other night, must have been, oh must have been Thursday, cos Paul erm, was going out with Alec and then they were going to Alec for dinner ... and when I came back ... one of the ... erm ... wooden staves was off ... here, had been prized off.
[6204] Cos Paul put it on the next day.
[6205] So, a couple of nights
Ann (PS14B) [6206] One of ours was off as well.
Betty (PS15U) [6207] couple of nights later, I looked down and here's three of them, boy, somebody else ... and another
Ann (PS14B) [cough]
Betty (PS15U) [6208] one, and one was sitting on my fence, there, so I banged on the window and said get off the fence!
[6209] Erm ... he just, he just sat there and
Ann (PS14B) [6210] Mhm.
Betty (PS15U) [6211] like that, I said, [shouting] get off that fence [] !
[6212] And he just ... he took no diving notice and they all were giggling at me.
[6213] See, so I went out ... I said, get off my property you're trespassing!
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Betty (PS15U) [6214] I said, that is my property and when you sit on my fence ... that is a, an offence!
[6215] Now, I says I'll get the police the next time!
[6216] Okay.
[6217] So they just casually got off and walked away.
[6218] I don't know who he was but he was with .
Ann (PS14B) [6219] Mm.
Betty (PS15U) [6220] I'm frightened to leave home.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [6221] You had trouble as well have you?
Ann (PS14B) [6222] Well, Jim had just put something through Bob's letter box
Betty (PS15U) [6223] Mm mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6224] and he heard ... there was a crash ... and ... Martin said, ee!
[6225] I've broken the glass.
Betty (PS15U) [6226] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6227] And the other two, Ali and tha you know the ... erm, Bangladeshi boy down ... ... he plays with them.
[6228] There was Ali and the ... and Michael .
Betty (PS15U) [6229] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6230] And Jim came along and he says what did you say?
Betty (PS15U) [6231] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6232] He says I've broken the glass.
[6233] And he said well just get yourself home and tell your father that I want it paid for this time because I only replaced that glass last week, which he had
Betty (PS15U) [6234] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [6235] Mhm.
Ann (PS14B) [6236] he'd put it in at the beginning of the week before.
[6237] So he came in and he, he, he said I'm just going down to see 's father, he's just smashed the glass in the cold frame and I'm ... I'm sick of this!
[6238] Cos he's already stopped him setting fire ... to trees in the orchard over there.
Betty (PS15U) [6239] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB8PSUNK) [6240] Mm.
[6241] That's awful that.
Ann (PS14B) [6242] He's stopped him cutting down trees.
[6243] So he went down ... and it was Kelly he spoke to ... and er ... she said he

16 (Tape 069701)

Jackie (PS166) [6244] Thank you for the parcel.
Ann (PS14B) [6245] Weren't you expecting this?
Jackie (PS166) [6246] No.
Ann (PS14B) [6247] Oh!
[6248] You, when you rang the other night ... you, you did sound like Jackie , I'm sure you were Jackie on the phone, and with her not living here very long
Jackie (PS166) [6249] Aha.
[6250] Thought it was
Ann (PS14B) [6251] thought
Jackie (PS166) [6252] me.
Ann (PS14B) [6253] I thought she'd just er ... you know, she was worried about her children cos ... as usual they'd left the keys behind, they were the house.
Jackie (PS166) [6254] Ah.
Ann (PS14B) [6255] Yeah.
Jackie (PS166) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [6256] Oh well, if you don't know.
Jackie (PS166) [6257] There again, it's gonna be, it's something like, that [...] said it was forty four days and suddenly I thought, bugger that!
[6258] I'm going [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [6259] Forty four days?
Jackie (PS166) [6260] Aye.
Ann (PS14B) [6261] Oh.
[6262] Oh well.
Jackie (PS166) [6263] And I thought bloody hell [...] .
[6264] Don't be daft.
Ann (PS14B) [6265] Are you going to get
Jackie (PS166) [...]
Ann (PS14B) [6266] to pay your debts with a [laughing] pan
Jackie (PS166) [6267] No I've got
Ann (PS14B) [6268] in your hand [] !
Jackie (PS166) [6269] Ah no, this is, I'm just getting us a new pan.
[6270] Say, a big one, over the road they normally have it.
Ann (PS14B) [6271] Oh!
Jackie (PS166) [6272] Erm
Ann (PS14B) [laugh]
Jackie (PS166) [6273] You know my bathroom tiles are coming on ... Tuesday.
Ann (PS14B) [6274] Mhm.
[6275] Right.
Jackie (PS166) [6276] I mean the bathroom's not yet done, it's still not a [...] of paper one side.
Ann (PS14B) [6277] Oh.
[6278] Well then, while
Jackie (PS166) [6279] Once you got
Ann (PS14B) [6280] you can you've gotta
Jackie (PS166) [6281] got
Ann (PS14B) [6282] sell out.
Jackie (PS166) [6283] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6284] Yeah.
Jackie (PS166) [6285] I was up the street and [...] got the building society here. [...]
Ann (PS14B) [6286] We want some erm ... er, what they call them?
[6287] Quarry tiles
Jackie (PS166) [6288] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [6289] you know to step down into the kitchen.
Jackie (PS166) [6290] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6291] I would like some quarry tiles on there, but we can't get any of the narrow ones, they've got a curved edge.
Jackie (PS166) [6292] Mind, I'll have to go buy one cos I've seen them in Newcastle.
[6293] In Wroxons I get my plants ... and they've got them cheaper ... than [...] .
Ann (PS14B) [6294] Well they told, they, they told us that we couldn't get i they couldn't get us any
Jackie (PS166) [6295] No.
Ann (PS14B) [6296] with a curved edge.
[6297] And I don't want the little ones ... tripping up and crashing their heads on a
Jackie (PS166) [6298] Oh I see.
[6299] Mm.
Ann (PS14B) [6300] And, and ... in the corner where the door is there's a hole in the step underneath the ... the door hinge.
Jackie (PS166) [6301] Oh!
Ann (PS14B) [6302] And er ... James, triplet ... he's pres er ... pushing bits of paper and ... I should imagine there's pens and crayons and all kinds down there.
Jackie (PS166) [6303] The only thing you could do is get the, you know that kind of plastic edging you can get for ... wall tiles
Ann (PS14B) [6304] Yeah.
Jackie (PS166) [6305] with curved ... put a bit of that in.
[6306] That
Ann (PS14B) [6307] Yeah.
Jackie (PS166) [6308] would take the raw, the raw edge off.
Ann (PS14B) [6309] Aha.
Jackie (PS166) [6310] It will curve it down.
Ann (PS14B) [6311] You can get them in the square ones, the six by six, but I wa I wanted ... the way we worked it out, eight by four would work out more economical.
Jackie (PS166) [6312] Aha.
Ann (PS14B) [6313] Cos eventually, I wouldn't mind the kitchen having quarry qua quarry tiles.
Jackie (PS166) [6314] No I don't like them.
Ann (PS14B) [6315] I like quarry tiles.
[6316] ... Right.
Jackie (PS166) [6317] See ya!
[6318] I, the, I wonder it's for?
Ann (PS14B) [6319] I don't know, it's been, I went [laughing] along to ask Betty and Paul if they knew [] .
[6320] It's been there since ... before half past one I think.
[6321] I was putting the washing on at the back and I saw the en the bit sticking past the house.
Jackie (PS166) [6322] It's that fella ... the ... probably going to a wedding.
Ann (PS14B) [6323] I think it must be a, I think it must
Jackie (PS166) [6324] He's got it
Ann (PS14B) [6325] be a driver.
[6326] He can't, he can't be actually at a wedding because
Jackie (PS166) [6327] She can just pretend it's her new car.
Ann (PS14B) [6328] [laugh] .
[6329] Oh yes!
Jackie (PS166) [laugh]
Ann (PS14B) [6330] We can dream!
Jackie (PS166) [6331] Bye.

17 (Tape 069702)

Ann (PS14B) [6332] Hello.
James (PS14C) [6333] Why's the door off the latch?
Ann (PS14B) [6334] Oh!
[6335] Oh!
[6336] Mm.
[6337] I know what it was ... erm ... the Empire Stores' man ... brought a parcel for Jackie when she was out ... and when
James (PS14C) [6338] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6339] I took it along ... to her, to save me locking myself out I put the sneck up.
[6340] I must have forgotten to put it down when I came in again.
James (PS14C) [6341] Well I'd better go and lock the door.
Ann (PS14B) [6342] That was hours ago.
James (PS14C) [6343] Didn't know if you were in or not.
Ann (PS14B) [6344] Well I'd hardly be out if the door wasn't ... locked when it's dark.
James (PS14C) [6345] Yes, but it seemed so odd that the door was standing open.
Ann (PS14B) [6346] Ooh!
James (PS14C) [6347] And there was
Ann (PS14B) [6348] Was the inside door closed?
James (PS14C) [6349] Yes.
Ann (PS14B) [6350] Mm.
James (PS14C) [6351] The inside door was closed.
Ann (PS14B) [6352] We haven't got any
James (PS14C) [6353] Yeah.
Ann (PS14B) [6354]