BNC Text KB9

44 conversations recorded by `Annette' (PS1CX) between 1 and ?? February 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 5497 s-units, 31762 words, and over 2 minutes 5 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 62

PS1CX Ag3 f (Annette, age 44, administrative assistant, Lancashire, )
PS1CY Ag1 f (Teresa, age 19, stable hand, Lancashire, ) daughter
PS1D0 Ag2 m (David, age 26, engineer, Lancashire, ) son-in-law
PS1D1 Ag1 f (Tracy, age 24, housewife, Lancashire, ) daughter
PS1D2 Ag5 m (Donald, age 71, retired, Northern England, ) father
PS1KS Ag4 f (Pat, age 48+, Lancashire, ) neighbour
KB9PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KB9PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

44 recordings

  1. Tape 061901 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Heysham ( stables ) Activity: working with horses
  2. Tape 062001 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( out ) Activity: going shopping
  3. Tape 062002 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( supermarket ) Activity: shopping
  4. Tape 062003 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( out ) Activity: shopping
  5. Tape 062101 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe () Activity: playing with baby
  6. Tape 062102 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: with family
  7. Tape 062103 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: with family
  8. Tape 062104 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe () Activity: with family
  9. Tape 062105 recorded on 1992-02-02. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: with family
  10. Tape 062106 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: lunch with family
  11. Tape 062107 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: lunch with family
  12. Tape 062108 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: lunch with family
  13. Tape 062301 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 062302 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 062303 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 062304 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: shopping
  17. Tape 062305 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: shopping
  18. Tape 062306 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: shopping
  19. Tape 062307 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: shopping
  20. Tape 062308 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: shopping
  21. Tape 062309 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 062310 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 062311 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 062312 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( in car ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 062313 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( in car ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 062314 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 062315 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 062316 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 062401 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: working
  30. Tape 062402 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: working
  31. Tape 062403 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: working
  32. Tape 062404 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: working
  33. Tape 062405 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: working
  34. Tape 062501 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: at work
  35. Tape 062502 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: at work
  36. Tape 062503 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 062504 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 062505 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 062506 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 062601 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 062602 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire () Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 062603 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 062604 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 062605 recorded on 1992-02. LocationLancashire ( at work ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 061901)

Annette (PS1CX) [1] I got a thing from [...] this morning
Teresa (PS1CY) [2] From where?
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [3] where's that at?
Annette (PS1CX) [4] it's the
Teresa (PS1CY) [5] er college
Annette (PS1CX) [6] technical college
Teresa (PS1CY) [7] oh right, what saying?, you're not brainy enough to go to college
Annette (PS1CX) [8] no, no I don't no, is [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [9] oh can I have your fork?
Annette (PS1CX) [10] [screaming] ah ya [] you've got more than me
Teresa (PS1CY) [11] I like these feet
Annette (PS1CX) [12] I do, I like the yellow ones, it, it just said
Teresa (PS1CY) [13] what did it say?
Annette (PS1CX) [14] I thought it was a refresher course, [...] it's not that
Teresa (PS1CY) [15] what is this?, this yours?
[16] ... Jane don't be nosy, you shouldn't read other people's things ... what did she say [...] it?
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [17] Go and ask when she's finished or when she's about finished reading that [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [18] she's nearly finished actually
Annette (PS1CX) [19] why, what she gonna do? ...

2 (Tape 062001)

Annette (PS1CX) [20] You don't have to pick your conversation for this, right, where's the cats ... are they out?
[21] Come on Soot, good boy, Sooty come on, out you go, out, come on good boy, out, have you seen Tigger?
Teresa (PS1CY) [22] Yeah he's upstairs.
Annette (PS1CX) [23] Right ... [laugh] ... Fella at work this [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [24] Where's that Lisa Stansfield tape, Mum?
Annette (PS1CX) [25] Erm is it not in the pocket?
Teresa (PS1CY) [26] No
Annette (PS1CX) [27] Our Becky Boo's had it here, er I don't know, the paper might be down there ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [28] It's great.
Annette (PS1CX) [29] it's, it's around somewhere, she's slung it, she was in a foul mood ... oh ... looks a bit slim in them don't she?
[30] ... That Kelly ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [31] Leave the freezer on, why don't you turn 'em off?
Annette (PS1CX) [32] Er, ah, it'll blow warm in a bit, when it gets warm, if you want it off just knock that up to there.
Teresa (PS1CY) [33] It's alright ...
Annette (PS1CX) [34] Jo's a nice girl int she?
Teresa (PS1CY) [35] Yeah she is, are they not engaged or anything?
Annette (PS1CX) [36] I don't think so ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [37] He's taking his time int he?
Annette (PS1CX) [38] Yeah ... perhaps she's got a mutual agreement that ... they'll just end up perhaps getting married, I don't know ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [39] That's a nice house.
Annette (PS1CX) [40] That one?
[41] Yeah it is ... [sneeze] that's what you and Uncle Tony supposed to of got.
Teresa (PS1CY) [42] What?
Annette (PS1CX) [43] One of those long cruisers ... [cough] ... [sneeze] excuse me ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [44] Didn't measure my window.
Annette (PS1CX) [45] Oh never mind, we'll do it and pop down later ... did we not do it before?
[46] Is it not six foot?
[47] Or was it seven foot? ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [48] [...] is Richard's mum and dad buying him a little car?
Annette (PS1CX) [49] I don't honestly know, he said er, he's got to go in for his test, he said, and then I'll have to see about a car ... so I don't know whether they're gonna buy him one or not ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [50] Yeah cos, does he stay with his mum?
[51] He will do won't he?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [52] yeah, I think so, yeah ... I don't think Richard, I don't think he goes out anywhere [...] , so, his hobby's in canoeing, but ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [53] He wants to make 'em don't he or summat?
Annette (PS1CX) [54] Well he thought your dad was buying that mould from Jim so ... he did say that, he, he'd lent him that book on how to actually build them, but that's
Teresa (PS1CY) [55] Who did?
Annette (PS1CX) [56] obviously not gonna come off, Richard ... lent your dad the book ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [57] It looks pretty busy for a Sunday ... There's a lot of [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [58] What Clements?
Teresa (PS1CY) [59] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [60] Well is that on?
Teresa (PS1CY) [61] Yeah ... I what a [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [62] I don't think so, no more like [...] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [63] Right then.
Annette (PS1CX) [64] Volkswagen.
Teresa (PS1CY) [65] Yeah
Annette (PS1CX) [66] What shall we do, sit here and wait a bit, or go inside?
[67] I said I'd wait just inside doorway.
Teresa (PS1CY) [68] Go inside. ...
Annette (PS1CX) [69] I'll get a trolley, I'll get a few bits, yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [70] Yeah ...

3 (Tape 062002)

Annette (PS1CX) [71] I could have brought me watch down, I need a battery in it tt heck ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [72] Oh I like that, that little Russian ring [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [73] That's nice.
[74] ... She shouldn't be very much longer now ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [75] Don't really notice [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [76] Oh he's hiding [laugh] ... they're here now, they've got a trolley, I don't think I need one ... [laugh] oh isn't she sweet?
[77] What's she got there?
Tracy (PS1D1) [78] It's Mandy's
Teresa (PS1CY) [79] Hello sweetheart
Annette (PS1CX) [80] Er, I don't need this do I if you've got that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [81] Sorry we just thought it's better than carrying her around.
Annette (PS1CX) [82] Yeah okay just if it ... [cough] ... Hello Becky Boo what have you got on eh? ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [83] There was a horse running round and we got held up with traffic.
Annette (PS1CX) [84] Where at?
Tracy (PS1D1) [85] There'd been an accident right outside [...] Park, anyway there was some lad, I don't know was he, is he or what, but he's on a horse and it's only a baby, and I think it's thrown him and there's
Annette (PS1CX) [86] Ah
Tracy (PS1D1) [87] all bit and everything's come out so of course the horse is running around free and he's trying to catch it
Annette (PS1CX) [88] he's trying to catch it spooking it even more and
Tracy (PS1D1) [89] A woman with a Jag parked in the middle of the road and a caravan and what have ya
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [90] so they're trying to corner it and it's munching on grass quite happily, you could see it was watching a minute, but it was watching them away and I think er any minute it's looking out the corner of its eye and then it's just gonna go when he sees it getting closer.
Annette (PS1CX) [91] Do, shall I get one of these for David just to jot down the hours?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [92] Yeah
Tracy (PS1D1) [93] I was just saying
Annette (PS1CX) [94] I just saying that something like that, something cheap, that doesn't matter if it gets mucked up.
David (PS1D0) [95] Oh that'll do.
Annette (PS1CX) [96] One of those, okay ... Tracy ... what, what about a calculator?
Tracy (PS1D1) [97] Not into that
Annette (PS1CX) [98] Could do with bigger buttons
Tracy (PS1D1) [99] It's a bit gory colours, but [...] ... That's a good'un.
Annette (PS1CX) [100] That one?
Tracy (PS1D1) [101] Yeah, well you'll need one as well won't ya?
Annette (PS1CX) [102] Erm I'm gonna have to manage with little ones for the time being.
Tracy (PS1D1) [103] Oh you get that and use that and then if there's any invoices to do I'll borrow it or would you rather have one of those? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [104] It's not really
Tracy (PS1D1) [105] They're quite good it looks better than them for office don't it? ... they're dual power battery and solar
Annette (PS1CX) [106] Oh so
Tracy (PS1D1) [107] that's the same
Annette (PS1CX) [108] that's same isn't it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [109] Yeah, I suppose like if you're not in any bright lights you can have it on the battery
Annette (PS1CX) [110] Yeah ... where's it gone?
Tracy (PS1D1) [111] [...] Those curtains look really nice.
Annette (PS1CX) [112] Do they look nice?
[113] ... Yeah that's nice.
Teresa (PS1CY) [114] It's got a huge bobble on it.
Annette (PS1CX) [115] Yeah, Tracy said your curtains look really nice.
Teresa (PS1CY) [116] Do they?
Annette (PS1CX) [117] Mm
Teresa (PS1CY) [118] Look a lot darker in that little bit though
Annette (PS1CX) [119] Do they?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [120] Got the [laugh] I've got to fill it up somehow
Teresa (PS1CY) [121] [...] do ya?
Annette (PS1CX) [122] No, no I don't think I could cos I'm on me own such a lot, I can't, you can't make conversation by yourself can ya?
Teresa (PS1CY) [123] Could but they'd put you away
Annette (PS1CX) [124] [laughing] True []
Tracy (PS1D1) [125] I had me hair in a ponytail this morning, it looked silly.
Annette (PS1CX) [126] Did it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [127] Oh look at those ...
Annette (PS1CX) [128] Oh Forever Friends lunch boxes ... hello Becky Boo give Nat a kiss, what?
[129] What's that?
[130] What's that?
[131] You'll want one of those when you go to school, oh int it pretty yeah, that's pretty ... yes ... give Nat a kiss, give me a kiss.
Teresa (PS1CY) [132] Give her kisses.
Annette (PS1CX) [133] No alright then, I don't want a kiss thank you.
Teresa (PS1CY) [134] Oh a paddy, paddy, paddy ... have you tried er [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [135] Yeah, er there's those cord ones somewhere ... What d'ya think?
Teresa (PS1CY) [136] I like 'em, they're only twelve ninety nine, they've come down.
Annette (PS1CX) [137] Yeah they're nice aren't they?
Teresa (PS1CY) [138] Mm
Annette (PS1CX) [139] They're well worth it
Teresa (PS1CY) [140] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [141] if we go halves each?
Teresa (PS1CY) [142] Have one, well what ever can buy that ...
Annette (PS1CX) [143] They're sweet, they'll fit her won't they?
Teresa (PS1CY) [144] Yeah ...
Annette (PS1CX) [145] Look they're all coming down, what size have you got her?
Teresa (PS1CY) [146] That's all the size there is.
Annette (PS1CX) [147] One and a half.
Teresa (PS1CY) [148] One's one and a half.
Annette (PS1CX) [149] Just that one looks better, is it just way it's fastened?
Teresa (PS1CY) [150] It's got a zip
Annette (PS1CX) [151] Oh right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [152] Have you got a new coat?
Teresa (PS1CY) [153] Only even if it just does er, just till summer you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [154] I think they're sweet.
Tracy (PS1D1) [155] David?
Annette (PS1CX) [156] Aren't they nice?
David (PS1D0) [157] Aye.
Annette (PS1CX) [158] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [159] They're just twelve ninety nine
David (PS1D0) [160] Are they waterproof?
Tracy (PS1D1) [161] Well no, but she's always in her pram and, int she, her other one ... new coat, for you ...
Annette (PS1CX) [162] [laughing] I don't know whether I like that hat or not []
David (PS1D0) [163] It's alright ...
Annette (PS1CX) [164] What you doing?
Tracy (PS1D1) [165] I want a pair of those socks.
Annette (PS1CX) [166] Those are nice aren't they?
Teresa (PS1CY) [167] Mm ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [168] Boo.
Annette (PS1CX) [169] Have to start buying some summer gear soon ... won't we?
Tracy (PS1D1) [170] No, keep your hat on, no ...
Annette (PS1CX) [171] That's nice.
Teresa (PS1CY) [172] Right, that [...] I like that erm the black one, the grey one.
Annette (PS1CX) [173] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [174] The grey one looks better.
Annette (PS1CX) [175] It's nice ... eight pounds fifty though ... ooh yeah, over oh yes ... ooh ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [176] You want to get out as soon as you get in ... that's nice
David (PS1D0) [177] [...] that fell off.
Annette (PS1CX) [178] Yeah it's gonna take John quite a while apparently, he's coming in next week as well.
David (PS1D0) [179] Mm ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [180] It's alright for a fiver.
Annette (PS1CX) [181] Which one do you want?
Tracy (PS1D1) [182] It's different ... How much has that got? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [183] Two litre.
Tracy (PS1D1) [184] Two litre.
Annette (PS1CX) [185] Mm, I don't [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [186] That's got 'em ... do they both work the same?
Tracy (PS1D1) [187] Erm ... oh this one
Annette (PS1CX) [188] Is it leaking or? ...
David (PS1D0) [189] What's that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [190] [...] it's only a fiver, reduced from fifteen ninety nine, that one reduces nitrates [...] oh well the state our water's been in just lately ... [...] bring the top out ... yeah it's there ...
Annette (PS1CX) [191] It's stuck.
Tracy (PS1D1) [192] I think, hang on ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [193] Yeah, that's why it's only five pound, huh, cos the box is rubbish ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [194] What is it?
David (PS1D0) [195] Coffee cup.
Annette (PS1CX) [196] It's a water filter for, cos Tracy's water the other day it was absolutely black
Tracy (PS1D1) [197] Coffee, black coffee, with this sludge in the bottom.
Annette (PS1CX) [198] Baa, baa, right, yeah you tell me what you want and
David (PS1D0) [199] Er Gordon Bennett
Annette (PS1CX) [200] you want some Pot Noodles, don't ya?
[201] You want some cereals.
David (PS1D0) [202] I want some cereals, I'm not so sure about Pot Noodles.
Annette (PS1CX) [203] Well what you gonna do about lunch?
[204] Are you going out for breakfast?
David (PS1D0) [205] No, we're gonna have breakfast there and I was on about going get some whatever for lunch but I'm not particularly bothered.
[206] I'd rather have er
Annette (PS1CX) [207] So what you gonna do?
Tracy (PS1D1) [208] have a big
David (PS1D0) [209] Sandwiches or summat.
Annette (PS1CX) [210] Are you gonna need, what you gonna need for breakfast, just cereals?
David (PS1D0) [211] Just cereals I would think.
Annette (PS1CX) [212] Right, okay.
David (PS1D0) [213] If they want anything else they can bloody well pay.
Annette (PS1CX) [214] Yeah, so we'll get some cereals.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [215] Do you want to take my toaster and you can do toast?
David (PS1D0) [216] Er
Tracy (PS1D1) [217] What about er
Annette (PS1CX) [218] Cos we're not using it lately.
Tracy (PS1D1) [219] er
David (PS1D0) [220] can do yeah, I think
Tracy (PS1D1) [221] I might, might get some of those buns.
Annette (PS1CX) [222] Okay, right, so
Tracy (PS1D1) [223] Some biscuits as well
Annette (PS1CX) [224] we need some biscuits Teresa don't we?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [225] yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [226] yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [227] do you want any biscuits or anything David? ...
David (PS1D0) [228] Er, no, I only want the bare essentials and [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [229] Yeah but if, if you want some
David (PS1D0) [230] no, coffee and stuff I don't know.
Annette (PS1CX) [231] Look there's a, a tin of biscuits there, look.
Tracy (PS1D1) [232] Two thirty one ...
Annette (PS1CX) [233] Get a tin or you can, you can have the Ascot at three thirty seven ...
David (PS1D0) [234] So
Annette (PS1CX) [235] yeah, it's up to you, whichever you want.
Tracy (PS1D1) [236] We can take some [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [237] What?
[238] ... Biscuits, aren't they?
[239] Biscuits, biscuits, what?
[240] What's this, it's biscuits, yeah, biscuits, did you hear that mummy?
[241] Biscuits.
Teresa (PS1CY) [242] [...] biscuits, the state of your face.
Annette (PS1CX) [243] You tried it, didn't you darling?
[244] Yeah you do try, yeah, biscuits, biscuits, yeah and, biscuits ... biscuits, they're doggie biscuits, they're doggie biscuits, er, will there be enough?
[245] You'd better get a bigger one, hundred and sixty one.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [246] doesn't matter that's, they're gonna need 'em aren't they?
[247] You'll just have to tell me when you're getting low
David (PS1D0) [248] Yeah I'll sort it out.
Annette (PS1CX) [249] and then
Tracy (PS1D1) [250] Ah, how come I never get any cuddles like that ...
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [251] Right, well now, coffee.
Annette (PS1CX) [252] Coffee on the next one ... what?
[253] ... Yes ... oh yes ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [254] David what do you want?
[255] What shall we do?
[256] Get some, two lots or?
Annette (PS1CX) [257] Yeah I think we'd better get a couple of lots and, cos we don't know what they're gonna like do we really?
Tracy (PS1D1) [258] David likes, get some Honey Nut Loops David if you want to
Annette (PS1CX) [259] The biggest packet ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [260] Get some coffee [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [261] that's not gonna last you very long is it?
David (PS1D0) [262] Ah last me the week them.
Annette (PS1CX) [263] Yeah er, you'd better get two packets, and what else do you think?
David (PS1D0) [264] Get some bloody cornflakes.
Annette (PS1CX) [265] Yeah get a packet, a big packet of cornflakes, bigger than that, is there bigger?
[266] ... Erm what do we pay at Asda?
Tracy (PS1D1) [267] At cash and carry you mean?
Annette (PS1CX) [268] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [269] Ten pounds for a big one ...
Annette (PS1CX) [270] Well David can always bring it home if there's, it doesn't get used.
David (PS1D0) [271] What about Weetabix?
Annette (PS1CX) [272] You don't think they'll leave the lid off it, it'll all go yucky won't it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [273] Yeah, get a jar.
Annette (PS1CX) [274] Get a jar, yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [275] Right David what you want? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [...] ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [276] Have you got some, oh you've got cornflakes, what about erm, thing is we can't get milk.
Annette (PS1CX) [277] Oh right erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [278] Want some
Annette (PS1CX) [279] yeah you can get, do you want a big one?
David (PS1D0) [280] No, no only want a little bit.
Tracy (PS1D1) [281] Right get some powdered milk then.
David (PS1D0) [282] I've got some
Annette (PS1CX) [283] You've got powdered milk?
Tracy (PS1D1) [284] In the trolley?
David (PS1D0) [285] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [286] Do you want me to get some long life milk?
[287] As well.
David (PS1D0) [288] That's bloody awful stuff that.
Annette (PS1CX) [289] You don't like that?
David (PS1D0) [290] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [291] Right ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [292] You can get a pint of fresh couldn't you for tech tomorrow?
Annette (PS1CX) [293] Do what love?
Teresa (PS1CY) [294] From here a couple of pints of fresh for tech
Annette (PS1CX) [295] Yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [296] tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [297] [laugh] Is that your daddy?
[298] What you doing to daddy?
David (PS1D0) [299] Get off.
Annette (PS1CX) [300] What are you doing to daddy?
[301] ... You want to go to daddy now? want to go to daddy?
David (PS1D0) [302] What do you want?
Annette (PS1CX) [303] What they doing to you?
[304] ... Right ... yeah because if you're having cereals where you gonna get fresh milk every morning?
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [305] There must be a little shop somewhere, ta darling.
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [306] Can you just
Tracy (PS1D1) [307] from what?
Annette (PS1CX) [308] can you hang on to Rebecca cos she's just pulled this off.
Tracy (PS1D1) [309] Instead of Pot Noodles and beans on toast have Pot Noodles on own ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [310] Yeah David said he's not too bothered, would he rather take some beans and the toaster?
Tracy (PS1D1) [311] Got some beans then?
Annette (PS1CX) [312] Sod off then ... looks squashed in there don't ya?
[313] Want to come to Net yeah?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [314] yeah ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [315] How many packs of chicken?
Annette (PS1CX) [316] that means you can always have baked beans on toast at lunch time, it's the case of first week finding out.
Tracy (PS1D1) [317] Yeah ... what you looking for David?
Annette (PS1CX) [318] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this, that's a press stud ... yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [319] Becky Boos
Annette (PS1CX) [320] What's Aunty Teresa doing?
[321] Eh?
[322] ... Aunty Teresa doing?
[323] No darling ... okay ... damn ... you're making my arm ache [laughing] ta [] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [324] Put it on there.
Annette (PS1CX) [325] I don't want it too high up ... yes ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [326] Oh where's he gone?
[327] What's he doing now?
Tracy (PS1D1) [328] He's looking at soups ...
Annette (PS1CX) [329] He might want some help ... aargh ... what you doing?
Teresa (PS1CY) [330] Rebecca Rebecca boo.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [331] What's that?
[332] ... What's that?
[333] Yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [334] I don't like that.
Annette (PS1CX) [335] yes ... yes ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [336] No I like erm
Annette (PS1CX) [337] you're making my arm ache, you're heavy ... do you want to walk?
[338] Want to walk?
[339] Ooh, come on, that's it, good girl [laugh] ... who's that in that wi look in that mirror, what you doing?
[340] Eh?
[341] What's he doing that little boy, eh?
[342] ... Come on ... what's he doing?
[343] Eh?
[344] ... Er I know what we've passed by sugar, better go and get what three, three bags?
David (PS1D0) [345] There's two there.
Annette (PS1CX) [346] Okay
David (PS1D0) [347] Third lot ...
Annette (PS1CX) [348] I'm coming.
Teresa (PS1CY) [349] How do you want to pay for this?
[350] Do you want er, me to get the coat out and that and pay for that separate or?
Annette (PS1CX) [351] No you can leave the filter in.
Teresa (PS1CY) [352] And I'll take
Annette (PS1CX) [353] If you pay, yeah you get the coat and then I'll give you half to the coat when I get some cash
Teresa (PS1CY) [354] coat and your lemonade?
Annette (PS1CX) [355] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [356] Right, well, well don't give me half for coat cos you've got filter.
Annette (PS1CX) [357] Oh ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [358] There's some lovely little girls' coats, but I thought like let, long ones, I thought they'll probably be alright for in her pram ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [359] Yeah, I'll say.
Teresa (PS1CY) [360] it's not gonna show up muck as much Becky.
Annette (PS1CX) [361] Becky come on, come on ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [362] Watch her with trolley.
Annette (PS1CX) [363] Where you going?
[364] Come on to Annette, come on back this way
Teresa (PS1CY) [365] Rebecca.
Annette (PS1CX) [366] come on sweetheart this way, bye, bye, are you going?
[367] We're going this way ... [laugh] come on you little rogue, you're a little rogue aren't ya?
[368] A little rogue ooh getting told off ... little baby's being told off yeah.
[369] What about taking 'em a bottle?
Tracy (PS1D1) [370] Yeah that's what he's on about ...
Annette (PS1CX) [371] Do it.
Teresa (PS1CY) [372] Wow, wow, wow ...
Annette (PS1CX) [373] Ah, oh, ah, oh, let go, good girl, yes well ... yeah come on, let go, whey
Tracy (PS1D1) [374] [...] there's a sandwich shop, and you could have, they have loads of fillings.
Teresa (PS1CY) [375] They haven't got any mum.
Annette (PS1CX) [376] They haven't?
[377] Tt
Tracy (PS1D1) [378] They have loads of fillings and you just choose what you want and there was curried chicken, prawns, could have salad with them or you could have a baked potato with your own filling, I had a baked potato with tuna fish and coleslaw, coleslaw was made with mayonnaise, it was gorgeous.
Annette (PS1CX) [379] Ah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [380] Great big potato.
Teresa (PS1CY) [381] Where was that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [382] In Carlisle.
Annette (PS1CX) [383] In Carlisle.
Tracy (PS1D1) [384] She had er, a potato scoop, she scoop me the tuna fish, a great big pile of tuna fish and a great big pile of coleslaw and it was gorgeous.
Annette (PS1CX) [385] Ooh I bet.
David (PS1D0) [386] David had a prawn salad sandwich and a cheese and onion sandwich and I'm not kidding you, the sandwich was like that, they just filled it and it was
Annette (PS1CX) [387] Good grief.
David (PS1D0) [388] only four pound for two sandwiches and me baked potato.
Annette (PS1CX) [389] That was okay then, pretty reasonable, how are we, how are we doing?
[390] Can you think of anything else that they might need?
Tracy (PS1D1) [391] We've got some soup so we thought well we can make some of that up in the morning then we could just warm it up for the dinners
Annette (PS1CX) [392] Yeah
Tracy (PS1D1) [393] instead of going, you know getting chips and stuff, erm and we've got beans.
Annette (PS1CX) [394] They want some bread don't they?
Tracy (PS1D1) [395] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [396] And some butter.
Tracy (PS1D1) [397] Bread and butter and
Annette (PS1CX) [398] We'll have to give 'em er, or well Andrew will give 'em knives and stuff surely won't he, cos he'll have enough off the train ... la, la, la, la, la, la ... Net what?
[399] Are you going down?
Tracy (PS1D1) [400] Cheese and biscuits, we've got some cheese and biscuits at home ain't we?
Annette (PS1CX) [401] We'll get some cheese whatever you want ... if you're having toast as well Tracy, well yeah I was going to say that probably would be a better size ... shout at daddy then ... where's he gone?
Teresa (PS1CY) [402] Got your shoes off ...
Annette (PS1CX) [403] [laughing] Are you in a marathon or what [] ?
[404] Eh?
[405] ... Daddy's not that way ... dad, where's he gone?
[406] Becky Boo, come on find daddy this way, find him this way ... [laugh] go on, ooh ... sorry ... she's going down each aisle and shouting dad.
[407] I found your dad look, I found him, look, who's up there?
[408] Who's up there? ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [409] Alright, that's what we had on that bread that night
Annette (PS1CX) [410] Was it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [411] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [412] Rebecca.
Annette (PS1CX) [413] [laugh] She's going down each aisle shouting dad, dad.
David (PS1D0) [414] Hiya.
Annette (PS1CX) [415] What do you want?
[416] Eh?
[417] ... What is it?
[418] Come on this way.
[419] Some bread, let's get some bread, ya hoo. [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [420] What you doing?
Annette (PS1CX) [421] Well I'll have that off dad.
[422] [laugh] She's getting stripped off here, right.
David (PS1D0) [423] Cheesecake.
Tracy (PS1D1) [424] Eggs, what you getting eggs for?
David (PS1D0) [425] Boil.
Tracy (PS1D1) [426] Oh you're not gonna use eggs
Annette (PS1CX) [427] Not some boiled eggs?
[428] How, will Andrew sort you out with the cutlery and that?
David (PS1D0) [429] There's, there's everything there
Annette (PS1CX) [430] There's everything there, right that's all.
David (PS1D0) [431] a fridge and everything there.
Annette (PS1CX) [432] Right that's okay then ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [433] you'll have to scoop it out with your fingers. [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [434] Is this for everybody this?
Annette (PS1CX) [435] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [436] would you rather have it like that?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [437] are they only thirty seven P?
Tracy (PS1D1) [438] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [439] Well put one in then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [440] Gonna take the other
Annette (PS1CX) [441] No leave it, leave it, if it's only thirty seven pence ... er
Teresa (PS1CY) [442] What is it?
[443] Just cream cheese, I like that one.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [444] Yeah I had with that [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [445] If they took cheese slices they could do a cheese, toasted cheese sandwiches or ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [446] Well tell him then ...
Annette (PS1CX) [447] or ... David if you took cheese slices, yeah you could do
David (PS1D0) [448] I could [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [449] like toasted bread and, cos that would go in the toaster with two slices together.
David (PS1D0) [450] Yeah I know
Teresa (PS1CY) [451] Yeah ...
David (PS1D0) [452] Ooh ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [453] Pale peach material or some erm tt braid and that cheap [...] and edge your tie-backs ...
Annette (PS1CX) [454] How would you know if it's finished one side?
[455] Oh it's got a little bit to go yet ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [456] It'll just stop.
Annette (PS1CX) [457] Right, and it needs a new battery as well I think ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [458] Can we get some of that warm ... bread
Annette (PS1CX) [459] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [460] with cheese on it?
Annette (PS1CX) [461] Yeah, do it, what type?
[462] Do you want crusty rolls?
Tracy (PS1D1) [463] What so that you put 'em, where you put those in the oven and warm 'em up?
Annette (PS1CX) [464] You can warm, yeah you can warm 'em up, or, or soft buns, little soft buns, no.
Tracy (PS1D1) [465] Oh she [...] got any, what has she got on that trolley?
[466] That women over there.
Annette (PS1CX) [467] What, what did you want?
Tracy (PS1D1) [468] Some of those cakes I got those buns.
Annette (PS1CX) [469] They might not make 'em on a Sunday ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [470] What is there?
Tracy (PS1D1) [471] Get some baking [...] or something
Annette (PS1CX) [472] You want some toasty bread or some
Tracy (PS1D1) [473] get anything for sandwiches.
Annette (PS1CX) [474] Yeah, yeah you can do, they'll have to buy the bread when they need it ... I don't know what they'll be like warm, have I to get these ... no ... erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [475] I want summat to put it on so
Annette (PS1CX) [476] Yeah I know, er ... what, shall I just get ordinary buns?
[477] ... Or some
Tracy (PS1D1) [478] Unless you get some ... where have you been?
David (PS1D0) [479] Er [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [480] What about these?
Tracy (PS1D1) [481] Yeah, alright ...
Annette (PS1CX) [482] Oh that bread.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [483] oh God.
Annette (PS1CX) [484] bits
Teresa (PS1CY) [485] Oh God.
Annette (PS1CX) [486] not like that.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [487] well I
David (PS1D0) [488] pardon?
Annette (PS1CX) [489] don't either, you wouldn't eat it with bits in.
David (PS1D0) [490] Get a bit of brown sauce and tomato sauce, heat them up on that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [491] Put it in.
Annette (PS1CX) [492] Yeah, yeah just small jars and then we're not wasting it if we don't use it.
Teresa (PS1CY) [493] Why don't you squeeze some in [...] ours at home? ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [494] Sorry.
Annette (PS1CX) [495] Okay.
Tracy (PS1D1) [496] I said the small ones.
Teresa (PS1CY) [497] I know there was none, there was only those with bits in, I don't like 'em with bits in ...
Annette (PS1CX) [498] We got any tangerines this time?
Tracy (PS1D1) [499] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [500] Those little ones ...

4 (Tape 062003)

Annette (PS1CX) [501] No it's pretty
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [502] I've got these on anyway
Annette (PS1CX) [503] Can't you drive in your trainers?
[504] You can't ...
David (PS1D0) [505] Here.
Teresa (PS1CY) [506] They're like lead boots, go nah.
David (PS1D0) [507] How'd it go?
Teresa (PS1CY) [508] Nah.
Annette (PS1CX) [509] [laugh] What ... bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob
David (PS1D0) [510] Should of got one of them for your granddad.
[511] Mean you'd have the seat numbers on it then.
Teresa (PS1CY) [512] They've got numbers on.
David (PS1D0) [513] Tickets.
Annette (PS1CX) [514] It's got spots. [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [515] Got spots
David (PS1D0) [516] So have I actually not bad ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [517] Eh a little book about Percy ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [518] Percy ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [519] for my socks and
David (PS1D0) [520] Well I'm not wearing
Teresa (PS1CY) [521] for my deodorant.
Annette (PS1CX) [522] Oh.
Teresa (PS1CY) [523] Last of my money so I might as well spend it.
David (PS1D0) [524] You don't have to spend it, you can give it to me [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [525] It asks you what you've got to do for, it tells you what you've to do for your test ... and it tells you what you should and what you shouldn't do, it's only forty one pages so if you want to read it you can have it, it's quite good, it's not full pages either it's like drawings and just bits of paragraphs. ...
David (PS1D0) [526] What you up to?
Annette (PS1CX) [527] [laugh] Whoops ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [528] She's got a skirt on
Annette (PS1CX) [529] Yeah it looks nice ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [530] Mummy, mummy.
[531] mummy, mummy ...
David (PS1D0) [532] Ow, ow.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [533] nice int it? ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [534] Oh yes daddy ...
Annette (PS1CX) [535] What are they?
[536] What are they?
[537] Eh?
[538] What?
[539] ... What's that?
[540] That's a pizza.
Teresa (PS1CY) [541] You like pizzas don't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [542] Pizza ... ee, you'll have to have your daughter.
Teresa (PS1CY) [543] Right Tracy are you ... is she putting that through first?
[544] Or why don't you give mum the money and put it all through, no ... no I better not no.
Tracy (PS1D1) [545] No I'd like to put receipt in books and it's, they'll probably turn round and tell me it's all [...] so I can't, I can't offset it against the tax, or V A T or whatever.
Teresa (PS1CY) [546] Sorry.
Tracy (PS1D1) [547] Oh hang on mum's getting that.
Teresa (PS1CY) [548] Oh is she?
Annette (PS1CX) [549] Yeah ... what are you doing to me?
[550] What do you think you're doing to me?
[551] I've got to get the shopping through, in a minute ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [552] Aargh.
Annette (PS1CX) [553] in a minute ... daddy's got, daddy won't let you go [laugh] you horror, it's only cos you're closer to things with me int it?
[554] You a bit lower down, int it?
[555] No ... no ... that Rebecca's new coat?
[556] Is that your new coat?
[557] Is it?
[558] ... What's that? ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [559] Oh what a shame should've bought the eggs ... stand there and all watch me. [laugh] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [560] Erm, they'll just have to make sure that they cover everything up and then they don't go stale, not just left open ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [561] how come you've got two boxes then?
Annette (PS1CX) [562] Well, there not, one's not gonna last very long
Tracy (PS1D1) [563] How long are you there for?
Annette (PS1CX) [564] Three months dear.
Tracy (PS1D1) [565] You're not coming home for three months?
Annette (PS1CX) [566] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [567] Just think, three months without me, aren't you gonna miss me?
Teresa (PS1CY) [568] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [569] That works both ways that, don't it David? [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [570] No really miss Teresa, I will.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [571] Honest I'll have nobody to torment and wind up?
Teresa (PS1CY) [572] Yeah alright David.
Annette (PS1CX) [573] [laugh] What darling?
Teresa (PS1CY) [574] You won't get your bread ...
Annette (PS1CX) [575] Put your socks and your deodorant through.
[576] Oh, oh ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [577] bash him, bash him
David (PS1D0) [578] I'm watching you, what do you think you're playing at?
Annette (PS1CX) [579] She wants to come now.
David (PS1D0) [580] You're a pest
Teresa (PS1CY) [581] You know don't ya?
Tracy (PS1D1) [582] E'er.
Annette (PS1CX) [583] No it's alright
Tracy (PS1D1) [584] No ...
Annette (PS1CX) [585] Becky boo ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [586] I like that cardy.
Teresa (PS1CY) [587] It's from a set, it's got a hat and a scarf.
Tracy (PS1D1) [588] Did you do it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [589] No [...] it was one of the cast-offs.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [590] Where is her hat?
Annette (PS1CX) [591] David's got it I think ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [592] do you want some change Trace? ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [593] This all go to our house?
Annette (PS1CX) [594] Er no David's taking it.
Tracy (PS1D1) [595] Have to sort out what's ours.
Annette (PS1CX) [596] so we'll keep ours separate, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [597] you get our stuff then.
Annette (PS1CX) [598] Alright ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [599] Put sugar on ...
Annette (PS1CX) [600] I, I'm just getting our stuff, this is all going with David so, the van is packed, absolutely full.
Teresa (PS1CY) [601] Is it?
Annette (PS1CX) [602] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [603] Good job he's only going on his own then innit?
[604] Never of [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [605] Oh shove them in there ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [606] Can we have, can we have some more carrier bags please? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [607] That's her soup.
Teresa (PS1CY) [608] I'll get our stuff.
Annette (PS1CX) [609] Alright then, ta, alright ... I'm doing this [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [610] yeah ... it's hands all over [laugh] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [611] Daz and that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [612] That's what he's putting in.
Teresa (PS1CY) [613] Alright.
Tracy (PS1D1) [614] That note book, er no he wants that cream in your carrier bag.
Teresa (PS1CY) [615] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [616] Oh you, you don't need me driving license do ya?
[617] Cos it's Visa, [laughing] thinking about being a cheque [] ... thanks lovey ... okay.
[618] thank you.
Teresa (PS1CY) [619] Becky [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [620] You want Net?
[621] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [622] come on Rebecca.
Annette (PS1CX) [623] Come on sweetheart ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [624] Are they your size those things, or have you got to send off for 'em?
[625] Those badges ...
Annette (PS1CX) [626] We'll have to, you'll have to sort of sound it out and see how it works
David (PS1D0) [627] Oh yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [628] because erm
David (PS1D0) [629] Somebody complain about the [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [630] Well it isn't only that I mean er we don't provide the food when they're at home, do we?
[631] I mean we can't keep going shopping every week for, erm providing ... like all the meal or do we?
[632] Yes I suppose we do don't we?
[633] Yeah, yeah I suppose we do ... as long as we keep some you, like you keep something in for breakfast and ...
David (PS1D0) [634] Oh it'll work out.
Annette (PS1CX) [635] that'll be main, main thing, won't it?
[636] We'll have to, you'll suss it out anyway ... then just write down what you need when you, and I can nip down when you co come home at weekends.
Teresa (PS1CY) [637] Are you going out for an evening meal, or?
David (PS1D0) [638] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [639] Yeah ... look at that little one.
David (PS1D0) [640] If they wants chips and stuff they can go out and pay for them themselves
Tracy (PS1D1) [641] What for dinner?
David (PS1D0) [642] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [643] Yeah.
[644] cos you've got plenty in for 'em.
Annette (PS1CX) [645] Well I, no I don't know, no I think we'll have to won't we?
David (PS1D0) [646] Oh no there's stuff.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [647] We got to provide no we've gotta find, provide sandwiches and stuff and
David (PS1D0) [648] That's what I'm saying if they don't [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [649] Yeah
David (PS1D0) [650] stuff,variet variety, no they want to go out and get chips they pay for them themselves.
Teresa (PS1CY) [651] We should provide them ham and stuff.
Annette (PS1CX) [652] Yeah but you can't expect them to manage off, oh you've got ham and
Teresa (PS1CY) [653] Yeah there's ham and chicken and bread and for sandwiches and soup and, so they've got a choice
Annette (PS1CX) [654] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [655] it's not as if they're having nothing.
Annette (PS1CX) [656] No, it's only when you run out of that stuff, cos you can't expect them to manage on like a bowl of soup or something can you?
Teresa (PS1CY) [657] No ...
David (PS1D0) [658] Well that's it, I mean you have something for breakfast, a light lunch and you can go out for a big meal, that's all you need.
Annette (PS1CX) [659] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [660] If you want anything else, well
Annette (PS1CX) [661] Yeah, but you're not having that much for breakfast are ya?
David (PS1D0) [662] No I'm not expecting to.
Annette (PS1CX) [663] You just if it's cold you'll have to sort of stop for breaks and, so you can get warm won't ya?
David (PS1D0) [664] Aye
Annette (PS1CX) [665] Yeah and erm, and just erm
Teresa (PS1CY) [666] It's alright that's hers, what you talking about?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [667] yeah cos David's, oh do you want me to put it in the van?
David (PS1D0) [668] What?
Teresa (PS1CY) [669] Oh we can go and do it couldn't we?
David (PS1D0) [670] Yeah if you put it in the back of the car I'll nip up and do it
Annette (PS1CX) [671] Alright, where you parked?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [672] just shove all your stuff in
Annette (PS1CX) [673] Alright.
Teresa (PS1CY) [674] they're family anyway
Annette (PS1CX) [675] Okay then.
Teresa (PS1CY) [676] alright then.
Annette (PS1CX) [677] Yeah, I'll go home now and tell your da I'll make him something for his dinner, kiss give me a kiss
Teresa (PS1CY) [678] Bye.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [679] I'll ring you tonight.
Tracy (PS1D1) [680] Alright then.
Annette (PS1CX) [681] Alright I'll see you later er, yeah.
David (PS1D0) [682] Alright.
Annette (PS1CX) [683] Er learn all you can and then we'll know how to do it all.
[684] Alright?
David (PS1D0) [685] Nay bother.
Annette (PS1CX) [686] But, eh listen, if, don't be frighten if there's anything that you don't know don't you be frightened of asking him how to do it
David (PS1D0) [687] I'm not, no I won't.
Annette (PS1CX) [688] cos there's things that he can show you and
David (PS1D0) [689] Oh I know
Annette (PS1CX) [690] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [691] [laughing] alright [] , okay love ... I think, are you not open?
[692] No ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [693] She's not bothered you know.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [694] I wonder if, when we're all [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [695] Oh I suppose it depends if Norman's got anybody in for lessons.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [696] ooh my foot slipped ... foot had slipped on the clutch and I couldn't do anything about it ... Oh I didn't realize what time it was, your dad'll be wondering where his dinner's got to won't he?
[697] There's Ann and Brian.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [698] Aargh ...
Annette (PS1CX) [699] We've got nothing to make him a sandwich up have we?
Tracy (PS1D1) [700] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [701] Have to go home.
Tracy (PS1D1) [702] [...] int it?
Annette (PS1CX) [703] Yeah ... does look a bit black ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [704] Do er, Sarah says those [...] though, they don't really, people really go for him. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [705] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [706] every time I go [...] there's only a few packets left.
Annette (PS1CX) [707] Yeah well I know what to look for now, when I go down I can get 'em ... but I'd never seen 'em before
Tracy (PS1D1) [708] Well I've never until today [...] whatever they are.
Annette (PS1CX) [709] That's em.
Tracy (PS1D1) [710] Sixty four P, there on the top shelve in those brown baskets, cos there's the set of, there's the three at the top and three in the middle
Annette (PS1CX) [711] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [712] and three on the bottom and they're right at the top.
Annette (PS1CX) [713] I suppose they're er, they'd be quite nice with jam on, I didn't like them without
Tracy (PS1D1) [714] Yeah they are they're just like scones.
Annette (PS1CX) [715] Yeah, they're not as dry as scones are they?
[716] Scones tend to be a bit dry ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [717] It's raining now ... does that lorry [...] talking to me er like cos they come down this way [...] going to Eccleston [...] like two lorries and said there's two cars
Annette (PS1CX) [718] Go on.
Tracy (PS1D1) [719] [...] going through hedges and that down here we're going too fast ...
Annette (PS1CX) [720] Yeah and it, of course it was an icy road when he went through there ... it was ... your side's not working for some reason.
Tracy (PS1D1) [721] Must of got blocked up with a bit of muck.
Annette (PS1CX) [722] Possibly, yeah ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [723] Why don't you put your handbrake on, it'll be much easier. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [724] With your dad yeah, yeah cos it's now we've got to order red paint, he didn't get any red [clears throat] because he didn't honestly think, well it didn't, he didn't know he'd need it ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [725] I should think it's not like, realized.
Annette (PS1CX) [726] Maybe he just didn't think when they showed him it, that it wasn't the right one cos I suppose if you've seen them every day you don't, it doesn't register ... it's just the fact that of course your dad only ... gave him the price of the blue and white ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [727] When I [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [728] I doubt that she'll do it until you've got through your exams ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [729] Wouldn't matter if it was a round number, but forty five.
Annette (PS1CX) [730] Well if, you're allowed to earn forty nine ninety nine, before you pay tax and national insurance ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [731] Yeah but like Jake said she, he said it's coming out of his back pocket anyway ...
Annette (PS1CX) [732] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [cough] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [733] There's grandma .
Tracy (PS1D1) [734] Is it?
Annette (PS1CX) [735] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [736] I didn't see her
Annette (PS1CX) [737] No ... she'd of been to Salvation Army ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [738] There's Julie ...
Annette (PS1CX) [739] Right, make him a sandwich, must have something, [laugh] should of got something.
Tracy (PS1D1) [740] Oh ...
Annette (PS1CX) [741] Ooh, ow hiya Pat, oh I got a pain in me back then.
Pat (PS1KS) [742] Go [...] and let's get, tell Annette to put the bloody telephone on the thing or to get off it and
Annette (PS1CX) [743] Oh.
Pat (PS1KS) [744] you weren't in and I couldn't, I couldn't find telephone number to give him a ring, I've just got, I've just got through to Directory Enquiries, got the number, just gonna dial it and gran says Annette's home.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [745] I would of [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [746] [laughing] Oh thanks Pat [] must, cats must of knocked it off.
Pat (PS1KS) [747] tell Annette to get off that bloody phone [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [748] He's a cheeky sod.
Pat (PS1KS) [749] [laughing] I put it er, I put it back on the phone []
Annette (PS1CX) [750] Oh he is nice int, it's charming really.
Pat (PS1KS) [751] Well why not?
Annette (PS1CX) [752] He's not gonna get any dinner now for that.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [753] [cough] Graham got a letter yesterday.
Annette (PS1CX) [754] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [755] from that er rehabilitation cen centre in er white, in west
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [756] White Cross.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [757] in White Cross.
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [758] He's er got to ring up and make an appointment then go and have it, it is, we are, we would like to invite you to have a look round our shop and see what you can do.
Annette (PS1CX) [759] Oh right
Pat (PS1KS) [760] So, he's going to have a ring tomorrow and make an appointment and er
Annette (PS1CX) [761] Oh good.
Pat (PS1KS) [762] and see if he can do something, well he's in the, that, I should imagine he knows what they can earn and what they can't earn.
Annette (PS1CX) [763] Mm.
Pat (PS1KS) [764] And plus the fact that they suppose, I suppose will be in a position to, if he does alright, be in a position to know the firms that er, that employ 'em.
Annette (PS1CX) [765] Yeah, yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [766] Graham's problem is the morning.
Annette (PS1CX) [767] Yeah
Pat (PS1KS) [768] He's alright rest of day, and my problem's Graham.
Annette (PS1CX) [769] [laugh] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [770] He's walking like that, it's like walking round town with a bloody magnet on your back you know he's there, he's there.
Annette (PS1CX) [771] You can't move.
Pat (PS1KS) [772] You know the trouble is you hope, you can't, but, it's not so bad in the big shops cos you can walk out the other
Annette (PS1CX) [773] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [774] [laughing] sort of go out another []
Annette (PS1CX) [775] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [776] door the way.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [777] he must get fed up mustn't he?
Pat (PS1KS) [778] Ooh he gets bored stiff
Annette (PS1CX) [779] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [780] Never mind.
Annette (PS1CX) [781] It's difficult Pat innit?
[782] This is it, let's hope anyway something comes of it [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [783] Oh something'll come.
Annette (PS1CX) [784] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [785] Look at the snowdrops
Annette (PS1CX) [786] Oh I know they're coming up
Pat (PS1KS) [787] Yeah the spring's coming
Annette (PS1CX) [788] Yeah they're coming up
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [789] yeah [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [790] Everything else is alright it's just that he gets that frustrated
Annette (PS1CX) [791] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [792] and er you've got to try and be jolly you can't be
Tracy (PS1D1) [793] I've put the phone back.
Annette (PS1CX) [794] Not all the time you can't can ya?
Pat (PS1KS) [795] No
Annette (PS1CX) [796] No.
Pat (PS1KS) [797] you can't.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [798] Done the dishes love.
Annette (PS1CX) [799] Right I'll make him some dinner and take it up, thanks Pat.
[800] [laugh] Right ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [801] Never been off the hook.
Annette (PS1CX) [802] It wasn't off?
Tracy (PS1D1) [803] No ... oh don't say that to him though, cos he'll blow his top won't he?
Annette (PS1CX) [804] Yeah ... [phonecall starts] hiya, I'm just coming up now with you some dinner, er, I don't know whether the cats have knocked it off or ... have ya?
[805] Yeah, okay, I've just been to Asda so kids are on the way to put the bits of shopping in the van, alright, cos I got 'em some cereal and some bread and I'll bring up the toaster, they can take the toaster with 'em for a while and ... oh there is, is there?
[806] Oh well okay then, erm, but I've got 'em cereal and sugar and coffee and tea and bread and some cheese slices to make some toasted sandwiches and, so it should be okay, alright, er, I won't be long, alright, bye [phonecall ends] .
[807] ... Right I'll make him
Tracy (PS1D1) [808] You want one of these buns up ...
Annette (PS1CX) [809] But what on earth am I gonna put him in his sandwich now?
[810] Should of got something, what have I got down there?
[811] Nothing, huh, spent all that money and got nothing
Tracy (PS1D1) [812] Well there's cheese ... that'll do me ...
Annette (PS1CX) [813] What have you got?
Tracy (PS1D1) [814] Corned beef
Annette (PS1CX) [815] I meant to get some bits for us, I might have to go back ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [816] No [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [817] mm ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [818] What time's he finishing work?
Annette (PS1CX) [819] Oh he'll be there all day ... Can I try a bit?
[820] Quite nice
Tracy (PS1D1) [821] Mm ...
Annette (PS1CX) [822] what sort of cheese is that one?
Tracy (PS1D1) [823] Same as that ...
Annette (PS1CX) [824] Looks nice ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [825] There's [...] that unit.
Annette (PS1CX) [826] They're both because, the other one's got a fault in it and it's not working properly ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [827] Do ya want one?
Annette (PS1CX) [828] Please yeah ... thank you ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [829] Could've done corned beef hash, could've done some [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [830] Mm
Tracy (PS1D1) [831] couldn't ya?
[832] ... Oh do some popcorn, good that popcorn [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [833] Are you coming up with me?
Tracy (PS1D1) [834] E'er
Annette (PS1CX) [835] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [836] that's done that ... Will you be alright?
Annette (PS1CX) [837] Mm, mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [838] I worry about you with them brakes on your car ...
Annette (PS1CX) [839] Right ... I'll see you in a bit.
Tracy (PS1D1) [840] Alright then.
Annette (PS1CX) [841] I'll come back and hoover, alright?
[842] ... Tell you what, I want to take a bag of crisps, and then if I sit with him
Tracy (PS1D1) [843] Erm are we going to see you later then?
Annette (PS1CX) [844] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [845] Yeah ... erm [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [846] Okay, I won't be long.
Tracy (PS1D1) [847] Alright.

5 (Tape 062101)

Annette (PS1CX) [848] Worm stop it ... er soggy biscuit or what ... [cough] pain, are you being a pain in the bum?
[849] Becky are you a pain in the bum?
[850] ... Pain in the bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, ah teddy ... look Becky, look, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, alright then ... who's a pretty girl, are you tired?
[851] Are you tired?
[852] Now what have you found?
[853] That's a zip, get off ...

6 (Tape 062102)

Annette (PS1CX) [854] Do you want your jim-jams?
[855] Becky where's your jim-jams?
[856] Eh?
[857] Er there horrible ... aha ... Becky do you want your jim-jams on?
Teresa (PS1CY) [858] Didn't realize they could have, foxes could have nosebleeds
Annette (PS1CX) [859] Can they?
[860] Oh I didn't know that, what causes nosebleeds?
Teresa (PS1CY) [861] like they do in humans
Annette (PS1CX) [862] Just build up of, erm I was talking to our Tom about nosebleeds, Alan was saying that his ... father used to be a lot like David and he used to get terrible headaches and it used to end up in a really bad nosebleed and he started giving blood regular and it stopped it.
[863] Apparently the body, his body was making too much blood and the only way that he could release it was by building, by nosebleeds ... it don't make sense does it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [864] What you doing?
[865] Eh?
[866] What you doing?
[867] Oh crash
Annette (PS1CX) [868] I'm wondering if, if that's what David needs to do ... what, what have I got to do with this?
[869] ... Does it, is it a nice hat?
[870] Ooh, it's a crooked hat, where's Becky gone?
[871] Where she at?
[872] Hello, hello, where's Becky gone, boo
Teresa (PS1CY) [873] What's that?
Annette (PS1CX) [874] where's Becky gone?
Teresa (PS1CY) [875] Lockjaw
Annette (PS1CX) [876] No that thing waterproof [...] walking in lake, wahey
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [877] all cut ... no
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [878] oh me knees [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [879] Have you come to [...] yet, is that the one with lockjaw?
[880] Dead one?
Teresa (PS1CY) [881] Ah shame
Annette (PS1CX) [882] Saying er, I was telling it the other day, she said you could spend all that money on [...] and she said, we went to see this horse, it was years ago before they got their own, she said the horse had just had its foal and it was like he'd spent a thousand pound on the, the actual stallion yeah and it come out
Teresa (PS1CY) [883] This, this foal should of been worth, it were due to be worth two hundred and fifty thousand that's what she said
Annette (PS1CX) [884] Yeah it come out with a, a knee injury
Tracy (PS1D1) [885] Did it?
Annette (PS1CX) [886] Yeah they come out with all sorts of injuries and you can't do anything about it, so they were going to, they weaned it then they shot it
Tracy (PS1D1) [887] Ah no, oh would it of not of been kinder to put it to sleep as soon as it were born?
Annette (PS1CX) [888] No cos of mother, had to wean it so
Tracy (PS1D1) [889] Yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [890] What? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [891] Ah one, two, three, up a daisy [...] ... What, yes ... boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, yes Aunty Teresa's curtains, I don't know how we're gonna fix 'em up
Teresa (PS1CY) [892] Leave it until tomorrow I'll do it, we'll do it tomorrow
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [893] I'll just finish reading this and then I'll er go and do ... give me a smackerooney, look at that lovely face, a little angel, a little angel
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [894] [...] get on 'em now did I tell ya?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [895] don't lick it ... yucky, yucky, no don't put it in your mouth, no ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [896] Did you not what wait while we were on holiday?
Teresa (PS1CY) [897] Yeah, yeah
Tracy (PS1D1) [898] It's money though innit for ya
Teresa (PS1CY) [899] as soon as you've finished just go, you don't have to stay for your full three hours, nobody's gonna know
Annette (PS1CX) [900] Well her mum and dad will be there won't they?
[901] What
Teresa (PS1CY) [902] No they're at work all day
Annette (PS1CX) [903] Oh right
Teresa (PS1CY) [904] only on a Friday
Annette (PS1CX) [905] Oh your mum has a day off on a Friday does she?
[906] Teresa, I'm gonna give it back to Teresa now ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [907] Becky ...
Annette (PS1CX) [908] where's that horse
Teresa (PS1CY) [909] treatment is that a cure?
Annette (PS1CX) [910] What have you just remembered?
Teresa (PS1CY) [911] I'm sure I've left me bag in back of granddad's car
Tracy (PS1D1) [912] You haven't I brought it in
Teresa (PS1CY) [913] Oh good [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [914] I was thinking about nappies, but I'm not gonna be able to change a nappy, good book that Teresa ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [915] Cure is a treatment int it, is it treatment, cure?
Tracy (PS1D1) [916] Cure is, yeah its, it makes 'em better, cure is a ... I don't know any, I'll go and look in dictionary that'll tell us, erm ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [917] oh sorry
Teresa (PS1CY) [918] No
Annette (PS1CX) [919] Come here
Teresa (PS1CY) [920] I'm sorry darling, but no
Annette (PS1CX) [921] come here
Teresa (PS1CY) [922] look what mummy's got
Annette (PS1CX) [923] I said your mum wants play with it sweetheart
Teresa (PS1CY) [924] come here
Annette (PS1CX) [925] what?
Teresa (PS1CY) [926] Becky Boo ... what can you see?
Annette (PS1CX) [927] What?
Teresa (PS1CY) [928] Oh he's watching you ... he's watching you
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [929] gonna be next thing, at least it's gonna be right time cos summer's coming up, so ... I reckon she'll pick it up pretty quick, I don't think you'll have
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [930] will you not darling?
[931] She's pretty, she's bright int she?
[932] I mean ... Rebecca ... ooh little pig ... coming to get ya, she's coming, she's coming, she's coming
Annette (PS1CX) [933] I bet you lot don't think so but yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [934] What Elvis?
Annette (PS1CX) [935] Elvis, yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [936] ha, ha, ha, ha, got ya ...
Annette (PS1CX) [937] Hey what's that?
Teresa (PS1CY) [938] Ooh its a book, a book [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [kiss]
Teresa (PS1CY) [939] What's mummy doing?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [940] [cough] ... When's that on?
Annette (PS1CX) [941] It's on on a Sunday int it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [942] Yeah
Annette (PS1CX) [943] Been on quite a few weeks
Tracy (PS1D1) [944] It doesn't seem two minutes since I saw it last ... oh big fat tummy, big fat tummy or what?
Teresa (PS1CY) [945] Go bang won't it?
[946] Bang
Annette (PS1CX) [947] Bang, yeah shall we go bang?
[948] Yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [949] shall we go bang? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [950] you tired
Teresa (PS1CY) [951] It's gonna go bang
Annette (PS1CX) [952] bang ... fingernails need cutting, I can't find me scissors
Teresa (PS1CY) [953] Yeah they're sharp her nails, yeah she caught my face yeah
Annette (PS1CX) [954] Yeah she caught, yeah ... [...] ... who's that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [955] Got a lovely smile
Annette (PS1CX) [956] Bang, bang, bang ... you're not taking it off, keep it on ... poo, poo
Teresa (PS1CY) [957] Smelly trainers or what
Annette (PS1CX) [958] poo, pooey, stinky, bad, does it smell bad? ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [959] Sam, Sam pick up the mustard, say Sam, Sam pick up the mustard, have they got the right [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [960] pooey, pooey, pooey
Tracy (PS1D1) [961] She wouldn't normally lie like that would she?
Annette (PS1CX) [962] What?
Tracy (PS1D1) [963] Remember when she used to wriggle about
Annette (PS1CX) [964] You stink you
Tracy (PS1D1) [965] can't try to crawl off
Annette (PS1CX) [966] your face is mucky, what can we give your dad for his tea?
Teresa (PS1CY) [967] Give him what we had ...
Annette (PS1CX) [968] Oh yes, there's a tin of [...] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [969] Oh he wants him to read his favourite story ...
Annette (PS1CX) [970] What's up Teresa?
Teresa (PS1CY) [971] Oh I've been er [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [972] Where's it at?
[973] It's in the kitchen int it?
[974] On the side by er ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...] ...
Annette (PS1CX) [975] There you go sweetheart, ah cuddly-duddly
Teresa (PS1CY) [976] I got her that, didn't I, that?
Annette (PS1CX) [977] Mm
Teresa (PS1CY) [978] What have you got?
[979] ... What on earth have you got on?
[980] ... Ta, oh you'll have to ask your mummy if it's alright
Annette (PS1CX) [981] No, you're not playing with that, no she says it was pinched too quick ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [982] What she gotta wait for?
[983] She's got that one
Annette (PS1CX) [984] fruit salad
Teresa (PS1CY) [985] I know, it's just been made up for her is it not? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [986] No she wasn't laying on the floor when she had this on, took it off when she sat down
Teresa (PS1CY) [987] Oh of course you did, mummy said no
Annette (PS1CX) [988] Doesn't smell like cat wee ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [989] It looks quite comfortable ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [990] Have you got a carrier [...] stuff in
Teresa (PS1CY) [991] Yeah there's one in the cupboard, yeah at the back
Annette (PS1CX) [992] Coming back in a minute
Teresa (PS1CY) [993] bring us the bird book ...
Annette (PS1CX) [994] You brought it then
Teresa (PS1CY) [995] What?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [996] Bird book
Teresa (PS1CY) [997] Where's it at?
Annette (PS1CX) [998] That, on top of the washing machine ... ta ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [999] Thanks ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1000] Don't tell me [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1001] oh no, oh, no your dad'll wait till you come back
Annette (PS1CX) [...] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [...] [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1002] yeah of course you can, help yourself ...

7 (Tape 062103)

Annette (PS1CX) [1003] Oh what have you done, fetch it here, where's it at?
[1004] Go and fetch it, give it to Nat, good girl
Teresa (PS1CY) [1005] Ah what have you done?
Annette (PS1CX) [1006] give it Nat ... good girl give it me, ta, where's your, go and get the box
Tracy (PS1D1) [1007] Down there
Annette (PS1CX) [1008] fetch the box, good girl
Teresa (PS1CY) [1009] Go and get the box
Annette (PS1CX) [1010] good girl, get the box ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1011] no, can you get that box please, she's emptied the er Wet Ones
Annette (PS1CX) [1012] What's mummy got, some milk?
[1013] Some milk, ooh Becky's milk ... you're wonderful aren't ya, oh you're wonderful ... [...] turn it down [...] too noisy, cos it's loud ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1014] goodness knows how I'm gonna drag myself out of bed in the morning
Annette (PS1CX) [1015] Yeah
Tracy (PS1D1) [1016] trouble is I have to leave at quarter to eight
Annette (PS1CX) [1017] Tell me what time you have to get up in morning
Tracy (PS1D1) [1018] About seven probably, get sorted
Teresa (PS1CY) [1019] Ah come on Trace I'm trying to watch this ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1020] Where you going?
[1021] ... What does that [...] that's your good cardy
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1022] no just a coat
Teresa (PS1CY) [1023] Just a coat ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1024] Becky Boo, Beck Boo are you going to put your coat on?
[1025] ... Isn't it funny how she enjoys that, that milk in there
Teresa (PS1CY) [1026] What?
Annette (PS1CX) [1027] I don't know, er it's horrible innit?
[1028] I, it's warm innit, it's
Teresa (PS1CY) [1029] It's just what she's been used to innit?
Annette (PS1CX) [1030] Yeah ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1031] That big pussy cat [mimics lion] [singing] wild thing, I think I love you [] what is it?
[1032] It's a pussy cat isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [1033] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1034] He's meant to be quite sad that [...] he dies
Teresa (PS1CY) [1035] Does he?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1036] Yeah
Teresa (PS1CY) [1037] Does that little boy?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1038] Yeah, he dies in it
Teresa (PS1CY) [1039] Oh
Tracy (PS1D1) [1040] cos he made the Home Alone Two
Teresa (PS1CY) [1041] Yeah, I know, but this is not Home Alone [...] died in real life!
Annette (PS1CX) [1042] [laugh] Come on you, come and put your hand in this sleeve [laugh] oh no you don't you little monkey
Tracy (PS1D1) [1043] I'll have to get one of those [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1044] What's that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1045] Yeah, yeah we will, where'd you buy 'em
Tracy (PS1D1) [1046] W H Smiths, Tescos
Annette (PS1CX) [1047] Oh right ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1048] gives you a list
Annette (PS1CX) [1049] yeah [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1050] Tesco and Mothercare, Homecare, MacDonalds, W H Smiths
Teresa (PS1CY) [1051] Troy Houses
Annette (PS1CX) [1052] Come on, then we'll go and find them doggies
Teresa (PS1CY) [1053] Go and find Prince and Duke
Annette (PS1CX) [1054] Princey and Dukey, here are mum you'll probably do it better than me ... Prince and Duke and pussy cats ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1055] Got her trainers ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1056] Aargh mummy ... she's not daft you know [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1057] What? ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1058] Right
Tracy (PS1D1) [1059] Are you taking teddy home?
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1060] don't know
Annette (PS1CX) [1061] I don't know what you did with it
Teresa (PS1CY) [1062] It's in me pocket
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1063] got teddies
Annette (PS1CX) [1064] Ooh steady
Teresa (PS1CY) [1065] Steady
Annette (PS1CX) [1066] steady parker, you're such a cutey, I love you to bits
Teresa (PS1CY) [1067] Right
Annette (PS1CX) [1068] now what you've done say er little vandal's here again
Teresa (PS1CY) [1069] Yeah Becky the wrecker been at it again
Annette (PS1CX) [1070] Rebecca the wrecker, give me a kiss
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [kiss]
Annette (PS1CX) [1071] give kisses
Teresa (PS1CY) [1072] Here's teddy, no ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1073] That's nearly finished

8 (Tape 062104)

Annette (PS1CX) [1074] Hello, hello, what you doing?
[1075] What are yous doing?
[1076] Eh, what you doing to mummy, eh?
[1077] What you doing to mummy?
[1078] What are you doing to mummy?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1079] Urgh who's that in there?
Annette (PS1CX) [1080] Oh ... right we ready for a run, eh?
[1081] Is that your scarf, is that your scarf?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1082] Come on puss, shh, shh, shh
Annette (PS1CX) [1083] Where's it gone Rebecca?
[1084] Where's pussy cat?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1085] puss, puss, puss, puss
Annette (PS1CX) [1086] [laughing] Where's it gone [] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1087] is he there?
Annette (PS1CX) [1088] Can you see him?
[1089] ... Can you see him?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1090] Where's the cat?
Annette (PS1CX) [1091] Go on out, out cat [shooing away]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1092] [laugh] where's he gone?
[1093] What's that?
[1094] Ooh big lorry, big lorry, int it?
[1095] Eh, see, what you been doing, eh?
[1096] What you been doing, tell me, did your daddy, did you talk to daddy?
[1097] Eh, did you talk to daddy?
[1098] ... Oops stuck, is that stuck?
[1099] There we go, are you alright daddy?
[1100] Are you asking alright, ask daddy if he's alright, are you alright daddy?
[1101] Come home to Rebecca, you tell daddy, ask daddy if he's alright, you do it, alright, [laughing] you alright [] , say bye, bye, bye, bye ... say bye, bye to daddy ... ooh ... bye, bye, daddy, say bye, bye to daddy, you alright, yes ... daddy alright, daddy alright ... what's in there?
[1102] ... No it's stuck, ooh stuck ... int it stuck, stuck ... stuck, stuck ... stuck, stuck,st tt, tt, stuck ... what's that?
[1103] Ooh, ooh ... What's on there?
[1104] Eh?
[1105] That's Houses of Parliament that is, okay [cough] then, okay ... talk to daddy ... what have you got, is that your ball?
[1106] Wee, catch, catch, ooh ... kick ... kick, you're spilling your milk, ta ... is that your milk?
[1107] ... La, la, la, la ... ooh is it heavy?
[1108] ... Ooh is it heavy?
[1109] Where's your book?
[1110] Let's have a look at your book, ooh Rebecca, ooh three little kittens, three little kittens, look at the pussy cats, what are they, pussy cats?
[1111] Yeah a bird, isn't it, that's a bird, that's a cat and that's a mitten ... yeah, its feet, its feet ... yeah, feet ... what's that?
[1112] His tail, is that pussy's tail?
[1113] ... Ooh some more pussy cats, what's that one?
[1114] ... Boogie, boogie, ooh you're dancing, you clever girl, ooh ... Ribena Berries ... look at the horse Rebecca, the horse.

9 (Tape 062105)

Tracy (PS1D1) [1115] What you up to, I could hear you screaming out there, little monster
Annette (PS1CX) [1116] We've been doing our tricks ain't we?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1117] Oh [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1118] Yeah that's the first time I've seen her do that, come on you little madam, come on you little madam, let's go and find granddad at work, I know you're a baby well come on ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1119] There's er
Annette (PS1CX) [1120] alright I've got some Quavers at work for her
Tracy (PS1D1) [1121] Oh alright then, just put it in there, there's some juice and a tie thing
Annette (PS1CX) [1122] Right, ma, ma, ma, come on then ... [laugh] she'll get ya
Tracy (PS1D1) [1123] Aargh
Annette (PS1CX) [1124] now you've got
Tracy (PS1D1) [1125] ow, ooh
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1126] you're horrible you, you are you're just horrible, look at that bottom lip
Annette (PS1CX) [1127] We'll do this one first like that
Tracy (PS1D1) [1128] Sorry about that
Annette (PS1CX) [1129] It's alright
Tracy (PS1D1) [1130] Oh, oh, wow
Annette (PS1CX) [1131] we'll go and find granddad and Richard ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1132] go and find granddad
Annette (PS1CX) [1133] Look she's straightened her arms and I can't get it in
Tracy (PS1D1) [1134] You're a horror, you are you, you're just a bloody horror
Annette (PS1CX) [1135] Ah you love your mum granddad and Richard ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1136] Can't have that one, that one, that's a dirty one ... did I put her teddy in?
[1137] Ooh better not leave him in the kitchen or the dogs'll eat him
Annette (PS1CX) [1138] They'll eat him ... them biscuits are alright, them cheap biscuits
Tracy (PS1D1) [1139] Are they okay?
Annette (PS1CX) [1140] Yeah, they're good selection
Annette (PS1CX) [1141] Good, that's your milk, milk [yawning] oh, oh Becky Boo I'm tired [] oh steady barker, steady, did you fall over?
[1142] Look at that teddy ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1143] Have you got the [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1144] Yeah in me pocket, lights out, I'm going to put the carseat in ...

10 (Tape 062106)

Annette (PS1CX) [1145] Who's a clever girl, you dancing?
[1146] Are ya, you dancing ... oh look at that bird ... look that bird ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1147] Come out of the cupboard, no ...
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1148] Can you eat a very big potato?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1149] No
Annette (PS1CX) [1150] No, half a one.

11 (Tape 062107)

Annette (PS1CX) [1151] Candice apparently spent all
Tracy (PS1D1) [1152] Wow
Annette (PS1CX) [1153] afternoon, one afternoon ringing round all agencies, I mean there was no vacancies, but erm will you send us a photograph so if you've got a photograph together and sent it off and then he's on the books
Tracy (PS1D1) [1154] Oh
Annette (PS1CX) [1155] so, what did she say it was twenty pound an hour?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1156] [...] a competition or [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1157] Erm I don't know I read it in a book, the paper over there, I'm sure I did

12 (Tape 062108)

Annette (PS1CX) [1158] Homework?
Teresa (PS1CY) [1159] So [...] put down, I've only just missed two things out on health, there was the breathing and erm [...] should be standing in for me on all four feet behind but not four it's quite normal
Tracy (PS1D1) [1160] But you, ain't you said about breathing yourself?
Teresa (PS1CY) [1161] Yeah, erm, I've got erm, I missed out wings, cracked heels and mud fever there, then she put, I will give you a test over the weekend, your work is good, the work so far is good and make sure you understand it if there's anything you don't understand you just ask.
[1162] ... Look [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1163] Oh yeah, yeah ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1164] Nice paper int it?
[1165] Has it got a name and address on the top corner is
Teresa (PS1CY) [1166] Yeah he [...] he shouldn't
Annette (PS1CX) [1167] It's not got Sarah's name though
Teresa (PS1CY) [1168] No it's E J
Annette (PS1CX) [1169] Sarah ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1170] she ate all of that apart from a couple of spoonfuls ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1171] No
Annette (PS1CX) [1172] you won't get any piece off her Teresa
Teresa (PS1CY) [1173] No , no, no
Annette (PS1CX) [1174] you know you'll have to do it when she's about, oh steady darling
Teresa (PS1CY) [1175] That was my fault ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1176] look at that mouthful [laugh] ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1177] Do you want coffee?
[1178] ... Oh God ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1179] Who's, who's is the book?
Teresa (PS1CY) [1180] Mine, have a look
Tracy (PS1D1) [1181] Where'd you get that from?
Teresa (PS1CY) [1182] America
Tracy (PS1D1) [1183] Oh, yeah, [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1184] you'll need to
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1185] you want
Tracy (PS1D1) [1186] Yeah alright I know how to look after books
Teresa (PS1CY) [1187] No, I said you'll need to finish that before you look at it
Tracy (PS1D1) [1188] Oh
Teresa (PS1CY) [1189] It's a good book though int it, have a look
Tracy (PS1D1) [1190] Was that dad?
Annette (PS1CX) [1191] [yawning] Er [] he's having an extra hour and then he'll be home, what's for tea?
[1192] I said I don't know ... boogie, boogie ... she dances to any music don't she?
[1193] Ooh I like that bit
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [1194] look at her swing those hips
Teresa (PS1CY) [1195] Wiggle the hips
Annette (PS1CX) [1196] I told ya it's Elvis
Teresa (PS1CY) [1197] whey
Annette (PS1CX) [1198] Elvis reincarnated, I tell ya [laugh] [singing] shake, rattle and roll [] ... boogie, boogie
Teresa (PS1CY) [1199] You ought to see her face, she's going ...
Annette (PS1CX) [1200] Becky pick your biscuit up ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1201] twenty four, nearly twenty five dollars, how much is that?
[1202] Twenty five dollars ... is it about what fifteen pound, sixteen pounds?
[1203] ... It wasn't erm, it wasn't a cheap book it was a good book ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1204] I might start getting some nice ones, them books
Teresa (PS1CY) [1205] Tracy'd've loved it out there with their books, what was that one we were looking at with
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [1206] and what did it have in it?
Annette (PS1CX) [1207] Christmas one it had
Teresa (PS1CY) [1208] There was loads of Christmas ones
Annette (PS1CX) [1209] you could tie it, it had like pearl, ribbon that you had to tie the book to, to close it, there were some really nice ones weren't there?
[1210] They had all sorts of ones
Teresa (PS1CY) [1211] Erm there was a story about a reindeer
Tracy (PS1D1) [1212] and the needlework box?
Annette (PS1CX) [1213] Oh yeah, there wasn't that erm gar garden centre, it was on the radio today and he's saying erm, I really regret having the face changed, he said I wish it could be back
Tracy (PS1D1) [1214] Who Michael Jackson?
Annette (PS1CX) [1215] Michael Jackson he said I really regret, he said I look a right mess ...
Teresa (PS1CY) [1216] Becky, Becky have you got a face full again?
[1217] ... Aargh, no, that's naughty, no bad, you're bad ... you're bad, mum, mum, mum, mum ...
Tracy (PS1D1) [1218] It's a [...] horse
Teresa (PS1CY) [1219] A horse horse
Tracy (PS1D1) [1220] horse
Teresa (PS1CY) [1221] horse, a horse

13 (Tape 062301)

Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1222] Yes!
[1223] Yes!
[1224] She's growing fast.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1225] Oh she's not a baby now is she?
Annette (PS1CX) [1226] No!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1227] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1228] A [laughing] little girl [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [1229] That's what I said.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1230] Ah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1231] Because er
Tracy (PS1D1) [1232] Look at the colour of her!
[1233] She's black!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1234] She's gorgeous!
Annette (PS1CX) [1235] She's been up to unit
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1236] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1237] with me so she's, everything up there
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1238] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1239] is mucky!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1240] Great!
Annette (PS1CX) [1241] So ... yeah.
[1242] Are you okay?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1243] Yeah, I'm fine thanks.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1244] How's
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1245] So
Tracy (PS1D1) [1246] married life?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1247] Smashing!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1248] Good!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1249] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1250] Good!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1251] it is.
Annette (PS1CX) [1252] Oh that's good!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1253] Yeah.
[1254] I wished I'd have met when I was [laughing] fifteen [] !
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [1255] It's usually er case innit?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1256] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1257] You feel you've wasted a lot of years probably
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1258] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1259] but
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1260] But only I can say I didn't know before, I thought I was happy.
Annette (PS1CX) [1261] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1262] You can go through it, er you don't realize.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1263] Yeah, you just
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1264] You don't honestly realize.
Annette (PS1CX) [1265] No you don't
Tracy (PS1D1) [1266] get in a routine and
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1267] Yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1268] plod on with that year after year.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1269] I mean I hadn't any worries.
[1270] No, you know
Annette (PS1CX) [1271] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1272] I've never had any worries or anything like that.
[1273] But you don't realize
Tracy (PS1D1) [1274] Course you have.
Annette (PS1CX) [1275] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1276] Just being ordinary and
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1277] Yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1278] You know sort of
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1279] Yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1280] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1281] George had no affection in him, I found that out.
Annette (PS1CX) [1282] Really?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1283] No affection.
Annette (PS1CX) [1284] Now you surprise me cos I would have thought cos you ... always went round holding hands and looked so happy.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1285] Not with George wouldn't have hold your hand.
[1286] Wouldn't have touched you!
Annette (PS1CX) [1287] Oh?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1288] No!
[1289] No way!
[1290] The most affection you got from George was a pat on head!
Annette (PS1CX) [1291] [laughing] Oh crumbs [] ! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1292] Oh no, you see he used to say about
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1293] people that held hands.
[1294] He used to be quite ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1295] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1296] about people.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1297] Oh!
[1298] I see [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1299] Yeah!
[1300] Yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1301] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1302] See it's funny, he used to think all people just, he used to say, oh he's doing that for show.
Annette (PS1CX) [1303] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1304] He'd never had affection so he couldn't give it.
Annette (PS1CX) [1305] No.
[1306] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1307] You know, but
Annette (PS1CX) [1308] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1309] I used to make allowances for the way he was brought up.
Annette (PS1CX) [1310] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1311] He was brought up with his grandma and that.
[1312] Well I
Annette (PS1CX) [1313] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1314] thought he's never had affection.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1315] No.
[1316] People of that age, it's like David's grandma they don't know what affection ... means.
Annette (PS1CX) [1317] No!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1318] No!
Annette (PS1CX) [1319] They say we're daft for showing our affection.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1320] Yeah.
[1321] But you should do.
[1322] I only just realized that.
[1323] Well it's taken me a long time to even be able to give affection.
Annette (PS1CX) [1324] Yeah.
[1325] I'm sure.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1326] When you're not used to it it's
Annette (PS1CX) [1327] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1328] funny!
Annette (PS1CX) [1329] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1330] You know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1331] Oh I think it's all part of it.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1332] Oh!
[1333] Dennis has got more in his little finger than George
Annette (PS1CX) [1334] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1335] had in his body!
Annette (PS1CX) [1336] Well, I think it's ... but I mean, we can, I can honestly say never go er past we always tell each other we love each other.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1337] Yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1338] And I think you should.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1339] You should!
[1340] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1341] Even my dad.
[1342] I give
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1343] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1344] my dad an odd cuddle now and again, I'll say
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1345] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1346] I love you.
[1347] You
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1348] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1349] know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1350] I mean it's just, yeah
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1351] Well George wasn't like that.
[1352] He wasn't like it
Annette (PS1CX) [1353] Well
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1354] he was a man's man through and through.
[1355] Too much
Annette (PS1CX) [1356] I think
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1357] so.
Annette (PS1CX) [1358] I think life's too short, and I think as you're getting older you realize, I mean ... like losing my mum
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1359] Now he's worse
Annette (PS1CX) [1360] i
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1361] he's worse now is George, well I should say worse or better, now you see he'll cry now.
Annette (PS1CX) [1362] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1363] You know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1364] Whereas he didn't before?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1365] You know
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1366] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1367] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1368] I mean all he can say now is I've messed my life up!
Annette (PS1CX) [1369] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1370] You know ... well
Annette (PS1CX) [1371] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1372] that's it.
[1373] You know, that's it
Annette (PS1CX) [1374] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1375] there int anything anybody can do.
Annette (PS1CX) [1376] Well we said over there, I bet he's really regretting how it's all turned out ... didn't I?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1377] Yeah.
[1378] Definitely, yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1379] I don't know what we
Tracy (PS1D1) [1380] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1381] Yeah, we were saying I bet George really regrets
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1382] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1383] what he's done.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1384] But you see him, cos he won't register as an alcoholic, he won't
Annette (PS1CX) [1385] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1386] won't help himself.
Annette (PS1CX) [1387] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1388] You know.
[1389] He thinks he
Annette (PS1CX) [1390] It's a shame innit?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1391] You know, there's nothing you can do.
[1392] I mean, to him now all his life is ... out till half four in the morning blind drunk!
[1393] ... You can't be a teenager when you're fifty!
Annette (PS1CX) [1394] No you can't love can you?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1395] But, you know ... don't work.
Annette (PS1CX) [1396] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1397] And he goes, I mean he went to see my mum and dad before Christmas and they didn't recognise him!
[1398] He's so bloated and, I mean I haven't seen him, I said I've, I've talked to him on the phone.
Annette (PS1CX) [1399] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1400] But I've told him if he ever see me, go other way please!
Annette (PS1CX) [1401] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1402] Promise me!
[1403] I said I don't want to see you!
Annette (PS1CX) [1404] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1405] You know.
[1406] Bad enough and at least, I mean it's not, on a phone you can be upset but yo it's not the same as seeing somebody
Annette (PS1CX) [1407] No.
[1408] No
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1409] So
Annette (PS1CX) [1410] it's not.
[1411] Never mind love.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1412] Terrible that, eh?
Annette (PS1CX) [1413] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1414] I [...] [...] in here but
Annette (PS1CX) [1415] As long as you're alright.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1416] I don't know what's happened, cos she went past the shop this morning so
Tracy (PS1D1) [1417] How's she doing?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1418] Well I don't see her often enough now
Annette (PS1CX) [1419] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1420] I don't believe it!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1421] She's out with her husband
Tracy (PS1D1) [1422] They're all at it now and
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1423] you know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1424] Her husband's from working next door, of all places to co ... to come!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1425] He works in Peters next door.
[1426] I mean, he had all George's things!
[1427] He had all the ladders were out the van, and he were using all George's tools. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1428] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1429] See, her husband takes her shopping on a Saturday to Asda and ... and why don't you go, I don't know whether they all been together or what?
Annette (PS1CX) [1430] I bet you're just glad you're out of it?
[1431] Yeah.
[1432] You're glad you're out of it!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1433] I'm not [...] .
[1434] [laughing] You know [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [1435] What?
[1436] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1437] [laughing] I don't ask!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1438] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1439] You know
Annette (PS1CX) [1440] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1441] I'm frightened of answers!
[1442] Yeah [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [1443] You don't wanna know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1444] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1445] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1446] No.
[1447] Yeah.
[1448] Never mind.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1449] [...] sometimes he'll be in on a Monday ... and he'll say ... [...] they've broken my ribs and broken my nose!
[1450] He doesn't know he's done it, you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1451] Oh!
[1452] God!
[1453] Poor him!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1454] [laughing] [...] [...] [] !
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1455] Yeah! [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1456] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1457] Oh aye.
Annette (PS1CX) [1458] What I say, like you say, at fifty ... you should be settling down.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1459] [...] ... it was like for ... I could, couldn't I?
[1460] I'd have been worried, [...] could kill himself!
Annette (PS1CX) [1461] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1462] So tha , I was gonna be catching a [...] weren't I?
[1463] You tell me I was.
[1464] I could have hit him!
[1465] He's, he's burnt!
Annette (PS1CX) [1466] Ah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1467] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1468] You know, and he'd got ... you, you can't ... sort of say, don't ever be in touch with me or don't ever or don't ever
Annette (PS1CX) [1469] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1470] cos he, he says, he says
Annette (PS1CX) [1471] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1472] are you alright?
[1473] He says if you're not getting stronger, you know, he says I'll kill myself if yo if I
Tracy (PS1D1) [1474] Oh God!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1475] if I hear you're not getting any better!
[1476] I says, I'm alright!
[1477] Is he, Dennis looking after you?
[1478] You know
Annette (PS1CX) [1479] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1480] it's like he's got to just keep that little
Annette (PS1CX) [1481] Yeah.
[1482] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1483] thing in touch.
Annette (PS1CX) [1484] He knows you're there.
[1485] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1486] Yeah.
[1487] He's got to sta you know.
[1488] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1489] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1490] Crikey!
Annette (PS1CX) [1491] It's a good job Dennis is good.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1492] Well Dennis has got his [...] , Dennis knew him you see.
Annette (PS1CX) [1493] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1494] He didn't know Dennis, [laughing] but Dennis knew George [] !
[1495] So it's ... quite
Annette (PS1CX) [1496] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1497] funny really.
Annette (PS1CX) [1498] It's a shame about that.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1499] Weird! [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1500] Never mind love!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1501] Right!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1502] See you later!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1503] See you!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1504] Tarrah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1505] Tarrah!

14 (Tape 062302)

Annette (PS1CX) [1506] Yeah, she needs somebody
Tracy (PS1D1) [1507] She does, yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1508] to talk to don't she?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1509] Yeah, she can't obviously talk to ... her husband about it because ... George is her ex-husband and he
Annette (PS1CX) [1510] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1511] might get
Annette (PS1CX) [1512] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1513] [cough] ... Oh!
[1514] Eh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1515] It's the twenty third [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [1516] Look at all that fish!
[1517] Cor!
[1518] [laugh] I hate fish [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1519] That will get up trainers.
[1520] That stuff that I'm ... buying from that company cleans trainers.
Annette (PS1CX) [1521] Oh well I ... yeah I was just thinking he could do with something on them like.

15 (Tape 062303)

Annette (PS1CX) [1522] Oh that's nice Tracy!
[1523] ... Right.
[1524] [...] then you can pay me off if you want.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1525] It's alright.
[1526] With that, and that.
Annette (PS1CX) [1527] Oh that's expensive!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1528] Eleven ... ten, and eleven.
Annette (PS1CX) [1529] Why don't you get them?
[1530] Thirty quid's just enough.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1531] I don't like those.
[1532] I like that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1533] The red ones?
[1534] ... What about with a [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1535] No I don't like them.
Annette (PS1CX) [1536] Get a [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1537] No it's not, those erm ... they're like those leggings it's
Tracy (PS1D1) [1538] Very comfy then?
Annette (PS1CX) [1539] Yeah.

16 (Tape 062304)

Annette (PS1CX) [1540] We used to do that when ... me and Anne didn't we?
[1541] We always used to have to walk all up
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1542] London.
Annette (PS1CX) [1543] West End and
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1544] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1545] see [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1546] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [1547] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1548] That's right.
[1549] We're getting somewhere.
Annette (PS1CX) [1550] I don't know [...] lives here.
[1551] I'm really out of condition!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1552] Haven't got the age or the inclination.
Annette (PS1CX) [1553] [laughing] Oh [] !
[1554] What are you doing?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1555] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1556] That's a nice dressing gown!
[1557] That's pretty!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1558] Which one?
[1559] The pink one?
Annette (PS1CX) [1560] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1561] I got that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1562] Yeah, you said you'd got one er
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1563] I bought one on Saturday.
Annette (PS1CX) [1564] You got , you got one of them did you?
[1565] Er
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1566] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1567] the
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1568] The ... the one with the cord round it.
Annette (PS1CX) [1569] Yes.
[1570] They're
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1571] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1572] alright.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1573] Yeah.
[1574] They are, they're warm.
[1575] But they wanted, Graham wanted me, to buy me one for Christmas, I said no!
[1576] I'll wait till the sales.
Annette (PS1CX) [1577] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1578] I hate buying, I, I, it really narks me!
Annette (PS1CX) [1579] Yeah well we're waiting for boots.
[1580] Tracy wants a pair of boots and we're waiting for the sales.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1581] Yes, well I'll look.
[1582] I'll see how much they are.
Annette (PS1CX) [1583] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1584] Bill couldn't beli well they came down to seventeen pound, I thought well that's not much
Annette (PS1CX) [1585] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1586] Then they come down to that price.
[1587] I thought, well I don't mind paying that price.
[1588] ... If they hadn't have got any on, I'd ha I'd have seen somewhere
Annette (PS1CX) [1589] But
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1590] else.
Annette (PS1CX) [1591] mum got a [...] .
[1592] ... Right.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1593] I'll ask them when they come
Annette (PS1CX) [1594] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1595] by, [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1596] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1597] [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [1598] Over there.
[1599] ... Back a bit.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1600] Yeah.
[1601] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1602] Sort of a [...] , never mind!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1603] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1604] There's one thing about it, now we're wro right side of Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1605] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1606] They'll be packing on [...] of season, even if it's ... that's a funny thing.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1607] I know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1608] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1609] I think I might have got in erm ... [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [1610] Oh good!
[1611] That's great!
[1612] At least that'll be something.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1613] Yeah. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1614] Yeah.
[1615] Yeah!
[1616] It will.
[1617] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1618] [...] ... What is it?
Annette (PS1CX) [1619] Full time.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1620] Full time?
Annette (PS1CX) [1621] Yeah.
[1622] Why not!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1623] You wouldn't see me [laughing] [...] you'll hear her [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1624] Oh hello!
[1625] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1626] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1627] See you later!
Annette (PS1CX) [1628] See you!
[1629] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1630] You alright?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1631] You know Annette don't you mum?
[1632] This is the one with the gorgeous voice!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1633] Oh!
[1634] Hey up! [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [1635] Oh that's right!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1636] You know Sam?
Annette (PS1CX) [1637] You were saying, yeah.
[1638] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1639] It's Tracy's ... sister-in-law.
Annette (PS1CX) [1640] Of course!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1641] Yeah?
Annette (PS1CX) [1642] Yes.
[1643] Yes, of course.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1644] Married to Tracy's big [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1645] [laughing] Big [...] [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [1646] Looks like David.
[1647] Yeah.
[1648] The
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1649] Yep!
Annette (PS1CX) [1650] Father Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [1651] Yeah.
[1652] You alright?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1653] You alright?
[1654] Yeah, not so bad thanks.
Annette (PS1CX) [1655] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1656] Just been at work.
Annette (PS1CX) [1657] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1658] So
Annette (PS1CX) [1659] It's alright?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1660] Yeah, it's alright thanks!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1661] I heard from Mike int middle of weekend.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1662] Yeah, got it done and
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1663] Michael and Cath have moved.
Annette (PS1CX) [1664] Which Mike and Cath?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1665] You know, Cath that does hampers?
Annette (PS1CX) [1666] Oh!
[1667] What, she's moved has she?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1668] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1669] Did she get an exchange one?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1670] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1671] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1672] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1673] Good!
[1674] Great!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1675] So they're, just about sorted I think.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1676] Are they?
Annette (PS1CX) [1677] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1678] She came round on Tuesday for my hamper money ... and ... she said, everything was ... cos, I said I'd pay her monthly and she turned up and I said, I thought I was paying you monthly?
[1679] And she said, that's right you did say, she said ... I'm all at sixes and sevens she said, and everything's upside down!
[1680] She said, she said I don't know whether I'm coming or going!
Annette (PS1CX) [1681] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1682] Oh oh!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1683] I know.
[1684] ... Well, I'll go and get finished and let you get on.
Annette (PS1CX) [1685] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1686] Get home now.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1687] It's boring life really, innit really?
Annette (PS1CX) [1688] [laugh] ... David's been away all week?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1689] Pardon?
Annette (PS1CX) [1690] David's been away
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1691] Has he?
Annette (PS1CX) [1692] all week?
[1693] Yeah.
[1694] Come back tomorrow.
[1695] From Scotland!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1696] Mm!
Annette (PS1CX) [1697] All on my own, still working! [...] ... heaven!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1698] Nice for a change innit? [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [1699] It's alright first couple of nights, but then you get a bit bored
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1700] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1701] after a while! ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1702] No.

17 (Tape 062305)

Tracy (PS1D1) [1703] Oh well!
[1704] At least I've got a skirt.
Annette (PS1CX) [1705] Yeah.
[1706] Well go back and get those other things.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1707] Erm ... well even if I get, well if I get ... erm ... ski pants
Annette (PS1CX) [1708] Yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1709] well how much will I have spent then?
Annette (PS1CX) [1710] Well you've got eighty
Tracy (PS1D1) [1711] Just spent twenty two pound haven't I?
Annette (PS1CX) [1712] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1713] There.
[1714] And ... erm ... and the ski pants were twenty five pound ... so, if I spent twenty two there, and twenty five that's forty seven.

18 (Tape 062306)

Annette (PS1CX) [1715] That's a Creda ... a hundred and fifty nine.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1716] Well that's alright.
[1717] That one's the same make.
Annette (PS1CX) [1718] Yeah.
[1719] I like that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1720] Yeah.
[1721] It's got two bits [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1722] But you, you know what ca cos wo he won't be able to repair it will he?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1723] This is nice! [...] not gonna go wrong.
Annette (PS1CX) [1724] Well it's made in Britain, I wonder who makes it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1725] British Steel?
[1726] Don't know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1727] No.
[1728] Does it look about the same size as my other?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1729] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1730] I think they're all standard are they?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1731] Yeah.
[1732] That one's, I think that's a bit wider ... that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1733] I was gonna say, does that look wider?
[1734] ... It's the only one, really, that's all white.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1735] All white.
[1736] Apart from the [...] ... and that's hundred and seventy.
[1737] ... It's a Phillips.
Annette (PS1CX) [1738] But even that isn't really a bad price is it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1739] No.
[1740] It's not bad, no.
[1741] ... It's the Phillips?
Annette (PS1CX) [1742] Yeah.

19 (Tape 062307)

Annette (PS1CX) [1743] That I can get repaired, rather
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1744] Ah!
Annette (PS1CX) [1745] than just ... erm, I like, reason I'm going for that one is my washer ... is very similar looking
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1746] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1747] and it and it, you know, it's about the only one that looks anything like it.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1748] Mm.
[1749] Yeah, well I'm su it's made in the U K isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [1750] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1751] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1752] I mean it's got to be ... the other, of course will be ... probably [...] it's ... a good machine.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1753] [...] it's getting parts and everything
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1754] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1755] int it?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1756] And then, you can always take out the extra insurance with er, no but it isn't very much for a tumble-drier, for five years ... and there's no problems that way.
[1757] Absolutely none!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1758] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [1759] Yeah.
[1760] And wha what do you do like, about, buy now, and pay July, what does that entail?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1761] Well what that means is, first of all it's no deposit
Annette (PS1CX) [1762] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1763] free delivery
Annette (PS1CX) [1764] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1765] and then erm ... in July, you do you don't have to pay out a ha'penny till July and you can either pay cash and get your sixteen percent off free ... or you can pay terms from July.
Annette (PS1CX) [1766] Oh!
[1767] Yeah, well I'll probably pay cash, it's just that electric bill's and gas bill's in.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1768] Yes I know.
[1769] [laughing] I know [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [1770] And I, if I pay cash I wouldn't, you know,
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1771] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1772] I'm wondering if I'll be a bit short.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1773] Well, well you can always pay with terms if you want.
[1774] But there's nothing to stop you, if you take it out on terms, there's absolutely nothing to stop you coming in and paying, as long as you pay ... before July, or by July ... you get
Annette (PS1CX) [1775] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1776] your sixteen percent off free.
[1777] But then also you've got, you, if you take it over say, twelve months you've got like a
Annette (PS1CX) [1778] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1779] big safety net underneath you if you, if you find that you don't want to pay it in cash.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1780] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1781] I mean, I know it's sort of the cheapest
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1782] Right.
Annette (PS1CX) [1783] and maybe, you know, that's not such a good thing, but ... we were looking at the Phillips, erm
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1784] Mhm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1785] but it's not, like that's got dual heat settings
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1786] Mhm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1787] on int it?
[1788] That doesn't
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1789] That's a auto sensor dryer that's why.
[1790] It automatically turns the temperature down of the drying.
[1791] You get a choice on that one.
[1792] That's why.
Annette (PS1CX) [1793] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1794] Mm.
[1795] There's more [...] to be done on that than there is on that, really, cos ... [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [1796] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1797] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1798] Probably.
[1799] Yeah, you're probably right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1800] It's just that my dad repairs mine.
[1801] I mean
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1802] Oh right!
Annette (PS1CX) [1803] you know, and if
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1804] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1805] if, as she says he's repaired it so many times!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1806] Oh course!
[1807] Course he does!
[1808] But that's that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1809] I want something that ... that I can look at that for.
[1810] Erm ... yeah can I
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1811] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1812] go with that one?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1813] Do you want the insurance on it as well?
Annette (PS1CX) [1814] Erm ... yeah, may as well.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1815] Yeah alright.
Annette (PS1CX) [1816] If it's, if it's not expensive. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1817] Hi!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1818] It's about the ... drier
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1819] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1820] with the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1821] Right.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1822] For this lady.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1823] Is it the small or the large ... Crossley
Annette (PS1CX) [1824] It's the large one.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1825] The large one?
[1826] The ... is it eleven pound load I think it is?
Annette (PS1CX) [1827] It's ten or eleven int it?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1828] Er, er er er er
Annette (PS1CX) [1829] It's one or the other.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1830] Te er ten, yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [1831] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1832] Right.
[1833] That's it, the four double one.
[1834] And, how did you want to pay?
Annette (PS1CX) [1835] Erm ... well I'll pay cash but before July.
[1836] I will pay it in
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [1837] Well I can put it in as cash in July, but you just pay ... before then, alright?
Annette (PS1CX) [1838] Yes.

20 (Tape 062308)

Tracy (PS1D1) [1839] I fancy some sleepers.
Annette (PS1CX) [1840] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1841] Just some ordinary ones, just to stick in and leave in all the time.
Annette (PS1CX) [1842] That's nice as well Tracy.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1843] Mm.
[1844] I like that!
Annette (PS1CX) [1845] Int it nice?
[1846] That's not
Tracy (PS1D1) [1847] Is it nice.
Annette (PS1CX) [1848] expensive, but again, it can't be ... real.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1849] Look at that bracelet!
[1850] That three hundred and forty pound one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1851] Oh that's nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1852] I quite like that, with that plain gold band.
[1853] Twenty seven
Annette (PS1CX) [1854] That's nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1855] pound [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [1856] Have they got any earrings?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1857] I think I like that brooch!
Annette (PS1CX) [1858] Oh that's nice isn't it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1859] It is nice.
[1860] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [1861] Nothing much, but ... oh look at the erm ... things with the brooches!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1862] Oh int it nice!
[1863] They're nice!
[1864] Got ages in.
Annette (PS1CX) [1865] Yeah.
[1866] ... That'd be nice to get ... like, for Teresa, cos she never did get a
Tracy (PS1D1) [1867] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [1868] pendant did she?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1869] Nice coloured one.
Annette (PS1CX) [1870] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1871] Like to know though, in case it is anything to do with Nigel and then they can get it sorted out.
Annette (PS1CX) [1872] Yeah.
[1873] Yeah cos does that stop now, or does it ... I mean, is that forever?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1874] Oh I don't know.
Annette (PS1CX) [1875] Ha!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1876] We'll have to ... we'll have to write to them.

21 (Tape 062309)

Annette (PS1CX) [1877] Just not bothered about cleaning it out.
[1878] It doesn't ... it was so awkward!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1879] Yeah!
[1880] May maybe if you had one of those erm ... little rechargeable things that you didn't have to go and ... round with leads and things, faffing about ... you could
Annette (PS1CX) [1881] Yeah,jus
Tracy (PS1D1) [1882] just clean round it?
Annette (PS1CX) [1883] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1884] Be easier wouldn't it?
[1885] ... Bit of brilliant parking there!
Annette (PS1CX) [1886] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1887] Granddad's here is he?
Annette (PS1CX) [1888] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1889] I'll wait for granddad, he's got my diary.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1890] I'll go up to the office, that's not Teresa's diary, it's mine!
[1891] Get off!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1892] He's perhaps walking down town looking for us. [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [1893] I'll bet he will be, you know.
[1894] ... Can't
Annette (PS1CX) [1895] [laughing] Oh I can't get it open [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [1896] Who's that?
Annette (PS1CX) [1897] Hiya!
Donald (PS1D2) [1898] Hello! [...] , hello!
[1899] Hello!
[1900] Hello!
[1901] Hello!
Annette (PS1CX) [1902] That's a nice greeting!
Donald (PS1D2) [1903] Are you coming?
Tracy (PS1D1) [1904] Oh!
[1905] Oh!
Donald (PS1D2) [1906] That's a cheeky rascal!
[1907] I went up [...] , had a look at Neil.
[1908] So you we
Annette (PS1CX) [1909] Oh did you?
Donald (PS1D2) [1910] you weren't here.
[1911] And then when I come back here you weren't here again!
[1912] ... [clears throat] ... Then I had some [...] for the car ... I thought, go and have a look at Tracy.
Annette (PS1CX) [1913] Okay.
[1914] So da have you had a sandwich?
Donald (PS1D2) [1915] No I
Annette (PS1CX) [1916] Oh!
[1917] I thought you meant you'd, you hadn't
Donald (PS1D2) [1918] I got couple of them
Tracy (PS1D1) [1919] Oh!
Donald (PS1D2) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [...] ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1920] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1921] She's seen you.
[1922] [...] ... I'll put her in the pram [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [1923] Oh right.
[1924] Oh!
Donald (PS1D2) [1925] One for you!
Annette (PS1CX) [1926] Alright.
[1927] Don't forget your clothes.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Donald (PS1D2) [1928] Ooh!
[1929] Ooh!
[1930] What did you say?
[1931] Oh! ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1932] I think I need to clean up.
[1933] Ooh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1934] Alright.
[1935] Hang on!
[1936] Hang on!
[1937] While I just put my oranges down.
Donald (PS1D2) [1938] Well ... you've been picking your clothes up are you?
Annette (PS1CX) [1939] [sighing] Ah [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [1940] No you're not, we're going.
Donald (PS1D2) [1941] You're going? [...] in the car. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [1942] Well we're going up to unit again.
Donald (PS1D2) [1943] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1944] Pay them their wages ... pick Teresa up ... and then out, and then out to us.
Donald (PS1D2) [1945] Oh!
[1946] [laugh] ... Are
Annette (PS1CX) [1947] So
Donald (PS1D2) [1948] you getting Teresa out are you?
Annette (PS1CX) [1949] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [1950] Oh well you ... you can manage then I ... think
Annette (PS1CX) [1951] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [1952] with her then can you?
Annette (PS1CX) [1953] Yeah, cos er ... it's about time she started again.
Donald (PS1D2) [1954] Go on!
[1955] Come and see your gramps!
[1956] ... I've er, [...] tape it for you [...] tonight.
Annette (PS1CX) [1957] Oh have you?
Donald (PS1D2) [1958] I don't know whether you've seen it, I think I told you ... I think he might like it.
[1959] It's about
Annette (PS1CX) [1960] What's that , not that one from last night
Donald (PS1D2) [1961] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [1962] is it?
Donald (PS1D2) [1963] Lone Wolf [...] it's called.
Annette (PS1CX) [1964] Oh right.
Donald (PS1D2) [1965] Bloody good'un too!

22 (Tape 062310)

Donald (PS1D2) [1966] Yo you may have seen it, but it's ... but it's a good'un!
Annette (PS1CX) [1967] What is it?
Donald (PS1D2) [1968] It's, it's the sort of thing you like.
[1969] Bang!
[1970] Bash!
[1971] Wallop!
[1972] Thump!
Annette (PS1CX) [1973] Oh is it?
Donald (PS1D2) [1974] Fighting!
[1975] Guns!
Annette (PS1CX) [1976] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1977] What is it?
Donald (PS1D2) [1978] I ... Lone Wolf [...] it's called and it's all about
Tracy (PS1D1) [1979] Did you watch that last night on
Donald (PS1D2) [1980] gun runners ... a, a tough ... cop with black beard
Annette (PS1CX) [1981] Oh!
Donald (PS1D2) [1982] hunting them down, you know ... wi ... shot guns and what else!
Tracy (PS1D1) [1983] Did you watch, did you watch that last night, granddad, on B B C two about that chemical plant?
Donald (PS1D2) [1984] No I didn't love.
Tracy (PS1D1) [1985] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [1986] No.
[1987] You wouldn't watch it either.
Donald (PS1D2) [1988] Yes!
[1989] ... What have you got there?
[1990] Here are!
[1991] Give it to granddad!
[1992] Give granddad glass so you don't hurt yourself with it.
[1993] Good girl!
[1994] Good girl!
[1995] ... Oh there's only room for that [...] , did you find out [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [1996] Eh?
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Donald (PS1D2) [1997] Cos there's been ever so many of these things where people have been
Tracy (PS1D1) [1998] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [1999] persecuted for somebody
Tracy (PS1D1) [2000] No it were some spy.
Donald (PS1D2) [2001] by somebody else.
Annette (PS1CX) [2002] Yeah, I'll got th
Donald (PS1D2) [2003] For somebody's else's rape.
[2004] Eh?
Annette (PS1CX) [2005] I got you some ... so!
[2006] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [2007] Oh!
[2008] Where you going with that?
Annette (PS1CX) [2009] Right!
[2010] ... Come on!
Donald (PS1D2) [2011] Take them with you.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2012] Come on then!
Annette (PS1CX) [2013] Just taking them home.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2014] Half of them here and ... look at her!
Donald (PS1D2) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2015] Oh!
[2016] Oh!
Donald (PS1D2) [2017] Bless her!
[2018] ... Are you alright when it's dark?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2019] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2020] That way!
Donald (PS1D2) [...] ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2021] Yeah. [baby shouting]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2022] Come on Flossy Anne!
Annette (PS1CX) [2023] This way!
[2024] Come on!
[2025] ... Come on flower!
Donald (PS1D2) [2026] Who was the fella up there today talking to Neil?
[2027] He, in wha he ha the one had white jeans up.
Annette (PS1CX) [2028] [...] ... tall and thin?
Donald (PS1D2) [2029] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [2030] Yeah.
[2031] It was Paul.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2032] Mm.
Donald (PS1D2) [2033] It was, yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2034] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [2035] Can't remember where I've seen him.
Annette (PS1CX) [2036] Yeah.
[2037] He'll have been for his interview and for his wages in Calper today.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2038] He's finished there.
[2039] They've made him redundant.
Annette (PS1CX) [2040] They made him redundant.
Donald (PS1D2) [2041] I should think so, yeah!
[2042] ... Is that your face cream? [baby talk]
Donald (PS1D2) [2043] I just woke up this morning and found it back.
[2044] ... Are you going with your bricks?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2045] Daddy's home tonight granddad!
Donald (PS1D2) [2046] Is he coming home?
Annette (PS1CX) [2047] On his way home.
Donald (PS1D2) [2048] I thought Rita would have been here wi I was surprised [...] to do it.
Annette (PS1CX) [2049] Well he , well he went on Monday and Rita's on college on a Monday.
Donald (PS1D2) [2050] Oh!
[2051] Come on!
[2052] Bring your bricks!
[2053] Come on!
Annette (PS1CX) [2054] No! [laugh]
Donald (PS1D2) [2055] Put your lid on, come on!
Annette (PS1CX) [2056] We've been Christmas shopping granddad.
Donald (PS1D2) [2057] Come on!
[2058] ... Here they are.
[2059] ... Wee!
[2060] Ee! [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2061] [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2062] Erm, yeah I think so.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2063] Stay there.
Donald (PS1D2) [2064] Getting your Christmas
Annette (PS1CX) [2065] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [2066] pressies are you? [...]

23 (Tape 062311)

Tracy (PS1D1) [2067] Shut up screaming child!
Donald (PS1D2) [2068] Wait a minute.
[2069] Hang on!
Annette (PS1CX) [2070] Our Bonnie's not so good.
[2071] Tracy
Donald (PS1D2) [2072] Int she?
Annette (PS1CX) [2073] spoke to her last night.
[2074] But she's having to go to work.
[2075] Cos she can't afford to pay
Tracy (PS1D1) [2076] She can't afford to have time off.
Annette (PS1CX) [2077] stay off.
[2078] And she was gonna, aye trying to do her ironing because she said if she didn't get it done they'd be ... all next week's as well to do, and I said to Tracy what's he doing all day?
[2079] Sat on his arse!
Donald (PS1D2) [2080] He'd do bloody ironing!
Annette (PS1CX) [2081] Poor lass!
[2082] What a shame.
Donald (PS1D2) [2083] Bye-bye!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2084] See you!
Donald (PS1D2) [2085] See you!
[2086] See you tomorrow.
[2087] See you tomorrow!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2088] [shouting] See you granddad [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [2089] Ah!
[2090] Little horror! [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2091] Bye bye!
Annette (PS1CX) [2092] Oh well!
Donald (PS1D2) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2093] She's a rubbish!
[2094] Int she?
[2095] Perhaps see you later.
Donald (PS1D2) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2096] Alright?
Donald (PS1D2) [2097] Alright?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2098] See you later gramps!
Annette (PS1CX) [2099] Blow kisses.
[2100] Blow kisses.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2101] Blow granddad kiss.
Annette (PS1CX) [2102] Blow kisses
Tracy (PS1D1) [2103] Blow him a kiss. [baby screaming]
Annette (PS1CX) [kiss] [baby screaming]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2104] Oh stop it!
Annette (PS1CX) [2105] [laugh] ... Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2106] She's not interested with us.
[2107] Ha!
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2108] Mind her head on that wheel cos it's got some [laughing] [...] if she gets it her hair won't she [] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2109] [laughing] Yeah!
[2110] I should say [] !
[2111] Think it will.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2112] She's turning it round.
Annette (PS1CX) [2113] Did, yes.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2114] Keep waving to granddad.
[2115] Wave! [laugh] [baby laughing]
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [2116] You rogue!
[2117] ... I hate rushing off but ... Should have brought another tape.
[2118] Tt!
[2119] This one runs out
Tracy (PS1D1) [2120] [...] appreciate it.
Annette (PS1CX) [2121] Maybe he's feeling the heat.
[2122] ... Mind you, I think it's quite mild.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2123] And it's not cold [...] , it's cold.
Annette (PS1CX) [2124] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2125] You know?
[2126] ... He didn't have a scarf on this morning. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2127] His big one?
[2128] Oh yeah!
[2129] Of course, yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2130] Woo!
[2131] Woo!
Annette (PS1CX) [2132] Great!

24 (Tape 062312)

Annette (PS1CX) [2133] I didn't ask Pat how Graham was going home?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2134] Bet she's, she's quite relieved.
Annette (PS1CX) [2135] Yeah well ... she was saying other day she's ... he's never away from her ... he's a damn nuisance!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2136] Yeah.
[2137] Well it's bound to me, he must get fed up, but ... eh, he don't really want ... a job like, full time, he wants to be able to ... he gets fed up of it being full time after a while.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2138] Yeah.
[2139] It's no good for, let's face it like cos I'm gonna have to start er ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2140] No.

25 (Tape 062313)

Annette (PS1CX) [2141] It's a pity he couldn't stick to something like that cos I mean ex-policemen can get jobs like that no trouble can't they?
[2142] ... And I mean, somewhere like Asda is ... a better place to work than ... most.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2143] Aren't you coming in today?
Annette (PS1CX) [2144] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2145] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [2146] No, I suppose, in a way, he's lucky because he'd, he'd probably just ... be able to get a job anywhere really just as security.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2147] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2148] Well I've just seen ... did you cotton on to that, it's not just me?
[2149] You know Julie ... that had Sebastian
Tracy (PS1D1) [2150] Aye
Annette (PS1CX) [2151] cos , that baby
Tracy (PS1D1) [2152] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2153] I've just seen her going that way, and I've just seen skinny Mick ... that she used to go out with a she had baby to, coming this way.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2154] I don't really know her that well.
Annette (PS1CX) [2155] I didn't think, I thought they hated the sight of each other.
[2156] ... I hope ... Sarah wouldn't expect Julie to stay any later would she?
[2157] With her driving the ... I never thought of that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2158] Gary , is he, is he the other brother?
Annette (PS1CX) [2159] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2160] She sleeps with Gary.
Annette (PS1CX) [2161] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2162] And how many [...] has Peter got?
[2163] Just the two, or three?
Annette (PS1CX) [2164] I don't know, Tracy.
[2165] I dunno.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2166] He's just got the two ain't he?
[2167] James and Peter.
Annette (PS1CX) [2168] Has he?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2169] Peter's alright.
Annette (PS1CX) [2170] Have you met him?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2171] Yeah, he was in this morning.
[2172] He's works down at ... in tra ... trailer place.
Annette (PS1CX) [2173] Oh Teres is Teresa's the wo the one that Teresa said he's al he's a bit of alright?
[2174] Or, is that not him?
[2175] No.
[2176] It must be
Tracy (PS1D1) [2177] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [2178] the other one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2179] No, it will be.
[2180] ... Teresa thinks he's alright, but I think he's [...] .
[2181] He's got long hair!
[2182] [laugh] ... And he's er ... could be a right slob!
Annette (PS1CX) [2183] What's the other one called?
[2184] The other
Tracy (PS1D1) [2185] Well as far as I know
Annette (PS1CX) [2186] erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [2187] Peter and James, but James is the eleven year old [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2188] There's another one that works at erm ... down at a trailer place, is that Gary's son?
[2189] ... Must be Gary's son she thinks is okay.
[2190] One's got curly ... longish curly hair, is quite broad built.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2191] I don't know if it's Gary's son [...] ... Mark, he's about sixteen
Annette (PS1CX) [2192] Does he live er in a flat on Sandylands
Tracy (PS1D1) [2193] Peter.
[2194] I don't think ... we, we might [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2195] Yeah.
[2196] Quite possibly.
[2197] ... Well, I bet daddy's on his way home now.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2198] Sarah's going quite [...] , int she really, [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2199] Yeah.
[2200] ... Yeah she has.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2201] I wonder if it's [...] that every day [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2202] I would, I would think so.
[2203] Oh no!
[2204] She used to be head stable girl didn't she?
[2205] When his wife were there.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2206] Oh!
[2207] Did she?
Annette (PS1CX) [2208] Yeah.
[2209] ... But I would imagine that's what she wants to train Teresa up for, so she can just run it ... and she can sort of
Tracy (PS1D1) [2210] Well that's fair enough so she can [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2211] Well yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...] [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2212] What?
[2213] ... There's John.
[2214] Did he ask you about steam cleaner?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2215] No.
[2216] Not at all.
Annette (PS1CX) [2217] He was ... coming in of a ... about a fortnight ago, we were just pulling away ... and he said to Teresa are you still doing?
[2218] And she said yeah.
[2219] He says, oh he said ... when you see your sister will you ask her about steam cleaner?
[2220] And we said, oh she's in now!
[2221] Go and see her.
[2222] He didn't come in then?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2223] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [2224] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2225] Ah!
[2226] ... We're going to have to come back up here aren't you, to drop Alan off?
Annette (PS1CX) [2227] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2228] Not unless Alan drops his car off.
Annette (PS1CX) [2229] Alan could drop David off.
[2230] ... Unless they've got loads of gear, er they need lo unloading.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2231] Mind you, they could do that tonight can't they?
Annette (PS1CX) [2232] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2233] Cos van's not going back in morning.
Annette (PS1CX) [2234] Yeah.
[2235] Cos it's Friday innit?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2236] Well we should [...] in time for tonight.
Annette (PS1CX) [2237] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2238] I wonder if it'd worked out tomorrow?
[2239] ... Had Philip called [...] ?
[2240] [...] ... Has one of them got that [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2241] What about?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2242] Going [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2243] Yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2244] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [2245] They've been in touch and they said everything's going through, it's
Tracy (PS1D1) [2246] Oh great!
[2247] D'ya need any ... money to set up?
Annette (PS1CX) [2248] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2249] Ah! [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2250] What?
[2251] I'm coming for yo get you out.
[2252] Yeah, I'm coming.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2253] Come on! [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2254] Yeah!
[2255] You're a cheeky bab-bab.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2256] Look!
Annette (PS1CX) [2257] Aren't you?
[2258] Yeah!
[2259] Don't we know what a cheeky baba-ba you are!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2260] Sorry?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2261] Look, there's that look.
Annette (PS1CX) [2262] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2263] Right?
Annette (PS1CX) [2264] Go, go and see granddad!
[2265] Go see granddad!
[2266] ... This way.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2267] Here he is. ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2268] It's not [...] ... Hiya.
[2269] What's the matter?

26 (Tape 062314)

Annette (PS1CX) [2270] What are the ser terms?
[2271] Thirty days.
[2272] But they're not paying thirty days.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2273] I've just explained that to him.
[2274] And he said he didn't know that, that he would get hold of Sen and ring me first thing, thing in the morning ... er, to tell me why Sen hasn't paid.
[2275] He's got the invoice and everything.
[2276] I said well you've sent us twenty thou ... I said there is no V A T on it which it should be!
[2277] Deary me!
[2278] He says.
[2279] Has he got the invoi ?
[2280] I said yes.
[2281] And I said, we've been having, having the invoice outstanding since October at two and half thousand pound!
[2282] I said, you actually owe me six thousand, one hundred and odd!
[2283] And I said, you must realize I've a small company, and that's, in one respect that I've had to send those conditions because you're failing to meet the agreed thirty days payment!
Annette (PS1CX) [2284] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2285] And I said it's not on!
[2286] I said we couldn't survive like that.
[2287] And he said, well would you like to carry on with the contract?
[2288] I said we're too far committed now to, I says to back out.
[2289] I said, you know, we can't back out at this stage.
[2290] And I said, but I said if there isn't the payments of the invoice when they are sent ... then ... you know, we've go you've gotta look at it.
[2291] So that invoice wants
Annette (PS1CX) [2292] Doing.
[2293] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2294] it wants doing and sending, and put in i put twenty eight days on.
Annette (PS1CX) [2295] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2296] Had to be paid, it can't be paid by the twenty eighth it's er ... you know ... well if I could've got hold of David or er, Andrew , I was gonna give Andrew a right bollocking for just pushing it in and he should've sent it to er, Michael , Michael 's just got it shoved in front of his nose a in Edinburgh.
[2297] He's just gone in to see if everything's alright at Edinburgh ... and of course, that's why he's had to report for that.
[2298] Which was fair play to him, but bloody Andrew should have told him!
[2299] It's agreed, the system of stage payments, it's all written to him.
Annette (PS1CX) [2300] And you've just spoken to him have you?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2301] I've just spoken to Michael .
[2302] Michael's great!
Annette (PS1CX) [2303] And you, you ... so he understands after he's sent you this?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2304] What?
Annette (PS1CX) [2305] What's going on.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2306] Yeah.
[2307] Because yo di I said I had to send that agreement because you're failing to meet the standard agreement, you're not paying within the twenty eight days or the thirty days!
Annette (PS1CX) [2308] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2309] I said I've got an invoice outstanding for October, and I said I can't afford to do that!
[2310] He said, I realize that.
[2311] Then he said, we wou want you to do that work he said, because you've got a good reputation.
[2312] ... It makes, you know, if we ... we're not gonna go bust just to get twelve months bloody work out of him on a service contract!
[2313] You know, but i if we couldn't, if they we ... as they said, if they wanted that money back tomorrow we could only give them half that money back because of what we've got
Annette (PS1CX) [2314] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2315] er, you know, but, we might as well just say to everybody, David, Geoff, Ian
Annette (PS1CX) [2316] Yeah , well that's it.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2317] ta-ta!
[2318] You know
Annette (PS1CX) [2319] Yeah.
[2320] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2321] you're sacked!
[2322] The lot of you!
Annette (PS1CX) [2323] They've got a meeting with R F S next week.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2324] Supposed to have.
[2325] But I'd, I'm gonna phone er, thing, because I think that's just a con.
Annette (PS1CX) [2326] Can you get hold of Andrew?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2327] No!
[2328] I've been ringing him since that come through half an hour ago.
Annette (PS1CX) [2329] Tt!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2330] See I hoped wi David to ring me before half past three before he sets off, and he hasn't done yet.
[2331] ... I've more need to get hold of Davi er to get Andrew and er ... because he's at Mill Hill with sa with Steve and er Nigel.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2332] We're not shouting at you.
[2333] No, [...] .
[2334] [...] ... [...] . Go on then.
[2335] ... Hey!
Annette (PS1CX) [2336] Oh God!
[2337] Is it worth it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2338] You wonder, don't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [2339] It isn't, is it?

27 (Tape 062315)

Tracy (PS1D1) [2340] What's these R F S then?
Annette (PS1CX) [2341] Oh!
[2342] It's an engineering firm at Doncaster.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2343] Hello you!
[2344] Aye.
[2345] Eh eh eh eh!
Annette (PS1CX) [2346] She got quite worried when you went out before.
[2347] Thought she were gonna cry.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2348] So are you, happy really though that now you've spoken to him maybe it'll be better?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2349] Well I hope so, yeah.
[2350] ... Cos we can always drop them in the shit!
[2351] No doubt about that.
[2352] Only thing
Annette (PS1CX) [2353] Yeah but
Tracy (PS1D1) [2354] I need to do is when lifted the coaches and take the axles out is just er ... pull my men out.
[2355] ... Cos I'm certainly not holding back on bloody er ... jobs now, gotta get charged [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [2356] Have to send them an extra invoice for this extra ... our time.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2357] [...] !
Annette (PS1CX) [2358] Oh yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2359] Bingo!
[2360] ... [phonecall starts] Good afternoon!
[2361] It's Neil at Lancaster and Carriage and Wagon.
[2362] How's ... how's my parts?
[2363] Okay.
[2364] I'll pick them up, if I don't pick them up tonight I'll get them first thing in the morning.
[2365] Because I've got a load more coming down for you.
[2366] They're on their way out from Edinburgh now.
[2367] Okay?
[2368] Magic!
[2369] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2370] Cos wha what did we actually tell them in ours?
[2371] That everything
Tracy (PS1D1) [2372] We just
Annette (PS1CX) [2373] belonged to us tha
Tracy (PS1D1) [2374] well all that was said was, really, they had twenty eight days to pay.
Annette (PS1CX) [2375] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2376] And if they didn't pay ... within them twenty eight days or
Tracy (PS1D1) [2377] What I've gotta let them
Tracy (PS1D1) [2378] before the
Tracy (PS1D1) [2379] know is ... really, and it's in the file, if they do pay up at the last we've just gotta get [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2380] Yeah, but that's what they said that th the conditions of contracts that we sent, they don't agree with.
[2381] That's what they're saying.
[2382] Well really, what did we put on ... that they can't agree with?
Annette (PS1CX) [2383] Th th different yeah they've already put invoices paid thirty days.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2384] Thirty days.
[2385] That's what we put, twenty eight days.
Annette (PS1CX) [2386] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2387] The only other thing that we put is that
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2388] I thought she were gonna throw up then.
[2389] That erm ... when the contract's finished, if they don't pay up within a certain date [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2390] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2391] that ... we can go and take the stuff back that we've brought. [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2392] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2393] Well go and find him then!
[2394] Go and find granddad.
[2395] Go on!
[2396] Go and find him.
[2397] Go find him!

28 (Tape 062316)

Annette (PS1CX) [2398] [sighing] Oh dear [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [2399] Right?
Annette (PS1CX) [2400] Not been our day at all has it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2401] No. [baby crying]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2402] Come on then.
[2403] We'll go and get back into the car.
[2404] Go and pick them shoes up and then go to [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2405] Does this mean now ... a retention of significant capital works out at ten percent?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2406] I don't know. [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2407] I don't like this bit either.
[2408] Summat a ... all to be carried out in a much better spirit and both parties were pleased with the result.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2409] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2410] But yeah.
[2411] So why are they having a meeting with them next week? [baby crying]
Annette (PS1CX) [2412] Right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2413] [shouting] There's no reply dad [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [2414] Try again in a bit.
[2415] I'll see you later!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2416] [shouting] Bye [] !
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2417] [shouting] Bye!
[2418] See you later [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [2419] Tarrah!
[2420] [shouting] See you Richard [] !
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2421] [shouting] See you [] !

29 (Tape 062401)

Annette (PS1CX) [2422] See, you see it's okay this guy being funny like that but we er we, I think we've got every right to be ... D'ya mean if we hadn't actually have been starting the work, heaven knows ... how long it would have been ... before we'd actually got the ... invoices paid!
[2423] Nigel must have got his money through else ... cos he was er ... on the train yesterday wasn't he?
[2424] I think they heard you state, say how is Steven and
Tracy (PS1D1) [2425] No, they haven't given it to him.
Annette (PS1CX) [2426] They haven't?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2427] No, he's erm ... that's what erm ... Andrew's er was meeting with er ... the Chairman for this morning.
Annette (PS1CX) [2428] Oh!
[2429] Andrew's actually having a meeting with him
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2430] is he?
[2431] Sorry!
[2432] Is that me?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2433] Yeah, he's going up on, to the [...] today.
Annette (PS1CX) [2434] Do you think he's gonna go even ... more berserk when Andrew tells him they've changed the two nights accommodations?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2435] No. [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2436] Yeah.
[2437] I hope not, for them.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2438] They don't want to.
Annette (PS1CX) [2439] No.
[2440] ... Well I'd tell you.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2441] Yeah.
[2442] I want to see the receipt.
[2443] Can you dig that receipt out for me this morning?
Annette (PS1CX) [2444] I've got it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2445] But ... Harringtons.
Annette (PS1CX) [2446] The Harringtons one?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2447] Yeah.
[2448] I want to put back in my pocket.
[2449] ... It's that total I want.
Annette (PS1CX) [2450] Yeah.

30 (Tape 062402)

Annette (PS1CX) [2451] Did you have a word with Angela ... about P forty fives?
Annette (PS1CX) [2452] No, cos I thought you were going in Friday.
Annette (PS1CX) [2453] No, I [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2454] Erm
Annette (PS1CX) [2455] I'm going today actually.
Annette (PS1CX) [2456] Monday.
[2457] You were go you're going today?
Annette (PS1CX) [2458] I'm going today, yeah.
[2459] When I've finished.
Annette (PS1CX) [2460] Oh right!
Annette (PS1CX) [2461] Give Angela a ring.
[2462] Couldn't give her a ring could you and ask her if she could have one ready for us?
Annette (PS1CX) [2463] Yeah, okay.
[2464] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2465] Ta!
[2466] Just explain what it is.
Annette (PS1CX) [2467] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2468] Cos all I'll get off Jim is a load of crap!
[2469] Won't be able to get int office!
[2470] You see?
Annette (PS1CX) [2471] Yeah.
[2472] ... Right, I'll give it a go.
Annette (PS1CX) [2473] Have you got some crisps?
Teresa (PS1CY) [2474] Cor!
[2475] I'm getting the hang of it here!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [whistling]
Teresa (PS1CY) [2476] [...] !
Annette (PS1CX) [2477] Ah!
[2478] Don't kick Rebecca!
[2479] ... Anybody got any idea of ... the number?
Annette (PS1CX) [2480] Eh?
Annette (PS1CX) [2481] Telephone number of counter?
Annette (PS1CX)
Annette (PS1CX) [2482] ?
[2483] No that's Tracey .
Annette (PS1CX) [2484] No.
[2485] Hang on.
[2486] It's ... ... double double summat, hang on, double summat ...
Annette (PS1CX) [2487] Int it funny how
Annette (PS1CX) [2488] Typical!
Annette (PS1CX) [2489] Yeah, I'll have to look it up, yeah.
[2490] [laugh] ... Mind your head.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2491] What?
[2492] Mind your head.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2493] I'm okay.
[2494] How are you feeling? [baby talk]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2495] Morning!
Annette (PS1CX) [2496] Morning John!
[2497] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2498] Not so bad.
[2499] Are you love?
Annette (PS1CX) [2500] How's the hand?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2501] It's still a bit stiff, but it's back to work Monday
Annette (PS1CX) [2502] Urgh!
[2503] Yuk!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2504] so that's alright.
Annette (PS1CX) [2505] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2506] Haven't spotted a little steam cleaner like, have you?
Annette (PS1CX) [2507] No.
[2508] I was only talking to her yesterday, I thought you'd come in and asked her?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2509] No, I haven't seen her love.
Annette (PS1CX) [2510] Well cos that morning I'd said she's in there, and we thought you'd been in.
[2511] So when I sa I saw her yesterday I said did John come in and ask you?
[2512] She said no.
[2513] I said oh well, he wants to borrow it, so
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2514] Ready for getting rid of it now see.
Annette (PS1CX) [2515] Are you?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2516] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2517] Right, okay then.
[2518] ... Whoops!
[2519] Steady darling!
[2520] We'll put that there. [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2521] What?

31 (Tape 062403)

Teresa (PS1CY) [2522] Hiya smiler!
[2523] How you doing?
[2524] ... Eh?
[2525] What you doing smiler?
[2526] ... We picked up Mark last night on way home.
Annette (PS1CX) [2527] Mark?
Teresa (PS1CY) [2528] You know that young friend [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2529] Oh did you?
Teresa (PS1CY) [2530] Yeah.
[2531] Going back to her car but
Annette (PS1CX) [2532] Oh!
Teresa (PS1CY) [2533] Alan was likely [laughing] in for a treat [] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2534] Was he?
[2535] Actually, we'd had erm ... er Clive in yesterday hadn't we?
[2536] And he was saying
Teresa (PS1CY) [2537] Who?
Annette (PS1CX) [2538] to Neil, Clive.
[2539] Er
Teresa (PS1CY) [2540] Ah!
[2541] Yeah.
[2542] Aye.
Annette (PS1CX) [2543] and he was saying to Neil that erm ... they don't know whether they're gonna keep him on or not
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2544] and it's a shame because he's, he's a grafter, you know?
Teresa (PS1CY) [2545] Yeah, he is.
[2546] The only thing is he ... he needs educating.
[2547] You know, he hasn't been ... shown.
Annette (PS1CX) [2548] He's not been taught.
[2549] He's just been
Teresa (PS1CY) [2550] Oh he hasn't!
Annette (PS1CX) [2551] left to it.
Teresa (PS1CY) [2552] No.
[2553] He's never been
Annette (PS1CX) [2554] Yeah, it's a shame innit?
Annette (PS1CX) [2555] [...] ... You're on.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2556] I think I [...] switching hands I didn't like that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [2557] What you doing?
[2558] ... That last one?
Teresa (PS1CY) [2559] Yeah, still not playing [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2560] What you doing?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2561] Getting [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [2562] [laugh] ... Come on then!
[2563] Let's go down to see granddad.
[2564] See how he's doing. [baby talk]
Teresa (PS1CY) [2565] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [whistling] [music]
Annette (PS1CX) [2566] Go see granddad.
[2567] ... Go see granddad.
[2568] What th granddad's doing.
[2569] Let's look.
[2570] Let's look ... down here.
[2571] ... Ooh!
[2572] Steady!
[2573] [baby talk] What's he doing?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2574] Urgh!
[2575] Gonna eat all dirt!
Annette (PS1CX) [2576] Go on and give him a kiss.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2577] What you gonna play?
Annette (PS1CX) [2578] [laugh] ... He's down there.
[2579] ... Neil.

32 (Tape 062404)

Tracy (PS1D1) [2580] Go past that, then there's one or two ne ne newish buildings ... and then you come up to a spot where you drive in and you go up or over ... the concrete, that's Norblast
Annette (PS1CX) [2581] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2582] Well as you're facing it's ... sign and print shop or print shop
Annette (PS1CX) [2583] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2584] it's the sign writing shop, well it's actually
Annette (PS1CX) [2585] Norblast that's on your left, it's got a, a big glass ... erm ... like an office there that they don't use, you
Annette (PS1CX) [2586] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2587] can either go through that door or pull sliding to.
Annette (PS1CX) [2588] I'll look, [...] check out for this ... you know.
[2589] Angela just said to ... just ... alter it on the P forty five, but
Tracy (PS1D1) [2590] She's got to do it [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2591] Well, well that's what I said, but she says can I not just alter it and leave it at that?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2592] What to, to different week?
Annette (PS1CX) [2593] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2594] Well yo
Annette (PS1CX) [2595] She said I thought I was a week out she said.
[2596] But you see, that won't be right for year end will it?
[2597] It won't tally with her.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2598] Er she, was she on her own?
[2599] Did she sound like she was
Annette (PS1CX) [2600] It didn't sound like it, no.
[2601] ... So ... I don't know.
[2602] I'll pu I'll nip down to see Pat and ask Pat ... what she thinks I should do.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2603] What do you think of them ... [...] racquets, Richard?
Annette (PS1CX) [2604] Which racquets?
[2605] Th the racquets, I know.
[2606] No not yet, no.
[2607] No.
[2608] Just get these [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2609] Right I'll make this cheque out.
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2610] Just the amount that's on this?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2611] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2612] This [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2613] Where you going?
[2614] You escaping? [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2615] After the one off victory!
Annette (PS1CX) [2616] Come on, in here!
[2617] [baby talk] What? [music playing] [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2618] Annette!
Annette (PS1CX) [2619] What?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2620] She's shouting at you.
[2621] Aren't you?
[2622] Did you do overtime for last week?
Annette (PS1CX) [2623] There was none was there?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2624] There was!
Annette (PS1CX) [2625] There wasn't.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2626] For last Wednesday.
Annette (PS1CX) [2627] That was week before wi er, that was ... we paid him last ... that that you've got written down there we've paid him that.
[2628] It was last week, they had normal week didn't they?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2629] No we went to Peterborough, two of us, three of us didn't we?
Annette (PS1CX) [2630] That was week before.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2631] They've had two weeks of overtime ain't they?
Annette (PS1CX) [2632] No, one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2633] Two.
Annette (PS1CX) [2634] Oh well they've only, nobody's complained.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2635] There's been two weeks with overtime.
[2636] Cos Richard and Su er Alan had seven hours last week ... when we went to er ... Peterborough.
Annette (PS1CX) [2637] Oh!
[2638] I didn't
Tracy (PS1D1) [2639] And it was the week before that we went to
Annette (PS1CX) [2640] You'll have to put your dates on cos I, I couldn't
Tracy (PS1D1) [2641] Yeah it
Annette (PS1CX) [2642] fathom out
Tracy (PS1D1) [2643] it was the week before that we went to er
Annette (PS1CX) [2644] [clears throat] Well I don't know.
[2645] If it's not written down I don't know ... when they've had or what they've had, you'll have to write it down and put a date on it.
[2646] And then, when I know ... what I'm doing, I thought that they'd just had that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2647] No.
[2648] Well ... leave that there.
Annette (PS1CX) [2649] Okay.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2650] Where are you going?
[2651] ... You going over there?
Annette (PS1CX) [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2652] What's wrong with her then? [phone rings]
Annette (PS1CX) [2653] Ooh!
[2654] Watch her a minute.
[2655] ... [phonecall starts] Lancaster, [...] .
[2656] Can you just hold the line [phonecall ends] ?
[2657] ... Neil, it's Michael .
Tracy (PS1D1) [2658] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2659] Hang on a sec.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2660] [phonecall starts] Morning Michael!
[2661] ... Great!
[2662] Yes.
[2663] No, no problem.
[2664] No [phonecall ends] .

33 (Tape 062405)

Tracy (PS1D1) [2665] Here he's po processing it Monday.
[2666] And it'll be in the post today.
[2667] Po post [...] .
[2668] No, no doubt about it.
[2669] And he said he's telling him point blank that he's, if there's any problems with invoices or anything, you have to deal with Andrew, he has to come back to me and deal with me direct!
Annette (PS1CX) [2670] So ... he's realized how long you've been waiting?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2671] Yeah.
[2672] And he said, it's not on, he said what he, he said er ... getting the money he said we've got a lot of money in American bank and he said and getting that back it's just a pain in the arse!
[2673] It's a bloody nuisance!
[2674] And it's not often Michael swears.
[2675] And, he said it's a bloody nuisance!
[2676] He said, but he said it doesn't give us the excuse of not paying the invoices on time, and he said ... erm ... I have warned him for it this morning and he said he will process it, and he said the cheque will be in the post here on Monday.
Annette (PS1CX) [2677] Well he told you twenty four hours didn't he?
[2678] Forty eight hours.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2679] Forty eight hours.
[2680] Ye well I told him that, yeah?
Annette (PS1CX) [2681] He told you.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2682] Then he, then he has a day off!
[2683] I said
Annette (PS1CX) [2684] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2685] I couldn't get hold of him yesterday!
[2686] He said he's had a day off!
[2687] So
Annette (PS1CX) [2688] So he's telling us a load of bull!
Tracy (PS1D1) [2689] Ben?
Annette (PS1CX) [2690] Ben, yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2691] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2692] So Mi
Tracy (PS1D1) [2693] I said well I apologize for sending all that sir, I said, but I said it was the only way to get somebody's attention of what was going on!
[2694] And he said, I do apologize, he said, for the mucking about, he said we want to work with our sub-contractors very, very, closely and have a good er relationship with them for ongoing work and stuff like that.
[2695] And he said i ... I agree with what you say, it's not the principle of, of making everybody wait like that.
Annette (PS1CX) [2696] No.
[2697] Well, that's fair enough.
[2698] D'ya think we've got it
Tracy (PS1D1) [2699] Well he di
Annette (PS1CX) [2700] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2701] he's he's got that and he's bound to get his earache
Annette (PS1CX) [2702] What?
[2703] Can I have one?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2704] he's bound to get an earache er, this morning because ma er, Andrew's gonna give him one and if Nigel and er ... and Steve see him, they'll give him one because their outstanding invoice.
Annette (PS1CX) [2705] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2706] We need some steel for them hanging graphics.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2707] Yes I know, but we're not er ... we won't fiddle about with them until we get well on to the way because ... if we do that now ... we gotta take the welder up, you've only gotta cut them off again because they're in the way for the rest of the bloody coaches.
Annette (PS1CX) [2708] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2709] And that's what they've been cut off for.
Annette (PS1CX) [2710] Yeah, but the thing is i ... we can get the steel ... er and make them up but we don't have to put them on till later.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2711] Yep.
[2712] Is there a stubbler
Annette (PS1CX) [2713] No.
[2714] They've just about been cut flush.
[2715] They've been cut with gas axe.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2716] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2717] Perhaps we could er
Annette (PS1CX) [2718] Yeah I know.
[2719] Aye.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2720] bolt them on?
Annette (PS1CX) [2721] No, they've not been,th they've just like been cut flush.
[2722] We welded.
Annette (PS1CX) [2723] Come on [...] .
[2724] Geoff!
[2725] [clears throat] ... Geoff!
[2726] I've spoken to Angela and Angela said, just alter the week numbers on the, on your P forty five, but ... as I've just said to Neil ... if I do that, that is gonna throw it out for year end when I give you yo your green slip.
[2727] On Angela's side, not my side.
Teresa (PS1CY) [2728] Yeah.
[2729] What numbers have I got?
Annette (PS1CX) [2730] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [2731] Has she got them all?
Annette (PS1CX) [2732] Well she said, I've wrote ours wrong she said because
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2733] But I
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2734] she carried on from Pat .
Annette (PS1CX) [2735] Yeah.
[2736] Yeah she knows.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2737] Well ... only thing, the only thing you can do ... if you got any P forty fives?
Annette (PS1CX) [2738] [clears throat] I have.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2739] Yeah.
[2740] Well just write another one out and check the numbers on it ... you know, [...] and send that.
Annette (PS1CX) [2741] And send that.
[2742] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2743] That'll be easiest thing to do.
[2744] Messing about ... with [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2745] [...] or do we have to [music]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2746] No problem.
Annette (PS1CX) [2747] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2748] Cos if there's any handwriting on it, I'll forge it for you! [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [2749] It's just ridiculo I mean, she wants to write that down ... really I'm, I
Tracy (PS1D1) [2750] I think it's because the her hands tied behind her back.
Annette (PS1CX) [2751] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2752] I know what's happening down there.
[2753] I tell you!
[2754] I've gotta go down and ... see them anyway.
Annette (PS1CX) [2755] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2756] But , I mean, well you can do that anyway, just sort of make a co write a
Annette (PS1CX) [2757] Yeah just
Tracy (PS1D1) [2758] new one with all the
Annette (PS1CX) [2759] just just forget it then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2760] Yeah.
[2761] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2762] Right.
[2763] I'll get on with this then.
[2764] Erm ... she makes erm ... get him to make you a new bag look.
Annette (PS1CX) [2765] Oh oh!
[2766] Are you [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2767] What?
[2768] Are you coming?
Annette (PS1CX) [2769] [laughing] She [] , it wouldn't be bad if she'd sit in there.
[2770] I don't know whether to take her home or
Tracy (PS1D1) [2771] I want my er ... if you're going back for dinner, I want my camera and my film.
[2772] There's my
Annette (PS1CX) [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2773] there's a black film somewhere kicking about.
[2774] In a new one, in a box.
[2775] And I want my camera to get a photograph of this when we get it outside.
Annette (PS1CX) [2776] Okay.
[2777] Right.
[2778] ... So you feel happier now ... you've spoken to him this morning?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2779] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2780] Yeah. [clears throat] ... [clears throat]
Annette (PS1CX) [...] [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2781] What?
[2782] [baby talk] What?
[2783] [baby talk] What?
[2784] Come here!
Annette (PS1CX) [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2785] I'm coming!
[2786] ... Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2787] Yeah.
[2788] It's on there.
[2789] It's on that side as well.
[2790] There.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2791] I mean for him to ring you back and speak to you,i i he, he's been concerned about it as well.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2792] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2793] He's probably walked in and seen that and thought, I'm not having this and ... when he sat down and thought about it, like we've done
Tracy (PS1D1) [2794] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [2795] it's erm ... I wonder if he's spok if he's got Andrew with him now?
Tracy (PS1D1) [2796] No, he's int office.
[2797] Don't forget the film. ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2798] It's just that I don't want erm

34 (Tape 062501)

Annette (PS1CX) [2799] Oh!
[2800] Look at state of you!
[2801] Let's go and get you brushed off.
[2802] Here are.
[2803] [baby talk] What?
[2804] Let's go and get you brushed off. [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2805] What?
[2806] What you done?
[2807] [laughing] Hey [] ?
[2808] What you done?
[2809] Come here!
[2810] ... Stand here on the box.
[2811] That'll, that'll be as bad, now you're sat on that box.
[2812] Let's brush you off.
[2813] Ooh!
[2814] Ha!
[2815] Ha!
[2816] Ha!
[2817] Ha!
[2818] Ha!
[2819] Ha!
[2820] Ha!
[2821] Oh!
[2822] Oh!
[2823] Ha!
[2824] Ha!
[2825] Ha!
[2826] Ha!
Annette (PS1CX) [2827] Come on with me.
[2828] Come on with me. [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2829] Yes. [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2830] What?
Annette (PS1CX) [2831] There. [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2832] Is that right? [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2833] Eh?
[2834] Is that right? [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [2835] Rebecca!
[2836] You are hard work! [radio playing]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2837] Richard!
[2838] Does this want to tape up or anything?
Annette (PS1CX) [2839] No.
[2840] That's [baby talk]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2841] What?
Annette (PS1CX) [2842] She's dead hard work!
[2843] She won't be picked up or
Tracy (PS1D1) [2844] She's enjoying wandering round now.
Annette (PS1CX) [2845] Yeah.
[2846] Trouble is it's ... you know ... I worry
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2847] about her being, getting in
Tracy (PS1D1) [2848] Yeah I know.
[2849] ... Enjoying them crisps! [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2850] What?

35 (Tape 062502)

Annette (PS1CX) [2851] What do you think next step should be Neil?
[2852] Do you think solicitor or
Donald (PS1D2) [2853] No.
[2854] I think we ought to go and talk to them first and exp ... you know, put our side forward and if they don't want to play then, then you have a solicitor.
Annette (PS1CX) [2855] But ... really, you already have.
[2856] Because you, Neil's already spoken to them about ... how late th the thing was coming in the first place no and they've just ignored it!
Donald (PS1D2) [2857] Well there's no harm in having one last try is there?
[2858] Oi!
[2859] No!
[2860] What you doing?
Annette (PS1CX) [2861] Trouble is that
Donald (PS1D2) [2862] Well if they owe us money and stuff like that, we might have to be going to court in the end with it ... but the only trouble is, we're losing that much bloody time taking a day off and going down there!
Annette (PS1CX) [2863] Yeah.
[2864] This is it, you've hardly time.
Tracy (PS1D1) [2865] Well that's what I say if you go down on ... er Sunday, but they won't be there, we'll have to make a [...] ... organize a [...] . [baby talk]
Donald (PS1D2) [2866] What?
[2867] ... Aye, they're a bloody nuisance!
Annette (PS1CX) [2868] Rebecca!
[2869] ... You just get sick of problems don't you?
[2870] It's just ... seems
Donald (PS1D2) [2871] Well they tend to come in batches don't they?
[2872] You know
Annette (PS1CX) [2873] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [2874] we have a quiet period for a while and then all of a sudden they all crop up together.
Annette (PS1CX) [2875] I mean, at least, the one
Donald (PS1D2) [2876] And you, you stand there at end of day and think well ... is it our fault or what?
Annette (PS1CX) [2877] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [2878] [...] , we won't be dealing with anybody else for a while, I can tell you ... [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [2879] Aye.
Donald (PS1D2) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2880] Well it makes you wonder
Donald (PS1D2) [2881] Mind you, if you look at it like, like [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [2882] Yeah, but if, should we say ... well we acc we'll accept half of it and and
Donald (PS1D2) [2883] No!
[2884] It's ... we, we shouldn't accept anything that ... you know, we, we don't think's correct!
[2885] In fact, we know it's not correct.
Annette (PS1CX) [2886] Yeah but they might say, well alright then, and then ... pay out and ... as it is we're gonna have a lot of messing about haven't we?
[2887] Anyway, I'll ... get in touch with Mike and see if er
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2888] he's heard from insurance people for ... cos I've already asked Mike
Donald (PS1D2) [2889] But [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2890] he said he'll ta no, to court if it goes to court ... cos the insurance we've got out.
Donald (PS1D2) [2891] Oh right.
Annette (PS1CX) [2892] See if they'll pay it, he was gonna get back to me today.
[2893] And then we can go to Mrs , and let Mrs write a letter.
Donald (PS1D2) [2894] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [2895] Her mum's still in Manchester ... [...] .
[2896] ... Some of it you can't keep int office and ... [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [2897] Right!
[2898] Can you put kettle on Richard?
Annette (PS1CX) [2899] I will do.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [2900] [laugh] ... What?
[2901] Let's look at your trousers.
[2902] Look at the state of you!
[2903] ... Your mum is going to do her nut!
[2904] [baby talk] Look at your coat!
[2905] Let's [baby talk] let's take this off first and brush this.
[2906] Let's have this first.

36 (Tape 062503)

David (PS1D0) [2907] Can daddy have his keys?
[2908] No?
[2909] I need to unlock the door. [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [2910] Daddy wants his keys Rebecca.
[2911] Here are, you have something else.
[2912] Don't know what, but have something
David (PS1D0) [2913] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [2914] else!
David (PS1D0) [2915] What's this here?
[2916] What's this?
Annette (PS1CX) [2917] Don't know.
David (PS1D0) [2918] [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [2919] Joking!
[2920] Here, what's this one?
[2921] What's this one?
[2922] Swap you?
David (PS1D0) [2923] She won't let me have them!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2924] Bye.
[2925] Bye-bye!
Annette (PS1CX) [2926] Yeah.
[2927] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2928] Bye!

37 (Tape 062504)

David (PS1D0) [2929] Says I'm in charge!
Annette (PS1CX) [2930] Good!
[2931] Good!
David (PS1D0) [2932] Won't have any bother from the natives then will we?
[2933] Eh?
[2934] I see!
[2935] Oh right! [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [2936] Oh I see!
[2937] Yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [2938] So
David (PS1D0) [2939] What?
[2940] Who's that? [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [2941] That's you!
[2942] ... Isn't it?
[2943] That's you! [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [2944] What?
[2945] What's all this lot?
Annette (PS1CX) [2946] Yes.
David (PS1D0) [2947] You go on your [...] and get down there with that lot.
Annette (PS1CX) [2948] Oh I see.
David (PS1D0) [2949] They'll give you hand to lift it out.
Donald (PS1D2) [2950] Oh right
David (PS1D0) [2951] Er ... and they'll probably put it on a pallet anyway, they normally do.
[2952] ... Ah!
[2953] What have you got now?
[2954] ... I'll just go and get er ... oh do you want my crisps now do you?
[2955] Now you've scoffed your own!
[2956] ... Thank you.
[2957] ... Mm.
[2958] I see!
[2959] Yeah. [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [2960] What?
[2961] ... Hey I've told you, you're not to take that [...] from the W D and all!
Donald (PS1D2) [2962] No you didn't.
David (PS1D0) [2963] Yeah I did.
[2964] I said fill your er ... pots up.
[2965] Give you a load of bloody pots and you take it off and we're standing around looking for it!
Annette (PS1CX) [2966] Ah.
[2967] ... You've not even made him a potful.
Donald (PS1D2) [2968] Do you?
Annette (PS1CX) [2969] [clears throat] ... Rebecca's here.
[2970] She's got some Quavers.
David (PS1D0) [2971] She'd rather have mine instead!
Annette (PS1CX) [2972] Yeah.
[2973] ... And she's got a trifle.
[2974] ... It needs sticking on your wall cos she's pulled the back off.
David (PS1D0) [2975] No, you've got greasy fingers!
[2976] You've made a mess of it now look!
[2977] ... Yes you!
[2978] That's you!
[2979] ... Now what you after?
Donald (PS1D2) [2980] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[2981] Is it possible to speak to Pete please?
David (PS1D0) [2982] Oi!
Donald (PS1D2) [2983] Er Peter .
[2984] It's Neil at Lancaster
David (PS1D0) [2985] It's mine!
Donald (PS1D2) [2986] and carriage [...] .
David (PS1D0) [2987] That's daddy's.
[2988] [baby talk] I don't care what you say think!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [2989] No!
David (PS1D0) [2990] What do you mean, no?
[2991] It's mine!
[2992] [baby talk] It's mine.
[2993] Ta!
[2994] No! [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [2995] A duel, is that what it is?
Donald (PS1D2) [2996] Hi Peter!
[2997] It's Neil.
[2998] Not too bad.
[2999] This trailer will be ready for pick up about three.
[3000] If it's possible?
[3001] Great!
[3002] Yeah i ... er, just depends when you wanna do it.
[3003] Er ... [laugh] ... er, at the end of the month.
[3004] ... Right.
[3005] Great stuff!
David (PS1D0) [3006] Ah!
Donald (PS1D2) [3007] Right.
[3008] No problem.
David (PS1D0) [3009] Is that for me?
[3010] You want my crisps [...] .
Donald (PS1D2) [3011] Okay.
[3012] Well I'll pop down this afternoon.
Annette (PS1CX) [3013] That's got nuts in ain't it?
Donald (PS1D2) [3014] Yeah.
[3015] Alright.
[3016] Grand!
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3017] Erm, I'm being nosey now ... [laugh] ... you've got a box, er, horse box behind your building ... a blue one ... it's a double wheeler horse box,i is it yours or is it for sale?
[3018] Yeah.
[3019] No.
[3020] Right.
[3021] No I bought one for Teresa but er, when it, the chap saw it to collect it ... he come wi he come in and he said er ... you don't know where there's another one?
[3022] And of course, when I was down there Sunday, I turned round there and I said er, and he came in last night, again, he said you don't wanna sell it?
[3023] I said, I don't.
[3024] Er ... and he said I'm after one for my horse.
[3025] I said, well I said er ... I'll ask Peter, I know there is one down there but whether it's for sale or not, I said I'll be cheeky this morning and ask him.
[3026] Alright.
[3027] I'll
Annette (PS1CX) [3028] What's that?
Donald (PS1D2) [3029] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3030] Who?
Annette (PS1CX) [3031] Her.
David (PS1D0) [3032] Aha.
[3033] Right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3034] Oh it's a worm!
Donald (PS1D2) [3035] Yeah.
[3036] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3037] It's a she seashell.
Annette (PS1CX) [3038] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [3039] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3040] Well they have a worm inside don't they?
Donald (PS1D2) [3041] Well this one of mine, I had a good deal with this one.
David (PS1D0) [3042] They have a crab.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3043] Erm ... about [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3044] A crab is it?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3045] I got it in erm ... a shop with [...] .
David (PS1D0) [3046] No it won't be.
[3047] Might be a
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
David (PS1D0) [3048] a sea urchin.
Donald (PS1D2) [3049] and he came in with
Annette (PS1CX) [3050] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [3051] and took the job that was supposed to go into South Africa.
Annette (PS1CX) [3052] Look at the colour of my coat with Becky's shoes!
Donald (PS1D2) [3053] And also keep that for [...] and take that [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3054] Have you seen that, look?
Donald (PS1D2) [3055] and use it as a big horsebox.
[3056] And, [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3057] It's madam's shoes!
[3058] It is!
Donald (PS1D2) [3059] And then of course, he spotted it and he come er ... come winging in!
[3060] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3061] What? [baby talk]
Annette (PS1CX) [3062] Looks like you.
Donald (PS1D2) [3063] Yeah, that's right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3064] Like you.
Donald (PS1D2) [3065] Right.
[3066] Th the Borford ones, have they got bigger than the standard?
[3067] It must be an a, because he, he, he, he said he'd got chance of one but it did whacking great six inch er ... sixteen inch wheels on!
[3068] I said, what?
[3069] I said [...] .
[3070] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3071] Oh I see.
Donald (PS1D2) [3072] Put them on, yeah.
[3073] Yeah.
[3074] Right, okay.
[3075] I'll tell him.
[3076] And I'll see you this afternoon.
[3077] Bye!
[3078] Bye [phonecall ends] .
David (PS1D0) [3079] See they got
Donald (PS1D2) [3080] Said whenever we want these trailers, they're different to what this is. [...] [baby talk]
David (PS1D0) [3081] That's it!
[3082] You tell them!
Donald (PS1D2) [3083] Tell your dad to get his arse off and get this stuff delivered!
[3084] You tell him! [baby talk]
Donald (PS1D2) [3085] That's
David (PS1D0) [3086] See
Donald (PS1D2) [3087] it, bog off!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Donald (PS1D2) [3088] You got it right! [baby talk] [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3089] Yes!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh] ... [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3090] Who is that daft sod?
[3091] Who is it?
[3092] Daft!
[3093] ... Ah!
[3094] Ah!
[3095] Ah!
[3096] Ah!
[3097] Ah!
[3098] ... Daddy's tea.
[3099] [slurping noises] Ah!
Annette (PS1CX) [3100] Just had a thought
David (PS1D0) [3101] Oh!
[3102] ... Are you staying here with Annette?
Annette (PS1CX) [3103] Are you ... staying with me?
David (PS1D0) [3104] Or you coming for a ride?
Annette (PS1CX) [3105] D'ya think she'll be alright?
David (PS1D0) [3106] I dunno.
[3107] She must [...] int car seat.
Annette (PS1CX) [3108] Well see.
[3109] It's just when you get out and on road int it?
[3110] That you ... shouldn't have any trouble though.
[3111] She'll sit there and watch won't she, while you
David (PS1D0) [3112] Are you gonna put your coat on?
[3113] Are you coming for a ride with daddy?
Annette (PS1CX) [3114] Good girl!
[3115] First time she's ever put it on ... without whingeing!
[3116] [baby talk] Oh I know!
[3117] I know!
David (PS1D0) [3118] Let's have this other sleeve.
[3119] Hold that.
Annette (PS1CX) [3120] Hang on!
David (PS1D0) [3121] Oh!
[3122] Oh!
[3123] Ah!
[3124] Ah!
[3125] Hold that with that hand.
[3126] That's it.
[3127] [baby talk] Oh I see.
Annette (PS1CX) [3128] Do you want me to ... put her car seat in van?
David (PS1D0) [3129] Yeah, please.
[3130] I've gotta go up to.
Annette (PS1CX) [3131] Right.
[3132] If we get her

38 (Tape 062505)

David (PS1D0) [3133] Your vehicle looked very nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3134] That one?
Annette (PS1CX) [3135] It's nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3136] They've changed the advert in the Steam World magazine and put end of that in.
Annette (PS1CX) [3137] Yeah.
[3138] We're talking about your ... one outside.
David (PS1D0) [3139] We're talking about your one outside.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3140] Oh!
[3141] That one?
[3142] Oh!
[3143] Oh!
David (PS1D0) [3144] I haven't seen it before.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3145] Oh!
[3146] Haven't you?
David (PS1D0) [3147] Very nice!
Annette (PS1CX) [3148] It's brilliant!
David (PS1D0) [3149] Takes me that long to get them now.
Annette (PS1CX) [3150] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3151] Ah well so well so we, somebody said you'd emigrated like.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3152] Yeah right.
[3153] Yeah.
[3154] ... I haven't got much territory now.
[3155] I'm all over the place!
Annette (PS1CX) [3156] Have you?
David (PS1D0) [3157] Mm.
[3158] Yeah.
[3159] Do half of Preston's you see.
Annette (PS1CX) [3160] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3161] You know , Blackburn and Burnley, [...] and all that round there.
[3162] Accrington, Wetheral, Longridge.
Annette (PS1CX) [3163] Jeepers!
[3164] You get about
David (PS1D0) [3165] All over the place!
Annette (PS1CX) [3166] a bit then?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3167] Have you got pen and paper with you?
David (PS1D0) [3168] And Cumbria ... for Dixons.
[3169] So like it's ... a massive area now.
Annette (PS1CX) [3170] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3171] Have you got any pen and paper?
David (PS1D0) [3172] I'll get
Tracy (PS1D1) [3173] I want
David (PS1D0) [3174] one.
[3175] I'll get one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3176] I want a quote.
David (PS1D0) [3177] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3178] Inch and a half
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3179] box section.
David (PS1D0) [3180] Ten by eights?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3181] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3182] Very good!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3183] And I want some erm ... the cheapest meshing, but I don't want big meshing.
[3184] I want a price because we're still waiting to hear from er ... [...] . [radio playing]
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3185] Oh!
David (PS1D0) [3186] Look at that!
[3187] Isn't it straight?
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3188] Look at that!
[3189] It's come out. [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3190] Oh!
[3191] I've got someone coming [...] .
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3192] Yeah, it's funny, usually find with joiners ... I don't know,i they're supposed to have a good eye for strai
David (PS1D0) [3193] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3194] but they haven't!
David (PS1D0) [3195] I know.
[3196] It's amazing that!
Annette (PS1CX) [3197] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3198] Yeah.
[3199] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [3200] And I, well I, [...] he didn't get here till about half past ten!
[3201] But
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [3202] put a nail in ... put something like that ... that's about right ... no, actually it's not [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [3203] Is it just held on with like, a couple of nails or
Teresa (PS1CY) [3204] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3205] Yeah?
Teresa (PS1CY) [3206] Then it's ... put on top.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3207] Won't get that back from [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [3208] Right.
[3209] I'll see if I can
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3210] Was it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [3211] [...] down there.
Annette (PS1CX) [3212] Mm.
[3213] That was
David (PS1D0) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3214] I'm going to put it out there ... where they won't
David (PS1D0) [3215] Mm.

39 (Tape 062506)

David (PS1D0) [3216] No you've done
Annette (PS1CX) [3217] Mm.
David (PS1D0) [3218] you've done very well!
[3219] Haven't you really?
[3220] Your first ... your first year.
Annette (PS1CX) [3221] Yeah we did well but erm ... we shouldn't have ... like, you learn by your mistakes, but we ... we kind of made profit and we shouldn't of done
David (PS1D0) [3222] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3223] erm, and now the tax man has hammered us so hard
David (PS1D0) [3224] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3225] that we're really struggling!
David (PS1D0) [3226] Yeah.
[3227] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3228] And we're really having to struggle to sort of make ends meet.
David (PS1D0) [3229] Yeah.
[3230] I know what you mean.
[3231] You ... it's a diffi it's difficult
Annette (PS1CX) [3232] It's wrong int it?
David (PS1D0) [3233] just striking up that balance int it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3234] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3235] Isn't it really?
Annette (PS1CX) [3236] And of course, now they ... when we originally moved in here we asked about the rates and they said oh they co they wouldn't raise it because it was an unfinished project
David (PS1D0) [3237] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3238] and nobody had paid rates, and they wouldn't pay rates until they'd actually finished building on the land opposite.
David (PS1D0) [3239] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3240] Anyway, when the accountant came in to do the books ... he said er, oh he said you've got to pay something.
[3241] So he said, I'll get onto them myself.
[3242] Anyway, apparently, he was told exactly the same thing as I was told
David (PS1D0) [3243] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3244] but of course, it had kind of stirred up a hornets' nest!
[3245] Next thing they were down with the measuring up and we'd just got a four thousand pound rate bill!
[3246] And, they've actually rated it at ten and a half thousand ... erm ... payable
David (PS1D0) [3247] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3248] three thousand eight, and of course, well Neil said there's V A T, I didn't think you had to pay V A T on rates?
David (PS1D0) [3249] I didn't, I didn't, you know, I don't
Annette (PS1CX) [3250] You know?
David (PS1D0) [3251] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3252] Er ... anyway ... so tha that's sort of you know, made
David (PS1D0) [3253] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [3254] a big difference.
[3255] That's suddenly four thousand a year we've to find.
David (PS1D0) [3256] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3257] I mean, if, it's crippling us is this place!
David (PS1D0) [3258] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3259] If it wasn't for this we could be ... it would be quite good.
David (PS1D0) [3260] Yeah.
[3261] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3262] But what can you do, there's nothing else about?
David (PS1D0) [3263] No it's ... that's it.
[3264] And a lot of businesses up and down are er ... are in a bad way, really.
Annette (PS1CX) [3265] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3266] Some very ... sailing very close to the wind.
Annette (PS1CX) [3267] Yeah.
[3268] They're all finding it hard aren't they?
David (PS1D0) [3269] Well, there's less and less work ... and the work that does seem to be about ... is that competitively priced that
Annette (PS1CX) [3270] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3271] you know, it's negible whether you can make anything even if
Annette (PS1CX) [3272] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3273] you get the work.
Annette (PS1CX) [3274] Yeah.
[3275] And then of course er ... money is floating round very quickly.
[3276] No.
[3277] No.
[3278] I er, in fact, we, yeah, we just had a problem yesterday, we started work for the Royal Scotsman ... and ... erm ... well we started work for them, like last year and we've been doing jobs
David (PS1D0) [3279] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3280] and we've had invoices outstanding since October.
David (PS1D0) [3281] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3282] So Neil said, well ... these invoices weren't forthcoming, so I said to them, the thing, the thing is, if we start work and we buy a load of equipment ... how are we gonna ... sort of, how long's the cheque gonna, gonna be coming in, you know.
David (PS1D0) [3283] And you have to fund it.
Annette (PS1CX) [3284] So we asked for twenty thousand pound upfront.
David (PS1D0) [3285] Tt!
Annette (PS1CX) [3286] So, anyway, and they said, and before we wi we get this twenty thousand we also want the ou October's invoices clearing up as well.
[3287] So, that was ... great.
[3288] Anyway, we've waited and waited ... we've rung and we've rung!
[3289] Eventually a cheque came, instead of being like, for six thousands er, nearly seven thousand it came for four!
David (PS1D0) [3290] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3291] Erm, the twenty thousand eventually arrived, no V A T.
[3292] You know
David (PS1D0) [3293] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [3294] and all this sort of things.
[3295] So, of course, we were getting a little bit panicky ... cos what's worrying me, and it still worries me ... again ... we've put all this time and effort in ... they may pay us ... alright, we've got this twenty, they may pay us a second payment, but are they gonna pay up on the third?
David (PS1D0) [3296] Well tha that's always the catch isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3297] You know?
David (PS1D0) [3298] The last one.
Annette (PS1CX) [3299] Yeah.
[3300] So we actually wrote down ... erm ... th the equipment that we were buying was ours until paid for in full.
David (PS1D0) [3301] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3302] By them.
David (PS1D0) [3303] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3304] And we sent this letter up to them.
[3305] Well we've had their director on the phone, phone yesterday ... and more or less demanded his twenty thousand back
David (PS1D0) [3306] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3307] and, if you don't want the work we'll take it elsewhere and all this.
David (PS1D0) [3308] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [3309] Erm
David (PS1D0) [3310] Puts you off doesn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3311] Well I mean, what on earth do you do?
David (PS1D0) [3312] Yeah.
[3313] Very difficult isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3314] You just ... well Ne both Neil and I have sort of felt well, to be quite honest it isn't worth it.
David (PS1D0) [3315] Yeah.
[3316] For what you make at the end of the day on, on somebody's [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3317] No it's not worth it.
[3318] It
David (PS1D0) [3319] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3320] well it, the running the business isn't I don't think ... because by the time ... the tax man's hammered you
David (PS1D0) [3321] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3322] you know, the V A T man wants his money, I mean the V A T man's been paid for all these invoices
David (PS1D0) [3323] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3324] and I still haven't got the money in.
David (PS1D0) [3325] Yeah.
[3326] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3327] You know.
[3328] Everything's against you!
David (PS1D0) [3329] Really V A T's, I think, and I think it should only be paid when it, when the invoices
Annette (PS1CX) [3330] Exactly!
David (PS1D0) [3331] have been cleared, rather than always paying
Annette (PS1CX) [3332] Exactly!
David (PS1D0) [3333] for that quarter
Annette (PS1CX) [3334] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3335] even if you've not got paid.
Annette (PS1CX) [3336] Yeah.
[3337] Exactly!
[3338] Erm ... mm, I don't know whether there's any way round it ... but ... that's sort of the set up that they gave us when we started and I guess I'll have to ... sort of conform to that, but ... it
David (PS1D0) [3339] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3340] does seem unfair.
David (PS1D0) [3341] Yeah.
[3342] That's right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3343] I mean now there's a couple of people quibbling about actually paying ... at the [...] that we did.
David (PS1D0) [3344] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3345] There's still six hundred and odd pound outstanding.
[3346] Erm ... I can't honestly see us ever getting that.
David (PS1D0) [3347] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3348] Erm ... the funiculars ... they're quibbling about the final payment.
David (PS1D0) [3349] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3350] About them being late and everything else.
[3351] Er, you know, it's just a, and I've paid for that and that and
David (PS1D0) [3352] There's extenuating circumstances like that
Annette (PS1CX) [3353] Oh dear!
David (PS1D0) [3354] though isn't there?
[3355] As Neil said.
Annette (PS1CX) [3356] Well yeah!
David (PS1D0) [3357] Changes in specification
Annette (PS1CX) [3358] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3359] er, equipment coming in late, er
Annette (PS1CX) [3360] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3361] you know, I mean
Annette (PS1CX) [3362] They don't seem to ... want to know though.
[3363] I mean, Neil's tried to explain to them ... that, they were late with drawings and everything else, it put us way behind in the beginning.
David (PS1D0) [3364] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3365] But all, you know, they've just not listened to him!
David (PS1D0) [3366] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3367] So
David (PS1D0) [3368] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3369] I guess it'll
David (PS1D0) [3370] It's er stal stalling ... they're
Annette (PS1CX) [3371] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3372] cos that's all it's doing innit?
Annette (PS1CX) [3373] Yeah.
[3374] Well solicitor said she, it sounded to her as if there's something more ... to it.
[3375] Maybe they don't have the money.
David (PS1D0) [3376] Yeah.
[3377] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3378] And they're stalling all the time.
David (PS1D0) [3379] Yeah.
[3380] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3381] But erm ... you see, they suggested going down for a meeting ... he's up to his eyes in it!
David (PS1D0) [3382] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3383] And
David (PS1D0) [3384] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3385] he can't honestly spare time to go down there
David (PS1D0) [3386] It's costing you money isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3387] Well yeah
David (PS1D0) [3388] And chase your own ... what's due to
Annette (PS1CX) [3389] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3390] you.
[3391] That's, that's the [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [3392] And we know you're gonna have an argument.
[3393] So is it worth it?
David (PS1D0) [3394] Yeah.
[3395] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3396] I, I, I personally feel that ... give it to solicitor and let her deal with it, because
David (PS1D0) [3397] Yeah.
[3398] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3399] just not worth the hassle.
[3400] Alright
David (PS1D0) [3401] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3402] that's gonna cost
David (PS1D0) [3403] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3404] but, but I mean you can only make it worse by ... like you say, you're wasting your own time and money
David (PS1D0) [3405] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3406] you're not gonna get anywhere!
David (PS1D0) [3407] Yeah.
[3408] Yeah.
[3409] All gets
Annette (PS1CX) [3410] I mean
David (PS1D0) [3411] a bit acrimonious doesn't it?
[3412] And er
Annette (PS1CX) [3413] Yeah.
[3414] Don't it?
David (PS1D0) [3415] er that sort of thing starts happening.
Annette (PS1CX) [3416] Oh it's painful!
David (PS1D0) [3417] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3418] It really is painful!
David (PS1D0) [3419] Yeah.
[3420] It's getting ever more difficult isn't it?
[3421] Doing
Annette (PS1CX) [3422] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3423] business.
[3424] Ever more.
Annette (PS1CX) [3425] Yeah.
[3426] You just ... I,th all this bumph about sort of trying to help small businesses and, things like that, they do nothing!
David (PS1D0) [3427] No.
[3428] No I know that.
Annette (PS1CX) [3429] They do nothing at all!
David (PS1D0) [3430] Yeah.
[3431] No it's er ... as you say, all, all the cards are stacked i in
Annette (PS1CX) [3432] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3433] such a way that it makes it ever more difficult.
Annette (PS1CX) [3434] Yeah.
[3435] The trouble is, see ... you know, you've nobody you can go to, you, you've nobody that sort of will listen to
David (PS1D0) [3436] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3437] to all this and do something about it higher up.
David (PS1D0) [3438] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3439] I mean they just keep hammering and hammering and more and more are going out of business.
David (PS1D0) [3440] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3441] Alright,th the ... saying in the paper, they're talking about ... stopping these big companies, keeping these little companies waiting ... there could be something they can do about that, but how long is it going to be before they do something?
David (PS1D0) [3442] Yeah.
[3443] Yeah.
[3444] It's a
Annette (PS1CX) [3445] In the meantime ... there's more and more going bust every week!
David (PS1D0) [3446] Well the trouble is, a lot of these MPs and ... people on these committees ... are actually ... they've got seats on the boards of a lot of these big companies
Annette (PS1CX) [3447] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3448] so it's not in their interests to push this through.
[3449] The longer they can stall ... something
Annette (PS1CX) [3450] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3451] like that
Annette (PS1CX) [3452] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3453] er, you know, the better it is, and particularly when you look at the ... the fever that there is at the moment about ... electioneering
Annette (PS1CX) [3454] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3455] is, is no big business isn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3456] No, that's true.
[3457] I mean maybe I should go and see local ... erm ... MP or
David (PS1D0) [3458] Local M P.
Annette (PS1CX) [3459] whatever and, and, about the rates.
David (PS1D0) [3460] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3461] And see, you know, if they can do something about that, maybe it'd be right time.
David (PS1D0) [3462] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3463] Bu cos we're actually the only ones that have their rate bill ... Barry's hasn't.
David (PS1D0) [3464] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3465] So, you know, they're
David (PS1D0) [3466] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3467] just expecting us to pay!
David (PS1D0) [3468] Yeah.
[3469] Yeah.
[3470] I would.
Annette (PS1CX) [3471] And it's ... Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3472] That's what they're there for!
Annette (PS1CX) [3473] Well, yeah that's true!
David (PS1D0) [3474] Whether you've voted for them or not.
Annette (PS1CX) [3475] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3476] And , you know ... in fact
Annette (PS1CX) [3477] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3478] you pay your taxes and, and
Annette (PS1CX) [3479] Yeah, it's very true that.
David (PS1D0) [3480] you know, it can have [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [3481] I might do that.
David (PS1D0) [3482] Yeah.
[3483] Because if, if they've singled yourself out, it's, obviously, it's not right is it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3484] No it's not.
[3485] Well I said, well I'm not paying mine until somebody else gets theirs.
David (PS1D0) [3486] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3487] And have to pay theirs.
David (PS1D0) [3488] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3489] But erm ... I suppose next thing'll be a court demand and, how d'ya fight that?
David (PS1D0) [3490] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3491] So
David (PS1D0) [3492] It's all a worry innit? [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3493] Yeah, int it?
[3494] Oh!
[3495] Headache stuff!
[3496] Never mind.
David (PS1D0) [3497] Yeah.
[3498] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3499] Never mind!
David (PS1D0) [3500] Oh well, keep your head down. [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3501] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[3502] Yeah.
[3503] At least there isn't the same hassle as there was at Calpers
David (PS1D0) [3504] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3505] I mean ... alright, yes, you sort of have worries, but most of the time, I mean, for all last year it's run pretty well.
David (PS1D0) [3506] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3507] It's only just recently that we sort of starting our de we've had bits of aggro.
David (PS1D0) [3508] Yeah.
[3509] Or at least, like
Annette (PS1CX) [3510] So
David (PS1D0) [3511] with this,a all the benefits are, you ... get them personally don't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [3512] Yeah.
[3513] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3514] Er rather than
Annette (PS1CX) [3515] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3516] doing the same amount of hours er and somebody else benefiting?
Annette (PS1CX) [3517] That's it!
[3518] Yeah, that's it.
David (PS1D0) [3519] Yeah.
[3520] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3521] I mean, it's, like his car for instance, I mean, that's always been a dream he never thought he'd ever be able to afford ... a new car, erm
David (PS1D0) [3522] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3523] you know?
David (PS1D0) [3524] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3525] And er, of course that's like a dream come true for Neil, so
David (PS1D0) [3526] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3527] that's
David (PS1D0) [3528] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3529] why we want to make a success and he [laughing] don't lose it all [] !
David (PS1D0) [3530] Well, you know, you've got to have er benefits of, of ... taking a course of action like this haven't you?
[3531] Because
Annette (PS1CX) [3532] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3533] otherwise ... you know
Annette (PS1CX) [3534] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3535] what's the point?
Annette (PS1CX) [3536] That's it.
David (PS1D0) [3537] What's the point?
[3538] I mean i
Annette (PS1CX) [3539] That's it.
David (PS1D0) [3540] It's not that people want to get rich, it's just that you make a nice living and ... enjoy
Annette (PS1CX) [3541] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3542] what you like doing and that's it.
Annette (PS1CX) [3543] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3544] You know?
Annette (PS1CX) [3545] Yeah.
[3546] Yeah, can well do without the sort of, the hassle and the aggro.
[3547] I mean, Calpers have made it ... a lot worse for us.
David (PS1D0) [3548] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3549] They have.
[3550] They've done
David (PS1D0) [3551] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3552] everything possible to make life difficult!
David (PS1D0) [3553] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3554] But er ... hopefully they'll leave us alone soon.
[3555] But it doesn't help when we bring people like Geoff you see, cos Geoff comes from Calpers
David (PS1D0) [3556] Oh I don't, oh right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3557] Oh yeah.
[3558] He did.
David (PS1D0) [3559] I de I didn't recognize him.
Annette (PS1CX) [3560] Really angry ... about it because they've had to bring somebody else in to do ... Geoff's work.
David (PS1D0) [3561] Yeah.
[3562] Yeah.
[3563] Right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3564] So ... I mean it was Geoff's choice.
David (PS1D0) [3565] Yeah.
[3566] Well, this is it, I mean, people ... you can't make people do things, I mean, they've got to
Annette (PS1CX) [3567] No.
David (PS1D0) [3568] want to do it haven't they?
[3569] So
Annette (PS1CX) [3570] Yeah.
[3571] This
David (PS1D0) [3572] well
Annette (PS1CX) [3573] is it.
David (PS1D0) [3574] we've done very little there.
[3575] They ju just don't seem to be doing any steel work at all.
Annette (PS1CX) [3576] No.
[3577] Well, everybody keeps telling us they're not doing anything.
[3578] They just don't know how they're surviving but they keep going on!
David (PS1D0) [3579] Yeah.
[3580] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3581] The man, he must have plenty of money to keep it, carrying it
David (PS1D0) [3582] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3583] as he is doing.
David (PS1D0) [3584] Yeah.
[3585] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3586] But er
David (PS1D0) [3587] no doubt it'll all come out in ... fullness of time
Annette (PS1CX) [3588] Well yeah
David (PS1D0) [3589] won't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3590] It will won't it?
[3591] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3592] Things can't carry on indefinitely ... in any business
Annette (PS1CX) [3593] No.
David (PS1D0) [3594] where nothing's being produced, can it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3595] No.
[3596] Oh well he's, he's told the lads that ... it's only a matter of time.
[3597] I think that's ... what more or less decided Geoff that, yeah, he would take it.
David (PS1D0) [3598] [...] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3599] But erm
David (PS1D0) [3600] There you go.
[3601] Well if he's [...] , I mean, that's what you want innit?
Annette (PS1CX) [3602] Well yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3603] Somebody who can turn yo you
Annette (PS1CX) [3604] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3605] know, do a bit of everything.
Annette (PS1CX) [3606] Well it means, you see, apparently Geoff's done all the air braking at Calpers it means that Neil can actually ... some of the time, be here ... rather
David (PS1D0) [3607] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3608] than up there all the time with them.
David (PS1D0) [3609] Yeah.
[3610] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3611] Well , cos David really doesn't know anything ... about the air braking or anything like that.
David (PS1D0) [3612] Right.
[3613] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [3614] So
David (PS1D0) [3615] Very good!
[3616] Anyway, I'll let you get on.
Annette (PS1CX) [3617] Yeah, it's nice to see you again.
David (PS1D0) [3618] And you.
[3619] Yes.
[3620] Gotta go and see the guy on the end now.
Annette (PS1CX) [3621] Oh yeah!
David (PS1D0) [3622] Haven't , haven't met him as yet.
[3623] He's ... they've ... opened an account with us and had a few bits and baps off us, so
Annette (PS1CX) [3624] Mm.
[3625] Mm.
[3626] Yeah, cos er, I think Neil was telling you that, they look as if they're gonna be buying plenty of gas off us if we, when we start taking the air products.
David (PS1D0) [3627] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3628] So
David (PS1D0) [3629] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3630] He's seems er, he seems okay.
David (PS1D0) [3631] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3632] But that's a big company I think.
David (PS1D0) [3633] Right.
[3634] Yeah.
[3635] Well
Annette (PS1CX) [3636] But
David (PS1D0) [3637] I think so, it looks
Annette (PS1CX) [3638] Yeah.
David (PS1D0) [3639] it doesn't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3640] I think we're only little one ... here.
David (PS1D0) [3641] Yeah.
[3642] Right.
Annette (PS1CX) [3643] I mean , next door ... he's a big ... company based in London, so
David (PS1D0) [3644] Yeah.
[3645] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3646] [laughing] And we're struggling [] ! [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [3647] [laugh] I'll see you.
Annette (PS1CX) [3648] Alright Jim.
[3649] See you!
[3650] Bye!
[3651] ... Neil, I hate to say it, but I don't think ... Teresa'll ... will stick up there long.
[3652] They've just asked her to do ... more hours, she's to stay till five at night.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3653] Well ... well she just wants to say well
Annette (PS1CX) [3654] It's not fair is it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3655] you know ... can ... can she have some money?
Annette (PS1CX) [3656] Well, Tracy's just said that to her.
[3657] It's alright them asking you Teresa, but ... you know, they, they should be prepared to pay you more.
[3658] ... Alright, I mean, we were just sort of thinking well ... sort of four o'clock wasn't she, she was starting to come out to Che she came out with Cheeky with us last night, but of course, that's all gonna go again innit, if it's gonna be five o'clock?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3659] What has Teresa said to her?
[3660] I don't like that.
Annette (PS1CX) [3661] Well she said , no she said to her, well what else can I say?
[3662] But, I'll ha I'll have to do it won't I?
[3663] ... I can see Teresa going back to Anna 's for season.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3664] Yeah.
[3665] ... Well the horse job, that way is, is enough bloody heads.
Annette (PS1CX) [3666] Yeah.
[3667] Ah, you must admit though that's a bit it's a bit overboard innit?
[3668] I mean
Tracy (PS1D1) [3669] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3670] [laugh] ... Hiya!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3671] [...] I really appreciating us leaving.
Annette (PS1CX) [3672] When did this
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3673] Er
Annette (PS1CX) [3674] happen?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3675] New Year's Day.
Annette (PS1CX) [3676] New Year's Day.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3677] Nothing
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3678] Yes!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3679] Ah!
[3680] He's gorgeous!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3681] Never forget my New Year's Eve!
[3682] Honestly
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3683] No.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3684] what a way celebrate.
Annette (PS1CX) [3685] I know.
[3686] It's lovely!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3687] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3688] Aren't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [3689] He is!
[3690] How are you keeping?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3691] Alright.
Annette (PS1CX) [3692] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3693] Yeah.
[3694] I'm fine now.
Annette (PS1CX) [3695] Coping alright?
[3696] Good!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3697] Yeah.
[3698] Yeah.
[3699] Well my mum's round, sort of every other day really.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3700] Yeah.
[3701] I have that problem!
[3702] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3703] You can't keep her
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3704] Shut up you!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3705] away!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3706] Yeah.
[3707] Oh he's gorgeous!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3708] Yeah.
[3709] He's quite well behaved.
[3710] The first ... couple of weeks he had colic ... quite badly.
Annette (PS1CX) [3711] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3712] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3713] Becky did didn't she?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3714] Right.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3715] For a long while.
Annette (PS1CX) [3716] Yeah.
[3717] They seem to get it and ... then they settle down.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3718] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3719] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3720] So it must be a bit of shock anyway, all these bits around.
Annette (PS1CX) [3721] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3722] And that, you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [3723] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3724] Take a while to get
Annette (PS1CX) [3725] It must.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3726] used to it.
[3727] But he's doing quite well now.
Annette (PS1CX) [3728] Good!
[3729] He's a proper little boy. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3730] Yes! [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3731] Just lovely!
[3732] What have you
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3733] Er
Annette (PS1CX) [3734] called him anyway?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3735] James.
Annette (PS1CX) [3736] James.
[3737] That's nice.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3738] Yeah. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3739] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3740] See you later.
Annette (PS1CX) [3741] I'm just hoping she's asleep.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [3742] Yep.
[3743] Take him home.
Annette (PS1CX) [3744] That'll do her good to have a sleep.
[3745] ... [yawning] Oh [] !
Donald (PS1D2) [3746] Right!
[3747] Let's get all this ... sorted out.
[3748] ... Hello boy!
Annette (PS1CX) [3749] I think Lassie's down here for dinner.
[3750] ... They've just asked Teresa to work more hours.
Donald (PS1D2) [3751] For more money or what?
Annette (PS1CX) [3752] No.
[3753] ... It's a bit off innit?
Donald (PS1D2) [3754] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [3755] Ta love.
Donald (PS1D2) [3756] We've actually, it's nearly hundred and twenty pound up.
[3757] We'll see.
Annette (PS1CX) [3758] Oh right, okay.
Donald (PS1D2) [3759] Cos I've ... the bill for the hotel ... it came in one lump as two hundred and four pound.
Annette (PS1CX) [3760] Right.
Donald (PS1D2) [3761] And I got a separate receipt for Andrew for his hundred and twenty ... so ... we're up wi the receipts.
Annette (PS1CX) [3762] Okay.
Donald (PS1D2) [3763] That's ... all bits and pieces.
Annette (PS1CX) [3764] Right.
[3765] Well give me a bit more background.
[3766] There's the
Donald (PS1D2) [3767] Everything.
Annette (PS1CX) [3768] [laughing] Okay [] !
Donald (PS1D2) [3769] And ... ours are there.
Annette (PS1CX) [3770] Right.
[3771] ... Right.
[3772] Oh it's smashing then!
Donald (PS1D2) [3773] It's alright?
Annette (PS1CX) [3774] Yeah that's fine.
Donald (PS1D2) [3775] Do you, do you want to keep that for
Annette (PS1CX) [3776] Or do you just want to take the pages out?
Donald (PS1D2) [3777] Er ... it's up to you.
[3778] I will do if you want to.
Annette (PS1CX) [3779] Erm ... no go on, leave them in and then I'll, I suppose I can just ... erm
Donald (PS1D2) [3780] Well you could always tear the pages o pages out and stick them with the receipts.
Annette (PS1CX) [3781] Yeah, alright then.
[3782] Can do that.
Donald (PS1D2) [3783] Can't we?
Annette (PS1CX) [3784] Yeah.
[3785] ... Town Hall.
Donald (PS1D2) [3786] Don't ... Old Town's Hall, do you want me to keep that?
Annette (PS1CX) [3787] Er ... hang on to that.
[3788] So
Donald (PS1D2) [3789] There's only ... three hours each ... for er ... Geoff and Alan.
Annette (PS1CX) [3790] Right.
Donald (PS1D2) [3791] Which, works out, what?
[3792] Three, four and half don't it?
Annette (PS1CX) [3793] Yeah.
[3794] ... Have we got any more receipts for Field and [...] ?
Donald (PS1D2) [3795] It's all there.
[3796] All the receipts are there aren't they?
Annette (PS1CX) [3797] No.
Donald (PS1D2) [3798] Oh hell!
[3799] I left them in my bag at home, I'm sorry!
Annette (PS1CX) [3800] [laugh] [laughing] It's alright [] !
Donald (PS1D2) [3801] Sorry!
[3802] I forgot to put them in.
Annette (PS1CX) [3803] Okay.
[3804] Well you've actually got it all down on there have you?
Donald (PS1D2) [3805] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3806] That's all of them?
Donald (PS1D2) [3807] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3808] Right.
[3809] ... Okay.
[3810] Reckon it all up.
Donald (PS1D2) [3811] There's a couple of quid short because bloody telephone ... decided to eat it!
Annette (PS1CX) [3812] Okay.
Donald (PS1D2) [3813] And I never even got a bloody call for it!
Annette (PS1CX) [3814] [laugh] ... Did you get to see Joe and Barbara?
Donald (PS1D2) [3815] No I didn't.
[3816] I was gonna ring them up last night, you know with transfers.
[3817] Things being the way they were.
[3818] I got my ... Connect card through this morning.
Annette (PS1CX) [3819] Oh!
[3820] You've got it have you?
Donald (PS1D2) [3821] Yeah.
[3822] So Barclaycard's gone to the grave.
[3823] I can't use it then.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Donald (PS1D2) [3824] But I'm not tempted. [phone rings]
Annette (PS1CX) [3825] [phonecall starts] Lancaster and Carriage and Wagon!
[3826] Who's calling?
[3827] Just hold the line [phonecall ends] .
[3828] ... Neil, somebody called Frank for you.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3829] Very good!
Teresa (PS1CY) [3830] Mm?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3831] Yeah!
[3832] Nice!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3833] Good [...] up there!
Annette (PS1CX) [3834] [laugh] ... [...] got the sack!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3835] [phonecall ends] Hello!
[3836] ... Yes.
[3837] ... We do.
[3838] I see.
[3839] We just buy a box at a time.
[3840] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [3841] Hear from Dixons this morning?
Annette (PS1CX) [3842] No.
[3843] He's gone, just called.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3844] We use them both.
[3845] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [3846] Oh it's [...] innit?
Annette (PS1CX) [3847] Yeah, whatever it is. [laugh]
Donald (PS1D2) [3848] What's that like?
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3849] Looks interesting anyway.
Teresa (PS1CY) [3850] I go I got a call from him you see ... and that's [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [3851] Let me just er
Annette (PS1CX) [3852] Oh right!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3853] have a look and see what I've got in stock.
[3854] And I'll have to get back to you.
Teresa (PS1CY) [3855] So, Dixons have, have usually got one.
Annette (PS1CX) [3856] Oh right!
[3857] Okay.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3858] Er, well I'm, I'm just in the middle ... of, I'm sign writing a vehicle and I'm half way through the letters ... and I've got a, I've gotta finish that off before I can get into my stock.
[3859] Yep.
[3860] ... Er, about two o'clock?
[3861] Magic!
[3862] Cheers now.
[3863] Bye [phonecall ends] !
[3864] It's that masking tape bloody company again in er, Newcastle
Annette (PS1CX) [3865] Oh it's not is it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3866] wants to sell us it!
Donald (PS1D2) [3867] What
Tracy (PS1D1) [3868] Er
Donald (PS1D2) [3869] company?
Annette (PS1CX) [3870] Oh just ... tell them that, you're just at the moment you don't need any.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3871] Right!
[3872] Is that what we wa need?
Teresa (PS1CY) [3873] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3874] Well let me run through it after towards, nearer the time will you?
Donald (PS1D2) [3875] You'll have to get that made as well before you go.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3876] What's that?
[3877] Oh that!
Donald (PS1D2) [3878] Oh sh ... there's one missing.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3879] What, what's it out of?
Donald (PS1D2) [3880] The
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Donald (PS1D2) [3881] it's the main half that comes down
Teresa (PS1CY) [3882] The socket just fits this one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3883] The whole thing [...] ?
Donald (PS1D2) [3884] Gotta be one that
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3885] Then when you've finished this off, yeah, bring it along there and I'll have a look at it.
[3886] I'll have [...] back.
Annette (PS1CX) [3887] Eh!
Donald (PS1D2) [3888] Oh!
[3889] Will you? [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3890] [laugh] ... Coming for it at three.
Teresa (PS1CY) [3891] I'll put them in there.
Annette (PS1CX) [3892] Alright Geoff.
Donald (PS1D2) [laugh]

40 (Tape 062601)

Annette (PS1CX) [3893] Here we go!
[3894] Here we go!
[3895] Here we go!
[3896] ... Once more again, eh?
[3897] [getting into car] ... Well ... people think we've got an easy life you know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [3898] There's nothing else to do all day but swan around.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3899] Who?
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3900] Who said that?
Annette (PS1CX) [3901] Well most people think we do.
[3902] ... Feel like cutting myself down the middle!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3903] Yeah.
[3904] He's coming out.
Annette (PS1CX) [3905] Yeah.
[3906] Hey they must have had a good meal other night.
[3907] They spent eighty odd pound on a meal!
Tracy (PS1D1) [3908] I asked him ... [...] ... did you have a sweet?
[3909] He said, no, he said th that you could either have one or the other.
Annette (PS1CX) [3910] It was a lot weren't it for
Tracy (PS1D1) [3911] They have a sweet or a starters, but they didn't have them both.
Annette (PS1CX) [3912] There's one at sixty odd which is, I think ri quite reasonable for three but ... eighty odd for three of them!
[3913] It must have been a right
Tracy (PS1D1) [3914] [...] of course it was
Annette (PS1CX) [3915] posh
Tracy (PS1D1) [3916] more expensive [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3917] Yeah , it must have been.
[3918] As long as it were worth it! [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3919] Never saw, you weren't meant to, and he says, no your mum said that we could either have a sweet or a starter, not both.
Annette (PS1CX) [3920] Yeah.
[3921] It sounds awfully mean don't it?
[3922] I, I said to your dad ... I said it's ... mm mm ... you know ... to actually say you can't have
Tracy (PS1D1) [3923] Well if they were, if they were going home they wouldn't be ... having a starter and a steak and a sweet and all that lot would they?
Annette (PS1CX) [3924] No, but they are inconvenienced cos they're away from home but
Tracy (PS1D1) [3925] But ... i i it's just
Annette (PS1CX) [3926] Well I don't know, I feel happier now your dad's had that bit of a do with that bloke, cos I feel that ... we can go to him
Tracy (PS1D1) [3927] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3928] and, and wi you know, hopefully get paid, there shouldn't be any problem.
[3929] ... Cos that erm ... that Sen, that ... accountant obviously isn't up to much.
[3930] He promised your dad, oh it'll all be sorted within twenty four, forty eight hours and that was how many, three
Tracy (PS1D1) [3931] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3932] four days ago?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3933] I don't think he knows everything ab about that or what?
Annette (PS1CX) [3934] Erm ... he, he told him this morning on the phone, he's looked into it, he's the director ... and he apologizes.
[3935] He rung to apologize this morning and said that it will be sorted ... and you will have your cheque.
[3936] He said, I am sorry!
[3937] I didn't realize things were like this.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3938] That's why ... you sent them the conditions!
Annette (PS1CX) [3939] Well, that's what Andrew said.
[3940] If, if they'd have ... if they'd have talked to Andrew first, Andrew would have told him why we'd sent it.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3941] Andrew can't [...] , he's just sort of passed that, that on.
[3942] Why has it gone to somebody who [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [3943] Well apparently ... it had gone to Andrew, and, Andrew had ... cos Andrew isn't in the office all the time, and he'd left it in the office, and ... I think they faxed it ... by th Andrew was gonna talk to somebody about it, but of course, by the time he'd got there, it'd already been done and this had happened so ... I'm gonna ring erm ... Job Centre when I get home.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3944] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3945] I, they'll say, I know what they're gonna say.
[3946] Like, you know ... there's nothing they can do.
[3947] ... That's why, she'll be better to ... stick it and then she was to Aunty Anne's.
[3948] At least when she finishes at, with Aunty Anne, it was seasonal.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3949] [...] she, she ... Anne's gone ... [...] Aunty Anne's, she won't have to go to that job [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [3950] Yeah.
[3951] ... [yawning] Oh God [] !
[3952] I've ... [yawn]
Tracy (PS1D1) [3953] I'm starting to get a bit like that.
Annette (PS1CX) [3954] Yeah.
[3955] ... [cough] ... Although I seem, I slept alright last night, but I think when you've got things on your mind ... no I didn't sleep alright, I was too warm, I tossed and turned most of night!
[3956] I was really warm.
[3957] ... Did you, you watched the ... programme, the Queen did you?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3958] Yeah!
[3959] Weren't it good!
Annette (PS1CX) [3960] Weren't it good?
[3961] I'm gonna
Tracy (PS1D1) [3962] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3963] get the video.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3964] Just, it's half an hour [...] wanted to watch that on B B C two ... half past eight to nine o'clock.
Annette (PS1CX) [3965] Oh I think it'd be nice to have a video, because like, when Rebecca gets older ... erm ... cos I personally, my own feelings are that ... we might get Charles as King, but after Charles there won't be anything cos they'll do away with them.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3966] D'ya think?
Annette (PS1CX) [3967] Yeah.
[3968] I think it will get to that.
[3969] There's more and
Tracy (PS1D1) [3970] In the end.
Annette (PS1CX) [3971] people against
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [3972] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3973] Int she gorgeous!
Annette (PS1CX) [3974] Yeah.
[3975] I'll say!
[3976] It was nice to see, and it is always nice to see the, the other side of them.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3977] The natural side.
Annette (PS1CX) [3978] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3979] She was good with the [...] kids weren't she?
Annette (PS1CX) [3980] Yes she was.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3981] But she was, like when she, on the trailer they said about [...] and she said and the girls as well!
Annette (PS1CX) [3982] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3983] You know.
Annette (PS1CX) [3984] Yeah.
[3985] They call her granny don't they?
Tracy (PS1D1) [3986] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3987] Granny, and she calls her mum, mummy.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3988] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [3989] [laugh] ... Where's Becky?
[3990] ... There's granddad.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3991] Granddad.
Annette (PS1CX) [3992] [laugh] ... Yeah, [...] .
[3993] ... [laugh] ... Chase, goes round all over the place don't he?
[3994] Your granddad.
[3995] ... I've got some good recordings this morning!
[3996] I've got ... Jim from Dixons ... who is like, he's Lancashire but he's Bolton.
[3997] Bolton area.
[3998] And er, Vic ... who is a Londoner.
Tracy (PS1D1) [3999] Have they asked about, have you er ... anybody asked you yet what it ... what it is?
Annette (PS1CX) [4000] No, nobody's mentioned it.
[4001] No.
[4002] ... One or two people looked, I've seen them looking but ... they've not actually questioned.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4003] Yeah.
[4004] ... And it was, pretty horrible day yesterday!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4005] That's right.
[4006] You were saying.
[4007] [...] ... I said that, I said the back door's for you [...] but they're like ... concrete.
Annette (PS1CX) [4008] Yeah, they were very solid doors.
[4009] I mean, they do actually, they're all metal.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4010] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4011] The frames and everything is,th the only bit of wood is the wood on the inside, on the panel!
[4012] ... You see David, what he's saying to your dad this morning, let's get a meeting and go but ... I just feel that, I just, what's the point of going for an argument.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4013] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4014] And, and it will be, won't
Tracy (PS1D1) [4015] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4016] it?
[4017] I mean, because your dad isn't gonna agree to what they're saying.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4018] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4019] And well, I'm sure David won't anyway.
[4020] Because David knows how they were built as well as your dad
Tracy (PS1D1) [4021] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4022] does.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4023] Well they've spent enough hours on them int they?
Annette (PS1CX) [4024] Yeah.
[4025] And, we made very little money on them.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4026] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4027] And they're saying, if they do get away with knocking this money off
Tracy (PS1D1) [4028] We won't have made anything.
Annette (PS1CX) [4029] We won't have made anything!
[4030] ... I mean, they got a damn good job cos ... that, cos what we charged them, we charged them sixteen thousand each.
[4031] Well you think about how they were constructed and the number of man hours!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4032] Yeah.
[4033] Nothing really is it?
Annette (PS1CX) [4034] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4035] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4036] Are you coming, pop in?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4037] Try and get over the bumps. ... [...] as well that, I go into work and don't see Teresa that often ... you'd think she'd have the money ready on Friday morning wouldn't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [4038] Yeah.
[4039] Yeah, she should have it ready.
[4040] There's no excuse
Tracy (PS1D1) [4041] You know.
Annette (PS1CX) [4042] for saying I'll give it your sister.
[4043] There isn't.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4044] I mean, okay, Peter give us it on Friday but ... wouldn't you have thought, I mean thirty quid
Annette (PS1CX) [4045] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4046] she would have me got cash out or ... dropped
Annette (PS1CX) [4047] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4048] it over the Thursday night.
Annette (PS1CX) [4049] There's no excuse for that, it should be there.
[4050] ... How would it be if was anybody else anyway?
[4051] You know
Tracy (PS1D1) [4052] Right!
Annette (PS1CX) [4053] would she, would she say same to them?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4054] Who's that?
Annette (PS1CX) [4055] Who's that?
[4056] See!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4057] It's that woman!
Annette (PS1CX) [4058] Whoops-a-daisy!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4059] Ooh!
[4060] Who is it?
[4061] [baby talking] Hello!
Annette (PS1CX) [4062] Look granddad!
Donald (PS1D2) [4063] Where you been?
Annette (PS1CX) [4064] Hello!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4065] Hello!
Annette (PS1CX) [4066] Look granddad!
Donald (PS1D2) [4067] Ha!
[4068] Come on! [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [4069] We just been er
Donald (PS1D2) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4070] Sarah's told Teresa she's to work ... she wants her to start working till five o'clock every night, and erm ... she wants to work sometimes, in the summer it's gonna be
Tracy (PS1D1) [4071] Six.
Annette (PS1CX) [4072] and seven o'clock at night!
Donald (PS1D2) [4073] For no more money?
Annette (PS1CX) [4074] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4075] Well , we don't know.
Annette (PS1CX) [4076] But i
Donald (PS1D2) [4077] Well come on!
Annette (PS1CX) [4078] I doubt it.
Donald (PS1D2) [4079] Come on!
Annette (PS1CX) [4080] Oh heck!
Donald (PS1D2) [4081] Come on darling!
[4082] Come on!
Annette (PS1CX) [4083] Cor!
[4084] Can't you smell it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4085] Aye.
Donald (PS1D2) [4086] Cat muck?
Annette (PS1CX) [4087] Cat muck!
[4088] Cat pee!
[4089] ... Ooh!
[4090] Back door's been open all this time!
Donald (PS1D2) [4091] Oh!
[4092] She wants more money [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4093] So she's really fed up this morning now!
[4094] She didn't, I mean if they were gonna give more money she'd have said.
[4095] We'll pay you X number
Donald (PS1D2) [4096] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [4097] of pounds, but
Donald (PS1D2) [4098] If they would.
Annette (PS1CX) [4099] Yeah, there's no mention of any money.
Donald (PS1D2) [4100] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4101] No!
Donald (PS1D2) [4102] Yeah, play with that.
[4103] ... Ooh!
[4104] You didn't do it!
[4105] Eh? [...] !
[4106] Where's your daddy?
[4107] Has he come home?
[4108] ... Has he come home yet?
Annette (PS1CX) [4109] Yeah, David, yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4110] By himself?
Annette (PS1CX) [4111] No!
[4112] He brought lads home with him.
Donald (PS1D2) [4113] Did he? [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [4114] No.
[4115] They're back again for next few weeks.
Donald (PS1D2) [4116] [...] ... Get shouted at!
[4117] Mum'll shout!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4118] No!
Donald (PS1D2) [4119] Becky!
[4120] What does mummy say?
[4121] Eh?
[4122] What does mummy say?
[4123] You don't put a sheet, oh no!
[4124] She ... yeah!
[4125] [...] . [laugh] ... A pussy cat!
[4126] Yes!
[4127] Yeah!
[4128] It's Sooty!
[4129] Sooty!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4130] Have a look.
Donald (PS1D2) [4131] Oh!
[4132] ... I got my gas bill this morning.
Annette (PS1CX) [4133] Oh did you?
[4134] I've got mine as well.
Donald (PS1D2) [4135] I wouldn't be surprised ... quite honestly!
Annette (PS1CX) [4136] Have you estimated?
Donald (PS1D2) [4137] Na no.
[4138] Went to look up her reading, they said ... had to pay ... I've used three times as much gas as I did ... three times as much gas as I needed last time
Annette (PS1CX) [4139] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4140] but barely done three times as much.
Annette (PS1CX) [4141] Int it?
Donald (PS1D2) [4142] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4143] Oh!
[4144] Mine's hundred and seventy two pound!
Donald (PS1D2) [4145] Ninety three mine!
Annette (PS1CX) [4146] Good grief!
Donald (PS1D2) [4147] See it's never been off that heating.
[4148] I've had it all day ... get it going, apart, just from a ... [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4149] Oh!
[4150] I think, I think that's [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4151] He has done though.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4152] I know. [baby talking]
Donald (PS1D2) [4153] Dada!
[4154] No I was really surprised, it was ... that it's that.
[4155] I expected hundred and forty at least!
[4156] Ninety three, so ... that's including ... er ... ten pound standing charge, you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [4157] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4158] So that's not so bad.
[4159] ... Said to Betty I said you ought ... keep your bloody heating on Betty!
[4160] I said, look I said, your eighty three quid like that for the ... wha ... and standing charge ... I said, and there's yo you freezing to death with no heating on!
Annette (PS1CX) [4161] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4162] Just one, one ... buying those damn cylinders every week to ... ten days!
[4163] ... I says, get a heating allowance.
[4164] Six pound a week she gets.
Annette (PS1CX) [4165] Yeah, it's ridiculous!
[4166] It's nowt, but it's been cold.
[4167] But I mean she wo she'd spend that in her ... in her cylinder gas
Donald (PS1D2) [4168] Yes!
Annette (PS1CX) [4169] wouldn't she?
[4170] ... I know it er ... ten.
Donald (PS1D2) [4171] [...] ... Mm?
[4172] [...] ... Mm?
[4173] ... [laugh] ... Look!
[4174] [...] ... Lovely int she?
[4175] Oh!
[4176] Oh!
[4177] ... Are you going over that firm ... about the ... money?
[4178] What are you gonna do about it [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [4179] They've rung up this morning and apologized.
Donald (PS1D2) [4180] Eh?
Annette (PS1CX) [4181] They've rung up this morning and apologized.
Donald (PS1D2) [4182] Is that in Wales? [baby screaming]
Annette (PS1CX) [4183] Oh no tha ... Rebecca!
[4184] That's Royal Scotsman I'm talking about.
Donald (PS1D2) [4185] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4186] The one's, but he didn't ... going to solicitors and
Donald (PS1D2) [4187] Oh!
[4188] Right.
[4189] What are you shouting about?
[4190] What are you shouting about?
Annette (PS1CX) [4191] That's it.
Donald (PS1D2) [4192] You eat too much rubbish don't you?
[4193] Whoops!
Annette (PS1CX) [4194] Seven
Donald (PS1D2) [4195] Mm mm!
[4196] Are you ri are you ringing daddy?
[4197] [...] Hello!
[4198] Hello daddy!
[4199] ... Say hello daddy.
[4200] Have you had some dinner?
[4201] Have you?
[4202] Had something to eat?
[4203] [...] ... Have you?
Annette (PS1CX) [4204] Sorry?
[4205] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4206] Do you want me to do anything for you?
[4207] Oh dear!
[4208] Alright?
[4209] [...] [baby talking] Yeah!
[4210] You are one little starved girl aren't you?
[4211] Yes!
[4212] ... And what does solicitor say?
[4213] Have you, er er ... have you taken all your papers and your drawings and everything in?
Annette (PS1CX) [4214] No!
[4215] It's with ... it's got to go through, we've got to see if we can get all the fees paid yet.
[4216] It's going through that ... system, and once they've given us the go ahead then we can go to the solicitor in Lancaster.
Donald (PS1D2) [4217] I see.
[4218] ... And then, [...] fee ... I can't see how he can, well, do you wrong ... when ... er erm fancy, and they're trying charge for a ... an hire of a crane?
Annette (PS1CX) [4219] Yeah.
Donald (PS1D2) [4220] [laughing] Not your fault they had to hire a bloody crane [] !
[4221] ... Pathetic!
Annette (PS1CX) [4222] No it's ... Tracy was telling David, and David said ... David was saying same thing, David wants to ... well like was saying this morning to Neil, we'll have to get a meeting up a go.
[4223] But, I was saying to Tracy, I can't see the point of going just to have a row, because ... that's all it'll end up, I don't think they'll get anywhere ... by having a meeting, I think they'll just row.
Donald (PS1D2) [clears throat]
Annette (PS1CX) [4224] Because they, probably they won't budge.
[4225] You see, Neil's already put his side ... about, we worked er ... how can you hold us responsible for them being late in when
Donald (PS1D2) [4226] That's it!
Annette (PS1CX) [4227] for a kick off anyway, you held us up for three, five months ... with drawings ... being late!
[4228] Three months.
Donald (PS1D2) [4229] Yeah.
[4230] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4231] Whatever it was.
Donald (PS1D2) [4232] They don't really understand that!
Annette (PS1CX) [4233] Before you let us have i the drawings.
[4234] And there was all that messing about there, and then we couldn't foresee the wagon having two punctures, blah, blah, blah and the rest of it!
Donald (PS1D2) [4235] That's right.
[4236] You didn't
Annette (PS1CX) [4237] But
Donald (PS1D2) [4238] do them.
Annette (PS1CX) [4239] they've just co totally ignored it you see, and still put it down, so they're obviously not prepared to budge.
Donald (PS1D2) [4240] No.
[4241] Well
Annette (PS1CX) [4242] So
Donald (PS1D2) [4243] put it into legal hands then.
[4244] ... And did you watch video last night?
Annette (PS1CX) [4245] No.
[4246] We watched the other fi he he wasn't in till eight o'clock.
Donald (PS1D2) [4247] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4248] Richard.
Donald (PS1D2) [4249] What you got?
Annette (PS1CX) [4250] And

41 (Tape 062602)

Annette (PS1CX) [4251] I'm wondering if I should ring them actually, from unit, and ask them if ... tell them what's happening ... and ... will she be able to go on Income Support if she does give it up?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4252] Yeah.
[4253] Well, you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [4254] Will I?
[4255] Shall I?
[4256] Wait while your dad's out of room.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4257] I don't think you can do anything about me not getting an erm ... they should just pay me more shouldn't they, if they ask to [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4258] Well Jake was saying that ... he actually ... why you're owed the forty five quid is ... he put us down on the wrong one with your ... [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4259] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4260] I do less than her, but she usually [...] a tenner.
Annette (PS1CX) [4261] Yeah, you see, this is it isn't it?
[4262] She's teaching you.
[4263] ... It's whether you feel
Teresa (PS1CY) [4264] Well I'll say to her rather than you teaching me, I'd rather you paid me! [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4265] You won't will you?
[4266] ... See, you're hopeless!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4267] Yeah but it's like ... it gets me because ... like Jane ... Jane gets asked ... they only ask her every Saturday.
[4268] Jane doesn't have to pay.
Annette (PS1CX) [4269] No.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4270] Jane's only paid [...] , twenty five pound for her
Annette (PS1CX) [4271] But she's helping
Teresa (PS1CY) [4272] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4273] int she?
[4274] Cos she helps out.
[4275] Erm
Teresa (PS1CY) [4276] Yeah.
[4277] That's right.
Annette (PS1CX) [4278] but point is Teresa, would you, if you went back on Income Support you've got that job club thing again don't you?
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4279] So I ... can you not just stick it out till I ring Brian?
[4280] Yeah?
[4281] ... And then go, cos it's not far off Easter is it Tracy?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4282] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4283] April?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4284] April.
Annette (PS1CX) [4285] So you've only got like February and March ... and April.
[4286] Yeah?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4287] Yes.
Annette (PS1CX) [4288] Yeah well do that ... and put up with it till then, and then just see how it goes.
[4289] I'm afraid that she's not gonna
Teresa (PS1CY) [4290] Unless I er , I do some
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4291] she int gonna get anybody to, to do for them sa number of hours and
Tracy (PS1D1) [4292] No way!
[4293] People would, you know, I mean it ... I mean ... that other lass was only there six weeks, Teresa's only been there ... a few weeks.
[4294] She's got to start paying people more money.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4295] Is that in, that's got [...] ?
[4296] And that will be
Annette (PS1CX) [4297] No, it's not.
[4298] ... You can't just use people like this though.
[4299] It's not on!
[4300] I know she's teaching you but ... how, you're certainly earning your money it's hard graft!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4301] Honest!
[4302] It is.
Annette (PS1CX) [4303] Right.
[4304] Get Tupples.
[4305] ... I don't want her to shit on your head.
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [4306] Whoops!
[4307] All these peas rolling about.
[4308] ... Whoops!
[4309] And Rebecca's had her trifle.
[4310] ... Have you?
[4311] ... What?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4312] Come on!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4313] Hello!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4314] [phonecall starts] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4315] Here we go.
[4316] Mind you ... head on the desks.
[4317] She banged it this morning, didn't half cry!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4318] Come on then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4319] Mm.
[4320] Mind ... her head.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4321] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4322] Go and get a plate for your dad.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4323] You see they've accepted our terms in one ... way because of the stage payments [...] .
[4324] Erm ... no.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4325] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [4326] Oh!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4327] Leave the fish and chips in there.
[4328] He's even got fish and chips for Steven.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4329] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4330] So are, these mine?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4331] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4332] Is there any plates?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4333] No, in the kitchen.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4334] That's it, yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4335] There isn't.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4336] Above, above perhaps.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4337] Yep.
[4338] Right.
[4339] Well ... well I shall be up er, with, I'm [...] , I'm not sending these lads up on Monday.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4340] [whispering] Did Tony [...] all of this ... what he said about that []
Tracy (PS1D1) [4341] Er , yeah.
[4342] Er, we're coming up
Teresa (PS1CY) [4343] It's true.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4344] all on Tuesday, because I'm to stand victory on Tuesday ... er ... and it gives us chance then to get some more er ... er ... erm, reproaching done on the equipment
Annette (PS1CX) [4345] No mummy.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4346] that's down today.
Annette (PS1CX) [4347] Don't want it.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4348] Er, so the
Tracy (PS1D1) [4349] Right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4350] van'll be coming back loaded.
[4351] Erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4352] and then we're just waiting with Western House, I'm going to give them a buzz about one o'clock and ask them what the hell they're playing at!
[4353] Because we've got cylinders here ... erm ... waiting for more er ... equipment to come.
[4354] So er ... we've got a lot to do, to come back, we've got a van load to come back.
[4355] And, but er, we wanna
Tracy (PS1D1) [4356] Wait!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4357] fetch all the tools up and everything
Annette (PS1CX) [4358] Go get your dad one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4359] [...] for victory, because I'd like to get stuck into that
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4360] and ... out of the way before I come up next Friday.
[4361] Is the train acceptable to sleep on? [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [4362] What she's gonna do?
[4363] Take your chips off here or
Tracy (PS1D1) [4364] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4365] I'll fetch you a new, other violin string I think.
Annette (PS1CX) [4366] Tell him Frank, Frank's er
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [4367] doing what he did, will he get it himself?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4368] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4369] Shall we get a bottle of
Tracy (PS1D1) [4370] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4371] booze for your daddy? [baby squealing]
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4372] Okay.
[4373] You can put her
Tracy (PS1D1) [4374] Oh right!
Annette (PS1CX) [4375] some on a ... piece of paper [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [4376] Okay [phonecall ends] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4377] Oh she's ... Oh!

42 (Tape 062603)

Annette (PS1CX) [4378] What has that got to do with the paint drying?
[4379] If you work hard enough?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4380] Yeah.
[4381] Okay.
[4382] Cheers!
[4383] Yeah.
[4384] Bye [phonecall ends] !
David (PS1D0) [4385] Who's on about meeting us?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4386] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4387] Mm.
[4388] Different!
David (PS1D0) [4389] [...] ... What do you want?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4390] Sugar?
David (PS1D0) [4391] Sugar?
Annette (PS1CX) [4392] Oh sugar!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4393] It's white, and [...]
David (PS1D0) [4394] Oh sugar!
[4395] I forgot it.
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [4396] No we haven't got any.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4397] Oh!
[4398] Just ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [4399] Too late!
[4400] I've put coffee in your cup.
[4401] ... He'll have it without.
Annette (PS1CX) [4402] He'll have it, he'll have a cup of tea.
[4403] Yeah.
[4404] Ca erm ... can you manage without until I get some?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4405] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4406] Gonna have to!
Annette (PS1CX) [4407] I'll have to go up top, oh or ... pre maybe your dad would nip up to shop or something. [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4408] Well your uncle's gonna have his [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4409] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4410] out there?
Annette (PS1CX) [4411] No, he's not.
[4412] He's in here.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4413] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4414] He's got, he's got his shoes off.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4415] What you doing child? [baby talking]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4416] Oh! [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4417] Angela, I've rung Angela this morning cos Geoff says will I ring her and sort it out and she just said ... just alter it.
[4418] [clears throat] Tried ... she said just alter it on P forty five?
[4419] But ... it still don't work out.
[4420] Still works out ... I don't know what's wrong.
[4421] So I'm gonna have to go and see Pat see what I'm doing wrong.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4422] Oh!
[4423] Oh!
[4424] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4425] [clears throat] What did Andrew say Neil?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4426] He rung up to apologize that er ... that, I'd got that fax.
[4427] Because he was annoyed and he told me blank that they should have discussed the situation first
Tracy (PS1D1) [4428] Hello!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4429] before sending the fax off.
[4430] Because he knew what I'd sent the fax for er, he knew what I'd sent that [...] for.
[4431] And er ... he didn't blame me one bit of doing that because we'd been getting the run around.
Annette (PS1CX) [4432] Erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [4433] And ... he's got a meeting with him again this afternoon.
[4434] He's gone out for lunch this er
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4435] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4436] Michael .
[4437] But ... he's also contractors waiting to start jobs and they won't start without revenue up front.
Annette (PS1CX) [4438] No.
[4439] So it's not only us that's
Tracy (PS1D1) [clears throat]
Annette (PS1CX) [4440] being like this
Tracy (PS1D1) [4441] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4442] really, it's
Tracy (PS1D1) [4443] There's a bun there dad.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4444] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4445] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4446] So Steve and Nigel haven't turned up yet?
David (PS1D0) [4447] I don't know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
David (PS1D0) [4448] I thought they were working on train?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4449] They weren't there yesterday.
David (PS1D0) [4450] Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4451] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4452] Where's Peter?
David (PS1D0) [4453] Have they been there all week?
Unknown speaker (KB9PSUNK) [4454] Yeah, [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4455] No they haven't been here at all.
David (PS1D0) [4456] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4457] He ... asked them to come up ... today ... or ... tomorrow to start work on the er ... pipe work again.
David (PS1D0) [4458] Well the ... the ... [...] four ... that'll be ready.
[4459] And the, some of the other bedrooms in the other coaches'll be ready so he can, there's no problem.
Annette (PS1CX) [4460] Good!
[4461] Wha what did you say about the er ... hotel?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4462] Don't know.
Annette (PS1CX) [4463] Did they not bother?
[4464] Erm ... what about R F S?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4465] Don't like R F S.
[4466] They said well that's a load of rubbish!
David (PS1D0) [4467] It's a wind up innit?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4468] They said the only ... thing we've been talking about at R F S is his er wheel effects.
[4469] And he said, I told them point blank the oth last week, he said er ... to go to hell!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4470] And you have!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4471] Well it goes into there!
Annette (PS1CX) [4472] I'm going, taking it with me!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4473] Oh I'm sorry!
[4474] Oh I didn't know that. [baby talking]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4475] So er ... they told Mi told Michael in the car the car this morning, point blank that we've been getting run around!
Annette (PS1CX) [4476] We're still getting
Tracy (PS1D1) [4477] Cos Michael started it, he said we're ... never said anything when we set off in the car, and then he said that ... he'd had this fax from me ... and er ... Andrew said, well it wasn't actually from, er, from me [...] to the, it was fetched up to me and I ... sent it in the office.
[4478] And er
Tracy (PS1D1) [4479] Give us a kiss? [baby talking]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4480] he said well I'll fax it back ... cos the agreement
Tracy (PS1D1) [4481] Er, blah blah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4482] I didn't, didn't like
Tracy (PS1D1) [4483] Daddy.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4484] what they'd put.
[4485] So, he said, well if you'd have er ... spoken to me first
Annette (PS1CX) [4486] If you speak to him
Tracy (PS1D1) [4487] he said I'd have told you, point blank, what he sent it for.
David (PS1D0) [4488] Where's my crisps you little thief!
Annette (PS1CX) [4489] Yeah.
[4490] Well at least it's been
David (PS1D0) [4491] She's got my crisps [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4492] sorted ain't it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4493] [laughing] Oh has she [] ?
David (PS1D0) [4494] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4495] And, you know, I feel better about it now.
[4496] You know, it made me feel a bit sick last night.
[4497] Sarah's told Teresa, six to seven o'clock it's gonna be in summer.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4498] Well only thing Teresa's got to say to her
Annette (PS1CX) [4499] No, she's said, she, she ain't got the courage to ask her for more money, so ... I said well just give it a few more weeks and then ... Anne and Brian's turn up, if it don't get any better then, I'm afraid you got Anne and Brian's.
[4500] It's simple as that innit?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4501] Yeah, it won't be first she's had ... you know, er ... eight o'clock till ... four o'clock ... and then if you want to, work, work any more hours ... erm
Annette (PS1CX) [4502] They're supposed to pay you more money.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4503] then they'll have to pay you a bit more money,yo you know, to come back like that and say well ... yeah I don't
Annette (PS1CX) [4504] She's go
Tracy (PS1D1) [4505] mind doing that, but
Annette (PS1CX) [4506] she's gonna need her at weekends as well, in the summer, because she'll be away eventing.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4507] The only thing you can say, you know, do you mind if I ask you,sh it's bugging me ... by working these long hours will I be getting any more money? [baby crying]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4508] Cos she can't really do anything if she says no.
[4509] You know, I mean, she says oh you've gotta finish, er at least she comes out and get your [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4510] Yeah.
[4511] Teresa says, well saying that funny mood
Tracy (PS1D1) [4512] Just ask her [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [4513] she's in again.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4514] Sarah, can I have a word?
[4515] Just say, you know ... it's just bothering me a bit ... about these long hours, do I get any
David (PS1D0) [4516] That's right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4517] more money for it?
[4518] That's all you need to say, and if she says no, then you know how to [...] .
David (PS1D0) [4519] [...] this morning.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4520] Eh?
David (PS1D0) [4521] She had to come with me and fell asleep this morning.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4522] Did she?
[4523] Where did you go?
David (PS1D0) [4524] Just out to Whitewall [baby screaming]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4525] Stop it!
David (PS1D0) [4526] Sorry!
[4527] I won't do it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4528] Screaming!
Annette (PS1CX) [4529] She's a bit mucky, she fell over twice.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4530] Well she's
Annette (PS1CX) [4531] Did he?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4532] That's cos Joe brought her down here to er
Annette (PS1CX) [4533] Yeah.
[4534] Little boy.
David (PS1D0) [4535] Brought her into here, or into shop?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4536] Oh I dunno.
Annette (PS1CX) [4537] You've just said you wanted to come to me.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4538] He was just coming out.
[4539] Go in the other day.
David (PS1D0) [4540] Rebecca!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4541] Find the scissors.
Annette (PS1CX) [4542] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4543] Ah!
[4544] And el you're a bit cheesed off are you Teresa?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4545] Yeah.
[4546] Well ... erm last ... it annoys me though because ... cos she said erm ... Ricoh, when Ricoh worked in there they give her twenty five pound and looked after her horse as well, so
Tracy (PS1D1) [4547] Well, we're not taking Cheeky down there.
[4548] And you, you gave her a hundred
Teresa (PS1CY) [4549] No, I know that!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4550] quid.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4551] No I'm not.
Annette (PS1CX) [4552] No but she was obviously better off weren't she?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4553] But better, she [...] yeah, cos
Tracy (PS1D1) [4554] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4555] she was on better money there.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4556] You know.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4557] Yeah I think it's bad.
[4558] I don't like my lessons, I'd rather have the ... money, if that's what she's ... saying
Tracy (PS1D1) [4559] Well
Teresa (PS1CY) [4560] like.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4561] just say to her
Teresa (PS1CY) [4562] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4563] just nicely, just say ... you know, it's just bugging me like, these extra hours because I've got my own
Teresa (PS1CY) [4564] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4565] horse to look after ... and I'm, you know ... is there any more money [...] ?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4566] I really don't mind
Annette (PS1CX) [4567] Go down
Teresa (PS1CY) [4568] the extra hours
Annette (PS1CX) [4569] child!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4570] in the summer.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4571] Come
Teresa (PS1CY) [4572] And
Tracy (PS1D1) [4573] here!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4574] oh she says erm ... it's just getting a bit too much now because ... I'm gonna start [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4575] Go to daddy.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4576] and teaching people ... and I
Annette (PS1CX) [4577] To daddy.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4578] want you to work later.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4579] Well, just say to her, you know, working later, is there any more money in it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4580] Mm.
[4581] It's not
Tracy (PS1D1) [4582] That's the only thing you need to say.
Annette (PS1CX) [4583] It's e
Teresa (PS1CY) [4584] It's not that she could be offenced at that ... about that
Annette (PS1CX) [4585] It's extra responsibility and everything!
[4586] If she's gonna go off and just leave you it's, it's all extra responsibility int it?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4587] Well naturally [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4588] I mean, yeah.
[4589] I ... Jake's ... [laughing] as Jake was saying []
Teresa (PS1CY) [4590] About to say ask Jake for
Annette (PS1CX) [4591] you want more money and all if you're doing extra hours.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4592] Yes, he says er
Tracy (PS1D1) [4593] I'd get more money alright.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4594] Mm.
[4595] He says that, that [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4596] Well I reckoned up this morning ... we reckoned it'll perhaps be at fifty two, but we were wrong weren't we?
[4597] It's actually forty ... is it forty nine and a half hours it'll be?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4598] I was only working forty hours at [laughing] Post House!
[4599] On the [] ... but she said erm ... that she were going away ... and I could work, cos the lessons finish on a ... sa start up there on a Thursday, she said, if I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday ... and I could have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... Thursday off.
Annette (PS1CX) [4600] Oh!
[4601] Mhm.
[4602] ... Well that's fair enough.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4603] Ah!
[4604] But I'd rather have the Sunday off, cos of Cheeky.
Annette (PS1CX) [4605] Yeah. [baby crying]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4606] [...] if she wants me to work.
Annette (PS1CX) [4607] Yeah.
[4608] Yo she likes to give your dad hand, that's what she's thinking, and on Sunday it's hard.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4609] Unless they're gonna get mucked out on Sunday, have to buy a couple of bags of sawdust.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4610] I'll ask him though.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4611] How many Nesquick things do we need?
David (PS1D0) [4612] About a dozen.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4613] Cos that's the only one in here.
[4614] That'll go back in.
Annette (PS1CX) [4615] Yeah. [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4616] There's some missing.
Annette (PS1CX) [4617] Int it cute?
[4618] Cumbria Power Tools, is it Brett?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4619] I don't know ... what ... I don't know where little, little one's come out
Annette (PS1CX) [4620] Okay.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4621] of.
David (PS1D0) [4622] Eh?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4623] So I'm not sure where the smaller one's come out of.
[4624] ... Well we don't want to buy any more unless we know where they come out of.
Annette (PS1CX) [4625] Well d'ya

43 (Tape 062604)

Tracy (PS1D1) [4626] Also, we ordered the armature, it came through a couple of days ago, we put it, but it's going the opposite direction.
Annette (PS1CX) [cough]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4627] It actually er one lo a fa ... going into in detail, there's one load of armature's the wrong way.
David (PS1D0) [4628] Turn it over.
Annette (PS1CX) [cough]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4629] Eh?
David (PS1D0) [4630] Turn it over.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4631] We co we've tried to pull [...] , but if you pull all the [...] , swap the ... the leads round ... or shove the brush leads round which is the obvious thing to do in that case, you know, er ... in that ... no they're successfully sparking excessively.
[4632] So, we're gonna have to obviously send the armature back for [...] at er
David (PS1D0) [4633] And they can also switch one.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4634] No, I would ... recognize the [...] ... you know
David (PS1D0) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4635] [...] .
[4636] There's a colour code on them.
David (PS1D0) [4637] What three more?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4638] No, it won't be that long.
David (PS1D0) [4639] Well see, if you're desperate for a machine I'll lend you one

44 (Tape 062605)

Pat (PS1KS) [4640] Something to do doodles on.
[4641] Give it
Annette (PS1CX) [4642] Oh right!
Pat (PS1KS) [4643] back to Annette.
Annette (PS1CX) [4644] I like doodling!
Pat (PS1KS) [4645] Also ... did you leave any special [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4646] [...] got it
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4647] straight away because [...] are better off!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4648] No they don't.
[4649] No they don't.
Annette (PS1CX) [4650] You have got a rotten abscess have you Brett!
Pat (PS1KS) [4651] Yes.
[4652] It's unbelievable I tell you!
[4653] This is quite painful really
Annette (PS1CX) [4654] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4655] There's nothing worse!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4656] If you're not careful [...] you'll have another one other side!
Annette (PS1CX) [4657] Leave him alone!
David (PS1D0) [4658] Ooh!
[4659] Ooh!
[4660] Ooh!
[4661] Ooh!
Pat (PS1KS) [4662] I went to bed last night with Night Nurse
Annette (PS1CX) [4663] Leave him alone!
Pat (PS1KS) [4664] she was no good, but I went to bed with her!
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4665] Er, what else have I got there?
[4666] If you're into football, don't know if you are?
Annette (PS1CX) [4667] No.
Pat (PS1KS) [4668] No, not into football?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4669] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4670] No , not really.
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [4671] Free videos!
[4672] Any of the machines shown in there ... top terms apply less, less thirty percent and the
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [4673] choice of any video shown on there.
[4674] Also, one thing I'll tr if you see that jacket in there, the only way you'll get that jacket normally if you bought a Lamborghini!
[4675] [baby talking] I've been told the pra price of the jacket ... is the amount of the price of a set of wheels for the Lamborghini!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4676] Yeah?
Pat (PS1KS) [4677] Which is a pity to be giving away.
[4678] Send it off in any case.
[4679] Supposed to pu supposed put two, obviously sealer off the machine but er, [...] things.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4680] Yeah, well you
Pat (PS1KS) [4681] Also if you're into music ... another offer with them, the C Ds.
Annette (PS1CX) [4682] How do we get round it? [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4683] What are you doing down there?
Pat (PS1KS) [4684] Miss Saigon, if you're
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [4685] into opera whatever it is!
Annette (PS1CX) [4686] Oh definitely!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4687] What are you doing down there?
[4688] You're crackers!
Pat (PS1KS) [4689] Any machine purchases on there you get a free C D disc of your own choice, volume, three or four.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4690] What?
Pat (PS1KS) [4691] There was one and two, that's an old offer.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4692] Oh!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4693] Take care.
Pat (PS1KS) [4694] And tickets for Miss Saigon.
Annette (PS1CX) [4695] Oh right. [clears throat]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4696] Hiya [...] !
Annette (PS1CX) [4697] She wants her coat off mum, that's what she's
Teresa (PS1CY) [4698] Peek a boo!
Annette (PS1CX) [4699] We like my jacket?
[4700] David'll like
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4701] that jacket.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4702] Why, what's it got on it?
Annette (PS1CX) [4703] Lamborghini.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4704] I'll have it.
[4705] I'll send off for it.
Annette (PS1CX) [4706] It is nice.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4707] Saw a brand new Ferrari Testarossa yesterday!
Annette (PS1CX) [4708] A Testarossa, did you?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4709] Aye.
Annette (PS1CX) [4710] It's a bit like that tape, what was that tape called, that was called Testarossa something.
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4711] Is that something with pasta is it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4712] Aye.
Pat (PS1KS) [4713] Oh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4714] About hundred and seventy five thousand pounds worth of pasta!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4715] Rebecca!
[4716] Keep her ... there for a minute.
David (PS1D0) [4717] They de they don't [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [4718] They certainly do.
[4719] [...] on things.
David (PS1D0) [4720] They don't!
Pat (PS1KS) [4721] Yes they do!
David (PS1D0) [4722] Why don't they list them then?
Pat (PS1KS) [4723] Well they do!
Teresa (PS1CY) [cough]
Pat (PS1KS) [4724] Oh I'll get you catalogue.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4725] Oh don't argue! [sneeze]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4726] Don't list them here.
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4727] He's not in the mood this poor lad!
[4728] Leave him alone!
[4729] He's in agony!
Teresa (PS1CY) [sneeze]
Annette (PS1CX) [4730] You can see that!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4731] Yeah, stop picking on him!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4732] He wants to sell something.
[4733] He'll have to take that [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4734] No well you can't buy anything so ... hard luck!
Annette (PS1CX) [4735] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4736] Hello!
[4737] Hiya!
Annette (PS1CX) [4738] Oh God!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4739] Hello.
Pat (PS1KS) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [4740] [laughing] What's he doing [] ?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4741] Got a curtain ring on your hand?
Annette (PS1CX) [4742] Nice jacket int it this one?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4743] Yeah it's nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4744] Mm mm.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4745] Hiya!
Annette (PS1CX) [4746] That's probably suede
Teresa (PS1CY) [4747] Watch her now.
Annette (PS1CX) [4748] across the back or
Tracy (PS1D1) [4749] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [4750] something.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4751] Like that [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [clears throat]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4752] I want to have a look at jacket [...] .
Pat (PS1KS) [4753] Sixty?
[4754] And the rest!
David (PS1D0) [4755] Stay down.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4756] I don't suppose
Pat (PS1KS) [4757] Go on.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4758] that bench er, mender's come down there yet?
Annette (PS1CX) [4759] Oh!
[4760] Look at your hands now!
David (PS1D0) [4761] Pipe mender.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4762] Pipe bender.
[4763] I've
David (PS1D0) [4764] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4765] got a reasonable quotation.
[4766] A load of verbal abuse and the o other things you normally get!
Pat (PS1KS) [4767] [laugh] ... You nearly had one of ... [...] in tears, you know, the other day when you're off.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4768] Who was
Pat (PS1KS) [4769] It was
Tracy (PS1D1) [4770] that?
Pat (PS1KS) [4771] Oh!
[4772] You know sales office
Tracy (PS1D1) [4773] Yes.
[4774] Some
Pat (PS1KS) [4775] Neil's,tha Neil is that way, I've only got to know how to work Neil!
Annette (PS1CX) [4776] Why?
Pat (PS1KS) [4777] Honestly!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4778] Why?
Annette (PS1CX) [4779] What happened?
[4780] Tell me!
Pat (PS1KS) [4781] You know, he's giving, [...] gip about this girl or something he said ... and ye you took offence!
[4782] He thought Neil was serious!
[4783] He probably was, you know, to, to him like.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4784] I bloody well was!
Pat (PS1KS) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4785] There was no doubt about that!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4786] I mean that is the ... top of the range professional, it'll cost you more like, but I mean it'll last you a lifetime ... if you don't use it that is.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4787] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [4788] D'ya know
Teresa (PS1CY) [4789] Sorry!
Annette (PS1CX) [4790] they
Tracy (PS1D1) [4791] Everything'll last a lifetime according to you if we don't fucking use it!
Pat (PS1KS) [4792] Yes, [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4793] When we start to use it, it falls to bloody pieces!
Annette (PS1CX) [4794] Th there's a ri there's a
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4795] word going around about you!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4796] Yeah!
Pat (PS1KS) [4797] Don't listen to what
Annette (PS1CX) [4798] Yeah!
Pat (PS1KS) [4799] anybody says!
[4800] And none of it's true!
Annette (PS1CX) [4801] That's what I mean.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4802] It's all the same.
Annette (PS1CX) [4803] But it surprised you know what?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4804] Why, who says that?
[4805] You shouldn't do that though it just [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [4806] Well ... but
Annette (PS1CX) [4807] Brett and the
Tracy (PS1D1) [4808] [...] Brett he'll, he'll like that!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4809] Rebecca!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4810] If your company wants to ... supply ... [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4811] Aha!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4812] stuff, they're bound
Annette (PS1CX) [4813] Here we go!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4814] to get the
Teresa (PS1CY) [4815] Granddad.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4816] flack if it goes wrong!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4817] She's showing you her teddy.
Pat (PS1KS) [4818] Well of course you do, yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4819] He gets it before he even
Teresa (PS1CY) [4820] [yawning] Ah ah [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [4821] blooming sells it!
[4822] Don't you
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [4823] love?
[4824] Yeah!
[4825] You get told it's no good before he's
Teresa (PS1CY) [4826] [shouting] Dad, [...] , take notice of her [] !
Annette (PS1CX) [4827] even bought it!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4828] For goodness sake!
[4829] ... Obviously doesn't [...] .
David (PS1D0) [4830] He's more interested in giving Beth a lecture!
Annette (PS1CX) [4831] [laugh] ... Who's got room in their rubbish bin for one trifle pot?
David (PS1D0) [4832] That's a job to do today, bogs, bins.
Annette (PS1CX) [4833] Bogs and bins?
David (PS1D0) [4834] Mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [4835] Ooh!
[4836] How nice!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4837] Ah!
[4838] There it is.
[4839] Multi-purpose nine zero
Annette (PS1CX) [4840] All the Bs.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4841] three zero ... is that down?
Pat (PS1KS) [4842] Hundred and sixty two pound less your discount
Annette (PS1CX) [4843] No you can't have it!
Pat (PS1KS) [4844] thirty percent.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4845] No.
[4846] You can't have it.
Pat (PS1KS) [4847] If you buy two this year you'll be [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [4848] Yeah.
[4849] I ke keep away from that [...] .
Teresa (PS1CY) [cough]
Annette (PS1CX) [4850] And we've got to get the pipe bender haven't we?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4851] What about the, what's that [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4852] Come on then!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4853] in stock?
[4854] I think we've bought it.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4855] Ready?
[4856] Oh oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [4857] [laughing] Oh oh [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [4858] One thing, you're talking about selling, just disappointed with your er
Teresa (PS1CY) [4859] Here are.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4860] other division with the bloody starret cutter they sent us!
[4861] They sent us a bloody cutter
Teresa (PS1CY) [4862] Rebecca!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4863] it was an American
Pat (PS1KS) [4864] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4865] first bloody cut, it slides the frigging teeth off it!
[4866] And we thought it was the way that we tret it!
[4867] Er ... we got the coolant and everything off it
Pat (PS1KS) [4868] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4869] and it wasn't ... it was the [...] .
Pat (PS1KS) [4870] [...] ... they said ... no problems.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4871] Well what happens when you want to re-sell, was it a [...] ?
Annette (PS1CX) [4872] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [4873] Yeah, well it was.
Annette (PS1CX) [4874] Pass.
Pat (PS1KS) [4875] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4876] Mum.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4877] Er it just ... it just ... disintegrated.
Pat (PS1KS) [4878] Well in English market
Tracy (PS1D1) [4879] And it goes
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4880] they got American, there's three different types of cu er, cutters er, there's spinical
Teresa (PS1CY) [4881] Ta!
Pat (PS1KS) [4882] there's netrasess and there's [...] .
Teresa (PS1CY) [4883] Hooray!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4884] Well we told them when we rung them up we haven't got a thing, we're gonna nip up to ... quote a plate with it just as we're going into
Annette (PS1CX) [4885] Kick it Rebecca.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4886] a meeting ... we set
Annette (PS1CX) [4887] Kick it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4888] our magnetic, that we got up here
Annette (PS1CX) [4889] Hooray!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4890] and put it on it, and it just scratched the surface, and that
Teresa (PS1CY) [4891] Kick it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4892] was it, bang!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4893] Kick it!
Pat (PS1KS) [4894] Yeah?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4895] It just poked it off the end.
[4896] And we thought well
Teresa (PS1CY) [4897] Hooray!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4898] shall we take it back and complain?
[4899] I rung them
Teresa (PS1CY) [4900] Hooray!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4901] up and said have you got another blades,th the blades have gone?
[4902] Sa said, oh well you shouldn't have done that!
[4903] And er ... he said, no, we haven't got another one, be
Teresa (PS1CY) [4904] Throw it to [...] David.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4905] three or four days, and we rung Steve up, he said yeah!
Annette (PS1CX) [4906] Kick it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4907] I'll get you one.
Annette (PS1CX) [4908] Hooray!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4909] [...] ... and it was here in the post!
Pat (PS1KS) [4910] Yeah?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4911] And we put the starret which is the yellow one ... yeah?
Pat (PS1KS) [4912] Ya.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4913] And it went whoomph!
[4914] Straight through it li like it was cutting
David (PS1D0) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4915] bloody butter!
Pat (PS1KS) [4916] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4917] So we thought, well that's er er ... we won't
Pat (PS1KS) [4918] Well send it back to us as a, as a genuine complaint.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4919] Well
Pat (PS1KS) [4920] Have you got it with you, have you or have you thrown it away?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4921] It's this, it, it come in this box.
Pat (PS1KS) [4922] Well, bring it back I'll try, try and get it changed for you.
Annette (PS1CX) [4923] Oh! [...]
David (PS1D0) [4924] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4925] This pipe bender then?
Pat (PS1KS) [4926] Yeah?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4927] I'd like
Annette (PS1CX) [4928] Ready?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4929] to place an order for one.
[4930] Cos we're gonna need it.
Pat (PS1KS) [4931] That's very kind of you!
[4932] Get wheels in motion.
[4933] Could have you one for ... Monday, if you order it today.
Pat (PS1KS) [4934] Towards the end of next week'll be better.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4935] Say Rebecca!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4936] Cos we can't, if we're away on Monday ... we shan't be back before Friday ... and that'll mean kicking them out.
Pat (PS1KS) [4937] Well I might as well, I mean if you want to let me order it now just get this out the way and then you can have more
Tracy (PS1D1) [4938] Alright.
Pat (PS1KS) [4939] time then? [baby crying]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4940] [...] .
[4941] Well you know the one we want don't you?
Pat (PS1KS) [4942] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4943] Plus the twenty eight mil, four lots
Pat (PS1KS) [4944] Erm, [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4945] twenty eight mil ... [...] .
[4946] Er, four [...] .
Pat (PS1KS) [4947] Four [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [4948] What about the er
Annette (PS1CX) [4949] Eh!
[4950] There you go daddy!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4951] There's one thing, or was it er ... [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [4952] Mm, daddy won't play.
David (PS1D0) [4953] Sorry?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4954] Miles away!
David (PS1D0) [4955] What's that for?
Tracy (PS1D1) [4956] No, it's gonna be top [...] .
David (PS1D0) [4957] No.
[4958] It's support, it's er ... er
Teresa (PS1CY) [cough]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4959] There's a four [...] , there something, haven't we got
David (PS1D0) [4960] Tha that doesn't fit. [baby crying]
Pat (PS1KS) [4961] Er
Annette (PS1CX) [4962] [laughing] God [] !
Pat (PS1KS) [4963] I don't know what it is.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4964] Oh!
[4965] You missed!
[4966] Oh!
[4967] Oh!
[4968] Oh!
David (PS1D0) [4969] Hooray!
Annette (PS1CX) [4970] Is it, some [...] int it?
[4971] Is that the [...] ?
Pat (PS1KS) [4972] No, this is it.
[4973] Er right, you want a number
Teresa (PS1CY) [cough]
Tracy (PS1D1) [4974] Right, that there.
[4975] So, bench bender ... two two four.
Pat (PS1KS) [4976] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [4977] No , we're not bench, bending benches, we're bending ... [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [4978] Two, two, four.
[4979] Right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4980] Then flick over ... to there.
[4981] And we want
Teresa (PS1CY) [4982] Mind your head!
Pat (PS1KS) [4983] Twenty eight mil?
Teresa (PS1CY) [4984] [singing] Ooh dee dee dee doo doo [] !
[4985] Quick!
David (PS1D0) [4986] Tell her to put that football down.
Pat (PS1KS) [4987] That's it.
[4988] That's three K
Teresa (PS1CY) [4989] Quick!
Tracy (PS1D1) [4990] That's three K
Pat (PS1KS) [4991] two eight one two.
Tracy (PS1D1) [4992] two eight one two.
[4993] That's cos there's a former.
Pat (PS1KS) [4994] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [4995] Quick!
[4996] Kick it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
David (PS1D0) [4997] Hooray!
[4998] Hooray!
Teresa (PS1CY) [4999] Hooray!
[5000] Ooh ooh ooh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5001] E G three A
Tracy (PS1D1) [5002] G three A
Pat (PS1KS) [5003] two eight one two.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5004] two eight one two.
Pat (PS1KS) [5005] Right!
[5006] I'll get wheels in motion
Teresa (PS1CY) [5007] Come on then!
Pat (PS1KS) [5008] on that.
[5009] So it's
David (PS1D0) [5010] [...] to hit that light with.
Annette (PS1CX) [5011] So what it's, how much will that be?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5012] Ah ah!
Pat (PS1KS) [5013] Er, whatever price is on there less your discount terms of twenty percent.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5014] Kick it!
[5015] Hooray!
Pat (PS1KS) [5016] I thought I was giving you more than that, ee, first of all I went to fifteen percent, you said
Tracy (PS1D1) [5017] Two, three, three.
Pat (PS1KS) [5018] yo seventeen off, I said, and the order's mine, then I went in at twenty percent.
[5019] We you know, I could have got away with giving you seventeen and half percent!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5020] You'd have got some stick!
Pat (PS1KS) [5021] I know.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5022] Because we'd have got from Spiro's
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [5023] Hey!
Pat (PS1KS) [5024] Nothing [...] at Spiro
Annette (PS1CX) [5025] Fifty two
Tracy (PS1D1) [5026] Tell you what, we are ... you don't do bad for ... tools that we buy off them.
Pat (PS1KS) [5027] Yeah, well ... did I leave you one of them catalogues with all the good tools [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5028] Yeah you did actually.
Pat (PS1KS) [5029] Yeah.
[5030] Has, that been binned as well?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5031] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [5032] No, it'll be under, er, they're all, all those things are under there in
Tracy (PS1D1) [5033] Pending.
Pat (PS1KS) [5034] Have a look at them [...] .
[5035] Thing is, a lot, lot of them
Tracy (PS1D1) [5036] Two hundred and ninety two less twenty percent.
Pat (PS1KS) [5037] [...] .
[5038] Less twenty percent.
[5039] No, thirty percent off that one.
Annette (PS1CX) [5040] [laughing] I'm not interested [] what little bit of twenty percent's
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5041] going to that!
David (PS1D0) [5042] Two what?
Annette (PS1CX) [5043] Two ninety ... three three.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5044] Er, whee!
[5045] Ah!
[5046] Oh!
Pat (PS1KS) [5047] Be about fifty quid.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5048] Oh!
[5049] Oh!
Pat (PS1KS) [5050] No, sixty [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [cough]
David (PS1D0) [5051] That's not really bad is it?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5052] What's that?
Annette (PS1CX) [5053] What he come up with.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5054] Well we could of bought that one really last time could we?
Pat (PS1KS) [5055] What, er that one?
David (PS1D0) [5056] What do you
Tracy (PS1D1) [5057] Yep.
David (PS1D0) [5058] want?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5059] She wants to pass it.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5060] Two hundred and ninety two pound ... less
Annette (PS1CX) [5061] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5062] twenty percent.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5063] Well if this one's
Annette (PS1CX) [5064] Daddy!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5065] ri working right, it'll be two hundred and thirty three.
Annette (PS1CX) [5066] Yeah that sounds right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5067] Yeah, that'll be, er something like that.
David (PS1D0) [5068] Don't spill your coffee.
Pat (PS1KS) [5069] Be about fifty
David (PS1D0) [5070] Two hundred and what?
Pat (PS1KS) [5071] eight pound.
Annette (PS1CX) [5072] Thirty three.
David (PS1D0) [5073] Two hundred and what?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5074] Thir thirty three eighty six.
Annette (PS1CX) [5075] Brains of Britain is there before you!
Pat (PS1KS) [5076] Seven
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5077] Plus V A T.
Pat (PS1KS) [5078] Yeah.
[5079] That's it.
[5080] V A T's not added.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5081] She'll probably back up and it's same figure again.
Annette (PS1CX) [5082] Say it at same price again, yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5083] Mind you, it's
David (PS1D0) [5084] Well that's what I said about bloody V A T for!
Annette (PS1CX) [5085] Stupid V A T!
Pat (PS1KS) [5086] Innit daft?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5087] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5088] How about these er ... sanders? [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5089] Ah!
[5090] We're gonna stick hold of them for a minute or two because we haven't
Pat (PS1KS) [5091] Right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5092] got that job to do yet.
Pat (PS1KS) [5093] That's fair enough then.
David (PS1D0) [5094] I'll ... fill that in as well, Northern Hydraulics because I'm paying er ... [...] hydraulics prices for er ... seals when we can get them half the price off them.
Annette (PS1CX) [5095] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5096] The erm ... belts for these ... sanders
Tracy (PS1D1) [5097] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5098] it's far cheaper to get a ... a san sanding belt and cut it down, you'll probably get about five belts out of one sanding belt.
Annette (PS1CX) [5099] Mhm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5100] Oh right!
Pat (PS1KS) [5101] Don't go
David (PS1D0) [5102] Can you cut the [...] or anything?
Pat (PS1KS) [5103] You can rip them.
David (PS1D0) [5104] Ah right!
Pat (PS1KS) [5105] They're like a fibre, they're er er
Tracy (PS1D1) [5106] And how do you glue them together?
Pat (PS1KS) [5107] You don't.
[5108] The end [...] aren't they?
[5109] On your ... your multi-purpose sander ... if you go for black [...] ... pack of three, I think they're about three ninety odd, that's what they were se selling them to the er ... [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5110] Is it three Market Street?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5111] Er er
Pat (PS1KS) [5112] That's er , [...] about one fifty for one ... as long you get the right size and then just, just tear to whatever thing.
[5113] You're supposed get them
David (PS1D0) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5114] with a ruler and jus just pull them.
[5115] Cos they're, they're like a cloth ... cloth belt.
David (PS1D0) [5116] That's a good idea!
[5117] I'll, we'll do that then when we're ready.
Pat (PS1KS) [5118] We're just trying to save you money you see!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5119] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [5120] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [5121] We need erm er eventually get the er ... [smacking lips together] ... the roller.
Pat (PS1KS) [5122] Have you?
[5123] You got invoiced for it as well.
[5124] I apologize for that.
Annette (PS1CX) [5125] Are they [...] , that's your mum, not the bikes!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5126] Oh hell!
[5127] It's
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
David (PS1D0) [5128] Right, I'll go and do some more.
Annette (PS1CX) [5129] We, have we got an in
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5130] have we got an
Pat (PS1KS) [5131] See you [...] !
Annette (PS1CX) [5132] invoice?
[5133] But he
Tracy (PS1D1) [5134] What for?
Annette (PS1CX) [5135] but he's just said we got invoiced for it.
[5136] Have we got a credit to come?
Pat (PS1KS) [5137] Oh yeah!
[5138] We'll credit it you.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5139] Have we?
[5140] What for?
Pat (PS1KS) [5141] Yeah.
[5142] You know, this er seven pound
Tracy (PS1D1) [5143] We got
Pat (PS1KS) [5144] off.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5145] No it's at the side of it.
Pat (PS1KS) [5146] Well we'll take it out of my salary.
Annette (PS1CX) [5147] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5148] No.
Annette (PS1CX) [5149] So, are you gonna
Tracy (PS1D1) [5150] If there's any tools wise er ... erm
Teresa (PS1CY) [5151] No!
[5152] No!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5153] we'll use your side if you don't mind er
Annette (PS1CX) [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5154] whether it's electrical or not.
[5155] Er
Pat (PS1KS) [5156] Right , fair enough then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5157] Er
Pat (PS1KS) [5158] But one thing I must stipulate
Tracy (PS1D1) [5159] Nuts and , nuts and bolts and stuff like we'll deal with the other side.
[5160] But
Pat (PS1KS) [5161] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5162] we'll deal with you for tool side then we'll be lot happier.
Pat (PS1KS) [5163] We have a ... a weird system how it works, and I've got my hands tied behind my back erm ... if you're on [...] with fasteners you can't use Power Tools.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5164] No.
Pat (PS1KS) [5165] Until I break free, and go into my unit.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5166] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5167] Alright.
[5168] So ... but there again if I get the enquiries fas I mean, that obviously is ... the enquiry came through to me so obviously I quoted on it ... but
Tracy (PS1D1) [5169] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5170] anything like nuts and bolts, fixings, fasteners, that type of thing go, has to go through the [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5171] They only stop them cos I hang on to choice int draw.
Pat (PS1KS) [5172] Well it's [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [5173] The thing is, because of the profit margin, I mean
Tracy (PS1D1) [5174] If there's a Cumbrian Fasteners one in there give it, take it back!
Pat (PS1KS) [5175] Because of the profit we're
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [5176] we're making on the hand tools, things like that er, works with our account [...] money, cos you get a thirty day account.
[5177] So, if you go on thirty days unfortunately we we'll enforce that.
Annette (PS1CX) [5178] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5179] Nothing personal [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5180] Tha that's erm yeah this is
Tracy (PS1D1) [5181] Well they haven't done it, that with us, we've been on the thirty days and just no [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5182] Well our fasteners in they might allow you to go to forty five days [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5183] Well what she normally does
Annette (PS1CX) [5184] Could of given you [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5185] I've said to her, it's
Annette (PS1CX) [5186] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5187] it's, it's normally me who forgets to put
Teresa (PS1CY) [5188] Oh yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5189] the bloody cheque in post!
Pat (PS1KS) [5190] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5191] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5192] And if she gets er over that date could she give us a ring.
Pat (PS1KS) [5193] That's right.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5194] And she does.
Annette (PS1CX) [5195] It's fascinating her.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5196] Just gives us a ring and say, have you got your cheque?
[5197] And I said, yeah, and I drop it into her now.
[5198] It's normally me that forgets to er
Annette (PS1CX) [5199] What, what I try to do I just hang on to them till somebody shouts.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5200] Well tha that's what a lot of people do.
[5201] You've got to.
Annette (PS1CX) [5202] Because erm
Tracy (PS1D1) [5203] You've got to wait for your money haven't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [5204] well we're finding that out.
[5205] When we first started
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5206] I used to pay them straight away but the big companies aren't paying us!
Pat (PS1KS) [5207] No.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5208] We found the same.
Annette (PS1CX) [5209] And er ... it's just chronic!
[5210] So, hopefully they're gonna stop that.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5211] Well I shall have a good look at that [...] when I
Pat (PS1KS) [5212] Yeah!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5213] get er
Pat (PS1KS) [5214] have a look.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5215] some er
Pat (PS1KS) [5216] Thank you very much for the order.
[5217] I shall take my little black bag and be gone.
Annette (PS1CX) [5218] I hope your mouth's better soon.
Pat (PS1KS) [5219] So do I!
Annette (PS1CX) [5220] Looks really painful!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5221] Well we can get rid of your mouth for you!
Pat (PS1KS) [5222] Lovely!
Annette (PS1CX) [5223] Mm.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5224] Just give you one quick smack and that'll be through to the other side!
Annette (PS1CX) [5225] He's horrible!
David (PS1D0) [5226] Well that's damn nice innit?
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [5227] It's not very nice though!
David (PS1D0) [5228] Int he nice to you Brett?
Pat (PS1KS) [5229] He's not a very nice man!
Annette (PS1CX) [5230] How long have you known him Brett?
Pat (PS1KS) [5231] Er, I'll go and get
Tracy (PS1D1) [5232] Too long!
Pat (PS1KS) [5233] another bottle of er antise am Ambesol ... or imbecile whatever they call it!
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5234] [...] and he's never had a better job than what he had at Widnes, I'll tell you!
Pat (PS1KS) [5235] Yeah, a mere pittance of pay!
[5236] Twenty two pound
Tracy (PS1D1) [laugh]
Pat (PS1KS) [5237] for a forty seven hour week!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5238] Oh!
[5239] You go that one there.
[5240] Forty five quid, she's, she's gonna be only doing sixty, seventy hours a week!
Annette (PS1CX) [5241] Forty five quid.
Pat (PS1KS) [5242] Where's that, why's it ... [...] ?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5243] No!
[5244] She's at
Teresa (PS1CY) [5245] No!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5246] the horses at erm
Teresa (PS1CY) [5247] Edminton.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5248] Edminton's place.
Pat (PS1KS) [5249] Oh yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5250] And they're paying her forty five a week, she does about forty nine hours now and they've
Teresa (PS1CY) [5251] Eh!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5252] just told her ... she's to er, she's got to stop on another hour at night, till five o'clock instead of four.
[5253] And in summer it'll be half past seven or seven o'clock when she finishes!
Pat (PS1KS) [5254] Shee! [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5255] I just said to her , you know, just ... tell them
Pat (PS1KS) [5256] Not worth getting out of bed!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5257] you know, just ask them if there's any more money in it if she works the long hours.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5258] The trouble is
Pat (PS1KS) [5259] Well if I go on the premises, [...] work with me and he's ... [...] trained like you had one for Steven [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [5260] Well we've got one here.
Pat (PS1KS) [5261] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5262] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5263] And, I've just ... as a basic figure, I mean, they give up to a certain figure o before their hours you put a bit of tax and after that, but er ... we've allocated him to work, in the afternoons when I'm out, they allocate to her, the warehouse [...] , because I can't afford any, er, as I say, they repairs a machine, it goes out faulty, and the onus is on me and the company
Pat (PS1KS) [5264] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5265] and he ha he hasn't been trained up fully yet so he, you know ... but plus, the course he's on at er college isn't doing him any good.
Pat (PS1KS) [5266] That's what happened to our drill you see, you've had apprentice on it!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5267] You're right.
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5268] I've, I failed miserably so I thought, I've had to put the apprentice on it you see!
[5269] No, it er
Pat (PS1KS) [5270] Things can only get worse then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5271] Probably.
Pat (PS1KS) [5272] I gi him general things on their own, I mean, it's, it's really quiet.
[5273] I mean I ... as a company Cumbria Power Tools will always, you know, it will survive because there's only me and this
Teresa (PS1CY) [5274] Oh yeah!
Pat (PS1KS) [5275] this [...] there.
[5276] But er ... it, it didn't take a lot to keep me busy.
[5277] But fasteners, I mean, you know I mean, things are
Teresa (PS1CY) [5278] You're not having this.
Pat (PS1KS) [5279] are struggling, we've had a couple of [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5280] But you must have your regular customer?
[5281] Cos we're er
Pat (PS1KS) [5282] Oh we do!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5283] we're your regulars.
[5284] Then you've
Pat (PS1KS) [5285] They bought
Tracy (PS1D1) [5286] gotta do
Pat (PS1KS) [5287] they
Tracy (PS1D1) [5288] since you left Widnes.
Pat (PS1KS) [5289] This is it!
[5290] On the fasteners side, they know they're not the cheapest
Annette (PS1CX) [5291] Coming off.
Pat (PS1KS) [5292] a lot of people Cumbria Fasteners [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5293] [...] isn't there?
Pat (PS1KS) [5294] Right?
[5295] They know what they can source elsewhere but
Teresa (PS1CY) [5296] Yeah, but I mean they don't [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5297] if, if
Annette (PS1CX) [5298] No I haven't.
Pat (PS1KS) [5299] people wanna get them there
Tracy (PS1D1) [5300] The only trouble that a lot of people, I think Cumbria Fasteners, in one respect
Annette (PS1CX) [5301] Shall I do it now?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5302] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5303] would get, if they got their act together
Teresa (PS1CY) [5304] And see what's happening.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5305] they would have a lot more customers whatever the price.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5306] Cos you want to get cracking don't you?
Annette (PS1CX) [5307] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5308] The they lose a lot of customers ... er ... to, to other people that ... sometimes charge them more.
[5309] And we get pissed off with Cumbria
Annette (PS1CX) [5310] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5311] when you
Pat (PS1KS) [5312] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [5313] go and se stand in there for half an hour!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5314] And there's one man [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5315] I know!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5316] One.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5317] who hasn't got a clue of the order!
Pat (PS1KS) [5318] Well, if you want anything
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5319] phone up the order before and, and as soon as that enquiry's taken
Annette (PS1CX)
Pat (PS1KS) [5320] it's picked from the shelf
Annette (PS1CX) [5321] Oh no!
[5322] Hang on!
Pat (PS1KS) [5323] and it's put on the shelf with your order form.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5324] Yeah, go on then.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5325] Well we've, we've done that before haven't we?
[5326] We've rung
Teresa (PS1CY) [5327] The last time [...]
Tracy (PS1D1) [5328] and said look
Annette (PS1CX) [laugh]
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY)
Tracy (PS1D1) [5329] and we still have to wait half an hour!
Teresa (PS1CY)
Pat (PS1KS) [5330] Well, don't say that I've, [...] seen you
Teresa (PS1CY)
Pat (PS1KS) [5331] just ask, ask for Brett, just say you want an enquiry about parts or [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [5332] No?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5333] That's what it says.
Pat (PS1KS) [5334] Even though you might think it's [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [5335] Okay.
[5336] It's three two.
Pat (PS1KS) [5337] they, they don't know ... just walk around in the warehouse, they are
Tracy (PS1D1) [5338] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5339] doing things, you know, at er ... they're not standing about there.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5340] Yeah well you you know I've been in there on a Saturday morning when there's been six of us there and one bloke serving, you know, I mean
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5341] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5342] You know,i there's two screens testing all the stuff.
Pat (PS1KS) [5343] Well this is it, yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5344] You know, if it, if it, if it were [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [...]
Teresa (PS1CY) [5345] Ow!
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5346] Teresa!
Pat (PS1KS) [5347] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5348] Be careful!
Annette (PS1CX) [5349] Be careful!
Pat (PS1KS) [5350] Right then, I'll [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [5351] The standard of [...] is surprising!
Annette (PS1CX) [5352] Bump heads.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5353] He's only just ... [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5354] Well for some reason they survived when it was expanded.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5355] Yeah.
Pat (PS1KS) [5356] They got three depots, one at Carlisle
Annette (PS1CX) [5357] [singing] La la la la la la [] !
Tracy (PS1D1) [...]
Pat (PS1KS) [5358] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5359] you go in there and wait twenty minutes.
Pat (PS1KS) [5360] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5361] But, you know, there's eight or nine of them, you know.
Annette (PS1CX) [5362] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[5363] Er, is Mike in please?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5364] [...] wait
Pat (PS1KS) [5365] Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5366] twenty minutes, half an hour [...] . [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5367] Mike, it's Annette.
Pat (PS1KS) [5368] I'll see you later Neil.
[5369] See you!
Annette (PS1CX) [5370] Fine.
[5371] How are you?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5372] See
Tracy (PS1D1) [5373] See
Teresa (PS1CY) [5374] you!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5375] you later Brett.
Annette (PS1CX) [5376] Good!
[5377] I'm sorry to bother you, have you heard anything back from ... Yeah.
Tracy (PS1D1) [5378] Wow!
Teresa (PS1CY) [laugh]
Annette (PS1CX) [5379] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5380] Ow!
[5381] Ee!
[5382] Big smacker in the [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5383] Yeah.
[5384] We've actually, we, we've had a letter from them and they're not, they want to knock two thousand one hundred
Tracy (PS1D1) [5385] Blah la la la!
Annette (PS1CX) [5386] Yeah.
[5387] So erm ... the point is, they have suggested a meeting down there [phonecall ends] .
[5388] Will you shut up you lot!
[5389] [laugh] ... [phonecall starts] They've suggested a meeting down there but, my point i I feel that ... there's no point going down for an argument ... cos that's all it's going to be.
[5390] ... Yeah.
[5391] Yeah.
[5392] Yeah, well we're gonna have to, I mean, if they don't do it we're gonna have to go to a solicitor
Teresa (PS1CY) [5393] No you're not!
Annette (PS1CX) [5394] ourselves and do it anyway.
[5395] So ... right.
[5396] Yes.
[5397] ... Yeah.
[5398] Yeah.
[5399] ... Yeah.
[5400] Yeah.
[5401] Okay then.
[5402] So, you'll let us know as soon as you hear?
[5403] ... That's great Mike!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5404] Rebecca where's your nose?
Annette (PS1CX) [5405] Alright.
[5406] Thanks very much
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5407] love.
[5408] Okay.
[5409] Bye [phonecall ends] !
[5410] He should know something by ... close of play today.
[5411] He said he's ho he, he's pretty confident they'll take it.
[5412] So ... he, he agreed there's no
Teresa (PS1CY) [5413] Yes!
Annette (PS1CX) [5414] point going down for an argument.
[5415] Cos that's all it will be.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5416] What?
[5417] Nose.
[5418] Nose.
Annette (PS1CX) [5419] Right Teresa, it's ten to one love.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5420] Yeah I know.
Annette (PS1CX) [5421] Better take you back.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5422] Peter!
Annette (PS1CX) [5423] Erm ... sugar.
[5424] Sugar, sugar.
Teresa (PS1CY) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5425] Are we gonna be able to
Tracy (PS1D1) [5426] White sugar.
Annette (PS1CX) [5427] get back with sugar or can you nip up to shop and get some sugar?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5428] Er ... I'll nip up the road here.
Annette (PS1CX) [5429] Yeah.
[5430] Well it's probably gonna be easier asking you to nip up to shop than it is for me trying to get back.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5431] Cos we'll ... you'll get very busy.
[5432] Will you?
[5433] Look!
[5434] Over here. [...] .
Tracy (PS1D1) [5435] No!
[5436] You're not!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5437] How you going to have it out?
Tracy (PS1D1) [5438] I dunno.
[5439] I'll think of something [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [5440] I'll try and come back up Richard and wash pots later.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5441] Ooh curly! [...] ... look at that funny face!
Annette (PS1CX) [5442] See you later.
[5443] [kiss] ... See you in a bit.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5444] Look!
[5445] Cheeky face!
Tracy (PS1D1) [5446] I know.
David (PS1D0) [...]
Annette (PS1CX) [5447] See you later.
David (PS1D0) [5448] Okay love.
Annette (PS1CX) [5449] Okay.
David (PS1D0) [5450] Erm ... where you going now?
Annette (PS1CX) [5451] Well ... I've got to, I'm gonna go ... drop
David (PS1D0) [5452] I need
Annette (PS1CX) [5453] Teresa off
David (PS1D0) [5454] I need my camera and my film.
Annette (PS1CX) [5455] Oh!
[5456] Your camera, okay then.
David (PS1D0) [5457] Can you, can you do that for me?
[5458] Then I'll
Annette (PS1CX) [5459] Yes.
[5460] Erm ... I've got this lady coming at two.
[5461] So
Teresa (PS1CY) [cough]
Annette (PS1CX) [5462] I'll come back up after ... I've seen her.
David (PS1D0) [5463] Yeah.
[5464] It's just that he's coming for it at three so if I get my camera I want it before three.
Annette (PS1CX) [5465] Oh right!
[5466] Okay then.
[5467] So are you working till just four tonight Teresa?
[5468] I'll pick you up at four.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5469] Mm mm.
Annette (PS1CX) [5470] Right.
[5471] See you later.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5472] See you in a bit!
David (PS1D0) [5473] Yeah.
Annette (PS1CX) [5474] So I've to come back up with, don't let me forget
Teresa (PS1CY) [5475] Bye bye!
Annette (PS1CX) [5476] your dad's camera.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5477] Bye bye!
David (PS1D0) [5478] Say bye bye!
Annette (PS1CX) [5479] Bye!
Teresa (PS1CY) [5480] Has it got a film in it?
Annette (PS1CX) [5481] He sa he said something about there being a film there.
[5482] ... Do you want to climb in and I'll fasten Becky in?
Teresa (PS1CY) [5483] [...] later on tonight and find out if we, about the times [...] .
Annette (PS1CX) [5484] Yeah.
Teresa (PS1CY) [5485] [humming] ... Whoops!
[5486] Becky boo!
[5487] I need to get in!
Annette (PS1CX) [5488] Oh!
[5489] Sorry! [laugh] ... [...] , they are, they keep you warm. [laugh]
Teresa (PS1CY) [5490] We're coming!
[5491] We're coming!
[5492] ... Oh!
Annette (PS1CX) [5493] [laugh] ... Don't you growl at me!
[5494] You growl at me! [baby talking]
Teresa (PS1CY) [5495] Oh shit!
[5496] The key off dad's desk.
Annette (PS1CX) [5497] Alright, I'll go and get it.