41 conversations recorded by `Arthur' (PS03S) between 10 and 13 January 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 11521 s-units, 76309 words, and over 8 hours 52 minutes 5 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 2

PS03S Ag5 m (Arthur, age 82, retired (precision engineer), Central Midlands, )
PS03T Ag5 f (Evelyn, age 75, retired, Central Midlands, ) wife
PS03U Ag4 m (Tom, age 54, draughtsman, London, ) friend
PS03V Ag4 f (Jackie, age 51, catering supervisor, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS0YX Ag5 m (Les, age 75, retired, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS0YY Ag5 f (Kath, age 73, retired, Central Midlands, ) sister
PS100 Ag5 m (Vince, age 73, retired, North-east England, ) brother-in-law
KBBPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBBPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

41 recordings

  1. Tape 049001 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 049002 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 049003 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 049004 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 049005 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 049006 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 049007 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 049008 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 049201 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: having afternoon tea
  10. Tape 049202 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: having afternoon tea
  11. Tape 049203 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  12. Tape 049204 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: filling in scrap photo album
  13. Tape 049205 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: preparing breakfast
  14. Tape 049206 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: filling in scrap photo album
  15. Tape 049301 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 049302 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 049303 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 049304 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 049305 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 049306 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 049307 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 049308 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 049309 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 049401 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 049402 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 049403 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 049404 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 049405 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 049406 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 049501 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( at home ) Activity: having a late lunch and later having tea
  31. Tape 049601 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 049602 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 049603 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 049604 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 049605 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 049606 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 049701 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 049702 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 049703 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 049704 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 049705 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationLeicestershire: Leicester ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 049001)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [1] Well you can do.
[2] I'm going to
Arthur (PS03S) [3] How long will you be doing your cake?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4] I'm not making a cake, I'm making marmalade this
Arthur (PS03S) [5] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [6] this afternoon.
[7] Still got Christmas cake, so
Arthur (PS03S) [8] I know.
[9] But
Evelyn (PS03T) [10] Anyway , what's on?
Arthur (PS03S) [11] How much of that is left?
Evelyn (PS03T) [12] Not much.
Arthur (PS03S) [13] Of the cake?
Evelyn (PS03T) [14] Not much.

2 (Tape 049002)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [15] Film.
Arthur (PS03S) [16] Film.
[17] Leave the washing up we'll both
Evelyn (PS03T) [18] Alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [19] do it together.
Evelyn (PS03T) [20] You sure?
[21] [reading television paper] Film, Seven Cities of God [] , that's on now.
[22] Don't want that, do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [23] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [24] The other one is ... Thorn Birds
Arthur (PS03S) [25] Spea , er speak to the thing and loudly or
Evelyn (PS03T) [26] Do you think it's ... taking?
Arthur (PS03S) [27] Shall have to see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [28] I is it running?
[29] Has the, is the red light on?
[30] Ah!
[31] Oh!
[32] I see.
[33] Same as the other one.
Arthur (PS03S) [34] Oh oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [35] You know what's on tonight?
Arthur (PS03S) [36] Er, anything any good?
Evelyn (PS03T) [37] Well!
[38] Grace and Favour, you know th ... er Are You Being Served?
Arthur (PS03S) [39] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [40] That's on.
[41] A new series but called Grace and Favour at eight.
Arthur (PS03S) [42] Is it
Evelyn (PS03T) [43] But
Arthur (PS03S) [44] a series, a series or just one
Evelyn (PS03T) [45] A new one!
[46] A new
Arthur (PS03S) [47] new series altogether?
Evelyn (PS03T) [48] Yeah Gra .
[49] Yeah, the similar ... carrying on
Arthur (PS03S) [50] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [51] from the Grace Brothers.
Arthur (PS03S) [52] That should be ... rather nice.
Evelyn (PS03T) [53] But ... on the comedy channel on the satellite ... it's, the old er ... Are You Being Served.
Arthur (PS03S) [54] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [55] So you can ... decide
Arthur (PS03S) [56] Choose
Evelyn (PS03T) [57] what you're going to see, the new series or ... repeat of the
Arthur (PS03S) [58] Oh ah!
Evelyn (PS03T) [59] old.
[60] So
Arthur (PS03S) [61] The new series is alright though.
[62] The older series was alright but
Evelyn (PS03T) [63] Yeah, well we'll have to see.
[64] Anyway ... what was all that on the news?
[65] I didn't hear it at one o'clock, did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [66] It's some ... what?
[67] There's a
Evelyn (PS03T) [68] What's the matter?
Arthur (PS03S) [69] big lorry coming up, big yellow lorry coming up the road.
[70] Oh it's got sweeping brushes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [71] They're probably putting sand e sand in the roads.
Arthur (PS03S) [72] Clear, I hope he's clearing the salt up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [73] No he's not.
[74] I bet he's putting salt in the road.
Arthur (PS03S) [75] Yeah.
[76] Oh well.
[77] Half inch of frost and you get the salt people out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [78] Mm.
[79] Well [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [80] As soon as it's strikes your, the bottom of your car it's it begins to rust.
Evelyn (PS03T) [81] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [82] And ne ,e it, and is, if it's going to freeze tonight you can't wash it off.
Evelyn (PS03T) [83] Well we shan't be going out in the car today shall we?
[84] Or tomorrow.
Arthur (PS03S) [85] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [86] So
Arthur (PS03S) [87] Do you think we ought to go round Peter and Joan's.
Evelyn (PS03T) [88] No.
[89] She likes to be told.
[90] Just leave
Arthur (PS03S) [91] About fetching you home.
Evelyn (PS03T) [92] No.
[93] I'm gonna take her home.
[94] And then you can't have a drink cos you've got to take her haven't
Arthur (PS03S) [95] Oh yeah!
Evelyn (PS03T) [96] you?
Arthur (PS03S) [97] True.
Evelyn (PS03T) [98] Mm.
[99] No, wait till the weather's a bit better.
[100] And it might be snowing tomorrow.
Arthur (PS03S) [101] Er, is the market o always crowded like that ... so you're pushing?
Evelyn (PS03T) [102] Well, it is if you go in
Arthur (PS03S) [103] So as you get [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [104] Friday and Saturday.
[105] Well it mostly is in the week anyway.
Arthur (PS03S) [106] How about ringing George up?
Evelyn (PS03T) [107] Well ... no, if he's suffering from depression you don't want
Arthur (PS03S) [108] Do you think he'll come for lunch?
Evelyn (PS03T) [109] No.
[110] Don't wanna ask him this week.
[111] Besides he wouldn't come at
Arthur (PS03S) [112] I said I wouldn't give him [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [113] sh , such short notice.
[114] Well he may have Madge and Tom last week, I don't

3 (Tape 049003)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [115] Now can you tell me if this marmalade's set?
[116] I can't see very well.
Arthur (PS03S) [117] Bring it er, bring it in er to the fro , lounge.
[118] It should be on the table at the back.
[119] ... Have you got it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [120] Yeah.
[121] I don't think it's
Arthur (PS03S) [122] Bring it in to here.
Evelyn (PS03T) [123] I don't think it's qui , is it wrinkling?
[124] Just a, ah!
[125] Well don't hold my wrist!
[126] ... This is my bad wrist
Arthur (PS03S) [127] You wicked girl!
Evelyn (PS03T) [128] [whispering] He's alright [] .
[129] I don't think it's quite ready is it?
Arthur (PS03S) [130] It's, no it's not er ... it's not crinkling on the surface.
[131] Cos it's not clear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [132] Ah, a few more minutes.
[133] Put these slippers on.
[134] Have you seen, leave it on.
[135] ... Look!
[136] I don't think it's, the swe , the swelling's going down at all do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [137] No.
[138] And it's, it's ... it seems very hot.
Evelyn (PS03T) [139] That's cos I've left the thing off?
Arthur (PS03S) [140] Do you think you ought to go to the doctors again?
Evelyn (PS03T) [141] Don't know.
[142] We'll put the bandage back on though.
[143] Have you seen my bandage?
Arthur (PS03S) [144] How about ri ... er ring, ringing them up?
Evelyn (PS03T) [145] Yeah.
[146] Ooh here it is!
[147] No!
[148] They'll say come, they'll want to see it.
Arthur (PS03S) [149] Well show it to them and see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [150] No, no I'm not going all the way down today.
Arthur (PS03S) [151] Are you putting that back on?
Evelyn (PS03T) [152] Mm, that's not quite ready is it?
[153] ... No.
[154] What about the picture?
Arthur (PS03S) [155] What to show Jackie?
Evelyn (PS03T) [156] Well, when she comes home I think
Arthur (PS03S) [157] She is home.
[158] Been
Evelyn (PS03T) [159] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [160] home a little while.
Evelyn (PS03T) [161] no I mean when Tom's home.
[162] Show it them together?
Arthur (PS03S) [163] Well, perhaps I'll them later.
Evelyn (PS03T) [164] Oh, could do.
[165] I think it's good!
Arthur (PS03S) [166] Bit of extra
Evelyn (PS03T) [167] Where you going to put it that's the ... important thing.
Arthur (PS03S) [168] This , in there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [169] No!
[170] I mean, on the wall!
[171] You're not putting it on ... under there!
[172] Whereabouts on the wall?
Arthur (PS03S) [173] This?
Evelyn (PS03T) [174] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [175] Well I ain't bothered about that yet!
[176] We got other things to do haven't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [177] Well if you wanted it, if you, now you've bought it you want to decide where you're going to put it.
Arthur (PS03S) [178] Well ... put it in in five minutes can't I?
[179] Are you going to show her or not?
Evelyn (PS03T) [180] Oh I'm going to show her!
[181] But I was just wondering where you was gonna put it.
Arthur (PS03S) [182] And I thought it'd be extra
Evelyn (PS03T) [183] Can't over the radiator.
Arthur (PS03S) [184] Well she'll want it in the house and all that!
Evelyn (PS03T) [185] I know.
[186] I said ... I know she will!
[187] I'm talking when, when they've seen it!
Arthur (PS03S) [188] Well, we're not bothered about a [...] yet!
Evelyn (PS03T) [189] Yes I
Arthur (PS03S) [190] Well you er you, I thought you were going to ask her to look at.
Evelyn (PS03T) [191] I will do when Tom's home.
Arthur (PS03S) [192] Then he can come and look any time.
Evelyn (PS03T) [193] Yeah.
[194] I expect she'll be making, probably busy making [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [195] I like it very much don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [196] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [197] It's unusual to say the least.
Evelyn (PS03T) [198] I think it's er
Arthur (PS03S) [199] I shall ask how, when it was taken.
Evelyn (PS03T) [200] Last summer.
[201] After that building at the back was finished.
[202] Must have been!
Arthur (PS03S) [203] Yes, cos it's there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [204] About that July.
Arthur (PS03S) [205] Ah!
[206] I I was, I were help him point it at the time.
[207] You know the pear tree where you asked me
Evelyn (PS03T) [208] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [209] to prune it ... it's still over the garage.
Evelyn (PS03T) [210] Yeah.
[211] But you didn't prune it until about ... October did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [212] No.
[213] But i ,i , I've not i , on this sh ... picture ... the pear tree is ri ,we all over the garage.
Evelyn (PS03T) [214] Over the garage over the back, the other garden.
Arthur (PS03S) [215] So er, it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [216] I think it's July, August ... taken.
Arthur (PS03S) [217] It's not been recently has it according to that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [218] Well it couldn't be recently could it ... because the flowers are out?
Arthur (PS03S) [219] Well that's another point.
Evelyn (PS03T) [220] You can tell which flowers are in bloom.
Arthur (PS03S) [221] Do you think they will like it?
[222] You know, to buy one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [223] What next door?
Arthur (PS03S) [224] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [225] Probably.
[226] Although their lawn looks a bit
Arthur (PS03S) [227] But er
Evelyn (PS03T) [228] threadbare doesn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [229] Well he did say er, ours i your greens, your grass is greener.
Evelyn (PS03T) [230] Yep.
[231] Well ... we haven't cut ours since [...] have we?
Arthur (PS03S) [232] Are you going to show it Tom and Madge?
Evelyn (PS03T) [233] Yes.
[234] When we get there?
Arthur (PS03S) [235] What take it with us?
Evelyn (PS03T) [236] Yes.
[237] Could do.
[238] ... That reminds
Arthur (PS03S) [239] I don't suppose
Evelyn (PS03T) [240] me
Arthur (PS03S) [241] don't suppose they'd come ... and a me , for tea would they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [242] Well we had them last week, I'm not going to ask them.
[243] They wouldn't want to come again anyway so soon.
[244] Tom doesn't like going out.
[245] Like you do.
Arthur (PS03S) [246] Well ... home's always the best.
[247] I suppose we're at home today.
Evelyn (PS03T) [248] Er, when's that Churchill thing on?
Arthur (PS03S) [249] When's th the Argentina one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [250] That's next week, but no , I know that.
[251] Gotta get that again.
[252] I've seen one or two ... erm ... previews of it but ... I've never found out when it is.
Arthur (PS03S) [253] Er er the slab ... those yellow slabs they show up pretty well don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [254] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [255] In the red
Evelyn (PS03T) [256] Did you know what was on this morning?
Arthur (PS03S) [257] red [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [258] Les Miserables.
Arthur (PS03S) [259] Eh?
Evelyn (PS03T) [260] Charles Laughton was on this morning at nine twenty five.
Arthur (PS03S) [261] Who was?
Evelyn (PS03T) [262] Charles Laughton!
Arthur (PS03S) [263] What?
[264] Oh in that er
Evelyn (PS03T) [265] Les Miserables.
Arthur (PS03S) [266] Oh yes!
[267] It's where he is a
Evelyn (PS03T) [268] Mhm.
Arthur (PS03S) [269] he's always after a prisoner int he?
[270] Escaped prisoner.
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [271] And he ends up , he ends er, drowning hisself ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [272] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [273] Because he'd been pursuing the same man ... for years.
[274] ... What, I used to se , see the book ... in the library but I never drew it out until I, recently.
[275] It's a good story that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [276] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [277] I liked it very much.
[278] Mind you, Charles Laughton put it ... a bit of beef into it didn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [279] Mm.
[280] No, there's not much on tonight really.
Arthur (PS03S) [281] Nothing worth looking at?
Evelyn (PS03T) [282] Well, there's just that er, Are You Being Served.
[283] I suppose you wanna see [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [284] They're gonna do another series did you read it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [285] Yes, that, that was it!
[286] It's go it's got both on at eight tonight.
Arthur (PS03S) [287] Both on are they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [288] I told you that earlier
Arthur (PS03S) [289] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [290] on!
[291] The new one and the old one.
Arthur (PS03S) [292] Oh that's strange ... idea!
Evelyn (PS03T) [293] Well one's on Sky and one's on B B C.
[294] ... Any Questions at eight five.
[295] So you can have that tomorrow at lunchtime then can't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [296] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [297] Well ... I think I'd better go and look at the jam again.
[298] I think it's er ... wants a few more minutes so
Arthur (PS03S) [299] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [300] switch that off.
Arthur (PS03S) [301] Go and have another five minutes and
Evelyn (PS03T) [302] Switch it off and leave it.

4 (Tape 049004)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [303] Are they both down?
Arthur (PS03S) [304] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [305] Is it rolling?
[306] Er, do you want any whisky in your tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [307] I can have it, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [308] Want some?
Arthur (PS03S) [309] Yeah, just a drop.
Evelyn (PS03T) [310] Is it alright?
Arthur (PS03S) [311] Mhm.
[312] Are the pigeons gone?
Evelyn (PS03T) [313] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [314] Is that blackbirds?
Evelyn (PS03T) [315] Blackbird and a robin.
[316] I think that's setting now isn't it Arthur?
Arthur (PS03S) [317] Blackbird and robin been?
Evelyn (PS03T) [318] Yes.
[319] They've had some sultanas.
[320] That's setting int it
Arthur (PS03S) [321] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [322] it?
Arthur (PS03S) [323] Mm.
[324] Yeah, you se , you know I might go er down that shed.
[325] Throw it away now if you don't want
Evelyn (PS03T) [326] If I don't want what?
Arthur (PS03S) [327] Well you don't wanna put it on the ship do you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [328] It's not on the ship, it's only on the table.
[329] ... I've got to jar that in
Arthur (PS03S) [330] Have the robin and blackbird
Evelyn (PS03T) [331] in ten minutes.
Arthur (PS03S) [332] gone off then when they had
Evelyn (PS03T) [333] They had some sultanas.
[334] ... And a bit of ... potato.
[335] ... Okay?
Arthur (PS03S) [336] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [337] What are you going to do about that conifer?
[338] You can't leave those steps and
Arthur (PS03S) [339] Well I've to ask, remove them before they plant
Evelyn (PS03T) [340] Well I shall want, they're closed now int they, on Mondays?
Arthur (PS03S) [341] Well I shall move it before bed time.
[342] Er er
Evelyn (PS03T) [343] The wind's gone.
Arthur (PS03S) [344] There's no forecast for
Evelyn (PS03T) [345] I don't know.
[346] We 'd better get the new
Arthur (PS03S) [347] Violent storm or anything?
Evelyn (PS03T) [348] We better put the news on at four, just before four.
Arthur (PS03S) [349] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [350] But ... you see, if I'd have gone in Wilkinsons I could have bought another [...] this morning.
Arthur (PS03S) [351] Well, that's alright it's clean.
Evelyn (PS03T) [352] Ah, I know but if yo , if it's, if we get a gale again we shall
Arthur (PS03S) [353] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [354] want something to tie it up with won't we?
Arthur (PS03S) [355] Oh I know.
[356] I can take that out and put it back.
[357] It's no problem.
[358] ... And that old you ... kept er ... asking about, it's er tying the ro ... you remember the rose bush?
Evelyn (PS03T) [359] Mm.
[360] Mm
Arthur (PS03S) [361] Well it fell on the slabs ... had to tie it right
Evelyn (PS03T) [362] I remember.
Arthur (PS03S) [363] back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [364] I remember now.
Arthur (PS03S) [365] That's a bit lighter for that and if ... there's a
Evelyn (PS03T) [366] Well [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [367] gone late haven't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [368] Well ... [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [369] There's
Evelyn (PS03T) [370] late ... i it draws out doesn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [371] Yeah.
[372] Getting light.
Evelyn (PS03T) [373] A few minutes every day.
Arthur (PS03S) [374] Did the robin have any sultanas?
Evelyn (PS03T) [375] Yeah.
[376] They'd all been.
Arthur (PS03S) [377] He's a quick mover int he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [378] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [379] Like a little dart.
[380] [sighing] Oh [] !
[381] You don't know what the forecast is then for tomorrow?
Evelyn (PS03T) [382] No, if you put Sky news on just before four
Arthur (PS03S) [383] You get the
Evelyn (PS03T) [384] You get the weather.
Arthur (PS03S) [385] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [386] And see about that bomb in ta , in er ... you know the Prime Minister's place?
[387] I, I just heard the outcome of it.
Arthur (PS03S) [388] Oh, has there been another one today then has there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [389] I was in the kitchen and I just heard something about a bomb ... near ... the Prime Minister's
Arthur (PS03S) [390] The Prime Minister's establishment.
Evelyn (PS03T) [391] and I said to you what, what was it?
[392] And you said I wasn't listening!
[393] You didn't know.
[394] So
Arthur (PS03S) [395] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [396] put the four o'clock news on and we might.
Arthur (PS03S) [397] Oh!
[398] [whispering] It ain't four [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [399] No, until then.
Arthur (PS03S) [400] Er,perha
Evelyn (PS03T) [401] Leave it on now.
Arthur (PS03S) [402] Oh.
[403] It is er ... And get Madge and Tom if you like, er, when we get, we'll nip over for the week, you know?
[404] Instead of taking the eggs.
Evelyn (PS03T) [405] Well I've got to get some jars from them ... because I've got another lot of marmalade to make.
Arthur (PS03S) [406] Well let's go down for the jars and then ... they can, see
Evelyn (PS03T) [407] They can take that.
Arthur (PS03S) [408] see what they say for ten minutes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [409] Could do.
[410] We'll see.
[411] It depends on the weather tomorrow, if there's frost or anything.
Arthur (PS03S) [412] True!
Evelyn (PS03T) [413] I'm not going if it's frosty!
Arthur (PS03S) [414] Or salty.
[415] Well if they put salt on the road, according to the A A,i
Evelyn (PS03T) [416] Already said that!
Arthur (PS03S) [417] it starts to bu
Evelyn (PS03T) [418] No.
[419] Do you want another cup.
[420] Give me
Arthur (PS03S) [421] Yes please.
Evelyn (PS03T) [422] your cup.
[423] Give me ... want any more whisky in?
Arthur (PS03S) [424] I'm starting to ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [425] Where, the front or the back?
Arthur (PS03S) [426] The back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [427] Oh dear!
Arthur (PS03S) [428] [...] ... it's all over the damn [...] !
Evelyn (PS03T) [429] Oh I'm going to put Sky on so I can erm ... get the news.
[430] ... Your tea's here!
Arthur (PS03S) [431] Eh?
Evelyn (PS03T) [432] Your tea is here!
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [433] Well it'll get cold!
Arthur (PS03S) [434] I'm going to drink it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [435] Oh this is set now.

5 (Tape 049005)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [436] They nearly went!
Evelyn (PS03T) [437] Well you shouldn't have put them there should you?
Arthur (PS03S) [438] But they're still in their er
Evelyn (PS03T) [439] What what ... Got mine yet?
Arthur (PS03S) [440] Must have been there
Evelyn (PS03T) [441] Now ... tomorrow ... we've got to get a sack of potatoes.
[442] We could wait till Monday but that's about all.
Arthur (PS03S) [443] Well wait until Monday when there's salt on the roads.
Evelyn (PS03T) [444] Why?
Arthur (PS03S) [445] Well you know what salt does to underneath the car.
[446] The bodywork.
Evelyn (PS03T) [447] Well I know!
[448] You're always on about that!
Arthur (PS03S) [449] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [450] I'll have to ring Cath up to come and fetch er ... Penny's birthday ... card.
Arthur (PS03S) [451] What Sunday or ... Saturday?
Evelyn (PS03T) [452] No, she'll come Sunday if she comes at all.
[453] Cos if we're not going out tomorrow ... we shan't be able to deliver it.
[454] And it's her birthday on Sunday.
[455] So
Arthur (PS03S) [456] How old is she?
[457] Forty?
Evelyn (PS03T) [458] Forty one!
[459] I think.
[460] Getting on!
Arthur (PS03S) [461] Not very old is she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [462] Well ... creeping up isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [463] Well when you think ... you're seve , what are you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [464] Seventy five I am
Arthur (PS03S) [465] se
Evelyn (PS03T) [466] now!
Arthur (PS03S) [467] Yeah and ... I'm eighty two.
Evelyn (PS03T) [468] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [469] She must be well down the ... birth rates.
Evelyn (PS03T) [470] Ah ah!
[471] ... Anyway, I ought to ring er ... Rhona up and see how Penny is.
Arthur (PS03S) [472] What about Joan?
[473] Have you, and er ... rung
Evelyn (PS03T) [474] Well!
[475] It's about
Arthur (PS03S) [476] not rung
Evelyn (PS03T) [477] time they rang me!
Arthur (PS03S) [478] George?
[479] How about Ge , asking George to come round for a meal?
Evelyn (PS03T) [480] He won't come at short notice.
[481] I'll perhaps ring him later.
Arthur (PS03S) [482] Not short notice, it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [483] Well if
Arthur (PS03S) [484] Friday night!
Evelyn (PS03T) [485] if Catherine says he's got clinical depression we
Arthur (PS03S) [486] Aha.
Evelyn (PS03T) [487] don't want that here!
Arthur (PS03S) [488] Well I could [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [489] Yo
Arthur (PS03S) [490] lighten depression.
Evelyn (PS03T) [491] Yes er , I know!
[492] That's what I mean!
[493] You'll make him worse!
[494] Or he'll make you worse!
[495] So
Arthur (PS03S) [496] Scintillate, scintillate little star ... how I wonder what you are?
[497] Up above th the world [...] star
Evelyn (PS03T) [498] What's all that in aid of?
[499] Like a tea tray in the sky
Arthur (PS03S) [500] In the sky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [501] my dad used to say.
Arthur (PS03S) [502] It was a no ... a version of it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [503] Was it?
[504] ... Well are you going to ... look at the telly
Arthur (PS03S) [505] Any Questions for me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [506] have any questions?
[507] Oh well I'll look at the telly then.
Arthur (PS03S) [508] Is th , is there anything on?
Evelyn (PS03T) [509] Yes.
[510] You know there is!
[511] That Grace
Arthur (PS03S) [512] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [513] and Favour!
[514] See what it's like.
[515] Probably be a bit daft, but still
Arthur (PS03S) [516] Is that th se , er the
Evelyn (PS03T) [517] Grace Brothers!
Arthur (PS03S) [518] Grace Brothers?
Evelyn (PS03T) [519] Mm, only it's i ... in a
Arthur (PS03S) [520] New version like?
Evelyn (PS03T) [521] Ye , well it's not in the shop, I think it's ... big country house they've turned into a hotel or something.
[522] Pretty good write up.
Arthur (PS03S) [523] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [524] So ... looks like a day in tomorrow.
[525] You'll be able to do my kitchen ... door.
[526] My, that cupboard door.
[527] Or have you got to go in the garage and do that?
Arthur (PS03S) [528] I've got to.
[529] Different, see to the do ,swi sliding door in the garage with a vice to open it.
[530] It's gonna be bitterly cold!
Evelyn (PS03T) [531] Well you can't go in there if it's too cold.
[532] Catch the flu.
[533] ... No!
[534] Er, I'll think I'll let Joan ring me shall I?
[535] I always have to ring her!
[536] Why should I?
[537] ... Ring her up.
Arthur (PS03S) [538] Well Peter sometimes ring.
Evelyn (PS03T) [539] No he doesn't.
[540] ... He speaks, when Joan rings, or Colin.
[541] ... But ... Anyway, have you seen Les today?
Arthur (PS03S) [542] No, I bet
Evelyn (PS03T) [543] Edie's husband.
[544] Don't think I've ever seen
Arthur (PS03S) [545] Well he came by didn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [546] Today?
[547] I've not seen him.
Arthur (PS03S) [548] Well didn't you wave to him through the window?
Evelyn (PS03T) [549] No, not today.
Arthur (PS03S) [550] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [551] That was ... yesterday after the snow had stopped, he was doing his shopping and ... in the afternoon.
[552] And he ... and we didn't really ... I only just saw him fleetingly.
[553] ... So
Arthur (PS03S) [554] Well ho , how old would he be?
Evelyn (PS03T) [555] He's a year younger than me.
Arthur (PS03S) [556] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [557] And she's not as old as me either.
[558] Yet I could I give her quite a few couldn't
Arthur (PS03S) [559] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [560] I?
[561] By the looks ... and actions.
Arthur (PS03S) [562] How old is Madge se , eighty?
Evelyn (PS03T) [563] Eighty one Madge is.
Arthur (PS03S) [564] Getting ba , on the re ... old age syndrome.
Evelyn (PS03T) [565] Well, we have been for some time.
[566] ... And er ... should we leave the heat on all night?
Arthur (PS03S) [567] I could do I suppose.
Evelyn (PS03T) [568] If it's going to be cold.
[569] Mm?
[570] We don't want any freeze ups do we?
[571] Or should we leave it on ... pretty late, turn it off later?
[572] ... You can do as you want.
Arthur (PS03S) [573] Wouldn't hurt to leave it on will it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [574] No.
[575] You might get a hot in the night.
[576] Well, you do and yet ... we want heat in the, in the pipes.
[577] We'll see.
[578] ... Nothing on telly till eight.
[579] If you wanna hear Any Questions at eight fifty five.
Arthur (PS03S) [580] You can always have certain procedures.
[581] I suppose I haven't got to keep within in that parameter.
Evelyn (PS03T) [582] What do you mean?
[583] ... It's about time you you ... switched ... the heating and learnt how to do it.
[584] And bothered yourself with it, you know how to do it but you don't ... can't be bothered to do it.
Arthur (PS03S) [585] Ha!
[586] It's not that.
[587] I don't like mundane jobs.
Evelyn (PS03T) [588] Mm, that's not
Arthur (PS03S) [589] It's women's work.
Evelyn (PS03T) [590] No it isn't.
[591] ... Do you want any more cake?
Arthur (PS03S) [592] No thank you.
Evelyn (PS03T) [593] Well don't drink that too quickly!
[594] That
Arthur (PS03S) [595] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [596] was a bi big one.
Arthur (PS03S) [597] It's cold.
Evelyn (PS03T) [598] Is it?
[599] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [600] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [601] I thought it had gone.
[602] ... Will you want any coffee later?
Arthur (PS03S) [603] No.
[604] There's no rush.
Evelyn (PS03T) [605] Suppose I better put some on, I've used it all up.
Arthur (PS03S) [606] Finish with engines.
Evelyn (PS03T) [607] Oh I don't think Dutch coffee was
Arthur (PS03S) [608] Oh right, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [609] was good as that other I used to get, and yet it was a lot more expensive!
[610] And I will [...] , I can't remember what it was but ... I don't think I'll get it again.
Arthur (PS03S) [611] [singing] They'll find me at Nagines, where all the girls are dreams! []
Evelyn (PS03T) [612] What's made you to think of that?
Arthur (PS03S) [613] The Merry Widow.
[614] ... Just like to do one more show before I die.
Evelyn (PS03T) [615] Oh!
[616] Shut up!
Arthur (PS03S) [617] Pity it all fell through innit?
Evelyn (PS03T) [618] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [619] All over the ... is anybody doing it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [620] Well there is one or twos, but
Arthur (PS03S) [621] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [622] nothing like the number we had
Arthur (PS03S) [623] Is Lily doing in it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [624] No, she di , hadn't done it for years!
[625] She's got ... arthritis back.
Arthur (PS03S) [626] I didn't know.
[627] Ooh!
[628] Mary took over.
Evelyn (PS03T) [629] Well Mary took over.
[630] ... I shouldn't mind going to see the King and I, but you don't like that do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [631] No I ge , I got to see it
Evelyn (PS03T) [632] I know we've seen about six times
Arthur (PS03S) [633] got tired of it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [634] on the stage but
Arthur (PS03S) [635] And er
Evelyn (PS03T) [636] it's nice!
Arthur (PS03S) [637] Yul Bryner did it well but his
Evelyn (PS03T) [638] No!
[639] I mean the amateurs that is, well not the amateurs but a professional
Arthur (PS03S) [640] Oh I see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [641] company doing it at the Haymarket!
Arthur (PS03S) [642] I always think there's a little ... shade of big headedness with Yul Bryner!
Evelyn (PS03T) [643] Well ... there is with you sometimes!
[644] Lots of times!
Arthur (PS03S) [645] [laugh] ... Lots of big headedness!
Evelyn (PS03T) [646] [laughing] Yes [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [647] At least I practise what I preach.
Evelyn (PS03T) [648] Sometimes.
[649] ... How many more of those records have you got to tape?
Arthur (PS03S) [650] Mm.
[651] A fair number, but we're getting through them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [652] Have you sorted out which you've done and which you haven't?
Arthur (PS03S) [653] Oh I know.
[654] Yeah I've wrote it all, booked in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [655] Aha.
[656] Looks quite tidy now.
[657] You're getting all methodical in at last.
[658] ... Which is blooming what I said
Arthur (PS03S) [659] Well I was thinking
Evelyn (PS03T) [660] said in the first place!
Arthur (PS03S) [661] I was thinking it might, seriously, and we used to say ... hands up all those who haven't seen the sea?
Evelyn (PS03T) [662] Oh don't go back i [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [663] Forest of hands, bar two.
[664] And er ... well I er ... I was one of the two.
[665] The lad next to me he'd been three times!
[666] His hand went up just the same.
[667] Life doesn't change much does it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [668] Well!
Arthur (PS03S) [669] You get the twisters don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [670] That's not twisting, that!
Arthur (PS03S) [671] And probably, mother said about the linen and a suitcase ... not to, not to put a hand up.
[672] And yet, the one who'd been, he said I've been twice hi his dad ... se , er ... rides stallions fo ... on those two wheel tongas to the, take the coal to co , to [...] .
[673] And er, so I mean ... he was pretty well, he kept about six shire horses, those big
Evelyn (PS03T) [674] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [675] big plates of meat horses, and er ... there you are, that's how it goes I suppose.
Evelyn (PS03T) [676] Your getting as bad as my Aunt Ada.
Arthur (PS03S) [677] What?
[678] Being out of breath?
Evelyn (PS03T) [679] Keep telling the same old tales!
Arthur (PS03S) [680] Is she the one with a teapot in suit rack?
Evelyn (PS03T) [681] No.
[682] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [cough]
Evelyn (PS03T) [683] She's not.
Arthur (PS03S) [684] I could see the foreman now!
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [685] He come across with his un one of the managers and he says ... what's the idea?
[686] He says ... of where you get er, you've got a so , cup, a saucer with your cup of tea, he says we never get one!
[687] I said well it's my wife's er ... [laughing] aunty [] .
[688] I , you know, she got ... quite annoyed.
Evelyn (PS03T) [689] No!
[690] He was only pulling your leg.
Arthur (PS03S) [691] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [692] He can take a joke.
Arthur (PS03S) [693] [...] at the same place ... er we were putting machinery in after the war, you know
Evelyn (PS03T) [694] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [695] and getting them up from the cellars.
[696] Said they had to ... two
Evelyn (PS03T) [697] Oh yes!
Arthur (PS03S) [698] factories into one.
Evelyn (PS03T) [699] I know.
[700] They had to concentrate.
Arthur (PS03S) [701] Well they had to get their own ... machines out an ... there's one old boy had a stitcher, a be he looked ninety, he probably wasn't, and er ... he was chu , it was just after lunch and he was chewing ... apple ... and old Jo , I was working with [...] so you know, Jim someone's ... I said look at the silly old B, I said!
[702] He's really enjoying that apple, I says ... er, and it's a [laughing] waste of time [] ... er, eating anything!
[703] So they look at me!
[704] Oh Jim we got a big ... four foot o , you know, opening in the floor, lowering the machines ... and bringing them up.
[705] [laughing] He nearly fell down for looking [] !
[706] But he were really going at it you know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [707] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [708] But er ... that tickled Jimmy that did.
[709] ... But still, if you can't joke you can't do anything can you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [710] I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [711] See ... children with skateboards they amaze me!
Evelyn (PS03T) [712] Mm, I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [713] Anyway , I bet they cost seventy pound don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [714] No!
[715] They don't cost that much.
[716] I think they're about twenty pounds.
[717] Now, what have you done now?
Arthur (PS03S) [718] Straight down these trousers!
[719] Saw it ... it's going in.
[720] ... Do children still go errands ... er for old ladies?
Evelyn (PS03T) [721] Mm, I think so.
[722] I don't see any round here.
[723] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [724] I used to be, and I was
Evelyn (PS03T) [725] some of them.
Arthur (PS03S) [726] willi , willing and a a kindly nature but ... we ... if it's in the middle of a game ... you know, and er, you know how you are when you're playing a game ... well they'd fetch me away to run ... for some cheese for an old lady.
[727] And I, I ran there and ran back to continue my ... game, at play like ... and I heard a,mo , her say to mother ... well I like your lad to go ... says ... th look at this cheese it's never been unwrapped ... he said those other lads he says ... it's always looks as if it's been unwrapped and
Evelyn (PS03T) [728] Mhm.
Arthur (PS03S) [729] a bit broken off!
Evelyn (PS03T) [730] Mm!
[731] Yeah.
[732] I suppose lads will always be
Arthur (PS03S) [733] Well!
Evelyn (PS03T) [734] I suppose you were doing it [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [735] You did in those days.
[736] Some of them never saw cheese did they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [737] Well no
Arthur (PS03S) [738] In the first
Evelyn (PS03T) [739] ever so cheap that! [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [740] first war.
[741] Not in
Evelyn (PS03T) [742] Not in
Arthur (PS03S) [743] the first war.
Evelyn (PS03T) [744] Cheese always was
Arthur (PS03S) [745] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [746] cheap!
Arthur (PS03S) [747] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [748] Right up to Second World
Arthur (PS03S) [749] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [750] War!
[751] It was slashed then.
[752] Course i e , it's very expensive now but it ... it only used to be about one and six a pound right up to the end of the war and it's now two pounds a pound and
Arthur (PS03S) [753] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [754] more!
Arthur (PS03S) [755] And the milkman ... he used to sell it out of a [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [756] Yeah I know, you bought it with a ... jug of water
Arthur (PS03S) [757] Water.
Evelyn (PS03T) [758] and a big cap.
Arthur (PS03S) [759] He said er ooh ... go go and see if we can get a jug of water, he says er ... wash my cans in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [760] Mm!
[761] Really?
Arthur (PS03S) [762] It's anybody's guess whether it was the cans or the milk he washed out.
[763] But still, that's life!
Evelyn (PS03T) [764] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [765] It doesn't change much.
[766] ... I used to run, pick ladies smocks up down the tailors.
[767] Course, it wasn't like it is now.
[768] It was all tailors.
Evelyn (PS03T) [769] Oh no!
Arthur (PS03S) [770] And er ... you don't see lady's smocks today do
Evelyn (PS03T) [771] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [772] you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [773] And all the [...] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [774] A pink, not a pinky but, pale pinky violet ... about four petals.
Evelyn (PS03T) [775] I have an idea.
Arthur (PS03S) [776] Paley ... pale sort of er
Evelyn (PS03T) [777] I thought we saw some in Swidlan Woods once.
Arthur (PS03S) [778] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [779] Not sure.
Arthur (PS03S) [780] Cowslips, they used to be very
Evelyn (PS03T) [781] Aye I know!
[782] Used to make cowslip wine!
Arthur (PS03S) [783] pretty.
[784] Mrs used to make cowslip wine.
Evelyn (PS03T) [785] There used be a field out at er
Arthur (PS03S) [786] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [787] by Grave Hall ... went down and took them.
[788] There used to be loads down there!
Arthur (PS03S) [789] When I was cycling [...] ... lovely summer afternoon, well ... er four i , about four o'clock ... and er there was three farmers round a big sign, in in there ... and tha that's where I went up cycled.
[790] Didn't get u , dismount I just sat on the saddle like with my foot on the floor ... wandering what they was up to.
[791] And they were, you know the stallion ... they was helping him put it [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [792] I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [793] That tickled me to death!
[794] When I told our fellers ... when I got back to the depot ... wouldn't believe me!
[795] Yeah, they go got it and swung it up like that, and I'm sure to the stallion couldn't find where it [laughing] was [] !
[796] I thought well, what a carry on!
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [797] Mind you, if they got big hooves like plates of meat ... you know, great big
Evelyn (PS03T) [798] Oh yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [799] you know it may be heavy to
Evelyn (PS03T) [800] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [801] to lift up onto a mares back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [802] Oh shut up!
Arthur (PS03S) [803] What?
[804] I shouldn't last long.
[805] It's happened more than that.
[806] Probably still does.
[807] And, the same road Tobozier the, you know the ditches for
Evelyn (PS03T) [808] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [809] running the water off, they didn't have banks.
[810] And er ... farmers used to throw his cabbage plants in the bottom of the ditch ... and leave them there till he was ready to
Evelyn (PS03T) [811] Plant them.
Arthur (PS03S) [812] Plant them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [813] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [814] Now we, we ... come out with plants and ... push them into the ground straight away don't we?
[815] Still ... each to his own.
Evelyn (PS03T) [816] The bulbs are shooting up now have you noticed?
Arthur (PS03S) [817] Mm.
[818] Yeah!
Evelyn (PS03T) [819] I've not been up the garden at the back but those on the front are.
Arthur (PS03S) [820] Poor old Charlie !
[821] I told you about him ever so
Evelyn (PS03T) [822] I re I reckon that er
Arthur (PS03S) [823] he
Evelyn (PS03T) [824] I reckon that was er ... some relation to the, he used to live opposite us.
[825] Er, because her name was
Arthur (PS03S) [826] Don't know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [827] and ... and her, some people next door ... were like ... barge people.
Arthur (PS03S) [828] Mm.
[829] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [830] So I reckon this
Arthur (PS03S) [831] Ye yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [832] was
Arthur (PS03S) [833] Probably was.
Evelyn (PS03T) [834] the same.
[835] And there was some mystery about her ... because the kids' names ... unless my mother always called her by her, by her name before she was married, but she always called her , and yet ... the boys was .
Arthur (PS03S) [836] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [837] Course, as a kid you don't ... think of that, but ... there was never was a father [laughing] there or something so [] ... not that I could ever remember so ... that, that was the fire crackling.
Arthur (PS03S) [838] Yeah, she er ... we went to the river shore, you know the bridge near o on our part of the road ... and he were ... behind the trees and er ... I was wo wo , it were one of his sons who were with us, you know, Tommy and ... he was shouting [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [839] Ah!
[840] I reckoned I've heard my mam say Tommy.
Arthur (PS03S) [841] Go back!
[842] Go back!
[843] And ... cos he didn't want any ... cos he overstayed his
Evelyn (PS03T) [844] Illegal worker.
Arthur (PS03S) [845] he, he were due to go back in the army and he overstayed
Evelyn (PS03T) [846] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [847] his leave for three days.
[848] They found him eventually.
[849] [...] ... what it was, Foundry Lane though, it was a pudding, what we used to call pudding bag street, there was big circle round the bottom ... and R D Smith and Sons manufacturers
Evelyn (PS03T) [850] Oh I remember that.
Arthur (PS03S) [851] and er ... as I came to visit mother ... and she we th went to know and la , called landaus
Evelyn (PS03T) [852] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [853] small wheel, you know, with a white horse ... he came, you know on ... er granite cobbles ... horses hooves, er he went to the bottom along this circle to turn round ... as he came back every door were open and we and er heads out, they thought it was a fu , you know, horse
Evelyn (PS03T) [854] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [855] horse and ... landau ... a funeral ... and they're all watching!
[856] Mother loved it!
[857] We went off ... and we got to a steep hill, we all had to get out
Evelyn (PS03T) [858] [laughing] And walk [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [859] three lads and two ladies, and we had,we the three lads, Bill, George and me ... we pushed at the back, and the two ladies mother and Vi just walked.
[860] And er ... it's funny that though, how they all come out to look.
[861] But still ... they used to go and fetch ... meat, there used to be horse slaughterers near
Evelyn (PS03T) [862] Ooh!
[863] I don't want to hear all about that again!
Arthur (PS03S) [864] Abbey Park.
Evelyn (PS03T) [865] No, we don't want to hear
Arthur (PS03S) [866] And er
Evelyn (PS03T) [867] all about that again!
[868] As I say, your getting just li like
Arthur (PS03S) [869] Who is?
Evelyn (PS03T) [870] aunt Ada!
Arthur (PS03S) [871] That's cos ... this horse was lovely!
Evelyn (PS03T) [872] No!
[873] ... Must be getting near the end of the tape
Arthur (PS03S) [874] Surely you
Evelyn (PS03T) [875] mustn't it dear?
Arthur (PS03S) [876] you lived a young life didn't you?
[877] What did you do, just skip ... and play hopscotch and snobs?
Evelyn (PS03T) [878] No!
[879] Girls don't say anything [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [880] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [881] Well there, so ... No.
[882] We used to read and ... and [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [883] Piece ... piece ... piece of coal as long as that, you see that fire?
Evelyn (PS03T) [884] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [885] Piece of coal as long as that, a foot wide ... and foot, like a foot square ... we pulled off a [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [886] And that's three feet that's the length of it.
Arthur (PS03S) [887] and taking the coal to the ... from the wharf to the er ... gas works
Evelyn (PS03T) [888] Gas works.
Arthur (PS03S) [889] for coating ... and they've jumped on the wagon.
[890] There's like two pieces sticking out at the back ... you could ge get your foot on it ... and pull a a ... this hundred weight er piece of coal off ran up [...] with it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [891] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [892] And then when we came out of school ... Dean sent a firelight at people.
[893] We, I used, erm the school were next to that ... so I, it was my job to go and, on you know the scrap
Evelyn (PS03T) [894] Light the fire.
Arthur (PS03S) [895] heap.
[896] Well you know when they made fire lighters?
Evelyn (PS03T) [897] Mhm.
Arthur (PS03S) [898] Those that didn't make it, crumbled
Evelyn (PS03T) [899] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [900] up they threw out onto a dust heap ... and I used to go and sort out all these bits and er
Evelyn (PS03T) [901] Make the fire.
Arthur (PS03S) [902] ma ma , to give them to George and he made the fire.
[903] And er ... they were the sort of things you had to do.
[904] And in, you know Woodboy Street Sunday night ... in the summer when it was a heat wave ... they'd got little bow windows then in Woodboy .
Evelyn (PS03T) [905] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [906] two foot from the cobbles, you know, like
Evelyn (PS03T) [907] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [908] with a little sill
Evelyn (PS03T) [909] And I seem to remember one house
Arthur (PS03S) [910] and er
Evelyn (PS03T) [911] see them when I was little.
Arthur (PS03S) [912] Yes, well it's Sunday night and they're always fighting and that ... and he, he came out ... four rows of the bow wi , they were twelve inches square ... he kicked three of them in!
[913] He said I I'll show you who's boss of this house!
[914] And, that was his idea of showing who was boss by kicking the windows in!
Evelyn (PS03T) [915] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [916] Funny that was.
[917] Then another Sunday there were two ladies ... one had got a bread knife ... and she cu , tried to cut her hair off.
[918] And ne o , nearly scalped her!
[919] Mm.
[920] Oh life was rough there!
[921] In pla , in Woodboy Street the police used to walk in twos!
Evelyn (PS03T) [922] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [923] There was a little police station there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [924] Yeah I seem, I
Arthur (PS03S) [925] You know Rushmore Square?
Evelyn (PS03T) [926] seem to remember that.
[927] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [928] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [929] That's all altered hasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [930] Oh, not much.
[931] Ye , Mark's Church still there and
Evelyn (PS03T) [932] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [933] built of slate.
Evelyn (PS03T) [934] They're going to do ... something
Arthur (PS03S) [935] So
Evelyn (PS03T) [936] with it I read
Arthur (PS03S) [937] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [938] the other day.
Arthur (PS03S) [939] Well the Indians have go , ain't they, they're
Evelyn (PS03T) [940] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [941] [...] the church aren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [942] Not the Indians, no.
[943] I forget what they were going to do there.
[944] ... He's going to [...] I think.
[945] My feet are cold.
Arthur (PS03S) [946] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [947] Are yours cold?
Arthur (PS03S) [948] No.
[949] Very warm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [950] Oh!
[951] Can you drink all that?
[952] That one?
[953] I'll go and get my coffee.
Arthur (PS03S) [954] I got on well with the teachers there before I went to Bridge Road.
[955] The ... lad I played with, he ... you know these steel ... fash , er ... what they put in ladies shoes now ... strip of steel ... in the ar , see the archway?
Evelyn (PS03T) [956] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [957] And he'd got a strip of steel about four inches ... the half inch ... and he stuck at the back of his,i it was a ... long seat that were a ... four of us sat on with iron legs ... and they stuck it in the wood and ... you'd flip it and it i , you know how it would sto
Evelyn (PS03T) [958] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [959] shur shur shur shur shur shur shur,and this went on for a week an ... little teacher, Miss , she called out ... stop doing that!
[960] And she ke , said yo when th , one day when there was, went out for play time ... quarter of an hour ... they rang the bell, she asked me to stop and help her with some papers.
[961] But I found out afterwards that was a subterfuge.
[962] When they'd all gone out she says ... er, what's that noise they keep making?
[963] I says, oh it's a ... bit of a spring.
[964] She said show me.
[965] So I walked to the ... last bench what seated three pupils, I said, there it is look it's stuck about three inch.
[966] She said, well what does it do?
[967] So I flipped it, you know and it went
Evelyn (PS03T) [968] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [969] shur shur shur shur,so ... she never said no more, just hooked it out and er ... took it the desk.
[970] But she never remonstrated with er ... Len his name was, she never i , remonstrated with him.
[971] And er ... I was out with him, his er ... his dad was dead ... his elder brother was crippled, and he had a job of ... is wo Wilkinson and Phil Kilpacks next door, he did something with the ... sweets and jam I think.
[972] And, he couldn't walk properly.
[973] And er ... he er ... we used to go there and play with, you know, three or four hours and ... keep him company, like.
[974] And er ... we , one of the few times my dad came to Foundry Lane he ... I got a book, I think it were called Tiger Tim ... and, on the back they gave ... a model that you cut out with scissors ... and pu
Evelyn (PS03T) [975] A comi , a comic type of thing?
Arthur (PS03S) [976] Yeah.
[977] er, at the back page ... about nine inch by six ... wi you, were cut-outs and ... you cut it out and stuck them together to make a little ... paper, well, thick paper model.
[978] And er ... oh it, it were about seven o'clock and I said I'll go and play with Len ... ti till half past, he says well be a , be back by half past eight.
[979] And, my dad ever suspicious says er ... what are you going to do?
[980] I says, well ... going to take, er cut these models out and stick them together I says he's, he collects them.
[981] Anyway, when I come back about half past eight as I was told to do, you know, there were no disputing it, you couldn't sa , say half past eight and be nine, like they do today, my dad says er ... where's the model?
[982] I says, oh I've left it there.
[983] Ooh!
[984] He says, how can you cut a, and make a model and then leave it?
[985] I said well he's got a sa , brother that can't walk, he's crippled and ... sits there all week and that, does a little job for Wilkinson and Kilpack ... and er ... quite annoyed!
[986] You know, he thought I'd ... been telling him a lie.
[987] You know, as I hadn't brought the model to show him.
Evelyn (PS03T) [988] Mm mm.
[989] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [990] But I took no notice!
[991] I hadn't got much time for him and he knew it!
[992] He used to say ... you can't go out and kick your boots up!
[993] And I put a toe out of one of them!
[994] And i , it were just to show his authority, you know.
[995] But mother used to play him down alright.
[996] Yo , you'd only got to tell mother and she'd soon be after him!
[997] That were the best when she chased him down
Evelyn (PS03T) [998] [laughing] Ooh [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [999] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[1000] Fetched him out the hou , er out the factory!
[1001] Cos he hadn't been paying his maintenance you see.
[1002] Mother used to take me to the lawyers in ... in Newarks.
[1003] Nothing for you today Mrs .
[1004] Times I heard that!
[1005] ... Still!
[1006] ... It's all been built on now int it, down that area?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1007] Ooh!
[1008] Yo
Arthur (PS03S) [1009] I should think now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1010] You know, oh I'm talking about the Newarks, er ... you know ... down that street
Arthur (PS03S) [1011] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1012] where Downings factory was?
Arthur (PS03S) [1013] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1014] When I went to pay the poll tax the other week
Arthur (PS03S) [1015] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1016] they've pulled a lot of those big old ... offices and er, that factory ... down!
[1017] Don't know what they're going to build instead!
[1018] You know,no , next to Market
Arthur (PS03S) [1019] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1020] Street, I don't know what the name of the road is.
[1021] Right around
Arthur (PS03S) [1022] Well that's all round there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1023] Bowling Green Street, around there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1024] Mark's Church and all
Evelyn (PS03T) [1025] Rupert Street.
Arthur (PS03S) [1026] that's been [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1027] No!
[1028] Well I'm talking about in the town and Rupert Street.
Arthur (PS03S) [1029] Yeah I know, but all those areas
Evelyn (PS03T) [1030] Oh well I know that!
Arthur (PS03S) [1031] were wiped out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1032] Well they were slums weren't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [1033] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1034] Before the war.
Arthur (PS03S) [1035] Too right they was!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1036] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [1037] Mm mm ... There was a little girl ... no
Evelyn (PS03T) [1038] Anyway ... what time is it?
[1039] Five and twenty to eight?
[1040] What time's your Any Questions?
Arthur (PS03S) [1041] Dunno.
[1042] I never looked.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1043] Five past or ten past eight it is.
Arthur (PS03S) [1044] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1045] Do you want any more drink?
Arthur (PS03S) [1046] No, I'm alright thank you.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1047] Any more to eat?
Arthur (PS03S) [1048] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1049] When shall we ask Jackie and Tom to look at ... that photo?
Arthur (PS03S) [1050] When you like.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1051] They'll perhaps play golf
Arthur (PS03S) [1052] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1053] tomorrow.
Arthur (PS03S) [1054] Show him in his ... er in his front door if you like ... if you don't want to bother them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1055] Well if you see him going off to golf
Arthur (PS03S) [1056] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1057] tell him when he comes back.
Arthur (PS03S) [1058] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1059] Can ... come in and have a drink.
[1060] All
Arthur (PS03S) [1061] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1062] just depends what Jackie's doing.
[1063] Have a look at it then.
[1064] I wonder if they can hear that clock on there?
Arthur (PS03S) [1065] Which clock?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1066] The one in th , the half minute ... one.
Arthur (PS03S) [1067] Aye!
[1068] That one.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1069] I've just heard it you see, I wondered if it was ... being
Arthur (PS03S) [1070] Well yo
Evelyn (PS03T) [1071] recorded on there [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [1072] Oh I see what you mean.
[1073] Possibly.
[1074] Not got to stop the clock for it have I?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1075] No, well, there's no need to.
[1076] ... Just ig ignore the er ... tapes and just talk

6 (Tape 049006)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [1077] This morning.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1078] I know.
[1079] So that, what does that mean?
Arthur (PS03S) [1080] Well it was er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1081] Stay in day.
Arthur (PS03S) [1082] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1083] Stay in day?
Arthur (PS03S) [1084] That's certainly not in the ... erm events.
[1085] Could do some drawing I suppose.
[1086] Ready for the next painting.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1087] Er
Arthur (PS03S) [1088] What are you going to do?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1089] I'm, making another lot of marmalade.
Arthur (PS03S) [1090] Again?
[1091] Who's going to eat it all?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1092] Me and you!
[1093] I li , I li , you can only make it this time of year.
[1094] Erm ... flakes
Arthur (PS03S) [1095] Here come the pigeons.
[1096] Er, yeah a few but ... not too many.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1097] [whispering] Leave it switched on [] .
[1098] Is it still switched on?
Arthur (PS03S) [1099] Yeah it's fine.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1100] Oh a , oh I just wondered, any po , any post?
Arthur (PS03S) [1101] No, there's been, nothing that I could see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1102] Mm?
[1103] Funny!
Arthur (PS03S) [1104] Was you expecting some?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1105] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [1106] Who?
[1107] What the ... who's going to be the beneficiary?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1108] [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [1109] There's three blackbirds and six pigeons ... already.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1110] Yes, well you'll have to go easy on that feed.
[1111] We only got one bag.
Arthur (PS03S) [1112] We got, we got ... we got two.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1113] We only got one bag.
Arthur (PS03S) [1114] Is one e , the other one empty?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1115] Well you only bought one bag, you couldn't carry any more ... without the car.
Arthur (PS03S) [1116] Ah but we got some left over from the others.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1117] Had you?
[1118] Oh!
[1119] I
Arthur (PS03S) [1120] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1121] didn't think you had.
Arthur (PS03S) [1122] Is it er ... tantrum day today?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1123] Yes it is, if you don't behave!
Arthur (PS03S) [1124] Do I, if
Evelyn (PS03T) [1125] Well, keep leaving the doors, opening the doors to feed the birds!
[1126] Making it cold!
Arthur (PS03S) [1127] Most considerate and quiet chap in the district I am!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1128] Ooh!
[1129] Ooh!
[1130] Ooh hoo!
[1131] Do you want any mushroom?
Arthur (PS03S) [1132] Eh?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1133] Do you want any mushroom with your egg and
Arthur (PS03S) [1134] No , I'm not ... very
Evelyn (PS03T) [1135] Just bacon and egg and tomato?
Arthur (PS03S) [1136] Not very partial to mushrooms.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1137] Bacon, egg and tomato?
Arthur (PS03S) [1138] Mm.
[1139] Yes
Evelyn (PS03T) [1140] Mm?
Arthur (PS03S) [1141] Yes please.
[1142] It's fungi int it ... your eating?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1143] Ooh!
Arthur (PS03S) [1144] What you done now?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1145] Your milk's boiling.
Arthur (PS03S) [1146] Is it burnt?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1147] No.
[1148] It's alright.
[1149] ... Did you have any whisky in your tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [1150] I did.
[1151] Oh is that the one of
Evelyn (PS03T) [1152] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [1153] the forks?
[1154] Two fingers that's all I had.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1155] Well that's a lot in a cup int it?
[1156] ... Eat those while I do the bacon [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [1157] That needs to be switched off hasn't it?
[1158] And that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1159] Have you switched it off?
[1160] No!
[1161] Leave it on.
Arthur (PS03S) [1162] Are you going out this morning?
[1163] Evelyn?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1164] [...] but I can do if you like.
[1165] ... Have you eat those?
Arthur (PS03S) [1166] Aye.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1167] The windows upstairs are all steamed up.
Arthur (PS03S) [1168] I'll attend to that.
[1169] I have a certain ... procedure ... and you have to keep within that parameter.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1170] Don't be silly!
[1171] ... You should le , leave the window open at night like I do.
Arthur (PS03S) [1172] What, and let all the cold in?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1173] Well ... I can't breathe.
Arthur (PS03S) [1174] And expend all your central heating?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1175] I can't breathe whe , when you ... don't open the window at night.
Arthur (PS03S) [1176] What good's a
Evelyn (PS03T) [1177] Sorry the egg's a bit er
Arthur (PS03S) [1178] what did [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1179] er th , the eggs stuck together.
[1180] ... I ... think I'll have to get a new ... pan.
[1181] It's supposed to be non-stick but it's not.
[1182] It's sticking.
[1183] It got a bit bent ... when I dropped it.
[1184] ... So your egg broke.
Arthur (PS03S) [1185] Tomatoes are cold.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1186] Surely not!
Arthur (PS03S) [1187] Have they been in the fridge?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1188] [...] ... it's cold!
Arthur (PS03S) [1189] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1190] It's not cold!
Arthur (PS03S) [1191] It seems so to me.
[1192] ... It's cold, mine is.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1193] Pigeons are down.
Arthur (PS03S) [1194] Yeah.
[1195] About cleared what I've put out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1196] Well you'll have to go easy because you won't get any more ... until after the weekend!
Arthur (PS03S) [1197] What's [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1198] Did you have the news?
Arthur (PS03S) [1199] Mm mm.
[1200] I had a listen it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [1201] Nothing new is there?
Arthur (PS03S) [1202] Well after that er ... still want that man who's supposed to have er, blown up Lockerbie.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1203] The two men.
Arthur (PS03S) [1204] Mm?
[1205] Two was it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1206] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [1207] And th they want them e extradited.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1208] Well I'm going to make that marmalade and do a bit of cleaning.
Arthur (PS03S) [1209] Mm mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1210] You can do your ship.
Arthur (PS03S) [1211] Well er ... [...] .
[1212] Can't do the ship cos it wi , got to go on the bench in the garage.
[1213] I might do a bit of drawing.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1214] Well, start a painting.
Arthur (PS03S) [1215] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1216] Start a painting.
[1217] ... Did you find me that card?
[1218] ... Tha that Scottish card that you were looking for ... that painting?
Arthur (PS03S) [1219] Oh!
[1220] Well, say I come to think, I didn't.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1221] You were looking for it last night.
Arthur (PS03S) [1222] Mm.
[1223] Perhaps I will now [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1224] Especially on a sunny day.
[1225] Oh yeah!
Arthur (PS03S) [1226] But er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1227] Well you missed three pigeon there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1228] Mm.
[1229] It's er four actually.
[1230] ... I wonder how long this cold spell
Evelyn (PS03T) [1231] Within in the next couple of days at least!
[1232] ... So
Arthur (PS03S) [1233] A stop in day then I suppose?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1234] Unless you want to walk to The Dove?
Arthur (PS03S) [1235] I'm not so bothered.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1236] Are you not bothered?
Arthur (PS03S) [1237] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1238] I thought you wanted a beer?
Arthur (PS03S) [1239] Well I wouldn't mind one but ... just have to walk
Evelyn (PS03T) [1240] I haven't got any cans in.
Arthur (PS03S) [1241] just have to walk haven't you, in the cold and
Evelyn (PS03T) [1242] Well, we'll see.
Arthur (PS03S) [1243] I'll go across for the paper, so we got all the
Evelyn (PS03T) [1244] We've got the programmes!
[1245] I bought the
Arthur (PS03S) [1246] Oh you bought one did you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1247] You know I did!
[1248] I couldn't get this weeks'
Arthur (PS03S) [1249] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1250] because it was Tuesday so I had to have next ... choose the following weeks'.
Arthur (PS03S) [1251] And when does that start?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1252] Today!
Arthur (PS03S) [1253] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1254] Unless you've thrown it away ... like you do other things!
[1255] ... I put it in the bookcase in
Arthur (PS03S) [1256] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1257] in there.
[1258] ... On top of the books ... so that it didn't ... so unless you've moved it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1259] What are we having for lunch ... for Sunday lunch?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1260] Pork chops today.
Arthur (PS03S) [1261] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1262] If I'm busy we'll have it ... later.
[1263] ... Chicken tomorrow.
Arthur (PS03S) [1264] Don't you get tired of chicken?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1265] No!
[1266] We've not had any since Christmas!
Arthur (PS03S) [1267] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1268] And we had ... beef last week which wasn't very good.
Arthur (PS03S) [1269] Mm.
[1270] What did you attribute that to?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1271] Change your butcher!
Arthur (PS03S) [1272] He might object.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1273] Who might?
Arthur (PS03S) [1274] The butcher.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1275] He didn't even know did he?
Arthur (PS03S) [1276] He would if you was having to pay ... on your usual
Evelyn (PS03T) [1277] [...] ... He knows I have chicken some weeks so ... Mop all that up.
[1278] Eat some bread.
Arthur (PS03S) [1279] The bread's stodge!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1280] Not, not wholemeal bread's not.
[1281] Got to eat it.
[1282] ... Have you seen my honeycomb?
[1283] Oh aye!
[1284] Lovely!
[1285] ... Haven't opened the curtains!
Arthur (PS03S) [1286] I know.
[1287] That er ... new car ... next door it er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1288] Not brand new!
Arthur (PS03S) [1289] it, well er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1290] It's a Ford.
Arthur (PS03S) [1291] different then.
[1292] It seems longer than the one he had.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1293] Don't think so.
[1294] I didn't think it was as big.
Arthur (PS03S) [1295] Mm.
[1296] Looks so to me.
[1297] ... They seem to use them a lot, buses, don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1298] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1299] That's one thing, this weather'll keep the skateboarders ... at bay wouldn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1300] I'm not so sure if it's sunny.
Arthur (PS03S) [1301] How parents can spend all that money ... for them to run down on the chest ... paddling with their hands on the dirty pavement!
[1302] And then they have to carry them all the way back up the hill!
[1303] Seems pointless to me!
[1304] ... I were making models when I were their age.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1305] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1306] I don't suppose they wash when they go in do they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1307] Course they do!
Arthur (PS03S) [1308] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1309] More than when you were a kid I expect!
Arthur (PS03S) [1310] Teachers used to look at our hands.
[1311] You have to turn them, see and look
Evelyn (PS03T) [1312] I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [1313] says turn the palm of your hands
Evelyn (PS03T) [1314] Yes!
[1315] I know!
Arthur (PS03S) [1316] and inspects it if you've washed them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1317] I mean mo most kids have two showers a day these days!
Arthur (PS03S) [1318] Well th , we used to fool them though we had, we had ... celluloid collars we used to spit on and then rub your sleeve to ... and er ... you know your boots, you had black boots?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1319] Oh yeah!
[1320] And rub on the back of your sock!
Arthur (PS03S) [1321] We used to,ru [laughing] on the back of your , back of your socks [] !
[1322] ... I wonder if they do that now?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1323] Course they don't, because they have trainers and they're always mucky!
[1324] ... I think they're horrible they are!
Arthur (PS03S) [1325] Well they look mucky in the shops!
[1326] And that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [1327] Well no they don't, not originally.
Arthur (PS03S) [1328] Well they don't look like there's, the boots
Evelyn (PS03T) [1329] Well they're damn clean!
[1330] Now, nip all that up and eat it.
Arthur (PS03S) [1331] They don't look like the boot and shoes we used to swe , wear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1332] I know that!
[1333] ... Eat all that up.
[1334] All that
Arthur (PS03S) [1335] It's in
Evelyn (PS03T) [1336] bread.
[1337] And don't save it for the birds.
Arthur (PS03S) [1338] It's indelicate to , indelicate to mop your plate with a piece of bread, you know that!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1339] It's not.
[1340] French do it all the time!
Arthur (PS03S) [1341] Well we're not French.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1342] Ah!
[1343] You want to eat more bread you do!
Arthur (PS03S) [1344] What's it supposed to do for you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1345] Well ... fibre.
[1346] Keep you in good health.
Arthur (PS03S) [1347] Your cooking does that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1348] Mm!
[1349] Flatterer!
Arthur (PS03S) [1350] Was your father a good eater?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1351] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [1352] For breakfast?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1353] I don't think he e , he eat much breakfast.
[1354] He used to cook ours.
[1355] But, I don't ever remember seeing him sit down to have any.
Arthur (PS03S) [1356] Yes.
[1357] You used to see my ... my father's eyes sparkle when he had his first pint of the day!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1358] Ha!
Arthur (PS03S) [1359] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1360] What?
[1361] Er, another cup of tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [1362] Yes please.

7 (Tape 049007)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [1363] Eat your marmalade.
[1364] Ah,yo you've got to wait for your cup of tea erm, they've sort of gone a bit cold.
Arthur (PS03S) [1365] Do you want marmalade?
[1366] ... Do you want
Evelyn (PS03T) [1367] Want any whisky in your tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [1368] Yes please.
[1369] Do you want marmalade?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1370] Yes I do, a little bit.
[1371] Just on this little bit of bread.
[1372] You want some whisky in did
Arthur (PS03S) [1373] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1374] you say?
[1375] Oh you, I'd like butter on mine!
[1376] We as well as the marmalade!
Arthur (PS03S) [1377] Gives you cholesterol [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1378] No it doesn't!
[1379] Cholesterol is the word!
Arthur (PS03S) [1380] Trouble is you keep, I ta , wash your hands when you've had marmalade.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1381] Well ... so what!
Arthur (PS03S) [1382] It's sticks
Evelyn (PS03T) [1383] Sticky to, sticky hands up [...] .
[1384] ... I had a ... be better night last night than I did the night before.
Arthur (PS03S) [1385] I never woke once.
[1386] I had a ... never heard a sound.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1387] I did about two ... and then ... I went off again and erm
Arthur (PS03S) [1388] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1389] later than usual wasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1390] How do you know?
[1391] ... We do you want the windows doing th , today?
[1392] ... Where did you put the programmes?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1393] In the bookcase, I told you!
[1394] ... On top of the books!
Arthur (PS03S) [1395] Well it's the same picture as last week's.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1396] It isn't!
Arthur (PS03S) [1397] This front is basically the same ... oh, as we had er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1398] It's not!
[1399] Yes!
[1400] But I
Arthur (PS03S) [1401] same one
Evelyn (PS03T) [1402] bought it on Tuesday!
Arthur (PS03S) [1403] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1404] Eat your toast!
Arthur (PS03S) [1405] You sa
Evelyn (PS03T) [1406] You have a look, it's ... the date, look at the date!
Arthur (PS03S) [1407] Hasn't ... You told me to ... anyway ... it's Saturday ... Saturday.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1408] All day!
[1409] ... Now what's on?
[1410] Anything any good?
Arthur (PS03S) [1411] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1412] Where's your glasses?
Arthur (PS03S) [1413] Good question!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1414] On there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1415] Good question!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1416] Well you want to save your eyes.
Arthur (PS03S) [1417] No, there isn't any [...] .
[1418] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1419] Well they were there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1420] Mm mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1421] Mm.
[1422] ... Here they are.
Arthur (PS03S) [1423] Henry the Fifth at two forty.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1424] Here are.
[1425] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [1426] That should be good.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1427] Ah!
[1428] Who's in it though?
[1429] Ooh!
[1430] The Lawrence Olivier
Arthur (PS03S) [1431] Lawrence Oliviers sh
Evelyn (PS03T) [1432] one, that's a good one
Arthur (PS03S) [1433] [reading television paper] Patria , patriarchal adaptation of Shakespeare's play [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1434] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1435] And Kenneth
Evelyn (PS03T) [1436] And that's supposed to be better than Kenneth Brannigan's
Arthur (PS03S) [1437] Kenneth Branagh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1438] Brannigan!
[1439] It's su it's supposed to be better than his.
[1440] Which he did last year.
Arthur (PS03S) [1441] [reading] Uplifting celebration of war time idealism [] .
[1442] Four sta , four ratings.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1443] What's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [1444] Er,e Henry the Fifth.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1445] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [1446] Doris Day.
[1447] By the Light of the Silvery Moon.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1448] Oh that's a
Arthur (PS03S) [1449] That's on
Evelyn (PS03T) [1450] light musical.
Arthur (PS03S) [1451] five past three till five.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1452] We've seen that before.
[1453] Not bad!
[1454] But, just depends.
[1455] What time is Henry the Eighth, the Fifth?
Arthur (PS03S) [1456] That's er, two forty ... to, to five minutes to five.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1457] Ooh a bit after that.
[1458] Finish about two then, I should think.
[1459] I don't want it too early because we're late with breakfast this morning.
[1460] ... And what's on tonight?
[1461] In case we're staying home.
Arthur (PS03S) [1462] Twelve o'clock, that's er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1463] No.
[1464] Well look at the proper programmes, that's just giving the films!
Arthur (PS03S) [1465] For the week, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1466] Look, look at the proper
Arthur (PS03S) [1467] Tuesday.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1468] programme!
[1469] Monday!
[1470] Saturday!
Arthur (PS03S) [1471] Saturday.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1472] I know but they're the films!
[1473] You want the proper
Arthur (PS03S) [1474] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1475] programmes!
Arthur (PS03S) [1476] Well ... you could have fooled me!
[1477] Proper, proper
Evelyn (PS03T) [1478] That's it!
Arthur (PS03S) [1479] programmes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1480] That's it.
Arthur (PS03S) [1481] Yes dear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1482] What's on Sky?
Arthur (PS03S) [1483] One moment.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1484] One moment.
Arthur (PS03S) [1485] Channel Four ... back a bit no ... One, Two
Evelyn (PS03T) [1486] Well it's probably over the page!
[1487] No bef , after!
[1488] ... Are they stuck together?
[1489] ... Your fingers have
Arthur (PS03S) [1490] Eight A M.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1491] Well no!
[1492] Well that's
Arthur (PS03S) [1493] The La
Evelyn (PS03T) [1494] gone darling!
Arthur (PS03S) [1495] Hitchcock's, Lady Vanishes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1496] I've seen that times
Arthur (PS03S) [1497] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1498] It's more this afternoon and tonight, I shall
Arthur (PS03S) [1499] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1500] be busy this morning.
[1501] ... Anything?
Arthur (PS03S) [1502] I'll see what I ca
Evelyn (PS03T) [1503] That you like?
Arthur (PS03S) [1504] fancy.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1505] What about me?
Arthur (PS03S) [1506] Oh well, shall I read them all?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1507] No!
[1508] No!
Arthur (PS03S) [1509] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1510] Read what's on this afternoon.
[1511] And I can te , I can tell whether I might like it.
Arthur (PS03S) [1512] [reading television paper] Twelve fifteen, Love Happy, Groucho Marks.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1513] No, I don't like him.
Arthur (PS03S) [1514] Two fifteen, Striker ... Malibu Detective.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1515] Detective , no I don't want that.
Arthur (PS03S) [1516] Burt Reynolds.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1517] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1518] Four fifteen, Our Sons ... mothers of a gay couple.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1519] Ooh!
[1520] I don't want that!
Arthur (PS03S) [1521] Six fifteen, Frankenstein, Boris Karloff [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1522] Don't want that.
Arthur (PS03S) [1523] Er ... that's [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1524] What's on the ... other movie channel.
Arthur (PS03S) [1525] Sky ... satellite.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1526] No, Sky One there's nothing it's mostly wrestling Saturday afternoons.
[1527] What
Arthur (PS03S) [1528] Si
Evelyn (PS03T) [1529] does ska , the
Arthur (PS03S) [1530] six P M,Rob er, Robin of Sherwood.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1531] No!
[1532] No!
[1533] That's a silly thing!
[1534] Drink your tea that's on there.
[1535] Let me look.
[1536] Mm,no , haven't got
Arthur (PS03S) [1537] Oh that's twelve [...] .
[1538] Do they know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1539] Yes.
[1540] That's Sunday you're looking at!
Arthur (PS03S) [1541] Well ... cos there was nothing on Saturday!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1542] Oh you were looking in, on Sunday ... in advance.
Arthur (PS03S) [1543] They're cleaning all the ... seed up, the pigeons.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1544] Yes, well they better!
Arthur (PS03S) [1545] They won't , don't usually do that.
[1546] It ... is biggest come down.
[1547] As big as a big cockerel ain't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1548] Yeah.
[1549] It's big!
Arthur (PS03S) [1550] Do you reckon he fathers them all?
[1551] They wouldn't be all his wives would they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1552] I don't know!
[1553] I know nothing about pigeons!
Arthur (PS03S) [1554] Well you don't
Evelyn (PS03T) [1555] Oh, Esther Rantzen's on Saturday now.
[1556] You know, That's Life.
[1557] I get a bit fed up with that.
Arthur (PS03S) [1558] You might, you might not know about pigeons, you know what comes naturally don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1559] Mm.
[1560] Eat all those.
Arthur (PS03S) [1561] If there's eight, er ... pigeons with him it's ... and he's the only er [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1562] There's th that cello ... Tortellio.
[1563] I like him.
Arthur (PS03S) [1564] What's that about?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1565] Er, he's a famous cellist!
Arthur (PS03S) [1566] Oh.
[1567] Oh that one he
Evelyn (PS03T) [1568] He had [...] cello, you know the
Arthur (PS03S) [1569] he used to be in the Masterclass ... teaching the
Evelyn (PS03T) [1570] Well I think he did, sometimes.
Arthur (PS03S) [1571] students?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1572] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [1573] Mm.
[1574] I'll have another cup then if it's spare?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1575] Mm.
[1576] [...] ... right.
Arthur (PS03S) [1577] You're not going out this morning are you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1578] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [1579] Did you want the windows cleaning?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1580] As I say, it looks a nice day if you were wrapped up you could ... later on, go a little walk.
Arthur (PS03S) [1581] Did you want the windows done?
[1582] Would they
Evelyn (PS03T) [1583] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [1584] might freeze.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1585] No you don't want to ... ooh!
[1586] I'm
Arthur (PS03S) [1587] Erm
Evelyn (PS03T) [1588] not sure if I put sugar in.
[1589] See.
Arthur (PS03S) [1590] it might freeze under there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1591] See.
Arthur (PS03S) [1592] Whoosh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1593] Oh!
[1594] Do you know what's on the
Arthur (PS03S) [1595] Here , there's two biggies now!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1596] Well there were three yesterday!
Arthur (PS03S) [1597] I think the other one might be, oh yeah, it's the to the [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1598] Well Dirk Bogarde's on at nine.
Arthur (PS03S) [1599] What's th , what's th that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1600] Well he just talks about his career.
Arthur (PS03S) [1601] Oh bi , it's not that er ... po Breaking the Code, that's the one
Evelyn (PS03T) [1602] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [1603] I want to see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1604] Oh, that's the one you want to see.
[1605] ... Well what's that, Cicero?
Arthur (PS03S) [1606] No, he he ... he he ... he has to break a code, you know, like
Evelyn (PS03T) [1607] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [1608] he broke the er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1609] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1610] Japanese code, it's ... he has
Evelyn (PS03T) [1611] Mm mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1612] a ... office with a lot of girls.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1613] Hi , his film is King and Country, World War One.
Arthur (PS03S) [1614] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1615] About a deserter at a court marshall.
[1616] I think we saw that the other week!
[1617] On Sky.
Arthur (PS03S) [1618] Possibly.
[1619] Possibly.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1620] Anyway, it's on till eleven forty, a bit late.
Arthur (PS03S) [1621] We've seen most of them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1622] Well it's a bit late.
[1623] Oh!
[1624] Cilla's on, Blind Date.
Arthur (PS03S) [1625] I'm ... getting a little tired of that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1626] Oh it's some, bit of fun sometimes.
[1627] What's all this?
[1628] What's that?
[1629] Ooh that's a ... for the stylus int it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1630] It's off the er, yeah it's off the old ... music box we used to have.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1631] Where did you find that?
Arthur (PS03S) [1632] Well it's off the old ... gramo [gramophone] we used to have.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1633] I know, but ... I'm just wondering how it's got on there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1634] Probably when we were emptying the ... [...] , bits and pieces.
[1635] ... Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1636] Has the robin been this morning?
Arthur (PS03S) [1637] Didn't see them.
[1638] Saw the two blackbirds and ... the thrush.
[1639] The thrush er ... lowered his wings in er ... you know, you know
Evelyn (PS03T) [1640] Temper.
Arthur (PS03S) [1641] how they do when th ... they're trying to scare some of them off.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1642] Drink your tea then.
Arthur (PS03S) [1643] Thrush, they're not fighters but they're, they're, not cowards they'll ... you know, have a go.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1644] Who, the thrushes?
[1645] I've never seen them.
Arthur (PS03S) [1646] They do, he lowers his wings and crouches.
[1647] You know, it's the er ... attacker.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1648] They've eat all that seed you ... you're going to run out before we get ... another
Arthur (PS03S) [1649] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [1650] lot.
Arthur (PS03S) [1651] At least they'll die happy won't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1652] [laughing] I don't know [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [1653] Well ... they had er, they had all that this morning, they should go for a little while.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1654] What are you going to do about that conifer?
[1655] Are you going to take that er ... clothes line
Arthur (PS03S) [1656] Line down
Evelyn (PS03T) [1657] and chop them down now.
Arthur (PS03S) [1658] Ye , oh yeah, show me where you want the line will you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1659] I shall probably want the line fitted like this on Monday.
Arthur (PS03S) [1660] Well it held the conifer didn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1661] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1662] Kept it from
Evelyn (PS03T) [1663] Well I'll get another one when I'm in ... town.
Arthur (PS03S) [1664] What, another conifer?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1665] No!
[1666] Another line!
Arthur (PS03S) [1667] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1668] So that if it goes again I can get a cheap one then you can use ... a cheap one to tie it to the fence.
Arthur (PS03S) [1669] Yeah.
[1670] Expedite the ... tying up businesses.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1671] Yeah.
[1672] Well I mean ... it might ... blow when, when I've got washing on the line or
Arthur (PS03S) [1673] That's unusual!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1674] or still be on it when I, when
Arthur (PS03S) [1675] Un
Evelyn (PS03T) [1676] I want it.
[1677] What?
Arthur (PS03S) [1678] Unusual , two ... pa , pigeons!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1679] No, there were three yesterday!
[1680] Those big ones.
Arthur (PS03S) [1681] I mean close together.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1682] Why?
Arthur (PS03S) [1683] Well don't they usually attack?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1684] I don't know.
Arthur (PS03S) [1685] At least er ... imitation attack.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1686] Mm, there's plenty of feathers about the garden.
Arthur (PS03S) [1687] Yeah.
[1688] ... I reckon it probably keeps the cats in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1689] What this weather?
[1690] Do you thi , I don't think it does! [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [1691] Well they don't like ... stepping across icy grass I should have thought.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1692] Mm.
[1693] Do you want any more tea, is that enough?
Arthur (PS03S) [1694] I went and looked in the dustbin to see if he was back in there but ... [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1695] You can't lift it!
Arthur (PS03S) [1696] Couldn't shift it, no.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1697] Is the ... di , is the light still on ... on
Arthur (PS03S) [1698] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1699] the outside?
Arthur (PS03S) [1700] Oh yeah.
[1701] And your onions are there under the light.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1702] Ooh!
[1703] I don't want them there!
Arthur (PS03S) [1704] Why?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1705] Well you want to keep them cool.
Arthur (PS03S) [1706] Well do , well they're on the floor.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1707] Oh!
[1708] Well put them in one of those cartons.
Arthur (PS03S) [1709] What about the potatoes?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1710] Well there's not many left.
Arthur (PS03S) [1711] Oh well, they'll be alright.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1712] That's what I say, we've go , we've got to go ... first time out next week
Arthur (PS03S) [1713] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1714] ge go to the farm and get a bag.
Arthur (PS03S) [1715] Well I'm not going out when the salts on!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1716] I know!
[1717] I know, keep the car
Arthur (PS03S) [1718] Well it's not that, I've gotta
Evelyn (PS03T) [1719] for posterity!
Arthur (PS03S) [1720] I've gotta wash it off haven't I?

8 (Tape 049008)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [1721] These?
Arthur (PS03S) [1722] Yeah.
[1723] The er ... have you seen that er ... card I'm going to paint?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1724] No I haven't!
[1725] You found it once and now
Arthur (PS03S) [1726] You told me to put it in the safe place.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1727] Yes , I did!
Arthur (PS03S) [1728] Well it's that safe we can't find it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1729] Well you better have another good look then!
[1730] Have you looked under the stairs?
Arthur (PS03S) [1731] I've looked everywhere!
[1732] About where it is.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1733] [laughing] Well where's that [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [1734] [laugh] ... That's what we've got to find out!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1735] Well, you better start again systematically!
Arthur (PS03S) [1736] Well, I've been systematic.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1737] No you haven't!
Arthur (PS03S) [1738] I've emptied the drawers, I've looked under the
Evelyn (PS03T) [1739] You've not looked under the stairs!
[1740] You've not looked in the bookcase!
Arthur (PS03S) [1741] Well that's boot polish , I wouldn't put it
Evelyn (PS03T) [1742] It's not!
[1743] You ... er there's a lot of painting under there.
Arthur (PS03S) [1744] I wouldn't put it there!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1745] Yes you would!
Arthur (PS03S) [1746] You've been interfering haven't you?
[1747] That's it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1748] No I haven't me
Arthur (PS03S) [1749] Yes you have!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1750] Now moved some of these records and, you might find it
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1751] there if you clear up a bit!
Arthur (PS03S) [1752] Your interfering again!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1753] I'm not!
Arthur (PS03S) [1754] Well these records that want taping.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1755] Well, put those in a, different place from those you've already done.
[1756] ... And keep all your things to paint in a ... separate
Arthur (PS03S) [1757] Well ... I better next
Evelyn (PS03T) [1758] box or something.
Arthur (PS03S) [1759] get my drawing board for starters, I suppose.
[1760] And er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1761] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [1762] have you got any shopping to
Evelyn (PS03T) [1763] couldn't you move some there you
Arthur (PS03S) [1764] do?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1765] Not really.
Arthur (PS03S) [1766] No.
[1767] Well I'll start then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1768] Well you don't want to go out in the car so stop and do a bit of painting.
Arthur (PS03S) [1769] Painting.
[1770] Okay.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1771] What did you want to show me?
Arthur (PS03S) [1772] But you know your
Evelyn (PS03T) [1773] Leave my ... don't destroy that carbon it costs a pound for a
Arthur (PS03S) [1774] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1775] few sheets!
[1776] I know, but I found some ... screwed up, in the garage!
Arthur (PS03S) [1777] Yeah.
[1778] Well you ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1779] [...] , I thought you'd started a book to put those, all these paper cuttings?
Arthur (PS03S) [1780] I did and then I took them out.
[1781] That's my
Evelyn (PS03T) [1782] Why did you take them out?
Arthur (PS03S) [1783] reading from the er Victory that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1784] Mm.
[1785] You'll have to do all that
Arthur (PS03S) [1786] Just found that
Evelyn (PS03T) [1787] when you get a minute.
Arthur (PS03S) [1788] So ... [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1789] Now, look you'll lose this again!
[1790] Put it safe!
Arthur (PS03S) [1791] Have you read that from the Merry Widow?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1792] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [1793] Yes you have.
[1794] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1795] Oh golly!
[1796] [laughing] And how many years
Arthur (PS03S) [1797] Taking the
Evelyn (PS03T) [1798] ago is that [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [1799] taking the [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1800] Is this what you found when you were looking for that card?
Arthur (PS03S) [1801] For that , yes.
[1802] There's the er, Constable's Bluebell Wood I painted.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1803] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1804] There's Choiss
Evelyn (PS03T) [1805] Who's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [1806] Choiss and
Evelyn (PS03T) [1807] Oh!
[1808] Archadians!
Arthur (PS03S) [1809] They do, er ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1810] I pu , I thought you got these in those
Arthur (PS03S) [1811] Yeah I er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1812] scrap book?
Arthur (PS03S) [1813] Well as I say, I'm going to put it in the big one ... once a year.
[1814] Christ!
[1815] It's gone.
[1816] There was a write up in the newspaper ... I found, I must have put it back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1817] Well are they some of those snaps?
Arthur (PS03S) [1818] Yes, I know but
Evelyn (PS03T) [1819] No but keep them all ... separate!
[1820] ... I me , well you can never find anything if you got them all over the place!
Arthur (PS03S) [1821] Ah this is it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [1822] [reading newspaper] Taffy goes back with Petra [] .
Arthur (PS03S) [1823] Just read it out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1824] No!
Arthur (PS03S) [1825] I will.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1826] I can't read that little bit.
Arthur (PS03S) [1827] [reading] One of the last jobs of Leicester [...] serviceman Taffy ... he retires shortly ... has involved working on a machine of the type he first handled fifty years ago when he joined the B U.
[1828] The machine, an original Boston Tacker from the early nineteen hundreds was prepared by Taffy for showing at the exhibition this month at Wellingborough branch.
[1829] The organizers of the exhibition wanted a Boston Tacker to stand in the foyer to tie in with the theme of the seventy fifth anniversary of the B U ... locating ... however, locating the complete model has proved something of a headache like the Model T Ford, the Boston Tacker was always very common but is now something of a rarity ... and the branch had finally settled for head to be borrowed from C and J Clarke, shoe machi , museum in Street, Somerset.
[1830] Luckily, Taffy returning from his annual holiday remembered that there was a complete Tacker in the factory of a local manufacturer ... still being operated.
[1831] The directors of the firm kindly gave B U permission to borrow a Tacker for the exhibition and after Le Leicester branch arranged a temporary replacement, Taffy began working, cleaning up the machine to showroom condition.
[1832] Taffy spent five days cleaning, polishing, painting ... he copied the motives which were missing from and old nineteen hundred and eight B U machinery catalogue ... which he examined with a watchmaker's glass.
[1833] Taffy spent the ... majority of his time at B U ... as a serviceman at Risden and Leicester branches, but had an eighteen month period during world war two assembling jet engines at Powerjets, Wexton His wife ... and he lives in Spencefield area of Leicester [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1834] Good!
[1835] I'd forgotten all about that.
[1836] Anyway, I couldn't read that with my eyes!
Arthur (PS03S) [1837] Oh, about this other.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1838] What?
Arthur (PS03S) [1839] B U chooses
Evelyn (PS03T) [1840] Yes.
[1841] Oh I know
Arthur (PS03S) [1842] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [1843] read that, I can read that.
[1844] I've got to make this marmalade now.
Arthur (PS03S) [1845] [reading] B U choose the Merry Widow ... because their last show White Horse [...] was so successful the B U Musical Society have decided to take on the ambitious task of tackling the Merry Widow for their next production.
[1846] Leading the cast will be Mary
Evelyn (PS03T) [1847] I can't
Arthur (PS03S) [1848] who had played many leading roles for the Leicester Operatic Society.
[1849] Frank who had a been a member of this society for more than twenty six years.
[1850] The White Horse [...] was our most sec successful show to date says Mr Percy secretary to the group.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1851] Mm.
[1852] Arthur, I can't und ... do the top of the wheelie bin ... it's still frozen.
Arthur (PS03S) [1853] Well that's alright.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1854] I know!
[1855] But I've got
Arthur (PS03S) [1856] Leave it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1857] my other rubbish to
Arthur (PS03S) [1858] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1859] put in, it's full! [whispering] [...] [] .
Arthur (PS03S) [1860] Well I I I did try see if the cat was in it but it was frozen.
[1861] I shall have to er, thaw it out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1862] What's all this?
Arthur (PS03S) [1863] Well ... something I've picked up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1864] No, I meant that?
Arthur (PS03S) [1865] [reading newspaper] Leicester United Athletic Club are producing but once a year in the si , in the club's theatre, here are two scenes [] .
[1866] What's that?
[1867] There's the Quaker girl.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1868] What year was that?
Arthur (PS03S) [1869] The Quaker girl?
[1870] Don't say it ... though.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1871] It should say the year!
Arthur (PS03S) [1872] Nineteen sixty two.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1873] Oh God!
Arthur (PS03S) [1874] That's going back a bit innit?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1875] Thirty years!
Arthur (PS03S) [1876] Mm.
[1877] I've been busy in my day ain't I?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1878] Mm.
[1879] Yeah well you want to keep them to , in one place not
Arthur (PS03S) [1880] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1881] have to go through looking through them every time you want something.
Arthur (PS03S) [1882] I do exactly as you say!
[1883] I'm under
Evelyn (PS03T) [1884] Mhm.
Arthur (PS03S) [1885] orders!
[1886] That's it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1887] [whispering] Is it going round [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [1888] [whispering] That's it [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1889] [whispering] Is it going round [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [1890] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1891] Is it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1892] It's stopping. [break in recording]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1893] Now my arm's nearly better I still can't get ... my wedding ring on.
[1894] And yet it
Arthur (PS03S) [1895] So
Evelyn (PS03T) [1896] don't look all that ... swollen does it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1897] Well do you want me to do it?
[1898] I've got the
Evelyn (PS03T) [1899] No.
[1900] No.
[1901] The wedding ring wasn't cut off, it was only the engagement ring and we've sold that.
[1902] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [1903] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1904] I mean it don't look all that ... swollen does it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1905] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1906] And yet, it won't
Arthur (PS03S) [1907] Well your
Evelyn (PS03T) [1908] go on.
Arthur (PS03S) [1909] knuckles protruding there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1910] Not on the next one.
Arthur (PS03S) [1911] That one is ... that one's swollen
Evelyn (PS03T) [1912] Well I know , but that
Arthur (PS03S) [1913] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1914] but it won't go over my knuckle.
Arthur (PS03S) [1915] Mind you , you've got it bound yo you're ... sort of restricting the blood aren't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1916] No, not now!
[1917] So I think you'll have to buy me a new one.
Arthur (PS03S) [1918] Oh well that can't er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1919] How's that coming?
[1920] What are these, all the shows?
Arthur (PS03S) [1921] That's er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1922] All the films from
Arthur (PS03S) [1923] That's the erm
Evelyn (PS03T) [1924] Archadian.
Arthur (PS03S) [1925] Bluebells
Evelyn (PS03T) [1926] Bluebell Wood.
Arthur (PS03S) [1927] Bluebell Wood.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1928] Copy.
[1929] And that's
Arthur (PS03S) [1930] And that's the er
Evelyn (PS03T) [1931] Clock tower.
Arthur (PS03S) [1932] it's the er ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [1933] Houses of Parliament.
Arthur (PS03S) [1934] Copy of [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [1935] Is that your hanky or mine?
Arthur (PS03S) [1936] Which?
[1937] They're what
Evelyn (PS03T) [1938] One of those.
Arthur (PS03S) [1939] what I'm rubbing these down with.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1940] Ah!
[1941] Oh this is mine.
[1942] ... Frost's not going is it?
Arthur (PS03S) [1943] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1944] Jackie's just gone off now.
Arthur (PS03S) [1945] What, shopping do you think?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1946] Or to the church.
[1947] ... Have
Arthur (PS03S) [1948] We
Evelyn (PS03T) [1949] you got the glue or else [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [1950] I meant to look out for her, show her the picture.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1951] Oh well ... perhaps want to catch her when she comes back.
[1952] Haven't you got a brush?
Arthur (PS03S) [1953] Well I had a ... a worn out little paint brush and I rolled it on so I kept my hands dry.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1954] Well you can fi , we got [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [1955] But it's, it was on the Welsh dresser for a little while.
[1956] You've er ... disappeared it ... as you usually do!
[1957] ... Will you want this table clearing of all these
Evelyn (PS03T) [1958] It was on that kitchen shelf for
Arthur (PS03S) [1959] Yeah, a long while
Evelyn (PS03T) [1960] weeks!
Arthur (PS03S) [1961] yes.
[1962] Do you want all this table at all?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1963] No, not yet, I've not put the ... chops in yet.
Arthur (PS03S) [1964] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1965] What time ... shall we have dinner?
[1966] Are yo , you're not going out are you?
Arthur (PS03S) [1967] No, I won't bother.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1968] Too cold?
Arthur (PS03S) [1969] Well I'm not worried about that but, I'm interested in this ... you know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1970] Okay.
Arthur (PS03S) [1971] Do you actually want to?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1972] No I'm not fussy.
Arthur (PS03S) [1973] It's going.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1974] Erm ... so you going to see Any Questions?
[1975] As you didn't see it last night, before I get
Arthur (PS03S) [1976] Yeah, just wanna watch
Evelyn (PS03T) [1977] start getting the dinner?
Arthur (PS03S) [1978] What you mean before?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1979] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [1980] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1981] Well it's on in er half an hour.
Arthur (PS03S) [1982] Well it weren't all that, but i if you want to we can try.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1983] Well you didn't hear the beginning did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [1984] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1985] You only saw ... heard a bit of it.
Arthur (PS03S) [1986] Shall we do that then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [1987] Yeah.
[1988] I want that on first.
Arthur (PS03S) [1989] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1990] And clear up.
Arthur (PS03S) [1991] Right.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1992] [whispering] Leave it on.
[1993] Leave it on [] !
[1994] Erm
Arthur (PS03S) [1995] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1996] so clear all them ... cuttings
Arthur (PS03S) [1997] Clear everything up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [1998] cuttings and photographs up.
Arthur (PS03S) [1999] Do you want this one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2000] Anyway , you don't want
Arthur (PS03S) [2001] Do you want this one in and so
Evelyn (PS03T) [2002] Well you could put it in.
[2003] It's a holiday
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2004] snap isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [2005] You know all the, the proprietors they ha , they have horses that pulled the co carriages ... they had a race.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2006] I mean, it's a holiday snap so put that in.
Arthur (PS03S) [2007] They had a race, you know
Evelyn (PS03T) [2008] You won't be getting up-to-date
Arthur (PS03S) [2009] th
Evelyn (PS03T) [2010] anyway.
Arthur (PS03S) [2011] all the horses that pulled the coaches.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2012] Yeah.
[2013] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [2014] Up the hill.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2015] Now put everything straight
Arthur (PS03S) [2016] Up the hill.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2017] so you know where it is.
[2018] ... Have you done with ma my scissors?
Arthur (PS03S) [2019] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2020] Right.
Arthur (PS03S) [2021] Yes.
[2022] Nothing else is there?
[2023] To er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2024] Oh no , just clear up.
Arthur (PS03S) [2025] clear up?
[2026] No?
[2027] Okay.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2028] If they're coming in tonight.
[2029] There's something on the floor down there!
Arthur (PS03S) [2030] Yeah.
[2031] Stop it.
[2032] That's it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2033] Well ... what did you think to Any Questions?
[2034] Better this week wasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [2035] Yes.
[2036] [yawning] There weren't so much bickering were there [] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2037] No, but it was still like a political ... broadcast in a way
Arthur (PS03S) [2038] Broadcast, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2039] from each party.
[2040] But the any answers was
Arthur (PS03S) [2041] Oh is this going?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2042] the any answers was er ... quite good this week
Arthur (PS03S) [2043] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2044] I thought.
[2045] A bit the anti-smoking ... bit, on a bit too long.
[2046] ... Don't you think so?
Arthur (PS03S) [2047] Yes well, does Tom, your Tom have it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2048] I don't know, I'm not sure.
[2049] Well he don't smoke much.
Arthur (PS03S) [2050] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2051] I in fact now, he doesn't smoke when Madge is in the room.
Arthur (PS03S) [2052] But I still think
Evelyn (PS03T) [2053] He waits till she's gone to bed.
Arthur (PS03S) [2054] Mr Churchill had nine inch long cigars sent him at Christmas ... and
Evelyn (PS03T) [2055] Really?
Arthur (PS03S) [2056] he was smoking like, and he were ninety odd!
Evelyn (PS03T) [2057] Yeah.
[2058] Well they daren't sa , er
Arthur (PS03S) [2059] What, how do you com
Evelyn (PS03T) [2060] Yes, well.
Arthur (PS03S) [2061] compare that with ... like with like?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2062] Yes, but they used to say cigar smoking's not as bad as ... cigarette smoking.
[2063] Cigars
Arthur (PS03S) [2064] Cigars.
[2065] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2066] Mm.
[2067] That's what they
Arthur (PS03S) [2068] I shall be up
Evelyn (PS03T) [2069] that's what they say
Arthur (PS03S) [2070] There's there's more in this
Evelyn (PS03T) [2071] and Tom only smokes a pipe now, he don't smoke cigarettes.
Arthur (PS03S) [2072] Yes, but there's mo more emission from a cigar in a car than ... a cigarette.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2073] Well he just didn't smoke in cars.
Arthur (PS03S) [2074] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2075] I don't know.
Arthur (PS03S) [2076] And do you remember ... we went to er ... David's er, one Sunday with me [...] to his grave and when we come out of cemetery that public house across the road
Evelyn (PS03T) [2077] Ah yeah!
[2078] That one.
Arthur (PS03S) [2079] I took you both in ... and, you couldn't see across the room!
Evelyn (PS03T) [2080] No.
[2081] Well they hadn't got the fans on there.
Arthur (PS03S) [2082] No.
[2083] When I spoke about it th the barman rushed across and put the fans
Evelyn (PS03T) [2084] Put the fans on, yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2085] But how do you reckon all those went?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2086] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2087] You cou , it ju literally, you, you could hardly
Evelyn (PS03T) [2088] Oh I know!
Arthur (PS03S) [2089] see the bar!
Evelyn (PS03T) [2090] I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [2091] A and it was down steps as you went in.
[2092] Wasn't above the ground, it were sort a ... three feet below the ground.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2093] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2094] So there by hangs a tale.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2095] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [2096] Mind you, you can make fors and agai , er fors and er against for most things can't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2097] Course you can.
Arthur (PS03S) [2098] Over eating ... can do it can't it?
[2099] I mean, look at er, George Bush in America, he's ... tried to act like forty, as I've tried to do ... a , and you have to pay for it.
[2100] ... I mean, it's one thing ... running along the road before breakfast when you're twenty isn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2101] Well ... no!
Arthur (PS03S) [2102] Another thing you'd be e ,yo ... you have a, you eat more when you're old, or appear to.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2103] No you don't.
Arthur (PS03S) [2104] I'm eating more than
Evelyn (PS03T) [2105] You don't eat ... no you don't!
[2106] You don't eat ... nearly as much as you used to.
Arthur (PS03S) [2107] Oh!
[2108] Oh well.
[2109] Seems a lot when I have to go through
Evelyn (PS03T) [2110] How?
Arthur (PS03S) [2111] with it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2112] I know, but, but you used to have mid-morning snack
Arthur (PS03S) [2113] Ah!
[2114] But I was nine years in er ... digs.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2115] Yes, I'm not ... disagreeing.
Arthur (PS03S) [2116] And you don't get ... they don't overfeed you in digs.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2117] Well, that was when you were young!
Arthur (PS03S) [2118] Cos the whole object of the exercise is to have a lodger ... is to pay yo your way.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2119] Ah I know.
[2120] Well you needn't go into all that.
Arthur (PS03S) [2121] Well that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [2122] I know but you
Arthur (PS03S) [2123] It's a known fact, we'd still do
Evelyn (PS03T) [2124] you don't, you

9 (Tape 049201)

Arthur (PS03S) [2125] Have you pressed that?
[2126] You are now recording, yes we're recording.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2127] Recording.
[2128] Oh so that should be alright then
Arthur (PS03S) [2129] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2130] shouldn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [2131] Have you mashed the tea?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2132] Yes [...] after all that [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2133] I is there anything else you want to ... fix?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2134] No, after all that trouble changing the [...] I don't know why it went
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2135] went wrong the first time do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [2136] Are the birds coming?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2137] Yes.
[2138] They've ate all the seed ... and that bread's still there.
[2139] I'm making a cup of tea.
Arthur (PS03S) [2140] Has the robin been?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2141] No [...] [speaking from another room]
Arthur (PS03S) [2142] Is there some salt on is there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2143] Yeah. ... [...] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2144] Well he, he often is. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2145] [...] ... Did you hear that?
Arthur (PS03S) [2146] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2147] The robin was at the back door.
[2148] I've thrown another handful.
Arthur (PS03S) [2149] He's getting brave. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2150] And the blackbird.
[2151] ... Do you want some whisky in your tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [2152] Er ... yes
Evelyn (PS03T) [2153] You're not going out.
Arthur (PS03S) [2154] might as well.
[2155] ... Er is it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...] [conversation in another room]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2156] Is it still recording?
Arthur (PS03S) [2157] Yeah, no I dunno it's re going round. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2158] I didn't know whether you'd put the, stopped it. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2159] Mm mm ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2160] No you can leave it, might as well leave it on.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2161] Yes.
[2162] Well it's funny it's working this time int it? ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2163] Well there's so many things to go wrong int there?
[2164] You've gotta watch it all.
[2165] ... Is there any, do they want any bread?
[2166] Or have you thrown it all?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2167] I've thrown some out.
Arthur (PS03S) [2168] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2169] They've got some.
[2170] ... [sighing] Ah after all that trauma [] .
Arthur (PS03S) [2171] It's going to be a bad frost tonight.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2172] I know, shall I ... put the gas fire on, as well?
Arthur (PS03S) [2173] No, I'm warm enough.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2174] I'm not very warm. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2175] It's getting dark isn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2176] I mean you did the same with that as you did with the other didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [2177] The only thing that was different is that, that ... it's not starting on the same
Evelyn (PS03T) [2178] Well you get obsessed with that but you're comparing it with yours.
Arthur (PS03S) [2179] I was just sitting figuring it out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2180] You're comparing it with our
Arthur (PS03S) [2181] You know the ones you put in?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2182] thing ... with our system.
Arthur (PS03S) [2183] Well no y she couldn't put the B side in cos she s you've got to put the A in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2184] Yes.
[2185] You put the A in.
Arthur (PS03S) [2186] The only way you can get it
Evelyn (PS03T) [2187] A
Arthur (PS03S) [2188] right would be putting the B side in but you've gotta start with A.
[2189] ... It's rather curious that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2190] Well you, you always do on yours when you're recording on our er set don't you?
[2191] ... But you're obsessed with the position of the, the tape.
Arthur (PS03S) [2192] Well ... I compare like with like don't I?
[2193] ... What's this one in here, the d [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2194] Leave alone and I'll sort them out.
Arthur (PS03S) [2195] Well [...] that's what I'm saying.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2196] Well [...] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2197] Ah, there, that's it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2198] That's it.
[2199] Now do you want any cake with that second cup of tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [2200] Yes I'll have a slice.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2201] There's not
Arthur (PS03S) [2202] Have you got much left?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2203] Yeah there's half of it left.
Arthur (PS03S) [2204] Oh.
[2205] ... Yes but if you're not here you won't will you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2206] Well I shall be in a minute, I've only just got to go in the kitchen and get it.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2207] No!
[2208] It won't matter for a minute or two.
Arthur (PS03S) [2209] [singing] On my daughter's wedding day ten thousand pounds I'll give away.
[2210] On second thoughts I think it best to put it back in the old oak chest [] . ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2211] [shouting] How big [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [2212] Normal.
[2213] ... [singing] Some folk sing opera, some folk sing jazz, some sing like sawing wood, I sing like that.
[2214] But when the dickie birds sing in the trees I think we ought to try and sing like these.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2215] Well what's all that in aid of?
Arthur (PS03S) [2216] Let's all sing like the birds can sing [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2217] You needn't sing on it.
[2218] Shut up!
Arthur (PS03S) [2219] tweet tweet tweet, tweet tweet []
Evelyn (PS03T) [2220] And eat that cake. ...

10 (Tape 049202)

Evelyn (PS03T) [2221] Is it as good as mine or better?
Arthur (PS03S) [2222] [...] come from there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2223] Yes [...] ... Is this as good as mine or ... better?
[2224] This is Madge's cake.
Arthur (PS03S) [2225] Ooh I think I like yours the best, this is a bit heavy.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2226] It's not heavy! ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2227] It looks like rain or snow. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2228] I think it's too cold to snow.
[2229] ... That mark's gone off my arm, I think that erm ... bandage was too tight.
Arthur (PS03S) [2230] Well you'd better leave it off then for now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2231] Well I don't know, it's
Arthur (PS03S) [2232] Well if it's better for you I should.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2233] I don't know that it is.
[2234] ... It gave me a bit of support but
Arthur (PS03S) [2235] Not much, I wouldn't have thought much, it's elastic.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2236] I know but ... I should have thought by now it 'd 've been ... better. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2237] Look in the doctors' book, it might tell you how long ... you have to suffer.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2238] Well I think as you get older you take longer to heal.
[2239] ... If it's, if there's not any frost we could go to Sainsburys in the morning.
Arthur (PS03S) [2240] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2241] And do some shopping.
Arthur (PS03S) [2242] A bit of shopping, yeah.
[2243] ... Unless we go on the bus.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2244] Hmm don't be silly! [...] ... big shopping on the bus.
[2245] ... Besides it doesn't even go in till about ... about every hour. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2246] Do they go on a Sunday still?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2247] Not very often.
[2248] ... Well I'm alright for everything till about Tuesday.
Arthur (PS03S) [2249] Mm.
[2250] ... How, you know the last time you saw the doctor, how long did he say you'd got before it completely
Evelyn (PS03T) [2251] He didn't say.
[2252] ... [...] ... Mm eat all that cake, you're not giving that to the birds.
Arthur (PS03S) [2253] Mm [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2254] They've not ate, ate half the potatoes and bread that's there now.
Arthur (PS03S) [2255] You're not supposed to speak with your mouth full.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2256] Hmm.
[2257] There goes the marzipan, all on the floor.
[2258] ... You cost me a fortune in ... soap.
[2259] ... What are you giving that cake to the birds for?
[2260] I told you not to.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2261] What are you giving that to the birds for? [...] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2262] Is this your handkerchief on the floor?
[2263] ... Is this your handkerchief on the floor here?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2264] I think so, that's mine.
Arthur (PS03S) [2265] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2266] Now finish that cake.
[2267] Any more tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [2268] Yeah, please.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2269] You've had two.
Arthur (PS03S) [2270] Well I'll have three then won't I? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2271] Well you're not having any more whisky in this. ... [break in recording] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2272] Now it's going now.
[2273] Everything you say now records on there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [2274] What I'm saying now is, is on there, all what I'm saying.
[2275] And do you know, I said to Evelyn ... blimey my voice, ain't it different, it sounds a awfully different to y her voice.
Jackie (PS03V) [2276] You say that, Audrey w er just bought a camcorder and she said I didn't realize what a, you know, Leicester accent I've got.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2277] Who, who's that?
Jackie (PS03V) [2278] One of the girls at work.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2279] Oh, mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2280] She's got a real Leicester accent, you know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2281] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2282] Whenever I answer the phone at work, every time I pick it up everybody knows it's me, you know, cos I'm the only Londoner in the office. [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2283] Yeah mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2284] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2285] You feel the cold perhaps Jackie?
Jackie (PS03V) [2286] No I'm alright now I'm inside.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2287] I've turned it down now.
Tom (PS03U) [2288] Oh have you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2289] It does get a bit, it does get a bit hot.
[2290] Well the heating's hot enough but Arthur feels the cold.
Tom (PS03U) [2291] [...] int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2292] Arthur feels the cold.
Jackie (PS03V) [2293] Does he?
[2294] Cos Tom doesn't, Beverley and I, ooh dear.
Tom (PS03U) [2295] Well, well these are comfortable [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2296] Yeah, well I'm a bit like that, I can't wear a jumper [...] because ... I, I ... and yet years ago I always used to wear [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2297] Yeah.
[2298] It certainly feels different now with central heating, that's [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2299] Mm [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2300] Jackie any of your grandchildren look like that?
[2301] Mm yeah, that's mother and me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2302] [laugh] He's been doing that album.
Arthur (PS03S) [2303] Talk about [...] I reckon that, er Evelyn's niece said ... er I said that's how they used to dress boys, I said ho she said why I said probably [laughing] [...] []
Tom (PS03U) [2304] Well er a picture of my dad, do you remember that, my dad, when he was er
Jackie (PS03V) [2305] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2306] very young, he was in a dress.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2307] Mm.
[2308] Yes well that's how
Tom (PS03U) [2309] But I said but that was about nineteen ... fourteen, nineteen fifteen.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2310] Yes well that would be the same as Arthur because he was
Tom (PS03U) [2311] I said
Evelyn (PS03T) [2312] born nineteen O nine.
Tom (PS03U) [2313] I said to him [...] , well wh what are you wear he had a dress and long boots up to there.
[2314] I said
Evelyn (PS03T) [2315] Yeah.
[2316] Well her daughter's got long boots on that hasn't she?
Jackie (PS03V) [2317] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2318] [laugh] We've er, he's just been getting all the photos stuck down on those cards.
[2319] He's got years to do.
[2320] Do you keep one?
Tom (PS03U) [2321] Oh yeah?
[2322] Well we, we've got erm
Jackie (PS03V) [2323] We've got a ... like a
Evelyn (PS03T) [2324] Cellophane?
Jackie (PS03V) [2325] Yeah cellophane.
Tom (PS03U) [2326] The hol the holiday photographs were gonna be sort of albums in a plastic thing but
Evelyn (PS03T) [2327] Mm, mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2328] but their own personal ones we've got them either in frames on the, on the sideboard or erm
Jackie (PS03V) [2329] Yes but the, the general ones we've got in those flip ... you know when I was off, when I had my cartilage removed in my knee, well I was off for six weeks so I got all the photographs and put them in order, the children and us, you know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2330] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2331] It took me weeks to do it didn't it?
[2332] Sorting them out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2333] Mm well it took Ar it's taking Arthur because he's got ... oh sna shut that door Arthur cos Jackie
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2334] Jackie will be in a draught.
[2335] Shut it properly Arthur.
Arthur (PS03S) [2336] Oh, sorry.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2337] Oh Tom's not brought his glasses.
Arthur (PS03S) [2338] Do you want the [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2339] Yes it's a bit draughty, to the neck I find. ...
Jackie (PS03V) [2340] You're getting, I can't go anywhere without my glasses.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2341] I can't.
Arthur (PS03S) [2342] I went to the er er fourteens and er ... I was there quite a while and er I, I got a booklet in with all different nationalities and er it said Welsh, Taffy, you see, Taffy is Welsh, up here, is a Welsh name.
[2343] And er I was showing it to chap next to me, tall chap, he took a fatherly interest in showing me how to work [...] you know when foreman was out and er ooh he said there's a bloody Taffy.
[2344] Well fo a at sixteen I went into the ... department that built the machines and er I was, I think it was bell was going for lunchtime and a lad come by says hello Taffy how you going on in here?
[2345] So that department got it.
[2346] And then er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2347] Everybody did it.
Arthur (PS03S) [2348] er I we I think somebody were crossing the [...] weren't they?
[2349] When we were first married and coming across there ... then he says blimey Taffy what you doing up here?
[2350] And n now everybody's [laughing] got it [] .
[2351] And that's why I put that in.
[2352] ... What do you make of that Tom?
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2353] What was that?
Arthur (PS03S) [2354] No the bit about the [laughing] machine [] .
Tom (PS03U) [2355] Yeah I saw that, yeah, mm, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2356] What's that, your retirement thing?
Arthur (PS03S) [2357] No when they
Evelyn (PS03T) [2358] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [2359] wanted, they wanted a machine for an exhibition
Evelyn (PS03T) [2360] Oh aye that one, yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2361] and er I spent a week nearly doing it up. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2362] We, we've still got piles of photographs haven't we, do you take many?
Tom (PS03U) [2363] Ooh well there's quite a few, yeah.
Jackie (PS03V) [2364] Not, well, when the children were born, the grandchildren, we started to take a lot more but we don't take quite as many now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2365] No.
Jackie (PS03V) [2366] Sometimes on holidays, you know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2367] Mm.
[2368] Have you booked this year's?
Jackie (PS03V) [2369] Yes, we're going to Crete.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2370] Oh, that's another Greek island isn't it?
Jackie (PS03V) [2371] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2372] Where did you go last time? [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2373] Where did you go?
Jackie (PS03V) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2374] Oh yes.
[2375] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2376] The smaller, one of the smaller islands.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2377] You've booked it have you?
Jackie (PS03V) [2378] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2379] Ooh. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [2380] I'm looking for the ... German U boats, when er ... that's the beginning of the German U boat
Evelyn (PS03T) [2381] U boat pens.
Arthur (PS03S) [2382] Evelyn took some of these with her little camera and it weren't very good.
[2383] That's er the mystery one Ian took.
[2384] ... But I took some better ones.
[2385] ... Shows you what they was up to, aye that's it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2386] Tom won't be interested in that.
Arthur (PS03S) [2387] Look at that then Tom.
[2388] ... That's what we was up against.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2389] Great big deep submarine pens
Arthur (PS03S) [2390] And that's only one that's only one part of it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2391] you know in er near La Rochelle.
[2392] No wonder we didn't bomb them.
[2393] They were s
Tom (PS03U) [2394] No they're very very heavily fortified aren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2395] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2396] Look. ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2397] [...] he wouldn't know that.
Arthur (PS03S) [2398] they had three or four lots. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2399] Would you like a drop more sherry?
Jackie (PS03V) [2400] No I'm fine.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2401] Ooh you've not drunk that yet.
Arthur (PS03S) [2402] Have you seen the satellites erm y you know, our satellite places? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2403] You know, down in Land's End?
Tom (PS03U) [2404] Oh those, no, no.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2405] Satellite dishes, we went t when we went to Falmouth ... they took us on a trip there, it was interesting.
Arthur (PS03S) [2406] I think that's a bad
Tom (PS03U) [2407] Is it on the downs?
Arthur (PS03S) [2408] that's a bad one
Evelyn (PS03T) [2409] Er yes, that's it, erm
Tom (PS03U) [2410] Is it Goonhilly Downs
Evelyn (PS03T) [2411] Yes Goonhilly Down
Tom (PS03U) [2412] Ah yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2413] And that's one, that's one Evelyn took and she got the light in but ... that's it look.
Jackie (PS03V) [2414] Gosh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2415] And th they're marvellous things. ...
Tom (PS03U) [2416] They're huge aren't they, really?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2417] Mm.
[2418] ... And there's not many men working on them, you know, it's all sort of great big massive dials and er
Jackie (PS03V) [2419] Ooh.
Tom (PS03U) [2420] How many how many of these dishes are there? [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2421] Ooh quite ... six, all around a big field.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2422] Oh about six.
[2423] Six of them all all round this great big field.
Tom (PS03U) [2424] So w were they all pointing
Evelyn (PS03T) [2425] Cornwall.
Tom (PS03U) [2426] in different directions or?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2427] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2428] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2429] There you are there they are i in all directions look.
[2430] That's only a bit of them. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [2431] I think I took some of those, I've only got a
Arthur (PS03S) [2432] And that's, that's the fence
Evelyn (PS03T) [2433] well
Arthur (PS03S) [2434] round round where [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2435] when, when Arthur bought his camera I said to the man er ... do you think I'll be able to [laughing] use it [] ?
[2436] And he said
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2437] he said well ... so he said I'll give you this one.
[2438] [laugh] Lit it's a little Russian one.
[2439] But it, it's not go not got any gadgets on.
Arthur (PS03S) [2440] It's pictures.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2441] But they've got a picture of sunlight, cloud and all things like that.
[2442] But it doesn't take some bad pictures really.
Jackie (PS03V) [2443] No [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2444] No, no.
Jackie (PS03V) [2445] I mean I do I can't [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2446] What do you think to the submarines Tom?
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2447] They say it was only a part of it, you know, because we only had half an hour, didn't we, there and then
Evelyn (PS03T) [2448] No we had about an hour or so.
Arthur (PS03S) [2449] Well not too long anyway.
[2450] I recommend these bus things though, abroad, they were lovely weren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2451] Well you fly and
Tom (PS03U) [2452] What was that, that with the boats in the ... in the river?
Arthur (PS03S) [2453] That's Thames isn't it?
[2454] ... Int that the Eiffel Tower?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2455] This is, er yeah it's the Eiffel Tower, not the Thames, the Seine.
[2456] Yes Eiffel Tower.
Arthur (PS03S) [2457] Not the Th er S yes, the, yes
Tom (PS03U) [2458] I, I saw that and I thought [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2459] Yeah it's the Eiffel Tower we went on that boat.
Jackie (PS03V) [2460] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2461] That's what, oh no we were on a boat and we took that, but it was a similar boat to ... what we went on.
Tom (PS03U) [2462] Oh yes it is ... the, the column of the Eiffel Tower is hidden by those buildings isn't it?
[2463] It's just
Evelyn (PS03T) [2464] Yes.
Tom (PS03U) [2465] behind it, it looks as though
Evelyn (PS03T) [2466] No we took we took er ... that was, that's a lovely trip if you go to Paris.
Jackie (PS03V) [2467] I'd like to go but Tom's not that interested. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2468] Well we only, on the way down
Jackie (PS03V) [2469] yes.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2470] on the way down, and it was a lovely Sunday morning and er, you know, it was
Jackie (PS03V) [2471] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2472] well one of the girls said to me who sort of tagged on to us, she was on her own, [...] [laugh] er she said er what was the highlight of the holiday and she said that trip down the Seine
Jackie (PS03V) [2473] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2474] and the Sunday morning sort of all round Paris and all that.
Jackie (PS03V) [2475] [...] doing a trip, you know, a two day trip
Evelyn (PS03T) [2476] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2477] you know trouble is it's, it's either May weekend or it's I can't get the time off
Evelyn (PS03T) [2478] Yeah there'd be a lot there then.
Jackie (PS03V) [2479] but you know I'd like to go, you know, say a couple of days. [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2480] What about your Yugoslavia?
Tom (PS03U) [2481] Well I know I went four years running [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2482] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2483] It's, it was, it was er er sheer coincidence that Beverley had been to Crete the year before and I said to Jackie we've been to Yugoslavia four years, do you want, do you want a change or do you wanna go back to Yugoslavia, she said well I'll, I'll have a look, I said how about, how about going to the Greek islands for a change
Evelyn (PS03T) [2484] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2485] she said alright, and we changed and Yugoslavia came out like that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2486] Yes and you 'd 've had to have cancelled anyway wouldn't you?
Jackie (PS03V) [2487] One of our friends that we'd met were there, they'd been there a couple of weeks
Tom (PS03U) [2488] And they had to come back.
Jackie (PS03V) [2489] a week before the July fortnight and they had to come back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2490] I always wanted to go but when Tito died I said to Arthur ooh it might be a bit risky.
[2491] And then it got that it blew over didn't it?
Tom (PS03U) [2492] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2493] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2494] And so w
Jackie (PS03V) [2495] Well I mean when we [...] to go I mean the tourism and they were just
Evelyn (PS03T) [2496] we've never been.
Jackie (PS03V) [2497] beginning to bring them up, you know
Evelyn (PS03T) [2498] Yes.
Jackie (PS03V) [2499] give them a better style whatever, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2500] Well someone gave me a lovely address in erm ... mm [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2501] [...] But they made us so welcome, the tourists, you know they were fantastic.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2502] Mm.
[2503] Well I know everybody er I've spoken to really thought
Jackie (PS03V) [2504] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2505] and it w wasn't too expensive originally was it?
Jackie (PS03V) [2506] No it wasn't.
Tom (PS03U) [2507] No, no it was cheap i i i it was er when we first went
Evelyn (PS03T) [2508] It was getting expensive.
Jackie (PS03V) [2509] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2510] it was a lot cheaper than here and when we last went it wasn't quite as er as cheap there as it was h it, it was always cheaper than here but not quite such good value was it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2511] Mm.
[2512] No.
Jackie (PS03V) [2513] No.
Tom (PS03U) [2514] It was still very good ... [cough] [sniff]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2515] Have you lost your headache from this morning?
Tom (PS03U) [2516] Sorry?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2517] Jackie er er said you'd got a headache this morning, has it gone?
Tom (PS03U) [2518] Oh yeah.
[2519] [...] all got it at work, it's being in an office.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2520] Have they got flu?
Tom (PS03U) [2521] When one gets it everybody gets it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2522] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2523] There's, there's several had the flu and there's three of them next to me with a headache yesterday.
[2524] They all we
Evelyn (PS03T) [2525] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2526] were quite pale and I thought here we go [laughing] it's me next [] .
[2527] And er
Arthur (PS03S) [2528] What about Bush then? [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2529] He, he passed out didn't he?
[2530] Collapsed
Evelyn (PS03T) [2531] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2532] that was terrible.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2533] [laugh] But I just remember [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2534] But mind you he's a bit he's a bit silly, looking back ... at myself er er three year, or was it two year back, or one?
[2535] You know I, I've got a big laurel and it was coming right over what we call the roundabout so I decided to have a go at it.
[2536] Well ... I got some foot long ... pruners but the branches were hitting our thing and I were doing this and, you know, and now I've got
Evelyn (PS03T) [2537] And that's what's [...] shoulder.
Arthur (PS03S) [2538] a frozen shoulder in each, when I go like that in bed, ooh it's terrible.
[2539] And er I thought I can do what I did at forty, and I did it, but look what I've got now.
Jackie (PS03V) [2540] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2541] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2542] And that, getting back to Bush, he's doing the same thing isn't it?
[2543] He's been jogging, he's doing some footballing [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2544] Well it's ... the pr the pr the pressure, the pressure on him to be
Evelyn (PS03T) [2545] Take that picture from the [...] it's come off that hook.
Arthur (PS03S) [2546] Yeah it's handy to put up [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2547] Well my, I rang my [...] sister, said are
Tom (PS03U) [2548] That's a really good picture that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2549] you coming round tomorrow afternoon?
Arthur (PS03S) [2550] [...] Tom [...] .
[2551] It's a bit odd isn't it, to say the least.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2552] [...] because it's her er daughter's ... birthday and I usually give a present to take round [...] .
[2553] Ooh she said er I've got a bad cough.
Tom (PS03U) [2554] It seems unusual.
[2555] It, it w it would have been nice to have asked him, you know, how come they took it?
[2556] What was the reason for it.
Jackie (PS03V) [2557] Is that the one that was poorly over Christmas?
Arthur (PS03S) [2558] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2559] Because it's not very high up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2560] No that was [...] young sister.
Arthur (PS03S) [2561] No it can't be can it?
[2562] No, no.
Tom (PS03U) [2563] It's not very high up at all.
[2564] Unless he's got a er
Arthur (PS03S) [2565] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2566] er er [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2567] Well I was out there watering at time scares was on and I had this letter and ... planes did come over and I laid me ho hosepipe [laughing] down, I mean you know [] so he wouldn't be able
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2568] Well planes are always coming over cos there's an airport just over there, that's right, [...] airport.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2569] It's the aerodrome [...] yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2570] Yes but why did he say why's my grass greener than everybody else's?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2571] Yeah well that was just a comment, silly.
Arthur (PS03S) [2572] Ah I don't know.
Tom (PS03U) [2573] I don't think they could say anything, as I say there was no hosepipe ban then anyway so [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2574] You say just a comment comment, what about that letter we had [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2575] Yeah well [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2576] It seems to be a pain in the neck me cleaning the ... sometimes there's a lot of dog dirt, on yours as well as mine, and I, I [...] and they were quite er happy to do that, yet it seems to irritate somebody over there.
[2577] ... Still.
[2578] What about Mrs ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2579] Nice isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [2580] Breaking her ankle.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2581] Put those
Arthur (PS03S) [2582] Put them on the floor Jackie.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2583] How is Mrs ?
[2584] I've not heard.
Jackie (PS03V) [2585] She came across for the first time today, I was out [...] egg yard getting some eggs
Evelyn (PS03T) [2586] Mm?
Jackie (PS03V) [2587] and she poddled over, she said she'd been across to Fernbury Lodge for the first time
Evelyn (PS03T) [2588] Oh
Jackie (PS03V) [2589] yesterday.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2590] mm
Jackie (PS03V) [2591] Cos I thought she m I said have you been to the shop, thinking, I meant up here
Evelyn (PS03T) [2592] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2593] and she said no she'd been to pay her poll tax over there, she said she'd had a rest in one of the shops over there on the way [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2594] Mm
Jackie (PS03V) [2595] back, so [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2596] She's doing alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [2597] I didn't think they were like that, did you, these satellites?
Tom (PS03U) [2598] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [2599] You know.
Tom (PS03U) [2600] Ah these, I thought they were ... yeah ... I was trying to think.
[2601] I think, they, they're quite large aren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2602] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2603] I, I've not been near one, I wouldn't know but ... you have to stand next to them to get an effect, to kn know how big they are.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2604] [...] to get the er how big they are yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2605] That's right.
Arthur (PS03S) [2606] Mm. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2607] And it showed you all the sort of ... countries of the world, you know, on lights and, and that, and which light was for which wh when they took us round the er
Tom (PS03U) [2608] Oh that was interesting.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2609] control room you know.
Arthur (PS03S) [2610] Well yes you, you know the De Mont the stage and the organ and all that?
[2611] It looked just like that
Evelyn (PS03T) [2612] Mind that glass!
Arthur (PS03S) [2613] er and the man was sitting there at a ... looked like a lot of
Evelyn (PS03T) [2614] A telephone [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2615] looked like a great big piano, you know, with like the buttons and he were doing this ... and they've got every country within range on the wa on whatever it was, wall or a gantry, and if that wasn't too, too good he, he were doing something and it come up.
[2616] And, and, and all, he'd got all countries' television er going, you know, so you could look at any country at the moment, the moment it was producing.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2617] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2618] I thought it were wonderful.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2619] Aye.
Arthur (PS03S) [2620] It's er marvellous.
[2621] When we were kids we'd never of dreamt of this would we?
Jackie (PS03V) [2622] Oh no.
Tom (PS03U) [2623] Yet the kids all seem to er ... adapt to it just like that. [clicks fingers]
Arthur (PS03S) [2624] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2625] Very very [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2626] And the, the son-in-law's got a, a computer hasn't he?
[2627] And his
Evelyn (PS03T) [2628] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2629] the little one, she's only four,
Evelyn (PS03T) [2630] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2631] and er D er ... er Dave was showing me how it works and he went out and the little one was saying I'll do it for you granddad, look this is how you do it, and she starts typing away, and she's four!
Evelyn (PS03T) [2632] Four!
Arthur (PS03S) [laugh]
Tom (PS03U) [2633] Just, you've gotta go on that, and she presses it and the chart thing which is ... press that one and it'll get rid of it all.
[2634] Doing and it all disappeared.
[2635] And I thought ooh f you know, we were [...] [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2636] I know my, my sister's er grandson, he's had a computer, he's fourteen ... and er ... anyway, oh he wanted a bigger one costing about eight hundred pounds.
[2637] And now he's, they've got one and I think it was about five hundred pounds, they bought this one s but they managed to sell the other one for about a hundred and fifty they say.
Tom (PS03U) [2638] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2639] Now he's got that, he says he wants a wordprocessor.
Tom (PS03U) [2640] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2641] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2642] And they're expensive aren't they?
Tom (PS03U) [2643] Er yes they are.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2644] Ooh he, he's m mind you he, he reckons that's what he wants to do when he's older but ... I mean the life, or the career of anybody in computers is not very long is it?
[2645] Because they're changing so rapidly.
Tom (PS03U) [2646] Yes, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2647] I mean my, one of my friend's ... sons, he was a computer man, he was working on his own but he's in his ... I should think he's getting on for about forty six ... and he was doing freelance but this recession ... the people who er the firms who were employing him are using their own staff ... and they're not calling on him now and er ... he's not done any computing for twelve months.
Tom (PS03U) [2648] Mm mm.
[2649] The building n next to us, where we are, you know [...] do you, on [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2650] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2651] Street?
[2652] There's a big glass building next to us, have you seen it, it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [2653] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2654] quite huge?
[2655] And that was all, that was all computers, all computers.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2656] Yes we kept going there when [...] yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2657] Th th that's going now
Evelyn (PS03T) [2658] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2659] because somewhere er headquarters, they're going to do the work for all the region, so therefore they've gotta go
Evelyn (PS03T) [2660] They're, yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2661] So all those computer people are out
Evelyn (PS03T) [2662] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2663] and you think Christ what's
Evelyn (PS03T) [2664] Well erm I mean ... Andrew, he was very clever, he went to university and as I say now he's nearly fif getting, getting towards fifty ... well even so he's buying a house and last December things got so bad ... he took a job as a dustman ... a at Anstey, he lives
Jackie (PS03V) [2665] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2666] at Anstey, and he said well, got to pay the mortgage.
Jackie (PS03V) [2667] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2668] Mm, that's right.
[2669] I mean, I could be er ... mm maybe ... they're going to give us numbers on the seventeenth how many
Evelyn (PS03T) [2670] What as to
Tom (PS03U) [2671] how many people they're gonna keep or not gonna keep so
Evelyn (PS03T) [2672] Oh
Tom (PS03U) [2673] we don't know who's gonna go or what, you know, it's quite worrying really but er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2674] Oh it is really isn't it?
Jackie (PS03V) [2675] Well you see he thought the Gas Board was here forever you know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2676] Well you do don't you?
[2677] But
Tom (PS03U) [2678] Well since they've gone private
Evelyn (PS03T) [2679] And especially these computers where they change every ...
Tom (PS03U) [2680] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2681] every few years don't they?
Tom (PS03U) [2682] It's, it's er
Arthur (PS03S) [2683] [...] they employed
Evelyn (PS03T) [2684] Yes [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [2685] they employed six thousand people and when the [...] came they all went to Law Street adjacent to the factory so they could walk across to the job and er look at it now, they've smashed it all down, it's gonna be an Asian big store.
[2686] It's all been levelled now and taken away and they employed
Evelyn (PS03T) [2687] No they're not, it's supposed to be being used [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2688] six thousand people.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2689] I don't know whether you go down Valmer Road do you?
Jackie (PS03V) [2690] Not very often no.
Tom (PS03U) [2691] I went, I went there about two years ago to Walkers Crisps and, that's just next door to er [...] .
[2692] I went by but yeah a lot of it's all down, there's still, still a part being kept though isn't there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2693] Mm.
[2694] Oh they've still got a small part there.
Arthur (PS03S) [2695] Ah that's, that's the American section.
Tom (PS03U) [2696] That's right.
[2697] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2698] American United.
Tom (PS03U) [2699] That's the [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2700] We w we was ... partnerships you see well ... when our place collapsed they carried on ... just carried on a bit because they were connected with Japan.
[2701] In fact er just before I retired they were saying, you know, my job's obsolete and that, and then [...] and says oh we're opening up a big depot in Japan.
[2702] So you see it's gone there you see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2703] So you [laughing] just retired in [] retired just about the right ... time.
Arthur (PS03S) [2704] Mm. ...
Tom (PS03U) [2705] [...] you know, it's gonna be difficult to get another job now, so
Evelyn (PS03T) [2706] You're in the drawing office?
Tom (PS03U) [2707] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2708] Cos I've been silly in the past, I've told Evelyn lots of times and ... we had a new machine, a rapid na nailer, it er ... nailed er army sho er soles onto the [...] at five hun it used to do three hundred and fifty nails a minute and we m made one just for ... I er went out on the road, er to five hundred a minute you see, and er we were building the first half a dozen and er ... er there's two pawls at the back of the machine
Evelyn (PS03T) [2709] Ooh we don't want to know.
Arthur (PS03S) [2710] Ah but th th th there's a rack and w one goes on and holds the horn post up to the boot while it's driven, then it comes out ... and there's two, one's half a tooth, so it ensures one or the other's in, and they work like that.
[2711] So I was spinning the cam round, it hadn't got pinned to the shaft, just spinning it round on the shaft and these pawls were doing this ... and Les , the top one, he went to Kettering and then Don, the next top one, he went to er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2712] We don't want to know all this.
Arthur (PS03S) [2713] r er Northampton and then finally I went to Rushden, and er this top one,, and his mate come out of the toilet, been for a smoke, and er walking by I said hey Les, look at this, and I spun the cam round and it went bang and stopped dead.
[2714] He said well you've got no bloody springs on the pawls, I says ... so I picked a tin of springs up, we kept it for anybody who wanted a spring for their bike, any spring where, you know the hooks on each end?
Tom (PS03U) [2715] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2716] Well they broke off in wear and when you was overhauling a machine you'd throw these springs in the tin in case you ever wanted one.
[2717] And he said er ... oh he says er er there's no, your spring's broke.
[2718] I s so I showed him this tin full, I says well look they do break don't they?
[2719] Anyway, do you know the easiest, er and at that time five pound were five pound, if I 'd 've gone to the foreman and then the er [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2720] Drawing office.
Arthur (PS03S) [2721] drawing office, I 'd 've got five pound on a suggestion.
[2722] Anyway in the fullness of time er went to er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2723] You said that.
Arthur (PS03S) [2724] near Kettering, Don went to er Northampton and then finally I went to Rushden ... and er I'd been there about a year and all of a sudden there was a call in for Shorteners at [...] so I went down on the bike and er ... what er the one over me who, who was elderly, well wasn't over me but he was er ... he was on my job but the senior man on it ... he come in, the boss had sent him in to have a look cos the er Shorteners were complaining, and er then they rang up for one of us, he said well I'm not leaving till I've solved this problem so I had to go.
[2725] But er ... all he did was, you know the two pawls that go in and out?
[2726] He made a bit of eight inch wire, like er a U piece, and the bar at, bottom bar of the U held the tail so if the springs broke the tails didn't duck under and smash the cam.
[2727] It'd smashed the cam and, and the lever and bent the shaft ... colossal expense at that time.
Tom (PS03U) [2728] Mm expensive [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2729] Now him and his mate says ooh ... er you, your spring's broke.
[2730] Now I were bloody daft, If I 'd 've gone to the foreman and wanted to put a suggestion in, I, I, I 'd 've beat ... sure they were crowing abou when he got [...] ... but I was first really wasn't I?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2731] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2732] I, I'd seen it before it happened
Evelyn (PS03T) [2733] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2734] you see, and three more went like that eventually but er he got the dough and that was it.
Tom (PS03U) [2735] That was it, mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2736] And Evelyn always says I'm too diffident to push my plate up and
Evelyn (PS03T) [2737] Well, he used to come home and say that and I'd say put a suggestion in but
Tom (PS03U) [2738] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2739] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2740] if he did I [laughing] had to write to out for him [] .
Jackie (PS03V) [2741] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2742] Still we didn't do too badly.
[2743] Anyway how long have you got to go before you retire?
Tom (PS03U) [2744] Ooh eleven years officially.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2745] Ooh.
Tom (PS03U) [2746] [...] if it was up to me I'm
Evelyn (PS03T) [2747] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2748] gonna go in nine.
[2749] I shall go at sixty three at the latest, I'm not going on to sixty five
Evelyn (PS03T) [2750] Not staying longer.
Tom (PS03U) [2751] and it might end up [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2752] No, no.
Tom (PS03U) [2753] There's certain rumours that there's no [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2754] Still you might get a a big redundancy ... pay out if you do.
Tom (PS03U) [2755] Well ... talking about a year's salary [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2756] Is that [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2757] You get a pension of course but it depends how many years
Evelyn (PS03T) [2758] Yes you get a pension.
Tom (PS03U) [2759] you've been there and I've only been there thirteen years so
Evelyn (PS03T) [2760] Oh.
Tom (PS03U) [2761] that's not
Evelyn (PS03T) [2762] Not as good.
Tom (PS03U) [2763] they said about a quarter of my salary didn't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2764] Mind you how many years were you in your pension?
[2765] Not all that many.
Arthur (PS03S) [2766] From the beginning weren't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2767] No you weren't
Arthur (PS03S) [2768] No?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2769] the B U didn't have a pension scheme till after the war.
Arthur (PS03S) [2770] No, no.
[2771] ... But talking about pensions i
Evelyn (PS03T) [2772] Do you get a pension in yours?
Jackie (PS03V) [2773] Only my own what I put in, no.
[2774] I've been paying a full stamp since nineteen seventy four.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2775] Yes, it's a good idea isn't it?
Tom (PS03U) [2776] Yeah.
[2777] The sad thing is [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2778] Well my friend never paid
Arthur (PS03S) [2779] Tal talking about pensions Tom, the chap er cha [...] with the office girls and that and, and checking our expense sheets, he, he er they put a notice on the board ... you could ante your ... what, in your pension, you could a put a bit more into it ... and I were looking at notice and he says ooh he says it's no good for you, he says er ... w well I told you about it didn't I?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2780] Yes.
[2781] And I said ooh
Arthur (PS03S) [2782] He said ooh he says you won't get no more if you retire.
[2783] So I mentioned it to Evelyn and, being an office-wallah, you know, and any, any e extra money she were all there, she worked it out says ooh that, it were another ten bob a week you see, well we've been
Evelyn (PS03T) [2784] Which was a lot in those days.
Jackie (PS03V) [2785] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2786] Well you had a rise as well.
Arthur (PS03S) [2787] we've been glad we've been glad now haven't we er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2788] So he anted his up.
[2789] I mean ten shillings was a we a we was
Jackie (PS03V) [2790] Mm, quite a lot, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2791] [laugh] years ago.
Arthur (PS03S) [2792] Yes but we're glad [laughing] now [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [2793] Oh yes because now ... mind you the B U pension's quite good because every year we, we get a p a percentage increase
Tom (PS03U) [2794] Mm.
[2795] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2796] but I mean ours doesn't, mine doesn't, I mean mine's only a small one because I haven't done many years there.
Tom (PS03U) [2797] Ours goes [...] cost of living it says.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2798] But er, oh that's alright if it does but the B U is, is, you know, a really good one.
Jackie (PS03V) [2799] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2800] But you've got to get some years in to get a really good pension, but I've got thirteen and ... the maximum you can get is forty years but you get, then get two thirds of the salary you would have got,
Evelyn (PS03T) [2801] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [2802] your own salary, so that's pretty good for a pension isn't it?
[2803] You know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2804] Still perhaps you get the earnings ... thing don't you?
[2805] Earnings related as well sort of thing.
Tom (PS03U) [2806] That's being stopped though [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2807] Has it?
Tom (PS03U) [2808] It's gonna be in the year two thousand they're gonna wipe it out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2809] Oh, oh [laugh]
Tom (PS03U) [2810] So that's it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2811] Oh dear I'm not [...] au fait with those things now.
Jackie (PS03V) [2812] No well this is why w you know like my girls have got just to take their own [...] now.
Tom (PS03U) [2813] Take their own private ones see, [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2814] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2815] Yeah my nieces are doing that, Audrey and er well her husband's self employed so er
Tom (PS03U) [2816] See all the firms I've been to up till the Gas Board just gave you your money back for your pension.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2817] Yes they did.
Tom (PS03U) [2818] If they could have said to you would you keep it and, or transfer it t I would've said yes please.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2819] Well they can do now, in those days they didn't.
Tom (PS03U) [2820] But they, they could but they they didn't in my day, they just
Evelyn (PS03T) [2821] No.
Tom (PS03U) [2822] gave it to you back and you got no choice in the matter, that was it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2823] No they didn't, no, we didn't in our place.
Tom (PS03U) [2824] So that was a shame really as far as I'm concerned.
Arthur (PS03S) [2825] Do you reckon the er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2826] Mm.
[2827] Although Peter my friend's ... he, he did that but er it didn't come to much, they 'd 've saved it or something, one job, cos he was made redundant about three times [...] and er ... one, one place he was at ... they're supposed to have kept it and paying him it now but I don't know how they came about that bu because actually they we played him a dirty trick, they persuaded him to leave his job ... and then about nine years or probably less than that later ... you know and he was out again, redundant ... and, you know, I think they felt a bit guilty but he only gets about five pounds a week from, off that one, which is [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2828] Nothing is it?
[2829] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [2830] Er er do you reckon we ought to have had, you kn you know we went over to gas, I toyed with the idea of fetching that [...] ... do you know, you know when this house were built we went looking at a depot where they've got all these grates and I took th funnily enough I took the measurements of the breast ... [laughing] and er [] the only one we found was just that ... dead on look, right across
Evelyn (PS03T) [2831] Is that recorder still on?
Tom (PS03U) [2832] Oh yeah [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2833] Oh ye yes, yes it's still going.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2834] Oh that's alright, finish one tape.
Arthur (PS03S) [2835] Tape and
Evelyn (PS03T) [2836] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [2837] well we shan't finish that lot shall [laughing] we at this rate [] ?
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2838] Well if you, if you finish three we're [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [2839] You can't very well go in a pub [laughing] can you [] ?
Tom (PS03U) [2840] No not really.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2841] You've not seen Jackie's new lounge
Arthur (PS03S) [2842] I er
Evelyn (PS03T) [2843] have you?
Arthur (PS03S) [2844] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2845] It's beautiful int it?
Jackie (PS03V) [2846] Well it will be when it's finished, the curtains are
Evelyn (PS03T) [2847] Have you finished?
Jackie (PS03V) [2848] Well they came and fetched the curtains on Thursday, they've got to go back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2849] Why, what's the matter with those?
Jackie (PS03V) [2850] Not level, the dining room one was two inches shorter one side than the other, the tie-backs
Evelyn (PS03T) [2851] Really?
Jackie (PS03V) [2852] were all creased, and the lounge
Evelyn (PS03T) [2853] Ooh [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2854] is like this!
[2855] They weren't level at all.
[2856] They came back
Evelyn (PS03T) [2857] Ooh!
Jackie (PS03V) [2858] back and they were disgusted so they've taken them down and gonna make me a complete new set.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2859] Oh, oh I didn't know that, mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2860] Yeah.
[2861] And he suggested tie-back is, cos it's, the pink is the thinner material, they're gonna pipe it instead of what they've tried.
[2862] Oh the machining was dreadful.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2863] Mm.
[2864] Who, who was who was the
Jackie (PS03V) [2865] Well Maples, they contract out to this
Evelyn (PS03T) [2866] Ooh!
Jackie (PS03V) [2867] workshop
Evelyn (PS03T) [2868] Oh I see, Maples.
Jackie (PS03V) [2869] But
Jackie (PS03V) [2870] Cos they should be good there shouldn't they?
Jackie (PS03V) [2871] Well this is it, the man was disgusted, he said oh dear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2872] Yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2873] They are very good though, they come when they say and they, they d they do something about it
Jackie (PS03V) [2874] Oh they've been very good, oh yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2875] Mm.
[2876] Yes.
Tom (PS03U) [2877] they don't just leave it, they'll go and do it, you know?
[2878] They've very good [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2879] Mm.
[2880] Cos we had Linekars, course they've gone out of business, but when he came, when the boss came to this one ... he reckoned one of these was ... a bit out didn't he?
Arthur (PS03S) [2881] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2882] But this, I mean they measured, in fact he even measured the track to see the, make sure the track wasn't level, you know, and
Evelyn (PS03T) [2883] Yes.
Jackie (PS03V) [2884] Cos the windowsill is about an eighth of an inch out, well in one place
Evelyn (PS03T) [2885] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2886] but he still, the curtain was supposed to be something like sixty one and a half inches ... one was about a sixty one and the other was about a sixty three one end, you know? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2887] Tt oh that's sad.
[2888] Oh what a shame.
Jackie (PS03V) [2889] As he said it was Christmas rush I think, you know?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2890] Yeah oh of course it was just before Christmas.
Jackie (PS03V) [2891] But er you know they've just not done the edges properly either, you know [...] .
[2892] So they've all gone back.
[2893] Luckily we've got the old curtains.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2894] Cos I've not seen it with the curtains [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2895] No [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2896] Have another drink Tom? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2897] Do you want a drop more sherry?
Tom (PS03U) [2898] [...] just a little drop then
Arthur (PS03S) [2899] Go on.
Tom (PS03U) [2900] just a small drop.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2901] You pour it out Arthur, I can't get that cork off very easily.
Arthur (PS03S) [2902] [...] Tom, here you are then Tom [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2903] [...] do you want some more [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2904] No I'm fine.
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2905] [...] have a martini.
Jackie (PS03V) [2906] No I'm fine thanks.
Arthur (PS03S) [2907] Have a whisky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2908] No!
[2909] You can't mix the drinks.
[2910] I thought Tom might have a whisky if he's got a [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2911] [...] that's a funny [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2912] Oh I, I don't want to don't want to butt in Tom
Tom (PS03U) [2913] sometimes I feel I'm sh
Arthur (PS03S) [2914] Ah never mind about it, what about with his new car?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2915] What sort is it?
Jackie (PS03V) [2916] It's a Ford Sierra.
Arthur (PS03S) [2917] E Evelyn
Evelyn (PS03T) [2918] Oh it's the same sort is it? [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [2919] Yeah he had a Ford last time didn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2920] Yes it was a Sierra
Jackie (PS03V) [2921] It's not quite the same, it was erm
Evelyn (PS03T) [2922] Maroon colour?
Jackie (PS03V) [2923] Mm [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2924] Do you reckon he's given,th there's been a lot of er goings er to-ings and from-ings, do you reckon they've had a whip round?
Evelyn (PS03T) [2925] No!
Tom (PS03U) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2926] I don't think he could've been insured do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [2927] Well there's been no end, there's been no end to it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2928] Well except for third party, how long
Jackie (PS03V) [2929] It's funny, I don't know.
[2930] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2931] he left it there, do you?
Tom (PS03U) [2932] I don't know he's a s
Jackie (PS03V) [2933] Mind you yours took a long time, you know that bump Tom had going to his
Tom (PS03U) [2934] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2935] mother's funeral?
[2936] That was April, it's only just, you know?
Tom (PS03U) [2937] Yeah but they sorted it straight away though didn't they? [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2938] Yes but I mean you get get the repair done don't you?
Jackie (PS03V) [2939] Ye yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2940] Yeah.
Jackie (PS03V) [2941] I mean that looked a write-off so I don't know [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2942] Well erm
Tom (PS03U) [2943] You couldn't [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2944] [...] and he said it wasn't cos he [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2945] Funnily, funnily enough he, funnily enough his car's on that picture ... [...]
Tom (PS03U) [2946] It is [...] oh well it is, it's there, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2947] M Martin said when he [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2948] Have you noticed how he, he creeps that bit, he ... you know, he, he don't keep back he, he just ... he gets just that bit behind the
Tom (PS03U) [2949] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2950] you know?
Jackie (PS03V) [2951] [...] during the day cos our cars are not there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2952] No well that's what I said i er ... and probably perhaps when you were on holiday.
Arthur (PS03S) [2953] The road intrigues me Tom
Jackie (PS03V) [2954] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2955] how clean it looks and the, you know the marks, those black marks, they're the joints of the concrete where they
Tom (PS03U) [2956] That's right, [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2957] You know they kept [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2958] It looks very clean doesn't it?
Tom (PS03U) [2959] Can you see the paving stones?
[2960] They're white [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2961] Yeah, mm, that's what, yeah.
Tom (PS03U) [2962] I've never noticed those before.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2963] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [2964] Well that's the new bit they did, you know, the little
Tom (PS03U) [2965] Do you know y y you, it's a different aspect, you go out here and all you see everything at ground level and you can't really see on top of everything
Evelyn (PS03T) [2966] Yes, mm,s see low, no.
Tom (PS03U) [2967] But on there see you can see all the details can't you, [...] at all.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2968] Mm.
Jackie (PS03V) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2969] But I was struck, I was struck by the frame.
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2970] I think that frame's worth it these days, I
Evelyn (PS03T) [2971] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2972] I, [...] but ... I reckon you've got a bit of money in the fra in the frame.
[2973] Cos I was
Evelyn (PS03T) [2974] Oh that lady who came with this, she said er ... Arthur happened to say he'd just bought it, and she said how much did they charge you, twenty five pounds or thirty pounds?
Tom (PS03U) [2975] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2976] So I said no, only twenty.
[2977] So apparently ... she said ooh he probably charges, perhaps if he's not very [laughing] he reduces the price [] but ... funny she said twenty five pounds.
Arthur (PS03S) [2978] She seemed to know about it.
Jackie (PS03V) [2979] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [2980] And it's funny they came together and she, she pushed
Evelyn (PS03T) [2981] She knew, not quite together.
Arthur (PS03S) [2982] in while I were [laughing] with the other chap [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [2983] No it was a minute afterwards because I thought
Arthur (PS03S) [2984] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [2985] oh he's come back ... for the, this, to show to you.
Jackie (PS03V) [2986] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2987] I thought perhaps he'd been to you and ... sort of were you interested and he he'd come back.
[2988] But it was only a second
Evelyn (PS03T) [2989] No. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [2990] after er sort of I'd more or less half a second [...] and I thought oh he's come back again [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [2991] But, but I had more to do with her than Evelyn but er from what little bits I've gleaned, you know, er I'm a bit into everything like, and I seem to think, I've got a f strange feeling that she's something to do with education and they're worried about children not speaking properly eventu
Evelyn (PS03T) [2992] No!
Arthur (PS03S) [2993] Le let me finish.
[2994] Er eventually they won't speak real English, with all this Asian kids in ... now al all the Asian children have gotta go in any school haven't they and th everything, well sooner or later er this mixture of languages is gonna spoil the English language isn't it?
[2995] Bound to.
Tom (PS03U) [2996] Yes it's bound to.
Evelyn (PS03T) [2997] No what the they'll do, they'll put all the words that are used into a computer er from all these things won't they?
[2998] And then they'll see how many ... are sort of used a lot and ... percentage and that's what they'll do.
Tom (PS03U) [2999] Mm.
[3000] But as Arthur says though perhaps some of the Asian words will start being used by the English people.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3001] Oh, oh yes yes.
[3002] Well it says on the, on the thing we have to fill in ... er ... if any of the speakers is of non
Arthur (PS03S) [3003] Non ra er non English, yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3004] English or something a different race if you like, you're to [laughing] put it down [] .
[3005] Because you only have to identify them by a name not ... not a
Arthur (PS03S) [3006] Do you look at er C Cilla?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3007] not, not the surname, just J John or whoever
Tom (PS03U) [3008] Mm
Jackie (PS03V) [3009] Mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [3010] and, but if any of them are of ... not U K origin
Tom (PS03U) [3011] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3012] you've got to put it down and say which one it is.
Arthur (PS03S) [3013] Do you ever look at this Cilla er Blind Date?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3014] Oh did you see that tonight?
Tom (PS03U) [3015] Yes [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3016] Did you see t what do you make of that blackie with that lovely ... lovely young girl, pretty as a picture, and he were doing this round her and leaning back, and his great big lips ... ooh ooh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3017] [laughing] Oh I hate it when [] [...] white girl gets an
Arthur (PS03S) [3018] Well if you were ... if she were your daughter Jackie what would you have thought?
Jackie (PS03V) [3019] I know, well I ha didn't see it last week but Tom said [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3020] No I didn't see it last week.
Jackie (PS03V) [3021] she liked coloured people or something
Tom (PS03U) [3022] Something like that, yeah.
Jackie (PS03V) [3023] when they were talking to her.
[3024] I was, where was I?
[3025] I don't know [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3026] We didn't see last week's, I don't know, was something else on?
Jackie (PS03V) [3027] But Tom said she was saying something about, you know, she liked coloured men or [...]
Tom (PS03U) [3028] Well she liked one of the coloured film stars, I don't know which one it was though [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3029] Well we we're not against, we're not against coloureds, the fact that er
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3030] you, you want to keep your race,i if you've got a ... an alsatian or a, a bulldog, you don't mix it with a ... some o you keep them, another bulldog with it don't you?
[3031] And breed your bulldogs else you lose your race don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3032] Arthur don't like [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3033] Sometimes on the television the, the
Evelyn (PS03T) [3034] [...] do you?
Jackie (PS03V) [3035] Not very much [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3036] Not really [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3037] they were showing something and er ... one of the er Asian lads says ooh I'm English now, and his mate says no you're not, you're British.
[3038] This were in a school playground.
[3039] Course being at home all day you see we see these things.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3040] That, that programme that follows that, we've never looked at it before, Barrymore er did you look at that?
Jackie (PS03V) [3041] No [...]
Tom (PS03U) [3042] I've seen it before [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3043] We saw it once before
Jackie (PS03V) [3044] [...] seen it once but
Tom (PS03U) [3045] He's a , he's a bit funny isn't he? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3046] Yes, it was quite good really.
Tom (PS03U) [3047] Sometimes he's alright and sometimes it doesn't go very well.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3048] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [3049] Well he'd got a seven year old girl copying him hadn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3050] Yes. [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3051] I reckon he'd taught I reckon he'd taught her don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3052] I didn't see the beginning.
Arthur (PS03S) [3053] She were doing all this that ... and i the audience was screaming weren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3054] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [3055] But she'd got it off though hadn't she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3056] Mm.
[3057] Then they had er ... some fatty, fat ... ladies, elderly ladies, doing the can-can.
Tom (PS03U) [3058] Oh was it the Roly-Polies? [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3059] Ooh that was grand.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3060] [laughing] That was good [] .
[3061] Similar to the Roly-Polies but this was a sort of erm an amateur group.
Tom (PS03U) [3062] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3063] Doing it for charity or [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3064] We did, we did the Merry Widow and we had,th the Gazettes they're called,th the Gazettes and er they used to come out the wings with all this, you know?
[3065] And as they run in er and I always thought it was the best of the show.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3066] Oh well er it is nice isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [3067] Mm.
[3068] ... But these were very fat weren't they?
[3069] Made it more funny [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3070] Yeah, yeah.
[3071] Like the Roly-Polies, they were good weren't they?
[3072] I've not seen them lately have you?
Jackie (PS03V) [3073] Yeah [...]
Tom (PS03U) [3074] [...] didn't they, do you remember?
Jackie (PS03V) [...] [...]
Tom (PS03U) [3075] Cos that, that,th leader gone now, she wasn't there but she turned up, she came on.
Jackie (PS03V) [3076] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3077] Mm.
Tom (PS03U) [3078] With the glasses.
Arthur (PS03S) [3079] I like all the old silent er not silent, all the old talkies, you know the old black and white
Evelyn (PS03T) [3080] The old classic films.
Tom (PS03U) [3081] I like [...] [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3082] But they're on too late at night, I can't stand
Jackie (PS03V) [3083] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3084] late nights, can you?
Jackie (PS03V) [3085] Well we're, well when we're at work I'm not quite so bad [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3086] Do you, can you stay up, have you got a television
Tom (PS03U) [3087] Sometimes [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3088] in your own bedroom?
Tom (PS03U) [3089] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3090] Oh. ...
Tom (PS03U) [3091] We [...] in the bedroom [laughing] [...] []
Arthur (PS03S) [3092] Well Evelyn [...] me, she has this Alf Garnett on, I don't know why cos she, she's a bit particular but Alf Garnett's beyond the pale
Evelyn (PS03T) [3093] Not always.
Arthur (PS03S) [3094] and he swears and shouts.
[3095] I said turn it down, you'll upset Tom and Jackie.
Tom (PS03U) [3096] But that was a classic, classic one [...] they were talking about at Christmas
Evelyn (PS03T) [3097] When, last night?
Tom (PS03U) [3098] er in one of the series I don't know which one it was.
[3099] And er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3100] Oh w well no you haven't got Sky, it's on Sky [...]
Jackie (PS03V) [3101] [...] at Christmas [...]
Tom (PS03U) [3102] he says er and he's talking about Jesus going to the inn, er sorry Mary er Joseph going to the inn and er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3103] Yes, yeah I think we saw that.
Tom (PS03U) [3104] he said erm ... of course er when they got there he said it was full up and there was nowhere to go he says, she says well it always is full at Christmas [laughing] isn't it [] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [3105] [laughing] Oh you have to laugh don't you, at some of them [] .
[3106] Do you reckon there is anything on that damn cloud up there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3107] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [3108] I, I look at these science things where, you know, they're sending these things, America's sending them, it's been going for two year ... thousands of miles an hour, you know, probably a minute ... er and the as the man came over who went to the moon, the top man, to lecture and he was asked innumerable questions and one was ... do you think there's anything up there?
[3109] He says well, I don't think

11 (Tape 049203)

Arthur (PS03S) [3110] keep waving your hands about at the window the ... pigeons will be conspicuous by their absence.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3111] Well perhaps it'll be a good thing in some ways, we're getting too many.
[3112] You'll have no seed left before you're able to get to the shops to buy more.
Arthur (PS03S) [3113] You know what Glen said on the moon.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3114] Oh well.
Arthur (PS03S) [3115] They asked him ... what he missed the most, he said the birds.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3116] Well we're not likely to miss those are we?
[3117] We get too many. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3118] Well you'll miss them if they go away.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3119] I shouldn't miss the pigeons all that much, I don't mind the blackbird and the thrush and the robin but ... and a few starlings but I don't like ... many pigeons about the garden.
[3120] They're too dirty.
Arthur (PS03S) [3121] They're not.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3122] Yes they are.
[3123] ... Are you very bread hungry, toast hungry?
Arthur (PS03S) [3124] Oh no I'm not hungry at all
Evelyn (PS03T) [3125] Well you should be.
Arthur (PS03S) [...] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3126] Well you ... didn't have much after your ... dinner yesterday did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3127] I don't know why you always have so many procedures [...] remain in [...] does it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3128] Don't be silly. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3129] We're not going to go out at all then today?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3130] Not in this fog.
[3131] And I think it's freezing, the pantry was like an ice box.
[3132] ... I know there's no frost on the cars but it must still be cold.
Arthur (PS03S) [3133] What was like an ice box?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3134] The pantry.
[3135] ... I mean I
Arthur (PS03S) [3136] Well that's because [...] the garage [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3137] I know I know but er
Arthur (PS03S) [3138] You must have had the window open.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3139] I didn't.
[3140] It's just ever so cold. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3141] Quite cold is the phrase. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3142] What did you say?
Arthur (PS03S) [3143] I said quite cold is the phrase, not ever so cold.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3144] Is it?
[3145] Oh I stand corrected.
Arthur (PS03S) [3146] You'll have to go back to the nursery.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3147] You, you'd like to go back to school.
[3148] ... At your age.
Arthur (PS03S) [3149] [...] I'd show the kids a thing or two. [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3150] You might.
[3151] ... Apparently Jackie's got ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3152] What?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3153] got one of these Wa Walkmans.
Arthur (PS03S) [3154] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3155] Beverley bought it her.
Arthur (PS03S) [3156] What do they do with it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3157] Well you can plug into the radio on these.
Arthur (PS03S) [3158] Oh I see [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3159] That's you see the kids with them round their neck
Arthur (PS03S) [3160] Yes, oh they listen to it [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3161] Listen to the radio, if, if you look at the
Arthur (PS03S) [3162] Yes but you can tape [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3163] I know but if you're out.
Arthur (PS03S) [3164] Oh aye I see what you
Evelyn (PS03T) [3165] You see the kids walking by with them, don't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3166] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3167] And on the buses you sometimes see it.
[3168] See them
Arthur (PS03S) [3169] Anyway it was only a small [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3170] The eggs are not done yet.
[3171] ... You want them
Arthur (PS03S) [3172] Well do you want any tapes doing ... [...] [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3173] Of ours?
[3174] No.
[3175] I shouldn't do it.
[3176] I should do your photo album.
Arthur (PS03S) [3177] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3178] It's about time that was ... done.
Arthur (PS03S) [3179] Completed.
[3180] [...] another box.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3181] Well you can get a, get one.
Arthur (PS03S) [3182] Or or no I can make that higher. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3183] No I should get another one, be too heavy to carry.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3184] I know but ma make one or buy one of those and
Arthur (PS03S) [3185] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3186] and extend it but ... I, I've not timed the eggs so you'll have to
Arthur (PS03S) [3187] Well does that really matter?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3188] Yes it does!
[3189] I don't like mine too done well.
Arthur (PS03S) [3190] I've never timed an egg in my life.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3191] Well, you never cook eggs that's why.
Arthur (PS03S) [3192] Well I have done in [...] in the past.
[3193] ... Remember that landlady at Rushden.
[3194] ... She said if you're not coming home for ... if you're not coming home for dinner I'll boil you an egg
Evelyn (PS03T) [3195] Two eggs.
Arthur (PS03S) [3196] you want something substantial.
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [3197] If that's what you call, I, I told mother, I said if that's what they call [laughing] substantial [] in Northamptonshire they don't live very well. ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3198] [whispering] Well we want [...] we've got twenty tapes to run [] [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3199] What the hell's it good going with nothing on it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3200] Well it ... something on it now.
Arthur (PS03S) [3201] It is now!
[3202] But it wasn't when you when was in the kitchen and I was on my own.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3203] Well that's only [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3204] Who could I talk to?
[3205] ... You're er getting obstreperous. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3206] Now eat that egg.
Arthur (PS03S) [3207] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3208] Do you want another one?
Arthur (PS03S) [3209] Yes dear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3210] No I'll have that one, this one will be done more. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3211] Bring on the dancing girls.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3212] That's done a bit more. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3213] [...] have bacon [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3214] Well we don't have it on Sunday because we always have a great big lunch so I never
Arthur (PS03S) [3215] A large lunch.
[3216] [laughing] A large lunch [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [3217] only have a light ... a light breakfast, you know we do.
[3218] If you can remember that far. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3219] At eighty two you're ready for the off.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3220] Mm not yet. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3221] We've not got the ... er we haven't got any burnt offerings er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3222] Yes, the other side of the toast.
[3223] ... Have you seen any programmes today, what's on?
Arthur (PS03S) [3224] No. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3225] Is yours alright?
Arthur (PS03S) [3226] Just right. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3227] These are the eggs I had from the butcher. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3228] Has [...] got a poultry farm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3229] I don't know.
[3230] Well we've got to find a new supplier haven't we? ...
Arthur (PS03S) [...] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3231] Well there's that farm ... on the way to [...] [crockery noise] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [3232] I'm doing that all the time.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3233] Well it's, it's your hands, you wash them too much.
Arthur (PS03S) [3234] No I don't, I swing across and hit your
Evelyn (PS03T) [3235] Well put your glasses on.
[3236] You tell me.
Arthur (PS03S) [3237] It's not that. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3238] Well you tell me that,
Arthur (PS03S) [3239] It's
Evelyn (PS03T) [3240] if I knock anything you say you should wear your glasses or
Arthur (PS03S) [3241] [...] tell you anything.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3242] I know you do.
Arthur (PS03S) [3243] It's careless, I go over look ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3244] That means your eyes are not ... working properly. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3245] Yours worked when you married me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3246] Mm.
[3247] Perhaps they ought not to have done.
[3248] ... Hmm not bad eggs are they?
Arthur (PS03S) [3249] No.
[3250] ... Birds have gone you see, they have what they want and then go. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3251] Well they've eaten all that seed up haven't they?
[3252] Have you stared that new bag?
Arthur (PS03S) [3253] Well a bit cos the other's in the ... the garden shed, you know, with the seed and that.
[3254] ... [...] had to climb over your [...] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3255] Well why put it right at the back?
Arthur (PS03S) [3256] Well I just slung it in, I [...] clear passage i into the garage.
[3257] ... It went on the bench and it went on the floor.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3258] Put it in one of those cardboard boxes we've got.
[3259] Plenty of those cartons about.
Arthur (PS03S) [3260] You always like the Is and Ts crossed.
[3261] ... What's for lunch anyway?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3262] Chicken, I told you.
Arthur (PS03S) [3263] Oh yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3264] And the rest of that spring cabbage.
[3265] It was alright wasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [3266] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3267] Did you like it?
Arthur (PS03S) [3268] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3269] Now eat all that marmalade.
[3270] ... Finish that bread, you don't eat enough bread.
[3271] ... I think I'll get some more Seville oranges while they're in and make another ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3272] Do they come from Seville?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3273] I expect that's where they come from.
Arthur (PS03S) [3274] Ah I know what they say but do they come from
Evelyn (PS03T) [3275] Well yes there's only ... only this time of the year that they're about so ... I think they must only grow them there ... that make the best marmalade.
[3276] ... This grapefruit and lemon's alright but ... although our Madge prefers this to Seville, I don't. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3277] Your Madge is too fastidious.
[3278] ... Isn't she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3279] [...] Was that a [...] ?
[3280] No, no.
Arthur (PS03S) [3281] [...] no.
[3282] He ha he has a white coll a big collar round his neck.
[3283] ... Also he's very big. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3284] Ah yeah well I couldn't quite see.
[3285] ... My eyes are getting worse I think.
Arthur (PS03S) [3286] One pigeon's eating the potato I threw out yesterday. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3287] Well let them clear th all the bits off first before you put any more out.
[3288] ... Isn't it, this marmalade's alright isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [3289] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3290] It's what I made the other week.
[3291] ... Jackie looked a bit better last night I thought, didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3292] Mm.
[3293] Mm.
[3294] ... Did [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3295] Mm?
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3296] Yes, she had sherry.
[3297] Didn't have much, you know.
[3298] ... Tom's getting fat though int he?
Arthur (PS03S) [3299] Well ain't we all?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3300] Well you're not.
[3301] You grizzle yours off.
[3302] ... But did, did you hear he might be made redundant?
Arthur (PS03S) [3303] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3304] Did you hear what he said?
Arthur (PS03S) [3305] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3306] He said erm ... cos the Gas Board o offices are moving to
Arthur (PS03S) [3307] Somewhere else, aye.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3308] Birmingham or somewhere. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3309] They wouldn't go over to Birmingham.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3310] What after spending all that money on the house?
Arthur (PS03S) [3311] Well ... [...] ... Look at my firm.
[3312] Razed it
Evelyn (PS03T) [3313] Give all those crusts to the birds.
Arthur (PS03S) [3314] razed it to the ground [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3315] Mm. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3316] Bring the tea in Evelyn.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3317] Do you want any whisky in it?
[3318] Or
Arthur (PS03S) [3319] Well j yes
Evelyn (PS03T) [3320] or have you had enough?
[3321] You're not going out.
Arthur (PS03S) [3322] just, just, just a taste.
[3323] ... Look the f fog is getting thick.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3324] It is on the green and yet the back seems to be clearer.
Arthur (PS03S) [3325] Well the trees are [...] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3326] I'm going to try and manage without that er support on my arm today.
Arthur (PS03S) [3327] Take this marmalade knife before it gets [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3328] Well you should've put it on your plate.
Arthur (PS03S) [3329] Well it's supposed to be on the mat but er you've moved it.
[3330] ... You pushed it aside dear, like you push me aside [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3331] Mm.
[3332] ... I told you Cath er ... and Vince can't come today didn't I?
Arthur (PS03S) [3333] You told me what?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3334] Cath and Vince can't come today.
Arthur (PS03S) [3335] Wh why?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3336] Cos ... because Cath's got a cold and she thinks it
Arthur (PS03S) [3337] Oh were were they coming then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3338] Well they often do come Sunday, I wanted her to come for er ... Penny's birthday present [cough] but she said er well it's not wise is it?
Arthur (PS03S) [3339] Well I suppose not. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3340] Tom reckons there's er
Arthur (PS03S) [cough]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3341] another er
Arthur (PS03S) [3342] It says remember to press record but I see no record on there.
[3343] ... Oh it is it's, it's at the top, mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3344] Record, battery.
[3345] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [3346] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3347] That has to be, show, why
Arthur (PS03S) [3348] Yes, show.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3349] didn't you think it is working it's
Arthur (PS03S) [3350] No er it were the record
Evelyn (PS03T) [3351] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [3352] I don't remember seeing it written but you see it's, it's not
Evelyn (PS03T) [3353] Yes it is.
[3354] You see that's the red light.
Arthur (PS03S) [3355] you don't really look at that at along
Evelyn (PS03T) [3356] No.
[3357] There. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3358] Well [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3359] No Tom said there's a s er a stronger for form of flu now ... been going about, you know, different from erm
Arthur (PS03S) [3360] The original.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3361] Oh what's that on your cup?
[3362] ... Bottom of your cup. [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3363] It's marmalade I think.
[3364] ... I dropped some
Evelyn (PS03T) [3365] You've got
Arthur (PS03S) [3366] marmalade [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3367] Silly. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3368] still in my saucer.
[3369] ... Has Vince got it or only Cath?
[3370] The flu.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3371] Vince started it and Cath's got a bit of it, well sh it's not the flu as yet but
Arthur (PS03S) [3372] What about Timothy?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3373] Oh I don't know about Tim.
[3374] ... He's always got something.
Arthur (PS03S) [3375] Mm. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3376] You know I was dreaming about the office
Arthur (PS03S) [3377] Who told you did Cath te tell you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3378] I rang her up last night.
Arthur (PS03S) [3379] I didn't know. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3380] I w I was dreaming about the office ... last night, and I saw Miss
Arthur (PS03S) [3381] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3382] as large as life.
[3383] And a, and a s
Arthur (PS03S) [3384] Who was she?
[3385] Your old schoolteacher?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3386] No!
[3387] Mr 's secretary, you know
Arthur (PS03S) [3388] Oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [3389] Dorothy who came [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3390] Oh aye.
[3391] Well you had so many girl er names.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3392] No and I saw her ... type a letter and sign it as clear as anything. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3393] You were reliving the past.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3394] Yes.
[3395] I know but er but the funny thing was
Arthur (PS03S) [3396] Do you ever see me in er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3397] No I never see you in my dreams.
Arthur (PS03S) [3398] Oh yes you blank me off then when you go to sleep.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3399] Yes I do.
[3400] ... No and we'd got three young girls, new, new girls ... and I saw those and ... I must have been thinking about Mandy ... and the car because ... they said something about oh when we leave we're all going on a picnic to ... and I think it was Kettering or ... quite some time aw some
Arthur (PS03S) [3401] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3402] way away
Arthur (PS03S) [3403] What did they do when they got there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3404] Oh it didn't go into that, silly.
[3405] No but it must've been talking about youngsters having cars
Arthur (PS03S) [3406] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3407] and er ... I mean and these were three young girls, they only just started to work and yet they'd got a car and as soon as they [laughing] finished they ... they were going on this picnic [...] []
Arthur (PS03S) [3408] [...] I used to think dreams, you sort of stored in your mind, you know, cos as a lad I did er sle once or twice sleep walk ... and er ... at lunchtimes they used to delegate ... er when you was on your last half year they used to delegate one every day to pick
Evelyn (PS03T) [3409] I know you've ... I don't want to hear all that.
Arthur (PS03S) [3410] to pick up the lunch papers and er ... anyway one, one night I was wa walking across and er ... my dad called out what you doing?
[3411] What you doing?
[3412] And er I said I'm going to pick the papers up, he said get back into bed
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [3413] and I, I remember mother saying oh we shouldn't wake them when they're
Evelyn (PS03T) [3414] Asleep.
Arthur (PS03S) [3415] and the, the second sleep walk was ... I came down the stairs er they were having supper, of course when I was very young we went to bed early ... er I come down the stairs and opened the door and then I woke up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3416] Ooh.
[3417] Do you want another cup?
Arthur (PS03S) [3418] And they're the only two, yes please, they're the only two times that I recall sleep walking.
[3419] What it is, er they say it's an o o overactive brain don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3420] Mm that's quite likely with you. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3421] Do you think it's what, when you use what you've stored in there, bringing it back?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3422] No [...] [speaking from another room] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3423] Sometimes you dream things that you've never sort of c ... Have you finished with engines?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3424] No I've brought, bringing other cups of tea in.
Arthur (PS03S) [3425] Gonna say it's [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3426] No it's not.
[3427] ... Now you you'll tip that over when it, with it not being level.
Arthur (PS03S) [3428] [...] marmalade.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3429] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [3430] It's sticky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3431] get another mat.
Arthur (PS03S) [3432] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [3433] I've not brought another spoon, give me yours.
[3434] Ah look what you've done!
[3435] All over the cloth
Arthur (PS03S) [3436] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3437] that tea!
[3438] ... You've spilt it.
Arthur (PS03S) [3439] Well you it's rushing me aren't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3440] No I'm not. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3441] Well you could've washed the marmalade out while you were s out the saucer.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3442] Well why had you put marmalade in the saucer?
Arthur (PS03S) [3443] It dropped in off the spoon.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3444] Oh well you should have had your plate near shouldn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3445] You always want the Ts crossing and the Is done.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3446] You keep saying that, now shut up. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3447] Yes dear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3448] How's your shoulder?
Arthur (PS03S) [3449] Oh it's about the same.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3450] I see you rubbing it.
[3451] I thought you said it was improving?
Arthur (PS03S) [3452] Off and on.
[3453] Well it's, more or less is.
[3454] About the same as yesterday I meant.
[3455] ... Oh well it looks like being frosty Friday doesn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3456] Well you, you can clear the table and put a few more photos in the album.
[3457] ... How many more cards have you got to fill?
Arthur (PS03S) [3458] Too many I'm afraid, those thin ones.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3459] Well you bought them.
Arthur (PS03S) [3460] Yes there's a blind spot in everyone's mind int there?
[3461] And I'd thought they'd be, suffice. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3462] Well they're alright, I mean
Arthur (PS03S) [3463] They're too flimsy.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3464] you can't have everything, they're not too flimsy.
Arthur (PS03S) [3465] They do, they flex too much.
[3466] ... [...] waft about.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3467] No they don't, when they're, when when they're on top of all the others and you just turn them over more gently.
[3468] ... And we'll go to that new place, Office World.
[3469] Because we've got to get out one day next week, I'm getting low on things.
Arthur (PS03S) [3470] Well I shall want something because there are all those French photographs I've got.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3471] No, no well I've got to do some food shopping next week, I must, and a bag of potatoes.
Arthur (PS03S) [3472] Yeah I expect we'll [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3473] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [3474] [...] ... Everywhere's dead, no movement is there now?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3475] Mm well it's Sunday morning, people at work have a lie in don't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [3476] Well I never used to, did you? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3477] I did in my teens, I used to have breakfast in bed on a Sunday.
Arthur (PS03S) [3478] Yeah you're talking about a dream, because er in my mind I can hear George now in a bar lounge ... I walked in, he was with two of his mates ... and we got talking, he said here's my, this is m he used to say Chip then, you know, George did ... this is my young Chip he said ... he goes to work in the middle of the night.
[3479] You see painters couldn't start till nine, till the sun got up you know to
Evelyn (PS03T) [3480] Mm
Arthur (PS03S) [3481] they had to go round with a blow lamp to get the frost and the dew ... in those big houses
Evelyn (PS03T) [3482] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [3483] Cos I said to young George, his son, I said ... he came when I was painting the sills and ... I says what do you do when it's frosty when you start to work?
[3484] Oh we just go along with a blow lamp.
[3485] [...] . Suppose it's one way isn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3486] Mm.
[3487] ... Here comes the big pigeon, there he is.
Arthur (PS03S) [3488] I don't think they should
Evelyn (PS03T) [3489] Look.
Arthur (PS03S) [3490] Oh yeah.
[3491] He's got a white collar you see and also he's very big
Evelyn (PS03T) [3492] Yeah, I can see.
Arthur (PS03S) [3493] very fat ... o obese.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3494] I should think he is fat on what you put out for him.
Arthur (PS03S) [3495] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [3496] Or her.
Arthur (PS03S) [3497] it's got feelings like anything else, he wants to live.
[3498] ... Looks as if they've cleared it all up, he's looking all around.
[3499] There weren't all that many came either.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3500] There were, there were about twenty.
Arthur (PS03S) [3501] You exaggerate so.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3502] I don't.
Arthur (PS03S) [3503] Yes you do.
[3504] ... You sound just like my wife at times.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3505] Mm.
[3506] Pity I'm not. [laugh] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3507] Are you glad you married me? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3508] I suppose. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3509] Hmm ... you didn't sound too very enthusiastic. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3510] You shouldn't ask the obvious should you? ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3511] Wonder how you'd've got on with our Bill [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3512] [cough] I might have tamed him.
Arthur (PS03S) [3513] I doubt it. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3514] Anyway he didn't appeal to me.
Arthur (PS03S) [3515] Very mean.
[3516] [...] ... He was a r a r a rare one for getting little sharp digs in wasn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3517] Mm like you sometimes.
Arthur (PS03S) [3518] We went in the Gra Grand [...] just done the lounge at the Grand and ... when we had our first car ... and I went round to see mother and I said come on, we'll go up to the, take you up to the Grand and have a drink.
[3519] And we walk in the lounge and they've got two foot round copper covered tables, they'd covered the original with sheet ... and the the there was only us two and he was polishing them, you know, getting them ready
Evelyn (PS03T) [3520] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [3521] Bill says ... you love d er cleaning those don't you?
[3522] And he were gonna make something of it, the barman, you know?
[3523] He always got these nasty little digs in.
[3524] ... Are you coming back?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3525] Yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [3526] Good.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3527] I'm not finished.
Arthur (PS03S) [3528] Have we had seconds?
[3529] Mm have we had seconds?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3530] Well do you want any more toast?
Arthur (PS03S) [3531] No I just wondered that's all.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3532] It's about time I washed these, they've got all, you've stuck them all up.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3533] [laughing] Phew [] .
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3534] Ooh ... that'll be the day.
[3535] Come on, let's clear these things off.
[3536] Leave that on.
Arthur (PS03S) [3537] You think, you think er you think I'm a good trencherman then, look
Evelyn (PS03T) [3538] Mind.
Arthur (PS03S) [3539] eh? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3540] Are you going to do your
Arthur (PS03S) [3541] I might as well if you
Evelyn (PS03T) [3542] Well let's put this on the [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3543] if you insist.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3544] Well it's, it's a job that's got to be done and you can do it on a ... miserable day.
Arthur (PS03S) [3545] Hurry up and put it on there I don't want to stand with these forever.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3546] I'm looking for the cloth I can't find it.
Arthur (PS03S) [3547] There's one on the ta on
Evelyn (PS03T) [3548] That yellow one, where's that yellow one gone?
Arthur (PS03S) [3549] Didn't know we had one.
[3550] ... No I didn't, not recently anyway.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3551] Here it is look, yellow embroidered one.
[3552] This one.
Arthur (PS03S) [3553] Tatty old thing.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3554] I know but if you're going to get glue on it you might as well get it on this instead of on the lace one.
[3555] I just washed that, that's a lovely colour.
Arthur (PS03S) [3556] You could have fooled me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3557] Hmm ... not very often.
[3558] ... Now get your cards out and the glue.
[3559] Keep the glue on the, this.
Arthur (PS03S) [3560] What are you going to do now?
[3561] Clean the kitchen?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3562] In a minute or two.

12 (Tape 049204)

Evelyn (PS03T) [3563] Have you found them?
Arthur (PS03S) [3564] Well I don't know, they're around somewhere. [moaning]
[3565] Ooh!
[3566] Ooh!
[3567] Ooh!
[3568] Ooh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3569] Let me move that chest.
[3570] You'll hurt yourself.
[3571] ... There you are.
[3572] You see you do forget
Arthur (PS03S) [3573] Right
Evelyn (PS03T) [3574] these days.
Arthur (PS03S) [3575] we shall want two boxes then shan't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3576] That's what I said, you'll have to start another
Arthur (PS03S) [3577] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3578] one cos
Arthur (PS03S) [3579] Gonna sort the albums out first, one to two.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3580] Put them in numerical order, have you got them all mixed up now?
Arthur (PS03S) [3581] Yeah I have, yeah, but they're all numbered.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3582] I know they're numbered but ... they're not in the right order.
Arthur (PS03S) [...] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3583] Well you want to start with the bottom number on the bottom don't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3584] Yes.
[3585] I want [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3586] No what, what's the last number you've got?
[3587] You put that down
Arthur (PS03S) [3588] Number one.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3589] [shouting] No the last number [] ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3590] Well that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [3591] on the bottom
Arthur (PS03S) [3592] that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [3593] and then, then it will be, one will come on the top!
Arthur (PS03S) [3594] Yes then when you go on another holiday you've gotta fetch all of them out, shove them under the bottom.
[3595] You start at one
Evelyn (PS03T) [3596] No
Arthur (PS03S) [3597] er listen, you start at one and we get to a hundred and four
Evelyn (PS03T) [3598] Ah I see what you mean.
Arthur (PS03S) [3599] and er, if you do it the other way
Evelyn (PS03T) [3600] Well if it was in chronological order, you want one on the top.
Arthur (PS03S) [3601] Yes I know but when you come to put a another one on you've gotta lift them all out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3602] [laughing] I know what you mean [] .
[3603] Well start another box then.
[3604] You do it your way.
Arthur (PS03S) [3605] I always do.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3606] I know you do.
[3607] You never take advice from me.
[3608] You haven't numbered that one.
Arthur (PS03S) [3609] Haven't I?
[3610] Where's that one where ... there's a long one ain't there of er ... with you er the whole [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3611] The set?
[3612] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [3613] one of the whole set.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3614] Well you'd got it, is it, erm well there, you'll have to sort through them.
Arthur (PS03S) [3615] Yeah I shall have to.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3616] Won't you?
[3617] Till you ... you'll be doing, we'll have to find another table. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3618] Didn't know we'd got so many, did you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3619] Yes you haven't done it up for years have you?
[3620] Put this year's on one pile.
Arthur (PS03S) [3621] Yeah, right, what I'm after is that ... set one.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3622] Well do it methodically. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3623] Come here, let me go through them.
Arthur (PS03S) [3624] No let's get it er put these in first. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3625] Give them to me, I'll sort, find the
Arthur (PS03S) [3626] No you
Evelyn (PS03T) [3627] one you want.
Arthur (PS03S) [3628] you er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3629] Give it to me.
Arthur (PS03S) [3630] Yes I think those are, well that's the top
Evelyn (PS03T) [3631] Take that, cos that's the top one.
Arthur (PS03S) [3632] that'll go on the top.
[3633] ... [...] number one, well you get washing done and ... then you can come in when your hands are clean.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3634] My hands are clean, I've just
Arthur (PS03S) [3635] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [3636] done the washing up so they are clean. ...

13 (Tape 049205)

Evelyn (PS03T) [3637] That's going.
Arthur (PS03S) [3638] Oh mhm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3639] We seem to have er ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3640] Seems to have [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3641] That bit.
Arthur (PS03S) [3642] What will you be doing today then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3643] Well as it's foggy I don't think we can go out.
Arthur (PS03S) [3644] No. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3645] It's a pity we didn't go yesterday [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3646] Course we was gonna show Tom and Madge the, that er ... aerial view of the house.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3647] Oh well we've got plenty of time for that.
Arthur (PS03S) [3648] Time for that, mm, besides it, there might be a lot of salt about.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3649] Ooh you get obsessed with salt you do.
Arthur (PS03S) [3650] Well it's not that,i it's so they ... they like to get rid of it for the summer and i if there's a ... sign of a bit of frost out they all come, shoving it onto the road and rotting everybody's cars.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3651] Has it froze the water to last night?
Arthur (PS03S) [3652] No it's s spitting with rain.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3653] Is it?
[3654] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [3655] Just like, well more like fog really.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3656] Well do you know what, I forgot to take the chicken out of the fridge last night so ... we can't have dinner so
Arthur (PS03S) [3657] Oh dear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3658] too early.
Arthur (PS03S) [3659] Put it in the stove, that'll thaw it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3660] [laughing] Don't be silly [] it is thaw nearly thawed anyway, it won't, I'll do it right away I've just remembered.
Arthur (PS03S) [3661] Well must we have chicken?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3662] Yes I haven't got anything else except t tins, and you don't want tins on a Sunday do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3663] Best bread and dripping.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3664] [laughing] Ooh ooh where's [] the dripping coming from? ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3665] The butchers.
[3666] Yeah I used to like their pork er dripping.
[3667] ... I used to like Cocklin's pork dripping [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3668] N not for breakfast.
[3669] Anyway what are you going to have?
Arthur (PS03S) [3670] Burnt chicken
Evelyn (PS03T) [3671] [...] no I'm talking now
Arthur (PS03S) [3672] chicken fricassee
Evelyn (PS03T) [3673] I'm not talking, that's silly.
Arthur (PS03S) [3674] er lightly done kippers on one side.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3675] Ooh.
[3676] Now, boiled or poached or [...] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [3677] Boiled will do. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3678] I think er Tom and Jackie were alright last night weren't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [3679] What, do you mean [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3680] Yes, I think so.
[3681] They didn't seem to object.
Arthur (PS03S) [3682] No. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3683] [cough] ... Did you [...] ? ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3684] We could have a banana souffle [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3685] Well we, we couldn't, don't be silly.
[3686] No I said what are you going to do t this morning?
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3687] Are you going to do some more t put some more snaps in the album?
Arthur (PS03S) [3688] Well it depends on you, if you're not going out it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [3689] We ca we can't go out in this weather, this frost.
[3690] ... Fog I mean.
Arthur (PS03S) [3691] There's er one of the pigeons [...] I shall have to go and put some seed down.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3692] Well you'd better go and feed them then.

14 (Tape 049206)

Evelyn (PS03T) [3693] I think we've got to find another cupboard for these glasses.
[3694] ... They're getting broken. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3695] Er ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3696] What do you want?
Arthur (PS03S) [3697] well if you have that bookcase in my room that [...] a bit wobbly.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3698] No that tips over it's a bit wobbly.
Arthur (PS03S) [3699] Well I could screw it to the wall.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3700] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [3701] It is a glass cupboard.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3702] No I'm not going to keep, I don't want to keep them up there.
Arthur (PS03S) [3703] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [3704] No I shall have to find room for some of the pots and leave the glasses in. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3705] What about the chest, empty the chest?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3706] No you can't have gl wine glasses in there.
Arthur (PS03S) [3707] Well I should have thought so.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3708] No you can't.
Arthur (PS03S) [3709] Oh. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3710] No I think I'll move some of the other ... silver bits in.
[3711] ... I didn't know we'd got that in there, did you?
[3712] Oh that's been broken before has it?
[3713] ... See that little thing.
[3714] ... I think that's a bit better.
[3715] [clears throat] ... I'll er ... [cough] ... Yes I should use them, they cost nearly three pounds and if ... put some on the other side it will stabilize it.
[3716] ... Have you found your pens?
Arthur (PS03S) [3717] Yeah right at the back. [sniff] ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3718] Well you couldn't find them the other day, you said they weren't there didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3719] [...] .
[3720] Hey hundred and eleven
Evelyn (PS03T) [3721] Hundred and eleven?
Arthur (PS03S) [3722] [...] ... That's only for the index if you want to get one out
Evelyn (PS03T) [3723] Yeah are you keeping the index ... up to date now?
Arthur (PS03S) [3724] Er well
Evelyn (PS03T) [3725] I mean on there, how far have you got?
Arthur (PS03S) [3726] I've got all that.
[3727] Got all the
Evelyn (PS03T) [3728] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [3729] What are we up to date, a hundred and four?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3730] Yeah we've got another seven
Arthur (PS03S) [3731] La Rochelle.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3732] seven to do.
Arthur (PS03S) [3733] La Rochelle.
[3734] ... How do you mean another seven?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3735] Well you're on hundred and eleven now
Arthur (PS03S) [3736] Oh I see what you mean, er only to write on there
Evelyn (PS03T) [3737] so you, yes, yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3738] But I should do each one as you come to it.
[3739] Save all this ... faffing about.
Arthur (PS03S) [3740] You would but I don't.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3741] No.
[3742] You never do.
Arthur (PS03S) [3743] And another thing you see they're not as long as [...] look, look
Evelyn (PS03T) [3744] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [3745] they've cut them short.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3746] Mm well you gave them the size and you checked the size.
Arthur (PS03S) [3747] I know but look yes but they've cut them short.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3748] You checked it when you got them back.
[3749] I'm sure you did.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3750] Well sooner be a bit be shorter
Arthur (PS03S) [3751] Shorter
Evelyn (PS03T) [3752] than too long [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3753] Well I could [...] can't I? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3754] No it isn't, it's alright.
[3755] You use it.
Arthur (PS03S) [3756] Those [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3757] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [3758] look ... all over the [...] look.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3759] Yeah.
[3760] Oh you've used it have you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3761] Oh yeah, [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3762] Oh you've got the other side to do.
Arthur (PS03S) [3763] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3764] Ah but now your numbers'll all be wrong.
Arthur (PS03S) [3765] But it's er well it don't matter, put a number on and look for it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3766] Oh.
Arthur (PS03S) [3767] Hundred and seven. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3768] Well use that then.
Arthur (PS03S) [3769] Hundred and eight, hundred and nine.
[3770] Well that's alright, we're hundred and ten [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3771] Well you've just laid hundred and ten on the back of that.
Arthur (PS03S) [3772] On this?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3773] Yes, you have a look.
[3774] ... I just saw you write it down.
Arthur (PS03S) [3775] Well that's [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3776] You can alter that to a hundred and eleven can't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3777] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3778] Make that a hundred and ten.
Arthur (PS03S) [3779] Hundred and eight, hundred and nine ... hundred and ten.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3780] Hundred and ten.
[3781] Do that sheet and get it out of the way.
[3782] ... Do you want this light on?
Arthur (PS03S) [3783] Eh?
[3784] No not particularly. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3785] Well, I've got the Christmas pudding.
[3786] Shall I pull these curtains back now?
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3787] Half back?
Arthur (PS03S) [3788] Yeah. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3789] Ooh the fog's nearly cleared.
[3790] ... What are you going to put on that side?
Arthur (PS03S) [3791] Don't know I'm just going to sort them out when I get this card [...] ... This is lovely board this one is.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3792] I thought, I thought you said you hadn't used, we were going to take that as a specimen.
Arthur (PS03S) [3793] Well we still can can't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3794] What with the pictures on?
Arthur (PS03S) [3795] Why not? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3796] Put your pen on there so it doesn't mark the cloth.
[3797] Rest it on there.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3798] Well that doesn't matter, the ink won't come out of it. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [3799] Well don't stand on anything [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [3800] I'm not standing on anything I'm, I'm just going back in the kitch

15 (Tape 049301)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [3801] Are you ready for coffee yet?
Arthur (PS03S) [3802] Yes, or something stronger.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3803] Well , well do,wha say what you want.
Arthur (PS03S) [3804] Er ... show me the menu.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3805] [laughing] Don't be silly [] !
[3806] No, you can have ... er can ha , it's a bit early to have a drink.
Arthur (PS03S) [3807] Well, coffee then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3808] You have coffee with a drop of er
Arthur (PS03S) [3809] With a dash.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3810] whisky in.
Arthur (PS03S) [3811] Coffee and a dash.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3812] Is that all?
Arthur (PS03S) [3813] Yeah.
[3814] From now on it's [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [3815] Don't be silly!
[3816] Ooh!
[3817] Stop it!
[3818] ... Don't throw these er
Arthur (PS03S) [3819] No.
[3820] They're all i in the throwing, I throw nothing away.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3821] brochures away from the hotels.
[3822] I want these.
Arthur (PS03S) [3823] I don't throw anything away.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3824] Cos we might go back there.
Arthur (PS03S) [3825] Which one's that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3826] That er ... Lakeside. [...] . [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [3827] Yes but i , well it's an easy ride and ... I'd go there [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [3828] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [3829] Int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3830] That's enough to video this Abu Dhabi.
[3831] Which do you like?
Arthur (PS03S) [3832] Abu Dhabi?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3833] This one?
[3834] Yes, well that nice
Arthur (PS03S) [3835] We, well which
Evelyn (PS03T) [3836] one with the lovely lounge!
[3837] Well they're both nice lounges but ... overlooking the sea.
Arthur (PS03S) [3838] Oh er ... the second one
Evelyn (PS03T) [3839] Meridian
Arthur (PS03S) [3840] The second one we went to?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3841] Yes, the second one.
Arthur (PS03S) [3842] Well, if that's your choice, it's your choice.
[3843] Who am I to de descent against it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3844] Don't know where all these bits of tinsel keep coming from!
Arthur (PS03S) [3845] From the ... Christmas decorations.
[3846] From under the ... Welsh dresser I suppose.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3847] I know that!
[3848] I'll get your coffee then.
Arthur (PS03S) [3849] Well I thought you'd never ask!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3850] I did ask!
[3851] Don't be silly!
[3852] ... I've got make a fresh lot.
[3853] ... You didn't remind me about the steamer with the puddings did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3854] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3855] Well you should have!
Arthur (PS03S) [3856] Well yo , I wanted to make you a timer.
[3857] Yo , we got plenty of clocks we can plug in from.

16 (Tape 049302)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [3858] What have you torn this one of me up for?
Arthur (PS03S) [3859] Well it were u under there with more of the rubble, so I brought it out to flatten it if I could but
Evelyn (PS03T) [3860] No!
[3861] You should throw that away.
Arthur (PS03S) [3862] No, it's a garden int it?
[3863] The beginning of the garden.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3864] Yes well
Arthur (PS03S) [3865] Pity that!
[3866] Shows you how I made it you see, but now
Evelyn (PS03T) [3867] Mm mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [3868] I've got no record of it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3869] Well you shouldn't have scre , you should have
Arthur (PS03S) [3870] Unless we got the, probably got another film somewhere.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3871] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [3872] We
Evelyn (PS03T) [3873] you, you should
Arthur (PS03S) [3874] we
Evelyn (PS03T) [3875] have er
Arthur (PS03S) [3876] we never throw any away.
[3877] I'll have look one day.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3878] You should have ... made this years and years ago shouldn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3879] Well we had a lot to do didn't we?
[3880] What with the stage and ... don't you remember I used to come home Sa Saturday afternoon then start digging?
[3881] ... Do you remember?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3882] Mm.
[3883] You never found those ... labels I made out did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3884] No.
[3885] Well you, I went on the stage Saturday morning, then I used to come home to have my lunch and ... start digging.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3886] That's damn funny where they went to!
[3887] Can you get them?
Arthur (PS03S) [3888] Well I looked through all that stuff when I cleared up this morning.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3889] Yeah, yeah I'm going to make some new ones, I've got plenty.

17 (Tape 049303)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [3890] You'll have to go easy on the whisky in case you get
Arthur (PS03S) [3891] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3892] the flu.
[3893] It's nearly half gone!
Arthur (PS03S) [3894] That wasn't fitted.
[3895] I wo , could have been off there to get it in and I've cut it somewhere.
[3896] But if I pull it off it'll tear.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3897] No, I shouldn't.
[3898] Well cut it off there.
[3899] You cut a bit off the top or the bottom.
Arthur (PS03S) [3900] Yeah.
[3901] Yeah.
[3902] Well it won't look the same, but still
Evelyn (PS03T) [3903] Yes it will!
Arthur (PS03S) [3904] Ha!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3905] Here, drink this coffee.
[3906] ... Drink that coffee.
[3907] Ooh!
[3908] That's not very solid.
[3909] ... If I put it on there you'll probably spill it all over the photographs.
[3910] ... [cough] ... You have made a mess of this drawer!
Arthur (PS03S) [3911] Well clear it out then and throw away what you don't want, that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [3912] Well , it's you that's er
Arthur (PS03S) [3913] That's what I do.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3914] I cleared it out the other day!
Arthur (PS03S) [3915] That's what I often do, is clear mine out and
Evelyn (PS03T) [3916] Ooh!
[3917] Ooh!
Arthur (PS03S) [3918] throw stuff away I don't want.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3919] Ooh!
[3920] You never throw anything away!
[3921] ... Cut th , you can cut the bottom off that.
Arthur (PS03S) [3922] Yes.
[3923] I
Evelyn (PS03T) [3924] That.
Arthur (PS03S) [3925] know but the then you you run out like that.
[3926] You just run out to the corners.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3927] Yes!
[3928] Well you can cut the bottom off that.
Arthur (PS03S) [3929] Cut th ... soon see can't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3930] I'll bring you the scissors cos you haven't got them.
Arthur (PS03S) [3931] No, I got my knife here.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3932] Oh!
[3933] Well drink that coffee, it'll soon get cold.
Arthur (PS03S) [3934] What are you looking for now?
[3935] There's two boxes of paints under there.
[3936] I bet they'll have gone home now don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3937] No!
[3938] Churchill had some ... for over forty years!
Arthur (PS03S) [3939] Well we had some didn't we a long while and
Evelyn (PS03T) [3940] Yes , but we haven't had them forty years.
[3941] ... Put a bit of ... the turps in and they're alright.
[3942] ... Well ... better go and ... baste the chicken ... I think.
[3943] No, drink this coffee Arthur!
[3944] It's no use, gotta
Arthur (PS03S) [3945] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3946] the whisky bottle sa slipped and there's a lot in!
[3947] [...] ... I better get another ... bottle of that er ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [3948] Gloy hadn't I?
[3949] You know, it was only fifty five at ... the little shop ... and in Smiths it was about seventy five.
Arthur (PS03S) [3950] Yeah, I know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3951] So whether they were selling off, I don't know.
[3952] ... I'm making another lot of ... labels.
[3953] I don't know how things ke , get lost in this house.
Arthur (PS03S) [3954] I wonder that times without
Evelyn (PS03T) [3955] Well it ... you, put things away and then forget where you put them!
[3956] ... Don't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3957] One thing or another.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3958] I remember ... it's you, cleared my things away and ... I don't know where you've put them.
Arthur (PS03S) [3959] Yeah cos with the
Evelyn (PS03T) [3960] I can't even find ... the blank labels!
[3961] I've got about four sheets ... that Audrey gave me!
[3962] So what have you done with those?
[3963] In that Welsh dresser.
Arthur (PS03S) [3964] Oh they were superfluous to requirements I suppose.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3965] No they weren't!
[3966] You, you moved them somewhere!
[3967] When you looking for things and now I don't know where they are!
Arthur (PS03S) [3968] You didn't look in the right place did you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3969] [laugh] ... If I don't know where the right place is, I can't very well can I?
[3970] ... You do faff about!
[3971] I should have done about four pages by now!
Arthur (PS03S) [3972] Yes I know you would.
[3973] Well I I should hate to have been your girls in the office!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3974] Mm.
[3975] Well you can't afford to mess about like you do!
Arthur (PS03S) [3976] Well I know that if I [...] was at work.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3977] [laughing] Ooh!
[3978] Ooh [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [3979] I worked to my own initiative and it
Evelyn (PS03T) [3980] [laughing] Yes I know [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [3981] it always succeeded!
Evelyn (PS03T) [3982] Well you didn't like anybody working with you did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [3983] I'll re-phrase that.
[3984] Didn't like anybody telling me what to do.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3985] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [3986] Which you're very good at!
[3987] ... Do you
Evelyn (PS03T) [3988] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [3989] like being bossy-boots?
Evelyn (PS03T) [3990] Well somebody's got to be in this house!
[3991] Now drink your coffee!
[3992] I'm not, shan't make any more!
[3993] ... Arthur, look ... the whisky tipped up so there's a lo , it's nearly cold!
[3994] And you've got to go easy on it now.
[3995] Because if you get flu you'll want ... some.
[3996] Alright?
Arthur (PS03S) [3997] There you are then, that's your shelf.
Evelyn (PS03T) [3998] Yeah.
[3999] That's alright.
[4000] Yeah, that's good!
Arthur (PS03S) [4001] But I mean ... cos that was a [...] more or less wasn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4002] Well, it was only a five minute bus ride.
Arthur (PS03S) [4003] A bus ride away.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4004] Mm.
[4005] One more page done.
Arthur (PS03S) [4006] That's
Evelyn (PS03T) [4007] Two, two sides done.
[4008] Golly!
[4009] We still got a big pile to stick in haven't
Arthur (PS03S) [4010] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4011] we?
Arthur (PS03S) [4012] well we should ... put a lot in a box that
Evelyn (PS03T) [4013] Stop now
Arthur (PS03S) [4014] Where's my ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4015] There's your coffee.
[4016] Now don't go and spill it all over the ... photos!
Arthur (PS03S) [4017] Anything on is there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4018] Mm?
Arthur (PS03S) [4019] Anything
Evelyn (PS03T) [4020] Want a mince pie with it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4021] Yes please.
[4022] Any films
Evelyn (PS03T) [4023] Well, what do you se , I don't know.
Arthur (PS03S) [4024] [...] to watch?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4025] But I'll go and check.
[4026] Do you want a mince pie or will it spoil your dinner?
Arthur (PS03S) [4027] Well spoil my dinner but
Evelyn (PS03T) [4028] Do you want one?
Arthur (PS03S) [4029] No.
[4030] no.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4031] Biscuit?

18 (Tape 049304)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [4032] Arthur.
Arthur (PS03S) [4033] Yeah?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4034] Can you come and ... turn the pepper mill, I can't, it ... with this arm I can't turn it.
[4035] About six times.
Arthur (PS03S) [4036] What, on there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]

19 (Tape 049305)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [4037] Put the year.
[4038] What was it?
[4039] Nineteen ninety.
Arthur (PS03S) [4040] Was it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4041] Er ... wasn't last year.
[4042] Yes, nineteen ninety.
[4043] That's the page number!
[4044] Don't alter the
Arthur (PS03S) [4045] Nineteen ... fifty.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4046] Well you want your page number now [laughing] you've altered your []
Arthur (PS03S) [4047] See how smart that's on!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4048] [laugh] ... You silly de
Arthur (PS03S) [4049] I I don't scratch out like you do with the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4050] I know!
[4051] But that was the page number!
Arthur (PS03S) [4052] Well, I can still put it ... number ten weren't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4053] No it wasn't!
Arthur (PS03S) [4054] Oh, we'll leave that till we ... count them out.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4055] Loo , look the other side that'll tell you!
Arthur (PS03S) [4056] Not necessarily so.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4057] Oh yes it will!
[4058] Hundred and ten.
Arthur (PS03S) [4059] So it was one
Evelyn (PS03T) [4060] Page a hundred and
Arthur (PS03S) [4061] that
Evelyn (PS03T) [4062] ten!
Arthur (PS03S) [4063] Right.
[4064] Give me sa , another colour and differentiate it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4065] You could put, you could P, page a hundred and ten or sheet number hundred and ten.
[4066] ... I gave you that thing to put your pens on!
Arthur (PS03S) [4067] Yes, but I didn't want to wash it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4068] No, that's alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [4069] See, see what I mean about the board, it you know with the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4070] Oh yes!
[4071] That's better.
[4072] I know it's thicker than the ... the pages love, but it's
Arthur (PS03S) [4073] That looks a lot better now doesn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4074] alright.
[4075] That'll be alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [4076] What were we on er
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4077] just wondering how yo ... do the what's her name?
[4078] Then getting one of those ones.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4079] No, don't say much with that.
Arthur (PS03S) [4080] Well you see
Evelyn (PS03T) [4081] Mm?
[4082] Are you going to do another one before lunch?
Arthur (PS03S) [4083] Well, I'll clear
Evelyn (PS03T) [4084] Perhaps only
Arthur (PS03S) [4085] it up if you like.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4086] No!
[4087] I don't want you to clear up yet.
[4088] Dinner's nowhere
Arthur (PS03S) [4089] Just see what we got.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4090] near on, ready!
Arthur (PS03S) [4091] But I'll surely use some better card than this.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4092] Well you'll have to use it Arthur!
[4093] Well you spent three pounds why
Arthur (PS03S) [4094] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4095] not keep it!
Arthur (PS03S) [4096] that clears it up actually.
[4097] Your ... grandchildren
Evelyn (PS03T) [4098] You put your, some the other side and that will, that will make it better.
[4099] Put the rest of your ... spel , er your stage set the other side.
Arthur (PS03S) [4100] Or I might get some card and stick to it.
[4101] To the back and, and then paint on that.
[4102] Well anyway, shall have to go and put that up.
[4103] Make that the blue ones.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4104] What number's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [4105] Er, one hundred and eleven.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4106] Aren't you going to do the back there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4107] No, cos I might ... put another piece, another
Evelyn (PS03T) [4108] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [4109] on
Evelyn (PS03T) [4110] Well u , only use one side of those then.
Arthur (PS03S) [4111] That looks very [...] .
[4112] Get a bit of thicker board and er, stick it ... paste it like you would the walls.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4113] Well, stick some on and don't number them then.
Arthur (PS03S) [4114] Yeah.
[4115] See it's still thin when you got two of those.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4116] Probably.
[4117] Well is, put put some more on those and er
Arthur (PS03S) [4118] I've just told you, I gotta wait till I get a bit of thicker board!
[4119] That's the er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4120] Well you're always buying
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4121] things!
[4122] You never drank this coffee!
[4123] You're always buying things and then wanting
Arthur (PS03S) [4124] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4125] to buy something better!
[4126] You've
Arthur (PS03S) [4127] What?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4128] no idea of
Arthur (PS03S) [4129] The thing is, we ordered it ... went back in the afternoon and it was cut and put on the side, I had to have it didn't I?
[4130] If they'd have shown me a bit to , when we first went ... I wouldn't have ordered it.
[4131] That's where they fobbed us.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4132] Now drink this coffee!
Arthur (PS03S) [4133] And we, I think we did take some with us didn't we?
[4134] Or just measurement?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4135] No, you took the measurement.
[4136] I wanted
Arthur (PS03S) [4137] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4138] you to take some with you, but you ... [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4139] Well I thought
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4140] I thought as we're going to look at it.
[4141] But you see, when it was all there cut what could I do about it?
[4142] Couldn't say, ooh I'm not having it now could you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4143] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [4144] [...] order
Evelyn (PS03T) [4145] Well I know but ... didn't you go and buy some from that other shop?
Arthur (PS03S) [4146] It was another shop I went to.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4147] Where you bought your canvas?
[4148] Didn't you buy a sheet there?
[4149] You said would cut into two, where's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [4150] No I didn't.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4151] You did!
[4152] We saw that card, when, when I bought you that canvas
Arthur (PS03S) [4153] But that's, that's all the ... all what we got is in there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4154] Yeah, well you look in there!
[4155] Look in Vi's room!
[4156] Don't you remember?
[4157] You said it might make two sheets.
[4158] ... Well I remember buying it.
[4159] ... I definitely remember buying some.
Arthur (PS03S) [4160] This, this is er, inch and half too short or else this would have done the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4161] No, well you'll have to leave it till we get some more then
Arthur (PS03S) [4162] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4163] if you're not going to use that.
Arthur (PS03S) [4164] Well we'll keep it here ... [...] .
[4165] Is it still running?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4166] I , I've just started it again.
Arthur (PS03S) [4167] I see.
[4168] Oh yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4169] Erm
Arthur (PS03S) [4170] Well what time do you want me to finish?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4171] Well the dinner won't be ready till er ... another hour and half.
Arthur (PS03S) [4172] There's biggie on the roundabout.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4173] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4174] Kids having
Evelyn (PS03T) [4175] Now do don't you remember don't you
Arthur (PS03S) [4176] see the kids having a look when it, you know, you watch.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4177] Measure it, get the right size and I'll put in my handbag.
Arthur (PS03S) [4178] No, we'll go together then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4179] I know, but I'll put in my handbag, then we're in town I've got it ... and you won't
Arthur (PS03S) [4180] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4181] we shall have it shan't we?
[4182] So measure and give it to me so, so we've got it.
[4183] ... Okay?
[4184] I know we looked at some thicker board in there didn't we?
[4185] Dominoes.
Arthur (PS03S) [4186] Mhm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4187] I thought we bought one to try.
Arthur (PS03S) [4188] Well you said you wo ordered one for another place.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4189] I know, but ... we know they've got it don't we?
Arthur (PS03S) [4190] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4191] I think it came out a bit more expensive that order, still if it's what you want you've got to have it haven't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4192] Well jus er you see ... already cut it, therefore it had gone.
[4193] If he'd showed us some we wouldn't have even had it cut.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4194] No.
[4195] Well, that that ... that shop had got so got some thicker board, I remember, and you said the size we'd got would cut about two.
Arthur (PS03S) [4196] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4197] Perhaps you didn't buy one, perhaps we just looked at it.
Arthur (PS03S) [4198] Just looked at it, cos we got that this time.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4199] Well, to check the size.
[4200] Well,meas , measure it and put it down so
Arthur (PS03S) [4201] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4202] Okay?
Arthur (PS03S) [4203] Them all [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4204] Oh alright.
[4205] Well I was just going to switch that off.
Arthur (PS03S) [4206] Well, you could have asked me couldn't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4207] Thought he'd gone.
Arthur (PS03S) [4208] You don't want this milk thing here?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4209] Oh no.
[4210] ... I could keep his ad , his telephone number in case we want to order
Arthur (PS03S) [4211] Er, [...] ?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4212] if I miss him
Arthur (PS03S) [4213] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4214] in case I miss him, and I want to order cream any time.
[4215] Yeah, throw, throw away ... the things you don't want.
[4216] I'll keep it in this ... tin in this draw.
[4217] Are you listening?
Arthur (PS03S) [4218] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4219] In case I forget where I've put it.
[4220] But I don't suppose you will remember!
Arthur (PS03S) [4221] Here's that thing, here's your pu stamps.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4222] There's my sta ... labels!
Arthur (PS03S) [4223] Told you I'd
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4224] seen them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4225] all among your rubbish!
Arthur (PS03S) [4226] Told you I'd seen them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4227] I just, I've only just this minute ... written another
Arthur (PS03S) [4228] Well you
Evelyn (PS03T) [4229] lot.
Arthur (PS03S) [4230] you won't do it again will you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4231] Still , I'm going to make some more of the marmalade.
Arthur (PS03S) [4232] Shouldn't be among my paintings then!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4233] You put it there!
Arthur (PS03S) [laugh]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4234] I told you I'd left them handy.
Arthur (PS03S) [4235] Yeah.
[4236] Too handy!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4237] Well, look you could put these pens in the they'd go in better!
[4238] Would they go in better in another little
Arthur (PS03S) [4239] That's alright they'll just lay in the top.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4240] well they don't go in.
Arthur (PS03S) [4241] Well that'll do for a minute so I can use it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4242] I mean, it's overflowing.
Arthur (PS03S) [4243] [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4244] Ah!
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4245] What?
[4246] Do you want that bit of wood?
Arthur (PS03S) [4247] I gotta pack in something or, you know, I
Evelyn (PS03T) [4248] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [4249] was
Evelyn (PS03T) [4250] Well shall I put it in the rubbish?
Arthur (PS03S) [4251] Yeah.
[4252] Yeah.
[4253] You know when I brought my board in, I probably had that to prop it up while er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4254] Let's get rid of some ... some rubbish.
[4255] Give me things you
Arthur (PS03S) [4256] I'll
Evelyn (PS03T) [4257] don't want in here.
Arthur (PS03S) [4258] No I've done my, save the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4259] The dustbin men won't co co , don't ... call till Tuesday so you haven't got to put it out today.
[4260] Can you remember?
Arthur (PS03S) [4261] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4262] Tomorrow ... morning.
[4263] ... Do you want a Martini or a sherry now?
[4264] Or wait a bit?
Arthur (PS03S) [4265] I'll wait for a bit, you know.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4266] Is that rubbish there?
[4267] Give it to me.
Arthur (PS03S) [4268] That
Evelyn (PS03T) [4269] Tho
Arthur (PS03S) [4270] er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4271] no those ... bits there!
Arthur (PS03S) [4272] Well these are , yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4273] Give it to me.
[4274] ... Hey!
[4275] This is twenty eight years ago!
Arthur (PS03S) [4276] Yep.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4277] Sixty four.
Arthur (PS03S) [4278] Do you want your room like that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4279] No.
[4280] Don't like it.
Arthur (PS03S) [4281] Look at that for a stage ... I was gonna
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4282] do that [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4283] on the stage.
Arthur (PS03S) [4284] Yo , we took your curtains off the ... front room.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4285] Oh were you!
[4286] ... You got a lot of those in the brass box
Arthur (PS03S) [4287] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4288] upstairs, you better put them altogether.
Arthur (PS03S) [4289] Yeah I will do.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4290] Have you sorted all that fire out?
Arthur (PS03S) [4291] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4292] You could put them in the
Arthur (PS03S) [4293] Yeah, there's rubbish.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4294] in the set.
[4295] Is that rubbish?
Arthur (PS03S) [4296] See I save these bits, but er ... never gonna use them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4297] Did you get the size?
[4298] No you didn't.
[4299] You don't want them now do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4300] [...] ... these were for our spot, look!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4301] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4302] Oh yeah!
[4303] That's like mine's, front room.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4304] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4305] Oh look!
[4306] This is it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4307] The old marble fire [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [4308] That's it.
[4309] That was with [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4310] Well I mean, ours ours was.
[4311] Go on, give that to me.
[4312] ... What's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [4313] What?
[4314] Slides.
[4315] Don't want it now do we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4316] Is that the old one?
[4317] Mm?
[4318] ... About time we got rid of some of this!
[4319] Some of [...] .
[4320] ... Now put all this ... the photographs together!
Arthur (PS03S) [4321] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4322] Do you want a box for them?
Arthur (PS03S) [4323] [sighing] Oh er [] , well I'll take them all in the brass box.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4324] Put them there, there's room in there.
[4325] What about his letter?
Arthur (PS03S) [4326] That's gotta go in the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4327] Well put that with your snaps then if you're going to
Arthur (PS03S) [4328] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4329] put that in the album.
[4330] Right there, well I'll put it there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4331] Mm.
[4332] Leave those there I'll take them up with me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4333] What are these odd ones here?
Arthur (PS03S) [4334] What are they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4335] Ah?
Arthur (PS03S) [4336] Gotta go in there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4337] Well you can put some of those pens in here ... rather than
Arthur (PS03S) [4338] Well , that lid on there can it be used though?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4339] It's not a lid!
[4340] Oh is that lid?
[4341] I didn't, I thought it was overflowing.
Arthur (PS03S) [4342] But it's also if ... you got, if you ain't
Evelyn (PS03T) [4343] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [4344] got one on the end it keeps the dirt off.
[4345] Er ... that can go on there then can't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4346] Well did they take the nice empty box?
Arthur (PS03S) [4347] Oh!
[4348] There's the one I were looking for.
[4349] Put that on there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4350] Won't you ... [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4351] That's er , the one I remember play, remember.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4352] They're, they're old negatives, you don't want those do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4353] No, but you , didn't have all the others up.
[4354] I mean er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4355] Well you never wanted to have anything of mine.
[4356] Do you want that?
[4357] They're two empty boxes.
Arthur (PS03S) [4358] That's going in the album.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4359] Yes, well put that with the others over there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4360] Er, you know where you're sitting?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4361] Mhm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4362] You know you
Evelyn (PS03T) [4363] Yes , that er
Arthur (PS03S) [4364] that's the, under the [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4365] on the set.
[4366] Yes, I remember.
[4367] That's the group.
[4368] They're are two empty boxes there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4369] They can go in the garage can't they?
[4370] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4371] No , I shouldn't put them in the garage they'll get damp there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4372] Oh well ... I er, I shall leave them there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4373] Well put them in with them.
[4374] Or take them upstairs till you're ready to use them.
[4375] ... Some
Arthur (PS03S) [4376] Do you want that painted?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4377] Well that was the idea.
[4378] You wanted to paint it sometime didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4379] Yeah.
[4380] That's right.
[4381] And yo , and that's all on.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4382] Well perhaps next week.
[4383] Till we get the thicker card you could start the painting.
Arthur (PS03S) [4384] After I've finished one I bet there's another and tha , and then there's that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4385] Well that's alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [4386] Didn't want , er, didn't want no more do we?
[4387] Still ... we're still way in but [tape breaks]
Arthur (PS03S) [4388] That's it that [...] on telly.
[4389] And there where you were running al , along with we were running along the chimney with burning [...] la , to warm us hands.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4390] I've just found that under the stairs.
Arthur (PS03S) [4391] Yeah, I want that in the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4392] Yes!
Arthur (PS03S) [4393] with the [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4394] Well you'll be looking for it in a bit won't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4395] I often do.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4396] You never, where did you find that in the end?
Arthur (PS03S) [4397] Back of that chair.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4398] You do put
Arthur (PS03S) [4399] But surely
Evelyn (PS03T) [4400] you do put things in a funny
Arthur (PS03S) [4401] I just found it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4402] place!
[4403] Do you know I've
Arthur (PS03S) [4404] Yeah but co
Evelyn (PS03T) [4405] emptied this cupboard looking for it!
Arthur (PS03S) [4406] I find them eventually.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4407] Mm.
[4408] ... You got six library books there did you know?
Arthur (PS03S) [4409] Better take them all back then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4410] Well you haven't read them yet have you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4411] Well if you want them out the way then take them back.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4412] I don't want them out of the way, I'm just saying how many you've got!
Arthur (PS03S) [4413] They never rung any more about that one they said you
Evelyn (PS03T) [4414] No!
Arthur (PS03S) [4415] They must have found it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4416] I reckon
Arthur (PS03S) [4417] Whoever took it out of there I suppose
Evelyn (PS03T) [4418] they booked it in for you ... and somebody said ... this is reserved and they forgot to take it off your
Arthur (PS03S) [4419] Off of er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4420] red
Arthur (PS03S) [4421] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4422] one.
[4423] Anyway, we know we pushed it through the ... you know
Arthur (PS03S) [4424] I'll have to write to them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4425] in through the box don't we?
[4426] Here comes [...] .
[4427] It's a light blue car that isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4428] Oh yeah! [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4429] Yeah.
[4430] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [4431] puts , puts it on
Evelyn (PS03T) [4432] mid-blue.
Arthur (PS03S) [4433] Puts it on the drive now, it's er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4434] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4435] so perhaps he feel it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4436] In a way.
[4437] But he he'll sa
Arthur (PS03S) [4438] It'll be alright.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4439] he'll the say the weight knocks our wall down.
Arthur (PS03S) [4440] Ah but then aga , but then again if you don't lean against it ... he says [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4441] I reckon he's cracking up!
Arthur (PS03S) [4442] Another thing against it if ... he'll get three ca , he'll have wo , his on the drive and he'll be able to park two cars on ours.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4443] Yes.
[4444] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4445] Still, and as they only do it every Good Friday it don't [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4446] Erm
Arthur (PS03S) [4447] They've buffed their wheels on again.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4448] Well some, well it always is [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4449] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4450] they're always keen doing ... What's on this afternoon?
Arthur (PS03S) [4451] Two, two fifteen ... King of the Wind.
[4452] Buffalo Bill's on at quarter past twelve.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4453] No, well we saw that didn't we?
[4454] It wasn't what you thought it was.
Arthur (PS03S) [4455] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4456] Well, what you going to have ... whisky and dry ginger or a martini, or sherry?
Arthur (PS03S) [4457] [...] ... on a plate.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4458] Well go and fetch it.
[4459] Walk
Arthur (PS03S) [4460] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4461] across and get it.
[4462] If you hadn't have bought those library books we could have carried some home the other day!
Arthur (PS03S) [4463] Well it ain't as good a [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4464] I know.
Arthur (PS03S) [4465] It's a bit thirsty.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4466] Well you don't know anyway do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4467] Anyway, let's er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4468] Oh he's gone off with her [...] !
Arthur (PS03S) [4469] Oh, well they're going around now.
[4470] Thank them for the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4471] [laughing] To show her the car [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [4472] thank them for the contributions.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4473] Er, now, what are you going to have to drink?
Arthur (PS03S) [4474] Well you, do you think so?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4475] No!
[4476] Sherry, Martini, or whisky?
Arthur (PS03S) [4477] Martini.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4478] That's all we've got.
[4479] The vodka's all gone.
Arthur (PS03S) [4480] Evelyn!
[4481] Evelyn!
[4482] ... Evelyn!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4483] I forgot to do the parsnips when I did the potatoes, but I think they'll be
Arthur (PS03S) [4484] Yeah, that's alright then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4485] I've done some now, I think they'll be ready.
Arthur (PS03S) [4486] Oh you done some?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4487] What's on?
Arthur (PS03S) [4488] Twelve o'clock [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4489] No, we don't want anything till about
Arthur (PS03S) [4490] Here it is!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4491] two.
Arthur (PS03S) [4492] Er, [reading newspaper] two fifty, Spain, Spain!
[4493] International cuisine [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4494] Cuisine!
Arthur (PS03S) [4495] Cu cu cuisine.
[4496] And then there's a
Evelyn (PS03T) [4497] No I don't want Spain.
[4498] We don't like Spain!
Arthur (PS03S) [4499] Er, Those Were the Days somewhere, I can't pi pick it up now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4500] Usually four thirty Those Were the Days.
Arthur (PS03S) [4501] Oh yes!
[4502] Sky News.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4503] On Sky News.
Arthur (PS03S) [4504] Those Were the Days, four thirty.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4505] Oh we'll have that.
Arthur (PS03S) [4506] Oh!
[4507] Unless you wanna have a look at that, [reading newspaper] [reading] eleven thirty [] , that's now ... [reading] Holiday Destinations.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4508] It's gone now.
Arthur (PS03S) [4509] Plan your holiday for the new year [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4510] Well , put it on and I'll [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4511] It's on now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4512] Yes, well put it
Arthur (PS03S) [4513] Twelve thirty to er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4514] Well it's not, it's not twelve
Arthur (PS03S) [4515] er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4516] yet!
Arthur (PS03S) [4517] No.
[4518] Eleven thirty to twelve thirty.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4519] Well put it on then!
Arthur (PS03S) [4520] Well yo aren't you interested then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4521] Well I've got to go in the kitchen
Arthur (PS03S) [4522] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4523] and get this!
[4524] I shall be back in a minute.
Arthur (PS03S) [4525] You don't have to go in there and get
Evelyn (PS03T) [4526] By the time you've er
Arthur (PS03S) [4527] Anyway these
Evelyn (PS03T) [4528] What is it on?
Arthur (PS03S) [4529] these plugs have been left on again.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4530] Well I don't know!
[4531] You do it, everything!
[4532] Is it on Sky or is it
Arthur (PS03S) [4533] You er, you were the last up.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4534] on the card?
Arthur (PS03S) [4535] You were last up weren't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4536] No I wasn't!
[4537] Is it on Sky or is it
Arthur (PS03S) [4538] Sky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4539] on a card?
[4540] Is it on the card?
Arthur (PS03S) [4541] Sky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4542] But what number Sky?

20 (Tape 049306)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [4543] I think er ... I think er ... we've seen that before.
Arthur (PS03S) [4544] Yeah, I thi , yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4545] It's old er ... oh!
[4546] You didn't show it on that [...] did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4547] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4548] You know if you go out front
Arthur (PS03S) [4549] Show it up if people had done all of it with it, but now it doesn't look in with it yet.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4550] No.
[4551] Arthur.
Arthur (PS03S) [4552] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4553] Dead head the ... pansies.
Arthur (PS03S) [4554] Dead head them?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4555] Yes!
[4556] Well lo lo look!
[4557] A lot of the want dead
Arthur (PS03S) [4558] Ah!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4559] heading, and if
Arthur (PS03S) [4560] I'll do
Evelyn (PS03T) [4561] go out the front
Arthur (PS03S) [4562] I'll do that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4563] just take them off, else the ... it'll so , they'll stop flowering.
[4564] ... We only seem to have one in the erm ... basket.
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4565] Don't know whether the others have died, but they a there only seems to be one.
Arthur (PS03S) [4566] Trouble is, down at the dra , they're dry we haven't been watering them for
Evelyn (PS03T) [4567] I've been watering them!
Arthur (PS03S) [4568] Yeah?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4569] In fact, I'm just going to water
Arthur (PS03S) [4570] But
Evelyn (PS03T) [4571] it now!
Arthur (PS03S) [4572] cold weather they've froze the roots.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4573] Oh well there's one with lo two lovely flowers on but I can't see any on the, any of the other plants.
[4574] [cough] ... Is there anything on this afternoon?
Arthur (PS03S) [4575] Four thirty, er, Those Were the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4576] Ah!
[4577] That's on the radio.
[4578] Oh yes, but
Arthur (PS03S) [4579] Those Were the Days.
[4580] Sky.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4581] Mm.
[4582] Ah, I mean a film?
Arthur (PS03S) [4583] Nothing particular.
[4584] Just seeing what's on the ... oh that er ... Argentine thing.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4585] I told you!
[4586] I think one's Wednesday ... and Churchill Thursday.
[4587] Write it down.
[4588] You look, I think it's ... or Monday, something on Monday night.
[4589] There's something on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I looked at ... thought we might see.
Arthur (PS03S) [4590] Well, I thought that Argentine
Evelyn (PS03T) [4591] In the evening.
Arthur (PS03S) [4592] thing would come on.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4593] Yes it is.
[4594] I I told you when it was yesterday but you didn't remember!
[4595] You don't remember!
[4596] Now I don't!
[4597] ... At night, it's at night.

21 (Tape 049307)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [4598] No wonder they're expensive!
[4599] Take about ... over twelve months to ... you know, to sort of come to even leaf ... [...] leaves.
Arthur (PS03S) [4600] Yes, but we've had several frosty weeks ain't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4601] I know, but the ... on the kitchen window sill, I take them off at night.
[4602] Should be alright.
[4603] Well they are alright.
[4604] But, the old ones that Tom gave me originally ... they've not flowered now for about ... three months ... yet they're not dead.
Arthur (PS03S) [4605] I've been figuring out S, A and B,wha why ... you ha , you have to start, you know, then I realise it's ... but you gotta put it in the way it's ready to er ... record haven't
Evelyn (PS03T) [4606] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4607] you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4608] Is it opposite to the one we've got
Arthur (PS03S) [4609] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4610] there?
Arthur (PS03S) [4611] It's not, it's not on the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4612] Oh well that's what I said, it was no use, bothering
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4613] there's no use bothering to ... how ours worked ... you've got to sort of know how this one works.
Arthur (PS03S) [4614] Well it's nothing to do with the working really,ma , it's the fact that they ... with A facing you ... the spool is ready to run.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4615] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4616] And then, put it the other way i if there were nothing that side you'd have to put it on B because that's ready to run.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4617] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4618] It depends on which side you start you see.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4619] Well they say always start on A don't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [4620] Oh!
[4621] Well I mean it's nothing to do with the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4622] I mean you are now [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4623] mechanism of it, so
Evelyn (PS03T) [4624] No.
Arthur (PS03S) [4625] the fact whether, one side is full, the spool you're going to wind on is right for recording.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4626] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4627] Ah, and like
Evelyn (PS03T) [4628] Well we always do ours on A for a start don't we?
Arthur (PS03S) [4629] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4630] You do don't you?
[4631] I don't know, I never do ours.
[4632] ... Anyway, are you very hungry?
Arthur (PS03S) [4633] Mm.
[4634] Not hungry at all really, I
Evelyn (PS03T) [4635] Well you should be!
Arthur (PS03S) [4636] such a big breakfast.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4637] You didn't have a big breakfast today!
[4638] You only had a boiled egg and ... flakes.
Arthur (PS03S) [4639] Well, you know what my landlady said ... if you want something substantial I'll boil you and egg.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4640] [laughing] Oh well [] !
[4641] This was about forty years ago!
Arthur (PS03S) [4642] They we , they were doing three days a week ... in the town.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4643] Times were hard then.
Arthur (PS03S) [4644] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4645] And pe , people did take in lodgers didn't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [4646] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4647] To make ends meet.
[4648] Keeps everybody [...] together.
Arthur (PS03S) [4649] That's, that's that's what Kath thought.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4650] No!
Arthur (PS03S) [4651] We were having to make ends meet.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4652] What have you got to worry about?
Arthur (PS03S) [4653] Well I'm saying what Kath's
Evelyn (PS03T) [4654] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4655] worrying about, not what I'm worrying about!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4656] Kath's not worrying about us, she knows we've got plenty.
Arthur (PS03S) [4657] Well
Evelyn (PS03T) [4658] Or efficient.
Arthur (PS03S) [4659] Why did she say that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4660] It was a joke!
Arthur (PS03S) [4661] Oh.
[4662] She had the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4663] Like you joke!
[4664] You joke and yet, you can't take a joke!
Arthur (PS03S) [4665] Yes, but Kath's jokes have a sharp cutting edge
Evelyn (PS03T) [4666] No they haven't
Arthur (PS03S) [4667] to them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4668] No they haven't!
[4669] You
Arthur (PS03S) [4670] My jokes are soft and er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4671] [laughing] Ooh!
[4672] Ooh!
[4673] Ooh!
[4674] Ooh [] !
[4675] They're not!
[4676] Your prejudiced you are!
[4677] ... And I have, I think I made mine a bit strong!
[4678] ... I tell you, if I have a drink, when I have a drink, a short in the morning ... it goes to my head, it's ... not [...] .
Arthur (PS03S) [4679] There used to be a cafe, a cute; ... the er ... you used to go in and have a cup of tea and that ... and yo , he started selling jam, pots of jam with ... they had him in court, it was er ... it had fell off a lorry and he was selling it a bit cheap ... and er ... he were telling us about it.
[4680] I says, what th , he said, he said, well I've ... I told the judge everybody's got two jobs, he says ... he said to the judge, you've got two jobs.
[4681] Course he were right weren't he!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4682] Why?
[4683] How had he got two jobs?
Arthur (PS03S) [4684] Well they wanted to know why ... as he was just running a cafe, a cute; why he was selling jams.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4685] Oh I see.
Arthur (PS03S) [4686] Of course, where did he get the jam from?
[4687] It fell off the lorry [...] .
[4688] ... I thought they'd find them sixty odd [...] .
[4689] About er, redecorated Mrs house.
[4690] Put
Evelyn (PS03T) [4691] Mm mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4692] chair rail up and encruster.
[4693] It wouldn't stick.
[4694] Saturday afternoon, I ought to have been at home ... it was three o'clock and I should have been at er, in Leicester then.
[4695] There I was trying to get the encruster to stick.
[4696] A and then there were no trains.
[4697] I got home about nine at night.
[4698] Things I'll do for people!
[4699] ... Oh it was useless!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4700] You'll have to start doing a few jobs for me next week.
Arthur (PS03S) [4701] She did some good er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4702] She looked after
Arthur (PS03S) [4703] things.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4704] you well.
Arthur (PS03S) [4705] I were there about eight years ago. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4706] No.
[4707] How long will that cupboard door take?
[4708] I've got ... I've only got one door on that cupboard.
[4709] That sliding door.
Arthur (PS03S) [4710] Oh, the sliding door!
[4711] Oh that just wants fitting that's all.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4712] I know that!
[4713] One side's open to the
Arthur (PS03S) [4714] Atmosphere.
[4715] Well, gotta be easy one hand you get the pots in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4716] No, well I li I like the two on.
Arthur (PS03S) [4717] Yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4718] I like the two on to cover i things up, the ... jams one side and the pots the other.
[4719] ... I think when we go in town I'll get another ... lot of seville oranges ... make another lot.
[4720] Well I want some jars thou , though before I can.
[4721] So we've got to go to Maggie's or Kath's and get some.
Arthur (PS03S) [4722] Is Madge and Tom clear of fu , flu?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4723] Well Tom said they were nearly.
[4724] Lot better, but not quite.
Arthur (PS03S) [4725] Lo , mm.
[4726] Did they go to the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4727] Now Kath is
Arthur (PS03S) [4728] doctor?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4729] No.
[4730] Kath ... Kath did for Vince, she got some anti-biotics for Vince.
[4731] She had to send for him New Year's Day ... for Vince!
Arthur (PS03S) [4732] Mm.
[4733] What a big chap
Evelyn (PS03T) [4734] Cos
Arthur (PS03S) [4735] like him?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4736] Yeah!
[4737] Oh he's always at the doctors!
[4738] I re , Madge reckons he's ... he's about as ... hypochondriac [laughing] as Kath [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [4739] Oh!
[4740] [clears throat] Bigger [clears throat] the bigger
Evelyn (PS03T) [4741] Well Kath , Kath encourages him ... to be like that [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4742] The bigger they are , the harder they fall don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4743] Yeah.
[4744] Well no, he has got a bad throat an ... you know, he had a little lump in his throat, I think they thought it was cancer or something or ... a little growth, but you often get that in the throat.
Arthur (PS03S) [4745] Mhm.
[4746] Well my only deficiency in a temper.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4747] Well, you can say that again!
[4748] ... And patience!
[4749] Some things you can ... spend hours on, and then others you can't spend ... two seconds!
[4750] Like this!
Arthur (PS03S) [4751] It depends whether I'm interested [laughing] or not [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4752] Well, you were interested enough in that weren't you?
[4753] Originally.
[4754] And then you get fed up.
Arthur (PS03S) [4755] I reckon you're always peering over my shoulder!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4756] No I'm not!
[4757] You tell me to.
[4758] You do.
[4759] You say wait!
[4760] Check that I'm alright and then when I do or suggest you ... you get the hump.
[4761] You don't like me to know more than you.
[4762] Do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4763] Never studied the question really.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4764] [laughing] You have [] !
[4765] I'm going to baste the chicken anyway.
Arthur (PS03S) [4766] Do you want this stopping now?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4767] No you can leave it on.
Arthur (PS03S) [4768] Well you're going out!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4769] [whispering] I know, but then they [...] that's
Arthur (PS03S) [4770] Not gonna talk to myself!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4771] why they give you ten so that you know, you get intervals, between, because the girls have got to sort of tap all the words in []
Arthur (PS03S) [4772] Yeah, yeah well er thirty two minutes of ... hush hush
Evelyn (PS03T) [4773] Well , I'm coming back
Arthur (PS03S) [4774] Sing a song
Evelyn (PS03T) [4775] anyway.
Arthur (PS03S) [4776] Shall I sing a song?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4777] No!
[4778] You shouldn't do anything.
[4779] Do you want any, another drink or or
Arthur (PS03S) [4780] Ooh yes!
[4781] Keep them coming!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4782] No , I'm not.
Arthur (PS03S) [4783] Keep coming.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4784] Who bought what?
Arthur (PS03S) [4785] The glass house at the [...] ?
[4786] Did he buy it or did the agents?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4787] Well, where is the glass house?
[4788] Is that it, that one that I put
Arthur (PS03S) [4789] Up the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4790] last year!
Arthur (PS03S) [4791] Yeah.
[4792] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4793] That, that's over the fence, er, the back, it's in Summerleigh that is.
Arthur (PS03S) [4794] What do you mean summer?
[4795] What you on about?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4796] No , it it's not, it's not
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4797] their house,i ... you look
Arthur (PS03S) [4798] It's just shelters.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4799] Yes, but tho those glass houses are over the fence the other side in Summerleigh.
[4800] They're
Arthur (PS03S) [4801] But
Evelyn (PS03T) [4802] not on the, out of these
Arthur (PS03S) [4803] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4804] gardens.
Arthur (PS03S) [4805] That, you see that privet, that's not the end of his garden because it's foreshortened.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4806] Well we are
Arthur (PS03S) [4807] The only
Evelyn (PS03T) [4808] foreshortened
Arthur (PS03S) [4809] All that lot?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4810] further down, yes!
Arthur (PS03S) [4811] No, they're not!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4812] They are!
Arthur (PS03S) [4813] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4814] Cos, didn't we say our te , our gardens are long to ... er ... to have fields.
[4815] But when it comes to
Arthur (PS03S) [4816] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [4817] the others further down
Arthur (PS03S) [4818] So it's, this is our garden
Evelyn (PS03T) [4819] they're shortened.
Arthur (PS03S) [4820] that's shelters there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4821] Yes.
[4822] Well that's a glass
Arthur (PS03S) [4823] And then the
Evelyn (PS03T) [4824] house, if you look
Arthur (PS03S) [4825] Aye, he's got one.
[4826] I see what
Evelyn (PS03T) [4827] It's
Arthur (PS03S) [4828] you mean.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4829] it's that er
Arthur (PS03S) [4830] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4831] corner house on that road down there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4832] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4833] Let's have a look again, I've got my glasses on now.
[4834] ... Yes, it was taken about July that was, must have been.
[4835] Because I remember ... when Tom was on holiday ... tha that ground was all ... dry wasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4836] Mm.
[4837] Well it is now.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4838] Silly!
Arthur (PS03S) [4839] Er, the baskets not ready.
[4840] That er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4841] Yes it's go , that's the begonias in the basket.
Arthur (PS03S) [4842] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4843] And they're the begonias on the front patch.
Arthur (PS03S) [4844] Mm.
[4845] And there's the wheelie bin just inside that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4846] Mm.
[4847] It must have been, probably had them taken on a Monday then.
Arthur (PS03S) [4848] Mm mm.
[4849] I'll get it ready to ... go out at
Evelyn (PS03T) [4850] Either go out or go in.
Arthur (PS03S) [4851] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4852] And that ... that's his er, that's his garage
Arthur (PS03S) [4853] It's his garage.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4854] and that little bit is that his
Arthur (PS03S) [4855] Yeah.
[4856] And tha and that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [4857] extension?
Arthur (PS03S) [4858] When we were talking to the builders tha he were putting that in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4859] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4860] Er da , almost a about to.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4861] Yeah.
[4862] Yeah.
[4863] Two pipes, yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4864] He practically did that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4865] No, but that's their little extension isn't
Arthur (PS03S) [4866] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4867] it?
[4868] On there.
Arthur (PS03S) [4869] Mm.
[4870] To the, oh no that's the [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4871] Oh I se a lot, oh
Arthur (PS03S) [4872] In the front.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4873] the extension must be
Arthur (PS03S) [4874] Yeah, there.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4875] there and will become [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4876] Yeah, that's that bit
Evelyn (PS03T) [4877] Oh yes!
[4878] That's what I told you, yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [4879] Oh yeah, he used to climb on that, to get on the garage to er, shout
Evelyn (PS03T) [4880] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4881] down
Evelyn (PS03T) [4882] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4883] at your
Evelyn (PS03T) [4884] Yeah.
[4885] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4886] This one's more dry than that
Evelyn (PS03T) [4887] Well, the top one never was as good as the bottom one.
Arthur (PS03S) [4888] Well and that's all [...] but
Evelyn (PS03T) [4889] Well you never bother with that so much
Arthur (PS03S) [4890] and that and that
Evelyn (PS03T) [4891] do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [4892] Oh they've still got building that, look at the rumble, rubble.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4893] Yes, they haven't clipped down on the front.
Arthur (PS03S) [4894] I told you
Evelyn (PS03T) [4895] They just finished building that even
Arthur (PS03S) [4896] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4897] must have been, what, July when it was [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4898] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4899] And they're all the new slabs in the pavement, the men came and putting new slabs in.
Arthur (PS03S) [4900] Well they went on about our spots then won't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4901] Yeah!
[4902] Well ... it never was last year's, there was no
Arthur (PS03S) [4903] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4904] hosepipe ban ... at all, we keep saying that so ... I don't know what people are on about!
[4905] You know, ee, that's just a new
Arthur (PS03S) [4906] New, new thing like.
[4907] I like it very much those hou
Evelyn (PS03T) [4908] Yeah!
[4909] I think Jackie and Tom they'd ... they did.
Arthur (PS03S) [4910] I mean er ... if er, anybody ever takes this over when I'm gone and you sell it
Evelyn (PS03T) [4911] Yeah.
Arthur (PS03S) [4912] er, you co you could sell this with the house.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4913] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [4914] Of course.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4915] Oh yes!
Arthur (PS03S) [4916] At times we don't have it.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4917] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [4918] Or er, keep it yourself. [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [4919] You better do something about his hook, bend it round else
Arthur (PS03S) [4920] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4921] I'm sure it's going to come off one day.
Arthur (PS03S) [4922] Well er, I'll see to it one day.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4923] Ah!
[4924] I don't mean one day.
[4925] ... Oh I better go and see if there's any erm ... if my Christmas pudding wants er ... filling up.
[4926] ... We're on side B now aren't we?
Arthur (PS03S) [4927] Mm mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4928] So, it's the twelfth
Arthur (PS03S) [4929] That's side A int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4930] No!
[4931] We're on the second side of this.
Arthur (PS03S) [4932] Oh yes, we turned it round.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4933] And what time did we start recording?
[4934] About twelve noon wasn't it?
[4935] ... I better put er ... Well Kath and Frank won't be coming, I told you didn't I?
Arthur (PS03S) [4936] Yeah.
[4937] What, cos they got er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4938] Well, just getting over it.
[4939] Vince is, and Kath thinks she might be
Arthur (PS03S) [4940] Snuffley.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4941] starting it or, she's got a bad cough.
[4942] So ... we shan't be able to have ... anybody else in today ... to
Arthur (PS03S) [4943] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4944] be on the tape.
Arthur (PS03S) [4945] Pity about that isn't it?
[4946] Cos they could have come up and looked at that [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4947] Mm.
[4948] Oh well.
[4949] Do you want that filling up?
Arthur (PS03S) [4950] Mm.
[4951] Er
Evelyn (PS03T) [4952] Do you want it filling up?
Arthur (PS03S) [4953] Yes, you might
Evelyn (PS03T) [4954] The same?
Arthur (PS03S) [4955] as well.
[4956] Might as well.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4957] Do you want lemonade in it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4958] Ju exac
Evelyn (PS03T) [4959] Or tonic water?
Arthur (PS03S) [4960] exactly as before.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4961] Lemonade or tonic water?
Arthur (PS03S) [4962] Neither more , neither less.
[4963] No differentiation.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4964] Do you want tonic water or lemonade in it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4965] Tonic water.
[4966] It might do something for me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4967] But you've not had your cod liver oil today!
[4968] Now come and get it!
Arthur (PS03S) [4969] That'll do even more [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4970] Co , no come and have that cod liver oil.
Arthur (PS03S) [4971] Okay!
[4972] I'll do that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4973] [whispering] Leave it on.
[4974] Is it on [] ?
Arthur (PS03S) [4975] [whispering] Yeah [] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [4976] [whispering] Keep it on when we go out [...] []
Arthur (PS03S) [4977] It's wasting the battery.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4978] No it's not!

22 (Tape 049308)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [4979] Are we taking them books back?
Evelyn (PS03T) [4980] Only when you're ... ready or, they're not due back yet.
Arthur (PS03S) [4981] Only I can't get a chance to ... study in the meantime.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4982] Course you can!
[4983] Drink up! [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [4984] By the way, the cod liver oil's finished.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4985] Finished?
Arthur (PS03S) [4986] Just drank the last, er, there might be a ... shade
Evelyn (PS03T) [4987] Mm mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [4988] in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4989] I didn't think you'd had much of it.
Arthur (PS03S) [4990] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4991] That'll take the taste of it off, if you keep drinking that.
[4992] What book's that?
Arthur (PS03S) [4993] Machine and power tools, how to use them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4994] Is that the one you had out before?
Arthur (PS03S) [4995] Ah?
[4996] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [4997] Is it?
Arthur (PS03S) [4998] What?
[4999] No, I had it last week, this
Evelyn (PS03T) [5000] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [5001] Friday you
Evelyn (PS03T) [5002] I, I know
Arthur (PS03S) [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5003] you had that one but I thought I've seen ... wo , a similar one the other week.
Arthur (PS03S) [5004] They're all much alike.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5005] Oh it's not the same one?
Arthur (PS03S) [5006] I get that one [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [5007] Anyway, what ... what do you want with those now?
Arthur (PS03S) [5008] Leave it for the beneficiaries.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5009] At your age.
[5010] [...] ... Have you seen all the seagulls?
Arthur (PS03S) [5011] Yeah.
[5012] I've seen them before.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5013] Well they're all circling over the roof.
[5014] ... Ah, I don't know what they have to eat.
Arthur (PS03S) [5015] Well it's
Evelyn (PS03T) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5016] dove dirt I think.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5017] You look!
Arthur (PS03S) [5018] Well tha , the only thing I, when I walk across the green, the only thing I see is dove dirt.
[5019] It might be
Evelyn (PS03T) [5020] Mm!
Arthur (PS03S) [5021] perhaps it's Kitty Cat ... twice removed!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5022] You have a look at them!
[5023] Look at them!
Arthur (PS03S) [5024] Mm.
[5025] I can see them through the reflection.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5026] Dunno why they're circling round there.
Arthur (PS03S) [5027] If I see one drop ... th they they circle and if one drops they go down too.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5028] They'll be on our lawn next!
Arthur (PS03S) [5029] Lovely machines they got out now!
[5030] Look, that's a planer.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5031] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [5032] French [...] .
Evelyn (PS03T) [5033] Well they're not for amateurs are they? [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5034] No, but I mean they do it the easy way the
Evelyn (PS03T) [5035] Oh yeah!
Arthur (PS03S) [5036] professionals.
[5037] They don't do it the hard way.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5038] I like the tonic water ... as good as wi , ah, with the Martini!
[5039] ... What do you think?
[5040] Do you think it's better than lemonade?
Arthur (PS03S) [5041] Well it's nice!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5042] Tonic?
Arthur (PS03S) [5043] Very nice!
[5044] I like it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5045] I can't stand the sweet ... saccharin in the lemonade!
[5046] ... Somebody's thumping!
Arthur (PS03S) [5047] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5048] Can you hear them?
Arthur (PS03S) [5049] Breaking bits of concrete.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5050] Dunno.
[5051] Perhaps they're putting the ... the fence back in.
[5052] It blew down in the gale!
[5053] Sounds a bit like that.
Arthur (PS03S) [5054] You know that ... wheel on, last made with a band of emery on
Evelyn (PS03T) [5055] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [5056] around the things ... look, you see ... if you're doing a curve ... he's got electric drill with a round bobbin in [...] , but mine's on a shaft, the bit, for when [...] ... and also, there's my sander disc.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5057] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [5058] Supposed to push that up to it ... and yo , your dead square and clean.
[5059] Well when you saw it without that ... after you've sawn it you've gotta
Evelyn (PS03T) [5060] Gotta sa
Arthur (PS03S) [5061] square it off and file it and ... that does it in seconds!
[5062] So you just put it on your ... in that steel table I made
Evelyn (PS03T) [5063] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [5064] push it straight through it to ... till it's done.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5065] You'll have to try to do it.
Arthur (PS03S) [5066] And er
Evelyn (PS03T) [5067] Well, I think I'll go and put the potatoes on.
Arthur (PS03S) [5068] I suppose you should ... you sho , push it with a stick ... by the saw so you don't get your fingers in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5069] Mm.
[5070] Right!
[5071] I'll go and baste the chicken and put the potatoes on I think.

23 (Tape 049309)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [5072] I just switch this on.
[5073] ... Anyway, button's not down.
Arthur (PS03S) [5074] It is.
[5075] ... What made you think it wasn't?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5076] I thought I saw it
Arthur (PS03S) [5077] Well it's going round.
[5078] The
Evelyn (PS03T) [5079] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [5080] lights on.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5081] Well that's alright then.
[5082] Well mo , not much on the news was there?
Arthur (PS03S) [5083] Not really.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5084] Still all these
Arthur (PS03S) [5085] Election.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5086] poli ... electioneering.
[5087] Get fed up with it!
Arthur (PS03S) [5088] And all of them can only do ... just carry on, the money's not there, it's not there is it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5089] Custard's a bit hot.
Arthur (PS03S) [5090] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5091] What do you think to my pudding?
Arthur (PS03S) [5092] Very nice!
[5093] Up to scratch.
[5094] ... It's a refreshing change int it,plu plum puddings?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5095] Christmas puddings.
Arthur (PS03S) [5096] Well ... [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5097] No, plum , I know they used to call it plum pudding!
Arthur (PS03S) [5098] Had it have been yesterday it was plum puddings cos they
Evelyn (PS03T) [5099] I know!
Arthur (PS03S) [5100] put plums in.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5101] Well they don't ... now do they?
Arthur (PS03S) [5102] Oh.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5103] I gave one to Jackie and not heard whether she's had it or not.
Arthur (PS03S) [5104] No.
[5105] ... Well she wouldn't tell you if she had would she, really?
[5106] Unless you ask.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5107] Well, it's only polite to say whether ... if you
Arthur (PS03S) [5108] Oh yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5109] give anybody anything er, to
Arthur (PS03S) [5110] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5111] eat,i if they liked it or not isn't it?
[5112] Well probably not, with not, having the flu.
Arthur (PS03S) [5113] Well I'd tell you [...] .
[5114] Did she have the flu then?
[5115] Mm?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5116] Well, she wasn't well, I don't know whether it was flu or
Arthur (PS03S) [5117] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5118] Don't you remember she spent Boxing Day in bed!
Arthur (PS03S) [5119] Oh yeah!
[5120] Well Madge did didn't she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5121] And the children didn't come so
Arthur (PS03S) [5122] Madge did.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5123] She we , well she looked ill I thought.
Arthur (PS03S) [5124] Mm.
[5125] ... Well she works hard doesn't she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5126] Mm.
Arthur (PS03S) [5127] Dashing about.
[5128] ... Did Joan get any, er or is she sta [...] ... erm ... is she, is she sure to remain in a constant, neither better nor worse?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5129] Well, I think some days she's better than ... others, but ... on the whole she's not making much progress.
[5130] I don't think she will.
[5131] ... I mean
Arthur (PS03S) [5132] But
Evelyn (PS03T) [5133] it's always been
Arthur (PS03S) [5134] in other words Peter's sort of ... stuck with it isn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5135] Landed!
[5136] I mean, she's always been ... that way ... nervous and
Arthur (PS03S) [5137] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5138] right from ... when she was first married.
Arthur (PS03S) [5139] Well, I was always the nervous type.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5140] You're still neurotic in some things!
Arthur (PS03S) [5141] Being a nervous type.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5142] Ooh!
[5143] I wouldn't say nervous type.
[5144] Just a bit
Arthur (PS03S) [5145] What would you say?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5146] Neurotic ... over certain things.
Arthur (PS03S) [5147] Why wouldn't you say I was a nervous type?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5148] Well, not normally.
Arthur (PS03S) [5149] Er , what conclusion has it come from?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5150] Well, not in the same way Joan is.
[5151] ... But you get het up over ... silly things!
Arthur (PS03S) [5152] What do I do with the big things?
[5153] Deal with them as they come up?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5154] [laughing] I don't know [] !
Arthur (PS03S) [5155] Deal with it as it comes on.
[5156] ... How's Muriel then?
[5157] What's she
Evelyn (PS03T) [5158] Well, she's just coping, just dragging her arms int she?
Arthur (PS03S) [5159] Can't see what she sees in her cousins though can you?
[5160] All [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5161] Well they always did!
[5162] I mean, I can remember when she worked with me, every Christmas ... they changed ... one time they came to Leicester
Arthur (PS03S) [5163] Mhm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5164] and the next year they went to Loughborough ... with their cousins.
[5165] And so, I suppose, they're keeping it up now.
Arthur (PS03S) [5166] I wouldn't know my cousins fir christian names ... now!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5167] You know Edna!
Arthur (PS03S) [5168] Oh well that's yo
Evelyn (PS03T) [5169] Ed and Meg.
Arthur (PS03S) [5170] Ah but that's er, Vi's side isn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5171] Well, it's the same
Arthur (PS03S) [5172] Well I mean ... Lawrence
Evelyn (PS03T) [5173] [...] , yes well, it's cousin isn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [5174] Oh yeah!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5175] And I expect all the other's are dead!
[5176] ... Your mam was one of the youngest wasn't she?
Arthur (PS03S) [5177] Mm.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5178] Well then!
Arthur (PS03S) [5179] The eldest.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5180] Oh!
Arthur (PS03S) [5181] It's a rum do life int it?
[5182] You're born, you suffer, and you die!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5183] You suffer?
[5184] I don't, not notice you suffering much in life!
[5185] ... It's a piece of cake for you!
[5186] Somebody to wait on you!
[5187] Hand and foot.
[5188] And by the way, you've got your old trousers on did you know?
Arthur (PS03S) [5189] Oh!
[5190] Have I?
[5191] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5192] Yes you have!
[5193] ... Have you got rid of the cod liver oil taste yet?
Arthur (PS03S) [5194] Oh that goes immediately.
[5195] [...] with that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5196] Ooh!
[5197] Don't know how you could drink it!
Arthur (PS03S) [5198] It's yo , well if you hold your breath ... you ... you sort of don't ... I found out you don't ... get the fla ,yo fla , you can't taste it, you sort of clench yourself and you don't taste.
[5199] That's quite easy to perform.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5200] Shall I get you another bottle?
Arthur (PS03S) [5201] Might as well.
[5202] It might do something for me.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5203] Try the capsules.
Arthur (PS03S) [5204] No.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5205] I can't take many.
[5206] I'll have some in the [...] then stop.
Arthur (PS03S) [5207] Oh, I could take them.
[5208] We used to take handful at Powerjets but they said
Evelyn (PS03T) [5209] You used to repeat [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5210] it used to be known as it was a ... war do , war factory but ... you cut them open it were nearly all casing.
[5211] They were ... er little
Evelyn (PS03T) [5212] Well I suppose it was concentrated.
Arthur (PS03S) [5213] Yeah.
[5214] But ca ,pe , I drink it out the bottle and that's the best.
[5215] Pour it in a glass and look at it, or a spoon but ... pour it out the bottle, hold your breath and Bob's your uncle!
[5216] It's gone down!
[5217] ... People talk about they can't take it, that's poppycock!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5218] Well I couldn't.
[5219] Can't even take the capsules.
[5220] Th , they stick on me half way down.
[5221] ... Oh it's drying up.
[5222] I think it must be turning cold.
[5223] Do, you feel cold don't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5224] I did do in the front, er, yes.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5225] Yeah , but you got the radiator on and the gas fire!
[5226] Yo , well you've still the gas fire as well in here!
[5227] ... Hadn't you better ... sit in your chair for ten minutes before clear up the lunch.
Arthur (PS03S) [5228] Well it's still winter isn't it? [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5229] Got worse if anything.
[5230] February's always the worst month. [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5231] You reckon?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5232] Oh it is!
[5233] Everybody always says that.
[5234] Now sit in that chair
Arthur (PS03S) [5235] Finish?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5236] No.
[5237] Leave it for a minute or two.
Arthur (PS03S) [5238] I'm just taking them out into
Evelyn (PS03T) [5239] Leave
Arthur (PS03S) [5240] don't you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5241] No.
[5242] Leave the pots and ... everything.
[5243] Arthur I'm hot in here!
[5244] I'll wash these green mats.
[5245] These, the other green mats.
[5246] So, don't go looking for them because ... they're in the wash.
Arthur (PS03S) [5247] How do you feel after last night?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5248] What, the late night?
Arthur (PS03S) [5249] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5250] I'm alright.
Arthur (PS03S) [5251] I wonder what possessed you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5252] I've not had my bandage on today.
Arthur (PS03S) [5253] I say, I wonder what possessed you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5254] Oh!
[5255] I know!
Arthur (PS03S) [5256] That's a bug.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5257] It's
Arthur (PS03S) [5258] I never went though did you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5259] No.
[5260] No, I was dreaming, I told you earlier I
Arthur (PS03S) [5261] Oh!
[5262] Well it's what you want with your arm int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5263] Course not.
[5264] It's still
Arthur (PS03S) [5265] Rest and more rest.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5266] No!
[5267] I've got to use it they say.
Arthur (PS03S) [5268] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5269] Or try to use it, but it's still
Arthur (PS03S) [5270] You won't be able to
Evelyn (PS03T) [5271] I still can't
Arthur (PS03S) [5272] you won't be able to keep hurting it though, eh?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5273] No.
[5274] I still can't carry ... anything heavy in it.
[5275] ... But still
Arthur (PS03S) [5276] Will it be always like that then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5277] Oh no!
[5278] It should go back.
Arthur (PS03S) [5279] Does Marge ever say
Evelyn (PS03T) [5280] No, she said she gets arthritis in hers ... and I expect that's what it is with mine.
[5281] Cos I got a bit before when
Arthur (PS03S) [5282] More like it's the aftermath of the break.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5283] It probably has [...] it.
[5284] It's the only thing I can say ... and I think
Arthur (PS03S) [5285] Well it's the
Evelyn (PS03T) [5286] I think
Arthur (PS03S) [5287] the silliest
Evelyn (PS03T) [5288] my thumb
Arthur (PS03S) [5289] silliest thing to happen isn't it, really?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5290] Well it's happening every day!
[5291] ... I bet after on Friday
Arthur (PS03S) [5292] Well I re , I noticed you the other ... er, last time we went anywhere it ... you look one way and walk another!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5293] Well, you have to look what's on the stalls!
Arthur (PS03S) [5294] Yes, and therefore it happens [...] , you tread on something and ... Bob's your uncle!
[5295] ... You should always look where you're treading I was told!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5296] Mm.
[5297] I notice you do.
Arthur (PS03S) [5298] And that was mainly for dog dirt but now it's for ... other hazards int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5299] Did you put that clock right after ... you put
Arthur (PS03S) [5300] Which one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5301] In the hall.
[5302] You know, you pushed it on a couple of minutes to show somebody.
Arthur (PS03S) [5303] Oh!
[5304] Never bothered to do it, there's plenty of other clocks to look at.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5305] I know, but ... cos I, I think our bedroom and bathroom clocks are ... [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5306] Tell me what this one is compared to Madge's?
[5307] I could tell you.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5308] This is ... one thirty four.
Arthur (PS03S) [5309] This is one ... about wo , er one thirty three in the [...] .
[5310] That clock's right then.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5311] Oh what about that then!
[5312] Yeah.
[5313] ... You must have altered it.
Arthur (PS03S) [5314] I know most things obtrusively.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5315] Ooh!
Arthur (PS03S) [5316] Which you never give me credit for.
[5317] ... Have to do all the scenery
Evelyn (PS03T) [5318] Well done!
Arthur (PS03S) [5319] but I never pushed in and stood on the stage, look I've done all this!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5320] Well
Arthur (PS03S) [5321] Some would.
[5322] I've seen them do it!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5323] No wonder!
[5324] Stop!
Arthur (PS03S) [5325] Is it that one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5326] Oh!
[5327] No birds about at the moment but they've had a good feed of ... chicken, but
Arthur (PS03S) [5328] Yeah.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5329] they've left the bread.
Arthur (PS03S) [5330] Yeah.
[5331] Can't be that hungry then are they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5332] No.
[5333] Yes.
[5334] Just washed up.
[5335] You've had a nice little
Arthur (PS03S) [5336] Yeah!
[5337] I went [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5338] sleep.
[5339] You went right off!
[5340] Left me to do all the washing up!
Arthur (PS03S) [5341] Well ... you can have tomorrow off.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5342] Well it's wash day tomorrow.
Arthur (PS03S) [5343] Sky looks full again doesn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5344] Mm, no.
[5345] I think it's turned, going to turn foggy, freezing fog again.
[5346] You've burnt your ... I can smell burnt rubber.
[5347] Your slippers have been against the fire.
[5348] You've got that paper down there.
[5349] ... I can see it!
Arthur (PS03S) [5350] You always say that.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5351] You can, better pick it up.
[5352] ... No , you're not going to do any more, oh you can't do any more till you get some thicker board can you?
[5353] Oh well!
[5354] Put the right cloth on then.
Arthur (PS03S) [5355] What's the time, two?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5356] Half past.
[5357] No!
[5358] Quarter to three!
Arthur (PS03S) [5359] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5360] Well ... Turn round!
Arthur (PS03S) [5361] What?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5362] You can get through
Arthur (PS03S) [5363] Oh!
Evelyn (PS03T) [5364] I tell you those chairs are too low now ... now we're getting old.
[5365] Want some ... high back chairs.
[5366] I think I'm going to treat myself to one!
Arthur (PS03S) [5367] Oh it's ... going a bit misty int it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5368] Well that's what I say th ... fog's coming back.

24 (Tape 049401)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [5369] Ooh my eyes are getting really bad
Arthur (PS03S) [5370] Oh if it starts working its do
Evelyn (PS03T) [5371] well yes I know but my eyes are getting really bad, have another chocolate.
Arthur (PS03S) [5372] Do you want some more spectacles?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5373] No its not that, its just their deteriorating
Arthur (PS03S) [5374] no, you are those
Evelyn (PS03T) [5375] there all truffles, no there what Audrey
Arthur (PS03S) [5376] no, you have
Evelyn (PS03T) [5377] bought us, between us
Arthur (PS03S) [5378] no they go off
Evelyn (PS03T) [5379] no, there really beautiful chocolates
Arthur (PS03S) [5380] any way I want
Evelyn (PS03T) [5381] there Marks and Spencers they are ... yes I, it, it Cath and Frank intended to come
Arthur (PS03S) [5382] they wouldn't now
Evelyn (PS03T) [5383] I doubt if they would in this well I wouldn't want them to come in the fog
Arthur (PS03S) [5384] well no ... there
Evelyn (PS03T) [5385] because
Arthur (PS03S) [5386] will be no point would there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5387] did you hear er the news?
Arthur (PS03S) [5388] not all of it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5389] a lot of crashes on the M 6
Arthur (PS03S) [5390] well there always is in't there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5391] yes, but Sunday I mean
Arthur (PS03S) [5392] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5393] people don't have to go out Sunday normally
Arthur (PS03S) [5394] mm ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5395] don't, and the kids have been crossing at shop.
Arthur (PS03S) [5396] Trouble is its too fast too close in it? all the time
Evelyn (PS03T) [5397] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5398] I don't see how any one doing sixty can be three or four feet from another's bumper can you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5399] no ... oh yes I should think he's learnt his lesson putting it on the
Arthur (PS03S) [5400] I reckon somebody
Evelyn (PS03T) [5401] bashed the other one
Arthur (PS03S) [5402] well its been on the road
Evelyn (PS03T) [5403] yeah
Arthur (PS03S) [5404] its never done that before has he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5405] no , no
Arthur (PS03S) [5406] perhaps somebody didn't like, perhaps he told somebody to stay there as long as he likes
Evelyn (PS03T) [5407] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5408] they showed him he couldn't
Evelyn (PS03T) [5409] mm, oh don't let me eat any more of these because there too sickly ... wouldn't you like a Jamaican rum truffle?
Arthur (PS03S) [5410] I mean he had it brought from somewhere didn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5411] mm, yeah, wouldn't you like a Jamaican rum?, here have one of those that's Jamaican rum see if you can taste the rum
Arthur (PS03S) [5412] I suppose there he he didn't like to leave it the way, the way it was done
Evelyn (PS03T) [5413] no, well ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5414] Oh, we can see it from back room now can't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5415] Mm, if its a good record, yeah, how d'ya like that? could you taste the rum?
Arthur (PS03S) [5416] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5417] couldn't eat many of these though could ya?
Arthur (PS03S) [5418] oh no , but there's plenty of lights
Evelyn (PS03T) [5419] mm, I'm glad were not out in it aren't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5420] It looks as if their all coming back, their all coming from the shops where their usually their going. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5421] Cos I thought it'd been a nice day we could of nipped down to Sainsbury's
Arthur (PS03S) [5422] well say when you look at that picture its just a bit er unusual in't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5423] well aerial photo is er, bound to be different
Arthur (PS03S) [5424] he must of come low to took that mustn't he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5425] unless he had a big zoom lens
Arthur (PS03S) [5426] Tom seemed to think he come low last night
Evelyn (PS03T) [5427] did he?
Arthur (PS03S) [5428] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5429] oh I wouldn't know ... I mean these zoom lenses are pretty powerful aren't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [5430] well there is that ... wouldn't taken him went off to the ch
Evelyn (PS03T) [5431] it was taken about last July
Arthur (PS03S) [5432] the, the leaves would be off wouldn't they? ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5433] July, and I bet, bet my bottom dollar it was taken when Jackie and Tom were on holiday because of how their bit of front garden is all dried up ... and that building at the back was completed
Arthur (PS03S) [5434] about that time, mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5435] just before they stopped work the day before the July a fortnight holiday didn't they?
Arthur (PS03S) [5436] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5437] they'd got little bits to do, but there was
Arthur (PS03S) [5438] the front hasn't been, all their rubble still on the front
Evelyn (PS03T) [5439] still there , but they finished the main building
Arthur (PS03S) [5440] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5441] at the end of June so that's when that was taken, you ought to of asked him when you saw him today
Arthur (PS03S) [5442] can tell his white brick work, that were only done last year wasn't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5443] no been done two or three years
Arthur (PS03S) [5444] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5445] you ought to of asked him when he sold it to ain't ya?
Arthur (PS03S) [5446] eh, it were that lady come quick and he
Evelyn (PS03T) [5447] no
Arthur (PS03S) [5448] he went off quick
Evelyn (PS03T) [5449] no he went off quick, but I mean before you, while I was getting the money
Arthur (PS03S) [5450] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5451] you should of asked him if you
Arthur (PS03S) [5452] I was too busy looking at the picture and the frame
Evelyn (PS03T) [5453] yeah I know you were
Arthur (PS03S) [5454] I were weighing up the value of the frame
Evelyn (PS03T) [5455] [laugh] not the picture
Arthur (PS03S) [5456] I like the frame though very much
Evelyn (PS03T) [5457] oh I do its like the mountains
Arthur (PS03S) [5458] its [...] some moulding like that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5459] well you know
Arthur (PS03S) [5460] I bet the mouldings very dear
Evelyn (PS03T) [5461] well you know
Arthur (PS03S) [5462] cos you know that black stuff well, well that was four pounds wasn't it that length?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5463] about nine pounds a length for eight feet
Arthur (PS03S) [5464] yeah, summat like that weren't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5465] yes, well there's a new shop opened near the showers market, erm new thing ... brick a brac its called, we'll go in there ... its got, they keep advertising and they've got one in Mayfield Road
Arthur (PS03S) [5466] oh we'll have a look then sometime
Evelyn (PS03T) [5467] so when were out
Arthur (PS03S) [5468] so if you don't get it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5469] when you've painted some more pictures
Arthur (PS03S) [5470] I if you don't bring wood worm with it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5471] no, well the you, they've got mouldings as well as the frames
Arthur (PS03S) [5472] mm, mm ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5473] you've got to paint some more pictures though haven't you first?
Arthur (PS03S) [5474] we've got a, got a picture of those just, er, with er you know with the flowers on, so be, really wanna is to make them back to the original, see they had nowt frames and I cut it up but
Evelyn (PS03T) [5475] yeah, pity you didn't keep the frames
Arthur (PS03S) [5476] yeah, oh well I did for quite a while
Evelyn (PS03T) [5477] still I like I'd like them as they are I did
Arthur (PS03S) [5478] but there was in the coal, well they looked a bit heavy on the wall
Evelyn (PS03T) [5479] yes they did
Arthur (PS03S) [5480] you want a big room really don't
Evelyn (PS03T) [5481] well if you see any in the Antiques Roadshow you'll know what to do
Arthur (PS03S) [5482] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5483] see if they are valuable these days
Arthur (PS03S) [5484] well there just cast your look, but I think cos of the frame was a modern looking
Evelyn (PS03T) [5485] yeah, cos you changed it for a
Arthur (PS03S) [5486] yeah I don't think he looked at these last too much
Evelyn (PS03T) [5487] no, well if they come in handy
Arthur (PS03S) [5488] they, those people don't like it altered in any way do they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5489] mm, well if they come again I shan't let the say were not selling any more bits
Arthur (PS03S) [5490] no, I'm sure the landlord I'll
Evelyn (PS03T) [5491] well I don't know we've still got plenty
Arthur (PS03S) [5492] his entitled to the
Arthur (PS03S) [5493] in he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5494] well there not finished yet are they?
Arthur (PS03S) [5495] well that one is and the one in there
Evelyn (PS03T) [5496] that one's not its not got the flags on the top
Arthur (PS03S) [5497] well the one in there is
Evelyn (PS03T) [5498] well they, they specialize in
Arthur (PS03S) [5499] nick knacks
Evelyn (PS03T) [5500] no, in certain things either
Arthur (PS03S) [5501] well as far as that stoat didn't offer them any thing because they, a chap about forty he reached it
Arthur (PS03S) [5502] it was, it was all tough weather scale of six, on, you know, and I said what, how much is that up there?, and he said ten shillings, I said a little bit dear in't it?, cos ten shilling then was ten shilling
Evelyn (PS03T) [5503] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5504] and he says su its a good buy even for that says, it, you know, its a hundred years old, oh well he says it was continental, but er
Evelyn (PS03T) [5505] well it perhaps wasn't just what he was looking for
Arthur (PS03S) [5506] no ... well he knew what he were looking for, something worth when you think
Evelyn (PS03T) [5507] no its not
Arthur (PS03S) [5508] I bet they come across it as well
Arthur (PS03S) [5509] what about those painti , that painting before he had the market stall
Evelyn (PS03T) [5510] yeah
Arthur (PS03S) [5511] it were rolled up in a wood set er cardboard cylinder and it fetched half a million didn't it?
[5512] I think it was er
Evelyn (PS03T) [5513] I think it were a lot of money
Arthur (PS03S) [5514] some painting of some homes in er a desert at night, it had been missing for er nearly a century
Evelyn (PS03T) [5515] I er, the Antique Roadshows on tonight
Arthur (PS03S) [5516] how much was this? mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5517] so we'll have to see
Arthur (PS03S) [5518] best of it is he hadn't taken it out of the
Evelyn (PS03T) [5519] roll
Arthur (PS03S) [5520] roll , roll you know the box
Evelyn (PS03T) [5521] well he put it in, probably didn't put it, must of taken it out to of looked at it surely ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5522] it'd look like that might of been looking in the markets and that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5523] oh I know
Arthur (PS03S) [5524] for that thing
Evelyn (PS03T) [5525] well you've done quite well really haven't ya?
Arthur (PS03S) [5526] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5527] collect so many bits ... Val buyed it didn't she?
Arthur (PS03S) [5528] yeah, oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5529] that teapot and plate
Arthur (PS03S) [5530] she did well to of got them didn't she?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5531] and what else did she, that tobacco jar oh no
Arthur (PS03S) [5532] its a pity
Evelyn (PS03T) [5533] you bought that didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5534] pity, I wonder what if we'd of had those what they would of offered, but they went for sale
Evelyn (PS03T) [5535] I think
Arthur (PS03S) [5536] and they only fetched twenty five
Evelyn (PS03T) [5537] no they didn't, they fetched seventy
Arthur (PS03S) [5538] seventy was it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5539] remember you said that thirty five of that would of been ours any way
Arthur (PS03S) [5540] be, yeah yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5541] but I think a lot of those about they get astronomical
Arthur (PS03S) [5542] they, they also there a dangerously expendable on that corner of
Evelyn (PS03T) [5543] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5544] that shelf wouldn't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5545] mm, you'd of knocked them down
Arthur (PS03S) [5546] er you you'd of knocked them down wouldn't ya?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5547] you would have, or I would have ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5548] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5549] you going to make us a cup of tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [5550] I will if you so desire
Evelyn (PS03T) [5551] those chocolates have made me sick, take them out of this hot room
Arthur (PS03S) [5552] what the chocolates?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5553] mm, put them in the pantry
Arthur (PS03S) [5554] I thought you were going to put them inside here
Evelyn (PS03T) [5555] no I've had too many, I feel sick
Arthur (PS03S) [5556] I've eat er four some
Evelyn (PS03T) [5557] well there the sort that you only want about a couple at a time at the most
Arthur (PS03S) [5558] well one , one a day I should of thought.
[5559] How
Evelyn (PS03T) [5560] I don't want any thing in me tea
Arthur (PS03S) [5561] no
Evelyn (PS03T) [5562] I put all the things ready
Arthur (PS03S) [5563] what you say?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5564] I put all the things ready, but use the tea in the old, empty the old lot out before you fill it up, I put the packet there ready to open. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5565] Don't knock your tea over
Evelyn (PS03T) [5566] I shan't
Arthur (PS03S) [5567] have you done it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5568] yes
Arthur (PS03S) [5569] you know what's happened in to get in free er this was around there
Evelyn (PS03T) [5570] oh they were cos he got a guarantee slip with it
Arthur (PS03S) [5571] do you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5572] yes oh you bound [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5573] get in free now
Evelyn (PS03T) [5574] that's why it was a bit difficult at first to break down
Arthur (PS03S) [5575] are they gonna give it us then, when they've got it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5576] of course they don't silly, they made about twelve pounds or they were, I don't know what they are now
Arthur (PS03S) [5577] I seemed to remember, you know when my school was about
Evelyn (PS03T) [5578] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5579] I seemed to remember he had one and put it at the back of one of his chairs, and
Evelyn (PS03T) [5580] I don't remember
Arthur (PS03S) [5581] there's something on the radio and I were commenting on it and then he all of a sudden he played it back, oh, er, it was about then probably
Evelyn (PS03T) [5582] oh, oh I know that
Arthur (PS03S) [5583] probably not as good as
Evelyn (PS03T) [5584] no there not the same sort they were bigger a few years ago, I wonder he's getting on?
Arthur (PS03S) [5585] probably dead, most of the people we know are dead aren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5586] well you know Gillian the couple who lived next door who went to live at Burnley ?
Arthur (PS03S) [5587] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5588] she kept in touch with them for some time ... but er, I've not seen her for a year so, I wouldn't know.
[5589] I feel hot now, do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5590] No I'm just right
Evelyn (PS03T) [5591] shall I put this fire out?
Arthur (PS03S) [5592] yeah, alright
Evelyn (PS03T) [5593] I shall get too hot ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5594] we shall all end up in the same place ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5595] mind you, not that I'd lite, the fire, not the glow ... that's what you did one night put the
Arthur (PS03S) [5596] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5597] out
Arthur (PS03S) [5598] yeah if er
Evelyn (PS03T) [5599] and er left the fire on all night, oh
Arthur (PS03S) [5600] if, if there's any thing after life do you reckon Hitler's managed it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5601] no, doubt it.
[5602] ... Well if Bill had come today
Arthur (PS03S) [5603] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5604] if we'd of asked Bill I don't think he would of liked to of come
Arthur (PS03S) [5605] he would of come, yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5606] not in the frost
Arthur (PS03S) [5607] or George for that matter, it was
Evelyn (PS03T) [5608] I'll ring him up today
Arthur (PS03S) [5609] okay I, I get forecast
Evelyn (PS03T) [5610] well that's what I said to you, but we didn't want to er visit again this weekend did we?, with last weekend
Arthur (PS03S) [5611] no
Evelyn (PS03T) [5612] having Madge and Tom
Arthur (PS03S) [5613] well Tom's his own, he can come one day if he wishes
Evelyn (PS03T) [5614] yes, but I was gonna say er, he wouldn't of come any way in the fog
Arthur (PS03S) [5615] no ... he doesn't seem bothered about electrics does he? erm tapes and things
Evelyn (PS03T) [5616] he doesn't do the electrics
Arthur (PS03S) [5617] tapes and things
Evelyn (PS03T) [5618] well I don't know, he's got a, a record player
Arthur (PS03S) [5619] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5620] that it, well he, that his son Phil taped
Arthur (PS03S) [5621] tapes them for him
Evelyn (PS03T) [5622] tape them well tape them for Marg, I don't suppose he's done any since Marg died ... no
Arthur (PS03S) [5623] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5624] they bought it for Marg when she was ill ... and Phil taped you know a lot of his records and some of Marg he'd got and that was it I suppose that's what sort Bill plays now. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5625] why he didn't
Evelyn (PS03T) [5626] You can fill my tea up
Arthur (PS03S) [5627] he didn't, he didn't seem to me to be er a mus
Evelyn (PS03T) [5628] not too much sugar
Arthur (PS03S) [5629] a musical sort of chap, does he you?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5630] well I think he likes ... never give him a, a chance when he's here
Arthur (PS03S) [5631] why's that?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5632] too much gabbing
Arthur (PS03S) [5633] that so ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5634] never stops talking ... I want it filling up, not washing up
Arthur (PS03S) [5635] what you say?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5636] I want the cup filling up, I thought you were washing them up
Arthur (PS03S) [5637] no I was washing the
Evelyn (PS03T) [5638] no I want, I want another cup please

25 (Tape 049402)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [5639] I think I'd sooner see Angela Rippon, Those Were The Days, don't you?, on Sky
Arthur (PS03S) [5640] Mm what you like , your choice ...

26 (Tape 049403)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [5641] This is a nice cup of tea ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5642] About time I finished that saw in't there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5643] I thought it was finished
Arthur (PS03S) [5644] well perhaps
Arthur (PS03S) [5645] linked it up and used it ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5646] but its too cold to go in the garage now
Arthur (PS03S) [5647] it is really. ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5648] you know that back door key, I seemed to remember picking a key up thinking it was the ... garage key
Arthur (PS03S) [5649] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5650] when I went in for the steamer
Arthur (PS03S) [5651] you perhaps took it in there then, for [...]
Evelyn (PS03T) [5652] and then I found out it was the back door key
Arthur (PS03S) [5653] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5654] and, and the garage was unlocked so I didn't bother, I probably put it down when I got the steamer out of the cupboard
Arthur (PS03S) [5655] mm, I'll got and have a look in a minute
Evelyn (PS03T) [5656] well you needn't go in the cold, I've got a spare one in the drawer ... .
[5657] Was that one of the book's you got out on Friday?
Arthur (PS03S) [5658] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5659] cos some of them are getting
Arthur (PS03S) [5660] ah, well better take them back after a while then
Evelyn (PS03T) [5661] no, you needn't, needn't take those you got out last Friday, its the earlier one's of which will be due next week I'm sure ... cos they've put up the prices now, its about ten P every day you have them out.
Arthur (PS03S) [5662] The thing is there's millions of books and you don't see all that many people
Evelyn (PS03T) [5663] well, don't you remember I had to pay one pound fifty something last Christmas
Arthur (PS03S) [5664] still I suppose you've got to pay the assistant
Evelyn (PS03T) [5665] well it comes out of the Poll Tax, we pay enough of that ... oh yes there's a
Arthur (PS03S) [5666] a
Evelyn (PS03T) [5667] no er a hair lip, Mrs I think her name is no the lady Mrs
Arthur (PS03S) [5668] didn't know she'd got one
Evelyn (PS03T) [5669] well she did have one it, she's had an operation, but er, I, she manages to go to the post on a Sunday afternoon, she must write to her sister in Australia, which makes a little round trip, a bit of exercise ... that's what you ought to do more of
Arthur (PS03S) [5670] what?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5671] walking ... keep you fit ... its a bit you had a hair cut last week if you'd of left, if you hadn't of had it done you could of taken this thing down to
Evelyn (PS03T) [5672] with you and recorded that
Arthur (PS03S) [5673] oh no
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [5674] once he starts, its something
Evelyn (PS03T) [5675] [laughing] you'd soon get into some arguments down there wouldn't you? []
Arthur (PS03S) [5676] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5677] telling a tale
Arthur (PS03S) [5678] I generally enrol
Evelyn (PS03T) [5679] yeah, I know you do I know
Arthur (PS03S) [5680] our Mike said you can't beat it, I, he said Cathy's doing look he says Cathy's up there start
Evelyn (PS03T) [5681] walked away
Arthur (PS03S) [5682] she does nearly five
Evelyn (PS03T) [5683] where's the nail clippers?
Arthur (PS03S) [5684] should be there on the side with the vase
Evelyn (PS03T) [5685] no there not
Arthur (PS03S) [5686] and in them
Evelyn (PS03T) [5687] no here they are, I know I've seen them somewhere on the window sill
Arthur (PS03S) [5688] you shifted them
Evelyn (PS03T) [5689] I haven't shifted them, in't it a mucky day? ... considering all that frost and cold you've got a lot of families out in the front door there ain't we? ... have you got any tapes of ours not finished off?, or have we got to start a new one?
[5690] ... I thought there was a little bit on one that you hadn't finished
Arthur (PS03S) [5691] mm, might very well have a look
Evelyn (PS03T) [5692] start a new one though if, if
Arthur (PS03S) [5693] you mean out of these?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5694] no of ours
Arthur (PS03S) [5695] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5696] you were going to record Palmer Court weren't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5697] well you said don't do it unless
Evelyn (PS03T) [5698] you can do Palmer Court at four, till half past and half past four its erm
Arthur (PS03S) [5699] yeah, well in't it the same as the other one?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5700] I don't know, you'll have to see, I mean switch it off and
Arthur (PS03S) [5701] they might play a record you see, might'nt they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5702] well you'll have to see what it is
Arthur (PS03S) [5703] well I can't till I've tried out one we've got
Evelyn (PS03T) [5704] well I know what's on there, it won't be the same, its not, it won't be the same songs or items, will it?, they don't repeat their repertoire their, there not different items ... I mean if we did and it was ... a repeat you could always wipe it out, put something on top, couldn't you?
[5705] ... Have all the birds gone?
Arthur (PS03S) [5706] They went a little while ago, apart from that they never came on this end
Evelyn (PS03T) [5707] well yesterday the black bird was there and they ate till late, I think, I think they roost in that er holly bush
Arthur (PS03S) [5708] possible, I suppose it, the waters always there and they've got a wall at the back
Evelyn (PS03T) [5709] mm and that I, I think they do and the robin and the, that one starling and the thrush, I think they all roost there ... cos they seem to be about every time you throw stuff out [cough] ... I just remembered Tom's father worked at er, the electric company
Arthur (PS03S) [5710] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5711] in London B T H or G E C, I remember he told us that the last time ... you know because he wasn't called up in the war he was reserved.
[5712] ... Ooh can you see the fog now swirling about, look at it
Arthur (PS03S) [5713] ooh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5714] you look, its all swirling about ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5715] mm its getting thick in it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5716] mm ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5717] nice to see the front clear
Evelyn (PS03T) [5718] yeah it is, kept the kids in today ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5719] seem to hang around here like a magnet don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5720] well
Arthur (PS03S) [5721] you never see them across the other side
Evelyn (PS03T) [5722] yes you do, you don't always see them, what have you done with your glasses?, oh, I thought you might be sitting on them again ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5723] have you thought about a holidays?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5724] yes, I shouldn't mind going away ... in a few weeks, if, if
Arthur (PS03S) [5725] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5726] it looks like being a nice
Arthur (PS03S) [5727] would you like a change from Wales then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5728] I wouldn't mind going on a bus tour again
Arthur (PS03S) [5729] mm, what to France?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5730] no, well I wouldn't mind going there, but, I meant for a first holiday, a little holiday ... I mean you enjoyed that did last April didn't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5731] yeah, its nice in your own car though in it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5732] I know, but you don't have the hassle though in those buses do you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5733] only hassle if holiday, big holiday is when everybody's
Evelyn (PS03T) [5734] ooh I don't know
Arthur (PS03S) [5735] we got to Wales quick enough that Sunday didn't we?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5736] oh yeah, yeah ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5737] so ... see the thing is if you wanted to go, see, that Sunday half way we did didn't we?, don't you remember we had to cross the road?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5738] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5739] if you put that on a worse bit, but you could and that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5740] well you get, get lots, lots of stops don't you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5741] you won't like it very much if you
Evelyn (PS03T) [5742] yes they do you have lots of stops ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5743] yes, but none are appropriate
Evelyn (PS03T) [5744] yes they do ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5745] there are twenty aren't there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5746] no
Arthur (PS03S) [5747] some days they've been about four ah?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5748] well it was like till nearly five the other day
Arthur (PS03S) [5749] I expect had enough sitting around wanted to get back to the bit like mews
Evelyn (PS03T) [5750] like mews
Arthur (PS03S) [5751] well it can't be very pleasant sit up there
Evelyn (PS03T) [5752] no
Arthur (PS03S) [5753] all day, every day, can it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5754] no well get plenty of food any how.
[5755] Have you given them all those potatoes?
Arthur (PS03S) [5756] Well I crashed them up and its er, it ain't, I made sure those two slices, but they didn't touch them.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5757] I think they've gone off potatoes a bit
Arthur (PS03S) [5758] well you've
Arthur (PS03S) [5759] about any way, so
Evelyn (PS03T) [5760] any way I've only got enough for about two
Arthur (PS03S) [5761] its not only children's programme, the young chap said to the bird expert which is the best er potatoes or bread?, oh he says potatoes every time
Evelyn (PS03T) [5762] mm ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5763] see bread has salt in it doesn't it?, still potatoes do don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5764] expect they do, well you always add some potatoes, salt to the potatoes, but er, I've only got enough for about two days
Arthur (PS03S) [5765] oh ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5766] so, the weather had better improve, I'll just have to buy some more from the milk man
Arthur (PS03S) [5767] what bread?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5768] potatoes I'm talking about
Arthur (PS03S) [5769] oh I'll got across the Co-Op for me paper in the morning and get the potatoes from the shop no problem
Evelyn (PS03T) [5770] I know, but there not very good there, about three times as much
Arthur (PS03S) [5771] yeah, well why ain't they any good then?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5772] well those people have them in stock for a long time
Arthur (PS03S) [5773] they seem to sell them don't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5774] I don't know, most people buy them in bags today, those in, those across the
Arthur (PS03S) [5775] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5776] Co-Op the other week were horrible
Arthur (PS03S) [5777] how many have you got, another day?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5778] I've got about enough for about two days, might be three
Arthur (PS03S) [5779] that's alright then
Evelyn (PS03T) [5780] I should think the weather will change before then
Arthur (PS03S) [5781] mm, er, got a bit of revert back to the nice ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5782] I've not heard the forecast today have you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5783] that's
Evelyn (PS03T) [5784] no I doubt it, its
Arthur (PS03S) [5785] well I've had, had a little of
Evelyn (PS03T) [5786] oh I had to switch it off it was no good, it was all political wasn't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [5787] mm , give it time I mean its talk, talk, Churchill said jaw, jaw, but you can have too much jaw, jaw, can't ya?
[5788] ... Did you read that er a bit about him?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5789] the documentary that their going to put
Arthur (PS03S) [5790] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5791] which will, it'll be interesting you see, listen
Arthur (PS03S) [5792] says you won't like and then
Evelyn (PS03T) [5793] well he was a bit of a slave driver I mean every body
Arthur (PS03S) [5794] yes, yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5795] knew that ... he was a bit bombastic
Arthur (PS03S) [5796] mm and he didn't do so well in his college days did he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5797] ooh he wasn't very bright
Arthur (PS03S) [5798] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5799] or he didn't try, well he didn't have a very happy childhood did he?
Arthur (PS03S) [5800] no ... in those days
Evelyn (PS03T) [5801] well you didn't try when you were at school, you told me yourself
Arthur (PS03S) [5802] no, I didn't bother ... and next to me
Evelyn (PS03T) [5803] I mean a lot of it depends on, or perhaps his par well if his parents didn't really bother about him
Arthur (PS03S) [5804] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5805] he said his mother didn't and then I don't suppose
Arthur (PS03S) [5806] well my mother were out working and my dad was non existent
Evelyn (PS03T) [5807] and then I suppose er in those cases like yours ... children don't er, unless their sort of erm pushed a bit ... or the parents show an interest in them
Arthur (PS03S) [5808] oh you know the Meccano things?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5809] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5810] try to that there was a clip on it, but
Evelyn (PS03T) [5811] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5812] he bought me one for me Christmas, he came at,lo you know, loader with er, what's that in the bar, loader with erm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5813] I don't
Arthur (PS03S) [5814] when Jesus were born?, any way, this thing clicked on and er, it, I, showed me how to do it and I ain't got the strength, of course the war was on and there was er people were borrowing cups of sugar and er, probably, any way I couldn't clip it, he says oh he said to er mum, oh he says they clip on easily, but I couldn't
Evelyn (PS03T) [5815] well your finger isn't
Arthur (PS03S) [5816] the next then we moved from Archlin Lane to Founder Lane, where next Christmas I had Meccano that could screw with screws
Evelyn (PS03T) [5817] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5818] mm I told you about Bill wanting it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5819] yeah
Arthur (PS03S) [5820] and then after Christmas dinner I built this windmill and mother and I liked it and he said well its only screwed together, I nearly said well you wanted it any way, see, he wanted it and yet cos I got it, it were, any body could have it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5821] any body could do it you mean
Arthur (PS03S) [5822] well that's the same thing in't it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5823] what time is it?, is it time to put that radio on?
Arthur (PS03S) [5824] what that, three, four minutes ... oh you can put it on if you like
Evelyn (PS03T) [5825] well just try it and I'll tell you what, I don't know [...] him
Arthur (PS03S) [5826] er, rather throw suspicion that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5827] it won't be the same
Arthur (PS03S) [5828] its the same thing
Evelyn (PS03T) [5829] it won't be the same songs, radio two
Arthur (PS03S) [5830] what, what I could do I shall put these on and see what it at, starts and quickly put
Evelyn (PS03T) [5831] no, its, its, Palm Court, we want to see Those Were The Days at four thirty
Arthur (PS03S) [5832] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5833] just try this Palm Court see if its worth recording
Arthur (PS03S) [5834] well its
Evelyn (PS03T) [5835] its not on until about two minutes past
Arthur (PS03S) [5836] well I can get it ready now
Evelyn (PS03T) [5837] two minutes past, because they have two minutes of news I think
Arthur (PS03S) [5838] they we are

27 (Tape 049404)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [5839] Those Were The Days was quite good this week
Arthur (PS03S) [5840] Yes very good, is it working?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5841] Yes I think so, didn't you like it today?
Arthur (PS03S) [5842] yes
Evelyn (PS03T) [5843] didn't know about that fish, did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5844] well I've read, I seem to remember something about it
Evelyn (PS03T) [5845] I mean you've gotta remember all those years back all those things can you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5846] mind you for yea , when old Charles's said we crawled out the sea
Evelyn (PS03T) [5847] yes ... but it seemed a bit far fetched, if they said that
Arthur (PS03S) [5848] but any then look at it like this
Evelyn (PS03T) [5849] if that's been caught now why hasn't that ... changed
Arthur (PS03S) [5850] well it's the stoppage in evolution
Evelyn (PS03T) [5851] well in sixty nine or whatever
Arthur (PS03S) [5852] but, er, you look at it like this then, if we didn't crawl out of the sea and er evolve then did we just appear like a flash of lighting
Evelyn (PS03T) [5853] no, no I'm not saying that we did, we did evolve
Arthur (PS03S) [5854] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [5855] but
Arthur (PS03S) [5856] we must evolved somehow
Evelyn (PS03T) [5857] why hasn't that fish that they caught recently evolved?
Arthur (PS03S) [5858] yes, well I used to read a lot of story books, travel avidly and I think I forget all about the author and the story, but I remember one portion where they discovered a depression in the middle of a continent where it was in excess of and they'd grown quite a different specie
Evelyn (PS03T) [5859] of what men?
Arthur (PS03S) [5860] the human , human's, you know I know it's only a story
Evelyn (PS03T) [5861] I know several stages I know that
Arthur (PS03S) [5862] eh?, but er
Evelyn (PS03T) [5863] I mean there were several stages before they got to present day man, but
Arthur (PS03S) [5864] yes, but they do know,le let's go back a bit further, but they do know at the beginning of the world most of it is water
Evelyn (PS03T) [5865] yes
Arthur (PS03S) [5866] so it's quite feasible
Evelyn (PS03T) [5867] oh it is
Arthur (PS03S) [5868] if, if, if it was three quarters water er human's must of been in the water to start with
Evelyn (PS03T) [5869] well not human's, but
Arthur (PS03S) [5870] well whatever we comes
Evelyn (PS03T) [5871] antecedence of humans, mm ... I don't know
Arthur (PS03S) [5872] I mean we've still got a barren at the back, somebody kicks you at the back on that barren and er in the skeleton that's exactly like the barren in a monkey's tail
Evelyn (PS03T) [5873] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5874] so at one time the theory is we our, we did have a tail
Evelyn (PS03T) [5875] mm yes, but we didn't have a tail in the sea then did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5876] and then another thing you got
Evelyn (PS03T) [5877] fish don't have
Arthur (PS03S) [5878] fin finger nails, well surely millions of years ago they were claws
Evelyn (PS03T) [5879] possibly
Arthur (PS03S) [5880] then you've got your two prominent teeth, they could of been the tiger's two teeth ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5881] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5882] and then there's another theory with your feet, you know that bit of skin between your toes, they claim that was web at one time
Evelyn (PS03T) [5883] well isn't, you don't know much of
Arthur (PS03S) [5884] not know, of course there's a, wears away with lack of use, but when you're in the water you want web feet because there
Evelyn (PS03T) [5885] yeah
Arthur (PS03S) [5886] the water I'll go through your fingers
Evelyn (PS03T) [5887] mm, mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5888] this, this skin here
Evelyn (PS03T) [5889] yeah I know that
Arthur (PS03S) [5890] it's not pronounced in mine , but, some er they say that with where it's gone away, you know, there's all sorts of things that can prove it ... I mean the obvious thing is we came from somewhere didn't we?, we didn't just drop here with a flash of light ... and er they've studied plants and other animals and they evolved.
Evelyn (PS03T) [5891] Yes, but plants evolved with men's, man's
Arthur (PS03S) [5892] I hope that they, they had had on their own for
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5893] a million years, the plants did
Evelyn (PS03T) [5894] I don't know, probably several hundred million years ... mm, can't really understand them ... can you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5895] well, you'd go mad if you tried wouldn't ya?, like that man said the other week, er, you, human's invented god, well they did didn't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5896] mm, did you take that tape out in the other room?
Arthur (PS03S) [5897] yeah, to cut, cut a in that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5898] oh did you know
Arthur (PS03S) [5899] and the other thing
Evelyn (PS03T) [5900] do you know where it is because it in't in this
Arthur (PS03S) [5901] yes I left it there to call off
Evelyn (PS03T) [5902] oh I see
Arthur (PS03S) [5903] well if I've left it there to call off I'm not gonna put it in the case and shove it away
Evelyn (PS03T) [5904] well I know, well you want to label it so you know what's on it ... just reminding you, you say, oh you'll say you didn't remind me to write it down
Arthur (PS03S) [5905] yes cos you always right, you remind me at the wrong time and the wrong thing
Evelyn (PS03T) [5906] no I don't
Arthur (PS03S) [5907] yes you do ... oh I was gonna say something, you put me off now
Evelyn (PS03T) [5908] mm, I'm always putting you off, I put myself off ... you don't concentrate.
Arthur (PS03S) [5909] well you're alr the, point it's greater the things they find it, that er three quarter of the world were water once
Evelyn (PS03T) [5910] yes I know, you said that, you going to have the Antiques Roadshow at
Arthur (PS03S) [5911] and then there's another thing, yeah, if you like, another thing Evelyn, you know when they give these rock,foss fossils out of rocks
Evelyn (PS03T) [5912] yes
Arthur (PS03S) [5913] big sand stone rocks, they find things that fish today er had, had got other pediments that million years back, same thing, but not, not, not the same as they are today, you know, well they must of got hold of it to be different from a million years ago
Evelyn (PS03T) [5914] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5915] those shell fish things they're always on about in they get out the rocks
Evelyn (PS03T) [5916] five thirty Antiques Roadshow ... on B B C one, it's in Cleethorpes
Arthur (PS03S) [5917] ten minutes then
Evelyn (PS03T) [5918] huh, from Cleethorpes ... I shouldn't think they'd get much from there, oh they might get some ships might they?
Arthur (PS03S) [5919] yes don't
Evelyn (PS03T) [5920] they might get, erm
Arthur (PS03S) [5921] true, then there's another thing about religion I've often wondered, they say you go to heaven don't they? well, so well
Evelyn (PS03T) [5922] well, no
Arthur (PS03S) [5923] no, but some sort of place, well when, when you look at these pictures now, the satellites been going twelve months, still going through
Evelyn (PS03T) [5924] two or three years
Arthur (PS03S) [5925] well where's heaven then in all that lot?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5926] no
Arthur (PS03S) [5927] and how'd, how'd ya get there when you're dead?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5928] well you don't, that's just
Arthur (PS03S) [5929] well then, why do they carry it all on?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5930] well they don't really so much today, people
Arthur (PS03S) [5931] yes, but you talked, listened to a parson on telly, he's convinced what he's saying true, yet it's only what he's been told in it?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5932] mm ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5933] with all this killing of children and that and burning them alive with flame throwers, what, what if this higher, high of command, why don't he interfere
Evelyn (PS03T) [5934] there isn't ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5935] he did in my case
Evelyn (PS03T) [5936] [laughing] what'd ya mean?, huh []
Arthur (PS03S) [5937] well wait in the Cathedral and out
Evelyn (PS03T) [5938] [laughing] and prayed []
Arthur (PS03S) [5939] and prayed, when you left me
Evelyn (PS03T) [5940] don't be silly ... didn't really leave you ... you were just being stubborn weren't you?, still are. ...
Arthur (PS03S) [5941] Did Ken a member of church he didn't did he?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5942] Ken, no, no he always went, not church, chapel you know he did
Arthur (PS03S) [5943] oh did Tom leave?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5944] no me dad used to say he was an atheist when he was courting Madge
Arthur (PS03S) [5945] oh they don't, he don't believe in it now I don't think
Evelyn (PS03T) [5946] and yet, yet, the children went to chapel
Arthur (PS03S) [5947] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5948] come
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS03S) [5949] but I mean I went to a church school
Evelyn (PS03T) [5950] well probably Madge, Madge sort of
Arthur (PS03S) [5951] well obviously they were going to teach me religion weren't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5952] in a church school, yes.
Arthur (PS03S) [5953] but you know the breaking up day for the summer holidays and Christmas
Evelyn (PS03T) [5954] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [5955] the vicar used to come and sit at the back and, you know, they used to do a little turn, you know play in the bands
Evelyn (PS03T) [5956] mm end of term
Arthur (PS03S) [5957] wanted that old , is it, the rag and bone people, you know, rubbish, and er I suppose somebody taught him and er he, he played in that and er you know did the little towns and the vic the vicar used to come and sit at the back, a seat under against, under the window and watch, perhaps he thought he'd er get some little co
Evelyn (PS03T) [5958] well I expect if it was a church school they had to put in appearance odd times .
Arthur (PS03S) [5959] er, yes . ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5960] No Madge, Madge must of sent the children to chapel
Arthur (PS03S) [5961] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5962] I don't think Tom probably approved, but she ... well actually when they used to come to us on Sunday I used to take them to er, to Belver Fall ... me and David, Thelma's husband and he's er, his father was a superintendent ... so, do you want any tea?
Arthur (PS03S) [5963] er, only ice cream if there's any
Evelyn (PS03T) [5964] yes, you didn't have any yesterday did ya?
Arthur (PS03S) [5965] not bothered about it really
Evelyn (PS03T) [5966] yes, there's plenty of ice cream, do you want it now?
Arthur (PS03S) [5967] no any time
Evelyn (PS03T) [5968] later ... do you want any cake?, sandwich?
Arthur (PS03S) [5969] no it's just
Evelyn (PS03T) [5970] I've got some ham
Arthur (PS03S) [5971] after Christ after Christmas pudding and chicken thank you
Evelyn (PS03T) [5972] I know, but years ago you always used to have a big tea and supper
Arthur (PS03S) [5973] yes, so now were all digging and sawing and ...
Evelyn (PS03T) [5974] I mean ... I, I know you're not doing any thing very active, well nobody is this time of year, but still, I've got some nice ham
Arthur (PS03S) [5975] no, still full up from the last
Evelyn (PS03T) [5976] still full up
Arthur (PS03S) [5977] almost if I'd ate it you know, about half an hour ago
Evelyn (PS03T) [5978] yeah, perhaps about seven, mm, or no?
Arthur (PS03S) [5979] this ... had a cup of coffee you know and
Evelyn (PS03T) [5980] cocoa I've always liked it
Arthur (PS03S) [5981] yeah, yes I mean cocoa or summat like that
Evelyn (PS03T) [5982] before the war
Evelyn (PS03T) [5983] during the war, didn't you have any supper?
Arthur (PS03S) [5984] not really, no
Evelyn (PS03T) [5985] oh you always used to have
Arthur (PS03S) [5986] yeah, they gave you high, what they called a high tea
Evelyn (PS03T) [5987] oh
Arthur (PS03S) [5988] their high tea, weren't bothered about high tea, but still, er then, they'd have, they might have a supper because she ain't been a work, their elderly, they perhaps have a good tea,the they, they went to bed at nine and they said if I was reading something, they said, you know turn the gas out when you come up and, there you are ... well you can see, if one landlady gave me egg for me lunch that I hadn't had, they not, they weren't gonna feed you up at supper time were they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [5989] no ... oh you didn't stay there long did you?
Arthur (PS03S) [5990] no, about three month's, just decided to run then the cafe on the corner to cof coffee cavern, well you, you can drop in have a, like you used to have in
Evelyn (PS03T) [5991] yes, like wings
Arthur (PS03S) [5992] and it about five minutes, five or ten minutes before we left off, actually been doing a great, getting a machine in Jack , we dropped in there for a cup of tea and er I goes in
Evelyn (PS03T) [5993] two pints, two pints of beer before lunch [laugh] ... mind you times were hard, that's why I didn't bother having any thing, I always went home weekends and got stocked up and ... every thing, every other one we got boarders in
Arthur (PS03S) [5994] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5995] and it were a little, like
Arthur (PS03S) [5996] mm
Evelyn (PS03T) [5997] do you remember it like
Arthur (PS03S) [5998] yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [5999] London weren't it?
Arthur (PS03S) [6000] yeah, well not quite like London, but it was
Evelyn (PS03T) [6001] only
Arthur (PS03S) [6002] not a little market country town, village more or less.

28 (Tape 049405)

Unknown speaker (KBBPSUNK) [6003] Cos I washed them, took the things out
Arthur (PS03S) [6004] Took them all out?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6005] yes, do you want any more wine?
Arthur (PS03S) [6006] no I'm alright
Evelyn (PS03T) [6007] biscuit and cheese?
Arthur (PS03S) [6008] no, nothing
Evelyn (PS03T) [6009] you said you wanted some later
Arthur (PS03S) [6010] no I didn't , the ice cream, did have a cake
Evelyn (PS03T) [6011] d'ya want a coffee?
Arthur (PS03S) [6012] I had a cake didn't I?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6013] I've got a coffee made
Arthur (PS03S) [6014] are you having coffee?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6015] mm
Arthur (PS03S) [6016] okay then
Evelyn (PS03T) [cough]
Arthur (PS03S) [yawn]
Evelyn (PS03T) [laugh]
Arthur (PS03S) [6017] doing, or did doing, they did for some purpose didn't they?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6018] is that hurting again?
Arthur (PS03S) [6019] what we
Evelyn (PS03T) [6020] mm ...
Arthur (PS03S) [6021] the red lights on, should it be?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6022] yes, while the switches are down
Arthur (PS03S) [6023] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [6024] that ... is always on the telly ... that's er, that's a good programme that
Arthur (PS03S) [6025] oh yeah
Evelyn (PS03T) [6026] You've Been Framed isn't it?, it gives you a bit of a laugh ...
Arthur (PS03S) [6027] wonder what the weather's going to be like
Evelyn (PS03T) [6028] er, lets have a look
Arthur (PS03S) [6029] did you get the eight o'clock news?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6030] no, oh you can on sky
Arthur (PS03S) [6031] see if that cars gone
Evelyn (PS03T) [6032] no, no there's
Arthur (PS03S) [6033] is there another one there?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6034] there's er one outside our place, one on the drive and one on the front
Arthur (PS03S) [6035] what on, on our gates?
Evelyn (PS03T) [6036] no, not on, they're not blocking our way
Arthur (PS03S) [6037] oh
Evelyn (PS03T) [6038] there's two,
Arthur (PS03S)