24 conversations recorded by `Barry' (PS03W) between 1 and 6 February 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 9021 s-units, 58087 words, and 5 hours 12 minutes 10 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 66

PS03W Ag3 m (Barry, age 41, entertainments consultant, Central Northern England, )
PS03X Ag3 f (Terri, age 35, bar staff, Home Counties, ) employee
PS03Y Ag2 m (Hugh, age 30, bar staff, Irish, ) employee
PS040 Ag3 m (Alan, age 38, security, Lancashire, ) employee
PS041 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS042 Ag2 m (Mark, age 30, dj, London, ) employee
PS043 Ag2 m (Ken, age 30, security, Lancashire, ) employee
PS044 Ag3 f (No name, age 35, housewife, Lancashire, ) employee's wife
PS045 Ag0 m (Sergio, age 9, student (state primary), Lancashire, ) son
KBDPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBDPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

24 recordings

  1. Tape 063901 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  2. Tape 063902 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( in car ) Activity: going to get change for till
  3. Tape 063903 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( in car ) Activity: going to get change for till
  4. Tape 063904 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  5. Tape 063905 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  6. Tape 063906 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  7. Tape 063907 recorded on 1992-02-01. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  8. Tape 064001 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  9. Tape 064002 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  10. Tape 064003 recorded on 1992-02-03. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 064101 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe () Activity: business meeting
  12. Tape 064102 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationLancashire: Morecambe () Activity: business meeting
  13. Tape 064201 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  14. Tape 064202 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  15. Tape 064203 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  16. Tape 064204 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( in car ) Activity: going to work
  17. Tape 064205 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  18. Tape 064206 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  19. Tape 064207 recorded on 1992-02-05. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  20. Tape 064301 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  21. Tape 064302 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  22. Tape 064303 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  23. Tape 064304 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work
  24. Tape 064305 recorded on 1992-02-06. LocationLancashire: Morecambe ( nightclub ) Activity: at work

1 (Tape 063901)

Barry (PS03W) [1] Is the heating on?
Terri (PS03X) [2] Mm.
[3] Yep.
[4] I thought Jean was on tonight?
Barry (PS03W) [5] No.
[6] Jean?
Terri (PS03X) [7] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [8] Nope.
Terri (PS03X) [9] Erm ... I've glad you've come cos this is as far as I can get.
Barry (PS03W) [10] Well
Terri (PS03X) [11] It's you that's got my other cane.
Barry (PS03W) [12] Er ... did you say heating was on?
Terri (PS03X) [13] Yeah.
[14] I put it on.
Barry (PS03W) [15] Right.
Terri (PS03X) [16] Erm ... the next time I take a delivery
Barry (PS03W) [17] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [18] if there's no fucking cellar key it's stopping outside on the promenade!
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [19] I am not lugging it up them flipping stairs again!
Barry (PS03W) [20] Well who had the cellar ... oh, you had it, cos he was cleaning the light out.
[21] Yeah, alright.
Hugh (PS03Y) [22] What about that?
Terri (PS03X) [23] Frightening.
[24] [laugh] ... He's lying.
Barry (PS03W) [25] Why are all the lights out?
Terri (PS03X) [26] Because they haven't put the bulbs back in.
Barry (PS03W) [27] Brilliant!
Terri (PS03X) [28] And you got a shock off them last time so I'm not doing it.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [29] Why didn't you just leave it in the erm ... inside the front player?
Terri (PS03X) [30] What on ... Friday?
Barry (PS03W) [31] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [32] And, and
Barry (PS03W) [33] Oh!
[34] Course.
Terri (PS03X) [35] stock, fill, opening
Barry (PS03W) [36] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [37] time at eight?
Barry (PS03W) [38] Oh!
[39] They were still here weren't ... well when did you return them?
[40] He was meant to be here at er ... one o'clock, half past one.
Terri (PS03X) [41] He turned up at Michael's door at half four.
Barry (PS03W) [42] Well I've actually got a spare cellar key.
[43] I mean, you know, I mean now it's irrelevant but ... cos Jean's, well ... Jean's got one.
Terri (PS03X) [44] Jean's got one.
[45] Geoff er ... had a problem with transport so I rang A B A Disco shouting and screaming at Alistaire about ... if I sit here any longer you're gonna have to chip me off, I'm frozen!
[46] And I hadn't got any change.
[47] I've ten quid's worth of fifty pieces that's all I could get.
Barry (PS03W) [48] Well haven't we got any from last night?
Terri (PS03X) [49] Very little.
[50] I took eighty five pounds to get change.
Barry (PS03W) [51] Well ... yeah, two pound fifty is very little.
Terri (PS03X) [52] Yeah.
[53] Four pound fifty.
[54] And I've got a tenner's worth in all ... in all sort.
[55] ... And I've been going to the shop and ... changing a note every time for the change.
Barry (PS03W) [56] [sigh] ... Oh, oh, oh!
[57] Come on.
[58] And wait till Hughey gets here, I suppose [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [59] What about ... er, ringing Anne at the Royal?
[60] And I'll go and, I'll nip down and get it.
Barry (PS03W) [61] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [62] Ken's not coming in till half ten.
[63] I said it was alright.
[64] He's ... got a family works ... party thing he's got to show his
Barry (PS03W) [65] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [66] face at.
Barry (PS03W) [67] Right.
Terri (PS03X) [68] So I said well please make sure you're in before you're to go up on the bus.
[69] And he said
Barry (PS03W) [70] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [71] he would.
[72] Cos he, he's, he's only stood about for first hour anyway.
Barry (PS03W) [73] That's true.
[74] What ab erm ... what is ... what's Anne's number at the Royal do you know it offhand?
[75] No
Terri (PS03X) [76] No.
Barry (PS03W) [77] it's not in the book I don't think.
Terri (PS03X) [78] Isn't it?
[79] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [80] Oh!
[81] Sh Jean'll know.
[82] Jean will be in won't she?
[83] She said they [music]
Terri (PS03X) [84] Conference, she was telling me.
Barry (PS03W) [85] No.
[86] Yeah I know, she's at the erm ... tt ... no, Anne's at the blo ... Sportsman's dinner as well.
[87] It's half past
Terri (PS03X) [88] Well won't there be ... Charlie or Bob will be in?
[89] Surely?
Barry (PS03W) [90] I think Rob's gone with her.
[91] ... And ... Charlie's in but I don't get on with him.
[92] I wonder who's gonna wander in.
Terri (PS03X) [93] Roy .
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [94] Carlisle, Kirby Lonsdale ... Morecambe Main Road ... three five seven?
Barry (PS03W) [95] No.
[96] I co we'll have to read it
Terri (PS03X) [97] No.
[98] But, two five
Barry (PS03W) [99] down won't we?
Terri (PS03X) [100] seven the Main Road does sound
Barry (PS03W) [101] Ah!
[102] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [103] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [104] What's his name?
Terri (PS03X) [105] Charlie.
[106] Charlie's barman, he comes in here.
Barry (PS03W) [107] Is he the guy with the ... the tache?
[108] Is he Rob's brother?
Terri (PS03X) [109] I don't know if he's his brother or not.
[110] Yeah, he's the younger
Barry (PS03W) [111] But it's hi
Terri (PS03X) [112] of the two.
Barry (PS03W) [113] he's the landlo er I mean he's the licensee ... with Rob?
Terri (PS03X) [114] No.
[115] Rob's
Barry (PS03W) [116] There's two of them ma no there's two of them
Terri (PS03X) [117] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [118] Rob and somebody
Terri (PS03X) [119] With Charlie.
Barry (PS03W) [120] the other guy.
Terri (PS03X) [121] Charlie.
Barry (PS03W) [122] It's Cha Charlie is it?
[123] [music] ... How could Carnarvon not have any change?
Terri (PS03X) [124] Because they hadn't, I'd, they usually say ring after one ... so I rang at half past one and they'd emptied all the machines and everything.
[125] Your drink's there.
[126] A ... so we ... you, you and the Securicor ... you made that dance last night.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [127] Why?
Terri (PS03X) [128] Because it's so fucking cold down there!
[129] And then when, when it's cold down there I
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [130] Gotta make cups of tea coming down ... every half hour.
Terri (PS03X) [131] Is that enough?
[132] Is that in your tee?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [133] I can run home and get some.
Terri (PS03X) [134] No you can't cos Ken, Ken's not coming in till half ten.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [135] Eh?
[136] ... What's he on, part time?
Terri (PS03X) [137] Yeah, it was ... five o'clock this morning when we got out of here.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [138] Was it?
Terri (PS03X) [139] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [140] What for now?
[141] Finally decided
Terri (PS03X) [142] He
Barry (PS03W) [143] now.
Terri (PS03X) [144] he brought the be ... the bloody ants back last night didn't they?
Barry (PS03W) [145] Oh it's ... erm
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [146] Yeah, but ... it was only about half three the week before.
Terri (PS03X) [147] Yeah, that was the little ant.
[148] We had the big ants back with ... just [...] all talk.
[149] And there's seventy five
Barry (PS03W) [150] What do we, what do we like to stock.
Terri (PS03X) [151] We need Pils.
Barry (PS03W) [152] She never said that today.
Terri (PS03X) [153] There were what we got delivered yesterday ... was all we had, apart from a few bottles
Barry (PS03W) [154] Yeah I know that.
Terri (PS03X) [155] and it was a ... four barrels of Carlsberg.
Barry (PS03W) [156] No, no, no.
[157] No, no, no, no!
[158] I, cos I brought three crates of Pa Pils the day before.
[159] Thur Thursday.
Terri (PS03X) [160] Were they in the cellar?
Barry (PS03W) [161] No they were ... oh no we brought them up and put on the shelf.
Terri (PS03X) [162] Oh well everything's up.
Barry (PS03W) [163] Is everything up out the cellar?
Terri (PS03X) [164] Oh, is that is that
Hugh (PS03Y) [165] Barry.
Terri (PS03X) [166] Hugh?
[167] What have
Barry (PS03W) [168] Hughey.
Terri (PS03X) [169] you got in the cellar?
Barry (PS03W) [170] Hughey.
[171] Have we got anything in the cellar?
Hugh (PS03Y) [172] Some, you told us that.
Barry (PS03W) [173] Well anyway, check.
[174] Erm ... well
Hugh (PS03Y) [175] Well ... ah!
Barry (PS03W) [176] What?
Hugh (PS03Y) [177] Could you change that?
Barry (PS03W) [178] What is it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [179] It's a giro.
Barry (PS03W) [180] Well yeah, I can at some stage.
Hugh (PS03Y) [181] Well, er no but it's that little lad that hangs around at Chrissie's.
Terri (PS03X) [182] Chris is looking for you.
Hugh (PS03Y) [183] Yeah, he's just in there.
Terri (PS03X) [184] Oh.
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [185] What is it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [186] It's a Giro for seventy nine pound.
Barry (PS03W) [187] Well I can't at the moment can I?
Hugh (PS03Y) [188] No, obviously.
[189] So
Barry (PS03W) [190] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [191] Well put another five cases of Pils.
Hugh (PS03Y) [192] Well do you want me to go in the cellar see what we've got?
Barry (PS03W) [193] Yeah, well ... well hang on a, hang on a sec
Hugh (PS03Y) [194] Well you might do, cos I'm not sure [...] on there.
Barry (PS03W) [195] Hang on a sec Hughey, before you do that, do you think we'll be able to get any change from th ... from erm [music]
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [196] What?
Hugh (PS03Y) [197] Yeah.
[198] Do you want me to go and see?
Barry (PS03W) [199] Yeah.
[200] I mean
Hugh (PS03Y) [201] I'll get some while I'm out [...] , give me some money.
[202] Well, it
Barry (PS03W) [203] Well, no
Hugh (PS03Y) [204] might be enough to cover it.
Barry (PS03W) [205] Terri told
Terri (PS03X) [206] Well what's that?
Hugh (PS03Y) [207] That's for the whisky.
Barry (PS03W) [208] Terri to
Terri (PS03X) [209] Oh that's Jean's office money.
Barry (PS03W) [210] Terri took some ... money but she couldn't get any ... change so
Terri (PS03X) [211] I couldn't get any.
Barry (PS03W) [212] just stick that in the till ... Terri, can you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [213] You gonna come down?
Terri (PS03X) [214] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [215] Yeah, I'll come, I'll come down with you.
[216] Erm ... what are you, what have you got here?
Hugh (PS03Y) [217] I dunno.
Terri (PS03X) [218] Er, seventy five.
[219] Eighty five
Barry (PS03W) [220] Well basically
Terri (PS03X) [221] altogether.
Barry (PS03W) [222] basically we need the pounds and
Terri (PS03X) [223] Everything.
Barry (PS03W) [224] fifties and
Terri (PS03X) [225] Everything.
Hugh (PS03Y) [226] Twenties, and tens
Terri (PS03X) [227] Everything.
Hugh (PS03Y) [228] and fives?
Terri (PS03X) [229] We've got plenty of copper.
[230] Don't get any copper.
Hugh (PS03Y) [231] We were absolutely fucked!
[232] We hadn't even ... we [...] for fifty fucking P!
Terri (PS03X) [233] What did I say to you?
[234] Forty P in copper.
Hugh (PS03Y) [235] That's all we could do.
Terri (PS03X) [236] Eh up!
[237] I've got Jean's office key now.
[238] Oh, and Jean's front door key.
Hugh (PS03Y) [239] I bet Jean's office, I bet Jean's office key is fucking Jean's [...]
Barry (PS03W) [240] Are you [...] ?
Terri (PS03X) [241] It's my [...] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [242] I erm
Barry (PS03W) [243] Forty, sixty, seventy
Terri (PS03X) [244] It's the office and the front door that are Jean's then.
Barry (PS03W) [245] seventy five.
Hugh (PS03Y) [246] I'll get somebody out here as well if you hurry up and give me that.
Barry (PS03W) [247] Seventy five's not enough is it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [248] Well, that's what they gave me.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [249] We'll get the ... we'll get some on the front door as soon people are [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [250] Well I need thirty for the front door don't I?
Hugh (PS03Y) [251] Shit!
[252] Of course, yeah.
[253] ... Right well yo well you might as well bring it down I'll see if I can somebody
Barry (PS03W) [254] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [255] in, so
Barry (PS03W) [256] Alright.
Terri (PS03X) [257] And I'll get these ... sorted out.
Barry (PS03W) [258] Yeah.
[259] ... Get, Terri, get security to give you erm ... a hand and get the shutters open, at least
Terri (PS03X) [260] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [261] when you're ready and ... Hughey?
Hugh (PS03Y) [262] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [263] So ... last night was reasonably busy was it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [264] Oh!
[265] Fucking good night!
[266] A great atmosphere as well.
Barry (PS03W) [267] Was it?
[268] Yeah, Jean said there was about two hund two hundred sitting
Hugh (PS03Y) [269] I took about, I took about six hundred.
Barry (PS03W) [270] Have you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [271] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [272] Oh!
[273] Good.
[274] ... Jean said there was about two hundred in or something.
Hugh (PS03Y) [275] Well, Ken said three hundred people, but there's no way there was three
Barry (PS03W) [276] No.
Hugh (PS03Y) [277] hundred people.
[278] But, they reckon it was about a hundred and ninety in.
[279] Or did they [...]
Barry (PS03W) [280] I mean he gave, he gave fifty baps away.
Hugh (PS03Y) [281] Yeah.
[282] You know [...] but were all the you know the short ones and everything and he had a blitz on them.
[283] [...] ... Where are we at?
Barry (PS03W) [284] Eh?
Hugh (PS03Y) [285] Where are we going? [...] ... [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [286] Alright.
[287] It's gonna be ... it's gonna be er ... eleven o sort of eleven o'clockish before I'm gonna have to go.
Hugh (PS03Y) [288] Okay then. ... [...] . [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [289] Yeah.
[290] Do you wanna just see if there's anything in there and
Hugh (PS03Y) [291] Yeah.
[292] [cough] ... Have you got any
Barry (PS03W) [293] Ah yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [294] I don't think there is.
Barry (PS03W) [295] No, I, I don't think there is, but
Hugh (PS03Y) [clears throat]
Barry (PS03W) [296] five cases of Pils.
Hugh (PS03Y) [297] No, there can't be anything there because Terri said she'd brought it all upstairs as soon as the brewery bought it in.
Barry (PS03W) [298] Yeah, but you're, you're
Hugh (PS03Y) [299] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [300] a bit keen aren't you?
[301] ... The cra we'll bring everything up.
Hugh (PS03Y) [302] I I ... brought a ... barrel of lager for er ... from downstairs and then it's all that we had.
[303] [...] . ... Yeah.
[304] Terri could always go back and get started with this.
Barry (PS03W) [305] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [306] Cos I could ... we could do with getting a ... a case, erm ... do you think we need a case of cans of Pils?
Hugh (PS03Y) [307] How many have we got?
Barry (PS03W) [308] She said about four or five cases.
Hugh (PS03Y) [309] I dunno.
[310] Put it up there.
Barry (PS03W) [311] Probably will actually.
[312] I mean, we only go to eight normally on a, a Friday and Saturday.
Hugh (PS03Y) [313] [...] ... Yeah we sold a lot last night.
Barry (PS03W) [314] Have we, have we got ma have we got any Red Stripe?
Hugh (PS03Y) [315] Not a lot.
Barry (PS03W) [316] Yeah, but I mean we've got some Red Stripe
Hugh (PS03Y) [317] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [318] have we?
[319] A couple of cases or something?
Hugh (PS03Y) [320] I dunno I've not checked like.
[321] Terry said she was doing the stock so I left it to her.
Barry (PS03W) [322] Where are we going? [in car]
Hugh (PS03Y) [323] Well the [...] upstairs, downstairs [...] .
[324] Hopefully it'll still be open.
Barry (PS03W) [325] Open till ten o'clock?
Hugh (PS03Y) [326] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [327] Ten to ten.
[328] I don't think there's any point.
[329] So we need, pound coins, fifties
Hugh (PS03Y) [330] You'll need forty pounds won't you?
Barry (PS03W) [331] Need forty of pounds
Hugh (PS03Y) [332] Well that's a, that's
Barry (PS03W) [333] We need twenty of
Hugh (PS03Y) [334] Fifties.
Barry (PS03W) [335] fifties
Hugh (PS03Y) [336] No.
Barry (PS03W) [337] Yeah we do.
[338] Ten for the front door and ten for the ... till.
[339] That's sixty.
[340] And fifteen quid of erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [341] Tens.
Barry (PS03W) [342] tens.
Hugh (PS03Y) [343] Oh.
Barry (PS03W) [344] And you've got, you've got copper we can use for ... for five Ps haven't we?
Hugh (PS03Y) [345] Yeah. ... [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [346] I'll see if we can get any more I've got, I, I've got er ... got another twenty quid.
[347] ... Is it open?
Hugh (PS03Y) [348] See if I can get a [...]
Barry (PS03W) [349] Okay.
Hugh (PS03Y) [350] from here.
Barry (PS03W) [351] There's seventy five there.
Hugh (PS03Y) [352] And you want forty worth of pound coins
Barry (PS03W) [353] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [354] twenty and fifties.
[355] Aha.
[356] And tens?
Barry (PS03W) [357] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [358] And twenties?
[359] I'll get twenties and ten pence if you want?
Barry (PS03W) [360] Well ... yeah, don't really matter does it?

2 (Tape 063902)

Hugh (PS03Y) [361] No, they're fucking stuck!
[362] Thirty quid, that's it.
[363] Fuck!
[364] I, I might get forty pounds at the Empire ... Ballroom.
Barry (PS03W) [365] Mm.
Hugh (PS03Y) [366] He's difficult.
Barry (PS03W) [367] Well he ...
Hugh (PS03Y) [368] He give me fucking
Barry (PS03W) [369] I'll tell you
Hugh (PS03Y) [370] [...] ... he give me some a couple of months ago when we [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [371] Well I'm er ... he wants me to
Hugh (PS03Y) [372] He just needs showing [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [373] He wants me ... I mean ... he wants to do me a favour, Paul, so he might gi he might, you know I mean he ... say for us, I mean for us he would
Hugh (PS03Y) [374] Yeah, well [...] Peter's alright, he'll cash you [...] .
[375] ... I hope [...] .
[376] [laugh] ... So I got thirty, thirty in tens so
Barry (PS03W) [377] Mm.
Hugh (PS03Y) [378] Ah Jesus!
[379] Well, oh, oh seventy five you give me did you?
Barry (PS03W) [380] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [381] Oh right.
[382] I should have give him a fiver [...] .

3 (Tape 063903)

Barry (PS03W) [383] The only other one is
Hugh (PS03Y) [384] [sigh] ... Anne?
Barry (PS03W) [385] No.
[386] She's at ... she won't.
[387] Er ... what do you call him across at the er
Hugh (PS03Y) [388] Oh!
[389] Right.
[390] [...] . Absolutely. [whistling]
Barry (PS03W) [391] Yeah.
[392] What do we want?
[393] We just
Hugh (PS03Y) [394] Well we've
Barry (PS03W) [395] we wa
Hugh (PS03Y) [396] got forty five now, we want pound coins and erm
Barry (PS03W) [397] I thought we're going there?
Hugh (PS03Y) [398] I don't really know what he's given me here.
[399] ... If it's a lot of tens.
[400] I'll get [...] instead of fifties and fucking we just give them the five pound
Barry (PS03W) [401] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [402] [...] .
[403] And
Barry (PS03W) [404] Yeah, I'll soon get some fifties back.
[405] I mean, it just needs some early on that's all.
Hugh (PS03Y) [406] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [407] And twenties.
[408] And a bag of twenties don't you?
[409] Yeah, thirty quid.
[410] These are twenty and fifties ... and tens.
[411] ... Where's best way?
[412] Just down straight there?
Hugh (PS03Y) [413] Yeah.
[414] Yeah. ... [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [415] I'll turn it round while you ... you nip in.

4 (Tape 063904)

Barry (PS03W) [416] What time is it?
Alan (PS040) [417] Ten.
Barry (PS03W) [418] Ten?
Alan (PS040) [419] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [420] That's alright.
[421] I'll be on [...] .
[422] What d'ya say, half ten did he say?
Alan (PS040) [423] Ken?
Barry (PS03W) [424] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [425] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [426] There's only thirteen cans of Red Stripe left.
[427] Four and a half cases full.
Barry (PS03W) [428] So that's twenty five cases?
Hugh (PS03Y) [429] [...] ... Yeah. [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [430] Okay.
[431] ... Where is he do you know?
[432] Ken?
Hugh (PS03Y) [433] Dunno.
Alan (PS040) [434] He's at er, Terri said he's not coming in [...] so
Barry (PS03W) [435] Well, he's at some de there's some firms do or something on apparently
Alan (PS040) [436] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [437] that he's got ... should
Alan (PS040) [438] Got
Barry (PS03W) [439] should make an appearance at or something.
Alan (PS040) [440] Oh well.
Barry (PS03W) [441] I mean, nothing happens till
Alan (PS040) [442] Well just say, like last night we didn't open till half ten ... really, you don't get anybody in at ... before then.
Barry (PS03W) [443] No.
[444] I mean it's just when er, he's basically
Alan (PS040) [445] It's like [...]
Barry (PS03W) [446] going for the bus innit?
[447] That
Alan (PS040) [448] Yeah.
[449] ... But you get [...] like them thing or owt.
Barry (PS03W) [450] Yeah.
[451] Cos it were sat there with er ... couple of, [laughing] couple of cans of lager [] .
Alan (PS040) [452] Well when I, I saw him come in door ... at this end ... and I thought oh well, I'll follow them see if they've gone back and they were sat, well it must have been behind the back
Barry (PS03W) [453] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [454] and I looked ... oh
Barry (PS03W) [455] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [456] did say
Barry (PS03W) [457] Oh
Alan (PS040) [458] like, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [459] Oh yeah.
[460] Well one of them went to erm ... one of them went to the er ... toilet or something and left a ... an open full can there and Hughey, so Hughey just picked it up
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [461] oh thank you!
[462] He said, eh you, you can't do that! [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [463] Course you can.
Barry (PS03W) [464] What d'ya think you're doing here?
[465] ... So I helped.
Alan (PS040) [466] Bloody good night [...] last night.
Barry (PS03W) [467] Yeah.
[468] Erm
Alan (PS040) [469] We [...]
Barry (PS03W) [470] No I think it was, I think it was ... just over two hundred on, but I don't think it was
Alan (PS040) [471] Terri reckons about three fifty.
Barry (PS03W) [472] Nah!
Alan (PS040) [473] But erm
Barry (PS03W) [474] I think she's getting carried away a bit there.
Alan (PS040) [475] Probably.
[476] She was.
Barry (PS03W) [477] [laugh] ... She, probably try and impress on us how hard she worked.
Alan (PS040) [478] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [479] That won't be very hard.
Barry (PS03W) [480] No.
[481] ... Oh dear!
Alan (PS040) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [482] Eh?
Alan (PS040) [483] Well my daughter's like ... really [...] and into rave so I [...] .
[484] ... But now with that ... well I've done my head in!
Barry (PS03W) [485] [laugh] ... True.
[486] I was gonna say, I didn't think it was your type of music.
Alan (PS040) [487] No.
[488] This isn't ... really.
Barry (PS03W) [489] Innit?
Alan (PS040) [490] But I can stand this better than that one
Barry (PS03W) [491] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [492] Why what is ... your type
Alan (PS040) [493] Motown
Barry (PS03W) [494] of music?
Alan (PS040) [495] Status Quo, Genesis ... Fleetwood Mac ... and a bit of Motown on there.
[496] ... Some [...] as well actually.
Barry (PS03W) [497] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [498] You get used to it.
Barry (PS03W) [499] Mm.
[500] Better than Thursday night when Mick 's doing it, when he's doing the er ... sort of thrash metal for
Alan (PS040) [501] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [502] an hour and half solid!
Alan (PS040) [503] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [504] A bit heavy going.
[505] I sound like, I sound like my mum and dad though when I'm criticizing it, you know.
[506] All sounds the same, it's just a noise ... [laughing] and you know, you can't th the words [] !
Alan (PS040) [507] Well you [...]
Barry (PS03W) [508] You sound like your mum and dad criticizing the music, you know.
[509] Sixties and seventies.
Alan (PS040) [510] Ninety perce ninety percent of records in charts today there's no words anyway are they?
Barry (PS03W) [511] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [512] It's all music.
Barry (PS03W) [513] No that's right.
[514] So, anyway, it's not even that is it?
[515] It's all computerized today
Alan (PS040) [516] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [517] so er
Alan (PS040) [518] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [519] electrical effects and
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [520] Do that, bloody wanna tape on.
Alan (PS040) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [521] Well you are ... we can get ... Dawn's brother if you want.
Barry (PS03W) [522] Well if I knew who the hell Dawn's brother was!
Hugh (PS03Y) [523] Well I'll take him to see
Alan (PS040) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Alan (PS040) [524] And he wears
Hugh (PS03Y) [525] I mean he's a big skinny with glasses and whatever.
Alan (PS040) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [526] You got some change have you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [527] But nobody else.
Barry (PS03W) [528] Yeah.
[529] I did.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [530] My hero!
[531] Shut up!
Terri (PS03X) [532] [...] and rock and roll.
[533] Your hero?
Barry (PS03W) [534] [shouting] Hughey [] !
Hugh (PS03Y) [535] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [536] How are we off for Newquay?
Hugh (PS03Y) [537] We've got loads.
[538] We haven't sold any of those for a long time.
Barry (PS03W) [539] Ah!
Hugh (PS03Y) [540] We may need some bottles here packing up.
Barry (PS03W) [541] Right.
[542] Okay.
[543] ... Well what time are you coming next, next week?
Alan (PS040) [544] I'll do ... eight.
[545] ... Says he's gonna open tomorrow night.
Barry (PS03W) [546] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [547] There's a [...] set of gamblers on a Friday night so ... we er fucking try to use some more [...] ... it wasn't
Barry (PS03W) [548] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [549] open at four.
Barry (PS03W) [550] [sighing] Ooh [] !
Alan (PS040) [551] Jean's in ... [...] next week, yeah?
[552] ... Big city job.
Barry (PS03W) [553] Oh yeah, yeah.
Alan (PS040) [554] Bet you fucking lay down the law alright.
Barry (PS03W) [555] See ... she sounds like a wimp though.
[556] My anguish, my life's shattered sort of thing!
[557] God!
[558] The last thing I'd do when I get Mr .
Alan (PS040) [559] Especially when [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [560] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[561] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [562] It's a, is it in, and he's just saying that ... the develop redevelopment starts in autumn?
Barry (PS03W) [563] Yeah.
[564] I mean I
Alan (PS040) [565] Summat in autumn.
Barry (PS03W) [566] I think it's, I think that's erm ... well it's not exactly a bluff, but it's, it's a case of ... er ... what they hope will happ hope will happen.
[567] Er ... I don't think are pulling out but they, they've suspended ... things, but I mean they just don't know if they're competing.
[568] They just the politics [...] .
Alan (PS040) [569] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [570] I mean, they can't possibly erm ... you know, cos they
Alan (PS040) [571] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [572] can't, you can't accuse ... just Jean of corruption, they've got to ... they've got to accuse ... the development corporation of corruption as well.
[573] You know, cos you can't be corrupt just on one person, you've gotta have two people playing
Alan (PS040) [574] Oh aye.
Barry (PS03W) [575] but, you know.
[576] So th to a, you know, and as said, you know we ... [laugh] ... erm we don't need to bribe anybody to come into Morecambe.
Alan (PS040) [577] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [578] You know ... nobody else would come in! [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [579] No, that's it.
Barry (PS03W) [580] [laughing] You know, that's just my point, you know [] .
Alan (PS040) [581] Nobody wants to come here and spend money do they?
Barry (PS03W) [582] No.
[583] Oh well!
[584] ... It just, I think it, I think it affected us last week so ... erm ... cos the, the Friday night was well down.
Alan (PS040) [585] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [586] It was only, only about ninety people ... two hundred people ... Friday.
[587] I think it was overspeculated in the press that we've ... sold the premises and it, it ... well gave the impression that perhaps we might be open ... you know, some people might not think we're open even.
Alan (PS040) [588] Well that's what, what I said on Saturday
Barry (PS03W) [589] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [590] they didn't think they'd be open, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [591] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [592] When they come for tea, you know
Barry (PS03W) [593] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [594] on Friday, thought they were closed.
Barry (PS03W) [595] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [596] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [597] And if you're coming through from Lancaster, you know, as soon a it's a far old drag innit?
[598] After the pubs are closed, on the off-chance, I mean, cos if you get here what the hell do you do if ... not as if you've got an alternative is there?
Alan (PS040) [599] No.
Barry (PS03W) [600] You know.
[601] If yo if you're gonna come here yo ... you're the ki not on a Saturday night, you're not the kind of clientele that's gonna go to the Empire
Alan (PS040) [602] Oh no.
Barry (PS03W) [603] Prince's Tea Rooms and so ... you gotta traipse all the way back into Lancaster to go
Alan (PS040) [604] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [605] to The Alley.
Alan (PS040) [606] Yeah.
[607] ... What like, putting a bus on which ... shows you that you was open like, you know
Barry (PS03W) [608] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [609] put a bus on on a Wednesday night.
Barry (PS03W) [610] Yeah, that's right.
Alan (PS040) [611] So ... How do!
Barry (PS03W) [612] Oh!
[613] Hello Mark.
Mark (PS042) [614] Hi.
Alan (PS040) [615] It must be cold, it's bloody coming off you.
Mark (PS042) [616] Bloody freezing out there!
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [617] Oh well!
Barry (PS03W) [618] Are you su are you sure the heating's on?
Alan (PS040) [619] Terri turned it on.
Barry (PS03W) [620] I know.
[621] I just wonder sometimes when Terri turns things on.
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [622] It is very cold!
Barry (PS03W) [623] Last [...] ... last time she put the ventilation on instead.
[624] Can you just hang about here I'll just ... go and check.
Mark (PS042) [625] Okay.
Barry (PS03W) [626] Bet it's blasting cold air out ... for an hour!
Alan (PS040) [627] Anyway, sod though Mark!
Mark (PS042) [628] What about it?
Alan (PS040) [629] Well you're a wor you're a blooming ... big girl!
[630] You can't stand the cold. [music]
Barry (PS03W) [631] Cor!
[632] It's the, blasting the heat out in there Mark.
[633] I don't know [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Mark (PS042) [634] Is it though?
Barry (PS03W) [635] Yes.
Hugh (PS03Y) [636] Oh it's
Barry (PS03W) [637] It's phew!
[638] What a scorcher!
[639] There's people up there in their underpants!
Hugh (PS03Y) [640] Well I wanna see the people that
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [641] It's nothing to do with the climate.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [642] Am I right in ... in thinking that we're having some new speakers?
Barry (PS03W) [643] Yes.
[644] Why?
Mark (PS042) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [645] Well, what we're doing is putting the erm ... ha!
[646] We're putting the ... the ... tannoy system back in.
Mark (PS042) [647] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [648] Into operation.
Alan (PS040) [649] [...] and everything's back out again
Mark (PS042) [650] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [651] and it's
Mark (PS042) [652] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [653] Well you know the oogamyflip's du in there.
[654] Four speakers ... around the dance floor ... and er two big bass things.
Mark (PS042) [655] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [656] Mick's gonna, getting those together and
Mark (PS042) [657] Yeah I know.
[658] Cos they, they kept blowing before though didn't they, those?
[659] If I remember rightly.
Barry (PS03W) [660] Well ... yeah.
Alan (PS040) [661] Did they?
Barry (PS03W) [662] Yeah, but it was only really, we had that ... we had those soul D Js that, that, that were blowing them that was the problem.
Mark (PS042) [663] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [664] And they shouldn't have blown.
Mark (PS042) [665] Now there's some ... mild mannered rock D J to
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [666] [laugh] ... to look after the speakers.
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [667] True.
[668] ... I hear you were at the Empire the other night?
Mark (PS042) [669] I was indeed, yes.
[670] Just sniffing about, you know ... see what's going on.
Barry (PS03W) [671] How many were in?
Mark (PS042) [672] Four hundred or so.
Barry (PS03W) [673] That bad is it?
Mark (PS042) [674] Wednesday night!
[675] ... Cos I thought, I was quite impressed.
[676] And I thought
Barry (PS03W) [677] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [678] flipping hell!
[679] They're doing summat right.
[680] He's bashing down from the campus.
Barry (PS03W) [681] How much is it to get in?
Mark (PS042) [682] A quid.
[683] [sniff] ... Cheap drinks.
Barry (PS03W) [684] Yeah well I mean ... a quid a pint or something isn't it?
Mark (PS042) [685] Yeah.
[686] A pound a pint for lager, and one twenty for Pils.
[687] That's
Barry (PS03W) [688] I mean, so there's ... he's still making a reasonable mark- up on that.
Mark (PS042) [689] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [690] I mean ... well, not a reasonable mar he's still making money on the drinks
Mark (PS042) [691] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [692] it's not as if you're like ... selling them at cost and making a few pence because
Mark (PS042) [693] Mm mm.
[694] No.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Mark (PS042) [695] I must say I was quite surpri I've never set foot in the place before ... since that time ... we went down ... before it was open.
Barry (PS03W) [696] Yeah.
[697] Really?
Mark (PS042) [698] Mhm.
[699] Mm.
[700] Yeah, I've got my band playing down there in a couple of weeks.
[701] You know, Line Birds.
[702] Cos, they'll be down there.
Barry (PS03W) [703] Oh!
[704] Your la your lads?
Mark (PS042) [705] Yeah.
[706] At the er ... and they have a band on ... that night that I just called on for the
Barry (PS03W) [707] Is that the one that ... they had some problems with the er ... rugby club?
Mark (PS042) [708] Yeah.
[709] And they were standing in the front as I'm going
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [710] Like this.
[711] And they we I don't think they were very amused.
Barry (PS03W) [712] [laugh] ... The band or the rugby club?
Mark (PS042) [713] Yeah, er ... well both
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [714] [laughing] by all account [] !
[715] ... Well I dunno, I don't know what it is.
[716] Very unusual.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Mark (PS042) [717] They start ... wanker bit, you know, it's like all they ... tend
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [718] to do.
Barry (PS03W) [719] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [720] They're only small lads, you know, sort of playing ... guitars and stuff.
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [721] I don't think they were gonna play anything.
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [722] Because there's only a couple, they only had a couple of security guards didn't they?
Mark (PS042) [723] Ooh!
[724] I know.
Alan (PS040) [725] Outside.
Barry (PS03W) [726] Well
Mark (PS042) [727] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [728] Nigel was saying that they only had a couple, you know, cos they ... like you
Mark (PS042) [729] Well it's hard to tell, the manager's a bouncer isn't he?
[730] Er ... he looked
Barry (PS03W) [731] Oh yeah.
[732] Paul?
[733] He used to be
Mark (PS042) [734] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [735] he used to, he used to do ... bouncer there, yeah.
Mark (PS042) [736] Yeah I ... swore I'd seen him before.
Barry (PS03W) [737] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [738] I couldn't work out where I'd seen him.
Barry (PS03W) [739] He was here from the very first cos he worked for Hills, you know that sort of
Mark (PS042) [740] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [741] gangster crew from Blackpool!
Mark (PS042) [742] Mhm.
Barry (PS03W) [743] Erm, he worked, he was their sort of erm ... they had a few ... clubs and pubs in this area at the time and er
Alan (PS040) [744] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [745] he was that sort of ... head of the ... [...]
Mark (PS042) [746] Yeah, I know what yo yeah, I'm sure I'd seen him before.
Barry (PS03W) [747] And troubleshot around ... various establishments.
[748] ... Then he went so solo, he ... he got erm ... er doing regular thing up at erm ... Ocean Heads I think, or summat.
Mark (PS042) [749] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [750] But definitely ... so he sort of went on his own and then ... went back into building and decorating and then ... when the Empire opened he started there from the off.
[751] But now he sort of seems to be with other contracts.
Mark (PS042) [752] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [753] Cos the last I see he's been made redundant now hasn't he?
[754] Oh!
[755] You don't know it, you won't know it then.
Mark (PS042) [756] No.
Barry (PS03W) [757] Then Mar this guy called Mark is there I think.
[758] But Paul's head over that now so I mean ... he's doing well for himself.
Mark (PS042) [759] Mm.
[760] Yeah, well I was erm ... I was trying to get ... get a night down there deejaying ... as well.
Barry (PS03W) [761] I wa I was told you had got one.
Mark (PS042) [762] Mm?
Barry (PS03W) [763] I was told you'd got one or two?
Mark (PS042) [764] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [765] In fact, I was told you'd got two nights!
Mark (PS042) [766] Have I?
[767] [laughing] Oh!
[768] That's nice to know isn't it [] ?
Barry (PS03W) [769] Well it was from the er ... you know ... Radio Lancashire ... Nigel misfit!
Mark (PS042) [770] [laughing] Oh I see [] !
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [771] Well, fair enough.
[772] No, I mean I went in, I was talking to this, this bloke
Barry (PS03W) [773] Walking round bit of Pathay News!
Mark (PS042) [774] so I thought ... Yeah.
[775] Entertainment's Manager
Barry (PS03W) [776] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [777] sort of DJs every night
Barry (PS03W) [778] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [779] and
Barry (PS03W) [780] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [781] he was sort of been doing this job for a week.
Barry (PS03W) [782] He's booked a load of bands ain't he?
Mark (PS042) [783] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [784] What d'ya think they ... but I mean, well, I mean I'm a little bit out of touch on that sort of
Mark (PS042) [785] Well he's
Barry (PS03W) [786] level, I mean
Mark (PS042) [787] been doing Two Unlimited, Rosearre and all
Barry (PS03W) [788] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [789] this sort of ... you know, these sort of ... sort of wa what are P P A jobs really.
Barry (PS03W) [790] Yes.
[791] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [792] Sing a couple of songs and er
Barry (PS03W) [793] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [794] over a backing tape and ... and that's it.
[795] I don't know cos I've never actually erm ... been in a place where they've done sort of thing really.
Barry (PS03W) [796] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [797] Two Unlimited's the first one I think.
[798] Well they've er, done a couple of ... couple of [...]
Barry (PS03W) [799] I mean if that does, er er, I mean Two Unlimited ought to do alright.
[800] If
Mark (PS042) [801] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [802] if it, if it's gonna do alright then that'll ... be
Mark (PS042) [803] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [804] reasonable.
[805] But it's getting a bit carried away, I mean, he was talking to Nigel about er ... doing er ... the Levellers in er
Mark (PS042) [806] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [807] in the tent, you know.
[808] Doubt if you put, oh, we can put four and half thousand people into that!
Alan (PS040) [809] Well, [...] .
Mark (PS042) [810] Well, yeah. [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [811] Yeah, he was also he said most of them, he said er
Barry (PS03W) [812] Seven hundred in the Sugar House maybe.
Mark (PS042) [813] well they're playing Guild Hall aren't they?
Barry (PS03W) [814] Yeah, but yeah.
[815] Difference between playing Guild Hall and filling Guild Hall.
Mark (PS042) [816] Mm.
[817] True.
[818] I dunno they're, they're damn popular if only, I mean
Barry (PS03W) [819] Yeah.
[820] I know
Mark (PS042) [821] It was one of the best
Barry (PS03W) [822] but I would, I wouldn't have sa
Mark (PS042) [823] selling albums of last year.
Alan (PS040) [824] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [825] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [826] I wouldn't, I, I mean, yeah, but I mean I wouldn't have thought ... I mean they're certainly
Mark (PS042) [827] No it wouldn't do four thousand
Barry (PS03W) [828] No.
Mark (PS042) [829] I mean [...]
Barry (PS03W) [830] I mean I wouldn't
Mark (PS042) [831] you
Barry (PS03W) [832] No.
Mark (PS042) [833] know.
Barry (PS03W) [834] I would have thought that ... for Morecambe they're probably looking at like a thousand ... eleven hundred people if, you know
Mark (PS042) [835] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [836] would be a good one.
[837] I would have thought.
Mark (PS042) [838] Yeah.
[839] Well I'm sort of like.
Barry (PS03W) [840] Depends on timing
Mark (PS042) [841] Foot in the door a bit see, see if I can sort of, you know
Ken (PS043) [842] You alright?
Barry (PS03W) [843] Hello Kenneth?
Alan (PS040) [844] Alright.
Mark (PS042) [845] I'm just starting to [...] .
[846] You know, what he's doing really so
Alan (PS040) [847] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [848] sort of well a couple of nights deejaying will do me for a start really.
Barry (PS03W) [849] Who's doing a Wednesday night then?
Mark (PS042) [850] Well, he's doing it, last wee I wouldn't mind doing the Wednesday actually cos ... I can do that sort of ... you know, student discos, you know, so
Barry (PS03W) [851] Yep.
Mark (PS042) [852] and I don't have to go to work on Thursday, so ... you know ... th that always helps.
Barry (PS03W) [853] Right.
Mark (PS042) [854] So ... likewise the Saturday nights here, I'm alright I don't have to get up in the morning.
Barry (PS03W) [855] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [856] Ha.
[857] ... Yeah. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [858] What is it on Wednesday, is it ten till, ten till two, or nine till two or
Mark (PS042) [859] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [860] what do they do a bus shuttle?
Mark (PS042) [861] Er, I think they have, I think they'd have, I think they have two buses on er er ... a week so ... and then they go back if there's any more.
Barry (PS03W) [862] It's a long haul that innit though?
Mark (PS042) [863] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [864] Here.
[865] I mean, how many students are from Morecambe nowadays?
[866] Er, d'ya know?
Mark (PS042) [867] I've no idea.
Barry (PS03W) [868] Must be a fair number.
Mark (PS042) [869] I've no idea to be honest.
[870] There's not as many as there used to be.
Barry (PS03W) [871] No.
[872] No, no, no.
[873] I mean we ... when I ... when I came here ... it was virtually, virtually half, half the population of that.
[874] And then there was ... maybe a thousand people out of out of Morecambe.
Mark (PS042) [875] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [876] That's it.
[877] And the Uni was then only about two thousand eight hundred strong.
Mark (PS042) [878] Mm.
[879] But there's quite a lot of erm ... development in Lancaster now.
[880] They're doing loads of ... erm, flats and there's all those, all that stuff round [...] ... Highcross area.
Barry (PS03W) [881] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [882] But ... [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [883] Is it?
Mark (PS042) [884] I think so, but ... well that's part of St. Martin's College really, isn't it that er
Barry (PS03W) [885] Some of it is.
[886] I thought some of it was the Uni.
[887] But, you know, I mean, if the Uni goes to ten thousand in ... what ... what is it, it's getting up for about ninety five, ninety six?
[888] It's quite quick.
Mark (PS042) [889] Something like that.
Barry (PS03W) [890] It's
Mark (PS042) [891] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [892] very quick ... really.
[893] Yeah, I mean that, well it's only fo well it's four, five thousand now?
[894] But I mean you're talking
Mark (PS042) [895] Six.
Barry (PS03W) [896] It's five.
[897] Well, whatever.
Mark (PS042) [898] Six.
Barry (PS03W) [899] You're talking about
Mark (PS042) [900] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [901] doubling in size basically aren't you in, in ... in the next three years?
Mark (PS042) [902] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [903] That's going some!
Mark (PS042) [904] Well then I'll have to get an extension.
Alan (PS040) [905] [laugh] ... It's like sardines now in there.
Barry (PS03W) [906] Yeah.
[907] ... I know, it's unpleasant innit?
Hugh (PS03Y) [908] It's always been popular along with students ain't it?
Barry (PS03W) [909] Aye.
Alan (PS040) [910] Like the only pub that is.
Mark (PS042) [911] Well Barry's doing alright now.
Barry (PS03W) [912] Is he?
Mark (PS042) [913] He's sort of got students in there ... new landlord and all that so [...] I think.
[914] It's always packed out with students these days.
Barry (PS03W) [915] Must have got some student [...] then?
Mark (PS042) [916] That's right.
Hugh (PS03Y) [917] It's er
Barry (PS03W) [918] Mind you, it's convenient for the Sugar House innit?
Mark (PS042) [919] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [920] I mean I always thought, I always thought The Tramway ... The Yorkshire, and [...] were always gonna do quite well out the Sugar House
Mark (PS042) [921] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [922] but in actual fact ... it, it was only really The Yorkshire House did anything ... direct
Mark (PS042) [923] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [924] out of it.
Mark (PS042) [925] Whereas the [...] was that
Barry (PS03W) [926] And, cos Carole went in
Mark (PS042) [927] grotty little pub though weren't
Barry (PS03W) [928] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [929] it?
Barry (PS03W) [930] Really, I mean
Mark (PS042) [931] Yeah.
[932] Yeah, but it should have done alright.
Barry (PS03W) [933] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [934] What's that er
Mark (PS042) [935] And they, sort of a young sort of landlord, you know, and he sort of was into his real ales and he got guest beers in and all this sort of thing which got a better [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [936] What you talking about, The Firing Arm?
Mark (PS042) [937] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [938] Yeah.
[939] ... There's that free house, that's ... quite a one innit?
[940] Just along the er
Alan (PS040) [941] Oh that place, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [942] The Lord Nelson or whatever it's called.
Hugh (PS03Y) [943] Lord Ashton.
Barry (PS03W) [944] Lord Ashton, that's it.
Hugh (PS03Y) [945] What used to be The Safe.
Barry (PS03W) [946] It used to be The Safe didn't it?
Mark (PS042) [947] And they've got a bloody ... outside toilet haven't they? [...]
Barry (PS03W) [948] I well it's not
Mark (PS042) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [949] i it's ... have you been in since they did it up?
Mark (PS042) [950] Once, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [951] And it's er bi bigger now than when it was befo I mean, before it was all ... I remember when they stuck a pool table in there and it was bloody dreadful!
Mark (PS042) [952] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [953] Went down to play pool once and I ha ... two pool teams in there and you couldn't move in the place.
Alan (PS040) [954] Oh ye yeah, I remember actually, I played there once.
Barry (PS03W) [955] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [956] Before it was done up.
Barry (PS03W) [957] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [958] Mm.
[959] Well we used to, I mean, I don't think [...] did they?
Alan (PS040) [...]
Mark (PS042) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [960] [laughing] That might be an idea, a DJ [] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [961] Not in there.
Alan (PS040) [962] There bloody is!
Barry (PS03W) [963] There is!
[964] There's two punters.
Alan (PS040) [965] They'll sit in the corridor!
Barry (PS03W) [966] [laugh] ... Well that's cos the records are crap!
Mark (PS042) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Mark (PS042) [967] Shit!
[968] Down Quinnen Street.
[969] North of
Barry (PS03W) [970] Oh yeah!
Mark (PS042) [971] And we got [...]
Alan (PS040) [972] [...] last year.
Barry (PS03W) [973] And he's a funny old guy!
[974] And I wasn't even talking when, I didn't know him from [...] ... we were talking to him one night.
[975] I mean ... he doesn't have, sort of, consistent opening or anything ... he opens when he fancies doesn't he?
[976] Half se half seven
Alan (PS040) [977] Or he don't open at all.
Barry (PS03W) [978] eight o'clock at night and ... yeah, that's right.
Alan (PS040) [979] One day they're open and
Mark (PS042) [980] I went there one Sunday, I thought we'll have a meal ... but when I looked I said no chance!
Barry (PS03W) [981] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [982] Here's Ken.
[983] Bloody hell!
[984] He's in at last.
Ken (PS043) [985] Good evening people!
[986] How we doing?
Mark (PS042) [987] Hi.
Barry (PS03W) [988] Evening.
Alan (PS040) [989] Evening.
Ken (PS043) [990] Is it on?
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [991] Ted said it weren't on.
Barry (PS03W) [992] Yeah it was.
Mark (PS042) [993] Oh I'm glad you said that.
Barry (PS03W) [994] No!
Ken (PS043) [995] You alright Barry?
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Alan (PS040) [996] Actually [...] .
Ken (PS043) [997] Sort of
Barry (PS03W) [998] Ken!
Ken (PS043) [999] weren't ... yeah?
Barry (PS03W) [1000] Are you coming back down?
Ken (PS043) [1001] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1002] Can you bring me a ... pint of lime and lemon ... with some i lots of ice?
Ken (PS043) [1003] Yeah, course I can.
Barry (PS03W) [1004] Cheers, thanks.
Mark (PS042) [1005] Aye, we were gonna go in for a Sunday dinner once and ... it was all shut, can't have my dinner.
Barry (PS03W) [1006] What, in the Lord Ashton?
Mark (PS042) [1007] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1008] Does he ... ah he does meals don't he?
Mark (PS042) [1009] Does meals.
Barry (PS03W) [1010] What are they like?
[1011] Have you e
Mark (PS042) [1012] I've never been in I were
Barry (PS03W) [1013] No.
Mark (PS042) [1014] just gonna try it.
[1015] Summat different.
Barry (PS03W) [1016] Oh.
Alan (PS040) [1017] He's got a sports club coming off soon.
Mark (PS042) [1018] Mm.
[1019] I think I might be going in for it.
[1020] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1021] A couple of them.
Mark (PS042) [1022] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1023] All them traffic wardens.
Barry (PS03W) [1024] Ha!
[1025] ... He did have er ... when he opened, of course, he was one of the few houses to have ... in Lancaster to have Boddy didn't they?
[1026] They had Boddys on the bar.
Mark (PS042) [1027] Still got Boddingtons [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1028] Yeah, I know, but like everybody's got Boddys now ain't they?
[1029] And Whitbread's taken them over ... bunging them in everywhere aren't they?
[1030] I mean ... it only, it only used to be like the ... The Plough and ... and ... The Bath and er ... New Inn and
Mark (PS042) [1031] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1032] innit really and ... now every pub, as I say every pub's got it on tap.
[1033] I mean, it's not as nice a pint as ... now that Whitbread's have taken over and ... half the time.
Mark (PS042) [1034] They reckon Lancastrians have got a good pint of Boddys.
Barry (PS03W) [1035] The one on Lancaster Road?
Mark (PS042) [1036] No, the er ... the one back at [...] .
Alan (PS040) [1037] Babkins now ain't it?
Barry (PS03W) [1038] Babkins yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1039] Oh right.
[1040] Well they've got a good pint of Ruddles.
Alan (PS040) [1041] Aha.
Mark (PS042) [1042] Someone from work was saying they went in [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1043] God!
[1044] I haven't been in there for years!
[1045] ... And th when it was the Lancastrian you know.
Mark (PS042) [1046] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1047] [laugh] ... Used to have a disco upstairs.
[1048] One of the first pubs in Lancaster
Alan (PS040) [1049] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [1050] to have a disco up ... a regular part of the pub.
Mark (PS042) [1051] Well Lancers?
Barry (PS03W) [1052] Yeah.
[1053] Or the Lancastrian as it
Mark (PS042) [1054] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1055] was then [...]
Mark (PS042) [1056] Yeah.
[1057] ... What I was gonna ask you actually ... erm ... or maybe I should ask Jean, I don't know ... erm
Barry (PS03W) [1058] Who?
Mark (PS042) [1059] March
Barry (PS03W) [1060] Oh yes.
Mark (PS042) [1061] erm
Barry (PS03W) [1062] No, ask me ... she won't be around ... then.
Mark (PS042) [1063] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [1064] What?
Mark (PS042) [1065] Saturday night
Barry (PS03W) [1066] Yep.
Mark (PS042) [1067] A wedding ... private until ... eleven o'clock
Barry (PS03W) [1068] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1069] they don't want a, they don't want a buffet or anything or ... just like that, just sort of
Barry (PS03W) [1070] Yeah, fine.
Mark (PS042) [1071] get them down, and whatever, nine o'clock or whatever
Barry (PS03W) [1072] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1073] they want a ... time to start.
Barry (PS03W) [1074] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1075] And they're all the ... same sort of punters anyway, sort
Barry (PS03W) [1076] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [1077] of
Barry (PS03W) [1078] Well I mean, are you planning on talking to them beforehand?
Mark (PS042) [1079] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1080] Well
Mark (PS042) [1081] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1082] it's not too bad, it doesn't matter what you play.
Mark (PS042) [1083] Mm.
[1084] Yeah, I mean I was gonna say there's
Barry (PS03W) [1085] Yeah, I mean, as long as it, as long as it kind of they know that it might change slightly after ... eleven.
Mark (PS042) [1086] Yeah.
[1087] Well that's it.
[1088] I mean, it's no it's not old, it's not the sort of folk and everything, it's just all
Barry (PS03W) [1089] Yeah.
[1090] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1091] sort of mates and stuff like
Barry (PS03W) [1092] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1093] that.
Barry (PS03W) [1094] Fine.
[1095] You wanna do it from what, half eight el half eight they wanted till eleven or [...]
Mark (PS042) [1096] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [1097] No problem!
[1098] How many are you talking about?
Mark (PS042) [1099] Er, I don't know yet.
[1100] Erm ... couple of hundred maybe.
[1101] Probably less. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1102] [laughing] How much is it?
[1103] Yeah I was gonna say, I've heard these before [] !
Mark (PS042) [1104] Well I know but I meant
Barry (PS03W) [1105] Private bookings.
Mark (PS042) [1106] the trouble is, I mean they're looking for somewhere ... to have it.
Barry (PS03W) [1107] I've given out three hundred invites and sit around with
Mark (PS042) [1108] Well that's reminded me the erm
Barry (PS03W) [1109] twenty people.
Mark (PS042) [1110] the erm ... Lancy's is one of the places they were thinking of, upstairs.
Barry (PS03W) [1111] Aha.
Mark (PS042) [1112] Alright.
[1113] But the chances are nobody'll wanna go till after the pubs anyway with these dos so, cos it's not actually ... and, they're having a sort of reception ... after the wedding
Barry (PS03W) [1114] Right.
Mark (PS042) [1115] for erm ... everyone in the family and wanting a ... a night do you know for
Barry (PS03W) [1116] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [1117] for all their mates and ... such like.
Barry (PS03W) [1118] When's the ... when is the wedding, or when's the reception?
[1119] And where?
Mark (PS042) [1120] Well it's all on the same day. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1121] I reali I realized it was on the same day Mark.
Mark (PS042) [1122] No but it, oh right.
[1123] Er, erm, Saturday the
Barry (PS03W) [1124] No, a time ... what time are they ... planning
Mark (PS042) [1125] Oh I don't know yet.
Barry (PS03W) [1126] Is there a gap, I mean how big is the gap between like the reception and the party kind of thing?
Mark (PS042) [1127] Er, I haven't got a clue.
Barry (PS03W) [1128] I mean, are they likely to run into one another?
[1129] Are people likely to stay in one and
Mark (PS042) [1130] Oh no, no, I don't think so.
[1131] No.
[1132] I think the morning wedding, then a af sort of ... mi midday
Barry (PS03W) [1133] Mm.
Mark (PS042) [1134] reception.
[1135] ... In Torrizone ... or is it Garstone? [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1136] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1137] Married in Torrizone
Barry (PS03W) [1138] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1139] reception in ... er Gallgate.
Barry (PS03W) [1140] I've got ... oh the Gallgate.
[1141] What?
Mark (PS042) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1142] Right there in Morecambe.
[1143] [laugh] ... And be
Alan (PS040) [1144] So ... [...] with, with a bunch of flowers.
Mark (PS042) [1145] I don't know.
[1146] Anyway, and I mean, just a, I mean it might not happen it was just like
Barry (PS03W) [1147] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1148] I said, well that'll probably be alright if they wanna do it.
[1149] Cos they wanted me to do the disco you see.
Barry (PS03W) [1150] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1151] And I said well I'm working that night.
[1152] They said, well how about ... you know
Barry (PS03W) [1153] Yeah.
[1154] ... Who is it?
[1155] Are they people ... I know and not rough.
Mark (PS042) [1156] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [1157] How d'ya know them?
[1158] I mean what's, who is it?
Mark (PS042) [1159] Er, you, they come, they've been in here before with
Barry (PS03W) [1160] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1161] the sort of lads.
[1162] I don't know them very well.
[1163] ... With glasses [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1164] They've been in here and they still want you to do the disco!
Mark (PS042) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1165] Hey!
[1166] I'm Mark.
Mark (PS042) [1167] Well that's right.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1168] Top man me!
[1169] Top man!
Barry (PS03W) [1170] Eh!
[1171] I tell you
Mark (PS042) [1172] Top man!
Barry (PS03W) [1173] what last Saturday
Mark (PS042) [1174] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1175] I had Alistaire singing your praises!
Mark (PS042) [1176] Alistaire who?
Barry (PS03W) [1177] Alistaire, as in ... loony, psychopath Alistaire! [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1178] Oh right.
[1179] [laughing] Why's that then [] ?
Barry (PS03W) [1180] Well, he was talk we were talking about the rave and th what was wrong with it ... and he was saying basically it was ... they'd got four DJs who were all techno ... and they were like brilliant!
[1181] He said, you know ... that you won't get better
Hugh (PS03Y) [1182] techno D's outside London and then, even then they could pushing it, I mean, they're all their own mixes ... do all their own mixes and
Mark (PS042) [1183] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1184] you know, they're, and the scratching guy he said is ... best he's ever heard anywhere.
[1185] He said, but ... it's the same [laughing] all night long, you know [] .
[1186] And I said, well ... I know nothing about that kind of music but that's the impression I got, I was just stood there at the bar thinking ... that last, last Friday it's not the same one ... [...] , thinking, you know, this is just ... this is just very samey ... it
Mark (PS042) [1187] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1188] sounds really samey.
[1189] So erm ... oh, cheers mate!
[1190] So he said yeah, he said it's like, you know it's like if played erm
Mark (PS042) [1191] That
Barry (PS03W) [1192] you know, thrash all night long on a Saturday night you're gonna have fifty, sixty people who think it's wonderful ... but you're never gonna get more than fifty, sixty people.
[1193] Erm ... so he ju he was taking it ... over for a couple of weeks.
[1194] Anyway
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Mark (PS042) [1195] Alright?
Hugh (PS03Y) [1196] Hello there.
[1197] You know
Barry (PS03W) [1198] cutting a long story short.
[1199] ... Saying how good you were.
[1200] He said to say, cos he, we were talking about DJs in general and how basically if ... performing artist if anything else, you know, you've still gotta react to your audience and all that sort of thing.
Mark (PS042) [1201] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1202] and he's er ... yes ... er
Mark (PS042) [1203] What the hell does he know anyway?
Barry (PS03W) [1204] He was saying you taught, he, he taught him everything he knows!
Mark (PS042) [1205] [laugh] ... Ho!
Barry (PS03W) [1206] This didn't say Alistaire that I know and love.
[1207] He was saying how he used to ... stand awestruck in the Sugar House and listen to you all night long!
Mark (PS042) [1208] And learnt all the tricks of the trade.
Barry (PS03W) [1209] [laugh] ... I thought he always there
Mark (PS042) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1210] I thought Mark in the Sugar House he was ... drunk
Alan (PS040) [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [1211] most of the time.
[1212] You know
Hugh (PS03Y) [1213] [laughing] Yeah [] , that's why he was so good. [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1214] No, I said to Dean he was.
[1215] Will I give him a job there?
Barry (PS03W) [1216] [laugh] ... And anyway ... [laugh] ... you ought to try, you ought to have tried telling him a few [...] ! [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1217] Mm.
[1218] Yeah, well ... he does get a bit of ... over the top [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1219] No, No.
[1220] I mean this was like ... this was like
Mark (PS042) [1221] I mean, he's not even
Barry (PS03W) [1222] midday on a Saturday.
Mark (PS042) [1223] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1224] Yeah.
[1225] No adrenalin buzzing, no.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1226] Well he doesn't drink any more but
Mark (PS042) [1227] No.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1228] He's given up smoking as well hasn't he?
Barry (PS03W) [1229] Aye.
[1230] He was actually reasonably ... reasonably pleasant.
[1231] Except when he went off into fi fantasy land.
[1232] Battling up and down motorways in [laughing] cars [] !
[1233] Sorting out drug dealers the length and breadth of the British Isles!
Mark (PS042) [1234] Oh yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1235] Regular Robin Hood.
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1236] Stop and search him.
Barry (PS03W) [1237] Yeah.
[1238] Rob Roy.
Mark (PS042) [1239] Yeah, well at least it's only
Hugh (PS03Y) [1240] [laughing] Rob Roy [] !
Mark (PS042) [1241] he owes me anyway.
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1242] That he's owed me for ... a year!
[1243] Just about.
Barry (PS03W) [1244] What was that from?
Mark (PS042) [1245] Nothing.
Barry (PS03W) [1246] Yeah.
Mark (PS042) [1247] Well he's got himself a B M W and he can't pay ... pay his record bill.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Mark (PS042) [1248] Ooh!
Barry (PS03W) [1249] Sounds like Trevor to me.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1250] Is Trevor still buying?
[1251] What happened with Brooks?
Mark (PS042) [1252] Dunno.
[1253] But I sa but I knew Mick was doing
Alan (PS040) [1254] [...] or something
Mark (PS042) [1255] I know that.
Barry (PS03W) [1256] It's what?
Alan (PS040) [1257] He's so open.
Barry (PS03W) [1258] Oh yeah!
[1259] Ye yeah.
[1260] Er er I know, I know.
[1261] I just wonder what's I ... last I heard they were ... the receiver was trying to pull it into the collapse but er
Mark (PS042) [1262] Oh!
[1263] Don't know.
Alan (PS040) [1264] I thought they did quite well.
[1265] I thought it was go make a club [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1266] Well it's the only club in, in Lancaster that's that's the problem.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1267] Yeah, he always seems to fiddle [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1268] Well I mean the Sugar House is
Mark (PS042) [1269] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1270] is
Mark (PS042) [1271] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1272] a student place and always will
Alan (PS040) [1273] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1274] be and
Mark (PS042) [1275] It is crap!
Barry (PS03W) [1276] What Brook?
Mark (PS042) [1277] Brook.
[1278] Cos those
Barry (PS03W) [1279] Oh I know.
Mark (PS042) [1280] erm
Alan (PS040) [cough]
Mark (PS042) [1281] as town night clubs go
Barry (PS03W) [1282] Yeah but it's a club
Mark (PS042) [1283] I mean it's
Barry (PS03W) [1284] and there's no alternative is there?

5 (Tape 063905)

Barry (PS03W) [1285] Hi Ken!
Ken (PS043) [1286] I dunno what's [...] .
[1287] And there's ... what have I got?
[1288] Urgh brurgh
Hugh (PS03Y) [cough]
Ken (PS043) [1289] brurgh, hundred and mm mm mm mm mm eighty ... hundred and eighty pound, must be ... two hundred in
Hugh (PS03Y) [1290] Ha! [...]
Ken (PS043) [1291] Yeah.
[1292] Pretty good.
Barry (PS03W) [1293] Yeah.
[1294] ... Must be twenty come in ... without and paying, and I've let a few in for
Ken (PS043) [1295] Mm.
[1296] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1297] bit less than two fifty.
Ken (PS043) [1298] Oh!
[1299] Jolly good!
Barry (PS03W) [1300] So it's not bad.
Ken (PS043) [1301] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1302] Don't know how the bar's coping though.
Ken (PS043) [1303] [yawning] Oh!
[1304] They're alright [] .
Barry (PS03W) [1305] Are they?
Ken (PS043) [1306] I think it bi but they're doing alright.
[1307] ... They'll manage.
[1308] [laugh] ... That's what they're there for innit?
Barry (PS03W) [1309] Yeah.
Ken (PS043) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1310] Got no er ... no change at the moment that's the only problem.
Ken (PS043) [1311] Yeah, always seem to be going for some er
Barry (PS03W) [1312] I just send er
Ken (PS043) [1313] What's it?
[1314] Alan.
Barry (PS03W) [1315] Alan.
[1316] Alan.
[1317] ... Got some at home apparently tucked away ... in a piggy bank or something.
Ken (PS043) [1318] He's robbed it off somebody! [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1319] How many
Ken (PS043) [1320] [laughing] Ain't he [] ?
Barry (PS03W) [1321] were on the bus then?
Ken (PS043) [1322] It was absolutely jam-packed full by the sta the standing, I didn't count them.
Barry (PS03W) [1323] No, well
Ken (PS043) [1324] Will it be ab be about ninetyish I would think.
Barry (PS03W) [1325] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1326] Ninety, ninety two summat like that.
Barry (PS03W) [1327] Yeah, we had like fifty in before, fifty, or sixty.
Ken (PS043) [1328] Before the bus come?
Barry (PS03W) [1329] Mm mm.
Ken (PS043) [1330] Came?
[1331] Yeah, it's picking up again nicely.
Barry (PS03W) [1332] Mm.
[1333] Well it's a bad time of year ain't it since Christmas?
[1334] I mean January
Ken (PS043) [1335] Yes, yeah that's a point.
Barry (PS03W) [1336] anyway, I mean, and then all the sort of ... ups and downs with the ... press publicity etcetera.
Ken (PS043) [1337] Mm.
[1338] Course, yeah.
[1339] Yeah.
[1340] One or two have mentioned on Thursday actually so I think ... best we're open well before.
[1341] See how that goes when they feel it.
Barry (PS03W) [1342] Well I was just talking to Jean about that today, I mean I ... we've gotta keep on doing it but, I think that
Ken (PS043) [1343] Yeah, if you stop now you'll get nowhere with them will you?
Barry (PS03W) [1344] No that's right.
[1345] But I mean I think we, I think I, I will need on Monday morning to talk to ... er Morecambe Bay ... and see if I can bring forward these promotions because
Ken (PS043) [1346] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1347] until I start
Ken (PS043) [1348] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1349] I mean, we should get them back.
Ken (PS043) [1350] You can't,al also I think you should start doing, having people regular again wi it's just
Barry (PS03W) [1351] I know.
Ken (PS043) [1352] not worth it.
Barry (PS03W) [1353] The trouble is it's a bit of a catch twenty two because ... [sigh] ... if you don't put a bus on, will you get the people?
Ken (PS043) [1354] Mm.
[1355] It's what you do innit?
[1356] That's the problem with it. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1357] [...] the bus for er
Ken (PS043) [1358] I mean nobody actually
Barry (PS03W) [1359] and nobody on it.
Ken (PS043) [1360] nobody's actually said to me a ... well where, where's the bus on a Thursday?
[1361] Nobody's said it yet.
[1362] When they
Barry (PS03W) [1363] Mm mm.
Ken (PS043) [1364] start asking
Barry (PS03W) [1365] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1366] then that transport you could ask about putting it back on again.
Barry (PS03W) [1367] I mean what a what I think I'll probably do is if we can get like erm ... something that's obviously ... our crowd and then ... either ... putting, say, Stella back on or something like that
Ken (PS043) [1368] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1369] and banging it out ... for one [...]
Ken (PS043) [1370] Can you not stick a band on ... pretty soon or nothing like that?
Barry (PS03W) [1371] Well
Ken (PS043) [1372] People would think we were
Barry (PS03W) [1373] frankly I'm not sure where that stands [...] .
[1374] I mean talking to Charlie, just asking about ... getting some ... student bands on
Ken (PS043) [1375] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1376] might be an idea cos remember when we had that thin Mar
Ken (PS043) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1377] when we had that thin Martin's band on.
Ken (PS043) [1378] Yeah, but I was in [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1379] I mean
Ken (PS043) [1380] gonna say, stick them back on cos they
Barry (PS03W) [1381] Yeah.
Ken (PS043) [1382] went down really well.
[1383] And they brought a big following down didn't they?
Barry (PS03W) [1384] They brought a big following.
[1385] Yeah, that's right.
Ken (PS043) [1386] Er, I mean if you, if they, if they
Barry (PS03W) [1387] There was about a hundred with thin Martin on the other hand.
Ken (PS043) [1388] Yes.
[1389] Yes.
[1390] It was a really good night that.
[1391] If you make it known that there's stuff like that going on, if you get a band like that you can always just
Barry (PS03W) [1392] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1393] put a bus on for some people that come down.
Barry (PS03W) [1394] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1395] You get a couple of leads like that it'll start picking up
Barry (PS03W) [1396] Yeah.
Ken (PS043) [1397] up there.
Barry (PS03W) [1398] That's right.
[1399] So
Ken (PS043) [1400] Like ya, like you say it is a difficult situation at the moment innit?
Barry (PS03W) [1401] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1402] And what to do for the best.
Barry (PS03W) [1403] Mm.
[1404] Yeah.
[1405] But I, I say if I get ... sh publicity I er ... if I say do, if I say ... cos we haven't got a premium lager on draft so if I stick Stella on draught
Alan (PS040) [1406] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1407] and then do it as an offer.
Ken (PS043) [1408] You
Alan (PS040) [1409] Eleven ... best we can do in [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1410] Okay.
Ken (PS043) [1411] and fives.
Barry (PS03W) [1412] Great!
Ken (PS043) [1413] So you gotta take it up
Barry (PS03W) [1414] Yeah.
[1415] Great!
Ken (PS043) [1416] there.
Barry (PS03W) [1417] Get it up to Terri.
Ken (PS043) [cough]
Terri (PS03X) [1418] I'll get you a bottle full then this [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1419] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1420] Is it like cold out?
Alan (PS040) [1421] Drizzly rain though as well.
Barry (PS03W) [1422] Is it?
Ken (PS043) [1423] Is it?
Barry (PS03W) [1424] Mm.
Ken (PS043) [1425] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1426] Oh!
[1427] Well, mind you, that
Alan (PS040) [1428] That's better than frost.
Barry (PS03W) [1429] Yeah.
[1430] Must be war
Ken (PS043) [1431] Oh yes.
Barry (PS03W) [1432] must be warmer then mustn't it?
Alan (PS040) [1433] Any good?
Hugh (PS03Y) [1434] Hello.
Alan (PS040) [1435] Alright?
Hugh (PS03Y) [1436] Alright?
Ken (PS043) [1437] Aha.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1438] You alright?
Alan (PS040) [1439] Yep.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1440] How's [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [1441] Oh!
[1442] And ... we tried fourteen brewery!
Ken (PS043) [1443] And op
Alan (PS040) [1444] You don't ... you don't
Ken (PS043) [1445] an opp
Alan (PS040) [1446] get it.
Ken (PS043) [1447] an opportunity.
Alan (PS040) [1448] How much is yours?
[1449] Seven quid each.
Barry (PS03W) [1450] Seven, seven
Ken (PS043) [1451] The wha the what
Barry (PS03W) [1452] Seven
Hugh (PS03Y) [1453] No.
Barry (PS03W) [1454] quid each?
Hugh (PS03Y) [1455] Another drink?
Alan (PS040) [1456] Maybe [...] .
Ken (PS043) [1457] Couple of quid each.
Barry (PS03W) [1458] Couple of quid each?
Alan (PS040) [1459] What are you
Hugh (PS03Y) [1460] Fucking hell!
Alan (PS040) [1461] No he said
Ken (PS043) [1462] Oh er, each?
Alan (PS040) [1463] couple of quid each.
Ken (PS043) [1464] You bringing that back down here then.
Alan (PS040) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [1465] Oh no. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1466] It's two for a quid normally.
Alan (PS040) [1467] Fucking hell!
[1468] He's trying to kill me this fucker!
Ken (PS043) [1469] I know. [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [1470] Ah! [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1471] Well I thought
Hugh (PS03Y) [1472] What's up with him?
Ken (PS043) [1473] Him!
[1474] We're stood there and all!
Hugh (PS03Y) [1475] Well you, no you were up there.
Ken (PS043) [1476] Where I stood like [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1477] Well, [...]
Alan (PS040) [1478] There you go.
Ken (PS043) [1479] You, you
Hugh (PS03Y) [1480] Well no it's
Ken (PS043) [1481] serve cups of tea upstairs or what?
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1482] Afraid not.
[1483] Only in
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1484] That's all you need at his age innit?
Ken (PS043) [1485] I says no, it's not bloody soup kitchen!
Hugh (PS03Y) [1486] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1487] But I had, I had a go ... I had a good cup of tea before.
Barry (PS03W) [1488] Is that alright?
Alan (PS040) [1489] It's one
Barry (PS03W) [1490] I don't know.
[1491] One, one
Alan (PS040) [1492] One more. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1493] It don't matter, he's got hundreds of them downstairs!
Ken (PS043) [1494] [...] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [1495] There's hundreds of them downstairs!
Ken (PS043) [1496] But I wanna get home yet.
[1497] I've gotta get home yet.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1498] Fucking hell!
Barry (PS03W) [1499] Come on!
[1500] You'll only spend it at the bar otherwise.
Ken (PS043) [1501] I wa I want a cup of tea I'm fucking ... Right, no, I know it's there, I know it's there's because he's got in
Alan (PS040) [1502] Bloody hell!
Ken (PS043) [1503] Take your
Barry (PS03W) [1504] Oh!
[1505] What!
Alan (PS040) [1506] I thought it was a joke [...]
Ken (PS043) [1507] What time do you reach from out of here then?
Barry (PS03W) [1508] Two o'clock.
Ken (PS043) [1509] And what time's the soup ... kitchens open?
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1510] Don't [...] , honestly I'm not fucking joking aren't I?
[1511] Well I'm not.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1512] Wah!
Barry (PS03W) [1513] [whispering] That's disgusting [] !
Ken (PS043) [1514] I went with you lot.
Barry (PS03W) [1515] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1516] Leave him, leave him up there.
Ken (PS043) [1517] Oh yeah, you'll tell any fucker that!
Alan (PS040) [1518] Oh no!
[1519] Full, it's full.
Ken (PS043) [1520] [...] ... If there's over ... three thousand
Alan (PS040) [1521] No, there's not that many.
Ken (PS043) [1522] Alright then.
[1523] If there's over two thousand and I'm gonna come back and get my fucking money back!
Barry (PS03W) [1524] Right.
[1525] The trouble is that it ... I know, I say I'm going on about haven't got a copper and everything, then they walk up to the bar and ... pull out a great wad of notes
Alan (PS040) [1526] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1527] [laughing] out of it, out of it, out of the pocket [] !
Alan (PS040) [1528] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [1529] [sigh] ... When do you start ... when do you start fishing again then?
[1530] D'ya think?
Alan (PS040) [1531] In a ... couple of weeks I think.
[1532] It's alright if you're
Barry (PS03W) [1533] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1534] I'm playing again ... up till no all normal now.
[1535] Like that [...] was saying [...] ... if you wanted to, about three months cos I mean ... kept putting
Barry (PS03W) [1536] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1537] him off, putting him off.
[1538] But ... I'm getting a, I'd, I'd, I'm up to normal now, I've got everything ... back on a normal par I think.
[1539] So
Barry (PS03W) [1540] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1541] Mm.
[1542] I start ... before you start, I'm going fishing now.
Barry (PS03W) [1543] What, you go out in the ... i is it in the summer when you go out the boat?
[1544] Or the erm ... spring or summat?
Alan (PS040) [1545] Well, summer, I don't know ... I'd like to go for about it,whe whether it's calm or not, you know if it's nice and calm but
Barry (PS03W) [1546] Mhm.
Alan (PS040) [1547] well that's a ... a place like Morecambe ... I just couldn't be bothered.
Barry (PS03W) [1548] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1549] So ... I go at any time ... late at night.
[1550] ... I say ... over Christmas though my car was in its garage ... in bits.
[1551] So ... that didn't go down too well with our lot but ... it's either that or it blow up ... all the time.
Barry (PS03W) [1552] Yeah.
[1553] ... Do you go out far?
[1554] Or do you just ... you fe in a
Alan (PS040) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1555] in a boat or do you go out far?
Alan (PS040) [1556] Depends, last time ... we went out, we went ... just off Longbay Island other side of Wallasey.
Barry (PS03W) [1557] Yeah I know.
[1558] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1559] So ... one guy caught a ... twenty eight pounder like.
[1560] You know ... good fishing out there.
[1561] But otherwise ... you stop in harbour ... fish [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1562] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1563] You can take your chance.
Barry (PS03W) [1564] How long ... how long can you stay out?
[1565] I mean I, you know, how long does th
Alan (PS040) [1566] Usually if
Barry (PS03W) [1567] how long's the tide and that?
Alan (PS040) [1568] if you go out on a charter it's twelve hours ... you know, if you go for
Barry (PS03W) [1569] Yeah, but then you're going out a distance aren't you?
Alan (PS040) [1570] To other side of Wallasey you do twelve
Barry (PS03W) [1571] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1572] hours.
Barry (PS03W) [1573] No, I mean if you just keep using the bay
Alan (PS040) [1574] Oh aye.
Barry (PS03W) [1575] the bay.
Alan (PS040) [1576] Depends on time ... you go out for a time
Barry (PS03W) [1577] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1578] come in with tide.
[1579] [...] eight hours.
Barry (PS03W) [1580] Can you?
Alan (PS040) [1581] Yeah.
[1582] ... But now, this dinghy club that my mate's ... and he, he's got tractors at Cromer that take them out of water so
Barry (PS03W) [1583] Mm.
[1584] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1585] he's a fisher full time.
Barry (PS03W) [1586] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1587] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1588] What's it like around the power station?
[1589] Is, is there, is there, are they ploughing warm water into, into there or is it
Alan (PS040) [1590] Well there's warm water coming out int there?
Barry (PS03W) [1591] Yeah.
[1592] Well I presume, I presumed there was.
[1593] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1594] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1595] That's right.
[1596] I mean is it affecting any of that ... good fishing up there or is that
Alan (PS040) [1597] Well the
Barry (PS03W) [1598] that a [...]
Alan (PS040) [1599] I can, certainly you can float for [...] and the moor.
Barry (PS03W) [1600] Mm.
[1601] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1602] You can float from, but you get a lot of soft wind.
Barry (PS03W) [1603] Right.
Alan (PS040) [1604] But, plenty of them around.
[1605] I never use them as well as my own.
[1606] That's
Barry (PS03W) [1607] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1608] right.
Barry (PS03W) [1609] Is there much mackerel around?
Alan (PS040) [1610] In boat?
[1611] Er ... like when you go out and catch mackerel you use it for fresh bait then.
Barry (PS03W) [1612] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1613] So
Barry (PS03W) [1614] See, it's not a bad fish to eat actually, mackerel.
[1615] Mind you, we don't eat fish.
Alan (PS040) [1616] No.
Barry (PS03W) [1617] And ... I went to ... last summer we took a ... er ... I took a sha er not a sha erm ... tt ... static caravan in, at er ... Prestatyn ... an and erm
Alan (PS040) [1618] Mhm.
Barry (PS03W) [1619] and like, we were just flicking through Ceefax on the telly and it was like ... one of these luxury six berth ones and it was ninety nine quid for a week and, and
Alan (PS040) [1620] Really?
Barry (PS03W) [1621] I mean it was beautiful inside!
[1622] They're normally like a two hundred and fifty, three hundred quid one
Alan (PS040) [1623] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1624] but it was ... it was cos you had ... you know, you had to go that week kind of thing.
[1625] So we just thought well ... [...] then.
[1626] Erm ... I took the nine year old boat out and just went out in a ... boat we had ... Mary went as well, we were like ... the all [...] job for mackerel ... put this guy's
Alan (PS040) [1627] Mhm.
Barry (PS03W) [1628] twelve guys on, that's what I didn't want ... two small mackerel caught in over
Alan (PS040) [1629] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1630] three hours, you know.
[1631] Poor guy was going, well I don't understand it, you know, normally we ... Went to erm ... Malta last year and there was a great erm ... tt ... it's called an underwater safari, but, you know, normally when you're, like on Windermere like you've got a glass-bottomed boats
Alan (PS040) [1632] Oh have they?
Barry (PS03W) [1633] well this was the all, the ho all the hull underneath the water line was glass ... so you were actually sitting ... you know, you weren't looking down, you were actually sitting in, in the ... base of the hull of the boat
Alan (PS040) [1634] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1635] and, and going, and they went ... er it went out in, off ... to er some of these islands off er ... rocks and that, tour of [...] Malta and that it was superb!
[1636] You were abs you know you were ... er absolute, I mean it was, it was
Alan (PS040) [1637] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1638] as good as aqualunging without actually getting wet, it was great you know!
[1639] Very good idea that.
[1640] Must have made a fortune!
[1641] It was packed like three or four times a day.
Alan (PS040) [1642] Yeah.
[1643] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1644] I mean people are fascinated by the sea aren't they?
[1645] They really are.
Alan (PS040) [1646] Oh yeah.
[1647] ... My wife's just gone America shark fishing.
Barry (PS03W) [1648] Oh yeah!
[1649] Right.
[1650] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1651] Off Mexico down that way.
Barry (PS03W) [1652] Yeah.
[1653] Marlin ... big marlin
Alan (PS040) [1654] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1655] That's what they call big marlin.
Alan (PS040) [1656] Sixteen quid a day it is to put boat
Barry (PS03W) [1657] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1658] out there.
Barry (PS03W) [1659] It's not much really is it?
Alan (PS040) [1660] My friend went last year
Barry (PS03W) [1661] They pay that in bloody [laughing] mackerel fishing
Alan (PS040) [1662] Oh aye.
Barry (PS03W) [1663] for the twelve hours don't you [] ?
Alan (PS040) [1664] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1665] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1666] He went out ... he went ... fly-drive last year, and he went down
Barry (PS03W) [1667] Have you seen that
Alan (PS040) [1668] to Mexico.
Barry (PS03W) [1669] have you seen that movie, it was on erm ... tt ... I was watching a programme the other day about it.
[1670] They've developed a camera ... for your line ... for th for the mackerel, for the ma marlin and the shark fishing ... erm ... and basically you can actually watch ... you can, you can ac you've got a ... your T V screen so it, it's er, it's like a spectator sport as well cos you can actually watch ... the, the, the fish coming to take your bait.
Alan (PS040) [1671] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1672] You know, so it's like yo you've got on this minute camera on the line and everything, you know so it, so that you can actually get the excitement of watching it ... you know, coming and taking
Ken (PS043) [1673] Can we have a little bit of a discount?
Barry (PS03W) [1674] Yeah you can.
[1675] Course you can.
Ken (PS043) [1676] How much is it then?
Barry (PS03W) [1677] Couple of quid each.
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1678] Couple of quid each!
[1679] Couple of quid each!
[1680] So we can start
Barry (PS03W) [1681] Shark fishing's only [...]
Alan (PS040) [1682] That's all you have, that's only have to have a little bit.
Barry (PS03W) [1683] Yeah!
[1684] Yeah!
Alan (PS040) [1685] You've asked for a lot!
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1686] [laughing] Can we have a lot of a discount please [] ?
Alan (PS040) [1687] Only gotta drink, drink, drink that's lots of drink a drink.
Ken (PS043) [1688] [laughing] A drink a drink [] !
Barry (PS03W) [1689] Give us three quid for the pair of you.
Alan (PS040) [1690] Right.
[1691] You give him three quid and I'll give the rest in.
Barry (PS03W) [1692] Cheers.
Alan (PS040) [1693] Yeah.
[1694] So you buy first two beers then.
Group of unknown speakers (KBDPSUGP) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [1695] Yeah.
[1696] Fair enough.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Ken (PS043) [1697] No!
Alan (PS040) [1698] Well isn't it?
Ken (PS043) [1699] Well I did [...]
Barry (PS03W) [1700] The guy was talking to Pete, he thought he could, he develop, he could develop for coarse fishing
Hugh (PS03Y) [1701] Bye bye.
Barry (PS03W) [1702] er, you know river fishing and that as well, there's spa special camera.
Alan (PS040) [1703] Well where does the actual camera hang off?
Barry (PS03W) [1704] It's hung, it it's hung,i i it's actually not below the boat but, but it
Hugh (PS03Y) [1705] Oh!
[1706] Sure can.
Barry (PS03W) [1707] get it, you see, but i it's ... fantastic watching cos ... you know they were ... they, they ... it was sort of going along the
Alan (PS040) [1708] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1709] whatever they were using as bait ... presumably some mackerel or something like that but, but as I was saying you could see it trailing through ... and then all, suddenly out of like nowhere this fish would come and like ... chase after it
Alan (PS040) [1710] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1711] and snap and this, this would go off and you'd be sat there going right then, you actually
Alan (PS040) [1712] Well presumably
Barry (PS03W) [1713] see it take it, you know
Alan (PS040) [1714] the camera eye would be adjustable would it?
[1715] Or
Barry (PS03W) [1716] I presume so, yes.
[1717] I mean they was talking about getting a really small for erm
Alan (PS040) [1718] Oh right.
Barry (PS03W) [1719] you know, to be, to be used in ... in sort of coarse fishing and that.
Alan (PS040) [1720] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1721] But, of course, the other thing of course ,i it takes out the, the one that got away cos you actually see the one [laughing] that got away
Alan (PS040) [1722] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1723] you know [] ?
Alan (PS040) [1724] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1725] There'd ... be some story then. [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [1726] You know what'll happen is ... your camera would
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Alan (PS040) [1727] the cameras'll magnify it anyway won't it?
Barry (PS03W) [1728] Yeah it will.
[1729] It will do.
[1730] Yeah.
[1731] Yeah.
[1732] But it was really, I mean it, it meant of course that ... the other people on the boat could have some enjoyment as well, cos I mean, there's nothing worse i if you ... if there's only one rod out, or two rods out th those boats there's only like a couple of rods out int there on, on
Alan (PS040) [1733] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1734] those ... for the marlin and the ... and the sharks and that, fishing?
Alan (PS040) [1735] And you don't get many.
Barry (PS03W) [1736] Yeah.
[1737] And it's not like, sort of
Alan (PS040) [1738] Three ... there'll be
Barry (PS03W) [1739] twelve
Alan (PS040) [1740] three or four maximum
Barry (PS03W) [1741] twelve rods out, yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1742] something like that.
Barry (PS03W) [1743] Yeah.
[1744] So any anybody else that's going on board is bored out their brains basically!
[1745] But at least
Alan (PS040) [1746] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1747] if you got T V monitors you can watch what's going
Alan (PS040) [1748] Watch it.
Barry (PS03W) [1749] on.
Alan (PS040) [1750] That's really good.
Barry (PS03W) [1751] So now, now I mean ... now with all the radar and ... whatever else we're using, I mean ... you should really be able to find fish.
Alan (PS040) [1752] Well that, that boat from Evesham that we went out on a couple a years ago it had a fish finder on it.
Barry (PS03W) [1753] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1754] So ... it er, [...] fish finder on it.
Barry (PS03W) [1755] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1756] You throw your line out, you don't get a few just biting.
Barry (PS03W) [1757] No.
[1758] No, that's right.
[1759] That's right.
[1760] They've done ... most of them are ... I mean the wo certainly the ones on the little ... little boat trips and that, I mean, they have ... all it does is that ... it'll tell you there's some fish about, I mean, it doesn't
Alan (PS040) [1761] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1762] tell you where to fish or
Alan (PS040) [1763] Oh no.
Barry (PS03W) [1764] depths or anything like that does it?
[1765] What they're doing is ... there's some fish down there somewhere.
Alan (PS040) [1766] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1767] Cos that's the most frustrating thing about fishing is when you're like ... you know, you could be wasting that, you, you think to yourself like I could be wasting a whole, there's not a fish anywhere round here!
[1768] [laughing] You know, you could be sat here like an idiot today
Alan (PS040) [1769] Well that's it I've I've sat on
Barry (PS03W) [1770] for hours on end [] .
Alan (PS040) [1771] Jay hours on end in middle of night freezing
Barry (PS03W) [1772] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1773] you know like [...] ... and I've caught nothing.
[1774] And you've
Barry (PS03W) [1775] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1776] thought well ... there's plenty of crabs ... in
Barry (PS03W) [1777] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1778] summer, take your bait
Barry (PS03W) [1779] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1780] but every time you throw out ... there's a crab on end of it.
[1781] You know
Barry (PS03W) [1782] Yeah.
[1783] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1784] you think, why does that crab always have to come my line.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [1785] And all this sea yet it has to get my worm.
[1786] And same, like no fish, you think well there must be fish out there.
Barry (PS03W) [1787] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1788] Well it's, it's luck innit?
[1789] I don't know.
Barry (PS03W) [1790] I don't know what's going on.
[1791] I don't ... we got about three, three thirty in the morning, both of them went out to er ... canal somewhere up ... Dulgate, past Dulgate ... we set up and we'd ... we'd been fishing for about two and half hours it's aba ... about six thirty in the morning this old farmer comes up says er ... aye, aye lads, he said er ... I wouldn't bother it, they drained this area of the canal a few [laughing] months ago!
[1792] And we said, oh [] !
Alan (PS040) [1793] Yeah. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1794] [laugh] ... [laughing] Sat there watching our floats for hours [] !
[1795] I mean
Alan (PS040) [1796] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1797] I mean luckily you, you know, you'd gone on a car, with a car so it's a matter of throwing everything in the back and just going
Alan (PS040) [1798] That's it.
Barry (PS03W) [1799] somewhere else so ... could have sat there all bleeding day!
[1800] And not have known anything about it.
Alan (PS040) [1801] Aye.
[1802] I've had some lonely nights.
Barry (PS03W) [1803] Yeah.
[1804] Do you catch many eels, eels or anything, many eels?
Alan (PS040) [1805] No.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Alan (PS040) [1806] Didn't catch as many this year ... as what I have done.
[1807] ... Phworgh!
[1808] The slimy things that they are.
Barry (PS03W) [1809] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1810] You get one of the lads that works with me, if he catches three of them he says well ... I'll have them for my dinner.
Barry (PS03W) [1811] Yeah.
[1812] I know.
[1813] I know.
Alan (PS040) [1814] They look horrible!
Barry (PS03W) [1815] A delicacy.
[1816] Mind you, I ate conga.
[1817] I, I erm, I was off the west co er ... on a holiday to the west coast of Ireland and we erm ... we're driving down the west coast and there was like some rocks and everything about, so we stopped and, you know, I looked [...] by a rock pools or something, and there's this ... and the rock pool is like mini-swimming baths, they were, you know, probably
Alan (PS040) [1818] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1819] twelve foot long and about six or seven foot wide and about
Alan (PS040) [1820] Mm mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1821] six or seven foot deep and they're crystal clear.
[1822] And there was this old guy dragging this bloody rope with a massive ... hook on the end ... like after ... after, you know, I presume it was cod or mackerel something along the ... and I said, what the hell are you fishing?
[1823] You know cos ... the woman I was with wanted to go for a swim and I said no you can't this guy [...] , so I went up to him, I said what, what on earth are you fishing for?
[1824] He said, oh there's three congas live in this pool.
[1825] It was like ... a four foot one, a five foot one, there's a six foot one over in the centre, there's a rock in the centre of it
Alan (PS040) [1826] Oh right.
Barry (PS03W) [1827] that came out the water ... said look over there.
[1828] I said bloody hell!
[1829] You know, and I said to her you were [laughing] gonna go swimming in there [] !
[1830] He said ooh, he said ... there was some American students here last week and they were all swimming in there and the ... man came along with this thing and they bo they were all sat on the middle lo middle of there with their feet dangling in the water splashing away, he said ... I was dragging this down and this six footer came out, [laughing] I said, and then they were ... he said, you've never seen anybody run so fast in your life like they go
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [1831] they were dangling their toes at the end of this thing [] .
[1832] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1833] Yeah.
[1834] Oh aye.
Barry (PS03W) [1835] And then, the next day I went along and he actually caught ... the five foot one ... and ki and killed it and he gave us a load of steaks off it that I sort of
Alan (PS040) [1836] Baked?
Barry (PS03W) [1837] Yeah.
[1838] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1839] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1840] The trouble was they were really bony, that's the only thing it was ... and I don't like eating
Alan (PS040) [1841] Well
Barry (PS03W) [1842] fish and bo with bones in I can't stand it.
Alan (PS040) [1843] well you can't fillet them can you?
Barry (PS03W) [1844] No.
[1845] No.
Alan (PS040) [1846] Impossible.
Barry (PS03W) [1847] Impossible.
[1848] No.
[1849] Cos it's like a central spinal
Alan (PS040) [1850] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1851] and it's all off it so ... you'd be ... just ... you know, it's not like
Alan (PS040) [1852] Normal flat
Barry (PS03W) [1853] a fish, a flat fish.
[1854] I mean, but it was really nice it was ... it was a really chewy meat you know.
[1855] But
Alan (PS040) [1856] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1857] like shark or something and er
Alan (PS040) [1858] There's supposed to be decent congas off Beachy.
Barry (PS03W) [1859] Is there?
Alan (PS040) [1860] You know the old
Barry (PS03W) [1861] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1862] oil [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [1863] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [1864] It's me!
Alan (PS040) [1865] Down there.
Barry (PS03W) [1866] Yeah.
[1867] Oh!
Alan (PS040) [1868] Plenty of rocks under there.
Barry (PS03W) [1869] Yeah.
[1870] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1871] People say they've had some big ones.
Barry (PS03W) [1872] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1873] But, you know about the stories you hear.
Barry (PS03W) [1874] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1875] I've never actually seen one.
Barry (PS03W) [1876] No.
[1877] They're ugly looking fish aren't they?
[1878] Bloody horrible fish!
[1879] But er ... evil looking things.
[1880] ... This guy was great though we met in Ireland cos he was erm ... he used to ... own about three or four ... supermarkets, er small chains and he just one day, he's about ... he's about fifty eight, sixty now ... and one day he said about five years ago he just got fed up and just walked out.
[1881] All he does is fish all day long.
[1882] And he
Alan (PS040) [1883] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1884] just, he lives in somebody's basement of a house, and like, in return for living there ... he fills the guy's freezer up with ... lobster, crab, you know
Alan (PS040) [1885] Mm mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1886] fish and that ... and erm ... everything he does in the village i in Kilrush is ... everything, he just ... you know, he wants a new pair of shoes, wants a coat ... brings
Alan (PS040) [1887] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [1888] a couple of lobster, you know, and things like tha ... cos like to him he, he's got his crab lines and his lobster pots all the time and all that.
[1889] Erm ... to, it's really back to the old barter system.
Alan (PS040) [1890] Yeah.
[1891] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1892] It's superb!
[1893] Really good.
Ken (PS043) [1894] Eh!
[1895] Excuse me.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1896] Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1897] Have you not seen Ken?
Barry (PS03W) [1898] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1899] Oh! go and get Ken then.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1900] Again?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1901] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1902] You mean same as last week?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1903] Yeah, yes!
[1904] Yes, yes, I was helping him.
Barry (PS03W) [1905] What?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [1906] See, and I've helped Kenny out and a few ... the lads before ... and like we always finish it ... that's why I come this cellar Barry.
Barry (PS03W) [1907] Oh right.
[1908] Oh!
Hugh (PS03Y) [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [1909] Do you want one?
[1910] Yeah
Hugh (PS03Y) [1911] Just one, just one.
Barry (PS03W) [1912] go on, go on.
[1913] Just tell, send Alan down again.
Hugh (PS03Y) [1914] [shouting] Alan!
[1915] Said it's alright [] .

6 (Tape 063906)

Alan (PS040) [1916] Have you ever tried octopus?
None (PS044) [1917] Erm ... no.
Barry (PS03W) [1918] Er ... no I haven't.
None (PS044) [1919] No.
Barry (PS03W) [1920] I mean, squid I've eaten a lot of.
Alan (PS040) [1921] Bit like that innit?
[1922] Squid.
Barry (PS03W) [1923] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1924] I've had octopus soup.
[1925] That was quite ... well ... a weird taste.
Barry (PS03W) [1926] I like shark.
[1927] Have you eaten shark?
Alan (PS040) [1928] No.
Barry (PS03W) [1929] Oh I like shark, it's really nice cos it ... it's really meaty, I mean, it's like eating meat.
Alan (PS040) [1930] Like steak though innit?
Barry (PS03W) [1931] Yeah.
[1932] Yeah, it's like steak.
[1933] That's right.
Alan (PS040) [1934] It's nice and ju tender I believe.
Barry (PS03W) [1935] Yeah.
[1936] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1937] But
Barry (PS03W) [1938] But it's sort of thick and chewy it's not, you know ... it's not flaky like ... fish, it's like a ... almost like a meat.
[1939] It's really good.
[1940] They do in erm ... where do they do it round here ... always?
[1941] Erm ... always got it in erm ... tt ... oh!
[1942] Mick ... at Joseph's place, Mick and Jose erm ... in Lancaster.
[1943] Oh God!
[1944] Above ... the Bang and Olufsen shop in Lancaster, d'ya know ... Robertson's of Leicester?
Alan (PS040) [1945] Up King Street?
Barry (PS03W) [1946] Yeah.
[1947] Next to Plato's.
Alan (PS040) [1948] Yeah.
[1949] The erm, electrical shop?
Barry (PS03W) [1950] Yeah.
[1951] It's above there.
Alan (PS040) [1952] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [1953] So it's a ... it's a nice place cos it's like ... it ... they do ... a great spread of ... I mean you can go for like a nice meal there, but you can like also ... eat, you know ... dips and [...]
Alan (PS040) [1954] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1955] hamburger
Alan (PS040) [1956] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1957] or whatever, a big steak or whatever you want and the
Alan (PS040) [1958] And how do you cook it?
Barry (PS03W) [1959] They cook it i they cook it in er ... Cajun, in, it's a, sort of, in a sort of spice ... thing, they have sort of Mexican, not Mexican erm ... tt ... Cajun, South American, and
Alan (PS040) [1960] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1961] some states of America ... around the Mississippi ... New Orleans
Alan (PS040) [1962] Aha.
Barry (PS03W) [1963] New Orleans [...] .
[1964] Er ... but I've had it just grilled, you know ... and always done in butter.
Alan (PS040) [1965] In butter?
Barry (PS03W) [1966] Yeah.
[1967] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [1968] But I like trying all these things now and again.
Barry (PS03W) [1969] Mhm.
Alan (PS040) [1970] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [1971] You ca I mean you occasionally see it in the fish markets.
Alan (PS040) [1972] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1973] And er ... I mean, things like squid and that I ca I quite like, but I'd never think of get buying it, I wouldn't ... buy it and cook it myself or anything.
[1974] I just
Alan (PS040) [1975] Oh no.
Barry (PS03W) [1976] the trouble is, once you actually
Alan (PS040) [1977] Tried that
Barry (PS03W) [1978] so what sorry?
[1979] I remember once, you know, getting and cutting ... a rabbit and things, by the time you'd actually cut the thi damn thing
Alan (PS040) [1980] You've gone off it.
Barry (PS03W) [1981] you'd gone off it cos you'd been ... heading, and gutting it, and [laughing] whatever else [] !
[1982] And you know, you're sat there and you think
Alan (PS040) [1983] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [1984] I don't [laughing] really wanna eat this, you know [] !
[1985] It's alright if it comes to you in a ca in a, in a, as a, as a meal
Alan (PS040) [1986] Comes up ready-made.
Barry (PS03W) [1987] Yeah.
[1988] But er, when you actually see what you're doing to it, you know.
Alan (PS040) [1989] I had this octopus once in Germany ... and it, we'd gone out for a meal and ... I was gonna have steak and mushrooms and
Barry (PS03W) [1990] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1991] er, the lads said what are we having the starters like?
[1992] I said, oh ... I'll have what you're ordering.
[1993] Well they ordered soup of the day you see ... and they brought this, I tasted it ... had a real funny, a weird taste
Barry (PS03W) [1994] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [1995] anyway, and I sort of said to the waitress, why what was it?
[1996] She said octopus.
[1997] Urgh!
Barry (PS03W) [1998] [laugh] ... You wouldn't have had it if you'd have known?
Alan (PS040) [1999] No.
[2000] I don't think I would.
Barry (PS03W) [2001] No.
Alan (PS040) [2002] It's not something
Barry (PS03W) [2003] No.
Alan (PS040) [2004] I would have picked.
Barry (PS03W) [2005] No.
[2006] I wouldn't.
[2007] I certainly
Alan (PS040) [2008] Well
Barry (PS03W) [2009] wouldn't.
Alan (PS040) [2010] it was ... it were
Barry (PS03W) [2011] I mean I like fish but I wouldn't, I wouldn't choose it.
Alan (PS040) [2012] Had a funny taste but it was quite nice.
Barry (PS03W) [2013] Yeah.
[2014] What was it, a sort of fishy ta I mean was it a sort of fishy soup?
Alan (PS040) [2015] No.
Barry (PS03W) [2016] No?
Alan (PS040) [2017] It didn't have a fishy taste, it we like beef ... but ... I presume it's the way they've cooked it.
Barry (PS03W) [2018] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [2019] Cos they all put spices in and everything.
[2020] But er ... I definitely wouldn't have ordered it.
Barry (PS03W) [2021] No.
Alan (PS040) [2022] No.
[2023] Like now, I don't think I would order it again.
Barry (PS03W) [2024] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2025] But ... then I had steak and mushrooms to follow.
[2026] ... Quite nice.
Barry (PS03W) [2027] So if you don't eat what you catch ... why choose
Alan (PS040) [2028] Why do I wanna
Barry (PS03W) [2029] sea fishing?
[2030] No, I mean I, cos I, you know I,i I ... spend a long time coarse fishing so I understand actual fishing ... for pleasure as opposed to
Alan (PS040) [2031] Yeah, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2032] like to eat, you know, there's not much you can catch coarse fishing that you can eat anyway ... erm but ... most people who go sea fishing do it ... to eat what they catch.
[2033] Or to sell what they catch or whatever, I mean
Alan (PS040) [2034] Aha.
[2035] Mm.
[2036] I, I do it ... I like, I like
Barry (PS03W) [2037] But why sea fi why, why does sea fishing interest you and not coarse fishing sort of thing?
Alan (PS040) [2038] Because you ... there's more opportunity for big ones
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2039] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [2040] if anything.
Barry (PS03W) [2041] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [2042] Like, you go canal fishing, you know, you're only getting
Barry (PS03W) [2043] Yeah, that's right.
Alan (PS040) [2044] like you get the odd four and half pound
Barry (PS03W) [2045] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2046] pike or chub
Barry (PS03W) [2047] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2048] whatever
Barry (PS03W) [2049] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2050] but you know, you, you come to the fairly big'uns out there.
[2051] So
Barry (PS03W) [2052] Mm.
Alan (PS040) [2053] so I suppose that's why I do it.
Barry (PS03W) [2054] Mm.
[2055] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2056] To see if I can get a big one.
Barry (PS03W) [2057] Mm.
None (PS044) [2058] Can you get
Alan (PS040) [2059] You going home?
None (PS044) [2060] away now?
Alan (PS040) [2061] No.
None (PS044) [2062] Nothing like trying to get rid of me is there!
[2063] Are you going home?
Alan (PS040) [laugh]
None (PS044) [2064] I'm no bother!
[2065] Is there more in this week than last week?
Alan (PS040) [2066] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2067] I've never seen as many bodies!
Barry (PS03W) [2068] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2069] And I think my God [...] !
[2070] [laugh] ... [laughing] Their brain must be scrambled as my daughter would say [] !
Alan (PS040) [2071] Yeah.
[2072] That's true.
None (PS044) [2073] Are they, still coming in then now?
Alan (PS040) [2074] No, there hasn't
Barry (PS03W) [2075] There hasn't been many now.
[2076] What
Alan (PS040) [2077] You staying?
Barry (PS03W) [2078] time is it now?
Alan (PS040) [2079] Twenty to one nearly.
Barry (PS03W) [2080] Oh is it?
[2081] Oh!
[2082] There won't be any
Alan (PS040) [2083] See next Friday, we're coming next Friday for [...] .
None (PS044) [2084] Ooh!
[2085] My little ratbag is.
[2086] She said I would
Barry (PS03W) [2087] No you'll enjoy that.
None (PS044) [2088] I'm gonna try and leave her here!
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
None (PS044) [2089] Let somebody else do her work.
[2090] We're trying to get rid of you
Barry (PS03W) [2091] Actually
None (PS044) [2092] Anna!
Barry (PS03W) [2093] it's good, I mean it's good because of the amount of lighting and effects that they bring, I mean it's interesting like, you know.
None (PS041) [2094] We come for [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2095] But yo you come for an hour or so and then,tha that'll be enough
Alan (PS040) [2096] That's enough.
Barry (PS03W) [2097] you know, if you don't li if you're not into the music or into dancing then
None (PS044) [2098] Well, she is.
[2099] We're
Barry (PS03W) [2100] No.
None (PS044) [2101] not, we're all fogeys
Barry (PS03W) [2102] No.
None (PS044) [2103] you see.
Barry (PS03W) [2104] That's right.
None (PS044) [2105] But she wouldn't like tonight because
Barry (PS03W) [2106] No.
None (PS044) [2107] she's not into, what I call is it heavy metal?
[2108] Or summat like
Barry (PS03W) [2109] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2110] that, heavy rock
Barry (PS03W) [2111] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2112] or something?
Barry (PS03W) [2113] Heavy rock.
None (PS044) [2114] Well, erm, she's not into that but
Barry (PS03W) [2115] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2116] I said we'd bring her.
[2117] She'll like it I think, she can dance.
[2118] Mind you, all these youngsters can't ... but you can't see, you know normally when I stand at bar ... I can normally see the [...] door but ... I can't see it.
Alan (PS040) [2119] I know the feeling.
None (PS044) [2120] Ooh!
Alan (PS040) [2121] Feeling.
None (PS044) [2122] Do you normally have [...] ?
Alan (PS040) [2123] Summat like that.
Barry (PS03W) [2124] There'll be just over two hundred in.
None (PS044) [2125] Cor!
[2126] That's a lot then innit?
Alan (PS040) [2127] Did you get that change?
None (PS044) [2128] Well, I give it to what do they call him?
[2129] Hughey is it?
Alan (PS040) [2130] Hughey.
None (PS044) [2131] Yeah.
[2132] I gave it him.
[2133] ... I must [...] when I came a bit short again, I said
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [2134] Yeah.
[2135] Well we changed fifteen quid last week didn't we?
None (PS044) [2136] Yeah, but I've been taking out, cos we had a rogue living above us you see, and I thought well ... he's one of these that'll take owt if he can get it you see.
Barry (PS03W) [2137] Mm.
None (PS044) [2138] So I thought I don't have a lot of money in flat, not that I have a lot, but ... we like it out of way don't we?
[2139] The whisky bottle, we'll fill it up now won't we?
[2140] You never know, might get desperate again. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Alan (PS040) [2141] True.
None (PS044) [2142] Mind you
Barry (PS03W) [2143] But
None (PS044) [2144] you were busy last night, is that what it was, did that knock you out?
Barry (PS03W) [2145] Yeah.
[2146] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2147] Didn't you expect
Barry (PS03W) [2148] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2149] so many?
Barry (PS03W) [2150] Er, no, no, we were, I mean last night we'd gone up from ... the week before on a rave, we'd had about si ninety in, and last night we had about two hundred and fifty.
[2151] So
None (PS044) [2152] Is the, is the Fridays
Barry (PS03W) [...]
None (PS044) [2153] normally better than Saturdays ... er, money-wise, the takings?
[2154] I mean, is it more
Barry (PS03W) [2155] Well it's i
None (PS044) [2156] people in?
Barry (PS03W) [2157] er, er er er, er ... it, it hasn't been, I mean,i it, it was, last night was the first one that had gone on to like over two hundred.
None (PS044) [2158] So this week you've done well Friday and Saturday
Barry (PS03W) [2159] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2160] cos you've got more in.
Barry (PS03W) [2161] That's right.
None (PS044) [2162] It's not bad though is it?
Barry (PS03W) [2163] No.
[2164] No.
[2165] But I mean it's, now it's coming to the end of ... January people are starting to get paid again and starting to have paid off their Christmas.
[2166] I mean that's been the killer.
[2167] You know, you've had Christmas, then you get hit with all your credit cards and all, then you get hit with all the ... electricity, and gas, and telephone.
Alan (PS040) [2168] Electricity, gas and telephone and everything.
None (PS044) [2169] Can you explain why it's dearer on Fridays and Saturdays?
Barry (PS03W) [2170] Cos it's ... different type of ... event and music.
None (PS044) [2171] You don't think if you
Barry (PS03W) [...]
None (PS044) [2172] if you put it up to same they wouldn't come likely?
Barry (PS03W) [2173] No.
None (PS044) [2174] No.
[2175] So it's
Barry (PS03W) [2176] No.
[2177] No.
None (PS044) [2178] you don't complain at this, you don't complain at ... two fifty er, each one, no?
Barry (PS03W) [2179] No.
Alan (PS040) [2180] Well ... some of them do.
Barry (PS03W) [2181] Well some of them do, but not, not serious, not serious
None (PS044) [2182] No I meant you don't, you're not bothered, you don't mind?
[2183] It's
Barry (PS03W) [2184] No, I mean
None (PS044) [2185] you make twice as much on a Friday on the door as you do on the Saturday.
Alan (PS040) [2186] No we don't [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2187] No we don't cos we don't, we don't promote it you see on a Friday.
None (PS044) [2188] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [2189] So ... they
Alan (PS040) [2190] They
Barry (PS03W) [2191] don't promote cos they
Alan (PS040) [2192] they pay for the hire of the hall.
Barry (PS03W) [2193] They pay for the hire, yeah.
None (PS044) [2194] But you've gotta say, oh right.
Alan (PS040) [2195] So whatever they make on the door
Barry (PS03W) [2196] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2197] after they've paid
Barry (PS03W) [2198] Yeah.
Alan (PS040) [2199] for the hire ... is profit.
Barry (PS03W) [2200] But they spen they spend a lot of money on, on lights and they, I mean they ... they spend ... they spend about seven hours in here on a Friday just doing the lights and special effects and
None (PS044) [2201] I like that smoke one.
[2202] I saw it first time last week ... and it were great!
Barry (PS03W) [2203] Yeah.
None (PS044) [2204] Really
Barry (PS03W) [2205] Well the, the first time they were here when they ... gonna have the all ni when they were gonna have the all-nighter ... erm, they hired a laser in ... it was superb!
[2206] But I mean that's ... that'll cost them five hundred quid ... alone ... just for [...]
None (PS044) [2207] Are the all-nighters popular ... with you, in here?
Barry (PS03W) [2208] Well we
None (PS044) [2209] [laugh] ... Well you've had
Barry (PS03W) [2210] we ha
None (PS044) [2211] a couple haven't you?
Barry (PS03W) [2212] No we haven't.
[2213] The
None (PS044) [2214] None at all?
Barry (PS03W) [2215] the ... the police and the local authorities stop them.
[2216] I mean, I have had all-nighters ... in the past
None (PS044) [2217] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2218] but that was for like the school trips so
None (PS044) [2219] Well why have they stopped it now?
Barry (PS03W) [2220] you know [...]
None (PS044) [2221] There's nothing wrong with them.
[2222] What's to do with them?
Alan (PS040) [2223] Well it was in paper weren't it?
Barry (PS03W) [2224] Well
None (PS044) [2225] Yeah, but [...] used to get away with it.
Barry (PS03W) [2226] I know.
Alan (PS040) [2227] Yeah, but th th
Barry (PS03W) [2228] I know.
Alan (PS040) [2229] they're putting it down in the paper that
Barry (PS03W) [2230] Mad, drugs.
Alan (PS040) [2231] people'll take drugs and stuff like that [...] , well, if they're gonna take drugs [...] , then they'll take it [...] anyway.
None (PS044) [2232] Well I've been here every week and there's no bother with them or
Alan (PS040) [2233] No.
Barry (PS03W) [2234] No, no.
None (PS044) [2235] Anyway
Alan (PS040) [2236] Oh well
None (PS044) [2237] you can't beat the system can you?
Barry (PS03W) [2238] You can't.
[2239] And you can't beat the police cos sooner or later they will fight flipping hell to get you [...]
None (PS044) [2240] Well th they're just funny that's all.
Alan (PS040) [2241] Right.
[2242] Well ... [...]
None (PS044) [2243] Right, what?
Alan (PS040) [...]

7 (Tape 063907)

Terri (PS03X) [2244] That, I ordered that one.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2245] Mm.
[2246] That one?
Terri (PS03X) [2247] Well, but it's only er er ... record book.
[2248] ... You were saying
Hugh (PS03Y) [2249] How did the bar [...] go?
Barry (PS03W) [2250] Don't know.
[2251] Just trying to
Hugh (PS03Y) [2252] Have you got any?
Barry (PS03W) [2253] [whispering] Don't be sil [] ... don't be silly!
Terri (PS03X) [2254] The ultimate collection of your favourite [...] .
[2255] You have to make one order.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2256] You could ... can't be far off nine hundred then?
Terri (PS03X) [2257] Six?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2258] I've never seen a Saturday go so fast.
Terri (PS03X) [2259] Yeah it ... well I, come on!
[2260] Anything goes fast after Friday.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2261] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [2262] It's not so much that it
Barry (PS03W) [2263] Seven fifty.
[2264] ... Two ... two pound fifty [...] .
[2265] Just over.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2266] Mind you, I thought ... oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2267] Two hundred people.
Terri (PS03X) [2268] I
Hugh (PS03Y) [2269] So two hundred paid tonight?
Barry (PS03W) [2270] No.
[2271] About hundred and ... eighty paid.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2272] Feels like a hundred and fifty and ... [...] get out of it.
Barry (PS03W) [2273] Yeah.
[2274] ... Twenty fi I mean last week there was a hundred sixty ... in ... and that was actually up on the previous couple of weeks, just
Hugh (PS03Y) [2275] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2276] in er
Terri (PS03X) [2277] Oh yeah.
[2278] Wasn't it?
Barry (PS03W) [2279] Yeah.
[2280] Well I mean, January
Terri (PS03X) [2281] It is ... getting quite
Barry (PS03W) [2282] people are getting paid again.
Terri (PS03X) [2283] getting paid again.
Barry (PS03W) [2284] People have got some money again.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2285] I dunno, I, I, I think the Friday nights, mostly on the Friday nights [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2286] Yeah, might well do.
[2287] Might well do.
Terri (PS03X) [2288] Please can I have my twenty five I'm owed for ... like ... two weeks?
Barry (PS03W) [2289] Oh right.
Terri (PS03X) [2290] Two weeks.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2291] Well I don't, mine's gotta go in the cleaners
Terri (PS03X) [2292] Yeah, well [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2293] Oh I need some
Hugh (PS03Y) [2294] I have to clean them up, I'll have to
Barry (PS03W) [2295] Yeah I know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2296] take it to the cleaners [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2297] I know, I might get some
Hugh (PS03Y) [2298] so it's not the fucking cleaner.
Barry (PS03W) [2299] I'm gonna get some cleaning, I'll get some cleaning fluid this week.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2300] You know which one it, it is, it sort of activated one.
Barry (PS03W) [2301] Erm
Terri (PS03X) [2302] You're gonna kill somebody one day you know using that!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2303] Bloody [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2304] I give them a, I did give them a good rinse afterwards though.
Terri (PS03X) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2305] It's gonna have to
Hugh (PS03Y) [2306] It was [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2307] it's gonna have to be erm ... erm ... dub dub wurgh wurgh erm ... tt ... I can get a delivery on Thursday, I need, we need a delivery on Thursday anyway
Terri (PS03X) [2308] It, yes.
Barry (PS03W) [2309] when we're open ... so I'll get a delivery on Thursday and I'll get some er
Hugh (PS03Y) [2310] Well I'll do the delivery if you want
Barry (PS03W) [2311] cleaner
Hugh (PS03Y) [2312] I'll do the delivery when I've
Barry (PS03W) [2313] bit of cleaner.
[2314] Okay.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2315] Yeah, so that's an, an idea for [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2316] Glasses.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2317] Yeah, we run out of pints again tonight.
[2318] Well we didn't run out, we run out of but there was quite a few outside in the
Barry (PS03W) [2319] I should hope so!
Terri (PS03X) [2320] I know, but I'm loathed to give them out.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2321] No.
Terri (PS03X) [2322] Unless I know who's getting them.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2323] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2324] Seventy five ... where are on now?
[2325] Ten
Terri (PS03X) [2326] And black Ashley came in.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2327] Yeah.
[2328] ... I thought Laura was coming behind the bar to fucking us support.
Terri (PS03X) [2329] I know what Laura was
Barry (PS03W) [2330] What?
Terri (PS03X) [2331] drinking.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2332] She walked behind the bar, got herself a drink and went and fucking sat and watched us! ... [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2333] Mm!
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2334] Oh!
Terri (PS03X) [2335] Oh!
[2336] The little pratt
Barry (PS03W) [2337] Obnoxious
Terri (PS03X) [2338] dickhead!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2339] Yeah.
[2340] ... [...] ... yeah but he said ... [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2341] Oh yeah, he was ... legless all night weren't he?
[2342] I got him every time, until the end and I said I am not serving him this time!
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2343] Hughey, you serve him!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2344] Well that's right.
Barry (PS03W) [2345] Cos he was absolutely incapable of talking
Terri (PS03X) [2346] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [2347] let alone giving any money.
Terri (PS03X) [2348] And I said it's alright we're still in
Hugh (PS03Y) [2349] Have you ever seen him
Terri (PS03X) [2350] judge from their looks you know what they're drinking and you just like go ... vaguely waving his empty glass
Barry (PS03W) [2351] Well you should take his glass and [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2352] you fill it and take the money out their hand don't you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2353] Yeah.
[2354] D'ya think so?
Barry (PS03W) [2355] Yep.
[2356] ... Yeah the,ye oh yeah, honestly yeah.
[2357] I wo I would have done tonight those but
Hugh (PS03Y) [2358] Oh yeah ... [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2359] talking to Alan .
Terri (PS03X) [2360] Interrupted by customers.
Barry (PS03W) [2361] Mm.
[2362] ... No I was er ... talking to, is it Alan?
[2363] Security guard.
Terri (PS03X) [2364] Aren't you the lucky one!
Barry (PS03W) [2365] Well he's better than Stuart!
Terri (PS03X) [2366] Just!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2367] I'm saying nothing!
Barry (PS03W) [2368] Well, yeah, but I mean the stories they tell about fishing so they're different stories
Terri (PS03X) [2369] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2370] and we caught a
Terri (PS03X) [2371] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2372] whereas er
Hugh (PS03Y) [2373] He doesn't lie to his wife any more.
Barry (PS03W) [2374] I have been, I have been in my time!
[2375] Coarse fishing though, he was sea fishing, sea fishing.
[2376] [sigh] ... When are you gonna give up smoking and ... save some
Hugh (PS03Y) [2377] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [2378] money?
[2379] ... You could pay your mortgage on what you smoked!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2380] I don't give a fuck! [...]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2381] It's a foolish fucking [...] !
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2382] I can't [...] with my habits any more.
[2383] Gambling and drinking. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2384] Did you ... win any money today?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2385] Only a bit.
Barry (PS03W) [2386] Have you got my keys?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2387] Just a wee bit [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [2388] No!
[2389] I put them
Barry (PS03W) [2390] Ah.
Terri (PS03X) [2391] on the table.
Barry (PS03W) [2392] Sorry!
[2393] I've got my keys.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2394] Can we not finish our drinks Barry?
Terri (PS03X) [2395] You did it like I did it didn't you?
Barry (PS03W) [2396] Course you can finish your drinks!
Terri (PS03X) [2397] Get your coat and we'll rattle it, ah, your keys are there.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2398] Maybe I've got a collection of these half pints at home!
Barry (PS03W) [2399] I know that.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2400] Well, bring them back!
Terri (PS03X) [2401] That's where all these long thin ones have gone.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2402] No, no, I use [...] it's usually fucked.
Barry (PS03W) [2403] Why don't you just ... take a case of it, one of those ... cases home, one of the empty ... empty cases?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2404] And bring back the glasses.
Barry (PS03W) [2405] And bring all the glasses back.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2406] [laugh] ... I'll tell you what they're [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2407] What are?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2408] They do take the bottoms off them.
[2409] They don't give a fuck [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2410] Oh I know!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2411] They do take the bottoms of them Barry.
Barry (PS03W) [2412] Oh!
Terri (PS03X) [2413] Well I told you
Hugh (PS03Y) [2414] Well you see, you actually see tho them little punks collecting them up at the end of the night don't you?
[2415] Putting them under their coats like.
Terri (PS03X) [2416] How, how many ... what ... did you carry out yourself?
Barry (PS03W) [2417] Tonight?
Terri (PS03X) [2418] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2419] Five bottoms.
[2420] Well that's
Terri (PS03X) [2421] Well that
Barry (PS03W) [2422] half a case.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2423] And I sold four of those as well like.
[2424] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [2425] They carry out.
[2426] And I sold ... three ... three double gin ... three [...] [...] , you know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2427] Yeah but yo you always sell a few to take out don't
Terri (PS03X) [2428] Well that's why they brought it.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2429] Most probably take out and sell them what's
Barry (PS03W) [2430] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2431] left at the end of the night.
Barry (PS03W) [2432] I mean, not all our customers abs ... are absolutely stupid.
[2433] Buy a bottle at five to two and leave it at ... two o'clock.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2434] It's the nice ones that leave their drink there.
Barry (PS03W) [2435] Mm!
[2436] I'm amazed they haven't
Hugh (PS03Y) [2437] Well anyway I was talking to er Rosette tonight cos I went to the office for some change and I, then I had this like.
[2438] She said, I hear the Empire, or, or hear The Garden's doing well on a Friday night.
[2439] Must have heard about that from Alan.
[2440] He goes ... it's too fucking dead [...] !
[2441] Well it's ... it, last day of week [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2442] Where?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2443] Popping up to Christies and just after you go up the top.
Barry (PS03W) [2444] No, no, no, where?
[2445] Where are you talking about?
[2446] The Empire?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2447] [...] ... But apparently they're doing quite well on a Wednesday ... with the students.
Barry (PS03W) [2448] Students, yeah I know.
[2449] And erm ... Mark was in last week he said
Hugh (PS03Y) [2450] They're getting six hundred like.
Barry (PS03W) [2451] well, Mark said it was, Mark er guessed about four hundred.
[2452] He's, he, he went in last week, he went in this week ... and er
Hugh (PS03Y) [2453] Well Paul, Paul said to me six hundred [...] , about seven hundred
Barry (PS03W) [2454] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2455] normally he said, he said well there would be about six hundred.
Barry (PS03W) [2456] Ni Nigel mentioned, he told me it was erm ... er like four, five hundred in ... tt ... to
Hugh (PS03Y) [2457] Not bad though is it?
Barry (PS03W) [2458] Well it's very good innit?
[2459] I mean, on a Wednesday.
[2460] And it's only a quid to get in and it's a pound, pound a pint.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2461] Two quid and, and a drink, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2462] But on the other hand they're making a little bit at a pound a pint.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2463] Well they're making five or six hundred, they're bound
Barry (PS03W) [clears throat]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2464] to be getting on with it.
Barry (PS03W) [2465] That's right.
[2466] That's getting in the
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2467] I don't think they've got a lot of staff on.
[2468] ... I wouldn't have thought they'd bother with a
Hugh (PS03Y) [2469] No.
Barry (PS03W) [2470] student night, having a lot of staff on, it's pointless having ... ah, I mean, the bouncers ... in that situation.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2471] Well you'd only need one.
[2472] ... But we don't need a bouncer on
Barry (PS03W) [2473] Except, mind you, the, the rough, the erm rugby club gave the band a bit of er, a rough ... seeing to.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2474] What band?
Barry (PS03W) [2475] He had some band that were ... awful apparently and the
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2476] whole of the rugby team were lying in front of stage with their
Hugh (PS03Y) [2477] They, they've never left, they were playing the rugby club?
Barry (PS03W) [2478] fingers up. [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2479] No, no, no, no, no.
Terri (PS03X) [2480] No!
[2481] University
Barry (PS03W) [2482] University rugby club.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2483] Oh!
[2484] The Uni's?
Barry (PS03W) [2485] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2486] Mhm.
Barry (PS03W) [2487] Yeah.
[2488] The band went ... ran off in tears apparently.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2489] Couldn't cope.
Terri (PS03X) [2490] Seeing the University Rugby Club I would, I would have eh!
Barry (PS03W) [2491] Mm.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2492] Must be some narky bastards in the rugby club!
Terri (PS03X) [...] [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2493] Oh!
[2494] I can't get it out it's stuck on his collar I hope she comes back for it next week.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2495] But six hundred on a Wednesday night that's pretty good.
Terri (PS03X) [2496] Mm.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2497] Does the Sugar House get that many people in?
Barry (PS03W) [2498] No.
[2499] No.
[2500] The Sugar House only opens er ... Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
[2501] Or, or,o we always have done.
[2502] I mean, we ... we opened originally, first year, every night of the bloody week and it was pointless, absolutely pointless.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2503] Is that bigger than the Empire?
[2504] I've never been in it?
Barry (PS03W) [2505] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [2506] No!
Barry (PS03W) [2507] Er ... yeah.
[2508] Yes it is.
Terri (PS03X) [2509] Is it?
Barry (PS03W) [2510] It's legal, it's legal
Hugh (PS03Y) [2511] Well it's on, it's on a Thursday, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2512] it's ... it's legally bigger than the Empire but the Empire can get more people in cos he's got upstairs and
Terri (PS03X) [2513] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2514] that
Hugh (PS03Y) [2515] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2516] see.
[2517] But, of course, erm for licensing they don't take that ... particularly into consideration up there.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2518] Well they half upstairs [...] straight away.
Barry (PS03W) [2519] Yeah.
[2520] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2521] So er
Barry (PS03W) [2522] I mean, I think, I, I think the Empire legally is ... well I thought it was nine hundred
Hugh (PS03Y) [2523] Seven fifty I think.
Barry (PS03W) [2524] [whispering] I can't think er [] ... I don't know.
[2525] I think it's nine hundred.
[2526] I mean you could cer you could
Hugh (PS03Y) [2527] Well I thought it was seven fifty.
Barry (PS03W) [2528] certainly get seventeen, eighteen hundred in there.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2529] Well yeah.
[2530] Even that Bob Monkhouse opened up ... quite
Barry (PS03W) [2531] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2532] quite nice.
Barry (PS03W) [2533] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2534] Well, they'll have the [...] Garden won't they?
Barry (PS03W) [2535] Oh yeah.
[2536] Mind you
Hugh (PS03Y) [2537] Probably, fucking tell by, cos there was ... I thought
Barry (PS03W) [2538] They we
Hugh (PS03Y) [2539] there was too many.
Barry (PS03W) [2540] Yeah.
[2541] But I mean they were banging ... they were banging fifteen hundred in for that disco for the first
Hugh (PS03Y) [2542] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2543] few months weren't they?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2544] No, twelve, twelve or thirteen.
[2545] They never had fifteen.
Barry (PS03W) [2546] Didn't they?
[2547] ... I mean the Sugar House, his capacity's
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2548] just been ... upped to eleven hundred I think.
[2549] Erm ... I mean, it was always nine hundred, but it's been upped to eleven hundred last year I think.
[2550] Well we used to put, I mean, I put twelve, thirteen hundred in the Sugar House.
[2551] But tha but you ... it's full at that, you know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2552] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2553] Whereas the, the, the, you, you could ... you could, you could fit sixteen, seventeen hundred.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2554] No, I reckon,th th there was,th th they reckon between a, a thousand and e eleven hundred for a ... [...] night, you know.
[2555] But you couldn't fucking move at that.
Barry (PS03W) [2556] Yeah, but it was a, it was also a ver it was a bit of a celebrity, I mean it was ... people, people were crushed around, bloody hell I mean
Hugh (PS03Y) [2557] Yeah, that's right.
[2558] [...] , yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2559] all the downstairs, I mean all the plebs were upstairs ... all the downstairs was erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [2560] Yeah but,ma maybe, maybe a hundred people [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2561] Mm.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2562] I'm sure.
Barry (PS03W) [2563] I mean, I don't know I, you see I left ... I had to come here so I left before Bob Monkhouse and everything, I just, I, all I did was go for ... couple of free drinks and plate of free food, which, I don't think I got.
[2564] And left.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2565] You get a few fucking [...] with the chef.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2566] You know ... deep sea diving at ... [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2567] Yes you would.
[2568] You, you betrayed us then, you'd left hadn't you?
[2569] You'd left me!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2570] I had to leave.
Barry (PS03W) [2571] You'd fled us!
[2572] And gone to work for the opposition.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2573] Were you op well I didn't reckon you were opposition.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2574] But I did go out or something.
Barry (PS03W) [2575] Just cos you thought you were go
Hugh (PS03Y) [2576] It's funny though [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2577] just cos you, you were coming out with about two hundred and fifty quid a week for working seven nights a week!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2578] No, I, originally, they they were open seven nights a week.
Barry (PS03W) [2579] I know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2580] No.
[2581] Was it four times a week?
Barry (PS03W) [2582] And you were secured ... weren't you secured there?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2583] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2584] Oh!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2585] Seven nights a week, two hundred and fifty in my pocket guaranteed.
[2586] Going to bed with Jean ... fucking, fucking shite!
[2587] [laughing] Kelly's [...] [] !
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2588] Christ!
[2589] Some of the schemes they come up with.
[2590] ... Get your blood going.
Barry (PS03W) [2591] I mean, I'll, I'll, I'll be interesting to see how they ... they start next week with a ... a load of er ... bands on Thursday nights.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2592] Mm. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2593] I mean, they're all chartsey stuff but
Hugh (PS03Y) [2594] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2595] you know, I, I da ... that kind of stuff doesn't draw punters ... generally, chart stuff cos ... the people who go
Hugh (PS03Y) [2596] I dunno, I think the young
Barry (PS03W) [2597] the people who are interested
Hugh (PS03Y) [2598] I think the young people go to it like.
Barry (PS03W) [2599] Well me yeah, maybe.
[2600] Maybe some of that will.
[2601] Yeah.
[2602] But generally pop, poppy type
Hugh (PS03Y) [2603] A lot, a lot of [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2604] Top of the Pops stuff doesn't, in the sense that ... people who like to go and see live music don't ... people who like that kind of music prefer the dis ... prefer it in a
Hugh (PS03Y) [2605] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2606] disco context.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2607] Yeah.
[2608] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2609] Not, not, seeing sort of a live concert.
[2610] ... Anyway
Terri (PS03X) [2611] In fact, in fact most of the stuff they don't like anyway.
Barry (PS03W) [2612] Mm.
[2613] True.
[2614] Well they're not lo all those appearances are P A, it's all gonna be mimed and ... backing tapes.
[2615] Erm ... that blooming Labour Party cancelling that conference on March twenty second ... and which has
Terri (PS03X) [2616] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2617] messed me up!
[2618] Cos I was ... Mary wanted to go and see Si Simply Red at G MEX, and ... last weekend we co or weekend before last when they were on, their big, er we couldn't because ... I had the kids ... Friday ... night and the two of them Saturday night and it, that was the two nights.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2619] Were you gonna go with her?
Barry (PS03W) [2620] Yeah.
[2621] So, so ... so I said well we'll go to the N E C or Sheffi she said oh I'm not traipsing all that way, you know, just for the concert.
[2622] So ... and she was, she was moaning away like sort of oh we alright!
[2623] I'll take you over to Paris and we'll watch them in Paris on the twenty ... so she said, oh when?
[2624] So I said, twentieth of March.
[2625] She said oh!
[2626] Tt.
[2627] Oh!
Terri (PS03X) [2628] Ah!
Barry (PS03W) [2629] The Labour Party Conference is on so I can't go.
[2630] So I said
Terri (PS03X) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2631] oh dear me!
Terri (PS03X) [2632] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2633] [laugh] ... And then she came in, oh, Labour Party Conference is cancelled!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2634] Oh bugger!
Terri (PS03X) [2635] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2636] You see Jean on the telly with Neil Kinnock?
Hugh (PS03Y) [2637] No.
Terri (PS03X) [2638] No, I've been told about it.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2639] When?
Barry (PS03W) [2640] Ee, er, Friday.
[2641] It's on all the national news.
[2642] It wasn't, it wasn't on the regional news it was peculiar!
Hugh (PS03Y) [2643] Well we did
Barry (PS03W) [2644] It was on the six o'clock nat well it was on all day, one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock
Hugh (PS03Y) [2645] Yeah the
Barry (PS03W) [2646] four o'clock, six o'clock
Hugh (PS03Y) [2647] normal news.
Barry (PS03W) [2648] nine o'clock ... yeah.
[2649] It wasn't on the regional news.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2650] Where were they?
Barry (PS03W) [2651] Salford Keys.
[2652] He was up seeing all the north west candidates ... parliamentary candidates.
[2653] Jean was in that horrible ... sa mustard and black striped
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2654] contraption!
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2655] Stuck out like a sore
Hugh (PS03Y) [2656] [laughing] So that everybody noticed!
Barry (PS03W) [2657] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2658] Her dressing up outfit.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2659] Hear Labour are one point five ... I heard it yesterday
Barry (PS03W) [2660] Yeah.
[2661] All the sh
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [2662] I thought she was going to be meeting him next weekend then?
Barry (PS03W) [2663] All the dirty tricks start now though.
Terri (PS03X) [2664] At the regional conference at Blackpool.
[2665] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [2666] I don't, I don't, I don't whether he's going to that.
Terri (PS03X) [2667] Forgotten what it's called.
Barry (PS03W) [2668] Yeah, it's si I know it's north
Hugh (PS03Y) [2669] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2670] west, er no,la regional councils re Labour ... council, the ... urban councils or something like that.
Terri (PS03X) [2671] Something like that, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2672] No,na well I don't know, he might be.
[2673] I don't know whether he's going to that, he might be but ... this was, this, he was up sort of seeing, meeting all the Labour Party candidates for the north west.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2674] Well if I had a million invested, have it all invested [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2675] Yep!
Terri (PS03X) [2676] Yep!
Barry (PS03W) [2677] I agree.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2678] Seriously, I'd fucking have it out of there, everything I own.
Barry (PS03W) [2679] But he ta all the dirty tricks are starting now.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2680] Kinnock's a funny ... he really is.
Barry (PS03W) [2681] He's er ... the Sunday Times tomorrow
Hugh (PS03Y) [2682] Er, I remember you said about
Barry (PS03W) [2683] full ... Sunday Times tomorrow, Major expose on the lader le the lea the Labour leaderships ... ties with ... a Moscow ... Moscow company.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2684] Did you see it?
[2685] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [2686] Oh you mean, they're still getting Moscow's [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2687] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2688] It's like, what's it they've got?
Terri (PS03X) [2689] I think it's about time I got my share of the [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2690] Well who's doing it, tomorrow, what they call it?
[2691] Report he's doing tomorrow?
Terri (PS03X) [2692] Oh
Barry (PS03W) [2693] Er ... Sunday Times.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2694] Personal view of the files on [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2695] Typically [...] . [yawn]
Hugh (PS03Y) [2696] Dennis Healey, fuck!
[2697] He's gonna out with some stick!
Barry (PS03W) [2698] Kinnock was saying to erm ... the candidates, you know, we re I realize that a lot of you are getting it rough at the moment, cos there's about five Labour
Hugh (PS03Y) [2699] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2700] candidates all been arrested in the north
Hugh (PS03Y) [2701] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2702] west ... mysteriously.
Hugh (PS03Y) [2703] But er ... Jean not a [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2704] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2705] Derek, there's somebody Derek
Hugh (PS03Y) [2706] Derby
Barry (PS03W) [2707] Derby, that's right.
[2708] Blackpool's under investigation.
[2709] Anyway, so erm ... he said, but you know ... he was saying to them that er, it's not just at the bottom end, he said, in our village in Wales we've got ... the Sun have now positioned two reporters who have lived in the village ... the these ... the they sit in a car outside his house day and night
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [2710] photographing who comes in.
[2711] They've been to his little boy's primary school, interviewed the teachers and headmistress and ... all the school friends and everything just trying to get a dirty story.

8 (Tape 064001)

Barry (PS03W) [2712] How did you er ... how did you know about the football?
Sergio (PS045) [2713] What football?
Barry (PS03W) [2714] The Morecambe ... match.
Sergio (PS045) [2715] What d'ya mean?
Barry (PS03W) [2716] How did you know about it?
Sergio (PS045) [2717] Cos I saw it when we went past.
Barry (PS03W) [2718] When is it on, tomorrow?
Sergio (PS045) [2719] Yeah.
[2720] I think so.
Barry (PS03W) [2721] Oh.
[2722] Did you see the time by any chance?
Sergio (PS045) [2723] Either seven thirty or eight.
Barry (PS03W) [2724] Be seven thirty I would imagine.
[2725] Plenty of time.
Sergio (PS045) [2726] Or seven o'clock maybe.
[2727] ... It's unusual, some time ... if, from seven to eight.
Barry (PS03W) [2728] Mm.
Sergio (PS045) [2729] That's in the F A trophy.
Barry (PS03W) [2730] Yep!
[2731] D'ya wanna go to it then?
Sergio (PS045) [2732] Well okay.
[2733] Is it the Vauxhall trophy or the F A trophy?
Barry (PS03W) [2734] F A trophy.
Sergio (PS045) [2735] Mm.
[2736] That's ... the ta two cups they can win now.
[2737] ... Isn't it Barry?
Barry (PS03W) [2738] Who, Morecambe?
Sergio (PS045) [2739] Yeah.
[2740] League ... and
Barry (PS03W) [2741] Oh.
[2742] Still in the league, they're still in their league cup are they?
Sergio (PS045) [2743] No, I don't, no, the league, actual league.
[2744] H F S [...] league.
Barry (PS03W) [2745] Well that's not a cup.
Sergio (PS045) [2746] Yeah, but you get a cup when you win it.
Barry (PS03W) [2747] No you don't.
Sergio (PS045) [2748] Do you not?
Barry (PS03W) [2749] No.
Sergio (PS045) [2750] Oh!
[2751] I don't know.
Barry (PS03W) [2752] You don't get a cup if you win the league in ... first division do you?
Sergio (PS045) [2753] Yes!
Barry (PS03W) [2754] No you don't.
Sergio (PS045) [2755] You do!
Barry (PS03W) [2756] You don't!
Sergio (PS045) [2757] Barry, you do!
Barry (PS03W) [2758] You don't, you get a shield.
Sergio (PS045) [2759] Shield?
Barry (PS03W) [2760] Yeah.
Sergio (PS045) [2761] Oh!
[2762] There's only one shield, and that's the charity shield.
Barry (PS03W) [2763] You can't call it the league cup can you?
[2764] Cos there's already a league cup int there?
[2765] Completely different.
Sergio (PS045) [2766] Barry ... can you ... what are the H F S [...] league cup did you call it?
[2767] What does H F S stand for anyhow?
Barry (PS03W) [2768] Er ... I don't know.
[2769] I presume it's some sponsor or other.
[2770] Don't know who it is.
[2771] It's not very good publicity is it?
[2772] If nobody knows who it is.
Sergio (PS045) [2773] Well do you know what it is?
Barry (PS03W) [2774] No.
[2775] I just said I don't know.
[2776] Said it's not very good publicity if nobody knows what it is is it?
Sergio (PS045) [2777] That's at Wembley.
Barry (PS03W) [2778] Yeah.
Sergio (PS045) [2779] Gary Wilkinson's pretty good isn't he?
Barry (PS03W) [2780] Yeah.
[2781] Well he did
Sergio (PS045) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2782] he did well in the ... last er
Sergio (PS045) [2783] Yeah, got to the semi-finals.
Barry (PS03W) [2784] British Open, or whatever it was.
Sergio (PS045) [2785] Well tha the last one he's got to the semi-finals and he got beat by Steve Davis.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Sergio (PS045) [2786] Pardon?
Barry (PS03W) [2787] It's a test match in ... two minutes.
Sergio (PS045) [2788] What of? ... [...] ?
Barry (PS03W) [2789] Mm.
Sergio (PS045) [2790] Well I'll go across quickly now then.
Barry (PS03W) [2791] Okay.
Sergio (PS045) [2792] I'll see you in a minute.
Barry (PS03W) [2793] Okay.
Sergio (PS045) [2794] Oh!
[2795] Well in a minute anyhow.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]

9 (Tape 064002)

Barry (PS03W) [2796] You've been a long time!
Sergio (PS045) [2797] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [2798] Why?
Sergio (PS045) [2799] I don't know.
[2800] It ... [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2801] Oh.
[2802] They're showing all them, mm, all the er wickets and all the runs from the first day onwards.
Sergio (PS045) [2803] That was on the first day.
Barry (PS03W) [2804] No, this is the third day.
Sergio (PS045) [2805] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [2806] And me we've missed the first two innings.
Sergio (PS045) [2807] Pardon?
Barry (PS03W) [2808] We've missed the first two innings.
[2809] ... Are you playing on Saturday?
Sergio (PS045) [2810] Dunno.
[2811] ... Ah!
[2812] No I'm not, [...] .
[2813] They've taken that [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2814] See Van Basten got another ... hat trick.
Sergio (PS045) [2815] Well on ... A C Milan
Barry (PS03W) [2816] Did you see it this morning?
[2817] Did you see all the goals this morning?
Sergio (PS045) [2818] Well what on?
Barry (PS03W) [2819] Channel Four.
[2820] They o show all the ... Italian goals on Channel Four.
Sergio (PS045) [2821] What on?
[2822] What time?
Barry (PS03W) [2823] Channel Four News.
[2824] Half past eight.
[2825] Mm.
Sergio (PS045) [2826] I'm [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2827] Mm.
[2828] Show all the goals from Europe, and ... Spain, and Germany, and Italy.
Sergio (PS045) [2829] Every day?
Barry (PS03W) [2830] No.
[2831] Just, well I dunno, cos they're not on every day are they?
[2832] ... They don't play every day of the week do they?
[2833] A bit too tired don't you think?
Sergio (PS045) [2834] Most teams do ... in ... F A.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Sergio (PS045) [2835] It was er, first division.
Barry (PS03W) [2836] Who?
Sergio (PS045) [2837] Well, second division teams.
Barry (PS03W) [2838] No they don't.

10 (Tape 064003)

Sergio (PS045) [2839] They've planted a new tree there haven't they?
Barry (PS03W) [2840] Where?
Sergio (PS045) [2841] There.
Barry (PS03W) [2842] Where?
Sergio (PS045) [2843] The one right in front, at the very
Barry (PS03W) [2844] Well that's been there ever since we moved in!
Sergio (PS045) [2845] No, not that bush.
[2846] I mean that
Barry (PS03W) [2847] No, the tree.
[2848] Yeah.
Sergio (PS045) [2849] Has it?
Barry (PS03W) [2850] Yeah.
Sergio (PS045) [2851] Well I can't remember that ... now.
[2852] ... Unless it was small and [laughing] it's grown [] !
Barry (PS03W) [2853] So when ... you don't know when you go back in then?
[2854] The time the trains are?
Sergio (PS045) [2855] Nope!
[2856] ... Could do that
Barry (PS03W) [2857] They're getting some more tomorrow aren't they?
Sergio (PS045) [2858] I don't know yet.
[2859] Cos in ... you don't know if it'll be moved by then.
[2860] Cos she said they're moving it aren't they?
[2861] From his bedroom.
Barry (PS03W) [2862] Yes.
[2863] That'll take about ten minutes [...] .
Sergio (PS045) [2864] Oh it would.
[2865] If more comes ... in.
[2866] [phone rings] ... Do you want me to get that?
Barry (PS03W) [2867] No, I'll get it.

11 (Tape 064101)

Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2868] What, what he's, what he's had to say is, is, is to, is to get the ball rolling and get some money, and then we can start looking.
[2869] He'll give us that
Barry (PS03W) [2870] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2871] without any security.
Barry (PS03W) [2872] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2873] Can have that for starters.
[2874] At a write off of thirty pound a barrel.
Barry (PS03W) [2875] Oh!
[2876] He's going to write off one as well?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2877] This is what he's saying, yeah.
[2878] S so you don't get involved or anything, this is, we can just sign it off.
[2879] All he wants off us, we're gonna give him analyses of your last three months' invoices.
Barry (PS03W) [2880] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2881] Right?
[2882] And then wants just some form of a business plan, which
Barry (PS03W) [2883] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2884] is probably similar to what your
Barry (PS03W) [2885] Yeah.
[2886] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2887] What you did that, on that other thing.
[2888] And then, and he'll come and see us, sort it all out, sort the installation out and erm ... and, and
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2889] we've got fifteen left.
[2890] Then we then he says, then wha well cos what we're saying is, then if your barrelage goes up to four barrels, say
Barry (PS03W) [2891] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2892] go back and get another ten to fifteen
Barry (PS03W) [2893] Another write off.
Barry (PS03W) [2894] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2895] er another write off.
[2896] He says, so you you you you you're not, you're not ... stinging yourself up to something ... er
Barry (PS03W) [2897] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2898] and you take as you improve the business.
[2899] It's whether, you know, what we've got to look at really is what, what, basis we can use that fifteen thou for.
Barry (PS03W) [2900] Mm.
[2901] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2902] As a starter.
Barry (PS03W) [2903] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2904] You know.
Barry (PS03W) [2905] The biggest thing is a case of refurbishment to, is that, that's what we want.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2906] That cocktail bar looks alright in the corner over there.
Barry (PS03W) [2907] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2908] Then you could sort of do something with the
Barry (PS03W) [2909] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2910] Yeah.
[2911] Bas let's wander round and have a look.
[2912] I mean
Barry (PS03W) [2913] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2914] Er do you want, there's another the idea of what that [...] ?
Barry (PS03W) [2915] What do you think on that Barry, on that score?
Barry (PS03W) [2916] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2917] If we can get fifteen quickly.
Barry (PS03W) [2918] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2919] Cos we've missed the March he said, because th it's the new financial year so
Barry (PS03W) [2920] Aha.
[2921] Aha.
Barry (PS03W) [2922] you know, so if we can ge if we can get fifteen in quickly we can start saying well look, while
Barry (PS03W) [2923] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [2924] we're gonna spend that fifteen
Barry (PS03W) [2925] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2926] for
Barry (PS03W) [2927] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [2928] And then get it going.
[2929] Anyway, I said ... we'll have to [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [2930] Yeah.
[2931] I mean, basically, blokes have written everything off.
Barry (PS03W) [2932] Yeah.
[2933] So, so ... I mean, they've just walked
Barry (PS03W) [2934] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2935] away from the whole thing, so
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2936] So
Barry (PS03W) [2937] with all the pumps, heads,
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2938] All yo all
Barry (PS03W) [2939] cellar, everything!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2940] all we're gonna have to do is, put that in, well ... we might
Barry (PS03W) [2941] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2942] we might, we might, what money we're saving we might be able to say well what about something
Barry (PS03W) [2943] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2944] you know.
Barry (PS03W) [2945] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2946] Yeah.
[2947] We will turn round, but I say
Barry (PS03W) [2948] We, we own this, you know, d'ya wanna buy it, can, d'ya wanna buy the equipment?
Barry (PS03W) [2949] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2950] They might say well, put new in, you know, but ... gonna save them an arm and a leg and maybe we can ... ah, either negotiate something definite or
Barry (PS03W) [2951] Well it's not, it's, I mean it's not only the cost of the equipment, it's actually the cost of pu installing it.
[2952] You know, you need
Barry (PS03W) [2953] That's right, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2954] to have a company in to install it.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2955] [...] won't need to push
Barry (PS03W) [2956] Gonna be, it's gonna be ... I mean, it's a long run, it's, it's
Barry (PS03W) [2957] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2958] gonna be a good two days
Barry (PS03W) [2959] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [2960] wanted to do that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2961] Well they, they'll put a condition on as well. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2962] Have a word with Colin.
Barry (PS03W) [2963] Yeah.
[2964] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [2965] Here we are.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2966] Here we are backstage.
[2967] Erm ... that's just cupboard, staff toilets, and spirit stuff ... in there.
Barry (PS03W) [2968] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2969] [...] ... area
Barry (PS03W) [2970] Sa what's that for?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2971] Ice making machine.
Barry (PS03W) [2972] Oh yeah!
Barry (PS03W) [2973] That's what we want a
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2974] Dishwasher.
Barry (PS03W) [2975] glass washer.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2976] Erm ... there's one freezer, that's a freezer.
[2977] Er ... it's small but ... well it's a reasonable kitchen
Barry (PS03W) [2978] Yeah, it's quite a good one
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2979] int it?
Barry (PS03W) [2980] really.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2981] Fridge.
Barry (PS03W) [2982] They do say that er, that the er ... it's
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [2983] cos you have to anything on there, food-wise.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2984] Yeah, you've got to have food anyway.
[2985] So I mean, if they've had it.
[2986] But
Barry (PS03W) [2987] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2988] I mean it's, it's ... er, it needs somebody working at it ... full time
Barry (PS03W) [2989] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2990] erm ... and just being, being prepared to su suffer a few months of building
Barry (PS03W) [2991] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2992] it up basically.
Barry (PS03W) [2993] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2994] That's, that's the, that's where you've got ... er ... freezer ... freezer ... and a chest freezer there as well.
[2995] That's a lift straight down to the cellar.
Barry (PS03W) [2996] Who put that in?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [2997] Charlie .
[2998] Tha I mean the whole building's brand new, he, well
Barry (PS03W) [2999] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3000] I mean it's, what?
[3001] Er ... eight years
Barry (PS03W) [3002] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3003] old or whatever.
[3004] ... Er, we've got all packed in for ... I mean that might be worth ... putting back on.
Barry (PS03W) [3005] No.
[3006] Doubt
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3007] When it
Barry (PS03W) [3008] if it's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3009] when it got to the stage that we only open like, one and a half days a week
Barry (PS03W) [3010] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3011] we said, well it's not really worth, from your company's point of view, such an expensive piece of ... equipment for a ... I mean, [...] was doing the process thing then, you know, we could utilize the equipment elsewhere.
[3012] But, er, if you're not really gonna be ... [break in recording] still like split cups but ... well
Barry (PS03W) [3013] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3014] it's, it's useful for the gas sort of thing
Barry (PS03W) [3015] Oh yeah.
[3016] Whatever, whatever [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3017] I mean ... we'll
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3018] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3019] be expecting that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3020] Yeah.
[3021] Well yo do your
Barry (PS03W) [3022] So
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3023] do, do you know?
Barry (PS03W) [3024] Oh yeah!
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3025] Yeah, I know that.
[3026] Well when everything's sorted, that's it.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3027] So you got, there's a lot of wasted space in this club.
Barry (PS03W) [3028] Mm!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3029] Phenomenal amount of wasted space.
Barry (PS03W) [3030] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3031] I used to think what [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3032] Where does this lead to?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3033] This is the back of the, the disco.
Barry (PS03W) [3034] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3035] Right, there was a disco
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3036] console ... on the back.
Barry (PS03W) [3037] Mm.
[3038] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3039] Aye.
[3040] And I got, I've got about ... two hundred of these ... poly-foam chairs as well back
Barry (PS03W) [3041] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3042] there, which ... I got off one of my [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3043] Here's the piano.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3044] That's the piano.
Barry (PS03W) [3045] [laugh] ... And these are [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3046] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[3047] ... I mean we have ... on a couple of occasions always done like fortieths and that, on a ... couple of them.
[3048] We actually set up ... buffet in there
Barry (PS03W) [3049] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3050] which worked ... reasonably well.
Barry (PS03W) [3051] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3052] I think one did it, you know what I mean
Barry (PS03W) [3053] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3054] tart it up and whatever.
Barry (PS03W) [3055] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3056] Erm, and what else worked well ... erm ... for a while, we were doing the women's darts.
[3057] And we had ... about three boards in here and we had a board in there.
[3058] I mean, there must be about seven boards in all.
Barry (PS03W) [3059] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [3060] Was that a competition was it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3061] No, it was a weekly ... thing.
[3062] Because, what they were doing, they were going to individual pubs
Barry (PS03W) [3063] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3064] Which couldn't cope
Barry (PS03W) [3065] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3066] with it, and th wha on their knock-outs and their cups and everything they
Barry (PS03W) [3067] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3068] wanted them all in one place.
[3069] So
Barry (PS03W) [3070] Aha
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3071] but erm ... there was a bit of jealousy in the la licensees started getting a bit er ... er
Barry (PS03W) [3072] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3073] because we're taking the trade away from them, you know ... they would have obviously had
Barry (PS03W) [3074] They were all the other pubs and the darts [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3075] Yeah.
[3076] They'd have had a lot [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3077] A bit of competition from other place.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3078] Well, at that stage we were talking to ... the men's darts secretary came along and was saying, he'd be quite interested in, in ... knocking up, you know, one of the Lancashire matches or something
Barry (PS03W) [3079] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3080] like that.
[3081] It's a
Barry (PS03W) [3082] Well it's the stage for it int it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3083] Th thing is, you can put it on there, put it on sta you can er film it, and bang it on the big screen over there.
Barry (PS03W) [3084] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3085] which is what I, I, in the [...] I had Eric Bristow and Maureen one night, and, I mean, it was just little dart board in the corner, but what I did was, I had a big screen like that ... and I just got ... student television service just to film it live and just throw it straight back up onto the big
Barry (PS03W) [3086] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3087] onto the thing, so ... you know, it was like ... well it's better than being at the telly.
[3088] I mean, it's better
Barry (PS03W) [3089] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3090] than
Barry (PS03W) [3091] Watching that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3092] because th on the telly they haven't got those.
[3093] I mean, I'm
Barry (PS03W) [3094] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3095] amazed at the, on the world championships, they've only got those ... lighting up boards
Barry (PS03W) [3096] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3097] haven't they?
Barry (PS03W) [3098] That's right, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3099] You know, and, I, instead of having ... I mean
Barry (PS03W) [3100] Screen up.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3101] why they don't just put a screen up
Barry (PS03W) [3102] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3103] that beats me, you know.
[3104] They do other sport etcetera.
[3105] See what I mean?
Barry (PS03W) [3106] Mm.
[3107] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3108] Well that's part of the course because, we need to sort, with Johnny's entertainment out with a roof.
Barry (PS03W) [3109] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3110] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3111] They've got two or three
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3112] little leaks.
[3113] What it is is, the ventilation ... on the roof, ventilation shafts ... when the wind's driven ... it drives under and leaks through.
[3114] And we get it in two or three places, the toilets are, are the key one.
Barry (PS03W) [3115] And you don't see [...] with that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3116] Roof tiles are a fu ... bloody cost a fortune!
[3117] ... Yeah, so ... damn!
[3118] I didn't bring the ... I'll, I'll go and ... I'll go and get the key for that.
[3119] No, I'll let you see it, may as well while you're here.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3120] You can see floor
Barry (PS03W) [3121] What's the floor, underneath the floor?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3122] Concrete.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3123] I think, what, what ... you mean
Barry (PS03W) [3124] What is
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3125] the actual car it's just carpet.
[3126] You see it was out in the, probably is still out in the hall that one.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3127] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3128] I mean, [...] closed now, it
Barry (PS03W) [3129] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3130] was open when Colin was there that time of the day.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3131] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3132] You know, you'd have ten, they say
Barry (PS03W) [3133] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3134] ten, if there was only ten people in, they'd all be drinking six or seven
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3135] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3136] pints.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3137] You haven't got a cold shelf in here.
[3138] But I mean, that wouldn't be
Barry (PS03W) [3139] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3140] that's not that difficult to put in here.
Barry (PS03W) [3141] We'll get them
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3142] Yeah.
[3143] Exactly.
Barry (PS03W) [3144] I think we'll be able to get them to put them in for us.
Barry (PS03W) [3145] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3146] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3147] Oh we've gotta pay that one [...] haven't we?
[3148] To pay that one?
Barry (PS03W) [3149] I think so, yeah.
[3150] We've got two coming ... for ourselves, but
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3151] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3152] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3153] we'll be able to get them off Gary I think, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3154] And we'll be able to say look, we want, we want ... how man how many have you got behind there?
[3155] Have you got cold shelves behind there?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3156] We've got, one, two, three, four behind there.
Barry (PS03W) [3157] Right.
[3158] So we could get a couple for here
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3159] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3160] couldn't we?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3161] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3162] And you're painting over that.
[3163] I've gotta come and paint
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3164] I mean, really, if, if you look fifteen thousand, if you could spend fifteen thousand doing all this up
Barry (PS03W) [3165] Ah yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3166] and you could write off barrels, you could still improve your barrel er, your barrels a week int it?
Barry (PS03W) [3167] Oh yeah!
[3168] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3169] You need, er you need to
Barry (PS03W) [3170] Definitely.
Barry (PS03W) [3171] Yeah.
[3172] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3173] And you don't need ... say, you don't need, you only need like ... one private function a week.
Barry (PS03W) [3174] And promotions, you know, Malibu promotion night where the
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3175] Do promotions, that's right.
[3176] Yeah.
[3177] And yo and your er ... see what I mean about this area up here, I mean it's not a bad ... thingy.
Barry (PS03W) [3178] No.
[3179] No I mean, I don't think
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3180] Just time to sit and have a drink and all that.
Barry (PS03W) [3181] Well
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3182] I mean, if you wanted you can use the big screen.
[3183] You see cos, we put it that position cos er, the only dead part of the club is just ... literally
Barry (PS03W) [3184] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3185] in the corner.
[3186] O the other way you can see the screen from everywhere.
[3187] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [3188] I mean, how much do you reckon it'll cost?
[3189] If we said ou the carpet, we said well a certain area of the carpet wants [...]
Barry (PS03W) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3190] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3191] Erm
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3192] I mean, it's quite a big floor area ... when you look at it.
Barry (PS03W) [3193] How much did you say
Barry (PS03W) [3194] Yeah, probably.
Barry (PS03W) [3195] in all your nightclubs and, what did you say they do a [...] ?
[3196] We'll ... nothing, we'll, won't be able to paint the floor and put the carpets down on
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3197] I mean I
Barry (PS03W) [3198] that floor.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3199] I would have thought ... to be honest, I would have thought you don't need any of that area
Barry (PS03W) [3200] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3201] carpeted.
Barry (PS03W) [3202] Just to, probably, very ends of [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3203] Don't you, you want your raised area, this
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3204] You want your two raised areas carpeted.
Barry (PS03W) [3205] Er, by, by the bar would you say it ... no not right in front
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3206] you know, have that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3207] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3208] running to about three foot back.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3209] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3210] Yeah that
Barry (PS03W) [3211] Well
Barry (PS03W) [3212] but you don't really want it up to the bar if you're going to get
Barry (PS03W) [3213] No I'm saying that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3214] you go right up to the bar
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3215] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3216] you want it up to
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3217] See if you put artists on ... and you have this area as ... some kind of ... without carpet on
Barry (PS03W) [3218] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3219] in some ways, you haven't put, you can actually be, you know, dancing on this area.
[3220] I mean,tha that's the problem we got at the moment.
Barry (PS03W) [3221] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3222] On Mary's do, what we did, I put [...] soul machine over here where the screen was
Barry (PS03W) [3223] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3224] so people could dance on the er ... on the actual dance floor if they wanted.
[3225] Erm ... I mean, it's not ideal but it really, it worked.
[3226] It wor even, providing you haven't got a lot of ... if you've only got about a hundred people it's not too bad that cos it, it ... also creates a bit more atmosphere.
[3227] But, it's a better ... i it's not a ... bad designed place in a sense that, that ... I mean, it's a reasonable size room
Barry (PS03W) [3228] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3229] and you ca and three hundred people er, you can take three hundred quite
Barry (PS03W) [3230] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3231] easily ... I mean, you know, we've had four, fives ... hundred in.
Barry (PS03W) [3232] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3233] You can take three hundred quite easily.
[3234] But ... the erm ... the other thing about it is if you have a hundred people in ... it can be so also be a good atmosphere, you know?
Barry (PS03W) [3235] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3236] Yet,i it's not one of those rooms where, if
Barry (PS03W) [3237] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3238] you only get a hu yo you're struggling if you've only a got a hundred.
Barry (PS03W) [3239] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3240] Erm, what I'm, I've just arranged somebody to redo our speaker syste our original system with tannoys, we blew our tannoys ... speakers, and ... I didn't bother getting them replaced because we were going for a rock crowd ... so we just used Bernie and Nigel
Barry (PS03W) [3241] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3242] P A there.
Barry (PS03W) [3243] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3244] What I've got, is I've got four of these directional speakers, there's two up and two on here ... and then two big bass ones which sit on a floor back there.
[3245] And, so it's very loud on the dance floor but you can actually talk out, out here.
Barry (PS03W) [3246] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3247] Which I thought we need to redo if we're gonna get private bookings.
Barry (PS03W) [3248] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3249] Cos the one thing you always get when you've got a mixture of people, I mean, all thi this needs recovering basically as well.
Barry (PS03W) [3250] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3251] But I mean, that's not a big job it's just
Barry (PS03W) [3252] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3253] re relinoing it basically.
Barry (PS03W) [3254] Oh yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3255] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3256] [...] ... Filling the smoke
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3257] Smoke machine
Barry (PS03W) [3258] up.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3259] Yeah, you got a smoke machine ... we, we, we would set in little, in a hole in the back.
Barry (PS03W) [3260] And all of these air conditioning valves are on?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3261] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3262] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3263] Actually I'm having the,a th I mean I can get, I'm getting our system back in operation.
[3264] It, it was gonna cost me a thousand but I've done a deal with a guy who'd got stuck with some in Manchester so it's gonna cost me five hundred which I'm getting done this Friday.
[3265] Erm ... to put a satellite ... system, to put a satellite in would be three hundred quid in total.
Barry (PS03W) [3266] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3267] So ... I mean it's ... that's only one ... that's only one good'un, good night using it innit, a year?
[3268] Pays for that.
Barry (PS03W) [3269] Yo you're light, the er ceiling ... could you not get away with covering the, get the lights a colour blue?
[3270] And er ... and ... you know, tidying up ceiling obviously [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3271] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [3272] I mean, there's lots of bits and pieces you need for ... a
Barry (PS03W) [3273] I mean, if you just ... cover all the areas that were really
Barry (PS03W) [3274] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3275] bad, er ... I reckon, I says, well what do you think ... yourself in, in, in
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3276] Well the, the big ... the single biggest cost is, is what we do with this ... a carpet area.
Barry (PS03W) [3277] Mm. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3278] That's our single biggest cost, cos ... as I say, I had three quotes in total, and they were all sort of between thirteen and twenty three.
Barry (PS03W) [3279] Yeah.
[3280] Thousand.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3281] Yeah.
[3282] But that's, having said that, that's to carpet all this area
Barry (PS03W) [3283] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3284] that back area I've just taken you through, that, the staircase, and the corridors out there.
[3285] I mean, that's the carpet ev I just said like ... I wanted a quote to carpet
Barry (PS03W) [3286] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3287] everywhere.
[3288] Erm ... what we were doing is,i what it was for, was for, for prospective buyers, they wanted erm ... a justification for
Barry (PS03W) [3289] Yeah.
[3290] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3291] the money they were gonna spend.
[3292] I mean, they wouldn't have spent that money.
[3293] But, they wanted ... written quotes for ... a justification more or less.
Barry (PS03W) [3294] Do you think it's better being like this?
[3295] Looking there, or is it better sort of, clearing your floor and get a wider dancing space and
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3296] Well it's quite, it's a reasonable size
Barry (PS03W) [3297] I know it's a fair size, but [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3298] It's a fair size dancing
Barry (PS03W) [3299] you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3300] space actually, I mean, you get about a hundred people on here, it's, it's, it's alright.
[3301] In fact the, in fact it's,i at times it's too big.
[3302] That's, my one, I don't know how you'd ever get over it, but that's my one ... criticism of the thing is that sometimes when you walk in ... it's the first thing that hits you and unless people are dancing ... it creates a cold atmosphere.
Barry (PS03W) [3303] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3304] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [3305] I mean, if you've got your group on ... there's nothing better than having your floor there and are dancing on ... the floor at, at, in front of the group kind of thing like
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3306] Yeah, but I mean a a if you have any
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3307] anything like a, a, a group takes all of this.
Barry (PS03W) [3308] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3309] If you have a
Barry (PS03W) [3310] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3311] a main group up, you know
Barry (PS03W) [3312] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3313] you're struggling to get
Barry (PS03W) [3314] But then if you did this floor space like
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3315] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3316] we said
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3317] Oh yeah.
[3318] Yeah.
[3319] I mean, I, I actually don't think you need carpet on ... I mean I, I don't
Barry (PS03W) [3320] Oh no.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3321] think, I don't think you need any of this carpet, to be honest.
Barry (PS03W) [3322] [...] black [...] , would that look nice?
[3323] Black [...] carpet.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3324] I dunno.
Barry (PS03W) [3325] Ah, cos Peter was saying, I dunno, I dunno ... what the ... black [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3326] Don't have to be black [...] , you just want, you want something that er ... I don't know really, you'd have to think about it wouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3327] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3328] Yeah.
[3329] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3330] Could do with probably somebody who knows what they're doing on it.
Barry (PS03W) [3331] You want the carpet area full of seating
Barry (PS03W) [3332] Actually one thing Barry
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3333] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3334] don't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3335] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3336] Give it a bit of warmth when they're sitting right
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3337] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3338] down.
[3339] [...] the area.
Barry (PS03W) [3340] That's one thing Ben said though, which was quite useful, he said get some people down ... pick their brains.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3341] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3342] You know, let them come down and give a quote
Barry (PS03W) [3343] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3344] for whatever you're looking at
Barry (PS03W) [3345] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3346] and pick what they thought, was the best thing you could do, and then don't, don't tell you but ... get them made.
Barry (PS03W) [3347] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3348] You know, and like
Barry (PS03W) [3349] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3350] I say it, these guys are working on this all the time.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3351] I mean, on a normal night ... it's, the raised areas fill up with people ... seated.
Barry (PS03W) [3352] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3353] This area's er, everybody's stood around.
Barry (PS03W) [3354] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3355] I mean,i i it's a while before these chairs are,the they're always the last ones these ... to sit
Barry (PS03W) [3356] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3357] down cos you're in the middle of ... the thoroughfare.
[3358] You know,i i you need to be full to fill up that area because ... well, you know yourself, people like to stand around the bar don't they?
Barry (PS03W) [3359] Mm.
[3360] Oh!
[3361] That's right, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3362] So, I mean, all you do is get, I mean this ... and this has been down ... well it's, obviously it's been down since it opened, now I can't remember when Brewer actually opened
Barry (PS03W) [3363] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3364] but it must be seven years ago.
[3365] If we've been
Barry (PS03W) [3366] Nearly seven or eight year ago weren't
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3367] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3368] it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3369] I mean we've been in three.
Barry (PS03W) [3370] Yeah, it'll be about eight, eight year ago.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3371] It was closed for a
Barry (PS03W) [3372] I wonder
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3373] year.
Barry (PS03W) [3374] I wonder how ma ... [...] had to ... to town, I come down from across the town.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3375] [laughing] I don't know [] .
[3376] It's getting the steam roller up that worries me. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3377] Well you
Barry (PS03W) [3378] the time after [...] don't it?
Barry (PS03W) [3379] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3380] Well, I mean, I don't know how to find the other one out.
Barry (PS03W) [3381] You only have to paint the dance floor on then don't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [3382] I wonder how much it would cost the town, like?
[3383] I know it sounds silly, but I say, the silly things like that are the ones that sometimes ... are the
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3384] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3385] ones that are took seriously.
[3386] But like you say, the floor can stand it and there's nice little corner ... or whatever int there?
Barry (PS03W) [3387] I don't know.
Barry (PS03W) [3388] That was rather a cheekiest thing to do.
Barry (PS03W) [3389] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3390] I mean, a er ... a, you see ou a good, a good looking, hard wearing wo lino
Barry (PS03W) [3391] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3392] might not
Barry (PS03W) [3393] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3394] go amiss.
[3395] ... Cos then you can just, just mop it down, brush it or whatever, you don't even
Barry (PS03W) [3396] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3397] need to bother vacuuming, which takes time, is a pain in the neck and ... you can never get a vacuum that's any good anyway.
[3398] And plugs.
Barry (PS03W) [3399] [...] they might look er ... you know they look cheapy or
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3400] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3401] [...] sort of
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3402] But you
Barry (PS03W) [3403] lino being
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3404] No, they do, but you can get good ones now can't you?
Barry (PS03W) [3405] Ah yeah!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3406] I mean, you can get ones that look like ... I just wonder whether you can get ones that look like sort of ... parquet floors almost?
Barry (PS03W) [3407] I've seen [...] these industrial companies and he said look, have you got any er ... of your older stuff
Barry (PS03W) [3408] What's that?
[3409] Because Polly's got a [...] it was at the front of the bar, it's quite a heavy duty thing int it that?
Barry (PS03W) [3410] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3411] It'll take fag burns and, you want something that's not gonna ... that's like, that's got li like that crystaley stuff
Barry (PS03W) [3412] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3413] innit?
[3414] And, and it's non-slip
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3415] Yeah, that's er, that's good.
[3416] That's the stuff
Barry (PS03W) [3417] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3418] you
Barry (PS03W) [3419] It's a non-slip stuff.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3420] want, but I would have thought that'll be quite dear won't it?
[3421] You know, that kind [...] with all the grit
Barry (PS03W) [3422] Yeah I know.
[3423] I like that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3424] in it [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3425] I wonder if you went to the industrial companies, and said look, have you got a ... a, a, a big lot of something and
Barry (PS03W) [3426] Yeah, well that'll be alright.
Barry (PS03W) [3427] You know.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3428] Well do,ja er, I mean er ... is it Marnes do that floor covering?
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3429] Yeah but that was for carpets, was it,i is, is, is that, do they do the floor coverings there?
Barry (PS03W) [3430] Yeah.
[3431] Course it's still [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3432] Or is it Storeys or
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3433] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3434] Yeah, they do the floor covering.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3435] Find out.
Barry (PS03W) [3436] Yes.
[3437] ... I think we'll just work out
Barry (PS03W) [3438] I've never been to that have you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3439] That, that'll be that ... and a, and a lick of paint
Barry (PS03W) [3440] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3441] and then you're, you're half way there.
[3442] Th
Barry (PS03W) [3443] Yeah.
[3444] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3445] Yo your main job is to see th
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3446] I mean
Barry (PS03W) [3447] see the bar open and
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3448] th ... yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3449] I mean,th the, the other thing is we need, we need it ... we need it recovered ... in something that's ... but I mean that's not a massive ... job, and we, and we, and I want the toilet trough ... that sort of thing.
Barry (PS03W) [3450] Yeah, all that sort of thing.
[3451] What's the ladies like?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3452] The ladies are alright.
[3453] Yeah, they're alright.
[3454] Don't need, I mean ... if we get somebody in to do that, we'd have somebody in do little bits of repairs here and there, but generally it's alright.
[3455] I'll show you [...] .
[3456] ... See, there's a tremendous amount of wasted space there!
Barry (PS03W) [3457] Mm.
[3458] ... And Jean's corridor.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3459] Jean's corridor.
Barry (PS03W) [3460] I resume, see if ... the places are [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3461] It, and we had ninety on it on Saturday.
[3462] Bus dri bus driver nearly we nearly hit the ... the thing nearly keeled over cos he didn't realize how many he'd got upstairs and he went round the bend and it started to go.
[3463] [laughing] And then ... cos you're not supposed to stand up upstairs [] .
Barry (PS03W) [3464] See the crack int bog.
Barry (PS03W) [3465] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3466] I think it's got a bit damaged on Saturday, then he put him back
Barry (PS03W) [3467] Supposed to lift base.
[3468] [...] ... But er ... generally needs
Barry (PS03W) [3469] Oh I know.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3470] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3471] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3472] The trouble is, toilets are toilets and they don't ... and they
Barry (PS03W) [3473] Oh aye.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3474] get damaged, I mean, you just have to keep ... bloody working on them, I
Barry (PS03W) [3475] That's nice, in the toilet.
Barry (PS03W) [3476] Yeah, take them in.
Barry (PS03W) [3477] That's right mate.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3478] As I say, it needs cleaning up of graffiti and a little bit of adjustment and
Barry (PS03W) [3479] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3480] This is the problem, er,le
Barry (PS03W) [3481] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3482] leaking roof.
[3483] Cos these bloody tiles are expensive!
Barry (PS03W) [3484] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3485] They keep getting damaged and collapsing, and of course, it's part of the fire protection as well , so
Barry (PS03W) [3486] You've got to be er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3487] Yo they've got, you know,yo you're not supposed to have damaged ones and we, you know, for an inspection we have to get th ... we'd have to, oh
Barry (PS03W) [3488] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3489] change all these.
Barry (PS03W) [3490] Well what about, what, what ... who's responsible?
[3491] Is it, John is?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3492] John is.
[3493] Yeah, but I mean ... you know, at the moment we've not been pushing anything till
Barry (PS03W) [3494] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3495] I mean, everything's sorted out, then I will.
Barry (PS03W) [3496] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3497] I think what it probably needs, is just a guard round the top ventilation things
Barry (PS03W) [3498] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3499] cos a they're open and ... the wind drives under it.
Barry (PS03W) [3500] Well it ... and shut up to there with [...] and that you can
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3501] Ah yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3502] try them holes
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3503] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3504] in there
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3505] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3506] with special sealer.
[3507] But I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3508] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3509] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3510] That's what I mean, and we'll be alright.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3511] See ... this is er [...] that goes along here.
[3512] [...] . But what I wanna do is trough this and bury these pipes.
Barry (PS03W) [3513] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3514] Cos er, you just get damage all the time in here.
[3515] And I got ... Tony coming to do these now.
Barry (PS03W) [3516] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3517] Put these under there.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3518] Somebody's pulled the sink off.
Barry (PS03W) [3519] Mind you if you do that ... your only problem then is your roof int you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3520] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3521] You just
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3522] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3523] You just put a lick of paint again,wo your tiling's awful int it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3524] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3525] But
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3526] I mean
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3527] Yeah.
[3528] It's all there.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3529] Well if you in you can see the diff I mean, you've got what ... seven urinals there?
[3530] But if you troughed all in an L
Barry (PS03W) [3531] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3532] I mean you'd take ... could take twenty guys stood there.
Barry (PS03W) [3533] I mean, [...] damage is being done, say you have got seven guys there stood, what's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3534] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3535] the other one doing, I think can, can pull
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3536] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3537] this off.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3538] Yeah.
[3539] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [3540] So they've nothing better to do.
[3541] You got them on trough, then they're saying alright we'll do it somewhere else.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3542] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3543] Then the longer you got them in here they're likely
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3544] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3545] to
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3546] That's right.
[3547] ... [whispering] There's enough here ... for a trough [] .
Barry (PS03W) [3548] Oh aye. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3549] Well, I dunno, it's go it's got, I was showing th I was showing the licensing people round ... erm ... the inspection of, Jean we Jean wasn't here, we were looking round and ... fire brigade and that were there and ... [...] inspection, we turned round and all written across is ... Jean is a fucking fat cow!
[3550] [laughing] Alright [] !
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3551] I mean, I mean you tried [laughing] not to laugh []
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3552] we tried desperately to avoid looking at her, [laughing] right [] .
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3553] And the environmental health guy there and all.
Barry (PS03W) [3554] Well they probably thought you wrote it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3555] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Barry (PS03W) [3556] [laugh] ... Looks like they're not getting on.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3557] This was a good idea of Johnny's ... which they did, which [...] did ... before ... was this corridor, these lights up here ... that one when it's re-doing, but there's one, two, three, four, five, six ... and they framed ... a large advertising poster.
Barry (PS03W) [3558] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3559] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3560] And so, like hundred quid a year
Barry (PS03W) [3561] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3562] for
Barry (PS03W) [3563] Yeah!
Barry (PS03W) [3564] For putting it
Barry (PS03W) [3565] It could be a
Barry (PS03W) [3566] out.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3567] I mean it's six hundred quid for doing nothing innit?
Barry (PS03W) [3568] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3569] Six is it?
[3570] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3571] Erm, you know ... er, I can't remember who they are, but it wasn't clientele, but I mean we could, you know we could
Barry (PS03W) [3572] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3573] look around for.. the relevant er
Barry (PS03W) [3574] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3575] And how much of this stuff's down?
[3576] I mean, this'll have been down I, oh, won't be able to get as much wear [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3577] Yeah.
[3578] This is, this is, this is
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3579] original as far as I know.
Barry (PS03W) [3580] Did you lay that yourself?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3581] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3582] A little bit ... [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3583] Do they just seem to stick on tap or is it a row?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3584] No, no, no this is a row.
Barry (PS03W) [3585] A row.
[3586] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3587] The stuff that's [...] that's the stuff you want.
Barry (PS03W) [3588] This is, it is not the similar stuff like we've got in the kitchen upstairs?
Barry (PS03W) [3589] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3590] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3591] That rug stuff.
Barry (PS03W) [3592] It is er, it's er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3593] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3594] a actually it is like that stuff.
[3595] But it's different.
Barry (PS03W) [3596] It wasn't here was it?
[3597] Same
Barry (PS03W) [3598] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3599] sort of thing.
Barry (PS03W) [3600] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3601] Maybe that's the type of thing you want on the floor.
Barry (PS03W) [3602] I reckon that is.
[3603] That is it.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3604] In there.
[3605] ... Make, do some more er ... extend the er er er er parquet flooring area to give you more dance room.
[3606] An and, and round the ... other areas which
Barry (PS03W) [3607] Up here.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3608] and keep the carpet on the high ... seating areas.
Barry (PS03W) [3609] Oh aye.
[3610] Yeah.
[3611] I think it's better up there.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3612] Oh yeah.
[3613] Aye, but it wouldn't cost very much to carpet those two areas.
Barry (PS03W) [3614] No.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3615] I think you do, you know, do something
Barry (PS03W) [3616] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3617] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3618] a little bit better, but I mean
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3619] but it, you just need something that's ro that's hardwearing and
Barry (PS03W) [3620] And practical really, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3621] you know.
Barry (PS03W) [3622] As I say, people aren't going in in there to look at, oh! what a pretty carpet you've got.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3623] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3624] Oh no!
Barry (PS03W) [3625] As long as it's, as long as it, it's ... warm
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3626] Well if you remember most of the time the lights are off.
Barry (PS03W) [3627] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3628] It's only to create an impression when you're doing it in the day time.
Barry (PS03W) [3629] Yeah.
[3630] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3631] I mean, I don't know whether you've thought any more about that ... idea that Colin had, but, I mean, I don't know,yo cos you haven't ... said you do, you haven't really looked round it.
Barry (PS03W) [3632] No, that's right, you know, the, the, the only thing we've, we've ... actually gonna trying to get that into a ... the bar ... is er ... [...] ... segregate
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3633] Perhaps er ... Jean's left actually [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3634] This is ... this was ... the, the cloakroom and what we were ... what we were intending doing originally
Barry (PS03W) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3635] is turn it into an office.
Barry (PS03W) [3636] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3637] I mean, we haven't done ... so far but we, that's what ... but, this is stuff we got ... about hundred
Barry (PS03W) [3638] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3639] and fifty quid for two massive rolls like this.
Barry (PS03W) [3640] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3641] Well that's, well that's what not ba bad is it for those int
Barry (PS03W) [3642] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3643] it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3644] Yeah.
[3645] I mean that's what Jean's talking about getting.
Barry (PS03W) [3646] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3647] That's alright int it?
Barry (PS03W) [3648] Oh to ... but that ... will fit ... is a bit
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3649] Well er
Barry (PS03W) [3650] bit more thickness than I hoped, er ... but if it's sat on top of there and ... on top of what's on.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3651] On top of what's on?
[3652] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [3653] I don't know whether they were actually sitting right where the bevel or whatever.
[3654] I know this sort of stuff is ... we had similar to when I worked in the shop ... er, used to, he had three quarters of this, guy come round in a van or whatever, back of a van
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3655] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3656] and he laid it himself.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3657] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3658] [...] and by the entrance and whatever er
Barry (PS03W) [3659] I think you'd have to get a ... professional carpet
Barry (PS03W) [3660] So
Barry (PS03W) [3661] layer just, just to make certain.
Barry (PS03W) [3662] Summat like that really, is, is obviously
Barry (PS03W) [3663] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3664] And it's just stuck on int it?
Barry (PS03W) [3665] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3666] I mean i er ... I, I spent ... as I say
Barry (PS03W) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3667] spent the best part of the year working ... in here, sort of nine to five type ... thing ... and it's ... mind walking down that bottom end ... without any ar without any natural light.
Barry (PS03W) [3668] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3669] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3670] That little office, you know, so I said to Jean, you know, well let's turn this into an office
Barry (PS03W) [3671] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3672] basically.
[3673] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [3674] No I can ... did you have a cloakroom then?
[3675] Or did you [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3676] No.
[3677] I mean we u when we, when we use,whe the, the rave used this as a cloakroom.
[3678] Erm ... but I mean there are, there are other areas you can use.
Barry (PS03W) [3679] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3680] And you can use ... you could use past that erm ... cos that's the other thing I haven't shown you, is, is ... this is all ours as well down the bottom end.
[3681] Erm ... and that's the other thing about having ... having, sort of, a lot of people thinking it ... having, having it ... as a sort of rock club at night ... they, they regard it as their own, sort of thing
Barry (PS03W) [3682] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3683] I mean, so when we do have to do redecoration we just gotta let the volunteers in.
Barry (PS03W) [3684] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3685] Left a, a crate of Pils for them and carry on painting everything.
[3686] Right this is er ... that's ... the snooker ... next door
Barry (PS03W) [3687] Next door.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3688] Yeah.
[3689] It's alright, I'll knock it off.
[3690] You don't need to knock, connect it through.
[3691] That's the garden sign which blew off in the ... gales before Christmas and landed on Uri 's car.
[3692] Erm ... [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [3693] What you didn't do it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3694] [laughing] Yes [] !
Barry (PS03W) [3695] That's Breakers in there is it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3696] That's Breakers in there.
[3697] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [3698] Is this an entrance as well?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3699] It can be.
[3700] Down the bottom ... that just goes out to the bottom and there's a back
Barry (PS03W) [3701] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3702] erm
Barry (PS03W) [3703] Yeah.
[3704] I see that there.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3705] And it's got a sign over the
Barry (PS03W) [3706] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3707] back with a light if you
Barry (PS03W) [3708] Yeah, I've seen that, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3709] want it, cos we were ... you know, we were thinking i we wanted to leave ourselves that option.
[3710] I mean, we were thinking about like the Sunday markets and things.
Barry (PS03W) [3711] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3712] You know, utilizing, except it's a long drag for people, but, but, you
Barry (PS03W) [3713] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3714] know, anyway.
[3715] Cleaner's room ... two dressing rooms, and a toilet.
[3716] ... I mean, they're dressing rooms or offices or whatever you want basically, I mean
Barry (PS03W) [3717] What about there?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3718] Ye er that's er, this is just a cleaner's, cleaner's cum store room, you know, the usual
Barry (PS03W) [3719] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3720] crap.
[3721] Erm ... I don't know whether these are open.
[3722] I'll give you a key.
[3723] Keep them all locked.
[3724] ... You'll find
Barry (PS03W) [3725] Er
Barry (PS03W) [3726] This is for changing rooms?
Barry (PS03W) [3727] So this is a [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3728] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3729] there ... casual act. [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3730] I mean we, cos we've
Barry (PS03W) [3731] Sort of.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3732] not been putting on any loud music recently I've not had, I'll stretch it out a little bit, but erm ... you know, we had a heater in here and ... er, record player and er ra er ... radio and that.
Barry (PS03W) [3733] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3734] I mean, it's a got extra padding on.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3735] Well that's right, I mean, you know, it, it ... when, when it was erm ... oh what's that cook who had
Barry (PS03W) [3736] Found the place
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3737] er ... tt ... he's now got that place in Lancaster, the er ... what was the Trade and Labour club in Lancaster.
Barry (PS03W) [3738] Oh!
[3739] Ton Peter ?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3740] Yeah, Peter , when he had it, he had er ... double bed in there with bolts on the inside of the door.
Barry (PS03W) [3741] Did he?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [3742] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3743] Is he?
[3744] People have often called [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3745] They say there's [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3746] Cos Caesars are in there now.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3747] Oh are they?
Barry (PS03W) [3748] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3749] Oh!
[3750] Doesn't
Barry (PS03W) [3751] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3752] surprise me.
Barry (PS03W) [3753] You'll be getting ... what is it in, they can't open now they've lost the er, they've lost some of er, they've lost some sort of [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3754] [...] Yeah I know, but it's, it's, it's ... summat ... [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3755] Aye. [alarm ringing]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3756] Right.
[3757] So that's ... round it
Barry (PS03W) [3758] So the easiest thing really is obviously ... is if I get the thing sorted out ... and then, turn it
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3759] Yep.
Barry (PS03W) [3760] around and er ... we've had a word with ... Elliel this morning.
Barry (PS03W) [3761] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3762] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3763] Erm ... they ... they're quite happy with ... with all that sort of stuff.
Barry (PS03W) [3764] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3765] They're gonna come up ... are you free on Fri ... Thursday afternoon at four o'clock?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3766] Thursday's a busy day for us really.
[3767] Five o'clock's fine, but ... four o'clock's probably [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3768] But I,th th they're actually supposed to get Friday rush
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3769] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3770] and then you really should [...] with the staff we've
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3771] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3772] got.
[3773] So
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3774] Er
Barry (PS03W) [3775] [...] , cos unless we're going to get it straight, but it just all comes in like this time of year, and just comes and let us in.
[3776] I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3777] What so, so ba ... as la as towards five o'clock as, as possible.
Barry (PS03W) [3778] If we got here, if we got ... if we got ... to fa wherever you wanted to meet, where do you want to meet?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3779] Well I'd rather, I'd
Barry (PS03W) [3780] Come down to us.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3781] I'd rather ma come down to you to be honest.
Barry (PS03W) [3782] Well if you come down to us so
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3783] Cos then Mike ought to see your operation as
Barry (PS03W) [3784] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3785] well you see, so
Barry (PS03W) [3786] If you bring him down about
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3787] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3788] you know, half four to five
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3789] Half four.
Barry (PS03W) [3790] we'll be
Barry (PS03W) [3791] You'll get the idea
Barry (PS03W) [3792] we'll be getting on top
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3793] Alright.
Barry (PS03W) [3794] then, you know.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3795] Okay.
Barry (PS03W) [3796] We're usually done by five, you know, so there's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3797] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3798] no problem
Barry (PS03W) [3799] Make [...] ... by five
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3800] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3801] o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3802] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3803] Five o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3804] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3805] I think the biggest thing really is just like they say, is how much you can get that done for [...] ... and, get the roofing done, that's gotta be done.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3806] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3807] Er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3808] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3809] some paper ... them toilets ... cos er, I'm, you know, I say, from our ... our, both side is ... something that's er ... I mean, everybody's looking purely from [...] and return sales.
[3810] All you're looking at is for an income [...] , an income from it ... and er ... I reckon ... can do very well.
Barry (PS03W) [3811] What do you, what you think of that bar area Barry?
[3812] Do you think it could be inclined to be
Barry (PS03W) [3813] Er, the top one?
Barry (PS03W) [3814] as a drinking area
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3815] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3816] U yeah, I mean I
Barry (PS03W) [3817] during the day?
Barry (PS03W) [3818] yeah, well it was ... it was what I wanted to, it was what I wanted to, it was wanted to do initially, I mean, but then you have like ... so many ideas ... that
Barry (PS03W) [3819] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3820] you know, you can't do them all in that sense, but if you had somebody ... somebody like Colin might be able to
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3821] Cos you only need, you only need ... him to drag ... sort of ... fifteen, twenty people in initially
Barry (PS03W) [3822] And five, ten of them
Barry (PS03W) [3823] And they'll all, they'll all be drinkers.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3824] Yeah.
[3825] But I mean ... sa ta so there's an at little atmosphere there anyway
Barry (PS03W) [3826] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3827] erm ... and then you can, I mean, well it gives you the opportunity to, you know ... bang in a bloody jazz band or whatever you wanna do in there somewhere
Barry (PS03W) [3828] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3829] and, and build it up like that.
Barry (PS03W) [3830] As you said, they haven't actually, you know, it'd be ... if you could get some sort of portable
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3831] Screening.
Barry (PS03W) [3832] screen that'd just shut it off.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3833] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3834] So people don't feel as though they're sat in a wide ai wide open
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3835] No, I know, yeah.
[3836] Yeah, that's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3837] you know.
[3838] Erm
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3839] Well you ca you ca you can get that.
Barry (PS03W) [3840] You can get, you can do something
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3841] But, yeah
Barry (PS03W) [3842] can't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3843] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3844] Like you say, if you get your satellite T V in there
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3845] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3846] you know, you can
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3847] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3848] just make it a cosy little bar where you can
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3849] Yeah.
[3850] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [3851] It won't cost any to give it a go would it?
Barry (PS03W) [3852] No.
[3853] If Colin's ... if Colin's up for it, it wouldn't at all.
[3854] I mean, it needs to perhaps ... perhaps they can do something for the first couple
Barry (PS03W) [3855] Oh yeah, need some sort of er
Barry (PS03W) [3856] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3857] idea to get it going and get it off the ground even if you ... you put your beer on at, well I just thought of couple [...] Boddingtons put their ... they're ... they're gonna put their, they're gonna put there's at a pound a pint.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3858] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3859] You know, just to attract some people, you know, approach the brewery, say look what about a few keg?
[3860] And if you get ... two or three keg ... put that money into free stock you know.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3861] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3862] Say you [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3863] Cleaner's not, the cleaner's not done behind here yet.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [3864] If you open it up, if you do get it open, and advertise it at Boddingtons a pound a pint, get them straight ... to come in.
[3865] You're not making a fortune at first, but once you get it going
Barry (PS03W) [3866] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3867] You said about traditional
Barry (PS03W) [3868] The only other thing is the [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3869] Depends where your money is really.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3870] Whe whe where's your cellar?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3871] Right underneath.
[3872] Right at the bottom.
Barry (PS03W) [3873] Yeah, but if, if you
Barry (PS03W) [3874] How big's your fire exit, entrance?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3875] [...] ... the fire exit [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3876] You could put it behind, you could feed it through the wall behind to where that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3877] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3878] spacious room is where all your chairs are couldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3879] Yeah.
[3880] We probably could, yeah.
[3881] Th well, it's no, it's not quite the back.
Barry (PS03W) [3882] [...] ... how would you get in there?
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3883] Yeah, that's the, that's the thing I was
Barry (PS03W) [3884] Well, it's got, it's a bit dry this.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3885] I know.
[3886] It's a bloody, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3887] You can still [...] . [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3888] It's fucking ridiculous!
Barry (PS03W) [3889] Erm ... cos you'd tell the brewery wouldn't you?
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3890] The only other thing to do is, is do what er ... er, we did at one time and just get a ... bright beer and open it up and ... er, and then pull it.
[3891] And have it.
Barry (PS03W) [...] [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [3892] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [3893] Now there's a thought.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3894] It er, you'd have problem with er
Barry (PS03W) [3895] But would you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3896] Depends tha I don't know what sort of draw you can put on that pump here.
[3897] ... They're getting smart.
Barry (PS03W) [3898] But I wanna do what the Three Miners do in Lancaster don't they?
Barry (PS03W) [3899] That's that er ... that's a traditional beer innit? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3900] Yeah.
[3901] That's right, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3902] [...] they gotta [...] but he's knocking it straight
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3903] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3904] down aren't they?
Barry (PS03W) [3905] It's just getting it up here.
Barry (PS03W) [3906] [laughing] Yeah!
[3907] Yeah [] !
[3908] Yeah, very strong lad this.
Barry (PS03W) [3909] You might have to do it later.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3910] Can I look at the telly?
Barry (PS03W) [3911] Yeah, course you can.
[3912] I was gonna
Barry (PS03W) [3913] It's in here.
Barry (PS03W) [3914] suggest that.
Barry (PS03W) [3915] Up here and then get [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [3916] Oh, oh that's my order for Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3917] Oh right.
Barry (PS03W) [3918] Have you got line cleaner?
[3919] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3920] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [3921] Yeah?
Barry (PS03W) [3922] That's put a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3923] A fair, int it doing?
Barry (PS03W) [3924] The bar, the bar, on the bar.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [3925] The bar's there, I mean I was thinking you had your stool, painted that white on
Barry (PS03W) [3926] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3927] or a red ... a deep
Barry (PS03W) [3928] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3929] sort of red behind the bar, maybe get a couple more like that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3930] Yeah, a lick of paint and, and
Barry (PS03W) [3931] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3932] and, and that, you know and you can
Barry (PS03W) [3933] And then we'll fill the shelves up.
Barry (PS03W) [3934] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3935] All, all, one thing we haven't discussed is, is these ar these arrears int it, that we've got?
[3936] This, the rates
Barry (PS03W) [3937] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3938] is the biggest one int it?
Barry (PS03W) [3939] Right.
[3940] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3941] Now, I don't know if it's worth asking
Barry (PS03W) [3942] Well I could
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3943] council to, if you could like lump it with the next year 's.
Barry (PS03W) [3944] El e Elliel, Elliel said that er they could probably ... twist the council's arm
Barry (PS03W) [3945] What's that for Barry?
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3946] Well, this, you know we're on about this money
Barry (PS03W) [3947] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3948] well, there is, there is ba bad debts, you know which er
Barry (PS03W) [3949] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3950] I don't know if I've got them here.
Barry (PS03W) [3951] How much is that for?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3952] Well it was er ... it was about
Barry (PS03W) [3953] Twenty two.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3954] here we are, that's it er ... it's rent which we we're gonna clear
Barry (PS03W) [3955] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3956] there's twelve for rates, and the twelve and, other two's ours which we're ... we
Barry (PS03W) [3957] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3958] can, we can stand on that.
Barry (PS03W) [3959] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3960] You've got, you've got like ... water rate, twelve hundred, er, rates, twelve ... but er, what we could try to do is approach them and see if we can lump it in with this year and that, obviously have to pay higher
Barry (PS03W) [3961] I mean, some of it is ... is the next two month anyway ... erm
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3962] Yeah.
[3963] But we we'd usually have ... no
Barry (PS03W) [3964] but
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3965] rents, er we've no er ... we've lease to pay back have we or owt like that?
Barry (PS03W) [3966] Oh and the other ... the other thing is, is, is by asking Fred for
Barry (PS03W) [3967] To pay.
Barry (PS03W) [3968] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3969] But even so, then ask Fred on the long term would be ideal.
[3970] Er, the biggest thing is for us is ... is making payable for you.
Barry (PS03W) [3971] Yeah.
[3972] I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3973] At first
Barry (PS03W) [3974] we've not gone any further with this Fre with Fred because
Barry (PS03W) [3975] No.
Barry (PS03W) [3976] we're just leaving it ... so we sort ourselves out first on, on how
Barry (PS03W) [3977] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [3978] we feel happy with it and
Barry (PS03W) [3979] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [3980] and whe how, how, whether you want ... Fred involved in, in what way.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3981] Well it's really that's needed be here, you know, if we ca
Barry (PS03W) [3982] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3983] if we can
Barry (PS03W) [3984] And
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3985] if we can resolve it ... with ... cos then you're getting summat on a different style of thinking to that, you know, I know Fred doesn't wanna be involved but then you've always got somebody, well we'll have to go and see Fred first.
Barry (PS03W) [3986] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3987] And, and I don't know.
Barry (PS03W) [3988] Yeah, you could work it
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3989] Go see Fred and he's probably got a few more pounds ready available than
Barry (PS03W) [3990] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3991] than we have.
Barry (PS03W) [3992] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3993] You know, that's the er
Barry (PS03W) [3994] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3995] bit difficult.
Barry (PS03W) [3996] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3997] And that's your er, cos er personally
Barry (PS03W) [3998] Oh, I've got the
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [3999] I'll say that it's not.
Barry (PS03W) [4000] accounts in various ... off-shore [laughing] islands and, and
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4001] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4002] black bin liners in his back garden [] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4003] If we can sort him out with rates and, I don't know.
Barry (PS03W) [4004] If he can o if we can offset, if we can use all, if he'll [...] out time type of thing
Barry (PS03W) [4005] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4006] with that
Barry (PS03W) [4007] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4008] erm ... the oh er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4009] You've gotta put an offer in and pay it so much a month haven't you or something and, and, and get it paid off over a period of time?
Barry (PS03W) [4010] And then you can do it without Fred and, really, with Fred is, is at the end of day you could pro ... proof pay load could go back to yourself and I, I E ... and ourselves, but by having him that other cut ... you're gonna be saying well ... it's all a bit more than ... your share.
[4011] I mean, from my point of view ... I don't think he's ever
Barry (PS03W) [4012] I don't think Fred'd be looking for anything as a return.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4013] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4014] Not in the shor
Barry (PS03W) [4015] I'd be quite happy to come
Barry (PS03W) [4016] not in the short term.
[4017] Not in the short term.
Barry (PS03W) [4018] you get tucked into it, and obviously there we'll keep it ... sort of low profile.
[4019] But giving it a good clean out ... and getting
Barry (PS03W) [4020] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4021] it dus painted behind the things whatever, come on Sunday or whatever ... and just say that you might
Barry (PS03W) [4022] In return, yeah.
[4023] Just take a
Barry (PS03W) [4024] quite keen just to sort of get
Barry (PS03W) [4025] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4026] mucked into it
Barry (PS03W) [4027] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4028] just to save money
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4029] See if you can get
Barry (PS03W) [4030] but as long as, I say, the biggest thing from my point er ... is ... not to so lose money if you can do from where we're going.
Barry (PS03W) [4031] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4032] And use the fifteen grand to its best ... image in the way that you feel then you can turn round and run a club ... so it can get people in.
Barry (PS03W) [4033] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4034] And we can get the lighting in.
[4035] Because that's what your best thing is
Barry (PS03W) [4036] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4037] you've got the ideas ... and th the motions.
Barry (PS03W) [4038] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4039] And for yourself, and what we don't wanna do is like I say, is spend money that ... is just gonna disappear and say shit!
[4040] We haven't really improved the pub's ... barrelage ... if goes away.
Barry (PS03W) [4041] No.
[4042] I mean,th the other aspect of the, of the fif ... the other aspect of the, the brewery and me that I was ... talking about, er I'm thinking about is that we we could do with ... you know, okay those,th those figures are ... I mean, unless they're really realistic it's gonna be ... you know, six months or so
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4043] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4044] before we start getting up to the kind of figures where we can actually see a ... you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4045] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4046] a profit each week
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4047] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4048] a a, a, reasonably substantial profit, I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4049] That's right, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4050] so, with the best will in the world it's going to be six months so let's ... so we need a little of breathing space
Barry (PS03W) [4051] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4052] on that six months.
[4053] Now ... er, er obviously if, if we can, if we can get the money off the brewery cos ... you know, if we can get a little bit more
Barry (PS03W) [4054] That's right, yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4055] than we actually need to spend that ... that
Barry (PS03W) [4056] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4057] enables us to ... you know, have that breathing space ... erm ... so we can start
Barry (PS03W) [4058] Well what, what we can, you know I say, he's offering us this fifteen unsecured if we can, mind you
Barry (PS03W) [4059] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4060] I don't know if we can squeeze any more or what
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4061] I reckon
Barry (PS03W) [4062] but, but, you know if say well look, you know, we could do with twenty five and he turns round and [...] he might say well ... you know,yo he might say no
Barry (PS03W) [4063] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4064] but we know we've got fifteen just to get us
Barry (PS03W) [4065] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4066] going.
Barry (PS03W) [4067] Yeah.
[4068] Yeah.
[4069] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4070] What he said then is look, you know ... hey he's, all you're saying really
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4071] is ah, if your barrelage is there then what we do is buy ... five or six barrels from Morecambe Bay Wines.
Barry (PS03W) [4072] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4073] You can soon get rid of those.
Barry (PS03W) [4074] You can say Morecambe Bay Wines and buy ... all his
Barry (PS03W) [4075] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4076] cos what I, I just said to him I said look, I says a er sometimes I says it's an awkward time drop for us.
[4077] Says well we'll get it delivered here ... you know, only without
Barry (PS03W) [4078] Yeah well that's
Barry (PS03W) [4079] invoice.
Barry (PS03W) [4080] That's what we wanted innit?
Barry (PS03W) [4081] Well what we do, what we use
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4082] What we do is buy it barrelled and and
Barry (PS03W) [4083] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4084] get out be
Barry (PS03W) [4085] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4086] Morecambe Bay License form.
Barry (PS03W) [4087] Barrel or keg.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4088] Because we ca we can live on thirty pound on barrel [...] can't we?
[4089] I think we can do.
Barry (PS03W) [4090] I'd like you to ... just purely myself, I'm not saying I'm ... right and you're not right and people like
Barry (PS03W) [4091] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4092] my o my own personal view is if we just ... pay the fifteen and it's sort of off in there straight away and then spend ... but not to sort of say, well you can spend it and update it can't you?
[4093] But spend what we feel is gonna make the club
Barry (PS03W) [4094] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4095] better image like you say
Barry (PS03W) [4096] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4097] somebody comes to look at it just for a view ... I mean, I say, I, I'm quite happy coming like I said th ... if you motion behind there, make the bar presentable ... we'll fill it out with stock ... then that'll look better
Barry (PS03W) [4098] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4099] but if we do display
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4100] Put more stock in.
Barry (PS03W) [4101] we've got a load
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4102] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4103] of tent cards and display things
Barry (PS03W) [4104] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4105] that could decorate that.
Barry (PS03W) [4106] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4107] You know, and we'll do it ourselves, I say ... I mean, what you want Barry is like wanna keep it ... low profile.
Barry (PS03W) [4108] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4109] But we've both got time to sort, I say, somebody, we'd enjoy doing it.
[4110] Because we, we, we either do it ourselves and spend
Barry (PS03W) [4111] Before the cricket season.
Barry (PS03W) [4112] Yeah.
[4113] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4114] I mean, America are getting a private cup for here.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4115] I mean, if you just emulsion
Barry (PS03W) [4116] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4117] that, the red bits, into red ... and got the, so I say, nice sort of tent cards and ... and got a few firms, I mean firms and come on in and do your display you know
Barry (PS03W) [4118] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4119] and your promotions and
Barry (PS03W) [4120] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4121] That's something we will, we will be able to do is, you know, is
Barry (PS03W) [4122] Yeah.
[4123] I mean things like what I want on desperately quickly is Rebel Yell cos they're ... spending a fortune in the rock, well all our punters all know it.
[4124] I mean you go down in London it's the ... it's just like Rebel Yell everywhere, but it's all heavy rock ... so
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4125] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4126] I mean it's just perfect for that, but ... I know they do a display unit and things like
Barry (PS03W) [4127] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4128] that.
[4129] But I mean, I have to go
Barry (PS03W) [4130] Well that's all it wants.
Barry (PS03W) [4131] through, I have to go through Michelin to get that.
Barry (PS03W) [4132] Yeah well we'll, you won't know, you'll be [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4133] You might do.
Barry (PS03W) [4134] No, no, I'll be
Barry (PS03W) [4135] We
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4136] That's what, I mean according to Tracey on
Barry (PS03W) [4137] You could of told me Tracey's on.
Barry (PS03W) [4138] Yeah, that bitch!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4139] Didn't mention [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4140] He said [whispering] [...] [] .
[4141] It was er ... one bottle free, buy two and get a bottle free and, plus display unit you see
Barry (PS03W) [4142] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4143] and I said well I want it on but he said you'll have to go for this.
Barry (PS03W) [4144] Oh course.
Barry (PS03W) [4145] Said alright, so I ... filled out a bloody form and I went to Michelins, they knew nothing about it and they hadn't [laughing] got it displayed either [] !
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4146] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4147] And this was like ... three weeks later, it wasn't
Barry (PS03W) [4148] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4149] you know ... cos I said
Barry (PS03W) [4150] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4151] I wanted to begin with that week.
[4152] But that mean, I mean that's
Barry (PS03W) [4153] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4154] examples handfuls of it, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [4155] Oh yes, you could pay for that [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4156] I think we should be able to get some proper er ... box coolers in here off the
Barry (PS03W) [4157] Mhm mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4158] you know these, these er ... lift down ones you know
Barry (PS03W) [4159] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4160] you can put all your cans in and
Barry (PS03W) [4161] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4162] get, you know, get them in and say and say look ... yo well you're gonna save money on the pints ... well ... give us four box coolers for a year and ... you
Barry (PS03W) [4163] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4164] know which style I mean?
Barry (PS03W) [4165] Mm.
[4166] Yeah.
[4167] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4168] The big ones.
Barry (PS03W) [4169] Do all wine coolers
Barry (PS03W) [4170] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4171] as well don't
Barry (PS03W) [4172] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4173] they?
Barry (PS03W) [4174] Don't do a lot of wine ... you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4175] No but if you, only for your functions and
Barry (PS03W) [4176] Yeah.
[4177] Well true.
[4178] That's kind of true, yeah.
[4179] I mean, we went through ... we went through nearly a case ... of ... one point fives at Mary's party.
[4180] Leibfraumilch.
[4181] I mean, it, we had
Barry (PS03W) [4182] I mean I reckon
Barry (PS03W) [4183] we had to
Barry (PS03W) [4184] or do you want to
Barry (PS03W) [4185] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4186] how do you functions
Barry (PS03W) [4187] Nine, eight ... er nine ... er one point fives.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4188] Your shoe's just [laughing] fallen off Barry [] !
Barry (PS03W) [4189] [laughing] Yeah I know [] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4190] [laughing] I didn't think he was get there [] !
[4191] Er
Barry (PS03W) [4192] Get a few Pils' cabinets
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4193] You could ge
Barry (PS03W) [4194] off them.
Barry (PS03W) [4195] It's, it's great!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4196] Yeah I know.
Barry (PS03W) [4197] The staff can't wander off you see ... on a night.
[4198] Can't sneak off at back cos they
Barry (PS03W) [4199] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4200] move!
Barry (PS03W) [4201] I know. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4202] [laughing] They're stood here like this [] !
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4203] They could do your function thing.
[4204] Have your function here and get a bottle of champagne free kind of thing, or whatever your, with your parties.
[4205] Something, I mean, we can ... work that in the price or whatever
Barry (PS03W) [4206] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4207] you know.
Barry (PS03W) [4208] I mean, other thing we really need to all, er you see, when I was working at it, and when we were doing it all the time
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4209] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4210] er you were using your own contacts
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4211] Well that's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4212] like
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4213] Yeah.
[4214] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4215] you know ... mate of mine had ... got his son at bloody ... public and wants one of these posh public school type ... all night parties, so we had one of those, and, you know ... and er
Barry (PS03W) [4216] I say, like I say I just ... just red er paint summat like, these are white these and just go down on the red ... and just up there and just up here, just get your displays
Barry (PS03W) [4217] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4218] and your bar'll look ten times better.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4219] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4220] I tell, I mean ... ju okay, forgetting the carpet at the moment ... it's, it'll cost, it'll cost about a grand to get the toilets all done up
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4221] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4222] three hundred quid for ... satellite in ... erm ... I need these shutters repairing ... cos they're
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4223] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4224] knackered!
[4225] And, and odds
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4226] You need it all.
Barry (PS03W) [4227] and sods and I, I, I'd like to buy a couple of lighting effects, but I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4228] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4229] you're only talking about a co you know, a few hundred quid for that.
Barry (PS03W) [4230] Let's just choose, I know you can't change
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4231] There is
Barry (PS03W) [4232] what the there
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4233] But as I say
Barry (PS03W) [4234] No you can't
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4235] you know,
Barry (PS03W) [4236] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4237] get, get a
Barry (PS03W) [4238] just er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4239] cooler
Barry (PS03W) [4240] the basis of this fifteen grand, is using the fifteen grand but like ... we can see you using that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4241] I'd like to look at shuttering that area if we are gonna do your
Barry (PS03W) [4242] Yeah.
[4243] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4244] I will, well
Barry (PS03W) [4245] But we can't
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4246] I, I, I reckon
Barry (PS03W) [4247] it
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4248] that could pay for itself if Colin got in so you'll do that one get Colin to pay for it.
Barry (PS03W) [4249] Colin's awa I think he's, he's taking kids away for camping and things all next week but I'll, I'll try
Barry (PS03W) [4250] You need
Barry (PS03W) [4251] I can say to him that about it.
Barry (PS03W) [4252] yo for a start you need those two,th these end two you need bli you need blinds on ... because you can't utilize the screen ... in the summer without these ... I mean we got, we got blinds for all those windows, I mean
Barry (PS03W) [4253] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4254] they're all, all they are are ... they're pho photographic ... you know, when you have blackouts and er, you know the
Barry (PS03W) [4255] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4256] they're that kind of mat
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4257] Yeah I know what you mean.
Barry (PS03W) [4258] white material, they're just white, but they, they ... a total black out ... which they use on the rave nights.
[4259] I mean, I do I, think the view is quite nice ... certainly if you got a summer it's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4260] Oh well, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4261] quite a pleasant evening.
[4262] See, my idea originally was that ... cos it comes back from when I used to go in the ... in the Blue Anchor in Lancaster after work ... I mean we had everybody in there!
[4263] We had like market traders in there ... managers of Marks and Spencers and Woolies
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4264] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4265] and, you know, building societies, insurance companies, and everybody's ... i the rounds were like twenty five quid a time, but everybody's only drinking halves cos you could never
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4266] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4267] you know, so just half a gui ... but ... it, it got that, but once they changed the opening hours ... do you remember when they brought in six
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4268] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4269] o'clock?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4270] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4271] It destroyed all that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4272] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4273] And then er, they brought it back and then they started doing ... to quarter to six, but it still wasn't good enough cos ... you can't, you can't have all these people in suits and briefcases stood outside a pub for quarter of an hour waiting [laughing] for it open [] , you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4274] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4275] I mean it ... wasn't good
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4276] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4277] for their image.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4278] No, no.
Barry (PS03W) [4279] [laughing] So []
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4280] Suit off.
[4281] Oh no they're your
Barry (PS03W) [4282] [laugh] ... So it like killed that.
[4283] But I'm sure there's, I'm sure there's that kind of trade for, you know, a sort of ... a Bic Biro runner type, you know, that kind of ... well our age group, you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4284] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4285] the sort of
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4286] Well that's it, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4287] thirty to, thirty to
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4288] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4289] fifty age group.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4290] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4291] And, and people want a drink after work and have a chat, cos the
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4292] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4293] [...] it was a it was all business people and you're talking about
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4294] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4295] you know ... what it was like, what things were and
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4296] Once you can get people in ... you know, you gotta attract them in, but once you get them in they'll
Barry (PS03W) [4297] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4298] be,ev oh it's alright
Barry (PS03W) [4299] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4300] I quite like it.
Barry (PS03W) [4301] Got them into this place.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4302] Make it pleasant, you know, and have to do summat ... you know, just to make it ... have to get nice ... mirrors up on wall and
Barry (PS03W) [4303] I mean the wine bar
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4304] you know
Barry (PS03W) [4305] in Lancaster did that happy hour didn't they?
[4306] And that got
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4307] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4308] heaving
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4309] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4310] with business people.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4311] That's what you wanna do.
[4312] Like I say, you know put, put your Boddys on at a
Barry (PS03W) [4313] I bet that would be really interesting.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4314] pound a pint between
Barry (PS03W) [4315] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4316] five and seven.
Barry (PS03W) [4317] Elliel's our discount because you know they're doing [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4318] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4319] It was great!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4320] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4321] I mean the biggest thing really I think ... my ... interest in all this to get secure trade from us
Barry (PS03W) [4322] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4323] which we're gonna get [...] ... and get your salary.
[4324] You know, because they're the few main things round here, you're happy, and you can feel that obviously you, you'll be working for something.
Barry (PS03W) [4325] Yeah.
[4326] I mean, to be honest I've put in ... like two, two years without any
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4327] Oh I know.
[4328] Yeah I know.
Barry (PS03W) [4329] salary with this place.
[4330] I mean I've been doing outside jobs to get, you know, I mean, like doing festivals
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4331] and whatever else to get
Barry (PS03W) [4332] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4333] my money in.
[4334] So the
Barry (PS03W) [4335] Has an anybody come to you through the [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4336] and, you're losing money, [...] , if you're not, if you're not seeing any return you're
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4337] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4338] you're going through the motions
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4339] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4340] I mean, God, you know ... if I've gotta go down to London for three days I'd rather do that cos it's gonna earn me two or three grand.
Barry (PS03W) [4341] Well we could set, like you say and no you know, and get it going and you make a salary
Barry (PS03W) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4342] and, and then if there's anything left e er, between us, and then that's all well
Barry (PS03W) [4343] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4344] and good.
Barry (PS03W) [4345] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4346] We're, we're not wanting a wage out of it or anything, you know
Barry (PS03W) [4347] We'll get it to the
Barry (PS03W) [4348] Well you'll get it, you'll get it from the turnover won't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4349] We we're, we're quite, we're quite pleased, you know, say well ... let's see if we can get it going and, and make a success out of it.
Barry (PS03W) [4350] And also, I mean, if we turn over hundred thousand pound with you in a year you're gonna make some money out of that.
Barry (PS03W) [4351] That's right.
[4352] Yeah.
[4353] You know, so it's
Barry (PS03W) [4354] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4355] er
Barry (PS03W) [4356] Make a grand or summat out of that won't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4357] That's it, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4358] If we're lucky.
Barry (PS03W) [4359] [laughing] If you're lucky [] .
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4360] The only th the only thing is, is th is what we'll do the beer, whether we're gonna have to connect it to the brewery or whether we can ... get it through ourselves, I don't know.
[4361] [sniff] ... I would think you're probably gonna have, committed to ... separate accounts.
Barry (PS03W) [4362] Yeah, I'm not too bothered about that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4363] But as I said
Barry (PS03W) [4364] But if it's, if it can be dropped at your place
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4365] Well that's it, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4366] Because I mean er ... you can always say look, I've got commitments all over the place and actually be
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4367] Well I've tol I, I sold them that
Barry (PS03W) [4368] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4369] I says, I says he's go he can't lose his [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4370] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4371] [...] with you, you've gotta get the rest of the stuff.
Barry (PS03W) [4372] Yeah.
[4373] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4374] As long as
Barry (PS03W) [4375] See
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4376] we can
Barry (PS03W) [4377] Well that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4378] it doesn't, it doesn't matter what barrelage you put through it ... but put, as long as we know that er, the fifteen thou it's gonna be written off at thirty pound a barrel, so the sooner you, you do it, the sooner it's written off.
Barry (PS03W) [4379] Yeah.
[4380] But also
Barry (PS03W) [4381] Good.
Barry (PS03W) [4382] it also means we haven't got any, that's an area where we haven't got any repayments.

12 (Tape 064102)

Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4383] I'll just have a look round there again Barry.
Barry (PS03W) [4384] Yeah okay.
[4385] Do you wanna
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4386] Can I see the back?
Barry (PS03W) [4387] play with those figures again?
Barry (PS03W) [4388] Dunno.
Barry (PS03W) [4389] Before we get started doing it.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4390] Well yeah, doing the cellar.
[4391] Do you wanna have a look in the cellar now?
Barry (PS03W) [4392] Oh yeah.
[4393] Okay.
[4394] [...] gonna have a look round the back is he?
Barry (PS03W) [4395] Yeah.
[4396] I'm just, I mean ... I reckon you could, I dunno if you can just pull them in.
[4397] Draw them up [...] and we used to do ... the [...] would be quicker [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4398] Oh ta.
Barry (PS03W) [4399] [...] ... you're gonna be really talking about next week aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [4400] It looks like it.
Barry (PS03W) [4401] Yeah if you can.
[4402] Definitely.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [whistling]
Barry (PS03W) [4403] See ... not that easy.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4404] No.
[4405] I'm just thinking of that exit there.
[4406] This, this is good.
[4407] I mean if you put that
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4408] the nearest one
Barry (PS03W) [4409] You mean, it's a fire exit so that's the problem so you're not gonna be able to leave anything in it ... that would obstruct.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4410] But ... ah, so this, it's the actual fire exit for here int
Barry (PS03W) [4411] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4412] it?
[4413] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4414] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4415] That leads downstairs don't it?
Barry (PS03W) [4416] Yeah.
[4417] It goes out next to the cellar.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4418] I suppose like you say at nine thirty once the music starts no one 's gonna want to
Barry (PS03W) [4419] Oh er, if you put, if you put ... if you put wrought iron gates [...] gates decorated type of thing round there
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4420] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4421] and then ... somebody stands there, two fifty ... that's what I were thinking, an admission from here.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4422] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4423] And, and wrought iron it, yeah, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [4424] Well wrought iron'd look ... it'd look quite good for the functions trade as well cos you can get
Barry (PS03W) [4425] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4426] the artificial plants up it
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4427] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4428] and whatever else
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4429] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4430] when you do
Barry (PS03W) [4431] Get [...] climbing plants
Barry (PS03W) [4432] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4433] You can get it, it will soon cover
Barry (PS03W) [4434] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4435] cover it actually.
Barry (PS03W) [4436] Yeah.
[4437] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4438] I mean close that area down.
Barry (PS03W) [4439] And that, that would do double job cos that would do the job of your blinds as well wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4440] Yeah.
[4441] Yeah.
[4442] ... And then they'll cause the atmosphere rather than
Barry (PS03W) [4443] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4444] big open wide
Barry (PS03W) [4445] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4446] club.
Barry (PS03W) [4447] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [sniff]
Barry (PS03W) [4448] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4449] Get your wrought, your gates there, or something like that to be
Barry (PS03W) [4450] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4451] round the back, which entrance would they come in?
[4452] They wouldn't come in that end. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4453] Well all you do right, you have gates
Barry (PS03W) [4454] Well I mean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4455] then they're open ... so that at half nine ... you close them there, or at ten o'clock you close them there ... and you say when they come through ... if you're going out that
Barry (PS03W) [4456] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4457] way ... or whatever.
Barry (PS03W) [4458] Yeah.
[4459] I mean I ... I think you just have to ... but
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4460] It's something that you've gotta be
Barry (PS03W) [4461] You'd have to play it by ear I think.
[4462] Yes
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4463] thinking ahead.
Barry (PS03W) [4464] Yeah.
[4465] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4466] You know, you're thinking well
Barry (PS03W) [4467] Let's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4468] at first you could just wrought iron it round and, and just give it that
Barry (PS03W) [4469] As you say, if somebody's been in there from bloody five o'clock and wants to stay till eleven
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4470] Well that's it.
Barry (PS03W) [4471] or twelve, then fine, let them.
[4472] I mean I ... th I wouldn't, I wouldn't mind that
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4473] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4474] you know, I mean
Barry (PS03W) [4475] So you could either come in half eight, half nine or [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4476] That's right.
[4477] You know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4478] But really, you know
Barry (PS03W) [4479] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4480] what you do?
[4481] At half nine you put someone on the door here to take money, anyone who comes in, whether they come into here or go into there
Barry (PS03W) [4482] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4483] anyone who's been drinking all afternoon [laughing] if you want to er, wander across []
Barry (PS03W) [4484] Yeah, I mean, what you, what you'd have to be careful of is, is sooner or later people'll catch on ... to
Barry (PS03W) [4485] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4486] coming in at quarter past nine
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4487] Yeah.
[4488] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4489] buying one extra drink and erm ... getting a ... you know ... cheaper than saving theirselves two and a half quid then.
Barry (PS03W) [4490] [...] pint they buy, and if they buy five pints
Barry (PS03W) [4491] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Barry (PS03W) [4492] they can have a three, er er ... a three pound voucher.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4493] Can you imagine Polly organizing that all!
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4494] We're getting complicated aren't we?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4495] Why can't we do it, to me, cost effective.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4496] Torture.
Barry (PS03W) [4497] Complicating issues.
Barry (PS03W) [4498] I remember ... at the Uni when we used to give ... we used to put stamps on people, you know,
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4499] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4500] for pass outs and that or anything
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4501] So does Broadway.
Barry (PS03W) [4502] and er ... I bloody, I said, I said in the end I've, what we ought to do is ... lop some part of their anatomy off, like a little digit or something then we can prove they've been in
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4503] eventually, after about two years when you get this sort of ... armless, legless cor
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4504] Oh oh! [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4505] body ... oh he's a good customer!
[4506] [laughing] We'll let him in for free!
[4507] He gets a free, free ticket [] !
Barry (PS03W) [4508] Well it's like, like a ... all you want to do is [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4509] That's what you get, [...] ... you just gotta stand or you went downstairs to another bar
Barry (PS03W) [4510] Yeah,th the trouble is you're
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4511] and got a stamp
Barry (PS03W) [4512] you
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4513] and they would
Barry (PS03W) [4514] you, you're doing it in the same ... room
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4515] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4516] aren't you?
[4517] That's the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4518] That is as well.
Barry (PS03W) [4519] But I ... I dunno, I ... see it's not ... once you're u actually up here, looking ... I think it's different when you're up here looking back as when you're over there looking up here.
Barry (PS03W) [4520] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4521] It's not quite as cold and empty as
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4522] If it got going you'd probably use mo ... another, another half of area, you know
Barry (PS03W) [4523] Yeah, yeah, you want
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4524] you don't wanna close it off.
[4525] But, like you say maybe just ... just a bit of wrought
Barry (PS03W) [4526] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4527] ironwork
Barry (PS03W) [4528] Yeah.
[4529] I think so.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4530] to just
Barry (PS03W) [4531] I think you do I think that would look good anyway ... and
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4532] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4533] and it would also enable you to ... quickly and easily do something on the erm ... on the, on the private functions night to make it look ... different.
Barry (PS03W) [4534] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4535] I mean, I wouldn't suggest putting
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4536] plants up and everything ... for our normal ... you know, rock nights, I mean we just ... have the wrought iron up and whatever, but
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4537] I mean, with them sort of then
Barry (PS03W) [4538] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4539] once you got erm tied into these you can
Barry (PS03W) [4540] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4541] do whatever to the thing.
Barry (PS03W) [4542] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4543] But it would give you affect.
Barry (PS03W) [4544] That's right.
[4545] I mean, those are just ... we just went out and chucked a few fucking trees down.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4546] They're not real then Barry?
Barry (PS03W) [4547] No, the trees are ... the er ... things tied on to them aren't.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4548] Oh.
Barry (PS03W) [4549] But er
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4550] Yeah.
[4551] ... I think, it's quite actually, it needs a bit of character.
Barry (PS03W) [4552] I mean, that'll cover
Barry (PS03W) [4553] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4554] if you did that in quite a few places
Barry (PS03W) [4555] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4556] throughout the room it would cover your cracks and your holes
Barry (PS03W) [4557] Ye
Barry (PS03W) [4558] and your, your [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4559] I mean, what we initially wanted to do with all this was cover this whole area in, in greenery and have this as a sort of restaurant ta type.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4560] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4561] I mean, again, it's ideas when you're sat
Barry (PS03W) [4562] It's ideas.
Barry (PS03W) [4563] planning, before you've actually moved in and get
Barry (PS03W) [4564] It is.
[4565] Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4566] and get ... and then, then you start
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4567] that's, that's the other thing when there's only two of you involved ... and you, we were opening for that first sort of eighteen months ... five, six days a week ... just keeping on top of a day to day business doesn't allow you to sit back
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4568] No, I know that.
Barry (PS03W) [4569] and expand it, and whereas, you know, that, that's one area that'd be great with having yo your involvement
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4570] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4571] that you go in and say well ... you know
Barry (PS03W) [4572] It sounds like this sort of thing
Barry (PS03W) [4573] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4574] When did you paint all this green?
Barry (PS03W) [4575] It was when I was working for Walt Disney, so it'll be ... two years ago.
[4576] Two years
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4577] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4578] ago.
[4579] I was over in Belfast and I came back and it were green.
[4580] It was alri it's, it's actually lasted reasonably well considering it hadn't been
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4581] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4582] for two years.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4583] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4584] But again, it was all done, it was all literally done in a weekend.
Barry (PS03W) [4585] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4586] It was like a ... virtually an all night blitz job and ... so bits of it, you know, it wasn't like, totally completed, you know, you've got ... and as Scouse was doing some of it it was er ... [laughing] the paintwork leaves something to be desired in ... areas [] .
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4587] Something there Barry ... little bit in there look.
Barry (PS03W) [4588] Just coming down a little bit.
[4589] They just need brushing back up.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4590] It's got a few ... you've got the
Barry (PS03W) [4591] Not a problem.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4592] roof repaired haven't you?
[4593] This
Barry (PS03W) [4594] Yeah.
[4595] The heating's very efficient as well.
[4596] It's very hot gas heating.
Barry (PS03W) [4597] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4598] Erm
Barry (PS03W) [4599] They did do it, like you say it was more or less just covering for itself now ... and then use
Barry (PS03W) [4600] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4601] you build up, up and up don't you?
Barry (PS03W) [4602] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4603] So
Barry (PS03W) [4604] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4605] Let us have a look at cellar and then we'll, d'ya wanna, and then we'll, [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4606] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4607] then we can say we've to looked at everything and then we know where ... you know
Barry (PS03W) [4608] Yeah.
[4609] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4610] and then we can er ... we can start, you know, we can, at least we can say look, we've got fifteen grand coming in and th it [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4611] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4612] But we need a full [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4613] Yeah.
[4614] I mean, we can, we can start by ... we I mean we can get people set up ... for doing things from the first of March can't we?
Barry (PS03W) [4615] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4616] The little bits and pieces that we talked about.
Barry (PS03W) [4617] Well we, well we, we can start if you wanna start with the
Barry (PS03W) [4618] Or we can think about doing something about
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4619] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4620] this.
Barry (PS03W) [4621] We can start giving it a lick of paint if you wanna start giving it a lick of paint.
Barry (PS03W) [4622] You see, now the more you think about it, I mean the more you ... you don't actually use this
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4623] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4624] very much.
[4625] I mean, you look at it, if everybody was seated in this area that could be seated ... I mean, you're only talking about bloody
Barry (PS03W) [4626] I
Barry (PS03W) [4627] thirty people.
Barry (PS03W) [4628] I don't think it's too bad actually.
[4629] I don't think the carpet's too bad at all really.
Barry (PS03W) [4630] Well th there's areas, I mean
Barry (PS03W) [4631] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4632] tha the licens
Barry (PS03W) [4633] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4634] the licensing people would pull us up on that
Barry (PS03W) [4635] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4636] if they came.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4637] But maybe, if you could cut it off from there.
Barry (PS03W) [4638] That's what I mean, you gotta ... and then do it, clear it, and then clear all that
Barry (PS03W) [4639] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4640] and just left that area
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4641] Clear all that
Barry (PS03W) [4642] and they're obviously, they're gonna say
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4643] Come right up to the ... right up to bar really aren't you?
Barry (PS03W) [4644] [sigh] ... Yeah.
[4645] I mean th th er, the other thing psychologically is it's, you know
Barry (PS03W) [4646] Blue Rhapsody.
Barry (PS03W) [4647] Blue Rhapsody.
[4648] If you wanted to cha if you want to change it slightly you've got ... a problem.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4649] You know ... I think it, I think it's something that you can say well ... you know, that'd be one of our objectives
Barry (PS03W) [4650] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4651] once we get it going, but le
Barry (PS03W) [4652] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4653] alright,we we've got
Barry (PS03W) [4654] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4655] a few bob in the kitty
Barry (PS03W) [4656] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4657] let's, or we can go to brewery for another five grand, we'll do the carpet
Barry (PS03W) [4658] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4659] now.
Barry (PS03W) [4660] I reckon the first thing really is, is get your salary.
Barry (PS03W) [4661] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4662] Get your salary, that you feel that I'm doing this and I'm getting it right.
Barry (PS03W) [4663] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4664] Is that the right ... sort of, if our ... I mean from our objective is to get more sales
Barry (PS03W) [4665] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4666] right now.
Barry (PS03W) [4667] That's right.
[4668] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4669] And we've gotta
Barry (PS03W) [4670] That's right.
Barry (PS03W) [4671] manipulate people to say well, how do we get them drink more?
[4672] And you say like five pound a head when they ... they come in
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4673] How bad's the seating though?
Barry (PS03W) [4674] Sit there till
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4675] Is it, is it that bad?
Barry (PS03W) [4676] It's, it's, if, it needs doing
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4677] Oh it needs doing does it?
Barry (PS03W) [4678] You know.
Barry (PS03W) [4679] If you've got a guy gathered, I'm not saying try but if you got somebody who, who did the job and gathered it in ... like they would do.
Barry (PS03W) [4680] Oh yeah.
[4681] Yeah.
[4682] Yeah.
[4683] But it i
Barry (PS03W) [4684] An upholster.
Barry (PS03W) [4685] It's a perpetual patching up job at the moment
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4686] Yeah.
[4687] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4688] Because, because it is only patched up, it's
Barry (PS03W) [4689] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4690] it ... create more problems o you know ... cos people stand on it and
Barry (PS03W) [4691] Get an upholsterer just to come and ... tidy it up
Barry (PS03W) [4692] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4693] and fill in where there's been
Barry (PS03W) [4694] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4695] some damage done.
Barry (PS03W) [4696] Yeah, that's right.
[4697] I mean there's
Barry (PS03W) [4698] Just, just ... tart it up really.
Barry (PS03W) [4699] There's a bit of structural damage to the support
Barry (PS03W) [4700] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4701] and things like that, that ... start the seating going and things.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4702] Right.
[4703] Okay.
Barry (PS03W) [4704] Oh this ... this ... actual stuff anyway we'll go, we're putting that with that is alright to that
Barry (PS03W) [4705] Oh yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4706] the back's have been
Barry (PS03W) [4707] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4708] alright.
Barry (PS03W) [4709] Oh yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4710] There's a few of them damaged but, but erm ... I think we've repaired most of them.
[4711] You see, we did get it all completely repaired when we moved in, cos it was in a hell of a state from Peter !
[4712] Cos Peter had this place.
Barry (PS03W) [4713] Yeah.
[4714] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4715] Well we, we, we know
Barry (PS03W) [4716] We knew
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4717] about that.
Barry (PS03W) [4718] about that.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [4719] How?
[4720] Did he
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4721] Cos we
Barry (PS03W) [4722] owe you money?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4723] we gone
Barry (PS03W) [4724] Well
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4725] and got it actually.
Barry (PS03W) [4726] Did you!
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4727] Bloody right!
Barry (PS03W) [4728] God!
[4729] You must be one of the few people
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4730] It were quite good cos what we had, we had th the ... the other partner ... who was, you know, the other partner is Michael.
Barry (PS03W) [4731] He was called, what was he called?
[4732] Ken ?
Barry (PS03W) [4733] No, no.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4734] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4735] No, that's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4736] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4737] that's John [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4738] But what do you call him?
[4739] That erm
Barry (PS03W) [4740] I know who you mean, I met him, yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4741] Cos the other guy was a, was a bar manager ... Duncan or
Barry (PS03W) [4742] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4743] Der summat like that, and his wife had a baby at the same time as Elaine's so she ... our midwife would come and er, so the ... she kept in touch really of ... of what they were [...] ... because they wanted to, I'll take the place off [...] , they wanted to take it over.
[4744] I don't think they was er ... as bad a
Barry (PS03W) [4745] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4746] shower of shit
Barry (PS03W) [4747] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4748] as he were
Barry (PS03W) [4749] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4750] tended to
Barry (PS03W) [4751] No.
Barry (PS03W) [4752] be.
[4753] But er, in the end they never got the license back.
[4754] Because what they did try and do is buy the catholic club didn't they?
[4755] Top of Lancasters.
[4756] Next to the
Barry (PS03W) [4757] Cos the
Barry (PS03W) [4758] Alex.
Barry (PS03W) [4759] The Alex.
Barry (PS03W) [4760] They tried to get behind there, the catholic
Barry (PS03W) [4761] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4762] club.
Barry (PS03W) [4763] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [4764] Then they got, they didn't get it past.
Barry (PS03W) [4765] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4766] But er ... he actually owed
Barry (PS03W) [4767] Yeah, that used to be
Barry (PS03W) [4768] about five grand at one stage and got it down to three and half, and then he got to six hundred and eighty ... and they went to court
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4769] and then they got [...]
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4770] [...] ... He paid it.
Barry (PS03W) [4771] Paid it ... through the court.
Barry (PS03W) [4772] Well that was ... remarkably
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4773] Lucky.
Barry (PS03W) [4774] lucky.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4775] Yeah I know.
Barry (PS03W) [4776] He didn't half go for a lot again.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4777] Yes we did seem to be quite lucky to keep [laughing] [...] [] .
Barry (PS03W) [4778] Yeah.
[4779] But I, I, I'm amazed that breweries keep lending him money!
Barry (PS03W) [4780] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [4781] I mean, it's unbelievable, you know th er, he's done so many breweries and yet why they don't talk to wo well I mean they must talk to one another.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4782] Because you get people like Ben who's giving his money he doesn't really give a toss!
Barry (PS03W) [4783] He don't give a toss.
Barry (PS03W) [4784] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4785] As long as he's got an installation going in and if it
Barry (PS03W) [4786] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4787] if it gets written off or
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4788] Gets bigger.
Barry (PS03W) [4789] or someone has to take a, a bi a co company has to take a big lot off.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4790] It's par for the course really.
Barry (PS03W) [4791] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4792] Well, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [4793] Dreadful innit?
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4794] Well he's got that much money to burn Barry that's what it is.
Barry (PS03W) [4795] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4796] You've gotta burn to, to cover all ... they've just laid three hundred and thirty management staff off ... management, not dray lads, not [...] brewery lads.
Barry (PS03W) [4797] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4798] Three hundred and thirty managers ... where
Barry (PS03W) [4799] I think it's your, that's your T V thing is it?
Barry (PS03W) [4800] Yeah.
[4801] T V, video projection.
Barry (PS03W) [4802] How do you work that thing?
[4803] How do you work that thing?
Barry (PS03W) [4804] From behind there.
Barry (PS03W) [4805] And where's it come there?
Barry (PS03W) [4806] That one.
Barry (PS03W) [4807] That just puts on
Barry (PS03W) [4808] At the moment we use
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4809] Rock videos.
Barry (PS03W) [4810] Yeah.
[4811] I mean, Mark's got some ... great stuff of the sixties er er ... er, ex, ex movies of the so er trailers of ex movies, you know
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4812] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4813] sizzling, sexual and all these sort of and,wha what was really outrageous in the sixties looks so tame, but
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4814] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4815] it's on in black and white and fifties, it looks quite good fun.
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4816] Well that [...] on a Thursday
Barry (PS03W) [4817] It's
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4818] night could be a sixties night then.
Barry (PS03W) [4819] I mean when we get, when
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4820] A fifties night even, you know.
Barry (PS03W) [4821] when you get tho when you get the half the er ... when you get sort of well like the scooterist dos and th the DJs bring it up, I mean they bring in a hard core
Barry (PS03W) [4822] You'll have to try and change the old fash
Barry (PS03W) [4823] [...] and things.
[4824] [laugh] ... [laughing] And ... and ... and quite amazing
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [4825] watching Jean
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4826] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [4827] picking up
Unknown speaker (KBDPSUNK) [4828] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4829] bottles on the night and ... bonking going on [] !
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]

13 (Tape 064201)

Barry (PS03W) [4830] Was Alistair ringing you yesterday?
Terri (PS03X) [4831] Me?
[4832] Well he rang Peter.
[4833] Oh God!
[4834] Well he must have been trying [...] .
[4835] ... [...] ... and they told me ... it was [...] , very, very urgent!
[4836] So I said, oh!
[4837] Well, come and speak to him.
[4838] But, so ... I went, and he said oh!
[4839] Barry's dad's been on the phone he wants to you to urgently book a bus ... so he co

14 (Tape 064202)

Terri (PS03X) [4840] Will you see if that says, that sort, yeah it is.
[4841] ... I'll put that on.
Barry (PS03W) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4842] I think it is, isn't it?
[4843] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [4844] But he does
Terri (PS03X) [4845] Yeah, you just bend them over.
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [4846] That's it.
[4847] It's, they're not as easy to bend as you think.
[4848] ... Got a screwdriver round here.
[4849] ... Do you want me to ... hold them up for you?
[4850] ... And this blasted [...] , then we'll get [...] start.
[4851] You know what Colin does and whatnot.
[4852] Right.
[4853] You want me to see if I can find Mick don't you?
Barry (PS03W) [4854] Mick who?.
Terri (PS03X) [4855] [...] Mick.
[4856] ... Actually, I had a think last night, I'll tell you who else you want to get hold of.
[4857] Your friend who's the signwriter.
Barry (PS03W) [4858] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [4859] Don't
Barry (PS03W) [4860] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [4861] you?
Barry (PS03W) [4862] Harvey.
[4863] Yeah.
[4864] I hadn't thought of that.
Terri (PS03X) [4865] Lives near the factory somewhere.
[4866] Might be in on Friday.
Barry (PS03W) [4867] Doubt it.
Terri (PS03X) [4868] Why?
Barry (PS03W) [4869] It's Saturday it was ... it's not bloody arrangement.
Terri (PS03X) [4870] Oh no!
[4871] I meant ... I meant ... he lives somewhere near the factory.
[4872] I think Scouse knows where he lives.
[4873] Cos sometimes you see him a lot, and then he has a spell of not coming in don't
Barry (PS03W) [4874] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [4875] he?
Barry (PS03W) [4876] That's right.
Terri (PS03X) [4877] Mm.
[4878] ... They keep sending, they keep changing my passport!
[4879] Well they do, don't they?
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4880] Well I'll have changed one next week.
[4881] What's wrong with that brush?
Barry (PS03W) [4882] It's broken.
Terri (PS03X) [4883] It's broken.
Barry (PS03W) [4884] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [4885] What i what's other end?
[4886] Has other end already been used?
Barry (PS03W) [4887] Looks like, looks like sawing off and redoing
Terri (PS03X) [4888] Ah!
Barry (PS03W) [4889] it.
Terri (PS03X) [4890] Need to get a new brush.
[4891] I think that's a point [...] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4892] Just get a ... a new stick for the
Barry (PS03W) [4893] That's enough.
Terri (PS03X) [4894] Just go in bin.
[4895] I just want to make this phone call for [...] ... when we ... lock the door and ... [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [4896] Mm.
[4897] I'm going into Lancaster Saturday.
[4898] Erm ... no, but I can leave a message can't I?
[4899] To say, you know ... they er ... [whispering] when Barbara must, has got to go back in hospital [] .
[4900] That little ... Lancaster [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4901] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [4902] Erm, you know she had this ... cancer seven years ago ... when she had her breast cancer and, had her breast taken off ... they've now found it's gone further in [...] seven years ... she, you know, she was
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4903] forgotten all about it, anyway ... she found a little dent ... apparently our Laura said that's just as bad as finding lumps.
[4904] She just went and said I've got this ... you know, check up, cos she knew she was going to Christies for her final check up ... and, they've whizzed her in.
[4905] Got to ... do another operation and remove all the glands from under her arm.
[4906] So ... it's not as though they're gonna get anyone to come [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4907] No.
Terri (PS03X) [4908] I mean I ... I obviously hadn't said that to her.
Barry (PS03W) [4909] Oh no!
[4910] Obviously.
Terri (PS03X) [4911] But er ... she said she'd been feeling a bit rough recently.
[4912] But she never suspecting it was, you know, when they'd been alright for seven years you
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4913] you think you're alright don't you?
[4914] So she's, going in ... today.
[4915] Erm ... so I'm gonna go in this afternoon to see her.
[4916] See if they've taken any ... [...] .
[4917] And I hope [...] .
[4918] I hope she does.
Barry (PS03W) [4919] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [4920] You know, [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [4921] Yeah.
[4922] Anything in it?
[4923] Have you seen it?
Terri (PS03X) [4924] Yes.
[4925] Well they would [...] .
[4926] Oh!
[4927] A bit
Barry (PS03W) [4928] You know like you being all pathetic.
Terri (PS03X) [4929] No.
[4930] Well, a bit I intend carrying on as the ... parliamentary candidate ... and somebody had obviously asked Dave why it is something has nothing whatsoever to do with the constituency.
[4931] That was last time's agent.
[4932] And he said, oh well it's probably being discussed at the next meeting.
[4933] Well he's under a lot [...] or else he won't.
[4934] Still ... he won't come if he thinks there's any ... messing about.
[4935] I mean,i it would be ... zilch for the Labour Party to try and swap candidates now.
[4936] You know ... it would be just stupid wouldn't it?
Barry (PS03W) [4937] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [4938] Mm.
[4939] What would they achieve?
Barry (PS03W) [4940] Well ... that's right.
[4941] I mean I don't know Dave 's just not ... That's stupid!
[4942] Why make any comment whatsoever?
Terri (PS03X) [4943] Yeah.
[4944] Why not just keep quiet?
[4945] So, you know ... cos it just says all candidates receiving [...] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4946] I mean Labour can't win either way.
[4947] They've got to hope that it'll be resolved before then.
[4948] If they put another candidate in ... it's ... doesn't do Labour's name any good does it?
Barry (PS03W) [4949] Mm.
[4950] Well it's a
Terri (PS03X) [4951] It's a waste
Barry (PS03W) [4952] enough of these ad pamphlets.
[4953] Guilt?
Terri (PS03X) [4954] Well it's, it's been looking as though you're ... you're guilty
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [4955] before ... there's problem a admitted.
[4956] ... I mean as we're not looking to win anyway, I don't know what the hell they're bothered about.
[4957] ... I mean it's not exactly, you know, the world's safest Labour seat is it?
Barry (PS03W) [4958] No.
[4959] What was this big presentation yesterday?
[4960] The ... tourist notices ... [...] buffets.
[4961] Mm?
Terri (PS03X) [4962] Well what it is
Barry (PS03W) [4963] Thrown out of their offices.
[4964] ... Champagne and caviar job.
Terri (PS03X) [4965] Probably won some ... trivial award.
Barry (PS03W) [4966] No, no, no, they were going to present him wi for something.
[4967] Something to do with hoteliers or summat.
Terri (PS03X) [4968] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [4969] You don't for
Barry (PS03W) [4970] Probably needed a map to get here did he?
Terri (PS03X) [4971] Presume so.
Barry (PS03W) [4972] I've read it.
Terri (PS03X) [4973] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [4974] I've just seen to it ... that ... [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [4975] A hotel with [...] wouldn't you?
Barry (PS03W) [4976] Er, in Blackpool?
Terri (PS03X) [4977] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [4978] How long's the conferences?
[4979] Two days?
[4980] Three days?
Terri (PS03X) [4981] Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
[4982] Friday afternoon, two o'clock ... Saturday, Sunday.
[4983] Finishes at lunch time on Sunday.
Barry (PS03W) [4984] Erm ... I mean I don't know, whether
Terri (PS03X) [4985] What?
Barry (PS03W) [4986] you're still interested in, I don't know whether you're still interested in speaking but erm, we've just been approached by the A N C, they're pulling everybody back, there's, everybody's going home.
Terri (PS03X) [4987] Oh.
Barry (PS03W) [4988] Cos, the repatriation ... what they call, the United Nations ... start
Terri (PS03X) [4989] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[4990] Can I have bookings please?
[4991] ... Oh!
[4992] Good morning.
[4993] This is Mrs .
[4994] I made a booking for ... erm, two doubles and two singles for the ... seventh and eighth ... you've sent me the confirmation out at the non-delegate price.
[4995] Co ... erm ... it should have been,i it's a Labour Party booking and a Conservative Labour Party booking.
[4996] Erm, we did ac ... yeah, seventh and eighth, yes.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [4997] Yes.
[4998] Got the ... special rates in front of me.
[4999] It's the Labour Party conference ... erm ... bed, breakfast and evening meal is thirty five pounds ... and forty.
[5000] No, it's ... bed and breakfast is quoted at thirty five ... a erm ... double is quoted at sixty six, and singles at forty six [phonecall ends] .
[5001] ... [whispering] This apparently happened to Jim last year [] .
Barry (PS03W) [5002] But, he did get a ... special price?
Terri (PS03X) [5003] Yeah.
[5004] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5005] Say what can I get them [laughing] for then [] ?
[5006] Say, bugger all!
Terri (PS03X) [5007] Well, quite.
[5008] So they don't want to [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5009] Where is it? [...] ?
Terri (PS03X) [5010] with Gordon.
[5011] Labour Party local government [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5012] I know.
Terri (PS03X) [5013] themselves.
[5014] [phonecall starts] What [...] ?
[5015] Yes.
[5016] ... Be sixty five for a double ... sixty five for single
Hugh (PS03Y) [5017] You want a new door valve fitting on there.
[5018] Once the winter comes [...]
Terri (PS03X) [5019] Erm, well that's not, not including forty pound [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5020] it is two little ... well [...] at the bottom
Terri (PS03X) [5021] [...] forty so
Barry (PS03W) [5022] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5023] the door's been broken
Terri (PS03X) [5024] Forty six.
Barry (PS03W) [5025] Right.
[5026] Erm, they're thirty a time
Terri (PS03X) [5027] Yes.
Barry (PS03W) [5028] those aren't they?
[5029] Cos he, he changed the whole pad you know.
Terri (PS03X) [5030] Well, I, I don't I'd ever the whole booking.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5031] Is it is it er ... I mean it's reasonable ... because it's only bottom one?
Terri (PS03X) [5032] They did at Blackpool last week
Barry (PS03W) [5033] Yeah, yeah.
[5034] No that's alright.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5035] It's when the middle ones are gone
Terri (PS03X) [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5036] tha that's a problem
Barry (PS03W) [5037] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5038] innit?
[5039] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [5040] No that's okay, just leave it at that.
Terri (PS03X) [5041] If, if this happens now you, you won't get ... bookings for a national conference in there.
[5042] Mm.
[5043] It's actually in ... it's, it's actually a special leaflet produced by Blackpool, nineteen ninety two re register of conference accommodation.
[5044] And these are the prices quoted ... for ... erm ... no, it doesn't say from ... no ... nope ... it just says what the prices would be.
[5045] But apparently this happened last year at this particular conference.
[5046] Yes.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5047] Well, I haven't got a fax here but I ... I can ... send you one because ... I certainly know my delegates wouldn't want to book at er ... mm.
[5048] Yeah, no ... well we, we can let you have a copy erm ... but erm, you know, I, I can't ... make these reservations at ... at normal prices, my delegates won't accept that.
[5049] So, tell, tell me what you're saying it is.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5050] Yeah.
[5051] Yeah.
[5052] Well that's not what's been quoted you see.
[5053] It's, erm ... th th the whole, the two conferences for the year, local government and national conference ... are ... are on this same register.
[5054] Yes.
[5055] Yes, it's the ... i I mean, I, I happen to be a delegate to national conference as well, so I ha I actually have two of these brochures.
[5056] I've got ... the brochure for local government conference, which is this weekend ... and I've got the brochure for national conference.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5057] So I actually have the same brochure twice.
[5058] But erm ... I know my delegates won't, won't want to book at that ... er it's, they, they will expect to book at ... prices quoted in the ... in the conference register.
[5059] ... Okay.
[5060] We will.
[5061] Thanks.
[5062] Bye [phonecall ends] .
[5063] Certainly won't want to book at that Barry!
Barry (PS03W) [5064] Well haven't you got a problem if there's no hotels available?
Terri (PS03X) [5065] I have got a massive problem.
Barry (PS03W) [5066] Well you can always commute.
Terri (PS03X) [5067] Well, that's what we do because ... they won't put up with that.
[5068] ... Have to try
Barry (PS03W) [5069] Is there no hotels ... I mean, just along that Preston Road?
Terri (PS03X) [5070] Well, that's what I'll have to look for now.
[5071] I'm in difficulties now.
[5072] And these are quoting er
Barry (PS03W) [5073] Mind you, you're not gonna get a delegate rate from them are you?
Terri (PS03X) [5074] Eh?
Barry (PS03W) [5075] You're no the further we, you go away, the further you go away from Blackpool but it's not at
Terri (PS03X) [5076] Oh yeah.
[5077] But I think
Barry (PS03W) [5078] delegate's rate.
Terri (PS03X) [5079] I mean, I can find ... I can find places that are ... reasonable ... at that.
[5080] But Francis told me that had happened to them last year.
[5081] ... Boo [laugh] bookings please.
[5082] If it's still possible to book erm, two doubles and a twin for this weekend or are you booked up [phonecall ends] ?
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Barry (PS03W) [5083] Are they delegates all the time ... [...] conference?
Terri (PS03X) [5084] [whispering] Well I couldn't get one [...] [] .
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [5085] I'm in real trouble.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Barry (PS03W) [5086] [...] giving a ... giving it a ... a service?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5087] Ah yes.
[5088] When she's
Barry (PS03W) [5089] Yes. [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5090] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5091] That plastic cupboard for the keyboards that
Hugh (PS03Y) [5092] Yeah, the ... cupboards that got all the
Barry (PS03W) [5093] No, no.
[5094] The
Hugh (PS03Y) [5095] Which one?
Barry (PS03W) [5096] the other one.
[5097] Yeah, that's right.
[5098] You know what you have to do?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5099] On the
Barry (PS03W) [5100] Oh right!
Hugh (PS03Y) [5101] it sits on top of the hood.
Barry (PS03W) [5102] Oh yes, that's right yeah.
[5103] Sorry!
Hugh (PS03Y) [5104] Yeah.
[5105] ... Yeah, I'd empty your liquid out of the keyboard
Barry (PS03W) [5106] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5107] You know you need that
Barry (PS03W) [5108] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5109] keep those on all the time.
Barry (PS03W) [5110] That's right.
[5111] It came off at one stage.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5112] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [5113] They weren't using it, so
Hugh (PS03Y) [5114] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [5115] put it back on and
Hugh (PS03Y) [5116] Aye.
[5117] Someone's
Barry (PS03W) [5118] keep it on.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5119] ye cos you know, it's easy enough to
Barry (PS03W) [5120] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5121] just get a few drips
Barry (PS03W) [5122] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5123] you've had it!
Barry (PS03W) [5124] Ah!
[5125] You found one of those.
[5126] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5127] But erm ... you've got problems.
Barry (PS03W) [5128] [...] ... especially blackcurrant and orange
Hugh (PS03Y) [5129] I know.
[5130] Aye.
[5131] Oh!
Barry (PS03W) [5132] revolting!
Terri (PS03X) [5133] [...] ... and it's Evesham.
[5134] ... And it's ... .
[5135] I'll confirm to you today.
[5136] And they'll arrive,mo ... Friday afternoon.
[5137] Okay.
[5138] Thanks very much indeed.
[5139] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Barry (PS03W) [5140] That was lucky!
Terri (PS03X) [5141] That was very lucky!
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [5142] It was Bob who told me he booked we ... our union normally stay at the Claremont you see.
Barry (PS03W) [5143] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5144] She said I've got, only got three twin rooms left in the whole of this hotel ... so ... I'll ring Francis and tell her.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5145] It's alright the Claremont.
[5146] Oh, they're always quite nice
Barry (PS03W) [5147] Oh yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5148] and sociable
Barry (PS03W) [5149] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5150] with us.
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5151] [phonecall starts] Francis?
[5152] It's Jean here.
[5153] I ... yes, I've just had my massive little row with The Savoy ... about the prices and they just wanted to charge us the normal price!
[5154] So I've said they can get stood on.
[5155] And I booked at the Claremont ... which is, twenty eight pounds.
[5156] Well, I'm not being prepared to be held to ransom by them.
[5157] And I'm, I'm faxing ... erm ... I'm sorry, I'm not gonna fax it, I'm just going to send a letter to national office ... about The Savoy in First Leisure.
[5158] Because they can't do this to delegates!
[5159] Cos they did it with you last year didn't they?
[5160] Mm.
[5161] ... Yeah.
[5162] Yeah.
[5163] Well, I think we should tell national office that this is, you know, this is happening and it's not on!
[5164] ... I've got ... I'll tell you what I've got, I've got for nineteen ninety two ... confere Register of Conference Accommodation, from national office ... whe where they tell you to book!
[5165] You know, cos I'd got it at a P P C as well, for national conference.
[5166] So I've actually two you see.
[5167] So ... erm ... I'm sending one back to national office saying, these hotels are sending confirmation at the full price for local government conference.
[5168] Now ... I, I've rung the Claremont and they've said, oh yes, it's the conference erm ... you know ... amount ... and we're very,appar we were, I was very lucky cos we got the last three rooms.
[5169] And she said, we're absolutely booked up!
[5170] But, you see Bob told me about it, he said, well he, you know ... booked at the Claremont because he'd had problems getting prices out of the others.
[5171] But, our union always stay at the Claremont and we've always found it, you know, okay.
[5172] But I'm, I'm not paying sixty five quid a night!
[5173] It's just stupid Francis!
[5174] Cos you're never in it.
[5175] I mean, you always go to ... you know, somewhere else don't you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [whistling]
Terri (PS03X) [5176] I didn't ask Francis, so just let me tell you ... erm ... they were when I went, it's A, B, D, E, and it's got all the letters next to them.
[5177] You know, they say there's a full range of facilities ... and ... I'm just looking ... A is central, bedroom, I'll tell you, I'll, I'll, I'll, we'll whiz through them.
[5178] A is central heating, C is car parking, D is ... street car parking, E is special diets catered for, F, tea and coffee making facility, G is television in bedrooms at no extra charge ... I is for [...] answering and J ... [...] ... K, I've, I'm, just to go all through this, disabled facilities, L ... separate [...] ... M ... bedrooms available with private telephones in, it's N, number of bedrooms available with ... private bathroom and toilet or shower and toilet.
[5179] And that's what it says.
[5180] It was, was when I went Francis.
[5181] Night porter, Q is lifts to all floor, and S is swimming pool ... and I know there's a swimming pool because ... not that I ever used it, but ... ma it, it was when I booked Francis.
[5182] It's right on the prom on the corner on, on North Prom.
[5183] It's not far from the Imperial Francis.
[5184] So ... but it was erm ... just go on that bit of the prom, it's huge!
[5185] It's a huge hotel on the corner.
[5186] You can't miss it.
[5187] I'll, I'll give you the o the address anyway.
[5188] Erm, two hundred and seventy North Prom.
[5189] ... Yeah.
[5190] Two seventy North Prom.
[5191] Erm, and you just say what ... yeah, two seventy North Prom.
[5192] It's, it's pa just past, if you keep going past the Pembroke ... it's there.
[5193] But erm ... that's right, going out.
[5194] Yes.
[5195] It's just past there.
[5196] You can't lose it Francis, cos it's one of the major hotels.
[5197] Yeah.
[5198] They've got, they've got lots of bars, there's a bar in the basement and there's bars upstairs, and a dance floor and a swimming pool and ... I'm sure it will Francis.
[5199] I mean ... yeah, well I don't blame him.
[5200] But it says ... number of bedrooms available with private bathroom and toilet, or shower and toilet.
[5201] There are very few hotels of this standard that don't have showers and toilets.
[5202] So ... it's twenty eight Francis, which is, I think is ... yes.
[5203] Yes.
[5204] Well, it doesn't matter where we go to eat does it?
[5205] And we, can go and eat wherever we want.
[5206] Oh!
[5207] But ... th you can have bed and breakfast and evening meal if you want.
[5208] Erm, but generally,ye I mean cos Eileen and I go to a [...] ... we nearly always go somewhere like Carriages or ... you know, somewhere Italian ... which is, you know, it might, it all depends on what Jim's eating at the time.
[5209] But, but ... you can't go wrong, there's plenty to eat in Blackpool can you?
[5210] In fact, I'm trying to think of a place that erm ... we once went when we ... at regional conference, it was behind the Claremont somewhere.
[5211] It was a ... it was a ... little Italian restaurant with about forty six ... and we went at regional conference and it was astounding!
[5212] It was a really brilliant chef!
[5213] I'll try and get Bob to find the ... the number of it.
[5214] Cos that was really ... a really nice place.
[5215] But, you wouldn't have expected to find it where you found it.
[5216] No.
[5217] You know the road behind the promenade?
[5218] It was on that road.
[5219] And we only found it by chance, you know how you go off to ... think oh I'll, I'll go and find a coffee or something, and we found this restaurant at lunch time and had a coffee there ... and we looked at the menu and, you know, we, we couldn't believe it!
[5220] Yeah.
[5221] Well I'll try, I'll try and get Bob to remember the name of it.
[5222] Alright.
[5223] And so I'll see you when we get there Francis.
[5224] I said we'll a probably arrive early afternoon.
[5225] So ... no ... doesn't ... well you know what he'll be like, he'll be messing about all day.
[5226] But I know Kinnock's speaking at four isn't he?
[5227] So we ... I want to ... Yeah.
[5228] Yeah.
[5229] Oh well he'll have to be then.
[5230] Yeah.
[5231] ... Yeah.
[5232] That's alright.
[5233] Don't worry.
[5234] I'll, I'll look after [...] .
[5235] Because there's erm ... there's ... Geoff and Louise are staying with us, and Eileen and I are staying.
[5236] You and Jim are staying.
[5237] And I know that Bob and Sue have booked at the Claremont so there'll be quite a few of us there.
[5238] So, I'll, I'll keep an eye on us.
[5239] And I'll go and have a look at your room.
[5240] [laugh] ... Just to make sure everything's alright ... before he gets there.
[5241] Right.
[5242] Thanks Francis.
[5243] See you Friday.
[5244] Bye [phonecall ends] .
[5245] ... I should have checked that shouldn't I?
Barry (PS03W) [5246] Well ... [...] is a ... en suite.
Terri (PS03X) [5247] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5248] I don't think it is gonna be en suite.
Terri (PS03X) [5249] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5250] Well they said, the number of rooms ... didn't it?
[5251] Didn't say all rooms.
[5252] And if you've got the last three I can't believe that the last three are en suite.
Terri (PS03X) [5253] I only need one en suite.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [5254] [laughing] That's what I thought [] !
Terri (PS03X) [5255] It'll be two rooms and a bath or a shower.
[5256] ... Shall I ring back?
Barry (PS03W) [5257] I stayed at the Claremont when I was down doing [...] and I can't remember where it is on the street [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [5258] Well, I ... we were when I went
Barry (PS03W) [5259] John was.
[5260] John ... but mind you, John has been insistent on it, he
Terri (PS03X) [5261] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5262] moved a whole delegation if it weren't en suite.
Terri (PS03X) [5263] Yeah.
[5264] ... Well Bob will do me a swap if ... it's gonna come to a crisis.
[5265] I think I'll ring Madge up.
[5266] Cos it will cause a crisis
Barry (PS03W) [5267] Oh yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5268] with Jim.
Barry (PS03W) [5269] Of course.
[5270] I mean ... he's at the age of being incontinent int he?
Terri (PS03X) [5271] Call me regional [...] .
[5272] Is he introducing a conference now?
Barry (PS03W) [5273] [laugh] ... John unwashed and unshaved on the front delegate, on the front.
Terri (PS03X) [5274] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5275] Yeah.
[5276] I'd er ... ring up just in case cos you might have to solve your problem.
[5277] ... Better to knowing now than to know when you arrive there.
[5278] ... Have they mended your photocopier yet?
Terri (PS03X) [5279] No.
[5280] They won't be [...] if you want to photocopy something.
Barry (PS03W) [5281] I might do. [phone rings]
Terri (PS03X) [5282] But we'll give them a ring now anyway.
Barry (PS03W) [5283] I need to get hold of Mayfair as well cos there's cigarettes out ... so
Terri (PS03X) [5284] [phonecall starts] Hello, it's Mrs here, I've just spoken to the other lady ... making a booking for ... three twin rooms.
[5285] Can you just check whether they're en suite.
[5286] They are?
[5287] Oh brilliant!
[5288] You've saved my life!
[5289] Else my chairman was er, just gonna give [...] .
[5290] Oh!
[5291] That's great!
[5292] No problem.
[5293] Thanks.
[5294] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Barry (PS03W) [5295] [laugh] ... Phew!
[5296] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5297] Better telephone ... so that she can be sure that ... when he asks the dreaded question that they are.
[5298] ... Must remember I've got to talk to him about here.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Terri (PS03X) [5299] [...] ... [phonecall starts] The answer is yes, they all are.
[5300] Ah!
[5301] Francis I had a little panic then, and I decided to ring [laughing] them back [] .
[5302] But, no ... yeah ... yeah ... well, I thought, I thought I'd better ... be safe, yeah.
[5303] I don't want a weekend with Jim where I, I'm in trouble [laughing] all weekend [] !
[5304] Oh don't Francis!
[5305] I mean er, I'd, I'd never have lived it down.
[5306] ... Yeah.
[5307] Well that's what he'd say to me, why didn't find out first?
[5308] So, anyway, you're reduced from, [laugh] ... so it's en suite.
[5309] Yeah.
[5310] She said ... exactly Francis!
[5311] Well we'll spend it on food and drink Francis.
[5312] [laugh] ... But erm ... er, I feel a lot more comfortable cos I think sixty five pounds a night's outrageous!
[5313] For just spending ... well, for us, when we're just, you're only there for ... your breakfast aren't you?
[5314] You never go back again.
[5315] So ... because we'll be able to have lunch at British Home Stores.
[5316] [laugh] ... [laughing] We'll not be able to break with tradition [] .
[5317] Geoff will insist that we go to British Home Stores for, well we'll, if, if we we're with Geoff and Louise, that's where we generally go to lunch, and ... it's really nice!
[5318] It's a lovely ... self-service [laughing] in Blackpool [] .
[5319] But ... [laugh] ... you know the Labour Party is worse than the Conservatives for traditions aren't they?
[5320] Mm.
[5321] Anyway, look ... I'll find out from Bob about this restaurant and ... see if there's a possibility that it might be worth booking before I go.
[5322] But I know that Jim's going to have to [...] .
[5323] And I ... I don't want to spend all night chasing round Blackpool looking for ... for a place that serves ordinary food of a decent ... standard.
[5324] Right Francis.
[5325] I'll leave on that note.
[5326] [laugh] ... Bye [phonecall ends] .
[5327] Yeah, she does want to go.
[5328] They don't want him trailing down th
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [5329] [...] ... well we're in a [...] next week.
Barry (PS03W) [5330] It would be ... a couple of days.
Terri (PS03X) [5331] I think it's .
Barry (PS03W) [5332] I want Mayfair as well.
[5333] I want Mayfair to come.
Terri (PS03X) [5334] Filling the machine?
Barry (PS03W) [5335] Fill it up.
[5336] It's empty, so ... Mayfair fills it up.
Terri (PS03X) [5337] [phonecall starts] [...] ... You don't know where he is do you?
[5338] Oh!
[5339] Right.
[5340] Okay.
[5341] I'll try County Hall.
[5342] Right.
[5343] Thanks.
[5344] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Barry (PS03W) [5345] What's it called ... Mains?
Terri (PS03X) [5346] Mains Business Services.
[5347] It's here ... I think, but I'm not sure.
Barry (PS03W) [5348] Mains, Mains, Mains, Mains.
[5349] Oh!
[5350] They have been getting Ma Macs first don't they?
[5351] For some unknown reason! [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [5352] [phonecall starts] Well can I have the Labour group then please?
Barry (PS03W) [5353] You tell me why they has ... Mac before ... Mains.
[5354] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5355] Right [phonecall ends] .
Barry (PS03W) [5356] L M, Main.
[5357] H, I, J, K ... .
Terri (PS03X) [5358] Close.

15 (Tape 064203)

Terri (PS03X) [5359] Sor if I sorted out being able to book at this restaurant which only is about ... [...] ... I'd be in
Barry (PS03W) [5360] How many nights are you there, two?
Terri (PS03X) [5361] Two.
[5362] Be in ... if, everybody's good books.
[5363] Cos it really, it's really nice!
[5364] We just found it by chance.
Barry (PS03W) [5365] You can't, can't
Terri (PS03X) [5366] It
Barry (PS03W) [5367] remember what it's called?
Terri (PS03X) [5368] I know!
[5369] I just can't.
[5370] Bob'll know.
Barry (PS03W) [5371] Well you probably, I mean you, you as, you as well, so ... I mean, you probably won't
Terri (PS03X) [5372] No he's
Barry (PS03W) [5373] be able to get there till this evening and you probably won't be able to see him will you?
Terri (PS03X) [5374] No.
[5375] Well a as long as he knows I'm looking for him.
[5376] They erm ... wa when we to we, we were staying at the Claremont ... and ... I don't, oh, I think we just decided we'd find a cup of coffee.
[5377] It was M S F thing, we were with Margaret about the ... M S F.
[5378] And ... said, oh, let's go and find a cup of coffee ... but, have a bit of a walk and walk down to conference but we'll not walk down the prom
Barry (PS03W) [5379] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5380] we'll walk down the road at the back ... and we'd only just turned round the corner from the Claremont and we found this restaurant ... and it was, it was an absolutely brilliant chef, really nice restaurant, really high quality ... and it was ... was ... quite reasonable price, it wasn't cheap.
Barry (PS03W) [5381] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5382] So, when we found this we thought ooh, this is alright!
[5383] You know, we'll ... so we've been quite a few times since, but I cannot think of the name of it.
[5384] You see, Jim doesn't like, I mean, we'd go to Carriages probably ... cos it's a ... a proper Italian
Barry (PS03W) [5385] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5386] that absolutely reeks with garlic and ... all the rest of it.
[5387] Well ... that means Jim will pull a face!
[5388] Or he'll start going
Barry (PS03W) [5389] Oh, this big international financier!
Terri (PS03X) [5390] Oh!
[5391] No!
[5392] Not, I mean, is the, when it comes down to food ... wi he's a traditionalist.
[5393] So we've always got to find somewhere to eat that's
Barry (PS03W) [5394] You're gonna be pushed getting, you know, roast beef and Yorkshire in Brussels aren't you?
Terri (PS03X) [5395] God knows!
Barry (PS03W) [5396] Steak and kidney pie!
Terri (PS03X) [5397] You're joking!
[5398] Cos everybody sort of, just try to think, think of in Brussels.
[5399] Why they go, they go to er ... a six course sort of have as much main course as you like.
[5400] It's a ... a ... a re a really nice restaurant ... but you can pick all your food raw ... and they just, there's a chef cooking, and you just get one of these plates, you can have as many helpings as you want, they serve you a cold starter and a hot starter ... but there's ... a buffet that's about ... half the size of our club ... and one side of it it's all ... fish on a wet fish slab, and steak, and veal, and chicken and ... so there's every sort of meat you can think of, and you can pick a wooden platter full of it, so you go and give it the chef with this number that they give you ... and then they come serve you with whatever you want.
[5401] And you can have as many helpings of whatever you want.
[5402] And the salad stuff ... and fresh fruit and all that sort of thing, takes ... about the full length of our bar up ... you know, you, you couldn't think of a salad that isn't there.
[5403] But you can't, and there's, then there's loads of hot veg.
Barry (PS03W) [5404] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5405] There's no vegetables you can't mention.
[5406] I think it's about twenty quid a head, but you can actually have as many meals as you want, or as many puddings as you want.
Barry (PS03W) [5407] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5408] It's ... it really is ... really very, very good.
[5409] The Labour Party came to ... to use that quite a lot.
[5410] Because ... they've got ... big seating areas as well, where they put, sort of eight tables together and all your party can sit together.
Barry (PS03W) [5411] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5412] When we were there ... Stan was with us and he'd ... been a few times to Brussels ... to with the Labour Party and, and he said oh it's great!
[5413] Because ... usually you go off to a restaurant and if there's twenty of you ... you can't sit together can you?
Barry (PS03W) [5414] No.
[5415] No.
Terri (PS03X) [5416] But, he said, this restaurant makes a particular thing of ... seating big parties.
[5417] It was a brilliant restaurant!
[5418] Really ... really ... nice.
[5419] So ... you know
Barry (PS03W) [5420] Sergio's going to erm ... erm ... one, some Cubs visit to London at er ... half term.
Terri (PS03X) [5421] Baden Powell House?
Barry (PS03W) [5422] Yeah, but the
Terri (PS03X) [5423] Mary took it.
[5424] It's brilliant!
[5425] Absolutely great!
Barry (PS03W) [5426] And er, so she said ... she, she wants to take the last couple of days away
Terri (PS03X) [5427] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5428] so she's, her aunty's going to Dublin, so I got these things and they were really cheap actually.
[5429] There's the train fare from here to Holyhead return, the ferry, transfers to their hotel ... the best hotel in Dublin, The Burlington
Terri (PS03X) [5430] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5431] is absolutely stupendous!
[5432] Two nights bed and breakfast, full Irish breakfast, which means [laughing] you won't need to eat until the evening [] !
Terri (PS03X) [5433] You won't eat again.
[5434] No.
Barry (PS03W) [5435] Erm ... train, free bus passes round Dublin, includes their bus fares and, and train on those sort of metro type thing
Terri (PS03X) [5436] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5437] they have in Dublin ... all for eighty five quid!
Terri (PS03X) [5438] Eh?
Barry (PS03W) [5439] I know.
Terri (PS03X) [5440] Why?
Barry (PS03W) [5441] The only problem is, that the hotel that Mary's like, ah!
[5442] This looks beautiful.
[5443] Cos I, I, that second hotel, [...] hotel, the only thing, is the Burlington.
[5444] And I daren't, I'm not gonna tell her, but I, I, I'm trying to say, well, it's a little bit out, it's in a park and er,th th but it looks gorgeous!
[5445] I said, yeah I know.
[5446] And it was, where they had their honeymoon.
Terri (PS03X) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [5447] So I'm going, oh no!
[5448] Not for [...] ... just er ... Siobhan, and sister-in-law, erm ... is the head of Town and Travel and, Manchester
Terri (PS03X) [5449] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5450] Town and Travel, and she got ... the ... presidential suite at the Burlington which is like a, you know, I mean, erm, it's absolutely gorgeous!
[5451] And it was, it was about two hundred pounds a night and got it for ten pounds a night.
[5452] [laugh] ... That was about, well, ten years ago, when ... well ... well it's really appropriate.
[5453] So I think, well ... this is a, this is actually on O'Connell Street, that's right in the centre.
[5454] But I mean, that's actually th th one, one of the, that was the, the, the other ones like four star hotels were on O'Connell Street which actually opens [...] ... only seventy seven quid.
Terri (PS03X) [5455] I know.
Barry (PS03W) [5456] That's including all that travel and
Terri (PS03X) [5457] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5458] and ... I mean, it's incredible though!
Terri (PS03X) [5459] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5460] And it's something like twenty quid for an extra night if you want to stay, the problem is the Holyhead ferries, they're dreadful!
[5461] You know
Terri (PS03X) [5462] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5463] one gets you in at seven fifteen which means ... you're only really getting one day
Terri (PS03X) [5464] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5465] you know, for that price, cos
Terri (PS03X) [5466] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5467] by the time you got in, checked in, got into the hotel, it's gonna be nine o'clock.
Terri (PS03X) [5468] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5469] You've missed the day, and, you've got Saturday then,th ... ferry back is ten o'clock on the Mo or whatever day, but the ferry back is at ten o'clock in the morning so you've got to leave at eight o'clock.
Terri (PS03X) [5470] So you really need to go the day before.
Barry (PS03W) [5471] I mean, really, you've got to book an extra night to be honest.
Terri (PS03X) [5472] Mm.
[5473] That's what I mean, you
Barry (PS03W) [5474] Yeah.
[5475] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5476] there's no point in you going
Barry (PS03W) [5477] No.
Terri (PS03X) [5478] for that, I mean, all you're doing is going on a ferry [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5479] I mean if the fe if the ferries were like ... early sort of bo got you in at lunch time
Terri (PS03X) [5480] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5481] then that would be alright.
[5482] And, and, that you could get say
Terri (PS03X) [5483] Yeah.
[5484] Cos you'd have more in the following day.
Barry (PS03W) [5485] get say a late afternoon one back.
[5486] Cos it's, and it's only about two and half [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [5487] Has it got to be on the ferry has it?
Barry (PS03W) [5488] Yeah.
[5489] Yeah.
[5490] Cos it's part of the, that's why it's so cheap.
Terri (PS03X) [5491] Part of the hotel.
[5492] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5493] We need to phone Mayfair.
Terri (PS03X) [5494] Oh!
[5495] . We need to phone Marion.
Barry (PS03W) [5496] I'll do it, it's alright.
[5497] ... It's been an awful long time for this part hasn't it?
Terri (PS03X) [5498] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5499] I mean, it's been a month.
Terri (PS03X) [5500] Need to send away for it.
Barry (PS03W) [5501] Just shows the state of British industry.
[5502] And the recession.
Terri (PS03X) [5503] It's foreign int it?
Barry (PS03W) [5504] Oh!
[5505] [...] ... That carpet's gotta be done ain't it?
[5506] That carpet cleaner's coming.
Terri (PS03X) [5507] Don't bother about that, Eileen and I will do it.
Barry (PS03W) [5508] Yeah, but we need a new poster though.
[5509] [...] gave us a poster.
[5510] Alright?
Terri (PS03X) [5511] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5512] One to come.
Terri (PS03X) [5513] No.
[5514] [whispering] He's only coming cos you [] ... [phonecall starts] Oh hi!
[5515] It's Mrs here.
[5516] Can you just tell, I can ask if my photocopier part's in?
[5517] ... Thanks [phonecall ends] .
[5518] ... They erm
Barry (PS03W) [5519] We need the sa spare part, when I, I mean we need the sort of [...] anyway, what was
Terri (PS03X) [5520] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5521] happening don't we?
[5522] And it's [...] , and we also need to see them mend it properly.
Terri (PS03X) [5523] I think, we should go for ... [whispering] [...] [] .
[5524] Red and blue square, that, you know ... [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5525] I can't, I can't say.
Terri (PS03X) [5526] No.
[5527] I mean, [whispering] we could the use the industrial [...] [] .
Barry (PS03W) [5528] I don't know.
[5529] ... And you could do that in the ... all the rest area, you could do it in the whole club to be ... honest.
Terri (PS03X) [5530] I think you should go for the blocks of colour.
Barry (PS03W) [5531] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5532] Cos, if you got a room, and you spill on it ... it wouldn't matter [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5533] Well, I was saying that yesterday to them.
[5534] I said [...] .
Terri (PS03X) [5535] Right.
[5536] Oh God!
[5537] ... [phonecall starts] Will he?
[5538] Cos I'm, I'm getting desperate cos it's getting near the actual time.
[5539] Righty-ho!
[5540] Thanks.
[5541] Speak to you later [phonecall ends] .
[5542] They're gonna chase it up today, he's got quite a few orders outstanding with this company.
Barry (PS03W) [5543] Yeah, cos I mean, I were saying that yesterday, that, that little bit of damaged carpet in there ... because it's a carpet
Terri (PS03X) [5544] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5545] you've really gotta replace the whole bloody carpet haven't you?
Terri (PS03X) [5546] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5547] But yo you know, if you, you got the tile situation you just
Terri (PS03X) [5548] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5549] take a tile off ... and replace that.
Terri (PS03X) [5550] I think you should do the floor
Barry (PS03W) [5551] I think we ought to sort of
Terri (PS03X) [5552] lino.
Barry (PS03W) [5553] Yeah.
[5554] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5555] You know
Barry (PS03W) [5556] Er, well the bulk, the main floor ... lino, but the two raised areas and stairs in
Terri (PS03X) [5557] I think you've got to do it in, and I think you've got to do it in brilliant, er brilliant white.
[5558] ... But ... get me
Barry (PS03W) [5559] Sa a
Terri (PS03X) [5560] [...] shop.
Barry (PS03W) [5561] Yeah.
[5562] Well phone Meg,
Terri (PS03X) [5563] Tomorrow afternoon.
Barry (PS03W) [5564] Tomorrow afternoon.
[5565] Say, three o'clock?
Terri (PS03X) [5566] Oh yeah, she'll be here for half past one.
Barry (PS03W) [5567] We well, yeah.
[5568] I mean, and you here, I want you here tomorrow ... too.
Terri (PS03X) [5569] [phonecall starts] Oh hello!
[5570] It's Mrs at the [...] .
[5571] Is there a possibility of someone coming and filling the machine tomorrow afternoon?
[5572] ... At three o'clock if possible.
[5573] ... Well we'll be there, we'll be here till four.
[5574] Yeah.
[5575] Yeah, okay.
[5576] Thanks.
[5577] Bye [phonecall ends] .
Barry (PS03W) [5578] Which, which number of theirs?
Terri (PS03X) [5579] The shop.
Barry (PS03W) [5580] Er er ... well it just says Lunar Mills or after sa after hours sales office.
Terri (PS03X) [5581] Does it not give a name for the shop?
[5582] Well give me Lunar Mills then?
Barry (PS03W) [door knock]
Barry (PS03W) [5583] Yep!
Hugh (PS03Y) [5584] Right.
[5585] ... Second time, I'm gonna have to come back.
Terri (PS03X) [5586] [...] ... [phonecall starts] Yes of course I can.
Hugh (PS03Y) [cough]
Barry (PS03W) [5587] That's it, forty three.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5588] Bruerne's okay. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5589] Yeah, we got one [...] ... actually.
Terri (PS03X) [5590] Yeah [phonecall ends] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [5591] You okay for till rolls?
[5592] Right.
Barry (PS03W) [5593] Are we okay for till rolls?
[5594] Yeah?
Terri (PS03X) [5595] Just, I think we are Barry, just have
Barry (PS03W) [5596] I haven't
Terri (PS03X) [5597] a look.

16 (Tape 064204)

Barry (PS03W) [5598] Yeah.
[5599] I said to him on erm ... su er sa Saturday night.
[5600] Oh well, he said to me on Saturday he said ... do it Thursday ... after
Terri (PS03X) [5601] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5602] I say, so I said, well I'll arrange for a delivery.
[5603] But, having said that ... he's not the most reliable ... person in the world.
Terri (PS03X) [5604] Have you given Peter your order?
Barry (PS03W) [5605] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5606] Oh.
[5607] ... And does he have to be, I mean, are we not gonna be there most of the time?
Barry (PS03W) [5608] Yeah.
[5609] Co yeah we are.
Terri (PS03X) [5610] Well, you are.
[5611] ... I'll be back as soon as I can.
Barry (PS03W) [5612] Yeah.
[5613] I mean, I can be back for ... well I mean, I can actually stay there in fact.
Terri (PS03X) [5614] Well, do you want the latest?
Barry (PS03W) [5615] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5616] There's, there's Steve , Dave ... er, all the men's meeting at the hideaway
Barry (PS03W) [5617] Oh yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5618] is now going to be at the [...] .
[5619] ... We think she should, might stand down gracefully, if she doesn't erm ... she, we could refuse to adopt, but she's over there personally.
[5620] Erm, I'm in two minds about what to do.
[5621] I could ... name names and say ... because this is not a party decision, it's
Barry (PS03W) [5622] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5623] Dave , Steve , etcetera, and [...] .
[5624] Now, who's Dave ?
[5625] ... Senior employee of the City Council
Barry (PS03W) [5626] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5627] meeting with ... the leader of the Labour group who's ... supposedly doing all this to protect his wife.
[5628] The reason he's married to her ... I mean, even [...] .
[5629] I could, I could really throw the dirt at them ... by saying that I'll, you know, if there is a conspiracy ... there's, a person here who's been involved in a very iffy part of the budget, who all of a sudden after ten years of ... slagging off the town clerk, all of a sudden he's totally on the town clerk's side, together with ... Councillor .
[5630] Why?
[5631] The only person who's involved in both, allowing the town clerk to take these decisions, without any ... interference at all
Barry (PS03W) [5632] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5633] and now conspiring with a senior employee of the council, and of course, [...] .
[5634] Just not so.
Barry (PS03W) [5635] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5636] All of a sudden this erm ... worry about this budget heading, is being swept under the carpets and everybody being told is all in been er ... cleared up.
[5637] It's Dave [...] .
[5638] I'd fire him.
Barry (PS03W) [5639] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5640] I could really make this into a very great conspiracy for [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5641] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5642] Apart from which, this meeting that they're supposed to be going to have ... is totally out of order anyway.
[5643] Cos nobody's been sent any notices for it or notified about it.
[5644] So I mean, I, I could
Barry (PS03W) [5645] What the hell are they doing now!
Terri (PS03X) [5646] get the full meeting cance I mean, you get Ashdown yesterday, his party rally round him like
Barry (PS03W) [5647] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5648] royalty's going of fashion!
[5649] You get, I mean, Dave and Steve , alright, they've never been my favourite people ... but ... all this pious goings-on with Dave , how much he hates the town clerk, and whatever opportunity he could get ... he would
Barry (PS03W) [5650] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5651] take.
Barry (PS03W) [5652] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5653] First opportunity, real opportunity he gets ... he's ... doing everything the town clerk wants him to do.
Barry (PS03W) [5654] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5655] I just, I, I, honestly Barry, I've got to the stage where I believe in this conspiracy [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5656] Mm.
[5657] ... Well certainly some people want ... some answers want to be given on this ... budget, er me as well, I mean, he can't just suddenly say
Terri (PS03X) [5658] Well
Barry (PS03W) [5659] it's all been sorted out, don't worry about it.
Terri (PS03X) [5660] Well ... I think it will be really stupid.
[5661] [...] ... But I shall say ... Dave ...
Barry (PS03W) [5662] And how long [...] ?
[5663] Well I park
Terri (PS03X) [5664] I'll put
Barry (PS03W) [5665] er
Terri (PS03X) [5666] I'll drop you off.
[5667] Cos I want to go home and [...] , I've got to home cos I've ... I've a stack of paperwork on my table.
[5668] I'm not gonna be able to set off much later on remember because
Barry (PS03W) [...]
Terri (PS03X) [5669] There's no point in me getting
Barry (PS03W) [5670] Nope.
Terri (PS03X) [5671] I'll have to go up to shop to get some shopping cos there's ... nothing to eat in the house.
[5672] So I'll have to do something [...] .
[5673] ... Alright Barry? [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5674] I just wonder what on earth they're, they're playing at with ... ha, cha cha cha cha cha cha.
[5675] You know, I just don't understand what they're playing but th you know
Terri (PS03X) [5676] They
Barry (PS03W) [5677] they can only be doing ... damage to th to the election chances I mean
Terri (PS03X) [5678] Well they
Barry (PS03W) [5679] they can't be achieving anything else!
Terri (PS03X) [5680] I mean saying things like ... a successor has already been identified.
[5681] I mean ... it's just stupid!
[5682] Cos the general view in Morecambe isn't what they say it is.
Barry (PS03W) [5683] Yeah, but it gives the impression there's a split group innit?
Terri (PS03X) [5684] Well, you give the impression of a ... a faction in the party, now ... I could, I could serve this faction quite easily ... to ... Mike who'd give me a lot of say ... if I said, you know,th the ... the plot thickens, you know, here's a town
Barry (PS03W) [5685] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5686] hall employee
Barry (PS03W) [5687] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5688] always an opponent of the town clerk ... also now ... erm ... trying to cause problems.
Barry (PS03W) [5689] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5690] I mean, that really does make the plot thicken ... doesn't it?
Barry (PS03W) [5691] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5692] I mean, why was Dave being quoted for [...] , what has it got to with Dave ?
[5693] He's not an officer of the constitut he isn't a treasurer, he isn't secretary, he's, he's nothing ... as far the constituency's concerned.
[5694] They, if they want any quotes why don't they go and see chairman, who's Terry?
Barry (PS03W) [5695] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5696] I mean, this is them deliberately saying things to their friends ... and deliberately stirring it.
[5697] They, oh!
[5698] Because, I mean, I know where it's coming from, some of it's coming from Stanley , who, who thinks ... if I don't stand down it will damage Ruth's chances.
[5699] That's not Ruth's own view of it.
[5700] Well it, and I don't think with the News of the World round their necks they can afford to start playing silly people.
[5701] Because I'm, you know, if they sa if they keep crossing me the way they are, quite frankly I'm ... you know, willing to make remarks myself.
[5702] Although I don't want to do damaging things, but ... I don't see why I should be the person con cons constantly getting the flack from a group of people who were ... you know.
Barry (PS03W) [5703] Yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5704] Who are genuinely trying to do damage to the party.
[5705] ... So do you want me to call at the 's now?
Barry (PS03W) [5706] Yeah.
[5707] There's, may as well.
[5708] ... Well, don't know.
[5709] Well it doesn't really matter, I'll, I'll be ... I mean, what, so ... I mean there's ... except for seeing Anne there's nothing more to do is there?
Terri (PS03X) [5710] Well except to start getting that rubbish cleared away.
Barry (PS03W) [5711] Well I can't put it away.
[5712] Don't want a pile in the cellar when carpet delivery comes.
Terri (PS03X) [5713] No, but I pu put it next to the lift ... and as soon as Hughey comes ... put it outside and when I come back I'll take it away.
Barry (PS03W) [5714] No you won't cos I'm meeting Ellial at, at half three.
Terri (PS03X) [5715] Well I mean, I should be back for half past two.
[5716] I mean, if you want to just put it in that dustbin place and we'll take it tomorrow.
Barry (PS03W) [5717] Mm.
Terri (PS03X) [5718] You know, the washing up machine and everything, all, all of that needs cleaning out, all behind the bar needs cleaning.
[5719] We're giving people a very bad impression if we're opening tonight and ... nothing's been cleared up.
[5720] I think I'll go for it Barry.
[5721] I'll, I'll go and see where he is, and say, you know ... That washing up and everything wants doing before tonight so you, so if you're gonna say ... oh, we're open tonight and the place still looks like a pig stye!
[5722] It ain't gonna give a very good impression.
Barry (PS03W) [5723] Well he's not gonna want to, he's not,sha I mean he's ... it's not a meeting to look around the place is it really?
Terri (PS03X) [5724] Well it is.
[5725] That's what they're coming for.
[5726] That's one of the things Richard is coming for, to look round.
[5727] We'll come and have a good look round, I've never seen it.
[5728] ... I mean, er, you know what that's to do with don't you?
[5729] The repairs notice.
[5730] Even if we only got all those old tickets and things into green bags and started cleaning that out it would ... it would look as though we're making some ... effort.
[5731] Er, if I can get ... the and get him to come in ... reasonably soon, you know, I'll ring you and tell you whether he's in.
[5732] If we could get him to come in reasonably quickly ... you could get all that stuff down and bagged up and we could get rid of it couldn't we?
Barry (PS03W) [5733] Which which tickets are you talking about?
Terri (PS03X) [5734] Well all the old tickets and stuff, I mean, alright
Barry (PS03W) [5735] Where?
[5736] From where?
Terri (PS03X) [5737] In, the bottom office.
Barry (PS03W) [5738] Oh yeah.
Terri (PS03X) [5739] As well as all the junk that's in the cleaner's room, it all wants getting rid of.
[5740] I mean, what's happening about these speakers then?
[5741] ... I mean, is this supposed to be happening tonight or
Barry (PS03W) [5742] No.
Terri (PS03X) [5743] what's
Barry (PS03W) [5744] Well it's ... it's a trial.
[5745] ... Go in then.
Terri (PS03X) [5746] Just stop if there's any mail.
Barry (PS03W) [5747] No there's nothing.
Terri (PS03X) [5748] Oh.
Barry (PS03W) [5749] Okay.
Terri (PS03X) [5750] I'll go and get in and get on with
Barry (PS03W) [5751] Alright.

17 (Tape 064205)

Barry (PS03W) [5752] That's a master key for those [...] .
Hugh (PS03Y) [5753] What do you want?
Barry (PS03W) [5754] Well I put that ... blue thing ... and it's fallen down.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5755] This?
[5756] Over here?
Barry (PS03W) [5757] Yeah.
[5758] And I say, Bernie's room.
[5759] See if there's any rubbish er ... are those, are those worth keeping those?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5760] Yeah, these are alright.
[5761] These are
Barry (PS03W) [5762] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5763] a couple of them are okay.
[5764] ... It's a full [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5765] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5766] Full set.
Barry (PS03W) [5767] Yeah, that's what I thought, there's about three or four towels and few [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5768] Makes it complicated.
Barry (PS03W) [laugh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5769] That's no good.
Barry (PS03W) [5770] That's no good is it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5771] What about these ones?
[5772] Aren't you gonna put these in it?
Barry (PS03W) [5773] The what?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5774] The ... doors over there?
Barry (PS03W) [5775] What doors?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5776] These.
Barry (PS03W) [5777] Is that a door?
[5778] ... Yeah, in there as well.
[5779] We'll stick that ... stick that in.
[5780] Wanna stick that in or not?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5781] Yeah.
[5782] ... Nothing else?
Barry (PS03W) [5783] Well that's ... a fire door is it?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5784] [...] we'll have to ... take it off this.
Barry (PS03W) [5785] Yes.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5786] Sorry.
[5787] ... Right, I'll try and get on with fixing that [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5788] Yeah.
[5789] ... Er
Hugh (PS03Y) [5790] Did you see the match last night?
Barry (PS03W) [5791] No, I mean, I saw
Hugh (PS03Y) [5792] Well I never watched it myself.
Barry (PS03W) [5793] You know I didn't watch
Hugh (PS03Y) [5794] I heard the score, I heard the score after that and I never bloody watched it.
Barry (PS03W) [5795] Mm.
[5796] I, I actually taped it and I was, I was watching a bit this morning before Jean came.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5797] Two one. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5798] Ah?
[5799] No, that's a ... trestle table.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5800] Are you leaving that there?
Barry (PS03W) [5801] Yeah.
[5802] Cos I, I wanna take those mikes out and take them.
[5803] ... I mean, that's just a, a brief [...] ... using a frame and re-cutting it.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5804] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5805] Alright then?
[5806] [door opening] [...] ... Oh!
[5807] Ha ha ah ah!
[5808] ... There's a lot of rubbish in here int there?
[5809] Well ... stinks of it!
Hugh (PS03Y) [5810] I suppose ... [sniff]
Barry (PS03W) [5811] I mean, this is the
Hugh (PS03Y) [5812] She didn't want that dumped last time.
Barry (PS03W) [5813] Didn't she?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5814] No.
Barry (PS03W) [sigh]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5815] Well, well I thought, what the fuck is she supposed to do with them, ah?
Barry (PS03W) [5816] Well nothi well we're not anyway because we're not do using those lights any more so
Hugh (PS03Y) [5817] Well sure, then they can come down then.
Barry (PS03W) [5818] Yeah.
[5819] Yeah.
[5820] I mean, basically you wanna be quite ruthless and just get rid of
Hugh (PS03Y) [5821] Everything.
Barry (PS03W) [5822] everything that's ... going to be dumped, and we're not gonna use again.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5823] Ha ha.
Barry (PS03W) [5824] Yeah.
[5825] ... Er ... and the same out the bottom office.
[5826] Erm ... just get rid of everything, I mean, how many of these fluorescent tubes are used up?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5827] They must be all done or they wouldn't be down in the first place would they?
Barry (PS03W) [5828] I wouldn't have thought so.
[5829] ... I mean why would any
Hugh (PS03Y) [5830] Th they have obviously been used.
Barry (PS03W) [5831] Yeah.
[5832] That's right.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5833] So why are they taken down?
Barry (PS03W) [5834] Yeah.
[5835] ... Repair some of the er ... the framework [...] .
[5836] Erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5837] I'll go and get a rubbish bin.
Barry (PS03W) [5838] Yeah.
[5839] We got plenty of those.
[5840] ... That's er ... had it.
[5841] ... We, have we got a mop behind the bar?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5842] No.
[5843] D'ya want me to [...] ?
Barry (PS03W) [5844] Yeah.
[5845] Erm ... well I would.
Hugh (PS03Y) [laugh]
Barry (PS03W) [5846] Yeah.
[5847] Well we need this bar floor mopped anyway don't we?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5848] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5849] It's sticky so ... I'll er, I'll leave it here at the moment.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5850] Have you found out how much Terry's [...] ?
Barry (PS03W) [5851] Er, no we got it read yesterday, and, and zeroed up, so Jean got the till roll, I'll have a, I'll ... erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5852] Eh?
Barry (PS03W) [5853] I've got to look at it today, I meant to have a look.
[5854] Er, I'll er ... I'll do that ... later on.
[5855] ... Right, what wha what we're doing, we've got erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5856] Do you want rid of these then, yeah?
Barry (PS03W) [5857] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5858] You what?
Barry (PS03W) [5859] We're gonna have to walk some of this down aren't we?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5860] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5861] Erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5862] What about the cellar?
[5863] Do you wanna tidy that out, or are you just gonna leave the rubbish in it?
Barry (PS03W) [5864] Well we're not, taken all the rubbish.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5865] Have you?
Barry (PS03W) [5866] Yeah.
[5867] Yeah.
[5868] There's just that lot we sent down now, and er
Hugh (PS03Y) [5869] Where did that go?
Barry (PS03W) [5870] Er ... we took it er
Hugh (PS03Y) [5871] What about this one?
Barry (PS03W) [5872] Monday, Monday or Tuesday.
[5873] Monday.
[5874] What are they?
[5875] Oh!
[5876] They're over there. [...]
Hugh (PS03Y) [5877] That looks quite useful that.
Barry (PS03W) [5878] I'll move that one ... we're gonna
Hugh (PS03Y) [5879] Ooh!
Barry (PS03W) [5880] we're gonna ... Americanize ... the club.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5881] How [laughing] d'ya mean, Americanize it [] ?
Barry (PS03W) [5882] I'm gonna ... turn it into a ma ... an er American theme, like, you know a ... Harley Davidson bits of bike on th th on the walls and ... guitars and
Hugh (PS03Y) [5883] Why are they, are they putting some money up
Barry (PS03W) [5884] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5885] to do that?
Barry (PS03W) [5886] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5887] How much?
Barry (PS03W) [5888] About fifteen grand at the moment
Hugh (PS03Y) [5889] Phew!
Barry (PS03W) [5890] from one brewery.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5891] As much as that?
Barry (PS03W) [5892] Well,no non, unsecured loan written off against barrelage.
[5893] But, but
Hugh (PS03Y) [5894] Jesus!
Barry (PS03W) [5895] what we've, what we've done is the said job where, where
Hugh (PS03Y) [5896] Who's doing that?
Barry (PS03W) [5897] Erm ... Whitbreads.
[5898] Erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5899] Mind you, it's not a lot of money for Whitbread.
Barry (PS03W) [5900] Well, yeah, from Whitbread.
[5901] No that's right.
[5902] I'll go into Wilsons for another fifteen.
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5903] And put Budweiser on draught.
[5904] Boddingtons.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5905] No,Wilso Wilsons do bitter don't they?
Barry (PS03W) [5906] Yeah.
[5907] Boddingtons ... they do.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5908] Whitbread.
Barry (PS03W) [5909] Oh!
[5910] Wilsons do
Hugh (PS03Y) [5911] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5912] bitter, yeah.
[5913] Erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5914] We've had this before.
Barry (PS03W) [5915] Wilsons, Samuel, Sam Smith's ... erm it's, it's ... th you know, it's ... they've all brought each other up now so they can virtually get anything.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5916] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5917] But I'm, I'm re I'm, what I'm after is Budweiser on draught more than anything else.
[5918] I'm gonna have Budweiser, J D ... you know, go
Hugh (PS03Y) [5919] Mm.
[5920] American stuff.
Barry (PS03W) [5921] through the, yeah, I'm gonna
Hugh (PS03Y) [5922] Mhm.
Barry (PS03W) [5923] the thing is, you see, if we do it an American flavour ... I mean, people expect heavy rock music in an
Hugh (PS03Y) [5924] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5925] American bar don't they?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5926] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5927] I mean, you expect to be going in and listening to Bon Jovi and, and ... Free, and you know ... in the background don't you?
Hugh (PS03Y) [5928] You have [...] .
Barry (PS03W) [5929] Yeah.
[5930] Well I mean
Hugh (PS03Y) [5931] Put in jukeboxes.
Barry (PS03W) [5932] Yeah.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5933] I mean, you could be up with the fucking [...] couldn't you?
[5934] For
Barry (PS03W) [5935] Well that's, well, well, well, we're thinking of opening
Hugh (PS03Y) [5936] Just as a pub like.
Barry (PS03W) [5937] yeah, we're gonna open as a pub during the summer ... erm
Hugh (PS03Y) [5938] What about all these Barry?
Barry (PS03W) [5939] No, we'll keep those for su you never know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5940] Yeah, okay.
[5941] Put them in here?
Barry (PS03W) [5942] So we have ... and erm ... we're gonna open up the top bar, top bar ... and ripping up the carpet
Hugh (PS03Y) [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5943] in the main room, and lino in the main floor ... right, in, in sort of
Hugh (PS03Y) [5944] Which one?
Barry (PS03W) [5945] probably blue
Hugh (PS03Y) [5946] The [...] one?
Barry (PS03W) [5947] Yeah.
[5948] And redoing the stage floor.
[5949] And I'm ... carpeting ... I think I'll carpet tile
Hugh (PS03Y) [5950] Have you had a price on what it's gonna cost to put that down?
Barry (PS03W) [5951] Not that much, cos we're getting the lino off Pete you see, and get the discount off [...] to do the, just for the lino
Hugh (PS03Y) [5952] Oh right!
[5953] Yeah, course.
Barry (PS03W) [5954] and then make it
Hugh (PS03Y) [5955] Rhona's husband?
Barry (PS03W) [5956] Yeah.
[5957] Ex-husband, yeah.
[5958] Erm, and having a carpet tile ... because we can then do it red, white, and, not white, but red and blue ... you know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5959] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5960] And, if you
Hugh (PS03Y) [5961] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5962] damage a tile, then you're only replacing a tile.
[5963] And just sort of carpet the two top areas, two raised areas, and have the other, the rest of it as a sort of lino ... floor.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5964] Mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5965] So then, then it, allows to dance as well, and basically ... hardly anybody sits in that area until the club's full anyway
Hugh (PS03Y) [5966] Mm mm.
Barry (PS03W) [5967] so that they all go in the [...] .
[5968] Erm, going to somehow, at the moment we're thinking of ... well Jean'll wanna do it, but I'm ... I'm thinking of doing some kind of ... I mean, we're agreed on what we're gonna do, but it's how we do it, I want some ka er, some kind of grilling around the top, the cocktail bar area, so you can open it as a, as a bar, and it'll have a sort of atmosphere in itself, so we open that as a pub type of thing, you know.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5969] Oh right!
[5970] Yeah, yeah, yeah. [...]
Barry (PS03W) [5971] Leave the big screen on and that and we can put ... erm ... and get, you know, as I say, if you
Hugh (PS03Y) [5972] Do you
Barry (PS03W) [5973] you get, see if we can get hold of like, I mean you won't be able to get hold of a Wurlitzer because nowadays they're like gold dust, but you might be able to get hold of parts, you see.
[5974] If you could just get hold of say, the rainbow
Hugh (PS03Y) [5975] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5976] effect of a Wurli I mean, that's the beauty about it ... you, you'll never get hold of a Harley Davidson, but you might get hold of a petrol cap.
Hugh (PS03Y) [5977] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5978] You know, or things
Hugh (PS03Y) [5979] Yeah.
Barry (PS03W) [5980] like that, you know
Hugh (PS03Y) [5981] Yea