27 conversations recorded by `Betty' (PS04B) between 28 November and ?? December 1991 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 10543 s-units, 62321 words, and over 5 hours 40 minutes 22 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 9

PS04B Ag4 f (Betty, age 57, housewife, Central South-west England, )
PS04C Ag5 f (Googie, age 76, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS04D Ag5 f (Rose, age 64, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS04E Ag2 f (Wendy, age 33, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS04F Ag2 f (Julie, age 25, production worker, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS04G Ag2 f (Maggie, age 32, shop assistant, Central South-west England, ) neighbour
PS04H Ag1 f (Sally, age 23, production worker, Central South-west England, ) daughter
PS04J Ag4 m (David, age 55, disabled unemployed, Central South-west England, ) husband
PS04K Ag5 f (Edna, age 76, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
KBEPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBEPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

27 recordings

  1. Tape 009101 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 009102 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 009103 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 009104 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 009105 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 009106 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 009107 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 009108 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 009109 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 009110 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 009201 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 009202 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 009203 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 009204 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 009301 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 009302 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 009303 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 009304 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 009401 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 009402 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 009403 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 009404 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 009405 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 009406 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 009501 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 009502 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 009503 recorded on 1991-12. LocationAvon: Cadbury Heath ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 009101)

Julie (PS04F) [1] I don't know they said that no names are mentioned
Betty (PS04B) [2] No
Wendy (PS04E) [3] She takes all them tapes away and Bet's name's not put on there.
Maggie (PS04G) [4] No one 's names are on there
Rose (PS04D) [5] No one 's names are on there.
Googie (PS04C) [6] She's got to write down
Rose (PS04D) [7] What [...]
Julie (PS04F) [8] She's got to write down [...] [laugh] [clapping]
Rose (PS04D) [9] Mm.
[10] Have I got to fill all this out now?
Julie (PS04F) [11] Bet's got to fill out who she's talking to and what they are to her [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [12] You're her mother Grandmother. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [13] When you're sixty [...] oh Rose had it [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [14] She got a shock
Julie (PS04F) [15] She got to put down every day look there's a sample for a week
Betty (PS04B) [16] For a week.
Julie (PS04F) [17] Look there's a sample look.
[18] She's got to put the [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [19] She'll have to bring it over her coffee in the morning.
Julie (PS04F) [20] The person's age ... male or female.
[21] And what else is it?
Betty (PS04B) [22] Oh what action they are and what what's that?
[23] Oh relation they are stranger or colleague.
Julie (PS04F) [24] Have you been swearing Rose?
Wendy (PS04E) [25] No I haven't said a word.
Googie (PS04C) [26] Oh she's all right then?
Maggie (PS04G) [27] No.
Julie (PS04F) [28] Colleague.
[29] That's colleague like we're friends. [...] [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [30] Friends and neighbours?
Julie (PS04F) [31] Yeah.
[32] Friends and neighbours.
[33] Yeah.
[34] I thought she'd be on that one five minutes I'll see what
Wendy (PS04E) [35] Well that's where what it is.
[36] She's got to put on she's got to put you're a granny or
Julie (PS04F) [37] If I'd done that if I'd done that [...] be worse you don't use bad language but he'd be he's he'd be
Wendy (PS04E) [38] He'd do it all the more would he?
Julie (PS04F) [39] He's he's well
Maggie (PS04G) [40] He'd do it all the more.
Julie (PS04F) [41] Be serious he can't be serious.
Betty (PS04B) [42] No.
Julie (PS04F) [43] But I didn't let [...] although there won't be nothing on there so it don't matter do it?
Betty (PS04B) [44] No.
Julie (PS04F) [45] Because we're very quiet when we're on our own
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [46] Oh ah!
Rose (PS04D) [47] Oh I bet they're not!
Wendy (PS04E) [48] Oh it's all right.
[49] They have fun.
Rose (PS04D) [50] [...] language with the [...]
Julie (PS04F) [51] I should be I should bloody go very carefully [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [52] This morning Betty
Betty (PS04B) [53] Oh!
Wendy (PS04E) [54] [...] coffee
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [55] Oh we'll have a bleeding laugh at that.
[56] Don't say nothing before Joe comes in, don't say nothing.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [57] Do you know what you got on there now?
Rose (PS04D) [58] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [59] We've got to be silent [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [60] We've got her doing [...]
Julie (PS04F) [61] I'd be wishing I'll Christmas birthday coming [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Rose (PS04D) [62] How long does that tape last?
Googie (PS04C) [63] [...] five minutes [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [64] Oh have you got to change the tape then or?
Julie (PS04F) [65] I'll just turn it over.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [66] Turn it off then.
Julie (PS04F) [67] Oh yes.
[68] You can hear yourself now but where [...]

2 (Tape 009102)

Rose (PS04D) [69] Oh dear
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [70] This man charges women three hundred pounds to have sex.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [71] That all?
[72] That all?
[73] Three hundred pounds.
Julie (PS04F) [74] Well he's already [...] the front.
Betty (PS04B) [75] [reading] All of his six feet six foot three of smouldering sexuality he's probably the best looking man you have ever seen with a bo body [...] he looks every inch the top model he once was [] .
Julie (PS04F) [76] He ain't no different to my old man is he Bet?
[77] Not any different.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [78] Well none of them are are they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [79] Hanging a bit looser [...] [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [80] [...] a bit more than all the others, like boobs innit [...]
Betty (PS04B) [81] [...] for two years.
[82] In that time he had performed group sex with his millionaire businessmen, turned on sex starved women who have never had an orgasm
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [83] [...] affection and satisfaction from hundreds of clients [...]
Betty (PS04B) [84] You can get more [...] from eating a bar of bleeding chocolate.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [85] Was there [...] that went on our phone.
[86] Was there?
Betty (PS04B) [87] Yeah we had the toy shop ringing, said you been ringing?
[88] She said yeah all day she said we was ringing.
[89] I said well we're very rarely at home.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [90] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [91] I said special round Christmas shopping. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Maggie (PS04G) [92] Oh!
Betty (PS04B) [93] Yeah and they have them there see and like after so long they come out and sell them.
Julie (PS04F) [94] Aye sell
Betty (PS04B) [95] I mean they could have rung yesterday [...] that's the trouble you see they've got so many friends [...] Good girl you fairly worked that bleeding money.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [96] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [97] What twenty quid?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [98] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [99] Oh bloody fair aren't you? ... [...] she'd might never have known whose giving [...] fair.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] ...
Betty (PS04B) [100] Is it getting on your nerves [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [101] Well it is a bit long, Betty.
[102] Got bloody cock eyes.
Maggie (PS04G) [103] Let's see?
Betty (PS04B) [104] Does it look nice?
Julie (PS04F) [105] Yeah but ... [...] needs snipping [...]
Betty (PS04B) [106] Shall I snip it then?
Julie (PS04F) [107] It would get on my nerves.
[108] I couldn't stand that.
[109] Can't see the [...] would be [...]
Betty (PS04B) [110] Shall I snip it?
Julie (PS04F) [111] Yeah if you like.
Wendy (PS04E) [112] Not too short.
Maggie (PS04G) [113] Oh not too short.
Betty (PS04B) [114] What time [...]
Julie (PS04F) [115] You only have to take a little bit off ain't enough to go under your nose.
Betty (PS04B) [116] [...] might go on a bit Shut me gob. [laugh] [tv interrupts]
Julie (PS04F) [117] It's quite warm out this afternoon.
Betty (PS04B) [118] That's better.
Julie (PS04F) [119] That's better. [tv on]
Betty (PS04B) [120] Excuse me? ... [tv on]
Julie (PS04F) [121] I'd better get my [...]
Betty (PS04B) [122] I know.
Julie (PS04F) [123] It's very nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [124] Sorry mate.
Julie (PS04F) [125] Is that better Edna?
Edna (PS04K) [126] Yes that's better.
[127] ... A lot better. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [128] You want to see her in the morning when she bloody get up.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [129] Oh yes wonderful.
Julie (PS04F) [130] Try and get her bloody [...] ...
Betty (PS04B) [131] That nice?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [132] Yes beautiful.
Julie (PS04F) [133] Don't bloody keep on.
[134] I said it once.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [135] [...] she got trouble. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [136] Behave!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [137] She is then Julie isn't she?
Julie (PS04F) [138] No.
[139] You know that.
[140] You have to remind her.
Googie (PS04C) [141] You did didn't you?
Julie (PS04F) [142] [...] just a joke.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [143] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [144] You bloody [...] find out.
[145] Mine cost bloody [...] .
[146] Bernard Manning was on there you know.
Wendy (PS04E) [147] Yes he's alive.
Julie (PS04F) [148] Yeah he's alive and his mother was there and she's ninety odd.
[149] Yeah.
[150] Cos she's bloody Jewish ain't she?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [151] [laugh] Eamon Andrews yeah.
[152] She said you're seeing Eamon Andrews
Rose (PS04D) [153] He's dead isn't he?
Wendy (PS04E) [154] He's dead.
Betty (PS04B) [155] They'll all be dead by .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [156] [reading] Women are twelve times more likely than men to get AIDS from straight sex by [...] []
Betty (PS04B) [157] Oh God!
Julie (PS04F) [158] [reading] An infected woman will die sooner than men because doctors mistake symptoms for less serious illnesses [] .
[159] [...] Oh!
Julie (PS04F) [160] [reading] [...] it claims that women are at risk because men are more likely to spread the virus.
[161] A third of the infected women get AIDS through through sex with men but only about three per cent of infected
Betty (PS04B) [162] Are we [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [163] from women [] .
Betty (PS04B) [164] And they don't have to
Julie (PS04F) [165] It's bloody men isn't it?
[166] Bloody things.
Rose (PS04D) [167] Yeah.
[168] Bloody men.
[169] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [170] They said it comes from apes.
Julie (PS04F) [171] Apes?
[172] What AIDS?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [173] That's what Keith said [...]
Julie (PS04F) [174] And then they stopped it and it got spread about and then blah blah blah and then it came well it spread all through Europe and
Rose (PS04D) [175] Oh well [...]
Betty (PS04B) [176] No wonder he had three bloody blood tests the other day then. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [177] He said the first [...] the second was [...]
Julie (PS04F) [178] Us women are not to blame for this AIDS
Rose (PS04D) [179] Dirty filthy it's the men.
Julie (PS04F) [180] Oh!
[181] I didn't say that.
[182] You can't blame all this on to the men.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [183] What about Elton John?
[184] What do you think about Elton John on the paper there?
Julie (PS04F) [185] He just looks bloody awful.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [186] Awful.
Betty (PS04B) [187] What?
Rose (PS04D) [188] I love you forever he put on the Freddy Mercury tape
Julie (PS04F) [189] We haven't seen him for years the bloody queer.
[190] That Kenny Everett said he'd go to the funeral.
[191] He said he's dead so we might as well remember him [...] .
[192] I think it's because he got it he didn't want people to see him.
[193] That's all.
Betty (PS04B) [194] [...] got it.
Wendy (PS04E) [195] [...] the girls?
Googie (PS04C) [196] Do you like the [...] look the girls?
Betty (PS04B) [197] It must of
Rose (PS04D) [198] It's really nice of the girls.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [199] I don't owe you nothing now.
Wendy (PS04E) [200] No
Julie (PS04F) [201] We're square?
Wendy (PS04E) [202] You have to tell me what you want in the morning.
Julie (PS04F) [203] Oh yes!
Wendy (PS04E) [204] Because you'll be gone to coffee by the time I get back I suspect.
Googie (PS04C) [205] Where you going up [...] ?
Wendy (PS04E) [206] Yeah.
[207] You be gone to coffee by the time I get back.
Julie (PS04F) [208] I want definitely shampoo please.
Wendy (PS04E) [209] Yeah.
[210] Head and Shoulders?
Rose (PS04D) [211] Do you want Head and Shoulders Julie or do you want erm
Julie (PS04F) [212] Head and Shoulders.
Wendy (PS04E) [213] [...] dandruff
Rose (PS04D) [214] Do you want anything else?
Julie (PS04F) [215] I've got soap, I've got polish.
Wendy (PS04E) [216] They've got all different soaps down there or just er
Julie (PS04F) [217] Yeah I know erm
Wendy (PS04E) [218] You've got spray haven't you?
Julie (PS04F) [219] I want bread and no I haven't got any [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [220] So do you want me to get you one?
Julie (PS04F) [221] Yes if you can manage yes. [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [222] Anything else?
Googie (PS04C) [223] The soccer player got sent off for kissing his opponent on his head.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [224] Stupid.
Googie (PS04C) [225] He was saying to him he said stop bloody play acting get up and he just give him a kiss on the head
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [226] Ooh!
Googie (PS04C) [227] and the referee sent him off [...]
Betty (PS04B) [228] I hate that in men!
Wendy (PS04E) [229] You got enough powder?
Julie (PS04F) [230] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [231] Cleaning powder?
Wendy (PS04E) [232] Did you want any washing powder?
[233] You know I never thought of asking you if you want that.
Julie (PS04F) [234] I just used the last.
Wendy (PS04E) [235] I got loads here.
Julie (PS04F) [236] No I just used the last now.
[237] I'm all right for now because I've got no more washing.
Wendy (PS04E) [238] Well no [...]
Julie (PS04F) [239] The next time.
Wendy (PS04E) [240] Thank you.
Julie (PS04F) [241] I've just used the last now which has been good. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [242] I wish someone would spread the news around.
[243] Oh I wish I had a washing machine they finished with I could have it.
[244] [laugh] Anybody got a second hand washing machine?
Rose (PS04D) [245] Spread the news.
Wendy (PS04E) [246] Yeah yeah.
[247] Right I'm going.
Julie (PS04F) [248] Okay my love.
Wendy (PS04E) [249] See you some time tomorrow.
[250] I might be back in time to see you before coffee if not I'll see you
Rose (PS04D) [251] You won't you won't be back by then?
Wendy (PS04E) [252] No.
Julie (PS04F) [253] See you when you come back from Kingsworth.
[254] Not going for drinkies tomorrow?
Wendy (PS04E) [255] I don't think so.
[256] No. ...
Betty (PS04B) [257] I better go I've gotta go to work.
[258] Goodbye!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [259] Goodbye Wens.
Googie (PS04C) [260] What time do you have to go to work?
Betty (PS04B) [261] Half past four.
[262] Tea Edna.
Googie (PS04C) [263] Half past four?
Betty (PS04B) [264] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [265] [...] cup of tea [...] [telephone] Oh right Ed.
[266] I've already made the reservations.
[267] Could you be here by say [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [268] I was wondering if I could take it tonight?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [269] Oh er yes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [270] Are you sure you don't mind?
Rose (PS04D) [271] You mean the people who made that [...] what's it called?
Julie (PS04F) [272] Syndicate.
Rose (PS04D) [273] Syndicate twenty of them.
[274] Enjoying football for twenty years?
[275] And they never won nothing and they were made redundant last week and one of the chaps he did it on his own this week and won three hundred thousand.
Julie (PS04F) [276] What on his own?
Rose (PS04D) [277] On his own.
[278] And when he marries he says he's going to buy a house a car and he's going on a holiday.
Googie (PS04C) [...] [...]
Rose (PS04D) [279] You got the Mirror haven't you?
[280] It's in the Mirror.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [281] Oh I dunno about that.
[282] Well I don't know.
[283] They've all been made redundant.
[284] Yeah.
[285] Oh yeah [...] .
[286] Yeah I got the coat on this morning I said I said hopefully [...]
Rose (PS04D) [287] Yeah.
[288] [...] coaches up there.
[289] I said [...]
Googie (PS04C) [290] They had a hundred pounds for Christmas day for Christmas bits.
Rose (PS04D) [291] [...] five hundred.
[292] By the time I get [...] I get kids something each I never have a lot left [...] I was only saying that [...] with one thing and another and [...] and I said there she is worrying about [cough] her Caroline worrying about she's going to manage.
[293] I said I mean [...] all right I mean everybody's in the same bus.
[294] [...] . Now if that was me see I'd very often [...] .
Googie (PS04C) [295] She don't get parking allowance?
Rose (PS04D) [296] No.
[297] You can walk.
[298] You can walk.
[299] There's a bus park.
[300] And I said to her [...] well every time I goes over I either takes children a few groceries.
[301] I don't tell her or she'll take [...] on the mantleshelf.
[302] But it ain't much but it's I mean I said to our [...] I don't know how she manages on that
Googie (PS04C) [303] Nor do I.
Rose (PS04D) [304] One small girl and she doesn't go to school.
Googie (PS04C) [305] I must say I honestly do n't.
Rose (PS04D) [306] I don't either.
Googie (PS04C) [307] Because it's a struggle.
Rose (PS04D) [308] Yeah I know our Lorraine has took the phone over.
[309] I know she done that.
[310] But I don't know I said to her I know how to bloody manage.
[311] [...] girls they go shopping like but they always got another carrier didn't they until they got sold and then when er they're on the next road from their house like [...] take the carrier and it's all for her.
[312] Every never nothing else.
[313] Every week.
Googie (PS04C) [314] Did they?
Rose (PS04D) [315] Yes every week.
[316] Never miss.
[317] And then she goes mad she says I don't want them to and I said look Nance if they didn't want to do it they ... and I said don't forget what you've done for them.
[318] Although you want to [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [319] I know I know.
Rose (PS04D) [320] weaken the belly bit now I said I said.
[321] [...] She don't like it.
Googie (PS04C) [322] There's no hope for her.
[323] She needs to get help doesn't she?
Rose (PS04D) [324] Well she ought they could I mean I want her to do that.
Googie (PS04C) [325] Well it's time isn't it?
[326] ... Oh!
Rose (PS04D) [327] Did you unload your [...]
Googie (PS04C) [328] No [...]
Rose (PS04D) [329] Oh that Nanette phoned in and some of the country [...] said what do you think of this thing he said.
[330] He said I pays my poll tax he says and I am paying out of my savings he said now what the heck will I do when my bloody savings is gone.
Googie (PS04C) [331] That's right.
[332] That's was on there.
Rose (PS04D) [333] Was it on?
[334] And he said like
Googie (PS04C) [335] Five hundred odd pounds.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [336] Yeah.
[337] And he said what the heck will I do now when my savings is gone?
[338] Well.
Googie (PS04C) [339] Shall I send off for that?
Rose (PS04D) [340] What's that?
Googie (PS04C) [341] [reading] Film extras ... required in all areas only eight [...] []
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [342] [...] it won't raise a bleeding cameras.
[343] Well!
[344] We're not really bloody cameras.
Googie (PS04C) [345] So what do I do?
[346] Stand there near the video shop?
[347] Film extra?
Rose (PS04D) [348] Yeah they advertise [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [349] She's in Casualty
Rose (PS04D) [350] I've got a lot of time.
Googie (PS04C) [351] Yeah you have got a lot of time.
Rose (PS04D) [352] I should just go for half an hour
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [353] Will they pay you to be a film extra?
Rose (PS04D) [354] Du n no.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [355] Hello Maggie
Googie (PS04C) [356] Hello love
Maggie (PS04G) [357] Hello!
Rose (PS04D) [358] Hello my love we've just been talking about you.
[359] How's your Mum?
Maggie (PS04G) [360] Oh not so bad.
Googie (PS04C) [361] Oh good.
Rose (PS04D) [362] Oh wonderful.
Maggie (PS04G) [363] Oh she does look well.
Rose (PS04D) [364] There's a chair my love.
[365] Oh good.
[366] Seventeen [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [367] Yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [368] Oh brilliant.
[369] They think she burst one of her ulcers?
Maggie (PS04G) [370] No ... one of her tubes.
Rose (PS04D) [371] Oh strange!
Maggie (PS04G) [372] Yeah I know also she's got a [...] complaint as well.
[373] [...] together a combination or something or the other.
Rose (PS04D) [374] Oh no!
Maggie (PS04G) [375] But they haven't [...]
Rose (PS04D) [376] Oh that's good
Googie (PS04C) [377] Oh that's lovely.
Maggie (PS04G) [378] She's [...] back today.
Rose (PS04D) [379] Is she?
[380] Oh well.
Googie (PS04C) [381] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [tv on]
Maggie (PS04G) [382] [...] breast
Rose (PS04D) [383] [...] Christmas Eve.
Googie (PS04C) [384] Oh!
Maggie (PS04G) [385] Yes.
[386] My mother.
Rose (PS04D) [387] She can't be all that well.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [388] She's on the mend.
Rose (PS04D) [389] Oh good!
Maggie (PS04G) [390] She told me off.
Rose (PS04D) [391] That's good!
Googie (PS04C) [392] Oh dear!
Rose (PS04D) [393] [...] said I was getting better she's telling [...] off.
Maggie (PS04G) [394] Oh.
[395] She got her bag out and she said [...] give me my bag.
[396] [...] She said [...] I said Mum Christmas is a month away.
Rose (PS04D) [397] Yeah did she get up?
Maggie (PS04G) [398] She said there's the money.
[399] You will go and get those Christmas presents for me.
[400] Tomorrow all right?
[401] Now take it.
Rose (PS04D) [402] Yeah but get it.
Googie (PS04C) [403] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [404] Are you working Tuesday night?
Maggie (PS04G) [405] No.
Googie (PS04C) [406] You're not working?
[407] You've got the money if you want to buy Christmas presents this year.
Maggie (PS04G) [408] Why?
Googie (PS04C) [409] Because I can go down with you and get them sent off [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [410] Oh can you?
Googie (PS04C) [411] Yes.
Maggie (PS04G) [412] Oh all right then
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [413] Great.
Googie (PS04C) [414] You can come with me.
Maggie (PS04G) [415] Okay lovely smashing very nice
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [416] He said [...] he said I got me [...] .
[417] So I said what's in it for.
[418] He said for the money we spent here you could have had a percentage off.
[419] I said [...] because you had a different coat on today didn't you?
Googie (PS04C) [420] For every ten pounds you spend you get three bucks.
Rose (PS04D) [421] You got your stuff now haven't you?
Googie (PS04C) [422] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [423] I told you to hang on.
Googie (PS04C) [424] I don't think there's going to be a lot left there.
Rose (PS04D) [425] There's only [...]
Googie (PS04C) [426] I'll have no bloody money left by then.
[427] So anyway I then looked at [...] .
[428] [...] I'll get a bloody telling off [...] me again.
Googie (PS04C) [429] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [430] I've got a card for her there.
Maggie (PS04G) [431] Oh that's lovely.
[432] She got er she's off her drip now.
Rose (PS04D) [433] Is she allowed to eat anything?
Maggie (PS04G) [434] She hasn't said anything about that.
[435] I think she sort of she she she didn't say she said she's not allowed er she's not allowed to have chicken and cucumber.
Googie (PS04C) [436] Isn't she?
Rose (PS04D) [437] Not chicken?
Maggie (PS04G) [438] She has to watch what she eats.
Rose (PS04D) [439] Ooh!
[440] I see.
Maggie (PS04G) [441] Oh!
[442] Look at that.
[443] Isn't that cute?
Rose (PS04D) [444] Yeah.
Maggie (PS04G) [445] Oh that's lovely.
Googie (PS04C) [446] Where did you get that one from?
Rose (PS04D) [447] Kingsworth.
Maggie (PS04G) [448] Kingsworth.
Googie (PS04C) [449] Isn't that lovely?
Maggie (PS04G) [450] You're kind.
Rose (PS04D) [451] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [452] A bit bigger than that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [453] The things I've seen are lovely.
Rose (PS04D) [454] I'm going to get a little cushion to put on my you know.
Maggie (PS04G) [455] He likes it?
Rose (PS04D) [456] He loves it there
Maggie (PS04G) [457] He must be nice and warm under there.
Rose (PS04D) [458] It is it's the warmth and as he looks at the bush out of the front door [...] I'm sure he laughs.
[459] [laugh] [...] cos every time I goes out there he's sat and he's sat and he's sat as much to say hello [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [460] He did?
Rose (PS04D) [461] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [462] Yeah yeah.
[463] It's a bit bloody wet now isn't it?
Googie (PS04C) [464] It's getting damp now.
Julie (PS04F) [465] I went out and saw it a minute ago and I thought I'd bring it in and [...] I thought I hadn't seen you for a couple of days.
Googie (PS04C) [466] No I said I hadn't seen you.
Julie (PS04F) [467] Have you heard how your mother is?
Maggie (PS04G) [468] Yes [...]
Googie (PS04C) [469] Oh!
Maggie (PS04G) [470] I thought I'd better come round today in a bit more positive mood.
[471] Cos she said what's wrong with her as well so that makes you feel better
Julie (PS04F) [472] And that makes you feel easier [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [473] Yeah yeah.
[474] And not only that when you're getting on a like like [...]
Julie (PS04F) [475] No.
[476] [...] The lady who nursed her and she said I can't see you and why not she said and she said because you under sixty five.
Maggie (PS04G) [477] Oh.
[478] [...] Ooh!
Julie (PS04F) [479] When she told her age she was cross.
Rose (PS04D) [480] If I was her I would have said that was a bloody compliment if ever there was [...]
Rose (PS04D) [481] I said in the morning when she gets up have a look at her [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [482] When did you know?
Julie (PS04F) [483] Yeah supposed to have a perm today yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [484] And why aren't you now?
Julie (PS04F) [485] Because I forgot all about it.
Googie (PS04C) [486] It looks nice that way
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [487] Well it is.
[488] It's all right for going out.
[489] You might as well have it set.
Maggie (PS04G) [490] It looks nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [cough]
Julie (PS04F) [491] Does it now? [...]
Rose (PS04D) [492] Now [...] doesn't look no different does she?
[493] I can't understand that.
Julie (PS04F) [494] I know but I want a curl [...]
Rose (PS04D) [495] But you don't want it.
[496] It looks nice like that.
[497] Don't know why you bother.
[498] I must say I like your natural colour best.
Julie (PS04F) [499] With me now
Rose (PS04D) [500] I reckon if you dye it you'll spoil it.
Julie (PS04F) [501] [...] Oh my goodness.
Wendy (PS04E) [502] Is she having her hair done?
Julie (PS04F) [503] I haven't seen her have I this week.
[504] [...] She might came in in a minute [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [505] [...] her stuff [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [506] It's a good job she's not here.
[507] [...] she's bloody obvious she is.
Wendy (PS04E) [508] Oh ah she's terrible
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [509] [...] I got those buttons did you this morning?
[510] I never [...]
Googie (PS04C) [511] I got there as far as there.
Rose (PS04D) [512] [...] store.
Googie (PS04C) [513] What [...] chocolate buttons?
Rose (PS04D) [514] [...] and they're eating chocolate and they haven't got no buttons.
[515] Gets nasty and all.
[516] Oh lord.
Julie (PS04F) [517] There's Christmas things you got are ninety nine at Asda [...]
Rose (PS04D) [518] section things
Julie (PS04F) [519] Section things they're ninety nine in Asda.
Rose (PS04D) [520] Are they?
Julie (PS04F) [521] Yes.
[522] I seen them this morning so tell Mr
Rose (PS04D) [523] God
Julie (PS04F) [524] to lower the price of them things.
[525] what do you call them?
Wendy (PS04E) [526] Ninety nine.
[527] They weren't ninety nines surely?
Rose (PS04D) [528] Yeah they were ninety nines.
Julie (PS04F) [529] Where?
Rose (PS04D) [530] On the on the things.
Wendy (PS04E) [531] Have you still got your list?
Rose (PS04D) [532] I've brung it up I don't know whether I got that
David (PS04J) [533] What?
[534] What [...] ?
Rose (PS04D) [535] I brung it up I because [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [536] Those selection boxes
Rose (PS04D) [537] Milk bars.
[538] I have the milk bars and the little box of chocolates
Wendy (PS04E) [539] They're not ninety nine P.
Julie (PS04F) [540] So what's ninety nine then?
Maggie (PS04G) [541] Seventy eight
Wendy (PS04E) [542] What was the ninety nine then?
Julie (PS04F) [543] Well ...
Wendy (PS04E) [544] Well I'm sorry.
Julie (PS04F) [545] This is to date.
Wendy (PS04E) [546] Yeah.
[547] You've got selection boxes you're [...] little ones.
Maggie (PS04G) [548] Yeah.
[549] They're seventy eight.
Wendy (PS04E) [550] Seventy eight?
Julie (PS04F) [551] What is ninety nine then? [...] if I done it wrong.
[552] I'll have to work it out.
Sally (PS04H) [553] Ninety nine.
Wendy (PS04E) [554] Seventy eight.
David (PS04J) [555] Balderdash!
Betty (PS04B) [556] The fact is
Wendy (PS04E) [557] Yeah.
[558] That's it the two of us
Julie (PS04F) [559] Oh ninety nine pence each.
[560] They're not [...] yeah yeah but because pound down to get it even [...] er that's it.
[561] Sorry Dave you're you're I'm playing up now yeah [...] You get me one of those big selection boxes? [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [562] You plan on [...]
Julie (PS04F) [563] I want one for Joe and I want one for [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [564] I've seen some at Kingsworth what Morris' done joint ones and they they haven't got half as much as what the [...] one has got in it.
Julie (PS04F) [565] Oh well.
Maggie (PS04G) [566] They got about six or seven bars of chocolate as the [...] one the joint ones they got loads of them [...]
Julie (PS04F) [567] Don't forget now.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [568] [...] don't you?
Betty (PS04B) [569] They've got those ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [570] I can't be bothered
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [571] [...] this place where they got a boat.
[572] My daughter's got it? [...] in March.
[573] Thirteen thirty nine pounds something.
Maggie (PS04G) [574] Oh well don't know you.
Julie (PS04F) [575] [...] Michelle going.
[576] [...] It's the name of the house actually.
[577] It's down Devon way [...] ?
Maggie (PS04G) [578] Yeah it is.
Julie (PS04F) [579] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [580] Where our kids went?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [581] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [582] Something big house big house I don't know
Rose (PS04D) [583] Where did the children go Dave Summer House?
David (PS04J) [584] I don't know.
Julie (PS04F) [585] Summer House.
Wendy (PS04E) [586] Yes Summer House.
[587] That's it it is.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [588] [...] Mum?
Wendy (PS04E) [589] No.
[590] Round there.
[591] It's something funny I said [...] our kids went there.
[592] She said it
Julie (PS04F) [593] It was something to do with that school [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [594] Oh what was it called?
Julie (PS04F) [595] And I said to Michelle [...] she normally don't you know?
[596] You got them kids some of the kids [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [597] I don't wonder
Julie (PS04F) [598] No not even.
[599] Evening no it was somewhat that that horrid word like that's so bloody funny.
Wendy (PS04E) [600] Yeah.
[601] Was the kids [...]
Julie (PS04F) [602] [...] I've never seen so many bloody kids.
Wendy (PS04E) [603] Did you see [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [604] Yeah bleeding right [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [605] [...] and I don't think they were because the school [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [606] It was getting on everyone's nerves out there.
Julie (PS04F) [607] They was younger than your Mandy.
Wendy (PS04E) [608] Yeah. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [609] And they was bloody [...] Running the bloody trolley over my foot.
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [610] They are terrible in there.
[611] [...] there was one kind with bloody chocolate offer they was started eating it.
[612] [...] . I said to her [...] you might as well let me eat it now.
Wendy (PS04E) [613] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [614] That's the trouble they just [...] run see.
[615] They just go around and do their shopping and ignore [...]
Betty (PS04B) [616] What's her name?
[617] [...] She over on [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [618] What's that girl?
Betty (PS04B) [619] Yeah.
Wendy (PS04E) [620] She's over there because she used to be on the erm
Maggie (PS04G) [621] Where's that kid gone?
Wendy (PS04E) [622] on that film the other morning
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [623] [...] The manager suspended her [...]
[624] Anyway she got her job back since the manager's gone but she, she was a right [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [625] Is there any any seconds? [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [626] Do you mind if I do my potatoes now? [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [627] No I'm going home now. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [628] Any seconds thirds? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [629] Is er everything all right?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [630] Yoo hoo [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [631] There's Michelle just come in the door.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [632] Ah right. [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [633] [...] here.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [634] Here you are. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [635] It's all clean again you know.
[636] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [637] How's your Mum?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [638] Better thanks. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [639] I don't know.
[640] I could have been worse.
[641] I was all nasty.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [642] What you doing?
Julie (PS04F) [643] It's got to be done.
[644] I've got the kids sausages and chips in [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [645] Have you?
Julie (PS04F) [646] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [647] Oven chips?
Wendy (PS04E) [648] [...] I can't stand that
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [649] What chips?
Wendy (PS04E) [650] dry dry isn't it?
[651] Dry.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [652] Ah.
[653] Just depends what make they are mind you [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [654] Well they're more dry them oven chips.
Julie (PS04F) [655] Well they said what you having for tea and I said well we'll have to have ... you can have a few beans or something
Wendy (PS04E) [656] Oh ah [...] wet then.
David (PS04J) [657] Eh?
Julie (PS04F) [658] You'll have to have chips [...]
David (PS04J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [659] [...] the door. [...]
David (PS04J) [660] Yeah what can you [...] Jill!
Julie (PS04F) [661] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [662] That one's horrible
David (PS04J) [663] Jill!
Julie (PS04F) [664] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [665] Jill!
David (PS04J) [666] Jill!
Julie (PS04F) [667] What? [...]
Julie (PS04F) [668] What?
David (PS04J) [669] What you're going to give them?
Julie (PS04F) [670] Eh?
David (PS04J) [671] What you going to give them?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [672] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [673] Mind your business
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [674] Bye
Julie (PS04F) [675] I haven't got a clue.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [676] I'll see you sometime tomorrow.
Julie (PS04F) [677] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [678] I've got to get up early all right?
Betty (PS04B) [679] All right my love. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [680] Ta ta David.
[681] Cheerio [...]
Betty (PS04B) [682] What oh yes you've got to go out with them films to Kingsworth.
[683] Okay my love.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [684] Bye.
[685] Right I suppose I'll go round [...]
Betty (PS04B) [686] Bye now.
[687] All right that'll do for now. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [688] [...] I could come home from work have some dinner and change and go straight out to the hospital part of all this week.
Betty (PS04B) [689] Oh it's all go isn't it? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [690] Ow!
[691] The nurse come in and [...] and I said [...]
Julie (PS04F) [692] Oh is she?
[693] What's the matter with her?
Betty (PS04B) [694] So she said should we go down now ... Oh.
[695] She never answered.
Julie (PS04F) [696] Oh yeah?
Betty (PS04B) [697] [...] tonight.
[698] Because we are having a big do er champagne party and all
Julie (PS04F) [699] Oh lovely.
Betty (PS04B) [700] So I said well I'd like to go but Barbara's going at five o'clock to get down and get a tea [...] that's too early.
Julie (PS04F) [701] Five o'clock?
Betty (PS04B) [702] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [703] Oh well that's your [...]
Betty (PS04B) [704] Even if we left here at six we wouldn't get a table.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [705] No
Julie (PS04F) [706] No
Betty (PS04B) [707] It would be too late so she said I really want to go because we went out last night you know
Julie (PS04F) [708] Yeah.
Wendy (PS04E) [709] So I said to her she said would you like to go to the Regal so I said I don't mind.
[710] I said you had better and go and ask Keith first.
[711] So he said he didn't care where he went so as much as to say [...] so I thought right then we'll go to the Regal tonight.
[712] I don't know what I'm going what I'm going to do on Thursday.
Julie (PS04F) [713] Well there's nothing stopping you is there?
Wendy (PS04E) [714] Oh no.
Julie (PS04F) [715] He hasn't got to bath the kids and put them to bed.
Wendy (PS04E) [716] I know but then it's the money isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [717] I think I should be making the tea or I'll fall asleep in the bloody chair [...]
Betty (PS04B) [718] You got to go this Sunday?
Wendy (PS04E) [719] No they asked me if I wanted to and I said no.
[720] I don't want to work on Sunday.
Julie (PS04F) [721] They were on the till when I was up there this morning and I said you are you were working there [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [722] Yes there's plenty up there to grab the overtime.
[723] I don't bloody want it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [724] Did you see the Tesco group that were on there last night?
Wendy (PS04E) [725] [...] Yeah yeah.
[726] Were you there?
Betty (PS04B) [727] Yeah I did.
Wendy (PS04E) [728] [...] they do six days a week.
[729] That is their contract.
[730] Anyway the other morning in the office they said they had to do seven days a week but no extra pay.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [731] Ah!
Wendy (PS04E) [732] And do you know what?
[733] On the Sunday what they have to do?
[734] You know where they makes the bread?
Julie (PS04F) [735] Yeah.
Wendy (PS04E) [736] Well you know the big things and this girl was [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [737] And he said we have got to get on top of there and clean all the ovens.
[738] She said and they're about seven foot high she said didn't she Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [739] Aye they're bloody mad they are.
Wendy (PS04E) [740] They get some man to do it at the moment. [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [741] And he said to her didn't he take it to the tri erm
Julie (PS04F) [742] Yeah go to the Citizens Advice.
Wendy (PS04E) [743] Go to the Citizen's advice and she said we haven't got a union they don't belong.
[744] But I said it might be contractors [...] .
[745] If it is contractors they're happy doing anything.
Betty (PS04B) [746] No there's Asda cleaners the ladies but the men
Wendy (PS04E) [747] Tesco.
Betty (PS04B) [748] At Tesco's sorry but the man, men they get in to clean the tops of the ovens are contractors
Wendy (PS04E) [749] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [750] But they do it though and they expect the cleaners to do it for no extra pay?
Wendy (PS04E) [751] Yeah they have to go and [...] top the bloody ovens. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [752] I haven't even got the ladders
Wendy (PS04E) [753] And no extra pay?
Julie (PS04F) [754] They're top shelf up in that warehouse and they're ten twelve foot up.
Betty (PS04B) [755] [...] Ah!
Julie (PS04F) [756] One of the girls come off the ladder on Saturday.
Wendy (PS04E) [757] You don't want to get up there either.
Julie (PS04F) [758] Come straight down on to the concrete floor.
[759] I didn't see her at first.
[760] She was surrounded in bloody boxes.
[761] Just spotted her foot.
[762] She was out bloody cold when I got there.
Betty (PS04B) [763] Ooh!
Wendy (PS04E) [764] I had to get an ambulance to her.
[765] I don't what happened.
Betty (PS04B) [766] [...] top of things.
Wendy (PS04E) [767] I [...]
Betty (PS04B) [768] Didn't they [...]
Betty (PS04B) [769] [...] Yeah Richard.
Wendy (PS04E) [770] Oh Richard.
Betty (PS04B) [771] Hundred of thousands pounds worth of stuff. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [772] Ooh!
Wendy (PS04E) [773] But they took er three hundred erm CD cases didn't they?
[774] When there were CD's in them.
Julie (PS04F) [775] Oh well bad luck that.
Wendy (PS04E) [776] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [777] What about that [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [778] Oh was that when there was [...]
Betty (PS04B) [779] Yeah.
[780] [...] and you know that [...] shop I told you about when I seen that?
[781] Well that was dead opposite there.
Julie (PS04F) [782] Did they [...] for it?
Betty (PS04B) [783] No.
[784] That policeman was lucky wasn't it wasn't he?
Wendy (PS04E) [785] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [786] But [...] that was a London van.
Wendy (PS04E) [787] What [...]
Betty (PS04B) [788] Still [...] they're striking [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [789] Well yeah still [...] they haven't got their money have erm ... ?
Betty (PS04B) [790] No no. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [791] They got it.
Wendy (PS04E) [792] That's it.
Betty (PS04B) [793] I mean if I can buy a bloody bargain I'll buy it. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [794] [...] right left and centre of the shop floor in front of everyone they are getting stuff out.
Betty (PS04B) [795] They aren't?
Julie (PS04F) [796] They are.
Wendy (PS04E) [797] Well I can't see why they're not because ... all right I mean
Julie (PS04F) [798] I don't see how they do it.
Wendy (PS04E) [799] They do it.
Betty (PS04B) [800] But I mean have they got erm they've erm got cameras in have they?
Wendy (PS04E) [801] Have they?
Betty (PS04B) [802] Well they got cameras in there see.
Julie (PS04F) [803] Ah but you won't see em.
[804] But they're there.
Wendy (PS04E) [805] Eh.
Betty (PS04B) [806] Because it's so easy done isn't it?
Wendy (PS04E) [807] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [808] Crikey there's one up there.
[809] She got away with bloody three or four CD's last week.
Wendy (PS04E) [810] Cor!
Julie (PS04F) [811] Portable ones.
Betty (PS04B) [812] I'd be scared bloody stiff.
[813] [...] on the bloody shoulder.
Julie (PS04F) [814] [...] she very [...]
Betty (PS04B) [815] Course they must be used to it doing it mustn't they?
Julie (PS04F) [816] They've all got to keep an eye out for her and try catch her at it but
Wendy (PS04E) [817] She's too bloody clever.
Betty (PS04B) [818] They all know who it is then do they?
Wendy (PS04E) [819] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [820] Stupid person [...]
Julie (PS04F) [821] But these that do it they must be bloody experienced at it they could do it so quick as they was doing it.
[822] If you and I were doing it you you'd think about a lot
Wendy (PS04E) [823] She's very experienced all right.
[824] She does what she [...]
Betty (PS04B) [825] You wouldn't just think about it it's just gone isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [826] Yeah.
[827] You got to be quick.
[828] I couldn't do it.
[829] No way.
Wendy (PS04E) [830] I wouldn't dare.
[831] I'd be on [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [832] And they'd know straight away.
Julie (PS04F) [833] [...] and even on the [...] .
Wendy (PS04E) [834] [...] pinched in one of them in that Asda.
Julie (PS04F) [835] But I can't see how they can
Wendy (PS04E) [836] Yeah they do.
Julie (PS04F) [837] because [...] so easy unless they search their bags when they're going out.
[838] I mean I don't know.
Wendy (PS04E) [839] You see they've got to be seen taking it out
Julie (PS04F) [840] Yeah outside the door.
[841] Yeah that's right.
Wendy (PS04E) [842] Get them outside.
Julie (PS04F) [843] Outside the door yeah that's right.
Wendy (PS04E) [844] Stop em and have the stuff on them.
Julie (PS04F) [845] And of course they've gone isn't them?
Wendy (PS04E) [846] It's not as easy as it sounds.
Julie (PS04F) [847] God I were in the market and I thought I'd better take a bit more wrapping paper and I [...] and I had it I said that's ten and of course I get on the [...] and I didn't know
Betty (PS04B) [848] No
Wendy (PS04E) [849] because they're tied together and all [...] well I never.
[850] I said well I'll buy the two leave them there I said but it's done so simple.
Julie (PS04F) [851] That's it.
Wendy (PS04E) [852] Simple that is.
Julie (PS04F) [853] That's it yes. ...
Wendy (PS04E) [854] It's like our Pam.
[855] Our Pam at Tesco didn't she she was telling us didn't she?
[856] Last Fri last Wednesday and she got the trolley like and when she pulled the trolley a woman's handbag was on the trolley and on the you know what was it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [857] Mm
Wendy (PS04E) [858] So she took the ... handbag back into Tesco and said I found this handbag erm and they said well give me your name and address and all that so in any rate what happened Bet?
[859] Who's it phoned?
[860] Somebody phoned.
[861] Oh as they come out to Asda they said they found her bag and they give her our Pam's phone number and rung up and thanked our she said there's full of stuff money and all in there and thanked her for what she'd done and our Pam said fair enough I would you know
Sally (PS04H) [862] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [863] Hello Sal.
Wendy (PS04E) [864] And anyway yesterday morning she said oh she said I'm in luck today so I said what's the matter then and she said.
[865] She said I had a letter this morning
Julie (PS04F) [866] Mm
Wendy (PS04E) [867] and I said yeah she said that lady sent her a ten pound note.
Julie (PS04F) [868] Oh ain't that lovely?
Wendy (PS04E) [869] Yes nice.
Julie (PS04F) [870] Isn't that nice?
Betty (PS04B) [871] Yeah that's nice.
Julie (PS04F) [872] Yeah that was nice wasn't it?
[873] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [874] Yeah well [...]
Julie (PS04F) [875] Anyway I said to our Pam well you have been brought up to do things like that and not only that if I found a pound on the floor I'd pick it up [...] that's different.
Wendy (PS04E) [876] Yeah of course that's different.
Julie (PS04F) [877] But not for that.
[878] Anyway she sent her a tenner so she's going to have her hair permed [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [879] I mean you get these trolleys now.
[880] People take them back.
[881] You have to get them pounds out to get the trolleys.
Julie (PS04F) [882] Yeah yeah.
[883] Oh the man takes them all back now over down the [...] .
Wendy (PS04E) [884] Does he?
Julie (PS04F) [885] Yeah.
[886] He gets about fifty pounds doesn't he?
Wendy (PS04E) [887] Do he?
Julie (PS04F) [888] Yeah.
[889] Good luck too.
Wendy (PS04E) [890] Yeah because
Julie (PS04F) [891] Because he's going to give it to the manager
Sally (PS04H) [892] They don't charge for the trolleys up there now do they?
Wendy (PS04E) [893] No not up there no but down [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [894] Gateways don't do [...] they don't take their pounds out.
[895] They forget see.
Julie (PS04F) [896] The nice man does it.
[897] Good luck to him.
Sally (PS04H) [898] Oh ah yes.
Wendy (PS04E) [899] They forget see.
Julie (PS04F) [900] Cherry stopped him and said what you doing she said George this old man he's said I'm going to give this to the manager like he said because I've been brought all these trolleys back.
[901] She said put it in your pocket. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [902] She said that's your perk that's one of the perks of your job.
[903] You're out there in the cold [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [904] Yeah [...]
Sally (PS04H) [905] Well Bet it's like getting used to it isn't it?
Wendy (PS04E) [906] Where do they where do they take the pound?
Julie (PS04F) [907] To the till desk.
Betty (PS04B) [908] No they're all clipped together
Wendy (PS04E) [909] Yeah?
Betty (PS04B) [910] And to get them unclipped you got to push a pound coin in one way and the clip comes out the back
Wendy (PS04E) [911] And it comes out the other yes.
Betty (PS04B) [912] So when you take your trolley back and clip it back up the pound comes out the front again.
Julie (PS04F) [913] Oh dear!
[914] I never knew that. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [915] People are still getting used to it aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [916] Or dump the trolley.
Betty (PS04B) [917] They forget they got a pound in there.
Wendy (PS04E) [918] Oh that's [...] isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [919] Oh yeah. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [920] Yeah I mean but if you take that to the manager.
[921] What do you think the manager's going to do with it?
Wendy (PS04E) [922] He'll put it in his pocket.
Betty (PS04B) [923] He'll put it in his bloody pocket wouldn't he?
Julie (PS04F) [924] Course he would.
Sally (PS04H) [925] Course he would.
Wendy (PS04E) [926] [...] in the till. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [927] [...] poor old chap have it that's why.
Betty (PS04B) [928] That's what she said and she said [...] minding me own business and this she said and this man come up to her and he said have you got [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [929] And she said pardon got any ... and so she said what?
[930] And he said you know condoms
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [931] and he said [...] for tonight and she said well she said I never felt so embarrassed she said I didn't know where to put myself she said and the girl that was with her the other demonstrator [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Betty (PS04B) [932] So she give him a [...] and she said
Wendy (PS04E) [933] Oh free night tonight.
Betty (PS04B) [934] and she said oh I didn't know what to do.
Julie (PS04F) [935] Which one should I use the blue or the pink?
Wendy (PS04E) [936] He's a miserable manager at the [...] I mean she can't stand him that's in the bar.
[937] Oh she said he's most horrible and he's always gorging he's always eating something like you know.
[938] She says and we can't get a bloody sweet she says.
Julie (PS04F) [939] Oh no you can't.
Sally (PS04H) [940] But that girl that was sacked for pinching what was it?
[941] A plum wasn't it?
Wendy (PS04E) [942] It was a plum.
Julie (PS04F) [943] She had a bite out of a plum didn't she?
Wendy (PS04E) [944] Something like that [...]
Julie (PS04F) [945] [...] sacked her.
[946] Not up here. [...]
Sally (PS04H) [947] I've been stopped loads of times and had my bag searched
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [948] Have you?
Sally (PS04H) [949] Yeah loads of times.
Betty (PS04B) [950] You must look suspicious like our Jeannie used to look.
Sally (PS04H) [951] Yeah they always stopped by [...]
Betty (PS04B) [952] I mean they done that in our factory [...] they stopped [...] on Saturday morning.
[953] They had three on on [...] door I mean three security men but it's not worth it mind.
[954] And on a Saturday with Jenny going in if there's any overtime you [...] and old what's-a-name was there and he came and tapped me on the shoulder.
[955] I did at one time [...] I know I never I don't I never touch a thing there and I thought [...] and he would you mind opening your carrier and I've got sanitary towels in there
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [956] Oh God no.
Betty (PS04B) [957] and I said and I was hesitating and I said I'm sorry I said I feel a bit embarrassed he said for what reason and old Rose was with me well at door she said she knows me she said well she said if it will interest you what if I never.
[958] I did have to open it.
Sally (PS04H) [959] Yeah you do [...] and all they do is just move a couple of things about.
[960] Yeah.
[961] Off you go
Betty (PS04B) [962] Yeah.
[963] You know what I was like when it was all [...] heavy.
Sally (PS04H) [964] Yeah.
[965] Mm.
[966] Mm.
Betty (PS04B) [967] [...] Bristol Mecca they had a bloody bomb scare and we had to tip out
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [968] and they had all these great pads you know and I had all these maternity pads because I needed them you know I had to pad up and I had to and I felt so embarrassed [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [969] I know some of these security men are worse than the bloody people who goes in and out there you know.
Julie (PS04F) [970] They knows the layout don't they?
Wendy (PS04E) [971] Course they do.
Sally (PS04H) [972] That's it.
[973] It's easier [...]
Julie (PS04F) [974] It's stupid
Sally (PS04H) [975] I could do it ... if I had the face and I had the guts I could do it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [976] I don't no way
Sally (PS04H) [977] [...] I could I know [...] about there if I really want to but no way I could do it.
Julie (PS04F) [978] Caroline went out there at Christmas and look at what she had.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [979] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [980] And she went back and back again till she got caught.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [981] Mm.
Wendy (PS04E) [982] Oh she got caught?
Julie (PS04F) [983] Hundreds of pounds
Sally (PS04H) [984] You see people that think they got cameras out there they can't see
Wendy (PS04E) [985] I didn't know [...]
Sally (PS04H) [986] But they are there they've even got them in the warehouse
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [987] Have they?
Wendy (PS04E) [988] Because he likes to see what's going on all the time.
Sally (PS04H) [989] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [990] Well my sister [...] over there was two women.
[991] For years they went on and on and on and everything they took and that was from eight o'clock in the morning was either from Marks and Spencers or British Home Stores.
Sally (PS04H) [992] Yeah good stuff yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [993] And our [...] had loads and loads of stuff and because it's it was red hot so she could fold it up and say [...]
Sally (PS04H) [994] Yeah that's it.
Julie (PS04F) [995] Yeah it was red hot [...]
Julie (PS04F) [996] [...] they had beautiful clothes and they've gone on for years like that.
[997] They had taxi in taxi out.
[998] Anyway they got they got in the end and they
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [999] He run the corner shop isn't he [...] ?
[1000] He goes up every year and nicks what he wants for Christmas for the kids.
Julie (PS04F) [1001] And they'd wear different wigs every day.
Sally (PS04H) [1002] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [1003] Different wigs.
Sally (PS04H) [1004] For a couple of years on the run they've lost their dole cheque round about Christmas.
Julie (PS04F) [1005] Oh yes they always lose their dole cheque very conveniently at Christmas.
Betty (PS04B) [1006] Eh?
Julie (PS04F) [1007] And they got to go down and get another one.
[1008] Yeah they do that same stroke every bloody Christmas [...] that Christmas [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1009] There's no way.
[1010] I just couldn't.
Wendy (PS04E) [1011] No I couldn't [...] my money all the time. [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [1012] I had the a couple of musical teddy bears put by.
[1013] I don't know whether you've seen them.
[1014] They're about this big and you squeeze its little paw and it plays a Christmas tune
Julie (PS04F) [1015] Oh yeah.
Wendy (PS04E) [1016] And I said to Chris I'll have two of them.
[1017] One brown one one white one one each of the bears then.
[1018] And erm she said all right and I said what do I do with them and she said I'll put them down in the base at the back and I said all right so I went back on the shop floor just before I was coming out come out.
[1019] I went darling to one of the girls and she said yeah I said will you come with me and she said what's the matter?
[1020] I said I want to get my teddy bears out of the back.
[1021] She said go now to the electrical desk and you can pay for them when [...] no I don't want to do that and I made her come out with me and see I picked up those teddies in the bags and I went back in and put them by the electrical desk
Julie (PS04F) [1022] Yes I see yes
Wendy (PS04E) [1023] [...] I said that's how you got to do it and then I come round and pick them up when [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1024] I mean when you think of those
Wendy (PS04E) [1025] She said oh what a fuss.
[1026] I said yeah but at least I know
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [1027] There's no way I've touched anything else out of the cupboard you know?
Julie (PS04F) [1028] And yet the stores is covered for any erm one who pinches and that.
[1029] [...] But then erm they haven't got the guts to [...] things. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1030] I mean if I
Sally (PS04H) [1031] What do you want?
Julie (PS04F) [1032] Although I wouldn't I wouldn't
Wendy (PS04E) [1033] If my kids was over here I'd have to flog something
Betty (PS04B) [1034] Oh I know
Wendy (PS04E) [1035] I couldn't steal I couldn't steal [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [1036] I'd have to flog something
Julie (PS04F) [1037] Now don't start because I'm going out.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1038] I'm not.
Julie (PS04F) [1039] You are.
Sally (PS04H) [1040] Now David that's quite enough be a good boy [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [1041] Well don't worry about it Bet it'll be all right.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1042] It's wonderful.
Julie (PS04F) [...] [cough] [...] [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1043] I don't know whether I'm coming or going.
Sally (PS04H) [1044] I'm hungry.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1045] I thought you were on nights this week?
Sally (PS04H) [1046] Oh I am.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1047] Doing two to ten Friday.
Julie (PS04F) [1048] That's tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1049] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [1050] Why you doing two to ten tomorrow?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1051] Because she said she don't want to come in on nights.
[1052] She asked everybody and she said [...] will you come in on two to ten.
Julie (PS04F) [1053] Mm.
Wendy (PS04E) [1054] They bounced up their little list
Maggie (PS04G) [1055] Oh Maggie!
[1056] We can depend on you to come in on Sunday can't we?
Maggie (PS04G) [1057] No.
Betty (PS04B) [1058] Oh aye yeah no.
Maggie (PS04G) [1059] No.
[1060] She said it's double time.
Betty (PS04B) [1061] Aye erm yeah.
Maggie (PS04G) [1062] I said couldn't care less if it's triple time I'm not coming in on a Sunday.
[1063] I said I see enough of this place all bleeding week I'm not coming in on a Sunday.
Betty (PS04B) [1064] Oh dear!
Maggie (PS04G) [1065] He'd go bleeding mad [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1066] Well I mean er
Maggie (PS04G) [1067] One day I have a lie in I mean I know I don't lay in there no more than eight
Betty (PS04B) [1068] No but you know you don't have to worry about getting up have you?
Maggie (PS04G) [1069] Well I said I sort of trundle down the stairs and have me breakfast [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...] [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [1070] Well that's it that's it.
[1071] I said no bloody way am I working on a Sunday.
[1072] I said these daft buggers that come in and do it it's up to them. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1073] I don't know I don't know.
[1074] I suppose if people wants to go to the shopping centres they [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1075] I wouldn't go to the shops on Sunday.
Betty (PS04B) [1076] No I wouldn't.
[1077] I wouldn't go on a Sunday. [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1078] I mean there's seven days in the week isn't there?
Wendy (PS04E) [1079] I mean I mean how can people afford to do it Bet?
[1080] I mean [...] .
[1081] I mean to my mind if they're opening on a Sunday they should bring their prices down ... because they're opening that extra day they're going to be taking extra revenue.
Betty (PS04B) [1082] Yeah of course they are.
Maggie (PS04G) [1083] So they should be made to bring their prices down.
[1084] That is why they put that freeze on
Betty (PS04B) [1085] That is why that man said you will not get any more special offers on a Fri Saturday night because they can't sell it on a Sunday so you used to see them selling things off on a Saturday five o'clock.
[1086] No more.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [1087] Because they're opening on a Sunday and hoping that you'll go in
Betty (PS04B) [1088] That's it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1089] Mm
Maggie (PS04G) [1090] and buy.
Betty (PS04B) [1091] So you won't be able to find out nothing [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1092] You won't forget that.
[1093] And I reckon they'll carry on down to Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1094] Well they reckon that the British Standard people are going to have

3 (Tape 009103)

Sally (PS04H) [1095] It's got to be tumbledried
Betty (PS04B) [1096] [...] it's going to be a dry day [...] get it out early and get it dry tomorrow.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1097] Mm
Sally (PS04H) [...]

4 (Tape 009104)

Sally (PS04H) [1098] What way do you think Clayton will come then?
Julie (PS04F) [1099] What way?
Sally (PS04H) [1100] Yeah.
[1101] I was going to lock the back door make sure that [...] down
Julie (PS04F) [1102] Why?
Sally (PS04H) [1103] Because [...] because she keeps on coming in.
Julie (PS04F) [1104] [...] [laugh] to pay your money
Sally (PS04H) [1105] Yeah.
[1106] [...] Get a washing machine on the firm? [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1107] She said if you pay up [...] which isn't very much erm there's something in Littlewoods [...] and she's got money in her pocket and she's got a washing machine.
Sally (PS04H) [1108] That's great.
Julie (PS04F) [1109] [...] will be paying her nowhere near as much.
Sally (PS04H) [1110] That will be fine great brilliant.
Julie (PS04F) [1111] That's what she said.
[1112] She said it's none of my business
Sally (PS04H) [1113] She wants washing machine [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1114] Because if I can I'd rather get it off her than get it out of our club because then I can get some Christmas presents out of their lot.
Julie (PS04F) [1115] Yeah.
[1116] Do you ... or you can say to her is I don't know where it's gone or it doesn't work.
[1117] [...] out of her catalogue.
Sally (PS04H) [1118] Yeah.
[1119] Well they just went back and said they couldn't want something that much ... maybe she's gone over her limit.
Julie (PS04F) [1120] Yeah.
[1121] That's right.
[1122] ... [...] gone over her limit and I'm not interested in her amount.
Sally (PS04H) [1123] [...] oh you turned it off.
Julie (PS04F) [1124] No I haven't.
Sally (PS04H) [1125] You have.
Julie (PS04F) [1126] No I haven't.
Sally (PS04H) [1127] The grill's gone out ...
Julie (PS04F) [1128] I haven't touched it.
Sally (PS04H) [1129] The grill's gone out.
Julie (PS04F) [1130] [...] ... I haven't touched it love it's on full now.
Sally (PS04H) [1131] Yeah.
[1132] It's on full and it's gone out.
Julie (PS04F) [1133] Oh don't tell me fucking grill's packed up.
[1134] Oh no!
[1135] I don't believe it!
Sally (PS04H) [1136] It's gone out.
Julie (PS04F) [1137] It doesn't need to go out because I took that out.
[1138] ... This isn't right.
Sally (PS04H) [1139] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [1140] One two three four five.
Sally (PS04H) [1141] Yeah.
[1142] That's the grill. ... [tv on]
Julie (PS04F) [...] ...
Sally (PS04H) [1143] I don't know.
[1144] I can feel heat but ... I don't know what it is?
Julie (PS04F) [1145] The power is there cos you can hear it can't you?
Sally (PS04H) [1146] Mm. ...
Julie (PS04F) [1147] Try the top oven shall we?

5 (Tape 009105)

Betty (PS04B) [1148] Strange isn't it?
[1149] I wonder what it is then.
Sally (PS04H) [1150] I don't know.
Betty (PS04B) [1151] Something to do with that bottom light [...] the bloody payment was due yesterday or today whatever's the twenty sixth. ...
Sally (PS04H) [1152] No there's nothing happening.
[1153] I can feel loads of heat but there's nothing happening ...
Betty (PS04B) [1154] Stupid.
[1155] Usually on the there five minutes, it's on all day isn't it? ...
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...] ...
Sally (PS04H) [1156] It's come back on again.
Betty (PS04B) [1157] Oh great [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1158] It just went off.
Betty (PS04B) [1159] That's strange.
Julie (PS04F) [1160] Don't know what it was.
Betty (PS04B) [1161] Never known it to go off before.
Julie (PS04F) [1162] No I've never known it to go off before either.
Betty (PS04B) [1163] Stupid.
Sally (PS04H) [1164] I wouldn't worry about it anyway we're [...] Oh it's the football pools.
Betty (PS04B) [1165] I don't think we've done it.
Sally (PS04H) [1166] Billy!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1167] Yeah.
Sally (PS04H) [1168] You doing the football or not?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1169] No [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1170] Yes.
[1171] ... Here you are.
[1172] ... [door opening] [door closing] [...] all you'd have had to get is all you'll have had to get is an element.
[1173] That's the thing that so easy with electric cookers is that you just have to buy the element.
[1174] So with that if one of them goes you just have to buy that as an element just slot it it comes ... it's like a light bulb.
Betty (PS04B) [1175] Oh I see [...] take it out and
Sally (PS04H) [1176] Slots slots out and you slot another one in.
Betty (PS04B) [1177] Oh I see.
Sally (PS04H) [1178] It's a lot easier with gas.
[1179] Our mum's several times her rings has gone on her cooker she's had to buy a new element and she's switched to gas.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1180] And you've switched over to electric.
[1181] I'd rather have ... when it comes to safety
Betty (PS04B) [1182] Gas cookers are [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1183] When it comes to safety when it comes to safety I would rather have an electric cooker.
Betty (PS04B) [1184] But gas cooking is nice.
[1185] It tastes different.
[1186] It's nice.
[1187] But I suppose you've like [...] on I suppose you've got used to it.
Sally (PS04H) [1188] Yeah.
[1189] Now you've got used to it.
[1190] I mean you know how to cook with it now.
Betty (PS04B) [1191] I didn't have this one when you come here did I?
Sally (PS04H) [1192] No
Betty (PS04B) [1193] Or did I?
Sally (PS04H) [1194] You had the old bleeding white gas cooker the dangerous one.
[1195] It used to get
Betty (PS04B) [1196] Yeah that's right .
Sally (PS04H) [1197] they said sorry I not going to let anyone use this.
Betty (PS04B) [1198] Because we didn't know how long we've had it.
Sally (PS04H) [1199] Oh.
[1200] Was it the council found it dangerous?
Betty (PS04B) [1201] Yeah the gas man weren't it?
Sally (PS04H) [1202] Yeah.
[1203] He said it's dangerous.
Betty (PS04B) [1204] Yeah he said I should get my husband to divorce it and chuck it
Sally (PS04H) [1205] You've had this what about two years now?
[1206] It's got to be.
Betty (PS04B) [1207] Mm.
[1208] She was saying four years four years and I said I've not had it four years [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1209] I should say about two years.
[1210] Because you had the old white one when I came here.
[1211] And it was just over four years ago that I came here.
Betty (PS04B) [1212] That's right.
Sally (PS04H) [1213] Four years and two months ago or a few months ... but the gas man sort of found it dangerous.
[1214] [...] he got it taken out to the back garden isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [1215] [cough] Didn't you have [...] or something?
Sally (PS04H) [1216] I can't remember whether [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1217] Dangerous wasn't it?
Sally (PS04H) [1218] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [1219] It really was dangerous.
Julie (PS04F) [1220] [...] I remember this one being delivered.
Julie (PS04F) [1221] Yeah. ...
Julie (PS04F) [1222] And you said ooh I not going to get used to this.
Betty (PS04B) [1223] Yeah [laugh] Isn't it crazy?
[1224] It comes to you so easily you know.
[1225] I still don't know [...] don't know which is the top grill the oven the top oven the bottom oven.
Julie (PS04F) [1226] [...] you don't ever use the programmer so
Betty (PS04B) [1227] No.
[1228] But I would if I ever got a job and I was working and I had to make a casserole or something.
Julie (PS04F) [1229] But you could do that for Christmas [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1230] Yeah.
[1231] ... [...] having me Coke and me chocolates.
Julie (PS04F) [1232] I would like setting the clock because [cough] ... erm
Betty (PS04B) [1233] How many what hour is it now?
[1234] Fifteen hundred?
[1235] No? ...
Julie (PS04F) [1236] No.
Betty (PS04B) [1237] Five hundred?
[1238] Five hundred hours?
Julie (PS04F) [1239] Ah ah ah! ...
Betty (PS04B) [laugh] ...
Julie (PS04F) [1240] The M on there see? ...
Betty (PS04B) [1241] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [1242] Oh that grill [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1243] Oh Christ! [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1244] Shut up!
[1245] Bloody beep beep beep. ...
Betty (PS04B) [1246] What should we do put Clayton's corned beef on a plate and just put his cheese and potato pie on a on another plate?
[1247] Yes?
Julie (PS04F) [1248] Why?
Betty (PS04B) [1249] I don't know why.
[1250] He won't be in for another oh God knows [...] .
[1251] ... And his corned beef isn't gonna look very nice on his cheese and potato pie is it?
Julie (PS04F) [1252] [...] warmed up isn't it?
Betty (PS04B) [1253] [...] the saucers seem different.
[1254] Put the kettle on [...] and use the cups.
[1255] Just put the kettle on then and use the teapot.
[1256] Hot water in there.
[1257] Got none just as soon put the bloody thing on simple.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1258] [...] She's got a dining room and utility room now.
Betty (PS04B) [1259] Has she?
Julie (PS04F) [1260] Mm.
[1261] Very posh.
Betty (PS04B) [1262] Oh isn't that nice?
Julie (PS04F) [1263] And the nextdoor neighbours complain.
[1264] They complained to the council saying they haven't got planning permission.
Betty (PS04B) [1265] Really?
Julie (PS04F) [1266] And they did have planning permission.
Betty (PS04B) [1267] Ah ha ha ha.
[1268] That's a shot in their arse then.
Julie (PS04F) [1269] Their argument.
[1270] And she said she said I am not having you putting down the value of my house and having yours higher than mine the value of my house.
[1271] She said I was here first. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1272] Stupid.
Julie (PS04F) [1273] I'm soft or what?
Betty (PS04B) [1274] Crazy!
[1275] ... Oh isn't that nice that [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [1276] Terry called her crusty.
[1277] He was shouting out crusty! [laugh] .
Betty (PS04B) [1278] Oh.
Julie (PS04F) [1279] Oh my God [...] like crusty.
[1280] I told him ssh shut up.
Betty (PS04B) [1281] [...] Has she always been like that or is this?
Julie (PS04F) [1282] I don't know.
[1283] She used to buy them Christmas presents and Christmas cards.
Betty (PS04B) [1284] Oh dear!
[1285] Not any more.
Julie (PS04F) [1286] No.
Betty (PS04B) [1287] Jealous isn't she?
Julie (PS04F) [1288] She puts the [...] Christmas card through this door that's it ripped up and put through her door.
Betty (PS04B) [1289] Jealous isn't she? [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1290] Is that done now Jill?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1291] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [1292] You'll have cut that bit [...] .
Sally (PS04H) [1293] Mind your hands mother ...
Betty (PS04B) [1294] That's gravy now [...] Sally [...] with us.
Sally (PS04H) [1295] Sally!
[1296] ... Hurry up your mother wants to [...] By the way your tea's ready.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1297] What?
Sally (PS04H) [1298] [...] Sally your tea's ready.
[1299] Either come down here and have it now or I'll eat it.
Julie (PS04F) [1300] She's been out now for twenty minutes [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1301] Nor I.

6 (Tape 009106)

Julie (PS04F) [1302] Oh well Bet, that's a lot of cheese in that potato pie.
Betty (PS04B) [1303] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [1304] Because the potato pie's all soggy.
Betty (PS04B) [1305] Yes ... Well that's nice Julie ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1306] Yoo hoo.
[1307] I'm here.
Julie (PS04F) [1308] [...] your tea's ready ... Here you are ... [...] Don't read [...] eat your tea [...] ...
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1309] [...] I've only been here four years we had the white one remember the gas one got certified dangerous?
Betty (PS04B) [1310] Yeah.
[1311] Yeah. ...
Julie (PS04F) [1312] Didn't know you had it for four years.
Sally (PS04H) [1313] Well it was really weird right.
[1314] We had the grill on and it was still on and it went off turned it off turned back on again didn't go on.
[1315] Turned the top oven on nothing happened.
[1316] Funny.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1317] Yeah I'm listening can you [...] while you're talking?
Sally (PS04H) [1318] No!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1319] Well my tea is getting cold.
Betty (PS04B) [1320] What's it you want?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1321] I want lemon.
Sally (PS04H) [1322] Well [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1323] [...] in the way.
Julie (PS04F) [1324] Silly child!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1325] You are.
Sally (PS04H) [1326] You are
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1327] You.
Julie (PS04F) [1328] Go back into bed Sal?
Sally (PS04H) [1329] Nothing wrong with me.
[1330] There's been nothing wrong with me all day is there Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [1331] No.
Sally (PS04H) [1332] It's been ever since she wake up.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1333] David!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1334] Coming.

7 (Tape 009107)

Julie (PS04F) [1335] He likes me.
Betty (PS04B) [1336] [...] ... she asked him yesterday [...] ...
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1337] I thought she was lovely.
[1338] ... [...] I quite agree with her she said.
[1339] Oh she [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1340] Who?
Betty (PS04B) [1341] Rita.
Sally (PS04H) [1342] That Rita.
Betty (PS04B) [1343] Rita.
[1344] Rita.
[1345] I was calling her Nan Wendy was calling her my love was calling her Gran and she loved it.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1346] Yeah ...
Sally (PS04H) [1347] called her Gran and was calling her Mum.
Betty (PS04B) [1348] And I was calling her Mrs .
Julie (PS04F) [1349] Who?
Betty (PS04B) [1350] Mrs . ...
Sally (PS04H) [1351] She likes you though.
Betty (PS04B) [1352] Not half.
Sally (PS04H) [1353] Send her a Christmas card.
[1354] You sent her one last year and the year before isn't it?
Betty (PS04B) [1355] [...] Oh. ... [...] [...] [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [1356] Oh shit I mustn't swear tonight.
Sally (PS04H) [1357] No not allowed to swear tonight.
Betty (PS04B) [1358] Definitely not allowed to swear tonight so don't do it.
Sally (PS04H) [1359] No.
[1360] If you're not
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1361] [belch] Excuse me.
Betty (PS04B) [1362] I should damn well think so too.
Sally (PS04H) [...] [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [1363] [...] not allowed to swear.
Sally (PS04H) [1364] You doing one more? [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1365] No don't you're on tape.
Betty (PS04B) [1366] [whispering] Oh don't do that [] .
Julie (PS04F) [1367] What for? [...] bloody survey I've worked on.
Julie (PS04F) [1368] There ain't a tape in there.
Sally (PS04H) [1369] There is.
Julie (PS04F) [1370] There ain't.
Sally (PS04H) [1371] There's a tape
Julie (PS04F) [1372] There is not a tape in there.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1373] Excuse me excuse me.
Sally (PS04H) [1374] You've seen it did you?
Julie (PS04F) [1375] What's it hiding behind there for?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1376] So you wouldn't see it.
Sally (PS04H) [1377] So you wouldn't see it and it's running and there's a mike there.
Julie (PS04F) [1378] What did you put that in there for?
Sally (PS04H) [1379] Eh?
Julie (PS04F) [1380] Stupid [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1381] So everybody's natural.
[1382] Obviously people come in and don't know it's there and [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1383] Well they put that all on tape now?
Betty (PS04B) [1384] Yeah.
Sally (PS04H) [1385] Don't worry about it. ... [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1386] [...] Forty five minutes each side it runs.
[1387] I don't know how many tapes.
[1388] I'm just going to [...] next Friday.
[1389] And I've just got a twenty five pound voucher for Marks and Spencer.
Julie (PS04F) [1390] Ah I knew there was a catch.
Betty (PS04B) [1391] Well that's something.
[1392] I need some [...] .
Sally (PS04H) [1393] Well you've got all that on tape now?
Betty (PS04B) [1394] Yeah I don't care.
[1395] It's the truth.
Julie (PS04F) [1396] [...] is it?
Sally (PS04H) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1397] Yes I know I don't [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1398] She listens to herself.
Betty (PS04B) [1399] [...] she's frightened to death. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1400] Father's, Ju this bread isn't very nice is it?
Sally (PS04H) [...] [singing] [...] [] [whistling]
Betty (PS04B) [1401] Oh she missed the programmes [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1402] Have you got no shop card Sally?
Sally (PS04H) [1403] It's up there [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1404] [...] not a good enough job so she's finishing it off [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1405] Oh I [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1406] It's half past eight we'd better chase it up.
Betty (PS04B) [1407] [...] myself.

8 (Tape 009108)

Julie (PS04F) [1408] Into Neighbours again?
Betty (PS04B) [1409] [...] bank [...] .
[1410] I'm not allowed to touch it.
Sally (PS04H) [1411] Why?
Betty (PS04B) [1412] Because someone in America is vegetarian.
Sally (PS04H) [1413] Yeah?
Betty (PS04B) [1414] And when that girl becomes vegetarian mix about and the other one [...] she's vegetarian still and she said she's not coming back in this house.
[1415] She said it's nonsense.
Sally (PS04H) [1416] It's good for them though.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1417] Yeah but what they've what they've done [...] but what one wants to do is not [...] is not bad for them one little bit.
[1418] It's good for them.
Julie (PS04F) [1419] That's like what's her name down the [...] down there.
[1420] She's vegetarian three months ago er three years ago.
[1421] But they worked out in three years she's put on seven stone because she eats [...] .
[1422] She eats loads and loads and loads of cheese.
[1423] She buys four pounds of cheese a week. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1424] And she eats a load of cheese [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1425] Yeah but ... if she was proper vegetarian she wouldn't eat cheese.
Sally (PS04H) [1426] Well if she was a vegan she wouldn't eat cheese.
[1427] She can't eat cheese if you're a vegan.
Betty (PS04B) [1428] That's what James is.
Julie (PS04F) [1429] He's a prat
Sally (PS04H) [1430] You can't eat no animal fat at all
Betty (PS04B) [1431] Yeah [...]
Sally (PS04H) [1432] [sneeze] You've got the sou I reckon you've still got to have er get your protein.
Betty (PS04B) [1433] Mm.
[1434] Yes.
Julie (PS04F) [1435] Yeah but she Karen [...] won't eat chicken.
Sally (PS04H) [1436] Chicken and fish.
Betty (PS04B) [1437] [...] and fish [...] .
Sally (PS04H) [1438] It's the only stuff they'll eat.
[1439] No meat at all chicken and er fish [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [1440] Do you know the reason why it's not? [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1441] It's to do with red meat it's blood isn't it?
[1442] Blood's red.
Betty (PS04B) [1443] That's right isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [1444] You can't you can't see no blood in chicken you can't see no blood in fish.
Betty (PS04B) [1445] No.
Julie (PS04F) [1446] They've got this little thing in their head if it's not got blood in it no red blood they can eat it.

9 (Tape 009109)

Julie (PS04F) [1447] It looks like it's a really deep cut by looking at it now.
[1448] It's sort of like open there.
[1449] All it was first of all was a little graze on top of the skin.
Betty (PS04B) [1450] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [1451] Because where I was making boxes it was pulling the skin and was torn apart wasn't it?
Betty (PS04B) [1452] Yeah it kept going there all the time.
[1453] They do though don't it? ...
Julie (PS04F) [1454] So the other day last week I was bleeding [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1455] Was you?
Julie (PS04F) [1456] Yeah I cut myself.
[1457] And erm the next day I had er it was all white there
Betty (PS04B) [1458] Was it?
Julie (PS04F) [1459] and I took every little last bit out.
[1460] But I never noticed it er
Betty (PS04B) [1461] Serious.
Julie (PS04F) [1462] It was not funny because what I did.
[1463] I was cleaning out knives and the metal thing that goes over the knives there was something there and it was a nail and I just pushed and I caught it.
[1464] So I took a nick out of my finger and ended up with [...] from the top of my finger.
Betty (PS04B) [1465] Mm.
[1466] Nasty. [...] ...
Julie (PS04F) [1467] [...] blood enough goes over my fingers [...] cut his thumb and and all he did was just sort of bathed it put [...] on it.
[1468] It was a deep cut [...] and ended up [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1469] And a good cover up job.
[1470] It didn't make it heal just good stuff [...] [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [1471] And she was mhm
Betty (PS04B) [1472] Mm.
[1473] Yeah!
Julie (PS04F) [1474] [laugh] She was had on a full stomach.
[1475] She had to do it before she ate anything.
[1476] ... She said most of it was it wasn't the actual looking at the hole it was that she was hurting him ... pushing it in.
Betty (PS04B) [1477] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [1478] And it weren't hurting him at all but it was making her feel sick thinking that she was hurting him like.

10 (Tape 009110)

Julie (PS04F) [1479] Dunno.
[1480] He just won't go. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1481] It being her first child [...] .
[1482] I don't know what I'd be like.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1483] And he sleeps in a normal bed.
Betty (PS04B) [1484] Do he?
[1485] Yes.
[1486] That's good for a baby.
Julie (PS04F) [1487] He sleeps in a normal bed all right.
[1488] She was packing his stuff and I was bringing him upstairs to his room like away from her like.
[1489] Like he knows she's in the house and he wants to go wherever she goes.
[1490] But if she's not in the house it doesn't worry him.
[1491] If he knows she's not there.
[1492] So I can go upstairs and put him in his rocking chair.
Betty (PS04B) [1493] [...] rocking chair.
[1494] Well there's not a lot I said to her does he sleep in that?
[1495] It's a full size single bed?
[1496] And she said yeah.
[1497] I said bloody hell!
[1498] I never knew a child of one could sleep in a normal size bed.
Betty (PS04B) [1499] [...] cot [...] yeah. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1500] Well no.
Betty (PS04B) [1501] She must leave his door shut.
[1502] She's bound to isn't is?
Julie (PS04F) [1503] She puts on the alarm like one of those baby alarms.
Betty (PS04B) [1504] [...] stairs isn't it?
[1505] That's it.
[1506] Got to be.
Julie (PS04F) [1507] And she's got to go downstairs to the kitchen.
[1508] [...] He was trying to go upstairs last night cos she was upstairs and I wouldn't let him.
Betty (PS04B) [1509] You do think [...] those bloody stairs
Julie (PS04F) [1510] As soon as she was upstairs.
[1511] He knew that she was up there [...] I let him sort of try and climb up.
[1512] Well he climbed up the bloody first stair.
[1513] Like he was behind er I never held him I was behind him like you know well it gives his legs a bit more like movement.
[1514] Who's that who was on the telephone?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1515] It won't be long now before it's off.
Julie (PS04F) [1516] That'll be it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1517] [...] she'll have to keep an eye on him then.
Betty (PS04B) [1518] Yes, hard work isn't it?
Julie (PS04F) [1519] You should have seen him he climbed on top of a box last night to get to the telly.
Betty (PS04B) [1520] Did he?
[1521] Pardon me
Julie (PS04F) [1522] He won't listen to when she was saying get down.
[1523] He wouldn't listen to her like sod you.
Betty (PS04B) [1524] Do you pull the curtains?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1525] Mm. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1526] [...] on TV.
[1527] [...] He loves putting his getting his hands in your mouth and pulling your teeth.
[1528] He loves that.
Betty (PS04B) [1529] Mm.
[1530] Does he?
Julie (PS04F) [1531] [...] your teeth.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1532] And he likes the fridge magnets.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [cough]
Julie (PS04F) [1533] He'll sit there on the floor with them and play with the magnets.
[1534] He chucks them off and puts them back on again.
Betty (PS04B) [1535] Very intelligent little baby isn't he?
Julie (PS04F) [1536] Mm.
[1537] And he likes chucking things on the ground.
[1538] If he chucks something on the ground he'll pick it up and give it to me and he'll do it all the more.
Betty (PS04B) [1539] It's a little game isn't it?
[1540] Ha.
Julie (PS04F) [1541] I was trying to find him some couple of pairs of socks but I couldn't find anything I liked.
[1542] The only socks they had at bloody Kingsworth were all girlie ones.
Betty (PS04B) [1543] Oh!
[1544] Shaws.
[1545] They usually sell nice little socks in there.
Julie (PS04F) [1546] I got little pyjamas for him three ninety nine at .
[1547] The ones that I did want with turtles on it never had any socks.
Betty (PS04B) [1548] It's always the bloody way.
Julie (PS04F) [1549] Had two to three.
[1550] I didn't really want two to three.
Betty (PS04B) [1551] [...] Three to five?
Julie (PS04F) [1552] Five to seven.
[1553] Yeah.
[1554] Turtle ones they've got what else ... they've got proper pyjama sets [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1555] Yeah.
[1556] They've got pyjama sets in there.
Betty (PS04B) [1557] They're nice are they?
Julie (PS04F) [1558] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1559] Quite cheap [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1560] [...] pyjamas for the boys and nightdresses for the girls.
[1561] [...] Yeah nightshirts for the girls isn't it?

11 (Tape 009201)

Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1562] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1563] It was all in italics.
[1564] She was [...] off she was saying I haven't done this look [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1565] Should have laughed all the more weren't ya?
Julie (PS04F) [1566] Do you want to go to the Pete's house?
[1567] For some orange [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1568] I'd say when you go to [...] this afternoon er ring the doorbell and say er just get handed a crash helmet and say this is for [...] coming after [laugh] .
Julie (PS04F) [1569] They bite.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1570] Who do?
Betty (PS04B) [1571] Oh come one [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1572] You should you should have have heard her it was terrible I thought oh my God he's he's going to cut the atmosphere like a knife in her today.
Betty (PS04B) [1573] Nice.
Julie (PS04F) [1574] I just hope she's civil enough because it's his birthday.
Betty (PS04B) [1575] Oh [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1576] Yeah I spelt it wrong I said at least I can put another N on it.
Betty (PS04B) [1577] I spelt it right
Julie (PS04F) [1578] What?
Betty (PS04B) [1579] Two Ns.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [1580] Everybody else she said a lot of people put one N and it's probably what [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [1581] That's what you said to me yesterday.
[1582] You said you'd see other cards with one N and er I thought I've put two Ns
Julie (PS04F) [1583] So I said to her [...] while she was upstairs I got a pen I know it was a black one and I wrote in blue and put another N .
Betty (PS04B) [1584] Put another N .
Julie (PS04F) [1585] Put another N.
[1586] I said read the bloody words then and she said oh I never read the words she said I looks at the pictures.
[1587] I said no you've got to read the words
Betty (PS04B) [1588] Read the words .
Julie (PS04F) [1589] And she read them all and isn't that lovely?
Betty (PS04B) [1590] Yes you've got to read the words
Julie (PS04F) [1591] I said you've got to read the words.
[1592] Always read the words.
[1593] I said it's just extra if you've got a nice card to go with it.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1594] it's dreadful
Betty (PS04B) [1595] I mean she went on the fruit machine upstairs last night.
Betty (PS04B) [1596] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [1597] She put some money in she couldn't [...] anyway got off.
[1598] She said I'll put one more pound in [...] gonna lose all my money in here.
[1599] Anyway got off.
[1600] She put another couple of quid in didn't she now.
[1601] She said didn't you [...] she sticks another pound well win after win after win weren't it?
[1602] No fucking difference.
[1603] Twenty quid she got out of it .
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1604] So I said I said we'll get ten pound each.
[1605] All right she said.
[1606] I said tell you what seeing's we've got a load of [...] .
[1607] We had two jackpots.
[1608] I said you put one lot of checks in here and I'll put a lot of checks in the other.
[1609] All right so we put two and two nothing so I put two and two in the other machine ... three pounds that's not bad.
[1610] Four pounds we've taken is frequent cash and a pound each and a pound at dinner time.
[1611] I said here I said got she said oh I have to go into cash now I suppose I have to owe you another bleeding pound here you are [...] .
[1612] Anyway jackpot's free again.
[1613] So you know [...] done it.
[1614] So at any rate out [...] .
[1615] Jackpot's free again done it all.
[1616] [...] bastards likes this and she starts laughing.
[1617] At any rate wins couple more quid ... we're playing together now and er also she nudged [...] see the jackpot's in the middle [...] no checks is coming out. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1618] It was empty.
Betty (PS04B) [1619] It was empty [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1620] What was she doing
Betty (PS04B) [1621] so she went straight downstairs [...] ay she ripped me off [...] so she said I'm ever so sorry Ann.
[1622] So she said look I've only got a little bit in my pocket.
[1623] She only had four jackpots in her pocket.
[1624] She said look look.
[1625] So he said never mind he said you can have it put on your note card.
[1626] So she went like this pulled our her note card and said I can put it on now she said.
[1627] She said put it on now.
[1628] He said sorry I ain't authorised [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1629] Ooh goodness!
Betty (PS04B) [1630] She said you are fucking authorised here aren't yer?
[1631] He said yeah but we're not authorised to put on money on anybody's card Ann.
[1632] She said well it's not fucking funny she said I'm not fuck laughing am I?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1633] She said fucking machine out there not paying me out and your cancel my money on the fucking card am I supposed to eat today?
[1634] So he said how was you going to eat in the beginning Ann?
[1635] Well on my fucking [...] wasn't I.
[1636] But Ann I'm not suppo Well fucking hell she said [laugh] .
[1637] So he said take her away just take her away.
[1638] So anyway off we goes course when we come back for half an hour at ten o'clock well out of the other machine weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1639] Oh fucking.
[1640] Oh Paddy was there weren't he.
[1641] Cause he was there when we won at nine o'clock just after five.
[1642] Well he was still there at ten because he was there at half past ten.
[1643] He said right then I suppose you're going to take me over the wee pub now.
[1644] I said no Pat I said some of us are working till six o'clock.
[1645] I said we'll have a barrel of Guinness ready by six okay no probs.
[1646] He said I put all my money in there.
[1647] So I said it's your fucking problem isn't?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [1648] I keeps on getting from
Betty (PS04B) [1649] So well it's cost
Julie (PS04F) [1650] There's one guy up there's got blond hair and every time I go up there she's going to take all the fucking money out of the machine again now.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1651] Probably.
[1652] Is it Thomas?
Julie (PS04F) [1653] He's he's quite good looking.
[1654] He's a bit tubby.
[1655] He's got short blond hair.
Betty (PS04B) [1656] Thomas.
Julie (PS04F) [1657] I don't know what his name is.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1658] [whispering] Thomas []
Betty (PS04B) [1659] It's not his name but we calls him Thomas because he's chubby.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1660] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [1661] Thomas.
[1662] Because of Thomas the Tank Engine.
Julie (PS04F) [1663] He's a he's a nice looking lad.
Betty (PS04B) [1664] Yeah.
[1665] That's Brenda's son.
Julie (PS04F) [1666] Is it?
Betty (PS04B) [1667] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1668] How's Dotty?
Julie (PS04F) [1669] Dotty.
[1670] She's fine yes.
[1671] She gets a bit of problems with her arthritis.
[1672] Specially with the hundred and seventy pounds we were doing.
[1673] Cause they were bigger bags and they were heavier she's getting real problems
Betty (PS04B) [1674] I said what's this the Ann [...] with your ass.
[1675] Ann fell off the fucking chair. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1676] [...] going to sit down it weren't they?
Betty (PS04B) [1677] She sit down on the chair but she'll want to stand up a little bit cause we got bins underneath and she wants to put her feet on the bins
Betty (PS04B) [1678] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [1679] He said oh look Ann's on a [...] .
[1680] This [...] on the fucking floor didn't she?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1681] Sat there with her arms folded like that [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [1682] What did Ann do?
Betty (PS04B) [1683] [...] this happened a couple of weeks ago.
[1684] They had to stop the machines because everybody was laughing see with Tara on the floor so Ann didn't even know she'd fallen off the chair.
[1685] She said where's that fucking Tara she gone for a fucking blow again and they're all laughing [...] and she said what are you fucking bastards laughing at [...] and there's Tara there with tears down her face [...] Tara tried to tell her she fell off the chair well ... that was it.
Betty (PS04B) [1686] No wonder you like working with Ann. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [1687] You what I reckon you should do?
[1688] ... Take that tape machine in with Ann and do it without her knowing.
Betty (PS04B) [1689] Yeah.
[1690] Without her knowing.
[1691] Take it in one night one day next week What are you next week?
Betty (PS04B) [1692] Two till ten .
Betty (PS04B) [1693] Two till ten .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1694] Every time every time you go talking to Ann put the machine on .
Betty (PS04B) [1695] Who you got [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1696] What day?
[1697] Monday Mother.
[1698] It's got M in front,
Betty (PS04B) [1699] Yeah Monday.
Betty (PS04B) [1700] One till ten ...
Betty (PS04B) [1701] One till ten?
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1702] What about our Dougie then?
Betty (PS04B) [1703] Well he told [...] he's coming round in the afterwards.
Betty (PS04B) [1704] Oh sweetheart [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [1705] Whatever.
[1706] All bleeding Dave told Ann and he thought Ann told everybody else they had to be in at one o'clock.
[1707] She didn't she didn't know any different.
[1708] ... And I said to Dave what's this then I've got [...] at one o'clock [...] an hour's overtime.
[1709] Oh I was meant to tell you but I've been so busy.
[1710] I said that's fuck all right I've been down the canteen.
Betty (PS04B) [1711] Oh language!
Betty (PS04B) [1712] He said can you come in at one o'clock?
[1713] So I said well no not now.
[1714] [laugh] . It's too late.
[1715] Oh please.
[1716] So I said all right then. [laugh] .
Betty (PS04B) [1717] That's the one [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1718] That's the one [...] I said to him
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1719] Jeans!
[1720] I said yeah they're now in fashion Dave.
[1721] Haven't you seen 'em they're very common. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1722] Oh!
Betty (PS04B) [1723] And someone said you ought to get yourself a pair. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1724] Oh!
Julie (PS04F) [1725] Oh and what did he say?
Betty (PS04B) [1726] And what are you trying to say?
[1727] Well [...] on you these blue things they're not really very nice are they?
[1728] I don't like them.
Betty (PS04B) [1729] No.
[1730] [...] jeans?
Betty (PS04B) [1731] He said no you're not in charge of.
Betty (PS04B) [1732] Oh!
Julie (PS04F) [1733] What did he say?
Betty (PS04B) [1734] All right.
Betty (PS04B) [1735] What you get away with.
Julie (PS04F) [1736] [...] all right.
Betty (PS04B) [1737] Just stomped upstairs.
[1738] He come back round about an hour and a half later we were broke down weren't we?
[1739] He said typical what [...] fucking breaking the machine already?
[1740] [...] I said we never touched it.
[1741] Anyway [...] later and Dave there see.
[1742] He's trying to fix it.
[1743] Couldn't he fix it the [...] was gone.
[1744] Anyway he said nothing to do with me now you've got to get Spark.
[1745] Any rate Spark comes and Spark thinks like Dave.
Betty (PS04B) [1746] Ah!
Betty (PS04B) [1747] So any rate me and Ann were looking and Spark's fiddling about and he's making faces at Dave see behind his back [laugh] .
[1748] Of course me and Ann were laughing Dave were [...] .
[1749] He couldn't look at me and Ann cause we was laughing [laugh] . [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1750] Jeez!
Betty (PS04B) [1751] So any rate when it comes to one of the fucking screw's loose
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1752] A screw loose! [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1753] Fiddling with all the nuts all the bolts [...] [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1754] Screw loose!
Betty (PS04B) [1755] [laugh] so Spark looked up at Tony and said you sure you're a fucking fitter.
[1756] [laugh] And [...] he played with all the knobs.
Julie (PS04F) [1757] We keep saying that to Steve if he can't figure out something me and Marie look up and say get a fitter!
[1758] [laugh] . So he needs a fitter desperately.
Betty (PS04B) [1759] Cos Dave was there trying to do a fiddle.
[1760] With all the buttons and all the knobs see.
[1761] And I looked up at Dave and said here Dave and he said what?
[1762] Is that right that you were a security guard before you were made up to reception manager.
[1763] Yeah.
[1764] I said I'm glad you weren't a fucking fitter then.
[1765] Oh that was it.
[1766] Ann was screaming wasn't she.
[1767] She nearly fall down on her face.
Betty (PS04B) [1768] Oh my gawd what a night you had!
Betty (PS04B) [1769] It's what this what I said to Dave.
[1770] I said oh you've got Sally with you next week haven't you Dave?
Betty (PS04B) [1771] Oh! [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1772] He said Yeah.
[1773] I said I feel sorry for you.
[1774] He just started laughing.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1775] [...] every day.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1776] Gotta learn about [...] haven't we [...] .
[1777] So I've got me jeans on and the first word I says to him is so why have you shaved your moustache off Dave?
[1778] Because your hair [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1779] The best crack though was when he come doubled back short Friday and designer stubble round here.
[1780] He hadn't shaved.
[1781] Dave always shaves unless he got up late like so he started whingeing at me and Ann because we got our jeans on.
[1782] I said here Dave and he said what?
[1783] [...] I'll have you [...] .
[1784] I'll fucking have you in a minute.
[1785] I said what's the matter with you Dave are you upset or what?
Betty (PS04B) [1786] Hmm
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1787] [...] on the catwalk I'm too sexy [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1788] [...] on the on the Russ erm Abbott?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1789] I'm too sexy
Julie (PS04F) [1790] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1791] No it's really funny
Betty (PS04B) [1792] I'd like to watch that today or something.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1793] Rottweiler [...] I'm too sexy for my driving instructor isn't that?
Betty (PS04B) [1794] Oh [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1795] [...] really digging at her comments on the book.
[1796] [...] as we're doing twelve hours perhaps I'll come in tonight and the machine will actually be running.
[1797] Think die of shock.
[1798] And the next day he said think die shock and it was running for at least ten minutes [laugh] she got ratty and [...] and Steve come out [...] very nasty.
[1799] Like stupid innit.
[1800] He said now I've got to give you a bollocking [...] .
[1801] And Ann said well I'm waiting, I ain't waiting all fucking day someone's got to some work like.
[1802] Steve said just get out of the office just get out of the office.
[1803] Anyway the next day they were on the er if machine is not clean when I come in then I should not run as I did not run this morning for four hours as I might as well come in on Saturday morning and clean them myself [laugh] So she in [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1804] So she went [...] she cos her sister she [...] she won't come out.
Betty (PS04B) [1805] Oh!
Betty (PS04B) [1806] And the Rottweiler come in this morning and she never does any overtime not any not Saturday morning not Sunday.
[1807] [...] she was coming to help clean the machines.
Betty (PS04B) [1808] Oh!
[1809] Isn't that nice?
Betty (PS04B) [1810] So that was it.
[1811] She was walking down and I shout [...] you bloody old troll.
[1812] Well that was it.
[1813] Andy said what did you call her?
[1814] I said [...] old troll.
[1815] He said better that Rottweiler isn't it?
[1816] And I said well yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [1817] Ho!
Betty (PS04B) [1818] I said look the terrible Rottweilers are coming through the door.
[1819] [laugh] I said who you want back [...] I said look terrible Rottweiler twins?
[1820] Ah he said.
Betty (PS04B) [1821] Is our Ann like that erm with the rest of them?
Betty (PS04B) [1822] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [1823] Is she?
[1824] Where did they live?
Betty (PS04B)
Betty (PS04B) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1825] [laugh] sound like bloody .
Betty (PS04B) [1826] Don't like [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1827] Well now she's had that car now what?
Betty (PS04B) [1828] Four weeks?
Julie (PS04F) [1829] Yeah probably
Betty (PS04B) [1830] Yeah four weeks.
[1831] Well she's already put a hole in the exhaust and a dent in the front [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1832] She went [...] she said [...] you fucking you fucking done it.
[1833] She said What?
[1834] He said you've got a fucking hole in the exhaust.
[1835] You've only had it two minutes.
[1836] I never, it's your fault [laugh] [...] she driving it around for five months with no tax.
[1837] I said aren't you going to get some tax?
[1838] You do know that if you're stopped you've got to get all that backdated don't you?
[1839] And you're going to lose sixty five quid.
[1840] That's a lot of money. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1841] There's a woman on the er family fortunes that was on last night.
[1842] And one of the sisters she said she started for this company didn't she.
[1843] Was she with them what?
David (PS04J) [1844] Three
Betty (PS04B) [1845] Three weeks.
[1846] And she smashed the van up completely.
[1847] And then three weeks later she married the boss. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1848] He proposed to her and they got married.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1849] After she'd smashed the front of his van up.
Betty (PS04B) [1850] Yeah so anyway and I said that's not very nice so we were talking this morning about her and I had to tell Ann didn't I that she drove to work three days on a trot in her bleeding lights [...] two.
Julie (PS04F) [1851] She didn't.
Betty (PS04B) [1852] Oh Mum I told you about that.
[1853] You know the dual carriageway don't you where the er ... garden centre is
Betty (PS04B) [1854] Yeah I know where [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1855] And she was coming back along towards and she comes all along the dual carriageway and this car in front of her [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [1856] [...] so he there and he's flashing away his lights and kept his indicators on daft bastard she says and while he's doing that [...] some fucking overtakes see but he was already flashing his lights and puts his indicators on.
[1857] So anyway she comes along into the dark pet and she said oh heck she said you must have a power cut along here I can't see nothing [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1858] so Nick reading the Sun see so he's put his head over and he says yeah it is a bit dark.
[1859] You haven't got your fucking lights on you stupid cow he said.
[1860] Put some lights on. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1861] Oh she said puts the lights on.
[1862] But it's still dark I still can't see nothing.
[1863] He said you stupid cow you got your side lights on.
[1864] Puts the lights on.
[1865] Next morning off they go to [...] to the shops she goes turns all her lights off and ignition [...] it's in the car she starts the car up and off she trundles coming in along.
[1866] She said I can't understand it Nick she says everybody keeps flashing their lights at me she said.
[1867] Perhaps he fancies me like [...] so he still didn't take no notice. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1868] [...] Stupid cow you ain't got your fucking lights on again have you?
[1869] It's that switch there.
[1870] So she puts her lights on.
[1871] [...] same day.
[1872] The next day she did the self same thing
Betty (PS04B) [1873] Oh my God
Betty (PS04B) [1874] Pull into the shop out of the shop.
[1875] No lights.
[1876] Poor old no even her daughter Cheryl was laughing so much that her stomach was hurting and tell her to shut up.
[1877] So we was talking about things like that and so she she said like selling her car now she told us how much money she made on it.
[1878] And he said oh he said it's a bit mean like.
[1879] She said well not really.
[1880] So anyway she started talking about it.
[1881] Nick said talk about Sterling Moss he said sodding fucking [...] when you're sitting next to.
[1882] What's the matter Nick?
[1883] Well tonight typical.
[1884] He said we've had bollards put up by our [...] now.
[1885] So you can out it's for access only.
[1886] So I said oh yeah.
[1887] So you got to park on the road.
Betty (PS04B) [1888] Sorry about this.
Betty (PS04B) [1889] So I said oh that's nice.
[1890] He said yeah and there was tractor on the opposite side of the road and a lot of traffic coming up and down.
[1891] He said that dozy cow only decided she was going to try and fucking pull out with a great big juggernaut coming down.
[1892] I said is [...] pulling out [...] .
[1893] He said she would have if I hadn't pull her fucking hand brake up.
Betty (PS04B) [1894] Oh my God!
Betty (PS04B) [1895] I said Andy what is the matter with her?
[1896] I was tired weren't I? [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1897] Did she stay in bed all day today?
Betty (PS04B) [1898] No she got up and fucking did go.
Betty (PS04B) [1899] She this afternoon?
Betty (PS04B) [1900] This morning. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1901] What she got a breakfast session over the [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1902] Oh my goodness.
[1903] I thought I be the [...] for the bingo.
Betty (PS04B) [1904] She's worse!
Julie (PS04F) [1905] She's worse than you for the bingo.
Betty (PS04B) [1906] Short Friday.
[1907] She goes straight after work.
[1908] Here we're on two till six and as the old man come and pick her up and drop her off at the bingo.
Betty (PS04B) [1909] Good God.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1910] Terrible isn't she?
Betty (PS04B) [1911] [...] definitely with her old man's Sierra parked out.
[1912] I told you about what she was like when the car wouldn't start didn't I?
Betty (PS04B) [1913] No.
Betty (PS04B) [1914] Fucking lights flashing and the alarm going off.
[1915] She walked off and made out it weren't her car.
Betty (PS04B) [laugh] [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1916] It's [...] wasn't it?
[1917] I'd better go and report that to so I just going there by myself.
Betty (PS04B) [1918] Oh how mad.
Betty (PS04B) [1919] I'm not telling him it was mine. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1920] Oh she's funny.
Betty (PS04B) [1921] The fucking back window going up and down weren't it?
Betty (PS04B) [1922] Oh.
[1923] I've got to go to bingo with she one night [...] bloody numbers.
Betty (PS04B) [1924] [...] last night.
[1925] Well Nick don't like smoking like he don't smoke.
[1926] So she puts the windows down see.
[1927] She won't let people know.
[1928] The Camel's here so she had hold of the steering with one hand she was smoking the other with the window down and Nick wanted to put his window down.
[1929] But he pressed her button and pressed her window up.
[1930] He got her fucking fag stuck in her window. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1931] [laughing] She was going like this [] .
[1932] [...] She said to me.
[1933] Where's the fucking end of me fag gone?
[1934] I saw the bits coming off her fag [laughing] She said you stupid bastard well he was like this weren't he? []
[1935] I said what will you do [...] pull over and have a go at him. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1936] If she carries on like that with her kids and all they're going to be like her.
Betty (PS04B) [1937] Did I tell you about her little one ... who had stomach pains?
[1938] ... As she come back she said Dad ... what?
[1939] How long's our Mum going to be before she comes in?
[1940] Another hour.
[1941] Oh.
[1942] Why?
[1943] Oh well I've got a bit of a stomach ache and I want to talk to her you know it's women problems.
[1944] All right he said.
[1945] Well he knew what it was.
[1946] He said you go up and lay in your bedroom he said and I can send her up when she comes in.
[1947] All right.
[1948] The little 'un goes to bed.
[1949] The little one's heard Mummy pull up on the drive and has come down the stairs well before anyone could say anything he got it out.
[1950] She might have er period you'd better go and sort her out. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1951] She said what.
[1952] She might have one of her periods you'd better fucking go and sort her out.
[1953] She's your daughter ... She said there's no need to [...] up and say it like that.
[1954] She said you could have kept this shut and I could tell her myself.
Betty (PS04B) [1955] Oh!
Betty (PS04B) [1956] Well he said your fucking daughter you sort her out. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1957] I can imagine her house must be like that [...]
Betty (PS04B) [1958] It was the same when her Mum got when it happened to her they got her a load of new clothes and she was trying them on and grandad said hey get in here now.
[1959] Why what's the matter.
[1960] Take your daughter upstairs.
[1961] He knew why.
[1962] They always say take your daughter instead of
Betty (PS04B) [1963] Your daughter.
[1964] It's always your daughter .
Betty (PS04B) [1965] Our daughter
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1966] If our kids have any problems or anything they don't go and see the old man they see .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1967] Do they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1968] They tells him all the problems.
[1969] She says but I don't why they don't tells the old man they told me. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [1970] Oh!
[1971] Kids confide in everybody but their mother don't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1972] They're trying to chuck the kids off [...] they can't take care of them.
Betty (PS04B) [1973] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1974] Really did they go to Australia [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1975] No.
[1976] [...] No.
[1977] They always lived in .
Betty (PS04B) [1978] How come they don't go?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1979] Because they're kids [...] like that.
Julie (PS04F) [1980] Yeah I know that but next year I mean you got the tunnel coming out of the Ferry.
[1981] Why can't they go to France [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1982] Oh yeah It's all according to how much pressure there is underneath underneath the tunnel.
Betty (PS04B) [1983] Oh yeah [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [1984] Yeah I mean it is on a ferry anyway.
[1985] I mean
Betty (PS04B) [1986] I tell you what [...] when we [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1987] I tell you what the littl'un the boy [...] one night.
[1988] He went to Alton Towers and any ride over a certain height he couldn't go on.
Betty (PS04B) [1989] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1990] He couldn't go on the corkscrew he couldn't go up on the ship he couldn't go on anything.
[1991] It was a waste of time him going but he nagged so much that she had to let him go.
Betty (PS04B) [1992] Oh!
[1993] Poor boy.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1994] I think she should take him to erm Euro Disney cause there might be a lot high up but there's still a lot to do.
[1995] I mean there's a lot to see.
Betty (PS04B) [1996] I've want me papers.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1997] I mean them kids would be over the moon if they went there.
[1998] Them kids would be over the moon if they went there Euro Disney.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [1999] Yeah [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2000] [...] where he is?
Julie (PS04F) [2001] Who?
Betty (PS04B) [2002] Clayton.
[2003] I want me fags and my papers.
[2004] I've been waiting for fags since ten o'clock this morning.
Edna (PS04K) [2005] I'll go around and see him in a minute.
Betty (PS04B) [2006] Three hours.
[2007] Will you?
[2008] Grab the money off him.
[2009] Go to the shop yourself.
[2010] I bet Margaret wonders where [...] .
Edna (PS04K) [2011] I'm going to get some exercise.
[2012] Would you like some?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [2013] That's what I mean get some exercise in your legs.
Julie (PS04F) [2014] It takes you bleeding ages to start up so you definitely got to have exercise with your legs.
Edna (PS04K) [2015] It'll start off first of all now and then suddenly it will die.
David (PS04J) [2016] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2017] It always does.
[2018] It starts up first
Betty (PS04B) [2019] George [...] this morning?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2020] Yeah he did go [...] I heard Judy go he said [...] I said Ooh.
Betty (PS04B) [2021] Funny enough she's in bed with .
[2022] No he said she's gone to work on that bike.
[2023] I heard her.
[2024] I said you never heard I said it was you heard.
Julie (PS04F) [2025] It was Alice.
Betty (PS04B) [2026] Aye.
[2027] It was bloody [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2028] Where's my fiver Julie?
[2029] She got my fiver.
Julie (PS04F) [2030] No this is mine.
Betty (PS04B) [2031] I made a collection for the bin girls.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2032] Did you?
Betty (PS04B) [2033] I said would you two give in to the collection?
Edna (PS04K) [2034] Give fifty P each.
Betty (PS04B) [2035] And Lorraine looked you know and erm and she said how much are you short?
[2036] Well I said I have got nothing out of it at the moment.
[2037] So he said you'll have to stay in then won't ya?
[2038] So I took it out of my pocket and he said what was happened then?
[2039] And I said well [...] any rate he come up and said where's the fiver?
[2040] And I said here it is. [...] sort the girls out [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2041] I'll buy him a packet of fags for erm taking us out [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2042] What for but don't get [...] for tomorrow.
Julie (PS04F) [2043] Why?
David (PS04J) [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [2044] You've got the [...] today or you should have got them.
Julie (PS04F) [2045] Get them for you tomorrow all right dad?
David (PS04J) [2046] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2047] That'll save me two pounds out of my purse in the morning then.
Julie (PS04F) [2048] [...] that bloke in the garage did me out of a bleeding fiver again last night.
[2049] This is getting fucking regular this is.
David (PS04J) [2050] So he [...] right?
Julie (PS04F) [2051] Yeah.
[2052] [...] This is getting regular now.
[2053] I said you sure [...]
Edna (PS04K) [2054] Well I don't know I haven't seen her all this week he said.
[2055] It's too much.
[2056] I've got to do so many hours that it's got people upset.
[2057] I said well bully for you.
[2058] I said my mate works [...] and I get better service up there. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [2059] Which one did you see?
[2060] The one with glasses?
Betty (PS04B) [2061] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2062] The one's that's happy?
[2063] He was miserable the other night.
[2064] He must be doing so man hours.
Betty (PS04B) [2065] Yeah. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2066] He's always happy.
[2067] He always says hello .
Betty (PS04B) [2068] Hello my love, how you doing?
[2069] Where you going out tonight my love?
[2070] Are you going out on the razzle dazzle?
[2071] I said I hardly fucking think so.
[2072] I'm going to work.
[2073] Well you're not going out on the razzle dazzle.
[2074] I said I could be.
[2075] He said what do you mean?
[2076] I said well a lot of them are leaving today.
[2077] The old super temps I said so I said we're going out on the piss.
[2078] He said what six o'clock?
[2079] What time are you going to start ten?
[2080] No I said I've got to start he said five o'clock?
[2081] No I said I've got to start six.
[2082] Well he said that doesn't give you long to go out on the razzle.
[2083] I said who said we're going out.
[2084] [laugh] He started laughing.
[2085] He said [...] my love all right.
Julie (PS04F) [2086] He's always happy that bloke [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2087] Yeah he's always putting [...] When I was going over to Royals.
[2088] He said don't tell me you want forty Royals don't you?
[2089] I said no I only want fifty.
[2090] He said oh you got it right today?
Julie (PS04F) [2091] He's always happy.
[2092] He's the best one they've got.
Betty (PS04B) [2093] He is a nice man.
Julie (PS04F) [2094] Cos he's so happy I mean.
[2095] He greets you.
Betty (PS04B) [2096] Do you want to hear about [...] talking about fags?
Julie (PS04F) [2097] What?
Betty (PS04B) [2098] Dougie bought a me a packet of fags last week [...] not worth smoking.
[2099] It's like smoking [...] So I said to Ann here you are you can bleeding have these.
[2100] I said be all right with your coffee in the morning.
[2101] I'll give it to the old man she said no problem.
[2102] She gives them to the the old man.
[2103] He said what the fucks this?
[2104] She said they're free shut your mouth.
[2105] Thanks for the tip out it out got.
[2106] Got his tobacco tin [...] his smoke.
[2107] Lit it up.
[2108] She said what are you doing that for?
[2109] Well that's worse than Silk Cut.
[2110] At least I can get a drag now.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2111] He must be cutting down now.
Betty (PS04B) [2112] He didn't like it.
Betty (PS04B) [2113] Well he smokes six months of the year roll ups and six months of the year fags.
[2114] Because he gets coughs and splutters like.
Betty (PS04B) [2115] Oh well.
Julie (PS04F) [2116] I think I've got Dot on to Wills.
Betty (PS04B) [2117] But he aren't got time at work see?
Betty (PS04B) [2118] Is he a young man as well?
Betty (PS04B) [2119] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2120] I think I got Dot onto Wills.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2121] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2122] Well she smokes Lambert and Butlers and as I say she had one fag left and she said I have to keep that for Norm.
[2123] She said for when I get in the car.
[2124] Her husband and erm I said well have one of my fags then.
[2125] She said oh well let's have a try of one.
[2126] She said oh there nice ones she said they're better than Lambert and Butler.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2127] You get twenty five for a packet.
Julie (PS04F) [2128] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2129] Hm yes it's better isn't it for the extra [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2130] She smokes these red [...] things.
[2131] She like ... [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2132] You made her a cup of tea didn't you this morning?
Betty (PS04B) [2133] I heard you.
[2134] I heard you.
[2135] I though well she's happy just come in.
Julie (PS04F) [2136] I was.
[2137] I was wide awake.
Betty (PS04B) [2138] I opened my eyes like that.
[2139] I thought no.
[2140] I opened them again.
[2141] I thought whatever's that dancing around in the bedroom.
[2142] And it was Clay he's dancing through here dancing through there and dancing back dancing back.
Betty (PS04B) [2143] [...] He said I would have asked you if I had had any [...] trying to find trousers [...] awake.
[2144] [laugh] So he had to wear his [...] and he don't like doing that because it gets stuck in the locker.
Julie (PS04F) [2145] What time did you come down this morning then Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [2146] Me?
Julie (PS04F) [2147] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2148] Er not very early.
[2149] About quarter to nine twenty to nine.
David (PS04J) [2150] Is that water on there?
Betty (PS04B) [2151] Yes.
Julie (PS04F) [2152] Did Lorraine come out or stayed in there?
Betty (PS04B) [2153] Stayed in there and I thought what
Julie (PS04F) [2154] She's probably embarrassed as you are.
[2155] And she's probably embarrassed as you are [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2156] I'm all right with when he's talking to her.
[2157] But I feel stupid
Betty (PS04B) [2158] Cos I went in this morning I'd better [...] on the piss last night.
[2159] He left his car in the car park see?
Julie (PS04F) [2160] Well if they do it again you should say come in and have a cup of tea .
Betty (PS04B) [2161] And I looked in and thought I wonder if that's Clayton in there or not.
[2162] I'm going to walk in anyway.
[2163] So I walked in and she went oh morning love.
[2164] And I went do you want a cup of tea.
[2165] And she said oh yeah I said tea or coffee.
[2166] Tea'll do.
[2167] Put's the kettle on.
[2168] I thought I'd better make a cup of coffee [...] .
[2169] So I went in and asked her if she wants a smoke.
[2170] Give her a smoke.
[2171] She said what's this?
[2172] I said Wills.
[2173] Oh I don't that.
[2174] I'll smoke my own.
[2175] So at any rate then please yourself.
[2176] [whispering] she was smoking like that [] so I made her a cup of tea took it in and put it on the stool.
[2177] I said I'm going back now do you want me to leave the kitchen light on?
[2178] No.
[2179] All right turn it off. [laugh] .
Betty (PS04B) [2180] Such a carry on.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2181] So what did you do?
Betty (PS04B) [2182] [...] you can't see in there.
Julie (PS04F) [2183] You should just say to her
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2184] [...] cup of tea.
Julie (PS04F) [2185] Coming in for a cup of tea?
Betty (PS04B) [2186] I'd feel so embarrassed.
Julie (PS04F) [2187] She probably feels as embarrassed as you do Bet.
[2188] ... And she always stays in that [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [2189] I know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2190] She doesn't come out?
Betty (PS04B) [2191] No. ...
Julie (PS04F) [2192] I said to Sally I said I wouldn't be surprised if they two get married.
[2193] I wouldn't be surprised.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2194] [...] big plans to buy Christmas presents [laugh] shudder. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2195] About one hundred of them.
Betty (PS04B) [2196] Hmm.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2197] Second children.
Betty (PS04B) [2198] Yeah.
[2199] As you say.
[2200] So they're second partners and their Mum and Dad.
Julie (PS04F) [2201] Boy you think
Betty (PS04B) [2202] Ten grand kids
Julie (PS04F) [2203] You think what my Aunty Carol's got to buy for.
[2204] Now out of the family of family
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2205] Oh don't talk to me.
Julie (PS04F) [2206] [...] included there are about ten.
Betty (PS04B) [2207] Ann's got a [...] head on ain't she?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2208] Why?
Betty (PS04B) [2209] Her sister ... I think put her [...] .
[2210] Was moaning about she had to buy three Christmas presents and she only got two kids ... So Ann turned round and said oh you're fucking well mad I got to buy five presents and I've only got two kids.
[2211] And she said not only that whenever my kids babysit for you you only give em a fiver each.
[2212] Oh she had to buy five presents and she only had two kids.
[2213] That's right.
[2214] And Ann said well if you going to fucking be like that don't bother to buy my kids anything.
[2215] I won't buy your kids anything.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2216] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2217] She says and I will spent that extra couple of quid on my kids.
[2218] So said if you're going to be like that be like that.
[2219] So she said don't you fucking worry I am.
Betty (PS04B) [2220] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2221] She said bollocks on you lot for Christmas.
[2222] I ain't buying nothing.
[2223] Oh she said oh you spent money on the shirts for the kids.
Edna (PS04K) [2224] That's it you can't [...] these days
Julie (PS04F) [2225] The kids come first isn't it ?
Betty (PS04B) [2226] Well they were going with their [...] at the beginning of the year up for register and they're catching up on it now.
Edna (PS04K) [2227] Oh.
[2228] That's it.
[2229] I mean we've got kids and the kids got to come first and the adults come second
Betty (PS04B) [2230] like Ann said .
[2231] It's all right for them because their kids can go on holiday with them so they've got no problems.
[2232] But because their kids can't go abroad [...] then they get a letter through to say like you know they are going on camp would they be interested.
[2233] Of course Ann sends off and says yeah.
[2234] But that's three hundred pounds for them to fit the bill.
Betty (PS04B) [2235] Oh yeah!
Betty (PS04B) [2236] Hundred and fifty pound each.
[2237] That's a fortnight mind.
Betty (PS04B) [2238] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2239] And that's everything.
[2240] That's all their spending money involved and their day trips off the lot.
[2241] She's got no worries.
[2242] ... Her and her old man stays at home and has a fortnight together.
[2243] Then they go at camping school or whatever wherever the school's going.
[2244] The kids do that.
[2245] And then they go on holiday with Ann and the old man.
[2246] And when they go on holiday with Ann and the old man they used to get through a hundred pounds a day and they go for a week.
[2247] That's seven hundred pounds like sometimes more.
[2248] But she said I don't mind because I would like to take my boat but I can't.
[2249] When we went abroad I know we've spent three or four grand when we're over there with the holiday as well like you know.
[2250] She said so it's got to be done really she said and I feel so sorry for them she says because even when they get older they still won't be able to go abroad.
Betty (PS04B) [2251] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [2252] Well I mean I don't see why they
Betty (PS04B) [2253] And they've had so many operations
Edna (PS04K) [2254] I can't see why they can't go on a camping holiday in France.
[2255] I mean they can go on the ferry.
[2256] Take the car out there.
[2257] They've got their own car.
Betty (PS04B) [2258] Yeah but they go to somewhere bloody they go to the same place every year and they have a real good time.
[2259] And she says might just as well be with the kids like so.
[2260] She ain't really worried.
[2261] She says the only trouble is when they get older
Julie (PS04F) [2262] I mean I am ... I mean I'm quite surprised that your floor.
[2263] Whatever floor that Ann's been on hasn't done something like put some money in so that they can take em somewhere else something like over in France or something like that.
Betty (PS04B) [2264] She wouldn't accept it .
Betty (PS04B) [2265] She's not that type is she ?
Betty (PS04B) [2266] She'd say don't be silly [...] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2267] Simple isn't she?
Betty (PS04B) [2268] [...] [laugh] and they don't want nothing for their kids.
Betty (PS04B) [2269] She puts them first don't she?
Betty (PS04B) [2270] Oh yeah.
[2271] Whatever they want they gets.
Betty (PS04B) [2272] [...] my darling please?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2273] She bought them a telly.
Julie (PS04F) [2274] I reckon they should have next year a long weekend
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2275] Purple [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2276] All that money in your pocket haven't you?
[2277] Let's have a look .
David (PS04J) [2278] There covers
Julie (PS04F) [2279] Even if they all go in bed and breakfast and take them two kids to Euro Disney.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2280] She erm [...] little T V each.
[2281] It was T V between them.
[2282] So many hours and so many nights and [...] .
[2283] But I would have bought them one each.
David (PS04J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2284] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2285] But they're only having one big present each this year.
[2286] And that's it.
Betty (PS04B) [2287] That's it.
[2288] Yeah .
David (PS04J) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2289] Yeah I know.
[2290] I'd go mad.
Betty (PS04B) [2291] She said that fucking last year I said.
Betty (PS04B) [2292] What's the girl [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [2293] No.
[2294] Boy thirteen and a girl eleven.
Betty (PS04B) [2295] Oh.
Betty (PS04B) [2296] Or twelve that's either two years or a year between them.
[2297] And don't fight.
Betty (PS04B) [2298] No?
[2299] Of course boy and a girl don't [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2300] They only argue.
[2301] They don't fight they only argue but they can't fight cause of their ears.
[2302] And I think the boy suffers from asthma as well.
Julie (PS04F) [2303] Well there you are.
[2304] It's different with a boy and a girl cos
David (PS04J) [2305] You got your washing out mind you.
Betty (PS04B) [2306] Because when
David (PS04J) [2307] You been out there?
Betty (PS04B) [2308] Her boy went out on this work experience thing for his school like.
[2309] He must be older than thirteen.
[2310] He must be fourteen .
Betty (PS04B) [2311] He must be fourteen hmm .
Betty (PS04B) [2312] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2313] Anyway they paid him I told you didn't I?
[2314] They paid him and the reason they ain't going to have nobody back there any more back to this firm cos [...] safety rules.
[2315] And erm she was saying that when he was there a bloke come round start giving them a little verbal.
[2316] She'd never had nothing in his ears to protect his ears.
[2317] So he's shouting it the boy like.
[2318] And of course the old man was there and he come over and grabbed the bloke by the throat and he said don't you ever shout at my son like that again.
[2319] Course he was frightened to death weren't he [...] .
[2320] And he said well he should know better than to [...] blah blah blah
Betty (PS04B) [2321] Hmm
Betty (PS04B) [2322] He said my son's fucking deaf you idiot.
[2323] Well well that is why he don't need to put anything in his ears.
[2324] Because he can't hear nothing stupid.
[2325] Well he's still have to put it in his ears.
[2326] You're going to put your fucking eyes out.
Betty (PS04B) [2327] Hmm.
[2328] I bet he got all upset.
Betty (PS04B) [2329] Well everybody knew when they're up.
[2330] [...] daft anyway and nine times out of ten you've got to look at him and speak to him and that because he can't understand and er bloke gave him the verbal.
[2331] He was nearly crying wasn't he.
Betty (PS04B) [2332] Ah!
Betty (PS04B) [2333] We didn't know what to say.
Betty (PS04B) [2334] It's got to be tumble dried.
Betty (PS04B) [2335] He didn't know he had to give him a little verbal back.
Julie (PS04F) [2336] It's already [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2337] What about the football?
David (PS04J) [2338] [...] my white shirt?
Betty (PS04B) [2339] You picked Liverpool?
Betty (PS04B) [2340] Yeah.
[2341] Put it on then.
Julie (PS04F) [2342] Turn the tape off.
Betty (PS04B) [2343] And the day that he left. [vacuum cleaner sound]
Betty (PS04B) [2344] Is it finished?
Julie (PS04F) [2345] No it's not finished.
[2346] It's just that you're going to get that on.

12 (Tape 009202)

Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2347] Yeah do you know those chocolates you had.
[2348] How much were they Julie?
Julie (PS04F) [2349] One pound nine pence some at pence [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2350] Was it two pounds summat three pounds summat?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2351] Contrast.
Julie (PS04F) [2352] Contrast.
[2353] I got you a single like a small box
Betty (PS04B) [2354] Single didn't you ?
Julie (PS04F) [2355] And they had a double box for three pounds six or something and there are what at Woolies they're about three fifty six so you're saving fifty P.
Betty (PS04B) [2356] Oh not a lot .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2357] But still
Julie (PS04F) [2358] But you're saving something.
[2359] You save fifty P.
[2360] I mean if you'd rather get them if you'd rather save fifty P.
[2361] You'd get them in there wouldn't ya?
Betty (PS04B) [2362] Well yeah I suppose so
Julie (PS04F) [2363] Rather than get them in .
Betty (PS04B) [2364] Yeah if you want to save yeah yeah.
[2365] Oh well.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2366] I mean if you don't get much of an item off an item you'd know that is well in date.
Betty (PS04B) [2367] Hmm Hmm.
[2368] If it's that cheap
Julie (PS04F) [2369] It's either that or there's not a lot about.
[2370] If there's not a lot there then they won't put the price tags down.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [cough]
Julie (PS04F) [2371] But if they're got a lot they will.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2372] Well I mean well I don't mean [...] you'll sort it out yourself.
[2373] But there ain't nothing on that [...] pack.
Betty (PS04B) [2374] Hmm.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2375] And luckily enough
Betty (PS04B) [2376] I don't [...] bloody know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2377] So when I've been fussing about in there [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2378] What are they called?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2379] Erm
Betty (PS04B) [2380] I heard it when I come in didn't I?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2381] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [2382] [...] isn't it.
[2383] It begins with a B.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2384] You can see the packet there orange packet.
Betty (PS04B) [2385] Yeah I can see it [...] packet.
Betty (PS04B) [2386] Yeah [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2387] Ah!
[2388] I don't like them.
Betty (PS04B) [2389] And chocolates all round like.
Edna (PS04K) [2390] I'd like [...] we had more Cadbury's in Birmingham once.
[2391] I'm going back years.
[2392] I'm going back a bit there [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [2393] Well they had tea coffee and sandwiches cakes.
[2394] They had fruit juices for kids [...] .
[2395] Now I got one lot of fruit juices and I said to [...] go and get some more [...] and there were six empty on the thing then I chucked them in and then there were another six empty like.
Edna (PS04K) [2396] I suppose you can get can you get so many up [...] you can in a lot of places can't you?
David (PS04J) [2397] No I know you used to have a price.
Julie (PS04F) [2398] But it worked out that they spent twenty thousand pounds on letting families go round for these three weeks.
Betty (PS04B) [2399] It would be better to
Edna (PS04K) [2400] [...] they didn't have the machinery like you got.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2401] No it was all hands all done by hand no automation.
Edna (PS04K) [2402] Yeah yeah.
[2403] And the villages all round there are pretty out there.
Julie (PS04F) [2404] Ours ours can't be done automated.
Betty (PS04B) [2405] That's right.
Julie (PS04F) [2406] You can't have a computer put the eggs in the pans because it's got to be it's got to be done manually by a worker.
Edna (PS04K) [2407] Yeah but chocolate's got so expens
Julie (PS04F) [2408] My dad's [...] he didn't understand before he seen the mini eggs why they're so dear.
Betty (PS04B) [2409] There's a lot of work there.
Julie (PS04F) [2410] It takes thirty two hours before they can be packed.
[2411] They got to be stored for thirty two hours.
[2412] It takes so long.
[2413] So basically all they're saying it takes thirty two hours to do one egg.
Betty (PS04B) [2414] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2415] As with Double Decker it can take the most two hours Crunchie takes the most two hours
Edna (PS04K) [2416] As with Crunchie [...] are there no Crunchies there now?
Julie (PS04F) [2417] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2418] There were Crunchies yesterday.
Betty (PS04B) [2419] No no it weren't yesterday.
David (PS04J) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2420] Huh?
David (PS04J) [2421] [...] packs [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2422] What packs of Crunchies?
David (PS04J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2423] Loose one you mean?
Julie (PS04F) [2424] No I went Thursday.
David (PS04J) [2425] No.
Julie (PS04F) [2426] I went.
David (PS04J) [2427] There weren't any loose one.
Julie (PS04F) [2428] Thursday morning there was packs of Crunchies
Edna (PS04K) [2429] No I don't
Betty (PS04B) [2430] I likes a Crunchie.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2431] I don't mind a Crunchie.
Betty (PS04B) [2432] It's light isn't it?
[2433] It doesn't stick in your gob [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [2434] I likes a Crunchie [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2435] I's eat all the chocolate first and the inside afterwards
Julie (PS04F) [2436] More than that now though.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2437] Oh aye.
[2438] Yeah but you can buy it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2439] You could buy it in a penny packet bloody great [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2440] I used to get a lot of it when I was in
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2441] And it used to be dark brown.
[2442] It used to be darker than [...] bloody [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [2443] They made it different then didn't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2444] Mm.
Betty (PS04B) [2445] It's bloody mass produced now isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2446] So before my work out this morning I said to Joe he's in the bathroom.
[2447] Done Joe's bedroom and er the Hoover was up there the dusters was up there so I thought shall I shall I.
[2448] No I've got dinner before one and I thought well
Julie (PS04F) [2449] Well
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2450] [...] properly
Julie (PS04F) [2451] with Crunchie right?
[2452] They set on a big conveyor belt.
[2453] There's got to be about eight foot wide and er
Betty (PS04B) [2454] I'd seen that being done on the telly the other night. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2455] A hundred and fifty degrees C that's what it comes out at.
[2456] Right and it goes like these great funnels spread it [...] Now as it goes down it gets caught down.
[2457] And when it gets cut.
[2458] It's got cut like boiling hot oil a laser of oil.
Betty (PS04B) [2459] Oh oh.
Julie (PS04F) [2460] And we got told now I didn't know this.
[2461] We got told that that laser of oil can cut through concrete just like that.
[2462] Just as quick as it goes through a Crunchie.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2463] Bloody hell.
Julie (PS04F) [2464] So they have so much problems with it like they'll never ever experiment with that again.
[2465] They'll keep it for Crunchie but never use it for anything else again because they've had so much trouble with it.
Betty (PS04B) [2466] Blimey!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2467] [...] Charles [...] with Christmas presents.
Betty (PS04B) [2468] [whispering] Oh did you? []
Betty (PS04B) [2469] I had to give him his paper and his [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2470] Well.
[2471] You know [...] battle.
[2472] There's nothing there [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2473] Good job [...] put in her puzzle. [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [2474] Don't tell me I'll feel worse.
Julie (PS04F) [2475] Oh I'm not telling you then.
Edna (PS04K) [2476] No [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2477] I racked my brains I couldn't get [...] one yesterday ...
Edna (PS04K) [2478] Fortunate.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2479] Well I got [...] on the head.
[2480] She went down on there.
[2481] So I got one side but I bloody couldn't get out the other side.
Edna (PS04K) [2482] That wasn't yesterday it were the day before.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2483] Yeah it was.
[2484] No it wasn't it was no I got that [...]
Edna (PS04K) [2485] That wasn't yesterday [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2486] No that's right [...]
Edna (PS04K) [2487] What was the youngest one yesterday?
Julie (PS04F) [2488] You two are not supposed to be looking at that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2489] I ain't looking
Edna (PS04K) [2490] Command [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2491] You look now.
Edna (PS04K) [2492] Commandeer
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2493] Yeah yeah that's him [...] language and centipede and all that rubbish.
Edna (PS04K) [2494] Yeah I said
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2495] Today he said er can our Joe come downstairs oh you go up and ask him.
Edna (PS04K) [2496] I expect he gived you a funny answer [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2497] He didn't [...] I knows that I knows it I knows it.
[2498] So he [...] ten letters.
[2499] The one I said come to ten letters.
[2500] I said [...] is that enough.
[2501] So he said there must be there must be extra letters in there. [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [2502] I want to know what a kill joy is.
[2503] What's a kill joy?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2504] Well it's one who spoils the bloody party isn't he?
Julie (PS04F) [2505] Ten letters.
[2506] So what's he
Edna (PS04K) [2507] Ten letters?
Julie (PS04F) [2508] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [2509] He's a nuisance I should think. [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [2510] And a killjoy is one that don't enjoy himself and let other people
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2511] When we played that tape back last night.
[2512] Your voice .
Betty (PS04B) [2513] You never taped that?
Edna (PS04K) [2514] We was hysterical .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2515] Yeah but can we plays that tape so that everybody's can hear?
Edna (PS04K) [2516] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [2517] Yeah of course you can
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2518] Never
Julie (PS04F) [2519] I was totally shocked in my voice.
[2520] Now to me I sound a lot different than I do on tape.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2521] Hers sounds like sandpaper.
Julie (PS04F) [2522] I sound on there
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2523] Terrible!
Julie (PS04F) [2524] I got I didn't know I got
Betty (PS04B) [2525] Your voice is ever so prominent
Julie (PS04F) [2526] I didn't know I got I didn't know that I got such a deep voice.
[2527] I ain't got a screechy voice at all.
Betty (PS04B) [2528] [...] I never swore did I?
Edna (PS04K) [2529] You were ever so good.
David (PS04J) [2530] And when you swore this morning.
Betty (PS04B) [2531] You never had it on this morning?
David (PS04J) [2532] Don't you wish [...] get it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2533] We'll play all that back tonight [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [2534] Oh Bet!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2535] We could borrow that other tape and play it on your tape [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2536] What the bloody hell is that?
Betty (PS04B) [2537] I was just going to [...] our Pam when you come in and of course Joe was saying what's that like and I never [...] .
[2538] ... So I demand to know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2539] No you haven't.
Julie (PS04F) [2540] I put it on right at the end of our conversation at yours this morning.
Edna (PS04K) [2541] What did Keith say?
[2542] Was he all right?
Julie (PS04F) [2543] He was tired.
[2544] He was knackered .
Edna (PS04K) [2545] Oh he didn't hear it .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2546] We had the little ear phones on the table.
[2547] We was
Edna (PS04K) [2548] I said to do you want to hear it?
[2549] She said no I can hear it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2550] She couldn't hear it could she?
Betty (PS04B) [2551] No.
[2552] It's better to put it out on the table and hear it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2553] I didn't know what it was did I?
Betty (PS04B) [2554] Ever so good.
[2555] It was really good honestly.
[2556] Honest.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2557] I want to take this tape out really when I gone out to Asda.
Edna (PS04K) [2558] I got to nip round Bet's. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2559] Yeah cos we've got the tape haven't we?
Edna (PS04K) [2560] Ever so funny.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2561] Yeah but [...] [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [2562] I know but all West Country.
[2563] You don't realise.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2564] I said to those other girls no I can hear it.
Edna (PS04K) [2565] And Maggie shouting in the background you can hear all what she was saying.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2566] Maggie she know nothing about it.
Betty (PS04B) [2567] Oh my God.
[2568] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2569] Yeah of course Maggie was here weren't she? ...
Edna (PS04K) [2570] But it was so funny.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2571] That's what Sandy said.
Edna (PS04K) [2572] She wouldn't believe would she?
Julie (PS04F) [2573] No she wouldn't believe it until she [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2574] Yeah.
[2575] I never said that [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2576] Yeah she did.
[2577] Three times
Betty (PS04B) [2578] Did she?
Julie (PS04F) [2579] on the.
[2580] I came up so loud.
Betty (PS04B) [2581] Yeah Michelle knocking at the door to see if Julie was ready and all that.
[2582] He coming out for a [...] .
[2583] Oh yeah.
[2584] All of it. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2585] I said piss and all [...] [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [2586] That was really funny that was.
Betty (PS04B) [2587] Yeah yeah yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [2588] We was laughing [...]

13 (Tape 009203)

Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2589] She says are you coming down for Christmas and I said I don't know yet.
[2590] I said things is bothering me a little bit.
[2591] So she said well why?
[2592] So I said look Pam, I said you know why.
[2593] I said you know what's all about and to start with it's bloody nonsense.
[2594] It's the bloody daftest thing I've ever bloody heard.
[2595] I [...] Sophie can walk over.
[2596] She walks in and out and you don't even bloody see her.
[2597] I said it's a lot of bloody rubbish.
[2598] I said and another thing I said I'm going to tell you straight.
[2599] I said [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2600] Ah!
Betty (PS04B) [2601] And I

14 (Tape 009204)

Julie (PS04F) [2602] Whose is it?
Betty (PS04B) [2603] This is that market research I'm doing.
Rose (PS04D) [2604] This got to go back.
[2605] Gets twenty five pounds for doing that.
Betty (PS04B) [2606] Get twenty five pound for that.
Julie (PS04F) [2607] For what?
Julie (PS04F) [2608] Taping what?
Betty (PS04B) [2609] Anything.
Rose (PS04D) [2610] Any conversation for a week.
Betty (PS04B) [2611] Well [...]
Rose (PS04D) [2612] And you've used it.
Betty (PS04B) [2613] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [2614] [...] All them F's.
Rose (PS04D) [2615] That's horrible.
[2616] Swearing.
Googie (PS04C) [2617] It's you.
[2618] You can tell your voice.
[2619] You can't tell [...] yours is like sandpaper.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2620] It's yours
Betty (PS04B) [2621] It's so prominent your voice.
Rose (PS04D) [2622] Do you know why I talks loud?
Julie (PS04F) [2623] Why was that?
Rose (PS04D) [2624] My father was stone deaf.
[2625] I think all my family talks loud.
Betty (PS04B) [2626] Well you're bound to
Rose (PS04D) [2627] He used to say what did you say? [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [2628] [...] bastard [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2629] Clay got any money for a collection?
Rose (PS04D) [2630] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2631] What you collecting for?
[2632] School?
[2633] Ah yes [...] [laugh]
Rose (PS04D) [2634] I going round for a collection too.
Betty (PS04B) [2635] I've got enough for one [...] for two.
Julie (PS04F) [2636] Want some pocket money do you darling?
Betty (PS04B) [2637] Yeah.
Rose (PS04D) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [2638] Going by yourselves then?
[2639] Do you go to school?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2640] Do your Mum and Dad want any crisps or pikelets and things
Rose (PS04D) [2641] Yeah
Googie (PS04C) [2642] because I'm selling it.
Rose (PS04D) [2643] At her work.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [2644] Yeah [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2645] Got any [...] to give away?
Rose (PS04D) [2646] Yeah but it doesn't matter what it is.
Googie (PS04C) [2647] I'm desperate.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2648] Bloody [...] on the air.
Wendy (PS04E) [2649] This is disgusting.
Betty (PS04B) [2650] I can't ask Julie after [...] yesterday can I?
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [2651] What did she [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [2652] [...] affairs shut your mouth.
Wendy (PS04E) [2653] Well keep bleeding quiet then.
Rose (PS04D) [2654] Ooh!
Betty (PS04B) [2655] She's been having [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2656] I ain't coming over yours Christmas.
Betty (PS04B) [2657] Why not .
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2658] You said it straight away when I come in here.
Wendy (PS04E) [2659] We want a quiet Christmas.
[2660] No swearing.
[2661] No bad language.
Rose (PS04D) [2662] Because that [...] because I'll never agree.
Wendy (PS04E) [2663] I'll be at church.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2664] He's going to mass.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2665] Midnight Mess if you ask me.
Betty (PS04B) [2666] Is that all right?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2667] What's that?
Betty (PS04B) [2668] Midnight Mass?
Wendy (PS04E) [2669] I'm going.
Julie (PS04F) [2670] We'll go to the carol service at ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2671] [...] I'll be here don't worry.
Googie (PS04C) [2672] There you are [...] .
Rose (PS04D) [2673] I behaves myself in church mind.
Sally (PS04H) [2674] All you seem to think it's bloody Halloween come back again.
Wendy (PS04E) [2675] Yeah I know
Rose (PS04D) [2676] What church you go to?
[2677] The Pentecostal?
Wendy (PS04E) [2678] No Courages. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2679] [...] in your pocket there?
Wendy (PS04E) [2680] What about it?
Googie (PS04C) [2681] How about taking me out for a drink then?
Wendy (PS04E) [2682] Who you?
Googie (PS04C) [2683] Yeah.
Wendy (PS04E) [2684] Shut up.
Rose (PS04D) [2685] I dare thee.
Wendy (PS04E) [2686] [...] girl friend.
Rose (PS04D) [2687] Eh?
Wendy (PS04E) [2688] [...] fiddle.
Betty (PS04B) [2689] I hope there'll be no need to
Rose (PS04D) [2690] I'm going home now.
[2691] Not going to be bloody worried about that [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2692] Oh!
Googie (PS04C) [2693] I bet I been and forgot what I come in here for now I'm not really sure.
Betty (PS04B) [2694] [...] if you ask me. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2695] God I forgot.
Wendy (PS04E) [2696] Oi!
Googie (PS04C) [2697] What?
Wendy (PS04E) [2698] What did you come over for?
Googie (PS04C) [2699] I just [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [2700] You only come over to be nosy don't ya?
Googie (PS04C) [2701] Well go and hit one .
Wendy (PS04E) [2702] Noisy bleeding neighbours.
[2703] It's getting like [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2704] It's what I call [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2705] So?
Julie (PS04F) [2706] What you going for ?
Googie (PS04C) [2707] When I write my obituary
Betty (PS04B) [2708] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2709] Obituary [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2710] When I write that I'll shall have I'll have plenty to write about you know.
[2711] Your orbit what do you call it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2712] I don't know.
Wendy (PS04E) [2713] What does it mean.
Googie (PS04C) [2714] Bloody life story then.
[2715] Put it that way.
Sally (PS04H) [2716] Do you have a word for her have you Clay?
Wendy (PS04E) [2717] [laugh] I don't know what she's going on about.
Betty (PS04B) [2718] You know what do you call it you know?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2719] Obituary.
Betty (PS04B) [2720] No.
Googie (PS04C) [2721] Your obituary's on your in the paper when you're dead.
Googie (PS04C) [2722] Oh is it?
[2723] Oh well
Sally (PS04H) [2724] Autobiography you daft buggers
Googie (PS04C) [2725] Biography?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2726] Biography
Googie (PS04C) [2727] [...] that ain't bloody right.
[2728] No.
Googie (PS04C) [2729] Yeah it is.
Googie (PS04C) [2730] That ain't biography.
[2731] No no.
Googie (PS04C) [2732] That is your biography.
Googie (PS04C) [2733] No.
[2734] That ain't
Sally (PS04H) [2735] Autobiography.
Googie (PS04C) [2736] No no.
[2737] It begins with an O.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2738] Autobiography.
Googie (PS04C) [2739] No.
[2740] But
Julie (PS04F) [2741] It begins with an O isn't it?
[2742] Obituary.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2743] Now come on.
Googie (PS04C) [2744] No obituary is on your in your paper.
Wendy (PS04E) [2745] That's what someone writes about you when you're dead.
Googie (PS04C) [2746] I don't care care about that [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2747] I don't care about that!
[2748] No [laugh] .
Googie (PS04C) [2749] O.
[2750] It begins with an O.
Googie (PS04C) [2751] No. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2752] He says biography.
[2753] That's all bloody grammar innit. [...]
Sally (PS04H) [2754] It's autobiography
Googie (PS04C) [2755] [...] that David so obituary obituary.
Sally (PS04H) [2756] [shouting] Autobiography []
Googie (PS04C) [2757] No that's the [...] bloody [...]
Sally (PS04H) [2758] Biographies
Googie (PS04C) [2759] What school did you go to?
Googie (PS04C) [2760] Don't know what.
[2761] Obituary obit oh God bloody get that out.
Rose (PS04D) [2762] Biography is your life story.
[2763] Autobiography is when you're dead and gone and they write about you.
Betty (PS04B) [2764] No it's orbit
Rose (PS04D) [2765] Obituary Mum.
Betty (PS04B) [2766] O-b-i-t-r-y.
Sally (PS04H) [2767] No that's what they put on your on the top of your tombstone.
Googie (PS04C) [2768] That's your bloody that's your bloody no erm
Googie (PS04C) [2769] That's your er
Sally (PS04H) [2770] Not your epitaph?
Googie (PS04C) [2771] Epitaph that is.
Googie (PS04C) [2772] Epitaph on your tombstone but obituary in the papers.
Googie (PS04C) [2773] No.
Googie (PS04C) [2774] It is!
Googie (PS04C) [2775] No you've got it wrong.
[2776] Not epitaph.
Googie (PS04C) [2777] [...] you can't afford to put all that in the
Wendy (PS04E) [2778] How old are you?
Googie (PS04C) [2779] Can you Clay?
Googie (PS04C) [2780] Twenty seven.
Wendy (PS04E) [2781] Are you [laugh]
Sally (PS04H) [2782] Why? 's twenty seven she sick ...
Betty (PS04B) [2783] Clay?
Wendy (PS04E) [2784] Hmm.
Betty (PS04B) [2785] We won't be able to have a great big piece put in the paper.
[2786] We can't afford it.
[2787] It's about a pound a word.
Googie (PS04C) [2788] Don't bother doing that I'll have that money before I goes [...]
Sally (PS04H) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2789] [...] about a pound a word.
Googie (PS04C) [2790] [...] I don't want no bloody [...] I can't spell [...] Dave.
[2791] I'll have [...]
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2792] I'll have the collection.
[2793] I didn't know [...] the other day.
[2794] I thought he's home.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2795] I thought I thought he's home.
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2796] I'll go back in and walk home.
Betty (PS04B) [2797] He's gonna er get a loaf of bread. [cough]
Googie (PS04C) [2798] Going up the shop. [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [2799] He's got to go out and do this shopping with his bad leg.
Googie (PS04C) [2800] [...] I think I'll have a paper.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2801] [shouting] No []
Betty (PS04B) [2802] Are you through now?
Sally (PS04H) [2803] I am through now.
Googie (PS04C) [2804] Well it ain't here is he?
Sally (PS04H) [2805] I haven't seen him.
Googie (PS04C) [2806] Yes but I expect he's upstairs.
Rose (PS04D) [2807] Oh I better go soon.
Googie (PS04C) [2808] Yeah but don't [...] let him [...] now.
Googie (PS04C) [2809] I'll go now.
Betty (PS04B) [2810] I'll go and get me [...] I want and organ.
Rose (PS04D) [2811] She wants she wants an organ for Christmas Clay.
Betty (PS04B) [2812] I don't [...] an organ.
[2813] I just wants the organ
Rose (PS04D) [2814] One that she can play a tune on. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2815] [...] if it comes to that.
Julie (PS04F) [...] [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2816] What did he say? [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2817] What's he say? [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2818] I don't like a bloody organ.
Julie (PS04F) [2819] I said ask Jenny if you want to play a tune on it.
Betty (PS04B) [2820] Oh it were [...] I play a bloody tune on it [...] bloody snake charmer [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2821] I want an org I want a bloody proper organ. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [2822] Oh do you?
Googie (PS04C) [2823] Well they bloody wore out so [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2824] Proper organ [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [2825] You've [...] played one of these have you?
Googie (PS04C) [2826] [...] I'm going to buy her one.
Julie (PS04F) [2827] When are you going to play to us then?
Betty (PS04B) [2828] I do and she walks out the room. [laugh]
Sally (PS04H) [2829] Why not?
Googie (PS04C) [2830] I [cough] [laugh]
Rose (PS04D) [2831] I could put a handle on him.
[2832] [laugh] And the monkey I got he. [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2833] Got to go to the shop again.
[2834] I leave my bread up.
Betty (PS04B) [2835] Oh.
[2836] She do play lovely.
Googie (PS04C) [2837] She not bloody heard [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2838] She's in the kitchen listening now.
[2839] I said to Joe I said he said go on then go on then.
Wendy (PS04E) [2840] What was you playing then?
Googie (PS04C) [2841] Oh I don't know [cough]
Googie (PS04C) [2842] Playing the lost chord I'd know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [2843] [...] flaming ripper.
Betty (PS04B) [2844] It wasn't
Wendy (PS04E) [2845] [...] all the bloody corpses out the bloody graveyard.
Googie (PS04C) [2846] I don't know no bloody hymns do I?
Sally (PS04H) [2847] [laughing] All the corpses in the graveyard! []
Googie (PS04C) [2848] Yeah [...] [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2849] You mean he's dead.
Googie (PS04C) [...] [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2850] [...] see with Eddie.
[2851] Is that all what you're getting this Christmas.
Googie (PS04C) [2852] [...] shut both the doors [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2853] Oh I'll get an organ all right for Christmas.
[2854] Chance would be a big fine thing. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2855] Oh dear I getting some bird seed Christmas eve. [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2856] Oh dear!
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2857] Yeah.
[2858] It's a good job I don't know really.
[2859] I don't know if I passed her in the street
Wendy (PS04E) [2860] You passed her in the street as well?
Sally (PS04H) [2861] Every pastor in the street.
Googie (PS04C) [2862] Do what?
[2863] Oh well I don't mind if she says hello Ed.
[2864] That's all right.
[2865] Don't worry about it.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2866] If you live with them round here you get like em.
Betty (PS04B) [2867] I put them down on that floor.
Wendy (PS04E) [2868] What are you trying to tell us.
[2869] That you were posh when you were over in .
Googie (PS04C) [2870] I were I were but I and weren't I Bet?
[2871] I never swore over there.
Wendy (PS04E) [2872] I bet you had a wife spot
Googie (PS04C) [2873] No I never A wife swop?
[2874] What do I want wi
Wendy (PS04E) [2875] Or a husband swop
Googie (PS04C) [2876] I used to keep [...] over there.
Googie (PS04C) [2877] over there.
Googie (PS04C) [2878] [...] front door key to take pot luck [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2879] Any luck with you would be pot luck wouldn't it?
Betty (PS04B) [2880] Oh!
[2881] Did they debit your bank balance yet?
Wendy (PS04E) [2882] Did they swear over .
Googie (PS04C) [2883] I don't know.
[2884] I didn't know em.
[2885] They didn't talk to me [laugh] I mean I did talk to they because
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [2886] Coarse were they?
Googie (PS04C) [2887] Yeah.
[2888] She gets behind the curtains
Sally (PS04H) [2889] Well they does that here.
Googie (PS04C) [2890] I don't.
[2891] I look through the blinds.
[2892] I see more [laugh]
Sally (PS04H) [2893] [laugh] Nosy Rosie
Googie (PS04C) [2894] I tell you what I tell you what I tell you what all I knows here is that he I knows Rosie and Wendy.
[2895] And you ask me any body's names around here I couldn't even tell you Sylvia's name next door.
Wendy (PS04E) [2896] You just fucking said it.
Julie (PS04F) [2897] Yeah but that ain't her surname .
Googie (PS04C) [2898] No no I don't, I don't know her surname
Wendy (PS04E) [2899] Williams all right?
Googie (PS04C) [2900] Is it?
Wendy (PS04E) [2901] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [2902] It's Williams.
Betty (PS04B) [2903] Is it?
Julie (PS04F) [2904] Yes it's Williams.
Googie (PS04C) [2905] I never knew that I never knew that.
[2906] Cos a romance is going on there mind.
Googie (PS04C) [2907] I suppose you've been watching that as well.
Betty (PS04B) [2908] Oh yeah!
Googie (PS04C) [2909] [...] that serious love.
Googie (PS04C) [2910] Yeah but they just comes up to the door and says to her we're going away now.
[2911] Goodbye. [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2912] Yeah we're going away [...] bloody neighbour or what.
Googie (PS04C) [2913] You'll be there. [...] [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2914] [...] if the lights is on or if the windows is open.
Wendy (PS04E) [2915] Yeah but you aught to tell her anyway.
[2916] They will police
Sally (PS04H) [2917] [...] on television [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2918] I was frightened.
[2919] I was scared stiff.
[2920] I thought well should I go up?
[2921] I coughed [cough]
Googie (PS04C) [2922] She cough before she went upstairs.
Googie (PS04C) [2923] [...] he never took anything out of here first.
[2924] No I was bloody fright but I know that other night I shut that door.
Googie (PS04C) [2925] Monday it was.
[2926] Monday night it was.
Googie (PS04C) [2927] I shut that door Betty.
[2928] He said I said I did.
[2929] I shut the door behind you.
[2930] I didn't although I didn't slam it but I did shut it.
[2931] And I said to our Joe we got to get a another lock for that door.
Betty (PS04B) [2932] Well I was looking her front door's not locking.
Googie (PS04C) [2933] Yeah.
[2934] Have you gotta go to the stairs?
Wendy (PS04E) [2935] Just waiting for your boy friend to come in weren't you?
Googie (PS04C) [2936] I said
Googie (PS04C) [2937] Joe might know.
Betty (PS04B) [2938] Yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [2939] Don't get bloody ideas [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2940] Eh?
Googie (PS04C) [2941] Hey .
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2942] Yes.
Googie (PS04C) [2943] [...] he was talking to her like seven years old.
Julie (PS04F) [2944] [laugh] Talking to her like seven years old?
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2945] The fact of that.
[2946] I went upstairs to see the bloke in my bed and I thought this is lucky [laugh] it was three bloody dogs in your garden when I went out the other night.
Betty (PS04B) [2947] Oh no!
Wendy (PS04E) [2948] Was he having a bit?
Betty (PS04B) [2949] Oh No!
Googie (PS04C) [2950] Didn't you hear me shout?
[2951] I said three dogs out here Bet.
[2952] In your garden.
[2953] A lit little brown one.
Wendy (PS04E) [2954] Oi!
[2955] Was they having a bit?
Googie (PS04C) [2956] Oh they might been but I don't I don't know how long [...] no.
Wendy (PS04E) [2957] That's what you were looking at weren't it?
[2958] See all the stuff.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2959] Tell you what I've chucked many a bucket of water on over them
Betty (PS04B) [2960] I won't see you again for the rest of the time
Wendy (PS04E) [2961] Chucking buckets of water over them eh?
Googie (PS04C) [2962] I bloody have done years ago you chuck buckets of water over them.
Wendy (PS04E) [2963] Well what's this [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2964] [...] whatever you got to spare.
Wendy (PS04E) [2965] [...] bucket of water.
Betty (PS04B) [2966] If you gave me a fiver I'd be grateful.
Wendy (PS04E) [2967] Oh my God you're a pain.
Googie (PS04C) [2968] It's like the bloody alms houses in here ain't it? [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [2969] It's bloody terrible in here.
Googie (PS04C) [2970] Yeah.
[2971] It's like alms houses.
Betty (PS04B) [2972] When you're poor [...] and they've got to find all the bills.
Googie (PS04C) [2973] Yeah but Betty you've given all yours to the bleeding bingo man.
Betty (PS04B) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2974] He's giving his to the pub.
[2975] It's keeping people at work.
Julie (PS04F) [2976] You want a buck?
Googie (PS04C) [2977] But I keep but if that's all you got to spare yes.
[2978] Thank you very much.
[2979] Every little and [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2980] That's four bucks three tonight.
Julie (PS04F) [2981] [...] you owe me that for a year.
[2982] Where's me money for me crisps? ...
Betty (PS04B) [2983] Huh.
Googie (PS04C) [2984] Or thy goodwill on my friend's part.
Wendy (PS04E) [2985] You've got some friends have you?
Googie (PS04C) [2986] Yeah I have.
Wendy (PS04E) [2987] What do they do then?
Googie (PS04C) [2988] Never you mind.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [2989] Where do you keep Able?
Googie (PS04C) [2990] Ah?
Betty (PS04B) [2991] There are a couple of pints left [...] or five pounds has to go [...] .
Googie (PS04C) [2992] I bet ya I think you'd I'd bet order you two [...] he'd go because he'd go.
Betty (PS04B) [...] [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [2993] You can't rely on her.
Julie (PS04F) [2994] Betty where's the [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...] [...]
Googie (PS04C) [2995] Oh he's been lucky.
[2996] It seems bloody forty [...]
Betty (PS04B) [2997] I'd better go and get the bleeding coffee aren't I?
Googie (PS04C) [2998] What time is it?
Betty (PS04B) [2999] Quarter past ten.
[3000] We'll go the front way.
Sally (PS04H) [3001] Where's he did he bring his car up?
Googie (PS04C) [3002] Yeah.
[3003] We've been out in it yesterday.
[3004] His car is good as gold.
[3005] He stopped out here.
[3006] He started [...] go from Bet's come out.
[3007] No trouble.
Sally (PS04H) [3008] Why did drive over here for?
Googie (PS04C) [3009] What?
[3010] When we come from Bet's?
Wendy (PS04E) [3011] What this Thursday?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [3012] No when we come out of Bet's to go down the garage.
Wendy (PS04E) [3013] Yeah what's the point of driving from Bet's over your house?
Googie (PS04C) [3014] No we got the car from the garage right?
Sally (PS04H) [3015] You were at Bet's. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3016] Don't bend it [...] oh ah!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [3017] Here what's all the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3018] Of course she's not here [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [3019] Don't know where's she's been.
Betty (PS04B) [3020] Bye.
Wendy (PS04E) [3021] You'll be all right?
[3022] You won't get lost [...] packed lunch?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3023] [...] I much [...] Does Devlin want some of that [...] Oh!
Wendy (PS04E) [3024] You can make yourself a few bob there I should think.
Betty (PS04B) [3025] I should think of you [...] [laugh] for his finger. [laugh] ...
Julie (PS04F) [3026] Edna!
Googie (PS04C) [3027] Oh God!
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [3028] Edna?
Betty (PS04B) [3029] Edna.
Googie (PS04C) [3030] You didn't know my name did ya?
Julie (PS04F) [3031] [...] you didn't answer.
Betty (PS04B) [3032] Oh aren't you clever [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [3033] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3034] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3035] I do want a new [...] nobody takes pity on me though [noise] quiet there.
Betty (PS04B) [3036] Eh?
Googie (PS04C) [3037] [...] white slippers [cough]
Sally (PS04H) [3038] White.
Googie (PS04C) [3039] [...] yesterday.
[3040] Did you see them on the [...] counter.
[3041] [...] I couldn't get them on they won't fit.
Wendy (PS04E) [3042] White goes in her mouth [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [3043] Ta ra see you later.
Betty (PS04B) [3044] Okay.
Julie (PS04F) [3045] And you did say sit.
Betty (PS04B) [3046] [...] packed lunch.
Julie (PS04F) [3047] Yes .
Wendy (PS04E) [3048] Yes . [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3049] I think she gets lost [...] .
[3050] She might be go out for a hike later in her slippers.
Betty (PS04B) [3051] Well when you enter sixty five mind.
Googie (PS04C) [3052] Yeah [...] [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [3053] Oh truth the truth got me [...] .
[3054] She said oh I'm sorry she said.
[3055] This lady she said I'm not [...] for ages but this lady is in the age range I want she said and you're under sixty five.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3056] Well you're under sixty five she said.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3057] I'm seventy seven.
[3058] What's the matter with thee?
[3059] She says well she was gob smashed.
[3060] She went you what?
[3061] She said I'm seventy seven.
[3062] She didn't believe her.
Julie (PS04F) [3063] She didn't believe her? [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3064] No.
Betty (PS04B) [3065] Mind you she didn't look seventy seven do she?
[3066] She don't act seventy seven.
Sally (PS04H) [3067] Like she said you see her first thing in the morning. [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [3068] When she got no teeth in she just got up [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3069] Oh she is funny.
Julie (PS04F) [3070] She looks a bit like Laurie.
[3071] First thing of a morning. ...
Betty (PS04B) [3072] John Laurie never come in the kitchen when I come down [...] I thought oh good God.
[3073] Time to get up.
[3074] Oh ...
Julie (PS04F) [3075] Oh I woke up this morning when me alarm went off and looked at her fucking hell [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3076] Oh
Betty (PS04B) [3077] [...] no way who's there.
[3078] I'd better go and get me crisps [whispering] [...] I'll sort this out when I come back. []
Julie (PS04F) [3079] When you coming back?
[3080] She'll fucking hit me when you're [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3081] She probably will when you're gone.
Betty (PS04B) [3082] Straight in your gob.
Sally (PS04H) [...] [cough]
Betty (PS04B) [3083] Straight in your gob.
Julie (PS04F) [3084] She won't do that to me.
Sally (PS04H) [3085] No she'll give you mouth with her hand.
Julie (PS04F) [3086] Don't be bloody cheeky you ...
Sally (PS04H) [3087] I must stick up for her Doreen.
Julie (PS04F) [3088] Oh dear.
[3089] Just like a fucking mother.
[3090] Just to say nice girl Doreen.
[3091] Uh.
[3092] Stupid [...] . [whispering] [...] []
Betty (PS04B) [3093] Don't do that not when I'm reading the paper right.
Julie (PS04F) [3094] All right yeah.
[3095] Whatever you say my love [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [cough]
Julie (PS04F) [3096] Interesting?
[3097] ... All right my love you read the bit your reading all right.
[3098] Here you are.
Sally (PS04H) [3099] [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [3100] She didn't hit me.
[3101] She likes me to [...] Here you are my love.
Betty (PS04B) [3102] I'll hit him in time. ...
Julie (PS04F) [3103] She won't she likes it.
Googie (PS04C) [3104] I'm sorry?
Julie (PS04F) [3105] She don't mean that.
[3106] ... Don't look at me like that wait wait.
Betty (PS04B) [scream]
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3107] Ah!
[3108] Mother she's hitting me.
Googie (PS04C) [3109] Bloody good job too.
Betty (PS04B) [3110] About bloody time somebody sorted you out. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3111] What is it my love?
Googie (PS04C) [3112] Oh you!
Julie (PS04F) [3113] Mother she's calling me a bastard.
Betty (PS04B) [3114] What? [...]
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3115] Where?
Sally (PS04H) [3116] There.
Betty (PS04B) [3117] Tell Doreen about about the tele.
Wendy (PS04E) [3118] It's [...] come round to collect the money she asked for it.
Googie (PS04C) [3119] Oh my God! [laugh] ... [...] ...
Betty (PS04B) [3120] Did you tell her what she said?
Julie (PS04F) [3121] What did you say to her?
[3122] I don't remember what you said to her like.
Betty (PS04B) [3123] She come up behind me look she didn't know and I said oh don't fret my love.
[3124] Give her the money like she's got past me she said are you my grandad are my Clayton's dad?
[3125] [...] And he went and I went and he said yes I am.
[3126] And she said ooh she said I got two grandads.
[3127] [laugh] At least you had an omelette [cough] seven years ago weren't it?
Julie (PS04F) [3128] Er look at her.
Betty (PS04B) [3129] Right then this is your bingo money ... you'll have to be forced.
[3130] You can't sit [...] any money [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [3131] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3132] [...] mouth?
Julie (PS04F) [3133] It's the pill.
Googie (PS04C) [3134] Oh well.
Julie (PS04F) [...] [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3135] Well we have to [...] It's yours.
Julie (PS04F) [3136] Is it? [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3137] Eh?
[3138] Didn't you get an [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [3139] Aye
Julie (PS04F) [3140] Nasty [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [3141] Papers.
Wendy (PS04E) [3142] Do you combing your hair?
Betty (PS04B) [3143] No.
Julie (PS04F) [3144] Do mean combing your hair?
Sally (PS04H) [3145] [...] you won't find them.
Betty (PS04B) [3146] Pardon?
[3147] Oh Clay!
Julie (PS04F) [3148] What?
Betty (PS04B) [3149] Give your daughter pound.
Julie (PS04F) [3150] Have a look in my trousers.
[3151] You might find a pound in the pocket.
Betty (PS04B) [3152] Oh that would be a wonder.
Julie (PS04F) [3153] You could be lucky.
Betty (PS04B) [3154] He wants to go er [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3155] [...] river [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3156] Hm yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3157] He got big brains hasn't he?
Betty (PS04B) [3158] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [3159] In fact if he had to breathe it'd be dangerous ... I reckon.
Betty (PS04B) [3160] Where's old [...] in my bedroom.
Julie (PS04F) [3161] No [...] you silly daft woman.
[3162] Anyone on the site goes to [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [3163] [...] being what? ...
Sally (PS04H) [3164] Those those [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3165] Well he'd never talk about
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3166] I always says it to her face ...
Sally (PS04H) [3167] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3168] Yeah.
[3169] Curbed. ... [whistling]
Betty (PS04B) [3170] She thought she could move [...]
Googie (PS04C) [3171] No cos he's better off.
Betty (PS04B) [3172] [...] got her papers she might see [...] .
Sally (PS04H) [3173] But he's better off [whistling]
Julie (PS04F) [3174] Is the paper there?
Betty (PS04B) [3175] Must of put it in her purse.
[3176] Eight months.
Julie (PS04F) [3177] Are you serious?
Betty (PS04B) [3178] What?
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3179] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3180] Fucking hell!
Betty (PS04B) [3181] Eight months.
Julie (PS04F) [3182] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3183] He's got more [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3184] You're not telling us [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3185] You'll be [...] when they're gone.
[3186] You know that don't you?
[3187] We'll have to stay in here seven nights a week [...] chatting to each other and arguing.
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3188] Ooh!
[3189] Ha ha ha [cough] Did you hear that Clay?
Julie (PS04F) [3190] What's that?
Betty (PS04B) [3191] When you're all gone he's going to put me on the [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3192] He's still won't bleeding go out would he?
Betty (PS04B) [3193] My God [...] ...
Julie (PS04F) [3194] Yeah but you can lend it to Laurie on the nights you're not using it.
Betty (PS04B) [3195] Oh very funny.
[3196] It's the in places at [...] street they tell me these days.
Julie (PS04F) [3197] Is it?
Betty (PS04B) [3198] Yeah.
[3199] It's like the Mauritania innit?
[3200] ... I assume the Mauritania's still there.
Julie (PS04F) [3201] Don't know Mum.
Betty (PS04B) [3202] [...] have you?
Julie (PS04F) [3203] I never go up [...] street did they?
Betty (PS04B) [3204] [...] .
[3205] Horrible
Sally (PS04H) [3206] Are you still going [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3207] I don't know I suppose so.
Betty (PS04B) [3208] Oh yes [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3209] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3210] Erm how do you what you buying the children or don't you know for Christmas?
Julie (PS04F) [3211] Don't know what?
Betty (PS04B) [3212] Any chance of buying them all a pair of slippers each?
[3213] They aren't very dear.
Julie (PS04F) [3214] Yeah.
[3215] Can do.
Betty (PS04B) [3216] Well I'm going to buy the two [...] and I'm going to buy the two boys pyjamas and two girls night shirts and we thought you'd buy the slippers.
[3217] And we got a [...] full of chocolates and sweets and by the time we put their sweets on the top as well, there'll be lots and lots by [...] for Christmas.
Julie (PS04F) [3218] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3219] Loads of it we got.
[3220] We spent pounds.
[3221] Easily spent about fifteen pounds buying a great big bag like that.
Julie (PS04F) [3222] [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [3223] I know.
[3224] Well that's for that [...] .
[3225] You can stop kids eating sweets and chocolates because that's what Christmas is all about.
Julie (PS04F) [3226] Another kid.
Googie (PS04C) [3227] Do you like it?
Betty (PS04B) [3228] Nobody asked you if you wanted anything in the shop.
[3229] Do you want anything any time or should
Julie (PS04F) [3230] She don't [...] chocolate.
Betty (PS04B) [3231] It's no bother mind.
Sally (PS04H) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [3232] Oh I used to like chocolate.
Sally (PS04H) [3233] Yeah yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3234] Well I'm going to find David and I are going to but the two boys pyjamas and the two girls night shirts so we thought if you buys them all a pair of slippers.
[3235] That's their nightwear sorted out.
[3236] Upstairs they're going to buy em like erm bloody oh our Kelly's into hair dressing some curling bloody brushes all sorts and that sort of thing for her.
[3237] Junior scrabble for Sarah and er I don't know about the two boys I don't what we've got sorted out for the boys.
[3238] So if we could collect it all up together and when we are going down we could take the whole lot down out of the way.
Sally (PS04H) [3239] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3240] Kelly's been and had her hair dyed.
Julie (PS04F) [3241] What's that?
Betty (PS04B) [3242] She's too young isn't she?
[3243] Thirteen to muck about with her hair.
[3244] She's got lovely colour hair and by the time she's bloody twenty one her hair will be a mess.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3245] [laugh] Much too young to muck about with her hair
Wendy (PS04E) [3246] My mother said she's going to go on game anyway.
Betty (PS04B) [3247] That's what I felt [...] when he's gone and the girls is got no money [laugh]
Wendy (PS04E) [3248] She says she's gonna get a brown paper bag for her and she said [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3249] Oh [laugh] .
[3250] That's the suppose it's in now it's up by the Mauritania down in Park Street so they tell me.
[3251] ... I'd better get some coffee [...] she's going to tell Joe that you charged her this [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [3252] Why?
Betty (PS04B) [3253] Yeah at half price. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3254] She's not going to think very highly of you this morning. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3255] [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [3256] What do you think?
Julie (PS04F) [3257] What?
Betty (PS04B) [3258] Not going to think of Clare? [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3259] Oh that's funny.
[3260] Right so I'll see you later .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3261] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [3262] Take care then.
[3263] Don't forget the two [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3264] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [3265] And the bread.
[3266] Are you going to leave me a couple before you go on and take the [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3267] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3268] And when I'm back in a minute or two [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3269] Oh is he getting the [...] ?
Sally (PS04H) [3270] Yeah .
Betty (PS04B) [3271] Yeah .
[3272] Unless you're going.
Julie (PS04F) [3273] [...] Leave your money out.
[3274] I'll get them.
Betty (PS04B) [3275] Oh put the money out then David.
Julie (PS04F) [3276] They'll be here when you come back.
Betty (PS04B) [3277] Right.
[3278] Two [...] look.
[3279] Two fourteen for [...]
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3280] Oh what?
[3281] You'll get the money in er?
Julie (PS04F) [3282] What's he gonna do?
[3283] Go out all day with no fags cos I'm gonna buy 'em.
Sally (PS04H) [3284] Don't be so [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3285] Oh he's got more than the fucking [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3286] That's her money that's [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3287] To [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3288] So what's fucking doing it all.
[3289] Look I just thought I'd [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3290] Two Mirrors Clay.
Julie (PS04F) [3291] Two Mirrors?
Betty (PS04B) [3292] Yeah.
[3293] Two Mirrors Star Sun.
[3294] Mirror for Margaret, Mirror Star Sun for me.
[3295] I reckon it's half past now [...] .
Julie (PS04F) [3296] It's cheaper to buy a puzzle book.
Betty (PS04B) [3297] Yeah but they're not open.
Sally (PS04H) [3298] They don't open [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [3299] I likes the three papers for sitting back to do the crosswords.
[3300] It's my insurance see.
[3301] Oh what shall I do [...] with the washing line?
[3302] He wants it twice a week.
[3303] The old cooking cause he'll only eat a cooked dinner [...]
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3304] You can feed once a week
Julie (PS04F) [3305] I'll bring him a pasty back from work.
Betty (PS04B) [3306] I said to Julie about the washing [...] I said to Julie I said you're at home how about you taking this washing machine with you when you go because you're paying.
[3307] Oh no no she said we'll buy our own.
Julie (PS04F) [3308] Oh good.
Betty (PS04B) [3309] Don't [...] when they took the washing machine out and left Julie.
Julie (PS04F) [3310] They'll bring their washing round here.
Betty (PS04B) [3311] Yeah.
[3312] Most probably.
Julie (PS04F) [3313] They don't care.
Betty (PS04B) [3314] I don't mind.
Julie (PS04F) [3315] See give you something to do then.
Betty (PS04B) [3316] Give me something to do yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3317] When you get bored in the [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3318] [...] Good God!
[3319] I think I'll get a job in the .
Julie (PS04F) [3320] Yeah.
[3321] You'll be [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3322] Your Stephen's still on about getting his kitchen.
Julie (PS04F) [3323] Who?
Betty (PS04B) [3324] Stephen at work.
Julie (PS04F) [3325] Oh yeah yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3326] [...] she come up on Tuesday.
[3327] She's asked me to get [...] .
[3328] She's still coming [...] [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3329] You ask me she's got make up loads of excuses.
Betty (PS04B) [3330] Yeah.
[3331] Either do that or she'd have to make it worth my while.
[3332] I ain't going to bloody go to work and come back and bloody sit home for thirty quid.
Julie (PS04F) [3333] She's got to pay you lots of money then.
Betty (PS04B) [3334] Lots and lots [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3335] Hiya.
Julie (PS04F) [3336] Where you doing .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3337] Pardon?
Julie (PS04F) [3338] Where to?
Betty (PS04B) [3339] [...] Like near.
[3340] I canna more.
[3341] Somewhere sort of local.
[3342] Cos I mean your place got the monopoly everywhere else.
[3343] Hasn't it?
[3344] You still could go bloody [...] shop where yours is.
[3345] You want a hand
Julie (PS04F) [3346] It's [...] horrible though isn't it? ...
Betty (PS04B) [3347] You know I mean you've got to ask them you know sensible and the
Julie (PS04F) [3348] Yeah but if he has another shop is he still going to get his [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3349] Yeah.
[3350] He's suppose so.
Julie (PS04F) [3351] You could put his fucking [...] any where couldn't you?
Betty (PS04B) [3352] Well yes I suppose you could really.
[3353] Well anyway she reckons he'll be starting up a business afterwards.
Julie (PS04F) [3354] Putting [...] with all the rest.
Betty (PS04B) [3355] Yeah ain't that daft.
[3356] Why doesn't he —
Googie (PS04C) [3357] Betty ...
Julie (PS04F) [3358] Did you get my fags.
Rose (PS04D) [3359] This is my fags.
Julie (PS04F) [3360] Oh is it?
Rose (PS04D) [3361] Yours are in there.
Betty (PS04B) [3362] All these [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3363] That is what he was saying. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3364] I sold it when you were upstairs.
Rose (PS04D) [3365] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3366] [...] sub titles [whistling] Do you know what?
Betty (PS04B) [3367] What?
Julie (PS04F) [3368] I missed my drink when you drink Martini.
[3369] How did you manage that.
Rose (PS04D) [3370] You did. ...
Julie (PS04F) [3371] What may [cough]
Sally (PS04H) [3372] You're all [...] ...
Rose (PS04D) [3373] Take that stupid hat off.
Julie (PS04F) [3374] There's nothing wrong with my hat all right.
Rose (PS04D) [3375] Bloody stupid thing. ...
Julie (PS04F) [3376] Wear this fucking thing [...] it's attached to my hair
Rose (PS04D) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3377] That one's better than this one.
Rose (PS04D) [3378] You can have it off [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3379] That is the other crash helmet.
Betty (PS04B) [3380] No that isn't [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3381] Well well Thursday then.
[3382] You've never had it on.
Rose (PS04D) [3383] No.
Julie (PS04F) [3384] Fucking hell.
Rose (PS04D) [3385] You haven't time to put it on.
[3386] He straight out through the door he forgot about it [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3387] He must have been out with his bike ... probably come in got off his bike went straight inside [...] ... at least I brought my drink with me [...] Well you won't offer me a drink. ...
Rose (PS04D) [3388] [...] him one as well.
Julie (PS04F) [3389] It depends if she lets him in.
[3390] ... David [...] David.
Rose (PS04D) [3391] Oh yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3392] What the fucking [...] Ah David.
[3393] Which way do you place the number down.
Betty (PS04B) [3394] Yeah.
Sally (PS04H) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3395] Do you know where the two little catches are.
Sally (PS04H) [3396] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3397] Have a look.
Sally (PS04H) [3398] They've worn.
[3399] [...] It's not that difficult. [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3400] They ain't got things like that to worry about.
Betty (PS04B) [3401] Who?
Sally (PS04H) [3402] [...] They've got [...] on my car.
Betty (PS04B) [3403] Oh no.
Sally (PS04H) [3404] I've got perfect clutch. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3405] Too [...] young lady.
Betty (PS04B) [3406] Did I?
Julie (PS04F) [3407] If you know the by word. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3408] Isn't that true?
Sally (PS04H) [3409] Behave yourself don't hang about too much.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3410] All right. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3411] He won't [...] I must remember to buy one of these hats for Jamie.
Rose (PS04D) [3412] Why?
Julie (PS04F) [3413] What a fucking [...] He asked me yesterday.
[3414] He said have you got any more of those.
[3415] I said yes I got fucking hundreds.
[3416] So [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3417] What the fucking hell for [...] ... He's still tired.
Betty (PS04B) [3418] Even more tired.
Julie (PS04F) [3419] Lazy bastard ... You know why.
[3420] He doesn't fucking sleep all night.
[3421] [...] keeping me awake.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3422] Mm.
Julie (PS04F) [3423] I'll be the one that's tired really.
Betty (PS04B) [3424] Yeah probably.
Julie (PS04F) [3425] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3426] Yeah.
Julie (PS04F) [3427] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3428] Oh God.
Julie (PS04F) [3429] What? [...] [laugh] ...
Rose (PS04D) [3430] Don't.
Julie (PS04F) [3431] I like it when you get nasty [laugh] Right.
Rose (PS04D) [3432] [shouting] Watch it [] .
Julie (PS04F) [3433] Ooh ...
Rose (PS04D) [3434] Com on then.
[3435] Come on then.
[3436] No now.
[3437] No.
Julie (PS04F) [3438] You said I'd got to make the most of it this week end.
Rose (PS04D) [3439] Yeah yeah yeah yeah right.
Julie (PS04F) [...] [laugh]
Rose (PS04D) [3440] Oh no no.
[3441] ... [kiss] Don't be silly please.
Julie (PS04F) [3442] Don't care about fucking me ... [cough] so there!
[3443] [...] ... I never.
[3444] All right then.
Rose (PS04D) [3445] You did.
Julie (PS04F) [3446] It's all right darling [cough] ... I haven't annoyed you again?
[3447] Fucking [...]
Rose (PS04D) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3448] [...] look what you done to my leg.
[3449] Stupid woman! ...
Rose (PS04D) [3450] Mm.
[3451] Don't do that.
Julie (PS04F) [3452] Don't [...] I don't like it.
Rose (PS04D) [3453] It hurts.
[3454] Ah.
Julie (PS04F) [3455] [...] It really annoys me.
[3456] Doing that.
Rose (PS04D) [3457] Does it?
Julie (PS04F) [3458] Yeah.
[3459] Really winds me up.
Rose (PS04D) [3460] Good.
Julie (PS04F) [3461] I thought I told you
Rose (PS04D) [3462] [...] No [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3463] Stupid [...] [laugh] ...
Rose (PS04D) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3464] Sure you want me?
Rose (PS04D) [3465] Yeah. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3466] Sure?
Rose (PS04D) [3467] Yeah. [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3468] Are you sure?
Rose (PS04D) [3469] Yeah!
Julie (PS04F) [3470] You sure you don't [...]
Rose (PS04D) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3471] No.
[3472] You don't fancy it then?
Rose (PS04D) [3473] No.
Julie (PS04F) [3474] No?
[3475] ... Why you bored? ... [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3476] Oh God.
Rose (PS04D) [3477] Black and white.
Julie (PS04F) [3478] Eh black and white.
[3479] Ha ha.
Rose (PS04D) [3480] Have you finished with that book?
Julie (PS04F) [3481] Yeah.
Rose (PS04D) [3482] [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [3483] No.
[3484] You never taught me how [...] .
Rose (PS04D) [3485] If you're very sick you know it says on there.
[3486] [...] two and black rape.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [3487] Well you're [...]
Julie (PS04F) [3488] Could watch the other one another other day?
[3489] The other's a fucking good one.
Rose (PS04D) [3490] Mm mm.
Julie (PS04F) [3491] What's that about anyway that Black Rape?
[3492] Hmm?
Rose (PS04D) [3493] I don't know.
Julie (PS04F) [3494] Tell me I want to know.
Rose (PS04D) [3495] Well watch it and you'll find out won't you?
Julie (PS04F) [3496] A little bit [...] ?
Rose (PS04D) [3497] No.
Julie (PS04F) [3498] When? [sigh] ... [...]
Rose (PS04D) [3499] Stop messing about.
Julie (PS04F) [3500] Why? [...] you've changed [...] stupid car.
[3501] ... Right?
Rose (PS04D) [3502] Go on [laugh]
Julie (PS04F) [3503] That's a good invention.
Sally (PS04H) [3504] Fucking hell better [...] be here in twenty minutes.

15 (Tape 009301)

Maggie (PS04G) [3505] I'm gonna borrow your husband a minute [...] sit on the floor.
Betty (PS04B) [3506] Alright.
[3507] Just watch him cos he's liable to be a bit amorous. [laugh]
Maggie (PS04G) [3508] Right Dave?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3509] [...] chuck you out [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3510] Oh dear dear dear.
Maggie (PS04G) [3511] Erm [...] next next week innit?
David (PS04J) [3512] Yes.
Sally (PS04H) [3513] I sat here and sat here [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3514] So you'll have go out on Monday anyway won't you?
David (PS04J) [3515] Yeah I'll say [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3516] And when I come in I had the shock of me life when I come in.
[3517] Half past two I thought bloody clock's stopped.
[3518] And then I thought well I'll go up and go wee and put the heat on.
[3519] And I come down I thought ... nearly twenty to three I said well it ain't stopped I thought it's late [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3520] What [...] Here?
[3521] Mhm.
David (PS04J) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3522] Yeah.
[3523] Mind you [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3524] You want to borrow a fiver?
David (PS04J) [3525] Yeah.
[3526] Any type you like [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3527] [...] because I [...] erm you can drive in the council yard then [...] dinner hour
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3528] [...] used to live there.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3529] No he's got a [...]
David (PS04J) [3530] Do you [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3531] Yeah.
David (PS04J) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3532] No they they were alright.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3533] [...] feeling embarrassed young man.
[3534] Sit down my love don't take any notice [...] .
[3535] And he he said have you ever looked at yourself
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3536] That's right dear.
Sally (PS04H) [3537] full length mirror [...] .
[3538] Blinking shock [...] .
[3539] But he couldn't wait to get [...] .
Maggie (PS04G) [3540] You might have them in the packs anyway mightn't they? [...]
David (PS04J) [3541] No [...] packs.
[3542] [...] cheaper in er [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3543] Yeah.
[3544] I'll have erm ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3545] [...] sciatica
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3546] It's it's this dreadful pain.
[3547] Excruciating it is.
[3548] Yes sciatica's the worst you can have.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3549] [...] never felt pain like it I [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3550] And tab tablets sometimes don't touch that see cos it's on the nerves .
Maggie (PS04G) [3551] [...] down anyway.
[3552] Erm ... [...] if they've got any.
[3553] ... Packet of crunchies if they've got any.
Betty (PS04B) [3554] Well.
[3555] Well what did I tell you [...]
David (PS04J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3556] Well that's alright ... You got any chops? [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3557] And he said erm well he said we can ta take into consideration you've four kids he said [...] can extend it for twenty eight days [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3558] [...] give her a leeway [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3559] So he said ... she said well [...] council place without your letter [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3560] Just get a few odds and ends like you know [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3561] he said and we'll just jot down that you've extended for twenty eight days [...] .
[3562] Just as she came out the council she said I I'm just outside the council offices ringing you.
[3563] And she said they said that as soon as the twenty eight days is up there is [...] to go into but ... but they've got to take pot luck wherever [...] the Olner estate anywhere.
[3564] And she said [...] beggars can't be choosers [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3565] You've gotta do it yeah.
[3566] There's always a time she might be able to [...] exchange
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3567] She'd be a fool if she don't do it.
Sally (PS04H) [3568] So she said mum she said I've gotta take it so
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3569] Course she has, yeah.
Sally (PS04H) [3570] that's it.
[3571] So she said I'm ... coming up in a fortnight's time ... the fourteenth cos it's David's birthday that week
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3572] Oh aye.
Sally (PS04H) [3573] Oh [...] .
[3574] And she said I wondered if you could do me a favour.
[3575] I thought here we go!
[3576] So I said what is it.
[3577] [...] sleep round here
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3578] for two nights.
[3579] They'll sleep on the floor in the girl's room [...] .
[3580] Because they're bringing this bloke he goes fishing with
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3581] either that or out on the bleeding street [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3582] Knott's Landing.
[3583] You like this do you?
Sally (PS04H) [3584] she said Mum she said beggars can't be choosers she said wherever [...] we got to take it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3585] She's gotta take it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3586] [...] bloody things and all this and that.
[3587] She might be nearer than she thinks.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3588] kids might have to be uprooted all over again because it's too far from her [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3589] [...] electrics up there aren't there?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3590] [...] bed and breakfast could she
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3591] Right then Dave!
David (PS04J) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3592] Alright!
Sally (PS04H) [3593] She said really in a way I'm glad.
Maggie (PS04G) [3594] Thank you very much.
Betty (PS04B) [3595] What's he doing Ann?
Maggie (PS04G) [3596] Smacked me arse!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3597] Five six minutes you've been in there.
Maggie (PS04G) [3598] Well it's not long enough [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3599] [laugh] it takes six bleeding hours to think about it let alone six minutes.
Maggie (PS04G) [3600] Oh I've gone past that now [...] .
[3601] You don't know what you'll catch! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3602] No that's true these days.
Betty (PS04B) [3603] Do you see that last night on that that ... well I, I thought it was [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3604] I lent him a fiver just in case love.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3605] the something wife was it?
[3606] [...] I thought it was some kind of erm er documentary yeah that's what I thought.
[3607] Cos our mother said there's a documentary about eating the [...] weren't there?
[3608] And then I switched over and I thought [...] but it's a about this little boy.
[3609] Oh it was ever so you would have [...] sad
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3610] There's a sad film on about it tonight [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3611] That erm ... chap [...] queen died didn't he, that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3612] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3613] [...] gonna tape it for me tonight.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3614] That Ruby Wax's been on this week hasn't she?
Sally (PS04H) [3615] Yeah, what every night.
Betty (PS04B) [3616] [...] she's so blunt though isn't she?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [tv on, loud coughing in background]
Sally (PS04H) [3617] [...] drop of whisky last night [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3618] [...] lost his job.
[3619] There's twenty four made redundant. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3620] Oh that is [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3621] Never said a word to them.
[3622] They just said it's getting a bit short.
[3623] And then they wage crashed twenty four of them.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3624] Where he used to work.
[3625] He w he went down to erm ... [...] for a job
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3626] but erm ... I was sad cos he's such a
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3627] Yeah he's a good worker but see it's th it's the work [...] families innit?
Betty (PS04B) [3628] [...] that was here [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3629] Right I might be going up Parsons tomorrow or Wednesday I don't know, so did you want anything up there?
[3630] ... Do you want any more soups?
Betty (PS04B) [3631] No [...] hundreds.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3632] Don't talk to she about grub.
[3633] She's overwhelmed with it.
[3634] Shouldn't have anywhere to put it if you [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3635] [...] Did you want a jar of onions up there?
Betty (PS04B) [3636] Well I got a jar in [...] hamper.
Sally (PS04H) [3637] It's one pound tw ,ei either one twenty five, it's about that big. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3638] Erm ... [...] .
[3639] [shouting] Dave []
David (PS04J) [3640] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3641] Shall we have a jar of pickled onions from Kingswood?
David (PS04J) [3642] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3643] Yep.
David (PS04J) [...] [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3644] The mince tarts at Asda ... mince tarts [...] Asda.
[3645] They're one twenty five for a dozen. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3646] I got some in me hamper.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3647] Well Craig's going down to the local.
[3648] Then he's going off to a party.
[3649] ... So the girls are going to Penny's and they ain't coming back.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3650] [...] I don't bother a lot I must be honest.
Sally (PS04H) [3651] No.
[3652] Did you want anything else up there? ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3653] [...] fifty nine today
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3654] Fifty nine today bloody tomatoes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3655] [...] and I got some fruit up the market on Friday.
[3656] Pop round there.
[3657] I got er two pound of cox's apples. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3658] Satsumas.
[3659] Satsumas.
[3660] Two pound for ... seventy [...] pence.
Betty (PS04B) [3661] I'm going up Mackhurst.
[3662] Ever heard of the big warehouse?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3663] Oh I might do and I'm going up there erm ... Saturday week.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3664] Where's that to then mum?
Betty (PS04B) [3665] Oh it must be over by Caulfield way is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3666] Er I told you about it cos I went over there didn't I?
Betty (PS04B) [3667] Well [...] went over there Saturday [tv in background] [...] Sunday, yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3668] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [3669] With Terry.
[3670] And Terry said he's gonna take his mother-in-law and me over, not this Sunday, next week.
[3671] Nearer Christmas cos [...] cheaper.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3672] [...] little bit of V A T on the top but it's not much.
Betty (PS04B) [3673] No.
[3674] He said he's gonna get me a new [...] for Christmas.
[3675] But two hundred Woodbines in there is only twelve pounds something.
[3676] For two hundred.
[3677] And [...] cheaper
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3678] His is?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3679] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3680] [...] Christmas.
[3681] He said he'll be able to smoke his bleeding head off there!
[3682] And he said there's ... [...] he said then.
[3683] The cheese I buy [...] Asda is called ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3684] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3685] I give Jim that bit of cheese he said where do you find this?
[3686] I said [...] in Asda.
[3687] He said well I couldn't bloody see it I said no you didn't see it I said [...] because you've got to go to the counter for a ticket.
Betty (PS04B) [3688] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3689] Oh!
[3690] Well!
[3691] I'll see Betty there [...] he said when she bloody gets [...] on the counters.
[3692] He said I'll get she to bring out [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3693] Yeah I will
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [tv on very loud]
Sally (PS04H) [3694] [...] He likes to
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3695] he likes [...] wash them off, put them in salt water [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3696] bubble and squeak
Betty (PS04B) [3697] [...] ages.
[3698] I thought yesterday I thought well I've got, done too many bloody spuds [...] extra potatoes [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3699] Bloody lovely that.
Sally (PS04H) [3700] I've gone right off [...] .
[3701] I've gone right off of chicken.
[3702] I only have the breast.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3703] If I get your ... tinned stuff this week.
[3704] I'll get you four ... tomatoes and four ... potatoes?
Betty (PS04B) [3705] Yes please.
Sally (PS04H) [3706] And then, the week after I'll get the ... other [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3707] When it's convenient [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [tv/music comes up loud]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3708] [...] she wants to go to the toilet.
[3709] Up out of the chair.
[3710] ... [sigh] . I said come on [...] lounge about on the settee all afternoon
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3711] [...] on the commode [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3712] Yeah.
[3713] It was typical when he said come on Lilian!
[3714] On the throne. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [3715] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3716] Yeah, yeah.
[3717] Well you've got to haven't you?
[3718] I mean [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3719] Lots of girls on this week.
[3720] Sally's one till ten.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3721] Julie's [...] exhausted. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3722] They said it's the last day Monday so if you want to borrow any money love .
[3723] Monday is the last day.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3724] Next Monday?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3725] So if you want to borrow any love. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3726] [...] next Tuesday not this Tuesday [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3727] Oh I would be grateful, most probably I will.
[3728] You know what I'm like
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3729] So
Betty (PS04B) [3730] for money on Mondays.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3731] I'll be borrowing a tenner [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3732] Girl comes [...] borrow Sally's [...] Julie's.
[3733] ... She knocked on the door she said [...] .
[3734] The gas man come about [...] and er ... as he went this girl come to the door [...] .
[3735] Yes?
[3736] She said Sally live here and I said yes.
[3737] She said [cough] can I borrow her [...] please and I said ... no.
[3738] And she said no, I said no I'm sorry I said she don't let anybody borrow it.
[3739] I said [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3740] Well you didn't know her did you?
Betty (PS04B) [3741] No that's what I thought.
[3742] ... Anyway she said can I see her.
[3743] I said no she's in bed at the moment I said but I will give her a shout.
[3744] Anyway I give her a shout and she said ooh she said [...] .
[3745] So she said tell her I'm Julia well I didn't know who she was.
[3746] Anyway she come down [...] stairs she said [...] and she said ooh Julia she said course you can!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3747] Oh well she knew her did she?
Betty (PS04B) [3748] And she let her borrow it and she sent back forty Rothman's cigarettes and said thank you very much, I'm very [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3749] Oh well.
[3750] It was nice of her [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3751] So anyway she was happy.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3752] [...] I said we'll have to have our [...] then won't you.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3753] When's Pete going over, tomorrow is he?
Betty (PS04B) [3754] He'll go tomorrow or Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3755] [...] she generally goes on Wednesdays don't she.
Betty (PS04B) [3756] [...] Barbara went last week.
[3757] She got all hers, she got loads didn't she Barbara?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3758] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3759] [...] gone into Bristol with her mother today.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3760] Big Wendy?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3761] Do you ever see [...] Wendy up Kingswood?
Betty (PS04B) [3762] I seen her when was it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3763] I've got to love you and leave you Bet so ... er I'll just pop round ... Wednesday?
Betty (PS04B) [3764] Yes certainly.
Maggie (PS04G) [3765] About half past two is that alright?
Betty (PS04B) [3766] Yes [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3767] Then, then Dave can come [...] and sort I out then.
Betty (PS04B) [3768] Okay my love.
[3769] So he knows what you want don't he?
Maggie (PS04G) [3770] Yeah.
[3771] [shouting] [...] Dave [] .
Betty (PS04B) [3772] Do you want anything exciting?
Maggie (PS04G) [...] [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3773] Yeah you know ... s same old usual.
Betty (PS04B) [3774] Usual, yeah.
Maggie (PS04G) [3775] Anyway I'm gonna ... bag some up for the kids you know for Christmas.
Betty (PS04B) [3776] That's what we've done.
[3777] We've got a big, great big polythene bag and it's [...] with sweets and chocolates
Maggie (PS04G) [3778] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3779] for them.
[3780] Cos Dora rang and she said could er somebody get her twenty pounds worth and I said what do you want it for?
[3781] She said for the kids.
[3782] I said don't worry we've got it all.
Maggie (PS04G) [3783] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [3784] Ooh she said that's good then.
[3785] And erm ... what was it she wants from Curry's?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3786] [...] Like [...] .
[3787] Gives I the rent.
[3788] [...] . Comes in the next day she bloody want it.
[3789] I don't get no interest on it see [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3790] Right then.
[3791] I'll see you erm Wednesday.
Betty (PS04B) [3792] I'll see you on Wednesday my love [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3793] Cos I want to try and get you know things sorted out ... round there.
Betty (PS04B) [3794] I've been trying to vacuum this through all morning I haven't even done it [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3795] Doing it bit by bit I done all Ross' bedroom yesterday.
[3796] And I said you keep that bloody tidy.
Betty (PS04B) [3797] You tell him!
[3798] You tell him Ann!
[3799] ... I said about our [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3800] Yeah I told Jean about that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3801] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3802] How's Dean's Bobby?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3803] She's pretty.
Maggie (PS04G) [3804] She's teething.
[3805] She's got all her, one at the bottom.
Betty (PS04B) [3806] Ah.
Maggie (PS04G) [3807] And she's got another through at the top now.
Betty (PS04B) [3808] Ah love her.
[3809] Love her.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3810] I haven't even done the covers yet [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3811] Oh Julie done the covers for Barbara yesterday.
[3812] And she said [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3813] I've still got to do everything yet.
[3814] Anyway.
[3815] I'll see you Wednesday then.
Betty (PS04B) [3816] Okay my love.
Maggie (PS04G) [3817] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3818] Bye Ann.
Maggie (PS04G) [3819] So I all that you want is your tomatoes and your taters?
Betty (PS04B) [3820] Please.
Maggie (PS04G) [3821] Okay.
[3822] Potatoes.
Betty (PS04B) [3823] Don't worry about it if you can't manage it.
Maggie (PS04G) [3824] Oh I can manage that!
Betty (PS04B) [3825] Well you put your stuff your own stuff and yourself first.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3826] Yeah it is.
[3827] ... Oh it take our three days [laugh] .
[3828] So you're trimming up are you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3829] Well [...] the kids innit?
Maggie (PS04G) [3830] Charlotte said huh.
[3831] Why aren't you trimmed up she said.
Betty (PS04B) [3832] Who said that?
Maggie (PS04G) [3833] Our Charlotte said that.
Betty (PS04B) [3834] Oh she's [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3835] Oh she got her glasses Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [3836] Oh!
Sally (PS04H) [3837] She wear glasses?
Betty (PS04B) [3838] [...] Bobby
Maggie (PS04G) [3839] Yes.
Sally (PS04H) [3840] Well she [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3841] [...] see.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3842] Right yeah.
[3843] ... Innit a shame.
Betty (PS04B) [3844] Yeah.
[3845] She might grow out of them as she gets older.
Sally (PS04H) [3846] Grow out of them.
Maggie (PS04G) [3847] Very thick.
Betty (PS04B) [3848] Oh love her.
Sally (PS04H) [3849] Oh love her [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3850] Still she said Auntie Ann I haven't got to wear them all the time she said.
[3851] She said I'm not wearing them down the shop.
[3852] I think she's a bit conscious of them.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3853] Our Pam had them when she was two [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3854] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3855] our Pam.
Maggie (PS04G) [3856] And then [...] .
[3857] She never used to pull them off she was ever so good.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3858] If they knows they've gotta keep them.
[3859] How old is she then?
Maggie (PS04G) [3860] About four I think.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3861] Yeah it's a bit much.
Maggie (PS04G) [3862] Yeah but if everybody says no you mustn't see [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3863] Ah!
Maggie (PS04G) [3864] [...] it's for her own good mind Betty.
Betty (PS04B) [3865] Oh yeah and she's [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3866] Yeah [...] need them more.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3867] I reckon I'll be going now [...] I got to do Paul's bloody [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3868] Have you got to go then?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3869] [...] tube's hanging out love.
[3870] [...] lens' is pulling.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3871] [...] so I might go down [...] .
[3872] Do it worry you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3873] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3874] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3875] No I meant ... whatever it is it ... well it's, it's pulling [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3876] Irritating is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3877] Yeah it's irritating.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3878] It is!
Betty (PS04B) [3879] Twenty two carat [...] not bleeding gold.
Maggie (PS04G) [3880] If ... Betty!
[3881] ... If
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [3882] If they've got a ... box of Roses out there I could I have.
[3883] ... Box of Roses.
[3884] ... And get the rest with ... you know others.
[3885] Alright?
[3886] I'll see you Wednesday then.
[3887] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3888] [...] earrings.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3889] Don't say do it?
[3890] ... Four ninety nine innit!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3891] Yeah.
Sally (PS04H) [3892] It is.
Betty (PS04B) [3893] Four ninety nine twenty two carat!
Sally (PS04H) [3894] Twen twenty two carat!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Sally (PS04H) [3895] It is.
[3896] Look.
[3897] Four ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3898] Bye Bet.
[3899] Cheerio Gwen erm Anne.
Betty (PS04B) [3900] Cheerio then see you Wednesday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3901] Bye.
Betty (PS04B) [3902] Right.
[3903] Four ... four ninety nine.
[3904] There.
[3905] Normally seven pounds.
[3906] Is that right?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3907] Yeah.
[3908] I don't know.
[3909] What does it say, rings?
Betty (PS04B) [3910] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3911] Is that ... See here look it's [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3912] Oh [...] you've got to take your ring off and measure it ... round the circle.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3913] Oh.
Betty (PS04B) [3914] [...] .
[3915] [reading] Triple plated with twenty two carat gold unless otherwise stated [] .
David (PS04J) [3916] Shop'll check that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3917] [...] is there? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3918] Excuse me.

16 (Tape 009302)

Betty (PS04B) [3919] You don't think of that do you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3920] [...] T V and your video and sh she gave me a card, that is the gospel truth I'm not telling [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3921] No she's given me a [...] don't bother with it.
Rose (PS04D) [3922] [...] don't worry about it.
Betty (PS04B) [3923] Well it's brand new here somewhere.
Edna (PS04K) [3924] Yeah but you'll find it.
Betty (PS04B) [3925] Yeah but I trust her I don't know
Rose (PS04D) [3926] Yeah we trust her.
[3927] We always sees what she writes down there.
Edna (PS04K) [3928] Well ... not if she writes it down don't worry about it.
Rose (PS04D) [3929] Yeah but she said she was [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3930] She's ever so nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3931] As you said accidents do happen and things don't get put down when you need to verify.
Edna (PS04K) [3932] No that's why I mean to say [...]
Rose (PS04D) [3933] You never know that could have been my signature
Edna (PS04K) [...]
Rose (PS04D) [3934] Well I can forge her signature anyway.
Edna (PS04K) [3935] It don't go for an A B C D F J K they goes for numbers look.
[3936] Five six seven eight nine.
Betty (PS04B) [3937] Yeah that's right [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3938] It's not that it's not like I mean [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3939] It's not cos you haven't gotta do it from the outside it's from the inside.
Betty (PS04B) [3940] What do you mean?
Edna (PS04K) [3941] Th ... that that circle is got to be the inside of the ring not the outside [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3942] In inward?
Edna (PS04K) [3943] Yes.
Rose (PS04D) [3944] [...] small as that.
Edna (PS04K) [3945] That's it.
[3946] See.
[3947] See what the seven's like. ...
Betty (PS04B) [3948] Nearer seven.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3949] No you don't do it from the outside of the ring [...] .
[3950] It's always the inside of [...]
Rose (PS04D) [3951] [...] seven that.
[3952] Try it on the seven.
[3953] That's more like the seven innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [3954] Definitely.
[3955] That's a seven.
Edna (PS04K) [3956] You always do it from the inside.
Betty (PS04B) [3957] Twenty two carat gold for four ninety nine.
Rose (PS04D) [3958] Plated.
[3959] Plated.
Edna (PS04K) [3960] No you always do your rings from the inside of the actual ring.
[3961] It's never the outside.
Betty (PS04B) [3962] Innit?
Edna (PS04K) [3963] No.
Betty (PS04B) [3964] I gotta get one Ann.
[3965] Do you know ... that's cutting, see how that's cutting my finger?
[3966] Do really hurt.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3967] [...] one that's a little bit bigger don't you.
Betty (PS04B) [3968] Yeah but then you're coming to a ...
Googie (PS04C) [3969] What did you say? six or seven.
Edna (PS04K) [3970] Give us your wedding ring.
Betty (PS04B) [3971] Yeah but it's loose see [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3972] Yeah I know it's loose.
[3973] [...] . That's an eight.
[3974] I would say that's an eight so you'll need definitely a seven.
Betty (PS04B) [3975] Reckon?
Googie (PS04C) [3976] Well if it's too tight you'll have to send it back.
Betty (PS04B) [3977] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3978] These are six actually.
[3979] So
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [3980] You need a seven.
Betty (PS04B) [3981] I want a seven.
[3982] I think I'll send for [...]
Googie (PS04C) [3983] That one with all the coloured stones there.
[3984] [...] because I mean
Edna (PS04K) [3985] Why don't you ever go down to Half Price Jewels?
Betty (PS04B) [3986] [reading] Multi-c multi-colour pretty [...] pastel shade stones.
[3987] Will normally [...] []
Googie (PS04C) [3988] They'll all come off in the first wash. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [3989] I shall [...] washing I should think ... I should think all me stones is gone!
Betty (PS04B) [3990] [reading] Alaskan modern matt finish platinum plated set of crystals normally six pound four ninety nine [] .
Edna (PS04K) [3991] Yeah but crystals in ...
Betty (PS04B) [3992] No.
Edna (PS04K) [3993] [...] yeah my stone's in there isn't it? ...
Betty (PS04B) [3994] Is that yours?
Edna (PS04K) [3995] Yeah [...]
Betty (PS04B) [3996] That's erm pastel.
[3997] [...] pas
Googie (PS04C) [3998] What's he call it this morning?
Edna (PS04K) [3999] Has the washing machine come yet?
Googie (PS04C) [4000] Yeah.
[4001] I says has the machine come.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4002] I mean it was like a bloody interview on that phone
Betty (PS04B) [4003] yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4004] Never done that before.
[4005] [...] And your music centre, never done that music centre.
Betty (PS04B) [4006] Mm.
Edna (PS04K) [4007] Never done it with that
Betty (PS04B) [4008] Music centre was a lot more money than that as well weren't it?
Edna (PS04K) [4009] Yeah.
[4010] Never had nothing like that.
[4011] I couldn't believe it.
[4012] Cos well I did say to her why's [...] to worry about.
[4013] [...] bloody queer.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4014] Yeah but that's big [...] sticking your fingers in it.
[4015] I phoned up the bank this morning.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4016] Well cos of that ... [...] cheque
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4017] It hadn't reached them.
[4018] And I said can you tell me if erm this cheque is gone through to er Peter .
[4019] And she said oh blah blah blah.
[4020] Of course I'm there aren't I.
[4021] And she said could you read me your number out like.
[4022] Well I said blah blah blah.
[4023] But I give her erm ...
Betty (PS04B) [4024] Littlewoods.
Edna (PS04K) [4025] I give her Littlewoods instead of Peter Craigs didn't I. [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4026] You wanted Peter Craigs?
Edna (PS04K) [4027] I wanted, yeah.
[4028] And she said no she hadn't got no invoice with that number on.
[4029] Course she hadn't cos that's Westminster.
[4030] Anyway I [...] ooh I'm sorry I said it's Peter Craigs.
[4031] So she said well, off she goes again [...] .
[4032] Oh yes she said it's gone through she said.
[4033] I said well I said that was the twenty first of ... it should have gone on the eleventh see but it didn't it go twenty first.
Googie (PS04C) [4034] Twenty first.
Edna (PS04K) [4035] Oh yes she said it's gone through she said.
[4036] Probably she said you'll get that on your next statement.
Googie (PS04C) [4037] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4038] But I I ... I said to Joe well I'm gonna phone up cos remember down Westminster that time
Googie (PS04C) [4039] When you had that trouble [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4040] That was their fault wasn't it .
[4041] There was a nought.
[4042] And that was through they not me but I mean that was all alright.
[4043] But it seemed a long time.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4044] [...] yesterday.
Edna (PS04K) [4045] So she said seven days but she was right because ... she said twenty eight days.
[4046] Well anything I send for now wh you, within twenty
Googie (PS04C) [4047] Cos it'll be Christmas.
Edna (PS04K) [4048] If you'd made your mind up a bit earlier instead of farting about. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4049] What she said the most seven days?
Edna (PS04K) [4050] Well she said er ... so ... she said I
Betty (PS04B) [4051] [...] guarantee [...]
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4052] No no I said I want it on forty eight hours [...] .
[4053] I did [...] the [...] .
[4054] I thought oh bloody Christmas.
[4055] She said but ... she said I'll say seven days but, she's put the but in.
[4056] But anyway that order is through so
Googie (PS04C) [4057] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4058] she said she hasn't got it so. ...
Googie (PS04C) [4059] I'll start [...] paying for it this week anyway [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4060] I got anyway I, I got gold necklaces.
[4061] I don't wear them.
Googie (PS04C) [4062] [...] necklaces.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4063] Th they're dearer than what you wanted [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4064] Yeah
Edna (PS04K) [4065] Yeah but you do realize on there ... they've added no five year guarantee on that.
[4066] I showed Bet.
Googie (PS04C) [4067] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4068] You slipped up there really yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4069] You slipped up. [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4070] Yeah but the [...] the one that I wanted was four hundred and eighty nine [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4071] No it was cheaper.
[4072] Weren't it Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [4073] Aye?
Edna (PS04K) [4074] Bet.
[4075] It was cheaper than the one she had.
[4076] The f five year guarantee? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4077] Yeah it was cheaper.
Edna (PS04K) [4078] It was cheaper.
[4079] And [...] and I said to Bet look.
Betty (PS04B) [4080] Yeah ... it was.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4081] No.
[4082] Not that one.
[4083] Not ... [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4084] [...] The other one with the five year guarantee was a five hundred to six [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4085] There's three there's d Indesit Indesit
Googie (PS04C) [4086] Oh no I don't want it [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4087] No.
[4088] That's what I mean.
[4089] But the one
Googie (PS04C) [4090] Ooh no way.
Edna (PS04K) [4091] you chose it hasn't a five year guarantee.
Googie (PS04C) [4092] No the one that I did ... really want [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4093] I showed Bet.
Googie (PS04C) [4094] guarantee was four hundred and eighty nine that was a Hoover Ecologic but ... [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4095] The one we see with five years I said to Bet well it's bloody cheaper than the one she's, anyway I [...] I I had enough money on my er thing so
Googie (PS04C) [4096] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4097] it's up to you.
Googie (PS04C) [4098] No [...] me.
Edna (PS04K) [4099] So erm
Googie (PS04C) [4100] I'll start I'll start paying from this week anyway.
Edna (PS04K) [4101] So she said what week's is er [...] no is is it thirty eight weeks.
[4102] I said yeah.
[4103] That's right weren't it?
Googie (PS04C) [4104] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4105] Thirty eight I said yeah.
[4106] ... What was it one, how much was it a week?
Googie (PS04C) [4107] Erm I've forgotten now.
[4108] Twelve pounds thirty seven wasn't it?
Edna (PS04K) [4109] Oh was it.
Googie (PS04C) [4110] Or twelve fifty seven.
[4111] One or the other.
[4112] Twelve something yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4113] [...] weren't it?
[4114] . I said well ... something like that.
[4115] ... So what I've done ... I'll show you if you want come here.
Googie (PS04C) [4116] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4117] I got a brand new card out for you right?
Googie (PS04C) [4118] Right.
Edna (PS04K) [4119] So what I, what I'll do, I'm gonna transfer your ... your erm ... your [...] there and then that's gonna save [...] just a few ... couple of bobs alright?
Googie (PS04C) [4120] Yeah.
[4121] right.
Edna (PS04K) [4122] [...] more than that but I thought that saves [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4123] [...] .
[4124] Half past seven on Thursday night.
Betty (PS04B) [4125] [...] seven on Thursday morning.
[4126] Got to work [...]
Googie (PS04C) [4127] So [...] so what [...] So ... if that one's done ... how much was it we said a week?
Betty (PS04B) [4128] Twelve.
Googie (PS04C) [4129] Twelve.
[4130] ... [somebody calls out] What.
[4131] ... Alright.
Betty (PS04B) [4132] Oh god she's playing up here.
Googie (PS04C) [4133] So I'll try and work that out.
[4134] I'll try and work that out [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4135] Why are you playing up?
[4136] Ooh look why are you playing up?
[4137] Shut the door [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4138] Father Christmas.
[4139] Father Christmas
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4140] [...] Betty?
[4141] ... Christmas tree.
[4142] How much were these.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4143] Eight ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4144] Bloody [...] gone out and bought one fourteen quid [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4145] You idiot!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4146] Why?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4147] You bloody idiot!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4148] Why?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4149] Because you are!
[4150] I could have give you
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4151] I could have took you down tomorrow night between six thirty and nine right [...] ten percent off everything you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4152] Ooh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4153] I got [...] wax coat.
[4154] Wax coat, you know the wax coats.
Betty (PS04B) [4155] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4156] How much?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4157] How much are they normally?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4158] [...] oh god bleeding expensive.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4159] Nineteen pounds ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4160] That's cheap.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4161] Two clocks.
[4162] How much ... do you think the clocks?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4163] [...] how much?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4164] Oh that's pretty.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4165] [...] the bedroom.
[4166] Don't matter if it's got fruit on it does it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4167] How much?
[4168] ... How much? ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4169] No don't tell!
[4170] How much would you say it cost?
[4171] One ninety nine!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4172] Ooh.
Betty (PS04B) [4173] One ninety nine!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4174] Twenty nine p [...] .
[4175] Another game there that was a pound.
[4176] Guess how much I paid for it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4177] No!
[4178] All sorts of things.
[4179] Guess how much I paid for the Christmas pud [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [4180] Two pound odd I just paid for mine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4181] Guess how much I paid for mine?
[4182] ... Luxury with brandy and cherries
Betty (PS04B) [4183] Oh I got luxury in there.
[4184] I've just put it in there.
[4185] Have a look.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4186] Come on then, let's see.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4187] Ooh mine's a lot better than that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4188] Guess how much?
[4189] Marks and Spencer's mind with the brandy.
[4190] Guess how much?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4191] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4192] Five ninety nine.
[4193] [...] Marks and Spencers.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4194] Marks and Spencers.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4195] Where's yours?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4196] Oh is that what you got off Madge?
Betty (PS04B) [4197] Yeah here it is. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4198] Ooh it's a funny shape pudding.
[4199] It's better Bet.
Betty (PS04B) [4200] Two pound odd [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4201] I'd rather have that shape you can cut [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4202] Yeah you can cut that pudding nicer.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4203] Yeah nicely
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4204] You've got another pudding in there haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4205] They don't last two minutes in our house puddings.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4206] She [...] .
[4207] She said she had one last year and it were excellent so she brought me one.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4208] You've never had Marks and Spencers though have you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4209] Who brought it [...] .
[4210] Who brought you one?
Betty (PS04B) [4211] Ann.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4212] [...] that's beautiful.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4213] I'll tell, yeah I'll tell you what I had one last year but it was a big one.
[4214] It was a bigger one.
[4215] Beautiful.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4216] Lovely that is.
[4217] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4218] And she said she had this one last year and it was excellent.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4219] [...] Microwave.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4220] Microwave.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4221] [...] you know Bewise?
[4222] That's where I got them in Bewise they're closing down or something or
Betty (PS04B) [4223] What Bewise?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4224] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4225] [...] ninety nine.
[4226] That's cheap innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4227] [...] I got the kids erm Carrie and Edward a bag.
[4228] ... There's their bags.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4229] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4230] [...] very nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4231] Oh what's happened there?
[4232] ... They've got [...] oh that's their ... start again what's ... I spent
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4233] Right.
[4234] I'll show you this next.
[4235] Oh that's what I got in the shop.
[4236] Everything's a pound.
[4237] I got some hankies.
[4238] That's for [...] .
[4239] All that was ... that's a pound.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4240] Ooh. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4241] That's [...] for his room.
[4242] For his bedroom.
Betty (PS04B) [4243] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4244] But they're always handy to have them, aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4245] What, a pound each?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4246] Yeah everything was a pound.
[4247] There's all sorts.
[4248] There's toys ... there's a shop just out for Christmas a pound [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4249] We shall have to go shopping Betty [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4250] How much?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4251] That's for Edward.
[4252] Look and the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4253] How much was they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4254] Five ninety nine.
[4255] The girl's was dearer mind.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4256] Where was that Sue?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4257] That was in ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4258] Do you like that?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4259] Do you like that?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4260] Yeah.
[4261] Very nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4262] For the girls.
[4263] For the girls.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4264] It was seven ninety nine. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4265] How much money's gone then? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4266] No Alma's been erm keeping some money for me and I, she, I give her so much a week ... and she give it all today.
Betty (PS04B) [4267] Here that's nice though innit? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4268] That's for Edward.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4269] That's pretty, that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4270] Do you reckon he'll like that?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4271] [...] curtains to match?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4272] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4273] I haven't finished yet mind.
[4274] ... Oh Donna phoned did she?
Betty (PS04B) [4275] Yeah.
[4276] Look what I got for mother.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4277] Mind you don't step on anything. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4278] I got to bring it up cos Bet likes ...
Betty (PS04B) [4279] That's nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4280] To wear to bed!
Betty (PS04B) [4281] I know [...] that's a dressing gown isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4282] That is to wear to bed!
[4283] That's a nightie.
Betty (PS04B) [4284] That ain't a nightie!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4285] Ain't a nightie.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4286] That is!
[4287] That is [...] .
[4288] It's not
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4289] It's a dressing gown.
[4290] That ain't a nightie.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4291] That is a nightshirt he wears to bed.
Betty (PS04B) [4292] Oh a night shirt.
[4293] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4294] Yeah see.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4295] How much was [...] ?
[4296] Nine ninety nine [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4297] It's erm what was it?
Betty (PS04B) [4298] It's nice it's satin though innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4299] Oh I got one of them.
[4300] Oh I bought mine up Harris's.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4301] How much?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4302] Oh we well mine was seven ninety nine up Harris's.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4303] [shouting] Three ninety nine! [] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4304] Oh bloody seven ninety nine I give for mine [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4305] [...] bargains.
[4306] For the girls look.
[4307] For the girls.
Betty (PS04B) [4308] Lovely ah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4309] For the girls.
[4310] ... For the girls [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4311] [...] Bet.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4312] [...] What's this for [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4313] Lovely innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4314] That's for the [...] .
[4315] Look.
Betty (PS04B) [4316] Ooh it's posh look at that!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4317] Ooh [...] .
[4318] How much were they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4319] They're for the girls.
[4320] Er seven ninety nine, eight ninety nine.
[4321] ... Pyjamas and they've got [...] look.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4322] I want some for our [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4323] These are in [...] .
[4324] That ain't bad that'd fit Kevin as well see.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4325] They haven't got very much up there at
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4326] No
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4327] Keyways up Kingswood're not very good.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4328] So do you reckon I've done well?
[4329] Got pyjamas for the kids.
[4330] ... And they're cheap.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4331] The dearest I think is three ninety nine and the cheapest one ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4332] Ooh sexy!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4333] Gas ... oh my gas man been.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4334] Yeah electric man's been.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4335] Anyone else?
[4336] . So I haven't done bad.
[4337] Have I?
[4338] For the kids?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4339] [...] wonder where you bought these clocks?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4340] Bewise in town one ninety nine.
[4341] They've got the ordinary ... ordinary ones ... but a lot ... and but I thought that's alright for the kids' bedroom.
[4342] I know it's got fruit on it
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4343] Yeah it's lovely.
Betty (PS04B) [4344] Don't matter.
[4345] That's nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4346] One ninety nine.
Betty (PS04B) [4347] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4348] You been in town all day?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4349] I've got all your fags, thank you.
[4350] And guess what?
[4351] Never bought myself any did I.
[4352] Silly.
Betty (PS04B) [4353] Ah no.
[4354] Tut tut tut.
[4355] You silly girl.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4356] [...] all swollen again.
Betty (PS04B) [4357] Oh not again.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4358] What did you go in a car did you or on the bus?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4359] No on the bus.
[4360] I had to drag it all home on the fucking bus.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4361] [...] all marks round it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4362] They had loads of shops down there with like bargain shops.
[4363] You go in there and you can't find some bloody bargains Bet.
[4364] They had coats, just ordinary like [...] coats, eleven ninety nine.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4365] I got [...] to put Carrie's zip in for me.
[4366] I give her two quid.
[4367] Which is fair enough innit?
[4368] ... Remember her zip was broken [...] ?
[4369] Do you reckon Carrie'd like that?
Betty (PS04B) [4370] Yes
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4371] How much were them [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4372] Bloody three ninety nine for that one and I think I paid five ninety nine for that.
[4373] So it came out well.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4374] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4375] Oh we went into some of the shops they was two ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4376] [...] they might have one but they wears out ... come the winter all wet and soggy [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4377] [...] well one ninety nine.
Betty (PS04B) [4378] Oh that'll keep them happy.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4379] That's not bad is it.
Betty (PS04B) [4380] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4381] And the chess set.
Betty (PS04B) [4382] No [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4383] Yeah but the kids [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4384] I I tried to teach Sally how to play chess but
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4385] she always claimed that I cheated.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4386] Guess how much?
[4387] Do you reckon they'll be alright for their Walkmans?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4388] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4389] I just thought.
[4390] Have you got it on?
Betty (PS04B) [4391] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4392] Why?
Betty (PS04B) [4393] No.
[4394] [...] got that on.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4395] Seven ninety nine.
[4396] That ain't bad [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4397] Seventy nine p!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4398] [...] I meant for the three.
[4399] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4400] For the three it's seventy nine p.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4401] For three!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4402] Yes!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4403] They'll be alright for Do you reckon they'll be alright?
[4404] That was in Bewise.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4405] Yeah.
[4406] I bet [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4407] They won't be fantastic but they'll be alright.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4408] I like those clocks.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4409] Yeah I do.
[4410] I wouldn't mind one of these clocks.
[4411] Up in the bedroom.
[4412] I could do with a clock up in our bedroom.
[4413] In my bedroom.
[4414] ... I got one on the sh on the telephone [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4415] I opened the white one didn't I.
[4416] This is the red one.
[4417] The red one'll be better for the girls wouldn't it?
Betty (PS04B) [4418] Oh yeah that's lovely.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4419] Isn't that nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4420] I got to get batteries to go with it though.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4421] Is that for Edward to go with his [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4422] Red yeah
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4423] Yeah red.
[4424] Let the girls have the white.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4425] I was gonna get one for myself but our mum's bought me one hasn't she.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4426] Do you reckon they goes?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4427] [...] .
[4428] Paid a lot of money [...] clock.
Betty (PS04B) [4429] Oh god.
[4430] [...] bloody way.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4431] One ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4432] One ninety nine.
[4433] Couldn't nick them for it could you?
Betty (PS04B) [4434] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4435] Got to get batteries [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4436] Oh you've got to get the batteries for everything you buys.
[4437] You don't get it with the batteries.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4438] I think you've done well mind.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4439] And how much was your Christmas tree?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4440] Eight ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4441] [...] tree.
[4442] It's not a white one.
[4443] It's a green one.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4444] I said I wanted a tree didn't I?
Betty (PS04B) [4445] Well I haven't been in here when you've said it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4446] [...] up tonight then?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4447] [...] up tonight?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4448] [...] proper tree this Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4449] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4450] Hold on a minute.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4451] What?
[4452] She was gonna have a proper tree themselves ... he erm made her go out and buy one.
[4453] Yeah that's nice.
[4454] That's nice innit?
Betty (PS04B) [4455] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4456] Yeah.
[4457] Do he know he's having that?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4458] No.
[4459] Look it's wax
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4460] Twenty kid.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4461] Well that ain't bad [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4462] That's the price is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4463] Yeah.
[4464] He wanted electric shaver.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4465] Oh so [laugh] it's a bit different [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4466] Our mum tried them on she said but six foot four and a short arse she said [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4467] Will these be alright on the night then?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4468] Yeah cos them wax ones er they're expensive aren't they Julie?
[4469] They're waterproof aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4470] [...] .
[4471] So did I do well?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4472] Where're you getting your money from?
[4473] That machine down there?
Betty (PS04B) [4474] She's been saving.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4475] I've been saving for a long time with Alma [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4476] And I should think it's bleeding spent it and all.
[4477] What's on now?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4478] Don't know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4479] I treated me and mum out to lunch.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4480] Did you?
Betty (PS04B) [4481] Where did you go?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4482] [...] .
[4483] The girls would love it.
[4484] I expect they've been in the gallery haven't you?
[4485] ... Haven't you been?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4486] It's a great big, it's little snack bars everywhere and they've got the Italian and the Chinese and then they've got the
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4487] the ... taters with all different things.
[4488] And then [...] and went to a sandwich bar.
[4489] ... You have this sandwich like, like that with all the salad stuff in it.
[4490] And you got ham or tuna or cheese or prawns or whatever.
Betty (PS04B) [4491] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4492] And then you get crisps and coleslaw on the side with it and like hot chocolate we had.
[4493] That was five pound.
[4494] And for two
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4495] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4496] not bad.
[4497] So we had a big sandwich you know with salad and with crisps and that on the side and the hot chocolate and it was five pound.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4498] Ain't bad then was it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4499] Then they got the burger bars but it's all in and out quick.
[4500] And it's nice and you can have a fag.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4501] [...] I've never seen these before.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4502] Oh you've got to go in
Betty (PS04B) [4503] Yeah it's a soap thing innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4504] No it's a bathroom kit.
Betty (PS04B) [4505] Is it?
[4506] How much is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4507] Nine ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4508] I thought where's Edna.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4509] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4510] It hangs hangs your towel.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4511] [...] had a good day down there.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4512] They had the boxer shorts with the man's hanging out.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4513] [...] reject shops [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4514] Our mum said you missed the best night of your life.
[4515] There was a bloke there and he was being rude
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4516] Said there was wine all on the table.
[4517] Our mum said it was a fantastic, she'd never been, she said her and her mate was wetting their knickers all night.
[4518] She said Bet would have loved it, and Edna.
[4519] She said it was fantastic.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4520] It were eleven pound six ... for everything.
[4521] Eleven pound.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4522] What about the six?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4523] [...] the food and all.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4524] Food and all?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4525] There was wine on all the bloody tables and [...] lovely.
Betty (PS04B) [4526] I heard they had champagne.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4527] Oh.

17 (Tape 009303)

Betty (PS04B) [4528] Can you turn that radio off?
[4529] I want to listen to the phone in.
David (PS04J) [4530] I got the whatsname on.
Betty (PS04B) [4531] What?
[4532] ... What?
David (PS04J) [4533] The whatsname.
[4534] Don't ask me.
[4535] I dunno what it's called.
Betty (PS04B) [4536] What do you want that on for?
[4537] I'm trying to listen to the radio.
[4538] I want to listen to the ... phone in.

18 (Tape 009304)

Betty (PS04B) [4539] What's the question then, on the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4540] There in't a question, for yesterday. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4541] [...] says it'll be coming in on
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4542] [...] Saturday you want that one as well.
Betty (PS04B) [4543] Oh I can get that off Maggie she saves her papers.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4544] I, I might have Saturday's. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4545] But Joe'll have a look in her ... bag.
[4546] ... I want half the winnings.
Betty (PS04B) [4547] Oh alright.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4548] Saturday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4549] Saturday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4550] Well have you got Saturday's there?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4551] No I haven't.
[4552] Saturday.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4553] Got rid of Saturday's.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4554] We will because Jo keeps them all.
Betty (PS04B) [4555] You put's them out for the paper man don't you?
[4556] And Maggie do see she keeps hers.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4557] Well where's yours?
[4558] In the sack?
Betty (PS04B) [4559] Yeah must be.
Maggie (PS04G) [4560] You should put it out.
[4561] They use the papers Betty.
Betty (PS04B) [4562] I know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4563] Is the sack gone?
[4564] Have a look.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4565] Yeah.
[4566] If it's too dirty I'm not bringing it in mind.
Betty (PS04B) [4567] Alright.
[4568] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4569] [...] ... [...] twenty five pound haven't I?
Betty (PS04B) [4570] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4571] If she's lucky.
Betty (PS04B) [4572] I've done them.
[4573] Now them in the Sunday's paper.
[4574] You've got to find out six mistakes but I found [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4575] It's not in either of those and so it must be the one that's closed and I'm not gonna open that it's yukky.
[4576] Yukky nasty.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4577] Right Ann.
[4578] Another token.
[4579] You want day one which is Saturday.
Edna (PS04K) [4580] Alright yeah?
[4581] And then what?
[4582] Just bung it in the envelope and send them off?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4583] Just bung that in like that ... seal it down and put a stamp on it.
Betty (PS04B) [4584] Wait till Saturday morning and then ... they'll tell you then.
[4585] Send it off.
Edna (PS04K) [4586] You mean I got to send that off? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4587] Yeah Saturday.
[4588] You got to send it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4589] [...] is December the twelfth.
Betty (PS04B) [4590] Yeah.
[4591] Want Saturday's now.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4592] You, no you want erm tomorrow's.
[4593] No you got [...] tokens every day.
Betty (PS04B) [4594] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4595] Yeah.
[4596] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4597] It's every day is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4598] Oh yeah you'll get one in every day.
[4599] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [4600] But you got to have Saturday's ... to start with.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4601] But you got to have Saturday's to start with but you got
Betty (PS04B) [4602] [...] and all this week's [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4603] It's a wonder it don't say it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4604] What paper's that?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4605] It says at the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4606] Wait a minute.
[4607] It says attach our three tokens. ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4608] Saturday.
Betty (PS04B) [4609] So that's Saturday Monday and Tuesday then.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4610] No that may not be Saturday's.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4611] Yes it is it says Saturday's.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4612] It says Saturday's?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4613] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4614] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4615] Cos this is two and three so it says to [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4616] three tokens.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4617] Oh well it may be a different picture then coming on Wednesday.
[4618] Yeah, probably.
Edna (PS04K) [4619] And then you got to send it off.
[4620] [reading] And put your entries in an envelope and send it to Asda Contest. []
Betty (PS04B) [4621] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4622] So get it on.
[4623] Get Saturdays.
Betty (PS04B) [4624] Well yes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4625] Cos how many things did I put in for the thingums in the draws in Asda.
[4626] I put
Betty (PS04B) [4627] I know [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4628] dozens in. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4629] Oh I never win a bloody thing.
[4630] Yeah but somebody gotta win haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4631] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4632] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4633] Might be you [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4634] Be nice wouldn't it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4635] But is it, is it a , have you got to send it, you haven't got to send it to Asda?
[4636] Got to send it to the Mirror haven't you?
Edna (PS04K) [4637] You got to send it to the address [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4638] The Mirror.
[4639] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4640] Oh Mirror it is?
Edna (PS04K) [4641] No somewhere or other.
[4642] I dunno.
Betty (PS04B) [4643] Let's have a look.
[4644] [...] . ... [reading] Asda contest, Daily Mirror, [] .
[4645] Yeah I reckon that might be lucky seeing you did that [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4646] [...] yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4647] You never know.
[4648] Somebody gotta win haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4649] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4650] Might be I. [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4651] Well the other day they they were so easy the other day I thought to myself ... erm who was it, what was it, it ... oh who, who was the one that sang the green grass of ... [...] .
[4652] I mean I knew that didn't I?
[4653] And then that other was a member of parliament and I knew it's erm ... I knew he, I think it was erm ... oh I can see him stood up there.
[4654] ... Tory member of parliament.
[4655] And I know his name not ... it's sommat like erm ... who can I say.
[4656] Oh it'll come to me in a minute who it was.
[4657] ... And Joe said yeah that's he.
[4658] ... Oh ... M ,Mi , Michael, Michael somebody.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4659] Stout , stoutish man.
[4660] [...] . He's something like vicar but he's a bit stouter.
[4661] I knew, I knew he.
[4662] ... And then on the other one was erm who wrote erm ... no, what was, who was the sommat of the Blytons.
[4663] Well it's Enid weren't it?
Betty (PS04B) [4664] Oh Enid Blyton.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4665] That's three easy ones and I done he.
[4666] Mm.
[4667] ... Bugger me ... [...] ... Michael M , begins with a m.
[4668] Michael ... No it begins with M.
[4669] And there's two m's.
[4670] Michael ... sommat like that.
[4671] Oh.
Betty (PS04B) [4672] It'll come to you.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4673] It'll come to me yeah.
[4674] Michael, something like maize, something like that.
[4675] Anyway I'm still waiting for the postman.
Edna (PS04K) [4676] [laugh] Oh dear.
[4677] ... How's Mike alright?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4678] Yeah fine.
Edna (PS04K) [4679] Still working?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4680] Yeah
Edna (PS04K) [4681] For his living.
[4682] Sally hasn't got my stuff yet?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4683] No.
Edna (PS04K) [4684] No.
[4685] No intentions of getting it?
[4686] Or?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4687] Well she hasn't said.
[4688] I expect next week when she's six till two, it's easier innit?
[4689] And there won't be so many people about.
Edna (PS04K) [4690] Cos it's the last week this week isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4691] Well.
[4692] Yeah.
[4693] Couldn't go in, we can't can we, after.
[4694] It's only then.
[4695] Only employees.
Edna (PS04K) [4696] Ninth of December innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4697] So they'll have the run of the place then and then they'll be able to, be able to go in and out once they please I suppose.
[4698] She's six till two as well next week so it's easier.
Edna (PS04K) [4699] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4700] Girl asked her if she'd change shifts with her next Wednesday and she told her to go away politely.
Edna (PS04K) [4701] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4702] No way.
[4703] She wanted her to do a night and she said I'm not bloody doing a night and then back in here she said.
[4704] She said what she said I'd have to stay all night and all day.
[4705] [...] . I'm not doing it, certainly not.
Edna (PS04K) [4706] You won't get nobody to change over with you now right up to Christmas will you?
[4707] No, nobody wants to do that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4708] No not now.
[4709] Not this time of the year.
[4710] So.
Betty (PS04B) [4711] I done ... Wh what I done plates of chips.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4712] Is she alright?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4713] Yeah she's not too bad.
[4714] She's not my friend.
[4715] Don't worry about it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4716] She isn't your friend?
[4717] Why not.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4718] Cos I told her.
[4719] I said that ... phone bill's still in there waiting to be paid.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4720] Hasn't she paid it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4721] No.
[4722] ... She said I shall take it and pay it on Thursday.
[4723] Don't worry about it.
[4724] I said you just better.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4725] Ah she rang the bill up.
[4726] Ninety eight pound.
[4727] She rang the bill up with Julie.
[4728] It was it wasn't me and Gwen.
[4729] They're on there permanent.
[4730] I calls her Beattie she ought to have the bleeding phone stuck to her earhole.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4731] Cos they don't realize how long they'm how long they'm on there.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4732] No.
[4733] And she cannot get up without going on the phone.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4734] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4735] Gotta be on the phone all the bleeding time.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4736] [...] taken over from [...] .
[4737] Taken over.
[4738] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4739] So she got ... well yeah she won't pay the bloody bill.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4740] Ours was a hundred and thirty five.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4741] Ooh.
[4742] Oh Christ.
Betty (PS04B) [4743] Penny's was a hundred and twenty seven.
[4744] She got a lodger and she, the lodger said she'd made five phone calls.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [4745] And she said that's all she'd made was five phone calls.
[4746] Well anyway there was two numbers there unaccounted for.
[4747] So Penny rang those numbers to find out where it was and it was something to do with the council or something.
[4748] And that was her phone calls as well the other girl had made.
[4749] Anyway her husband's so bleeding dopey he said oh chuck two hundred quid down and we'll cry and quit.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4750] So of course the girl was laughing.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4751] How much was it?
Betty (PS04B) [4752] Hundred and twenty seven.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4753] And he chucked two hundred quid in?
Betty (PS04B) [4754] He said chuck two hundred down he said.
[4755] That'll do for you for the lodger.
[4756] And he'd bloody paid the rest.
[4757] Silly sod.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4758] Twenty pound.
[4759] She must've used more than that.
Betty (PS04B) [4760] Well he said give I twenty pound [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4761] [...] business people [...] ?
Betty (PS04B) [4762] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4763] Ordinary people.
Betty (PS04B) [4764] Just ordinary young bloke [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4765] Mind you, he runs the skittles and he runs [...] football and he does this and runs that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4766] Oh yeah of course.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4767] And [...] to think that calls was only tuppence for three minutes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4768] They've gone up again haven't they Jan?
Betty (PS04B) [4769] They're not.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4770] Yeah.
[4771] What the calls?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4772] Oh I shall bloody get a [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4773] [...] a minute now innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4774] [...] thirty eight for two minutes innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4775] [...] two minutes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4776] Yeah but I mean you're on you [...] .
[4777] You don't realize I mean what's two minutes.
Betty (PS04B) [4778] No.
[4779] Minutes is gone innit.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4780] Course it is.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4781] By the time you say hello.
[4782] That's it.
Edna (PS04K) [4783] And I'm everlasting getting bloody ooh that phone [...] getting on my nerves.
[4784] I'm gonna write or Joe's gonna write to them.
[4785] The mill.
[4786] The mill.
[4787] The mill. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4788] Ooh.
[4789] We always get the erm ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4790] We had them changed once cos there was so many damn
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4791] Gate, Gate Bathrooms we are.
Betty (PS04B) [4792] Oh we has Hermitage Wine Company.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4793] Gate bathrooms all the time.
Betty (PS04B) [4794] But there's a st a stores before.
[4795] Remember that store some something storage weren't it?
[4796] That we had.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4797] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4798] Oh.
[4799] Cos they changed their line.
[4800] They changed their number.
[4801] It, it's just as bloody bad now.
[4802] Terrible. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4803] That's it.
[4804] It's absolute [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4805] I gotta go.
[4806] I've got to go up Asda.
[4807] You don't wanna go up Asda?
Betty (PS04B) [4808] No thanks I've got to cook me dinner.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4809] I don't like Asda now.
Betty (PS04B) [4810] No I hate it now.
[4811] I bloody hate it.
[4812] We went up Friday.
[4813] Now the bloody ... have you ever [...] ?
[4814] Think we'll have a suggestion box.
[4815] They had a kids party, a game.
[4816] Where the smokers' end is.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4817] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4818] Now why do they have kids parties where there's smokers? [...] smoking with children.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4819] Yeah but I wouldn't want a kids party round there with all that ooh bloody going on.
Betty (PS04B) [4820] Ooh it was terrible.
[4821] The music was so loud [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4822] I don't like [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4823] Why don't they have it right down there at that end where there's no smoking and the little children would be right out of the way.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4824] Well yeah.
[4825] They've got a room there haven't they they can have?
[4826] But there's the bloody place and on a Friday night I thought ooh bloody [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4827] [...] shop Sunday?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4828] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4829] I ain't shopping on a Sunday.
Betty (PS04B) [4830] But you don't need shopping on a Sunday do you? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4831] Well I wouldn't go to the shop on Sunday anyway.
[4832] I just don't
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4833] No I never.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4834] like shopping on Sundays [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4835] Nothing religious about it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4836] No but it's
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4837] Bu , I, it's a shame that I [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4838] Six days shalt thou labour.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4839] The sh the shops that are shut on a Sunday and it's a day [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4840] I think it's the lord's day and I'm not [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4841] Well it's a day of rest.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4842] Yes it's a day of rest [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4843] Not shopping.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4844] I I just ... don't
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4845] I'd rather come and borrow.
[4846] Say Bet [...] I've gotta have some sugar.
[4847] And I don't never do that cos I don't like doing it.
[4848] But I would.
[4849] Rather than go round the shops.
Betty (PS04B) [4850] Well yeah.
[4851] I can't see no sense in it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4852] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4853] I wouldn't go shopping ... on a Sunday.
[4854] N , that is not on religious grounds either that is because I just ... think that they work six days they should have a day off anyway.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4855] That's bloody greed half of it.
Betty (PS04B) [4856] Oh [...] unions split [...] Sundays off.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4857] I think you can only spend your money once.
Betty (PS04B) [4858] Course you can.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4859] So if they're gonna go up there on a Sunday they ain't gonna go up there on another day.
[4860] You can only
Betty (PS04B) [4861] Well
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4862] spend your money once and that's it.
Betty (PS04B) [4863] So if you go Sundays you ain't gonna go Mondays or Tuesdays [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4864] No.
[4865] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4866] Yeah but it's a flash in the pan.
[4867] It'll suddenly die down.
[4868] They'll say well it ain't worth opening we [...] .
[4869] We ain't taking enough [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4870] They're only gonna open four weeks before Christmas aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4871] Are they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4872] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [4873] Oh yes.
[4874] It's only up to Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4875] Oh.
[4876] Oh is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4877] Oh yeah
Betty (PS04B) [4878] Well Tescos took as much Sunday as they took [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4879] Because it's a new broom innit? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4880] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4881] New broom sweeps cleaner. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4882] Well they'll keep doing it.
[4883] They'll keep on if they can.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4884] Yeah?
[4885] But I mean these erm do it yourself places have been open for, well defied the law now for a long long time haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4886] I mean I know there's fireman, there's doctors, there's ambulances.
[4887] All that's gotta ... th that is different innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4888] Well yes.
[4889] [...] etcetera gotta do Sundays haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4890] No I don't agree with that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4891] No neither do I.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4892] I got [...] off with a lot of things.
[4893] I think I'm getting old and frumpy.
Betty (PS04B) [4894] Hark at her!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4895] Old and frumpy.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4896] You haven't got a mint have you?
Betty (PS04B) [4897] A mint?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4898] My mouth tastes horrible.
Betty (PS04B) [4899] No [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4900] Do you know my mouth was like that the other week.
[4901] And I only said to Joe yesterday [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4902] Or, or a fruit drop or anything.
[4903] ... It's horrible.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4904] Yeah, mine's terrible.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4905] Just anything.
Edna (PS04K) [4906] And then [...] told me.
[4907] She give me the name.
[4908] Only a little bottle like that.
[4909] It's not expensive.
[4910] Just a, a mouthwash and that's done my trick.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4911] [...] awful.
Edna (PS04K) [4912] Yeah.
[4913] And I I, I did say to Bet oh my bleeding mouth [...] I was gonna say.
Betty (PS04B) [4914] No.
[4915] I've gotta chocolate.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4916] That my help.
Edna (PS04K) [4917] Well it might take the taste a little bit.
[4918] ... I [...] to Joe I said [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4919] Do you want a chocolate?
Edna (PS04K) [4920] No thanks.
Betty (PS04B) [4921] They're nice nutty ones.
Edna (PS04K) [4922] No I don't like the nutties.
Betty (PS04B) [4923] Oh don't you.
[4924] Do Joe like the nutties?
Edna (PS04K) [4925] Oh he ate them but I didn't like them very much.
Betty (PS04B) [4926] That's why he got them then.
[4927] They're ninety two pence they are.
[4928] But they're nice.
Edna (PS04K) [4929] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [4930] I had two [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4931] Ninety p a bag?
Betty (PS04B) [4932] Mm.
[4933] For a bag.
[4934] Nice big bag, like that.
Edna (PS04K) [4935] You get a lot of they in the, with erm ... erm
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4936] Roses.
[4937] I like them.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4938] Roses.
[4939] [...] don't they? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4940] Ugh.
[4941] Oh I couldn't eat chocolate in bed.
Betty (PS04B) [4942] Yeah.
[4943] That's why I'll be bleeding coughing all night now.
[4944] [...] [coughing] . See they're making you cough now [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4945] Hasn't swallowed the nut [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4946] Oh no.
[4947] I do hate to cough.
Edna (PS04K) [4948] Now yesterday afternoon I said to our Joe I fancies a bit of chocolate.
[4949] He said well buys you what you want.
[4950] And I walked along back and front, back and front like that and I said oh I don't know.
[4951] I don't know whether I wants it or no I said.
[4952] So I said I'll have a couple of th they [...] I said [...] .
[4953] And I said you gonna have any?
[4954] He said no and I said there's some chocolate brazils there look [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4955] Mm.
[4956] Schlup.
Edna (PS04K) [4957] Course I, you won't get many to the quarter bag Bet.
Betty (PS04B) [4958] Well no but [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4959] Anyway he said no.
Betty (PS04B) [4960] He said no.
Edna (PS04K) [4961] Yeah.
[4962] Yeah he don't eat too many he likes ... he like they but he won't erm ... I had to say to him the other night.
[4963] But I've been buying more icecream and that.
Betty (PS04B) [4964] Mhm
Edna (PS04K) [4965] And he likes a bit of icecream.
Betty (PS04B) [4966] Yeah I do.
[4967] I likes a bit of icecream.
Edna (PS04K) [4968] I bought one this week.
[4969] Haven't had it before.
[4970] It's a bit, anyway it's a bit dear but ooh it was lovely.
[4971] It's, it's erm ... is it a butter and erm whatsit one but you could taste the difference.
[4972] And Joe said god this is different.
[4973] Yeah and it was nice.
[4974] Buy another one.
Betty (PS04B) [4975] Got such a lovely selection mind haven't they.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4976] [...] chocolates now then?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4977] Well yeah I will, I'll have, yesterday
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [4978] No I mean [...] .
Edna (PS04K) [4979] No.
[4980] I haven't even had a [...] chocolate.
[4981] I haven't had nothing. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4982] [...] Well he does.
[4983] Not you.
Edna (PS04K) [4984] I'm asking her and asking her but, I said no I did say to Joe, I said Joe cos erm ... I said cos I, our Doreen said about it didn't she?
[4985] Sh she rang up, she said erm ... thanks all the same but she said erm ... [...] erm, I don't know who it is mind Bet, it's a man whoever it is. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [4986] Ooh [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4987] So she, he.
[4988] I don't know what it is.
[4989] So I said well that's nice.
Betty (PS04B) [4990] Oh well that's alright then so if you want anything perhaps she'll [...]
Edna (PS04K) [4991] No oh no I won't I won't, no.
[4992] No, no.
[4993] Oh no.
[4994] And then.
[4995] ... But Joe see won't go over there.
Betty (PS04B) [4996] Mm.
[4997] Well.
[4998] Can't blame him can you?
Edna (PS04K) [4999] No.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5000] I mean Julie works out there and she rarely goes in there.
[5001] She hates going in the shop.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5002] Well I've asked Julie I've asked Sally and they the .
[5003] If it don't come I don't say oh where is it.
[5004] I thinks oh well if they don't wanna bloody get it that's it ain't it? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5005] No I don't worry.
Betty (PS04B) [5006] I asked her to get some for erm ... the children.
[5007] The children's coming up next weekend.
[5008] ... And er she said oh she said don't worry about the kids.
[5009] Leave it to me.
[5010] So I thought oh well she'll get some next week.
[5011] Or perhaps she'll get up market and that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5012] Has she got my list?
Betty (PS04B) [5013] She must have .
Edna (PS04K) [5014] I've got nothing in our house.
[5015] I haven't had none for weeks have I Bet? [...] chocolate at all.
[5016] I even come in to her one day to see if she had a bar of chocolate .
Betty (PS04B) [5017] Got any chocolate!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5018] She never bloody had none.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5019] Does she bring any Sally at all?
Betty (PS04B) [5020] Yeah she brings some sometimes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5021] Ah.
Betty (PS04B) [5022] Sometimes.
[5023] Like she'll bring [...] or
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5024] If there's anything going I suppose.
Betty (PS04B) [5025] or ... erm one of those bags you know with all the bits and bobs in
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5026] Yeah she said
Betty (PS04B) [5027] she brought for him last week.
[5028] But she don't bring like she did you know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5029] But then they just say it's so crowded over there
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5030] It's murder.
Betty (PS04B) [5031] It's crazy innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5032] I I say [...] but I don't feel as I want to ...
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5033] Last year this time Bet we nearly got killed [...] .
[5034] Can you remember?
Betty (PS04B) [5035] Yeah we queued [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5036] queued to get in.
[5037] And they'd let so many in at a time.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5038] So stupid weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5039] I said as Bet said they ought to have a one way over there that's what they ought to have.
Betty (PS04B) [5040] The only system's where everybody goes round [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5041] And if they forgot something bad luck.
Betty (PS04B) [5042] Yeah too bad.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5043] Cos you go over there there's so many coming this way.
[5044] Oh god ... I well I mean [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5045] And [...] bleeding baskets up the arse.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5046] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5047] I mean okay people can't help that but
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5048] I know they've got to have the basket.
Betty (PS04B) [5049] it's no pleasure is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5050] No [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5051] Anyway.
[5052] Got something nice for tea.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5053] I done some fresh plaice and some scallops dinner time
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5054] Ooh.
Edna (PS04K) [5055] and I ain't kidding, I so enjoyed it ... and I said to Joe ... I wouldn't mind that for Christmas dinner I really enjoyed that.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5056] What was it you had?
Edna (PS04K) [5057] Had erm fresh plaice, scallops ... and peas.
[5058] And I rea , bread and butter, cup of tea.
[5059] I really enjoyed it.
[5060] It was lovely.
[5061] And that's it.
[5062] And the plaice it was so ta , oh it w , I love plaice. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5063] [...] he'd gotta have erm steak for his Christmas dinner.
[5064] He said wonderful [...] wonderful.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5065] I'm gonna have steak.
[5066] I'm gonna have steak.
[5067] Steak, mushrooms, chips, peas.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5068] Yeah I don't want.
[5069] I don't want [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5070] Steak and creamed potatoes and mushrooms , garden peas and side salad.
[5071] That is what we're gonna have.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5072] I like it.
[5073] I love it [...] .
[5074] There's only three of us having that cos our ... the girls are going out. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5075] Staying out all night they are.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5076] Where are they going to?
Betty (PS04B) [5077] Going over to some friends in Stockwood.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5078] What's the best way to cook steak then?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5079] What all day?
Betty (PS04B) [5080] In the oven very slow.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5081] All day, all day?
Betty (PS04B) [5082] All day and all night.
[5083] They're not coming in till boxing night.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5084] Ooh great life innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5085] What do 'you do?
[5086] Cover it or [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5087] What do you do?
[5088] C just put the [...] .
[5089] Don't cover it?
Betty (PS04B) [5090] You don't cover it.
[5091] No.
[5092] No I just put it [...] go bang
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5093] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5094] both sides and I just lay it out.
[5095] With a little drop of water it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5096] No fat?
Betty (PS04B) [5097] Just a tiny bit of it.
[5098] Nothing
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5099] Don't it, you don't
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5100] What do you have sirloin or
Betty (PS04B) [5101] Well
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5102] [...] have the best [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5103] best.
[5104] Nothing but the best.
[5105] I'm gonna find the steak with the yellow fat on the edge.
[5106] The man told me on the telly that is the best so [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5107] I likes them cut [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5108] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5109] [...] about three pounds only about that big [...] if you buy a proper steak
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5110] Fillet? [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5111] Yeah.
[5112] [...] they'll eat you know.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5113] Well you want [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5114] Well if you're gonna have meat, gotta have meat on your dinner.
[5115] Our Clayton said [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5116] Certainly I'm gonna do a, something for the next day.
[5117] Cook it so as we can have it cold with salad or something.
[5118] I, I don't want [...] [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5119] Whatever [...] .
[5120] I'm gonna cook it all Christmas eve.
[5121] Out the bleeding way then I haven't got to [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5122] If there was somewhere open nice we'd go out to dinner but the thing is nowhere open round here. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5123] Ooh [...] we was gonna go Alacio weren't we?
Edna (PS04K) [5124] But our Joe don't.
[5125] I don't think he fancies it.
[5126] I suppose it's the look of the place is it?
Betty (PS04B) [5127] Yes.
[5128] Bloody heavenly food up there.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5129] Up where?
Betty (PS04B) [5130] The Alacio in Kingsford.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5131] Oh yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5132] Excellent.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5133] Is it?
[5134] D'you reckon it is.
Betty (PS04B) [5135] It's dear.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5136] I'm gonna phone tonight and see.
Betty (PS04B) [5137] But it is lovely.
[5138] Everything's eatable and it's all cooked and boiling hot and really nice.
[5139] Service is excellent,
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5140] really nice.
[5141] Gets packed!
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5142] Do it?
Betty (PS04B) [5143] Upstairs and down [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5144] But they may be booked up for Christmas day.
Betty (PS04B) [5145] You've booked up?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5146] I said it could well be booked up.
Betty (PS04B) [5147] Oh it could be.
[5148] It is absolutely lovely
Edna (PS04K) [5149] [...] .
[5150] I said to Joe only just last night we was chatting about it
Betty (PS04B) [5151] there.
[5152] It's really nice.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5153] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5154] But [...] .
[5155] I ain't bothered.
[5156] [...] . I'm sick of [...] I don't, I just
Betty (PS04B) [5157] I don't want turkey or chicken.
[5158] No.
Edna (PS04K) [5159] I done a great big chicken Sunday and it was a beauty.
[5160] [...] . But d'you know I, I didn't fancy it.
Betty (PS04B) [5161] I don't like chicken on my dinner any more.
Edna (PS04K) [5162] I no, I enjoyed it cold yesterday though.
Betty (PS04B) [5163] Got company Christmas day ... for lunch?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5164] Yeah.
[5165] Houseful of people.
[5166] Thirteen for lunch.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5167] Ooh
Betty (PS04B) [5168] Well lucky for some.
[5169] Cor blimey [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5170] Wait a minute.
[5171] Let me see er ... four ... no twelve to lunch.
[5172] Twelve [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5173] Oh that's better.
[5174] ... Make it a round figure, have twelve.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5175] Twelve.
Betty (PS04B) [5176] Oh my god.
Edna (PS04K) [5177] I used to years ago but I couldn't put up with it now.
Betty (PS04B) [5178] I couldn't put up with it now, no.
Edna (PS04K) [5179] Can't be bothered.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5180] And I've got sixteen to tea.
[5181] But I'm having a rest boxing day.
Betty (PS04B) [5182] Going somewhere else?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5183] Huh no, well I'm staying home I hope.
Betty (PS04B) [5184] I thought you was going to Marion's this year?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5185] No.
[5186] I said I wanted to have a rest.
[5187] Hello Dave.
David (PS04J) [5188] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5189] I want a rest I said.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5190] Alright?
[5191] Can you get in?
Betty (PS04B) [5192] He's playing up mind.
[5193] Haven't had a shave.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [5194] Have a bloody shave.
[5195] Every time!
[5196] I shall have a bleeding shave rash.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5197] Used to have a.
[5198] I was gonna say
Betty (PS04B) [5199] I know!
Edna (PS04K) [5200] rash [...] .
[5201] Joe'll say where have you been.
Betty (PS04B) [5202] [...] and can't shave.
David (PS04J) [5203] What are you moaning about now [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5204] Oh go and shave.
[5205] Ugh.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5206] I get a rash there.
[5207] What [...] .
[5208] On the dot your dinner's done.
[5209] You know what ... er Wendy come [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5210] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5211] It's on about that?
Betty (PS04B) [5212] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5213] And it's called ... ooh [...] .
[5214] Begins with a s.
[5215] I thought that's what bloody erm ... Wendy g
Betty (PS04B) [5216] What's it called sciatica?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5217] No it's, is, they
Betty (PS04B) [5218] What are Donna got.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5219] People thinks it's sciatica but it's in, begin with that but it's a funny name.
[5220] And it's, this woman had it and it swells up, and it er.
[5221] She said then it goes down well it did don't it? [...] oh when I think of that name.
[5222] Ooh.
Betty (PS04B) [5223] Mhm.
[5224] [...] right up to date.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5225] Oh god.
[5226] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5227] I can't think of that name.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5228] No, no I can't think of it.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5229] But it's [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5230] I'll leave you to talk to him a minute.
[5231] I'll just see [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5232] I don't want to talk to him.
Betty (PS04B) [5233] Oh talk to him a minute.
Edna (PS04K) [5234] No I don't want to talk.
[5235] ... Oh then she come straight in and cornered the bloody paper.
David (PS04J) [5236] Bloody do don't she?
Edna (PS04K) [...] [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5237] So she said she's [...] forgot the paper.
[5238] [...] . ... Yeah she come straight in.
[5239] Cornered the paper.
[5240] She never said hello or nothing.
[5241] I thought ... told Bet I thought oh you ignorant bitch.
David (PS04J) [5242] She is.
Edna (PS04K) [5243] Yeah.
[5244] I know she is.
[5245] ... Then she sat there like that.
David (PS04J) [5246] Yeah ... she do.
[5247] Like a lump of bloody lard.
Edna (PS04K) [5248] Oh god.
David (PS04J) [5249] Like a bloody lump of lard.
Edna (PS04K) [5250] Yes.
[5251] She got twelve to dinner Christmas day and sixteen to tea.
[5252] Don't know if she invited Bet and you I don't you, she didn't say.
David (PS04J) [5253] That'd be a bloody joke.
Edna (PS04K) [5254] She didn't say. [...]
David (PS04J) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5255] I'll tell her.
[5256] ... That's big pen where she get it from?
David (PS04J) [5257] Our Sally ... got them at erm
Edna (PS04K) [5258] Good innit?
[5259] Oh they're nice.
[5260] Where'd she get them from?
David (PS04J) [5261] At er ...
Edna (PS04K) [...] [...]
Edna (PS04K) [...] [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5262] We tried to get a rubber that rubs, rubs ink out but you can't get one very well can you?
[5263] You don't very often [...]
David (PS04J) [5264] I think you get them at, I think Asda got them like. [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5265] [...] when you're doing your puzzle you makes a mistake there you can rub it out.
David (PS04J) [5266] I [...] .
[5267] I think Julie went up, bought one up there.
[5268] But I wouldn't ho honestly swear to it [...] .
Edna (PS04K) [5269] Oh, have to see.
[5270] Gone to Weston ain't she?
David (PS04J) [5271] Yeah gone to her ... Grans.
Edna (PS04K) [5272] Mm.
[5273] Not a very nice day though is it?
David (PS04J) [5274] No but [...] ... no, not, not actually gone to Weston.
[5275] To the other side of Weston.
Edna (PS04K) [5276] Just outside, yeah.
[5277] No I meant to say she's gone down that way ain't she [...]
David (PS04J) [5278] Yes. [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5279] Oh well.
David (PS04J) [5280] Her mother ... her and her ... her mother and her sister had to go up.
Edna (PS04K) [5281] Ooh well they're all gone are they?
David (PS04J) [5282] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5283] Oh.
[5284] That's alright.
David (PS04J) [5285] Dunno why but that's where they've gone. ...
Edna (PS04K) [5286] She's like two penn'orth of [...] isn't she?
[5287] Ooh I've got a terrible head, got a terrible cold. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5288] [...] dropped us in the cart then by getting that [...] with the chocolates in.
Edna (PS04K) [laugh]
David (PS04J) [5289] No that's stupid.
Betty (PS04B) [5290] I was kicking your leg, did you feel me I thought oh
David (PS04J) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5291] He just borrowed one.
Betty (PS04B) [5292] What one of mine?
David (PS04J) [5293] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5294] Only borrowed it.
David (PS04J) [5295] You bloody ... wrote [...] all bloody mine.
[5296] You and your bloody daughter.
Edna (PS04K) [5297] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5298] How dare you take
David (PS04J) [5299] You had four, Sally had four.
Betty (PS04B) [5300] Oh four!
David (PS04J) [5301] You did!
Betty (PS04B) [5302] And then you give erm Graham back.
Edna (PS04K) [5303] Well I just saying I wouldn't have told you [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5304] Shut the door Please it's cold.
Edna (PS04K) [5305] I said to, I said to him I won't tell her.
Betty (PS04B) [5306] Leave her alone.
Edna (PS04K) [5307] [...] piss off.
Betty (PS04B) [5308] [...] bored he's driving her mad.
[5309] Shut the door!
Edna (PS04K) [5310] Well ... [...] garden.
Betty (PS04B) [5311] Ooh [...] .
[5312] Pain in the arse he is.
Edna (PS04K) [5313] How she sat there.
Betty (PS04B) [5314] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5315] God!
Betty (PS04B) [5316] I thought my bloody chair oh
Edna (PS04K) [5317] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [5318] I thought ooh she's gonna break that chair.
Edna (PS04K) [5319] What a lovely way to sit. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5320] Yeah [...] .
[5321] She said I won't be able to take you out to to lunch till after Christmas time cos I'll be far too busy.
[5322] As I ooh it's immaterial
Edna (PS04K) [5323] Well she got twenty four bleeding days.
Betty (PS04B) [5324] immaterial to me I said.
[5325] ... Ooh my god [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5326] I said to him I said she's got sixteen to tea I [...] invited thee and Bet [laugh] .
Betty (PS04B) [5327] Ooh ... the bloody erm W.
[5328] I.
[5329] innit or the church
Edna (PS04K) [5330] Religious innit ah yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5331] Ah one or another.
Edna (PS04K) [5332] I thought she's m , most rude to sit like that
Betty (PS04B) [5333] She is rude.
[5334] Got no manners.
Edna (PS04K) [5335] That is awful innit?
[5336] I was gonna say to her ain't a chair big enough?
Betty (PS04B) [5337] Yeah [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5338] I nearly [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5339] Well I, I heard the chair go clk.
[5340] I thought ooh the bottom of the chair.
Edna (PS04K) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5341] Worse than a child innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5342] If it was a child I'd say here you sit up properly.
Betty (PS04B) [5343] That's it sit up properly.
[5344] I do to our kids if they lean back I says oi tip that chair on its legs.
Edna (PS04K) [5345] [...] sit up properly.
[5346] That's right.
[5347] Like oh when she comes in I thought ooh her bleeding chocolate.
Betty (PS04B) [5348] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5349] I got to tell bleeding lies cos I mean to say [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5350] I know [...] .
[5351] I thought ooh my god.
[5352] I mean David tore her list up.
[5353] Nobody knows what she wanted.
Edna (PS04K) [5354] Ooh she says so you haven't had any chocolate.
[5355] I said no I bloody haven't.
Betty (PS04B) [5356] No [...] good girl.
Edna (PS04K) [5357] No.
Betty (PS04B) [5358] Ah she bought her chocolate [...] .
[5359] She gets her drinks from somewhere.
Edna (PS04K) [5360] Yeah course she do.
Betty (PS04B) [5361] I mean where do she get they from I'd like to know.
[5362] Not ... here Bet seeing Sally won't get you anything d'you like to [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5363] Yeah.
[5364] Well course you would.
[5365] Yeah.
[5366] Now our Dawn told me ... cos I did say to her I said here I said er Bet did say that [...] .
[5367] Well she said, thank her, thank Bet ever so much she said
Betty (PS04B) [5368] Ooh.
Edna (PS04K) [5369] but she said erm ... ever so kind of her but she said er ... she did say who ... she said there was a friend of hers somebody
Betty (PS04B) [5370] Oh well good luck to her.
Edna (PS04K) [5371] and I thought ooh.
[5372] But I, as soon I said to Joe dinner time I said well ... [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5373] [...] you'd be the first to say to her
Edna (PS04K) [5374] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5375] well I'm going down there d'you want anything.
Edna (PS04K) [5376] Yeah.
[5377] Oh Joe said well he said [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5378] run a mile for her.
[5379] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5380] But you'd have thought she would have said wouldn't you?
Edna (PS04K) [5381] No she never. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5382] I mean she got a c , a card for ... well I am going to Macrows.
[5383] But she's got a card for Macrows.
Edna (PS04K) [5384] Is that cheap then?
Betty (PS04B) [5385] Never once said would you like to come up Macrows.
[5386] It's so cheap up there.
Edna (PS04K) [5387] Is it.
[5388] Is it [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5389] It's out at [...] that way.
Edna (PS04K) [5390] I mean you've got to have a card.
[5391] You can't go in without?
Betty (PS04B) [5392] Oh no you can't go in without a card.
Edna (PS04K) [5393] No, no, no.
Betty (PS04B) [5394] But I mean ... what you're paying say er ooh ... say my cheese is nearly five pound at bloody Asda pasdas, got it up there for about one fifty.
[5395] Ever so cheap.
Edna (PS04K) [5396] Oh well you might as well go up there hadn't you?
[5397] Of course.
Betty (PS04B) [5398] Ever so cheap ... and of course I haven't got a fridge I bought all their frozen stuff [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5399] [...] yeah.
[5400] I'm blowed.
Betty (PS04B) [5401] Our Clay said [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5402] [...] somebody works there is it?
[5403] They've got to have their card?
Betty (PS04B) [5404] It's Carol, Carol erm [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5405] No I meant to say it's somebody that works there is it?
[5406] Like
Betty (PS04B) [5407] No he works on the channel tunnel.
[5408] But he just ... they give them out cards from [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5409] Oh they give them out, oh.
Betty (PS04B) [5410] Yeah.
[5411] And er he, he took our Clay up Sunday.
[5412] And our Clay said he's gonna take me and his mother-in, well future mother-in-law out next Saturday.
Edna (PS04K) [5413] Oh.
Betty (PS04B) [5414] So he said get some money up together mum.
[5415] I said well I'll have what I find [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5416] [...] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5417] He said don't worry about it.
[5418] Be alright.
[5419] He said I'm going out again with him and gonna get you, you and dad's cigarettes and
Edna (PS04K) [5420] Well if it's cheap [...] place where [...] our Maureen.
[5421] We'd go in [...] ooh ... massive
Betty (PS04B) [5422] Ginormous place innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5423] And she had to sign in about a card and that sort of
Betty (PS04B) [5424] Mm
Edna (PS04K) [5425] And it's ever so cheap there cos she bought me a, I can remember [...] ... erm I wanted a curtain thing you know, big long one with the hooks and that.
Betty (PS04B) [5426] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5427] And it, [...] had it for one twenty five.
[5428] I mean back here.
[5429] I can remember [...] .
[5430] And it [...] load your trolley.
[5431] You know you load your trolley up then, you have to take a trolley round like.
Betty (PS04B) [5432] Oh like a supermarket.
[5433] Of course yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5434] Because they have a lot, yeah, they have, yeah have a lot like.
Betty (PS04B) [5435] Well yeah I suppose you buy in bulk don't you.
Edna (PS04K) [5436] Yeah.
[5437] She'd buy it by the bulk yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5438] It's good though isn't it?
Edna (PS04K) [5439] Yeah.
[5440] Save money.
[5441] ... Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5442] Oh our Clayton said, said don't get your stuff up Asda, he said just keep, hang on to your grocery money [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5443] Yeah and get it up there yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5444] So I thought well that's alright then.
[5445] See you'll be able to get your Christmas cheese and all the bits and bobs.
Edna (PS04K) [5446] All that yeah, yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5447] He said there was so much stuff up there I couldn't reel off what they've got because he said they got everything.
Edna (PS04K) [5448] Yeah, yeah got everything.
Betty (PS04B) [5449] So I said to him well mammy wants a freezer he said oh shut your mouth I'm not getting you one.
[5450] Have one for Easter.
Edna (PS04K) [5451] Well perhaps he's buying a bleeding washing machine [...]
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [5452] Dishwasher I said.
Edna (PS04K) [5453] Dishwasher or
Betty (PS04B) [5454] That'll be the year innit [...] ?
[5455] When we got all what we want, that'll be never.
[5456] Never got everything you want have you?
Edna (PS04K) [5457] No, no.
Betty (PS04B) [5458] You could go on and on couldn't you?
[5459] I thought that bedding was cheap she bought down town yesterday didn't you?
Edna (PS04K) [5460] Yeah but ... that, what she bought the girls'll be very thin when she got it on.
[5461] But still it serves the purpose don't it. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5462] [...] don't think [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5463] Yeah, no but I mean it's alright for the [...] .
[5464] I thought that [...] was nice for the boys.
Betty (PS04B) [5465] Yeah that was quite nice.
Edna (PS04K) [5466] That was cheap.
[5467] ... Yeah they was alright.
Betty (PS04B) [5468] [...] erm think [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5469] Why's she gone out to [...] today for then?
Betty (PS04B) [5470] She went out and bought all her erm ... tut Christmas cereals, coffee and tea bags and er
Edna (PS04K) [5471] Ooh.
[5472] Although she she spend her money [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5473] Oh bloody [...] and all sorts she buys.
[5474] I said what you want [...] ?
[5475] She said well they're always handy.
[5476] And erm ... washing powder and soaps and toothpaste [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5477] Yeah well she's got the money there she might as well spend it hadn't she?
Betty (PS04B) [5478] God.
[5479] She said I got everything in now for Christmas.
Edna (PS04K) [5480] Well Joe says we has our ten pound next week.
Betty (PS04B) [5481] This week innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5482] Not this week ...
Betty (PS04B) [5483] Yeah it is.
Edna (PS04K) [5484] Oh next week
Betty (PS04B) [5485] Well Iris said this week I don't know when it is but
Edna (PS04K) [5486] Yeah, no I think that's right.
[5487] Cos Joe said your, that's right it must be this, I said it ain't so early as that.
[5488] He said yeah.
[5489] I said oh I didn't know that.
Betty (PS04B) [5490] Oh that's tomorrow then innit?
[5491] Obviously for us [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5492] For you, yeah.
[5493] Thursday for him.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5494] He generally gets [...] anyway.
[5495] [...] . He said oh he said I'll have that he said get some ...
Betty (PS04B) [5496] Sweets and chocolate.
[5497] We got a whole load like that in a bag for the kids.
Edna (PS04K) [5498] [laugh] ooh dear.
Betty (PS04B) [5499] But he's gonna get some more he said.
[5500] I thought well keep them quiet.
Edna (PS04K) [5501] Oh I didn't know he had it so early I always thought it was the week before.
Betty (PS04B) [5502] Cos really that'd pay for the girls' nightshirts [...] .
Edna (PS04K) [5503] [...] .
[5504] It's disgusting.
Betty (PS04B) [5505] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5506] Really is.
Betty (PS04B) [5507] Where's the electric man?
[5508] I wish he'd hurry up and give us it.
Edna (PS04K) [5509] [...] Yeah I'm go , I'm, old Joe reckons it'll be a whatsit one.
Betty (PS04B) [5510] Ooh.
Edna (PS04K) [5511] He said I think, cos he said, the bill come in just with the gas last time.
[5512] Near enough with the gas last time.
[5513] He reckon it'll be a whatsit one.
Betty (PS04B) [5514] Oh I hope not.
[5515] Weren't it an estimate last time?
Edna (PS04K) [5516] I don't know.
Betty (PS04B) [5517] Or did we have a reader?
Edna (PS04K) [5518] No we had the reader last time didn't we, yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5519] We had a nice young man come round [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5520] Yeah we had [...] [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5521] I'm not sure.
[5522] Oh not a damn
Edna (PS04K) [5523] And old Joe said he said I reckon it's a ... be a whatsit.
[5524] On the other hand it might not.
[5525] Our Pam said he hadn't been there so. ...
Betty (PS04B) [5526] I mean he's usually after the gas man isn't he?
Edna (PS04K) [5527] He follows it all round don't he?
Betty (PS04B) [5528] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5529] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5530] Oh bloody hell don't say that.
[5531] I hates that not knowing.
Edna (PS04K) [5532] [laugh] Yeah but still it might be less it might be more.
[5533] You don't know do you?
Betty (PS04B) [5534] Ooh.
[5535] So don't worry about it.
Edna (PS04K) [5536] [...] said to our Joe, I [...] I did believe, I mean I I, well I said [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5537] [...] innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5538] Well yeah but, cos I mean I'd left it on all night before.
[5539] And we've had it on every, well you know we have.
[5540] I've had a radiator on in the hallway.
[5541] I've had a radiator on in the front room.
[5542] Well same as our Pam said well mum you ain't using no more gas it's silly .
Betty (PS04B) [5543] Well no with the radiators on.
Edna (PS04K) [5544] It's the, well you've got the water on [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5545] That's it.
[5546] It's all running off the same gas.
Edna (PS04K) [5547] Yeah.
[5548] Erm.
[5549] No I don't I don't know why, I have, we don't have our fire on mind.
[5550] No we don't have the fire on.
Betty (PS04B) [5551] Well no.
Edna (PS04K) [5552] Well he don't go in there.
[5553] If it's anybody it's I.
[5554] If I goes in
Betty (PS04B) [5555] Well there's no need of it if you got your radiator on.
Edna (PS04K) [5556] Yeah.
[5557] Mind if I goes in there like, sometimes over the weekend if he's watching football.
[5558] And I'm sat there, think to myself put the bloody fire on, put your feet up.
[5559] I do do that for
Betty (PS04B) [5560] Well that's it.
Edna (PS04K) [5561] I don't tell him, although he doesn't mind.
Betty (PS04B) [5562] [...] it's cold innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5563] [...] worry about it.
Betty (PS04B) [5564] You can't be cold.
[5565] Don't do what David's mother and father and bloody freeze to death.
Edna (PS04K) [5566] No [...] . [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5567] Fancy she coming in today.
[5568] She looks half dead don't she? [...] [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5569] Her eyes.
Betty (PS04B) [5570] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5571] [...] the whites of her eyes goes [...] don't it?
Betty (PS04B) [5572] I know what's the matter with her?
Edna (PS04K) [5573] I don't know.
[5574] She looks like somebody got her bloody in a trance.
Betty (PS04B) [5575] Yeah.
[5576] I thought she was gonna go bleeding sleep on that chair.
Edna (PS04K) [5577] Yeah.
[5578] [...] her eyes.
[5579] Her eyeballs [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5580] It's all that shit and junk she takes and all they fucking pills.
Edna (PS04K) [5581] Well she looks she looks druggy don't she?
Betty (PS04B) [5582] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5583] She looks druggy.
Betty (PS04B) [5584] She takes all these vitamin pills and god knows what else.
[5585] And herbal mixtures and all that.
Edna (PS04K) [5586] Mm.
Betty (PS04B) [5587] They don't do her no good.
Edna (PS04K) [5588] [whispering] No [] .
Betty (PS04B) [5589] Bloody fool ain't she?
[5590] I mean she does bugger all at home.
Edna (PS04K) [5591] Aye you're right.
Betty (PS04B) [5592] Don't know how many ti times a week, I meant to ask her does she go to that man now.
Edna (PS04K) [5593] That's why she's bloody fat and bloody flabby innit?
Betty (PS04B) [5594] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5595] I mean I don't bloody [...] but.
Betty (PS04B) [5596] Well no nor do I don't whiz about [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5597] I'd like to see her going upstairs.
[5598] I bet [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5599] Oh my goodness.
[5600] And her stairs are so steep [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5601] Oh god.
Betty (PS04B) [5602] Yeah cos they have to sort of bring the staircases, cos they built all that on didn't didn't they [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5603] I think she's so rude.
[5604] I can't, I mean alright
Betty (PS04B) [5605] Well she is rude.
Edna (PS04K) [5606] I'll speak to her but I can't say, I couldn't take to her.
[5607] Couldn't have her as a neighbour.
Betty (PS04B) [5608] Ooh [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5609] Ooh I couldn't [...] do that!
[5610] Nor I.
[5611] [...] me.
Betty (PS04B) [5612] Well that lady don't bother with her next door down there.
Edna (PS04K) [5613] Doesn't she?
Betty (PS04B) [5614] Got a bloody great fence up.
Edna (PS04K) [5615] Oh!
[5616] Just as well
Betty (PS04B) [5617] [...] the hint, yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5618] Oh, oh dear.
[5619] Got a lovely place there but is she ... sort of
Edna (PS04K) [5620] Yeah but they the sort of people that don't.
Betty (PS04B) [5621] Oh it's lovely.
Edna (PS04K) [5622] I mean [...] got lovely places they don't [...] do they?
Betty (PS04B) [5623] No.
Edna (PS04K) [5624] They just takes it in their stride.
Betty (PS04B) [5625] [...] funny innit?
[5626] I mean she got that bloody great ... well all that is glass across there, it's all
Edna (PS04K) [5627] Bet she cleans it every day don't you. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [5628] It's absolutely [...] .
[5629] She ... she could have that spotless couldn't she? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5630] Old man takes his bloody dinner in there.
[5631] Sits in his easy chair with his feet up with his tray.
[5632] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5633] Well yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5634] But she looked a bloody sight in [...] dress.
Betty (PS04B) [5635] All that money.
[5636] There's a bleeding sight yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5637] [...] as big round as my body nearly.
[5638] Didn't she [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5639] Wears the wrong clothes as well doesn't she?
Edna (PS04K) [5640] [...] her clothes she got bloody, well.
[5641] Hangs on her don't it?
Betty (PS04B) [5642] Well she [...] new clothes can she?
Edna (PS04K) [5643] Well.
[5644] ... She could get, and they bloody old ... boots, shoes she got on.
Betty (PS04B) [5645] Ooh I tell her, I says to her [...] pop down to Wallis's.
Edna (PS04K) [5646] [...] yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5647] I mean Wallis's is fairly
Edna (PS04K) [5648] [...] yeah
Betty (PS04B) [5649] It's for the bigger lady and [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5650] Yeah there's the others erm ... what was it, I was gonna look for [...] and I turned bloody [...] on whatever his bleeding name is.
[5651] They had erm clothes show for the ... the fuller ladies this morning.
Betty (PS04B) [5652] Ooh.
Edna (PS04K) [5653] I was gonna look at that and I forgot it.
Betty (PS04B) [5654] But you can get some lovely clothes.
Edna (PS04K) [5655] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5656] There ain't no bloody need for her to be, and not with the money.
[5657] She got the money.
Edna (PS04K) [5658] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5659] I mean you and I
Edna (PS04K) [5660] But it looks as if it looks as though she stands there and something just drops [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5661] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5662] She ain't got a bit of style has she?
[5663] I wonder what her underclothes is like.
Betty (PS04B) [5664] Well there's knickers, there's bloomers [...] .
[5665] Yeah, blowing in the breeze. [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [5666] Bloody hell.
Betty (PS04B) [5667] Yeah.
[5668] I mean she could have it all couldn't she?
[5669] She got the money there, why in the hell don't she sort herself out.
[5670] I mean [...] very smart.
Edna (PS04K) [5671] [...] yeah.
[5672] Yeah.
[5673] But I mean to say you sees these big ladies, well I've seen them on their
Betty (PS04B) [5674] Smart and together yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5675] Mm [...] .
[5676] Mind I'll tell you honest she asked [coughing] [...] , fat lady this ... take your troubles to her I forget her bleeding name.
Betty (PS04B) [5677] Clare Raynor.
Edna (PS04K) [5678] Clare Raynor.
[5679] Mind she did look nice.
[5680] She looked ever so smart and I thought well
Betty (PS04B) [5681] That's it.
[5682] Got the money.
[5683] Why not use it.
[5684] Make yourself, make the most of yourself?
Edna (PS04K) [5685] Yeah.
[5686] Yeah cos I looked in ours and I said to our Joe I'd like a nice dress.
[5687] Oh well get, have a bloody dress if you want one.
[5688] And I was looking and they'd got red, black in one window.
[5689] Red and yellow one.
[5690] And er ... they've got another one I think that's dark colours.
[5691] But I said oh that's nice innit and it was, a what was it jumper and ... like for Christmassy like a silver
Betty (PS04B) [5692] Mm.
[5693] Long [...] sort of yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5694] Like a long yeah.
[5695] And it was ever so.
[5696] And I said that's nice innit well, he said well have them if you want it.
[5697] I said it's a lot of money innit?
[5698] He said well it ain't if you, if it's a thing you want it ain't is it.
[5699] Well it's only thirty five pound for a jumper with a top.
Betty (PS04B) [5700] No.
Edna (PS04K) [5701] Ah yeah but I mean I ain't wearing again would I after Christmas, no.
Betty (PS04B) [5702] Go for it.
[5703] Have it.
[5704] Why not treat yourself.
Edna (PS04K) [5705] They had a nice top there that, they had a nice top there I liked, red.
[5706] He was nice but it was thirty five [...] .
[5707] Oh I dunno.
[5708] Wouldn't wear it after would you?
Betty (PS04B) [5709] That's the thing.
[5710] Are you gonna wear it after.
[5711] But she, she could bleeding dress up ... to the nines.
Edna (PS04K) [5712] I likes a nice pair of shoes on if, if I go out.
[5713] I likes a nice tidy pair of shoe , anywhere special [...] .
[5714] Yeah, nice tidy pair.
[5715] ... If your hair's tidy yes.
[5716] Nice yes.
Betty (PS04B) [5717] Well you got to have tidy feet haven't you.
[5718] If your hair's tidy and your feet's tidy.
[5719] That's everything.
Edna (PS04K) [5720] Cos I nearly thought to myself shall I have a wash and set for Christmas.
[5721] Cos up in the, the erm ... paper shop they got somebody in [...] and she does it like ... special for p for pensioners.
[5722] I thought to myself shall I go [...] .
[5723] I thought oh I can do my own if I rolls it up [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5724] Oh you can do your own.
Edna (PS04K) [5725] Once I have to do it.
[5726] If I can, if I just wanted, wanted to go round, go round.
Betty (PS04B) [5727] Going down Pamela's?
Edna (PS04K) [5728] No.
[5729] I sh , I shan't go.
Betty (PS04B) [5730] You're not.
[5731] Definitely not?
Edna (PS04K) [5732] Well things haven't altered have they?
[5733] I mean I had that go with her.
[5734] She couldn't have said nothing to our ... if she did I should have thought well alright our nan said I must bloody go up but she didn't come up Sunday.
[5735] She was down there.
Betty (PS04B) [5736] Oh she was there was she?
Edna (PS04K) [5737] Yeah I s , cos I seen the car.
[5738] Course she said she was there.
Betty (PS04B) [5739] Oh course [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5740] And she said that [...] yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5741] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5742] I don't know.
[5743] I said, well I did say to her this morning I said there's a ... [...] some [...] for the baby and some bits of chocolate.
[5744] Oh she said I'll be going up tomorrow but I, I, I can't ask her, [...] I didn't ought to but I can't ... can't ask her nothing, innit funny.
[5745] Don't know why.
[5746] I said well I said I don't know if they're alright for her cos I haven't seen her so I can't tell.
[5747] ... Yeah.
[5748] But see ... I don't know Bet.
[5749] It'll, it will hurt me.
[5750] But I, I daren't sort of do nothing cos that's gonna upset our Joe if I do.
[5751] But I, might not be there all th , [...] might not be there.
Betty (PS04B) [5752] No, I suppose it is.
[5753] Sunday's just the same thinking and wondering.
Edna (PS04K) [5754] Mm, yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5755] It's just not right.
Edna (PS04K) [5756] But then she, well she's stubborn isn't [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5757] So just treat it like a Sunday.
[5758] If they don't come Sundays bollocks [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5759] I said to Joe I said I'd enjoy that Christmas day Joe.
[5760] He said so I so he said it's nice.
Betty (PS04B) [5761] Ah.
Edna (PS04K) [5762] He said.
[5763] And I, I might cook a dinner and think oh I don't want it.
[5764] [...] lovely.
[5765] It really was it was lovely that dinner.
Betty (PS04B) [5766] Ah.
[5767] ... When you know they're down there Sundays.
[5768] They don't bleeding bother to come up so it's only like a Sunday innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5769] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5770] Innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5771] I, I, I shall feel awful though.
[5772] ... Well I, well Joe said I [...] .
[5773] I couldn't understand him really saying that.
[5774] And so I said well ...
Betty (PS04B) [5775] Well he hasn't done nothing wrong [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5776] No [...] anybody speaks .
[5777] I mean there's Terry, we haven't spotted.
[5778] It's awful you sit and think about it.
Betty (PS04B) [5779] Yeah.
Edna (PS04K) [5780] I said to our Pam, Terry hasn't looked in the bloody door.
[5781] Not as we seen him a lot but least he could come and say ... alright.
Betty (PS04B) [5782] How are your keeping now.
Edna (PS04K) [5783] Mm.
[5784] Anyway [...] say oh poor bugger [...] .
[5785] And he'll go to him and he's say ah.
[5786] Bloody come in here poor buggering me! ...
Betty (PS04B) [5787] Still it's your daughter.
[5788] If she's invited you to her house that's up to you innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5789] Yeah but I yeah but I still ... I don't know.
[5790] I mean, the baby won't know us anyway.
Betty (PS04B) [5791] Won't she.
[5792] No.
Edna (PS04K) [5793] No. ...
Betty (PS04B) [5794] She just won't will she?
[5795] Now they forget so fast don't they?
Edna (PS04K) [5796] Yeah.
[5797] Well look at our Sophie she [...] but she don't know you now.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5798] No and yet she [...] she run to, course she seen [...] break.
[5799] But I could go up in a few weeks [...] .
[5800] There's Maggie.
Betty (PS04B) [5801] Oh here's Maggie.
Maggie (PS04G) [5802] Alright?
Betty (PS04B) [5803] Alright my love.
Edna (PS04K) [5804] Maggie with the fringe on top.
Betty (PS04B) [5805] How's your ma?
Maggie (PS04G) [5806] Alright I suppose.
Edna (PS04K) [5807] Just saying I thought she was coming home?
Betty (PS04B) [5808] No I was just saying
Maggie (PS04G) [5809] She was supposed to be out Monday.
Edna (PS04K) [5810] [...] not coming home.
Betty (PS04B) [5811] She's not very well is she?
Edna (PS04K) [5812] [...] across there.
Maggie (PS04G) [5813] [...] yeah I think so.
Edna (PS04K) [5814] [...] motorbike yeah.
[5815] How, how is she anyway?
Maggie (PS04G) [5816] She's fine in herself.
[5817] They're all flapping round her cos her ... temperature keeps going up and down like a bloody yo yo.
Betty (PS04B) [5818] Ooh.
Maggie (PS04G) [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5819] What's that?
[5820] Cos she's had the injections is it?
Maggie (PS04G) [5821] Been on the drip all night [...] she's got an infection [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5822] Oh on a drip. [...]
Wendy (PS04E) [5823] Hello
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5824] Hello
Betty (PS04B) [5825] Alright?
Wendy (PS04E) [5826] Mhm.
Maggie (PS04G) [5827] Her stomach's right up.
[5828] [...] . Can't understand why [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5829] Do they know then?
[5830] What it is?
Betty (PS04B) [5831] Strange innit?
Edna (PS04K) [5832] Innit.
Betty (PS04B) [5833] D'you have a nice time?
Edna (PS04K) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [5834] She took us everywhere.
[5835] All round the shops.
[5836] [...] small items.
Betty (PS04B) [5837] Ah well then.
[5838] That's Nan's innit? [laugh]
Edna (PS04K) [5839] Is the tide in down there?
Wendy (PS04E) [5840] Don't know never [...]
Edna (PS04K) [5841] [...] front.
Betty (PS04B) [5842] Ah.
[5843] ... Was she pleased to see you?
Wendy (PS04E) [5844] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5845] Ooh.
Wendy (PS04E) [5846] What time are you going out there tonight?
[5847] Are we still going?
Maggie (PS04G) [5848] If you want to.
Wendy (PS04E) [5849] Cos I ain't getting anything.
Maggie (PS04G) [5850] No.
Wendy (PS04E) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [5851] Well what time are you going?
[5852] What time have you got to be there?
Wendy (PS04E) [5853] Well it's from six thirty till nine.
Maggie (PS04G) [5854] Six thirty to nine?
Wendy (PS04E) [5855] Yeah. [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [5856] It's purely up to you.
[5857] He don't mind and ... well [...] down town innit?
Wendy (PS04E) [5858] Yeah well we, if we go it's gonna take us hour to get bloody down there and back on the bus innit?
Betty (PS04B) [5859] Oh I love buses [...] .
[5860] Bloody nuisance innit? [...] [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5861] Mind you perhaps erm Chris take them one way and Clay the other?
[5862] Ask him when he comes in.
Wendy (PS04E) [5863] Yeah.
[5864] Could do.
Maggie (PS04G) [5865] Otherwise it means Chris got to hang about till we're ready to come out [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5866] That's it.
[5867] It's stupid innit?
Wendy (PS04E) [5868] That's if Clay don't.

19 (Tape 009401)

Maggie (PS04G) [5869] I reckon people's conversations ought to be bleeding private not on bloody tape [...]
Googie (PS04C) [5870] Yeah and I'm right with you er ... Maggie.
[5871] I'm sorry about this.
David (PS04J) [5872] Maggie!
Maggie (PS04G) [5873] I'm gonna whip the ruddy tape and wipe the bugger clean.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
David (PS04J) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [5874] Listen we don't swear it's Betty innit?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...]
Maggie (PS04G) [5875] We're safe anyway [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5876] Oh yes.
[5877] Got nothing to worry about. [laugh]
Maggie (PS04G) [5878] Cheers.
David (PS04J) [5879] Bye Mags.
Betty (PS04B) [5880] Bye Mags.
Googie (PS04C) [5881] I couldn't smell they chops then?
Betty (PS04B) [5882] Well they been in there since two o'clock.
[5883] But they're not cooking very well.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5884] But they're not cooking very well.
[5885] They're on too low.
[5886] I put them on ever so low.
Googie (PS04C) [5887] Yeah. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5888] [...] Not it is nice though innit?
Googie (PS04C) [5889] Oh it's like mud innit? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5890] Do you want boiled potatoes or not?
[5891] Or roast?
Wendy (PS04E) [5892] What?
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5893] No you don't want to.
[5894] Of course you don't.
Googie (PS04C) [5895] It's bad for you Dave.
Betty (PS04B) [5896] Boiled or roast?
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [5897] [...] roast.
Betty (PS04B) [5898] Yeah but he likes boiled [...]
Googie (PS04C) [...]
David (PS04J) [...] [...]
Googie (PS04C) [5899] I bought [...] of these scallops up there this week Bet.
[5900] They were cheap.
Betty (PS04B) [5901] Yeah what were they like then?
Googie (PS04C) [5902] Bloody lovely.
[5903] It's not, they ain't battered or nothing but it's just, ooh they're beautiful they [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5904] Are they?
Googie (PS04C) [5905] Yeah.
[5906] And they [...] about eighty nine, eighty something.
[5907] They're lovely.
[5908] They're really nice.
[5909] Not the battered ones, they're not very nice.
[5910] Just when you open it it's just nice scallops.
[5911] And they went golden brown, they was bloody lovely.
David (PS04J) [5912] [...] brown [...] ?
Googie (PS04C) [5913] Yeah br , some went black.
[5914] I kept them on a bit too long.
[5915] Yeah but they were really nice.
[5916] I say I don't like the others now.
David (PS04J) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [5917] They go greasy your battered scallops.
[5918] [...] eat that.
Betty (PS04B) [5919] It's very bad for you.
Googie (PS04C) [5920] I used to do a lot for Joe but I don't do them now.
[5921] Not good for you.
[5922] ... Oh dear.
Betty (PS04B) [...] [rattling of bags]
Googie (PS04C) [5923] Oh I shall be glad when the bloody weather [...] .
[5924] ... If it snowed it'd be a bit whiter, bit whiter.
Julie (PS04F) [5925] [laugh] Yeah it would be.
Googie (PS04C) [5926] Snowed.
Betty (PS04B) [5927] What did your mother have to say then Julie?
Julie (PS04F) [5928] Oh not a lot.
[5929] [...] Not really.
Googie (PS04C) [5930] Many shopping down there?
Julie (PS04F) [5931] No.
[5932] Closed.
[5933] Suppose they go down there weekends look.
Googie (PS04C) [5934] [...] they've opened Sunday I expect.
[5935] [...] ... I don't know where the people are getting their money from.
Betty (PS04B) [5936] Who drove, Karen?
Julie (PS04F) [5937] No she can't drive.
[5938] It was our mum.
Betty (PS04B) [5939] Oh can't she?
Julie (PS04F) [5940] No.
Betty (PS04B) [5941] Oh your mother did the driving.
Julie (PS04F) [5942] Mm.
Betty (PS04B) [5943] Was she surprised to see you then, when she
Julie (PS04F) [5944] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [5945] got there.
Julie (PS04F) [5946] Yeah.
[5947] Yeah cos Auntie Carol never told her.
Googie (PS04C) [5948] Father was cussing cos you weren't here.
Betty (PS04B) [5949] Oh ah.
Googie (PS04C) [5950] Said where's she to.
Betty (PS04B) [5951] That's it.
[5952] He come in last night and you weren't here.
[5953] Come in today, you weren't here.
Julie (PS04F) [5954] Tough, innit.
Googie (PS04C) [5955] Gallivanting about.
Julie (PS04F) [5956] I can see my dad any time, I can't see my nan any time.
Googie (PS04C) [5957] [...] .
[5958] When you see him.
Julie (PS04F) [5959] Can you get me out the
Betty (PS04B) [5960] Oh Ju [...]
Googie (PS04C) [5961] What's it you want?
[5962] The milk?
[5963] What do you want Ju?
Julie (PS04F) [5964] No I never.
[5965] But I need it as well.
[5966] For tonight.
Googie (PS04C) [5967] What do you want?
[5968] What do you want?
Julie (PS04F) [5969] Erm marge please.
Googie (PS04C) [5970] The marge.
Betty (PS04B) [5971] Oh ah you need your car for tonight.
Googie (PS04C) [5972] Whereabouts is the marge Bet?
Betty (PS04B) [5973] It's up in the cupboard.
Googie (PS04C) [5974] What cupboard?
Julie (PS04F) [5975] Oh it's in the cupboard.
Googie (PS04C) [5976] Oh up there.
[5977] [...] bloody cupboard [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [5978] Dawn used it look, she put it up in the cupboard. ...
Googie (PS04C) [5979] Go in to dinner today?
Betty (PS04B) [5980] Can't you use erm ... Sally's car tonight Julie?
Julie (PS04F) [5981] Well I don't know.
Betty (PS04B) [5982] I don't suppose they'll take the names as long as you've got a card to show, will they?
[5983] ... Cos I'm hoping, our Clay, she said he'll be in about six, half past.
[5984] So I'm hoping then he'll be in before you ... go out.
[5985] Cos he [...]
Julie (PS04F) [5986] I hope he ain't le left the card in bloody Lee's car.
Betty (PS04B) [5987] So do I. [...]
Julie (PS04F) [5988] [...] said nothing last night, seeing him never give it me back.
Betty (PS04B) [5989] I said to him, I said put Julie's card in the middle thingie there with Sally's.
[5990] He said yeah alright mum and that was the end of that.
Julie (PS04F) [5991] He [...]
David (PS04J) [5992] [...] put your name on it. [...] ?
Julie (PS04F) [5993] No [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
David (PS04J) [5994] What [...] Sally's [...]
Betty (PS04B) [5995] Yeah well I expect he'll ring [...]
David (PS04J) [5996] [...] on Sally's [...] on yours.
Julie (PS04F) [5997] No, it was Sally's. ...
Betty (PS04B) [5998] See he should have put it straight back in there when he come in.
[5999] Stupid person.
[6000] ... Now he won't be able to have them again will he if he's gonna bleeding muck about and act stupid.
Julie (PS04F) [6001] [...] where it is.
[6002] Well he won't be able to [...] after this week anyway.
Betty (PS04B) [6003] No.
[6004] ... Well I never thought he'd take it out and put it in in the drawer.
[6005] In the front room, he might have.
[6006] Knowing him I expect he's still got it in his pocket. ...
Julie (PS04F) [6007] I don't know what pocket he would have put it in then cos it weren't in his coat pocket.
Betty (PS04B) [6008] Oh
Julie (PS04F) [6009] [...] ... Silly man.
Betty (PS04B) [6010] Oh he's a bloody idiot.
[6011] ... [...] . He don't stop and think that's the trouble.
[6012] ... Hope dopey Lee never went home with it.
Julie (PS04F) [6013] He better not have. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6014] [...] scissors.
Julie (PS04F) [...]
David (PS04J) [6015] Yeah Julie got them.
Googie (PS04C) [6016] Did she?
[6017] Bit awkward now innit?
[6018] ... Veronica came here.
[6019] Was looking at the papers come straight in and [...]
David (PS04J) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6020] Eh?
Betty (PS04B) [6021] She's so rude.
David (PS04J) [6022] All these papers seem thin today.
Googie (PS04C) [6023] They are thin, yeah today.
Julie (PS04F) [6024] [...] newspaper. ...
Betty (PS04B) [6025] Oh bug!
[6026] ... Our [...] is gone quiet. [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6027] [...] Yeah.
[6028] How many [...]
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6029] Funny, all different papers, all different news.
Betty (PS04B) [6030] [...] said to ju- erm ... Sally get my stuff?
[6031] I said no not yet.
[6032] Perhaps she'll get it next week [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6033] [...] said yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [6034] Yeah [laugh] .
[6035] Liar.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Julie (PS04F) [6036] [...] crisps.
[6037] I'll have to remind her.
[6038] I wants two lots.
[6039] Salt and vinegar and ready salted.
Betty (PS04B) [6040] Well Clayton ... have you asked him?
Julie (PS04F) [6041] I asked him once and he said yeah but ...
Googie (PS04C) [6042] Ah well he forgets don't he?
Betty (PS04B) [6043] Oh my god his mind's like a sieve.
Julie (PS04F) [6044] I, I'll write on his forehead. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6045] Yeah
Julie (PS04F) [6046] so every time he looks in the mirror he'll know
Betty (PS04B) [6047] Good ideal that. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6048] [reading] How would you spend your last day on earth?
[6049] [] Get pissed.
Julie (PS04F) [6050] God, get pissed
Googie (PS04C) [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [6051] [...] shouting [...] legs up, kicking the legs up and laughing.
[6052] What am I looking for?
[6053] ... Oh a tin of peas!
[6054] I knew I was looking for something.
Julie (PS04F) [6055] You're getting on a bit.
Betty (PS04B) [6056] Oh my goodness.
[6057] ... Ooh ooh, where are they?
[6058] Come on.
Googie (PS04C) [6059] I think I'm gonna [...] ... [...] prawn cocktails first ... for Christmas day.
[6060] I loves a prawn cocktail.
Betty (PS04B) [6061] And [...] do.
[6062] She likes prawn cocktails. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6063] Asda's prices.
[6064] Icecream Christmas puddings, have you ever heard of that?
Betty (PS04B) [6065] Don't like the sound of that.
Googie (PS04C) [6066] Two ninety nine.
[6067] Whoever's thought that up.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [6068] Look [...] make icecream cake [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6069] Oh yeah icecream cake's lovely.
Googie (PS04C) [6070] I've never made one.
Betty (PS04B) [6071] Ooh we have birthday cakes for the kids, icecream cakes.
Googie (PS04C) [6072] Do you?
Betty (PS04B) [6073] When they was little, yes.
Googie (PS04C) [6074] [...] icecream Christmas puddings. ...
Betty (PS04B) [6075] [whispering] [...] [] .
[6076] Dave, see if the saucepan lid's down in the with the plates please.
[6077] It's gone on walkies.
David (PS04J) [6078] Yeah it is. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6079] C and A.
[6080] Oh I haven't been in there for years, not C and A.
Betty (PS04B) [6081] Got some lovely clothes in there.
Googie (PS04C) [6082] Have they?
Betty (PS04B) [6083] Well I haven't been in there for years mind but when, the last time I went in there the clothes was lovely.
Googie (PS04C) [6084] I ain't got no inclination to go down the town [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6085] No.
[6086] If I had, well a few hundred maybe.
[6087] ... Don't like it in there these days do you?
Googie (PS04C) [6088] No I don't like the town at all.
Betty (PS04B) [6089] No.
[6090] I like to go to Bath.
[6091] It's nice at Bath.
Googie (PS04C) [6092] Oh it's just as bloody bad there.
[6093] ... [...] after having a flu jab.
Betty (PS04B) [6094] Ooh goodness.
Googie (PS04C) [6095] Ooh he was only twenty six.
Betty (PS04B) [6096] Oh my goodness. [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6097] Giving him a sneezing fit.
[6098] ... He said oh shit and he died.
Betty (PS04B) [6099] That's it then.
[6100] Well he shouldn't have opened his gob and said it should he?
Googie (PS04C) [6101] There was no asthma ... attack, no cry or gasp of pain.
[6102] He just said oh shit.
Betty (PS04B) [6103] [laugh] oh shit! ...
Googie (PS04C) [6104] Bleeding hell. ...
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6105] And he suffered two heavy sneezing fits earlier in the day. [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6106] And then what?
[6107] He went and had his jab did he?
Googie (PS04C) [6108] Well [...] only been married eight months, had a little baby.
Betty (PS04B) [6109] Oh no [...] ... Oh do me a favour Dave.
David (PS04J) [6110] What's that?
Betty (PS04B) [6111] Reach the Paxo from up the top, Julie put it up the top.
[6112] If there's a single one I'll have that one, if there isn't I'll have to open a double.
David (PS04J) [6113] Sage and onion stuffing?
Betty (PS04B) [6114] Yeah that'll do. ... [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6115] [...] didn't seem very concerned did she?
Betty (PS04B) [6116] No she seemed a bit
Googie (PS04C) [6117] Yeah
Betty (PS04B) [6118] Don't know how she seemed, do you?
Googie (PS04C) [6119] Well [...] I mean I don't [...] , well I've never ... I think [...] 's holding that hat on.
Betty (PS04B) [laugh]
Googie (PS04C) [6120] [...] I can't, I can't look at him.
Betty (PS04B) [6121] Disgusting innit?
Googie (PS04C) [6122] Horrible isn't he?
Betty (PS04B) [6123] Ugh.
[6124] Really ugh.
[6125] Well if he's going out and she's going out, who's gonna look after the children?
Googie (PS04C) [6126] [...] .
[6127] Oh I don't know.
[6128] They'll take them I suppose.
Betty (PS04B) [6129] No she said, no she ain't taking the kids.
Googie (PS04C) [6130] I expect they'll [...] .
[6131] Looks as though he's arranged to go out.
Betty (PS04B) [6132] Yeah.
[6133] I dunno. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6134] Lot of them are being sacked off the bloody telly innit?
Betty (PS04B) [6135] Yeah.
Googie (PS04C) [6136] [...] watching that.
Betty (PS04B) [6137] What they say, thirteen have got to go.
[6138] Was it thirteen?
[6139] From I T V or somewhere?
Googie (PS04C) [6140] It's more than that.
[6141] ... Actress Jan Francis is [...]
David (PS04J) [6142] [...] on till twelve o'clock again.
Googie (PS04C) [...]
David (PS04J) [6143] That's on till twelve o'clock.
Betty (PS04B) [6144] Oh, that programme we seen last night is on till ten to twelve.
Googie (PS04C) [6145] What the film?
[6146] Is it?
[6147] What time's it start?
Betty (PS04B) [6148] Is it ten o'clock? ...
Googie (PS04C) [6149] Ten?
Betty (PS04B) [6150] Ten till twelve.
Googie (PS04C) [6151] Oh ten.
[6152] That's alright.
[6153] ... Jan Francis [...] with that Dennis Waterman [...] show.
[6154] [...] Stay Lucky.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6155] Yeah.
Betty (PS04B) [6156] Ooh.
Googie (PS04C) [6157] [...] Ridiculous.
Betty (PS04B) [6158] [...] ... That David got that front room on the show, or [...] was it?
Googie (PS04C) [6159] She makes a string of money from ... bloody Lloyds Bank adverts.
Betty (PS04B) [6160] Yeah that erm ... chap isn't on there now with her is he?
Googie (PS04C) [6161] What Dennis Waterman?
Betty (PS04B) [6162] No, no on those adverts.
Googie (PS04C) [6163] [...] Oh not on that advert.
Betty (PS04B) [6164] Er ... charmer.
[6165] [...] Nigel Havers.
Googie (PS04C) [6166] No [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6167] He isn't on there any more.
Googie (PS04C) [6168] No, no.
Betty (PS04B) [6169] I don't like that other one, er
Googie (PS04C) [6170] I don't like Waterman.
Betty (PS04B) [6171] I don't like Waterman either.
[6172] I w , but I liked him in that one on a Friday night.
Googie (PS04C) [6173] Yeah, Minder.
Betty (PS04B) [6174] No.
Googie (PS04C) [6175] No?
Betty (PS04B) [6176] Don't like Minder.
[6177] ... Erm ... what was it called?
[6178] He was
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6179] he had a lot of money.
[6180] [...] and he was having trouble with the wife weren't he [...] secretary.
Googie (PS04C) [6181] Yeah, yeah.
[6182] That's right.
[6183] Mm can't think what it was called.
Betty (PS04B) [6184] What was that called?
[6185] ... Ooh what was it called?
Googie (PS04C) [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6186] Do you know I don't like, don't like that Minder.
[6187] I don't like that old chap in it.
[6188] [...] don't like that George Cole either.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [6189] No, no [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [6190] That George Cole, er Arthur Daley.
[6191] He used to go out with Wendy's Auntie June.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [6192] Did he?
Betty (PS04B) [6193] Yeah.
[6194] ... Years ago mind. ...
Googie (PS04C) [6195] [...] Don't know whether to get me washing in or not.
[6196] What do you reckon?
Betty (PS04B) [6197] Well I was going to put mine out and I thought it's too wet.
Googie (PS04C) [6198] No don't put it out.
Betty (PS04B) [6199] So.
Googie (PS04C) [6200] I think, put the clothes horse out for now.
[6201] Clothes horse [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6202] But sometimes it dries in the evening.
Googie (PS04C) [6203] Yeah but not wool.
Betty (PS04B) [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6204] I think I'll go and get it in, put it on the horse in the ... passage.
Betty (PS04B) [6205] Oh [...] are you going?
Googie (PS04C) [6206] Yeah.
[6207] Well I'll get that in before it gets dark. ...
Betty (PS04B) [6208] [...] Wednesday innit, tomorrow.
Googie (PS04C) [6209] Wednesday tomorrow.
[6210] Yeah.
[6211] All day.
[6212] ... [...] quick again innit? [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6213] It's gonna be bloody Christmas before we know were we are.
Googie (PS04C) [6214] Yeah.
[6215] ... Never mind Bet!
[6216] We knows all what we gotta do.
[6217] That's the main thing.
[6218] Hang your stocking up, hope for the best. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [6219] Stocking up!
[6220] You never know what you're gonna get in there do you?
Googie (PS04C) [6221] Oh the path is drying a [...] I dunno [...]
Betty (PS04B) [6222] Yeah, there's something falling there .
Googie (PS04C) [6223] Is there?
Betty (PS04B) [6224] There's something ... you feel.
Googie (PS04C) [6225] [...] hamper.
Unknown speaker (KBEPSUNK) [...] [move away from the tape recorder]
Googie (PS04C) [6226] Oh yeah I can feel it now.
Betty (PS04B) [6227] I got ... come and have a look at it.
[6228] Cos I've got it in this cupboard.
[6229] Excuse me a minute David please thank you very much.
Googie (PS04C) [6230] Oh no don't move him.
Betty (PS04B) [6231] Yeah well he gotta move.
Googie (PS04C) [6232] Well don't move him.
Betty (PS04B) [6233] Oh innit sad.
[6234] ... See it got all marked down there.
Googie (PS04C) [6235] Ooh [...] ooh.
[6236] Bloody hell.
Betty (PS04B) [6237] Which is quite a lot [...]
Googie (PS04C) [6238] Yeah!
Betty (PS04B) [6239] in that cupboard out there.
Googie (PS04C) [6240] You daren't touch it. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [6241] In the cloakroom [...] .
Googie (PS04C) [6242] In the cloakroom.
Betty (PS04B) [6243] [...] cloakroom.
Googie (PS04C) [6244] You want [...] that wall down at the back, it'll go back further [...] .
Betty (PS04B) [6245] Got all the biscuits and all that in there.
Googie (PS04C) [6246] Lovely.
Betty (PS04B) [6247] That's all their booze in there.
Googie (PS04C) [6248] Ooh ah.
[6249] That ain't too bad then Bet is it?
Betty (PS04B) [6250] Mm quite a ... few bob's worth of booze there.
Googie (PS04C) [6251] Yeah [...] biscuit. [laugh]
Betty (PS04B) [6252] Yeah.
[6253] That's what I said to him.
Googie (PS04C) [6254] Lovely.
Betty (PS04B) [6255] I know.
[6256] The only thing we didn't like in there was two tins of tuna fish.
Googie (PS04C) [6257] No I don't like tuna fish.
Betty (PS04B) [6258] Erm
Googie (PS04C) [...]
David (PS04J) [6259] And lemon.
[6260] Lemon cheese.
Betty (PS04B) [6261] Oh and a lemon cheese, I give it to
David (PS04J) [6262] And two tins of soup.
[6263] erm soup
Betty (PS04B) [6264] Oh game soup.
David (PS04J) [6265] Cock a leekie or something.
Betty (PS04B) [6266] Oh cock a leekie oh!
Googie (PS04C) [6267] [...] cockroaches in it.
Betty (PS04B) [6268] Yeah I've given it to ... Wendy for the kids.
Googie (PS04C) [6269] [laugh] kids.