103 conversations recorded by `Brenda' (PS04U) between 28 November and 4 December 1991 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 13578 s-units, 105262 words, and over 11 hours 59 minutes 46 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 22

PS04U Ag2 f (Brenda, age 34, housewife, London, )
PS04V Ag3 m (Dave, age 37, hgv driver, London, ) husband
PS04W Ag1 m (Lee, age 15, student (state secondary), London, ) son
PS04X Ag0 f (Carla, age 11, student (state primary), London, ) daughter
PS04Y Ag5 f (Jean, age 62, housewife, Home Counties, ) friend
PS050 Ag1 m (Nigel, age 23, plumber, London, ) plumber
KBFPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBFPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

103 recordings

  1. Tape 015001 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 015002 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 015003 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 015004 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 015005 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 015006 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 015007 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 015008 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 015009 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 015010 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 015011 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 015012 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 015013 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 015014 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 015015 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 015016 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 015017 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 015018 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 015019 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 015020 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 015021 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 015022 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 015101 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( in car ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 015102 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 015103 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 015104 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 015105 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( in car ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 015106 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 015201 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 015202 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 015203 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 015204 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 015205 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 015206 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 015207 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 015208 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 015209 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 015210 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 015211 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 015212 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 015301 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 015302 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 015303 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 015304 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 015401 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 015402 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 015403 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 015404 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 015405 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 015406 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 015501 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 015502 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 015503 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 015504 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 015505 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 015506 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 015507 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 015508 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 015509 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 015601 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 015602 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 015603 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 015604 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  64. Tape 015605 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  65. Tape 015606 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 015607 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  67. Tape 015608 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  68. Tape 015609 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  69. Tape 015610 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  70. Tape 015611 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  71. Tape 015612 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  72. Tape 015701 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  73. Tape 015702 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  74. Tape 015703 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  75. Tape 015704 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  76. Tape 015705 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  77. Tape 015706 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationSurrey: Horsell ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  78. Tape 015707 recorded on unknown date. LocationSurrey () Activity: Unspecified
  79. Tape 015708 recorded on unknown date. LocationSurrey () Activity: Unspecified
  80. Tape 015709 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  81. Tape 015801 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  82. Tape 015802 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  83. Tape 015803 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  84. Tape 015804 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  85. Tape 015805 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  86. Tape 015806 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  87. Tape 015807 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  88. Tape 015808 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  89. Tape 015809 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  90. Tape 015901 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  91. Tape 015902 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  92. Tape 015903 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  93. Tape 015904 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  94. Tape 015905 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  95. Tape 015906 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  96. Tape 015907 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  97. Tape 015908 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  98. Tape 015909 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  99. Tape 015910 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  100. Tape 015911 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  101. Tape 015912 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  102. Tape 015913 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  103. Tape 015914 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationSurrey: Woking ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 015001)

Brenda (PS04U) [1] What time do you get there [...] ... what, what time did you get there?
Lee (PS04W) [2] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [4] No, [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [5] You said this morning [...] didn't ya?

2 (Tape 015002)

Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [6] Travelling, between Woking and Guildford, or whatever.
[7] Er, and that, you, you'll [...] at the town cooking dinner, watching television, talking to my friend, or just roughly what you're doing at that time that conversation took place, okay, [...] at work, [...] form, then make me a cup of tea, she was photo-copying,
Brenda (PS04U) [8] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [9] that's what she was, she was doing [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [10] There's an awful lot involved though.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [11] [...] , you're usually saying oh it's just, just general [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [12] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [13] Went shopping or whatever, as I say, it, it, it, a couple of days or whatever you feel, if you, if you, if you want to get into it you might find you want to do them all
Brenda (PS04U) [14] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [15] but if you, in two days, that
Brenda (PS04U) [16] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [17] would be grate, okay, and the same thing for next page, this is the day I started which, like maybe tomorrow or next day or when ever you start it Wednesday, I started at ten o'clock in the morning, was I, I was in Woking, what was I doing ... nothing just reading a, do whatever you have to put in your whatever you [...] ,
Brenda (PS04U) [18] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [19] where you went for a walk, down, went to the shops
Brenda (PS04U) [20] mm.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [21] or whatever, just let them know roughly what you're doing, cos, all they get is a tape, it gives them an idea of what sort of things were happening at that time, any words they can't pick up [...] if she's cooking, maybe that's something she was making or whatever, erm, in the [...] please write the first names and details, why you know them, of all the people speaking on this side of the tape, in order in which they speak on the tape in the first, first instance, right, you know, so now Carla, my husband, myself, Lee and, you don't need to repeat them again after that
Brenda (PS04U) [22] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [23] so if you don't, don't want, not worried too much about this, I mean, although we want you to do this, I mean, rather just get the conversation, in, even though you don't do this .
Brenda (PS04U) [24] You want more than that .
Carla (PS04X) [25] The knob on the cooker's been turned.
Brenda (PS04U) [26] Put it in the dish.

3 (Tape 015003)

Brenda (PS04U) [27] Does everybody finish their work experience then [...] ?
Lee (PS04W) [28] Yes, no not everyone, some ... I know one person who's name's Adam, he finishes Tuesday
Brenda (PS04U) [29] Why?
Lee (PS04W) [30] Cos he [...] [tv on] .
Brenda (PS04U) [31] Why's that then?
Lee (PS04W) [32] It's just the way they've done it, the firm.
Brenda (PS04U) [33] Oh, the firm.
[34] Kim was saying [...] , they do it for two weeks ... can't believe they would, the different school though, and then that other chap said that, that, erm ...
Lee (PS04W) [35] Oh Steveo's under [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [36] yeah but that other one said, oh look there's [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [37] [...] , oh yeah, mm, [...] [tv on] , he's a polo, he [...] . [...] [tv on]
Brenda (PS04U) [38] Eastenders is on.
Lee (PS04W) [39] [...] ... have bath, watch the telly.
Brenda (PS04U) [40] What have you gotta do, write your [...] assignment then?
Lee (PS04W) [41] Geography and my diary.
Brenda (PS04U) [42] What of the [...] and every day?
Lee (PS04W) [43] Yep.
Brenda (PS04U) [44] How long's the diary got to be?
Lee (PS04W) [45] I dunno, page, one page
Brenda (PS04U) [46] Would you write it like an actual, can you fit it in a diary or have you got to write it, the date, just, just like a proper diary?
Lee (PS04W) [47] I'm not sure.
Brenda (PS04U) [48] You should really do it like a, like make a little folder thing up and then date it Monday, you know ...
Lee (PS04W) [49] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [50] [yawn] If you do it for when you've actually left home [] , when you, when you've actual left at twenty past seven ... no ...
Lee (PS04W) [51] What doing Monday then? ...
Brenda (PS04U) [52] I asked them how old she was?
Lee (PS04W) [53] Charlie Chaplin, thirty six years old.
Brenda (PS04U) [54] Big, big boobs ... [...] go run your bath.
[55] Gosh look at the size of those glasses.
Lee (PS04W) [56] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [57] Well, yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [58] [...] six years, how can you always say they're [...] [laugh] ... Ah
Brenda (PS04U) [59] Ah, what's wrong the baby?
Lee (PS04W) [60] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [61] What's the matter with Gary Lineker's baby then? [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [62] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [63] [...] keep fit till after Christmas, don't like the cold weather, he's gonna go back after Christmas and do it.
Lee (PS04W) [64] Is he?

4 (Tape 015004)

Brenda (PS04U) [65] Does it, is it, just, is it just run erm
Lee (PS04W) [66] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [67] [...] , what erm, does that cricket thing [laugh] [...] , Steve, is it [...] or is it just cricket season?
Unknown speaker (KBFPSUNK) [68] Cricket season.
Brenda (PS04U) [69] [yawn] ... who is it then?
[70] ... Goodness when you, mum and dad's done the back garden, when you meant to be doing the front garden with the weeding and that? [...] , well what's all, you know, all these wages.
Lee (PS04W) [71] I haven't got the time.
Brenda (PS04U) [72] Where you gonna go and get this seat then?
Lee (PS04W) [73] Dunno [...] , it mean's I've got to spend money, it'll be late.
Dave (PS04V) [74] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [75] Oh yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [76] and some clothes.
Lee (PS04W) [77] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [78] No way, unless you're getting in, if you, if dad's getting you some clothes and then, [...]
Dave (PS04V) [79] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [80] wrap them up for Christmas.
Dave (PS04V) [81] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [82] Wh ,wh , what you having for Christmas then?
Lee (PS04W) [83] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [84] Yeah, and have all this stuff and then they make [...] greedy.
Lee (PS04W) [85] Greedy.
Brenda (PS04U) [86] You buy the suit.
Lee (PS04W) [87] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [88] You buy
Lee (PS04W) [89] You wear [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [90] you said you were gonna club towards it all the money out your post office.
Lee (PS04W) [91] Dad had said he'd pay for it on Access.
Dave (PS04V) [92] Think you'd give him the money.
Lee (PS04W) [93] Get out of it.
Dave (PS04V) [94] There's still
Lee (PS04W) [95] There's ninety pounds that I'd borrow off you, I'm going to use that towards it.
Dave (PS04V) [96] No, you pay me that ninety pound back
Lee (PS04W) [97] I will do
Dave (PS04V) [98] plus a years access to the [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [99] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [100] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [101] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [102] Oh come on Lee.
Lee (PS04W) [103] That must of been where, that must be where we got [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [104] We've got the fifty pound computer.
Lee (PS04W) [105] We didn't have to pay for that.
Brenda (PS04U) [106] Who's done that?
Lee (PS04W) [107] No one, [...] I can keep that, [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [108] What?
Brenda (PS04U) [109] We bought [...] a fifty pound computer and said to Kevin you can keep it.
Dave (PS04V) [110] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [111] Yeah and I paid ten pounds.
Brenda (PS04U) [112] I put that down on his Christmas list.
Lee (PS04W) [113] I'll draw it in a suit, clothes.
Brenda (PS04U) [114] Yeah, but you won't be getting much ... because you've had lots.
Lee (PS04W) [115] Don't want [...] , chocolates.
Dave (PS04V) [116] Didn't get any [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [117] [...] tenner on chocolates.
Dave (PS04V) [118] You go out and do eight hundred pound this weekend.
Brenda (PS04U) [119] Oh are you?
Dave (PS04V) [120] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [121] Where you going to go to get for you, [...] , I don't know why they're cutting down all of erm, his, they've got some nice ones on there.
Lee (PS04W) [122] On the top there.
Dave (PS04V) [123] How much?
Lee (PS04W) [124] Bought a few last night down at Mitcham didn't they?
Dave (PS04V) [125] [...] how much?
Brenda (PS04U) [126] What?
Dave (PS04V) [127] The receipt.
Lee (PS04W) [128] Do you see this at Mitcham?
Brenda (PS04U) [129] No more than a hundred pound.
Lee (PS04W) [130] No [...] .
[131] They got a nice one in
Brenda (PS04U) [132] Mr Harrod.
Lee (PS04W) [133] I don't know where, a hundred and forty pounds.
Brenda (PS04U) [134] Too much.
Lee (PS04W) [135] Why?
Brenda (PS04U) [136] Because it is, isn't it Dave?
Dave (PS04V) [137] What?
Brenda (PS04U) [138] A hundred and forty pound for a suit.
Dave (PS04V) [139] What is?
Brenda (PS04U) [140] He, a hundred and forty pound, far too, be like those green trousers you bought, well you've never worn them yet.
Lee (PS04W) [141] Don't fit me.
[142] No, I have worn them actually.
Brenda (PS04U) [143] You've worn them one night.
Lee (PS04W) [144] I've wore it a couple of times for [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [145] Don't give me that rubbish.
Lee (PS04W) [146] I have, but I like my jeans though.
Brenda (PS04U) [147] Well think, why pay out for a hundred and forty pounds for a suit, when you gonna wear it again?
Lee (PS04W) [148] Could be, wear it every week.
Brenda (PS04U) [149] Yeah, I'm sure ... [...] a walking bank ... [yawn] be glad when you've got a job, you'll be earning your own money [] you can buy your own things.
Lee (PS04W) [150] Yeah, but I do any way.
Brenda (PS04U) [151] When?
Lee (PS04W) [152] Trainers ... lost that eighty quid
Brenda (PS04U) [153] Oh.
Lee (PS04W) [154] [...] trainers.
Brenda (PS04U) [155] You've lost it?
[156] Why?
Lee (PS04W) [157] Cos I haven't got it, I owe Vincent that nine pound, I must of spent some of it.
Brenda (PS04U) [158] I wanted to, look, I've made a list, list out for Nan and I've, there's, the C D you've gotta put on that list, and I also wanted a C
Lee (PS04W) [159] Don't want C D's, set of tapes, C D's are a waste of money.
Brenda (PS04U) [160] Why?
[161] After having a C D for Christmas last year, they're a waste of money.
Lee (PS04W) [162] No, but it's cheaper to buy a tape because the [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [163] Yeah you ain't got, you get better quality on a C D.
Brenda (PS04U) [164] If you've got the C D we could all , yes you do, we could all use it, then you could have blank tapes, and then you can tape it on cassette ... but I want a list of two C D's and I, in Argos if there's a watch ... nan want's the list and she want's it this weekend.
Lee (PS04W) [165] No you don't .
[166] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [167] But, I want it done tonight.
Lee (PS04W) [168] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [169] Yes, I've got to give nan a ring.
Lee (PS04W) [170] What tonight?
Brenda (PS04U) [171] Well, over the next couple of days, what's the matter then?

5 (Tape 015005)

Dave (PS04V) [172] If you've got a hole which is like that
Lee (PS04W) [173] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [174] put the water which is rushing through
Lee (PS04W) [175] Yeah .
Dave (PS04V) [176] [...] , go flying up it, how far you gonna go?
Lee (PS04W) [177] Not all the way.
Dave (PS04V) [178] [...] aren't ya?
Lee (PS04W) [179] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [180] And then what you do there?
Lee (PS04W) [181] You stay there.
Brenda (PS04U) [182] That's what Carla's got look.
Dave (PS04V) [183] No, cos the water's not coming up above your face, the water's filled the whole [...] going down and it's got gates.
Lee (PS04W) [184] Have to try sitting down then.
Dave (PS04V) [185] How can you swivel through the gates?
Lee (PS04W) [186] Well how do you get through the gates?
Dave (PS04V) [187] Loads of water get up through the gates.
Lee (PS04W) [188] So.
Dave (PS04V) [189] Yeah, so up to the gates, just push yourself off the gates
Lee (PS04W) [190] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [191] How quick can you get to the surface, must be strong [...] , [laugh] , two, three [...] riding down to the [...] and you're gonna push it out the way, it's like, it's like the tide, it comes in and then goes back out, [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [192] Should be two in there.
Dave (PS04V) [193] Why?
[194] I don't see [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [195] No if, cos there seemed a [...] pair.
Dave (PS04V) [196] [...] .

6 (Tape 015006)

Brenda (PS04U) [197] At this work experience [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [198] In [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [199] Do they?
Lee (PS04W) [200] I asked for some once.
Brenda (PS04U) [201] You did?
Lee (PS04W) [202] No, I never pick up the phone, they do that, pick up one phone and speak for a minute, while that ones ringing they say hold on a minute, and pick up the other one.
Brenda (PS04U) [203] What's it about then?
Lee (PS04W) [204] [cough] , it's only about this erm, I have to do the practice.
Brenda (PS04U) [205] Huh?
Lee (PS04W) [206] Have to do the practice.
Brenda (PS04U) [207] Know how to do them now?
[208] You should [...] at Peter's.
Lee (PS04W) [209] I don't know Peter's [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [210] No, I don't actually.
Lee (PS04W) [211] Cos I don't know his [...] can't do it.
Brenda (PS04U) [212] Quit easy though isn't it?
Lee (PS04W) [213] All you do is, stick it through, phone your number, push the button, it's gone through.
[214] I get fed up doing the [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [215] Yeah, but, even when you leave school that's what happens don't it?
[216] I, I mean you usually start off with the boy [...] everybody has to start at the bottom, [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [217] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [218] Mm, I'm sure.
Lee (PS04W) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [219] You make yourself cough more by lying down there.

7 (Tape 015007)

Brenda (PS04U) [220] Some of those ... Kim's, women she work's with the teacher, he daughter's in this, doesn't half get paid a lot of money ...
Lee (PS04W) [221] Not for doing this though, ah?
Brenda (PS04U) [222] It is, yeah, something like that, I [...] it's quite a lot of money though.
Lee (PS04W) [223] [...] you might be doing it? [laugh] . [cough] .
Brenda (PS04U) [224] The kid's love it, Carla would love it wouldn't she?

8 (Tape 015008)

Brenda (PS04U) [225] Yeah, Lynn just ordered that one for Victoria, she had it on order for seven weeks ... twenty four pound it was that one ...
Lee (PS04W) [226] It'll be easy if you write it down.
Brenda (PS04U) [227] No, just mark on, just put a cross straight through.
Lee (PS04W) [...] ...
Brenda (PS04U) [228] What you have to, what page is it in, in the book?
Lee (PS04W) [229] Page forty six
Brenda (PS04U) [230] Page forty? [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [231] Yeah, [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [232] Classical.
Lee (PS04W) [233] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [234] I [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [235] That's three.
Brenda (PS04U) [236] Yeah what's it called?
Lee (PS04W) [237] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [238] Be about [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [239] [laugh] , [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [240] Who is it?
Lee (PS04W) [241] B I B
Brenda (PS04U) [242] Yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [243] A L [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [244] G I B, is it one word or two?
Lee (PS04W) [245] One, [laugh] .
Dave (PS04V) [246] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [247] B I B
Brenda (PS04U) [248] Yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [249] A L D I, one word
Brenda (PS04U) [250] Yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [251] [...] four seasons.
Brenda (PS04U) [252] [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [253] [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [254] Dad we wanna play it on Saturday don't [...] toys, toys and games.
Brenda (PS04U) [255] [...] oh we don't know how much it is.
Lee (PS04W) [256] Yours [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [257] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [258] Right next one.
Dave (PS04V) [259] Huh, he's probably too much [...] excited of [...] ... [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [260] Right, welcome [...] page forty four.
Brenda (PS04U) [261] Yeah, item number.
Lee (PS04W) [262] Six.
Brenda (PS04U) [263] Yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [264] Amy Grant, Heart In Motion.
[265] Don't know to use Bob Marley one or not.
Brenda (PS04U) [266] Who is it?
Lee (PS04W) [267] Amy Grant.
Brenda (PS04U) [268] Yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [269] Erm, Hearts In motion.
Brenda (PS04U) [270] Heart In Motion is that two words or one?
Lee (PS04W) [271] Hearts In Motion, all three words.
Brenda (PS04U) [272] What is it m, o, t
Lee (PS04W) [273] i, o, n.
Brenda (PS04U) [274] Moton?
Lee (PS04W) [275] No it's not, i, o, n.
Brenda (PS04U) [276] M, o, t, i
Lee (PS04W) [277] o, n, Amy Grant, I don't know if got Bob Marley one or not.
Brenda (PS04U) [278] He's good.

9 (Tape 015009)

Brenda (PS04U) [279] We can buy you that then, if you want it, we never know what to buy you.
[280] Right now that's it, were now in the Argos ... [tv on] .

10 (Tape 015010)

Brenda (PS04U) [281] So did you get your good work for, your good sticker for [...] work again or what? ... or what?
Carla (PS04X) [282] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [283] And that's ... is your letter box up at Christmas yet?
[284] Your poster box?
Carla (PS04X) [285] We have to [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [286] That's on Sunday, so what's happening on Sunday Carla?
[287] What do you do?
Carla (PS04X) [288] On Monday eh
Brenda (PS04U) [289] So what is it ... ad ... advent calendars.
Carla (PS04X) [290] Hooray.

11 (Tape 015011)

Brenda (PS04U) [291] Which one is it Lee?
Lee (PS04W) [292] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [293] Don't you like that other one, [...] , it's just plain leather strap?
[294] There
Lee (PS04W) [295] That one?
Brenda (PS04U) [296] No up the top, third one down on the right hand side.
Lee (PS04W) [297] With the grey strap?
Brenda (PS04U) [298] Yeah, I thought that was quite nice ... on the right hand side page, that one, [...] , three down, yeah.
Lee (PS04W) [299] That one?
Brenda (PS04U) [300] Mm.
[301] Thought that was quite nice.

12 (Tape 015012)

Carla (PS04X) [302] Her dad said he lives there and erm.
Brenda (PS04U) [303] Pick that one up now, [...] the bits.
Carla (PS04X) [304] and erm, [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [305] Won't hurt, spying on them in it?

13 (Tape 015013)

Brenda (PS04U) [306] Sorry.
Carla (PS04X) [307] They're the [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [308] What you want they [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [...] ...
Brenda (PS04U) [309] That's it, it's just after the [...] look at the ballerina broach and see what you think, broach, no silver, keep going
Carla (PS04X) [310] That?
Brenda (PS04U) [311] keep going ...
Carla (PS04X) [312] That's a nice ring, [...] number one.
Brenda (PS04U) [313] What's it say?
Carla (PS04X) [314] One, [reading] it's eleven ninety nine, nineteen carat gold, erm, something ring, size one to T, no I to T [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [315] What size was you?
Carla (PS04X) [316] Erm, U, no [...] .
[317] I like that one the best, shall I put that down?
[318] Argos number one.
Brenda (PS04U) [319] I know the one.
[320] That [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [321] Can I try that one?
Brenda (PS04U) [322] We'll see [...] Christmas, who? [television] , no it's [...] [television] , er it's on the right hand side, it's, it's the next page at the bottom is it?
Carla (PS04X) [323] That's not there.
Brenda (PS04U) [324] How much?
Carla (PS04X) [325] [reading] Sterling silver, ballerina broach, nineteen, no, eight, eight ninety nine. []
Brenda (PS04U) [326] Got crystals in it?
Carla (PS04X) [327] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [328] Do you think she'd like that?

14 (Tape 015014)

Carla (PS04X) [329] Bennettons, you can buy that [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [330] Which one, yeah that's the one that erm Kim's been trying to get Lorraine the Bennetton one.
Carla (PS04X) [331] Nineteen ninety nine.
Brenda (PS04U) [332] That's not bad, Bennetton one?
Carla (PS04X) [333] Shall I put that down, Argos number fourteen ... Argos number fourteen.
Brenda (PS04U) [334] Hang on, page first.
Carla (PS04X) [335] Page six.
Brenda (PS04U) [336] Yeah,
Carla (PS04X) [337] Number fourteen,
Brenda (PS04U) [338] yeah,
Carla (PS04X) [339] Nineteen ninety nine.
Brenda (PS04U) [340] The one that [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [341] [...] nineteen ninety nine pounds.

15 (Tape 015015)

Brenda (PS04U) [342] About sixty nine, seventy pounds.
Carla (PS04X) [343] Seventy pounds.
Lee (PS04W) [344] What is?
Carla (PS04X) [345] Oh yeah, you can get the one I want in.
[346] Extra [...] brill.
Brenda (PS04U) [347] I'll write it down but you'll have to write to see what father Christmas says.
Carla (PS04X) [348] I might [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [349] That was seventy.
Carla (PS04X) [350] Seventy.
[351] [...] . Right now it [...] oh it's seventy in Argos.
Lee (PS04W) [352] What's that?
Carla (PS04X) [353] Erm, one and a half keyboard, item number
Brenda (PS04U) [354] Hang on.
Carla (PS04X) [355] One and a half keyboard ... item number five ... and it [...] sixty nine quid, fifty p.
Brenda (PS04U) [356] Sixty nine quid, don't you mean sixty nine pounds and fifty pence.
Carla (PS04X) [357] Pounds .
[358] Mm ... [television] .
[359] Got no baby strap.
[360] Fallen in love with that [...] stuff.
Brenda (PS04U) [361] You'll have to get your stuff down and, you know what one we'll have to get, you know those big cases that she get's from Ikea, and bring it all down and get one of those for your bedroom and keep it all in ... Started your homework yet Lee?
Lee (PS04W) [362] What?
Brenda (PS04U) [363] Started your homework yet?
Lee (PS04W) [364] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [365] Didn't you do it while I was out?
Lee (PS04W) [366] Yeah, when you come in.
Brenda (PS04U) [367] Was that rushing you to get that paper going? ...
Carla (PS04X) [368] [...] .
[369] That's [...] that little powerful car, like, Kearin's, but he's got the motor bike [...] .

16 (Tape 015016)

Carla (PS04X) [370] Daddy can we swop places now?
Dave (PS04V) [371] Why?
Carla (PS04X) [372] Cos I wanna sit next to you and Lee.
Dave (PS04V) [373] No.
Carla (PS04X) [374] Why?
Dave (PS04V) [375] You're gonna have to go a long then, cos I'm going up the pub, ha, ha.
Carla (PS04X) [376] No you're not actually.
Dave (PS04V) [377] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [378] Is it on now?
Carla (PS04X) [379] [singing] [...] [] , play [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [380] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [381] Carla, pass that bag for me please, [...] , what did I tell you about jumping on that couch?

17 (Tape 015018)

Brenda (PS04U) [382] And when you come home from school, mm.
Carla (PS04X) [383] [...] Saturday.
Brenda (PS04U) [384] No but you're going dancing tomorrow morning at nine thirty and then you'll be going straight to the [...] , you won't have time tomorrow ...
Carla (PS04X) [385] [...] tonight?.
Brenda (PS04U) [386] No, I'm trying to get my Christmas shopping done.
Carla (PS04X) [387] Got to take me out.
Brenda (PS04U) [388] I will take you out, I don't want you out with me this time. [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [389] [sigh] ... Taken off the black bush.
Brenda (PS04U) [390] No, [...] second tonight, the second [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [391] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [392] [...] .
[393] Got a wipe somewhere, don't wipe yourself, [...] rubbish.
Brenda (PS04U) [394] Going to get Lee's ski stuff ... Your cold better [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [395] Ah?
Brenda (PS04U) [396] Is Lee's cold better?
Carla (PS04X) [397] What are you doing today?
Brenda (PS04U) [398] Nice day today.
Dave (PS04V) [399] Might be able to finish about twelve.
Brenda (PS04U) [400] Why?
Dave (PS04V) [401] Cos the building lot they're all going to a meeting at er Arsenal.
Carla (PS04X) [402] Can I have some lemonade [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [403] You've got to go to meeting?
Carla (PS04X) [404] Dad said he's buying me a hotel [...] .
[405] You going back to work on [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [406] I might.
Carla (PS04X) [407] You might? ...
Dave (PS04V) [408] That's when I'll be finished.
[409] I've still got another week to come though, that might be [...] about January the third onwards, for a week.
Carla (PS04X) [410] [...] Christmas.
Dave (PS04V) [411] Can't get any time off, they won't let you take it off, two days I get.
Carla (PS04X) [412] Probably get Christmas day.
Dave (PS04V) [413] Christmas day and Boxing day if I [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [414] What's Boxing day, the day after?
Brenda (PS04U) [415] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [416] Oh dear, [...] working for a living, [...] you get the work don't ya?
[417] Loads of people there.
[418] You get up Christmas day morning to do all the breakfast with the screaming kids.
Brenda (PS04U) [419] Is it [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [420] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [421] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [422] What is?
Carla (PS04X) [423] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [424] Where's that then?
Carla (PS04X) [425] I've got dancing [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [426] Yeah, but leave at quarter past four, you are pushing it.
Dave (PS04V) [427] Take to London?
Brenda (PS04U) [428] No, erm, [...] school.
Dave (PS04V) [429] What's [...] there then?
Brenda (PS04U) [430] School, school on a coach.
Carla (PS04X) [431] Forty five minutes.
Dave (PS04V) [432] What to get to Guilford? forty five minutes.
Carla (PS04X) [433] No, forty five minutes before I get, when I get home, I've got, I have my dinner.
Dave (PS04V) [434] Oh, it takes forty five minutes to [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [435] [...] as long as she has her dinner.
Carla (PS04X) [436] Er, when I get home I've got to have my dinner, got to get changed
Brenda (PS04U) [437] No, cos you can go without your dinner can't you?
Carla (PS04X) [438] Oh, [laugh] .
Brenda (PS04U) [439] and have that at seven o'clock.
Dave (PS04V) [440] That's what [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [441] [...] .
[442] It's [...] they're all doing erm, [singing] I've got you [] , right and there's a really daffy bloke he [...] [singing] I've got you [...] [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [443] That's how he's singing it?
Carla (PS04X) [444] Yeah, he had to sing it like that and then, then there's, there's only two of them, you know ... and erm, the, er, other, the other one, he's a black man yeah, and he goes who's that big gorilla in the back and he's pointing to me [laugh] .
Brenda (PS04U) [445] [laughing] Oh was he ha, ha [] .
Carla (PS04X) [446] And then erm, then they had this thing called Niff, which was water, and they came round spraying all of us.
Brenda (PS04U) [447] So where do they come, is Vicky in the actual group?
[448] ... Why is she, what, does she watch?
Carla (PS04X) [449] Not her, not just her, all her mates.
[450] Ooh, feeling a bit tired.
Brenda (PS04U) [451] Why isn't she in it then?
Dave (PS04V) [452] It's not eight o'clock.
Carla (PS04X) [453] She's not in domestic [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [454] Did you get all that stuff in [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [455] No, it's not [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [456] See that Robin Carla, see little Robin over there.
Carla (PS04X) [457] Where?
Dave (PS04V) [458] Over in that tree there, [...] , see it, that big tree, er, on the left hand branch, see it, see it now, with a red breast.
Brenda (PS04U) [459] Rocking Robin.
Carla (PS04X) [460] What one?
Dave (PS04V) [461] See the branch that sticks up?
[462] Goes that way.
Carla (PS04X) [463] What one?
[464] What tree?
Dave (PS04V) [465] See the new tree they've planted.
Carla (PS04X) [466] Oh them.
Dave (PS04V) [467] That broken, that bird, that ...
Carla (PS04X) [468] Oh yeah, I can see it.
Dave (PS04V) [469] there it goes.
Carla (PS04X) [470] Gone in Keith's house, I was looking in our garden [laugh] .
Dave (PS04V) [471] [laugh] , oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [472] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [473] You wouldn't know what tree was Brenda.
Brenda (PS04U) [474] Is that, is that my cup of tea? ...
Dave (PS04V) [475] [...] look he's [...] come down stairs, [...] sit on the chair Carla.
Brenda (PS04U) [476] Certainly [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [477] Oh no, that's what have you been doing then?
Brenda (PS04U) [478] This week .
Dave (PS04V) [479] This week .
Brenda (PS04U) [480] Yeah, but I don't normally do I?
Carla (PS04X) [481] Have a cup of tea though.
Brenda (PS04U) [482] I have a cup of tea ... do think he's [...] on holiday.
Carla (PS04X) [483] [singing] there multiplying, and I'm loosing control [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [484] Got another [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [485] Yes.
[486] Oh, oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [487] What you working on essay at the moment?
Carla (PS04X) [488] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [489] No, what is it, like these do that, do, do you do algebra in that school yet or not?
[490] When you go to secondary school, you'll do that?
Carla (PS04X) [491] No, we do do algebra.
Brenda (PS04U) [492] And that french, go on let's see that french.
[493] Go on say something in french to us Carla.
Carla (PS04X) [494] What one?
Brenda (PS04U) [495] Say good morning to Nan.
Carla (PS04X) [496] Can't say good morning.
Brenda (PS04U) [497] Why?
Carla (PS04X) [498] I'll say how are you?
Brenda (PS04U) [499] Well say what you can.
Carla (PS04X) [500] What one, whatever you got [...] [Speaking french] [...] []
Brenda (PS04U) [501] Pardon.
Carla (PS04X) [502] [laugh] .
Brenda (PS04U) [503] Is that all you know, I thought you new a lot?
Carla (PS04X) [504] Yeah, [speaking french] [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [505] What does that mean?
Carla (PS04X) [506] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [507] Yeah [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [508] Yeah [speaking french] [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [509] Get out Carla you don't have to go to football, oh yes, you'll go to football Sunday afternoon.
Carla (PS04X) [510] Don't want to go. [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [511] I'll have to see if dad's around.
Carla (PS04X) [512] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [513] No way.
Carla (PS04X) [514] He promised mum, one Sunday after my [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [515] I did it Carla.
Carla (PS04X) [516] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [517] I was gonna do it in a minute.
[518] I was just finishing off that, erm, going to drink my cup of tea.
Carla (PS04X) [519] What.
Brenda (PS04U) [520] I shall zip that up in a minute.
[521] Haven't you got nothing important today.
[522] You need one of those big box [...] like Lee don't you?
Carla (PS04X) [523] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [524] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [525] Right, I'll see you [...] I'm going back to have that half hours kip, I'll be up [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [526] Dad can you try.
Dave (PS04V) [527] [...] you're gonna break it, let me see ...
Brenda (PS04U) [528] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [529] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [530] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [531] Does it, saw how that [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [532] Well I'm [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [533] Think it'll get lost, oh mum I'll get it [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [534] Right oh.
[535] I'll see you later, I'll be home probably about half past two.
Dave (PS04V) [536] I'll look forward to that Brenda [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [537] See you later then, bye.

18 (Tape 015019)

Brenda (PS04U) [538] Jackie phoned me up to say [...] , she phoned me up today for a chat, we were chatting away and she said erm, [...] I heard Brenda, Brenda, so I knew it was [...] girl, and er, I was saying she walked straight into the kitchen and I was sort of still on the phone, I was saying yeah, yeah, ok and erm, I said I'm going out shopping and I'm taking the dog with me, I said ok fair enough, she said well you'll probably be gone when I get back, I said oh might be but she said but I don't know [...] and erm ... you know and I just put the phone down cos she wanted to see the pictures, my little girl asked put all the pictures up for him and er were looking at all the pictures and I'd [laughing] forgotten about Jack on the phone you know [] , so she s all of a sudden I got back she said oh your phone call she said who you talking too?
[539] Oh no you know she's gonna sort of, sort of suus, so erm, I said oh it's alright it's only ... Eve's house keeper, and I got back on the phone I said no I'm every sorry to leave you hanging on I said no I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her all morning, I haven't seen her at all, and er I said bye then, she said what's the matter with you she said [laugh] , I said what do you mean what's the matter with me, she said oh, why you talking funny?
[540] I said bye then see you sometime, bye and I put the phone down, and she said what does she want then and I said oh she wanted to know where, you know she'd gone and I said oh I haven't seen her all week ... you know after, while we was hanging, she was hanging pictures, erm, she come through, she said oh they look wonderful she said I've got pictures she said, I want my mountain put up in my lounge, with that June burst out laughing, Neil went through and he, he put her pictures up and he was gone there, he said, god he said, you know literally it's a day to hang pictures, I said well don't worry about it, you know, that's what he said to do
Jean (PS04Y) [541] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [542] like that little thing, you know, the actual picture hook with a hook
Dave (PS04V) [543] The string.
Brenda (PS04U) [544] you just knock it in.
[545] Yeah well he's got brass wire on the [...] he just, special picture wire it's called.
Dave (PS04V) [546] And he spent all day with them.
Brenda (PS04U) [547] He had about thirty pictures to hang, and he had to measure it wall so it was spot on and he want, he wanted them all upstairs, he did, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight about twelve just downstairs in the hall way ...
Dave (PS04V) [548] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [549] What?
[550] ... Well they're not new blimming, new pict though they've decorated haven't they, they've done one coat now, I look like Nora Batty with wrinkles in this tights ... I told her to phone me from Woking station but she's probably er
Dave (PS04V) [551] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [552] well she put, cos she usually she buy phone card or what does she call, cos I asked her do you remember?
[553] Asked her what sort of coins she uses ... do you reckon they go with it, do they say on the front page then about that superstore.
Dave (PS04V) [554] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [555] What do they say, they're up in arms?
Dave (PS04V) [556] [reading] [...] outrage [...] []
Brenda (PS04U) [557] So where else will they [...] then.
Dave (PS04V) [558] They say, the trouble is they're, at cricket club they want it update.
Brenda (PS04U) [559] They want it updated, but I thought that was, doing away with it.
[560] Is that, is that staying there?
Dave (PS04V) [561] [...] building built on the running track [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [562] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [563] And then Tesco's there, [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [564] Do they, and where was that?
Dave (PS04V) [565] [...] further down.
Brenda (PS04U) [566] [laugh] .
Dave (PS04V) [567] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [568] And they're actually, and that cricket .
Dave (PS04V) [569] [...] , yes, what they do is ... say a bloke, one bloke owns quite a bit of that cricket ground, Tesco's he said, Tesco's [...] what they sa , they know that he want's, he's put the plans in to upgrade all, to get a bigger site somewhere else, for [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [570] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [571] Tesco's have done it, Tesco's [...] he sell it to [...] we buy it [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [572] But doesn't it cost them money?
Dave (PS04V) [573] No, he, he don't [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [574] That's what I'm saying, when it costs, doesn't it cost Tesco's an extra lot of money?
Dave (PS04V) [575] Yeah, but they get this [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [576] Yeah, but then don't they have to get permission?
Dave (PS04V) [577] Oh yeah, oh it'll be a long mean fought out battle.
[578] I, I really don't see .
Brenda (PS04U) [579] But I can't see why they wanna put er a Tesco's, if there's a Sainsbury's coming to [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [580] Well, it all goes [...] .
[581] They've got a Waitrose and [...] , they've got Sainsbury's in Birmingham, but then again [...] you've got [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [582] Yeah, but they're out of aren't they cos they're saying out from eight to eight sort of time, or sixteen a week aren't they, because of the competition with them all.
Dave (PS04V) [583] Yeah, but I, I don't think it's, [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [584] Yeah, if, it's such, I mean.
Dave (PS04V) [585] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [586] But it's [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [587] Oh yeah, it's [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [588] That would go.
Dave (PS04V) [589] They [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [590] The cricket pitch has been there for thirty five years.
Dave (PS04V) [591] It's [...] for it [...] .
[592] No one 's [...] and they can buy, they can re-build [...] it maybe [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [593] That always [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [594] Well yes [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [595] Well there's a lot of land there because they've got opposite the church, that bit of land.
Dave (PS04V) [596] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [597] Yeah, but it's like that, I mean are they still wanna [...] car park, are they still gonna put erm hotel there?.
Dave (PS04V) [598] Don't know [...] .

19 (Tape 015020)

Jean (PS04Y) [599] What are those pretty things down there Brenda?
Brenda (PS04U) [600] Oh this is Carla's, were economising you see, this is Carla, wants to, Christmas presents, we've made them.
Jean (PS04Y) [601] Ah.
Brenda (PS04U) [602] They're chocolates.
Jean (PS04Y) [603] Ah isn't that nice.
Brenda (PS04U) [604] There's them and then there's, there's those, they're not as good as those ones.
Jean (PS04Y) [605] Oh that's attractive isn't it?
Brenda (PS04U) [606] Because they're, they're the balls in there.
Jean (PS04Y) [607] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [608] And these ones they've got just those ... erm smelly's in there, they're for her teacher's.
Jean (PS04Y) [609] Very nice.
Brenda (PS04U) [610] Yes, she made them for her teacher's as well, they'll [...] chocolates .
Jean (PS04Y) [611] Go on , mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [612] So she had great fun making them.
[613] Do you want a cup of tea Dave?
Dave (PS04V) [614] Yeah, I will.
Brenda (PS04U) [615] Want to put that on, I'll just nip upstairs ... oh.

20 (Tape 015021)

Brenda (PS04U) [616] June was saying that all they're tubes all broke down.
Dave (PS04V) [617] Has it?
Brenda (PS04U) [618] Got on one tube and that broke down from the end of she's at Liverpool Street then she had to go different end to Oxford Street, but she ended up in Charing Cross then she got on another tube line at Charing Cross and then that broke down, so she said [laughing] it took hours [] , then she gave a taxi, had to get a taxi back to Oxford Street and, and from Oxford Street back to Waterloo and it's four pound and he gave her a change for a tenner instead, and she gave him a twenty pound note ... but, you know she's absolutely haggard, so I said it's just as well she can have a cup of tea before she goes, I just told her briefly about that so, erm, Carla's a bit late ain't she?
Dave (PS04V) [...] ...
Brenda (PS04U) [619] It's just actually turning quite cold out there you know.
[620] Where?
Dave (PS04V) [621] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [622] Yeah, but [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [623] Fresh [...] for three quid a week buy a trailer, want a trailer? ... through these sales people who [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [624] Oh my god ... one to ten it's got one in there already, so what have I got in there?
Dave (PS04V) [625] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [626] Which one?
Dave (PS04V) [627] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [628] That's the demonstration one probably.
[629] Oh no perhaps she had an extra, oh no it's already [...] .

21 (Tape 015022)

Jean (PS04Y) [630] Your pictures came out brilliant.
Carla (PS04X) [631] Oh they've come.
Jean (PS04Y) [632] Yeah I was thinking wonderful, your bedroom it looks like a palace your bedroom, [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [633] [...] . [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [634] These are what we took at the museum aren't they?
Carla (PS04X) [635] Oh yeah, oh brilliant.
Brenda (PS04U) [636] She went on a school trip to a museum and we gave her our little camera which I could never use.
Jean (PS04Y) [637] Yes, aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [638] And she's used it, you know, really, really.
Carla (PS04X) [639] Oh they turned out really good ...
Brenda (PS04U) [640] They're really good the ones er of your trolls Carla it looks like it's an actual
Dave (PS04V) [641] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [642] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [643] Oh Dave, my journey, running about early in the morning to leave everything tidy for the chaps, came out without anything inside their tum, provided that I could have coffee on the, in the buffet car on the train from Stow Market, no hot drinks madam, we haven't got enough power in the batteries, I thought well you know it's all [laugh] , we got to Liverpool Street on time
Carla (PS04X) [644] These are brilliant.
Jean (PS04Y) [645] from Liverpool Street I wanted to get to Oxford Circus which meant that I had to change at, I forget where now, because I'm in such a, a muddle now after all this ,
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [646] where ever it was, whatever it was I had to do, I got stuck, there were, there were just no underground trains in either direction on that line at all and a, a great tanner went [...]
Carla (PS04X) [647] dad,
Jean (PS04Y) [648] and I looked at people, we were all saying why we waiting here, why we waiting and we saw people rushing off so we thought we've got to rush off after them and we were all put on the train and sent to Charing Cross which wasn't where most of us wanted to go or anything like we wanted to go
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [649] and from Charing Cross
Carla (PS04X) [650] Those pretty good.
Jean (PS04Y) [651] I worked my way ... over
Carla (PS04X) [652] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [653] on an underground train which couldn't decide if it's going to move or not, it did eventually move I got a taxi at one point and I was so sick and tired and they put me outside Liberties, I gave the man a twenty pound note and he gave me change for a ten ... [sigh] yes, coming back from Oxford Circus from Liberty's, I thought I'd better economise, I've been done out of ten pounds, I don't think it was dishonesty I think it was just sheer muddle, I, I'm ten pounds down, I'm must cut down a bit, so I will come back underground from Oxford Circus to Waterloo to get down to [...] and you've guessed it, I got into an, an underground train which would not move, it simply stuck, and it would go chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, then it would stop in the tunnel for a while, while its [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [654] Oh god.
Jean (PS04Y) [655] Thanks very much.
Brenda (PS04U) [656] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [657] I really shouldn't I.
Brenda (PS04U) [658] [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [659] So British Railways under your vote of confidence then.
Jean (PS04Y) [660] [laughing] No it is not [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [661] You had a good day at school then, yeah .
Carla (PS04X) [662] [...] .
[663] Had [...] school today.
Brenda (PS04U) [664] Eh?
Carla (PS04X) [665] James disconnected his thumb.
Brenda (PS04U) [666] Did he?
[667] Disconnected his thumb?
Carla (PS04X) [668] No, he break, he broke his thumb .
Brenda (PS04U) [669] Dislocated it?
[670] . How did he do that then?
Carla (PS04X) [671] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [672] Mm, poor [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [673] What happened to rugby then, did he played rugby then?
Carla (PS04X) [674] No that's next [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [675] Ah, it's [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [676] Sixty points in Danish long ball just for myself, I got, I scored
Brenda (PS04U) [677] Mm, mm, mm , what about French today?
Jean (PS04Y) [678] Aren't these lovely?
Carla (PS04X) [679] I, I
Brenda (PS04U) [680] Oh [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [681] Mm
Carla (PS04X) [682] Actually [...] I, I passed the next star test.
Brenda (PS04U) [683] You've passed your second one.
Carla (PS04X) [684] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [685] Oh well done, so how many more to go?
Carla (PS04X) [686] Six.
Brenda (PS04U) [687] Well done.
[688] How many did you have to do for that test then?
Carla (PS04X) [689] What test?
Brenda (PS04U) [690] For the Gulf test [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [691] [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [692] Animals ... like ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [693] They've got to a adjust the tie backs, they haven't put the tie backs up yet because they've got to come down a bit, I just hung them up to let them drop a bit .
Jean (PS04Y) [694] Mm, they are lovely, don't they warm the room up.
Brenda (PS04U) [695] Mm, very much so, the only thing I don't like, I don't like the, that pink against them, those blinds now, don't know if I've got enough material to cover them.
Jean (PS04Y) [696] Oh.
Carla (PS04X) [697] Mum.
Brenda (PS04U) [698] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [699] It's a [speaking french]
Brenda (PS04U) [700] Well done.
Carla (PS04X) [701] And [speaking french]
Brenda (PS04U) [702] You're doing brilliant in French, absolutely brilliant, she hasn't been doing it long.
Jean (PS04Y) [703] Jolly good darling.
Brenda (PS04U) [704] Do you know French?
Jean (PS04Y) [705] A little, yes, a little .
Carla (PS04X) [706] Do you know [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [707] Say it again dear, slower.
Carla (PS04X) [708] [speaking french] no, I do it different to you, say I do,
Jean (PS04Y) [709] [speaking french] is that what it is?
Carla (PS04X) [710] No, I, I
Jean (PS04Y) [711] [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [712] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [713] Yeah, mm.
Carla (PS04X) [714] Ah, I'll do you another one, erm [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [715] Eh [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french] [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [716] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [717] I haven't got it right, but a, [...] what I'm trying to say is you don't ask a lady her age [laugh] .
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [718] Erm, [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [719] Er, [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [720] No, [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [721] Erm, can't remember the other one .
Brenda (PS04U) [722] It's all so tremendous [...] cos you're
Jean (PS04Y) [723] It's so lovely .
Carla (PS04X) [724] [speaking french] no, you know, go back to the beginning [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [725] [laugh] .
Jean (PS04Y) [726] [laugh] .
Carla (PS04X) [727] About erm
Jean (PS04Y) [728] [speaking french] I think the word is, height, I think.
Carla (PS04X) [729] [speaking french] .
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [730] What?
Jean (PS04Y) [731] What animal is it that you hate?
Carla (PS04X) [732] No, I'm asking you what, what, what animal you just asked .
Jean (PS04Y) [733] Oh .
[734] Oh erm
Carla (PS04X) [735] [...] that's why, but
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [736] Spider
Jean (PS04Y) [737] Spider's yes, I don't know what the word for spider's
Carla (PS04X) [738] Do you like crocoldee?
Jean (PS04Y) [739] Sorry.
Carla (PS04X) [740] Do you like crocodile's?
Jean (PS04Y) [741] Mm, so long as they don't [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [742] You do you like fou fountains?
Jean (PS04Y) [743] Sorry
Carla (PS04X) [744] Fountains?
Brenda (PS04U) [745] Just having a French lesson.
Jean (PS04Y) [746] Well [speaking french] .
Brenda (PS04U) [747] Jean's actually answered [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [748] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [749] Start from the beginning again so dad can hear it.
Carla (PS04X) [750] Oh. [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [751] No, it's [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [752] Oh [speaking french] , I didn't hear you.
Carla (PS04X) [753] [laugh] .
Jean (PS04Y) [754] Correctly, no, erm
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [755] Ah, I'd better not ask you your age.
Jean (PS04Y) [756] [laugh] .
Carla (PS04X) [757] Right [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [758] Eh [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [759] [speaking french] don't know, no I won't ask you that cos I can't remember what I have to ask the teacher's, [...] , erm [speaking french] .
Jean (PS04Y) [760] [speaking french] .
Carla (PS04X) [761] Er, [speaking french] .
Jean (PS04Y) [762] Oh er,
Carla (PS04X) [763] What colour is it and I'll tell you
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [764] What?
Jean (PS04Y) [765] Er [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [766] Black, Brown and White.
Jean (PS04Y) [767] That's right, yes.
Carla (PS04X) [768] Erm
Brenda (PS04U) [769] Well done.
[770] Good ain't she?
Dave (PS04V) [771] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [772] What about [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [773] [speaking french] , yeah, if he goes, if I go like [speaking french] you would say, if you like to you would go [speaking french] .
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [774] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [775] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KBFPSUGP) [776] [laughing] .
Carla (PS04X) [777] Erm, [speaking french]
Jean (PS04Y) [speaking french]
Carla (PS04X) [778] I can't remember that
Jean (PS04Y) [779] I can't remember the, the French for it [laugh] .
Carla (PS04X) [780] What about seconds.
Jean (PS04Y) [781] [speaking french] oh, oh that came, that, that, came out very oddly [laugh] .
Brenda (PS04U) [782] That's good though isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [783] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [784] Well she don't, she hasn't got, I mean Lee he can, I mean he's getting A's in French cos he doesn't, he doesn't, he did a tape with her didn't he the other day, they actually spoke to each other and they had a conversation
Jean (PS04Y) [785] Good.
Brenda (PS04U) [786] but it does help
Jean (PS04Y) [787] Oh yes, rather.
Brenda (PS04U) [788] because this, this, your friend, I mean you haven't been doing it long have you and she will only talk to you in French won't she?
Carla (PS04X) [789] Won't talk to us in English.
Brenda (PS04U) [790] Which is
Jean (PS04Y) [791] That's very good, yes.
Carla (PS04X) [792] Our, our last teacher does, but she's not very good.
Jean (PS04Y) [793] That's how I was taught you see and so in spite of the long lapse of years there's still a tremendous amount up there because it was, it was properly learnt, you learn something thoroughly
Brenda (PS04U) [794] Cos Lee, since this one's been talking to him all the time
Jean (PS04Y) [795] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [796] she won't have English
Jean (PS04Y) [797] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [798] and I, I went to see her in open evening, I couldn't understand her, cos she you know, she real , I mean she is French
Jean (PS04Y) [799] Yes and he English is not very good.
Brenda (PS04U) [800] No not at all.
Jean (PS04Y) [801] Very interesting that, yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Dave (PS04V) [802] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [803] You know seeing this lovely glowing pink, it reminds me of two thoughts, I wish I'd bought that instead of my pale brown chintz.
Brenda (PS04U) [804] It's nice though that.
Jean (PS04Y) [805] Oh it is, I shall love it.
Brenda (PS04U) [806] It's nice, yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [807] In the next house you see I shall have to have different seating, they, they, I'm going to, I'm going to get somewhere smaller, so that three piece suite, it owes me nothing it only cost me what seven hundred pounds
Brenda (PS04U) [808] You've had it quite a long time haven't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [809] and it's been and it's been beaten to hell.
Brenda (PS04U) [810] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [811] Erm, I'll probably have er two or perhaps a three seater sofa and for the rest fire side chairs.
Brenda (PS04U) [812] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [813] And er, I thought I'd probably have wall paper on that wall, you know, use, use the curtains just as plenty of fullness, but have them for keeping out the light or keeping in the heat,
Brenda (PS04U) [814] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [815] not make them an enormous feature.
Brenda (PS04U) [816] Mm.
[817] The grey, I mean if, if they [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [818] They're lovely.
Brenda (PS04U) [819] It's the wrong, that's the [...] the wrong pink.
Jean (PS04Y) [820] It's a sort of salmon rather than the pink.
Brenda (PS04U) [821] Mm, that's the only thing I don't like.
Jean (PS04Y) [822] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [823] But they, they so, so, you can, I mean I haven't phoned up yet, but, they, you can just have the, the slates replaced, you keep all your fittings
Jean (PS04Y) [824] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [825] and all your, all your weights and everything at the bottom and you just can have them replaced if you want.
Jean (PS04Y) [826] Yes
Brenda (PS04U) [827] Well I'm gonna work, see what it would cost
Jean (PS04Y) [828] Yes, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [829] alternative, I could buy that pink sheeting from John Lewis
Jean (PS04Y) [830] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [831] and run them up the strips.
Jean (PS04Y) [832] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [833] You know make it sort of to match
Jean (PS04Y) [834] Perhaps line your strips with lining, to give them body.
Brenda (PS04U) [835] To give them, yeah ... yeah, don't talk into it, it just, just chat away, they're, they're not interested in what you're talking about, it's just they're interested in erm on what's what, you know, what's, what's erm
Carla (PS04X) [836] Who's got a [...] ?
Brenda (PS04U) [837] Sorry.
Carla (PS04X) [838] A tank?
Brenda (PS04U) [839] A tank?
[840] What sort of tank?
Carla (PS04X) [841] Not a tank a bowl a glass one, no not a glass one, plastic, supposed to be quite [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [842] How long is [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [843] Well what's it for?
Carla (PS04X) [844] No, it's got to be right, right, er big and I'm going to stuff it with a plank of wood and put [...] I've got about two bushes and what the problem is, is you've got get
Dave (PS04V) [845] I don't see any way your school's got to make this.
Carla (PS04X) [846] we have, you've got to make a model, yeah and that's mine, you have to get two men and two children across the river, you've got one [...] and they can't swim, this is my one, two boys go across, one boy comes back, one man goes across, the other boy comes back, two boys go across, one boy comes back, one man goes across the other boy comes back two boys go across, I need to show that on, on [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [847] You've gotta do what?
[848] You've got to
Carla (PS04X) [849] I need two men
Jean (PS04Y) [850] You can draw it can't you?
Dave (PS04V) [851] You gotta do it
Carla (PS04X) [852] No, cos I got to show it and I can't
Jean (PS04Y) [853] Oh I see, but you, you don't need anything big, you need small things surely .
Brenda (PS04U) [854] You want something like a little erm, like a moose [...] you know, a moose carton
Jean (PS04Y) [855] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [856] How you gonna fit a little baby canoe to go across and two
Brenda (PS04U) [857] Well where you gonna get a baby canoe from any way?
Carla (PS04X) [858] I can make one.
Brenda (PS04U) [859] You could ma , you could, you could get something like or erm a pudding bowl, then you could make a little baby canoe out of tin foil
Jean (PS04Y) [860] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [861] and the men out of tin foil
Carla (PS04X) [862] Oh yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [863] Or pipe cleaners
Brenda (PS04U) [864] Or pipe cleaners
Jean (PS04Y) [865] Pipe cleaners are very good for that .
Brenda (PS04U) [866] Can pick some pipe cleaners up , they're good for making little
Dave (PS04V) [867] Why don't you just put a rope across it there then, walk across the rope.
Carla (PS04X) [868] Cos, haven't got nothing except canoe.
Dave (PS04V) [869] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [870] I can, yes I can remember having this sort of question about people with jugs and they wanted to measure out a certain amount, but they haven't got any markings for this certain amount and that awful [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [871] This stupid Lee at the moment for his exam, he's meant to have done it by Christmas and he hasn't done it for C D T, and he, they had to just choose something erm to make that actually sort of works, so Lee couldn't, I mean they did crane's and things like that and he couldn't, the thing he came up with and he's teacher was a, a go erm, what was it Dave, a goalie stand in his goal
Carla (PS04X) [872] I got
Brenda (PS04U) [873] and he had like a shooter thing that would er, erm a bolt or something would shoot the balls out
Carla (PS04X) [874] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [875] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [876] erm, to give the goalie sort of practice, yeah ,
Jean (PS04Y) [877] practice, yes
Brenda (PS04U) [878] but he's still got to come up, he's got to make this thing, I mean it's gonna be enormous with football's.
Jean (PS04Y) [879] I can remember at Westfield school about fifteen years ago we had an art teacher, who got the children to make an enormous thing, I think it was a Loch Ness Monster, and it went out of, out of the door of one room into another, you know, and they spent days and ages on making this thing
Brenda (PS04U) [880] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [881] and I thought at the time it's, it's quite good enough just to have the idea and talk about the idea, make some drawings and
Brenda (PS04U) [882] Mm
Jean (PS04Y) [883] you know [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [884] Well this [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [885] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [886] But I said to Lee, you know,
Carla (PS04X) [887] Open.
Brenda (PS04U) [888] have a chat with you, cos there might be something that you think that it could make, that sort of like, not such a big sort of model
Dave (PS04V) [889] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [890] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [891] If I cut some wood, crosses
Brenda (PS04U) [892] Well if you start cutting wood, you want to do things that are simple.
Dave (PS04V) [893] You've got your [...] upstairs in the bathroom, why don't you use that.
Carla (PS04X) [894] Oh no, I wanna do something to go across there, get a piece of string, get some string, yeah, make a plasticine canoe yeah, and then put, join two pieces of string to it
Jean (PS04Y) [895] [...] interesting .
Carla (PS04X) [896] and then, not if you can't get, held up by a piece of string would it?
Brenda (PS04U) [897] Well, why not use your own penny boat?
Dave (PS04V) [898] Yeah, you can use, put your people in it, all people.
Brenda (PS04U) [899] Cos they look like real people
Jean (PS04Y) [900] yeah, that's better
Brenda (PS04U) [901] yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [902] all, you know that's, now you're learning French, one of the things that the French say, they're always saying it, is [speaking french] , make things easy, go the straightest way, towards any thing .
Brenda (PS04U) [903] You can go and make , you, pick out, you're like Lee you pick out these hardest things.

22 (Tape 015101)

Brenda (PS04U) [904] Yeah,yo like you say y , I love the kids dearly I said to Dave I bet that's why this I weekend ... and he
Jean (PS04Y) [905] Yeah, yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [906] He said too, it'll do you good, sort of time, so I look don't you think, ooh!
[907] Don't you think I look a bit
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [908] haggard and ... my eyes and
Jean (PS04Y) [909] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [910] I'm starting to put on a bit of weight.
Jean (PS04Y) [911] Oh good!
Brenda (PS04U) [912] Which is good cos it was just
Jean (PS04Y) [913] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [914] just over erm ... er ... just over a stone I've lost.
Jean (PS04Y) [915] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [916] And, you know, it sort of
Jean (PS04Y) [917] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [918] frightened me
Jean (PS04Y) [919] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [920] cos of this.
Jean (PS04Y) [921] Yes you can't afford to lose it.
Brenda (PS04U) [922] That's right and I mean, you know, it's like now my hair needs cutting and ... you know
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [923] you just feel, I think when you've sort of lost much weight
Jean (PS04Y) [924] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [925] and I mean ... you know, and I always feel the blooming cold!
[926] I mean I feel
Jean (PS04Y) [927] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [928] the cold anyway but sort of
Jean (PS04Y) [929] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [930] I said to Dave you could feel my hip bones ... and it oh
Jean (PS04Y) [931] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [932] it was awful!
[933] I dunno
Jean (PS04Y) [934] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [935] you know I always said ... wouldn't it be lovely to be thin and I said thank God
Jean (PS04Y) [936] No!
Brenda (PS04U) [937] for a bit of fat on you!
Jean (PS04Y) [938] Oh absolutely!
Brenda (PS04U) [939] I said because
Jean (PS04Y) [940] Well I remember Jackie telling me, she came back from ... sh she came up to meet me in London one day and she came up with ... the woman, a German woman, who at that time was ... a buyer for Army and Navy ... er ... women's fashions ... and this woman said that ... the model girls ... who are so thin ... she said ... they're always bursting into tears and crying because they're under such stress to keep their weight down ... and ... their boyfriends don't like it because ... the girls are are lovely to have on their arms to take out, you know everybody sort of goggles, you know, lovely slim girl with yellow half way down her back etc. ... but, in fact, these girls get very, very ratty!
Brenda (PS04U) [941] Mm ... have you seen Jackie ... lately?
Jean (PS04Y) [942] She phoned me a couple of days ago and said, you know, that life was really quite on top of them ... her ... mother-in-law died and they've had all the problems of putting the old man into a home ... the main problem
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [943] being of course, is first of all find your home ... and while he wasn't in a home he was driving the neighbours mad because he's beginning to get confused and wander about and ... maintain that he hasn't had his dinner when two people [laughing] have already taken him in lunch [] , you know ... and the other problem is erm ... er er having found him a very nice home, he didn't want to go!
Brenda (PS04U) [944] He didn't want to go?
Jean (PS04Y) [945] No ... not likely!
[946] ... He wanted to stay in his own place ... but Jackie and Neville were nearly driven mad ... running up and down to Letchworth when all that they had to do, Jackie's full time teaching and Nev is trying to build as many kitchens or build as many doors ... for millionaires as he possibly can.
Brenda (PS04U) [947] So how's erm ... young Neil?
Jean (PS04Y) [948] Neil ... poor boy ... he had a driving lesson yesterday ... came home and said I don't want to do any more!
Brenda (PS04U) [949] What driving?
Jean (PS04Y) [950] Mm ... so ... he was going to go up to.
Brenda (PS04U) [951] I bet!
Jean (PS04Y) [952] Neil, bring cup of tea in here and we'll talk about it ... and I didn't really want to spare the time because you could imagine that I wanted to get ready to come away ... but I I made myself sit and really give him time
Brenda (PS04U) [953] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [954] and he said ... he lacks, he totally lacks confidence.
Brenda (PS04U) [955] This is what he said?
Jean (PS04Y) [956] Yep ... and ... and he doesn't seem to be able to concentrate ... and I said, but Neil you can drive, when you go out with me ... you drive beautifully ... yes but yours is an automatic car, I said, it's not that I said ... you've got road sense ... you know what you're doing, I said your good.
[957] ... No I'm not I'm awful!
[958] ... I said look Neil ... you can drive, but let's not ... let's not take it that I'm saying that you must drive ... let's go into the question of why you're making a mess of it at this time ... and we, oh honestly ... Brenda if I've got black circles under my eyes do not be surprised because, of course, this all goes back to his absolutely, appallingly, stupid mother!
Brenda (PS04U) [959] He's really on a downer, isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [960] He is, he said ... my mother said she could have been a forensic scientist if it ha if I hadn't been born!
[961] ... Well Brenda [laughing] you can tell, I hit the roof [] !
[962] ... I mean normally I never criticize the woman because after
Brenda (PS04U) [963] No!
Jean (PS04Y) [964] all mothers are sacred ... but I just had to put the boot in on her, I'm afraid, I said ... stuff!
[965] ... I said she could have taken a degree in her spare time in th she's only she's not yet forty ... I said that's absolute rubbish I said th the world is full of these damn women going around saying, if only I hadn't had children I could have been Lord Chief Justice of England, I said, it isn't true!
[966] ... I said an er I said do you think that I wasn't a career woman, I said I gave it all up for yo er to have to look after my young babies ... and then when the babies were no longer young, when I ... got through that phase of my life I went back and combined ... looking after a home very adequately, thank you!
[967] ... With quite a difficult job, I said this is a ... I said your mother is living in a fantasy world, of course, I see the stupid bitch prancing around Stowmarket with her silly nose in the air!
[968] ... She's a very conceited woman, Pete the adulterous told me she was a very conceited woman ... and ... er Neil says I I I'd have to talk to him to him about this, she couldn't discuss anything with him ... she would lay down the law, that was how it had to be ... and I said no ... I said Gerry and I, I had no hesitation, as I said, in putting the boot in ... and Brenda and Dave ... take the same the attitude to children ... that ... you let them ... first of all when they're small, you have to tell them no ... like you do not
Brenda (PS04U) [969] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [970] put your handy ... in the fire, dear!
Brenda (PS04U) [971] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [972] And then when they get bigger ... you give them more and more freedom ... to do just what they want to do and all you do is watch carefully and make sure they're not doing anything ... obviously, outrageously daft ... but you let them find themselves ... and if there are problems they bring their problems to you and you sit down and you quietly talk about it, there's not shouting, no ... I say you've got to do this because I am your parent!
Brenda (PS04U) [973] That's obviously her, that was her answer.
Jean (PS04Y) [974] [...] that's her answer ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [975] You just sort of wa ... you know, argue it an
Jean (PS04Y) [976] I know.
[977] ... and and he says too ... he had to admit that he's lazy.
Brenda (PS04U) [978] Who Neil?
Jean (PS04Y) [979] Neil ... yeah ... and he said my mother is a lazy cow!
Brenda (PS04U) [980] Yeah but don't you think he ... he he finds, I mean if ... alright y y you're not ex always exactly like your parents but if you've bro , if he's brought up, his mother's lazy
Jean (PS04Y) [981] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [982] so I mean ... you know, that's part of his life isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [983] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [984] I mean it's he won't know better.
Jean (PS04Y) [985] This is what I said to him ... this is what I said to him ... an but he said I I see you with all your get up and go ... so I didn't make any reply to that.
Brenda (PS04U) [986] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [987] I thought, well ... let it sink in.
Brenda (PS04U) [988] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [989] And I came in one day ... a few days ago an and running around like a ... bee on heat ... with erm ... cries of oh ... I've got so much to do and no time left in which to do it and I went ... ha ... I said yes, if you [laughing] got up early, you know [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [990] That's right ... he cos he is very bad on timing isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [991] Shocking!
Brenda (PS04U) [992] I mean, like you say, you ought ... you know ... you ought to buy her a talking alarm clock for Christmas.
Jean (PS04Y) [993] Oh yes, he's got to ... have an alarm clock.
Brenda (PS04U) [994] Or a radio one
Jean (PS04Y) [995] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [996] so tha that would actually
Jean (PS04Y) [997] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [998] the noise.
Jean (PS04Y) [999] Of course, I've I've left him in the charge of ... of not ... I haven't asked Paul to take him ... under his wing over the weekend, but I've left Neil a list of things that I would like done.
Brenda (PS04U) [1000] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1001] Like get back the dustbins which [...] took them out ... but she didn't bring them back at the end of the drive ... erm ... and I hope that Paul ... tells him off!
Brenda (PS04U) [1002] And make him do it, do it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1003] An and you know, says, look Neil you've got to get your ideas together ... because that's what Neil has lacked, he's lacked ... masculine influence.
Brenda (PS04U) [1004] Mm ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1005] It's no good
Brenda (PS04U) [1006] now, I mean ... you've been very to Neil ... over the last year or so ... and I mean now it's time to get his act together.
Jean (PS04Y) [1007] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1008] She can't keep on
Jean (PS04Y) [1009] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1010] I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1011] I mean I've stopped ... I've ... I I don't any longer get up and get anybody's breakfast for them.
Brenda (PS04U) [1012] Nope ... but if you get, you know
Jean (PS04Y) [1013] I get out ... I get out of bed at eight o' clock when the ... last of the lodgers has gone ... well the last of the [laughing] two lodgers []
Brenda (PS04U) [1014] Mm ... but you can't
Jean (PS04Y) [1015] gone
Brenda (PS04U) [1016] you know,y y there's no more now, I mean, running around
Jean (PS04Y) [1017] [...] er of being unemployed the thi ... Neil is the third lodger, of course tha ... who ... get's out of the pit [laughing] at about eleven o' clock in the morning [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1018] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1019] But er that's ... from now on Neil has got to carry th ... the responsibility for his own actions.
Brenda (PS04U) [1020] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1021] I'm not going to bail him out by jumping into the car.
Brenda (PS04U) [1022] And really he's got to, I mean, you know, alright with work wise ... I mean he's got to take ... even if, I mean ... the kids these days, I mean, even at Neil's age, I mean ... you know, I've come the conclusion now ... these kids ... they think the world owes them something!
Jean (PS04Y) [1023] Yes they do.
Brenda (PS04U) [1024] They're not like in our day
Jean (PS04Y) [1025] I know ... no.
Brenda (PS04U) [1026] I mean they really think ... I mean it's like Lee ... he's doing this work experience an ... yes it's great an it's a bit boring, mum ... and Dave said ... Lee, you know ... wake up!
Jean (PS04Y) [1027] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1028] This is reality!
Jean (PS04Y) [1029] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1030] This is what people go to work in an office
Jean (PS04Y) [1031] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1032] work nine to five thirty.
Jean (PS04Y) [1033] Yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1034] He said we ... I tell you what I didn't like, mum ... an I said what?
[1035] ... He said, making the tea, I said tough!
Jean (PS04Y) [1036] Yes, exactly!
Brenda (PS04U) [1037] I said what do you think ... you go
Jean (PS04Y) [1038] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1039] into ... your ... I said you go into a job, your earning
Jean (PS04Y) [1040] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1041] twenty five grand a year an ... and you're sat at that desk and you're boss?
[1042] ... I said it doesn't it work like that Lee!
Jean (PS04Y) [1043] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1044] I said you're the general dogsbody!
Jean (PS04Y) [1045] Quite ... quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1046] He said oh God!
[1047] ... And I said we
Jean (PS04Y) [1048] That's the way life goes
Brenda (PS04U) [1049] you know I said that is life!
Jean (PS04Y) [1050] Yeah ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1051] He said, God, he said ... I didn't realize it's like that, I said, no you didn't!
Jean (PS04Y) [1052] Do you do you think they get a false idea from the television or something,wha what is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [1053] Well I dunno I thi I think the teachers to be honest, Jean, no you
Jean (PS04Y) [1054] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [1055] know ... th the teachers in this ... I mean ... you know I don't know, I mean ... so some of the teachers have got ... got really weird ideas! ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1056] Have they?
Brenda (PS04U) [1057] I mean, you know,it it's unbelievable!
[1058] ... But
Jean (PS04Y) [1059] Ooh I'd like to know what their weird ideas are.
Brenda (PS04U) [1060] Well it's just erm ... ah I don't know, I mean ... there's there's certain things ... I mean,it it's like this maths [...] ... I mean, I I spoke to her ... erm ... and she said yes Lee had come on and everything in his maths ... and I said we ... the thing is, I said, knowing Lee has difficulty ... in in th l in the high level maths, yes you don't want to drop him, but ... surely ... I said I'm willing to help ... in my spare time, Lee's willing to do it and I said ... can't you show Lee ... I said I'm not ... I wasn't trying to tell her
Jean (PS04Y) [1061] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1062] you know, that what you were told
Jean (PS04Y) [1063] No, no, no, no ... no
Brenda (PS04U) [1064] [...] ... and I think [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1065] Yes well I think I told him a wrong, you see, there were two ... there there are two ways of tackling it and I don't think the way I told him is what they want for the examination purposes, at all!
Brenda (PS04U) [1066] Oh I don't know ... he under , when ... you that told he understood it a lot more ... than when she said it ... and she sort of went all
Jean (PS04Y) [1067] She's probably trying to explain them in a very complicated way of doing maths.
Brenda (PS04U) [1068] No she answered me, she said well I haven't got time to sit down, explain it to them, they just gotta, if they're in a high level they should be able to grasp it and I
Jean (PS04Y) [1069] Frankly I think that's very bad
Brenda (PS04U) [1070] that's no attitude!
Jean (PS04Y) [1071] you know, that is no attitude!
[1072] ... That's bad!
Brenda (PS04U) [1073] You know the fact is they've got to ... erm ... be explained.
Jean (PS04Y) [1074] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1075] Erm ... I mean, Carla I can't fault her teachers.
Jean (PS04Y) [1076] No, no
Brenda (PS04U) [1077] at that church one ... she has learnt so much ... erm ... I mean this ... to speak French, now she speaking it in three weeks!
Jean (PS04Y) [1078] She's excellent isn't she ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1079] You know, it's unbeliev
Jean (PS04Y) [1080] Three weeks!
Brenda (PS04U) [1081] three weeks, that's all she's been doing it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1082] That's marvellous.
Brenda (PS04U) [1083] You know, I mean ... but this teacher won't stand no nonsense ... and I said to Lee ... y you were at it three years before you could speak like Carla speaks it!
[1084] ... You know she has learnt so much!
[1085] ... Erm i in this school, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1086] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1087] they're very strict ... I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1088] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1089] you know ... but I think half of Lee's it [...] there's no discipline
Jean (PS04Y) [1090] No ha
Brenda (PS04U) [1091] but then
Jean (PS04Y) [1092] and when you try t ... in the past when I tried to find some way ... of imposing discipline, there is no way because ... quite rightly, you're not allowed to strike children, I never wanted to and I ... I hardly ever did ... at one school where ... there was a marvellous spirit of give and take ... I used to whip off my little black velvet slipper occasionally and whack some of the larger boys about the top of the thigh.
[1093] just for fun, you know ... but I'm not a believer in using your fists, you ought to be using your brain to teach with ... but ... there were no ... there are no sanctions, if you say ... you must stay behind after school, you have to send a letter home ... and half the parents will write back and say my son or daughter is not staying after school and that is that!
Brenda (PS04U) [1094] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1095] And that's their right ... and so ... you think of something else we ... you're not allowed to take them out of a favourite lesson, you're not allowed to say ... you are going to miss your football or a P E ... P E teachers and the football teachers, quite rightly, say ... if you can't keep discipline in your class why ... [laughing] why should we be penalized [] ?
Brenda (PS04U) [1096] Mm ... that's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1097] And er ... you're pretty helpless really.
Brenda (PS04U) [1098] You are.
Jean (PS04Y) [1099] You see the only way that you can really discipline them ... is when you have a school where ... the rules have been very, very strict from the moment that they went into that school ... and they have had their noses held to the grindstone ... with work up to their brows ... and they just don't think of being tiresome ... and anybody who is tiresome is pulled out and put in a special room on their own, called a sin bin ... an which is rather boring ... and made to work even [laugh] harder!
Brenda (PS04U) [1100] Mm ... but no what I'm ... sort of, getting back, I mean, you know, I don't ... I think it's the kids ... I mean, I dunno why?
[1101] ... Whether they have too much or what they have ... but, I mean ... they're just ... they just think everybody owes them something, and it's like Neil, I mean, to me ... I mean ... I can't see why he can't get off his backside ... and go and work in a supermarket ... but it's not the job they want, the same answer I said to [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1102] I think at the moment Brenda he would take ... any job if he could get one.
Brenda (PS04U) [1103] He would take if offered it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1104] Yes I think so I [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [1105] There's a lot of [...] I mean it's like
Jean (PS04Y) [1106] To be fair ... to be fair to him I think that he would ... erm ... he's set his heart on going and working at the lawn mower place on the production line
Brenda (PS04U) [1107] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1108] and he isn't ... in my opinion ... really considering half the other jobs, but he has said that he wants that ... and by the mercy of providence ... this business of Lee being flung out by Andy ... and being ... put back onto the ... into the job centre coincides with my being ... very tight on money.
Brenda (PS04U) [1109] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1110] You'll notice that I've said to you ... we're going to run the [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1111] That's right, yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1112] And I'm going to pay it back ... with lodgers money really.
Brenda (PS04U) [1113] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1114] I mean ... my dear, I said to Paul, Paul yesterday was was ... babbling on about ... if Karen would take him back and I said Paul ... I shall be extremely displeased if you ever leave this house ... to go back to ... Karen, you know o after only being with me for something like three or four weeks, I said you'll never come back again ... I said I'm not going to be messed about like that!
Brenda (PS04U) [1115] No that's right!
[1116] ... What did he say to that?
Jean (PS04Y) [1117] Oh [laughing] ... I'm counting on you, lodgers money [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1118] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1119] And I am Brenda!
Brenda (PS04U) [1120] Yeah, but thing is ... I mean, you know, there's a lot of kids out there, I mean I've know with, sort of, Lee's friend ... you know, okay, with us I mean ... with Lee o okay we don't I've often said to him, why don't you get a Saturday job?
[1121] ... And he said no ... and I said okay, fair enough ... but then, you know ... you can say to Lee, well ... if you want something ... now you're gonna have to work
Jean (PS04Y) [1122] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1123] and then he will, he'll go and do something.
Jean (PS04Y) [1124] Yes ... mm let's go here ... I won't talk.
Brenda (PS04U) [1125] Erm
Jean (PS04Y) [1126] Erm
Brenda (PS04U) [1127] but thing is there's a lot lot of like Lee's friends and that and they say ... well I couldn't work in a shoe shop and I wouldn't work in a, and I say why?
Jean (PS04Y) [1128] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1129] Well they say, well would you do jobs you don't like?
[1130] ... Yes if I need the money.
Jean (PS04Y) [1131] The ... the only job which I told Neil I do not expect him to take ... is working for [...] waste disposal ... because he did that, this time last year ... and before he started he was full of big talk about you make a lot of money and you get a lot of tips at Christmas ... he found that ... you do not make a lot of money ... and you do not get generous tips at Christmas
Brenda (PS04U) [1132] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1133] and he used to come home ... looking as white as a sheet ... sick to the teeth ... and he used to just go to bed and collapse in a heap, he isn't strong enough to do it and it's pointless for him to try ... but other than that he can do anything he fancies.
Brenda (PS04U) [1134] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1135] I vir [...] I just got
Brenda (PS04U) [1136] Neil, I mean he
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [1137] No but I mean he has had a bad start
Jean (PS04Y) [1138] [...] ... and hasn't had the example of either a mother or a father ... who understands the necessity of
Brenda (PS04U) [1139] But there are a lot of
Jean (PS04Y) [1140] [...] work.
Brenda (PS04U) [1141] that have had the support ... but they won't get off their backsides and it tends to be this ge generation.
Jean (PS04Y) [1142] Well you know when my son was eighteen ... he and his friends were entertaining each other to pocket parties at which they were ... working out ... what University courses they were going to apply for
Brenda (PS04U) [1143] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1144] and what they wanted was the easiest ones ... and they came up with the answer ... economics ... Gerald simply, we Ge Gerry and I put our heads together and went bib bib bib bib bib, you know as good parents do ... and we both presented him with a ... fait accompli you either take an engineering degree, we don't care what sort ... or ... you go out to work in a bank ... because ... economics ... you will not get a first ... because you are not reader and t to ... get a first in economics, which is what you'll need if you're gonna make any money out of it
Brenda (PS04U) [1145] Mm
Jean (PS04Y) [1146] and have a decent life ... to get a first or either a two one in economics ... you have got to read ... a very great deal, you've got to be a reader, a student ... a taker of notes, a writer of essays ... and we said that is not you ... so ... [laughing] within two
Brenda (PS04U) [1147] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1148] minutes he was looking through all the advertisements for civil engineering [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1149] That's right ... but you had the encouragement, who's that waving?
Jean (PS04Y) [1150] Who ... where?
Brenda (PS04U) [1151] That car in front ... I dunno, he was waving, I just hope it wasn't ... waving at us.
Jean (PS04Y) [1152] That one E E?
Brenda (PS04U) [1153] I dunno.
Jean (PS04Y) [1154] The Fiesta?
Brenda (PS04U) [1155] Maybe she wasn't waving at us
Jean (PS04Y) [1156] No
Brenda (PS04U) [1157] it was only for a minute.
Jean (PS04Y) [1158] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [1159] No, no, no, she's not
Jean (PS04Y) [1160] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1161] I think she's realized she's made a mistake ... [laughing] she was waving away [] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1162] Oh yes, yes, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1163] And thought it was somebody else.
Jean (PS04Y) [1164] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1165] But er ... no I mean there's ... th there's [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [1166] that they've just, you know ... I mean some of the kids ... I don't know where we were going ... me and Dave ... somewhere or other we were ... and there was some kids an and their attitude, you know, it's ... well why should we do this, you know
Jean (PS04Y) [1167] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1168] this isn't fair, I mean life's not fair.
Jean (PS04Y) [1169] I think it's the television as much as anything else.
Brenda (PS04U) [1170] Yeah ... probably ... yeah tha that does
Jean (PS04Y) [1171] I mean I'm appalled at the way that teenagers are still being shown on the television ... as they were twenty years ago ... able to rule the roost ... because they did.
Brenda (PS04U) [1172] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1173] They did ... erm ... twenty years ago a teenager, a girl of sixteen could leave home ... she could pick up a job ... just like that!
Brenda (PS04U) [1174] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1175] And, you know get reasonable money ... and there were ... there were still rented rooms of a sort, but she could find ... somewhere, of a sort, to live ... with other kids and they could do what they jolly well liked!
Brenda (PS04U) [1176] I dunno it's ... I mean ... you know it's
Jean (PS04Y) [1177] But those days are well and truly over!
[1178] ... And I don't think they'll ever come back!
[1179] ... For one thing I I don't think that the next generation of parents are going to stand it ... because with the , cos I told you what, what I said Neil about erm ... when er ... when he was a father ... I said if you had a pretty fifteen year old daughter would you want to have some ... rough oaf taking her down a back alley and screwing her?
[1180] No I bloody wouldn't, he said cor that's awful! ... [laughing] and it it's just what he's been doing [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1181] Doing that's it ... it's alright for him to do it!
Jean (PS04Y) [1182] [laugh] ... okay for him ... but nobody's going to touch his little girl.
Brenda (PS04U) [1183] Ah ... but erm
Jean (PS04Y) [1184] Or my own boy.
Brenda (PS04U) [1185] no ... I mean I I do really feel sorry Neil because people wa it it it makes me cross because people won't give Neil the benefit of the doubt.
Jean (PS04Y) [1186] No they won't ... they won't
Brenda (PS04U) [1187] You know and if they just won't give him a chance.
Jean (PS04Y) [1188] No they won't
Brenda (PS04U) [1189] And I mean the fact ... you know ... y you can see his point, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1190] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1191] Harry hasn't given up totally ... I mean he hasn't
Jean (PS04Y) [1192] No he would've done if you hadn't, but he says this
Brenda (PS04U) [1193] I mean he feels like it, obviously, like with
Jean (PS04Y) [1194] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1195] his driving.
Jean (PS04Y) [1196] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1197] What's the point?
[1198] I've got
Jean (PS04Y) [1199] Yep.
Brenda (PS04U) [1200] no confidence ... who cares, you know, whether I pass or that ... I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1201] Well ... I did ... we we talked about this, you see Mary Anne, [...] half way through the conversation ... er ... Neil went out of the room so that I could to Mary Ann ... and I said towards the end of my conversation, you know, Mary Ann you're a very wise person, give me some advice ... I said, I told her about Neil not wanting no not doing well on the driving, although he can drive ... she said he doesn't want to do it ... she said don't hassle him ... so when he came downstairs I said ... I've been talking to Mary Ann and she sends you her love ... and because, of course, you know, we've got a grandson, you know she had a son, my
Brenda (PS04U) [1202] That's right, yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1203] grandson is about that age ... and very sympathetic she is ... erm ... I said er ... Mary Ann says she doesn't know what the point is, you don't really want to do it ... he said, she's right, I don't ... he said, in a way I do, in another way I don't, I said
Brenda (PS04U) [1204] You see
Jean (PS04Y) [1205] well we can't go into the reasons for that but I said let's respect the reasons ... I said if that's how you feel I said, you're a man you you must make your own decisions ... I said probably in a few months time you'll come

23 (Tape 015102)

Jean (PS04Y) [1206] Well I don't know why, I was drawn to that colour.
Brenda (PS04U) [1207] It's that's my colour, isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1208] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1209] In your ... got my fork instead of a spoon didn't I?
Jean (PS04Y) [1210] Oh ... Ooh!
Brenda (PS04U) [1211] So it it's Paul ... has the other lodger gone yet?
Jean (PS04Y) [1212] Philip?
Brenda (PS04U) [1213] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1214] No, he's going ... pretty soon, I think.
Brenda (PS04U) [1215] He's a pain though is he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1216] Mm ... I went into his room ... and yet again ... he has got wet washing hanging up inside that room.
Brenda (PS04U) [1217] What in his bedroom?
Jean (PS04Y) [1218] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1219] How does he put it out then?
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [1220] Where did you buy that top you've got on ... [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1221] British Home Stores.
Brenda (PS04U) [1222] It's lovely.
Jean (PS04Y) [1223] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1224] Is that the one, when you were with me?
Jean (PS04Y) [1225] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1226] Looks really nice on.
Jean (PS04Y) [1227] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1228] So have you seen this chap any more?
Jean (PS04Y) [1229] Mark?
Brenda (PS04U) [1230] This ... new man ... is his name Mark?
Jean (PS04Y) [1231] Little o little old one ... erm ... when did I see him?
[1232] ... Sunday.
Brenda (PS04U) [1233] Sunday?
Jean (PS04Y) [1234] We went over to Lavenham.
Brenda (PS04U) [1235] Where did you meet him at?
Jean (PS04Y) [1236] Marriage agency.
Brenda (PS04U) [1237] What Dateline?
Jean (PS04Y) [1238] No ... Destiny, a local one.
Brenda (PS04U) [1239] Oh you're not with Dateline any more?
Jean (PS04Y) [1240] No ... no good!
[1241] ... Not for me ... this local one is absolutely splendid!
Brenda (PS04U) [1242] Is it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1243] Mm ... You ca
Brenda (PS04U) [1244] What about
Jean (PS04Y) [1245] You can talk to the man who's running it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1246] Is Ron still going with his [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1247] Oh yes, he's still with Trudy.
Brenda (PS04U) [1248] Do you reckon he'll end up getting married?
Jean (PS04Y) [1249] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1250] No ... what on ... her side or his?
Jean (PS04Y) [1251] Her side ... she won't have it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1252] Won't she?
Jean (PS04Y) [1253] No ... I've warned Ron ... he's such an obstinate so and so, he won't be told!
[1254] ... I said that I think you'll find, Ron that Trudy ... if she married would have to give up her ... late husband's occupational widow's pension ... so that the way you're going on now, where you go and stay with her for two or three days at a time ... is far better ... oh no, no, no, she'll be able to keep her pension [...] ... I said I very much doubt it ... then I said ... people are so jealous ... that if she does marry you ... and he doesn't tell the firm ... I bet that one of her ... dear neighbours will ... oh no they're all very nice people round where she lives, I thought there's no good arguing with Ron!
Brenda (PS04U) [1255] Would she lose he pension then if she got married?
Jean (PS04Y) [1256] Well ... mostly, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1257] Careful when you put your cup [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1258] If you haven't, if you worked ... if you haven't worked at th sorry?
Brenda (PS04U) [1259] Careful when you pick that up, it's ever so slippery.
Jean (PS04Y) [1260] Oh my God!
[1261] ... If you get a ... a pension based on the fact that you're your late husband's widow ... when you are no longer your late husband's widow, but somebody's wife ... they don't have to pay you that pension.
Brenda (PS04U) [1262] Oh ... so I suppose Trudy doesn't know either?
Jean (PS04Y) [1263] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1264] Actually I can't blame her.
Jean (PS04Y) [1265] No ... and she doesn't want Ron ... to move into her house ... because there is no way that he could.
Brenda (PS04U) [1266] The thing is he's so [...] isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1267] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1268] It doesn't, sort of, change anything ... Has he organized his [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1269] Sorry?
Brenda (PS04U) [1270] Will he organize his [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1271] No not really ... no ... it's still a great big ... muddly tip!
[1272] ... You have seen it, haven't you?
Brenda (PS04U) [1273] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [1274] Oh ... oh you must!
Brenda (PS04U) [1275] Cos how old is he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1276] Seventy.
Brenda (PS04U) [1277] He's quite good for seventy, in he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1278] Oh very ... oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1279] The thing is now, you see there's no way ... would you change him?
Jean (PS04Y) [1280] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1281] But he wouldn't want it, would he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1282] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1283] This is lovely!
Jean (PS04Y) [1284] Mm!
[1285] ... I mean poor old Ron!
Brenda (PS04U) [1286] He's been going with her quite a while, though has he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1287] Yes, oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1288] So she's just happy with that relationship, is she?
Jean (PS04Y) [1289] Yes ... in fact, to be perfectly honest with you ... the relationship is a bit more than she wants ... Ron ... [cough] ... is a bit of a pain ... I told him over and over again ... not to push his luck, I said for goodness sake, Ron, be ... grateful for what you've got ... apparently she ... doesn't like to make love with the lights on ... I said well if that's what she doesn't like that's what she doesn't like, you're not going to change a woman of sixty eight!
[1290] ... Oh [...] ... the way she and her husband went on ... that's all in the past ... I said yes, but it's there was an awful lot of it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1291] That's right ... he should really, especially tha at her age!
Jean (PS04Y) [1292] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1293] He should, sort of, honour her wishes shouldn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1294] He should.
Brenda (PS04U) [1295] So has he all gone to his gr mother's at Christmas?
Jean (PS04Y) [1296] Mm ... yes ... I told Paul ... that he can bring a lady up ... at Christmas-time.
Brenda (PS04U) [1297] Is he not going home then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1298] No ... and erm ... I'm leaving a turkey in the freezer,an Paul is quite good at cooking ... standard cooking.
Brenda (PS04U) [1299] Yeah he'll he'll ... I remember he cooks for himself, doesn't he an ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1300] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1301] He ... I mean I know he eats you out of house and home, but ... he's quite a good lodger isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1302] He's a very good lodger
Brenda (PS04U) [1303] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1304] yes ... last week he helped me turn the garage out ... he took all the rubbish left over from the tip ... down to the tip.
Brenda (PS04U) [1305] So did Nev come and do your kitchen?
Jean (PS04Y) [1306] Well ... almost ... I got the cupboard done ... and I got the tiles ... lying by the side of the hob, but they haven't yet been cut to fit ... erm ... and glued down ... but one of these day's he'll get around to it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1307] He's doing a lot in his house?
Jean (PS04Y) [1308] Mm ... well Jackie rang me ... Thursday evening and said ... you know, then my life is get up early ... let the dogs out or whatever ... stagger into school ... stagger back ... do a meal ... do some marking ... fall into bed.
Brenda (PS04U) [1309] That's a lot.
Jean (PS04Y) [1310] That's her life.
Brenda (PS04U) [1311] Where's she going Christmas?
Jean (PS04Y) [1312] She's going home I think ... she's not having Benita and her mother up.
Brenda (PS04U) [1313] Are they?
Jean (PS04Y) [1314] They still can't do it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1315] What will Paul, just go and visit his mo Neil go and visit mum and then come back, cos although Paul's there
Jean (PS04Y) [1316] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1317] it's better isn't
Jean (PS04Y) [1318] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1319] it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1320] Yes ... that's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1321] Are you gonna have a tree up?
Jean (PS04Y) [1322] Yes ... didn't buy any new ... ornaments when I was up in Liverpool ... cos I didn't see anything that I particularly liked ... but ... what Carla has done ... gives me an idea for making some extra bits for the tree ... Where did you get that [...] from?
Brenda (PS04U) [1323] Bernard Singers the what the netting?
Jean (PS04Y) [1324] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1325] Yeah that's all it is ... all it is is like
Jean (PS04Y) [1326] Mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1327] like netting.
Jean (PS04Y) [1328] Charlatan it's called.
Brenda (PS04U) [1329] Oh that's what it's called?
Jean (PS04Y) [1330] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1331] Mm ... ninety nine pence a meter.
Jean (PS04Y) [1332] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1333] Erm Singers do every colour, it's just the fact she wanted to give friends a present and I said
Jean (PS04Y) [1334] Mm mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1335] you know,it it you can't afford to ... to
Jean (PS04Y) [1336] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1337] do it
Jean (PS04Y) [1338] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1339] and I said to her one night, and we bought those bags of sweets, it was ninety nine pee for about forty
Jean (PS04Y) [1340] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1341] and I said just put two or three in each
Jean (PS04Y) [1342] Mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1343] that's enough for
Jean (PS04Y) [1344] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1345] a child
Jean (PS04Y) [1346] Mm yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1347] and she had great fun, we
Jean (PS04Y) [1348] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1349] did them in an evening.
Jean (PS04Y) [1350] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1351] And I didn't use ribbon cos it would have worked expensive for her ... I just used that erm
Jean (PS04Y) [1352] I saw.
Brenda (PS04U) [1353] curly stuff
Jean (PS04Y) [1354] the
Brenda (PS04U) [1355] for her.
Jean (PS04Y) [1356] Yeah ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1357] But for kids, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1358] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1359] they're only gonna throw
Jean (PS04Y) [1360] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1361] it away, aren't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [1362] Mm ... oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1363] And it'll be a ... you know, a waste, ribbon, so I
Jean (PS04Y) [1364] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1365] thought I'll just put that on it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1366] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1367] And she thinks they're wonderful.
Jean (PS04Y) [1368] Mm, they are
Brenda (PS04U) [1369] Well
Jean (PS04Y) [1370] I was just thinking ... what a dozen would look like hanging on my tree.
Brenda (PS04U) [1371] Yeah ... they're so simple.
Jean (PS04Y) [1372] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1373] I mean, all I use ... I mean, if I was making them for somebody I would ... use about four or five layers ... and then I would put ... a piece of lace of braid or ... something at the top
Jean (PS04Y) [1374] mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1375] just to make, if I was making them really
Jean (PS04Y) [1376] Mm mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1377] but for the tree I thought well I'm gonna make some ... I'm gonna make six, like the colouring we did erm ... the ... erm ... wa black, red and white
Jean (PS04Y) [1378] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1379] on the top ... and then in erm ... go to three circles ... and then all different colour ... you know, erm ... [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1380] What, another skirt?
Brenda (PS04U) [1381] That's right, yeah ... It's really hot isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1382] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1383] Erm ... but you see these si I mean, Debs do it as well all that ... that netting.
Jean (PS04Y) [1384] Yeah.
[1385] ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1386] But I think I would do four ... and ... the green's quite nice they do ... cos I've got a white Christmas, you see
Jean (PS04Y) [1387] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1388] so I've gotta think what colour
Jean (PS04Y) [1389] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1390] Have you still got your artificial or did you have new ... real?
Jean (PS04Y) [1391] I'm going to buy an artificial ... this year ... I'm sick of the real ones.
Brenda (PS04U) [1392] But I mean I bought my artificial ... my white one ten years ago now.
Jean (PS04Y) [1393] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1394] I remember when I bought it it was about twenty five quid
Jean (PS04Y) [1395] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1396] which was a lot of money
Jean (PS04Y) [1397] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1398] then.
Jean (PS04Y) [1399] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1400] But it owes me nothing now.
Jean (PS04Y) [1401] That's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1402] I think if you get a decent one
Jean (PS04Y) [1403] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1404] it lasts a long time, dunnit?
Jean (PS04Y) [1405] Yes ... they do.
Brenda (PS04U) [1406] But I I couldn't get over ... you know, I say, I had a quick look the other at Marks ... you know, to even do the Christmas serviettes ... they're doing a lot more and they said ... if people aren't buying as much on the clothes side ... erm ... so they they've come down, I mean now I can get erm ... [...] ... come over, and I said [...] you've never looked at Marks I said ... you never buy clothes, I said have a look in Marks, I said they do some really lovely
Jean (PS04Y) [1407] Lovely clothes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1408] and he saw ... two sweaters in there ... that he really liked
Jean (PS04Y) [1409] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1410] and they were nineteen ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [1411] Ah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1412] It's a good thing too
Jean (PS04Y) [1413] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1414] cos I would always thought Marks were ... that [...] it was one day
Jean (PS04Y) [1415] Mhm
Brenda (PS04U) [1416] you know?
Jean (PS04Y) [1417] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1418] And usually ... [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1419] I know.
Brenda (PS04U) [1420] [laugh] ... but erm ... filling innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [1421] Mm ... very.
Brenda (PS04U) [1422] Look at that little boy there in the leather coat and the little glasses I think it looks lovely.
Jean (PS04Y) [1423] Ah yes!
[1424] ... Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1425] It's ideal though, isn't it, when y I suppose you go and do your shopping an ... somewhere to stop.
Jean (PS04Y) [1426] Yes ... Well I'm just going to have a little nibble at the end of that.
Brenda (PS04U) [1427] So what about erm ... so where are you going, to Johns' or Mary Anns' ... for the holiday?
Jean (PS04Y) [1428] To Johns'
Brenda (PS04U) [1429] Johns' ooh!
Jean (PS04Y) [1430] He's having Mary Ann over and my sister-in-law Rosemary.
Brenda (PS04U) [1431] These are the serviettes ... Who's coming over?
Jean (PS04Y) [1432] Rosemary
Brenda (PS04U) [1433] Ah!
Jean (PS04Y) [1434] my sister-in-law.
Brenda (PS04U) [1435] How old's she now then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1436] Erm ... if I'm sixty five ... she must be sixty seven ... two years.
Brenda (PS04U) [1437] Has ana ... Anorak gone down well in Stowmarket?
Jean (PS04Y) [1438] Very well ... I don't haven't worn it a lot in Stowmarket I
Brenda (PS04U) [1439] Oh.
Jean (PS04Y) [1440] keep it for best.
Brenda (PS04U) [1441] Mm ... Are they in the [...] up your way?
Jean (PS04Y) [1442] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1443] No?
Jean (PS04Y) [1444] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1445] Re an article in the paper ... about [...] ... and it was saying the mar in Marble Arch ... that it ... it's got the top rating apparently.
Jean (PS04Y) [1446] No ... not surprising.
Brenda (PS04U) [1447] It said Marble Arch was good ... erm ... but because you can't park here ... it gave a [...] that you could do like ... three or four loads ... load your car up, come back, load your car up
Jean (PS04Y) [1448] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1449] where in Marble Arch, nine times out of ten ... you've gotta get round the back to pick it up
Jean (PS04Y) [1450] Yep ... yep ... and who
Brenda (PS04U) [1451] and so
Jean (PS04Y) [1452] bothers!
Brenda (PS04U) [1453] That's it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1454] I certainly couldn't ... can't drive that well.
Brenda (PS04U) [1455] Oh it was really [...] those are flapjacks.
Jean (PS04Y) [1456] Ooh! ooh! ooh! ooh!
[1457] ... And that's jolly good, isn't it?
Brenda (PS04U) [1458] Mm try it in a minute ... not greasy at all that flapjack.
Jean (PS04Y) [1459] No, mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1460] It's nice.
Jean (PS04Y) [1461] Lovely.
Brenda (PS04U) [1462] So when are you seeing this chap again then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1463] Well he phoned me last night ... and he's going to phone me again on Sunday afternoon, we get on so well, Brenda ... I can just the imagine the pair of us tucked up into a four foot bed!
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [1464] Whether any good would come of it [laughing] is another matter [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1465] Is he, what's he looking for, is he ... does he wanna relationship or does he want [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1466] We haven't even talked about that ... we just talk and talk about ... anything and everything.
Brenda (PS04U) [1467] Is he divorced or ... widowed?
Jean (PS04Y) [1468] Widower.
Brenda (PS04U) [1469] Widower?
Jean (PS04Y) [1470] Mm ... divorced men ... of fifty five and upwards are bad news.
Brenda (PS04U) [1471] How old's this guy then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1472] [laughing] Seventy five [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [1473] And he's [...] ... he's a little old man and I think he's smashing!
Brenda (PS04U) [1474] How long ago did he lose his wife then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1475] Erm ... a year.
Brenda (PS04U) [1476] Does he talk about her still?
Jean (PS04Y) [1477] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1478] A lot?
Jean (PS04Y) [1479] Mm ... quite naturally, you know ... doesn't worry me.
Brenda (PS04U) [1480] But he's not ... comparing?
Jean (PS04Y) [1481] No I don't think so.
Brenda (PS04U) [1482] Cos some of these are, sort of, like ... they go on and on and there, sort of
Jean (PS04Y) [1483] Oh my dear some of them are comparing you with ... Racquel Welsh or whatever, you know you get the impression they're looking down their nose, as much to say ... oh how dreadful for me to have to be seen with this [laughing] old person [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1484] But he he's nice?
Jean (PS04Y) [1485] Mm ... he really is, he's kind
Brenda (PS04U) [1486] Where do you go out [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1487] and he's not mean, so many of these old men are mean, they're crafty ... and cautious and mean!
[1488] ... He took me out last Sunday and I said ... as we were driving over to Lavenham, I said an early would be much appreciated, I said I cooked ... the Sunday Lunch for my lodgers, but I haven't, in fact, had any myself ... he said you've got to have a high tea, he said ... you must have ... a proper meal ... and he ordered up salad and ... a a ham salad and ... have this and have that and have the other, where as some of them ... like this chap Gerald who was erm ... sent me by one of the other agencies ... the first time we went out he took me to a meal ... and he obviously felt that quite enough, after that he used to come out ... to see me after he'd had his meal ... [...] ... meanness, hanging onto money!
[1489] ... Wasn't going to waste money on a woman of around his own age!

24 (Tape 015103)

Brenda (PS04U) [1490] Tesco's as you see it's got the er er ... the go ahead to er ... open Sunday's hasn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1491] Yes ... yes
Brenda (PS04U) [1492] Now , is a big thing.
Jean (PS04Y) [1493] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1494] We co we were horrified with erm ... we got thing through the door like erm ... this one was like a survey thing ... saying they wanted to, you know ... er [...] the cricket ... amongst others ... they wanna put a Tesco's superstore there.
Jean (PS04Y) [1495] Oh no!
Brenda (PS04U) [1496] And anyway it's in the paper ... in the paper this week ... and they've been saying that er ... the outrage [...] the residents!
Jean (PS04Y) [1497] Yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1498] I mean, like Dave said, I mean, alright we could perhaps do with a superstore, but not the [...] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1499] Not there ... no, no ... no.
Brenda (PS04U) [1500] I mean that's a bit daft really!
Jean (PS04Y) [1501] You know who it is that wants to make money on that?
[1502] ... That's that dreadful man,!
[1503] ... Councillor ... he's had his greedy little eyes on that area for years.
Brenda (PS04U) [1504] Has he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1505] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1506] Yes because I know, do you remember we were gonna buy a house down there
Jean (PS04Y) [1507] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1508] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1509] but then when we went into it they said ... erm ... obviously look at the development plans and it would go ahead ... eventually for something there, they didn't state what.
Jean (PS04Y) [1510] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1511] I mean it might be ... whatever year
Jean (PS04Y) [1512] Well I went to a ... a big meeting round about nineteen eighty five
Brenda (PS04U) [1513] Yeah I remember you said
Jean (PS04Y) [1514] and they he wanted ... to ... where Marge lived ... remember The Grove
Brenda (PS04U) [1515] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1516] They wanted to
Brenda (PS04U) [1517] That whole bit?
Jean (PS04Y) [1518] raise that and have that developed as a road, the other one, would ... be closed
Brenda (PS04U) [1519] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1520] and developed ... would be ... destroyed ... and another,an an another big road put in it's place and ... he they they were after Horsell Moor ... which is where they're going to put the Tesco's.
Brenda (PS04U) [1521] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1522] That area's called Horsell Moor
Brenda (PS04U) [1523] I don't think they made it
Jean (PS04Y) [1524] I bet
Brenda (PS04U) [1525] though, do you?
Jean (PS04Y) [1526] Well I hope not!
Brenda (PS04U) [1527] We do need one.
Jean (PS04Y) [1528] Yes, we do we do need another store in Woking of that kind.
Brenda (PS04U) [1529] But they're are not
Jean (PS04Y) [1530] Not there!
Brenda (PS04U) [1531] how long has Anthony been there, twenty
Jean (PS04Y) [1532] Ah
Brenda (PS04U) [1533] thirty years?
Jean (PS04Y) [1534] Thirty years, easily, I mean it wa , it was already established when we arrived in nineteen fifty nine.
Brenda (PS04U) [1535] But Dave said Tesco's can't do, what they did they did it at Weybridge, they said let us buy your sight ... you say where you wanna sight and then they and we will build what you
Jean (PS04Y) [1536] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1537] want on that sight
Jean (PS04Y) [1538] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1539] for you.
Jean (PS04Y) [1540] Mm, mm ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1541] But as John still got a lot of work on, and Mary Ann?
Jean (PS04Y) [1542] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1543] Is it getting [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1544] No, but Mary Ann's a
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1545] public servant and they're ... pretty well prot protected ... erm John's firm is simply doing extremely well in spite of the recession.
Brenda (PS04U) [1546] Yes right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1547] I mean they're very pleased with him because he's the front man ... having appeared on the Anneka Rice thing and being kissed by Anneka Rice in the full view of millions [laughing] I mean John can do no wrong [] by r by Johnathan ... I doubt it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1548] Did he manage to see get it did he video it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1549] Yes Mary Ann's done it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1550] Oh Mary Ann did it, he'll be able to see it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1551] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1552] What did he think of Anneka Rice?
Jean (PS04Y) [1553] Oh ... you know ... she is what she is what she'll be.
Brenda (PS04U) [1554] Is that's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1555] Vital, lively, attractive.
Brenda (PS04U) [1556] Yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [1557] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1558] Did you see you with that gas that advert she did with that ... poor woman!
Jean (PS04Y) [1559] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1560] Yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [1561] I don't blame the woman for doing as much as possible on television ... with in those advertisements because I think that woman ... have got only a short ... life in those ads because she'd get bored with them [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1562] Wonder why [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [1563] Well she she's ... she gets up and does things doesn't she.
Brenda (PS04U) [1564] Yeah that's what I mean, they say ooh can't stand this woman sh ... but I mean, I don't know why.
Jean (PS04Y) [1565] Jealousy I think.
Brenda (PS04U) [1566] Probably.
Jean (PS04Y) [1567] Hell of a lot of
Brenda (PS04U) [1568] I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1569] jealousy.
Brenda (PS04U) [1570] she's got a lot of get and go [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1571] That she has ... she has.
Brenda (PS04U) [1572] [...] ... this is taping now ... so what was erm ... Libertys did they have it?
[1573] ... Re remind me tomorrow ... I must take those ... twenty [...] vouchers
Jean (PS04Y) [1574] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1575] to erm ... Debs
Jean (PS04Y) [1576] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1577] and Jenny was saying she went to ... Debenhams yesterday they had a twelve day spectacular at eight thirty to eight thirty at night ... [...] ... there was [...] clothes they were half price ... plus you got a third of ten per cent off.
Jean (PS04Y) [1578] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1579] But I think a all the sales will be off before Christmas.
Jean (PS04Y) [1580] I ... I looked at the fabrics in the Libertys
Brenda (PS04U) [1581] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1582] and ... if I can't get want I want at the Famlingham Textile Centre which is ... excellent ... when I next need fabrics I shall come up, I will come up to London and I'll go to Libertys, but I will have measured first of all to within an inch as to what I want because
Brenda (PS04U) [1583] It is expensive.
Jean (PS04Y) [1584] Well some of the stuff is eighteen pounds a meter ... but if you think of the cost of a ... a well fitting jacket for somebody like myself, it's astronomical!
Brenda (PS04U) [1585] You know what you should have done while you was up there this time ... you should have took asked for some samples.
Jean (PS04Y) [1586] Yes, my dear, I I did not feel well enough just
Brenda (PS04U) [1587] No do you think that they will?
Jean (PS04Y) [1588] I didn't even think about, yes they will, they'll give you a little cutting, I suppose.
Brenda (PS04U) [1589] Yeah, but not only that, I mean, they will now ... all these shops are doing like a mail order
Jean (PS04Y) [1590] That's interesting.
Brenda (PS04U) [1591] and they would actually send ... and I know why because erm ... John Lewis in London ... erm ... Jackie wanted some fabric ... and she'd seen it up there and Harrods ... and erm ... she found out she didn't have her card with her, just her Barclaycard ... said would you post this we wou ... we'll have to charge you, like, two pound
Jean (PS04Y) [1592] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1593] fifty packaging, but that's fine she said
Jean (PS04Y) [1594] Well yes it's very good.
Brenda (PS04U) [1595] well I couldn't get up there because she know [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1596] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1597] park
Jean (PS04Y) [1598] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1599] and ... she wanted sort of so many meters of each
Jean (PS04Y) [1600] Mm ... yeah
Brenda (PS04U) [1601] and the the they sent it to her.
Jean (PS04Y) [1602] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1603] And I suppose you could treat
Jean (PS04Y) [1604] Worth going.
Brenda (PS04U) [1605] people this year, if they'd done all their Christmas shopping mail order.
Jean (PS04Y) [1606] Oh yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1607] Rather than, sort of go round themselves ... I reckon we'll take that with us.
Jean (PS04Y) [1608] Good idea!
Brenda (PS04U) [1609] Might want them for a cup of tea [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1610] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1611] I think we should have got away with a small Coke, shouldn't we?
Jean (PS04Y) [1612] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1613] That's nice of them.
Jean (PS04Y) [1614] It's so big!
Brenda (PS04U) [1615] We've been ... thrilled with this work experience ... cos was Dave originally ... had these five days off [...] taping ... and he said no, he said, you know you're so tired, have a little rest ... we'll go up I'll go up on the train ... only to get to the Selhurst Park he's got four or five train journeys [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1616] Yeah ... mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1617] and he has to get, like ... Woking to Surbiton ... Surbiton to Clapham Junction
Jean (PS04Y) [1618] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1619] Clapham Junction to S S erm ... Thornton Heath ... and he has Thornton Heath to Selhurst Park.
Jean (PS04Y) [1620] Mm ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1621] So it's five trips
Jean (PS04Y) [1622] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1623] there's no easier
Jean (PS04Y) [1624] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1625] way
Jean (PS04Y) [1626] No ... no
Brenda (PS04U) [1627] round it ... and like Dave said ... it would've cost him, sort of, seven or eight pound a day in petrol
Jean (PS04Y) [1628] Mm ... quite
Brenda (PS04U) [1629] and he managed to get a ticket for a week [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1630] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1631] for fifteen
Jean (PS04Y) [1632] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1633] pounds.
Jean (PS04Y) [1634] Yes, yes quite
Brenda (PS04U) [1635] You know it
Jean (PS04Y) [1636] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1637] but erm I bought [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [1638] sort of, quarter past seven he's had to leave in the morning ... to get there ... and then not getting home to, sort of , seven o'clock ... Dave picks up from the station ... and I think
Jean (PS04Y) [1639] Part of life.
Brenda (PS04U) [1640] and I, sort of, said to him it's he's enjoyed it, he hasn't, sort of , moaned.
Jean (PS04Y) [1641] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1642] He he just moans about the fact of making tea!
Jean (PS04Y) [1643] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1644] That just made us laugh because
Jean (PS04Y) [1645] Mm ... quite
Brenda (PS04U) [1646] I said to Dave, they've got no idea the youngsters, have they?
[1647] ... They don't
Jean (PS04Y) [1648] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1649] no idea what so ever ... because erm ... he starts on this [...] on Monday.
Jean (PS04Y) [1650] Oh God!
Brenda (PS04U) [1651] He's got three er ... he's got the [...] , two languages ... the three sciences, biology, chemistry an ... erm ... what's the other one?
[1652] ... Science.
Jean (PS04Y) [1653] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1654] there and ... the maths [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1655] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1656] So ... but I think with this ... I mean this homework, that's the only thing I don't believe in because ... they've gotta revise it ... which is brilliant, I mean, [...] at the moment ... but they also give them three hours homework a night!
Jean (PS04Y) [1657] They're not thinking what they're doing, are they, they're
Brenda (PS04U) [1658] No I can't talk
Jean (PS04Y) [1659] overloading
Brenda (PS04U) [1660] I mean Jim was saying that Winston ... has given them two weeks off so
Jean (PS04Y) [1661] Yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1662] alright I don't ... two weeks is too long I think
Jean (PS04Y) [1663] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1664] because obviously like ... Kim very soon after revising she's going out.
Jean (PS04Y) [1665] Yes, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1666] Erm ... but, I mean, you know, I think they need to s they should say, no homework ... for this week, because they've already
Jean (PS04Y) [1667] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1668] got a lot
Jean (PS04Y) [1669] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1670] just go through ... revision
Jean (PS04Y) [1671] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1672] you know, two weeks before
Jean (PS04Y) [1673] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1674] or something, no time
Jean (PS04Y) [1675] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1676] off school,
Jean (PS04Y) [1677] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1678] but total revision ... an I mean, the other night he sat in, he came home at four o'clock ... and he was up till nine thirty ... just doing homework.
Jean (PS04Y) [1679] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1680] He's hardly got time to revise much cos he's so tired!
Jean (PS04Y) [1681] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1682] And erm ... he he said it's stupid, he said they were given all this and it's the homework ... it's nothing to do ... with the revision you've got to do in his the exams!
Jean (PS04Y) [1683] Yeah, ha ... ha ha.
Brenda (PS04U) [1684] You know, it's sort of, totally different.
Jean (PS04Y) [1685] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1686] Are we fit or?
Jean (PS04Y) [1687] Just about.
Brenda (PS04U) [1688] Do you want or would like
Jean (PS04Y) [1689] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1690] another cigarette?
Jean (PS04Y) [1691] You have another cigarette ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [1692] I'm shattered!
Brenda (PS04U) [1693] You'll be alright, when you get
Jean (PS04Y) [1694] I'll be fine once ... once I've had another ... five minutes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1695] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1696] Ooh!
Brenda (PS04U) [1697] Well you'll sleep well now [...] always do.
Jean (PS04Y) [1698] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1699] Did you still put stilton cheese in that roll or ... did you want that?
Jean (PS04Y) [1700] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1701] Oh!
[1702] ... Is that [...] it all or ... or did you try it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1703] I Haven't needed try, Brenda, I can't I mean at one time I'd have devoured that.
Brenda (PS04U) [1704] Yeah and me look how much I've eaten.
Jean (PS04Y) [1705] No, no I can't I just can't eat ... so I'm not forcing myself to eat, what I'm trying to do is only to eat the right things ... and I must start vitamin supplements ... I think I've got the age when I probably ... need that, I mean, this cold ... is a warning to me that my immune system is not as strong as it ought to be, I shouldn't have had another cold ... so soon after getting rid of one!
Brenda (PS04U) [1706] Crikey, cos the last time you were down you had that stinker didn't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [1707] Yes yes ... and this one isn't as bad, but ... I shouldn't be having this one at all!
Brenda (PS04U) [1708] At all, no ... you need either a multi-vitamin or vitamin c.
Jean (PS04Y) [1709] Probably a bit of both.
Brenda (PS04U) [1710] Do you not take any ... any at all?
Jean (PS04Y) [1711] No, no I don't ... the time has come I think!
[1712] ... Ah but tell me ... what happened about your ... fracas with Peter?
Brenda (PS04U) [1713] Oh yeah, well I won't tape.

25 (Tape 015104)

Brenda (PS04U) [1714] Yeah, I said, I honestly can't believe, yeah, I said I though we had a good working relationship
Jean (PS04Y) [1715] Mm ... mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1716] and you know ... why?
[1717] ... And he said well I'm pretty sure, but he said fifty, fifty and I said to him, well I said ... you know, you think about it ... but I'd already, sort of, made up my mind that I wasn't gonna, sort of , next year anyway
Jean (PS04Y) [1718] No, no.
Brenda (PS04U) [1719] that that that is it!
Jean (PS04Y) [1720] I mean
Brenda (PS04U) [1721] As soon as his [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1722] Yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1723] I said because, you know, I've had enough
Jean (PS04Y) [1724] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1725] of us being used over and over!
Jean (PS04Y) [1726] Erm ... what difference will it make to your life ... to have Carla at the secretary.
Brenda (PS04U) [1727] I think I'm not ... she will then come in and let herself in, I have to be in at three
Jean (PS04Y) [1728] Of course, yes, yes yes
Brenda (PS04U) [1729] o'clock
Jean (PS04Y) [1730] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1731] and for somebody to let her in, but
Jean (PS04Y) [1732] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1733] when she gets [...] she's actually in thirteen
Jean (PS04Y) [1734] Yes, that's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1735] so she's old enough to have a key.
Jean (PS04Y) [1736] Yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1737] Yes, I still would like to be in the house, but
Jean (PS04Y) [1738] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1739] if I'm not
Jean (PS04Y) [1740] It's not disastrous.
Brenda (PS04U) [1741] she's old enough
Jean (PS04Y) [1742] That's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1743] to let herself in.
Jean (PS04Y) [1744] And you can work locally ... pick up jobs locally.
Brenda (PS04U) [1745] That's right, you know, and I still pop in.
Jean (PS04Y) [1746] I mean by ... by the time all that happens then that'll be next October.
Brenda (PS04U) [1747] Yes it's in
Jean (PS04Y) [1748] Well
Brenda (PS04U) [1749] October.
Jean (PS04Y) [1750] by then I may have sold the house ... and, I mean, as soon as I sell the house
Brenda (PS04U) [1751] mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1752] You can have a ... couple of thousand for a diner.
Brenda (PS04U) [1753] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1754] You know ... you said that Rob is very good on
Brenda (PS04U) [1755] Yes ... he is ... but the thing is cars at the moment are so cheap
Jean (PS04Y) [1756] They are.
Brenda (PS04U) [1757] I can pick them up
Jean (PS04Y) [1758] They are.
Brenda (PS04U) [1759] because, I mean ... it it's like anything at the moment it it
Jean (PS04Y) [1760] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1761] it's sold so cheap.
Jean (PS04Y) [1762] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1763] That erm, made me laugh because he said to his secretary ... erm ... you know, I I honestly don't think your time is [...] she is so down in the mouth.
Jean (PS04Y) [1764] And he had,did didn't you say to him, haven't you got eyes in your head, couldn't you see how
Brenda (PS04U) [1765] Well
Jean (PS04Y) [1766] ill I was!
Brenda (PS04U) [1767] still I think it's the fact ... erm ... you know ... y you're not ... she's got a problem on her mind ... she's not been well ... you're not taking her serious
Jean (PS04Y) [1768] Mm mm
Brenda (PS04U) [1769] you ought to cut the leash a bit
Jean (PS04Y) [1770] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1771] which cos I think
Jean (PS04Y) [1772] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1773] and
Jean (PS04Y) [1774] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1775] she's obviously, you know, when you think what she does for you, marvellous!
Jean (PS04Y) [1776] Mm, mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1777] Erm ... and she said an also I think she wants to ask you something ... and ... you know ... she asked you before and you've taken no notice!
Jean (PS04Y) [1778] Mm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1779] And ... and he said well ... do you think I ought to give her, you know, what about two pound a week?
Jean (PS04Y) [1780] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [1781] And she said well look ... all I'm, all I'm
Jean (PS04Y) [1782] Brenda!
Brenda (PS04U) [1783] saying is that, all I'm is erm ... why don't you erm ... ke don't think of the money because how valuable is she to you?
Jean (PS04Y) [1784] Quite ... quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1785] And it it really shook him up and she turned round and said ... he turned round and said, very valuable.
Jean (PS04Y) [1786] Mm, of course.
Brenda (PS04U) [1787] And he said well happens, she said what happened if she ... walked out ... tomorrow?
[1788] ... He said I could never replace her ... he said e nobody is to [...] she is ... he said I just couldn't, he said I'd ... you know, I'd pay what I'd have to
Jean (PS04Y) [1789] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1790] he said we'll be realistic
Jean (PS04Y) [1791] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1792] he said, you know ... fifteen pounds a week, and I said to him ... what about the petrol?
[1793] ... I said, you know, it's costing fifteen pound a week in a , a least and you you're you're paying ten ... and he said, no he said, he said I think that's ample, he said.
Jean (PS04Y) [1794] It isn't ... because I keep on going down and filling up the metro with ten pounds worth of petrol and I'm not making a ... a trip back and forth to work every day.
Brenda (PS04U) [1795] Go on, I put that in on Wednesday and I've got to about a quarter of a tank again.
Jean (PS04Y) [1796] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1797] So it'll be
Jean (PS04Y) [1798] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1799] tomorrow ... I put it in [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1800] And it's an automatic, isn't it?
[1801] ... They use it up.
Brenda (PS04U) [1802] They use a lot yeah ... the ch I put it in my [...] I mean, I said yesterday to him, we've got the decorators in ... and then co they turned round and said ... he is meant to be a businessman and they said ... he cannot believe ... they've never met tha such a penny pinching guy
Jean (PS04Y) [1803] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1804] in all our life!
Jean (PS04Y) [1805] Mm ... yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1806] They come in, he said somebody with a house like this, the money you've got, the cars that [...] got
Jean (PS04Y) [1807] Mm, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1808] and he turned round penny pinching, saying that ... you know, why has this cost me thirty quid, why can't I
Jean (PS04Y) [1809] Ooh!
Brenda (PS04U) [1810] get it for twenty?
Jean (PS04Y) [1811] Oh yes, yes
Brenda (PS04U) [1812] They nearly walked out last week!
Jean (PS04Y) [1813] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [1814] They just honestly couldn't believe that
Jean (PS04Y) [1815] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1816] somebody could be like that.
Jean (PS04Y) [1817] But some people are appallingly mean ... did I tell you about that Ned being done out of six hundred pounds by an indian doctor and a her husband?
Brenda (PS04U) [1818] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [1819] He put in a kitchen ... and he thought there was something funny about these people ... erm ... they didn't want to give him money up front for ... the fabric, you know, the woods and things and he wasn't asking the full amount anyway ... and ... he said, you know, a ... things are very tight in business and I do not want to run up any more debts ... if you will let me have ... some of [...] cash, some of the cash fo for the wood ... as soon as the wood's delivered I'll come and do the job, it's not as though your money is going to be ... tied up in any way ... and there was a bit of a face pulling ... and saw this woman drop to, sort of, always hovering around ... always putting her motty in ... and erm ... when th when the job was nearly completed ... madam steps forward with the cries of ... that isn't quite right and that isn't quite right and Nev was putting hours doing ... nit-picking ... fussing about getting things ... absolutely perfect ... got it absolutely perfect but when it came to the final bill ... they knocked off six hundred because there was the tiniest little scratch ... on one of the panels!
Brenda (PS04U) [1820] Oh ... [...] ... he couldn't do anything about it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1821] No it was fi it was fixed in.
Brenda (PS04U) [1822] Perhaps [...] they're fiddling
Jean (PS04Y) [1823] Ah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1824] a bit.
Jean (PS04Y) [1825] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1826] That's one way to put it, anyway ... and he said that ... and he said he lost out on six hundred pounds?
Jean (PS04Y) [1827] Six hundred yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1828] Did he not, sort of, think to take them to court?
[1829] I suppose it would have cost him more in court fees!
Jean (PS04Y) [1830] Well I think he can ... go through the small claims court for ... five hundred ... but I suppose six hundred was just over, it's probably something very crafty that they thought up between them, this pair!
Brenda (PS04U) [1831] It's awful isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1832] Tis awful ... I was taught as a child in catechism ... the labourer is worthy of his hire ... there are four sins that cry out to heaven for justice ... one of them is a oppressing the widow and orphan and the other ... is defrauding the labourer of his hire ... because the labourer is worthy of his hire ... that's a sin that ... cries to heaven for justice, that's what I was taught as a child.
Brenda (PS04U) [1833] I bet he was really, sort of angry?
Jean (PS04Y) [1834] Oh they were, they felt sick!
Brenda (PS04U) [1835] But the er it's does he still see them or?
Jean (PS04Y) [1836] Oh no, I mean the these were clients and they could never be friends after doing that ... I've come to the conclusion you can either keep your money or you can keep your friends, but you're not going to do both.
Brenda (PS04U) [1837] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [1838] In life.
Brenda (PS04U) [1839] Right, shall we make tracks?
Jean (PS04Y) [1840] Yep.

26 (Tape 015105)

Jean (PS04Y) [1841] and your instrument panel started showing that ... the wheels had fallen off and one wheel was on fire ... first thing we had to think was ... are the ... [...] reading correct! [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [1842] [laugh] ... Get out quick!
Jean (PS04Y) [1843] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1844] That's it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1845] [yawn] Ah ... he flew a thing called the flying coffin!
[1846] ... And ... you had get the two people who were at the back, you have to get them out ... before you landed because when you ... when you brought the flaps up ... if they were still in this little bay you would squash them to death ... and one day ... his dials showed that he had, in fact, [laughing] squashed them to death [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [1847] Oh!
Jean (PS04Y) [1848] But he hadn't.
Brenda (PS04U) [1849] He hadn't?
Jean (PS04Y) [1850] No. [car starting]
Brenda (PS04U) [1851] Come on car, don't start playing on me now when I want to get home [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1852] [yawn] Ooh don't, at the thought of tea!
Brenda (PS04U) [1853] So it's like that without, I mean, with Carla, I mean, you can't ... you know, you just can't think when you've gotta ... I mean she would have been bored and she wouldn't have looked at the gifts.
Jean (PS04Y) [1854] Of course, poor little child!
[1855] ... No!
[1856] ... No!
Brenda (PS04U) [1857] Oh you're clever.
Jean (PS04Y) [1858] [laughing] Ah ah dear me [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1859] I can't get out u any o another other way!
Jean (PS04Y) [1860] [laughing] No [] ... oh dear ... [laughing] [...] [] ... Neil said yesterday ... he was running ... he was running in thr in through the hall way with [...] karate suit or something ... he was muttering to himself and he said smoking ... a healthy, dirty habit, it's expensive and it shortens your life ... I love it! [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [1861] [laugh] ... No it's dreadful ... [...] they are ... give it up but I said
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [1862] I [...] ... with my nerves at the moment.
Jean (PS04Y) [1863] Oh no an it it's ... it's like slimming ... nobody should try to slim when they're feeling tense and agitated and worried about things.
Brenda (PS04U) [1864] I'll go up Tescos way ... sure it gets busy over here, dunnit though?
Jean (PS04Y) [1865] Yes well
Brenda (PS04U) [1866] I mean it's not packed though, the shops weren't ... I mean tomorrow morning ... it'll be ... m murder there ... it'll be
Jean (PS04Y) [1867] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1868] people with kids, see at night time
Jean (PS04Y) [1869] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1870] they don't
Jean (PS04Y) [1871] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1872] come with the kids.
Jean (PS04Y) [1873] No, no ... I'm looking forward to coming back here in the Spring ... and having another go at clothes for you and me ... I'm going to save like mad.
Brenda (PS04U) [1874] Might have won the [...] Jean
Jean (PS04Y) [1875] Oh I
Brenda (PS04U) [1876] in the Spring.
Jean (PS04Y) [1877] I should ... I should have some idea about selling the house.
Brenda (PS04U) [1878] We all know, sort of, what's, sort of , happening.
Jean (PS04Y) [1879] That's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1880] Cos, I mean you've got the feeling that, didn't you that ... Neil might move on.
Jean (PS04Y) [1881] Nope ... I don't think he'll leave me until he marries.
Brenda (PS04U) [1882] No I don't ... apart from getting married I don't think he'll leave you!
Jean (PS04Y) [1883] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [1884] I th I think though, you know, after a year or two if he'd moved away an ... if he moved out the area he would then break with his mother.
Jean (PS04Y) [1885] Yes
Brenda (PS04U) [1886] It's the fact, that's how I see it.
Jean (PS04Y) [1887] I'm seriously
Brenda (PS04U) [1888] the fact
Jean (PS04Y) [1889] thinking
Brenda (PS04U) [1890] mother was, sort , up in Wisbeach
Jean (PS04Y) [1891] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1892] and I was in Surrey.
Jean (PS04Y) [1893] That's right.
[1894] A lot depends ... on ... what point I sell my house ... if I
Brenda (PS04U) [1895] What price you get.
Jean (PS04Y) [1896] Yeah, if I sell at a time when there's still a recession on ... and you see ... somebody has to get my [...] they had a visit ... perhaps that was somebody that actually bought a house, not she not [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [1897] She
Jean (PS04Y) [1898] they haven't to sold the house ... they had a visit from a Bank Manager ... her preferential mortgage treatment ... as part of their ... immonuments ... they always have had
Brenda (PS04U) [1899] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1900] the bank seems to pay the [...] a cripplingly low salary ... demand that everybody dresses in ... in Saville Row, but ... you could buy a house on a something like two and half percent mortgage ... well it's not like that now, but it's still ... still get a preferential mortgage ... and this banking person ... man was looking around only three or four weeks ago, but ... [...] ... you see a lot depends on your luck as to whether ... you pick up a ... a very good buyer.
Brenda (PS04U) [1901] Is your ... friends have they had anybody look at theirs yet?
Jean (PS04Y) [1902] They had a couple of people round, but no ... no nibbles, or I think, yes, I think somebody a ... silly offer because of course all the ... property pages and places like that, Daily Telegraph are urging everybody, go on ... put in an offer for a house, put in a silly offer!
Brenda (PS04U) [1903] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [1904] Which is all very well, but nobody's phoning in to accept a silly offer.
Brenda (PS04U) [1905] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1906] This is why, at the moment, I'm being a bit cautious about [...] remaining in my cavity ... I don't want to find myself in the situation that I'm held ... to sell.
Brenda (PS04U) [1907] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1908] That's why I'm so keen, I shall I tell you what my plan is, at the moment but as soon as the ... the uncourteous Bill ... has decided to ... move into his ... new house ... new flat, rather, I am going to take my ensuite back
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1909] yeah, I'm going to go back into my bedroom ... and Neil can still use the ensuite shower cos he's got the tip of the idea that he's got to come in ... clothed ... and knock on the door ... cos last time I was in my bedroom he asked if he could use the shower, [...] situation [...] ... he'd [...] you know, and I'd let him ... after all, it's not as though my be , there's a door between my bedroom and the
Brenda (PS04U) [1910] Shower, that's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [1911] the ensuite ... and er ... and then I will have three lodgers, I will have Neil
Brenda (PS04U) [1912] Mind you Neil's not worried about parading around with nothing on, is he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1913] Oh well I made him worry
Brenda (PS04U) [1914] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [1915] my goodness, I have! ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1916] Don't you like his new dressing gown, he was in
Jean (PS04Y) [1917] Love that
Brenda (PS04U) [1918] last time?
Jean (PS04Y) [1919] yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1920] What was he like, when you took ... cos you took the boxer shorts
Jean (PS04Y) [1921] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1922] dressing gown and some
Jean (PS04Y) [1923] all
Brenda (PS04U) [1924] silly bits, oh no sweets ... biscuits
Jean (PS04Y) [1925] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1926] was it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1927] [...] some money, you spent on me ... ooh! [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [1928] I bet he was like a big child, was he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1929] Yes, of course he is, he is a poor child ... I hate to think what Christmas is like for some people.
Brenda (PS04U) [1930] Do you think she'll buy him something [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1931] I have no doubt wha did I not tell you about the fact that I hit the roof when he said that ... she has said that when he was twenty one, she was going to buy him a Vauxhall Chevette.
Brenda (PS04U) [1932] Sh she's going to?
Jean (PS04Y) [1933] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1934] Well why didn't she pay for his lessons then?
Jean (PS04Y) [1935] Well that's I say
Brenda (PS04U) [1936] that's when he wanted help.
Jean (PS04Y) [1937] I said it's sh I said, I he said don't you think it's a nice gesture?
[1938] ... I think that is showing off!
[1939] ... I said I [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [1940] How he's supposed to tax and insure it and run it? [...] have said!
Jean (PS04Y) [1941] Well that's I said ... that's what I said an ... and I said where's she going to, where are we going to put it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1942] Just because you've passed your test doesn't mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1943] Oh I
Brenda (PS04U) [1944] I mean, it's years normally before someone can get a car.
Jean (PS04Y) [1945] You can tell what sort of a
Brenda (PS04U) [1946] You can use [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1947] fool the woman is!
[1948] ... She is dreadful!
[1949] ... Does it strike an answering chord with your mother?
Brenda (PS04U) [1950] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [1951] I have no doubt that if they owned their council house ... they would now be very busily ... selling and buying and [laughing] selling and buying [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [1952] She's ... sh she's a bitch, she's a oh has she still got that horse?
Jean (PS04Y) [1953] Oh I have no doubt ... of course I never ... I despise the woman so heartily that I never ask any questions about it.
Brenda (PS04U) [1954] How does Neil get on with y Philip?
Jean (PS04Y) [1955] Very well, they all three get on well together.
Brenda (PS04U) [1956] Oh they do?
Jean (PS04Y) [1957] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1958] I was very surprised about Tony though.
Jean (PS04Y) [1959] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1960] Cos I remember you saying about he didn't really want to know did he, about the ad er ... er
Jean (PS04Y) [1961] Neil's boss, no ... no he said oh I think I'll wash my hands of Neil ... I thought that's another one ... If I don't stick by Neil
Brenda (PS04U) [1962] If he was still living with you ... he wouldn't wash his hands of Neil, would he?
Jean (PS04Y) [1963] He might have done, he's very a strong mighty chap and I don't know that ... anything I said could have influenced him ... and anyway Brenda to be perfectly honest I wo I wo
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1964] I wouldn't be doing it ... I wouldn't dare!
[1965] ... I, I mean, I ... at the moment I'm not doing anything about Neil's training because ... we've got coming and it's ... it's too soon to start ... stirring up the bud again.
Brenda (PS04U) [1966] I think you probably could have stopped anyway [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [1967] Yes, quite, yes
Brenda (PS04U) [1968] you know, wouldn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [1969] Exactly ... yes we'll take a breathing space until the new year ... I mean Neil says that at the moment he'd be quite happy to ... get into a job ... where if he was a good worker he could ... progress in the job ... and I said an what about doing your ... radio repairs in the evening, but he just, he said yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1970] I said, well was it like a part-time thing?
Jean (PS04Y) [1971] Yeah well you see ... you can make quite a few ... nice little pounds for yourself ... if you can say to your friends ... I can undercut ... I won't chat while you get across here ... if you can say to your friends ... I can ... do it cheaper than the
Brenda (PS04U) [1972] Well you can it's like
Jean (PS04Y) [1973] standard repair.
Brenda (PS04U) [1974] Dave ... these computer been ... you know ... up in the air for about six months and Dave said you've gotta get it repaired he said, cos you know y he's gotta print out on it and everything
Jean (PS04Y) [1975] Aha, aha
Brenda (PS04U) [1976] a lot of his work is, sort of, rather than getting copies you just do a printout
Jean (PS04Y) [1977] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1978] and erm ... you know, and I said Carla needs it for work ... anyway so Dave said I'm gonna while I'm on holiday I'm gonna do all the stupid jobs, so I can take that computer in
Jean (PS04Y) [1979] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1980] and he said only cost about twenty cost about twenty five quid to get
Jean (PS04Y) [1981] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1982] repaired
Jean (PS04Y) [1983] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [1984] took it in and they said well they have to send it away and Dave said, yeah okay, he said well ... it's forty nine pound ... before you start
Jean (PS04Y) [1985] Oh no!
Brenda (PS04U) [1986] and erm ... providing it's nothing, sort of major ... and that forty nine pounds will cover ... but if they find anything major they're ... it's on top of their forty nine pounds!
[1987] ... And I said to Dave, you need somebody ... you know like a
Jean (PS04Y) [1988] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1989] handyman or so something like Neil, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [1990] Yes ... exactly.
Brenda (PS04U) [1991] to fix things like that
Jean (PS04Y) [1992] That's right.
Brenda (PS04U) [1993] so that if they charge twenty quid ... when they start
Jean (PS04Y) [1994] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [1995] you know, half the price
Jean (PS04Y) [1996] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1997] you know that's
Jean (PS04Y) [1998] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [1999] you could make the money up.
Jean (PS04Y) [2000] Of course you can ... well I knew of a girl who married ... I wouldn't say she'd married well ... when she started out but her husband ... was enterprising ... e eventually got himself quite a good job at the ... at people who print the bank notes so so that they ... they started off in a ... prefab ... and they ended up with a new four bedroom ... bungalow with central heating ... at ... Athorpe ... Roding .
[2001] And er I lost touch with her after that but Joyce was very nice, very, very ... a down to earth cockney girl from Hockston ... and she said er ... she'd tell her sister ... she said I do admire my sister she said they'll never have anything other than a council house, I don't suppose ... but she said ... my brother-in-law ... mends people's motorcycles ... as a side line ... and the money that he gets from that ... he gives her most of it ... and she buys things on hire purchase, this was the days when hire purchase wasn't ... fearsomely expensive
Brenda (PS04U) [2002] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2003] and she said my sister spends ... I mean, we're now talking about ... nineteen seventy ... my sister spends twelve and six a week ... on ... things from ... for the house ... on the hire purchase ... if she ever ... truly runs into debt she'll save ... part of the cost of the thing, you know ... and then she knows that she's always going to have to put twelve and six a week aside ... but she does that and buys things for the house ... and you see if you've got ... if you've got that little bit of extra coming in it's quite ... well it's like my lodgers, Brenda ... if I couldn't if I couldn't get ... what I need from my lodgers ... well Neil pays me ... Neil's house rent which thirty pound a week
Brenda (PS04U) [2004] And that's not very [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2005] No ... I stop
Brenda (PS04U) [2006] No
Jean (PS04Y) [2007] when he gets another job ... when he gets a proper job, when he's employed it'll stop.
Brenda (PS04U) [2008] Oh I see.
Jean (PS04Y) [2009] But at the moment I get thirty pounds a week
Brenda (PS04U) [2010] I see so if he gets
Jean (PS04Y) [2011] and if he gets
Brenda (PS04U) [2012] some money coming in
Jean (PS04Y) [2013] that's right, and he gets some unemployment money and I take ... ten pounds a week off him, for his food, I mean, it's not enough but it'll do, you know ... and then in dribs and drabs begrudgingly from that forty ... over the week ... once he starts to run out of money ... cos he's paid once a fortnight ... I begin to give him ... his karate money ... and ... here's two pounds fifty to go to the pub with Neil, you know, little bits
Brenda (PS04U) [2014] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2015] little bits, little bits ... and I'll buy you your tobacco Neil ... nothing much but ... little bits of something ... now if he were ... working and could give me the full sixty that is thirty for his room and thirty for his ... food ... so that I didn't have to worry about th ... actually paying for him ... but he was paying me ... Paul is going to pay me fifty ... that's thirty pounds in, I made a rule to Paul that he is going to eat thirty pounds worth of food ... and there are only twenty pounds in my profit ... and then the other rule, a man called Alan this window cleaner ... he wants the room ... that I'm in at the moment
Brenda (PS04U) [2016] Oh dear.
Jean (PS04Y) [2017] because he doesn't want the ensuite, he can't afford it, he can't pay forty pounds a week
Brenda (PS04U) [2018] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2019] or thirty five, he wants to pay as little as possible.
Brenda (PS04U) [2020] What will you charge, twenty five for that one?
Jean (PS04Y) [2021] Twenty five, yes an and for that ... he can make hims he doesn't want to to really to pay me for food at all so I'm going to tell him that he can have his cups, spare cups of tea and a drink of milk an ... and some toast.
Brenda (PS04U) [2022] Just bits and pieces
Jean (PS04Y) [2023] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2024] he doesn't want main
Jean (PS04Y) [2025] No
Brenda (PS04U) [2026] meals, sort of thing.
Jean (PS04Y) [2027] Or main meals , no ... but he can have that on the twenty five he needn't give me anything extra for that.
Brenda (PS04U) [2028] When's he moving in then? ... as soon as
Jean (PS04Y) [2029] Well he was probably ... actually hammering on the door now to er come and see ... where he's going to put his ladders, he wanted er ... a bit of wall to put the brackets up to put his ladders ... but Paul said ... that ... he Paul thought you could suspend ropes from my garage roof, you remember ... what a lot of criss-cross bracing there is
Brenda (PS04U) [2030] Have you seen what we've done in our garage?
Jean (PS04Y) [2031] No I haven't.
Brenda (PS04U) [2032] We took erm ... just wood beams across ... for canoes ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2033] Or if
Brenda (PS04U) [2034] might as well up there
Jean (PS04Y) [2035] [...] Richard put over, put a lot of beams ... and Paul ... at the weekend put an immense amount of his ... household gear ... up on the roof ... in the garage.
Brenda (PS04U) [2036] In the garage, yeah ... that's what we did we [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2037] Yes
Brenda (PS04U) [2038] the ladder and
Jean (PS04Y) [2039] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2040] everything on the beam.
Jean (PS04Y) [2041] Yes ... well it's possible that er Alan may see a way to using that but ... he is quite ni , I mean he he's got no doubts he wants to come to me ... he's in a divorce at the moment and the moment that the final papers are signed, he's got to get out of the house ... he has to stay there till the last minute ... and then the moment that the papers are signed, he must go.
Brenda (PS04U) [2042] But what happens if Philip's still there?
Jean (PS04Y) [2043] Well ... Alan says he'll sleep on my sofa.
Brenda (PS04U) [2044] On the sofa, for now, yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2045] I mean h he under he says this is, you know ... a very nice house ... and he wouldn't normally expect ... to get a room for twenty five pounds in a house of that character.
Brenda (PS04U) [2046] That's right ... but twenty five quid is a hundred quid a month, innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [2047] Precisely!
[2048] ... Well it's it's say I say I was ... doing my best, as it were, say that everything was going swimmingly ... I'd be getting a profit of thirty pounds from Neil ... twenty pounds from Alan because five will go on the tea and the milk and the box of Cornflakes and the toast ... er twenty, thirty [...] , that's fifty ... and ... twenty for Paul which is ... seventy.
Brenda (PS04U) [2049] You get thirty from Paul, don't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [2050] No, he's going to give me fifty because, don't forget, he's in a small bed ... and he eats thirty pounds worth of food.
Brenda (PS04U) [2051] Twenty pound from [...] that's seventy quid.
Jean (PS04Y) [2052] [...] ... exactly!
[2053] ... The price is considerably better.
Brenda (PS04U) [2054] Two eighty a month.
Jean (PS04Y) [2055] Exactly ... much, much, better than any pokes in the eye with a sharp stick!
Brenda (PS04U) [2056] So what does it ... did Philip pay up on time?
Jean (PS04Y) [2057] Always excellent on that ... yes, he's a toad in some ways but in other ways he's very good.
Brenda (PS04U) [2058] What about ... Paul?
Jean (PS04Y) [2059] Well he hasn't got any money, but when he's had it he's paid ... on the dot ... the only one
Brenda (PS04U) [2060] But hasn't he got that job still then?
[2061] ... At [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [2062] He's only just started.
Brenda (PS04U) [2063] Oh he's just started.
Jean (PS04Y) [2064] And he has to week before he gets any money ... he has to work a week in arrears, you know, they ... they [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2065] So has he been there this week, Paul?
Jean (PS04Y) [2066] Yes, he's been there this week [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2067] Next week he'll get paid.
Jean (PS04Y) [2068] money ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2069] So from next week you start getting paid.
Jean (PS04Y) [2070] Yes ... and if that bloody Karen comes on the scene ... and wants to take him back I shall tell her, if you go back Paul
Brenda (PS04U) [2071] That's it!
Jean (PS04Y) [2072] that's it, I'm having no more of it!
[2073] ... I've had two lots of terrible upheavals.
Brenda (PS04U) [2074] Mm ... he can't, you know, he's
Jean (PS04Y) [2075] He mustn't! ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2076] That's right you're gonna, sort of,
Jean (PS04Y) [2077] Build a trench ha ha oh ha oh oh ha ha.
Brenda (PS04U) [2078] Yeah he ... you can't keep on and on helping them out, I mean, they've gotta
Jean (PS04Y) [2079] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2080] [...] themselves I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [2081] Quite!
Brenda (PS04U) [2082] Shan't be sorry to see Philip go, will you?
Jean (PS04Y) [2083] Oh, I can hardly wait!
[2084] ... I mean I ... I went in there ... yesterday, I think it was, or this morning [...] erm ... he put wet shirts into the wardrobe admittedly with the doors open ... but that bedroom is not a bedroom that I like to get any dampness in at all, Brenda.
Brenda (PS04U) [2085] Why does he just hang it ... you know ... put in the tumble dryer or hang it in the garage?
Jean (PS04Y) [2086] Too lazy!
[2087] ... Easier to do it that way!
Brenda (PS04U) [2088] Has Tony taken all his stuff out?
Jean (PS04Y) [2089] Yes, he has at last.
Brenda (PS04U) [2090] Is he in his house yet or is he still in that
Jean (PS04Y) [2091] Yes and he's very, very difficult to ... feed himself, to get the food in ... because, you know, he liked to come in a half past ten and bully me to cook things for him ... that's why sometimes I used to run up to bed and pretend I was ... asleep [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2092] [laughing] Asleep [] .
[2093] ... So what er ... so how does he cope now then?
Jean (PS04Y) [2094] Cos I thought that was a with a utmost difficulty ... and he has to get his little daughter on Sunday to help him to clean the place.
Brenda (PS04U) [2095] She'll soon get fed up with that.
Jean (PS04Y) [2096] Well ... tough he's not getting my, he's not getting the ensuite room, I can tell you ... If I if I have got three lodgers and I'm getting on with them and they're ... they're paying me regularly ... for the sake of an extra ... twenty pounds or whatever ... and the annoyance from Tony ... coming in ... at ten ... a or there abouts ... and then sitting there like a stuffed frock ... waiting for me to leap about and put food on a plate and microwave it ... not doing it, Brenda!
Brenda (PS04U) [2097] No ... you shouldn't, I mean you
Jean (PS04Y) [2098] I mean I w when I was dropping dead with exhaustion one evening I said to him ... look Tony,the there's I've cooked a chicken, there's a big chicken cooling on the table ... and there there were ... red sauce, potatoes, gravy, I said, stick the lot on a plate a micro and, you know, film it over, microwave it ... oh well I shan't bother to eat anything ... now of course he was paying me for his food
Brenda (PS04U) [2099] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2100] and he was jolly well seeing whether
Brenda (PS04U) [2101] But if you'd said ... oh well I'll prepare, what about if I prepare you , oh yes well I'll have that ... probably if you'd got ... done it ... he'd have it because he had to help himself.
Jean (PS04Y) [2102] Oh well I th I then said oh well ... I'll alright I'll fling it together for you ... oh good ... can you bring it into the sitting room?
[2103] ... I very nearly brought it o
Brenda (PS04U) [2104] See don't.
Jean (PS04Y) [2105] in the sitting room and banged it over his head!
Brenda (PS04U) [2106] Tell you something I'd like to pick up tonight [...] , if I see it ... is a blooming couple of trays.
Jean (PS04Y) [2107] You know Paul has lent me ... some ... very clean ... but very ugly ... old fashioned trays of the sort that ... people have in restaurants ... that his mother ... lent him ... [laughing] and they're ... they're a God send [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [2108] I tell you really, I mean, I used to have one and went to look
Jean (PS04Y) [2109] [...] beautiful trays in John Lewis's this morning ... I was licking my lips with desire, Brenda!
Brenda (PS04U) [2110] The amount of ti , sometimes I feel like a bowl of soup, especially with not being [...] , I felt like a bowl of soup and then
Jean (PS04Y) [2111] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2112] not wanting to sit in the conservatory [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2113] It's cold.
Brenda (PS04U) [2114] winter ... and then, you know, you have to sort of use a plate to
Jean (PS04Y) [2115] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2116] [...] and Dave said why don't we
Jean (PS04Y) [2117] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2118] have a couple of trays, and I know it's so easy
Jean (PS04Y) [2119] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2120] and we had a couple ... Mark's had them, I sa , but they wanted fourteen ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [2121] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2122] I mean they probably are quite expensive ... but I mean ... I I'm sure A and N or somewhere, Debenhams or somewhere would have them
Jean (PS04Y) [2123] Debenhams probably, but the John Lewis's were excellent, and some ... some of them were tin and I do wonder if you're eating on your lap ... a tin tray might be rather cold ... but on the other hand, you let the heat from the plate through to your poor little legs.
Brenda (PS04U) [2124] I never noticed that!
Jean (PS04Y) [2125] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2126] All-weather pitch.
Jean (PS04Y) [2127] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2128] And we had one ... rugby pitch.
Jean (PS04Y) [2129] Yes ... Is this where Jenny used to live, or still lives?
Brenda (PS04U) [2130] Up there by those weather boards.
Jean (PS04Y) [2131] Oh yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2132] What about, have you heard from them lately?
Jean (PS04Y) [2133] Yes she wrote to me, I'll tell you what when I get back I'll pop her letter in the post to you ... she seems alright.
Brenda (PS04U) [2134] Who Jenny?
Jean (PS04Y) [2135] Yes, they've sti they've stayed together ... she still, mark you, in the letter she does come across as a misery guts.
Brenda (PS04U) [2136] They all do, don't they?
[2137] ... What about [...] have you heard any more of her cos she was having trouble with her husband, wasn't she?
Jean (PS04Y) [2138] Yes ... she still phoned me up in the morning and ... at vast expense to tell me how awful everything was.
Brenda (PS04U) [2139] Still bad is it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2140] Oh I phoned her back a few days later and said how are things now?
[2141] Oh they're alright she said.
Brenda (PS04U) [2142] I expect Jenny, her kids are off at school now aren't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [2143] They are and I I think the whole trouble with Jenny was that ... not having, I mean, I was alright as a sort of mum subject ... I wasn't the same as a bona fide mum ... that could be called upon in all weathers, at all times, to do everything
Brenda (PS04U) [2144] I don't
Jean (PS04Y) [2145] And I think she found looking after tiny children a bit too much for her.
Brenda (PS04U) [2146] Didn't like [...] ... she was more the career girl wasn't she, I think?
Jean (PS04Y) [2147] She should have stayed in beauty therapy, she's a very gentle ... and she's very able.
Brenda (PS04U) [2148] She's very good at it wasn't she?
Jean (PS04Y) [2149] Very good ... and kind ... and small children are cruel ... noisy ... and demanding, and unless
Brenda (PS04U) [2150] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [2151] you've got ... a soul of ... steel, a heart of steel ... you can't cope with the buggers!
Brenda (PS04U) [2152] [...] the bath ... [...] off.

27 (Tape 015106)

Dave (PS04V) [2153] And obviously I think there was a little bit left in there.
Jean (PS04Y) [2154] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2155] Cos you can't get your hand right to the bottom ... without a [...] I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [2156] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2157] it shot down the hole.
Jean (PS04Y) [2158] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2159] So it's a right pain!
Brenda (PS04U) [2160] Unless there's a special fluid or something ... they could put it in there to wash through
Dave (PS04V) [2161] You can't because it wouldn't come out through the taps would it?
[2162] ... For someone like Nigel who's got all the tools ... it ... it'd be a ... a ... it's not a job you can come in and just do it ... cos you have to take a bit off ... clean it
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Dave (PS04V) [2163] and then [...] a bit more cleaning.
Brenda (PS04U) [2164] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2165] I haven't got any of the tools.
Brenda (PS04U) [2166] Mm ... no but it even for a
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2167] plumber it's a big job.
Dave (PS04V) [2168] Be a bloody long job!
[2169] ... Well no not really cos you could find ... once you've found it, once he's, where you found the clog
Brenda (PS04U) [2170] So is that Lee, jacket that's got a hole in it?
Dave (PS04V) [2171] Marked at the top and [...] , yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2172] Why?
Dave (PS04V) [2173] Well cos it had sunk and fallen, that's why [...] going ... cos the jacket had s ... fallen [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2174] What the new jacket we got off Lee?
Dave (PS04V) [2175] Yeah, it filled with water, it'd gone into the tank.
Brenda (PS04U) [2176] But why, why did it?
Dave (PS04V) [2177] Well it must have had a split in or something.
Jean (PS04Y) [2178] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2179] The si it's all round the sides ... you don't really need a top on a tank, it's just the sides you want.
Jean (PS04Y) [2180] Can you come on the neo have you come on the insurance?
[2181] ... Can you come on Les and can he come on his insurance?
Brenda (PS04U) [2182] I doubt it.
Dave (PS04V) [2183] [...] [...] I mean estimated
Jean (PS04Y) [2184] Ah.
Dave (PS04V) [2185] because Nigel like ... privately
Brenda (PS04U) [2186] We didn't, we haven't cos Les ... has to go through the ... books and charge
Jean (PS04Y) [2187] Ah yes of course.
Brenda (PS04U) [2188] so we do it, we have like ... Nigel as our own plumber
Jean (PS04Y) [2189] Ah yes, yes
Brenda (PS04U) [2190] and he doesn't charge, he charges still
Jean (PS04Y) [2191] Mm yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2192] but not as much.
Jean (PS04Y) [2193] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2194] And me ... being a silly idiot, see if I'd realized ... I didn't think ... you don't think that there's three parts of the tank, you think it's a tank and you just turn your tap on and the water comes out ... or
Jean (PS04Y) [2195] Do you know Dave ... I read erm ... we there's a magazine called Good Housekeeping ... and it's been going for ... it had been going for seventy years, last year it started in nineteen twenty one, women's magazine, very good one ... and they had a sort of seventieth birthday issue
Brenda (PS04U) [2196] Do you want a cup of tea now?
Jean (PS04Y) [2197] and ... one woman said that the year, nineteen twenty one ... she was a bride of eighteen years old and she took Good Housekeeping and she's got the whole lot ... although she's now a very old lady, and she said ... my first lot of housekeeping was done in a ... house in Wales where we had water from the well ... we had to ... build the fires up by hand ... we could get Welsh coal cheaply ... but they had to ... you know ... use paper and kindle ... and we swept with brooms and my life has never been easier ... she said I had three children in four years and my life has never been easier ... she said and all these modern things came in ... life has [laughing] got more and more complicated and difficult [] !
Dave (PS04V) [2198] You're not kidding ... he certainly ain't kidding you ... now now it's happened to me I know if it ever happened ... I know never to do it again.
Jean (PS04Y) [2199] The the the buggeration of it ... is that ... the next time round that something goes wrong, it'll be again something that you've [laughing] encountered before [] !
Dave (PS04V) [2200] Yes yes ... and me and [...] there's one
Brenda (PS04U) [2201] Bugger!
Dave (PS04V) [2202] thing house, I never touched [...] electrics ... anything gas, electrics ... it's funny me and [...] are absolute disaster!
Jean (PS04Y) [2203] Yeah ... yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2204] I mean whatever I touch
Jean (PS04Y) [2205] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2206] with the plumbing it [...] so [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2207] Plumbing is very difficult ... erm
Dave (PS04V) [2208] [...] ... I hate it!
Jean (PS04Y) [2209] Years ago I had a class of very bright children ... and they did some really good projects, they weren't silly projects where they just scribble a bit an ... and draw some rubbish the they really worked ... and I saw to it that they produced really ... good work
Dave (PS04V) [2210] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2211] and one boy chose to write about plumbing ... and do you know, he found that there was nothing written down about plumbing ... in the early nineteen seventies ... there were one or two plumbing text books, they were very expensive and you could only get them through The Institute of Plumbers ... plumbing is something that until about nineteen seventy five ... was passed from father to son or uncle to nephew ... it was a sort of secret craft ... you know, you can
Brenda (PS04U) [2212] It can
Jean (PS04Y) [2213] understand it.
Dave (PS04V) [2214] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2215] Yes.
Dave (PS04V) [2216] Yeah I still I watched Nigel, I mean, I can dig some of that

28 (Tape 015201)

Brenda (PS04U) [2217] Got a burning in the tum now.
Jean (PS04Y) [2218] What dear?
Brenda (PS04U) [2219] Got a burning in the tum.
Jean (PS04Y) [2220] Oh yes, you would have ... I mean that that ... i it is a
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2221] stress ... symptom yes ... and it's not funny, I've had it.
Brenda (PS04U) [2222] So did Carla go off okay?
Dave (PS04V) [2223] Yeah.

29 (Tape 015202)

Jean (PS04Y) [2224] Oh could I ring ... home?
Brenda (PS04U) [2225] Course you can.
Jean (PS04Y) [2226] Thanks very much.
Brenda (PS04U) [2227] Put your glasses on to see.
Jean (PS04Y) [2228] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2229] Can you spot a little clip?
Jean (PS04Y) [2230] Oh the little clip?
[2231] ... Ta love ... thank you.
Brenda (PS04U) [2232] Yeah the little microphone.
Jean (PS04Y) [2233] Oh!
Brenda (PS04U) [2234] [...] ... such a silly little thing

30 (Tape 015203)

Brenda (PS04U) [2235] No answer?
Jean (PS04Y) [2236] No ... erm ... one or other of them is probably taking Neil to karate ... I think Friday night's karate
Brenda (PS04U) [2237] Oh yeah it is.
Jean (PS04Y) [2238] is at eight o'clock.
Brenda (PS04U) [2239] He's probably down the pub!
Jean (PS04Y) [2240] Try later.
Brenda (PS04U) [2241] Doesn't go to erm ... his ... brothers or something afterwards?
Jean (PS04Y) [2242] Yes yes ... and I expect either Phil or Paul is driving him and which ever [...] ... it's
Brenda (PS04U) [2243] And
Jean (PS04Y) [2244] possible that Paul has had a ... already had a reply from the ... Destiny people, you know, the ap ... at my urging Paul joins these people to find himself another girl ... because I'm so sick of hearing about Karen who's treated him ... made a fool of him totally
Brenda (PS04U) [2245] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2246] and er ... if Paul has had a ... phone call from one of these woman then he's been off like a shot!
Brenda (PS04U) [2247] I've lost the little silver thing.
Jean (PS04Y) [2248] What sort of little silver thing is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [2249] It's a little just a funny shaped bracket thing it's sort of stand.
Jean (PS04Y) [2250] Oh I didn't notice that ... I saw that thing in the car but I didn't notice a bracket.
Brenda (PS04U) [2251] Yeah well I had it here so I dropped it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2252] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [2253] It's probably floating round.
Jean (PS04Y) [2254] It's probably in th in the internal works of the ... chair.
Brenda (PS04U) [2255] So what did Jim have to say ... much?
Dave (PS04V) [2256] No not really.
Brenda (PS04U) [2257] When's he coming back?
Dave (PS04V) [2258] Didn't say ... [...] till Monday week ... What you lost?
Brenda (PS04U) [2259] My little stand to go with the microphone, I had it here ... probably fallen in my handbag.
Jean (PS04Y) [2260] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2261] Still got three of [laughing] our tapes go ... [...] ... than the rest of them [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [2262] [laugh] You you never get to the [...] this way did you?
Brenda (PS04U) [2263] Mm ... We're on number three she's not allowed to go home till she's ... done at least seven!
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2264] I have three now.
Jean (PS04Y) [2265] How long of you got?
[2266] ... How long are you allowed to
Brenda (PS04U) [2267] have?
Brenda (PS04U) [2268] A week.
Jean (PS04Y) [2269] A week, mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2270] Only started last night.
Jean (PS04Y) [2271] Oh well.
Brenda (PS04U) [2272] Don't have nothing else in your life ... it's probably in this stupid handbag!
[2273] ... So what is there no answer as Nigel's?
Dave (PS04V) [2274] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2275] I think actually he he g doesn't he go to his Gym.
Dave (PS04V) [2276] [...] ... I know he's ... does [...] ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2277] Well it wasn't your fault was it?
[2278] ... It's not even silver at all, it's black!
Dave (PS04V) [2279] Ah dopes!
Jean (PS04Y) [2280] [laugh] Ah erm!
Brenda (PS04U) [2281] Stupid ... [...] ... I lost my fags! [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [2282] [laugh] ... I'm exactly the same, Brenda.
Brenda (PS04U) [2283] So is it a good li lovely meal.
Jean (PS04Y) [2284] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2285] Mm ... chicken gourmet ... right ... erm ... with a ... pop poppadom was it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2286] Poppadom ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2287] Poppadom.
Jean (PS04Y) [2288] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2289] I'm going to scream in a minute!
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2290] [...] bloody loud!
[2291] ... Erm ... I've found the original packet I lost.
Jean (PS04Y) [2292] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [2293] From the restaurant ... Oh my God ... [...] up ... need any matches when they're not lost ... ha [...] ... Dave so ... they never offered Lee any
Dave (PS04V) [2294] No ... plenty of bloody [...] but no [...] ... or see ... he forgot to go up and help [...] ... [...] was busy ... [...] on Boxing Day ... they won't pay, they give them a free ticket to get in.
Brenda (PS04U) [2295] For what game, what for Wimbledon games?
Dave (PS04V) [2296] If that's alright I'll do it ... gotta pay your own train fair ... I said Boxing Day they only do Sunday service anyway.
Jean (PS04Y) [2297] Mm ... very restricted services ... on Boxing Day.
Brenda (PS04U) [2298] All it is, he had to help, there were ... fifteen and seventeen year olds, weren't they?
[2299] Older than him ... and they were mentally ... er
Jean (PS04Y) [2300] Ah what retarded?
Brenda (PS04U) [2301] wh is i yeah but Lee said they wasn't, they were just, I think ... kids that er ... rough kids ... there was ... big coloured
Jean (PS04Y) [2302] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2303] chaps weren't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [2304] Mm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2305] He said ... did he do football today?
Dave (PS04V) [2306] No he's [...] again.
Brenda (PS04U) [2307] Oh he could do it at work?
Dave (PS04V) [2308] Yeah, you're not ... [...] out ... you know ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2309] Did he go in and see that girl?
Dave (PS04V) [2310] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2311] Why?
Dave (PS04V) [2312] Cos the girl in the office went out and bought the lunch today ... didn't go out ... [...] ... come in, phoned James and then ... started his second half of the day ... around [...] some girls.
Brenda (PS04U) [2313] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2314] He's a [...] ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2315] But was his bath hot?
Dave (PS04V) [2316] Well it was hot but it didn't come out quick.
Brenda (PS04U) [2317] Just doesn't come out quick ... mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2318] It's like someone's got their finger [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2319] Mm ... you'll have to be careful cos that could affect the heating too, won't it?
[2320] ... Cos it's the hot water that comes on the tank runs through the
Dave (PS04V) [2321] No it's a different system.
Brenda (PS04U) [2322] Is it? ... [cough]
Dave (PS04V) [2323] [...] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2324] Well we had a wonderful time at Marks and Sparks.
Jean (PS04Y) [2325] Yes, it's great!
Brenda (PS04U) [2326] Didn't we?
Jean (PS04Y) [2327] We did.
Brenda (PS04U) [2328] Should of bought most of our Christmas pres and a holdall to carry them in.
Jean (PS04Y) [2329] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2330] How about that!
Jean (PS04Y) [2331] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2332] What did you spend, about eighty ... pounds?
Brenda (PS04U) [2333] Oh, we've gotta finish it off tomorrow.
Jean (PS04Y) [2334] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2335] [...] I don't want them ... after this visit ... tomorrow ... I might go out one more time
Jean (PS04Y) [2336] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2337] just for a few bits and pieces and any extras and
Jean (PS04Y) [2338] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2339] that's it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2340] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2341] It's probably better, cos I mean ... normally I start ... back in January.
Dave (PS04V) [2342] I think [...] you're hot waters turning the heat, it's turned off again ... somewhere because i the tank don't fill up quick enough it cuts itself out,we I don't know.
Brenda (PS04U) [2343] Turn that number three up to number four ... might be just ... sometime a the ther you know it might need it on number four.
Jean (PS04Y) [2344] Mm ... I don't think I've ever seen your ... log effect, is it a log effect ... fire?
Brenda (PS04U) [2345] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2346] I don't think I've ever seen it on.
Brenda (PS04U) [2347] Erm ... we do have it on ... sometimes
Jean (PS04Y) [2348] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2349] when we have you, little lights off.
Jean (PS04Y) [2350] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2351] Looks quite effective.
Jean (PS04Y) [2352] I bet!
Brenda (PS04U) [2353] Nine times out of ten you put the big, sort of ... the kids always put the big lights on, I like low
Jean (PS04Y) [2354] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2355] lights
Jean (PS04Y) [2356] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2357] but the kids always put the big
Jean (PS04Y) [2358] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2359] tend to put the big, oh this cup of tea's wonderful!
Jean (PS04Y) [2360] Ah!
[2361] ... [laughing] Marvellous Brenda [] !
[2362] ... Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2363] Oh I'll show you that letter you told me ... to read cos I got a [...] here.
Jean (PS04Y) [2364] Oh yes. [paper rustling]
Brenda (PS04U) [2365] That's my letter on top and then the letter underneath it's the people

31 (Tape 015204)

Jean (PS04Y) [2366] Jolly interesting!
Brenda (PS04U) [2367] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2368] Just gotta fill in ... fill in this ... today's the [...] ... ooh that one there, I'll let you just have a look at the Debs book ... and that Marks and Sparks.
Jean (PS04Y) [2369] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2370] But these are W H Smith's a ... Woolworth's.
Jean (PS04Y) [2371] Aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [2372] Oh that what I was gonna show you ... that's Peter ... he bought it and didn't want it, you look at this month's Prima ... for Christmas.
Jean (PS04Y) [2373] Ooh tough!

32 (Tape 015205)

Dave (PS04V) [2374] We the plumbers on his way!
Brenda (PS04U) [2375] What now?
[2376] ... Haven't got any money to pay him!
Dave (PS04V) [2377] Don't worry about money ... he's alright, no he's said he'd come and have a look ... if he sees, he's gonna have a look at it first, see what he thinks.
Brenda (PS04U) [2378] Just don't tell me then.
Dave (PS04V) [2379] Go and have around Tesco's [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2380] Cos we can't afford to blow it out every ... see how much Nigel says it's gonna cost first ... just don't give me any more stress, please!
[2381] ... I can't cope!
Dave (PS04V) [2382] Deep breathing exercises that's good for stress.
Brenda (PS04U) [2383] Oh that's what you told me, I know, but it's easier said than done, innit?
Dave (PS04V) [2384] Want the telly on, Jean?
[2385] ... Do you want the telly on?
Jean (PS04Y) [2386] No thank you.
Brenda (PS04U) [2387] [...] talking.
Jean (PS04Y) [2388] Yeah, I talk ... books, letters
Dave (PS04V) [2389] You turn it on you turn it on, Jean
Brenda (PS04U) [2390] You goading
Dave (PS04V) [2391] yeah?
Brenda (PS04U) [2392] Jean
Dave (PS04V) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2393] even if we see each other every week we still have loads to talk about.
Jean (PS04Y) [2394] [laughing] Ooh masses yes [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2395] I don't I hope you haven't shown him in David!
[2396] ... Ooh it's this spot, I shall [...] in a minute ... you haven't seen a leaflet Dave, for Debenhams have you?
[2397] There was one out in the kitchen.
Dave (PS04V) [2398] What was it called?
Brenda (PS04U) [2399] The Christmas catalogue, it's called Debenhams
Dave (PS04V) [2400] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2401] it's just like one of these brochures, I had two of them.
Dave (PS04V) [2402] I ain't thrown them away ... they've got twenty five percent off ain't they?
Brenda (PS04U) [2403] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2404] When?
Dave (PS04V) [2405] And er ... er ... a jewellery test tomorrow ... at the
Brenda (PS04U) [2406] Ooh tomorrow Debenhams?
Dave (PS04V) [2407] Oh no, no I think it's at a ... is it a jewellers ... Ratners, something like that?
Brenda (PS04U) [2408] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2409] Friday and Saturday they've got twenty five percent off everything in the shop.
Jean (PS04Y) [2410] Yeah, they're [...] jewellers.
Dave (PS04V) [2411] Well the sort of thing
Brenda (PS04U) [2412] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Jean (PS04Y) [2413] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2414] You're gonna buy me this ... dearly expensive watch aren't you?
Brenda (PS04U) [2415] Oh yeah, I'm full of tricks like that!
Jean (PS04Y) [2416] Ah.
Dave (PS04V) [2417] I bet Nigel's sitting at home now laughing his head off ... at
Brenda (PS04U) [2418] What does he think it is?
Dave (PS04V) [2419] Well he's ... he he said he doubted ... he said he doubted very much if it was that.
Jean (PS04Y) [2420] Oh.
Dave (PS04V) [2421] Now he said he'd come round and have a look
Jean (PS04Y) [2422] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2423] but he said he didn't think ... er ... that was it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2424] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2425] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2426] Still you lot [...] going to bed with it tonight are you? ... [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Dave (PS04V) [2427] Get the floor boards up for you.
Brenda (PS04U) [2428] He will, I was gonna say he'd be here till two o'clock I don't know why [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [2429] Well I see, if he's gonna do it I'll phone him up and [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2430] And just say y your wife's taken ill.
Dave (PS04V) [2431] No I'll say my plumbings gone funny ... had a burst pipe.
Jean (PS04Y) [2432] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2433] Ah!
Jean (PS04Y) [2434] Oh, [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [2435] Not now.
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Dave (PS04V) [2436] Especially if, mind you, he might not be able to do anything, it's like I say you you've got your hot water ... and it's probably a job he can do better in the week, one night ... as long as he says it's safe to use and you're not gonna blow the tank up on yourself!
Jean (PS04Y) [2437] That's the thing yeah that's what you want to know.
Dave (PS04V) [2438] That's all you've gotta
Jean (PS04Y) [2439] Yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2440] worry about, innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [2441] That's it ... yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2442] Maybe you just gotta wait another ten minutes to get your bath full.
Brenda (PS04U) [2443] That won't hurt will it?
Dave (PS04V) [2444] Phoned my mum up, she said you can come down here and have a bath [...] ... say at seven o'clock in the morning, she says yeah!
Jean (PS04Y) [2445] [laugh] ah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2446] Oh for God's sake!
[2447] ... I've put occupation, husband!
Jean (PS04Y) [2448] [laughing] It is yes, yes! ... [...] [] .
Dave (PS04V) [2449] Did you go in Tesco's when you was over there?
Brenda (PS04U) [2450] No we didn't ... we thought there was a bomb alert in the toilet in the restaurant, didn't we Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [2451] Mm ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2452] This hi oh [laughing] the [...] made her edgy [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [2453] They did, they say they got water hammer ... we went into the ladies toilets ... and ... one door, one cubicle was shut ... and there was this loud drumming noise and I said to Brenda perhaps it's an alarm signal ... perhaps somebody on the other side of that door ... has been taken ill and has pressed some sort of ... alarm signal, anyway we went out and they said oh no ... it's always making that [laughing] noise [] !
Dave (PS04V) [2454] Did they?
Jean (PS04Y) [2455] Well.
Dave (PS04V) [2456] Brenda tell you of Tesco's expectations of putting one up in ... Horsell Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [2457] Yes ... charming!
Dave (PS04V) [2458] Can't see that going down very well!
Jean (PS04Y) [2459] No.
Dave (PS04V) [2460] That's the last thing they want in Horsell!
Jean (PS04Y) [2461] No ... not the right place for it at all.
Dave (PS04V) [2462] No ... I don't think they need it actually.
Jean (PS04Y) [2463] No ... no.
Brenda (PS04U) [2464] So now I know why they tell you fill this as you go along cos you forget what ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2465] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2466] Sounds like Nigel now ... See the whole things going to [...] again.
Brenda (PS04U) [2467] Will you tell him that, it might be the thermostat's gone.
Jean (PS04Y) [2468] No.

33 (Tape 015206)

Brenda (PS04U) [2469] What's your regional accent, Jean ... London?
Jean (PS04Y) [2470] No erm ... su er no ... hang on, hang on ... my regional, they want my regional accent ... er ... well I would have said it's standard received northern.
Brenda (PS04U) [2471] Northern?
Jean (PS04Y) [2472] Mm ... standard received, S R.
Brenda (PS04U) [2473] How do you spell friend, F R I
Jean (PS04Y) [2474] That's right, I before E except after C.
Brenda (PS04U) [2475] [...] forgets don't you?

34 (Tape 015207)

Brenda (PS04U) [2476] What you looking at there?
[2477] ... The Marks and Spark's book?
Jean (PS04Y) [2478] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [2479] Is that what you're looking at, no?
Jean (PS04Y) [2480] No this is Prima.
Brenda (PS04U) [2481] Prima.
Jean (PS04Y) [2482] Yeah ... and it's very good.
Brenda (PS04U) [2483] Got some really
Jean (PS04Y) [2484] The Prima
Brenda (PS04U) [2485] interesting things
Jean (PS04Y) [2486] a lot in it.
Brenda (PS04U) [2487] Yeah ... really
Jean (PS04Y) [2488] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2489] lot isn't there?
Jean (PS04Y) [2490] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2491] Yes ... for that I don't know cos ... in wo one ... oh actually it might be this ... they've added this ste ... Essentials actually ... on conversation it is a ... you end up with so many don't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [2492] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2493] And I haven't thought like that really
Jean (PS04Y) [2494] Oh!
Brenda (PS04U) [2495] and half of it is ... rubbish and ... decent rubbish ... [...] and ... that's rubbish ... there it is ... I knew it was in here somewhere ... I knew I thought it was in the Prima they gave it to you but obviously it was ... erm ... in Essentials ... everything out of there ... don't think they had many Christmas ... You used to ... was it you, you see you can make your own ... [...] , was it you that we went up to town that time ... and brought ... those erm ... from John Lewis ... the round
Jean (PS04Y) [2496] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2497] it was you
Jean (PS04Y) [2498] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2499] did you use it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2500] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2501] For what?
Jean (PS04Y) [2502] Well I tried to fix them on the door and they wouldn't stay
Brenda (PS04U) [2503] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [2504] There was, unless I was prepared to put a ruddy great nail through my door ... I couldn't hang the thing!
Brenda (PS04U) [2505] What did you decorate them or did you just leave them plain?
Jean (PS04Y) [2506] Well they were decorated weren't they, they were rings with and they had ... little tiny boxes, little coloured ... like little parcels sewn on.
Brenda (PS04U) [2507] Oh!
[2508] ... Oh no I thought you bought just some plain green ones.
Jean (PS04Y) [2509] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2510] No?
Jean (PS04Y) [2511] No ... no.
Brenda (PS04U) [2512] Perhaps we were going to and then decided
Jean (PS04Y) [2513] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2514] against
Jean (PS04Y) [2515] And I tried to fix it to the door ... and it wouldn't, I tried to do it up with Blu-Tack and would have none of it, I tried to do it with Sellotape and wouldn't do it ... the Sellotape kept on coming away ... something in the varnish I think that resisted that ... so then I thought, right I'll ... I'll tie the thing up in someway, I forget how, and blew away ... went down the drive!
Brenda (PS04U) [2516] [laughing] I didn't mean to laugh when you said it it blew away down the drive [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2517] [laughing] You can just imagine this bloody thing dri flying away down the drive [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [2518] [laugh] yeah ... so I chased off after it ... one of the little boxes had come loose ... and ... carted it back to the house I said ... your going to be a Christmas decoration [laughing] whether you like it or not [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [2519] So first of all I put it on a little er ... I've got a rather nasty little table that looks as though it ought to have a chamber pot underneath it ... you remember that nasty little wooden bedside table that I hate
Brenda (PS04U) [2520] Oh yeah, yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2521] so I put it on the top of there, every time anybody went by they knocked it off [...] !
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [2522] In the end I simply flung it on the
Brenda (PS04U) [2523] Away!
Jean (PS04Y) [2524] middle of the dining room table
Brenda (PS04U) [2525] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2526] with cries of get on with it!
[2527] ... That's half half the trouble with home decoration is ... it's not practical.
Brenda (PS04U) [2528] No, no I was gonna say some ... you know, just sort of just some ideas are good ... but I tell you haven't they got some beautiful erm ... candle holders around this year ... some really unusual ones.
Jean (PS04Y) [2529] Ooh yes!
[2530] ... Well the one I saw in Liberty's it was eight ninety five, it was that high
Brenda (PS04U) [2531] Was it that well that was quite good.
Jean (PS04Y) [2532] and it was dark green ... oh it it's not bad but you know I'd just lost ten pounds to the taxi driver ... to him giving me the wrong change so I was feeling in a very frugal mood ... an and this the green of this candlestick holder ... you know what I call the old fashioned dark green, of some china?
Brenda (PS04U) [2533] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2534] This wasn't quite that ... it was more like a glossy young holly leaf ... oh it was beautiful!
Brenda (PS04U) [2535] Here you are ... [reading] one time only ... twenty s ... twenty per cent savings on a single purchase of Debenhams own brand ... throughout the store ... erm Debenhams has bought to blah blah blah outstanding values da da da and to encourage to do your Christmas shopping at Debenhams we'll making a special offer that you won't be able to resist until December the twenty fourth ... commencing on November ... you can get an amazing twenty per cent off at any Debenhams own bought range, that means you can shop throughout the store, visit every floor, buy all your gifts under one roof and save twenty per cent providing you do all your shopping in one go to get the benefit of the voucher ... because the voucher can only be used once ... from men's, woman's fashions, accessory, children's clothes, furnishings, gifts ... simply present this voucher and attach ... simply present the voucher attach and receive the train fare discount, we hope you enjoy your shopping [] .
Jean (PS04Y) [2536] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2537] Well you think today i if you'd had that
Jean (PS04Y) [2538] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2539] at mark, that twenty six quid,
Jean (PS04Y) [2540] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2541] that be
Jean (PS04Y) [2542] More
Brenda (PS04U) [2543] No ... fifty quid.
Jean (PS04Y) [2544] More ... fifty quid.
Brenda (PS04U) [2545] double cos that's ten
Jean (PS04Y) [2546] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2547] per cent, yeah
Jean (PS04Y) [2548] Yes.
[2549] ... yes ... oh lovely cakes! ... [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2550] Here Jean just look at this, this is what Carla wants for Christmas, look ... that doll, she collects porcelain dolls.
Jean (PS04Y) [2551] Ah!
[2552] ... Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [2553] Isn't she gorgeous!
Jean (PS04Y) [2554] Oh that's lovely.
Brenda (PS04U) [2555] Nineteen ninety nine, I don't think that was bad.
Jean (PS04Y) [2556] That's not bad ... I'll buy her that.
Brenda (PS04U) [2557] Yeah?
Jean (PS04Y) [2558] Yes if they've got it in tomorrow, I'll buy her that.
Brenda (PS04U) [2559] Because i that she can keep right through adult life, can't she her
Jean (PS04Y) [2560] That's the beauty.
Brenda (PS04U) [2561] thing, and she's so careful with them.
Jean (PS04Y) [2562] A a lovely decoration for her bed.
Brenda (PS04U) [2563] Cos you know how ... her ballerina one she's got you bought
Jean (PS04Y) [2564] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2565] her from John
Jean (PS04Y) [2566] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2567] Lewis the
Jean (PS04Y) [2568] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2569] musical one
Jean (PS04Y) [2570] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2571] I mean nobody's allowed to touch it!
Jean (PS04Y) [2572] No quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [2573] You know, I mean, it's fair i
Jean (PS04Y) [2574] I know she's very careful with things
Brenda (PS04U) [2575] Cos she said to me the other day, she said have you been in my room and touched?
[2576] ... And I said no, I was going to, she said I think you have, she said, because you've moved the ballerina and I did I listened to it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2577] Oh I say!
Brenda (PS04U) [2578] While I was making her bed.
Jean (PS04Y) [2579] She knew.
Brenda (PS04U) [2580] Oh she knew
Jean (PS04Y) [2581] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2582] But she said leave my bed, I'll make my bed myself now.
Jean (PS04Y) [2583] Mm ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2584] But they've got some lovely, lovely things in.
Jean (PS04Y) [2585] Yeah ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2586] But you have that Mark's and Spark's catalogue ... to take back with you.
Jean (PS04Y) [2587] Oh great thank you.
Brenda (PS04U) [2588] Because y ... they've got a good ... lot of recipes in there, fish and
Jean (PS04Y) [2589] Aha!
[2590] ... Aha!
Brenda (PS04U) [2591] all and you do a lot more cooking than me, I know they've got some really good
Jean (PS04Y) [2592] Every day! [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2593] That's right yeah but I mean they've got some really, sort of you know, like those things, what have you said tonight that you like, those ... that jar of stuff, was it something in rum ... pineapple?
Jean (PS04Y) [2594] Oh yes!
[2595] ... Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2596] Where is it?
[2597] Can I just pinch the Debs on back again?
Jean (PS04Y) [2598] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2599] But it's the first time I've ever known Mark's to do a catalogue with their gifts in.
Jean (PS04Y) [2600] Mm, quite ... shows how desperate they all are, to get rid of their Christmas gifts.
Brenda (PS04U) [2601] Well Debs has never done one.
Jean (PS04Y) [2602] No, no ... and very often they charge you for one ... a tremendous amount illustrated!
Brenda (PS04U) [2603] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2604] Yeah ... [yawning] Oh Brenda ... ah ha ha ha [...] [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2605] [...] .
[2606] ... I love that, look at that!
Jean (PS04Y) [2607] Ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [2608] Ever worn them?
Jean (PS04Y) [2609] What's that dear?
Brenda (PS04U) [2610] The basque thing, they're called.
Jean (PS04Y) [2611] No!
Brenda (PS04U) [2612] Basque.
Jean (PS04Y) [2613] [laughing] Gerry would never have allowed it [] !
[2614] ... I used to make myself
Brenda (PS04U) [2615] If he did he wouldn't you wouldn't of kept it on would you?
Jean (PS04Y) [2616] No ... I can't go
Brenda (PS04U) [2617] You wouldn't of kept it on long!
Jean (PS04Y) [2618] I would not ... well
Brenda (PS04U) [2619] I think that ... that Christmas tree is definitely you.
Jean (PS04Y) [2620] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2621] That forty nine
Jean (PS04Y) [2622] Mm
Brenda (PS04U) [2623] pound
Jean (PS04Y) [2624] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2625] cos, I mean, that
Jean (PS04Y) [2626] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2627] did you hear that woman behind?
Jean (PS04Y) [2628] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2629] Said she would never think, she said I thought it was real!
Jean (PS04Y) [2630] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2631] She said, she said the one next to it
Jean (PS04Y) [2632] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2633] she said now that looks artificial, but I would never have thought the
Jean (PS04Y) [2634] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2635] cheaper one!
Jean (PS04Y) [2636] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2637] The fifty nine pound that looked one that looked
Jean (PS04Y) [2638] Mm , mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2639] but I know it cos ... the other week when I had to work ... till half past eight for Peter, he was having a dinner party ... and erm ... we went down there, I had to go shopping with him, he made me die cos ... he asked me if I'd work a bit later and I said yeah I need the money, so I'll work later ... so er ... he made me die because he said ... in this flare up, this argument ... when when I worked that day, I mean, I worked all day, I had nothing to eat and I couldn't eat af , you know, cos of this trouble I couldn't eat after
Jean (PS04Y) [2640] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2641] four o'clock
Jean (PS04Y) [2642] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2643] and er anyway he got home about ... half past three so we had to go down to Marks ... went down to Marks, came back and he bought me a sandwich, I said I've eaten nothing all day, bought me this sandwich, I was hoping to go away at six
Jean (PS04Y) [2644] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2645] and at eight o'clock I went home ... and ... anyway he went to pay me my weeks money and h he gave me an extra ten pound
Jean (PS04Y) [2646] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2647] I thought that's big of you, I mean, I would have charged him more anyway
Jean (PS04Y) [2648] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2649] but
Jean (PS04Y) [2650] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2651] I didn't I thought
Jean (PS04Y) [2652] Mm mm
Brenda (PS04U) [2653] Oh well
Jean (PS04Y) [2654] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2655] he's
Jean (PS04Y) [2656] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2657] given me ten pound bonus
Jean (PS04Y) [2658] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2659] and when we were having this argument on Wednesday ... he said ... I said we what ... what was your reason then for not paying me for that [...] when I was genuinely sick and he said er ... oh he said because I gave you such a good bonus last week, I said what was that then, he said erm ... twenty five pounds, I said no you didn't!
Jean (PS04Y) [2660] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2661] I said, you know, I did some extra hours for you
Jean (PS04Y) [2662] Mm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2663] oh yes he said I've worked it out those extra hours I've paid you for them ... but I thought you actually worked for them for nothing and I've just given you a bonus
Jean (PS04Y) [2664] Oh good god!
Brenda (PS04U) [2665] and er
Jean (PS04Y) [2666] This man is pathologically mean!
Brenda (PS04U) [2667] Well the these
Jean (PS04Y) [2668] Pathologically mean!
Brenda (PS04U) [2669] these decorators just could not believe how [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [2670] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2671] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [2672] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [2673] they were just so amazed!
Jean (PS04Y) [2674] Yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2675] Just, you know,th th well they just couldn't, just couldn't believe that somebody could actually ... you know, sort of, react, sort of , in in that way.
Jean (PS04Y) [2676] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2677] I'm saying everything's turned off at the moment, alright?
Brenda (PS04U) [2678] Was it [...] ?
Dave (PS04V) [2679] No, he's not sure, he don't think it is that h he's he's gonna cut the gas, he said it's not right [...] ... the er central heating pumps are well hot, he said it shouldn't be like that ... so he to there's a little box up there he thinks it's probably this box ... but he's he's trying to figure out what it is up there because he's ... he's just such amazed at price of pieces
Jean (PS04Y) [2680] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [2681] trying to work out exactly what's going round ... might have a
Brenda (PS04U) [2682] But did you tell tell him that, it doesn't get that hot in the conservatory?
Dave (PS04V) [2683] No that's [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2684] Nothing to do with that and the radiator key?
Dave (PS04V) [2685] No, can't be that ... no don't worry about that.
Brenda (PS04U) [2686] It's a worry, isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2687] It is, I don't know.
Brenda (PS04U) [2688] I suppose even sort of, with a ... with a plumber, you know,y you don't ... I mean, I suppose they don't always know what they're looking for.
Jean (PS04Y) [2689] Well no because ... unless they put the system in and know exactly what it was ... there are so many different ways of delivering water.
Brenda (PS04U) [2690] Mm, the thing is the guy that used to live here was such a bloody prat!
Jean (PS04Y) [2691] Oh like Brian?
Brenda (PS04U) [2692] A didn't help chap!
Jean (PS04Y) [2693] Oh ... oh my dear!
Brenda (PS04U) [2694] And the jobs we've found
Jean (PS04Y) [2695] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2696] that that's gone wrong because he's a do-it
Jean (PS04Y) [2697] Quite
Brenda (PS04U) [2698] yourself chap
Jean (PS04Y) [2699] Quite ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2700] it's just totally unbelievable!
Jean (PS04Y) [2701] Yeah ... well this is my ... this my
Brenda (PS04U) [2702] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2703] this is the story of my life ... now in the bathroom I have had, I have had to pay ... a hundred pounds to Mr Butcher the plumber ... to put in ... a new ... shower thing ... because that was ... cheap and rough and ... eventually wore out ... should never have been put in.
Brenda (PS04U) [2704] What about your leak that came through the ceiling, is that cleared now?
Jean (PS04Y) [2705] Oh it's doing it again it's doing it again, dear ... oh yes, doing it again ... erm ... I had the plumber up to look at that ... cos I thought the plumbing was all wrong and he said no ... he said the plumbing is wrong ... the waste pipe of the ... en suite shower and the bath are connected, and they shouldn't be ... they should be separate, but they had been connected ... and that is bad ... but no, he said, what's happening is quite simple, he said erm ... the people using the en suite can't control the water it's going out ... he said the curtain doesn't fit flush against the wall, because the wall leans, you know
Brenda (PS04U) [2706] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2707] and he said water is getting out, he said tell people to be more careful and put towels all round ... so in my lovely en suite I've got old towels all round my ... surround
Brenda (PS04U) [2708] Oh!
Jean (PS04Y) [2709] I love that
Brenda (PS04U) [2710] God!
Jean (PS04Y) [2711] Brenda, I adore it, it's me all over ... so [...] the bathroom ... I had endless trouble, as you know, with Shirley ... I had to buy stuff and Shirley came in ... and I gave her ... little ... presents of this and that and helped her with cooking meals for her ... she re-grouted practically ... my bath tiles and my en suite tiles because we thought ... water was going through the wall, and it was ... and then I had to replace the ... where you take the plug out in the bath, I forget what you call that, the trap
Brenda (PS04U) [2712] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2713] all that has had to be replaced ... because that was starting to drip down into the hall, again!
[2714] ... And then ... I had to th the shower just ... came, you know ... came to pieces in our hand, as it were it was not working as a shower ... so a plumber had to come ... Mr Butcher came into me
Brenda (PS04U) [cough]
Jean (PS04Y) [2715] unscrewed the whole lot and he said this is cheap old rubbish!
[2716] ... It's continental ... and is not ... is not U K ... and that was ... a hundred pounds, more or less for his ... fee and ... and buying a and buying at ... a discount through somebody who I knew ... buying this ... new shower ... and the tappy things, you know
Brenda (PS04U) [2717] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2718] the mixer things ... that's the bathroom.
[2719] ... And the next thing that's going wrong in the bathroom ... will be that I'll have to replace that ... central heating pump.
Brenda (PS04U) [2720] Is that going wrong then?
Jean (PS04Y) [2721] It's it makes an awful noise ... in the morning!
[2722] ... I I've got a bill to come in from the electrician for his call-out charge ... he diagnosed that it's was not an electrical fault ... and then thought it was an electrical fault by the noise, it was making a fizzing noise ... but he doesn't th he said it's, it's the pump ... the pump is ... on the way out ... it needs replacing ... house is built in nineteen eighty five!
[2723] ... So ... the bedrooms ... and they're not too bad because he hasn't been able to do anything [laughing] in the bedrooms [] ... the bedrooms are alright ... except that over the lintels in most of the bedrooms ... the plaster ... is is not right, it's it's flaking in great lumps and rippling ... and cracked ... something to do with the
Brenda (PS04U) [2724] So was he the guy that did everything himself then?
Jean (PS04Y) [2725] Yes and he hadn't the faintest idea of how to do it!
Brenda (PS04U) [2726] But that ... flakiness and that is obviously when it was new ... he didn't let it dry out, he just painted
Jean (PS04Y) [2727] Quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [2728] over it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2729] That's right ... so ... you then go into the en suite room, well I cannot tell you the trouble I've had from the en suite!
[2730] ... Water pouring through into the kitchen ... water pouring down the electric wire of the lamp in the study!
Brenda (PS04U) [2731] What from there?
Jean (PS04Y) [2732] Yes ... and ... eventually ... Shirley and I thought, well I mean, we spent weeks grouting, we grouted and we grouted ... and still water was coming through and we grouted and at last it seemed to be dry ... and the man came and did the re-artexing on the insurance ... and I had wa new wallpaper put up, for which I paid extra because he only allowed eight pounds a roll, the insurance company only ... pays eight pounds a roll ... and I had eleven pound wallpaper and a border ... and having got the whole thing up ... the s the patches have appeared again!
Brenda (PS04U) [2733] And they won't pay out again will they?
Jean (PS04Y) [2734] Oh no ... er ... and I
Brenda (PS04U) [2735] Did they come and check it ... first or they just
Jean (PS04Y) [2736] No, no they just take your word for it ... and ... now I have got ... as I said, I've got ... that, I've got to paint that over ... and reseal and I've got to make sure that nobody makes a mess in there, but the plumber said ... what you really need to do ... is to get rid of this cheap and tatty, horrible ... plastic tray ... which doesn't come right to the edge of the tiles
Brenda (PS04U) [2737] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2738] and buy ... a screen ... five hundred pounds he says!
Brenda (PS04U) [2739] Mm, very clever isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [2740] I just looked at the man, I thought, I oh god I can't cope with this!
Brenda (PS04U) [2741] So you've just got a curtain round it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2742] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2743] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2744] So you come down the stairs ... and you come into the kitchen ... in the kitchen ... we start with the refrigerator being put next to the ... cooker
Brenda (PS04U) [2745] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2746] and I've had that taken out because I couldn't, I just could not stand it especially in hot weather!
Brenda (PS04U) [2747] You've got a new cooker haven't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [2748] I've got a a a well I got a new cooker ... had a have a new cooker because ... when they took the old one out it was already in seven separate pieces!
Brenda (PS04U) [2749] Those, bloody useless one though!
Jean (PS04Y) [2750] He bought it off the town dump! ... so ... new fridge- freezer in the cu which is now free-standing in the corner ... bought it from Doug
Brenda (PS04U) [2751] Oh I've seen that.
Jean (PS04Y) [2752] you know ... reduced price ... but never-the-less money ... new cooker ... gas hob removed because that was going U S ... and an electric hob put in ... the formica in the kitchen, if you remember when you first saw me, it was tiles it wasn't formica, it was ghastly tiles ... and when Ned lifted all that out ... it was black with with rotten mould!
Brenda (PS04U) [2753] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2754] The man hadn't grouted ... the tiles in properly ... he'd used some sort of rough old cement and the water was just going through and staying there!
Brenda (PS04U) [2755] Oh my God!
Jean (PS04Y) [2756] Fortunately ... Ned gave me that pink formica and the new sink as a present.
Brenda (PS04U) [2757] So you didn't to buy it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2758] Ha ... what else have we got?
Brenda (PS04U) [2759] Gas fire.
Jean (PS04Y) [2760] The gas fire ... I have formed a really deep and meaningful relationship with ... Andy at Anglia Gas ... he's been back and forth to my house, I know all about the fact that he hasn't got a girlfriend ... and his mother is a marvellous cook ... and that Worlingworth is a bit off the map ... he and I are buddies, dear!
[2761] ... I hate to think how much money I have paid over to Anglia Gas ... if I'd known what I was into ... I could have walked into that house then and I could, while I had all that money ... before I gave any ... away ... I could have said, right, I'm going to have to spend that, that, that, that and that ... and I would have done it and it would have ... I would've been ... alright because I wouldn't have had things going wrong!
Brenda (PS04U) [2762] Is it still working now, the fire?
Jean (PS04Y) [2763] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2764] But after about three hundred quid innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [2765] Ha ... I could have had a lovely new one!
Brenda (PS04U) [2766] That's th the trouble is they keep repairing, [...] they don't tell you this do they, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [2767] No!
Brenda (PS04U) [2768] they could have, sort of, said look
Jean (PS04Y) [2769] In the end I bullied Andy, I said, Andy there is something fishy about this fire ... he said well it's possible he said that ... it was erm ... a display model ... and every time anybody came in ... and needed a replacement part instead of sending for the part ... they took it out of the display model!
Brenda (PS04U) [2770] God, what was that bloke!
[2771] ... Was he a youngster or what was he that lived in your house?
Jean (PS04Y) [2772] Well youngish, he'd got youngish children, you know.
Brenda (PS04U) [2773] Blooming idiot, weren't he!
Jean (PS04Y) [2774] Well ... totally!
[2775] ... I mean ... next time I buy a house I shall say excuse me but are you a blooming [laughing] idiot? ... [...] [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2776] Are you gonna be ... but these D A Y, D I Y
Jean (PS04Y) [2777] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [2778] are okay if they know what they're doing, but I mean th this this guy, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [2779] My lovely Gerald was very, very clever ... he was a mechanic, he was a graduate mechanical engineer ... and he knew everything about cars that needed to be known.
Brenda (PS04U) [2780] Mhm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2781] And he thought as a result that he knew about everything else as well and Brenda, he didn't.
Brenda (PS04U) [2782] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [2783] Because another way in which I had to throw ... good money after bad was that after he died ... once I started having things done in the house ... they kept on turning up things that he had done that were absolutely N B G
Brenda (PS04U) [cough]
Jean (PS04Y) [2784] the al do you remember those wires hanging about in
Brenda (PS04U) [2785] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [2786] the kitchen?
[2787] ... The electrician turned quite white when he saw them!
Brenda (PS04U) [2788] I know that was you ... but y you don't, I mean I remember u ... the fire we used to have here ... and it wasn't till I gave it to a friend, I mean we kept here for a year ... alright, lucky enough, we didn't use it ... anyway I gave to a friend who doing car boot, I found it in the attic an he said to me ... Brenda, he said, did you ever use this fire?
[2789] ... He said well obviously you didn't, he said, cos you'd be dead!
[2790] ... I said why I?
[2791] ... He said, how are y he said the wiring on this, he said if you plug this in, he said ho , you'd electrocute yourself!
Jean (PS04Y) [2792] I say!
Brenda (PS04U) [2793] I said, you're joking and I said they sell the house to you
Jean (PS04Y) [2794] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2795] you know, and you
Jean (PS04Y) [2796] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2797] plug it in and they
Jean (PS04Y) [2798] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2799] obviously just left it, luckily
Jean (PS04Y) [2800] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2801] enough we did!
Jean (PS04Y) [2802] I'm going to ask some very, very ... straightforward questions when I buy the next house
Brenda (PS04U) [2803] Well
Jean (PS04Y) [2804] and I'm going to write down the answers they give me and get them to sign them ... because I have I have really been ... [laughing] beaten about the head by this [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [2805] Well it's, I mean, you know, it's ... I I don't think I could live with the conscience, if I was selling I would say well look
Jean (PS04Y) [2806] No I couldn't ... I mean, and these people are Jehovah Witnesses who sold me this house ... and my feelings about the commercial probity of Jehovah Witnesses ... are that they haven't any commercial probity.
Brenda (PS04U) [cough]
Jean (PS04Y) [2807] They're they're probably ... so wrapped up in their ... devotion ... that they don't bother about standard commercial morality, it was sh a shocking thing to do!
[2808] ... I mean, if I were to sell my house now ... supposing somebody came galloping in ... along before Christmas ... ooh ooh I want the house on the first of Feb ... and ... they'd come and they'd see the house and they say yes I want it, want it, want it and it was plain that they were going to want it ... and we started to talk money, as soon as we'd got ... the solid block ... of money ... I want one O two ... you er ... estate agent tells me I can get ninety seven ... between ninety five and ninety seven ... say they offer me ninety six
Brenda (PS04U) [2809] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2810] say we'd be, you know, be ... fiddle around and get to ninety six ... I would then turn and say to them, I will give you five hundred pounds ... I will knock five hundred off that ... so that you can put in ... a proper shower tray ... and screen
Brenda (PS04U) [2811] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2812] put in by
Brenda (PS04U) [2813] That's it.
Jean (PS04Y) [2814] by Mick of Debenham ... because I understand from him that that is what's needed.
Brenda (PS04U) [2815] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2816] I just would not
Brenda (PS04U) [2817] But even if you didn't sell, I mean but, death trap things ... electrical things, I mean ... you would
Jean (PS04Y) [2818] Quite!
Brenda (PS04U) [2819] sort of feel ... you know, I mean, I've known people where, I mean, it was like us the day we moved in here
Jean (PS04Y) [2820] Your conscio as you say
Brenda (PS04U) [2821] went to bed that night and thought [sniff] ... gas, you know ... and the blooming boiler, lucky it didn't blow up!
[2822] I mean it had all, it had gone!
[2823] You know, I mean, the next day we had the gas man out
Jean (PS04Y) [2824] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2825] and said we , you know,we we ... lucky we weren't gassed!
Jean (PS04Y) [2826] Oh Brenda ... Brenda!
Brenda (PS04U) [2827] You know I mean people are so, sort of,un un ... trustworthy and
Jean (PS04Y) [2828] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [2829] well they're just not honest are they?
Jean (PS04Y) [2830] No , no ... they're not.
Brenda (PS04U) [2831] You know I mean, alright y you wanna sell your house and everything, but I mean for goodness sake, I mean!
Jean (PS04Y) [2832] You've got to live with yourself.
Brenda (PS04U) [2833] That's right, I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [2834] What I have said to Neil ... and Neil is honest ... but once or twice he's said things and I've said, no Neil!
[2835] ... No, that's wrong!
[2836] ... There it's better to be ... it's only poor and have your self respect
Brenda (PS04U) [2837] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [2838] than to try to take a mean and petty advantage of anybody or anything.
Brenda (PS04U) [2839] That's right.
Jean (PS04Y) [2840] He's only said these things, sort of, trying out to see because ... he doesn't ... he doesn't know if very much, oh it's so sad Brenda, he said to me ... we were talking on Wednesday night, I think ... and he looked wistfully at me and he said ... I only want to be taught.
Brenda (PS04U) [2841] Ah!
Jean (PS04Y) [2842] I only want to be taught.
Brenda (PS04U) [2843] So he's just like a child isn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [2844] Well he is, I say that he's six, he's twenty going on sixteen.
Brenda (PS04U) [2845] Th doesn't the ... doesn't the stepfather, sort of, say anything?
Jean (PS04Y) [2846] No, what what does ... what do modern men think about, Brenda, you tell me ... your Dave
Brenda (PS04U) [2847] [...] isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [2848] is a one in a thousand ... one in a thousand like my my Gerald ... that thought about his duties, his responsibilities, his tender fatherly fig .

35 (Tape 015208)

Brenda (PS04U) [2849] We'll get the stuff in then
Jean (PS04Y) [2850] Yeah
Brenda (PS04U) [2851] When she's gone off the
Jean (PS04Y) [2852] Yeah ... yeah
Brenda (PS04U) [2853] cos I dare say we'll latish in bed, cos you won't be that late with ... Marge in bed, will you, tomorrow night?
Jean (PS04Y) [2854] No no.

36 (Tape 015209)

Brenda (PS04U) [2855] Not of Maureen ... spoken to her lately?
Jean (PS04Y) [2856] Well yes I had to ... spend quite a lot of time on the line to her because er ... her husband's been quite ill with bladder trouble.
Brenda (PS04U) [2857] That's right I remember you saying.
Jean (PS04Y) [2858] And she was ... very worried and kept on ... crying down the phone, and saying now I know what you went through with Gerry ... I said, oh come, you know
Brenda (PS04U) [2859] Has it gone off again, Dave?
Dave (PS04V) [2860] No, well I
Brenda (PS04U) [2861] in the kitchen.
Dave (PS04V) [2862] [...] ... central heating ... central heating and all [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2863] If it's the [...] and that down it ... he couldn't see a blockage.
Dave (PS04V) [2864] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2865] And as soon as he ... put some funnels and that down it ... rods ... pressure came back.
Dave (PS04V) [2866] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2867] So you can't, but what Dave's saying is ... i if lighting the boiler ... and then it's going
Jean (PS04Y) [2868] It's switching in and out is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [2869] switching off ... and
Jean (PS04Y) [2870] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [2871] the water's stone cold.
Jean (PS04Y) [2872] Yeah, yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [2873] [...] touched that ... he touched several things.
Nigel (PS050) [2874] What I'll do ... so is anything sucked down into the boiler [...] or
Dave (PS04V) [2875] Right, I'll turn the central heating off.
Brenda (PS04U) [2876] What about the ... didn't you say tha what was the central heating thing, why was that hot?
Nigel (PS050) [2877] [...] ... [...] ... [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [2878] Bet that boiler has already had it!
Dave (PS04V) [2879] What's the boiling point of water, people?
Nigel (PS050) [2880] It's a hundred, Dave.
Jean (PS04Y) [2881] Ooh.
Dave (PS04V) [2882] Is it ... so what would be si sixty five [...] being a reasonable temperature for hot water for a bath.
Nigel (PS050) [2883] [...] hot in the tank.
Dave (PS04V) [2884] Obviously you've gotta have cold too.
Nigel (PS050) [2885] You nearly ready?
Brenda (PS04U) [2886] What just sixty five in a bath?
Nigel (PS050) [2887] Well not sixty five [...] water
Jean (PS04Y) [2888] Sixty five from the hot tap.
Brenda (PS04U) [2889] Oh what do you think it is then?
Jean (PS04Y) [2890] [...] so.
Nigel (PS050) [2891] Well it's about, I mean that's normal about sixty, sixty
Dave (PS04V) [2892] About [...]
Nigel (PS050) [2893] five.
Jean (PS04Y) [2894] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2895] Has it gone
Jean (PS04Y) [2896] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2897] up again then?
Nigel (PS050) [2898] It has but I've turned the stat back up ... on the cylinder ... just made the boiler cut in again ... cos that's that's why the boilers cutting out cos it ... what it does once it gets up to temperature ... then it'll shut itself off.
Brenda (PS04U) [2899] Where's the thermostat for that then upstairs in the attic?
Nigel (PS050) [2900] On on the tank.
Brenda (PS04U) [2901] Yeah but why would it be all of a sudden need to turn it up ... now?
Nigel (PS050) [2902] I've turned it down.
Brenda (PS04U) [2903] Oh you've turned it down?
Nigel (PS050) [2904] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2905] I thought you meant a
Nigel (PS050) [2906] See it might have reached temperature before ... I mean I don't know, I can't ... do a
Brenda (PS04U) [2907] I mean it's been
Nigel (PS050) [2908] do you have
Brenda (PS04U) [2909] apparently alright, I mean
Nigel (PS050) [2910] do you have cold water coming out
Dave (PS04V) [2911] it was put the boiling w w really hot
Nigel (PS050) [2912] Yeah
Dave (PS04V) [2913] and then
Nigel (PS050) [2914] what hotter than normal?
Dave (PS04V) [2915] Well I thought it was, yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2916] But you don't you remember Carla had a bath Sunday she ha , we had a bath about nine o'clock ... and then [...] when we got back she went to have her bath ... and she got in it and it was stone cold!
Jean (PS04Y) [2917] Ah!
Dave (PS04V) [2918] I actually hear Lisa the other night she was coming out of the bath, oh she said, the bath's cold.
Brenda (PS04U) [2919] There's no hot water was there?
Jean (PS04Y) [2920] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2921] And it was about three hours later and I said to her
Dave (PS04V) [2922] It's really cutting out a lot.
Nigel (PS050) [2923] Might be the stat ... playing up.
Brenda (PS04U) [2924] There thermostat?
Nigel (PS050) [2925] Yeah on the
Jean (PS04Y) [2926] Mm.
Nigel (PS050) [2927] from the erm ... tank ... see what it does once
Brenda (PS04U) [2928] How much long do they last?
Nigel (PS050) [2929] when it get's up ... well ... who knows, sort of thing ... once it gets up to temperature
Brenda (PS04U) [2930] Mm.
Nigel (PS050) [2931] it like ... sends the thing down the old wiring and flicks the boiler off ... the same as with the heating once it gets up to temperature the boiler will cut off.
Brenda (PS04U) [2932] Yeah.
Nigel (PS050) [2933] That might be that.
Brenda (PS04U) [2934] So does, it that a new one
Nigel (PS050) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2935] that's on there?
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Nigel (PS050) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2936] Yeah.
Nigel (PS050) [2937] Well it's [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2938] Would have they put ... when they put the ... boiler in cos the boiler w ... we've had in three years.
Nigel (PS050) [2939] Yeah well you have ... before you had an immersion heater didn't you?
Dave (PS04V) [2940] Yeah it's not
Nigel (PS050) [...]
Dave (PS04V) [2941] a new cylinder there though is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [2942] Yeah cos they did a lot of work didn't they, or they should have done er
Nigel (PS050) [2943] [...] see on another [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Nigel (PS050) [2944] they'd have to put
Brenda (PS04U) [2945] they put the new bo o the only thing, we had everything new ... three years ago except for the [...] ... they did all the work in the attic
Nigel (PS050) [2946] Quality system yeah well i that boiler that's in the airing cupboard ... [...] that do you know?
Brenda (PS04U) [2947] No, they do
Dave (PS04V) [2948] No they must have had a cylinder there already.
Brenda (PS04U) [2949] Yeah, no they just put pipes and that they run in there.
Nigel (PS050) [2950] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2951] Different pipes but
Nigel (PS050) [2952] I'll see what's new and what's old and what
Brenda (PS04U) [2953] Yeah.
Nigel (PS050) [2954] they'd have done.
Brenda (PS04U) [2955] Mm.
Nigel (PS050) [2956] Who done it, Brian?
Brenda (PS04U) [2957] Brian and
Dave (PS04V)
Brenda (PS04U) [2958] who's the other one?
Nigel (PS050) [2959] Jeff.
Brenda (PS04U) [2960] No.
Dave (PS04V) [2961] No not big Lefty?
Brenda (PS04U) [2962] Lofty ... Lefty.
Nigel (PS050) [2963] Oh Brian .
Brenda (PS04U) [2964] Brian yeah
Dave (PS04V) [2965] And er
Brenda (PS04U) [2966] Lefty.
Nigel (PS050) [2967] Lefty yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2968] Yeah they did it.
Nigel (PS050) [2969] That's that [...] now see ... I ... before did you have ... was your heat ... heating ... the hot water on the immersion?
Brenda (PS04U) [2970] Well we don't know cos the day we moved in
Nigel (PS050) [2971] Oh yeah [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2972] it blew up.
Dave (PS04V) [2973] It was a Servowarm boiler in there.
Nigel (PS050) [2974] Oh right.
Brenda (PS04U) [2975] Servowarm in there ... and then Les
Nigel (PS050) [2976] but the heating
Brenda (PS04U) [2977] would
Dave (PS04V) [2978] [...] boil I think ... there is a ... there's a thing there for the [...]
Nigel (PS050) [2979] Yeah that's that's what I mean it's if it if it run on ... the immersion before ... then you wouldn't have had that tank stat on there.
Brenda (PS04U) [2980] You don't we were u we had to use the immersion didn't we cos w we moved in in the June and ... Lofty and Brian said well don't have it done cos you're not gonna use until August ... so we ... they did it August time for us ... so but we didn't use Servowarm cos it had blown up, they just disconnected it for us, so we used the ho the immersion heater
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2981] until they came
Nigel (PS050) [2982] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [2983] and then when they did it ... thr three months after we moved in
Dave (PS04V) [...] [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [2984] we went back to we had the new boiler
Dave (PS04V) [2985] Is it still going?
Brenda (PS04U) [2986] put it
Nigel (PS050) [2987] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [2988] It's all very confusing Jean innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [2989] [laughing] Yes [] ... but to me it's old stuff Brenda ... I mean I've been hearing this kind of conversation ... in number ... between chaps coming in to mend things
Brenda (PS04U) [2990] Well the fire's a dump.
Jean (PS04Y) [2991] Honestly!
Brenda (PS04U) [2992] Well it's just ... it just goes on and on and on dunnit?
Jean (PS04Y) [2993] It does.

37 (Tape 015210)

Brenda (PS04U) [2994] I put a ha ha ... it's age next to you I put thirty seven!
Jean (PS04Y) [cough] [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [2995] God what a what an idiot I am now!
Jean (PS04Y) [2996] [laughing] Sixty six [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [2997] You're not!
Jean (PS04Y) [2998] I'm sixty six this month.
Brenda (PS04U) [2999] Oh I've got you down as sixty two dear.
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3000] God I didn't realize you was that!
Jean (PS04Y) [3001] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3002] Dear me!
[3003] ... Ah dear dear dear dear ... haven't they got in the Prima some lovely er ... Christmasy things?
Jean (PS04Y) [3004] Yes I didn't really have a good look through it because ... I got stuck on a ... an article that was so good at the beginning
Brenda (PS04U) [3005] Oh I must s sort your ... your watch
Jean (PS04Y) [3006] Oh my watch!
Brenda (PS04U) [3007] the reason I didn't post it
Jean (PS04Y) [3008] Oh yes, not to worry.
Brenda (PS04U) [3009] I went to post it in the index book I've got ... it's stopped it's been in
Jean (PS04Y) [3010] Oh no it's
Brenda (PS04U) [3011] my jewellery box
Jean (PS04Y) [3012] Aha!
Brenda (PS04U) [3013] and it and I looked at it
Jean (PS04Y) [3014] batteries probably run down
Brenda (PS04U) [3015] at the battery so
Jean (PS04Y) [3016] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3017] if we take it tomorrow
Jean (PS04Y) [3018] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3019] get them to do it while you wait
Jean (PS04Y) [3020] Yes ooh yes
Brenda (PS04U) [3021] Well they do it
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3022] within an hour so we
Jean (PS04Y) [3023] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3024] drop it in
Jean (PS04Y) [3025] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3026] and then er
Jean (PS04Y) [3027] Good.
Brenda (PS04U) [3028] and your lipstick ... as
Jean (PS04Y) [3029] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3030] well, in the bathroom.
Jean (PS04Y) [3031] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3032] That's here ... erm ... what else di ... did you see this lovely picture of Carla?
Jean (PS04Y) [3033] Oh
Brenda (PS04U) [3034] Did you see that one?
Jean (PS04Y) [3035] isn't that good!
[3036] ... That is really lovely!
Brenda (PS04U) [3037] Good one of her, innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [3038] Yes it is ... oh oh oh ha ha!
Brenda (PS04U) [3039] Oh you ... saying
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [3040] that ... they had a ki ki ... she had a fes you know the festival we went to?
Jean (PS04Y) [3041] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3042] Well they did a, straight afterwards they went to a Kingston one ... gets there, here's the bloody judge ... adjudicator!
Jean (PS04Y) [3043] Not him again!
Brenda (PS04U) [3044] The same guy!
[3045] ... Well Tracey pulled most of us out
Jean (PS04Y) [3046] Ooh!
Brenda (PS04U) [3047] and ... again he picked ... the dro th not dancers, non-dancers and all that
Jean (PS04Y) [3048] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3049] anyway the festival company, Kingston, phoned up Tracey and said, you know, have we upset you?
[3050] ... And Tracey said what do you mean?
[3051] She said well you've pulled half ... your dancers and they're such good dancers, what's happened?
[3052] ... And she said well I'm very sorry she said but your adjudicator's so rude and the way he described himself, he should
Jean (PS04Y) [3053] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3054] never get up and dance like he does!
Jean (PS04Y) [3055] No, no.
Brenda (PS04U) [3056] Because that's what she ... she noticed
Jean (PS04Y) [3057] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3058] and cos I told
Jean (PS04Y) [3059] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3060] her you had
Jean (PS04Y) [3061] Mm, mm
Brenda (PS04U) [3062] and she said er ... and they said well we've had so many complaints we'd never ever have him again.
Jean (PS04Y) [3063] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3064] He's been to banned from Hounslow, banned from Kingston.
Jean (PS04Y) [3065] Aha!
[3066] ... Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3067] Because he's just ... it's sort of a pain in the backside!
Jean (PS04Y) [3068] Yes he is isn't he!
Brenda (PS04U) [3069] Yeah ... aw awful sort of chap!
[3070] ... Mm better go and get Carla in a minute, it's only in the village we've gotta go.
Jean (PS04Y) [3071] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3072] He's gotta go and get a suit tomorrow ooh my God it's like a nightmare innit!
Jean (PS04Y) [3073] Yes ... and the
Brenda (PS04U) [3074] Doug took him over in the week to look Mark's but ... I mean they're beautiful suits
Jean (PS04Y) [3075] Oh but they're expensive!
Brenda (PS04U) [3076] but they're you know
Jean (PS04Y) [3077] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3078] expensive.
Jean (PS04Y) [3079] Mm ... I mean my son buys ... two or even three at a time ... and
Brenda (PS04U) [3080] He's got to though hasn't he?
[3081] He's got to look
Jean (PS04Y) [3082] well he has I mean er my my daughter-in-law said he takes ... he mu he very often drives he's got a season ticket, an annual season ticket t er to ... take the train ... but more often than not he drives because ... he gets into the into London at about quarter to seven in the morning ... he goes and ... you know, parks the car and then goes and gets breakfast ... and she says he always takes at least one shirt in the car with him to change into.
Brenda (PS04U) [3083] He does?
Jean (PS04Y) [3084] Yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3085] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3086] Wears he wears white Swiss cotton ... and he'll change half way through the day, depending on whether he's got, you know, in fairly important meetings.
Brenda (PS04U) [3087] They they they buy very expensive things don't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [3088] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3089] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3090] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3091] Do they buy, sort of, when they buying like Christmas presents do they lash out on them too?
Jean (PS04Y) [3092] Oh they [...] , yes
Brenda (PS04U) [3093] Varying sort of choice presents are they?
Jean (PS04Y) [3094] Oh yes they are ... they're nice presents ... and erm ... she said she is is sort of in charge of his suits ... and he can only wear a suit ... she takes a suit to the cleaners every three weeks.
Brenda (PS04U) [3095] Every three weeks she has to?
Jean (PS04Y) [3096] That's London.
Brenda (PS04U) [3097] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3098] And also of course he goes on the building sites he's still wearing a suit.
Brenda (PS04U) [3099] [...] muck aren't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [3100] Got a ... a yellow hat and ... and a sweet little wellingtons but never-the-less there's the dust and the muck lying about.
Brenda (PS04U) [3101] How often does he have to change the suits ... you know, how long do they last?
Jean (PS04Y) [3102] I mu I must ask her how how long they do.
Brenda (PS04U) [3103] Because they must, I mean even though Mark's are good suits, I mean they must get a lot of wear.
Jean (PS04Y) [3104] Oh he's gets through them ... I know he gets
Brenda (PS04U) [3105] He must get
Jean (PS04Y) [3106] through them.
Brenda (PS04U) [3107] He must have to have about half a dozen though, mustn't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [3108] I'm sure he has half a dozen.
Brenda (PS04U) [3109] [...] ... I mean he's on the site
Jean (PS04Y) [3110] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3111] he's in the office and he's meeting clients.
Jean (PS04Y) [3112] When when he has got ... when he's got the time ... to go to, I don't know where he gets them, he doesn't get them at Marble Arch Marks I think.
Brenda (PS04U) [3113] Probably Reading.
Jean (PS04Y) [3114] Not sure, I must ask her where he does ... he goes to a Marks where they ... always have every possible man's suit that Marks make ... and ... and he takes the time to buy two or even three ... because he doesn't get that much time for shopping.
Brenda (PS04U) [3115] No he doesn't get that time ... what about his shirts, where are his shirts from?
Jean (PS04Y) [3116] At Marks.
Brenda (PS04U) [3117] Marks.
Jean (PS04Y) [3118] And she buys them ... white Swiss cotton, no other.
Brenda (PS04U) [3119] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3120] Or he occasionally buys a er a shirt with a ... a fine stripe in it, but he says the continentals ... expect you to be wearing a white shirt.
Brenda (PS04U) [3121] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3122] A co a fine white cotton shirt.
Brenda (PS04U) [3123] God if that's that thermostat gone!
[3124] ... The thermostat's the worst thing innit?
[3125] ... You've gotta [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3126] Brenda they are
Brenda (PS04U) [3127] it won't be a simple, it won't be valve.
Jean (PS04Y) [3128] No it couldn't be ... possib
Brenda (PS04U) [3129] [laugh] ... or a ... mind you, a pump's the other worst one, isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3130] I've got to I've got to replace that pump ... I've got to brace myself on that one.
Brenda (PS04U) [3131] The thing is you've got to ... it's it's like Nigel, I mean, he works for my uncle ... erm ... and he had the other guy Mark working for him for a few years and then he employed Nigel, but Mark ... wasn't a fully qualified plumber and Nigel was and he's ... ooh I don't know about ... I think he's about nineteen or ... no he's about twenty three I think, yeah
Jean (PS04Y) [3132] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3133] twenty three he is
Jean (PS04Y) [3134] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3135] is Nigel erm ... and him and his girlfriend ... he's just bought erm ... a maisonette down you know
Jean (PS04Y) [3136] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3137] well it's a house and
Jean (PS04Y) [3138] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3139] turned into, sort of, like
Jean (PS04Y) [3140] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3141] maisonettes
Jean (PS04Y) [3142] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3143] the ground floor ... he's got erm ... and then he's got a sort of I don't know how it's it's a big house and it's sort
Jean (PS04Y) [3144] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3145] of like ... cos a maisonette's got an upstairs hasn't it, and his
Jean (PS04Y) [3146] Yes a maisonette is ... a sort of ... two flats really, one up ... a maisonette you you enter usually by climbing up stairs outside.
Brenda (PS04U) [3147] That's right well I think he's got the downstairs then, he hasn't got an upstairs [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3148] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3149] I'm not sure ... and erm ... course they're ... you know, struggling to do the mortgage ... but it it's good because he ... you know, he's done quite a few jobs for us
Jean (PS04Y) [3150] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3151] and I mean it's like
Jean (PS04Y) [3152] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3153] now, I mean ... when he's come before we've always, sort of you know ... paid him, sort
Jean (PS04Y) [3154] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3155] of, on time and
Jean (PS04Y) [3156] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3157] whatever
Jean (PS04Y) [3158] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3159] and ... normally ... somebody'll phone him up ... oh it'll be a week before I can get out.
Jean (PS04Y) [3160] Yeah ... quite ... quite.
Brenda (PS04U) [3161] And as I said, when you get hold of a good tradesman
Jean (PS04Y) [3162] Mm ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3163] and treat them right
Jean (PS04Y) [3164] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3165] you know ... y ... it's so
Jean (PS04Y) [3166] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3167] these days, I mean, I know [...] over at Windersham but they can't get a plumber and I was talking
Jean (PS04Y) [3168] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3169] to the
Jean (PS04Y) [3170] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3171] decorators ... and they were saying that their plumbers ... they charge a hundred pound a day!
Jean (PS04Y) [3172] Yes quite, to come out.
Brenda (PS04U) [3173] You know and do the work.
Jean (PS04Y) [3174] Yeah ... yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3175] But erm y you just can't can't
Jean (PS04Y) [3176] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3177] get hold of good ... tradesman tha that you got your washing machine chap haven't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [3178] Oh he's marvellous, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3179] I mean he's ... what does he do?
Jean (PS04Y) [3180] [cough] ... I buy everything from him but I've got to buy another tumble dryer ... erm I've been drying clothes off in the house and the three men and all them ... well two of them wearing work wear ... jeans ... and the next one that comes in will be wearing jeans, it's no go ... I just cannot dry stuff off in the house, I've just got to have a tumble.
Brenda (PS04U) [3181] Too busy.
Jean (PS04Y) [3182] And the tumble
Brenda (PS04U) [3183] Have you got a tumble dryer then?
Jean (PS04Y) [3184] Yes, but it's an old thing.

38 (Tape 015211)

Brenda (PS04U) [3185] So we freeze to death!
Jean (PS04Y) [3186] What's the, what's going on?
Brenda (PS04U) [3187] Well he doesn't know, he turning it off and he says we've gotta, sort of, try it and if for some reason the water gets red hot ... we've gotta turn the whole system down.
Jean (PS04Y) [3188] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3189] And off.
Nigel (PS050) [3190] Right [...]
Dave (PS04V) [3191] No no [...]
Nigel (PS050) [3192] Are you sure?
Dave (PS04V) [3193] Yeah [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3194] Paying him.
Nigel (PS050) [3195] Alright then I'll find out and er ... [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3196] [shouting] Cheers Nig [] .
Nigel (PS050) [3197] Alright?
Brenda (PS04U) [3198] [shouting] Thanks a lot So?
Dave (PS04V) [3199] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3200] So what can't we have the heating on then?
Dave (PS04V) [3201] You can in a minute, yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3202] Oh yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [3203] You can have the heating on ... I'll ... I'll check it about ... ten minutes ... but if the hot water gets really, really hot ... then it's the thermostat ... and
Brenda (PS04U) [3204] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3205] he said turn turn ... the hot off ... but you can
Brenda (PS04U) [3206] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3207] still have the central heating on.
Brenda (PS04U) [3208] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3209] And he's going to have a chat with erm ... one of the blokes tomorrow and he's ... [...] tomorrow afternoon ... but he's ... he's cured the water.
Brenda (PS04U) [3210] The blockage?
Dave (PS04V) [3211] Well he's he ... there's a couple of a little boxes up there, little ele electronic boxes
Brenda (PS04U) [3212] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3213] and they do it ... electrically ... or you can do it manually and he's turned them round manually ... and now the water's coming out normal ... put them back to how they were
Brenda (PS04U) [3214] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3215] so he said perhaps that it there was a fault in there ... it's cured itself.
Brenda (PS04U) [3216] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3217] Mm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3218] You
Dave (PS04V) [3219] He was go
Brenda (PS04U) [3220] would never have known that would you?
Dave (PS04V) [3221] No ... but he's said
Jean (PS04Y) [3222] No.
Dave (PS04V) [3223] those er ... he said, there's something going down the pipes, I said no ... cos that pipe there, you can put your finger where that pipe is now and the water's flying out.
Brenda (PS04U) [3224] Is it?
Dave (PS04V) [3225] So ... it weren't nothing blocking that up.
Jean (PS04Y) [3226] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3227] But what so ... i it does he think something from the ga cos it keep coming on and off?
Dave (PS04V) [3228] Well he don't know cos he don't know how those, figure out how they work.
Brenda (PS04U) [3229] It's always coming on and off though innit?
Dave (PS04V) [3230] Well I don't know, I never s stood and listened to it.
Brenda (PS04U) [3231] Yeah it's always ... yet if you run a tap now ... turn the hot tap on that'll come on
Dave (PS04V) [3232] You haven't got
Brenda (PS04U) [3233] again?
Dave (PS04V) [3234] you haven't got any hot water at the moment that's why I said ... that should ... well I would have thought he did it ... but you got no hot water then that should keep going until the water stops.
Brenda (PS04U) [3235] No it doesn't ... you run the top tap now ... in the kitchen, turn it off ... that will ignite and come on ... go and try it.
Dave (PS04V) [3236] Yeah but you ... the thermostat on your tank is telling ... should be telling that that you've got a cold tank ... that's what thermostat's for.
Brenda (PS04U) [3237] Well no because it'll ... tha it doesn't work like that it takes about ... cos it's cold it's gonna take about an hour ... to warm up ... and that won't come on ... that'll just cu keep coming on and off all the time ... till it's hottened up.
Dave (PS04V) [3238] Will it?
Brenda (PS04U) [3239] Yeah it won't ... I mean, that won't stay on for an hour ... I mean I've literally had a hot bath ... put ... the water on, you know,af it goes off at nine o'clock in the morning ... put that radiator, put that button on to reset the hot water ... for five minutes it's bo boilers ... lit up ... ten minutes and then it's gone off
Dave (PS04V) [3240] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3241] and I think ... a but you couldn't go and have a bath cos the water will be stone cold.
Jean (PS04Y) [3242] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3243] No, there's something wrong.
Brenda (PS04U) [3244] No it's always been like that.
Dave (PS04V) [3245] Well I would never have thought of that.
Brenda (PS04U) [3246] Yes because y if you've used all your hot water ... you can't have that boiler going ... for an hour or two can you?
Dave (PS04V) [3247] Why?
Brenda (PS04U) [3248] Cos it'll be so hot ... it gets so hot that boiler
Dave (PS04V) [3249] Well it's it's like you trying to say you're gonna boil a pan of potatoes ... and you've gotta keep turning it off every two minutes, cos it'll be getting too hot!
Brenda (PS04U) [3250] Well no because there's a ba pa ... pan of potatoes is a bit different to
Dave (PS04V) [3251] It's not no y you using a ... you put a boiler in for a purpose, is to heat your water up ... [...] innit?
Brenda (PS04U) [3252] Yeah I suppose so.
Dave (PS04V) [3253] Yeah, do you like me [...] like this?
Brenda (PS04U) [3254] No.
Dave (PS04V) [3255] Let me see if I've still got pressure, see if we, see what you think ... gotta pick her up.
Brenda (PS04U) [3256] Yeah, half past nine.
Dave (PS04V) [3257] Wanna see the [...] ?

39 (Tape 015212)

Brenda (PS04U) [3258] Did you do much in rehearsals tonight.
Carla (PS04X) [3259] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Dave (PS04V) [3260] No, mhm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3261] I should clean it.
Jean (PS04Y) [3262] I I saw that.
Carla (PS04X) [3263] It's gonna be filled up with water.
Jean (PS04Y) [3264] Yes.
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3265] Oh that's good is that a boat ... out of that shampoo lid?
Carla (PS04X) [3266] Yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [3267] Jolly good, isn't it?
Carla (PS04X) [3268] Now right, I've gotta get two men across and ... I need t one ... two boys to fit in there and one man ... so two boys go across, yeah
Jean (PS04Y) [3269] Yep that's right.
Carla (PS04X) [3270] that one boy stays there, one boy comes back
Jean (PS04Y) [3271] Yeah he paddles does he?
Carla (PS04X) [3272] Yeah I get
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Carla (PS04X) [3273] got paddles ... and that man goes there ... that boys comes back ... yeah ... two boys go back across
Jean (PS04Y) [3274] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3275] one boy stays over, one comes back
Jean (PS04Y) [3276] Mhm.
Carla (PS04X) [3277] the man goes across ... that boy comes back
Jean (PS04Y) [3278] Mhm.
Carla (PS04X) [3279] and two boys go back across.
Jean (PS04Y) [3280] Oh ... well ... great!
Brenda (PS04U) [3281] [shouting] Come on Dave! []
Carla (PS04X) [3282] But there'll be
Jean (PS04Y) [3283] Oh!
Carla (PS04X) [3284] there ... there'll be a paddle so pretending there's a paddle.
Jean (PS04Y) [3285] Yes ... paddle yes.
Carla (PS04X) [3286] I'll wrote it down ... this is what I wrote
Jean (PS04Y) [3287] Yes
Carla (PS04X) [3288] I put ... I think it takes nine times to get them across so if ... two boys go across and ... one boy comes back ... one man goes across ... one boy comes ... back, two boys goes ... go across ... one boy comes back ... one man goes across ... one boy comes back ... and two boys go across.
Jean (PS04Y) [3289] Mm ... that sounds right ... yeah
Carla (PS04X) [3290] Including that.
Jean (PS04Y) [3291] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [3292] We need [...] in we don't need this.
Jean (PS04Y) [3293] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [3294] Did you know, did you get me any plasticine.
Jean (PS04Y) [3295] No they don't sell plasticine ... where we went dear ... we'll get it tomorrow ... no problem.
Carla (PS04X) [3296] [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3297] You're barred!
Jean (PS04Y) [3298] [laugh] ... You know if ever you're in any sort
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3299] of a ... well not exactly a disaster, but if ev if ever you're in some sort of uncomfortable plight ... er ... stuck in a train or anything like that ... the way t ... to cope is to go off to sleep if you can
Carla (PS04X) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [3300] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3301] and
Carla (PS04X) [3302] Do I have to take that?
Brenda (PS04U) [3303] No ... it's my tupperware box.
Carla (PS04X) [3304] I know is that
Jean (PS04Y) [3305] Very expensive!
[3306] ... It doesn't need to be all, all that it needs t to do ... is to just demonstrate.
Carla (PS04X) [3307] [...] black
Jean (PS04Y) [3308] Yes you don't have to paint it.
Brenda (PS04U) [3309] You put some insulating tape round it cos that peels off.
Jean (PS04Y) [3310] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [3311] Wasted it ... it's for the house innit?
Jean (PS04Y) [3312] Well it won't be
Brenda (PS04U) [3313] Well no it's only seventy pee a roll ... it might take two rolls but at least it's, sort of, done.
Jean (PS04Y) [3314] Mm
Carla (PS04X) [3315] Yeah
Jean (PS04Y) [3316] I should do that.
Carla (PS04X) [3317] She already said it paints [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3318] Well alright I'll get you some.
Jean (PS04Y) [3319] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3320] Rather than paint it cos I I wanna use that again.
Jean (PS04Y) [3321] Ooh yes, it's very good that ... there [...] cos they're
Carla (PS04X) [3322] I don't have to do it.
Jean (PS04Y) [3323] six pounds.
Carla (PS04X) [3324] again ... but I might be.
Brenda (PS04U) [3325] Well I think it looks good but like that cos it looks like clear water.
Dave (PS04V) [3326] Why don't you use
Jean (PS04Y) [3327] Yes it does
Dave (PS04V) [3328] the other ... cardboard box and paint the cardboard box [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [3329] Mm ... that's an idea.
Carla (PS04X) [...] [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3330] Yeah but it don't look like a sh like it does with a shoe box.
Jean (PS04Y) [3331] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3332] And let that sit in the shoe box and then tape the shoe box.
Jean (PS04Y) [3333] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3334] It's too fat to be in a shoe box.
Brenda (PS04U) [3335] No I don't think it is.
Dave (PS04V) [3336] Get a big box ... if you got a big box from the supermarket tomorrow ... painted it ... then it
Carla (PS04X) [3337] You're not allowed [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [3338] sit in the middle and you can fill it up ... up with dirt ... [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [cough]
Dave (PS04V) [3339] grass all round it
Brenda (PS04U) [cough]
Dave (PS04V) [3340] That on there
Jean (PS04Y) [3341] That'll be nice.
Dave (PS04V) [3342] like trees.
Jean (PS04Y) [3343] That would be very nice.
Dave (PS04V) [...] [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3344] Yes.
Dave (PS04V) [3345] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [3346] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3347] Get some glass
Jean (PS04Y) [3348] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3349] some bits from the garden
Jean (PS04Y) [3350] Yeah ... have a lovely time!
Carla (PS04X) [3351] How!
Brenda (PS04U) [3352] You got a clever old dad!
Jean (PS04Y) [3353] Yes!
Carla (PS04X) [3354] But I still thinks it's just best to leave that on there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3355] Well it's nice ... very nice!
Carla (PS04X) [3356] It's better in it's better in the
Brenda (PS04U) [3357] Who's is that, dad's suggestion?
Carla (PS04X) [3358] My suggestion, didn't I?
Dave (PS04V) [3359] He made
Jean (PS04Y) [3360] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3361] the holes though.
Carla (PS04X) [3362] Dad cleaned the holes and wasted the [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Carla (PS04X) [3363] [...] the hole and put it in there.
Brenda (PS04U) [3364] Isn't it surprising at what you can make
Jean (PS04Y) [3365] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3366] I mean, out of
Jean (PS04Y) [3367] Yes
Brenda (PS04U) [3368] a shampoo lid!
Jean (PS04Y) [3369] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3370] What we need to do is [...] don't we?
Jean (PS04Y) [3371] Well I can I can remember when I was a child ... and ... kids had a lot of time to do hobbies ... and a favourite hobby ... was to make a ... a garden ... and I never made one, but a friend of mine was ooh forever making these things and giving them away as presents ... you got the lid of a biscuit tin or something of that sort ... and you ... I don't know what they used for grass ... they used to model little ducks and things and he had a piece of mirror ... to make a pond ... have you ever seen this done?
Carla (PS04X) [3372] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3373] And it does ... it does look so attractive! ... [yawn] ooh.
Carla (PS04X) [3374] Do you like my man's groovy hairstyle?
Jean (PS04Y) [3375] Mm.
Carla (PS04X) [3376] I put white [...] .
Dave (PS04V) [3377] What [...] ... quarter past ten I'm gonna bed, I'll just make sure we don't forget the clock.
Carla (PS04X) [3378] Go a bed in a minute ... Where you going tomorrow, Nan?
Jean (PS04Y) [3379] Guildford, aren't we dear?
Brenda (PS04U) [3380] Yep ... it was ... j just finished this diary, I've got all the wrong dates!
[3381] ... All in a muddle!
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3382] Oh oh!
Carla (PS04X) [3383] Be able to get me some ... if you can, get me some green
Brenda (PS04U) [3384] Alright.
Carla (PS04X) [3385] Plasticine?
Dave (PS04V) [3386] Nearly [...] ... [...] ... gotta be [...] something special on Wednesday [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3387] Yeah i ... well he's just distressed cos I think ... Gill's phoning him in the morning ... and she said she'd give him a lift to the hospital.
[3388] Who to?
Brenda (PS04U) [3389] So she might be better ... he might be better going with Gill, I'll tell him tonight ... erm ... she's going over there at two and coming back at three thirty ... and she wanted Lee to go, like, at three thirty ... and she'd bring him back at half past eight at night.
Carla (PS04X) [3390] Get dad to [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3391] I don't think he'd wanna stay five hours.
Carla (PS04X) [3392] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [3393] Joe.
Brenda (PS04U) [3394] He's in hospital.
Carla (PS04X) [3395] Why?
Brenda (PS04U) [3396] Because he's not very well ... and I might say him
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3397] what ... he can say that ... he'd go with her but he'd had to be back, sort of, by four ... cos he's going out with you ... he says that, that'll get him out of it then won't he?
Jean (PS04Y) [3398] Daddy's taking him out.
Brenda (PS04U) [3399] Cos Gill's phoning him
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3400] about ten thirty ... what time's he coming in tonight?
Dave (PS04V) [3401] I thought after I was having a shave I'd come downstairs, then I thought I heard the garage door go ... thought Lee put his bike in, I thought perhaps he ain't gotta key ... [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3402] Nobody knocked did they Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [3403] No.
Dave (PS04V) [3404] No ... no one was out there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3405] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3406] So what d I want some soap ... what do you want Carla, Plasta [...]
Carla (PS04X) [3407] Green ... Plasticine.
Brenda (PS04U) [3408] Oh green Plasticine.
Carla (PS04X) [3409] A box ... remember a cardboard box.
Brenda (PS04U) [3410] What from the supermarket?
Carla (PS04X) [3411] Get it there.
Brenda (PS04U) [3412] Well why can't you walk down to the Co-op tomorrow when you're at dancing and get one yourself.
Jean (PS04Y) [3413] Oh far better because then you'll choose the one you want.
Brenda (PS04U) [3414] Cos I'm not I'm not near a supermarket, tomorrow
Jean (PS04Y) [3415] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3416] I'm not
Jean (PS04Y) [3417] We're not going to go anywhere near food tomorrow.
Carla (PS04X) [3418] Yeah I bet!
Dave (PS04V) [...] ... [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3419] What's that for then?
Dave (PS04V) [3420] Boots.
Brenda (PS04U) [3421] So did you ask Tracey if she had the results?
Carla (PS04X) [3422] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3423] What she say?
Jean (PS04Y) [3424] No results.
Brenda (PS04U) [3425] Got your results yet?
[3426] ... This one's [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3427] She was late.
Carla (PS04X) [3428] She was only in a ... in a ... she said she was earlier than ... the other one and the other came ... in two days time.
Brenda (PS04U) [3429] I might actually have to take some Gaviscon tonight.
Dave (PS04V) [3430] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3431] Don't be naughty!
Brenda (PS04U) [3432] So he didn't say what time he'd be in?
Dave (PS04V) [3433] Well that's why I was here
Jean (PS04Y) [3434] [...] don't poke [...]
Dave (PS04V) [3435] half nine that's why I thought it was the garage door.
Carla (PS04X) [3436] Mum, what can I make a paddle out of?
Brenda (PS04U) [3437] Pencil.
Dave (PS04V) [3438] No.
Dave (PS04V) [3439] Lolly stick.
Brenda (PS04U) [3440] Lolly stick.
Carla (PS04X) [3441] It's only gotta be a little tin foil.
Brenda (PS04U) [3442] Cocktail stick.
Jean (PS04Y) [3443] One of those bud things.
Brenda (PS04U) [3444] Yeah cotton buds.
Jean (PS04Y) [3445] Sort of cut in half.
Brenda (PS04U) [3446] That looks like a paddle
Jean (PS04Y) [3447] It does look like a paddle.
Brenda (PS04U) [3448] No even with the white things.
Carla (PS04X) [3449] Cotton buds?
Jean (PS04Y) [3450] We can leave the white things
Brenda (PS04U) [3451] Ear ... picks.
Jean (PS04Y) [3452] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3453] In the bathroom.
Jean (PS04Y) [3454] Like Johnson's baby buds.
Brenda (PS04U) [3455] It looks like they're a paddle, doesn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3456] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3457] The things you put in your ear!
Brenda (PS04U) [3458] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3459] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3460] Can I cover that in tin foil?
Brenda (PS04U) [3461] Or you could leave it on it's own, couldn't you cos it's got the white ... things like dad's
Carla (PS04X) [3462] Oh yeah!
Brenda (PS04U) [3463] got ... th that shaped at the end.
Jean (PS04Y) [3464] Yeah.
Carla (PS04X) [3465] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3466] That's quite a good i , go and get one ... and see that you cover it tin foil if you want but it'll probably be alright as it is.
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3467] What a brain box ah!
Jean (PS04Y) [3468] Yeah!
[3469] ... Oh between the lot of us we must have some intellect.
Brenda (PS04U) [3470] I bet that hasn't gotta be in for a week!
Dave (PS04V) [3471] I bet she's the only one in the whole class doing it.
Brenda (PS04U) [3472] There's a [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3473] Yeah, quite likely ... quite likely
Brenda (PS04U) [3474] She's got to ... please the teacher all the
Jean (PS04Y) [3475] She's enthusiastic.
Brenda (PS04U) [3476] so much
Jean (PS04Y) [3477] She's very
Brenda (PS04U) [3478] and she
Jean (PS04Y) [3479] very well motivated.
Brenda (PS04U) [3480] Every night she comes out, I've gotta do the homework, it'll gotta be in tomorrow, normally gets a week!
[3481] ... [shouting] When's this gotta be in by then Carla [] ?
[3482] ... Well look, well you can do it if you want to do it but i
Jean (PS04Y) [3483] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3484] but ... you know, you don't have to do it.
Jean (PS04Y) [3485] When I think of the difference between Carla ... and Neil ... Neil doesn't really want to do ... anything!
Brenda (PS04U) [3486] Oh she's gotta be [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3487] Absolutely ... bumbling over with
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3488] life.
Brenda (PS04U) [3489] Should see her work, her books!
Jean (PS04Y) [3490] I mean my poor Neil tried to commit suicide in nineteen eighty nine.
Brenda (PS04U) [3491] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3492] Took seventy aspirin!
Brenda (PS04U) [3493] It was fu ah!
[3494] ... It was funny she did erm
Carla (PS04X) [3495] What looks better? ... a or
Jean (PS04Y) [3496] The tin foil.
Carla (PS04X) [3497] b?
Brenda (PS04U) [3498] Yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [3499] The simple one ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3500] The tin foil
Carla (PS04X) [3501] That one
Brenda (PS04U) [3502] looks nice.
Jean (PS04Y) [3503] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3504] When's this gotta be in by?
Carla (PS04X) [3505] [whispering] Monday [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [3506] Is everybody gonna do it or is it your choice if you do it?
Carla (PS04X) [3507] You can either draw it ... model it ... made me draw the last one [...] ... I'll model it this time, it's good fun!
Jean (PS04Y) [3508] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3509] If you use the
Carla (PS04X) [3510] So this one looks better?
Brenda (PS04U) [3511] You said you had to model it ... but make it, squeeze it in the middle so it's fatter at the ends ... that's it, so it looks like a ... canoe
Dave (PS04V) [3512] Bren!
Brenda (PS04U) [3513] paddle, yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [3514] What's that [...] back of your car?
Brenda (PS04U) [3515] Oh I've opened the boot ... I gotta bring, you wanna bring all the shopping in Dave, ha ha?
Jean (PS04Y) [3516] Mm mm mm mm mm mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3517] Y you ca you can talk to Jean ... there's that paper.
Dave (PS04V) [3518] Bring it in.
Jean (PS04Y) [3519] Mm mm mm mm.
Carla (PS04X) [3520] What ha what about if ... [...] all the pen, what if I put some extra tin foil just a bit at the end.
Jean (PS04Y) [3521] Oh I don't know really ... I haven't thought.
Carla (PS04X) [3522] I got a bit left over from when I cut it ... I'll just bring it in ... this bit, there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3523] I've sort of squeezed the tin foil ... so that it it fits very, very tightly around the middle.
Carla (PS04X) [3524] Oh ah!
Jean (PS04Y) [3525] And then it bulges at the end, you see, that'll do ... cos if you
Carla (PS04X) [3526] What about if I do an extra bit at the end?
Jean (PS04Y) [3527] Well I don't think it'll be a good idea at all because ... my no my knowledge of tin foil leads me to believe ... that tin foil ... wrapped on tin foil ... falls off.
Carla (PS04X) [3528] Oh!
Jean (PS04Y) [3529] I think you'll be better off with it like that.
Carla (PS04X) [3530] Where's my [...] ?
Brenda (PS04U) [3531] Not yours!
Jean (PS04Y) [3532] Can I have my ... my twee? [laugh]
Carla (PS04X) [3533] Oh lovely!
Jean (PS04Y) [3534] [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [3535] [...] . [paper rustling]
Dave (PS04V) [3536] [...] from Marks.
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3537] [laugh] ... well it's good [...] !
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3538] Well that got me to a lot of good ... for warmth!
[3539] ... Got not sleeves in it!
[3540] ... Stick that on the wall, want to put it up there, see if you can [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [3541] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3542] Oh I like the little red basket.
Jean (PS04Y) [3543] Isn't it lovely, I I fell in love with it, Brenda, I really did.
Brenda (PS04U) [3544] And you'll be pinching all the chocolates off this!
Jean (PS04Y) [3545] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3546] But once up you can put in fro ... you know, you can afford to put some little bows and some
Jean (PS04Y) [3547] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3548] little decorations yourself, can't you on it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3549] They just, they just ... it's just ... as you say it's got a [...] ... think ... a with the top bit ... will got straight up
Brenda (PS04U) [3550] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3551] the top bit is called the Dover
Brenda (PS04U) [3552] Can you pass that card again, I didn't have a closer look, did you buy it here?
Jean (PS04Y) [3553] Oh well do have do have a closer look ... [...]
Carla (PS04X) [3554] [shouting] Oh no you've got [...] [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [3555] Yeah [...] .
Carla (PS04X) [3556] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3557] Yeah, thought I wouldn't notice!
Carla (PS04X) [3558] Oh look!
Brenda (PS04U) [3559] Oh yeah!
[3560] ... That goes up
Jean (PS04Y) [3561] That's right, that will go up ... where
Carla (PS04X) [3562] Where?
Jean (PS04Y) [3563] all the little branches will open out ... it's going to look extremely nice when it's er ... when it's displayed.
Brenda (PS04U) [3564] And this year they've got some de like this ... beautiful gold and silver out!
Jean (PS04Y) [3565] It's nice isn't it?
[3566] ... Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3567] They really have got some
Jean (PS04Y) [3568] Yes.
Carla (PS04X) [3569] Mum do you reckon I should make two paddles [...] ? [paper rustling]
Brenda (PS04U) [3570] Could do but I [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3571] No there's only boat ... one boat only needs one pair of paddles.
Carla (PS04X) [3572] Have they [...] ?
Brenda (PS04U) [3573] Yeah so you want two paddles on don't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [3574] Oh they do ... I see yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3575] If it's if it's a [yawn]
Jean (PS04Y) [3576] Mm ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3577] [...] either cos that's a ... C Canadian ... paddle.
Carla (PS04X) [3578] Cos look ... if they're going that way they need th ... they need the paddle outwards
Jean (PS04Y) [3579] Mhm.
Carla (PS04X) [3580] but if they're going that way they need it [...] ... Can I
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Carla (PS04X) [3581] change my water
Jean (PS04Y) [3582] So
Carla (PS04X) [3583] please?
Jean (PS04Y) [3584] Oh no no I've
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3585] dropped the paddles!
[3586] ... Ooh!
Brenda (PS04U) [3587] What we're doing is, when they've gone to
Carla (PS04X) [3588] What about, if you're going that way you need the paddle away from you, don't you?
Dave (PS04V) [3589] [...] way.
Brenda (PS04U) [3590] Does she
Carla (PS04X) [3591] If you go there you need it here, so actually do you think I should have two paddles?
[3592] ... Well when you're going that way you need that one ... mum ... how can I stick that on there?
Jean (PS04Y) [3593] I [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3594] [whispering] cos if they're supposed to be []
Dave (PS04V) [3595] [...] cos if they're gonna go ... [...] rowing ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Dave (PS04V) [3596] Do you remember that programme that was on the telly, where those people went [...] ?
Carla (PS04X) [3597] Mum it's meant to be a canoe, but this is gonna be I'm using this instead.
Dave (PS04V) [3598] [...] pulling itself along the road.
Carla (PS04X) [3599] She's not gonna be like that
Jean (PS04Y) [3600] How come?
Brenda (PS04U) [3601] I put it there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3602] Oh I see, that's just the guiding pole.
Dave (PS04V) [3603] You could have had a paddle like this
Jean (PS04Y) [3604] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3605] right ... cut that lot off the top ... right
Carla (PS04X) [3606] Don't mess it!
Dave (PS04V) [3607] I'm not gonna cut it, hang on, listen ... cut that off at the top
Carla (PS04X) [3608] Mhm.
Dave (PS04V) [3609] another paddle you can have ... instead of having them at the side and have one man and bursar
Brenda (PS04U) [3610] Don't they look lovely those bags?
Dave (PS04V) [3611] S sitting at the back of the boat like that and how [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3612] Those Marks and Spark's bags, can you see them all?
Dave (PS04V) [3613] That's in the water, that's underneath the water, right?
[3614] ... And push it, like that ... [...] ... [...] ... that's how [...] ... you know like they do in the gondolas that
Jean (PS04Y) [3615] Ooh yeah.
Dave (PS04V) [3616] Vienna.
Jean (PS04Y) [3617] Mm.
Dave (PS04V) [3618] That's how they do them, right?
Jean (PS04Y) [3619] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3620] No I was telling you she did this this erm maths ... and she got a ... ah at the end of it she got a, like, pleasing work ... and at the end of it the teacher had written ... erm your work is beautifully presented Carla ... erm ... you work ... i instead of your work and Kim says ... that teacher's a bit naughty she's missed the r out!
[3621] ... So she went and told her ... she said
Jean (PS04Y) [3622] Mm ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3623] You know, Mrs it's nice but, you know, you've missed the r out, she said have a house point, she said
Jean (PS04Y) [3624] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3625] the good
Carla (PS04X) [3626] I disc!
Brenda (PS04U) [3627] a disc
Jean (PS04Y) [3628] Good for her.
Brenda (PS04U) [3629] that was it.
Jean (PS04Y) [3630] Good for her ... yes ... mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3631] How
Jean (PS04Y) [3632] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3633] can tell if y a extra hot then?
Dave (PS04V) [3634] [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [3635] Well it w you wouldn't be able to bury your hat under would you?
Carla (PS04X) [3636] Mum, I made another hole.
Brenda (PS04U) [3637] Did you rub it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3638] You wouldn't be able t
Carla (PS04X) [3639] Yeah ... another hole.
Dave (PS04V) [...] [...]
Carla (PS04X) [...]
Dave (PS04V) [3640] like a pig.
Jean (PS04Y) [3641] And shouldn't you, you've done the spare kitchen scissors good!
Brenda (PS04U) [3642] They're my sewing scissors!
Jean (PS04Y) [3643] I say!
Brenda (PS04U) [3644] Every sewing scissor I get in this house
Dave (PS04V) [3645] Anybody got a compass?
Carla (PS04X) [3646] Mm ... there.
Brenda (PS04U) [3647] Well we don't need to do it now, cos you're going to bed ... oh!
Carla (PS04X) [3648] What's that in there?
Dave (PS04V) [3649] Well [...] tired, we're not in a desperate hurry to be done tonight, you're not gonna have them now.
Jean (PS04Y) [3650] Desperate hurry ... we are not in a desperate hurry.
Brenda (PS04U) [3651] You're going to bed!
Jean (PS04Y) [3652] She [laughing] maybe in a desperate hurry [] !
Brenda (PS04U) [3653] Go on then gotta sit down and do the list and see what and see what, what's what ... Just now, you feel that warmth on you now?
[3654] ... My legs were so cold you could really feel the draft!
Jean (PS04Y) [3655] Mm!
Brenda (PS04U) [3656] Well you could couldn't, you put your coat on.
Dave (PS04V) [3657] [...] want the door shut, Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [3658] Sorry dear?
Dave (PS04V) [3659] Do you want the door shut, there ... that makes it
Jean (PS04Y) [3660] No it's alright ... no
Dave (PS04V) [3661] Sure?
Jean (PS04Y) [3662] Quite sure.
Dave (PS04V) [3663] makes it drafty
Jean (PS04Y) [3664] Yeah I'm very much warmer now.
Brenda (PS04U) [3665] Are they [...] ?
Dave (PS04V) [3666] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3667] That's the draft then, I can feel it, it's freezing, Jean with that
Jean (PS04Y) [3668] Is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [3669] it really is
Jean (PS04Y) [3670] Mm ... course I've got this thing over my feet, cos I getting faint.
Brenda (PS04U) [3671] You take it off and you
Jean (PS04Y) [3672] this is the ... er ... survival technique ... take your coat off ... supposing you in London [...] tube and it's broken down ... plus this thing's not as useful, do you remember what happened, [...] know how ... starts to get cold, take you ... w wearing a coat in winter [...] ... take your coat off
Carla (PS04X) [3673] [shouting] Dad [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [3674] and put it so that it goes over your feet
Carla (PS04X) [3675] [...] without a front garden [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3676] get your feet warm ... put your hands inside and if you've got a scarf or anything
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3677] put it over your
Carla (PS04X) [3678] What?
Jean (PS04Y) [3679] head.
Dave (PS04V) [3680] For the banks.
Jean (PS04Y) [3681] So that you keep the
Dave (PS04V) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3682] heat of your body
Brenda (PS04U) [3683] In.
Jean (PS04Y) [3684] from escaping through the top ... and if you're i if it's a ... fa you know, there's some light or disturbance you and want to ... sleep and the best thing to do is to go into a light doze cos, you know, you can't do much else ... that's cover your face.
Brenda (PS04U) [3685] Keeps all the warmth of body heat in.
Jean (PS04Y) [3686] Mm ... body warmth.
Dave (PS04V) [3687] Go on Carla, upstairs and get your jim-jams on ... say night night to Jean.
Carla (PS04X) [3688] Hey!
Jean (PS04Y) [3689] Oh night darling!
Dave (PS04V) [3690] [shouting] Carla [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [3691] Ha ha ha. [kiss]
Jean (PS04Y) [3692] Ha ha ha ha.
Carla (PS04X) [3693] [shouting] Yeah [] !
Dave (PS04V) [shouting] [...] []
Brenda (PS04U) [3694] Yeah, can you take these two cups to dad please darling?
Carla (PS04X) [3695] I just hope these bags [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [cough]
Carla (PS04X) [3696] and beans.
Brenda (PS04U) [3697] What did dad cook you for your dinner?
Carla (PS04X) [3698] Pizza and waffles.
Jean (PS04Y) [3699] Ooh great!
Brenda (PS04U) [3700] Ooh!
[3701] ... Ah!
Carla (PS04X) [3702] And [...] .
[3703] What did you have?
Brenda (PS04U) [3704] We had chicken curry
Jean (PS04Y) [3705] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3706] and a piece of flapjack.
Jean (PS04Y) [3707] Flapjack ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3708] Fatties ... [laughing] yeah [] !
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Carla (PS04X) [3709] What's [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3710] Oh ah!
Brenda (PS04U) [3711] But we couldn't eat all the curry it was very, both of us at one time, we could have scoffed the lot!
Jean (PS04Y) [3712] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3713] Your stomach, obviously with this virus, your stomach's reduced isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3714] It is ... it is ... and I'm not fighting to get it back again.
Brenda (PS04U) [3715] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [3716] At least I ... you see, with the virus ... I was sometimes ... in such a state that I thought I might have bowel cancer
Brenda (PS04U) [3717] and cancer, that's right, I remember you saying
Jean (PS04Y) [3718] and years ago ... Doctor said to me ... if you start to lose weight and y ... and y and I said if you're you're a plump girl so he said if you start to lose weight and you can't understand why ... try to put some on ... he said
Brenda (PS04U) [3719] Oh.
Jean (PS04Y) [3720] stop worrying about ... you know, losing any ... try and put a couple of pounds on ... if you can't ... then come to us and we'll find out what's wrong
Brenda (PS04U) [3721] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3722] and we'll catch it early ... and so I haven't ... been, sort of, saying to myself ooh I've lost some weight, I'll try to lose more ... at the moment I'm not worrying too much about what I eat
Brenda (PS04U) [3723] I wasn't when I lost it!
Jean (PS04Y) [3724] Because I can't ... I can't eat all that much
Brenda (PS04U) [3725] No ... when I lost it I th I don't want to be this thin I want to put it on again.
Jean (PS04Y) [3726] I went out ... I went out with Peggy ... ... er on Wednesday ... er for meal ... and she's been saving Daily Telegraph vouchers ... and when you got so many vouchers you send them up to the Daily Telegraph, who's sent them, it's offers closed now and they send you a thing like a ... credit card ... and they send you a list of all the places that you can go to ... for a half- price meal
Carla (PS04X) [3727] Hey! daddy turn off the
Jean (PS04Y) [3728] erm
Carla (PS04X) [3729] [...] !
Jean (PS04Y) [3730] you can take a friend and whichever of you has the cheaper meal ... that's ... what
Brenda (PS04U) [3731] Free.
Jean (PS04Y) [3732] they give you and that's and that's [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3733] Oh that's free.
Jean (PS04Y) [3734] and that comes free, that's right, that comes free ... so two people go out and they share the cost of the meal.
Brenda (PS04U) [3735] Oh that's a good idea, isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3736] I couldn't eat the damn meal ... I had erm ... steak and kidney puddings, no steak and kidney pastry pie.
Brenda (PS04U) [3737] Was it a pub meal?
Jean (PS04Y) [3738] Yes, well ... a a very nice pub.
Brenda (PS04U) [3739] Yeah but they do some, those pub meals they reckon now are best value for money and the most
Jean (PS04Y) [3740] They are.
Brenda (PS04U) [3741] filling.
Jean (PS04Y) [3742] They are ... erm it was er steak and kidney pie, brussels sprouts, carrots and bo plain boiled potatoes ... I could only eat about half the kidney and meat, I cou I could only eat about a third of the pastry, couldn't cope with the carrots at all or the brussel sprouts, they were beautiful brussel sprouts ... like little cabbages, you know ... I could only eat a couple of them!
Carla (PS04X) [3743] Okay can [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3744] Right you go and get your jimmy-jams on, I'll be up.
Jean (PS04Y) [3745] I had sherry trifle of des as a desert and I ga ... gave Peggy half of it!
Brenda (PS04U) [3746] God [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3747] It's not like me, I mean I normally [...] yum yum yum!
Brenda (PS04U) [3748] Well that meal tonight wasn't exceptionally big that curry
Jean (PS04Y) [3749] It wasn't, it was a standard portion.
Brenda (PS04U) [3750] normally we'd eat that and a great big gateaux!
Jean (PS04Y) [3751] That's right!
Brenda (PS04U) [3752] But I mean ... no I think I think it's obviously sort of sort of reduced
Jean (PS04Y) [3753] Oh yes ... yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3754] and you, [...] , I used to eat so slow they'd all all sort of finish and I was still sort of tuck
Jean (PS04Y) [3755] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3756] I said I don't know what i
Jean (PS04Y) [3757] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3758] whether, I dunno, what it is ... whether it is your ... your tummy reduced or
Jean (PS04Y) [3759] I don't know ... erm ... one of the ... most interesting, in some ways.
[3760] one of the nicest things that happened to me since I've been widowed is having Neil to look after ... not only is he an exception

40 (Tape 015301)

Brenda (PS04U) [3761] Oh I wondered what you.
[3762] What have you got in that little bag?
Jean (PS04Y) [3763] Oh we've got some make-up.
Brenda (PS04U) [3764] Oh.
Jean (PS04Y) [3765] [...] Dickens and Jones.
Brenda (PS04U) [3766] Do you wanna drink of fresh juice or something?
Jean (PS04Y) [3767] Er I don't think so.
[3768] [...] you have some too
Brenda (PS04U) [3769] [...] .
[3770] No?
[3771] Alright then.
[3772] No I don't want any.
Jean (PS04Y) [3773] if that's what you fancy.
Brenda (PS04U) [3774] I'm fine. ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3775] Anyway I feel that I've been thoroughly tea'd up.
[3776] [laugh] . Tea'd and coffee'd.
Brenda (PS04U) [3777] Do you wanna put this on?
Jean (PS04Y) [3778] Yes please.
[3779] I want to clean my face.
[3780] I'm very interested to see what this is going to be like.
[3781] Is this new Brenda?
Brenda (PS04U) [3782] [laughing] No.
[3783] It's years old [] .
Jean (PS04Y) [3784] Is it?
[3785] It's nice.
Brenda (PS04U) [3786] It's one we normally keep in the attic ... but we've been keeping it down here
Jean (PS04Y) [3787] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3788] now because of it's like Lee if James sleeps they sleep in the erm ... down here.
[3789] They camp out.
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [3790] James uses it ... down here [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3791] Have you got a rubbish bag [...] ?

41 (Tape 015302)

Brenda (PS04U) [3792] That ... plumber didn't charge Dave anything.
Jean (PS04Y) [3793] Oh that's nice isn't it?
[3794] That's kind.
Brenda (PS04U) [3795] So Dave will just get him ... some cigarettes or something.
Jean (PS04Y) [3796] They say that it's the poor that helps the poor and that's how I've found it goes ... quite honestly.
Brenda (PS04U) [3797] Well he's, he's he's a sweetie he is.
Jean (PS04Y) [3798] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3799] Oh I like that.
[3800] ... [...] Have you got it on?
Jean (PS04Y) [3801] No I haven't.
[3802] Oh that is nice.
[3803] I like that very much.
[3804] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3805] Unforgettable.
[3806] Is it a new one?
Jean (PS04Y) [3807] Revlon.
Brenda (PS04U) [3808] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3809] You see I've decided that I'm going to leave Clinique the ... the expensive make-up er for some, you know until I get myself re-established financially.
[3810] And erm Revlon is a very very good medium priced range.
[3811] ... Ooh we've [laughing] we've brought home half of Marks and Spencers with us.
[3812] Isn't it lovely? []
Brenda (PS04U) [3813] [laugh] .
[3814] Erm I think what we'll do is ... we'll write down ... I've got this nice big paper ... what we've got
Jean (PS04Y) [3815] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3816] and what we've gotta get, you know who they're for.
Jean (PS04Y) [3817] Yes.
[3818] Right.
[3819] Right.
Brenda (PS04U) [3820] Er ... Jean ... Brenda ... presents
Jean (PS04Y) [3821] for It was no good my making a list before I came down because I just hadn't seen anything like this in the Marks ... in Norwich.
Brenda (PS04U) [3822] Well the thing is you probably wouldn't have a day would you?
Jean (PS04Y) [3823] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3824] To be honest
Jean (PS04Y) [3825] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3826] with Peggy or anybody.
Jean (PS04Y) [3827] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3828] Going to get this amount.
Jean (PS04Y) [3829] No.
[3830] No way.
Brenda (PS04U) [3831] Because you wouldn't, you'd think oh no, no they wouldn't want that, we wouldn't want that.
[3832] And same as me.
Jean (PS04Y) [3833] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3834] I wouldn't think ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3835] We're definitely good for each other
Brenda (PS04U) [3836] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [3837] as shoppers. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3838] But what I thought I'd do ... is like for Ellie and Linda ... for Christmas presents ... say, I mean you know it won't be a a lot but ... that'll be it
Jean (PS04Y) [3839] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3840] and I would sort of put that in there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3841] Yeah. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3842] Pair of knickers in there
Jean (PS04Y) [3843] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3844] Like that.
Jean (PS04Y) [3845] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3846] And then something like erm ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3847] Do you know I think that I should have got something like that for Shirley shouldn't I?
Brenda (PS04U) [3848] These are lovely these boxes.
Jean (PS04Y) [3849] Bits and pieces.
Brenda (PS04U) [3850] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3851] We'll see
Brenda (PS04U) [3852] And another thing, I know my ... my ironing lady er Lynn, she does car boots every week.
[3853] And she actually sells erm junk earrings a pound a pair.
Jean (PS04Y) [3854] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3855] I mean they're not very ... but Ellie and Linda
Jean (PS04Y) [3856] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3857] up in Wisbech they love that sort of thing.
[3858] You know I mean ... sort of
Jean (PS04Y) [3859] Yes.
[3860] Yes.
[3861] Is Ellie in Wisbech now?
Brenda (PS04U) [3862] She's been there for the last month.
[3863] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3864] With your mum?
Brenda (PS04U) [3865] Yeah.
[3866] She's gotta, met another boyfriend up there.
[3867] She dumped Steve.
Jean (PS04Y) [3868] Yes I knew she'd dumped Steve.
[3869] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3870] But that I mean I ... you know you can sort of screw that up.
[3871] But I just thought that ... if you could afford it
Jean (PS04Y) [3872] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3873] you could put something extra to it.
Jean (PS04Y) [3874] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3875] But if not I mean you've got the tissue paper there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3876] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3877] And then you've got the like ... even the stickers
Jean (PS04Y) [3878] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3879] look it's lovely [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [3880] Yes it is.
Brenda (PS04U) [3881] design paper on there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3882] Yes.
[3883] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3884] And the stickers to seal the actual box.
[3885] Well then ... I don't think, I don't know about you, but I don't think personally that needs wrapping up.
Jean (PS04Y) [3886] No it doesn't.
[3887] No it doesn't.
[3888] It's it's own wrapping.

42 (Tape 015303)

Brenda (PS04U) [3889] Look it's one under the ... you know and then whatever
Jean (PS04Y) [3890] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3891] even if you didn't put
Jean (PS04Y) [3892] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3893] you know I mean people would think you got it from Marks and Sparks cos it's got the label
Jean (PS04Y) [3894] Mm.
[3895] Mm.
[3896] Yeah.
[3897] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3898] You seal it and I mean ... I think that's lovely.
Jean (PS04Y) [3899] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3900] I mean you know how much boxes are.
Jean (PS04Y) [3901] Quite. [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [3902] I mean to get the tissue paper
Jean (PS04Y) [3903] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3904] and the labels
Jean (PS04Y) [3905] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3906] and the cards ... for ninety nine p.
Jean (PS04Y) [3907] That's not bad.
[3908] ... Right ... so that's [...] and Jane.
[3909] Right, Jean.
[3910] [...] . Right ... who's is this for?
Jean (PS04Y) [3911] Ooh.
[3912] Son-in-law.
[3913] For Mitch.
Brenda (PS04U) [3914] Son-in-law.
[3915] Mitch.
Jean (PS04Y) [3916] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3917] Mitch.
[3918] ... Erm ... what do we put?
[3919] Basket of smellies?
Jean (PS04Y) [3920] Basket of toiletries.
[3921] Yes. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3922] [...] put this ... as we do it
Jean (PS04Y) [3923] Yes.
[3924] Right.
Brenda (PS04U) [3925] over there.
Jean (PS04Y) [3926] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3927] And then we can actually see ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3928] And then perhaps put Marie-Ann's next.
Brenda (PS04U) [3929] Yeah.
[3930] ... That was, that's lovely isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3931] Yes.
[3932] Daughter.
[3933] Marie-Ann.
Brenda (PS04U) [3934] Marie-Ann ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3935] Basket of toiletries.
Brenda (PS04U) [3936] Right.
[3937] Then I got, didn't I get for ... Kim ... that the was the one I got, I got the mini version didn't I?
Jean (PS04Y) [3938] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3939] For Kim.
[3940] That's lovely that is.
Jean (PS04Y) [3941] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3942] It's nice again [...] ... to keep isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3943] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3944] She loves, she, I mean she loves the Body Shop.
Jean (PS04Y) [3945] Aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [3946] But even that doesn't need wrapping does it?
Jean (PS04Y) [3947] No.
[3948] Look put your lot sort of separate from mine
Brenda (PS04U) [3949] Separate.
Jean (PS04Y) [3950] and we can see how we're going.
[3951] That's right yeah.
[3952] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [3953] And what we've spent then can't we?
[3954] Erm ... Kim ... box smellies.
[3955] ... So what erm ...
Jean (PS04Y) [3956] Now shall I do daughter-in-law?
[3957] Marie.
[3958] Erm [...] fruit.
Brenda (PS04U) [3959] How do you spell Marie?
Jean (PS04Y) [3960] M A R I E.
Brenda (PS04U) [3961] A R I E.
[3962] ... It's like Marie?
Jean (PS04Y) [3963] Mm.
[3964] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [3965] Erm right.
[3966] What did you put for her?
Jean (PS04Y) [3967] Er bottled fruit. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3968] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [3969] And ... tin of sweets.
Brenda (PS04U) [3970] Are these what?
[3971] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [3972] No what are they are.
[3973] They're biscuits aren't they?
Brenda (PS04U) [3974] Continental biscuits.
Jean (PS04Y) [3975] Ah yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [3976] Are they hers?
Jean (PS04Y) [3977] They're hers, yes.
[3978] And, and the tin of sweets as well.
Brenda (PS04U) [3979] That's right, yeah.
[3980] Tin ... of sweets.
Jean (PS04Y) [3981] So that's three items.
Brenda (PS04U) [3982] Then I've got Aunt Ivy.
[3983] ... [...] ... I'm gonna chat to Lee for five minutes.
Jean (PS04Y) [3984] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3985] So I got them for ... Rob ... Chewchocks ... Chewchocks So you didn't get any of these did you?
Jean (PS04Y) [3986] No.
[3987] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [3988] Right.
Jean (PS04Y) [3989] Decided that they were too expensive for ... people. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3990] Hi Lee.
Lee (PS04W) [3991] Hi.
[3992] Hi Jean.
Jean (PS04Y) [3993] Hi, Hi.
Brenda (PS04U) [3994] How are you?
Lee (PS04W) [3995] Not bad.
[3996] I'll be in in a minute. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [3997] Here we are.
Jean (PS04Y) [3998] Ouch.
[3999] Cat er one of the cat's fleas must have bitten me last night.
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [4000] What, I tell you what I don't see.
[4001] Where's the, where's the ... cat book for Marge ?
[4002] ... I did buy it, did I?
[4003] Where's the list?
Brenda (PS04U) [4004] Price.
Jean (PS04Y) [4005] Where's where's the receipt?
Brenda (PS04U) [4006] You had it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4007] Did I.
[4008] Aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [4009] You got it, you put it with your card.
Jean (PS04Y) [4010] Ah right.
Brenda (PS04U) [4011] Yeah that looked ... unless we left another bag in the car.
[4012] Give it to me.
[4013] I'll have a look.
Jean (PS04Y) [4014] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4015] Er ... [reading receipt] Christmas crackers [...] gifts gifts gifts [] .
[4016] ... No, I don't think you bought it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4017] Ah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4018] You had it in your hand.
Jean (PS04Y) [4019] Yeah.
[4020] But I was a bit doubtful about it wasn't I?
[4021] Do you remember?
[4022] ... I kept on saying these pictures are a bit too bright.
[4023] And we've seen these cats over and over [laughing] again [] .
Lee (PS04W) [cough]
Brenda (PS04U) [4024] How are you then?
Lee (PS04W) [4025] Not too bad thanks.
Brenda (PS04U) [4026] You're late tonight.
[4027] Dad said that you'd be in at half nine.
Lee (PS04W) [4028] No ... he said I wouldn't be late.
Brenda (PS04U) [4029] Oh.
[4030] So how did your work experience go today?
Lee (PS04W) [4031] Er ... it's not too bad.
[4032] I've done my diary for the [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4033] Was it a bit boring?
[4034] Don't they set you much work?
Lee (PS04W) [4035] Not a lot, no.
[4036] I just done my dia , done three and a half sides of the diary.
Brenda (PS04U) [4037] Oh that's good.
[4038] So is that finished.
Lee (PS04W) [4039] [...] .
[4040] And that's about it really.
Brenda (PS04U) [4041] Been Christmas shopping.
Lee (PS04W) [4042] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [4043] We're on tape four.
Lee (PS04W) [4044] Fourth tape?
Brenda (PS04U) [4045] [laugh] Yes.
Jean (PS04Y) [4046] Yes.
[4047] Yak yak yak yak yak. [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [4048] We er we can't got to bed until we've done at least five.
Lee (PS04W) [4049] Ooh.
[4050] Is this just starting?
Brenda (PS04U) [4051] Yeah, just on the [...]
Lee (PS04W) [4052] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [4053] Erm
Lee (PS04W) [4054] Any phone calls?
Brenda (PS04U) [4055] No.
[4056] ... Tomorrow, cos dad's erm Nigel's gonna be phoning dad ... in the afternoon.
[4057] So Jill's gonna phone you tomorrow, but you're not going out tomorrow morning are you?
Lee (PS04W) [4058] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [4059] Jill's phoning you tomorrow morning.
[4060] So it might be easier ... she said that she's going to visit Vic at two o'clock
Lee (PS04W) [4061] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4062] till about half three.
[4063] ... Then she's coming home ... and then she's going back over there about six o'clock till eight o'clock.
[4064] And she was gonna said, that she was gonna drop you off there at two then pick you up again at eight.
[4065] Now you're not gonna wanna be six hours ... at a hospital bedside are you?
[4066] ... And er Clare said tonight she's going and Joe's gonna probably pop over tomorrow.
Lee (PS04W) [4067] What time are they going?
Brenda (PS04U) [4068] Well they just said tomorrow, Clare said tomorrow evening then Joe said oh no I'm gonna go Sunday.
[4069] And Clare said oh I'm going tomorrow.
[4070] So what I thought to do, if Jill phones tomorrow ... morning
Lee (PS04W) [4071] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4072] cos dad's gonna be working now till about three anyway so he's not gonna be able to take you.
[4073] Say to Jill, yes you could go over with her at two o'clock ... and then come back with her about four.
[4074] And just you're just gonna nip in with dad then and try and get your suit. ...
Lee (PS04W) [4075] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4076] Yeah?
Lee (PS04W) [4077] Yeah. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4078] I looked at that one again at Burtons today.
[4079] Erm ... and the, is is James' sort of like the lightish grey, was it eighty nine, ninety nine sort of a slate sort of grey?
Lee (PS04W) [4080] Dunno.
[4081] Might be.
Brenda (PS04U) [4082] It's not, it's not a light grey with lines in it?
[4083] Sort of, looks almost sort of shinyish?
Lee (PS04W) [4084] I don't know.
[4085] I can't remember.
Brenda (PS04U) [4086] You can't remember?
[4087] Well they've got that
Lee (PS04W) [4088] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [4089] and they've also got it in a dark green which is really nice.
Lee (PS04W) [4090] In a dark green?
Brenda (PS04U) [4091] Yeah.
[4092] Sort of erm ...
Lee (PS04W) [4093] Burtons in Woking?
Brenda (PS04U) [4094] Yeah.
[4095] It's sort of like an olivey green.
[4096] Not bottle green.
[4097] ... It's sort of like erm ... what's an olive green in here Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [4098] Well I was just looking round, is it like the colour of that
Brenda (PS04U) [4099] Yes.
[4100] Very sort of lighter than, no lighter than that.
[4101] That's bottle
Lee (PS04W) [4102] It's a lot lighter than that.
Brenda (PS04U) [4103] Yes.
[4104] ... Something like in that picture.
Jean (PS04Y) [4105] Mm.
Lee (PS04W) [4106] It's like that.
Brenda (PS04U) [4107] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [4108] Mm.
[4109] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4110] Have you seen it?
[4111] ... Yeah well that's eighty nine plus there's fifteen percent off.
Lee (PS04W) [4112] What are the ones that the Italians wear called?
[4113] Special ones.
Brenda (PS04U) [4114] What do you call the double-breasted Italian suits? ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4115] Don't remember. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4116] But what I'll do is, if tomorrow I get time ... I'll have a look in erm ... Top Shop.
[4117] If I'm over that way.
[4118] And if there is any decent suits then I'll let you know.
Lee (PS04W) [4119] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4120] And then ... if you don't get it tomorrow perhaps one night after school
Lee (PS04W) [4121] It might be easier just to hire one.
Brenda (PS04U) [4122] No.
[4123] Why pay fifty quid to hire one?
Jean (PS04Y) [4124] It's ridiculous.
Lee (PS04W) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4125] When you're gonna pay seventy five quid and you've got one.
Jean (PS04Y) [4126] Mm.
[4127] Mm
Lee (PS04W) [4128] Yeah but where am I gonna wear it again?
[4129] I'll ... would ... outgrown it within a few months.
Brenda (PS04U) [4130] Well no you buy a size bigger.
Jean (PS04Y) [4131] Oh definitely yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4132] You like them bigger.
[4133] I mean you buy it you're not gonna, I mean ... alright you're gonna have a bit more grown but you're only gonna get a bit more muscly.
[4134] And you like them baggy anyway, you don't get one that fits you er buy ... That's why I said it would have been probably better to pay the extra twenty quid and bought the Italian style double- breasted
Jean (PS04Y) [4135] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4136] for their baggy effect see.
Lee (PS04W) [4137] Yeah but where can you buy them? ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4138] Tut ... that shop next door to ... erm Intersports. ...
Lee (PS04W) [4139] Suit and Co ... I think that's called.
Brenda (PS04U) [4140] No.
[4141] That it's a nice man's shop.
[4142] It's a beautiful man's shop.
Lee (PS04W) [4143] Yeah I know.
[4144] It's dear.
Brenda (PS04U) [4145] Yeah but I don't, see savings they've got on suits at the moment, special offers on them cos they're not shifting them.
[4146] ... But it's ridiculous you [...] fifty quid a night to hire a suit.
[4147] ... Because you pay your fifty pound and that's it.
[4148] ... But this suit, I mean.
[4149] That's what I said if you buy a grey suit ... the trousers ... you'll, I mean alright if you don't, I mean you'll wear, grey won't date.
[4150] Will it Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [4151] No.
[4152] No.
[4153] It never dates.
Brenda (PS04U) [4154] Green will date.
Jean (PS04Y) [4155] Yes.
[4156] And you'll get bored with it.
Brenda (PS04U) [4157] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4158] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4159] But grey will not, I mean Granddad Sid's
Jean (PS04Y) [4160] Goes on forever.
Brenda (PS04U) [4161] sixty five and he's still wearing his grey suits.
Jean (PS04Y) [4162] Yes.
[4163] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4164] I mean dad got married in his suit.
[4165] I mean now he's given it to granddad.
[4166] But grey, the actual
Lee (PS04W) [4167] It doesn't fit him.
Brenda (PS04U) [4168] Yeah it doesn't fit him.
[4169] I mean it hasn't, I mean dad's was quite an expensive suit when he got married.
[4170] ... I mean alright that's eighteen years ago.
[4171] And the trous I mean the jacket never ... I mean very rarely does a suit jacket style change.
[4172] The trousers you get flared, but that's no problem cos you just have them altered.
[4173] If you have them ... you know I mean I can't see, I mean you wear your trousers baggyish and long .
Jean (PS04Y) [4174] It's not it's not time for flared trousers yet.
Brenda (PS04U) [4175] No.
[4176] That's what
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4177] I'm saying.
[4178] It's not time.
Lee (PS04W) [4179] And I haven't got no shoes to go with ... whatever I get.
Jean (PS04Y) [4180] Well, you'll get a pair of shoes [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [4181] Well you got to have shoes, we know you've got ... I mean you've got, need new school shoes.
[4182] You've gotta have this new pair of shoes as well.
[4183] ... No good worrying about it Lee, you've got ... I mean, you can't ... you've gotta have the things you've gotta have.
Lee (PS04W) [4184] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4185] But you'll have to get your ... moonboots and things like that.
[4186] You'll have to buy them for your skiing trip.
Lee (PS04W) [4187] Mm.
[4188] [...] sort of been given a hundred pound upstairs.
Brenda (PS04U) [4189] Because that's what ... they money they'd owed you?
Lee (PS04W) [4190] Does he?
Brenda (PS04U) [4191] And it ... well you're meant to get fifteen pound aren't you, he's meant to pay you for the work?
Lee (PS04W) [4192] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4193] But you haven't got fifteen pound.
[4194] [laugh] You're a bit skint.
Jean (PS04Y) [4195] Well I'm going to chip in with thirty aren't I?
Brenda (PS04U) [4196] Jean's gonna help towards your trip too.
Lee (PS04W) [4197] Okay.
[4198] Thanks Jean.
Brenda (PS04U) [4199] And nan's gonna help so ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4200] Oh yes [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4201] You'll cope with it but you've gotta buy, your moonboots we should be able to get the market Jill said ... around, I mean we can get them in cash and carry for nine ninety nine but ... we should be able to get them at Blackbushe market for five to six ninety nine.
Lee (PS04W) [4202] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4203] We've managed to hire the jackets ... the Salopettes ... the ski glasses ... the socks ... I've sorted out, I've told nan to buy you for Christmas.
[4204] That's no problem.
[4205] The anorak we've hi we've borrowed.
[4206] So we've borrowed everything erm ... oh you've gotta buy some proper ski gloves.
[4207] You want those ... cos they're thirty seven quid aren't they and they're in the sale for seventeen quid at the moment. ...
Lee (PS04W) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4208] Half price.
[4209] Yeah I saw that but it's not, they're going quite quickly.
[4210] Because
Jean (PS04Y) [4211] Yes I'd I'd pounce on those because [...]
Lee (PS04W) [4212] [...] has got?
Brenda (PS04U) [4213] We might have a look in Intersport cos Woking ... Yeah.
[4214] But I looked today in ... erm cash and carry sport and they were the same price.
[4215] No they were nineteen quid.
[4216] But they were the short ones.
[4217] The ones you want are the good long ones aren't they?
[4218] And thermal
Lee (PS04W) [4219] Your hands are really warm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4220] I know and they're thirty odd quid.
[4221] The right price.
Jean (PS04Y) [4222] Mm.
[4223] And what are they down to?
Brenda (PS04U) [4224] Seventeen ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4225] Throw your body across them.
Brenda (PS04U) [4226] Yeah.
[4227] We'll see if we can pick up a pair of them.
Jean (PS04Y) [4228] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4229] Perhaps you can have them for Christmas or something.
[4230] Erm ... so we've managed to hire everything so all you've gotta, you've gotta buy is your moonboots.
Lee (PS04W) [4231] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4232] Erm ... the suit you've got to have.
[4233] You've got to have [...]
Lee (PS04W) [4234] I've got to have that by December the thirteenth.
Brenda (PS04U) [4235] Yeah well ... if we don't get it tomorrow we'll have to go one night, it's late night shopping till nine o'clock.
Lee (PS04W) [4236] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4237] If dad's on his half past four, if he can get to kip ... if you go over at seven o'clock one night.
[4238] It's not gonna take you, it's only gonna take you and dad an hour isn't it?
Lee (PS04W) [4239] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4240] But he's got to do it on Access because ... there's no money in the bank to write a cheque out and pay for the suit.
[4241] So I can't go and do it.
Lee (PS04W) [4242] Have I got any cash cards?
Brenda (PS04U) [4243] No and you're not having cash cards either.
Lee (PS04W) [4244] Why?
Brenda (PS04U) [4245] What do you want a cash card for?
Lee (PS04W) [4246] No it's [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4247] You can't draw out cash if it isn't there.
[4248] And, and that's the trouble with the cash card.
[4249] You you tend to think [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4250] You can't have a cash card with a post office account anyway.
Jean (PS04Y) [4251] No.
Lee (PS04W) [4252] No with the Alliance though.
Brenda (PS04U) [4253] Yeah but what do you wanna cash card for?
Lee (PS04W) [4254] So I can get money out if I ever need it.
Brenda (PS04U) [4255] Yeah but that money is, you've saved ... and I mean nan put that in when you were younger too, a lot of it.
[4256] So I mean it's for when you're older.
[4257] When you're desperate, you need it, not to just draw out and spend.
Lee (PS04W) [4258] I know.
[4259] I won't just draw out and spend.
Brenda (PS04U) [4260] No you don't
Jean (PS04Y) [4261] You will you know.
[4262] I'm the expert on that.
Brenda (PS04U) [4263] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4264] I've drawn out and spent.
[4265] Because it was there.
[4266] I I mean it's ever so difficult to resist the temptation
Brenda (PS04U) [4267] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4268] to spend money.
Brenda (PS04U) [4269] It it, it's like me.
[4270] If I had an Access card ... I would buy him this that and everything.
[4271] And I'd say oh come on we'll buy the suit.
Jean (PS04Y) [4272] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4273] And then right, and then you can also buy ... the shirt and tie.
Lee (PS04W) [4274] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4275] You can afford that.
[4276] Cos you've got all that money saved.
[4277] We've had to sponge off him all week.
[4278] Borrow all his money.
[4279] And it ended up we owed him say ninety quid.
Jean (PS04Y) [4280] [laughing] I know.
[4281] I know [] .
Brenda (PS04U) [4282] Mind you he went out and he had to have er ... erm mind you he's had that, when you think of it you've had half of that back.
[4283] I said to Dave ... I said how have you spent all that money?
[4284] He said I've been giving Lee dinner money every day.
[4285] I said well I wondered, he didn't ask me for it.
[4286] I said I thought he was using his own.
Lee (PS04W) [4287] No ... all he's given me each day is paper money ... plus about one fifty.
[4288] So all together [...] given me about five pounds.
Brenda (PS04U) [4289] Yeah well it adds up.
Lee (PS04W) [4290] Yeah I know.
Jean (PS04Y) [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4291] And we had to pay fifteen quid for the train ticket.
[4292] So that's another twenty quid.
[4293] We've gotta [...] pay for your computer.
Jean (PS04Y) [4294] It adds up dreadfully .
[4295] I mean I'm subbing one ... well I'm subbing two of my lodgers.
[4296] I'm subbing Neil ... but that's out of money which he gives me and which really in theory ought to be for my own, own use you know for fun but ... I get housing benefit for him, from the council.
[4297] And most of that goes back to him for his karate and a ... pint of beer in the pub.
[4298] And I, I sort of dole out a little here and a little there.
[4299] And I'm also subbing my lodger Paul.
[4300] ... Erm and it, it it mounts up.
[4301] By the time you've bought them some cigarettes and given them some ... money for the [laughing] pub [] and said well if there er and the car hasn't got any petrol so you pay for ten pounds worth of petrol.
[4302] You're through fifty pounds before you can blink an eyelid.
Lee (PS04W) [4303] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4304] It's one of the ... well known things about money.
Brenda (PS04U) [4305] How much ... would you say, this lot here was Lee?
Lee (PS04W) [4306] [cough] Including these [...] and that here?
Brenda (PS04U) [4307] Yeah.
[4308] They're all Neil's presents.
Lee (PS04W) [4309] Erm ... Was there a sale on?
Brenda (PS04U) [4310] No.
Lee (PS04W) [4311] No?
[4312] ... [cough] ... Sixty?
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh]
Jean (PS04Y) [4313] [laugh] Two hundred and fifty nine.
Lee (PS04W) [4314] Two hundred and fifty nine?
Jean (PS04Y) [4315] Yeah.
[4316] That was it, wasn't it Brenda?
[4317] ... No more because I then paid another thirty ... approximately for that two hundred and eighty nine ... for that [...] that, that came to twenty seven and I had ... there were two items inside it, I forget what they are.
[4318] ... There's another nearly thirty pound cheque on top of the ... Marks and Spencer charge card.
Brenda (PS04U) [4319] Soon goes my darling.
Lee (PS04W) [4320] What time did you get in from the shopping?
Brenda (PS04U) [4321] Mm weren't too bad.
[4322] About quarter to eight.
Jean (PS04Y) [4323] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4324] Didn't start until about twenty to six.
Lee (PS04W) [4325] Dad said you went out at four.
Brenda (PS04U) [4326] Yeah we went and had something to eat first then [...] .
[4327] You wouldn't like to make me and Jean a nice cup of tea would you please, darling.
Lee (PS04W) [4328] I'm not very well.
Brenda (PS04U) [4329] Why?
Lee (PS04W) [4330] My throat hurts.
Brenda (PS04U) [4331] Well you've be alright going out tonight.
Lee (PS04W) [4332] [cough] I haven't.
Brenda (PS04U) [4333] Well you've gone out so bloody well go and do one.
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [4334] Move your butt.
Lee (PS04W) [4335] And I've got [...] in the morning.
Brenda (PS04U) [4336] Well ... yeah.
[4337] Nigel's been round.
Lee (PS04W) [4338] Has he actually been round.
Brenda (PS04U) [4339] Yeah.
[4340] We've gotta keep an eye on the water.
Lee (PS04W) [4341] Mm.
[4342] Does it work now then?
Jean (PS04Y) [4343] What does that radiator feel like?
Lee (PS04W) [4344] Hot.
Jean (PS04Y) [4345] Very hot?
Brenda (PS04U) [4346] No that's alright. [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4347] Just hot?
Lee (PS04W) [4348] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4349] Seems alright.
Lee (PS04W) [4350] It's alright.
Jean (PS04Y) [4351] You'll the turn the erm heating off when, when you go to bed won't you?
Brenda (PS04U) [4352] Oh yeah.
[4353] And I'll check the hot water and if it's really sort of
Jean (PS04Y) [4354] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4355] [...] .
[4356] Come on make me a nice cup of tea.
[4357] We're doing our list now though.
[4358] Right so ... that's Sid ... slippers.
[4359] ... Go on, clear off.
[4360] Go to bed.
Lee (PS04W) [4361] I'm not gonna go to bed.
Brenda (PS04U) [4362] Right so who's are these.
[4363] Eh?
Lee (PS04W) [4364] I'm not going to bed.
Brenda (PS04U) [4365] Oh.
[4366] Cup of tea please.
Jean (PS04Y) [4367] Shirley.
Brenda (PS04U) [4368] They've got a padded stocking in here for comfort.
Jean (PS04Y) [4369] Isn't that nice.
Lee (PS04W) [4370] I don't know how Jean has hers.
Brenda (PS04U) [4371] Little bit of sugar.
Jean (PS04Y) [4372] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4373] Quite darkish.
Jean (PS04Y) [4374] Mm.
[4375] Not too much milk and a tiny bit of sugar.
Brenda (PS04U) [4376] Shirley ... ?
Jean (PS04Y) [4377] Shirley yes.
[4378] ... Oh I see Marge's book.
[4379] It's underneath the Christmas cards.
Brenda (PS04U) [4380] Well I'm blowed if I saw it on, on that receipt.
Jean (PS04Y) [4381] Probably came under the heading gifts. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4382] Eight four o nine three six.
[4383] Yeah gifts.
[4384] Six ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4385] I suppose, yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4386] Right so that's Marge.
[4387] ... Neil's ... before he goes away.
[4388] Erm
Jean (PS04Y) [4389] That's right, tape ... for travel.
Brenda (PS04U) [4390] Travel pack.
Jean (PS04Y) [4391] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4392] Mhm.
[4393] Travel pack.
[4394] ... Sweat top.
Jean (PS04Y) [4395] I must say, it does look gigantic.
Brenda (PS04U) [4396] Do you wanna get Lee to try it on?
Jean (PS04Y) [4397] Good idea.
[4398] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4399] It's not big Jean.
[4400] I don't think that looks big.
Jean (PS04Y) [4401] Oh well I'll take it anyway.
[4402] I was thinking I might change it in Guildford tomorrow [...] I won't.
Brenda (PS04U) [4403] No.
Jean (PS04Y) [4404] I won't.
Brenda (PS04U) [4405] It's not very big.
[4406] I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [4407] Mm.
[4408] You are ... more expert on this.
[4409] I mean
Brenda (PS04U) [4410] Yeah.
[4411] I mean I even with Lee
Jean (PS04Y) [4412] I could, I could not have coped ... with caring for Neil.
[4413] Taking care of Neil.
[4414] If I hadn't had you for advice
Brenda (PS04U) [4415] Advice on it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4416] and help.
Brenda (PS04U) [4417] Lee I would, I mean I always buy Lee large or extra large.
Jean (PS04Y) [4418] Mm.
[4419] Mm.
[4420] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4421] Because ... but they don't, I mean Lee alright, I mean I know by just looking at him what he, like his T-shirts and everything
Jean (PS04Y) [4422] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4423] how he, how he sort of wears them.
Jean (PS04Y) [4424] Mm.
[4425] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4426] And jog bottoms.
[4427] ... Did we buy both the same?
[4428] Think we did.
Jean (PS04Y) [4429] Are they both black?
[4430] Cos Neil only wears black.
Brenda (PS04U) [4431] Yeah.
[4432] They're both black.
[4433] Both mediums.
[4434] Both the same.
[4435] Just make sure ... oh that's the ... .
[4436] Well we'll give Neil the slightly longer
Jean (PS04Y) [4437] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4438] cos he's got longer legs then.
Jean (PS04Y) [4439] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4440] Dave.
Jean (PS04Y) [4441] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4442] So ... that's, was that for Neil as well?
Jean (PS04Y) [4443] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4444] Ooh.
[4445] So that will do Neil, what you've got him.
Jean (PS04Y) [4446] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4447] Cos you got him a travel pack, body spray, sweat top, jog bottoms.
Jean (PS04Y) [4448] Mm.
[4449] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4450] Erm
Jean (PS04Y) [4451] I'll probably buy some sweets and probably a, a a paperback horror or something.
Brenda (PS04U) [4452] God that smell [...] ... smells nice dunnit?
[4453] How much was that then?
Jean (PS04Y) [4454] It wasn't one of the dearer versions of anything.
[4455] I think it was only about two ninety nine.
[4456] I'm not sure. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4457] [...] o three ... one ninety nine.
[4458] Oh ... it smells really nice.
Jean (PS04Y) [4459] Mm.
[4460] Yes.
[4461] It's a body spray isn't it?
Brenda (PS04U) [4462] Yeah.
[4463] Body spray.
Jean (PS04Y) [4464] Mm.
[4465] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4466] So that's Neil.
[4467] And ... oh what's this for?
Jean (PS04Y) [4468] Er son-in-law.
Brenda (PS04U) [4469] Son-in-law.
Jean (PS04Y) [4470] Mitch.
Brenda (PS04U) [4471] Mitch.
[4472] [...] ... Right, sweat bottoms ... top ... dad.
[4473] [...] ... Here are your sloggi's
Jean (PS04Y) [4474] Ta.
Brenda (PS04U) [4475] Right who's is this for?
Jean (PS04Y) [4476] Erm ... what is it?
Brenda (PS04U) [4477] We've got ... er ... lotion ... talc ... soap ... talc ... shampoo ... talc ... soap ... and lotion ... aftershave ... gel ... oh no [reading package] aftershave showergel ... deodorant talc shampoo [] ... What about?
[4478] ... Now what [...] .
[4479] What about Shelley's husband?
Jean (PS04Y) [4480] That's probably it.
[4481] Yes.
[4482] It might well have been [...] , [...] might well have [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [4483] Cos it's, I mean even his [...] I mean have they got a shower?
Jean (PS04Y) [4484] Oh yes, yes.
[4485] All the houses along there have.
[4486] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4487] Yeah that would do.
[4488] Cos you were gonna get him something, you was gonna get him some slippers.
[4489] But I mean ... Terry ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4490] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4491] What do you, what sort of money do you want to spend on Terry?
[4492] I mean what other men
Jean (PS04Y) [4493] How much was that?
Brenda (PS04U) [4494] Eight three six four ...
Lee (PS04W) [4495] Here's your tea.
Jean (PS04Y) [4496] Oh bless you.
[4497] ... Thank you lovey.
[4498] Ta.
Brenda (PS04U) [4499] Four ninety nine.
Dave (PS04V) [4500] Do you know, I think that would do rather well for Ron .
Brenda (PS04U) [4501] Can you just pass me a mat love.
[4502] ... Yeah cos you don't wanna spend a lot do you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4503] No I don't.
Lee (PS04W) [4504] Would you like a mat Jean?
Jean (PS04Y) [4505] Oh.
[4506] Do I need one?
Brenda (PS04U) [4507] Yeah.
[4508] On the floor.
Jean (PS04Y) [4509] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4510] Yes.
[4511] So let's give that to ... Ron.
Jean (PS04Y) [4512] Yeah.
[4513] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4514] Let's just see roughly
Lee (PS04W) [4515] Right.
[4516] Night.
Jean (PS04Y) [4517] Night night dear.
Brenda (PS04U) [4518] So you don't want ... you're [...] in the morning?
Lee (PS04W) [4519] Night Jean.
[4520] Yeah ... oh I'll get up about nine.
[4521] What time are you off out?
Brenda (PS04U) [4522] Oh I'll be out [...] nine thirty so ... I expect I'll be up about half seven.
Lee (PS04W) [4523] Well save me the bath water please.
[4524] You need to wake me up about half past eight
Brenda (PS04U) [4525] Alright then [...] .
Lee (PS04W) [4526] nine.
[4527] See you later.
Jean (PS04Y) [4528] Bye love.
Brenda (PS04U) [4529] See you in the morning love.
[4530] Quietly cos of
Lee (PS04W) [4531] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4532] Right.
[4533] Let's just write roughly
Jean (PS04Y) [4534] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4535] before we
Jean (PS04Y) [4536] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4537] Let's leave that
Jean (PS04Y) [4538] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4539] The toiletries.
[4540] Cos we've got some extra sort of men
Jean (PS04Y) [4541] Yes.
[4542] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4543] Erm ... leave that one cos that's what I bought as a spare.
Jean (PS04Y) [4544] You, that's yours is it?
[4545] That one?
Brenda (PS04U) [4546] Yes.
[4547] That's mine.
[4548] It's the one ninety nine one isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [4549] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4550] Erm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4551] That's for my sister-in-law Rosemary.
[4552] ... Now ... there are two men's items.
[4553] Those ... er tuxedos in ... the boxes that look like tuxedos.
[4554] Who did I get those for?
Brenda (PS04U) [4555] One's mine and one's yours for Paul.
Jean (PS04Y) [4556] For Paul.
[4557] Of course.
Brenda (PS04U) [4558] What's Rosemary?
[4559] R O S E?
Jean (PS04Y) [4560] Er Rose that's right, R O S E.
[4561] And then Mary, M A R Y.
Lee (PS04W) [4562] [...] ... Night.
Jean (PS04Y) [4563] Night night dear.
Brenda (PS04U) [4564] Night.
[4565] See you in the morning.
[4566] Right, pot pourri?
Jean (PS04Y) [4567] Erm Peggy . ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4568] God you've got loads Jean.
[4569] [...] seems a lot of money.
Jean (PS04Y) [4570] Oh I have got a lot of things.
[4571] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4572] You've got a lot of presents.
Jean (PS04Y) [4573] Yes.
[4574] Er ... now who's the other, that ... I bought two pot pourri
Brenda (PS04U) [4575] Yeah.
[4576] They're both yours. [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4577] Erm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4578] You said they can two have it.
[4579] Who's the other lady?
[4580] Who do you have a coffee morning with?
Jean (PS04Y) [4581] Jean . ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4582] I'm not gonna keep those knickers for me.
[4583] I'm gonna give them as Christmas presents.
[4584] I can't afford to keep them [...] .
Jean (PS04Y) [4585] What's that love, you're muttering?
Brenda (PS04U) [4586] I got these for me
Jean (PS04Y) [4587] Aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [4588] but I'm gonna give them with them.
Jean (PS04Y) [4589] Yeah.
[4590] As Christmas presents yes.
[4591] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4592] For the moment.
[4593] Yeah.
[4594] ... Ellie, Linda ... pants ... socks ... nice box
Jean (PS04Y) [4595] That's a jolly nice present.
Brenda (PS04U) [4596] Knickers and socks.
[4597] Then I might get a couple of little soaps or something.
Jean (PS04Y) [4598] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4599] Or what I might do is make ... a couple of these up but ... fill them out a bit more.
Jean (PS04Y) [4600] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4601] Cos these are just say for her teacher.
[4602] We've done them cheap.
Jean (PS04Y) [4603] Yeah.
[4604] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4605] But put say like ... [...] in the Body Shop and get a couple of animal soaps.
[4606] So they're ... you know they'll be like that.
Jean (PS04Y) [4607] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4608] And then obviously if you have more weight in it they'll be really bushy.
Jean (PS04Y) [4609] Mm.
[4610] Mm.
[4611] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4612] I'm not doing that now.
[4613] And that's [...] Jane's little boxes.
[4614] ... Oh there's [...] sweets.
Jean (PS04Y) [4615] Now I, I bought those er corn dollies for both of them.
Brenda (PS04U) [4616] Yes.
[4617] I think, hang on ... right er ... [...] ... one's Lee's ... they're Lee's ... er ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4618] So that's all I've got for Paul is it?
[4619] What was in, what was in the tuxedos exactly?
[4620] Was it talc and ... how much were they?
Brenda (PS04U) [4621] Two ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4622] Two ninety nine?
[4623] I think I should get him something else.
Brenda (PS04U) [4624] Got talc, shampoo ... Yeah I think something to go with it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4625] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4626] Why don't you give him
Jean (PS04Y) [4627] I was going to say get, make a pack
Brenda (PS04U) [4628] that.
[4629] You, you're gonna get Neil something else aren't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4630] Yes.
[4631] Of course I am.
Brenda (PS04U) [4632] So let's cut the body spray out of Neil.
Jean (PS04Y) [4633] Mm.
[4634] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4635] Paul erm ... tut
Jean (PS04Y) [4636] Tuxedo box and body spray.
Brenda (PS04U) [4637] And then that's that's mine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4638] When I go home I'll take that ... list with me. [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4639] Mm.
[4640] Might have to rewrite it.
[4641] Cos it's got my list and that on so we'll probably [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4642] Well we'll tear it down the middle I mean, you know
Brenda (PS04U) [4643] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [4644] you'll have half, I'll have half and we can see what we're doing.
Brenda (PS04U) [4645] Erm ... so we're left with
Jean (PS04Y) [4646] Yeah, the dollies.
Brenda (PS04U) [4647] And you bought them too, both of them.
Jean (PS04Y) [4648] I did.
[4649] Both of them, yeah.
[4650] And I'm just trying to think what I had in mind.
[4651] Or did I buy them ... as odd presents for people who might like them?
[4652] You know ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4653] Cos we've got one of those each ... one of those each ... one of those each ... they're all yours.
Jean (PS04Y) [4654] But they're all mine.
[4655] Yeah.
[4656] ... That's the odd one.
[4657] You, you bought that odd one didn't you?
Brenda (PS04U) [4658] They're my sweets.
[4659] That's my odd.
Jean (PS04Y) [4660] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4661] So you're left with four.
Jean (PS04Y) [4662] I think my dollies are odds.
Brenda (PS04U) [4663] What about this?
Jean (PS04Y) [4664] Bought that for me didn't I?
Brenda (PS04U) [4665] Oh is that for you.
Jean (PS04Y) [4666] [laugh] For that, for when I move into my own bedroom again.
Brenda (PS04U) [4667] Alright.
[4668] So that's for you.
Jean (PS04Y) [4669] But it could always of course come in as an odd.
[4670] Write it down as an odd.
Brenda (PS04U) [4671] Yeah well [...] ... well that's what we've got.
[4672] What we've got so far is erm ... okay.
[4673] You've got Mitch basket, toiletry and sponge.
[4674] Mary-Ann basket toiletries.
[4675] Mary-Ann ... bottled fruit, biscuits, sweets
Jean (PS04Y) [4676] No that's Marie, bottle
Brenda (PS04U) [4677] Marie I mean
Jean (PS04Y) [4678] Yeah.
[4679] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4680] Erm bottled fruit, biscuits, sweets.
[4681] ... Shirley you got slippers.
[4682] Marge you got a cat box, book.
[4683] Neil you got travel pack, sweat top, jog bottoms.
[4684] Rosemary you got tissue box.
[4685] Peggy you got pot pourri.
[4686] Jean you got pot pourri.
[4687] Paul tie box smellies and body spray.
[4688] We're left now
Jean (PS04Y) [4689] Right I wonder who I who have I left out?
Brenda (PS04U) [4690] Let's go through.
[4691] ... Jean to get ... right let's do ... your son.
[4692] ... What's he having, money or a tie or?
Jean (PS04Y) [4693] I haven't got anything for him have I?
Brenda (PS04U) [4694] No.
[4695] Cos you was gonna buy that sweater in Marks weren't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4696] Mm.
[4697] And then decided it ... just wasn't right.
[4698] You see I can't afford to spend a great deal on anyone this year.
[4699] ... So I think I oughtn't to spend more than about ... twelve or thirteen pounds on him.
Brenda (PS04U) [4700] You've spent more on the others.
Jean (PS04Y) [4701] Well how, how much have I spent?
[4702] ... I mean don't, don't count Neil because
Brenda (PS04U) [4703] Oh no.
Jean (PS04Y) [4704] Neil is quite different, you know.
[4705] He's a special case.
Brenda (PS04U) [4706] I meant your three yeah but no I mean, I'm just talking about your three ... main family.
Jean (PS04Y) [4707] No.
[4708] Mary-Ann is having ... what's that erm ... basket of toiletries?
[4709] About twelve ninety nine was it?
Brenda (PS04U) [4710] Mm. ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4711] And Marie ... the ... present of food?
Brenda (PS04U) [4712] Marie ... mm ... seven fifty ... oh yeah.
[4713] It's all about thirteen
Jean (PS04Y) [4714] Yes.
[4715] I think I'm keeping it to under twenty.
[4716] Erm so what ... shall I get him? ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4717] A tie?
Jean (PS04Y) [4718] Trouble is in the past I've given him Liberty silk ties.
Brenda (PS04U) [4719] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4720] And anyway I can get them in the sale ... if I choose to fight my way up to London I can get a Liberty tie for about ... twelve pounds.
Brenda (PS04U) [4721] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4722] I mean they're normally forty five or forty.
Brenda (PS04U) [4723] [...] let's get the ... [...] book.
Jean (PS04Y) [4724] Aha.
Brenda (PS04U) [4725] And that's how [...] did it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4726] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4727] What about a belt?
[4728] A leather belt.
Jean (PS04Y) [4729] Well there again you see, it's ... you're talking about er ... dinkies.
[4730] Double income no kids.
Brenda (PS04U) [4731] [...] Er how about ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4732] Oh.
[4733] I know what I was going to give John.
[4734] Wine.
Brenda (PS04U) [4735] Wine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4736] Of course.
[4737] Now I shan't buy that [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4738] Right.
[4739] You can get that up your way can't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4740] I can get that locally.
[4741] Yes of course that solves that one.
Brenda (PS04U) [4742] So wine.
[4743] Okay.
[4744] Erm ... so Marie's got, John's got so that's family's gone.
[4745] Now who else is?
[4746] ... Right Mary-Ann you've got, Mitch you've got.
[4747] What about the grandchildren?
Jean (PS04Y) [4748] The grandchildren I think money.
Brenda (PS04U) [4749] Right.
[4750] So that's ... what are the kids' names?
Jean (PS04Y) [4751] Matthew and Ruth.
[4752] ... Well I have in the past given them fifty each for Christmas but this year they're going to have to make do with twenty.
Brenda (PS04U) [4753] Oh yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [4754] You see I know I haven't
Brenda (PS04U) [4755] Why don't you get Ruth, I mean [...] ... from Marks.
Jean (PS04Y) [4756] I don't ... you see I don't know my granddaughter.
[4757] This is the sad thing in my life that ... I have never been in contact with my grandchildren.
Brenda (PS04U) [4758] Mm.
[4759] The thing is they do get a lot from the daughter don't they?
Jean (PS04Y) [4760] I know.
[4761] ... Book token.
Brenda (PS04U) [4762] Yeah?
Jean (PS04Y) [4763] I think so.
[4764] For Ruth a book token. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4765] And what about erm ... a Smith's token for Matthew?
Jean (PS04Y) [4766] Mm.
[4767] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4768] Because you can get records, books, stationery
Jean (PS04Y) [4769] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4770] videos, computer games.
Jean (PS04Y) [4771] I'll get a Smith's token for both of them.
Brenda (PS04U) [4772] Yeah.
[4773] They are better cos you
Jean (PS04Y) [4774] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4775] you can't go wrong.
Jean (PS04Y) [4776] No.
[4777] ... That's [...] sorted out.
Brenda (PS04U) [4778] So that's all [...] side.
[4779] Right, what about sisters and sister-in-laws or brother-in-laws?
[4780] Is there anybody left?
Jean (PS04Y) [4781] I shall just write to Wynn and Bill and send a Christmas card.
[4782] I ... I mean poor Wynn ... I haven't, haven't been in touch with them for weeks and months and the longer you leave it the worse you feel about it, you know?
Brenda (PS04U) [4783] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4784] You get guilty.
[4785] And I can't send them a present.
Brenda (PS04U) [4786] Well you don't see them so there's not a lot of point is there?
Jean (PS04Y) [4787] No.
[4788] No.
Brenda (PS04U) [4789] Erm erm ... [laugh] okay.
[4790] So what about Rosemary?
[4791] Is she the only one ... who's going to be around at Christmas?
[4792] You've got hers but is she the only one ... to be at your [...] 's?
Jean (PS04Y) [4793] Mm.
[4794] Yes.
[4795] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4796] What about Mary-Ann's parents?
Jean (PS04Y) [4797] Marie's parents?
[4798] I never bother with them.
Brenda (PS04U) [4799] No.
[4800] Erm ... tut oh Mitch's parents oh erm
Jean (PS04Y) [4801] No I don't bother with them.
[4802] They're probably away on yet another holiday.
[4803] They're forever gadding off on ... expensive holidays.
[4804] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4805] [...] .
[4806] That's alright.
Jean (PS04Y) [4807] I shall just send them a card.
Brenda (PS04U) [4808] So ... I think that's all down.
Jean (PS04Y) [4809] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4810] Oh [...] was gonna get the [...] weren't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4811] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4812] Right.
[4813] That's all down in Surrey.
[4814] ... Er ... right ... right Ron .
Jean (PS04Y) [4815] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4816] Now who in Ron's, what about his girlfriend?
Jean (PS04Y) [4817] Er [...]
Brenda (PS04U) [4818] Right [...] .
[4819] Who's she?
Jean (PS04Y) [4820] Trudy.

43 (Tape 015304)

Brenda (PS04U) [4821] So who goes for Trudy?
Jean (PS04Y) [4822] Sorry?
Brenda (PS04U) [4823] Who goes for Trudy?
Jean (PS04Y) [4824] Ron.
Brenda (PS04U) [4825] Ron.
[4826] So ... is there not enough for Ron?
Jean (PS04Y) [4827] How much was that one?
[4828] Can you remember.
Brenda (PS04U) [4829] Four ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4830] See I've already got Ron a big tin of ... Liquorice Allsorts.
[4831] Which I've hidden from him, of course.
Brenda (PS04U) [4832] I think I might just get a couple of nice ... [...] hankies to go with them.
[4833] One ninety nine, two ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [4834] If we go and see them in Marks.
Brenda (PS04U) [4835] [...] .
[4836] No Debenhams.
[4837] We're going to [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4838] Debs?
[4839] Yeah.
[4840] Right.
Brenda (PS04U) [4841] Yeah.
[4842] I'm gonna do the list what you've gotta get and then I'm gonna do another list of what we've got to ... [...] before tomorrow.
Jean (PS04Y) [4843] Good.
Brenda (PS04U) [4844] Ron ... erm hankies.
Jean (PS04Y) [4845] So
Brenda (PS04U) [4846] Two roughly.
Jean (PS04Y) [4847] Could
Brenda (PS04U) [4848] Erm right let's
Jean (PS04Y) [4849] Could you write down on that that I've, in brackets that for Ron I've got ... tin of Liquorice Allsorts.
[4850] ... It's a handsome tin.
[4851] ... And I might, I think I'll put in there, I'll make him up a basket of goodies ... with erm ... a few telephone stamps on a card and ... ooh ... I don't know what.
[4852] One or two items of biscuits or something like cos he's ... Ron is often I think hungry. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4853] Does he like, he likes sweets and things like that?
Jean (PS04Y) [4854] He does, yes.
[4855] He's got a very sweet tooth. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4856] I'm just gonna put this in while erm ... as we're going along. ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4857] What are you having to put down dear?
Brenda (PS04U) [4858] Erm ... your name, your occupation, your age
Jean (PS04Y) [4859] Oh right.
Brenda (PS04U) [4860] and just you're ... [...] it's just to ... say who's on ... who's on this actual tape so they can recognize the voice.
Jean (PS04Y) [4861] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4862] The age.
Jean (PS04Y) [4863] Yes.
[4864] Yes.
[4865] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4866] So the want us to break it down ... erm ... so they know ... oh I'm so stupid.
[4867] I've done it again.
[4868] ... I'm four B.
[4869] ... [...] ... Right. ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4870] What did I get for Terry in the end?
Brenda (PS04U) [4871] Oh you didn't.
[4872] You were gonna get him some ... [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4873] Oh that's right.
[4874] I'm gonna guess at the size.
[4875] He's very tall so I'll guess at ... nine.
Brenda (PS04U) [4876] That's what I've done with Dave's dad.
Jean (PS04Y) [4877] Mm.
[4878] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [4879] Oh who's this Terry?
Jean (PS04Y) [4880] Mm?
Brenda (PS04U) [4881] Terry did you say?
Jean (PS04Y) [4882] Terry .
[4883] Yes.
[4884] And I've got Shirley slippers and I'm getting him slippers and ... that's it, that's ... the sensible thing to have done.
Brenda (PS04U) [4885] Yeah.
Jean (PS04Y) [4886] Oh and I know what.
[4887] I'll give that to Russell , the boy.
Brenda (PS04U) [4888] I was just gonna say what about the son?
Jean (PS04Y) [4889] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4890] [...] ... Russell's ... box ... smellies. [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [laugh]
Brenda (PS04U) [4891] It's easier [...] .
[4892] That's for Russell.
[4893] So in ... Ron, Ron's family again so that's ... all [...] , Ron, Trudy and Russell.
[4894] Yeah?
[4895] When are you buying those three?
Jean (PS04Y) [4896] Ron?
Brenda (PS04U) [4897] Russell and Trudy.
Jean (PS04Y) [4898] Oh.
[4899] What did I say for Trudy?
[4900] The roses?
Brenda (PS04U) [4901] You got the roses for ... Ron.
[4902] You got [...] for the daughters and you're gonna get them some, two hankies to go with it.
Jean (PS04Y) [4903] That's right.
[4904] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4905] Erm ... okay so it's ... she, Shirley ... you got slippers and Terry you're getting slippers.
Jean (PS04Y) [4906] Mhm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4907] Yeah?
Jean (PS04Y) [4908] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4909] Erm ... Marge [...] you've got.
Jean (PS04Y) [4910] Got erm the cat book.
[4911] I'd like to get her something else as well.
Brenda (PS04U) [4912] Marge er ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4913] I wonder if Marge would like a corn dolly?
[4914] ... Let's give her the corn dolly.
Brenda (PS04U) [4915] Yeah they're [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4916] [...] that they were rather good ones.
[4917] ... Oh I don't know.
[4918] No this is perhaps not quite right for Marge but I tell you who I have left out, Jackie and [...] .
Brenda (PS04U) [4919] Well ... we'll sort them out in a minute.
[4920] Erm ... we'll do all your friends first.
[4921] Mar so what else Marge? ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4922] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [4923] You've got her a book.
[4924] What about, does she like smellies? ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4925] Not too sure about what she'd want.
Brenda (PS04U) [4926] Hankies?
Jean (PS04Y) [4927] Ladies hankies?
Brenda (PS04U) [4928] Cos don't forget tomorrow you ... you can get the bulk [...] cos you're getting that discount.
[4929] ... [...] hosiery?
[4930] Erm think.
Jean (PS04Y) [4931] Oh I want something for Maureen in Leatherhead.
[4932] Hosiery reminds me.
[4933] I usually give her a pair of winter tights for walking the dog.
Brenda (PS04U) [4934] Yeah.
[4935] Who's that?
Jean (PS04Y) [4936] Maureen.
[4937] ... Maureen .
[4938] ... Extra large winter tights. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4939] So, shall we just put a question mark?
Jean (PS04Y) [4940] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [4941] Put something small?
Jean (PS04Y) [4942] Mm.
[4943] For Jackie I'll try to pick up a paperback book.
Brenda (PS04U) [4944] Mm.
[4945] ... Yeah.
[4946] One.
Jean (PS04Y) [4947] Lee I'll get him ... a bottle of something when I get back to Stowmarket.
Brenda (PS04U) [4948] Mhm.
Jean (PS04Y) [4949] And then there's erm ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4950] You're not gonna buy all the kids this year are you? [...] and all that lot.
Jean (PS04Y) [4951] No way.
[4952] ... We're not all meeting together so
Brenda (PS04U) [4953] You'll be meeting them all [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4954] No.
[4955] No.
[4956] Can't.
Brenda (PS04U) [4957] Can't?
Jean (PS04Y) [4958] I just haven't got the time, the energy or the money.
Brenda (PS04U) [4959] Well the thing is you've gotta do the ones that you see in person haven't you?
Jean (PS04Y) [4960] Exactly.
Brenda (PS04U) [4961] Not [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4962] Yeah.
[4963] Oh I'm gonna get you a biscuit barrel.
Brenda (PS04U) [laugh] [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4964] Brenda a biscuit barrel.
[4965] ... Er ... what did I say for Lev?
[4966] A bottle of something [...] in Stowmarket.
[4967] We've got
Brenda (PS04U) [4968] And what what about Maureen's husband? [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [4969] Oh, yes.
[4970] I was going to say something for John.
[4971] Erm ...
Brenda (PS04U) [4972] John . ...
Jean (PS04Y) [4973] He's passionately interested in, in his wild flower garden but I don't think I know enough about it ... to buy him anything about that.
[4974] Er no.
[4975] I don't usually give him anything.
Brenda (PS04U) [4976] You don't?
[4977] Just Maureen?
Jean (PS04Y) [4978] No.
[4979] No.
[4980] I'll just stick with Maureen.
Brenda (PS04U) [4981] Right.
[4982] Er what about [...] ?
[4983] Sheila ?
[4984] [...] ... Big tall with long blond hair.
[4985] [...] split up.
Jean (PS04Y) [4986] Oh!
[4987] Shirley yes.
[4988] Shirley .
[4989] Er
Brenda (PS04U) [4990] Do you keep in touch?
Jean (PS04Y) [4991] We haven't actually in the last six months or so.
[4992] I'll write to her.
[4993] ... Erm put down
Brenda (PS04U) [4994] What about a calendar [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4995] very pretty er calendar would be nice.
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [4996] Yeah.
[4997] Yes I was gonna say either a very pretty thank you or calender.
[4998] Not a terribly expensive one but a calendar would do fine.
Brenda (PS04U) [4999] Oh my spelling is atrocious Jean.
Jean (PS04Y) [5000] Oh well.
[5001] Don't not matter.
Brenda (PS04U) [5002] Mm [...] .
[5003] Right, let me just get back to ... Marge is on her own.
[5004] She hasn't got a partner.
[5005] Ron you don't buy a partner.
[5006] Jackie er Brenda.
[5007] Shirley a calendar.
[5008] You said hasn't got a partner. [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5009] What can I get your Dave?
Brenda (PS04U) [5010] What [...] there's a [...] handbook ... that he's after in the bookshop.
Jean (PS04Y) [5011] Get that in [...] bookshop then.
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5012] Mm. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5013] Smiths.
[5014] [...] . Gotta go in Smiths [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5015] Mm.
[5016] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [5017] Erm ... now ... Libby, Jean are friends.
Jean (PS04Y) [5018] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5019] Right.
[5020] So what other, is there any other friends?
[5021] ... What about [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5022] I've given up my sewing.
[5023] Er I, I was going in the evening you know, doing the tailoring class but of course my ... illnesses have stopped me doing all of that and made me realize I can't do it all.
[5024] Er, I've got too much to do with my lodgers.
[5025] Erm ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5026] Well what about, don't you go to a morning coffee thing where you meet at someone's house?
Jean (PS04Y) [5027] That's dropped by the wayside.
Brenda (PS04U) [5028] That's dropped Right.
Jean (PS04Y) [5029] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5030] Okay.
[5031] So is there any other friends you go out with?
Jean (PS04Y) [5032] Well there's Diane the hairdresser's wife whom I ... don't see a great deal of but she lives near.
[5033] We'll give her a corn dolly. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5034] Hairdresser is she?
Jean (PS04Y) [5035] Mm.
[5036] Hairdresser's wife.
[5037] ... They're quite nice those little corn dollies .
Brenda (PS04U) [5038] They're lovely little
Jean (PS04Y) [5039] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5040] And then ... what other friends [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5041] Well I've got lots of acquaintances but I don't know that I necessarily want to put them on the erm
Brenda (PS04U) [5042] [...] .
[5043] What about any close, like?
Jean (PS04Y) [5044] Ah.
[5045] Now what about my next-door neighbours?
Brenda (PS04U) [5046] I was gonna say what about neighbours.
Jean (PS04Y) [5047] Erm ... Bob and Glynis.
Brenda (PS04U) [5048] I was saying, who's the one that had you over for the barbecue?
Jean (PS04Y) [5049] It was them.
[5050] Tin of biscuits.
Brenda (PS04U) [5051] Mm.
[5052] Who is it?
Jean (PS04Y) [5053] Erm.
[5054] Glynis and Bob.
[5055] And I think ... I'd better get those ... in Stowmarket because I'm not gonna be able to carry all this lot up
Brenda (PS04U) [5056] No.
[5057] And they will be heavy.
Jean (PS04Y) [5058] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5059] And they're, they're probably the ones you got ... Marie are too fancy.
Jean (PS04Y) [5060] Oh yes they are.
[5061] That, the family
Brenda (PS04U) [5062] Just go into like Safeways or somewhere.
Jean (PS04Y) [5063] I mean he is out of work and he cannot get a job.
Brenda (PS04U) [5064] I tell you who's a good buy.
[5065] I bought some.
[5066] The one thing I have bought from [...] a tin of [...] biscuits.
Jean (PS04Y) [5067] A tin of?
Brenda (PS04U) [5068] [...] biscuits.
Jean (PS04Y) [5069] Oh yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [5070] They're two pound thirty five
Jean (PS04Y) [5071] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5072] for quite a biggish tin. [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5073] Yes.
[5074] Yes.
[5075] That's the sort of thing.
[5076] Yeah.
[5077] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [5078] So that's Bob and Glynis, and who else?
[5079] Neighbours.
[5080] Tin of biscuits.
[5081] Just Bob and Glynis or any other neighbours?
Jean (PS04Y) [5082] No.
[5083] Ooh.
[5084] Richard .
[5085] I've already given him his Christmas presents.
[5086] I want something for his bicycle.
[5087] Erm ... no I'm not gonna give Donna and Sally anything. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5088] What about any of your ... are you still [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5089] [sigh] I haven't been in touch with the 's for ages.
[5090] I just think it's going to be kept down to a Christmas card.
Brenda (PS04U) [5091] Okay.
[5092] That's it.
[5093] That'll do.
[5094] ... If you don't want to [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5095] I've, I've given him er ... a present already.
Brenda (PS04U) [5096] Yeah?
Jean (PS04Y) [5097] Bought him something for his bicycle.
[5098] Special little wheel or something.
Brenda (PS04U) [5099] What about the other man then, that comes?
Jean (PS04Y) [5100] The, the total ass?
[5101] The one, the the the needlework woman's son?
Brenda (PS04U) [5102] That's who I was talking about, the dopey one.
Jean (PS04Y) [5103] Oh no.
[5104] No I'm not gonna bother to give him er a Christmas
Brenda (PS04U) [5105] [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5106] Mm?
Brenda (PS04U) [5107] Do you still have him?
Jean (PS04Y) [5108] No.
[5109] I I said to her that I couldn't cope.
[5110] I was not well enough.
Brenda (PS04U) [5111] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [5112] Er I mean if he were responsive and would work and would try things for himself ... but it, it's, it's like hacking at concrete with a knife.
Brenda (PS04U) [5113] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [5114] Terrible.
[5115] Terribly hard work.
[5116] ... So I said until I feel a lot better I'm not, not resuming.
Brenda (PS04U) [5117] Alright.
[5118] Erm ... just one thing.
[5119] You don't have Brenda any more do you?
[5120] ... No?
Jean (PS04Y) [5121] No.
[5122] Be a Christmas card.
Brenda (PS04U) [5123] Erm ... what about your local hairdressers?
[5124] Do you go in there?
Jean (PS04Y) [5125] Mm.
[5126] Be nice to give her something.
Brenda (PS04U) [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5127] Erm ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5128] Is she a regular one?
[5129] Do you have her regular?
Jean (PS04Y) [5130] Oh yes I go to her constantly, I don't think ... I'll give erm ... how much are the, were the corn dollies?
Brenda (PS04U) [5131] Two ninety nine.
Jean (PS04Y) [5132] There are two of them.
[5133] There's Beverley and Gail.
[5134] Gail sometimes does my hair but she's a learner and I get her more cheaply.
[5135] I think a corn dolly for Gail.
[5136] ... Mm so that's corn dolly accounted for isn't it?
Brenda (PS04U) [5137] That's both corn dollies.
Jean (PS04Y) [5138] That's my lot.
[5139] And for Beverley ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5140] Who's she then?
Jean (PS04Y) [5141] That's the main hairdresser, the one who ... usually does my hair.
[5142] Beverley and Gail work together you see.
Brenda (PS04U) [5143] Mm.
Jean (PS04Y) [5144] Gail is her apprentice as it were.
Brenda (PS04U) [5145] Why don't you give that one to Beverley?
[5146] And just give something sma cos you're gonna [...] .
[5147] Have a tin of, have a pack of my chocolates ... and give them to ... Gail, and give them to ... that to Beverley.
Jean (PS04Y) [5148] Good idea.
Brenda (PS04U) [5149] Yeah?
Jean (PS04Y) [5150] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [5151] Cos they're, I mean they're nice sort of wrapped up.
Jean (PS04Y) [5152] Yes.
[5153] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [5154] Cos it's silly to make a thing out more than what you need.
Jean (PS04Y) [5155] Mm.
[5156] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5157] [...] that's corn doll ... swiss chocolate.
[5158] ... Cos I, I only bought these as extras anyway.
[5159] So.
Jean (PS04Y) [5160] Mm.
[5161] Mm.
[5162] Yes I know.
[5163] Yeah. ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5164] Ah yes I, I, I [...] but I'm gonna get [...] aren't I?
[5165] Instead.
[5166] Right so that's your hairdressers.
[5167] That's about it isn't it?
Jean (PS04Y) [5168] I think so.
Brenda (PS04U) [5169] What about that other lodger [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5170] Oh I hope he'll be gone by Christmas.
[5171] ... I think he'll be, I think he'll be ... moving out probably at the end of the, I told him I wanted a week's notice.
[5172] I, I asked him a couple of weeks or ten days back.
[5173] I said oh by the way when are you leav intending to move out?
[5174] And he said the ... they were pressing him for completion ... that very minute.
[5175] You see nowadays the solicitors are falling over themselves to do the conveyancing.
[5176] Whereas when you and I were buying houses it was ... oh it's a long process and it can't be hurried.
[5177] Now they're just desperate.
[5178] And I, he said something about, muttering something about before Christmas.
[5179] I hope he is gone before Christmas.
Brenda (PS04U) [5180] We won't put him down anyway.
[5181] Who've you got for [...] ?
Jean (PS04Y) [5182] I can't be bothered.
[5183] I really cannot be bothered.
Brenda (PS04U) [5184] [...] left.
Jean (PS04Y) [5185] I tell you what I might do tomorrow.
[5186] I might buy a couple more odds from Marks.
Brenda (PS04U) [5187] You've got no odds left.
[5188] We've used all your odds.
Jean (PS04Y) [5189] Erm ... for instance if I feel I've got to give Philip something ... er a tin of sweets is acceptable to both ... to both sexes isn't it?
[5190] Well what, what was that, what was the price of that red?
Brenda (PS04U) [5191] This?
Jean (PS04Y) [5192] No the red tin.
Brenda (PS04U) [5193] Two fifty.
Jean (PS04Y) [5194] No that'll do fine.
[5195] ... In fact I'll give my neighbours who live opposite, I don't see a lot of them but they ... they are my opposite neighbours and of course the 's really ... I'm on good terms with I ought to give them ... I'll get them a tin of biscuits as well.
[5196] I'll get them in Stowmarket.
Brenda (PS04U) [5197] Mm??
Jean (PS04Y) [5198] Mm.
[5199] . Tin of biscuits.
[5200] ... Erm odds ... I'll get a a ... what are they?
[5201] Crystallised ...
Brenda (PS04U) [5202] You've got a tin so you'll know what they are in Marks
Jean (PS04Y) [5203] Yeah.
Brenda (PS04U) [5204] cos you got a tin for Marie.
[5205] Crystallised fruit drops.
Jean (PS04Y) [5206] Yeah.
[5207] Crystallised fruit drops.
[5208] That's right.
[5209] Yes.
Brenda (PS04U) [5210] Yes.
[5211] Right.
[5212] ... For Jean to get, let me just write [...] ... I keep this as my, my scrapbook
Jean (PS04Y) [5213] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5214] but I've kept it from all the years.
Jean (PS04Y) [5215] Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5216] So I've known what I've given people for like the year before.
[5217] Oh I know what I haven't given you, your Christmas card.
Jean (PS04Y) [5218] Oh.
Brenda (PS04U) [5219] I couldn't resist buying this one.
[5220] ... [...] take your glasses off then [...]
Jean (PS04Y) [5221] [laugh] .
[5222] I don't know where to put them.
[5223] [laughing] Thank you [] .
[5224] ... Ooh [laugh] lovely big Christmas card.
[5225] My very first.
[5226] ... No my second.
[5227] The first one was from Jenny .
[5228] ... Oh!
[5229] Ah!
[5230] It's lovely.
[5231] That's beautiful.
[5232] Ah.
[5233] ... [laugh] How nice.
[5234] Thank you very much.
Brenda (PS04U) [5235] Did you read what I wrote?
Jean (PS04Y) [5236] Yes I read what you've written.
[5237] Thank you very much.
[5238] That's lovely.
[5239] ... Mm.
Brenda (PS04U) [5240] Such a nice card.
Jean (PS04Y) [5241] Mm.
[5242] Beautiful card.
[5243] ... A little home, a little house.
[5244] Very nice.
Brenda (PS04U) [5245] [...] ... six ninety nine [...] ... Ivy, now what did I get Ivy? ... sweets.
[5246] Er that's that lot ... [...] got that.
[5247] [...] Erm ... now Tracy [...] put her down.
[5248] Think I was gonna try, try and make her some [...] .
[5249] ... [...] ... What did I say Lynn, Lynn and Ellie?
Jean (PS04Y) [5250] Oh golly .
Brenda (PS04U)