10 conversations recorded by `Carl' (PS051) between 21 and 27 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 4559 s-units, 28812 words, and 3 hours 30 minutes 23 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 104

PS051 Ag2 m (Carl, age 34, teacher, North-east England, )
PS052 Ag2 f (Susan, age 33, teacher (pt), Home Counties, ) wife
PS053 Ag0 m (Christopher, age 4, pre-school) son
PS054 Ag0 f (Rebecca, age 1, pre-school) daughter
PS055 Ag0 m (Andrew, age 7, student (primary)) son
PS056 Ag0 m (Robert, age 9, student (secondary)) son
PS057 Ag4 m (Peter, age 58, lorry driver, East Anglia, ) neighbour
PS058 Ag5 m (Alan, age 65, retired, East Anglia, ) neighbour
PS059 Ag5 m (Pat, age 62, retired, Home Counties, ) father-in-law
KBGPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBGPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

10 recordings

  1. Tape 033601 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( home ) Activity: reading and talking
  2. Tape 033602 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( home ) Activity: reading and talking
  3. Tape 033604 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  4. Tape 033701 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead/Stradbroke ( home/car/swimming pool ) Activity: getting ready to go swimming
  5. Tape 033702 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead/Stradbroke ( car ) Activity: driving home from swimming
  6. Tape 033703 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead/Stradbroke ( car ) Activity: driving home from swimming
  7. Tape 033704 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( home ) Activity: family visit
  8. Tape 033801 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( car ) Activity: going to visit Aldburgh with family
  9. Tape 033802 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( car ) Activity: visiting Aldburgh with family
  10. Tape 033803 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Saxtead ( home ) Activity: birthday celebration

1 (Tape 033601)

Susan (PS052) [1] You've gotta carry it around with you.
Carl (PS051) [2] It's on volume ten.
Susan (PS052) [3] Well it says, like the microphone here look.
[4] You've got to ... put it at chest height
Carl (PS051) [5] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [6] make sure it's knocked or covered by clothing.
[7] Cos if you have to brush [...] it won't break the ... quality.
[8] If you're at home you can put the machine and microphone on the table near where it will still pick up conversation.
[9] Does that I mean work by a [...] from now on.
Carl (PS051) [10] Probably.
Susan (PS052) [11] Right ... right and giving things away.
Carl (PS051) [12] There's nothing to give away.
Susan (PS052) [13] Where's your tapes?
Carl (PS051) [14] Yeah, there's a load of tapes!
Susan (PS052) [15] It's a lot isn't it?
Carl (PS051) [16] I think they're all ... I think they're ninety minutes.
Susan (PS052) [17] Ninety minutes on each tape!
[18] Good grief!
Carl (PS051) [19] Well forty [...] , I think they're C nineties.
Susan (PS052) [20] Well I can talk the hind leg off a donkey, will
Carl (PS051) [21] Oh
Susan (PS052) [22] all that
Carl (PS051) [23] God!
Susan (PS052) [24] [laughing] [...] [] !
Carl (PS051) [25] Yes I know.
Susan (PS052) [26] It makes you feel very
Carl (PS051) [27] No, I don't think about it, just let it run.
Susan (PS052) [28] Look at him!
[29] Well I couldn't care cos I don't like taping [laughing] so I shouldn't [] !
Carl (PS051) [30] Well ... it's never stopped you before!
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [31] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [32] Not right now though.
[33] Oh!
[34] I've got a cup of tea.
Carl (PS051) [35] No, you were right what you said though about
Susan (PS052) [36] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [37] Matthew.
Susan (PS052) [38] Yeah I just ... it just seems to me such a complete ... and utter waste of of, his time primarily ... for fifteen, I mean this being identified a year earlier which ... we reckon it was ... you would think that ... even given ... all the red tape and everything else
Carl (PS051) [39] I'll have to look up his records at least.
Susan (PS052) [40] You know it makes you ... well it makes you wonder whether ... something could be done without placing him, for his sake!
[41] Cos he's never gonna achieve anything in an ordinary class.
[42] He's just got such a downer on himself
Carl (PS051) [43] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [44] and he's he's got such a ... a negative ... way of looking at himself ... and everybody else looks at him that way now.
[45] Cos he he, he cannot be positive ... he contributes nothing!
Carl (PS051) [46] It's hard being positive
Susan (PS052) [47] In his own eyes.
Carl (PS051) [48] for him isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [49] Well it's, I mean I feel sorry for him ... but having said
Carl (PS051) [50] Well I do and I don't sometimes.
Susan (PS052) [51] well having said that, although I feel sorry for him I get annoyed with him!
Carl (PS051) [52] Yes.
[53] Like I said he's his own worst enemy!
Susan (PS052) [54] Because he wastes everybody's else's time.
Carl (PS051) [55] And everybody else is fed up with him!
Susan (PS052) [56] Well this is why I think he'd be better off,hi his needs ... are not met by a class teacher.
[57] And I don't think they have been for this last
Carl (PS051) [58] Mm, we need a support teacher to go there.
Susan (PS052) [59] for the last year.
[60] But yo , you need somebody who's gonna work with him every day ... and ... with an individual programme and you just can't offer that ... in a class.
Carl (PS051) [61] Mm, it's difficult.
Susan (PS052) [62] The only way you can do that is if he goes to ... a special unit ... at Maidstone ... and works
Carl (PS051) [63] Well I don't think there's provision for him now you see because it's a
Susan (PS052) [64] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [65] there's a term and a half left before he moves on.
Susan (PS052) [66] Well this, this is what I'm saying, if it had been picked up ... and followed through ... at an earlier stage he would have been ensconced
Carl (PS051) [67] Oh yeah , well there must have been
Susan (PS052) [68] and
Carl (PS051) [69] a problem identified earlier on but er
Susan (PS052) [70] Oh!
[71] Well I think so ... I think it's been identified but I don't think it's been followed through.
Carl (PS051) [72] Well, it's like so many other things isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [73] Yeah, that's always the way though innit?
[74] ... I just [...] cos when I see children like that ... and you know there's nothing you can really do for them, you can't make up for the fact ... that they've got a rotten home life and that's ... top and bottom line that's what it is!
Carl (PS051) [75] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [76] You're trying to be everything ... and they're pushing it away cos it's not what they really want ... and they, I mean, all, all you can get from him is how marvellous, you're right, how marvellous his brothers are ... and yet, what I've heard of the brothers they're not
Carl (PS051) [77] Not much, yeah.
Susan (PS052) [78] they're not all that marvellous, they're not really that much to look up
Carl (PS051) [79] Ah.
Susan (PS052) [80] to.
Carl (PS051) [81] No
Susan (PS052) [82] And they, they've
Carl (PS051) [83] role model is it, really?
Susan (PS052) [84] No.
[85] I suppose marvellous to the wrong things!
[86] Oh well!
[87] And he he was ... talking
Carl (PS051) [88] Was anything else ... said or acted upon or ... shall I use the kids who are done today ooh,tha that [...] should be ... done.
Susan (PS052) [89] No.
[90] I don't think so.
Carl (PS051) [91] Done today?
Susan (PS052) [92] No.
[93] No I said erm ... I had a conversation with Gillian about reading, about little bits of reading ... and, I made the point that we'd said last night about him barking at print, reading through words that he didn't know ... and not asking what they were ... and she said she'd noticed that.
[94] And, cos we had a bit of a laugh about it, I don't know what I'm telling you about it for cos you hear him read anyway!
[95] But she said yes, she'd noticed, but she said they are getting more out of this ... Johnny Briggs book ... than the other book.
Carl (PS051) [96] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [97] So she's quite pleased ... that she's put them on to it, it is difficult.
Carl (PS051) [98] [...] brilliant!
Susan (PS052) [99] Sorry?
Carl (PS051) [100] Nothing.
Susan (PS052) [101] Mm.
[102] And I saw Mrs
Carl (PS051) [103] Oh yes?
Susan (PS052) [104] in the bank, I went up to the bank
Carl (PS051) [105] And what did she have to say for herself?
Susan (PS052) [106] She's alright.
[107] I just don't feel that ... you know, she's basically taken Robert back last night, that was very kind of her and all that, she said oh it's been nice to have him and ... erm ... but er ... Oliver and Robert had got on really well ... and erm ... [yawning] that's all really [] .
Carl (PS051) [108] Are you still working?
Susan (PS052) [109] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Carl (PS051) [110] It's alright
Susan (PS052) [111] Er
Carl (PS051) [112] it's just some noise I heard on the tape.
Susan (PS052) [113] oh and we were jus ... well we just sort of cha , I was just talking about the weather, she was saying how cold it was.
[114] And erm ... and I made the point that I ... tipped all your lot out of I said what and [] ... I hadn't let them go in the classroom and I said it's a new thing but ... I said they got their coats on ... they're too macho to wear them that's their problem, you know!
[115] They've got their coats in school.
[116] But we ... they were very good about going out, I'm not going up to her again!
[117] She's just gonna have to cry herself to sleep I'm afraid.
[118] I've just
Carl (PS051) [119] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [120] had enough of her now!
[121] She's tired, she's had a busy day, so
Carl (PS051) [122] When was she last asleep?
Susan (PS052) [123] Erm ... just before I came in from school ... and we were home by about half three.
[124] But she's ready to go off really, she probably would have done if Robert hadn't tipped the milk everywhere!
Carl (PS051) [125] Was she asleep by then?
Susan (PS052) [126] And then ranted and raved cos she probably just about going off then, you see it woke her up all the fuss and kerfuffle!
Carl (PS051) [127] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [128] I was so mad with him for doing it!
[129] ... So silly!
Carl (PS051) [130] The trials and tribulations of a family life!
Susan (PS052) [131] Mm.
[132] Trials and tribulations!
[133] I tell you a ... ou ... I said today when I was in school ... cos that's like being at home with my three year old, it was just like that today being stuck in there!
Carl (PS051) [134] I'll just go up and see to her.
Susan (PS052) [135] Alright.
[136] And try and sort her out.
[137] ... Where's your ... bit of paper then you have to fill in on this?
[138] About where you're ... working and what you're doing and ... who you're doing it with ... and how often!
Carl (PS051) [139] The log book?
Susan (PS052) [140] Yeah, [laughing] that's the word [] !
[141] Ha!
Carl (PS051) [142] The ... the log book!
Susan (PS052) [143] Near the dictionary, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [144] I
Susan (PS052) [145] [...] ... there's quite a few questions innit?
Carl (PS051) [146] You get ... a conversation record booklet, tapes one to ten.
Susan (PS052) [147] Where's your [...] ?
[148] Sorry that was the one I was looking for.
Carl (PS051) [149] Each side covers one side, forty five minutes of a ninety minute tape.
Susan (PS052) [150] Mind you, there's been a great pause on it while you went to see to the baby.
Carl (PS051) [151] Mm.
[152] So then they're all the details, and there's examples and
Susan (PS052) [153] So, you're gonna take that out with you tomorrow?
[154] When we go and buy the corn and er ... goat mix?
Carl (PS051) [155] I could do.
Susan (PS052) [156] I'm just trying to think where you ... what you're gonna do when I have my, have my hair cut?
Carl (PS051) [157] I don't know.
[158] I'll find something.
Susan (PS052) [159] I'll be about an hour ... I reckon.
[160] I must find that photo as well.
[161] The erm ... take it with me.
[162] ... I feel I should be all philosophical and ... start [laughing] spouting! [...] [] !
Carl (PS051) [163] What about?
Susan (PS052) [164] I dunno.
[165] It sounds good.
Carl (PS051) [166] I'm spouted out I think!
Susan (PS052) [167] I told you that I was punned today didn't I?
[168] I'd
Carl (PS051) [169] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [170] suddenly forgotten, it suddenly just ... it just didn't ... twig with them at all.
Carl (PS051) [171] They didn't laugh when he mentioned then?
Susan (PS052) [172] Yeah they ... they groaned at the ones we'd come up with ... but when it came to making their own up
Carl (PS051) [173] And they couldn't.
Susan (PS052) [174] they'd come out with half of one, they'd come out with things like ... I think you're ... er ... I dunno ... er, not barking up the wrong tree that was the wrong one, but ... the they'd sort of come out with half of a pun and they wouldn't finish it off, like oh th , this is smashing!
[175] Sa , and I'd say ... yeah but that's not a pun ... that's only a pun if you ... if you write down this is smashing ... said ... erm ... the robber or the smash and grab, in other words the window fell in, that kind of thing, you know.
Carl (PS051) [176] Well anyway how do , does that link with sea ...
Susan (PS052) [177] Well ... we had to
Carl (PS051) [178] [laughing] words [] ?
Susan (PS052) [179] we, no we broaden it ... i i , they they just couldn't manage on the sea ones [...] .
Carl (PS051) [180] Cor there's loads!
Susan (PS052) [181] Oh they couldn't si , yeah don't forget yo , well I don't know why I'm telling you, but, you know your ri , your age range.
[182] They managed to get some ... ones on the sea, but they did have a try ... erm ... a lot of them come up with the erm ... barking up the wrong tree said the dog, you know, things like that ... with a bit of help.
Carl (PS051) [183] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [184] Erm ... there's another one that a lot of came up with ... one or two had heard ... a few before ... and they all groaned and then accused you of making them all up!
[185] I said, no, actually [laughing] but that's always a lie [] !
Carl (PS051) [186] Oh I thought you might say that!
Susan (PS052) [187] So they all laughed at
Carl (PS051) [188] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [189] that and then ... but that was quite hard really!
[190] When I think about it they did ha erm, but I'm fed up with talking about school!
[191] Let's talk [laughing] about something else [] !
Carl (PS051) [192] School's banned now is it?
Susan (PS052) [193] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [194] I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow.
Susan (PS052) [195] What a wicked dog!
[196] [laugh] ... [laughing] Oh God [] !
Carl (PS051) [197] You're gasping for air are you?
Susan (PS052) [198] Cor blimey!
[199] I don't know what my mother's fed that dog [laughing] today [] , but ... it's certainly repeating on him tonight!
Carl (PS051) [200] Mm.
[201] Kick him out then.
Susan (PS052) [202] Mm, he's laying there pretending it's not him, look! [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [203] Get him off that carpet!
Susan (PS052) [204] Oh dear!
[205] Oh Laura ... I must just
Carl (PS051) [206] Get him off the carpet!
Susan (PS052) [207] I must just tell you this, Laura did make me laugh, cos she said ... she stood up and she said, I'm gonna give my talk about cats ... so I said, fine.
[208] She said, and I'm gonna talk about my cat Ginger and my brother's car an , and my brother's Barney, oh by the way Barney's dead!
[209] [laughing] So she just carried on [] !
Carl (PS051) [210] [yawning] Oh [] , that's the end of that [laughing] conversation [] !
Susan (PS052) [211] [laughing] [...] [] !
[212] But she spoke of ... and she kept speaking about him being
Carl (PS051) [213] So matter of fact.
Susan (PS052) [214] in the ... she kept speaking about him as tho , as though he was all, you know, still alright, and that was just so funny the way she said it and I thought I mustn't laugh cos that ... er,i she doesn't intend to be funny with it at all!
[215] That was quite good, in fact, she'll have
Carl (PS051) [216] Oh.
Susan (PS052) [217] [...] talking about school!
Carl (PS051) [218] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [219] Oh!
[220] Oh!
[221] Oh!
[222] School's banned!
Carl (PS051) [223] They're doing some good things at weekend.
Susan (PS052) [224] Oh aye?
[225] Such as?
Carl (PS051) [226] Having carpet down in one corridor!
Susan (PS052) [227] [laugh] Nice.
Carl (PS051) [228] And they're painting the walls!
[229] Mm mm!
Susan (PS052) [230] [...] wine , yeah lovely!
Carl (PS051) [231] Mm!
Susan (PS052) [232] How's the new Head going down now then?
Carl (PS051) [233] Well ... mixed I think.
[234] There are those who ... struggling with the old Head who never knew what was going on ... and like
Susan (PS052) [235] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [236] this Head
Susan (PS052) [237] They like him?
Carl (PS051) [238] and there are those who ... think this new one's
Susan (PS052) [239] Too ... too squeaky!
[240] To squeaky [...] ?
Carl (PS051) [241] gone in , no no no, she's just gone in and er ... doing too much too soon, yeah, yeah.
[242] They're a very established staff you know
Susan (PS052) [243] Well it's
Carl (PS051) [244] there's not been much change
Susan (PS052) [245] Yeah I see it, over that, I mean that's Suffolk all over isn't it, really for you?
[246] Th they si they sit and look at change for ten
Carl (PS051) [247] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [248] years and then they think, yeah we might do something [laughing] and then they actually go out and do it [] !
Carl (PS051) [249] Yeah , watching the grass grow is pretty
Susan (PS052) [250] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [251] dramatic down here!
Susan (PS052) [252] Sometimes it can be, yeah.
[253] Yeah, it's interesting though!
Carl (PS051) [254] I mean, it looks nice it's ... see I'm impressed with her ... I must admit, impressed with her.
Susan (PS052) [255] It looks better than it did.
Carl (PS051) [256] And the decor.
Susan (PS052) [257] Well that'll totally depress Terry [laughing] if he goes there then [] won't it? [...]
Carl (PS051) [258] But theirs is bigger, they've got a pottery room, they've got careers education there
Susan (PS052) [259] Yeah, [...]
Carl (PS051) [260] they've got two classes, they're looking to the library.
Susan (PS052) [261] Yeah but I mean yours is ... a big school now isn't it?
Carl (PS051) [262] Well ours has got ... loads more pupils than theirs!
Susan (PS052) [263] And they've just got more room haven't they?
Carl (PS051) [264] They've got, they've
Susan (PS052) [265] Yeah, well they've got an old secondary modern school there.
Carl (PS051) [266] Well it's the old six, yeah that's right.
Susan (PS052) [267] That's why.
Carl (PS051) [268] Oh
Susan (PS052) [269] I mean they've got the facilities purposely built
Carl (PS051) [270] Cor, too right!
Susan (PS052) [271] really, that's ... that'd be lovely!
Carl (PS051) [272] It's ideal!
[273] I mean, we should have their site.
Susan (PS052) [274] Yeah.
[275] It's like the girls said to me today, erm ... just before the end of ... I'm doing it again!
[276] But anyway, just before the end of the morning, they said erm ... could we practise our talks on each other, and there was only ten minutes left so I said, yes ... and they said well can we go somewhere quiet?
[277] And the only way ... place I could ... think to send them was the girls' changing room!
Carl (PS051) [278] Oh.
Susan (PS052) [279] There wasn't anywhere else!
Carl (PS051) [280] Wasn't it?
Susan (PS052) [281] Cos the library was being used
Carl (PS051) [282] it was a quiet
Susan (PS052) [283] the hall was, they're getting ready for lunch
Carl (PS051) [284] yeah it was a quiet joke at the staff meeting that er
Susan (PS052) [285] you know and
Carl (PS051) [286] my office is er ... gonna be taken over ... because they need the extra toilets!
Susan (PS052) [287] Ha!
Carl (PS051) [288] I would say oh they do for these extra classroom they're gonna
Susan (PS052) [289] Well you ma ah, made me laugh when you just sit there in that corner ... doing paperwork!
[290] Like when you were in the other week and I was taking that class
Carl (PS051) [291] I don't normally sit there.
Susan (PS052) [292] Well it was just so funny, it's just the kind of place you'd expect to see naughty [laughing] boys, there was you sitting to the
Carl (PS051) [293] Yeah, but I was quiet, I was hardly
Susan (PS052) [294] marking papers [] , you know! [...]
Carl (PS051) [295] Well there aren't any other places!
Susan (PS052) [296] Oh I know!
Carl (PS051) [297] I mean Terry said I could use his office but
Susan (PS052) [298] You feel as though it's
Carl (PS051) [299] he keeps coming in and
Susan (PS052) [300] ah, it feels
Carl (PS051) [301] and the secretary's knocking on the door, the telephone rings, and ... I got a bit of work done.
Susan (PS052) [302] that's inhibiting as well isn't it?
[303] And it's almost like ... crowding somebody's personal space ... if you go in their office.
[304] And, I feel that when I go in your room now ... very much that it is your room, and I feel the same when I go in Glenys's, it's her room
Carl (PS051) [305] Well ... I mean that should be
Susan (PS052) [306] and you're a visitor there which is ... as it should be.
Carl (PS051) [307] it shouldn't be after, what , seven years?
Susan (PS052) [308] Yeah.
[309] But that's just it.
Carl (PS051) [310] Never been painted, never been clean and tidy.
Susan (PS052) [311] Ah but ... but it's, it's all to do with ... having your own personal space I think.
Carl (PS051) [312] Yeah, be o , interesting if they are.
Susan (PS052) [313] Cos mum made me laugh tonight ... but she came in and ... she said oh you can have a hot cross bun there, I said well ... I think I'll have a piece of chocolate cake and she said ... alright then!
[314] I said, oh I'm glad you approve being as though it's mine and it's [laughing] my house, I can eat what I want!
[315] And she'd just totally forgotten [] !
Carl (PS051) [316] Mm.
[317] Comfortable
Susan (PS052) [318] So
Carl (PS051) [319] you see.
Susan (PS052) [320] i , it was really quite funny!
[321] But ... you [...] cos she'd said ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [cough]
Susan (PS052) [322] looking after the littlest ones all day and ... and she's obviously been speaking to them like that during
Carl (PS051) [323] Ah.
Susan (PS052) [324] the day and ... got this ... that's like your grandma did that with erm ... with June ... once or
Carl (PS051) [325] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [326] twice.
[327] And June wanted to go out and yo , your granny said ... make sure you're [laughing] back before midnight [] !
Carl (PS051) [328] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [329] There she was ... [laughing] a married woman with a
Carl (PS051) [330] She's a right wally?
Susan (PS052) [331] mm ... kids as well!
Carl (PS051) [332] They assume an awful lot man.
Susan (PS052) [333] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [334] The elderly do.
Susan (PS052) [335] The wrinklies, now there's a word!
[336] In common [laughing] usage, the wrinklies [] !
Carl (PS051) [337] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [338] As the children ... so sweetly call them!
Carl (PS051) [339] Oh, woe betide anybody who calls me one!
Susan (PS052) [340] Yeah, I know.
[341] I've seen so many grey hairs [...] .
[342] [laughing] Am I a wrinkly yet [] ?
[343] Is this the sign of ... wrinklydom!
[344] [laughing] You know [] !
Carl (PS051) [345] [laughing] Wrinkly [] !
[346] Wrinklydom.
[347] There such a
Susan (PS052) [348] Oh.
Carl (PS051) [349] word?
Susan (PS052) [350] I dunno, erm ... don't think there's such a
Carl (PS051) [351] There ought to be!
Susan (PS052) [352] as wrin , now I know where that's come from.
Carl (PS051) [353] What wrinkly?
Susan (PS052) [354] Naff, as well, is another word ... that the kids use a lot.
[355] It's really naff!
Carl (PS051) [356] No, I think that's passed out
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [357] now.
Susan (PS052) [358] They don't like ... [...] .
Carl (PS051) [359] It's out of
Susan (PS052) [360] What was that word that erm ... Ebony was, used?
[361] And I ... wa commented on it ... to you, it was when I borrowed ... the maternity robe from Penny ... and she
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [362] said one, talking about one of the dresses ... and that meant it was really awful and I can't think what
Carl (PS051) [363] Gross?
Susan (PS052) [364] Gross!
[365] Yeah.
[366] That's American though isn't it?
Carl (PS051) [367] Well, well that's them,Ro Robert uses that.
Susan (PS052) [368] Does he?
[369] Well Christopher came in here the other day and he says that cake is
Carl (PS051) [370] Oh yes,las , yes last night, mm.
Susan (PS052) [371] really [laughing] gross [] !
Carl (PS051) [372] Yeah I know.
[373] Gross!
[374] Gross!
Susan (PS052) [375] But when you used to look at the te , you know, the children's television programmes, they're
Carl (PS051) [376] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [377] nearly all American, the cartoons.
Carl (PS051) [378] Yes it's a ... hundred and forty four isn't it, a gross?
Susan (PS052) [379] Yeah.
[380] Suppose so.
Carl (PS051) [381] With the old numbers.
Susan (PS052) [382] Yeah.
[383] I don't remember using that.
[384] Ace, was the word ... that we used a lot.
Carl (PS051) [385] Carry on.
Susan (PS052) [386] It's ace!
[387] Ah, everything was ace, and ace that!
[388] [laughing] Oh god I ... it dates me [] !
Carl (PS051) [389] Carbon dates, you!
Susan (PS052) [390] Oh no chance!
[391] Makes me seem ever so old!
Carl (PS051) [392] Oh.
Susan (PS052) [393] Looking round at people today and ... you mi , try to imagine them ... in their own home setting ... you know?
[394] And what they're like ... out of work ... you know?
[395] It's ... I mean it's ... it's difficult to picture people anywhere other than where you actually meet them at work.
[396] I can't im , with not knowing where they live, I mean I can't envisage where ... what kind of houses I mean
Carl (PS051) [cough]
Susan (PS052) [397] some of them ... have got, some [...] .
[398] ... Quite interesting.
[399] Oh.
[400] Are we gonna watch Victoria Wood at nine?
Carl (PS051) [401] If you want to.
Susan (PS052) [402] I like that.
Carl (PS051) [403] Seen them all before!
Susan (PS052) [404] Ah but they're funny!
[405] They are funny!
Carl (PS051) [406] Oh!
[407] Hang on, I wanna watch the ... the
Susan (PS052) [408] Oh!
Carl (PS051) [409] Good Guys!
Susan (PS052) [410] That's finished innit?
Carl (PS051) [411] No, there's ... one more episode, I'm sure there is.
Susan (PS052) [412] Oh that's really ... naff!
Carl (PS051) [413] Well I prefer that to ... Victoria Wood!
Susan (PS052) [414] Oh, well I'll tape Victoria Wood then cos I like that!
[415] Them
Carl (PS051) [416] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [417] Good Guys, it gets more of ... outrageous every week, you can't believe a word of it!
[418] There's no plot to it at all, it's ... it's just so farfetched!
Carl (PS051) [419] Well then ... we'll watch Victoria Wood then.
Susan (PS052) [420] Oh!
[421] [laughing] Alright then [] !
Carl (PS051) [422] If you want to watch it now darling.
Susan (PS052) [423] Well I mean I've watched that ... the Good Guides ... [laughing] Guys [] !
Carl (PS051) [424] They're the Good Guides!
Susan (PS052) [425] [laughing] The guys [] !
[426] I watched the
Carl (PS051) [427] Put your teeth in.
Susan (PS052) [428] Good Guys sa ... a couple of times and ... [...] ... whether it was gonna improve or not ... but it hasn't!
[429] [laugh] ... Been waiting for it to get better every week and it
Carl (PS051) [430] Well this could be the episode!
Susan (PS052) [431] And you've missed it!
Carl (PS051) [432] Yeah!
Susan (PS052) [433] Cos we've been watching the repeat of Victoria Wood!
Carl (PS051) [434] Oh yeah, if we see
Susan (PS052) [435] Why is that Care Bear down there, has she had it out the bath?
Carl (PS051) [436] Probably.
Susan (PS052) [437] [...] difficult to sleep innit?
Carl (PS051) [438] No, you tell them, I'm fed up of telling kids off today!
Susan (PS052) [439] You haven't had any to look after today!
[440] None of your kids!
Carl (PS051) [441] This week I have.
Susan (PS052) [442] Mm.
[443] I didn't have no [...] ... didn't have any complaints at dinner time, [...]
Carl (PS051) [444] [yawning] Oh [] I don't care Sue, I'm not bothered.
Susan (PS052) [445] Mm.
[446] That's alright then.
[447] ... Oh one of the hens got ... erm ... landed on the top of the black net ... cos I ... I'd put some ... corn and stuff in you see ... and she landed on it ... and she got her feet stuck through netting ... so she was flapping and the net was just going [laughing] up and down [] !
Carl (PS051) [448] It's quite er
Susan (PS052) [449] No ... that, that'll give way, that will be alright.
[450] Now as she, I flapped it, I got hold of it and I flapped it so it, I sort of bounced about, she sort of bumped along
Carl (PS051) [451] Yeah, you have to.
Susan (PS052) [452] until she got onto that crossbar ... and then she just flew straight back and did exactly the same thing all over again and I just thought ... sod it!
[453] I left her on there!
Carl (PS051) [454] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [455] And that she'll just have to take a chance tonight.
[456] Cos she saw me putting the corn in and she decided she'd try and get it ... by diving through the black net ... instead of going through the gate, like with a normal hen, you know, this one's obviously brain ... dead or
Carl (PS051) [457] They are stupid that lot!
Susan (PS052) [458] They are silly!
[459] Mum said they'd been all over today!
[460] Dad opened the front door and he said there was a troop of them walking up the path!
[461] He said, he just said get out of it!
[462] [laughing] They all we , turned round and went the other way again [] !
Carl (PS051) [463] [laugh] ... Surprising that he'd talked back to them, yes.
Susan (PS052) [464] Yeah.
[465] But the , I mean I came home and they were under the hedge ... they weren't going through but ... there's a big piece of netting ... has come down ... and it needs ... erm ... stitching up and then it needs ... sewing, not sewing ... erm
Carl (PS051) [466] That's alright, if it's fine let me do that.
Susan (PS052) [467] i , but it needs two of us, it needs somebody on the inside and somebody on the out ... just to stop them flying ... through it.
[468] Cos the, the the the cock was on the back door this morning, crowing!
Carl (PS051) [469] Somebody there was crowing ... at about half past twelve, quarter to one this morning!
[470] There were two of them crowing their heads off!
Susan (PS052) [471] Oh I never heard them
Carl (PS051) [472] Yes!
Susan (PS052) [473] Oh God we'll be popular round here won't we?
Carl (PS051) [474] That's what I thought.
Susan (PS052) [475] I never heard them Carl!
Carl (PS051) [476] I mean you're not locking him in any more are you?
[477] You're not shutting the door.
Susan (PS052) [478] Well I ... I hadn't been shutting the one ... that don't make no difference still, there's only ... cos Pavarotti's out anyway!
[479] Cos he he won't ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [480] Yeah but you don't let the other two, I mean ... it's
Susan (PS052) [481] I ought to ... perhaps we ought to start closing them in again then that'll keep
Carl (PS051) [482] Yeah, perhaps you ought to.
Susan (PS052) [483] them quiet.
[484] But the trouble was ... with closing them in, not so much on the [...] , but on the old flock ... it was so warped, the wood with being damp and wet and frosty ... it was freezing across every night and it was nearly taking my fingers off
Carl (PS051) [485] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [486] getting it open in the morning, that really hurt!
Carl (PS051) [487] Well put a little loo loop or something there.
Susan (PS052) [488] It's too, too rotten, the wood.
[489] But I've got, what I've gotta do is repair that other coop
Carl (PS051) [490] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [491] and get that there and then it'll be a lot easier ... cos mum said she struggled today to get in that door ... of the [...] , I said well what do you go in there for?
[492] And she was going in for eggs or something, said well I usually leave them a day or two in the winter cos it doesn't hurt ... and she said she struggled and struggled with that door!
[493] She said it hasn't got any ... [...] at the minute!
[494] I said, well no cos it was on, like strings ... but er that does need fixing.
[495] But it's just been too wet and too nasty to do anything about it so ... when we've got a chance we'll have to really do.
[496] She said she's [laughing] looking forward to the day that we get it fixed [] !
[497] Said, oh I'm sorry mum, I'll go and get you some eggs!
[498] Cos they are quite tame, I mean that's one thing about the hens ... I mean ... they can't come out though, they just wander about.
[499] And it ... but the erm ... the goats apparently were no problem today, they just stayed on and ... gave them a few bits and pieces you know ... so ... [yawning] that was fair enough [] .
[500] Oh, I wish she'd hurry up and go to sleep!
Carl (PS051) [501] I think I'll have to put her down again then.
Susan (PS052) [502] Put her down!
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [503] I can't understand it!
[504] I mean she's ... she's been up ... and been busy and ... she's had a warm bath and she's had a bottle of
Carl (PS051) [505] She'll start this caper again though!
Susan (PS052) [506] Yeah, coming in at night.
[507] I wo , well she was awake in the middle of the night, I don't know what time it was but all I could hear was mummy, mummy, mummy!
Carl (PS051) [508] Why didn't you just put her back ... into bed!
Susan (PS052) [509] And I lay her down and she bawls!
Carl (PS051) [510] Well it doesn't matter!
[511] I didn't hear her!
Susan (PS052) [512] Well, I heard her!
[513] And I feel really guilty, I think oh I better bring her in ... and then she wakes me up at six o'clock bouncing on the bed!
[514] So ... And o , also ... when it's the day before I, I'm working ... I'm very conscience that I don't want her to be upset in the morning, same with Christopher ... I don't want any upsets in the morning.
[515] I don't want her frazzled ... and I don't want him upset in the morning cos I wanna ... go out and have a nice ... even keel then
Carl (PS051) [516] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [517] and not have to worry that ... they're er ... gonna be a problem for mum
Carl (PS051) [518] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [519] to look after you see, so ... I think if that's the price we gotta pay if it's ... a choice between tha
Carl (PS051) [520] Oh yes!
Susan (PS052) [521] putting up with that ... and me not going out ... then I'm afraid we'll just have to put up with it!
[522] Cos it's ... it's too ... erm ... expensive to do otherwise.
[523] That's what I reckon anyway.
[524] ... Aren't you gonna turn that off yet?
Carl (PS051) [525] No, we'll let the first side run.
Susan (PS052) [526] Are we?
[527] We'll
Carl (PS051) [528] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [529] play it up [...] later on!
Carl (PS051) [530] [laughing] You're doing very well thank you [] !
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [531] I think I've only said about three words in ... you're doing all the chatting.
Susan (PS052) [532] Well you can't get a word in edgeways ... can't you?
Carl (PS051) [533] No.
[534] I'm used to it!
Susan (PS052) [535] No you're not!
[536] Oh well of course that's making me have a parched throat you know, so you're gonna have to ma , go and make me a cup of tea!
[537] Please?
Carl (PS051) [538] No, you're making me one.
Susan (PS052) [539] Oh go on!
Carl (PS051) [540] No.
Susan (PS052) [541] Why's that pendulum blue?
Carl (PS051) [542] Oh, pass!
[543] I've no idea.
[544] Pendulum why are you blue?
Susan (PS052) [545] [laughing] I don't know [] ... said the pendulum!
Carl (PS051) [546] I don't know dear!
[547] I don't know.
Susan (PS052) [548] We've got big cobwebs up there and all!
Carl (PS051) [549] Don't tell [laughing] everybody our secrets [] !
Susan (PS052) [550] [laugh] ... Sorry!
[551] Oh dear!
[552] It's quite a surprise!
[553] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [554] [whistling] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [555] This is what could be termed in [...] as a ... [laughing] a pregnant pause [] !
Carl (PS051) [556] [yawning] Oh!
[557] Level four, attainment target two it'll be [] .
[558] [yawning] Oh, oh I dunno [] !
[559] You get gobble-eyed looking at all those dockets.
Susan (PS052) [560] Well I had a quick look at them.
[561] Oh no, you're doing it again, you're talking about school!
[562] We can't talk about school, it's boring [...]
Carl (PS051) [563] No, I'm gasping for a cup of tea!
Susan (PS052) [564] What are we gonna do now?
[565] Well if I go through now she's just ... quietened again ... just wait until sh , there's no noise at all from up there, give it another ten minutes.
Carl (PS051) [566] Okay.
Susan (PS052) [567] Then ... and then I think hopefully she'll settle.
[568] Has she got a dolly in her cot with her?
[569] ... She does like that so ... we'll have to go and get Christopher's present won't we?
[570] On Monday.
[571] ... Still seems quite keen on a ... train
Carl (PS051) [572] Yes he does seem ... keen on the railway track.
Susan (PS052) [573] Anything, apart from get away from tractors for a bit!
Carl (PS051) [574] Trouble is, is the floor space, he puts it out and ... gets stood on.
Susan (PS052) [575] Yeah.
[576] We'll have to encourage him to put in on the table.
Carl (PS051) [577] Mm, scratch the table, yeah!
Susan (PS052) [578] Mm.
[579] Oh he's, oh dad's buying a sander did I tell you?
[580] No I didn't.
[581] Dad's buying a sander.
[582] Cos he said to me, he said don't rush in to stripping that table cos he's gonna buy a sander ... to keep his [...]
Carl (PS051) [583] Did you tell him we were gonna do the table?
Susan (PS052) [584] Yep.
[585] He said leave it don't do it yet.
[586] I said, well we hadn't intended doing it yet cos the children being so young ... that er ... that's what he needs.
[587] And he said to me, he said if you hang on ... erm, he said you can borrow it ... and sand it all down, you know?
[588] So, I thought that was ... nice of him.
Carl (PS051) [589] It'll be nice that.
Susan (PS052) [590] Yeah.
[591] I thought it was a good idea.
[592] But you know, until then I think we're gonna have to make it that the railway goes on the table, she ju , she doesn't see it Carl, she just ... when she broke that
Carl (PS051) [593] Yes I know.
Susan (PS052) [594] that combine, the [...] she just trod on it but she never saw it!
Carl (PS051) [595] [laughing] Big yellow thing [] !
Susan (PS052) [596] Green actually.
Carl (PS051) [597] Green, is it?
Susan (PS052) [598] Yeah but
Carl (PS051) [599] Oh it's the tractor
Susan (PS052) [600] he left
Carl (PS051) [601] that's yellow.
Susan (PS052) [602] he left it you see, but I mean ... she doesn't know it's ... ah she's, she's like Robert, Robert used to walk through things instead of round them.
[603] I can remember him doing that ... way back, when he was this age.
[604] She's gonna be like Robert, I reckon she'll be
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [605] [laughing] that kind of temperament [...] [] !
[606] What have we let ourselves in for!
Carl (PS051) [607] Another one!
Susan (PS052) [608] Another Robert, aye?
[609] It's not too bad I suppose.
[610] Could do a lot worse [...] .
[611] Oh I don't like that woman over there.
[612] ... And [...] .
[613] [laughing] Why are you looking at me like that [] ?
[614] Well that reminds me of Robert that picture.
Carl (PS051) [615] [cough] ... Before or after a disaster?
Susan (PS052) [616] [laughing] No [] !
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [617] Oh it's, he's a walking landmine isn't he?
Carl (PS051) [618] Bless his heart!
[619] Just like you he is!
Susan (PS052) [620] I know he is, [laughing] that's why I get so irritated with him [] cos I see my failings in him so clearly!
[621] And his, his left hand doesn't know what his right leg is doing!
[622] Terrible!
[623] ... He doesn't seem to re ... relax either ... in friendship anyway so
Carl (PS051) [624] No, he's doing alright.

2 (Tape 033602)

Carl (PS051) [625] You can turn the television on if you want to.
Susan (PS052) [626] Can I?
Carl (PS051) [627] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [628] It's not on yet.
Carl (PS051) [629] Oh it'll be on in a minute Sue.
[630] We can do a bit more taping thereon, I'll be just interested to ... hear what ... [laughing] you have been saying all this time, you know [] !
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [631] So I'm going to stop it.
Susan (PS052) [632] Well somebody's gotta talk!
[633] [laughing] I want that voucher anyway [] !
Carl (PS051) [634] Oh you want that
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [635] yeah.
[636] Ooh you
Susan (PS052) [637] If I'm doing
Carl (PS051) [638] you
Susan (PS052) [639] all the work for
Carl (PS051) [640] you
Susan (PS052) [641] it!
Carl (PS051) [642] gold digger!
[643] Yeah!
Susan (PS052) [644] I know, terrible innit?
[645] I don't really, to be honest.
[646] Mum said ... she said, ooh she said tell Carl to put that towards a new suit for himself.
Carl (PS051) [647] What?
Susan (PS052) [648] That money.
Carl (PS051) [649] Wouldn't buy
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [650] [laughing] an arm and a leg [] !
Susan (PS052) [651] [laughing] [...] and I'll buy Marks
Carl (PS051) [652] [laughing] One
Susan (PS052) [653] and Spencer [] !
Carl (PS051) [654] one, one trouser leg and []
Susan (PS052) [655] No, she said Marks and Spencer do nice su , actually dad got a nice suit from Marks.
Carl (PS051) [656] Not for twenty five you didn't!
Susan (PS052) [657] Eh?
[658] He did!
[659] You can ask him, he had, he had mum's
Carl (PS051) [660] Alright.
Susan (PS052) [661] like you know ... what she get
Carl (PS051) [662] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [663] when
Carl (PS051) [664] Discount?
Susan (PS052) [665] Yeah, that's the word.
[666] Wha , when she, when she leave ... well he had that, plus another twenty five pound voucher and he, he ended up with a seventy five pound suit for twenty five pound!
[667] You ask him to show it to you, on Monday when we go across.
Carl (PS051) [668] It won't fit me though. [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [669] No, not your style, what I'm saying is, yes you can do it ... turn that damn thing off!
Carl (PS051) [670] Mm!

3 (Tape 033604)

Carl (PS051) [671] Oh, you'll have to have your hair washed!
[672] Ha ha ah ah!
Christopher (PS053) [673] Brrrr! [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Carl (PS051) [674] Hair washed.
Rebecca (PS054) [675] I'm gonna put my bows on today.
Carl (PS051) [676] Where's Robert?
Rebecca (PS054) [677] Upstairs, he was down the ... he's just his clothes away.
Carl (PS051) [678] Oh okay.
[679] Can you sit up at the table then?
Rebecca (PS054) [680] No.
Andrew (PS055) [681] What's that?
Carl (PS051) [682] A microphone.
Andrew (PS055) [683] So you're, you're everything
Carl (PS051) [684] Hang on.
Andrew (PS055) [685] you say
Carl (PS051) [686] Everything you say, yep!
[687] Everything
Andrew (PS055) [688] Half.
Carl (PS051) [689] you say.
Christopher (PS053) [690] Mummy!
Andrew (PS055) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [691] Da !
[692] Out!
Carl (PS051) [693] Look at her hair!
Andrew (PS055) [694] [laugh] ... I'll
Carl (PS051) [695] Can yo
Andrew (PS055) [696] go and get some
Carl (PS051) [697] tell Robert.
Andrew (PS055) [...]
Susan (PS052) [698] Right, if you get the
Carl (PS051) [699] Wired for sound.
Susan (PS052) [700] Hey?
[701] Andrew!
[702] Why's he got that, you haven't put it on have you?
[703] Well that's on!
[704] The washing machine, erm
Carl (PS051) [705] Whose is whose?
Susan (PS052) [706] That's Robert's with the cream on it ... that's
Carl (PS051) [707] Ugh!
Susan (PS052) [708] Andrew's
Carl (PS051) [709] Robert!
Susan (PS052) [710] Cos he doesn't like the cream.
Andrew (PS055) [711] Ugh!
Christopher (PS053) [712] Mummy!
[713] Mummy!
Susan (PS052) [714] Christopher's ... Christopher's had his, here's your doughnut.
[715] Oh, sit down Becca!
[716] That's yours.
Rebecca (PS054) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [717] Seen Rebecca?
Susan (PS052) [718] Oh my God!
[719] [...] , I only give her half a one as well.
Carl (PS051) [720] And she's wearing it!
Susan (PS052) [721] Get off!
Carl (PS051) [722] This year's latest fashion!
Susan (PS052) [723] I thought I'll only give her half because I know she'll get in a mess.
Christopher (PS053) [724] Whoa!
Susan (PS052) [725] Shall I get it
Carl (PS051) [726] Is that Christopher's?
Andrew (PS055) [727] Cor yeah!
Carl (PS051) [728] Don't spill it!
[729] Oh it looks nice doesn't it?
Rebecca (PS054) [730] No!
Andrew (PS055) [731] Shut up!
Rebecca (PS054) [732] Shut up!
Andrew (PS055) [733] You got ... jam!
Susan (PS052) [734] I thought you liked the good old [...] I can have the other bit then?
Rebecca (PS054) [735] Mummy?
Susan (PS052) [736] And that's her to sort out.
[737] Hang
Carl (PS051) [738] What?
Susan (PS052) [739] on.
[740] Are these yours Andrew?
Rebecca (PS054) [741] I got them.
Carl (PS051) [742] Watch out Christopher let me move the table.
Andrew (PS055) [743] Andrew don't like the cream so I didn't put any cream on.
Carl (PS051) [744] Hold that cup.
Susan (PS052) [745] Yeah.
Andrew (PS055) [746] Whoa!
Susan (PS052) [747] Ah, mind that chair!
[748] There look.
Carl (PS051) [749] Go on get in the side.
Susan (PS052) [750] That'll be fine.
[751] [shouting] Robert, yours is out [] !
Carl (PS051) [752] Put it over there.
[753] ... There, sit up at the table.
Susan (PS052) [754] Is Robert's doughnut there?
[755] Yes.
Carl (PS051) [756] Where's yours?
Susan (PS052) [757] I'm just now coming ... for mine.
Andrew (PS055) [758] Robert's hiding in his bed, I'm hiding mine.
Susan (PS052) [759] I'll give her a face and a heck of hair wash tonight but
Carl (PS051) [760] Mm mm.
Susan (PS052) [761] she has to have it done anyway.
Carl (PS051) [762] Mm mm
Susan (PS052) [763] So
Carl (PS051) [764] mm.
Susan (PS052) [765] Are they good?
[766] Say, lovely!
Andrew (PS055) [767] Mummy we tidied on, all under the bed.
Susan (PS052) [768] Good!
Andrew (PS055) [769] Did all under the bookcase.
Susan (PS052) [770] Good!
[771] They're nothing like fresh cream ... in a ... a [...] did to mine, I don't like the fresh cream.
Carl (PS051) [772] Not nice?
Susan (PS052) [773] I prefer this, this is the like Dream Topping type stuff ... so I'll let mum have the other one.
Andrew (PS055) [774] They're lovely!
Susan (PS052) [775] Mm!
Carl (PS051) [776] What time's your appointment this morning?
Susan (PS052) [777] Ten fifteen.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [778] This my drink?
Susan (PS052) [779] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [780] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [781] Oh, I've got two then!
Susan (PS052) [782] That one there was from before.
Carl (PS051) [783] Yeah.
[784] Put that back
Susan (PS052) [785] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [786] you'll only spill it.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [787] Okay.
Susan (PS052) [788] Oh dearie me!
[789] Think you better go in the bath my love!
Carl (PS051) [790] Oh!
Susan (PS052) [791] The water's on, I might put her in the bath and give the hair a quick wash.
[792] It can't be [...] .
Christopher (PS053) [793] Mummy, you haven't, this cream is sinking.
Susan (PS052) [794] Bet it does.
Andrew (PS055) [795] Mummy your cream's sinking!
Christopher (PS053) [796] [laughing] Ha [] !
[797] ... Andrew di , do you know there's a biscuit for you?
Susan (PS052) [798] Andrew, Chris is talking to you!
Andrew (PS055) [799] Ah ... I know!
Susan (PS052) [800] Andrew did you know there was a biscuit for you?
Andrew (PS055) [801] I've had mine.
Carl (PS051) [802] He's had it hasn't he?
Andrew (PS055) [803] Mm, got one here.
Carl (PS051) [804] Mhm.
Andrew (PS055) [805] I haven't had mine [...]
Christopher (PS053) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [806] Oh my God!
Andrew (PS055) [scream] [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [807] Latest fashion this year.
Susan (PS052) [808] Ye yeah I'm I'm just [...] .
Carl (PS051) [809] Wearing a doughnut!
Christopher (PS053) [810] Andrew , cos he's got millions of teeth now!
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [811] God!
Susan (PS052) [812] He's got ten.
Carl (PS051) [813] Not millions of teeth, no.
Christopher (PS053) [814] Millions of teeth, cos they're round his ears and nose!
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [815] And [...] ... and this ... arm.
Andrew (PS055) [816] Are you finishing that ... you got half way down that like this erm ... I'll
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Susan (PS052) [817] Eat doughnuts, tell no tales!
Rebecca (PS054) [818] [laughing] Doughnuts tell
Christopher (PS053) [819] Er, ooh ooh ooh!
Rebecca (PS054) [820] no tales [] !
Carl (PS051) [821] So ... what's the procedure for today the , this morning?
Susan (PS052) [822] A bath for her.
Carl (PS051) [823] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [824] You can do that while I put the washing out.
Rebecca (PS054) [825] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [826] And wash her hair, it's up to you.
Rebecca (PS054) [827] Yeah!
Susan (PS052) [828] Boys have to get dressed.
Rebecca (PS054) [829] Daddy can wash Rebecca's hair!
Susan (PS052) [830] Boys to get dressed ... I'll put the washing out ... and get myself
Carl (PS051) [831] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [832] dressed ... we really need to leave here
Rebecca (PS054) [833] [shouting] Bang [] !
Susan (PS052) [834] sort of ten-ish.
Carl (PS051) [835] Well it's ... it's plenty of time.
[836] It's only quarter past nine now.
Susan (PS052) [837] Yeah, but by the time you've washed up
Rebecca (PS054) [838] There's only a [...]
Carl (PS051) [839] Tea towel.
Susan (PS052) [840] Mind your cup!
Carl (PS051) [841] Saw that Sus.
[842] He's just pushed [...] in this cupboard.
[843] [sigh] Er ha ha ha ha ha!
Susan (PS052) [844] Don't!
[845] ... Muttley!
[846] ... All you can hear is [laughing] munch munch, chomp chomp chomp [] !
Carl (PS051) [847] Yeah, it'll be interesting won't it?
Susan (PS052) [848] It must be highly boring listening, listening to it, chomp chomp!
Christopher (PS053) [849] Mummy!
[850] Look Mummy!
Rebecca (PS054) [851] Mikey's chew ... don't forget.
Susan (PS052) [852] No, you always need to chomp.
Rebecca (PS054) [853] So does Andrew!
Susan (PS052) [854] Mm!
Rebecca (PS054) [855] So does daddy's.
Carl (PS051) [856] When I've got them in.
Rebecca (PS054) [857] [laugh] ... And does mummy's.
[858] Mummy you've [laughing] get chompedy cheek too [] !
Susan (PS052) [859] Yeah, all the time.
[860] You sticky girl!
Carl (PS051) [861] Aha.
Susan (PS052) [862] I tell you what, we must get her a plastic food bowl.
Christopher (PS053) [863] Ugh!
Susan (PS052) [864] She starting to lob her [...]
Christopher (PS053) [865] Hey!
Susan (PS052) [866] Be alright then.
[867] Get off!
Andrew (PS055) [868] She's got one.
[869] Somewhere.
Susan (PS052) [870] She ain't got a plastic one though.
Carl (PS051) [871] No.
Susan (PS052) [872] She's got [...] that green one [...] , I haven't seen that for ages, that green one have you?
Christopher (PS053) [873] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Carl (PS051) [874] No.
Christopher (PS053) [875] Alright?
Susan (PS052) [876] I'm alright, you alright?
Christopher (PS053) [877] Right!
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [878] Alwight
Susan (PS052) [879] Yeah I'm alright.
[880] You alwight
Carl (PS051) [881] That could be a new dictionary word.
Susan (PS052) [882] Are you jammy?
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Susan (PS052) [883] Are you jammy girl?
[884] Think so.
[885] Ooh, don't look all coy!
Carl (PS051) [886] What wash? [sigh]
Rebecca (PS054) [887] Mum can I sing ... [singing] I'm a little a flea [] ?
Susan (PS052) [888] Sing happy birthday.
[889] [singing] Happy birthday ... to you [] ... can you do it?
[890] In fact, she was singing it all yesterday.
Rebecca (PS054) [891] [singing] Happy birthday to Andrew, to you [] .
Susan (PS052) [892] Clever girl!
[893] Clever girl isn't she?
Christopher (PS053) [laughing] [...] []
Rebecca (PS054) [894] [laugh] ... Ga again, [singing] Happy birthday to
Andrew (PS055) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [895] to ger ger ger [] !
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [896] [singing] Happy birthday []
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [897] No I thought [...] yesterday.
[898] That's supposed to be the edited version!
[899] Clever girl, yes!
[900] Practising.
Rebecca (PS054) [901] [singing] Ap birthday []
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Andrew (PS055) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [902] She's practising for Christopher's
Susan (PS052) [903] Christopher
Carl (PS051) [904] birthday.
Rebecca (PS054) [905] [singing] Ap birthday []
Susan (PS052) [906] Christopher ... is [...] gonna have [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [907] [singing] Ah, borgi , birthday to
Susan (PS052) [908] shall we have a little swim ... [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [909] ah, woo [] !
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [910] Christopher!
Carl (PS051) [911] Oh oh!
Rebecca (PS054) [912] Mummy!
[913] Yeah!
Susan (PS052) [914] He's acting that one is.
Carl (PS051) [915] Yeah.
[916] But not while he's drinking his
Rebecca (PS054) [laugh]
Andrew (PS055) [917] [laughing] Good girl [] !
Carl (PS051) [918] drinking now are they?
Andrew (PS055) [919] She's put the bowl on the table now.
Susan (PS052) [920] Oh, clever gir !
[921] Oh, so
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [922] No!
Susan (PS052) [923] you're going to have a bath
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [924] No!
Susan (PS052) [925] and hair wash?
Rebecca (PS054) [926] Back!
[927] Back!
[928] Back!
Andrew (PS055) [929] Sing ... [singing] Happy birthday to you [] .
Rebecca (PS054) [930] I will do.
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [931] Yeah
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [932] [singing] Ah boo [] .
Andrew (PS055) [933] [singing] Nee ee er [] !
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [934] [singing] Ner ner ner [] !
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [935] It sounds like happy boiled egg doesn't it?
Susan (PS052) [936] [laughing] Happy boiled egg to you, yeah [] !
Rebecca (PS054) [937] [singing] Ee yeah, oh [] !
Andrew (PS055) [938] [laughing] Happy boiled egg [] !
Rebecca (PS054) [939] [singing] Ay yaaa [] !
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [940] [singing] Yay [...] [] !
Susan (PS052) [941] That'll be another ... family saying
Andrew (PS055) [...]
Susan (PS052) [942] won't it, happy boiled egg!
Christopher (PS053) [scream]
Rebecca (PS054) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [scream]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [943] That with all these, [laughing] [...] [] , boiled eggs
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Susan (PS052) [944] to Robert!
Andrew (PS055) [945] Happy boiled egg!
[946] Happy boiled egg!
Susan (PS052) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [shouting] [...] []
Christopher (PS053) [947] Thank you
Andrew (PS055) [shouting] [...] []
Christopher (PS053) [948] [shouting] Happy []
Susan (PS052) [949] [...] boiled egg.
Christopher (PS053) [950] [shouting] birthday [] !
Susan (PS052) [951] Now, sshh!
[952] Don't shout!
Christopher (PS053) [953] Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!
Susan (PS052) [954] You couldn't say boiled egg, and you used to call them baldies!
Christopher (PS053) [955] [singing] [...] [] !
Andrew (PS055) [956] [singing] [...] [] !
Susan (PS052) [957] [laughing] Baldy eggs [] !
[958] Cos the eggs don't care!
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [959] [singing] [...] [] .
Andrew (PS055) [960] I must be old!
[961] Robert.
Carl (PS051) [962] I made you look young.
Christopher (PS053) [963] [singing] Hap birthday
Andrew (PS055) [964] Pardon?
Christopher (PS053) [965] to you
Carl (PS051) [966] [...] the noisiest of them all!
Andrew (PS055) [967] Er ... daddy, remember you got that
Christopher (PS053) [968] [...] [] !
Andrew (PS055) [969] microphone on.
Carl (PS051) [970] Oh, it's alright, just ignore it.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [971] Have you been o , everybody [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [972] Daddy I haven't seen that thi ... clip thing at Christopher's [...] .
Rebecca (PS054) [973] [shouting] Mummy, you got it [] ?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [974] And that clip thing, that clips on the [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [975] [shouting] Daddy [] !
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [976] on the amplifier.
Andrew (PS055) [977] What's an amplifier?
Carl (PS051) [978] That's a good
Rebecca (PS054) [979] Daddy!
Carl (PS051) [980] good explanation that.
Christopher (PS053) [981] [singing] Happy birthday to []
Rebecca (PS054) [982] Hat.
Christopher (PS053) [983] [singing] you [] .
Andrew (PS055) [984] Excuse me please, I wanna get over there.
Christopher (PS053) [985] Oh!
Susan (PS052) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [986] Daddy look!
[987] [shouting] Mummy [] !
Carl (PS051) [988] No.
Christopher (PS053) [989] [singing] Happy birthday to you [] .
Carl (PS051) [990] Oh ... Andrew!
Andrew (PS055) [991] What?
Carl (PS051) [992] Christopher will you drink that or ... don't wipe it on the floor!
[993] ... Tip it out!
[994] Go on, take it in the other room!
[995] He's had enough, go on, take it in the other room!
[996] ... This tape is slowing being inundated with milk and water and stuff like that!
[997] Get me the polish will you?
[998] ... Can you pass that polish Sue?
Susan (PS052) [999] Again?
Carl (PS051) [1000] Yes, Andrew this time!
Susan (PS052) [1001] Get out Andrew, come on I'm busy!
Andrew (PS055) [1002] Yeah, [...] .
Carl (PS051) [1003] Spilt the milk.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [1004] Mike, it's [...] !
[1005] Daddy!
[1006] [...] . I'm not [...] it.
[1007] ... [singing] Hap birthday [] ah, Andrew
Susan (PS052) [1008] [...] ... Ah, wasn't as much as spilt yesterday, but it gets a bit
Rebecca (PS054) [1009] ah boo, [...]
Susan (PS052) [1010] beyond a joke when that keeps happening cos of your clumsiness!
Susan (PS052) [1011] Mad dog!
Carl (PS051) [1012] Spoils the table.
Rebecca (PS054) [1013] There he is, daddy!
Carl (PS051) [1014] Right, thank you Rebecca.
Rebecca (PS054) [1015] [singing] You you you, you ooh [] !
Carl (PS051) [1016] Right ... here are Andrew
Rebecca (PS054) [1017] Ah ah!
Carl (PS051) [1018] take that into the kitchen please?
Rebecca (PS054) [1019] Yeah!
[1020] Yeah!
[1021] Hey!
[1022] Yeah! [...]
Christopher (PS053) [1023] You alright?
Rebecca (PS054) [1024] I'm alright!
[1025] Ooh wa
Carl (PS051) [1026] Aye.
Rebecca (PS054) [1027] Alright?
Carl (PS051) [1028] No, you're not alright!
Rebecca (PS054) [1029] Alwight
Carl (PS051) [1030] You're a dirty beast!
Rebecca (PS054) [1031] Alwight
Carl (PS051) [1032] What are you?
Rebecca (PS054) [1033] Wight?
[1034] Alwight All that!
Carl (PS051) [1035] Oh, on the chair as well!
Rebecca (PS054) [1036] [shouting] Mummy!
[1037] Daddy [] !
[1038] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [1039] Right!
[1040] Right!
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1041] Er er
Rebecca (PS054) [1042] [singing] Mummy, ooh wee [] !
Carl (PS051) [1043] I'll get you
Rebecca (PS054) [1044] [shouting] Mummy, ah [] !
Carl (PS051) [1045] I'll get you down in a minute.
Rebecca (PS054) [1046] [shouting] Daddy [] !
[1047] Daddy!
[1048] ... Daddy!
[1049] Daddy!
[1050] [singing] Mummy, daddy, mummy [] !
[1051] Who's is that?
[1052] That?
Carl (PS051) [1053] What's the matter?
[1054] Do you wanna get down?
Rebecca (PS054) [1055] Get down.
Carl (PS051) [1056] I think you'd better, hadn't you eh?
Rebecca (PS054) [1057] Get down!
Carl (PS051) [1058] Yes.
[1059] World war three you look like!
[1060] A disaster area!
Rebecca (PS054) [1061] Get down.
[1062] Get
Carl (PS051) [1063] Go on I'll give you a quick bath.

4 (Tape 033701)

Carl (PS051) [1064] Can you get in ... Christopher?
Christopher (PS053) [...] ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1065] I'm gonna shut the door now, be careful. ...
Christopher (PS053) [1066] That's a Sony Walkman.
Carl (PS051) [1067] Okay has your, are you belted in Christopher?
Christopher (PS053) [1068] You can shut the door.
Carl (PS051) [1069] Watch that arm ... on that chair look. ...
Peter (PS057) [1070] [...] your photo last night?
Carl (PS051) [1071] I beg your pardon?
Peter (PS057) [1072] Did that bloke come to you wanna sell you a photograph last night?
Carl (PS051) [1073] No.
Peter (PS057) [1074] [...] in the garden with her bum in the air [...] aeroplane
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Peter (PS057) [1075] Did he come round?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1076] No
Peter (PS057) [1077] Did did he come round see you?
Susan (PS052) [1078] No.
[1079] ... No [...]
Peter (PS057) [1080] Well we sit indoors yesterday afternoon ... what about five weren't it?
[1081] And somebody went to all them houses, but they never come to yours or mine.
Carl (PS051) [1082] Well we thought it was either a rent man or somebody collecting for the council.
Susan (PS052) [1083] [...] I asked you didn't I?
Peter (PS057) [1084] Well that, oh you, oh that silver Granada?
Carl (PS051) [1085] Yeah I saw the car.
Peter (PS057) [1086] [...] they said he went back and see [...] half past six last night.
Alan (PS058) [1087] Well he said they'd been round with a helicopter, a plane ... taking photos of the houses, did I want to buy a photo of me house, twenty pound. ...
Carl (PS051) [...]
Peter (PS057) [1088] That's cheap because mine was thirty seven when I had mine.
Carl (PS051) [1089] It's a racket.
Alan (PS058) [1090] A racket, I'd say it is, you've got [...]
Peter (PS057) [1091] I didn't say nothing like that [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1092] Not it's a ... well I'm not
Peter (PS057) [1093] [...] going to Stradbroke.
Carl (PS051) [1094] well I mean I'm not surprised they don't wanna take a picture of our garden cos it's a mess but er I'd have thought he would have taken a picture of yours and sold you one.
Alan (PS058) [1095] There must be some people must have them that's right
Peter (PS057) [1096] [...] without shaking.
Carl (PS051) [1097] Yeah [...] .
[1098] ... Yeah I'm on holiday
Peter (PS057) [1099] I bet this [...]
Carl (PS051) [1100] and you're being taped you know.
Peter (PS057) [1101] [laughing] Oh [...] you know [] .
Carl (PS051) [1102] Okay I'm on holiday.
Peter (PS057) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1103] [laughing] I don't give two hoots about people who know you [] .
Peter (PS057) [1104] [...] half term now is it?
Carl (PS051) [1105] Yeah half term for a nice week.
[1106] I mean I need a rest.
Peter (PS057) [1107] [laughing] Coo []
Carl (PS051) [1108] [laugh] Think I've earned it, don't you?
Peter (PS057) [1109] Yeah I think you have, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1110] Yeah.
[1111] Yeah, working hard.
[1112] Anyway [...] I, I've got [laughing] me soap [] .
[1113] In fact the only thing, I, I'm hoping Robert's packed me the razor, I'll have a shave when I'm there [laughing] you know [] ?
Peter (PS057) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [1114] That was busy last week though.
Carl (PS051) [1115] It was wasn't it?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Peter (PS057) [1116] Was it?
Susan (PS052) [1117] Yeah, we had a job getting Rebecca out though.
[1118] She suddenly gets really cold but she won't come out.
Peter (PS057) [1119] Right. ...
Carl (PS051) [1120] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1121] She'll be asleep by the time we get [...]
Peter (PS057) [1122] Is that a heated swimming pool then?
Carl (PS051) [1123] Yeah it's lovely there, yeah it's erm ... a m just, a metre at both ends and then it shelves down to a metre and a half in the middle ... and it's great, it's warm, it's, you know, it's about ... about body heat actually.
Peter (PS057) [1124] Is it?
Carl (PS051) [1125] Yeah.
[1126] Thirty, thirty one degrees, yeah.
[1127] You get in there, it's lovely.
[1128] And even Rebecca can stay in for about twenty, twenty five minutes.
Peter (PS057) [1129] Yeah Sue [...] told me the other day that er she won't come out till she's, she's right cold.
Carl (PS051) [1130] Yeah.
[1131] You've dropped your ... your weeds.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1132] Alright?
Peter (PS057) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1133] You've got lots of people then have you, coming today?
Peter (PS057) [1134] [laughing] Yes []
Carl (PS051) [1135] Yeah
Peter (PS057) [1136] hundreds of them.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Peter (PS057) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1137] So what time are the first shift
Peter (PS057) [1138] Here he come look.
[1139] Here he come look.
Carl (PS051) [1140] Ooh. [...] ?
Peter (PS057) [1141] [...] she's now been indoors with one
Susan (PS052) [...]
Peter (PS057) [1142] Yeah, so you, there's one indoors running about indoors.
Carl (PS051) [1143] A live one?
Peter (PS057) [1144] [laughing] Yeah []
Carl (PS051) [1145] Ooh
Susan (PS052) [1146] Really?
Peter (PS057) [1147] [laughing] Yeah []
Susan (PS052) [1148] Don't that worry Val?
[1149] Oh I'd hate that.
Peter (PS057) [1150] No that doesn't matter.
[1151] Amazing you sit there at night and they come from under one chair and shoot under another.
Carl (PS051) [1152] And does he catch them again?
Peter (PS057) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1153] Will he catch them again?
Peter (PS057) [1154] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1155] Yeah.
[1156] Right well we'll see you later.
[1157] Okay we'll have a, do a few strokes.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1158] Yeah it will be.
[1159] See you later.
[1160] ... Just speak into that will you?
Peter (PS057) [1161] You can piss off.
Carl (PS051) [1162] [laughing] Speak into that [] .
[1163] ... No there was a lady came round the other day, you know asking for erm ... volunteers to erm ... tape, you know, recording conversations between people and yourselves and the family, you know?
[1164] Er
Peter (PS057) [1165] [...] that one that come in that car the other night?
Carl (PS051) [1166] Yeah sh
Peter (PS057) [1167] [...] Did she?
Carl (PS051) [1168] Well you obviously, she was looking for a spec a gentleman within a certain age range.
[1169] [laughing] You just didn't quite qualify you two [] .
[1170] [laugh] See you later.
Peter (PS057) [1171] Are you going swimming now?
Carl (PS051) [1172] Pardon?
Peter (PS057) [1173] Are you gonna go swimming?
Carl (PS051) [1174] Yeah.
[1175] ... [laugh] Er, what does that mean?
[1176] [laugh] ... Come on then. ...
Christopher (PS053) [1177] Ow!
Carl (PS051) [1178] What's the matter now?
Susan (PS052) [...] ...
Robert (PS056) [1179] Daddy ... daddy
Carl (PS051) [1180] What?
Robert (PS056) [1181] On the back of the car, on the dirt, I wrote Robert [...]
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1182] You should of told them.
[1183] ... Stopped them talking.
Carl (PS051) [1184] No it was going anyway.
Susan (PS052) [1185] It wasn't going?
[1186] ... Didn't you turn it on?
Carl (PS051) [1187] Yeah it's on now.
Susan (PS052) [1188] Oh, did you turn it on when they were talking to you?
Carl (PS051) [1189] Yeah.
[1190] Whether it'll hear ... cos the car engine was going.
Susan (PS052) [1191] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1192] Right, come on.
[1193] ... Right, everybody strapped in?
Christopher (PS053) [1194] Yeah
Robert (PS056) [1195] Yes.
Carl (PS051) [1196] Right, okay, cor it's like driving a bus.
Christopher (PS053) [singing] ...
Susan (PS052) [1197] Where's my purse?
[1198] Oh [...] a penny ... that I stole cos she was worried because all her [...]
Carl (PS051) [1199] [laughing] Ha, did you see the cat carry a mouse across [] ? [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [1200] [laughing] Yeah []
Carl (PS051) [1201] He's having you on you know about that
Susan (PS052) [1202] I know he is.
[1203] I know, I'm not daft [...] .
[1204] Did you hear the remark about the swimsuit, I showed him Rebecca's swimsuit, he said cor if you're wearing that I think [laughing] I'll go swimming as well.
Carl (PS051) [1205] [laughing] Oh right [] .
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1206] [laugh] ... No he said that fellow was, last night who was calling round all the doors, was selling erm ... an aerial photograph.
Susan (PS052) [1207] [...] ours.
Carl (PS051) [1208] Or Peter's he said.
[1209] I said oh well they must have cut the film off there.
[1210] ... Twenty pounds [...] . ...
Susan (PS052) [1211] I think Janet bought one of them.
Christopher (PS053) [1212] What's an aerial photograph?
Susan (PS052) [1213] That's a picture taken from a helicopter or an aeroplane.
[1214] Usually an aeroplane.
[1215] ... Oh I'm tired.
[1216] ... No that's a lie, I'm not tired really I'm just ... ugh [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1217] Mm. ...
Susan (PS052) [1218] That's still for sale.
Carl (PS051) [1219] Yeah it's been for sale for a long time.
Susan (PS052) [1220] It's been for sale for ages hasn't it?
[1221] Big garden on that you know.
Carl (PS051) [1222] They're all large gardens aren't they, round here?
Susan (PS052) [1223] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1224] Nice fr , nice frame that is.
Susan (PS052) [1225] Yeah [...] ... There's one or two that are, well I say that every week, there's one or two houses that I'd [...] ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1226] It's
Susan (PS052) [1227] school.
Carl (PS051) [1228] very ... it's very rural.
Susan (PS052) [1229] I know.
[1230] ... My problem is I want ... the comforts of rural living with the convenience of urban life.
[1231] [laugh] ... You can't even get a compromise really round here in that you've gotta have one or the other.
[1232] You've gotta go one for the other.
[1233] ... Unless you're a two car family. ...
Robert (PS056) [1234] [...] any crisps [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [1235] Sshh stop wrangling or we won't go.
[1236] ... Those are nice houses.
Carl (PS051) [cough] ...
Susan (PS052) [1237] Again as you say it's in the middle of nowhere innit?
Carl (PS051) [1238] That's right.
Susan (PS052) [1239] [...] gets me cos the church isn't central.
Carl (PS051) [1240] Oh it is between the two ... villages. ...
Susan (PS052) [1241] Mm.
[1242] Funny [...] .
[1243] Oh look at that young one.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1244] Oh mummy goats.
Susan (PS052) [1245] Yes, they're lovely aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1246] the dinosaur has fallen over.
Susan (PS052) [1247] They're milking goats.
Rebecca (PS054) [...] [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Carl (PS051) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1248] Thank you Rebecca. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1249] Ha, singing away [...] .
Carl (PS051) [1250] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [1251] I've brought a spare swimsuit this morning.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1252] Daddy [...] mummy.
[1253] She's going through everything.
Carl (PS051) [1254] She's going through the
Susan (PS052) [1255] All the words she knows.
Carl (PS051) [1256] all the wor ... yeah, process.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1257] Is that mud on the road?
[1258] Yeah it is. ...
Susan (PS052) [1259] That's a nice house
Carl (PS051) [1260] Yeah ... it's the farmhouse innit?
Christopher (PS053) [1261] Well no cos the farmhouse is next door innit?
[1262] The big white one.
Carl (PS051) [1263] That might be one of those that ... you know, family build.
Susan (PS052) [1264] Yeah.
Robert (PS056) [1265] [...] Barry. ...
Carl (PS051) [1266] Sorry Robert?
Robert (PS056) [1267] [...] Barry.
Carl (PS051) [1268] Who's Barry?
Robert (PS056) [1269] Monkey.
Carl (PS051) [1270] Oh the chimp [laughing] yeah [] .
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1271] Barry the monkey, yes I know who you mean.
[1272] Little [...] toy.
Rebecca (PS054) [1273] Oh! [...] did you see that [...]
Susan (PS052) [1274] What was it?
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1275] That's a nice house isn't it?
[1276] ... Oh I didn't realize the shop had closed [...]
Carl (PS051) [1277] Oh I don't, I think so. ...
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1278] I think it's been closed for a long time actually. ...
Susan (PS052) [1279] Getting on with that aren't they?
Carl (PS051) [1280] Doing a good job.
Susan (PS052) [1281] Do you fancy that then?
Carl (PS051) [1282] What?
Susan (PS052) [1283] That house there.
Carl (PS051) [1284] Oh somebody'll be doing it up themselves.
[1285] It'll be a smart house.
Susan (PS052) [1286] Erm on a bad bend though innit?
Carl (PS051) [1287] Er ... not really. ...
Susan (PS052) [1288] Yeah that's where the shop used to be, you're right, yeah.
[1289] Yeah it is shut, yeah.
[1290] Yeah
Carl (PS051) [1291] [...] oh been closed ages that has.
Susan (PS052) [1292] Oh I never knew that, there's one for sale there Carl, house.
[1293] Mind we always said we wouldn't buy another old house didn't we?
Carl (PS051) [1294] Mm.
[1295] ... I would put in for that if it came up.
Susan (PS052) [1296] Would you?
Carl (PS051) [1297] I think so.
Susan (PS052) [1298] [...] school. ...
Carl (PS051) [1299] Well it would be silly not to wouldn't it?
[1300] ... Give it a go. ...
Susan (PS052) [1301] Well it wouldn't be much different to what you're doing now, but you may be ... would you be
Carl (PS051) [1302] Well
Susan (PS052) [1303] paid more?
Carl (PS051) [1304] Not much.
Susan (PS052) [1305] [...] wouldn't be a lot different would it?
[1306] ... I don't know how erm [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [1307] No the only parent ... I knew ...
Susan (PS052) [1308] Georgie .
Carl (PS051) [1309] Yes and erm
Susan (PS052) [1310] She was pleased [...]
Carl (PS051) [1311] I think 's dad ... Paul, Timmy 's dad was the chairman of governors.
Susan (PS052) [1312] Oh and he thought they were good did he?
[1313] ... Oh and that, that little boy who was at [...] school, Nicholas, he went there didn't he?
Carl (PS051) [1314] He's still there I think.
Susan (PS052) [1315] Is he?
[1316] Oh well she's obviously decided she likes it.
[1317] Either that or [laughing] she's run out of schools to send him to [] .
Carl (PS051) [1318] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1319] [laugh] Probably a bit nearer the mark.
[1320] ... I think that's one of the drawbacks though to a village school.
[1321] Er it can be very nice, very cosy, but I ...
Carl (PS051) [1322] See that also epitomizes what I was saying before, you know I mean if I'm there you could be stuck there for the remainder.
Susan (PS052) [1323] [...] teaching.
Carl (PS051) [1324] Oh yeah.
[1325] And there's always the danger of it ... could it be changed, and then ... you've got the whole curriculum area to look after.
[1326] Instead of having three to look after I'd probably end up having to look after a seven or eight.
Susan (PS052) [1327] Yeah.
[1328] ... But you see I, I don't know ... I can see what you mean, but I don't know whether a move would be the answer cos I think you're ... if you're gonna stay in teaching this is what's gonna happen.
Carl (PS051) [1329] I mean it's, there must be a time when it settles.
Susan (PS052) [1330] [...] wherever you go ... wherever you go there's gonna be all this upheaval and ... I mean let's face it if the Tories don't get in this time, and pray god they don't, Labour's gonna completely ...
Carl (PS051) [1331] Yeah [...]
Susan (PS052) [1332] alter everything [laughing] that's gone before [] .
[1333] They'll keep very little in.
Carl (PS051) [1334] Yeah I know.
[1335] And that doesn't fill me with any great er ...
Susan (PS052) [1336] But I, I mean which er you, you look and you think well
Carl (PS051) [1337] Well
Susan (PS052) [1338] which is the wor er it's gonna be bad whi whoever's in charge really. ...
Carl (PS051) [1339] [...] the Scottish Nationals. [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [1340] At least from the point of ... with Labour at least they ... most of them ... send their kids through the state system so they've got a little more idea of what they're talking about.
[1341] ... But that still boils down to the fact that everybody thinks they know how schools work ... cos they've been at school themselves.
[1342] ... I get really fed up with the whole [...]
Carl (PS051) [1343] Mm
Susan (PS052) [1344] Seem like all we ever do is talk about schooling other people's children. ...
Carl (PS051) [1345] Well ... it's never too far from the back of your mind though is it really?
Susan (PS052) [1346] No.
[1347] ... It's funny I mean I find I'll say something, I'll think oh so and so would like that and I'm [...] about other people's kids, [laughing] why they're [...] [] .
Rebecca (PS054) [1348] Oh!
Susan (PS052) [1349] Go on you naughty boy.
[1350] Silly thing.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1351] Pheasant.
Carl (PS051) [1352] Yeah a pheasant ... ran across the road.
[1353] They normally do that.
[1354] ... I s it's a good job I, it was in the grass verge cos I saw the
Susan (PS052) [1355] That's the male though cos er they're a nice colour
Carl (PS051) [1356] They're very colourful, yeah.
Rebecca (PS054) [1357] [...] I, I saw it too.
Carl (PS051) [1358] There's lots of them about.
[1359] It's probably from
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1360] round here actually. ...
Susan (PS052) [1361] Yeah could be off this pork farm, oh no he'd kee he'd breed partridge not pheasant wouldn't he?
[1362] She's gone to sleep.
[1363] [...] poke her awake [...] swimming now.
Carl (PS051) [1364] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1365] Yeah I always wanna paint that a different colour. [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1366] Yeah it's a bit garish. ...
Susan (PS052) [1367] Well you'd better go and do the paying this week then ... then you can do the tape while you're paying can't you?
Carl (PS051) [1368] Yeah.
[1369] Tape while you pay, yeah I will do. ...
Susan (PS052) [1370] [laugh] Looks familiar doesn't it? [...]
Carl (PS051) [1371] Mm a line of washing.
Susan (PS052) [1372] line of washing. ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1373] I think they had to close this pub down you know I was listening to somebody talk about it ... cos there were drugs going on in it.
Susan (PS052) [1374] Really?
Carl (PS051) [1375] Yeah, they were drugs.
Susan (PS052) [1376] No I, I, no I heard a different tale, I heard that he er fell out with his wife, and he tried to kill her.
Carl (PS051) [1377] [laughing] Oh [] ...
Susan (PS052) [1378] I can't remember who told me but I'm sure it was ... sure it was that one.
[1379] Oh yeah it was Janet told me when we went shopping, Christmas shopping.
[1380] She said ooh th they're talking about [...] ... But whether he er ... whether he attempted to kill her and ... managed it I don't know but that, that was what I heard anyway. ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1381] Carrots there look.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1382] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1383] Oh a lot there isn't there?
Carl (PS051) [1384] Do you wanna buy a carrot when we get back?
Susan (PS052) [1385] Erm ... yeah I suppose we can do, they'll have to stay in the outhouse though ... I don't know.
[1386] No [...]
Carl (PS051) [1387] Well ... take some for your mum.
Susan (PS052) [1388] I could do.
[1389] I was gonna take her some eggs as well.
Carl (PS051) [1390] Oh [...] eggs and carrots. ...
Susan (PS052) [1391] [laugh] Help out with the food.
[1392] But it does though doesn't it?
[1393] [...] That's lovely when the hens come back into full flush like this [...]
Carl (PS051) [1394] Well we we'll stop and you can have a look ... and if they're any good
Susan (PS052) [1395] Yeah well I'll see what cash I've got left as well cos I haven't got a lot of money on me.
[1396] I hope that blooming chequebook comes [...] .
[1397] If not we [...] draw it all out in cash which is gonna be a drag ... carrying a lot of money round Colchester
Carl (PS051) [1398] No, no well be well before we go over to Colchester we'll go into Framlingham and er
Susan (PS052) [1399] Call in at the bank, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1400] get er ... one drawn up.
Susan (PS052) [1401] Yeah.
[1402] I'm sure [...] it should be [...]
Carl (PS051) [1403] It was a lot easier it was a lot easier when they used to give them to you over the counter.
Susan (PS052) [1404] I know it was.
[1405] All this, it's all got computerized.
[1406] Oh he's got a wrestler just like ours, that guy.
[1407] [laugh] Thought it was a familiar [...] ... These trees have er taken nice haven't they?
Carl (PS051) [1408] It's nice to see the sun shine on the place again though innit?
Susan (PS052) [1409] Yeah [...] .
[1410] Doesn't it put
Carl (PS051) [1411] Really colou
Susan (PS052) [1412] a different perspective on things as well?
Carl (PS051) [1413] Really colourful. ...
Susan (PS052) [1414] Mm it is a nice area.
[1415] ... As you say you get used to it.
Carl (PS051) [1416] Take it for granted like everything else, I know. ...
Susan (PS052) [1417] I told you, you know said that ... there will be [...]
Carl (PS051) [1418] Mhm ...
Susan (PS052) [1419] [...] an old garage.
[1420] ... Oh I've gone past, have we passed that one where the pygmy goats are
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [cough]
Susan (PS052) [1421] like ours?
[1422] They've got black and white pygmies.
Carl (PS051) [1423] No it's in, it's in Stradbroke innit?
Susan (PS052) [1424] Is it?
[1425] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [1426] That used to be a pub I think.
Susan (PS052) [1427] Sorry?
Carl (PS051) [1428] That used to be a pub.
Susan (PS052) [1429] Yeah, The Swan
Carl (PS051) [1430] The Swan, it was probably called The Swan Inn I think.
Susan (PS052) [1431] Yeah [...] ... Do you know that, that little girl? ...
Carl (PS051) [1432] From Wilby School you mean?
Susan (PS052) [1433] Yes. ... [sigh]
Robert (PS056) [1434] Are we in Stradbroke?
Carl (PS051) [1435] No.
[1436] Not yet.
Susan (PS052) [1437] No not yet.
[1438] We're still in Wilby.
Carl (PS051) [1439] [...] just come out [...] ...
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1440] Mm.
[1441] It's spread out really. ...
Carl (PS051) [1442] Elongated.
Susan (PS052) [1443] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1444] Linear I think is the
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1445] geographical expression.
Susan (PS052) [1446] Sorry?
[1447] Linear
Carl (PS051) [1448] Linear, yeah.
[1449] Follows the road. ...
Susan (PS052) [1450] I wouldn't mind having a day in Norwich maybe this summer.
Carl (PS051) [1451] Yeah we've been pr promising that for the last
Susan (PS052) [1452] I know, for the last year ... we've been saying we'll go to Norwich
Carl (PS051) [1453] Two years.
Susan (PS052) [1454] for the day.
[1455] ... I'd like to go on and lo dad went to look at the cathedral.
[1456] You know when all this court business is on, and they had two hours at recess so he went to look at the cathedral with Steven ... and mum mentioned it and, and she said oh I think I'll go and have a look round she said when all this is over ... cos dad, suppose he'll never set foot in Norwich again and I said oh that's silly cos it's a, it is a lovely city.
Carl (PS051) [1457] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [1458] Little lambs look, little black lamb.
[1459] ... Can you see the lambs Chris?
Christopher (PS053) [1460] I saw, saw some sheep.
Susan (PS052) [1461] Yeah there was a little black lamb there as well.
Christopher (PS053) [1462] I didn't see it.
Susan (PS052) [1463] Oh well, there was only one. ...
Carl (PS051) [1464] There's some more on this side look.
Susan (PS052) [1465] Have a look this side see if they've got any lambs.
[1466] No they all look fat.
Carl (PS051) [1467] Yes they have.
Susan (PS052) [1468] Oh yes they have, one or two, they're quite big ones actually.
[1469] ... Mind they can get them so they lamb any time now can't they?
Carl (PS051) [1470] Just about, mm.
[1471] ... Mint sauce.
Susan (PS052) [1472] Mm.
Christopher (PS053) [1473] Dad, daddy we're going to enter Stradbroke.
Carl (PS051) [1474] When?
Susan (PS052) [1475] There's snowdrops all along there.
Carl (PS051) [1476] Ah that's nice innit?
Susan (PS052) [1477] Joan is er is up the erm, you must ring Joan. ...
Carl (PS051) [1478] Oh yes.
Susan (PS052) [1479] Yeah, must ring Joan.
Carl (PS051) [1480] I'll give her a ring today when I get back home.
Susan (PS052) [1481] Yeah good idea.
[1482] I wonder if she'd let me have some more straw and hay
Carl (PS051) [1483] Yeah
Susan (PS052) [1484] as well, well I could ... do with really clearing out the goats.
[1485] Yeah ... they have to be deep littered all winter but they could perhaps do with a clean ... though that's not bad in there.
Carl (PS051) [1486] Well if I could dig a hole in the garden we could get rid of some of that stuff.
Susan (PS052) [1487] Well that's it.
Carl (PS051) [1488] Get rid of it quicker ... mulches down
Susan (PS052) [1489] Yeah it's good cos it mulches down now.
Carl (PS051) [1490] Hey look ... that's the way to do it.
Susan (PS052) [1491] [...] chicken coop, yeah.
[1492] Nice one that and all.
[1493] That's a nice hou I like these bungalows I can't [...]
Carl (PS051) [1494] Some [...]
Susan (PS052) [1495] I think I must be a bungalow person.
[1496] ... Go on boy, what you gonna do
Carl (PS051) [1497] There's a lurcher.
Susan (PS052) [1498] Yeah. ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1499] Horrible looking dogs.
Susan (PS052) [1500] They are aren't they? ...
Carl (PS051) [1501] Right, here we are then.
Susan (PS052) [1502] I'll poke Rebecca awake now.
Carl (PS051) [1503] Aha.
[1504] Stradbroke Swimming Pool.
Susan (PS052) [1505] [cough] Excuse me. ...
Robert (PS056) [1506] [...] Mummy not many people are there.
Andrew (PS055) [1507] We're not there.
Susan (PS052) [1508] You always say that Andrew, and you're always wrong [laughing] it's always busy [] ... on Sunday.
Robert (PS056) [1509] There's one two three four five six seven [...]
Susan (PS052) [1510] Look it's a nice car innit?
[1511] Is that that one we saw the other week?
[1512] ... No what's that one then Carl?
Carl (PS051) [1513] It's [...] America.
Susan (PS052) [1514] American one is it?
Carl (PS051) [1515] It's a Mazda I think.
Susan (PS052) [1516] Yeah.
[1517] ... Right
Robert (PS056) [1518] There's seventeen cars including us.
Carl (PS051) [1519] I'll tell you what I'll
Susan (PS052) [1520] I bet it's this family's here.
[1521] I bet it's this lot who come to it.
Carl (PS051) [1522] You reckon?
Susan (PS052) [1523] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [1524] No I think they'll be the Golf G T I
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1525] or the Volvo.
Susan (PS052) [1526] Right I'll take my ... erm ... oh er I've gotta wake her up haven't I?
Andrew (PS055) [1527] They're going to the Peugeot.
Susan (PS052) [1528] I'll give you the money then Carl.
[1529] What is it usually, six something?
[1530] I can't [...]
Robert (PS056) [1531] Daddy they're going to the Peugeot.
Carl (PS051) [1532] [...] a fiver, [...]
Susan (PS052) [1533] Can you ask about this swim ring, did you bring your wallet?
Carl (PS051) [1534] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1535] Can you ask about [...]
Carl (PS051) [1536] Armbands?
Susan (PS052) [1537] Yeah.
[1538] Tut armband I meant, sorry.
[1539] Mind Andrew
Carl (PS051) [1540] What if it
Susan (PS052) [1541] there's a car pulling out.
[1542] ... I'll wake Becky up. ...
Carl (PS051) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1543] Yeah but if you look after it [...]
Carl (PS051) [1544] Here's a smart car isn't it, that one? ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1545] [shouting] No [] ... [...] that's a great big one.
Carl (PS051) [1546] Mazda.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1547] That's a Mazda.
Susan (PS052) [1548] Somebody's not going anywhere.
[1549] Robert you've left your swimming bag in the car.
Carl (PS051) [1550] It's American cos it's got the er ... controls on the left hand side.
[1551] ... Have we got everything out of the car?
[1552] ... Is everything locked up?
[1553] ... Robert ... Robert, Robert wait ... Alright you two ... Have you got everything there?
[1554] ... No it's er it's electric, it's an electricity sign ... so you have to be very careful.
[1555] It's probably ... er the generator for the pool.
[1556] ... Up the steps carefully. ...
Susan (PS052) [1557] Hold on ... hold on, hold on, hold on.
Carl (PS051) [1558] How far can you swim?
[1559] Like a brick.
[1560] ... Hello. ...
Susan (PS052) [1561] Wait a minute, just wait till daddy's got the money. ...
Carl (PS051) [1562] Two adults please and er two children. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1563] That's two pound thirty two please. ...
Robert (PS056) [1564] Mummy, what are discount cards?
[1565] ... What are discount cards?
Susan (PS052) [1566] That's erm ... special offer innit [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1567] Yeah [laughing] well that's [...] [] .
Susan (PS052) [1568] Thought that was [laughing] yeah.
[1569] I could see the [] oh they have got armbands Carl.
[1570] Got goggles as well.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1571] Do you need any fifty pences?
Susan (PS052) [1572] Erm
Carl (PS051) [1573] Erm
Susan (PS052) [1574] we've got one each I think haven't we?
[1575] ... Need any or not?
Carl (PS051) [1576] Can I ... I've got a er ... I've got a, I've got erm a couple of fifty pences, that's, I'm alright for those thanks.
[1577] Now er
Susan (PS052) [1578] [...] they've got goggles [...]
Carl (PS051) [1579] Goggles yeah.
Robert (PS056) [1580] They've got goggles.
Susan (PS052) [1581] Well we definitely need a pair of armbands.
Carl (PS051) [1582] Well we need a pair of both
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1583] If not you can always borrow armbands ... here if you want.
Carl (PS051) [1584] Can you?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1585] We can lend you a pair of goggles if you don't wanna buy them.
Susan (PS052) [1586] Yeah.
[1587] Oh well we do need to get some armbands for Andrew I think whatever ... I think we should buy the armbands cos Chris erm Andrew needs them [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1588] Well can we ... buy a pair
Susan (PS052) [1589] and, and perhaps borrow the goggles.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1590] Yeah
Susan (PS052) [1591] for this week.
[1592] And perhaps we'll, we'll buy the goggles another week Robert.
[1593] [...] armbands
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1594] That's [...]
Robert (PS056) [1595] No I'd like, I'd like you to get me some tomorrow [...]
Susan (PS052) [1596] Getting you some armbands then
Robert (PS056) [1597] Oh goody!
Susan (PS052) [1598] that means Becky gets [...]
Andrew (PS055) [1599] Are all the goggles the same?
Carl (PS051) [1600] That's if they've got any.
Robert (PS056) [1601] Oh I'd like you to go and, into town and get me some tomorrow [...]
Susan (PS052) [1602] What do you say?
Robert (PS056) [1603] Thank you. ...
Carl (PS051) [1604] Armbands, swim chair?
Susan (PS052) [1605] Yeah.
[1606] Those two different sizes, how ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1607] Oh it's for this one.
[1608] There's ones for six to twelve years, they're like big or there's, they look like real small
Susan (PS052) [1609] Erm it'll be the six to twelve [...]
Carl (PS051) [1610] Six to twelve, yeah.
[1611] ... There we are.
[1612] And can I borrow a pair of goggles, is that okay?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1613] Yeah if you ask when you go round [...]
Susan (PS052) [1614] Right thank you.
[1615] Carl I'll see you up there, alright? [...]
Carl (PS051) [1616] Right okay.
Susan (PS052) [1617] You take the boys and I'll take Rebecca.
[1618] [...] ... [...] got, have you got two twenties? [...] if you've got two twenties you might as well buy them. ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1619] What?
Susan (PS052) [1620] them [...]
Carl (PS051) [1621] Well what I'm, we'll ... go to a sp ... [...] how much they are in a sports shop.
Susan (PS052) [1622] Okay.
Carl (PS051) [1623] We'll see you in there. ...
Robert (PS056) [1624] Where's Chris?
Carl (PS051) [1625] Has he gone in? ...
Robert (PS056) [1626] Where's Chris?
Carl (PS051) [1627] Come on then.
Andrew (PS055) [1628] Can ... have we got the goggles?
Robert (PS056) [1629] Where's Chris?
Carl (PS051) [1630] No, gotta ask for them when you get inside.
Andrew (PS055) [1631] Oh right.
Carl (PS051) [1632] He's probably gone in.
[1633] ... Oh well there he is holding the door look, thank you, great Chris, come on.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1634] Daddy's got two [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [1635] Here you are then.
[1636] This'll do, over here.
[1637] ... Let's get these ... down here ... now hang on Andrew, put your coat and stuff up there for now. ...
Robert (PS056) [1638] Do we just le do we just leave them and not put them in a locker?
Carl (PS051) [1639] No.
[1640] Oh no, just put them up here.
[1641] Cos now that we're in the swimming pool getting changed I'll turn this off. ...

5 (Tape 033702)

Susan (PS052) [1642] a lot of myths surrounding Down's Syndrome children as to what they can and can't do you see ... and er
Carl (PS051) [1643] Well it's good to see them in the bath anyway having a good ... good old splash about, you know?
Susan (PS052) [1644] Yeah.
[1645] She said she hasn't, I said do you bring her every week?
[1646] She said no she said we haven't been for ages.
Carl (PS051) [1647] That's what she said to me.
Susan (PS052) [1648] Cos I said I'm really surprised, I said I thought you must come at least every week cos she seems to be so confident in the water.
Carl (PS051) [1649] She said she hadn't been for a while ... and erm ... then she said ... they didn't really know, they wondered how she was gonna get on in the water.
Susan (PS052) [1650] Ah no she's fine.
[1651] ... Yeah cos they're not supposed to, you see there again, Down's Syndrome children are not supposed to be able to float.
[1652] Well she was doing a
Carl (PS051) [1653] Well she had some floats on I know but
Susan (PS052) [1654] Well she's only a tot isn't she?
Carl (PS051) [1655] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [1656] No I thought, cos I, I remember reading erm ... I think it's her father who owns one of the bookshops in Woodbridge and he had this book on display, you know he sort of erm ... advertised it if you like ... and it's, it's properly published and everything but he had it as a ... a book available in his store and there was an advert in the Anglian about it, and I remember reading that she said ... er that he said er cos it was his daughter who had the child, that it totally knocked them for six.
[1657] They never dreamt that it could happen cos she wasn't in ... the risk age group or anything, it just never crossed their minds that it might happen and they were totally ... well they just didn't know what to think.
Carl (PS051) [1658] Was there any explanation of it?
Susan (PS052) [1659] Really shocked.
[1660] No.
[1661] And she's o she's gone on to have a, a normal little boy you see?
[1662] Just a fluke of nature.
Carl (PS051) [1663] Ah.
Susan (PS052) [1664] [...] ... She's, she's younger than me.
[1665] She's, she's in her twenties and theoretically the, the risk is
Carl (PS051) [1666] She lo she looks older.
Susan (PS052) [1667] Yeah but she's not, she's in her twenties and theoretically
Carl (PS051) [1668] She looked about mid thirties I thought.
Susan (PS052) [1669] No she's not.
[1670] Not as old as that.
[1671] I think she was ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1672] Oh look mummy [...]
Susan (PS052) [1673] [...] ah there's the pygmies.
[1674] They've got ... see they've got their tether.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1675] Mummy [...]
Susan (PS052) [1676] Yes yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1677] And er ... the fact that she's obviously gone on without ... it was awful, when she was pregnant ... the second time round ... she didn't make a big thing of being pregnant but you could tell she was pregnant but I never quite liked to say to her just in case they had the amnio amnio whatever it is and decided not to go
Carl (PS051) [1678] Aye they would have done won't they?
Susan (PS052) [1679] ahead you'd, yeah but you can't have that till sixteen weeks ... and by then you sh you know ... you show don't you?
[1680] Anyway ... she's had a little boy and he's fine, he's got a cold that's why he wasn't in today. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1681] That was mum and dad wasn't it?
[1682] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1683] Sorry?
Carl (PS051) [1684] It was dad who was outside?
Susan (PS052) [1685] Yeah dad dad had got the baby outside, yes.
[1686] I don't know him at all, I've never met him.
[1687] But I used to
Carl (PS051) [1688] So where do they live then? ...
Susan (PS052) [1689] Well I th they live in the catchment area for Fram because she used to go the [...]
Carl (PS051) [1690] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [1691] and I think she sa I think her little daughter goes to the Rainbow thing ... [...] ... Kate doing her largesse, you know ... let the heathens in [...]
Carl (PS051) [1692] She didn't know who I was obviously?
Susan (PS052) [1693] No, no.
[1694] No I don't go round saying who you are.
Carl (PS051) [1695] No.
Susan (PS052) [1696] It's nice ... i it's a rare
Carl (PS051) [1697] Right.
Susan (PS052) [1698] a breath of fresh [...] air [laughing] if you like [] when people don't know.
[1699] I tell you who else was there erm the lady who used to do caretaking for you at school you know, who had a little girl [...] months before Becca was born.
Carl (PS051) [1700] Mrs ? ...
Susan (PS052) [1701] No
Carl (PS051) [1702] Monday lady, oh the other little lady yeah
Susan (PS052) [1703] oh no
Carl (PS051) [1704] the other lady.
Susan (PS052) [1705] the lady with black hair.
Carl (PS051) [1706] The one whose baby kept on being very very quiet and never
Susan (PS052) [1707] [...] that's why [...] she's still quiet and she's still tiny.
[1708] She looks nowhere near as old as Rebecca and she's a month older.
Carl (PS051) [1709] I never saw her.
Susan (PS052) [1710] No we no she'd got out the pool you see, she was ... I didn't recognize her, she said oh it looks like all the family's here and I was only talking to Evelyn ... and, and I kept trying to place her and it was only when she said oh Rebecca was born a month after cos she's [laughing] died her hair a different colour [] , I didn't, just didn't recognize her at all.
[1711] ... But erm yeah ... can't remember what she called her little girl, Michelle I think or Michaela ... [...] name anyway.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1712] But ... well Evelyn was asking me about reading and writing but [laugh] first of all she asked did we still go to [...] you see and I said ... no ... I sa we s I said we decided it didn't suit him.
[1713] Oh she said ... why was that?
[1714] I said well we had ... I said I had a bit of a run in with the lady who ran it, I didn't agree that he should be compelled to do singing which she thought he should I said and we had a ... [...] decided it cos he [...] .
[1715] Oh she said it's silly making him do that I said er very quickly I said, I said don't get me wrong I said for kids who enjoy going to that sort of thing it's great ... and fine if it's alright [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1716] but I don't want anybody accusing me of ... er
Carl (PS051) [1717] Right.
Susan (PS052) [1718] causing bad feeling or trying to upset her trade, I mean we know she's rubbish but ... erm I, I said er I just said well ... the children who enjoy it [...] enjoy it I said but he never really settled and er we felt that between us we'd got over twenty years' experience of working with children, we reckoned we knew a little bit more ... about what makes children tick.
[1719] [laughing] And er [] she agreed.
Carl (PS051) [1720] Yeah, it's fair enough Sue.
Susan (PS052) [1721] Yeah.
[1722] Well I thought I've gotta be careful that I ... don't sound too
Carl (PS051) [1723] Pompous.
Susan (PS052) [1724] erm ...
Carl (PS051) [1725] Know it all.
Susan (PS052) [1726] Well no not so much that but, but I'm not, I'm not sure that other lady, the one whose baby was born just after er before Becky you see and I thought ... could just imagine her being saying ... going and saying something and getting, it getting ... moulded a different way, you know?
[1727] And then I thought oh bugger it, I'm entitled to my opinion and I made the point that [...]
Carl (PS051) [1728] Yeah and you have done on more than one occasion
Susan (PS052) [1729] it just didn't ... just didn't suit Chris a bit.
Carl (PS051) [1730] Wasn't for Chris.
[1731] So what did she say?
Susan (PS052) [1732] And she said she said well her little boy, Christopher, loves it but he's a quiet child you see ... he thrives on that kind of thing.
[1733] And she, he was always quiet when we were at the erm ... t twos to threes.
[1734] And er ... and she said he enjoys it and he goes to playgroup ... I think he must go to Dennington playgroup cos he's going to Dennington school, and he enjoys sitting down and being, likes looking at books and he's started writing and she said ... actually she said I'm really panicking because I'm frightened that I might be teaching him wrong and ... that I'm ... I said well why don't you pop in and have a word at the school?
[1735] No I'll leave it ... I haven't got one fifty I don't think.
[1736] ... I've got one pound.
[1737] Yes I have got one fifty.
Carl (PS051) [1738] Here you are.
Susan (PS052) [1739] I've got it, it's alright.
Carl (PS051) [1740] Well have a check in the bag.
[1741] Have a check first, if you think they're good we'll have
Susan (PS052) [1742] Are they one fifty? ...
Carl (PS051) [1743] One fifty a bag
Susan (PS052) [1744] Oh look at the horse [...]
Carl (PS051) [1745] Are you gonna u can you use all of those or is it too many?
Susan (PS052) [1746] No no cos if nothing else the goats will
Christopher (PS053) [1747] Mummy can I go out?
Susan (PS052) [1748] chomp them [...]
Carl (PS051) [1749] Can you carr
Susan (PS052) [1750] I'm, I've only got ... hang on, see if I've got no you
Carl (PS051) [1751] Hang on.
Susan (PS052) [1752] can't get out Andrew.
Carl (PS051) [1753] Are you su no don't get them because you have to Sue, look, here
Susan (PS052) [1754] No but [...] fifty P
Carl (PS051) [1755] I've got fifty P yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1756] Yeah I've got one [...]
Andrew (PS055) [1757] Mummy I didn't say I wanted to get out, it was Christopher.
Carl (PS051) [1758] Yes, we said that.
[1759] Hang on, hang on.
[1760] Have a look.
[1761] If they're good we'll get them, if they're not don't get them.
Susan (PS052) [1762] [...] two four six eight ... yeah they look alright Carl [...]
Carl (PS051) [1763] Do you want a bag?
Susan (PS052) [1764] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1765] Hang on I'll give you a hand.
Susan (PS052) [...] [...]
Susan (PS052) [1766] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1767] Right, thank you. ...
Carl (PS051) [1768] Hang on, you're gonna have to move that swimming bag because I'm gonna put a bag of carrots in.
[1769] Which one do you want Sue?
Susan (PS052) [1770] That one's got a big fly walking about in it.
[1771] ... Have one of these further u I've put me one fifty down so ... have that one Carl, that's nice, they're nice and firm.
[1772] They're firm.
Carl (PS051) [1773] Hang on.
Susan (PS052) [1774] I mean some of them further down will be a big wiggly worm but the goats will ... goats will eat them.
Carl (PS051) [1775] Right?
Susan (PS052) [1776] See we've got one or two soft ones in there but ...
Carl (PS051) [1777] Let go.
Susan (PS052) [1778] as I say the goats will eat them. ...
Carl (PS051) [1779] That's one of ours, that's just, yeah.
[1780] Put it in the back and, and that one.
Susan (PS052) [1781] Right.
Carl (PS051) [1782] Put them in.
Susan (PS052) [1783] Pop that one in, there we go, and I'll definitely [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [1784] Right.
[1785] Cor they're heavy.
[1786] ... There's a good twenty five kilos here I'd of thought.
Susan (PS052) [1787] Well the thing is [...] give some mum.
[1788] I can feed the goats on the ones that are not [...]
Carl (PS051) [1789] Hold them safe. ...

6 (Tape 033703)

Susan (PS052) [1790] What's it like?
Carl (PS051) [1791] Nice.
[1792] Lounge, dining room, study.
Susan (PS052) [1793] Is there?
Carl (PS051) [1794] Yeah there's a study.
Susan (PS052) [1795] Must be a small study then.
Carl (PS051) [1796] No it's about the size of our bathroom and toilet put together.
Susan (PS052) [1797] Is it?
Carl (PS051) [1798] Study's there.
Susan (PS052) [1799] Well where's their bath and toi upstairs is it?
Carl (PS051) [1800] Upstairs, everything will be [...]
Susan (PS052) [1801] Not much garden though is there?
Carl (PS051) [1802] Er ... there's quite a lot, it goes round the side, round that way, it's a big L shape.
Susan (PS052) [1803] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [1804] And you've got all this round the back here.
Susan (PS052) [1805] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1806] I don't even know how much it is.
[1807] ... Oh yeah [...] garden.
Carl (PS051) [1808] Yeah there is.
[1809] I mean alright ... the pub garden's next to it.
Susan (PS052) [1810] Yeah there's that, yeah there may be ... noise and ... pretty though
Carl (PS051) [1811] No well I don't know though, there wouldn't be much ...
Andrew (PS055) [1812] Oh look at that [...]
Susan (PS052) [1813] [laughing] Oh [] trust Andrew [...] .
[1814] Trouble is you'd
Carl (PS051) [1815] And the pub, there's nobody in the pub look.
Susan (PS052) [1816] it's your catchment area again though isn't it? ...
Carl (PS051) [1817] Well [...]
Susan (PS052) [1818] Brun Brundish is Wilby.
Carl (PS051) [1819] Aha.
Susan (PS052) [1820] It's Wilby catchment and Stradbroke.
Carl (PS051) [1821] Yeah.
[1822] Look there's the garden.
Susan (PS052) [1823] Oh yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1824] Is that [...] ?
Susan (PS052) [1825] No.
[1826] ... No. ...
Carl (PS051) [1827] But I just wanted to see what it had downstairs, it was typically new, it's a, a lounge not much bigger than the one we've got now erm ... in fact I think the lounge and the dining room area was probably a little bit smaller
Susan (PS052) [1828] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [1829] but a bigger kitchen ... a downstairs loo ... er
Susan (PS052) [1830] They probably have a bathroom upstairs as well
Carl (PS051) [1831] Y oh yes it would have, and er a small [...]
Susan (PS052) [1832] Well move then, is that what you wanna do?
Carl (PS051) [1833] Ooh ... hell's teeth no.
[1834] Couldn't afford it, and we couldn't sell our house Sue. ...
Susan (PS052) [1835] I don't think anyone can sell anything at the moment.
Carl (PS051) [1836] I think something like that one could be going for about eighty five thousand.
Susan (PS052) [1837] Sorry?
Carl (PS051) [1838] Well it's been gone, it's been built for a year er er er er it's been up for ages hasn't it?
Susan (PS052) [1839] Yeah well they, they sold it at the wrong ti I mean they built it the wrong time didn't they?
[1840] They missed the boat.
[1841] ... It's nice
Carl (PS051) [1842] It's just its location ... but it's nice. ...
Susan (PS052) [1843] Perhaps we just need to decorate and then
Carl (PS051) [1844] Yes.
Susan (PS052) [1845] we'll feel better about ours.
Carl (PS051) [1846] Ours, ours has got a bigger garden.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1847] I don't like that one because of its proximity to the pub.
Susan (PS052) [1848] Yeah ... well Robert said why have we stopped so I said I think we're looking because it's a typical new house and daddy wants to see what typical new houses now offer.
Carl (PS051) [1849] I just wanna see for some ideas Robert really, you know?
Robert (PS056) [1850] It was Andrew who asked that [...]
Carl (PS051) [1851] Oh
Susan (PS052) [1852] Oh was it?
[1853] Sorry I thought [...]
Carl (PS051) [1854] Just i ideas for decoration and
Susan (PS052) [1855] Yeah.
[1856] I'm gonna have my kitchen rose pink I've decided.
Carl (PS051) [1857] I think the toilet needs to be, well if I do the toilet this week
Susan (PS052) [1858] [...] the bathroom.
Carl (PS051) [1859] The bathroom, sorry, the bathroom.
[1860] Well the toilet needs doing any
Susan (PS052) [1861] Yeah only needs to be done white doesn't it?
Carl (PS051) [1862] If I do that ...
Robert (PS056) [1863] [...] the bathroom and the toilet [...] matching and then your room needs doing.
Carl (PS051) [1864] Oh we're gonna do our room at Easter time I think.
Susan (PS052) [1865] Yeah, we should
Carl (PS051) [1866] I've got that targeted I think for an Easter job.
Susan (PS052) [1867] we won't have time to do it this holiday Robert, there won't be time [...]
Carl (PS051) [1868] The bathroom and the, and the kitchen.
Susan (PS052) [1869] And I'm working in March.
[1870] I don't know what I'm doing April yet but I'm definitely working in March. ...
Carl (PS051) [1871] Yeah nobody knows what's happening April time as yet.
Susan (PS052) [1872] Cuts into the, it cuts into the we the weeks, I mean that sounds terrible, I'll be, [...] you're only working a few days but it's surprising the teaching days I do ... really, that really does cut into my time at home.
[1873] ... Not that I mind but it just means [yawning] things like [] painting and decorating ... what you looking ... [...]
Carl (PS051) [1874] I'm just trying to get me bearings. ...
Susan (PS052) [1875] I'm sure Brundish is Wilby.
Carl (PS051) [1876] Oh it is.
Susan (PS052) [1877] That's a nice one [...] .
[1878] Always be terrified that that was gonna ... drop to bits wouldn't you?
[1879] It's like that one at Debenham.
Carl (PS051) [1880] Not for sale or anything is it?
Susan (PS052) [1881] No, no I just noticed it, it was empty.
Carl (PS051) [1882] And you're ... miles from anywhere here.
Susan (PS052) [1883] Well it's er I mean look at me now, I'm, I'm ... oh [...] I can walk in to Fram
Carl (PS051) [1884] You can get in.
Susan (PS052) [1885] but I can get in to Fram and if I need to go to the doctors I can get to the doctors ... which unfortunately is, is necessary [...] our children.
Carl (PS051) [1886] Yeah we've gotta look outsi all over.
[1887] [...] ... Are those carrots alright Andrew?
Susan (PS052) [1888] I think they're looking at all the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1889] Aha. ...
Susan (PS052) [1890] Oh I can give a couple to the goats as well
Carl (PS051) [1891] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1892] [...] that's nice [...] .
[1893] I don't know where to put them tethers [...] .
[1894] They're chewing up the lawn but Carl there's nowhere else to put them at the moment.
Carl (PS051) [1895] Mm no I know.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1896] When I ask for a carrot now mummy I, I'll just [...] have a big feast.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1897] [...] ... I think I'll make a shopping list today ... otherwise I'll get to Colchester and I won't remember what I want ... tomorrow, you know and I'll be kicking myself cos I'll forget [...]
Carl (PS051) [1898] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1899] and I've got to get Chris's birthday present.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [1900] Get some school trousers for Robert
Carl (PS051) [1901] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS052) [1902] and get some clothes for Rebecca.
Carl (PS051) [1903] Bet she's asleep is she?
Susan (PS052) [1904] She's [...] .
[1905] She enjoyed herself.
[1906] She liked her swim [...]
Carl (PS051) [1907] Is sh are her eyes open?
Susan (PS052) [1908] Yeah, just about.
[1909] She really likes her swimming now, she
Carl (PS051) [1910] She can st she can st yeah.
Susan (PS052) [1911] She really does like it.
Carl (PS051) [1912] Stay awake ... till you get home.
Susan (PS052) [1913] Bless her heart, she's tired now.
Carl (PS051) [1914] Stay awake.
Susan (PS052) [1915] [...] don't you shout for her you know what cos I haven't got it [...]
Carl (PS051) [1916] It's on the floor. [...]
Susan (PS052) [1917] Yeah [...] has one now.
[1918] The one that she had at the pool she threw on the swimming pool floor ... in disgust cos I put her back in the carrycot thing [...] ... Yeah Ev Evelyn was saying oh will I, she said will you see me back er she said will I see you back in ... in the twos group?
[1919] I said oh not yet, cos she could start at Easter, her little one will be two then, Simon, he'll be two.
Carl (PS051) [1920] Oh and Rebecca won't start t
Susan (PS052) [1921] I said Rebecca's not two till September.
[1922] That's a nice bungalow.
[1923] ... That's, I think that's the one that's sold ... eighty five ... eighty five thou that's gone for, or it's got a sale agreed on it.
Carl (PS051) [1924] Yes [...]

7 (Tape 033704)

Carl (PS051) [1925] Sorry, you were saying Pat ...
Pat (PS059) [1926] We come back from [...] and we're in the car and erm ... they're talking about guns see, I said well you ou , you know our Harry was R S M like you know, I said you wanna ask Ha Ha Harry I said ... been a soldier all his life.
[1927] ... He's not you know.
[1928] ... I said he was [...] he said he's not dead yet. [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [1929] [laugh] Ha ha clever.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1930] Clever isn't it?
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1931] Yeah it is isn't it?
Pat (PS059) [1932] Went up to, went up to and Barney got a rabbit.
Carl (PS051) [1933] Did he?
Pat (PS059) [1934] Yeah, picked a rabbit up and we had to chase him, get it out of his mouth.
Carl (PS051) [1935] Was it still alive when he
Pat (PS059) [1936] No it was a dead one.
[1937] Robert caught, caught Barney in the end.
[1938] We had to really clump him to get it out of his mouth.
Carl (PS051) [1939] He killed it though did he?
Pat (PS059) [1940] I don't think so.
Carl (PS051) [1941] You think it was already dead?
Pat (PS059) [1942] That was already dead.
Carl (PS051) [1943] Oh
Pat (PS059) [1944] [...] Chris, you got some bullets?
Christopher (PS053) [1945] Yep.
Carl (PS051) [1946] What have you
Pat (PS059) [1947] [...] bullets
Carl (PS051) [1948] what have you done with those then?
Christopher (PS053) [1949] I polished some of them
Pat (PS059) [1950] Brought them over our place.
Christopher (PS053) [1951] with brass polish.
Carl (PS051) [1952] Use them as false teeth?
Christopher (PS053) [1953] [laughing] No []
Pat (PS059) [1954] [...] didn't you Christopher, went down the slide in the swimming pool? [...]
Carl (PS051) [1955] Somebody's it's somebody's birthday tomorrow but I don't know whose it is.
Pat (PS059) [1956] Mine.
Carl (PS051) [1957] Is it your birthday tomorrow?
Pat (PS059) [1958] [...] tomorrow.
Carl (PS051) [1959] Whose birthday is it tomorrow Christopher?
Pat (PS059) [1960] I went un he went under the waterfall with me didn't you Chris?
[1961] ... Under the waterfa oh [laughing] by the way [] ... he fell and hit his face on the concrete ... over the caravan, he's got a bit of a grazed nose.
Andrew (PS055) [1962] Yeah, he tripped over.
Carl (PS051) [1963] Ha ha ha ha ha.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1964] Oh!
[1965] ... So have you had a good time then?
Christopher (PS053) [1966] Yeah.
Andrew (PS055) [1967] Christopher's had a really good time ... so have I ... so has Robert.
[1968] We went to Leisureworld
Carl (PS051) [1969] Is that the swimming pool?
Andrew (PS055) [1970] We went down the tubes, the blue one is erm just as good as the green one, the blue one [...] longer.
Carl (PS051) [1971] Mhm.
Andrew (PS055) [1972] You go whoosh
Carl (PS051) [1973] What's it full of?
[1974] Full of water?
Andrew (PS055) [1975] Yeah.
[1976] It's not full of so you're just going straight through water, just so you're sliding
Carl (PS051) [1977] Mhm.
Christopher (PS053) [1978] [...] Hello.
[1979] Hello.
[1980] Baby ... baby ... oh!
[1981] Ooh!
[1982] Ooh! ...
Pat (PS059) [1983] [...] join the army.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Pat (PS059) [1984] And then [...] me guns [...]
Susan (PS052) [1985] There was a hell of a fight with erm [...]
Pat (PS059) [1986] [...] I said.
[1987] Of course he has he says, he's not dead yet. [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [1988] There was, I was gonna say there was a hell of a fight going on here the morning we come over yours between ... Christopher and Andrew, and I went in to sort out just in time to hear Christopher say well I'm having all GrandPat's money when he's dead [laughing] not you [] .
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Pat (PS059) [1989] [...] will he? [...]
Susan (PS052) [1990] [laughing] Oh thank you very much []
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1991] Mars each for you there.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [1992] [...] Kit Kats.
Carl (PS051) [1993] Oh thank you.
Pat (PS059) [1994] That's your Mars they've had [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [1995] Cor thank you.
Susan (PS052) [1996] We watched Robin Hood ... King of ... Prince of Thieves last night.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [1997] Oh.
Carl (PS051) [1998] On the video.
Susan (PS052) [1999] Yeah, Carl got the video out.
[2000] That was good.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2001] Oh [...]
Carl (PS051) [2002] Well while the while the kids were out.
Susan (PS052) [2003] I didn't fancy it but that was quite good.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2004] Mm mm
Carl (PS051) [2005] Gory wasn't it?
Susan (PS052) [2006] So I'll, I'll pour this tea out then.
[2007] Yeah we, we [...]
Carl (PS051) [2008] So you're having a quiet day tomorrow then?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2009] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2010] [...] How's Steve?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2011] Alright, yeah, alright.
Susan (PS052) [2012] Has he heard any more about his
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2013] Yeah erm ... wait a minute we got a letter from this morning to say that erm ... wait a minute, erm ... they'd had a communication from ... Mr
Susan (PS052) [2014] Mhm
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2015] erm saying that erm they ha that h he had been in touch with her and actually she got in touch with him ... he said peculalaly peculalalary
Susan (PS052) [2016] Peculiarly =liarly yeah
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2017] and she'd got in touch with him.
[2018] So Steven said now what do you make of that?
[2019] I said well I think she realized it came to ... so he's definitely booked the high court so she's, she's done nothing about changing him or anything like that.
[2020] I said I reckoned she got her oar in first and thought I'm gonna ... [...]
Pat (PS059) [2021] No I I should say her solicitors [...] has told her you, you know, you've got to tread ... carefully
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2022] you're on a sticky wicket.
Susan (PS052) [2023] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2024] Very.
Carl (PS051) [2025] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2026] Yeah because she's made all sorts of wild accusations hasn't she about him?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2027] I know yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2028] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2029] He reckon she actually got in touch with Martin.
Susan (PS052) [2030] [...] so [...] when's
Pat (PS059) [2031] Behind you Sue.
Susan (PS052) [2032] Oh I thought he weren't available till the third of March.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2033] He's not.
Pat (PS059) [2034] Well he's gone away but he will be back.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2035] He's not available until the third of [...]
Susan (PS052) [2036] Oh
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2037] that's, that's, he's on holiday but they've had a
Susan (PS052) [2038] Yeah but [...] a communication from her to the office had they?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2039] She's already been in touch with, with him, a letter to
Susan (PS052) [2040] Oh I see.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2041] to erm ... what's his name?
Pat (PS059) [2042] [...] secretary [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2043] Yes.
Susan (PS052) [2044] Oh that's, that's what I meant.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2045] [...] should imagine, yeah.
[2046] Erm and he is definitely booked you know for the high court and all of that, he's [...]
Susan (PS052) [2047] Oh so we'll see what er transpires this time.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2048] Absolutely.
Susan (PS052) [2049] She'll try the approach of ... oh well I'm sure you meant well but it really wasn't in Richard's best interests for him to have overnight access and all this
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2050] Mm and all this lark.
Susan (PS052) [2051] That's what I reckon she'll try for.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2052] Yeah, yes that's why [...]
Susan (PS052) [2053] But he's not daft, Martin, anyway.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2054] No no.
Susan (PS052) [2055] He'll see straight through it.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2056] Mm.
Pat (PS059) [2057] Well she's already shown her [laughing] true colours to him hasn't she [] ?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2058] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2059] Mm
Susan (PS052) [2060] Yeah.
[2061] He know what she's like doesn't he so
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2062] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2063] I went up Sainsbury's the other night for a pint of milk cos we're short of milk.
Susan (PS052) [2064] Oh god yeah the boys drink a lot.
Pat (PS059) [2065] Ah Robert come with me.
[2066] And a pint of milk's thirty eight pence I think [...] it cost me two pound thirty eight up here.
Carl (PS051) [2067] Aye.
Susan (PS052) [2068] Well you must of end up buying [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2069] No he he spoil them
Pat (PS059) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2070] he absolutely ruin them.
[2071] Do nothing with them.
[2072] Milk chocolate buttons, drinks and all [...]
Pat (PS059) [2073] [laughing] some of them, some of them he said, I forget what we took we got them a bottle of Coke didn't we?
[2074] Weren't it?
Robert (PS056) [2075] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2076] Oh she said they do sort of milk chocolate drinks, thirty five pence each see.
Robert (PS056) [2077] Yeah milk chocolate drink
Susan (PS052) [2078] Ooh
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2079] Th th we went in the in the Carriers today and they didn't have a ca er a er ... drink each and a packet of er crisps
Susan (PS052) [2080] No?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2081] They had two drinks each and two packets of crisps
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2082] didn't they?
[2083] Two rounds mate.
Susan (PS052) [2084] Here you are then dad, there's a cup of tea there
Carl (PS051) [2085] Cup of tea there.
Susan (PS052) [2086] there's a cup of tea mum.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2087] [...] get off soon.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2088] First I had a [...] a Lucozade then I had a
Carl (PS051) [2089] How much you gonna do?
Robert (PS056) [2090] a pineapple drink.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2091] He's got dog to walk tonight [...] cos we couldn't bring him cos the car was full of gear.
Susan (PS052) [2092] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2093] Junk.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2094] We brought wellies, everything back.
Susan (PS052) [2095] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2096] Daddy
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2097] But we were so lucky, it was beautiful up the woods, we played football
Susan (PS052) [2098] Nice in there, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2099] lovely warm sunshine, dry under foot.
[2100] You know, I mean if that had a been sleet and [...]
Susan (PS052) [2101] I know.
[2102] Well we said that was mild today as well.
[2103] We said exactly
Carl (PS051) [2104] Look.
Susan (PS052) [2105] Yeah I've seen it, he showed it to me on Friday.
[2106] We erm ... we [...]
Carl (PS051) [2107] Gonna take it into school?
Susan (PS052) [2108] cos we went over to [...]
Robert (PS056) [2109] I've gotta take it back.
Susan (PS052) [2110] there's a town to die in, on
Carl (PS051) [2111] Where?
[2112] Into school?
Susan (PS052) [2113] its feet.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2114] What?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2115] No that's where I made it.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2116] Really dying on its feet, all the new shops
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2117] It used to be it used to be half dead that town [...]
Robert (PS056) [2118] I've got to take it back cos it's got to go on display
Susan (PS052) [2119] Well [...] .
[2120] Well I tried to get her dungarees again you see.
[2121] I mean I, we didn't specifically go for that, we also went in to [...]
Carl (PS051) [2122] You wanna look after it then, put it away carefully.
Robert (PS056) [2123] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2124] got a bit of shopping and did various other things ... erm
Robert (PS056) [2125] I think ... it will be okay if it stays [...] there
Susan (PS052) [2126] where the old erm ... that's where we got their drawers from
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2127] Oh aye [...]
Susan (PS052) [2128] Where the old th they're nice actually, they're serviceable.
[2129] The ones I liked were polished walnut [laugh] but they were eigh
Carl (PS051) [2130] Satin wood.
Susan (PS052) [2131] S oh well, close thing.
[2132] But they
Carl (PS051) [2133] Not even close.
[2134] Not even the same.
Susan (PS052) [2135] they were nice but they were er
Carl (PS051) [2136] Walnut's harder and shinier than satin wood.
[2137] Plus they
Susan (PS052) [2138] eighty odd pound.
Carl (PS051) [2139] were broken at the top.
Susan (PS052) [2140] [...] we wouldn't have got them anyway, they were too dear.
[2141] These were [...]
Carl (PS051) [2142] Knocked a fiver off didn't she?
Susan (PS052) [2143] Yeah, they ... we got them for thirty so ... mind you [...]
Carl (PS051) [2144] So you like those drawers?
Robert (PS056) [2145] Yes I like them.
[2146] Thank you.
Susan (PS052) [2147] pay sort of forty nine, fifty pound from M F I and these are older ones you know.
Robert (PS056) [2148] Thank you for [...]
Carl (PS051) [2149] Oh look at these socks.
Robert (PS056) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2150] Clean on this morning, I might add.
Susan (PS052) [2151] I know.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2152] I, I've done their washing but they've got
Susan (PS052) [2153] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2154] a pair of jeans in there which
Susan (PS052) [2155] [...] biscuits
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2156] so they're really alright, their jeans, to use again.
Susan (PS052) [2157] Yeah I know
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2158] Do you know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [2159] Oh wait a minute you.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2160] So all the stuff in their bags is clean, and all they've got is what they've got on
Carl (PS051) [2161] Here you are.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2162] to wash.
Susan (PS052) [2163] Here you are.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2164] The rest is clean.
Robert (PS056) [2165] Daddy I've got ninety six bullets ... pieces and
Susan (PS052) [2166] Cutting a tooth.
[2167] She's been
Robert (PS056) [2168] bits of ... bullets and bits of bullets.
Susan (PS052) [2169] very ... unsettled.
[2170] Excuse me [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2171] And polished them with erm [...]
Carl (PS051) [2172] [...] polish, did you polish them with some polish did you?
Robert (PS056) [2173] Yeah.
[2174] D my best one is the one that GrandPat brought over to show us.
Carl (PS051) [2175] Yeah.
Robert (PS056) [2176] I polished that one as much as I could with erm Brasso
Susan (PS052) [2177] I'm a bit disappointed, I want [...] pink.
Robert (PS056) [2178] It's er [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2179] [...] a cleaning rag.
Robert (PS056) [2180] No it's, it's not, kind of like cotton wool [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2181] But when I went down to the [...] shop
Carl (PS051) [2182] Yeah,abs yeah it's got sort of polish already in it has it?
Robert (PS056) [2183] Yeah
Susan (PS052) [2184] they had an offer on you see
Robert (PS056) [2185] in a tin.
Susan (PS052) [2186] and it was five pound off the [...]
Robert (PS056) [2187] It's for polishing brass.
Carl (PS051) [2188] Mhm.
[2189] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [2190] No Becky stop it, leave your foot alone.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Robert (PS056) [2191] Hurry up.
Carl (PS051) [2192] Who's in there, Andrew?
Robert (PS056) [2193] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2194] You just can't keep track of them Sue [...] .
[2195] The thing is I'm, oh you can't worry because there's so many people watching
Pat (PS059) [2196] [...] well [...] they was all wearing their clothes standing there, with poles with big round ... rings on pulling people out. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2197] Frightened him to death.
Pat (PS059) [2198] Said he hurt his foot [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2199] Frightened him to death it did.
[2200] But he wanted to go.
Pat (PS059) [2201] We went down we went down both shutes.
Susan (PS052) [2202] Yeah well you don't know till you try these things
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2203] do you, whether
Pat (PS059) [2204] He'll go down the shutes alright.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2205] He surprised me, he was the first one down them great big shutes.
[2206] Andrew come, just come out [laughing] as large as life [] .
Pat (PS059) [2207] And Christopher went, he went down the slide we, we just left him on his own.
Christopher (PS053) [2208] And then I sank and then I came up again.
Susan (PS052) [2209] Was it good was it?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2210] [...] ?
Christopher (PS053) [2211] I came up when I sank.
Susan (PS052) [2212] [laughing] He came up when he sank [] .
Carl (PS051) [2213] Just as well innit?
Susan (PS052) [2214] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2215] Came up when he sank.
[2216] Went in the jacuzzi.
Carl (PS051) [2217] Nice and warm was it?
Pat (PS059) [2218] [...] hot,eight eighty degrees.
Susan (PS052) [2219] Oh good.
Pat (PS059) [2220] We had an hour and a half in there.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2221] Well we had to queue to get in.
Susan (PS052) [2222] Yeah dad said on the phone.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2223] It's lab labour intensive isn't it?
[2224] Probably that's why that's so expensive.
Pat (PS059) [2225] But er normally we walk in.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2226] Mm but when you think they say ooh it'll never pay for itself, god it will, people are just tr [...]
Pat (PS059) [2227] Well it won't.
[2228] Not wh [...]
Susan (PS052) [2229] Once the novelty wear off.
Pat (PS059) [2230] That won't [laugh] you, you're only gonna get [...] people [...] like on, on half term th look you've gotta try and pay for yourself over twelve months ... which [...]
Carl (PS051) [2231] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2232] Yeah that's it you see
Carl (PS051) [2233] It's very rare that a swimming pool do actually
Susan (PS052) [2234] I mean at Stra Stradbroke are now doing a half price and of course we, we only pay, for all of us to swim on Sunday I think it was two forty something.
Pat (PS059) [2235] Well for us just going here it's thirteen pound it cost me.
Susan (PS052) [2236] Yeah.
[2237] Well now it will do you see, that's the difference.
Pat (PS059) [2238] And that's fifty P off cos over sixty, I said I'm over sixty so she knocked fifty P off. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2239] [laugh] I'm gonna try it next week. [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [2240] Well ... yeah we, we usually go erm
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2241] These are two fifty each to go in.
Susan (PS052) [2242] Yeah, it's a lot innit?
Pat (PS059) [2243] It's a hell of a lot [...]
Susan (PS052) [2244] It is for little ones, you know when you think
Pat (PS059) [2245] Hour and a half you get for that.
Susan (PS052) [2246] Mm.
Pat (PS059) [2247] See when we go normally there's no time limit, but [...] busy week you have a ... we had the orange armbands, you, you trade your key in for an or orange armband [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2248] Mind you hour and a half is plenty innit?
Pat (PS059) [2249] And then you've got this disk on the wall which change colours, [...] you know
Carl (PS051) [2250] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2251] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2252] And when your wedge comes up, and that comes up flashing orange the bloke hits an old [...]
Carl (PS051) [2253] Yeah well what happens if you just get in at the end of your ... or a at the time before they change the band, the colours? ...
Pat (PS059) [2254] Well [...] but I mean we, we [...]
Carl (PS051) [2255] No cos I've seen this done before right, I mean it's over a certain time, but if you go in at the end of the time
Pat (PS059) [2256] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2257] and you, you, you
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2258] No for a while it's flashing ... the orange.
Carl (PS051) [2259] Yeah but you don't, you never, if you get
Pat (PS059) [2260] I know what Carl mean if you, you get [...] five minutes before it's up
Carl (PS051) [2261] you never get the same amount of time as anybody else.
[2262] I've always thought that's a, that's a totally unfair system.
[2263] It's best with the, what, the best way I've seen it is with a numbers disk.
[2264] ... Say from one till ten cos they're the early ones ... and then they get a certain time, then your numbers eleven to twenty
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2265] Yeah but what I'm saying is erm ... the orange disk was flashing for a long while before the buzzer [...]
Carl (PS051) [2266] Yeah but it's flashing just as long for those who bought it first time round, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2267] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2268] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [2269] You still get extra, you still, you don't
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2270] Anyway it's plenty of time
Pat (PS059) [2271] Oh of course don't forget ... yester yesterday erm ... they allow so many in ... so you'd all be going in at the same time [...]
Carl (PS051) [2272] Sa oh well if it's the same time, yeah i
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2273] [...] in at the same time, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2274] providing you're at the same time.
Pat (PS059) [2275] Well yesterday because of the long queue it happened that way.
[2276] Normally if you go in I suppose ... normally they, [...] bother normally see.
Carl (PS051) [2277] No I was gonna say normally if you don't, if there's no time restriction
Pat (PS059) [2278] They, they, they actually tell you ... in the queue.
[2279] She'll say right ... [...] going in she'll say right ... the next lot will be going in in er ten minutes to one which may be a quarter of an hour's time like, you know, so it's all timed [...] they don't let a few ... there's a [...] the second go in.
Carl (PS051) [2280] Yeah, mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2281] Oh I see.
Carl (PS051) [2282] Well they have to won't they cos otherwise it'd be just
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2283] Mm.
[2284] And er it weren't uncomfortably crowded in there.
Pat (PS059) [2285] Oh no that's oh no that wasn't uncomfortably crowded.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2286] You know I always think oh god what
Carl (PS051) [2287] Is it clean?
Pat (PS059) [2288] Oh yeah very clean
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2289] Oh absolutely yeah.
[2290] And I, I like the idea of the lockers and that you know
Susan (PS052) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2291] th none of the changing rooms have got erm ... locks on the doors, they've got bolts on the inside obviously
Susan (PS052) [2292] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2293] obviously, but you, you've, you've [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2294] Ooh
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2295] locker.
Susan (PS052) [2296] Oh that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2297] You lock your stuff in
Carl (PS051) [2298] Like Stradbroke innit?
Susan (PS052) [2299] Yeah Stradbroke's like that
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2300] you get it back at that end, yeah.
[2301] Do you have like a band with a key on it?
Pat (PS059) [2302] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2303] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2304] Yeah
Susan (PS052) [2305] Yes, that's what they do at Stradbroke.
Carl (PS051) [2306] But you just [...]
Pat (PS059) [2307] [...] normally you can put that band on and swim with it.
Carl (PS051) [2308] Oh we
Susan (PS052) [2309] Yeah
Pat (PS059) [2310] But when, when it was busy, when it's busy [...]
Carl (PS051) [2311] That's what we do.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2312] Yeah, that's what we do.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2313] You're losing your
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2314] Well I think I'm gonna go to the loo and then we'll go.
Susan (PS052) [2315] You're losing your drawers girl.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2316] Oh my god.
[2317] [...] the rubbish home [...] [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [laugh] [...]
Carl (PS051) [2318] [...] Pat might want it for storage you see.
Susan (PS052) [2319] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2320] Oh I'll stick it in the garage you never know [...]
Carl (PS051) [2321] But if you don't need it ... get rid of it.
[2322] I mean I could always ... yeah I can a
Pat (PS059) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2323] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [2324] What?
Christopher (PS053) [2325] [...] we want to talk to you about erm
Susan (PS052) [2326] No, no we're, just hang on a minute [...]
Carl (PS051) [2327] No we're having a cup of tea and a sit down.
[2328] We've been busy all day.
[2329] All day. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2330] You sound like the dog.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2331] [...] she's pointing at the jar of sweets.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2332] Yes, she wants [...]
Susan (PS052) [2333] No
Pat (PS059) [2334] That's what she's doing
Susan (PS052) [2335] What do you want?
Pat (PS059) [2336] she's pointing at the jar of sweets [laughing] look [] .
Susan (PS052) [2337] What do you want?
Christopher (PS053) [2338] She wants all them jar of sweets.
Susan (PS052) [2339] You want mum?
Carl (PS051) [2340] Yeah all those
Christopher (PS053) [2341] She wants all them jar of sweets
Susan (PS052) [2342] [...] mum to me.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2343] No! [...]
Susan (PS052) [2344] No she can't have them, they're too hard.
Pat (PS059) [2345] That's what she's pointing at.
Carl (PS051) [2346] Oh well you can't have those, sorry no.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2347] Can't she have a little piece of Mars?
[2348] She's got one there.
Susan (PS052) [2349] No she, I'll leave her for a, she's gonna have, have her tea in a minute, she can have a bit after her tea.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2350] [...] let you have one darling.
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [2351] Soon.
Susan (PS052) [2352] Soon.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2353] Ah!
Susan (PS052) [2354] Soon.
Carl (PS051) [2355] When you've had a snooze.
Susan (PS052) [2356] Wanna dance? ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2357] Susan ... [...] has a snooze. [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [2358] [laughing] Snooze ... oh [...] [] oh a snooze.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2359] Christopher told me.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2360] They ate boiled eggs for breakfast [...] .
Susan (PS052) [2361] Ah
Pat (PS059) [2362] Boiled egg.
Susan (PS052) [2363] Do you want some more eggs?
[2364] I've got some more if you want some, [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2365] Steven ate some of them scrambled.
[2366] He said I'm starving, I shall passout.
[2367] I said scramble some of them and I'll make you some chips ... cos we had
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2368] [...] shepherds pie yesterday and I did them a few chips with it as well.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2369] And mum mum you know what, we went [...]
Carl (PS051) [2370] Do you want a few more eggs?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2371] when that, and when it was cold, we [...]
Susan (PS052) [2372] Did you?
Christopher (PS053) [2373] Yes.
Susan (PS052) [2374] Thank you.
Carl (PS051) [2375] Did you want some eggs or not?
Susan (PS052) [2376] Do you want some more eggs?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2377] Yeah if you've got us some there, lovely thank you.
Susan (PS052) [2378] Yeah you see I've got one [...] quite a good broody, you see,
Rebecca (PS054) [...] [scream]
Pat (PS059) [2379] Noisy.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2380] They've all had a bath last night, two nights running they've had a bath full of water.
Carl (PS051) [...] [...]
Carl (PS051) [2381] He'll be ready for bed normal time, it's a ... he'll be in bed by about eight o'clock tonight.
[2382] But they won't need a bath or anything.
[2383] I'm gonna put the, I'm gonna put the news on at twenty to six and they can watch Star Trek at six o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2384] Ah!
[2385] Ooh! ...
Pat (PS059) [2386] Star Trek.
Carl (PS051) [2387] You like Star Trek don't you? ...
Christopher (PS053) [2388] GrandPat, daddy did you know, we had these t
Carl (PS051) [2389] Oh the yucky bathroom, don't look at the bathroom.
Christopher (PS053) [2390] GrandPat we had these two great big baths daddy.
Carl (PS051) [2391] Have you, with full of bubbles?
Christopher (PS053) [2392] Yeah!
Robert (PS056) [2393] Yeah about this deep.
Carl (PS051) [2394] Well I've changed the colour in the bathroom you know, it's white now.
Robert (PS056) [2395] Not about this deep [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2396] [...] they've had they've been out two days [...] on bikes [...] , borrowed John's children's bikes and [...] bikes and they've been all round
Carl (PS051) [2397] Well I was gonna bring their bikes across this time and Sue said don't bother because
Pat (PS059) [2398] Borrow John's.
Carl (PS051) [2399] they have a an arrangement where they bo i is it alright for that though?
Pat (PS059) [2400] Oh yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2401] They do he doesn't mind?
Pat (PS059) [2402] No he doesn't mind at all.
Carl (PS051) [2403] Yeah I know cos Robert was asking for his
Pat (PS059) [2404] So I I, I, I went in today I said, this morning, I said to John I said ... I said thanks for erm ... now you see Steven had arranged to video erm Laura's birthday party today you see ... [...] John this morning I said and thanks for lending the bikes John and that, he said that's alright pal.
[2405] I said oh I said by the way Steven will be round this afternoon to video.
[2406] Ah he said, smashing, I thought ... I'm giving a little bit back see?
Carl (PS051) [2407] Yes.
Pat (PS059) [2408] Steven said oh no it'll be embarrassing, no I won't do it.
[2409] I said no, I'm not, I'm not doing it for that reason I said I'm trying to ... you know ... thought to myself we'll give them something back.
Carl (PS051) [2410] Steven didn't mind doing it did he not?
Pat (PS059) [2411] No he [...]
Carl (PS051) [2412] That's great.
[2413] That's great that is.
Robert (PS056) [2414] Daddy ... erm you know ... GrandPat told us not to go on our backs [...] shutes.
[2415] I went on my back on both of them.
[2416] And it wasn't too bad.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2417] [yawning] You come quick off them though if you're not wondering [] if you're not watching what's happening you come off sh
Pat (PS059) [2418] [...] time to watch your speed [...] , do you Robert?
Robert (PS056) [2419] No.
[2420] It was okay.
Carl (PS051) [2421] Is it like that one that was at Felixstowe, that long slopey one, is it?
Robert (PS056) [2422] No it goes right out the building.
Pat (PS059) [2423] This one goes right out the building, round and round and it drops down, phew ... then it goes up.
[2424] It's a hell of a thing it is.
Carl (PS051) [2425] Cleverly designed?
[2426] And how deep's the water when you land in it?
Pat (PS059) [2427] You go under it.
[2428] You go right under. [...]
Robert (PS056) [2429] I don't I, I go sshh and I just shoot out and then I just swim to the edge, I don't go under.
Pat (PS059) [2430] I always go under [...]
Robert (PS056) [2431] Even when I'm lying down.
Pat (PS059) [2432] [laughing] I do, I always go under [] .
[2433] How do, how can you lay on your back and not go under boy?
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [2434] Easy.
[2435] ... I lay on my back.
Pat (PS059) [2436] Yeah well you must go under when you go in the water on your back.
Robert (PS056) [2437] What?
[2438] ... I don't.
Carl (PS051) [2439] Have to watch you next time you ha
Pat (PS059) [2440] See you next time in, I will.
Carl (PS051) [2441] Yeah.
[2442] Yeah I reckon he's cheating.
Pat (PS059) [2443] He only said af when we come out of there ... said let's pay and go in again. [...]
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [2444] GrandPat did something wrong ... I suppose when you went down like a [...] when he's lying on his back because you don't go down there very very fast.
Pat (PS059) [2445] I bloody did.
[2446] [...] I did.
[2447] I nearly didn't come up again neither, they was coming after me they were.
[2448] I had no idea where I was the first time [...]
Robert (PS056) [cough]
Pat (PS059) [2449] They went alright, Andrew went down alright.
[2450] I said to Andrew do you wanna come down with me first time [...] ?
Carl (PS051) [2451] Aha.
Pat (PS059) [2452] No he said I'll go.
[2453] And I'd be quite ... wouldn't say frightened mind [...]
Carl (PS051) [2454] [yawning] Yeah I bet [] .
Pat (PS059) [2455] it's quite a thing you know, to
Robert (PS056) [2456] I've been down both of them.
Pat (PS059) [2457] Yeah.
Robert (PS056) [2458] Both lying on my back.
Pat (PS059) [2459] Yeah [...] the rapids.
Robert (PS056) [2460] The blue one's the [...]
Pat (PS059) [2461] [...] they hooked you out the rapids twice didn't they? [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [2462] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[2463] Out of both rapids.
Carl (PS051) [2464] Did they?
Pat (PS059) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2465] Yeah.
[2466] Cos once er I mean about the s third time ... the, no the first time I went in the f in the rapid that was all [...]
Carl (PS051) [2467] That's gotta go in the kitchen [...] Robert when you've finished.
Robert (PS056) [2468] Yeah.
[2469] Erm ... er it was current well you just sort of sw swam round in it and you could get to the side easily.
Carl (PS051) [2470] Oh.
Robert (PS056) [2471] But the third time ... they had turned it up so it kept on going big [laughing] waves so I [] I missed the steps so the erm one of the lifeguards
Christopher (PS053) [2472] Gran daddy we need a new lightbulb.
Carl (PS051) [2473] Oh again.
Robert (PS056) [2474] brought, brought one of those padded things ... sort of orange things and she pulled me to the steps
Christopher (PS053) [2475] Daddy daddy we need a new lightbulb.
Robert (PS056) [2476] and the second one [...] open which went right outside the building and came back in again ... erm ...
Carl (PS051) [2477] I've just hoovered in here Rebecca.
Robert (PS056) [2478] I ... was going on with it, all the bumps were okay but when I was ... actually inside the building again I hung on to GrandPat to get to the steps but my hand slipped so I ... was going round with the current so I tried to hold on to the orange thing that they had put there but I slipped [laughing] off that [] and I kept on going round ... and the lifeguard gave erm me and somebody else a hoop and we both grabbed onto it
Pat (PS059) [2479] [...] they stand outside.
Robert (PS056) [2480] and she, he pulled us to the erm steps.
Pat (PS059) [2481] [...] all outside, all on the edge there they've got these lifeguards [laughing] in bloody weatherproof clothing [] like you know
Carl (PS051) [2482] Well they have to be don't they, yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2483] they've got woo wooden poles with hooks on to hook people out cos they, you don't, once you're in that water you, you don't stop you know, you can't [laughing] decide not to go [] .
Carl (PS051) [2484] Well that's it you're aw
Pat (PS059) [2485] You go.
[2486] That's like the rapids without the boat
Carl (PS051) [2487] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [2488] it's just your body going round, you've, you go everywhere, arms, legs the lot.
Carl (PS051) [2489] It's not painful though?
[2490] Apart, unless you do it
Pat (PS059) [2491] [...] bloody [...] right it is.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Pat (PS059) [2492] Cos I was trying to keep out, it's [...] too much for him, he's [...]
Robert (PS056) [2493] It can be it can be painful.
Pat (PS059) [2494] And I was trying keep, make him keep his head up.
Carl (PS051) [2495] You're kami you're kamikaze
Pat (PS059) [2496] I was trying to keep his head up.
[2497] Cos he went over lovely, he was sitting there and I came up
Robert (PS056) [2498] Erm daddy [...]
Pat (PS059) [2499] [...] bang and cracked me leg.
Robert (PS056) [2500] the first bump you go over
Carl (PS051) [2501] Go and shut the toilet door, [...] ...
Robert (PS056) [2502] the first erm hump you go over it's just a little one
Susan (PS052) [2503] [...] toilet Robert?
Robert (PS056) [2504] like that, whoop and then the second one ... you go whoop and down a bit and it's, all the water splashes you in your face and that's the same with the fi third one.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2505] Sprains your back does it?
Robert (PS056) [2506] And then the
Pat (PS059) [2507] Cor yeah [...]
Carl (PS051) [2508] Mm
Robert (PS056) [2509] fourth one is just like the first one.
[2510] And then the next one you come to is the last one t that actually takes you into the building.
[2511] It goes up ... and straight down l and you can't stay up ... erm in the water, you go straight under and you don't find yourself in the middle erm of the pool where it actually comes in you find yourself being pressed against the wall by the water pressure [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2512] So how do you get out then?
[2513] He's got asthma.
Robert (PS056) [2514] You have to swim to erm
Susan (PS052) [2515] Yeah I know he's asthmatic. [...]
Carl (PS051) [2516] [...] have to go and have a spray.
Susan (PS052) [2517] [...] to Dr
Robert (PS056) [2518] you have to erm swim to the steps
Carl (PS051) [2519] Ooh
Robert (PS056) [2520] at the step.
Carl (PS051) [2521] You had a good time though?
Robert (PS056) [2522] Yeah but instead of me swimming to the steps [...]
Susan (PS052) [2523] No you can't my darling, you've just had a piece of [...]
Robert (PS056) [2524] and I went around with the current.
Susan (PS052) [2525] Oh you porky girl.
Carl (PS051) [2526] You'll do alright, you're okay, you're still here.
[2527] Don't sit on Rebecca's cup. ...
Susan (PS052) [2528] [...] oh!
Pat (PS059) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2529] Yeah we know they're there but they're the wrong kind for you darling.
[2530] You can't have them can you?
Carl (PS051) [2531] No they're not for you miss.
[2532] The word is
Pat (PS059) [2533] [...] the rest of those are in the caravan actually in one of those little square boxes.
Carl (PS051) [2534] Is th ooh I'll know where they are then.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2535] Right Pat, I'm ready when you are then.
Pat (PS059) [2536] [...] cheerio boys.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2537] Bye GrandPat, see you [...]
Pat (PS059) [2538] Bye bye
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2539] Bye darling.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2540] Give me a kiss.
[2541] Give me a kiss.
Robert (PS056) [2542] Thank you for having us.
Pat (PS059) [2543] [...] kiss.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2544] That's okay love.
Robert (PS056) [2545] GrandPat
Pat (PS059) [2546] Yes?
Robert (PS056) [2547] thank you for spending all that money on us.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2548] And I'll see if they're good boys
Pat (PS059) [2549] That's alright [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2550] and work hard at school
Susan (PS052) [2551] These
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2552] mummy ... if they're good boys and work hard at school
Susan (PS052) [2553] Yes?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2554] they can come for another little holiday at Easter.
Susan (PS052) [2555] Lovely.
Carl (PS051) [2556] Good, cos that means I can get this er these two rooms painted.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2557] Well, and if it, if the weather's
Pat (PS059) [2558] Daddy
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2559] fit we might [...] caravan.
Carl (PS051) [2560] Daddy.
Susan (PS052) [2561] Smashing, we shall see.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2562] [...] cool you down [...]
Carl (PS051) [2563] We'll see mummy.
[2564] No [...] do you wanna hand
Pat (PS059) [2565] Yeah
Carl (PS051) [2566] do you want me to carry that
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2567] Bye bye sweetheart.
Carl (PS051) [2568] Can you grab hold of her Sue.
[2569] ... Sue
Susan (PS052) [2570] What?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2571] Bye bye.
[2572] Bye bye.
Carl (PS051) [2573] Come on, you're gonna have to grab hold of her cos I'm gonna have to move this
Susan (PS052) [2574] Yeah.
[2575] Come on then sweetpea.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2576] Bye bye.
[2577] Bye bye.
Susan (PS052) [2578] Bye.
[2579] ... Don't slack.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2580] Bye bye
Pat (PS059) [2581] Where's Andrew?
Carl (PS051) [2582] He's upstairs. ...
Robert (PS056) [2583] Bye Nan.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2584] Bye bye.
Pat (PS059) [2585] [shouting] Cheerio Andrew []
Carl (PS051) [2586] Bye. ...
Pat (PS059) [2587] [shouting] Cheerio Andrew [] . ...
Susan (PS052) [2588] [...] cos I know I put them in
Carl (PS051) [2589] What?
Susan (PS052) [2590] Don't forget [...]
Carl (PS051) [2591] Ooh!
[2592] Robert come and carry a chest of drawers round will you?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2593] Well he can get a pair of shoes on.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2594] Oh hang on, I'll just put my feet in these [...]
Carl (PS051) [2595] Go on then.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2596] Bye, thank you for having us.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2597] Can you carry these two?
[2598] ... One ... these are your old chest of drawers you see, if you go round the back.
Robert (PS056) [2599] Yep.
[2600] Where do I go to?
Carl (PS051) [2601] Well the car.
Robert (PS056) [2602] Oh right.
Carl (PS051) [2603] Can you manage?
[2604] Just take your time. ...
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2605] Suppose so [...]
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2606] Go on Robert, off you go.
Robert (PS056) [...] [...]
Carl (PS051) [2607] Yeah.
Pat (PS059) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2608] Bye Toby.
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [2609] Let him out Sue.
[2610] Let him out for a roar round.
[2611] ... Alright?
Pat (PS059) [2612] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2613] Bye Toby.
Pat (PS059) [2614] Can you manage?
[2615] Which way you going, this way? [...]
Carl (PS051) [...]
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2616] Yeah, okay.
[2617] Get out the way you stupid dog. ...
Pat (PS059) [2618] Sliding off innit?
Carl (PS051) [2619] Yeah.
Robert (PS056) [2620] Shall I take a bit of it? [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [2621] Hang on, we'll just carry it straight where we are.
Pat (PS059) [2622] Gonna carry it straight where you are?
[2623] Right
Carl (PS051) [2624] Yeah.
[2625] No leave the drawers in.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2626] I've got the light end again here. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2627] Mind it's got, it's got some drawers in, deep drawers you know and you ... I, I wonder whether or not you've always ... [laughing] I know [] ... you've always said if you had er stuff like this
Pat (PS059) [2628] Oh yeah [...]
Carl (PS051) [2629] if you don't find use for it you can chuck it out. ...
Susan (PS052) [2630] [shouting] Ouch!
[2631] My foot [] .
Carl (PS051) [2632] [laugh] [...] goat.
[2633] No it's the goat, it's on Sue's.
Susan (PS052) [2634] That's the goat trod on me foot.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Pat (PS059) [2635] [...] drop the seats down [...]
Carl (PS051) [2636] Oh okay.
[2637] ... You don't want any more carrots do you?
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2638] [laugh] Carrot cakes.
Andrew (PS055) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2639] Andrew leave it down.
Andrew (PS055) [2640] Shall I put this down here?
Carl (PS051) [2641] Right?
[2642] Yeah put it down there.
Andrew (PS055) [2643] Right-y-oh. ...
Carl (PS051) [2644] It'll go in there won't it?
Pat (PS059) [2645] I'll drop the seats.
Carl (PS051) [2646] Ah right.
[2647] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2648] It's only a teacup in that old grey bag from the caravan, that's all the
Carl (PS051) [2649] I'll move that ... and that. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2650] Bye bye.
[2651] ... Rebecca ... Rebecca
Carl (PS051) [2652] There you go, put that down there.
Andrew (PS055) [2653] What are you using them for?
Carl (PS051) [2654] He doesn't know yet.
Pat (PS059) [2655] I might use them, might not.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2656] Bye bye.
Pat (PS059) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2657] Might not use them at .
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2658] [...] tomorrow.
[2659] Dan'll telephone you in the morning.
Carl (PS051) [2660] Ah leave the drawers.
[2661] ... Excuse me.
[2662] You've got a new chest of drawers anyway Christopher.
[2663] You got yours last year.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2664] What is, we one sh set of drawers short?
Susan (PS052) [2665] No that's all we've got, that's why we had to get some.
Carl (PS051) [2666] Yeah.
[2667] There, there are t there are ... there are two drawers
Robert (PS056) [2668] There's one there.
Susan (PS052) [2669] [...] should be three shouldn't there? [...]
Carl (PS051) [2670] No there should be four altogether.
Robert (PS056) [2671] There was.
Susan (PS052) [2672] No two got broken.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2673] Oh I see, so you had to replace them [...]
Carl (PS051) [2674] Haven't got me glasses on.
Robert (PS056) [2675] We used to have ... two each didn't we?
Susan (PS052) [2676] Oh yeah you did but you've got [...] each but they're deeper ones so [...]
Carl (PS051) [2677] So there's another one in there that goes in there ...
Susan (PS052) [2678] And that's your lot.
Carl (PS051) [2679] and I'll put it in
Robert (PS056) [2680] And that's your lot.
[2681] And we used to have school clothes just piled up there.
Carl (PS051) [2682] You used to have school c
Pat (PS059) [2683] Mind your fingers, alright?
Susan (PS052) [2684] No Chris.
Carl (PS051) [2685] school clothes piled everywhere Robert.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2686] [laughing] [...] [] and I've been trying for ages but there just hasn't been any cos [...]
Pat (PS059) [2687] You get in the front [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2688] Bit more ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2689] [laugh] Lovely.
[2690] Thank you.
[2691] Well done.
[2692] ... Oh if you can use it, use it.
[2693] If you can't use it just get rid of it [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2694] It's always something for er
Christopher (PS053) [2695] [...] bye bye.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2696] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Pat (PS059) [2697] Goodbye.
Carl (PS051) [2698] Well you might use it for something.
[2699] So we'll see you when we see you next then.
Pat (PS059) [2700] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2701] Yeah alright then.
Carl (PS051) [2702] Whenever that'll be.
Susan (PS052) [2703] Right, I'll see you soon.
Pat (PS059) [2704] Bye bye.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2705] God bless.
Pat (PS059) [2706] Bye bye, give me a kiss.
Susan (PS052) [2707] He's too busy nosing up there, bye.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2708] Bye bye.
Robert (PS056) [2709] Bye Nan.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2710] Bye darling.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2711] Right boys, come on out the way now.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2712] Bye.
Carl (PS051) [2713] Right we'll let these lot go and we'll go and watch the news if you're watching Star Trek at six.
[2714] ... I said they could watch Star Trek at six o'clock.
Susan (PS052) [2715] Well I want to put the goats in anyway.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2716] Bye.
Carl (PS051) [2717] I'll put them in.
[2718] [shouting] See you later then [] .
Susan (PS052) [2719] Well they need feeding.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2720] See you later.
Carl (PS051) [2721] Well do you want me to take some straw in?
Susan (PS052) [2722] No they need some grain, they need a bit of grain in.
Carl (PS051) [2723] And straw?
[2724] Put some in?
Susan (PS052) [2725] Yeah a bit of straw you can put in as well, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2726] Okay.
[2727] Well I'll put some of that in now.
[2728] ... Well Christopher can put some straw in.
[2729] Ah ah leave that, leave it, er I've got ... no, no, no, no, put that back.
[2730] Put it back.
[2731] [shouting] Put it back [] I don't want that opened.
[2732] [...] you know you should only need to be told once Christopher.
[2733] ... Come on.
[2734] ... Open the sh ... no, open the shed, open the shed door.
[2735] ... Open the shed door.
[2736] Their shed.
[2737] ... [goat makes a noise] Shut up goat.
[2738] ... Blood and sand, look!
[2739] ... Just behave.
[2740] ... Come on ... oy!
[2741] [whistling] Have you opened the door? ... [singing] bo bo bo bo bom bom bom bom [] Right, straw and feed for these animals here.
[2742] ... Right. ...
Christopher (PS053) [2743] Daddy [...]
Carl (PS051) [2744] Having a run about?
Christopher (PS053) [2745] [...] ?
Carl (PS051) [2746] Yeah, let's put this in.
[2747] ... There you go. ...
Christopher (PS053) [2748] GrandPat where, daddy where is the hay in here?
Carl (PS051) [2749] It's in the black bag. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2750] Hugh ... Hugh come on, good boy. ...
Susan (PS052) [2751] Come on Hugh.
[2752] Oh they're gonna chase us off now, come in Hugh.
[2753] He's gonna try and get in his [...]
Carl (PS051) [2754] No he's not.
Susan (PS052) [2755] [...] shut that [...] cos he'll go in the kitchen.
[2756] [...] come here.
[2757] ... Hughie come on.
Carl (PS051) [2758] Go on.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2759] [shouting] Get out Christopher.
[2760] Christopher come out [] .
[2761] He's gone in the goat shed and [...]
Carl (PS051) [2762] Come on.
[2763] Have we got a lid to put this on?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2764] Get in. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2765] Get your butt in Hugh, go on, in you get boy.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2766] [...] needs to go up though cos [...]
Carl (PS051) [2767] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [2768] I've put some hay in.
[2769] Come on, let's get in. ...
Susan (PS052) [2770] [...] the gate's open [...] shed door [...]
Carl (PS051) [2771] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2772] I've got a piece of chocolate.
Carl (PS051) [2773] [laugh] It's like chocolate, yeah.
[2774] ... Right are the hens, oh the hens are alright.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2775] Daddy d on my piano do you want to practice happy birthday?
Carl (PS051) [2776] Tomorrow I'll do it.
[2777] I'll do it ... oh wheel that, Andrew wheel this buggy round will you.
Christopher (PS053) [2778] I will I will
Carl (PS051) [2779] Oh go on then Chris, go on then.
Christopher (PS053) [2780] I will, I will.
Andrew (PS055) [2781] What?
Carl (PS051) [2782] Put the barrow back up against the door will you?
[2783] ... Careful. ...
Andrew (PS055) [2784] Coming in? ...
Carl (PS051) [2785] Just put it by the back door.
[2786] ... Just put that by the back door. ...
Susan (PS052) [2787] Gone without the eggs ain't she?
Carl (PS051) [2788] Oh!
Susan (PS052) [2789] Bagged them up ready, yes she said I'll have some.
Carl (PS051) [2790] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [2791] Never mind. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2792] [...] shook that up.
Susan (PS052) [2793] Go in.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2794] Daddy [...]
Susan (PS052) [2795] Do it!
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2796] Take her in will you [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2797] What?
Susan (PS052) [2798] Is the dog there?
Carl (PS051) [2799] I don't know Sue.
[2800] I'll have a look.
[2801] No you're not going up
Christopher (PS053) [2802] [...] smell the bathroom.
Carl (PS051) [2803] You can smell the bathroom?
[2804] Is the dog in?
[2805] ... Yes, he's in. ...
Christopher (PS053) [2806] Hello.
Carl (PS051) [2807] Hello.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2808] You're a good boy.
[2809] You're, you're a good girl.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Andrew (PS055) [2810] Has that stopped?
Carl (PS051) [2811] No it's still taping.
[2812] It's going on for quite some time.
[2813] ... I saved you that [...] put it on his bike.
[2814] ... Yeah, so you've had a good time then?
Andrew (PS055) [2815] Yep.
Susan (PS052) [2816] [...] some sandwiches or something.
Andrew (PS055) [2817] Yeah we've had a brilliant time. ...
Carl (PS051) [2818] I wouldn't do too much.
Susan (PS052) [2819] Banana banana sandwiches?
Carl (PS051) [2820] Yeah, a couple for each and a, and a, and a chocolate biscuit or something and a drink of milk.
Susan (PS052) [2821] Okay.
Carl (PS051) [2822] They've had a big meal apparently and they're all thoroughly stuffed
Susan (PS052) [2823] Right.
[2824] Okay
Carl (PS051) [2825] your dad was saying.
Susan (PS052) [2826] Do you want anything Carl?
Carl (PS051) [2827] I'm alright Sue, I'm
Susan (PS052) [2828] I'll have me yoghurt then.
Carl (PS051) [2829] I might have a ... a ... a biscuit and a
Susan (PS052) [2830] Can you move those sweets cos they're the wrong kind for her and they just [...]
Robert (PS056) [2831] Daddy ...
Carl (PS051) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [2832] I'm just gonna do you a banana
Carl (PS051) [...]
Robert (PS056) [2833] we had a big, we had a big [...] do you want a [...] and a drink of milk?
Carl (PS051) [2834] Have a banana sandwich and a, and a Kit Kat.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2835] Erm erm erm
Robert (PS056) [2836] Alright.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [2837] What's this Chris?
Susan (PS052) [2838] Oh it's [...] ... you do fiddle! ...
Andrew (PS055) [2839] I was looking [...]
Susan (PS052) [2840] I know, you're fiddling with it.
Carl (PS051) [2841] It's a big syringe.
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [2842] Here you are.
Susan (PS052) [2843] I'm gonna stick the needle in your bot [...]
Andrew (PS055) [2844] There's too many people in here.
Robert (PS056) [2845] Mummy [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [2846] It's for putting the cream on isn't it?
Carl (PS051) [2847] That's [...] Robert that is.
Andrew (PS055) [2848] It's for putting the cream on the cake isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [2849] I've gotta make that cake haven't I?
Carl (PS051) [2850] Oh a creamer is it?
Susan (PS052) [2851] Here, give me it.
Andrew (PS055) [2852] Have you made Christopher's birthday cake?
Susan (PS052) [2853] No not yet.
Carl (PS051) [2854] No she's doing it tomorrow.
Susan (PS052) [2855] I'll get it done, don't worry, you shan't go without.
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [2856] Quiet.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2857] No.
[2858] No, no, no, no.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2859] Here, what are these look? ...
Susan (PS052) [2860] Would you like a bit of bread with it?
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [2861] Oh Rebecca don't shout.
Robert (PS056) [2862] There's twenty one of them.
Carl (PS051) [2863] There is.
Susan (PS052) [2864] [...] slice of bread and butter with it?
Carl (PS051) [2865] [...] I don't want it.
Susan (PS052) [2866] Oh here you are look I've got pitta bread, how about a piece of pitta bread
Robert (PS056) [2867] Erm
Susan (PS052) [2868] with it.
[2869] S small piece each with it.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [2870] Why? [...] why do you have to have pi that bread?
Susan (PS052) [2871] Cos you do.
[2872] Just keep an eye on her [...]
Carl (PS051) [2873] [...] ooh she says.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2874] Where's, where's your red bow, go and get your bow.
Andrew (PS055) [2875] Come on.
Carl (PS051) [2876] Go and get your bow, go with Andrew.
[2877] ... Get your bow. ...
Susan (PS052) [2878] There's yours then.
Carl (PS051) [2879] Here you are.
Robert (PS056) [2880] Thank you. ...
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2881] Bet your mum's looking forward to having a bit of a break tomorrow.
Susan (PS052) [2882] Yeah
Carl (PS051) [2883] Your dad's got a
Susan (PS052) [2884] What was that rally car then?
Carl (PS051) [2885] Well you know this next door neighbour of theirs that's been driving cars all over the place?
Susan (PS052) [2886] Oh yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2887] Pat and Steven have got the chance to do that tomorrow.
Susan (PS052) [2888] Oh I see
Robert (PS056) [2889] Daddy! ... [...] got this.
Carl (PS051) [2890] Thank you.
Susan (PS052) [2891] What [cough] do you reckon?
Carl (PS051) [2892] To what?
Susan (PS052) [2893] About erm ... madam c contacting Mr
Rebecca (PS054) [2894] [shouting] Me me me []
Susan (PS052) [2895] Oy!
Carl (PS051) [2896] She's probably been told to. ...
Susan (PS052) [2897] Show willing for the access you mean?
Carl (PS051) [2898] Yeah.
[2899] ... Ah ah ...
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [2900] Are you gonna put her a couple of bits of banana in there?
Susan (PS052) [2901] Yeah [...] .
[2902] Here you are, I'll give her some of this one.
Carl (PS051) [2903] Just a little bit in. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [2904] Mm mm
Carl (PS051) [2905] Wait a minute.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [2906] May I give it to her?
Carl (PS051) [2907] That'll do.
Susan (PS052) [2908] Scrub out the
Andrew (PS055) [2909] May I give it to her please?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [2910] Your hands are dirty.
[2911] Look at the state of your hands.
Susan (PS052) [2912] Go on Andrew, go and wash your hands, you can't possibly eat with hands that colour.
Carl (PS051) [2913] And yours.
Andrew (PS055) [2914] I didn't know they were that colour. ...
Carl (PS051) [2915] You know now.
Andrew (PS055) [2916] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [2917] Black hands [...] ... Here you are Becky-Boops.
[2918] ... Put your hands, put your arms in.
[2919] ... Oh [...] ... hang on ...
Rebecca (PS054) [2920] Ooh
Carl (PS051) [2921] Ooh ...
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] []
Carl (PS051) [2922] [singing] Away [] are you singing?
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] []
Carl (PS051) [2923] How long is that puppy ... there you go.
[2924] Hang on ... mm mm
Rebecca (PS054) [2925] Mm mm
Carl (PS051) [2926] oh yum yum.
[2927] ... I think your microwave clock's a bit fast Sue.
Susan (PS052) [2928] Pardon?
[2929] ... Could be, cos I've reset it ooh sorry [...]
Carl (PS051) [2930] Sorry.
[2931] My fault.
Susan (PS052) [2932] Have you washed your hands Robbo? ... [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [2933] You wash your hands?
[2934] ... Been washed?
[2935] ... Andrew!
[2936] ... You're not old enough to shave yet, just give your hands a good wash and don't leave a mark in the sink. ...
Susan (PS052) [2937] Do you think Robert needs to go to the doctor then?
Carl (PS051) [2938] Yeah if the cough doesn't improve it sounds like asthma.
[2939] Tell you who I am worried about, your dad.
[2940] Did you see his lips? ...
Susan (PS052) [2941] Swollen?
Carl (PS051) [2942] No well they're blue.
Susan (PS052) [2943] Blue? ...
Carl (PS051) [2944] That's heart isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [2945] It's a sign of bad circulation ... and high blood pressure. ...
Susan (PS052) [2946] I'll give mum a ring later then.
Carl (PS051) [2947] No Sue, don't, it'll just totally worry her.
[2948] Absolutely.
[2949] I wouldn't
Susan (PS052) [2950] Well have you said anything about [...] ? ...
Carl (PS051) [2951] Well do you think I should?
Susan (PS052) [2952] Yes.
[2953] He might listen to it from you.
[2954] ... Give him a ring later on this evening.
[2955] ... I didn't know, I mean I would of said say something when you were chatting to him.
Carl (PS051) [2956] Oh maybe it might come better from you, from your mum, ah it's a bit personal. [...]
Susan (PS052) [2957] I'll mention it to mum then.
Carl (PS051) [2958] Give her a ring tomorrow.
Susan (PS052) [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [2959] Has Christopher got his Sue? ...
Susan (PS052) [2960] It's out here.
Carl (PS051) [2961] It was on the table. ... [sigh] ...
Christopher (PS053) [2962] Mummy I wanted another Kit Kat.
Carl (PS051) [2963] Oh hang on I haven't given you one yet Chris, hang on.
[2964] ... You finished yours?
[2965] Has Andrew got a Kit Kat?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [2966] No.
Christopher (PS053) [2967] You haven't got a Kit Kat though have you?
Carl (PS051) [2968] Oh dear, here you are, put your mat, put the mat down there.
[2969] ... There you are. ...
Christopher (PS053) [2970] First I'm going to start with my Kit Kat.
Carl (PS051) [2971] No you don't that's second by the way.
[2972] You have your sandwiches first. ... [sigh]
Andrew (PS055) [2973] I've never tasted one of them before.
[2974] ... Mummy are you eating Rebecca's food?
Susan (PS052) [2975] No.
Andrew (PS055) [2976] Only an ordinary plain yoghurt?
Susan (PS052) [2977] Mhm. ... [tv on]
Susan (PS052) [2978] You've been playing with Laura then Christopher have you?
Christopher (PS053) [2979] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [2980] Who do you like best to play with? ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2981] Laura.
[2982] I think.
Susan (PS052) [2983] Her hair's nice isn't it, Laura's hair now it's been cut?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2984] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [2985] Mummy that
Robert (PS056) [2986] They've just moved in recently.
Christopher (PS053) [2987] er li er big girls ... I tell you ... she's got her birthday coming up last ... today, she had her birthday
Susan (PS052) [2988] Oh that's not that's Laura.
Christopher (PS053) [2989] Laura had her birthday
Susan (PS052) [2990] Yeah [...] big girl?
[2991] Yeah she was five wasn't she?
[2992] She's a year older than you.
Christopher (PS053) [2993] Yeah.
[2994] ... Mummy [...]
Susan (PS052) [2995] Did she have a party? ...
Christopher (PS053) [2996] Well I wasn't with her.
Robert (PS056) [2997] She's a year and a day
Susan (PS052) [2998] Was she having a party Robert?
Robert (PS056) [2999] I don't know.
[3000] I don't think so.
Christopher (PS053) [3001] Don't think so. ... [tv on]
Susan (PS052) [3002] That's right cos she's erm ... Jo is ... three isn't she?
[3003] Yeah.
[3004] Think Jo is three in May.
[3005] ... Or is it Amber?
[3006] No Jo is three in May and Amber will be ...
Robert (PS056) [3007] Two ... three
Susan (PS052) [3008] No Amber is two, Amber was two in December.
[3009] Cos Amber's older than Rebecca ... by about erm six months. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3010] Don't you ... don't you fall out of there!
[3011] ... Now I'll just [...] Carl I think and put the [...] on.
[3012] Come on, out you come.
[3013] Up, there's a good girl

8 (Tape 033801)

Susan (PS052) [3014] I'll take my coat off.
Carl (PS051) [3015] Go on then.
Susan (PS052) [3016] Robert can you pass my pink bag, it's by her feet
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [3017] please.
[3018] ... Just pass that ... oh god!
Carl (PS051) [3019] What's the matter?
Susan (PS052) [3020] I'm tired would you believe.
Carl (PS051) [3021] Tired?
Susan (PS052) [3022] I am tired out Carl, I really am.
[3023] ... Here you are look darling [...]
Robert (PS056) [3024] It's squished.
Susan (PS052) [3025] old floppy, floppy dog look, ah, little dear.
Christopher (PS053) [3026] I want to put my hat on.
Susan (PS052) [3027] Oh what a little dear that is.
[3028] Right, yeah I have got me camera.
Christopher (PS053) [3029] Andrew [...] !
Susan (PS052) [3030] Don't argue.
Christopher (PS053) [3031] Andrew's taken my belt off.
[3032] [...] What are you doing Robert? ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3033] Hello Becca.
Robert (PS056) [3034] [...] still got, got that pink thing on.
Rebecca (PS054) [3035] Daddy.
Susan (PS052) [3036] That's daddy, yeah.
Robert (PS056) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3037] Right?
Susan (PS052) [3038] Yeah.
[3039] Do you want a mint?
Robert (PS056) [3040] I did [...]
Susan (PS052) [3041] [...] ... and erm ... [...] ... back to the party [singing] dee de de dee [] .
[3042] Do you want me to wear it?
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3043] Yeah
Carl (PS051) [3044] Can you just hold that?
[3045] Stick it on there then.
Susan (PS052) [3046] What on me, on me pocket? ...
Carl (PS051) [3047] Oh or over the seatbelt.
Susan (PS052) [3048] Alright.
Carl (PS051) [3049] Just tuck it on the seatbelt.
Susan (PS052) [3050] Oh god, it ain't fell off has it?
[3051] No.
[3052] Is that right?
[3053] Is that doing it now?
Carl (PS051) [3054] It's taping. [...]
Susan (PS052) [3055] Oh ... be careful what I say then.
Susan (PS052) [3056] See the tape counter moving there [...]
Susan (PS052) [3057] What erm
Christopher (PS053) [3058] Daddy there's nothing behind.
Susan (PS052) [3059] number are you on now?
Carl (PS051) [3060] Three A.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3061] Nothing behind.
Christopher (PS053) [3062] Nothing behind.
Carl (PS051) [3063] Thank you.
Susan (PS052) [3064] I mean she's not coming for it till two, two o'clock is she [...] tomorrow?
[3065] ... We haven't really seen anybody have we?
Carl (PS051) [3066] No.
Susan (PS052) [3067] To do much tape.
[3068] Too busy.
Carl (PS051) [3069] There's two little bits there. ...
Susan (PS052) [3070] We've done a bit.
[3071] [...] ... Who's that?
[3072] ... Don't recognize her.
Carl (PS051) [3073] No. ...
Susan (PS052) [singing]
Carl (PS051) [3074] [sigh] It's a nice old day though innit?
Susan (PS052) [3075] Yeah it's lovely.
[3076] That's ... really springlike, that's gonna come a terrible shock you know if er the weather turn cold.
Carl (PS051) [3077] A false spring
Susan (PS052) [3078] Yeah
Carl (PS051) [3079] we keep having these though don't we, the last three or four years.
Susan (PS052) [3080] I know we do.
[3081] Well I don't know, have we got springs now?
[3082] Perhaps this is how springs can be.
[3083] ... With all the greenhouse effect and everything.
[3084] Perhaps this is the new ... weather ... system that we've ... made for ourselves.
Carl (PS051) [3085] Certainly changes.
Susan (PS052) [3086] Mm.
[3087] ... Feel like I should put my sunglasses on, you know.
[3088] ... Seeing that she's going off to sleep, I thought she'd like that little dog cos that's furry.
[3089] She's touching it.
Carl (PS051) [3090] Well if she has a good half an hour
Susan (PS052) [3091] Yeah, she needs a sleep, she's shattered, she usually has an hour at least in the morning and another hour in the afternoon.
[3092] She ain't been to sleep yet. ...
Carl (PS051) [3093] Probably cos the boys are back you see.
Susan (PS052) [3094] Mm.
[3095] I know.
[3096] She, she goes down no problem ... when there's just erm ... us at home, you know? ...
Robert (PS056) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3097] Sorry Robert, what did you say like?
Susan (PS052) [3098] No you weren't five.
Robert (PS056) [3099] I said [...]
Susan (PS052) [3100] Were you?
Robert (PS056) [3101] skateboard when I [...]
Susan (PS052) [3102] Perhaps he was five.
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3103] It's on red Carl.
[3104] ... Just about to go zooming through.
[3105] ... Weren't you? ...
Carl (PS051) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [3106] Do you know they've got these bulldozers up the other end ... up near ours.
[3107] ... I don't know what they're doing.
Carl (PS051) [3108] Well who's the blue van then?
Susan (PS052) [3109] I'll have a look as we go.
[3110] But they've got a digger ... and erm a couple of lorries, cos I, I looked and wondered what they were doing.
[3111] ... But it's, they seem to be in the middle of nowhere, you know, just on a piece of road where ... there wasn't really anything much happening, opposite the pub.
Carl (PS051) [3112] They might just be parking up there.
Susan (PS052) [3113] No, they've got a st they've got the diggers moving backwards and forwards, yeah.
Carl (PS051) [3114] Practising. [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [3115] Couldn't see what they were doing though.
[3116] ... That's hot this mint, innit? ...
Carl (PS051) [3117] Lovely. ...
Susan (PS052) [3118] Yeah.
Andrew (PS055) [3119] Come on!
Susan (PS052) [3120] We can't go yet Andrew, the lights are on red.
Carl (PS051) [3121] Is that Harriet behind R Andrew?
Andrew (PS055) [3122] Pardon? ...
Susan (PS052) [3123] They don't know Harriet.
Christopher (PS053) [3124] No behind.
Robert (PS056) [3125] Yes it is.
Andrew (PS055) [3126] What did you say?
Carl (PS051) [3127] Is that Harriet?
Robert (PS056) [3128] Yes. ...
Carl (PS051) [3129] What Harriet ?
Christopher (PS053) [3130] What's the matter?
Susan (PS052) [3131] [laughing] Oh it's alright [] .
[3132] Panic over.
[3133] ... She's nine isn't she, Harriet?
Carl (PS051) [3134] Ten she is.
Susan (PS052) [3135] Ten.
[3136] She's one of your third years though isn't she? ...
Carl (PS051) [3137] Who is it?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3138] Can I do that?
Susan (PS052) [3139] Sorry?
[3140] ... Hire. [...]
Carl (PS051) [3141] [...] that's all.
Susan (PS052) [3142] Oh they're digging the road up, what a surprise.
[3143] ... They always dig up the road though.
[3144] Where was that bungalow that you said was for sale then?
[3145] You said oh that's, that's, that's on the way, on the outskirts of Fram ... in a close or something.
[3146] ... I still like these here, they're too near Terry though.
[3147] ... Don't suppose they'd be big enough either would they, for us now? ... [...] don't ru run over Mrs ...
Carl (PS051) [3148] It's not her.
Susan (PS052) [3149] Isn't it?
[3150] It looked like her from the back. ...
Robert (PS056) [3151] Daddy you know the [...]
Susan (PS052) [3152] Pardon?
Robert (PS056) [3153] You know the rough [...]
Susan (PS052) [3154] Yeah.
Robert (PS056) [3155] skateboard?
[3156] Some of that has worn off.
[3157] It's all smooth.
Susan (PS052) [3158] Oh it will do as er ... you use it really.
[3159] You don't use it that much now though do you?
[3160] ... Interested in other things now.
[3161] ... Nice to see him reading.
Carl (PS051) [3162] Yeah it was.
Susan (PS052) [3163] I thought that.
[3164] Well we'll try and get some ... erm ... we'll look down, the next time I'm down the library and look and see if they've got any ... Enid Blyton because that might just be a way in.
[3165] ... She was very unfashionable at one time but I remember reading and enjoying her books.
Carl (PS051) [3166] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS052) [3167] Alright, she might not ... have the most fantastic ...
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3168] imagination but, for a plodder, it might be erm ... the right kind of book. ...
Carl (PS051) [3169] No I think you know when this family come out, they come out in force.
Susan (PS052) [3170] I know.
Carl (PS051) [3171] [laugh] Think it's one out they're all out. ...
Susan (PS052) [3172] Er they're, they're all sort of in into erm ... inter-rela yes [...] , they're all inter-related though aren't they?
[3173] Carl!
Carl (PS051) [3174] They have to give way Sue.
Susan (PS052) [3175] I know but she [...] she wasn't going to then.
[3176] Erm ... only erm ... cos Stacey's always with them you know. ...
Carl (PS051) [3177] Well [...] yeah like you say they're all inter- related.
Susan (PS052) [3178] But erm I think
Carl (PS051) [3179] They're all
Susan (PS052) [3180] think she's a niece, from what I can gather.
Carl (PS051) [3181] Yeah they're all cousins [...]
Susan (PS052) [3182] Dad told me, I can't remember what relation she is but she's a relation to them anyway.
[3183] But she spends nearly all her time with them.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3184] Oh.
[3185] ... I think she's a pretty child, Stacey.
[3186] ... She's got very ... very pretty eyes.
Robert (PS056) [3187] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [3188] What?
Robert (PS056) [3189] will you remember me in a second?
Susan (PS052) [3190] Why?
Robert (PS056) [3191] No just say yes.
Susan (PS052) [3192] Oh yes [...] here, when you were laughing.
Robert (PS056) [3193] Will you remember in an hour?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3194] Yes.
[3195] How could I
Robert (PS056) [3196] Will you remember me in an hour?
Susan (PS052) [3197] Yes, how could I forget?
Robert (PS056) [3198] Will you remember me in a week?
Susan (PS052) [3199] Yes.
Robert (PS056) [3200] Will you remember me in a year?
Susan (PS052) [3201] Yes.
Robert (PS056) [3202] Will you remember me in a million years?
Susan (PS052) [3203] Yes.
Robert (PS056) [3204] Knock knock.
Susan (PS052) [3205] Who's there?
Robert (PS056) [3206] You've see you've forgotten me already!
Susan (PS052) [3207] [laughing] you've forgot who I am already [] . [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [3208] You should say ...
Susan (PS052) [3209] Hello Robert, shouldn't I?
Robert (PS056) [3210] Yes you should say hello Robert.
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3211] I knew that one.
Carl (PS051) [3212] You didn't know that!
Susan (PS052) [3213] I did know that.
Carl (PS051) [3214] No [...]
Susan (PS052) [3215] Oh look!
[3216] All the bales, they weren't there the other day.
Carl (PS051) [3217] What, these?
Susan (PS052) [3218] Well if they were, oh unless he's uncovered them.
Carl (PS051) [3219] These have been here for ... months
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3220] Sue.
Susan (PS052) [3221] Well perhaps we didn't come this way then the other day.
Carl (PS051) [laugh] [...]
Susan (PS052) [3222] Anyway they're nice old bales though, I wouldn't mind a few of them.
[3223] ... Well I was looking out the other side cos I was trying to work out where Glynis lived.
Carl (PS051) [3224] You were looking at the lambs.
[3225] We didn't come this way, Glynis doesn't
Susan (PS052) [3226] Oh that's right.
Carl (PS051) [3227] live along this side.
Susan (PS052) [3228] No she doesn't does she? [laughing] [...] []
Carl (PS051) [3229] So you're not even in the right place.
Susan (PS052) [3230] That explains why I couldn't see where she lived.
Carl (PS051) [3231] That's correct. ...
Susan (PS052) [3232] That's quite nice ... tiles again though.
Carl (PS051) [3233] Yeah, nice house. ...
Susan (PS052) [3234] It makes you think of summer dunnit?
[3235] You know you look out and see the sunshine and the illusion of warmth ... cos you're, we're in the car.
Carl (PS051) [3236] It's warm in the car.
Susan (PS052) [3237] Yeah.
[3238] ... Be nice in the summer and just put ... instead of doing her up in all these great big snowsuits, you know?
Carl (PS051) [3239] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3240] Just put a little sunfrock and T-shirt and that hat on, which I know she won't keep on.
Carl (PS051) [3241] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3242] And sandals ... and no socks, that'll be lovely.
[3243] ... I hope by then that I'll have her, you know, that she'll be dry.
[3244] ... In fact I had thought once she gets over this erm tooth coming through ... that I might erm start trying to potty train her.
Carl (PS051) [3245] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [3246] See if she's interested, you know, to see if she's ready.
[3247] ... I got a few little pairs of knickers there, I'd have to get her some more though.
Carl (PS051) [3248] Yeah?
[3249] ... Good idea.
Susan (PS052) [3250] I ought to start, really ... really and truly I ought to start buying them in now in sort of double, double packs, you know, get two ... cos they're expensive to buy.
[3251] Sort of three pounds for a couple of little, little pairs of knickers and that and that's a lot when you think they ... when she first starts she's gonna be getting through seven or eight [laughing] pairs a day [] .
Carl (PS051) [3252] I know.
Susan (PS052) [3253] You know, you, you sort of think well [laugh] ... have to have plenty in.
[3254] ... I've got some up in the suitcase which I can use but ... Oh I, I'll have a look.
[3255] I, I still like the Ladybird ones best, they wash nice. ...
Christopher (PS053) [3256] Andrew I will remember you ... remember you in the weeks ... all the weeks
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [3257] you know what?
[3258] I would open the door and I would say look that's Andrew.
Susan (PS052) [3259] [laugh] ... Half an hour later Christopher comes up with a joke.
Carl (PS051) [3260] That's one way of getting the joke, [laughing] yes [] .
Susan (PS052) [3261] Yeah.
[3262] ... Have you got anywhere t
Robert (PS056) [3263] What's that black paper up there for mummy?
Susan (PS052) [3264] Where?
Robert (PS056) [3265] There, on the window.
Susan (PS052) [3266] Oh somebody took all our lovely parking ticket display off that was keeping the tas tax disk up ... and replaced it with black tape.
[3267] It was either Nan or GrandPat.
[3268] ... Who was it?
Robert (PS056) [3269] I don't know. ...
Carl (PS051) [3270] Probably your dad.
Susan (PS052) [3271] Yeah. [laugh] ...
Robert (PS056) [3272] I never did it.
Susan (PS052) [3273] Oh I know you didn't do it. ...
Carl (PS051) [3274] Open your window a little bit Robert, let some fresh air into the back. ...
Robert (PS056) [3275] It's nice
Carl (PS051) [3276] Bit more. ...
Robert (PS056) [3277] ain't it?
Susan (PS052) [3278] Or even isn't it.
Carl (PS051) [3279] That's it.
[3280] Good lad.
Susan (PS052) [3281] Speak posh sometimes.
[3282] ... We never did afford our meal did we?
[3283] [laugh] ... We gaily thought oh yes we'll have enough money to pay for [laughing] a meal [] .
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3284] [...] [laughing] we can't afford it now [] .
[3285] Never mind.
[3286] ... Maybe we should earmark ... perhaps my birthday, to go out.
[3287] Arrange it in advance you know?
Carl (PS051) [3288] Mm.
[3289] I don't like the thought of anybody else ... come to babysit though personally.
Susan (PS052) [3290] No [...] but
Carl (PS051) [3291] I know people keep saying oh we'll do it for you but
Susan (PS052) [3292] We'll do it,we yeah I know.
[3293] Well the thing is if I arrange it for May I can ring er talk to mum and see if she'll do it
Carl (PS051) [3294] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3295] and do it that way.
[3296] I don't know what day my birthday's on this year.
[3297] Oh it's still Christopher's birthday anyway ... didn't mean to start talking about mine, only as a means for having a meal out. [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [cough]
Carl (PS051) [3298] Oh whee! ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [cough]
Susan (PS052) [3299] Mind if he's coughing like that ... erm ... don't know.
[3300] Don't suppose I'd get in the surgery tomorrow now.
[3301] ... If it's just a cough to go with the cold then there's nothing they can do anyway, but if it's an asthmatic cough then I can give him some erm ... Ventolin. ...
Carl (PS051) [3302] That's what he's had before. ...
Susan (PS052) [3303] He is wheezier but ...
Carl (PS051) [3304] He's had it for a week. ...
Susan (PS052) [3305] Mind I hadn't noticed.
[3306] I must be a terrible mother, I just haven't noticed.
Carl (PS051) [3307] You're used to it. ...
Susan (PS052) [3308] Well ... He doesn't get them quite as frequently now though as he did.
Carl (PS051) [3309] No.
Susan (PS052) [3310] Not quite cos I mean at one time, when he was Christopher's age ... god he was never free from cold was he?
[3311] We'd have a respite of about a fortnight if we were lucky before he went down with the next one.
Carl (PS051) [3312] Yeah [...]
Susan (PS052) [3313] In fact I remember I took him out of school for nearly three weeks to try and ...
Carl (PS051) [3314] Get rid of [yawning] the bro []
Susan (PS052) [3315] ge get his health ... yeah
Carl (PS051) [3316] bronchial infection that he had.
Susan (PS052) [3317] Yeah, that's right.
[3318] ... And also because I didn't think they were doing that much there with him anyway.
[3319] [laugh] I reckon he learnt more in that three weeks at home than he ever did there.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [3320] Yeah.
[3321] ... [...] ring up [...] make an appointment for Dr .
[3322] He's sometimes easier to get into.
[3323] ... Chris hasn't been too bad though, his ears have been reasonable.
Carl (PS051) [3324] Is he still on medicine or not?
Susan (PS052) [3325] Well it's there.
[3326] I stopped, I stopped using it, I must admit.
Carl (PS051) [3327] Why?
Susan (PS052) [3328] Well it made him drowsy for one thing, it kept knocking him out.
[3329] ... And er ... he could hear me perfectly well.
[3330] I thought well it's there for next time.
[3331] ... Soon as th there's any ... slightest hint of hearing loss I can ... [...] .
[3332] In a way though, perverse though it sounds, I'd rather let it get fairly bad and take him back
Carl (PS051) [3333] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [3334] because it's only by that way that ... if, if he's gonna need the grommets or something in his ear ... then he really needs to get it sorted out this year.
Carl (PS051) [3335] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3336] I don't want him to start in the January and then have to be off school for three weeks because
Carl (PS051) [3337] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [3338] he's got to go to hospital to have his ears done and things like this, you know?
[3339] ... If it's gonna plague him and give him trouble let's get it sorted out this year, even if it means that he has a little bit of temporary deafness ... for a little while, you know?
[3340] ... [yawning] Oh dear [] ...
Robert (PS056) [3341] Mummy what's the erm ... water tower near the erm ...
Susan (PS052) [3342] I don't know what you mean Robert.
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3343] Oh erm ... jumbo.
Robert (PS056) [3344] Jumbo.
[3345] ... What's the erm ... [...] cinema next to the [...] ?
Susan (PS052) [3346] It's not a cinema it's the Mercury Theatre.
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3347] Where you saw the pantomime?
Robert (PS056) [3348] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3349] It's the Me
Robert (PS056) [3350] [...] forgotten the name of it.
Susan (PS052) [3351] That's the Mercury.
[3352] It's a nice theatre that.
[3353] ... [...] ... [singing] ... What was here before they put these up Carl?
[3354] I can't remember, or was it just ... a bit of ground?
Carl (PS051) [3355] Mm. ...
Susan (PS052) [3356] Wonder if Tamsin had any luck selling her house.
Robert (PS056) [3357] What I don't understand ... is when erm ... she jumped into the beauty parlour door, how did erm [...] change so quickly?
[3358] Change clothes.
Carl (PS051) [3359] It was somebody else Robert who was in there already.
Robert (PS056) [3360] Oh.
Susan (PS052) [3361] Yeah it's all ... all very clever.
[3362] ... Yes it's what pantomime's all about.
[3363] Thinking on your feet, improvisation.
[3364] ... It's great.
[3365] I enjoyed doing pantomime.
[3366] ... Oh I wasn't a very convincing Prince Charming though, [laughing] don't think I'd do it again [] .
Carl (PS051) [3367] You did your best, had a go.
Susan (PS052) [3368] Had a go.
[3369] Wasn't me.
[3370] I'm better backstage, I'm better writing things and ... than on the st on the stage.
[3371] I'm not enough of a strutter ... anyway. ...
Carl (PS051) [3372] Oh you've gotta be a poser. ...
Susan (PS052) [3373] Oh I, I enjoy [...]
Carl (PS051) [3374] You did okay.
[3375] You [...]
Susan (PS052) [3376] I did it.
[3377] Well I, I enjoyed it when I was at college, I used to enjoy drama there.
Carl (PS051) [3378] Not the same as putting on a big performance though is it?
Susan (PS052) [3379] No it's a bit different.
[3380] When you put the ... and that's the difference about drama at college is you're doing it to please yourself ... and the, the group that you're in with and ... ultimately I suppose your tutor ... but when you do something like a pantomime when you're doing it to please the punters ...
Carl (PS051) [3381] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS052) [3382] [...] ... I think the bravest thing I ever did in my life was sing solo at that pantomime, I, I think that was braver than giving birth or [laughing] having my wisdom teeth out [] .
Carl (PS051) [3383] I think you sang quite well.
Susan (PS052) [3384] The bravest thing I ever did. [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [3385] You sang quite well for
Susan (PS052) [3386] It's one of m it's one of my ... me memories I've erm ... hidden, well not hidden away but tucked away ... to look at in
Carl (PS051) [3387] In a later
Susan (PS052) [3388] later years, say well okay I, I haven't got ... a fantastic voice but I did it and that was the bravest thing I did cos I know I haven't
Carl (PS051) [3389] Anna's voice isn't much better.
Susan (PS052) [3390] know I haven't got a fantastic voice [...]
Carl (PS051) [3391] But you sang togeth you s complemented each other when you sang well together didn't you?
Susan (PS052) [3392] Yes, yeah we got on alright.
Carl (PS051) [3393] It was a good harmony.
Susan (PS052) [3394] Yeah.
[3395] But we're both too feeble by ourselves [...]
Carl (PS051) [3396] Yes.
[3397] I suppose you were, but together it was good.
Susan (PS052) [3398] So ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3399] Mummy how [...] join the pantomime.
Susan (PS052) [3400] Well I
Carl (PS051) [3401] She volunteered.
[3402] Mummy just said she'd have a do, she'd have a go.
Susan (PS052) [3403] Yeah, I said I'd have a go and before [laughing] I knew where I was I got [] ... got top billing.
[3404] It was nice.
Carl (PS051) [3405] I can never understand why you took that part though.
Susan (PS052) [3406] What Prince Charming?
Carl (PS051) [3407] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3408] Well I was offered it and I was flattered.
Carl (PS051) [3409] Mm.
[3410] Oh yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3411] I was,i well I
Carl (PS051) [3412] You had the talent you know.
Susan (PS052) [3413] Yeah but for a newcomer to be offered a er er offered a large part like that ... you know
Carl (PS051) [3414] Well you must have had something then Sue. ...
Susan (PS052) [3415] Gift of the gab [laughing] probably [] . [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [3416] Cos cos they invited you back again if I remember rightly.
Susan (PS052) [3417] Yeah.
[3418] But I did the props er on, on the next one round and then we moved, I thought, well I was pregnant anyway.
[3419] But I used to quite enjoy the erm ... the, the shows, the s the song and dance routines, they were funny.
[3420] ... They were the, all the older ladies and that.
[3421] We used to have a laugh there doing the chorus.
Carl (PS051) [3422] Can you see the sprayer [...] Chris?
[3423] ... Look.
Susan (PS052) [3424] I think he's asleep Carl.
Carl (PS051) [3425] Christopher.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3426] Oh move away then.
Christopher (PS053) [3427] Look.
Susan (PS052) [3428] Got all that, the chemicals floating in the car haven't you?
Christopher (PS053) [3429] That's what I want.
Susan (PS052) [3430] That's what I w [laughing] Oh God []
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3431] Oh look, he said, that's what I want. [...]
Carl (PS051) [3432] Did you see it Chris?
Susan (PS052) [3433] He hasn't got a sprayer on has he?
[3434] On his tractor.
Carl (PS051) [3435] No. [...]
Susan (PS052) [3436] Ah.
[3437] Got just about everything else. ...
Carl (PS051) [3438] [singing] Dee dee dee [] Oh they've levelled all this off have they?
[3439] Filled it in.
[3440] Oh no, still the same.
Susan (PS052) [3441] Oh no .
[3442] Still the same.
[3443] That's where the used to live innit? ... [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [3444] Don't know where they live now.
Susan (PS052) [3445] They live up erm ... what's it called?
[3446] Erm
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3447] [...] but that's Peasenhall way.
[3448] ... I don't have much to do with them.
[3449] [sigh] I'm glad to say.
Carl (PS051) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [3450] I never ... I never minded them.
[3451] It's all the ... the sycophants used to hang round at the school gate
Carl (PS051) [3452] Oh yeah, yeah
Susan (PS052) [3453] used to get on my nerves. ...
Carl (PS051) [3454] [...] she was very very ordinary and very very
Susan (PS052) [3455] Yeah, she was very na well he, he was alright
Carl (PS051) [3456] shy when she came to our school.
[3457] She was almost lost.
[3458] ... Felt a bit sorry for her, you know?
Susan (PS052) [3459] Well they they were alright
Carl (PS051) [3460] You know I said to her I said it's not what you're used to is it?
[3461] ... She sort of give me a
Susan (PS052) [3462] A funny look?
Carl (PS051) [3463] a wry, sick sort of smile.
[3464] Cos I, I could tell she could place me ... from somewhere but ... she couldn't remember where, well th I don't think, she gave the impression that she knew who I was. ...
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3465] But I mean I remember Terry going [...] they got erm ... [...] oh, you know, oohs and ahs.
Susan (PS052) [3466] [laugh] No she was alright, I never minded her and I didn't really mind him.
Carl (PS051) [3467] Gone grey, you know?
[3468] Yeah but
Susan (PS052) [3469] Yeah it's, it's [...] isn't it?
Carl (PS051) [3470] he's alright. [...]
Susan (PS052) [3471] No it was, it was Mrs, Mrs [laughing] I didn't like [] .
[3472] We used to [...] hanging round
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3473] it's the hangers on that
Carl (PS051) [3474] Well it's all these people who say ooh no, ooh ... superst they're just ordinary people.
Susan (PS052) [3475] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [3476] There's nothing superstarish about them.
Susan (PS052) [3477] No and to be fair they've never set themselves up to be that way at all, they always wished to be one of the crowd as well .
[3478] ... Anyway ... oh god oh I remember this bit, oh wonder how Ross is getting on.
[3479] [laugh] [...] ... Oh be able to practise what she preaches at long last.
[3480] ... Don't know any of them.
[3481] I'm glad to say.
Carl (PS051) [3482] There's the vicar.
Susan (PS052) [3483] Oh that's the vicar innit?
[3484] I remember him.
Carl (PS051) [3485] Mr
Susan (PS052) [3486] , yeah, Reverend yeah.
Robert (PS056) [3487] This is erm ... [...]
Susan (PS052) [3488] [...] Robert, you used to live near here. [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [3489] I knew where it was.
Susan (PS052) [3490] Terrific memory that boy's got. ...
Robert (PS056) [3491] I knew where it was.
Susan (PS052) [3492] Did you?
[3493] That's been for sale for some time, long as I can remember practic just imagine you'd be in the catchment area for [...] ... wouldn't that be fun, there's Jason.
[3494] ... Innit? ...
Carl (PS051) [3495] Might be, [...]
Susan (PS052) [3496] No it's not. ... [...]
Andrew (PS055) [3497] We've been here before haven't we mummy?
Susan (PS052) [3498] Oh [laugh] yeah, several times Andrew.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3499] Think of all the, all the times I trudged up here with a pushchair to get Robert to playgroup and to school. ...
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3500] Oh!
[3501] That's been newly sold then.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3502] What's he got for sale?
[3503] Carrots, I think we're alright for carrots [laughing] Carl [] .
Carl (PS051) [3504] Freshly dug, what else?
Susan (PS052) [3505] Freshly dug carrots.
[3506] That's it.
[3507] GroBags ... it's closed anyway.
[3508] ... They done that up yet?
[3509] Oh I'm glad they've ... done that.
[3510] Oh look, look somebody's bought that and done it up, thank god for that.
Robert (PS056) [3511] This is where you used to [...]
Susan (PS052) [3512] This is where I used to walk, along here.
[3513] Trudge, trudge, trudge.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Robert (PS056) [3514] I remember [...]
Susan (PS052) [3515] I know.
[3516] Got bullocks in the field haven't they?
Carl (PS051) [3517] [...] look.
Susan (PS052) [3518] Oh yeah, and they've put more of a ... a [...] .
[3519] It's no good to me is it?
[3520] I'm two years left here now.
[3521] Yeah that wasn't too bad, it was this part here.
[3522] But I think he's tarmacked this since I've been, no he hasn't.
[3523] That just used to be a mud pile there.
Carl (PS051) [3524] Still is.
Susan (PS052) [3525] Dreadful.
[3526] You'd get bogged down and you couldn't use the path and it was always overgrown in the summer.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3527] [...] ... No I can't say I miss this bit.
[3528] I miss me house.
[3529] ... Believe it or not.
[3530] But I don't miss living next door to that ... peculiar man, that ...
Carl (PS051) [3531] Yeah. ... [...]
Susan (PS052) [3532] I know.
[3533] ... Oh no I wouldn't move back.
[3534] ... Infinitely better where we are. ...
Carl (PS051) [3535] Now you put your blooming indicator on!
Susan (PS052) [3536] [...] go now.
Carl (PS051) [3537] No I can't cos
Susan (PS052) [3538] No [...]
Andrew (PS055) [3539] [...] cows.
Susan (PS052) [3540] They're not cows Andrew, they're bulls.
[3541] Charollais bulls.
Andrew (PS055) [3542] They look like [...]
Susan (PS052) [3543] No they're bulls dear.
[3544] I assure you.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3545] [laugh] ... They've got a nice [laughing] set each [] .
Carl (PS051) [3546] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [3547] Put it that way, Charollais bulls.
Robert (PS056) [3548] Mummy did I tell you about erm
Susan (PS052) [3549] Lot of meat on them.
[3550] What?
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3551] No
Robert (PS056) [3552] We were playing football
Susan (PS052) [3553] it's not rude is it?
Robert (PS056) [3554] No.
Susan (PS052) [3555] That's alright then. [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [3556] Me and ... and Nan were playing football
Susan (PS052) [3557] Yeah?
Robert (PS056) [3558] [...] and we kept on playing ... and he [...] .
[3559] It was me and Nan who were playing, and then he, he [...] so then he went out [...] then ... when [...] said oh why don't you go and get your [...] ?
[3560] And [...] said because it's pissed.
Susan (PS052) [3561] [laughing] Ah, yes cos it's broken, yeah [] .
Robert (PS056) [3562] And Nan thought he was saying something rude.
Susan (PS052) [3563] [laughing] Thought he was being rude [] no
Robert (PS056) [3564] I explained to her [...]
Susan (PS052) [3565] [laughing] no he [...] []
Carl (PS051) [3566] [...] told me that yesterday.
Susan (PS052) [3567] Yeah.
[3568] [laugh] Did she?
[3569] Did she laugh?
Carl (PS051) [3570] Mm?
Susan (PS052) [3571] She laughed then?
Carl (PS051) [3572] Think so.
[3573] ... It's what I never did but I always meant to do
Susan (PS052) [3574] What?
Carl (PS051) [3575] take a walk down some of these tracks down here.
Susan (PS052) [3576] Yes I know.
[3577] Well I went out to the 's place which is around here
Carl (PS051) [3578] It's down there.
Susan (PS052) [3579] just down this one by ... oh of course you drove to get the cot from there didn't you?
[3580] Erm ... it was lovely there, really out in the wilds, you know?
[3581] Very lonely though I imagine.
Carl (PS051) [3582] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [3583] But er she works part time doesn't she?
[3584] Erm ... can't think what she's called now ... Wendy, that's it Wendy yeah.
[3585] She works in the bookshop from time to time cos she's only got the two hasn't she, Robin and Stephan.
Carl (PS051) [3586] She might have more now.
Susan (PS052) [3587] Mm?
Carl (PS051) [3588] Might have more now.
Susan (PS052) [3589] Mm I don't think so.
[3590] She hadn't last time I, cos we were talking about er ... when I say talking I don't mean nastily but the last time I saw Janet I asked after Wendy and she said she was still working and ... enjoying her job and the children were growing up and she didn't mention any other children so ... cos her husband works away a lot of the year doesn't he?
Carl (PS051) [3591] Mm.
[3592] What is he, [...] ?
Susan (PS052) [3593] [yawning] Oh something to do with [] surveying I think, or, I dunno, he goes abroad [...]
Robert (PS056) [3594] Are we nearly there?
Susan (PS052) [3595] Nearly, we've gotta go through Thorpeness first.
Carl (PS051) [3596] Yeah.
[3597] Fort Nest.
Susan (PS052) [3598] Yeah, Who used to call it that?
[3599] Robert.
Carl (PS051) [3600] It's Andrew isn't it?
[3601] Or Christopher.
Susan (PS052) [3602] Yeah, can't remember.
Robert (PS056) [3603] I remember this place.
Susan (PS052) [3604] So you should, it's not that long since we've ... oh is it two years we've moved?
Carl (PS051) [3605] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [3606] It's gone quick hasn't it, when you think, you know, when you think of it like that.
Carl (PS051) [3607] Think it's just under two years, March the
Susan (PS052) [3608] Yeah that's right, two years in March, March the twenty fourth.
[3609] Two years next month.
[3610] ... [...] ... [...] day trip ... out of their holiday home.
[3611] It's quite [...] ...
Robert (PS056) [3612] Oh look there's the duck pond.
[3613] Oh yeah I remember this place.
[3614] We stayed here with Na Grandma and GrandPat.
Carl (PS051) [3615] That's right just round the corner.
Susan (PS052) [3616] Oh yeah you did.
Robert (PS056) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3617] Aha.
Robert (PS056) [3618] And I remember that ... they left the key in the house and, and they locked, locked, locked the
Susan (PS052) [3619] Oh that's right, yeah, Grandpa did that.
[3620] He shut the door, yeah.
Robert (PS056) [3621] the door [...]
Susan (PS052) [3622] Started as they meant to go on for the holiday.
Carl (PS051) [3623] Mm.
[3624] ... Burglar Bill.
Susan (PS052) [3625] Yeah.
Andrew (PS055) [3626] I don't remember that.
Susan (PS052) [3627] [...] climbed through the window the next door neighbour phoned up, got a spare key.
[3628] [...] imagination working overtime there.
Carl (PS051) [3629] Mm. ...
Susan (PS052) [3630] I used to like the car boot sales out here, they were good.
[3631] But they stopped them last year didn't they?
Carl (PS051) [3632] I think so.
Susan (PS052) [3633] They, they stopped having them on the, the seafront anyway.
[3634] I used to like them along there, it was nice cos you could go ... could combine a ... a walk by the sea with ... looking for bargains. ...
Carl (PS051) [3635] Salt spray.
Susan (PS052) [3636] Yeah.
[3637] ... Tis. ...
Carl (PS051) [3638] It's peaceful along here though isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [3639] Yeah it's nice.
[3640] How would you like to live there then Carl?
Carl (PS051) [3641] Yeah I would.
Susan (PS052) [3642] Yeah.
[3643] Oh it's not a house though is it?
[3644] Well it would have been at one time.
Carl (PS051) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [3645] Very busy though, you've always got people come and walk backwards and forwards.
[3646] ... And of course you do realize with the ... greenhouse effect anyway [yawning] the whole of Orford's gonna disappear under water [] ... and Aldringham ... and Leiston.
Carl (PS051) [3647] I don't think Aldringham will.
Susan (PS052) [3648] You don't?
[3649] I reckon it'll become, it'll become close to ...
Carl (PS051) [3650] The coast could go further in, yeah.
[3651] ... I'll park in the centre.
Susan (PS052) [3652] Okay.
Carl (PS051) [3653] If I can.
Susan (PS052) [3654] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [whistling] ... [singing] [...] []
Susan (PS052) [3655] Have you gotta pay? ...
Carl (PS051) [3656] What, along here?
Susan (PS052) [3657] I said have you [...] have you gotta pay him?
Carl (PS051) [3658] Shouldn't have to, no, blast.
Susan (PS052) [3659] There's one.
Carl (PS051) [3660] Just beat me to it.
[3661] ... [...] Robert.
Susan (PS052) [3662] [...] for Robert.
[3663] [...] along here.
Robert (PS056) [3664] I remember this place.
Susan (PS052) [3665] No, no, no, yep ... yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep crunch. ...
Andrew (PS055) [3666] Dad ... daddy
Carl (PS051) [3667] What?
Andrew (PS055) [3668] are we gonna have our coats on when we go out?
Carl (PS051) [3669] Yes cos it's cold outside. ...
Susan (PS052) [3670] Hello baby!
[3671] ... Right, better turn this off. ...
Carl (PS051) [3672] Mm. [...]
Susan (PS052) [3673] Sorry?
Carl (PS051) [3674] We can pick up recording on the way home again.
[3675] ... Yeah, alright, [...] Aldeburgh
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3676] Goodbye for now ... whoever's listening ... signing off

9 (Tape 033802)

Susan (PS052) [3677] I can hear Robert sneezing away in the background.
[3678] Is that on now?
Robert (PS056) [3679] What mummy?
Carl (PS051) [3680] No we're back on, we're going home, perished, freezing.
Susan (PS052) [laugh] ...
Carl (PS051) [3681] I'm gonna look at the paper first.
Susan (PS052) [3682] Oh come on, let's, oh don't be so g
Carl (PS051) [3683] Oh ... banana
Susan (PS052) [3684] Oh come on!
[3685] I want to get home to the party tea, it's ten to four.
[3686] Good I can read it now.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3687] Ten to four! ...
Christopher (PS053) [3688] That's my birthday number.
Susan (PS052) [3689] It is your birthday [laughing] number, yes [] .
Carl (PS051) [3690] [laugh] ... Find me a new job then.
Susan (PS052) [3691] A new job?
Carl (PS051) [3692] That says find a new job.
Susan (PS052) [3693] Oh.
[3694] ... [cough] There's a car now coming.
Carl (PS051) [3695] Mhm. ...
Susan (PS052) [3696] God who's idea was it come and freeze to death in Aldeburgh?
[3697] ... Must be yours, I don't think of stupid things like that.
Carl (PS051) [3698] Right, nothing behind Andrew?
Susan (PS052) [3699] Nothing, I can't see behind.
Andrew (PS055) [3700] No nothing except a red car.
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [3701] Nice one Andrew.
Susan (PS052) [3702] [laughing] Nothing except a red car.
[3703] Oh dear [] .
[3704] ... Oh I've got cold bits on me cold bits.
Carl (PS051) [3705] Ah.
[3706] ... Well I have been warmer.
Christopher (PS053) [3707] Come on, the car's going slowly.
Susan (PS052) [3708] [laughing] Oh he's cold [] .
[3709] He wants to get home for his party tea doesn't he?
[3710] That's what's wrong with him.
[3711] ... Orlando the marmalade cat. ...
Carl (PS051) [3712] New mains are being laid.
Susan (PS052) [3713] Pardon?
Carl (PS051) [3714] New mains being laid Sue.
Susan (PS052) [3715] Oh are they?
[3716] ... Look at them old teddies and things in there.
[3717] ... I used to have a straw teddy, a stuffed straw te I've still got it somewhere in the attic.
[3718] Harry [laughing] it's called [] .
Carl (PS051) [3719] Thought you threw that out.
Susan (PS052) [3720] No I don't think I threw him out.
Carl (PS051) [3721] Be worth a bit.
Susan (PS052) [3722] No he's pretty patched and ancient.
[3723] S he was Steven's actually so he's pretty old.
[3724] What's Steven now?
[3725] ... Older than you isn't he?
[3726] He's thirty five is he, Steve?
Carl (PS051) [3727] Thirty six.
Susan (PS052) [3728] Thirty six this year isn't he?
[3729] God is he really as old as that?
[3730] ... Oh dear.
[3731] ... Ah ah ah, I'm cold. ...
Carl (PS051) [3732] Get home by about half four [...] .
Susan (PS052) [3733] Yeah.
[3734] Well I'll just er ... I'll just ... well if I go and get the ... sort of the tea things ready, the party tea ... can you put Christopher his erm Thunderbirds tracksuit back on?
Carl (PS051) [3735] Oh right, the [...] one.
Susan (PS052) [3736] And also can you put Rebecca's tracksuit on cos she's got quite a grubby frock on, so ... you might as well put her jogsuit on as well.
[3737] The boys look, make sure the boys look reasonably presentable with a clean jumper or something, I'm taking photographs to send up to your mum and don't want them looking like scruffy ... oh look stop sniffing please.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3738] [...] yes.
[3739] [...] ... Here Robert ... It makes your ears tingle doesn't it?
Carl (PS051) [3740] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3741] The cold weather ... I mean. ...
Carl (PS051) [3742] Ah that as well.
Susan (PS052) [3743] There's that windmill on legs look.
[3744] No, not windmill, house on legs.
[3745] ... That's a big house there isn't it? ...
Carl (PS051) [3746] It's well looked after.
Susan (PS052) [3747] How do you fancy that one?
[3748] ... Think you'd like that?
[3749] I wouldn't mind that one, that's alright.
[3750] I like that.
Carl (PS051) [3751] It's got enough aerials anyway.
Susan (PS052) [3752] It's got enough room as well to put all the bits and pieces, mind you if you had a house like that you could afford to have someone to look after all the [laughing] goats and the hens [] . ...
Carl (PS051) [3753] [yawning] Oh excuse me [] .
Susan (PS052) [3754] Why do I always look at houses that I can't, I've got, not got the remotest chance of owning?
Carl (PS051) [3755] I don't know, for the size.
Susan (PS052) [3756] You reckon? ...
Carl (PS051) [3757] There's nothing to stop you looking.
Susan (PS052) [3758] Yeah I know but it makes you discontented dunnit?
[3759] ... Well it makes me discontented anyway.
[3760] ... Thorpeness, [...] innit?
[3761] ... [cough] Good job we put the goats in then, they'd have been cold ... I think if we'd left them much longer outside.
[3762] ... Quite chilly.
[3763] ... What do you think about the meaning of life [laughing] then [] ? ...
Carl (PS051) [3764] Not a lot at the moment, too cold.
Susan (PS052) [3765] Yeah. ...
Carl (PS051) [3766] Me eyes are watering. ...
Susan (PS052) [3767] You're eyes are walking?
Carl (PS051) [3768] [laugh] Watering.
Susan (PS052) [3769] Oh [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [3770] Oh they probably are walking at the moment.
Susan (PS052) [3771] Yeah.
[3772] ... Get over. ... [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [3773] Well I'm fairly discomknockerated if ... the truth be told. ...
Susan (PS052) [3774] How dare you use such a northern expression
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [3775] in the middle of the east.
Christopher (PS053) [3776] Andrew-wa!
Susan (PS052) [3777] Andrew-wa, I didn't know we had anyone called Andrew-wa did you?
Carl (PS051) [3778] Andrew double U.
Susan (PS052) [3779] Andrew-wa ... He's been a bit er green hasn't he, I think.
Carl (PS051) [3780] You what?
Susan (PS052) [3781] I think he's been a bit green today.
Carl (PS051) [3782] Andrew?
Susan (PS052) [3783] Yeah.
[3784] If anybody.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3785] Funny that innit?
Carl (PS051) [3786] [laughing] Andrew [] ?
Susan (PS052) [3787] Well well [laugh] sort out what's like worried him.
[3788] ... I never rememb what did we buy Andrew for his birthday?
[3789] I can't remember now. ...
Carl (PS051) [3790] Ask him.
Susan (PS052) [3791] Andrew-wa ...
Andrew (PS055) [3792] Pardon?
Susan (PS052) [3793] Andrew-wa
Andrew (PS055) [3794] Yeah?
Susan (PS052) [3795] What did we get you for your birthday last year, I can't remember? ...
Andrew (PS055) [3796] Erm
Susan (PS052) [3797] Nor can he. ...
Andrew (PS055) [3798] er ... I've forgotten.
Carl (PS051) [3799] Well he had his birthday at er school didn't he?
[3800] Had his party.
Susan (PS052) [3801] Oh he had the party at school, what did we get him then? ...
Carl (PS051) [3802] Games?
Susan (PS052) [3803] Oh did we get you [...] or something like that? ...
Andrew (PS055) [3804] No you got me a spaniel.
Susan (PS052) [3805] Oh that's right yeah, the Hush Puppy.
[3806] That's right, yeah I'd forgotten about him.
Andrew (PS055) [3807] Why did you want to know?
Susan (PS052) [3808] I just couldn't [laughing] remember [] .
[3809] No real reason, I just couldn't remember and it was er annoying me cos I couldn't think what it was.
[3810] Yeah we got him that Hush Puppy.
[3811] ... They've painted that haven't they?
[3812] That used to be pink.
[3813] The Parrot and Punch.
Carl (PS051) [3814] Mm.
Susan (PS052) [3815] There's our old house, hallo old house.
[3816] ... Bed and breakfast second left, how to get poisoned ... more like.
[3817] ... Oh I must tell Wynn all about the ... the letter I had.
[3818] Mm.
[3819] Well they haven't retiled it.
Carl (PS051) [3820] Or repainted.
Susan (PS052) [3821] Or repainted it or redone anything to it.
[3822] They just use it as a holiday home don't they?
Carl (PS051) [3823] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [3824] Oh well, best
Carl (PS051) [3825] Up to them.
Susan (PS052) [3826] best of British.
[3827] [laugh] ... Laying there at night listening to the tiles clattering off the roof.
Carl (PS051) [3828] Yeah that is true. ...
Susan (PS052) [3829] A tractor Chris.
Christopher (PS053) [3830] Where?
Susan (PS052) [3831] Just now coming.
Christopher (PS053) [3832] My tractor [...] .
[3833] Oh he's got another little tractor mummy.
Susan (PS052) [3834] Has he?
[3835] Oh.
Christopher (PS053) [3836] Yeah it's a red one.
Susan (PS052) [3837] Oh lovely.
[3838] I didn't see that.
Christopher (PS053) [3839] That was my one.
[3840] I've got four red tractors.
Susan (PS052) [3841] Oh is it?
[3842] Ah.

10 (Tape 033803)

Carl (PS051) [3843] Have to call you Neddy.
Christopher (PS053) [laugh] ...
Carl (PS051) [3844] Yes Robert it is working.
Robert (PS056) [3845] Is it recording?
Carl (PS051) [3846] Yes it is recording. ...
Susan (PS052) [3847] Mm.
[3848] Munch munch munch.
Carl (PS051) [3849] Mm. ...
Susan (PS052) [3850] Mm my birthday I reckon the cake's really good.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [3851] It's my birthday.
Carl (PS051) [3852] Whose birthday?
Christopher (PS053) [3853] Me.
Carl (PS051) [3854] Mine.
Christopher (PS053) [3855] Mine.
Carl (PS051) [3856] Mine.
Christopher (PS053) [3857] Mine.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [3858] I'm four ... now. [...] [...]
Carl (PS051) [3859] Watch it's got pips in that.
[3860] Mm lovely.
Christopher (PS053) [3861] Am I allowed one of them?
Susan (PS052) [3862] Mhm.
Carl (PS051) [3863] Mhm.
[3864] Watch it's got pips in.
Robert (PS056) [3865] I eat them.
Carl (PS051) [3866] Mm?
Robert (PS056) [3867] I eat the pips.
Andrew (PS055) [3868] Ugh!
Christopher (PS053) [3869] The white one and a a
Susan (PS052) [3870] He obviously takes after your family.
Christopher (PS053) [3871] daddy I ate one of these
Susan (PS052) [3872] Mine aren't like that.
Christopher (PS053) [3873] and I ate the pip too.
Carl (PS051) [3874] Well I wouldn't in case it gets stuck in here ... in your mouth.
Susan (PS052) [3875] He might grow an orange tree out of his ear.
Carl (PS051) [3876] There's enough dirt in it.
Robert (PS056) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [3877] You might do.
Christopher (PS053) [3878] Ugh I'm not having one of them, I'm having a banana.
Carl (PS051) [3879] Yeah. ...
Susan (PS052) [3880] Alright?
Carl (PS051) [3881] For all his gardening he never seems to get any further on does he?
Susan (PS052) [3882] No.
[3883] ... He's a potterer.
Carl (PS051) [3884] Well he's a vegetable grower, he's not a gardener. ...
Susan (PS052) [3885] Mm.
Robert (PS056) [3886] Mm could you pass me a chocolate eggs crispies?
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [3887] He's [...]
Carl (PS051) [3888] Erm ... sandwiches.
Susan (PS052) [3889] Sandwiches first.
Robert (PS056) [3890] May I [...] sandwiches ... please?
Susan (PS052) [3891] Mhm. ...
Carl (PS051) [3892] Having the savories, we're starting on the savories remember.
[3893] ... [...] ... here we are ... good old Rebecca.
Susan (PS052) [3894] Is that nice?
[3895] ... Ugh she's gonna tip that out.
[3896] ... She can lift that one, you have to put the tab away from her.
Carl (PS051) [3897] That's enough!
Susan (PS052) [laugh] ...
Christopher (PS053) [3898] Mummy are you allowed a biscuit?
Carl (PS051) [3899] No.
Susan (PS052) [3900] No eat some more sandwiches first.
Carl (PS051) [3901] Otherwise it'll be a waste.
[3902] ... Grandma's gonna give you a ring tonight
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3903] Mhm
Carl (PS051) [3904] to talk to you Christopher.
Christopher (PS053) [3905] Mm?
Carl (PS051) [3906] Grandma'll probably give you a ring
Christopher (PS053) [3907] Mm. ...
Susan (PS052) [3908] Mm ... you show what
Christopher (PS053) [3909] Mummy are are you allowed one of them.
Susan (PS052) [3910] No not till you've eaten some more sandwich.
[3911] You show grandma what a big boy you are tonight and you talk to her nicely on the phone and you
Christopher (PS053) [3912] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [3913] tell her thank you for the combine. ...
Christopher (PS053) [3914] I'll have a sandwich then.
[3915] [...] nothing else that I don't want.
[3916] ... Mm mm mm
Andrew (PS055) [3917] Can you pass me the crisps?
Carl (PS051) [3918] There aren't any crisps. ...
Andrew (PS055) [...]
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3919] Are there?
[3920] Oh yeah.
[3921] ... Mummy [...]
Susan (PS052) [3922] Mm.
[3923] ... Four.
Christopher (PS053) [3924] Catching mummy up.
Susan (PS052) [3925] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [3926] [...] yet.
Carl (PS051) [3927] Studious con yeah, what's the word?
Susan (PS052) [3928] Dunno.
Carl (PS051) [3929] Concentration, that's the word.
[3930] ... Or even looking at it very closely. ...
Susan (PS052) [3931] Filling their faces is the common expression.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3932] Nice?
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Carl (PS051) [3933] A sandwich in one hand and a ... piece of orange in another hand and some ... biscuit stuck in your hair for later.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Carl (PS051) [3934] Aldeburgh was cold though wasn't it, eh?
Susan (PS052) [3935] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [3936] God, very cold. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [shouting] [...] [] ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [3937] [...] Mm what's that? ...
Carl (PS051) [3938] Have another sandwich I think, these are nice.
Susan (PS052) [3939] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [3940] The beef spread.
Susan (PS052) [3941] [laugh] ... I'm eating the Dairylea.
Christopher (PS053) [3942] Oh.
Carl (PS051) [3943] Oh.
Susan (PS052) [3944] Lovely.
[3945] ... Try it.
Christopher (PS053) [3946] What else can you have mummy?
[3947] We have Hula Hoops.
Carl (PS051) [3948] Mhm.
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [3949] Pass him those Tuc biscuits [...] ... [...] like them. ...
Carl (PS051) [3950] Want one of those?
Susan (PS052) [3951] What do you want?
Carl (PS051) [3952] You can choose what you want now.
Christopher (PS053) [3953] Erm ... one of them.
Carl (PS051) [3954] A cookie [...]
Robert (PS056) [3955] Mummy, mummy may I have [...]
Andrew (PS055) [3956] Can I have one please?
Susan (PS052) [3957] Yes you can choose other things now.
Carl (PS051) [3958] Alright.
Robert (PS056) [3959] I, I'd like a few mini eggs. ...
Carl (PS051) [3960] Too many.
Robert (PS056) [3961] About three?
Carl (PS051) [3962] Okay.
Susan (PS052) [3963] Mhm. ...
Robert (PS056) [3964] Yeah I got my favourite colour, yellow. ...
Susan (PS052) [3965] Alright Chris?
Carl (PS051) [3966] Crunch crunch crunch
Susan (PS052) [3967] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [3968] will all be picked up by the
Susan (PS052) [3969] All they can hear. ...
Robert (PS056) [3970] Take three. ...
Susan (PS052) [3971] No he's not three, he take four cos he's four. ...
Carl (PS051) [3972] [...] ... one more.
Susan (PS052) [3973] Come on, one more.
[3974] Cos it's your birthday you get, get an extra one, that's it.
Carl (PS051) [3975] Mhm.
Christopher (PS053) [3976] That's how many I've got.
Susan (PS052) [3977] Mm.
Christopher (PS053) [3978] Four that is.
[3979] ... Gonna have one of these.
[3980] Mm mm mm
Susan (PS052) [3981] Don't forget you've got ice cream and jelly and birthday cake yet.
Christopher (PS053) [3982] No.
Carl (PS051) [3983] Mhm.
Christopher (PS053) [3984] Mm mm. ...
Andrew (PS055) [3985] Can I erm ... [...] please.
Carl (PS051) [3986] Yeah.
Andrew (PS055) [3987] Thank you. ...
Carl (PS051) [3988] [...] chickens. ...
Christopher (PS053) [3989] He dropped one of his eggs.
Carl (PS051) [3990] She's [...] Daphne.
Susan (PS052) [3991] She walking?
[3992] Or has she had a lift?
Carl (PS051) [3993] Somebody's giving her a lift.
Susan (PS052) [3994] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [3995] Well
Robert (PS056) [3996] Chris may you pass me the Hula Hoops?
Carl (PS051) [3997] we didn't have any room in the car did we?
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [3998] [shouting] What?
[3999] You've put half your tea on the floor [] .
Susan (PS052) [4000] Again. [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [4001] Again. ...
Carl (PS051) [4002] Look at all this mess here.
[4003] ... You dirty beast. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4004] Biscuit?
[4005] ... Can I have a biscuit?
Susan (PS052) [4006] Yes, you can have a biscuit.
[4007] Can you put the kettle on please dear.
Carl (PS051) [4008] Yeah. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4009] Mm.
[4010] Yum yum.
Andrew (PS055) [4011] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [4012] Is that nice?
Christopher (PS053) [4013] Look at this ... mummy look at this crisp.
Susan (PS052) [4014] Mm.
[4015] Funny one innit?
Robert (PS056) [4016] Mummy
Christopher (PS053) [4017] Gone mm mm
Andrew (PS055) [4018] mummy I like ... these bits.
Susan (PS052) [4019] Mm
Robert (PS056) [4020] Can I finish these orange things off?
Susan (PS052) [4021] I haven't had any actually Robert.
Robert (PS056) [4022] Oh
Christopher (PS053) [4023] They've got pips in.
Susan (PS052) [4024] I'm not really bothered now you've handled them, go on.
Christopher (PS053) [4025] They've got pips in.
Carl (PS051) [4026] Do you wanna piece of orange Sue did you say?
Susan (PS052) [4027] Wouldn't mind.
[4028] ... Robert's put his grubby mitts all over those.
[4029] ... What are you doing Becca?
Christopher (PS053) [4030] Mummy ... Robert's taking
Susan (PS052) [4031] Want some more?
Christopher (PS053) [4032] mummy look
Susan (PS052) [4033] A big bit? [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4034] I've finished. ...
Carl (PS051) [4035] Here you are Sue. ...
Susan (PS052) [4036] Thank you.
[4037] [...] party ring. [...]
Andrew (PS055) [4038] May I have some biscuits? ...
Susan (PS052) [4039] All this cholesterol level.
Carl (PS051) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4040] Oh well.
Carl (PS051) [4041] Oh it doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4042] I've got a [...] one.
Susan (PS052) [4043] [...] innit? ...
Christopher (PS053) [4044] I've got a O
Carl (PS051) [4045] Better use the tooth b brush and toothpaste
Susan (PS052) [4046] Mhm.
Carl (PS051) [4047] vigorously tonight.
[4048] These are nice, I like these.
Susan (PS052) [4049] Yeah not bad are they? ...
Carl (PS051) [4050] Got a little face on the bottom.
Susan (PS052) [4051] Have they?
Carl (PS051) [4052] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [4053] I never noticed, I've been eating them.
Carl (PS051) [4054] Aha.
Robert (PS056) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4055] Oh yeah!
Carl (PS051) [4056] There, is it ... a girl or a boy, that's a boy obviously.
Susan (PS052) [4057] Mhm. ...
Carl (PS051) [4058] Are they all the same or different?
Susan (PS052) [4059] Don't know Carl.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4060] Mummy ...
Susan (PS052) [4061] Mm.
Christopher (PS053) [4062] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [4063] Mhm?
[4064] ... I'm alright thank you. ...
Andrew (PS055) [4065] Chris could you pass me the Hula Hoops?
[4066] They're nice.
[4067] ... Can you pass me the Hula Hoops?
Carl (PS051) [4068] Please.
[4069] ... Before he grumps them all.
[4070] ... Robert's quiet isn't he?
Susan (PS052) [4071] Yeah it's the only time he's quiet, he's not coughing thank god.
Christopher (PS053) [4072] Daddy who do you think grumps all these?
[4073] Robert.
[4074] Robert grumps them all. ...
Susan (PS052) [4075] Where's Andrew?
Carl (PS051) [4076] I just said that. ...
Susan (PS052) [4077] Did you?
[4078] [...] ... Ha ha ha!
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4079] They get on your pip these orange don't they? ...
Rebecca (PS054) [4080] [shouting] Da da ... mummy []
Carl (PS051) [4081] What?
Susan (PS052) [4082] Get on your pip Robert
Rebecca (PS054) [4083] Mummy
Christopher (PS053) [4084] Two rolls finished.
Susan (PS052) [4085] They get on your pip. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4086] Thank you.
Robert (PS056) [4087] I don't know what you mean.
Susan (PS052) [4088] I reckon it's reduced flavour.
Carl (PS051) [4089] You haven't ate that biscuit yet.
Susan (PS052) [4090] Oh forget it. [laugh] ...
Christopher (PS053) [4091] Mummy, caramel.
Susan (PS052) [4092] A what? ...
Christopher (PS053) [4093] Chocolate
Susan (PS052) [4094] Oh.
Christopher (PS053) [4095] chocolate.
Susan (PS052) [4096] Sit down Andrew.
Robert (PS056) [4097] Can I have the eggs please.
Carl (PS051) [4098] No. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [crying]
Carl (PS051) [4099] Oy! ...
Christopher (PS053) [4100] Ooh ... ooh
Susan (PS052) [4101] That's daddy grumping them all.
Robert (PS056) [4102] You've got them in your hand. ...
Susan (PS052) [4103] [laughing] Go on give them to Robert, you mean thing [] .
[4104] I'm gonna have a little mini [...]
Robert (PS056) [4105] Thank you. ...
Carl (PS051) [4106] You can have some more in a minute.
Christopher (PS053) [4107] I've got one mummy, you can have this one.
Susan (PS052) [4108] I don't want one dear, I'm alright.
Christopher (PS053) [4109] I'm alright, you alright? ...
Susan (PS052) [4110] Who would like some green jelly and ice cream?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4111] Me!
Carl (PS051) [4112] Mhm.
Andrew (PS055) [4113] No jelly please. ...
Susan (PS052) [4114] Robert? ...
Robert (PS056) [4115] Both please.
Carl (PS051) [4116] Sue you can take the bowls through.
Susan (PS052) [4117] Carl?
[4118] I know.
Carl (PS051) [4119] Yeah.
[4120] ... Do you want me to open that tin of fruit? ...
Susan (PS052) [4121] I'm not bothered.
Carl (PS051) [4122] No we've had enough fruit [...]
Susan (PS052) [4123] They've had that fresh fruit haven't they?
[4124] ... I still need another couple of bowls.
Christopher (PS053) [4125] I had a chocolate one.
[4126] Yum yum.
Susan (PS052) [4127] Shall I put this on a plate?
Carl (PS051) [4128] Put them on there now.
Susan (PS052) [4129] [...] there now.
Carl (PS051) [4130] Mhm.
Susan (PS052) [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [4131] Crumbs! ...
Christopher (PS053) [4132] How about that then!
Carl (PS051) [4133] How about that then, eh?
[4134] ... You just keep talking amongst yourselves. ...
Susan (PS052) [4135] [...] ?
Carl (PS051) [4136] Yeah might as well. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4137] Still isn't the end of my birthday party is it? ...
Susan (PS052) [4138] Where are they then?
Carl (PS051) [4139] Dunno to be honest.
[4140] There's a long way to go yet.
Christopher (PS053) [4141] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [4142] I'll give mummy a hand. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4143] Andrew, you like my birthday party?
[4144] ... Andrew did you know we all get to blow erm ... the candles out.
[4145] We all get to blow it.
[4146] But first it's me on the top.
[4147] I mean on ... the bottom.
[4148] ... Andrew mind, my combine's behind there ... the curtain. ...
Andrew (PS055) [4149] Look at me Robert [laugh] I like them.
Christopher (PS053) [4150] [...] not grumping all these are you? ...
Andrew (PS055) [4151] I like them.
[4152] ... There is some left.
[4153] ... I've only had one of them.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [4154] Two of them I mean. ... [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4155] [shouting] Oh no no [] they're being taken away.
[4156] They are being taken away.
[4157] [laugh] [...] ... [...] No
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4158] [shouting] It's the last one, no [] ... No.
Christopher (PS053) [4159] No, you can have it. ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Christopher (PS053) [4160] No!
Andrew (PS055) [4161] I can't eat it.
[4162] I've had a lot of them. ...
Susan (PS052) [4163] Sit down.
Christopher (PS053) [4164] Do you want one of these Rob?
[4165] Nice.
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Christopher (PS053) [4166] Yum yum.
Susan (PS052) [4167] There you go [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4168] Ooh yum.
Susan (PS052) [4169] [...] wait a minute, you need some spoons.
[4170] And yours is coming Bec.
Robert (PS056) [4171] [laugh] The jelly's funny. [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4172] Oh it's wobb wobbling. [laugh]
Andrew (PS055) [4173] Course it's wobbling.
Christopher (PS053) [4174] Oh it's wobbling and wobbling and wobbling
Susan (PS052) [4175] Wobbly wobbly wobbly.
Christopher (PS053) [4176] Wobbly wobbly wobbly.
Susan (PS052) [4177] Wobbly wobbly wobbly.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4178] Yeah it has got a thing but somebody's whipped it, get out dog!
[4179] Go on ... hop it.
Christopher (PS053) [4180] Hop it.
[4181] Hop it dog.
[4182] Toby!
Susan (PS052) [4183] Clean
Carl (PS051) [4184] Excuse me.
Christopher (PS053) [4185] Mummy the dog's sitting near the table.
Carl (PS051) [4186] [...] get rid of him.
Susan (PS052) [4187] Go on To, out you go.
Carl (PS051) [4188] Kitchen.
Christopher (PS053) [4189] He's down here.
Susan (PS052) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4190] The dog's going round that way.
Carl (PS051) [4191] [...] had it the last time.
Susan (PS052) [4192] Oh is it my turn?
Carl (PS051) [4193] Yes, it's your turn.
Susan (PS052) [4194] Oh how boring.
Carl (PS051) [4195] How boring terribly.
Susan (PS052) [4196] Here you are then.
[4197] Here you are fatty.
[4198] Come over here.
[4199] Come to your mother.
[4200] Come to mother.
Rebecca (PS054) [4201] Go away.
Susan (PS052) [4202] Whose is this?
[4203] ... Jelly.
[4204] Say jelly.
[4205] ... Nice?
[4206] Open.
Carl (PS051) [4207] Jelly ...
Susan (PS052) [4208] Ooh ... ooh that's a bit funny innit?
Carl (PS051) [4209] Why?
Susan (PS052) [4210] It's a bit of a funny texture for her.
[4211] Ooh ... ooh ooh ooh ooh ... that nice?
[4212] ... Well she's coming back for more.
Carl (PS051) [4213] [...] you're the only one who's talking.
Susan (PS052) [4214] Well [laugh] I speak to myself most of the time anyway.
Carl (PS051) [4215] True. ...
Susan (PS052) [4216] Nice.
[4217] Is that nice?
[4218] ... That nice?
[4219] ... Mm.
[4220] ... You lot are all [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4221] Daddy do you like my birthday party?
Susan (PS052) [4222] Yeah.
Carl (PS051) [4223] Mhm my birthday party.
Susan (PS052) [4224] It's n
Christopher (PS053) [4225] You mean my birthday party.
Susan (PS052) [4226] He's silly isn't he?
[4227] He's not four is he?
Christopher (PS053) [4228] No.
Susan (PS052) [4229] Silly man. ...
Robert (PS056) [4230] He's [laughing] ninety nine [] .
Susan (PS052) [4231] Enough dear? ...
Andrew (PS055) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [4232] He's ninety nine ninety nine ninety nine.
Susan (PS052) [4233] [...] want jelly then?
[4234] ... Jelly.
Robert (PS056) [4235] Think you're a hundred and ni ninety eight years old.
Susan (PS052) [4236] Oh she found the ice cream
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [4237] Here ... [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [4238] This, this train looks as if it's sticking its tongue out.
Susan (PS052) [4239] This what?
Carl (PS051) [4240] Train looks as if it's sticking its
Susan (PS052) [4241] [laughing] it does [] [laugh] No that's back of it anyway.
Carl (PS051) [4242] [...] oh that's an eye.
Susan (PS052) [4243] No it's the back of it that, no it's going the other way you fool.
[4244] No that's where it went a bit wobbly so I made a hook on it for a [laughing] carriage [] .
[4245] ... Improvisation's my middle name. [laugh]
Robert (PS056) [4246] Mummy it has magnets not hooks.
Susan (PS052) [4247] Well this one's got a hook on it.
[4248] So there you go. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4249] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [4250] It's very good anyway.
Christopher (PS053) [4251] Got the ice cream to eat.
[4252] Yum yum.
Susan (PS052) [4253] Well you can tell it's a train Carl.
[4254] Now if you'd have drawn it there'd have been some doubt.
Carl (PS051) [4255] That's tr very true.
Robert (PS056) [4256] Daddy, how old are you?
[4257] I've forgotten.
Carl (PS051) [4258] A thousand and three
Robert (PS056) [laugh]
Andrew (PS055) [4259] Thirty five.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4260] million ...
Andrew (PS055) [4261] [...] million years old.
Robert (PS056) [4262] Rebecca's one hundred.
[4263] ... Andrew erm Christopher's four hundred ... Andrew's seven hundred, I'm nine hundred ... erm nearly nine hundred anyway, and erm
Andrew (PS055) [4264] Daddy's thirty
Robert (PS056) [4265] Daddy's
Andrew (PS055) [4266] five
Robert (PS056) [4267] three thousand five hu five hundred.
Carl (PS051) [4268] Mhm.
Andrew (PS055) [4269] Mummy is three thousand three hundred.
Susan (PS052) [4270] Just [laughing] tell everybody our ages [] why don't you? ...
Carl (PS051) [4271] Very old.
Susan (PS052) [4272] You're not supposed to tell what ladies' ages are.
Andrew (PS055) [4273] Why not?
Carl (PS051) [...]
Robert (PS056) [4274] I know your age.
[4275] It's thirty three.
Susan (PS052) [4276] Yeah but you don't tell everybody.
[4277] Well you just keep ... things like that to yourself.
Robert (PS056) [4278] Why?
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4279] Don't want people to say [laughing] god doesn't she look haggard for thirty three [] .
Carl (PS051) [4280] She does look her age. ...
Susan (PS052) [4281] Just think, I'll be forty soon, god.
Carl (PS051) [4282] That's right.
Susan (PS052) [4283] Mind you'll be forty afore me.
Carl (PS051) [4284] That's right.
Susan (PS052) [4285] Here you are sweetheart. ...
Christopher (PS053) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4286] Now then ... mummy's gonna have hers, so there you go. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [4287] Mm mm
Susan (PS052) [4288] No this is mine.
[4289] Get off.
Rebecca (PS054) [4290] [shouting] Mine []
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4291] [...] that was nice.
Carl (PS051) [4292] Will she eat one of those? ...
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [4293] Probably.
[4294] She's gonna have a bit of cake in a minute though.
[4295] ... It's mummy's.
Rebecca (PS054) [4296] Mummy's.
Carl (PS051) [4297] Mummy's.
Rebecca (PS054) [4298] Mummy's.
Susan (PS052) [4299] Mm.
Rebecca (PS054) [4300] Mummy's.
Carl (PS051) [4301] Does anybody want any more jelly?
Rebecca (PS054) [4302] [shouting] Mummy []
Robert (PS056) [4303] No thanks.
Carl (PS051) [4304] No mm
Christopher (PS053) [4305] Yes please.
Rebecca (PS054) [4306] Mummy
Carl (PS051) [4307] so we're gonna have some cake.
Susan (PS052) [4308] What?
Carl (PS051) [4309] We'll have some cake.
Susan (PS052) [4310] Kiss.
Carl (PS051) [4311] [...] anyway.
Rebecca (PS054) [4312] Mummy's.
Susan (PS052) [4313] No it's mummy's, you're not having any.
Rebecca (PS054) [4314] Mummy's
Carl (PS051) [4315] [...] now isn't it?
Rebecca (PS054) [4316] Daddy's.
[4317] ... [shouting] Mummy mummy mummy [] ...
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4318] Daddy I've had enough of this piece.
Susan (PS052) [4319] I'm alright.
[4320] You alright?
Rebecca (PS054) [4321] Mummy
Carl (PS051) [4322] Oh alright then.
Susan (PS052) [4323] Mm?
Rebecca (PS054) [4324] Mummy's.
Susan (PS052) [4325] Mm mm.
Carl (PS051) [4326] Here we go then.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4327] You alright? ...
Rebecca (PS054) [4328] Daddy's.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4329] Robert [...]
Susan (PS052) [4330] Who's been gromphing then?
Christopher (PS053) [4331] Who's been gromphing then?
Susan (PS052) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4332] [singing] doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo [] Shall I go and get the music then Andrew?
[4333] What we've practising for?
Andrew (PS055) [4334] Why?
Susan (PS052) [4335] I like this green jelly.
Susan (PS052) [4336] I like it [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [4337] [...] like slime isn't it?
Rebecca (PS054) [4338] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [4339] What?
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [4340] I'll get it.
Carl (PS051) [4341] Go on then.
Rebecca (PS054) [...] ...
Carl (PS051) [4342] Don't have too many of those Christopher.
Susan (PS052) [4343] You'll be sick.
[4344] Don't be sick. ...
Rebecca (PS054) [4345] [shouting] Mummy []
Susan (PS052) [4346] You got a whole year to be
Rebecca (PS054) [4347] [shouting] Mummy []
Susan (PS052) [4348] Quiet!
[4349] You got a whole year to be four in.
Rebecca (PS054) [4350] Mummy.
[4351] Mummy ... mummy
Susan (PS052) [4352] What?
Rebecca (PS054) [4353] Alright?
Susan (PS052) [4354] I'm alright, you alright?
Rebecca (PS054) [4355] Alright.
Susan (PS052) [4356] Kiss?
Rebecca (PS054) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4357] Kiss.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4358] Give me kiss.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4359] Kiss?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Susan (PS052) [4360] Well fair enough.
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Robert (PS056) [4361] Mummy can I save my piece of cake for
Susan (PS052) [4362] He's gonna need his face wiped before the candle blowing.
Robert (PS056) [4363] Can I have my
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4364] Leave it.
[4365] Take these through Robert.
Rebecca (PS054) [4366] Daddy.
Robert (PS056) [4367] Okay.
[4368] Can I ha have my piece of cake later please?
Carl (PS051) [4369] You can.
Robert (PS056) [4370] Thanks.
Carl (PS051) [4371] Go and sit up at the table erm Christopher.
Rebecca (PS054) [4372] [shouting] Mummy.
[4373] Alright [] ?
Susan (PS052) [4374] Mhm.
Christopher (PS053) [4375] Yeah.
Rebecca (PS054) [4376] Mm.
Carl (PS051) [4377] There was a candle there. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4378] I blow the candles out first.
Carl (PS051) [4379] Yeah.
Susan (PS052) [4380] Do you wanna go to bed?
Carl (PS051) [4381] Put your plates
Rebecca (PS054) [4382] No!
Susan (PS052) [4383] Be quiet then.
Christopher (PS053) [4384] On top of the bottom.
Carl (PS051) [4385] On top of the bottom?
Christopher (PS053) [4386] Yeah, [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Carl (PS051) [4387] Oh put your plate down there for your cake.
[4388] ... I'm just getting Rebecca's bits on mine.
Susan (PS052) [laugh]
Carl (PS051) [whistling] [...]
Susan (PS052) [4389] We need the match and a cake knife in a minute, won't we?
Christopher (PS053) [4390] The match, I'll blow it out.
Carl (PS051) [4391] Yeah. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4392] I'll blow the match out.
Carl (PS051) [4393] You can blow the match out?
Christopher (PS053) [4394] [laughing] Yeah [] ... the match out.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [4395] One piano. [...] [piano playing]
Susan (PS052) [4396] Oh very good!
[4397] Get off.
[4398] Do it again then.
[4399] Listen
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [4400] listen he's playing happy birthday.
[4401] [piano music] [singing] Happy birthday ... happy birthday ... dear Christopher ... birthday to ... [] Hurray!
[4402] We'll sing it in a minute for you darling.
Christopher (PS053) [4403] Yeah!
Robert (PS056) [4404] You've gotta sing as well Chris.
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] []
Christopher (PS053) [4405] No.
[4406] I don't have to.
[4407] Mu
Susan (PS052) [4408] Happy birthday
Christopher (PS053) [4409] mummy I don't have to sing happy birthday do I?
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] [] [piano music]
Robert (PS056) [4410] Can I get a bit of that [...] mum?
Susan (PS052) [4411] No we're gonna light the candles in
Rebecca (PS054) [scream]
Susan (PS052) [4412] [...] in here Carl for the
Christopher (PS053) [4413] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [4414] mummy mummy Excuse me.
[4415] Shall I get the candles?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Susan (PS052) [4416] Do you want the curtains shut?
[4417] We'll get a better photo with them shut Carl, do you think?
Christopher (PS053) [4418] Yeah, good idea.
Susan (PS052) [...] ...
Christopher (PS053) [4419] I know, let's make [...] bit darker. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4420] [singing] Happy birthday to me [] [shouting] happy birthday to me ... me ... me [] ... I'm going ... someone's going to get the [...] I know they are.
[4421] [...] get the [...]
Susan (PS052) [4422] Right [...]
Christopher (PS053) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4423] Wait a minute, don't touch the knife.
[4424] I'll move the sandwiches.
[4425] Andrew, will you leave it please.
[4426] Don't interfere.
Andrew (PS055) [4427] I'm playing now for Christopher.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...] ...
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4428] Wait a minute Christopher.
[4429] Right now before we start ...
Christopher (PS053) [4430] Can we turn light out?
Carl (PS051) [4431] I've gotta light it first.
Susan (PS052) [4432] Wait a minute we've got to light th before we start everybody's to sing ... and when I cut the cake, the pink bit is decoration so you don't eat the pink bit but you eat all the rest of it, alright?
Andrew (PS055) [4433] [whispering] What pink bit [] ? ...
Robert (PS056) [4434] No you can't eat it. ...
Andrew (PS055) [4435] What pink bit?
Carl (PS051) [4436] You can eat the pink bits, mummy says, but you can't eat the rest.
[4437] ... Is that right mummy?
Susan (PS052) [4438] Erm no, other way round.
[4439] ... Stop trying to be funny.
Andrew (PS055) [4440] What you mean the pink bits on the edge?
Susan (PS052) [4441] The pink blobs.
[4442] You don't eat those bits.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4443] Yeah but ... mm I'm not too sure about that.
[4444] Ready?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4445] [singing] Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Christopher, happy birthday to you []
Carl (PS051) [4446] Blow them out then!
Susan (PS052) [4447] Ready?
[4448] ... Blow hard!
[4449] ... Blow harder.
Carl (PS051) [4450] Go on.
Susan (PS052) [4451] [laughing] Keep blowing [] [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [4452] Can't do it.
Susan (PS052) [4453] Ready?
[4454] Well shall we help?
Carl (PS051) [4455] No no, he's gotta blow them out, go on blow.
[4456] Hey!
[4457] And the other side.
Susan (PS052) [4458] That's it, there's one.
Andrew (PS055) [4459] Make a wish.
Carl (PS051) [4460] And one more!
[4461] Hurray!
Susan (PS052) [4462] Hurray!
Andrew (PS055) [4463] Make a wish.
Susan (PS052) [4464] Make your wish.
Carl (PS051) [4465] Make a wish.
Susan (PS052) [4466] Made your wish?
[4467] You have to make
Carl (PS051) [4468] Quietly.
Susan (PS052) [4469] it in your head.
[4470] Right we all gonna join in this time are we?
Susan (PS052) [4471] Right.
Andrew (PS055) [4472] I'm not doing it.
Robert (PS056) [4473] Who's doing it this time?
Susan (PS052) [4474] Well we all, we're all gonna have a go
Carl (PS051) [4475] [...] with all that.
Susan (PS052) [4476] [laugh] Well done.
[4477] It shows what a big boy you are, blowing them all out now.
Carl (PS051) [4478] Look here Rebecca.
Susan (PS052) [4479] Ready?
[4480] ... [whispering] Wait till daddy lights, we'll [] all have to sing again!
[4481] ... Ready?
[4482] Ready for happy birthday?
[4483] ... Ready, go
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [4484] [singing] Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Christopher, happy birthday to you []
Susan (PS052) [4485] [laugh] Ready?
[4486] [raspberry] ... [shouting] Hurray [] ! [clapping]
Carl (PS051) [4487] The end.
Susan (PS052) [4488] Have to give him four claps, one ... two ... three ... four [shouting] hurray [] !
[4489] There.
Carl (PS051) [4490] Right it's cut the cake time.
Rebecca (PS054) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4491] Oh darling [laughing] [...] []
Christopher (PS053) [4492] Mummy are we allowed
Carl (PS051) [4493] Go on, Rebecca
Christopher (PS053) [4494] to eat these?
[4495] Are we allowed to eat these?
Rebecca (PS054) [crying] [singing] [...] []
Susan (PS052) [4496] Go on then, you can carry on singing ... but you're a bit late.
Andrew (PS055) [4497] What?
Christopher (PS053) [4498] These.
Andrew (PS055) [4499] The pink bits?
Carl (PS051) [4500] Hurray!
[4501] Well done Rebecca.
Susan (PS052) [4502] Clever girl!
[4503] Clever girl Rebecca. [laugh]
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] []
Carl (PS051) [4504] Happy boiled egg.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [laugh]
Christopher (PS053) [4505] [laughing] Happy boil boiled egg []
Susan (PS052) [4506] Yeah she calls it ha ber day don't she?
Carl (PS051) [4507] Happy ber day.
Susan (PS052) [4508] Ha ber day.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Carl (PS051) [4509] When we've finished
Susan (PS052) [4510] Right sshh sshh sshh sshh sshh.
[4511] Hush.
Rebecca (PS054) [singing] [...] []
Susan (PS052) [4512] Hush ... hush
Andrew (PS055) [4513] Hush.
[4514] Hush
Susan (PS052) [4515] Right Christopher, you get the first ... piece.
Carl (PS051) [4516] Which piece?
Susan (PS052) [4517] Do you want a small piece or a large piece?
[4518] Just a small piece for now?
Christopher (PS053) [4519] Big piece.
Susan (PS052) [4520] Alright, I'll do a big piece then.
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4521] That's my bit isn't it?
Susan (PS052) [4522] Right you can go on there ... ha!
[4523] You've got
Carl (PS051) [4524] Pass your plate over there.
Susan (PS052) [4525] you've got the ha look.
Christopher (PS053) [4526] That's not a big bit.
Carl (PS051) [4527] It is a bi
Susan (PS052) [4528] Oh that is a big chunky bit that.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Susan (PS052) [4529] Don't eat the pink bits. ...
Christopher (PS053) [4530] Pink bits?
Carl (PS051) [4531] Robert pass your plate, oh Robert's having some later.
Robert (PS056) [4532] Yeah I'm having some later.
Susan (PS052) [4533] Are you?
Christopher (PS053) [4534] Why aren't you not allowed the pink bits?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS056) [4535] I'll have some later.
Carl (PS051) [...]
Christopher (PS053) [4536] Mummy why aren't you allowed the pink bits?
Susan (PS052) [4537] They're just for decoration.
Rebecca (PS054) [4538] Dad, daddy [shouting] daddy ... daddy ... daddy []
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS055) [4539] I thought they were i iced
Susan (PS052) [4540] [...] daddy?
Carl (PS051) [4541] Yeah just a little bit.
Susan (PS052) [4542] This is Andrew's isn't it, first?
Carl (PS051) [4543] Have you got a plate, there's Andrew's.
Andrew (PS055) [4544] Ta. ...
Carl (PS051) [4545] There you go Andrew.
Susan (PS052) [4546] Is that big enough Andrew?
Unknown speaker (KBGPSUNK) [...]
Rebecca (PS054) [4547] [shouting] Mummy ... daddy []
Carl (PS051) [4548] He can always have some more
Susan (PS052) [4549] Well the ca [laugh] the cake's here.
Carl (PS051) [4550] Quietly!
Rebecca (PS054) [4551] [shouting] Alright [] ?
Carl (PS051) [4552] Yes I'm alright thank you, now hush.
Susan (PS052) [4553] Right, daddy?
Carl (PS051) [4554] Oh go on then, I keep saying ... just a small bit.
Christopher (PS053) [4555] Mummy
Susan (PS052) [4556] That's all you're getting anyway.
Christopher (PS053) [4557] I ate the pink bits.
Susan (PS052) [4558] Oh did you?
[4559] Oh well. ...