63 conversations recorded by `Carol' (PS05B) between 30 May and 5 June 1991 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 7122 s-units, 47995 words, and over 6 hours 42 minutes 9 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 104

PS05B Ag3 f (Carole, age 36, administrator (pt), Home Counties, )
PS05C Ag1 f (Joelle, age 18, au pair, European (French), ) employee
PS05D Ag3 m (Adam, age 36, textile agent, Home Counties, ) husband
PS05E Ag0 f (Charlotte, age 2, pre-school) daughter
PS05F Ag2 f (Pauline, age 30+, shop owner, Home Counties, ) friend
PS05H Ag5 m (Ron, age 60+, retired, Home Counties, ) father
PS05J Ag5 f (Pat, age 60+, retired, Home Counties, ) mother
PS05K Ag0 m (Toby, age 5) nephew
KBHPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBHPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

63 recordings

  1. Tape 003901 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 003902 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 003903 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 003904 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 003905 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 003906 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 003907 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 003908 recorded on 1991-05-30. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 004001 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 004002 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 004003 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 004004 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 004005 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 004006 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 004007 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 004008 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 004009 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 004101 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 004102 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 004103 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 004104 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 004105 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 004106 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 004107 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 004108 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 004109 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 004110 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 004201 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 004202 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 004203 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 004204 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 004205 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 004206 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 004207 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 004208 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 004209 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 004210 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 004211 recorded on 1991-06-03. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 004212 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 004213 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 004214 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 004215 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 004216 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 004217 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 004301 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 004302 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 004303 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 004304 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 004305 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 004306 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 004307 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 004308 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 004309 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 004310 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 004311 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 004312 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 004313 recorded on 1991-06-04. LocationSurrey: Croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 004501 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home (friend's) ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 004502 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home (friend's) ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 004503 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home (friend's) ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 004504 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 004507 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 004508 recorded on 1991-06-05. Location: croydon ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 003901)

Adam (PS05D) [1] The two companies concerned are trying to record the spoken word.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2] We don't want you on tape. ...
Adam (PS05D) [3] So the thing, the thing to do is to sort of dot around in the conversation things like pre antidisestablishmentarianism.
[4] And hopefully [laugh] ...
Carole (PS05B) [5] This will get modern usage of words.
[6] Of, one of the words that she was talking about, people have started using wicked for [...] a normal phrase.
[7] I mean, it doesn't mean what it says in the dictionary any more.
Pauline (PS05F) [8] That's a really wicked thing to say, he went, no it's not it's bad, it's not wicked.
[9] He thinks of wicked as being good, he doesn't, cause Mandy says wicked.
Carole (PS05B) [10] Yeah.
[11] ... Well that's the idea anyway.
Pauline (PS05F) [12] He goes round saying wicked, it's his favourite word. ...
Carole (PS05B) [13] Are you going to go to sleep, eh?
[14] Please [baby gurgling] ... That doesn't mean much, does it?
Adam (PS05D) [15] She's just looking over there to see which one she wants to throw up on. ...
Carole (PS05B) [16] Who do you want to go and gurgle at?
[17] Eh?
Pauline (PS05F) [18] Oh not Uncle Brian, no no no. ...
Carole (PS05B) [19] No?
[20] ... Have you had enough grub for a little while?
[21] There you are, go and see somebody.
Pauline (PS05F) [22] [...] she's got a ginormous one.
[23] She had it [...] .
[24] Well don't [...] to me I've only just you
Adam (PS05D) [25] Come on, give Auntie Pauline a nice smile.
Carole (PS05B) [26] Go on, you do lovely smiles. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [baby talk] ...
Carole (PS05B) [27] If she smiles it will be at your hairline.
[28] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [29] She won't be able to see that far, will she?
Carole (PS05B) [30] She might be able to see a blurred shape.
Pauline (PS05F) [31] [...] she's just looked this way now.
[32] She kept looking over there.
[33] Don't know what she was looking at.
[34] What were you looking at?
Carole (PS05B) [35] Well she definitely looks at her mobile.
Adam (PS05D) [36] Yeah?
Carole (PS05B) [37] I know it drives you mad, the music but er ...
Adam (PS05D) [38] I wouldn't mind if those blasted [...] slightly longer life in terms of the music they played.
[39] But unfortunately, you know, it's [singing] or whatever.
[40] But it's [...] over again.
Carole (PS05B) [41] Well, yes.
[42] Well I mean that's what's nice for them, isn't it?
Pauline (PS05F) [43] Yeah.
[44] You see they've got a short concentration.
Adam (PS05D) [45] Do you think [...] music in the background [...] sort of, do all the lyrics as well . [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [46] Oh of course Oh well done.
[47] [...] the last half hour.
Pauline (PS05F) [48] [...] a little bit wasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [49] She's had a lot of that today.
Pauline (PS05F) [50] Have you? ...
Carole (PS05B) [51] Well don't put it on too loud, will you?
Pauline (PS05F) [52] [...] why babies have a suck there.
[53] [laugh] You say they're having milk, he went, what do you mean?
[54] Milk?
[55] What do you mean milk comes out there?
[56] [laugh] So I said well it's only when you've just had a baby like, you know, like cows.
Carole (PS05B) [57] Love him.

2 (Tape 003902)

Carole (PS05B) [58] O K.
Joelle (PS05C) [59] You will speak to me.
Carole (PS05B) [60] Eh?
Carole (PS05B) [61] You will speak to, I'm very relaxed.
[62] ... I wouldn't like to go for a week in silence. ...
Joelle (PS05C) [63] You know, I can't stay for a week in silence.
Carole (PS05B) [64] I didn't think you could. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [65] Oh!
[66] Where'd you come from?
[67] Oh dear, I thought you were a [...] , there, oh there.
[68] [baby speaking] What's [...] like?
Carole (PS05B) [69] He doesn't know his middle name, does he? [...] her name.
Adam (PS05D) [playing with baby] [noise]
Carole (PS05B) [70] It's nearly ready.
[71] [music] . ... Five minutes, oh we're late aren't we?
[72] Never mind.
Adam (PS05D) [73] I spoke to [...] today. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [74] Oh, right.
[75] How is he?
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [76] Well, that's the name of the company isn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [77] He's busy.
[78] Oh, that's what he wants to be isn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [79] Bad news.
Carole (PS05B) [80] It's bad news being busy?
[81] Why?
[82] He, who?
Adam (PS05D) [83] His wife's laid up in bed
Carole (PS05B) [84] Why, what's wrong?
Adam (PS05D) [85] with back pain.
[86] She's not allowed to move
Carole (PS05B) [87] Oh dear.
Adam (PS05D) [88] at all.
Carole (PS05B) [89] Well she works with him, doesn't she?
Adam (PS05D) [90] [...] accounts department.
[91] He's got to go and deal with the children, take them to and from work, then run a business.
[92] Then he's got to go home at lunchtime and give her some food.
Carole (PS05B) [93] Aha.
[94] Now that kind of busy is ... not the right sort of busy is it?
Adam (PS05D) [95] Not pleasant.
Carole (PS05B) [96] Are you hungry Charlotte?
Adam (PS05D) [97] Are you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [98] No.
Adam (PS05D) [99] No?
[100] You don't want anything to eat?
Carole (PS05B) [101] Oh right.
[102] I'll eat your dinner.
Adam (PS05D) [103] We'll eat your dinner for you.
Carole (PS05B) [104] I'll go and eat your dinner.
Adam (PS05D) [105] She's going to go and eat your dinner. ...
Carole (PS05B) [106] You have [...] .
[107] What have you been doing?
[108] Have you been buying naughty things again Joelle?
[109] ... Naughty girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [110] [...] eaten my dinner?
Carole (PS05B) [111] I haven't eaten your dinner, it's not ready yet.
[112] [laugh] . ... Nearly ready.
[113] [video] ... Oh, you're doing it in English are you?
[114] ... I hate this in English.
[115] This, this video.
[116] ... Oh [laugh] it's the voices I can't stand. [video]
Charlotte (PS05E) [117] Bonk.
Carole (PS05B) [118] Did it go bonk?
[119] [laugh] ... Listen, go away ... She doesn't say go away very much now.
Charlotte (PS05E) [120] Go away.
Carole (PS05B) [121] Does she?
[122] ... Well she's just heard it, that's why, but she doesn't ... she doesn't say it very much does she?
[123] No?
[124] ... I've only heard it once or twice in the last few ...
Joelle (PS05C) [125] When I change her nappy?
Carole (PS05B) [126] Well, that's normal.
[127] ... She doesn't want you to change her nappy does she?
[128] [laugh] ... Water please.
[129] ... Right, let's go and see if these chicken things are ready.
[130] ... Right, right, would you like to sort of start getting yourselves into the other room.
[131] ... Now the baby's waking up, dinner's ready.
Adam (PS05D) [132] Is baby waking up?
Carole (PS05B) [133] She keeps kicking her legs and going, ah, ah.
Adam (PS05D) [134] Is the [...] ready [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [135] No, it's not.
[136] I said try and start thinking about getting in there because ...
Adam (PS05D) [137] How soon?
Carole (PS05B) [138] About two minutes.
Adam (PS05D) [139] Shall we start [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [140] After dinner, yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [141] Yeah.
[142] [...] Brian and Pauline probably won't arrive till it's virtually over.
Carole (PS05B) [143] Probably not.
[144] ... Do you think Charlotte will eat a turkey steak with garlic and herbs?
[145] ... What?
[146] I said do you think Charlotte will eat a turkey steak with garlic and herbs?
Adam (PS05D) [147] We'll see, won't we.
Carole (PS05B) [148] You hungry?
[149] ... Miss?
[150] What's happening, ... water please, water, water.
[151] Ah, that's that done.
Adam (PS05D) [152] Oh, it smells good.
Carole (PS05B) [153] They do don't they?
[154] I thought we'd try them for a change.
Adam (PS05D) [155] They look really nice.
Carole (PS05B) [156] Like chicken Kiev without a load of sloppy butter.
[157] Bit smaller than normal ones.
[158] ... [crockery noise] There's a lot of banging and crashing on this tape.
[159] ... What else do I need?
[160] A plate for Charlotte.
[161] ... Brian said, we'll make it tomorrow night, eight to eight thirty.
[162] So, cos he had an early, erm, what do you call it, early estimate.
Adam (PS05D) [163] Oh Charlotte, look what [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [164] Don't be naughty.
Adam (PS05D) [165] Can you sort erm, madame out?
Carole (PS05B) [166] Off you go Jess, go and be fed.
[167] ... Is that nice?
[168] ... Is that a nice cake?
Charlotte (PS05E) [169] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [170] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [171] Pardon?
[172] ... Oh you're colouring Postman Pat.
[173] ... You've got a black crayon again.
Joelle (PS05C) [174] It's Charlotte choosing.
Carole (PS05B) [175] Pardon?
Joelle (PS05C) [176] It's Charlotte choosing.
Carole (PS05B) [177] Chose what?
Joelle (PS05C) [178] The cake!
Carole (PS05B) [179] Oh, right.
[180] ... Did you know what you were choosing?
[181] ... Did you walk around Tesco's?
[182] Did you walk, or did you sit in your pushchair? ...
Joelle (PS05C) [183] Tell the truth.
[184] ... Did you walk, or did you walk in your pushchair?
Adam (PS05D) [185] Sit in the pushchair.
Carole (PS05B) [186] You went in a car didn't you?
[187] [...] Have you told Daddy what you did?
[188] ... Erm?
[189] Go on, you tell Daddy what you did in front of erm
Joelle (PS05C) [190] We went, we went to Tesco
Adam (PS05D) [191] Mhm
Joelle (PS05C) [192] and after Tesco, just next to the door there's some little car
Adam (PS05D) [193] Oh yeah.
Joelle (PS05C) [194] for you to go [mimics car]
Carole (PS05B) [195] Yeah, one of these things you sit in, put twenty P in or whatever it is, and ... have a ride for two minutes.
Joelle (PS05C) [196] So she said, mm.
[197] So I said, you can go in there when we are, when we done the shopping.
[198] So I said, if you are a good girl you can choose a cake.
[199] So went to Tesco, and we walk around, the cake, erm, cake thing
Carole (PS05B) [200] Aisle?
Joelle (PS05C) [201] and er, I said [...]
Carole (PS05B) [202] Oh Charlotte, don't talk with your mouth full. [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [203] We went to Tesco to buy some milk.
Adam (PS05D) [204] To buy some milk?
Carole (PS05B) [205] Because Sainsbury didn't have any yesterday.
Adam (PS05D) [206] Did they have any today?
Carole (PS05B) [207] I don't know, I didn't go today [laugh] .
[208] ... What did I do today?
[209] [...] I made beans, when I'd finished sorting out this one I [...] .
[210] Charlotte don't play with that lovey.
[211] ... That's a good girl.
Joelle (PS05C) [212] Then I went to the bank.
[213] Then I went to Tesco.
[214] That take me nearly all the er
Carole (PS05B) [215] All morning.
Joelle (PS05C) [216] And erm
Carole (PS05B) [217] Then this afternoon we went to Croydon.
[218] Exciting.
Charlotte (PS05E) [219] I went to Tesco.
Carole (PS05B) [220] You went to Tesco?
Joelle (PS05C) [221] We are very tired.
Carole (PS05B) [222] We are.
[223] ... Absolutely.
Adam (PS05D) [224] Who's we?
Carole (PS05B) [225] Me.
Joelle (PS05C) [226] We.
Adam (PS05D) [227] All of us?
Carole (PS05B) [228] You're not tired.
Joelle (PS05C) [229] Why not?
Carole (PS05B) [230] You shouldn't be tired.
Charlotte (PS05E) [231] I'm happy.
Carole (PS05B) [232] Oh I'm so glad you're happy.
[233] ... She's a poor old lady at the moment.
Adam (PS05D) [234] Is she?
Carole (PS05B) [235] Poor old lady.
[236] Charlotte please don't talk with your mouth full, there's a good girl.
Adam (PS05D) [237] Keep your mouth closed when you've got something in it or we'll take something away.
Carole (PS05B) [238] It's not, it's not very nice darling, to do that.
Adam (PS05D) [239] It's not good manners.
[240] We want to bring up a nice girl, not a little pig.
[241] ... Alright?
Charlotte (PS05E) [242] [...] pig.
Adam (PS05D) [243] No, nice girl, not a little pig.
Charlotte (PS05E) [244] [...] pig.
Adam (PS05D) [245] Yes, nice girl.
[246] ... Are you a nice girl?
Charlotte (PS05E) [247] What?
Adam (PS05D) [248] Not the way you stuff your cake in your mouth like that.
Carole (PS05B) [249] Dear oh dear.
[250] I wouldn't bounce at the same time [...]
Adam (PS05D) [251] Don't bounce when you're eating please.
[252] ... And shut your mouth.
[253] ... Good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [254] [...] trampoline now.
Carole (PS05B) [255] You're going on the trampoline.
[256] Well finish your mouthful first, please.
Joelle (PS05C) [257] Or [...]
Carole (PS05B) [258] Ah that wasn't her fault.
[259] ... Have you finished?
[260] Have you finished eating?
Charlotte (PS05E) [261] No.
Carole (PS05B) [262] No?
[263] No ...
Joelle (PS05C) [264] [...] calls for you.
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [265] Swansea.
Adam (PS05D) [266] Right hand side.
Carole (PS05B) [267] Oh right.
[268] I couldn't work out what you were talking about.
[269] It only takes one at a time.
Adam (PS05D) [270] No it's not [...] now.
Carole (PS05B) [271] It's bath time really.
Adam (PS05D) [272] Be bath time in about fifteen minutes.
Carole (PS05B) [273] I thought you'd finished your cake, haven't you finished?
Joelle (PS05C) [274] Catch it, one two three ... catch it, one two three.
[275] ... I said catch it, you didn't catch it, [...] . [music]
Carole (PS05B) [276] What? [music]
Joelle (PS05C) [277] It's Top Of The Pops.
Carole (PS05B) [278] Top Of The Pops, oh

3 (Tape 003903)

Carole (PS05B) [279] I haven't watched Top of the Pops.
[280] [...] will sit there cringing, said I can't believe they put this rubbish on [...] terrible.
Pauline (PS05F) [281] Who was on it?
Carole (PS05B) [282] Don't know who was on it actually.
[283] Well she doesn't like M C Hammer, he was on, and then there was one week with Germans on it and it was, erm, it's a German group that used to be popular and haven't done a song for ages.
Charlotte (PS05E) [284] It wasn't the Robots was it?
Carole (PS05B) [285] Yeah, the Robots.
[286] I mean, it was just ... the words they were using, I mean oh ... It makes you cringe, oh and then that er girl ... oh she's done quite a few things recently.
[287] ... She sings much better than she talks.
Pauline (PS05F) [288] [...] back to my diet today.
[289] ... Thank you very much, yes I will actually.
Carole (PS05B) [290] No, it's not my day to diet, been, been naughty today.
[291] [...] [baby crying] Oh dear.
Adam (PS05D) [292] Pop him on the shoulder.
[293] ... . So did you enjoy Paul Simon?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [294] Yeah.

4 (Tape 003904)

Adam (PS05D) [295] She was about to but she found a sticker on book [...]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [296] She comes out well on tape doesn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [297] Who Charlotte?
Pauline (PS05F) [298] Mm.
[299] I didn't realise how clear her speech was until I heard it on the tape.
[300] It's really quite good actually.
Adam (PS05D) [301] Not bad. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [302] Oh we'll do this one again. ...
Charlotte (PS05E) [303] [...] drop off [laugh] ...
Adam (PS05D) [304] Cos it's lights and things isn't it?
[305] She was looking at er lights in Sainsbury's the other day.
[306] ... [laugh] It looked like that, didn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [307] Carol was swaying at her.
Carole (PS05B) [308] You missed that.
[309] I just swayed at her, and she [...] [laugh] [music]
Charlotte (PS05E) [310] It's Conway Twitty isn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [311] Is it?
[312] Oh no.
[313] ... How far back does this go, I suppose early fifties?
Adam (PS05D) [314] Er nineteen fifty six.
[315] I remember Conway Twitty.
Carole (PS05B) [316] Oh yes.
[317] You were in your cradle.
[318] [...] Elvis, didn't he? ...
Adam (PS05D) [319] I don't think he ever recorded it, I think he just used to sing it at his, er sort of cabaret.
Carole (PS05B) [320] Well so many of these songs have been done by so many people that you would be forgiven for thinking that, that.
[321] Because there's one there, one on one of these that er either Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel or someone, can't remember which one, probably Art Garfunkel as Paul Simon does all his own doesn't he?
Adam (PS05D) [322] Well he has done other people's.
Carole (PS05B) [323] Well there's one on there, I can't remember
Adam (PS05D) [324] Like for instance the, er, what do they call those two?
[325] Oh ... the two brothers.
[326] In the
Carole (PS05B) [327] Everley Brothers?
Adam (PS05D) [328] The Everley Brothers, that's it.
[329] You know, Wake up Little Suzie?
Carole (PS05B) [330] Oh yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [331] Well Simon and Garfunkel did that [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [332] Wicked ... far out.
[333] ... it's a groovy record this.
Carole (PS05B) [334] Shut up. [laugh] [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [335] Can't remember which one it is but I'll recognise it when I hear it.
Adam (PS05D) [336] He's doing very well, isn't he.
Carole (PS05B) [337] He is.
[338] Have to employ him full time.
[339] He's always quite good.
Pauline (PS05F) [340] I just can't believe how daft he is.
Carole (PS05B) [341] I suppose you like that film. [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [342] Yes. [...]
Adam (PS05D) [343] Forget it.
Carole (PS05B) [344] You're not having cake.
Pauline (PS05F) [345] Does she like cake?
Carole (PS05B) [346] Well she's looking at it. ...
Adam (PS05D) [347] So how's things down at the [...] ?
Pauline (PS05F) [348] Not too bad.
[349] Quite good actually. [...]
Adam (PS05D) [350] Yeah?
Carole (PS05B) [351] Keeping him busy out on estimates and
Pauline (PS05F) [352] Yeah he's out ... all this week.
[353] Well, my dad won't pass them on to Terry.
[354] Me dad said he's had enough [...] Well, we were debating whether to give it to you or not.
[355] But I thought, well if Terry notices he might [...] .
[356] Well in fact two really big estimates [...]
Adam (PS05D) [357] Who, Terry?
Pauline (PS05F) [358] Yeah.
[359] And one wanted re-estimating, the other one wanted a few more prices cos everything like marble tops which are going to cost a fortune to get done.
[360] We give them a provisional kind of price and not really gone into it in detail.
[361] So she had a list of about five things she wanted sorted out and she said so far we were the cheapest.
[362] But she's got about six different firms on the computer and was comparing notes.
[363] So I worked out [...] and the other two were really fitting and electrics and it was all down to Terry to sort those out.
[364] And they're both, about two to three thousand pounds worth of sanitary ware or more but two to three thousand pounds worth of work.
Adam (PS05D) [365] Well you can't afford to lose them, can you?
Pauline (PS05F) [366] No.
Adam (PS05D) [367] So what's going to happen then?
Pauline (PS05F) [368] God knows.
[369] He said, I asked, asked, well I left a message on Saturday for him to sort them out didn't I?
[370] He already knew about that.
[371] And then I asked my father on Tuesday to remind him and he said, he'd already said he'd fetch them in on Tuesday.
[372] And he, my father reminded him last night and he said yeah he would have them by tomorrow morning.
[373] But he's [...] , he just really has to get in touch with one of them [...] and tell them the prices.
[374] So I don't know.
[375] [...] Well, I mean he'd done, he's done this first estimate, these are all just polishing touches cos people are obviously interested in, you know they're well keen on our prices.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [376] [...] they can't pursue it till we come back to them.
Pauline (PS05F) [377] They're not pursuing it until we put these things out.
[378] [...] My father just turned round [...] I've had enough of it if Terry's not going to do the estimate he passes them on to Brian.
[379] I said yeah then I get into trouble with them for not passing estimates to Terry and then there's an argument.
[380] If he, if he says anything to me I'll just have to tell him.
[381] But he's not doing the estimates he's been given and he can't afford to throw money away.
[382] It's cos he's working for him at the moment [...] money.
[383] He always gets like that and then he forgets after like a month or two when he hasn't worked for him.
[384] He forgets how annoying he can be and you know he swings the other way.
[385] ... I mean Brian's pulled in a lot of work.
[386] [...] lot of people kind of saying come back again on Thursday ... So he's, he's [...] .
[387] If we got Terry to do that we'd be well away.
[388] They, they would love him I mean one of them ... it was annoying really cos Terry's just not pulling his weight. ...
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [389] I don't understand it, if I live to be a hundred I won't understand it.
Pauline (PS05F) [390] And also, it's cos that, you know after we had that row about Terry, after Bank Holiday expecting not to have to do a day in the shop, and er he's already owing Brian a day?
[391] Guess who's doing the extra day? [...] got my dad to cover a day.
[392] And then he takes a day off Bank Holidays.
[393] [...] and he can't do it because my dad [...] .
[394] But then tomorrow he's actually doing his own work.
[395] So he could easily have [...] .
[396] And on Monday
Adam (PS05D) [397] So who's covering tomorrow?
Pauline (PS05F) [398] Well my brother's covered practically all week and Brian's doing tomorrow.
[399] ... [...] Terry phoned up asking what, Tuesday morning about quarter past eight said who was covering.
[400] And he said well my father is doing today I can't do today I'll do it Friday and I shouted down the stairs but he owes you a day you shouldn't be going in.
[401] ... I mean he hasn't been in the shop once this week.
[402] ... Somebody's got to tell him to [...] ... [...]
Adam (PS05D) [403] So do Dave and Terry [...] in the shop [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [404] They have the records. [...]
Adam (PS05D) [405] And it hasn't been sorted yet?
Pauline (PS05F) [406] Oh no.
[407] He's got the gall to phone up on Tuesday and say Eileen can't do a day, we're going to be short of Eileen.
Adam (PS05D) [408] So the answer is to just phone them.
Pauline (PS05F) [409] I can't do it.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [410] I'm not doing it. [...]
Adam (PS05D) [411] What's the point of carrying on like that?
Pauline (PS05F) [412] Well he's going to carry on like that isn't he?
[413] Not unless someone puts their foot down.
Adam (PS05D) [414] And if your father is currently taking your side of things [baby shouting] worth sounding him out as to how far he'll take [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [415] Ah [...]
Adam (PS05D) [416] whilst he's in the mood?
Pauline (PS05F) [417] Yeah.
[418] He's not being that much [...]
Adam (PS05D) [419] You sure?
Pauline (PS05F) [420] Mmm.
[421] He's probably only in the mood cos he's probably upsetting them on his night out cos they go out in the evenings.
[422] On a Wednesday evening, don't they.
[423] Cos Terry
Adam (PS05D) [424] I mean , wouldn't he rather have Terry as a sort of permanent worker anyway?
Pauline (PS05F) [425] It's not being fair [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [426] [...] do any work.
Adam (PS05D) [427] Oh what, your dad?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [428] Pauline's dad [...] er [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [429] [...] too expensive I think.
[430] Terry uses the shop to get extra money every so often, uses my dad [...] ticking over running when he [...]
Carole (PS05B) [431] Why [...] .
[432] He does get the offer, I mean [...] [baby shouting]
Pauline (PS05F) [433] [...] two months and she phoned up and I kind of made out it got lost in the post.
[434] I erm ... got, check you've got two days, you've got give me the estimate, it's got to be on because she's expecting it to be done straight away on the computer and sent.
[435] And he actually got that one done.
[436] Do you know it was only five lines.
[437] I mean I could have made it up it was that easy.
[438] So I sent that off.
[439] She was in first thing, I mean I sent it off that evening she was in first thing the next morning yes that's fine [...] .
[440] So he's got that job and another one [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [441] She's trying isn't she? [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [442] I don't understand why it surprises you, that's what gets me.
[443] I mean [...] ...
Carole (PS05B) [444] It's normal behaviour [...] .
[445] ... [laugh] Charlotte's done it too. ...
Adam (PS05D) [446] Can you pass me that er, sheet?
Carole (PS05B) [447] This?
Pauline (PS05F) [448] Is that your reading?
[449] That's not your regulations you have to read is it?
Carole (PS05B) [450] Oh no, that's a [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [451] I was going to say that doesn't seem very thick [...]
Carole (PS05B) [452] No, that's to do with this tape.
Adam (PS05D) [453] Oh I tell you what is quite funny these, the act.
Carole (PS05B) [454] Mmm.
Adam (PS05D) [455] Oh.
[456] [...] hereby enacted ... her gracious majesty, you know, etcetera etcetera.
[457] What was it, the Lords temporal and spiritual, that's what they call themselves.
Pauline (PS05F) [458] Now that is, that's [...]
Adam (PS05D) [459] Yes.
[460] Yeah I realise and I hope ... I don't come into contact with too many acts of parliament. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [461] Oh, we had someone round to see the house yesterday.
Carole (PS05B) [462] Oh yeah?
Pauline (PS05F) [463] They came twenty minutes early, there's Brian up in the shower, there's me stuffing things in the cupboard under the stairs.
Carole (PS05B) [464] [laugh] That's an old trick.
Pauline (PS05F) [465] I said to Danny, don't open the door.
[466] Don't open the door!
[467] So as I'm still trying to stuff things away, she opened the door and everything fell out.
[468] [...] look round the front room, then they looked round the, the garden.
[469] While they were looking round the garden I [...] you've got to get out the shower quick.
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [470] I don't know.
[471] They'd come down from, they'd come down from, ... erm, somewhere or other.
[472] They're just doing a kind of tour of loads and loads of houses cos they keep moving with his job.
Carole (PS05B) [473] Oh, right.
Pauline (PS05F) [474] She quite, I think she liked the area, she was saying about the schools and that.
[475] ... Mind you, she likes erm [...] and they're all separate, all the best ones round here are [...] .
[476] She said don't they have any details?
[477] So I said well, no it's not [...] now is it, it's erm, oh it's that school that the [...] .
[478] Something and School of Arts now it's called [...] well technical
Adam (PS05D) [479] School of Arts round here?
Pauline (PS05F) [480] No it's another, well technical, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [481] [...] performing arts here.
Pauline (PS05F) [482] [...] performing arts and that's the technical
Carole (PS05B) [483] It's a monstrosity.
Pauline (PS05F) [484] Oh you rotten old pig, you've been sick.
Carole (PS05B) [485] Oh she hasn't?
[486] Oh.
Pauline (PS05F) [487] Yeah, it's alright. ...
Carole (PS05B) [488] [...] is it washable?
Pauline (PS05F) [489] Yeah, I think so.
Adam (PS05D) [490] You'll soon find out. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [491] Yes.
[492] Do you feel better now?
[493] Obviously. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [494] [...] I think she thinks she's got some milk now.

5 (Tape 003905)

Pauline (PS05F) [495] I thought you said, one, you had to have somebody involved who is?.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [496] No no no one person that's not right.
Pauline (PS05F) [497] Oh, right .
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [498] There is no, statutory obligation for the person organizing it
Adam (PS05D) [499] Oh, I know.
Pauline (PS05F) [500] Well not the organizer surely oh I know I would have thought you'd have to, [...] shoot it
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [501] I'm sure that the social services require psychiatric or
Pauline (PS05F) [502] Mm, I would of thought so
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [503] obviously medical [...] what you're doing.
[504] Mhm but they're to be qualified people involved.
[505] But I would have expected that the whole thing would have to be operated by, somebody who was qualified.
Pauline (PS05F) [506] I don't know, because like, you know like the doctors [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [507] [...] I think it sort of depends how big that you want to get involved in.
[508] If you're just somebody who's on the outside providing services, to keep the smooth running of it then you don't really have to know anything about it.
Adam (PS05D) [509] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [510] But if you're actually involved in it, and you want to be involved in the people, then I think you have to know something about it.
Pauline (PS05F) [511] Well the other evening they were showing something on T V, one of these doctors', doctors' practices that are opting out or whatever.
[512] And they got a stockbroker, someone who used to be a stockbroker, actually managing the whole practice.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [513] Yeah.
Pauline (PS05F) [514] I mean he's obviously not qualified as a doctor.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [515] Mhm.
Pauline (PS05F) [516] So I mean I suppose they'll look at it in the same kind of way, somebody who's got managerial, management qualities rather than I suppose people who are interested in the other side of it, the medical side of it, probably, really be geared up to organizing the money side of it wouldn't they, usually one or the other. ...
Adam (PS05D) [517] So have you done any more calculations on it?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [518] There's nothing really more [...] I mean the whole thing is a budget guesstimate.
[519] I've no idea yet, really what, I mean, you know, for instance I don't know how much ratio staff to patients they need, therefore you can't really, you know, follow that up because you've no idea what the costs themselves could be.
Carole (PS05B) [520] Well you don't know, have you, have you found the statutory requirement for space yet?
[521] Per person. ...
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [522] I think the thing is going to come unstuck ... in the, I think the biggest thing is, I was thinking, is the fact that you've got to get [...] I wouldn't get a commitment from Social Services until they see a property actually ready for occupation.
[523] Now I'm not gonna be prepared to go through the whole business and then find them say oh sorry you're wrong.
Adam (PS05D) [524] Property is the biggest bugbear.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [525] Yeah.
[526] Because I don't think
Adam (PS05D) [527] If you're actually sitting on [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [528] I don't think the banks are gonna want to invest.
[529] To be perfectly frank.
[530] ... You see the only way we can get equity out and put money in ourselves is by selling this place.
Adam (PS05D) [531] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [532] Therefore if we don't actually want to live in the same place as the residents, which I certainly wouldn't want to do, right.
[533] We'd have to buy two [...] adjoining.
[534] Yeah.
[535] So that either means providing it, or something further down the scale [...] .
[536] I mean that's, huge.
[537] That to be honest is, is somebody who's like, been doing this for ten years and has already got themselves like half a million pounds of worth of equity.
[538] You know it's a huge property.
Pauline (PS05F) [539] But you would need a large property to do what you want?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [540] I don't think so.

6 (Tape 003906)

Adam (PS05D) [541] It would be eleven bedrooms and five receptions [...] .
[542] The point is, that ... you've got to count, if [...] , you've got to count one bedroom [...]
Carole (PS05B) [543] Yes, I've got [...]
Adam (PS05D) [544] you count one bedroom for all the [...] .
[545] You may even have to count two.
[546] You certainly got to count one.
[547] So two bedrooms out of twelve are no longer available.
Carole (PS05B) [548] Sorry?
[549] Say that again in English.
Pauline (PS05F) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [550] They're coming to collect the stuff next Thursday.
[551] But I don't have to do it every day all day.
[552] It's twenty tapes.
[553] So that's twenty times ninety minutes.
[554] [...] talking about his [...] estimates.
[555] Very exciting stuff and I've been telling her not to speak so loudly.
[556] Have you had enough now?
Adam (PS05D) [557] and then I'm talking about [...] right?
[558] It's gonna cost five and a half thousand [...] mortgage.
[559] At this point [...] would cost about ... just, just about half.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [560] Six bedrooms would pro , six bedrooms would probably cost you two [...] to buy.
[561] [...] five and six bedroom houses and you won't get anything under two hundred thousand pounds.
Adam (PS05D) [562] How much do you wanna to bet on that?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [563] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [564] Where?
Adam (PS05D) [565] I've been waiting for [...] on one.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [566] Where?
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [567] You've got to spend as much or twice as much there as you would there as you would anywhere else.
[568] Those other properties, there isn't half the amount of work ... need doing there as [...] .
[569] [...] needs a lot of work.
[570] If we moved in then we'd have to spend fifty thousand pound to get it up to scratch.
[571] That's just to live in.
Adam (PS05D) [572] Alright, O K, let's say two hundred grand, O K?
[573] It's still fifty per cent less than one of those properties at Harrow Road, right?
[574] Fifty per cent less on the mortgage means erm about three and a half thousand [...] .
[575] It's effectively eighteen thousand per annum saved, right?
[576] The cost of ... and [...] gain four bedrooms [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [577] [...] the cheaper it should become.
Adam (PS05D) [578] Oh yes it is, I don't doubt it ... but the problem is [...] right?
[579] And you've got to be realistic.
[580] Because no bank is going to give you the money against the costs of the value of the property right?
[581] They're gonna give you the [...] against equity [...] equity of some sort.
[582] But the only way you can get the equity, right?
[583] The only way we could get the equity.
[584] We could do it.
[585] [...] [talk simultaneous] The only thing I could do [...] I mean at the same time I'm saying O K I'll go in to do it this way, would be to actually say, sod this for a lark, instead of doing erm ... totally private thing, gonna set up a private limited company [...] to issue [...] cheques.
Joelle (PS05C) [586] I really couldn't ... I would never get the price I'd want for the alphabet.

7 (Tape 003907)

Adam (PS05D) [587] Shall we go for a stroll?
Pauline (PS05F) [588] No [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [589] Fetch the [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [590] No, no, no, no, no.
Adam (PS05D) [591] What do you mean, no?
Pauline (PS05F) [592] You've got to take the [...] with you.
Adam (PS05D) [593] Why?
Carole (PS05B) [594] Why are you [...] .
[595] Why are you going for a walk?
Adam (PS05D) [596] To go and see [...] What have you bought?
[597] [laugh] Oh you're not starting again, are you?
Pauline (PS05F) [598] Yeah, you're not to smoke any more.
Adam (PS05D) [599] I haven't got any.
Pauline (PS05F) [600] You are not to smoke [...]
Carole (PS05B) [601] You're looking so guilty.
[602] The pair of them.
[603] Really.
Adam (PS05D) [604] Excuse me, excuse me ladies.
Carole (PS05B) [605] Since when do you ask Brian if he wants to go for a walk?
Adam (PS05D) [606] This is nothing to do [baby shouts] [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [607] Empty your pockets.
[608] [laugh] Come on.
Adam (PS05D) [609] This is [...] going down on the table.
Pauline (PS05F) [610] Come on, you're not going to have them in there, are you?
[611] I'm not daft.
Adam (PS05D) [612] Alright?
Pauline (PS05F) [613] I wasn't born yesterday.
[614] You might forget them one day and they'll get washed.
Adam (PS05D) [615] That is not for me to contribute to.
Carole (PS05B) [616] [...] I haven't said anything about it.
[617] ... [baby noises] Amy .
[618] Let go of my neck.
[619] [baby noises] She's a major contributor to these tapes, aren't you?
Adam (PS05D) [...] [baby noises] ...
Pauline (PS05F) [620] Shall we take her for a walk? [baby shouting]
Carole (PS05B) [621] You really must think we're daft.
[622] He's sleeping down here tonight.
[623] It's bad enough being woken up by the baby without going back to bed and then being woken up by [...] .
Pauline (PS05F) [624] I've been going to bed at half past one and I was doing the T M A for two nights, then I've been doing his V A T for two nights so I've got to bed really really late and I just and, the thing is, the T M A were all on about my [...] then I just start to relax [...] [baby shouting] ... I had to resort to herbal knockout drops.
Carole (PS05B) [625] Oh that's very naughty.
Pauline (PS05F) [626] Right.
[627] Definitely smoking [...] .
[628] Well, we were sitting there doing the V A T and I thought, I don't know that's just not [...] but ...
Charlotte (PS05E) [629] How much is it when you want to go cinema?
Pauline (PS05F) [630] Oh, [...] about two seventy five I think but I'm not sure
Carole (PS05B) [631] Is it as little as that?
Pauline (PS05F) [632] it might be more but [...] .
[633] Well I'd either do it that way or pay, erm, credit cards.
[634] I don't really take any notice.
[635] Terrible
Carole (PS05B) [636] Naughty, isn't it?
Pauline (PS05F) [637] I don't think it's terrible [...]
Carole (PS05B) [638] White Fang.
Pauline (PS05F) [639] Oh what on earth's that?
Carole (PS05B) [640] It's the latest Disney extravaganza, and a wolf cub in it, oh Kirsty [...] loves [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [641] Oh isn't it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [642] No, it says here, the story of a young wolf. ...
Carole (PS05B) [643] Oh, she'll probably like that [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [644] [...] tomorrow we'll go somewhere and spend my money. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [645] Yes I suppose by the time she's here [...] look different.
Pauline (PS05F) [646] Gonna have your hair done? [...] a perm.
Carole (PS05B) [647] She hasn't got enough to have a perm, has she now?
Pauline (PS05F) [648] [...] I think she's gonna grow it out.
[649] She's gonna, perm the top so she can grow it out.
[650] I told you, didn't I say, as soon as she gets it cut she'll be growing it out.
[651] [...] Where are you going to get it done?
Charlotte (PS05E) [652] Er in [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [653] [...] they normally cut it well.
[654] Bit expensive though.
Carole (PS05B) [655] Twenty one pounds forty five. [laugh]
Pauline (PS05F) [656] Just to have it cut and blow dried?
Carole (PS05B) [657] Regardless of whether it's a restyle or trim.
Pauline (PS05F) [658] Bit expensive.
Carole (PS05B) [659] That is.
Pauline (PS05F) [660] Mind you, my hair was a lot better when I was having it done [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [661] I must admit though it looked lovely, I'll say that.
Pauline (PS05F) [662] I only had a trim, but the blow dry made it sort of Do you remember when I got that, my hair cut really short?
[663] They did that, and that was, that was really nice.
[664] When I look back at the photographs I think ... And even when it was long I had, there was one hairdresser there called Paul, whom I'd go and see regularly [...] .
[665] I'd go and see him regularly because he did it really well, once he left ...
Carole (PS05B) [666] Well I had one like that, you know when we used to go to that gym up in Chelsea?
Pauline (PS05F) [667] Mind you my regular's back and she charges three pounds.
Carole (PS05B) [668] [...] six weeks.
Pauline (PS05F) [669] [...] I haven't been since, what [...] isn't it?
[670] [...] Trouble is now, cos I know a hairdresser [...] the shop, if I go somewhere else, it looks a bit you know and yet I'm not very satisfied with the way he cuts it, he's done it cheap.
[671] ... Mind you, he did Mandy's [...] at Mandy's, I thought that was quite nice.
[672] [...] ... Have you got a hiccup?
Carole (PS05B) [673] Caught it off Amy.
Pauline (PS05F) [674] She's gone to sleep now? ...
Carole (PS05B) [675] They are aren't they?
[676] But he phoned up to order it and said oh my wife likes these soppy things, he bought it, I didn't.
[677] It had nothing to do with me.
[678] Then he wants me to tape it so he can have it in the car cos it's on C D. [music]
Pauline (PS05F) [679] Hold your breath.
[680] [...] drink some water, concentrate [...]
Carole (PS05B) [681] Well, if you want to get rid of hiccups, drink
Pauline (PS05F) [682] Hold your breath and [...] push [...] seems to work on me.
Carole (PS05B) [683] [...] stand on your head.
[684] Run round the block or something.
Charlotte (PS05E) [685] Why can I, er I can't have hiccup?
Carole (PS05B) [686] Because you don't like them.
[687] You keep complaining every time you get hiccups, you say oh I don't like them.
[688] I'm trying to help get rid of them, sorry. [loud bang]
Pauline (PS05F) [689] Supposed to work isn't it? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [690] Once she's gone, once she's gone she's gone.
[691] ... [cough] ... Oh dear, oh we've come to the end.
[692] Oy, psst, you are a little fidget.
Charlotte (PS05E) [693] Where is Adam and Brian?
Carole (PS05B) [694] Mm?
Charlotte (PS05E) [695] Where is Adam and Brian?
Carole (PS05B) [696] They're not having a cigar, they're walking round the block.
[697] They're not having a cigar.
[698] So they keep telling me.
Pauline (PS05F) [699] They've gone out for a walk to have a cigar but as far we're concerned they're not having a cigar.
Carole (PS05B) [700] They think we're stupid and we don't realize [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [701] Well, I'm not supposed to tell you but he was smoking on the station when we just caught sight of him.
Carole (PS05B) [702] Well I'm sure he was.
Pauline (PS05F) [703] I said how am I not supposed to say anything, I said I don't approve why should I keep this quiet?
[704] Cos it's not good for you.
[705] [laugh] It's not on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [706] Brian is, because we've been out a couple of times and he does, I mean if we go out he'll smoke then and then he just normally stops.
Carole (PS05B) [707] Yes, he had one to celebrate, but he didn't just buy one he bought a box.
[708] So of course he had to keep smoking them until he'd finished
Pauline (PS05F) [709] Until they'd gone, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [710] And he told me, well quite soon [baby shouts] quite soon after she came along.
[711] I think he actually went for a walk with Brian.
Pauline (PS05F) [712] Oh, I assume he brought [...]
Carole (PS05B) [713] No, no, this was the last one.
[714] I said, you had the last one two days ago.
[715] [laugh] So the last one of packet number I don't know what.
Pauline (PS05F) [716] Well Brian can stop [...] terrible now, he's really snoring, god [...] .
[717] I've got to the point now, I kick him and tell him to turn over, he turns it over and it's just as bad as before.
Carole (PS05B) [718] Yeah, yeah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [719] I don't want to be married.
Pauline (PS05F) [720] No, don't bother [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [721] Well at least have separate rooms.
Pauline (PS05F) [722] I wouldn't mind, but it's normally me that goes and sleeps on the settee and I don't see why I should.
[723] ... Well, no the other day he said if I'm really that bad you just tell me and I'll go down and sleep on the sofa.
[724] And I went ... berserk about two nights later and said for god's sake you're driving me bonkers, go away and sleep on the sofa.
[725] He's turned over and started snoring. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [726] Well he can be lying there sometimes and I'll say, will you roll over please.
[727] Mm.
[728] ... Go on then.
[729] Mm.
[730] Will you please roll over!
[731] Or some of the time I've been sitting there in the bed feeding the baby, you know
Pauline (PS05F) [732] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [733] and [...] go shut up!
[734] Shut up!
[735] It's awful.
Pauline (PS05F) [736] Well, I've found now I do a combination of ... what's that stuff, erm, orbathol that seems to help a bit.
[737] I don't think it helps him, it helps me calm down and go to sleep.
Carole (PS05B) [738] [laugh] Knock out drops.
Pauline (PS05F) [739] [...] put that all over, I keep forgetting to take those herbal tablets, they seem to help with colds or whatever but I haven't got those upstairs at the moment which doesn't help.
[740] And then last night I just took my stuff and knocked myself out instead.
[741] I don't see why I should have to knock myself out [...]
Carole (PS05B) [742] [...] have to be a man unfortunately.
Pauline (PS05F) [743] Trouble is I go into such a deep sleep I can't wake up in the morning if I do, you know, take the herbal stuff, I [...] , I'm flat out in the morning, can't wake up.
[744] I think I got up about half past eight this morning.
Carole (PS05B) [745] Goodness me.
Pauline (PS05F) [746] I had to go to work about nine. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [747] Oh what are you doing?
[748] Oh shut up.
[749] Go away. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [750] And he gets hiccups.
[751] He eats too much too quickly.
[752] He gets really violent hiccups though, you know, really ... th , they sound ... very, very painful.
Carole (PS05B) [753] My baby's ones do.
Pauline (PS05F) [754] Mm.
[755] You know when it, you can just hear everything going ckkk ooh.
[756] ... Is she awake?
Carole (PS05B) [757] No.
[758] [...] I'll have to put you down some time.
Pauline (PS05F) [759] I felt so sorry for Christine.
[760] Do you know she's now, she was quite cuddly, she was fat in the pregnancy when I saw her last time.
[761] And in the space of three weeks I think the baby's used up all her ... fat because she's now just really, really pregnant.
[762] But, not so much her face, but all the top part of her looks slim, almost, you know I mean, she's got no fat left there, on her arms it's all gone.
[763] Just a bit left on her legs so the baby must have used up all if the baby carries on like this she'll be anaemic I think.
Carole (PS05B) [764] When's she due?
[765] Did you say?
Pauline (PS05F) [766] Eleventh, so she's got another, almost two, well [...] two weeks, ten days.
Carole (PS05B) [767] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [768] She said she can't sit down, can't stand up.
[769] I was just sitting there for about five minutes then she got up, then she, ooh, sat down, then she got up.
[770] [laugh] I don't think it can be too long.
Carole (PS05B) [771] Now what about that then?
[772] I can't believe how quickly the time's gone.
Pauline (PS05F) [773] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [774] [...] ... Do you want to sit down [...] ? ...
Pauline (PS05F) [775] [...] broke today.
Carole (PS05B) [776] Ooh broke?
Pauline (PS05F) [777] I mean I was, one minute I was walking round, I hadn't touched anything another minute it was catching my finger.
[778] I looked down to see what was kind of stinging my finger and the ring had snapped and was pinching where it caught my finger. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [779] I can't get mine off.
Pauline (PS05F) [780] Well I can't wear a wedding ring now, it, just cos it's so wide, it's a really wide one.
[781] And if I wear [...] where I had the eternity ring on and the engagement ring and the wedding ring [...]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [782] it just felt like arthritis, it used to get really painful.
[783] So I said oh blow this that's coming off.
[784] I suppose I'll have to get another wedding ring.
[785] ... It's fashionable to have a kind of [...] reason [...]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [786] I don't think so.
[787] ... So I'm feeling less and less married the more rings I keep breaking.
Carole (PS05B) [788] I can't get my wedding ring off.
Pauline (PS05F) [789] No.
[790] Well, my fingers get swelling as well, so I thought it wouldn't do any harm. [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [791] Well I have finished [...]
Carole (PS05B) [792] Well they're all up there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [793] O K.
[794] Well I could not ask you before.
Carole (PS05B) [795] Well, yeah, if you look, ooh, I can't think where.
[796] I think there's a book-rack up there and I think some of them, the patterns are out of the magazine and they're just, in a rack, I think.
[797] If you go up there just leave them as they are don't leave them all over the place.
[798] [...] put them back.
Pauline (PS05F) [799] Are you making something?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [800] [laugh] Depends how much time I've got.
Charlotte (PS05E) [801] Yeah. [laugh]
Pauline (PS05F) [802] What are you going to make?
Charlotte (PS05E) [803] Some [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [804] Yeah?
Carole (PS05B) [805] What the ski , lycra type one?
Charlotte (PS05E) [806] Little?
Carole (PS05B) [807] Lycra.
Charlotte (PS05E) [808] Oh that one, no.
Carole (PS05B) [809] [...] fabric [...] .
[810] Do you want the fitted or loose?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [811] You want like, like that, floaty?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [812] Like, like these, or, more like jogging pants?
Charlotte (PS05E) [813] No, like these. ...
Carole (PS05B) [814] Well if you want them to stay pretty as opposed to going baggy then you'll need to have a bit of lycra in the fabric.
[815] ... Keeps the shape better.
Pauline (PS05F) [816] Mandy loves her top.
Carole (PS05B) [817] Oh, the body?
[818] The body?
Pauline (PS05F) [819] Yeah, she was wearing it flat out when she was [...]
Carole (PS05B) [820] So you didn't get a look in then?
Pauline (PS05F) [821] Oh no, I was wrestling it off to wash it in the end.
[822] She kind of wore it with everything she could think of I think that would go.
[823] Mind you, I don't think it's come out of the washing at the moment, I think it's getting water [...] .
[824] I haven't seen it recently.
Carole (PS05B) [825] Quite versatile really.
Pauline (PS05F) [826] Yeah, yes she wore it with a lot of you know trousers and skirts and ... The big thing at the moment is a new polo neck that we got from [...] .
[827] It's actually ever such a good one.
[828] An X Together one, you know Together the label [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [829] So [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [830] Yeah.
[831] But you also buy it in, er, Alders, they've got them.
[832] [...] . So it's normally quite expensive ... and it's, it's lovely material and it comes down to about here.
[833] We got it for four pound fifty.
[834] Ever so cheap.
Carole (PS05B) [835] That's [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [836] Oh, right, yes I've seen it, I've seen it.
Pauline (PS05F) [837] Well ever so often what they do they get the ex catalogue stuff.
[838] You know you can get some quite good buys like end of the season.
Carole (PS05B) [839] Who are they?
Pauline (PS05F) [840] You get the end of season and it's ... if you look at the labels and go for the decent labels then you don't get sort of, quite reasonable quality.
Carole (PS05B) [841] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [842] I got quite a few things in there.
[843] I'll probably have a stroll round there just to get a tracksuit for, when Michael was [...]
Carole (PS05B) [844] [...] childrens' tracksuit.
Pauline (PS05F) [845] I used to, I bought loads and loads in there.
Carole (PS05B) [846] Joelle?
[847] Could you just take the carrycot up and put it on the floor?
[848] Just so that it's upstairs, for me.
Charlotte (PS05E) [849] On the floor? [...] bedroom floor?
Carole (PS05B) [850] Well I haven't cleared the cot out, so ...
Charlotte (PS05E) [851] O K.
Pauline (PS05F) [852] [...] it's funny cos I just ... I thought ooh, I'll buy it for her cos ... you know she doesn't [...]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [853] four pound fifty I didn't mind.
[854] [...] . But it actually really suits her, it's a kind of sl almost ... maroony red, burgundy type red, not quite and er ... it's a really good colour.
[855] [...] ... Christine got a load of her pregnancy stuff there.
[856] Cos she said I'm not paying a fortune for ... stuff that I won't wear afterwards.
[857] So she bought [...]
Carole (PS05B) [858] Is there maternity clothes then?
Pauline (PS05F) [859] Well, if you look, yeah.
[860] Well she got a kind of raincoat, that, I don't think it's supposed to be maternity I think it's just supposed to be [...]
Carole (PS05B) [861] [...] Oh yes, cos that was the fashion wasn't it?
Pauline (PS05F) [862] Yeah, yeah.
[863] So she's, she's got one there.
[864] I think she paid [...] eight pound for it, and it, it looks [...] raincoat [...] .
[865] And it still fits, it still fits over the hump.
[866] But she's huge.
Carole (PS05B) [867] I really got away with it, you know.
[868] I, didn't have a coat right the way through.
Pauline (PS05F) [869] Mm.
[870] [...] when it rains, that's all.
Carole (PS05B) [871] Really lucky. [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [872] [...] she hasn't got a car, or anything.
[873] She's
Carole (PS05B) [874] Oh, dear.
Pauline (PS05F) [875] So she has to walk round ... well, Chris sold his car didn't he cos they want to save up and get a house. ...
Carole (PS05B) [876] Even through the snow I survived.
[877] Very lucky.
[878] Cos I refused to go out and buy a coat.
Pauline (PS05F) [879] I used to wear one [...]
Carole (PS05B) [880] I had a jumper that my mum knitted that went wrong and ended up twice the size it should have been.
[881] But that came in useful. [laugh]
Pauline (PS05F) [882] Yeah.
[883] ... Well, when Mandy was ... when I was pregnant with Mandy I used to wear this old, you know those rabbit skin coats [...] coney coat what they're called?
[884] Fur coat thing.
Carole (PS05B) [885] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [886] Well it was a kind of fur coat but it was rabbit I think, it was.
[887] I got one, ooh, well it was really fashionable then so it was quite beautiful sixteen years ago.
Carole (PS05B) [888] I'd probably know what you mean if I saw it.
Pauline (PS05F) [889] It's just a little jacket kind of thing.
[890] So when I was pregnant that would be, that was fine cos it just [...]
Carole (PS05B) [891] Sat on top?
Pauline (PS05F) [892] Yeah, sat on top really.
[893] And er with Michael I'd gone out in Richard's and bought mys , ever such a full raincoat when it was in fashion.
[894] I still had it in the wardrobe so I just used to [...] .
[895] But I still had more room than I needed in that so that was quite useful.
[896] ... Actually Christine [...] normal size twelve dress that happened to be a full dress.
Carole (PS05B) [897] Oh, a baggy one.
Pauline (PS05F) [898] And she's, she's quite [...] it's a kind of cottony, stretchy, you know those ones that you have a V and then they're quite full, like this is full from there?
Carole (PS05B) [899] Oh, I know, yeah.
Pauline (PS05F) [900] This is like a V.
[901] Well the V's just kind of gone up.
[902] [laugh] It actually looked quite nice on her.
[903] She didn't look too bad considering.
Carole (PS05B) [904] I hardly wore any dresses.
Pauline (PS05F) [905] Well she's got, she said she just wears the three, I don't think she likes ... like the trousers.
Carole (PS05B) [906] Oh it's boring, isn't it, being pregnant?
[907] Because you don't want to go and buy as many clothes as you would have in your wardrobe normally.
Pauline (PS05F) [908] The killer is when you've got to go out to a special occasion isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [909] Yes.
Pauline (PS05F) [910] And you know you've got to [...]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [911] Yeah.
[912] I bought this really expensive one, you know I was [...] can't remember [...] a wedding or something so I had to buy something.
[913] Finished your discussion?
Carole (PS05B) [914] You enjoyed your non-smoking did you?
Adam (PS05D) [915] Sorry?
Carole (PS05B) [916] You enjoyed your non-smoking did you? [laugh]
Pauline (PS05F) [917] Is it cold out?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [918] No [...] mild.
[919] [...] . It's a bit, nippy round the gills.
Pauline (PS05F) [920] Mm.
[921] ... Mm
Adam (PS05D) [922] Well I'm going fishing on Saturday.
[923] Do you wanna dozen, a trout, if you, if I
Pauline (PS05F) [924] Oh yes please.
Adam (PS05D) [925] have any success?
Pauline (PS05F) [926] Yes.
[927] Yes I enjoyed that trout last time.
Carole (PS05B) [928] He doesn't even like it.
Pauline (PS05F) [929] He doesn't like trout?
Carole (PS05B) [930] Well he does, but he won't eat it.
Pauline (PS05F) [931] Why won't you eat it?
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [932] I suggest having trout for dinner, no.
[933] Don't fancy it.
Adam (PS05D) [934] I like er
Carole (PS05B) [935] [...] we've actually had trout in the freezer for ages, and not used them [...] fresh the day I got them [...] I'll use it and ...
Adam (PS05D) [936] I'm keen on trout if it's got a sauce.
Carole (PS05B) [937] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [938] But to be honest I shouldn't be eating that sort of thing anyway, so
Pauline (PS05F) [939] I like it best with almonds, flaked almonds on the top.
Adam (PS05D) [940] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [941] And that's not on my diet either. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [942] Actually onions and mushrooms in garlic butter
Adam (PS05D) [943] How've you been doing?
Pauline (PS05F) [944] Oh alright, yeah.
[945] Last, I broke it last night [...] didn't have enough time cos I was, if I'm doing his books all afternoon.
Adam (PS05D) [946] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [947] And I didn't have time to cook so he went out, cos I broke it last night [...] , well I was alright up to lunchtime.
[948] It's dinner time again.
[949] I shall start again tomorrow.
[950] Other than that I don't usually break it.
Adam (PS05D) [951] How much have you lost?
Pauline (PS05F) [952] I haven't really lost, in weight I haven't lost any more but it's coming, my body's
Adam (PS05D) [953] It's shaping you up?
Pauline (PS05F) [954] Yeah, yes.
[955] Cos, kind of, all my clothes [...]
Adam (PS05D) [956] You look a bit thinner in the face and neck.
Pauline (PS05F) [957] Yeah.
[958] I think it's ... maybe it's turned to muscle, I don't know.
Carole (PS05B) [959] Redistributing
Pauline (PS05F) [960] Yeah, yeah.
[961] I don't know how to describe it.
[962] Cos I'm not actually losing weight, but my clothes all feel, you know I can get into clothes I haven't worn for ages.
Adam (PS05D) [963] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [964] Well Suzy's going to Weightwatchers again.
Pauline (PS05F) [965] Is she?
Carole (PS05B) [966] She doesn't look like she needs to really.
Pauline (PS05F) [967] She's put on a little bit of weight.
Carole (PS05B) [968] She has put on a bit, but
Adam (PS05D) [969] I tell you what Suzy, Suzy's problem is her rump and her ... her
Pauline (PS05F) [970] Yeah her legs.
Adam (PS05D) [971] and her thighs.
[972] That's where she
Carole (PS05B) [973] Because if you look at the top of her, you you wouldn't think
Adam (PS05D) [974] No, you wouldn't think she was overweight.
[975] Take a picture of her head and shoulders.
Carole (PS05B) [976] Mm.
[977] You'd think she was skinny.
Adam (PS05D) [978] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [979] Well, she went right down to a size ten when she lost all that weight before.
Adam (PS05D) [980] What is she now?
Carole (PS05B) [981] Fourteen.
Adam (PS05D) [982] Blimey.
Pauline (PS05F) [983] Mm.
[984] So she has got a problem then.
Carole (PS05B) [985] It's all round the bottom.
[986] Mind you, cycling should help that.
[987] She's out cycling here and getting the train in the morning.
[988] Keeps her bike in the garage and pops on the train.
Adam (PS05D) [989] So you don't need a lot of [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [990] [...] in the garage.
Pauline (PS05F) [991] No that's right.
Adam (PS05D) [992] [...] jacket.
[993] Mind you, isn't there some restrictions on what you can do with fridges?
Pauline (PS05F) [994] I think you can ask the council to take it away or something or take it to the dump
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [995] you can take it down the tip, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [996] They recycle CFC's don't they?
Pauline (PS05F) [997] That's right, yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [998] Really goes against the grain to see [...] .
Pauline (PS05F) [999] Mm.
[1000] Well we don't really need another one.
[1001] We've got a fridge in the [...] at work, there's one in the kitchen
Carole (PS05B) [1002] Can't you find [...]
Adam (PS05D) [1003] Can't you find what?
Carole (PS05B) [1004] [...] or something?
Pauline (PS05F) [1005] Well it's difficult, isn't it really?
[1006] Because it's, it's er under, under worktop ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1007] Well, if, if they enquire they're only enquiring [...] .
Pauline (PS05F) [1008] That's true.
[1009] ... Just ask for a fiver.
[1010] Cos if you say nothing they probably ... think there's something wrong
Carole (PS05B) [1011] not working so they don't want to take it.
[1012] [...] have to get somebody to take it away. ...
Adam (PS05D) [1013] Well I think it's going to be a case of phone the council and ask them to [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [1014] Do they take them? ...
Adam (PS05D) [1015] I don't think I'll get it in the car anyway. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [1016] Who's asleep proper now?
Carole (PS05B) [1017] [...] now isn't she?
[1018] Pardon?
Adam (PS05D) [1019] She gone?
Carole (PS05B) [1020] I'm not sure.
Pauline (PS05F) [1021] Well how much does it cost to get in the cinema [...] ?
Adam (PS05D) [1022] About four quid isn't it.
Carole (PS05B) [1023] Is it?
[1024] [laugh] I'll have to buy the tickets occasionally.
Adam (PS05D) [1025] I think it's about three, three seventy five.
[1026] Something like that.
Pauline (PS05F) [1027] Oh, cos Joelle was trying to, trying to work out if she can afford to have her hair done and go to the cinema.
Adam (PS05D) [1028] What does she wanna go and see?
Pauline (PS05F) [1029] White Fang.
Adam (PS05D) [1030] White what?
Pauline (PS05F) [1031] It's the latest Walt Disney.
[1032] It's a story about a wolf.
Adam (PS05D) [1033] Oh that one.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1034] [...] Fantasia.
Carole (PS05B) [1035] What'd you say?
Pauline (PS05F) [1036] We want to go and see that [...]
Adam (PS05D) [1037] Fantasia's coming out [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1038] It's a last, last ditch attempt to get some money out of it, is it?
Adam (PS05D) [1039] And what was the other one?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1040] I was told, wasn't I?
[1041] Fantasia and ...
Carole (PS05B) [1042] It wasn't one we wanted
Pauline (PS05F) [1043] Hundred and One Dalmatians?
Carole (PS05B) [1044] No, no, we would have wanted that.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1045] Oh yeah that's it.
[1046] Yes it was, yeah
Adam (PS05D) [1047] [...] latest one, it made a massive, massive loss apparently.
Pauline (PS05F) [1048] I shouldn't bother about it [...] .
[1049] It's so boring.
Carole (PS05B) [1050] I'd like Fantasia.
[1051] I'd probably be sad and disappointed.
[1052] My memory of it would probably be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1053] Yeah, of course you saw it as a kid, didn't you?
Carole (PS05B) [1054] [...] fifteen I think.
[1055] Fifteen, sixteen.
Pauline (PS05F) [1056] Oh no I saw it when I was about eight.
Carole (PS05B) [1057] And I saw it before that, about, yeah about eight as well.
[1058] But I still enjoyed it the second time.
Pauline (PS05F) [1059] Well I don't think actually, I mean I can remember [...] and I don't quite understand what's going on here, keeps swapping and changing and I don't understand it.
Carole (PS05B) [1060] I remember I didn't like the orchestra bit.
[1061] [...] weird psychedelic bits.
Pauline (PS05F) [1062] That's right, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1063] The Nutcracker Suite's my favourite.
[1064] Hippos and things doing ballet dances. ...
Adam (PS05D) [1065] [...] asleep.
Carole (PS05B) [1066] No, she's not asleep.
Adam (PS05D) [1067] I thought you said she was asleep.
Carole (PS05B) [1068] She was.
[1069] She's just woken up.
[1070] ... Well.
[1071] ... What do you want to do?
[1072] Shall I put you in your chair?
[1073] Shall I?
[1074] ... [laugh] Oh you do make funny faces little girl.

8 (Tape 003908)

Pauline (PS05F) [1075] Do you remember [...] provisional driving licence?
[1076] Now how long has she left that sitting there?
[1077] Ages isn't it I thought I'd tidy up in his desk and I was just going through the mound of papers, and I said here you are here's your licence, finish it off, fill it in, and I'll give you the cheque.
[1078] Oh right, I'll ... and then she's moaning at him cos she wants to go and post it and you were mucking about with your C D thing or something and you were saying wait for me I'll do this [...] then [...] I'll miss the post.
[1079] It's been sitting there for about three months.
[1080] On the desk and she hasn't bothered [...] probably with the cheque.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1081] [...] [baby gurgling] How are you going to afford a driving licence?
[1082] ... Totally ignored me.
Pauline (PS05F) [1083] Oh, of course, ... expecting us to pay.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1084] Oh, that's a nice choccy. ...
Pauline (PS05F) [1085] She sounded really cheesed off about [...] I said how's your revision going, cos I knew she was doing revision, she went cccckkk I try a maths paper and I can't do that, and I [...] a chemistry paper and I can't do that and I really [growl] .
[1086] I said I think you need a break.
[1087] [laugh] I think you need to go and do something else for a little while ... I said cos if you keep looking over thinking you can't do it, have a break and go back to it afterwards you just get really despondent
Carole (PS05B) [1088] Yeah.
Pauline (PS05F) [1089] and fed up and think you can't do it and you go blank and then you can't touch anything you ... and you know it's hard.
Carole (PS05B) [1090] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1091] Yeah.
[1092] You know, you can see it ticking over [...] .
[1093] What am I doing.
[1094] She was fine tonight, wasn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [1095] What was she doing?
Pauline (PS05F) [1096] I dunno, I think she just, probably gone down and played some records or something [...] .
[1097] She's got to do some trigs and she just doesn't fancy trying, doesn't understand enough of it to do it.
[1098] ... And the science paper she's only got the ... the kind of practice one, it's a very basic one.
[1099] She's got no practice ones for the two, the other two she's got to do which are obviously going to be harder and she's got no idea, not, well she's got the guidelines but no real paper to sit and look at.
Carole (PS05B) [1100] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [1101] This is for GCSEs isn't it?
Pauline (PS05F) [1102] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [1103] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1104] Well you'd think they'd let her, you know have some old paper [...]
Adam (PS05D) [1105] Does she have [...] or not?
Pauline (PS05F) [1106] Yes, she erm
Carole (PS05B) [1107] There aren't any old papers yet though are there?
Pauline (PS05F) [1108] Well yeah this is done in Croydon last year and the year before so yeah there would be a couple
Carole (PS05B) [1109] Oh right.
Pauline (PS05F) [1110] cos this was Croydon ... I'm pretty sure it ... yeah because otherwise she couldn't have the basic from last year would she?
[1111] She's got last year's basic.
[1112] ... Yes she's done er, both, three?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1113] [...] four
Pauline (PS05F) [1114] Well on Tuesday she goes in and goes, she's got till Tuesday, one's about six and one's five.
Carole (PS05B) [1115] Course Danielle's in the middle of it all now, isn't she?
Adam (PS05D) [1116] We probably know quite a lot of people who are taking exams of one sort or another at the moment.
[1117] ... Gabby's going through A levels.
Carole (PS05B) [1118] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [1119] She's decided she's gonna to become a milkwoman. [laugh]
Pauline (PS05F) [1120] Bit easier, is it?
Adam (PS05D) [1121] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [1122] Doesn't want to be a doctor any more.
Adam (PS05D) [1123] She's wanted to be a doctor for six years now she's decided
Pauline (PS05F) [1124] One of Mandy's friends wants to be a doctor.
[1125] It's the one who's had cancer and she wants to kind of, go on and study and help the people with cancer.
[1126] Cos she doesn't want to be like depressing, she said er no she doesn't feel like that because she's already gone through the worst so she won't, yeah she wants to help people who've got it.
[1127] Which I thought was quite nice.
Adam (PS05D) [1128] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1129] Nice idea.
Adam (PS05D) [1130] Mind you, that's what motivated my brother in M S
Pauline (PS05F) [1131] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [1132] cos he had a, he had it, had it as a ... kiddy.
[1133] Went through so many operations he felt he wanted to give something back to the Health Service.
Pauline (PS05F) [1134] Well I think that's the kind of idea this girl's got.
[1135] Cos, that's right we took, we took them all skating when Mandy was twelve [...] .
[1136] Yeah when she was twelve.
[1137] And that's when, that week, well she already knew she had something wrong [...]
Adam (PS05D) [1138] Mm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1139] and about two weeks after that it was diagnosed that she had cancer of the ovary.
[1140] ... Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [1141] Cos she had all her bits removed, presumably did she?
Pauline (PS05F) [1142] Yeah I presume so.
[1143] She had quite a bit of work done.
[1144] She had chemotherapy.
[1145] She lost all her hair.
Adam (PS05D) [1146] Has it all come back?
Pauline (PS05F) [1147] Oh yeah.
[1148] She's all fine now.
Adam (PS05D) [1149] Is she fully ... full recovered?
Pauline (PS05F) [1150] Yeah, I think so, yeah.
[1151] From what I can gather.
Adam (PS05D) [1152] Very lucky.
Pauline (PS05F) [1153] Mm.
[1154] Yeah because [...] it was pushing everything.
[1155] You know it was taking up so much space.
[1156] ... Wouldn't think there was the room in there for, for women.
[1157] ... I was really worried at the time cos Mandy, Mandy was very worried, wasn't she?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1158] Mhm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1159] It really seemed to hit her hard.
[1160] ... Actually her friends have gone through a lot.
[1161] I mean what with that girl and cancer, and then another good friend, her father died.
[1162] Then, it's quite a lot to happen, isn't it?
[1163] Really makes her think.
[1164] Or worry. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1165] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1166] Whose father died then?
Pauline (PS05F) [1167] Celestian's
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1168] Oh Christ.
Pauline (PS05F) [1169] He had, er, sickle cell, didn't he?
[1170] Oh that funny version of sickle cell, wasn't very nice.
Carole (PS05B) [1171] Didn't know there was two versions of [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [1172] How's that, er, Phil getting on with bringing up her, her baby?
Carole (PS05B) [1173] We haven't heard anything for [...]
Pauline (PS05F) [1174] I think she's alright yes.
[1175] I don't think she does anything, well I don't really see her very much.
[1176] Well her best friend's [...]
Adam (PS05D) [1177] Well it must be, nearly two by now.
Pauline (PS05F) [1178] Yeah, she's walking and, she's slow at walking though.
[1179] Yeah, she looks alright.
[1180] [...] says she's not very well, she's got a thyroid infection, infection in her throat ... it's affecting her stomach.
[1181] They took her down the hospital.
[1182] And, they diagnosed that, and said try and keep, you know, give her fluids, but it's going straight through.
[1183] And they've given her something low in glucose and that you know to ... kind of try and stabilize it a bit.
Adam (PS05D) [1184] Mhm.
Pauline (PS05F) [1185] But she's not too good by the sounds of it.
[1186] ... Mind you I saw her two day's ago and she looked absolutely fit as a fiddle [laugh] so I said I think it strikes quickly and
Adam (PS05D) [1187] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1188] You know she looks a lot more comfortable in there than Charlotte did.
[1189] Charlotte always looked sort of
Adam (PS05D) [1190] Scrunched up.
Pauline (PS05F) [1191] She seems to like it [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1192] It's the longest she's stayed in it.
[1193] I wonder what's [...] . ...

9 (Tape 004001)

Joelle (PS05C) [1194] Enough enough, do you want to go buy some Polo?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1195] Mm.
Joelle (PS05C) [1196] Alright stop it then ... keep that
Charlotte (PS05E) [1197] Come on.
Carole (PS05B) [1198] Just a minute love.
Joelle (PS05C) [1199] Put it on ... alright?
Carole (PS05B) [1200] Yeah.
Joelle (PS05C) [1201] Off we go.
Carole (PS05B) [1202] Right off we go then.
Joelle (PS05C) [1203] See you later ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1204] Yep, where are my keys?
Joelle (PS05C) [1205] Where did you put them, in the dining room?
Carole (PS05B) [1206] Found one what?
Joelle (PS05C) [1207] Polo.
Carole (PS05B) [1208] Polos ... just one Polo.
Joelle (PS05C) [1209] No just one packet.
Carole (PS05B) [1210] [laugh] ... I think we might be able to manage that.
Joelle (PS05C) [1211] Aha.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1212] Off we go [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1213] Just a minute darling ... it's alright I ... can afford to buy you a packet of Polos.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1214] Off we go again ... I go home.
Carole (PS05B) [1215] Pet hold mummy's hand ... hold mummy's hand, there's a good girl ... off we go.
Joelle (PS05C) [1216] I give you money.
Carole (PS05B) [1217] Bye.
Joelle (PS05C) [1218] Bye ... watch out.
Carole (PS05B) [1219] Shut the door ... there we are.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1220] Bit chilly, I run round. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1221] A bit chilly is it?
[1222] ... Is it a bit chilly?
[1223] ... Never mind.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1224] Yes that is a bit chilly.
Carole (PS05B) [1225] What's a bit chilly?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1226] That's a bit chilly, he's a man.
Carole (PS05B) [1227] It's a man, is he a bit chilly, he doesn't look chilly ... he's got a coat on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1228] Pardon?
[1229] ... Look at me when you're talking to me I can't hear you.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1230] [...] a man. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1231] It's a man ... there's lots of men.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1232] Can I go on there?
Carole (PS05B) [1233] Can you go on where?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1234] Oh oh ... thank you. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1235] Oh you want to walk on that, oh Charlotte ... [laugh] ... come on then, you're pushing me into the road.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1236] Go in the road.
Carole (PS05B) [1237] I don't want to go in the road.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1238] No.
Carole (PS05B) [1239] No.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1240] You do.
Carole (PS05B) [1241] I don't.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1242] I go on there ... see.
Carole (PS05B) [1243] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1244] Gonna fall.
Carole (PS05B) [1245] Oh dear, I'm sorry.
[1246] [sniff] ... Who's coming to see you today?
[1247] ... Can you remember?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1248] Grandma.
Carole (PS05B) [1249] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1250] A train.
Carole (PS05B) [1251] Who's coming to see you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1252] Grandma's coming to see me.
Carole (PS05B) [1253] Grandma's coming to see you, that's right and who else?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1254] Pardon?
[1255] ... Grandma and
Charlotte (PS05E) [1256] Granddad.
Carole (PS05B) [1257] Granddad that's right.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1258] Granddad.
Carole (PS05B) [1259] Or it's Grandpa ... Granddad's in American isn't he?
[1260] ... Granddad's a long way away, he's on holiday.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1261] Yeah, on holiday.
Carole (PS05B) [1262] On holiday that's right, he sent you a letter didn't he?
[1263] ... He sent you a letter.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1264] Hold me a little bit.
Carole (PS05B) [1265] What love?
[1266] ... Hold my hand nicely sweetheart, there's a good girl ... we're coming up to a busy road in a minute and it's dangerous ... Walk nicely darling, there's a good girl ... walk nicely ... just stand still a minute sweetheart ... hold my hand ... Charlotte please hold my hand there's a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1267] Little bit further.
Carole (PS05B) [1268] Little bit further yes, it's not very far ... it's not very far
Charlotte (PS05E) [1269] It's not very far.
Carole (PS05B) [1270] to the shop is it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1271] [...] not very far.
Carole (PS05B) [1272] Not very far no.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1273] Oh that's a hole, a hole.
Carole (PS05B) [1274] A hole in the road yes there's lots of holes in this road.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1275] Can I go on there?
Carole (PS05B) [1276] Can you, oh alright then ... .
[1277] lot's of people dig up the pavement don't they?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1278] Can I go on there?
Carole (PS05B) [1279] Can you, yeah go on ... no you hold my hand please ... no running away, no running away ... there's too many cars ... alright.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1280] No I'm not ... I'm not.
Carole (PS05B) [1281] Not what?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1282] We're not going in the car are we?
Carole (PS05B) [1283] No we're not going in the car we're walking ... aren't we?
[1284] ... Oh Charlotte loo will you pick up your feet.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1285] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1286] Oh nearly there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1287] Pardon?
[1288] ... Right we go across the road now ... nicely.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1289] Cross the road.
Carole (PS05B) [1290] Cross the road now you stand there ... stand still, give me your other hand ... good girl right ... now is it all clear
Charlotte (PS05E) [1291] Now you can cross.
Carole (PS05B) [1292] O K off we go ... off we go.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1293] Off we go.
Carole (PS05B) [1294] Off we go ... up the step there's a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1295] Ooh ooh ooh.
Carole (PS05B) [1296] Charlotte please, can you walk nicely?
[1297] ... Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1298] It's here.
Carole (PS05B) [1299] We're nearly there yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1300] In here.
Carole (PS05B) [1301] No we're not going here we'll go a bit further.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1302] No you must hold my hand darling, it's too dangerous ... too many cars ... alright ... too many cars.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1303] What?
[1304] ... I can't hear you sweetheart, speak up.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1305] Charlotte ... what did you say?
[1306] ... What did you say?
[1307] ... I can't hear you I'm sorry ... wait till we get in the shop ... too noisy all these cars isn't it ... there we are nearly there now ... nearly there.

10 (Tape 004002)

Carole (PS05B) [1308] In you go ... good girl ... Hello.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1309] Hello ... How are you?
Carole (PS05B) [1310] Fine thank you.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1311] Hello ... about little one.
Carole (PS05B) [1312] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1313] So what time [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1314] Little boy or girl?
Carole (PS05B) [1315] No, no a girl.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1316] A girl.
Carole (PS05B) [1317] Yeah .
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...] [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1318] Right is there anything else you want?
[1319] ... Something else you want, I got some Polos.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1320] Oh give it to me.
Carole (PS05B) [1321] Want anything else?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1322] Erm
Carole (PS05B) [1323] You often get the chance so make the most of it.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1324] Any books [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1325] No you ca not toffees darling, you want some Smarties you can have some Smarties.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1326] That's [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [1327] That's Smarties yes, do you want Smarties ... yeah?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1328] I want Smarties.
Carole (PS05B) [1329] You want Smarties ... alright that's all then.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1330] Alright.
Carole (PS05B) [1331] We'll get one of those for another day ... that's it now, no more ... don't touch ... You stay there, don't touch them ... good girl.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1332] Sixteen pounds please.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1333] Got some.
Carole (PS05B) [1334] Put it down ... you're not having any more, no ... Alright there's good girl you can hold a packet of Polos ... that's right.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1335] I want Polos.
Carole (PS05B) [1336] You want Polos, I know that's why we came out isn't it ... lucky girl.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1337] She likes Polo?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1338] I like Polo.
Carole (PS05B) [1339] She's adores them I don't ha , I don't know if this is normal for a child this age to eat Polos, but
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1340] Actually I like Polo I don't like other so erm ... I'm not really sure what does it ... like Polo mint.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1341] I want Polos now.
Carole (PS05B) [1342] You want, oh alright you can have one, just one.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1343] I don't know why I mean why I like Polo.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1344] They are nice, they're not too strong are they?
[1345] ... There we are ... right you have those.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1346] Nice smelling.
Carole (PS05B) [1347] Right off we go then, we go home ... go on then say bye bye.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1348] Bye bye.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1349] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [1350] See you again.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1351] Hold my hand then ... come on hold mummy's hand, there's a good girl ... no you've got to pull it ... bye.

11 (Tape 004003)

Carole (PS05B) [1352] Alright little one.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1353] Oh this is mummy's hat.
Ron (PS05H) [1354] Who?
Carole (PS05B) [1355] So what was the problem on the journey then?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1356] Mummy
Ron (PS05H) [1357] Well we got to [...] and there's ... three weeks ... well when we came up at the beginning of May there was a notice on the main main twenty one which said
Pat (PS05J) [1358] No they're done yet love.
Carole (PS05B) [1359] Okay.
Pat (PS05J) [1360] The tatties.
Ron (PS05H) [1361] long delays expected from May thirteenth for three weeks due to major resurfacing
Pat (PS05J) [1362] Hello.
Ron (PS05H) [1363] etcetera etcetera
Pat (PS05J) [1364] Hello.
Ron (PS05H) [1365] so
Pat (PS05J) [1366] You sleepy girl?
Ron (PS05H) [1367] we [...] avoided the area
Carole (PS05B) [1368] Until today?
Ron (PS05H) [1369] and as we're right up towards the end and now after the bank holiday we've had lovely fine weather anyway, we got off to the main road and turned ... at Fibwell traffic lights onto the A twenty one and we got the to end of the dual carriageway onto the tail end of the queue as it started into the road works ... so I just went over the central reservation and went back down the dual carriageway to the traffic lights at
Ron (PS05H) [1370] Fibwell and turned right went through Tyse
Ron (PS05H) [1371] Tysehurst to Wothurst round the north side of
Ron (PS05H) [1372] Bule reservoir to come out at Lamberhurst in the village ... so I sort of circled it
Carole (PS05B) [1373] Oh right.
Ron (PS05H) [1374] which added another half an hour to the journey
Carole (PS05B) [1375] Oh well ... you got here
Ron (PS05H) [1376] but in the middle of all that of course there were numerous little bits of temporary traffic lights at roadworks which
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [1377] conspired to change when we approached them and ... generally it was a bitch of a journey ... Hee hee hee hee hee.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1378] I see your fork ... tha ... I see your fork.
Carole (PS05B) [1379] You've seen that before.
Pat (PS05J) [1380] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1381] You've seen that before.
Pat (PS05J) [1382] Oh was it upstairs?
Carole (PS05B) [1383] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [1384] And it's still still do doing well.
Carole (PS05B) [1385] [...] it well it's it's lost some it's style by
Ron (PS05H) [singing] [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1386] by being picked. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1387] Ow.
Carole (PS05B) [1388] Some of them have picked been picked.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1389] Oh yes you've gotta show Grandpa that
Charlotte (PS05E) [1390] [...] ... Grandpa look.
Carole (PS05B) [1391] This is flavour of the month.
Ron (PS05H) [1392] Oh you've got some Lego bricks.
Pat (PS05J) [1393] What real Lego?
Carole (PS05B) [1394] Yeah ... she had it as a present on
Charlotte (PS05E) [1395] Lego.
Pat (PS05J) [1396] Oh
Ron (PS05H) [1397] Oh Lego basic
Carole (PS05B) [1398] It's come a long way
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1399] Or or ordinary size, is it?
Carole (PS05B) [1400] it's come a long way since we had Lego.
Pat (PS05J) [1401] Has it?
Carole (PS05B) [1402] You look at the doors and the windows, yeah
Pat (PS05J) [1403] Oh yes of course, yeah.
Ron (PS05H) [1404] Look at these blocks.
Pat (PS05J) [1405] Oh well that's good I can get the Lego out now then ... can't I at home?
Carole (PS05B) [1406] It's a little bit advanced.
Pat (PS05J) [1407] Is it?
Carole (PS05B) [1408] She usually requires
Ron (PS05H) [1409] Yeah but I mean we've got a lot of [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1410] she requires a helper.
Ron (PS05H) [1411] Yeah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1412] I've made a donkey.
Pat (PS05J) [1413] You've made a donkey.
Ron (PS05H) [1414] A donkey.
Charlotte (PS05E) [screaming] [...]
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [1415] A donkey.
Pat (PS05J) [1416] A donkey.
Ron (PS05H) [1417] Is that a donkey?
Carole (PS05B) [1418] Joelle's going to the hairdresser in a minute.
Pat (PS05J) [1419] Yes, she just said she's ... making herself
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1420] a sandwich. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [1421] Right, what's up?
Carole (PS05B) [1422] She's going to the hairdresser, I said she could go seeing
Ron (PS05H) [1423] as you would be here.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1424] I hope you don't mind?
Pat (PS05J) [1425] No dear ... What what time will she be there?
Carole (PS05B) [1426] I don't know what does it take an hour or so?
Pat (PS05J) [1427] Oh she's only just having
Carole (PS05B) [1428] Appointment's for half past one ... she's having [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1429] shampoo and set.
Carole (PS05B) [1430] Shampoo and set, oh nobody shampoos and sets [...] mother!
Pat (PS05J) [1431] Blow dry.
Carole (PS05B) [1432] That's right. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1433] Yeah, shampoo and blow dry.
Carole (PS05B) [1434] Well anyway she's having er ... she's having it her hair restyled.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1435] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [...] [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1436] Oh well she'll be ba she'll be back before half past
Ron (PS05H) [1437] Is it?
Pat (PS05J) [1438] four won't she?
Carole (PS05B) [1439] Is that when you're off?
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1440] We're going back half past four ... alright?
Carole (PS05B) [1441] I sincerely hope so.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1442] I shall have words to say if she's not ... it's a working day today.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1443] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1444] It's a working day. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1445] Oh well she sounds as though she's good.
Carole (PS05B) [1446] Yeah she has.
Ron (PS05H) [1447] Been what?
Pat (PS05J) [1448] Working day.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1449] [...] door.
Carole (PS05B) [1450] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [1451] Oh they're nice little ... windows ... well I think we've got some haven't we?
Ron (PS05H) [1452] We've got lots of windows, yes.
Pat (PS05J) [1453] I think we have got windows.
Carole (PS05B) [1454] Oh well windows yes but they're not
Pat (PS05J) [1455] Yeah, but they don't open like that.
Carole (PS05B) [1456] No, these ... it's it's
Ron (PS05H) [1457] Oh no these are super.
Carole (PS05B) [1458] The door is ... great ... I mean it's bigger actually ... the doors and windows are bigger now than they used to be, aren't they?
Pat (PS05J) [1459] Oh are they?
Ron (PS05H) [1460] Well you can make
Pat (PS05J) [1461] Still
Ron (PS05H) [1462] make [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1463] I can get it out though can't I, to er you know.
Carole (PS05B) [1464] You'll have to watch her she's put there's a couple of flowers in there she's put in her mouth.
Pat (PS05J) [1465] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1466] It's there, and the very little bits of roof for example, probably wouldn't
Pat (PS05J) [1467] No I won't
Carole (PS05B) [1468] be a good idea.
Pat (PS05J) [1469] No, Jessie ... not time yet, no ... no Jessie.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1470] Are you going to sleep now?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1471] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [1472] Please go to sleep ... please.
Pat (PS05J) [1473] Doesn't she look nice in that?
Carole (PS05B) [1474] Yeah, it's the first time ... these actually keep a lot better than the ... towelling ones.
Pat (PS05J) [1475] Do they?
[1476] ... Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1477] I mean this has been worn and washed many times for Charlotte.
Pat (PS05J) [1478] That's not the one I bought is it?
[1479] ... No, what did I what did I buy?
[1480] ... I bought her a thingy.
Carole (PS05B) [1481] Did you, oh no this is an old one.
Pat (PS05J) [1482] That's an old one is it?
[1483] Oh it looks new doesn't it?
[1484] ... Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1485] Yes,th the velour types do.
Pat (PS05J) [1486] Yeah.
[1487] ... No mine was a bit bigger wasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [1488] Yes all the new ones are hanging in the wardrobe
Charlotte (PS05E) [1489] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1490] cos they're all too big ... aren't they?
[1491] ... It might be my fault, perhaps I've been rushing around too much ... cos that affects your milk supply of course.
Pat (PS05J) [1492] Mm ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1493] Could be me.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1494] It doesn't go on there.
Pat (PS05J) [1495] Perhaps it wasn't erm
Ron (PS05H) [1496] Does he go on there?
Pat (PS05J) [1497] perhaps it's a bit thin, ha.
Ron (PS05H) [1498] No, he doesn't no, looks silly on there.
Pat (PS05J) [1499] It's going down isn't it ... eh?
Carole (PS05B) [1500] Getting there.
Pat (PS05J) [1501] Oh ... not bad.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1502] He might ... go in, go on there
Pat (PS05J) [1503] Got some new trousers?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1504] he might.
Carole (PS05B) [1505] No, these are old ones.
Ron (PS05H) [1506] [...] that goes there
Pat (PS05J) [1507] Are they?
[1508] ... Oh.
Ron (PS05H) [1509] and then we put
Carole (PS05B) [1510] Oh no I wouldn't wear anything new, not yet.
Ron (PS05H) [1511] put that in there
Pat (PS05J) [1512] not yet.
[1513] [laugh] ... Right.
Carole (PS05B) [1514] Not with all the unmentionables that go thrown all over you ... at this stage.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1515] Come on then let's have a little bit of wind ... a little bit of wind come along.
Pat (PS05J) [1516] Oh she's a little spotty soul isn't she?
Charlotte (PS05E) [cough]
Carole (PS05B) [1517] Well they're going.
Pat (PS05J) [1518] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1519] A lot of them have got them
Charlotte (PS05E) [1520] What you doing?
Pat (PS05J) [1521] Let's hope she can't get the measles. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [cough]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1522] [laugh] Poor
Pat (PS05J) [1523] Aah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1524] At least she's smiling.
[1525] [laugh] ... I'm afraid you know why.
Carole (PS05B) [1526] Windy smiling.
Pat (PS05J) [1527] Yes ... ah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1528] You should
Ron (PS05H) [1529] There's a sad ... and there's a happy face, look
Carole (PS05B) [1530] Come on then [...] have it up.
Ron (PS05H) [1531] isn't it?
[1532] ... [singing] Put on a happy face [] .
Pat (PS05J) [1533] Oh it's awful when they don't ... when they won't do that isn't it?
[1534] ... Some babies do and some babies don't ... you had a bad night as well?
Joelle (PS05C) [1535] See you.
Pat (PS05J) [1536] Bye.
Carole (PS05B) [1537] Bye.
Ron (PS05H) [1538] Bye.
Carole (PS05B) [1539] Good luck.
Joelle (PS05C) [1540] Bye.
Ron (PS05H) [1541] Bon chance.
Joelle (PS05C) [1542] Thank you.
Carole (PS05B) [1543] One of us had a wonderful night, but somebody else decided to disrupt it.
Pat (PS05J) [1544] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [1545] This one went asleep at eleven ... so I thought oh well I'm O K till fiveish, maybe
Pat (PS05J) [1546] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1547] but she was busy busy all evening
Ron (PS05H) [1548] What's that for?
Pat (PS05J) [1549] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1550] then somebody appeared in the bed at two o'clock this morning
Charlotte (PS05E) [1551] Nothing.
Carole (PS05B) [1552] and I really wasn't quite with it what was going on
Ron (PS05H) [1553] What are you standing on?
Carole (PS05B) [1554] before I knew it she was suffocating she was lying across my neck.
Pat (PS05J) [1555] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1556] But erm after I'd choked for half an hour ... she went to sleep ... I eventually went back to sleep again and
Ron (PS05H) [1557] Use that.
Carole (PS05B) [1558] she woke up at quarter to five.
Pat (PS05J) [1559] Oh what a shame.
Ron (PS05H) [1560] No no, no you can't
Carole (PS05B) [1561] And then she went back ... about half past five until nine o'clock.
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1562] What this one?
Carole (PS05B) [1563] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [1564] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1565] So ... it would have been a wonderful night. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1566] It would wouldn't it?
[1567] ... Yeah ... What about that one ... did she go back to her own bed?
Carole (PS05B) [1568] Mm she ... no she
Pat (PS05J) [1569] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1570] woke up about quarter to seven, I think I was oblivious ... I just about sailed off again about after putting this back.
Pat (PS05J) [1571] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1572] erm
Pat (PS05J) [1573] Oh I wonder what got her up then?
Carole (PS05B) [1574] Goodness knows ... and she came toddling in
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1575] with Postman Pat and
Charlotte (PS05E) [1576] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1577] various other books
Ron (PS05H) [1578] the dogs [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1579] Cos the trouble is it's a bit light then isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [1580] What two o'clock?
[1581] No.
Pat (PS05J) [1582] Oh it was two was it?

12 (Tape 004004)

Carole (PS05B) [1583] Perhaps she's gone out [laugh] ... She's gone out ... Okay sweetheart, come here love, let's get your jacket on.
Pat (PS05J) [1584] Alright, alright I'm coming ... I'm coming.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1585] You shouldn't drop your books on the floor darling, cos that's a special book.
Carole (PS05B) [1586] That's your muzzy book, you mustn't si look come on watch what you're doing ... right ... let's do it up, come here!
Pat (PS05J) [1587] Come on mum.
Carole (PS05B) [1588] Right, there's a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1589] Ooh you have got a big frame, haven't you?
[1590] Goodness me!
Carole (PS05B) [1591] Alright?
Pat (PS05J) [1592] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1593] Let me just check, Oh ... Jessie honestly why we stick to one place ... careful.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1594] Yes, there's one.
Carole (PS05B) [1595] Let's hope there's no right where she's going.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1596] Ooh there's a big girl aren't you?
[1597] ... Ah?
Pat (PS05J) [1598] Yeah ... I'm a big bear.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1599] You're a big bear are you?
Pat (PS05J) [1600] Yeah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1601] That's awkward isn't it? [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1602] Wha well I can't do it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1603] Getting underneath there.
Carole (PS05B) [1604] I think that's the only one, oh more here.
Pat (PS05J) [1605] Ready?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1606] Weeee [laugh] ... there.
Pat (PS05J) [1607] Grandpa
Charlotte (PS05E) [1608] Come here,don mind where you're walking, sweetie-pops.
Ron (PS05H) [1609] Go on you show me.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1610] Climb up and show Grandpa ... Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [1611] Go on love Charlotte
Charlotte (PS05E) [1612] Charlotte
Carole (PS05B) [1613] come here love, please ... Grandpa's coming ... where was that I can't remember? [noise - train]
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1614] Ornamental thistles? [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [1615] They're bloody vicious!
Carole (PS05B) [1616] They are vicious yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1617] Charlotte, come over here and show Grandpa.
Carole (PS05B) [1618] Right ... don't worry Dad I'll res I'll be spraying them.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1619] Look Grandpa, you've got to watch her.
Pat (PS05J) [1620] Grandpa.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1621] Alright Grandpa's looking.
Ron (PS05H) [1622] Whey!
Pat (PS05J) [1623] Look ... .
[1624] look Grandpa a shade.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1625] Go and find this one now alright ... hon.
Pat (PS05J) [1626] Oh.
Ron (PS05H) [1627] Whey!
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1628] One more.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1629] One more?
Pat (PS05J) [1630] You coming?
Ron (PS05H) [1631] Oh I'm not coming no.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1632] Grandpa can't go up there.
Ron (PS05H) [1633] You've go in little houses there are have you?
[1634] ... Ooh look at that isn't that nice!
Carole (PS05B) [1635] Ooh.
Pat (PS05J) [1636] [shouting] Dadda [] !
Carole (PS05B) [1637] Hello darling, come on ... I said to her when she goes back to Tumbletots I shall expect big things of her.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1638] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [1639] No more being shy and going up the high one.
Ron (PS05H) [1640] Marvellous ... Now I've seen all this I don't know about my question, whey! [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1641] Question of what?
Ron (PS05H) [1642] Sponsoring her.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [1643] Cos she awfully loaded, the dice has been loaded against her.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1644] Oh no, bear in mind there's twenty others of them.
Ron (PS05H) [1645] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1646] Twenty other, kiddies all doing the same.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1647] Will she be in her little house?
Carole (PS05B) [1648] Oh yes, do you want to go in your tent?
[1649] ... Charlotte go in your little tent Mummy come and say hello through the window.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1650] [...] at the window, in you go then.
Pat (PS05J) [1651] Okay.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1652] Okay then.
Pat (PS05J) [1653] I can reach.
Carole (PS05B) [1654] Boo!
Pat (PS05J) [1655] I can reach.
Carole (PS05B) [1656] [laugh] Hello.
Pat (PS05J) [1657] I can reach.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1658] Where's Charlotte?
Pat (PS05J) [1659] I can.
Carole (PS05B) [1660] Ooh ooh, Charlotte, hello.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1661] Hello.
Pat (PS05J) [1662] Don't ... ooh.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1663] How long does this last?
[1664] Mm
Carole (PS05B) [1665] What sort of ... I don't know what life
Charlotte (PS05E) [1666] wait.
Carole (PS05B) [1667] expectancy is, oh.
Ron (PS05H) [1668] Up to five I should think, five to six.
Carole (PS05B) [1669] Mm, yeah maybe a bit more.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1670] Presumably, you could get new ones?
Carole (PS05B) [1671] Wait until we've braced it.
Ron (PS05H) [1672] Ready, whey!
[1673] [laugh] ... It's very well made isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [1674] Look, Grandpa.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1675] Are you
Carole (PS05B) [1676] Yes , it's a good one.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1677] Has she had a go on that?
Carole (PS05B) [1678] Yes, and she can't quite work out how to do it yet cos it moves.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1679] Oh, oh actually
Carole (PS05B) [1680] Charlotte love
Charlotte (PS05E) [1681] Oh dear, she hasn't [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1682] No, because I've put the chair over it.
Ron (PS05H) [1683] [...] legs over here do you?
Carole (PS05B) [1684] Er, no you hang on it.
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1685] Grandpa ... Grandpa.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1686] Ooh, it's a bit fresh
Carole (PS05B) [1687] Shall we go back inside now?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1688] when the wind blows.
Pat (PS05J) [1689] No.
Carole (PS05B) [1690] Let's go inside cos Joelle will be back soon ... We'll go and say hello Joelle.
Pat (PS05J) [1691] Oh no.
Carole (PS05B) [1692] Oh put it down, it's all wilderness isn't it?
[1693] Ooh.
Pat (PS05J) [1694] Oh no.
Carole (PS05B) [1695] [sniff] Never mind.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1696] Blowing, blowing I want blowing.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1697] You want blowing?
Carole (PS05B) [1698] Ooh, ooh ... oh!
Charlotte (PS05E) [1699] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1700] Must you, she wants to make sure I've got a constant supply ... I have Sadie to thank for that.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1701] Mm,wha
Carole (PS05B) [1702] She showed her how to do that.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1703] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1704] We had a nice day on Monday.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1705] Mm, well it was nice weather wasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [1706] Mm ... yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1707] Never mind your I'm sure your thing will survive.
[1708] Oh you've got a good [...] there coming along, haven't you?
Carole (PS05B) [1709] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1710] Are they some of the poppies, at the back there or
Carole (PS05B) [1711] I don't think these are anything to do with you.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1712] They're not mine are they?
Carole (PS05B) [1713] These ones just appeared I think.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1714] Yes er I've got one or two they're sort of
Carole (PS05B) [1715] Another one there
Charlotte (PS05E) [1716] they're wild ones and yet they're ... big sort of cultivating wild ones. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1717] Mm Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [1718] Oh goodness me!
Carole (PS05B) [1719] And there's a lupin that appeared from nowhere.
Pat (PS05J) [1720] Oh Goodness me!
Charlotte (PS05E) [1721] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [1722] Oh no!
Charlotte (PS05E) [1723] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1724] It's not going to do anything though.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1725] Well, it will if you leave it.
Carole (PS05B) [1726] One day.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1727] Yes. [noise - train]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1728] What's those things over there on the wall, some of those are alright aren't they?
Pat (PS05J) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [1729] Yes, some of them ... Charlotte don't got over there lovey there's some poo there come on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1730] Come here ... mustn't walk on that.
Pat (PS05J) [1731] No.
Carole (PS05B) [1732] We'll walk up the path.
[1733] Shall we go in?
[1734] ... Let's go inside, and see Amy.
Pat (PS05J) [1735] No.
Carole (PS05B) [1736] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1737] Come on darling.
Pat (PS05J) [1738] No, no, no.
Carole (PS05B) [1739] We'll come out again later.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1740] Come on ... there's a good girl, in you go.
Pat (PS05J) [1741] Grandpa.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1742] Yeah, Grandpa's coming.
Carole (PS05B) [1743] In you come love ... good girl ... there you go, there we are ... .
[1744] up you come.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1745] What are the big tubs for?
Carole (PS05B) [1746] Well I'm going to put these two plants in it together.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1747] Oh the two ... oh the two of them?
Carole (PS05B) [1748] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1749] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1750] Come in the lounge.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1751] Come on then sweetie-pops ... mm.
Pat (PS05J) [...]

13 (Tape 004005)

Charlotte (PS05E) [1752] One per loo, mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1753] Quick can you pa pass behind me please Charlotte.
Pat (PS05J) [1754] There's a good girl ... I've got the shopping, don't make a noise.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1755] Oh it's alright we don't have to be silent.
[1756] [laugh] ... Hey wait a minute love, just a minute.
Pat (PS05J) [1757] Charlotte, that's it then you can take yours in there ... can't you?
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1758] There we are.
Pat (PS05J) [1759] There you go.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1760] I just hope she'll sleep for a little while.
Pat (PS05J) [1761] Yes, perhaps she will.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1762] Put the kettle on.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1763] I don't think so.
Pat (PS05J) [1764] No ... no Charlotte don't do
Charlotte (PS05E) [1765] No don't go in there Charlotte please.

14 (Tape 004006)

Carole (PS05B) [1766] Not out here sweetheart, please.
Pat (PS05J) [1767] Come on.
Carole (PS05B) [1768] You don't come out here with it normally do you?
[1769] ... You can walk round the kitchen but that's it.
Pat (PS05J) [1770] Leg over.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1771] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1772] There we'll do, just pulling out the stuff I want.
Pat (PS05J) [1773] Smells nice doesn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [1774] Tumble.
Pat (PS05J) [1775] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [1776] I say I'm just pulling out the stuff I can tumble.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1777] Sheet in here somewhere.
Pat (PS05J) [1778] It's warm ... you've dropped a sock.
Carole (PS05B) [1779] Come here sheet where are you.
Pat (PS05J) [1780] Oh , there it is. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1781] That's dreadful sheets and my night clothes ... has to be washed daily.
Pat (PS05J) [1782] Yes, I bet they do.
[1783] ... Oh you're such a [...] if I may and some sort of [...] one of my projects.
Carole (PS05B) [1784] Mhm.
Pat (PS05J) [1785] And I want to
Carole (PS05B) [1786] What sort of picture do you want?
Pat (PS05J) [1787] Well I don't know, what would you suggest?
Carole (PS05B) [1788] You can't ... erm well if it's a big bit it wants to be something ... baby doesn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [1789] Oh something baby yes.
Carole (PS05B) [1790] Like a teddy or
Pat (PS05J) [1791] Yes, well cos we got the teddy on tha
Carole (PS05B) [1792] ducks.
Pat (PS05J) [1793] on that ... little free freebie.
Carole (PS05B) [1794] Well I I'll ask
Pat (PS05J) [1795] I was thinking of doing a teddy but I thought I wanted sort of one, two or three things don't you on the bottom?
Carole (PS05B) [1796] Isn't it the latest erm
Pat (PS05J) [1797] Ah it's just a monogram of one.
Carole (PS05B) [1798] it's the latest embroidery magic thing ... sort
Pat (PS05J) [1799] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1800] Have you had them all?
Pat (PS05J) [1801] Yes I have I I've looked through them all.
Carole (PS05B) [1802] Charlotte come away lovey ... You keep her out here a minute I'll just go and find a couple of books.

15 (Tape 004007)

Carole (PS05B) [1803] Oh you haven't had that much off have you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1804] My presents.
Pat (PS05J) [1805] No said she [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1806] My presents, my presents, my presents
Carole (PS05B) [1807] Cos of the perm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1808] My present.
Pat (PS05J) [1809] You want a present [...] [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1810] Oh dear.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1811] You want to put it in the fridge?
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1812] There are.
Pat (PS05J) [1813] Oh dear [laugh] ... I'm sure that child wants all this lot. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1814] Well you never know.
Joelle (PS05C) [1815] [shouting] Stupid [] !
Charlotte (PS05E) [scream]
Carole (PS05B) [1816] You might find something in there actually.
Pat (PS05J) [1817] Where?
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1818] I've already started something.
Pat (PS05J) [1819] Oh.
Joelle (PS05C) [1820] Hello.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1821] [...] doo doo doo doo doo doo.
Pat (PS05J) [1822] There, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1823] There's all sorts of possibilities, there's one other book which I think is upstairs somewhere, if you don't find something in there there should be some more.
Joelle (PS05C) [1824] [...] I said to her when, when he was finished I said it's good enough cos you're sure what you you're doing but I said

16 (Tape 004008)

Carole (PS05B) [1825] It's quite a nice little book actually I think, that one.
Pat (PS05J) [1826] Oh is it?
[1827] Oh there's one there.
Carole (PS05B) [1828] There's a teddy.
Pat (PS05J) [1829] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1830] Not such a nice teddy though is it?
Pat (PS05J) [1831] No ... I like that tassel [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [1832] I don't like the flowers.
Pat (PS05J) [1833] [...] , I wonder what green that's done in.
Carole (PS05B) [1834] Don't know.
Pat (PS05J) [1835] Don't know ... it's a mauve, something.
Carole (PS05B) [1836] It's flowers of some sort.
Pat (PS05J) [1837] [...] posies.
Carole (PS05B) [1838] Do you think you could change her nappy for me? [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1839] Okay.
Carole (PS05B) [1840] I've only just got rid of the baby.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1841] Jacket off. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1842] It's been round my neck all the time.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1843] Jacket off.
Pat (PS05J) [1844] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...] [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [1845] I say I've only just go ... been able to put the baby down
Charlotte (PS05E) [1846] No no no no no [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [1847] I had to have her.
Pat (PS05J) [1848] [laugh] ... It's a shocker.
Carole (PS05B) [1849] And she needs a new nappy or ... taken off altogether ... please.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1850] [shouting] Aah!
Carole (PS05B) [1851] Some flowers here
Charlotte (PS05E) [1852] I've not done a wee.
[1853] ... No I haven't.
Carole (PS05B) [1854] Course you have.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1855] No [shouting] no no no ... [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [1856] Pardon?
Pat (PS05J) [1857] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1858] Don't hit.
Joelle (PS05C) [1859] No, darling give us [...] and you give a kiss love ... he we give a kiss ... good girl ... Now don't forget you do a wee in your potty okay?
[1860] ... Right?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1861] In here.
Pat (PS05J) [1862] In there.
Carole (PS05B) [1863] Do you want to do one now?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1864] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [1865] Oh good girl, pull your trousers down then.
Joelle (PS05C) [1866] Alright?
Pat (PS05J) [1867] There's lots of things in here aren't there?
Joelle (PS05C) [1868] Can you manage?
Carole (PS05B) [1869] That's right.
Pat (PS05J) [1870] There ... .
[1871] isn't that nice?
Joelle (PS05C) [1872] There.
Pat (PS05J) [1873] Oh look.
Joelle (PS05C) [1874] Where's Grandpa?
Carole (PS05B) [1875] Smoke too much.
Pat (PS05J) [1876] No, it's not.
Carole (PS05B) [1877] Grandpa's in the garden pulling up thistles.
Joelle (PS05C) [1878] I've been looking in there.
Pat (PS05J) [1879] Did you did you say one in here?
Carole (PS05B) [1880] No
Pat (PS05J) [1881] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1882] they're different.
Pat (PS05J) [1883] Oh.
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1884] There's trains and buses an , balloons and things and things.
Joelle (PS05C) [1885] Don't put that in the bin please.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [1886] [...] ... Run Grandpa.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1887] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1888] They're a bit bleak aren't they?
Ron (PS05H) [1889] Hello [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1890] Thank you very much.
Carole (PS05B) [1891] Monkeys, sea lions.
Ron (PS05H) [1892] Do you not have little nuts and bolts in the garage?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1893] Erm
Ron (PS05H) [1894] You've probably got some jars.
Pat (PS05J) [1895] [laugh] Oh dear.
Ron (PS05H) [1896] [laugh] Oh oh oh oh ... that's not bad.
Carole (PS05B) [1897] I'll er ... just go and have a look.
Pat (PS05J) [1898] [laugh] I can see that.
Carole (PS05B) [1899] What?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1900] Oh yes, yes I'm covered in white streaks ... it's a hazard isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [1901] It's a hazard.
Carole (PS05B) [1902] Erm, I don't know whether th , Charlotte where ... I don't want you going in the dining room lovey, I'm sorry ... baby's asleep.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1903] Are you going.
Ron (PS05H) [1904] No ... I'm going in the garage.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1905] I come in the garage.
Carole (PS05B) [1906] Yes alright you can come.
Ron (PS05H) [1907] Will you come in the garage?
[1908] ... Don't touch anything will you.
Carole (PS05B) [1909] Out the way then.
Ron (PS05H) [1910] No touching.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1911] We have to do this [singing] dee dee da da da dee []
Carole (PS05B) [1912] Wait, Charlotte wait!
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1913] [singing] On the bear []
Carole (PS05B) [1914] Shhh!
Charlotte (PS05E) [1915] [singing] On the bear.
[1916] On the bear [] .
Ron (PS05H) [1917] Onto what?
Carole (PS05B) [1918] I've no idea, she's knows what she's talking about.
Ron (PS05H) [1919] Oh I thought it was a bicycle [...] [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [1920] That's on the bear ... That's on the bear.
Carole (PS05B) [1921] Oh it's a bear.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1922] A bear.
Ron (PS05H) [1923] It's a bear.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1924] That's on the bear.
Ron (PS05H) [1925] Oh the bear.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1926] Oh or less.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1927] Swimming pool, mum.
Ron (PS05H) [1928] Oh right.
Carole (PS05B) [1929] There's a few bits in there ... the rest of the stuff like that is in the
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1930] where the erm
Charlotte (PS05E) [scream]
Carole (PS05B) [1931] beer is.
Ron (PS05H) [1932] Oh are there other other
Carole (PS05B) [1933] I think so ... I don't know how much.
Ron (PS05H) [1934] Ah alright yes ... nothing worth mentioning in there
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [1935] no nor there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...] ... [...]
Ron (PS05H) [1936] Any likely candidates in there?
Carole (PS05B) [1937] I don't think so.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1938] I just did a potty.
Carole (PS05B) [1939] You want the potty?
[1940] ... You go inside then please ... go on you can take that with you but if you want the potty you g go and sit on it now ... cos I don't want any more wet trousers.
Ron (PS05H) [1941] No, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1942] No, okay we
Ron (PS05H) [1943] I'll go along to B & Q and get some ... there's a little pack.
Carole (PS05B) [1944] Might you?
Ron (PS05H) [1945] Well because there's no point in putting this window back until I've fixed these onto the thing, I've gotta take the glass out to put this in ... then slide the glass back on
Carole (PS05B) [1946] Oh right.
Ron (PS05H) [1947] because the bolts actually go up between the plate and the glass and there's only that much space so
Carole (PS05B) [1948] Oh right, Oh we've gotta have tiny little bumps then?
Ron (PS05H) [1949] Yeah, that's right ... well we've gotta put them round anyway ... but once I've got that on I can ... take the st steps in then ... no, I shall leave those there ... I'll just go and have a look at the other frame.
Carole (PS05B) [1950] The key hangs by the door.
Ron (PS05H) [1951] What out here?
Carole (PS05B) [1952] The back door.
Ron (PS05H) [1953] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [1954] Come on your potty's in here darling, come on ... you'll trip over if you try and walk too far like that, come on ... I've got to no come on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1955] [screaming] No no no!
Carole (PS05B) [1956] Charlotte.
Charlotte (PS05E) [child crying] [...]
Carole (PS05B) [1957] Now we'll have enough of that noise, come on.
Joelle (PS05C) [1958] She doesn't want to.
Carole (PS05B) [1959] If you want to sit on your potty you sit on it ... I don't want a nonsense.
Charlotte (PS05E) [child crying]
Carole (PS05B) [1960] Don't want to sit on her potty.
Pat (PS05J) [1961] Joelle could you come in here please.
Carole (PS05B) [1962] How many have you looked at?
Pat (PS05J) [1963] Well, that one and that one and that one.
Joelle (PS05C) [1964] [shouting] And we're and we're grown up [] !
[1965] ... Where's Grandpa?
Pat (PS05J) [1966] That one.
Joelle (PS05C) [1967] [...] Where's Grandpa?
Pat (PS05J) [1968] You haven't got any of this in yellow have you?
[1969] ... No, only got red.
Carole (PS05B) [1970] No , I might have a bit of pink.
Joelle (PS05C) [1971] Somebody want cup of tea or coffee or?
Pat (PS05J) [1972] Oh yeah mm a cup of tea ... please.
Carole (PS05B) [1973] Cup of coffee.
Charlotte (PS05E) [1974] Do do do do do do do.
Carole (PS05B) [1975] Dad'll have a cup of tea.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [1976] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [1977] Oh that'll be quite nice for
Charlotte (PS05E) [1978] [...] do do do do do do do
Carole (PS05B) [1979] I like the pear.
Pat (PS05J) [1980] What that pear.
Carole (PS05B) [1981] So that's pear.
Pat (PS05J) [1982] Mm ... not very kiddy-fied is it?
Carole (PS05B) [1983] Well what wo , oh that's nice.
Pat (PS05J) [1984] What?
Carole (PS05B) [1985] [laugh] That rabbit.
Pat (PS05J) [1986] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [1987] Little rabbit. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [1988] Little rabbit ... erm, yes alternatively I think so
Carole (PS05B) [1989] There wh there were no cos there's loads of things for children in the ... embroidery magic series ... there's no no possibilities in it?
Pat (PS05J) [1990] Erm, I didn't fancy them somehow, went through the whole lot, the other day an ... just didn't sort of take my eye, if you know what I mean.
Carole (PS05B) [1991] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [1992] You've got to do all these have you?
Carole (PS05B) [1993] Erm, apart from them.
Pat (PS05J) [1994] Check them properly.
Carole (PS05B) [1995] Whoopsadaisy!
[1996] ... Alright?
[1997] ... You're alright aren't you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [1998] Whoops! [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [1999] [...] book.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2000] Muscles.
Carole (PS05B) [2001] Small writings.
Ron (PS05H) [2002] Yes, I better nip down to B & Q.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2003] I must [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2004] You don't have to do it now if you don't want to, but it's very nice of you but
Ron (PS05H) [2005] Well he it won't it won't get done for a couple of weeks' time ... then you'll say
Carole (PS05B) [2006] It won't get done though ... no it won't, you're quite right.
Ron (PS05H) [2007] Oh well no I'll do it next time I'm here and it'll be August.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [2008] Erm
Carole (PS05B) [2009] I don't like elephants.
Ron (PS05H) [2010] Yes, I can always put this round the reverse way so that goes in there ... well it won't
Carole (PS05B) [2011] Also it won't interfere.
Ron (PS05H) [2012] it won't hurt it I mean cos this is ... sort of like that anyway ... you know i it sort of suppose it does, I'll have to see.
Carole (PS05B) [2013] Wha tell you what might save you a journey ... out there somewhere there's two automatic vent things
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [2014] which I bought to fit but never did [laugh] ... but surely they would have bolts and fittings in them.
Ron (PS05H) [2015] Well I could maybe yes, that's why we need a few more to last than you possess ... I'll go out and have a look and see about these.
Carole (PS05B) [2016] They're either in the greenhouse or in the shed.
Ron (PS05H) [2017] Oh right.
Carole (PS05B) [2018] I think.
Ron (PS05H) [2019] Yeah, I'll have a nose round and I'll, yes I could possibly put the window back and shut one of the vents, yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [2020] Well it should have its so and nuts and bolts.
Ron (PS05H) [2021] I'll have a look.
Pat (PS05J) [2022] A wizard wheeze.
Carole (PS05B) [2023] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2024] A wizard wheeze, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2025] Oh I forgot I had them ... Oh that's pretty wha ooh.
Pat (PS05J) [2026] Mm ... it's rather sweet, perhaps it would have looked nice a bit further down.
Carole (PS05B) [2027] Well you could do it where you like couldn't you?
[2028] ... Oh these are little dear little
Pat (PS05J) [2029] Oh they're rather dinkish aren't they?
[2030] ... Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2031] Almost any litt I mean you could do anything round the edge ... you don't have to
Charlotte (PS05E) [2032] [shouting] Grandpa [] !
Pat (PS05J) [2033] No.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2034] [shouting] Grandpa [] !
Carole (PS05B) [2035] He's gone outside darling.
Pat (PS05J) [2036] I've I've got a, a piece of this, this stuff ... I I bought it a piece ... sort of square they were selling it off cheap
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [2037] Charlotte.
Pat (PS05J) [2038] which is enough to do four little little pictures ... I thought I might do for the craft thing in September, erm you know our flower festival and erm in which case I'd have had to purchase a few of your little thingies ... that's pretty.
Carole (PS05B) [2039] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2040] Are you working from that book?
Carole (PS05B) [2041] Not at the moment.
Pat (PS05J) [2042] Could I borrow it?
Carole (PS05B) [2043] Yep, I'm not working from anywhere at the moment.
Pat (PS05J) [2044] [laugh] These are nice ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2045] Oh no, no it's just a nice book this one.
Pat (PS05J) [2046] Mm ... mm it is rather nice isn't it?
[2047] ... Pretty flowers.
Carole (PS05B) [2048] Right ... easy to forget about.
Pat (PS05J) [2049] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2050] What have you got there then?
[2051] ... They're pretty aren't they?
Pat (PS05J) [2052] Mm, pretty poppies ... Oh well I shall
Carole (PS05B) [2053] That's what I was doing.
Pat (PS05J) [2054] Mm, that's obviously what you're going to do cos you've got, August colours there.
Carole (PS05B) [2055] Yeah, mm ... well I was just picking a bit out of it
Pat (PS05J) [2056] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2057] it was for a card
Pat (PS05J) [2058] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2059] It wasn't for
Pat (PS05J) [2060] No ... yeah well that's the sort of size piece I've got I think or maybe ... it's a little bit bigger than that.
Joelle (PS05C) [2061] Grandma ... do you want er skim skimmed milk?
Pat (PS05J) [2062] Yes please ... I don't want that. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2063] It's Charlotte's.
Carole (PS05B) [2064] She's giving you or apple juice is she?
Joelle (PS05C) [2065] Pardon?
Pat (PS05J) [2066] She's only giving me Charlotte's drink. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2067] There's a nice duck.
Pat (PS05J) [2068] Oh yes, there's a nice duck ... yes that's nice ... mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2069] I think anything I do in the future is going to be purely from home consumption ... or from places
Pat (PS05J) [2070] Yes
Carole (PS05B) [2071] I mean I'd like to do something like that, but you couldn't sell it
Charlotte (PS05E) [2072] Mm, mm, mm, mm ... yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2073] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2074] well you could but you couldn't sell it for a reasonable price.
Pat (PS05J) [2075] Erm, yeah now ... pictures you want with I mean there's no panic but
Carole (PS05B) [2076] Oh yes, yeah ... when is it?
Pat (PS05J) [2077] er it's not till September.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2078] You've got to erm, I've got to get ... well Dad's got the form I can get another one he can, erm ... the forms have got to be in soon so she knows how many ... are going to be sort of on the walls you know.
Carole (PS05B) [2079] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2080] Erm, but you can have three ... three things
Charlotte (PS05E) [2081] No.
Pat (PS05J) [2082] What are you doing with your pop pole?
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2083] I want [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2084] Oh ... nice isn't it?
[2085] ... Erm yes three pictures that you might like to sell ... if you give me a price for them.
Carole (PS05B) [2086] What sort of erm ... price do they go for, things like that would you think?
Pat (PS05J) [2087] I've got no idea but I mean some pictures are very expensive
Carole (PS05B) [2088] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2089] the painted pictures.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2090] Ha.
Pat (PS05J) [2091] I mean what were you going to ... hoping to sell them for anyway?
Charlotte (PS05E) [2092] [...] ... Grandma.
Pat (PS05J) [2093] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [2094] Twenty plus five, twenty
Charlotte (PS05E) [2095] What's that?
Carole (PS05B) [2096] twenty five you know depending on the size ... If there's a dog out there [...] [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2097] Grandma.
Pat (PS05J) [2098] You'd like to think that you
Carole (PS05B) [2099] I was I was tempted to sell it off cheap but I don't want to sell it off too cheap cos it's
Charlotte (PS05E) [2100] Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma ... why's that?
Carole (PS05B) [2101] because of the price of the frame is quite expensive in itself.
Pat (PS05J) [2102] Yeah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2103] But if that ... I mean it doesn't worry me if I don't sell that cos it's quite pretty in poppy.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2104] Grandma, Grandma, Grandma.
Carole (PS05B) [2105] So it's the dog and that and the poppy.
Pat (PS05J) [2106] Oh ... right.
Carole (PS05B) [2107] Really [yawn] oh excuse me.
Pat (PS05J) [2108] Er , so erm
Joelle (PS05C) [2109] You started yet?
Carole (PS05B) [2110] No.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2111] Not at the moment, there you are let's move there.
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2112] Well it was but that was a long time ago I started that, it was tucked inside the book ... thank you.
Pat (PS05J) [2113] Thank you.
Joelle (PS05C) [2114] Just a minute, cos er we must wait ... for tea in the teapot.
Pat (PS05J) [2115] Oh, oh that's coffee is it?
[2116] ... Oh
Carole (PS05B) [2117] Oh Adam's given her strict instructions as to how to make tea.
Pat (PS05J) [2118] Oh I see, yes, you have to wait a few minutes.
Carole (PS05B) [2119] So she puts the pinger on for three minutes.
Pat (PS05J) [2120] [laugh] erm ... yes now ... the ... Beckley ... Church, friends of Beckley church
Joelle (PS05C) [cough]
Pat (PS05J) [2121] make ... a quarter I think of whatever you sell it for.
Carole (PS05B) [2122] Cor!
Pat (PS05J) [2123] I think it's a quarter
Carole (PS05B) [2124] Twenty five per cent?
Pat (PS05J) [2125] Or is it ten per cent?
Carole (PS05B) [2126] That's a big commission? [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2127] Erm ... I'm not sure now.
Carole (PS05B) [2128] I'm going to have to up the price considerably then.
Pat (PS05J) [2129] No , it wasn't I don't think it was ... can't be [...] can't be twenty five per cent
Carole (PS05B) [2130] Thank you darling.
Pat (PS05J) [2131] it's more likely to be ten ... ten per cent.
Carole (PS05B) [2132] Ten or fifteen.
Pat (PS05J) [2133] Yeah, something like that.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2134] No more.
Carole (PS05B) [2135] Well whatever.
Pat (PS05J) [2136] Well I mean you could put them in for thirty, couldn't you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [2137] Grandma [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2138] Erm, you could try and if they don't go well ... they don't go.
Carole (PS05B) [2139] They don't go.
Joelle (PS05C) [2140] Do you want er sweeteners?
Pat (PS05J) [2141] No, not for me thank you
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2142] sugar for Grandpa please.
Joelle (PS05C) [2143] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2144] Erm, there's no reason why you can't put them in at ... that price I mean they're [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2145] Some mug might buy them!
Pat (PS05J) [2146] then little dog may be ... erm won't go perhaps for that much.
Carole (PS05B) [2147] Well no there's no ... no mount or anything on that one it's just ... as is ... that was a, the cheapest frame I could do cos I didn't like it [laugh] when I finished it and I begrudged the price of the frame.
Pat (PS05J) [2148] Oh ... I think he's I think he's quite nice.
Carole (PS05B) [2149] Oh well you can buy him if you want. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2150] No I don't want him ... but I still think he's quite nice I mean
Carole (PS05B) [2151] He's alright but he's
Pat (PS05J) [2152] there's no accounting for taste some people you know buy funny things.
Carole (PS05B) [2153] Yeah, I wouldn't buy it.
Pat (PS05J) [2154] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2155] I'll give it height but I wouldn't buy it.
Pat (PS05J) [2156] So they're the only ones you want to get rid of or are they the only ones you've got?
Carole (PS05B) [2157] Yeah, well I've still got the other two but ... I don't know whether Brian and Pauline are going to want them back, I mean they've just, I've had them back for a craft fair.
Pat (PS05J) [2158] Oh that's the, the tile
Carole (PS05B) [2159] The tile and the alphabet.
Pat (PS05J) [2160] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2161] But I I really couldn't ... I would never get the price I would want for the alphabet.
Pat (PS05J) [2162] What would you want for that?
Carole (PS05B) [2163] Well I'd want over a hundred for that.
Pat (PS05J) [2164] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [2165] Cos it's got an expensive frame and it's a lot of work.
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Pat (PS05J) [2166] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2167] Ha.
Pat (PS05J) [2168] What's the matter?
Carole (PS05B) [2169] Don't you think you better wait till she comes back?
[2170] ... Save me getting up.
Pat (PS05J) [2171] Now the I'm just trying to think of some some of those pictures that are in there ... now there was one, it was that size ... or in a pair like that lovely looking pictures
Charlotte (PS05E) [2172] Look at me.
Pat (PS05J) [2173] they were done by ... Peter , have you heard of Peter ?
Charlotte (PS05E) [2174] Look, [shouting] rats [] !
Pat (PS05J) [2175] [...] he's we he's well known
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2176] well known person ... I'd I Dad'll tell you who he is ... I'm [...] ... erm now those two little pictures were ... oh I think they were hundred and something each maybe more.
Carole (PS05B) [2177] Well he's a well known artist.
Pat (PS05J) [2178] Well yes, I suppose he is.
Carole (PS05B) [2179] That helps. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2180] Yes, I suppose he is ... but I mean those two those pictures we bought were hundred and twenty ... and I mean they're they're only done by somebody in the village.
Carole (PS05B) [2181] Well yeah I mean the answer is
Pat (PS05J) [2182] But we like them.
Carole (PS05B) [2183] you pay what ... feel don't you?
Pat (PS05J) [2184] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2185] If you like something enough ... you know what you can afford and what you're willing to pay for it and if it's ... priced more then you don't buy it.
Pat (PS05J) [2186] That's right.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2187] But you see something like that might just appeal to somebody, an embroidered picture.
Carole (PS05B) [2188] You never know ... we will give it a try.
Pat (PS05J) [2189] Well.
Carole (PS05B) [2190] Is this in the flower festival?
Pat (PS05J) [2191] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2192] Well ... it's in keeping then isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [2193] Yes, in the the [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [...] [singing]
Pat (PS05J) [2194] Yeah so ... I'll put you down for three then shall I?
Carole (PS05B) [2195] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2196] I don't know whether Dad's going to enter any photographs this year.
Carole (PS05B) [2197] Mm ... that he doesn't want to sell.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2198] Grandma, you're here. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2199] [...] he's old ... what what was the percentage the church take on pictures, was it ten per cent or fifteen?
[2200] ... Careful sweetheart.
Joelle (PS05C) [2201] I think I have forget the sweeteners.
Carole (PS05B) [2202] Yes, I think so too.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2203] One.
Ron (PS05H) [2204] Erm ... I I'm not sure I need to look at the sheet I ... I thought it was ten when I looked.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2205] One.
Ron (PS05H) [2206] It can't be twenty can it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2207] No, I think that's too much, I thought it was a quarter but it's not.
Ron (PS05H) [2208] Oh it's not twenty five per cent, no it's ... it's it's around ten or fifteen per cent on the list.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [2209] What are you you're thinking of
Carole (PS05B) [2210] Thank you.
Ron (PS05H) [2211] the flower festival?
Pat (PS05J) [2212] Yes.
Ron (PS05H) [2213] Art exhibition?
Pat (PS05J) [2214] Yes.
Ron (PS05H) [2215] Well it's
Pat (PS05J) [2216] Yeah, that that would be one of them ... that little flower up there.
Ron (PS05H) [2217] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2218] And the pop poppies are in the hall aren't they?
Carole (PS05B) [2219] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2220] An and little dog ... in the hall.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2221] [...] , what's that?
Pat (PS05J) [2222] It's coffee, it's hot.
Carole (PS05B) [2223] She probably wouldn't notice much different.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2224] [...] Yeah [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2225] Well it's not a lot it's only really the length which is different isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [2226] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [2227] She take it all of the
Ron (PS05H) [2228] What's this?
Carole (PS05B) [2229] All the split bits.
Joelle (PS05C) [2230] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2231] What's what?
Ron (PS05H) [2232] This.
Pat (PS05J) [2233] That ... that's for going in the swimming pool with her
Carole (PS05B) [2234] Oh it's erm ... a rubber ring with with ... holes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2235] rubber ring, rubber ring, rubber ring
Pat (PS05J) [2236] It's a sit in type rubber ring.
Ron (PS05H) [2237] Oh I see.
Carole (PS05B) [2238] Mind the
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2239] which
Joelle (PS05C) [2240] Is she [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [2241] Who?
Joelle (PS05C) [2242] The lady who cut her hair.
Carole (PS05B) [2243] Aha.
Joelle (PS05C) [2244] She said how long ... er it was last time you cut your hair, I said five months and she said aah it's a lot.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2245] I haven't had my cut since last July.
Pat (PS05J) [2246] Haven't you?
Carole (PS05B) [2247] June , in fact, June.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2248] [singing] Ring a roses []
Carole (PS05B) [2249] When I went
Pat (PS05J) [2250] Before the wedding
Carole (PS05B) [2251] Yes.
Ron (PS05H) [2252] [singing] Ring a ring a roses
Carole (PS05B) [2253] Well it might have been July, I can't remember.
Ron (PS05H) [2254] a pocket full of posies, tissue, tissue all fall down [] .
Pat (PS05J) [2255] [singing] all fall down [] .
Carole (PS05B) [2256] You can sing your songs now, are you going to sing your songs to Grandma?
Ron (PS05H) [2257] I didn't realise that that nursery rhyme commemorates the plague, the great plague.
Carole (PS05B) [2258] What the posies?
Ron (PS05H) [2259] Yeah, tissue, tissue all fall down
Pat (PS05J) [2260] Yes, with all fall down
Ron (PS05H) [2261] is the great plague in sixteen sixty six.
Carole (PS05B) [2262] sixteen sixty six.
Pat (PS05J) [2263] Sixteen sixty six.
Ron (PS05H) [2264] No sixteen sixty five.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [2265] Sixteen sixty five, cos it was the great fire the sixteen sixty six, was erm burning [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2266] Got rid of the plague yeah.
Ron (PS05H) [2267] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2268] So which is the one I'm borrowing then?
[2269] Tha that
Carole (PS05B) [2270] That one.
Pat (PS05J) [2271] That's the hardback one.
Carole (PS05B) [2272] I think so isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [2273] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2274] Yes it is.
Ron (PS05H) [2275] It's funny how these things have got their origin, isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2276] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [2277] The Black Death.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [2278] Yes, that's not Jessie.
Carole (PS05B) [2279] Oh no Postman Pat's cat's called Jess.
Pat (PS05J) [2280] Yes, that's right.
Ron (PS05H) [2281] No, Postman Pat's did [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2282] Oh it's in there ... the rabbits are in the medieval tapestry.
Ron (PS05H) [2283] There's a mouse in the house ... cheese ... only cheese.
Carole (PS05B) [2284] I must do a sampler for Amy.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2285] I'll [...]
Ron (PS05H) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2286] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2287] Sometime [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [2288] Now then isn't that like [yawn] oh dear, time for bed said Zebedee ... [whistling]
Pat (PS05J) [2289] Mm ... next time I come I'll have a few little ... thingies off you
Ron (PS05H) [2290] Oh
Pat (PS05J) [2291] cards
Charlotte (PS05E) [2292] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [2293] Oh you can have some now, if you want.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2294] [...] in dog.
Carole (PS05B) [2295] What shape did you want?
Ron (PS05H) [2296] It's fun to learn with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Pat (PS05J) [2297] Small ones. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2298] I said what shape, not size you don't have a choice of size they're all the same.
Pat (PS05J) [2299] Oh are they oh, I don't mind.
Carole (PS05B) [2300] You can either have oblong ... oval, or round, I think.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2301] And what colour?
Pat (PS05J) [2302] Oh [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2303] Pale blue, pale green, red ... erm cream ... er ... pale pink I think.
Pat (PS05J) [2304] Oh.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2305] You dream of this ... You
Carole (PS05B) [2306] There's a choice.
Pat (PS05J) [2307] There's a choice.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2308] this [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2309] We'd better go upstairs and have a look hadn't we?
Pat (PS05J) [2310] Yes ... alright ... Oh I should have bought my work with me, my stump work with me to show you.
Carole (PS05B) [2311] Your what?
Pat (PS05J) [2312] My stump work.
Carole (PS05B) [2313] Stump work?
Pat (PS05J) [2314] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2315] What do you mean?
Pat (PS05J) [2316] I went to erm ... erm
Carole (PS05B) [2317] Charlotte stop climbing on the chairs please love.
Pat (PS05J) [2318] went to a craft afternoon a couple of weeks ago in Rye and er stump work is basically padded out embroidery
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2319] or or whatever
Ron (PS05H) [2320] Oh yeah, oh look bees
Pat (PS05J) [2321] Erm
Ron (PS05H) [2322] ladybirds.
Carole (PS05B) [2323] What like quilting?
Ron (PS05H) [2324] Shut those eyes.
Pat (PS05J) [2325] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2326] Like quilting?
Pat (PS05J) [2327] Not really no, it's
Charlotte (PS05E) [2328] Flowers
Pat (PS05J) [2329] it's all sorts of things, there's
Ron (PS05H) [2330] Daisies, flowers
Pat (PS05J) [2331] er we did something called
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2332] what's it called ... can't think of the name of the blooming thing now ... but it was ... you did a line across, then you learn to do a long stitch
Charlotte (PS05E) [2333] Yeah ... Yeah
Pat (PS05J) [2334] then you did button hole stitch round that
Carole (PS05B) [2335] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2336] then you did another line underneath, then you did button hole stitch round the line and the bottom of the other button hole stitch
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2337] Good.
Pat (PS05J) [2338] and you ended with you had to do little squares and the you put your fing finger through it there's nothing nothing on the you don't catch the material down at all
Carole (PS05B) [2339] Except from side to side.
Pat (PS05J) [2340] except from side to side erm
Carole (PS05B) [2341] And what do you pad it with then?
Charlotte (PS05E) [2342] Mama.
Pat (PS05J) [2343] Well tha no that wasn't padded that was for ... don't quite know what they wanted to do with that ... erm but there was erm a face that was built up with three different sizes of felt, small, next size, next size up, not not much bigger each time, then you had a piece of calico a little bit bigger, you did a running thread all round the outside and pulled it so that it, lapped over the ... felt which you had stitched down first.
Charlotte (PS05E) [shouting] [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2344] Are you with me?
Carole (PS05B) [2345] No, not really.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2346] Did you hear that noise?
Pat (PS05J) [2347] Well imagine three pieces of felt one on top of the other
Ron (PS05H) [2348] Are you pushing [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [2349] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2350] the top one you just tack round not a little way in from the edge
Carole (PS05B) [2351] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2352] right got that ... now you have, then you have
Carole (PS05B) [2353] Did you do three different sizes of felt or?
Pat (PS05J) [2354] It is three different sizes yes, small, medium and large
Carole (PS05B) [2355] Right, O K.
Pat (PS05J) [2356] larger one on the top
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2357] so it's a bit padded ... then you put the ... calico round the outside with the draw thread
Charlotte (PS05E) [2358] Oh, I moved the table right there ... you hear my voice?
Pat (PS05J) [2359] and pull it so that it tucks underneath.
Carole (PS05B) [2360] So what shape have you got?
[2361] You've got a round like
Pat (PS05J) [2362] Well
Carole (PS05B) [2363] padded shape.
Pat (PS05J) [2364] round, slightly oval, whatever.
Carole (PS05B) [2365] Padded shape.
Pat (PS05J) [2366] Padded shape, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2367] Right and you're making a face on it?
Pat (PS05J) [2368] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2369] Right I'm with you.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2370] Then you make a face on that, then you put a
Joelle (PS05C) [2371] Would you get down off the table please.
Pat (PS05J) [2372] piece of felt, round the outside for his hair
Joelle (PS05C) [2373] What are you getting up for?
Pat (PS05J) [2374] and then you satin stitch all over that, which I'm in the process of doing.
Ron (PS05H) [2375] Yet another flower.
Carole (PS05B) [2376] Mm, as if we haven't got enough.
Ron (PS05H) [2377] It's only really to scoop up all the prizes etcetera.
Pat (PS05J) [2378] No it's not I shan't be doing that
Charlotte (PS05E) [2379] It's not dirty.
Pat (PS05J) [2380] in September.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2381] Not dirty.
Pat (PS05J) [2382] Then we did loose leaves.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2383] Not dirty.
Ron (PS05H) [2384] Alright.
Pat (PS05J) [2385] Standing up leaves.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2386] It's gone.
Ron (PS05H) [2387] All gone?
Pat (PS05J) [2388] Erm, which is we do a
Ron (PS05H) [2389] Nice and clean are they?
Pat (PS05J) [2390] You put a needle in the material
Charlotte (PS05E) [2391] It's gone.
Pat (PS05J) [2392] and leave it there
Ron (PS05H) [2393] it's gone
Pat (PS05J) [2394] you do a V shape with the cotton from underneath the needle
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2395] and up the other side ... a little way away from the needle
Ron (PS05H) [2396] Why don't you do a drawing for Grandpa?
Pat (PS05J) [2397] each side
Carole (PS05B) [2398] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2399] Then you do another one
Ron (PS05H) [2400] Show me what you can do.
Pat (PS05J) [2401] from right next to the needle down to the point and just go round it and then you weave it in and out like basket stitching and out over the cotton and under the cotton
Joelle (PS05C) [2402] Gently
Pat (PS05J) [2403] till you get to the top ... little sticky to fasten off the back
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2404] pull the needle out and you've got a leaf
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2405] a standing up leaf.
Carole (PS05B) [2406] Oh right.
Joelle (PS05C) [2407] Come here, give me it.
Pat (PS05J) [2408] So er
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2409] You've been having fun then?
Pat (PS05J) [2410] Yes, and then she showed us some
Joelle (PS05C) [2411] Charlotte!
Pat (PS05J) [2412] beads with big holes that you do embroidery silk round and round and cover them.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2413] Thank you.
Joelle (PS05C) [2414] Thank you, I do it.
Carole (PS05B) [2415] What the beads?
Pat (PS05J) [2416] The beads, sew them on to fabric
Joelle (PS05C) [2417] Anyway, don't do that
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2418] like a bunch of grapes
Joelle (PS05C) [2419] No, no no no you [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2420] they're sort of purple and a back stranded coloured ... you know like you've got there.
Joelle (PS05C) [2421] Oh Charlotte, [...] don't do that, stop it.
Carole (PS05B) [2422] Mm.
Joelle (PS05C) [2423] Leave it.
Pat (PS05J) [2424] And so I've done that
Joelle (PS05C) [2425] I see
Pat (PS05J) [2426] plus two loose leaves up the top.
Joelle (PS05C) [2427] I will mind Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2428] C
Pat (PS05J) [2429] Which looks quite good.
Joelle (PS05C) [2430] H A R
Carole (PS05B) [2431] Quite good ... can you afford the time to have all these breaks for other pursuits?
Pat (PS05J) [2432] Mm, it was only an afternoon, two till four. [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [2433] O T T E
Carole (PS05B) [2434] Mm.
Joelle (PS05C) [2435] C H A R L O T T E
Pat (PS05J) [2436] Yes, we've had the erm
Joelle (PS05C) [2437] It's written, Charlotte.
Ron (PS05H) [2438] You are [...] in English classes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2439] It says Charlotte.
Joelle (PS05C) [2440] That's right.
Ron (PS05H) [2441] Very good.
Carole (PS05B) [2442] You should be doing it in small letters.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [2443] No, pronunciation I mean.
Carole (PS05B) [2444] Yes, yeah no, I'm saying when you write, for her to see
Ron (PS05H) [2445] Instead of er [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2446] it should be lower case letters.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2447] I dirty fingers [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2448] Dirty fingers you've got.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2449] Really?
Carole (PS05B) [2450] Yes they learn, they learn to read lower case before they read capitals.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2451] Lower one.
Ron (PS05H) [2452] Oh I see, yeah ... that's it that'll do that's it yeah ... er erm
Carole (PS05B) [2453] You don't need to do that ... ah no.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2454] There's only one L.
Pat (PS05J) [2455] There's only one L. [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [2456] Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [2457] Right, L O that's it T T
Ron (PS05H) [2458] T T
Pat (PS05J) [2459] T T
Carole (PS05B) [2460] E
Pat (PS05J) [2461] E
Carole (PS05B) [2462] There.
Ron (PS05H) [2463] Hang on.
Pat (PS05J) [2464] Alright.
Ron (PS05H) [2465] What is the ... tail.
Joelle (PS05C) [2466] It's a little you would you be careful and stop moving the table.
Pat (PS05J) [2467] We've had the Courage Magazine and it's got a write up of the ... er the May, our craft thingy at er
Joelle (PS05C) [2468] You're no good, you don't listen.
Ron (PS05H) [2469] Somebody's having a go at the [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [2470] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2471] and our
Joelle (PS05C) [2472] The what?
Pat (PS05J) [2473] erm this Shirley that's done written this up and she said about our own craft evening and variety of things and all that.
Carole (PS05B) [2474] This is W I?
Pat (PS05J) [2475] Yes, this is W I.
[2476] For our own one ... and it's got Miss June and Mr
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2477] were the judges ... Mrs got the highest number of lots and won the cup [laugh] is it
Carole (PS05B) [2478] He was judging, he was judging?
Pat (PS05J) [2479] he was only judging photographs.
Ron (PS05H) [2480] I was judging photographs in fact both
Carole (PS05B) [2481] Well that was badly written then wasn't it?
Ron (PS05H) [2482] Yeah, well I think that we ought to get them or somebody to put a retraction, I mean we daren't do it ourselves, but I think in next month's
Charlotte (PS05E) [2483] No more.
Ron (PS05H) [2484] magazine it should be pointed out, that
Carole (PS05B) [2485] Mr was only judging the photos.
Ron (PS05H) [2486] tha that erm
Joelle (PS05C) [2487] Stop ... can you give me it back.
Ron (PS05H) [2488] Yes, it should be pointed out that I was only judging the photographs
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [2489] er ... and that er ... in a
Joelle (PS05C) [2490] Yes, but I haven't freed this one yet.
[2491] ... Can you give it to me?
[2492] ... I'll get it
Ron (PS05H) [2493] I was only judging
Charlotte (PS05E) [2494] No
Joelle (PS05C) [2495] Yes
Charlotte (PS05E) [2496] [shouting] No, I I did it, I did it, my did it.
Ron (PS05H) [2497] in areas [...] .
Joelle (PS05C) [2498] Alright.
Carole (PS05B) [2499] Sounds like you've given them
Ron (PS05H) [2500] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2501] all the points doesn't it?
Ron (PS05H) [2502] I mean I
Joelle (PS05C) [2503] [...] shouting at you.
Ron (PS05H) [2504] sometimes I think that Shirley thinks she wouldn't understand anyway, what she was writing.
Pat (PS05J) [2505] No, I don't I don't think she
Ron (PS05H) [2506] I don't think it wasn't done with malice, she's just
Carole (PS05B) [2507] Oh no.
Pat (PS05J) [2508] Oh no.
Ron (PS05H) [2509] [...] between the ears ... I mean she's a charming woman.
Carole (PS05B) [2510] But it's just the way people would read it.
Ron (PS05H) [2511] She lives on her own
Pat (PS05J) [2512] Yeah well I was I was accosted yesterday, by Stan ... I see he said I see you've got all the marks from Ron [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2513] cos I hadn't read it you see ... yeah, he said that's how it reads.
Ron (PS05H) [2514] And it does read that way now
Pat (PS05J) [2515] Mm, yeah.
Ron (PS05H) [2516] we've got the paper.
Carole (PS05B) [2517] Oh well.
Ron (PS05H) [2518] So I reckon we ought to get Nan or one of these contributors to say, to point out that the
Pat (PS05J) [2519] Well I think she's made a mistake with Joan because Joan didn't get the plate for ... er the highest number of silver stars, it was gold stars.
Ron (PS05H) [2520] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2521] That's wrong in the first place.
Ron (PS05H) [2522] Yeah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2523] Where's he gone?
Ron (PS05H) [2524] Where's he gone?
Charlotte (PS05E) [2525] Is he [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2526] So you just want that one?
Pat (PS05J) [2527] Yes, please.
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [2528] Thank you, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2529] That's alright.
Pat (PS05J) [2530] I'm sure I'll find something else I want.
Carole (PS05B) [2531] Oh I should think so.

17 (Tape 004009)

Carole (PS05B) [2532] Do you want white or cream?
Pat (PS05J) [2533] Erm ... I suppose ... white is best really isn't it?
[2534] I was thinking of doing ... doing a bib with a cotton lining ... which you can place in between do you know what I mean?
Carole (PS05B) [2535] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2536] I'll do a backdrop.
Carole (PS05B) [2537] Good.
Pat (PS05J) [2538] Oh, I think I should be making things for ... Jamie when she comes
Carole (PS05B) [2539] Yes I heard about
Pat (PS05J) [2540] Oh you told us about that ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2541] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2542] [...] ... You're not supposed to throw it on the floor ... where's the end ... there.
Carole (PS05B) [2543] Right how much do you want?
Pat (PS05J) [2544] Oh hang on the that a second ... big size. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2545] Oh ... it's all come undiddled.
Pat (PS05J) [2546] Oh is it?
[2547] ... Right.
Carole (PS05B) [2548] Well if I
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2549] just like that?
Pat (PS05J) [2550] Yeah, I should think that's big enough isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2551] Well then you'd probably make two or three there.
Pat (PS05J) [2552] Probably ... that's worth quite a lot of money isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2553] Yeah, probably, yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2554] Would you like me to pay you?
Carole (PS05B) [2555] No.
Pat (PS05J) [2556] No, you sure?
Carole (PS05B) [2557] Yes, I'll have the eggs.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2558] Well you've probably got I've probably got a better deal there.
Pat (PS05J) [2559] [laugh] Oh dear ... Well thank you.
Carole (PS05B) [2560] A few cards as well, that'll be ... that's worth a couple of dozen eggs I reckon.
Pat (PS05J) [2561] Oh yes , I'm sure it is dear. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2562] I'm naughty aren't I?
Pat (PS05J) [2563] No ... you're not naughty [...] don't you ... don't mind anyway.
Carole (PS05B) [2564] Is it switched on?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2565] It is.
Pat (PS05J) [2566] Oh is it?
[2567] ... Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2568] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [2569] Oh ... right that's it.
Carole (PS05B) [2570] I don't think I've got many cards up here they're in my bedroom I think ... let's have a look ... these are all done.
Pat (PS05J) [2571] Oh these are all all done ones.
Carole (PS05B) [2572] I think these are
Pat (PS05J) [2573] Yes, that's all I've got ... Ah.
Carole (PS05B) [2574] Some here.
Pat (PS05J) [2575] Well I don't want many because I'm not going to do that many.
Carole (PS05B) [2576] They're not
Pat (PS05J) [2577] Erm
Carole (PS05B) [2578] the colours you want are they?
Pat (PS05J) [2579] I suppose not really ... erm
Carole (PS05B) [2580] Did what shape did you want?
Pat (PS05J) [2581] I was going to have one of each wasn't I?
Carole (PS05B) [2582] One of each shape, but what colour?
Pat (PS05J) [2583] Yeah ... erm well that's quite a pretty colour isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2584] The green is yeah
Pat (PS05J) [2585] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2586] well that takes white quite nicely.
Pat (PS05J) [2587] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2588] I don't think I've got green one with a cream, no that's got white in it ... Is that all I've got left?
Pat (PS05J) [2589] Ha.
Carole (PS05B) [2590] Oh, you can have any of those.
Pat (PS05J) [2591] Oh right, yes alright I can see those ... they're not in the bedroom they're here.
Carole (PS05B) [2592] Oh right, I thought ... oh yes in the boxful I've got.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2593] Well there's green ones ... there's three ovals there, I think ... is it ovals?
Pat (PS05J) [2594] Ya, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2595] Creamy coloured ovals, clear, is ovals the ones you prefer?
Pat (PS05J) [2596] Erm ... well I don't really mind ... erm, I don't want
Carole (PS05B) [2597] What, what colours have you got?
Pat (PS05J) [2598] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [2599] What colours have you got?
Pat (PS05J) [2600] Well, this this white.
Carole (PS05B) [2601] Oh you're going to use that are you?
Pat (PS05J) [2602] Well I've got I've got a bit of that, which I think'll do one or two
Carole (PS05B) [2603] Right.
Pat (PS05J) [2604] or white [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2605] It's best not to put white in that colour.
Pat (PS05J) [2606] Not in green, no ... they've got the white
Carole (PS05B) [2607] They've got the white goes alright in there.
Pat (PS05J) [2608] Yeah alright, well I'll have a
Carole (PS05B) [2609] Probably goes alright in there, it goes alright in there.
Pat (PS05J) [2610] Yeah ... alright well I'll probably only do about four so ... I don't want to take all the cards.
Carole (PS05B) [2611] Well look if I give you ... well there's two pink ovals with envelopes ... and three green ones.
Pat (PS05J) [2612] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [2613] How's that?
Pat (PS05J) [2614] Thank you very much ... much obliged.
Carole (PS05B) [2615] Are these to sell?
Pat (PS05J) [2616] Yes, they will, will be.
Carole (PS05B) [2617] Right then, you want some of those won't you?
Pat (PS05J) [2618] Oh ... I suppose so yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2619] One two three four, five
Pat (PS05J) [2620] five ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2621] There you are, they just fold over with a
Pat (PS05J) [2622] Oh right ... right have some of those as well. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2623] cos then you just fold it over and er
Pat (PS05J) [2624] And stick the thing on, yeah
Carole (PS05B) [2625] stick it down an write the price on.
Pat (PS05J) [2626] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [2627] There you are.
Pat (PS05J) [2628] Thank you dear
Carole (PS05B) [2629] You're all done now
Pat (PS05J) [2630] very much ... thank you ... What do I stick it with, Pritt?
[2631] ... Did you use Pritt?
Carole (PS05B) [2632] No Copydex.
Pat (PS05J) [2633] Copydex, ah I'm sure we've got some of that.
Carole (PS05B) [2634] Yeah, just a tiny little bit
Pat (PS05J) [2635] Yeah, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2636] round the edges.
Pat (PS05J) [2637] Yes ... yes right ... I'll see what I can do by September ... I should be able to do a fair bit by then ... Yeah well I say I've done the doll, that's for August ... that's for the ... er Beckley fete ... but it's for, Friends of Beckley Church and it's guess the doll's birth date ... which as you said as you said it should have two
Carole (PS05B) [2638] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2639] erm ... that's done ... erm, yes I've cut out the
Carole (PS05B) [2640] Just a minute ... Oh it's the other side.
Pat (PS05J) [2641] I've cut out the dress, so that's ... I've got to d start doing thingys on that now ... you know, picking up all the points
Carole (PS05B) [2642] Oh right.
Pat (PS05J) [2643] erm ... I've got to get that done ... I've got to alter the christening dress ... alter the, cuffs on the little jacket ... and make a bib ... do you think I'll get all that done in three months?
Carole (PS05B) [2644] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2645] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2646] I should think so.
Pat (PS05J) [2647] Might do.
Carole (PS05B) [2648] I know what I've got the find, oh god ... it's alright, I've just taken a look in here it's like a bomb!
[2649] ... Get him to sign his life away.
Pat (PS05J) [2650] [laugh] Where's the door?
Carole (PS05B) [2651] Just in there.
Pat (PS05J) [2652] You've got a hole in your wall.
Carole (PS05B) [2653] Yeah, permanent fixture.
Pat (PS05J) [2654] Do want to put her in the bed now then?
Carole (PS05B) [2655] No, I I no it's just the erm ...
Pat (PS05J) [2656] It's the changing mess.
Carole (PS05B) [2657] Yes I put the carrycot in there.
Pat (PS05J) [2658] Oh she's here.
Carole (PS05B) [2659] Oh yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2660] Oh yes there's the poppy, it looks nice.
Carole (PS05B) [2661] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2662] It's a nice poppy.
Carole (PS05B) [2663] Alright?
Ron (PS05H) [2664] Yeah, I don't know whether I can do it all ... because erm ... I need some drills and things to make holes for the fitting.
Carole (PS05B) [2665] Oh do you?
Ron (PS05H) [2666] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2667] I didn't know you had to make holes.
Ron (PS05H) [2668] Yes ... well th the rail ... on which you mount the mount the erm ... autovent ... needs to have holes drilled to take the
Carole (PS05B) [2669] Oh right.
Ron (PS05H) [2670] plate fitting ... erm there is a plate fitted ... there is a little bracket, that can sits in behind, that you can screw into but you've gotta make the holes originally ... unfortunately.
Carole (PS05B) [2671] Oh right.
Ron (PS05H) [2672] It's a ... I'm hoping that I can make use of the ... erm the two holes that are in the ... window half
Carole (PS05B) [2673] You never know do you?
Ron (PS05H) [2674] in the window half ... and I wish I knew which half this is ... it's all rather complicated, but I'll see
Pat (PS05J) [2675] No, it's
Ron (PS05H) [2676] what I can do ... I'll go as
Pat (PS05J) [2677] Have fun.
Ron (PS05H) [2678] far as I can ... Have you got a screwdriver?
Carole (PS05B) [2679] Yes.
Ron (PS05H) [2680] A small one ... er is there another size up ... or does it get too big then?
[2681] ... Ooh look there's quite a lot of tools there ... there was another one of those out ... near the this
Carole (PS05B) [2682] Yes, I know.
Ron (PS05H) [2683] this'll probably do actually.
Carole (PS05B) [2684] Go on take that.
Ron (PS05H) [2685] No no no I don't need those.
Carole (PS05B) [2686] No?
Ron (PS05H) [2687] No, no no ... ah?
Pat (PS05J) [2688] Oh she's gone to sleep after all.
Ron (PS05H) [2689] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2690] I don't think there's another, that's smaller isn't it?
Ron (PS05H) [2691] No this will be alright.
Carole (PS05B) [2692] You don't need the Philips one?
Ron (PS05H) [2693] No, no they're [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2694] Oh, I think I think you've probably got it all.
Ron (PS05H) [2695] Got these.
Pat (PS05J) [2696] Thank you.
Carole (PS05B) [2697] It's a thingy ... Oh silly [...] I meant to go to Children's World and buy nappies ... have to do it tomorrow now.
Pat (PS05J) [2698] That's your freebie.
Carole (PS05B) [2699] Oh it's here.
Pat (PS05J) [2700] Telling you how to do it.
Carole (PS05B) [2701] Oh ... do you think
Pat (PS05J) [2702] I haven't
Carole (PS05B) [2703] I need telling?
Pat (PS05J) [2704] Ooh I think you might do, don't you?
Carole (PS05B) [2705] [laugh] ... That's erm
Pat (PS05J) [2706] That's a thingy, it's that ... that's it.
Carole (PS05B) [2707] Oh right ... yes, well I shall have to do some.
Pat (PS05J) [2708] Mm, you sent sent off for all your
Carole (PS05B) [2709] Yes, I have sent it but I haven't got anything back yet.
Pat (PS05J) [2710] No ... yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2711] That's a tiny little card innit?
Pat (PS05J) [2712] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2713] So that's the small size, yes
Pat (PS05J) [2714] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [2715] these are th the ones you've got on the big ones.
Pat (PS05J) [2716] Yeah ... dinkey innit?
Carole (PS05B) [2717] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2718] No envelope. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2719] Oh no no envelope, there no.
Pat (PS05J) [2720] [laugh] ... The first one was a basket of flowers.
Carole (PS05B) [2721] Was it?
[2722] Oh
Pat (PS05J) [2723] Mm ... which I managed to do.
Carole (PS05B) [2724] Oh did you?
Pat (PS05J) [2725] Well I ... you see when I saw this ... I thought it was, was quite big holes
Carole (PS05B) [2726] It's not.
Pat (PS05J) [2727] but it's not is it ... it's easy [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2728] What does it say?
Pat (PS05J) [2729] Yeah, it's fourteen, it's the
Carole (PS05B) [2730] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [2731] sand ... it's the same she said, it's just the same.
Carole (PS05B) [2732] I think you were just frightened off weren't you?
[2733] ... At the thought
Pat (PS05J) [2734] Well I don't know it ... the way you two do the work it looks so fine that I didn't think I could see it properly.
Carole (PS05B) [2735] Well it is quite fine, I mean it do does make your eyes ache if you do it for too long.
Pat (PS05J) [2736] Yeah, I ca I can't do too much at once no well I mean but er
Carole (PS05B) [2737] Depends on the colours you're having to use really.
Pat (PS05J) [2738] Well yes we've got light colours so
Carole (PS05B) [2739] The the worst possible is working with black fabric, that's that's wicked that is.
Pat (PS05J) [2740] Well yes it would be wouldn't it?
[2741] ... It looks lovely though that one, doesn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2742] What th the flowers on the black?
Pat (PS05J) [2743] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2744] Yes it is nice ... it's okay if you can do it in daylight, but artificial light is difficult ... and I used to sit in the car when Charlotte was asleep.
Pat (PS05J) [2745] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2746] She was went to sleep in the car I used to sit in the car and do it ... cos the light was good out there.
Pat (PS05J) [2747] Yeah, it was nice and bright, yeah ... Is that what Joanie bought her?
Carole (PS05B) [2748] This?
[2749] ... Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2750] Yeah ... Isn't it pretty?
Carole (PS05B) [2751] It is pretty ...
Pat (PS05J) [2752] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2753] It's just too long ... the trousers are too long, that's all.
Pat (PS05J) [2754] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [2755] This is what I like ... this is my favourite at the moment and she looks wonderful in it ... the dungarees.
Pat (PS05J) [2756] Oh yes she yes she had those on when you came [...] didn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [2757] Did she, I don't remember.
Pat (PS05J) [2758] Yeah, baggy ones aren't they?
Carole (PS05B) [2759] They are baggy, yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2760] Baggy dungeys.
Carole (PS05B) [2761] Yeah, they're lovely.
Pat (PS05J) [2762] Yeah she had those on.
Carole (PS05B) [2763] She's er she nice in denim actually.
Pat (PS05J) [2764] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2765] Suits her ... It's the only thing I've bought from M & S recently.
Pat (PS05J) [2766] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2767] Cos, I haven't been impressed.
Pat (PS05J) [2768] No [laugh] ... Is it time?
Carole (PS05B) [2769] Mm mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2770] Oh ... ooh half past three ... What time did she go off, half past one?
Carole (PS05B) [2771] Oh, she'll she'll probably be asleep until five now.
Pat (PS05J) [2772] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [2773] Once she goes, she goes.
Pat (PS05J) [2774] Oh ... well cos she should really ... she should go four hours shouldn't she, she's got good jollop ... well she
Carole (PS05B) [2775] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [2776] seemed to have [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2777] Well yes, but I mean it's ... she seems to do the opposite thing to Charlotte, cos she used to sleep in the morning and fidget around in the afternoons ... and this one fidgets all morning and then sleeps in the afternoon.
Pat (PS05J) [2778] Yes, well
Carole (PS05B) [2779] Which is which is quite handy I suppose.
Pat (PS05J) [2780] And then is she awake in the evening?
Carole (PS05B) [2781] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2782] Yeah ... well that's not so bad as long as you can get her down at a reasonable hour and get to sleep.
Carole (PS05B) [2783] Yeah ... well she ... she sleeps she goes down some time between eight thirty and eleven.
Pat (PS05J) [2784] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2785] But sh I think what she does she confuses her early and late evening ... feeds
Pat (PS05J) [2786] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2787] so they merge as as sort of one solid feed [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2788] [laugh] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2789] all da evening ... but then like last night see if I know that she's been chomping on and off all night she'll go for four or five hours.
Pat (PS05J) [2790] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2791] Or five or six hours
Pat (PS05J) [2792] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2793] at night.
Pat (PS05J) [2794] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2795] So ... and there you are.
Pat (PS05J) [2796] Mm ... Makes you uncomfortable though, presumably does it or?
Carole (PS05B) [2797] Ah no, it's a it just lets down every now and again
Pat (PS05J) [2798] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2799] and it's sort of well it's not well they do get full that's if she suddenly does longer than
Pat (PS05J) [2800] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2801] she's been doing.
Pat (PS05J) [2802] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2803] [sniff] ... Then it's overflowing.
Pat (PS05J) [2804] Oh is that why you got that out again. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2805] That's right.
Pat (PS05J) [2806] You got your pump out again.
Carole (PS05B) [2807] Yes ... yeah ... well I've got two ounces in the freezer.
Pat (PS05J) [2808] Oh have you, oh well it's something I suppose. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2809] Yes, well if I can do a few two ounces worth I put them all together and then Adam can give her a little bit.
Pat (PS05J) [2810] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2811] So I can make the dinner or do something useful. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2812] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2813] Cos I don't tend to get the opportunity.
Pat (PS05J) [2814] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2815] Cos she starts fidgeting ... go and hang this lot up I suppose ... Want to come upstairs?
Pat (PS05J) [2816] Yes, I'll come upstairs ... [...] That's a nice bread then isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [2817] It is a bit big that's the only problem but the amount of bread we get through I need a big one.
Pat (PS05J) [2818] Yes, you couldn't put it all in the at once could you [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2819] Well ... no no plus the fact that the lid got broken so that
Pat (PS05J) [2820] Oh ... that's a shame.
Carole (PS05B) [2821] Yes dropped by a certain clumsy person around this house ... unfortunately we've had a lot of breakages.
Pat (PS05J) [2822] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [2823] Yeah ... never mind ... So Adam said buy something that doesn't break.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2824] We've lost loads of glasses.
Pat (PS05J) [2825] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [2826] And the lid of the bread bin.
Pat (PS05J) [2827] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2828] So ... and she ca I don't know whether you noticed or she can't make a cup of coffee without spilling it.
Pat (PS05J) [2829] Yeah, she she spilt it when she put yours down.
Carole (PS05B) [2830] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2831] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2832] She just can't ... she's incapable of doing that without spilling it. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2833] She's a bit of a Jamie isn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [2834] She's a clumsy clogs that's why I won't let her walk around with the baby ... if she wants to cuddle her I tell her to sit down and I tell her not to move ... well she's always tripping over her feet.
Pat (PS05J) [2835] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2836] I'd rather not take the risk.
Pat (PS05J) [2837] No ... that's right.
Carole (PS05B) [2838] Don't want her to go flying do I?
Pat (PS05J) [2839] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2840] Charlotte's been playing hangers.
Pat (PS05J) [2841] Yeah ... there's one with things on [laugh] ... Look at these hangers you've got.
Carole (PS05B) [2842] Yeah well they're from all the
Pat (PS05J) [2843] All the clothes, yeah ... well they're handy aren't they?
Carole (PS05B) [2844] Oh yeah ... I washed all the well not all of them you know all the stuff we sorted out when you up here
Pat (PS05J) [2845] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2846] did a big wash the other day ... so they're all ready ... wo won't be long ... and the clothes she's wearing now are nought to three months.
Pat (PS05J) [2847] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2848] And some of them are ... are a bit short.
Pat (PS05J) [2849] A bit small yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2850] Well I could undo the feet and put socks on her.
Pat (PS05J) [2851] No ... you don't want to do that do you really?
[2852] ... Or you can save some of these for Suzie. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2853] It would save me a few pennies.
Pat (PS05J) [2854] Mm ... yes it would save you a few pennies wouldn't it, yes?
Carole (PS05B) [2855] Well we'll see how we go.
Pat (PS05J) [2856] I'm sure you've got quite a lot though.
Carole (PS05B) [2857] Yeah, we've got plenty really.
[2858] ... She won't go unclothed that's for sure.
Pat (PS05J) [2859] No. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2860] Plus she's got all her new stuff.
Pat (PS05J) [2861] Well yes.
Ron (PS05H) [2862] Where are you?
Pat (PS05J) [2863] Here.
Carole (PS05B) [2864] Oh we're up here.
Ron (PS05H) [2865] You would would you have such a thing as a hand drill and some drill would you?
Carole (PS05B) [2866] Erm
Pat (PS05J) [2867] Oh no.
Carole (PS05B) [2868] Well all that sort of thing are in are in the erm ... where the wine is.
Ron (PS05H) [2869] Oh by the in the toolbox thing?
Carole (PS05B) [2870] In the in the drawers.
Ron (PS05H) [2871] Oh in the drawers right oh yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2872] There's all sorts of bits and pieces out there but
Ron (PS05H) [2873] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [2874] I couldn't point you in the right direction immediately you'd have to sort of
Ron (PS05H) [2875] No I'll get a few things.
Carole (PS05B) [2876] you'd have to hunt about a bit I'm afraid.
Pauline (PS05F) [2877] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [2878] Do you know where the key is for the
Pauline (PS05F) [2879] Yes, it's alright, it's by the door.
Pat (PS05J) [2880] Yeah, that's it.
Pauline (PS05F) [2881] It's on the wall.
Pat (PS05J) [2882] Yes you were going to try and wash some of those ... that were stained in something strong.
Carole (PS05B) [2883] Oh I haven't done that yet.
Pat (PS05J) [2884] You have no ... it was that they were a bit big weren't they anyway ... I'm sure ... we could possibly get it out ... you could try I suppose.
Carole (PS05B) [2885] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [2886] I was in Woolworths the other day an they've got smocked dresses now, hand smocked dresses.
Carole (PS05B) [2887] Have they?
[2888] ... Well it can't be anything else can it, you can't really machine smock can you?
Pat (PS05J) [2889] Well I shouldn't have thought so.
Carole (PS05B) [2890] So I don't know why they bother to put in it
Pat (PS05J) [2891] No ... twelve ninety nine they were.
Carole (PS05B) [2892] It's like tinned food saying no artificial additives ... cos you don't need artificial additives in tinned food they're trying to make you buy it cos
Pat (PS05J) [2893] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [2894] it sounds healthy.
Pat (PS05J) [2895] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2896] Right, that's that lot done, cor it's never ending isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [2897] Yeah, it is isn't it ... Thank goodness for washing machines eh?
Carole (PS05B) [2898] Absolutely.
Pat (PS05J) [2899] Don't know how I managed before I had Nigel.
Carole (PS05B) [2900] Obviously did didn't you?
Pat (PS05J) [2901] We didn't have a washing machine.
[2902] ... Oh look little old hankies with a C on. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2903] Still around.
Pat (PS05J) [2904] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [2905] Only one.
Pat (PS05J) [2906] Only one.
Carole (PS05B) [2907] I got a few flowery ones somewhere.
Pat (PS05J) [2908] Aren't they lovely with these flowers?
Carole (PS05B) [2909] Pretty aren't they?
Pat (PS05J) [2910] Yeah ... do you like that one?
Carole (PS05B) [2911] Yeah ... cor ... thank you.
Pat (PS05J) [2912] Oh what's that on the floor.
Carole (PS05B) [2913] Oh it's Charlotte's.
Pat (PS05J) [2914] Oh ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2915] Yes, I leave one in there for her to keep er pulling on and off hangers.
Pat (PS05J) [2916] Oh I see ... these lovely.
Carole (PS05B) [2917] Oh they're mine. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2918] Not really ... Charlotte's need is greater than mine. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2919] [...] ... the rubbish bin ... there ... [...] ... it does look as though you had a bomb hit doesn't it? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2920] I know it's awful isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [2921] That's all it takes.
Carole (PS05B) [2922] Yes, well ... don't have er ... so much time for tidying up
Pat (PS05J) [2923] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2924] when you spend an entire morning just child hanging off you.
Pat (PS05J) [2925] Oh, I know ... not when she's doing that. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2926] What a horror ... they drive you mad though, god ... As soon as you've got you get used to stage with just Charlotte where you can get on and do things an
Pat (PS05J) [2927] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2928] she'll play beside you or she'll ... come and help you or hinder you or whatever.
Pat (PS05J) [2929] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [2930] And then when you all of a sudden you can't do it because there's another. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [2931] Demanding.

18 (Tape 004101)

Carole (PS05B) [2932] I wouldn't bother sweetheart.
Pat (PS05J) [2933] [...] What are you doing?
[2934] ... What are you up to ah?
Carole (PS05B) [2935] She's trying to if while you're on your feet there's two albums over there.
Pat (PS05J) [2936] Oh
Carole (PS05B) [cough]
Pat (PS05J) [2937] I've got them.
Carole (PS05B) [2938] Yes ... ha.
Pat (PS05J) [2939] We've built up two have we? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2940] Oh no, no no [cough]
Pat (PS05J) [2941] We've haven't got erm ... got ours back yet.
Carole (PS05B) [2942] What do you mean you haven't got them back you haven't taken any have you?
Pat (PS05J) [2943] Yeah Dad took
Carole (PS05B) [2944] Oh just at the last minute, yes when we were leaving.
Pat (PS05J) [2945] at the last minute, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2946] Charlotte.
Joelle (PS05C) [2947] Who opened the door?
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2948] We did.
Joelle (PS05C) [2949] Eh?
Carole (PS05B) [2950] I did. [sniff]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2951] There's a [...]
Carole (PS05B) [2952] Careful!
Joelle (PS05C) [2953] Careful!
Charlotte (PS05E) [2954] ugh!
Pat (PS05J) [2955] Don't charge.
Carole (PS05B) [2956] Oh well the tail end that's the tail end of the tape.
Pat (PS05J) [2957] Tail end yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [2958] [yawn] They start about ... half way down tha oh you've you've seen
Pat (PS05J) [2959] I've seen I've seen that one.
Carole (PS05B) [2960] about half way down, well where you are [sniff] is you.
Pat (PS05J) [2961] There's me ... oh well I wouldn't have seen those would I?
Carole (PS05B) [2962] No, mind Charlotte darling.
Pat (PS05J) [2963] I've seen that one.
Carole (PS05B) [2964] Oh there you are that's where you start.
Pat (PS05J) [2965] Yes ... yes ... let's leave that one in there.
Carole (PS05B) [2966] Charlotte let let Grandma look
Charlotte (PS05E) [2967] No.
Carole (PS05B) [2968] by herself will you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2969] Oh that's a nice one she looks as though she's smiling. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2970] No she does smile.
Pat (PS05J) [2971] Oh look [laugh] ... silly smile.
Carole (PS05B) [yawn]
Pat (PS05J) [2972] That's a silly [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [2973] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [2974] No sweetheart let let Grandma look.
Carole (PS05B) [2975] Let Grandma look darling, she hasn't seen them, you have.
Pat (PS05J) [2976] I haven't seen these look just a minute, please.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2977] There's Dollo.
Pat (PS05J) [2978] Yes it's your dolly, yes
Carole (PS05B) [2979] Yeah Grandpa's got your doll.
Pat (PS05J) [2980] Grandpa's holding your dolly isn't he, funny Grandpa.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2981] I or [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2982] Look it's a picture of Charlotte showing her pictures to
Pat (PS05J) [2983] Ah ... oh look
Charlotte (PS05E) [2984] Ooh.
Pat (PS05J) [2985] there's Charlotte.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [2986] You see [...]
Pat (PS05J) [2987] Looks as though
Carole (PS05B) [2988] do you?
Pat (PS05J) [2989] looks as though you've got a pony tail, that day.
Carole (PS05B) [2990] I think so ... oh it's Guy's party.
Pat (PS05J) [2991] Oh it's Guy's party is it?
Carole (PS05B) [2992] You were singing songs.
Pat (PS05J) [2993] Oh there's Charlotte with her pretty dress on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2994] I wanna look.
Pat (PS05J) [2995] Let me, just a minute let let Grandma look.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2996] Shall I look look [...] please?
Pat (PS05J) [2997] He's with his drum kit.
Charlotte (PS05E) [2998] Please?
Pat (PS05J) [2999] Just a minute darling let Grandma look.
Carole (PS05B) [3000] Let Grandma look first.
Pat (PS05J) [3001] Let me see finish these.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3002] Oh Toby. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3003] There's Toby ... this is at the zoo was it?
Carole (PS05B) [3004] Yes it is.
Pat (PS05J) [3005] Ooh.
Carole (PS05B) [3006] Ooh elephants.
Pat (PS05J) [3007] The elephants.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3008] That's you again. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3009] Oh look at them.
Carole (PS05B) [3010] You liked the elephants didn't you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3011] [screaming] Oh look.
Pat (PS05J) [3012] Look at the elephants.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3013] [...] and Guy.
Pat (PS05J) [3014] There's [...] and Guy, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3015] There's Guy kissing Charlotte
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3016] and there's the hand holding
Pat (PS05J) [3017] Yes ... there's some lovely ones of that.
Pat (PS05J) [3018] Oh.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3019] I'm kissing.
Pat (PS05J) [3020] Is he kissing you?
Carole (PS05B) [3021] Yes, there's always canoodling.
[3022] ... They're so cute together these two ... aren't you, mm?
[3023] ... You and your cousin.
Pat (PS05J) [3024] Oh there's a big slide ... The Gammels.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3025] I want the big one ... What's daddy doing?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3026] Oh what?
[3027] ... What mummy?
Pat (PS05J) [3028] Oh
Carole (PS05B) [3029] There's Charlotte cuddling her baby sister look.
Pat (PS05J) [3030] Mm.
Joelle (PS05C) [3031] It's for you.
Pat (PS05J) [3032] And she's a bandit.
Joelle (PS05C) [3033] Yes it is, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3034] I said yes ... Why?
Pat (PS05J) [3035] She's abandoned her hair.
Carole (PS05B) [3036] Well don don't stick it under there cos it'll get forgotten ... in fact I'll take it upstairs.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3037] I will.
Carole (PS05B) [3038] Awful pictures of me there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3039] There's you in the snow, isn't it? [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3040] Mm ... this is snowy.
Pat (PS05J) [3041] She's like a little dolly isn't she?
[3042] [laugh] ... Look at [...] in the snow.
Carole (PS05B) [3043] Yes, that's how Charlotte treats her like one.
Pat (PS05J) [3044] I don't think Grandma's seen all those.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3045] Oh I probably just gave
Pat (PS05J) [3046] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3047] you a couple didn't I?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3048] Can I see?
[3049] I see, see
Carole (PS05B) [3050] I probably just gave you a couple of er
Pat (PS05J) [3051] Just a minute.
Carole (PS05B) [3052] photos.
Pat (PS05J) [3053] Let me see.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3054] [scream] ... [...] ... Can I?
Pat (PS05J) [3055] Yes, I think I've probably seen those, yes ... yes I think I have.
Carole (PS05B) [yawn] [sniff]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3056] Oh ... baby
Pat (PS05J) [3057] Baby in fish bowl. [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [3058] No I think Charlotte did have them ... I think I must go tomorrow.
Carole (PS05B) [3059] Oh yes ... I know ... we'll go on Monday
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3060] we're going to the clinic on Monday ... I know I forgot when I was there last week, so ... don't worry she won't die for lack of vitamins.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3061] A week without ... orange flavoured rubbish.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3062] [...] do do doo.
Pat (PS05J) [3063] There.
Carole (PS05B) [3064] More trouble than it's worth those [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3065] I want to have a look.
Pat (PS05J) [3066] No ask Mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3067] Well if you go and sit in your chair nicely, you can sit and look at them as long as you look and don't try and take them out ... They have to be delivered to you, won't they?
[3068] ... Have you done a wee wee recently?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3069] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3070] Well you tell Mummy when you need to won't you?
Pat (PS05J) [3071] Don't you si don't you wet the seat will you?
Carole (PS05B) [3072] You did that yesterday. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3073] Oh that was naughty wasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [3074] No, it was an accident.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3075] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [3076] Put your [...] on ... Put that one up there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3077] Oh ... that looks a white ... for doing a pee.
Pat (PS05J) [3078] Oh
Carole (PS05B) [3079] Is that the book?
Pat (PS05J) [3080] is that the book? ... tis isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [3081] Aha.
Pat (PS05J) [3082] I shall go and forget it shan't I?
Carole (PS05B) [3083] Probably.

19 (Tape 004102)

Carole (PS05B) [3084] Do you like looking at those pictures?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3085] Singing.
Carole (PS05B) [3086] Mm?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3087] It's [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3088] Who's singing?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3089] Is that singing?
Carole (PS05B) [3090] Who?
[3091] ... Was it you?
[3092] ... You singing.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3093] Oh ... what's that?
Carole (PS05B) [3094] You hold it up and I'll see ... I can't say what it is unless you show me.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3095] Oh it's Grandpa ... Grandpa.
Carole (PS05B) [3096] It's a picture of Grandpa is it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3097] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3098] Oh right ... you've got a button undone.
Pat (PS05J) [3099] Have I?
Carole (PS05B) [3100] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [3101] Ooh ... oh that one's come undone as well in there ... mm ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3102] No, not for dinner.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3103] Oh I ... I think I shall have to turn this one up a little ... Dad says it's alright being long cos it makes me look taller [laugh] ... well I don't know about that ... what do you think?
[3104] ... Lengthwise.
Carole (PS05B) [3105] It looks alright to me.
Pat (PS05J) [3106] Looks alright does it?
Carole (PS05B) [3107] I think, yeah I think it might look ... wrong if you turned it up actually.
Pat (PS05J) [3108] Mm, I wasn't gonna turn it up too much mind you.
Carole (PS05B) [3109] Wouldn't bother.
Pat (PS05J) [3110] But I I'm wearing them all a little bit longer, except in the ... the winter cos I can't ... can't alter my coat ... I have got a longer summer coat to wear ... but the ... the one I had last year ... erm ... all the skirt showed beneath, I couldn't walk about like that.
[3111] [laugh] ... I'll have to wear a long coat.
Carole (PS05B) [3112] How long's your rain coat?
Pat (PS05J) [3113] Er ... what my green one?
[3114] ... Er this will show beneath it ... Don't
Carole (PS05B) [3115] Oh well it'll match.
Pat (PS05J) [3116] Yeah, but I wouldn't wear it now ... I've put it away now ... but er I've got erm I've got a yellow one that I've had ... ooh [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3117] You'll just have to have short length coats when you're wearing ... longer skirts, you know.
Pat (PS05J) [3118] Yeah, well I've only got the one I've only got the one ... erm ... golly how long have I had that yellow ... must have had it four years or more ... I've only worn it about three times I think ... it's erm a telly mac and it's a yellow one ... erm and it is a bit longer so all these go underneath it, quite well
Carole (PS05B) [3119] Oh right.
Pat (PS05J) [3120] so I shall wear that.
Carole (PS05B) [3121] Well you'll have to wear it then won't you?
Pat (PS05J) [3122] Yes ... quite a nice colour.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3123] Oh it's a tummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3124] Pardon?
Pat (PS05J) [3125] Oh ... it's a tummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3126] Who's tu is it your tummy?
Pat (PS05J) [3127] Is it your tummy?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3128] [...] the blue in it.
Carole (PS05B) [3129] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3130] What blue is it?
Carole (PS05B) [3131] What blue?
[3132] ... Well I hope it's not a blue tummy.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3133] We is it a cold morning, was it?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3134] I want [...] ... I want [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [3135] Are you looking of pictures of you and Amy on the bed together ... Is that what it is?
Pat (PS05J) [3136] Could be that [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [3137] You're so sweet with your little sister aren't you?
[3138] ... You're a good girl.
Pat (PS05J) [3139] Is that the face
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3140] facing in the three picture. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3141] That's what Amy's doing isn't it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3142] Looking at face.
Pat (PS05J) [3143] Looking at that face ... ugh!
Carole (PS05B) [3144] Ugh!
Pat (PS05J) [3145] There's a funny face.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3146] Yes ... look at Amy doing
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3147] Funny baby isn't she?
[3148] ... Is she crying?
Carole (PS05B) [3149] She does make funny faces doesn't she?
[3150] ... Especially when she's about to cry.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3151] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [3152] She screws her little face up doesn't she?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3153] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [3154] And she makes a lot of noise.
Pat (PS05J) [3155] Yeah she's got good lungs on her hasn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [3156] Mhm.
Pat (PS05J) [3157] Oh so it's it's weighing day again is it Monday? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3158] Yes well I'll go fortnightly for a little while ... then it'll tail off.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3159] Mummy, Mummy.
Pat (PS05J) [3160] Yes, well.
Carole (PS05B) [3161] Yes darling ... Are you going to sleep?
Pat (PS05J) [3162] How often did you have to go with her?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3163] Oh no.
Carole (PS05B) [3164] Oh I went every week to start with.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3165] Alright [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [3166] Is that Adam?
Pat (PS05J) [3167] No, I don't think so.
Carole (PS05B) [3168] Oh.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3169] Would Adam be home this early?
Carole (PS05B) [3170] Well if he's not busy ... but he said he might go fishing.
Pat (PS05J) [3171] Cos er we've probably parked in his space ... Don't do that sweetheart
Carole (PS05B) [3172] Well if he's gone fishing then
Pat (PS05J) [3173] don't screw them up.
Carole (PS05B) [3174] he won't be home yet ... unless he catches his entire entitlement all in one go
Pat (PS05J) [3175] Oh. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3176] which he did last week, it was quite funny.
Pat (PS05J) [3177] Did he?
Carole (PS05B) [3178] He got there at four o'clock ... he had four fish he could catch I think ... out of the ten for the week cos he caught the others ... and he'd caught them all by half past four.
Pat (PS05J) [3179] Oh ... where's this?
Carole (PS05B) [3180] Caught four fish ... I think it's West Clandon or somewhere it's in Surrey ... it's where his Dad's got ... he takes out his annual
Pat (PS05J) [3181] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3182] thingy ... cos it's his own it's
Pat (PS05J) [3183] Cos is it a fishing farm sort of place?
Carole (PS05B) [3184] oh that farm no it's a lake, private lake.
Pat (PS05J) [3185] Private lake, yeah so the fish can't get away then?
Carole (PS05B) [3186] The ... there's only half a dozen people that are allowed ... annual rights to fish there.
Pat (PS05J) [3187] I say the fish can't get away then. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3188] No.
Pat (PS05J) [3189] Yes, yes silly.
Carole (PS05B) [3190] They're allowed to catch ten a week.
Pat (PS05J) [3191] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3192] And he did last week ... or the week before.
Pat (PS05J) [3193] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3194] Which is nice.
Pat (PS05J) [3195] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3196] You want to say something?
[3197] ... Oh ... you're just hovering are you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3198] Fine.
Pat (PS05J) [3199] Ooh ooh.
Carole (PS05B) [3200] Wakey wakey.
Pat (PS05J) [3201] Come on.
Joelle (PS05C) [3202] I'm awake.
Carole (PS05B) [3203] Oh.
Joelle (PS05C) [3204] Well ... pass me the jelly?
Carole (PS05B) [3205] Mhm ... of course.
Joelle (PS05C) [3206] When is the erm
Carole (PS05B) [3207] Could you put it down ... please?
[3208] ... I hate it when Adam does it so I hate it when you do it too, sorry, can't help it.
Pat (PS05J) [3209] Whose is it?
Carole (PS05B) [3210] Adam's.
Pat (PS05J) [3211] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3212] Well he bought it.
Pat (PS05J) [3213] Oh.
Joelle (PS05C) [3214] When is the ... the fair, the [...] fair ... for the dolly ... is it?
Pat (PS05J) [3215] Oh ... end of August.
Joelle (PS05C) [3216] Aha.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3217] Oh ... holding my doll ... he's holding my doll.
Carole (PS05B) [3218] Who's that your Grandpa holding your doll?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3219] Yes, yes it is.
Pat (PS05J) [3220] Oh what's happened to that one?
Carole (PS05B) [3221] Oh several have got er
Pat (PS05J) [3222] It's probably ... should be waggling its ears [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3223] Yes, or several of them have ... lost their ... operative parts. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3224] Yes ... the canary's disappeared once, hasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [3225] Well we did try and mend it several times, but he's
Pat (PS05J) [3226] Oh er
Charlotte (PS05E) [3227] That's a nice little book isn't it?
[3228] ... They're nice little things though aren't they?
Carole (PS05B) [3229] Yes, they are but I think perhaps she's a little too young for them
Pat (PS05J) [3230] Down.
Carole (PS05B) [3231] really ... I mean the actual content of them is not too young fo too old for her but
Charlotte (PS05E) [3232] Where's Grandma?
Pat (PS05J) [3233] No.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3234] Where's Grandma?
Carole (PS05B) [3235] Oh where she's here.
Pat (PS05J) [3236] Where, I'm here.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3237] And where's Grandpa?
Pat (PS05J) [3238] Grandpa's in the garden.
Carole (PS05B) [3239] He's working hard.
[3240] ... He's earned his lunch.
Pat (PS05J) [3241] Mm ... don't chew that ... no don't eat it ... no!
Carole (PS05B) [3242] Charlotte please put it down now ... put it down.
Pat (PS05J) [3243] Now Grandma put it away now.
[3244] ... Because that's naughty we mustn't chew books ... especially not those, not those pretty pictures ... there's a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3245] I done a wee.
Carole (PS05B) [3246] Oh you haven't have you?
Pat (PS05J) [3247] Have you done a wee wee?
[3248] ... Oh Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [3249] Oh love ... why didn't you tell Mummy?
Pat (PS05J) [3250] Well go on up you get.
Carole (PS05B) [3251] Get up then, come on.
Pat (PS05J) [3252] Go on up you get.
Carole (PS05B) [3253] You're still doing it look come on let's get you on the potty ... you horror!
[3254] ... Come on quick, quick, quick round here.
Pat (PS05J) [3255] It's here such wet pants ... just to see, it's probably all gone.
Carole (PS05B) [3256] Try, come on sit down see if you've got any more ... Sit down properly come on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3257] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3258] You've done it all now have you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3259] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3260] You monster!
[3261] ... Charlotte next time you tell Mummy you want the potty right?
[3262] ... You listening?
[3263] ... You mustn't just sit there and do it love. [french radio in background]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3264] [child crying] [...] Mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3265] What ... what's the matter?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3266] [child crying] Mum.
Carole (PS05B) [3267] Well darling I've just got to clean the chair up haven't I?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3268] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3269] You made a bit of a mess here haven't you?
[3270] ... You make lots of extra work for your Mum you do, when you do this ... don't you?
[3271] ... When you've got a potty sitting on the floor.
Pat (PS05J) [3272] That's a special potty too, isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [3273] You chose it.
Pat (PS05J) [3274] Mm?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3275] She won't be a problem now ... she's got nothing on.
Pat (PS05J) [3276] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3277] And know how to ... how to teach her that trousers aren't nappies.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3278] Mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3279] What do you want sweetheart?
[3280] ... Look don't just aha aha aha mhm mhm, I want you to tell me what you want ... come along.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3281] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3282] Pardon?
[3283] ... What do you want?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3284] You want what?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3285] I want pops.
Carole (PS05B) [3286] Pops ah, wants a Polo ... pops. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3287] Mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [3288] Charlotte.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3289] Ooh ooh.
Carole (PS05B) [3290] Ooh ooh.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3291] Come on ... I want pops, I want pops ... ah ... I want pops ... pops.
Carole (PS05B) [3292] Here you are then.

20 (Tape 004103)

Carole (PS05B) [3293] What's she barking about?
Pat (PS05J) [3294] I don't know ... she's a bad little soul.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3295] Ooh ... you see me draw, mm?
Pat (PS05J) [3296] Hello ... or there you go [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3297] Go and what?
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3298] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [3299] And don't come and do it up here. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3300] Well I think she's done all she needs to do for a little while.
Pat (PS05J) [3301] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3302] You must try very hard Charlotte.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3303] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [3304] Cos when you've just got trousers on it's not the same as a nappy ... you know?
Pat (PS05J) [3305] You've got to remember to pull them down.
Carole (PS05B) [3306] You'll have to remember.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3307] Bit late now.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3308] I done a wee in my
Carole (PS05B) [3309] Are you going to do one on the potty now? ... [laugh] [...] aren't we?
Pat (PS05J) [3310] Mm ... well that's what they ought to do.
Carole (PS05B) [3311] Yeah ... Have you done something?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3312] Mm ... yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3313] Have you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3314] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3315] Yes Mummy.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3316] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3317] Ta.
Pat (PS05J) [3318] I'll do it.
Carole (PS05B) [3319] Oh mm ... I was gonna go.
Pat (PS05J) [3320] Ooh [laugh] .
Carole (PS05B) [3321] You been saving it up have you darling?
[3322] [laugh] ... There's a clever girl ... clever girl ... You shouldn't really eat Polos like that though should you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3323] I sh I suck.
Carole (PS05B) [3324] You're not sucking it, you're chewing it ... crunch, crunch it's not good for your teeth ... mind you Polos aren't good for your teeth are they?
[3325] ... Whether you suck them or chew them.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3326] [...] ... it's stuck.
Carole (PS05B) [3327] It's stuck well you eat that and then that's it now for the day ... nothing more.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3328] I'm not having a bath.
Carole (PS05B) [3329] No not yet, no later ... later you will, won't you?
[3330] ... Stand still my sweet ... there's a good girl [sniff] ... How many of the things have you actually done out of
Pat (PS05J) [3331] Out of what?
Carole (PS05B) [3332] out of any of these, have you done anything?
Pat (PS05J) [3333] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3334] Just the first kit.
Pat (PS05J) [3335] Just the first kit, yes ... I shall probably do that there ... put it in without an envelope ... looks like there might, I might have so an odd ... I got some more of the envelopes at home I might have a small one, but er
Carole (PS05B) [3336] So when's the next one due out then?
[3337] ... Oh eleventh of
Pat (PS05J) [3338] July.
Carole (PS05B) [3339] July.
Pat (PS05J) [3340] Mm ... that's gonna have a ... have a thingy in it that
Charlotte (PS05E) [3341] That.
Carole (PS05B) [3342] Tis pretty isn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [3343] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3344] Well it won't have er ... it'll have the chart for it won't it?
Pat (PS05J) [3345] Oh the chart, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3346] It's very pretty.
Pat (PS05J) [3347] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3348] Teach your child cross stitch ... I'll cross stitch charts to pull out and keep.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3349] What's that?
Carole (PS05B) [3350] Er it's a bit of rubbish, I think you want to throw it away, there we are.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3351] I catch it for you.
Carole (PS05B) [3352] Leave your bottom alone.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3353] I catch it.
Carole (PS05B) [3354] You what?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3355] I want cut it.
Carole (PS05B) [3356] Oops.
Pat (PS05J) [3357] Ooh. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3358] I want cut it.
Carole (PS05B) [3359] What do you want to cut?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3360] Well that.
Carole (PS05B) [3361] I can't see you'll have to pick it up and show me ... I'm not climbing over the chair to look ... show me.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3362] I won't.
Carole (PS05B) [3363] Mm?
[3364] ... Show me ... what is it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3365] Come on.
Carole (PS05B) [3366] I'm not coming on anywhere, I'm sitting down I'm having a rest ... Mummy's having a rest.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3367] I climbing up again.
Carole (PS05B) [3368] I kno know what you're doing, I can see ... you ought to be careful cos you'll fall down ... won't you?
[3369] ... Little bottom.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3370] [laugh] Hello [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3371] You're not supposed to climb on there ... well Daddy said you weren't to climb on stairs.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3372] I'm sitting down.
Carole (PS05B) [3373] How's Alison doing at the moment?
[3374] We haven't spoken to them for a while?
Pat (PS05J) [3375] Oh they're alright, I think.
Carole (PS05B) [3376] Yeah?
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3377] She's er ... doing
Carole (PS05B) [3378] Still busy?
Pat (PS05J) [3379] doing a cake for the Faisley fete.
Carole (PS05B) [3380] Oh yes Jamie's picking up at the weekend, that's right.
Pat (PS05J) [3381] Mm ... yes ... I hear she's got a ... possibly another wedding cake in October
Carole (PS05B) [3382] Mm.
Pat (PS05J) [3383] from somebody who phoned her ... over two years ago
Carole (PS05B) [3384] [laugh] Two years ago.
Pat (PS05J) [3385] erm ... she was a friend of Mrs that used to live in
Pat (PS05J) [3386] Shorebury Park ... who had a wedding cake made ... and ... she kept phoning her up and Alison wasn't making cakes at that particular time.
Carole (PS05B) [3387] Oh when Louis was born?
Pat (PS05J) [3388] Yeah, well before sh he was born, she stopped doing them ... and er she phoned up out of the blue ... and so said to her, no they live at Bognor I think or something.
Carole (PS05B) [3389] Bognor?
Pat (PS05J) [3390] Yeah ... and they're when they come up to London they're going to [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3391] Careful!
Pat (PS05J) [3392] and have a look at the pictures.
Carole (PS05B) [3393] Ha.
Pat (PS05J) [3394] So er ... that was good ... to remember ... and she's got another wedding cake in August ... I don't know where she's got it ... on the production line.
Carole (PS05B) [3395] [laugh] ... No you didn't like that one whe where you've had it in the water did you? [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3396] It's a bit sharp isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [3397] I don't know ... Guy liked it ... and he went in it without anything on.
Pat (PS05J) [3398] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3399] It didn't hurt him.
Pat (PS05J) [3400] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3401] So
Charlotte (PS05E) [3402] That there's Mummy.
Joelle (PS05C) [3403] Your Mummy's behind you.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3404] Or even behind you. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3405] Er
Carole (PS05B) [3406] Hello, I'm here yes, I haven't gone anywhere.
Pat (PS05J) [3407] I should think that's quite sort of safe isn't it, mm?
Carole (PS05B) [3408] Well she we ... to start with she went I think it might of been that cos we put Guy in it I think, that might have upset her.
Pat (PS05J) [3409] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3410] Because when she first had it, she loved it.
Pat (PS05J) [3411] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3412] And we pushed her all round the pool ... but then we bought her a ring, just a ring ... nice little one an ... she's fine in that.
Pat (PS05J) [3413] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3414] But she took a dislike to it for some reason, she wouldn't go in it.
Pat (PS05J) [3415] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3416] But then that holiday was a bit unusual because she wasn't well all the time we were there really ... not properly ... she had that virus that was ... mm
Pat (PS05J) [3417] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3418] that was getting at her before we left
Pat (PS05J) [3419] Oh yes that's right.
Carole (PS05B) [3420] if you remember she still had it when we came home
Pat (PS05J) [3421] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3422] she wasn't really very well ... got it in her ear.
Pat (PS05J) [3423] Mm ... and you had the erm
Carole (PS05B) [3424] The antibiotic
Pat (PS05J) [3425] the storm
Carole (PS05B) [3426] stuff
Pat (PS05J) [3427] didn't you have the storm ... no?
Carole (PS05B) [3428] No that was the year before.
Pat (PS05J) [3429] Was it?
Carole (PS05B) [3430] When she was six months old, this was last year ... when she was eighteen months.
Pat (PS05J) [3431] Oh was it, oh ... yeah.
Joelle (PS05C) [3432] Right, what do you want?
Carole (PS05B) [3433] Why?
Joelle (PS05C) [3434] She thinks you're going to
Carole (PS05B) [3435] No, cos she doesn't know how to hold it properly, to do it ... it's one of these silly valves that you have to pinch to
Pat (PS05J) [3436] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3437] in order to get the air in ... Charlotte you're just going to wear yourself out darling I wouldn't bother ... do you
Charlotte (PS05E) [3438] I do.
Carole (PS05B) [3439] want it blown up?
Joelle (PS05C) [3440] Do you want me to blow for you?
Carole (PS05B) [3441] Do you want it blown up?
[3442] ... I'll blow it up for you if you want ... or Joelle will.
Joelle (PS05C) [3443] I think she wi she she like blowing ... she want to do it.
Carole (PS05B) [3444] Do you want it to be blown up darling, to play with?
[3445] ... Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3446] No I blow it.
Carole (PS05B) [3447] But it I don't think you can darling, you're not strong enough ... get on with it.
Pat (PS05J) [3448] Better go and see how your father's getting on I suppose.
Carole (PS05B) [3449] [yawn] Yes, ooh dear excuse me ... early night tonight ... Amy permitting.
Pat (PS05J) [3450] Mm ... Well she's certainly got a ... had a long evening innings hasn't she?
Carole (PS05B) [3451] Well hopefully she'll be in reasonable mood when she wakes up. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3452] Yes, that's right I'm going to [...] next Sunday as well.
Carole (PS05B) [3453] Busy lot aren't you?
Pat (PS05J) [3454] Busy again, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3455] Ah.
Joelle (PS05C) [3456] Tomorrow we are the first.
Carole (PS05B) [3457] It is the first of June tomorrow, yes.
Pat (PS05J) [3458] Well I've got the committee meeting on Tuesday.
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3459] When
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3460] ... at home?
Joelle (PS05C) [3461] Dress properly.
Pat (PS05J) [3462] Ah.
Joelle (PS05C) [3463] Come here Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [3464] Have you decided to write to somebody?
Joelle (PS05C) [3465] Don't bite it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [3466] Charlotte, I had enough of that okay? ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3467] What's she done?
Joelle (PS05C) [3468] She want to hit me!
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3469] I didn't see her hit you ... I want to hit you sometimes, except I don't. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3470] Ooh [yawn] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [3471] I get a sore bottom.
Carole (PS05B) [3472] Yes, you will get a sore bottom ... be careful.
Pat (PS05J) [3473] Put your jumper on
Charlotte (PS05E) [3474] Ready steady ... go, must why ... why?
[3475] Wongy wongy wongy ... wongy wongy wongy wee wee wee wee wongy wongy wongy.
Carole (PS05B) [3476] Charlotte please ... now come on get down.
Pat (PS05J) [3477] Get down or else you'll slip
Carole (PS05B) [3478] Down!
Pat (PS05J) [3479] cos you've got socks on.
Carole (PS05B) [3480] Good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3481] I get.
Carole (PS05B) [3482] It sounds like he's playing with the plates.
Pat (PS05J) [3483] Playing with the what?
Carole (PS05B) [3484] Don't climb on the chair with your feet, your socks, come on you'll hurt yourself ... you sit down or get off!
Charlotte (PS05E) [3485] Off ... an ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3486] Oh right.
Pat (PS05J) [3487] That's a funny body for doing on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3488] Yeah [laugh] .
Carole (PS05B) [3489] Oh hello.
Ron (PS05H) [3490] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3491] How are you doing?
Ron (PS05H) [3492] Well I've got the window ... back in and working with the hand thing ... but I need drills to ... drill holes for the fittings ... and it really
Carole (PS05B) [3493] Mind your fingers.
Ron (PS05H) [3494] so I'll just have to ... try and remember to bring an electric drill up an ... see what I can do ... but it's all working.
Carole (PS05B) [3495] Thank you.
Ron (PS05H) [3496] And [...] left it on the second hole.
Pat (PS05J) [3497] Have you got to go and find
Ron (PS05H) [3498] What are we all er ... what er?
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3499] I cut it if off there.
Ron (PS05H) [3500] Well I heard the [...] was high but that was ridiculous.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3501] I climb up there.
Carole (PS05B) [3502] Do you want another drink before you
Ron (PS05H) [3503] You don't climb up there sweetheart.
Carole (PS05B) [3504] depart?
Pat (PS05J) [3505] Mm ... I expect we could do another one couldn't we Dad?
Ron (PS05H) [3506] Wll yes I reckon the old workman's earned a cup of ... tea don't you?
Carole (PS05B) [3507] Of?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3508] I'm coming too.
Ron (PS05H) [3509] I tell you what else I've done, I've also ... no stay there sweetheart, don't
Carole (PS05B) [3510] I'm listening.
Ron (PS05H) [3511] walk around like that ... ooh.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3512] What else have you done?
Ron (PS05H) [3513] I've probed that fruit tree off the glass
Carole (PS05B) [3514] Oh right.
Ron (PS05H) [3515] and
Pat (PS05J) [3516] Come here sweet, cos I've [...]
Ron (PS05H) [3517] generally cleaned up I've pulled up some nettles and got the access to the greenhouse a bit better ... it's a bit pooey in there innit?
Pat (PS05J) [3518] Come here [...] ooh ow.
Carole (PS05B) [3519] A bit pooey!
Ron (PS05H) [3520] In the do in the greenhouse there's some dog erm droppings in there.
Carole (PS05B) [3521] In the greenhouse?
[3522] ... He's not going in there now it's are you sure it's not foxes ... or cats?
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [3523] It smells like dogs actually.
Carole (PS05B) [3524] Does it?
[3525] ... Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3526] Oh it can't be.
Ron (PS05H) [3527] But the door was ajar you see, I've shut it now
Pat (PS05J) [3528] Probably foxes.
Ron (PS05H) [3529] and I've got the windows open so
Pat (PS05J) [3530] Probably foxes ... mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3531] Mm.
Ron (PS05H) [3532] Foxes?
Carole (PS05B) [3533] Is the actual visual ... visible.
Ron (PS05H) [3534] There is one it looks like a dog's made.
Carole (PS05B) [3535] Oh Jessie ... filthy animal!
Charlotte (PS05E) [3536] Only me ... Mum.
Pat (PS05J) [3537] Not like her to do that.
Carole (PS05B) [3538] Well I suppose if it was raining one night she might have done.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3539] Mummy ... Mummy Mummy.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3540] Oh how disgusting!
Charlotte (PS05E) [3541] Mum ... Mum, Mum.
Carole (PS05B) [3542] Oh Charlotte please, stop whining.
Pat (PS05J) [3543] What do you want now ... Aye bare bottom ... ah [smacking bottom] ... ooh ... ooh dear, that was a hard one was it? [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3544] Was a teeny bit wasn't it?
Pat (PS05J) [3545] [...] for the geese.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3546] Want [...] [laugh] ... erm I want pops again ... I want pops again.
Carole (PS05B) [3547] Oh it's a spotty bum.
Pat (PS05J) [3548] You're what again?
Carole (PS05B) [3549] You want to go on your pot again?
Pat (PS05J) [3550] Ooh. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3551] I don't think that's what you said was it?
Pat (PS05J) [3552] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3553] Do you want to go on your potty?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3554] No.
Pat (PS05J) [3555] What did you sa ... oh she said
Carole (PS05B) [3556] Pops.
Pat (PS05J) [3557] Mm ... yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3558] Pops is Polos.
Pat (PS05J) [3559] Mm ... where are you going with those?
Carole (PS05B) [3560] Don't worry.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3561] I gone.
Ron (PS05H) [3562] Oi!
Pat (PS05J) [3563] I like that.
[3564] [laugh] ... That's cute isn't it?
Ron (PS05H) [3565] Yes, cos that's alright ... that's a good girl there.
Carole (PS05B) [3566] Thank you very much it's much appreciated.
Ron (PS05H) [3567] Well I've looked at it with a conscience cos I took the glass out originally.
Carole (PS05B) [3568] You don't have to have a conscience.
Ron (PS05H) [3569] Well yes I mean
Pat (PS05J) [3570] Well it's only slipping wasn't it ... before.
Ron (PS05H) [3571] No it had the glass missing ... it was broken we put
Pat (PS05J) [3572] Oh.
Ron (PS05H) [3573] a new piece of glass in it.
Carole (PS05B) [3574] He got a piece of glass for me didn't he?
Pat (PS05J) [3575] Oh that's right yes
Ron (PS05H) [3576] Yeah.
Pat (PS05J) [3577] and never put it in.
Ron (PS05H) [3578] Well I was gonna try and get the nuts and bolts because they'd gone, however I noticed
Pat (PS05J) [3579] Stand up, stand up.
Ron (PS05H) [3580] what I what I've in fact done
Pat (PS05J) [3581] Come on then
Ron (PS05H) [3582] is that the is the the pink brackets
Pat (PS05J) [3583] No, No, I'll pick you up.
Ron (PS05H) [3584] that hold the arm on
Pat (PS05J) [3585] There.
Ron (PS05H) [3586] R E the
Charlotte (PS05E) [3587] Where?
Ron (PS05H) [3588] window brackets
Pat (PS05J) [3589] You know what that , that's for the top bit, up the top ... aye come on ... and Grandma's chain and little pendant.
Ron (PS05H) [3590] the pink bits the bit that fits onto ridge, they've got three screws in each piece but they only need two to hold them, so I've taken the centre one out of each one and used it to do the
Pat (PS05J) [3591] Come on back in my pocket ... centre pocket.
Ron (PS05H) [3592] the one that's got them missing ... so they've got they've got to work haven't they?
Carole (PS05B) [3593] Thank you.
Ron (PS05H) [3594] The er the other have got
Carole (PS05B) [3595] Eh! ... [...] nosey.
Ron (PS05H) [3596] the other ones have got to be placed [...] as well.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3597] And you've got one too.
Ron (PS05H) [3598] But I will do it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3599] You've got one too.
Carole (PS05B) [3600] What?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3601] And you've got one too.
Carole (PS05B) [3602] Yes I've got one too, yes darling ... yes we're all the same. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3603] We're all the same.
Ron (PS05H) [3604] It's a [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3605] Yes we're all the same dear.
Ron (PS05H) [3606] It's a nice luxury to have
Pat (PS05J) [3607] Yes ... don't undress me, there's a good girl. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3608] It's a nice luxury to have two ... but you only
Charlotte (PS05E) [3609] Where's your buttons?
Ron (PS05H) [3610] really need one ... one that you [...] by hand and the other one that adjusts by the temperature you've set [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3611] Mm ... I'm buttoned the other side, now I don't want it undone ... don't want my buttons undone.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3612] Don't mess my hair up ... there's a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3613] I want cuddle.
Carole (PS05B) [3614] Oh Charlotte, stop please I can't
Ron (PS05H) [3615] There's always the danger you see that you
Carole (PS05B) [3616] at the moment darling, Mummy's back's hurting
Pat (PS05J) [3617] She can't, she can't cuddle you at the minute.
Carole (PS05B) [3618] Down you go.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3619] Me me me.
Pat (PS05J) [3620] Down we go cos you're heavy girl ... ooh yeah ... .
[3621] there you go.
Ron (PS05H) [3622] [...] might might upset the
Carole (PS05B) [3623] What's that?
[3624] ... Oh it was you.
Ron (PS05H) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3625] Who did you think it was?
Carole (PS05B) [3626] I'd no idea ... something falling over ... what's that?
Ron (PS05H) [3627] Save our zoo ... really?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...] [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3628] I think they ought to be in the wild.
Carole (PS05B) [3629] What the zoo? [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3630] No the animals.
Carole (PS05B) [3631] Out the way lovey ... Out the way.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3632] Yeah well you couldn't put them back in the wild now.
Ron (PS05H) [3633] No, that's it ... What do you think you're gonna do young lady
Carole (PS05B) [3634] Bred in captivity.
Ron (PS05H) [3635] you're not gonna get some more dog tins?
Pat (PS05J) [3636] No, dog tins are down here.
Ron (PS05H) [3637] Oh right ... oh right.
Pat (PS05J) [3638] [...] some banana ... shut the door ... come along
Ron (PS05H) [3639] Come along.
Pat (PS05J) [3640] shut the door ... come on ... [...]
Ron (PS05H) [3641] Oh no we don't have biscuits.
Carole (PS05B) [3642] Possibly.
Ron (PS05H) [3643] Ooh no ... no ooh ... [...] ... but it's nearly tea time [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3644] No it's not ... no it's not.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3645] I can [...] .
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3646] You can have a biscuit if you like.
Pat (PS05J) [3647] Where's a drink?
Carole (PS05B) [3648] Has she got a drink knocking around somewhere?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3649] Want a biscuit, down!
Carole (PS05B) [3650] Oh.
Ron (PS05H) [3651] Well give her the biscuits then.
Carole (PS05B) [3652] Down, down, down left.
Ron (PS05H) [3653] Thank you.
Carole (PS05B) [3654] What're you doing?
[3655] ... No, there's a silver tin just there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3656] A silver tin.
Pat (PS05J) [3657] Oh.
Ron (PS05H) [3658] Out out out out out.
Carole (PS05B) [3659] Come on out of the way, come on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3660] I want that.
Ron (PS05H) [3661] Out, now let's see what we can find for you, oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3662] That's that one.
Ron (PS05H) [3663] Oh ... oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3664] Have you got another one of those?
Carole (PS05B) [3665] We've got some more ... in the tin.
Ron (PS05H) [3666] What have we got here?
Carole (PS05B) [3667] That's mine ... Yes, well that was Dad's.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3668] Ooh ... [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3669] Yes, let's put that there ... and you this [...] one in there.
Ron (PS05H) [3670] Ooh ... only one ... right one ... good girl ... You've got [...] .
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3671] Somebody's been eating a lot of those haven't they?
Pat (PS05J) [3672] Mm.
Ron (PS05H) [3673] Would you like biscuit?
Carole (PS05B) [3674] I said somebody's been eating a lot of those.
Joelle (PS05C) [3675] Would I like a biscuit?
Ron (PS05H) [3676] Plain in the sides and milk in the middle.
Carole (PS05B) [3677] I didn't have them ... dar no no there's no milk.
Ron (PS05H) [3678] Oh cos going down the sides, is it?
Carole (PS05B) [3679] That's it ... thank you.
Pat (PS05J) [3680] Oh, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3681] Which, oh they're the plain are they?
Pat (PS05J) [3682] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3683] Perhaps I'll have two, cos I'm a pig ... cos I'm a pig.
Pat (PS05J) [3684] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [3685] Cos I'm a pig.
Pat (PS05J) [3686] Are you?
Carole (PS05B) [3687] I'll have two.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3688] Do you need any more, anybody?
Pat (PS05J) [3689] No, no that's Dads' and that's mine ... I didn't know you [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [3690] I don't normally but we went to Sainsbury's and they didn't have any milk.
Pat (PS05J) [3691] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3692] Cos it was rejected apparently for
Pat (PS05J) [3693] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3694] too high temperatures.
Pat (PS05J) [3695] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3696] So they didn't have any at all.
Pat (PS05J) [3697] Oh I see.
Ron (PS05H) [3698] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3699] So I sent her off to Tesco's.
Pat (PS05J) [3700] Mm. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3701] Right ... go and sit down.
Pat (PS05J) [3702] Mm ... there's yours Dad, in the middle.
Ron (PS05H) [3703] Thank you my love.

21 (Tape 004104)

Charlotte (PS05E) [3704] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3705] Who are you writing to?
Ron (PS05H) [3706] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3707] Who are you writing to?
Joelle (PS05C) [3708] My God Godmother.
Ron (PS05H) [3709] Chocolate biscuit face.
Carole (PS05B) [3710] Your cod mother. [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [3711] Godmother.
Ron (PS05H) [3712] Aren't you?
[3713] ... Chocolate biscuit face.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3714] Hello, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3715] I thought you weren't going to.
Pat (PS05J) [3716] No Jessie you can't do that.
Ron (PS05H) [3717] Bonjour Jessie ... Oh no.
Charlotte (PS05E) [cough]
Pat (PS05J) [3718] Hand.
Ron (PS05H) [3719] Jessie's don't have chocolate biscuits.
Joelle (PS05C) [3720] No ... they don't ... it's bad for her diet.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3721] He won't ... [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3722] Jessie, no.
Carole (PS05B) [3723] I wonder if he's caught anything?
Ron (PS05H) [3724] No Jess ... good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh] ... [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3725] We did our ... [...] of golfing on Wednesday.
Carole (PS05B) [3726] All alright is it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3727] Yes ... yes we found a few flowers an
Charlotte (PS05E) [3728] No more Jessie.
Ron (PS05H) [3729] No more Jessie, no ... that's all for Charlotte that.
Pat (PS05J) [3730] Lovely little [...] path ... put that in the book, get it to Janet tomorrow.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3731] Over to there ... no.
Pat (PS05J) [3732] So it's turn next week.
Carole (PS05B) [cough]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3733] No.
Ron (PS05H) [3734] Have you written it up yet?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3735] No. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3736] No not yet.
Ron (PS05H) [3737] No ... I suppose you want me to put something together?
Pat (PS05J) [3738] Well I'm quite capable of writing what I've seen ... you can do it if you like.
Ron (PS05H) [3739] No.
Carole (PS05B) [3740] What did you see?
Ron (PS05H) [3741] Don't really mind.
Pat (PS05J) [3742] Oh we saw the grass had been flattened in places, but I should imagine that it's probably by animals.
Ron (PS05H) [3743] Well we've seen some evidence of foxes ... erm
Carole (PS05B) [3744] What what's the evidence?
Pat (PS05J) [3745] Droppings.
Ron (PS05H) [3746] Well droppings ... foxes' droppings are often distinctive.
Pat (PS05J) [3747] Bit difficult.
Ron (PS05H) [3748] But they're not like dogs' erm ... what do you say?
Carole (PS05B) [3749] What did you just [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3750] Charlotte!
[3751] ... What do you say?
Ron (PS05H) [3752] Burp.
Carole (PS05B) [3753] No you don't say burp, you say pardon me.
Pat (PS05J) [3754] Mm, I should think so. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3755] Powerful was it?
Pat (PS05J) [3756] Oh yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [3757] Oh Charlotte.
Pat (PS05J) [3758] Has she done one today? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3759] I don't know has she?
Joelle (PS05C) [3760] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [3761] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3762] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3763] She's probably about to. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3764] Hello.
Ron (PS05H) [3765] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3766] As long as she doesn't do that on the chair.
Pat (PS05J) [3767] Mm ... I don't think Grandpa wants you on his knee, dear. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3768] Not if you're gonna do that ... I want you covered up before you sit on my knee. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3769] Or house trained whichever is the [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3770] My bottom.
Ron (PS05H) [3771] My bottom.
Pat (PS05J) [3772] Yes I think you want to sit on your potty.
Ron (PS05H) [3773] Yes, I think you want to sit on your potty too.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3774] [laugh] No.
Ron (PS05H) [3775] You're making noises ... aren't you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3776] You don't want more biscuits.
Carole (PS05B) [3777] You don't want more biscuits, no course not.
Pat (PS05J) [3778] No.
Joelle (PS05C) [3779] You don't want [...] ... You don't want your bottom ah [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3780] You're not having any more biscuits.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3781] Broom.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3782] [...] Wow ... [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [3783] Careful love.
Ron (PS05H) [3784] Whey! [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3785] That's from my bottom.
Carole (PS05B) [3786] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3787] Swimming po .
Carole (PS05B) [3788] You take that in the swimming pool don't you?
[3789] ... We go swimming next week ... didn't have swimming this week did we?

22 (Tape 004105)

Ron (PS05H) [3790] You know, roll over on her side.
Carole (PS05B) [3791] No she'll just tip.
[3792] [laugh] ... No but it's it's actually got holes in ... for her legs so ... fair amount of her is underneath.
Pat (PS05J) [3793] Mm ... even quite a lot of water inside I should think too.
Ron (PS05H) [3794] That's my arm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3795] What's that?
Ron (PS05H) [3796] A tie ... that's a tie.
Carole (PS05B) [3797] Well by the time she's finished this course she should be confident to hold on to things in the water, you know
Pat (PS05J) [3798] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3799] like a float or something.
Pat (PS05J) [3800] Mm.
Ron (PS05H) [3801] It's a lellow ... I mean a yellow tie. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3802] Lellow?
Pat (PS05J) [3803] [laugh] Lellow.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3804] Lellow tie.
Carole (PS05B) [3805] Yes, you can speak normally to her she wi ... she will understand.
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3806] Don't pull it, no no ugh.
Pat (PS05J) [3807] You don't want to choke Grandpa do you?
Carole (PS05B) [3808] Expecting Nigel to be home from work early today or is he
Pat (PS05J) [3809] He said he'd be home by five.
Carole (PS05B) [3810] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3811] He's gone to ... her [...] he was going today.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3812] Can you do that?
Ron (PS05H) [3813] Horstead Fens
Pat (PS05J) [3814] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3815] Gets about doesn't he?
Pat (PS05J) [3816] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3817] Do that ... don't do that.
Carole (PS05B) [3818] I haven't seen him for a while actually.
Ron (PS05H) [3819] Have you not?
Carole (PS05B) [3820] No, five weeks I suppose.
Ron (PS05H) [3821] Really?
Carole (PS05B) [3822] Mm, we saw them the Saturday after we w ... Amy was born. [yawn]
Ron (PS05H) [3823] And that was the weekend they came over to collect the ... and
Charlotte (PS05E) [3824] Dong.
Ron (PS05H) [3825] [...] erm
Carole (PS05B) [3826] Eh?
[3827] ... No they had that before.
Ron (PS05H) [3828] Oh do they?
[3829] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3830] The word processor. [sniff]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3831] Bong.
Ron (PS05H) [3832] What was the name of it ... Amstrad?
Carole (PS05B) [3833] Amstrad.
Ron (PS05H) [3834] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [3835] Oh no they came over to er ... they just came over to see us ... well see us ... see a certain of ... new arrival.
Ron (PS05H) [3836] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3837] And as she's five and a bit weeks old, it's five weeks
Pat (PS05J) [3838] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3839] cos she was only a bit then.
Pat (PS05J) [3840] That's right.
Joelle (PS05C) [3841] You tell me ... what's the name of er ... it's Traf Trafalgar Square, there's er Nelson.
Carole (PS05B) [3842] Yeah Nelson not Napoleon ... Trafalgar yes ... you know how to spell it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3843] [...] please, squeeze it.
Carole (PS05B) [3844] You'll squeeze it.
Joelle (PS05C) [3845] I like Trafalgar Square.
Carole (PS05B) [3846] What are you doing?
Joelle (PS05C) [3847] Oh oh!
Carole (PS05B) [3848] Charlotte, up you get please
Pat (PS05J) [3849] What are you doing there?
Carole (PS05B) [3850] on your potty.
Pat (PS05J) [3851] Come on.
Carole (PS05B) [3852] Go and sit on your potty
Ron (PS05H) [3853] Quick.
Carole (PS05B) [3854] or do you want a nappy on?
Ron (PS05H) [3855] Quickly.
Carole (PS05B) [3856] Charlotte do you want a nappy?
Ron (PS05H) [3857] To the potty, quick.
Carole (PS05B) [3858] Potty or nappy which would you prefer?
Ron (PS05H) [3859] Come on.
Carole (PS05B) [3860] You speak to Mummy please.
Joelle (PS05C) [3861] And don't climb on the chair Charlotte.
Pat (PS05J) [3862] Come on get down, get down there's
Carole (PS05B) [3863] Come on darling.
Pat (PS05J) [3864] a good girl.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Pat (PS05J) [3865] Mm?
[3866] ... Go and sit on your potty.
Carole (PS05B) [3867] It's alright I'll just keep ... I'll just keep my eye on her ... Where are you going?
[3868] ... I've got a feeling she won't
Charlotte (PS05E) [3869] Oh no.
Carole (PS05B) [3870] unless she's got a nappy on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3871] Poor torn it to bits ... cor.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3872] I don't well I could be wrong she might do it on the spot.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3873] Don't move, don't any more ... he'll get ... oh he's got a [...] now.
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3874] Probably just
Pat (PS05J) [3875] Oh it's
Carole (PS05B) [3876] not in properly ... don't worry.
Pat (PS05J) [3877] it's [...] isn't it?
[3878] ... Just a minute sweetie.
Ron (PS05H) [3879] Do do do do don't come in here.
Pat (PS05J) [3880] There you are.
Carole (PS05B) [3881] Well say hello to them for us cos we haven't seen them for a long time.
Pat (PS05J) [3882] Yes I will ... I will will.
Ron (PS05H) [3883] Have you had an accident on the chair?
Carole (PS05B) [3884] Yes.
Pat (PS05J) [3885] Yes.
Ron (PS05H) [3886] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3887] We should see him soon he was ... doing some er curtain tracks for us.
Pat (PS05J) [3888] Mm ... yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3889] Oh ... I can on my potty ... I can on my potty.
Joelle (PS05C) [3890] So erm ... going to change that then?
Carole (PS05B) [3891] Yes we will have to get some curtains that fit in the bay ... go
Ron (PS05H) [3892] Oh they're going round the bay are they?
Carole (PS05B) [3893] yes.
Joelle (PS05C) [3894] Which [...] , which colour?
Carole (PS05B) [3895] I don't know.
[3896] I haven't decided yet.
Joelle (PS05C) [3897] You had those you a you had erm ... you have ordered some curtain and you don't know which colour.
Carole (PS05B) [3898] No I haven't ordered any curtains,cor curtain rail.
Pat (PS05J) [3899] Curtain rack rail.
Joelle (PS05C) [3900] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [3901] What you hang the curtains on.
Joelle (PS05C) [3902] Oh right.
Carole (PS05B) [3903] Nigel's going to come and fit it ... cos he works for a company who makes ... and he's doing them in every room.
Ron (PS05H) [3904] Is he?
Carole (PS05B) [3905] Charlotte will you come here please?
Pat (PS05J) [3906] Charlotte.
Carole (PS05B) [3907] Charlotte.
Ron (PS05H) [3908] He's doing all the rooms for you is he?
Carole (PS05B) [3909] He is ... yes we're getting a text electric one in the dining room ... but the rest we're paying for.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3910] Er ... run.
Carole (PS05B) [3911] You ran yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3912] Where are you?
Ron (PS05H) [3913] [...] I can't get in there.
Carole (PS05B) [3914] Well they'll all be erm ... they'll all have cords, you see
Pat (PS05J) [3915] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [3916] which is nice.
Pat (PS05J) [3917] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3918] Can't get in there.
Ron (PS05H) [3919] Can't you get in there?
[3920] ... Why not?
Pat (PS05J) [3921] So you'll do away with those then will you?
Ron (PS05H) [3922] Your head's too big.
Carole (PS05B) [3923] Suppose so.
Joelle (PS05C) [3924] What is it for, Trafalgar Square?
Carole (PS05B) [3925] What is it what?
Joelle (PS05C) [3926] What is it for ... Trafalgar Square?
Carole (PS05B) [3927] What do you mean, what is it for?
Ron (PS05H) [3928] What?
Joelle (PS05C) [3929] Erm
Pat (PS05J) [3930] Trafalgar Square ... is it a memorial?
Carole (PS05B) [3931] Well Nelson ... Battle of Trafalgar.
Ron (PS05H) [3932] Yes, it is a memorial to the Lord Admiral Lord Nelson.
Carole (PS05B) [3933] And the battle of Trafalgar.
Ron (PS05H) [3934] And the battle of Trafalgar.
Carole (PS05B) [3935] Not Napoleon ... cos this this one thought it was Napoleon
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3936] at the top of the column.
Pat (PS05J) [3937] Oh [laugh] ... no, no.
Carole (PS05B) [3938] What was that, oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3939] It's alright.
[3940] [laugh] ... Don't do that. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3941] Does Nanny needs to sit on the pot. [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [3942] Come here love, I think Mummy needs to sit down.
Ron (PS05H) [3943] Yes, dolly on the pot.
Pat (PS05J) [3944] Don't you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3945] Get on your potty.
Pat (PS05J) [3946] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [3947] Well where's Dolly's potty ... here it is.
Pat (PS05J) [3948] Here's dolly's potty here.
Carole (PS05B) [3949] Here.
Pat (PS05J) [3950] Here's dolly's potty ... Here's dolly's
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Ron (PS05H) [3951] Oh.
Pat (PS05J) [3952] Oh dear [laugh] ... we're in his space.
Ron (PS05H) [3953] Come on we'll go before he
Pat (PS05J) [3954] We'll go. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3955] before he sees us.
Carole (PS05B) [3956] What you mean there you'll go before he sees you.
Pat (PS05J) [3957] I expect he's had to go off the road. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3958] Oh, no no it's alright, it's ... that man's gone now.
Pat (PS05J) [3959] Oh has he?
Ron (PS05H) [3960] Yeah tha tha
Pat (PS05J) [3961] Well we'll be off anyway.
Ron (PS05H) [3962] Yes.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3963] Ah you're not going to
Ron (PS05H) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [3964] Yes [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [3965] do do do hello ... Hello
Ron (PS05H) [3966] Who's this?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3967] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [3968] Hello.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3969] Hello ... Hello.
Ron (PS05H) [3970] Hi there.
Adam (PS05D) [3971] Hello.
Ron (PS05H) [3972] We're just off ... [...] .
Pat (PS05J) [3973] You can move back. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3974] You can move back now ... A big van parked [...]
Adam (PS05D) [3975] [...] you've got to get out. [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3976] Ah?
Adam (PS05D) [3977] I said first of all you've got to get out.
Carole (PS05B) [3978] Why what have you done, you've penned him in have you?
Ron (PS05H) [3979] Deliberately I should think.
Adam (PS05D) [3980] No he's got an inch and a half.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Pat (PS05J) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [3981] Must have a foot at the back ... so er what more could he want, you know? [laugh]
Ron (PS05H) [3982] Hello.
Adam (PS05D) [3983] Hello, alright there.
Ron (PS05H) [3984] Hello.
Adam (PS05D) [3985] How are you?
Ron (PS05H) [3986] Alright [...]
Adam (PS05D) [3987] Thank you.
Ron (PS05H) [3988] Alright.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3989] Daddy, Daddy, Daddy ... Grandma, Grandpa
Pat (PS05J) [3990] Right then.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3991] Grandpa.
Ron (PS05H) [3992] [...] love.
Charlotte (PS05E) [3993] [...] bear.
Carole (PS05B) [3994] Speak English Charlotte.
Ron (PS05H) [3995] What did she say?
Charlotte (PS05E) [3996] Speak India.
Adam (PS05D) [3997] No not speak India! [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [3998] [laugh] Oh no.
Adam (PS05D) [3999] Oh goodness gracious me.
Pat (PS05J) [4000] Come on, you come down, we don't trust you up there.

23 (Tape 004106)

Adam (PS05D) [4001] Why has everything suddenly become she ... you've only been doing this the last few days.
Joelle (PS05C) [cough]
Carole (PS05B) [4002] Tis a funny girl.
Adam (PS05D) [4003] Everything is it unless it's a person.
Carole (PS05B) [4004] And that's he or she.
Adam (PS05D) [4005] Right?
Carole (PS05B) [4006] He for a boy and she for a girl ... and it for anything.
Joelle (PS05C) [4007] But I don't know ... I think
Adam (PS05D) [4008] But you don't know where it is, you don't know where it is there's nothing you can do about it.
Carole (PS05B) [4009] Well look, you've lost the needle?
Toby (PS05K) [4010] Yeah, be careful what you say.
Joelle (PS05C) [4011] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [4012] When were you last using it ... for knitting or for your tapestry?
[4013] ... It's probably ... it's probably stuck [tv in background]
Adam (PS05D) [4014] Toby can you turn it off please?
Carole (PS05B) [4015] in a piece of er ... knitting.
Adam (PS05D) [4016] Can you turn it off ... please ... Is this your question?
[4017] ... Come here ... let's have a look.
Carole (PS05B) [4018] Do we need to have the sound on this?
Adam (PS05D) [4019] Er ... it's complicated no [...] .
Joelle (PS05C) [4020] What do you want to know?
Carole (PS05B) [4021] Oh mince, I've got to get it out of the freezer ... Bye.
Joelle (PS05C) [4022] Can I listen?
Adam (PS05D) [4023] Is this disturbing you?
[4024] ... To the radio, of course, quiet.

24 (Tape 004107)

Carole (PS05B) [4025] Is there a lot of difference between ... fishing a in the evening?
Adam (PS05D) [4026] I don't know, I've not fished there in the evening, yet.
Carole (PS05B) [4027] That's true.
Adam (PS05D) [4028] This'll be my first ... attempt ... I would imagine ... that it won't make a lot of difference ... I could be wrong.
Carole (PS05B) [4029] Have you now learnt how to do this tying or do you have to go and see Terry every time? [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4030] [laugh] Erm ... I think I've learnt how to do it, it's ... fairly straightforward ... but er ... him having tied the leader on for me ... I won't have to ... go back to him anyway for quite some time.
Carole (PS05B) [4031] So you weren't concentrating when you were watching with him?
Adam (PS05D) [4032] I don't think so,th the point is I'm not going to be called to tie a knot like this again ... for maybe three weeks and then by then I'll make things up ... it was really more for convenience than sitting down trying to work it out myself ... so you know [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4033] Is there not a book of ... angling knots?
Toby (PS05K) [4034] It means there must places doesn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [4035] No he's just practising at the moment lovey ... he's practising his swing ... but I agree if he stood that distance he wouldn't be able to hit the ball would he would you. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4036] It wouldn't reach it would it? [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4037] He's right in the middle of the fairway though, it's a nice looking shot he's got to play isn't it?
Toby (PS05K) [4038] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4039] Oh this one isn't so nice ... with all this sand.
Carole (PS05B) [4040] Oh look at all that sand.
Adam (PS05D) [4041] Ooh ... well that was good wasn't it?
Toby (PS05K) [4042] Mhm.
Adam (PS05D) [4043] Clever boy.
Toby (PS05K) [4044] Clever.
Adam (PS05D) [4045] There we are and he'll go with the man who was practising his swing ... what's the matter with him now ... come on get on with it.
Toby (PS05K) [4046] Come on get on with it, ooh.
Adam (PS05D) [4047] Now that's Mark .
Carole (PS05B) [4048] Is it?
Toby (PS05K) [4049] How did you know?
Adam (PS05D) [4050] Cos I know what he looks like ... it'll be like looking at you and saying that's Toby cos I know what you look like as well ... do you think?
Toby (PS05K) [4051] Yeah ... you mean he's an old friend of yours.
Adam (PS05D) [4052] Him?
Carole (PS05B) [4053] Ha.
Adam (PS05D) [4054] Oh he's a great friend ... a great pal.
Toby (PS05K) [4055] That friend?
Adam (PS05D) [4056] That friend, yeah ... yeah I know all the golfers, Toby ... I know Severiano Ballesteros
Toby (PS05K) [4057] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4058] Mm ... oh he's taken a big chunk of the grass.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4059] Did you see that?
[4060] ... Ooh that wasn't a bad shot was it?
Toby (PS05K) [4061] No, he got that one.
Adam (PS05D) [4062] Ooh just stayed on the green ... he's not pleased with it.
Carole (PS05B) [4063] Ooh.
Toby (PS05K) [4064] Why isn't he?
Adam (PS05D) [4065] Cos he thinks he should have done better than that ... and he's right ... he should of done better.
Carole (PS05B) [4066] Is that Ian Woosnam?
Adam (PS05D) [4067] No.
Toby (PS05K) [4068] Well anyway if you know
Carole (PS05B) [4069] Well it looks like him. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4070] all the golfers you erm you'll be glad that one ... once
Adam (PS05D) [4071] Absolutely cos they're all personal friends of mine.
Carole (PS05B) [4072] You shouldn't tell stories like that.
Adam (PS05D) [4073] I'm telling stories ... I don't know any of them.
Carole (PS05B) [4074] It's like telling Joelle you have Paul Simon's [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4075] No you're not.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4076] That wasn't me [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4077] Well you told her. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4078] You did tell stories though.
Adam (PS05D) [4079] I did.
Carole (PS05B) [4080] Your uncle tells stories sometimes
Toby (PS05K) [4081] What do
Carole (PS05B) [4082] only for fun.
Toby (PS05K) [4083] do
Adam (PS05D) [4084] Only for a bit of fun ... that's why ... How's your ... chin is it alright now?
Carole (PS05B) [4085] Chin?
Toby (PS05K) [4086] Yep.
Adam (PS05D) [4087] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [4088] What you hurt yourself?
Adam (PS05D) [4089] No Toby didn't hurt himself, who hurt you?
Toby (PS05K) [4090] Dad, my Dad.
Carole (PS05B) [4091] What did he do?
Adam (PS05D) [4092] He didn't do it on purpose though did he?
Toby (PS05K) [4093] No.
Carole (PS05B) [4094] What did he do?
Toby (PS05K) [4095] Erm when we were picking up the trunk off erm Uncle Alan who's on on the beginning of the fishing
Carole (PS05B) [4096] Oh right yeah.
Toby (PS05K) [4097] my Daddy ... tip it over my skin
Carole (PS05B) [4098] Ooh.
Toby (PS05K) [4099] and pinched it.
Carole (PS05B) [4100] Ooh I bet that was nice.
Adam (PS05D) [4101] And then we got a bit of plaster out of Uncle Alan's medical bag
Toby (PS05K) [4102] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4103] didn't we?
Toby (PS05K) [4104] yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4105] In the car ... and we put a little bit of plaster on ... and everything
Toby (PS05K) [4106] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4107] was alright wasn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [4108] You alright now?
Adam (PS05D) [4109] But there were a few tears at the time weren't there?
Carole (PS05B) [4110] Oh dear.
Adam (PS05D) [4111] Just a few.
Carole (PS05B) [4112] Never mind.
Toby (PS05K) [4113] Shall we go and see if Charlotte's ready.
Adam (PS05D) [4114] Well when she's [...] she'll come in.
Carole (PS05B) [4115] She'll come in, sweetheart.
Adam (PS05D) [4116] Joelle will bring her in.
Carole (PS05B) [4117] She won't just stay in the car, she won't want to stay in the car when she wakes up ... cos that's too boring.
Adam (PS05D) [4118] If she's not in in about five minutes then we'll go outside anyway, alright?
Toby (PS05K) [4119] Okay, you count five minutes.
Adam (PS05D) [4120] Well I'm not going to count we'll make a we'll make a guess ... alright?
Carole (PS05B) [4121] Why don't you give her till half past three?
Adam (PS05D) [4122] Well that's a quarter of an hour ... it's a long time.
Carole (PS05B) [4123] Well it's alright ... it's not that long ... I suppose it's a long time when you're six.
Adam (PS05D) [4124] Mm ... well even five.
Carole (PS05B) [4125] Or five and a half even.
Adam (PS05D) [4126] Five and a half, that's right ... he is almost exactly five and a half aren't you?
[4127] ... We were talking about this in the car ... cos he's five and six months.
Carole (PS05B) [4128] Got somebody else sticking his finger up his nose as well.
Toby (PS05K) [4129] Can I have a tissue?
Adam (PS05D) [4130] I should think you could have a tissue.
Carole (PS05B) [4131] Here you are.
Adam (PS05D) [4132] Come to aunty your aunty Trevor, your aunty Carol. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4133] Aunty Carol.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4134] Aunty Adam.
Adam (PS05D) [4135] You blow your nose.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4136] You go prurgh [blows]
Toby (PS05K) [blows]
Adam (PS05D) [4137] That's the boy ... that's it ... all done?
Toby (PS05K) [4138] Can't get much out ... could just find a bogey.
Adam (PS05D) [4139] Blow hard.
Carole (PS05B) [4140] Well don't squeeze your nose for the second time or it won't come [laugh] ... that's better ... that's it.
Adam (PS05D) [4141] That's it.
[4142] ... Well done ... there alright?
Carole (PS05B) [4143] Now you can go and put it in the bin.
Adam (PS05D) [4144] There we are.
Carole (PS05B) [4145] Or in your pocket.
Toby (PS05K) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4146] That's right you give it to Dad, give it to Uncle Adam ... okay ... that one's all used up now so you can use another one if you need it, alright?
Toby (PS05K) [4147] Now it's three minutes.
Adam (PS05D) [4148] Is it three minutes, no it's four minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4149] Four minutes.
Adam (PS05D) [4150] Four minutes.
Carole (PS05B) [4151] Patience Toby
Adam (PS05D) [4152] You see.
Carole (PS05B) [4153] you have to learn to be patient.
Adam (PS05D) [4154] You'll need patience for fishing won't you?
Toby (PS05K) [4155] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4156] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [4157] Good things come to those who wait ... or he who waits or ... what is the pa [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4158] I don't know.
Adam (PS05D) [4159] Oh
Toby (PS05K) [4160] Adam?
Adam (PS05D) [4161] Eh?
Carole (PS05B) [4162] Uncle Adam.
Toby (PS05K) [4163] Uncle Adam.
Adam (PS05D) [4164] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4165] Do you prefer to call me Uncle Adam or Adam?
Toby (PS05K) [4166] Adam.
Adam (PS05D) [4167] Well you call me Adam then, alright?
[4168] ... That's a ... a special treat.
Toby (PS05K) [4169] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4170] Alright ... you can call me Adam whenever you see me now ... alright?
Toby (PS05K) [4171] Yeah. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4172] You don't have to call me Uncle Adam at all.
Carole (PS05B) [4173] You call him Uncle Adam when you don't see him.
Adam (PS05D) [4174] Alright?
Toby (PS05K) [4175] Yeah. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4176] And if anybody says you should be calling him Uncle Adam you can say ... no I don't need to because he told me I didn't ... alright?
[4177] ... Is that fair enough?
Toby (PS05K) [4178] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4179] You don't call me Uncle Adam and I won't call you Uncle Toby. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4180] Cos you're not my uncle are you?
Toby (PS05K) [4181] No. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4182] Ooh and and don't call me uncle five either. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4183] I won't call you uncle five ... no.
Toby (PS05K) [4184] [...] call you uncle six didn't I?
Adam (PS05D) [4185] I don't want to be called uncle six ... why not?
Toby (PS05K) [4186] No.
Adam (PS05D) [4187] Because my name isn't six is it?
Toby (PS05K) [4188] No. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4189] No.
Carole (PS05B) [4190] Could we erm
Toby (PS05K) [4191] I don't want to be called
Carole (PS05B) [4192] discourage the feet on the
Toby (PS05K) [4193] uncle five. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4194] Can you keep your feet off the ... chair ... thank you ... good you sit over there there we are.
Toby (PS05K) [4195] Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.
Adam (PS05D) [4196] Do you want another drink or you alright at the moment?
Toby (PS05K) [4197] I'd like another drink.
Adam (PS05D) [4198] What would you like?
Toby (PS05K) [4199] Ooh ... how many?
Adam (PS05D) [4200] Three and a half minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4201] Three and a half ... now ...
Adam (PS05D) [4202] What would you like?
Toby (PS05K) [4203] count three and a half.
Adam (PS05D) [4204] Are you interested in a drink or not?
Toby (PS05K) [4205] Erm yes ... may I
Carole (PS05B) [4206] Stop changing the subject ... please.
Adam (PS05D) [4207] You'd like some lemonade.
Toby (PS05K) [4208] In fact, no.
Adam (PS05D) [4209] In fact
Carole (PS05B) [4210] In fact
Adam (PS05D) [4211] no.
Carole (PS05B) [4212] Oh.
Toby (PS05K) [4213] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4214] In fact what would you like?
Toby (PS05K) [4215] Nothing!
Adam (PS05D) [4216] Nothing!
Carole (PS05B) [4217] Oh you don't have to have anything.
Toby (PS05K) [4218] Nothing.
Adam (PS05D) [4219] Nothing at all?
Carole (PS05B) [4220] Nobody's forcing you to drink Toby.
Toby (PS05K) [4221] Nothing at all. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4222] Nothing at all no ... [laugh] ... no ... at all.
Adam (PS05D) [4223] Nothing at all at all nothing at all at all.
Toby (PS05K) [4224] Nothing at all no.
Carole (PS05B) [4225] You'll have to check the grass before you go running around out there.
Adam (PS05D) [4226] Mhm.
Toby (PS05K) [cough]
Adam (PS05D) [4227] I shall go and de-umpty before we start.
Carole (PS05B) [4228] I think there's one just by the
Adam (PS05D) [4229] That's an interesting word for them isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [4230] De-umpty. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4231] Erm ... [laugh] there's one just ... as you go out of the french window.
Adam (PS05D) [4232] I wonder how many people they have talking about dog crap. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4233] [laugh] ... Well there's already half a tape full of Charlotte's bodily functions. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4234] How much now?
Carole (PS05B) [4235] Accidents on chairs
Adam (PS05D) [4236] Three minutes.
Carole (PS05B) [4237] and things.
Toby (PS05K) [4238] Three er
Adam (PS05D) [4239] Three er
Carole (PS05B) [4240] That's the longest two minutes I've ever seen. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4241] It's getting shorter than ever.
Carole (PS05B) [4242] It is
Adam (PS05D) [4243] It is
Carole (PS05B) [4244] getting shorter yes
Adam (PS05D) [4245] Yes
Carole (PS05B) [4246] it's just taking a long time. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4247] You said three and ... you ... oh yeah yeah ... you ... three ... last time you said three and a half.
Carole (PS05B) [4248] Three and a half ... that's right.
Adam (PS05D) [4249] I did didn't I?
Carole (PS05B) [4250] It's now about two and three quarters.
Toby (PS05K) [4251] No it isn't.
Carole (PS05B) [4252] Yes it is.
Adam (PS05D) [4253] No it's four minutes now.
Toby (PS05K) [4254] No it's three.
Adam (PS05D) [4255] No four, look ... there's four minutes to go.
Carole (PS05B) [4256] Anyway do you think any of these companies that you've ...
Toby (PS05K) [4257] No you said three and a half.
Adam (PS05D) [4258] Did I?
Carole (PS05B) [4259] Eh?
Toby (PS05K) [4260] Yes.
Adam (PS05D) [4261] Are you sure?
Toby (PS05K) [4262] I'm sure.
Adam (PS05D) [4263] Oh.
Toby (PS05K) [4264] Last time you said three and a half.
Adam (PS05D) [4265] Did I?
[4266] Oh it must be three minutes now then.
Toby (PS05K) [4267] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4268] Oh right, okay ... Sorry, what did you say?
Carole (PS05B) [4269] Do you think any of the erm ... companies that have done business with Japan would have any such pictures?
Adam (PS05D) [4270] I honestly don't know.
Carole (PS05B) [4271] Would you be prepared to ask them?
Toby (PS05K) [4272] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4273] [yawn] Er ... I know who would ... but then unfortunately I think I've thrown their stuff away.
Carole (PS05B) [4274] Who's that?
Adam (PS05D) [4275] The erm
Toby (PS05K) [4276] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4277] text
Carole (PS05B) [4278] text
Toby (PS05K) [4279] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4280] Yeah.
Toby (PS05K) [4281] Adam, how long now?
Carole (PS05B) [4282] You've thrown that big catalogue away?
Adam (PS05D) [4283] I think so yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4284] Oh dear.
Toby (PS05K) [4285] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4286] It may still be upstairs [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4287] Oh in the roof?
Adam (PS05D) [4288] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [singing] [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4289] If we've still got it that's where it'll be.
Carole (PS05B) [4290] Erm ... yeah but that's out of date isn't it?
Adam (PS05D) [4291] Now ... three minutes ... I told you it was three minutes didn't I?
Toby (PS05K) [4292] Yeah ... mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4293] Didn't I tell you it was three minutes?
Carole (PS05B) [4294] Isn't that out of date that catalogue?
Toby (PS05K) [4295] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4296] Yeah , but I mean if you told them which one you want they may well still be able to get it for you ... It is three minutes isn't it?
[4297] ... Yeah ... that's right.
Carole (PS05B) [4298] Well we could always tear the
Toby (PS05K) [4299] [...] your watch.
Carole (PS05B) [4300] tear the regular pages
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4301] out of the catalogue and fax them to Jack couldn't we?
Adam (PS05D) [4302] Is this them?
[4303] ... No smack Toby's bottom.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4304] Eh?
Adam (PS05D) [4305] [...] minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4306] [laugh] ... Oh do it again ... [...] again.
Adam (PS05D) [4307] Ha?
Toby (PS05K) [4308] It might be
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4309] getting sore.
Adam (PS05D) [4310] Hang on a sec lovey I want just want to ask er Carol something.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4311] You could remove the pages from the catalogue and fax them over ... to Jack ... you see
Adam (PS05D) [4312] well I don't know if we can get it there.
Carole (PS05B) [4313] No to see if it's the sort of thing that
Adam (PS05D) [4314] Oh I see what you mean ... yeah ... well we know what he wants.
Toby (PS05K) [4315] Look at this ... hello ... hello.
Adam (PS05D) [4316] Hello ... hello.
Toby (PS05K) [4317] That's hello in mouth shut language.
Adam (PS05D) [4318] Is it?
Toby (PS05K) [4319] Hello ... hello.
Adam (PS05D) [4320] How do you say can I have a twizzle stick please?
Toby (PS05K) [4321] [muttering] Can I have a twizzle stick please?
Adam (PS05D) [4322] [muttering] Can I have a twizzle stick please?
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4323] Is that right?
Toby (PS05K) [4324] [laugh] N no.
Toby (PS05K) [4325] [muttering] Can I have a twizzle stick ... please?
Carole (PS05B) [4326] What's a twizzle stick?
Adam (PS05D) [4327] [muttering] Can I have a twizzle stick ... please?
Toby (PS05K) [4328] Yeah it
Adam (PS05D) [4329] Is that better?
Toby (PS05K) [4330] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4331] Good ... .
[4332] what about
Toby (PS05K) [4333] What is a twizzle stick?
Adam (PS05D) [4334] I don't know. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4335] [laugh] ... You telling stories are you?
Adam (PS05D) [4336] Me ... would I do a thing like that?
Toby (PS05K) [4337] [laugh] ... Well you ... you sometimes tell stories for fun don't you?
Adam (PS05D) [4338] Stories ... [...] ... [yawn]
Carole (PS05B) [4339] Keeping you up are we?
Adam (PS05D) [4340] Ooh blimey, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4341] It looks so easy doesn't it?
[4342] ... Ha ... Do they never get interfered with when they go into the crowd but are ... or are people very good?
Adam (PS05D) [4343] Normally they've been pretty good.
Carole (PS05B) [4344] Not a lot of point having a fence there ... they were climbing over it. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4345] It's very wide ... the [...] ... [yawn] all the people or most of the people that go to these things ... are either all ... players already themselves
Toby (PS05K) [4346] Now how long Ad Adam?
Adam (PS05D) [4347] or they've got relations that are, er two and a half minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4348] After a watch.
Adam (PS05D) [4349] How long is it?
[4350] ... [muttering] How long is it?
Toby (PS05K) [4351] [laugh] ... What minute now it's two and a half minutes.
Adam (PS05D) [4352] It said two and a half.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh] [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4353] Oh well it's only just near [...] now will it?
Toby (PS05K) [4354] You will ... a you will Adam.
Adam (PS05D) [4355] How long is it to go now?
[4356] ... I've already told you two and a half minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4357] [laugh] Three.
Carole (PS05B) [4358] Wasn't that long.
Toby (PS05K) [4359] It ... it will say [...] [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4360] Up you get.
Toby (PS05K) [4361] Ask it once more.
Adam (PS05D) [4362] No cos I'm getting bored of asking it.
Toby (PS05K) [4363] [laugh] Please?
[4364] ... I'll ask it then.
Adam (PS05D) [4365] Alright you ask it.
Toby (PS05K) [4366] How long is it?
Adam (PS05D) [4367] Seventy five minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4368] [laugh] [shouting] Seventy five [] !
Carole (PS05B) [4369] Two hours.
Toby (PS05K) [4370] [laugh] ... It says seventy five minutes ... I'll ge I'll ask it again [laugh] ... How long is it?
Adam (PS05D) [4371] Three and a half minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4372] [laugh] What?
[4373] ... What did it say?
Adam (PS05D) [4374] I think it said three and a half minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4375] [laugh] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4376] [muttering] Two and three quarters.
Toby (PS05K) [4377] [laugh] Two and three quarters ... .
[4378] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4379] Six minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4380] [laugh] Six minutes ... [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4381] The more you ask the longer it gets, Toby.
Toby (PS05K) [4382] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4383] Eight minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4384] [laugh] Eight minutes.
Carole (PS05B) [4385] If you stop asking it'll get quicker.
Toby (PS05K) [4386] How long now?
Adam (PS05D) [4387] Twenty five minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4388] [laugh] Five minutes ... no more asking.
Adam (PS05D) [4389] Six minutes.
Toby (PS05K) [4390] [laugh] Six minutes ... [laugh] [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4391] When that hand ... goes there ... then that's when we're going outside.
Toby (PS05K) [...] [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4392] What's that?
Toby (PS05K) [4393] I think he's [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4394] Careful!
Carole (PS05B) [4395] Are you on m
Toby (PS05K) [4396] No I'm not.
Adam (PS05D) [4397] You will hurt yourself if you fall about ... won't you?
Toby (PS05K) [4398] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4399] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [4400] Why don't you just sit down somewhere?
Adam (PS05D) [4401] Ah.
Carole (PS05B) [4402] Or go [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4403] He's lying down on the floor ... having a nice lie down aren't you Toby?
Carole (PS05B) [4404] Goodnight then.
Toby (PS05K) [4405] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4406] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4407] Goodnight.
Toby (PS05K) [4408] I'm not going to sleep.
Carole (PS05B) [4409] Why not?
Adam (PS05D) [4410] He's just gonna have a lie down aren't you?
Carole (PS05B) [4411] Why aren't you going to have a sleep, I'd like to have a sleep.
[4412] [laugh] ... Had to [...] didn't they?
[4413] ... Never mind ... too late now.
Toby (PS05K) [4414] Pardon me.
Carole (PS05B) [4415] I'll think about it.
Toby (PS05K) [yawn]
Carole (PS05B) [4416] You look like you need a sleep. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4417] No I don't.
Carole (PS05B) [4418] Well you're yawning away there.
Toby (PS05K) [4419] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [4420] Ah ah ah ah ah ah.
Toby (PS05K) [4421] No ... no you do yours.
Carole (PS05B) [4422] Only cos you did.
Toby (PS05K) [4423] No it's because you did. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4424] I yawn now anyway cos I'm tired.
Toby (PS05K) [4425] Hiya!
Carole (PS05B) [4426] I've been up all night.
Toby (PS05K) [cough]
Carole (PS05B) [4427] Well I suppose if I thought about it I could er ... put Amy in the hall and go and do some [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4428] Could do.
Carole (PS05B) [4429] If I could be bothered to. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4430] That's the problem.
Carole (PS05B) [4431] Yes it is isn't it?
[4432] ... It's a big problem.
Adam (PS05D) [4433] Oh come off it.
Carole (PS05B) [4434] What?
Adam (PS05D) [4435] How long does it take you to do throw a shot.
Carole (PS05B) [4436] Well with all those people breathing down his neck it's probably put him off

25 (Tape 004108)

Carole (PS05B) [4437] Is there anything you're going to want taped while you're out?
Adam (PS05D) [4438] What this evening?
Carole (PS05B) [4439] You're still going are you?
Adam (PS05D) [4440] Well it depends what Toby wants?
Carole (PS05B) [4441] I don't know ... mm ... I'm full of surprises ... Well I don't think we need to add anything to that climbing frame do we?
Adam (PS05D) [4442] Probably not.
Carole (PS05B) [4443] Maybe we'll get the scramble net at some point.
Adam (PS05D) [4444] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4445] Not cheap though are they?
[4446] ... Another forty quid or something.
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4447] Yeah ... oh good it's that film on again.
Adam (PS05D) [4448] Mm?
Carole (PS05B) [4449] That film on again ... Well and truly into summer now aren't we, there's nothing on the television at all. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4450] I'll just get Charlotte some squash.
Carole (PS05B) [4451] Squash?
Adam (PS05D) [4452] Orange, lemon and pineapple squash ... [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4453] Really?
[4454] ... Well it's only recently that she's started ... drinking orange juice ... I know ... But she hasn't liked it at all.
Adam (PS05D) [4455] That Agatha Christie's one of the new ones [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4456] No they're repeats.
Adam (PS05D) [4457] This is absolutely nothing to rush home for at all is there.
Carole (PS05B) [4458] I thought I recognised er ... the look of the film you were looking at just now
Adam (PS05D) [4459] Half a Sixpence, yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4460] Yeah ... I thought it was on a couple of weeks ago ... oh no it was the ... whatsit millionaire wasn't it?
[4461] ... Have you had enough now little girl mm?
[4462] ... No? ... [...] ... [...] changed brands of coffee or something ... they're horrible [...] ... I don't know what she's doing different ... [baby crying] alright lovey, okay shush shush shush ... shush ... showing her little heart out isn't she?
[4463] [laugh] ... Who's Catherine?

26 (Tape 004109)

Adam (PS05D) [4464] That's not very nice you know.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4465] Oh oh.
Carole (PS05B) [4466] You be careful if you're looking at photos please.
Adam (PS05D) [4467] What can I do, what can I do ... she's a woman.
Toby (PS05K) [4468] Say stop it.
Adam (PS05D) [4469] Yeah, you'll have to learn about woman Toby ... they're a funny bunch of creatures.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4470] Look at your Aunty Carol doesn't she look funny creature?
Toby (PS05K) [4471] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4472] [...] you came with.
Adam (PS05D) [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4473] There.
Carole (PS05B) [4474] I think your dad's arrived Toby.
Adam (PS05D) [4475] Ooh ... is your daddy here?
Toby (PS05K) [4476] Really?
Adam (PS05D) [4477] I think I just heard a car door shut ... do you wanna go and open the front door for him?
Carole (PS05B) [4478] Yep, there he is ... can you reach it?
Adam (PS05D) [4479] Can you reach?
Carole (PS05B) [4480] He's here, he is here, he just walked up the
Adam (PS05D) [4481] You go and tell me if you can reach the front door.
Toby (PS05K) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4482] What a greeting.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4483] Oh that sounded like Brian ... silly Grandpa.
Carole (PS05B) [4484] Silly Grandpa's got your dolly.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4485] I did.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4486] Hello folks.
Carole (PS05B) [4487] Good day.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4488] Hello.
Carole (PS05B) [4489] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4490] [...] ... Alright?
Adam (PS05D) [4491] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4492] Here you are I bought er ... I couldn't resist that.
Carole (PS05B) [4493] Oh go [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4494] Oh yeah. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4495] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4496] We've got give that a whirl haven't we ... ah?
Adam (PS05D) [4497] Or a bottle ... I'll pop that in the fridge ... thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4498] Okay.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4499] Oh Happy birthday
Carole (PS05B) [4500] What is it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4501] to you.
Adam (PS05D) [4502] Jacob's cream.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4503] Got myself a bottle and got him a bottle. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4504] And Toby's been a little angel this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4505] Wonderful ... have you got a typewriter here [...] do you think I could use [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4506] Worn himself out er ... Have we?
Adam (PS05D) [4507] I've got a feeling we haven't
Carole (PS05B) [4508] Oh we've got a really ancient ... Adler
Toby (PS05K) [4509] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [4510] up the in the roof I think it is still.
Adam (PS05D) [4511] It's in the roof, or in the garage?
Carole (PS05B) [4512] No it's in the roof ... pardon?
Adam (PS05D) [4513] Do you need it down?
[4514] ... It's in the roof, the roofery.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4515] Er ... if you can wait till next week I'll get it down.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4516] No it's alright, I'll er ... I'll sail over [...] and do it there.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4517] Mummy, mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [4518] Yes love.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4519] What?
Carole (PS05B) [4520] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4521] Now.
Carole (PS05B) [4522] What do you want?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4523] We've got to find out what mummy's doing whether ... cos I got the mummy's [...] which means
Adam (PS05D) [4524] Do you want to give her a ring?
[4525] ... No?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4526] I will give her a ring in a few minutes, but suspect ... I suspect ... that you and daddy have to have a bath together.
Carole (PS05B) [4527] Ooh.
Adam (PS05D) [4528] That sounds exciting.
Carole (PS05B) [4529] What does that mean you get for supper? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4530] I don't know we'll have to what I can freeze [...] won't we? [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4531] We should do erm ... I could do the custard pudding ... I could do the dessert and you could do the savoury.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4532] Alright ... and what are you going to do for dessert?
Toby (PS05K) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4533] He's just let ... let the cat out of the bag there didn't you? [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4534] Do a pudding ... or we could do ... erm custard.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4535] Oh I don't know
Joelle (PS05C) [4536] Custard.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4537] Could you tell me how you do it.
Adam (PS05D) [4538] Toby Toby you I'll tell you what if you want daddy to really want his pudding [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4539] Stirring?
[4540] [laugh] ... Best stirrer in the business.
Toby (PS05K) [4541] [laugh] I [...] [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4542] What Broule?
Carole (PS05B) [4543] What?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4544] No Broule I bet that's that's a
Carole (PS05B) [4545] That's
Adam (PS05D) [4546] a bit a bit sophisticated ... .
[4547] just custard. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4548] How do you do your custard?
[4549] ... Cos it's a very nice taste.
Toby (PS05K) [4550] Aha ... I
Adam (PS05D) [4551] Did you really make custard?
Toby (PS05K) [4552] nutmeg on
Adam (PS05D) [4553] Oh I didn't realise.
Toby (PS05K) [4554] top.
[4555] ... Okay?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4556] What did you have to make your custard with?
Toby (PS05K) [4557] Nutmeg on top.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4558] Yes.
Toby (PS05K) [4559] Two eggs
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4560] Yes.
Toby (PS05K) [4561] and I used ... erm ... very ni erm up to three in milk
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4562] Right.
Toby (PS05K) [4563] on my own measuring jug
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4564] Right.
Toby (PS05K) [4565] and erm ... and then I whip some more
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4566] Mhm.
Toby (PS05K) [4567] well erm in fact I put a bit of ... erm flavouring in
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4568] Right.
Toby (PS05K) [4569] and then ... when I I put the mix in in the oven hot so I put ... the nutmeg on top ... grated nutmeg
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4570] Sounds good.
Carole (PS05B) [4571] Although
Toby (PS05K) [4572] okay?
Joelle (PS05C) [4573] Although
Carole (PS05B) [4574] although
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4575] So I make the [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [4576] although
Carole (PS05B) [4577] although, except the
Toby (PS05K) [4578] Yes, mix.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4579] And then you pour it into the bowls
Carole (PS05B) [4580] although oh what's although in French?
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4581] and you put them in the oven do you?
Toby (PS05K) [4582] No.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4583] How do you do it then?
Toby (PS05K) [4584] Then you erm
Carole (PS05B) [4585] Wha what's the context?
Toby (PS05K) [4586] put you put a fla you put erm ... nutmeg and erm ... vanilla
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4587] A flavouring ... vanilla, right okay.
Carole (PS05B) [4588] Oh I can't think.
Toby (PS05K) [4589] After that okay?
Adam (PS05D) [4590] It's a real one none of this custard powder job, [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4591] Honey can you remember what although is in French?
Toby (PS05K) [4592] Real custard.
Adam (PS05D) [4593] Although?
Carole (PS05B) [4594] Although.
Adam (PS05D) [4595] Erm
Carole (PS05B) [4596] My brain's gone.
Toby (PS05K) [4597] Holiday ... that's one.
Joelle (PS05C) [4598] Although a lot of the world's natural re resource like ... all come from this port.
Adam (PS05D) [4599] Right ... all
Toby (PS05K) [4600] Although you [...] . [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4601] Wouldn't text deal with it?
Carole (PS05B) [4602] Well I suppose.
Toby (PS05K) [4603] [singing] [...] [] ha ha ha
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4604] he he.
Carole (PS05B) [4605] Have a look in the dictionary.
Adam (PS05D) [4606] Is that right, I think so.
Toby (PS05K) [4607] Ugh!
Carole (PS05B) [4608] Have have a look in the dictionary and
Adam (PS05D) [4609] There is a word for that but I
Carole (PS05B) [4610] I can't think what it is.
Toby (PS05K) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4611] Have a look and br bring the dictionary in and
Toby (PS05K) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4612] we'll tell you the right one cos there'll be several probably.
Toby (PS05K) [4613] Alright, alright.
Adam (PS05D) [4614] Alright.
Toby (PS05K) [4615] Tilly tilly tat.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4616] Had we'd better go back hadn't we?
Toby (PS05K) [4617] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4618] Right I'm off.
Toby (PS05K) [4619] Do do do do do do do do do.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4620] Now where's your glass and your video?
[4621] ... I will see you in due course.
Carole (PS05B) [4622] When you see
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4623] Alright?
Carole (PS05B) [4624] He's going fishing.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4625] I'll find them.
Adam (PS05D) [4626] Cos I'm not coming back again. [laugh]
Toby (PS05K) [4627] [shouting] I'll see if my video's on the hall table [] .
Carole (PS05B) [4628] It is ... with some photos.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4629] There's some fishing there my [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4630] [shouting] Yep it is [] ... my glass is
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4631] Right see you
Toby (PS05K) [4632] on the slide.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4633] when I see you, alright?
Adam (PS05D) [4634] Yeah.
Toby (PS05K) [4635] Here are ... here dad.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4636] Right okay.
Carole (PS05B) [4637] Bring the photos then Toby as well.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4638] There's nothing like a [...] in the family is there?
Carole (PS05B) [4639] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4640] Only one? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4641] Right.
Adam (PS05D) [4642] Do you want me to sew this back on for you babe?
Carole (PS05B) [4643] No it's alright I'll
Adam (PS05D) [4644] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4645] I shall say hello to my friend [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4646] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4647] [...] ... I can't wake her up or else I shall got shot.
Carole (PS05B) [4648] No ... she's been awake and asleep and awake and asleep all day today ... there's no pattern today. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4649] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [4650] Brian there's some photos there I don't know whether Toby's picked them up or not.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4651] Oh right.
Adam (PS05D) [4652] I'll get them.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4653] Are those the [...] the party then?
Carole (PS05B) [4654] The party and the do and ... whatever
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4655] Oh yes oh right
Carole (PS05B) [4656] Got them all?
[4657] ... Charlotte will you leave the money alone please ... honey could you put it out of reach please, love.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4658] I'll get it.
Toby (PS05K) [4659] Dad I'm bored.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4660] Right ... okay then
Carole (PS05B) [4661] Say bye bye Toby.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4662] oh actually I need the [...]
Toby (PS05K) [4663] Bye.
Adam (PS05D) [4664] Do you?
[4665] ... Charlotte
Toby (PS05K) [4666] Bye.
Adam (PS05D) [4667] Charlotte come here.
Carole (PS05B) [4668] Come here.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4669] Bye.
[4670] bye Charlotte.
Adam (PS05D) [4671] Charlotte will you come here please love.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4672] Charlotte, please.
Toby (PS05K) [4673] Charlotte go to your dad.
Carole (PS05B) [4674] Do as you're told.
Charlotte (PS05E) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4675] Can I have a kiss?
Adam (PS05D) [4676] Give Uncle Brian a kiss, come on.
Carole (PS05B) [4677] Oh dear. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4678] Charlotte ... having a paddy?
[4679] ... Oh you want to come and watch don't you?
Carole (PS05B) [4680] Oh yes, say bye bye don't we.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4681] Yes it's alright, it's time go, she want's to come and watch you go.
Unknown speaker (KBHPSUNK) [4682] Oh I see
Adam (PS05D) [4683] Well
Carole (PS05B) [4684] She doesn't like anybody to go without her say so. [laugh]

27 (Tape 004110)

Carole (PS05B) [4685] It's a bit too difficult for you to blow up isn't it sweetheart?
Adam (PS05D) [4686] Do you want me to blow it up for you?
Carole (PS05B) [4687] I don't know what you're doing playing with that ... Goodness me!
[4688] ... What a pair of lungs.
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4689] Er lady I think.
[4690] [laugh] ... Are you going to sleep now little one ... mm?
[4691] ... After all that milk ... you look pretty sleepy.
Adam (PS05D) [4692] [laugh] What are you trying to do?
Carole (PS05B) [4693] Don't squash it. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4694] Blow a gasket? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4695] He's nearly done it look ... isn't he clever ... no don't do that love.
[4696] [laugh] ... Charlotte ... leave him ... Charlotte! [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4697] You miserable child.
Carole (PS05B) [4698] Now the dog's joining in, oh that's wonderful. [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [4699] I laugh ... doggy doggy doggy dog.
Carole (PS05B) [4700] She doesn't like things that blow up does she?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4701] [...] ah.
Carole (PS05B) [4702] Oops ... oops ... hello Jess ... all these blown up things all round the house ... no no no no no Charlotte ... don't hit the dog, that's it you cuddle ... Jessie darling in your chair ... in your chair go on ... move ... I don't know why she wants to play with that that's for crawling around with [laugh] ... you don't need to crawl any more Charlotte.
Adam (PS05D) [4703] I don't remember this being as ... much air as this in here.
Carole (PS05B) [4704] Oh Charlotte!
Adam (PS05D) [4705] I wish you wouldn't do that ... that's [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4706] Charlotte let daddy blow it up.
Adam (PS05D) [4707] It's not nice darling please stop doing it.
Carole (PS05B) [4708] Good girl ... There, all done ... what are you doing?
[4709] ... Don't bite your nails.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4710] There's no more.
Carole (PS05B) [4711] Don't burst it.
[4712] [laugh] ... Oh little girl don't cry ... don't cry petal ... there you are.
Adam (PS05D) [4713] There we are.
Carole (PS05B) [4714] Ah little one.
Adam (PS05D) [4715] Did you say thank you daddy?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4716] Thank you Daddy.
Adam (PS05D) [4717] That's alright ... Charlotte can you pull your trousers up at the back, they're a little bit falling down ... good girl.
Carole (PS05B) [4718] [yawn] Droopy drawers.
Adam (PS05D) [4719] Good girl ... and what's your leg doing up here?
Carole (PS05B) [4720] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4721] Ha ... your trouser leg.
Carole (PS05B) [4722] Standing next to the other one.
Adam (PS05D) [4723] Can I help ... come here ... come here.
Carole (PS05B) [4724] Doesn't matter does it? [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4725] One leg up and one leg down.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4726] [...] it's more bits, more bits and more bits to cut.
Carole (PS05B) [4727] Pardon?
Adam (PS05D) [4728] Is she sleeping?
Carole (PS05B) [4729] Well she's just vaguely dropped off ... I'll have to see how long it lasts.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4730] [...] ... we want, you want [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4731] [yawn] Very funny morning.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]

28 (Tape 004201)

Adam (PS05D) [4732] You've got a biscuit.
Carole (PS05B) [4733] No way, if she comes running in here and says, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Adam (PS05D) [4734] I had no idea, she certainly keeps much [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4735] Is that the breasts?
Adam (PS05D) [4736] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [4737] No, I think I'll have a bit [child crying]
Adam (PS05D) [4738] Oh sorry.
[4739] Hold on let's, let's try and have a guess.
[4740] Erm, Charlotte how much do you think?
[4741] Twelve pounds.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4742] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4743] Fourteen pounds.
Carole (PS05B) [4744] Mm.
Adam (PS05D) [4745] Two stones.
Carole (PS05B) [4746] So just one for you then all the rest to Charlotte, that right?
Adam (PS05D) [4747] So that was , hold on, eleven.
Carole (PS05B) [4748] Two, four.
Adam (PS05D) [4749] What was she be born, ten?
Carole (PS05B) [4750] Ten fourteen and a half.
Adam (PS05D) [4751] Ten fourteen and a half, and when was that, two weeks ago, yeah?
[4752] Two weeks.
Carole (PS05B) [4753] Two weeks ago, cos that adult slightly or the children slightly.
Adam (PS05D) [4754] Let's say
Joelle (PS05C) [4755] Most [...] turn the light on in there.
Adam (PS05D) [4756] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4757] Said, I just said, get it from the erm
Adam (PS05D) [4758] Eleven, seven .
Charlotte (PS05E) [4759] Yeah, yes.
Adam (PS05D) [4760] Eleven , seven. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4761] And a bit more.
Adam (PS05D) [4762] Eleven, nine.
Carole (PS05B) [4763] Try twelve.
[4764] [laugh] Twelve pounds, [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4765] There we are, you go back to your nice kind mummy.
Carole (PS05B) [4766] The way she looks, she's about to wakening so
Adam (PS05D) [4767] Hello, can I have a little, god my [...] , more than twelve pounds, [laugh] , or you more than twelve pounds?
[4768] You are.
Carole (PS05B) [4769] See to that , I can see [laugh]
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Adam (PS05D) [4770] Can you [...] ?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4771] Yeah.
Adam (PS05D) [4772] You cheeky monkey.
Carole (PS05B) [4773] I like [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4774] Ooh, ah.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4775] Are you home because you're home or are you going fishing or
Adam (PS05D) [4776] No, I'm home is always home.
[4777] What's all this?
Carole (PS05B) [4778] Soaps, no it's alright your dad's taken it, oh Basil going to call again, this all happened when I was out.
Adam (PS05D) [4779] what, what for?
Carole (PS05B) [4780] I dunno no.
[4781] He'll ring this evening.
[4782] This isn't new instructions for Wednesday morning.
Adam (PS05D) [4783] Call it number thirty, Andrew.
Carole (PS05B) [4784] Bork.
Adam (PS05D) [4785] Banker.
Carole (PS05B) [4786] Borker his name is.
Adam (PS05D) [4787] Borker, who what's.
Carole (PS05B) [4788] Who works .
Adam (PS05D) [4789] Who works for Radio One [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4790] That's who own the property.
Adam (PS05D) [4791] Oh that's good, that's what I want.
Carole (PS05B) [4792] His gonna show you round both of them.
Adam (PS05D) [4793] Ah that's great.
Carole (PS05B) [4794] Because she can't get there.
Adam (PS05D) [4795] Good I'm pleased about that, so I didn't really want somebody coming all the way down from the West End cos I'm I, I'm what I would call a [...] buyer, I'm only going to be a buyer if I can get money from somewhere that I don't know [...] you know what I mean.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4796] Well I don't, I don't want to waste somebody's time, be wasting it.
Carole (PS05B) [4797] Mm, no, I know what you mean ...
Charlotte (PS05E) [4798] Can we draw?
[4799] I can draw ma?
Carole (PS05B) [4800] You can draw if you like, yes darling.
[4801] Right, [paper rustling]
Adam (PS05D) [4802] Children's World, fifty, sixty eight quid, oh that'll be the a South Afri ... a
Carole (PS05B) [4803] Yes , do you like to put those in the tin.
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4804] That was a request from Charlotte, she's been demanding chocolate biscuits.
[4805] [paper rustling] What?
Adam (PS05D) [...] [paper rustling] ...
Carole (PS05B) [4806] [...] are you going to interrupt my piano lesson tonight aren't you? [...] , she's timed her feed wrong today.
Adam (PS05D) [4807] [...] come and talk to her daddy.
Carole (PS05B) [4808] Do you reckon?
Adam (PS05D) [4809] Aren't you?
[4810] You want to come and talk to your daddy?
Carole (PS05B) [4811] Do you think she will?
Adam (PS05D) [4812] Maybe.
Carole (PS05B) [4813] I don't think her daddy will be able to talk to her if she's hungry, somehow, will you [...]

29 (Tape 004202)

Adam (PS05D) [4814] Do you want daddy to talk to you?
Carole (PS05B) [4815] Oh, look at her face.
Adam (PS05D) [4816] Put that lip away.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4817] Poor cat [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4818] You've had a nice afternoon haven't you?
Adam (PS05D) [4819] Oh, [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4820] You think it's funny don't you?
Carole (PS05B) [4821] Tell your daddy what you've been doing this afternoon.
Adam (PS05D) [4822] What you been doing today?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4823] Erm
Carole (PS05B) [4824] Where did you go?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4825] Erm, [...] Park, I went whoop [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4826] Did you?
Carole (PS05B) [4827] Silly car [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [4828] Yeah [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4829] Where else did you go?
Adam (PS05D) [4830] Went in a car in [...] did you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4831] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4832] Where else did you go my darling?
[4833] Where did you go and take half an hour over choosing your books?
Adam (PS05D) [4834] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [4835] Where did you go?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4836] I think somebody's in a silly mood. [laugh]
Adam (PS05D) [4837] Did you go to your library?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4838] Yes.
[4839] [laugh] And a [...] , and I want [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4840] Did you find lots of nice books?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4841] No, I [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4842] Go find the books and show me.
Carole (PS05B) [4843] They're in the kitchen darling.
Adam (PS05D) [4844] Show me your books.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4845] I don't know [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4846] They're in the kitchen, Joelle will give them to you if you go and ask.
Adam (PS05D) [4847] Go and find your books and show them to daddy, come on.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4848] Yes.
[4849] I got it ...
Carole (PS05B) [4850] Oh you've been to [...] have you?
Adam (PS05D) [4851] Mm, did you [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4852] Sweetheart I wouldn't of known what to buy.
[4853] Is the leader just a leader or are there several different types?
Adam (PS05D) [4854] Well as it happens, this [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4855] Your ...
Adam (PS05D) [4856] This, do this.
Carole (PS05B) [4857] Do what?
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [4858] I want Polos.
Carole (PS05B) [4859] Well you can go on wanting you've just had a biscuit piglet.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4860] I wanna eat it, I want Polos.
Carole (PS05B) [4861] Charlotte please no tantrums.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4862] I want Polos.
Carole (PS05B) [4863] In a minute love ... [...] , what? [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4864] I wasn't thinking about that, I was thinking about the way you were walking ...
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4865] Are you talking to yourself? [baby gurgling]
Adam (PS05D) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4866] So you're going to have to go poppet.
Adam (PS05D) [4867] Mm, no.
Joelle (PS05C) [4868] You ask your mum.
Carole (PS05B) [4869] Can't you have, can't you find a book?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4870] Can I have Polo?
Joelle (PS05C) [4871] Can she have Polo?
Adam (PS05D) [4872] Sorry.
Carole (PS05B) [4873] Yes, alright.
Joelle (PS05C) [4874] Where, where are they?
Carole (PS05B) [4875] They're in the larder on the shelf right in front of you, about nose height, or somebody's nose height, I don't know which [...] or not, but they're right in the middle of the shelf.
Adam (PS05D) [4876] They're taking the piss.

30 (Tape 004203)

Charlotte (PS05E) [4877] Come and sit down, come and sit down.
Joelle (PS05C) [4878] Which one you want?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4879] Mm, that one.
Carole (PS05B) [4880] Why did you take so long to choose your book Charlotte?
Joelle (PS05C) [4881] Because she, oh she talked to a giraffe, you no that's a big giraffe in there.
Carole (PS05B) [4882] Oh she talked.
Joelle (PS05C) [4883] Yeah she talked to her.
[4884] Are you listening?
Carole (PS05B) [4885] Mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4886] Mm.
Joelle (PS05C) [4887] Edgar, Edgar, er was a tractor, [...] , she [...] , I [...] she's trapped.
Carole (PS05B) [4888] Ask her if ... What?
Joelle (PS05C) [4889] My truck.
Carole (PS05B) [4890] My truck has lost what?
Joelle (PS05C) [4891] Has lost his trunk.
Carole (PS05B) [4892] Trunk.
Joelle (PS05C) [4893] Trunk.
Carole (PS05B) [4894] Right.
Joelle (PS05C) [4895] What's that his trunk?
Carole (PS05B) [4896] I've no idea.
Adam (PS05D) [4897] Can you show me the words Joelle?
Joelle (PS05C) [4898] T
Adam (PS05D) [4899] You show me words Joelle, my trunk she sobbed has lost it [...] , ah it's a poem.
Carole (PS05B) [4900] Is it?
Adam (PS05D) [4901] Hester felt a proper [...] , my truck she sobbed has lost it [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4902] Oh right.
Adam (PS05D) [4903] There it is, is [...] .
Joelle (PS05C) [4904] Oh the [...] I [...] , he never seems to be [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4905] Joelle it's a poem.
[4906] You have to read it in a certain way.
Adam (PS05D) [4907] Da, da, da, da, da, da
Carole (PS05B) [4908] Da, da, da, da, da, da , da, da, da, da, da, da.
Joelle (PS05C) [4909] Come on I don't know [...] .
Adam (PS05D) [4910] Da, dud, di, dud, di, duddily, da, did, diddly, dud, di, dud, di, da.
Carole (PS05B) [4911] [laugh] , I wanted, you have to be careful the books you get out.
[4912] You're going to be
Joelle (PS05C) [4913] She showed it and, I said do you want to take it [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4914] It's not much use if she's not going to [...] with [laugh]
Joelle (PS05C) [4915] Oh Charlotte please, don't bite in it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [4916] Suck it.
Joelle (PS05C) [4917] Yes, suck it, O K?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4918] [...] sucking.
Carole (PS05B) [4919] What?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4920] Sucking.
Carole (PS05B) [4921] Oh you've got in suctions there have you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [4922] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [4923] Oh you haven't, I was talking to daddy actually.
Joelle (PS05C) [4924] You want a cat [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4925] She's the same little girl and I want my potty.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4926] I think so, I want my potty.
Joelle (PS05C) [4927] Jessie wanted to catch all the [...] some of them had big beds and some of them had little beds, Jessie, you're not listening eh?
Carole (PS05B) [4928] Blowing strange kisses to her mum. [...] .
Joelle (PS05C) [4929] Some of them are big beds and some of them are [...] , [...] only girl in the world who is [...] , do you think she do that, [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4930] What?
Joelle (PS05C) [4931] She [...] and Jessie wants.
Carole (PS05B) [4932] She probably can't understand Joelle.
Joelle (PS05C) [4933] Oh come on, [...] , her mum and dad always says no. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4934] What?
Joelle (PS05C) [4935] So they kept him in [...] for a cat instead, but Jessie wanted a [...] , then Jessie [...] , she could've just love a fluffy white [...] , so [...] .
[4936] [...] took all of, all of her [...] and burn ... burn [...] , I'm going to look at [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4937] Bird.
Joelle (PS05C) [4938] Bird, what [...] , I'm going to be [...] .
[4939] I'm going to be lively until I get a cat [...] , if I don't get a cat I'm going to be lively for ever.
[4940] Oh, [...] on Monday Jessie went to school and the teacher saw her cat suit he shouted so loudly, she jumped, jumped, jumped, jumped up, up on top of the [...] , don't laugh
Carole (PS05B) [4941] Why?
[4942] I can laugh if it's funny.
Joelle (PS05C) [4943] and wouldn't come down ever for [...] .
[4944] On Tuesday Jessie went to a restaurant, cats don't sit at tables said Jessie and [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4945] Too late isn't it?
Joelle (PS05C) [4946] Milk and food she said to the waiter and please don't cook [...] .
[4947] Maybe [...] .
[4948] Excuse me [...] said the waiter, soon Jessie began to smell the [...] .
[4949] Will you suck it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Joelle (PS05C) [4950] When he put [...] back again, that's when he [...] , now you [...] , to take that silly suit off ... [...] , no I won't [...] .

31 (Tape 004204)

Carole (PS05B) [4951] Had to ask people [...] some people might object.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4952] Say what you like [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4953] Oh thank you.
Carole (PS05B) [4954] Ah.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4955] We have an addition.
Carole (PS05B) [4956] Mm. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4957] Not really no.
Carole (PS05B) [4958] No.
Carole (PS05B) [4959] Might as well have some light on the matter.
[4960] What, oh, perhaps cos I never [...] [laugh] We might just about be able to see.
Carole (PS05B) [4961] You haven't got [...] have you?
Carole (PS05B) [4962] [laugh] , I didn't know that one had gone, usually it's the bulb over there that had gone, but I find it so difficult to get at, you change it.
[4963] I didn't know this.
Carole (PS05B) [4964] It seems to be gone for a long time.
Carole (PS05B) [4965] I don't know about this one, [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [4966] Oh, well, will, will shall, [...] know it all without music now don't you?
Carole (PS05B) [4967] Well of course.
Carole (PS05B) [4968] [laugh] Mm, shall we start with, with a Tchaikovsky, see how that is going?
Carole (PS05B) [4969] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [4970] It's coming on very well, isn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [4971] I'm afraid this last week hasn't been wonderful for, for practice.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [4972] For practice.
Carole (PS05B) [4973] I understand absolutely, I, I could say exactly the same so, don't [...] .

32 (Tape 004205)

Carole (PS05B) [4974] Lovely, very, very, good indeed, that, that is there now, sounds very good, just, erm, a few little things, would you try to give me more on the fifth finger, the E, the E flat, there, think of a crescendo [piano music] , to that, want that come out, then, then it will, erm, I'm almost frightened to put a crescendo in because it wasn't the, a big one.
Carole (PS05B) [4975] No.
Carole (PS05B) [4976] If I put that in, to remind you to bring that up.
Carole (PS05B) [4977] Aha.
Carole (PS05B) [4978] I thought this was most impressive, very, very good indeed, it ... it was, it sounded really very convincing, it did, worked beautifully, now, where, the only error as such, is this bar, you're making these much too long, you're making them almost crotchet length.
Carole (PS05B) [4979] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [4980] But, so erm, just think there for a moment, one, two, one, two, and one, and two, and, you're going one and two and one and
Carole (PS05B) [4981] And
Carole (PS05B) [4982] So you're halving the tempo, but, it needs a slight roe that means just lead into it, so, [piano music] , two and one, can do that, but you're doing [piano playing] , [laugh] , and it's instable for ever.
Carole (PS05B) [4983] [laugh] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [4984] And then, you know, it, it, makes that sound strange, so just watch that, that, erm, what if we just pick it up around here, just for me to hear that and get that right, we ought to be fine, any [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [cough] [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [4985] And one and two, that's it, got it, erm, the, better we just do to check that it's correct and [...] to remind you for rhythm, is listen to those, because those are exactly the same as those.
Carole (PS05B) [4986] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [4987] Just once again this time [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [4988] Two and one and two and one and, now there you just make the crotchet a bit too short, erm, try until you get it into your system, which you will, just counting that, in, inside yourself.
Carole (PS05B) [4989] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [4990] And you'll find then that, that, that will fit, can you just adjust your [...] ?
Carole (PS05B) [4991] This?
Carole (PS05B) [4992] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [4993] Work out what fingers should be.
Carole (PS05B) [4994] [piano music] F sharp.
Carole (PS05B) [playing piano]
Carole (PS05B) [4995] And one, two and [...] and, you've got it, yeah, yeah, do it once again, and try, the other thing, is try not to hold down [pressed key on piano] that D, as you play the C, it's not important, but, it's better if you don't.

33 (Tape 004206)

Carole (PS05B) [4996] Oh goodness me, can I go home? [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [4997] I want [...] to have a look at, at this first, or the, the other piece or would you like to
Carole (PS05B) [4998] Yeah, maybe.
Carole (PS05B) [4999] Yes, there, there hasn't been
Carole (PS05B) [5000] This, this happens from time to time doesn't it?
Carole (PS05B) [5001] Oh I know, erm, with all of us, I understand completely, whilst that you feel a beat in it, erm, no where your left hand has to play, left hand seemed to be er leading a mind of it's own, yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5002] All over the place. [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5003] Do it once again.
Carole (PS05B) [5004] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5005] [...] , do it a bit slower, one, two, three, feel it, [...] steady.

34 (Tape 004207)

Carole (PS05B) [5006] Yes, that, that was almost that you have a complex about it.
Carole (PS05B) [5007] Still not right.
[5008] Well I didn't have, [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5009] [...] , but you do now.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5010] Erm, it's, it's fine, it's, they were little slips, are you practising your left hand on it's own?
Carole (PS05B) [5011] Eh, I haven't been this week.
Carole (PS05B) [5012] I would.
Carole (PS05B) [5013] I've just been doing it together.
Carole (PS05B) [5014] I think just a few times
Carole (PS05B) [5015] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [5016] would ... would help it, it's it's not quite secure enough, because it might have been before I arrived, but all the weaknesses show up
Carole (PS05B) [5017] Yes I know.
Carole (PS05B) [5018] you know, so erm, I, I think a little left hand practice would solve it, I noticed that you put a five on that, I think it's better if you put a four.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5019] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5020] Whether you will or not is another matter, that, try it again, and no faster than that, very, very sturdy, very sturdy.

35 (Tape 004208)

Carole (PS05B) [5021] It needs [...] practice.
Carole (PS05B) [5022] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5023] Well, because it's, it's rather a case of the blind leading the ... the blind, erm
Carole (PS05B) [5024] I think they're both [...] separately, but they
Carole (PS05B) [5025] Yes, now you, you played stuff just as difficult as this, and [...] there's no, no problem, don't do it too quickly though, and, I don't mind if it's not finished next week, or the week after, it's the quality we want, so, so, don't, don't rush it.
[5026] Just, if I were you I'd just do a little on it, every time you practised, and then put it away.
Carole (PS05B) [5027] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [5028] But, what, insist on, on left hand especially the little finger being really firm, so I shall leave you with that, that piece
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5029] and wait excitedly, you know next week.
Carole (PS05B) [5030] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [5031] How one pages the other six.
Carole (PS05B) [5032] That's it.
Carole (PS05B) [5033] Right.
Carole (PS05B) [cough]
Carole (PS05B) [5034] Done it separately.
Carole (PS05B) [5035] Oh yes, [laugh] , then [...] except miracles.
Carole (PS05B) [5036] No I, no, I mean you really respond very well, that Tchaikovsky was lovely, I understand at the present you can't do as much and admirable as you're still doing.
Carole (PS05B) [5037] Well I have to have something to do by myself.
Carole (PS05B) [5038] Yes, well yes surely make that or otherwise you, if you give up everything.
Carole (PS05B) [5039] Yeah, even if it's only ten minutes a day, at least it's something.
Carole (PS05B) [5040] Oh yes, yes, I think we all need, even, even if, plain, life is full of playing games and the game can help you get through the day sometimes.
Carole (PS05B) [5041] That's right.
Carole (PS05B) [5042] So, right let's hear the right hand.
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [5043] Yeah, just erm, that was fine, fingering here, erm, why do you put a, put a four on that, I, I would of thought that, that is more sensible, you put [...] into the next note down, let's try that, er mm
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]

36 (Tape 004209)

Carole (PS05B) [5044] Now do you know where two is in your mind?
Carole (PS05B) [5045] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [5046] [...] , sorry the and, do you know where it comes in the troll?
Carole (PS05B) [5047] In the middle.
Carole (PS05B) [5048] Yes, on that F sharp, right.
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [5049] Mm, one and two and, lovely, that's it, got it?
Carole (PS05B) [5050] Mhm.
Carole (PS05B) [5051] Though watch the beat there, then we'll be fine, good, let's go on.
Carole (PS05B) [5052] [piano music] .
Carole (PS05B) [5053] Yeah, now, are you going to put an F ... you put a four on that, so if you're doing it there, do a four also.
Carole (PS05B) [5054] What on the A you mean?
Carole (PS05B) [5055] [...] , yes on the A.
Carole (PS05B) [5056] Oh right.
Carole (PS05B) [5057] [...] the same.
Carole (PS05B) [5058] What was I doing?
Carole (PS05B) [5059] Put a five.
Carole (PS05B) [5060] Oh right.
Carole (PS05B) [5061] [...] making life difficult.
Carole (PS05B) [5062] Difficult.
Carole (PS05B) [5063] [laugh] , just try it.
Carole (PS05B) [piano music] [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5064] Then a four.
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [5065] Good.
[5066] Yes, now I wouldn't slur those quite so much as I would make that all legato.
[5067] You try putting a thumb on the A, no do, do this slowly, making the whole thing legato.
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [5068] The thumb da, da, yes, but, if you're in [piano music] it's a cord of G, you'll put a two on the B, final note, and then go up to a five on a G, not a one, it's better [...] to do that, see if you can try.
Carole (PS05B) [playing piano]
Carole (PS05B) [5069] That's it, do you find that difficult?
Carole (PS05B) [5070] No, just awkward.
Carole (PS05B) [5071] If, if, if you can't [piano music] , if you prefer to put a one there cross it out with a vengeance.
Carole (PS05B) [5072] [...] Well I [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5073] Take a rubber to it. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5074] [laugh] I try to [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5075] And, it's, it's better roll than keep on using the thumb to get you out of the keyboard [piano music] but, if, I don't want it to spoil
Carole (PS05B) [5076] Well I see, if it, if it.
Carole (PS05B) [5077] See how it goes, but that's, that's good, now let me just [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [piano music]
Carole (PS05B) [5078] Good, very good [...] .

37 (Tape 004210)

Carole (PS05B) [5079] Yes, very good, and you're sure you haven't put a three on that aren't you?
Carole (PS05B) [5080] Of course.
Carole (PS05B) [5081] Good nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong at all, now I think rather than set you something new, it's better to, try to get another bar.
Carole (PS05B) [5082] Think so.
Carole (PS05B) [5083] So, concentrate on this and I'm, I'm, must get round to [...] , I'm sorry my life has been in turmoil because of the, the dog situation, Jean and I haven't been up to the West End, but erm, I, I know which book I want, I want to get you, erm, and yes, I want you to do this, so [...] and this actually it's very good, very difficult, good, do a bit of technic.
Carole (PS05B) [5084] Mm, shall we?
Carole (PS05B) [5085] Why not?
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5086] Have you, have you been spending hours on the technic?
Carole (PS05B) [5087] Oh absolutely. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5088] The [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5089] Would you prefer not to?
Carole (PS05B) [5090] All I've been doing is well, I've been training, [...] scales and arpeggios.
Carole (PS05B) [5091] Oh yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5092] Two hands doing it.
Carole (PS05B) [5093] Oh, yes, you've had a lovely time.
Carole (PS05B) [5094] [laugh] Wonderful time, it's loopy, it's up there somewhere.
Carole (PS05B) [5095] Well stop it doing that.
[5096] Where?
[5097] This one isn't yours.
Carole (PS05B) [5098] [...] , is up there.
Carole (PS05B) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5099] Wonderful, that's it.
Carole (PS05B) [5100] That's it.
Carole (PS05B) [5101] I haven't done all of them.
Carole (PS05B) [5102] No, no, what, what have you done?
Carole (PS05B) [5103] Erm, well I've done C.
Carole (PS05B) [5104] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5105] And I've just about managed to get staccato in the right hand. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [5106] Do you a lot of good, you'll thank me for it one day.
Carole (PS05B) [5107] You try it the other way round.
Carole (PS05B) [5108] [...] But do now, what you find easiest, [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5109] Don't find any of it easy. [laugh]
Carole (PS05B) [laugh]

38 (Tape 004211)

Carole (PS05B) [5110] That's a funny balloon isn't it?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5111] Oh what?
Carole (PS05B) [5112] That's funny.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5113] What da man doing?
[5114] Big man.
Carole (PS05B) [5115] Big man, yes, right, you have a look at the magazines.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5116] And Postman Pat.
Carole (PS05B) [5117] You want a Postman Pat, oh we'll see if we can find you a Postman Pat, mm.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5118] They're new Postman Pats in here, no.
Carole (PS05B) [5119] No.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5120] We'll go and find Postman Pat, there might be up there, go and have a look, you have a look?
[5121] There Postman Pat ... there, oh you've got that one, you have to wait until next week, alright, O K, we won't buy that cos you've already got it, O K, ooh, ooh, are you with me?
[5122] Are you sulking?
[5123] You listening would you like some bananas?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5124] Oh, I want banana.
Carole (PS05B) [5125] You want bananas see.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5126] I want it, I want it.
Carole (PS05B) [5127] How about please?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5128] Mum, I want it.
Carole (PS05B) [5129] There we are , you can't have it until I've paid for it sweetheart.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5130] I want.
Carole (PS05B) [5131] Charlotte, that's enough.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5132] I want.
Carole (PS05B) [5133] Enough.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5134] I want, I want, I want.
Carole (PS05B) [5135] [...] said I want, I want, because you won't get anything, right one bag of potatoes.
[5136] Can you try and keep still, right, potatoes.

39 (Tape 004212)

Carole (PS05B) [5137] You being a car?
[5138] Mm, are you being a car? [...]
Charlotte (PS05E) [5139] Where man gone?
[5140] Where's the man gone?
Carole (PS05B) [5141] What man?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5142] He's gone [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5143] There's lots of men.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5144] But, lots of men in the garden.
Carole (PS05B) [5145] Lots of men in the garden are there?
[5146] I don't think so.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5147] We'll have a look.
Carole (PS05B) [5148] What you want to look at?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5149] I don't know.
Carole (PS05B) [5150] You don't know, let's, let's, have the list, there we are.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5151] What do we need?
Carole (PS05B) [5152] What do we need?
[5153] I don't know.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5154] A Postman Pat shape.
Carole (PS05B) [5155] You've got some Postman Pat shapes at home.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5156] You
Carole (PS05B) [5157] You've got, there's no need to buy any more do we?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5158] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5159] Yes, alright I'll get one, one thing.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5160] [...] .
[5161] I want to hold it.
Carole (PS05B) [5162] You want to hold it, here you are then, you hold it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5163] [singing] Postman Pat, Postman Pat, [...] , early in the morning [] .
Carole (PS05B) [5164] Oh, right, do I need any cereal today?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5165] Mm.
Carole (PS05B) [5166] Oh any, you're going to fall out of this aren't you?

40 (Tape 004213)

Charlotte (PS05E) [5167] One, two, three, oh.
Carole (PS05B) [5168] Pardon?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5169] One, two, three, oh.
Carole (PS05B) [5170] One, two, three, what?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5171] One, two, three, oh.
Carole (PS05B) [5172] Oh, are [...] .
Charlotte (PS05E) [5173] [...] And what we need?
Carole (PS05B) [5174] What we need, what we need
Charlotte (PS05E) [5175] Bag.
Carole (PS05B) [5176] is
Charlotte (PS05E) [5177] Is a worm, [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5178] You never watched Lady And The Tramp for a long time have you?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5179] Na, na, na, na, na.
Carole (PS05B) [5180] No you haven't.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5181] Yes I do.
Carole (PS05B) [5182] Yes I do, when do you do?
[5183] When did you watch Postman, I'm sorry, erm
Charlotte (PS05E) [5184] Postman Pat.
Carole (PS05B) [5185] When did you watch Lady And The Tramp?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5186] In the lounge.
Carole (PS05B) [5187] I know where you watched it, I'm asking you when you watched it.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5188] [singing] Postman Pat, Postman Pat,Post [...] way too [...] early in the morning.
[5189] [...] , anybody loves a [...] [] .
Carole (PS05B) [5190] Would you like some chicken for dinner?
Charlotte (PS05E) [singing]
Carole (PS05B) [5191] Shall we cook a chicken?
Charlotte (PS05E) [5192] No I don't want, I don't want [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5193] Oh Charlotte stop whining.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5194] I don't want, I don't want.
Carole (PS05B) [5195] Well I do, I'm very sorry, I want to have chicken, so there.
[5196] Will you please be careful what you're doing with that tin.
[5197] It's dangerous.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]

41 (Tape 004214)

Carole (PS05B) [5198] Now where are those little, biscuits we had before?
Joelle (PS05C) [5199] Hello, I didn't see you.
Carole (PS05B) [5200] Oh hello , how are you?
Joelle (PS05C) [5201] How you getting on?
[5202] That another one?
Carole (PS05B) [5203] Oh yes.
Joelle (PS05C) [5204] Oh.
Carole (PS05B) [5205] How are you anyway?
Joelle (PS05C) [5206] Alright.
Carole (PS05B) [5207] Yeah.
Joelle (PS05C) [5208] How you keeping?
Carole (PS05B) [5209] Oh, alright.
Joelle (PS05C) [5210] Yes.
Carole (PS05B) [5211] Exhausted.
Joelle (PS05C) [5212] Alright there.
Carole (PS05B) [5213] Oh yeah ... hard work with two.
Joelle (PS05C) [5214] Yeah, but [...] , Charlotte, she's looking away, hey.
Carole (PS05B) [5215] Are you going to say hello?
[5216] Don't be rude come on, say hello, do you remember Lynn?
[5217] Haven't seen you for a long time have you?
Joelle (PS05C) [5218] No, not happy with me today.
[5219] [laugh] She's lovely.
Carole (PS05B) [5220] Ha, how's Natalie?
Joelle (PS05C) [5221] Oh she's alright, she goes to school.
Carole (PS05B) [5222] Does she, doing exams yet?
Joelle (PS05C) [5223] Yes, [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5224] Is that [...] ?
Joelle (PS05C) [5225] She's done started it already.
Carole (PS05B) [5226] She's started?
Joelle (PS05C) [5227] Yes [...] .
Carole (PS05B) [5228] How's she doing?
Joelle (PS05C) [5229] Alright.
Carole (PS05B) [5230] Oh.
Joelle (PS05C) [5231] Yeah, still Natalie [...] to learn, the way, how I look at it.
Carole (PS05B) [5232] Pardon?
Joelle (PS05C) [5233] She's not ready yet to learn.
Carole (PS05B) [5234] No.
Joelle (PS05C) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5235] I think somebody's tired.
Joelle (PS05C) [5236] I wouldn't keep you, I give you a visit one day.
Carole (PS05B) [5237] Yes, do come pop in.
[5238] We're usually there.
Joelle (PS05C) [5239] I'll give you a ring.
[5240] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [5241] We don't get out much at the moment.
Joelle (PS05C) [5242] Nice baby again.
Carole (PS05B) [5243] Oh yes, and the big one.
Joelle (PS05C) [5244] Yeah.
Carole (PS05B) [5245] Twelve pounds now.
Joelle (PS05C) [5246] Twelve pounds.
Carole (PS05B) [5247] Yeah, she's only coming up for six weeks, mm, a monster.
Joelle (PS05C) [5248] [...] little boy, a boy?
Carole (PS05B) [5249] No it's a girl.
Joelle (PS05C) [5250] Girl again.
Carole (PS05B) [5251] Mm another girl, I know.
Joelle (PS05C) [5252] [...] another go
Carole (PS05B) [5253] No , two girls that's nice, we got two girls, they've got two boys, Brian and [...] , so that's alright, [laugh] , we're quite happy.
[5254] Someone to pass the eh clothes down to, innit?
Joelle (PS05C) [5255] Yeah .
[5256] Oh dear.
Carole (PS05B) [5257] Charlotte I've got to finish, get home and feed this monster, don't do that please.
Joelle (PS05C) [5258] See you then.
Carole (PS05B) [5259] O K, see you soon, yeah, bye.
[5260] Charlotte.
Charlotte (PS05E) [...] [crying]
Carole (PS05B) [5261] Don't cry.
Charlotte (PS05E) [5262] Be good another day.
Carole (PS05B) [5263] Do you like these?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5264] Do you like these?
Charlotte (PS05E) [...]
Carole (PS05B) [5265] [...] , we'll get some of those, I'll put them in, in the trolley, come on, now Charlotte please don't start being naughty, don't start.
Charlotte (PS05E) [crying]
Carole (PS05B) [5266] Charlotte mu