26 conversations recorded by `Carol2' (PS1DP) between 10 and 17 January 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 2265 s-units, 11137 words (duration not recorded).

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 12

PS1DP Ag3 f (Carol, age 44, courier, Central Midlands, )
PS1DR Ag0 f (Emma, age 11, student (state secondary), Central Midlands, ) daughter
PS1DS Ag4 m (Chris, age 47, area organiser for union, Central Midlands, ) husband
PS1DT Ag2 m (Dave, age 34, miner, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS1DU Ag2 f (Ann, age 26, hairdresser, Central Midlands, ) friend
PS1DV Ag0 f (Adele, age 11, schoolgirl, Central Midlands, ) daughter's friend
KBJPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBJPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

26 recordings

  1. Tape 052001 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating dinner and watching television
  2. Tape 052002 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating dinner and watching television
  3. Tape 052003 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: preparing and eating dinner and watching television
  4. Tape 052004 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: watching television and putting daughter to bed
  5. Tape 052005 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for school
  6. Tape 052006 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for school
  7. Tape 052007 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: going to school
  8. Tape 052008 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: going to school
  9. Tape 052009 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: going to school
  10. Tape 052010 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: going to school
  11. Tape 052011 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: picking up daughter from school
  12. Tape 052012 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: picking up daughter from school
  13. Tape 052013 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: daughter and friend playing
  14. Tape 052014 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: driving to airport
  15. Tape 052015 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: driving to airport
  16. Tape 052016 recorded on 1992-01-14. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( in car ) Activity: driving to airport
  17. Tape 052017 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: making and eating breakfast and doing maths homework
  18. Tape 052102 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: making and eating breakfast and doing maths homework
  19. Tape 052103 recorded on 1992-01-15. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: breakfast time
  20. Tape 052201 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for work and eating breakfast
  21. Tape 052202 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for work and eating breakfast
  22. Tape 052203 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for work and eating breakfast
  23. Tape 052204 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: getting ready for work and eating breakfast
  24. Tape 052302 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: writing out forms
  25. Tape 052303 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: writing out forms
  26. Tape 052304 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationNottinghamshire: Nottingham ( at home ) Activity: writing out forms and getting dinner ready

1 (Tape 052001)

Emma (PS1DR) [1] Present off your ... aunt and it's ... er like a, a little baby and you don't like it ... and you've got to write a thank you letter to her, but you can't tell her that you don't like it, and you can't lie.
[2] ... Where is it?
Carol (PS1DP) [3] It's there love.
Chris (PS1DS) [4] Well what's it for then?
[5] I mean, did you invent this story yourself then?
Carol (PS1DP) [6] Go on tell dad.
[7] And then you can watch an er erm
Emma (PS1DR) [8] Got my Walkman there?
Carol (PS1DP) [9] Well not it isn't, it's my own personal one!
Chris (PS1DS) [10] Did you invent this story yourself?
Emma (PS1DR) [11] Yeah.
[12] But we ... and there was erm, and there was another one ... and you'd got to do about erm ... some, someone gets kidnapped and ... erm you have to do it, and they ha some somebody finds out and they erm ... rescue the
Chris (PS1DS) [13] Oh!
Emma (PS1DR) [14] How are yo , are you listening to that now?
Carol (PS1DP) [15] I'd have a job!
[16] I've got nothing in my ears!
Emma (PS1DR) [17] Well, what are you la like that for?
Carol (PS1DP) [18] Leave that please!
[19] Don't touch it thank you!
[20] This is my own personal stereo ... Walkman.
Emma (PS1DR) [21] Well let me have a go of it!
Carol (PS1DP) [22] Well, I don't really, but there you are.
[23] Anyway, put the te erm, television on and go and get your hands washed, you can help me dish the dinner up, and then er [cough] , dad's going to the doctors. [tv on]
Emma (PS1DR) [24] Mum, tell me, how does it work?
Carol (PS1DP) [25] Well I've got all these tapes, I've got to fill them all, I've got these ... you see, and it's all to do for market research on how people speak.
[26] See?
Emma (PS1DR) [27] On how people speak?
Carol (PS1DP) [28] Yes.
[29] On English language.
Emma (PS1DR) [30] So is it turned on now?
Carol (PS1DP) [31] It is turned on now.
Emma (PS1DR) [32] And it is taping every word that I say?
Carol (PS1DP) [33] [laughing] Yes [] !
Emma (PS1DR) [34] Oh God!
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [35] That's just charming!
Carol (PS1DP) [36] Well, are you gonna help me dish the dinner up then first?
Emma (PS1DR) [37] Tell you what, I'll read you my story.
[38] How's that?
Carol (PS1DP) [39] Well I hope they, don't suppose they want to hear your story. [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [40] Right.
[41] This is, I've got my from school, it says, [reading essay paper] I was [...] shopping in town looking at some clothes when, suddenly I got pulled back from one of the, the changing room.
[42] I felt something horrible pressed against my head, talk girly and you're history!
[43] Immediately I knew I was being kidnapped.
[44] The man told me to [...] daughter so that they [...] I was being kidnapped.
[45] I did what he said and walked out the shop with him.
[46] He took me to his flat which was quite high up.
[47] He took my in a room with a table and a pile of paper.
[48] In the []
Carol (PS1DP) [49] That's , you don't spell daughter like that!
[50] It's D A U G H T E R.
Emma (PS1DR) [51] I thought it was a bit short.
[52] [reading] the room with a table and pile of paper and a pen.
[53] Also, there was a loaf and a bread ... a, a loaf of bread and a sink with a glass.
[54] You eat bread, drink water, play with paper [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [55] And you clean your teeth!
[56] Go and clean your teeth!
Emma (PS1DR) [57] Are you sure it is, taping every word you say.
Carol (PS1DP) [58] Emma!
[59] You can listen to it later.
[60] I have got
Emma (PS1DR) [61] And is it sent ... is it gonna be sent to you though?
Carol (PS1DP) [62] I'll read it to you later.
[63] Go and get, move this!
Emma (PS1DR) [64] Have you just bought that?
Carol (PS1DP) [65] No.
[66] A lady has.
Emma (PS1DR) [67] Why, she gave it to you?
Carol (PS1DP) [68] Yes, she comes and collects it in a week's time.
[69] Will you move that!
Emma (PS1DR) [70] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [71] Come and help me dish this dinner up.
Emma (PS1DR) [72] Right.
Carol (PS1DP) [73] And tell your dad to get ready to go to the doctors please.
Emma (PS1DR) [74] I'm going to put this away.
[75] And I'm going to wash my hands.
[76] ... And ... er ... help you do dish dinner up.
Carol (PS1DP) [77] Right.
Emma (PS1DR) [78] Is dad having his dinner?
Carol (PS1DP) [79] No, I shouldn't think he'll have time.
Emma (PS1DR) [80] Right.
[81] Dad!
[82] Got to go to the doctors. ... [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [83] Erm
Chris (PS1DS) [84] Quarter to six.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [85] Quarter to six I've gotta go.
Carol (PS1DP) [86] Oh sorry!
[87] I thought it was twenty to.
[88] ... [cough] ... [whistling] ... Just get some knife and forks out for me.
Emma (PS1DR) [89] Alright then.
[90] You know my essay?
[91] You can, you can win something and then they'll ... it's something about going to see the Queen!
Carol (PS1DP) [92] Oh!
[93] Could, the thing ... [...] yesterday?
Emma (PS1DR) [94] No.
[95] Yes.
[96] Mother's Day.
[97] And Mr ... I mean Mr says erm ... if you win it you can get a chance to go and see the Queen and smile at her home and wave.
Carol (PS1DP) [98] Mm!
[99] Would you like that?
Emma (PS1DR) [100] Yes, it's not bad.
Carol (PS1DP) [101] Erm
Emma (PS1DR) [102] Rose would like it.
Carol (PS1DP) [103] I suppose she would.
[104] Can you stir the gravy up as well please?
Emma (PS1DR) [105] Okay.
Carol (PS1DP) [106] While I just put these few ... beans on for dad ... that we don't like ... in the microwave.
Emma (PS1DR) [107] Is it baked beans?
Carol (PS1DP) [108] Mm.
[109] Can't stand them!
[110] Hate them!
Emma (PS1DR) [111] [whispering] Mum!
[112] Mum!
[113] ... It's recording ... are you just speaking ... [...] [] .
Carol (PS1DP) [114] No, I'm speaking normal.
[115] You mustn't.
Emma (PS1DR) [116] What's all that?
Carol (PS1DP) [117] No, get the er, like ... wait a minute.
[118] I'll turn the tape ... you ... [cough] do that.
[119] I'll leave dad's until he comes home from ... the doctors!
[120] Right, that's mine.
Emma (PS1DR) [121] What's the matter with him?
[122] Why's he got to go to the doctors?
Carol (PS1DP) [123] For his blood pressure.
[124] ... Well I think they're ready now.
[125] Not quite.
Emma (PS1DR) [126] Will they listen to us saying this then?
Carol (PS1DP) [127] Couldn't tell you.
[128] I'll read it to you later and tell you exactly what's happening.
[129] Excuse me please!
Emma (PS1DR) [130] Oh sorry!
Carol (PS1DP) [131] We'll get the turkey out of the oven.
Emma (PS1DR) [132] Turkey?
Carol (PS1DP) [133] Well it's ... it's ... er ... what's his name?
[134] Bernard Matthews' turkey roast.
Emma (PS1DR) [135] Oh it's looks horrible!
Carol (PS1DP) [136] Oh shut up!
[137] I don't know what you do want! ... [whistling]
Emma (PS1DR) [138] I know what I want.
Carol (PS1DP) [139] Be a nice dinner, this will.
Emma (PS1DR) [140] I wish you'd never bought this hair band.
Carol (PS1DP) [141] You don't like, you, I want you to go and look at your bedroom.
Emma (PS1DR) [142] Why have you tidied it?
Carol (PS1DP) [143] Yes.
[144] When you've, that gravy's got thick ... just go and have a look please.
Emma (PS1DR) [145] It feels thick.
Carol (PS1DP) [146] Right, turn it down to number one.
Emma (PS1DR) [147] Better make sure though hadn't I?
[148] Yeah it does, it feels thick.
Carol (PS1DP) [149] Let's have a feel?
[150] Right, now turn down to number one.
[151] Go and have a look, quick.
[152] [cough] ... And don't put them all on there! ... [humming]
Chris (PS1DS) [153] What's that glue doing on there duck?
Carol (PS1DP) [154] This? [cough]
Emma (PS1DR) [155] Mum, Neighbours is on!
Carol (PS1DP) [156] Right!
[157] You can watch Neighbours then.
Emma (PS1DR) [158] It's my turn to watch the [...] so that's
Carol (PS1DP) [159] Right.
Emma (PS1DR) [160] on at seven thirty.
Carol (PS1DP) [161] It's for erm ... lick o the sol ... the kissing dolls.
Chris (PS1DS) [162] Oh!
[163] Do you want it put back in here?
Carol (PS1DP) [164] Yeah.
[165] They're ever
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [166] so old!
[167] I knocked it off.
[168] I mean, I've had them since Linda was fifteen.
[169] ... This tastes lovely!
[170] ... Want a taste?
Chris (PS1DS) [171] Go on then.
Carol (PS1DP) [172] Beautiful!
[173] Beautings!as Martin would say.
Chris (PS1DS) [174] [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [175] Th ... on the side of the telephone.
Chris (PS1DS) [176] They're not.
[177] They're not.
Carol (PS1DP) [178] I've just come in, come in with them.
Emma (PS1DR) [179] What's the matter?
[180] Mum!
Carol (PS1DP) [181] Dad's car keys.
[182] [cough] ... I just come, I thought ... Where are they?
[183] They've got to be down somewhere duck.
[184] I come in
Chris (PS1DS) [185] I'll take the little one.
Carol (PS1DP) [186] Take the little one.
[187] They're in, Chris.
[188] When it, just let me grab this cat.
[189] ... And you can go out in a moment.
[190] ... Emma.
[191] Just look for dad's car keys, I've put them down somewhere.
Emma (PS1DR) [192] Right.
[193] Have you?
[194] Or ha , or did you just leave them here?
Carol (PS1DP) [195] No , they're here look.
Emma (PS1DR) [196] So he wasn't just saying it.
Carol (PS1DP) [197] No!
[198] I've put them down on there.
[199] It's alright.
[200] He's gone.
Emma (PS1DR) [201] [laugh] ... Well how can ... well how can go without his keys?
Carol (PS1DP) [202] He's got a spare one.
[203] ... You want to go out for a wee wee puss?
Emma (PS1DR) [204] I thought he might have been blaming you like he does, er blame you for moving all his letters when you haven't even touched them!
Carol (PS1DP) [205] Emma!
[206] ... We'll play this back later you know.
Emma (PS1DR) [207] Not to dad.
Carol (PS1DP) [208] To everybody.
[209] Right!
[210] Le lis
Emma (PS1DR) [211] Can we have a listen?
Carol (PS1DP) [212] Let the cat out.
[213] Me and you will hear it.
Emma (PS1DR) [214] Puss!
[215] Go on.
[216] Oi!
[217] You can go out now.
Carol (PS1DP) [218] She doesn't want to go.
[219] Leave her, shut that door.
Emma (PS1DR) [220] When she wants to go you don't want to let her ... but when, when you want to let her in she'll
Carol (PS1DP) [221] Well he didn't want her to go
Emma (PS1DR) [222] want to go.
Carol (PS1DP) [223] while dad was ... er driving, reversing the car.
Emma (PS1DR) [224] Which one, which is mine?
[225] Mm!
[226] Looks alright.
[227] A bit cold but
Carol (PS1DP) [228] Well it won't be ... when you've got your gravy on it.
Emma (PS1DR) [229] Gravy warms it up doesn't it?
Carol (PS1DP) [230] Course it does.
[231] ... [whistling] ... [cough] ... Please don't get it on your school uniform!
Emma (PS1DR) [232] Yes alright. [tv on]
Carol (PS1DP) [233] Yeah, well don't!
[234] ... [cough] ... [cough] ... Erm ... have you got the knife and
Emma (PS1DR) [235] This meat's horrible!
Carol (PS1DP) [236] forks?
[237] Don't talk stupid!
Emma (PS1DR) [238] It's salty!
Carol (PS1DP) [239] Eat it!
[240] There's no salt on it.
[241] I haven't put any salt on it.
Emma (PS1DR) [242] It tastes salty though.
Carol (PS1DP) [243] [cough] ... I've got ... [cough] ... something stuck in my throat.
Emma (PS1DR) [244] You alright?
Carol (PS1DP) [245] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [246] You sure?
[247] But it's not just a cough?
Carol (PS1DP) [248] No, it's something stuck in my throat. [cough]
Emma (PS1DR) [249] Like what?
Carol (PS1DP) [250] I don't know.
[251] ... Oh that's beautiful!
[252] Eat it up Emma.
[253] ... Is there no more erm ... that sewing club that you go to on a Wednesday, is it finished?
Emma (PS1DR) [254] No.
[255] It was on last night.
Carol (PS1DP) [256] Did you forget?
Emma (PS1DR) [257] No.
Carol (PS1DP) [258] You just didn't want to go?
Emma (PS1DR) [259] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [260] Didn't sh
Emma (PS1DR) [261] She wanted to make a [...] finished that bit that I'm on.
[262] They've done ... and they're on their second thing.
Carol (PS1DP) [263] Oh!
[264] ... So what do you do now then?
Emma (PS1DR) [265] Then we go to that every week like ... sort of like, say erm ... forgotten it.
Carol (PS1DP) [266] So you're not going again?
Emma (PS1DR) [267] Try not to.
Carol (PS1DP) [268] So that's not fair really when people have put theirselves out.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [269] No, I've said that before.
Emma (PS1DR) [270] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [271] I've told you that.
[272] ... It's only like eating chicken.
[273] ... Yes he must be.
[274] [tv loud] ... What you been doing at Adele's house then?
Emma (PS1DR) [275] Writing an essay.
Carol (PS1DP) [276] Oh!
[277] What's her story about then?
Emma (PS1DR) [278] Same thing as mine.
Carol (PS1DP) [279] Pardon?
Emma (PS1DR) [280] Same as mine, about a kidnapping.
Carol (PS1DP) [281] Only hers is different?
Emma (PS1DR) [282] Mm.
[283] It's got to be.
Carol (PS1DP) [284] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [285] We've, we've just been told to write it about ... either kidnapping ... or erm ... about the [...] thing that I told you
Carol (PS1DP) [286] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [287] or ... about how ... er ... [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [288] Oh!
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [289] [laugh] ... Well she sho ... [laugh] ... supposed to be a vegeta vegetarian?
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [290] What?
[291] [clears throat] Did Claire come round?
Emma (PS1DR) [292] No.
Carol (PS1DP) [293] Why not?
Emma (PS1DR) [294] No.
[295] It was [...] .
[296] ... Anyway, I told Adele that ... what happened was, about what you said to me when I go ... about ... [...] ... sort it out.
[297] I told Jessica not to bother phoning me [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [298] Again?
[299] Again?
Emma (PS1DR) [300] I told her not to bother phoning me up.
Carol (PS1DP) [301] Why?
Emma (PS1DR) [302] Told Jessica not to bother phoning me up.
Carol (PS1DP) [303] Oh!
Emma (PS1DR) [304] And er, I told Adele that, and I said that erm ... my mum erm ... said that I was better off sticking with you, playing with you ... cos Jessica ... erm ... is just ... [...] between the two ... like ... like me.
Carol (PS1DP) [305] Right.
Emma (PS1DR) [306] And ... erm ... she like, just she won't play with me but she doesn't.
[307] And she says she'll try and phone me up, but I reckon she doesn't even ... er ... I sa ... ask her mum.
Carol (PS1DP) [308] No.
[309] ... Is she friends with Gemma then?
Emma (PS1DR) [310] Mm.
[311] Like today, er ... she moved back to erm ... to er, sitting next to Diana, yesterday she was sitting next to me.
Carol (PS1DP) [312] You shouldn't
Emma (PS1DR) [313] I hadn't said a word to her ... and ... and she ... she was ... she didn't talk to me.
Carol (PS1DP) [314] Oh.
[315] Where's the erm ... the tie-backs for the curtains in your bedroom?
Emma (PS1DR) [316] Mm?
Carol (PS1DP) [317] The tie-backs for the curtains in your bedroom? [clears throat]
Emma (PS1DR) [318] Hanging on, erm ... a hook on the side of my cupboard.
Carol (PS1DP) [319] You know, cos I've brought this to stick it on with.
[320] ... When did you get wet through anyway, at school, was it lunchtime?
Emma (PS1DR) [321] I'll show you what, I tell you what's happened ... when [...] things.
Carol (PS1DP) [322] Okay.

2 (Tape 052002)

Carol (PS1DP) [323] I don't really like it anyway.
[324] I like what's on in a bit.
Emma (PS1DR) [325] What's that?
Carol (PS1DP) [326] Taggart.
[327] ... What would you like to eat tomorrow night?
Emma (PS1DR) [328] Don't know.
[329] Why?
Carol (PS1DP) [330] Well I don't know what to do,wha wha what, what have we had this week?
Emma (PS1DR) [331] Well I don't know.
[332] I'd like some chicken.
Carol (PS1DP) [333] We've had turkey tonight.
[334] We had chicken
Emma (PS1DR) [335] That doesn't taste anything like chicken!
[336] It's horrible!
Carol (PS1DP) [337] We've got to eat a lot more chicken now the doctor's said that he's got
Emma (PS1DR) [338] Have I got a [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [339] Yeah.
[340] Now the doctor's said he's got to try and lose some weight.
Emma (PS1DR) [341] So, chicken's alright?
Carol (PS1DP) [342] Plenty of white meat.
[343] Fish, veal, chicken, turkey.
[344] ... What's your favourite ... meat?
Emma (PS1DR) [345] Chicken.
[346] My favourite white meat is chicken.
Carol (PS1DP) [347] And what's your favourite red meat?
[348] Would you say beef?
Emma (PS1DR) [349] Don't know.
[350] Lamb.
Carol (PS1DP) [351] I don't like lamb a lot.
[352] It's too greasy.
[353] ... Well he's in a mess!
[354] ... [laugh] ... What's the matter with his face?
Emma (PS1DR) [355] I don't know ... when he, when he was looking for that old chap, I think one of the girls threw something at him ... hit him in the eye.
Carol (PS1DP) [356] Are you eating all that chocolate tonight then?
Emma (PS1DR) [357] Just me? ... [...] ... today ... because in ... because it was in your place ... I came back from [...] ... [...] ... she's got a big scratch book mum ... and she glued it on ... and came that close to me ... it's about there ... and he threw it at me and [...] there.
[358] Can you see it?
Carol (PS1DP) [359] Mm.
[360] ... What did you say ... yourself?
Emma (PS1DR) [361] Told Mrs , and she goes oh yes, I know and she just walked off!
Carol (PS1DP) [362] Who's class is he in?
Emma (PS1DR) [363] He's in our class.
Carol (PS1DP) [364] Mm.
[365] ... Do you like Mrs ?
Emma (PS1DR) [366] Not really.
Carol (PS1DP) [367] What is it that you don't like about her?
Emma (PS1DR) [368] She just ignores people!
[369] And she just [...] ignore me.
Carol (PS1DP) [370] She perhaps doesn't like people that tell tales.
Emma (PS1DR) [371] But why are they tales?
[372] ... But he did hurt me didn't he?
Carol (PS1DP) [373] Yes he did.
[374] It's, it's a bit silly is ... could have done some damage to your eye.
Emma (PS1DR) [375] I know, he could have knocked me in the eye instead of just at the side and it hurts now.
[376] So

3 (Tape 052003)

Carol (PS1DP) [377] You're off ... I think, February the seventh?
[378] Did you give that piece of paper in today?
[379] All that worry, worrying this morning.
[380] Quick!
[381] Sign that you said! [laugh]

4 (Tape 052004)

Carol (PS1DP) [382] Have you got the cat?
Emma (PS1DR) [383] I'm getting him now.
Carol (PS1DP) [384] Have you cleaned your teeth?
[385] ... Your school bag's in my car you know.
Emma (PS1DR) [386] Want that.
Carol (PS1DP) [387] Can you take that up then and your school uniform, and go and put that away somewhere.
Emma (PS1DR) [388] Are you gonna come and put me to bed or aren't you?
Carol (PS1DP) [389] Yes!
[390] I am!
[391] ... Try and get in the bed like I told you, there's a good girl.
[392] ... And there's a sock here look.
[393] And there's another one in the lounge.
Emma (PS1DR) [394] No.
Carol (PS1DP) [395] Yes I will.
Emma (PS1DR) [396] Course you will.
[397] ... Good puss!
[398] Don't worry puss, I'll get it in a minute.
[399] Puss!
[400] Puss!
Carol (PS1DP) [401] Have you got your plug in?
Emma (PS1DR) [402] What plug?
Carol (PS1DP) [403] Where's your
Emma (PS1DR) [404] Is it this low?
[405] Have I had it on before?
Carol (PS1DP) [406] Yes, you've had that on before.
Emma (PS1DR) [407] Mm.
[408] Have you got that
Carol (PS1DP) [409] No, your light , where's your light flo ... oh it's here!
[410] Okay?
[411] I'll do it for you babes.
Emma (PS1DR) [412] You got it switched off.
[413] You little monkey!
Carol (PS1DP) [414] I know.
[415] Get in.
Emma (PS1DR) [416] Get on there.
Carol (PS1DP) [417] Sorry!
Emma (PS1DR) [418] Ah ah!
Carol (PS1DP) [419] I'm sorry!
[420] It's my nails.
[421] You alright?
[422] Let's kiss it better.
[423] [kiss] Come on.
[424] Lie down.
[425] ... Now keep it tu tucked in
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [426] like that.
[427] ... Alright?
[428] They're thermal lined, plus a lining you've got
Emma (PS1DR) [429] Get changed
Carol (PS1DP) [430] on as well.
[431] Let's tuck this in.
Emma (PS1DR) [432] Where's my ... arm?
[433] Tt.
[434] That's my arm you're standing on!
Carol (PS1DP) [435] Ni-night!
Emma (PS1DR) [436] Night!
Carol (PS1DP) [437] God bless.
Emma (PS1DR) [438] God bless.
Carol (PS1DP) [439] See you in the morning.
Emma (PS1DR) [440] See you in the morning.

5 (Tape 052005)

Carol (PS1DP) [441] Does it?
Chris (PS1DS) [442] Yeah.
[443] ... Too early, I think it shuts
Carol (PS1DP) [444] I don't know.
[445] Could be something like that
Chris (PS1DS) [446] [sighing] Oh [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [447] what she's had.
Chris (PS1DS) [448] [...] that's washed.
[449] See you love.
Carol (PS1DP) [450] Bye.
Emma (PS1DR) [451] It's only turned on dad!
Chris (PS1DS) [452] Give us a kiss then.
[453] [kiss] Bye bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [454] See you tonight.
Chris (PS1DS) [455] Yeah.
[456] Bye bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [457] Bye!
Chris (PS1DS) [458] Bye bye!
Carol (PS1DP) [459] Come on then, let's go then.
Emma (PS1DR) [460] At least I haven't got school tomorrow, I'll have a lie in tomorrow so ... [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [461] Bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [462] Bye!
Chris (PS1DS) [463] Off again.
[464] There you are.
Carol (PS1DP) [465] Emma bring the cat in please.
Emma (PS1DR) [466] Right.
[467] Come on then puss! [tv on]
Emma (PS1DR) [468] Ah ya!
[469] Where's that puss?
Carol (PS1DP) [470] Have you got your watch on?
Emma (PS1DR) [471] No not yet.
[472] Do you know where it is?
[473] Oh it's on there.
Carol (PS1DP) [474] Over there, it's there.
Emma (PS1DR) [475] Right.
[476] Come on then puss.
Carol (PS1DP) [477] Don't forget to take those cheques with you.
[478] Might have them
Emma (PS1DR) [479] Dad.
Carol (PS1DP) [480] [cough] ... Emma, don't forget these things!
Emma (PS1DR) [481] What, my essay?
Carol (PS1DP) [482] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [483] Right.
Carol (PS1DP) [484] [...] Carol.
Emma (PS1DR) [485] What do you want dad?
Chris (PS1DS) [486] Where's mummy?
Emma (PS1DR) [487] Mm?
Chris (PS1DS) [488] Mummy?
Emma (PS1DR) [489] What do you want her for?
Chris (PS1DS) [490] Just want to ask her something.
[491] ... Go, ask her if those scales have come?
Emma (PS1DR) [492] Right.
[493] Mum!
[494] [shouting] Mum!
[495] Mum!
[496] Mum [] !
[497] ... Mum?
Carol (PS1DP) [498] What?
Emma (PS1DR) [499] Dad wants to know if those scales have come.
Carol (PS1DP) [500] No, tell him.
Emma (PS1DR) [501] Right.
Carol (PS1DP) [502] If they'd come we'd have had them in the bathroom.
Emma (PS1DR) [503] Right.
[504] No, mum said if they'd have come ... erm, she'd have put them in the bathroom.
Chris (PS1DS) [505] Oh.
[506] Alright.
Carol (PS1DP) [507] Where have you got to go today?
Chris (PS1DS) [508] Just to the office.
Carol (PS1DP) [509] Is that all?
[510] You haven't got to go nowhere like ... Manchester or something? [laugh]
Chris (PS1DS) [511] No, I don't think so.
[512] To Manchester next week.
Emma (PS1DR) [513] Oh your hair!
[514] ... Have fun!
Chris (PS1DS) [515] Bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [516] Bye.
[517] ... Coat.
[518] Co co coat, coat, coat, coat, coat, coat, coat.
[519] Coat coat coat, coat coat coat, coat, coat coat, coat, coat, coat, coat!
Carol (PS1DP) [520] Turn it off!
[521] Come on!

6 (Tape 052006)

Carol (PS1DP) [522] Well I'm outside waiting for you. [car radio]
Emma (PS1DR) [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [523] You really ought to have had some gloves you know.
Emma (PS1DR) [524] Is that turned on?
Carol (PS1DP) [525] Yes it is.
Emma (PS1DR) [526] Oh God!
[527] Wish it wasn't.
Carol (PS1DP) [528] Right.
[529] Er, have you got a o another glove like that?
[530] In your bag?
Emma (PS1DR) [531] No.
[532] Mm!
Carol (PS1DP) [533] Well you know if it's going to continue being ... is that door shut?
[534] Going to continue being cold you sort some gloves out.
[535] ... Have you got your watch on?
Emma (PS1DR) [536] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [537] What time is it with your watch?
Emma (PS1DR) [538] Erm [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [539] Should be alright then.
Emma (PS1DR) [540] Five minutes.
Carol (PS1DP) [541] Should just do it in time.
Emma (PS1DR) [542] [...] ... [...] tomorrow. [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [543] What?
[544] A lie in?
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [545] You that tired?
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [546] You've got to do ... You really ought to put some tights on as well.
Emma (PS1DR) [547] Oh.
[548] You know when it [...] ... all the [...] tights, they're all [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [549] Well I have to wear them don't I?
Emma (PS1DR) [550] [...] I don't like them.
[551] It doesn't look like it's going to rain today does it?
Carol (PS1DP) [552] It's not going to what?
[553] No it's not going to rain, it's going to be very cold.
Emma (PS1DR) [554] What sort of cold [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [555] Just a cold dry day.
[556] ... Oh!
[557] You alright microphone?
[558] ... Got to clip that to something.
[559] ... Come on.
[560] Make haste.
[561] We've got to get to school.
Emma (PS1DR) [562] [...] [singing] Don't muck about [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [563] [cough] ... Oh dear!
Emma (PS1DR) [564] Oh look at them!
Carol (PS1DP) [565] Come on then, quick!
[566] Get out now love.
[567] ... What is it today?
[568] You don't know do you?
[569] Got to get you that erm ... leotard [...] today, I must do that.
[570] ... Cheek of it!
[571] On a bus like that [...] .
Emma (PS1DR) [572] Mrs .
Carol (PS1DP) [573] Mrs who?
Emma (PS1DR) [574] .
Carol (PS1DP) [575] No, I don't know who it was Emma.
Emma (PS1DR) [576] What did she do?
[577] She wasn't coming out, she like ... going, she wears [...] and ... wears them on her back and then she's just knackered and knackered [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [578] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [579] Even in the morning you know ... just talks about it all the while and then we never get ... the work actually started ... or finished.
[580] Cos she he spent ... nearly all time
Carol (PS1DP) [581] Nattering.
Emma (PS1DR) [582] talking about it.
[583] I don't like being there [...] do you?
Carol (PS1DP) [584] [...] what?
Emma (PS1DR) [585] Look.
Carol (PS1DP) [586] It's only flashing.
Emma (PS1DR) [587] It's just that
Carol (PS1DP) [588] It's only flashing.
Emma (PS1DR) [589] but it does matter a bit though doesn't it?
Carol (PS1DP) [590] Oh yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [591] Right by the pond.

7 (Tape 052007)

Dave (PS1DT) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [592] [...] one return.
Carol (PS1DP) [593] Thank you.
[594] ... Well thank you Ian.
Dave (PS1DT) [595] How are you, alright?
Carol (PS1DP) [596] Yes thanks.
[597] Are you?
Dave (PS1DT) [598] Oh not too bad.
[599] I'm gonna see [...] been on nights, I'm tired and
Carol (PS1DP) [600] Ah!
[601] Never mind.
[602] When do you finish?
Dave (PS1DT) [603] I start, er, finish, well ... start tonight.
[604] Half five tonight.
[605] So er ... hope to see the morning through ... probably stop for a ... [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [606] And finish.
Dave (PS1DT) [607] I finish about ten to one.
Carol (PS1DP) [608] It's a long ... time to be at work.
Dave (PS1DT) [609] It's extra money.
[610] Been doing it all week so I might as well get it over ... all in one week, like.
Carol (PS1DP) [611] Mm.
[612] I don't know.
Dave (PS1DT) [613] [yawning] Oh dear [] !
[614] I got the [...] tonight I've er ... I've got erm ... [...] the baby seat done today [...] ... sort of like a baby seat in the back so I wait until I get really lumbered like, you know, cos er, if you have the [...] then you can take it back after it's born ... and er, get a refund on it ... get all the money back.
Carol (PS1DP) [615] Yeah.
Dave (PS1DT) [616] Then they were coming back with all the bloody spot checks [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [617] Why?
Dave (PS1DT) [618] I think it just has to [...] .
[619] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [620] How comes your mummy's picking us up?
Dave (PS1DT) [621] [...] ... Why?
Carol (PS1DP) [622] How come what?
Dave (PS1DT) [623] You're always picking us up.
Carol (PS1DP) [624] Well what would you
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [625] rather do, catch the bus?
Dave (PS1DT) [626] Would you rather go on bus?
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [627] Yeah.
Dave (PS1DT) [628] What and spend your own money all the time?
[629] You got me
Carol (PS1DP) [630] Well it's your money really in't it, to start off with?
Dave (PS1DT) [631] Well it's hers really.
[632] ... You don't have to walk with me, you know, you can walk twenty yards in front if you want then ... well I'll get ... the car's right up there, right up top end.
Carol (PS1DP) [633] Yeah, but she's only waiting then in't she, outside?
Dave (PS1DT) [634] Aye.
[635] She wants me when they've got a club night and
Carol (PS1DP) [636] Oh aye.
Dave (PS1DT) [637] and she wants money!
[638] This one's alright.
[639] Hello.
[640] You alright? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS1DT) [641] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS1DT) [642] In't there?
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [643] No.
Dave (PS1DT) [644] They should do it up.
[645] Yeah, they should.
Carol (PS1DP) [646] It's a what?
Dave (PS1DT) [647] Cos I haven't shaved.
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Dave (PS1DT) [648] Come on then.
[649] See you Carol.
Carol (PS1DP) [650] See you.
[651] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [...]

8 (Tape 052008)

Ann (PS1DU) [652] Hello!
Carol (PS1DP) [653] I saw you this morning on erm ... Churchill Drive, I were working, and you were.
Ann (PS1DU) [654] Churchill Drive.
Carol (PS1DP) [655] Mm.
[656] Ruddington.
Ann (PS1DU) [657] Yeah, I'm opening a shop round Ruddington.
Carol (PS1DP) [658] Oh are you?
[659] What is it?
Ann (PS1DU) [660] Yeah.
[661] Erm ... hairdressers.
Carol (PS1DP) [662] Oh is it?
[663] What's it called?
Ann (PS1DU) [664] Well it isn't at the moment.
[665] It's called the Clothes Peg.
Carol (PS1DP) [666] Clothes Peg on the main road?
Ann (PS1DU) [667] The ma on the main road.
Carol (PS1DP) [668] Yes.
[669] But he's now closing down?
Ann (PS1DU) [670] Yeah.
[671] Mm. [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [672] Shop's been a smashing shop, you know that has!
Ann (PS1DU) [673] I know.
Carol (PS1DP) [674] Really lovely!
Ann (PS1DU) [675] That's what everybody says.
Carol (PS1DP) [676] It's a shame.
Ann (PS1DU) [677] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [678] I've bought some smashing things from them!
[679] It'll be in city whe er th to there is a hairdre all there is is one further down on the corner of Parkin Street.
Ann (PS1DU) [680] There is, but they're old fashioned you know.
Carol (PS1DP) [681] Where's your er, information then, for us to look at?
Ann (PS1DU) [682] I know!
[683] No, I haven't got a [laughing] [...] [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [684] Well I want one.
Ann (PS1DU) [685] Yeah.
[686] I'll give some.
[687] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [688] Will you?
Ann (PS1DU) [689] Yeah, definitely.
[690] Yeah.
[691] Erm, no Julie's working with me as well you see, she's coming from London ... and we're gonna work together.
[692] So
Carol (PS1DP) [693] Mm.
[694] Good!
Ann (PS1DU) [695] That's if I

9 (Tape 052009)

Ann (PS1DU) [696] Well I've given some, I've not gone all the way round.
[697] I spent about an hour and a half this morning, I thought well it's time to stop.
Carol (PS1DP) [698] It's very time consuming though innit?
Ann (PS1DU) [699] Yeah.
[700] Cos I'm doing some mobile, well I'm hoping to get some mobile around Ruddington before it opens ... and so people can see me a bit before.
Carol (PS1DP) [701] Yes.
[702] Yeah.
[703] Before.
Ann (PS1DU) [704] So ... Lisa, it's it's going round at the moment with a mobile one, but after that it'll be from the shop [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [705] Mm!
Ann (PS1DU) [706] So
Carol (PS1DP) [707] Oh good!
[708] Well I hope it all works out alright.
Ann (PS1DU) [709] Oh I hope so.
Carol (PS1DP) [710] Ha!
[711] Such
Ann (PS1DU) [712] Oh!
Carol (PS1DP) [713] a lot of bother and ... trouble and trouble and
Ann (PS1DU) [714] Oh I know!
Carol (PS1DP) [715] worry isn't it?
Ann (PS1DU) [716] Definitely.
[717] Yeah.
[718] As long as everything goes through okay, and tha I don't see why I should have any problems.
Carol (PS1DP) [719] No.
Ann (PS1DU) [720] Of course, but
Carol (PS1DP) [721] Mm.
Ann (PS1DU) [722] the bank said yes, and the most important thing
Carol (PS1DP) [723] That's it!
[724] That's right.
Ann (PS1DU) [725] It's just red tape in't it?
[726] And, and then having it done.
Carol (PS1DP) [727] And getting the custom afterwards.
Ann (PS1DU) [728] I know!
[729] Oh God!
Carol (PS1DP) [730] [laughing] I hope you do [] !
Ann (PS1DU) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [731] [laugh] ... I'll see you anyway.
Ann (PS1DU) [732] Okay.
[733] See
Carol (PS1DP) [734] Bye!
Ann (PS1DU) [735] you.

10 (Tape 052010)

Carol (PS1DP) [736] It's not doing anything.
[737] Is it the right way round?
[738] The light's not on.
[739] Oh, the light
Emma (PS1DR) [740] It is!
Carol (PS1DP) [741] is on.
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [742] Wait a minute then.
[743] ... Tell me in a bit Emma.

11 (Tape 052011)

Carol (PS1DP) [744] And tell me what else you've been doing at school?
Emma (PS1DR) [745] No I can't remember.
Carol (PS1DP) [746] Can't remember?
[747] You've been there all day and can't remember!
Emma (PS1DR) [748] I know.
[749] Oh, we erm, a graph.
[750] Or [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [751] Ooh!
[752] Tonight, dad's
Emma (PS1DR) [753] Mhm.
Carol (PS1DP) [754] got to go to the hospital, he's going to see a friend that's had operation ... and er ... so he wants to be out at half past six ... so
Emma (PS1DR) [755] Are we going with him?
Carol (PS1DP) [756] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [757] Right.
Carol (PS1DP) [758] It's ... you're having rice and ... chicken supreme tonight.
[759] Will you enjoy that?
Emma (PS1DR) [760] Do I like it?
Carol (PS1DP) [761] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [762] Have I had it before?
Carol (PS1DP) [763] Yes.
Emma (PS1DR) [764] And did I like it?
Carol (PS1DP) [765] You did.
[766] ... Think this might need some new batt oh no!
[767] No.
[768] And I've also
Emma (PS1DR) [769] I've got batteries in my pocket.
Carol (PS1DP) [770] Have you?
[771] All those to , yeah well I told you to put in this morning.
[772] ... Those two batteries I told you put in your pocket in case the batteries went flat this morning.
Emma (PS1DR) [773] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [774] Did you clean your teeth this morning?
Emma (PS1DR) [775] Yes!
[776] I cleaned them with you remember?
Carol (PS1DP) [777] Oh yes, I've ... Have you enjoyed yourself at school?
Emma (PS1DR) [778] Yes thank you.
[779] Can't wait till ma erm ... to sleep in tomorrow.
[780] [laughing] Ha [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [781] [...] ... I think it's this weekend that we go to the fire station.
[782] This Sunday.
[783] A visit around a fire station.
[784] I'll enjoy that!
Emma (PS1DR) [785] Mm.
[786] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [787] There's a lot of people living in those new houses.
[788] ... They reckon there's three luxury detached bungalows left, I didn't think they were detached.
[789] They must be further down.
[790] Oh yes, right at the bottom look.
[791] ... [singing] Ah, da da da, da da [] .
[792] I didn't get out till ... half past one!
[793] And I had to go to Boots and ... get these batteries ... the erm ... what's it called?
[794] ... Smoke detector's ... batteries must be going down cos it's ... making a funny noise.
[795] Must be flat.
Emma (PS1DR) [796] When?
Carol (PS1DP) [797] Just save us coming out so I phoned ... your dad up and I said ... what batteries do you need?
Emma (PS1DR) [798] Do you want any chewing gum?
[799] ... Have you had it on all day?
Carol (PS1DP) [800] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [801] [laugh] ... So have you been to [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [802] While I've been to er ... while I've been shopping I haven't had it on at all.
Emma (PS1DR) [803] While you've been at work?
Carol (PS1DP) [804] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [805] While you've been at
Carol (PS1DP) [806] It's difficult.
Emma (PS1DR) [807] [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [808] Na no.
[809] It's dif it's difficult when ... you're working because
Emma (PS1DR) [810] Cos you're walking around and
Carol (PS1DP) [811] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [812] you think it's going to fall off don't you?
Carol (PS1DP) [813] Yeah.
[814] ... So difficult out of this ruddy road in ... evening!
[815] Thank you!
[816] How many have you had?
Emma (PS1DR) [817] One.
[818] Why?
Carol (PS1DP) [819] Just wondered.
[820] ... Did you go out and play at lunchtime?
Emma (PS1DR) [821] Mm?
Carol (PS1DP) [822] No jobs then, for anybody?
Emma (PS1DR) [823] Oh I see!
[824] I went and tidied Mr 's bookshelf.
Carol (PS1DP) [825] Creep!
Emma (PS1DR) [826] Me?
Carol (PS1DP) [827] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [828] Well it was that or the cold.
Carol (PS1DP) [829] Did they ask you then?
[830] Or did you go and ask, did you say do you want any jobs doing?
Emma (PS1DR) [831] Mm.
[832] I started from ... Mrs says ... no thank you Emma, Miss , no thank you Emma ... Miss , no thank you Emma.
[833] And then I
Carol (PS1DP) [834] They know your name then do they?
Emma (PS1DR) [835] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [836] Even though you weren't in their class at school?
Emma (PS1DR) [837] Mm!
Carol (PS1DP) [838] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [839] I went round all the classes
Carol (PS1DP) [840] And Mr said?
Emma (PS1DR) [841] Yes?
Carol (PS1DP) [842] Tidy my bookshelf for me.
[843] ... So oo who stopped in with you then?
Emma (PS1DR) [844] No one.
Carol (PS1DP) [845] Oh!
[846] So you haven't actually played with anybody then?
Emma (PS1DR) [847] Well I did when I came out, I played with erm ... Jackie and Kelly.
[848] ... But, they had to do monitor today.
[849] And erm ... Joseph was going to do it today.
Carol (PS1DP) [850] Ah!
Emma (PS1DR) [851] I mean ... he's alright but he's rude to the little ones ... and after [...] you have to take the plates away and scrape all the food off in the bins.
Carol (PS1DP) [852] [laugh] Not very nice
Emma (PS1DR) [853] It's horrible!
Carol (PS1DP) [854] is it?
[855] No.
[856] But you didn't do it today anyway, so
Emma (PS1DR) [857] Yeah.
[858] And you know, I li I like sharing the dinners out, but
Carol (PS1DP) [859] It's just the afterwards.
Emma (PS1DR) [860] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [861] Don't think I'd like that much.
Emma (PS1DR) [862] The mess clearing.
Carol (PS1DP) [863] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [864] All the slop and ... and scrape it all into this ... bucket ... with lots of ... it's like ... tray ... you know like that tray that you've got i next to your sink?
[865] Your ... who bought that ... there?
[866] The, it's like that.
Carol (PS1DP) [867] No ac in actual fact , I'll tell you what that is
Emma (PS1DR) [868] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [869] that's a salad bath.
[870] You wash your salad in there.
[871] It's not, it's not meant to have knife and forks in it.
Emma (PS1DR) [872] Oh.
Carol (PS1DP) [873] That, round, white plastic thing's
Emma (PS1DR) [874] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [875] for that.
Emma (PS1DR) [876] What, and you say put it in and ... [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [877] You know the ... no ... th you know when I bought the drainer and the bowl?
Emma (PS1DR) [878] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [879] And there's a like a white plastic thing ... that a yo the knife and forks and are in there, now.
Emma (PS1DR) [880] Oh that?
Carol (PS1DP) [881] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [882] That round thing?
Carol (PS1DP) [883] Yes.
Emma (PS1DR) [884] You're supposed to put salad in that?
Carol (PS1DP) [885] No.
[886] Your salad goes in the other square thing that belongs to the sink.
[887] That's not meant to have knife and forks in.
[888] Now do you understand?
Emma (PS1DR) [889] I think so.
Carol (PS1DP) [890] Good!
Emma (PS1DR) [891] And it's like that [...] ... apart from it hasn't got holes in bottom.
Carol (PS1DP) [892] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [893] And you scrape it all up.
Carol (PS1DP) [894] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [895] And it's, even worse with the pudding ... when it's got custard!
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [896] You have to pour the custard on, and the ... they ask for more custard so you pour more custard on ... and ... you could just leave it.
[897] Adele's house!
[898] Please.
[899] Oh!
[900] Oh!
Carol (PS1DP) [901] Now stop here ... and you're going to have to cross the road.
Emma (PS1DR) [902] Alright.
Carol (PS1DP) [903] Go on.
[904] And I'll watch you.
[905] Half past five.
[906] Watch the
Emma (PS1DR) [907] I know.
Carol (PS1DP) [908] door.
[909] Bye bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [910] Okay.
[911] See you in a bit.
[912] ... I'll see if they're in first.
Carol (PS1DP) [913] Alright then.
[914] Bye bye!
Emma (PS1DR) [915] Bye!
[916] Got to go, yeah?

12 (Tape 052012)

Emma (PS1DR) [917] There she is look!
Carol (PS1DP) [918] Oh yes.
Emma (PS1DR) [919] Can, can she come round to our house, because
Carol (PS1DP) [920] No!
[921] Because your dad's gotta ge ready to go out.
Emma (PS1DR) [922] But I want to watch Witches as well.
[923] And if I don't
Carol (PS1DP) [924] Alright.
Emma (PS1DR) [925] watch it now.
[926] Just going round to your house.
Adele (PS1DV) [927] Erm ... have you just got here?
Emma (PS1DR) [928] Mm ... yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [929] Let me move this car because they want to get in.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [930] What you doing?
[931] Coming round to my house?
[932] Or stopping there?
Emma (PS1DR) [933] Come to my house and ... want to watch [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [934] Come on!
[935] Cos they want to get in.
[936] Shut the door please!
Emma (PS1DR) [937] Shut the door!
[938] Shut the door!

13 (Tape 052013)

Adele (PS1DV) [939] And do it for [...] .
Emma (PS1DR) [940] Yeah, right.
[941] I would prefer it if you did and ... because I'd be very pleased erm ... if she did.
Adele (PS1DV) [942] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [943] That's why I said to get ma ba , get you back then.
[944] Cos only I'd stop because of you.
Adele (PS1DV) [945] Why?
Emma (PS1DR) [946] Mm.
[947] So I can get [...] of you.
[948] And get you!
Adele (PS1DV) [949] Disgusting [...] !
Emma (PS1DR) [950] Otherwise it's a slip switch ... so if you put it in, if I put it in my bag and it switches on and someone else [...] so the [...] the batteries will waste.
Adele (PS1DV) [951] Er.
Emma (PS1DR) [clears throat]
Adele (PS1DV) [952] Turn it on then.
Emma (PS1DR) [953] No.
Adele (PS1DV) [954] Is it over?
Emma (PS1DR) [955] I've gotta get you on [...] .
[956] [laugh] ... [sneeze] ... Don't pull my belt or my badge!
[957] Actually I better take this up.
[958] Right!
[959] Hang on!
[960] Hang on!
[961] Hang on!
Adele (PS1DV) [962] Okay then.
Emma (PS1DR) [963] No, get off!
[964] Get off a minute.
[965] I wanna take my badge because otherwise if you pull it it'll rip my jeans.
[966] ... Ooh!
[967] [laugh] ... Ah! [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [968] It sounds like [...] to get me downstairs!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [969] [laugh] ... Right, only got me down cos I was tired, I told you.
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [970] Ah! [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [scream]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [971] Well you found me!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [972] [shouting] Ya [] !
Emma (PS1DR) [973] [laugh] ... You're my horsey!
[974] Horsey [...] !
Adele (PS1DV) [scream]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [scream]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [975] [laugh] ... Ow!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [976] [...] ... Lie down.
Emma (PS1DR) [977] Chuck a chuck a chuck chuck!
[978] Ee ee!
[979] Go on then.
Adele (PS1DV) [980] No cos I will help you.
Emma (PS1DR) [981] Oh well it's my turn on you now.
Adele (PS1DV) [982] Okay.
[983] Aha.
[984] Yes, I'll climb on top of you, I'm on top of you!
Emma (PS1DR) [985] And you're not allowed to kick!
[986] [laugh] ... Ah!
Adele (PS1DV) [987] Horsey!
[988] Horsey!
[989] Horsey!
Emma (PS1DR) [990] Ya!
Adele (PS1DV) [singing]
Emma (PS1DR) [991] Don't work with me.
Adele (PS1DV) [992] Doesn't it?
[993] Ee!
Emma (PS1DR) [994] No.
[995] What do you do?
[996] Just ... that?
[997] Ah!
Adele (PS1DV) [998] No cos that'll work.
[999] ... Tha all you can do is ... put your belly up and I'll go flying!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [1000] Yeah!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [1001] Go on then, put your belly up!
Emma (PS1DR) [1002] Gung!
Adele (PS1DV) [1003] Ah ah ah!
[1004] Don't that hurts.
Emma (PS1DR) [1005] Wom!
[1006] Um!
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [1007] Tickle tickle!
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh] ... [laugh] ... [laugh] ... [scream] ... [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [1008] Shh!
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1009] Adele get up!
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1010] Cracking up! [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1011] Emma!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1012] Get dressed now, there's a good girl.
Emma (PS1DR) [1013] Ah!
Carol (PS1DP) [1014] Come on, cos I've to go out.
Adele (PS1DV) [scream]
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1015] Emma!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1016] Emma!
Emma (PS1DR) [1017] Hang on.
Carol (PS1DP) [1018] Go on then please, now!
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [scream]
Carol (PS1DP) [1019] Stop screaming!
Emma (PS1DR) [1020] Er
Carol (PS1DP) [1021] Go and get dressed!
[1022] And put that Home and Away game a away
Emma (PS1DR) [1023] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [1024] please.
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Adele (PS1DV) [1025] Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick!
[1026] And give me [...] .
Emma (PS1DR) [1027] [screaming] No!
[1028] No [] ! [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1029] Go on then, go and get dressed.
Adele (PS1DV) [1030] Ha!
[1031] Ha!
Emma (PS1DR) [1032] Delly welly!
Adele (PS1DV) [1033] Yeah?
Emma (PS1DR) [1034] Get that shifted!
Adele (PS1DV) [1035] No way!
Emma (PS1DR) [1036] [shouting] Mum [] !
Adele (PS1DV) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [1037] Hey!
[1038] Now stop that!
[1039] Go
Adele (PS1DV) [1040] That's silly!
Carol (PS1DP) [1041] Go and get
Emma (PS1DR) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1042] go and get dressed!
[1043] Thank you!

14 (Tape 052014)

Emma (PS1DR) [1044] Did you like your ride on the ... thing?
Carol (PS1DP) [1045] Yes I did.
[1046] Did you?
Emma (PS1DR) [1047] I wish they'd have gone a bit faster.
[1048] Is that how fast they goes?
Carol (PS1DP) [1049] Mm.
[1050] They don't go any faster than that.
[1051] So ... are you sitting in the front or at the back?
Emma (PS1DR) [1052] Erm, sit in the back.
Carol (PS1DP) [1053] Right, I'll sit in the front then.
Emma (PS1DR) [1054] Ooh!
Carol (PS1DP) [1055] I'll lock these gates as well.
Unknown speaker (KBJPSUNK) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1056] I know!
[1057] [laugh] ... [car starting] ... [sighing] Ah [] !
[1058] Right are we all ready then?
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1059] It's not shut.
Chris (PS1DS) [1060] Oh!

15 (Tape 052015)

Carol (PS1DP) [1061] You see the thing is ... you can record and listen to yourself speaking at the same time?
Chris (PS1DS) [1062] Did you lock the back door?
Carol (PS1DP) [1063] Yes I did.
[1064] ... Chris?
Chris (PS1DS) [1065] Yes?
Carol (PS1DP) [1066] Do you know that?
Chris (PS1DS) [1067] Yeah.
[1068] ... What, as it's recording it comes through here?
Carol (PS1DP) [1069] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1070] Is it on now?
Carol (PS1DP) [1071] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1072] What you on?
Carol (PS1DP) [1073] Recording.
[1074] ... Well wha well isn't somebody going to say anything other than me?
[1075] I'm having a conversation with myself.
Chris (PS1DS) [1076] What do you want me to say?
Carol (PS1DP) [1077] Well ... discuss what we did this morning?
[1078] What did you think about it then Emma?
Emma (PS1DR) [1079] Why?
Chris (PS1DS) [1080] Fire station.
Carol (PS1DP) [1081] Fire station!
Emma (PS1DR) [1082] A bit boring ... [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1083] Oh oh!
[1084] Ha!
[1085] That's one way [...] .
Emma (PS1DR) [1086] I like, the things tha the thing that I liked best was the ride in the ... fire brigade thingie.
Carol (PS1DP) [1087] Fire, [laughing] fire engine [] .
Emma (PS1DR) [1088] Fire engine.
Chris (PS1DS) [1089] The what?
Carol (PS1DP) [1090] Fire brigade thingie! [laugh]
Chris (PS1DS) [1091] [laugh] ... That's a fire engine, that thing.
Carol (PS1DP) [1092] Ooh it's lovely warm ... sort of here.
[1093] ... Sure you don't need it?
Chris (PS1DS) [1094] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [1095] She's conked out hasn't she?
Chris (PS1DS) [1096] They're just changing places.
[1097] At the
Carol (PS1DP) [1098] Aha.
Chris (PS1DS) [1099] traffic lights [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1100] Well that's different
Chris (PS1DS) [1101] It's different
Carol (PS1DP) [1102] anyway.
Chris (PS1DS) [1103] Eh?
Carol (PS1DP) [1104] Different!
Chris (PS1DS) [1105] Silly isn't it?
Carol (PS1DP) [1106] What was your views on the fire station?
Chris (PS1DS) [1107] I enjoyed it!
Carol (PS1DP) [1108] I did.
[1109] It was smashing! [...] really [...] two of them, I'm glad that we all went.
[1110] Are you warm now?
[1111] ... Where are we flying from when we go to Lanzarote [...] ?
Chris (PS1DS) [1112] Birmingham.
[1113] [mimicking Birmingham accent] Birmingham [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1114] [mimicking Birmingham accent] Birmingham [] !
[1115] Are you feeling a lot better today, just there?
[1116] You do don't you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1117] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1118] Good!
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1119] Mm.
[1120] ... How long has er ... [...] Co-op's never been in ... erm
Chris (PS1DS) [1121] It was there last time I went through there.
Carol (PS1DP) [1122] Well it must have been in the evening cos it was shut.
Chris (PS1DS) [1123] Yeah it was.
[1124] I says to you it was shut.
Carol (PS1DP) [1125] You told me [...] , I remember now.
[1126] ... [...] how to be ta er the wheels on that fire engine it had got the registration [...] , had you noticed?
Chris (PS1DS) [1127] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [1128] [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [1129] No.
[1130] No.
[1131] We'll see.
[1132] Don't worry.
[1133] I'll try and get the best for you babes.
[1134] ... Well, we're having a nice proper dinner.
Chris (PS1DS) [1135] Oh, see what [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1136] Not so cold, is it today?
Chris (PS1DS) [1137] No.
[1138] It's a bit cold travelling about to
Carol (PS1DP) [1139] Well it's on that
Chris (PS1DS) [1140] the station.
Carol (PS1DP) [1141] stone floor you see.
[1142] That didn't help.
[1143] ... I must remember to tape that er ... wa Waller Birds is it?
Chris (PS1DS) [1144] Yes, I want to see that [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1145] I taped it mainly for you.
Chris (PS1DS) [1146] [...] it says a mini-series.
Carol (PS1DP) [1147] No.
[1148] Be on twice I should imagine.
[1149] It's what ... they mean by a mini- series.
Chris (PS1DS) [1150] You mean it's, two episodes is it?
Carol (PS1DP) [1151] Two episodes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1152] Wha did you see it?
[1153] No?
Carol (PS1DP) [1154] I thought to myself ... when it was erm, advertised on television, I thought I'll tape that I bet I know ... well you'll be interested in that.
[1155] No, I thought it was a bit boring at first.
[1156] Slow.
[1157] But it was good.
[1158] ... Some I taped of that.
Chris (PS1DS) [1159] More interesting when you've been there as well int it?
Carol (PS1DP) [1160] We oh well yes!
Chris (PS1DS) [1161] Realizing that.
[1162] And you don't think about it.
Carol (PS1DP) [1163] No you don't.
Chris (PS1DS) [1164] [...] ... What have you told him?
Carol (PS1DP) [1165] Ah?
Chris (PS1DS) [1166] [...] to protect him! [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1167] [laugh] ... So they don't bother having scarecrows this time of year cos they don't see in ... don't put anything in the ground!
Chris (PS1DS) [1168] But I thought it was just wo you know, just been left somewhere. [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1169] Perhaps what ... we heard then int it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1170] [screaming] Oh [] ! [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1171] Accident here.
Carol (PS1DP) [1172] Always on this bit of road.
Chris (PS1DS) [1173] It's only just happened.
Carol (PS1DP) [1174] Yeah, I'd say, remember when we got out the car I said, I can hear that, dee da, dee da's!
[1175] ... That erm,am ... er ... fire brigade, that was the station that we went to this morning, they are called fire and rescue.
[1176] Did you, did you hear?
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1177] I know.
[1178] Did you tie them properly?
[1179] ... Just tie them how I did it Emma.
[1180] ... Two, tt, is that all?
[1181] Each! [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1182] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1183] [...] ... and he's [...] through there.
[1184] Ah?
[1185] They shouldn't ... do it on er, visibility's not very good either is it?
Chris (PS1DS) [1186] They got there didn't they?
Carol (PS1DP) [1187] Yes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1188] Somebody must have been overtaking [...] .
[1189] It's put ... the other way, I don't like that.
Carol (PS1DP) [1190] It were that white car by the looks of i the way they're positioned in the road.
Chris (PS1DS) [1191] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1192] Because the other one was
Chris (PS1DS) [1193] It's on the right side of the road
Carol (PS1DP) [1194] On the right side of the road.
[1195] [...] are out look.
Chris (PS1DS) [1196] That white car was overtaking wasn't he?
Emma (PS1DR) [1197] Oh is it the one?
Carol (PS1DP) [1198] Yeah.
[1199] Can you imagine what speed they were going at?
[1200] So we've got the, I mean it was concertinaed through ... the bonnet.
Chris (PS1DS) [1201] I don't know about that anyway.
[1202] It's just best driving at ... I can see it now.
[1203] Oh we're back up again!
[1204] The place is lovely int it!
Carol (PS1DP) [1205] Ooh er!
Chris (PS1DS) [1206] Ooh!
Carol (PS1DP) [1207] Erm ... they said Radcliffe didn't they?
[1208] Said hundred mile radius.
[1209] They did say Radcliffe ... if you remember.
Chris (PS1DS) [1210] Well keep an open.
Carol (PS1DP) [1211] Hundred mile ... sa square mile radius she said.
Chris (PS1DS) [1212] Not a square mile no, but
Carol (PS1DP) [1213] Well it said here, it said Clifton and ... Radcliffe and ... er er, what did you say?
[1214] Zouch
Chris (PS1DS) [1215] Yeah.
[1216] That's what she said.
Carol (PS1DP) [1217] Which is up here.
Chris (PS1DS) [1218] Yeah. [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1219] So would he come up here at all?
Chris (PS1DS) [1220] This was [...] .
[1221] Yeah, they've ... they've come to this road once
Carol (PS1DP) [1222] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [1223] This is [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1224] Er
Chris (PS1DS) [1225] What was his name that ... bloke who you were mates with?
Carol (PS1DP) [1226] Richard ... .
Chris (PS1DS) [1227] Oh said Dick.
[1228] Yeah, that's what they call him, Dick don't they?
Carol (PS1DP) [1229] Yes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1230] Take some back.
[1231] How did you know his name was Richard ?
Carol (PS1DP) [1232] Cos he told me. ...
[1233] And I've remembered his name cos I ... kept thinking of Charles .
[1234] You know who Charles is don't you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1235] I don't think
Carol (PS1DP) [1236] He's an actor.
Chris (PS1DS) [1237] Oh! [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1238] Where did you say that went?
[1239] Where was I?
[1240] Was I taking Emma's photograph?
Chris (PS1DS) [1241] What's that?
Carol (PS1DP) [1242] When I was on about my dad being at [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1243] Yeah , when you went down and took Emma's photo.
Emma (PS1DR) [1244] You didn't see him did you Dad?
Chris (PS1DS) [1245] I did.
Emma (PS1DR) [1246] How?
Chris (PS1DS) [1247] When he was holding that boat.
[1248] When you got your shoes.

16 (Tape 052016)

Emma (PS1DR) [1249] Yeah but did that man [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [1250] Yes.
[1251] As well.
Chris (PS1DS) [1252] From your front though.
Carol (PS1DP) [1253] I didn't want to get in the way.
Chris (PS1DS) [1254] Oh!
Carol (PS1DP) [1255] See, so he said wouldn't like one taken, taken from
Chris (PS1DS) [1256] Did he take it ... with you on it as well?
Carol (PS1DP) [1257] No.
[1258] I wasn't really bothered.
[1259] Just glad I've got one taken fire engine.
Chris (PS1DS) [1260] For Dennis.
Carol (PS1DP) [1261] It was good of them ... for them all to come out and do all them drills.
[1262] I didn't expect that did you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1263] Probably have to do the them drills anyway.
Carol (PS1DP) [1264] Yeah but it's
Chris (PS1DS) [1265] They do that anyway Carol.
Carol (PS1DP) [1266] wait for us to get there.
Chris (PS1DS) [1267] Yeah.
[1268] Everybody watched the other two, I ask him ... you know he went into the bus?
Carol (PS1DP) [1269] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1270] And some of us ... [...] some of us
Carol (PS1DP) [1271] Yes he was.
Chris (PS1DS) [1272] I said to him, how often do you do these drills?
[1273] He says, you're meant to drill on every watch.
[1274] Every watch that comes on has to do a drill.
Carol (PS1DP) [1275] Yeah, cos then I didn't actually meet him that's in charge of it all.
[1276] You know like that dark haired er, man ... on, him that's the er
Chris (PS1DS) [1277] Yeah , I know [...] ... [...] ... Ah?
Carol (PS1DP) [1278] Yeah.
[1279] Him that sort the er ... in, in the green
Chris (PS1DS) [1280] Who was that other fella, was he the deputy someone or something?
Carol (PS1DP) [1281] Yes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1282] I know.
Carol (PS1DP) [1283] Him that's up on ... er in the office on his own.
Chris (PS1DS) [1284] Station officer.
Carol (PS1DP) [1285] Station officer, that was it.
[1286] Couldn't think of the word!
[1287] ... I wondered why the [...] never steamed up.
Chris (PS1DS) [1288] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1289] But what makes ... made me laugh so much was the fact that they ... cos their clothes they've got are always the biggest, mind you, it'd fit anybody, it's alright
Chris (PS1DS) [1290] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [1291] you got to think that way haven't you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1292] Anyway, that's public.
[1293] That's right he was the newest one.
Carol (PS1DP) [1294] It is.
Chris (PS1DS) [1295] And that's why ... that's why [laughing] he was [...] woke up [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1296] I know.
Emma (PS1DR) [1297] No.
Carol (PS1DP) [1298] You got your lights on?
Chris (PS1DS) [1299] Yeah.
[1300] Yeah.
[1301] Cos I've started my descent.
Carol (PS1DP) [1302] Try to er ... [laugh] ... Dad went to the ... Donnington Thistle Hotel!
[1303] At th you know at the side of the airport where you said ... ooh and they've even got a swimming pool!
Chris (PS1DS) [1304] It's ever so nice in there Emma!
[1305] I went there, I had to go there this week for work.
[1306] You know when you go in the car park you have to get a token to get out.
Carol (PS1DP) [1307] Do you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1308] So when I parked my car I said to them ... I forgot how much it was in there, twenty pounds ... in the hotel ... as you're not a guest they give them in reception.
[1309] I said well it's alright cos I went to this er ... presentation there.
Emma (PS1DR) [1310] What to stay?
Chris (PS1DS) [1311] And she said yeah.
[1312] Anyway, when I went to go I had to go to the desk give you a token, this token lifts the barrier up.
Carol (PS1DP) [1313] I suppose for people who put the
Chris (PS1DS) [1314] Put [...] and cars in there, I mean cars in there ain't there?
Carol (PS1DP) [1315] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1316] Look at them [...] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1317] Why?
[1318] I should think they in case you [...] wouldn't have been there would they?
Chris (PS1DS) [1319] I don't know.
[1320] I mean [...] yesterday morning or ... every day.
Carol (PS1DP) [1321] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [1322] Plants, er the shrubs in there for [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1323] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1324] What's the matter?
Carol (PS1DP) [1325] Doesn't like the laces in those ... trainers.
Chris (PS1DS) [1326] What's wrong with them?
Emma (PS1DR) [1327] They're far too long [...] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1328] What's wrong with them?
Chris (PS1DS) [1329] I think [...] ought to cut them out.
Carol (PS1DP) [1330] Erm ... I know you brought it with you Chris, so it must
Chris (PS1DS) [1331] Something [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1332] is it in the back?
[1333] Paper?
Chris (PS1DS) [1334] Paper?
Carol (PS1DP) [1335] It helps to read it.
Chris (PS1DS) [1336] Did I put down Emma, in the back?
Emma (PS1DR) [1337] No, it's there.
Carol (PS1DP) [1338] It's alright.
Chris (PS1DS) [1339] That's okay.
[1340] It's alright.
[1341] I've got it.
[1342] Put it down and put my belt and it's er ... but er, load of fog coming down there.
Carol (PS1DP) [1343] Pardon?
Chris (PS1DS) [1344] The fog's coming down.
Carol (PS1DP) [1345] Th it will be more so round here though because it's all open.
Emma (PS1DR) [1346] Can you turn the heating down?
Carol (PS1DP) [1347] Turn the heating down a bit?
[1348] Ah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1349] Only a minute ago you were cold!
[1350] What's wrong?
Carol (PS1DP) [1351] Yeah, I like it when my legs burn!
Emma (PS1DR) [1352] It's boiling!
Chris (PS1DS) [1353] I put it up cos you said you was cold.
[1354] Are your feet nice and warm now?
Emma (PS1DR) [1355] Yeah, just a little bit.
Carol (PS1DP) [1356] We are now approaching East Midlands airport.
Chris (PS1DS) [1357] Weather outside is rather cloudy.
Carol (PS1DP) [1358] Rather.
[1359] It's very low there.
Chris (PS1DS) [1360] It's only six degrees centigrade.
Carol (PS1DP) [1361] Minus one!
[1362] Flipping heck!
Chris (PS1DS) [1363] [laugh] ... We must get the far better weather [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1364] Mm.
[1365] No I don't think I'd ever want to go back to Tunisia again would you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1366] [clears throat] ... I do
Carol (PS1DP) [1367] But
Chris (PS1DS) [1368] but you didn't like it much did you?
Carol (PS1DP) [1369] No.
Chris (PS1DS) [1370] Hey?
Carol (PS1DP) [1371] No.
[1372] But
Chris (PS1DS) [1373] If I went back I'd go to er, I probably go to Sousse or somewhere like that.
Carol (PS1DP) [1374] Pardon Emma?
Emma (PS1DR) [1375] Didn't you like it in Tunisia?
Carol (PS1DP) [1376] Er
Chris (PS1DS) [1377] I felt a bit intimidating and
Carol (PS1DP) [1378] Very much so.
[1379] I don't like the people's attitude Emma.
[1380] I know they can't help it, it's their way of living but
Chris (PS1DS) [1381] Their culture.
Carol (PS1DP) [1382] er, unfortunately er ... they made me feel very uncomfortable.
[1383] And it's not just me that
Chris (PS1DS) [1384] That's Donnington Thistle Emma.
Carol (PS1DP) [1385] There.
[1386] You didn't go in the pool though did you dad?
Chris (PS1DS) [1387] No.
[1388] [...] ... they're all up today.
Carol (PS1DP) [1389] Mm.
Emma (PS1DR) [1390] Did you stop the night there?
Carol (PS1DP) [1391] No!
Chris (PS1DS) [1392] Ha!
Carol (PS1DP) [1393] Tt!
Chris (PS1DS) [1394] Need a nightie surely!
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [1395] Carry on mum.
Carol (PS1DP) [1396] I don't know.
Chris (PS1DS) [1397] That car's always here.
[1398] Must be a person that works on the
Carol (PS1DP) [1399] On the gates.
Chris (PS1DS) [1400] gate.
Carol (PS1DP) [1401] That's Joan innit?
[1402] Thank you.
Chris (PS1DS) [1403] Is it one where you have to keep it with you?
Carol (PS1DP) [1404] No.
[1405] You pay it when you get back out there.
Chris (PS1DS) [1406] Er no , but one of them ... collected these ones.
Carol (PS1DP) [1407] No, it's at ta Birmingham that is.
Chris (PS1DS) [1408] I know there's one where you used to have to keep it.
[1409] It's
Carol (PS1DP) [1410] Watch it!
[1411] There's a car coming!
Chris (PS1DS) [1412] Over the bridge, what's this?
Carol (PS1DP) [1413] She's got something stuck up her bo bottom.
Chris (PS1DS) [1414] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1415] She's got somebody stuck up her bottom.
Chris (PS1DS) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1416] What's the matter?
Chris (PS1DS) [1417] You know what.
Carol (PS1DP) [1418] We

17 (Tape 052017)

Emma (PS1DR) [1419] Four add four and then
Chris (PS1DS) [1420] Four add four equals eight.
[1421] Two times four equals eight, right?
Emma (PS1DR) [1422] Yeah, like that.
[1423] And then two
Chris (PS1DS) [1424] And ... two times four is eight.
Emma (PS1DR) [1425] Erm I didn't write it like that then.
Chris (PS1DS) [1426] Right.
[1427] Share the total of fives
Emma (PS1DR) [1428] Yeah, I done, yeah I done
Chris (PS1DS) [1429] Er
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1430] Five, five, five is fifteen.
Emma (PS1DR) [1431] Five add five add five
Chris (PS1DS) [1432] Erm is fifteen.
Emma (PS1DR) [1433] and then erm [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1434] Right.
[1435] Is fifteen.
Emma (PS1DR) [1436] And then
Chris (PS1DS) [1437] And sixes
Emma (PS1DR) [1438] Sixes ... six
Chris (PS1DS) [1439] si
Emma (PS1DR) [1440] add six add six
Chris (PS1DS) [1441] add six
Emma (PS1DR) [1442] add six
Chris (PS1DS) [1443] is thirty six.
[1444] Right.
[1445] Six times six is thirty
Emma (PS1DR) [1446] I've done that one.
Chris (PS1DS) [1447] sixes.
[1448] That's it.
[1449] Okay?
Emma (PS1DR) [1450] Erm ... this.
[1451] I'll leave that out.
Chris (PS1DS) [1452] Leave that out.
[1453] Add them up.
Emma (PS1DR) [1454] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [1455] [...] ... That much closer ... [...] can use those pictures.
Carol (PS1DP) [1456] Take a look.
Chris (PS1DS) [1457] Are they near the box?
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1458] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1459] Is that right?
[1460] Four
Chris (PS1DS) [1461] Four is twenty!
[1462] So it's four ... so
Emma (PS1DR) [1463] Four times five is
Chris (PS1DS) [1464] Twenty!
[1465] Four times five equal twenty.
[1466] Er ... two times ... six equals twelve.
[1467] ... Er ... four times three equal twelve.
[1468] ... Er, two additions left.
[1469] Alright.
Emma (PS1DR) [1470] Those two add?
[1471] So it's like one, two, one, two and one there and ... but put like ... erm ... seven add seven ... add seven is [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1472] Is twenty one.
[1473] Yeah.
[1474] Seven add seven add seven is twenty one
Emma (PS1DR) [1475] One.
Chris (PS1DS) [1476] [...] ... And three times seven
Emma (PS1DR) [1477] Right.
Chris (PS1DS) [1478] is twenty one ... and do it that way, five and fives.
[1479] Okay?
[1480] Two addition questions.
Emma (PS1DR) [1481] Hang on.
Chris (PS1DS) [1482] Two ad yeah but you've got right two multiple ... and two addition equations.
Emma (PS1DR) [1483] Not equations!
[1484] You told us this!
Chris (PS1DS) [1485] But i thi , like these, these are equations.
[1486] So ... two addition equations ... er ... three times se ... seven plus seven plus seven is twenty one.
[1487] Right?
[1488] Oh!
[1489] A so, but you can also go
Emma (PS1DR) [1490] Yeah.
[1491] Yeah add three.
Chris (PS1DS) [1492] Three plus three plus three plus three plus three plus three is twenty one.
[1493] Do it that way on.
[1494] Do you follow
Emma (PS1DR) [1495] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1496] me?
Emma (PS1DR) [1497] Yes I do.
[1498] Right.
[1499] Two multiplication
Chris (PS1DS) [1500] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1501] and two addition.
Chris (PS1DS) [1502] Two addition.
[1503] Right.
Emma (PS1DR) [1504] So you, like, you [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1505] Yes, that's right.
Emma (PS1DR) [1506] Then, it's like erm
Chris (PS1DS) [1507] One.
Emma (PS1DR) [1508] seven times three, and three times seven.
Chris (PS1DS) [1509] And three times seven.
[1510] That's right.
Emma (PS1DR) [1511] And you do the same there.
Chris (PS1DS) [1512] Same on the adds.
Emma (PS1DR) [1513] And then, this ... we do ... like
Chris (PS1DS) [1514] Right, she wants currency in two divisions ... in each, right?
[1515] So it's ... one, two, three, four,fi
Emma (PS1DR) [1516] That multiplication is a
Chris (PS1DS) [1517] yeah well divisions, okay, so it's twenty one shared by ... say, if that's one, two, three, four, five, six int it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1518] Oh I know what I've got!
Chris (PS1DS) [1519] Six times three is eighteen ... or three times six is eighteen.
Emma (PS1DR) [1520] I know what I've done.
[1521] I've put the, I thought it was ... er ... okay.
[1522] Six.
Chris (PS1DS) [1523] And division is shared by.
[1524] So you got to do eighteen shared by ... six is three ... and eighteen
Emma (PS1DR) [1525] Have you got
Chris (PS1DS) [1526] shared by three is six.
Emma (PS1DR) [1527] So like, you go one, two, three, four, five, six ... six times ... you swap
Chris (PS1DS) [1528] Three.
Emma (PS1DR) [1529] six times three
Chris (PS1DS) [1530] times three is eighteen
Emma (PS1DR) [1531] is three times six.
Chris (PS1DS) [1532] Six.
[1533] Yeah, and and you got
Emma (PS1DR) [1534] Six times three and three times six.
Chris (PS1DS) [1535] A and division is ... eighteen shared by ... three ... is six, and eighteen shared by six is three!
[1536] Yeah?
[1537] ... Got it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1538] I cannot read ... [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1539] Three sixes are eighteen!
[1540] ... You got it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1541] And you do the same there?
[1542] Hang on!
[1543] I haven't finished ... thirty three
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Emma (PS1DR) [1544] one yet.
[1545] That's what I don't get.
[1546] Why do multiplication equation for this similar line I don't a get how you do that?
[1547] ... Is it, would you like us to put
Chris (PS1DS) [1548] It's fours int it?
[1549] It's fours
Emma (PS1DR) [1550] No two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve
Chris (PS1DS) [1551] Yeah.
[1552] It
Emma (PS1DR) [1553] That's twos.
Chris (PS1DS) [1554] No, but it's going to fours look.
[1555] It's going to ... fours.
Emma (PS1DR) [1556] Alright.
Chris (PS1DS) [1557] Going into fours.
Emma (PS1DR) [1558] What would I put?
Chris (PS1DS) [1559] Er ... one four is four, two fours are eight, and thre three fours is twelve.
[1560] As ... this is been shared by ... lines int it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1561] Yeah and it's on that one.
[1562] You do it like that do you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1563] Yeah, cos it's being shared by
Emma (PS1DR) [1564] Oh!
Chris (PS1DS) [1565] So it's, I would say that is ... er ... nine times four equals thirty six.
[1566] And on that one is ... er, sixty three shared by nine ... six time ... sixty three divided by nine
Emma (PS1DR) [1567] [...] four.
Chris (PS1DS) [1568] No!
[1569] Sixty three divided by ... nine is six!
[1570] Write six through it.
[1571] Ten six [...] innit?
Emma (PS1DR) [1572] No, it's ten sixes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1573] No, no wait a minute.
[1574] Nines.
[1575] What should nine times ten Emma?
Emma (PS1DR) [1576] One nine is nine, two nines are eighteen, three nines ... are
Chris (PS1DS) [1577] Twenty seven.
[1578] Four nines are thirty six, five nines are forty five, six nines fifty four, seven nine are sixty three.
Emma (PS1DR) [1579] Oh thank you.
Chris (PS1DS) [1580] Right.
[1581] ... Yeah, seven nines are sixty three.
Emma (PS1DR) [1582] Hang on a minute!
[1583] Six nines are
Chris (PS1DS) [1584] [...] ... seven nines are sixty three.
Emma (PS1DR) [1585] Hang on a minute!
[1586] Seven
Chris (PS1DS) [1587] Seven nines are sixty three!
Emma (PS1DR) [1588] Sixty three.
Chris (PS1DS) [1589] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1590] You work them out like that look.
Chris (PS1DS) [1591] Yeah.
[1592] Well seven nines, well ee er, it takes you so long
Emma (PS1DR) [1593] Look one , one nine is nine
Chris (PS1DS) [1594] Yeah.
Emma (PS1DR) [1595] Two nines are ... eighteen.
Chris (PS1DS) [1596] So that one there is ... sixes into si thirty six.
Emma (PS1DR) [1597] I know!
[1598] But I still don't get what you have to write!
Chris (PS1DS) [1599] Well multiplication equation for this number line ... I would say is ... er ... I've already told you that.
Emma (PS1DR) [1600] No, but I don't know what I have to, I have to write!
Chris (PS1DS) [1601] Eight times four equals thirty six.
Emma (PS1DR) [1602] Don't get it.
Chris (PS1DS) [1603] Because it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ... eight, no sorry, nine times four is thirty six.
[1604] Nine times four equals thirty six.
[1605] Like this look!
Emma (PS1DR) [1606] Write it out on a piece of paper and you'll [...] and I'll write them down.
Chris (PS1DS) [1607] No!
[1608] You do it yourself!
[1609] I've told you what to do.
[1610] You do it like that.
Emma (PS1DR) [1611] I don't get it though!
Chris (PS1DS) [1612] I'll tell you if it's right.
[1613] [...] I'm just writing the answers out for you!
[1614] I told you what to do.
[1615] That's lazy!
[1616] Int it?
[1617] [laughing] You crafty cow!
[1618] If I give you a bit of paper and the lot, yeah well you know what to do and go to school and ... fill them in!
[1619] Couldn't it [] ?
Emma (PS1DR) [1620] No!
Chris (PS1DS) [1621] Hey?
Carol (PS1DP) [1622] Right.
[1623] Your dinner's ready now.
Chris (PS1DS) [1624] [laughing] She says to me ... I've explained to her how to do it and she says yo I'll give you a bit of paper you just write down the answers [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1625] I know.
Chris (PS1DS) [1626] [laughing] You know what she's gonna do go to school and put them down!
[1627] Crafty little sod she is [] !
Emma (PS1DR) [1628] I'll only [...] with them.

18 (Tape 052102)

Carol (PS1DP) [1629] Is he getting up?
Emma (PS1DR) [1630] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1631] I asked you to move this lot, and you didn't!
[1632] I wish we were on [...] !
[1633] [laugh] ... Get there.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1634] [laugh] ... Went ... I'm caught in the moment.
Emma (PS1DR) [1635] I've got [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1636] Look mind baby Leigh!
[1637] Just leave him a minute!
[1638] There's no real trouble.
Emma (PS1DR) [1639] I think our ... mm?
Chris (PS1DS) [1640] Look just watch her, she's going to tell you how to record and you can see.
[1641] [cough] ... Can't see yet.
[1642] Ooh!
[1643] Cor!
[1644] I was in deep sleep!
Emma (PS1DR) [1645] Right, triangle times nine over for thirty six.
[1646] Thirty six.
[1647] ... Shared by nine is [...] ... have to work out what it is.
Carol (PS1DP) [1648] Go on then.
Emma (PS1DR) [1649] I don't know if they're right though.
Chris (PS1DS) [1650] Where is it darling?
[1651] I've got to put a film in.
Emma (PS1DR) [1652] This?
Chris (PS1DS) [1653] Yeah.
[1654] ... Cor!
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1655] Four nines are thirty six.
Carol (PS1DP) [1656] There you are look. ... [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1657] But you see there's enough!
Emma (PS1DR) [1658] Oh yes I know.
Carol (PS1DP) [1659] It's a as I say, it's all part of a times table.
[1660] That's
Chris (PS1DS) [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [1661] all you've got to remember.
Emma (PS1DR) [1662] Well I am trying.
[1663] Right four ... [...] is forty, eighty six.
[1664] And thirty six shared by nine is four.
Carol (PS1DP) [1665] Emma.
[1666] And I've asked you to do something and you've done neither!
Emma (PS1DR) [1667] This is more important than anything!
Carol (PS1DP) [1668] Move that!
[1669] And move those bits in!
[1670] It means that I have to do it!
Chris (PS1DS) [1671] We can do it.
Carol (PS1DP) [1672] And eat that breakfast before it gets cold!
[1673] And I'm going to do my shoes on and ... with that ... cos this carpet's still damp.

19 (Tape 052103)

Carol (PS1DP) [1674] That'll do.
Emma (PS1DR) [humming]
Carol (PS1DP) [1675] I want some lipstick.
[1676] Where's my ... I'm putting my lipstick on while I'm waiting for that to take. ...
Emma (PS1DR) [1677] Where's he gone?
Carol (PS1DP) [1678] You're alright for time aren't you?
Emma (PS1DR) [1679] I suppose so. ... [humming]
Carol (PS1DP) [1680] And I forgot to put my earrings on!
Emma (PS1DR) [1681] It's ju ... it's melting my [...] more than it is yours.
Carol (PS1DP) [1682] What?
[1683] I know.
[1684] [laugh] ... Expect you to sulk.
[1685] It's just up there on top of this.
[1686] [machinery noise] ... Haven't got the key to go round there once ... so, I'll put that on and I've got a nightie.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]

20 (Tape 052201)

Carol (PS1DP) [1687] The tapes.
Emma (PS1DR) [1688] It's on there.
Carol (PS1DP) [1689] All you can ever hear, at home ... on weekends ... is television ... [...] !
[1690] ... [cough] ... Turn that light out for me please? [cough]
Emma (PS1DR) [1691] I'll just finish what I'm doing.
Carol (PS1DP) [1692] I want you to brush your hair
Emma (PS1DR) [1693] When
Carol (PS1DP) [1694] and then go and find the library books.
[1695] ... I'll move these.
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1696] Are you going to brush your hair?
Emma (PS1DR) [1697] I will do now [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [1698] Oh aye.
[1699] Can you take these bobble in please?
Emma (PS1DR) [1700] Oh yeah.
[1701] They'll only get lost in mine.
Carol (PS1DP) [1702] Look, if you put it somewhere sensible like on the side of the mirror.

21 (Tape 052202)

Emma (PS1DR) [1703] You'll never guess what stupid thing she did today?
[1704] She sat in
Carol (PS1DP) [1705] Go on then
Emma (PS1DR) [1706] front of me and she burnt, she's burnt her toe you know on that fire!
Chris (PS1DS) [1707] That's her affair.
Emma (PS1DR) [1708] All crusty!
Chris (PS1DS) [1709] Silly little cat!
Carol (PS1DP) [1710] On her tail.
Chris (PS1DS) [1711] Did she?
Carol (PS1DP) [1712] Yeah, she burnt it!
[1713] On there!
Chris (PS1DS) [1714] [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [1715] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1716] Wha well what?
Emma (PS1DR) [1717] You know like on the carpet there there is
Carol (PS1DP) [1718] Er a letter from ... er that ... deaf society asking whether to join up [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1719] So that's er, [...] .
Emma (PS1DR) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [1720] Well I shan't get it in there.
Emma (PS1DR) [1721] Right here where it's gone
Carol (PS1DP) [1722] Stop touching!
Emma (PS1DR) [1723] black.
Carol (PS1DP) [1724] Yes.
[1725] Okay, that's her fault.
[1726] Silly little cat!
Emma (PS1DR) [1727] I know.
[1728] That's all
Chris (PS1DS) [1729] have got fifty two and a half here!
Carol (PS1DP) [1730] Yeah.
[1731] You checked them for me didn't you?
[1732] Perhaps we'll end up paying out [...] in it.
Chris (PS1DS) [1733] Well there you, that stuff!
Carol (PS1DP) [1734] Oh I see.
[1735] Mm.
[1736] Oh I'll [...]
Emma (PS1DR) [1737] Are you going to do my hair before you leave?
Carol (PS1DP) [1738] Yes, one minute Emma!
Chris (PS1DS) [1739] Well you can go up and ask them?
Carol (PS1DP) [1740] I will do now, so [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1741] I used to love doing this.
Carol (PS1DP) [1742] I know dear!
Chris (PS1DS) [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [1743] I thought they might have a check before you go.
Chris (PS1DS) [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [1744] Have you got to take anybody with you Chris?
[1745] Like, you know
Chris (PS1DS) [1746] Me.
Carol (PS1DP) [cough]
Chris (PS1DS) [1747] Except dad if he'll come.
Carol (PS1DP) [1748] What's it for?
Chris (PS1DS) [1749] Gay people.
[1750] Oh God!
Carol (PS1DP) [1751] Pardon.
Chris (PS1DS) [1752] Gay people it is.
Carol (PS1DP) [1753] Right!
[1754] Come along, let's look at you then!
Emma (PS1DR) [1755] Right, what I want you to do, I want you put ... it up like that
Carol (PS1DP) [1756] Yes.
Emma (PS1DR) [1757] with that in the clip and I want you to get it curly.
[1758] Curly with that mousse.
[1759] ... I can't help being curly.
Carol (PS1DP) [1760] First of all you want it straight, then you want it curly!
Emma (PS1DR) [1761] I know.
Carol (PS1DP) [1762] You'll never know [...] !
[1763] Turn round.
[1764] ... Just got some sandwiches to do.
[1765] I want to try and get out a bit earlier today.
Emma (PS1DR) [1766] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [1767] I'm sorry, but it's damp.
[1768] ... Got mousse on it haven't you?
Emma (PS1DR) [1769] Yeah.
[1770] ... It won't go curly?
Carol (PS1DP) [1771] It's so difficult to get the brush through without hurting I think.
[1772] [cough] ... Sick of this cough!
Emma (PS1DR) [1773] It's ... [...] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [1774] No.
[1775] ... Do you think this'll hold?
Emma (PS1DR) [1776] Yes!
Carol (PS1DP) [1777] Which way round does it go?
Emma (PS1DR) [1778] Tt.
Carol (PS1DP) [1779] Is this mine?
[1780] Stop tutting!
Emma (PS1DR) [1781] Tt!
Chris (PS1DS) [yawn]
Carol (PS1DP) [1782] Keep still.
Chris (PS1DS) [cough]
Emma (PS1DR) [1783] It doesn't look very nice straight ... held together like that.
Carol (PS1DP) [1784] Doesn't it?
Emma (PS1DR) [1785] If you have it curly like
Carol (PS1DP) [1786] Right, go and get the mousse then.
[1787] ... Makes a change to actually pick
Emma (PS1DR) [1788] Oh I love them!
Carol (PS1DP) [1789] tomatoes.
Chris (PS1DS) [1790] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [1791] I mean it's not fattening any of them.
Chris (PS1DS) [1792] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [1793] Dad ... can you get me some?
Carol (PS1DP) [1794] Turn round to me.
[1795] Turn round to me.
Chris (PS1DS) [1796] Have you got your mouse?
[1797] Have they?
Emma (PS1DR) [1798] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1799] What is it, mousse?
Emma (PS1DR) [1800] Mousse.
Chris (PS1DS) [1801] Mouse?
Carol (PS1DP) [1802] The cat's alright this morning though.
[1803] Yeah.
[1804] I couldn't believe it!
[1805] Like a different person.
[1806] She's been flying round!
[1807] She wasn't well was she?
Chris (PS1DS) [1808] No.
Emma (PS1DR) [1809] No you can tell because she sits there and
Carol (PS1DP) [1810] She's back in the [...]
Chris (PS1DS) [1811] She just lies flat, when she's ... not well.
Carol (PS1DP) [laugh]
Chris (PS1DS) [1812] Sprawled and going to sleep.
Emma (PS1DR) [1813] She does that anyway!
Chris (PS1DS) [1814] Yeah, but not in front of fire.
Carol (PS1DP) [1815] No.
Chris (PS1DS) [1816] She wants to observe when she's fit.
Carol (PS1DP) [1817] Come here.
[1818] Turn round.
Chris (PS1DS) [1819] When she's not well it's [...]
Emma (PS1DR) [1820] She wants to slop back [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1821] Yeah. [laugh]
Emma (PS1DR) [1822] Is that what everybody else says?
[1823] She's a slob.
Chris (PS1DS) [1824] When she's not well
Emma (PS1DR) [1825] Well
Chris (PS1DS) [1826] she's laid down in front of that fire with her tummy warming through.
[1827] ... Poser you!
Emma (PS1DR) [1828] Who?
Carol (PS1DP) [1829] What?
Chris (PS1DS) [1830] Everywhere it moves.
[1831] ... You alright?
Carol (PS1DP) [1832] Mm!
[1833] Go on then.
[1834] Go and have a look.
[1835] Do you want a hair grip?
Emma (PS1DR) [1836] Couldn't get up this morning.
Carol (PS1DP) [1837] Do you want
Chris (PS1DS) [1838] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [1839] a hair grip?
Chris (PS1DS) [1840] You're not the only one.
Emma (PS1DR) [1841] Yes please.
Chris (PS1DS) [1842] Does that mean you're going back then?
Emma (PS1DR) [1843] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [1844] It looks alright.
Emma (PS1DR) [1845] It's not all that curly.
[1846] Not how I want it!
Carol (PS1DP) [1847] It won't get any curlier.
[1848] Sorry!
Emma (PS1DR) [1849] It looks bad!
Carol (PS1DP) [1850] It doesn't, it looks per
Emma (PS1DR) [1851] It does!
[1852] It looks bad!
Carol (PS1DP) [1853] Chris!
Emma (PS1DR) [1854] [...] on top!
Carol (PS1DP) [1855] Listen to me!
[1856] Listen!
Emma (PS1DR) [1857] No!
[1858] I don't like it!
Carol (PS1DP) [1859] What's the matter with her hair?
Emma (PS1DR) [1860] I don't like it!
Carol (PS1DP) [1861] Go up in your bedroom
Chris (PS1DS) [1862] Eh!
Carol (PS1DP) [1863] Now listen!
[1864] You know if you make me late Emma, I'm gonna smack your bottom!
[1865] I'm sick of it every morning!
[1866] Go and do your biscuits!
Chris (PS1DS) [1867] Starting again!
[1868] Oh bloody hell! [sigh]
Carol (PS1DP) [1869] But she always ... [...] !
[1870] There's nothing the matter with your hair!
Chris (PS1DS) [1871] [belch] ... [sighing] Urgh [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1872] Where's your lunch box Chris?
Chris (PS1DS) [1873] It's left in the boot.
Carol (PS1DP) [1874] Oh well I'll have to give you another one.
Chris (PS1DS) [1875] You get it out if you want.
Carol (PS1DP) [1876] No, I haven't got time.
Chris (PS1DS) [1877] I I meant yesterday but you see, cos you gave me a bag yesterday and I've ... meant to bring it today, I forgot it.
[1878] Cos I was busting to poo!
[1879] Don't you remember?
Emma (PS1DR) [1880] I know!
[1881] Leave it on.
[1882] We're finished.

22 (Tape 052203)

Carol (PS1DP) [1883] Right, I'll go and do my hair.
[1884] You going to take these with you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1885] Do you need the information available for that number on Wednesdays
Carol (PS1DP) [1886] Yes I know dear.
Chris (PS1DS) [1887] and we, you're not gonna have any Tuesday.
Carol (PS1DP) [1888] No.
[1889] ... Emma!
Emma (PS1DR) [1890] What?
Carol (PS1DP) [1891] Can you open your curtains, [...] at the windows.
Emma (PS1DR) [1892] Right.
Chris (PS1DS) [1893] Well that's this week's int it?
Carol (PS1DP) [1894] Beg your pardon?
[1895] Beg your pardon?
Chris (PS1DS) [1896] It's for ... reference, he's not put any reference on this side has he?
[1897] Your keeping reference, should be on.
Carol (PS1DP) [1898] I know.
Chris (PS1DS) [1899] Tt.
[1900] But it's not on.
[1901] The only other one.
Carol (PS1DP) [1902] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [1903] So got the other one?
Carol (PS1DP) [1904] I don't know.
[1905] I haven't got time to look.
[1906] I'll have to have a look at it later.
Chris (PS1DS) [1907] Don't ring up off this one.
[1908] Ab
Carol (PS1DP) [1909] No.
Chris (PS1DS) [cough] ... [belch]
Carol (PS1DP) [1910] And have you washed your face and cleaned your teeth?
Emma (PS1DR) [1911] Yes I have.

23 (Tape 052204)

Carol (PS1DP) [1912] Right, the bathroom is all yours dear.
[1913] ... [sighing] Ah dear [] !
[1914] What a rush in the morning!
Chris (PS1DS) [1915] [sighing] Oh dear [] !
Carol (PS1DP) [1916] I'll put these on here ... and this, and I've described it fully.
[1917] Oh dear!
[1918] I can't believe it's Thursday again!
[1919] Gone that quick!
[1920] Don't you think so?
Chris (PS1DS) [1921] No.
Carol (PS1DP) [1922] You don't put everything in the bowl.
[1923] Gonna put the chicken in there, still wrapped like in cold water.
[1924] Want it to thaw out properly for tonight.
Chris (PS1DS) [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [1925] And just pop that in the sink.
[1926] Will you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1927] Aye.
Carol (PS1DP) [1928] Alright then!
[1929] ... Give me a kiss then!
Chris (PS1DS) [1930] Can't do it now really.
Carol (PS1DP) [1931] I'm not asking you to.
Chris (PS1DS) [1932] [...] ... What's up?
Carol (PS1DP) [1933] Tell her, tell her to come on now!
Chris (PS1DS) [1934] Come on there!
Emma (PS1DR) [1935] Getting my bag out.

24 (Tape 052302)

Carol (PS1DP) [1936] Right, what do you want for your dinner?
Chris (PS1DS) [1937] Well, I've got to look.
[1938] ... What do you ... suggest?
Carol (PS1DP) [1939] I don't know.
Chris (PS1DS) [1940] Tt.
Carol (PS1DP) [1941] Well shall we do that form first?
Chris (PS1DS) [1942] Yeah.
[1943] Got a pen?
Carol (PS1DP) [1944] Oh yeah!
[1945] ... Come on then.
[1946] Then we'll sort out the
Chris (PS1DS) [1947] Here, sit here.
[1948] Sit here!
[1949] It's chocolate [...] .
[1950] He's got no knickers on!
[1951] I'll get it off and sent Carol.
Carol (PS1DP) [1952] Yes, that's right.
[1953] We've got
Chris (PS1DS) [1954] Get it out the way.
Carol (PS1DP) [1955] a second class up there.
Chris (PS1DS) [1956] Yeah I know there is.
[1957] I'll post it tonight.
[1958] Once it's on it's way it's done.
Carol (PS1DP) [1959] Yeah, I've got to go out tonight.
[1960] ... Again!
Chris (PS1DS) [1961] How does it go?
Carol (PS1DP) [1962] Yeah, you ought to watch it when you go hadn't you?
Chris (PS1DS) [1963] Well I can try and work something ... comes, they all bash into me.
[1964] Hey!
Carol (PS1DP) [1965] Right you've got ... you ne , I won't touch anything cos you know I've been [...] .
Chris (PS1DS) [1966] That's, that's, that's that is
Carol (PS1DP) [1967] And stop!
Chris (PS1DS) [1968] flying in.
[1969] It's great you know!
[1970] ... Look!
Carol (PS1DP) [1971] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [1972] Look!
[1973] That's yesterday's takings.
Carol (PS1DP) [1974] Right.
[1975] Tell me what to put then.
Chris (PS1DS) [1976] Er ... put the other side first.
Carol (PS1DP) [1977] This side first?
Chris (PS1DS) [1978] Oh no that's
Carol (PS1DP) [1979] No, it's that side first then.
Chris (PS1DS) [1980] Over there, it says about reference.
[1981] Please quote our reference whenever you contact us.
[1982] I imagine that must be the reference there.
[1983] Won't it?
Carol (PS1DP) [1984] Yes.
[1985] That one.
[1986] One six?
Chris (PS1DS) [1987] Yeah.
[1988] Yeah.
[1989] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [1990] Yes, here.
[1991] One six, stroke
Chris (PS1DS) [1992] P F
Carol (PS1DP) [1993] P F
Chris (PS1DS) [1994] three nine five
Carol (PS1DP) [1995] three nine five
Chris (PS1DS) [1996] five eight, stroke nine one.
Carol (PS1DP) [1997] stroke nine one.
Chris (PS1DS) [1998] Aha.
Carol (PS1DP) [1999] And today's date is the seventeen of the first, ninety two.
Chris (PS1DS) [2000] That's alright.
Carol (PS1DP) [2001] Right that's it for you, they did one six stroke P F three nine five five eight stroke nine one.
Chris (PS1DS) [2002] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [2003] Insured policy number.
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [2004] So it's H
Chris (PS1DS) [2005] P
Carol (PS1DP) [2006] P
Chris (PS1DS) [2007] Baked beans!
Carol (PS1DP) [2008] one six seven O four O eight nine.
[2009] Name of insured is ... you.
Chris (PS1DS) [2010] First.
Carol (PS1DP) [2011] [cough] ... Do you have to put that?
Chris (PS1DS) [2012] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [2013] Oh!
[2014] ... I that's in case you've got one then is it?
[2015] It's nothing to do with ... work?
Chris (PS1DS) [2016] Well no.
Carol (PS1DP) [2017] Don't need that then.
Chris (PS1DS) [2018] Just leave that.
Carol (PS1DP) [2019] Say
Chris (PS1DS) [2020] The addresses were as above.
Carol (PS1DP) [2021] Just put as above?
Chris (PS1DS) [2022] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2023] Oh!
Chris (PS1DS) [2024] Aha.
Carol (PS1DP) [2025] When one do you reckon?
Chris (PS1DS) [2026] [...] a I don't know, what do you think?
Carol (PS1DP) [2027] First notice it?
[2028] Er
Chris (PS1DS) [2029] When did they have it done?
Carol (PS1DP) [2030] They've had it done about O October time cos I asked him ... just before we went away.
[2031] Can't we put, cos it didn't come up straight away Chris.
Chris (PS1DS) [2032] Yeah , I know.
[2033] They had it done ... Se
Carol (PS1DP) [2034] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [2035] in October did we?
Carol (PS1DP) [2036] Yes.
Chris (PS1DS) [2037] Before we went away where?
Carol (PS1DP) [2038] To, Tunisia.
Chris (PS1DS) [2039] Ah!
[2040] Was it?
Carol (PS1DP) [2041] Yeah.
[2042] So can we put
Chris (PS1DS) [2043] Well we didn't, we come back ... well yo we didn't come back till December!
[2044] No, we went away ... we'd had [...] before we went?
Carol (PS1DP) [2045] Yes we did.
[2046] And I mentioned it to you.
Chris (PS1DS) [2047] Went on the seventeenth of November.
Carol (PS1DP) [2048] Yeah.
[2049] So, shall we put about the fifth er ... fifteenth?
[2050] Don't really matter does it?
[2051] Put
Chris (PS1DS) [2052] Yeah.
[2053] Well, the fifteenth of the eleventh or something like that.
[2054] No?
Carol (PS1DP) [2055] Er, fifteenth of the eleventh, ninety one?
[2056] Here?
Chris (PS1DS) [2057] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2058] Fifteenth ... of the eleventh ... ninety one.
[2059] For the
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [2060] public one.
[2061] About sort of ... A double P ... and R L X in brackets.
[2062] [reading insurance document] Cause of
Chris (PS1DS) [2063] Aha.
Carol (PS1DP) [2064] loss or damage for all the details to be given in a [...] ... er, immediately [] .
Chris (PS1DS) [2065] [...] ... [cough] ... Er ... mind you, we had the house decorated.
Carol (PS1DP) [2066] We had
Chris (PS1DS) [2067] The house ... or
Carol (PS1DP) [2068] Hang on.
Chris (PS1DS) [2069] the house decorated.
Carol (PS1DP) [2070] Mhm.
Chris (PS1DS) [2071] It's enough?
[2072] ... Had the house decorated, and [...] all over the wall.
Carol (PS1DP) [2073] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [2074] Cor!
[2075] Not like that!
[2076] You wanna oh, well ... well not what ... no any
Carol (PS1DP) [2077] You got that ... oh any!
[2078] Not so bad in there.
[2079] Right!
Chris (PS1DS) [2080] Couple of walls ... black ash showing through.
Carol (PS1DP) [2081] Shown through?
Chris (PS1DS) [2082] S H
Carol (PS1DP) [2083] I know!
[2084] I'm just thinking.
Chris (PS1DS) [2085] to be a ... it's H O ... [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [2086] Yes.
[2087] I know, but I wondered if that standed for that.
Chris (PS1DS) [2088] Showing through ... the vinyl paper.
Carol (PS1DP) [2089] That's it.
[2090] Tha V I N Y L?
Chris (PS1DS) [2091] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2092] Er ... are there are any other persons interested in the property?
[2093] Got nothing to do with that really.
Chris (PS1DS) [2094] Yes.
[2095] Yes.
[2096] You've got to put that!
Carol (PS1DP) [2097] Have you?
Chris (PS1DS) [2098] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [2099] Er,ta what do you put?
Chris (PS1DS) [2100] Yes.
Carol (PS1DP) [2101] Oh yes!
[2102] Cos it's the building society.
Chris (PS1DS) [2103] Right.
Carol (PS1DP) [2104] Britannia.
Chris (PS1DS) [2105] Britannia.
Carol (PS1DP) [2106] B R ... I think this is how you spell Britannia.
[2107] Just look, look.
[2108] ... B R I T
Chris (PS1DS) [sneeze]
Carol (PS1DP) [2109] A double N, I A.
[2110] I've missed the I out.
[2111] B R I T ... A double N, I A.
[2112] Alright?
[2113] Do you want building
Chris (PS1DS) [2114] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2115] society there?
Chris (PS1DS) [2116] You better put that, yeah.
[2117] And the ... what did you say?
Carol (PS1DP) [2118] So I cross
Chris (PS1DS) [2119] No, no, just leave it!
[2120] No!
[2121] E G, you write it, yes, but after it's [...] .
[2122] ... G A G ... E.
Carol (PS1DP) [2123] Right.
Chris (PS1DS) [2124] State the interest of the insurer ... E G Ian ... !
Carol (PS1DP) [2125] I know.
[2126] What a funny name.
Chris (PS1DS) [2127] It is int it?
Carol (PS1DP) [2128] Mortgage.
[2129] Are there erm, insurances in force covering the property, say if it caught fire, etcetera?
Chris (PS1DS) [2130] Any other insurances?
Carol (PS1DP) [2131] Yeah.
Chris (PS1DS) [2132] Not on that.
Carol (PS1DP) [2133] Oh that's alright.
Chris (PS1DS) [2134] Yeah, Britannia building card.
Carol (PS1DP) [2135] Card?
[2136] Guard?
Chris (PS1DS) [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [2137] I can't do everything properly you know!
[2138] Name and address of other insurers?
Chris (PS1DS) [2139] Bit skew-whiff there though innit?
[2140] ... Should have put yes there.
Carol (PS1DP) [2141] To what?
Chris (PS1DS) [2142] [laugh] ... Where you put that. [laugh]
Carol (PS1DP) [2143] Where have I put
Chris (PS1DS) [2144] Yes.
[2145] Instead of saying yes, but then you put the name and address underneath.
Carol (PS1DP) [2146] Here?
Chris (PS1DS) [2147] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2148] Does it matter?
[2149] Put
Chris (PS1DS) [2150] Well
Carol (PS1DP) [2151] it there then.
Chris (PS1DS) [2152] Making a good job of this!
Carol (PS1DP) [2153] You're alright.
Chris (PS1DS) [2154] What's that say on here?
Carol (PS1DP) [2155] Building.
Chris (PS1DS) [2156] Er ... just put our, this address there.
Carol (PS1DP) [2157] Yes, that's what I thought.
[2158] Head office.
Chris (PS1DS) [2159] Head office. ...
Carol (PS1DP) [2160] I'll put it underneath. ...
Chris (PS1DS) [2161] House.
Carol (PS1DP) [2162] At Leek
Chris (PS1DS) [2163] Staffs.
Carol (PS1DP) [2164] And just let me put the postcode in, what is it?
Chris (PS1DS)
Carol (PS1DP) [2165] Right?
Chris (PS1DS) [2166] There.
[2167] ... Say yes to that.
Carol (PS1DP) [2168] Er, on here?
Chris (PS1DS) [2169] Yes.
[2170] Say yes to that.
Carol (PS1DP) [2171] Alright?
Chris (PS1DS) [2172] Mm.
Carol (PS1DP) [2173] Any indadit additional information?
[2174] There isn't.
Chris (PS1DS) [2175] No.
[2176] Just put down ... er, I've claimed.
Carol (PS1DP) [2177] How much is it?
Chris (PS1DS) [2178] The total.
Carol (PS1DP) [2179] Just here?
Chris (PS1DS) [2180] Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2181] One, two, three?
Chris (PS1DS) [2182] Yeah.
[2183] ... Yeah.
Carol (PS1DP) [2184] That is it then?
[2185] ... Flipping heck!
Chris (PS1DS) [2186] You listen to that.
[2187] I know.
[2188] ... That's it int it?
Carol (PS1DP) [2189] That's it.
[2190] So who si you sign it.
Chris (PS1DS) [2191] No you can sign it, right.
Carol (PS1DP) [2192] Here you are!
Chris (PS1DS) [2193] Take this off down the road.
Carol (PS1DP) [2194] Do you want me to get you one?
[2195] I'll get one from up there.
[2196] So you can put that lot away.
Chris (PS1DS) [2197] Give me a couple of second.
[2198] Just write in here Carol, this bit, er ... one minute!
[2199] There, [...] so I'll save this.
Carol (PS1DP) [2200] Which one look?
Chris (PS1DS) [2201] This one.
Carol (PS1DP) [2202] Mm.
Chris (PS1DS) [2203] Er ... six rolls of paper.
Carol (PS1DP) [2204] I think that would be it wouldn't it.
Chris (PS1DS) [2205] Yep.
[2206] Got the envelope there. [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [2207] Now I'll go and sort out what we want.
Chris (PS1DS) [2208] Get this away.
[2209] [whispering] Just put it away [] ?
Carol (PS1DP) [2210] Yes, definitely put it away.

25 (Tape 052303)

Chris (PS1DS) [2211] You done my envelope?
Carol (PS1DP) [2212] No, because I didn't know what the
Chris (PS1DS) [2213] Oh!
Carol (PS1DP) [2214] address was you see
Chris (PS1DS) [2215] Aye.
Carol (PS1DP) [2216] didn't really want to get it wrong.
Chris (PS1DS) [2217] [...] Street.
Carol (PS1DP) [2218] Right, lean on the paper again.
Chris (PS1DS) [2219] Right.
[2220] Where's the ... where's the claim form what's going in?
Carol (PS1DP) [2221] Erm
Chris (PS1DS) [2222] It has ... [...] .
Carol (PS1DP) [2223] So it, it reads, that, that
Chris (PS1DS) [...]
Carol (PS1DP) [2224] and that.
Chris (PS1DS) [2225] Don't bother putting trees and fruit trees.
Carol (PS1DP) [2226] Oh no!
Chris (PS1DS) [sigh] ... [cough]
Carol (PS1DP) [2227] Are you going to put that away now?
Chris (PS1DS) [2228] I'll put it away when ... you done with that.
Carol (PS1DP) [2229] Alright then.
Chris (PS1DS) [2230] Cos I want something else [...] ... [blowing nose]
Carol (PS1DP) [2231] Is that all on one line?
Chris (PS1DS) [2232] I just put it underneath.
Carol (PS1DP) [2233] That's what I thought.
Chris (PS1DS) [2234] Whoops!
[2235] ... It's a long address isn't it?
Carol (PS1DP) [2236] Here we are.
[2237] Sit down please.
Chris (PS1DS) [2238] I'll sort this out.
Carol (PS1DP) [2239] What?
[2240] ... Oh!
[2241] Have you called your work today?
Chris (PS1DS) [2242] No.
[2243] I just popped up, Terry was there.
Carol (PS1DP) [2244] Oh!
[2245] [...] ... So it must be missing it bad then?
Chris (PS1DS) [2246] Yeah, I'm taking them things, they always
Carol (PS1DP) [2247] They always help you don't they?
Chris (PS1DS) [2248] Yeah.
[2249] ... It's fluid.
Carol (PS1DP) [2250] I know.
[2251] It's like mine.

26 (Tape 052304)

Carol (PS1DP) [2252] I'll be glad when that Ottoman comes so I can get rid of all that stuff.
[2253] ... Chris?
Chris (PS1DS) [2254] Yeah?
Carol (PS1DP) [2255] What?
[2256] I've got to out tonight, as I said.
[2257] So what do you want ... I'll go and have a look see what we've got.
Chris (PS1DS) [2258] You got a stamp love?
Carol (PS1DP) [2259] Yes!
[2260] ... There we are.
Chris (PS1DS) [2261] Put it there, stick us on a stamp.
Carol (PS1DP) [2262] Oh I bet it's ... it's we all have and trying to look [...] , not worth have it done is it [...] ?
Chris (PS1DS) [2263] [...] popular again.
Carol (PS1DP) [2264] Yeah.
[2265] I'll turn ... this off now and get on with the dinner.