228 conversations recorded by `Chris' (PS05X) between 31 May and 1 June 1991 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 7432 s-units, 53920 words, and over 5 hours 39 minutes 52 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 500

PS05X Ag4 m (Chris, age 51, export merchant, Home Counties, )
PS101 Ag4 f (Norrine, age 54, teacher, London, ) wife
PS102 Ag3 f (Lynda, age 44, export assistant, London, ) colleague
PS103 Ag2 f (Susan, age 30, cleaner, London, ) employee
PS104 Ag2 m (Bill, age 30+, plastics company director, London, ) neighbour
PS106 Ag5 m (Tony, age 60+, retired, London, ) neighbour
PS107 Ag4 m (David, age 45, property manager, London, ) neighbour
PS108 Ag5 f (Evelyn, age 60+, retired, London, ) stranger
KBKPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBKPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

228 recordings

  1. Tape 002001 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 002002 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 002003 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 002004 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 002005 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 002006 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 002007 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 002008 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 002009 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 002010 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 002011 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 002012 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 002013 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 002014 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 002016 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 002017 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 002018 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 002116 recorded on 1991-05-01. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  19. Tape 002117 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  20. Tape 002118 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  21. Tape 002119 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  22. Tape 002120 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  23. Tape 002121 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  24. Tape 002122 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  25. Tape 002123 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  26. Tape 002124 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  27. Tape 002125 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  28. Tape 002126 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  29. Tape 002127 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  30. Tape 002128 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  31. Tape 002129 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  32. Tape 002130 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  33. Tape 002131 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bromley ( home office ) Activity: work
  34. Tape 002201 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 002202 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 002203 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 002204 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 002205 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 002206 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 002207 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 002208 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 002209 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 002210 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 002211 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 002212 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 002213 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 002214 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 002215 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 002216 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 002217 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 002218 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 002219 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 002220 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 002221 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 002222 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 002223 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 002224 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 002225 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 002226 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 002227 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 002228 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 002229 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 002230 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  64. Tape 002231 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  65. Tape 002232 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 002233 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  67. Tape 002301 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  68. Tape 002302 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  69. Tape 002303 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  70. Tape 002304 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  71. Tape 002305 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  72. Tape 002306 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  73. Tape 002307 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  74. Tape 002308 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  75. Tape 002309 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  76. Tape 002310 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  77. Tape 002311 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  78. Tape 002312 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  79. Tape 002313 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  80. Tape 002314 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  81. Tape 002315 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  82. Tape 002316 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  83. Tape 002317 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  84. Tape 002318 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  85. Tape 002319 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  86. Tape 002320 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  87. Tape 002321 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  88. Tape 002322 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  89. Tape 002323 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  90. Tape 002324 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  91. Tape 002325 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  92. Tape 002326 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  93. Tape 002327 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  94. Tape 002328 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  95. Tape 002329 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  96. Tape 002330 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  97. Tape 002331 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  98. Tape 002332 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  99. Tape 002333 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  100. Tape 002334 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  101. Tape 002401 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  102. Tape 002402 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  103. Tape 002403 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  104. Tape 002404 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  105. Tape 002405 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  106. Tape 002406 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  107. Tape 002407 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  108. Tape 002408 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  109. Tape 002409 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  110. Tape 002410 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  111. Tape 002411 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  112. Tape 002412 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  113. Tape 002413 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  114. Tape 002414 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  115. Tape 002415 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  116. Tape 002416 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  117. Tape 002417 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  118. Tape 002418 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  119. Tape 002419 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  120. Tape 002420 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  121. Tape 002421 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  122. Tape 002422 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  123. Tape 002501 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  124. Tape 002502 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  125. Tape 002503 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  126. Tape 002504 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  127. Tape 002505 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  128. Tape 002506 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  129. Tape 002507 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  130. Tape 002508 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  131. Tape 002509 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  132. Tape 002601 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  133. Tape 002602 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  134. Tape 002603 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  135. Tape 002604 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  136. Tape 002605 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  137. Tape 002606 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  138. Tape 002607 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  139. Tape 002608 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  140. Tape 002609 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  141. Tape 002611 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  142. Tape 002612 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  143. Tape 002613 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  144. Tape 002614 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  145. Tape 002615 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Dulwich ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  146. Tape 002616 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Dulwich ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  147. Tape 002617 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Dulwich ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  148. Tape 002618 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Dulwich ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  149. Tape 002619 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  150. Tape 002620 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: Unspecified
  151. Tape 002621 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: Unspecified
  152. Tape 002622 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  153. Tape 002701 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  154. Tape 002702 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  155. Tape 002703 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  156. Tape 002704 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  157. Tape 002705 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  158. Tape 002706 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  159. Tape 002707 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  160. Tape 002708 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  161. Tape 002709 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  162. Tape 002710 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  163. Tape 002711 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  164. Tape 002712 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  165. Tape 002713 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  166. Tape 002714 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  167. Tape 002715 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  168. Tape 002716 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  169. Tape 002717 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  170. Tape 002718 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  171. Tape 002719 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  172. Tape 002720 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  173. Tape 002721 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  174. Tape 002722 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  175. Tape 002723 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  176. Tape 002724 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  177. Tape 002725 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  178. Tape 002801 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  179. Tape 002802 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  180. Tape 002803 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  181. Tape 002804 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  182. Tape 002805 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  183. Tape 002806 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  184. Tape 002807 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  185. Tape 002808 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  186. Tape 002809 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  187. Tape 002810 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationSuffolk: Dulwich ( Croquet club ) Activity: playing croquet
  188. Tape 002811 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  189. Tape 002812 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  190. Tape 002813 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  191. Tape 002814 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  192. Tape 002815 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  193. Tape 002901 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  194. Tape 002902 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  195. Tape 002903 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  196. Tape 002904 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  197. Tape 002905 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  198. Tape 002906 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  199. Tape 002907 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  200. Tape 002908 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  201. Tape 002909 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  202. Tape 002910 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  203. Tape 002911 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  204. Tape 002912 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  205. Tape 002913 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  206. Tape 002914 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  207. Tape 002915 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  208. Tape 002916 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  209. Tape 002917 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  210. Tape 002918 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  211. Tape 002919 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  212. Tape 002920 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  213. Tape 002921 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  214. Tape 002922 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  215. Tape 002923 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  216. Tape 002924 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  217. Tape 002925 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  218. Tape 003001 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  219. Tape 003002 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  220. Tape 003003 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  221. Tape 003004 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  222. Tape 003005 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  223. Tape 003006 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  224. Tape 003007 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( car ) Activity: Unspecified
  225. Tape 003008 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  226. Tape 003009 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  227. Tape 003011 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( Car ) Activity: Unspecified
  228. Tape 003012 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationLondon: Bromley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 002001)

Chris (PS05X) [1] It's the best thing of course so ... It's a very weird thing to be doing really isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [2] [...] You can leave it there if you want even though it's the ladies [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3] Yeah.
[4] Thank you
Norrine (PS101) [5] [...] club house just to the left.
Chris (PS05X) [6] Right.
[7] There's certainly a fancy er club house there isn't it?
[8] What's what's this fancy building here David?
Chris (PS05X) [9] Squash.
Norrine (PS101) [10] Oh!
[11] Is it?
[12] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [13] Ah ha.
Chris (PS05X) [14] [...] ... why we can't get on there, on the door
Chris (PS05X) [15] Yes ... fine.
Norrine (PS101) [16] Yes there's quite a ... lay out in the main building.
Chris (PS05X) [17] Right
Norrine (PS101) [18] Croquet and squash.
[19] Bowls down the side
Chris (PS05X) [20] Oh yes.
Norrine (PS101) [21] It used to be about the best bowling green in the in this part of the country.
Chris (PS05X) [22] Did it really?
[23] Yes.
[24] Only the one tennis court?
Norrine (PS101) [25] No there's one there there's one here.
Chris (PS05X) [26] Oh yes.
Norrine (PS101) [27] Over there that's ... behind me that's ...
Chris (PS05X) [28] Oh yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [29] I am not sure whether it's those certainly where you can see the right players [...] .
[30] Eileen's husband is the leading light in the bowls.
Chris (PS05X) [31] Oh is he?
[32] Really?
[33] And is that ah er another cricket team altogether or what?
[34] Club altogether?
Norrine (PS101) [35] That's another club.
[36] Yes.
[37] This is the [...] club [...]
Chris (PS05X) [38] Right.
[39] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [40] I think he he had a heart attack recently.
[41] [...] I think he is off of it now but I think he must be quite a leading light
Chris (PS05X) [42] Yes yes.
Norrine (PS101) [43] [...] speak to David Brian.
Chris (PS05X) [44] Oh was he?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [45] [laugh] Yes.
[46] Oh!
[47] Oh!
[48] Yes yes indeed.
[49] Now, now I'm there and there aren't I?
Norrine (PS101) [50] Now if you were using this this is what we would do.
[51] It's probably [...] erm, yeah I think you'd probably have a shot at your yellow.
[52] Doesn't matter if you go off because you could come up behind it.
Chris (PS05X) [53] Mm.
[54] Mm
Chris (PS05X) [55] And [...] it once
Norrine (PS101) [56] Yes yes.
[57] Fine.

2 (Tape 002002)

Chris (PS05X) [58] Lynda wasn't here yesterday when er ... [...] out.
[59] Sorry?
Norrine (PS101) [60] You'll have to warn her about it.
Chris (PS05X) [61] Well I don't think it actually needs warning about.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [62] Well I believe it does.
[63] I think it inhibits some people but ... she will explain.
[64] You saw the sheet didn't you?
Norrine (PS101) [65] Well I didn't really look.
Chris (PS05X) [66] It's irritating cos the clip won't go on the shirt.
Norrine (PS101) [67] Which clip's that [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [68] Well this microphone clip [...] shirt.
Norrine (PS101) [69] Is that the kind they wear on the television?
Chris (PS05X) [70] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [71] Why do you [...] , why doesn't it work then?
Chris (PS05X) [72] Well it's, the shirt just seems to be too fine for it.
Norrine (PS101) [73] Wear a tough shirt [...]
Chris (PS05X) [74] Yes.
[75] Playing a tough game tomorrow.
Norrine (PS101) [76] What are you playing tomorrow?
Chris (PS05X) [77] Croquet.
Norrine (PS101) [78] Oh that's Saturday not Sunday is it?
Chris (PS05X) [79] Yes.
[80] Very irritating because er ... if only I'd approached David earlier as I'd intended to.
[81] Previous weekend they had an open day at er Dulwich Croquet Club.
[82] ... So all were invited to go along.
Norrine (PS101) [83] You were busy last [...]
Chris (PS05X) [84] Of course I was on Sunday, yes indeed.
[85] Indeed indeed indeed.
[86] ... Yes I couldn't fit in much croquet then could I?
[87] ... The implication was that it was going to be a bit warmer today wasn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [88] I think the sun might come out a little later, I don't know about warmer but
Chris (PS05X) [89] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [90] it's certainly going to be overcast now. ...
Chris (PS05X) [91] [...] have breakfast?
[92] ... Thank you.
[93] ... David and [...] were agreeing last night how much they like the road.
Norrine (PS101) [94] Made up you mean?
Chris (PS05X) [95] Yes.
[96] Yes.
[97] But er
Norrine (PS101) [98] I must say I don't think twice now about opening that window whereas before I only did it ... reluctantly because of all the dust [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [99] Because of the dust flying in .
[100] Yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [101] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [102] She too was saying that she had an urge to go down with her broom and sweep up the [...] these building works.
[103] ... Right.
[104] ... I'm gonna have some breakfast, aren't you?
Norrine (PS101) [105] That's an idea.
[106] They started off on grapefruit down there.
Chris (PS05X) [107] Eating it, or
Norrine (PS101) [108] No no, preparing.
Chris (PS05X) [109] Oh, right.
[110] Shall I finish it?
Norrine (PS101) [111] Yes please.
Chris (PS05X) [112] Oh, god bless our daughter.
[113] [crockery noise] Hello dear.

3 (Tape 002003)

Chris (PS05X) [114] I've never seen such dry grapefruit.
Norrine (PS101) [115] I ought to complain really.
[116] It's such, such a time wasting procedure when you've got to ... take things back.
Chris (PS05X) [117] Where did they come from?
Norrine (PS101) [118] Sainsbury's.
Chris (PS05X) [119] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [120] It's the same sort we had before that have been so good.
[121] And the last couple of weeks I bought the cheaper ones.
Chris (PS05X) [122] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [123] And that was forty eight pence for one grapefruit because it was pink.
Chris (PS05X) [124] Doesn't even look pink, does it?
Norrine (PS101) [125] No.
Chris (PS05X) [126] Well I think you complain.
[127] I don't think you have to take it back, I didn't take that chicken back to Safeway's if you remember.
Norrine (PS101) [128] What chicken was that?
Chris (PS05X) [129] The one that smelt. ...
Norrine (PS101) [130] Did you complain?
Chris (PS05X) [131] Yes.
[132] Don't you remember that?
Norrine (PS101) [133] I remember the chicken.
[134] But I don't remember
Chris (PS05X) [135] Some months ago.
[136] I took the label back.
[137] Didn't take, didn't bother with the chicken.
[138] And she didn't, she scarcely even looked at the label.
[139] She took my word for it.
[140] Unfortunately because it, it was a special sell today job with a reduction off others I didn't get much money back.
[141] And then went and bought another fresh chicken [...] had to pay even more money for it.
[142] ... . Ah.
[143] Well it's incredible how little mail, and there's nothing on fax or telex either.
Norrine (PS101) [144] They're all on holiday perhaps [...] half term.
Chris (PS05X) [145] This is not nice.
Norrine (PS101) [146] Looks revolting.
Chris (PS05X) [147] Mm.
[148] Well.
Norrine (PS101) [149] Well don't bother, we'll take it back. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [150] Really not good.
[151] Extraordinary.
[152] ... Will you have toast?
[153] ... Cake?
[154] ... Sorry, will you have some toast?
Norrine (PS101) [...]

4 (Tape 002004)

Chris (PS05X) [155] Did you see that erm letter in the paper the other day about ... the, the introduction of sliced bread because there's been a bit of a correspondence about it?
Norrine (PS101) [156] Yes [...] sixty years ago or something.
Chris (PS05X) [157] Yes.
[158] And it's five sixteenths of an inch thick by ... ordinary buttering and half an inch thick for toast.
[159] And [...] about nineteen twenty eight or something wasn't it?

5 (Tape 002005)

Norrine (PS101) [160] I was going to write to Long Tall Sally ... can't make up my mind if I should or I shouldn't but it has got those little ...
Chris (PS05X) [161] Unfortunately it's got a sort of ... general grubbiness to it as well, hasn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [162] Well.
[163] ... But that is because it doesn't come white any more when you wash it.
Chris (PS05X) [164] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [165] You can't wash the white [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [166] No, no you can't.

6 (Tape 002006)

Chris (PS05X) [167] Thank you for getting this tomato juice specially from Safeway's. ...
Norrine (PS101) [168] When I go on half term I ought to [...] all things.
[169] Actually has been rather [...]
Chris (PS05X) [170] What?
[171] Just not enough, [...] happening?
Norrine (PS101) [172] Break.
Chris (PS05X) [173] Enough break yes.
[174] That's right.
Norrine (PS101) [175] [...] organized.
[176] Not enough change in your rate. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [177] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [178] I feel clearer in my mind about [...] which is a help.
[179] And I don't feel clear of things to do which is very miserable [...]
Chris (PS05X) [180] Well you're not doing your reports till after that time are you?
Norrine (PS101) [181] No they have to be in by the twenty sixth of June.
[182] And the ten days after open day are going to be ... mad.
Chris (PS05X) [183] Twenty six days, yes, ten days.
[184] You've got sixteen days to do them in in theory.
Norrine (PS101) [185] Well I won't have really will I if [...]
Chris (PS05X) [186] Is that the earlier day you all complained about?
Norrine (PS101) [187] [...] three days on.
[188] And we asked for an extra ... ten days.
[189] At the moment we've got three.
Chris (PS05X) [190] Did you get any explanations why it was all required in earlier?
Norrine (PS101) [191] No.
[192] She just feels she wanted the time to do it in her time.
[193] [...] calling the tune.
[194] As long as you don't do it too often.
[195] Don't do it too often just call the tune without justifying it.
[196] People get a bit resentful.
Chris (PS05X) [197] Yes.
[198] ... Do you think that in all schools the head always looked at all the reports?
Norrine (PS101) [199] ... When I was at school they hadn't signed them.
[200] [...] every school [...] signed them.
[201] ... I suspect Mrs feels she ought to be signing them not the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [202] [...] .
[203] That pot's finished now.
[204] ... What a funny idea this queue down [...] parks isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [205] Some people obviously overdo it.
Chris (PS05X) [206] Mm.
[207] ... Did you see that ... [...] thing on television last night?
Norrine (PS101) [208] [...] got their hats back. ...
Chris (PS05X) [209] I'm interested there were women mixed in with them.
[210] Just the same uniform.
Norrine (PS101) [211] I didn't notice that.
Chris (PS05X) [212] Look at this lovely picture of this High Commissioner in Sri Lanka who's been booted out in his Morris Minor.
[213] Somebody is about to set up
Norrine (PS101) [214] Who pays?
Chris (PS05X) [215] [...] convertible by the look of it, still.
[216] Mm about to set up a factory in Sri Lanka to make Morris Minor parts.
[217] To rebuild them. ...
Norrine (PS101) [218] Will they find him another job now?
[219] What do they do then then?
Chris (PS05X) [220] Well he's employed by the Foreign Office.
Norrine (PS101) [221] Mm.
[222] So will they send him somewhere else?
Chris (PS05X) [223] Probably.
[224] Or they'll keep him in London.
[225] Sri Lankan desk or something.
Norrine (PS101) [226] Wonder what happened to [...] .
[227] ... after Washington.
Chris (PS05X) [228] He'll ... probably merge back into the Department of Transport.
[229] Might do something else in the environment.
Norrine (PS101) [230] Oh there was some talk of ... going somewhere else.
Chris (PS05X) [231] Oh was there?
Norrine (PS101) [232] Mm.
[233] Well I mean, not an offer but
Chris (PS05X) [234] They would like to.
[235] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [236] I don't know if [...] , but it's on the cards that one could.
Chris (PS05X) [237] Oh.
[238] Roy's idea was that er might get some highly paid job in industry.
[239] Aviation or something. ...
Norrine (PS101) [240] Are you making more toast?
Chris (PS05X) [241] Oh yes, yes I shall.
[242] Gosh I'm not thinking straight.
[243] I'll make some more.
Norrine (PS101) [244] [...] bit addictive with this at times.
[245] That's why I try [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [246] It's, it's sitting down that's addictive is it?
[247] Not having breakfast.
Norrine (PS101) [248] Having breakfast when you're sitting down.
[249] You don't actually
Chris (PS05X) [250] You mean you might get into a good habit? ...
Norrine (PS101) [251] [...] late to school.
Chris (PS05X) [252] I must say I like it. ...
Norrine (PS101) [253] I'll tell you what.
[254] ... Erm ... go without lunch to make up for it.
Chris (PS05X) [255] To make up for what?
[256] My having my normal breakfast?
Norrine (PS101) [257] Oh it's just me that's got to give up lunch is it?
Chris (PS05X) [258] Well you could actually have two meals today, for a change.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [259] [...] .
[260] That, that special orange and something honey marmalade.
Norrine (PS101) [261] Oh, the gift one.
[262] Sweet orange marmalade with cider in.
[263] It was sweet wasn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [264] It was sweet, but it was pleasant.
Norrine (PS101) [265] Couldn't taste the cider could you?
Chris (PS05X) [266] No.
[267] You rarely can can you?
Norrine (PS101) [268] My home-made of three years ago.
Chris (PS05X) [269] Oh yes.
[270] Good, good and solid.
Norrine (PS101) [271] Thick, thick marmalade.
Chris (PS05X) [272] Nice.
Norrine (PS101) [273] A bit thick.
Chris (PS05X) [274] I like it, like that.
[275] I think Lizzie's marmalade was particularly addictive.
Norrine (PS101) [276] Oh I did, mm, I liked that.
[277] Nice bitter flavour.
[278] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [279] We haven't tried Jack's have we?
Norrine (PS101) [280] [...] Jack?
Chris (PS05X) [281] Well he's never given us a pot ... mean devil.
Norrine (PS101) [282] Oh I see, I thought.
Chris (PS05X) [283] It's about the one thing a year he does do and crows about.
Norrine (PS101) [284] Well I expect his family dispose of it nicely for him.
[285] I'm sure Andrew
Chris (PS05X) [286] Oh yes, yes I do believe he's given Andrew a pot to take home.
[287] He's still as daft about Andrew as ever isn't he?
Norrine (PS101) [288] Yes.
[289] It shows a little bit, not in Jack, I don't mean in Jack I mean in Andrew.
[290] Although Andrew's twenty eight.
Chris (PS05X) [291] It shows in both of them.
[292] I mean Jack was so solicitous that
Norrine (PS101) [293] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [294] weekend towards Andrew.
[295] And he and I had ... oops ... er ... had earlier talked about people, no that's fine, that's fine I like the crust, erm parking on verges and I was decrying it.
[296] Of course when we came back and discovered Andrew and co had arrived, he'd parked on the verge and I ... had a dig at Andrew about it.
[297] Jack was terribly defensive of him.
[298] You know totally changed his tune from earlier [laugh] .
[299] Andrew can do no wrong.
Norrine (PS101) [300] Well it's better that way round than the other.
Chris (PS05X) [301] Oh you mean the way I treat Snoopy?
Norrine (PS101) [302] That's not what I mean at all.
[303] ... [...] . No but it's better to have er parents who think highly of their kids even if slightly mistakenly
Chris (PS05X) [304] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [305] than decry them.
[306] Run them down.
Chris (PS05X) [307] Mm. ...
Norrine (PS101) [308] The lupin's coming out.
Chris (PS05X) [309] Oh yes so it is.
[310] We've got two more down there, which are looking very healthy. ... [...]

7 (Tape 002007)

Norrine (PS101) [311] I have offered to Lizzie to make bean salad for her wedding reception, or Brian's wedding
Chris (PS05X) [312] Oh good.
Norrine (PS101) [313] cos Lizzie's doing the catering.
[314] ... Erm with the help of David's mother.
[315] The erm ... my mother's, David's mother's making a cake, er it was one of those ... special ones.
Chris (PS05X) [316] Her speciality.
Norrine (PS101) [317] And icing it.
Chris (PS05X) [318] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [319] What did she say about desserts?
[320] Didn't she say that the college was, they were paying the college to [...] ?
[321] They're having it at the co , at the university because David's mother has some connection.
[322] Which was how she knew about it.
Chris (PS05X) [323] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [324] And the desserts ... I think the college does a very good array or selection or standard or something of desserts.
[325] So they're going to actually ... buy the desserts from the college.
Chris (PS05X) [326] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [327] [...] or something like that, they are.
[328] ... Lydia's doing cold meat and, and salad basically. [door bell]
Chris (PS05X) [329] Yeah.
[330] Yes I suppose it's Lynda.
[331] ... Well you're some guard dog aren't you?
[332] Useless creature.
[333] Hi there.
Lynda (PS102) [334] Hi.
[335] Perhaps she could smell me through the door.
[336] Oh you're wired for sound.
Chris (PS05X) [337] I'm wired for sound ma'am.
Lynda (PS102) [338] Oh wow.
Chris (PS05X) [339] Looking for your usual [...] match.
Norrine (PS101) [340] Hello.
[341] You realize I don't trust him any longer.
Lynda (PS102) [342] Is that a [...] [laugh] .
Norrine (PS101) [343] All these conversations he has and I'm not there.
Lynda (PS102) [344] He'll be [...]
Norrine (PS101) [345] I wasn't thinking
Lynda (PS102) [346] What an excellent plan.
Chris (PS05X) [347] Well it's a pacemaker below the belt dear.
Lynda (PS102) [348] Well I don't want to know about that.
Chris (PS05X) [349] [laugh] How wise.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [350] Oh lovely, thank you.
[351] That's superb!
[352] Yes I prefer the picture of the Red Arrows personally.
Lynda (PS102) [353] I didn't realize that was [...] .
[354] Completely cut out the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [355] Oh, gosh, we've actually got a message in now.
[356] Amazing.
[357] There was nothing, there was nothing in the mail but a chequebook.
[358] And er nothing on [...] telex.
[359] Oh god.
Lynda (PS102) [360] Has [...] phoned?
Chris (PS05X) [361] No it's, it's [...] and er about the alloy eight hundred H T.
Lynda (PS102) [362] You didn't telephone Richard's [...] did you?
Chris (PS05X) [363] No I didn't.
[364] Sorry about that.
Lynda (PS102) [365] Well when I find out who it was I shall wring their necks.
Chris (PS05X) [366] Twenty five past eight?
Lynda (PS102) [367] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [368] Oh well you mean you rushed back in again did you?
Lynda (PS102) [369] No, well no I was actually stark naked in the bathroom.
Chris (PS05X) [370] Ah.
[371] Twenty five past eight!
[372] Oh of course there's no school is there?
Lynda (PS102) [373] No, no school. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [374] It, it's a tough life.
[375] I wouldn't mind being M D of an electronics firm.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [376] How many [...] , how many to make you redundant this week. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [377] He's off at he's up at nine o'clock [...] .
[378] No if you think about it he was out er Monday last week [...] .
[379] Monday before that we were away, Tuesday [...] away playing golf.
[380] And today all day he plays golf.
[381] Next week [...] playing golf [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [382] I think he might get a bit of a ... a a a bit of a reaction from one or two of these people, don't you?
Lynda (PS102) [...]

8 (Tape 002008)

Chris (PS05X) [383] Dear oh dear oh dear.
[384] This eight hundred H T order's slipped away.
Lynda (PS102) [385] Oh dear.
Chris (PS05X) [386] Not too surprising really I suppose but erm [cough] ... I went up and erm heard the jazz at the Crown last night.
Lynda (PS102) [387] Manhattan?
Chris (PS05X) [388] Manhattan yes.
Lynda (PS102) [389] How were they?
Chris (PS05X) [390] I thoroughly enjoyed it.
[391] I thought it was great.
Lynda (PS102) [392] Oh that's good.
Chris (PS05X) [393] In fact I was quite a busy little bee last night.
[394] Fixed to go and have a game of croquet on Saturday afternoon.
Lynda (PS102) [395] Oh you said you were, you were threatening to do that weren't you?
Chris (PS05X) [396] Yes.
[397] yes.
[398] [...] ought to have a go.
Lynda (PS102) [399] Where are you playing croquet?
Chris (PS05X) [400] Oh Dulwich my dear.
Lynda (PS102) [401] Dulwich.
[402] With She.
Chris (PS05X) [403] Pardon?
[404] She?
[405] Ah yes, I I [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [406] Shall I put the kettle on?
Chris (PS05X) [407] Yes please dear lovely.
[408] I wouldn't er, I wouldn't trust her with mallet.
[409] [laugh] Oh I've got bags of time I reckon to make notes on what I'm doing as we talk here.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [410] Yes, oh yes it's all sort of, relatively complex stuff.
[411] You, you read that did you?
Lynda (PS102) [412] Yes.
[413] Did they send you the Walkman as well?
Chris (PS05X) [414] Oh yes I've got that.
[415] And I've got boxes of, two boxes of tapes.
Lynda (PS102) [416] Why do they trust you?
Chris (PS05X) [417] I wondered.
[418] I must say I wondered.
[419] Yeah, I mean you're not particularly trad jazz inclined anyway are you?
Lynda (PS102) [420] Oh I like trad jazz I don't like modern jazz at all.
[421] But I like trad jazz I mean that was, there was a great, there was a trad jazz ... era in the sixties
Chris (PS05X) [422] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [423] and we were all very [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [424] Well there's the programme.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [425] Yes.
Lynda (PS102)
Chris (PS05X) [426] He lives there.
[427] I had a chat with him last night.
[428] And er he sort of admitted that he lives absolutely on the fringe of the no go area.
[429] Mm look at it, I mean the name of his house Wit's End.
[430] He's a very odd character.
Lynda (PS102) [431] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [432] Out of interest, how much do you charge for your do?
Lynda (PS102) [433] Erm ... no I didn't, Plum actually did the organizing.
[434] I think, I think it was about two hundred and forty pounds
Chris (PS05X) [435] Right.
Lynda (PS102) [436] but don't quote me on it.
[437] It might have been more it might have been
Norrine (PS101) [438] Somebody mentioned the figure of three hundred pounds.
Chris (PS05X) [439] For a jazz [...]
Norrine (PS101) [440] Mm.
[441] Does that sound right?
Lynda (PS102) [442] It sounds a bit of a [...]
Norrine (PS101) [443] I don't know but that, that price, somebody in conversation mentioned it.
Lynda (PS102) [444] Yes.
[445] But they, of course they may be now cos we booked them back in Feb
Norrine (PS101) [446] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [447] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [448] and.
[449] But they were only relatively cheap because at the time I made that [...] change [...] musician [...] union.
[450] So they weren't charging union rates and we got them relatively cheap.
Norrine (PS101) [451] Maybe whoever was telling me was making a [...]
Chris (PS05X) [452] Well when you look at how busy a programme they've got.
[453] You can't, it's difficult to believe why they don't charge full whack.
[454] I mean it was very interesting in the Crown last night because apparently they, they normally have some rhythm and blues and soul and things like that on a Thursday.
[455] And erm ... the youngsters weren't objecting to their music.
[456] I mean there were no real teeny boppers.
[457] Erm but the the old grey hairs like me were leaping around and [phone rings] .
[458] Yes alright.
[459] Good morning Mr [...] .

9 (Tape 002009)

Norrine (PS101) [460] Health food shop.
Lynda (PS102) [461] And it's
Norrine (PS101) [462] Calming nerves sort of tension yes.
Lynda (PS102) [463] Yes.
[464] Well that, it [...] speak the truth they were given to me by June, who's very into that sort of thing and prescribed them for Simon and in fact has had to give him a few more now because he's had his driving test cancelled.
[465] And and he happened to give me [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [466] But my sister said exactly the same thing when she began a lot of those new remedies.
[467] And when I was talking to her she said, oh well you should give her something, but not to send her to sleep and make her drowsy.
Lynda (PS102) [468] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [469] Not those kind of relaxants but something just to relieve the tension and make her feel calmer.
[470] So she approaches it in a better frame of mind.
Lynda (PS102) [471] I, my feeling is that it's a bit of a placebo.
[472] But if it works it doesn't matter.
[473] I put, Marie Ann gave her daughter a Valium before she took her driving test.
Norrine (PS101) [474] Did she fall asleep over the wheel?
Lynda (PS102) [475] She didn't fall over the wheel and she did pass her test.
[476] And Marie Ann [...]
Norrine (PS101) [477] Was she very nervous?
Lynda (PS102) [478] She, she was very nervous.
[479] And er [...] [banging] .
[480] And I told Marie Ann about that and she said right.
[481] That will not happen to Victoria.
[482] And erm she did another very sensible thing which was to send Victoria out the day before with Patricia [...]
Norrine (PS101) [483] Someone new and different.
Lynda (PS102) [484] Someone she, Victoria didn't know.
[485] And he just sat there doing and saying absolutely nothing.
[486] And erm Marie Ann [...] thinks she got over her worst nerves at that time.
Norrine (PS101) [487] That was a good idea.
Lynda (PS102) [488] Was a good idea.
[489] She offered to do it for Simon and he thought it was a good idea but er he never quite got around to doing it.
[490] Maybe I'll get her to do it next week because his next test is next Friday.
[491] He's hardly been in the car.
[492] I shouldn't think his car will start.
[493] So erm you know I'm glad it's only that but I suspect when the day comes his car will ... but he took these erm homeopathic tranquillisers of course thinking his test was going to be a couple of weeks ago.
[494] And you have to take three the day before
Norrine (PS101) [495] Yes they're not very strong, you have to build it up gradually.
Lynda (PS102) [496] and then, they're not drugs of course.
[497] And then er one I think an hour before whichever event you're dreading particularly.
[498] And he, of course he'd taken them [...] the day before.
[499] And by the evening said oh I feel awful, I don't know.
[500] And I reported that to June and she said that's a load of nonsense because there's nothing in it to make you feel lightheaded or anything else, and if he, if he felt a bit tired you know.
[501] And of course on the morning it was difficult to tell because before he took the first test he appeared to be fine until really the, the very last minute.
Norrine (PS101) [502] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [503] And we didn't get that far.
[504] [...] I can't say with my heart on my heart they work.
[505] I myself put my faith in diazepam I've got [...] gram diazepam which is very slight, very small dose and is enough just to ... stop you caring so much about whatever it is that's really bugging you.
Norrine (PS101) [506] I mean I honestly think she's not going to pass even though she's going to have another go.
Lynda (PS102) [507] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [508] Because as you know if you fail twice you're sure to fail the third time.
[509] I mean you, how am I going to suddenly be better at it.
Lynda (PS102) [510] How's it going to be different.
Norrine (PS101) [511] So I said well a lot of it's an attitude.
Lynda (PS102) [512] Exactly that's the only thing you can really change.
[513] Also I mean

10 (Tape 002010)

Lynda (PS102) [514] Doesn't it make you feel funny to have [...]
Norrine (PS101) [515] Erm therefore it doesn't really [...] .
[516] I mean therefore she doesn't pass.
[517] So there is some judgement and skill involved.
[518] And I think her judgement is impaired by the fact she feels nervous.
[519] And is anxious not to overdo it and [...] cos that's another where you fail again.
Lynda (PS102) [520] Yes, unless somebody [...]
Norrine (PS101) [521] [...] bad enough.
[522] But he wouldn't be letting you use your time if you were that poor at it because they do build you up very slowly.
[523] [...] over two years she's been doing it.
Chris (PS05X) [524] Well.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [525] Well hopefully, she's got another class on Monday.
[526] She likes her tutor. [...]
Lynda (PS102) [527] Well I'd be happy to give you the name of the particular one but I don't know whether it applies to the young.
[528] [...] they usually want to know the colour of your eyes and that sort of thing [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [529] Well I only, I've bought odd things in the past and never actually been asked anything specific.
Lynda (PS102) [530] I'll ask June.
[531] It may not apply to anything but I know in the past when she's ... given me those things to try [...] erm she's got a book at home and it'll say ... erm particular ...
Lynda (PS102) [532] [...] a decent homeopathic shop they prescribe [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Lynda (PS102) [533] She, she uses homeopathic treatment [...] .
[534] She went to the er ... College of Veterinary Surgeons yest Wednesday ... with her latest dog because she's not jumping.
[535] You know she just got [...] bigger dog.
[536] And she's had it some time now but the whole purpose was to ... so that she could train this one because ... the first one now is too old, the second one has [...] and can't.
[537] And the second was a sort of [...] .
[538] The third one has hip displacement.
[539] The fourth one [...] and Jim wanted one [...] .
[540] And she's had hip displacement.
Norrine (PS101) [541] Again?
Lynda (PS102) [542] Yes.
[543] So she can't, so she has five dogs she can't train.
Chris (PS05X) [544] Good god.
Lynda (PS102) [545] And she [...] tablet [...] today.
[546] But that will be a bit of a [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [547] I hope it means she doesn't buy any more dogs [...] .
[548] I I fear the opposite.
Lynda (PS102) [549] Well the one thing she can't do now is breed from her.
[550] So she has to have her spayed.
[551] I didn't know she planned to breed from her but er ... she must [...] .
[552] But it means she has five dogs to look after and
Norrine (PS101) [553] Has she not passed dogs on or?
[554] ... They're more like children than dogs [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [555] Oh yes.
[556] Yes, more like, more like children than children to her actually.
[557] Erm the only thing that occurred to me I just wondered if she knew somebody who had a dearly loved dog that, didn't want to train it but you know she could perhaps just take along ... for the joy of running it and training it but I think part of the pleasure is the reflected glory you know it's my dog
Norrine (PS101) [558] Well it's [...]
Lynda (PS102) [559] Yes.
[560] So I don't [...]
Norrine (PS101) [561] Our erm department head at school has a beautiful collie.
[562] And they felt he was bored at home because they're out quite a lot
Lynda (PS102) [563] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [564] and although he's well trained and they ... exercise him.
[565] They felt he was bored so they took him to training classes and Tricia said he's an absolute natural.
[566] He goes up through the hoops along the narrow, she said the first day when all the others were standing there shaking at the narrow bath he was just over it and down and ... she said you've never seen him [...]
Lynda (PS102) [567] I mean they do it and thoroughly enjoy it.
[568] All of them do that er
Norrine (PS101) [569] They're not showing theirs or using it for any other purpose just for the dog's benefit.
Lynda (PS102) [570] Yes.
[571] For enjoyment [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Lynda (PS102) [572] She doesn't show them as such it's all agility and er obediency and so on.
[573] And the dogs do, they wouldn't do it otherwise I suppose. [phone rings]
Chris (PS05X) [574] Good afternoon, good morning I mean ...
Chris (PS05X) [575] Pretty [...] order.
[576] Phone call from Singapore.
[577] ... Do you want to keep that list of the jazz
Lynda (PS102) [578] Yes [...]
Chris (PS05X) [579] because I've got the similar, similar thing in small format here. ...
Lynda (PS102) [580] I was just trying to remember whether they did Joan's do at the [...] last year.
[581] [...] . But I've got a feeling they didn't.
[582] No they, they didn't because the ... that's right because it was cancelled last year it was the year before she did [...] .
[583] But I thought they were perfectly acceptable and surprised in a way that so many people commented adversely on them.
[584] Because they don't make a bad noise.
Chris (PS05X) [585] I think it's people who don't like trad jazz Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [586] That's right.
Chris (PS05X) [587] I think that's all, all you can say.
Lynda (PS102) [588] Erm we are, there should be another order from Descar ready today.
Chris (PS05X) [589] Oh.
Lynda (PS102) [590] Mm.
[591] One.
Chris (PS05X) [592] Are you going to ring [...] ?
Lynda (PS102) [593] I just [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [594] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [595] Erm.
[596] The other thing I'm wondering whether I should do the Petroline order which in fact flew on its first leg to Rome yesterday.
Chris (PS05X) [597] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [598] It's only worth about a hundred pounds.
[599] We haven't insured it at all yet erm [...] arrange that anyway.
Chris (PS05X) [600] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [601] But [...] might not be the best thing because ... if for any reason ... the buyer says that they didn't [...] they're not going to pay [...]
Chris (PS05X) [602] I I I think we've got to accept that that on that business we have, we have, do not have secure terms period.
Lynda (PS102) [603] Right but should we insure it fully?
Chris (PS05X) [604] Not fully.
[605] But contingency.
Lynda (PS102) [606] Contingency is, I thought was just sort of between here and the airport
Chris (PS05X) [607] Oh no.
Lynda (PS102) [608] until it left the country.
Chris (PS05X) [609] No.
[610] No no no
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [611] That is what it is for.
[612] That is what it is.
[613] Contingency is if the customer having, the buyer having said he will cover the insurance, doesn't
Lynda (PS102) [614] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [615] and then ... doesn't get his money, doesn't pay us
Lynda (PS102) [616] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [617] we can claim.
Lynda (PS102) [618] But if it was lost we could still claim?
[619] We could claim, he couldn't but we could.
Chris (PS05X) [620] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [621] Fine, O K.
Chris (PS05X) [622] Yes.
[623] We will probably have to prove that we have not been paid for the consignment.
Lynda (PS102) [624] Interesting.
Chris (PS05X) [625] Interesting possibility.
[626] But it, it, it's not covering from factory to airport or anything of that sort.
[627] It is definitely covering
Lynda (PS102) [628] Right covering part of the risk.
Chris (PS05X) [629] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [630] But not the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [631] Yes.
[632] Because we we can only take it on their word when they say we shall insure.
[633] I mean we should be doing it for shouldn't we?
Lynda (PS102) [634] I do do it for .
Chris (PS05X) [635] Do you?
[636] Right.
[637] O K.
[638] ... Ah. ...
Lynda (PS102) [639] [...] contingency only [...] . ...
Chris (PS05X) [640] I suppose it ... it doesn't matter very much one way or the other does it?
Lynda (PS102) [641] What to them [...] cheaper?
Chris (PS05X) [642] Cheaper to us, erm the trouble with it is of course we never actually add it in.
[643] Do we?
Lynda (PS102) [644] Yes [...] costs I do.
Chris (PS05X) [645] Do you?
Lynda (PS102) [646] Oh yes.
Chris (PS05X) [647] You you bung it across to the customer?
Lynda (PS102) [648] Ah.
[649] I do if it's a C I N contract when I'm
Chris (PS05X) [650] Well if it's a C I N contract you aren't you're not contingency.
Lynda (PS102) [651] No.
[652] If it's contingency, no I don't.
Chris (PS05X) [653] No.
Lynda (PS102) [654] But it's usually [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [655] It is a small sum yes that's quite true.
[656] Great.
Lynda (PS102) [657] I do add it into the costs if it's [...]
Chris (PS05X) [658] Ah.
[659] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [660] [...] don't know do they?
Chris (PS05X) [661] No that's true.
[662] That's quite true.
[663] Now er Richard rang me at five o'clock yesterday.
Lynda (PS102) [664] That's an old fashioned half an hour.
Chris (PS05X) [665] Yes.
[666] He did say that he'd tried to ring before I got back from lunch but I'm not one hundred percent certain.
[667] Erm but it wasn't, it was twenty past two when I got back from lunch.
[668] Erm and the erm ... I saw John at lunchtime and I mentioned it to him because he, he said that, it hadn't even occurred to me till then, because he said I'm concentrating on the surveying side and I thought ha ha ha to you my friend.
[669] Would you like Richard's work telephone number?
Lynda (PS102) [670] [...] why not.
[671] Did you discover what company he works for?
Chris (PS05X) [672] No I didn't I'm afraid.
Lynda (PS102) [673] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [674] No I didn't erm ... I didn't ask.
[675] But he said er, and I said that I gather you're seeing Lynda the weekend if you do find anything perhaps you could pass it on to her.
[676] And John said oh it will give me something to do.
[677] [laugh] It is a bit desperate isn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [678] I think Lewisham have got themselves into a ludicrous state over people er ... .
[679] Erm ... being pushed sideways into jobs that don't match and being paid full price.
[680] I don't want [...] .
[681] Erm being paid their full salary.
[682] Yeah we don't want you any more so go and, go and twiddle your thumbs in this corner but they're still paying them twenty thousand a year.
[683] Absolute farce.
[684] Absolutely farcical.
Lynda (PS102) [685] But I thought John had been put into a job that in fact he was born to and getting his teeth into [...]
Chris (PS05X) [686] Absolutely.
[687] Absolutely but he's up against the fact that nobody wants to know what he's doing.
[688] Quality control, I mean er ... client satisfaction, things of that sort I'm not quite sure what he's into.
[689] But er being a local authority they're saying oh come on.
[690] Why make the effort.
Lynda (PS102) [691] I mean sadly that really was in a sense what making local authorities answerable was supposed to stamp out.
Chris (PS05X) [692] Yes.
[693] And of course local government is the most wonderful procrastinator in the world isn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [694] Yes but if they truly were answerable for their own budgets
Chris (PS05X) [695] Oh sure.
Lynda (PS102) [696] which they're still not
Chris (PS05X) [697] No.
Lynda (PS102) [698] and you know never will be now
Chris (PS05X) [699] That's right.
[700] That's absolutely right.
Lynda (PS102) [701] er that things go on like that.
Chris (PS05X) [702] That's right.
[703] And that's going to be
Lynda (PS102) [704] But who does it benefit?
[705] It doesn't benefit.
[706] I was quite convinced that ... ninety nine percent of people do not actually enjoy sitting doing nothing.
[707] You like to feel useful.
Chris (PS05X) [708] Oh absolutely.
Lynda (PS102) [709] But who does that benefit apart from the fact they're getting a salary at the end of the day?
Chris (PS05X) [710] Nobody.
[711] Nobody.
[712] Nobody.
[713] But but ... when initially presented to you, here's twenty thousand a year for doing nothing my friend.
[714] It's, it has an element of appeal doesn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [715] Well clearly you'd rather being doing that than doing
Chris (PS05X) [716] Getting nothing for doing nothing [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [717] [...] .
[718] Yes.
[719] Yes.
[720] But why can't they get their act together and ...
Chris (PS05X) [721] Yes.
[722] Yes I agree.
Lynda (PS102) [723] I suppose at the end of the day ... yes you're right.
[724] He's as well sit pushing papers around pretending to be busy but drawing the salary than being made redundant which is what ought to be happening.
Chris (PS05X) [725] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [726] But they could possibly, they surely must be able to do it through natural wastage to some extent.
Chris (PS05X) [727] I would have thought so.
Lynda (PS102) [728] I mean all the time [...]
Chris (PS05X) [729] This Guys er business incidentally.
[730] They're now saying four hundred jobs will go but less than a hundred will be made redundant.
[731] The other three hundred will go through natural wastage.
Lynda (PS102) [732] [...] .
[733] They said six [...]
Chris (PS05X) [734] They said six hundred originally apparently but then and now they're talking four hundred.
[735] There was some rather naff comments about the union people [whispers] COHSE I mean what a shower.
[736] Erm.
[737] On television last night there was some waffling about nothing and complaining they hadn't been told [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [738] I don't, I honestly don't know what the answer is with the National Health but it's going to take years and years and years.
[739] But probably we'll always [...]
Chris (PS05X) [740] I think the Guys situation is a very interesting ... experiment.
[741] It's a shame it's going on under a microscope, spotlight or whatever but erm.
[742] Spotlight I mean don't [...] a microscope.
[743] Erm ... but even so it's er ... it's, it's interesting.
[744] And Guys needs it for goodness sake.
[745] Guys definitely needs it.
Lynda (PS102) [746] If you look at all the nationalized industries that have been privatized, they're all making thumping great profits now.
[747] I wouldn't say it was, like the Gas Board, like B T.
[748] And I wouldn't say that we were being fleeced, I mean I, I think we've always been fleeced up to a certain point but they were always making a loss in the past and [...]
Chris (PS05X) [749] Well their, their accounting was cock-eyed in commercial terms Lynda.
[750] It, it really was different accounting which is hardly comparable.
[751] Erm and I see nothing wrong with making decent profits as long as you're not actually ripping people off as a monopoly.
Lynda (PS102) [752] Yes.
[753] I think it's a bit dubious what they do with the profits after.
Chris (PS05X) [754] Well.
[755] Oh that, that's a different matter.
[756] That is a ... surely
Lynda (PS102) [757] I mean with something like British Gas erm to make the enormous profit they've made surely it must be possible to reduce the price to the consumer.
Chris (PS05X) [758] I would have thought so, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [759] And they can give you all sorts of reasons why [...]
Chris (PS05X) [760] Erm I I I must say I haven't read or heard anything about the British Gas thing.
Lynda (PS102) [761] [...] billion [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [762] Oh yes.
[763] I knew they'd made a lot of money.
[764] But erm what they were going to do I don't know.
Lynda (PS102) [765] [...] justify why they're not going to reduce the price.
Chris (PS05X) [766] But the South West Water Authority or whatever they're called erm also made a big ... profit didn't they?
[767] But the guy said well ninety percent of this has got to be spent on a small proportion of the works which we are required to do over the next decade.
Lynda (PS102) [768] Well that's fine.
[769] You know if British Gas [...] training themselves more efficient or whatever else it is, fine.
Chris (PS05X) [770] Yes.
[771] Yes.
[772] Yes it's when you see British Telecom repainting all their vans with this silly new logo that you get a bit twitchy don't you?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [773] Mm. ...
Lynda (PS102) [774] I think the health [...] length of waiting lists for operations and ... the furore about the fact that you've got to ring up and find where the shortest list is and all that [...]
Chris (PS05X) [775] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [776] which is a sensible thing to do in a way.
[777] Lots of people say well I don't mind waiting or whatever.
Chris (PS05X) [778] Well.
[779] Norman on his wall has a a a list of er ... theoretical waitings for the different specialists at Orpington hospital and presumably he's got one beside it for Queen Mary's as well.
Lynda (PS102) [780] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [781] So he can actually look at and say oh well ... Queen Mary's is the place for you to go my friend.
Lynda (PS102) [782] And some people might say oh I don't want to go there I'd rather wait [...]
Chris (PS05X) [783] That's right.
[784] Absolutely.
Lynda (PS102) [785] You know it's going to work out [...]
Chris (PS05X) [786] So it, it's happening already.
Lynda (PS102) [787] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [788] To some degree.
Lynda (PS102) [789] But er ... they're never going to, I don't think they're ever going to get on top of the waiting lists because they're introducing so many new operations.
Chris (PS05X) [790] That's right.
[791] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [792] So.
[793] And there are people living longer and needing them.
[794] But it's always going to [...]
Chris (PS05X) [795] You, you have got to have a waiting list to use the facilities reasonably fully.
Lynda (PS102) [796] Yes, otherwise you'd have [...] sort of hanging around and asking
Chris (PS05X) [797] That's right.
Lynda (PS102) [798] how is that hip?
Chris (PS05X) [799] Yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [800] Shall we do it now?
[801] [laugh] ... Right.
[802] I'll ring ... [...]
Chris (PS05X) [803] There's your jazz band leader.
Lynda (PS102) [804] Jeffrey Jeffrey!
[805] Is that really? [...]
Chris (PS05X) [806] That's his full time job. [...]
Lynda (PS102) [807] [...] when does [...] ... And he lives in ?
Chris (PS05X) [808] He admits that it's a [...] area [...] .
[809] He's a bit of an odd boy himself though you know.
Lynda (PS102) [810] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [811] And I think it was his wife there last night too.
[812] Erm and she, she's a, a curious lady.
[813] ... I think it was his wife anyway she went round with a pot at the end. ...
Lynda (PS102) [814] And he, I mean that's such an anomaly.
[815] He's effectively a surveyor.
Chris (PS05X) [816] Yes.
[817] He's a building surveyor.
Lynda (PS102) [818] I mean, you know building surveyors don't wear clothes like that.
[819] [...] pants.
Chris (PS05X) [820] Dressed all in black dear.
Lynda (PS102) [821] I was just gobsmacked [...]
Chris (PS05X) [822] Yes, yes.
[823] Incredible isn't it.?
[824] Brave fellow I'd say.
Lynda (PS102) [825] Yes.
[826] I love the ... humorous name though [laugh] .
Chris (PS05X) [827] Yes it fits him rather well doesn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [828] Like the little terrace house called Bedlam at the end of [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [829] [laugh] Talking of which there's a house down lower Camden which has the Chislehurst station sign.
[830] Great big thing.
[831] Stuck in their driveway.
[832] It's been there for ages and ages and ages.
Lynda (PS102) [833] [laugh] .
[834] Not a very clever thief really.
Chris (PS05X) [835] No I wouldn't have thought so either.
[836] Enormous great thing.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [837] By the way ...
Lynda (PS102) [838] I heard it on erm Capital Radio.
[839] Now how does it actually work?
Chris (PS05X) [840] You just say please may I have my Argos card.
[841] You take the card back next time and they put it in a machine and add more points to it.
[842] Recorded electronically.
Lynda (PS102) [843] And, and where do you, how do you know how many points you've got?
Chris (PS05X) [844] You, you don't.
[845] The machine will no doubt tell you but erm ... and for every fifty pounds of petrol you get one pound for Argos.
Lynda (PS102) [846] Oh well that's not bad.
Chris (PS05X) [847] Well considering I put thirty quid in to fill the tank yesterday.
[848] You, you get there quite quickly.
Lynda (PS102) [849] Yes.
[850] Mine takes thirteen pounds worth at a time [...] .
[851] [...] such a nuisance.
Chris (PS05X) [852] And then you can just shove in your pass and erm
Lynda (PS102) [853] So they ... they put this through the machine.
Chris (PS05X) [854] They just put it in the machine and tag it and, price
Lynda (PS102) [855] And then when you go to Argos they put this through their machine.
Chris (PS05X) [856] That's right and read it off.
Lynda (PS102) [857] Right.
[858] So anyone can use it.
Chris (PS05X) [859] And it's a long term promotion.
[860] It's going till the end of next year or, or August next year.
Lynda (PS102) [861] Is it just?
Chris (PS05X) [862] Yes.
[863] So you you you have a chance to actually build up something worthwhile.
Lynda (PS102) [864] Yes.
[865] I think that's ... I think that's the first sensible thing they've done.
[866] [...] worth a pound off so they give you ... [...] ten points do they every [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [867] Well, my thirty pounds seventy gave me sixty, thirty pence or something.
[868] ... What, what did I say, fifty, fifty
Lynda (PS102) [869] You said fifty pounds [...]
Chris (PS05X) [870] Fifty pounds worth of petrol gives you one pound off. ...
Lynda (PS102) [871] Next, up to.
[872] ... Which is five pounds off.
[873] So presumably you have to do it ...
Chris (PS05X) [874] Do what?
Lynda (PS102) [875] Well, it says you can collect up to twenty five hundred premium points on your collecting card.
Chris (PS05X) [876] Then you get another card.
Lynda (PS102) [877] Then you get another card.
Chris (PS05X) [878] You've got stacks of cards there. ...
Lynda (PS102) [879] I think that's a jolly good idea.
Chris (PS05X) [880] Yes I think it's fair.
Lynda (PS102) [881] And what I really need is another card for my purse!
[882] [laugh] . When I was in Sainsbury's yesterday you know [...] credit card [...] pay by cheque.
[883] And erm I mean I've got [...]
Chris (PS05X) [884] Membership etcetera?
Lynda (PS102) [885] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [886] National Trust I see there.
[887] Which you never use.
Lynda (PS102) [888] I've never used.
[889] Peugeot warrantee [...]
Chris (PS05X) [890] Oh fancy putting that on a plastic card.
Lynda (PS102) [891] Well that's, no it's a breakdown service.
Chris (PS05X) [892] Oh is it?
Lynda (PS102) [893] Mm.
[894] ... Erm my library ticket.
[895] Er picture of Kate.
[896] Two [...] tickets for the thirteenth of June.
[897] And erm [...] stamps worth fifteen pence each which [...]
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [898] [...] which I can't live without.
[899] But these are my credit cards. [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [900] Oh my god.
Lynda (PS102) [901] What I really need is another credit card.
[902] I mean yesterday I can never find my Visa card quickly you know what it's like [...] .
[903] And I found my Mastercard ... first
Chris (PS05X) [904] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [905] and went to put it back and I thought oh ... doesn't matter does it you know [...] credit cards.
[906] Gave it to the girl and she went ... oh ... erm ... what's the credit limit on this?
[907] I said I haven't a clue, I've never used it.
[908] She said oh I've got to write down a credit limit. ...
Chris (PS05X) [909] So.
[910] Oh what's the credit limit on your Barclaycard?
Lynda (PS102) [911] I think fifty pounds you know before they have to ... no it isn't my credit limit ...
Chris (PS05X) [912] Well yeah well they mean that credit limit
Lynda (PS102) [913] It's a thousand pounds.
Chris (PS05X) [914] Do you mean as a cheque ... backing card?
Lynda (PS102) [915] She said what is your credit limit on this.
[916] I don't know.
Chris (PS05X) [917] Were you paying by cheque?
Lynda (PS102) [918] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [919] Well it's not a cheque guarantee card anyway.
[920] That's not a cheque guarantee card.
[921] Is it?
Lynda (PS102) [922] Neither is Barclaycard.
Chris (PS05X) [923] It is with Barclays, but I mean the, there's got to be a standard figure for the Barclaycard.
[924] Any any anybody else's, my bank card has a figure on it.
[925] It actually has fifty quid on it or something of that sort.
Lynda (PS102) [926] I think it's fifty pounds for everything.
Chris (PS05X) [927] Yes. ...
Lynda (PS102) [928] Yes anyway.
[929] So that had to go back and I had to find my Visa card much to the annoyance of people queuing behind me.

11 (Tape 002011)

Chris (PS05X) [930] Have you tried them on already?
Norrine (PS101) [931] Not yet. ...
Chris (PS05X) [932] I like the look of it very much. ...
Norrine (PS101) [933] Oh. ...
Chris (PS05X) [934] [...] or something.
Norrine (PS101) [935] No [...] . ... [...]
Chris (PS05X) [936] Fits nicer than that one.
[937] Do you like it?
Norrine (PS101) [938] Well I'm asking you.
Chris (PS05X) [939] Yes I like it.
[940] I like it.
Norrine (PS101) [941] Well you think it fits alright?
Chris (PS05X) [942] It seems to me to fit perfectly.
Norrine (PS101) [943] And the colour's not too drab?
Chris (PS05X) [944] I don't think the colour's drab at all.
[945] I think the colour's fab.
Norrine (PS101) [946] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [947] Looks just fine to me.
Norrine (PS101) [948] Yes.
[949] Mm.
[950] I'll just slip on another one.
Chris (PS05X) [951] I like it.
Norrine (PS101) [952] It wasn't too expensive.
[953] Thirty pounds, twenty-nine ninety five or something.
Chris (PS05X) [954] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [955] Which isn't a bad price.
Chris (PS05X) [956] Did you try, do you try any of them on in Marks?
Norrine (PS101) [957] No.
Chris (PS05X) [958] What's the material like?
Norrine (PS101) [959] I don't know.
[960] [...] . Now this one ... I've realized now ... is actually meant for wearing ... outside because it's got a bit of shaping here, see?
Chris (PS05X) [961] Oh I see what you mean, yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [962] Erm but whether that ... couldn't wear it outside with this
Chris (PS05X) [963] Out out out or in presumably [...] ?
Norrine (PS101) [964] Presumably. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [965] What do you mean?
Norrine (PS101) [966] The collar ends in a point at the bottom in the styling.
Chris (PS05X) [967] Oh I see.
[968] Oh yes yes yes yes I do see what you mean, yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [969] I will say it's cut shorter at the back. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [970] [...] sort of waistcoaty in fact.
Norrine (PS101) [971] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [972] Well it looks fine tucked in like that.
Norrine (PS101) [973] I mean there's not much of it to tuck in.
[974] ... You know sort of
Chris (PS05X) [975] Well that looks very smart as it is.
Norrine (PS101) [976] But you couldn't wear it out on this particular blouse
Chris (PS05X) [977] Well ca w
Norrine (PS101) [978] because of the belt.
[979] If you wore the erm
Chris (PS05X) [980] Well try it.
Norrine (PS101) [981] If you.
[982] I will.
[983] You think that the colours go and
Chris (PS05X) [984] I think the colours go very well indeed.
[985] I mean it doesn't pick up precisely the same colour but that in there
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [986] Yes it is.
[987] Yes it is.
[988] Yes.
[989] But it clashes very well indeed.
[990] Why can't you wear it out like that?
Norrine (PS101) [991] Because you destroy the blouse, the the way that the belt [...]
Chris (PS05X) [992] Well that doesn't matter if you've got your, if you've got your jack your jackety effect then haven't you?
Norrine (PS101) [993] I suppose you could, if you were going to wear it like that, you could take the belt right off.
Chris (PS05X) [994] Well you don't have to.
Norrine (PS101) [995] Well no but you, it, it, it's quite a heavy belt and if it, if it's holding, if it's giving point to it.
Chris (PS05X) [996] Yes.
[997] And that would make it a, an even cooler outfit wouldn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [998] Yes.
[999] Because I have got this ... [...] ... this ... this creamy shirt.
[1000] Erm ... which I saw again in Marks this year ... which you could wear tucked in with a belt.
Chris (PS05X) [1001] Yes.
[1002] Yes.
[1003] But that one is, is genuinely versatile.
[1004] Looks just as good tucked in as
Norrine (PS101) [1005] Yes.
[1006] As I say the problem with the tucking in on that one is there's not quite such a lot of length.
[1007] So when you do this you might come out.
Chris (PS05X) [1008] It'd start pulling out, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1009] Erm and I don't think it looks good hanging out because it's, you, you paying in the skirt and the belt and that.
[1010] And it's a bit silly to wear er a permanent arrangement.
[1011] But this shirt could be worn with the skirt, couldn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [1012] Definitely.
Norrine (PS101) [1013] I mean the colour's just as, it's not quite as strong.
Chris (PS05X) [1014] [...] the colour's pretty neutral isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [1015] But I mean it does pick up.
Chris (PS05X) [1016] Yes.
[1017] Yes I think the skirt's gonna be very useful actually.
Norrine (PS101) [1018] Er [...] good skirt whether [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1019] Well I hope you will.
[1020] I like it.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1021] It's the wrong green I think.
[1022] The actual skirt, the skirt's a blueyer green.
[1023] But you've got two blouses to wear with it, that's alright.
[1024] You've got this other white one as well.
Norrine (PS101) [1025] [...] white one.
[1026] That's a short, that's your shirt.
Chris (PS05X) [1027] That's mine is it?
[1028] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1029] They're very good, that's the white one.
Chris (PS05X) [1030] Yes.
[1031] I would have thought
Norrine (PS101) [1032] This white one might [...] the cream one.
Chris (PS05X) [1033] Well so you've got four blouses [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1034] Which is the fourth?
Chris (PS05X) [1035] Well the one you just said is a bit old now.
Norrine (PS101) [1036] Oh yeah but that's white again isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [1037] Yes.
[1038] No I think they're all worth [...] and I think that's an attractive top as well.
[1039] I think you should have that.
Norrine (PS101) [1040] Well erm.
[1041] What else [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1042] I don't know [...] .
[1043] It's it's it's a possible winter or cooler
Norrine (PS101) [1044] No it's not.
Chris (PS05X) [1045] weather skirt.
[1046] With a jumper or cardigan.
Norrine (PS101) [1047] No it's not.
[1048] [...] cooler, warmer weather and it's got short sleeves you know.
[1049] I don't really erm [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [1050] That's wrong for that.
[1051] This has got a stain on it.
Chris (PS05X) [1052] That's a nuisance.
[1053] It would be perfectly acceptable otherwise.
Norrine (PS101) [1054] Yes and we've got big crease marks on there.
Chris (PS05X) [1055] Let's have a look.
Norrine (PS101) [1056] There.
[1057] ... I know it's there.
[1058] I know it was last year I was really annoyed.
Chris (PS05X) [1059] Put the light on.
[1060] ... . Well if we can't see it, it doesn't matter even if it is there.
[1061] N'est pas?
Norrine (PS101) [1062] Well you certainly can't see it.
[1063] Which is [...] cos there was this big round grease mark.
[1064] It was very [...] but maybe I got it out.
[1065] But I suppose that ... might erm
Chris (PS05X) [1066] Don't you think they go well together?
Norrine (PS101) [1067] work.
[1068] Those colours are not too dark are they?
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [1069] They're not perfect but they would do [...] .
[1070] Oh what about this?
[1071] ... Mind you this skirt is only casual.
[1072] And that's a rather sort of formal blouse.
[1073] No that's wrong.
[1074] [...] wrong.
Chris (PS05X) [1075] Oddly enough I mean it's so far away from the yellow I would say it isn't wrong.
Norrine (PS101) [1076] Oh it is wrong.
[1077] It's not, it's not the same as this at all.
[1078] That's sort of brilliant
Chris (PS05X) [1079] That, that's a hot pattern and colour isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [1080] That's a brilliant yellow, yes.
[1081] And this one's erm a sort of golder.
[1082] And that wouldn't do.
[1083] But that's colours go with that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1084] Mhm.
Norrine (PS101) [1085] Those are the only [...] .
[1086] And I'll keep this blue skirt [...] stain, quite smart.
Chris (PS05X) [1087] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1088] [...] .
[1089] And I'll keep the dress.
[1090] And I'll think about the shirt.
[1091] I like it with the skirt.
[1092] What I might do is go back to Marks.
[1093] If they have one thing in that colour they may have another one.
Chris (PS05X) [1094] In what colour?
[1095] We were chatting.
Norrine (PS101) [1096] The gold [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1097] Are you, are you thinking of that because it's a bit too formal or something?
Norrine (PS101) [1098] No just because it hasn't got the length for tucking in.
Chris (PS05X) [1099] Oh, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1100] And I don't like these that pull out when you [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1101] Well at least if it pulls out it looks alright.
[1102] ... It was interesting in the pub last night.
[1103] There were quite a lot of enthusiastic er ... audience but er they were mostly grey beards like me.
[1104] Yes.
[1105] Oh yes well apparently they normally have a sort of rhythm and blues or something on a, on a Thursday.
[1106] Er or soul or something of that sort, which er ... you know there were loads of youngsters in the pub.
[1107] Not under age youngsters I was pleased to see.
[1108] But er ... there were a goodly proportion of people who were really enjoying the er, the track.
Norrine (PS101) [1109] I'm sorry I didn't feel up to going.
Chris (PS05X) [1110] Yeah.
[1111] Well we've got plenty of other, I've got the list.
[1112] [...] opportunities to go and hear them again.
[1113] He's a funny character though.
Norrine (PS101) [1114] Who?
[1115] Who's a funny character?
Chris (PS05X) [1116] , who runs it.
Norrine (PS101) [1117] [...] .
[1118] ... He seems to have a very popular pub there.
Chris (PS05X) [1119] Oh, who runs the band sorry, runs the band.
Norrine (PS101) [1120] Oh, who runs the band.
Chris (PS05X) [1121] Yeah, it, it's a new interim landlord at the Crown. ...
Norrine (PS101) [1122] What happened to the old one?
Chris (PS05X) [1123] Oh, they move on.
[1124] Erm you know he found another pub.
[1125] Sometimes they move from being managers to being licence, erm erm tenants, I mean
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1126] when they're running their own business.
Norrine (PS101) [1127] A bigger pub?
Chris (PS05X) [1128] Perhaps but I mean the Crown is quite a big pub.
Norrine (PS101) [1129] [...] more opportunities.
Chris (PS05X) [1130] Quite a big pub.
[1131] It's a, with its own kitchens and what have you.
[1132] I should think you could make a good living there if you wanted to.
[1133] And there have been long term er landlords there.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1134] Sorry?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1135] Mm.
[1136] Well I'll go and shower now.
[1137] ... Snoopy was off in a rush wasn't she?
Norrine (PS101) [1138] Well she was going on the train.
Chris (PS05X) [1139] Didn't realize she was going quite so early but I suppose it's hardly early anyway now.
Norrine (PS101) [1140] What time does Lynda come in these days?
Chris (PS05X) [1141] Half past nineish.
Norrine (PS101) [1142] I wonder if she'll change her time because of half term and she won't have to be ... taking her daughter to nursery school today, half past one.
Chris (PS05X) [1143] She may be.
[1144] Yes, yes she may be.
[1145] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [1146] [...] isn't it? [...] bridesmaid's dress.
[1147] There's nothing the right colour at all.
Chris (PS05X) [1148] Oh how annoying.
Norrine (PS101) [1149] I'll have to go into that little ... Auntie Pat's Textiles or whatever it's called in the afternoon.
Chris (PS05X) [1150] You don't want to leave it to Veronica?
Norrine (PS101) [1151] Veronica doesn't want, want to do the shopping bit of it.
Chris (PS05X) [1152] No.
Norrine (PS101) [1153] I don't blame her either.
Chris (PS05X) [1154] [laugh] yes, it's certainly improving a bit
Norrine (PS101) [1155] I know she hasn't left all her customers.
Chris (PS05X) [1156] Oh quite, quite.
[1157] Does she have any other suggestions of shops for the linings?
Norrine (PS101) [1158] [...] .
[1159] Well John Lewis probably will have it but that means ... burdening Suzannah with it.
[1160] At a time when she's busy with her exams.
[1161] It also means sorting out the cash.
Chris (PS05X) [1162] How interested is she in the preparation of this dress?
Norrine (PS101) [1163] Oh she's interested alright. ...
Chris (PS05X) [1164] Interested enough to be enthusiastic and do the right thing?
Norrine (PS101) [1165] Well she, she also [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1166] Did she?
Norrine (PS101) [1167] but she is ... preoccupied at the moment with her exams and in a way I'm glad.
[1168] I didn't want to ... send her material hunting if she could be doing something useful at college.
Chris (PS05X) [1169] Yes, yes fair enough.
[1170] Anyway, O K
Norrine (PS101) [1171] Karen's given her an extra job from ... [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1172] Is she?
Norrine (PS101) [1173] [...] going in on Monday when she doesn't normally.
Chris (PS05X) [1174] Half past ten, right.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1175] Well given that then, in that case she still can't ring the bank to find out what, how much she's now got in the account.
Norrine (PS101) [1176] Can't she?
[1177] Why not?
Chris (PS05X) [1178] Well she can do, but she can't do it from home.
[1179] That's all.
[1180] She won't be home.
[1181] [...] will she?
Norrine (PS101) [1182] Banks open at nine don't they?
[1183] I mean, not to the public but the office is.
Chris (PS05X) [1184] Yes.
[1185] Anyway she's the one who 's [...] find out
Norrine (PS101) [1186] I mean anyway she'll be home again.
Chris (PS05X) [1187] Will she?
Norrine (PS101) [1188] She's only going for one class.
Chris (PS05X) [1189] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1190] I mean she'll be home [...] after lunch I imagine.
Chris (PS05X) [1191] Yes.
[1192] ... Did you do anything about those tranquillisers?
Norrine (PS101) [1193] What [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [1194] Lynda's got some, for Simon.
[1195] For his driving test.
Norrine (PS101) [1196] I mentioned it to [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1197] Homeopathic ones.
Norrine (PS101) [1198] Well that's the kind I was after.
[1199] Erm, I mentioned it to Suzannah.
[1200] And she wasn't averse to the idea.
[1201] But she said she doesn't need them for Monday because it's only when she takes the tests she gets in a panic not when she's ... she said she can do it in the practice classes.
Chris (PS05X) [1202] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [1203] What she needs, lots of practice with different, not all on one man like before
Chris (PS05X) [1204] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1205] but a new person each time [...] skill
Chris (PS05X) [1206] I, I doubt whether she's been properly taught on the subject quite frankly.
Norrine (PS101) [1207] I mean other girls have passed.
Chris (PS05X) [1208] Yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1209] And she likes Karen.
[1210] Very much.
Chris (PS05X) [1211] Her teacher for [...] ?
Norrine (PS101) [1212] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1213] Oh, I
Norrine (PS101) [1214] She's a young girl.
Chris (PS05X) [1215] Really?
Norrine (PS101) [1216] And she likes her very much and erm ... I told you she [...] by chance [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1217] Yes, indeed.
Norrine (PS101) [1218] And she spoke very highly of Suzannah.
Chris (PS05X) [1219] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [1220] And said what a nice girl she was and what a good student and ... Suzannah said oh that's cos I won that make up competition.
Chris (PS05X) [1221] [laugh] Right, I should get on.

12 (Tape 002012)

Chris (PS05X) [1222] I was rather irritated yesterday because I had a phone call from ...
Lynda (PS102) [1223] Yes?
Chris (PS05X) [1224] And he called Gary saying we don't have the P elevens.
[1225] And I ... I said oh well that's fair enough so I dug them out and sent them to him.
[1226] And after I'd stamped and sealed the envelopes ... he rang back he said I haven't got the copy VAT certs either.
[1227] I was not pleased at that!
[1228] And I, wouldn't have occurred to me to send the P elevens.
Lynda (PS102) [1229] Actually that's not true either because I sent the P elevens to Steve and Matthew ... for his approval before we sent them off.
Chris (PS05X) [1230] And he sent them back again?
Lynda (PS102) [1231] Erm.
[1232] ... I don't know whether he sent them back.
[1233] I sent [...] , I didn't send him the originals I sent a copy.
Chris (PS05X) [1234] Oh right.
Lynda (PS102) [1235] I doubt that he sent them back.
Chris (PS05X) [1236] Oh well, I I've sent the ones from the drawer
Lynda (PS102) [1237] Fine.
Chris (PS05X) [1238] off and said I want them back!
Lynda (PS102) [1239] Oh right.
Chris (PS05X) [1240] And he said fine.
Lynda (PS102) [1241] We haven't got copies of them [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1242] No.
[1243] That that, well ... you know if there's a query in the next fortnight we know where they are don't we?
[1244] But I was annoyed and I thought well that's fair enough because I wasn't aware that those particular documents were required by the accountants to sort things out, but
Lynda (PS102) [1245] Why were they required?
Chris (PS05X) [1246] I don't know.
[1247] I didn't ask him but he said he required them.
[1248] But I know that copy VAT certs, the VAT certs, VAT payment return, returns that's what they're called aren't they, are required.
[1249] And so we hadn't sent them. ...
Lynda (PS102) [1250] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [1251] Down to our [...] that is.
Lynda (PS102) [1252] Well where were they?
Chris (PS05X) [1253] Well they're here in the ... drawer where they're kept.
[1254] There's there's a VAT file in there and that's where they get put.
[1255] ... Bit silly isn't it?
[1256] ... This is a unhelpful [...] because ... it's winding that way yet it looks as if it's winding that way, doesn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [1257] What onto the spool here?
Chris (PS05X) [1258] It looks as if it's reeling on to that spool.
Lynda (PS102) [1259] Yes.
[1260] But it's reeling onto that one?
Chris (PS05X) [1261] It's not it's reeling through there.
[1262] Very confusing and the fact that they've stuck that label on there doesn't help very much either.
Lynda (PS102) [1263] No, so, when it's full you have to put another tape in, does it
Chris (PS05X) [1264] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [1265] click or does it?
Chris (PS05X) [1266] I don't know.
[1267] I thought it would actually reversed on the first side.
[1268] Erm
Lynda (PS102) [1269] And do the other side.
Chris (PS05X) [1270] Yes and I thought it was mucking it up so I just swapped it over the way it was.
[1271] Erm we shall see.
[1272] We shall see.
Lynda (PS102) [1273] It doesn't tell you [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1274] Well it it tells you quite a lot, but it doesn't actually mention that bit [...] .
[1275] I've got, I have got oodles of instructions here.

13 (Tape 002013)

Chris (PS05X) [1276] It appears that on that erm walk the erm ... sort of pilgrimage walk.
[1277] The B B C Songs of Praise television team were involved on all four days.
Lynda (PS102) [1278] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [1279] Erm ... they were at the start they were at the finish and ... both days in between.
[1280] Erm what's his name Alan Titchmarsh was doing the interviewing.
[1281] And you might just see me in the background of one of the shots.
Lynda (PS102) [1282] Right.
[1283] When's that being broadcast?
Chris (PS05X) [1284] I believe it's a special Songs of Praise in the summer to do with pilgrimages.
[1285] ... Peter was saying what er a good do it was how it had all gone well.
Lynda (PS102) [1286] How much did it make?
Chris (PS05X) [1287] He doesn't know, he said we've certainly broken even but beyond that he's he's not [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1288] Well I hope so too but it wasn't the whole object of the exercise.
[1289] Publicity for homelessness was part of the business and I know one lad ... said he'd only got two pounds of sponsorship and er I thought well you've [...] you've done rather well to get two quid [laugh] .
[1290] There was some fairly erm basic types on that walk.
[1291] You know you could you could well understand that they were homeless.
Lynda (PS102) [1292] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1293] Hi Susan how are you?
Susan (PS103) [1294] Hi Chris.
[1295] Fine thank you.
Chris (PS05X) [1296] Good good good.
[1297] Geared up for the hols?
Susan (PS103) [1298] Look like you've got your ... speaker on?
Chris (PS05X) [1299] I have.
Susan (PS103) [1300] Ah.
Chris (PS05X) [1301] I have.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1302] Yes, yes yes.
[1303] Yes.
[1304] Are you ready to go, next week?
[1305] Next Friday you go?
Susan (PS103) [1306] Yes, that's right, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [1307] It's a week away she got [...] washing at the moment.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1308] [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [1309] I'm going to wear it all again before Friday.
Susan (PS103) [1310] Well I know [...] .
[1311] Can I borrow your photocopier please?
Chris (PS05X) [1312] With great pleasure, yes.
[1313] How many would you like?
Susan (PS103) [1314] Just one off that please.
Chris (PS05X) [1315] Right.
[1316] Pleasure.

14 (Tape 002014)

Chris (PS05X) [1317] N ah, we've still got a few marks on here haven't we Lynda?
Lynda (PS102) [1318] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1319] Not many but er there are a few.
[1320] Trouble is this, this is a spotty original too.
[1321] ... There you are Susan.
Susan (PS103) [1322] Thank you.
[1323] Don't worry too much it's only [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1324] It's er, these these these these spots are on your original.
Susan (PS103) [1325] Yes.
[1326] That's O K cos that's a copy too.
Chris (PS05X) [1327] But we've added a few you see and we're concerned about the spots.
Susan (PS103) [1328] It's only ... it's very rough [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1329] It's what you need anyway isn't it?
Susan (PS103) [1330] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [...] ...
Lynda (PS102) [1331] [...] Just wondering what she sent to Barry cos the copies of [...] are here.
Chris (PS05X) [1332] I sent him the originals.
[1333] P elevens not P eleven D's.
[1334] Your records ...
Lynda (PS102) [1335] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [1336] your double fold two, two tone blue and white ... thingies.
Lynda (PS102) [1337] Oh the erm
Chris (PS05X) [1338] Cards.
Lynda (PS102) [1339] Deductions working sheets, those things?
Chris (PS05X) [1340] If that's what they're called, yes.
[1341] Are they called P elevens?
Lynda (PS102) [1342] Yeah they are.
[1343] You knew that. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1344] Well they're a full record of all the ... deductions and so on and so forth aren't they?
[1345] May be there's no other full record.
[1346] But I I don't know, he didn't say and I wasn't going to argue with him on it.
Lynda (PS102) [1347] I though it was the eleven D's you were talking about.
Chris (PS05X) [1348] No no.
Lynda (PS102) [1349] Oh in that case oh yeah I had those.
Chris (PS05X) [1350] Yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [1351] They've never ever had those.
[1352] They have never had them.
Chris (PS05X) [1353] They they seem to come up with something new every year don't they?
Lynda (PS102) [1354] Exactly.
[1355] I mean I've been doing that for ever since we've been on [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1356] Yes quite.
Lynda (PS102) [1357] How peculiar.
[1358] ... Ah well.
[1359] ... Oh yes they'd have been paid [...] wouldn't they?
Chris (PS05X) [1360] Yes they would they certainly would.

15 (Tape 002016)

Norrine (PS101) [1361] [...] pay the cleaners.
[1362] Anything else?
Chris (PS05X) [1363] I'm sorry.
[1364] You're going where?
Norrine (PS101) [1365] [...] anything else?
[1366] I'm going to Eltham to get some material I hope.
Chris (PS05X) [1367] No there's nothing else I need thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [1368] [...] bring you anything Lynda?
Lynda (PS102) [1369] No thank you.
Chris (PS05X) [1370] She could use a Mars Bar you could [laugh] .
[1371] You could just sort of tuck it in here under her waistband.
[1372] ... Save her swallowing it.
Norrine (PS101) [1373] [...] Dorothy was saying on the radio there was a programme about teeth.
[1374] And they said within fifty years false teeth will be a thing of the past.
[1375] Nobody will need to wear them any more.
[1376] Dentists are doing such wonderful
Chris (PS05X) [1377] We probably won't need teeth we'll all be eating gruel all day.
Norrine (PS101) [1378] things to people's teeth and people's teeth today are so much better than ... the past.
Chris (PS05X) [1379] Yes.
[1380] Interesting.
Lynda (PS102) [1381] Well it's too late for me.
Norrine (PS101) [1382] Ah shame.
Chris (PS05X) [1383] You haven't got false teeth.
Lynda (PS102) [1384] Pardon?
Chris (PS05X) [1385] You haven't got any false teeth.
Lynda (PS102) [1386] Not yet, no.
[1387] But I might do in the next fifty years [...] any of them.
Chris (PS05X) [1388] Oh we'll feed you on gruel dear don't worry.
Norrine (PS101) [1389] You might be needing your own [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1390] What flavour gruel would you like?
Lynda (PS102) [1391] I don't think I'll mind really.
Norrine (PS101) [1392] Strawberry.
Chris (PS05X) [1393] No I prefer, I prefer original.
[1394] Salt and vinegar.
[1395] ... Yes alright whisky flavour wheat.
[1396] With salt and vinegar lumps.
[1397] ... Oh that green looks really gorgeous with your colourful tracksuit dear.
Norrine (PS101) [1398] Well what do we wear with it. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1399] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1400] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1401] I don't have a purple jacket.
Chris (PS05X) [1402] Yes.
[1403] Thank goodness for that. ...
Norrine (PS101) [1404] See you.
Chris (PS05X) [1405] Bye
Lynda (PS102) [1406] Bye

16 (Tape 002017)

Lynda (PS102) [1407] [sneeze] Excuse me.
Chris (PS05X) [1408] Bless you.
[1409] ... How come Graham's playing golf again today anyway?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1410] Oh it's business is it?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1411] Amazing.
[1412] Amazing.
[1413] He's out officially currying favour ha?
Lynda (PS102) [1414] [...] good [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1415] Of course they are.
[1416] Yes.
[1417] I mean it it's really quite fascinating that isn't it?
[1418] They are making the bank a lot of money.
Lynda (PS102) [1419] Yes.
[1420] [...] playing golf this morning having a posh lunch and then playing golf this afternoon then having a buffet supper with prize giving.
[1421] Last time he won a beautiful [...] .

17 (Tape 002018)

Lynda (PS102) [1422] Yes.
[1423] He looks like Sean Connery.
[1424] I offered to carry, pleaded [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1425] Oh Lynda!
[1426] Yes, well you'd be cramping his style wouldn't you?
[1427] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [1428] [laugh] And er ... he had a partner, an equal partner who I don't know if he'd ever met him, I think he had.
[1429] Well he was out playing golf ... fairly recently he just dropped dead.
[1430] Forty eight.
[1431] ... keeled over and died.
[1432] So I'm amazed this guy's
Chris (PS05X) [1433] I hope it wasn't on the green.
Lynda (PS102) [1434] So do I.
Chris (PS05X) [1435] Dent, dent the turf.
[1436] Gosh.
[1437] I hope he didn't bleed or anything like that.
Lynda (PS102) [1438] I think he, you know, quite clean corpse.
[1439] From what I gather.
[1440] I would have thought it would have put his partner off playing golf for life.
Chris (PS05X) [1441] Yes.
[1442] You'd have thought so wouldn't you?
[1443] Still I imagine many men would say what a way to go.
Lynda (PS102) [1444] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1445] I wouldn't.
[1446] Far better way to go than that but ...
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1447] Who knows I might even get a chance to try one of these days.
Lynda (PS102) [1448] As long as you don't die with bells on your ankles. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1449] [laugh] .
[1450] Well then at least I'm [...] they'd bury me with bells on my ankles then.
Lynda (PS102) [1451] [...] bills have my name, it's obviously hiding. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1452] Now erm ... you did bring a ... a very good point there Lynda [cough] .
[1453] Erm which was that erm ... what was it [...]
Lynda (PS102) [1454] Pensions [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1455] Yes.
[1456] Absolutely.
Lynda (PS102) [1457] [...] remember what, what he said last.
[1458] But I'll see if I can find ... [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1459] I would have thought that he would have been down slightly more ... less
Lynda (PS102) [1460] Illegible [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1461] [...] proportions, yes.

18 (Tape 002116)

Lynda (PS102) [1462] He's quite a nice old dear really.
Chris (PS05X) [1463] Yes, his not a bad old stick, but erm, he's so very difficult to actually fathom isn't he?
Lynda (PS102) [1464] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [1465] Erm, I don't think his as thick as he cames across to me sometimes .
Lynda (PS102) [1466] Did he say his name's not William?
Chris (PS05X) [1467] Oh he said he prefers to be called Liam or something [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1468] Oh what, without the wit [laugh] .
[1469] His initial is W.
Chris (PS05X) [1470] Yes, yes, he is William, erm,the there are sixteen of the item outstanding on this order, eight required on this order and he says they haven't quite tested eight yet.
[1471] Some of the have passed test but they haven't quite got to eight yet, so erm.
Lynda (PS102) [1472] [...] .
[1473] That's the one that was due today.
Chris (PS05X) [1474] Yes, yes, erm, he said they may well have done sufficient of them by Monday.
Lynda (PS102) [1475] But it sounds as though everything [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1476] He said the rest of it's on schedule.
Lynda (PS102) [1477] Ah right .
Chris (PS05X) [1478] Yes , his looked at it in the last couple of days, so he said within within another week or so he's having the whole done [...] with them.
Lynda (PS102) [1479] Good.
Chris (PS05X) [1480] Goody goody goody woof woof woof ... I can see exactly what this guy's means [...] about eh, huh, anything, anything in laboratories because the, the range of stuff in these magazines is phenomenal.
Lynda (PS102) [1481] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [1482] Absolutely incredible.
[1483] So I think what'll do is contact one or two of British companies with probably way out stuff and just see if there set up in Japan.

19 (Tape 002117)

Norrine (PS101) [1484] I bet you have your coffee haven't you?
Chris (PS05X) [1485] We have thank you dear, Susan's looked after us very nicely, yes, yes, all's well.
Lynda (PS102) [1486] You got these bits, [...] after the address, I don't think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1487] What bits?
[1488] Oh you mean the lining for the wedding, the bridesmaid dress.
[1489] Oh I see so.
[1490] So .
Lynda (PS102) [1491] Is it near enough?
Chris (PS05X) [1492] That's, that's the outer one .
Lynda (PS102) [1493] That's the lining.
[1494] And that's .
Chris (PS05X) [1495] That's the lining.
Lynda (PS102) [1496] That's of the erm.
Chris (PS05X) [1497] The net.
Lynda (PS102) [1498] The outer one.
Chris (PS05X) [1499] Oh I see.
Lynda (PS102) [1500] You know it's going to be near enough match.
[1501] Great problems.
Norrine (PS101) [1502] The right [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1503] Well this is it, and I thought underneath.
Norrine (PS101) [1504] Is the ... the net going underneath.
Lynda (PS102) [1505] The net goes on as well.
Norrine (PS101) [1506] Oh yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [1507] It's all underneath.
Norrine (PS101) [1508] [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1509] This is the top.
Norrine (PS101) [1510] [...] .
[1511] erm, so it's a sort of net [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1512] The net is just a [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1513] Yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [1514] Yeah.
[1515] Oh yeah in fact if anything [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1516] Well I felt that it was better than having white.
Lynda (PS102) [1517] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1518] Net, erm.
[1519] It's a very deep blue.
Lynda (PS102) [1520] [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1521] And the bridesmaid's, the little bridesmaid's jacket are this colour and this colour in print and [...] all out of fabric and erm [...] definitely go for the darker.
Lynda (PS102) [1522] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1523] Something more bluey.
Lynda (PS102) [1524] Must be hard.
Norrine (PS101) [1525] Got to get the right [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1526] Rather you [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1527] You think you no a colour until you try the er, and the one I actually picked out when she measured it off, she'd only got three yards and I needed four and a half.
Lynda (PS102) [1528] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [1529] So she said I'm sorry, so I got the next nearest, I just cannot waste any more time [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1530] What a ... pest .
Lynda (PS102) [1531] When's the wedding?
Norrine (PS101) [1532] [...] , but if I don't do it at half term it would be left to the end [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1533] Well, poor old Veronica is going on holiday or something of that sort .
Norrine (PS101) [1534] No, she's been.
Chris (PS05X) [1535] Oh has she?
Norrine (PS101) [1536] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1537] Ah, good.
Norrine (PS101) [1538] But she's also got lot's of other.
Chris (PS05X) [1539] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1540] Wedding's, similar to [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1541] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1542] But we have booked with her, she knows it's coming, but I want to be able to start when she wants to start, [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1543] Rather than hanging on.
Norrine (PS101) [1544] Well also there's all the fittings, fitting them round [...] and trips to [...] and all the other things.
Lynda (PS102) [1545] What [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1546] Erm ... it's not [...] no, the little ones are, cos them going to be three quarters and it's got a full skirt with a, an over panel, and she's got frills in the back of her skirt and got an over panel over it, can't describe it, it is pretty, and the neck is just slightly on the edge of the shoulder, [...] got a frill and no sleeves, and the little ones got puff sleeves and high neck.
Lynda (PS102) [1547] Hm.
Norrine (PS101) [1548] They have that particular one because the two little girls [...] wanted to be bridesmaid's [...] , have just been bridesmaid's and have these dresses and Anna thought the colour was so pretty, cos she went into Laura Ashley and got one in the sale of [...] last years stock.
Lynda (PS102) [1549] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [1550] For Layla, seven pounds.
Lynda (PS102) [1551] Oh gosh, you wouldn't have done better than that, that's for sure.
Norrine (PS101) [1552] They do [...] in adult size in.
Lynda (PS102) [1553] Hm.
Norrine (PS101) [1554] So they choose this fabric [...] being the right [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1555] Hm.
Norrine (PS101) [1556] And the same type of fabric as Anna's dress.
Lynda (PS102) [1557] I'm sure it'll look lovely, if it, I mean if you've got grown up bridesmaid's in every one, you will expect seeing [...] ...
Norrine (PS101) [1558] Anna actually chose the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1559] I rather suspect that the, I even said about the strong colour of the net, I suspect, that when
Norrine (PS101) [1560] Trouble with it?
Chris (PS05X) [1561] when it's a single thickness strong the colour won't be as strong as that anyway .
Norrine (PS101) [1562] It looks [...] it won't show anyway .
Chris (PS05X) [1563] No.
Norrine (PS101) [1564] The underneath.
Chris (PS05X) [1565] Is it, is it really just a puffer is it?
Norrine (PS101) [1566] Veronica said if you can't get anything the right colour, get white, but white got a very starkly difference.
Lynda (PS102) [1567] Yeah.

20 (Tape 002118)

Chris (PS05X) [1568] Would you believe there's an advert in here for Brookfield Discomitors , remember the I went to Bromley to get that.
Lynda (PS102) [1569] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1570] American's name and address and rang him up for one .
Lynda (PS102) [1571] That was before we found [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1572] Oh yes, it was, is it that, that was why we were looking for them to pick them out?
Lynda (PS102) [1573] Yeah .
Chris (PS05X) [1574] [laugh] .
[1575] One.
Lynda (PS102) [1576] It [...] worked.
Chris (PS05X) [1577] Yes, [...] half an hour looking through as I am now.

21 (Tape 002119)

Chris (PS05X) [1578] Have you a thrilling weekend ahead of you?
Lynda (PS102) [1579] Erm, were going in [...] tomorrow [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1580] Hm, hm.
Lynda (PS102) [1581] And then to the [...] er, I think that's [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [1582] Well I, I've got a, got to a, got to go and play croquet but apart from that [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [1583] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1584] Got to go and get another crate of Sam's.
Lynda (PS102) [1585] [laugh] .
[1586] A fairly packed weekend then really.
Chris (PS05X) [1587] Yes, yes, I've a.
Lynda (PS102) [1588] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1589] Did you see the thing, piece in the paper this morning Kew gardens says don't water your plants, we don't.
Lynda (PS102) [1590] No.
Chris (PS05X) [1591] Yeah, there is no water so don't use it.
[1592] Funny old business.
Lynda (PS102) [1593] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1594] Well I've heard it before that a, said, said before that a, that, that the plant roots curl up to the surface to meet, rather than digging down deep and.
Lynda (PS102) [1595] Hm.
Chris (PS05X) [1596] Heading for the goodies that way.
Lynda (PS102) [1597] It makes you [...] tree die [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1598] They died from being watered?
Lynda (PS102) [1599] Lack of water.
Chris (PS05X) [1600] From lack of water yes, well our, our, our did, our did to, our er Rosemary.
Lynda (PS102) [1601] Did it?
Chris (PS05X) [1602] [...] distress.
Lynda (PS102) [1603] [...] .

22 (Tape 002120)

Chris (PS05X) [1604] It's very interesting that for hyper accurate barometers they still use mercury, and the and these are real test barometers.

23 (Tape 002121)

Chris (PS05X) [1605] When you see Di will you mentioned that erm heavy duty office.
Lynda (PS102) [1606] I'm seeing her at lunch time, I'll speak to her.
Chris (PS05X) [1607] Di!
Lynda (PS102) [1608] I did [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1609] Oh right.
Lynda (PS102) [1610] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1611] Very good, very good.
Lynda (PS102) [1612] But we want that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1613] We want, we want that seal it style as opposed to the [...] right, we do indeed, yes a closing, a closing staple.
Lynda (PS102) [1614] Yes, one that bends over [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1615] A staple closer, not just a staple gun.
Lynda (PS102) [1616] Hm.

24 (Tape 002122)

Chris (PS05X) [1617] It's really rather curious how although David was happy to give me the names of these various lab magazines, lab equipment things, erm, he was very chary of sending me er ... copy of his own production.
Lynda (PS102) [1618] Oh.

25 (Tape 002123)

Chris (PS05X) [1619] So what's the temperature inside a domestic wood burning stove Lynda?
[1620] Come on.
Lynda (PS102) [1621] Three inches?
Chris (PS05X) [1622] [laugh] .
[1623] Not twenty five pounds [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1624] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1625] There is a fuel advisory service, I wonder if they call themselves that or the British fuel advisory service or something ghastly .
Lynda (PS102) [1626] There awful ... Is there a separate [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1627] There's the yes, National Coal Board have got there erm, British Heating Council, or something of that sort, I think.
[1628] Le [...] air, sea food restaurant.
[1629] No what do I want fuel, come on concentrate boy, fuel, fuel.
Lynda (PS102) [1630] Is it the beef or the fat, that is the question. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1631] Yes, it's certainly not fuel, no what was it?
[1632] Let's try British, British.
Lynda (PS102) [1633] It could be [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1634] We, we have, it probably more than one place, but erm, there's no guarantee that it'll be there if you actually.
Lynda (PS102) [1635] No.
Chris (PS05X) [1636] Manage to, British [...] , no, no British fuel, erm, British Heating ... No.
Lynda (PS102) [1637] There is something.
Chris (PS05X) [1638] British Coal Pension Fund.
Lynda (PS102) [1639] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1640] I can't really ring up British Coal to say what about wooden, Woodstow my friends.
[1641] British Coal Customer Services, British Coal.
[1642] I just look under heating.
[1643] Heating Advisory Service, [...] perhaps.
Lynda (PS102) [1644] Now we had.
Chris (PS05X) [1645] Heating Advice Consultancy Sidcup, oh my goodness me.
Lynda (PS102) [1646] I doubt if were gonna get [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1647] They're gonna sell you a ... a gas wavy on the wall stove I expect.
Lynda (PS102) [1648] We did have quotations from Wood [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1649] Yes, we did.
Lynda (PS102) [1650] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1651] That was, that was an awfully long time ago wasn't it?
[1652] Let's have a quick shuffle in Kelly's.
Lynda (PS102) [1653] Who is it that created the adverts [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1654] I think the Coal Advisory Service, yeah, yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [1655] Yes, quite right, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1656] Eh, Stoves, Wood burning, er.
Lynda (PS102) [1657] Wouldn't your man [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1658] On the basis of the, the huge attempts I've made to get very little informa and, and the lack of success getting information out of them, no, I don't think so.
Lynda (PS102) [1659] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1660] Portugal.
Lynda (PS102) [1661] Oh. [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [1662] Stove, log stroke, wood burning.
[1663] I could ring them up and say I'm in touch with your competition in Portugal ...
Lynda (PS102) [1664] You probably [...] ... .
Chris (PS05X) [1665] Yes, probably does, but it, it, it maybe scientifically possible to say, would, would under ideal circumstances maximum temperature would be so and so.
Lynda (PS102) [1666] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1667] Erm, so that you would have to allow for those ideal circumstances in maximum temperature.
[1668] But I have seen a coke stove, cast iron coke stove on a chimney going up to the ceiling in the dark absolutely glowing bright, bright, red.
Lynda (PS102) [1669] I have seen [...] . [door opening] .
Chris (PS05X) [1670] Agas.
Lynda (PS102) [1671] Agas.
[1672] [...] I've seen an entire kitchen going red from an Aga.
Chris (PS05X) [1673] Really.
Lynda (PS102) [1674] Because I left slightly ajar the bottom door.
Chris (PS05X) [1675] Oh splendid.
Lynda (PS102) [1676] And the fridge was red, everything was red.
Chris (PS05X) [1677] [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [1678] [...] , everything red hot.
Chris (PS05X) [1679] God.
Lynda (PS102) [1680] The hot water pipe [...] .
[1681] But that was, you could actually see [...] , they are pretty [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1682] Hm.
Lynda (PS102) [1683] But I don't mind [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1684] I bet.
Lynda (PS102) [1685] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1686] Where was that?
Lynda (PS102) [1687] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1688] Oh right, yes.
[1689] I have noticed our fridge door being open rather more than it, you know, just somehow not properly closed.
Lynda (PS102) [1690] I [...] .
[1691] Trouble is, think about it, [...] design, the weight [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1692] Absolutely.
Lynda (PS102) [1693] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1694] Yes, yes, and our door was squiffy when it first arrived.
[1695] erm.

26 (Tape 002124)

Chris (PS05X) [1696] Gracious, makes you wonder doesn't it?
[1697] Green Tom Products Limited.
Lynda (PS102) [1698] Green Tom?
Chris (PS05X) [1699] Fume extraction engineers.
Lynda (PS102) [1700] [laugh] .
Chris (PS05X) [1701] [laugh] .

27 (Tape 002125)

Chris (PS05X) [1702] Three of the people listed are in Exeter.
Lynda (PS102) [1703] That's strange.
Chris (PS05X) [1704] Hm ... Gracious nearly half past twelve.
Lynda (PS102) [1705] [...] .

28 (Tape 002126)

Norrine (PS101) [1706] Lynda, you can tell [...] keep an eye on all my own letters.
Lynda (PS102) [1707] [laugh] .
[1708] That's a [...] desperately needs this job.
Norrine (PS101) [1709] Oh, well I don't to ask him cos I know he must be [...] his A levels.
Lynda (PS102) [1710] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [1711] And I thought if I come along with.
[1712] I wish it was true that he was actually studying for A levels though.
Lynda (PS102) [1713] Actually I wouldn't like to be the one [...] . [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1714] Whom he, whom he can blame [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [1715] He's actually gone, everyday we speak to erm various public libraries, to research [...] to get [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1716] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1717] Oh, I shall stay here if I were you [...] .
[1718] [laugh] , somebody's holding the door shut, [laugh] , wouldn't push open knock the end of the nose as usual, very startled dog [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [1719] What do you think we might have done [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1720] [...] is it not in the miscellaneous file?
Lynda (PS102) [1721] No [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1722] I've no idea.
[1723] Absolutely no idea Lynda, I haven't taken it out.
Lynda (PS102) [1724] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1725] Yes.
[1726] Did I send a message to them, erm, I, I didn't send a message, no I'm sure I didn't send a message chasing them saying how about a fresh order or whatever .
Lynda (PS102) [1727] No, neither [...] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1728] No, no, I can't think why we can't find [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [1729] I think we might miss out on the er stimulant today Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [1730] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1731] Oh your running Kate across, yes, yes, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [1732] How [...] . [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1733] So she's flitting around here and there, yes.
[1734] I don't know which school the girl next door goes to but she's doing her erm, [clears throat] A levels and er her term's already finished.
Lynda (PS102) [1735] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1736] Officially she is not at school any more.
Lynda (PS102) [1737] No, I mean, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1738] Hm.

29 (Tape 002127)

Lynda (PS102) [1739] That there looks familiar in with the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1740] Was in where?
Lynda (PS102) [1741] It was in a [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1742] Has that got it's own file still?
Lynda (PS102) [1743] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1744] Good heavens.
[1745] It's rather a long time isn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [1746] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1747] Well a, yes, of course were clear out the file drawer, but then with got to find somewhere else to put the blessed stuff haven't we ?
Lynda (PS102) [1748] [...] .

30 (Tape 002128)

Chris (PS05X) [1749] WARM, the Wood Burning Association of Retailers and Manufacturers.
Lynda (PS102) [1750] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [1751] [laugh] .
[1752] It's all so obvious isn't it!

31 (Tape 002129)

Lynda (PS102) [1753] Why do we know how much [...] be? [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1754] [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [...]

32 (Tape 002130)

Lynda (PS102) [1755] I think I'd better go.
Chris (PS05X) [1756] Oh right, yes, yes O K.
[1757] Fed up with this, need progress.
Lynda (PS102) [1758] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1759] Here let me fix it for you.
[1760] It is so darned difficult to decide the ones that'll go, turn into anything.
Lynda (PS102) [1761] No.
Chris (PS05X) [1762] Most of them don't do they?
[1763] It's odd the ones that do sometimes.
[1764] [yawn] Excuse me.
Lynda (PS102) [1765] It might just be worth asking question that the guy [...] .
[1766] He must need to know it for other reasons [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1767] Yes, it's a good point.
Lynda (PS102) [1768] That should take him a long time to [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1769] It is a good point.
Lynda (PS102) [1770] Right, I'm [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1771] Good, bon appetite.
Lynda (PS102) [1772] Won't have time to appetite.
Chris (PS05X) [1773] Oh I should make it if I were you.
Lynda (PS102) [1774] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1775] Yes, cheerio. [yawn]

33 (Tape 002131)

Lynda (PS102) [1776] I'll take my radio.
Chris (PS05X) [1777] Oh right, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [1778] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1779] Ciao.
Lynda (PS102) [1780] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1781] Oh dear.

34 (Tape 002201)

Chris (PS05X) [1782] Moved the car [tv on] [...] .
Bill (PS104) [1783] Right, right.
Chris (PS05X) [1784] [...] .
Bill (PS104) [1785] I don't do that ...
Chris (PS05X) [1786] Don't chop the fence in two [laugh] [...] a drastic time there.
[1787] Mm.
Bill (PS104) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1788] Mm mm.
Bill (PS104) [1789] [...] cutting down the other end.
[1790] A stake be that big in there.
Chris (PS05X) [1791] Yes
Bill (PS104) [1792] Big, [...] it's not [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1793] Yes.
Bill (PS104) [1794] Three [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1795] Oh.
Bill (PS104) [1796] His still running.
Chris (PS05X) [1797] Yes.
Bill (PS104) [1798] Yeah, [laugh] , got a [...] for it.
Chris (PS05X) [1799] The ... the ... the trouble is it's not ... not ... not that wrong with the fence but the ivy's so thick, it's been there so long hasn't it?
[1800] Hopeless, anyway I'll move the car out Bill.
Bill (PS104) [1801] O K.
Chris (PS05X) [1802] Thanks.
Bill (PS104) [1803] If you don't mind, do you come round here and ...
Chris (PS05X) [1804] Yes fine, if ... if ... if you're happy too Bill, thank you.

35 (Tape 002202)

Bill (PS104) [1805] It's not disturbing you in there is it?
Chris (PS05X) [1806] No, no, I mean the hoover's going [laugh] .
Bill (PS104) [1807] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [1808] The washing machine an and everything, everything, no problem Bill.
Bill (PS104) [1809] I mean,iv ... ivy really does go doesn't it?
[1810] Incredible .
Chris (PS05X) [1811] All that in there must have been that thick.
Bill (PS104) [1812] Yes, [...] tree, [...] all amongst the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1813] Yes.
Bill (PS104) [1814] What'll you plan to do with the bed, when you've cleared it all out?
Chris (PS05X) [1815] I'll just go and [...] , dug it, dig it all up.
Bill (PS104) [1816] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [1817] [...] match that up with that.
Bill (PS104) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1818] Yeah.
[1819] So I was
Bill (PS104) [1820] So get rid of that bit of fence?
Chris (PS05X) [1821] No, keep that here, so I can just angle get the car in.
Bill (PS104) [1822] Yes, yeah, that's good .
Chris (PS05X) [1823] Drive the car straight into here, I got that [...] .
Bill (PS104) [1824] Will ... will the tree here, will you be able to get the car sufficiently clear to
Chris (PS05X) [1825] Oh yeah .
Bill (PS104) [1826] get access to the garage? [...]
Bill (PS104) [1827] Great, I'm on my way .
Chris (PS05X) [1828] Well if I just leave the car at this angle, pointed out that way.
Bill (PS104) [1829] Yes, yes, great.
Chris (PS05X) [1830] It's just that ... [...] outside of it [...] .
Bill (PS104) [1831] Yes, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [1832] [...] And I'm not a great lover of weeding, cos ...
Bill (PS104) [1833] No, I ... I ... don't blame you, yep, pull this.

36 (Tape 002203)

Chris (PS05X) [1834] Gherkin for you?
Norrine (PS101) [1835] Get out a small one.
Chris (PS05X) [1836] That one isn't, but there are, I'll get you one.
Norrine (PS101) [1837] [...] half a one.

37 (Tape 002204)

Chris (PS05X) [1838] So, do you feel your shopping was successful this morning?
Norrine (PS101) [1839] Quite successful, yeah, [...] .
[1840] Delivered to Veronica.
Chris (PS05X) [1841] Ah yes.

38 (Tape 002205)

Chris (PS05X) [1842] Is there any oil and vinegar on here?
Norrine (PS101) [1843] No, cos there's [...] sauce of ...
Chris (PS05X) [1844] [...] meat.
Norrine (PS101) [1845] No [...] .

39 (Tape 002206)

Chris (PS05X) [1846] Quite amazing how the Queen Mother ... keeps on doing her so many public engagements.
Norrine (PS101) [1847] Yes, she ninety now?
Chris (PS05X) [1848] Ooh over, yes, mm, ninety last year, had a special parade didn't they?
Norrine (PS101) [1849] [...] must be advantage of getting ready and being prepared for her and
Chris (PS05X) [1850] Mm.
[1851] Yes, she's waited on, [...]
Norrine (PS101) [1852] Taxi-ing from door to door or you know
Chris (PS05X) [1853] Mm
Norrine (PS101) [1854] your plans made up and your meals laid on.

40 (Tape 002207)

Norrine (PS101) [1855] I, Susan's thinking of ...
Chris (PS05X) [1856] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1857] Yes.
[1858] I think Joyce has got one up.
Norrine (PS101) [1859] She's got what?
Chris (PS05X) [1860] Planning application, notice, for her first floor extension over the garage.
[1861] That wall
Norrine (PS101) [1862] [...] downstairs.
Chris (PS05X) [1863] over their downstairs loo [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1864] Oh .
Chris (PS05X) [1865] More for you?

41 (Tape 002208)

Norrine (PS101) [1866] Is the office still being occupied?
Chris (PS05X) [1867] No, not [...] occupied.
[1868] No it's not actually, busy.
Norrine (PS101) [1869] [...] pouring in here.
Chris (PS05X) [1870] Well we had one or two earlier this week, I must say.
[1871] Nothing today.
Norrine (PS101) [1872] Still ... still [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1873] No.

42 (Tape 002209)

Chris (PS05X) [1874] What is on your programme tomorrow?
Norrine (PS101) [1875] Nothing, well nothing [...] .
[1876] I'm having hair [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1877] What type is that?
Norrine (PS101) [1878] I think it's called [...] .
[1879] Presumably I need to get some food for next week.
Chris (PS05X) [1880] Erm ...
Norrine (PS101) [1881] Of course, deliver that material ...
Chris (PS05X) [1882] I was wondering if you fancy going to Ming's tomorrow evening?
Norrine (PS101) [1883] Well that's a generous offer ...
Chris (PS05X) [1884] Will Snoopy be out and about?
Norrine (PS101) [1885] I don't know what Snoopy's doing.
[1886] I know she's planning the cinema tonight.
[1887] I don't know if there's anything on tomorrow ... Maybe we ought to go this evening if she's there to work.
Chris (PS05X) [1888] Yes, are we free this evening?
[1889] Yes we are aren't we?
Norrine (PS101) [1890] Well I didn't book in [...] all the time, cos ... [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1891] Oh.
[1892] Yes by all means.
Norrine (PS101) [1893] Mark and [...] up the road, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1894] Sure.

43 (Tape 002210)

Chris (PS05X) [1895] How on earth that fellow reckons his pin down regime could have been positive.
[1896] That's the guy isn't it [...] .
[1897] It's extraordinary.
Norrine (PS101) [1898] [...] agree, like the way he's standing [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1899] Doesn't it just . [...]
Norrine (PS101) [1900] I wouldn't mind children with problems.
Chris (PS05X) [1901] Yep ... .
Norrine (PS101) [1902] [...] punishment [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1903] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1904] I hope she didn't find it as easy as she told them [...] , [...] if you shut them up in their room.
Chris (PS05X) [1905] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1906] There's not a lot they can do is there?
Chris (PS05X) [1907] No.
Norrine (PS101) [1908] [...] children's right, I should think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1909] Mm.
[1910] I agree.
[1911] And I agree they're going to sue him ...
Norrine (PS101) [1912] [...] these days ... Do it for money, everything right.
Chris (PS05X) [1913] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1914] [...] going to teachers, [...] staffed.
[1915] [...] . The more you educate your teachers, the more they're going towards [...] .
[1916] I'm not saying if there's an argument against educating them. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1917] Do you think there is an argument for finding natural teachers as opposed to set of people to get on with the job?
Norrine (PS101) [1918] How would you find them to start with?
Chris (PS05X) [1919] I don't know.
Norrine (PS101) [1920] You can't, you aren't saying that teaching is to, is a skill, that can't, isn't, teaching is now a skill in [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [1921] No I'm not, but I'm saying that some people probably have a natural, a natural teaching ability.
Norrine (PS101) [1922] But how do you know when you're eighteen, whatever, is a natural teaching ability or merely a wish to try it?
Chris (PS05X) [1923] Maybe eighteen is not the right age to be recruiting teachers.
Norrine (PS101) [1924] [...] recruit [...] .
[1925] Well how do you know you're going to be a doctor, or anything when you're eighteen then, you know, you can't, you're teaching [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1926] No, I accept it.
[1927] Accept that.
Norrine (PS101) [1928] I mean it is a longer training now, what it used to be.
[1929] [...] standard is required.
[1930] I think you need a lot of knowledge, especially nowadays when they're insisting on all this national curriculum, you've got to have a very broad ability.
[1931] And then of course you need and you're going to avoid chance like this and [...] or whoever you [...] .
[1932] You've got to be educated in child development and child psychology and the emotional development of children as well as their physical and educational intellectual
Chris (PS05X) [1933] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1934] You've got to have all that side of it, and if you're in teaching it's a bit ridiculous to be in any job if you don't know something about the history of it.
[1935] I mean no one 's suggesting doctors sit and learn all the theory of and the history of the development of medicine, but I'm sure that it's important to have some knowledge of your area.
Chris (PS05X) [1936] Mm.
[1937] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1938] So you wouldn't just push it all out, and how do you discuss new educational reforms if you haven't any idea about the original ... previous ...
Chris (PS05X) [1939] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1940] reformat I mean you've got to be you, knowledgable about your, the area in which you work, so I don't think you can just wipe out the history of education that's irrelevant.
Chris (PS05X) [1941] No.
Norrine (PS101) [1942] In fact there's a great argument teaching teachers a lot more about the legal areas these days as a [...] teaching.
[1943] Instead of just relying on your union, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1944] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1945] Knowing your responsibilities and your rights.
[1946] [...] there's a four year [...] , you think they'd [...] fit quite a lot into that, cos a lot of it is holiday.
Chris (PS05X) [1947] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1948] [...] and a lot of it erm, teaching [...] .
[1949] Teaching [...] , terribly important, but I suppose teaching [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1950] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1951] Not just [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1952] Yes indeed.
Norrine (PS101) [1953] You know, you need to be really helpful when your teachers, your class you're put in to.
[1954] [...] responsibility as well as the next college lecturers, that'll help you.
Chris (PS05X) [1955] Yes indeed.
Norrine (PS101) [1956] Which isn't [...] .
[1957] Would you like coffee and biscuits or would you like some fruit or a piece of bread and jam or what do you fancy?
Chris (PS05X) [1958] I'll have some fruit first please.
[1959] It's quite a lurid apple isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1960] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1961] I didn't get round to ringing Christine last night.
Norrine (PS101) [1962] I couldn't get through to [...] yes her number's still engaged, unless it's been reported.
Chris (PS05X) [1963] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1964] She might have just had it off the hook yesterday.
Chris (PS05X) [1965] Come on [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [1966] Students with O A level passes for ninety three percent of training teachers [...] ... Eight out of ten graduates have a good second class honours degree.
[1967] It's not such a high percentage in maths as it is [...] ... Twelve and a half thousand early retirements in eighty nine.
Chris (PS05X) [1968] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1969] Four thousand retirements through ill health, doubles the number to eighty seven.
Chris (PS05X) [1970] Aha.
Norrine (PS101) [1971] A good honours graduate now has a starting salary of eleven thousand five hundred, why should good honours graduate teachers earn fifty percent [...] medical, medical practitioner, seventy five percent less than new accountants or eighty percent less than new civil engineers?
Chris (PS05X) [1972] Yes, it's not, they've turned it into a total university trained job erm, people haven't given [...] award.
Norrine (PS101) [1973] Well apparently used to be [...] trained [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [1974] No, [...] taken them, they're taken to be professionals though aren't they?
Norrine (PS101) [1975] That would be the theory.
Chris (PS05X) [1976] Professionally speaking.
[1977] I've never had taken that.
Norrine (PS101) [1978] [...] Educational is not seen as a vital part of national right, that must be somebody [...] ... The wages earned by unskilled workers in Germany are twice as high as those earned by teachers here ...
Chris (PS05X) [1979] [...] likely don't it? ...
Norrine (PS101) [1980] [...] across the board [...] trouble is when you get these differential [...] spend all the interpretation on them, not that you're rewarding the good teachers but that some teachers are not worth rewarding.
[1981] Now if you really are a weak teacher ...
Chris (PS05X) [1982] [...] out.
Norrine (PS101) [1983] Then your ... then your feelings perhaps don't matter in the overall picture of the education, but bearing in, looking at the teachers in our school, we, we really don't have a weak teacher except perhaps Mr , who's obviously not been well these last three years, erm
Chris (PS05X) [1984] He is weak on discipline.
Norrine (PS101) [1985] He is very high in his guild his musical know, gets a lot of work from the children and the children really like his classes.
Chris (PS05X) [1986] So does that mean that he is a good teacher of music, he's just not a good disciplinarian?
Norrine (PS101) [1987] To be a teacher you've got to have control of your children and you can't [...]
Chris (PS05X) [1988] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [1989] possible, however good you are at your subject.
Chris (PS05X) [1990] Right, right.
Norrine (PS101) [1991] You must have control of your class, sometimes if you don't, under, when I say he's a weak teacher I don't mean he's a bad teacher.
[1992] I wouldn't single him out, I would just say he's not a strong teacher for the reason that he's only got part of it under his belt properly yet.
Chris (PS05X) [1993] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [1994] But, you know, you can't, you might say well this teacher doesn't have such good displays on her wall, but then she might be ever so good at another area, I mean is not a display lady, she doesn't have artistic creative sort of flair like say Polly did
Chris (PS05X) [1995] [...] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [1996] but ...
Chris (PS05X) [1997] Well there's nobody in this school has it like Polly did.
Norrine (PS101) [1998] Well ... Ms 's pretty good.
Chris (PS05X) [1999] Is she?
Norrine (PS101) [2000] And Vicky is very good.
Chris (PS05X) [2001] Mm, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2002] And Polly always used to say how good Lynn was, reckoned she could make a good career in designer living.
Chris (PS05X) [2003] Oh yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [2004] Erm [sniff] but Jan is one of the best organizers [...] that I know.
Chris (PS05X) [2005] Is she?
Norrine (PS101) [2006] She covers [...] .
[2007] She's terribly thorough.
Chris (PS05X) [2008] Mhm.
Norrine (PS101) [2009] And her children are very, very well grounded.
Chris (PS05X) [2010] Are they?
[2011] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2012] You know, they, they really are.
[2013] And that's a greatest skill in itself.
Chris (PS05X) [2014] Mm ... Yes, [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2015] Everybody's got their [...] , erm what's her name, Jill from New Zealand, is quite young, but she has all the potential of being an excellent teacher, she's, she's very enthusiastic, very straightforward, she's ...
Chris (PS05X) [2016] What'll her experience that she had in New Zealand?
Norrine (PS101) [2017] I think it was [...] Hong Kong, she had it.
Chris (PS05X) [2018] Oh really.
Norrine (PS101) [2019] She had been teaching [...] New Zealand, erm, not quite such a long training so she's had three or four years' experience.
Chris (PS05X) [2020] Mhm.
Norrine (PS101) [2021] She was teaching in a private school in this country before she came to us.
Chris (PS05X) [2022] Was she now.
[2023] Oh she's not still learning then?
Norrine (PS101) [2024] No, but she is young all the same.
Chris (PS05X) [2025] Is she erm
Norrine (PS101) [2026] But she's a very good, keen teacher.
Chris (PS05X) [2027] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [2028] But you wouldn't expect her to be as experienced as Maureen.
Chris (PS05X) [2029] No, of course not.
Norrine (PS101) [2030] But in, on her level she's a very good teacher.
Chris (PS05X) [2031] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [2032] And brings a different quality to her class.
Chris (PS05X) [2033] Yes ...
Norrine (PS101) [2034] And Vicky's very good, Vicky's somewhat disorganised really.
Chris (PS05X) [2035] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [2036] Work in something of a muddle, but Vicky has a great eye for detail.
Chris (PS05X) [2037] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [2038] With enormous patience as well as huge fund of knowledge and skill, she's a very talented girl.
Chris (PS05X) [2039] Mhm.
Norrine (PS101) [2040] For herself ... Tanya's good [...] talented as well.
Chris (PS05X) [2041] Is she?
Norrine (PS101) [2042] She plays the flute and her guitar very nicely, singing in several choir [...] .

44 (Tape 002211)

Norrine (PS101) [2043] You know I wouldn't like to be the person trying to judge, oh, should be rewarded.
[2044] Being cold, you know, you can give merit two of your teachers who meant to deserve it.
Chris (PS05X) [2045] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2046] Well what [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2047] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2048] Would you just say, well, I'm already [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2049] Especially when all the others know what's going on.
Norrine (PS101) [2050] Well that's right.
Chris (PS05X) [2051] And don't get them.
Norrine (PS101) [2052] [...] implying that they're not any good, or not as good.
[2053] I mean maybe we can't all be the same [...] there's something at fault and you saying [...] people who I think.
[2054] Ah are, the best, you provide [...] being in charge of this or being the deputy or being being a mistress.
Chris (PS05X) [2055] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2056] And that's why I choose them, so I'll give it to them.
Chris (PS05X) [2057] They are already being rewarded.
Norrine (PS101) [2058] No, it's a bit of a ... it's a bit of a strange thing [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2059] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2060] If you've got a school where there are weak teachers then you don't want to [...] to being weak.
Chris (PS05X) [2061] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2062] I think it should [...] .
[2063] They've got somebody who'll teach them the [...] what if they're [...] aren't they?
Chris (PS05X) [2064] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2065] Is that it for [...] see there's someone's milk chocolate pudding, there's a three plain top one and one with milk, eh.
Chris (PS05X) [2066] Oh goody, goody.
Norrine (PS101) [2067] I bought it specially for you.
Chris (PS05X) [2068] Thank you dear.
[2069] [...] that means they've got packets of plain ones available now.
Norrine (PS101) [2070] Well they haven't with me. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2071] [...] .
[2072] Perhaps even real plain chocolate, wowee.
Norrine (PS101) [2073] I'm glad it's real.

45 (Tape 002212)

Norrine (PS101) [2074] Did you see this, a baby, a four day old baby girl died after receiving the transfusion of over heated blood, which the nurse had warmed boiling water from a kettle.
Chris (PS05X) [2075] Good grief.
[2076] Where was that? ...
Norrine (PS101) [2077] Exeter.
Chris (PS05X) [2078] Don't get ill in Exeter.
Norrine (PS101) [2079] [cough] ... There's a comment on the [...] saying that, these days in cases of separation and divorce, it is only the right child which is considered.
[2080] An unmarried couple
Chris (PS05X) [2081] Mm mm.
Norrine (PS101) [2082] who wanted to live together, and wanted to have a child, but they wanted to know whether they would have equal rights as parents
Chris (PS05X) [2083] Aha.
Norrine (PS101) [2084] could they draw up a contract, saying that they would share?
Chris (PS05X) [2085] Mm mm.
Norrine (PS101) [2086] And he said yes you can, but it would do you no good at all, cos if the point came when you split up the judge wouldn't look at your contract, he would only consider the rights of the child.
Chris (PS05X) [2087] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [2088] That explains why Brian didn't get a look in.
Chris (PS05X) [2089] Yes.
[2090] Yes ... Good heavens, tomorrow, the day after, the whole of radio three
Norrine (PS101) [cough]
Chris (PS05X) [2091] comes from St.Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Norrine (PS101) [2092] Why?
Chris (PS05X) [2093] Live broadcast.
Norrine (PS101) [2094] Why?
[2095] What's going on there?
Chris (PS05X) [2096] Well I assume they're some sort of ...
Norrine (PS101) [2097] Pop [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2098] No hardly pop for radio three dear .
Norrine (PS101) [2099] For radio three yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [2100] Twin cities weekend, don't actually say that there's a [...] .

46 (Tape 002213)

Norrine (PS101) [2101] Jacqueline Kennedy looks young there, look.
Chris (PS05X) [2102] Good heavens, how old do you reckon she is now?
Norrine (PS101) [2103] Well it says it would of, J F K would have been seventy four.
Chris (PS05X) [2104] Goodness gracious and that's his widow, how extraordinary, yes she does look young.
Norrine (PS101) [2105] And that's her daughter.
Chris (PS05X) [2106] She looks very American doesn't she?
Norrine (PS101) [2107] Reasonable I suppose.
Chris (PS05X) [2108] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [2109] They've asked her, oh dear, four widows [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2110] I thought that they [...] appointed somebody in charge.
Norrine (PS101) [2111] No [...] again.
Chris (PS05X) [2112] Oh, mind you, they're hardly a Mr charisma they have appointed.
Norrine (PS101) [2113] Douglas Fairbanks married Vera Shelten, my goodness.
Chris (PS05X) [2114] Got to be junior [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2115] Yes, but even so, he's eighty one.
Chris (PS05X) [2116] Is he really, is Vera Shelten [...] ?
[2117] They married twenty six years ago [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2118] No, they met twenty ...
Chris (PS05X) [2119] Oh met twenty six years ago, he still exactly hurry did he?

47 (Tape 002214)

Chris (PS05X) [2120] Lynda seems to be staying on a bit, oh no, no, she does have to stay till two sometimes.
Norrine (PS101) [2121] She's been quite late lately.
[2122] [...] four o'clock [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2123] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [2124] She said if we didn't get stuck at the [...] .

48 (Tape 002215)

Norrine (PS101) [2125] The latest threat to children recently is not just wait till your dad gets home, but, my daughter told her four week old baby, if you're not good I'll put you on the fax and send you through to daddy. [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2126] [laugh] And the four week old probably understood it better than I do. [laugh]

49 (Tape 002216)

Norrine (PS101) [2127] Come on Emma, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2128] Did she, aha.
Norrine (PS101) [2129] [...] a little drink because she's licked a lot of mud when she came in [...] .
[2130] Goodness me, you realize there's a water shortage Emma.

50 (Tape 002217)

Chris (PS05X) [2131] In Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, drivers will have to use dipped headlights in daylight from nineteen ninety two.
Norrine (PS101) [2132] Where in Luxembourg did you say?
Chris (PS05X) [2133] [...] Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
Norrine (PS101) [2134] Head ... headlights in daylight.
Chris (PS05X) [2135] In daylight.
[2136] It's, it's very normal in Scandinavia, most drivers there use their dipped headlights in daylight.
Norrine (PS101) [2137] Well yes, we all know they live in the land of the midnight sun when it's dark all the time.
Chris (PS05X) [2138] No, they, they're not talking about that , not talking about that.
Norrine (PS101) [2139] Oh you'll be happy darling.
Chris (PS05X) [2140] Sure.
[2141] Mind you anybody would think that I sold headlights.
Norrine (PS101) [2142] Probably do that's why.
Chris (PS05X) [2143] Ah yes, that's right, I'm not going to tell you about it.

51 (Tape 002218)

Chris (PS05X) [2144] A quarter of drivers leave their cars unlocked, I think it's rather more than that in the summer.
Norrine (PS101) [2145] I lock mine even in the drive here.
Chris (PS05X) [2146] Mm, try to.
Norrine (PS101) [2147] What do you mean, I try to?
Chris (PS05X) [2148] Can't get the key in the lock sometimes.
Norrine (PS101) [2149] You mean in your lock, why what's the problem?
[2150] Shaky hand or ...
Chris (PS05X) [2151] Room against the fence.
Norrine (PS101) [2152] How do you manage to get out?
Chris (PS05X) [2153] Don't know, just slippery as an eel.
Norrine (PS101) [2154] I know you [...] come here, come, come on, come here, come, come on, there's a good girl, oh this is lovely, oh she's a lovely girl ... Oh she's a lovely girl, good girl, wet whiskers Emma ... Cloudy, misty, and with patchy drizzle, oh, oh, cloudy with patchy light rain.
[2155] Cooler with isolated showers, but a bit brighter.
[2156] Sounds delightful doesn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [2157] Sorry what did you say?
Norrine (PS101) [2158] I'm just saying there's a [...] not much different really.
[2159] I know sometimes, still taking the day off today?
Chris (PS05X) [2160] I guess so, it seems so, [...] Graham, [laugh] oh, he's making people redundant, he's gone off, it's about the third time in three weeks take a day playing golf. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [2161] He's making people redundant, why are they, don't they have enough work?
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [2162] That's why he's playing golf, nothing to do?
Chris (PS05X) [2163] Bank invitation day.
Norrine (PS101) [2164] Oh.
[2165] What happens if you don't play golf very well?
[2166] Your bank manager's quite pleased that you win?
Chris (PS05X) [2167] Probably, yes.

52 (Tape 002219)

Norrine (PS101) [2168] You really need a ha ha hammock to lie between those two pine trees.
Chris (PS05X) [2169] So you can lie in the shade, and be dripped on.
[2170] Ah [sigh]

53 (Tape 002220)

Norrine (PS101) [2171] I don't really think that I should get a lot of pleasure out of going to watch croquet tomorrow.
Chris (PS05X) [2172] Oh, alright.
Norrine (PS101) [2173] Probably a lot of standing about.
[2174] What do you think?
Chris (PS05X) [2175] I don't think the two of you will find it particularly entertaining.
Norrine (PS101) [2176] No.

54 (Tape 002221)

Norrine (PS101) [2177] Whose purse is that one, it isn't Susan's is it?
Chris (PS05X) [2178] No, that's mine.
[2179] Containers, spare tapes.
Norrine (PS101) [2180] Quite costly doing that?
Chris (PS05X) [2181] Yes indeed.
[2182] Yes.

55 (Tape 002222)

Norrine (PS101) [2183] It's in very good nick.
Bill (PS104) [2184] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2185] What happened to the top bar, just take it off?.
Bill (PS104) [2186] Take it off yeah.
[2187] Yes, I've got to take it, see it's got all in underneath it.
Bill (PS104) [2188] Yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2189] [...] .
[2190] Haven't you?
Bill (PS104) [2191] That's got to be dug up just levelled and crazy paved.
Chris (PS05X) [2192] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2193] You're going to craze ... save the [...] .
Bill (PS104) [2194] Yeah, bring it, match it up with what's over [noise - train] .
Norrine (PS101) [2195] [...] .
Bill (PS104) [2196] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2197] Will you leave this corner will you?
Bill (PS104) [2198] That's what started it, I now [...] , this was growing amongst that .
Norrine (PS101) [2199] The ivy yeah.
Bill (PS104) [2200] Flower, [...] definitely started it all off, once started cutting around it.
Chris (PS05X) [2201] Hm.
Bill (PS104) [2202] [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2203] It's made a difference, it really has, really.
Bill (PS104) [2204] Yeah I [...] so.
Norrine (PS101) [2205] You'll be able to get out of the car know darling, instead of climbing into the hedge won't you?.
Chris (PS05X) [2206] Well I won't , I won't have the noss, nice soft ivy too fall into. [laugh] .
Bill (PS104) [2207] [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2208] [laugh] .
Bill (PS104) [2209] [...] same colour as the er ...
Chris (PS05X) [2210] Yes, but it looks as if it is in good nick.
Bill (PS104) [2211] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [2212] Oh [...] the weather [...] .
Bill (PS104) [2213] Little bit of the gravel borders gone , [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2214] That's pretty normal isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [2215] The ivy .
Bill (PS104) [2216] [...] I said I've done, I've done both the sides of the, my garden and Maureen's garden.
Chris (PS05X) [2217] Really.
Bill (PS104) [2218] Yeah, all this ehm, twelve foot lengths, er six inches by half inch thick wood, [...] and I had enough to do er what are they, seventy five, three seventy five foots, two thirty foots [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2219] Mm.
Bill (PS104) [2220] Yeah [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2221] Smashing.
Bill (PS104) [2222] Cos I, a friend of mine works for Young's and got the gravel [...] rails and all that.
Chris (PS05X) [2223] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [2224] [...] .
Bill (PS104) [2225] I left a sack of them behind the shed there, forgot all about them .
Norrine (PS101) [2226] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2227] They've probably burnt them know. [laugh] .
Bill (PS104) [2228] Yeah, I don't suppose they looked behind them.
[2229] Large conifers there, behind the conifers to get too them.
Chris (PS05X) [2230] Hm.
Bill (PS104) [2231] But ehm, yeah, [...] .
[2232] [...] if they do save the fence [...] the wood onto [...] rather than re-do a fence terrible isn't it .
Chris (PS05X) [2233] Yes, yes , that ... that's what it's for, isn't it.
Bill (PS104) [2234] Hm.
[2235] Hm.
Chris (PS05X) [2236] It looks as if you've got a spare [...] as well down there.
Bill (PS104) [2237] You can have that, get that.
[2238] You never know, you wanna buy another bit of wood, put it on top of that.
Chris (PS05X) [2239] Oh yes that's in poor nick isn't it.
Bill (PS104) [2240] It's not that, [...] with creosote, that's that old green fence door.
Chris (PS05X) [2241] Yes.
Bill (PS104) [2242] And with the creosote on it, it look's like new.
Chris (PS05X) [2243] Yes, yes .
Bill (PS104) [2244] So I just with that in the doors [...] with creosote [...] .
[2245] I like those.
Chris (PS05X) [2246] Hm hm.
Norrine (PS101) [2247] Yes they're nice.
Bill (PS104) [2248] I wish that [...] all the bottoms gone on that one.
[2249] I just, I don't know, [...] , gonna throw them away really.
Norrine (PS101) [2250] No .
Chris (PS05X) [2251] No .
[2252] No, well you don't have too do you?
Bill (PS104) [2253] No, this one, I'll leave this one, I want to leave that there.
Chris (PS05X) [2254] Yeap.
Bill (PS104) [2255] [...] take that down and I've got to do that.
Chris (PS05X) [2256] Yes, yes.
Bill (PS104) [2257] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2258] Yeah, very good.
Norrine (PS101) [2259] See it gives the character's to the house, [...] the house with [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2260] Hm .
Bill (PS104) [2261] That's when, when we come to do the windows, we've got to go back too the ...
Chris (PS05X) [2262] The little square's the original ones, yes good.
Bill (PS104) [2263] And the [...] , cos they took, they took the doors and put a big window there.
[2264] I mean.
Chris (PS05X) [2265] Yes that, I, I, have a feeling that the original [...] frame rotted.
Bill (PS104) [2266] Rotted.
Chris (PS05X) [2267] There.
Bill (PS104) [2268] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [2269] I ... I ... I think it, it was not well maintained and rusted, rusted, and rusted and it was just impossible to do anything .
Bill (PS104) [2270] [...] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2271] Hm.
Bill (PS104) [2272] I like that where [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2273] [...] sun [...] the house.
Chris (PS05X) [2274] Yeap, yeap.
[2275] Oh, when the lads did this, they went to great trouble to actually find the right sort of windows and what have you .
Norrine (PS101) [2276] [...] match [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2277] Had ... had the top been specially ... glazed ehm, ehm, what I mean, barred.
Bill (PS104) [2278] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2279] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2280] So that it looked as if it belonged to the house.
Bill (PS104) [2281] Hm.
Norrine (PS101) [2282] Cos a couple of doors further on they, they [...] there's and they got a completely different front and window and it looks like an addition.
[2283] [...] . It is a bit chilly isn't it?
Bill (PS104) [2284] Yes just a bit.
Chris (PS05X) [2285] Yes, yes [laugh] carry on working Bill. [laugh] .
Norrine (PS101) [2286] [...] .
Bill (PS104) [2287] [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2288] I'm not sure I'll still be here if I bought Chris all of this.
Chris (PS05X) [2289] What's that?
Norrine (PS101) [2290] A strimmer.
Chris (PS05X) [2291] Well no, it ... it ... it shears doesn't it.
Bill (PS104) [2292] Electric shears .
Chris (PS05X) [2293] Electric shears .
[2294] Yes.
[2295] Yes, you can get use to carving the joint any way Bill [laugh] .
Norrine (PS101) [2296] If you don't want that black bit, you have to prune that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2297] Oh, she can trim the dog with it. [laugh] .
Norrine (PS101) [2298] [...] prune with spring, but, then, once [...] the flowering [...] that green one needs cutting back, but again it needs all the old wood taking out and the new wood in.
Chris (PS05X) [2299] Yeap, that's down too William.
Norrine (PS101) [2300] Oh [...] oh Emma.
Bill (PS104) [2301] Living up to it's name eh. [laugh] . [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2302] Ah.
[2303] Come on Emma.
Chris (PS05X) [2304] Cheerio [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2305] You beast, you big girl.

56 (Tape 002223)

Chris (PS05X) [2306] Shall I ring and book Ming's?
Norrine (PS101) [2307] Do you like any of that?
[2308] Or would
Chris (PS05X) [2309] Yes
Norrine (PS101) [2310] you prefer it tomorrow?
Chris (PS05X) [2311] tonight.
Norrine (PS101) [2312] Would you prefer it tomorrow?
Chris (PS05X) [2313] I don't honestly mind one way or another.
Norrine (PS101) [2314] It doesn't personally matter to me, it just like feel
Chris (PS05X) [2315] It ties with the ... with the arrangements bit, if you liked to do that would you?
Norrine (PS101) [2316] Mm I'd love too.
Chris (PS05X) [2317] Good, let's do that then, I'll ... I'll, I'll give them a ring now.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2318] Yes, fine, yes, yes, but if we can get in tonight we'll do that.
Norrine (PS101) [2319] I'm sure Suzanne wouldn't mind if we ate out tomorrow, and it's [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2320] She's probably a bit miffed that she's not coming with us. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [2321] [...] Tomorrow would be quite nice because I'm having my hair done tomorrow.
Chris (PS05X) [2322] Well.
Norrine (PS101) [2323] Go tomorrow.
Chris (PS05X) [2324] Shall we include Suzanne [...] if she's free?
[2325] I can book a table for two and ring them up and make it three, if eh, what, what time would you like to eat tomorrow?
Norrine (PS101) [2326] About eight.
Chris (PS05X) [2327] About eight, eat tomorrow O K.
Norrine (PS101) [2328] That sounds fine with you?
Chris (PS05X) [2329] That sounds just fine to me.
[2330] Just fine, the ... the ... erm no I shall
Norrine (PS101) [2331] Say it again.
Chris (PS05X) [2332] I shall come back in time, no I was just thinking that, the, the erm
Norrine (PS101) [2333] You sure [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2334] the croquet might continue.
[2335] Have you finished with that?
[2336] I'll put it away.
Norrine (PS101) [2337] If you're starting at two, [...] want to be there for ...
Chris (PS05X) [2338] Till hours, hours, hours
Norrine (PS101) [2339] Eight o'clock even [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2340] no I agree with you, I agree with you.
[2341] No, I'll ... I'll ... I'll ring them up and book it for eight.
Norrine (PS101) [2342] [...] So you're bound to, you ... you can get somewhere one deals work and erm

57 (Tape 002224)

Lynda (PS102) [2343] Hiya.
Chris (PS05X) [2344] All well?
Lynda (PS102) [2345] Aha.
Chris (PS05X) [2346] We have a naked fence now.
Lynda (PS102) [2347] Yes, but he, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2348] Well I think Bill's chopped all the ivy off it.
Lynda (PS102) [2349] [...] the ivy as well?
Chris (PS05X) [2350] Is he doing something to the tree?
[2351] I noticed that
Lynda (PS102) [2352] I thought the tree had been eh ...
Chris (PS05X) [2353] Maybe it has the tree [...] .
[2354] Hadn't specially noticed that.
[2355] Certainly into the ivy he was having a crack at.
[2356] [...] the fence is in surprisingly good nick underneath it.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2357] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2358] Any happenings?
[2359] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [2360] Midland Bank received our letter of credit yesterday, at twelve thirty, our documents was [...] twelfth of May, have not yet been checked.
Lynda (PS102) [2361] Right. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2362] That's right.
[2363] She said, we'll ring you about any discrepancies on Monday [laugh] didn't actually say we'll ring you about the discrepancies on Monday [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2364] I didn't wish to disillusion her. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2365] Have one up, they're all slightly different these credits, so
Chris (PS05X) [2366] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [2367] so, check about two ...
Chris (PS05X) [2368] I seemed to have got a significantly better offer on this [...] .
[2369] [...] which is potentially exciting.
Lynda (PS102) [laugh] [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2370] No, from .
Lynda (PS102) [2371] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [2372] They ...
Lynda (PS102) [2373] Out of the blue?
Chris (PS05X) [2374] Well hardly out of the blue, they asked for it a week ago. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2375] I see.
Chris (PS05X) [2376] [...] though that again is questionable.
[2377] The implication has been all along that they're using the same United States manufacturing source but in fact there are one or two discrepancies here, erm, because the value is so high, I'm actually sort of going through and looking at everything ... pretty closely, and they've changed the basis so wow, [...] .
[2378] Cos we're talking of the same product, one, one, quotes ninety six dollars and the other quotes a hundred and thirty seven dollars.
Lynda (PS102) [2379] That's a [...] different.
Chris (PS05X) [2380] That's quite enough to want to treble check isn't it?

58 (Tape 002225)

Chris (PS05X) [2381] Question is, how much of it do we pass on? [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2382] Is [...] associate [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2383] Yes, it's the ...
Lynda (PS102) [2384] [...] what have they said about the offer they've had already?
Chris (PS05X) [2385] Erm, yes they have,for ... forgive me, I'll just finish this if you don't mind, I'm, I'm almost there, one O ten point three eight.
[2386] Well erm ... he came back on the twenty fourth, no, never mind that [laugh] we ... we've been to-ing and fro-ing have Asian Associates and I and ...
Lynda (PS102) [2387] Is there a deadline on it?
Chris (PS05X) [2388] Not as such so they're pressing for an answer, the factory, but erm, he came back and said we'd need firm prices, per kilo price, lump sum price not acceptable, customer offer of sixteen Deutschmark per kilo from [...] , for twelve to fourteen with delivery, your request for those credit verified five months not acceptable, you offer to deliver in eight weeks in which case and we'd get [...] till twelve weeks, please confirm.
[2389] [...] U S factory is booked, bulk order, pushing delivery out to twelve weeks, Deutschmark sixteen ki ... kilos unlikely, could only break our offer down to price per piece or packet.
[2390] Five months were allowed for dispatch of last welding rods and elsie transfers on opening and presentation.
[2391] I wrote back saying, get on with it, and incidentally we overestimated the shipment cost, brought it down to about half, got to be awfully careful there, because some of these bits are so big, they [...] , and today he said, customer will make decision only after ten days, since final size of assortment is under preparation, meantime with your offered price and revised delivery time, it looks very difficult to book this order.
[2392] Price of electrodes is, seems alright, however plate prices are very high.
[2393] Please offer per piece or kilo.
[2394] Now have changed it from per kilo to per piece.
Lynda (PS102) [2395] How had you offered [...] ?
[2396] [phone rings] Would you have the choice?
Chris (PS05X) [2397] I don't, you'd off offer per kilo [...] .

59 (Tape 002226)

Lynda (PS102) [2398] Eggs and bacon and fried bread, it's about half past nine [...] , to do something else, but he came tearing in, I've got to go to the office, she said, as though it was my fault, and he'd rung to make sure everything was alright, got no reply, and suddenly remembered that his secretary was going to have [...] appointment [...] , there's nobody there, so
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2399] took off like a bat out of heaven.
Chris (PS05X) [2400] Oh should of been more organized.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2401] Oh really.
Lynda (PS102) [2402] He did get [...] .
[2403] I left a message about [...] but eh
Chris (PS05X) [2404] O K, good.
[2405] I'd like to put a little business down his way.
Lynda (PS102) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2406] Joan looked at him as though she thought that's exactly what it was [laugh] , really [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [2407] It's quite something, that Noreen's taken to the typewriter, she hates it.
Lynda (PS102) [2408] [...] .
[2409] I was getting a new typewriter.
Chris (PS05X) [2410] [sigh] Yes, also [...] all that isn't it?
Lynda (PS102) [2411] Mm.

60 (Tape 002227)

Chris (PS05X) [2412] Bingo ... what ... what, what, what, what, what, what.
Lynda (PS102) [2413] Wasn't what you were expecting was it?
Chris (PS05X) [2414] No, I think that might be because it doesn't include the welding grants, but even so, let's have a look at, down here [...]

61 (Tape 002228)

Chris (PS05X) [2415] Yeah, that's cost, [laugh] , no it isn't here, yes it is.
[2416] Gordon Bennett, that's an enormous saving.
Lynda (PS102) [2417] Does he [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [2418] Ooh ah ... The trouble is the figures keep changing, all the rest of it, you have to stay rather more alert than you choose. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2419] Go to [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2420] There's a po ... potential for a cock up is enormous.
Lynda (PS102) [2421] Probably never truly know [...] order.
Chris (PS05X) [2422] That's right.

62 (Tape 002229)

Chris (PS05X) [2423] Well, I can re-offer this at five hundred and sixty to the half thousand dollars, instead of, six hundred and eleven thousand, six hundred, that sounds like a ten percent reduction to me.
[2424] Right, now.

63 (Tape 002230)

Chris (PS05X) [2425] How does he know ... the plate price is high, he didn't make that quite, when I only gave him a total price
Lynda (PS102) [2426] Well I'm in ...
Chris (PS05X) [2427] including the [...] .
[2428] Price of electrodes seems alright, however, plate prices are very high.
Lynda (PS102) [2429] Well I, I've typed [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2430] You did, so he's come, he's knocking that list off the total figure, with, because that list was higher, subsequently I've managed to knock it down by about three or four percent anyway, erm, he's, he's knocking off a bigger sum than he should to produce a smaller welding [...] price.
Lynda (PS102) [2431] Not the other way round.
Chris (PS05X) [2432] No, I don't think so, no, no.
[2433] But I mean, that is a ...
Lynda (PS102) [2434] What would you do re-offer the whole thing?
Chris (PS05X) [2435] Yes I'm going to.
[2436] There are some slight variations in it, and it's come from a different U S mill and, for example, there are three items at the end which were required and you offered us six millimetres, they're now six point three five millimetres, which is quarter inch, that's fine [...] , erm ... .
Lynda (PS102) [2437] offered initially, you see, and then went back and do better.
Chris (PS05X) [2438] offered initially and they were followed up by Philip of Singapore and erm
Lynda (PS102) [2439] Look at the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2440] It was, it was indeed, yes, yes, yes, the original one where you added ten, ten, and erm, quote [...] I think
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2441] [...] B C three New York.
Lynda (PS102) [2442] Yes, the flight was in.
[2443] They were going to do the freight costs, [...] to get any idea out of freight [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2444] Yes ...
Lynda (PS102) [2445] Might be our reward for doing [laugh] [...] .
[2446] No.
Chris (PS05X) [2447] We ... we haven't got the order yet Lynda, but in the what sorry ...
Lynda (PS102) [2448] [...] actually clearing up the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2449] And we're still owed thirty five pounds, fifty .
Lynda (PS102) [2450] [...] [laugh] I was doing exactly what we were told to do.
Chris (PS05X) [2451] Ah [...] .

64 (Tape 002231)

Norrine (PS101) [2452] So is he under a misunderstanding about the erm, the erm, erm
Chris (PS05X) [2453] Probably.
Norrine (PS101) [2454] [laugh] I think he thinks they're cheap.
Chris (PS05X) [2455] The welding rods.
Norrine (PS101) [2456] Welding rods.
Chris (PS05X) [2457] Erm
Norrine (PS101) [2458] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [2459] Yes, but I've, I've only given him a lump figure you see.
Norrine (PS101) [2460] [...] actually [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2461] Quite deliberately, because, that, I mean, his part of his message today, for goodness sake, is, since final size assortment is under preparation.
Norrine (PS101) [2462] That means they're going to take the matter [...] , is that what he's saying?
Chris (PS05X) [2463] No way, no way.
[2464] I'm going to get you to type this on Monday.
Norrine (PS101) [2465] Do you want it typed now?
Chris (PS05X) [2466] Have you got time?
Norrine (PS101) [2467] Well I'm only doing figures that can be, wait until Monday. ...
Chris (PS05X) [2468] It might
Norrine (PS101) [2469] They work tomorrow don't they?
Chris (PS05X) [2470] Yes, I haven't got welding rods and the stuff at this moment, but I can incorporate that.
Norrine (PS101) [2471] It's going to take me some time to type that list [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2472] Yes, I'm afraid it is Lynda, erm
Norrine (PS101) [2473] By the time I've got to the end of that I'd be [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2474] Yes I know it, erm ... I suggest we type it for faxing, have we got fax for these [...] ?
Norrine (PS101) [2475] I don't know.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [2476] It might be easier to get [...] ... I don't think we can have banks, because I would of [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2477] No, quite, quite.
[2478] Just trying to think where, we might find his, the fax.
Norrine (PS101) [2479] Erm, in the, maybe in the [...] , probably [...] telex things.
Chris (PS05X) [2480] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [laugh] [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2481] It is, it is getting a bit daft, isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [2482] [...] .
[2483] Also don't know what to do with it when we have it.
Chris (PS05X) [2484] Yes, well, commandeer, hire half of Bill's shed I think.
[2485] On second thoughts we could plasticize and sit on it on the patio.
Norrine (PS101) [2486] [laugh] .
[2487] Alright doing it with [...] again.
Chris (PS05X) [2488] [laugh] .
[2489] Then we'll have to tip someone on the floor.
Norrine (PS101) [2490] You'd they think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2491] Yes, er, no, yonks and yonks, yonks, yonks, yonks ago we had one for a [...] it's from them, absolutely ages ago ... So that's that lot ...
Norrine (PS101) [2492] If it's anywhere it'll be here.

65 (Tape 002232)

Chris (PS05X) [2493] You see they've quoted C Freight, New York to Bombay, and it probably includes F O B New York on fifty tons, twenty thousand six hundred and fifty five U S dollars, now that is over four hundred dollars per ton, know that sounds generous to me Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [2494] When you think you can go all the way from here to New Zealand for what, what was it?
Chris (PS05X) [2495] Well, well
Lynda (PS102) [2496] Ninety pounds .
Chris (PS05X) [2497] Remember that you've got some fairly chunky stuff here, you've got some pieces which weigh an awful lot, where's the ...
Lynda (PS102) [2498] You'd you'd think the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2499] I'm talking by ton, yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [2500] Yeah, but what difference do you, do you think there might be a premium to pay for [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2501] Heavy chunks, er there's no way you're going to get some of this stuff into big big boxes erm, and I mean some of it, there's one piece here eight point nine metres long.
[2502] Nine point six metres long, it's heavy and it's awkward.
[2503] Seven, two fifty millimetres long, six point eight metres long, and when it's seven point two five metres by three point eight five metres, that's sixteen feet by thirty two feet, ehm, and it's thirteen millimetres thick, it ain't half gonna weigh. [laugh] .
Lynda (PS102) [2504] [laugh] .
[2505] You ... you ... need ... need ... more ... more than one man to pick it up.
Chris (PS05X) [2506] Yes, I mean that's well over three tonnes a piece.
[2507] Jolly good eh.
Lynda (PS102) [2508] I'd be [...] actually move it [...] .
[2509] Well if that's their estimate, if it's possible that they're right, have you already then? [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2510] I queried it, I mean she gave me a precise figure of twenty thousand, and six hundred and fifty five something or other.
Lynda (PS102) [2511] But you haven't reduced that too [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2512] Well I actually went back and said I don't think it's going to cost anything, I told him original twenty four thou-, and I've halved it too about twelve thou.
Lynda (PS102) [2513] Twenty.
Chris (PS05X) [2514] Twelve thou, you see, I'm just wondering whether I should quote on a C I F basis ... which I can do you see, on the basis of, this if I add it up .
Lynda (PS102) [2515] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2516] You see, it's another five per cent.

66 (Tape 002233)

Chris (PS05X) [2517] Ah.
Norrine (PS101) [2518] I think it's probably going to be more frustrating to have a fax sitting there and you can't get through.
Chris (PS05X) [2519] Yes I agree.
Norrine (PS101) [2520] So shall I make a fresh cup of tea?
Chris (PS05X) [2521] Thank you, that was lovely, lovely, lovely, erm it's Mr , erm, and I suppose we ought to, no,ju ... ju ... just can you just pause a mo on it please because I'm just looking at the possibilities, there are two names that John has found us [...] instrumentations.
Norrine (PS101) [2522] Oh right.
[2523] No [...] he wanted [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2524] Right, that's, that's O K.
Norrine (PS101) [2525] I've [...] done one.
Chris (PS05X) [2526] I did actually say to John, that we would look [...]
Norrine (PS101) [2527] That the instruction instrument Sheffield.
Chris (PS05X) [2528] He ... he ... he says they're probably a bit of a general [...] , but you can always ask them for their catalogue.
Norrine (PS101) [2529] Yes.
[2530] I thought, I honesty did [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2531] Mhm.

67 (Tape 002301)

Chris (PS05X) [2532] Oh, can't get the bag open. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2533] Ah [sigh] Would you like to record a song for posterity Lynda?
Lynda (PS102) [2534] [laugh] .
[2535] Er, I [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2536] Yeah, well I'll enjoy it [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [laugh]

68 (Tape 002302)

Chris (PS05X) [2537] There are several items here Lynda which are two piece construction.
[2538] How we choose to do that, I don't mind.
[2539] Ah, well, we want to say at the bottom items one five seven and twenty four are two piece construction.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2540] I think that's probably the best way of doing, leaving it out of the body, I've underlined it in each case here
Lynda (PS102) [2541] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [2542] just so that we make, oops, ha, ha, almost [...] erm, the red prices are per piece C I F, C two.
[2543] C I F, C two, alright, a a aha, dollars, dollars, O K?
Susan (PS103) [2544] Hi dad.
Chris (PS05X) [2545] Hi Snoop how are you?
Susan (PS103) [2546] Alright thanks [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2547] Had a great day?
Susan (PS103) [2548] [...] .
[2549] Yeah O K, where did you get this [...] dad?
Chris (PS05X) [2550] Oh it's a from a, it's a survey thing.
Susan (PS103) [2551] Survey, what are they [...] taping your business?
Chris (PS05X) [2552] No, no, no, they're er, actually recording sound, the sound of us for prosperity.
Susan (PS103) [2553] Oh, [...] really.
Chris (PS05X) [2554] Yes it is, it is, yes.
[2555] It's er going into an archive, got lots of papers [...] .
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2556] Oh it just happened that way.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2557] No afraid not.
Susan (PS103) [2558] Oh
Chris (PS05X) [2559] Bad luck.
Lynda (PS102) [2560] [...] T S B four O nine or one three four O nine?
Chris (PS05X) [2561] B four O nine.
Lynda (PS102) [2562] B, and you changed items [...] three, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2563] Yes, that's right.
Lynda (PS102) [2564] Do you want two piece construction to go in as they've done it, or just one trip in the end?
Chris (PS05X) [2565] I suggest we put it once at the end as erm, item so and so, so and so, so and so, are two piece construction.
Lynda (PS102) [2566] You've written one in, that where they've [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2567] Where?
[2568] Sorry.
[2569] Oh yes, his cha ... yes the ... the size changed, I corrected the size on it, alright, your two or three feet is where they corrected and my pencil figure is the correct figure in those cases.
Lynda (PS102) [2570] Right. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2571] Aha.
Lynda (PS102) [2572] Do you have a reference or anything?
Chris (PS05X) [2573] Ah, no we don't I just head it, [...] eight hundred H T [...]
Lynda (PS102) [2574] Do you want my fax phone on the tape?
[2575] That'll be a real bonus wouldn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [2576] I ... I Well it's supposed to be spoken English dear, I don't think, unless you can actually make it speak, it'll be terribly helpful.
Lynda (PS102) [2577] Make it [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2578] Ha, ha, would you close the kitchen doors, so that we don't get the washing machine singing too loudly for us, thank you.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2579] No, no, it's not ink oil at all, it's alloy, eight hundred H T.
Lynda (PS102) [2580] Eight hundred.
Chris (PS05X) [2581] A S T N B four O nine U N S N N one one.
[2582] Include the trade name of and we're not buying .
[2583] At least if we are, they're keeping awfully quiet about it. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2584] Yes from a different U S mill I think we can say.

69 (Tape 002303)

Chris (PS05X) [2585] Is that making sense Lynda?
Lynda (PS102) [2586] [...] that doesn't [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2587] Yeah.
Lynda (PS102) [2588] [...] Very, very [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2589] I agree with you, yes, I agree with you, but eh, it's surprising how much more competitive it is.

70 (Tape 002304)

Chris (PS05X) [2590] The metals remain nice and weak, I do wish ... wish we'd get on and get those orders in.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2591] He's gonna wait till the copper price zooms up again, then he'll be back, he never did, order those aluminum [...] rods you know last year.
Lynda (PS102) [2592] No .
[2593] Getting to be a hobby .
Chris (PS05X) [2594] Darn it .
[2595] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2596] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2597] No, no I'd ... I rather suspect that the erm, the [...] cancelled the contract.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2598] Well if they, they may have bought from Japan or something of that sort, erm, gotta little bit stronger yesterday, one seven one three five in New York.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2599] Was it?

71 (Tape 002305)

Chris (PS05X) [2600] Bill's really enjoying himself out there isn't he?
Lynda (PS102) [2601] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2602] Goodness knows, demolishing by the sound of it. [sigh]

72 (Tape 002306)

Lynda (PS102) [2603] Right, erm, delivery on [...] , please except work or ...
Chris (PS05X) [2604] Two weeks ex works yes.
[2605] Te ... yes erm currently twelve weeks ex works erm.
Lynda (PS102) [2606] Do you know where in America?
Chris (PS05X) [2607] No, no, I wouldn't worry about that, er then, put,cur ... currently la la la la twelve weeks ex U S er U S factory, U S mill.
[2608] Erm, plus delivery time to New York and waiting time for suitable vessel, how about that, really ratting it in.
[2609] We'd love a cup of tea, yeah. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2610] Plus shipment time to India, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2611] Plus sea transit, or something that sort, yes, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2612] Erm, and then after that, no,car ... carry on with that, let ... let's get that one out of the way ... Erm, I think we'd better say, detailed were in electrode, prices to follow.
[2613] Cos I'm actually looking at that.
Lynda (PS102) [2614] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [2615] Re-hashing it.
[2616] Erm, oh let me just find the papers, see what [...] ... No I don't think there's anything else that we can usefully say on there.
Lynda (PS102) [2617] You've already said, you want [...] from credit, mm yes you have.
Chris (PS05X) [2618] Yes I'm certain I have elsewhere.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2619] Yes.
[2620] Yes.

73 (Tape 002307)

Chris (PS05X) [2621] Thank you for all that Lynda that's great.
Lynda (PS102) [2622] I'm, I, well I have to put [...] this really ought to go in.
Chris (PS05X) [2623] Well erm, ha ha ha ha may I, may I have a look at it?
Lynda (PS102) [2624] Mm, don't forget the [...] .

74 (Tape 002308)

Chris (PS05X) [2625] Looks super to me Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [2626] Well it probably rounded off to have a total VIF I mean, re-date the IFUT from there [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2627] Mm, mm, I think I'd better check it before we let it go on.
Lynda (PS102) [2628] Well I was just about to do that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2629] With, were you?
[2630] Great.
[2631] Tear that, thank you.
[2632] Do ... do, do you want to actually read through figures?
Lynda (PS102) [2633] If you like then, I mean I've done it.
Chris (PS05X) [2634] Right, let ... let, let me do the reading.
[2635] Three pieces, thirteen by sixteen fifty five by eight, eight, O, five at one five, nine, nine five point six two each.
[2636] Three pieces, thirteen by three eight, fifty by seven two fifty at thirty six four O, point two six each.
[2637] Three pieces, thirteen by five fifty by twelve fifty at seven hundred and fifty six ninety.
[2638] Three pieces, thirteen by two eight fifty, by two eight fifty, eight nine twenty three point O three.
[2639] Three pieces, thirteen by one O five by seven six O at ninety six, ninety one.
[2640] Two pieces, thirteen by two four O, by one O eight O, at two ninety nine, forty seven.
[2641] Three pieces, thirteen by nine hundred by eight nine hundred at eight seven nine three point two five.
[2642] Three pieces, thirteen by twelve hundred by eight seven fifty at eleven five twenty seven, fifty five.
[2643] Three pieces, thirteen by four thousand by seven two hundred at three one six one eight point four, four.
[2644] One piece thirteen by four five O by eleven sixty five, five seventy six poun ... dollars seventy.
[2645] Three pieces, thirteen by two ten by seven two sixty at one seven five O point seven nine.
[2646] [breath] Three pieces, eight by seventeen hundred by nine five, five O eleven four seven two point O two.
[2647] Six pieces, eight by one fifty by sixteen ten at one seventy two point seventy two.
[2648] Six pieces, eight by six twenty by six twenty, two seventy point nine two.
[2649] Three pieces, eight by eighteen hundred by nine three hundred at eleven eight hundred and twelve point ninety nine.
[2650] Six pieces, at sixty, six pieces, eight by one hundred by ten thirty at seventy two dollars and eight cents.
Lynda (PS102) [2651] This one.
Chris (PS05X) [2652] Thank you.
Lynda (PS102) [2653] Three pieces, eight by five hundred by nine O five O three eighty point three.
[2654] Three pieces, eight by one twenty by one three point zero at one hundred and ten pound ... dollars sixty.
[2655] Three pieces, fifteen by three fifty five zero by three fifty five zero by fourteen one three seven point five four.
[2656] One piece, twenty by five hundred by ninety six hundred at eight zero one two [...] Two pieces, [...] by one six four zero by one six four zero at eleven [...] point eight.
[2657] One piece, six point three five [...] ten point one, three three fifty, three five, five thousand by twelve hundred at six eight two point two three.
[2658] Six pieces at [...] by two thousand [...] sixty to six point two five by forty by twelve twenty at twenty nine point six three
Chris (PS05X) [2659] Good.
Lynda (PS102) [2660] items, I've got items two, four.
Chris (PS05X) [2661] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2662] Nine.
Chris (PS05X) [2663] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2664] Twelve.
Chris (PS05X) [2665] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2666] Fifteen.
Chris (PS05X) [2667] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2668] Nineteen and twenty.
Chris (PS05X) [2669] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2670] That's all, that I can see, [...] too pleased, but still.
Lynda (PS102) [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [2671] I think I shall if item one is, which is quite a biggie.

75 (Tape 002309)

Chris (PS05X) [2672] [laugh] Do you know I actually listened to some of this tape and I don't half sound different on the taped, the real me
Lynda (PS102) [2673] I sounds like the queen to me.
[2674] [laugh] . Which is ...
Chris (PS05X) [2675] I, yes I ... I thought I sounded much toffee-er than I feel I do.
Lynda (PS102) [2676] [laugh] You gonna let me have a go [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [2677] No, no.
Lynda (PS102) [2678] Erm, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2679] Right, in that case I'll do it, O K.

76 (Tape 002310)

Lynda (PS102) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2680] How odd that I should be nine cents adrift
Lynda (PS102) [2681] I know.
Chris (PS05X) [2682] in that.
Lynda (PS102) [2683] I know.
Chris (PS05X) [2684] That is really odd isn't it?
[2685] I agree.
Lynda (PS102) [2686] It's worse being nine thousand out [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2687] Oh absolutely, yes, yes, I been coun ... can you be nine cents out, I mean,tha ... tha ... there's nine of nothing there. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2688] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [2689] [...] so I think it's being a good idea to put the [...] don't you?
Chris (PS05X) [2690] And, and I suggest total eh C I F C two of above is a [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [2691] Well if I put it und ... at the end twenty five, four one end B item two four, you know, in other words [...] just there.
Chris (PS05X) [2692] Yes.
[2693] Fine.
[2694] I ... I suggest again you say, dollars, C I F C two [...]
Lynda (PS102) [2695] Total, ah, oh yes I will do.
[2696] Total of above.
Chris (PS05X) [2697] Total of the above yes, yes that's great.
Lynda (PS102) [2698] [...] twenty five items.
Chris (PS05X) [2699] Yes the twenty five items above, yes, good idea.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2700] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2701] where I mucked the whole thing up trying to get the [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2702] [laugh] And we thought that was a frightfully clever machine when it first arrived.
Lynda (PS102) [2703] Yeah.
[2704] Who's got a posh H reg B M W?
Chris (PS05X) [2705] Bill, next door, he's d ... company d ... boss of a plastics company.
[2706] Yes I agree.
[2707] He had a perfectly good Audi when he moved here last year, so why in the heck does he need a monster B M W like that then?
Lynda (PS102) [2708] [laugh] Simon actually counting up the cars next door, on the drive, getting [...] , by that [...] knowledge [...] wanted to keep it.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2709] And eh, Simon got all the mud all [...] and he said you know when I was young, we were ahead of the [...] , but now we're well behind [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2710] [laugh] It ... it's up to you son.
Lynda (PS102) [2711] It's because of it that we bought [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2712] Yeah.
[2713] Up to you sonny boy.
[2714] I know two or three lads of the next generation beyond us who are doing in their twenties rather better than their fathers [laugh] in their fifties.
Lynda (PS102) [2715] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2716] [...] it's where they put the energy don't they?
Chris (PS05X) [2717] Most of them in banking or accountancy.
[2718] The thing that [...] about Bill is, he does have an amazing amount of labour saving gear, like electric hedge shears trimmers, and erm
Lynda (PS102) [2719] Graham's got that.
Chris (PS05X) [2720] He ... he ... he's got erm a pump for the erm, hosepipe, so that when he hoses the front or the car he's really got a spurt, yes, yes, he actually put's the hose in one side and goes sh shoots it out again.
Lynda (PS102) [2721] [...] [...] long enough.
Chris (PS05X) [2722] Well if you're gonna get the bottom of the garden where you're downhill it's not too bad but when you're coming up here and doing as he was watering the new grass on the front he ... he I mean yes he is below it it's the bottom of your storage tank in c ... in the attic which counts.
Lynda (PS102) [2723] Doesn't your outside tap come off of me?
[2724] Cos I'm [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2725] Yes, oh, you may be right there Lynda you may be right.
Lynda (PS102) [2726] I thought [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2727] Now we don't have huge, we ... we.. we've turned down our thing so that we don't get the kitchen sink, which is also off the mains, brrrr splattering everywhere, so that could explain why mine isn't as good as it could be, yes you're right [...] .
Lynda (PS102) [2728] [...] actually quite strong, and I use the hose to rinse, I hose my car on Monday.
Chris (PS05X) [2729] Yes yes .
[2730] I ...
Lynda (PS102) [2731] [...] I've never done that before and I got drowned.
Chris (PS05X) [2732] I assume you're right Lynda, but quite frankly I don't know.
Lynda (PS102) [2733] I think Graham's got a lot, things like that, we've got electric hedge trimmer, those electric erm chainsaw and rotavator
Chris (PS05X) [2734] Mhm.
Lynda (PS102) [2735] and all things like that for the garden, we've got a lot of, I think the only thing that we really [...] is a crunch-you-upper
Chris (PS05X) [2736] Oh really.
Lynda (PS102) [2737] whatever they're called.
Chris (PS05X) [2738] Yes, yes, treader.
Lynda (PS102) [2739] I think he would actually [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2740] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2741] Did you come to any conclusion, you looked at the Which Board on that didn't you?
Lynda (PS102) [2742] Yeah, I came to the conclusion I couldn't afford any of it.
Chris (PS05X) [2743] Ah, I thought perhaps you, you anticipated a husband without an arm or something.
Lynda (PS102) [2744] No that [...] consideration, I think, you know if he didn't kill himself with a chainsaw he'd probably be alright with the [laugh] shredder.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2745] I really thought we was going to end with erm, [...] , cos he was [...] sitting right at the top branch, you know sawing merrily through [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2746] [sigh] With, with an electric, mains electric.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2747] Oh my god.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2748] Ooh.
Lynda (PS102) [2749] And we've got a circuit breaker [...] touch and go.
Chris (PS05X) [2750] Yes, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2751] Thank god he's got a circuit breaker.
Lynda (PS102) [2752] And I quite expected to erm, to one of the branches to bend, quite a height.
Chris (PS05X) [2753] Mm.
Lynda (PS102) [2754] And the chainsaw's very heavy.
Chris (PS05X) [2755] Yes.

77 (Tape 002311)

Chris (PS05X) [2756] The number of bulldog clips on that order tray seems to [...] Lynda, are they breeding?
Lynda (PS102) [2757] [laugh] well [...] .
[2758] Who am I to say.
Chris (PS05X) [2759] Do you think we can ... can , yes do you think we can [...] not get any more orders this month?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2760] Right.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2761] They said they're going to take ten days to make up their mind Lynda so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
Lynda (PS102) [2762] [...] I think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2763] No, I can, I can just about bear the [...] in June not a ...

78 (Tape 002312)

Chris (PS05X) [2764] Right.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2765] Yes please.
[2766] Super.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2767] I didn't even write that one in the enquiry book, I'll do it now, now the values come down a bit. [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [2768] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [2769] Gosh, twelve orders are made out of it.
[2770] Can't recall when we last had as many as that.
Lynda (PS102) [2771] No.
[2772] Even [...] . [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2773] [laugh] Well we'll except a ...
Lynda (PS102) [2774] Where's he going wrong?
[2775] I thought I was superstition and not writing in the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2776] Yes, yes I think you could be well be right there Lynda.
[2777] You think it's superstition do you?
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2778] Yes.
Lynda (PS102) [laugh] [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2779] Yes I'm sorry to have ...
Lynda (PS102) [2780] Not wishing to waste the ink. [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [2781] We're, we're six thousand seven hundred pounds short of last year's total.
Lynda (PS102) [2782] Six thousand, that's one [...] .
[2783] Now, do what do we consider [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [2784] Yes, I ... I want you to add another five percent.
Lynda (PS102) [2785] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [2786] [laugh] Well the average is nudging fifty thousand a month Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [2787] [...] .
[2788] All we got to do is keep it up, till the contact in [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Lynda (PS102) [...]

79 (Tape 002313)

Chris (PS05X) [2789] Strewth I'm hungry.
Lynda (PS102) [2790] [...] chips [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2791] Of course, yes, he's not even, perhaps he'll bring the other pocket full of petit fours.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2792] [laugh] yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2793] Do they have a prize for every customer do you think one way or a
Lynda (PS102) [2794] I'm [...] .
[2795] Are you implying [...] gardener.
Chris (PS05X) [2796] [laugh] Never occurred to me that he was anything but Lynda.
[2797] I'm thinking of the other poor chaps who might not feel that they're getting cut glass decanters.
Lynda (PS102) [2798] [...] .
[2799] Thank [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2800] Ah, this is daft, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [2801] Big mistake to have a private [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2802] Amazing.

80 (Tape 002314)

Chris (PS05X) [2803] They used Marsting that's quite [...] yes, yes.
Lynda (PS102) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2804] [...] tell me, didn't even ask me why I wanted to know. [noseblow]
Lynda (PS102) [2805] Looking at this [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2806] Very wise of him, you taking the dog?
Norrine (PS101) [2807] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [2808] Right, I'll come with you if I may.
Norrine (PS101) [2809] Oh great.
[2810] Erm going [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2811] Yes I had a feeling you might have done, we j ... we probably sent it and [...] bamboozle him.
Norrine (PS101) [2812] Yes.
[2813] We, that, which by the way is laboratory [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2814] Ah.
Norrine (PS101) [2815] But it, I think it's [...] just about it.
[2816] I think it [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2817] Really, yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2818] Ha, ha, ha.
Norrine (PS101) [2819] But eh, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2820] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2821] Anyhow I see what Richard comes up with, but I, I think it might be worth saying what about the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2822] Yes, I think that's fair enough, let's get on with it and clear into out of the system anyway shall we?
Norrine (PS101) [2823] Got a bubble in it.
Chris (PS05X) [2824] Yes it has, it has ... Right well I hope you have a pleasant weekend.
Norrine (PS101) [2825] You do too.
Chris (PS05X) [2826] Yeah, we don't have any huge, oh of course I'm croqueting aren't I?
[2827] Croquet, croquet.

81 (Tape 002315)

Norrine (PS101) [2828] Are you ready Chris?
Chris (PS05X) [2829] Any second now.
[2830] Leave it all till Monday Lynda, it's been a long hard week.

82 (Tape 002316)

Norrine (PS101) [2831] Why is that?
Tony (PS106) [2832] [...] Yes, yes, are we?
[2833] Are we going to [...] right.
Norrine (PS101) [2834] O K, yes, we'll do that.
Chris (PS05X) [2835] Mrs er ...
Norrine (PS101) [2836] Bye bye Lynda.
Lynda (PS102) [2837] Bye.
Norrine (PS101) [2838] Long way to walk today.
Tony (PS106) [2839] [...] saying she's spoke to you about some development plan or something I ... she said shall I bring it round to you, I said no I'll ask [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2840] Yeah, quite right, eh Dillis has let planning permission [...] .
Tony (PS106) [2841] I know she has and er ...
Chris (PS05X) [2842] And she's a re-applied.
Tony (PS106) [2843] Yeah.
[2844] Is that all it's about?
Chris (PS05X) [2845] That's all it's about, a far as I'm concerned can sort out the problem.
Tony (PS106) [2846] [laugh] but er
Chris (PS05X) [2847] Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Tony (PS106) [2848] Something about some development plan, then she says, ah, she didn't like how the houses were laid out because one was behind the other, but I saw the plan last time and, and, and it didn't look quite bad.
Norrine (PS101) [2849] Seems alright, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [2850] It ... it ... it's a problem isn't it?
Tony (PS106) [2851] Oh yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [2852] Yes, come on Emma.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2853] In the car here dear.
[2854] Yes come on.
[2855] Good dog, in you go, right, thanks Tony bye. [car starting]
Norrine (PS101) [2856] Tony's amazing [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2857] Yes, yes, it's sort of, all a bit naked isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [2858] You have to clear up behind the tree bit.
[2859] I don't think I'd like the idea [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2860] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2861] I don't want to argue with [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2862] Well as I stop by for training, look for something along our side if we choose is there?
Norrine (PS101) [2863] Well there is really, [...] not [...] and then we [...] the unfriendly.
Chris (PS05X) [2864] Yeah, right, O K.
Norrine (PS101) [2865] I'd like to get, the reason I wanted to come here and go in my car
Chris (PS05X) [2866] Oh, sorry.
Norrine (PS101) [2867] It's alright, we'll go in your car.
Chris (PS05X) [2868] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2869] was because I want to go via Mottingham before I go to [...] and buy a small plant.
Chris (PS05X) [2870] Ah, erm.
Norrine (PS101) [2871] And I saw them, well I think they're alright, I've got to look at them more closely, well I'd like to a, yes we are going darling, you're very excited.
[2872] There Emma.
Chris (PS05X) [2873] Don't know who that lady, [...] looking lady who waved at me is?
Norrine (PS101) [2874] Have you seen Betty around lately?
Chris (PS05X) [2875] Betty ?
Norrine (PS101) [2876] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [2877] No I haven't in the last couple of days, she was around [...]
Norrine (PS101) [2878] What, only in the last couple of days?
Chris (PS05X) [2879] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2880] That's nothing.
Chris (PS05X) [2881] Er we're going to [...] Mottingham's centre aren't we?
[2882] Gardening centre.
Norrine (PS101) [2883] No, it's not a gardening centre, it's a shop [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2884] Oh whereabouts?
Norrine (PS101) [2885] In the shopping parade, I'll show you where it is.
Chris (PS05X) [2886] Oh I see, right oh.
[2887] Yes
Norrine (PS101) [2888] They have place that Rosemary mentioned, it's only opened on Saturdays.
Chris (PS05X) [2889] Yes.

83 (Tape 002317)

Norrine (PS101) [2890] But erm, Liz is getting hassle from her insurance company about her claim on her new door.
Chris (PS05X) [2891] Oh yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2892] No what happened?
Chris (PS05X) [2893] No I don't remember your telling me.
Norrine (PS101) [2894] When Suzannah went down there, [...] from last, she was strap strapping Layla into the back seat
Chris (PS05X) [2895] Mhm.
Norrine (PS101) [2896] for Liz, while Liz went into the house to get something, and someone came down Hurst Road, misjudged it, and scrapped the car door, bashed Lizzie's side and scraped along side of her car, as she drove past [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2897] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2898] And it meant a respray on her car and a new door for Lizzie's car, sit down.
Chris (PS05X) [2899] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [2900] And Jim said she was going far too fast, took up all three car lengths, parked cars to stop.
Chris (PS05X) [2901] Phew.
Norrine (PS101) [2902] And, and obviously she was going to [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2903] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2904] And [...] happened, opened the door any wider, cos she was still strapping the child in.
[2905] Of which she had been doing as Liz left the car.
Chris (PS05X) [2906] Yes.
[2907] Was Suzannah hurt?
Norrine (PS101) [2908] No, she wasn't, only the car door.
Chris (PS05X) [2909] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2910] But now Lizzie's insurance company have said they'll do what they can for her, but as she had opened the door into the oncoming traffic, probably was her fault.
Chris (PS05X) [2911] And this took place in Hurst Road?
[2912] I mean ...
Norrine (PS101) [2913] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [2914] tha ... that's a bit of a nonsense to my mind.
Norrine (PS101) [2915] Well exactly, I mean there's double parking in a single line and the lady [...] weary.
Chris (PS05X) [2916] You can't move at more than about fifteen miles an hour maximum down Hurst Road anyway can you?
Norrine (PS101) [2917] [...] Anyway, Liz is a bit annoyed because she doesn't want to lose her no claims bonus.
Chris (PS05X) [2918] Absolutely.
[2919] Absolutely right, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2920] And I feel in a way slightly responsible that it was Suzannah.
Chris (PS05X) [2921] Well I don't suppose Suzannah was doing anything she shouldn't have been.
Norrine (PS101) [2922] No she wasn't, but even so, you know, I said that to Liz, Liz said oh it's not, it's nothing to do with your responsibility.
[2923] E ... even so she has to pay the first something or other you, as one does in a claim
Chris (PS05X) [2924] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2925] towards the new door.
Chris (PS05X) [2926] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2927] She said I've paid that, that's not a hassle or, anyway she's paid it, she's said that's not a hassle, but er, I thought well maybe I [...] some money, I don't know, what do you normally pay on these things, twenty five, twenty six?
Chris (PS05X) [2928] Oh its variable.
Norrine (PS101) [2929] But it does, so, she said she hasn't got an up to date highway code knows anything about it about taking repair in narrow street [...] .
[2930] Well I found a couple of possible useful quotes of the highway code.
Chris (PS05X) [2931] Mm.
[2932] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [2933] I, I'm going to [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [2934] [...] if you like.
Norrine (PS101) [2935] Well she, I gave her the ... the clause number thing.
Chris (PS05X) [2936] Right ...
Norrine (PS101) [2937] [...] should be fighting for her on this not giving way [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2938] Well I mean, who's her broker?
Norrine (PS101) [2939] She doesn't have one you see.
Chris (PS05X) [2940] Oh, she should use Jeffrey hasn't she?
Norrine (PS101) [2941] No, she didn't say.
[2942] She feels that they're not really interested as long as, you know
Chris (PS05X) [2943] Well I wouldn't, I, I would recommend that you tell her to contact Jeffrey, say will you take this on for me please, and ca ... carry my car insurance for me in future.

84 (Tape 002318)

Norrine (PS101) [2944] [...] by prescription [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2945] For anything?
Norrine (PS101) [2946] Well for all the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2947] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2948] Geraniums for one forty five each there, dear.
Chris (PS05X) [2949] Incredibly expensive, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [2950] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2951] These aren't [...]

85 (Tape 002319)

Chris (PS05X) [2952] Right, do you want to go to the garden centre at Mottingham?
Norrine (PS101) [2953] Where's the garden centre?
Chris (PS05X) [2954] Other end of Mottingham Lane.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2955] Oh thank you, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2956] Oh hang on a minute [...] my wallet.
Norrine (PS101) [2957] I've got some money.
Chris (PS05X) [2958] I've only got three [...] thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2959] Yeah, thanks.

86 (Tape 002320)

Chris (PS05X) [2960] Thank you guv, care to pay for it?
Norrine (PS101) [2961] Yes I've paid for it [...] .
[2962] Have to have [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2963] I didn't get anything.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2964] No.
[2965] They ... they've got a free nylon bag in, in those where they [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [2966] Right, shall we get in the car then?

87 (Tape 002321)

Norrine (PS101) [2967] I don't think they make they make those [...] any more, nobody seemed to have one yesterday
Chris (PS05X) [2968] Really?
[2969] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [2970] In Bromley, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2971] Alright now.
Norrine (PS101) [2972] Alright [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2973] Thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [2974] Are you good dog [...] , are you good dog?
[2975] She is [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2976] We want to go back up again don't we?
Norrine (PS101) [2977] We can go down to that one, oh no we don't, no you're right, we want to go back up again [...] .
[2978] Unless we go from this end, yes you can go.
Chris (PS05X) [2979] It doesn't really go through, does it?
Norrine (PS101) [2980] Oh [...] , I don't mean that road, no.
Chris (PS05X) [2981] There it is the end look.
Norrine (PS101) [2982] Found it, yes that's right.
[2983] You got to go [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [2984] Aha.
Norrine (PS101) [2985] We have to then drive round again to get home.
[2986] You can get into Mottingham when [...] there.
Chris (PS05X) [...] [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [2987] Or you can go in there.
Chris (PS05X) [2988] We do that well.

88 (Tape 002322)

Norrine (PS101) [2989] Oh, you had a good day today?
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [2990] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [2991] [...] bring a, I knew there was something else I had to bring fabric [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [2992] Did you get the library books back?
Chris (PS05X) [2993] Not really warm is it?
Norrine (PS101) [2994] It isn't warm at all.

89 (Tape 002323)

Norrine (PS101) [2995] Suzannah said that she might be going up tomorrow evening.
Chris (PS05X) [2996] Aha.
Norrine (PS101) [2997] Not definitely.
Chris (PS05X) [2998] Right.

90 (Tape 002324)

Norrine (PS101) [2999] There's [...] fallen tree in the park.
Chris (PS05X) [3000] [...] .
[3001] Relatively recently.
Norrine (PS101) [3002] [...] .
[3003] They seemed to keep [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3004] Yeah ... yeah it's fascinating to think why that particular tree actually keeled over, and all the others around, it's no bigger than the others is it?
Norrine (PS101) [3005] [...] don't know [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3006] Well look at the size of it's trunk.
Norrine (PS101) [3007] It might have been [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3008] It might have been, yeah, just a [...] one.

91 (Tape 002325)

Norrine (PS101) [3009] She waits all day for this, it's the best bit, this and supper.
Chris (PS05X) [3010] [laugh] .
[3011] It's not supper time yet Digger.
Norrine (PS101) [3012] Yeah [...] .
[3013] Use up all in the fridge
Chris (PS05X) [3014] Has you got lots of bits left over?
Norrine (PS101) [3015] before I go shopping .
[3016] Well I got some [...] .
[3017] Things [...] never come and they have [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3018] Aha.
Norrine (PS101) [3019] [...] fridge require ... [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3020] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3021] Yes, she's very disheartening the way she picks at it I should think.
[3022] Very disagreeable that's for sure.
Norrine (PS101) [3023] Besides [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3024] Yes I like it, fish pie or something.

92 (Tape 002326)

Norrine (PS101) [3025] Quite incredible.
Chris (PS05X) [3026] Cos of me.
Norrine (PS101) [3027] It's not [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3028] No we're not in the woods proper here.
[3029] This is [...] woods.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

93 (Tape 002327)

Chris (PS05X) [3030] Must investigate this Mottingham garden club.
Norrine (PS101) [3031] I think it [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3032] Well fifty pence a year, I think I might even be able to afford to belong to it.

94 (Tape 002328)

Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3033] Sorry.
Norrine (PS101) [3034] What river would that be?
Chris (PS05X) [3035] Would be Kidbrook I suppose would it?
Norrine (PS101) [3036] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3037] Oh yes, yes.
[3038] Fine looking bird, is that a female?
Norrine (PS101) [3039] A female usually very [...] , but, I don't know, it looks a young bird to me.
Chris (PS05X) [3040] Good colouring anyway.
Norrine (PS101) [3041] You [...] [yawn] excuse me looking old fashion [...] , it's not like black bird or [...] .

95 (Tape 002329)

Norrine (PS101) [3042] I need something for that other tub now, I'm thinking of lobelia around the edge.
[3043] I need something.
[3044] Depends where we're going to put it.
[3045] If we're going to keep it there on the patio, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3046] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3047] Like the other one, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3048] Such a naked [...] isn't it?
[3049] It could do with an awful lot more trees all over it.
Norrine (PS101) [3050] [...] in the last fortnight.
Chris (PS05X) [3051] Yes.
[3052] [...] brought dog along here.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3053] That Saturday I said I was going to collect John's suitcase from Susan.
Norrine (PS101) [3054] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [3055] Erm.
Norrine (PS101) [3056] Came this way?
Chris (PS05X) [3057] I, I came this way and called on Susan, she wasn't in, I ran the dog round here and er called on Susan again and she still wasn't in, so that was that ...
Norrine (PS101) [3058] What a good dog.
Chris (PS05X) [3059] They're really going to town on these pavements aren't they?
[3060] Amazing.
Norrine (PS101) [3061] I suppose they thought they're pretty bad.
Chris (PS05X) [3062] Mm.
[3063] Apparently state of pavements is the thing that people complain about most to local councils.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3064] Pretty scruffy yard isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [3065] [...] scruffy.
Chris (PS05X) [3066] Why have you heard me say it before today ... Seems strange that they need to throw out those old curb stones, you'd of imagined they could of used them again, wouldn't you?
Norrine (PS101) [3067] They use the [...] .

96 (Tape 002330)

Norrine (PS101) [3068] I'm gonna ask Suzanna how Sarah's getting on tonight [...] . [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3069] [...] the same time.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3070] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3071] Not [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3072] Whoops [...] .

97 (Tape 002331)

Chris (PS05X) [3073] Thank you, now er.
Norrine (PS101) [3074] You're a [...] girl aren't you, [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3075] No I've got nothing else to be doing at this moment.
Norrine (PS101) [3076] Been up the library.
Chris (PS05X) [3077] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [3078] More books for the half term.
Chris (PS05X) [3079] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [3080] Just six weeks till the end of term because I've got my books for six weeks and they've used, date stamped in them is the last day of term can't be bad can it?
Chris (PS05X) [3081] No it can't, it'll be nice to see the back of them, [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3082] I think of the vast amount of work I've got planned for six weeks, makes me wish it was about ten.
Chris (PS05X) [3083] I'm glad it's not.
Norrine (PS101) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [3084] You'll be working twenty four hours a day for those six weeks as it is.
Norrine (PS101) [3085] [...] .
[3086] Have a lavish party [...] instead of a ...
Chris (PS05X) [3087] July twenty seventh.
Norrine (PS101) [3088] June.
Chris (PS05X) [3089] What are you going to celebrate then?
Norrine (PS101) [3090] That all my reports will be done.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [3091] Then that's all I've got to do is my records then.
Chris (PS05X) [3092] Who you going to invite to the lunch party?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3093] Anybody else completed their reports?
Norrine (PS101) [3094] What on all the staff you mean?
Chris (PS05X) [3095] Did I tell you, I mentioned to er Ray about Phil and he remembered him.
Norrine (PS101) [3096] Yes I think you did.
Chris (PS05X) [3097] Some conference in Eastbourne, or whatever.
Norrine (PS101) [3098] You ought to remember him from Becksley, surely [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3099] Well they didn't teach in the same place, so why should they?
Norrine (PS101) [3100] True.
Chris (PS05X) [3101] Erm, I mean, they, they met occasionally, but er, no particular reason to remember.
[3102] I had quite a good chat with Ray the other day, yes, eh.
Norrine (PS101) [3103] Paul looks better, I seen him rushing down the road at great speed to catch the train, not looking as white as he was a few months ago.
Chris (PS05X) [3104] Really?
Norrine (PS101) [3105] In fact he's getting over his illness. [clock ticking]
Chris (PS05X) [3106] Do you think it was genuine?
Norrine (PS101) [3107] What do you mean by that?
[3108] Did I, do I think [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3109] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3110] Oh why should he do that?
Chris (PS05X) [3111] Well, [...] .
[3112] I mean it's one of those things, that eh
Norrine (PS101) [3113] Why on earth should he want to [...] , they're only going to sell for his own work if he doesn't.
Chris (PS05X) [3114] Yes.
[3115] It really is a bit odd the way those two bits of the wood do not connect.
Norrine (PS101) [3116] Do, have you [...] somewhere.
Chris (PS05X) [3117] Well, the green chain walk went up in through, into the houses.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3118] So eh, I doubt that it does.
Norrine (PS101) [3119] [...] .
[3120] Have to look on a map.
[3121] Thick dog you are Digger.

98 (Tape 002332)

Norrine (PS101) [3122] Busy road to live on this isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [3123] Yes it is actually.
[3124] Too fast.
Norrine (PS101) [3125] Does she find it busy?
Chris (PS05X) [3126] Perhaps she can sell them a few sleeping policeman, I can't remember her saying so as such.
[3127] I spoke to Tony today.
Norrine (PS101) [3128] Oh yeah, on what?
Chris (PS05X) [3129] Oh, scientific instrumentation.
[3130] Got a chap in Japan who wants some.
[3131] He's a bit woolly about what he wants.
[3132] Tony gave him the name of his, pal of his, who is professor of biochemical engineering as in University College, London.

99 (Tape 002333)

Chris (PS05X) [3133] You're panting Digger, do you fancy a gin? eh?
Norrine (PS101) [3134] Just a drop of water.
Chris (PS05X) [3135] Dog, dog size gin.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3136] A very mean one.
Norrine (PS101) [3137] She's alright today she's had a bone, haven't you?
[3138] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [3139] Did she bury the Bonio yesterday or she actually end up crunching it?
Norrine (PS101) [3140] I bet she ate it, she's not as daft as she looks.
Chris (PS05X) [3141] Oh, aren't you really Digger, I always thought you were pretty daft.
Norrine (PS101) [3142] She looks pretty.
[3143] [...] pretty.
[3144] [clock ticking] Interesting that Bill's going to go to the trouble of taking out [...] windows putting in ...
Chris (PS05X) [3145] Well John was saying to me, that eh, Bill is such a perfectionist that although he's done good works already, he will ensure that every single corner of that house will be immaculate and exactly the way he wants it, but it'll take him three or four years to do it.
Norrine (PS101) [3146] Oh, I think it took us about seven years to get every room in our house [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3147] Well, that, that was just to take down one reel of wall paper on.
Norrine (PS101) [3148] [laugh] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3149] I hate decorating.
Norrine (PS101) [3150] Do you?
Chris (PS05X) [3151] Yes, it's dreary.
Norrine (PS101) [3152] It's so nice [...] .
[3153] When I'm old and retired, I still got [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3154] You'll take up decorating will you?
Norrine (PS101) [3155] No I shall not take up decorating.
[3156] Shall take up gardening.
Chris (PS05X) [3157] Oh will you, oh.
Norrine (PS101) [3158] People like gardening [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3159] You mean your parents' house?
Norrine (PS101) [3160] No I mean when [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3161] Oh right, yes.
[3162] Sorry we didn't get any plants.
Norrine (PS101) [3163] Well there's no point, I, I had to stand there choosing in all that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3164] They didn't look very spectacular, I didn't know what the price was, but they certainly didn't look all that special.
Norrine (PS101) [3165] No the ones down the corner looked better at [...] , but I just didn't feel like standing there in the cold.
Chris (PS05X) [3166] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3167] [clock ticking] There's another place that's selling quite good looking plants and that's [...] White Horse Hill, erm, on the opposite side from the pub a bit further on towards [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3168] Really?
Norrine (PS101) [3169] Yes, it's, it's a sort of newsagents come [...] , a few little shops in the parade
Chris (PS05X) [3170] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3171] on the right there, and they have a great rack full of plants standing there.
Chris (PS05X) [3172] There used to be a place who, place opposite on the same side as the ... the White Horse that eh, was selling plants, but [...] don't like that naked fence at all.
Norrine (PS101) [3173] Oh I don't mind it, if it's going to be eh ...
Chris (PS05X) [3174] Bring back the ivy I say.
Norrine (PS101) [3175] No, no, look I must ring [...] here, we have a bit on to that behind the tree, you can let that happen [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3176] Yes, yes, that, that will be if it's still there.
Norrine (PS101) [3177] Yes, but I don't think we should try and make this happen.
Chris (PS05X) [3178] No, O K that, that ought to be pinned down [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3179] Ought to have a crack at that some time.
Norrine (PS101) [3180] You shouldn't do it at [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3181] Oh no, I'm sure.
Norrine (PS101) [3182] Do it after.

100 (Tape 002334)

Norrine (PS101) [3183] Is there anything in the boot?
[3184] Yes, fine.
Chris (PS05X) [3185] Oh and your handbag.
Norrine (PS101) [3186] I [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3187] These days they tend to think that [...] , something you should save, and not waste in the garden.
Norrine (PS101) [3188] Yes, but on the other hand [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [3189] Yes, yes, he is Katie, thanks [...] .
[3190] Oh do you want this in your thing for, oh no it's not for school is it, no, no, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3191] Oh yes, right.
Norrine (PS101) [3192] I thought it [...] , these look pretty.
Chris (PS05X) [3193] They are pretty aren't they?
[3194] They are original geraniums
Norrine (PS101) [3195] They're lovely.
Chris (PS05X) [3196] I think.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3197] Yes, the, the delphiniums don't produce much of a bloom.
Norrine (PS101) [3198] Oh they, they [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3199] Do they?
Norrine (PS101) [3200] Like [...] they have to take time to establish.
Chris (PS05X) [3201] Well that one over there is the established one.
Norrine (PS101) [3202] Well that's alright.
Chris (PS05X) [3203] Yes, yes.
[3204] I always think of delphiniums as having blooms right the way up the stalk.
Norrine (PS101) [3205] You may be wrong.
Chris (PS05X) [3206] Ah never dear, me be wrong.
Norrine (PS101) [3207] [...] smothering the rose.
Chris (PS05X) [3208] [bird singing] .
[3209] Well, well it's, it's driving into the rose, here which is not very clever.
Norrine (PS101) [3210] Yes, you see it, [...] into the rose.
Chris (PS05X) [3211] I've never seen it so flourishing.
Norrine (PS101) [3212] No because, William never had, never cut it back.
Chris (PS05X) [3213] Oh really, really, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3214] Whenever I planted it, I used to cut it right down.
Chris (PS05X) [3215] Well I must say I much prefer it like that cos it covers up the ugly fence.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3216] Well it's not beautiful is it?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3217] Oh really, what's that another fuchsia isn't it, erm
Norrine (PS101) [3218] [...] fuchsia, there were
Chris (PS05X) [3219] Has it been watered today?
Norrine (PS101) [3220] Yes, [...] there were two plants [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3221] Perhaps that needs a stalk in the middle.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3222] Murray overseas, can't quote today, first thing Monday.
[3223] Thanks Debbie I've got the message.

101 (Tape 002401)

Chris (PS05X) [3224] There
Susan (PS103) [3225] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [3226] Why not? [...] want any due?
Susan (PS103) [3227] No.
Chris (PS05X) [3228] Oh.
[3229] How many have you got next week?
Susan (PS103) [3230] About twelve.
Chris (PS05X) [3231] Ha ha.
[3232] I shall leave you to it.
Susan (PS103) [3233] How many have you got [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3234] All [...] and they'zre tomorrow.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3235] I'm sorry I've missed that.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3236] Well, that doesn't matter, it's me it's recording and whoever I talk to.
Susan (PS103) [3237] Why are you recording you though?
Chris (PS05X) [3238] Aha ha.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3239] Cos I'm really rather super that's why.
[3240] Gosh mum leaves this lying around doesn't she?
Susan (PS103) [3241] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [3242] Wonderful for stubbing toes on.

102 (Tape 002402)

Chris (PS05X) [3243] Madame, may I ... pour you, have the pleasure of pouring you
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3244] hot [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3245] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3246] Right, by all means.
[3247] Dry or middling?
Norrine (PS101) [3248] I'm middling.
Chris (PS05X) [3249] Middling, I hope I've got some middling, I'll go and have a look.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3250] Right, I see what's what.

103 (Tape 002403)

Norrine (PS101) [3251] I might buy another pair tomorrow.
Chris (PS05X) [3252] Right, were you going to sit [...] now?
Norrine (PS101) [3253] I'm going up to.
Chris (PS05X) [3254] Right well.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3255] Taking Ceila with you or what?
Norrine (PS101) [3256] No.
Chris (PS05X) [3257] Alright

104 (Tape 002404)

Chris (PS05X) [3258] Your party fruit sherry my dear, I er
Norrine (PS101) [3259] Sherry's a food, I'm not coming this month.
[3260] I'm just doing the dogs though.
Chris (PS05X) [3261] I just had a chat with Christine.
Norrine (PS101) [3262] [...] fitted in?
Chris (PS05X) [3263] Just fine.
Norrine (PS101) [3264] Colin?
Chris (PS05X) [3265] Fine, yes, yes, yes [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3266] Oh Shep , mate, what you treading on me again.
Chris (PS05X) [3267] Christine says her blood pressure is O K, all's well then.
Norrine (PS101) [3268] Been that [...] has she?
Chris (PS05X) [3269] I think she's been back to her G P.
[3270] Do you want anything?
Norrine (PS101) [3271] No [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3272] Well we're having prawns and something are we?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3273] I'll get the nibbles.
[3274] [music] . Oh hello pussy cat, you look cosy.
[3275] Oh you've got another pineapple, well done.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3276] Great.
Norrine (PS101) [3277] [...] next week.
[3278] Here we are look.
Chris (PS05X) [3279] Do we have some serviettes?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3280] What'll we want, fish knives?
Norrine (PS101) [3281] I don't mind. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3282] [...] is it fish pie or what?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3283] Well you don't like the fish pie.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

105 (Tape 002405)

Chris (PS05X) [3284] D'you think you could get some non brand cereals tomorrow?
[3285] Please.
Norrine (PS101) [3286] I bought one today.
Chris (PS05X) [3287] Did you, thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3288] I don't know, I haven't looked, let's see.
Norrine (PS101) [3289] [...] they're all quite [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3290] Oh love, oh super, oh [laugh] .
Norrine (PS101) [3291] [...] with me.
Chris (PS05X) [3292] It depends on the [...] . [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3293] [...] in there.
Chris (PS05X) [3294] Oh good.
[3295] [...] , can't imagine anything looking nicer than [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3296] Shall I open a bottle?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3297] Fish wine?

106 (Tape 002406)

Chris (PS05X) [3298] Yes Christine was happy enough.
[3299] All is well down in Devon.
[3300] Steven and his numerous family are still on the canal's somewhere having a hol .
[3301] Did you enjoy that little nonsense.
[3302] Do they go too, Snoopy, or not?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3303] Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3304] [...] darling.
Chris (PS05X) [3305] Too good.

107 (Tape 002407)

Chris (PS05X) [3306] Smells delicious, have some more wine, sherry?
Norrine (PS101) [3307] Erm, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3308] Good.
[3309] I think smoked haddock has a really good flavour, aroma, aroma, as well as flavour.
Norrine (PS101) [3310] Thank you.
Chris (PS05X) [3311] You're welcome.

108 (Tape 002408)

Chris (PS05X) [3312] Please don't burn the paintwork.
Susan (PS103) [3313] I won't.
Chris (PS05X) [3314] Incidently
Susan (PS103) [3315] Sorry.
Chris (PS05X) [3316] incidently it's not a good idea to leave the double glazing bit swinging, erm, or, or the other one.
[3317] The other one come ... come ... come crashing through the double glazing.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3318] Yes, exactly.

109 (Tape 002409)

Chris (PS05X) [3319] Oh your orange bit's looking very good isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [3320] Best [...] .
[3321] I think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3322] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3323] Can you shut the door [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3324] Hardly when we [...] steamed up like this.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

110 (Tape 002410)

Norrine (PS101) [3325] That's Edward Fox on the radio.
Chris (PS05X) [3326] Aaargh.
[3327] Brushing past the plant and it fell over, that's all.
Susan (PS103) [3328] This place is turning into a jungle.
Chris (PS05X) [3329] It is, it is a jungle already.
Susan (PS103) [3330] It's lovely isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [3331] [...] smell.
Chris (PS05X) [3332] Would [...] the last of the [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3333] Would [...] the last of the [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]

111 (Tape 002411)

Chris (PS05X) [3334] Lovely greenery dear.
Susan (PS103) [3335] Oh are we [...] everything we do?
Chris (PS05X) [3336] Why, why does it worry you?
Susan (PS103) [3337] It doesn't worry me, it's just a bit silly walking about with a voice [...] you.
Norrine (PS101) [3338] Here we are. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3339] Thank you dear.
Susan (PS103) [3340] Mum, did you make my sandwiches today?
Norrine (PS101) [3341] No.
Susan (PS103) [3342] Didn't think so.
Norrine (PS101) [3343] Should've made them [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3344] They were nice.
Chris (PS05X) [3345] Were they nicer than usual?
Susan (PS103) [3346] No, different.
Chris (PS05X) [3347] Different.
[3348] What was the difference?
Susan (PS103) [3349] Got prawns and garlic.
Chris (PS05X) [3350] What the flavour in the prawns you mean?
Susan (PS103) [3351] No, garlic.
Norrine (PS101) [3352] [...] considering I [...] with it.
[3353] There was prawns with garlic mayonnaise.
Chris (PS05X) [3354] Mm.
[3355] Looks very green dear.
Susan (PS103) [3356] It's lovely.
Chris (PS05X) [3357] Do you think I'm environmental?
Susan (PS103) [3358] Why did they choose you to tape?
Chris (PS05X) [3359] Ha, there was a knock at the door.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3360] Nah
Norrine (PS101) [3361] Nah or no?
Chris (PS05X) [3362] I'm to explain roughly what they're up to, so I invited them in, they then explained exactly what they were up to , [...] fine I'll do it.
Susan (PS103) [3363] I'll be pleased.
Norrine (PS101) [3364] You can turn the radio off darling, we're not listening to it.
Susan (PS103) [3365] They say you could borrow the Walkman?
Chris (PS05X) [3366] They gave me, the equipment, and the tapes and the batteries and eh, the recorded paper and all the rest of it, cos that's part, essential part of the whole thing.
Norrine (PS101) [3367] You hang, handed back didn't you?
Chris (PS05X) [3368] Oh yes, yes.
Susan (PS103) [3369] How many people are they taking then?
Chris (PS05X) [3370] I've no idea, I didn't ask.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3371] [...] what work they use, in general conversation these days.
Chris (PS05X) [3372] Oh, accents, things like that.
[3373] Spoken, spoken English as opposed to record of written English, that's the essence of it.
Susan (PS103) [3374] If I'd taken it, the language [...] would be different.
Norrine (PS101) [3375] Of course, but I think they'll have a wide
Chris (PS05X) [3376] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3377] variety of people, otherwise their research isn't valid, is it?
Chris (PS05X) [3378] Yes, the, the lady in question was saying what, she had to have, I think, I think what she was saying was, that for every person over forty five she had to have somebody under forty five.
Norrine (PS101) [3379] Presumably the same number of men as women and
Chris (PS05X) [3380] Yeah, probably.
Susan (PS103) [3381] What, do you have to stand there when you walk down the street, and when you go to [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3382] Only when you're having a conversation.
Chris (PS05X) [3383] When I answer the telephone, I switch it off.
[3384] I done that numerous times today ... but I'm trying to do it right by keeping it going all the time when I'm likely to be in conversation, so there are occasional blank spaces on the tapes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3385] It was quite funny yesterday, because, he, when I went out in the garden there was a football nestling in the rose bushes, I heaved it back over the fence, thirty seconds later the two boys came roaring out of the house, and about thirty seconds after that
Susan (PS103) [3386] It's back over again.
Chris (PS05X) [3387] it, no, it's up in the app ... top of the apple tree, and they were chucking sticks at it, trying to get it down again.
Susan (PS103) [3388] Why don't you just open the back gate so that they can come and collect their stuff when they want it?
Chris (PS05X) [3389] Well I've said it actually, if you do it frequently you can't be bothered I suppose.
Norrine (PS101) [3390] Probably their dad said you mustn't go in there too often.
Chris (PS05X) [3391] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3392] It takes [...] snob ...
Susan (PS103) [3393] You'll be pleased to know dad, that I am going to go to the [...] tomorrow night.
Norrine (PS101) [3394] Oh
Chris (PS05X) [3395] Oh no
Norrine (PS101) [3396] You haven't been there for ages.
Susan (PS103) [3397] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [3398] utterly overwhelmed dear, why?
Susan (PS103) [3399] Going [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3400] Does she go there from time to time?
Susan (PS103) [3401] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3402] Has she said there's much the same people there or different crowd?
Susan (PS103) [3403] Same people really.
Norrine (PS101) [3404] Does she still see Judith?
Susan (PS103) [3405] Judith [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3406] I find that hard to believe, how she [...] .
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3407] Pardon?
Susan (PS103) [3408] Exactly.
Chris (PS05X) [3409] So Sam doesn't like her either.
Susan (PS103) [3410] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3411] It's not so much not liking, it's not really trusting people, like us.
Chris (PS05X) [3412] I think not liking must come into it partly.
Susan (PS103) [3413] Mm
Chris (PS05X) [3414] Mean to say , that, that's the honest [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3415] It doesn't mean , it doesn't endear you to people does it?
Chris (PS05X) [3416] No exactly, not likely my dear.
Susan (PS103) [3417] No I don't dislike Judith.
Norrine (PS101) [3418] No, quite.
Chris (PS05X) [3419] No.
Susan (PS103) [3420] I just wouldn't, if she rang up and says [...] I'd say no thanks.
Chris (PS05X) [3421] Yes quite.
Norrine (PS101) [3422] Thanks very much.
Chris (PS05X) [3423] You don't like her.
Susan (PS103) [3424] No.
Chris (PS05X) [3425] You've no reason to like her.
Susan (PS103) [3426] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [3427] Okay.
Norrine (PS101) [3428] Why somebody lets me down like that [...] .
[3429] You're not, you don't trust them, you're not going to put yourself on the line [...] are you, suppose [...] .
[3430] There's plenty of other people in the world.
[3431] [...] you might think of some.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3432] She's not really very with it, is she?
[3433] Not very intelligent.
Susan (PS103) [3434] Not sort of thing [...] even if she did [...] .
[3435] No, I, I wouldn't write her a snidey letter, I'd sit down and say look ... [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3436] I haven't seen him since ...
Norrine (PS101) [3437] Oh.
[3438] Not planned to see [...] .
[3439] [...] , his name, address, [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3440] Why?
Chris (PS05X) [3441] What was that for?
Susan (PS103) [3442] You [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3443] That reminds me
Chris (PS05X) [3444] Why did you want [...] ?
Norrine (PS101) [3445] Cos Mrs wanted her to use her [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3446] Oh.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3447] It's a question of how you dance round them I suspect rather than the actual pole.
Norrine (PS101) [3448] Mm.
[3449] She wanted someone who would teach them, erm, [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3450] Remember that silly thing we did at school once me with Charlotte and Suzanne and somebody else, do you remember?
[3451] There was four of us and [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3452] [...] .
[3453] Use the erm, they ... they invited the Chislehurst May Queen,dan ... maypole dancers to come to the next open evening.
Susan (PS103) [3454] No I'm not talking about that.
Norrine (PS101) [3455] Oh sorry.
Susan (PS103) [3456] At Bromley High.
Norrine (PS101) [3457] No I don't remember.
Susan (PS103) [3458] At [...] a silly sketch.
Norrine (PS101) [3459] I never saw it.
Susan (PS103) [3460] You did, you did, [...] floppy hats on.
Chris (PS05X) [3461] Don't remember that.
Norrine (PS101) [3462] You must of done it, for the six, for the ... within the school, not for the [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3463] Mm. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3464] Do you remember dancing at the hospice?
Susan (PS103) [3465] Mm, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [3466] [...] hospice, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3467] I remember that.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3468] It was sunny and
Susan (PS103) [3469] I'm not sure.
Norrine (PS101) [3470] [...] and Katie, Katie were there.
Susan (PS103) [3471] [...] dancing. [phone rings]
Chris (PS05X) [3472] Were they?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3473] Hi, that's alright.
Chris (PS05X) [3474] How you feeling now?
Norrine (PS101) [3475] Better tonight than I did last night.
Chris (PS05X) [3476] Why?
Norrine (PS101) [3477] I was very tired after spending that long day in the school.
Chris (PS05X) [3478] Yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3479] Up and down, up and down.
Chris (PS05X) [3480] How much of a display have you got so far?
Norrine (PS101) [3481] Mm, the best part of three boards, four boards [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3482] Oh more now.
Norrine (PS101) [3483] Plus the ... plus the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3484] [...] come afterwards.
Norrine (PS101) [3485] One board's finished, another board is nearly finished, closed the food board, I've got one of bones and skeleton [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3486] Mm.
[3487] There's a wonderful picture of the, body of a ... a women all curled up [...] in today's paper.
Norrine (PS101) [3488] I've got another board on food and [...] .
[3489] They're quite fun and I've quite a lot of that up, and I've got another board on, half of it's [...] and half of it sleep.
[3490] And that's pretty well [...] .
[3491] And I've got a fourth board on exercise [...] and I've two boards I haven't started.
[3492] One's going to be shape [...] I've got a lot of material to go on it, we haven't made the backing.
Chris (PS05X) [3493] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3494] This is why I couldn't start that, but I have [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3495] [cough] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3496] And the other one, we haven't started the work for yet, because now we're starting into water, so, erm, in the next ten days we'll do some work on water and that's the water board [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3497] Yes, [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3498] Well, I'm going to start on [...] , I've cut up some [...] so I'm going to finish cutting them up and lay them out [...] .
[3499] Then I'll go onto [...] .
[3500] Dissolving [...] that's how it can be effec ... that may do the writing [...] a piece of poetry, I've got a little poem written down [...] .
[3501] We've made some water bridges in a clay [...] which I have to put in the kiln on Monday, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3502] Will your monster germ be part of the big show?
Norrine (PS101) [3503] Yes, he, I've got a lot of germ poems
Chris (PS05X) [3504] Oh charming. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [3505] and I've mounted them on green germ, but I'm going to put them on a table, and then hang the germs from the ceiling or something, round, cos I haven't got a board for that.
Chris (PS05X) [3506] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3507] We were going to do a lot more work
Susan (PS103) [3508] Hard luck.
Norrine (PS101) [3509] on germs and diseases and cuts and first aid things, after the St. John's Ambulance [...] , but since it never happened
Chris (PS05X) [3510] No.
Norrine (PS101) [3511] Oh don't.
Chris (PS05X) [3512] No, I shall, yes, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3513] we didn't, we didn't carry on with it.
Chris (PS05X) [3514] That was bad, Mrs should be taken to task for that.
Norrine (PS101) [3515] She misjudged it, she should of rung on the Friday.
Chris (PS05X) [3516] She should have rung immediately and said there was a question mark.
Norrine (PS101) [3517] Well when she did it, well that was the Friday , when she did it
Chris (PS05X) [3518] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3519] and said what had happened, and I also spoken to Cathy.
[3520] Cathy would have come
Chris (PS05X) [3521] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3522] or sent someone else.
Chris (PS05X) [3523] Oh indeed she would, and Cathy would have been sensitive enough to appreciated the need of teeny weenies.
Norrine (PS101) [3524] Oh yes, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3525] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3526] Another thing she couldn't step in, and do it over the head with someone who was supposed to be doing on that March.
Chris (PS05X) [3527] No, no no, no.
Norrine (PS101) [3528] But having left till the morning when she was due, I couldn't even let Cathy know because it puts her in an awkward position, suddenly turn up on the day.
[3529] But it was Friday she did it, and Thursday we were expecting her, so there would have been time when she had [...] .
[3530] I mean she hadn't even let me know the night before.
Chris (PS05X) [3531] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3532] It was only a chance that I rang her.
Chris (PS05X) [3533] Yes, the, the night before.
Norrine (PS101) [3534] I rang her the night before to say what visual aid do you want, do you want the overhead projector, or the video or what would you like
Chris (PS05X) [3535] [...] yes.
[3536] Yes .
[3537] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3538] cos she said she'd need something, but she hadn't specified it.
[3539] I don't know what was in mind, then she told me, what the problem was.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3540] Said I was going to get, ring you tomorrow morning if I couldn't come.
Chris (PS05X) [3541] Very unprofessional, very unsuitable.
Norrine (PS101) [3542] But I was hoping I would be , be better.
[3543] Now I don't know what to do, I was going to write to Cathy after [...] and thank her
Chris (PS05X) [3544] Yes, quite.
Norrine (PS101) [3545] but now I don't know whether to pretend, just to leave it, or to say anything, don't want Cathy to think I was ungrateful.
Chris (PS05X) [3546] I still haven't got my first aid certificate.
[3547] I think perhaps, I shall contact Cyril, and say how about that drink we we've agreed to, we, we've enjoyed together?
Norrine (PS101) [3548] I should [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3549] Couple of months , well couple of months ago we said, you know, we live close enough for goodness sake let's get together one night.
Norrine (PS101) [3550] Yes.
[3551] And you'll have a chat with him.
Chris (PS05X) [3552] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3553] Mention it.
Chris (PS05X) [3554] Mentioned it, and then, [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3555] [...] quite embarrassed , cos she think [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3556] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3557] Ring Cathy and mentioned it, but she was grateful for having interest.
Chris (PS05X) [3558] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [3559] I might be more inclined if [...] mentioned it and [...] hadn't said.
Chris (PS05X) [cough]
Norrine (PS101) [3560] But Cathy has been coping with leukaemia.
Chris (PS05X) [3561] So which I was told.
Norrine (PS101) [3562] Which I didn't know.
Susan (PS103) [3563] Cathy who?
Chris (PS05X) [3564] No nobody knows.
Norrine (PS101) [3565] , one of the old Greenwich [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3566] She got leukaemia?
Norrine (PS101) [3567] Well she may be better now, I don't know anything about it except dad heard that she had had it, or was being treated for it.
Chris (PS05X) [3568] Yes, yes.
Susan (PS103) [3569] What's for pudding?
Norrine (PS101) [3570] Fruit.
[3571] So I didn't want to burden her by being awkward about it, make her feel bad about it, equally I haven't really thanked her.
Chris (PS05X) [3572] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3573] The only second phone call I had was to say what is happening.
Chris (PS05X) [3574] Yes .
[3575] Yes, well.
Norrine (PS101) [3576] She had contacted this Mrs , would you like to do some planting?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3577] Well maybe nobody wants to.
Chris (PS05X) [3578] Snoopy that's not the way you pass things round, it is?
[3579] You pick up the dish and [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3580] Well what do you want?
[3581] You don't like these apple [...] now you're going to have an orange.
Chris (PS05X) [3582] Very sweet of you to choose for me dear.
Norrine (PS101) [3583] I don't mind thank you.
[3584] What can I do for you, an apple, nothing?
[3585] Can you have half of one of these?
Chris (PS05X) [3586] No thanks, I had that at lunch time didn't I?
[3587] [laugh] I try to have two pieces of fruit a day, one being an orange the other an apple, or an alternative pear [...] [cough]
Susan (PS103) [3588] Oh she doesn't have an apple.
Norrine (PS101) [3589] You had an apple today, you had that.
Chris (PS05X) [3590] I had that extraordinary [...] cox yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3591] And did you have an orange too?
[3592] No, I was the one that had the orange you didn't.
Chris (PS05X) [3593] Oh [...] .
[3594] Oh goody goody, I shall have an orange.
Norrine (PS101) [3595] You are allowed two a day.
Chris (PS05X) [3596] I'll have that one. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3597] That's right.
Norrine (PS101) [3598] Where did you eat your lunch today?
Susan (PS103) [3599] At [...] at college.
Norrine (PS101) [3600] Are you allowed to eat your own sandwiches in there?
Susan (PS103) [3601] Yeah [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3602] Well I don't know, I'm [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3603] Lying in the park at the back I would have thought.
Susan (PS103) [3604] Chilly it would be.
Chris (PS05X) [3605] You're young enough not to notice.
Susan (PS103) [3606] You [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3607] How many of your erm, friends actually bring sandwiches to
Susan (PS103) [3608] They come, there's two of us Anita
Norrine (PS101) [3609] Sarah doesn't [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3610] Yeah.
[3611] [...] can't afford [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3612] Ha, sort of your situation isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [3613] Why don't you stay for school lunch instead of sandwiches?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3614] Is there still a boycott at the canteen?
Susan (PS103) [3615] No. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3616] Is that because they've got fed up or because things have improved?
Susan (PS103) [3617] Probably got fed up.
Chris (PS05X) [3618] Nothing's improved [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3619] How can you [...] at college, I mean I know there's your course, but I didn't know about that until you enrolled for it.
[3620] I've only heard of it at the fashion college.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3621] Hairdressing.
Susan (PS103) [3622] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3623] Fashion.
Susan (PS103) [3624] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3625] Beauty.
Susan (PS103) [3626] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3627] Yeah, theatrical make-up.
Chris (PS05X) [3628] Theatrical make-up, really?
Susan (PS103) [3629] [...] .
[3630] Theatrical [...] , erm, period costumes, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3631] Millenary had a lovely old fashion rings.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3632] Do you only see the girls on model [...] ?
Susan (PS103) [3633] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3634] What, has she finished her [...] ?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3635] Good for her ...
Susan (PS103) [3636] We, do you know what our canteen did?
[3637] We paid for all these dodgy old ladies
Norrine (PS101) [huff]
Susan (PS103) [3638] They did, they come in and they [...] us and then they go home again.
Norrine (PS101) [3639] Who are they?
Susan (PS103) [3640] Nobody knows.
Chris (PS05X) [3641] I think you should do a survey, approach them with a clipper board as they come in and say
Norrine (PS101) [3642] Which course you on?
Chris (PS05X) [3643] delighted to see you, [...]
Susan (PS103) [3644] Well it's a joke , because, they take up all the seats, like they're in two [...] seats of four, and a, there is no way you can [...] , half the students [...] , these silly old people come in and they take up four seats and eat our lunch.
Norrine (PS101) [3645] You [...] for everybody [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3646] Yeah, but at times they're expensive.
Norrine (PS101) [3647] Shouldn't be, the more people that eat it, the cheaper it, the, should help keep the prices down.
Susan (PS103) [3648] Yeah, but they do [...] though. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3649] Certainly
Norrine (PS101) [3650] Perhaps it's the college's bit of charity.
Chris (PS05X) [3651] Even the canteen staff don't know who they are.
Susan (PS103) [3652] Bet they do.
Norrine (PS101) [3653] Ladies from the street, with poor with poor pensions .
Susan (PS103) [3654] Yeah they're regulars, they come in every day.
Norrine (PS101) [3655] Mm .
Chris (PS05X) [3656] [cough] I don't think, eh, [...] college of fashion should be supporting the ladies of the streets dear.
Susan (PS103) [3657] I [...] like it though.
Norrine (PS101) [3658] Maybe they're the cleaners.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3659] You mean bag ladies or street ladies?
Susan (PS103) [3660] Bag ladies.
Chris (PS05X) [3661] Aha.
Susan (PS103) [3662] I know they're definitely not cleaners.
Norrine (PS101) [3663] Do you [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3664] No.
[3665] Right, one woman she comes in, with an ice cream tub, and fills up with food and goes home, in an ice cream tub.
Norrine (PS101) [3666] She must be very poor.
Susan (PS103) [3667] Erm you don't know you know because the more our college prices keep going up and up, B H S [...] on it, they are cheaper than our corned beef.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3668] Yeah, well, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3669] Why do a, er, an old lady come in and fill up an ice cream tub, do you mean an old ice cream tub?
Susan (PS103) [3670] Yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [3671] She brings one with her?
Susan (PS103) [3672] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [3673] So where she fill it up from?
Susan (PS103) [3674] The canteen.
[3675] The people fill it up for her.
Chris (PS05X) [3676] Do you give her a little bit of they're [...]
Susan (PS103) [3677] It's hers, put a [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3678] Ice cream tub.
Chris (PS05X) [3679] Does she pay for it?
Susan (PS103) [3680] I don't think so.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3681] Strange business.
Susan (PS103) [3682] Yeah, but [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3683] Maybe not.
Susan (PS103) [3684] But then again the students' bar is ridiculously cheap.
Chris (PS05X) [3685] Do they go into the bar?
Susan (PS103) [3686] No.
[3687] [...] thirty P for a coke.
[3688] Fifty P for a Cinzano and lemonade, or whatever.
Chris (PS05X) [3689] Mm, mm.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3690] What's a pint of bitter?
Susan (PS103) [3691] Don't know [...] .
[3692] You know, how come the bar managers
Norrine (PS101) [3693] Oh sorry Ella.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [3694] erm, how come the bar meals used to be so cheap when the canteen's [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3695] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3696] Of course, [cough] , there's a big profit. [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3697] It seems to me this student bar, does have to make a vast profit.
[3698] Anyway it's probably run by students.
Susan (PS103) [3699] [...] .
[3700] Yeah it is.
Chris (PS05X) [3701] Is there [...] bar [...] students?
[3702] Is there a steward?
Norrine (PS101) [3703] Might be a man in charge, but they probably don't have to pay lots of wages.
Susan (PS103) [3704] There is there No.
Norrine (PS101) [3705] And make lots of profit.
Susan (PS103) [3706] [...] But, I don't think it makes any profit, but, you know, [...] profit.
Susan (PS103) [3707] That's why it's cheap.
Chris (PS05X) [3708] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3709] Whereas pubs are different, they are out, they have to pay a lot of people and their rent and everything else and they are ours to make a profit.
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3710] [...] .
[3711] Except for a small diversion and nibble some bits of lamb when I was cutting up the meat lunchtime, and to try and [...] serving of it.
Chris (PS05X) [3712] When we were out front earlier today, Rocket tried to take a short cut across the front garden, Candy saw her off, like a [...] .
Susan (PS103) [3713] Who's Rocket?
Chris (PS05X) [3714] Petrol pussy cat.
Susan (PS103) [3715] Don't say it like that, I've never met any of the labouring animals.
Norrine (PS101) [3716] Oh, it's a nice little young black and white cat, very white [...] Stray cat.
Susan (PS103) [3717] [...] .
[3718] Ah yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [3719] But Ella or Candy are not at all friendly.
Susan (PS103) [3720] Tut.
[3721] We know that though.
[3722] Who's that [...] she used to beat poor [...] and
Norrine (PS101) [3723] No. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3724] Really.
[3725] Ha, ha, ha.
Susan (PS103) [3726] It doesn't matter does it?
Chris (PS05X) [3727] No.
Norrine (PS101) [3728] As long as we, she goes on being [...] . [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3729] At least we know where she drinks.
[3730] What do you have to say to that?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3731] Any booked?
Susan (PS103) [3732] Yeah [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3733] Mm. [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3734] Going to the library [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3735] as a library employee, does she get a benefit?
Susan (PS103) [3736] What benefit do you get from a library?
Chris (PS05X) [3737] No, I meant, I meant from booking the cinema.
Norrine (PS101) [3738] I shouldn't think so for a minute darling.
Susan (PS103) [3739] Yes, what's the library got to do with the cinema?
Chris (PS05X) [3740] Not a lot, but there's a leisure point which tells you everything that's happening in Bromley, inside the library, did occur to you
Susan (PS103) [3741] No, no I got it out, I got it out of the papers last night.
Chris (PS05X) [3742] But you didn't book the tickets out of the papers last night dear.
Susan (PS103) [3743] Oh, [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3744] She went into the cinema and bought two lovely tickets.
Susan (PS103) [3745] Bought two.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Susan (PS103) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3746] Oh really enjoy that don't you?
Susan (PS103) [3747] I like [...] ... The big guy, [...] beard, that is head boy [...] .
[3748] Steven was there so I gave [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3749] Wouldn't have a chance to would we? [...] . [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3750] I'll wash up first.
Susan (PS103) [3751] No, I'll wash up when I've trained.
Norrine (PS101) [3752] No I'll have you got a ticket [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3753] It'll be over and done with by then won't it?
Susan (PS103) [3754] [...] , water in here, what?
Norrine (PS101) [3755] Does he have a [...] ?
Susan (PS103) [3756] No he doesn't.
Norrine (PS101) [3757] So he might not get in?
Susan (PS103) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3758] No.
[3759] Stain in the outside, but I can't see any sign at all.
Norrine (PS101) [3760] Well no it's not, no it's not.
Chris (PS05X) [3761] Pardon?
Norrine (PS101) [3762] It'll be, it's not just [...] look, staining if you look, there's above the level on the [...] , of the water.
Chris (PS05X) [3763] Yes, probably. ...
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3764] Mind your nose Digger.

112 (Tape 002412)

Chris (PS05X) [3765] How do you recognize Jasmine?
[3766] A tiny leaf isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [3767] Right, right.
Chris (PS05X) [3768] It's not been fed for two years has it, so
Norrine (PS101) [3769] Oh don't [...] .
[3770] You can always tell when you've had a glass of sherry [...] , come all [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3771] Well it's true isn't it?
[3772] I mean it hasn't actually had any grow
Norrine (PS101) [3773] Had it ... [...] instead of taking [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3774] Super.
[3775] It's probably why I can actually see it peeping out over the top.

113 (Tape 002413)

Chris (PS05X) [3776] What's this plant?
Norrine (PS101) [3777] [...] in the arrangement [...] I had on my birthday.
Chris (PS05X) [3778] Oh.
[3779] Do you want me to take cuttings of it? [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3780] No, no, it's just [...] root.
Chris (PS05X) [3781] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [3782] I just thought I might put some more flowers in it. [...] .

114 (Tape 002414)

Chris (PS05X) [3783] No reply?
Susan (PS103) [3784] No, playing football.
Chris (PS05X) [3785] So he won't be coming out?
Susan (PS103) [3786] No he might come.
[3787] Him and David [...] a few beers ... What you doing with the [...] mum?
Norrine (PS101) [3788] I'm just seeing if the water's going up the drains.
Susan (PS103) [3789] Are you sure you [...] ?
Norrine (PS101) [3790] No, just leaving [...] for now [...] .
[3791] When I got to school I will [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3792] What does it actually prove, osmosis or diffusion?
Norrine (PS101) [3793] Osmosis.
Chris (PS05X) [3794] Pardon?
Norrine (PS101) [3795] I think it's osmosis.
Chris (PS05X) [3796] Ah, that's the passing of a [whistling] , erm, er, erm, something, no it can't be osmosis, cos it's a part of membrane.
[3797] Passing of a liquid
Norrine (PS101) [3798] No diffusion.
Chris (PS05X) [3799] liquid, no diffusion can anywhere, doesn't have to pass membrane at all.
[3800] Passing of a liquid through a membrane leaving part of it's substance behind.
Susan (PS103) [3801] It's something to [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3802] It's absolutely nothing [...]
Susan (PS103) [3803] Osmosis is the passing of water from a place of high water density to place of low water density.
Chris (PS05X) [3804] Boom, boom, super.
Norrine (PS101) [3805] Is that right [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3806] Yes what does that mean in practice Snoopy?
Susan (PS103) [3807] Don't know.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [3808] Where does osmosis occur dad means?
Susan (PS103) [3809] It's anywhere.
Norrine (PS101) [3810] Like, such as?
Susan (PS103) [3811] Body.
Chris (PS05X) [3812] Does it?
Norrine (PS101) [3813] From where to where in the body?
Chris (PS05X) [3814] Kidneys or something like that.
Susan (PS103) [3815] I don't know.
Norrine (PS101) [3816] Why do we need to know about osmosis?
Susan (PS103) [3817] We don't, I'm just telling dad, cos he [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3818] How come you know about it?
Susan (PS103) [3819] [...] college.
Norrine (PS101) [3820] Yes, but I mean, how?
Susan (PS103) [3821] I can't remember.
Norrine (PS101) [3822] Ah, well [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3823] There's er no practical application as far as you know.
Norrine (PS101) [3824] There must be.
Susan (PS103) [3825] Yeah, things [...] in the body and I can't [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3826] Well really, what I'm trying to tell the children is that plants need water, it drinks up water in order to live.
Susan (PS103) [3827] Yeah, [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3828] Drink, you can't see it if you put them in water, you just know the water's gone but it might of evaporated.
[3829] I just make them see the colour going up the stem of a plant.
[3830] You can do it with a turn the carnation pink or you know it's white, that sort of thing.
[3831] I was just having a little experiment to see how it takes and how strong it is and I know what I'm doing.
Chris (PS05X) [3832] Well I can't see that that would actually prevent [...] action.
Norrine (PS101) [3833] Well that's all it is.
Chris (PS05X) [3834] Is it?
[3835] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [3836] Try to prove anything is so the water travels up the plant, I can't think of anything [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3837] You haven't got a plant there have you?
Norrine (PS101) [3838] A theory is a plant, what else does it do?
Chris (PS05X) [3839] No not when it's chopped off top and bottom like a stick from the fridge dear, it's not a plant.
Norrine (PS101) [3840] It is a plant.
Chris (PS05X) [3841] Oh.

115 (Tape 002415)

Chris (PS05X) [3842] I'm coming.
Norrine (PS101) [3843] [...] residential if you don't [...] .
[3844] Bill's lilac is dead.
Chris (PS05X) [3845] [...] Philip , left hand column there ...
Norrine (PS101) [3846] [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3847] Never heard of that ... .
[3848] Doesn't sound worth bothering really.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3849] Very short cutting, low [...] ... .
[3850] They're a bit skinny aren't they?

116 (Tape 002416)

Norrine (PS101) [3851] That's quite a good idea. [tv on]
Chris (PS05X) [3852] Mm.
[3853] Well we can do that from the oak container out there.
Norrine (PS101) [3854] That's nice.
Chris (PS05X) [3855] There were two different ivies in that weren't there?
Norrine (PS101) [3856] [...] plants in there, that's the climbing cybilia the upright cybilia, [...] pretty [...] in the top.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3857] That looks like lettuce.
Chris (PS05X) [3858] Lettuce.
Norrine (PS101) [3859] I don't care [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3860] Ha, ha, ha, ha, [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [3861] [...] geranium.
Chris (PS05X) [3862] Sort of geranium crossed with ivy.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

117 (Tape 002417)

Chris (PS05X) [3863] I think of eh, tend to think of the yellow, er browny shades as being azalea, rather than rhododendron. [music in background]
Norrine (PS101) [3864] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [3865] White, pink, red into purple [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3866] Right know
Chris (PS05X) [3867] There are indeed, yes, but you don't tint, get the, the yellows into rhododendrons do you?
Norrine (PS101) [3868] Not that I've ever seen, no. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3869] Yes, I've got lovely purply of variety.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3870] When you get such a splodge of colour eh, it's difficult to know just how well adjusted your colour level is on the television.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

118 (Tape 002418)

Norrine (PS101) [3871] [music in background] Do you know if there's a soil in our garden [...] to come up?
Chris (PS05X) [3872] No.
[3873] I'm afraid I don't.
Norrine (PS101) [3874] Buy a little kit can't you? [...] shops ... [...] if it's worth growing [...] for them.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [3875] It means that they [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3876] Yes.
[3877] Extraordinary colouring, extraordinary, now's the time one ought to be out and about, seeing that sort of thing.
[3878] This is ...
Norrine (PS101) [3879] Things like Saville Garden.
Chris (PS05X) [3880] this is the season, yes.
[3881] Linda loved it at Saville Garden last weekend, weekend before. [...] .

119 (Tape 002419)

Norrine (PS101) [3882] They certainly plant them quickly. [tv on]
Chris (PS05X) [3883] Mm.
[3884] Beautifully prepared soil, I mean you try that with our soil you'll damage your fingers, it's like a flipping rock.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3885] Not with your fingers you didn't.
Norrine (PS101) [3886] Yes I did.
[3887] [...] my fingers [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3888] Do you want to go and have a jazz tonight?
Norrine (PS101) [3889] No not really.

120 (Tape 002420)

Norrine (PS101) [3890] The only comment on the rhododendron came first [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3891] On how it'll grow them you mean?
Norrine (PS101) [3892] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [3893] Plenty of comments otherwise on them.
Norrine (PS101) [3894] Oh yes, how do you get them? [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3895] [yawn] Really?
Norrine (PS101) [3896] I let [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3897] I've never heard of it.
Norrine (PS101) [3898] [...] Got those pink violets.
Chris (PS05X) [3899] Yeah, yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [3900] I know it comes in various shapes though, the tail's very dark.
Chris (PS05X) [yawn]
Norrine (PS101) [3901] Would you like the news?
Chris (PS05X) [3902] What's it gonna, follow here?
Norrine (PS101) [3903] I don't remember.
[3904] The Real McCoy, black comedy.
Chris (PS05X) [3905] Sounds rather hard.
[3906] Oh it always is, isn't it?

121 (Tape 002421)

Chris (PS05X) [3907] Go and live there.
Norrine (PS101) [3908] Don't seem to have any homes.
Chris (PS05X) [3909] They're doing away from their homes.
Norrine (PS101) [3910] You're driven away by the army.
Chris (PS05X) [3911] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3912] Famine, the Army, I mean lack of rain and all that sort of thing.

122 (Tape 002422)

Chris (PS05X) [3913] Derek's picking you up about two tomorrow.
Norrine (PS101) [3914] Right, after lunch.
Chris (PS05X) [3915] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [3916] Do you have any indication when [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3917] No.
Norrine (PS101) [3918] [...] pretty well.
Chris (PS05X) [3919] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [3920] Before you go
Chris (PS05X) [3921] I don't suppose we'll be there for more than two, three hours.
Norrine (PS101) [3922] Oh, you might as well.

123 (Tape 002501)

Norrine (PS101) [3923] You know we was talking about [tv on] [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [3924] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [3925] There's the [...] .
[3926] Technology use, use the purest water.
Chris (PS05X) [3927] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3928] [...] .
[3929] It's the basis of redial dialysis.
Norrine (PS101) [3930] Boiling water removes bacteria and not removes, dissolves [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3931] Well there's a signifi ... the, the osmosis really is a membrane which allows water to go through, but nothing else.

124 (Tape 002502)

Chris (PS05X) [3932] The promise of rain is rather pleasant isn't it?
[3933] You [...] my love.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

125 (Tape 002503)

Chris (PS05X) [3934] Oh I recommend the Philip erm, [...] .
[3935] [tv on] Snoopy have a good day today?
Norrine (PS101) [3936] [...] .
[3937] Somebody else [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3938] Oh she sweated at it, yes.
[3939] She did the sweating instead of the instruction, yes.
[3940] Atoms felling pollution, I like that. [laugh] ...
Norrine (PS101) [3941] Mm, I heard this discussion on the radio this morning.
Chris (PS05X) [3942] What about?
Norrine (PS101) [3943] Erm, quoting.
Chris (PS05X) [3944] Quoting?
Norrine (PS101) [3945] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [3946] I do a lot of that.
Norrine (PS101) [3947] What?
Chris (PS05X) [3948] Do a lot of quoting, but don't get many orders out of it.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3949] Oh yes.

126 (Tape 002504)

Chris (PS05X) [3950] I thought the second half of it was hilarious [tv on] I've read it before.
Norrine (PS101) [3951] I thought the first half was funnier than the second half.
Chris (PS05X) [3952] Mm ...
Norrine (PS101) [3953] I've read so much tonight, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3954] Well the French Connection starts on T V at ten o'clock so come and watch that.
[3955] Classic film dear.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3956] I don't know, probably.
[3957] About an hour and a half later.
Norrine (PS101) [3958] Right.
Chris (PS05X) [3959] Yes ... As we're not conversing very much I'm going to switch this machine.

127 (Tape 002505)

Chris (PS05X) [3960] How are you this morning?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3961] O K

128 (Tape 002506)

Chris (PS05X) [3962] Nothing in the mail this morning.
[3963] [...] Hello [...] I'll have a look.
[3964] There's only a bag of peat on the doorstep, here it is look, indoors ...
Norrine (PS101) [3965] Have you had some breakfast?
Chris (PS05X) [3966] No.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3967] Take it off [...] the yoghurt pot [...] .

129 (Tape 002507)

Chris (PS05X) [3968] Hello
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3969] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [3970] Sign
Chris (PS05X) [3971] Yes sure.
[3972] Right, just this, anywhere?
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [3973] sign it
Chris (PS05X) [3974] Right, what is this Datapost?
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [3975] No, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3976] Similar sort of thing is it?
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3977] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [3978] Lovely.
Chris (PS05X) [3979] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [3980] Thank you.
[3981] Bye.
Chris (PS05X) [3982] Bye.

130 (Tape 002508)

Chris (PS05X) [3983] Shall I cut you some toast?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [3984] Couple of pieces?
Norrine (PS101) [3985] [...] one.
Chris (PS05X) [3986] O K.

131 (Tape 002509)

Norrine (PS101) [3987] Did you ever decide whether you were going to go and do that course [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [3988] I've said no, hang on what's that?
Norrine (PS101) [3989] Why did you decide no?
Chris (PS05X) [3990] What, no, nothing to do with the Open University.
Norrine (PS101) [3991] Why did you decide not?
Chris (PS05X) [3992] I decided it was jolly expensive and eh, wasn't going to do what I felt I wanted it to do.
Norrine (PS101) [3993] What was it?
[3994] What were you aiming to achieve?
Chris (PS05X) [3995] Confidence, public speaking, capability.
Norrine (PS101) [3996] [...] to look for something else then?

132 (Tape 002601)

Norrine (PS101) [3997] It's alright, we don't have to do anything
Chris (PS05X) [3998] Really, aha.
Norrine (PS101) [3999] for a minute.
Chris (PS05X) [4000] [...] ready to cook.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4001] Aha.
[4002] Goody, goody.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4003] Sorry, you're going to freeze it?
Norrine (PS101) [4004] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4005] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4006] Oh well done.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4007] Very good.
[4008] ... What time you due at the hairdresser, quarter to?
[4009] Five minutes to go.
[4010] Would you like me to try Veronica later or deliver that?
Norrine (PS101) [...]

133 (Tape 002602)

Chris (PS05X) [4011] Good dog, good dog.
[4012] Hello girls.
Chris (PS05X) [4013] Would you like your car washing?
Norrine (PS101) [4014] Would you like your car washing?
Chris (PS05X) [4015] What a lovely idea, I don't think so though, thank you very much, you're very well equipped, I'm very impressed.
[4016] [laugh] No thanks very much indeed though.
Chris (PS05X) [4017] Alright then.
Norrine (PS101) [4018] O K thanks.
Chris (PS05X) [4019] Did, did get a swirl earlier this week, thank you very much.
[4020] Bye.
Chris (PS05X) [4021] Bye.
Norrine (PS101) [4022] Bye.

134 (Tape 002603)

Chris (PS05X) [4023] We've just had half an hour in Jubilee park, extremely brisk walk, I feel ext ... jolly toasty now.
[4024] How was your outing?
Norrine (PS101) [4025] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [4026] Good looking buds on there aren't they?
Norrine (PS101) [4027] I do miss [...] that pole sticking up there [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4028] Don't worry about it.
Norrine (PS101) [4029] [...] not quite right, but if I go [...] it'll break back off. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4030] A well exercised beast there I think.

135 (Tape 002604)

Norrine (PS101) [4031] I'm going to cook this Chris, right now.
Chris (PS05X) [4032] Good.
Norrine (PS101) [4033] I just fancy it.
[4034] What [...] is horrible, [...] the taste.
Chris (PS05X) [4035] How you going to do it, microwave?
Norrine (PS101) [4036] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4037] Cook it.
[4038] Roasting, place in a baking tray, gas mark five for thirty five minutes.
[4039] So it's on is it?
Norrine (PS101) [4040] So it's thirty five minutes.
[4041] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4042] Good.
[4043] Cooking time will need to be extended when cooking more than one product at a time.
Norrine (PS101) [4044] I'm only cooking that.
Chris (PS05X) [4045] Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
[4046] It is straightforward, thirty five minutes, shall I set thirty five?
Norrine (PS101) [4047] Phorr, sticky out there isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [4048] It's not very agreeable at all, is it?
Norrine (PS101) [4049] I forgot to take those rotten grapefruits back to Sainsbury's.
Chris (PS05X) [4050] Oh did you tell them?
Norrine (PS101) [4051] No, what, what would that do.
Chris (PS05X) [4052] Well I mean that, they don't expect necessarily to see the evidence do they?
Norrine (PS101) [...]

136 (Tape 002605)

Chris (PS05X) [4053] Not a lot of people in the park.
[4054] Where'd they go?
Norrine (PS101) [4055] I'm not surprised.
[4056] [...] in the park.
Chris (PS05X) [4057] Whoops, bad luck, your toe?
Norrine (PS101) [4058] Oh [...] dear, [...] hurt me.
Chris (PS05X) [4059] Why won't you go to the chiropodist.
Norrine (PS101) [4060] Because I keep bumping them it's got nothing to do with the chiropodist.
Chris (PS05X) [4061] I can get you some army boots.
Norrine (PS101) [4062] Bumped my toe this morning. [...] .

137 (Tape 002606)

Norrine (PS101) [4063] Those green things are for Susannah's picnic.
Chris (PS05X) [4064] Oh when she having a picnic?
Norrine (PS101) [4065] Well she has one every day.
Chris (PS05X) [4066] Oh I see, yes, I see.
[4067] What have we here?
[4068] The pond, pond weed, water weed.
Norrine (PS101) [4069] [...] don't touch that.
Chris (PS05X) [4070] Oh, got the beasties in too has it?
Norrine (PS101) [4071] I'm going next door.
Chris (PS05X) [4072] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [4073] I think I will have a drink.
Chris (PS05X) [4074] Yes, what would you like cider?
Norrine (PS101) [4075] No, a sherry.
Chris (PS05X) [4076] Sherry right.
Norrine (PS101) [4077] [...] What you did was press, if it was water like [...] ... [milk bottles fall over] [...] Just plenty of water and then put that in.
Chris (PS05X) [4078] Yes, the water temperature's well ...
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4079] Right.
Norrine (PS101) [4080] I'll put the [...] cos there won't be enough on.
Chris (PS05X) [4081] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4082] It's cold air isn't it [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [4083] Oh really.
Norrine (PS101) [4084] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4085] Oh brown one and a gold one.
Norrine (PS101) [4086] Well actually when it's in the sun one looks a silvery gold.
Chris (PS05X) [4087] Oh yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4088] One transparent [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4089] Here, have a sherry dear.
Norrine (PS101) [4090] I will.
[4091] [...] . God I need a time and motion expert in this cupboard. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4092] Well it's multi purpose cupboard dear.
Norrine (PS101) [4093] [...] put that [...] .

138 (Tape 002607)

Chris (PS05X) [4094] [cough] Meet anyone when you were out?
Norrine (PS101) [4095] [...] .
[4096] Not really, no [...] .
[4097] I'll put that over there, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4098] I a, I only saw half a dozen people in the park, past a party of riders, lady who approved of my litter picking.
Norrine (PS101) [4099] [...] I funny [...] staring back at the car park, the [...] car park, and the
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [4100] [...] O K?
Chris (PS05X) [4101] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4102] Mm, where's the [...] ?
[4103] I saw [...] park, [...] full of [...] traffic down the high street.
[4104] [...] in front of me and throw out carton into the road, winds his window up again.
[4105] Then as he was passing a bit nearer and I came to him, he stopped again in the queue, I walked in and [...] and I said, I knocked on his window and he put it down and I said, that wasn't a very nice thing to do.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4106] He said to me I'm not a very nice person.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4107] So I said well I hope you're working on it
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4108] and I walked on a couple, two or three [...] and picked up this bloody carton out of the road and I was right next to Linda's car
Chris (PS05X) [4109] Oh really?
Norrine (PS101) [4110] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4111] Did she see what you was doing?
Norrine (PS101) [4112] I don't know, but she, I, she waved to me and I waved to her and I picked it up and I said do you want this?
Chris (PS05X) [4113] [laugh] at the fellow, or at
Norrine (PS101) [4114] No, there's these girls with a fellow with several cars that way though and I just put it in the bin that was there.
Chris (PS05X) [4115] Yeah
Norrine (PS101) [4116] But, I did think he was cheeky, I mean it was so blatant.
Chris (PS05X) [4117] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4118] And [...] people walking on the pavement [...] all it totally and I thought what a cheek.
Chris (PS05X) [4119] Ha [laugh] Well done dear, you've done your bit for humanity today.
Norrine (PS101) [4120] Well I
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4121] That's that, [...] ... You can't freeze that one, I'll have to make the sandwiches with these because if I freeze the bread
Chris (PS05X) [4122] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4123] I then can't freeze it for sandwiches.
Chris (PS05X) [4124] It's not capable of being frozen again you mean or what?
Norrine (PS101) [4125] Yes, you mustn't re-freeze things, so I try to make the sandwiches
Chris (PS05X) [4126] You have a sandwich making sesh do you?
Norrine (PS101) [4127] and then put them in, it's so much to ease my mind in the morning, is all I've got to do is take them out and they're pretty, they're fresh, they'll defrost by lunchtime and
Chris (PS05X) [4128] Yep.
Norrine (PS101) [4129] they're as fresh as they can be.
Chris (PS05X) [4130] Yep.
[4131] [sniff] Pardon me.
Norrine (PS101) [4132] The only thing is I can't really put much salad in them there, because salad doesn't freeze awfully well
Chris (PS05X) [4133] Yes, goes rather soggy doesn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4134] but, Susannah doesn't particularly care for erm
Chris (PS05X) [4135] You just hoik a packet out of the freezer every day and put it in the fridge for her do you?
Norrine (PS101) [4136] Yes, erm, that's right, or put them on the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [noseblow]
Norrine (PS101) [4137] Coke thing, and the drink and the [...] and er pieces of fruit.
Chris (PS05X) [4138] [noseblow] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4139] Well I can't always find the biscuit, I always buy enough.
Chris (PS05X) [4140] Some glorious first of June my goodness, isn't it?
[4141] I was wearing my coat and my gloves at the park.
Norrine (PS101) [4142] [...] I also take my gloves ... [...] dog. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4143] Was it a cigarette carton the fellow chucked?
Norrine (PS101) [4144] No it was a juice carton with a straw in it.
Chris (PS05X) [4145] Oh yes, yes oh, all this instant disposal stuff really is a pain.
Norrine (PS101) [4146] Peop ... peop ... people get [...] don't they?
[4147] [...] In their car before they get home.
Chris (PS05X) [4148] No course they don't.
[4149] Yes.
[4150] Yes, that's one of the blessing of people not parking so much down the road now, they don't empty out their ashtrays and their junk from time to time.
[4151] Kids walking up and down still drop their sweet packets though.
Norrine (PS101) [4152] I know, look at that.
Chris (PS05X) [4153] Terrible getting old.
Norrine (PS101) [4154] Blame it on puberty.
Chris (PS05X) [4155] All ... all it's doing is staying on the outside dear.
Norrine (PS101) [4156] No it's not, look, if you look where the yellow is, it's not, just to the rim of the water is it?
Chris (PS05X) [4157] No, but it could be simply for being shaken around.
[4158] Well I mean there's a yellow streak all the same, all the way up there look.
Norrine (PS101) [4159] It's [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4160] Is it coming up, perhaps it's pouring out of the top dear.
[4161] It's all yellow at the top.
Norrine (PS101) [4162] Anyway
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4163] I think I can throw it away cos I've proved it to myself that it work, the three of them.
Chris (PS05X) [4164] Well you eat that piece dear.
[4165] As it's gloriously golden. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4166] [...] ... [...] usually look forward to half term to my feet to recover because the children walk all over me.
Chris (PS05X) [4167] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4168] And they're nasty little, little feet chair [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4169] Would you like me to buy you a foot bath?
Norrine (PS101) [4170] No. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4171] Massages your feet , with water, warm water jets each night when you come in.
Norrine (PS101) [4172] No thank you.
Chris (PS05X) [4173] Why not?
[4174] It would do them ever so much good.
[4175] I'm thinking of getting an ozone
Norrine (PS101) [4176] Come on.
Chris (PS05X) [4177] generator or
Norrine (PS101) [4178] I know we're going to be an ozone clean the air are we?
Chris (PS05X) [4179] An ozone clean the air. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4180] An ozone [...] are we?
Chris (PS05X) [4181] A nuclear guaranteed zone.
[4182] [laugh] Oh [...]
Norrine (PS101) [4183] [...] an ioniser, is that what you mean?
Chris (PS05X) [4184] An ioniser that's what I mean dear, yeah.
Norrine (PS101) [4185] Where are you going to put it?
Chris (PS05X) [4186] In the office dear, where it needn't concern, your hair looks very nice.
Norrine (PS101) [4187] Why should it not concern me?
Chris (PS05X) [4188] Well, give, you did sound a little scathing to there of my darling.
Norrine (PS101) [4189] I [...] don't you mean one in every room to benefit?
Chris (PS05X) [4190] I want, I need to be fresh in the office I don't want to be fresh in front of the television, I want to go to sleep.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4191] Perhaps one can have a personal ioniser that clips on the lapel or the belt.
Norrine (PS101) [4192] [...] I think.
Chris (PS05X) [4193] Yes, yes, I would be quite glad when this lot's over.
Norrine (PS101) [4194] Yes, and I shall be quite bad.
Chris (PS05X) [4195] [laugh] Are you being inhibited or exhibitionist or what?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4196] Being inhibited, oh I haven't noticed it.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4197] [laugh] well I'll switch off if I'm being [...] something rather good, so don't ... I feel a bit sorry for those goldfish.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4198] Well, I reckon that plastic bag squashed them all, get away blossom.
Norrine (PS101) [4199] Well they're getting to the right temperature he said [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4200] I don't think they're allowed to move, haven't got any room to move round in there have they?
Norrine (PS101) [4201] Oh yes they have.
Chris (PS05X) [4202] Have they?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4203] [laugh] Ah yes, [...] you're absolutely right, they're your little toys, look at that tail. [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4204] I wouldn't trust her an inch.
Chris (PS05X) [4205] No quite right.
Norrine (PS101) [4206] Not an inch.
Chris (PS05X) [4207] Quite right, except soon as your back's turned dear ...
Norrine (PS101) [4208] Guess how much they cost?
Chris (PS05X) [4209] A shilling each.
Norrine (PS101) [4210] You're living in the past.
Chris (PS05X) [4211] Yeah I know, fifty pence each.
Norrine (PS101) [4212] Yes.
[4213] No seventy five.
Chris (PS05X) [4214] Seventy five oh that's a rip off dear.
Norrine (PS101) [4215] I thought so too, [...] it said fifty on the tank
Chris (PS05X) [4216] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4217] and I said to him, I thought they er were fifty pence and he said I've picked you out the biggest and the best.
Chris (PS05X) [4218] Cheeky devil.
Norrine (PS101) [4219] Now what could I say?
Chris (PS05X) [4220] Cheeky devil, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4221] He said, if they, anything goes wrong, come back.
Chris (PS05X) [4222] Those are the benefits of doing ... shopping in Chislehurst High Street are they?
Norrine (PS101) [4223] They've got a new tank and new [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4224] Have they?
Norrine (PS101) [4225] Oh, it's all opened up [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4226] It's a much cleaner, brighter place now isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4227] You wouldn't recognize it.
Chris (PS05X) [4228] Yes, certainly was a pretty sordid effort before.
Norrine (PS101) [4229] A minor bird in there and a chinchilla, who looks so miserable.
Chris (PS05X) [4230] What is that?
[4231] A little furry beast.
Norrine (PS101) [4232] Yes, I thought a chinchilla was a kind of rabbit, but it isn't, it's got a tail.
Chris (PS05X) [4233] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4234] Not like, not as good as a squirrel's tail.
Chris (PS05X) [4235] Can you, can you breed your own fur coat?
Norrine (PS101) [4236] Oh, get [...] .
[4237] But, but, in this cage and it had a little wooden box
Chris (PS05X) [4238] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4239] to go in
Chris (PS05X) [4240] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4241] with a hole in the top and that, and when I went in it was in its box, facing the back of the box and its tail sticking out.
Chris (PS05X) [4242] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4243] When I came back, cos I went in on the way to the hairdresser's, to find out about it, and I thought I'd buy him on the way back, when I went back it was still sitting in the same place with its tail hanging out of the back.
[4244] Look at this cat, ah look at pussy Emma.
Chris (PS05X) [4245] That's a saucy pose isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4246] She wants her tummy tickled.
[4247] She wants her tummy tickled [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4248] You're asking for trouble Digger.
Norrine (PS101) [4249] Get your nose [...] .
[4250] [...] , I was going to get you trimmed this week, but it hasn't been any warm weather has it, you wouldn't want your coat off, no.
Chris (PS05X) [noseblow]
Norrine (PS101) [4251] Want your tummy tickled?

139 (Tape 002608)

Norrine (PS101) [4252] I thought you might be going going [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4253] No.
Norrine (PS101) [4254] A good thing
Chris (PS05X) [4255] I hope not.
Norrine (PS101) [4256] It's a good thing I'm not going to go because you might end up [...] oh look at that?
Chris (PS05X) [4257] Oh that looks good, yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4258] Both playing croquet, and fighting each other I just get [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4259] Well I said to David, is there, I understand this is a game where people get very seedy with each other and he said no not at all not at all [...] .
[4260] David is such a mild mannered fellow that er he wouldn't know how to.
[4261] [laugh] He said and he said it's a game of great tactics and erm
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4262] Can't think why, [...] temptation to be intelligent to be tactician don't you?
Norrine (PS101) [4263] Oh, I do [...] .
[4264] Everybody says how nice you are, how lucky I am.
Chris (PS05X) [4265] What, what has niceness got to do with confidence for goodness sake.
Norrine (PS101) [4266] Well if you're a nice person, then you will [...] , like I help Susannah. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4267] No, you can't keep all these food dishes can you?

140 (Tape 002609)

Norrine (PS101) [4268] So what's been Anthony's problem?
Chris (PS05X) [4269] Apparently before some time in December, he was diagnosed as having an ulcer and almost immediately afterwards had a slight stroke.
Norrine (PS101) [4270] Oh dear.
Chris (PS05X) [4271] And he's only relatively recently gone back to work.
[4272] And he's been under somebody or other at Charing Cross Hospital I, who has a rather different approach to the whole thing, many other people's involve rest and doing nothing and so on and so forth.
Norrine (PS101) [4273] Has it left him with any impairments?
Chris (PS05X) [4274] [...] say.
[4275] Say at all, I didn't ask.
[4276] Erm, but it's obviously been a very trying time for them.
Norrine (PS101) [4277] I'm sure, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4278] And one daughter is taking A levels and the other is on her way, I'm not sure if she's actually taking O er GCSEs or
Norrine (PS101) [4279] Yes Mark and Deborah are two years behind [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4280] Two years behind is she?
[4281] Yep, and the older one fancies medicine, but erm, might know, her ... her projections are great, but any, inadequate for that, so erm, bio-chemistry is a possibility, but erm, [...] with just got to wait and see.
Norrine (PS101) [4282] Yeah.
[4283] Where would she hope to go?
Chris (PS05X) [4284] Hasn't mentioned at all.
[4285] [...] ... Yes Geraldine certainly implied that it had been a jolly hard time.
Norrine (PS101) [4286] I'm sure it would be, [...] if the kids doing exams.
Chris (PS05X) [4287] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4288] [...] in the house.
Chris (PS05X) [4289] Mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4290] She's [...] in April, she and Anthony had been to Florence for four days.
[4291] For, to a conference to do with his job.
Chris (PS05X) [4292] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4293] His bosses thought it was time he got back into
Chris (PS05X) [4294] Yes, to Florence eh.
[4295] Wonderful place for a conference.
Norrine (PS101) [4296] But she said they spent an enormous amount of money.
Chris (PS05X) [4297] Oh dear, [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4298] They probably won't be going away this summer.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
Norrine (PS101) [4299] And also, their, their children wanted to hang around and get their results and [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4300] [...] As long as Anthony has a break or something,Gerald ... Geraldine is not working?
Norrine (PS101) [4301] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4302] No she did say that she a, had a, been supply teaching a year or two ago.
Norrine (PS101) [4303] Did it dried up?
Chris (PS05X) [4304] Yeah, and she tried it, the personal experience was wonderful. [...] ...
Norrine (PS101) [4305] She's [...] .
[4306] [...] the girls' bedrooms which was more like a boxroom than a bedroom before
Chris (PS05X) [4307] Aha.
[4308] They're still in the same place are they?
Norrine (PS101) [4309] Aha.
Chris (PS05X) [4310] St John's, mm, mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4311] They're about to have their kitchen done.
Chris (PS05X) [4312] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4313] Which has never been, kitchen worth calling a kitchen [...] .
[4314] [...] and Anthony's about to try and work from home.
Chris (PS05X) [4315] Oh really, what leaving his firm?
Norrine (PS101) [4316] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4317] My goodness.
Norrine (PS101) [4318] Change his job and work as a consultant for a German firm.
[4319] Which will involve him travelling to Germany and [...] .
[4320] Day to day he'll work from home.
Chris (PS05X) [4321] How intriguing ...
Norrine (PS101) [4322] Did he get his ulcer sorted out?
Chris (PS05X) [4323] The implication was he had,na , that was O K.
[4324] You could imagine [...] been worry can't you?
Norrine (PS101) [4325] Yes he always was, perfectionist [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4326] Yes he [...] his ways though.
[4327] That hanky ironing episode.
[4328] When you were all in the flat together.
Norrine (PS101) [4329] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4330] The four of us were going out somewhere Anthony said, hang on, hang on, I'm not ready yet, got out your ironing board and your iron and ironed himself a hanky.
Norrine (PS101) [4331] No, I don't remember that.
Chris (PS05X) [4332] [laugh] Incredible.
[4333] All three of us.
Norrine (PS101) [4334] I really don't remember that.
[4335] Funny the things you remember and I don't probably true the other way round too if I care to mention things [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4336] I'm glad you said perhaps.
Norrine (PS101) [4337] I didn't want to be romantic [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4338] Ah.
Norrine (PS101) [4339] Ah.
Chris (PS05X) [4340] How thoughtful.
[4341] [laugh] Well that wasn't bad.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4342] Yes, that's [...] . [clears throat] .
Norrine (PS101) [4343] [...] wants to, [...] in two weeks.
Chris (PS05X) [4344] Ah
Norrine (PS101) [4345] And I forgot to wash the cats [...] so, I had to.
Chris (PS05X) [4346] You don't look too good [...] Digger, let it mature a little.
Norrine (PS101) [4347] She's a bit huffy, but you'll prefer one job [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4348] [laugh] , oh, it did make you sneeze a lot didn't it Digger?
Norrine (PS101) [4349] So she [...] .
[4350] You old cast off.
Chris (PS05X) [4351] Oh charming, I see, since when did you last chucked one of yours out of the beasties.
Norrine (PS101) [4352] For some funny reason my [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4353] [laugh] .
[4354] Well you're leaning on the table now, I can't think what [laugh] oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4355] I'll not dust with my elbows.
Chris (PS05X) [4356] Do you have a secret deal with Oxfam?
Norrine (PS101) [4357] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4358] I can do with one of those three clematis would [...] .
[4359] They really are pathetic aren't they?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4360] No, I envisaged when I bought those superb places that they would cover the fence.
[4361] Oh, look at [...] .
Norrine (PS101) [4362] Mm. ...
Chris (PS05X) [4363] It's very graceful about one of those oscillating sprinklers, you know.
Norrine (PS101) [4364] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4365] Great fanning waves to and fro.
Norrine (PS101) [4366] Going on the small lawn is he, when they re-turfed?
Chris (PS05X) [4367] Yes, I think that's fair enough.
Norrine (PS101) [4368] I mean, I [...] greenhouse.
[4369] Plant in the glass room, put them all out underneath the sprinklers.
Chris (PS05X) [4370] Well done.
Norrine (PS101) [4371] And they [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4372] Splendid.
[4373] Saves the water going to waste.
Norrine (PS101) [4374] Well the cats, the hose and the cat [...] .
[4375] So I [...] water easily for the [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4376] Sure , sure.
[4377] Would you like a plate?
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4378] No there's nothing there for you dear.
Norrine (PS101) [4379] No [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4380] Not a lot of flavour I should [...] bread.
Norrine (PS101) [4381] [...] .
[4382] They're chili grapes.
Chris (PS05X) [4383] Chili and grapes, they're cool enough.
Norrine (PS101) [4384] The lavatera has to be put in a sunny spot, I think it'll have to go
Chris (PS05X) [4385] [...] [sigh] Sorry not over there.
Norrine (PS101) [4386] Next to that bush, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4387] There's already a hyperathan there, which Willy over chopped, it is a beautiful plant.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4388] There's no room for it.
Norrine (PS101) [4389] [...] .
[4390] They grow six feet tall.
Chris (PS05X) [4391] Well, it needs a darn big space then, doesn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4392] I wouldn't be able to see it in the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4393] Well I would recommend
Norrine (PS101) [4394] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4395] that you put it behind a save bush, chop that azalea bush, stick it back there, that'll keep the broom coming in.
Norrine (PS101) [4396] You could put it along side that erm, if you put it stuck like that, it'll need staking, put it on the wall on the fence.
Chris (PS05X) [4397] It doesn't need staking surely.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4398] I don't think so.
[4399] Hasn't got a stake in there has it?
Norrine (PS101) [4400] Yeah at the bottom.
Chris (PS05X) [4401] Oh in the pot I mean, now.
Norrine (PS101) [4402] It's not very big yet.
Chris (PS05X) [4403] Weren't [...] taken?
[4404] Right, I'm quite confident.
[4405] Shame those [...] coming up, some of them purple.
Norrine (PS101) [4406] Why?
Chris (PS05X) [4407] I suppose they'll be alright when the iris disappear.
[4408] Actually it's red and pink ones [...] that's rather nice.
[4409] Very pleased at those original gerania
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4410] Not too sure.
[4411] Used to come up purple as well as pink.
[4412] This is a lovely colour of iris just here isn't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4413] Mm. [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4414] Why not have the lavatera in there, instead of the tree?
Norrine (PS101) [4415] No, no, no, no, no, no, too untidy.
Chris (PS05X) [4416] Mm ... Have you enjoyed the wallflowers this year?
Norrine (PS101) [4417] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4418] Mm.
[4419] I think I'll be happier to get back to the [...] traditional gold and yellows and browns on wallflowers.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4420] Yeah.
[4421] They'll certainly be colourful.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4422] Mm.
[4423] Thank you I enjoyed my supper, my lunch dear.
Norrine (PS101) [...]

141 (Tape 002611)

Chris (PS05X) [4424] Are you going to do a proper Dennis?
[4425] Come on.
[4426] Does she actually sit up for Dennis?
Norrine (PS101) [4427] You'll [...] , you'll have to say sit.
Chris (PS05X) [4428] Sit.
[4429] Emma, sit.
[4430] Now come on, never
Norrine (PS101) [4431] Sit
Chris (PS05X) [4432] mind the food.
Norrine (PS101) [4433] sit, good girl.
Chris (PS05X) [4434] Sit.
[4435] Right, good dog.
Norrine (PS101) [4436] Can you, can you do it [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4437] Oh really.
Norrine (PS101) [4438] [...] all day [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4439] Oh, I see.
Norrine (PS101) [4440] She's had [...] that's enough, she doesn't need [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4441] One last one, there you are dear, that's a good dog.
Norrine (PS101) [4442] Dennis makes her sit and then [...] it in, snapping at your fingers.
[4443] You're very good at it aren't you stinky?
[4444] Quarter to two is it? [...] coming at two or are you [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [4445] He said two, he'll call for me.

142 (Tape 002612)

Norrine (PS101) [4446] I've got to get him some plants from that tub haven't I?
Chris (PS05X) [4447] What's that you've put in there so far?
Norrine (PS101) [4448] Lobelia.
Chris (PS05X) [4449] Mm mm.
Norrine (PS101) [4450] I [...] see how you can [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4451] Mm mm.
[4452] Yes.
[4453] I think they've still got a fair whack of root bedding plants in, particularly of good value.
[4454] Try ... try the other place at the bottom of erm Mottingham lane.
Norrine (PS101) [4455] [...] try that see if it's open.
Chris (PS05X) [4456] If a, if it's not successful there
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4457] O K ...
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4458] Oh yes, do you know, I was trying to remember what it was you wanted from that place over in Homesdale, you, you know where I mean don't you?
Norrine (PS101) [4459] I don't think so, I don't know if I'll find it.
Chris (PS05X) [4460] Well it's where, next to the place I bought the tiles from.
Norrine (PS101) [4461] Oh is it?
Chris (PS05X) [4462] Well, yes, you know the tile shop don't you?

143 (Tape 002613)

Norrine (PS101) [4463] I'm going to leave it like that for a couple of hours.
Chris (PS05X) [4464] Ah mm.
[4465] It allows the water temperatures to equalize.
Norrine (PS101) [4466] On Monday I put this bowl into the washing up bowl, cos it stood in the car and take this, like that, to school.
Chris (PS05X) [4467] Yes, it'll be more stable in that in the car won't it?
Norrine (PS101) [4468] Right, in the washing up bowl you see [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4469] Washing up bowl is very shallow don't pretend to it's deep
Norrine (PS101) [4470] No, I shan't , no [...] water in the washing up bowl, I'll just sit that into this bowl
Chris (PS05X) [4471] Oh I see.
Norrine (PS101) [4472] so that if it slops
Chris (PS05X) [4473] I see.
Norrine (PS101) [4474] And then when I get to school, I do, I have to pour all the water into the tank, and leave it for a couple of hours and at break time put the fish into the ... into the mix water
Chris (PS05X) [4475] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4476] so that they get them [...] And I'll get the children to collect some rocks up and wash them.
Chris (PS05X) [4477] Why?
[4478] Oh right.
[4479] Why are you doing this?
[4480] What's the object?
Norrine (PS101) [4481] Cos we're doing a project on water
Chris (PS05X) [4482] Oh.
Norrine (PS101) [4483] and, the children have done that tie dying, and after open day, when most of their dollies will be finished soon
Chris (PS05X) [4484] Yes.
Norrine (PS101) [4485] I thought they could stick [...] fish and weed on to their bits of tie dying, use the tie dying as a [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4486] Oh yes.
[4487] I'm surprised, [...] .
[4488] I'll have a small cafe with you.

144 (Tape 002614)

Norrine (PS101) [4489] Is he there?
Chris (PS05X) [4490] Yep. [...]
Norrine (PS101) [4491] Seen my glasses [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [4492] Thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [4493] How would you like your coffee love?
Chris (PS05X) [4494] [...] thank you.
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [...]
Norrine (PS101) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4495] On whose behalf should I arrears?
Norrine (PS101) [4496] Interest.
Chris (PS05X) [4497] Oh, really?
Norrine (PS101) [4498] [...] I don't need it anyhow.
Chris (PS05X) [4499] Actually an interesting article is it?
Norrine (PS101) [4500] Yes actually an interesting article.
Chris (PS05X) [4501] Mm ... Go and put a jumper on I think.
Norrine (PS101) [4502] Jo who does my hair is off too, on Thursday, to the Caribbeans to be married.
Chris (PS05X) [4503] Golly, very exotic.

145 (Tape 002615)

Chris (PS05X) [4504] They are, getting lots and lots of people to do it
David (PS107) [4505] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4506] and it's going to be a record, simply a record of erm, English as it's spoken in nineteen ninety one, I've got a little blurb on it which I'll show you.
David (PS107) [4507] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4508] Having put a jumper on I don't know where to clip the blinking microphone now.
David (PS107) [4509] It's an interesting idea, isn't it? [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4510] Oh yes .
[4511] Yes and they ... they provided me with boxes of tapes and batteries and eh Walkman and so on and so forth and eh, I'm trying to be conscientious. [laugh]
David (PS107) [4512] Well I'm sure, I don't know whether it's sort of easy to wear when you're playing croquet or I suppose [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4513] Ah well, if, if it isn't I switch it off.
David (PS107) [4514] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4515] Dispose of it, it's eh, somebody's having a fete or something.
[4516] Oh it's a funny old day today isn't it?
David (PS107) [4517] Mm, it's not cold is it?
[4518] I [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4519] Well I thought it was when I went out and exercised the dog before lunch, I went up to Jubilee Park and eh, I had a very brisk walk indeed and I was absolutely lathered by the time I got back to the car, after half an hour.
David (PS107) [4520] Yeah.
[4521] It's always perceptive on days like this, because it's overcast and eh
Chris (PS05X) [4522] Yes.
David (PS107) [4523] you tend to thinking not very warm.
Chris (PS05X) [4524] Yes .
[4525] Absolutely, absolutely.
[4526] Your son had better things to do had he?
David (PS107) [4527] He's gone into Bromley with my eldest.
Chris (PS05X) [4528] Aha.
David (PS107) [4529] Jeremy does play croquet, but very infrequently.
Chris (PS05X) [4530] Yes.
David (PS107) [4531] [...] .
[4532] Just broken away from his girlfriend.
Chris (PS05X) [4533] Oh has he, ah.
[4534] He seemed happy enough when I called.
David (PS107) [4535] Well it was his doing so I suppose
Chris (PS05X) [4536] I see.
David (PS107) [4537] Probably not be unhappy with it, she is.
Chris (PS05X) [4538] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha yes , yes indeed, ha, ha, ha.
David (PS107) [4539] Smart brake lights aren't they [...] car [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4540] I was just thinking what an intriguing colour they were.
David (PS107) [4541] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4542] Fuchsia, would you call it?
David (PS107) [4543] Yes, wonder why you'd want two double exhaust do you, I mean it's not a very big engine surely on those, Volkswagen is there?
Chris (PS05X) [4544] Yeah, yeah , it's all a bit of pizzazz I suppose.
David (PS107) [4545] Mm probably only one of them is actually effective.
Chris (PS05X) [4546] Yes.
[4547] Or ... or probably neither of them are connected. [laugh]
David (PS107) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [4548] Still a noisy little engine though, isn't it, my goodness.
David (PS107) [4549] Well they always were, weren't they?
[4550] But the
Chris (PS05X) [4551] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [4552] I mean I, my sister used to have one and she said you could take it on the motorway and it'll just keep up a, a very good speed still with a noisy engines and then it just kept going and going and going.
Chris (PS05X) [4553] Yes , yes.
David (PS107) [4554] They're like a Morris Minor aren't they?
[4555] I mean that's an incredible engine.
Chris (PS05X) [4556] Oh yes, yes .
[4557] Did you see that the British High Commissioner of Sri Lanka has been chucked out of Sri Lanka?
David (PS107) [4558] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4559] Er, he, there was a pic ... there was a picture of him on the report in the paper and he was sitting in his convertible Morris Minor.
David (PS107) [4560] Oh [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4561] And they are, they are very popular vehicles in Sri Lanka, and somebody's about to set up a factory there to make the bulk of the parts
David (PS107) [4562] Yes.
[4563] That's right , yes I think I
Chris (PS05X) [4564] Rather oddly there are two or possibly even three Morris Minor centres who [...] parts, that's in Bath, they're, they've seemed to have concentrated in Bath rather, rather oddly.
[4565] And I get erm, one of my customers in Trinidad runs a Morris Minor still.
David (PS107) [4566] Really?
Chris (PS05X) [4567] And eh, he occasionally asks me to get bits and pieces
David (PS107) [4568] Well they do so, I mean, I know, I know the body shape is expensive to make because of the number of different panels
Chris (PS05X) [4569] Yes.
David (PS107) [4570] by comparison with modern cars.
Chris (PS05X) [4571] Surely.
David (PS107) [4572] They just pick same extent [...] the Mini doesn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [4573] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [4574] That's why it is expensive compared to eh, other cars, but, [cough] they, they seemed to go on for ever those cars, I mean they're quite incredible aren't they?
Chris (PS05X) [4575] Yes, they, they
David (PS107) [4576] They've certainly the engine of it.
Chris (PS05X) [4577] Tough, tough little beasts aren't they?
David (PS107) [4578] Yeah, yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4579] And of course they've actually made eh, the bodies with er metal not tissue paper in those days didn't they?
David (PS107) [4580] Yes.
[4581] But they don't seem to have some of these sort of inherent problems that other cars have had since, with eh, sections of the body that tend to rust.
Chris (PS05X) [4582] Really, yes, yes.
David (PS107) [4583] Whereas I think cars now, because they give these guarantees on rust, they've certainly given it a lot of thought, but, I mean there was certainly models that were riddled with problems weren't there?
Chris (PS05X) [4584] Yes there were.
[4585] Only the Mini when it first came out was a shocker wasn't it?
David (PS107) [4586] Mm, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4587] Absolute shocker.
David (PS107) [4588] Today I was listening to the talk on the radio coming home, it last night, and the, there was a, representative from one of the largest eh, firms that transport new cars in this country
Chris (PS05X) [4589] Yes.
David (PS107) [4590] together with a representative of British Rail, and he was saying that, I, forget how many car transporters they've got that erm, they built, bought specially to go on British Rail, he said, but they said he just had to give them up for many reasons and one of them was the problems that they have with new cars when they take them on British Rail and the brake dust from the trains apparently causes immediate rust.
Chris (PS05X) [4591] Oh.
David (PS107) [4592] So that you can put a brand new car on at eh, A and by the time it gets to the other end it's literally got rust problems.
Chris (PS05X) [4593] How curious.
David (PS107) [4594] It seemed to me incredible.
Chris (PS05X) [4595] Yes, absolutely amazing.
David (PS107) [4596] Apart from the vandalism problems they've had, where whole trainload of cars have been stripped of the radios.
Chris (PS05X) [4597] Oh dear.
David (PS107) [4598] Cos when they pulled into a slow section on the railway, the vandals have got on and just gone through the whole lot and taken the radios out.
Chris (PS05X) [4599] Yes, yes, British Rail have got big problems in that way, haven't they?
David (PS107) [4600] Oh [...] yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4601] And rail ... railways really ought to be far better developed than they are in this country, eh.
David (PS107) [4602] Well it seems the obvious means of transport.
Chris (PS05X) [4603] Absolutely, absolutely, but I mean, I ... I ship goods out of this country into the continent and further afield, erm, rail is just not an option that I can consider.
David (PS107) [4604] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4605] It's er it's not feasible.
David (PS107) [4606] That's what the representative said from the erm, the car transporter company, was that they ... they just couldn't any longer use British Rail because it, he said although British Rail are willing to compensate, it's delay of deliveries.
Chris (PS05X) [4607] It's not the point is it?
David (PS107) [4608] They can't deliver to their customers on time.
Chris (PS05X) [4609] Mm.
[4610] Surely, surely, yes, and thirty, forty, fifty years ago, rail was an acknowledged method of shipping things into from Europe.
David (PS107) [4611] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4612] And then there were people who specialized in it, I don't suppose from a moment there are now.
David (PS107) [4613] Yes.
[4614] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4615] They just
David (PS107) [4616] Eh, [...] , I mean there's a [...] idea the money that's been spent on the railways instead of on motorways we'd be a lot better off, and I think [...] and Partners subscribed to that because I think that erm, had more money being spent on the railways that we would have been much better off, oh I'd much rather go on a train journey than on a motor bridge journey.
Chris (PS05X) [4617] Yes.
[4618] Yes.
[4619] Absolutely.
David (PS107) [4620] Sitting comfortably get up and walk about, go and have your cup of tea or coffee.
Chris (PS05X) [4621] Surely, surely, it makes much more sense, you can read a book and
David (PS107) [4622] There's still something [...] about railways even though they're not steaming.
Chris (PS05X) [4623] Yes , yes I agree.
[4624] All clear on the left ...
David (PS107) [4625] Busy road isn't it this?
Chris (PS05X) [4626] Far too busy, yes.
David (PS107) [4627] Perhaps I should have, you can pulled into this refuge in the middle there [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4628] Yes, yes, it's, otherwise it's very neat here, you know in this, these little spaces are really incredibly small.
David (PS107) [4629] Yes, yes, just stop and get some petrol.
Chris (PS05X) [4630] Aha.

146 (Tape 002616)

Chris (PS05X) [4631] In the States they have particularly small apertures to the petrol tanks for unleaded, do they here?
David (PS107) [4632] Mm, Yes , yes, the [...] different size.
Chris (PS05X) [4633] Are right, yes.
David (PS107) [4634] I don't know, a car like this you could pick either of them.
Chris (PS05X) [4635] Sure.
David (PS107) [4636] [...] , cheaper, where the one gets quite [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4637] No, no, quite performance is not what counts is it?
David (PS107) [4638] No.
Chris (PS05X) [...]

147 (Tape 002617)

David (PS107) [4639] That shows you how long our tank is, it's the other side.
Chris (PS05X) [4640] [laugh] ... Don't you think it would reach?
David (PS107) [4641] Well it probably would, but I got to [...] anyway.
Chris (PS05X) [4642] Yes ... What's that?
[4643] That's an unleaded only pump I think.
David (PS107) [4644] Oh it's premium, it's premium unleaded.
Chris (PS05X) [4645] Yes.
David (PS107) [4646] Mind you they talk about premium don't they?
Chris (PS05X) [4647] You save a few more coppers don't you?
David (PS107) [4648] Yes, you do.
Chris (PS05X) [4649] Forty five point four, I'll, I'll sort this out in a minute, I don't normally have this trouble at the station.
[4650] Ah, I can't see what [...]
David (PS107) [4651] It's the same price as the other one, so, presumably it's the same stuff.
Chris (PS05X) [4652] Ah well.
David (PS107) [4653] Yes, yep, [...] .
[4654] It's the B S seventy seven premium, it's very small letters, I don't think it's anything different.

148 (Tape 002618)

Chris (PS05X) [4655] And erm, they've got some new system of a little plastic card, which they stick into the machine each time.
David (PS107) [4656] [...] so they give you a credit.
Chris (PS05X) [4657] It, well it notches up points for Argos.
David (PS107) [4658] Well I bet you [...] .
[4659] Argos [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4660] Oh are they?
David (PS107) [4661] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4662] Oh I see.
David (PS107) [4663] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4664] Yes.
David (PS107) [4665] When you've saved up a card, I don't know how many there are in it you got a pound worth of gifts at
Chris (PS05X) [4666] It ... it's all rather ironic when you think that Argos grew out of Green Shield.
David (PS107) [4667] Yes, yes, that's right.
Chris (PS05X) [4668] It's, it's the same system [...] eventually isn't it?
David (PS107) [4669] It is yes.
[4670] With Green Shield Stamps it's amazing how quickly they went out just like that, didn't they?
Chris (PS05X) [4671] Yes, I believe what did it was Tesco's [...] them out.
David (PS107) [4672] Ah.
Chris (PS05X) [4673] Tesco were the grocery chain and the Green Shield Stamps and it was the kiss of death for Green Shield when they did that.
David (PS107) [4674] Did they pull out?
Chris (PS05X) [4675] They staggered on for a year or two after that, but Tesco's had a big, big change of policy they were no longer high and kick them out cheap, they decided to promote a quality in which stamps did not go for [...] and erm
David (PS107) [4676] You can get Green Shield Stamps again in some garages can't you?
Chris (PS05X) [4677] I don't know.
David (PS107) [4678] I'm sure, I thought the one down the bottom did Green Shield, or is that something else they do?
Chris (PS05X) [4679] I, I don't, that's ahead of us you mean?
David (PS107) [4680] No, just here.
[4681] There it is.
Chris (PS05X) [4682] Yeah, oh really, [...] .
David (PS107) [4683] You'll have that recorded on your er
Chris (PS05X) [4684] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [4685] Any noise.
Chris (PS05X) [4686] I, I pity the poor typist has to transcribe this as and when if it happens, ha, ha she's going to get some very strange noises, including me having a pee and flushing the loo before lunch, what have you, I forgot to switch it off. [laugh]
David (PS107) [4687] So you obviously can't edit it can you, or you shouldn't it'll be pointless
Chris (PS05X) [4688] Well I , I can, I mean if, if somebody erm, objects to the fact that being recorded and let's say erm private business meeting or something in that sense
David (PS107) [4689] Oh, that, that switches off completely?
Chris (PS05X) [4690] That's right.
David (PS107) [4691] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4692] That's right.
David (PS107) [4693] Presumably.
Chris (PS05X) [4694] But if somebody, and they say to you, try, try not to tell people in advance because it inhibits them, I, I'm not at all certain about that, but still, erm
David (PS107) [4695] Some people might object to it.
Chris (PS05X) [4696] But if people object when you tell them afterwards, you're at liberty to erase and, so
David (PS107) [4697] Yes
Chris (PS05X) [4698] on and so forth, so,
David (PS107) [4699] you tend to tell them first?
Chris (PS05X) [4700] Well, not necessarily, sometimes I don't tell them at all or they comment on it and I explain, it's a, but it's only been yesterday and today you see really.
David (PS107) [4701] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4702] They, they asked that it be done on a Friday and a Saturday and that they appeared on Thursday with it, erm, I'm getting on with it.
[4703] [laugh] It was quite entertaining yesterday, today's becoming a bit of a bore because the tapes only last forty five minutes, so you've got to
David (PS107) [4704] Course, yes .
Chris (PS05X) [4705] change, change over and change the tapes and all that sort of thing and erm they give you packets of batteries and your supposed to change the batteries every two to three tapes, every four sides in other words.
[4706] So you're fiddling around with it and that.
David (PS107) [4707] Yes, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4708] It's a proper Sony Walkman.
David (PS107) [4709] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4710] It's certainly good quality recording.
David (PS107) [4711] Mm.
[4712] I've just got it hooked on the mouth here you see.
Chris (PS05X) [4713] Oh it is, yes [...] .
[4714] Make the exercise worthwhile.
David (PS107) [4715] Mm.
[4716] Cos language does change doesn't it?
[4717] I mean
Chris (PS05X) [4718] Very much so, yes.
David (PS107) [4719] words certainly do go out, you forget, when you go to use a word that hasn't been in use sometime and the younger person says to you what does that mean?
Chris (PS05X) [4720] [laugh] Yes indeed. [laugh]
David (PS107) [4721] Words , with the old coinage have completely gon well not completely gone, but they don't have the same meaning do they [...] ?
Chris (PS05X) [4722] I can remember several years ago bringing in a seventeen year old baby sitter to sit with Susannah, and I heard thirty bob.
David (PS107) [4723] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4724] And she said, well what's is it?
[4725] She had not a clue.
David (PS107) [4726] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4727] Not a clue.
David (PS107) [4728] Well I suppose [...] like that it's not worth tuppence really.
Chris (PS05X) [4729] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4730] But they will say two pence these days won't they?
[4731] Not tuppence.
David (PS107) [4732] Yeah, not tuppence .
[4733] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4734] And, and look at you as if you're an old fogey if you say tuppence I expect.
[4735] And do you remember as a child, people used to talk of four and twenty and five and twenty past?
David (PS107) [4736] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4737] That's totally disappeared hasn't it?
David (PS107) [4738] Yes, I, I mean, they talk about twenty past the hour, twenty to four.
Chris (PS05X) [4739] Yes, but instead of twenty five past, they've said five and twenty past
David (PS107) [4740] They did
Chris (PS05X) [4741] quite often.
David (PS107) [4742] yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4743] And eh, curious twist that.
David (PS107) [4744] Yes, I, I think really that's why it's a lot easier to read the time on an analogue display than it is on a digital display.
[4745] You virtually have to read that and register it.
Chris (PS05X) [4746] That's right and the point really is with time, you're not interested that it's two twenty four.
David (PS107) [4747] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4748] You, are, are, am I early ,
David (PS107) [4749] but
Chris (PS05X) [4750] am I on time, am I late ,
David (PS107) [4751] yes
Chris (PS05X) [4752] have I to, how long is it till I'm due, whatever.
David (PS107) [4753] [...] , you glance at your watch and discover that it's not half past isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [4754] That, that's right, you've still got time or you'd better get a move on, it's that sort of reaction that your brain makes isn't it?
David (PS107) [4755] You're not really worried about the time to the last minute, I mean
Chris (PS05X) [4756] No.
David (PS107) [4757] twenty five past is nearer.
Chris (PS05X) [4758] That's right, that's right, I, I tend to keep my watch to the minute if I possibly can, but that's bad habit or really habit from the days when I was catching trains every day, and I'd never caught a train with any time to spare, erm
David (PS107) [4759] Well with [...] watch they don't [...] .
[4760] They don't very much anyway do they?
[4761] Or yours do?
Chris (PS05X) [4762] Mine's a good old fashioned proper mechanical wind up job yes.
David (PS107) [4763] Wind up, yes .
Chris (PS05X) [4764] My father gave it to me for my seventeenth birthday.
David (PS107) [4765] Oh really and you still wear it daily?
Chris (PS05X) [4766] I do indeed, yes, yes, it's the only watch I own, and it's the only watch I've ever had, no, no, that's true, er not true I should say I've got a half hunter.
David (PS107) [4767] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4768] Which eh, if I put this in for cleaning, or [...] .
David (PS107) [4769] That's unusual isn't it, because I always think, I mean I, this is really only about the second watch I've ever had [...] good one.
[4770] First good watch I had was for my twenty first, I've still got, it still goes
Chris (PS05X) [4771] Yes
David (PS107) [4772] quite well.
Chris (PS05X) [4773] yes.
[4774] Well my father was a commercial traveller in jewellery, silver ware
David (PS107) [4775] Oh was he?
Chris (PS05X) [4776] watches , and this is actually one of his samples.
David (PS107) [4777] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4778] And this is a Sotino which is a quality brand in those days, I, I, don't know if it still is, I assume it is, erm, which was not advertised at all, and although the Rolex's and so on in this world have been heavily advertised as they came on the market, Sotino's never really was, so my father had a [...] struggle I suspect selling. [laugh]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4779] Yeah.
David (PS107) [4780] Where do you take it when it needs erm, there aren't that many places are there?
Chris (PS05X) [4781] No there aren't , I had it done last year at erm, oh what's it called, [...] , Sidcup.
David (PS107) [4782] Oh I know.
Chris (PS05X) [4783] Do you know the ?
David (PS107) [4784] Yes, little tiny place
Chris (PS05X) [4785] Beyond the station
David (PS107) [4786] yes ...
Chris (PS05X) [4787] yes tiny little place, and it was, it wasn't totally satisfactory initially in that they erm, they left it with some sort of erm cock up, I couldn't wind it up, there was something wrong with the crown click, or something of the sort, when I got it back, so I had to take it back again, but otherwise they seemed to be people who are well aware of watches in the best sense and eh, he said this is a ... an excellent movement and eh far better than the ones I normally see.
David (PS107) [4788] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4789] Erm, but, I mean it doesn't look very special does it?
[4790] But absolutely everything of course other than the movement changed since I was seventeen.
David (PS107) [4791] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4792] New case, new dial, new hands, new everything.
David (PS107) [4793] Really?
Chris (PS05X) [4794] And, and I suspect that'll be jolly difficult to get that sort of thing done these days.
David (PS107) [4795] I think a new face would be very expensive [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4796] Mm, mm.
[4797] Oh yes, but I, I think as I recall I got it without too, without too much trouble.
[4798] But I mean, going back to the fact it's my one and only watch, I should think Susannah has had eight or ten watches [...] .
David (PS107) [4799] I, I think people must do because the number of them that are sold [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4800] She, she, looks upon them as a thoroughly disposable commodity.
David (PS107) [4801] Yes, yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4802] Five or ten pounds is the price that has to be paid for them and they last six months and they move on to the next, extraordinary approach.
David (PS107) [4803] They use Swatch watches don't you.
Chris (PS05X) [4804] Yes, yes, she's, she's had, she's had one of those and I haven't seen that for a long time.
[4805] She's got some stupid thing at the moment with, with a flip top of Thomas the Tank Engine.
David (PS107) [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [4806] When Stephanie's mother died we found in the bungalow a watch, it must of been given I would of thought to her father probably for his twenty first and I took it to a jewellers in Elton, well that's all he does is watches actually apart from jewellery .
Chris (PS05X) [4807] Yes , yes.
David (PS107) [4808] And eh, he seemed very knowledgeable, I mean we got a job to find him, he hasn't actually got a shop, he's just got a premises.
Chris (PS05X) [4809] Oh yeah.
David (PS107) [4810] It's the place, that if you take your watch into the average shop they take it to him I think.
Chris (PS05X) [4811] I see, yes, yes, oh next time I need one I shall ask you then.
David (PS107) [4812] Yes, he was very knowledgeable, very helpful.
Chris (PS05X) [4813] Mm, Mm.
David (PS107) [4814] Eh ...
Chris (PS05X) [4815] Yes in somewhere like that it's not a place you leave your
David (PS107) [4816] Oh
Chris (PS05X) [4817] watch in confidence is it?
David (PS107) [4818] gosh, no, I mean all they do now these days is sell them, they don't repair them.
Chris (PS05X) [4819] That's right, that's right, yes ...
David (PS107) [4820] that's a slight, mistake to call them jewellers, cos they're not really, that at all are they?
Chris (PS05X) [4821] Yes, yes, I know [...] even, even Ratner himself called them tat or
David (PS107) [4822] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4823] crap or something didn't he?
David (PS107) [4824] He did that to get publicity, cos in fact they found that it wasn't eh, rubbish he was selling in there.
Chris (PS05X) [4825] Well it, it, at least it's gold, I mean, I, I, I was in the jewellery trade when I first left school, between school and national service I worked at a manufacturing jewellers in Birmingham and I've never really gone along with the idea that nine carat is actually gold.
[4826] If something is only three eights
David (PS107) [4827] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4828] gold, how can you call it gold?
David (PS107) [4829] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4830] The essence of [...] is copper alloy, it's got more than fifty percent copper in it.
David (PS107) [4831] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4832] That's the way I always thought, and if it's only got thirty seven and a half percent of gold in it, how on earth can you call it gold?
David (PS107) [4833] So nine carat is only
Chris (PS05X) [4834] It's nine twenty fourths.
[4835] Pure gold is twenty four carat.
David (PS107) [4836] Ah, yes of course it is.
Chris (PS05X) [4837] So you get nine carat which is thirty seven and a half, eighteen carat which is seventy five percent and twenty two which is, ha, ha, ha, whatever it is.
David (PS107) [4838] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4839] A little over ninety per cent I suppose, and erm, I'm not sure if you got fourteen or fifteen carat, so fourteen I think is used with the continental standard and the lowest continental standard now are fifteen used to be our inbetween standard, very rarely used.
David (PS107) [4840] But nine and eighteen are the most common in this country?
Chris (PS05X) [4841] Yes, they are, yes, definitely.
David (PS107) [4842] The trouble is the more you get, the more, is the softer is the jewellery.
Chris (PS05X) [4843] That's, that's true, eh, I mean the alloy in the other ones have to be quite crafty when you get up to twenty two carat for example and eh, very eh, eh, large chunk of gold in it, and it can indeed be very soft, but then you see that's an eighteen carat ring that I've had for, worn, all the time for twenty four years
David (PS107) [4844] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4845] and it really was pretty much like that when I had it, so eh, it's probably a bit more rounded than it was.
David (PS107) [4846] Yes, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4847] So they, they do last.
David (PS107) [4848] Yeah.
[4849] Oh, yes, because rings come in to quite a bit of wear don't they?
Chris (PS05X) [4850] Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, no with doubt.
[4851] I had one repaired for Susannah, it had been left to her by an aunt and she had managed to smash it against a [...] post or something and broke the shank and knocked out one of the erm, stones, so on and so forth, and eh, together with some repairs on a charm bracelet I had to pay thirty seven pounds for the whole jolly lot. [laugh]
David (PS107) [4852] Did you really, yes, yes.
[4853] But it's, I think when you look at the cost of labour [...] these days, it's not surprising any sort of repairs are expensive.
Chris (PS05X) [4854] It's very true.
David (PS107) [4855] They've got to pay for the premises
Chris (PS05X) [4856] Yes
David (PS107) [4857] and eh
Chris (PS05X) [4858] yes, absolutely.
David (PS107) [4859] It's a fairly, well it is a skilled trade isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [4860] And I took it to the people up on Royal Parade, who are constantly having burglaries, no, that's that's true, they have had several quite chunky burglaries
David (PS107) [4861] Mm.
Chris (PS05X) [4862] and erm, eh, they have [...] must be absolutely horrific, you have to pay for all that sort of thing don't you?
David (PS107) [4863] Yes of course you do, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4864] It doesn't work on Saturdays eh?
David (PS107) [4865] It doesn't work at all at the moment.
Chris (PS05X) [4866] Oh really.
David (PS107) [4867] [...] I don't think.
Chris (PS05X) [4868] I see, yes, it's not the most stimulating job in the world is it?
David (PS107) [4869] No.
[4870] [laugh] Stretch your money in small amounts like that.
[4871] [...] prepared to do it, there's quite a few cars [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4872] Yes.
David (PS107) [4873] I suspect that more people use it cos you don't have to pay.
[4874] It's not paying it's the hold up isn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [4875] That's right, that's right, the irritated.
David (PS107) [4876] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4877] Gets on with it.
[4878] Yes that's quite something isn't it, did you see that in the gate of the college, a security man?
David (PS107) [4879] Yes, yes.

149 (Tape 002619)

Chris (PS05X) [4880] There's something I must do over here is go Govidge Gallery.
[4881] I have never set foot in it.
David (PS107) [4882] No I haven't, no.
Chris (PS05X) [4883] And it, it's supposed to have some splendid pictures, a very fine collection indeed.
David (PS107) [4884] It is, yes, yes .
[4885] We ... we played poker games in Dulwich College last year.
Chris (PS05X) [4886] Oh yes.
David (PS107) [4887] Erm, well it was a match actually eh, that the, Bromley organised, she said she was keen on [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4888] Are we in, Bromley still here?
David (PS107) [4889] No this is Dulwich.
Chris (PS05X) [4890] Dulwich which is Suffolk or
David (PS107) [4891] Yes, it must be.
Chris (PS05X) [4892] Suffolk own a big place Bell, Bell something or other in the next road here don't they?
David (PS107) [4893] Do they?
Chris (PS05X) [4894] A great big old country house.
David (PS107) [4895] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [4896] And it's, it's a big garden [...] .
David (PS107) [4897] No, we, we, played in Bromley itself.
Chris (PS05X) [4898] Did you?
David (PS107) [4899] Yes
Chris (PS05X) [4900] Yes
David (PS107) [4901] I think the only reason they all, they, well it was her team against us, eh they
Chris (PS05X) [4902] Oh I see.
David (PS107) [4903] I think the only people which sides with masters from Dulwich College
Chris (PS05X) [4904] I see, yes.
David (PS107) [4905] cos they play croquet there.
Chris (PS05X) [4906] They have their own.
David (PS107) [4907] They have their own pitch.
Chris (PS05X) [4908] Pitch, is pitch the right word?
David (PS107) [4909] Er lawn.
Chris (PS05X) [4910] Lawn, right.
David (PS107) [4911] Needless to say that neither of them
Chris (PS05X) [4912] Good. [laugh]
David (PS107) [4913] But she's very nice [...] I think she goes through till about June.
Chris (PS05X) [4914] Oh yes, it's not Doreen still is it?
[4915] The, the [...] lady.
David (PS107) [4916] No, no, I can't remember her name,rath ... rather an attractive lady I thought, very pleasant.
Chris (PS05X) [4917] Yes I'm certain this is the road that Carlos used to live in.
David (PS107) [4918] It's a very nice road, I mean some very nice houses.
Chris (PS05X) [4919] Very pleasant road, yes .
[4920] Yes.
David (PS107) [4921] I think it's [...] club just here somewhere.
[4922] Steven .
Chris (PS05X) [4923] Which club, sorry?
David (PS107) [4924] The croquet club.
Chris (PS05X) [4925] Oh right ...
David (PS107) [4926] I don't know whether there'll be any [...] playing there.
Chris (PS05X) [4927] People might get down later, really.
David (PS107) [4928] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4929] Do you tend to book the lawn or eh
David (PS107) [4930] No, never.
Chris (PS05X) [4931] just turn up, whatever, see what happens?
David (PS107) [4932] Well he needs to know when there's a match on, otherwise you wouldn't get a game.
Chris (PS05X) [4933] Quite.
David (PS107) [4934] Just hope there's not one on today, but I'm pretty sure there isn't.
Chris (PS05X) [4935] Mm, mm ...
David (PS107) [4936] This is Dulwich Sports Club.
Chris (PS05X) [4937] I see ...
David (PS107) [4938] It's not that far.
Chris (PS05X) [4939] No, no.
David (PS107) [4940] It's about twenty minutes.
Chris (PS05X) [4941] Surely, yes.
David (PS107) [4942] Very convenient for me in the evenings, if I want to stop off, have a [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4943] Very pleasant way to unwind , I would think.
David (PS107) [4944] Oh it is, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [4945] How long does a game take, as a general rule David?
David (PS107) [4946] Ah, maybe it's about three hours.
Chris (PS05X) [4947] Gosh, [laugh] , oh, it's a kind of golf then isn't it?
David (PS107) [4948] Er, yes, very much so, I think that, to some extent, depending on the standard of the players.
Chris (PS05X) [4949] Yes.
David (PS107) [4950] And how well one can play.
Chris (PS05X) [4951] Yes, fair enough.

150 (Tape 002620)

Chris (PS05X) [4952] Friend of mine, I had a beer with in the week, showed me his new car, and he said the big irritation is it doesn't centrally lock [laugh] , having been used to it.
David (PS107) [4953] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [4954] He eh, [...] .
[4955] Don't have [...] .
David (PS107) [4956] No that's erm, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4957] Oh yes.
David (PS107) [4958] [...] used to make bowls off, because they got too expensive.
Chris (PS05X) [4959] Oh yes, aha.
David (PS107) [4960] [...] , those dents [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4961] Yes, [...] .
David (PS107) [4962] The ideal weight for [...] is about three pounds.
Chris (PS05X) [4963] Oh I see, yes, yes and what's the facing on it?
David (PS107) [4964] Well I've had to have it faced with nine on, because in the end, it, even with [...] it gets erm, damaged.
Chris (PS05X) [4965] Aha, yes.
David (PS107) [4966] We've got two lawns, that, that, this one's a bit smaller, but it's about [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [4967] That's about the right size.
David (PS107) [4968] Yes, yes, eh, I just see, come with me.
Chris (PS05X) [4969] Thank you.
[4970] I'll get it right.

151 (Tape 002621)

Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [4971] Hello, hello.
David (PS107) [4972] Hello, how are you?
[4973] Hello, Chris has come down to see what croquet is all about.
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [4974] Oh really, hello, hello.
Chris (PS05X) [4975] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [4976] Somebody who pretends to like it.
Chris (PS05X) [4977] Yes, so I've gathered yes, yes. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [4978] Playing at it, playing at it, [laugh] we're [...] struggling.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [4979] Is there erm, a club manager in there [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBKPSUNK) [4980] No.
Chris (PS05X) [4981] [...] buildings David.
[4982] [laugh] wonderful.
[4983] How splendid.
David (PS107) [4984] Two, two colours ball, that's primary coloured.
Chris (PS05X) [4985] Right.
David (PS107) [4986] [...] colours, that means you can double bank on the lawn, you can have two games going on at once.
Chris (PS05X) [4987] Oh I see, that's crafty, yes, yes ...
David (PS107) [4988] I'll take the best one.
Chris (PS05X) [4989] What's the significance of the black tip?
David (PS107) [4990] Just to put the clips on them.
Chris (PS05X) [4991] Oh I see, yes, yeah.
David (PS107) [...] ...
Chris (PS05X) [4992] Members leave their mallets here as often as not do they?
David (PS107) [4993] Yes, they do.
[4994] I don't tend to.
[4995] [...] because I might want to play somewhere else anyway get caught, I just tend to leave it in the car.
Chris (PS05X) [4996] Absolutely, yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4997] Oh thank you.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [4998] Yes.
[4999] Oh yes, there's a good weight in that head isn't there?
David (PS107) [5000] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [5001] Sorry what [...] say about three pounds?
David (PS107) [5002] Three pounds is [...] goes all weekend.
Chris (PS05X) [5003] Right.

152 (Tape 002622)

David (PS107) [5004] What I'll do to pick it up [...] play a game, probably play a game later [...] .
[5005] Get used to those shots, right.
Chris (PS05X) [5006] Oh.
David (PS107) [5007] Problem is when you're demonstrating is you tend to do things wrong [...] [laugh]
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [5008] I mean, you should be able to [...] have an awful lot of gap.
Chris (PS05X) [5009] They don't do they, no.
David (PS107) [5010] [...] about an eighth in size.
[5011] Yes, this standard is alright, but the championship would be about a sixteen.
[5012] Though what you should do is, is, just walk up to the ball, that line through there.
Chris (PS05X) [5013] Oh right.
David (PS107) [5014] It enables you to line that up.
Chris (PS05X) [5015] It's, it's a sight.
[5016] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5017] It's fairly important that as, when you walk up to the ball you're body is in line with, where you want to be.
Chris (PS05X) [5018] Right, right.
David (PS107) [5019] And then, as you walk up, you really should sort of almost end in the ideal place and then having lined up the shot, put it through like that.
Chris (PS05X) [5020] Right and it's anticipated that you will strike the erm, the hoop in the process.
David (PS107) [5021] Yes, yes, there's no harm in that, I mean it would be nice to go through cleanly, but
Chris (PS05X) [5022] Right , yes.
David (PS107) [5023] How you hold the mallet is really up to you, eh there are many different ways, you can hold it like that, you can hold it down there, up there
Chris (PS05X) [5024] Oh.
David (PS107) [5025] like that, just a, however you feel comfortable.
Chris (PS05X) [5026] It's, it's a question of control and movement.
David (PS107) [5027] You'll find it [...] , the better [...] I don't rank much but, tend, tend, to, to, just do that and it'll go through.
Chris (PS05X) [5028] Yes, yes.
[5029] You tend to let the mallet do the work rather than
David (PS107) [5030] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5031] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5032] [...] quite the height.
Chris (PS05X) [5033] Right.
David (PS107) [5034] [...] same sort of height as me, and surely [...] .
[5035] Anyway just, just try that.
Chris (PS05X) [5036] Yes.
David (PS107) [5037] [...] .
[5038] Obviously taking a bit harder.
Chris (PS05X) [5039] Right, yes.
David (PS107) [5040] Can you see, that ball weighs about a pound, so gotta be able to
Chris (PS05X) [5041] Yeah, right, right.
David (PS107) [5042] You take a bit of force.
Chris (PS05X) [5043] Yes, yes, quite.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5044] Yes, yes, I, yes I take your point.
David (PS107) [5045] [...] .
[5046] If you're going to approach the [...] that's the striker's move.
Chris (PS05X) [5047] I see.
David (PS107) [5048] That [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5049] Right.
David (PS107) [5050] So you'll try and just get the back a little, lean perhaps a little bit over towards there, like that, erm, [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5051] Right.
David (PS107) [5052] Then if you want blue to go the other side of the hoop and black to go here say, to [...] the black won't go quite so far and the blue will [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5053] Right, so that you'll do a clean run through.
David (PS107) [5054] Then you can [...] that ball again.
Chris (PS05X) [5055] Right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5056] Right.
[5057] Then you've got a continuation shot.
David (PS107) [5058] Having run [...] you've got another continuation shot.
Chris (PS05X) [5059] Right.
David (PS107) [5060] You then take [...] , that's how you would progress through the hoop.
Chris (PS05X) [5061] Right, right, and you'll use an opponent's ball normally or any ball?
David (PS107) [5062] When you're [...] , until you're in danger of breaking down, I mean breaking down would be when you'd approach the hoop like that and you realize you can't run it.
Chris (PS05X) [5063] Yes.
David (PS107) [5064] And you've got your opponent's ball the other side of the hoop, and the blue ball's over there somewhere, so you obviously wouldn't try and run the hoop, you'll just join back up with your partner's ball.
Chris (PS05X) [5065] To scupper the opposition.
David (PS107) [5066] Well he, he [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5067] To give him nothing to play with.
[5068] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5069] Erm, no, I mean, ideally you'll make the break if you have another ball [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5070] Right.
David (PS107) [5071] Having made the two, comes through to there, you just having clear of the metal work, you put, this is a three foot [...] , just not in it at the moment [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5072] Right.
David (PS107) [5073] You'd want to put that yellow ball up on your next hoop and [...] and get black somewhere near the blue, so then you can run that [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5074] I see, yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5075] Something like that, it's not very good. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5076] Yes, oh yes.
David (PS107) [5077] [...] .
[5078] The trouble is with demonstrating is talking as well as.
Chris (PS05X) [5079] No, no, no problem.
David (PS107) [5080] [...] .
[5081] I need to get that, just that little bit further this time
Chris (PS05X) [5082] Right, right.
David (PS107) [5083] round the hoop, well that [...] should come back up.
[5084] [...] , like to come back up onto the yard line.
Chris (PS05X) [5085] I see, now what about the red?
David (PS107) [5086] Well.
Chris (PS05X) [5087] We ignore that as we're not actually playing.
David (PS107) [5088] [...] .
[5089] Ideally that would be in the middle there somewhere as a pivot.
Chris (PS05X) [5090] Right.
David (PS107) [5091] To, you've gone through the hoop, so [...] , you've pushed so [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5092] Oh so it's not a straightforward round the outside, and up the middle [...] ?
David (PS107) [5093] Oh you have to got there in a minute.
Chris (PS05X) [5094] Yes, I see.
David (PS107) [5095] We're putting red, we're putting blue on the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5096] Oh I see, I see, yes.
David (PS107) [5097] I'm just going up near red ourselves.
Chris (PS05X) [5098] Yes.
David (PS107) [5099] That's a bit better.
Chris (PS05X) [5100] Yes, smashing.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [...]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5101] Right, so long as we then strike yellow, we can put it in.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5102] Move forward onto the hoop.
David (PS107) [5103] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [5104] Right.
David (PS107) [5105] Doesn't matter if yellow goes off.
[5106] Doesn't matter if the ball goes off in the [...] , or when you're running a hoop, it just comes back up.
Chris (PS05X) [5107] Right.
David (PS107) [5108] But at any other time it's the end of your turn.
Chris (PS05X) [5109] Right.
David (PS107) [5110] Now we've got, this is a roll shot, [...] , and we want the yellow to go beyond and the black to stop just in front of of the hoop.
Chris (PS05X) [5111] Right.
David (PS107) [5112] Oh.
Chris (PS05X) [5113] Does that matter?
David (PS107) [5114] [...] .
[5115] Should be able to get through there.
[5116] Secret here is to miss that.
Chris (PS05X) [5117] Yes.
David (PS107) [5118] If you miss that, it's got to go through.
Chris (PS05X) [5119] Yep.
David (PS107) [5120] Well, if you put a, just hit it down a little bit, I got, probably won't get through, but if you hit it down a little bit to give it a bit of spin it might carry it through.
[5121] very nearly didn't it?
Chris (PS05X) [5122] Mm.
David (PS107) [5123] You see it?
Chris (PS05X) [5124] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5125] If it had been spinning a bit more, it would of kept on.
Chris (PS05X) [5126] Yep, yep.
David (PS107) [5127] Let's just assume that we've hit that, erm that would have been
Chris (PS05X) [5128] That would have
David (PS107) [5129] that would have been the end of my turn.
Chris (PS05X) [5130] Oh would it?
[5131] No, it's got, it's got to be cleanly through, right, fine.
David (PS107) [5132] This side.
Chris (PS05X) [5133] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5134] So what you see people doing is this, oh no, you shouldn't do that.
Chris (PS05X) [5135] Aha.
David (PS107) [5136] I say to you, well I mean I say to you it's not through, that's accepted.
Chris (PS05X) [5137] Yes.
David (PS107) [5138] If I say to you do you think that's through
Chris (PS05X) [5139] Yes, yes, very questionable, well it's, it's
David (PS107) [5140] [...] they say to me, yes that's through, it's O K, so that's it you don't have to
Chris (PS05X) [5141] Right, right.
David (PS107) [5142] I think really if you're doing that, you should ask somebody else to come and
Chris (PS05X) [5143] Yes.
David (PS107) [5144] But once you do that, soon as you put your mallet against the hoop, you push the hoop if it's loose forward anyway
Chris (PS05X) [5145] Yes, indeed you have, yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5146] and eh, you've obviously dislodged the situation where somebody else should argue perhaps, [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5147] Yes yes, yes, that's right yes.
David (PS107) [5148] But if, if I say to you no I'm sorry Chris that's through
Chris (PS05X) [5149] Mm, mm.
David (PS107) [5150] then you would have to accept it, cos it's really the person who's in play who's the referee.
Chris (PS05X) [5151] Yes right , I see.
David (PS107) [5152] In a certain and friendly way.
Chris (PS05X) [5153] Yes , yes indeed, yes, fine.
David (PS107) [5154] I mean, I, I would say, almost certain that's not true is it?
Chris (PS05X) [5155] I, I can just see a touch of the black.
David (PS107) [5156] That's right, it's not through, I mean we both agree it's not through
Chris (PS05X) [5157] Mm quite, quite, yes.
David (PS107) [5158] but you'll see players who, I mean, I mean, did it the other day when I was playing and she did this, oh yes, she [...] I said you've moved it, I thoroughly accepted it wasn't through, you shouldn't do that.
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [5159] How can, how can you possibly put that ball back where it was ?
Chris (PS05X) [5160] Yes, absolutely , yes.
David (PS107) [5161] Yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [5162] Yes.
David (PS107) [5163] You can see it wasn't through, we both agreed it.
Chris (PS05X) [5164] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5165] [...] .
[5166] Erm, push that yellow down, [...] , erm, so let push it down there, ah, not hard enough, because the black should have gone nearer to the red.
Chris (PS05X) [5167] Yes.
David (PS107) [5168] And then [...] red down to blue [...] all the way round.
Chris (PS05X) [5169] I see, yes.
David (PS107) [5170] Very [laugh]

153 (Tape 002701)

Chris (PS05X) [5171] So long as you ke ... keep me on the straight and narrow at the same time really.
David (PS107) [5172] Oh, oh, I'll tell you when you [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5173] Yeah, thank you.
[5174] Why do you actually need the white sticks to a mark up
David (PS107) [5175] [...] , out there when you take a free shot, [...] .
[5176] A nine. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5177] I see, yeah, yeah.
David (PS107) [5178] Mm [...] .
[5179] Yes, problem with, a problem really is they don't [...] .
[5180] Probably win anyway.
Chris (PS05X) [5181] Right.
David (PS107) [5182] It's not prospective, but eh
Chris (PS05X) [5183] No, no.
David (PS107) [5184] You don't, you don't break out so many times.
Chris (PS05X) [5185] I really haven't got a clue yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5186] But I've got [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5187] Make a guess, I, I, got the message.
[5188] Yes, right.

154 (Tape 002702)

Chris (PS05X) [5189] Yes, that's the, that's the sort of problem I'm in for isn't it?
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5190] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]

155 (Tape 002703)

David (PS107) [5191] You know probably make it a bit easier, but it's not.
[5192] [...] if you watch them people over there.
Chris (PS05X) [...]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5193] Really, well what'll you call this croquet?
David (PS107) [5194] Croquet Association.
Chris (PS05X) [5195] Association.
David (PS107) [5196] Eh, I don't think [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5197] And they've got two matches going on together have they, they're, they've different colour balls?
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5198] Oh I see.
David (PS107) [5199] She can't even get the hang of it.
[5200] [...] arrangements.
Chris (PS05X) [5201] Ah.
David (PS107) [5202] Oh well, let's have a game.
Chris (PS05X) [5203] Yes.
David (PS107) [5204] Let's see how we get on.
Chris (PS05X) [5205] Yes please.
David (PS107) [5206] [...] .
[5207] You got to have, got to to keep [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5208] Yes [...] .
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5209] Right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [5210] That has been caught [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [5211] Taking the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5212] Yeah, sorry, I was miles away, I'd lost anyway mentally, I mentally I lost.
David (PS107) [5213] Did you?
Chris (PS05X) [5214] Yes, yes.
David (PS107) [5215] Now I had the choice of going first, [...] , so if I choose to go first then you can choose the colours. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5216] Right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5217] Occasionally you're forced into the other then you'll, then you'll, down aren't you?
David (PS107) [5218] Of course you are, you'll just [...] .
[5219] Erm, as of one, I think [...] first.
Chris (PS05X) [5220] Good.
David (PS107) [5221] Erm.
[5222] [...] . During this first hit it's important to get the speed of the lawn, try and judge where you want the ball to end up to.
Chris (PS05X) [5223] Right , right, [...] .
David (PS107) [5224] [...] .
[5225] That's what I was trying to do, I don't mind if it goes off
Chris (PS05X) [5226] You, oh, right.
David (PS107) [5227] cos I don't think, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5228] Right, right, that was your object to get it as far away from the competition as possible really.
David (PS107) [5229] Well, yeah, [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5230] Yes.
David (PS107) [5231] Erm, try and get it stop near the [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5232] I see, I see what you mean, yes, yes, yes, yes, yep got you.
David (PS107) [5233] Eh, you can start a game anywhere on this foot ... foot-line which is called the [...] line, [...] .
[5234] One up there.
Chris (PS05X) [5235] Right.
David (PS107) [5236] So you, you would normally start here.
Chris (PS05X) [5237] Yeah.
David (PS107) [5238] Which [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5239] Yeah.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5240] Right, yep, O K.
[5241] Rather over muscled, control it better yes.
David (PS107) [5242] [...] joining up at my thumb.
Chris (PS05X) [5243] Right.
David (PS107) [5244] Erm [...] quite some distance.
Chris (PS05X) [5245] Quite.
David (PS107) [5246] Cos I wrote, you know that I [...] , be very lucky to make it.
Chris (PS05X) [5247] Absolutely, yes.
David (PS107) [5248] Especially at the beginning of the game.
Chris (PS05X) [5249] Yep.
David (PS107) [5250] [...] and eh, [...] ... Ball goes [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5251] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5252] Yeah.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5253] Right.
David (PS107) [5254] [...] can't see, can't remember what the are balls behind or wha ... where they are.
Chris (PS05X) [5255] Yes, fine.
David (PS107) [5256] So ... just be a touching ball.
Chris (PS05X) [5257] Yes it is.
David (PS107) [5258] Move over to the blue.
Chris (PS05X) [5259] Yes.
David (PS107) [5260] And you [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5261] Right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5262] Yes.
David (PS107) [5263] [...] .
[5264] Yes, you can see when the ball goes off, then [...] you'll end up in the far corner.
Chris (PS05X) [5265] Right, right.
David (PS107) [5266] Oh hold on, you've got, you've got a [...] , you could have a shot at those [...] , but I think at this stage of the game, it'll be best if you did have a shot at the yellow.
Chris (PS05X) [5267] Right.
[5268] So it, would, would give me some aggression then would it?
David (PS107) [5269] If you hit it, yes.
Chris (PS05X) [5270] [laugh] yes, a very good point ... [hits ball] , ah.
David (PS107) [5271] Not bad, I mean [...] like that.
[5272] You need to watch where that goes off, almost certainly [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5273] Yeah.
David (PS107) [5274] comes up a yard [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5275] Right.

156 (Tape 002704)

David (PS107) [5276] Your balls are well separated, [...] I mean, the best I can do is [...] take off the yellow, then I can make the [...] .
[5277] Put it on the one we're going to go through, or the one we've been through?
Chris (PS05X) [...]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5278] Oh I see, normally [...] .
[5279] Right.

157 (Tape 002705)

Chris (PS05X) [5280] I see right.
David (PS107) [5281] [...] .
[5282] When you start is to do a thing, put that mallet down like that and then line up the which you need to go.
Chris (PS05X) [5283] I see.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5284] Yes.
David (PS107) [5285] The other ball contact, must be a contact there.
Chris (PS05X) [5286] Yes.
David (PS107) [5287] Just about enough [...] the red from [...] .
[5288] Now that yellow, that blue ball must move
Chris (PS05X) [5289] Right.
David (PS107) [5290] otherwise it's fault.
[5291] Now where that centre of that V is [...] where the black ball will go.
Chris (PS05X) [5292] Right.
[5293] Got you.
David (PS107) [5294] I, I don't tend to do it like that at all, I do [hits ball] [...] it very nearly go, it's on the wrong side unfortunately. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5295] Yes, yes, it, it did curl with the grass didn't it?
David (PS107) [5296] Yes. [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5297] Right.
[5298] What you didn't want to do in that case, no
David (PS107) [5299] No . [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5300] Yes indeed.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5301] Right.
David (PS107) [5302] You can [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5303] Yes, I see.
David (PS107) [5304] So it doesn't matter if this ball goes off.
[5305] [hits ball] Moving slightly the wrong way.
Chris (PS05X) [5306] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5307] Yes.
David (PS107) [5308] [...] , where, where you want the ball to come back.
Chris (PS05X) [5309] I understand, yes, yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5310] Right.
David (PS107) [5311] And there's no benefit of having a row [...] as you had before.
Chris (PS05X) [5312] Right.
David (PS107) [5313] [...] .
[5314] The black would of come up about there.
Chris (PS05X) [5315] Yes.
David (PS107) [5316] Which would've enabled me to rush, [...] up there, but I didn't.
Chris (PS05X) [5317] Right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5318] Right.
[5319] O K
David (PS107) [5320] Right now you come out [...] or go up to red.
[5321] I think I would just go up to red
Chris (PS05X) [5322] Yes.
David (PS107) [5323] till you've got the feel of it, I [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5324] Right, fine.
David (PS107) [5325] And the object is to hit red.
Chris (PS05X) [5326] Yes, quite, quite, it's, it's intriguing because it's so un ... so different to what I had in mind.
[5327] [laugh] [hits ball] Eh that was strange stuff ...

158 (Tape 002706)

David (PS107) [5328] If I can get it up
Chris (PS05X) [5329] Right.
[5330] Would it have been better if it had not been a corner ball?
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5331] The other side, aha.
David (PS107) [5332] What goes [...] one, two, three, [...] three would be very nice.
Chris (PS05X) [5333] Fine.
David (PS107) [5334] Oh, I've got a [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5335] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5336] Yep.
David (PS107) [5337] In great danger when you do it with a [...] cos the other ball [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [laugh]
David (PS107) [5338] You're not aiming a [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5339] Yes. [hits ball]
David (PS107) [5340] That's quite nice [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5341] Yeah, yeah.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5342] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5343] Yes you have.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5344] Oh I see, you can start in that hoop as well can you?
David (PS107) [5345] No, I want to go down there.
Chris (PS05X) [5346] No, no, you still want to get back down there.
David (PS107) [5347] Oh yeah.
Chris (PS05X) [5348] Even though you start from that corner, you can't go through that hoop.
David (PS107) [5349] Oh no [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5350] The hoop on the opposite side first time, right, I see.

159 (Tape 002707)

David (PS107) [5351] That's not bad.
Chris (PS05X) [5352] No, that's pretty good.
David (PS107) [5353] It doesn't matter where [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5354] No, I need blue at this stage, yellow you need now.
David (PS107) [5355] Or indeed, one, even if, even if the yellow goes off [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5356] O K.
David (PS107) [5357] [...] . [hits ball]
Chris (PS05X) [5358] Smashing.
David (PS107) [5359] Well, [...] a bit better [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5360] Yes.
David (PS107) [5361] The rest was [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5362] No, no, [sniff] the red's not terribly helpful to you at the moment.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5363] Yes, yes, yes. [hits ball]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5364] Right. [hits ball]
David (PS107) [5365] [...] curled round [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5366] Yes.
David (PS107) [5367] Erm
Chris (PS05X) [5368] That was erm
David (PS107) [5369] You've got to move this ball
Chris (PS05X) [5370] O K.
David (PS107) [5371] cos if you don't, I shall just [...] your black to a take on
Chris (PS05X) [5372] Yes.
David (PS107) [5373] and I've got a ball in my hoop.
Chris (PS05X) [5374] I see.
David (PS107) [5375] That's the ball you've got to [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5376] Yes, fine.
David (PS107) [5377] You can have a shot at red, you can do that, then I will do exactly what I did just now.
Chris (PS05X) [5378] Yes.
David (PS107) [5379] Try and eh, I shall, probably get it even better, mind, most people would have a shot at those two I think
Chris (PS05X) [5380] Yes, O K.
David (PS107) [5381] cos you're not giving very much away.
Chris (PS05X) [5382] Right.
David (PS107) [5383] The other alternative is just to go off in that corner over there.
[5384] It's very negative.
Chris (PS05X) [5385] Well, I yes, yes, I [laugh] doesn't appeal to me at all. [laugh]
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5386] Yes, right.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5387] Move, move, move it out, right.
[5388] Right I shall go for the blue, well actually, [...] black, black is better cos blue went squiffy.
David (PS107) [5389] Well [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5390] Yes that's true.
[5391] Ah.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5392] Right, right yes.

160 (Tape 002708)

David (PS107) [5393] Eh, you can see where the [...] was there.
Chris (PS05X) [5394] Yep.
David (PS107) [5395] Probably somewhere round here, must be.
Chris (PS05X) [5396] Other side? [...] .
David (PS107) [5397] Got to be this side.
Chris (PS05X) [5398] Right.
[5399] Fine.
David (PS107) [5400] Not a very accurate [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5401] No.
David (PS107) [5402] [...] .
[5403] One of the problems was really was [...] .
Chris (PS05X) [5404] Yes.
David (PS107) [...]
Chris (PS05X) [5405] Yep.
David (PS107) [5406] I've already [...] so I've had it.
Chris (PS05X) [5407] Oh bad luck.
David (PS107) [5408] Yes.
Chris (PS05X) [5409] Yes.
David (PS107)