40 conversations recorded by `Cherrilyn' (PS06A) between 21 and 26 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 5508 s-units, 27294 words (duration not recorded).

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 115

PS06A Ag3 f (Cherrilyn, age 43, nursing auxiliary, Lower South-west England, )
PS06B Ag0 f (Jessica, age 13, student (state secondary), Lower South-west England, ) daughter
PS06C X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS06D Ag1 f (Sophie, age 21, student, Lower South-west England, ) daughter
PS06E Ag0 f (Kate, age 12, student, Lower South-west England, ) friend
PS06F Ag3 m (Brian, age 43, mortgage broker, Lower South-west England, ) husband
PS06G Ag2 f (Fiona, age 33, matron of nursing home, Central South-west England, ) colleague
PS06H Ag1 f (Lorraine, age 16, care assistant, Home Counties, ) colleague
PS06J Ag5 m (No name, age 70, Lower South-west England, ) stranger
KBLPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBLPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

40 recordings

  1. Tape 040301 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  2. Tape 040302 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  3. Tape 040304 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  4. Tape 040307 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  5. Tape 040309 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  6. Tape 040401 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  7. Tape 040402 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  8. Tape 040403 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: cooking
  9. Tape 040404 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  10. Tape 040405 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  11. Tape 040406 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  12. Tape 040407 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: lunchtime
  13. Tape 040408 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: lunchtime
  14. Tape 040409 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: talking with friend
  15. Tape 040410 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: supper time
  16. Tape 040411 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: supper time
  17. Tape 040501 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  18. Tape 040502 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  19. Tape 040503 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  20. Tape 040505 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: lunchtime
  21. Tape 040506 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( out ) Activity: shopping
  22. Tape 040507 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( station ) Activity: waiting for a train
  23. Tape 040508 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: lunch time
  24. Tape 040509 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: lunch time
  25. Tape 040510 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  26. Tape 040511 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  27. Tape 040512 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  28. Tape 040513 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  29. Tape 040514 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  30. Tape 040515 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  31. Tape 040516 recorded on 1992-02-23. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: breakfast
  32. Tape 040601 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: ironing
  33. Tape 040602 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: ironing
  34. Tape 040603 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: ironing
  35. Tape 040604 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: ironing
  36. Tape 040605 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at home ) Activity: television on in background
  37. Tape 040606 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  38. Tape 040607 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  39. Tape 040608 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home
  40. Tape 040609 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: in nursing home

1 (Tape 040301)

Sophie (PS06D) [1] Hello Jack, Hello Jack, aha, what's the matter?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2] Jean never put any thing away, she always says I'm going to do it, she's for ever saying oh
Sophie (PS06D) [3] what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4] I've put it all away, from a
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5] she took out, she said I've put them away
Sophie (PS06D) [6] oh she never does any thing does she?
Jessica (PS06B) [7] Mum that was Rach, I, I have to be at her house at seven o'clock, Thursday
Sophie (PS06D) [8] In the morning?
Jessica (PS06B) [9] evening
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [10] next Thursday
Jessica (PS06B) [11] next Thursday
Sophie (PS06D) [12] yeah
Jessica (PS06B) [13] er at three fifty, oh can't I go up with
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [14] shut up and no
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [15] alright, okay alright, I was only asking
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [16] what's that?
Jessica (PS06B) [17] okay, I was only asking
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [18] where you going ice skating?
Jessica (PS06B) [19] Plymouth Pavilion
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [20] yeah
Sophie (PS06D) [21] how are you going to get back?
Jessica (PS06B) [22] er, will dad pick me up?
Sophie (PS06D) [23] what from Plymouth Pavilion?
Jessica (PS06B) [24] no from Christo
Sophie (PS06D) [25] Christo
Jessica (PS06B) [26] Christo Christo
Sophie (PS06D) [27] oh god he, he won't like that
Jessica (PS06B) [28] tough
Sophie (PS06D) [29] when?
Jessica (PS06B) [30] Thursday
Sophie (PS06D) [31] what time?
Jessica (PS06B) [32] I dunno
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [33] time yet
Sophie (PS06D) [34] god it'll be hellish late
Jessica (PS06B) [35] I know
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [36] because daddy works late you see and I very much daddy would want to go all the way over to Christo
Jessica (PS06B) [37] well that, what, he works late, how am I supposed to get out there then?
Sophie (PS06D) [38] well I'll shall have to take you out there won't I?
[39] ... Christo in that car in the dark ... he can't work late, I can't get you over there in that car.
[40] Don't do that, look its stuck right up now look ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Sophie (PS06D) [41] I had to turn it off
Jessica (PS06B) [42] why?
Sophie (PS06D) [43] earlier on
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [44] cos of that Rupert
Sophie (PS06D) [45] because Rupert was shrieking like a medlo maniac its like
Jessica (PS06B) [46] can I go to youth club next week?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [47] carrier bag, no
Jessica (PS06B) [48] why not?
Sophie (PS06D) [49] your going to Plymouth Pavilion next week
Jessica (PS06B) [50] oh yeah , the week after
Sophie (PS06D) [51] I don't know
Jessica (PS06B) [52] yes I'm going too
Sophie (PS06D) [53] I don't know
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [54] yes I can
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [55] huh
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [56] oh god what you sleeping?,
[57] I would ...
Sophie (PS06D) [58] ah, it gets to the point where I
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Sophie (PS06D) [59] you making coffee Jessica?
Jessica (PS06B) [60] no, yeah I'll make one though ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [61] I'll have one as well please
Jessica (PS06B) [62] yeah ...
Sophie (PS06D) [63] they still haven't caught him
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [64] have you seen this thing , see in the paper, that they publish a picture
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [65] Take a Break, and he looked just like this, they, oh it was er, a wrong picture or something it looked just like this poor bloke [laugh] and a pale wrote in [] from this town saying oh I know him
Sophie (PS06D) [66] [laugh] ... what did she say?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [67] I don't know, something about youth club, probably if I make you a cup of coffee
Sophie (PS06D) [68] oh sod ... oh no
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [69] oh hello, alright [] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ... [...]

2 (Tape 040302)

Jessica (PS06B) [70] Well then how's school Kate? ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [71] I don't know yet
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [72] I want that erm
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [73] I think it was more like, I don't know if its worth, if you know what I mean
Jessica (PS06B) [74] what the way she dresses or the way she acts?
Kate (PS06E) [75] both really, er and the way she
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [76] [laugh] yeah, she []
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [77] you put butter in that?
Jessica (PS06B) [78] you don't
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [79] no, you just put water in it
Kate (PS06E) [80] no that's horrible
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Jessica (PS06B) [81] what, you are just strange
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [82] you didn't
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [83] oh my god
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [84] My mum just has black coffee okay?, got sugar in, any one, my mum can have the one with Brian written on it though
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [85] good in it?.
[86] Right, did erm, do they have sugar?
Kate (PS06E) [87] Not that I know of
Jessica (PS06B) [88] you don't?
Kate (PS06E) [89] no
Jessica (PS06B) [90] you don't have sugar?
Kate (PS06E) [91] no, no
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [92] have you got a teaspoon?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [93] oh my mum literally has had
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Kate (PS06E) [94] here, you put the milk in ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [95] we didn't argue today, oh yes we did, first thing in the morning
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [96] Yeah I'm an expert on fish here
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [97] I'm starving
Kate (PS06E) [98] I'm not
Jessica (PS06B) [99] I'm peckish
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [100] don't do that
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [101] what?, when do they do that Thursday?
Jessica (PS06B) [102] yeah around there
Kate (PS06E) [103] what about
Jessica (PS06B) [104] I don't know, it could be Friday, but ... erm
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [105] what's that then?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [106] what when I got back?
Kate (PS06E) [107] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [108] well what time are we getting back?
Jessica (PS06B) [109] I dunno, it depends, could be about six I think
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [110] what later than that?
Jessica (PS06B) [111] if I get back on Friday I won't be going to
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [112] no, too tired
Jessica (PS06B) [113] yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [114] right shall we go and sit down?
[115] What this
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [116] no
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [117] I wanna go down town this afternoon, but I've got no one to go down with, I don't want to go by myself
Jessica (PS06B) [118] go down with Jo
Kate (PS06E) [119] no she's sleeping at Sarah's ...
Jessica (PS06B) [120] ah pardon me
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [121] if I, if I sleep some one else's house she flips and don't speak to me for three days, but she goes off you know, I don't mind that at all, but its just the fact that she's so hypercritical
Kate (PS06E) [122] mm ... why don't you say something to her?
Jessica (PS06B) [123] oh she probably doesn't realize she's doing it
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [124] oh yeah, and end up not speaking to her for a month
Sophie (PS06D) [125] Mm ...
Jessica (PS06B) [126] every one goes on my side now because they realize that she's pathetic ...
Sophie (PS06D) [127] Jess ... erm, how is ... thingy me bob?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [128] mum where's this coffee?
Sophie (PS06D) [129] oh its on the side
Jessica (PS06B) [130] do what?
Sophie (PS06D) [131] its out on the side
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [132] no ...
Sophie (PS06D) [133] you got a problem?
Kate (PS06E) [134] no
Jessica (PS06B) [135] yeah, yeah, no [laugh] .
[136] Oh can I buy some more
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [137] why not?
Sophie (PS06D) [138] no
Jessica (PS06B) [139] why not?
Sophie (PS06D) [140] like what? ...
Jessica (PS06B) [141] that top your wearing
Sophie (PS06D) [142] which top?
Jessica (PS06B) [143] underneath one ...
Sophie (PS06D) [144] for a quid
Jessica (PS06B) [145] oh god, I haven't had that fifty P back yet either
Sophie (PS06D) [146] no way your not getting it back
Jessica (PS06B) [147] you said I've got fifty P for that bag
Sophie (PS06D) [148] no its a pound, a pound or nothing
Jessica (PS06B) [149] you said fifty P for that bag and I'll give you a quid
Sophie (PS06D) [150] right if you don't want it for a pound I'll have it back
Jessica (PS06B) [151] have it back
Sophie (PS06D) [152] okay ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [153] your the one who's loosing out on fifty P, you said fifty P, I'll give you a quid and I want my change back, god
Sophie (PS06D) [154] well Jessica I forked out a fiver for your birthday which I couldn't afford ... how would you like to be a thousand pound overdrawn?
Jessica (PS06B) [155] so I'll pay you back do I?
Sophie (PS06D) [156] how would you like to be a thousand pound overdrawn?, you wouldn't like that would you? ... would you?
Jessica (PS06B) [157] alright then, keep the stupid money
Sophie (PS06D) [158] thank you little
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [159] with an evil face
Jessica (PS06B) [160] you then ... looks like you've got a nest on your head [laugh] ...
Kate (PS06E) [161] that wasn't funny
Jessica (PS06B) [162] why, I only said she's got a nest on her head and she's being horrible
Kate (PS06E) [163] she slammed the door
Jessica (PS06B) [164] so, she gets in a mood easily
Kate (PS06E) [165] oh well, that film was brilliant weren't it?
Jessica (PS06B) [166] oh my god I let it slipped today [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [167] did you?
Jessica (PS06B) [168] I go, I
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [169] found a wallet from a cinema [laugh] , she goes ... what you've found a wallet from a cinema? and she goes ... what
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [170] and she goes, she goes oh that can't be true, she goes, she goes that can't be true your just making up a load of bull cos you never went to the cinema, I thought oh
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [171] or not, cos she'll think I'm lying, I was but you know, I wasn't I was telling the truth
Kate (PS06E) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [172] but I had to lie any way cos otherwise she would be more annoyed, I was going, I, say I go, I
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [173] when, when, when we went to meet Terry and Paul from the cinema, eh and she went, she went oh but how did you loose it in there?,
[174] I goes what?, she said how did you loose it in there?,
[175] I goes what?, oh don't worry, I was pretending not to hear what she was saying cos she misses it after a while, thought
Kate (PS06E) [176] pardon me, pardon me
Jessica (PS06B) [177] huh, huh some one went, don't because it makes a noise, put it down, no, because it makes such a noise when you pick it up ...
Kate (PS06E) [178] pardon me
Jessica (PS06B) [179] what was I gonna say?, what was I saying?, so any way
Kate (PS06E) [180] don't ask me ... [whistling]
Jessica (PS06B) [181] so listen
Kate (PS06E) [182] yeah [whistling]
Jessica (PS06B) [183] erm to this oh yes so I wanted a fiver out of it, who ever handed it in must of taken a fiver and gone off with it
Kate (PS06E) [184] out of what?
Jessica (PS06B) [185] my wallet
Kate (PS06E) [186] you didn't leave it in there or any thing
Jessica (PS06B) [187] I did ...
Kate (PS06E) [188] well then
Jessica (PS06B) [189] I dropped it out of my pocket, it must of done
Kate (PS06E) [190] what a fiver on its own, not your wallet just a fiver
Jessica (PS06B) [191] no my wallet and some one handed it in and they'd taken a fiver out of it, they'd gone, oh, oh
Kate (PS06E) [192] where
Jessica (PS06B) [193] [laugh] not
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [194] you know
Kate (PS06E) [195] where did [laugh] eh, where did erm ... where did you hand it, where did they hand it in?, how did you get it back?
Jessica (PS06B) [196] cos I went over to the cinema, I said my
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [197] lost her wallet, she'd left it here, have, is, did any one handed in a wallet?, they went yes passed that over, there's a fiver missing
Kate (PS06E) [198] oh, I didn't know you've lost it ... when did you go back to the cinema?
Jessica (PS06B) [199] I must of told Jo instead of you I think [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [200] when did you go back to the cinema then?
Jessica (PS06B) [201] my dad went down there after work, last night
Kate (PS06E) [202] aha, he probably took it out himself
Jessica (PS06B) [203] mm [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [204] oh my god, that's not funny.
Jessica (PS06B) [205] no
Kate (PS06E) [206] oh sugar that's on my school jumper, look at the state of that
Jessica (PS06B) [207] well come here and I'll sponge it off
Kate (PS06E) [208] no really, really its alright
Jessica (PS06B) [209] take it off
Kate (PS06E) [210] try, I won't mind tomorrow cos it all got muddy in hockey today any way
Jessica (PS06B) [211] oh no that's what, I've got cross country tomorrow, first lesson ... I don't want cross country
Kate (PS06E) [212] ah Tracy , right, you know Tracy drew on my face
Jessica (PS06B) [213] yeah
Kate (PS06E) [214] right, she was ... squashing me, she was squashing me right here [mimics being squashed]
Jessica (PS06B) [215] oh good grief ...
Kate (PS06E) [216] and do you know what she had the nerve to say afterwards?,
[217] I'm sorry love did I hurt you? ...
Jessica (PS06B) [218] I take it you and Tracy not getting on, are you or not? ... no, a bit and a bit not, are you ever getting on?
Kate (PS06E) [219] mm, mm ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [220] just some tea
Kate (PS06E) [221] oh well
Jessica (PS06B) [222] I didn't think any thing on this page that would be
Kate (PS06E) [223] that would be
Jessica (PS06B) [224] doubt when he gives them to thingy me bob
Kate (PS06E) [225] I'll have erm I'll
Jessica (PS06B) [226] na I'll get back
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [227] from the book cos it says men, men, men, men
Kate (PS06E) [228] [laugh] oh [] lovely, I go er a big box of chocolates, I think and I'll stuff them, like Rolo, no, I don't want any thing, oh I like those heart socks
Jessica (PS06B) [229] ah them one's
Kate (PS06E) [230] them socks, oh I'll have that actually
Jessica (PS06B) [231] that's what I said
Kate (PS06E) [232] its men, but I mean I'll have that one
Jessica (PS06B) [233] about, by the time you've read this another twenty two children would of died in the third world, aargh ...
Kate (PS06E) [234] boo hoo how sad
Jessica (PS06B) [235] [laugh] no comment
Kate (PS06E) [236] dead and alive Jason London, who the hell's Jason London?
Jessica (PS06B) [237] I don't know
Kate (PS06E) [238] [reading] one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Neighbours going live, East Enders
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [239] Jason Donovan and Madonna [] nothing much here
Jessica (PS06B) [240] er just see what this valentine thing
Kate (PS06E) [241] oh my god, valentine's day extravaganza
Jessica (PS06B) [242] mm
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [243] who's that card from?, oh god, how, how that card from?, [reading] who's that card from?, right, rule one, open your card as soon as possible at rise, place and spend as little time as possible studying the cover, it should be crap []
Jessica (PS06B) [244] is that what it says?
Kate (PS06E) [245] yeah [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [246] [reading] all of those cards are puppies, kittens, hearts, flowers, and
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [247] cottage, so look inside immediately.
[248] No forgery get in there girl it could be this genuine article []
Jessica (PS06B) [249] [laugh] your face lit up, ooh
Kate (PS06E) [250] [reading] If there is a name signed inside the card you've got a ninety per cent chance of, its a hoax, no one signs their name in front of a card.
[251] Yes scheming bitches sign the boys names in cards to try and wind up you, but what does the bas [] got swear words in it
Jessica (PS06B) [252] no
Kate (PS06E) [253] yeah, [reading] have a house [mumbling] valentiner and is eerie
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [254] admits it
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] []
Jessica (PS06B) [255] huh
Kate (PS06E) [256] right, then you've got that ... you done it ... you've got a card [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [257] [reading] who ever said obviously fancies his socks of you [] pardon me, [reading] as you don't know who it is, follow
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [258] shoot up and down [] oh haven't made a very good job of it, god that's rude, oh I had one of them, not last year
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [259] Andrew who, or ?
Kate (PS06E)
Jessica (PS06B) [260] oops sorry ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [261] look at them bulls
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [262] look at them bulls
Kate (PS06E) [263] yeah, huh, suck erm [laugh] right [reading] ring girl, call me, your alone []
Jessica (PS06B) [264] [reading] ring girl, call me, your alone [] [laugh] oh look
Kate (PS06E) [265] here I am, don't cry
Jessica (PS06B) [266] places to pull
Kate (PS06E) [267] oh, if you want to meet that fellow he's scientifically timed and twisted and listed in order of ?ability in the pages you most likely to find them.
[268] Rave, club, disco, dance, any where that involves shaking your thing []
Jessica (PS06B) [269] fang
Kate (PS06E) [270] thing
Jessica (PS06B) [271] fang
Kate (PS06E) [272] fang
Jessica (PS06B) [273] fang
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [274] school
Kate (PS06E) [275] [reading] party, introduce to your friends, the my mate fancy you technic, almost any where of the questions if the following are mentioned, I shrink, karioke contest
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [276] camping, bus stop, work []
Jessica (PS06B) [277] [laughing] bus stop []
Kate (PS06E) [278] [reading] fun fair, you conclude in the kennels, you can meet your boy friend almost any where, but he thinks, you, lets see him dancing could, foot []
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [279] [reading] not got a date []
Jessica (PS06B) [280] oh
Kate (PS06E) [281] there you go ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [282] ah [laugh] you alright?
Kate (PS06E) [283] ah my, aargh I've just wrecked it
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [284] not funny, its not
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [285] to me, its broken it, oh yeah, pick up any of those on valentines day, if some one can send you any of that stuff, what would you get sent?
Jessica (PS06B) [286] er a Gizmo
Kate (PS06E) [287] yeah, any five things, like
Jessica (PS06B) [288] right, I put one, you put one, right doesn't matter if there the same, but, thing, right first of all Gi
Kate (PS06E) [289] first of all ... that
Jessica (PS06B) [290] secondly survival kit laid with shampoo conditioners and
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [291] and pineapple
Kate (PS06E) [292] [laugh] , secondly ... those earrings, no, no, that straw [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [293] thirdly the art of kissing
Kate (PS06E) [294] and how to give people hugs
Jessica (PS06B) [295] yeah thirdly the art on how to give people hugs
Kate (PS06E) [296] fourthly ... er two sloppy love albums, approximately something like
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [297] erm ... what, is that a cake in there?
Kate (PS06E) [298] yeah, teeny weeny I love you cake
Jessica (PS06B) [299] teeny weeny I love you cake
Kate (PS06E) [300] er red or dead main England bag
Jessica (PS06B) [301] erm, that teddy
Kate (PS06E) [302] Gizmo
Jessica (PS06B) [303] mm
Kate (PS06E) [304] I'd have that lovely feeling six sense
Jessica (PS06B) [305] I'll have them leggings
Kate (PS06E) [306] yeah and I'll have them leggings and then I'll have every thing
Jessica (PS06B) [307] I'll have every thing actually
Kate (PS06E) [308] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [309] oh and I like that straw
Kate (PS06E) [310] [reading] Andrew showed me how and I fancy that [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [311] no I never
Kate (PS06E) [312] I wonder if
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [313] teach me that
Jessica (PS06B) [314] oh never go never guess what Jo did
Kate (PS06E) [315] oh, I've just seen the word David , I have just seen the word David
Jessica (PS06B) [316] never guess what Jo did
Kate (PS06E) [317] what?
Jessica (PS06B) [318] she phoned up Ben about Caroline going out with and she goes erm, she goes erm Ben does Lewis like Jessica? ...
Kate (PS06E) [319] What did Ben say?
Jessica (PS06B) [320] this is , well this is it right, she's in the canteen, she's, and she's going [mimicking] [...] [] right and putting on this really stupid laugh, right, and I said what's wrong?, she goes, she goes, she goes, she goes, right she, and iffy, this how bad she, she was faking [laugh] , you know like this she goes, she goes, no, no
Kate (PS06E) [321] hang on I'm reading it
Jessica (PS06B) [322] she goes ah I just hate
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [323] I asked Ben if Lewis likes you and then, er all I got from his brother all the way home is do you like Lewis Jess?,
[324] Jess ... I could of killed her seriously
Kate (PS06E) [325] mm, hang on I just want to read this ... oh my gosh
Jessica (PS06B) [326] [whispering] oh my god my dad []
Kate (PS06E) [327] right, what star sign are you?
Jessica (PS06B) [328] oh god Aquarius
Kate (PS06E) [329] Aquarius
Jessica (PS06B) [330] ages ago, lucky date February the fourteenth, were having on February the fourteenth
Kate (PS06E) [331] that's valentines
Jessica (PS06B) [332] nothing ...
Kate (PS06E) [333] yes it did
Jessica (PS06B) [334] what?
Kate (PS06E) [335] yes it did
Jessica (PS06B) [336] Tony said no, yeah
Kate (PS06E) [337] Tony said no, Jamie finished with Neil and I got my flowers [scream]
Jessica (PS06B) [338] no, that's my lucky day you pratt, not yours, mhm
Kate (PS06E) [339] yeah aha does, it wasn't your lucky day cos your
Jessica (PS06B) [340] why was
Kate (PS06E) [341] sulking
Jessica (PS06B) [342] no Jo was sulking down my ear, half the night, oh, oh
Kate (PS06E) [343] right
Jessica (PS06B) [344] you know those [laughing] hairy things, alright [] she, she still goes [grunt] she does it all the time, no one else who has
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [345] oh what was?, my lucky day was February the fifteenth, what was on
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [346] tha ,tha , that, that was on Saturday when Jo was round
Kate (PS06E) [347] erm, we had erm, erm that
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [348] what? ... oh ... yeah ...
Kate (PS06E) [349] [laugh] just gets up to you about ten hours, right, next week in, from the heart.
Sophie (PS06D) [350] Are you gonna watch Top of The Pops?
Jessica (PS06B) [351] No, I'm gonna go upstairs in a minute, I might go into Rupert's room
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [352] and watch it
Sophie (PS06D) [353] my room
Jessica (PS06B) [354] mm, alright, shall we take this up and listen to it?
Sophie (PS06D) [355] no don't listen to it, you have to just keep it running now
Jessica (PS06B) [356] all the time?
Sophie (PS06D) [357] yes, its been rewound about five times to tape over Rupert's swearing, you just have to leave it now
Jessica (PS06B) [358] huh
Sophie (PS06D) [359] play, play, play it back when the tapes finished
Jessica (PS06B) [360] alright
Sophie (PS06D) [361] that's the best thing to do in it?, otherwise it will just be all jumpy
Jessica (PS06B) [362] er, how long have we got, oh about, not even half way through the tape yet, shall we go upstairs for a bit?
Kate (PS06E) [363] yeah if you like?, shall we take it with us?
Sophie (PS06D) [364] or I'll put it in the sitting room
Kate (PS06E) [365] yes
Jessica (PS06B) [366] let's see, I'm sure you meant to put it

3 (Tape 040304)

Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [367] Oh sorry Jack ... oh Jack ...
Sophie (PS06D) [368] Write down when it started
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [369] [belch] oh excuse me ...
Sophie (PS06D) [370] see I've got Jessica and Kate talking in the kitchen
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [371] supposed to
Sophie (PS06D) [372] do I just put general conversation in the evening
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [373] yes, put that
Sophie (PS06D) [374] in the evening ... so that's when it is in it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [375] and just start another tape tomorrow
Sophie (PS06D) [376] er, are we doing side one of that yet?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [377] no, you said you've turned it over
Sophie (PS06D) [378] no I, I haven't
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [379] right
Sophie (PS06D) [380] I haven't
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [381] you told me you turned it over
Sophie (PS06D) [382] no I didn't, I didn't mean that, I didn't mean that I turned it over ... I'm not gonna false out bloody conversation just for the sake of it
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [383] [laugh] don't make me laugh
Sophie (PS06D) [384] mm ... you, I want, I want
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [385] just keep it, people will be saying things aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [386] what, er mum, its your responsibility if you want to turn it off, turn it off
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [387] don't keep saying shh, you can't do it, I don't care, what you say your nagged at by your children
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [388] you going to
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [389] chinese tomorrow then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [390] mm, mm
Sophie (PS06D) [391] erm, number one is my most all time favourite record ... Stay have you heard it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [392] yeah
Sophie (PS06D) [393] do you like it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [394] oh its alright
Sophie (PS06D) [395] oh its lovely
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [396] why don't you buy it then, buy yourself some records
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [397] its not, its not them, its paying the mortgage with every thing else with it isn't it? ... its not one of those stupid
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [398] er what's this pillock, er, oh, oh
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [399] he's the most hideous looking man in the world
Sophie (PS06D) [400] [laugh] who is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [401] Michael Bolton ... look at that, look at that nose and that hair
Sophie (PS06D) [402] what does he, what, what does he sing to then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [403] what does he sing usually?
Sophie (PS06D) [404] ah ... oh I love Madness
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [405] some of them
Sophie (PS06D) [406] they've done this before haven't they?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [407] its been released mum
Sophie (PS06D) [408] eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [409] its re-released, best aren't they?
Sophie (PS06D) [410] you used to love Madness
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [411] I still do ... yes ...
Sophie (PS06D) [412] I've been there, is this really music is it?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [413] This bloke at
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [414] was selling them, dodgy tickets and those people with dogs out and guns outside
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [415] mm, urgh, this is it, this is lovely
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [416] I know
Sophie (PS06D) [417] this ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Sophie (PS06D) [418] I think she looks like Jackie
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [419] what
Sophie (PS06D) [420] [laughing] I'm just think this is so funny []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [421] why? what that tape?
Sophie (PS06D) [422] its all most weird ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [423] that group she used to be in
Sophie (PS06D) [424] I know
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [425] I used to like erm ... Talk like an Egyptian
Sophie (PS06D) [426] no
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [427] er The Bangles
Sophie (PS06D) [428] no, yeah, no
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [429] Bananarama
Sophie (PS06D) [430] oh did she?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [431] mm
Sophie (PS06D) [432] is this, is that then?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [433] what she called?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [434] ?
Sophie (PS06D) [435] oh yeah
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [436] she's married to Dave Stewart ...
Sophie (PS06D) [437] wouldn't you liked to be in a pop group and appear on Top of The Pops?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [438] no, its pointless, can't sing, can't play a thing, I wouldn't be much good would I?
Sophie (PS06D) [439] well they can't sing ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [440] that's not a bad lot of singing is it?
Sophie (PS06D) [441] its not lying
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [442] it is
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [443] have they?
Sophie (PS06D) [444] yeah, oh I didn't know that
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [445] print it first unless they've changed the format ...
Sophie (PS06D) [446] [yawning] oh [] ... this is like knowing you put N T V in
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [447] almost, can't see the words yet
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [448] mm, no its
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [449] which so far has been
Sophie (PS06D) [450] absolute so far
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [451] all he said is not to
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [452] [laughing] no, he comes with Nigel [] who's that your with?, hello, alright?, well no because I've got a back ache, oh ... how was your day?, well the Skipton Building Society are a pain in the arse [laugh] ... are you not going to say a bloody word for the rest of the evening, he's gonna sit with his hand on his neck and I shall shoot him ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [453] football
Sophie (PS06D) [454] so did I, I just about chuck the
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [455] I hate it, I hate television
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [456] no I don't I mean that I hate football
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [457] are you talking about
Sophie (PS06D) [458] football on television cos all you can hear is ooh ah
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [459] that's right
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [460] I can't bear it, I really can't
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [461] no
Sophie (PS06D) [462] its not the game I object to
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [463] no
Sophie (PS06D) [464] its the urgh ... I should turn it off now because I'm not going to say any thing
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [465] mum stop keep saying turn it off, turn it off now
Sophie (PS06D) [466] look its wobbly because your voice is getting louder
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [467] well you do it
Sophie (PS06D) [468] sticky old bag , turn it off babe
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [469] no you do it, its your responsibility, your the one earning the vouchers
Sophie (PS06D) [470] you are [...] .
[471] I was in the dam bath
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [472] alright then I'll, I'll get the twenty five pound vouchers
Sophie (PS06D) [473] you, er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [474] saying it is my idea, shall I? ...

4 (Tape 040307)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [475] You got a pound?
Jessica (PS06B) [476] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [477] ch I mean in change
Jessica (PS06B) [478] no ... [singing] where though [] ... [singing] [...] [] ... yes
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [479] no ...

5 (Tape 040309)

Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [480] You've got to go cross country running today?
Jessica (PS06B) [481] Mm
Brian (PS06F) [482] What? ...
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [483] she's got to go running this morning
Brian (PS06F) [484] oh no
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [485] oh god
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [486] why?
Jessica (PS06B) [487] I'm not doing it
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [488] Yes you are
Brian (PS06F) [489] got to do it
Jessica (PS06B) [490] I'll walk it, its the last one
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [491] why don't you just get the crisps and
Jessica (PS06B) [492] the whole school doing it
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [493] banana and, do you want all this stuff?
Brian (PS06F) [494] I thought she was having a school lunch
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [495] well I mean if its, if its there
Brian (PS06F) [496] alright give it to Jessica
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [497] oh, I, I need fifty P in change though for her, I just haven't got the change, to do with
Jessica (PS06B) [498] I'll take it out of my pound then
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [499] when?
Jessica (PS06B) [500] when you came back with my
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [501] yeah, but then you'll only have fifty P for lunch and that's not enough
Jessica (PS06B) [502] no ... you give me a pound for my lunch out of there
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [503] that's it
Jessica (PS06B) [504] I know what, I'll swop that for a pound coin, yeah, and you give me back the pound coin and plus that fifty P, yeah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [505] well it, if you have got a pound
Brian (PS06F) [506] are you picking Jessica
Jessica (PS06B) [507] yeah
Brian (PS06F) [508] will you pick Jessica up today?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [509] no, I start at half past three
Brian (PS06F) [510] oh do you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [511] mm ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [512] I think so
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [513] why did you take it?, its mummy's ...
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [514] I didn't realise its all gone, so
Jessica (PS06B) [515] ah, yeah the
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [516] tape, its half of it ...

6 (Tape 040401)

Sophie (PS06D) [517] Just clip it on like that.
[518] That's what you're supposed to do.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [519] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [520] You should wear it all the time
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [521] like that.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [522] Yes.
[523] Yeah I ought to.
[524] It's still lunch time isn't it?
Sophie (PS06D) [525] That's alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [526] This is [...] listen to it [...] he's just so [laughing] funny [] !
Sophie (PS06D) [527] But I only go out once a week!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [528] Oh yeah!
[529] Well
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [530] I don't go out at all!
[531] I get some work
Sophie (PS06D) [532] No, don't matter.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [533] I bet Matthew had a ... a good go at that blasted job as well.
[534] Poor old Matt!
Sophie (PS06D) [535] Has he applied for the same thing?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [536] No!
[537] It's only business.
Sophie (PS06D) [538] So it must be regard this?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [539] Yeah.
[540] ... But he ... he works hard you know!
[541] He really does!
[542] It's not fair really.
[543] And I bet it was his hair that ... put them off.
Sophie (PS06D) [544] Did he not have it cut?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [545] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [546] Yeah, but you know how peculiar a lot of people are!
Sophie (PS06D) [547] Urgh!
[548] There is spaghetti in there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [549] You're not saying very much.
Sophie (PS06D) [550] No, I'm not am I?
[551] Sorry!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [552] I'll start speaking in a minute.
[553] [...] ... it's tidy ... shouldn't be that [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [554] [sighing] Ah ah [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [555] Do my ironing tonight.
[556] I don't have to go shopping but I was, I was sa knew though cos they were just like me at right age.
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [557] Bearing in mind there was three of the blasted [...] !
[558] Rupert!
[559] Oh Christ!
Sophie (PS06D) [560] Dad must have said something to him about it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [561] What?
Sophie (PS06D) [562] Dad must have told him off for
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [563] Oh yes he did!
[564] Now that you mention it, he did.
Sophie (PS06D) [565] I bet he created absolute hell!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [566] Well according to
Sophie (PS06D) [567] He said didn't he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [568] them he's got a [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [569] I'm glad he does!
[570] I'm glad.
[571] He needs, he needs er needs ... I dunno.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [572] How can he be ... so ... disorganized?
Sophie (PS06D) [573] What, what ... [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [574] Haven't worn that red ... dress [...] through ... at dinnertime [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [575] I'll make tracks.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [576] Yeah, I've gotta go up the bank.
[577] I think so ... that one with the ... silver coloured beard.
Sophie (PS06D) [578] Who's he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [579] Dunno.
[580] Alan. [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [581] You mix these do you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [582] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [583] You never used to.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [584] I said it was disgusting!
Sophie (PS06D) [585] I haven't seen it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [586] Why don't you take [...] .
[587] That one!
Sophie (PS06D) [588] Oh I did see it!
[589] But it's absolutely
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [590] But is it this one?
Sophie (PS06D) [591] horrible!
[592] Urgh!
[593] Where do you get that
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [594] In th
Sophie (PS06D) [595] from?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [596] Well I got it from Peter.
[597] Actually, on, it makes me looks hellish here!
Sophie (PS06D) [598] I can imagine!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [599] You feel it.
Sophie (PS06D) [600] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [601] Don't!
Sophie (PS06D) [602] Urgh!
[603] No I haven't seen it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [604] I knew you'd absolutely hate it!
Sophie (PS06D) [605] I haven't seen it, so!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [606] Well I went to erm ... Exeter three times to try to find something to wear.
Sophie (PS06D) [607] What did you want something to wear for?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [608] Oh, for erm ... Brian's Christmas do.
Sophie (PS06D) [609] Oh yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [610] And our do.
[611] I knew you wouldn't like it!
[612] I don't know why I showed it you for!
[613] Well ac actually on it's, looks absolutely horrible ... and just thought it looked really nice and I was [...] , didn't feel comfortable in it all night!
[614] You know how you buy things and you hate them
Sophie (PS06D) [615] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [616] don't you?
[617] You hate them.
[618] I mean I hated it really!
Sophie (PS06D) [619] Who bought it?
[620] You did, yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [621] Yeah, but I couldn't be bothered to go all the way back there and change it again!
[622] So ... I'll keep that [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [623] You looked horrible!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [624] Well I didn't, I looked sort of reminiscent of Bet in Coronation Street, Jean told me wo one of my ... friends at work.
[625] I thought Christ!
[626] That's really heartened me now!
Sophie (PS06D) [627] She's going ... [laughing] I bet that she looked a state [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [628] Yeah, she looked a state but ... she looked ... she's got two dogs [...] ... and all her shoes have got rather ... attractive, as she says, V-shaped in the back [...] of her shoe by these dogs and she comes in and she goes ... look!
[629] [laughing] The new shoe!
[630] And I ... she told me that she [...] [] ... can I come out and play Cherry and things like that, she's so funny!
[631] We have such a laugh if she works there.
[632] If Moira's about she goes absolutely loopy then at Gwen!
[633] And we're together co [laugh] ... she's singing erm ... that ... that song, you know that, that really ... groovy, that [singing] ah ah, ah ah ah, ha ha ha [] like that one [laughing] goes.
[634] And we si ... and we sing it upstairs and she goes wandering up the stairs and we hide in the airing cupboard [] !
[635] It's so funny!
[636] It really is hilarious!
Sophie (PS06D) [637] One more [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [638] It really is!
[639] And we go er,tha that's it, [singing] [...] [] !
[640] Oh we've got it down to absolute fine art now!
[641] And we can now ... slap our knees as well!
[642] Like this.
[643] Really good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [644] [...] this morning innit?
[645] But she is
Sophie (PS06D) [646] You what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [647] She is lovely!
[648] In fact we got
Sophie (PS06D) [649] [...] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [650] Thank you.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [651] a car seat ... [...] ... a week ago, it was an absolute, I could not stop laughing it was so funny!
Sophie (PS06D) [652] What her house?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [653] Yeah.
[654] ... There's no control!
Sophie (PS06D) [655] No.
[656] [...] . All these people have tried out for the new series.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [657] Eh?
Sophie (PS06D) [658] All these people I know will be trying out for the new series.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [659] I know!
[660] Oh it's [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [661] I know.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [662] She phoned them up.
[663] Is this all dry?
Sophie (PS06D) [664] I dunno. [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [665] No just ... washing machine.
Sophie (PS06D) [666] Oh I dunno, it's the tumble dryer as well isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [667] It's a joke!
[668] She has to have the busy ... [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [669] You what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [670] You what?
[671] I can't hear what you're saying!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [672] I miss [...] .
[673] We do alright on our own don't we?
Sophie (PS06D) [674] I know.
[675] ... I'm dubious about the spook!
[676] When he hits the light [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [677] If Pippa got home from the [...] alright
Sophie (PS06D) [678] Yeah I'm here here all day.
[679] It tastes horrible!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [680] It's quite tasty!
[681] No, it's alright!
[682] Don't bloody spit in it or I'll slaughter you!
Sophie (PS06D) [683] I probably won't!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [684] Well, don't have it then!
Sophie (PS06D) [685] Oh it smells alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [686] Gonna feel dirty with all this ironing in in't it?
Sophie (PS06D) [687] Put in a bowl ... or put it in a plastic [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [688] Best thing to do i is that mug in there, the er ... big mug?
Sophie (PS06D) [689] Big mug?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [690] No, in the, in the cupboard!
Sophie (PS06D) [691] Don't get bloody stroppy!
[692] Why do I wanna put it in the big mug for?
[693] I don't wanna drink it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [694] Well look, cos the sooner I've found it then!
[695] I'm glad I bought those tights when I did.
[696] I'll stick your tights out as well.
Sophie (PS06D) [697] Oh have you?
[698] Are they alright?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [699] Yeah.
[700] Fine, thanks.
Sophie (PS06D) [701] There's one pair of them that's got a ... hole in it though.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [702] On the toe?
Sophie (PS06D) [703] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [704] Oh no,
Sophie (PS06D) [705] On the knee.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [706] I just got a pair with a hole in the toe.
Sophie (PS06D) [707] What about [...] ?
[708] Urgh!
[709] Can you get rid of that meat.

7 (Tape 040402)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [710] It's alright look, in that light!
Sophie (PS06D) [711] It doesn't!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [712] Yes it is!
[713] It's alright in that light ... as soon as I put it on the line ... it looks peculiar!
[714] It's alright in this light, look!
Sophie (PS06D) [715] No it's not!
[716] Look at it!
[717] It's completely ruined!
[718] Oh!
[719] God I haven't got many bloody skirts or anything!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [720] Well I don't understand what it is ... don't know why you really needed it!
Sophie (PS06D) [721] You didn't have a tissue up it did you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [722] No!
Sophie (PS06D) [723] You had a tissue up that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [724] No!
[725] Oh!
Sophie (PS06D) [726] You had a tissue up it, in there!
[727] In the sleeve.
[728] That's what it is!
[729] It's a tissue.
[730] Look!
[731] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [732] Oh!
[733] What a, blast!
Sophie (PS06D) [734] There.
[735] Cos you do agree with me it is?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [736] I suppose it means buying you one now doesn't it?
Sophie (PS06D) [737] [...] yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [738] I told you when you emptied the pockets [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [739] Yes mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [740] to [...] there.
Sophie (PS06D) [741] But that isn't pockets!
[742] It's the sleeve.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [743] Yeah, but I get the bla bloody blame for it then!
[744] And I get the nightmare!
[745] Come on!
[746] ... Well you know, look!
[747] Well I
Sophie (PS06D) [748] And that's the only sweatshirt I've got!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [749] Look!
Sophie (PS06D) [750] Haven't got any jumpers!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [751] The tissue, look what you've done to it!
Sophie (PS06D) [752] I know what I've done to it!
[753] I've got one jumper, one sweatshirt!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [754] I'll get it off if you'll shut up!
Sophie (PS06D) [755] Well!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [756] Well, it's your bloody fault!
Sophie (PS06D) [757] Is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [758] And I get the ... what have you done to ... you know I'm not very good at bloody washing anyway!

8 (Tape 040403)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [759] Your mother behind you.
Sophie (PS06D) [760] You what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [761] [laughing] I just love saying it again [] !
Sophie (PS06D) [762] I know!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [763] Ooh! [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [764] I feel really as if I ought to start flying through this awful mess!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [765] Want to get it all sorted out.
Sophie (PS06D) [766] Just eat something!
[767] Sit down mum!
[768] Read the paper!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [769] No I don't want to eat anything!
Sophie (PS06D) [770] Well read the paper! [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [771] [laugh] ... Bop!
Sophie (PS06D) [772] Shall I turn that tape off?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [773] Oh yeah!
Sophie (PS06D) [774] Better had.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [775] What have you bloody done to it?

9 (Tape 040404)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [776] You felt alright before.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [777] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [778] You felt alright when you went.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [779] Oh quarter to two!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [780] You felt alright when you left?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [781] Yes!
[782] Just er ... [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [783] Just car sickness is it?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [784] Yeah but she never had it before [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [785] No, I never have!
None (PS06J) [786] [...] ... been to the pub!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [787] Well I ain't been all that well recently.
None (PS06J) [788] She's been in the pub!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [789] She ain't been in the pub
None (PS06J) [790] Been in the pub boozing!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [791] drinking has she?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [792] Singing it was!
[793] All
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [794] She
None (PS06J) [795] all that booze!
[796] Only had
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [797] Was she?
None (PS06J) [798] four pints!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [799] It was about four pints of [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [800] She was well into her drink with us so you couldn't stand up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [801] Yeah, go on, you know!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [802] You see all our
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [803] She could [...] don't know she could
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [804] stopped [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [805] of seen some of us!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [806] Ah ah!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [807] So worried about Carl!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [808] Cheerio!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [809] Alright then!
[810] I'll see you later!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [811] I wanna go out here.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [812] I've done my
None (PS06J) [813] I just couldn't stop!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [814] Ah ah!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [815] Oh no, she enjoyed it
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [816] Ah, I am sorry!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [817] so much!
None (PS06J) [818] Oh no!
[819] She ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [820] Come on in and ... and change all your clothes.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [821] There you are then!
[822] And you can
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [823] Oh, no no no!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [824] Right then, I'll see you [...] !
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [825] Just wash [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [826] Er, disinfectant smell [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [827] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [828] [laugh] ... You rotten!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [829] Brilliant that was!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [830] You rotten!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [831] Alright [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [832] You're rotten!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [833] Wash the duvet out.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [834] Ooh no!
[835] Ooh God it's freezing!
[836] Isn't it sad though?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [837] They only tell you about that bit.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [838] Yes!
[839] I think there's erm ... a lot of bugs
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [840] Well it's awful!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [841] going round ... aren't there?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [842] Oh that's [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [843] Horri
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [844] [...] ooh and it just stank and it's a bit greasy and
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [845] It is very heavy!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [846] It is!
[847] Yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [848] I think it's
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [849] Yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [850] very greasy!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [851] I thought as soon as I looked at it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [852] I mean I daren't ... say anything
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [853] That's right , [laughing] [...] [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [854] [laugh] ... Your steak is greasy!
[855] But it's greasy
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [856] It is!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [857] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [858] It's all the er ... fat floating on top!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [859] It's horrible!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [860] Urgh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [861] God!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [862] If that's not greasy!
[863] I said I've been out here for about twenty minutes I better go back in.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [864] What's the time?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [865] Three ... nearly quarter past three.
[866] Blimey, you're a bit early today!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [867] Who me?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [868] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [869] That's alright, yeah.

10 (Tape 040405)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [870] It's a very sensitive microphone.
Fiona (PS06G) [871] It's not picked up this.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [872] Gosh, look at this!
Fiona (PS06G) [873] Yeah!
[874] I, can I come here [...] isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [875] I wasn't gonna say ... got to take the money then haven't you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [876] Yeah.
[877] [...] ... Poor old Arthur!
[878] I'm very, very, sorry about that!
[879] Poor old Arthur!
Fiona (PS06G) [880] Yeah , I just got [...] , when she said this morning I thought oh I didn't want him to pass on [...] .
[881] Cos Tuesday, he was really bad on Tuesday weren't he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [882] They got the erm ... do you watch [...] last night then? [...] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [883] What for Arthur?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [884] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [885] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [886] He really is grumpy though ... isn't he?
Fiona (PS06G) [887] Lawrence , Lawrence ... is this the skirt that Lawrence bought with it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [888] Oh God it's ever such a high waist!
[889] Isn't it?
Fiona (PS06G) [890] Ah.
[891] But is it ... is it detachable round
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [892] Yeah!
Fiona (PS06G) [893] there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [894] Yeah!
[895] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [896] Oh!
[897] I haven't tried it.
[898] Oh it's nice!
[899] Well I've still got ... my stomach to lose I've
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [900] Oh it's very slimming though isn't it?
[901] Er maybe, Oh it'll look really good with that! [...] slimming!
[902] I went into New Look and they had some lovely things in there this morning!
[903] I was very tempted to buy a pair of ... trousers.
Fiona (PS06G) [904] I I saw a pair, a baby ... [...] , twenty five reduced to ... I think it was ten ninety nine ... and it's in my size.
[905] It's really long
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [906] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [907] you know when, I've always wanted one but I thought no I haven't got the money just now.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [908] Well ... I saw a pair of trousers in there and they were ... about erm ... four pounds fifty ... and shirt which was one pound fifty!
[909] So you could make a really nice outfit
Fiona (PS06G) [910] I said that
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [911] for what?
[912] Six
Fiona (PS06G) [...] [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [913] six ... seventy.
Fiona (PS06G) [914] You can get something for four ninety nine.
[915] Whereas you can't
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [916] Is that all?
Fiona (PS06G) [917] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [918] Cor!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [919] It's just ... having the money isn't it?
[920] And th
Fiona (PS06G) [921] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [922] and the ... effort to ... try it on.
[923] ... Well aren't you going to say anything then?
[924] Twinkle?
[925] Come along!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [926] Yes I say, [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [927] Yes!
[928] If we get there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [929] Well I bet they fed up today?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [930] I bet they do!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [931] [...] want to know ... make up today!
Fiona (PS06G) [932] Said they're all wearing [...] to the party we gotta go somewhere.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [933] It mightn't be ... a bit windy for her?
Fiona (PS06G) [934] And it's hot.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [935] Yeah she had a big ... she had a big coat
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [936] on ... she had a big coat
Fiona (PS06G) [937] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [938] on and erm ... shut in that car ... just wondering i , the heat might have got to her I wonder?
[939] You know, if you're shut in the car [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [940] Was it a big coat?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [941] I think they ... said they're gonna chuck it in the bin!
Fiona (PS06G) [942] Chuck her coat in the bin?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [943] Yeah!
[944] They'd put it in the boot of the car and she said chuck it!
Fiona (PS06G) [945] [laughing] I don't know if they've done it [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [946] Unless, unless of course they take it home and wash it and bring it back again they might [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [947] She's crazy!
Fiona (PS06G) [948] She told them to chuck it!
[949] ... I bet she's getting upset now isn't she?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [950] Yeah. [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [951] Seven.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [952] [laughing] Well, well it was his [...] didn't she [] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [953] Didn't she?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [954] Oh yeah!
Fiona (PS06G) [955] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [956] You're not, are you?
Fiona (PS06G) [957] I am!
[958] I'm proper [laughing] [...] [] !
[959] Yeah I am!
[960] Bloody [...] I am sometimes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [961] Why, why what makes you say that?
Fiona (PS06G) [962] Because I ... I think when you play back that tape I am really [...] on tape!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [963] Where were you born then?
Fiona (PS06G) [964] Histon.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [965] Were you?
Fiona (PS06G) [966] Mm.
[967] The same area as you.
[968] You were born up there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [969] Well no, Cirencester, also [...] then.
Fiona (PS06G) [970] There'll be enough of [laughing] clashing of dishes [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [971] It's a shame about Arthur though isn't it?
[972] I'm very sad about that!
Fiona (PS06G) [973] He took so long though didn't he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [974] Yeah and
Fiona (PS06G) [975] It's terrible!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [976] He knew th ... I kept thinking
Fiona (PS06G) [977] Poor old Arthur!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [978] about him last night.
Fiona (PS06G) [979] I'll toast [...] .
[980] So boiled eggs for these
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [981] God!
[982] I couldn't believe it!
Fiona (PS06G) [983] Boiled eggs or scrambled eggs it's up to you.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [984] Oh my God!
[985] Boiled eggs are a nightmare!
Fiona (PS06G) [986] Yeah, cos unlike
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [987] Scrambled eggs.
Fiona (PS06G) [988] the staff that's [laughing] [...] [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [989] Scrambled's worse beca
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [990] Scrambled's alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [991] Let's do a
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [992] scrambled egg.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [993] Right. [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [994] [laugh] ... Oh!
[995] It's my go.
[996] It's [...] out there. [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [997] What's wrong with Vera then?
Fiona (PS06G) [998] Dunno!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [999] What's wrong with Vera?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1000] She's having Sunday off.
Fiona (PS06G) [1001] It's not again actually, she's got a cold again.
[1002] And another one coming out in a cold.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1003] Do you know last ... er, Saturday Emma found er ... Helen in the staff [...] ... and I had about fifteen hundred [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1004] What?
Fiona (PS06G) [1005] But I ... I mean she was noted
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1006] It's alright, nobody knows anything about us or anything she's perfectly
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1007] She was working in the er ... cupboard ... so I just pu I just put in the key [...] because when Barbara come in she didn't lock it you see.
[1008] I wa I usually [...] and then lock it ... and th and when there was visitors she opened up and she left the front door wide open and in there ... rummaging around!
Fiona (PS06G) [1009] What doing?
[1010] And what was she doing?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1011] Well I don't know.
[1012] I don't know if she was just wandering around, but, you know ... and erm ... I went up to, went and got the keys and then went and locked the door again.
Fiona (PS06G) [1013] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1014] Dodgy!
Fiona (PS06G) [1015] Mm.
[1016] I always felt [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [1017] I did bring it er ... with those cutlets.

11 (Tape 040406)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1018] So go on then!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1019] No, no you can go through!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1020] No go in and talk to them!
[1021] ... Hello!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1022] Ooh hello!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1023] Hiya Trudy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1024] Hello! [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1025] Hello Connie!
[1026] How are
Jessica (PS06B) [1027] Hello.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1028] you?
[1029] How are dear?
Jessica (PS06B) [1030] Well, I'm in better once, I've been very, very poorly indeed!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1031] You enjoyed it I hope?
Jessica (PS06B) [1032] But very
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1033] Is your hearing aid on?
Jessica (PS06B) [1034] No, I'm looking for my two daughters.
[1035] They're supposed to have
Lorraine (PS06H) [1036] But they won't be
Jessica (PS06B) [1037] appeared.
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1038] Erm ... it's rabi what is it today, Friday?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1039] Friday.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1040] Well didn't one come yesterday?
Jessica (PS06B) [1041] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1042] Connie!
Jessica (PS06B) [1043] Yeah , and erm ... the other one was supposed to come Thursday.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1044] One's coming tomorrow.
Jessica (PS06B) [1045] And then there's another one coming Saturday.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1046] Yeah, tomorrow.
Sophie (PS06D) [1047] Hello!
Jessica (PS06B) [1048] Take take
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1049] Hello Lily!
Sophie (PS06D) [1050] Hello [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1051] And then you're going away for the weekend?
Jessica (PS06B) [1052] Yes.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1053] Yes.
Jessica (PS06B) [1054] I'm going away
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1055] for the weekend.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1056] Sorry?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1057] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1058] Yes.
Sophie (PS06D) [1059] You getting one of your good home? [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1060] So I sit here and wait?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1061] You sit here and wai ooh they're not coming today!
Jessica (PS06B) [1062] No.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1063] No.
Jessica (PS06B) [1064] And er, you know those ... I've got two other bags,yo ... [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1065] Yeah, your two handbags.
Jessica (PS06B) [1066] They're upstairs in the tower.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1067] Alright.
Jessica (PS06B) [1068] And they got the cough, the be er sweets in.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1069] Right okay.
[1070] I'll go and try and sort that out for you then, alright?
Jessica (PS06B) [1071] What dear?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1072] I'll sort that [laugh] ... out for you!
Jessica (PS06B) [1073] Right.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1074] Okay?
Jessica (PS06B) [1075] I keep coughing like that.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1076] Oh alright then.
Sophie (PS06D) [1077] Are you in charge or [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1078] Yes Mary?
None (PS06C) [1079] Th the fire,the those feet are catching in that ... it's not being used you might just as well switch it off.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1080] The little fire over there?
None (PS06C) [1081] Yes.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1082] Alright then.
Jessica (PS06B) [1083] See I meet other people's
Lorraine (PS06H) [1084] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1085] er children. [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1086] Alright?
Jessica (PS06B) [1087] Yes.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1088] Okay.
Jessica (PS06B) [1089] You got sweets is it?
Sophie (PS06D) [1090] Would you know [...] she got a box of ... tissues by her bed. [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1091] [laughing] Alright [] .
Sophie (PS06D) [1092] You don't?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1093] No, no, no!
[1094] It's not you.
[1095] No.
Sophie (PS06D) [1096] Alright.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1097] Yeah.
[1098] A box of tissues ... near by the bed.
[1099] I'll go and have a look in a minute, okay?
Sophie (PS06D) [1100] If you don't mi , only I bought a box she hasn't got any I just wonder I ... I'll get some more.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1101] I see, yes!
[1102] She does ask for some sometimes.
[1103] She says can I have a tissue so
Sophie (PS06D) [1104] And she hasn't got a box by her bed cos I bought her some the other day and she doesn't know.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1105] [laughing] Right [] !
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1106] Okay.
Sophie (PS06D) [1107] What's, what's the joke?
[1108] You can hear a joke and see the funny side can't you?
[1109] Only I asked her just now
Lorraine (PS06H) [1110] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [1111] said where's your tissues?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1112] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [1113] I don't know.
[1114] And I just wondered are they by her bed that's all.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1115] [laughing] Right [] !
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1116] [laughing] Sorry, I've been [] laughing in the kitchen you see, that's what it is!
Sophie (PS06D) [1117] That's alright.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1118] It's not
Sophie (PS06D) [1119] No.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1120] you!
Sophie (PS06D) [1121] No, alright [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1122] Right, I've just gotta turn this off here.
Sophie (PS06D) [1123] Only I just thought, you know, is she getting any then I'll
Lorraine (PS06H) [1124] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [1125] I think I'll bring, get some
Lorraine (PS06H) [1126] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [1127] more.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1128] I'll go and have a look now, okay?
Sophie (PS06D) [1129] If you don't mind.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1130] Right.
[1131] You alright Ivy?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1132] Eh?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1133] You alright?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1134] No , I can't breathe!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1135] Your alright.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1136] Ooh Christ, ain't you cold!
[1137] ... Eh?
[1138] Oh dear!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1139] I know I've been working.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1140] I know! [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1141] You alright?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1142] No I'm not!
[1143] I can't breathe!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1144] I'll have a word with Fiona.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1145] Turn that
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1146] Will you?
[1147] Thank
Lorraine (PS06H) [1148] Yep!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1149] down
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1150] you.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1151] Yeah, I've turned it off Trudy.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1152] Did you?
[1153] Oh bless you love!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1154] Yep!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1155] I don't think that we need it on [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [1156] Are you alright Mary?
Brian (PS06F) [1157] Mm.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1158] I turned it off for you.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1159] Yeah, just a bit
Lorraine (PS06H) [1160] You alright?
Brian (PS06F) [1161] Yes dear!
[1162] Thank you.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1163] Good!
[1164] I'm not here for the weekend now.
Brian (PS06F) [1165] Ya I thought you was gonna say I'm not here! [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1166] I am here!
Brian (PS06F) [1167] But I'm not! [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1168] No I'm not here for the weekend so I'll
Brian (PS06F) [1169] Go
Lorraine (PS06H) [1170] see you all on
Brian (PS06F) [1171] are you go gonna be away are you fo for a day or whatever?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1172] Well, it's my break.
Brian (PS06F) [1173] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1174] You need
Lorraine (PS06H) [1175] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1176] it dear!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1177] Oh I do don't I?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1178] Yes you do.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1179] I do work very hard!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1180] You deserve it do you?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1181] I do!
Brian (PS06F) [1182] Yes you do!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1183] Well we hope you enjoy it!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1184] Thank you very much Trudy!
Brian (PS06F) [1185] Been nice won't it for you?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1186] Yeah!
[1187] So I'll be back on Monday.
Brian (PS06F) [1188] Okay dear.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1189] Alright?
[1190] I'll see you
Brian (PS06F) [1191] We'll miss you!
[1192] Yes!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1193] Ah will you?
Brian (PS06F) [1194] Yes, course we will!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1195] Ah!
[1196] [laughing] That's nice [] !
[1197] That's very nice!
[1198] Alright Olive?
Kate (PS06E) [1199] Alright dear?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1200] Okay, I'll see you on Monday.
Kate (PS06E) [1201] Ooh ooh ooh!
[1202] And you're co [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1203] Am I cold?
Kate (PS06E) [1204] Ooh no!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1205] Everyone thinks I'm cold.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [1206] Oh, what's this?
Kate (PS06E) [1207] Dear, dear!
[1208] What's this?
[1209] Something to
Lorraine (PS06H) [1210] This?
[1211] Oh this is Cherry's!
Kate (PS06E) [1212] to hear with or
Lorraine (PS06H) [1213] No, it's just Cherry's ... I'm borrowing it for a while.
Kate (PS06E) [1214] Oh I see!
[1215] Well
Lorraine (PS06H) [1216] Yeah.
[1217] Okay?
Kate (PS06E) [1218] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1219] Can you see Fiona.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1220] Okay, I'll go and get Fiona.
[1221] ... Fiona!
[1222] Ivy wants to see you.
Fiona (PS06G) [1223] Ivy ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1224] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [1225] What about?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [1226] Shall I stop it?
[1227] Or shall I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1228] Yes.

12 (Tape 040407)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1229] last night, did you enjoy it?
Fiona (PS06G) [1230] Yeah it was really good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1231] Mm mm.
[1232] ... Is bathroom in a ... mess?
Fiona (PS06G) [1233] Dunno.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1234] What's the date today?
Fiona (PS06G) [1235] Twenty second ... no!
[1236] Yeah, the twenty second.
[1237] ... Well how I'm supposed to sleep with him playing [...] music that loud I really don't!
[1238] Sounds like it's in my bedroom!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1239] Right.
Fiona (PS06G) [1240] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1241] Bad was it?
Fiona (PS06G) [1242] Ow!
[1243] Ow!
[1244] Ow!
[1245] Ow!
[1246] Ow!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1247] [yawning] Oh I'm so tired Matthew [] !
[1248] I really am exhausted!
Fiona (PS06G) [1249] So am I.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1250] Are you still ... erm ... going to Bristol ... on Monday?
Fiona (PS06G) [1251] Dunno.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1252] No?
Fiona (PS06G) [1253] I dunno.
[1254] Doubt it, why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1255] I just wondered.
Fiona (PS06G) [1256] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1257] I just wondered!

13 (Tape 040408)

Fiona (PS06G) [1258] What's he gone to ... Bicktons for?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1259] Well erm ... he's got to get references for this er ... [shouting] Rupert, turn it down a bit please [] !
[1260] ... Get references for this er ... trip
Fiona (PS06G) [1261] Oh yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1262] to er ... Australia.
[1263] ... Do you think it's gone cold?
[1264] [...] ... Bet that bathroom's in a hell of a mess innit?
Fiona (PS06G) [1265] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1266] Were you frightened ... trying to get in?
Fiona (PS06G) [1267] Not at all.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1268] You weren't scared or anything?
Fiona (PS06G) [1269] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1270] I'd have been terrified somebody was gonna come out and jump on me!
Fiona (PS06G) [1271] I was a bit worried when we were trying it on with the passes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1272] [shouting] Rupert!
[1273] Rupert [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [1274] What?
[1275] Don't have to shout [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1276] Well I was worried about you not hearing me!
[1277] There's some che there's some tea down here.
[1278] I would have been very concerned that some great big hairy ... bouncer would come leaping out at me!
Fiona (PS06G) [1279] Anyway, it was a bit weird cos we had to go with parties cos they're all ... they're all black and they're all about six and a half feet tall you know!
[1280] And they don't take any crap from anyone, [laughing] I tell you [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1281] Don't they?
[1282] Oh oh oh!
Fiona (PS06G) [1283] I said , I said we've been doing boundaries for the trial park today and they ran out of passes and gave us these and said they'd be alright.
[1284] And he goes, er I'm not sure ah, and he nearly let us in there and then but he had to go and see somebody else and he said tell them to go away!
[1285] [laughing] So we had to go away [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1286] That was the first attempt?
Fiona (PS06G) [1287] That's the first time and then we ... and then we were still around the back and we darted up over these banks
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1288] Ha!
Fiona (PS06G) [1289] and into these trees and ... where we were up there no one could see us and we could see the place, so we would see all the gaps in the fences.
[1290] So we planned out our next move and went ... just went down and did it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1291] [laughing] Oh God!
[1292] Next to the [...] [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1293] Sounds li like the S A S!
[1294] ... Finally did it then?
Fiona (PS06G) [1295] Mm.
[1296] Took us about ten minutes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1297] Well you're very brave!
[1298] I wouldn't do it!
[1299] I'd be frightened to death!
[1300] See and all that screaming and all that aggravation could have been avoided if you'd have known you were going to get in.
Fiona (PS06G) [1301] Well I mean ... that's him isn't it?
[1302] Noisy for that reason.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1303] Well Dad ... [laughing] and Sophie told him exactly what, what he was like and everything [] ... thought oh my God!
[1304] Gonna be trouble here!
Fiona (PS06G) [1305] So a big argument was there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1306] What?
Fiona (PS06G) [1307] Was there a big argument was there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1308] I'll say!
[1309] He went berserk!
Fiona (PS06G) [1310] What, all because he couldn't go out?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1311] Yep!
[1312] It's just because ... he couldn't go out anywhere, he couldn't erm ... he couldn't do what he wanted!
Fiona (PS06G) [1313] Pathetic behaviour that is innit?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1314] Mm!
[1315] It's embarrassing isn't it?
[1316] He nearly stamped his feet!
[1317] Now I want to know the truth about this coat business, [whispering] I won't say anything to him don't worry [] !
[1318] Just tell me.
Fiona (PS06G) [1319] Mum, he swapped it with Neil!
[1320] I don't know anything else!
[1321] Just look at you, you're [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1322] [laughing] Yeah but he turned round and you went []
Fiona (PS06G) [1323] I didn't notice him do it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1324] Cor!
[1325] It's a nice coat isn't it?
Fiona (PS06G) [1326] It's alright.
[1327] Quite hideous colours though innit?
[1328] You're really suspicious aren't you?
[1329] You really are!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1330] Well that was the bit, he went ah ha ha!
[1331] Like that after yo I know he did cos that had, listen if you were lying to me, I don't wa I don't like being lied to because I
Fiona (PS06G) [1332] Lying to you!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1333] I believe everything everybody, everybody
Fiona (PS06G) [1334] I'm not lying to you!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1335] say!
Fiona (PS06G) [1336] Even if I was I'm not gonna go and blurt out something that I'm not supposed to, but that's not the case anyway!
[1337] But if it was, I'm not going to am I?
[1338] He swaps his coat with Neil.
[1339] Just sad!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1340] [laugh] ... Yes, but are you telling me the abs absolute and utter ... truth?
[1341] I'm sure you are.
Fiona (PS06G) [1342] Oh well I've told you it three times now!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1343] I'm sure you are.
Fiona (PS06G) [1344] Have I got some socks?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1345] Just think, I am, I am your mother.
Fiona (PS06G) [1346] I know you are mother!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1347] I don't know whether there are any or not.
Fiona (PS06G) [1348] It's alright I can see some from here.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1349] I feel so cold!
[1350] I must go and do some work!
Fiona (PS06G) [1351] You alright for tonight?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1352] [...] weekend.
[1353] ... Brian isn't gonna come home until half past three this afternoon.
Fiona (PS06G) [1354] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1355] Eh?
Fiona (PS06G) [1356] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1357] Well he's just working isn't he?
[1358] Never seems to stop does he?
[1359] Not really.

14 (Tape 040409)

Jessica (PS06B) [1360] You in that raft race?
None (PS06J) [1361] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [1362] You in that raft race?
None (PS06J) [1363] I dunno.
[1364] I dunno [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [1365] I am!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1366] There's me ... Jodie, Karen and Jo.
[1367] [...] was down in thing with Tim I hope you realize [...] ?
None (PS06J) [1368] Ah, I dunno.
Jessica (PS06B) [1369] It's a make your own raft.
None (PS06J) [1370] I know.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1371] You gotta do it?
Jessica (PS06B) [1372] Go on!
[1373] It'll be a hellish laugh!
None (PS06J) [1374] [laugh] ... I know.
Jessica (PS06B) [1375] Oh if ... Melanie will go ... Good morning! [...]
None (PS06J) [1376] [laughing] I know [] !
[1377] And If I get wet I'll scream!
Jessica (PS06B) [1378] I know.
None (PS06J) [1379] Ah ah ah ah!
Jessica (PS06B) [1380] And I'll say go on get up you're wet! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1381] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1382] Extremely damp or something.
None (PS06J) [1383] I wanna do the team.
Jessica (PS06B) [1384] A team?
None (PS06J) [1385] With ... that do it [...] , seven of us or something.
Jessica (PS06B) [1386] Yeah.
[1387] But, you can be there of course, can't
None (PS06J) [1388] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1389] you?
None (PS06J) [1390] Richard's doing it.
Jessica (PS06B) [1391] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [1392] So is James .
Jessica (PS06B) [1393] Gimp!
None (PS06J) [1394] Yeah, Clara's [...] doing it.
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1395] Yeah, I'll do [...] !
[1396] Always the way to go [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [1397] What I said.
[1398] That thing's on.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1399] Is it on?
Jessica (PS06B) [1400] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1401] Oh good!
Jessica (PS06B) [1402] Is it alright?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1403] Yeah.
[1404] Just that the last twenty minutes ... [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1405] Erm ... cut this.
[1406] Are you sure that's ... oh it's ... [...] .
[1407] It's a miniature tin!
None (PS06J) [1408] Oh well.
[1409] Oh well!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1410] You'll starve!
Jessica (PS06B) [1411] Have some bread and butter and all then!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1412] I haven't got much.
[1413] You should know he doesn't have so much.
[1414] Go shopping again.
[1415] Erm, what am I coming out here for?
[1416] Well I'm going to squash this little doggy in a minute if he's not careful!
Jessica (PS06B) [1417] Timmy!
[1418] Sit down!
[1419] Good boy!
[1420] Ah!
[1421] Ah!
[1422] Ah!
[1423] Ah!
[1424] Ah!
[1425] Head down!
[1426] Come on, head down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1427] No love, don't make him do tricks!
Jessica (PS06B) [1428] Head down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1429] He's tired!
Jessica (PS06B) [...] [dog barking]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1430] He's been down the railway station today!
[1431] Sounded like there was [...] wasn't he?
Jessica (PS06B) [1432] Now he's got his Shapes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1433] Ha?
Jessica (PS06B) [1434] Wanna Shape?
[1435] I eat one of them when I was little, a charcoal one!
None (PS06J) [1436] I eat tho one of those things there.
Jessica (PS06B) [1437] I've only brown bread you don't mind do you?
None (PS06J) [1438] No, I like brown bread.
Jessica (PS06B) [1439] One or two pieces?
None (PS06J) [1440] Two please?
Jessica (PS06B) [1441] Three, do you want a three?
None (PS06J) [1442] No, two please?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1443] Oh yes, [...] for Easter.
Jessica (PS06B) [1444] What?
None (PS06J) [1445] Gotta do themes for Easter. [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1446] You can [...] ... Easter?
None (PS06J) [1447] Yeah.
[1448] I don't get Easter off ga cos ... more money.
Jessica (PS06B) [1449] I'm not speaking to you again!
None (PS06J) [1450] [laugh] ... [laugh] ... Do you get Easter eggs?
Jessica (PS06B) [1451] Yeah, Smartie one I do.
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1452] It [...]
None (PS06J) [1453] [laugh] ... Well that's the only thing, I have to go with my mum cos I haven't for ages!
[1454] So like cam Easter's sorted out.
[1455] Yeah, like her eggs but [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1456] Oh!
None (PS06J) [1457] Sue knows what's the [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1458] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [1459] It's boring!
Jessica (PS06B) [1460] It is now isn't it?
None (PS06J) [1461] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1462] It's alright, and it's really boring but it's really brilliant flavours as well.
None (PS06J) [1463] I don't like the Indian music!
Jessica (PS06B) [1464] I hate Indian music!
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1465] The reason is is because you can't even right, it's the only thing [...]
None (PS06J) [1466] I like [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1467] I like [...] .
[1468] I love it too!
[1469] Yeah.
[1470] But you can't dance at all cos you're just so packed aren't you?
None (PS06J) [1471] Mm.
[1472] Headbangers do it like that.
Jessica (PS06B) [1473] Mm.
None (PS06J) [1474] I love dance music!
[1475] I just, mm ... cos nobody else likes to dance [...] .
[1476] Oh, that's alright.
[1477] Cos you always listen, everyone, everyone at [...] like headbanging ... just gets you used to music.
Jessica (PS06B) [1478] Jo.
[1479] ... Oh my God it's splitting innit?
[1480] ... Don't look much at all.
[1481] Except they've all had something.
None (PS06J) [1482] Ah?
Jessica (PS06B) [1483] [...] ... Mm!
[1484] Ah ah!
[1485] ... Very nice!
[1486] Oh Jack go away!
[1487] I don't mean to be horrible or anything but he really gets on my nerves!
None (PS06J) [1488] [laugh] ... It is Rudolph Nuryev.
Jessica (PS06B) [1489] Which is the only sport that I know.
[1490] I'll just turn that round.
[1491] No, eleven ninety nine.
[1492] No, eleven fo , eleven fifty.
None (PS06J) [1493] Sharp. [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1494] No, eleven forty nine.
[1495] ... They only have them in this colour though.
None (PS06J) [1496] I like that colour.
[1497] I might get one that colour.
[1498] But, in fact, I don't like the purple ones.
[1499] I like
Jessica (PS06B) [1500] Mhm.
None (PS06J) [1501] black or white.
Jessica (PS06B) [1502] Mm.
None (PS06J) [1503] Don't want the same colour.
Jessica (PS06B) [1504] More like a ... creamy white it is innit?
None (PS06J) [1505] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1506] It's not dead white.
[1507] I hate dead white things!
None (PS06J) [1508] Same as my Aran jumper.
Jessica (PS06B) [1509] Mm.
None (PS06J) [1510] The wool in this ... [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1511] No, honestly do.
[1512] I would have to have something other the ... seat otherwise it'll
None (PS06J) [1513] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1514] be really uncomfortable.
[1515] ... Ugly little cow in't she?
None (PS06J) [1516] [laughing] You're telling me [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1517] Oh there's
None (PS06J) [1518] [laughing] Mel [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1519] Oh there's, Mel!
None (PS06J) [1520] I did that the first excuse ... and Lee, yeah, yeah office!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1521] [laugh] ... He's been told to go to the office so many times it like ... yeah, yeah, alright!
[1522] I'm going!
[1523] I'm going! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1524] Well you know erm ... you know Charlotte?
None (PS06J) [1525] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1526] Well
None (PS06J) [1527] I don't like her!
Jessica (PS06B) [1528] Yeah, you know ... me and Jo ... not friends with her any more ... after
None (PS06J) [1529] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1530] what she said.
None (PS06J) [1531] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1532] Well ... right, we really stuck up for her when she was in that fight and everything!
[1533] And erm ... and Miss asked why we weren't friends any more and we goes well she lied and you know, she splits up most people by doing that cos they were trying to tell us the truth and we wouldn't listen.
[1534] And so we would lo waste all our friends just cos she was lying!
None (PS06J) [1535] Mm.
[1536] Don't like people like that!
Jessica (PS06B) [1537] And so she's got it in for us now, really badly!
[1538] And she's trying make us be friendly with her!
[1539] Alright!
[1540] Me and Claire from [...] , yeah?
None (PS06J) [1541] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1542] Oh Kirsty now, they're all great friends aren't they, ah?
None (PS06J) [1543] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1544] And then ... Claire ... got a bag and winged it round her head, chucked her on the floor and goes ... school, she goes I hate it!
[1545] She goes you bitch!
[1546] Then she goes ... then she goes erm
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1547] she goes I hate school!
[1548] And ran off!
None (PS06J) [1549] Mm.
[1550] Who said this?
Jessica (PS06B) [1551] Erm Claire.
[1552] And then she came back ... er, just before lunchtime I think ... and then they tried to, they sat Kirsty and ... and Claire down, and they told them to make up and talk to each other and [laughing] in the end they started having a fight!
[1553] They just sat down, you know [] said er right speak!
[1554] I don't wanna speak to her!
[1555] You know, they told me, and the they were on, and they were like ... they really expected them to just make up and they started having a fight!
[1556] You can imagine can't you?
[1557] And then kind of
None (PS06J) [1558] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1559] making up and they just [laughing] start hitting each other and that [] !
None (PS06J) [1560] Me and Jo were well split up last night!
[1561] It was so funny right, she'd have a go and I just sat there and ... yeah!
Jessica (PS06B) [1562] Mm mm mm mm!
None (PS06J) [1563] I thought ... you know.
Jessica (PS06B) [1564] Jo is actually speaking to me now.
None (PS06J) [1565] What's she like Jo?
Jessica (PS06B) [1566] She's alright once you're there but if yo i mm mm ... if she doesn't like then that's it!
None (PS06J) [1567] Ooh I know.
Jessica (PS06B) [1568] Now she's friendly with Melanie.
None (PS06J) [1569] Mm!
[1570] ... Well she don't get [...] either.
Jessica (PS06B) [1571] I wouldn't ... make good friends with Kelly.
None (PS06J) [1572] Mm.
[1573] Don't wanna ... I won't be friends with her.
Jessica (PS06B) [1574] Why not?
None (PS06J) [1575] Cos she uses you.
Jessica (PS06B) [1576] Mm mm.
None (PS06J) [1577] Right, cos she used me and Jo.
[1578] She used to go down [...] ... so she wouldn't get beat up, and she used me to go [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [1579] Jo?
None (PS06J) [1580] .
[1581] ... Wonder what they're saying about us?
Jessica (PS06B) [1582] Mm.
[1583] Gonna borrow some of my clothes for tonight?
None (PS06J) [1584] Yeah.
[1585] What would be funny if we meet up
Jessica (PS06B) [1586] I'm gonna fall flat on my bum! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1587] I go ... [laugh] ... Getting along!
None (PS06J) [1588] [singing] La da da da la la [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1589] I saw this gay!
None (PS06J) [1590] Go whoosh!
Jessica (PS06B) [1591] I saw this
None (PS06J) [1592] Oh right!
[1593] Right!
Jessica (PS06B) [1594] I saw this gay with this girl called Christine ... down in erm ... Courtney Park, yeah?
[1595] Getting on [...] ... and she started showing off right, she started going ... er er everything!
[1596] [singing] Da na na []
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1597] she was doing it ... to Matt like that!
[1598] I [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1599] talked, I goes it's not funny I goes ... goes ... er he worked in [...] [laughing] or something [] , showing off!
None (PS06J) [1600] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1601] She goes I wasn't!
[1602] I was only mucking about!
None (PS06J) [1603] Yeah, and you fall flat on your face!
Jessica (PS06B) [1604] Ah!
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1605] [laugh] ... Tonight's gonna be excellent!
[1606] I can't wait!
[1607] Wicked!
None (PS06J) [1608] Yes, you get some really slaggy girls there!
Jessica (PS06B) [1609] Never mind.
[1610] Erm
None (PS06J) [1611] What have you got [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1612] I like your earrings! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1613] Like your teeth!
[1614] Erm
Jessica (PS06B) [1615] Oh yeah, you know!
[1616] Alright.
[1617] So be here, wear the [...] cross, yeah?
[1618] And mum said to take it off cos it's prejudice!
None (PS06J) [1619] It's only a cross!
Jessica (PS06B) [1620] [laugh] ... And mum said, take that off!
[1621] It's prejudice!
[1622] Oh! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1623] [laugh] And [...] a funny thing cos like we're gonna be with like Steven and Matt, bloody guzzle [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1624] [laughing] Ah!
[1625] Yeah [] !
None (PS06J) [1626] All go [singing] mm mm [] ! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1627] [laugh] ... Never mind!
None (PS06J) [1628] You can get some really
Jessica (PS06B) [1629] Mm.
[1630] Tell
None (PS06J) [1631] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1632] them to keep away from him
None (PS06J) [1633] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1634] and me.
None (PS06J) [1635] They can be right tarts together they'll be, stand there going ... [...] , mm!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [1636] Right, come on then!
[1637] Mm mm!
Jessica (PS06B) [1638] Yeah.
[1639] ... Try Ben in a minute again, yeah?
None (PS06J) [1640] Yeah.
[1641] No I'll
Jessica (PS06B) [1642] Oh no!
None (PS06J) [1643] phone him at four o'clock.
[1644] [...] ... Another hour.
[1645] ... Where's the nearest phone box?
[1646] Down town? [...] there?
[1647] ... Has she go has she gone swimming instead tonight?
Jessica (PS06B) [1648] When am I sleeping at your house?
None (PS06J) [1649] Erm ... wha what's that day th ... it doesn't really matter.
[1650] ... Bit, excuse me.
Jessica (PS06B) [1651] Erm ... what was I gonna say?
[1652] Oh that's it, erm ... you don't mind sleeping on the camp bed tonight do you?
[1653] Cos one of my sisters
None (PS06J) [1654] No it's alright.
Jessica (PS06B) [1655] [...] .
[1656] You sure?
[1657] It's quite comfy.
None (PS06J) [1658] Yeah, I like, I remember in it last time.
[1659] Sl slept like a log!
[1660] And Ben co I mean, Ben!
[1661] I think was Jack was having me out!
[1662] Oi!
[1663] Ooh! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1664] Yeah.
[1665] Isn't he a lovely doggy!
[1666] Mm, he is yeah.
None (PS06J) [1667] All my chickens got [laughing] killed [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1668] Your chickens?
None (PS06J) [1669] You know the chickens we had don't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [1670] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [1671] [laughing] They all died [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1672] [laughing] How [] ?
[1673] Don't laugh!
[1674] Ah!
None (PS06J) [1675] But
Jessica (PS06B) [1676] Give them a funeral?
None (PS06J) [1677] No!
[1678] Couldn't find them, a dog bit their heads off!
[1679] Er dogs, not ours ... the sheepdogs down the road.
[1680] Coming in ... like ... one went Monda one, one went
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
None (PS06J) [1681] Sunday, one went Monday, one went ... and two on Tues one went Tuesday and ... no!
[1682] One on Monday, one on Sunday, one on Monday and this Tuesday, and then two went missing Wednesday.
Jessica (PS06B) [1683] Ah!
[1684] What was I gonna say?
[1685] You know those erm ... dogs down the road from me, that farm?
None (PS06J) [1686] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1687] Are they still there?
None (PS06J) [1688] Yeah.
[1689] That's the ones that killed the chickens.
Jessica (PS06B) [1690] They, they, are they ones, yeah?
None (PS06J) [1691] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1692] Cos I can remember when Sarah and erm ... Sarah , was it Sarah ?
None (PS06J) [1693] Sarah .
Jessica (PS06B) [1694] Mm.
[1695] Sarah
None (PS06J) [1696] Yeah, right.
Jessica (PS06B) [1697] Yeah.
[1698] And they couldn't [laughing] [...] sticks []
None (PS06J) [1699] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1700] and walk past!
[1701] I like Sarah , she's really pretty isn't she?
None (PS06J) [1702] Yeah.
[1703] Whoops!
Jessica (PS06B) [1704] Urgh!
[1705] Morning ratty!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1706] Eh?
Jessica (PS06B) [1707] You got a photo.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1708] Have I?
Jessica (PS06B) [1709] Have you bleached the back of your hair?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1710] No.
Jessica (PS06B) [1711] You look absolutely shattered!
Lorraine (PS06H) [1712] I know.
Jessica (PS06B) [1713] What time did you get in?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1714] Dunno, about half eight.
Jessica (PS06B) [1715] In the morning?
[1716] Oh yeah, I was there!
[1717] Was that when you got in then?
[1718] I thought that's, that's when you got up?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1719] No, it's when I got in.
None (PS06J) [1720] Er urgh!
Jessica (PS06B) [1721] Good?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1722] Yeah, very good!
Jessica (PS06B) [1723] What music did they play?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1724] Eh?
Jessica (PS06B) [1725] What music did they play?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1726] Heavy rock.
Jessica (PS06B) [1727] Play.
[1728] No, you
Lorraine (PS06H) [1729] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1730] know, what song did they play
Lorraine (PS06H) [1731] Loads!
Jessica (PS06B) [1732] You're not coming in!
[1733] [laughing] Ha [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [1734] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [1735] [singing] Your name's not down you're not coming in [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1736] [singing] Not down, you're not coming in [] !
None (PS06J) [1737] Knock, knock it looks like!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]

15 (Tape 040410)

Jessica (PS06B) [1738] Press record down and it works.
Brian (PS06F) [1739] [...] and I'll have a look.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1740] Sometimes I think
Brian (PS06F) [1741] Can you take those plates out please and I'll put the cups down [...] . [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1742] I went [...] ... [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1743] Sunday.
Jessica (PS06B) [1744] Sunday.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1745] Right.
Brian (PS06F) [1746] It's mostly these two.
[1747] I think I can do that.
Lorraine (PS06H) [1748] Can you just move up [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1749] Do I?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1750] Yeah.
[1751] Oh you do!
Jessica (PS06B) [1752] Right, well will he?
Lorraine (PS06H) [1753] [...] it now!

16 (Tape 040411)

Fiona (PS06G) [1754] Right, beans on toast.
Jessica (PS06B) [1755] I bet you didn't do it?
[1756] Did you?
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1757] Right.
[1758] That's alright like that isn't it?
Fiona (PS06G) [1759] No it's not!
Brian (PS06F) [1760] Oh I didn't kno I thought
Jessica (PS06B) [1761] I didn't either!
None (PS06J) [1762] Whoops!
Fiona (PS06G) [1763] We can then stop before the [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1764] Well I dunno that's what's er ... Jo did with [...] [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1765] Dad!
Fiona (PS06G) [1766] What did he do then?
Jessica (PS06B) [1767] Dad!
Brian (PS06F) [1768] He [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1769] Dad, it finishes at erm
Brian (PS06F) [1770] all his stuff on there.
Jessica (PS06B) [1771] It finishes at nine are we walking back or are you picking us up?
[1772] Oh, he's gone
Brian (PS06F) [1773] Sorry!
Jessica (PS06B) [1774] deaf!
[1775] It finishes at nine, are we walking back or are you picking us up?
Brian (PS06F) [1776] Dunno I'll think about it!
[1777] What time does it start?
Jessica (PS06B) [1778] Erm ... er well everyone gets there for half six but it doesn't exactly start till seven.
[1779] You [...] skate round the [...] .
Brian (PS06F) [1780] Has Melanie got some skates?
Jessica (PS06B) [1781] No, you can, you can hire them there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1782] Don't say Melanie!
Brian (PS06F) [1783] Sorry?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1784] She doesn't like being called Melanie!
[1785] Just call her Melly.
[1786] Or
Jessica (PS06B) [1787] Mel!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1788] smelly!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1789] Smelly!
Brian (PS06F) [1790] Smelly!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1791] Is that your name though
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1792] Smelly Mel!
Brian (PS06F) [1793] Melanie?
[1794] Is it Melanie really?
None (PS06J) [1795] Yeah.
Brian (PS06F) [1796] Ah!
[1797] Oh dear!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1798] Alright then Melanie!
[1799] I won't Melanie again, Melanie!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1800] Dad, call her Mel.
Brian (PS06F) [1801] Erm, yes. ... [...]
None (PS06J) [1802] Ha!
Brian (PS06F) [1803] Why don't you like being called that?
None (PS06J) [1804] Why?
[1805] Because the only
Brian (PS06F) [...]
None (PS06J) [1806] time my mother calls me Melanie is when I'm in trouble! [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1807] [laughing] Oh right!
[1808] I see [] !
[1809] A girl from my office is like that as well.
[1810] But she doesn't get called Melanie because
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1811] Everyone calls me Jessica don't they?
None (PS06J) [1812] Mm.
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1813] Jess.
Brian (PS06F) [1814] Jess.
Jessica (PS06B) [1815] Mm.
Brian (PS06F) [1816] Oh no your nickname, your your abbreviated name is Jec
Jessica (PS06B) [1817] No, well it's not!
Brian (PS06F) [1818] Daisy .
Jessica (PS06B) [1819] No it's not!
[1820] Don't ever call me
Brian (PS06F) [1821] Yes it is!
Jessica (PS06B) [1822] that!
[1823] Don't ever call me that!
Brian (PS06F) [1824] Because when she was little she couldn't say Jessica
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1825] her name was Jessica, it was abbreviated to Jec!
[1826] And it's a bit of problem when you're shouting Jec!
[1827] The dog turns round!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1828] The dog's name.
Jessica (PS06B) [1829] Jec!
[1830] Oh he did then!
[1831] Oh prat! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1832] Prat!
Brian (PS06F) [1833] Don't call him a prat!
Jessica (PS06B) [1834] Jack!
[1835] Prat!
[1836] Prat!
[1837] Prat!
[1838] He responds!
None (PS06J) [1839] Jack the prat! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1840] Jack the prat is a brat!
[1841] He was very much black.
Brian (PS06F) [1842] It's not very nice!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [1843] [laugh] ... And that was that!
None (PS06J) [1844] Cos he was black.
Brian (PS06F) [1845] Where you going tonight Che?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1846] Out.
Brian (PS06F) [1847] That's a really good answer that is!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1848] [laugh] ... And [...] twenty five pounds worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers for nothing for that.
[1849] I want you.
Brian (PS06F) [1850] Get a nice shirt.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1851] Eh?
Brian (PS06F) [1852] Get a nice shirt for that Marks's.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1853] I'll get you a shirt with this!
[1854] You can have it [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1855] I'm only joking!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1856] No I don't mind!
Brian (PS06F) [1857] No you won't!
Jessica (PS06B) [1858] Can I get something?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1859] No.
Brian (PS06F) [1860] To buy yourself something.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1861] Erm ... I want you to ... take it to work with you.
Brian (PS06F) [1862] I won't be allowed to.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1863] You jus you jus just sort of general conversation at coffee time!
[1864] Anything like that.
Brian (PS06F) [1865] No!
[1866] No!
[1867] Won't be allowed.
[1868] Bottle of wine Cherry.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1869] Right.
[1870] Everything's confidential.
Brian (PS06F) [1871] You don't even get lunchtime let alone coffee time!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1872] Listen!
[1873] Listen!
[1874] Listen!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1875] Everything's protected by law with it and everything.
[1876] Nobody's gonna say anything or do anything
Jessica (PS06B) [1877] It's confidential.
Brian (PS06F) [1878] Yeah, but when the when we're talking we're quite often talking about ... people and
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1879] Yeah well talk about people!
[1880] Nobody knows who they are!
Brian (PS06F) [1881] I just don't think I'll be allowed to do it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1882] [...] blow on it!
Brian (PS06F) [1883] Well I'm ... course they will!
[1884] You suddenly got a tape machine stuck on
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1885] No, be discreet!
Brian (PS06F) [1886] your desk!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1887] No,no not when you've got people sat there and you're interviewing them, of course you can't do that!
[1888] Just the general staff!
[1889] You know, just sort of general
Fiona (PS06G) [1890] I wouldn't do it!
Brian (PS06F) [1891] I can't stick a tape machine on my desk and leave it running.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1892] No turn it off when you got yo go on leave it!
Brian (PS06F) [1893] Er and when nobody is there I can't just put a tape machine on the desk and leave it running!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1894] Well I I ... well I shall continue wearing it then.
Brian (PS06F) [1895] Fine!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1896] I shall come in there then they won't ... know then will they?
Jessica (PS06B) [1897] Well I tell you the reason why I don't [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1898] If she's [...] I I'll [...] tape, tape her alright?
Jessica (PS06B) [1899] Hey Gail and him are arranging their next date?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1900] Who?
Jessica (PS06B) [1901] Gail and Danny are arranging their date! [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1902] Yeah, and I'm sure people wanna [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1903] Oh well, cos he phones her up then.
Brian (PS06F) [1904] Coming in today.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1905] Is she?
Brian (PS06F) [1906] Come over to her
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1907] And we [...] to see her [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1908] Came over and [...] was there just now got to do some shopping or something.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1909] Yeah.
[1910] What in Newton Abbot?
Brian (PS06F) [1911] Yeah.
[1912] And li get his get his own [...] or very small [...] in that big secondhand book shop.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1913] Mm.
[1914] Oh yeah!
Brian (PS06F) [1915] What's it called? [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1916] And critically
Brian (PS06F) [1917] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1918] erm ... I know anyway.
Brian (PS06F) [1919] Yeah.
[1920] And they were coming in to see this book shop. [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [cough]
Brian (PS06F) [1921] And the lady was
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1922] And and they would have been ideal you
None (PS06J) [1923] Ha!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1924] see!
None (PS06J) [1925] They got a red thumb!
Brian (PS06F) [1926] Actually, actually when he gets together properly.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1927] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1928] Where does Gail work now then?
Brian (PS06F) [1929] Torquay still.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1930] How's she ... getting on with Barry over there?
[1931] She doesn't like it?
[1932] [laugh] ... I know she's listened to you go over there!
[1933] Shame!
[1934] ... I mean I cope.
Jessica (PS06B) [1935] Spoke to Pat?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1936] I should of.
[1937] Still it looks like [...] make us a fresh one.
Jessica (PS06B) [1938] I'll do mine.
[1939] ... Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1940] Mm?
Jessica (PS06B) [1941] It's rude to talk when you're eating so why have you got the tape machine running [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1942] Right, well you just keep [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [1943] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1944] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1945] Put the [...] on there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1946] In my what?
Jessica (PS06B) [1947] In there.
[1948] Ready?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1949] I can't swallow that whole!
Brian (PS06F) [1950] Take that like that.
Jessica (PS06B) [1951] Ready?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1952] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1953] But it's gone out.
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1954] Er, make me feel an idiot!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1955] [laughing] I thought, you either do it, so you do it to here [...] and I bet he fell for it did he [] ?
Jessica (PS06B) [1956] Yep!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1957] We do that anyway at work.
Brian (PS06F) [1958] That was quite good actually weren't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1959] I told her that.
Jessica (PS06B) [1960] Mm
None (PS06J) [1961] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [1962] And that ... that was him.
None (PS06J) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [1963] Don't know love.
Jessica (PS06B) [1964] Yes please.
Brian (PS06F) [1965] Is that chocolate pudding?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1966] Yes it is.
Brian (PS06F) [1967] [...] ... I know I'm doing it [...] .
[1968] Redca redcu redcurrants, redcurrants, cherry, lemon, vanilla, apricot, strawberry, banana.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1969] This is the ice cream.
Jessica (PS06B) [1970] Banana!
Brian (PS06F) [1971] Yeah.
[1972] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [1973] What will you have, banana?
Jessica (PS06B) [1974] Cherry please.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1975] I haven't got a banana in have I?
Brian (PS06F) [1976] Straw you want strawberry?
None (PS06J) [1977] Yes please.
Jessica (PS06B) [1978] Mum?
Brian (PS06F) [1979] What do you want?
Jessica (PS06B) [1980] Cherry.
[1981] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1982] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [1983] David [...] was always getting picked on at school!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1984] Ah!
Brian (PS06F) [1985] That's strawberry and cherry.
Jessica (PS06B) [1986] And the he goes ... and he goes erm, he goes coloured, coloured, coloured!
[1987] And [...] goes ... when I was born I was black and my grandfather's black ... so I'm [...] black and get called I'm black and I'm [...] black but you ... and you're [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1988] Oh I've read that!
Jessica (PS06B) [1989] Yeah.
[1990] When you're ... born, listen!
[1991] Listen!
[1992] Listen!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1993] When you're born you're pink ... or something
Jessica (PS06B) [1994] Oh yeah, when you're born you're pink and black, you're white [...] green ... and when the erm ... what was it? [...]
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [1995] and [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1996] and your hair is the colour of [...] and you dye your hair.
Brian (PS06F) [1997] And you colour your [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [1998] [...] .
[1999] Good that innit?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2000] Yeah.
[2001] I haven't got any milk.
Jessica (PS06B) [2002] It's not [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2003] It's huge!
[2004] I don't why I pay other people!
Jessica (PS06B) [2005] Aye you!
Brian (PS06F) [2006] Cor!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [2007] My mum is pretty [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2008] I don't know who took [...] you know.
[2009] It really upsets me!
Fiona (PS06G) [2010] My mum is so naive
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [2011] sometimes, it's unbelievable!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2012] I know!
[2013] If you go on calling me
Fiona (PS06G) [2014] Or oh oh oh oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2015] Sarah's got no ears!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [2016] [laugh] ... My mum just pulls her down like that and it stays there!
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2017] What did you do?
Jessica (PS06B) [2018] You didn't hear that!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2019] The water.
[2020] In the waterfall!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2021] What do you want? [...] lemon, blackcurrant and apple
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2022] Well I'll have to do loads of erm
None (PS06J) [2023] Blackcurrant.
Jessica (PS06B) [2024] Cor!
Brian (PS06F) [2025] Well that's right then, they're gone.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2026] We'll have to, I'll have to get [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2027] Doesn't matter.
Fiona (PS06G) [2028] The washing machine [...] on.
Jessica (PS06B) [2029] Oh a little tiny bit left ... do you want me to mix a bit of lemon?
[2030] Have you got enough?
None (PS06J) [2031] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2032] Mm , do.
Brian (PS06F) [2033] Oh God! [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2034] Why do you mean you couldn't stop laughing?
Brian (PS06F) [2035] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [2036] When I came in there you couldn't stop laughing.
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2037] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2038] [laugh] ... Oh no, okay
Brian (PS06F) [2039] Yep!
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
None (PS06J) [2040] No I went.
Jessica (PS06B) [2041] Oh!
[2042] What do you mean [...] ?
None (PS06J) [2043] But no, the kids had stopped laughing they all say she's trying to tell me off! [laughing] [...] [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [2044] What else you gonna do?
[2045] Or is it ... you both said ... [...] be nice didn't you?
Brian (PS06F) [2046] Oh yeah you gotta get erm ... [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2047] Oh is it?
[2048] What did I say?
[2049] What was Hawaiian so in
Brian (PS06F) [2050] Hawaiian pizza.
Jessica (PS06B) [2051] Mm.
[2052] He's goes oh I had Hawaiian pizza and he goes ... did you have pie and pizza?
[2053] [laugh] ... And he just laughed, goes no Hawaiian pizza and he just cracked up all the way through [...] !
[2054] And all the way back he just couldn't stop laughing!
None (PS06J) [2055] Oh God!
Jessica (PS06B) [2056] Mm mm.
Brian (PS06F) [2057] Oh my tie's just broken.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2058] There's nothing broken
Brian (PS06F) [2059] Okay.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2060] in that!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [2061] Righto!
[2062] [laughing] Ha [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [2063] Dad don't be horrible!
[2064] Dad how do you eat [...] yoghurt with our fingers or ... just straight through our tails!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2065] It's the only, well you'll
Brian (PS06F) [2066] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2067] have to have what's left.
Brian (PS06F) [2068] Oh!
[2069] Can I have that?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2070] Press that. [...]
Brian (PS06F) [2071] Oh!
[2072] Your tongue is big enough to clean the pot out ... without you using anything else.
Jessica (PS06B) [2073] Big enough?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2074] Down your back.
[2075] Urgh!
[2076] It's down the ... a V shape ... it's a tail. [...]
Brian (PS06F) [2077] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2078] [...] ... looks like th that thing you got left other day.
[2079] ... [...] Nursery School.
Jessica (PS06B) [2080] [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2081] Mm.
Brian (PS06F) [2082] Does that mean ... we're gonna go by ... [...] peace then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2083] No!
[2084] Of course you can't!
[2085] Don't give me enough [...] at all!
[2086] [...] . ... You walking to ... Mel's?
Jessica (PS06B) [2087] No we're gonna go [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2088] Oh, walk up.
Jessica (PS06B) [2089] Dad shall we walk up?
[2090] And then you ... bring us back or do you want us to walk back or what?
Brian (PS06F) [2091] Sorry?
[2092] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [2093] Are we we ... are we walking back or are you giving us a lift?
Brian (PS06F) [2094] What do you want to do?
Jessica (PS06B) [2095] Walk?
None (PS06J) [2096] Walk.
Brian (PS06F) [2097] If you're together I don't mind.
[2098] But, it's alright.
Jessica (PS06B) [2099] Yeah.
Brian (PS06F) [2100] As long as you come straight ... home!
Jessica (PS06B) [2101] I know!
[2102] Finishes at nine so, you know
Brian (PS06F) [2103] So you'll be back by ten past.
Jessica (PS06B) [2104] Ha!
[2105] Ha ha!
None (PS06J) [2106] Half past!
[2107] The way we walk!
[2108] [laughing] Hee hee [] .
[2109] Can Darren go?
Jessica (PS06B) [2110] Yeah yo all the way down that way, all the way down the hill ... through the town
Brian (PS06F) [2111] Fifteen minutes maximum I'll give you!
Jessica (PS06B) [2112] It'll take us longer, I'm sorry!
[2113] It will!
Brian (PS06F) [2114] I haven't booked [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2115] Thank you.
Jessica (PS06B) [2116] Mm.
[2117] ... Ah, this piece is nice!
[2118] Don't do that ... again!
[2119] Get off!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2120] When we went to the movies the other day everyone's white looking [laughing] we [...] screen [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [2121] Urgh!
Brian (PS06F) [2122] Mel.
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2123] [...] !
Brian (PS06F) [2124] Do you not like, do you not eat peas?
None (PS06J) [2125] No.
Jessica (PS06B) [2126] No.
None (PS06J) [2127] [laugh] ... I don't like them.
[2128] I won't eat it!
Brian (PS06F) [2129] [...] she'd say.
None (PS06J) [2130] I have seen it.
[2131] I bet that's the [...] ... white.
Jessica (PS06B) [2132] Another e ... maroon one!
None (PS06J) [2133] I've got
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2134] I bet, I bet it'll have maroon with yellow and pink stripes going up the side.
[2135] Oh!
[2136] Can you imagine that!
None (PS06J) [2137] Where shall I [...] that bowls?
Jessica (PS06B) [2138] Anywhere.
[2139] Come on Jack, be a good boy [...] !
None (PS06J) [2140] And you can [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2141] What?
None (PS06J) [2142] Does your mum do them?
Jessica (PS06B) [2143] Sort of.
[2144] I can't ... Dad, I can't work it very well can I?
Brian (PS06F) [2145] No.
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [2146] That's your [...] excuse.
Fiona (PS06G) [2147] Rubbish!
Brian (PS06F) [2148] Leave it for you mum.
Fiona (PS06G) [2149] I can work it [...] look!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [2150] I got my name down for pink and blue.
Jessica (PS06B) [2151] Should of brought me them to see the
None (PS06J) [2152] I ain't going round with them, have you seem them? [laugh]
Brian (PS06F) [2153] As long as you don't [...] Melanie.
Jessica (PS06B) [2154] Pardon?
Brian (PS06F) [2155] Thank you!
[2156] Mel, sorry!
[2157] You wanted to go to Silverlands.
None (PS06J) [2158] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [2159] Every week?
None (PS06J) [2160] Mm.
[2161] Yep!
[2162] We go up there.
[2163] I'll leave that plate out.
[2164] [laughing] Ha [] !
[2165] Throw out the rubbish.
Jessica (PS06B) [2166] Mm.
[2167] What?
None (PS06J) [2168] I'll leave that [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2169] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [2170] Just thinking.
Jessica (PS06B) [2171] Why?
None (PS06J) [2172] I'll go and put my clothes out [...] .
[2173] ... I'm a good girl!
[2174] Where's my
Jessica (PS06B) [2175] Is that how long it takes you to get home then by taxi or by car?
None (PS06J) [2176] Yeah.
Brian (PS06F) [2177] So you go by taxi then?
None (PS06J) [2178] Yeah.
[2179] Ten times [...]
Brian (PS06F) [2180] That's right.
[2181] [...] by taxi every week.
[2182] Me.
None (PS06J) [2183] Well if not, my next door nei my next door neighbour gives me a lift up.
Brian (PS06F) [2184] Go and give mum a shout please Je?
Jessica (PS06B) [2185] What?
Brian (PS06F) [2186] Can you give mum a shout for me?
Jessica (PS06B) [2187] [shouting] Mum [] !
Brian (PS06F) [2188] Jessica!
[2189] That's not what I meant!
Jessica (PS06B) [2190] You said it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2191] Doesn't matter she's [...] !
None (PS06J) [2192] She's a [...]
Brian (PS06F) [2193] It's gross!
Jessica (PS06B) [2194] Who from?
None (PS06J) [2195] My dad can hear you shouting [...] !
[2196] Mum!
[2197] I could have done that myself!
Brian (PS06F) [2198] Don't do it again!

17 (Tape 040501)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2199] Right!
[2200] I've got the film [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2201] What film is it?
[2202] Don't want [...] then do we?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2203] Once you've made
Jessica (PS06B) [2204] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2205] a correction.
Jessica (PS06B) [2206] One.
[2207] What time's Rupert's thingy?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2208] Just a minute I just wanna [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2209] Going the library?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2210] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [2211] Is it in the library?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2212] I'm not sure actually.
[2213] I keep asking them but they don't have ... a clue ... is what she said.
Jessica (PS06B) [2214] These people are so [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2215] No that's ... terrible!
Jessica (PS06B) [2216] But it isn't!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2217] [...] Yes!
[2218] He's only just [...] !
[2219] Where's the pins [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2220] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2221] But it might not be thirty two [...] so don't ask
Jessica (PS06B) [2222] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2223] again will you?
[2224] Perhaps it was [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2225] [...] ... Mum, what's the difference between these pink ones and the normal ones?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2226] Dunno really!
[2227] Nice [...] is it?
Jessica (PS06B) [2228] What pink?
[2229] I bought some this morning.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2230] I just went into the ... kitchen then [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2231] God!
[2232] Dog!
[2233] Come on then!
[2234] Come on then, in you come!
[2235] Jack!
[2236] [whistling] In you come!
[2237] Stand there and you can ... er er cold [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2238] I think it's just a different kind of brochure.
Jessica (PS06B) [2239] Sorry?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2240] I thought it was a different kind of brochure that's all.
Jessica (PS06B) [2241] What's [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2242] Are you in here?
Jessica (PS06B) [2243] Very good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2244] [...] ... [...] .
[2245] ... Want some coffee?
Jessica (PS06B) [2246] Erm ... please?
[2247] Can I have it white though mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2248] Sorry?
Jessica (PS06B) [2249] Can I have it white though?
[2250] White.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2251] White coffee?
Jessica (PS06B) [2252] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2253] I always do white coffee!
Jessica (PS06B) [2254] No you don't you do something like that ... browny colour.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2255] What?
[2256] More milk in you mean?
Jessica (PS06B) [2257] Yeah.
[2258] A lot more milk, about half.

18 (Tape 040502)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2259] I bet you're absolutely delighted it's ... half term aren't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [2260] Not really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2261] No?
Jessica (PS06B) [2262] Not really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2263] Aren't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [2264] School's alright, it's the lessons that are sad!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2265] Sorry?
Jessica (PS06B) [2266] School's alright it's just the lessons [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2267] Don't look very big do they?
Jessica (PS06B) [2268] Don't worry about them.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2269] I'll [...] .

19 (Tape 040503)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2270] You'll be on your own. [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2271] Yeah!
[2272] It'll be you can't do this, you can't do that!
[2273] I won't do anything!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2274] What's Beth doing this week?
Jessica (PS06B) [2275] She's gone off to erm ... Isle of Wight.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2276] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [2277] She's going back to the Isle of Wight.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2278] She's not is she?
Jessica (PS06B) [2279] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2280] What, all week?
Jessica (PS06B) [2281] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2282] Oh no!
[2283] When is she going?
Jessica (PS06B) [2284] Today.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2285] Eh?
Jessica (PS06B) [2286] Today.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2287] She's not!
[2288] What are you going to do all week?
Jessica (PS06B) [2289] Nothing I can do really!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2290] Have to have Jo over then won't you?
[2291] Eh?
Jessica (PS06B) [2292] I suppose!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2293] You gotta have Jo down haven't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [2294] No, don't worry they just ... just gets on my nerves that's all.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2295] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [2296] Gets on my nerves that's all.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2297] Why?
Jessica (PS06B) [2298] Just does.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2299] In what way?
Jessica (PS06B) [2300] Just does!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2301] Sorry!

20 (Tape 040505)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2302] Well speak Jessica!
[2303] Is that beetroot nice?
Jessica (PS06B) [2304] Don't know.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2305] What's wrong with it?
[2306] Why aren't you using a spoon? [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [2307] I'll spoon it in!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2308] Don't be funny!

21 (Tape 040506)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2309] I think you've run out haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2310] Yeah.
[2311] Kay?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2312] Yeah, we haven't got any Ronson.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2313] I haven't got any.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2314] I won't be able to get any.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2315] What a disaster!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2316] They've already been today.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2317] Erm ... what's similar?
[2318] [laugh] ... Oh God!
[2319] I don't know!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2320] Erm ... da da da da da.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2321] Rothmans ... got an R on the end!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2322] [laughing] Ah yes, Liam [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2323] Yeah I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2324] The number threes are quite popular.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2325] Is it?
[2326] Okay.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2327] One sixty nine.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2328] We'll go for those then.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2329] And ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2330] Yeah, thank you.
[2331] That'll do.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2332] One sixty nine then please?
[2333] ... One sixty one alright?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2334] Yeah.
[2335] And those two look!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2336] Yep!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2337] Yeah?
[2338] Not bad!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2339] Seven pound nine change.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2340] That's lovely!
[2341] Thanks ever so
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2342] Sorry about that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2343] mu , that's okay!
[2344] Don't worry!
[2345] I'm sure I can ... manage!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2346] Thanks a lot then!
[2347] Bye!

22 (Tape 040507)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2348] Jack!
[2349] I can't hold ... it's killing my back you'll have to take him!
Jessica (PS06B) [2350] Yeah.
[2351] Bad dog!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2352] She's gonna mi ... miss the train in a minute!
Jessica (PS06B) [2353] Really?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2354] Yeah, it's ten to ten and she's
Jessica (PS06B) [2355] Has she gone?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2356] she's buying a paper.
[2357] I hope she hasn't cos I've her bag here!
[2358] Sit!
[2359] Now, hang on a minute!
Jessica (PS06B) [2360] Sit!
[2361] Is the train there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2362] No, not yet.
[2363] God!
[2364] Nearly bloody killed me that dog!
Jessica (PS06B) [2365] I'm gonna sit down.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2366] You nearly killed me, pulling!
[2367] He pulls!
Jessica (PS06B) [2368] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2369] He really pulled me hard!
Jessica (PS06B) [2370] I saw Sophie then.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2371] Is the
Jessica (PS06B) [2372] Sit down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2373] right platform?
Jessica (PS06B) [2374] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2375] She's just going completely bonkers ... woman!
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2376] No cos ... come on then!
[2377] Over here with him Je!
Jessica (PS06B) [2378] Please don't pull!
[2379] Hey! [...] !
[2380] Oh he wants a good run.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2381] He's had one this morning!
[2382] Where's she gone now?
[2383] Where's she gone?
Jessica (PS06B) [2384] [...] she'll be up there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2385] Sure we're on the right platform?
Jessica (PS06B) [2386] Think so.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2387] He shot me down the ... Spar shop at about ninety five miles an hour!
[2388] My back!
Jessica (PS06B) [2389] Hopefully, I think it's late anyway.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2390] [sighing] Ah [] !
[2391] Shall we have a sit down in a minute then?
Jessica (PS06B) [2392] Oh fine!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2393] Je!
[2394] Erm, when the er ... train comes he's gotta go over because he won't like it.
Jessica (PS06B) [2395] Been up here before!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2396] No but he's i it's ... slightly altered ... since then.
Jessica (PS06B) [2397] Oh right.
[2398] ... [...] then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2399] I've had to buy some ... really horrible ones!
Jessica (PS06B) [2400] Mm!
[2401] Loads of chocolate!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2402] Oh that's for us on Saturday night.
Jessica (PS06B) [2403] Oh!
[2404] Good God!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2405] I know.
Jessica (PS06B) [2406] [laughing] How much were they [] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2407] Dunno.
[2408] Didn't ask.
Jessica (PS06B) [2409] [...] now?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2410] Yeah.
[2411] Nearly killed me ... that dog!
[2412] I haven't ... erm ... taken him for absolutely ages!
Sophie (PS06D) [2413] He's so cuddly ain't he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2414] Mm.
[2415] [laughing] I took him to the Spar shop [] !
[2416] ... I must write up all my
Sophie (PS06D) [2417] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2418] [...] he's not
Jessica (PS06B) [2419] Good dog!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2420] A good dog!
[2421] Now sit down and just calm
Sophie (PS06D) [2422] He's been
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2423] down!
Sophie (PS06D) [2424] he's been to the station before.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2425] Yes, but he hasn't been for ages has he?
[2426] And he's ... been ... wrestling with this alsatian
Sophie (PS06D) [2427] See if Jack goes towards the [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2428] puppy ... and he [laughing] bowled the puppy over [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [2429] Jack's [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2430] No just stop him.
Sophie (PS06D) [2431] Oh for go ... Je!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2432] Jessica!
Jessica (PS06B) [2433] You just get him over excited!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2434] Stop being ... stop getting him
Sophie (PS06D) [2435] Look you've got the
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2436] neurotic!
[2437] For goodness sake!
Sophie (PS06D) [2438] Cor that was a proper macho man ... I could tell! [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [2439] Would he be on [...] ?
Sophie (PS06D) [2440] Probably will [...] hands [...] .
[2441] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2442] [...] ... Calm down now.
[2443] Good boy!
[2444] Calm down.
Sophie (PS06D) [2445] Oh this one's only [...] everyone
Jessica (PS06B) [2446] Sit!
Sophie (PS06D) [2447] said to me this morning.
Jessica (PS06B) [2448] Lie down! [tannoy announcement]
Jessica (PS06B) [2449] Stay!
[2450] ... Good!
[2451] Stay!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [2452] I can't hear what he's saying!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2453] Well
Sophie (PS06D) [2454] Nothing.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2455] I love going on a nice train journey!
[2456] I wish I was coming with you.
Jessica (PS06B) [2457] I know.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2458] Just sit and [...] and you don't have [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [2459] Five hours?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2460] Oh I'd love it!
[2461] I would love
Jessica (PS06B) [2462] So would I.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2463] it!
[2464] That's already [...] now.
Sophie (PS06D) [2465] Oh it's packed this train innit?
[2466] ... Oh it's a policeman!
[2467] Oh no!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2468] Oh no!
Jessica (PS06B) [2469] Sit down!
[2470] ... Lie down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2471] No.
[2472] Don't harass him all the time Jessica you make him neurotic!
Sophie (PS06D) [2473] Get all that for bloody ... I owe that back rent don't I?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2474] Here it comes.
Jessica (PS06B) [2475] It's late. [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [2476] No it's on time isn't it?
[2477] Five [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2478] Oh no it's ... not, everybody's moving!
Sophie (PS06D) [2479] No it's the wrong one!
[2480] It's the wrong one!
[2481] It's going into another statwell so ... that little ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2482] I used to go to primary school in this ... on a train.
[2483] We did once didn't we?
Sophie (PS06D) [2484] Yeah!
Jessica (PS06B) [2485] [...] ... Look at that!
[2486] Why's he going here [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2487] It's fascinating or he's fascinated!
Jessica (PS06B) [2488] He's fascinated though!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2489] Mm.
[2490] ... We might see you at Easter then?
Sophie (PS06D) [2491] Possibly.
[2492] That's my one isn't it?
[2493] ... Oh and I just found that [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2494] What is it?
Sophie (PS06D) [2495] Found it in the Post Office.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2496] What is it?
Sophie (PS06D) [2497] Ten P off.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2498] Oh!
[2499] ... That's it.
Jessica (PS06B) [2500] No.
Sophie (PS06D) [2501] Oh no he's [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2502] He's very good!
[2503] He's very
Sophie (PS06D) [2504] Oh well
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2505] good!
[2506] He's a good boy!
Sophie (PS06D) [2507] He's [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2508] Yeah, all fluffy and ... good aren't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2509] Tongue hanging out!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2510] [laugh] ... Got lovely bright eyes!
[2511] Looking very well these days! [noise - train]

23 (Tape 040508)

Lorraine (PS06H) [2512] Masters again, yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2513] What do you mean masters?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2514] Mastered to get into the race.
[2515] Just gave it some thought, give it some thought and initiative and you're in!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2516] I bet, I bet ... he's scared
Lorraine (PS06H) [2517] I walked down this ledge , walked down the stage and there's [...] for security guards.
[2518] You cannot walk past them if ... you're going in that way.
[2519] So we had to go ... past this little shed which is right up ... right up this stupid grass earthy bank ... right over the side so we could see quickly how to get in.
[2520] Went right round the bottom of this field, looked round the bank and there was just a bloody great ... hole in the gate ... massive!
[2521] Walked through there and got to the simulator ... took our jackets off, pretended we'd already been in ... walked straight past and we were right on site!
[2522] We wasn't aware it was there.
[2523] Well I thought, saved us twenty quid!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2524] So all ... [...] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2525] We were going , we were in!
[2526] We're in!
[2527] We're in!
[2528] Pretty good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2529] So all that row then was for absolutely nothing at all wasn't it really?
[2530] Eh?
[2531] All that
Lorraine (PS06H) [2532] And I used my old pass to go on stage anyhow so
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2533] Have you got to pass for the stage then?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2534] Yeah.
[2535] I used an
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2536] What
Lorraine (PS06H) [2537] old one.
[2538] So ... those but Fantasia passes are very similar, I just turned mine ... turned mine round she saw it and went ... she showed me a blank yellow so I didn't ... thought it perhaps a different pass but it wasn't ... just turned it round on her.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2539] I bet your ... friends a will be ... sick then, won't they?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2540] I just think that when you're up there it's like the stage is a huge platform going out into the crowd, a long one!
[2541] And there must have been about ten thousand there last time.
[2542] They had one of those gyroscopes you can go in ... and you can spin round.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2543] Oh yeah!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2544] They had one of those in there ... but I didn't have a go on it though, it was about three quid to go on!
[2545] Those lasers ... lasers that [...] ... the [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2546] Velcro walls?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2547] No, they didn't have that there.
[2548] A huge octopus, [...] octopus ... -ish, had these massive ... tentacles that's going right the way across the ceiling!
[2549] [...] ... Video screens.
[2550] ... Very good!
[2551] They're all gonna be pissed on Friday cos we got in for nothing!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2552] Why is your voice so quiet?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2553] Cos ... the washing machine out there ... it's [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2554] What sort of smoke ... from the machine?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2555] Hiss!
[2556] Oh it's [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2557] [laughing] No [] !
[2558] What hissing?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2559] Proper smoke machine.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2560] Oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2561] Mum!
[2562] I've got to write to Bicksons.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2563] Mm.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2564] Ask them to write me a reference so I got form to fill in ... to send off for something but I've gotta write something.
[2565] And I've gotta to, I've gotta say something to them.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2566] Yeah, well?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2567] And I dunno who I'm writing to either.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2568] Well, put the ... Principal.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2569] What should I say?
[2570] What do you think I should say?
[2571] Ask to write me a ... ah I know who I'll ask, alright. [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2572] Well cos said that ... this guy said that 's the guy in [...] so I could
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2573] Well then you
Lorraine (PS06H) [2574] I can
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2575] have to send him a stamped ... envelope with the address of the guy and putting ... [...] on it.
[2576] He'll be more inclined to ... do it then won't he?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2577] Oh what , what inside in the
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2578] Inside the ... letter that you're ... writing to him.
[2579] I think that that would probably be quite a good idea wouldn't it, really?
[2580] ... Yes?
[2581] You must be exhausted?
[2582] Why don't you go to sleep?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2583] [...] this stuff haven't I?
[2584] I've got things to do.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2585] I suppose we could ... just ignore it.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2586] It's a waste of a day isn't it, really?
[2587] I'd rather be ... extremely tired.
[2588] ... Saw Zac last night.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2589] What did erm, he say?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2590] That's why, I said I, I said I'd heard about you in the papers and the ... just said oh yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2591] Was he embarrassed?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2592] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2593] Wouldn't you be?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2594] A bit, yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2595] I'd be very embarrassed!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2596] See you've got that thing going whilst my voice is going.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2597] It's alright.
[2598] I took it down to the Spar shop as well.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2599] Did you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2600] And erm ... I took it ... to the ... park with Jack ... and he kept pulling and I said bloody dog!
[2601] And ... and then er ... I took it to the station ... as well, but ... I couldn't get many other voices, they were a bit garbled but ... it works really well!
[2602] It is such a good machine that!
[2603] The mike on that is so good!
[2604] [dog barking] ... What's he barking about?
[2605] Where is he?
[2606] Jack!
[2607] Shut up!
[2608] He's got his hackles up!
[2609] Look!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2610] Why is he always barking?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2611] Just for [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [2612] [whispering] Speak to me [] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2613] So erm ... did Dad say ... anything else then?
[2614] About the trip?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2615] Not really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2616] He just told you off for being a pain, I bet!
[2617] Did he?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2618] Telling me to take my earring out to have my passport photos done.
[2619] And take my earring out when I go to have an interview.
[2620] If they don't love me for what I am that's just tough shit!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2621] Yeah, but I mean if it, if it ... erm ... if it ... means that that it might spoil your ... entry into it, it's such a sa small thing isn't it?
[2622] Really?
[2623] Eh?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2624] They would employ if it was just such a small thing.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2625] No pudding thank you!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2626] Could I have a yoghurt today instead of tomorrow?
[2627] I really
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2628] No!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2629] feel like one!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2630] No.
[2631] Too expensive!
[2632] ... What?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2633] I was gonna offer you a drink then ... if you said yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2634] I'll make mine if I had to!
[2635] One of those old ones maybe, not the ... Tesco ones.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2636] Mm.
[2637] Oh thanks.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2638] Oh he's just eaten my toast out of my hand this dog!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2639] [...] ... naughty boy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2640] Naughty boy!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2641] You should get more of the [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2642] [laugh] ... Aha!
[2643] I can't help it after that.
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2644] [...] [laugh] Where's your [...] ?
[2645] Bring your [...] down.
[2646] Go back up again.
[2647] ... Where did Poppa go?
[2648] ... Oh dear!
[2649] I'm so tired!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2650] You, I thought you are you just start getting the shakes by the window again weren't you? [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2651] He'll be going to ... centre of erm ... [...] dog standing out there.
[2652] ... Let's have a look.
[2653] I'll have that [...] ... small ... coffee.
[2654] [...] ... it's up there look.
[2655] Can you see it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2656] Where?
[2657] There?
[2658] Where is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2659] It's there look!
[2660] You're not gonna be able to do it again are you?
[2661] ... Is he up there yet Jessica?

24 (Tape 040509)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2662] Rupert, you still owe me two cigarettes!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2663] Yeah, I'm going to give you those now!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2664] Great!
[2665] Would you?
[2666] Cos I haven't got very many ... Ah, I'm so tired!
[2667] Can't keep awake today!
[2668] Feel awful!
[2669] ... [yawning] I think I'm going to have to give my job up [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [2670] Why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2671] Because my back is getting terribly bad!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2672] Can't you just ... say your back's [...] , just have a rest for a while?
[2673] That's the sa
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2674] I can't! [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2675] I can't go ... a week ... with no money!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2676] Oh, what you gonna do then?
[2677] I'll have to work [...] won't we?
[2678] I mean unless you
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2679] [laughing] Don't be silly [] !
[2680] ... I don't know what to do really but ... just finding it very tiring!
[2681] Here she comes again!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2682] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2683] That dog's ... the dog's in now look!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2684] It's a shame!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2685] A shame!
[2686] Come on Popper dog!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2687] No!
[2688] No!
[2689] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2690] You've been out ... twice this morning.
[2691] I like that jacket there, it's nice isn't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2692] Yeah it's [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2693] Do you dance then a at these things?
[2694] Wha ... what a sort of ... jumping dance?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2695] What do you mean jumping?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2696] Ah, ha ha ha ha!
[2697] Like that.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2698] Proper , proper dancing.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2699] Proper dancing?
[2700] Is it, is it sort of is it a certain raving dance then or what is it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2701] Well not particularly.
[2702] It's just when music's being played like that [...] ... keep going and one [...] point don't you, really?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2703] What?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2704] I dunno ... really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2705] Show me.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2706] [laughing] No [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2707] [laughing] Why [] ?
[2708] Why not?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2709] I'm aching all over.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2710] See all that bolshy ... all that silly ... bolshiness was totally unnecessary wasn't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2711] I tell you all those Fantasia Security blokes are a bunch of prats, all of them! [...] ... they're all so stubborn!
[2712] Well er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2713] Why?
[2714] In what way?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2715] Just go up on the stage and just start ... just talking to people and suddenly they, get back!
[2716] Get back!
[2717] Get off!
[2718] Get off!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2719] [laughing] Why was they saying ... were they saying it to you then [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2720] Said it to loads of people!
[2721] Go on, get off!
[2722] Get out the way!
[2723] You know?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2724] Anybody from Cornwall there?
[2725] Yeah, who?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2726] Neil was there, Chris was there, Wayne was there, a few others.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2727] I thought, I thought that Matthew was
Lorraine (PS06H) [2728] No he's not there, he's skint!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2729] God he's spent ... he's spent all his grant hasn't he?
[2730] God!
[2731] He's gonna get into some awful trouble isn't he?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2732] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2733] I mean, he's nearly as ... as overdrawn as Sophie and she's, she's nearly completed her course!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2734] I know!
[2735] He just hasn't got a clue though!
[2736] He doesn't care yo ... hasn't got a clue!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2737] He must be worried about it though?
[2738] Surely he must be worried?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2739] Well I was talking to him about it, I said I reckon you've spent the ... you've spent quite a bit now so you might as well just go another ... get final [...] .
[2740] Three years!
[2741] Three year course!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2742] [laughing] I know [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [2743] And he [laughing] can't [] ... he usually works in the Bistro in Padsdown, he couldn't work in there to repay it!
[2744] Because when he's in there his wage packets are like minus fifteen pounds when he's in there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2745] Why?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2746] Because he spends it all!
[2747] ... So really he's got to get a job which is gonna ... pay the majority of it off.
[2748] But I'll be down at dad's till ti till September.
[2749] Come up here, then up to Heathrow Airport.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2750] When are you going ... to
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2751] dad's?
[2752] No oh not for ages yet?
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2753] And you going to Bristol on ... Monday?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2754] I want to go with Matthew.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2755] Is Matthew going then is he?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2756] Yeah?
[2757] T, Q ... To do, erm
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2758] What's the date today?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2759] It's a dear sir isn't it, obviously?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2760] Have you ... what's the date?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2761] And she said well, I'm see that I've ... twenty second ... er ... I'm sending him that, mum, to do my reference ... cos they've gotta ... they've gotta have that.
[2762] Well do you think I should write to [dog barking] ... God!
[2763] Shut up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2764] Eh?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2765] What do you think I should say to the Principal?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2766] Erm ... dear sir
Lorraine (PS06H) [2767] Erm ... and I'll put ... erm ... at present I am ... oh!
[2768] Dunno what to write!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2769] No listen!
[2770] Would you be ... erm ... dear sir ... would you be ... I, no!
[2771] I wo was at Bicktons
Lorraine (PS06H) [2772] Oh he knows that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2773] such and su , no he doesn't!
[2774] He won't remember you until you i explain who you are!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2775] Alright.
[2776] I know.
[2777] [reading] I was ... at ... Bicktons [] ... which ... which year was that?
[2778] That was the nineteen ninety year wasn't it?
[2779] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2780] Was it?
Fiona (PS06G) [2781] Is there any water for a bath mum?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2782] [reading] studying
Fiona (PS06G) [2783] Mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2784] I don't know.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2785] for []
Fiona (PS06G) [2786] Have you had one Rupert?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2787] I expect so, yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2788] Yes, loads!
Fiona (PS06G) [2789] When did you have one?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2790] About, hour and a half a go, two hours ago.
Fiona (PS06G) [2791] You don't like Rupert's coat mum?
Lorraine (PS06H) [cough]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2792] Don't cough at him!
[2793] What is it?
[2794] What's happened about Rupert's coat?
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2795] Come on!
[2796] [shouting] You may as well tell me [] !
[2797] Come on!
[2798] What's happened to it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2799] Nothing.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2800] Come on Rupert!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2801] Nothing!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2802] Tell me please!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2803] Swapped my coat with Neil!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2804] And you're lying!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2805] I'm not lying!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2806] Don't lie!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2807] [...] Bicktons study for an ... N C A
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2808] What is it?
[2809] Tell me!
Fiona (PS06G) [2810] He swapped it with Neil!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2811] You're lying!
Fiona (PS06G) [2812] I'm not!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2813] Get down here!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2814] He's not!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2815] Get here!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2816] Go have a bath Matt!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2817] If I was you.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2818] Matthew!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2819] I was at
Fiona (PS06G) [2820] What?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2821] Something's up, you wouldn't do that!
[2822] He looked at you and coughed at you, there's something going on!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2823] I didn't!
[2824] I'm coughing anyway, don't get silly!
Fiona (PS06G) [2825] [...] just don't worry about it!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2826] Here are Rupert's jacket, cos he likes my jacket alright?
[2827] Look, [reading] I was at Bicktons studying for an N C A ... two summers ago [] , but like ju , it doesn't really matter it's just irrelevant really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2828] An N C A two summers ago?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2829] Well what shall I write then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2830] Two years ago wasn't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2831] [reading] Two years ago.
[2832] And I was at Bicktons studying for an N C A two years ago.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2833] An a I am
Lorraine (PS06H) [2834] I am , at present I am applying for a job ... on the []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2835] Yo , you're not applying for ... a job ... you are applying to ... to ... erm ... go to Australia
Lorraine (PS06H) [2836] To, hang on!
[2837] [reading] I was at Bicktons studying for N C A ... two years ago [] .
[2838] I am ... oh!
[2839] Ah, this is crap!
[2840] Mum help me out
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2841] Oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2842] will you!
[2843] I haven't slept!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2844] What
Lorraine (PS06H) [2845] I wa
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2846] is it?
[2847] Read it out again!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2848] [reading] I was at Bicktons studying for N C A two years ago [] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2849] I am hoping to
Lorraine (PS06H) [2850] Hang on!
[2851] [reading] I am
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2852] hoping to go
Lorraine (PS06H) [2853] hoping to go ... to
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2854] to Australia.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2855] Australia, through
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2856] in
Lorraine (PS06H) [2857] in ... S ... September []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2858] with the ... whoever it is
Lorraine (PS06H) [2859] through the ... I A B A.
[2860] [reading] Through ... the ... I A ... B A programme [] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2861] I need a reference
Lorraine (PS06H) [2862] Hang on.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2863] You can't put I need
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2864] Would you be kind enough
Lorraine (PS06H) [2865] [reading] Would ... you ... be ... kind ... enough [] ... to complete the reference for me?
[2866] And send it to ... [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2867] to provide me with a reference.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2868] [reading] Would you be kind enough to ... provide
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2869] Provide ... me with a reference
Lorraine (PS06H) [2870] with ... a ... reference [] ?
[2871] Yeah?
[2872] And send it to ... the given ... stamped envelope.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2873] And ... send it in the pre-paid envelope
Lorraine (PS06H) [2874] to provide me with the reference, [reading] would you be kind enough to provide me with a reference ... and ... send it via [] oh my God!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2875] [laughing] And se [...] []
Lorraine (PS06H) [2876] I just ... I just dunno what
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2877] [laughing] And send it [] in the pre-paid envelope.
[2878] [laughing] I don't know what he'll think of this [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [2879] [reading] And
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2880] send it i [] ... send it in the pre-paid envelope?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2881] Envelope.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2882] [reading] in the ... pre ... paid ... envelope [] .
[2883] What, to the address given, yeah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2884] No!
[2885] Cos it's erm, the pre-paid envelope is where [laughing] it's going isn't it [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [2886] Pre-pa , that's it isn't it?
[2887] That's all I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2888] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [2889] have to write?
[2890] Yours faithfully ... yours sincerely or faithfully?
[2891] Faithfully's nicer isn't it?
[2892] Faithfully?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2893] God answer me!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2894] [laughing] I [...] [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [2895] Christ! [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2896] Oh well that'll do!
Lorraine (PS06H) [2897] [reading] Yours faithfully ... Rupert [] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2898] Look!
[2899] This is ridiculous!
[2900] The twentieth was ... on the Thursday ... Friday
Lorraine (PS06H) [2901] Twenty first yesterday.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2902] Saturday
Lorraine (PS06H) [2903] I need er, Bicktons address now.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [2904] Where's Matthew's letter?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2905] Yeah, that's right!
[2906] He went to work on the Friday wi

25 (Tape 040510)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2907] Tape three B ... and I shall get my
Jessica (PS06B) [2908] Would you like your ... [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2909] Twenty five
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2910] there ... of ... vouchers.
[2911] Which I shall enjoy spending ... won't I?
Brian (PS06F) [2912] Aye!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2913] So say something Brian for God's sake!
Brian (PS06F) [2914] Where's the paper [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2915] Just put on Japanese [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [2916] Oh Joe!
[2917] Look at his little sides!
[2918] Oh my ... Sugar?
[2919] Mummy?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2920] Yes please.
[2921] ... Do you know every time I put a ... pen anywhere in this house they just disappear!
Jessica (PS06B) [2922] Here's one.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2923] [...] .
[2924] Oh thank you.
Brian (PS06F) [2925] Sit down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2926] Okay, three B ... and over to you!
[2927] How do you [...] ?
Jessica (PS06B) [2928] Two sugars is it mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2929] Yeah.
[2930] ... The tape's
Jessica (PS06B) [2931] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2932] going.
Jessica (PS06B) [2933] [...] this [...] thing.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2934] Oh are you?
[2935] Ooh!
[2936] I'm coming!
[2937] I'm going!
Jessica (PS06B) [2938] Aha.
[2939] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [2940] Is that seaweed [...] ?
Jessica (PS06B) [2941] Okay.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2942] Erm ... what's the date today?
Brian (PS06F) [2943] Twenty third.
[2944] ... [singing] Bo bo bo bo, bo bo bo bo bo, bo bo bo bo [] .

26 (Tape 040511)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2945] Will you say something Mel and then I can write your name down there.
None (PS06J) [2946] Erm ... anyway, we're going in Newton Abbot, in Newton Abbot choose our for the model.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [2947] Thank you! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2948] Are we?
None (PS06J) [2949] Yeah.
[2950] Well not in Newton Abbot actually but I won't
Jessica (PS06B) [2951] To choose our own clothes?
None (PS06J) [2952] Mm mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [2953] And then buy them?
None (PS06J) [2954] No.
Jessica (PS06B) [2955] Can we keep them if we got them?
None (PS06J) [2956] [laughing] Ha, no [] !
[2957] You go in and choose an evening wear
Jessica (PS06B) [2958] Oh, I'll take Laura Ashley then!
None (PS06J) [2959] Ha?
Jessica (PS06B) [2960] Take Laura Ashley.
None (PS06J) [2961] Go in one
Brian (PS06F) [2962] Laura Ashley's a bit sort of sort of, more mum's age stuff innit?
[2963] It's not
Jessica (PS06B) [2964] Well that dress Sophie's got in there is lovely!
Brian (PS06F) [2965] Sorry?
Jessica (PS06B) [2966] That dress Sophie's got in there is lovely!
Brian (PS06F) [2967] Oh yeah!
None (PS06J) [2968] No, they gotta choose from sa Miss Selfridges, New Look, Dorothy Perkins ... Top Girl
Jessica (PS06B) [2969] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [2970] Mm ... all them shops.
Brian (PS06F) [2971] What's this for?
None (PS06J) [2972] Modelling we're doing at school.
Brian (PS06F) [2973] Oh!
None (PS06J) [2974] Get a proper hairstylist in.
Brian (PS06F) [2975] When you doing it?
None (PS06J) [2976] March.
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
None (PS06J) [2977] No.
[2978] Sadly, it's not!
Jessica (PS06B) [2979] Hey, you know on Friday was there a [...] ?
None (PS06J) [2980] Didn't go.
Jessica (PS06B) [2981] Cos we never get told any more.
None (PS06J) [2982] Yeah, so we've got three weeks to rehearse everything!
Jessica (PS06B) [2983] Oh, but you dunno how we're walking down yet do we?
None (PS06J) [2984] Yeah, think that out.
[2985] We don't know how we're gonna stand.
Jessica (PS06B) [2986] Mm.
None (PS06J) [2987] And erm ... another thing is that, we got the dress rehearsal the night before the show!
[2988] We need longer than that!
[2989] ... Won't we?
Jessica (PS06B) [2990] Need about ninety dress rehearsals!
None (PS06J) [2991] Not that many! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2992] How about if your clothes [...] and fall flat on your face!
None (PS06J) [2993] I'll run down it! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [2994] Yeah!
[2995] [laugh] ... You're the one who's practising there ... [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [2996] Me and, did you see me and Sarah we went up and we went back down again.
Jessica (PS06B) [2997] No.
[2998] No, cos we were sitting down [...] down by yourself cos it was the last, it's the last one [...] people out.
[2999] Everyone was walking, you just [...] holding on your [...] like a [...] weren't you? [...]
None (PS06J) [3000] Yeah.
[3001] ... Thing tho , but that one where they had to knock people out ... I reckon the least you looked ... mm, the more casual you look, you get in.
Jessica (PS06B) [3002] I had to walk normally.
[3003] Cos yo
None (PS06J) [3004] Mm, so did I.
[3005] Well ran down the bottom bit! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [3006] Sarah, Sarah wanted you ... she had her arm like this [...] .
None (PS06J) [3007] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3008] [laughing] They seem to have []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3009] Do you erm ... don't you keep any erm
Jessica (PS06B) [3010] No.
None (PS06J) [3011] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3012] You don't what I'm going to say!
Jessica (PS06B) [3013] Clothes.
None (PS06J) [3014] Clothes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3015] [laugh] ... What about changes then?
Jessica (PS06B) [3016] Oh yeah.
None (PS06J) [3017] Mm mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [3018] Just some clothes, yeah?
None (PS06J) [3019] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3020] You don't?
None (PS06J) [3021] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3022] Oh that's a bit of a [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
None (PS06J) [3023] I wanna know what they're gonna do for shoes and that, cos not many of us have got many shoes.
Jessica (PS06B) [3024] Yeah!
None (PS06J) [3025] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3026] I'm not likely [...] for you to do it.
[3027] E everybody knows that!
Jessica (PS06B) [3028] Thanks mum!
[3029] Why isn't ... there isn't any knives!
[3030] Can you get me one [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3031] They're ... in the dishwasher.
[3032] ... I would have thought they would have given you ... erm ... something don't you?
None (PS06J) [3033] No, the problem is ... they'll be all ... but then ... they'll be secondhand shoes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3034] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [3035] They'd be secondhand shoes because they've been worn for three days.
Jessica (PS06B) [3036] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3037] That's right.
None (PS06J) [3038] The shoes would have been secondhand so there's a [...] chance they won't let us have them.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3039] When is it again?
None (PS06J) [3040] March.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3041] Twenty fifth, isn't it?
[3042] I think!
None (PS06J) [3043] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3044] I am going to be in the front seat!
Jessica (PS06B) [3045] Oh no you're not!
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [3046] I'll [...] speak to you.
None (PS06J) [3047] My mum wants a front seat as well!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3048] [laugh] ... There'll be a great big ... clamour I sho I should think for those seats!
[3049] I think it's hilarious!
Jessica (PS06B) [3050] But you're very loud, they'll all going shh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3051] I won't laugh I promise!
Jessica (PS06B) [3052] No, you'll, look you be better [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3053] I'll be really serious.
None (PS06J) [3054] So
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3055] you would ... like to do?
None (PS06J) [3056] I was, I did wanna do that when I was about five. [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3057] You did , didn't wanna do it you Je?
Jessica (PS06B) [3058] No.
[3059] Well I can't really with black teeth anyway can I?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3060] Well, you don't have black teeth by the time ... everything's finished!
[3061] Erm ... what about these trips and plays erm ... what are you painting?
Jessica (PS06B) [3062] Erm ... yeah, I've got to put it under there and then [...] ... with the ... twenty [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3063] Have you got a clean ... have you got clean underwear?
Jessica (PS06B) [3064] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3065] Well why don't you [...] it'll be blooming [...] !
[3066] It's a long time!
Jessica (PS06B) [3067] It's only three days.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3068] It's not!
[3069] It's four days.
None (PS06J) [3070] Three nights Je.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3071] It's very good [...] isn't it? ... [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3072] I need a [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3073] Sorry?
Jessica (PS06B) [3074] He and I go [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3075] You don't have to [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [3076] I'm not!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3077] [...] tomorrow.
Brian (PS06F) [3078] I've got my [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [3079] Do you want [...] or Marmite on ... Mel?
None (PS06J) [3080] I'll just have butter.
Jessica (PS06B) [3081] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [3082] Just have butter please?
Jessica (PS06B) [3083] Marmite?
None (PS06J) [3084] No, I'll just have butter.
[3085] Plain.
[3086] Can I have it plain please, with
Jessica (PS06B) [3087] Plain?
None (PS06J) [3088] butter.
Jessica (PS06B) [3089] Have it with marmalade on.
[3090] ... Sure?
None (PS06J) [3091] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3092] [...] with some chicken.
Jessica (PS06B) [3093] [...] with chicken.
None (PS06J) [3094] Our chicken got killed! [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [3095] Yeah!
[3096] Oh!
None (PS06J) [3097] I won't eat chicken now! [laugh] ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3098] Chicken's [...] .
None (PS06J) [3099] That's cos I told them [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [3100] Do you know who Jamie is?
[3101] ... You know ... Joe friend?
[3102] Is that her brother?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3103] Ah!
[3104] He's [...] tired!
Jessica (PS06B) [3105] Up here. [dog barking]
Brian (PS06F) [3106] Hey!
Jessica (PS06B) [3107] What?
[3108] My dog's not
Brian (PS06F) [3109] [...] he'll get onto the table!
Jessica (PS06B) [3110] He doesn't get on the table!
[3111] He goes on to my lap.
[3112] [...] ... Unless he's really tired.

27 (Tape 040512)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3113] Oh that's Jack's towel.
Brian (PS06F) [3114] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3115] He takes it out into the [...] so I put it out
Brian (PS06F) [3116] Mm, yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3117] so he can't get up onto the ... There's a hole in Matt's stuff!

28 (Tape 040513)

Brian (PS06F) [3118] I didn't realize it was half term this week.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3119] Didn't you?
Brian (PS06F) [3120] No!
[3121] ... Just gonna make it a lot easier with her ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3122] Oh yeah.
[3123] Very kind of them!
Brian (PS06F) [3124] Yeah, but Steve said it just used to ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3125] It's always better having somebody though isn't it?
[3126] Than them on ... on their own.
Brian (PS06F) [3127] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3128] Better write those times down I suppose.
[3129] ... I didn't have to pay ... mine back at ... well I can't afford anything [laughing] really [] !
[3130] Don't know what to do about it, do you?
[3131] What shall we do?
Brian (PS06F) [3132] Well [...] to go ... I'll have se I'm not gonna ... not gonna ignore it, I'm gonna

29 (Tape 040514)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3133] Where did you go last night then?
Fiona (PS06G) [3134] Nowhere really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3135] Nowhere!
Fiona (PS06G) [3136] I was with a [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [3137] After that he went out!
Fiona (PS06G) [3138] didn't go up there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3139] Came home early didn't you?
Lorraine (PS06H) [3140] Up ... ah yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [3141] With Anne.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3142] With Anne?
Fiona (PS06G) [3143] I felt terrible cos when he said he ... had one or two
Lorraine (PS06H) [3144] Did you?
Fiona (PS06G) [3145] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3146] [sigh] Who bought that?
Fiona (PS06G) [3147] Me.
Lorraine (PS06H) [3148] What happened to that [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3149] I think they're all er ... [...] aren't they?
[3150] ... Cooking on Sunday morning!
Fiona (PS06G) [3151] Who is?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3152] I like that!
Jessica (PS06B) [3153] Are we allowed to [...] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [3154] This time we will [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [3155] I did go.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3156] Yeah, I knew I I ... re
Fiona (PS06G) [3157] Up there you didn't no.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3158] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3159] Mum,whe where's [...] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [3160] Down by the front door.
[3161] Oi!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3162] Matthew don't do that!
Fiona (PS06G) [3163] Well!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3164] Well then!
[3165] If you had to do them when you ... you were
Lorraine (PS06H) [3166] Come on!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3167] [...] as well!
Fiona (PS06G) [3168] Well I didn't ... [...] .
[3169] You were using [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [3170] Can I have a look at yours?
Lorraine (PS06H) [3171] Just don't worry I'll be [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [3172] I won't get anything cos you [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [3173] I've already got one.
Fiona (PS06G) [3174] They're animals [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3175] Yeah!
Lorraine (PS06H) [3176] I've been wanting to get out ... [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [3177] Like me, I always ... [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [3178] Ah!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [3179] Oh you've started to spit already [...] !
Fiona (PS06G) [3180] But that was [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [3181] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [3182] Now he's started to take them. [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [3183] Then you ... [...] , come here!
Jessica (PS06B) [3184] Is this thing on?
[3185] Hello!
[3186] Are you on?
[3187] Yes I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3188] You two could buy a pint of milk each today I think.
[3189] If I buy any more bloody milk I shall go bonkers!
Fiona (PS06G) [3190] Well yeah, I I'll have cereal this morning then if I do!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3191] Yeah, course you will!
Fiona (PS06G) [3192] Cos I was gonna have it night and in the morning, no point
Jessica (PS06B) [3193] Mum, yeah!
Fiona (PS06G) [3194] buying milk [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3195] Mum, I don't want that one then she goes back on the three, [...] goes, yeah?
Brian (PS06F) [3196] Well, it'll be easiest won't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3197] Be easier wouldn't
Jessica (PS06B) [3198] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3199] it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [3200] Save me buying twice
Jessica (PS06B) [3201] So have that one.
[3202] So like, one is
Lorraine (PS06H) [3203] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [3204] I'll buy a pint of milk but I want some of that!
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3205] Well go on then!
[3206] ... As long as you buy the milk, I don't mind you having cereal.
[3207] It just gets on my nerves having to buy a pint ... like
Fiona (PS06G) [3208] Got cereal?
Lorraine (PS06H) [3209] Not [...] .
[3210] Don't know how the cereal's going ... don't bloody
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3211] And you ... thinks of his mum!
Fiona (PS06G) [3212] Well I just don't how it [...] ... pint of milk every time then isn't it?
Brian (PS06F) [3213] Rupert does, I think ... tend to get through a hell of a lot of milk.
Fiona (PS06G) [3214] Yeah, it's like having two lots of
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3215] Rupert gets through all the milk!
Fiona (PS06G) [3216] cereal!
[3217] Every night!
Brian (PS06F) [3218] Yeah.
[3219] And then has a glass, I mean, the number of times he [...] , I mean ... I think he's the only one who drinks milk by the glassful!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3220] Should of got [...] to sat here!
Brian (PS06F) [3221] Oh [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3222] [...] , it's nothing serious!
[3223] By mistake!
[3224] Don't you [...] .
[3225] ... I was looking at some ... last night and they had erm ... privately owned ... cottages or
Brian (PS06F) [3226] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3227] or whatever ... and they were a hundred pounds a week or
Brian (PS06F) [3228] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3229] is it ... but you see you could er pay for them on the ferry then
Brian (PS06F) [3230] On the ferry there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3231] don't you?
[3232] That's the only thing.
Brian (PS06F) [3233] Oh yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3234] If you could work it out and see how much it would be
Brian (PS06F) [3235] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3236] and see if it's ... any
Brian (PS06F) [3237] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3238] cheaper because ... food's no erm ... problem ... I'll be taking loads with me anyway, which we would do anyway.
Brian (PS06F) [3239] We'd be [...] on anyway
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3240] Yeah.
Brian (PS06F) [3241] erm
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3242] and it's then hardly anything on food.
Brian (PS06F) [3243] Well food's not that expensive out there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3244] It's, it's the
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3245] same as ... here isn't it, really?
Brian (PS06F) [3246] Yeah but I mean the fruit and veg out there, that was
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3247] Mm.
Brian (PS06F) [3248] rea I mean that was cheaper wasn't it?
[3249] Seemed to be anyway somewhat.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3250] Well they ... do it by the kilo which ... works out cheaper.
[3251] The price per pound was the ... same, I think.
[3252] I worked it out.
[3253] But ... I dunno!
Brian (PS06F) [3254] I just thought that it seemed to be, you know?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3255] Anyway, we don't eat much when we're in heat anyway do you?
[3256] The hot weather it doesn't, they don't really [...] ... do mashed potatoes and
Brian (PS06F) [3257] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3258] like Carol's doing and ... [laugh] ... those revolting French sausages!
[3259] [laughing] Went into the supermarket and it said [] ... and it said ... pour, not it said erm ... pour le animal, well any fool would have thought that was poor [...] ... the animals, and Carol said that looks nice, we'll, [laughing] we'll have a pile of that!
[3260] I said you read the sign on it [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [3261] Did you have them?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3262] No, she didn't buy it!
[3263] Oh my God there's ... so much horse meat which puts me right off!
[3264] I would never eat their meat out there anyway cos I think [...] pony in it
Lorraine (PS06H) [3265] Shit!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3266] so I'd [laughing] rather []
Lorraine (PS06H) [3267] Mum!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3268] Well I'm not
Brian (PS06F) [3269] [...] [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3270] I know.
Brian (PS06F) [3271] We'd flying ... through Hamburg.
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [3272] That's what I was saying, you're sort of ... middle of August
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3273] Fifteenth of August.
Brian (PS06F) [3274] Well that's a sa , yeah, so round about then
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3275] Yeah.
Brian (PS06F) [3276] there ... so we'd have ... we'd be going out ... [...] , coming back [...] .
[3277] Yeah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3278] Yeah, ask.
Brian (PS06F) [3279] What do we do [...] ?
[3280] ... Be sensible about this! [washing machine going]

30 (Tape 040515)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3281] Go on then!
Jessica (PS06B) [3282] What do you want to say?
[3283] What?
[3284] Where?
None (PS06J) [3285] That bloke was so mean weren't he?
[3286] That er er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3287] I'll put [...] on there now.
[3288] [...] . ... [...] gonna do some work [...]
None (PS06J) [3289] Should have nabbed him the park though!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3290] after a week.
[3291] ... Sophie's [...] very shortly hadn't I?
Jessica (PS06B) [3292] [...] isn't it?
Brian (PS06F) [3293] Very tiny!
Jessica (PS06B) [3294] Can I have a drink please mum?
Brian (PS06F) [3295] Stretchy cheese!
Jessica (PS06B) [3296] Can I have a drink
Brian (PS06F) [3297] Ah!
Jessica (PS06B) [3298] please mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3299] [laughing] Stretching [...] [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [3300] Oh!
[3301] Oh!
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3302] What do you want Jessica?
Jessica (PS06B) [3303] Erm, lemon please?
[3304] Well, fizzy lemon.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3305] Right, I'll go see [...] one.
Brian (PS06F) [3306] Did you want one?
None (PS06J) [3307] Ooh, yes please.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3308] I can't understand that bit, below a certain amount [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [3309] Shall I do those drinks then mum?
[3310] ... Go round Sylvia's next week?
None (PS06J) [3311] Me?
[3312] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3313] Are you going?
None (PS06J) [3314] Mm.
[3315] Going shopping.
Jessica (PS06B) [3316] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3317] Oh look at that hanging
None (PS06J) [3318] Tuesday.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3319] off of it!
Jessica (PS06B) [3320] Tuesday?
Brian (PS06F) [3321] It's always a bit loose.
Jessica (PS06B) [3322] More clothes?
None (PS06J) [3323] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [3324] Don't believe you!
[3325] I really don't!
Brian (PS06F) [3326] Ooh!
[3327] Ooh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3328] Well why does it [...] to me?
Jessica (PS06B) [3329] Your wardrobe's practically the size
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3330] It's only [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [3331] of my bedroom!
Brian (PS06F) [3332] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3333] [laughing] The amount of clothes you've got [] !
[3334] What?
Brian (PS06F) [3335] Strange!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3336] Extraordinary isn't it?
Jessica (PS06B) [3337] What's extraordinary?
Brian (PS06F) [3338] You are!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3339] Just lift these up.
[3340] ... I had that last night it was really light!
Jessica (PS06B) [3341] What do you say?
[3342] What do you say?
None (PS06J) [3343] [laugh] ... [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [3344] Hup!
[3345] Hup!
[3346] Hup!
None (PS06J) [3347] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [3348] Merci!
None (PS06J) [3349] Thank you. [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3350] One thing's ... popped the sort of ... [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3351] Dad look it's fizzing on top, look!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3352] as well.
Brian (PS06F) [3353] Oh!
[3354] Try it and [...] .
[3355] I just turned it off.
Jessica (PS06B) [3356] It's fizzing up! [...] look!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3357] All this smoke coming out!
Jessica (PS06B) [3358] Can you see that?
Brian (PS06F) [3359] What is?
None (PS06J) [3360] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [3361] Can you see that look, all the little bits of
Brian (PS06F) [3362] [...] tomorrow.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3363] Well, I can't just [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3364] Oh yours as well!
[3365] Look, can you see out of here, watch!
Brian (PS06F) [3366] I've postdated it, I mean you know
Jessica (PS06B) [3367] Oh!
Brian (PS06F) [3368] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [3369] Lemonade up my nose!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3370] Have you got everything but ... socks and ... knickers now haven't you?
Brian (PS06F) [3371] Did you ask Rupert if you could use his rucksack?
Jessica (PS06B) [3372] No!
[3373] He's not here.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3374] I haven't got anything else for her to take ... except that enormous thing!
Jessica (PS06B) [3375] Look!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3376] Dunno what he's gonna say.
Jessica (PS06B) [3377] I'll ... who Ru ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3378] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3379] It's tough isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3380] What if he wants to go Bristol or ... or something?
Brian (PS06F) [3381] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3382] You know what ... he's like about
Brian (PS06F) [3383] There's must be something else you can
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3384] taking off!
Jessica (PS06B) [3385] Oh it's all in there now!
Brian (PS06F) [3386] Well it doesn't, that's not the point is it?
[3387] I mean you've done it, you haven't even said ... you didn't say to mum or I!
Jessica (PS06B) [3388] I did!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3389] She did!
[3390] She asked, she asked
Jessica (PS06B) [3391] Mum told me!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3392] me and I thought it might be alright, but on ... second thoughts ... Where's that little blue case?
[3393] Did I chuck that away?
[3394] I must have done?
Brian (PS06F) [3395] Blue case?
Jessica (PS06B) [3396] The little weeny blue suitcase?
[3397] Is it in your room under your, under your, mum?
[3398] Is it on your
Brian (PS06F) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3399] wardrobe or under your wardrobe or something?
Brian (PS06F) [3400] since Christmas! [laugh]
None (PS06J) [3401] You have to ... all you can do today is drop me off in, near the memorial in Chudleigh ... cos I got [...]
Brian (PS06F) [3402] Yeah?
None (PS06J) [3403] Yeah, cos I gotta and se
Brian (PS06F) [3404] Oh , are you not going home?
None (PS06J) [3405] No, cos I gotta go and see a friend about something so
Brian (PS06F) [3406] Right.
Jessica (PS06B) [3407] Oh my God!
Brian (PS06F) [3408] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3409] It might not be a frantically good i idea if you know how peculiar he is!
Jessica (PS06B) [3410] Yeah, he nicked my stuff to Cornwall!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3411] What's that?
Jessica (PS06B) [3412] Lemonade.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3413] Oh Jessica!
[3414] Squeeze the cloth out first!
[3415] You've made yourself soaking wet, look at you!
Jessica (PS06B) [3416] What?
[3417] That's alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3418] Looks as if you've wee'd yourself!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3419] [...] all over the
Jessica (PS06B) [3420] Oh [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3421] table!
None (PS06J) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3422] Look at him!
[3423] Look at him in ... ooh! ooh!
None (PS06J) [3424] Under the table!
Jessica (PS06B) [3425] [laugh] ... Ha ha, ha ha!
[3426] And he comes back
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3427] Come on! [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3428] [laugh] look at him!
[3429] Look at him all spiky!
None (PS06J) [laugh] [dog barks]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3430] Ah ah ah!
Jessica (PS06B) [3431] Shut up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3432] A pussy cat.
Jessica (PS06B) [3433] He's looking out the window now.
Fiona (PS06G) [3434] My pussy cat bites back!
[3435] [laugh] ... Dogs and [...] will turn round and hit it!
[3436] [laughing] It'll go schoom [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3437] [...] ... I'm not erm ... cutting
Jessica (PS06B) [3438] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3439] the hedge quickly enough
Jessica (PS06B) [3440] Down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3441] [...] growing up.
None (PS06J) [3442] My cat scares dogs!
Jessica (PS06B) [3443] Down!
[3444] Get off!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3445] Eh?
None (PS06J) [3446] My cat scares the dogs. [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3447] I'm not surprised!
None (PS06J) [3448] We got four lovely
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3449] He'd be scared if he was
Jessica (PS06B) [3450] Put your leg down!
None (PS06J) [3451] [...] I got
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3452] er , approached.
Jessica (PS06B) [3453] Mm mm.
None (PS06J) [3454] We've got four local dogs ... and they [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3455] Lay down!
None (PS06J) [3456] and all the dogs don't like my cat!
Brian (PS06F) [3457] This one
Jessica (PS06B) [3458] Lie down!
[3459] Oh don't!
[3460] He just dribbled all over me!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3461] That'll do!
Jessica (PS06B) [3462] Yeah.
[3463] Absolutely massive!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3464] No it's
Brian (PS06F) [3465] That one
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3466] not, it's quite small that one!
Jessica (PS06B) [3467] It's not!
[3468] I'm not taking that [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3469] Well you'll have to take something cos you can't take one!
Jessica (PS06B) [3470] Well I wouldn't, Jack's dribbling on me!
[3471] He's got a runny nose!
[3472] Yuk!
[3473] Come here!
[3474] Look ... sit down ... and stay there!
[3475] ... He's stiffened his lead.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3476] Come here!
[3477] He's going down.
Jessica (PS06B) [3478] Lie down!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3479] Does erm your m ... mum do baking?
[3480] Does she?
[3481] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [3482] She's a caterer, yep.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3483] Oh is she?
None (PS06J) [3484] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3485] In what way?
None (PS06J) [3486] She works for a pub.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3487] Where's that?
[3488] I thought she worked in a ... building society?
[3489] Must have got the wrong person.
None (PS06J) [3490] Oh!
Jessica (PS06B) [3491] It's the wrong person mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3492] Which pub's that?
None (PS06J) [3493] Royal Oak in Ideford.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3494] Oh the Royal, oh with that ghastly man who's
None (PS06J) [3495] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3496] drunk all the time!
[3497] How does she get on with him?
None (PS06J) [3498] [laughing] She's always trying to sober him up [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3499] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [3500] She's always trying to sober him up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3501] Oh horrible!
[3502] Always drunk isn't he?
None (PS06J) [3503] He's a sweet old man though.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3504] Is he?
None (PS06J) [3505] Gets me nice birthday presents! [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3506] Does he?
None (PS06J) [3507] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3508] Oh that's nice!
None (PS06J) [3509] He got me a ring a few years ago.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3510] Oh that's nice!
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [3511] I lost it though.
Jessica (PS06B) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [3512] I got my
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3513] How's about dad?
[3514] What does he do?
None (PS06J) [3515] A A man.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3516] He's the er, an an A A man?
None (PS06J) [3517] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3518] Oh!
None (PS06J) [3519] And my mum's a postwoman in the ... mornings.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3520] Is she?
None (PS06J) [3521] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3522] Good for her!
None (PS06J) [3523] So it's out at half past five, in at nine
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3524] I quite fancy being a postwoman!
None (PS06J) [3525] Out at twelve in the mor out at twelve in the afternoon, back at four ... then back out at seven. [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3526] What, what, oh!
[3527] Eveni what, sort of sorting or
None (PS06J) [3528] Out erm ... well, mum, in the morning she works as a postwoman and then the rest of the day she works as a, in the pub ... so
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3529] Oh I see!
None (PS06J) [3530] and erm ... and it's really frantic though!
[3531] Cos in the afternoon she does catering from the pub and then the evening she just works behind the bar.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3532] Oh!
None (PS06J) [3533] It's boring over there though because like [laugh] ... it gets pretty boring!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3534] It is a bit boring over that way isn't it?
None (PS06J) [3535] Mm.
[3536] There's nobody, oh it's just dismal!
[3537] I hate going over there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3538] Mm.
None (PS06J) [3539] [laugh] ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3540] Packer is it, Packham isn't it you ... live?
None (PS06J) [3541] Hackham.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3542] Hulkham?
None (PS06J) [3543] Hackham. [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3544] Hackham?
None (PS06J) [3545] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3546] Bet it's ... I bet it's ... boring there isn't it?
None (PS06J) [3547] Six houses!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3548] Oh God!
[3549] Jessica would absolutely freak if I suggested
Jessica (PS06B) [3550] No I wouldn't!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3551] we live out there!
[3552] Wouldn't you?
Jessica (PS06B) [3553] Well it's , it's about ... it's about ten minute walk to Chudleigh isn't it?
[3554] Love it!
None (PS06J) [3555] I'm never in!
[3556] [laughing] Mm mm [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3557] I don't think I'd like to go in there!
Jessica (PS06B) [3558] And it's about ... a five minute up to Holdam market on a Sunday isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...] ... [...]
Brian (PS06F) [3559] It's nice there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3560] Is it?
Brian (PS06F) [3561] Yes!
[3562] I know [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3563] Her mum works in the erm ... Royal Oak at ... Ideford!
Brian (PS06F) [3564] Oh yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3565] Yeah.
[3566] She does er ... catering there ... with that ... drunken old devil!
[3567] He er
Brian (PS06F) [3568] What John isn't it?
None (PS06J) [3569] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3570] He was ... really ... horrible to one of ... Matthew's friends!
None (PS06J) [3571] [laugh] ... He's sarcastic
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
None (PS06J) [3572] to everybody!
Brian (PS06F) [3573] Yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3574] He said he was really drunk and he really ... hurt his feelings!
None (PS06J) [3575] He [...] my friends [...] we never go over there!
[3576] [laughing] Ha ha [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3577] I think Matthew er ... told him to bugger off I think.
None (PS06J) [laugh]
Jessica (PS06B) [3578] Do you want that last bit?
[3579] Can't eat any more!
None (PS06J) [3580] Split it in half.
Jessica (PS06B) [3581] Don't want any more of that!
[3582] Mm mm!
[3583] [...] . Go on you have it!
None (PS06J) [3584] Good!
[3585] Thank you.
[3586] [laugh] ... He comes over ours at Christmas and he does my head in cos he keeps on kicking me at the dinner table!
[3587] He's like a big kid! [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3588] Can imagine!
Brian (PS06F) [3589] I mean he never used to do, I mean he never even used to do food there!
[3590] The best you could expect was a doorstep sandwich!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3591] Yeah!
[3592] Do you remember that?
None (PS06J) [3593] Except my mum does it now though.
Brian (PS06F) [3594] Yeah?
[3595] What sort of thing does she do?
None (PS06J) [3596] Ploughmans, soup ... erm ... sandwiches ... makes [...] ... she [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3597] General pub food?
None (PS06J) [3598] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3599] Yeah.
None (PS06J) [3600] She does toasted sandwiches, sandwiches
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3601] Mm.
None (PS06J) [3602] prawn cocktails ... oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [3603] Everything, she does.
[3604] And John would be lost without her at the moment there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3605] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [3606] Mum, I mean John would be lost without my mum at the moment!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3607] Mm.
None (PS06J) [3608] Oops!
[3609] ... And my mum got seven Valentine's cards this year, I was really upset cos I didn't get any!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3610] Sorry?
None (PS06J) [3611] My mum got seven Valentine's cards this year and I didn't get any, [laughing] I didn't even []
Jessica (PS06B) [3612] Nobody got any this year
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3613] She got seven did she?
Jessica (PS06B) [3614] did they, at school?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3615] I didn't get one!
None (PS06J) [3616] No.
[3617] [laughing] Ah, no I wasn't in a very good mood [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3618] I didn't get any either!
[3619] Mm!
Jessica (PS06B) [3620] I go I thought dad bought you one.
[3621] Must have been for Gail then.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3622] I bought dad one.
[3623] He didn't buy me one!
Jessica (PS06B) [3624] Why not?
Brian (PS06F) [3625] Well I didn't even realize what day it was!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3626] When's ... erm
None (PS06J) [3627] Friday.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3628] pancake day?
None (PS06J) [3629] Oh!
[3630] Tuesday it's ... next Tuesday.
Jessica (PS06B) [3631] Ooh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3632] Next Tuesday.
Jessica (PS06B) [3633] Mum do pancakes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3634] I think we're gonna have to come home a bit early next Tuesday to make pan pancakes.
None (PS06J) [3635] No wo no one cooked pancakes apart from dad.
[3636] He flips them and they go high!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3637] I just
Brian (PS06F) [3638] That's next Tuesday?
[3639] It's in March!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3640] Yeah, well ... it's changed isn't it?
None (PS06J) [3641] It's ne not this Tuesday but next Tuesday.
Brian (PS06F) [3642] Yeah.
[3643] It will be in
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3644] March the second, third.
Brian (PS06F) [3645] No, March the th oh yeah it'll be March the third or March the tenth.
None (PS06J) [3646] Cos it's the day after we go back.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3647] Tuesday.
None (PS06J) [3648] It's the day we come back
Jessica (PS06B) [3649] Mm.
None (PS06J) [3650] to school.
Jessica (PS06B) [3651] Oh God!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3652] Do you go back on a ... Tuesday do you?
Jessica (PS06B) [3653] Mm.
None (PS06J) [3654] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3655] Oh that's rather
Brian (PS06F) [3656] But why?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3657] rather odd that!
None (PS06J) [3658] It's a baker's day.
Brian (PS06F) [3659] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3660] Oh!
Jessica (PS06B) [3661] Ha ah!
[3662] [singing] Ha!
[3663] Ha!
[3664] Ha [] !
[3665] Extra day off, [singing] ha ah [] !
[3666] ... Daddy, how long do you get off at half term?
Brian (PS06F) [3667] Sorry?
Jessica (PS06B) [3668] How long do you get off at half term?
Brian (PS06F) [3669] Nothing.
Jessica (PS06B) [3670] Mummy, how long do you get off at half term?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3671] Nothing!
[3672] I don't get
Jessica (PS06B) [3673] Ha ah ah ah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3674] anything paid at all!
[3675] Nothing!
[3676] But that's gonna
Brian (PS06F) [3677] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3678] change I think from the ... with the ... we've got a staff meeting on the
None (PS06J) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3679] twelfth ... I think it is ... and we're gonna get such a bomb!
[3680] I don't think you'll realize it!
None (PS06J) [3681] Finish that off?
Brian (PS06F) [3682] No.
None (PS06J) [3683] Do you want that one?
Jessica (PS06B) [3684] No.
Brian (PS06F) [3685] You're bound to.
Jessica (PS06B) [3686] Hello!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3687] We want just a week's paid holiday!
[3688] You know, for his senior staff
Jessica (PS06B) [3689] Jackie!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3690] who've been there more than [...]
None (PS06J) [3691] [...] my boy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3692] We reckon we're
Brian (PS06F) [3693] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [3694] [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3695] just entitled to
Jessica (PS06B) [3696] You [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3697] have
None (PS06J) [3698] Lug hole!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3699] something, you know?
Brian (PS06F) [3700] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [3701] Mum, Jack's dribbling!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3702] Oh Jack, stop dribbling for Christ's
Brian (PS06F) [3703] Oi!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3704] sake!
[3705] If you
Jessica (PS06B) [3706] Go on!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3707] dribble then go outside!
Brian (PS06F) [3708] Go on!
Jessica (PS06B) [3709] Go on!
[3710] Go on!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3711] That's horrible all the over the ... ooh that's revolting! [...] now!
Jessica (PS06B) [3712] Urgh!
[3713] Look!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3714] The dog!
Brian (PS06F) [3715] Is the, the cat ... the cat back there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3716] It was.
Brian (PS06F) [3717] Oh it's gone now.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3718] Oh [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3719] Mm!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3720] This all looks very nice!
[3721] Can I have one of your biscuits mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3722] Yes, help yourselves.
Jessica (PS06B) [3723] They still warm?
Brian (PS06F) [3724] Mind that cake!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3725] No.
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3726] Mind the oven!
Jessica (PS06B) [3727] Here are!
[3728] Do you want another biscuit?
None (PS06J) [3729] Yep.
Jessica (PS06B) [3730] They're really lovely!
Brian (PS06F) [3731] Help yourself.
None (PS06J) [3732] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [3733] Erm, is Rupert back?
[3734] Whe where's Rupert going today?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3735] Oh God!
[3736] Jessica I do think that that [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [3737] I know, but when's he back?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3738] Not for hours!
Jessica (PS06B) [3739] Oh God!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3740] Have to put i in that case.
Jessica (PS06B) [3741] No, I'm not!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3742] [sighing] Oh [] !
Jessica (PS06B) [3743] Find something else to put it in.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3744] Well ... your school bag's down
Brian (PS06F) [3745] Jessica!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3746] there by the erm
Brian (PS06F) [3747] No it's not cos I just put it upstairs!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3748] upstairs.
[3749] And the black
Brian (PS06F) [3750] You're not taking that much stuff Jessica!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3751] [...] !
Jessica (PS06B) [3752] Did you put any
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3753] And the black
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3754] erm
Brian (PS06F) [3755] [...] take those two!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3756] duffel that ... erm ... Stacey gave you.
[3757] Tha that's alright!
[3758] That's it.
Brian (PS06F) [3759] Take both
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [3760] and take
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Brian (PS06F) [3761] those two.
Jessica (PS06B) [3762] The black ... Jessica.
Brian (PS06F) [3763] To put the school ba books
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3764] Yes.
Brian (PS06F) [3765] in.
[3766] Take your school stuff home
Jessica (PS06B) [3767] It's alright!
[3768] Oh yeah, I know what to do you know!
Brian (PS06F) [3769] and use those two.

31 (Tape 040516)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3770] What?
Brian (PS06F) [3771] Had a fight over a stick!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3772] In the park?
Brian (PS06F) [3773] I mean a stick about this long!
[3774] You know ... really hard!
[3775] You know, not just ... you know ... [...] end of it [...] .
[3776] ... In, in they go ... it's ... Ha!
[3777] Ha!
[3778] Hello!
[3779] ... Hello!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3780] This thing's is going all erm ... frayed look!
Brian (PS06F) [3781] What?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3782] Oh the ... this ... iron's fraying on the end for some reason.
Brian (PS06F) [3783] Let me lo oh the lead?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3784] Mm.
Brian (PS06F) [3785] [...] I'll put a bit I thought it had always been like that.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3786] No!
Brian (PS06F) [3787] Oh, put it through there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3788] You put a new piece on didn't you?
Brian (PS06F) [3789] Put a lead on it, yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3790] Yeah.
[3791] So how could it all ... be like that?
Brian (PS06F) [3792] Cos I cut the end and everything to ... thread in there, [...] .

32 (Tape 040601)

Fiona (PS06G) [3793] I don't know what to do.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3794] Look for a job I'd say.
Fiona (PS06G) [3795] I do that every day anyway mum.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3796] Haven't heard from the council yet have you?
Fiona (PS06G) [3797] No.
[3798] It is still February mum.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3799] Yeah.
[3800] I keep forgetting.
[3801] ... You might as well go down there because you, you just might see something down there.
Fiona (PS06G) [3802] I always go down.
[3803] Every day I go down!
[3804] And I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3805] He's got no intention of getting a job has he, at all?
[3806] Really [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [3807] No he ne he never ever goes down!
[3808] I bet he doesn't get up till about, well it's eleven now I'll give him another hour and a half!
[3809] ... It's crap isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3810] No, not really!
[3811] Crap weather!
Fiona (PS06G) [3812] It's crazy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3813] It isn't raining is it?
[3814] Just, it's not cold.
[3815] When it's raining that I find depressing!
[3816] Don't you?
Fiona (PS06G) [3817] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3818] Especially if you've got nothing ... to do.
[3819] Is Curly working or not?
Fiona (PS06G) [3820] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3821] He hasn't had a job for ages has he?
Fiona (PS06G) [3822] A ... no.
[3823] Well there's no point in him working cos he just loses his
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3824] I jus I can't believe that that ... can be true!
[3825] I mean ... [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [3826] Annie, Annie works twenty four hours a we , Annie works twenty four hours a week in this shop right ... and the , she claims family credit as well and i i ,we if Adrian works ... all the benefits go under ... he has to
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3827] Yeah but yo
Fiona (PS06G) [3828] earn something like two hundred quid a week to ... to match what they're getting now!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3829] It isn't like that!
Fiona (PS06G) [3830] It is!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3831] Well yeah, er okay I can accept that ... but I think ... mentally
Fiona (PS06G) [3832] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3833] you know, I think I mean, I mean he even to ... going back to college doing a couple of ... A levels wouldn't alter his benefit.
[3834] I mean, do something, you know!
Fiona (PS06G) [3835] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3836] I could not live like that!
Fiona (PS06G) [3837] No I couldn't.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3838] I'd go mad!
[3839] Especially out there over that shop in Kings Dainton.
Fiona (PS06G) [3840] He's got his car, he's got Jamie [...] so he's not that bad!
[3841] He's got his son and er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3842] Yeah but it's not mentally stimulating is it?
[3843] It's not!
Fiona (PS06G) [3844] Er.
[3845] At least he's quite happy well I'll tell you that.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3846] Alright for six months but when it, it gets starting to think oh my God!
[3847] You know, I've done absolutely nothing with my life full stop!
Fiona (PS06G) [3848] I think I'll go up town in a minute I think.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3849] Go to Gateways for me if you want while you're there?
Fiona (PS06G) [3850] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3851] Go down to Gateways for me.
Fiona (PS06G) [3852] And get what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3853] Erm ... I want ... a jar of pickle
Fiona (PS06G) [3854] I'll write it all down.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3855] And not on an envelope!
[3856] I'm running out of them.
Fiona (PS06G) [3857] Well that's ... can you ... pay for a stamp for that for me please?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3858] Why haven't you got one then?
Fiona (PS06G) [3859] No!
[3860] Gotta send it.
[3861] ... Found this huge piece of paper the other [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3862] Did you?
[3863] Just gonna see how much money I've got.
Fiona (PS06G) [3864] Nor normal pickle?
[3865] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3866] Well, the proper [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [3867] Just normal ... sort of pickle?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3868] Yeah.
[3869] Loaf of bread.
Fiona (PS06G) [3870] Brown, yeah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3871] Mm.
[3872] ... And, half a pound of cheese.
Fiona (PS06G) [3873] Half a pound of cheese?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3874] Cheese, cheddar.
Fiona (PS06G) [3875] Will that be already weighed up into a box will it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3876] Well no,the they ... weigh it for you.
Fiona (PS06G) [3877] Ah yeah!
[3878] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3879] There's a ... stamp there.
Fiona (PS06G) [3880] Hello!
[3881] You coming down town?
[3882] Are you?
[3883] As long as you don't whinge when I tie you up, alright?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3884] And
Fiona (PS06G) [3885] What?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3886] half a dozen apples ... if they're cheap
Fiona (PS06G) [3887] Six apples.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3888] in the shop.
[3889] Yeah.
[3890] Cheapest you can get.
Fiona (PS06G) [3891] Well I don't wanna get hideous sick cox's, I'll get something decent!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3892] You won't go and spend fifty nine pence a pound on an apple cos I shall kill you if you do that!
Fiona (PS06G) [3893] Well I shall only spend a pound ... twenty four.
[3894] Get rejects from Dorset, wormed apples from Somerset!
[3895] Well which shop shall I get them from then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3896] Eh?
Fiona (PS06G) [3897] You got a stamp there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3898] I know, I've given to you!
Fiona (PS06G) [3899] It's alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3900] And twenty [...] .
[3901] I shouldn't think you'd need all that.
Fiona (PS06G) [3902] Most of it's just [...] .
[3903] Where do I get the apples from?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3904] Erm ... the shop in Market Walk.
[3905] ... And make sure he doesn't poo everywhere!
Fiona (PS06G) [3906] Oh mum!
[3907] What do I do if he does?
[3908] You know!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3909] Pick it up in a bag
Fiona (PS06G) [3910] Yeah. [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3911] and put it in the bin.
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3912] No it won't!
[3913] He's alright this morning.
[3914] Don't you dare let him crap anywhere!
[3915] Wa walk him back round the parked cars.
[3916] You're not allowed to poo in public places!
Fiona (PS06G) [3917] [...] though in't it?
[3918] And they're
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3919] It's not acceptable!
Fiona (PS06G) [3920] not buying [...] .
[3921] You're not going to ... pieces of paper are you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3922] Cos I would of thought, you would of thought that that was absolutely awful!
Fiona (PS06G) [3923] Well it is awful but I don't know what you can do about it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3924] Pick it up!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]

33 (Tape 040602)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3925] He didn't like it?
Fiona (PS06G) [3926] No, he's miserable but he can ge , he used to go ... ra ra ra and make noises [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3927] Do you know what Rupert did ... to him once?
[3928] Down the Co-op?
[3929] He tied him to some trolleys!
Fiona (PS06G) [3930] Trolley.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3931] Frightened the living daylights out of him!
Fiona (PS06G) [3932] He ran away and th we he thought they were chasing him!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3933] That's absolutely horrific that is!
Fiona (PS06G) [3934] Trying to get away from a trolley and it's getting his back feet!
[3935] Ha ha ah ah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3936] Now well, ha ah ah ah!
Fiona (PS06G) [3937] He had a poo as well.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3938] Where did he poo?
Fiona (PS06G) [3939] In the park.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3940] You should pick it up!
Fiona (PS06G) [3941] No, no one saw anyway!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3942] They've got doggy bins and everything!
[3943] I would of thought you of all people would have done that you know!
[3944] I can understand him not doing it cos he's a bit ignorant but not you Matthew!
Fiona (PS06G) [3945] Well I do it sometimes but
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3946] I think that's terrible of you!
Fiona (PS06G) [3947] Ah, ha ha ha! [...] ... thirty six.
[3948] There's no way they can tell it's [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3949] I suppose there's nothing on television this afternoon [...] sit down.
Fiona (PS06G) [3950] [...] telly down [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3951] Don't you think he looks better after being o on that [...] food now?
Fiona (PS06G) [3952] I haven't noticed any difference.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3953] Oh I have!
Fiona (PS06G) [3954] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3955] His coat looks much better.
Fiona (PS06G) [3956] He's always had a good coat though.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3957] Well, not when ... he was ill you know that business.
[3958] ... It's a blooming shame!
[3959] I like those ... those little [...] dogs, those little tiny [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [3960] Battery's going off.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3961] Is it?
Fiona (PS06G) [3962] Bad ... [...] old one.
[3963] It's flashing anyway.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3964] Yeah but ... isn't that with er ... the voices?
[3965] It is isn't it?
[3966] If I speak loudly does it flash even more?
[3967] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [3968] That's right.
[3969] Oi!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3970] Been down the job centre then?
Fiona (PS06G) [3971] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3972] Nothing at all?
Fiona (PS06G) [3973] Not really.
[3974] I bet you that it's all ... grotty.
[3975] Well [...] .
[3976] ... Where's Rupert?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3977] Over with Lee.
[3978] Is this usual is it?
[3979] I would have thought I've washed and ironed every single one of your T-shirts there!
Fiona (PS06G) [3980] Yeah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3981] I thought that
Fiona (PS06G) [3982] It's cold out there today!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3983] Is it?
Fiona (PS06G) [3984] Freezing!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3985] I thought that you were ... thinking of making a trip to Bristol?
Fiona (PS06G) [3986] Can't afford it ... this week.
[3987] Not now anyway.
[3988] ... Was gonna go and see Sophie next week but I can't ... afford that really either.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3989] And she can't afford anything for freebies definitely!
Fiona (PS06G) [3990] Freebies?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3991] Well I mean any sort of food or anything.
Fiona (PS06G) [3992] She's said I'm welcome to come up.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3993] Yes I know, I know you're welcome to come up!
[3994] But she hasn't got ... many sort of major [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [3995] I don't expect anything off her ... apart from somewhere to sleep don't I?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [3996] Oh would you starve?
Fiona (PS06G) [3997] Starve?
[3998] Expecting to cook me food!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [3999] Well I should hope she would!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4000] Typical man!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4001] Expecting her to cook for you food!
Fiona (PS06G) [4002] Well if I'm there and I'm a guest ... if she cooked for her and Martin she can't just ignore me!
[4003] Can she?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4004] I don't think she ... very ... cooks for Martin ... he's a
Fiona (PS06G) [4005] Yes she does!
[4006] She loves to say she doesn't just cos he thinks ... like that but she does!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4007] She's really adamant about not having children!
Fiona (PS06G) [4008] Bloody hell is she says that now
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4009] I hope, I mean I
Fiona (PS06G) [4010] she'll grow up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4011] it's horrible!
[4012] She sa ab she said no way!
[4013] Like that.
Fiona (PS06G) [4014] Well of course she will!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4015] No, I know I mean
Fiona (PS06G) [4016] I can't see her just
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4017] she's old enough now to sort of have thought it out ... really, isn't she?
[4018] Don't you think?
Fiona (PS06G) [4019] Yeah, but she will but she'll have right up until she's about thirty I expect.
[4020] Thirty five you know.
[4021] It's only a [...] isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4022] I hope somebody does!
[4023] I don't wanna be an ancient granny!
[4024] Nobody e , nobody has any girlfriends, nothing [laughing] do they [] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [4025] You're desperate to be a granny aren't you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4026] [laughing] I'd love [] to be a granny, I really would!
[4027] I would always be there for baby [...] !
[4028] [laugh] ... I'd love it!
[4029] ... But she's, they're absolutely adamant about it, you know.
[4030] It's just, cos she that er ... she's going to be everybody's ... favourite aunt!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4031] No chance!
[4032] She isn't half a boring person in't she?
Fiona (PS06G) [4033] No I can understand her not having, not wanting kids for a few years but, can't you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4034] Oh I can understand that!
[4035] Oh yes!
Fiona (PS06G) [4036] That's her problem!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4037] But I mean
Fiona (PS06G) [4038] What a tie down that is!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4039] It's a
Fiona (PS06G) [4040] It's a tie down.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4041] I know!
[4042] Don't, don't ... have to tell me that!
Fiona (PS06G) [4043] I expect one's not that bad.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4044] [laughing] Ha, ah ah [] !
[4045] [laughing] Ha, ah ah [] !
[4046] You've got one anyway, ah ha!
[4047] Look vacuum! [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4048] [...] ... The dough ... it's the dough boy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4049] [laughing] Ah ha, he's jumped through the ring [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4050] [laughing] Eh, ah ah ah [] !
[4051] Oh he's speaking to pussy.
[4052] Don't, don't let him go out there he'll go berserk!
[4053] You can wave it on the wall.
[4054] She caught sight of the puppy somewhere.
[4055] Don't whisper at him!
[4056] Don't!
Fiona (PS06G) [4057] Woof!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4058] Don't!
Fiona (PS06G) [4059] [...] ... Not there anyway.
[4060] Oh he's going bare, bare [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4061] Ah!
[4062] He looked horrible!
[4063] I tell you what he looked like
Fiona (PS06G) [4064] Under those
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4065] a bil , one of those [...] . [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4066] It suits ... mm, yeah he does!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4067] Doesn't he?
Fiona (PS06G) [4068] His top bit goes furry or
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4069] It's horrible!
[4070] Yeah it's horrible!
[4071] Makes him look really unattractive!
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4072] He sees another dog [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4073] I know, sometimes his hackles come up with another dog don't they?
Fiona (PS06G) [4074] Yeah, but he looks really scared they go, the whole back goes right up and he looks [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4075] It's horrible! [...] isn't he?
Fiona (PS06G) [4076] Ha!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4077] Oh he's got bloody [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [4078] Ha!
[4079] Ha!
[4080] Ha! [...] won't it?
[4081] Ah?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4082] No he's dirty!
Fiona (PS06G) [4083] He's not, he's [...] !
[4084] ... Shall I get Jessica today mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4085] She's away in't she?
Fiona (PS06G) [4086] Oh yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4087] Having a wonderful time [...] Naval Club.
Fiona (PS06G) [4088] Why in't she at school?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4089] Half term.
[4090] ... Do you wear this ... T-shirt?
Fiona (PS06G) [4091] Which one is it?
[4092] What is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4093] This, it was ... blue, I think, blue at one stage.
Fiona (PS06G) [4094] Yeah.
[4095] Oh no.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4096] I think I might have this as well.
Fiona (PS06G) [4097] Oh no ... he's dug up all the leaves!
[4098] At least I pay for it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4099] You didn't!
[4100] I bought it!
Fiona (PS06G) [4101] Bullshit!
[4102] I got it out of my Foster's tokens years ago!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4103] [laughing] [...] [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [4104] Mum, look at the size of his shoulders!
[4105] Look, this bit here look!
[4106] Bloody huge!
[4107] He's a monster!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4108] He was lying on his back ... last night ... like that with his feet, you know how he does
Fiona (PS06G) [4109] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4110] with his legs wide open
Fiona (PS06G) [4111] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4112] and we measured his rib cage ... height of his rib cage down to here, and it one foot five inches!
Fiona (PS06G) [4113] He's got a [...] chest [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4114] [laughing] Yeah [] !
[4115] It's
Fiona (PS06G) [...] [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4116] [laughing] [...] [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [4117] It's ridiculous!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4118] Well he's just mongey isn't he?
[4119] He's got
Fiona (PS06G) [4120] A what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4121] a mongey , a mongrel! [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4122] Oh weird!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4123] [laughing] He's got [] a big front ... and a miniature
Fiona (PS06G) [4124] Look watch!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4125] back end.
Fiona (PS06G) [4126] Mum look!
[4127] [mimics growling] So, too big Jack!
[4128] But I think he's ... I don't think he's misformed at all.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4129] Misformed?
[4130] [laughing] That's not quite the way to say it [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [4131] Deformed.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4132] Deformed.
[4133] [laughing] Misformed [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [4134] He is!
[4135] You think he's deformed don't you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4136] No, I don't think he's deformed!
[4137] Of course he's not deformed!
[4138] He's lovely!
Fiona (PS06G) [4139] Very, very [...] actually I think.
[4140] Did you see him dive yesterday?
[4141] The bit where he like jumping on the lake ... they've cut away ... a bit of the platform so the only way you can do it is jump onto this bit of wood then fly, and literally he was like that, just going ... in mid air and landed right in the water!
[4142] He's nuts!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4143] Blinking [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4144] Bit cold for that innit?
Fiona (PS06G) [4145] No, it was gorgeous yesterday wasn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4146] Yeah.
[4147] And it's very
Fiona (PS06G) [4148] You and Brian ... were loving it!
[4149] Brian said not too much today Matt, [...] I thought bloody hell what do you think I am!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4150] Telling me to walk across!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4151] [laughing] Is that what he said [] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [4152] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4153] [laughing] He's worse that I am [] !
Fiona (PS06G) [4154] Both of you, you're both saps!
[4155] Don't let him go in the water it's too cold!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4156] That's rubbish!
[4157] Dogs don't feel that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4158] At night ... see he can't leave him alone he sits there and he goes [...] or something like that and jumps on him and gives him a [...] ... [...] I can't keep my hands off that dog!
[4159] Ah ah ah!
[4160] [laughing] Yeah I'm terrible [] !
[4161] He's worse than I am really!

34 (Tape 040603)

Fiona (PS06G) [4162] What's the fish for?
[4163] For tonight?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4164] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [4165] What is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4166] Mackerel.
Fiona (PS06G) [4167] Is he, he's not even awake and it's twenty past twelve!
[4168] I got up late today ... ten past ten I felt guilty! [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4169] I shan't go up there ... cos he
Fiona (PS06G) [4170] Unless he's pissed off right something like that.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4171] Eh?
Fiona (PS06G) [4172] When he lied down like that and he was pissed off
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4173] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [4174] not relaxed he's just
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4175] Most peculiar.
Fiona (PS06G) [4176] Yeah, like an S shape there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4177] What's the matter?
Fiona (PS06G) [4178] Yeah like
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4179] [...] then?
Fiona (PS06G) [4180] This house stinks doesn't it?
[4181] Ah that stinks!
[4182] That
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4183] I think it's still got
Fiona (PS06G) [4184] it stinks! [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4185] He waits for me to er ... go to bed now.
[4186] I've only gotta mention, yeah ... I've gotta got to mention bed ... I'm going to bed now.
[4187] Oh!
Fiona (PS06G) [4188] Do you want to go to bed?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4189] And he goes ... and he's up in the bed, on the bed in a flash!
Fiona (PS06G) [4190] He likes it.
[4191] He soon comes into my old room cos he's gonna be straight up on the bed, right.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4192] Yeah , he likes, likes climbing on the bed.
[4193] Makes him feel a bit comfy.
[4194] Most dogs aren't ... allowed on beds.
Fiona (PS06G) [4195] Most dogs aren't, some dogs aren't even allowed upstairs!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4196] Most dogs aren't allowed up ... upstairs.
[4197] He's allowed to go wherever he wants ... do whatever he likes.
Fiona (PS06G) [4198] Too right!
[4199] So they should!
[4200] Shouldn't they?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4201] Yeah I mean ... dog hairs rise anyway so
Fiona (PS06G) [4202] What do you mean, rise?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4203] The hair ... it rises upstairs.
[4204] I mean I, you know friends said it was, oh God I wouldn't allow mine upstairs because of all the ... dog hairs!
[4205] Oh well ... they go up there anyway.
Fiona (PS06G) [4206] So, but I don't know what it is, right, it's only a few bloody hairs!
[4207] ... He's actually allowed to do whatever he likes.
[4208] Gets his own way as well.
[4209] ... Do you want a drink mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4210] No thanks.
Fiona (PS06G) [4211] Good!
[4212] Ah he must be ill, he's in the bed!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4213] Eh? [...] ... not ill!
Fiona (PS06G) [4214] What's he in the bed for then?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4215] Just, well he fancies going to bed!
Fiona (PS06G) [4216] Lazy shit!
[4217] He's only just got up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4218] Matthew!
[4219] ... Oh he's looking, a really fed up face on!
[4220] What's the matter?
Fiona (PS06G) [4221] Looks like he ain't got any front feet!
[4222] ... I didn't know he had all those blankets
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4223] [laughing] how long's he had those for [] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4224] Keep him warm underneath. [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4225] He's got a huge radiator there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4226] Keep him comfy!
Fiona (PS06G) [4227] It's a nice little place he's got there though isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4228] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [4229] Mum!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4230] What?
Fiona (PS06G) [4231] It's a nice little place he's got there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4232] Yeah.
[4233] Look ... [...] hang on a minute dog!
[4234] Joking!
[4235] Cor!
Fiona (PS06G) [4236] Always used to say that didn't we?
[4237] He didn't realize how easy it is.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4238] Well mind you ... we are very lucky
Fiona (PS06G) [4239] No, I used to say
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4240] that we didn't
Fiona (PS06G) [4241] oh why can't we get one?
[4242] Don't be so stupid Matthew!
[4243] How would it get any exercise?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4244] Yeah, but we
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4245] didn't realize that half the family was going to end up on the dole did we?
Fiona (PS06G) [4246] Even if we did you'd still keep it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4247] Of course we would!
[4248] I did it didn't I?
[4249] For ages!
[4250] I used to
Fiona (PS06G) [4251] Yeah I was working, I was
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4252] take him out every single day!
[4253] Lunch times.
[4254] Two o'clock and I always used to leave work and take him out for an hour.
[4255] ... I used to even ... give up my lunch hours so that I could come home and take the dog out!
[4256] I used to blast round ... Courtney Park with him.
Fiona (PS06G) [4257] I wouldn't go that far!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4258] He used to have a ... a little box ... there didn't he?
[4259] Do you remember he used those ... little box he had?
Fiona (PS06G) [4260] Mm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4261] Do you remember wi the first night we had him?
[4262] Oh God!
Fiona (PS06G) [4263] What?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4264] Nearly drove me up the wall!
Fiona (PS06G) [4265] Why did he?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4266] [mimics dog whining] All night!
[4267] I had to sit and hold on my lap like a baby!
[4268] Three nights that went on for!
[4269] ... Are these yours?
[4270] Matthew?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4271] I've been coughing all night!
[4272] Did you hear me?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4273] What a sight for sore eyes!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4274] Urgh!
[4275] I know.
Fiona (PS06G) [4276] His back, [laughing] look at his back leg, look [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4277] Er!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4278] [laughing] Ooh [] !
[4279] He's so long in the [...] isn't he, like that?
Fiona (PS06G) [4280] Ooh isn't it, yes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4281] Amazing!
Fiona (PS06G) [4282] It is, like an eel!
[4283] Giant flat eel!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4284] I'm dying for a cig!
[4285] Have you got a light Matt?
[4286] Well I'm gonna be asking for my alarm clock back off Brian, right?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4287] Haven't you [...] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4288] Tell Brian to buy himself an alarm clock cos I want it back!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4289] Oh you unpleasant little rat!
Fiona (PS06G) [4290] Guilt settling in, I want my alarm clock!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4291] Hey, did you say you lend , lend the ... one then.
Fiona (PS06G) [4292] Can't you [...] ?
[4293] Here are mate!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4294] No, you haven't got any have you?
Fiona (PS06G) [4295] He has!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4296] Have you got some?
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4297] Yeah!
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4298] First one today, notice the time!
[4299] Leave it as late as possible!
[4300] Nearly burnt your hair then mum!
[4301] Honestly!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4302] Why have you lot got so much?
[4303] Why is there so much ironing to do?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4304] Jack you lightweight, get up!
[4305] ... Oh sick!
[4306] The place is smoky [...] !
[4307] Gross!
Fiona (PS06G) [4308] Yeah, you're gonna have one in a minute I've been up for ages!
[4309] So I'm allowed to have one.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4310] Your hair looks [...] .
Fiona (PS06G) [4311] Oh I'm reading that a minute Ru!
[4312] You can have it I just wanna read it!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4313] Why?
[4314] What do you wanna read it for there's nothing on it!
Fiona (PS06G) [4315] Shut up or I'll keep it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4316] There's no need to keep the bloody door open Rupert!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4317] Going to work today mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4318] No it's my day off!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4319] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4320] It's my day off today.
[4321] ... Always have a day off Tuesdays.
[4322] ... And all day Sunday [...] .
[4323] ... Listen we've got to write some letters to the poll tax people.
Fiona (PS06G) [4324] I'll write my own letter!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4325] Well, I just hope we can [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4326] Your problem's yours, and mine's mine
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Fiona (PS06G) [4327] mum isn't [laughing] really [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4328] Yeah, well I'm just saying you all have to write
Fiona (PS06G) [4329] You've paid yours have you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4330] [...] half [...] ... but we can't afford to pay even half though!
Fiona (PS06G) [4331] I was gonna say, isn't, they can't do anything on them at all!
[4332] They can't do anything can they!
[4333] They can't put me in prison!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4334] Well phone them up!
[4335] You've gotta get in contact with them don't just ignore it!
[4336] Gotta phone them up and say
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4337] Cos Rupert phoned them up you see.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4338] You've got to tell them!
Fiona (PS06G) [4339] Oh shut up!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4340] What do you mean shut up?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4341] Oh don't start!
[4342] Please, in front of the
Lorraine (PS06H) [4343] Don't tell me to shut up!
[4344] I'm just telling you!
Fiona (PS06G) [4345] You go, you've gotta tell them!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4346] Don't turn round and say I can't afford that!
[4347] You gotta phone them up!
Fiona (PS06G) [4348] Stop shouting!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4349] Shut the door if you're going to shout!
Fiona (PS06G) [4350] Urgh!
[4351] Can we shut the door?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4352] And bring those dishes down!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4353] Alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4354] Thank you!
[4355] Instead of staying in bed all day!
Fiona (PS06G) [4356] It's like a ball with eyes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4357] A what?
Fiona (PS06G) [4358] A ball!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4359] [laughing] Go away [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4360] Mummy made his bed!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4361] I make his bed once a week to give it a good puff up in the sheets.
Fiona (PS06G) [4362] It's true though isn't it?
[4363] I mean I can't give them anything cos I haven't got anything!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4364] Yeah but yo , it is best to erm phone them up.
Fiona (PS06G) [4365] Yeah, I'm going to , I'm gonna write to them.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4366] It's no good writing!
[4367] Phone them up!
[4368] They don't want
Fiona (PS06G) [4369] No I'll write to them!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4370] that letter!
[4371] You know your social security
Fiona (PS06G) [4372] I'll say look
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4373] [...] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [4374] I'm prepared to pay but I'll have to do it, just let me do it a bit a week.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4375] [reading] Should you have any queries on this notice ... you should contact the community charges [...] ... [...] this section [] .
Fiona (PS06G) [4376] Yeah contact them!
[4377] Write to them!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4378] No, ring them!
Fiona (PS06G) [4379] What if you haven't got a phone?
[4380] ... Hell's that noise?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4381] Washing machine.
Fiona (PS06G) [4382] It's broken is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4383] No!
Fiona (PS06G) [4384] Doesn't do that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4385] It's just not ... balanced.
Fiona (PS06G) [4386] Have you got pegs [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4387] Sorry?
Fiona (PS06G) [4388] Pegs [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4389] Oh I wouldn't need a [...] , I wasn't there!
[4390] Would I really [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4391] Hey?
Fiona (PS06G) [4392] Bloody hell!
[4393] They gave you these as well?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4394] Mm!
Fiona (PS06G) [4395] Why two lots?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4396] I don't know.
Fiona (PS06G) [4397] Iowa ones these are!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4398] What?
Fiona (PS06G) [4399] These are I Iowa.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4400] Aewa !
[4401] A E R, see cos it can't be Iowa!
Fiona (PS06G) [4402] Iowa!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4403] No it can't be!
[4404] If it's R, if it's A E R!
Fiona (PS06G) [4405] Mum , it's Japanese!
[4406] It's not English!
[4407] Aewa , Aewa .
[4408] That's such a thick way of spelling it anyway.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4409] Iowa.
[4410] Iewa , that's how you say it!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4411] Can't believe that there's more ironing here!
[4412] It's ridiculous!
[4413] ... We ought to go down the tip later on again.
Fiona (PS06G) [4414] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4415] I haven't got any money though.
[4416] Anything at all!
Fiona (PS06G) [4417] Got a quid or something haven't you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4418] I haven't!
[4419] I haven't got a pound even!
Fiona (PS06G) [4420] Let's go down there!
[4421] When?
[4422] ... I can, might be able to stretch a pound!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4423] I haven't got, I have not got
Fiona (PS06G) [4424] No!
[4425] Listen!
[4426] I said I might be able to stretch a pound!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4427] What you?
[4428] Have you?
Fiona (PS06G) [4429] Not for you!
[4430] For me!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4431] We'll go down there though shall we?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4432] Yeah.
Fiona (PS06G) [4433] Say look, this one's bro , broken I know i
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4434] Ask Rupert , he'll take you down.
Fiona (PS06G) [4435] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4436] He'd like to.
Fiona (PS06G) [4437] I dunno why, he can get himself a telly down there!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4438] Well ask him!
[4439] Ask him if he will ... wants to come down in a minute.
[4440] I've gotta finish this off though.
[4441] ... It's good innit?
[4442] Listen! ... [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4443] It's crap!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4444] [laughing] What [] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [4445] It's rubbish!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4446] [laugh] ... You like carrying me home I know you do!
Fiona (PS06G) [4447] Wish I had a car or a motorbike!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Fiona (PS06G) [4448] If I had a bike, yeah it'd be alright.
[4449] Well
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4450] What are they doing about this tax rebate then?
Fiona (PS06G) [4451] [sighing] Oh [] , dad keeps going on about it, I'll say that!
[4452] So it's dad over this ... weekend, try and talk me out of buying a bike!
[4453] Said dad, look I'm going to get one and that's the end of it!
[4454] Said yes, but you can get a pushbike!
[4455] I said look ... what if I'm a mile and a half from college I'm not doing that every day!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4456] If you er, also
Fiona (PS06G) [4457] I wanna come home or something and you're not
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4458] Yeah, I'm not gonna keep driving all the way over there!
Fiona (PS06G) [4459] That's it!
[4460] He says oh get a bus!
[4461] I'm not waiting
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4462] There's no bus!
Fiona (PS06G) [4463] I know!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4464] He doesn't seem to understand!
[4465] Well there is but I mean it'll take forever to get there!
Fiona (PS06G) [4466] It's hassle innit?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4467] Have to go into Exeter and then
Fiona (PS06G) [4468] A bus to Exeter and then E , oh I'm not hassling around with that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4469] [...] ... I don't like motorbikes mind, I'd be very much ... against that!
Fiona (PS06G) [4470] I know you don't but I mean that's not the point is it?
[4471] The point is I want one!
[4472] I'm a good rider so ... [...] ... our fox.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4473] He's tired!
Fiona (PS06G) [4474] He shouldn't be!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4475] Why not?
Fiona (PS06G) [4476] Cos the day's only just begun!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4477] Tired!
[4478] Well leave him alone Matthew!
Fiona (PS06G) [4479] Look how compact he is look!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4480] Leave him alone to have a little sleep.
Fiona (PS06G) [4481] He's so compact.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4482] It's, it's only ... because his bed looks comfortable.
Fiona (PS06G) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4483] [...] I think.
Fiona (PS06G) [4484] Starting to get miserable when he's not out though isn't he?
[4485] Think you're well back now and it shits on when we go to bed [laughing] and he's [...] [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4486] [laugh] ... Your bedroom needs ... erm attention some
Fiona (PS06G) [4487] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4488] time this week.
[4489] Looks really horrible!
Fiona (PS06G) [4490] Today?
[4491] Do it in a minute.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4492] [...] you do.
Fiona (PS06G) [4493] I'll tidy it up, then I'll have some lunch ... and then we'll go down ... yeah?
[4494] Mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4495] Yeah, if you want.
Fiona (PS06G) [4496] It's all over my back!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4497] It's not.
Fiona (PS06G) [4498] It's bloody [...] !
[4499] Last night
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4500] Where?
Fiona (PS06G) [4501] well it started a bit now it's hurting.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4502] Whereabouts?
Fiona (PS06G) [4503] Right in the middle.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4504] What have you done on it?
Fiona (PS06G) [4505] Dunno.
[4506] I was riding that bike yesterday and it was alright but I si slipped doing that.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4507] Oh it's co cos you've been doing that I expect.
Fiona (PS06G) [4508] [singing] He's awake! [...] [] !

35 (Tape 040604)

Lorraine (PS06H) [4509] Where's the old ... Shake and Vac mum?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4510] Oh I dunno!
[4511] Erm ... in the bedroom?
[4512] Is it in there?

36 (Tape 040605)

Lorraine (PS06H) [4513] How much time have you got to fill up on?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4514] Well not much this morning I don't think.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4515] What different ... have you gotta do a, a tape a day or something?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4516] I've gotta ... Oh for God's sake!
[4517] [cough] ... As long as I've done ... two tapes minimum
Lorraine (PS06H) [4518] Yeah.
[4519] Oh no you didn't tape me ... making a silly noise did you?
[4520] I'm [...] .
[4521] Yeah.
[4522] Hello!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4523] What funny noise?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4524] Just doing this.
[4525] Is it on?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4526] Yeah!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4527] So I er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4528] shall I make an effort to be [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4529] But no, I've not gotta [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4530] Yeah I hope I can get it ... chest of drawers, even if it's rough I'll paint it.
Fiona (PS06G) [4531] Paint it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4532] Yes!
Fiona (PS06G) [4533] I'm looking forward to this [...] !
[4534] I really am!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4535] [laughing] [...] does it [] ?
Fiona (PS06G) [4536] Who?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4537] She was in something on ... [...] . ... [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4538] Is it [...] ?

37 (Tape 040606)

Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4539] Right then!
[4540] I've done ... erm ... I don't know where that smell is in that [...] but it's all horrible!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4541] Trudy's first.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4542] I know.
[4543] ... Time to get dressed.
[4544] Anything.
[4545] ... What are you gonna have for dinner tomorrow night [...] ?
[4546] ... Alright then Roy?
Jessica (PS06B) [4547] Yeah fine!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4548] What's for pudding?
Jessica (PS06B) [4549] Rice today.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4550] Rice pudding is it?
Jessica (PS06B) [4551] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [4552] Yeah, it's nice!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4553] Yeah, it does look nice!

38 (Tape 040607)

Sophie (PS06D) [4554] Cherry ... is there any sheets in there?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4555] No.
Sophie (PS06D) [4556] [...] sheets to ... the bedroom.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4557] I put them down there so you can
Sophie (PS06D) [4558] Oh fine!
[4559] Cos they're [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4560] One of them ... had erm ... [...] all over it!
Sophie (PS06D) [4561] Had what?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4562] [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4563] Mm.
[4564] Been blowing his nose in, in the toilet.
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4565] Well he must have done it.
Sophie (PS06D) [4566] [...] , yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4567] It isn't used.
[4568] But it's just ... really horrible!
[4569] No, well just put it on its own.
Sophie (PS06D) [4570] Well [...] down there near the washing machine and I'll
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4571] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [4572] check it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4573] Erm yeah.
[4574] Leave it and see if he [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4575] It's not our job though!
[4576] ... [...] ... Roy!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4577] Ooh!
Sophie (PS06D) [4578] We haven't got any of that ... Happy Chef cooking margarine.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4579] Happy
Jessica (PS06B) [4580] You ain't?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4581] Shopper.
Sophie (PS06D) [4582] No, it's not, it's chef!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4583] Oh sorry!
[4584] Happy Chef!
Jessica (PS06B) [4585] Well the other's alright ... that's ... er ... what's that called?
[4586] This ... get the [...] that.
Sophie (PS06D) [4587] What?
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4588] What that, urgh!
Jessica (PS06B) [4589] Yeah I know!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4590] Which one's that?
Jessica (PS06B) [4591] It was er ... ooh it's that lumpy stuff!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4592] Oh yes he did didn't he?
Jessica (PS06B) [4593] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4594] It went all ... lumpy in the ... thing!
Jessica (PS06B) [4595] Mm.
[4596] Now there's another packet over there.
[4597] [...] Yeah, horrible that!
Sophie (PS06D) [4598] They wanted just carrots!
[4599] They've got no pickle! [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [4600] Yeah they have.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4601] Don't I?
[4602] Oh!
Jessica (PS06B) [4603] Can't believe that!
Sophie (PS06D) [4604] No pickle!
[4605] ... Is this [...] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4606] She said we we're wasted in there!
Sophie (PS06D) [4607] Yeah.
[4608] She got an order changed.
Jessica (PS06B) [4609] Have we got any crisps too?
Sophie (PS06D) [4610] Cos she's very, so I said you don't want anything at all?
[4611] She said no.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4612] I'll get [...] glass.
[4613] ... What is [...] ?
[4614] ... Just go and get a plain [...]
None (PS06C) [4615] That's on innit?
Kate (PS06E) [4616] Oh is it?
None (PS06C) [4617] Battery, that's on innit?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [4618] Nobody will, nobody will speak Cherry any more!
Kate (PS06E) [4619] Er
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4620] Out the way please?
Kate (PS06E) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4621] You liar!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4622] It's okay Sara.
[4623] It's Vicki [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4624] [laughing] There's a dog in this one [] !
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4625] Oh well!
[4626] I filled this.
None (PS06C) [4627] Well we can't all be li like you [...] thinking Cherry.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4628] I can't he , I I I don't
None (PS06C) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4629] agree with that at all!
[4630] I can't help that! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4631] Got the rest of that anyway.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4632] Why did you do that?
[4633] People start having conversations!
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4634] Got nothing to talk about!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4635] Lorraine did!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [4636] You have to say how now brown cow!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4637] No you don't!
[4638] No, that's not the idea.
[4639] Erm ... Lorraine did it for me and er ... to analyze it, honestly if you can hear that Moira it's ... classic!
[4640] Funny!
[4641] Well I've been on a ship and I'm not very well!
[4642] [laugh] ... Brian's roaring with laughter listening to this!
[4643] And there's Ivy
None (PS06C) [4644] How did she do it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4645] swearing!
None (PS06C) [4646] What's this for?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4647] Oh that, that's Brian's
None (PS06C) [4648] What, whose is this?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4649] money.
[4650] Oh
None (PS06C) [4651] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4652] from Eddie.
Sophie (PS06D) [4653] Right, battery that's what I was trying
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4654] Eddie.
Sophie (PS06D) [4655] to [...] get over. [...]
None (PS06C) [4656] Has he gone Brian?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4657] Yeah.
[4658] ... Probably, just as well so ... Ooh mind your head on that cupboard.
None (PS06C) [4659] Alright dear.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4660] Have you sorted what Anne said about the [...] food?
[4661] Have you phoned him up or anything or is he
None (PS06C) [4662] He's coming up on this.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4663] He's coming back is he?
None (PS06C) [4664] Oh that's alright then.
[4665] He's really [...] you know.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4666] Well he's not ... wi with British Medical.
Sophie (PS06D) [4667] Yeah, he's not convinced you er ... we should be giving them [...] . [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4668] No I'm not!
Sophie (PS06D) [4669] Well ... dunno why he said that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4670] Oh!
[4671] ... Right, how you doing there?
Sophie (PS06D) [4672] I'm just so ho hot!
None (PS06C) [4673] Well open the window!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4674] Look!
[4675] [laughing] You [] !
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4676] [singing] I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts [] !
None (PS06C) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4677] Go on [...] ! [...] he say.
None (PS06C) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4678] I'll just have to [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4679] [laughing] Vicki, ah you didn't [] !
None (PS06C) [4680] [...] ?
Sophie (PS06D) [4681] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4682] She's gonna [...]
None (PS06C) [4683] Yeah, I think she can [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4684] Yeah!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4685] I get
None (PS06C) [4686] We should be paid for that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4687] I get ... erm
None (PS06C) [4688] She should [...] for that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4689] twenty five quid for doing it.
None (PS06C) [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4690] Oh yes!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4691] No one fucking likes it!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4692] I told you [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [4693] I thought you said you'd got a [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4694] Why is it ... when every ... anyone you know [...] has a tape recorder they immediately clam up?
[4695] Don't they?
Sophie (PS06D) [4696] They do.
[4697] They do!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4698] They go , ooh!
Sophie (PS06D) [4699] Is it going?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4700] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4701] [...] ... Are these trays being
None (PS06C) [4702] I'm not a [...] to speak!
Sophie (PS06D) [4703] Ah shut up!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4704] [laughing] She's a devil!
[4705] Just said that she wasn't [...] , it's do , it doesn't matter about that [] !
Sophie (PS06D) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4706] [laughing] All it's, oh it's shocking!
None (PS06C) [4707] They're covering you out there [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4708] [laughing] It's just general conversation [] !
[4709] No we keep on woman!
[4710] Leave it alone!
[4711] [laughing] It's not there [] !
[4712] What are we doing about these trays then?
[4713] Anything?
None (PS06C) [4714] [laughing] Yeah, you've already answered Cherry [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4715] Why are they [...] ?
[4716] Roy!
Jessica (PS06B) [4717] What?
Kate (PS06E) [4718] This cream do you want it tomorrow?
[4719] Put it away?
Jessica (PS06B) [4720] I'm using the both of [...] right?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4721] That's right!
[4722] Oh yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [4723] Ya.
Sophie (PS06D) [4724] What about these carrot things?
[4725] Roy?
Jessica (PS06B) [4726] What?
[4727] No, I'll get [...] .
[4728] Just get the bag ... you know, over there.
Sophie (PS06D) [4729] Eh? [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4730] It goes in the sink [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [4731] Cream, [...] .
[4732] I'm sure I've too much.
[4733] Those there ... do they want cream?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4734] And those there?
Sophie (PS06D) [4735] Those have gotta be scrubbed ... [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4736] Scrubbed?
Sophie (PS06D) [4737] Oh, it's [...] in a minute is it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4738] [laughing] [...] [] !
[4739] You should hear what I've got it from the boys!
None (PS06C) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4740] Gone off it.
[4741] It's really horrible, but but ... Leave it, leave it on you [...] so ... I left it on [...] .
[4742] ... Oh I'm never quite sure how to [...]
Sophie (PS06D) [4743] [...] right, it's probably stuck on one.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4744] Right.
Sophie (PS06D) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4745] Urgh!
[4746] That looks like something horrible!
[4747] ... [laughing] She's got a [...] [] !
[4748] What are you doing with the tape?
Sophie (PS06D) [4749] I'm gonna turn it off!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4750] [laughing] [...] [] !
None (PS06C) [4751] Go on just turn it off [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4752] No, she doesn't want it [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [4753] She don't want it?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4754] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4755] Right I'll just [...] .
[4756] ... [laughing] Oh my God [] !
None (PS06C) [4757] I've got something [...] Roy [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4758] [...] [laughing] [...] [] !
[4759] It must be something for her to change [...]
Kate (PS06E) [4760] They like [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4761] Erm, it's just a ju general, you know, it's really funny!
None (PS06C) [4762] Hilarious!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4763] Listen to it.
Sophie (PS06D) [4764] Is that all the jam left I've got for tea?
None (PS06C) [4765] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4766] No jam?
[4767] You know th ... cos the lemon's
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4768] No.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4769] nearly all gone.
[4770] I'm draining the bottle.
Sophie (PS06D) [4771] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4772] No more lemon out there in the stores.
None (PS06C) [4773] No orange.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4774] No orange!
Sophie (PS06D) [4775] No!
[4776] There hasn't been any orange since Monday!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4777] No marg
Sophie (PS06D) [4778] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4779] No [...] .
Sophie (PS06D) [4780] Any [...] ?
None (PS06C) [4781] Er, not much [...] .
Kate (PS06E) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4782] [laugh] ... Olive! [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [4783] Just thinking, what am I [laughing] working here for [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4784] [laughing] [...] [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4785] Well even I have!
Kate (PS06E) [4786] [...] then I'm off ... Wednesday, Thursday ... so I'm thinking of doing ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... no, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Sophie (PS06D) [4787] Tuesday.
Kate (PS06E) [4788] then I'm off Wednesday
Sophie (PS06D) [4789] Wednesday
Kate (PS06E) [4790] and Thursday, you should be on Friday but I'm gonna do instead.
[4791] Right?
[4792] That's alright innit?
None (PS06C) [4793] Yeah.
[4794] Then I should be off, so it's [...] working Thursday again.
Kate (PS06E) [4795] Yes!
[4796] I should be off Tuesday, Wednesday
None (PS06C) [4797] That's right, yeah!
Kate (PS06E) [4798] I'm just off Wednesday and then I come in Thursday, then I'm off
None (PS06C) [4799] Yeah.
Kate (PS06E) [4800] Friday.
[4801] Right!
None (PS06C) [4802] Yeah.
Kate (PS06E) [4803] I must remember.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4804] Enjoy your work then!
Kate (PS06E) [4805] Yes!
[4806] Yes!
[4807] As long as I don't turn up in my holiday as well!
None (PS06C) [4808] [laugh] ... Course, you'll be here Friday morning.
Kate (PS06E) [4809] Yeah.
[4810] For [...] , yeah.
[4811] For the [...] innit?
None (PS06C) [4812] Then I'll be on my own in the afternoon there as well.
Kate (PS06E) [4813] That's right!
[4814] I'm off Wednesday, then I have Thursday, work Thursday, then I'm off Friday.
[4815] Right!
None (PS06C) [4816] [...] [...] !
Kate (PS06E) [4817] Away for a dirty weekend!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4818] Ooh!
[4819] She doesn't mean that!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Sophie (PS06D) [4820] Yes she does!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4821] No she doesn't!
Sophie (PS06D) [4822] Oh yes she does!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4823] I can't get [...]
Kate (PS06E) [4824] Right my love, we'll start getting the dinner through don't you?
None (PS06C) [4825] Yeah.
Sophie (PS06D) [4826] Can I borrow it a minute for [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4827] You wanna borrow it do you?
Sophie (PS06D) [4828] Just , can I get more in?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4829] Alright.

39 (Tape 040608)

Kate (PS06E) [4830] Nearly dinner time!
Jessica (PS06B) [4831] Mm mm.
Kate (PS06E) [4832] Nearly dinner time Connie!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [4833] She'll be up in a minute.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4834] Going into dinner now?
Jessica (PS06B) [4835] What dear?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4836] Going into dinner?
Jessica (PS06B) [4837] I'm coming in, yes.
Kate (PS06E) [4838] Are you coming down
Lorraine (PS06H) [4839] Right.
Kate (PS06E) [4840] with your friend?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4841] Oh you did?
Kate (PS06E) [4842] Where's Connie's friend?
[4843] Is it Connie's friend?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4844] Yeah I should think
Lorraine (PS06H) [4845] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4846] so.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4847] Typical!
Kate (PS06E) [4848] Well she don't need that [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [4849] But, all of it?
Kate (PS06E) [4850] does she?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4851] No.
Kate (PS06E) [4852] You come with me then my darling I'll take you!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4853] And I'll wait for you come back.
Kate (PS06E) [4854] Up!
Jessica (PS06B) [4855] No I'm alright.
Kate (PS06E) [4856] That's a girl!
Jessica (PS06B) [4857] Ah! [laugh]
Kate (PS06E) [4858] Alright?
[4859] You hold my arm.
[4860] That's it!
Jessica (PS06B) [4861] Thank you!
Kate (PS06E) [4862] Alright Connie, I've got you!
Jessica (PS06B) [4863] Oh!
Kate (PS06E) [4864] Sa that's it my love!
[4865] You catch hold of his hand as well.
[4866] Give me your hand.
[4867] That's
Lorraine (PS06H) [4868] Alright
Kate (PS06E) [4869] lovely!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4870] Alright Connie? [...]
Kate (PS06E) [4871] That's my darling!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4872] Mary do you want me to take that erm
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4873] It's heavy!
[4874] If you could get hold of it.
[4875] Now look, you see there's ... there's two women sitting there swinging their feet, there could be an accident!
[4876] That's why it's
Lorraine (PS06H) [4877] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4878] Well the two that were sitting they've gone out now.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4879] Have they?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4880] But there could be an accident!
[4881] Mm!
[4882] I'm
Lorraine (PS06H) [4883] No , there could be couldn't there?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4884] not prepared to fi face it!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4885] No!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4886] Now, is there anybody in there?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4887] Yes there's somebody in there.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4888] Oh!
[4889] Oh right!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4890] Well I'll take Mabel in as well.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4891] Well the other one's free innit?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4892] Yeah down by the bathroom.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4893] Oh yes, I'll go down there.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4894] Yeah, there's another one now if you're waiting Daphne.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4895] Okay then?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4896] Oh you're waiting for there are you?
Jessica (PS06B) [4897] Come on Mary!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4898] Thank you kindly!
[4899] I won't keep you waiting.
Jessica (PS06B) [4900] Don't run!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4901] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4902] I'm trotting, not running!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4903] You're trotting!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4904] Trotting.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4905] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4906] Ooh so
Lorraine (PS06H) [4907] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4908] sorry dear!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4909] Sorry!
[4910] Running into you now!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4911] Now you see those two women there, now watch them ... they swing their legs at times, there could be an accident there!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4912] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4913] It happens all the
Lorraine (PS06H) [4914] So you don't know what they're called?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4915] No.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4916] No.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4917] Erm
Lorraine (PS06H) [4918] There you are!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4919] Anyway, leave it there, we won't pack it away.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4920] No.
[4921] We have it on again later.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4922] I hope so.
[4923] Cos er
Lorraine (PS06H) [4924] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4925] generally everybody likes it but you see you got
Lorraine (PS06H) [4926] Course they do!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4927] [...] and their, their feet are going like this!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4928] Yeah.
[4929] Okay then.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4930] Bernard's there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4931] Bernard's ... gotta come out.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4932] Bernard, right.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4933] What are you doing your neck!
Lorraine (PS06H) [4934] Neck.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4935] Shall go and get Bernard then!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [4936] Cherry wants [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [4937] Can you?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [4938] I know.
Lorraine (PS06H) [4939] Hello Bernard!
None (PS06J) [4940] [whispering] Hello [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4941] Alright?
None (PS06J) [4942] [whispering] Yes [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4943] Up to dinner now.
[4944] Up to dinner.
None (PS06J) [4945] [whispering] Up to dinner [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4946] Mhm.
[4947] Alright?
[4948] [gives her a kiss] Ah!
[4949] Okay?
[4950] You feeling better?
None (PS06J) [4951] [whispering] No [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4952] No?
[4953] Up you go!
[4954] That's it!
[4955] Okay?
None (PS06J) [4956] [whispering] Now don't you leave me [...] [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4957] I won't leave you don't worry!
[4958] We'll go up in the lift, alright?
None (PS06J) [4959] [whispering] Yes [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4960] There we are!
None (PS06J) [4961] [whispering] Oh I feel bad [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4962] You feel bad?
[4963] What's the matter?
None (PS06J) [4964] [whispering] Ah!
[4965] [...] I don't know [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4966] You don't know?
[4967] Right.
None (PS06J) [4968] [whispering] Don't let go of me darling [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4969] Pardon?
None (PS06J) [4970] [whispering] Don't let go of me [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4971] No, it's alright Bernard.
None (PS06J) [4972] [whispering] I'll fall down [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4973] It's okay!
[4974] Yo ... just hold onto your frame.
[4975] Yep!
[4976] Uh!
[4977] Over the top.
[4978] ... Okay?
[4979] It's raining!
None (PS06J) [4980] [whispering] Eh [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [4981] It's raining.
None (PS06J) [4982] [whispering] Raining, mm [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [4983] Mm.
None (PS06J) [4984] [whispering] Never mind [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4985] No.
[4986] Right ... I'll open the door.
[4987] ... Okay?
[4988] That's it!
[4989] Take it slowly!
[4990] ... I'll go and do the ... lift for you alright?
[4991] ... You've had a hair cut haven't you?
None (PS06J) [4992] [whispering] Yes []
Lorraine (PS06H) [4993] Yeah.
[4994] Very nice!
None (PS06J) [4995] [whispering] Good [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [4996] Yeah.
[4997] ... That's it!
[4998] Right turn it a little bit!
[4999] Right!
None (PS06J) [5000] [whispering] Oh I'll sit here a minute [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [5001] Mm!
None (PS06J) [5002] [whispering] I must sit here a minute [] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [5003] You wanna sit there a minute.
[5004] Alright
None (PS06J) [5005] Oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5006] and wait for the lift to come.
[5007] Okay?
None (PS06J) [5008] [whispering] What is this [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5009] This?
[5010] This is Cherry's.
None (PS06J) [5011] [whispering] Eh [] ?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5012] I'm looking after it for Cherry.
None (PS06J) [5013] Oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5014] That's all.
[5015] So it doesn't get damaged.
None (PS06J) [5016] What is it er ... for hearing?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5017] No, it's like a Walkman.
[5018] You know, you can put tapes in it and listen to music and
None (PS06J) [5019] Oh yes!
[5020] Oh, is it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5021] and you can record things and ... mm
None (PS06J) [5022] Oh look, here's the lift!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5023] Yeah.
[5024] Up you get!
[5025] Yeah, they're quite good really.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5026] You've got him have you?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5027] Yep!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5028] [...] ... Hello little sweetheart!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5029] Ooh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5030] Good job I got hold of your trousers then Bernard!
None (PS06J) [5031] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5032] Something might have happened!
None (PS06J) [5033] It would have happened!
[5034] It di di di di di di did!
[5035] Oh yeah it did, didn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5036] Mm!
None (PS06J) [5037] Still I got this little girl with me!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5038] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5039] You got a nice little
None (PS06J) [5040] Eh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5041] girl ... haven't you?
None (PS06J) [5042] What's her name?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5043] Lorraine.
None (PS06J) [5044] Lorraine.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5045] Mm.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5046] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5047] Ooh I was waiting for [...] !
[5048] Mm mm!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5049] Nobody up there yet!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5050] Ooh he he he came out of she's been running round behind me must of thought she was [...] .
[5051] Ooh er!
[5052] I thought she must be coming down in a moment.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5053] I'll send it up.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5054] Ooh that's odd!
[5055] Once I saw the [...] I've lost my way!
None (PS06J) [5056] Oh sorry dear!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5057] Oh oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5058] Alright?
[5059] Go and see the ladies now can't you?
[5060] That's it!
None (PS06J) [5061] [whispering] That's it.
[5062] That's [...] [] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5063] Slowly Bern!
None (PS06J) [5064] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5065] Hello Bernard!
None (PS06J) [5066] Hello my ducks!
[5067] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5068] Alright?
None (PS06J) [5069] Yes.
[5070] You're a real roly-poly aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5071] A pardon?
None (PS06J) [5072] You're a real roly-poly!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5073] You're a fine one to talk!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5074] What did he say?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5075] [laughing] He said, you're a real roly-poly did you hear him [] ?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5076] Is that an insult or a compliment?
None (PS06J) [5077] I thought it was a compliment.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5078] It is?
None (PS06J) [5079] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5080] Well I wouldn't call me a roly
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5081] [laughing] That's Vera's new name now roly-poly [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
None (PS06J) [5082] Well!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5083] Well!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5084] Never mind Bernard
None (PS06J) [5085] No!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5086] eh?
None (PS06J) [5087] That's all in good fun!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5088] Yeah , I know.
[5089] I know you didn't mean it in offensively.
None (PS06J) [5090] No.
[5091] No, not offensively!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5092] You're not an offensive person are you?
Kate (PS06E) [5093] Your trousers are falling down though!
None (PS06J) [5094] Are they?
[5095] That's alright.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
None (PS06J) [5096] I'm going to the right place now.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5097] Hang on Trudy!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5098] Oh! [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5099] I see!
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5100] [laugh] ... Look at his little fat [...] !
None (PS06J) [5101] Fat [...] , yes! [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5102] Right!
[5103] That's it, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [5104] Perhaps Lorraine will give you your [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [5105] Okay, I'll just put Bernard in a minute.
[5106] Hello Barbara!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5107] Hello!
[5108] Oh are you bringing Bernard?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5109] I'm bringing Bernard.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5110] That's your privilege today then?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5111] Oh yep!
None (PS06J) [5112] Thank you my dear!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5113] Alright?
[5114] There we are.
None (PS06J) [5115] Oh dear!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5116] What?
Kate (PS06E) [5117] Looks as if he might have
Lorraine (PS06H) [5118] Yep!
Kate (PS06E) [5119] them in.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5120] Oh he might.
[5121] I doubt it though [...] !
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5122] Oh there's no chair there is there?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5123] No chair there.
None (PS06J) [5124] Thank you my dear.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5125] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5126] No, there's no chair.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5127] That's it.
[5128] Right!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5129] It's getting a bit late to clear up with the sun.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5130] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5131] Alright.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5132] You're not strong enough to push him [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5133] I am!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5134] Are you gonna fight with me? [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5135] [laughing] Do you want a fight [] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5136] If you like!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5137] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5138] [laugh] ... What I want is something to eat, now!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5139] Do you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5140] Mm.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5141] Oh off to the kitchen then?
[5142] Go on then!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5143] We saw ... oh, we saw you playing in the pa in police ... precinct yesterday.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5144] [laughing] In the police what [] ?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5145] Was it the police precinct?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5146] What with policemen?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5147] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5148] [laughing] No [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5149] It was outside anyway ... in the car.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5150] I saw you didn't I?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5151] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5152] Yeah, I waved at you all.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5153] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5154] Yeah.
[5155] Oh dear!
[5156] No I wasn't playing with any policeman erm
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5157] [...] going to see where you go have you?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5158] Oh where did you see that young lady?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5159] Yes, when we were in, in the car with [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5160] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5161] That's the thing isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5162] Playing ... were you playing there or were you yo yo yo , or you
Lorraine (PS06H) [5163] Well the policeman
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5164] just erm ... [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5165] at er, in the poli
Lorraine (PS06H) [5166] I was wal
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5167] er police ... precinct, you know near those ... the [...] Court.
[5168] Now the , now th , you know where that is?
[5169] Austins?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5170] No.
[5171] Oh yes, I know Austins!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5172] Back of Austins.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5173] Oh yes, I
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5174] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5175] know it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5176] The back of Austins.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5177] Oh yeah!
[5178] Near Woolworths do you mean?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5179] No I was walking down Charles Street
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5180] Sorry Mary?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5181] Never,ne never used to call it that?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5182] You were in the police car?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5183] She'd have been a lovely [...] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [5184] No I was
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [...] [laugh]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5185] [laugh] ... I was walking down town.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5186] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5187] And you met her?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5188] And they were in the car going up.
[5189] Tha that's what it was.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5190] Were they going
Lorraine (PS06H) [5191] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5192] Were they going in the car?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5193] They were!
[5194] Yeah!
[5195] I don't know!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5196] Too many women in here aren't there?
[5197] Look at them all!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5198] But I got my change back ... this
Lorraine (PS06H) [5199] Yes.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5200] morning.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5201] Yes, Moira
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5202] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5203] said.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5204] It is ... le left on the shelf evidently
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5205] [...] ... there's only one single man!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5206] Yeah, that's
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5207] or something.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5208] right!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5209] Yes.
[5210] So it's alright now thank you.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5211] Good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5212] Only I was trying to get the right money today, see so to
Lorraine (PS06H) [5213] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5214] er, I will try and push you to see if I've got the right money, you know.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5215] Mhm.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5216] Get
Lorraine (PS06H) [5217] That's right.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5218] getting the ... cook , cookery stuff [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5219] Yeah.
[5220] Okay then.
[5221] ... Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5222] I'm gonna ... tuck those in.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5223] Tuck it in.
[5224] ... Is that better?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5225] Yeah.
[5226] Oh yeah, yeah!
[5227] I wore [...] right down the front just
Lorraine (PS06H) [5228] Oh did you?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5229] Yeah!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5230] Oh Violet!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5231] I can't help [...] it!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5232] No I know you can't.
[5233] If you tuck that in there.
[5234] ... Okay?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5235] Thank you.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5236] You alright then Mabel?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5237] Right!
[5238] Get some dinner then!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5239] I knew she'd leave the wrapping on!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5240] Right!
[5241] Are you ready then girls?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5242] She still got that thing all over her?
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5243] Connie's a bit daft in't she sometimes!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5244] She's stuck.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5245] [...] ... Erm ... [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5246] Who did Mabel?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5247] [...] and erm ... young
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5248] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5249] [...] and Cathy.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5250] And Wi , er ... Winnie 's gotta have her dinner up there today.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5251] [...] Five.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5252] Four!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5253] Four.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5254] Four.
[5255] Edie don't want her dinner.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5256] Right.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5257] So I'll do Tom and Renee
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5258] Oh good!
[5259] That's good!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5260] shall I?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5261] Er
Jessica (PS06B) [5262] Thomas is just going.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5263] well you can do
Lorraine (PS06H) [5264] Oh is he gone?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5265] Yeah
Jessica (PS06B) [5266] Yeah.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5267] I've got it here.
[5268] If you do Winnie for me ... along here.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5269] Right.
Jessica (PS06B) [5270] Yeah, that's natural, yeah.
[5271] ... Have you got a dry one for er Mary?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5272] Ooh yes!
[5273] Give that one to Mary.
[5274] Give that one to Mary.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5275] Yeah, okay love.
[5276] Yeah.
Kate (PS06E) [5277] So that's Mary and Lilian.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5278] Mary's done.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5279] I think this one of the last of them now.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5280] Shall I
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5281] Move down to
Lorraine (PS06H) [5282] Okay, I'll just take Winnie's down.
[5283] I'll come back up.
Kate (PS06E) [5284] [...] all that.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5285] [...] sort it out again.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5286] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5287] Are you taking er ... Mrs
Lorraine (PS06H) [5288] Winnie.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5289] now?
[5290] Oh!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5291] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5292] Shall I take it for her.
[5293] [...] . She won't be long.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5294] Thank you.
Kate (PS06E) [5295] About these [...] last night though don't you? [door knock]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5296] Here we are!
[5297] There you are.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5298] Thank you love.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5299] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5300] Looks nice don't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5301] Very nice!
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5302] Does don't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5303] Mm!
[5304] I'll bring your pudding in ... later on.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5305] Yeah , [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [5306] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5307] Thank you.
[5308] [...] ... better not eat all of that [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [5309] Yeah, there's quite a lot there isn't there?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5310] Yeah there is.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5311] Just see how you get on.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5312] Will you bring me a spoon when you bring my pudding [...] [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5313] Sorry?
[5314] A spoon?
[5315] Right, okay.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5316] I'll eat I'll eat this with a spoon thank you.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5317] Right okay then.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Kate (PS06E) [5318] You can cut Mabel's up if you like my love?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5319] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5320] I can't [...] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [5321] I'll cut it up for you shall I Mabel?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5322] Please?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5323] [...] going to bed now.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5324] One without the carrot there.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5325] Yes!
[5326] One
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5327] We haven't got one without the carrots.
[5328] We haven't got the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5329] Well alright.
[5330] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5331] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5332] What shall we do then cut them up for you?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5333] Erm [...]
Lorraine (PS06H) [5334] You hair looks very nice doesn't it, now!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5335] What dear?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5336] Your hair looks very nice!
[5337] Does it feel better?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5338] A lot, yes.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5339] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5340] There we are.
[5341] She'll be getting into bed alright. [...] .
Lorraine (PS06H) [5342] Bit better isn't it?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5343] That will do thank you.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5344] Alright.
[5345] There you are.
Jessica (PS06B) [5346] Who was it [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5347] Yeah I know, you see it's the wrong kind of tree innit, in a shop like that?
Jessica (PS06B) [5348] Should thank [...] be leaving ... Friday.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5349] Yeah.
[5350] I think we're all having a shock with those extra [...]
Jessica (PS06B) [5351] You what?
Kate (PS06E) [5352] It's the whole bread you see innit?
Jessica (PS06B) [5353] Yeah.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5354] Yeah.
[5355] Oh that looks nice!
Jessica (PS06B) [5356] Yeah that's nice!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5357] Mm!
Jessica (PS06B) [5358] Oh yeah!
[5359] Chinese have this!
[5360] [laughing] Chi the Chinese [] !
Lorraine (PS06H) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5361] What you?
Jessica (PS06B) [5362] It's good for them!
[5363] They don't realize that, the vitamins.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5364] Yeah.
Jessica (PS06B) [5365] Makes all those starving countries that's all they get is rice!
[5366] Finished!
[5367] Nothing else!
Lorraine (PS06H) [5368] Mm.
Jessica (PS06B) [5369] Handful of rice!
[5370] Dreadful in't it?
Lorraine (PS06H) [5371] Yeah I know.
Jessica (PS06B) [5372] But they don't help theirself these ... third countries!
[5373] I mean they have children like rabbits don't they?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5374] That's right Roy!
Jessica (PS06B) [5375] You know!
[5376] They don't help theirself!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5377] That's what they wanna be educating isn't it?
Jessica (PS06B) [5378] Educating them , aye.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5379] What do you tell them!
[5380] [...] Winnie ... [...] goes ... in there they said
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5381] Yeah, she's gone.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5382] Oh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5383] Well they've ... taken it down.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5384] That's it.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5385] Right we'll stop this now.
Lorraine (PS06H) [5386] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5387] Can we use that now?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5388] Yes yo ... er no you can't cos it's for

40 (Tape 040609)

None (PS06C) [5389] Not again!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5390] [laughing] Now just ... just relax Moira!
[5391] You're getting too uptight about it [] !
None (PS06C) [5392] [laughing] I'm not [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5393] [laugh] ... I shall play it back to Brian! [laugh]
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5394] [laughing] He'll say ... dunno who that is [] !
None (PS06C) [5395] You can tell Brian that [laughing] yo []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5396] I won't be speaking
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5397] Go on, say!
None (PS06C) [5398] if you tell Brian!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5399] Well that's alright.
None (PS06C) [5400] I won't be speaking!
[5401] [laughing] What you can tell Brian []
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5402] [laugh] [laugh] ... She's being rude to you Brian!
None (PS06C) [5403] [laugh] ... No I'm not being rude to Brian [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5404] [laughing] I feel sorry for Brian [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5405] [laughing] What [] !
[5406] I'm really hurt by that!
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5407] [laugh] ... Well that's the last bloody time I go out with you anywhere!
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5408] What a miserable old thing!
None (PS06C) [5409] I don't mean it Cherry!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5410] Yes you do!
[5411] You've just said it, bloody [...] !
None (PS06C) [5412] No I don't!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5413] Edie, Vi, Lilian
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5414] Salt and vinegar! [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5415] [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5416] [laughing] It was so funny ... Fiona was saying that Brian was out there the other night and ... he said that, she said where's Kathleen?
[5417] Like this, you see looking for [...] and I said she's gone on a bike ride!
[5418] I []
None (PS06C) [5419] That was me!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5420] [laughing] I knew she'd gone on [...] [] !
None (PS06C) [5421] Did he laugh?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5422] [laughing] He laughed, he did [] !
[5423] She went out with me.
[5424] Sorry!
[5425] Oh!
[5426] ... Oh Christ now!
[5427] Gladys!
[5428] Edith!
None (PS06C) [5429] Shh!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5430] Eddy, Edith, Muriel ... Vi
None (PS06C) [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5431] Richard, Kathleen ... Winnie and Tom.
[5432] Two mugs for Winnie and Tom.
[5433] No mugs for Winnie and Tom?
[5434] Right!
[5435] One, two, I'm not that bad am I?
None (PS06C) [5436] You're very
Jessica (PS06B) [5437] Course not!
None (PS06C) [5438] good Cherry!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5439] Am I?
None (PS06C) [5440] You're very good!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5441] You don't need that!
None (PS06C) [5442] I do!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5443] [laugh] ... You wouldn't miss me if I wasn't here!
[5444] I'd find out!
None (PS06C) [5445] [laughing] Course we won't [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5446] [laughing] [...] we would [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5447] [laughing] If I wasn't here [] you'd be all, it would be horrible!
None (PS06C) [5448] [...] [...] !
[5449] [laughing] Wee [] !
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5450] It's a shame innit?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5451] I'll take that job then if I was ... offered it.
[5452] I'll blooming well take it!
None (PS06C) [5453] Who did that?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5454] I don't know.
None (PS06C) [5455] It's the [...] .
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5456] I'd laugh if it was!
None (PS06C) [5457] No!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5458] [laughing] I wouldn't [] !
None (PS06C) [5459] [laugh] ... [laughing] [...] got a face like a brick in this picture [] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5460] She'll wanna go up in a minute I know that!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5461] Isn't she a waitress then?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [...]
None (PS06C) [5462] Yes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5463] You didn't know!
Jessica (PS06B) [5464] Turning taps on.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5465] Pardon?
Jessica (PS06B) [5466] [...] how much do you want?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5467] Yeah, that's lovely Roy!
Jessica (PS06B) [5468] And there's your [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5469] Yeah that's lovely Roy!
[5470] Erm ... [...]
None (PS06C) [5471] It is though, heating the [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5472] [laughing] What [] ?
None (PS06C) [5473] Is it heating the buns?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
None (PS06C) [5474] Have you noticed Roy?
Jessica (PS06B) [5475] [...] !
[5476] What's up with this
None (PS06C) [5477] Have you noticed?
Jessica (PS06B) [5478] salad?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5479] He doesn't mind!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5480] No staff room or loo or anything I think we're ... at least entitled to the odd bun!
Jessica (PS06B) [5481] Hey!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5482] This one's got no no erm ... icing on it?
Jessica (PS06B) [5483] No, they're plain ones.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5484] Oh!
None (PS06C) [5485] Do you want cream ones?
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
None (PS06C) [5486] [...] or afternoon? [laugh]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5487] Connie's quiet isn't she?
None (PS06C) [5488] Who?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5489] Connie.
None (PS06C) [5490] She's probably found out the erm ... what room they're in.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5491] We've got erm ... plates out.
None (PS06C) [5492] I'll put that in a soup bowl.
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5493] Shall I do anything [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5494] What's in here?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5495] It's er ... two bottles of beer.
Jessica (PS06B) [5496] Oh look your dog is here!
None (PS06C) [5497] Cup of tea Brian?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5498] Oh what can I do?
Unknown speaker (KBLPSUNK) [5499] Right [...] !
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5500] Oh I know what I haven't done, I think I've forgotten to the lock the [...] .
Jessica (PS06B) [5501] [...] a bit bigger er Moira.
None (PS06C) [5502] Pardon?
Jessica (PS06B) [5503] Lot bigger than this one.
None (PS06C) [5504] Yes!
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5505] Do you wanna
Jessica (PS06B) [5506] Do you wanna big'un?
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5507] a big one?
Jessica (PS06B) [...]
Cherrilyn (PS06A) [5508] Yeah, I agree ... Roy.