26 conversations recorded by `Colin' (PS069) between 20 and 26 February 1991 with 5 interlocutors, totalling 2220 s-units, 11864 words (duration not recorded).

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 110

PS069 X m (Colin, age unknown, British Rail employee, Home Counties, )
PS10D X f (Sheila, age unknown, housekeeper, Home Counties, ) wife
PS10E X m (Nigel, age unknown, electrician, Home Counties, ) friend
PS10F X m (Neil, age unknown, unemployed, Home Counties, ) son
PS10G X f (Joanne, age unknown, Home Counties, ) daughter
KBRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

26 recordings

  1. Tape 035901 recorded on 1991-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general
  2. Tape 035902 recorded on 1991-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general
  3. Tape 035903 recorded on 1991-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general
  4. Tape 035904 recorded on 1991-02-20. LocationHampshire: Andover ( home ) Activity: general
  5. Tape 035905 recorded on 1991-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 035906 recorded on 1991-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 035907 recorded on 1991-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 035908 recorded on 1991-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 035909 recorded on 1991-02-22. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 036001 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 036002 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 036003 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 036004 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 036005 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 036006 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 036007 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 036008 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 036009 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 036010 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 036011 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 036012 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 036101 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover () Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 036102 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover ( football stadium ) Activity: recorded at a football match with 30,000 crowd
  24. Tape 036301 recorded on 1991-02. LocationHampshire: Andover ( football stadium ) Activity: recorded at football match with a 30,000 crowd
  25. Tape 036302 recorded on 1991-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( football stadium ) Activity: recorded at a football match with a 30,000 crowd
  26. Tape 036303 recorded on 1991-02-26. LocationHampshire: Andover ( football stadium ) Activity: recorded at a football match with a 30,000 crowd

1 (Tape 035901)

Sheila (PS10D) [1] Goes ...
Colin (PS069) [2] Sure you don't want to go badminton, mm, ah?
Sheila (PS10D) [3] No
Colin (PS069) [4] No
Sheila (PS10D) [5] it's too muddy out
Colin (PS069) [6] No it's not ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [7] ah, when?
[8] Where?
Sheila (PS10D) [9] It might ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [10] where? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [11] it's hot
Sheila (PS10D) [12] Erm have a bath
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [13] there are
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [14] what's this for? ...
Colin (PS069) [15] come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [16] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [17] yeah it will, ah?
[18] ... No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [19] what, what's that?
[20] Do what?
[21] What's that?
[22] Oh, what do you mean? ... eh?
[23] What do you mean?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [24] If you like, ain't you got none?
Neil (PS10F) [25] I only want ten
Sheila (PS10D) [26] I ain't got that many
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [27] what?
Neil (PS10F) [28] Can you lend us
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [29] no I haven't got any money
Neil (PS10F) [30] er ... done a hole there, it's not even going through the hole
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [31] turn that handle, see you later then
Neil (PS10F) [32] No I want a pound, lends us a pound Jo
Joanne (PS10G) [33] No
Neil (PS10F) [34] Yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [35] No
Neil (PS10F) [36] Yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [37] I haven't got a pound on me
Neil (PS10F) [38] Show us ... can you lend us a pound?
Joanne (PS10G) [39] No
Neil (PS10F) [40] Please
Joanne (PS10G) [41] No
Neil (PS10F) [42] Please
Joanne (PS10G) [43] I haven't got any money Neil, I just told you
Neil (PS10F) [44] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [45] it's not my fault
Joanne (PS10G) [46] It's not mine either
Neil (PS10F) [47] Just give me your change then
Joanne (PS10G) [48] I haven't got any change ...
Neil (PS10F) [49] Well, how, your coppers, you must have a pound tucked away somewhere mum, mum
Sheila (PS10D) [50] Have a game of something Neil, then you won't have to go into town will you?
Neil (PS10F) [51] Not staying here with you ... just because you're bored I ain't
Sheila (PS10D) [52] I'm not bored
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [53] Eh?
[54] ... Shut up parrot ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [55] me a pound after what I've just done for you out there
Joanne (PS10G) [56] Oh wowee
Neil (PS10F) [57] I didn't have to help you
Joanne (PS10G) [58] No you didn't, but you did
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [59] er how often has it not
Joanne (PS10G) [60] You won't get any money, go away
Neil (PS10F) [61] I only want one pound
Joanne (PS10G) [62] Why?
Neil (PS10F) [63] Cos I don't
Joanne (PS10G) [64] For fags?
Neil (PS10F) [65] How often is it that I have asked you for money?
Joanne (PS10G) [66] Never, but you don't usually get any from me that's why you've never asked.
Neil (PS10F) [67] I, I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [68] I don't normally ask you anyway
Joanne (PS10G) [69] Well what, what do you want it for?
Neil (PS10F) [70] Please sis
Joanne (PS10G) [71] No I won't
Neil (PS10F) [72] Please sis
Joanne (PS10G) [73] No I haven't got any change
Neil (PS10F) [74] Yes you have
Joanne (PS10G) [75] Look in my purse, I haven't got any money
Neil (PS10F) [76] Please sis
Joanne (PS10G) [77] Oh Neil
Neil (PS10F) [78] [laugh] Please, I'm, come on
Joanne (PS10G) [79] I've not got any money
Neil (PS10F) [80] Not even a fifty P?
Joanne (PS10G) [81] No cos I used that to go to
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [82] oh come on you must have some change
Joanne (PS10G) [83] to be
Neil (PS10F) [84] Or not to be, oh no come on sis
Joanne (PS10G) [85] No
Neil (PS10F) [86] I'll do anything [laugh] please I, I
Joanne (PS10G) [87] You, you clean my black boots for me, polish my black boots for me and I give you a quid
Neil (PS10F) [88] When I come back
Joanne (PS10G) [89] No, no you do it now or you don't get your pound
Neil (PS10F) [90] What these ones?
Joanne (PS10G) [91] Yeah
Neil (PS10F) [92] Alright then ... I tell you something if I clean these and I don't get that pound
Joanne (PS10G) [93] Yes you will, you'll definitely get a pound
Neil (PS10F) [94] If I clean these and I don't get a pound these are going in the pond
Joanne (PS10G) [95] I promise you a pound if you
Neil (PS10F) [96] and then they walk in the bin so I suggest you don't give me any hassle
Joanne (PS10G) [97] Oh I'll give you , I'll give you a pound don't worry, make sure you do the job properly, mm ... you'd better do it outside, cos the er, the boot polish don't go on the carpet.
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [98] ah look at this mum ... look I'm wiping for a pound
Sheila (PS10D) [99] [laugh] Alright
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [100] if I can see my face in them you, you might have a tip
Neil (PS10F) [101] See you've got your purse in your bag you better give me the money ...

2 (Tape 035904)

Sheila (PS10D) [102] Why wait in the car breaker, breaker
Neil (PS10F) [103] No
Sheila (PS10D) [104] come round
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [105] See he does it with my voice.
[106] ... Now your at home
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [107] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [108] innit?
Colin (PS069) [109] No, no, like you, like you say is any one tape the first tape you fill in it
Sheila (PS10D) [110] No but I mean you've got to fill in after all this?
Colin (PS069) [111] Yeah I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [112] what's that bit stuck on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [113] what's, what's all that off?
Neil (PS10F) [114] It's his hairstyle
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [115] are you sure you turned that bleeding kettle off?
Neil (PS10F) [116] I have
Sheila (PS10D) [117] Well why's it still steaming then?
Neil (PS10F) [118] Cos it's hot
Sheila (PS10D) [119] And the frying pan ... not really I think the taste is distorted or something
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [120] The taste gone wrong, erm, what you want?
[121] What shall I put?
[122] Which part, how do I write
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [123] erm
Colin (PS069) [124] is the alphabetic
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [125] yeah
Neil (PS10F) [126] What?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [127] Is Derrick about?
Sheila (PS10D) [128] Oh Derrick and Jo went up to London today
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [129] I don't know something to do with erm sports I suppose well, or some entertainment I suppose
Neil (PS10F) [130] Yum yum it's like
Sheila (PS10D) [131] I suppose
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [132] yesterday and it's worse, worse today than when I done it yesterday ...
Neil (PS10F) [133] Got a ... sports thing yet?
Sheila (PS10D) [134] No, where's, where's that then?
Neil (PS10F) [135] Go and pump, pump some weights today
Sheila (PS10D) [136] You can go and do that can't you?,
[137] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [138] don't you?
Neil (PS10F) [139] How can I do it, I've got to get in the building first ...
Sheila (PS10D) [140] Old Shaun name's on the old run machine today
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [141] yeah
Neil (PS10F) [142] That won't last will it?
Sheila (PS10D) [143] Mm, no ...
Colin (PS069) [144] [laugh] Sheila a housekeeper, Colin a
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [145] Neil unemployed, bird a pain in the butt [laugh] , what sex is he anyway?
Sheila (PS10D) [146] What?
Colin (PS069) [147] Is it male or female?
Neil (PS10F) [148] Female
Sheila (PS10D) [149] Female
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [150] country
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [151] no ...
Neil (PS10F) [152] Do you want one?
Sheila (PS10D) [153] No thank you, have your shorts on then?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [154] I suppose sometimes they tape and there's nothing on there at all
Colin (PS069) [155] Good oh
Sheila (PS10D) [156] the tapes
Colin (PS069) [157] What's that then?
Sheila (PS10D) [158] got to erase forty five minutes before anyone says anything I suppose ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [159] What? ...
Colin (PS069) [160] Trying to think what to put down your relationship here [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [161] Whose?
Colin (PS069) [162] His
Sheila (PS10D) [163] Oh
Colin (PS069) [164] The bird ... cor, better
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [165] oh yes
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [166] God don't start him off again
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [167] Pretty boy ... oh [whistling] ...
Neil (PS10F) [168] Can do with some fags
Sheila (PS10D) [169] Pardon?
Neil (PS10F) [170] Can do with some fags
Colin (PS069) [171] Oh, tell them a joke here
Sheila (PS10D) [172] Pardon?
Colin (PS069) [173] Tell them
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [174] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [175] performance today, yeah, what's on down there?
Neil (PS10F) [176] Ten pin bowling
Colin (PS069) [177] Who give you that?
Sheila (PS10D) [178] Post
Neil (PS10F) [179] By post
Sheila (PS10D) [180] through the post
Neil (PS10F) [181] you
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [182] or something
Sheila (PS10D) [183] Mind
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [184] you save five pounds ... Wet Wet's
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [185] they've sold out ... Geoff and er Trevor's off to see him ain't he?
Neil (PS10F) [186] His mum got him tickets
Sheila (PS10D) [187] Oh well
Neil (PS10F) [188] Wet Wet Wet, not Wet Wet
Sheila (PS10D) [189] try and make then laugh I suppose
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [190] oh did he?
Neil (PS10F) [191] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [192] They seem so
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [193] who?
Sheila (PS10D) [194] Trevor
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [195] come back before the end of March I think
Sheila (PS10D) [196] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [197] well she said in the letter didn't she
Colin (PS069) [198] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [199] she was coming back home and out again, did Tony have a letter from her?
Colin (PS069) [200] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [201] [yawn] Oh dear ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [202] have a nice kip, it's, it's
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [203] mm? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [204] come down, is that a yes?
Neil (PS10F) [205] Ah ...
Colin (PS069) [206] I suppose Nigel
Neil (PS10F) [207] I told you everyone's coming
Colin (PS069) [208] No you didn't, you
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [209] I don't know
Neil (PS10F) [210] I think he's putting one there, one out, one there, one there, one outside that door
Sheila (PS10D) [211] You can't we've only got two lights here
Neil (PS10F) [212] Yeah I think he, I think he's, I've explained like everything, we're just paying the money for it that is all
Sheila (PS10D) [213] Oh is that what he said?
Neil (PS10F) [214] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [215] Oh
Neil (PS10F) [216] he's putting one outside that door, one outside that one, one out the front and
Colin (PS069) [217] Yeah because you, you mentioned you wanted one out there didn't you, cos
Neil (PS10F) [218] and wanted a light switch there
Colin (PS069) [219] actually I want get one
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [220] get one of the extension
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [221] you know it's
Neil (PS10F) [222] What it is, is that anything
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [223] is likely to come on
Sheila (PS10D) [224] Yes, yes I know, I've heard it jumping about ain't he?
Colin (PS069) [225] Who?
Sheila (PS10D) [226] Him
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [227] it come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [228] I might ask if he can put one of those things in the bathroom
Colin (PS069) [229] What's that then?
Sheila (PS10D) [230] hands, get all the steam out ...
Neil (PS10F) [231] What an extractor fan?
Sheila (PS10D) [232] That's it, that's the word
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [233] Cos when you have a bath all the, you know, put the fan on and all the steam'll go out, rather cling to the walls and that.
Colin (PS069) [234] Like a sauna in there when you have a shower
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [235] I suppose he knows what he's doing
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [236] be a bit of drilling I suppose won't it?
Neil (PS10F) [237] All they have to do is drill there ... well he won't do no drilling
Colin (PS069) [238] He will
Neil (PS10F) [239] Why?
Colin (PS069) [240] He's gonna have to drill
Neil (PS10F) [241] Oh yeah,
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [242] put the cables through won't he?
Colin (PS069) [243] Mm and that one there, and oh ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [244] I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [245] That'll
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [246] is there any water in it?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [247] what was?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [248] comes off
Sheila (PS10D) [249] Yeah that's what I said to you didn't I?
Neil (PS10F) [250] Only when I take them off
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [251] Danny, Danny come up over my socks
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [252] no one 's asking you are they? ...
Colin (PS069) [253] [yawning] Oh god [] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [254] Cor strewth
Neil (PS10F) [255] See even now mum you can't see when you're doing the washing up ...
Colin (PS069) [256] I suppose your
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [257] finished early yesterday
Joanne (PS10G) [258] Pardon, what did you say Neil?
Neil (PS10F) [259] I thought Darren was meant to finish early yesterday ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Joanne (PS10G) [260] Eh? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Joanne (PS10G) [261] what colour is that then?
Neil (PS10F) [262] Er
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [263] oh, see you later ...

3 (Tape 035905)

Colin (PS069) [264] [singing] Baby []
Sheila (PS10D) [265] Alright, alright
Colin (PS069) [266] Hold on a minute there darling
Sheila (PS10D) [267] I thought you'd done it before
Colin (PS069) [268] Oh yeah this is a ...
Sheila (PS10D) [269] Has Daniel
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [270] down there?
Colin (PS069) [271] Would he hell
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [272] said he was
Sheila (PS10D) [273] I went
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [274] this morning I said enjoyed your weekend then, she said oh yeah, I said how's Daniel then?
[275] Daniel she says, Danny weren't there I said well Jean said, she said well Jean wouldn't know him if he come and sat on her lap [laugh] so she said no he weren't there, said erm I used to go down there, she said she was very good.
Colin (PS069) [276] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [277] and erm
Colin (PS069) [278] No see what's happened you see, that's gotta go
Sheila (PS10D) [279] young bloke was down there, she said it was a good weekend really, she said they took their own drink.
Colin (PS069) [280] Yeah they took their own drink at the bar there
Sheila (PS10D) [281] She said I reckon we saved er fifty pound she said
Colin (PS069) [282] Yeah, that's er
Sheila (PS10D) [283] I think it went like that before and you fixed it in the
Colin (PS069) [284] No I can't cos I, I can't screw it in there, that's sitting there look see, see that, that
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [285] in there look, if I can get that out I'll be able to
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [286] see if I can get that out love
Sheila (PS10D) [287] I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [288] no I can't, no not there
Sheila (PS10D) [289] Let's have it then
Colin (PS069) [290] No, no you can't love, because
Sheila (PS10D) [291] We've done it at work
Colin (PS069) [292] Go on then ... that is the same thickness as that in there, that is
Sheila (PS10D) [293] What's that there then?
Colin (PS069) [294] That's what that, that's come off there that has
Sheila (PS10D) [295] Well you pull it out don't you?
Colin (PS069) [296] Go on then you try and pull it out of us, that's what I'm trying to do look ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [297] you want a pair of pliers do you? ...
Colin (PS069) [298] Have then, it's harder than what you think it is this
Sheila (PS10D) [299] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [300] It's harder than what you think it is this ...
Sheila (PS10D) [301] Oh, I wonder why this was
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [302] yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [303] I suppose that's why it went, sucking it up properly ... I suppose she had it riding up
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [304] had a tug at it and that's what rips it I suppose
Colin (PS069) [305] Yeah ...
Sheila (PS10D) [306] I'll get you a pair of pliers?
Colin (PS069) [307] You can get, you can get, you can get whatever you like darling, but you won't get that in there pliers, you won't get that in there, what I'll try and do is get a
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [308] What about cut through, what do you reckon?
Colin (PS069) [309] Well
Sheila (PS10D) [310] With that, let's have a go
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [311] Want a cup of tea?
[312] I suppose you've been whistling today
Colin (PS069) [313] No ...
Sheila (PS10D) [314] Well we'll have to do upstairs, hoover that much longer
Colin (PS069) [315] Why's that then?
Sheila (PS10D) [316] Oh cos when I've been doing it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [317] has been up there nattering, it's been noticed, so Norren come up to me today and she said oh er you don't have to do upstairs she said, give it a couple of weeks she said and you won't have to do it any more
Colin (PS069) [318] Why's that then?
Sheila (PS10D) [319] so I said well why's that then Norren?
[320] I've got used to doing it now, you know?
Colin (PS069) [321] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [322] Well she said she's got a lot of scrubs to do and all that business
Colin (PS069) [323] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [324] so she said while you've been doing that she said she's been sort of gassing to anybody you know, so she said it's been mentioned by management and they said oh well she'll be able to sort of hovering while she stood there you know, time, time to natter she could be erm, got time to do that.
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [325] yeah ... so I said oh I see, so that was that, so I think they've got a, a meeting in a couple of weeks and they'll sort of tell her discreetly that she has to carry on and do it what she's been the
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [326] time sort of thing you know, so, said it's been noticed that like
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [327] and all that you know?
Colin (PS069) [328] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [329] But erm, you know, get
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [330] it's got to be scrubbed more often so you know
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [331] Normally
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [332] that is the same thickness as what this I think ... can you hold that dear?
Sheila (PS10D) [333] I'm surprised Joy didn't say something about it yesterday actually Joanne
Joanne (PS10G) [334] Perhaps she didn't have it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [335] she done quite a bit of hovering really
Colin (PS069) [336] Oh that's good then, yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [337] Is it alright now?
Colin (PS069) [338] Well, yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [339] It'll only pop out I suppose won't it?
Colin (PS069) [340] Well it have to pop out but it keeps popping back in again that's all that is
Sheila (PS10D) [341] Sorry
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [342] alright thank you, prefers than what you done last time
Colin (PS069) [343] Yeah better than that, yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [344] How's your mouth then? ...
Colin (PS069) [345] Alright ...
Sheila (PS10D) [346] Where's the other lighter?
Joanne (PS10G) [347] There in here
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [348] oh I see.
[349] Where's Samuel
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [350] where's Samuel's?
Sheila (PS10D) [351] What er, Tony out
Colin (PS069) [352] Has he?
Sheila (PS10D) [353] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [354] What she want in there for then?
Sheila (PS10D) [355] I don't know, I asked him to meet me at
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [356] Oh cock a fan, come on then, now don't bite back you beastly little parrot you ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [357] you put it, you put it on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [358] oh god yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [359] [shouting] Tommy []
Colin (PS069) [360] Shh
Sheila (PS10D) [361] good morning ...
Colin (PS069) [362] oh ... What have you got to do erm, college
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [363] I think that's what he's gone down for I think
Colin (PS069) [364] Is it?
[365] Oh
Joanne (PS10G) [366] Yeah ... should of asked erm Jean, asked er whatever her name is, for the details
Sheila (PS10D) [367] Yeah but
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [368] but she said he's now going er, erm October
Colin (PS069) [369] Who is?
Joanne (PS10G) [370] Daniel
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [371] this is February, October
Colin (PS069) [372] Yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [373] This is February ain't it so he goes
Colin (PS069) [374] What does he, be getting it again, but he hasn't done it yet has he?
Joanne (PS10G) [375] No but he's due, he's booked in for erm
Colin (PS069) [376] Oh ... oh
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [377] What's a matter with you then? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] [hoovering]
Sheila (PS10D) [378] about what?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] [hoovering]
Sheila (PS10D) [379] goes to show it's been used then don't it? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] [hoovering]
Colin (PS069) [380] Oh yeah, what did you get that bloody cable over
Sheila (PS10D) [381] Pardon?
Colin (PS069) [382] Where'd you put that cable? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] [hoovering] ...
Colin (PS069) [383] oh ... oh ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] [hoovering]
Sheila (PS10D) [384] excuse me
Colin (PS069) [385] What?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [386] this carpet gets filthy
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [387] ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [388] oh you need to be a bloody
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [389] to get these damn things off, look
Sheila (PS10D) [390] Well you should of got bigger size shouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [391] will they do?
Colin (PS069) [392] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [393] I bet that
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [394] was the first too I suppose
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [395] This Friday I think
Colin (PS069) [396] What this Friday?
Sheila (PS10D) [397] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [398] What shall we post it or shall we give it to her?
Sheila (PS10D) [399] Pardon?
Colin (PS069) [400] Post
Sheila (PS10D) [401] Oh you can post it, yeah
Colin (PS069) [402] [sigh] Oh it's nice to take the weight off my feet
Sheila (PS10D) [403] Well you've sat on your arse all day as well
Colin (PS069) [404] No I haven't
Sheila (PS10D) [405] Oh that makes a change then
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [406] ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [407] trying to get work
Sheila (PS10D) [408] Who?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [409] erm
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [410] yes please
Sheila (PS10D) [411] What?
Colin (PS069) [412] All of them please ... have you got those, all of them did the shop sell
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [413] this morning, those potatoes
Sheila (PS10D) [414] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [415] Oh they call it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [416] oh I thought you did
Colin (PS069) [417] No I didn't, no
Sheila (PS10D) [418] cos I say cos erm Bill never got a bag, and it four pounds something now
Colin (PS069) [419] Where'd he get it from?
Sheila (PS10D) [420] Oh I don't know, but it was
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [421] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [422] her last ones, about two pound something a bag
Colin (PS069) [423] They're two fifty a bag in there
Sheila (PS10D) [424] ain't you?
Colin (PS069) [425] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [426] Weather I suppose got something to do with it ... had a weekend down there with her and Ant
Colin (PS069) [427] Oh yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [428] cos she weren't very well really
Colin (PS069) [429] No, no, they broke down didn't they?
Sheila (PS10D) [430] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [431] They broke down
Sheila (PS10D) [432] Oh I dunno she didn't say nothing about that
Colin (PS069) [433] Yeah, no, she and Colin they broke down they, they broke down at the
Sheila (PS10D) [434] Oh she didn't, no
Colin (PS069) [435] Yeah, they got they'd got half hour's drive from Minehead and that their car broke down, they had to go up, they had to call the, was it the A are they?
Sheila (PS10D) [436] Oh yeah
Colin (PS069) [437] They got there but they had to go in second gear look
Sheila (PS10D) [438] Oh dear, oh I wonder how they'd got down there, I wonder whether they sort of
Colin (PS069) [439] No they got down
Sheila (PS10D) [440] got down at their own steam I suppose
Colin (PS069) [441] Yeah they went down in convoy car and I think they, four or five cars went down there
Sheila (PS10D) [442] Oh yeah
Colin (PS069) [443] there were sixteen of them, sixteen of them all there
Sheila (PS10D) [444] Sixteen?
Colin (PS069) [445] Yeah sixteen of them, well the more of them you see the cheaper it is
Sheila (PS10D) [446] Yeah ... she said that er they walked into Minehead on Sunday
Colin (PS069) [447] Oh yeah, Jean told me
Sheila (PS10D) [448] she said no , Jean said oh I can't walk that, have a bloody heart attack she says, so they put her in a trolley
Colin (PS069) [449] [laugh] they put her in a bloody trolley and oh course she said, this woman said erm
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [450] said she might be small she said but she ain't half put on some weight you know
Colin (PS069) [451] Oh yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [452] you know?
Colin (PS069) [453] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [454] So I said well I don't, I don't look at her and I sort of see
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [455] she said yeah she said sorted that out and put her in a trolley
Colin (PS069) [456] Yeah but she had to walk back that way didn't she? [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [457] Did she?
Colin (PS069) [458] Yeah she went to, she went to the shops and got one of those trolleys, she said what for?
[459] She said I want to go to Minehead now, what she said it's only just up there, yeah I know but I've, I've bloody got to climb down there and bloody try and get back she says, er
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [460] well it's not that she, it was affecting the drink she had you know
Sheila (PS10D) [461] Oh I see
Colin (PS069) [462] she said the drink, the drinks are quite expensive down there
Sheila (PS10D) [463] Yeah, I'm glad they took their, took their own
Colin (PS069) [464] Yeah cos what, what they said like, their own, cos they run out of wine at the bar ... and er, they went in the supermarket and got two bottles of wine and kept them on the table you see
Sheila (PS10D) [465] Oh
Colin (PS069) [466] so, they said
Sheila (PS10D) [467] what was it?
Colin (PS069) [468] The wine that have in the bog, is that a cheap wine?
Sheila (PS10D) [469] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [470] Well they ran it like that cos they said at the bar we can sell you a bottle of wine for seven pound fifty though, so he said you bugger off he said that, went down the supermarket and get our own like
Sheila (PS10D) [471] Oh
Colin (PS069) [472] and of course the bloke that were drinking that he kept, then they buy a
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [473] bottle and erm they used to queue at the table that for the
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [474] you know
Sheila (PS10D) [475] Oh yeah
Colin (PS069) [476] used to just keep topping that you know
Sheila (PS10D) [477] I thought they'd be more into spirits than wine
Colin (PS069) [478] Well there were spirits weren't there, vodka and all that, you know, no I suppose one or two drunk the old wine you know
Sheila (PS10D) [479] Oh yeah ...
Colin (PS069) [480] but she said, oh she said, they and that, they rented the horses that go up and down you know
Sheila (PS10D) [481] They've got a
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [482] down there?
Colin (PS069) [483] Oh yeah, oh god almighty, everything's free, once you've paid your entrance fee everything's free now look
Sheila (PS10D) [484] Yeah, quite right run now innit, cos that's where Susan took her dad weren't it, Minehead down there, that way
Colin (PS069) [485] Susan took [...] ?
Sheila (PS10D) [486] Who?
Colin (PS069) [487] Took who?
Sheila (PS10D) [488] Took us, that's where we went down Minehead through there
Colin (PS069) [489] Oh, when?
Sheila (PS10D) [490] When we went for that there
Colin (PS069) [491] Oh not me
Sheila (PS10D) [492] No, no
Colin (PS069) [493] Oh no erm, oh the
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [494] yes, I said it was all
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [495] Let us make our way there, we'd get lost
Colin (PS069) [496] Who?
[497] No ... go and have a look see what it's like
Sheila (PS10D) [498] Most probably end up in Wales
Colin (PS069) [499] Pardon?
Sheila (PS10D) [500] We'd most probably end up in Wales or something
Colin (PS069) [501] I'd go and ring Barry up then [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [502] [laugh] ... So what you gonna do for eats tomorrow then?
[503] Well you won't have much time now to eat
Colin (PS069) [504] No don't, I shall, if I'm home by, only if I got back by five, I, I better
Sheila (PS10D) [505] Thought you taking in Geoffrey
Colin (PS069) [506] No I'm not taking Geoffrey in, he's going with his mate now lives
Sheila (PS10D) [507] No but I thought he was
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [508] where to park
Colin (PS069) [509] Yeah what I'll do, I'll see them all look, each even about twenty six
Sheila (PS10D) [510] Oh yeah
Colin (PS069) [511] and what we do we meet up by the golf course
Sheila (PS10D) [512] Got a bit of interference there
Colin (PS069) [513] Yeah, ah, we meet up by the golf course, cos time I pick
Sheila (PS10D) [514] David up
Colin (PS069) [515] David up you there see, I've got to
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [516] the golf course up
Sheila (PS10D) [517] So they'll wait for you there then are they?
Colin (PS069) [518] Well I can get
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [519] oh yeah
Colin (PS069) [520] and I see, when he sees me park there, flash me, I just follow on, you know ...
Sheila (PS10D) [521] So I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [522] what he can do is have something when he gets up, rather than the old
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [523] something sort of
Colin (PS069) [524] Yeah well, I don't, I don't get a dinner before I go up to bed.
[525] Well what you got then?
Sheila (PS10D) [526] I don't know I think it's Wednesday week ...
Colin (PS069) [527] Well before I go to bed I have baked beans on toast or something like that you know, it's, it's not
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [528] pardon?
Colin (PS069) [529] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [530] Oh god
Colin (PS069) [531] All of a sudden I'll be home, cor strewth
Sheila (PS10D) [532] you didn't have any of that stuff today then did you?
Colin (PS069) [533] Yeah I had a glass this morning
Sheila (PS10D) [534] Did you?
Colin (PS069) [535] Yeah, I've got the shits now I tell yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [536] eating too much, I suppose if you had a little glass, then just one
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [537] of that stuff, then some All Bran, you won't be so bad
Colin (PS069) [538] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [539] in fact you had too much you see
Colin (PS069) [540] No I don't think so
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [541] cos you lost none have you?
Colin (PS069) [542] Yes
Sheila (PS10D) [543] Where?
Colin (PS069) [544] I have done I've
Sheila (PS10D) [545] Let me see then, round your kneecaps?
Colin (PS069) [546] No I have, I have lost it, I tell you what, now listen
Sheila (PS10D) [547] Don't you start splattering at me mate
Colin (PS069) [548] Now look, this
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [549] had been a, a mark going around that, right ... and that's what
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [550] I have lost it though, I have ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [551] There are, don't tip that over the cloth then
Colin (PS069) [552] Alright then, come on then ... you know I forgot I didn't have me keys with me this morning, of course the first one
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [553] Didn't you have your sandwiches then?
Colin (PS069) [554] [laugh] I just, I had erm soft bread you know get that cut that bread
Sheila (PS10D) [555] Did you?
[556] Did you have that luncheon meat that's in there?
Colin (PS069) [557] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [558] You did
Colin (PS069) [559] there's two slices left, I shall have that tomorrow
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [560] no, no I'm not that keen on it ... I just have a couple of biscuits and a cup of tea when I come home
Colin (PS069) [561] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [562] oh yeah I'll get some more Thursday ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [563] yes, what biscuits do you want, big ones?
Sheila (PS10D) [564] Yeah, I think I'll borrow er one of Sue's one of
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [565] I, are
Sheila (PS10D) [566] There's more on there than what they thought or something, apparently keeps her cakes in it, so I said
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [567] come then ...
Sheila (PS10D) [568] Are you on lates next week?
Colin (PS069) [569] No
Sheila (PS10D) [570] Mo ...
Colin (PS069) [571] Oh I just wondered, here are
Sheila (PS10D) [572] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [573] I just wondered if you had anything planned for the weekend that ... oh ...

4 (Tape 035908)

Colin (PS069) [574] What number is Nigel at then?
Sheila (PS10D) [575] Erm, oh sixty erm, sixty three
Colin (PS069) [576] Oh that's better then innit?
Sheila (PS10D) [577] so what end'll that be then?
Colin (PS069) [578] Swallow end
Sheila (PS10D) [579] Who?
Colin (PS069) [580] Swallow end, erm
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [581] if that's it then I can er write her card out later on
Colin (PS069) [582] Oh if you like I can put it through her door
Sheila (PS10D) [583] Oh that's alright ... she must be about er sixty four, five I suppose
Colin (PS069) [584] Ah?
Sheila (PS10D) [585] I say she should be about sixty four, erm eight four
Colin (PS069) [586] Is she eighty four?
Sheila (PS10D) [587] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [588] dunno ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [589] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [590] no ... they're alright aren't they?
Colin (PS069) [591] Do you like them?
[592] Those other ones they come off it I think
Sheila (PS10D) [593] What ones?
[594] Walnut
Colin (PS069) [595] No, I just
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [596] really
Colin (PS069) [597] Yeah ...
Sheila (PS10D) [598] They always did taste a bit funny you know, didn't they?
[599] I mean they
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [600] Is this still running is it?
Sheila (PS10D) [601] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [602] Battery gone flat though is
Sheila (PS10D) [603] Is it?
Colin (PS069) [604] Yeah ...

5 (Tape 035909)

Colin (PS069) [605] Ah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [606] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [607] All of it?
Joanne (PS10G) [608] Yeah, don't usually get them for nothing
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [609] three, four out, half a dozen
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [610] No tomorrow, I went into town and then I went to Emma's
Sheila (PS10D) [611] Oh did you?
Joanne (PS10G) [612] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [613] Did you have a look at the wallpaper?
Joanne (PS10G) [614] I forgot all about it, when I got to Emma's then I realized, I'm going over
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [615] I don't usually buy that sort anyway but the last couple of
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [616] They've got so much work, those safety ones
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [617] that's it, yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [618] Cor they dunno
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [619] well they would I
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [620] oh dear
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [621] all depends on the nature of
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] [washing machine]
Sheila (PS10D) [622] they won't need
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] [washing machine]
Sheila (PS10D) [623] If they thought it was that bad they would of picked it up on the M O T wouldn't they?
Joanne (PS10G) [624] That's what they said, cos I, I said is it something that has to be checked regularly, he said no, it doesn't really go that often
Sheila (PS10D) [625] Yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [626] so erm ... something
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [627] so you'd be paying out for some more tyres if you don't have that checked or anything
Joanne (PS10G) [628] Yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [629] ain't you? ...
Joanne (PS10G) [630] So Emma's given me his present to drop round, ha
Sheila (PS10D) [631] How long
Joanne (PS10G) [632] she doesn't finish work until about half past five
Sheila (PS10D) [633] Oh
Joanne (PS10G) [634] and in between time she goes to meet Gordon so er
Sheila (PS10D) [635] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [636] I don't know where they live, I know the court but I don't know whereabouts they are.
Sheila (PS10D) [637] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [638] only where erm Mrs and that live and that's about it ...
Joanne (PS10G) [639] Done me ironing and got that out the way
Sheila (PS10D) [640] Oh yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [641] quite damp out there really, when I ironed it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [642] My
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [643] Rice Crispies out of date, chocolate ones
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Joanne (PS10G) [644] Where's Neil then?
Sheila (PS10D) [645] Gone down town to get a Butlin's erm brochure, whatever they call it
Joanne (PS10G) [646] Why's he hope to go on holiday then?
[647] Hope to go on holiday
Sheila (PS10D) [648] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [649] Have you sorted out that tape?
Colin (PS069) [650] Ah?
Sheila (PS10D) [651] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ... [...] ... [...] ...
Sheila (PS10D) [652] What do you want steak and kidney pie and erm a bit of potato?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [653] or something
Colin (PS069) [654] Yeah alright then
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [655] there's a potato in there, thought rather to use that
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [656] who?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [657] oh yeah ... they've got something like that down erm
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [658] they roll it out on the dance floor upstairs
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [659] something like that I suppose ...

6 (Tape 036001)

Colin (PS069) [660] That's right, it's on now that is.
Sheila (PS10D) [661] [...] talking is it?
Colin (PS069) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [662] What's it called love?
Colin (PS069) [663] Neville's [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [664] Who?
Colin (PS069) [665] Neville .
Sheila (PS10D) [666] Oh!
[667] ... You got any first class stamps anywhere?
[668] Yeah?
[669] I'm [...] a first erm ... class si stamps.
Colin (PS069) [670] [...] stamps?
Sheila (PS10D) [671] Yeah.
[672] Cos I've got ... I've got a couple here twenty four pence.
Colin (PS069) [673] [...] fifty, fifty pence?
Sheila (PS10D) [674] No, I got some green in here.
[675] Erm ... two pence.
[676] ... No I can't find any.
Colin (PS069) [677] [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [678] Here are, er
Colin (PS069) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [679] Four at twenty four pence ... and two at two pence.
[680] So that's [...] .
[681] And that if I post it tomorrow [...] Friday.
[682] ... So if I put a twenty four one on then it could leave that like that, right?
[683] ... Don't want her to pay any out at the other end do we?
[684] Oh yeah.

7 (Tape 036002)

Sheila (PS10D) [685] You don't know what second class post is do you, first?
Colin (PS069) [686] No, I guess that'll be thirty four or something.
Sheila (PS10D) [687] The book.
[688] Twenty, a couple of twenty four ... pence ones here ... but Joy reckons it's more than that.
Colin (PS069) [689] No, just [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [690] Yes I put a twenty four pence one on and a ... two pence one.
[691] Cos don't want her to ... pay any at the other end do I?
[692] And I post it tomorrow ... er, Thursday.
[693] ... Ah this ... pick this up in Derek's office today look.
Colin (PS069) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [694] And if I just go to clean and erm
Colin (PS069) [695] This ... what do you reckon?
Sheila (PS10D) [696] Yes.
Colin (PS069) [697] Where they going to that?
Sheila (PS10D) [698] Wembley aren't they?
[699] To see er Queen.
Colin (PS069) [700] Oh that's right!
Sheila (PS10D) [701] Easter Monday.
[702] ... And the other one's Simply Red I think.
Colin (PS069) [703] How much did they pay for a ticket then, how much?
Sheila (PS10D) [704] I dunno.
[705] I have to ask when he comes tonight.
[706] ... He ... put that up today.
[707] ... He thought about it last week but it's pretty hush hush I think.
Colin (PS069) [708] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [709] Oh dear!
[710] Have a look, [...] .
[711] ... Yeah, he got something, you know?
Colin (PS069) [712] That's right.
Sheila (PS10D) [713] Ian and I, just going with six of them or something.
[714] Or perhaps he's going up in his van or some I dunno!

8 (Tape 036003)

Colin (PS069) [715] Well cos, you gotta get in early cos everybody else is sort of erm
Nigel (PS10E) [716] They were so popular last year.
[717] Cos the er ... you know they'll be
Colin (PS069) [718] Yeah, it had football tomorrow.
Neil (PS10F) [719] Mm.
Nigel (PS10E) [720] Is it on?
Colin (PS069) [721] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [722] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [723] Just switched it on.
[724] Playing.
Nigel (PS10E) [725] Oh yeah. [...]
Colin (PS069) [726] Take these couple of tapes off.
Nigel (PS10E) [727] Oh yeah [...] , yeah!
[728] It is.
Neil (PS10F) [729] Yeah , that's my brilliant idea!
Nigel (PS10E) [730] I'll take it football.
Neil (PS10F) [731] Yeah, take it to football.
Colin (PS069) [732] Oh yeah, see how people sort of ... natter on.
Nigel (PS10E) [733] Natter on, yeah.
Colin (PS069) [734] You know sometimes [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [735] Fight!
Nigel (PS10E) [736] And swear! [...] !
Colin (PS069) [737] The first tape we played back and it was him eating toast!
[738] God, it was like ... ooh it was terrible!
Nigel (PS10E) [739] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [740] So, as if the blooming whole thing was distorted or something.
Neil (PS10F) [741] Sounded like, [...] was it?
[742] Ooh ee ooh!
Colin (PS069) [743] [laughing] Ooh eh [] !
Neil (PS10F) [744] I shall remember that now.
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [745] Ee er!
Colin (PS069) [746] So you won't be able to wear his bottom ones out will he ... cos he ain't got nothing to grind on now! [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [747] We didn't ... turn the window light on.
[748] I says [...] this week [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [749] Yeah, didn't want to trouble you.
[750] What time you coming up?
Colin (PS069) [751] So he's standing right ... the other
Nigel (PS10E) [752] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [753] end.
Nigel (PS10E) [754] You'll have a light there and a light there, all on
Colin (PS069) [755] Ooh!
Nigel (PS10E) [756] together.
[757] That's great isn't it?
Colin (PS069) [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [758] Because ... that switch ... there
Neil (PS10F) [759] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [760] Is to the entrance.
Nigel (PS10E) [761] is that light ... that light.
Neil (PS10F) [762] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [763] What this one?
Nigel (PS10E) [764] Yeah.
[765] Well I ain't got nothing yet.
[766] After Christmas [...] .
Colin (PS069) [767] No!
[768] Don't make no difference.
Neil (PS10F) [769] Well, the only trouble is if you did put that one [...] I must admit.
Nigel (PS10E) [770] Yeah, what I thought see, if you come out and I'm covering the door and [...] this light on ... you'll be able to see straight away.
Neil (PS10F) [771] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [772] Yeah.
Nigel (PS10E) [773] See look ... if I sort of turn round
Colin (PS069) [774] Yeah, like Briony
Nigel (PS10E) [775] and got
Colin (PS069) [776] she comes in here, so she
Nigel (PS10E) [777] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [778] switches that ... on to sort out her [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [779] Yeah.
Colin (PS069) [780] Cos I got help her with that.
Nigel (PS10E) [781] See we could put the outside light there.
Colin (PS069) [782] [...] , yeah just right.
Nigel (PS10E) [783] You sure it looks [...] ?
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Colin (PS069) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [784] Well, if it's not right, know what I meant.
Nigel (PS10E) [785] They're not yours!
Neil (PS10F) [786] They are!
[787] I bought those when we went to football!
[788] I was at the [...] !
Nigel (PS10E) [789] Oh my God! [...]
Neil (PS10F) [790] He dived on the [...] .
Colin (PS069) [791] What I'll do is put your clips up the top here and then erm
Nigel (PS10E) [792] Burn them!
Colin (PS069) [793] just let it [...] at the bottom.
Neil (PS10F) [794] Don't wanna keep the chairs. [...] .
Colin (PS069) [795] And then someone [...] .
[796] Hey?
Nigel (PS10E) [797] Er ... I don't care! [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [798] Don't you care?
Nigel (PS10E) [799] No.
Colin (PS069) [800] You saying about having so some chips, I think you could have had it in here!
Nigel (PS10E) [801] That's twenty five six.
Neil (PS10F) [802] God! [...]
Colin (PS069) [803] Could have had some in, some in here couldn't he?
[804] Could of had a bit of mash and ... could of had a bit of mashed potato and ... couple of eggs or something.
[805] Couple of sausages.
Nigel (PS10E) [806] Yes I know.
Colin (PS069) [807] We did offer him some ice cream but he said no thank you.
Nigel (PS10E) [808] No, [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [809] I never said that.
Colin (PS069) [810] Oh you had [...] again didn't you?
Neil (PS10F) [811] What?
Colin (PS069) [812] Them cheese fritters?
[813] Those
Sheila (PS10D) [814] They're nice
Colin (PS069) [815] peas.
Sheila (PS10D) [816] they are, mushy peas.
Colin (PS069) [817] Mushy peas.
Nigel (PS10E) [818] Mhm.
Colin (PS069) [819] They must squash them in the hand and just throw it in [...] mustn't they?
Sheila (PS10D) [820] Well, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Colin (PS069) [821] [...] [laugh] ... So I'm off in to watch Eastenders then.
Nigel (PS10E) [822] No.
Colin (PS069) [823] Yep, yep, yep!
Neil (PS10F) [824] Are you a good [...] ?
Nigel (PS10E) [825] Like that.
Neil (PS10F) [826] You try it [...] .
Colin (PS069) [827] No, that's mine!
Neil (PS10F) [828] Oh is it?
[829] Oh!
Colin (PS069) [830] Now what does Nigel want a climbing rose for?
Neil (PS10F) [831] Eh?
Colin (PS069) [832] What does Nigel want a climbing rose for?
Neil (PS10F) [833] I don't know.
Nigel (PS10E) [834] [...] bought that anyway. [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [835] How old?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Colin (PS069) [836] Yeah.
Nigel (PS10E) [837] Cor!
Neil (PS10F) [838] Ah?
Nigel (PS10E) [839] I reckon [...] my nappies!
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [840] Thank you.
[841] [...] Right thank you very much.
Neil (PS10F) [842] Aha!
Colin (PS069) [843] Bye!
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [844] Oh!
[845] That's got Mandy to work.
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [846] Oh dear!
[847] Did you li
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [848] What are you, what is there to do now then?
Nigel (PS10E) [849] I dunno. [...]
Neil (PS10F) [850] Mind your back.
Colin (PS069) [851] Okay.
Nigel (PS10E) [852] [singing] There's a hole in my bucket []

9 (Tape 036006)

Sheila (PS10D) [853] Do you want peas with it or not?
Neil (PS10F) [854] Peas.
Sheila (PS10D) [855] [...] , that one.
Neil (PS10F) [856] Ah Christ I've only just got in mama!
Sheila (PS10D) [857] Oh you'll want half a tin won't you?
Neil (PS10F) [858] You could store these for another two years mum.
Sheila (PS10D) [859] What is that love?
Neil (PS10F) [860] It's got ... B dot B dot E ... October ninety four.
Sheila (PS10D) [861] Oh!
[862] ... Salt.
Nigel (PS10E) [863] Oh you want that switched off, okay.
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [864] Oh
Neil (PS10F) [865] That's it then.
Nigel (PS10E) [866] They're off.
Neil (PS10F) [867] So what we
Nigel (PS10E) [868] That's the, that's the big one there.
Neil (PS10F) [869] Yeah.
[870] Point.
Sheila (PS10D) [871] That's not, that's the light one
Neil (PS10F) [872] That's right, yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [873] that you've just taken out.
Nigel (PS10E) [874] That and the fridge one I'll have to take everything
Neil (PS10F) [875] This one innit?
[876] What, what we'll do is I
Nigel (PS10E) [877] Oh
Neil (PS10F) [878] if I cut that off there.
Nigel (PS10E) [879] Still wouldn't shift it dummy!
Neil (PS10F) [880] I'll plug it in
Nigel (PS10E) [881] Aha.
Neil (PS10F) [882] And you won't be using that again.
Nigel (PS10E) [883] No.
Neil (PS10F) [884] And I'll rip them out properly af ... Thursday, when I take that one out as well.
Nigel (PS10E) [885] Okay.
[886] Alright.
Sheila (PS10D) [887] And that thing's jammed on us!
Nigel (PS10E) [888] Just plug it in [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [889] Alright, that's enough.
Nigel (PS10E) [890] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [891] They're a bit old anyway!
[892] ... Bit old, this programme innit?
Nigel (PS10E) [893] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [894] What did you want to scrub this.
Nigel (PS10E) [895] They come handy don't they?
Neil (PS10F) [896] Mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [897] No, I thought you wanted one.
Nigel (PS10E) [898] Oh no, I don't need one, no.
Sheila (PS10D) [899] Alright.
Neil (PS10F) [900] He's quite happy to undo the ... the squashed [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [901] Oh God!
Sheila (PS10D) [902] Friends?
Nigel (PS10E) [903] I tell you, I go ... I tell you Neil you're very perpetual.
[904] You stopped going [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [905] Mm.
Nigel (PS10E) [906] And a long time, innit?
Neil (PS10F) [907] What?
[908] Well
Nigel (PS10E) [909] Starkness though.
[910] And you haircut [...]
Neil (PS10F) [911] Haircut at last!
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [912] What's up Doc!
Nigel (PS10E) [913] Yeah, I think I know it as well.
[914] All gums.
[915] Goody goody gum drops!
Sheila (PS10D) [916] Gummy! [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [917] [laughing] Oh yeah, that's good [] !
Nigel (PS10E) [918] [singing] Gummy, gummy [...] []
Sheila (PS10D) [919] [...] his first name.
Neil (PS10F) [920] Well I ... [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [921] Now that's a loaded question innit?
Neil (PS10F) [922] Gonna put foot in his mouth now!
Nigel (PS10E) [923] It's not, [...] on my side of the story!
Sheila (PS10D) [924] Are you gonna put your teeth in Neil?
Neil (PS10F) [925] Eh?
[926] Both feet gone!
Sheila (PS10D) [927] Don't [...] on the plate then.
Neil (PS10F) [928] There's no room is there?
Sheila (PS10D) [929] No.
[930] Want some of it taken off then?
Neil (PS10F) [931] Yeah!
[932] Go on!
Sheila (PS10D) [933] If there's anything on that doorstep, give us your plate.
Neil (PS10F) [934] Oh ee ee!
[935] Christ, only wanna fit in my mouth!
[936] Ta.
Sheila (PS10D) [937] Th ... they let me have these scales.
[938] ... I was working right up to then.
[939] ... So then you put [...] and then pop them in to
Neil (PS10F) [940] Ya.
Nigel (PS10E) [941] Oh!
[942] I'll go look in there when that [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [943] [singing] Mm mm mm, mm mm [] .
[944] ... Can't take them in there can I?
[945] ... Yeah, something [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Colin (PS069) [946] Oh I should get something now.
Sheila (PS10D) [947] It'll definitely be here won't it?
Nigel (PS10E) [948] Don't you worry about it.
Neil (PS10F) [949] I made last year's.
Sheila (PS10D) [950] Take some sandwiches, a flask of tea.
Neil (PS10F) [951] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [952] What do you reckon?
Nigel (PS10E) [953] Mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [954] Egg sandwiches?
[955] Enjoy them won't you?
Neil (PS10F) [956] Yeah.
[957] That's if I have had any left and he notices they're there.
Nigel (PS10E) [958] Jammy tyke!
Neil (PS10F) [959] [...] before.
Sheila (PS10D) [960] What, everything okay, yeah?
[961] Well I mean the sooner that's [...] .
[962] Chips and everything else on it.
Neil (PS10F) [963] Yeah.
Nigel (PS10E) [964] Mind!
Sheila (PS10D) [965] Drinks when you ... brush your glass on them.
Neil (PS10F) [966] Well I, didn't you do that mum?
[967] I couldn't understand what?
Sheila (PS10D) [968] Well they can be tipped back in the tin then can't they?
Neil (PS10F) [969] Mhm.
Sheila (PS10D) [970] Mash that in and you can have butter on if you wanted to.
Neil (PS10F) [971] No ... roast potatoes will be fine.
Nigel (PS10E) [972] Yeah.
[973] Wha
Sheila (PS10D) [974] They can throw dinner on this.
Nigel (PS10E) [975] Mhm.
Neil (PS10F) [976] Shall I take quite a few egg sandwiches alright?
[977] Mum?
Sheila (PS10D) [978] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [979] I'll take quite a few egg sandwiches.
Sheila (PS10D) [980] Yeah, I'll make a load.
Neil (PS10F) [981] Yeah, I expect egg ones [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [982] Dunno!
[983] ... In about quarter to six or something isn't he?
Neil (PS10F) [984] Quarter past five.
Sheila (PS10D) [985] Quarter past five?
Neil (PS10F) [986] Yeah.
[987] Down the site [...] bloody thing!
Sheila (PS10D) [988] I'm gonna cut a load and go pick David up I suppose innit?
[989] Mm?
Nigel (PS10E) [990] Ta, [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [991] Oh no!
[992] No!
Neil (PS10F) [993] I want my [...] mug.
[994] Alright?
Sheila (PS10D) [995] You're [...] afterwards aren't you then?
[996] They me , they're doing a good job!
Neil (PS10F) [997] Well so have you then!
Nigel (PS10E) [998] No.
Colin (PS069) [999] Don't forget [...] at quarter past five.
Neil (PS10F) [1000] No, mum said quarter to six!
[1001] I'm just correcting her!
Colin (PS069) [1002] Right then. [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1003] [...] !
[1004] That's right.
Sheila (PS10D) [1005] Ha?
[1006] So I erm ... what did you say Neil?
[1007] I say, not in there Neil.
Neil (PS10F) [1008] What's what?
[1009] What's for what?
Sheila (PS10D) [1010] Tracksuit bottoms.
Neil (PS10F) [1011] Which ones?
Sheila (PS10D) [1012] The boys ones there.
[1013] I found that in there.
Neil (PS10F) [1014] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1015] Is there anything inside?
Neil (PS10F) [1016] What this?
Sheila (PS10D) [1017] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1018] Why?
Sheila (PS10D) [1019] I just wondered.
[1020] Cos that was wa , wet as well.
Neil (PS10F) [1021] Only Carl's lighter.
Sheila (PS10D) [1022] Who?
Neil (PS10F) [1023] Carl's lighter.
[1024] ... Oh yeah, so I put my lighter in there my er tracksuit bottoms or something.
Sheila (PS10D) [1025] Oh I see.
Neil (PS10F) [1026] But now it's run out I don't bother.
Sheila (PS10D) [1027] There's lighter up here.
Neil (PS10F) [1028] Doesn't work.
Sheila (PS10D) [1029] Why, what's the matter with it then?
Neil (PS10F) [1030] You go to light it.
[1031] ... See, just keep going so the flint's gone.
Sheila (PS10D) [1032] Oh!
Neil (PS10F) [1033] That's ... gone home now.
Nigel (PS10E) [1034] Here are mate, let's have a look at it.
Sheila (PS10D) [1035] [...] .
[1036] ... Still, bit cheap to buy ain't they?
[1037] Only thirty pence aren't they?
Neil (PS10F) [1038] Well I shall use my black [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1039] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1040] I'm gonna use my black one.
Sheila (PS10D) [1041] Oh yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1042] Twenty for a pound.
Sheila (PS10D) [1043] Oh yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1044] Had it a long time haven't you?
[1045] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1046] Dunno.
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1047] Yeah, I can go out mum?
Sheila (PS10D) [1048] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1049] I can go out.
Sheila (PS10D) [1050] Anyone want a cup of tea?
Colin (PS069) [1051] Yes please.
Sheila (PS10D) [1052] Eh? ... [...] scratch her eyes out innit?
[1053] ... It's about your [...] , could of caught that look.
Colin (PS069) [1054] Oh don't start [...] !
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1055] Dave's all lovey-dovey when Nig is around ain't he?
Sheila (PS10D) [1056] Yeah.
[1057] Showing off though.
[1058] Try to impress.
[1059] ... Well I'm glad anybody has a bit of [...] .
[1060] ... Do you want a cup of tea Neil?
Neil (PS10F) [1061] Well I dunno.
[1062] ... Right!
Sheila (PS10D) [1063] Erm ... I'm going to the bank ... let's wake this lot up!
[1064] ... Where do you go for that, Bath Travel for that then Neil?
Neil (PS10F) [1065] Where?
Sheila (PS10D) [1066] For that brochure.
Neil (PS10F) [1067] Bath Travel, where's that?
Sheila (PS10D) [1068] No, where do you get the ... thing from then?
Neil (PS10F) [1069] What?
Sheila (PS10D) [1070] Butlins?
Neil (PS10F) [1071] Well ... I got it from that travel agents
Sheila (PS10D) [1072] Oh!
Neil (PS10F) [1073] er the one
Sheila (PS10D) [1074] In the precinct?
Neil (PS10F) [1075] by, yeah, by Boots.
Sheila (PS10D) [1076] Oh yeah.

10 (Tape 036007)

Sheila (PS10D) [1077] Do you want
Nigel (PS10E) [1078] Take that.
Sheila (PS10D) [1079] put it ... put it in that one.
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1080] Ooh!
Nigel (PS10E) [1081] I dunno what we're talking about here!
Sheila (PS10D) [1082] Eh?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1083] Could I take the sausage rolls and chicken to school?
Sheila (PS10D) [1084] Do you wanna take something strong now Nig?
Nigel (PS10E) [1085] Yes please.
Sheila (PS10D) [1086] Right.
Neil (PS10F) [1087] I've got some.
Nigel (PS10E) [1088] Do you mind! [drilling noise]
Sheila (PS10D) [1089] [...] ... Your dad's [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1090] Well she used to come in erm ... May to December didn't she?
Neil (PS10F) [1091] Mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [1092] Chip butty then?
Neil (PS10F) [1093] Eh?
Sheila (PS10D) [1094] Want a chip butty?
Neil (PS10F) [1095] Mm mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [1096] [...] for a long time
Neil (PS10F) [1097] Mm mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [1098] have you?
Neil (PS10F) [1099] No, cos I've never had chips have I?
Sheila (PS10D) [1100] They don't have meat in do they?
[1101] ... I don't think Joanne's done so well in bar now.
Colin (PS069) [1102] Why?
Sheila (PS10D) [1103] Just so they can have a day off or something.
[1104] One of the girls have got bronchitis [...] so
Neil (PS10F) [1105] Mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1106] Is she going in the car?
Sheila (PS10D) [1107] No, she's going by train.
[1108] Cheaper than the car by the time you've paid petrol ... there and back again.
[1109] ... What are you watching [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1110] Why?
Sheila (PS10D) [1111] Just wondered.
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1112] Who?
Neil (PS10F) [1113] Six thirty.
Sheila (PS10D) [1114] I thought you'd already [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1115] Otherwise I'll walk home, I've done it before.
Sheila (PS10D) [1116] No.
[1117] ... There's [...] round that ... all out there later on then?
Neil (PS10F) [1118] I should put a tape [banging]
Sheila (PS10D) [1119] No, [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1120] by pass Brian.
Sheila (PS10D) [1121] Go and see the [...] if you wanted them.
Neil (PS10F) [1122] Well I can for two hours mum.
[1123] Mm?
Sheila (PS10D) [1124] What?
[1125] ... Those are done properly, not just slapped on anyhow! [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1126] Five pound for two hours.
Sheila (PS10D) [1127] Your cheap then ain't you?
[1128] Very nice!
Neil (PS10F) [1129] No, five pound an hour.
Sheila (PS10D) [1130] Oh.
Neil (PS10F) [1131] And whatever time I'll [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1132] Yeah , why not!
[1133] ... Would you rather have a cup of tea?
Neil (PS10F) [1134] Tell you what ... I'll charge you qui , twenty quid for the whole day.
Sheila (PS10D) [1135] What?
Neil (PS10F) [1136] Twenty quid for the whole day.
Sheila (PS10D) [1137] Oh well ... Emma only charged that to do the lounge!
Neil (PS10F) [1138] I know.
Sheila (PS10D) [1139] And that was wallpapering that was!
Neil (PS10F) [1140] I know, I'm gonna paper.
[1141] Cos I'm hard up for money mum!
Sheila (PS10D) [1142] Do you want a cup of tea as well?
Neil (PS10F) [1143] Mhm.
Sheila (PS10D) [1144] There's only four of us isn't there?
Neil (PS10F) [1145] Mm.
[1146] Does dad want one?
Sheila (PS10D) [1147] Yeah.
[1148] ... I'll go and look for some wallpaper [...] .
[1149] ... Got enough there ain't you?
Neil (PS10F) [1150] No.
Sheila (PS10D) [1151] No?
Neil (PS10F) [1152] Men, ha!
Sheila (PS10D) [1153] [...] out there.
[1154] Yours and dad's over here.
[1155] Finished in there.
[1156] Do you want this do you, anywhere?
[1157] ... Er ... stick that up there.
[1158] I expect the oven's turned off.
Nigel (PS10E) [1159] I can hang on.
Sheila (PS10D) [1160] No, but I expect it's too hot in there ... crack the ... dishes.
Nigel (PS10E) [1161] It's alright.
Neil (PS10F) [1162] Jesus Christ!
Sheila (PS10D) [1163] What?
[1164] Mm?
Neil (PS10F) [1165] Oh, bloody ages!
Joanne (PS10G) [1166] Neil phoned me.
Neil (PS10F) [1167] I don't care!
[1168] Hopefully
Joanne (PS10G) [1169] I
Neil (PS10F) [1170] so [...] first, so don't give me that!
Sheila (PS10D) [1171] And Neil did cos he was on when you was out there.
Neil (PS10F) [1172] No he didn't!
Sheila (PS10D) [1173] Yes he did!
Neil (PS10F) [1174] He didn't!
Joanne (PS10G) [1175] Where are you going to football tomorrow night?
Neil (PS10F) [1176] Why, do you wanna come?
[1177] With dad and with Dave the butcher.
Joanne (PS10G) [1178] Is there enough room for me in the back, and Neil?
[1179] Cos I'm not going to Reading tomorrow so I'm, I might as well go to football tomorrow instead ... use that
Sheila (PS10D) [1180] Oh yeah.
Joanne (PS10G) [1181] money.
Neil (PS10F) [1182] Erm ... [...] ?
Joanne (PS10G) [1183] Yeah.
[1184] Well ... he's a bit scared though ... and we assured him there's no violence and
Sheila (PS10D) [1185] Ha!
Colin (PS069) [1186] What's that lovey?
Nigel (PS10E) [1187] Joanne and
Sheila (PS10D) [1188] He's got a full pint mug!
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1189] Are you going to football tomorrow?
Colin (PS069) [1190] Eh?
Joanne (PS10G) [1191] Football?
Colin (PS069) [1192] Yeah.
Joanne (PS10G) [1193] Is there enough room for me to go?
Colin (PS069) [1194] Of course there is!
Joanne (PS10G) [1195] What about Neil as well?
Colin (PS069) [1196] Er ... yes!
Joanne (PS10G) [1197] Okay.
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1198] I was gonna go to Reading but erm ... Sally-Ann can't make it cos there's someone ill at work.
[1199] So erm ... the money that I was gonna ... you know, use for that I'll use for the ticket.
Sheila (PS10D) [1200] Yeah, but you're going off early though, what time's Neil finish work then?
Joanne (PS10G) [1201] Well no, Neil said quarter six we were going.
[1202] But I mean, he can, he's at King's anyway tomorrow ... so it won't take him long to get home.
Sheila (PS10D) [1203] Well you can pick him up on the way then couldn't you?
Colin (PS069) [1204] Yeah, what time does he finish work then Jo?
Joanne (PS10G) [1205] Well about five-ish, but I mean ... he'll be ready for quarter to six
Colin (PS069) [1206] Er
Joanne (PS10G) [1207] or whatever time you need to go.
Colin (PS069) [1208] Well i if you ... if he takes some old clothes with him love
Joanne (PS10G) [1209] Mm.
[1210] And then see we , he'd probably wanna get home and then get changed properly.
[1211] Have something to eat quick.
Colin (PS069) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1212] Or else a , or else half past at the latest, set a time.
Colin (PS069) [1213] Yeah, [...] , thing is, you won't be able to get [...] .
Joanne (PS10G) [1214] Yeah, it only takes him about ten minutes to get home.
Sheila (PS10D) [1215] Can always do some sandwiches.
Colin (PS069) [1216] Yeah.
[1217] Oh yeah
Sheila (PS10D) [1218] I erm
Colin (PS069) [1219] make your own boiled egg sandwiches.
Joanne (PS10G) [1220] I'm seeing him later anyway so
Colin (PS069) [1221] Yeah.
Joanne (PS10G) [1222] I'll find out more about it.
Colin (PS069) [1223] Well take him, take him so [...] love.
Joanne (PS10G) [1224] Yes.
[1225] Okay then.
[1226] Mm.
Sheila (PS10D) [1227] Cos yes, something down there's gonna be pretty dear innit?
Colin (PS069) [1228] Yeah well they got
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1229] what they, what we got [...] I tell you.
Sheila (PS10D) [1230] Is there?
Colin (PS069) [1231] Yeah.
[1232] We'll take your flask.
Joanne (PS10G) [1233] What about tickets?
[1234] We gonna have to get tickets ... when we get there?
Neil (PS10F) [1235] No. [...]
Colin (PS069) [1236] How will , how will I know then?
Nigel (PS10E) [1237] [...] , yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1238] Dan .
Joanne (PS10G) [1239] Okay.
Colin (PS069) [1240] Great!
[1241] Alright then?
Joanne (PS10G) [1242] Great!
Sheila (PS10D) [1243] They will have to pay [...] innit?
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Sheila (PS10D) [1244] It's too late!
Neil (PS10F) [1245] Just as well you ain't coming!
Sheila (PS10D) [1246] Eh?
[1247] I dunno, might sneak in the boot yet mate!
Neil (PS10F) [1248] Well, the back's on the ground straight away!
Sheila (PS10D) [1249] Have to get your dad to get a ro , roof rack and put it on there.
Nigel (PS10E) [1250] [...] a big belly [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1251] Michelin ... Michelin woman! [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1252] Alright?
Neil (PS10F) [1253] [belch] ... Cheers mum!
Sheila (PS10D) [1254] Oh Joanne don't want any does she?
Colin (PS069) [1255] No.
Neil (PS10F) [1256] She don't blooming want a cup!
Sheila (PS10D) [1257] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1258] She don't blooming want a cup!
Sheila (PS10D) [1259] No, she said [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1260] You never told me that when we phoned up them [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1261] Pardon?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1262] What one?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1263] Well course you leave them alone didn't I?
[1264] That's what they bought it for!
Nigel (PS10E) [1265] [laughing] Obviously confused [] !
[1266] I didn't take [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1267] Alright, thank you.
Neil (PS10F) [1268] Well she
Sheila (PS10D) [1269] Well she said don't touch that it was now mine.
Colin (PS069) [1270] I said that!
Sheila (PS10D) [1271] [...] yes I did!
Colin (PS069) [1272] You weren't listening I don't expect.
[1273] Knowing you do
Neil (PS10F) [1274] Why?
[1275] Have you told her dad?
Colin (PS069) [1276] [...] Don't, now just don't start up!
Neil (PS10F) [1277] Did you touch them?
Colin (PS069) [1278] No.
Neil (PS10F) [1279] Oh what a shame!
Nigel (PS10E) [1280] It was tough.
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1281] Is that right?
Sheila (PS10D) [1282] [laugh] ... [...] now perfect they'll be
Colin (PS069) [1283] They will be.
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1284] Not ... this is the go , like my sister Alma
Sheila (PS10D) [1285] Mm.
Colin (PS069) [1286] when we used live at [...] we lived down Nissen huts ... right?
Neil (PS10F) [1287] Why on earth, cor [...] !
Nigel (PS10E) [1288] Jackanory!
Neil (PS10F) [1289] [...] stories, doesn't it?
Colin (PS069) [1290] No, no, no!
[1291] Anyway ... I wish you met erm ... you know your mum's ... [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1292] You know more than me!
[1293] Has she gone out then?
Colin (PS069) [1294] Yeah!
[1295] She told me, did I tell you?
Sheila (PS10D) [1296] Oh did she?
Colin (PS069) [1297] Yeah.
[1298] Cos I know about her.
Sheila (PS10D) [1299] Oh yeah.
Colin (PS069) [1300] Got a heap of [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1301] Oh has she?
Colin (PS069) [1302] I don't where she got them and I didn't ask [...] !
[1303] But anyway
Sheila (PS10D) [1304] Well she bo must of bought it.
Colin (PS069) [1305] you know that band ... [...] , yeah ... well, we used to have one come from the ... [...] ... down, he used to tap onto the ... [...] ... [...] ... erm ... [...] tried to get off and everybody stuck to it.
Nigel (PS10E) [1306] Stuck to it, yeah.
Colin (PS069) [1307] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1308] These people, aren't they brave?
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1309] Was it ... [...] down there?
Sheila (PS10D) [1310] No.
Colin (PS069) [1311] No, [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [...] ... [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1312] [...] .
[1313] Er, and went on the ... you know la la la like this
Neil (PS10F) [1314] Like, what like?
Nigel (PS10E) [1315] [...] that's alright.
Colin (PS069) [1316] Oh but
Sheila (PS10D) [1317] I [...]
Colin (PS069) [1318] No.
Sheila (PS10D) [1319] [...] yet?
[1320] ... Now you just gotta juggle which one it is.
Nigel (PS10E) [1321] Still on Nig.
Sheila (PS10D) [1322] That's a new one cos there's not much [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [1323] Is that the ones out the front is it?
Neil (PS10F) [1324] Yeah, they [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1325] bits or something.
Nigel (PS10E) [1326] That's right the best one's out there.
Sheila (PS10D) [1327] That [...] in there?
Neil (PS10F) [1328] I thought, yeah.
Nigel (PS10E) [1329] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1330] So we got another one of those right ... back?
Neil (PS10F) [1331] At the back, yeah.
Joanne (PS10G) [1332] [singing] Ah, ah ah ah [] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1333] Will try and get the screwdriver.
Neil (PS10F) [1334] Yeah, it's in my pocket.
Nigel (PS10E) [1335] Is it?
Colin (PS069) [1336] I thought you did work on something.
[1337] Ge February ninety two.
Nigel (PS10E) [1338] Oh.
Colin (PS069) [1339] I've gotta shove it down.
[1340] Well I think you want to [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1341] So now you want a bulb to go in there now.
Neil (PS10F) [1342] Well I suppose ... [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1343] What I'd do, as long as you actually ... ha for instance and [...] light ... er
Sheila (PS10D) [1344] A [...] light, yeah that's right.
[1345] In the kitchen area.
Neil (PS10F) [1346] What's that?
Nigel (PS10E) [1347] Good heavens!
Sheila (PS10D) [1348] Oh yes, cos erm
Neil (PS10F) [1349] It's a bit dark mum!
Sheila (PS10D) [1350] Yeah it is a sixty, you see it on the top don't you?
Neil (PS10F) [1351] It is.
Sheila (PS10D) [1352] I was gonna put it in that [...] there but it's too bright so ... Do you get any potatoes?
Colin (PS069) [1353] Ooh yes!
[1354] It were
Sheila (PS10D) [1355] How much?
Colin (PS069) [1356] four twenty five.
Sheila (PS10D) [1357] Right.
Colin (PS069) [1358] They were, they were [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1359] Don't want new ones!
Colin (PS069) [1360] No.
Neil (PS10F) [1361] Just old ones. [music]
Sheila (PS10D) [1362] [...] on the market don't she?
[1363] Try selling them cheaper. [...]
Neil (PS10F) [whistling] [whistling]
Sheila (PS10D) [1364] You ain't got a water [...] in there Nig?
Nigel (PS10E) [1365] Don't get a lot of water there.
[1366] ... Maybe I'll get little bits, I dunno.
Sheila (PS10D) [1367] Well I want to clear that room really [...] . ... [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1368] Mm?
Sheila (PS10D) [1369] [...] .
[1370] They're not much good are they?
Colin (PS069) [1371] Well as soon as I find out they'll have [...] !
Sheila (PS10D) [1372] It is unfortunate [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1373] Yeah, I'll to , try and get your tools.
Sheila (PS10D) [1374] Oh they're handy ain't they?
Nigel (PS10E) [1375] No.
Sheila (PS10D) [1376] Oh.
[1377] Suppose you can't interfere with the weather there [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1378] I'll get your porch light.
Sheila (PS10D) [1379] In the attic.
Nigel (PS10E) [1380] Yeah, but I know you wouldn't pay, pay for [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1381] Well we got no pocket there.
Nigel (PS10E) [1382] still not long enough.
Sheila (PS10D) [1383] This is not long enough.
Colin (PS069) [1384] How many times [...] ?

11 (Tape 036008)

Sheila (PS10D) [1385] So we're getting there.
Nigel (PS10E) [1386] Oh yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1387] Where's all my screwdrivers gone.
Colin (PS069) [1388] I don't know! [...] !
[1389] Over them [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [1390] Dunno mate.
[1391] It's on the little table.
Neil (PS10F) [1392] Where?
Nigel (PS10E) [1393] There.
Neil (PS10F) [1394] Where?
Nigel (PS10E) [1395] Putting that [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1396] Shall look alright [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1397] Yeah!
[1398] Spend more time out there than they will out here!
Colin (PS069) [1399] [laughing] Aha, they're joking ain't they [] !
Sheila (PS10D) [1400] Did you want any ... peas or anything with that?
Colin (PS069) [1401] No, no, no.
[1402] That's
Sheila (PS10D) [1403] You sure?
Colin (PS069) [1404] okay.
[1405] ... Are these, are these [...] and er ... [...] ?
Sheila (PS10D) [1406] Just like crisps.
Colin (PS069) [1407] Nice.
Sheila (PS10D) [1408] [...] ... Start what [...] ?
Neil (PS10F) [1409] What?
Sheila (PS10D) [...] [door bell]
Neil (PS10F) [1410] Oh!
Sheila (PS10D) [1411] It's Tilly.
[1412] ... This [...] .
Joanne (PS10G) [1413] Bye!
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1414] Don't worry I'll walk home. ... [drilling noise] [phone rings]
Colin (PS069) [1415] [speaking on phone] Oh yes, Gillian!
[1416] Yeah!
[1417] ... Thursday night, yes.
[1418] Yeah, we're not ... I'm not in tomorrow night.
[1419] ... Yes, yeah.
[1420] ... That's right, yeah.
[1421] ... I sa ... yes, no not ... I won't finish, I [...] in the meanti , I told Brian ... so he ... he most likely ringing li er Lynn.
[1422] ... Thank you.
[1423] Yeah.
[1424] Steve.
[1425] Yes, yeah.
[1426] Yep!
[1427] Thursday night.
[1428] Yep!
Sheila (PS10D) [1429] Here you go [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1430] That's alright.
[1431] No, that's alright.
[1432] At half past eight, I'll ... okey-dokey.
[1433] Okay love it's ... Yeah what he ... no,wha what the trouble is we got erm ... one o one our chap's retired ... and erm ... I'm gonna go there for the [...] , just ask him for it, just to say, you know ... have a, have a quick dri , now if you're popping over to [...] .
[1434] Alright poppet.
[1435] ... Okay, okay love.
[1436] Yeah, see yo , see you soon then.
[1437] Alright.
[1438] I I, I hope so too.
[1439] At least some of ours got their money back.
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1440] [laugh] ... Alright?
[1441] ... Bye bye sci ... Yeah see you Thursday [] .
[1442] That was Gillian.
Sheila (PS10D) [1443] So what you doing?
[1444] Playing Thursday instead of Wednesday?
Colin (PS069) [1445] No.
Sheila (PS10D) [1446] Oh!
Colin (PS069) [1447] This is the [...] for dad.
Sheila (PS10D) [1448] Oh I see.
[1449] ... Take, those two there's.
Colin (PS069) [1450] Anything else?
Sheila (PS10D) [1451] Erm [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1452] Oh!
[1453] Oh!
Sheila (PS10D) [1454] Stop!
[1455] Well you will feel your, your gums won't you?
[1456] ... Mind you don't burn them or else that'll be a real terror!
Neil (PS10F) [1457] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1458] I hope the light bulb shines the right way Nig?
[1459] Down hill.
Joanne (PS10G) [1460] See you later then.
Sheila (PS10D) [1461] Cheerio now.
Colin (PS069) [1462] Night night.
Joanne (PS10G) [1463] I won't need my keys will I?
Sheila (PS10D) [1464] No.

12 (Tape 036011)

Colin (PS069) [1465] Yes, no, no [...] .
[1466] Should see him when he acts right.
Nigel (PS10E) [1467] I lost my wallet [...] .
[1468] ... How you getting on [...] , alright? [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1469] No, [...] .
[1470] I am.
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1471] Going down the pub?
Nigel (PS10E) [1472] Yeah. [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [1473] Where's the cheese box?
Neil (PS10F) [1474] Where's the cheese box under there?
Colin (PS069) [1475] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1476] Oy!
[1477] ... Ah no!
[1478] ... I've got to set the video again.
Nigel (PS10E) [1479] What happened?
Colin (PS069) [1480] Sorry!
Neil (PS10F) [1481] Well what did you pull out?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1482] That's up [...] is that ... it looks that way [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1483] [...] .
[1484] ... But ... that's not like, that does fit somewhere.
Nigel (PS10E) [1485] What?
[1486] I know, but it's switched and it's still working?
Colin (PS069) [1487] No, that [...] off your hand there Nigel.
Neil (PS10F) [1488] Oh no!
[1489] Set each side.
Colin (PS069) [1490] Yes.
Nigel (PS10E) [1491] Yeah, that's where you keep [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1492] It's not!
Nigel (PS10E) [1493] Well what is then?
Neil (PS10F) [1494] I dunno do I?
[1495] I don't know.
Nigel (PS10E) [1496] That's the [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1497] It's alright there now.
[1498] [...] . Do you want, do you want er ... [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1499] The
Neil (PS10F) [1500] Eh?
Nigel (PS10E) [1501] Oh well!
Neil (PS10F) [laugh]

13 (Tape 036012)

Nigel (PS10E) [1502] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1503] Electric shower.
Nigel (PS10E) [1504] Have you got electric shower?
Colin (PS069) [1505] Er, yeah.
[1506] Why's that Nigel?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1507] Well you're gonna, gonna use it a lot anyway.
Nigel (PS10E) [1508] No, you're not, I am!
[1509] Take one if we do of raffles and
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1510] Go out and pose!
Nigel (PS10E) [1511] Well it's pretty good [...] innit?
Colin (PS069) [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [1512] That's good that!
Neil (PS10F) [1513] Yeah, it's good.
Colin (PS069) [1514] Eh?
[1515] Eh?
[1516] What was that again?
[1517] That was [...] .
[1518] Still it ain't bad. [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1519] No, oh God [...] !
Colin (PS069) [1520] [laughing] Have you [...] then Nigel [] ?
Nigel (PS10E) [1521] But, yeah ... eight.
Neil (PS10F) [1522] Oh what's on that er
Colin (PS069) [1523] Don't worry about that.
Neil (PS10F) [1524] Don't worry, I know what it is!
[1525] [...] . And I've gotta do the title again now.
Colin (PS069) [1526] I just don't know how you can finish that title now.
Neil (PS10F) [1527] No I ain't done nothing!
Colin (PS069) [1528] Oh which is [...] ?
Nigel (PS10E) [1529] It's ... twenty one thirty nine.
Neil (PS10F) [1530] That's alright then.
Colin (PS069) [1531] But that's not actually [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1532] Sorry, shall I ... switch it off? ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1533] No.
[1534] That lady was in the Kray Brothers.
Nigel (PS10E) [1535] Yeah.
[1536] Spandau Ballet as well.
Neil (PS10F) [1537] Was it?
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1538] Adrian , what a name!
Nigel (PS10E) [1539] Well I'll wash up the [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1540] No, leave it there.
[1541] Leave it there for a couple of days [...] .
Nigel (PS10E) [1542] Well you put them, I mean he [...] didn't he?
Colin (PS069) [1543] He did.
Nigel (PS10E) [1544] And he come out of here, out of nick.
Colin (PS069) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1545] Yeah, I picked all the ... yeah.
[1546] ... You're going to ... Shaun's club ... tomorrow
Nigel (PS10E) [1547] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1548] night.
Nigel (PS10E) [1549] You what?
Neil (PS10F) [1550] Near where Shaun had to go tomorrow night.
Nigel (PS10E) [1551] Why's that?
Neil (PS10F) [1552] He didn't supply those.
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1553] Well enough people have a bundle do they?
Colin (PS069) [1554] Eh?
Nigel (PS10E) [1555] No, shut up!
Neil (PS10F) [1556] Enough people there to have a bundle!
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1557] They thought they'd have the Mexican wave when someone go get, get up and go to the loo!
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Nigel (PS10E) [1558] A load of [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1559] [laughing] Yeah, which are you?
[1560] You should of got in a bunch of [...] [] !
[1561] Yeah well you shouldn't have ... hey?
Colin (PS069) [1562] No.
[1563] He said ... on the old shillings I want Neil's bed ... but it weren't that [...] cos he's ... bit of a fun to, you know [...] , you know [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1564] Oh yeah.
Colin (PS069) [1565] [laughing] And he's got all [...] , don't think nothing of getting to [] any trouble with it, you know.
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1566] He can say he got up now, waiting for the loos ... so he thought he it was a [laughing] Mexican wave [] !
Sheila (PS10D) [laugh] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1567] What?
Sheila (PS10D) [1568] Ha!
Colin (PS069) [1569] For murder.
Sheila (PS10D) [1570] There's a lot of interference on this innit? [...]
Colin (PS069) [1571] On where?
Sheila (PS10D) [1572] On the telly tonight, cos of the weather I suppose.
Nigel (PS10E) [1573] Switched to [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1574] No.
[1575] Blowing out [...] !
[1576] I'm gonna have a [...] .
[1577] Did you hear what [...] say, get on alright with the toast?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1578] The law can't win!
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1579] Eh?
[1580] I ain't [...] .
Sheila (PS10D) [1581] Perhaps it's the bulb is it love?
Colin (PS069) [1582] No.
Nigel (PS10E) [1583] It's er ... something [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1584] Got a light?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1585] Where's the [...] out of Nigel's ... [...] there.
[1586] Oh, is he?
[1587] ... What was it then, a fuse?
[1588] Oh!
[1589] ... [singing] Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee [] .
Colin (PS069) [1590] Alright Nigel?
Neil (PS10F) [1591] He thinks a bulb might have blown.
Sheila (PS10D) [1592] A bulb is it?
Neil (PS10F) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1593] Ooh right!
Neil (PS10F) [1594] What about those?
Nigel (PS10E) [1595] Yeah.
[1596] Go outside anyway.
Neil (PS10F) [1597] So what have we got here?
Nigel (PS10E) [1598] It's not that one.
[1599] It's [...] on here now.
Neil (PS10F) [1600] You tested it?
Nigel (PS10E) [1601] No, I didn't test it, now power.
Neil (PS10F) [1602] It was like this.
Nigel (PS10E) [1603] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1604] What you done with the lights?
Colin (PS069) [1605] And yet two went off?
[1606] Neil?
Neil (PS10F) [1607] Come on get in!
Nigel (PS10E) [1608] Outside.
Colin (PS069) [1609] Get that window over
Nigel (PS10E) [1610] That's right.
Colin (PS069) [1611] there's enough light.
Sheila (PS10D) [1612] Stand back and admire it that's what I want to do! [outside] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1613] Don't want those.
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1614] Is this a true story, yeah?
Nigel (PS10E) [1615] Yeah.
[1616] This is true story.
Sheila (PS10D) [...]
Nigel (PS10E) [1617] Well it's not a story.
Sheila (PS10D) [1618] Some of it was on about that man there, face ... got her to stay the night ... then he was gonna watch it on telly in the er ... lounge.
[1619] ... Maureen's late isn't she?
[1620] ... Makes you worry about their [...] don't it?
Nigel (PS10E) [1621] Yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1622] How did Nick get on at darts last night then?
Nigel (PS10E) [1623] He won.
Sheila (PS10D) [1624] Oh!
[1625] Who was they playing against then?
Colin (PS069) [1626] Viking
Sheila (PS10D) [1627] Who?
Colin (PS069) [1628] Viking
Nigel (PS10E) [1629] And er ... [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1630] Oh yeah!
[1631] We're up the club.
[1632] ... [...] club.
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Sheila (PS10D) [1633] What one?
Nigel (PS10E) [1634] Could be a bulb.
Neil (PS10F) [1635] Mm?
Nigel (PS10E) [1636] Could be the bulb.
Sheila (PS10D) [1637] Could be the bulb?
Nigel (PS10E) [1638] Mm.
Neil (PS10F) [1639] Blew it.
Nigel (PS10E) [1640] You might as well just do it.
Neil (PS10F) [1641] Aha, I think so.
Nigel (PS10E) [1642] That's true enough.
Sheila (PS10D) [1643] Can I try the torch out then?
Nigel (PS10E) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1644] Well I don't know.
Colin (PS069) [1645] Doesn't show a reaction.
Nigel (PS10E) [1646] That's right it's ... [...] .
Colin (PS069) [1647] Are those wires connected to [...] tho those erm
Nigel (PS10E) [1648] No.
[1649] ... Just like the Dagmar
Sheila (PS10D) [1650] How long ago was this happened?
Colin (PS069) [1651] About ... eighty nine.
Sheila (PS10D) [1652] Oh yeah.
[1653] ... They found that horse didn't they?
[1654] Gone missing.
Neil (PS10F) [1655] Oh yeah.
Nigel (PS10E) [1656] What horse?
Sheila (PS10D) [1657] Erm
Neil (PS10F) [1658] Shergar.
Sheila (PS10D) [1659] No ... it's the name of a horse it, it's ... about to give a foal or something and erm ... somebody took it and they found in the New Forest.
Nigel (PS10E) [1660] Oh yeah.
Sheila (PS10D) [1661] Quite a good place for you know.
Nigel (PS10E) [1662] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1663] It weren't oh, what's his name was it?
Sheila (PS10D) [1664] Not Shergar, no.
Neil (PS10F) [1665] No, that other one.
[1666] White one.
Sheila (PS10D) [1667] Yeah.
Neil (PS10F) [1668] Was it?
Sheila (PS10D) [1669] Well you know, cos you see it on there didn't you?
Neil (PS10F) [1670] No I haven't watched it!
Nigel (PS10E) [1671] Oh!
[1672] What, I don't think they look much like
Sheila (PS10D) [1673] You alright?
Neil (PS10F) [1674] But I'm gonna ... mess about.
[1675] [...] ... Did you watch [...] ?
Nigel (PS10E) [1676] No, it's a [...] ... so
Sheila (PS10D) [1677] Course you can't focus on on us it's taping the programme innit?
Colin (PS069) [1678] Yeah.
[1679] ... Well can't you just use that then Nigel?
Nigel (PS10E) [1680] I'm burning up!
[1681] Just a minute!
Colin (PS069) [1682] No, [...] .
Neil (PS10F) [1683] I'll sta , I'll stay in here right?
Sheila (PS10D) [1684] [...] in here.
Neil (PS10F) [1685] Well ... no it won't.
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1686] Yes please.
Sheila (PS10D) [1687] It's on his coat now.
Colin (PS069) [1688] What do you reckon to these ... erm, these [...] then Nigel?
Nigel (PS10E) [1689] Ha?
Colin (PS069) [1690] What do you reckon these [...] ?
Nigel (PS10E) [1691] Dunno.
[1692] Have a look ... at the back.
Colin (PS069) [1693] How can you, how can you trace it back to the owners?
Nigel (PS10E) [1694] Take it all out ... start again.
[1695] Take that little bit of wire out down there.
Colin (PS069) [1696] What little bit of wire?
Nigel (PS10E) [1697] These bits. [...]
Colin (PS069) [1698] No, no, cos I just said are you getting on with it Nigel, that's all look.
Nigel (PS10E) [1699] [...] ... it's [...] , take that ... right.
[1700] What do you reckon to those?
[1701] Which one's that then?
Neil (PS10F) [1702] Ah [...] .
[1703] ... Tell you what I'll do I'll tape it on the e ... end of that er ... Total Recall.
Nigel (PS10E) [1704] Eh?
Colin (PS069) [1705] Will you get on that ma , has it got a long play [...] ?
Neil (PS10F) [1706] Probably.
Sheila (PS10D) [1707] Do you want to give me your plate love.
Colin (PS069) [1708] I'll come and help you.
Neil (PS10F) [1709] I don't know, did I?
[1710] You seem to go
Colin (PS069) [1711] Alright!
[1712] Alright!
Neil (PS10F) [1713] He put it on it timer not me!
Colin (PS069) [1714] Alright!
[1715] I just wanted to know!
[1716] That's all!
Neil (PS10F) [1717] No, I don't know!

14 (Tape 036101)

Colin (PS069) [1718] That don't seem very bright does it?
[1719] That's better ...

15 (Tape 036102)

Colin (PS069) [1720] Hello, oh Tavari ... what time is it mate?
[1721] Nineteen, twenty past, kick off
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1722] Alright you don't have to make an issue out of it
Colin (PS069) [1723] You gonna use the tape up to there are you?
Neil (PS10F) [1724] Yeah you don't have to
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1725] no, that's er, that's first prize ... that's, that's how much you win, ah?
[1726] Twenty past
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1727] No, it even says in here, it says look, there well may be groups of supporters in different categories who'd like to arrange seats together, unfortunately not be able to do this unless you are prepared to wait until the end of the main selling period
Colin (PS069) [1728] Alright
Neil (PS10F) [1729] They won't be able to do that to be honest cos they're not gonna go are they?
Colin (PS069) [1730] I don't know
Neil (PS10F) [1731] Eighty thousand, eighty thousand
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1732] Oh about time to ...
Neil (PS10F) [1733] Boo, who's he? ...
Colin (PS069) [1734] Come on, come on
Neil (PS10F) [1735] You want a chew?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1736] Take one of these they'll make you feel better ... oh no don't this is
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1737] just say no
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1738] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1739] Or give us here a bloody mint
Neil (PS10F) [1740] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [1741] Just got him to give me a mint [laugh] gasping for it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1742] I was saying to this bloke at work West Ham must be the only positive transfer to give West Ham pay for about the last twenty five years
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1743] laughing up their sleeves, can't even bloody sell anything, but sell them at a profit.
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1744] Who will they sell?
Neil (PS10F) [1745] Gary, Gary
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1746] Oh
Neil (PS10F) [1747] and then get Mike
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1748] [singing] come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on I say []
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1749] well it was just a surprise really
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1750] Alright? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1751] but they're all money, money, money aren't they?
Neil (PS10F) [1752] Yeah I know but
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [humming] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1753] Do what? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1754] boo
Neil (PS10F) [1755] [shouting] Hooray, come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1756] come on [] [clapping] come on you reds ...
Colin (PS069) [1757] If they got, if they're not gonna win tonight, if they don't beat Bolton I'm gonna tear my season ticket up look ... ah
Neil (PS10F) [1758] You're not even a season holder are you?
Colin (PS069) [1759] Next year I will be [laugh] next year I will be, they should win tonight, I hope so ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1760] Yeah, yeah
Joanne (PS10G) [1761] They were also saying about how good he is when they were interviewing
Neil (PS10F) [1762] Yeah that's right, yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1763] [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds [] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1764] mind you as if
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1765] no I never saw him playing no
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1766] [shouting] come on you reds []
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1767] [shouting] go on [] oh crikey in the first minute, bloody hell, [shouting] come on then []
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1768] [singing] come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [1769] Go on ...
Neil (PS10F) [1770] Go on Jason
Joanne (PS10G) [1771] Jason ... go on
Colin (PS069) [1772] [shouting] yeah []
Neil (PS10F) [1773] No it's
Colin (PS069) [1774] What?
Neil (PS10F) [1775] it's offside ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1776] Joanne you warm enough?
Joanne (PS10G) [1777] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [1778] Alright
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1779] oh dear
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1780] well play, come on then ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1781] [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [1782] That's yours David ... come on now ... good throw ... that goes to waste [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1783] I just laugh [laugh]
Colin (PS069) [1784] don't miss it, what a miss
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1785] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [1786] It's alright [shouting] come on []
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1787] that's where those
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1788] yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1789] yeah you go
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1790] Cor Jesus Christ ... no fag ash is on again
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1791] Shut up ... can I have a sarnie?
Colin (PS069) [1792] Do you want one?
Neil (PS10F) [1793] In a minute
Colin (PS069) [1794] Yeah I'll have one later, not just yet though
Neil (PS10F) [1795] I didn't think you had any
Colin (PS069) [1796] Well I think Joanne's put some in
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1797] come on we're pretty quiet this side ... [shouting] go on []
Joanne (PS10G) [1798] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1799] Ooh [clapping] ... [singing] come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [1800] Come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1801] oh ... go on
Neil (PS10F) [1802] Whey hey ...
Colin (PS069) [1803] Actually Neil
Neil (PS10F) [1804] Ah?
Colin (PS069) [1805] I think when we come down we stand
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1806] can't you see?
Colin (PS069) [1807] Well no not quite
Neil (PS10F) [1808] Do you want to stand there?
Colin (PS069) [1809] No, no I'm alright I only wanna see goal, that's what I wanna see there when it goes in the goal there..
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1810] [shouting] go on [] ... hooray ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1811] come on
Joanne (PS10G) [1812] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1813] hit it
Colin (PS069) [1814] [shouting] go on get it up there, go on get it up there for Christ sake [] eh er Christ ... getting cold Darren?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1815] No gonna sit up here
Colin (PS069) [1816] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1817] Gonna sit up here
Colin (PS069) [1818] Bloody hell ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1819] Go on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1820] Keep it there, go on, keep it going, oh dear
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1821] Ah ... come on let's see some bloody goals ... too far, too far ... oh we've got a throw in now, eh?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1822] yeah throw in, yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1823] eh? ...
Colin (PS069) [clapping] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1824] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1825] What you
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1826] oh Jesus Christ ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping] ...
Colin (PS069) [1827] Go on Jim kick that bloody thing ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1828] they'd be out the way [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1829] Come on
Colin (PS069) [1830] Come on for crying out loud
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [singing]
Colin (PS069) [1831] I wish they'd hurry up and score Neil
Neil (PS10F) [1832] Eh?
Colin (PS069) [1833] I wish they'd hurry up and score, corner ... where you going with this one now, oh dear, ooh Christ ... well they ... ha ... come on
Joanne (PS10G) [1834] Come on ...
Colin (PS069) [1835] go on, oh don't,
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1836] why didn't he get the bloody thing up there then ... [laugh] that's
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1837] hand ball ... get it, go on ... come on
Neil (PS10F) [1838] Come on, come on
Colin (PS069) [1839] Cor strewth, fuck it, oh mind the tape ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [singing] ...
Colin (PS069) [1840] [shouting] Go on []
Joanne (PS10G) [1841] Go on
Colin (PS069) [1842] by Christ
Joanne (PS10G) [1843] go on
Colin (PS069) [1844] go on have a go, cor, good
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping] [...]
Colin (PS069) [1845] no seventeen minutes gone and no bloody goal yet ... eh
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1846] eh, ah Stuart, eh
Neil (PS10F) [1847] Just there, grab his leg
Colin (PS069) [1848] Ah toe the line mate
Neil (PS10F) [1849] get it out
Colin (PS069) [1850] get it out ... go on
Joanne (PS10G) [1851] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1852] Ooh ... didn't, Neil didn't you say he don't like football
Neil (PS10F) [1853] He liked it but he just didn't want to come
Colin (PS069) [1854] Oh
Neil (PS10F) [1855] Thought there'd be violence
Colin (PS069) [1856] Oh I see, violence in here, don't get enough to get
Neil (PS10F) [1857] Eh?
Colin (PS069) [1858] Is that what he said?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [1859] they say he knows how to take care of himself
Colin (PS069) [1860] No, he don't get, he don't the job
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1861] no, he, he seems to think different now
Colin (PS069) [1862] No, only
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1863] you start trying to look after
Colin (PS069) [1864] Oh yeah, sort the buggers out [laugh] ... well they're all quiet down there then, what they waiting for then now?
Neil (PS10F) [1865] Christmas ...
Colin (PS069) [1866] Go on ... Jesus bloody Christ how could he of missed that ... come on Tim ... bloody three year old wouldn't of missed that
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1867] [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [1868] Oh, straight into his bloody arms ... oh there's a bit of a curve on it, no he won't get that ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [singing]
Colin (PS069) [1869] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1870] what? [laugh] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1871] Come on
Colin (PS069) [1872] Come on, no, come on Neil ... go on, oh he's ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1873] [singing] Oh when the saints, when the saints go marching in [] [...] ... [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [1874] Come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping]
Neil (PS10F) [1875] Yeah I know, yeah
Colin (PS069) [1876] Oh dear, come on
Neil (PS10F) [1877] Go on
Colin (PS069) [1878] Ooh, Jesus wake up man ...
Neil (PS10F) [1879] Come on
Colin (PS069) [1880] What the hell are they doing, oh for bloody hell sake I don't know, what are they bloody doing there ... come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1881] ha ... [sigh] hello ... hey, hey, got a ticket?
[1882] Got a ticket mate?
[1883] [laugh] Get him out
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1884] [singing] Naughty boy, naughty boy, naughty boy []
Colin (PS069) [1885] [laugh] ... Well he came a long way to get chucked out didn't he?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1886] [laugh] ... Cor bloody happening, Neil put ours together mate
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1887] [...] [shouting] Yeah, yeah []
Neil (PS10F) [1888] Well done
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1889] [...] Ooh a, ooh a, ooh a, ooh a, ooh
Neil (PS10F) [1890] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1891] They're mine alright?
Colin (PS069) [1892] Eh?
[1893] They're yours?
Neil (PS10F) [1894] Yeah they're the only ones in there
Colin (PS069) [1895] Are they?
[1896] Oh perhaps I haven't got me other bag then ... Neil
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1897] I doubt it, he slipped ...
Neil (PS10F) [1898] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1899] ah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1900] so what's he gonna do then?
Joanne (PS10G) [1901] He was really annoyed, he'd been there twelve years
Colin (PS069) [1902] Ooh ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1903] there should be six of these, there's only four
Colin (PS069) [1904] Oh well

16 (Tape 036301)

Colin (PS069) [1905] What a bloody ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1906] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds []
Colin (PS069) [1907] I don't fucking believe it
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1908] [singing] come on your reds, come on you reds [] ... [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1909] must be happy now
Colin (PS069) [1910] Oh, go on ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1911] No ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1912] go on then
Colin (PS069) [1913] Go on
Joanne (PS10G) [1914] Well played
Colin (PS069) [1915] get out of it ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1916] Oh
Colin (PS069) [1917] Ha [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1918] Go on then, get in there
Joanne (PS10G) [1919] Come on
Colin (PS069) [1920] What happened there, what
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1921] Come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1922] four of them in there
Neil (PS10F) [1923] Come on
Colin (PS069) [1924] Come on Shaun, go on now ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1925] Come on Shaun
Colin (PS069) [1926] Oh, oh ... [clapping] well done ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1927] Oh
Colin (PS069) [1928] Oh god ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1929] They're right low in the league aren't they? ...
Neil (PS10F) [1930] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1931] oh
Colin (PS069) [1932] Oh Christ
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping] ... [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1933] oh come on Neil
Colin (PS069) [1934] Is it over? [laugh]
Joanne (PS10G) [1935] Oh
Colin (PS069) [1936] Oh come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1937] er by bloody Christ, they've got more backs than bloody forwards I think
Neil (PS10F) [1938] Oh ... go on
Colin (PS069) [1939] Oh
Joanne (PS10G) [1940] Where is it?
Neil (PS10F) [1941] Come on ...
Colin (PS069) [1942] [shouting] Oh come on, lazy lot of buggers you, come on [] ... ah, Jesus Christ, bloody wrap up
Neil (PS10F) [1943] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1944] yeah well, yeah, good business
Joanne (PS10G) [1945] They're getting
Colin (PS069) [1946] Go on Matty, go on Matt oh
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [1947] Oh come on for Christ sake ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1948] come on
Neil (PS10F) [1949] Oh dear, oh dear ...
Colin (PS069) [1950] Feet high, bit high, keep those feet down ...
Neil (PS10F) [1951] Come on
Joanne (PS10G) [1952] Go on ...
Neil (PS10F) [1953] bloody hell ...
Colin (PS069) [1954] [shouting] You're a rubbish manager, go back to Reading [] ah you reds
Joanne (PS10G) [1955] Come on Shaun
Colin (PS069) [1956] Come on Shaun ... well done Alan, come on Noddy pull your socks up, come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1957] No I didn't bring a picnic basket ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1958] You know
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1959] er they should be able to get
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...

17 (Tape 036302)

Joanne (PS10G) [1960] Where they gone?
Neil (PS10F) [1961] Oh
Joanne (PS10G) [yawn]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1962] Are you going?
Neil (PS10F) [1963] Yeah ... eh
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [1964] Oh god
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1965] what happened to his coffee, what's happened to his coffee, too much coffee in it
Joanne (PS10G) [1966] Do what?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [1967] Too much coffee in it
Joanne (PS10G) [1968] Again, no thanks, no ... if he don't like it he can make it himself
Colin (PS069) [1969] Who's that John ?
Neil (PS10F) [1970] No Jack
Colin (PS069) [1971] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [1972] Jack the
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1973] don't worry about it
Neil (PS10F) [1974] He's right at the very back
Colin (PS069) [1975] you
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1976] ah?
Colin (PS069) [1977] you can't see the
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1978] er
Colin (PS069) [1979] No, don't start
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1980] see where that tea bar sign is?
Colin (PS069) [1981] Yeah, he's not there
Neil (PS10F) [1982] He is
Colin (PS069) [1983] No he's not
Neil (PS10F) [1984] He is, I swear to god
Colin (PS069) [1985] You can't, you can't get up there, what you talking about?
Neil (PS10F) [1986] Yes you can Matt, really tall bloke with short blonde hair
Colin (PS069) [1987] Long, he's got black hair
Neil (PS10F) [1988] No I didn't say it was him, he's up there
Colin (PS069) [1989] You can't keep
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1990] he's a tall man with short blonde hair
Colin (PS069) [1991] Too bloody short
Neil (PS10F) [1992] he is, he's that's him
Colin (PS069) [1993] No he can't ...
Neil (PS10F) [1994] he's got the same
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [1995] eh?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Joanne (PS10G) [1996] Yeah last time we were at the back though
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Joanne (PS10G) [1997] she's not, she's looked down
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [1998] Oh I'll go and see Joanne in a minute
Colin (PS069) [1999] Yeah how can, how can, many jumpers has she got up there then?
Neil (PS10F) [2000] Oh well, yeah that's a point she's got, she's got one of my rolls
Colin (PS069) [2001] Has she?
[2002] Well go and see if you can get it, I'll keep your place for you mate
Neil (PS10F) [2003] Can't get through there
Colin (PS069) [2004] Yes you will, go on ... David where's, where's your programme mate?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2005] In me bag
Colin (PS069) [2006] Let's have a look mate
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2007] You've got one and all
Colin (PS069) [2008] Who has?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2009] Eh?
[2010] You
Colin (PS069) [2011] Who?
[2012] No I ain't
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2013] I've, I've bought two
Colin (PS069) [2014] You've bought two, well let's have a look at yours mate then ... excuse me ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2015] I've bought two, one for you and one for me
Colin (PS069) [2016] Alright then, what did you do that for then?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2017] Cos you paid for me to get in
Colin (PS069) [2018] Oh ... can you see alright down there David?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2019] What?
Colin (PS069) [2020] Can you see alright down there?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2021] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [2022] Good oh ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2023] [yawn] ... Boo ... come on you reds
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping]
Colin (PS069) [2024] Yeah, David ... you might
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2025] do you?
[2026] No
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2027] where's all your
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2028] Hey
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2029] [shouting] yeah come on, for Christ sake [] ... better luck Jason
Joanne (PS10G) [2030] We're one now
Neil (PS10F) [2031] What for?
Colin (PS069) [2032] Who's offside, who's offside for crying out loud?
[2033] Rubbish, oh no wonder ref
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2034] don't like you very much
Neil (PS10F) [2035] Fine
Colin (PS069) [2036] ah ... come on, oh
Joanne (PS10G) [2037] Oh
Colin (PS069) [2038] dear oh dear oh dear, it's unbelievable innit?
[2039] What you trying to do?
[2040] That's good ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [2041] come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2042] oh [laugh] well done Matty ... here we go ... no good, good decision, not bad ref
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Joanne (PS10G) [2043] That was a foul there
Colin (PS069) [2044] Ah come on ... oh no don't book him, these are home, it's got mayonnaise I think ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2045] [singing] When the saints go marching in oh when go marching in I wanna be in that number oh when the saints go marching in, oh when the saints
Colin (PS069) [2046] Oh when the saints
Neil (PS10F) [2047] go marching in
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2048] oh when the saints go marching in, I wanna be in that number oh when the saints [] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [2049] come on you reds ... [laugh] ... ha, come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2050] [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [2051] Come on ... [laugh]
Neil (PS10F) [2052] Did you see that?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2053] Come on for Christ sakes ... get in there ...
Neil (PS10F) [2054] Quick ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2055] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds []
Colin (PS069) [2056] Get in there, come on
Neil (PS10F) [2057] Go
Joanne (PS10G) [2058] Go on
Colin (PS069) [2059] Where the bloody are you
Neil (PS10F) [2060] Ah you pillock
Joanne (PS10G) [2061] Come on ...
Colin (PS069) [2062] Come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2063] This is a football match at Southampton, Southampton versus Bolton, mind the language ... twenty sixth of the second, ninety-two ... goal kick ... go on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2064] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds []
Joanne (PS10G) [2065] Go on, go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2066] Oh
Colin (PS069) [2067] No didn't
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2068] get on with it ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [2069] that's right
Colin (PS069) [2070] Oh ... oh yes
Joanne (PS10G) [2071] Go on, go on
Colin (PS069) [2072] Ha ... idiot
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2073] Off, off, off, off, off ... ah?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2074] come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2075] for half an hour this
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2076] I'd better see how much
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2077] go on then, oh come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [2078] come on ...
Colin (PS069) [2079] Come on
Joanne (PS10G) [2080] Pick it up
Colin (PS069) [laugh] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2081] Come on you reds ... no ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2082] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds []
Colin (PS069) [2083] Watch
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2084] Good boy
Joanne (PS10G) [2085] Come on
Neil (PS10F) [2086] Far side, far side
Colin (PS069) [2087] No ... here we go, here we go
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping] ...
Colin (PS069) [2088] Oh Jesus I thought that was it ... what's he doing, get it up here ... oh come on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2089] Boo ...
Neil (PS10F) [2090] Come on there ...
Colin (PS069) [2091] Come on Alan ...
Neil (PS10F) [2092] Come on
Joanne (PS10G) [2093] Oh my god ...
Colin (PS069) [2094] What are they dead or what?
[2095] I don't know ... hello what's happening there then? ...
Neil (PS10F) [2096] Come on you reds ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2097] Oh ... who are they, a ticket?
[2098] Yeah good
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2099] [...] ... [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds []
Colin (PS069) [2100] Come on son, come on [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2101] he'll break his bloody leg ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [2102] come on then ...
Neil (PS10F) [2103] Well done
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2104] Cor it's all play at that bloody end innit?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2105] come on play, oh Christ, come on
Joanne (PS10G) [2106] Come on
Colin (PS069) [2107] Oh, what are they bloody playing at for, and don't say bloody football either [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2108] come on ... come on you reds
Neil (PS10F) [2109] Come on
Colin (PS069) [2110] Rubbish, they're more like
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2111] no ... what's he a Bolton supporter? ...

18 (Tape 036303)

Colin (PS069) [2112] Go on, oh sugar ... I heard that [laugh] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2113] Come on you reds
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2114] Come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [clapping]
Colin (PS069) [2115] Good catch
Neil (PS10F) [2116] Yeah ...
Colin (PS069) [2117] Here they go ... ha
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2118] ran foot style [laugh] come on ... ee bloody good on the post, go on Mickey, go on ... they're not special [laugh] he's a bit or rough
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2119] Oh no
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2120] I don't know, rubbish ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2121] You warm enough Neil?
[2122] What about David?
Neil (PS10F) [2123] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [2124] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Neil (PS10F) [2125] go on
Colin (PS069) [2126] [shouting] For crying out loud []
Neil (PS10F) [2127] What were they thinking of? ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2128] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [2129] Ha
Neil (PS10F) [2130] Come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2131] go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2132] Yeah, oh [clapping]
Neil (PS10F) [2133] And again, and again come on
Colin (PS069) [2134] No ...
Neil (PS10F) [2135] Good save weren't it?
Colin (PS069) [2136] Bloody good, bloody good save that was
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2137] [singing] When the saints go marching in, I wanna be in that number, oh when the saints go marching in [] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2138] Control it, control it
Colin (PS069) [2139] Control it
Neil (PS10F) [2140] Go on Terry
Colin (PS069) [2141] Go on Terry
Neil (PS10F) [2142] Go on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2143] for Christ sakes
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2144] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds [] ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [2145] come on then
Neil (PS10F) [2146] Go on
Colin (PS069) [2147] Come on
Neil (PS10F) [2148] Go on Jason ...
Colin (PS069) [2149] Oh ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2150] [singing] Oh black bastards, oh black bastards, oh black bastards []
Colin (PS069) [2151] [laugh] Better not.
Neil (PS10F) [2152] Come on physio wasting more time ... oh dear, oh dear ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2153] Oh, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2154] [...] [singing] oh when the saints go marching in, oh when the saints, go marching in, oh when the saints go marching in, I wanna be in that number, oh when the saints go marching in []
Colin (PS069) [2155] Go on, ha, brilliant
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2156] oh you idiot
Neil (PS10F) [2157] He's off, he's off
Colin (PS069) [2158] Come on you rubbish team ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2159] [singing] Oh when the saints, oh when the saints go marching in ... oh when the saints go marching in, oh when the saints go marching in, I wanna be in that number
Colin (PS069) [2160] Go on
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2161] oh when the saints go marching in [] ... [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2162] Come on
Colin (PS069) [2163] I'll you what er ...
Neil (PS10F) [2164] keep, keep
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2165] what?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2166] [...] ... [singing] come on you reds, come on you reds [] ...
Colin (PS069) [2167] You got a programme? ...
Neil (PS10F) [2168] Nine minutes left
Colin (PS069) [2169] Eh?
Neil (PS10F) [2170] Nine minutes left
Colin (PS069) [2171] Yeah ... they're gonna get a goal in a minute ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2172] [singing] Oh when the saints, oh when the saints go marching in, I wanna be in that number oh when the saints go marching in [] [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2173] For Christ sake ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2174] Come on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2175] Here they come
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Neil (PS10F) [2176] get there, get there ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2177] Oh ... [...]
Colin (PS069) [2178] eh?
Neil (PS10F) [2179] Oh yeah I know
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Neil (PS10F) [2180] Well
Colin (PS069) [2181] Come on son ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2182] Oh yes
Colin (PS069) [2183] Oh, oh ...
Neil (PS10F) [2184] Follow it, follow it
Colin (PS069) [2185] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2186] [singing] Come on you reds, come on you reds, come on you reds []
Colin (PS069) [2187] Come on Alan
Neil (PS10F) [2188] Bloody
Colin (PS069) [2189] you idiot, you lazy idiot ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2190] Well what a waste of bloody corner, weren't it?
Neil (PS10F) [2191] Can't even kick a ball over, I can't believe it
Colin (PS069) [2192] A bunch of bloody wankers ...
Neil (PS10F) [2193] Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
Colin (PS069) [2194] Cor, oh ... they are mate for Saturday ...
Neil (PS10F) [2195] Go on now, that's it
Colin (PS069) [2196] Go on get in, stuck in, for crying out sodding loud ... yeah
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2197] Go on
Neil (PS10F) [2198] Go on make it, make it
Colin (PS069) [2199] Go on ... what's that eighty, or eighty three?
Neil (PS10F) [2200] Eighty
Colin (PS069) [2201] Eighty, yeah ... come on now, go on
Neil (PS10F) [2202] Well done Alan ... come on get it away, oh god
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...]
Colin (PS069) [2203] then a wide
Neil (PS10F) [2204] Get out, get out, bastard ...
Colin (PS069) [2205] What are they playing at for crying sodding loud ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2206] Come on ... serves them right
Neil (PS10F) [2207] Fuck it ...
Colin (PS069) [2208] serves them right ... my makes you wanna fucking cry don't it, ah?
Neil (PS10F) [2209] Ooh
Colin (PS069) [2210] Yeah, come on ...
Neil (PS10F) [2211] might as well
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2212] Ah ... come on, just bloody get on with it, they had to fucking score didn't they?
[2213] They had to score
Neil (PS10F) [2214] Oh I know, you could see it coming though couldn't you?
Colin (PS069) [2215] It was in the pipeline weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2216] Serves them right, they don't deserve to win, a load of rubbish ...
Colin (PS069) [2217] You bloody get in
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [...] ...
Colin (PS069) [2218] Go on ...
Unknown speaker (KBRPSUNK) [2219] Yeah
Colin (PS069) [2220] Woo, hoo, hoo, yeah, yeah