2 conversations recorded by `Denise' (PS18E) between 6 and 7 April 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 1829 s-units, 11022 words, and 1 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 604

PS18E Ag2 f (Denise, age 25, student nurse, Central Northern England, )
PS18H X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS18J X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS18K X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS18L X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS18M X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS18N X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KBUPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBUPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

2 recordings

  1. Tape 071401 recorded on 1992-04-06. LocationTyne & Wear: Newcastle ( college ) Activity: talking to friends in between and during lessons
  2. Tape 071501 recorded on 1992-04-07. LocationTyne & Wear: Newcastle ( college ) Activity: talking to friends in between and during lessons

1 (Tape 071401)

Denise (PS18E) [1] Feel like I've done a shift already.
None (PS18K) [2] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [3] We haven't been away.
None (PS18K) [4] It's the time of year where you're starting to think I wonder if we'll be nearly finished.
Denise (PS18E) [5] [yawn] ... I'm yawning already!
None (PS18K) [6] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [7] I dunno what I'll be like at seven o'clock tonight.
None (PS18K) [8] Mm.
None (PS18L) [9] I don't do anything in the morning you know.
None (PS18K) [10] Tell me when there's a [...] ... at lunchtime.
Denise (PS18E) [11] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [12] I only did about an hour's work, that's all I did.
Denise (PS18E) [13] [...] ... Some of them I did.
None (PS18L) [14] What shall I do now?
None (PS18K) [15] I know.
None (PS18L) [16] Should I get ready?
[17] Should I ... take the, take the dog
Denise (PS18E) [18] I know.
None (PS18L) [19] out or
None (PS18K) [20] It all depends really
None (PS18L) [21] Am I to take the dog, the dog was left at mam's because I'm gonna be out over
None (PS18K) [22] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [23] six o'clock and that when I would normally walk in.
None (PS18K) [24] I could nay of told the [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [25] Yes.
Denise (PS18E) [26] Well I'm gonna have to erm ... phone Tony and he ... in, he might be going home.
[27] And then come and pi pick me up.
None (PS18K) [28] Yes.
Denise (PS18E) [29] Probably better if I just stay at work and come and pick me up.
None (PS18L) [30] Tt!
[31] [sighing] Oh [] !
[32] It's stupid!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [33] Come and have a cup of coffee and Tony can pick you up and all.
None (PS18L) [34] Geoff dropped the radio in the bath and put a hole in it?
None (PS18K) [35] Who?
[36] Put a bath, a hole in the ... radiator?
None (PS18L) [37] No.
None (PS18K) [38] In the bathroom?
None (PS18L) [39] In the bath.
None (PS18K) [40] In that bath?
None (PS18L) [41] We need a new bathroom suite.
None (PS18K) [42] So now you can't have a bath?
None (PS18L) [43] I've a gotta bung stuff [...] .
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [44] Come across my number?
None (PS18L) [45] Well I can have one every sort of, but I just get into the bath just after the water is slipping out.
[46] And he's pulling the sink
Denise (PS18E) [47] Oh no!
None (PS18L) [48] off the wall to do summat and just re-cement or something so I've gotta wash my toothbrush, and tooth and wash my face in the ... kitchen sink.
None (PS18K) [49] How are you getting home? [...] in there alright?
Denise (PS18E) [50] I'm gonna have to get Tony to come and pick us up.
None (PS18K) [51] Like th are you gonna stay on another day or what are you doing?
[52] Are you coming in with me and [...] in the library or whatever?
Denise (PS18E) [53] Oh no!
[54] Being dropped at half past eight in the morning
None (PS18K) [55] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [56] till two o'clock?
None (PS18L) [57] Well I've got the flat there
Denise (PS18E) [58] Oh yeah.
None (PS18L) [59] and that wait.
None (PS18K) [60] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [61] Oh I can't, I can't work in the morning though.
None (PS18K) [62] I worked in my room.
[63] I wanted to go, go to the library but I thought I'd start in my room so
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [64] You know if I came in to see Kim, your room, we'd never get anything done. [laugh]
None (PS18K) [65] Yeah that's it.
[66] And then once Helen and that had woken up that was [...] about half eleven she woke up and then it like, oh, [...] our provisions and then we started talking and everything else together like
None (PS18L) [67] Do you work from half eight till half eleven?
None (PS18K) [68] Well, she [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [69] I didn't, I work, I started at half nine and I finished at half ten and I went to [...] you know.
Denise (PS18E) [70] I started about five to eleven, and I finished at twelve.
[71] Then I had to get ready to go to the bank.
[72] To get the [...]
None (PS18L) [73] So is Tony gonna be staying awake until the time that you finish there?
Denise (PS18E) [74] Well I was saying to Alison, the only thing I can do is when I phone him
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [75] he's gonna come.
None (PS18L) [76] Go this morning and then come straight here.
Denise (PS18E) [77] Oh!
[78] More than likely.
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18L) [79] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [80] I know.
[81] Maybe she'll stay at work and come and pick me up.
None (PS18L) [82] So either way one of you's gonna be hanging around.
[83] I mean, either you've gotta hang around in the morning, or he's gotta hang around at night.
Denise (PS18E) [84] Don't know.
None (PS18K) [85] Is, is he leaving before then or what?
[86] Or you gonna take the car or ... get the bus?
None (PS18L) [87] No I'll take the car.
[88] I could never get the bus here. [...]
Denise (PS18E) [89] Your telling me!
None (PS18L) [90] Well I know, I mean [laughing] you []
Denise (PS18E) [91] [laugh] ... This is typical!
None (PS18K) [92] I know.
None (PS18L) [93] I know, isn't it?
None (PS18K) [94] Such a waste of time isn't it?
[95] I mean what have we done, we ended up coming all this way [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [96] I've got a headache already!
None (PS18L) [97] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [...] [...]
Denise (PS18E) [98] Oh yes!
[99] It was brilliant!
[100] It was buzzing!
None (PS18L) [101] Yes, but it was the day
None (PS18K) [102] Oh yeah.
None (PS18L) [103] that I had my perm, and you know how it's dead
None (PS18K) [104] [laughing] It was sticking up here [...] [] .
None (PS18L) [105] and I thought it was just tickling ... tickly you know ... and erm ... it wasn't until I,su I went and sat back in my seat I was watching
Denise (PS18E) [106] And been
None (PS18L) [107] him doing it.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [108] You know, I was watching them do other people's ... and my Aunty Gwendoline was with me and she said it's ... said that it's [...] .
None (PS18K) [109] Oh!
None (PS18L) [110] Erm
None (PS18K) [111] So what did they
None (PS18L) [112] if those
None (PS18K) [113] heal you [...] ?
None (PS18L) [114] Well they just said that all your stresses would go away which was
Denise (PS18E) [115] Did they?
None (PS18L) [116] the, no.
Denise (PS18E) [117] Oh!.
None (PS18L) [118] I mean, I was like, you know, I was still worried.
[119] I was still worried.
[120] Still stressed.
[121] But erm ... I felt as though, I felt exactly the same, I felt ... I'd just been asleep ... I just had my eyes shut and I felt opening one eye to have a look out and see what people were doing.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [122] That's like that is it?
None (PS18L) [123] So then
Denise (PS18E) [124] People were looking at you.
None (PS18L) [125] and then I was away ... and he wasn't there any more ... and I thought, what do I do now?
None (PS18K) [126] So
None (PS18L) [127] I opened my eyes ... and he come rushing over and he said, are you alright?
[128] Would you like a glass of water?
[129] And I said, no I'm fi you sure?
[130] I'll you get you ... no.
[131] Fine.
[132] Fine.
[133] And then he said well take a seat when you're ready.
[134] Started giving me a [...] .
[135] So I thought, right you are [...] .
[136] [laugh] I thought, oops!
[137] Erm ... [...]
Denise (PS18E) [138] Really?
None (PS18L) [139] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [140] Were you
None (PS18L) [141] Well
Denise (PS18E) [142] immobilized?
None (PS18L) [143] well ... [laughing] I won't get it now [] .
[144] Erm, not really.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [...] [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [145] Doesn't she? [laugh]
None (PS18L) [146] Come on then.
Denise (PS18E) [147] Crikey!
None (PS18L) [148] And then
Denise (PS18E) [149] Oh that's ... good that like.
None (PS18L) [150] and whe when I went to get up ... I was fine.
[151] I thought I would, I thought I would fall but I [...] ... I just walked back to my chair and I was fine.
[152] And my aunty Gwendoline said is ... were you asleep?
[153] I said, no!
[154] I mean I really just ... sitting
Denise (PS18E) [155] Oh.
None (PS18L) [156] like this ... I wasn't the least bit ... even ... [...] ... not tired or anything.
[157] She says [...] ... she says it looked like you were out of it!
[158] She said, he looked dead worried when he walked away from you, he kept looking at you.
Denise (PS18E) [159] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [160] You know.
Denise (PS18E) [161] Yeah, you were
None (PS18L) [162] Looked like you were gonna fall off your chair.
None (PS18K) [163] Yeah. [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [164] Ooh!
[165] Ooh!
[166] Ooh!
[167] He's
None (PS18L) [168] Er
Denise (PS18E) [169] behind you! [laugh]
None (PS18L) [170] So I said, you know I didn't want to know.
[171] But I wanted to know, people [...] dead weird and anyway it turned out, do you believe in [...] ?
Denise (PS18E) [172] I think so, yeah.
None (PS18L) [173] Cos I'm sick of telling people that don't believe in it and I feel a complete
Denise (PS18E) [174] Right.
None (PS18L) [175] turd!
Denise (PS18E) [176] So
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [177] Okay.
[178] So what happened?
None (PS18L) [179] But erm ... it turns out that's what they were.
[180] I really [...] a word, and they had a little chat to us.
Denise (PS18E) [181] Mm.
None (PS18L) [182] Well
Denise (PS18E) [183] About what?
None (PS18L) [184] People
Denise (PS18E) [185] About the people ... who are dead?
[186] Oh!
[187] Oh!
None (PS18K) [188] About
Denise (PS18E) [189] They weren't trying to get you to
None (PS18K) [190] and, about the [...] you know,th yeah
None (PS18L) [191] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [192] Well I
None (PS18L) [193] [...] because I'm the one who was da doing that because tha I mean I was [...] .
[194] But, he was horri the guy that was doing me didn't know [...] he had a pair of a like [...] off er ... yeah.
[195] He was built a bit like Jack.
[196] And he had a white T-shirt, pair of jeans, a beer belly and tattoos up his arms.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [197] And he was the one
None (PS18K) [198] [laughing] Who's the kind of person with [...] [] !
None (PS18L) [199] Exactly!
[200] We went into this room and there was this music playing like on the erm ... like John
Denise (PS18E) [201] Indian music.
None (PS18L) [202] would play on the
Denise (PS18E) [203] Oh no.
None (PS18L) [204] on erm
None (PS18K) [205] Like in fantasy
None (PS18L) [206] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [207] John's sort of thing.
None (PS18L) [208] You know water [...] ... a blue light bulb in the middle of the room
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [209] and I'm thinking, Oh!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [210] Come on!
None (PS18K) [211] What are letting yourself in for?
None (PS18L) [212] You know.
[213] But it was just ... I mean, the things that they said ... honestly ... weird.
Denise (PS18E) [214] They're good aren't they?
None (PS18L) [215] Did I tell you once that a nurse on ... erm ... radiotherapy ... did my psychometry?
None (PS18K) [216] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [217] Did I tell you?
None (PS18K) [218] Yeah.
[219] I remember you said.
None (PS18L) [220] Well this, did I, didn't I tell you?
None (PS18K) [221] Yeah.
[222] Oh sh I've definitely heard this one.
Denise (PS18E) [223] What was that?
None (PS18L) [224] She was holding my fob watch and she said a few things about this, and about us and about dead people and
None (PS18K) [225] She was closer to you and things like
None (PS18L) [226] Yeah.
None (PS18K) [227] that.
[228] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [229] Well this guy, he went ... [...]
None (PS18K) [230] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [231] Oh!
None (PS18L) [232] the same person was there with exactly the same message.
[233] Cos she said ... what happened was he said
Denise (PS18E) [234] Was she [...] fed up?
None (PS18L) [235] Dunno.
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [236] [laughing] He'd already got the message
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [237] and met someone
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [238] else [] !
None (PS18L) [239] It's a him.
[240] It's a him.
Denise (PS18E) [241] [laughing] They'll not let, let somebody else have a turn [] ?
None (PS18L) [242] Well it was, what happened right, I'll tell you the whole story from the very beginning.
[243] But basically, the man that, you know, my father said to me ... well he said to [...] ... where's the horses?
[244] He says I'm getting horses all the time.
[245] And of course my Aunty Annie, Gwenny went
None (PS18K) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [246] and he says is it you?
[247] I said, well
None (PS18K) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [248] could be.
Denise (PS18E) [249] Well, you know
None (PS18L) [250] He said just everything that was happening, I kept getting horses.
[251] And anyway, he said to me he says is there a man ... in the spirit world close to you?
None (PS18K) [252] No!
None (PS18L) [253] So I just thought of my granddad.
[254] And I said, yeah, but ... I was very sort of non-committal
None (PS18K) [255] Non-committal.
[256] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [257] and very, well ... I suppose
None (PS18K) [258] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [259] kind of
Denise (PS18E) [260] Could be.
None (PS18L) [261] attitude.
Denise (PS18E) [262] Could be.
None (PS18L) [263] Erm, cos I just thought he was guessing, you know, and he said ... he says, I didn't see him, he said I only saw him and pointed to this girl over the other side of the room he was standing beside you when you were in the chair.
Denise (PS18E) [264] Oh no! [laugh]
None (PS18L) [raspberry]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18L) [265] He says I'll get her to come over and have a chat with you.
[266] And she came over after
Denise (PS18E) [267] Did she describe him?
None (PS18L) [268] Aha.
Denise (PS18E) [269] So who was it?
None (PS18L) [270] My dad's granddad.
[271] His name
Denise (PS18E) [272] Oh no!
None (PS18L) [273] and everything.
[274] His physique, his erm ... his physical appearance, his character ... and why he was there and it's exactly what that Merv said off radiotherapy.
Denise (PS18E) [275] Mm mm.
None (PS18L) [...]
None (PS18K) [276] Why was he there?
None (PS18L) [277] There's something I've got to do.
[278] I need a bit of a push to do it.
[279] But there's something that you want to achieve, there's something you've got to do
Denise (PS18E) [280] Got to make a jumper.
None (PS18L) [281] get on and do it.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [282] Qualify this.
None (PS18L) [283] That is exactly what it's not. [laugh]
None (PS18K) [284] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [285] It's your riding.
None (PS18L) [286] Well that's what everybody says.
[287] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [288] Or it's having a baby.
None (PS18L) [289] Well I don't think it is.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [290] It's probably getting married.
Denise (PS18E) [291] [laughing] It's getting married, yes [] .
None (PS18L) [292] I don't think it is.
None (PS18K) [293] Well what's your main
None (PS18L) [294] I thi
None (PS18K) [295] main ambition in life?
None (PS18L) [296] I think it's to do my riding exams ... but, I ca as I said, cos Brenda whose horse I ride up at Bridley ... I was telling her and I said, why would the spirit world get in such a state
None (PS18K) [297] About riding exam.
None (PS18L) [298] about me doing riding exams?
[299] He said ... he said which wo what would happen if you got your riding exam
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18L) [300] when you qualify nursing?
[301] I said well I'll probably choose
Denise (PS18E) [302] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [303] riding.
[304] I wouldn't know.
[305] He said well really ... for some reason you ought not to be a nurse.
[306] I mean, you know how th if you believe in fate and is, is there any control over it or
None (PS18K) [307] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [308] is it all planned out for you and
None (PS18K) [309] Mm.
None (PS18L) [310] and this kind of thing, is, is someone trying to steer your ... care or your, the rest
Denise (PS18E) [311] Away from
None (PS18L) [312] of your life?
Denise (PS18E) [313] away from something.
None (PS18L) [314] Which it would be.
[315] Away from something.
[316] So I don't know, I mean, I'm very open-minded, I mean
None (PS18K) [317] Oh yeah.
None (PS18L) [318] but erm ... he described a, my mum ... told her everything ... about ... a fall ... the bump on her head, he knew
None (PS18K) [319] Oh.
None (PS18L) [320] just loads of things.
Denise (PS18E) [321] Very strange.
None (PS18M) [322] I found that research book.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Denise (PS18E) [323] Doesn't Jane look yellow?
None (PS18L) [324] What?
Denise (PS18E) [325] D'ya think Jane looks a bit yellow?
None (PS18L) [326] I've probably got reflection off her [...] .
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18L) [327] I know.
[328] See if any of us look,ta talking about yellow.
Denise (PS18E) [329] Mm.
[330] Mm.
None (PS18K) [331] So?
None (PS18L) [332] So it was very good.
Denise (PS18E) [333] I dunno if I would go to one now.
None (PS18L) [334] Well I, I want to go ... now, to er, erm ... and just try one of the other ones.
[335] Tonight I'm gonna go the open circle.
None (PS18K) [336] I wish I could go.
Denise (PS18E) [337] I, I would go, but I'd be frightened
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [338] to stay there.
None (PS18L) [339] Well I am whe
None (PS18K) [340] So am I.
None (PS18L) [341] see what happened is, I ... came over and he says, you know I've told ... this lady that you saw the man standing beside her and she went ... she sort of, she described him, apparently he was very tall ... which
None (PS18K) [342] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [343] we knew wasn't my granddad cos my granddad was knee high to a grasshopper, erm ... straight as a dye in character and ... physical appearance, er like he had a rod up his back which was one of these expressions,
Denise (PS18E) [344] Oh!
[345] I see.
None (PS18L) [346] which apparently he was.
[347] Obviously I've never met him.
[348] I don't think my dad even met him.
Denise (PS18E) [349] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [350] And then she said erm ... she said, and I suppose ... she turned to the other guy, she said, we're not supposed to do clairvoyants, like, laughing, you know.
[351] And he says, ah, go on it's the end.
[352] Cos the all the [...] was over.
[353] And then he actually went into a
None (PS18K) [354] A trance?
None (PS18L) [355] well not a trance, it was just so normal.
[356] She tho she was doing this right as she spoke
None (PS18K) [357] Like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost?
None (PS18L) [358] No!
None (PS18K) [359] Oh.
None (PS18L) [360] Dead normal!
[361] She, she was going like, you're me and I'm her
None (PS18K) [362] Ha.
None (PS18L) [363] and she was standing, I was sitting like, she was standing, she sort of went ... can you take a Lesley?
[364] I went ... yeah.
[365] She says, not in the spirit world.
Denise (PS18E) [366] Can you take a what?
None (PS18L) [367] Lesley.
[368] And I said well, yeah and I've got a cousin Lesley [...] .
[369] And then nothing more was said about that.
[370] And then she was going ... there's something you need to do.
[371] She was literally having a two-way conversation, although, not in an odd way, not going ... ooh!
[372] Ooh!
[373] Ooh!
[374] You know?
[375] She was just like talking to herself, she's going
Denise (PS18E) [376] Yeah.
None (PS18K) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [377] and then she would turn her attention back to me.
None (PS18K) [378] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [379] Oh!
[380] How strange!
None (PS18L) [381] And described him and
Denise (PS18E) [382] She thinks ... she
None (PS18L) [383] his name.
Denise (PS18E) [384] might be going on Wednesday.
[385] And Lyndsey might be able to tell you something.
None (PS18L) [386] Well
None (PS18K) [387] I know.
[388] Well that's what I'm thinking.
None (PS18L) [389] I'll go, my sister's going with us ... and I'll, the following Wednesday I'll tell you what it's like.
None (PS18K) [390] Right.
[391] Right.
[392] Okay.
None (PS18L) [393] Come with us.
None (PS18K) [394] Then we'll go and see the district nurse on Wednesday, is there anything you want me to say?
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [395] But it's not real
None (PS18K) [396] But I don't, what if I don't know things?
[397] Then I might spend the rest
None (PS18L) [398] I know.
None (PS18K) [399] of my thinking
None (PS18L) [400] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [401] It's just that you won't
None (PS18K) [402] that hasn't happened yet.
None (PS18L) [403] Well, if you're that sort of person, I would worry about them you see.
[404] Now
None (PS18K) [405] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [406] someone said to me, I know not, not like an accident or death or anything, but someone said erm ... you don't have any sisters or something?
[407] I would imagine, in my mind, that something's gonna happen to my sisters for her not to be able to see it.
None (PS18K) [408] I was just thi I remember when I was young
Denise (PS18E) [409] I thought
None (PS18K) [410] my mum went to a fortune teller and, and I had [...] there like tears running [mimicking crying] Oh!
[411] Oh [] .
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [412] And she told us we were gonna move to a house with a green door [...] .
None (PS18L) [413] And did you?
None (PS18K) [414] My mum bottled out when we got there.
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [415] Well
None (PS18L) [416] Bet your [...] there must be a [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [417] the thing, the thing that erm worries me is in case I go over is, that you say
None (PS18L) [418] You're not gonna have any children.
Denise (PS18E) [419] you're gonna have ... two marriages.
None (PS18L) [420] Oh yeah.
None (PS18K) [421] Yeah.
[422] That's right, you know.
Denise (PS18E) [423] Because someone told Tony's mum that Tony would be married twice and the second marriage would be very happy. [laugh]
None (PS18K) [424] But then you'd taken that to be that first woman, that Gill person, Gill
None (PS18L) [425] Yeah
Denise (PS18E) [426] Yeah.
None (PS18K) [427] somebody.
None (PS18L) [428] Yeah.
[429] But that's it.
[430] You will really
Denise (PS18E) [431] But if they say to me, I'll be marri I'm just gonna be thinking oh my God!
None (PS18L) [432] But you will relate it, cos ... no matter what they say you will relate it.
Denise (PS18E) [433] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
None (PS18N) [434] [...] will be along after this.
[435] Keep the noise down thank you.
[436] [...] not here.
[437] Right.
[438] Moving swiftly along ... er, the little thing on the timetable you know ... for the ... the last session where it says quiz ... it's not really a quiz.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [439] It was at the end of the ... the module.
[440] But what we ... are gonna do is, is give out ... your study guides and the areas that we'll be revising.
[441] We'll do it now.
[442] While you're ... [...]
Denise (PS18E) [443] I don't think I'm even gonna bother revising for this.
None (PS18K) [444] I'm not.
[445] Will it be a multiple choice or a ... written or a
None (PS18M) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [446] Oh yeah.
None (PS18K) [447] And do I have to [...] ?
None (PS18M) [448] I think, I think so.
None (PS18K) [449] A mixture I suppose.
None (PS18L) [450] Well I can't be
Denise (PS18E) [451] A mixture.
None (PS18L) [452] bothered.
None (PS18K) [453] Is it serious?
[454] Is it like a
Denise (PS18E) [455] [laughing] Serious [] ?
None (PS18N) [456] Well it's for yo for your benefit.
[457] It's no one 's but ... [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [458] [...] must have all this studying won't they?
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [459] Don't worry about it.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18N) [460] What do you use to chew in
Denise (PS18E) [461] Ooh!
[462] This looks a little bit less
None (PS18N) [463] [...] ?
Denise (PS18E) [464] doesn't it?
None (PS18N) [465] [...] What colour is an orange [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [466] What do what is this last thing you have er according to you? [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [467] Oh!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [468] Oh!
[469] Oh!
[470] Oh!
None (PS18N) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [471] What?
Denise (PS18E) [472] Not like who was that man's enemies and things like that.
[473] Like the last one.
None (PS18K) [474] Name the se [...] dwarfs or what they're called?
Denise (PS18E) [475] Yeah.
[476] Name the seven dwarfs.
None (PS18K) [477] And certain parts are [...]
Denise (PS18E) [478] The false formastation and things.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [479] No!
[480] That was ... stupid that!
[481] And I got it wrong.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [482] You got it wrong?
Denise (PS18E) [483] What was that?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [484] Blooming stupid question!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [485] It was the way it was phrased.
Denise (PS18E) [486] Oh, so expulsion of
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [487] of sperm.
Denise (PS18E) [488] And it was, it was something.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [489] And it was ejaculation
Denise (PS18E) [490] But I thought it was masturbation.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [491] Well I thought it was the forced
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [492] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [493] Well, it's funny, I was telling Stephen, my boyfriend, about that, and I was telling him the question and he said
Denise (PS18E) [494] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [495] that.
Denise (PS18E) [496] Oh.
None (PS18L) [497] Well Geoff laughed at me when I told him.
[498] He said, er bloody typical! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [499] Yeah but don't ... he said [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18K) [500] We want a break now.
None (PS18L) [501] The stupid old bag hasn't looked at it!
Denise (PS18E) [502] I've got a headache.
None (PS18K) [503] That's June .
Denise (PS18E) [504] Determined to sort [...]
None (PS18K) [505] but she's gone now. [...]
None (PS18L) [506] No, it's not.
[507] That's June .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18L) [508] She is, cos I lent her th you know.
Denise (PS18E) [509] I know.
[510] That's what I was thinking.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [511] Well they're not the same ... are they?
None (PS18L) [512] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Denise (PS18E) [513] I had to take Tony to the casualty on Saturday?
None (PS18L) [514] Why?
Denise (PS18E) [515] Got a crack on the side of his head at rugby.
[516] And he, he, er ... and his hearing went.
None (PS18L) [517] Ah!
[518] Ah!
Denise (PS18E) [519] And he was feeling a bit ... back taken.
None (PS18L) [520] Mm.
[521] Is he alright?
Denise (PS18E) [522] He's got i he's got a card with ... I have had a recent head injury.
[523] [laugh] ... Signs to look for.
None (PS18L) [524] Ah!
None (PS18K) [525] Oh!
Denise (PS18E) [526] Please report immediately. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [527] Who?
None (PS18L) [528] Tony.
Denise (PS18E) [529] Tony.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [530] Has he?
[531] What happened to him?
Denise (PS18E) [532] He got a knock on
None (PS18L) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [533] on Saturday.
[534] But I think it was when he was tackling and erm
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [535] [...] ?
Denise (PS18E) [536] got a cra no he didn't black out.
[537] And he says, but he got like a crack on the side of his head ... and his hear
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [538] Oh!
[539] On his head?
Denise (PS18E) [540] and his hearing went
None (PS18N) [541] Any questions about that guide?
Denise (PS18E) [542] so I had to take him
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [543] Was it bad that [...] ?
None (PS18L) [544] Was it the R V I or the General?
Denise (PS18E) [545] No.
None (PS18K) [546] Was it bad?
Denise (PS18E) [547] I'll sho oh I'll show
None (PS18K) [548] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [549] Yes.
Denise (PS18E) [550] well he's er, he says he's done a big X-ray.
None (PS18L) [551] Mm.
None (PS18N) [552] This is your study guide.
[553] Work your way through the guide and you're going to answer all the questions on the quiz.
[554] As usual, the papers are taken and they're kept ... in the file for yo reference by your personal tutors.
[555] The reason that we're gonna produce biological science quizzes is they're, it's from your feedback evaluations that you don't get enough ... biological science.
None (PS18M) [556] Soon put right.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [557] Not a lot more I can say to you is there?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [558] Oh I know.
[559] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [560] I never said that.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [561] [...] believe it or not.
None (PS18N) [562] There's ... about sixty percent
None (PS18L) [563] I might have said that.
None (PS18N) [564] of the people who are at the end of a [...] said ... they didn't get enough.
[565] We haven't had enough biological science.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [566] So that'll teach us to [...] .
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [567] [...] didn't want the sixty percent.
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [568] [...] the little areas as well though.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
None (PS18N) [569] You do need to have a basic knowledge of
Denise (PS18E) [570] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [571] biological science to understand [...]
Denise (PS18E) [572] Unfortunately you didn't have to do the [...] . [laugh]
None (PS18N) [573] Providing you have [...] .
[574] Would you agree?
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [575] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [576] Anybody dares
None (PS18L) [577] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [578] to disagree?
None (PS18M) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [579] No.
[580] Right.
[581] Very sensible.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [582] Cos Jane doesn't wanna be on the [...] .
[583] ... Now the nasty erm ... half past seven session sorted out.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [584] [laughing] What can, what can we do for another three hours [] ?
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [585] I re I think we'll go and ... I'll think you just go for tea ... and come back in
Denise (PS18E) [586] [shouting] Yeah [] !
None (PS18L) [587] Four and a half
None (PS18N) [588] an hour.
None (PS18L) [589] we've got.
[590] Good God!
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [591] You can have ti be back at half past three.
[592] Okay?
None (PS18K) [593] Is this like coffee time?
[594] Or is this like
None (PS18N) [595] This is a coffee break.
[596] You know, [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [597] So ... I need to know what time we'll be finished.
None (PS18L) [598] We would've been revising had we not been here.
None (PS18N) [599] Exactly!
None (PS18K) [600] Oh!
None (PS18L) [601] I'm going to watch the end of Neighbours anyway.
None (PS18K) [602] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [603] I would have seen erm ... I'm not gonna see it.
[604] What am I gonna do!
Denise (PS18E) [605] It's very important you know!
[606] For my wellbeing isn't it?
None (PS18K) [607] Set the video.
Denise (PS18E) [608] For my wellbeing [...] .
None (PS18L) [609] Anyway, she's lost the battle
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [610] Wouldn't that do it?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [611] Watch what episode you put on.
None (PS18L) [612] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [613] Do we have any idea what time we'll be finished?
[614] Cos I've gotta phone my [...] ?
None (PS18N) [615] When Carole finishes ... when Carole finishes in this session I'm gonna go and have a chat with her.
[616] Because what we'll have to do is negotiate at the end of the next session, whenever we've finished, cos that's entirely dependent on ... when we get fed up varies on what [...]
Denise (PS18E) [617] When we run out [laugh]
None (PS18N) [618] [...] say, I mean, you know, what your response to the session is.
[619] But usually it finishes within an hour and a half ... the next session.
[620] Which might
Denise (PS18E) [621] Right.
None (PS18N) [622] well finish at ... five o'clock.
Denise (PS18E) [623] Right.
None (PS18N) [624] Five o'clock.
[625] Right.
[626] And then i then it's time for a break again.
[627] Now
None (PS18K) [628] I think we've gotta be careful, if we cut out the breaks, you see
Denise (PS18E) [629] Aha.
None (PS18K) [630] an awful lot of people saying let's work right through ... you're not affective, you're not learning
Denise (PS18E) [631] No.
None (PS18K) [632] if you
Denise (PS18E) [633] No.
None (PS18K) [634] haven't gone away
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [635] No.
None (PS18K) [636] and had
None (PS18L) [637] No.
None (PS18K) [638] a break.
None (PS18N) [639] And I mean, there's, you know, the people who smoke need a boost of nicotine they'll go and get
None (PS18K) [640] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [641] one.
[642] Like if you wanna get a Coke
Denise (PS18E) [643] People who drink Coke need a
None (PS18K) [644] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Denise (PS18E) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [645] Well we, we'll be off as much as anyone else, but you've gotta
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [646] Aha.
None (PS18N) [647] you se
None (PS18L) [648] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [649] well I'm gonna be off more than anybody else.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [650] [...] when I spoke to Carole and she wasn't happy about it.
None (PS18N) [651] Caro well Carole ... is problem, I don't think I've ... personally
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [652] Should be bothered with it, yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [653] but she's got the biggest problem of all because she's gotta pick us
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [654] Yeah.
None (PS18N) [655] the girls up, get them back home and come back.
Denise (PS18E) [656] No, she's bringing them
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [657] in here though isn't
None (PS18N) [658] So
Denise (PS18E) [659] she?
None (PS18N) [660] if, today she can come in early ...
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [661] Right.
[662] Okay.
None (PS18N) [663] if she's sorted that out
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [664] Cos she's got the last session hasn't she?
None (PS18N) [665] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [666] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [667] Ori originally she didn't.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [668] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [669] Cos originally I had the last session but we [laughing] cancelled [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18N) [670] Well, [...] , I'm sure you can read that first, I've got my own to talk about.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [671] I'm getting [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [672] [laughing] Like everybody else [] .
Denise (PS18E) [673] Ooh sorry!
[674] Did I just [...] you?
Denise (PS18E) [675] it's alright, I've got another one!
[676] ... I'm gonna have to pop out.
None (PS18K) [677] Aha.
[678] Okay.
Denise (PS18E) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [679] How's he getting on then?
None (PS18M) [680] Fine thanks, yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [681] [singing] Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo [] .
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18L) [682] I haven't got mine.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [683] Oh I've got mine.
None (PS18L) [684] Crikey!
[685] I've been to see my mentor four times! [...]
Denise (PS18E) [686] She did a
None (PS18L) [687] the one.
None (PS18K) [688] Yeah?
None (PS18L) [689] She said I've forgotten it.
[690] She's hardly seen it!
[691] She hasn't written it!
Denise (PS18E) [692] I haven't done my
None (PS18L) [693] She putting mine through.
Denise (PS18E) [694] intermediate on my erm ... community.
None (PS18K) [695] Ooh I have.
None (PS18L) [696] I know. [...]
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [697] I've got so much to do, other than do that.
None (PS18L) [698] Ah.
Denise (PS18E) [699] I mean I've got a curfew, I've got a curfew at home.
[700] ... And I've got
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [701] Well I, [...] the exam, then we've got study on Tuesday
None (PS18K) [702] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [703] and we're off on Friday, I'm on a half day on Thursday, so I think I should have my day off on Wednesday.
None (PS18L) [704] On Wednesday.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [705] Definitely!
Denise (PS18E) [706] And I should be doing ... half day on Thursday.
None (PS18K) [707] I mean we should do alright after the exams.
None (PS18L) [708] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [709] Oh no!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [walking along corridor - just a lot of chatter]
None (PS18L) [710] Ah well, that's [...] .
None (PS18M) [711] Make sure you get something to eat.
None (PS18L) [712] That's alright then.
[713] Get the priorities in order.
[714] Are you having something to eat now?
Denise (PS18E) [715] I'll have my tea when I get in.
[716] ... Have some fish.
None (PS18L) [717] I think I'll have [...]
None (PS18K) [718] Fish.
Denise (PS18E) [719] [singing] Fish, come on yeah!
[720] Fish take it easy [] !
None (PS18L) [721] [singing] Easy [] !
Denise (PS18E) [722] Lemon sole.
None (PS18K) [723] When are you having fish?
Denise (PS18E) [724] Me.
[725] For my tea.
None (PS18K) [726] Why, are you having it when you get in?
Denise (PS18E) [727] I'll have to have it when I get in.

2 (Tape 071501)

Denise (PS18E) [728] Ooh!
[729] Tony snores all the time.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [730] Richard ever snore though?
None (PS18L) [731] No.
[732] Never snores.
Denise (PS18E) [733] All the time!
[734] Constantly.
None (PS18L) [735] The only time Richard snores, snores is if he's got a cold and he can't breathe ... through his nose.
Denise (PS18E) [736] Tony snores any time.
None (PS18K) [737] I do.
Denise (PS18E) [738] Whether he's on his back, on his side, on his stomach.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [739] How do you know like [...] .
None (PS18L) [740] Richard doesn't even move
Denise (PS18E) [741] Wanna bet?
None (PS18L) [742] in bed.
None (PS18H) [743] Oh bliss!
None (PS18L) [744] Never moves.
None (PS18H) [745] That must be bliss.
None (PS18L) [746] You don't even know he's there.
[747] Never moves.
[748] Whereas I ... wriggle around and I'm kicking people, and I'm elbowing people!
[749] I don't remember staying with you like.
Denise (PS18E) [750] No.
[751] No.
[752] When you sleep with me you don't.
None (PS18M) [753] I thought you were due back soon.
None (PS18L) [754] Yes.
None (PS18M) [755] It's five past.
None (PS18L) [756] Alright then.
[757] We wi
None (PS18M) [758] Alright?
None (PS18L) [759] we will come sir.
None (PS18M) [760] You don't have to.
[761] I mean
Denise (PS18E) [762] [laugh] ... But he's telling you just in case.
None (PS18K) [763] That's because we didn't want half an hour and he wanted half an a hour.
None (PS18L) [764] Aye.
Denise (PS18E) [765] Oh I see.
[766] ... Right.
None (PS18K) [767] Shovel them in there!
Denise (PS18E) [768] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [769] I will
None (PS18L) [770] See you later.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [771] See you later.
Denise (PS18E) [772] Bye!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [773] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [774] Bye.
None (PS18L) [775] Enjoy your research.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [776] Who's she?
None (PS18L) [777] Pauline .
Denise (PS18E) [778] Why did I think her name was Susie?
None (PS18L) [779] I think that's really odd ... that someone ... won't live at someone's ... after they've lived with them.
[780] D'ya know what I mean?
Denise (PS18E) [781] What she hasn't live with him?
None (PS18L) [782] Well, she's stayed with him for like weekends, or weeks.
Denise (PS18E) [783] Mm mm.
None (PS18L) [784] She's doing everything that she's going to.
Denise (PS18E) [785] I know, but it's a I think it's the family.
None (PS18L) [786] Mm.
[787] I didn't realize her family didn't know mind.
[788] ... You'd think the brother and sister would.
Denise (PS18E) [789] Well, I think they do, but they just pretend.
None (PS18L) [790] Mm mm.
[791] ... The family likes to pretend that they do.
Denise (PS18E) [792] Because it's, it's easier, they don't like to ... to realize these things.
None (PS18L) [793] I think it's very romantic.
[794] The whole thing [...] . [...]
Denise (PS18E) [795] Oh I don't think she's saying that.
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [796] Yeah I know.
None (PS18L) [797] But you know about, typical woman.
None (PS18K) [798] [...] families have sex before marriage.
Denise (PS18E) [799] Well a how many people though Alison?
[800] Not very many.
None (PS18L) [801] Someone in my hairdressers ... were talking about it.
None (PS18K) [802] Sam's cousin, Debbie ... went out with him for ... over six years.
Denise (PS18E) [803] Well what if you don't like it when you get married?
None (PS18L) [804] Exactly!
None (PS18K) [805] [...] .
[806] Yeah.
[807] That's right.
None (PS18L) [808] Your wedding night must be such a let down.
[809] And that's on your first night!
[810] Would be awful!
None (PS18K) [811] Woo!
[812] Ooh!
[813] Ooh!
[814] Ooh!
[815] Ooh!
Denise (PS18E) [816] Painful.
None (PS18K) [817] Ooh!
[818] Hoo!
[819] Hoo!
[820] Ooh hoo!
[821] It's sore!
None (PS18L) [822] I know.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [823] Real, [laughing] Real sound effects [] !
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [824] [laugh] ... Is that on?
None (PS18K) [825] It's not the same kind of thing though.
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [826] Well
None (PS18L) [827] Be like, ooh!
[828] Ooh!
[829] Ooh!
[830] Ooh!
Denise (PS18E) [831] Mm.
None (PS18L) [832] Anyway.
[833] But imagine that on your wedding night?
Denise (PS18E) [834] Mm.
None (PS18L) [835] At least your honeymoon can
None (PS18K) [836] This [laughing] makes me feel all dead romantic and sexy [] !
None (PS18L) [837] I know.
[838] It'll be like
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [839] It'll be like, don't come near me again! [laugh]
None (PS18K) [840] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [841] Twin beds ... please.
None (PS18K) [842] Oh God! [...]
Denise (PS18E) [843] So is she quite brainy then?
[844] She is isn't she?
None (PS18K) [845] Yes.
Denise (PS18E) [846] She gets really high scores in her exams doesn't she? [laugh]
None (PS18L) [847] The kind of thing Denise likes to know about people.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [848] I dunno.
Denise (PS18E) [849] Well I have to know these things.
None (PS18L) [850] I know you do dear.
Denise (PS18E) [851] I say I'm sure, did she not get the eighty percent in the open book exam?
[852] ... She's got lovely hair!
None (PS18L) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [853] Mm!
None (PS18L) [854] Got something about her personal appearance as well!
Denise (PS18E) [855] She's got nice hair Jan.
None (PS18K) [856] I think she's got nice hair.
None (PS18L) [857] Yeah but she does well in her exams so
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [858] Don't you think these things are important?
None (PS18K) [859] What that you've got lovely hair?
Denise (PS18E) [860] No, that you do well in your exams.
None (PS18L) [861] No, that you do well [laughing] in your exams [] .
[862] Denise isn't interested in her hair really.
None (PS18K) [863] No.
None (PS18L) [864] She was only saying it as a balance.
Denise (PS18E) [865] No.
[866] I was gonna ask her where she gets her hair done actually.
None (PS18K) [867] Well that's right.
[868] She's got a bit of money there.
None (PS18L) [869] She lives down there.
None (PS18K) [...] [...]
Denise (PS18E) [870] By herself?
None (PS18L) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [871] Those [...] with the bay windows?
None (PS18K) [872] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [873] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [874] Tt.
None (PS18L) [875] Along that row, she's, her dad
Denise (PS18E) [876] They're very nice.
None (PS18L) [877] her mum died of cancer.
[878] She lives with
Denise (PS18E) [879] Ah!
[880] Ah!
None (PS18L) [881] her dad.
Denise (PS18E) [882] Mm.
[883] How old is she?
None (PS18L) [884] And she got a younger sister.
[885] Twenty.
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [886] Oh!
[887] Oh! [...] there.
None (PS18L) [888] I says to her, you bloody well do that then!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [889] Can you take the [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [890] Four hour [...] .
None (PS18L) [891] Beg your pardon?
None (PS18H) [892] Er, shut up!
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [893] Don't forget you said this is still [...] .
None (PS18M) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [894] I didn't say that.
None (PS18H) [895] Yes you are.
Denise (PS18E) [896] They will tell you.
None (PS18L) [897] What?
Denise (PS18E) [898] And then we won't know when we go.
[899] ... I'm getting a bit spooked about this exam now.
None (PS18L) [900] I am.
Denise (PS18E) [901] I keep suddenly thinking of the enormity of it.
[902] And th the fact that I haven't really revised.
None (PS18K) [903] At least you, you are in the same ... place.
Denise (PS18E) [904] I keep thi I keep sitting down to it and thinking ... God!
[905] There's so much I haven't done for this exam.
[906] As usual, I should have started ages ago. [laugh]
None (PS18L) [907] But I found when I looked at my books a week ago, or a fortnight ago, I thought, oh I know this, I know this, but it's not until you get into it ... that you think ... shit!
[908] I don't know this and I could be learning.
[909] A week ago I didn't know what to learn and now there's so many things that I know I want to learn.
Denise (PS18E) [910] Mm mm.
None (PS18K) [911] Well every time, every time we come in and she mentions, have you done this, that
None (PS18L) [912] Yeah.
None (PS18K) [913] and I think
None (PS18L) [914] Can I have one of them things?
None (PS18K) [915] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [916] You.
None (PS18L) [917] You.
None (PS18K) [918] What?
None (PS18L) [919] Fizzy gum balls.
None (PS18K) [920] Oh.
Denise (PS18E) [921] She always does.
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [922] Get one of them
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [923] I'll get one [...]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [924] It's only funny when [...]
Denise (PS18E) [925] Pardon you!
None (PS18K) [926] Thi a I have to say that [...] she does it all the time and she goes, looks around.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [927] Does it ... [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [928] A girl I used to work with at the Beechams did like really big ... burps.
[929] I'd say she ate about anything and like ... pardon me.
[930] She would [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [931] My grandma's like that.
[932] Horrible!
None (PS18L) [933] I mean she wo she says pardon me or excuse me, but it's so matter of fact that I'd be ... I could never burp like that if I tried, you know.
[934] She did a big, I went in the kitchen at ... at work on Friday and Saturday
None (PS18K) [935] What time, what time have we gotta, do we have to be back?
None (PS18L) [936] Twenty past.
[937] And the, the chef's were squeezing the custard ... carton and it was going [raspberry] cos it was the last and the
Denise (PS18E) [938] Custard?
[939] You mean they don't make their own custard?
None (PS18L) [940] Nah!
[941] They don't make anything man.
Denise (PS18E) [942] Tt!
None (PS18L) [943] And they were squeezing it out of the carton and it was making this right farty noise.
[944] I'm not kidding, the three of them,thir thirty odd year old one of them is, they were on the
Denise (PS18E) [945] Well I've been
None (PS18L) [946] floor laughing!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [947] One was going, the other ha ha ha!
[948] The custard's going
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [949] My dad's forty
None (PS18L) [950] And I'm thinking
None (PS18K) [951] three and he still
None (PS18L) [952] How old?
None (PS18K) [953] does things
Denise (PS18E) [954] Do you not
None (PS18K) [955] like that though.
Denise (PS18E) [956] do you not laugh when a squeezy bottle does it?
None (PS18L) [957] No.
Denise (PS18E) [958] Oh!
[959] [laughing] I think it's so funny [] !
None (PS18L) [960] I mean, it's funny like when you burp because you get, embarrass you like. [...]
Denise (PS18E) [961] Oh no, it makes me laugh.
None (PS18K) [962] [laughing] And there's loads of people round about me and I just went wurgh! []
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [963] And I'd like to be fined [...] .
None (PS18L) [964] I hate people that erm ... when my dad burps, if, if it was a cup he'd go ... excuse me, but ... but it's when they go ... [belch] I hate that!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [in canteen/dining room - very noisy]
Denise (PS18E) [965] I do.
None (PS18L) [966] Cos I don't.
[967] I'll conceal a burp, no matter where I am.
Denise (PS18E) [968] Well you don't ... [laughing] obviously [] !
None (PS18K) [969] Well that er popping out.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [970] [...] someone really.
None (PS18L) [971] You could tell
None (PS18K) [972] I didn't know it was coming.
None (PS18L) [973] You can tell it was [...]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [974] but make Geoff makes him burp.
Denise (PS18E) [975] Oh no!
None (PS18L) [976] I don't.
[977] Cos he feels he's got a wind so he
Denise (PS18E) [978] Oh I can't force myself.
None (PS18L) [979] Nor can I.
Denise (PS18E) [980] Aargh.
None (PS18L) [981] What was that?
[982] [laugh] ... Oh.
[983] ... When's Tony coming for you ... tonight?
Denise (PS18E) [984] I said half past seven.
[985] ... If we finish before then I shall be very annoyed!
None (PS18K) [986] They said eight o'clock, quarter to.
None (PS18L) [987] Quarter to eight cos they started at quarter to six.
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [988] I could just sleep.
[989] [whispering] Just feel like I'm not learning anything [] .
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [990] I know.
[991] But then the thing is, [...]
Denise (PS18E) [992] Exactly.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [993] so I'm not learning anything and then we're to [...] .
None (PS18L) [994] What have I done all day?
Denise (PS18E) [995] I know what [...] .
None (PS18K) [996] [...] in the past two days.
Denise (PS18E) [997] It's like what I said to Tony last night when I got in ... I said, I feel ... I could have achieved more if I'd stayed at home and revised.
None (PS18K) [998] Yeah!
[999] I could of.
Denise (PS18E) [1000] He said but,yo you wouldn't of.
[1001] I said well I would of that's the whole point.
[1002] I would have revised all afternoon.
None (PS18L) [1003] I know.
[1004] Anne was saying when
None (PS18L) [1005] Anne
None (PS18L) [1006] she was revising
None (PS18L) [1007] I've never seen [...]
None (PS18L) [1008] No that was right.
None (PS18L) [1009] The whole [...] .
None (PS18L) [1010] [...] .
[1011] Sorry I didn't offer anybody cos
None (PS18K) [1012] No that's alright. [...]
None (PS18L) [1013] Oh.
[1014] And I, when she's revising she says oh I've just done about change and ... theories of change.
None (PS18K) [1015] Who?
None (PS18L) [1016] Theories of change.
Denise (PS18E) [1017] But we started with Fred and only got
None (PS18L) [1018] Have you remembered that?
Denise (PS18E) [1019] a third of a ye way through it.
None (PS18L) [1020] Change in the N H S.
[1021] Change, do you know what change she's talking about?
[1022] Freezing, something when er a liquid is freezing and it changes when it is ... you know changes in the physical sense of the
Denise (PS18E) [1023] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1024] word.
[1025] That's what they learn about.
[1026] I said oh that's what I've got then.
[1027] Cos I'm talking about change in the N H S is all we can put down.
None (PS18K) [1028] Here's Anne.
None (PS18L) [1029] But then it's just how bad it.
Denise (PS18E) [1030] [whispering] Oh!
[1031] I wish we'd just done that [] .
None (PS18L) [1032] It's so, simplified.
[1033] So basic, so ... logic.
[1034] I mean, what do we need about planning something?
[1035] We don't need it.
None (PS18K) [1036] I mean, I didn't understand much to be honest anyway.
Denise (PS18E) [1037] I wasn't listening cos I was writing them down. [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1038] The thing is, with this ... I don't think half the people listen to [...] you're meant to know ... you're meant to, in these exams you're meant to have everything you should know and everything else ... [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1039] That's it.
[1040] I'm sitting writing notes and I'm thinking ... am I ever gonna look at these again?
[1041] Cos every time I have an exam it's a [...] exactly the same things.
None (PS18K) [1042] I have got revision cards coming out of my ears!
[1043] And erm ... which I'll never look at again [...] at all.
Denise (PS18E) [1044] [sniff] ... We're all looking very sorry for ourselves.
None (PS18L) [1045] Well what relevance is it to me?
[1046] Is not
None (PS18K) [1047] I know.
None (PS18L) [1048] I'm not gonna be a nurse anyway.
None (PS18K) [1049] And I'm gonna go away next, next weekend aren't I?
Denise (PS18E) [1050] Tony said I need to do some exercise late at night.
[1051] Cos I annoy him.
[1052] Because as soon as I go upstairs ... I'm wide awake. [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1053] Mm mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1054] He says you should go, go jogging or something late at night.
[1055] I said well if you got us a dog I'd have to take it for a late night walk wouldn't I? [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1056] Come jogging with me.
[1057] Do you fancy coming jogging?
Denise (PS18E) [1058] What?
[1059] Last thing at night?
None (PS18L) [1060] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1061] You go first thing in the morning.
None (PS18L) [1062] I know but I can go at night as well.
Denise (PS18E) [1063] No, what, do you play squash?
None (PS18L) [1064] What like eleven o'clock?
None (PS18L) [1065] I don't, I've never played it but I'd certainly like to but [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1066] I wanna play again.
[1067] I play
None (PS18L) [1068] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1069] He says it's very unusual, you never see me like this ... [...] .
[1070] Ooh!
[1071] I quite fancy doing that.
None (PS18H) [1072] We should have done.
Denise (PS18E) [1073] You know I was thinking today
None (PS18K) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1074] I was thinking today ... erm ... there's a horse
None (PS18L) [1075] Sorry.
[1076] Say that again.
Denise (PS18E) [1077] there's a horse erm ... in some of the fields just coming out of Morpeth ... towards Newcastle ... and I saw, pardon me ... as I was on the bus like yesterday coming into Morpeth and this horse just shot out of nowhere and it was [laughing] really enjoying itself!
[1078] It was like galloping along [] !
None (PS18L) [1079] as if it was racing.
[1080] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1081] Yeah!
[1082] [laughing] It was just like this [] !
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1083] And then it [...] thing and it came, it was really galloping towards the fence and then, cor!
[1084] Right up
None (PS18L) [1085] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1086] to the fence.
[1087] It stuck a [...]
None (PS18K) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1088] All of a sudden.
Denise (PS18E) [1089] And I was looking, I was thinking, oh!
[1090] To be free like that.
None (PS18L) [1091] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1092] And then today when I was passing it was just munching away in the corner, you know.
[1093] And I was thinking, tt, it must nice, Alison's got a hobby she can just go out and ... you know, do it to get away
None (PS18K) [1094] Shall I tell you what it is, sometimes
Denise (PS18E) [1095] from everything.
None (PS18K) [1096] I go back from [...] , I'm driving over to Brenda's and I'm thinking, [...] , and I really am, I'm driving along, you know like wha when you're in the car by yourself and everything's turning over in your head
Denise (PS18E) [1097] Mm.
None (PS18K) [1098] and go and I tack up the horse and I get on the horse and everything ... and I don't mean to say
Denise (PS18E) [1099] Falls away.
None (PS18K) [1100] I'm drifting through the countryside cos
Denise (PS18E) [1101] No.
None (PS18K) [1102] it might be [...] and I'll go over the level crossing I'll think, ooh that was a bit
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1103] you know, things like that and then we'll see another horse in the field and Canter goes, ooh ooh
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1104] it's all so ... everything
Denise (PS18E) [1105] Mm.
None (PS18K) [1106] it's, it's, it's on a different level, it really is.
[1107] And because you could, you could just like ride away and not come back ever.
[1108] Even when you come back
Denise (PS18E) [...]
None (PS18K) [1109] you feel much better.
[1110] You feel, oh I really enjoyed that.
[1111] And it's a different kind of enjoyment, but, I mean I've never played squash
Denise (PS18E) [1112] Do you feel like that when you run?
None (PS18L) [1113] Well, well ... it must be the same.
None (PS18K) [1114] Or like when I, if I we say maybe, now I can't imagine feeling like that except with horse riding, but I suppose you do, whatever your thing is.
Denise (PS18E) [1115] That's it.
[1116] It is.
[1117] Er I wish I had a hobby or a outside interest.
None (PS18K) [1118] It has to be outside I think.
[1119] Definitely.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1120] Yeah.
None (PS18K) [1121] Outside ... outside.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1122] That's it.
[1123] I suppose
None (PS18K) [1124] Suppose like the riding.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1125] everyone feels like that. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
None (PS18K) [1126] I think I would, I think I feel like that everything will still be there while I was riding along.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1127] Oh!
None (PS18K) [1128] I have to stop and think [laughing] about it, but I []
Denise (PS18E) [1129] [laugh] ... You know what your natural endorphin would come to the surface and you just start getting the feeling of well-being.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1130] Well that's the thing like, it's
Denise (PS18E) [1131] You come to solutions and conclusions and ... everything's right with the world.
[1132] And we'd better go back now.
None (PS18K) [1133] If you twitched a horses lip or ear that happens, I would really like to see if I twitched your ear.
None (PS18L) [1134] And can we get a [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1135] Well
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1136] Yeah.
[1137] Mm.
None (PS18K) [1138] It brings their endorphin to the [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1139] Did you see The World According to Garth?
None (PS18K) [1140] No.
Denise (PS18E) [1141] On Sunday.
[1142] Well I saw a little bit of it, if I wo I keep wanting to see this film
None (PS18K) [1143] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1144] and I've never actually seen it.
[1145] If you know what I mean?
[1146] And erm ... oh just put them on that table over there.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1147] No I don't wanna get back there, I don't wanna go back up to the wards so I'll go that way or that way?
Denise (PS18E) [1148] That way.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1149] That way?
[1150] Thanks.
Denise (PS18E) [1151] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1152] I've forgotten which way I come in.
Denise (PS18E) [1153] [laugh] ... It's easily done.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1154] Bye.
Denise (PS18E) [1155] And erm ... he's, he's got these papers like with short stories
None (PS18K) [1156] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1157] and the wind blows them away out of his hand, so erm
None (PS18K) [1158] Shit!
[1159] Oh shit!
Denise (PS18E) [1160] you're meant to get them in the bin not out of the bin.
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1161] And th he's picking them all up and this one ... there's a ... like a rockwe erm, doberman pinscher standing and these papers [laughing] between his legs [] .
[1162] [...] urgh!
[1163] Urgh!
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1164] Like this, and he's saying, Bonkers, now give me that paper!
[1165] Give me that paper!
[1166] The dog just leaps on him right, [laughing] so he's wrestling this dog, and he's screaming and the dog going, growling at him and everything
None (PS18K) [1167] Aha.
Denise (PS18E) [1168] and then suddenly you hear [mimicking dog barking] the dog goes running off and he's bit its ear!
[1169] So he goes to see his mother who's a nurse [] at the
None (PS18K) [1170] Aha.
Denise (PS18E) [1171] school where he lives, cos she's the nurse, like a matron, and er ... she said ... Garth!
[1172] What's this? [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1173] [laughing] Was it its ear [] ?
Denise (PS18E) [1174] [laughing] The dog's ear [] .
None (PS18K) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1175] [laughing] It's a little triangle of the dog [] !
None (PS18K) [1176] Oh no!
Denise (PS18E) [1177] [laugh] ... [laughing] I mean it was cruel
None (PS18K) [1178] Oh my God!
Denise (PS18E) [1179] but it was funny cos he just ... aargh!
[1180] Like this [] .
None (PS18K) [1181] Ah ah ah!
Denise (PS18E) [1182] The dog went off yelping. [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1183] Bless its little cotton socks.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1184] Bet that didn't release its natural endorphin.
[1185] ... [sighing] Ah []
Denise (PS18E) [1186] Ah.
[1187] We'll have a slow mosey.
None (PS18L) [1188] Mhm.
Denise (PS18E) [1189] [whispering] I find, tell you what I find difficult [] ... is thinking and ... learning in that class.
None (PS18L) [1190] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1191] Some of the people aren't conducive to learning.
None (PS18L) [1192] I know.
[1193] I know.
[1194] And I try not to get stroppy, I try to be ... you know, otherwise I'm being a complete crab and not joining in, but
Denise (PS18E) [1195] Mhm.
None (PS18L) [1196] I've found ... I have to have a lot of ... conditions.
[1197] Everything has to be just so for me to be able to learn.
[1198] It has to be right.
Denise (PS18E) [1199] I mean half the time I think I don't remember anything because er er, people are so busy blooming ... playing around and
None (PS18L) [1200] Mhm.
Denise (PS18E) [1201] shouting and
None (PS18L) [1202] And I'm too nosey to block things out.
Denise (PS18E) [1203] and
None (PS18L) [1204] When I was sitting in that corridor there was one of the tutors on the phone, only for a short while
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1205] and I couldn't even blot him out cos I was too nosey to listen to what he was talking about.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1206] I don't think it's deliberate.
[1207] But I'm
Denise (PS18E) [1208] No.
None (PS18L) [1209] I'm reading
Denise (PS18E) [1210] Just curious.
None (PS18L) [1211] I'm aware of it.
Denise (PS18E) [1212] Naturally curious.
None (PS18L) [1213] I can't revise when I know that Geoff's in.
[1214] If he is, I go upstairs ... to be by myself.
[1215] The telly has to be off.
Denise (PS18E) [1216] Well you see I have to have the telly very quiet ... and last night, ah!
[1217] To I'm sure he's going deaf you know.
None (PS18L) [1218] Mm mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1219] And I, I keep going down and I'll turn it down, and then I'll go out room and he turns it back up again. [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1220] It's like living with a ... [laughing] cantankerous old man [] !
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1221] It's enough to make you deaf.
None (PS18L) [1222] What? [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1223] [laugh] ... Well the sound quality's not very good.
[1224] I says, well I can hear it upstairs! [laugh]
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1225] He says well you're
None (PS18L) [1226] The trouble is
Denise (PS18E) [1227] you're just over-sensitive!
None (PS18L) [1228] what you can hear upstairs is going, ooh ooh, ooh ooh!
Denise (PS18E) [1229] Oh!
None (PS18L) [1230] Ooh ooh!
Denise (PS18E) [1231] And the music!
None (PS18L) [1232] Yeah.
[1233] The theme tunes that are on.
Denise (PS18E) [1234] [sighing] Oh [] !
[1235] Dear me!
None (PS18J) [1236] I wish it was that.
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1237] Well I'll go and get two, three.
[1238] I'll soon get ... Oh yeah.
[1239] Yeah.
[1240] Well that's your fault.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1241] I was saying I thought she was lovely!
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1242] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1243] Exclusive to [...]
None (PS18L) [1244] Mm mm.
[1245] Mm mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1246] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1247] It's nearly time for Neil.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter] [laugh] [...] [classroom chatter]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1248] I'm cold now.
None (PS18J) [1249] It's cold in here.
None (PS18L) [1250] The nights are drawing in. [sigh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1251] [reading board] Impact and intervention [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1252] A ball?
None (PS18K) [1253] bodily functions [] .
Denise (PS18E) [1254] [reading board] The Newcastle College of Health Studies Ball [] .
Denise (PS18E) [1255] Yeah?
[1256] Erm, yes.
Denise (PS18E) [1257] Twenty pound a ticket!
None (PS18L) [1258] That's what it was last time wasn't it?
Denise (PS18E) [1259] Meal, disco and band.
[1260] Well, can I tell you the first one we went to ... we went to get food and there was none left!
Denise (PS18E) [1261] Well that'll be on the [...] . [classroom chatter]
Denise (PS18E) [1262] And there was a lovely spread!
[1263] But by the time we got there, and there was ... and there was people there I've never even seen before in my life!
Denise (PS18E) [1264] I suppose this one's ... it's cheap.
None (PS18L) [1265] That was, it's always the one beside the Civic Centre one?
Denise (PS18E) [1266] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1267] The one you went to when I was ill?
Denise (PS18E) [1268] It's good like.
None (PS18L) [1269] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1270] If you can get in. [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1271] It was me and Clare dancing on the table there.
Denise (PS18E) [1272] [...] difficult to get in.
None (PS18L) [1273] At least it was just us and we were gonna
None (PS18M) [1274] Well have you seen Helen's video?
Denise (PS18E) [1275] No.
None (PS18L) [1276] No.
Denise (PS18E) [1277] Nobody has.
None (PS18M) [1278] Oh!
[1279] It's brilliant.
Denise (PS18E) [1280] Have you, [clears throat] ... can I ask, have you got pink in your hair?
None (PS18M) [1281] Yeah, I've ... I sprayed it pink for the Rocky Horror and I can't get it out! [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1282] I was, I keep looking and I'm thinking
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1283] Is it pink?
Denise (PS18E) [1284] it's the light.
[1285] It's the light.
Denise (PS18E) [1286] It's still a bit pinky.
Denise (PS18E) [1287] Just a little bit.
None (PS18L) [1288] Was it good?
[1289] The Rocky Horror?
None (PS18M) [1290] It was brilliant!
[1291] Eh!
[1292] It took four shampoos to, to get the bugger out! [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1293] [laugh] ... I thought it was my eyesight.
None (PS18M) [1294] No.
[1295] No.
None (PS18L) [1296] I love the Rocky Horror Show!
None (PS18M) [1297] Anyway, she's got the erm ... video right
Denise (PS18E) [1298] Mm.
None (PS18M) [1299] and there's a bit with Helen and Steve and you know what Helen was like when they was
Denise (PS18E) [1300] Steve?
None (PS18M) [1301] drunk.
[1302] Big Steve.
[1303] And sh
Denise (PS18E) [1304] Oh!
[1305] Right.
None (PS18M) [1306] they showed it to, to me.
[1307] It was [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18M) [1308] her face!
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18M) [1309] And, and Ellen was gonna bring it into college but ca er Helen said don't you dare!
[1310] So she's, she's
None (PS18J) [1311] Yeah.
None (PS18M) [1312] cut out that bit.
None (PS18J) [1313] That bit.
None (PS18M) [1314] Ellen cut it off.
None (PS18J) [1315] Oh!
[1316] Oh!
None (PS18M) [1317] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1318] Cut it?
None (PS18M) [1319] Yeah.
[1320] So, it was ever so bad [laughing] apparently [] !
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18M) [1321] It was really good.
[1322] Everyone was on it.
[1323] Everyone was having a good time.
[1324] It was really good.
Denise (PS18E) [1325] Well th maybe I should look at it seeing as I missed it.
None (PS18L) [1326] I can just remember Helen's bum!
Denise (PS18E) [1327] You were in hospital.
None (PS18L) [1328] That's all I saw all night!
Denise (PS18E) [1329] Denise.
None (PS18L) [1330] What on?
[1331] That do at
Denise (PS18E) [1332] Aye.
[1333] I just remember her backside wherever I saw always Helen's backside.
Denise (PS18E) [1334] I think they should have another one.
[1335] Seeing as I missed it.
None (PS18J) [1336] Yeah.
[1337] Yeah.
[1338] [laughing] And come back with Mark [] .
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18J) [1339] I spent my whole night following him around!
Denise (PS18E) [1340] Following him round.
None (PS18J) [1341] And you, and [...] with Steve, Ellen can pick it out.
None (PS18L) [1342] Oh have you? [...]
None (PS18J) [1343] Well you shouldn't have cos we wanted to see
None (PS18L) [1344] I've seen it and, and it was the best
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1345] the best time I had was [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
None (PS18L) [1346] It was good.
[1347] Right.
[1348] Am I telling you
Denise (PS18E) [sigh]
None (PS18L) [1349] about this?
Denise (PS18E) [1350] Yeah.
[1351] Sorry.
None (PS18L) [1352] [clears throat] ... Have I made much sense so far?
None (PS18J) [1353] Yeah.
[1354] Yeah, but I ... the man
None (PS18L) [1355] Can I
None (PS18J) [1356] the patient looks ... outside in ... and carer ... looks inside out.
Denise (PS18E) [1357] Inside out.
None (PS18L) [1358] Right.
[1359] And here's, here's his journey right.
[1360] G P appointment, outpatient appointment, tests, admission, medical treatment, nursing care, [...] planning and follow-up.
None (PS18J) [1361] And that's the patient from his journey out?
None (PS18L) [1362] That's his journey right?
[1363] Here, he's looking in ... how he came, where is it?
Denise (PS18E) [1364] Route.
None (PS18L) [1365] Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
None (PS18H) [1366] But is it the round window, the square window, or the arched window?
None (PS18L) [1367] There's one.
[1368] Da, da, dee dee dee.
[1369] Right, it says here, [reading book] quality can only be asse assured [] ,pa beg your pardon, [reading] if both patient's view, he's looking
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1370] [...] in there.
None (PS18J) [1371] Right.
None (PS18L) [1372] in, and the care-givers view looking out are in agreement [] .
[1373] Right.
Denise (PS18E) [1374] What if they're not?
None (PS18J) [1375] What
None (PS18L) [1376] To a
None (PS18J) [1377] is the one that we're actually doing?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1378] Yeah.
None (PS18H) [1379] That's right.
None (PS18L) [1380] [reading] To achieve this ... quality assurance should mean, that when the patient feels his care is not good ... he should know how he can complain without any worry that he will be penalized, and in the certainty that action will be taken immediately [] .
[1381] And that's these things here.
[1382] There's patient questionnaires, complaints, da da, er ... ba la ... visitor inspections, complaints, patient questionnaire, there's a ... basically all the same kind of thing, or relative survey.
[1383] Patient questionnaire.
[1384] So, basically, what they're saying there's all these things that they'll provide at each stage of his journey so that if care isn't right he knows what channels to go through to complain.
[1385] My criticism of that being is
None (PS18L) [1386] But what if it's not carried out?
None (PS18L) [1387] it's, it's al the quality's not there to start with.
[1388] How can you
None (PS18J) [1389] He da he won't know what, what quality of care is though.
None (PS18L) [1390] Well er, the patient has his views about what
None (PS18J) [1391] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1392] he expects, good nursing care
None (PS18J) [1393] But his views aren't really gonna be necessarily good nursing care cos a lot of people wouldn't know
None (PS18L) [1394] No, everybody's individual.
[1395] And to get, what it says here, to get quality assurance, the patient's views, and the care-giver's views have to be in agreement.
[1396] What, say you're the care-giver and I'm the
None (PS18J) [1397] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1398] patient ... what I think is good nursing care might not be what you think is good nursing care.
None (PS18J) [1399] But what you know is not gonna be the same.
None (PS18L) [1400] It has to be the same for quality assurance.
None (PS18J) [1401] But it's not gonna be the same.
None (PS18M) [1402] But that will
None (PS18L) [1403] Yeah cos you
None (PS18M) [1404] I tell you what I think
Denise (PS18E) [1405] It says on our research thing
None (PS18M) [1406] say that, say that erm ... [laughing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [raspberry]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18M) [1407] Say that [...]
None (PS18L) [1408] Er, say yes to that one.
Denise (PS18E) [1409] [laugh] ... I shan't ask anything.
None (PS18M) [1410] But will it tell me the truth?
None (PS18H) [1411] Well, see, for one is she's not erm ... as bad as that.
[1412] You know, some patients I could think of seem to have the idea that everything should be done for them in hospital
None (PS18L) [1413] Mm.
None (PS18H) [1414] and that to them is good care if a nurse does everything for them, but it's not.
[1415] If, you're taking all [...]
None (PS18L) [1416] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1417] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1418] And when he goes into
None (PS18H) [1419] Plus they also say that a nurse is always
None (PS18L) [...]
None (PS18H) [1420] busy ... and they're angels, and they're, that and the other, that they won't complain.
None (PS18L) [1421] Well that's the only way that this can be ... assessed, is by, so that the patient ... blah blah la ... [reading hospital form] when a patient feels his care is not good he knows he can complain without any worry [] .
[1422] But complaining, I mean, if he's gotta complain it means that ... quality assurance isn't there.
None (PS18J) [1423] But
None (PS18L) [1424] This is only thing if they've got something to complain about.
None (PS18J) [1425] if you were the patient [...] nurse
None (PS18H) [1426] So there's nothing to actually say
None (PS18L) [1427] In a positive sense?
None (PS18H) [1428] Yeah.
None (PS18J) [1429] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1430] The only thing that
None (PS18H) [1431] So if it
None (PS18L) [1432] says
None (PS18H) [1433] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1434] erm ... [reading] meaning ha blah blah ... and action taken [] .
[1435] It should also mean that when Mr , that's it, says the nurses were marvellous, the nurses are able to say in all evidence, and with evidence to support their opinion, yes
Denise (PS18E) [1436] We were crap!
None (PS18L) [1437] we are really doing a pretty good job.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1438] That's all it says in a positi from a positive angle.
None (PS18H) [1439] Yeah but
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1440] A pretty good job.
None (PS18L) [1441] [laughing] So what do you think [] ?
None (PS18L) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1442] But like, if you take like
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1443] like er,le let me, if you were the patient and Lesley was the nurse ... like, you wouldn't have a clue ... whether it was er
None (PS18H) [1444] Exactly.
Denise (PS18E) [1445] good or not, because as long as it was pretty clean.
None (PS18L) [1446] Let's have a look what examples they're using.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [cough]
None (PS18H) [1447] Well that's what I was trying to say, because all the patient doesn't know what to expect anyway.
None (PS18L) [1448] I mean, the patient wouldn't know whether it was like clean [...]
None (PS18L) [1449] Well these are the criteria leaves for tests and investigations for tests and investigations, for example good facilities, up-to-date working equipment, nice staff, competent qualified staff
None (PS18M) [1450] Well I'm not nice.
None (PS18L) [1451] written and verbal information, appropriate tests, no complications [] .
[1452] But not necessarily the procedure itself.
[1453] If you, if you were the patient you might say it's wrong because erm ... she doesn't look like she knows what she's doing or ... there's a mistake or ... something gets missed.
Denise (PS18E) [1454] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1455] You know.
None (PS18M) [1456] But I mean, on that, well I think it's [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1457] Well I think the whole point of it is
None (PS18M) [1458] erm, the patient's not gonna know that I'm, first of all, not gonna know anything about nurses, [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1459] Yeah.
None (PS18M) [1460] Because he didn't, he stayed cos they class him as an A person.
None (PS18L) [1461] And he might take a personal dislike to one of nurses.
None (PS18L) [1462] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1463] They can only evaluate the care that they've had
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1464] can't they?
[1465] At the end of their stay.
[1466] Whether they, they feel, they feel better and whether that's because the nurses have done a good job or not.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1467] So ideally, er
Denise (PS18E) [1468] Nurses can, they can only ... they can only ... say evaluate a certain proportion of the erm
None (PS18M) [1469] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1470] things in question.
None (PS18L) [1471] Well it says for the nurses to [...] is to be able to evaluate.
[1472] [reading hospital form] Waiting list monitoring, outpatient department review, observation, visits ... erm ... nursing audit, medical audit, care review, qualifications check [] .
None (PS18M) [1473] Well you see the bit about the waiting
None (PS18L) [1474] You know it's all very
None (PS18M) [1475] list right?
None (PS18L) [1476] Mm.
None (PS18M) [1477] That's one thing here, will get them in and out, but I've spoken to patients who say they don't get the care here ... and, on the surface it looks a brilliant hospital, it gets them in and out, you know, it does everything, it's got all the facilities ... but it doesn't give them the care.
None (PS18L) [1478] Mm.
[1479] I think the biggest
Denise (PS18E) [...]
None (PS18L) [1480] bogey is, is where
None (PS18M) [1481] That's right.
None (PS18L) [1482] it says, [reading] quality can only be assured if both patient's view and care-giver's view are in agreement [] cos that's gonna be really hard to achieve isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1483] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1484] Where's it say that?
[1485] Make sure I've written it down.
Denise (PS18E) [1486] Yes, but quality doesn't just co erm, take into account the care that's given, it takes into ... erm, what equipment you've got on, whether th er, the equipment's used properly.
None (PS18H) [1487] I mean, but that ... that is what I was pointing out [...] and we have some, say you have somebody qualified to go and visit each patient
Denise (PS18E) [1488] What the hell's a [...] ?
None (PS18H) [1489] [...] even just to like [...] I feel we're doing the research do you know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1490] Mhm.
None (PS18H) [...]
None (PS18L) [1491] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1492] Yeah.
[1493] I will say that.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18M) [1494] What about yours Neil?
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18L) [1495] Come on Neily.
Denise (PS18E) [1496] Hang on, I've lost my, my work.
None (PS18L) [1497] [...] ... back too soon.
Denise (PS18E) [1498] That's wishful thinking.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1499] Wears my out.
Denise (PS18E) [1500] I've got my husband's on. [laugh]
None (PS18J) [1501] What?
Denise (PS18E) [1502] [laughing] Socks [] .
None (PS18J) [1503] Not the same ones as yesterday?
Denise (PS18E) [1504] No, I've got about five, no ... I've got about four pairs the same.
[1505] Two pairs of blue and two pairs of red.
None (PS18J) [1506] You mean your husband's got four pairs?
Denise (PS18E) [1507] Well ... Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1508] Right.
[1509] My art
Denise (PS18E) [1510] Thirteen centre.
Denise (PS18E) [1511] My
Denise (PS18E) [1512] Sorry.
Denise (PS18E) [1513] my article's about ... raising the standards of health care in the hospitals.
[1514] It's all the same really.
[1515] And it, it looks upon nurses feel about ... their own standard of care ... and, the article then goes on about
Denise (PS18E) [1516] Standard they provide?
Denise (PS18E) [1517] standard they provide for
Denise (PS18E) [1518] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1519] the patients.
[1520] And then the it goes on about setting up ... the single but dynamic standards ... a setting system it's called, divided into ... local level groups like a tier system, you get the Managing Director on the top ... and the ones at the bottom.
[1521] And they're called quality assurance, or standard setting teams ... made up of volunteers
Denise (PS18E) [clears throat]
Denise (PS18E) [1522] from the local wards.
[1523] The main base made up of volunteers from the local wards like nurses and ... well I mean ... nurses and auxiliaries ... like that.
[1524] But it's ... bring, it says things about care ... and assessing that quality care's being met on their ward and ... the hospital itself ... and ... about once every six months to meet up with
Denise (PS18E) [clears throat]
Denise (PS18E) [1525] other hos members of other hospitals in the area and discuss ... different aspects of ... raising the standards ... of care.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1526] And the introduction about ... about care is passed up the three tiers, like a triangular system's
None (PS18L) [1527] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1528] passed up a three tier system.
[1529] And if the ideas are good ... then er incorporated ... into the care, they're incorporated into the ... hospital's ... manifesto if you want, if you like.
[1530] But there's one ... one fault really it takes approximately fifteen to eighteen months for them to pass ... anything like that ... and that could be one
Denise (PS18E) [1531] Downfall.
Denise (PS18E) [1532] downfall, one criticism ... about
None (PS18M) [1533] Yeah, cos this one says it's immediate.
Denise (PS18E) [1534] Yeah.
[1535] Well this one takes fifteen to eighteen months and that's ... to me that's just ... ridiculous really.
Denise (PS18E) [1536] And then, it would take another ... however to implement any changes that they decided upon.
None (PS18L) [1537] Basically they, they just provide the ideas which get passed
Denise (PS18E) [1538] They provide the er
None (PS18L) [1539] to the top of the ladder
Denise (PS18E) [1540] That's it.
None (PS18L) [1541] and then
Denise (PS18E) [1542] And they're the ones in the situation so they get pa they're the ones who are actually on the ward at the bottom and then pass it up.
[1543] It's like
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1544] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1545] being in parliament really, you have to pass everything up.
Denise (PS18E) [1546] Well the thing is though people at the top don't necessarily see the problems that you see as problems
Denise (PS18E) [1547] No they don't, no.
Denise (PS18E) [1548] as being problems do they?
Denise (PS18E) [1549] That's probably why it takes fifteen to eighteen months to get a a result.
None (PS18L) [1550] To get there.
None (PS18L) [1551] It's not gonna help the patient like, at the time, like, at the time if your patient complains, something will be done.
None (PS18J) [1552] What happens there and then?
None (PS18L) [1553] If your patient complained, like, I dunno
Denise (PS18E) [1554] Probably be dead by the time
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1555] Gone out the window!
Denise (PS18E) [1556] Yeah!
Denise (PS18E) [1557] What if you've got a loved one?
None (PS18L) [1558] And, and we ... sort of no yours doesn't necessarily apply to some people to say, they might just think, oh it'll be
Denise (PS18E) [1559] I know.
None (PS18L) [1560] good idea to
Denise (PS18E) [1561] Just [...] what you think.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1562] Yes, by the time it comes to getting round to your complaint you've moved on.
None (PS18L) [1563] Mm mm.
None (PS18M) [1564] It's unbelievable how many they [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [1565] So is that it basically?
Denise (PS18E) [1566] If you want to call an issue but ... I was on about setting up these committees ... to assess the standard of care.
None (PS18L) [1567] I've got a bit like that, and says the ... erm ... quality assurance systems will have to be different in each health district, with like being variations.
[1568] But it says, it has identified key elements, and one of those elements is a Director of Quality Assurance should
Denise (PS18E) [1569] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1570] be appointed with responsibility for setting up the district-wide programme.
[1571] She would receive minutes of all meetings and have the right to attend these meetings to provide a quality assurance input.
[1572] So that's the same
Denise (PS18E) [1573] And like I must have got the ... er the review board should be ... er ... six ... six requirements for these groups.
None (PS18L) [1574] Mm mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1575] They must voluntary to the whole [...] .
None (PS18L) [1576] Right.
Denise (PS18E) [1577] Erm, there must be more than six people.
[1578] There must be a meeting once every three or four weeks for one and a half hours.
[1579] And the meeting should be held in a place where it is possible to work in our situation.
[1580] And a leader should be appointed.
None (PS18L) [1581] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1582] Yeah, but even with all those things in their favour it still takes fifteen months?
Denise (PS18E) [1583] It still takes fifteen to eighteen months to deliver ... to pass
Denise (PS18E) [1584] But the leaders are nearly always someone ... like a Director of Nursing or somebody like that, who has no ... ward ... experience
None (PS18M) [1585] But you need somebody higher up
Denise (PS18E) [1586] on a day to day
None (PS18M) [1587] to be able to pass these bills doesn't it?
[1588] To be able to pass the
None (PS18J) [1589] [...] , yeah, try to get them to pass it.
None (PS18M) [1590] Right.
None (PS18J) [1591] It cannot be [...] get background.
None (PS18M) [1592] Mhm.
Denise (PS18E) [1593] Mm.
None (PS18J) [1594] So, the major criticism for that is higher
None (PS18L) [1595] Is up
Denise (PS18E) [1596] Fifteen
None (PS18J) [1597] up.
None (PS18L) [1598] high.
Denise (PS18E) [1599] to eighteen months.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1600] Lyndsey.
Denise (PS18E) [1601] Fifteen months minimum.
None (PS18L) [1602] I think I had it once before.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1603] What?
None (PS18L) [1604] I just ... you know, I'm not sure.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
None (PS18L) [1605] I know.
Denise (PS18E) [1606] I think so.
None (PS18J) [1607] Well, when you've got five minutes come and knock [...] 's door [laughing] [...] [] .
None (PS18L) [1608] Well as long as you know about yours and then when she does direct the question at you ... about that particular
None (PS18J) [1609] Shall I tell you what mine's about?
Denise (PS18E) [1610] Well I've told you what mine's about.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
None (PS18J) [1611] Shut up!
[1612] You're gonna get this too.
Denise (PS18E) [1613] Mm mm.
None (PS18J) [1614] It's about a two different ... tools.
Denise (PS18E) [1615] A tool being?
None (PS18L) [1616] My body is my tool!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18J) [1617] Whatever you like.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18J) [1618] One's called the monitor ... and one's called ... called ... the system [...] .
[1619] There you are.
Denise (PS18E) [1620] That's all we need to know is it?
[1621] Right.
None (PS18J) [1622] Well you could even call it a system.
[1623] Somewhere.
Denise (PS18E) [1624] Can we go home now?
[1625] We may as well get cracking with research mightn't we?
None (PS18L) [1626] Well, we're waiting for these lot.
None (PS18L) [1627] Ah!
None (PS18J) [1628] Can we start when the others come back?
None (PS18N) [1629] Sure can.
Denise (PS18E) [1630] Can we start now?
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1631] Why have we covered before the others [laughing] come back [] ?
None (PS18L) [1632] [clears throat] ... Then we'll get out five minutes early and we'll see a bit more of Eastenders.
None (PS18M) [1633] I can't afford to wait.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
None (PS18M) [1634] I'm gonna have to vote at seven o'clock on Thursday morning.
Denise (PS18E) [1635] I'm gonna have to vote as well, I dunno who the hell I'm voting for.
Denise (PS18E) [1636] Me too.
None (PS18L) [1637] I don't.
Denise (PS18E) [1638] You're gonna contact everyone
Denise (PS18E) [1639] Why?
Denise (PS18E) [1640] else.
None (PS18L) [1641] Because
Denise (PS18E) [1642] Ah!
[1643] In the erm
None (PS18L) [1644] I haven't, I haven't gotta vote any more [...] [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1645] In the Nursing Times it tells you the
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1646] N H S manifestos for each party.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1647] Does it?
Denise (PS18E) [1648] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1649] Where?
Denise (PS18E) [1650] Last week.
None (PS18L) [1651] Oh!
Denise (PS18E) [1652] Mhm.
None (PS18H) [1653] The thing is, I mean we're hardly to getting to grips with other people [...] .
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1654] But the thing is, there's been that many changes now, so having a bloody Labour government is just gonna be back to square one [...] and into ... reverse you know, and go back.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1655] Oh God!
[1656] I wan I don't want him as Prime Minister.
None (PS18L) [1657] Oh!
[1658] Not [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1659] [laugh] ... You know, I am fed up!
[1660] Last night ... Channel one
None (PS18J) [1661] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1662] election ... channel two ... some bloody crap!
[1663] Channel three, election ... channel four, election.
None (PS18M) [1664] And that's just on telly.
Denise (PS18E) [1665] I said turn that
Denise (PS18E) [1666] Yeah, [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [1667] rubbish off!
[1668] I mean you had John Major on one side, Paddy Ashdown on the other, Neil Kinnock on the other.
None (PS18L) [1669] Paddy Ashdown's the only one worth listening to.
Denise (PS18E) [1670] I mean
None (PS18H) [1671] Neil, Neil Kinnock
Denise (PS18E) [1672] for God's sake!
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1673] he's a wanker!
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1674] I know.
None (PS18H) [1675] Let's not talk about [...] .
Denise (PS18E) [1676] It's election constantly on the telly.
[1677] Six o'clock News is extended.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1678] Mm.
Denise (PS18E) [1679] They have ... they have extended from six o'clock till quarter to seven ... and then
None (PS18J) [1680] Have you noticed that when there's a general election
Denise (PS18E) [1681] you have about five minutes of news
None (PS18J) [1682] there's never any di
Denise (PS18E) [1683] and
None (PS18J) [1684] disasters like [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1685] thirty five minutes of bloody election
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1686] coverage!
Denise (PS18E) [1687] Probably is, but it's not
None (PS18H) [1688] Vote Bean!
None (PS18J) [1689] Why don't they have a big old disaster and see if they feature it on the news [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1690] Well they wouldn't.
[1691] It would have two minutes at the end!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1692] It makes you wonder what news
None (PS18H) [1693] Well
Denise (PS18E) [1694] there is to tell you!
None (PS18H) [1695] a runaway train has run straight through
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1696] And we're gonna need your head.
Denise (PS18E) [1697] Yeah.
None (PS18L) [1698] Well last night ... er
Denise (PS18E) [1699] And there's been an earthquake and everything
None (PS18L) [1700] there's the
Denise (PS18E) [1701] everybody's dead.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1702] Vote Paddy Ashdown.
None (PS18L) [1703] there's been eight miners trapped down in Yorkshire but ... the election
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1704] Cos you know what he does?
[1705] He always says, and we're the party that doesn't quarrel!
[1706] [laughing] Bloody hell!
[1707] What hell what an excuse is that [] ?
[1708] And they always say the same things and you think, oh you told us that yesterday.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18J) [1709] No I'm not voting for him, he's had an affair.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1710] That's the only thing he's got going for him.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
None (PS18H) [1711] Who's voting for Tory here?
Denise (PS18E) [1712] I might.
None (PS18J) [1713] Me, no.
None (PS18H) [1714] Anyone else?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1715] I'm sorry.
Denise (PS18E) [1716] I think I will.
None (PS18H) [1717] I think I will and all.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1718] Lesley goes by the majority.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1719] No!
[1720] I wo no!
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1721] No!
None (PS18H) [1722] I'm not going by
Denise (PS18E) [1723] [laughing] No [] !
None (PS18H) [1724] the
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1725] No!
None (PS18H) [1726] majority.
[1727] I mean, could you live with Neil Kinnock Prime Minister?
None (PS18M) [1728] He's a
None (PS18J) [1729] No.
None (PS18M) [1730] pillock!
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1731] Anyway, John Major's the
Denise (PS18E) [1732] You mean you could?
None (PS18H) [1733] only English one.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS18L) [1734] Tell you what, I prefer Maggie Thatcher back.
Denise (PS18E) [1735] Where's er ... where's
None (PS18H) [1736] Yeah.
Denise (PS18E) [1737] Paddy Ashdown from like?
None (PS18H) [1738] He's er
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1739] Irish.
Denise (PS18E) [1740] From Galway I think he is.
None (PS18N) [1741] He's a Paddy.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1742] He is Irish.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1743] Ooh! [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1744] Well I didn't ne it could be Patrick.
None (PS18H) [1745] Well, that's Irish.
None (PS18J) [1746] If Patrick's Irish, it's called Paddy doesn't it?
Denise (PS18E) [1747] Not necessarily.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1748] Well it doesn't!
None (PS18H) [1749] Not much.
Denise (PS18E) [1750] Tony's dad's called Patrick and he's not Irish.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1751] I never said he was, I just said that he's called Paddy.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1752] I don't agree.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1753] Like a [...] .
None (PS18H) [1754] Called Paddy O' really.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1755] It doesn't mean he's not Irish.
None (PS18J) [1756] Paddy O' . [...]
Denise (PS18E) [sniff]
None (PS18J) [1757] Oh!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1758] Now
Denise (PS18E) [1759] [laughing] Alison []
None (PS18K) [1760] I reckon we should all vote for Mr Bean!
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18J) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1761] I would rather vote for Bruce myself.
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1762] Mr Bean!
Denise (PS18E) [1763] The greedy party.
None (PS18L) [1764] Who you voting for?
Denise (PS18E) [1765] Jane, you don't have to go to Ireland to vote do you? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1766] [laughing] Oh right []
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18H) [1767] Her laugh!
None (PS18L) [laugh]
None (PS18K) [1768] Ah!
[1769] Com come on there.
[1770] Everybody's that bad.
None (PS18L) [1771] [laughing] No I mean, that was so funny how he taking this [] .
Denise (PS18E) [1772] I think he's funny, that's why [...]
None (PS18H) [1773] Well I don't think it's as funny really.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [laugh]
Denise (PS18E) [1774] [laughing] I mean, I think a lot of people wouldn't do that [] .
None (PS18L) [1775] [laughing] Yeah [] . [...]
Denise (PS18E) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Denise (PS18E) [1776] Are you gonna move back a bit missus?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1777] Why?
Denise (PS18E) [1778] Please.
[1779] I'll not be able to see the board.
Group of unknown speakers (KBUPSUGP) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1780] I think I'd rather, rather vote for Bruce .
None (PS18J) [1781] Who's he?
Denise (PS18E) [1782] He sings, I wanna be elected.
None (PS18L) [1783] I don't give a damn really!
None (PS18M) [1784] Is unity possible?
[1785] ... Well is it?
[1786] Bloody hell!
Denise (PS18E) [1787] What's that for?
None (PS18K) [...]
None (PS18M) [1788] Ah yes, but I did it like, like that though.
Denise (PS18E) [1789] Are you revising for that?
Denise (PS18E) [1790] We did that yesterday?
[1791] I can't remember writing that.
None (PS18J) [1792] You did.
None (PS18H) [1793] Yeah.
[1794] I remember writing that.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1795] No. [...]
Denise (PS18E) [...]
None (PS18H) [1796] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1797] That's what I said.
None (PS18H) [1798] More pain and more [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1799] And it began with A?
Unknown speaker (KBUPSUNK) [1800] Yes.
Denise (PS18E) [1801] Did the research and that.
[1802] Do all
Denise (PS18E) [1803] You made it up?
None (PS18H) [1804] I think this model's er
Denise (PS18E) [1805] That's amazing!
None (PS18H) [1806] erm
Denise (PS18E) [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1807] I'm impressed!
Denise (PS18E) [...]
None (PS18H) [1808] I know.
[1809] I'll, I think it'll be on the [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1810] Well that's all we did.
None (PS18H) [1811] and everything man.
Denise (PS18E) [1812] See what we'll be doing.
Denise (PS18E) [1813] So
None (PS18H) [1814] Er
Denise (PS18E) [1815] so was I, even though I failed them.
None (PS18H) [1816] I have got a bit about it.
[1817] Communication is one of those things that I'm not
Denise (PS18E) [1818] I'm not very confident about this one.
None (PS18H) [1819] Oh!
[1820] I'm not.
[1821] Well I'm going to work at Guild Hall.
Denise (PS18E) [1822] I was gonna [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1823] Oh!
[1824] Lucky you!
[1825] I wish I was going to work.
[1826] I'll have no excuse.
None (PS18H) [1827] I think you worry about, like [...]
Denise (PS18E) [1828] I'll have to do some work.
None (PS18H) [1829] [...] and hope that they're wrong cos you can't take it all in.
Denise (PS18E) [...] [...]