62 conversations recorded by `Dorothy' (PS087) between 13 and 20 March 1992 with 25 interlocutors, totalling 19706 s-units, 115332 words, and over 13 hours 0 minutes 42 seconds of recordings.

26 speakers recorded by respondent number 3

PS087 Ag2 f (Dorothy, age 34, teacher (pt), North-west Midlands, )
PS088 Ag0 m (Tim, age 3, student (private pre), North-east Midlands, ) son
PS089 Ag0 m (Christopher, age 5, student (state primary), North-east Midlands, ) son
PS08A Ag3 m (Andrew, age 36, purchasing manager, North-east Midlands, ) husband
PS08B Ag0 f (Elinor, age 14, student, North-east Midlands, ) babysitter
PS08C Ag3 f (Jane, age 40, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS08D Ag3 f (Diane, age 38, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS08P Ag3 f (Sue, age 40, teacher, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS08S Ag5 f (Margaret, age 60+, retired, North-east Midlands, ) stranger
PS08T Ag4 m (Roger, age 45, teacher) friend
PS08U Ag5 f (June, age 60, teacher, Canadian, ) acquaintance
PS08V Ag5 f (Jean, age 60, retired, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS08W Ag3 f (No name, age 40, secretary, North-east Midlands, ) acquaintance
PS0XJ Ag1 f (Jane, age 24, teacher, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0XK Ag2 f (Dawn, age 30, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0XL Ag2 f (Yvonne, age 30+, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0XM Ag2 f (Pat, age 30+, teacher) friend
PS0XN Ag4 f (Gwen, age 50, teacher/nursery owner, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0XP Ag3 f (Lily, age 40, nursery assistant, North-east Midlands, ) acquaintance
PS0XR Ag5 f (Marjorie, age 70, retired, North-west Midlands, ) mother
PS0XS Ag3 f (Ann, age 35, teacher) son's teacher
PS0XU Ag4 f (Rosemary, age 50, housewife, Home Counties, ) friend
PS0XV Ag4 f (Mary, age 45, drawing plans, North-east Midlands, ) friend
PS0Y4 X f (No name, age unknown, teacher, Home Counties, ) son's teacher
KBWPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBWPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

62 recordings

  1. Tape 022001 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating tea
  2. Tape 022002 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating tea
  3. Tape 022101 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: getting ready to/going out
  4. Tape 022102 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  5. Tape 022103 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( church ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 022104 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 022201 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating lunch
  8. Tape 022202 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: hearing 3 read
  9. Tape 022203 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( car/MacDonalds ) Activity: going to MacDonalds for tea
  10. Tape 022204 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 022301 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: relaxing
  12. Tape 022302 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  13. Tape 022303 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: relaxing
  14. Tape 022304 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: relaxing
  15. Tape 022305 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating lunch
  16. Tape 022306 recorded on 1992-03-14. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating lunch and afternoon activities
  17. Tape 022401 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: chatting after evening service
  18. Tape 022402 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: getting up and not going to school
  19. Tape 022403 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: getting ready to go to library
  20. Tape 022404 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( library ) Activity: talking
  21. Tape 022405 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in shops ) Activity: shopping collecting Tim from library
  22. Tape 022501 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: playing after lunch
  23. Tape 022502 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: dad coming home
  24. Tape 022503 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: meal time
  25. Tape 022504 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating tea playing games
  26. Tape 022505 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: friends have called
  27. Tape 022506 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: piano lesson
  28. Tape 022507 recorded on 1992-03-16. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: talking after piano lesson
  29. Tape 022601 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: opening presents
  30. Tape 022602 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in car ) Activity: going to play school
  31. Tape 022603 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in car ) Activity: taking Tim to nursery
  32. Tape 022604 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( nursery school ) Activity: settling 2 in at nursry
  33. Tape 022605 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch () Activity: meeting 31
  34. Tape 022606 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( 31's home/car ) Activity: collecting 3 for lunch
  35. Tape 022607 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( car ) Activity: collecting 2 from nursery
  36. Tape 022608 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( car ) Activity: collecting 2/3 from nursery/school
  37. Tape 022609 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( park ) Activity: chatting
  38. Tape 022701 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: opening present
  39. Tape 022702 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( out/home ) Activity: collecting 3 from school/making biscuits
  40. Tape 022703 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: making biscuits/eating tea
  41. Tape 022801 recorded on 1992-03-17. LocationSurrey: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating tea/relaxing
  42. Tape 022802 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating breakfast
  43. Tape 022803 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( out ) Activity: taking 3 to school
  44. Tape 022804 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: grandma arrives for lunch
  45. Tape 022901 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: having lunch
  46. Tape 022902 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( school ) Activity: helping in class
  47. Tape 022903 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( school ) Activity: helping in class
  48. Tape 022904 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( school ) Activity: helping in school
  49. Tape 022905 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( school ) Activity: helping in school
  50. Tape 022906 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( school ) Activity: helping in school
  51. Tape 023001 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: having tea
  52. Tape 023101 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( out ) Activity: taking 3 to school
  53. Tape 023102 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( church ) Activity: mums and toddlers club
  54. Tape 023103 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: eating tea/evening chat
  55. Tape 023201 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( home ) Activity: having breakfast
  56. Tape 023202 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( nursery ) Activity: talking at nursery
  57. Tape 023203 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( in car ) Activity: going to grandma
  58. Tape 023204 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( grandma's ) Activity: talking
  59. Tape 023205 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( car ) Activity: local shopping
  60. Tape 023206 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( grandma's house ) Activity: eating lunch
  61. Tape 023207 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( grandma's house ) Activity: talking after lunch
  62. Tape 023208 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationHereford & Worcester: Redditch ( out ) Activity: collecting 3

1 (Tape 022001)

Dorothy (PS087) [1] On the remote control, he wanted to do it.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2] Yes, you can switch it off if you want to.
[3] We can switch it on again later on so there's no worry.
[4] Are we going to do these fish?
Tim (PS088) [5] I'll go and use the bucket.
Dorothy (PS087) [6] Well I'll come and help you Tim cos we don't want it falling all over the place.
[7] ... Whoops.
[8] Careful careful.
[9] Oh that's the empty one.
[10] That's alright.
[11] Here's the full one.
Tim (PS088) [12] And and this is the empty one.
Dorothy (PS087) [13] Ooh!
Tim (PS088) [14] Now, this is.
[15] Have you cleaned up?
Dorothy (PS087) [16] [laugh] ... Hallo Bertie.
[17] How are you? [...]
Christopher (PS089) [18] Mum, do fish like people?
Dorothy (PS087) [19] Do fishes like people?
[20] Don't know, what do you think?
Tim (PS088) [21] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [22] Hallo Bertie Edward.
[23] Do you like us?
Tim (PS088) [24] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [25] Yeah?
Tim (PS088) [26] I want er
Dorothy (PS087) [27] You want to have your sleeves rolled up?
Tim (PS088) [28] Yeah er [...] got this shirt on.
Dorothy (PS087) [29] Yeah well we'll just undo the cuff.
Tim (PS088) [30] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [31] And roll it up.
[32] ... And there we are.
[33] And this one.
Tim (PS088) [34] Is [...] doing it?
Dorothy (PS087) [35] Well that's ... we need Christopher to do it as well don't we?
Tim (PS088) [36] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [37] Now whatever you do don't drip it all over me stereo.
[38] Okay?
[39] ... Who's gonna get the weed out?
Tim (PS088) [40] Me. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [41] Well you could perhaps do it together but be careful.
[42] Mind the fish.
[43] Whoops.
[44] ... If you drop it into this one with the clean water in.
[45] ... Whoops, look out cos it's dripping.
[46] ... Right, it's Christopher's turn then, you've had one turn.
Tim (PS088) [47] Can you
Dorothy (PS087) [48] Oh he hasn't got his sleeves done up yet look. ...
Christopher (PS089) [49] Only two.
Dorothy (PS087) [50] Two what?
Christopher (PS089) [51] Two arms look.
Dorothy (PS087) [52] True.
[53] You'd look funny with four wouldn't you?
Christopher (PS089) [54] [laugh] I I go and get a er a [...] . ...
Tim (PS088) [55] No but
Dorothy (PS087) [56] Just let me go and get the cups from the kitchen.
Tim (PS088) [...] ...
Christopher (PS089) [57] Mum, Tim is making me ... drop this and hurt the fish.
Dorothy (PS087) [58] Tim is making you what?
[59] ... Drop the ... mm
Christopher (PS089) [60] Drop this.
Dorothy (PS087) [61] That's it.
Christopher (PS089) [62] When can I do the bridge?
Dorothy (PS087) [63] Whoops.
Christopher (PS089) [64] I want to do the bridge.
Tim (PS088) [65] I do the bridge.
Dorothy (PS087) [66] Well as they're Christopher's fish we'll let Christopher do the fish ... d sorry do the bridge.
[67] Go on then.
[68] Whoops.
Tim (PS088) [69] No [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [70] Got it.
[71] Okay now then when we pu whoops ... that's it.
[72] Now I think we'll, that needs washing out doesn't it, that bridge?
[73] It's pretty ... mucky.
[74] Right, put the dirty water in this bucket then with the bridge.
Christopher (PS089) [75] I want that please.
Dorothy (PS087) [76] What the jug?
Christopher (PS089) [77] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [78] I think you'd be better with a cup myself.
Christopher (PS089) [79] No I want the
Dorothy (PS087) [80] No come on cos he might go and get the fish in the jug and then we'll be in a mess.
Tim (PS088) [81] Why will the fish go into the jug?
Dorothy (PS087) [82] Be careful because they don't want to be in a thunder storm.
[83] ... Hello fish.
[84] Are you alright in there?
[85] ... Yes thank you.
[86] Oh good. [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [87] I'm taking the bits out.
Dorothy (PS087) [88] Right.
Tim (PS088) [89] I I'm taking the bits out.
Dorothy (PS087) [90] Well just take all the, it's pretty dirty, look at the stones. ...
Tim (PS088) [91] We wash the whole bit out don't we?
Dorothy (PS087) [92] Mm.
[93] ... Okay.
[94] We need to leave them some to swim in before we catch them.
[95] Just a little bit more. ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [96] Gently Tim.
Christopher (PS089) [97] Why can't we leave them in that water?
Dorothy (PS087) [98] Well what do you think would happen to the poor things if left them in that water?
Christopher (PS089) [99] I don't know.
Dorothy (PS087) [100] Do you know that fish can't breathe unless they're in water?
[101] ... So if they're out of the water they die just like if we're under the water ... too long we die.
[102] ... Right, I think we should stop now and get them out of there.
[103] Stop Tim.
Tim (PS088) [104] I I [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [105] Can I borrow this, this cup now to fish these fish out.
[106] Fish the fish.
[107] [laugh] Come on fish.
Tim (PS088) [108] Fish the fish out.
Dorothy (PS087) [109] Here you come.
[110] Are you Edward or Bertie?
Tim (PS088) [111] Erm
Christopher (PS089) [112] Edward.
Tim (PS088) [113] let me see.
Dorothy (PS087) [114] Oh Chris was the expert.
[115] He knows.
[116] Whoops.
Tim (PS088) [117] Think that one is Edward.
Dorothy (PS087) [118] Right Edward, come on.
Tim (PS088) [119] Think that's Edward.
Dorothy (PS087) [120] Come on Edward.
Christopher (PS089) [121] Yes that's Edward.
Dorothy (PS087) [122] In here please.
[123] Thank you.
Christopher (PS089) [124] That's Edward. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [125] Right ... into the water.
Christopher (PS089) [126] That's bigger than the other one.
[127] But that's the ...
Dorothy (PS087) [128] Whoops.
[129] Bertie's disappearing.
[130] Come on Bertie, in this cup.
[131] Aha caught you.
[132] ... There we are.
[133] Now then I'll take those over there.
[134] You don't need to do that now look cos I can just carry the thing into the kitchen.
[135] Come and help me with the stones in the kitchen. ...
Christopher (PS089) [136] I've got some stones.
Dorothy (PS087) [137] No no.
[138] Don't get the stones out you dilly ... What a noggin!
[139] Right, let's take this into the kitchen and clean it up.
[140] Can you bring the bridge.
Christopher (PS089) [141] Bridge?
Dorothy (PS087) [142] Yeah we need the bridge but don't tip the
Christopher (PS089) [143] Take that one then.
[144] That's got the bridge in it.
Dorothy (PS087) [145] Try not to drip it everywhere though Tim.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [146] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [147] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [148] Can I get the water to [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [149] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [150] Can I get the water to go in it with the jug?
Tim (PS088) [151] Hello.
[152] I've finished.
Dorothy (PS087) [153] Yeah.
[154] We've already got some water.
[155] Ugh look, it's horrible.
[156] ... Ugh! ...
Christopher (PS089) [157] What do you have to put stones at the bottom for?
Dorothy (PS087) [158] Think we shall have to scrub these ... cos it's so horrid today.
Tim (PS088) [159] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [160] Mummy what?
[161] Oh my goodness.
[162] Let me help you.
[163] ... Thank you.
[164] I thought you were just bringing the bridge.
[165] ... Didn't realize you were bringing the whole thing.
[166] ... There we go. ...
Christopher (PS089) [167] Mum ... when you ... took it all back when there's a bit
Dorothy (PS087) [168] When we've what?
Christopher (PS089) [169] more water in ... when you're ready to put more water in, can I get the water and put it in the jug and pour it in?
Dorothy (PS087) [170] Yeah, if you want to.
[171] We've actually got clean water in there cos that's clean water that's in the bucket that the fish are swimming in now. ...
Tim (PS088) [172] Hello [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [173] Hello.
[174] I've lost the brush.
[175] We need a brush for this.
[176] Oh here we are.
[177] ... Right. ...
Christopher (PS089) [singing] [...] []
Tim (PS088) [178] My favourite dinner.
Dorothy (PS087) [179] Is it your favourite dinner?
[180] [laugh] ... Do you know what it is?
Tim (PS088) [181] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [182] It's meant to be cottage pie but I've put some
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [183] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [184] I've put some breadcrumbs on the top instead of cheese.
[185] Because we seem to like that at the moment don't we?
[186] ... It needs to go in the oven really.
Tim (PS088) [187] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [188] It needs to go in the oven really. ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [189] Pardon?
[190] What did you say?
Tim (PS088) [191] I really [...] this time.
Dorothy (PS087) [192] Really tatty?
Tim (PS088) [193] Mm.
[194] Really tatty.
Dorothy (PS087) [195] What?
[196] Oh you mean the stones.
[197] Yeah.
[198] It's quite ... it's quite erm
Tim (PS088) [199] Are the fish tatty?
Dorothy (PS087) [200] It's a long time, no no no, it's a long time we since we er cleaned them.
[201] It's just dirty really rather than tatty.
[202] Whoops. ...
Christopher (PS089) [203] [...] water at me.
Dorothy (PS087) [204] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [205] Tim's throwing water at me.
Dorothy (PS087) [206] Tim, what are you doing?
[207] ... Can you come in here Tim so I can see you please.
[208] ... Tim.
[209] ... Let's go and see what he's up to.
[210] Come on.
[211] ... What are you doing?
[212] You're not throwing water are you?
Tim (PS088) [213] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [214] No we'll all get wet if you do.
[215] Cos we're not, we don't want a bath. ...
Tim (PS088) [216] Why [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [217] Why what?
Tim (PS088) [218] Why do you need to wash the [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [219] Cos they're ... cos they're messy.
[220] Look you can see it's all brown.
[221] Ugh.
[222] ... If we just wipe round the outside of the tank though, I think that will help.
[223] ... Cos it's gone all funny inside, can you see? ...
Tim (PS088) [224] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [225] Whoops.
[226] ... Ugh look at that.
Christopher (PS089) [227] Ugh. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [228] I think it's the kind of food we're using cos it's different food from the ... food that we had at the beginning.
[229] It didn't seem to get as bad as this at the beginning.
Christopher (PS089) [230] Why didn't it seem to get as bad as this?
Dorothy (PS087) [231] I don't know.
[232] It just did n't. ...
Christopher (PS089) [233] Is it because mummy
Dorothy (PS087) [234] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [235] Is it because we've given them a different ... have we already used a pot up?
Dorothy (PS087) [236] Yes we used the little pot and then we bought that box.
Tim (PS088) [237] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [238] Hello.
Christopher (PS089) [239] Where's the little pot mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [240] What's your problem?
[241] ... You alright?
Tim (PS088) [242] I wanted to put water in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [243] You want to put water in?
[244] Well we'll just give them one more swish.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [245] Little pot mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [246] What little pot?
[247] The fish food you mean?
[248] ... Well the thing was, because we bought a box and the box ... was a bit flimsy, I thought we would put the new fish food into the old pot, you see.
[249] So the old pot has still got some in ... but it's really the new food.
[250] Do you see? ...
Christopher (PS089) [251] Why didn't you keep it in the box?
Dorothy (PS087) [252] There's still some food in there as well.
[253] ... Right, okay.
[254] If you want to put your jug of water in now, this is your moment.
[255] Do you want to get a jug ... full.
[256] Do you want to get some from the tap?
Christopher (PS089) [257] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [258] You can if you want to.
[259] ... Because it'll probably need more than what's in the bucket anyway.
[260] Tim, do you want to carry this?
Tim (PS088) [261] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [262] Do you want to carry this?
Tim (PS088) [263] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [264] This tank.
Tim (PS088) [265] Want to [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [266] Can you manage?
[267] Don't drop it will you?
[268] Shall I hold the cup.
[269] Don't drop it whatever you do.
Christopher (PS089) [270] Mum, do you want it up to
Dorothy (PS087) [271] Fill it up to the number one there look.
[272] That means one pint.
Christopher (PS089) [273] Mum could you
Dorothy (PS087) [274] What?
Christopher (PS089) [275] turn it on.
Dorothy (PS087) [276] Okay. ...
Christopher (PS089) [277] I've done it.
Dorothy (PS087) [278] There we are.
[279] Put the dinner in.
[280] Ooh.
[281] Oh well done.
[282] Right, away you go, see if you can get it in the
Tim (PS088) [283] Can I have the cup now? ...
Christopher (PS089) [284] Oh Tim don't make hole will you?
Tim (PS088) [285] No.
Christopher (PS089) [286] Right do it like this. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [287] Oops.
Christopher (PS089) [288] Tim's made a hole.
Dorothy (PS087) [289] I think you're doing it a bit roughly Tim.
[290] Can you do it more gently so the stones don't move. ...
Christopher (PS089) [291] Don't just pour it in one place.
[292] You're making another hole.
Dorothy (PS087) [293] Put, tip it on to the bridge and then you won't make a hole cos the bridge will be in the way.
[294] ... Oop!
[295] What a dilly.
[296] [laugh] ... Ah no.
[297] If you're gonna do it like that we're gonna have to stop you from doing it.
[298] ... Come on.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [299] Mind the fish.
[300] ... Poor things.
[301] ... That's better Tim.
[302] Oh no!
[303] Disaster.
[304] Move the video quick.
[305] ... Make sure it's dried.
Christopher (PS089) [306] It is dried.
Dorothy (PS087) [307] Oh!
[308] Now just watch it with those fish please ... while I get a cloth. ...
Tim (PS088) [309] The bridge is under water.
[310] ... The bridge is under water now, what will you do?
Dorothy (PS087) [311] Yeah.
[312] So is our room look. ...
Tim (PS088) [313] No it's not under water.
Dorothy (PS087) [314] It's a good job it's just water and not orange squash.
Tim (PS088) [315] Oh!
[316] I caught a fish.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [317] A fish went in.
Dorothy (PS087) [318] [laughing] Oh Christopher be careful []
Dorothy (PS087) [319] That was quite clever really.
Tim (PS088) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [320] As long as you didn't hurt him.
[321] There you go mister fish you can go for a swim now.
[322] Now look we've got a fish in there and a fish in there Tim so we must be careful now because otherwise we're gonna hurt them.
Christopher (PS089) [323] No there's only one in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [324] I think I'd better fish that one out do you?
Christopher (PS089) [325] Yeah.
[326] ... There's already one in there Tim now.
Dorothy (PS087) [327] Yeah.
[328] So when you pour the water don't go tipping it
Christopher (PS089) [329] There's already one in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [330] on top of him cos he'll get a shock.
[331] Let's have this weed out.
Christopher (PS089) [332] [...] one in there already.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [333] You gonna help the weed?
[334] ... Whoops.
[335] Alright.
Tim (PS088) [336] I can't take all of it.
Dorothy (PS087) [337] Woo er ... alright wait a minute now cos mummy's gonna fish this fish out.
Tim (PS088) [338] Er Mum, how do you think I caught it?
Dorothy (PS087) [339] Oh look at all the bits in there.
[340] I don't know how you caught it love.
[341] It was rather clever really.
Tim (PS088) [342] Yeah because when you catch
Dorothy (PS087) [343] You've just got to be careful because
Tim (PS088) [344] fish then
Dorothy (PS087) [345] if you're not careful you'll hurt them you see because if you ... touch their tails or their fins or something.
[346] There we are.
[347] Right now when you're tipping it in now I should use a cup now Christopher cos the jug will be too much water for them.
[348] ... Alright?
[349] Now just gently now.
Tim (PS088) [350] I I [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [351] Well watch where you're pouring Tim.
[352] Not on top of the fish please. ...
Christopher (PS089) [353] [...] use that but it's got dirty now.
[354] I'm gonna use that bit.
[355] [...] . I'm gonna pour it over there.
Dorothy (PS087) [356] Go on then.
Christopher (PS089) [357] But that isn't in the way of the bridge.
[358] Oh Tim.
Dorothy (PS087) [359] Whoops.
[360] ... Oh look, next door's got a new car.
[361] Unless it's a visitor.
[362] What do you think?
[363] Got a white one look. ...
Christopher (PS089) [364] Will that be enough water yet?
Dorothy (PS087) [365] Er ... bit more I think.
[366] ... Gently does it.
[367] That was a good one Tim, well done. ...
Tim (PS088) [368] Oh no. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [369] See if you can tip it without the bits going in then.
[370] Whoop ... whoop.
Tim (PS088) [371] I did.
Dorothy (PS087) [372] What?
Tim (PS088) [373] I did put a bit in.
Dorothy (PS087) [374] Oh well.
[375] Never mind.
[376] It will come out next week. ...
Christopher (PS089) [377] What happens if you put a bit in mum?
[378] ... The fish might think it's food?
Dorothy (PS087) [379] Well er I think those bits that are in there are really just bits of weed.
[380] I don't think it's anything too awful.
[381] What's this thing?
[382] ... Ooh.
[383] ... That's a funny thing.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [384] Will any [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [385] I should think so.
Christopher (PS089) [386] Or does it nearly
Dorothy (PS087) [387] Just a little bit.
[388] ... I think we've nearly got enough now don't you?
Christopher (PS089) [389] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [390] No we haven't yet.
Dorothy (PS087) [391] Well ... if we have too much more we shall ...
Christopher (PS089) [392] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [393] have it overflowing.
Christopher (PS089) [394] And we don't want erm it over if it gets
Tim (PS088) [395] I'll g
Christopher (PS089) [396] right to the top
Dorothy (PS087) [397] Mm?
Christopher (PS089) [398] we'll have to stop.
Dorothy (PS087) [399] I think we must stop before we get right to the top.
Tim (PS088) [400] Why?
[401] ... I think we're gonna have a [...] .
[402] This is a laugh.
Christopher (PS089) [403] [laugh] Not very easy to get now.
[404] Is it Tim?
Dorothy (PS087) [405] No.
Tim (PS088) [406] It is.
Christopher (PS089) [407] Look Tim put it down [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [408] Whoops.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [409] [...] not very much left in there now.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [410] [...] have you got it all here?
[411] ... Oh I think there's only a tiny tiny bit left.
[412] ... Now who's gonna get it [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [413] I'll tell you what look.
[414] You hold the cup and I'll tip the bucket, right?
[415] I'll hold your cup.
[416] ... There you go.
[417] All done.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [418] Right, we need a cloth now to wipe up the bits round the edges.
[419] ... What are you doing?
Tim (PS088) [420] I'm cleaning it.
Dorothy (PS087) [421] Well look why don't you have one of these then you can do it properly.
Tim (PS088) [422] Can I? ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [423] Now Tim don't wipe in the ... fish will you?
Tim (PS088) [424] Oh dear.
[425] It's in the fish.
Dorothy (PS087) [426] Well you're a silly billy you are.
[427] It's the edges you've got to do look, not inside it.
Tim (PS088) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [428] What about putting the roof on the [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [429] Yeah, we need the roof on don't we? ...
Christopher (PS089) [430] I'll put mine over the [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [431] Mm.
[432] Do you want to pick up the ... top, the lid please. ...
Tim (PS088) [433] I've got it. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [434] Except if we're gonna put food in we didn't ought to put it on just yet did we?
Christopher (PS089) [435] No but we could put food through there.
Dorothy (PS087) [436] Oh we could put food through there.
[437] No you want dry hands cos if you touch the food with wet hands guess what happens?
Christopher (PS089) [438] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [439] Can you guess?
Christopher (PS089) [440] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [441] It sticks to your fingers.
Christopher (PS089) [442] Have to wash our hands.
[443] ... [...] food.
Dorothy (PS087) [444] Yeah, just make sure, oh look at your trousers!
[445] Soaked.
[446] When did you do that?
Tim (PS088) [447] Mummy.
[448] Can I have [...] for a long time.
Christopher (PS089) [449] I just carried [...] fall off.
Tim (PS088) [450] I've not feeded the food.
Dorothy (PS087) [451] Okay well just dry
Christopher (PS089) [452] I haven't
Dorothy (PS087) [453] your fingers first.
Christopher (PS089) [454] feeded a long time.
Dorothy (PS087) [455] Well you did the ... I poured your, the water into your cup so it's Christopher's turn to ... feed them.
Christopher (PS089) [456] What about the box?
Dorothy (PS087) [457] Well you don't need the box love cos the box's got some food in but the ... that's got the rest of it in. ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [458] [...] washing my hands.
Dorothy (PS087) [459] Well it's okay about washing them, it's the dryness that matters.
[460] Are they dry, your hands?
Christopher (PS089) [461] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [462] Yeah?
[463] Go on then.
[464] ... No not too much. ...
Christopher (PS089) [465] Anyway I can't get too much really. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [466] You watch underneath Tim, see if they come up to the top. ...
Tim (PS088) [467] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [468] Are they coming? ...
Christopher (PS089) [469] Is that enough?
Dorothy (PS087) [470] I should think so.
Christopher (PS089) [471] Tiny bit more.
Dorothy (PS087) [472] Go on then.
[473] Just a little spot. ...
Christopher (PS089) [474] That's lovely.
Tim (PS088) [475] Is that going to come up? ...
Christopher (PS089) [476] They come up?
[477] No. [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh] ...
Tim (PS088) [478] They did.
Dorothy (PS087) [479] Well they're probably a bit shocked now cos they've got clean water. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [480] And their bridge is in the same place.
Dorothy (PS087) [481] Not quite.
Christopher (PS089) [482] Yeah their bridge was there, yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [483] Was it?
[484] Oh it doesn't matter. ...
Tim (PS088) [485] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [486] Good.
[487] That's that done.
Tim (PS088) [488] There's a er I just saw one eating food.
Christopher (PS089) [489] Yes it's gone up.
[490] Is that eating the food or eating the weed?
Dorothy (PS087) [491] [laugh] I don't know.
[492] I'm never sure if they eat this weed cos it doesn't look as if it's going anywhere. ...
Christopher (PS089) [493] Mum, can we watch [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [494] Can you watch what?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [495] The video?
[496] What do you want to watch?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [497] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [498] I haven't watched before.
Dorothy (PS087) [499] There isn't anything new, no.
[500] I haven't got round to videoing today cos I was out teaching this afternoon.
Christopher (PS089) [501] What about the [...] , the morning?
Dorothy (PS087) [502] Er ... I was out at Tesco's this morning.
[503] In fact I went to wave goodbye to grandma.
[504] I took her to the train.
[505] You'll never guess, when we got to the train station
Christopher (PS089) [506] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [507] when we got to the train station, guess what erm ... grandma had to catch?
Christopher (PS089) [508] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [509] A bus. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [510] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [511] Because the trains weren't running.
[512] They're erm electrifying the line.
[513] You know they're putting up the electric ... lines
Christopher (PS089) [514] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [515] overhead?
[516] ... Well, they've got to have a bus to get to Barnet Green I think.
Christopher (PS089) [517] Is that nearly finished?
Dorothy (PS087) [518] Er ... no.
[519] I think it's nineteen ninety three before it opens.
[520] It's nineteen ninety two
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [521] Next year.
Christopher (PS089) [522] Yeah that's when I'm seven. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [523] Er ... yes I suppose it will be.
[524] When you're seven. ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [525] Cos you'll be six this year won't you?
Christopher (PS089) [526] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [527] And seven next year.
[528] When you're seven ... it'll be finished.
[529] [laugh] That's a long time innit?
Christopher (PS089) [530] No it's not very very long.
Dorothy (PS087) [531] No.
[532] Be a while.
Christopher (PS089) [533] It's not about and hundred and hundred weeks is it?
Dorothy (PS087) [534] Actually it is.
[535] It'll be about
Tim (PS088) [536] Ah ah.
[537] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [538] It's fifty two weeks, fifty two weeks in a year
Christopher (PS089) [539] A hundred.
[540] Is it a hundred a hundred and hundreds?
Tim (PS088) [541] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [542] Oh Tim.
[543] [...] the microphone.
[544] You just pulled it down, it's supposed to sit on there.
Tim (PS088) [545] Mum.
Christopher (PS089) [546] Why have you have you got it on?
Dorothy (PS087) [547] Well a man came earlier on today and he said please would we record conversations that we have all the time.
[548] So you don't have to touch it, you just have to talk to me and just leave it sitting there.
[549] It doesn't matter.
Christopher (PS089) [550] Why do you [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [551] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [552] Yes? ...
Tim (PS088) [553] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [554] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [555] I
Christopher (PS089) [556] How does it ... test you on the jumper?
Dorothy (PS087) [557] It just picks up your voice.
[558] You know like in church?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [559] You know when we go to church and you have a microphone on, and it makes your voice go round all the church?
[560] ... Well it's a bit like that but instead of making it go round all the church it goes on to the tape.
Christopher (PS089) [561] This?
Dorothy (PS087) [562] So it records.
[563] Yes.
[564] There's there's a tape in my pocket look.
Christopher (PS089) [565] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [566] In there.
Christopher (PS089) [567] Why do you have to ... let's have a look at it.
Dorothy (PS087) [568] We'll have a look at it later on.
[569] Oh very, very tuneful Tim.
Christopher (PS089) [570] Why do you have to have it ... Why do you have to have it?
Dorothy (PS087) [571] Because ... there are some people that want to ... listen to what we say in our house, and what we say to each other.
[572] And then they can think about language and how people use language. ...
Tim (PS088) [573] [playing instrument] That's a funny sound.
Christopher (PS089) [574] What about in France?
[575] Well if you can [...] in Fr
Dorothy (PS087) [576] In France?
[577] ... No, it won't pick up our voices in France.
[578] But in France if they did the same thing they would be talking in French down their machine.
[579] Hello.
[580] ... Ooh, what a lovely tune.
Tim (PS088) [581] That's a funny one.
Dorothy (PS087) [582] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [583] [playing instrument] That's a funny one.
Dorothy (PS087) [584] It is a funny one.
[585] Now it's five o'clock.
[586] What time do you think daddy is going to get home today?
[587] Shall we guess? ...
Christopher (PS089) [588] Sixty one.
Dorothy (PS087) [589] Sixty one.
Christopher (PS089) [590] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [591] That will be a funny time.
Christopher (PS089) [592] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [593] There's no such time as sixty one.
Christopher (PS089) [594] Sixty one minutes.
Dorothy (PS087) [595] In sixty one minutes?
[596] That will be another hour and one minute, which will make it one minute past six.
[597] It's five o'clock at the moment and I don't know time he's coming.
Tim (PS088) [598] [...] aren't we watching telly?
Dorothy (PS087) [599] Cos he's supposed to come home early today but then he was in Pontepool yesterday so he might not be.
Tim (PS088) [600] I want to watch the telly.
Dorothy (PS087) [601] You want to watch the telly.
[602] What do you want to watch on the telly?
Tim (PS088) [603] Erm ...
Christopher (PS089) [604] [...] the new ... bone.
Dorothy (PS087) [605] Think about bones again?
[606] Oh!
[607] You like that one don't you?
Tim (PS088) [608] We keep having it.
Dorothy (PS087) [609] I'll tell you what, when I was in school yesterday I went into a classroom and there, hanging in a classroom, was a skeleton made out of cardboard.
[610] And all the children had made all the different bones and it was all hanging together.
[611] It looked really funny.
[612] ... Hello.
[613] ... Are you worrying?
Andrew (PS08A) [614] I am worrying.
[615] What's happened to my wife?
Dorothy (PS087) [616] Why are you ... why are you worrying? [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [617] She's gone to another planet.
Dorothy (PS087) [618] No no no.
[619] It's just a microphone dear.
[620] [laugh] I've been having one of my little do's again with men on the doorstep.
[621] ... We have to record all our conversations for a week, okay?
[622] Off and on.
[623] And then away they go to erm ... [laugh] .
[624] I'll get you the letter dear so you can read it.
[625] [laugh] . You can switch it off
Andrew (PS08A) [626] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [627] if you want to say anything too personal dear. &;
[628] 00010; ... Just hold on.
[629] ... [clears throat] ... Anyway, did you have a good shop?
[630] ... You what?
Andrew (PS08A) [631] Mhm.
[632] What's all this about? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [633] What do you mean tut?
[634] Don't you think it's fun?
[635] ... I told him you would think it was fun dear.
Andrew (PS08A) [636] [laughing] Did you [] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [637] [laughing] You'll soon get used to it [...] won't worry you [] . ...
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [638] Yes, it's the bones.
Andrew (PS08A) [639] The bones?
Dorothy (PS087) [640] Mhm.
Tim (PS088) [641] It's finished.
Andrew (PS08A) [642] What's the bones?
Dorothy (PS087) [643] Think About ... it's a science programme.
Andrew (PS08A) [644] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [645] It's not finished.
Dorothy (PS087) [646] It's got bones on [...] .
[647] Erm ... are you ready for your tea dear?
[648] ... Well tea's ready for you. [...] ...
Tim (PS088) [649] High speed.
Christopher (PS089) [650] High speed.
Andrew (PS08A) [651] A high speed.
Tim (PS088) [652] Have we been on a high speed?
Andrew (PS08A) [653] We have been on a high speed, yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [654] Why is there a high speed on there?
[655] What is it?
Andrew (PS08A) [656] It's called the Brunel experience.
Dorothy (PS087) [657] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [658] Do you know about this?
Dorothy (PS087) [659] No. ... [programme on telly about brunel's bridges]
Andrew (PS08A) [660] Remember that one?
[661] We've been across that one mummy.
[662] On our honeymoon.
Dorothy (PS087) [663] Oh.
[664] I don't remember that.
[665] When? [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [666] Nineteen eighty five.
[667] Fifteenth of er April. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [668] Did we go across there?
Andrew (PS08A) [669] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [670] Oh of course cos we went on the train didn't we
Andrew (PS08A) [671] [...] Penzance.
Dorothy (PS087) [672] down to Exeter.
Andrew (PS08A) [673] Penzance.
Dorothy (PS087) [674] Wherever that is.
Tim (PS088) [675] Is it teatime?
Andrew (PS08A) [676] Down to Penzance.
Dorothy (PS087) [677] It is really teatime Tim.
[678] We're just watching this cos daddy's excited.
Andrew (PS08A) [679] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [680] We have the problem.
Dorothy (PS087) [681] Have we recorded this then?
Andrew (PS08A) [682] I don't know. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [683] Oh I know what this is.
[684] This had started this morning before erm ... Rosie and Jim. ...
Christopher (PS089) [685] Mum.
[686] Does daddy have one of these?
Dorothy (PS087) [687] No, only me.
Christopher (PS089) [688] Does he [...] on one?
Dorothy (PS087) [689] [laughing] Yeah.
[690] Just told him [] . ...
Christopher (PS089) [691] Why do you, why do you want one?
Dorothy (PS087) [692] Well I don't particularly want one but it was just interesting.
[693] ... And if I didn't s
Christopher (PS089) [694] What's this then?
Tim (PS088) [695] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [696] Oh that's the headphones if you want to listen back. ...
Tim (PS088) [697] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [698] Yes Timothy.
Tim (PS088) [699] I want you come up [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [700] Have you not been to the toilet yet?
Tim (PS088) [701] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [702] Oh right.
[703] Come on then, I'll come with you [...] .
[704] Before I get the dinner out, and then when I come down it'll be dinner time.
[705] I'll just switch the oven off.
Tim (PS088) [706] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [707] I've just switched the oven off.
[708] ... [...] No not all night.
[709] We sleep with them on don't we? ...
Tim (PS088) [710] Ow!
Dorothy (PS087) [711] What did you do?
[712] Hit your fingers on the door?
Tim (PS088) [crying] ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [713] Yeah. ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [714] Here.
Tim (PS088) [715] I hurt myself on a big erm [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [716] You hurt yourself on a big stick?
Tim (PS088) [717] Yeah cos ... Ian gave me a prickly stick.
Dorothy (PS087) [718] Ian gave you a prickly stick and you hurt yourself?
Tim (PS088) [719] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [720] Oh that was silly.
Tim (PS088) [721] Ian ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [722] I don't suppose he thought it was prickly.
[723] He probably was k feeling kind because he thought he was giving you a nice stick.
[724] Right, let's go and get this dinner out. ...
Christopher (PS089) [725] [...] But did erm Ian hit us?
[726] Did Ian get pricked?
Dorothy (PS087) [727] Did Ian get pricked?
[728] I don't know.
[729] Did Ian get pricked Tim?
Tim (PS088) [730] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [731] No.
Christopher (PS089) [732] Well he didn't get pricked
Dorothy (PS087) [733] Just you .
[734] I expect he had a smooth stick for himself did he?
Tim (PS088) [735] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [736] Ian [...] what?
Dorothy (PS087) [737] Ian ... had a smooth stick.
[738] I expect it was one of these walks you know, and Ian found a stick and then he thought Tim would like one. ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [739] Don't touch it Tim.
Christopher (PS089) [740] But how did he how did he not get pricked?
Dorothy (PS087) [741] Tim?
[742] Ho how did Ian not get pricked?
Christopher (PS089) [743] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [744] When he picked the stick up you mean?
Christopher (PS089) [745] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [746] I don't know.
[747] Perhaps he just picked it up in the right place. ...
Christopher (PS089) [748] No, he didn't prick himself.
Dorothy (PS087) [749] Who?
[750] Ian didn't?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [751] No.
Christopher (PS089) [752] He didn't prick himself.
Dorothy (PS087) [753] Well I expect he just handed it to Tim and Tim picked it up thinking it was smooth.
[754] Turned out ... turned out to be prickly.
Christopher (PS089) [755] No what he what he did is ... and he
Dorothy (PS087) [756] Go on.
Christopher (PS089) [757] gave it to Tim and Tim holded it in the right ... he put it on the floor and Ian pricked him.
Dorothy (PS087) [758] Oh, could be.
[759] Don't know.
[760] How many
Christopher (PS089) [761] That's what
Dorothy (PS087) [762] sprouts can you cope with, two? ...
Christopher (PS089) [763] No.
[764] None.
Dorothy (PS087) [765] None, you're joking, you've gotta have one.
[766] I'll just leave one on there.
Christopher (PS089) [767] Mhm.
Dorothy (PS087) [768] Mhm.
Christopher (PS089) [769] [shouting] A tiny one [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [770] It is a tiny one.
[771] They're all pretty tiny. ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [772] I wouldn't touch that if I were you cos it's very very hot. ...
Christopher (PS089) [773] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [774] Taste alright?
Christopher (PS089) [775] Yeah. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [776] Excuse me mister fingers.
Christopher (PS089) [777] [laugh] I didn't taste, I only tasted the bread.
[778] So the bread's alright.
[779] No the bread's
Dorothy (PS087) [780] Oh good.
Christopher (PS089) [781] not very hot.
[782] ... Mummy.
Tim (PS088) [783] No the bread's not hot.
Dorothy (PS087) [784] Is that too much for you Tim?
[785] Will that be okay?
Tim (PS088) [786] That's mine.
Dorothy (PS087) [787] You choose it.
[788] Right, there you are then. ...
Tim (PS088) [789] Where's my
Dorothy (PS087) [790] This is very hot Tim, so don't touch whatever you do else you'll be crying.
[791] ... This is you now coming up.
Tim (PS088) [792] Me?
Dorothy (PS087) [793] Mm. ...
Tim (PS088) [794] Where's the other plates?
Andrew (PS08A) [795] Push by.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [796] Er
Tim (PS088) [797] [...] where's my other plate?
Dorothy (PS087) [798] In the washing up.
Tim (PS088) [799] These are big plate [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [800] Careful don't tip it off.
[801] Carry it straight. ...
Tim (PS088) [802] A big one.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [803] [...] bring this one.
[804] Can I bring this one?
Dorothy (PS087) [805] Mind your hands!
Christopher (PS089) [806] Can I bring this one and Tim bring the next one? [...]
Tim (PS088) [807] Tim's got his own [...]
Christopher (PS089) [808] No I bring one and then Tim brings one.
Tim (PS088) [809] No me ... bring this one.
Dorothy (PS087) [810] That's for daddy.
Christopher (PS089) [811] And I bring the next.
Andrew (PS08A) [812] Very very carefully.
[813] ... Okay [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [814] Is that alright for you daddy?
Christopher (PS089) [...] ... [...] ...
Andrew (PS08A) [815] No no no Tim [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [816] There you go.
[817] [...] got it. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [...] ...
Tim (PS088) [818] There.
Andrew (PS08A) [819] Right.
Christopher (PS089) [820] Mum this needs some more in.
Dorothy (PS087) [821] [...] I put your bib on Tim?
Christopher (PS089) [822] Mum, this needs some more in.
Dorothy (PS087) [823] It does, but it'll do for now.
[824] I've been thinking it's needed some more in for the last few meals.
Andrew (PS08A) [825] Yeah. ...
Tim (PS088) [826] That's enough.
Christopher (PS089) [827] I've not even put any on yet.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [828] Are you going to sit down properly please?
[829] Tim.
Christopher (PS089) [830] Mum, could you put some on?
Andrew (PS08A) [831] Legs in front of you, remember?
Tim (PS088) [832] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [833] No?
Christopher (PS089) [834] Could you put some on?
Tim (PS088) [835] [...] standing up [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [836] No no we don't stand up t to have our dinner do we mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [837] Oh no.
[838] Oh no.
Christopher (PS089) [839] Yes we do.
Andrew (PS08A) [840] We don't.
Dorothy (PS087) [841] Can you sit down properly please.
Tim (PS088) [842] Mummy, when are we starting?
Dorothy (PS087) [843] We're starting now so could you sit down on your ... on your bottom.
Andrew (PS08A) [844] But we can't start until he's s he's sitting.
Tim (PS088) [845] Will we start after prayer when we ... did?
Dorothy (PS087) [846] No, I want you sitting down now before we begin.
[847] Come on.
Christopher (PS089) [848] Why? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [849] Well why do you think?
Christopher (PS089) [850] Cos he might sit down in the middle
Dorothy (PS087) [851] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [852] of the prayer.
Andrew (PS08A) [853] Right, are you gonna say thankyou?
Tim (PS088) [854] [...] amen.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [855] Amen. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [856] Good grief.
Andrew (PS08A) [857] And what's the serviette for?
Christopher (PS089) [858] Nothing.
Andrew (PS08A) [859] For nothing?
Dorothy (PS087) [860] This family's falling to pieces.
Andrew (PS08A) [861] Who's falling to pieces?
Dorothy (PS087) [862] The family.
Andrew (PS08A) [863] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [864] No we're not really.
Andrew (PS08A) [865] It's the end of the week?
Dorothy (PS087) [866] Yeah.
[867] ... So, how's your day been then?
[868] Have you caught up with everything?
Andrew (PS08A) [869] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [870] [...] absolutely ridiculous.
Christopher (PS089) [871] Dad, I had a sweet today ... at ... at school.
Andrew (PS08A) [872] But Julie was saying [...] how desperately [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [873] Dad I had a sweet [...]
Tim (PS088) [874] Yeah he had [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [875] You had a sweet at school?
[876] Did you?
Christopher (PS089) [877] Yeah do you know why?
Andrew (PS08A) [878] Why did you have a sweet at school?
Christopher (PS089) [879] Because ... [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [880] I don't know.
[881] I wasn't there.
Andrew (PS08A) [882] It was someone's birthday wasn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [883] What was that lady ... [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [884] Julie?
Christopher (PS089) [885] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [886] She's been with you, hasn't she?
[887] In school all day.
[888] Or
Christopher (PS089) [889] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [890] whenever.
Andrew (PS08A) [891] Is she a student?
Christopher (PS089) [892] [...] For the week.
Dorothy (PS087) [893] Don't know what she is actually, she's sort of attached.
Christopher (PS089) [894] She's been for the week
Andrew (PS08A) [895] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [896] and today she's gone home.
Andrew (PS08A) [897] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [898] Maybe she's gonna be erm ... you know like erm ... [...] community
Christopher (PS089) [899] She's going to be a nurse.
Dorothy (PS087) [900] community service or something.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [901] She's going to be a nurse.
Andrew (PS08A) [902] Is she?
Dorothy (PS087) [903] On one of these schemes.
[904] You know these schemes?
Andrew (PS08A) [905] She's going to be a nurse is she?
Christopher (PS089) [906] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [907] In a hospital?
Dorothy (PS087) [908] Oh is she?
[909] Gonna be a nurse in a hospital?
[910] ... Oh well well then.
[911] ... So what was she doing with you then?
Christopher (PS089) [912] Not but she ... well she learned [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [913] she's not going to.
Dorothy (PS087) [914] No.
[915] She'll be going soon, perhaps.
Christopher (PS089) [916] Mm.
[917] Well it's going to be ages yet.
Dorothy (PS087) [918] And meanwhile sh yeah, meanwhile she's got to do something. [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [919] Is she actually in your class?
[920] ... This week then ... all the time?
Christopher (PS089) [921] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [922] Helping Mrs ?
Christopher (PS089) [923] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [924] But who wasn't there today?
Christopher (PS089) [925] Mrs .
Andrew (PS08A) [926] Wasn't she?
[927] Why not?
Christopher (PS089) [928] We had a different teacher today.
Andrew (PS08A) [929] Did you?
[930] Who was it today? ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [931] [laugh] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [932] Mrs .
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [933] It is our back door yeah.
[934] It's been banging all day because I can't be bothered to go out there and shut it.
[935] Aren't I hopeless? ...
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [936] Waking them up?
[937] Come on, if they're asleep during the day they ought to be woken up.
[938] Do you want to go out there and do it then, now?
Andrew (PS08A) [939] If you want to.
Dorothy (PS087) [940] Oh!
[941] [laugh] Okay, I'm guilty.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [942] I'm [...] .
Tim (PS088) [943] I'm guilty. ...
Christopher (PS089) [944] Mum ... mine's not hot.
Dorothy (PS087) [945] Actually mine's not too bad either.
Tim (PS088) [946] What's daddy doing?
Dorothy (PS087) [947] He's gone to shut the back gate cos mummy couldn't be bothered.
[948] She should have done it ages ago.
[949] It keeps banging in the wind. ...
Christopher (PS089) [950] Mm, it was very windy today.
Dorothy (PS087) [951] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [952] Wasn't it?
Dorothy (PS087) [953] Were you out in the playground in the wind?
Christopher (PS089) [954] Yeah.
[955] ... Actually it started to rain and when we had just got in the [...] then we had to get out again.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [956] Cos it was alright.
[957] ... It was a bit windy.
Andrew (PS08A) [958] It's very windy today isn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [959] It's rainy.
Andrew (PS08A) [960] Yeah, it is a bit of rain.
[961] [...] much.
Christopher (PS089) [962] [...] today.
Andrew (PS08A) [963] Just a little bit.
Christopher (PS089) [964] Just a little bit.
[965] I didn't [...] very much.
[966] I remember it going spot spot spot.
[967] But when we were in it was raining very hard.
[968] We saw loads and loads of [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [969] There was a rainbow today.
[970] Did you see the rainbow?
Christopher (PS089) [971] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [972] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [973] I saw a rainbow today.
Dorothy (PS087) [974] Did you?
Andrew (PS08A) [975] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [976] Mm.
[977] Where was it?
Andrew (PS08A) [978] [...] [...] .
[979] Certainly in Redditch anyway.
Dorothy (PS087) [980] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [981] I saw it [...] that way towards [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [982] Oh.
[983] But ... the one I saw was about half past two.
Andrew (PS08A) [984] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [985] I must have missed the one that you saw.
Christopher (PS089) [986] [...] two erm ... you get them all in different places?
Tim (PS088) [987] Where were we seed a
Andrew (PS08A) [988] Mm.
[989] You can get rainbows in different places.
[990] It depends where you are.
Tim (PS088) [991] a rainbow with Ann.
Dorothy (PS087) [992] You saw a rainbow with Ann?
[993] That would be the same rainbow as I saw I think. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [994] Today?
[995] Have you seen Ann today Tim?
Dorothy (PS087) [996] Mm.
[997] Guess what I've been doing today?
Andrew (PS08A) [998] What have you been doing today?
Tim (PS088) [999] I've been teaching.
Andrew (PS08A) [1000] You've been teaching as well, really?
Dorothy (PS087) [1001] [laugh] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1002] All day, or part of the day?
Dorothy (PS087) [1003] Just half a day.
Andrew (PS08A) [1004] Really?
[1005] Well this a this afternoon?
Tim (PS088) [1006] She was being a teacher.
Dorothy (PS087) [1007] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1008] Oh.
[1009] So what happened to you Tim then, if mummy was teaching?
Tim (PS088) [1010] I was ... remember what we said Ann Ann Ann.
Andrew (PS08A) [1011] Did mummy take you to school?
Dorothy (PS087) [1012] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1013] Ann Ann Ann, what we was talking about, Ann.
Andrew (PS08A) [1014] You were at Ann's house?
[1015] And play with ... Martin? ...
Tim (PS088) [1016] And
Dorothy (PS087) [1017] And Ian.
Andrew (PS08A) [1018] And Ian.
Dorothy (PS087) [1019] Apparently he had a [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1020] had a bit of a do didn't you, together?
[1021] Did you keep hitting each other or something?
Tim (PS088) [1022] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1023] Oh.
[1024] ... What happened with the Postman Pat and the ... what was it, Postman Pat and Fireman Sam or something?
Tim (PS088) [1025] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1026] And you didn't get on very well did you?
Andrew (PS08A) [1027] Didn't you?
Tim (PS088) [1028] No.
[1029] ... Don't want [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1030] Ann said they kept both wanting the same thing at the same time.
[1031] ... A bit traumatic I think.
[1032] Probably two afternoons in one ... week was a little bit too much.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1033] Mm.
[1034] Well ... Miss rang me up about twenty to nine and said could I come in for the day and I said you've had it for the day though ... consider the afternoon.
[1035] ... So [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1036] It was because Mrs was ill was it?
Dorothy (PS087) [1037] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [1038] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [1039] I wasn't in his class.
[1040] It, that's why she was panicking I think because ... she'd got Mrs off ... and she'd got June off.
Andrew (PS08A) [1041] Really?
[1042] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [1043] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1044] Both off sick or?
Dorothy (PS087) [1045] Mm.
[1046] So I think because I'd done her class once before ... she thought I'll [...] her in again.
[1047] [laugh] Apparently she's been off all week.
Andrew (PS08A) [1048] Really?
Dorothy (PS087) [1049] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1050] Oh.
Christopher (PS089) [1051] Who?
Dorothy (PS087) [1052] June .
[1053] Which is interesting because I think I saw her on Wednesday night.
[1054] Oh no, it was the week, a week last Wednesday wasn't it?
[1055] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1056] Mm. ...
Tim (PS088) [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1057] Yeah it was quite nice in her classroom today because
Tim (PS088) [1058] I do [...] you.
Andrew (PS08A) [1059] Yeah?
Dorothy (PS087) [1060] Four of the erm
Tim (PS088) [1061] I'll eat it when you eat it.
Andrew (PS08A) [1062] That's right.
[1063] You eat yours and I eat mine.
Dorothy (PS087) [1064] four of the problems had erm disappeared off with Mrs .
Christopher (PS089) [1065] I can do [...] [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1066] [laugh] One, two, three
Christopher (PS089) [1067] I'm ready to eat another bit.
Andrew (PS08A) [1068] Well look at that mummy.
[1069] ... Look at mummy's plate.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1070] Mm.
[1071] Who's the winner?
Christopher (PS089) [1072] My mummy.
Andrew (PS08A) [1073] Have a look at mummy's plate. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh] [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1074] So mummy can't have ... you won't finish first on pudding.
Dorothy (PS087) [1075] You what?
Christopher (PS089) [1076] You won't finish first on pudding.
Dorothy (PS087) [1077] I won't finish first on pudding?
[1078] I might do.
Christopher (PS089) [1079] You won't cos I'll be first.
Tim (PS088) [1080] [...] not you miss me.
Andrew (PS08A) [1081] I saw you had a drink of water. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1082] And Tim has been to nursery today.
Andrew (PS08A) [1083] You went to Holly Cottage did you?
Christopher (PS089) [1084] Oh and I got a letter.
Andrew (PS08A) [1085] And you got a letter?
[1086] Oh you wrote to erm ...
Christopher (PS089) [1087] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1088] Gwen didn't you?
Christopher (PS089) [1089] Yeah and Gwen [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1090] And she's written to you has she?
Christopher (PS089) [1091] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1092] And?
Christopher (PS089) [1093] Mum.
[1094] The letter's just there mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1095] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1096] I saw the letter that you wrote.
[1097] You said ... thank you very much ... for the duck's egg.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1098] Or something like that, did you?
Dorothy (PS087) [1099] Yeah.
[1100] Because he ... had it for breakfast.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1101] I don't know, you read it.
[1102] What did it say?
Christopher (PS089) [1103] It said ... it said
Dorothy (PS087) [1104] You'll have to read it to daddy after tea.
Christopher (PS089) [1105] It said [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1106] Ah that's right.
[1107] She said you're gonna ask the duck or something to lay another egg for you. [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1108] Is this one of the ducks at ... the place?
Dorothy (PS087) [1109] Yeah.
[1110] She's got three ducks and a drake apparently.
Christopher (PS089) [1111] What's a drake?
Dorothy (PS087) [1112] A male duck.
[1113] You know like there's mummies and daddies, ladies and gentlemen?
[1114] Well ducks and drakes are just the same.
[1115] Drakes are the gentlemen.
Christopher (PS089) [1116] So there's no babies?
Dorothy (PS087) [1117] Not at Holly Cottage, no.
Andrew (PS08A) [1118] How often do ducks lay eggs? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1119] Good question.
[1120] Don't know.
[1121] Apparently they're laying profusely at the moment.
Andrew (PS08A) [1122] Oh.
[1123] Have you seen them laying eggs, the ducks
Tim (PS088) [1124] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1125] at the cottage?
Dorothy (PS087) [1126] But they haven't had any success with ducklings.
Christopher (PS089) [1127] Come on, let's fight.
Andrew (PS08A) [1128] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [1129] [laugh] We got a painting today.
Andrew (PS08A) [1130] Oh. ...
Tim (PS088) [1131] And I bring my work home cos it's finished.
Andrew (PS08A) [1132] You finished your work Tim?
[1133] Well done.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1134] Yes we haven't [...] him that have we?
[1135] ... What's in it?
[1136] ... Counting things is it? ...
Christopher (PS089) [1137] Mum, I have lots and lots of books don't I?
Dorothy (PS087) [1138] You have lots and lots of books?
Christopher (PS089) [1139] At school.
Dorothy (PS087) [1140] Oh yes.
[1141] At school you do.
Christopher (PS089) [1142] And [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1143] Tim has one book at nursery don't you?
[1144] And a ... work book.
Christopher (PS089) [1145] One at a time?
[1146] Is everyone else [...]
Tim (PS088) [1147] Hello.
Dorothy (PS087) [1148] What?
[1149] ... It's not at nursery any more.
[1150] It's at home isn't it?
[1151] Because you finished it. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1152] [...] what happens if you get [...]
Tim (PS088) [1153] There's a new one.
Dorothy (PS087) [1154] You've got a new one now at nursery?
[1155] Mm.
[1156] Cos we've got the old one at home haven't we?
Tim (PS088) [1157] Mm.
[1158] [...] get it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1159] [...] didn't get it.
Christopher (PS089) [1160] What happens if he runs out of numbers?
Dorothy (PS087) [1161] Who runs out of numbers? ...
Christopher (PS089) [1162] How many [...] .
[1163] I wonder if he forgets what number he on?
Dorothy (PS087) [1164] I don't think it matters, does it?
Andrew (PS08A) [1165] What book you mean?
Christopher (PS089) [1166] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [1167] Don't think it matters.
Andrew (PS08A) [1168] It's not like your books where [...]
Tim (PS088) [1169] Come on.
Andrew (PS08A) [1170] I've finished mine.
Tim (PS088) [1171] You [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1172] It's not like your maths books where you have one two three four five six seven and so on.
[1173] She just makes it up as she goes along.
Andrew (PS08A) [1174] What am I supposed to do?
[1175] No, mind my drink.
Dorothy (PS087) [1176] She draws him pictures.
Andrew (PS08A) [1177] Mind. [...]
Tim (PS088) [1178] Mummy.
Christopher (PS089) [1179] [...] what happens ... if she runs out of books.
Tim (PS088) [1180] I've finished my tea.
Dorothy (PS087) [1181] Oh she won't run out of books, cos she'll make some new ones.
[1182] She makes her own.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1183] There is a little bit more.
Andrew (PS08A) [1184] Yeah, I don't want any more [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1185] There's a little bit more to eat dad, if you're interested.
Andrew (PS08A) [1186] No, full thank you.
Dorothy (PS087) [1187] Right.
[1188] ... Children?
Christopher (PS089) [1189] No [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1190] No?
[1191] Good gracious.
Christopher (PS089) [1192] I only don't want any carrots.
Dorothy (PS087) [1193] Oh alright then.
[1194] Tim?
[1195] ... Do you want some more?
Tim (PS088) [1196] No [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1197] No what, love?
Tim (PS088) [1198] No carrots and no [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1199] No carrots and no tomato.
[1200] I'll try that and see what, oh I can't do it like that. ...
Tim (PS088) [1201] No carrots please. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1202] [laugh] It's hardly worth it.
Tim (PS088) [1203] Oh.
[1204] A carrot.
Christopher (PS089) [1205] No carrots please.
Dorothy (PS087) [1206] I've done me best.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [1207] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [1208] How's that? ...
Christopher (PS089) [1209] A tiny bit more.
Dorothy (PS087) [1210] You've had the ...
Tim (PS088) [1211] 'Mato.
Dorothy (PS087) [1212] Well I'm sorry.
[1213] It's a bit difficult to get the tomato out cos it's all chopped in with the mince you see.
Christopher (PS089) [1214] I'll have the tomato. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1215] I'm sorry it's not cordon bleu dear like you've been having at Pontepool.
Andrew (PS08A) [1216] [...] It took hours to [...] at Pontepool.
Dorothy (PS087) [1217] Hour?
[1218] Why, what happened?
Andrew (PS08A) [1219] Well I seem to recall that we were in the place
Tim (PS088) [1220] [...] tea.
Dorothy (PS087) [1221] [laugh] I don't think so.
Andrew (PS08A) [1222] Do you do exercises every day?
Dorothy (PS087) [1223] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1224] You do.
[1225] You're keeping them up [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1226] No we haven't.
Andrew (PS08A) [1227] Well we did it last night till about ... ten o'clock.
Dorothy (PS087) [1228] I've been doing it. ...
Tim (PS088) [1229] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1230] I was very good at it wasn't I last night, don't you think?
Andrew (PS08A) [1231] Yes, yes.
Tim (PS088) [1232] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1233] Mm?
Tim (PS088) [1234] Want to do [...] after tea.
Dorothy (PS087) [1235] Well, we're not supposed to do exercises after we've just had our tea so ... we'll see [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [1236] So we'll see how things go [...] .
Tim (PS088) [1237] Oh well we haven't done it since [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1238] Since who was here?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1239] We have.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1240] Oh perhaps you haven't.
[1241] Perhaps [...]
Tim (PS088) [1242] We haven't.
Christopher (PS089) [1243] Dad.
Andrew (PS08A) [1244] Yes.
Christopher (PS089) [1245] It's too much.
Andrew (PS08A) [1246] Is it? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1247] Anyway, you were telling me about ... meals.
Andrew (PS08A) [1248] Meals?
Dorothy (PS087) [1249] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1250] What [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [1251] At Pontepool.
[1252] Taking a long time.
Andrew (PS08A) [1253] Oh well it was just this er meal we went out to in the evening.
[1254] [...] bar ... hotel restaurant [...] across the road.
[1255] [...] . Which basically means yeah they can't afford a tablecloth or whatever.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1256] Mum.
Andrew (PS08A) [1257] What's supposed to be so attractive about it [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1258] I don't know. [laugh] [...] [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1259] [laughing] I was really.
[1260] I mean it's [] [...] you know that means [...] a cafe
Dorothy (PS087) [1261] A place
Andrew (PS08A) [1262] without er tablecloths.
Dorothy (PS087) [1263] It's like that place with that cow pie.
[1264] I thought that was the most boring meal I [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [1265] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1266] Trying to be totally different and failing miserably.
Andrew (PS08A) [1267] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1268] Anyway, go on.
Andrew (PS08A) [1269] I prefer tablecloths to [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1270] Did it take a long time?
Andrew (PS08A) [1271] Yeah cos we ordered when it was [...] .
[1272] About an hour later it arrived but we were standing at the bar when we had er ... ordered it.
[1273] But that was, we were standing there for about an hour I should think it was.
[1274] And eventually they told us to go upstairs and sit down at the table.
[1275] So we did and eventually [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1276] [laugh] Was it any good?
[1277] When it came?
Andrew (PS08A) [1278] It was quite nice actually.
[1279] Yes it was.
[1280] Yes it was very tasty.
[1281] ... [...] but rather expensive [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1282] And this wasn't the hotel or anything.
[1283] Well obviously it was a restaurant.
Andrew (PS08A) [1284] This wasn't the hotel, the hotel was very posh yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [1285] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [1286] Presumably felt they couldn't afford [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1287] Couldn't afford a hotel meal.

2 (Tape 022002)

Dorothy (PS087) [1288] What do you fancy dear?
Andrew (PS08A) [1289] Erm ... some
Dorothy (PS087) [1290] Oh!
[1291] ... That's Tim's. [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1292] some
Tim (PS088) [1293] I don't want that.
Dorothy (PS087) [1294] What don't you want?
Tim (PS088) [1295] That.
Dorothy (PS087) [1296] What?
[1297] ... Oh Tim!
[1298] Don't.
Andrew (PS08A) [1299] Oh Tim Tim Tim.
[1300] No
Tim (PS088) [1301] [crying] I don't want it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1302] What don't you want?
[1303] The fruit?
Tim (PS088) [1304] I don't ... no.
Dorothy (PS087) [1305] Well you'll have to have some fruit.
[1306] I'm sorry.
Andrew (PS08A) [1307] Just have a little bit of fruit.
Tim (PS088) [1308] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [1309] You can have a cherry with it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1310] He doesn't want cherries.
[1311] Last time we had a I remember having a row about this before.
Tim (PS088) [crying]
Andrew (PS08A) [1312] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [1313] [crying] It's too much of that.
Dorothy (PS087) [1314] It isn't too much at all.
Christopher (PS089) [1315] Mum.
Tim (PS088) [1316] It is.
Christopher (PS089) [1317] [...] do you know what my [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1318] Now daddy, what do you want on this?
Andrew (PS08A) [1319] I would like some
Tim (PS088) [1320] It's too much [crying] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1321] Well just keep quiet and we'll talk about it in a minute.
Andrew (PS08A) [1322] yogurt please.
Christopher (PS089) [1323] I need I need
Tim (PS088) [crying]
Christopher (PS089) [1324] mum.
[1325] Guess what?
Dorothy (PS087) [1326] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [1327] [...] next to mine.
[1328] Then he had three.
[1329] And then he gave one back to me.
Dorothy (PS087) [1330] Did he?
[1331] Lucky you.
Andrew (PS08A) [1332] Ooh.
[1333] [...] nice.
[1334] Thank you.
Christopher (PS089) [1335] I said thank you.
Andrew (PS08A) [1336] Did you? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1337] Right Christopher.
[1338] You're er just happy to have anything are you?
Tim (PS088) [1339] It's too much.
Dorothy (PS087) [1340] You haven't got anything in there yet Tim.
[1341] Just hold on.
Tim (PS088) [1342] I want [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1343] Do you want another cherry daddy as erm?
Andrew (PS08A) [1344] Do you want a cherry or not?
Tim (PS088) [1345] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1346] Will you be wanting a cherry?
Tim (PS088) [1347] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1348] No.
[1349] I didn't think so.
[1350] Right.
Christopher (PS089) [1351] I want a cherry.
Dorothy (PS087) [1352] You've got loads of cherries, don't worry.
Andrew (PS08A) [1353] I've got three cherries.
Dorothy (PS087) [1354] So's Christopher.
Andrew (PS08A) [1355] Three cherries! ...
Christopher (PS089) [1356] I didn't never have [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1357] Now then.
[1358] Ice-cream or yogurt Christopher?
Tim (PS088) [1359] It's too much.
Dorothy (PS087) [1360] Ice-cream or yogurt dear?
Tim (PS088) [1361] [screaming] too much.
Dorothy (PS087) [1362] Just a minute.
[1363] We're not ready yet for you.
Christopher (PS089) [1364] [...] yogurt.
Dorothy (PS087) [1365] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [1366] Yogurt [...]
Tim (PS088) [1367] Mummy it's too much.
Christopher (PS089) [1368] [...] finished that.
Dorothy (PS087) [1369] I know.
Tim (PS088) [1370] It's too much.
[1371] I want to have an an ice-cream.
[1372] I want to have an ice-cream. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1373] Now listen, to have yogurt and ice-cream you have to have some fruit okay.
[1374] And what's more
Tim (PS088) [1375] [crying] It's too much.
Dorothy (PS087) [1376] and what's more you have to have more than that Tim.
[1377] Look.
[1378] I've put some banana in for you.
[1379] There.
Tim (PS088) [1380] Take one of those away.
[1381] ... Take one of these away.
Dorothy (PS087) [1382] That one there?
Tim (PS088) [1383] Yeah [crying] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1384] Right.
[1385] Is that alright now?
[1386] Are you happy with that?
Tim (PS088) [1387] Yeah.
[1388] ... Ice-cream.
Dorothy (PS087) [1389] Ice-cream.
Tim (PS088) [1390] Ice-cream with that. ... [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1391] Ooh ho ho ho ho.
Tim (PS088) [1392] I want that.
Andrew (PS08A) [1393] Ho ho ho ho ho ho.
Dorothy (PS087) [1394] There you go.
[1395] Satisfied? ... [...] all that fuss for. ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1396] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1397] [...] for mummy.
[1398] Remember.
Tim (PS088) [1399] It's tea.
Andrew (PS08A) [1400] It's tea is it?
Tim (PS088) [1401] Yeah cos ... tea we have just had.
[1402] This is tea though.
Andrew (PS08A) [1403] Right.
Tim (PS088) [1404] [...] had tea. ... [...] [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [1405] [...] the pudding that's still the tea isn't it mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [1406] Well it's all called tea really.
[1407] You have a first course and a second course and ... could call it all ... I don't know what you call it really, I never do know what to call it all.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1408] Toast, just toast instead of calling it [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [1409] No.
[1410] It's a bit like that, the same with porridge isn't it?
[1411] It's called that but ... eating breakfast.
Dorothy (PS087) [1412] [laugh] That's confusing.
[1413] ... Right.
Andrew (PS08A) [1414] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [1415] We'll sit down and eat soon.
Andrew (PS08A) [1416] Yes. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1417] Ah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1418] Well what did you get up to this morning [...] in your ... few minutes of freedom?
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1419] Or was it very hectic [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [1420] Well it was a bit hectic cos of having this phone call to say I've got to teach in the afternoon.
[1421] I thought I'd better do all my jobs which I thought was going to be spread across the d the day.
[1422] So I went to Tesco's first thing straight back from the nursery and guess what I forgot to do?
[1423] Take me list with me
Andrew (PS08A) [1424] Take your money.
Dorothy (PS087) [1425] No I'd got me money, but not the list.
Andrew (PS08A) [1426] So you did it from memory?
Dorothy (PS087) [1427] Mm.
[1428] And anything might happen. [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1429] Feel sick. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1430] I checked it off when I got back and it's not too bad.
[1431] Forgot about three or four things [...] .
Tim (PS088) [1432] What's that?
[1433] What's that?
Christopher (PS089) [1434] The juice.
Dorothy (PS087) [1435] The juice. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [1436] And then?
Dorothy (PS087) [1437] And then, after I'd gone round to Tesco's I went to see ... to collect grandma to take her to the train.
[1438] Which wasn't a train, it was a bus. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [1439] [...] Was that alright?
[1440] [...] . She got on the bus alright?
Dorothy (PS087) [1441] Mm.
[1442] There was one
Tim (PS088) [1443] Mum, is she going away?
Dorothy (PS087) [1444] Mm.
[1445] She's going to Manchester.
Tim (PS088) [1446] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [1447] To see ... Irene.
[1448] Do you remember Irene?
Tim (PS088) [1449] [...] Sunday.
Dorothy (PS087) [1450] Mm.
[1451] She'll still be in Manchester.
Andrew (PS08A) [1452] Yeah, we won't see her on Sunday.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1453] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [1454] Mm.
[1455] It'll be funny won't it?
Christopher (PS089) [1456] Was she mea ... were we meant to go to her house?
Dorothy (PS087) [1457] Yes, we were.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1458] So next time we have to stay at her house again?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1459] [laughing] I don't know [] .
Christopher (PS089) [1460] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [1461] We haven't really decided that but yes, I suppose we could.
Tim (PS088) [1462] Yeah [...] grandma's house.
Dorothy (PS087) [1463] You think we'll go to grandma's house?
Tim (PS088) [1464] Because we miss it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1465] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1466] Mm.
[1467] Did miss it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1468] We'll see what she says when she comes back.
[1469] Anyway, arrived at the station and there was this great coach standing there waiting to take them all to [...] .
[1470] It was blocking the whole of the car park.
[1471] ... So this car that was trying to ... get out was sitting there waiting and there was no driver in sight and people were rushing about all over the station trying to ... [laughing] find the driver [] .
[1472] Anyway it didn't worry us cos we were behind the coach.
[1473] But I did feel sorry for the man who was trying to get out cos ... he must have been in there for ages.
[1474] ... I suppose they thought that there wouldn't be anybody trying to get out cos the train
Andrew (PS08A) [1475] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [1476] wasn't due out.
[1477] ... So I just left her getting on the bus.
[1478] I didn't sort of wait till the bus had gone or anything.
[1479] ... I finally managed to get a ... a card for the wedding ... in Tesco's.
[1480] ... You know, I sent them a card, Mark and Trish.
Andrew (PS08A) [1481] Have you?
[1482] Oh.
[1483] Who, Mark and?
Dorothy (PS087) [1484] [...] Mark and Trish.
[1485] You know grandma's going to go to a wedding when she goes away?
[1486] That's why she's gone away. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1487] Why do you have to go away?
Dorothy (PS087) [1488] Well that's where the wedding is.
Andrew (PS08A) [1489] The wedding's in Manchester. ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1490] How would you get to the station?
[1491] ... To catch a train.
Dorothy (PS087) [1492] Beg your pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [1493] When you get to the station to catch a train.
Dorothy (PS087) [1494] When you get to the station to catch the train?
[1495] What do you mean? ...
Christopher (PS089) [1496] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1497] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [1498] If you're going to catch a train or a ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1499] Grandma went to the station to catch a train ... to get to Birmingham.
[1500] Yeah?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1501] And then she got another train in Birmingham.
[1502] Except she didn't get a train to Birmingham, she got a bus.
[1503] Well, she got a bus to Barn Green And a train at Barn Green to Birmingham.
[1504] ... Christopher knew earlier on that erm ... he was gonna be seven when the electrification was finished.
Andrew (PS08A) [1505] Really?
Dorothy (PS087) [1506] Did you, I mean, discuss this before?
Andrew (PS08A) [1507] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1508] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [1509] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1510] Well he will be won't he?
Andrew (PS08A) [1511] Due for completion in May ninety three.
Dorothy (PS087) [1512] Oh May ninety three.
[1513] So he'll be six then.
Andrew (PS08A) [1514] [...] .
[1515] Yes, he'll still be six won't he?
[1516] Nearly seven.
Dorothy (PS087) [1517] He'll be six.
[1518] Mm. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1519] I thought that was very er ... I suppose he said in two years, so five and two is seven.
Andrew (PS08A) [1520] Probably. ...
Tim (PS088) [1521] Go on, which is [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [1522] The one on the left.
[1523] Well, my left.
[1524] ... Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [1525] Were there any electrification trains there this time, or what?
Dorothy (PS087) [1526] Oh I don't know, didn't look.
Andrew (PS08A) [1527] Didn't look.
Dorothy (PS087) [1528] I was so busy [...] looking at the coach.
Andrew (PS08A) [1529] [...] was there last week.
[1530] [...] . Actually it was a train [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1531] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [1532] diesel train ... diesel locomotives.
[1533] Coach [...] .
[1534] People standing on the roof of the coaches putting [...] wires.
Dorothy (PS087) [1535] Oh!
[1536] Is that how they do it then?
Andrew (PS08A) [1537] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1538] They stand on the coaches?
Andrew (PS08A) [1539] They take the roof, they get some old coaches ... they take the roof off and put a new sort of flat board and you can climb up the outside.
[1540] So you're standing on the roof of coaches.
Dorothy (PS087) [1541] [laughing] [...] [] .
Andrew (PS08A) [1542] It's about the right height to er well [...] the overhead lines.
[1543] He said they had the wires all streaming down the platform so they had to wire up, close off the platform ... [...] .
Tim (PS088) [1544] Dad, I want to [...] .
[1545] ... Dad ... you [...] dad. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1546] I want to get you ready for bed early tonight.
[1547] Do you know what's going to happen tonight?
Tim (PS088) [1548] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [1549] Mummy and daddy are gonna go out.
[1550] ... And Ellie's going to ... be here.
[1551] So she'll put you to bed.
Tim (PS088) [1552] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1553] Remember Ellie?
Christopher (PS089) [1554] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1555] Eleanor.
[1556] I think [...] when you see Ellie [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1557] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [1558] When you see her you'll know her.
Tim (PS088) [1559] We [...] teddy bears [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1560] I'll get you all ready for bed.
[1561] And she'll
Andrew (PS08A) [1562] Mm.
[1563] I expect you'll [...] ready.
[1564] You'll probably just about be in bed.
Dorothy (PS087) [1565] She'll play with you for a bit.
[1566] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [1567] I expect Tim will be in bed won't he?
[1568] Just about.
Dorothy (PS087) [1569] Well.
[1570] She'll come in at seven.
Andrew (PS08A) [1571] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1572] So she can play with them for a little bit. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [1573] So they will be all ready so
Dorothy (PS087) [1574] Oh yes.
[1575] They will be all ready.
Christopher (PS089) [1576] [...] that, dad.
Tim (PS088) [1577] And we're gonna [...]
Christopher (PS089) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1578] There's no letter in here.
[1579] It's an old empty envelope.
Dorothy (PS087) [...] ...
Andrew (PS08A) [1580] There's no letter.
Christopher (PS089) [1581] I'm gonna get letter cos I [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1582] [...] who who's the letter for?
[1583] Can you see who it's for?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1584] That's right.
[1585] Can you see what it says?
[1586] It says mister ... Christopher
Christopher (PS089) [...] ...
Tim (PS088) [1587] What's he doing?
Dorothy (PS087) [1588] [...] .
[1589] Is it on the floor somewhere?
Christopher (PS089) [1590] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1591] On the settee.
[1592] You had it on the settee a bit ago.
[1593] ... On the floor under the settee? ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1594] Don't know.
Christopher (PS089) [1595] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [1596] Well done.
Dorothy (PS087) [1597] That looks like it.
Christopher (PS089) [1598] Let's see [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1599] Very posh paper.
Andrew (PS08A) [1600] It is.
[1601] Ooh.
[1602] Is it the picture of school pa oh yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [1603] Holly Cottage ... .
[1604] Now what does it say?
[1605] Read it to me.
Christopher (PS089) [1606] Dear [...] , thank you for [...]
Tim (PS088) [1607] [shouting] Mummy.
[1608] Mummy [] . ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1609] [laughing] Don't know why you were shouting at me [] .
Tim (PS088) [1610] I gone say that.
Dorothy (PS087) [1611] What?
Tim (PS088) [1612] [kiss] That I like you [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [kiss]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1613] [laugh] Do you think they will? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1614] I hope she can ... talk duck language.
[1615] Quack quack quack quack quack quack ... quack quack. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1616] [...] talk to ducks.
Dorothy (PS087) [1617] She won't really.
[1618] I think she's just pretending. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1619] Mum, can you talk to ducks?
Dorothy (PS087) [1620] Well you can try.
Christopher (PS089) [1621] Do you have to talk ... duck language. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1622] Well I always ... I always try quacking at ducks and they seem to quack back.
[1623] [...] if I know what they're saying.
Tim (PS088) [crying]
Christopher (PS089) [1624] [...] I can juggling.
Dorothy (PS087) [1625] You're juggling?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1626] You are an ass.
Christopher (PS089) [1627] See.
[1628] I caught it in the other hand.
Dorothy (PS087) [1629] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [1630] Look watch.
[1631] I've thrown it over and catch it in the other hand.
Dorothy (PS087) [1632] Brilliant.
[1633] Now you need to do it with two.
[1634] There's another one on the floor down there.
Tim (PS088) [1635] Juggling.
[1636] That's like juggling like [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1637] [...] juggling.
[1638] This will be interesting, see whether he can do it.
[1639] Go on.
[1640] ... Whoa, missed.
Christopher (PS089) [1641] I nearly did it [laugh] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1642] Nearly. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [1643] Oh dear.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh] [...]
Tim (PS088) [1644] Oh.
[1645] [...] can't do juggling. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [1646] Both of them went.
Dorothy (PS087) [1647] [...] [laugh] What are we living in dear?
Christopher (PS089) [1648] Nearly got it.
[1649] I got one.
Andrew (PS08A) [1650] A madhouse.
Tim (PS088) [1651] Silly jobby jobby jilly [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1652] I nearly got it mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [1653] I think we need a clo oh there's some more fruit here.
[1654] Does anybody want any of this?
Christopher (PS089) [1655] Yes yes yes yippee yippee yes.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1656] Well just sit yourself down.
Tim (PS088) [1657] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [1658] Daddy?
Andrew (PS08A) [1659] No.
[1660] I'm full thanks.
Christopher (PS089) [1661] Can I have some frozen yogurt with it?
Dorothy (PS087) [1662] Well you could if there was any.
Christopher (PS089) [1663] But is there any?
Dorothy (PS087) [1664] No.
Christopher (PS089) [1665] Can I have some ice-cream then?
Dorothy (PS087) [1666] Er ... you can do if there is any.
[1667] Would you like to pass your bowl over
Tim (PS088) [1668] Oh [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1669] please.
[1670] Tim are you wanting any fruit?
Christopher (PS089) [1671] There you are.
Tim (PS088) [1672] It's empty.
Dorothy (PS087) [1673] Are you wanting any fruit?
[1674] ... Tim?
Tim (PS088) [1675] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1676] Are you sure?
Tim (PS088) [1677] Mm.
[1678] It's empty.
[1679] You can't have any more.
[1680] You can't allowed
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1681] any more.
[1682] Empty.
[1683] ... No I can't have any more.
Christopher (PS089) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1684] Ah ah only ice-cream.
[1685] ... Is there any ice-cream please? ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1686] People do have some [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [...] ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1687] [...] the same ice-cream.
[1688] Same one?
Dorothy (PS087) [1689] It's the same ice-cream that we had before, yeah.
[1690] At least it would be if I could get into it.
Tim (PS088) [1691] That's funny.
[1692] Your one's empty.
Dorothy (PS087) [1693] It's beginning to melt.
Andrew (PS08A) [...] ...
Tim (PS088) [1694] Melt?
Dorothy (PS087) [1695] Mhm.
Christopher (PS089) [1696] Mummy I want a tiny bit more please.
Dorothy (PS087) [1697] Do you want some?
Christopher (PS089) [1698] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [1699] I just have a bit more.
Dorothy (PS087) [1700] I don't think so, I think you've had enough really.
Tim (PS088) [1701] [crying] I no I haven't had enough [] .
[1702] Look.
Dorothy (PS087) [1703] You had loads the first time round. ...
Tim (PS088) [1704] A lot please.
[1705] That's a lot. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1706] [snore] [laugh] Pop goes [...] Christopher and Tim [...]
Tim (PS088) [1707] [laughing] No [] .
[1708] No.
[1709] We're not gonna go pop.
Andrew (PS08A) [1710] You might.
[1711] Eating all that ice-cream. ...
Tim (PS088) [1712] We won't.
Andrew (PS08A) [1713] You might. ...
Tim (PS088) [1714] Like pop goes the weasel. [laugh] ...
Christopher (PS089) [1715] Make it into coloured juice.
[1716] ... Look mum ... all mushy it turns into cream.
[1717] Cos if you didn't have ... [...] mm mm.
[1718] ... I'm making cream mum.
[1719] Mummy ... mummy ... I'm making cream.
Tim (PS088) [1720] [...] Ugh it's slimy.
Christopher (PS089) [1721] There. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1722] Are we supposed to take anything for this do tonight?
Andrew (PS08A) [1723] Like what?
Dorothy (PS087) [1724] Well I don't know really.
Andrew (PS08A) [1725] Dunno.
[1726] Suppose a notebook might come in useful ... to jot anything down ... or whatever.
Christopher (PS089) [1727] Well why do you have to go mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [1728] Well it's a course that erm ... Alan's [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1729] There's a what love?
Andrew (PS08A) [1730] A piece of paper that they give you which [...] tells us what [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1731] And where is that paper?
Andrew (PS08A) [1732] Have you got it?
Dorothy (PS087) [1733] No idea where it is, do you?
[1734] ... It's in the drawer, down there.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1735] Mm.
[1736] ... Did it tell us what we were doing then?
Andrew (PS08A) [1737] Well it told you what the subject titles were.
Dorothy (PS087) [1738] Oh did it?
[1739] I didn't know that.
[1740] What are they?
Andrew (PS08A) [1741] I dunno. [...] find this paper
Dorothy (PS087) [1742] [laugh] Oh dear.
[1743] Don't feel very organized for it, do you?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1744] I feel awfully shattered cos
Dorothy (PS087) [1745] And me.
Andrew (PS08A) [1746] I feel [...]
Tim (PS088) [1747] [shouting] Dad [] .
[1748] Daddy.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1749] [...] tomorrow [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [1750] Will you?
[1751] Will you?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1752] Yes.
[1753] Yes dear?
Tim (PS088) [1754] I'm I'm having [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [1755] Are you?
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1756] Look.
Christopher (PS089) [1757] It is tomorrow isn't it daddy?
Andrew (PS08A) [1758] I'm not, we do normally have porridge for breakfast.
Dorothy (PS087) [1759] On Saturdays.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1760] I I'm having [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [1761] [...] Friday, Saturday.
[1762] Today's Friday and it's Saturday tomorrow.
[1763] ... So we ha ha porridge today, no. [...]
Tim (PS088) [1764] I'm not [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [1765] Or we can have ... [...] in the morning.
[1766] Porridge please. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1767] What now?
Christopher (PS089) [1768] Could you go and get the porridge please.
Dorothy (PS087) [1769] Yeah okay.
Christopher (PS089) [1770] Go on then.
Dorothy (PS087) [1771] Here it is.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [1772] Don't! [...] porridge.
Dorothy (PS087) [1773] Here you are.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1774] You can't cope?
[1775] Do you need a rest?
Andrew (PS08A) [1776] I can't cope.
Dorothy (PS087) [1777] Do you want to go and shimmy off while I get them ready for bed?
Andrew (PS08A) [1778] No.
[1779] I'll cope with the washing up.
Dorothy (PS087) [1780] That would be a [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [scream]
Dorothy (PS087) [1781] [...] sort of job.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1782] Just don't make yourself sick.
Andrew (PS08A) [1783] [...] tonight we'll just have to er
Dorothy (PS087) [1784] explain what there was that went on.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1785] But it'll be different won't it?
[1786] I mean somebody's talking to you about something different. [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1787] I've got a good idea, I'm gonna [...] mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1788] So long as what?
[1789] You're awake.
Andrew (PS08A) [1790] I tell you what, I don't want a two hour lecture.
Dorothy (PS087) [1791] Is it going to be a two hour lecture?
Andrew (PS08A) [1792] I don't know.
[1793] Don't know what the format is.
Dorothy (PS087) [1794] Oy!
[1795] ... Stop.
[1796] Well it won't be will it?
[1797] Because there will be
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1798] Pardon?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1799] Tim, please stop cos I can't hear daddy think ... let alone hear him talk.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1800] I think this meal is finished, do you?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1801] Ellie?
Andrew (PS08A) [1802] ever done anything like this before?
Dorothy (PS087) [1803] [...] She's done [...] old telephone number.
[1804] She said she'd [...] the family.
[1805] ... Yeah, there's four of them, so
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1806] Mum, see if I get it right.
[1807] ... Did I get it right mummy?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1808] No.
[1809] You missed.
[1810] I think you're throwing it too high, that's your trouble.
Andrew (PS08A) [1811] What age did you use to babysit?
Christopher (PS089) [1812] [shouting] I did it mum [] .
[1813] I did a juggle.
Dorothy (PS087) [1814] Fourteen.
Andrew (PS08A) [1815] And how old is she
Christopher (PS089) [1816] I did a juggle mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [1817] Fourteen.
Andrew (PS08A) [1818] Fourteen?
Christopher (PS089) [1819] I can do it mum.
Andrew (PS08A) [1820] What's the legal minimum age [...] ?
Christopher (PS089) [1821] [shouting] Look I can do it.
[1822] Mummy, look.
[1823] I can do juggling.
[1824] I can juggle with two.
[1825] Watch mum. [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1826] [...] is that a problem then?
Andrew (PS08A) [1827] Dunno. [...] don't know.
[1828] I don't know [...] legal [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1829] [...] she's gonna [...] if there's any trouble won't she?
Andrew (PS08A) [1830] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [1831] Watch my juggling mum.
Andrew (PS08A) [1832] as long as she knows what to do [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1833] Well, that's what we'll tell her to do. [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [1834] Watch my juggling.
Dorothy (PS087) [1835] And we'll give her a phone number.
Tim (PS088) [1836] Mummy!
Andrew (PS08A) [1837] Yeah. [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1838] Watch my juggling.
Dorothy (PS087) [1839] I'm watching.
[1840] ... Wonderful.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1841] It's [...] tomorrow so that's okay.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1842] What these two?
Andrew (PS08A) [1843] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1844] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [1845] This noisy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1846] No.
Christopher (PS089) [1847] What? ...
Tim (PS088) [1848] See my hands?
[1849] ... See my hands?
Dorothy (PS087) [1850] I've seen those hands.
Christopher (PS089) [1851] I need to do it short.
Tim (PS088) [1852] See my hands again.
Dorothy (PS087) [1853] No the back one's ... messy. ...
Tim (PS088) [1854] That's it.
Dorothy (PS087) [1855] Well there's still some ... dirt there look.
Christopher (PS089) [1856] I can do it.
[1857] ... I can do it [...] .
[1858] I can do juggling.
[1859] See, did you see that?
Tim (PS088) [1860] Yeah, watch. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1861] I don't [...] .
[1862] I can do it better.
[1863] ... I can do it better.
[1864] I do it small but [...]
Tim (PS088) [1865] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [1866] Yeah?
Christopher (PS089) [1867] Did it.
Christopher (PS089) [1868] Mum I can juggle it [...]
Tim (PS088) [1869] Look that's not food.
Dorothy (PS087) [1870] Isn't it?
[1871] What's that then?
[1872] That's a spot.
Tim (PS088) [1873] Spot.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1874] [...] food.
Dorothy (PS087) [1875] Mm.
[1876] Dry your face then cos your face is a mess.
Christopher (PS089) [1877] Mummy ca ... mum, have you got any balls?
Dorothy (PS087) [1878] Yes I have.
Christopher (PS089) [1879] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [1880] But none that you can juggle with inside here.
Christopher (PS089) [1881] Why? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1882] Because balls are for outside.
[1883] I think you need to go to the toilet the way you're jiggling around.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1884] Go ... to ... the ... toilet.
Christopher (PS089) [1885] I don't need to.
Dorothy (PS087) [1886] Yeah you could make balls with newspaper if you wanted.
Christopher (PS089) [1887] Mhm.
[1888] ... Or I can get some paper and put it over [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1889] But ... these need folding up and putting away.
Christopher (PS089) [1890] What I need to [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1891] Surprise surprise. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [scream]
Dorothy (PS087) [1892] Good gracious [laugh] .
[1893] ... Right, one pair of pyjamas for you.
Christopher (PS089) [1894] Me.
Tim (PS088) [scream]
Dorothy (PS087) [1895] Right, who's gonna get ready first then?
Christopher (PS089) [1896] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [1897] Well Tim's half ready. ...
Tim (PS088) [1898] I'm doing half.
Dorothy (PS087) [1899] Whoops a daisy.
[1900] Are you alright?
Tim (PS088) [1901] I nearly fell off my bed.
Dorothy (PS087) [1902] I think you did fall off your bed.
Tim (PS088) [1903] [...] get my socks off.
Dorothy (PS087) [1904] Can you get your socks off?
[1905] . Oh look at these patches.
[1906] They're coming off already.
[1907] Tut oh that's
Tim (PS088) [1908] That's because, guess what's been happening?
Dorothy (PS087) [1909] Go on?
Tim (PS088) [1910] Chris has been pulling them.
Dorothy (PS087) [1911] Oh he's not!
Tim (PS088) [1912] He has.
Dorothy (PS087) [1913] Would you tell him that I've ... carefully s did those on.
[1914] And I don't want them pulled off thank you very much, tell him. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1915] He doesn't
Tim (PS088) [1916] He always says anyway.
Dorothy (PS087) [1917] Because if he ... if he pulls those off, there's gonna be a hole underneath there, and then we're gonna have holy trousers again.
Tim (PS088) [1918] And guess what he's ... he did?
Dorothy (PS087) [1919] What?
Tim (PS088) [1920] He said can I pull it open?
[1921] I said no.
Dorothy (PS087) [1922] And what did you say?
[1923] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [1924] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [1925] Oh [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [1926] I'm gonna get stuck.
Dorothy (PS087) [1927] Was this during story time or something?
Tim (PS088) [1928] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [1929] Was this during story time or something?
Tim (PS088) [1930] No erm first [...] became ... he came over to me and [...] started to ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1931] Well please tell him that your mummy says please would you not do that again.
[1932] Cos I know it's bad ... bad enough having patches let alone having ... somebody pull them off. ...
Tim (PS088) [1933] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [1934] Mm.
[1935] ... You're doing well there Tim.
Tim (PS088) [1936] I'm not.
Dorothy (PS087) [1937] I think you are.
[1938] You've done most of the buttons.
[1939] Shall I do your top one for you? ...
Tim (PS088) [1940] One of the, my buttons is ... [...] do your buttons first.
Christopher (PS089) [1941] Oop I've already d undone that.
[1942] ... [...] . Right, who's going to put their pyjamas on now?
Tim (PS088) [1943] Me.
Christopher (PS089) [1944] First.
[1945] ... I'm gonna get
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [1946] I don't really need to take my vest off. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1947] Do you think it's going to be a cold night tonight or a hot night?
Christopher (PS089) [1948] No I keep my vest on.
Dorothy (PS087) [1949] Alright, you keep it on.
Tim (PS088) [1950] I'm not.
Christopher (PS089) [1951] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [1952] You want yours off? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [1953] Think I'm gonna win. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1954] What about me?
Tim (PS088) [1955] Oh no!
[1956] I'm gonna win.
[1957] ... [...] Think we've both gonna win.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1958] Can't find the trousers.
[1959] Well I can't find Tim's trousers at all.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [1960] There you are. ...
Christopher (PS089) [1961] Tim's found his trousers
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1962] Well you try and get those on while I just put these on ... the right way round.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1963] I should sit down to the job Tim and you won't fall over.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1964] That's good.
[1965] And the other one in. ...
Tim (PS088) [1966] Help.
Dorothy (PS087) [1967] You're trying to put them in the same leg darling.
[1968] Try again.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1969] There you are.
[1970] ... Whoops.
Tim (PS088) [1971] Me.
[1972] Think I'm gonna win.
Dorothy (PS087) [1973] Do your teeth next.
Tim (PS088) [1974] Think I'm gonna win. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [1975] You've got more teeth than Christopher at the moment haven't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [1976] That's mine!
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1977] Ah, can't you get him his toothbrush you rotten thing?
[1978] You're a bit mingy.
Christopher (PS089) [1979] [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [1980] Ooh.
[1981] That's a bit mingy. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [1982] How are you doing Tim?
Tim (PS088) [1983] [...] ... Come and see.
Dorothy (PS087) [1984] Right.
[1985] ... Whoops, in the dark.
[1986] Put the light on.
[1987] ... Has anybody had a wash?
Christopher (PS089) [1988] What?
Tim (PS088) [1989] Mum
Dorothy (PS087) [1990] Has anybody had a wash?
Tim (PS088) [1991] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [1992] Well you look a bit mucky.
Tim (PS088) [1993] I have.
Dorothy (PS087) [1994] Was it a wash without any water?
[1995] ... I'll give you a quickie round the face.
[1996] There you go. ...
Tim (PS088) [1997] Oh, oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [1998] Whoops.
Tim (PS088) [1999] We're gonna catch water. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2000] [whispering] Just wait a minute [] .
Tim (PS088) [crying] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2001] Well I've got to make you look respectable for going to bed with, haven't I?
[2002] Who knows what you might meet in the night.
Tim (PS088) [2003] Breakfast.
Dorothy (PS087) [2004] [laugh] There you go.
[2005] What about you?
[2006] What do you look like?
Christopher (PS089) [2007] Are we going to have breakfast in the morning?
Dorothy (PS087) [2008] Breakfast in the morning, yes.
Christopher (PS089) [2009] Breakfast ah, no.
[2010] Boiling hot.
[2011] Ooh.
[2012] Is it boiling hot?
Dorothy (PS087) [2013] No, it's just kind of warmish.
[2014] ... Have you been to the toilet?
[2015] ... Yes no yes no yes no, no?
[2016] Come here.
[2017] This is called a towel.
[2018] We dry ourselves on a towel.
Christopher (PS089) [2019] That's done it now.
Dorothy (PS087) [2020] Right. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2021] Done it now.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2022] I jump over you.
Tim (PS088) [2023] No.
Christopher (PS089) [2024] I'm going to.
[2025] I play ... [...] play a game of jump over.
Tim (PS088) [2026] No.
Christopher (PS089) [2027] [...] you can jump over [...] .
[2028] And when you've jumped over me, I jump over you and then you jump over me
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2029] run you over.
Christopher (PS089) [2030] No you won't.
[2031] I got [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2032] I'm gonna run you over on your [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2033] Mummy, he's gonna run me over.
Dorothy (PS087) [2034] I don't think he will.
Christopher (PS089) [2035] He will.
Dorothy (PS087) [2036] He's just pretending.
Christopher (PS089) [2037] He's trying to [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2038] And I'll go down ready to move.
[2039] Make sure everything's okay.
[2040] And off we go.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2041] Other way.
[2042] You go backwards and I'll go forwards.
[2043] [...] You get up and follow.
[2044] You get below and make sure everything's alright.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2045] Aeroplane's coming down.
Dorothy (PS087) [2046] An aeroplane's coming down ... the stairs?
[2047] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2048] I'm carrying the aeroplane.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2049] Listen I don't think that's too good an idea cos of the duvet.
[2050] I think you'll be going to bed in that soon and if you mess it up ... then you'll never sleep.
[2051] ... Come on, it's all very well in the mornings but not now I don't think.
Christopher (PS089) [2052] Why isn't it very well in the night?
[2053] But why can't we play it in the bedroom?
Dorothy (PS087) [2054] Because when you get into bed it will be all out.
[2055] Cos I have to erm ... change your sheets and things.
Christopher (PS089) [2056] Why can't we play it in the ... ?
Dorothy (PS087) [2057] Because ... if you start messing your duvet up at night times it means that you don't want to sleep underneath it cos it goes all scrunchy and horrible, and all the duvet bit comes out of the cover.
Tim (PS088) [2058] [shouting] Mummy [] .
Christopher (PS089) [2059] What's duvet bit?
Dorothy (PS087) [2060] It's not a good idea.
[2061] [door bell] Oop, here comes Ellie now.
Tim (PS088) [2062] Who's that?
Christopher (PS089) [2063] It's Ellie.
[2064] Yes, it's Ellie.
[2065] [...] with Ellie.
Dorothy (PS087) [2066] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2067] I just heard his voice.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2068] Hope he's not a milk men. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2069] Are you going to let them in, whoever they are?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2070] Hello!
[2071] ... Is it Ellie?
[2072] It is Ellie.
Elinor (PS08B) [2073] It's me.
Dorothy (PS087) [2074] Come in Ellie.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Elinor (PS08B) [2075] Hello.
[2076] [laugh] . Mum said she'll be down about ten past.
Dorothy (PS087) [2077] That's okay.
[2078] We've got to go and collect Dianne as well.
[2079] By the way
Andrew (PS08A) [2080] Hello.
Dorothy (PS087) [2081] Dianne rang up just now, you've got to go ... erm ... and collect her please cos er Barry's not gonna come home till half seven.
[2082] He's gonna come in the car and she doesn't fancy walking in the night.
[2083] ... Have you got all that?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2084] He's gonna run me over mummy.
[2085] He's gonna ru
Dorothy (PS087) [2086] [laugh] You can't touch me can you cos of my wires. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2087] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [2088] Yes?
Christopher (PS089) [2089] Where's your tape?
Dorothy (PS087) [2090] It's all in there.
[2091] Don't worry.
Christopher (PS089) [2092] When ... can I listen to it? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2093] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [2094] Please.
Dorothy (PS087) [2095] One day you can.
Christopher (PS089) [2096] Mum why are they round?
Dorothy (PS087) [2097] You what?
Christopher (PS089) [2098] Why are they
Dorothy (PS087) [2099] Just let's think what we're doing first.
[2100] Let's tell Ellie what she's gotta do and what she's not gonna do.
[2101] Basically they go to bed about half seven, if you're lucky.
[2102] Well you know [...] .
[2103] And erm ... they've done their teeth and they've had a wash and they've done everything really so all you've got to do is get them in there.
[2104] They usually [laugh] [...] they usually have a prayer before they go to sleep, right?
[2105] They usually do one and ... you do one as well.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2106] And then [laugh] ... and then erm, what happens then?
[2107] That's it then.
Christopher (PS089) [2108] A story.
Dorothy (PS087) [2109] Oh the stories.
[2110] I forgot about stories.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2111] We have the stories first usually before you and they're allowed two stories each and if they have any more then it's up to you.
[2112] [laugh] . But they choose their own stories so you ... And if you, it looks like it's going to be an exceedingly long story you can [laugh]
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2113] Well we can start
Dorothy (PS087) [2114] [...] .
[2115] Yeah, we can get started on that anyway, sort of thing before we ... Erm ... should the house go up in smoke, Theresa across the road ... run to her
Elinor (PS08B) [...] [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2116] [laugh] Otherwise if erm ... if you desperately need us sort of thing if you ring ... the vicarage ... and then you can erm ... Alison or somebody will probably be in and ... come round for ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2117] You what?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2118] Have I been breaking that?
[2119] ... Probably.
[2120] I didn't mean to.
[2121] It just sort of happened.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2122] I know where I'm gonna put it.
Elinor (PS08B) [2123] Where are you gonna put it?
Tim (PS088) [2124] [...] where you can't have it.
Elinor (PS08B) [2125] Where?
Tim (PS088) [2126] I don't know.
Elinor (PS08B) [2127] Is it a secret?
Christopher (PS089) [2128] Are you putting more [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [2129] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2130] [...] It's broken.
[2131] It's in the dump.
Dorothy (PS087) [2132] [laugh] Okay, there's your emergency phone number if you're desperate.
Elinor (PS08B) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2133] As long as there's somebody in [...] .
[2134] Where shall I put it?
[2135] Stick it up here.
[2136] ... Television works as it works.
[2137] Coffee pot works as it works.
[2138] Help yourself to the books and everything else as you like, yeah, in case you get bored.
Elinor (PS08B) [2139] Oh that's nice.
Dorothy (PS087) [2140] Just do your own thing.
Elinor (PS08B) [2141] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2142] It's dirty.
Elinor (PS08B) [2143] Dirty?
Tim (PS088) [2144] Yeah.
Elinor (PS08B) [2145] What's it gonna do?
[2146] It's gonna have a bath is it?
Tim (PS088) [2147] Yeah.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [2148] [...] a bath.
Elinor (PS08B) [2149] [...] bath.
Tim (PS088) [2150] It's in the bath.
Elinor (PS08B) [2151] Is it clean yet?
Christopher (PS089) [2152] Mum, this won't work.
Dorothy (PS087) [2153] What won't work?
Tim (PS088) [2154] Oh no!
Elinor (PS08B) [2155] No?
Tim (PS088) [2156] No water.
Christopher (PS089) [2157] Mum this ... keeps going [...]
Elinor (PS08B) [2158] No water?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2159] Well there's probably something catching on it.
Christopher (PS089) [2160] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [2161] There's probably something catching on it.
Elinor (PS08B) [2162] There's still no water there is there?
Tim (PS088) [2163] Yes.
[2164] Here.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2165] Right, what did I need to take with me?
[2166] ... Bible.
[2167] Andy ... can you bring my bible downstairs.
[2168] ... The blue one ... near the bed.
Tim (PS088) [2169] You can't get it now.
[2170] ... You can't get it in there.
[2171] ... You can't get it.
[2172] You can't get it [...]
Elinor (PS08B) [2173] I can if I [...] .
Tim (PS088) [2174] Oh no you can't.
[2175] I'm gonna hide it.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Elinor (PS08B) [2176] Where are you going to hide it?
Tim (PS088) [2177] Somewhere you can't have it.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2178] [laugh] Figures.
Tim (PS088) [2179] Oh.
[2180] [...] and you can't get it. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2181] You can't get it over there.
Elinor (PS08B) [2182] I might be able to.
Christopher (PS089) [2183] Mum can I try and make a different [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2184] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [2185] No you can't get it under the table.
Dorothy (PS087) [2186] I should go and get the other box and then you've got all the other bits and pieces as well.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2187] Where is the box?
Dorothy (PS087) [2188] Near the window.
Elinor (PS08B) [2189] Mm I don't know about that.
Christopher (PS089) [2190] Which window?
Dorothy (PS087) [2191] Oh [...] one where the toys are.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Elinor (PS08B) [2192] Don't pu don't put it under there then.
Tim (PS088) [2193] Think I'm gonna make a space.
Elinor (PS08B) [2194] [laughing] No it probably wouldn't fit under there anyway [] .
Tim (PS088) [2195] Watch.
[2196] [...] go under.
Elinor (PS08B) [2197] Go on then.
Tim (PS088) [2198] Then I go out and make a space. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2199] I think they're gonna be perfectly happy there.
[2200] ... I shouldn't worry about stories and stuff.
[2201] I think they will just get on and get themselves ... she can just lay the law down.
[2202] Cos it won't matter if they're not in bed till late will it, tonight?
Andrew (PS08A) [2203] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [2204] Thing is we could do with a lie in in the morning.
[2205] ... What else do we need? ...
Christopher (PS089) [2206] Look, have you seen that.
Dorothy (PS087) [2207] Been having fun?
Christopher (PS089) [2208] I've got a tooth missing now.
Elinor (PS08B) [2209] Ooh.
Christopher (PS089) [2210] Haven't I?
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2211] You have.
[2212] Tell her again cos she weren't listening.
Christopher (PS089) [2213] Look, I've got a tooth missing.
Elinor (PS08B) [2214] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [2215] And that's got a picture.
[2216] That's me.
Elinor (PS08B) [2217] Did you get some money from the tooth fairy?
Tim (PS088) [2218] That's me there.
[2219] Can you see [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2220] It's good this isn't it?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2221] You can do it, you don't have to do it in a great long line, you can do it in a sort of ... cube or something.
Christopher (PS089) [2222] [...] .
[2223] Or there's another thing you can ... mum we're trying to make that.
Elinor (PS08B) [2224] We're trying to make a house.
Dorothy (PS087) [2225] Oh right.
[2226] Yeah that'd be good that cos I ... I think I've only ever made that once and it was sort of a bit peculiar when you make it.
Tim (PS088) [2227] Yeah.
[2228] But anyway you can make it [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2229] We're gonna make it a mess.
Tim (PS088) [2230] Cos that one's got one on.
Dorothy (PS087) [2231] Oh no.
[2232] I don't think I got that on the top like that.
Tim (PS088) [2233] We don't make it all a mess.
Christopher (PS089) [2234] Yes you would.
Dorothy (PS087) [2235] Did I?
[2236] ... You making a mess?
Elinor (PS08B) [2237] That's it, take it all apart.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [2238] I can make a mess.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2239] Just a gentle sort of mess .
[2240] You know what I mean? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2241] Tim's idea of a mess is to put his hands in it and got shooooo
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2242] with it on the way.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Elinor (PS08B) [2243] so we can clear it up after.
Tim (PS088) [2244] [...] pop.
Dorothy (PS087) [2245] Yeah look that that's a good idea look.
Elinor (PS08B) [2246] [...] you don't lose any pieces.
Tim (PS088) [2247] I gonna put this in there.
Elinor (PS08B) [2248] That's it.
[2249] Put it all in one bi big pile.
[2250] ... Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [2251] Not a good idea.
Elinor (PS08B) [2252] No, cos you'll lose them.
[2253] Then you won't be able to play with them will you?
Christopher (PS089) [2254] Oh look.
[2255] Look at that.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2256] Now we need to turn it round.
Dorothy (PS087) [2257] Erm I'd better get you biscuits and coffee and stuff like that out hadn't I, to ply you with?
[2258] Don't you keep away. ...
Elinor (PS08B) [2259] Mighty cute.
Dorothy (PS087) [2260] [laugh] Tim, can I put this on you before we go.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2261] [...] now ... to go on here.
Dorothy (PS087) [2262] Tim, just come with me up to the toilet ... for a minute.
Elinor (PS08B) [2263] Oh.
[2264] You gonna leave that down here?
Dorothy (PS087) [2265] Just leave that, cos she'll save it for you.
Christopher (PS089) [2266] We need that.
[2267] We need that.
Elinor (PS08B) [2268] I'll save it.
Dorothy (PS087) [2269] Well no, Ellie could ... oh, he's taking it with him.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [2270] We need it mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [2271] Do you need to wee at all, Tim?
Tim (PS088) [2272] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [2273] Right well just lie down here so we can put your nappy on before we go to bed.

3 (Tape 022101)

Dorothy (PS087) [2274] Well done.
[2275] Come here.
Elinor (PS08B) [2276] You alright?
Jane (PS08C) [2277] Hello.
[2278] You're all ready for bed.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2279] So far so good.
[2280] We've got to pick up Diana as well.
Jane (PS08C) [2281] Have we?
Dorothy (PS087) [2282] On our ... on our travels.
Jane (PS08C) [2283] I thought you were going out.
[2284] It's alright.
Dorothy (PS087) [2285] Well, I am nearly.
Jane (PS08C) [2286] You are in a minute.
Dorothy (PS087) [2287] [laugh] ... She seems alright I think. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2288] Look.
Jane (PS08C) [2289] Oh is that what you've made?
Elinor (PS08B) [2290] He made that. ...
Jane (PS08C) [2291] [...] I suppose?
Elinor (PS08B) [2292] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [2293] Made a [...]
Jane (PS08C) [2294] Oh that's good.
Elinor (PS08B) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [2295] It's going round the wrong way.
Jane (PS08C) [2296] Oh.
Christopher (PS089) [2297] Wee wee wee.
Jane (PS08C) [2298] Oh, clever stuff eh?
Dorothy (PS087) [2299] It's alright isn't it?
Jane (PS08C) [2300] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2301] I know.
[2302] ... Think it was with a bit of Ellie's assistance that it got made like that.
Jane (PS08C) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2303] [laugh] Christopher's very good at doing the flat ones but not so good at the three D ones.
Jane (PS08C) [2304] Mm. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2305] Right then.
Andrew (PS08A) [2306] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [2307] We're all ready for off?
Jane (PS08C) [2308] See you later then.
Elinor (PS08B) [2309] Bye.
Jane (PS08C) [2310] Bye.
Dorothy (PS087) [2311] Have a nice time.
[2312] Yeah we're supposed to be back sort of, well we don't know do we really?
[2313] Half nine it finishes so we're supposed to be back by ... tennish I should think by the time we're finished.
Jane (PS08C) [2314] Tennish won't it?
[2315] I I've got Sue round at our house, so
Dorothy (PS087) [2316] Oh have you?
[2317] With Martin?
Jane (PS08C) [2318] She's [...] there, yeah.
[2319] I mean Martin will probably er ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2320] Ignore her. [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [2321] ignore her and er ... pop next door and ... I mean I don't mind him popping out as long as he's
Dorothy (PS087) [2322] Yeah.
Jane (PS08C) [2323] gone to their house and stays there.
Dorothy (PS087) [2324] Mm.
[2325] Yeah.
Jane (PS08C) [2326] So er ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2327] Is this the new neighbours?
Jane (PS08C) [2328] Yeah.
[2329] Yeah they er
Dorothy (PS087) [2330] Oh that's nice isn't it?
Jane (PS08C) [2331] Yeah, I I I don't know them that well yet you know, I haven't got too
Dorothy (PS087) [2332] Martin does. [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [2333] haven't got chatting yet but Martin's got in there and
Elinor (PS08B) [2334] I know them as well.
[2335] I know some from my school.
Jane (PS08C) [2336] he's got in there.
[2337] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [2338] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [2339] Right.
[2340] Night night boys.
Dorothy (PS087) [2341] Right then we'll see you.
[2342] Night night.
[2343] Do you want a kiss?
[2344] Do you want a kiss Tim?
Jane (PS08C) [2345] Oh ooh I never
Andrew (PS08A) [2346] Night night.
Jane (PS08C) [2347] I never gave Martin a kiss.
[2348] Ah!
Dorothy (PS087) [2349] Does he like it?
Jane (PS08C) [2350] He still likes a kiss [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2351] Does he?
[2352] Ah.
Jane (PS08C) [2353] Oh yes.
Tim (PS088) [2354] No no not
Elinor (PS08B) [2355] Yuk [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [2356] This one this one's not so bothered.
[2357] She er
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Jane (PS08C) [2358] she sort of pushes, pushes me away now.
Dorothy (PS087) [2359] I've already given him one actually.
Andrew (PS08A) [2360] Right.
[2361] [kiss] There we are.
Jane (PS08C) [2362] She pushes me away now she does look.
[2363] Oh!
Andrew (PS08A) [2364] [laughing] He wiped it off [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [2365] Tira then.
Tim (PS088) [2366] [...] I wiped it special.
Elinor (PS08B) [2367] Bye.
Andrew (PS08A) [2368] You did. [...]
Jane (PS08C) [2369] Alright then?
Dorothy (PS087) [2370] No, you don't want another one from me do you?
[2371] Night night.
[2372] Have a nice time.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS08C) [2373] You [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [2374] Yeah, it was nice.
[2375] ... Oh look, the moon.
[2376] ... Oh, you gonna wave us off?
[2377] Right.
[2378] Have I got my keys?
[2379] Yes.
[2380] ... Allow me madam.
Jane (PS08C) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2381] Of course. [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [2382] Right, I'm in.
[2383] Thanks.
Dorothy (PS087) [2384] Ooh ... All aboard.
[2385] ... Who put [...] down the side down there look?
[2386] Oh no, it's [...] .
[2387] ... [laughing] What's he doing look [] ? [laugh]
Jane (PS08C) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2388] Looks like a [...] .
Jane (PS08C) [2389] Oh they look happy enough [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2390] You mean the children?
Jane (PS08C) [2391] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2392] Oh yes, I think they will
Jane (PS08C) [2393] Poor old Ellie [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2394] If erm ... [laughing] oh yes I forgot about Ellie not looking happy [] .
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh]

4 (Tape 022102)

Christopher (PS089) [2395] Why didn't you want ... to buy the same one again mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [2396] Well I just kind of was running round the shop because I was [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2397] You got the first one you could see.
Dorothy (PS087) [2398] I had to go and collect grandma you see to take her to the station, and I didn't have an awful lot of time so I just sort of ran round and collected whatever I got.
Andrew (PS08A) [2399] Cos we wouldn't have wanted grandma to miss her train would we?
Christopher (PS089) [2400] [...] if we did?
Tim (PS088) [2401] No, bus.
Dorothy (PS087) [2402] What, miss the train?
Andrew (PS08A) [2403] No bus?
Dorothy (PS087) [2404] She'd have to get the next one.
Andrew (PS08A) [2405] She had to go on a bus actually.
[2406] Get the train [...] .
[2407] Cos they don't have trains from Redditch [...]
Tim (PS088) [2408] Mummy.
Andrew (PS08A) [2409] Do you know why?
Dorothy (PS087) [2410] Mm?
Tim (PS088) [2411] Pass the [...] marge.
Christopher (PS089) [2412] They only had them from
Dorothy (PS087) [2413] Daddy's got the marge.
Andrew (PS08A) [2414] From Bar Green
Tim (PS088) [2415] Can I have the marge?
Andrew (PS08A) [2416] Yes.
Christopher (PS089) [2417] Is that ... is that
Andrew (PS08A) [2418] What a mess.
Christopher (PS089) [2419] after erm
Andrew (PS08A) [2420] It's between Redditch and Mulbridge ...
Christopher (PS089) [2421] No, between Redditch and Birmingham.
Andrew (PS08A) [2422] Yes.
[2423] Between Redditch and Birmingham.
Dorothy (PS087) [2424] Mm our daffodils are coming out nicely.
Andrew (PS08A) [2425] They are.
Dorothy (PS087) [2426] I hope the wind doesn't blow them over.
[2427] Be a pity.
Andrew (PS08A) [2428] There's at least one blown over there isn't there?
Dorothy (PS087) [2429] Oh where?
[2430] ... Oh yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [2431] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [2432] We'll have to go and collect it, put it in a vase ... on the side.
Christopher (PS089) [2433] Where's one blown over?
Dorothy (PS087) [2434] There look. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2435] A new one?
Dorothy (PS087) [2436] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [2437] Mm.
[2438] It's so windy at the moment.
[2439] March winds.
Dorothy (PS087) [2440] The others seem to have stood up quite well over on the other side.
Tim (PS088) [2441] Where?
[2442] Where?
Christopher (PS089) [2443] One of them's dead.
Dorothy (PS087) [2444] Which one's dead?
Christopher (PS089) [2445] The one which is f ... pointed erm straight ahead.
Dorothy (PS087) [2446] Mm.
[2447] See what you mean.
Christopher (PS089) [2448] It's a bit dead.
Dorothy (PS087) [2449] It is.
[2450] Looks as if it ... and the wind's got it again. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2451] Mum, it's not very nice when the wind hits it is it mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [2452] No.
[2453] Still, we can always pick them and bring them inside. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2454] I remember doing that once.
[2455] I remember
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2456] finding one and putting the vase on there.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2457] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [2458] So where is it now?
Dorothy (PS087) [2459] It will be dead by now.
[2460] You're talking about last year aren't you?
[2461] ... Last year's flowers aren't around now. ...
Tim (PS088) [2462] Here you are.
Andrew (PS08A) [2463] Right.
[2464] Thank you.
Dorothy (PS087) [2465] These are the same bulbs though that have made a new flower this year.
Tim (PS088) [2466] Where's the marmalade?
[2467] I took a bit.
Christopher (PS089) [2468] Why they keep on making new bulbs?
Dorothy (PS087) [2469] They do it, well ... they do it every year.
Christopher (PS089) [2470] Can I have some marmalade please?
Tim (PS088) [2471] Ah. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2472] The daffodils over there in that little bed ... seem to be a bit later than all the others, I don't know.
Tim (PS088) [2473] Have some marmalade.
[2474] Have some marmalade.
Christopher (PS089) [2475] I'm doing it a funny way this time.
Dorothy (PS087) [2476] I'd of thought they would have got just as much sun ... and rain as everything else. ...
Tim (PS088) [2477] That's a little one. ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2478] Mum.
[2479] Look what I've done.
Tim (PS088) [2480] [...] marmite.
Dorothy (PS087) [2481] Mm.
[2482] Very posh.
[2483] Candles.
Christopher (PS089) [2484] Do you usually do that?
Andrew (PS08A) [2485] If you ask mummy ... she'll [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2486] What do you want me to do? ...
Tim (PS088) [2487] I didn't ... make that.
Dorothy (PS087) [2488] Oh good.
[2489] What do you want?
[2490] Do you want some er marmite on it?
Tim (PS088) [2491] [...] You did. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2492] Mm.
[2493] Gone a funny shape. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2494] Daddy hasn't seen the new Rosie and Jim.
Dorothy (PS087) [2495] True.
[2496] Lot of things daddy hasn't seen.
Andrew (PS08A) [2497] I know.
Dorothy (PS087) [2498] Inspector Morse.
Andrew (PS08A) [2499] I know.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2500] [...] few weeks before we have time [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [2501] Have you got sp lots of spare tapes?
Dorothy (PS087) [2502] No.
[2503] [laugh] . We'll have to have another one next Wednesday.
[2504] Are they on every week or are they once a fortnight?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [2505] I'm not sure actually.
Tim (PS088) [2506] And you haven't seen ... the [...] the puppet show.
Andrew (PS08A) [2507] I haven't seen one about a puppet show.
[2508] Is that where
Dorothy (PS087) [2509] Mm.
[2510] Rosie and Jim mm
Andrew (PS08A) [2511] Rosie and Jim went to a puppet show did they?
Dorothy (PS087) [2512] They go to Stratford.
Tim (PS088) [2513] Yeah a a a and a lion.
Andrew (PS08A) [2514] Stratford?
[2515] Do they?
[2516] And there's a lion is there?
Tim (PS088) [2517] And a and a lion [...] . ...
Christopher (PS089) [2518] He took an omelette.
Tim (PS088) [2519] Omelette.
Andrew (PS08A) [2520] An omelette? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2521] It was quite good actually.
Tim (PS088) [2522] And a man came back and [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [2523] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [2524] And Skinlid went back.
Dorothy (PS087) [2525] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [2526] Skinlid.
Dorothy (PS087) [2527] The skin?
Christopher (PS089) [2528] Well he's called Skinlid.
Dorothy (PS087) [2529] Is he?
[2530] I don't know.
[2531] I didn't watch it that ... closely.
[2532] Have some more tea.
Tim (PS088) [2533] [...] ate it all up.
Dorothy (PS087) [2534] Mhm.
Andrew (PS08A) [2535] So if it's a puppet show did Rosie and Jim do some puppeting? [...] puppet.
Dorothy (PS087) [2536] No.
[2537] They were in the audience shouting and cheering from what I saw.
Andrew (PS08A) [2538] Where they?
Christopher (PS089) [2539] Mhm.
Dorothy (PS087) [2540] Then they went round the back though didn't they?
[2541] Did they [...] ?
Christopher (PS089) [2542] Mm.
[2543] They run round the back and played with the ... puppets.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [2544] When the show was ended
Dorothy (PS087) [2545] Nobody mentioned that they were puppets themselves. [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2546] That's what I call a miracle. ...
Tim (PS088) [2547] [...] I do that.
[2548] ... I don't think they like it.
Dorothy (PS087) [2549] Mm.
[2550] It was nice to see Stratford.
[2551] I wonder if that ... they filmed that at the time when the boat was in Stratford.
[2552] Do you remember when we went to
Christopher (PS089) [2553] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [2554] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2555] we nearly went to see it but we missed.
Andrew (PS08A) [2556] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2557] Cos it had moved by the time we got there.
Christopher (PS089) [2558] So it might be then they might have taped it?
Dorothy (PS087) [2559] Mm.
[2560] It could well have been.
Christopher (PS089) [2561] But mum it's a bit late from that.
Dorothy (PS087) [2562] Well it's always takes a long time.
[2563] They ... they do these things ... months beforehand.
[2564] And then it comes on the television ... later on.
Andrew (PS08A) [2565] How to get to know about these things.
Dorothy (PS087) [2566] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [2567] This chap we were sitting next to involved in all these canal projects [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [2568] Oh yes, that's right.
[2569] He was.
Andrew (PS08A) [2570] Apparently he's a director of various canal preservation bodies and things.
Dorothy (PS087) [2571] Oh.
[2572] ... He was certainly into canals in a big way.
Andrew (PS08A) [2573] Yeah.
[2574] Yeah he is. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2575] Mm.
[2576] You'll have to get to know i is he in your ... ?
Andrew (PS08A) [2577] No, he's at Solihull .
Dorothy (PS087) [2578] Oh Solihull.
[2579] ... What was he called?
Andrew (PS08A) [2580] Jonathan.
Dorothy (PS087) [2581] Jonathan.
[2582] ... He was a pleasant chap I thought.
Andrew (PS08A) [2583] Oh yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [2584] As these chaps go. [laugh] ...
Andrew (PS08A) [2585] It was interesting discussing various chaps ... after [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2586] Oh right.
Andrew (PS08A) [2587] [...] only just sort of see them occasionally to get the inside stories to [...] .
Tim (PS088) [2588] [...] have drunk [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [2589] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [2590] How's Julia?
Andrew (PS08A) [2591] She was okay this week.
[2592] Well, she's a totally [...] snowed ... under
Dorothy (PS087) [2593] Well, it's not
Andrew (PS08A) [2594] with work.
Dorothy (PS087) [2595] [...] surprising.
Andrew (PS08A) [2596] Like I had to give her some top priorities yesterday ... as she wasn't going to be about.
[2597] Actually she did very well on one of those [...] .
[2598] She did far better
Dorothy (PS087) [2599] Did you tell her?
Andrew (PS08A) [2600] Oh yes.
[2601] Yes.
[2602] Well I made sure my boss told her, that's [...] .
[2603] Cos he was desperate for [...] cos he needed an answer for Monday morning for Dave. [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2604] It's going to be thinking about science.
Andrew (PS08A) [2605] Dave's erm wife produced a baby last week
Dorothy (PS087) [2606] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [2607] so he's having a week off you know to change nappies or whatever.
Christopher (PS089) [2608] It might be or it might not. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [2609] Mum, is the video on?
[2610] I just, I only pressed hold ... nothing else.
Andrew (PS08A) [2611] Well you're not to
Dorothy (PS087) [2612] Well since someone else switched it off I should think.
Christopher (PS089) [2613] Why?
Andrew (PS08A) [2614] I'm not quite sure what happens you see.
[2615] That's why
Christopher (PS089) [2616] I just pressed but cos there's a little line.
Andrew (PS08A) [2617] [...] hear the sound of the video.
Dorothy (PS087) [2618] When?
Andrew (PS08A) [2619] Well I can hear it now.
Dorothy (PS087) [2620] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [2621] Yeah I'm wondering whether it's playing to itself, with the television off.
[2622] Do you think that's likely?
[2623] Or does it not do it?
Dorothy (PS087) [2624] No, cos it's not got the aerial ... it would do.
[2625] It would do.
Andrew (PS08A) [2626] Would it?
Christopher (PS089) [2627] Oh dear.
Dorothy (PS087) [2628] It's not got the aerial in.
Andrew (PS08A) [2629] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [2630] Shouldn't [...]
Tim (PS088) [2631] It is it's on it's on the video.
Andrew (PS08A) [2632] It's just that I can actually hear it.
[2633] I can actually hear the motor on
Dorothy (PS087) [2634] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [2635] on [...] turning round [...]
Tim (PS088) [2636] It's on the video.
Andrew (PS08A) [2637] I presume what happens when it's not on it's all geared up ready to [...]
Tim (PS088) [2638] [shouting] Mummy.
[2639] Daddy [] .
[2640] It's on the video.
Dorothy (PS087) [2641] What's on the video?
Tim (PS088) [2642] Telly.
Dorothy (PS087) [2643] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [2644] Yeah when er all which is on now ... is the blue button.
Dorothy (PS087) [2645] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2646] It's the blue
Christopher (PS089) [2647] The blue button's on but nothing else.
Dorothy (PS087) [2648] Right.
Christopher (PS089) [2649] The blue button's okay.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [2650] Where are you going to?
Tim (PS088) [2651] Cloth.
Andrew (PS08A) [2652] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh] ...
Christopher (PS089) [2653] Mum, why aren't you gonna put your microphone on.
Dorothy (PS087) [2654] Well it might as well stay there.
Christopher (PS089) [2655] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [2656] Well it can hear us all then. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2657] No that noise daddy
Andrew (PS08A) [2658] Yes.
[2659] What was that?
Christopher (PS089) [2660] isn't that it's that.
Andrew (PS08A) [2661] Ah but that wasn't on before was it?
[2662] Cos mummy only just come down for breakfast.
Dorothy (PS087) [2663] No, just remembered and rushed off and ge to get it. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [2664] But it's true, it does make a noise.
[2665] ... There's lots of noises, lots of electrical things.
Tim (PS088) [2666] [...] see me.
Dorothy (PS087) [2667] The fridge made some really weird noises yesterday.
[2668] I thought oh [...] what's going on.
Tim (PS088) [2669] Can you see me now.
Dorothy (PS087) [2670] Can I see you?
Andrew (PS08A) [2671] Oh was it vibrating?
Dorothy (PS087) [2672] There's a little bit more just there.
[2673] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [2674] It does.
[2675] It [...] a load or
Dorothy (PS087) [2676] Is it knocking on something?
[2677] Oh.
[2678] On the top.
Andrew (PS08A) [2679] as you know there's a lot of stuff
Dorothy (PS087) [2680] [laughing] On the top [] .
[2681] In other words mummy, clean your fridge. ...
Tim (PS088) [2682] That's it.
Dorothy (PS087) [2683] Right.
[2684] Hands now.
Tim (PS088) [2685] All clean.
Dorothy (PS087) [2686] Let me have a look.
[2687] That's ... that's not bad.
Tim (PS088) [2688] The the fridge is a bit
Dorothy (PS087) [2689] Other one.
[2690] That looks a bit sticky that one, at the back, does it?
Andrew (PS08A) [2691] [...] one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2692] No?
Tim (PS088) [2693] No.
Christopher (PS089) [2694] Look Tim, we'll have to wind it soon, daddy can work the new one.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2695] You're going to watch Rosie and Jim dear.
Andrew (PS08A) [2696] Am I?
[2697] I'm supposed to wash up aren't I?
Dorothy (PS087) [2698] That's alright.
[2699] I'll wash up.
Tim (PS088) [2700] No you ...
Andrew (PS08A) [2701] Mm?
Tim (PS088) [2702] Mummy wash up.
Andrew (PS08A) [2703] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2704] What am I going to do?
Tim (PS088) [2705] And you watch
Andrew (PS08A) [2706] Me watch Rosie and Jim?
Tim (PS088) [2707] Yeah cos you made the breakfast.
Andrew (PS08A) [2708] That's true, I did make the breakfast.
[2709] Did you like the breakfast?
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [2710] Come on.
Andrew (PS08A) [2711] Right.
[2712] I haven't got my glasses.
[2713] I won't be able to see it.
Tim (PS088) [2714] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [2715] It's PC Pinkerton anyway, it's not even Rosie and Jim.
Christopher (PS089) [2716] No but that's why I said wind it back.
Dorothy (PS087) [2717] Oh.
[2718] Well wind it back ten minutes.
[2719] Can you do that, do you know how to do that?
Christopher (PS089) [2720] No.
[2721] You watch [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2722] Well I can't now it's too late [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2723] Come on ... dad.
Andrew (PS08A) [2724] Yes.
[2725] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2726] I'm gonna get your glasses or
Andrew (PS08A) [2727] No no no no Tim.
[2728] Don't you touch my glasses.
[2729] Please.
[2730] Please.
Dorothy (PS087) [2731] Something weird is happening there. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [2732] I know that's [...]
Tim (PS088) [2733] Mummy wash up.

5 (Tape 022103)

Dorothy (PS087) [2734] How are you anyway?
Diane (PS08D) [2735] Tired.
[2736] How are you?
Dorothy (PS087) [2737] Tired, yeah.
[2738] [laugh] That figures.
[2739] You looked a bit gormless last night.
[2740] We all looked so over [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2741] I nearly [...] I'm lacking indoors, I'm very lacking indoors ... I nearly lay down last night but I knew [...] I just wanted to be
Dorothy (PS087) [2742] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2743] I know.
[2744] I didn't want to just sit and
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Diane (PS08D) [2745] It was quite funny when you looked round at the end, you know, and everyone was just getting up
Dorothy (PS087) [2746] I know.
Diane (PS08D) [2747] and normally we [...] but everyone was
Dorothy (PS087) [2748] Well normally everybody chats.
[2749] I know.
Diane (PS08D) [2750] looking a bit sheepish and going.
Dorothy (PS087) [2751] At least we'd arrived. [laugh]
Diane (PS08D) [2752] Yes
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2753] What?
[2754] I can play.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2755] Yeah, you can play.
Dorothy (PS087) [2756] What do you want me to do?
[2757] ... What, what have I got to do?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2758] If Geoff, because Geoff is supposed to be playing.
[2759] But if Geoff doesn't turn up in a few minutes.
Dorothy (PS087) [2760] I don't mind.
[2761] ... It's the morning, I can cope. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2762] [...] giving it just a couple more minutes and if he doesn't come
Dorothy (PS087) [2763] Oh alright.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2764] then it ... you know they might have been delayed one way or another.
[2765] And then you could perhaps ... tinkle the ivories.
Dorothy (PS087) [2766] Yes, fine.
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [2767] What are we tinkling?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2768] Well I'm sure it's something fairly easy.
Dorothy (PS087) [2769] I'll cope, don't worry.
[2770] I don't feel worried.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2771] [...] .
[2772] He's arrived.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2773] I don't feel worried.
[2774] I'm in friends. [laugh] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2775] I've never seen you in a suit before Barry.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2776] It's my dashing [...] one
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2777] Oh.
[2778] ... I must say when I got up this morning I didn't feel much better than when I went to bed last night but ... there we are.
[2779] I feel a bit more with it now.
Diane (PS08D) [2780] Oh good.
Dorothy (PS087) [2781] It's since I've met people you know, they all seem jolly.
Andrew (PS08A) [2782] Oh dear.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2783] extra half hour early cos no-one heard the clock.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2784] Oh. [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2785] It's a shame that, isn't it?
[2786] Have to change your job again. [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2787] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2788] I'm enjoying the job.
[2789] It's [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2790] Yeah.
[2791] If you could just bring it here.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2792] just bring it here.
Dorothy (PS087) [2793] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2794] Like ... if you came straight out, what sort of time would you get home then?
[2795] You know, if it was sort of five minute's stroll down the road?
Diane (PS08D) [2796] He's been home at, it's been about half past six [...] evening.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2797] Yeah.
[2798] Yeah.
[2799] Half six.
Dorothy (PS087) [2800] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2801] [...] this last sort of ... couple of weeks has been [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2802] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2803] it's just we've had some big interviews and [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2804] Oh here he is look.
[2805] We're alright.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2806] [laughing] Nothing personal twice [] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2807] Can we sit here [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2808] I need paper [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2809] Oh.
[2810] This isn't a very good piece of paper.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2811] If you don't know we'll teach it [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [2812] What's this?
Dorothy (PS087) [2813] What are we singing then?
Andrew (PS08A) [2814] I don't know.
[2815] He's going something to us.
[2816] We don't know it.
Dorothy (PS087) [2817] Oh. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [2818] [...] what it is. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2819] What is it that we don't know?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2820] What number is it?
Diane (PS08D) [2821] We don't know.
Dorothy (PS087) [2822] What don't we know?
Diane (PS08D) [2823] We might know it. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2824] We'll be told in a minute [...] finished.
[2825] Round about six o one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2826] Six o one?
Diane (PS08D) [2827] [...] Yeah, the dummy one.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2828] No, I said round about six o one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2829] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2830] That's the page it's open at.
[2831] [laugh] Pick any one on the page.
Diane (PS08D) [2832] It can't be that one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2833] Wait a minute.
[2834] ... Oh I bet it's five nine eight.
Diane (PS08D) [2835] What's five nine eight?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2836] Five nine eight?
Dorothy (PS087) [2837] I don't know.
[2838] I'm just guessing.
[2839] That would seem to be the sort of thing he was humming.
[2840] But then Geoff would know that wouldn't he? ...
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2841] Another erm ... psalm looking type one.
Andrew (PS08A) [2842] That one?
Dorothy (PS087) [2843] Yes.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2844] Where's Philip?
[2845] Is he with us?
Diane (PS08D) [2846] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [2847] Oh.
[2848] Is he working?
Diane (PS08D) [2849] He rang me up at nine o'clock.
[2850] He says I don't think I can quite make it yet you know.
Dorothy (PS087) [2851] Oh no.
[2852] Is he in work then?
Diane (PS08D) [2853] Yeah he is in work, yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2854] All night? ...
Diane (PS08D) [2855] No no no.
[2856] He went at seven o'clock this morning.
Dorothy (PS087) [2857] Oh right.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2858] At least somebody's got some work to do.
[2859] That's good innit?
Diane (PS08D) [2860] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Diane (PS08D) [2861] I think, I think it was more he thought if he didn't do his clearing up he might get the sack, so
Dorothy (PS087) [2862] Oh right.
[2863] So he had to go and clear up.
[2864] ... That's a good one.
Andrew (PS08A) [2865] Don't know that one Geoff.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2866] Cliff Richard can't do this, what are you worrying about? ... [...] worship song. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2867] That will do Geoff, for our singing. [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2868] What number is it?
[2869] Is it [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2870] [...] that all depends on how the, how he can get that guitar in tune [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2871] He has to ... he has to do without the rhythm.
[2872] I can't cope with it.
[2873] In the end I might you know [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2874] You are [...] .
[2875] There must be one that set you up.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2876] Six hundred.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2877] Oh.
[2878] Wrong again.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2879] [...] morning everybody.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [2880] Morning.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2881] Did you sleep well.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [2882] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [2883] Jolly good.
[2884] Jolly good.
[2885] Let's just er begin with a a ... a kind of quiet.
[2886] Get ourselves into the presence of the lord.

6 (Tape 022104)

Tim (PS088) [2887] You can't have any.
Dorothy (PS087) [2888] Why can't I have an egg?
Tim (PS088) [2889] Because that's d Andy's.
Dorothy (PS087) [2890] Yes.
Tim (PS088) [2891] And that's mine.
Dorothy (PS087) [2892] Well that's okay, and that's Christopher's.
[2893] I'll have an egg without an egg cup.
Tim (PS088) [2894] Oh.
[2895] ... Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [2896] Well I can have it and just ... peel it.
[2897] I mean take the ... take the skin off it. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2898] [...] I'm not [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2899] Why don't you come in the sitting room with me away from daddy?
[2900] And leave Christopher doing a bit of drawing.
[2901] ... Have you had a nice time this morning?
[2902] What did you do?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2903] Alright then.
[2904] Shall we do it together?
Tim (PS088) [2905] And [...] gonna be happy when [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2906] This is nice actually.
[2907] It's like when you [...]
Tim (PS088) [2908] I can soon break it.
Dorothy (PS087) [2909] Why?
Tim (PS088) [2910] Then make it again [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2911] Alright then. ...
Christopher (PS089) [2912] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [2913] Hello.
Christopher (PS089) [2914] Could you get me from the shelf the black felt pen?
Dorothy (PS087) [2915] Which shelf?
Christopher (PS089) [2916] The big one with all the [...] on top.
[2917] There's some colours.
[2918] There isn't black ... felt pen.
Dorothy (PS087) [2919] Right.
[2920] I'll see what I can do.
Christopher (PS089) [2921] They've gone now.
[2922] Where are they? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2923] These ones?
Christopher (PS089) [2924] Yeah.
[2925] ... I need a black one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2926] Well you can have them all and put the black in when you need it.
[2927] Oh excuse me.
Christopher (PS089) [2928] In case one of these doesn't work.
[2929] I need a red [...] .
Tim (PS088) [2930] Come on.
Dorothy (PS087) [2931] I'm coming.
Tim (PS088) [2932] Quick. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2933] I can't be in two places at once.
[2934] ... Cut the paper off.
[2935] ... It seems a shame to break it up doesn't it, when it's so good.
[2936] ... Who made this one?
Tim (PS088) [2937] Christopher.
[2938] ... Did you know how [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2939] Oh yeah.
[2940] Was it la
Tim (PS088) [2941] Ellie.
Dorothy (PS087) [2942] last night when you went to bed?
Tim (PS088) [2943] Yeah.
[2944] Ellie came ... put us to bed.
Dorothy (PS087) [2945] That was nice.
[2946] Did you enjoy that?
Tim (PS088) [2947] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2948] Did you like it? ...
Tim (PS088) [2949] How we gonna get this off?
[2950] ... We gonna get that off?
Dorothy (PS087) [2951] This one?
Tim (PS088) [2952] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [2953] It's a bit stiff.
[2954] There you are.
Tim (PS088) [2955] Mm.
[2956] ... How we gonna get that one off.
Dorothy (PS087) [2957] Don't know, you have to sort of wobble them.
[2958] ... When you wobble them they come off.
[2959] ... Oop. ...
Tim (PS088) [2960] Ah!
[2961] They come off.
[2962] Break it. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2963] Oh. ...
Tim (PS088) [2964] There.
Dorothy (PS087) [2965] There we are.
Tim (PS088) [2966] Now make it again.
Dorothy (PS087) [2967] Right.
[2968] What shall we make this time?
[2969] ... How shall we start?
Tim (PS088) [2970] A house.
Dorothy (PS087) [2971] A house? ...
Tim (PS088) [2972] We need one of these to make it stand up.
Dorothy (PS087) [2973] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2974] That's the ...
Dorothy (PS087) [2975] Is that the floor?
Tim (PS088) [2976] Yeah cos ... where's the story I got [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [2977] Have you got a story?
Tim (PS088) [2978] Yeah upstairs.
[2979] I [...] one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2980] Oh.
[2981] The foundations.
[2982] That one about building the house?
Tim (PS088) [2983] Yeah, like ours.
Dorothy (PS087) [2984] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [2985] It's a different one though cos ... this is a big one.
Dorothy (PS087) [2986] Right.
Tim (PS088) [2987] And that's not a big one in the story.
Dorothy (PS087) [2988] How's that?
Tim (PS088) [2989] House. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [2990] We need some more walls.
Tim (PS088) [2991] [...] some more walls.
Dorothy (PS087) [2992] Oh that's a good one.
[2993] A big tall one.
[2994] ... Let's try that shall we?
[2995] Shall we put a roof on?
Tim (PS088) [2996] Yeah there's a roof on here.
Dorothy (PS087) [2997] How do you do the roof?
[2998] That way do you think?
Tim (PS088) [2999] [...] the roof.
[3000] [...] . Have to do without the roof.
[3001] Have to do that to the
Dorothy (PS087) [3002] Then we'll make it come down now ... this side.
[3003] Are you doing some more whoops a daisy.
Tim (PS088) [3004] Whoops.
Dorothy (PS087) [3005] If you're going to make it go out that way ... then you'll have to make it go out that way at the bottom otherwise it won't fit ... when you try to put the other wall up.
Tim (PS088) [3006] Ooh.
Dorothy (PS087) [3007] And the problem with that one is ... is it's not sort of fitting the edge there.
Tim (PS088) [3008] It is.
[3009] Look.
[3010] ... Need one of these.
Dorothy (PS087) [3011] Then this comes down the side look.
Tim (PS088) [3012] Need one of these.
Dorothy (PS087) [3013] Oh no, that's not right.
[3014] Look at that ... it's got things sticking out.
[3015] ... Do you think you've got to have it down the edge there, haven't you?
[3016] This time.
[3017] ... And how do we fix this on now?
Tim (PS088) [3018] Look, I show you.
[3019] ... Er there
Dorothy (PS087) [3020] And could we take this yellow one off ... we'll find it fits in like a wall, like that look.
Tim (PS088) [3021] Oh!
[3022] [...] That goes on.
Dorothy (PS087) [3023] [...] try that .
[3024] That's good.
[3025] Oh.
[3026] Oops.
Tim (PS088) [3027] Oh.
[3028] I'm gonna make it.
Dorothy (PS087) [3029] There you are.
[3030] Now what are we gonna do with this yellow piece? ...
Tim (PS088) [3031] I know ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3032] Wonder if we can put that on the bottom, can't we ... somewhere?
Tim (PS088) [3033] [...] that be the floor.
Dorothy (PS087) [3034] Yeah.
[3035] This doesn't feel quite right here somehow.
[3036] It's all wobbly.
[3037] ... Shall we, just let's see if we can turn this round so it makes it ...
Tim (PS088) [3038] We need one of these. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3039] When Ellie did it it didn't seem to fall to pieces like ours is Timothy.
Tim (PS088) [3040] That's it. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3041] We [...] the floor now.
[3042] ... Is it ready?
Dorothy (PS087) [3043] Think the eggs probably are but I don't think the whole lunch is yet.
[3044] Are you hungry?
Andrew (PS08A) [3045] Is it possible to lay the table do you think, for me?
Dorothy (PS087) [3046] I think we might manage that.
Tim (PS088) [3047] It's ready.

7 (Tape 022201)

Dorothy (PS087) [3048] I don't mind burnt toast.
[3049] ... Adds to the flavour.
[3050] ... Mm.
[3051] Me mum and dad seem to have had trouble with their toaster don't they?
[3052] Judging by their letter.
Andrew (PS08A) [3053] Did you see their toaster?
[3054] What make
Dorothy (PS087) [3055] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [3056] was it?
[3057] I don't remember seeing it.
Dorothy (PS087) [3058] It was a new one. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3059] [...] they had it.
Dorothy (PS087) [3060] Where they had it?
Andrew (PS08A) [3061] No, [laughing] why they had it [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3062] [laughing] Why they had it [] . [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [3063] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3064] Well we had it in the evening.
[3065] You know when I used to have my
Andrew (PS08A) [3066] Oh yes [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3067] toast and marmalade and
Andrew (PS08A) [3068] Was that nice? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3069] But that was where the trouble was because it didn't toast properly.
[3070] Because you turned it up to number five ... and it was pale.
[3071] And turn it down to number one ... and it [...] .
Tim (PS088) [3072] [...] have any of that. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3073] I haven't had either.
Andrew (PS08A) [3074] Right.
[3075] What do you want on yours?
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [3076] Erm
Dorothy (PS087) [3077] They're planning on taking it back so [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3078] It's the cheese we've been having at work this week [...]
Tim (PS088) [3079] Mum, help.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3080] It's called dutch.
Christopher (PS089) [3081] I've been having it?
Andrew (PS08A) [3082] You've been having some of that, yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3083] Mm it's nice.
[3084] [...] have that bit dad.
Andrew (PS08A) [3085] Yeah.
[3086] The trouble is this has ... erm ... crusts, sort of rind on it, that's all.
[3087] Do you want a piece? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3088] It's called Edam.
Andrew (PS08A) [3089] It's a bit different from [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3090] We don't usually have Edam do we?
Christopher (PS089) [3091] Did I have it with my Marmite?
Andrew (PS08A) [3092] Yes, you've had it with your Marmite.
[3093] That much?
[3094] Is that alright?
Tim (PS088) [3095] I want a bit of it.
[3096] ... With my bread.
Dorothy (PS087) [3097] He's got cream cheese on there dear.
Andrew (PS08A) [3098] Right. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3099] I like it better with Marmite.
[3100] ... Can I have Marmite and cheese please?
[3101] ... Mum I need some [...] not just a [...] .
[3102] Cos that won't [...] very good.
[3103] [...] I need three more [...] [...]
Tim (PS088) [3104] Fold it over.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3105] You
Christopher (PS089) [3106] What? ...
Tim (PS088) [3107] [...] ... Mum I finished my bit. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3108] Oh!
Tim (PS088) [3109] I can't do it.
[3110] ... Why is there not very much left in?
Christopher (PS089) [3111] Because I had it all when we had breakfast.
[3112] ... Anyway, we've had it a lot haven't we?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3113] We've had Marmite a lot.
[3114] I had it ... for my dinner at school a lot actually.
Andrew (PS08A) [3115] Mm.
[3116] Mm. ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3117] Dad [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3118] Right, what's on the agenda for this afternoon then?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3119] Dad, it's not all over.
Tim (PS088) [3120] What's that?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [3121] What's that?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3122] Mum, what's that? ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3123] It looks like a sandwich going up and down to me.
Tim (PS088) [3124] No.
[3125] ... It's a ... lid.
[3126] ... It's a lid.
Dorothy (PS087) [3127] Oh. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3128] What about you?
[3129] ... A rest I suppose.
Dorothy (PS087) [3130] I dunno really.
[3131] My body feels inactive, but my mind feels ... fed up, [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [3132] [...] ... [...] this week. [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3133] Dad, I like the cheese better than the Marmite. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3134] That's why I like Saturday's and
Dorothy (PS087) [3135] Potter about. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3136] Do the garden or ... walking or whatever it is.
[3137] ... Something very different. ...
Tim (PS088) [3138] Why did you toast [...] bread? [...] toast.
Andrew (PS08A) [3139] No, there won't be any more now. ... [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3140] And that dozen in our garden can't decide ... which way to face.
[3141] ... Have you noticed?
[3142] [laugh] ... Cos in the morning they get the sun from that direction, then they don't see the sun again for a bit and then it turns up suddenly from over there.
[3143] They don't know whether to face over there or over there.
Christopher (PS089) [3144] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3145] Hello.
Christopher (PS089) [3146] What ... and then we had a lot of biscuits.
Dorothy (PS087) [3147] Did you?
Christopher (PS089) [3148] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [3149] I don't know why. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3150] [...] talking about Monday.
Dorothy (PS087) [3151] Monday? [...] questions.
Tim (PS088) [3152] I know what it is.
Christopher (PS089) [3153] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [3154] Questions on Monday.
Tim (PS088) [3155] I know what it is. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3156] What is it?
Tim (PS088) [3157] Oranges.
Andrew (PS08A) [3158] You're right.
[3159] It is oranges.
[3160] They've been sitting there for over a week [...]
Tim (PS088) [3161] [...] I just see the orange. [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3162] Well they were meant to go in a chicken but it never happened.
Tim (PS088) [3163] It's oranges, I guessed it. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3164] I knew [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3165] I was going to do chicken a l'orange.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3166] It's my turn. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3167] But you weren't here so I thought ooh, blow this for a lark. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3168] I can see ... black.
Andrew (PS08A) [3169] Oh.
[3170] Sorry for that.
Christopher (PS089) [3171] No I don't know what that is.
Tim (PS088) [3172] Red.
Christopher (PS089) [3173] Yes.
Tim (PS088) [3174] [laugh] And that's black.
Christopher (PS089) [3175] Red. [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [3176] I I guessed the oranges.
Andrew (PS08A) [3177] That's right.
[3178] Half each.
Dorothy (PS087) [3179] Mm.
[3180] Good idea.
Christopher (PS089) [3181] No, one each.
[3182] One each.
Dorothy (PS087) [3183] One each?
Andrew (PS08A) [3184] No.
[3185] Too big.
Dorothy (PS087) [3186] They're huge. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3187] We'll be having half each.
Tim (PS088) [3188] Half!
Dorothy (PS087) [3189] Mm.
[3190] ... Because they're rather large.
[3191] ... Do you want to peel them?
Andrew (PS08A) [3192] If you peel one I'll peel the other.
Dorothy (PS087) [3193] Okay.
Tim (PS088) [3194] If ... if you ... peel that one
Dorothy (PS087) [3195] Mm?
Tim (PS088) [3196] that's my friend mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [3197] [laugh] Your friend am I?
[3198] That's nice.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3199] Am I a friend too? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3200] We're all friendly together.
Tim (PS088) [3201] I'm I'm mummy's friend and daddy's friend and [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3202] That's nice isn't it? [...] friends.
Dorothy (PS087) [3203] Oh that's [...] friendly family.
Tim (PS088) [3204] All friendly.
Christopher (PS089) [3205] Do you like everyone as well mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [3206] I do like everyone, yes.
[3207] I like everybody very much [...]
Tim (PS088) [3208] If ... if mummy do that one
Andrew (PS08A) [3209] Well I'll do one and mummy does the other one.
Tim (PS088) [3210] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [3211] And you can ... share it up.
Tim (PS088) [3212] And you share it up.
Andrew (PS08A) [3213] Yes.
Tim (PS088) [3214] They both have [...] .
[3215] Oh, [...] me.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3216] Tim, put your hands over your eyes.
Tim (PS088) [3217] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [3218] Those satsumas we had or whatever they were ... clementines were ... they were quite nice for tea all this week.
[3219] Have you had one?
Andrew (PS08A) [3220] [...] very difficult to peel.
[3221] One day I had them and they were full of pips.
Dorothy (PS087) [3222] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [3223] Did you have that problem?
Dorothy (PS087) [3224] Oh no we've never had that problem.
Andrew (PS08A) [3225] Mm.
[3226] Have you
Christopher (PS089) [3227] I've had that problem.
Andrew (PS08A) [3228] With lots of pips in?
[3229] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3230] Did you have one at school with lots of pips in?
Andrew (PS08A) [3231] Mm.
[3232] Sorry about that.
Dorothy (PS087) [3233] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [3234] You just couldn't tell from the outside.
Dorothy (PS087) [3235] Beg your pardon.
Andrew (PS08A) [3236] I had that problem once.
Christopher (PS089) [3237] I kept looking in mine when I ... when I had it once I thought ooh.
[3238] And now I'm going to have a look in my orange before I eat it.
Dorothy (PS087) [3239] [laugh] Very wise.
Andrew (PS08A) [3240] So I don't know whether this one will have pips in it, so be careful.
Tim (PS088) [3241] Daddy.
Dorothy (PS087) [3242] I would think the oranges will have pips in won't they?
[3243] Usually do.
Andrew (PS08A) [3244] Oh they usually do.
Tim (PS088) [3245] I think these have pips in.
Dorothy (PS087) [3246] Mm.
[3247] Orange pips are slightly bigger than satsuma pips so you can see them. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3248] Yeah but sat ... the satsuma pip was really big.
Andrew (PS08A) [3249] They were quite big.
Christopher (PS089) [3250] Actually I got it in my mouth.
Andrew (PS08A) [3251] Did you?
Dorothy (PS087) [3252] [laugh] That's alright.
[3253] You spit it out again did you?
Christopher (PS089) [3254] Yeah.
[3255] ... Mum what's that hard thing?
Tim (PS088) [3256] [...] half.
Christopher (PS089) [3257] [...] everybody was eating ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3258] Do other people get satsumas at school?
Tim (PS088) [3259] [...] half please.
Christopher (PS089) [3260] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [3261] Yeah.
[3262] No?
[3263] ... What do they have?
Christopher (PS089) [3264] Half.
Andrew (PS08A) [3265] Sorry. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3266] Dad ... give them into little bits.
Dorothy (PS087) [3267] Just check there's no pips Tim.
Andrew (PS08A) [3268] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3269] And I'll check mine.
Andrew (PS08A) [3270] You're checking yours are you?
Christopher (PS089) [3271] I'll check mine myself.
[3272] ... All I do is look in the [...]
Tim (PS088) [3273] I think there's no pips in mine.
Dorothy (PS087) [3274] Just as well innit?
[3275] Seeing's you've eaten it.
[3276] ... Whoops careful.
Andrew (PS08A) [3277] Slow down a bit.
Dorothy (PS087) [3278] Just go slowly Tim.
Andrew (PS08A) [3279] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [3280] Cos they're big slices, it's not like satsumas.
Andrew (PS08A) [3281] Chew them properly.
Tim (PS088) [3282] [...] ... [...] Daddy.
Andrew (PS08A) [3283] Yes.
Tim (PS088) [3284] You ... you do this.
Andrew (PS08A) [3285] Mm. ...
Tim (PS088) [3286] You you you do this [...] ... you you suck [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3287] No I'm not suck it I just eat it.
Tim (PS088) [3288] I rescued you [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3289] Mrs and Mrs and Mrs don't cut them properly.
Dorothy (PS087) [3290] Don't they?
Christopher (PS089) [3291] If I had an orange mum
Dorothy (PS087) [3292] Mhm.
Christopher (PS089) [3293] and they cut it all that [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3294] They leave the skin on?
[3295] ... You don't have to eat the skin, surely?
Christopher (PS089) [3296] No, but all they do, they leave the orange in the skin.
Andrew (PS08A) [3297] Oh I see, they don't peel it.
Dorothy (PS087) [3298] And you have to suck it out?
[3299] Oh.
[3300] ... That's probably cos it would take them too long to ... peel everybody's oranges wouldn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [3301] There's no skin on yours. ...
Tim (PS088) [3302] I think this one's got pips in.
Dorothy (PS087) [3303] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3304] They're nice aren't they?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [3305] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3306] Do you have Mrs and Mrs then with your class? ... mm ... just Mrs .
Christopher (PS089) [3307] No. ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3308] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3309] What we do
Dorothy (PS087) [3310] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3311] is we go to another class
Dorothy (PS087) [3312] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3313] and we [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3314] Ah I see, right.
[3315] So two classes come together and you all, each have a dinner lady?
[3316] And yours is Mrs .
[3317] Theirs is Mrs .
[3318] ... Got it now.
Tim (PS088) [3319] It's got a pip in.
Dorothy (PS087) [3320] Mm.
[3321] Well put it that bit then in there.
Christopher (PS089) [3322] Mum, none of mine had pips in. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3323] And mine [...] .
[3324] Nice taste [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [3325] Very nice.
Christopher (PS089) [3326] Mum.
Andrew (PS08A) [3327] It's nicer than a satsuma really.
Dorothy (PS087) [3328] It is.
[3329] ... Got more faff ...
Christopher (PS089) [3330] What else is there?
Dorothy (PS087) [3331] What else is there?
Christopher (PS089) [3332] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [3333] I'll have a look and see what else there is.
Dorothy (PS087) [3334] You might find some biscuits in the biscuit tin.
Christopher (PS089) [3335] Is it biscuits again?
Dorothy (PS087) [3336] Oh.
[3337] See what daddy finds. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3338] Mum [...] I didn't like [...] did I?
[3339] I didn't have a home made one because I had a very funny tummy didn't I?
[3340] But I haven't had one once and it tasted really nice.
Tim (PS088) [3341] Oh what we gonna have?
[3342] What we gonna have?
[3343] Er what we going to have mum?
[3344] What we gonna have dad?
Dorothy (PS087) [3345] Cloth by the sound of the water.
Christopher (PS089) [3346] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [3347] We're going to have a cloth by the sound of the water.
Tim (PS088) [3348] I think I [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [3349] Yeah I think daddy's just erm making sure we haven't got such sticky fingers after our oranges I think.
[3350] Then we'll have a biscuit. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3351] Can you pass me a cup please? [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3352] [...] I want to wash my hands first cos [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...] [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3353] I'll have the next round.
[3354] Tim you haven't washed your hands yet.
Tim (PS088) [3355] I have.
Christopher (PS089) [3356] When?
Tim (PS088) [3357] Now.
Christopher (PS089) [3358] Then daddy
Dorothy (PS087) [3359] Thank you.
Andrew (PS08A) [3360] Yes?
Christopher (PS089) [3361] You can keep this if you like.
Andrew (PS08A) [3362] Right, thank you.
Christopher (PS089) [3363] You can have it if you want. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3364] [...] I've already washed my hands.
Christopher (PS089) [3365] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3366] Where's he going?
[3367] Toilet?
Andrew (PS08A) [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3368] He's only had three drinks. [...] ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3369] You definitely pay the penalty don't you, for leaving your children?
[3370] [laugh] Cos other people say you don't do things your way.
[3371] ... It must be a problem if people sort of leave their children in nurseries all the time cos ... it's nice for a short time but ... for a long long time ... they're just not yours are they any more?
[3372] ... Yeah.
[3373] ... It seems a pity but it's not for very long.
Andrew (PS08A) [3374] He's been chucked out a lot recently hasn't he?
Dorothy (PS087) [3375] He has yeah.
[3376] That's why I'm feeling as if I ought to stay in tonight really.
[3377] ... What do you think?
[3378] ... Think I'm just chickening out?
Andrew (PS08A) [3379] I think it's a bit of both.
Dorothy (PS087) [3380] I am chickening out cos I don't feel as if I've ... learnt an awful lot.
Andrew (PS08A) [3381] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [3382] Well do you want to chicken out?
[3383] ... Instead.
Andrew (PS08A) [3384] I think I ought to go.
Dorothy (PS087) [3385] Why? ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3386] I ought to go.
Dorothy (PS087) [3387] Why? ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3388] You've said you'll go.
[3389] Just because you've said you'll go or because you think [...] ?
Andrew (PS08A) [3390] I think [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3391] [...] possibly.
[3392] Even though I have heard it all before.
Dorothy (PS087) [3393] And do you think I ought to go then?
[3394] ... Well I mean there might well be something
Andrew (PS08A) [3395] I don't mind.
[3396] Well there might be.
[3397] But I can understand
Dorothy (PS087) [3398] gripping and of interest but at the same time ... my priorities at this moment
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3399] [...] got a pip in.
[3400] ... It's gone now.
Dorothy (PS087) [3401] It doesn't seem very fair.
Andrew (PS08A) [3402] Fair on who?
Dorothy (PS087) [3403] Him.
Tim (PS088) [3404] Oh here. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3405] You alright?
[3406] Oh it's here it's wet.
[3407] I wondered what that was there.
[3408] Must be the oranges do you think? [...] tipped out of your [...] . ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3409] Considering everything put together like ... your tiredness ... your children
Dorothy (PS087) [3410] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [3411] not a tremendous amount new [...] just to get there [...] ... [...]
Tim (PS088) [3412] Oh! ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3413] It is with this one.
[3414] I haven't seen him for two days.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3415] I might feel differently by five o'clock mind you. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3416] But you ought to let Dawn know [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3417] That's true.
Tim (PS088) [3418] I get [...] a biscuit. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3419] No more biscuits cos you've had
Dorothy (PS087) [3420] You've had six million biscuits already.
Andrew (PS08A) [3421] three this morning.
Tim (PS088) [3422] One two three
Andrew (PS08A) [3423] Did you?
Tim (PS088) [3424] four.
Andrew (PS08A) [3425] You've had four now, [...] .
Tim (PS088) [3426] Cos cos I've just had that one.
Andrew (PS08A) [3427] That's right.
Tim (PS088) [3428] That's a plain one.
Andrew (PS08A) [3429] That's right.
Tim (PS088) [3430] That's a chocolate one and another chocolate
Andrew (PS08A) [3431] [laughing] Chocolate [] .
Tim (PS088) [3432] and then I have another [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3433] Good gracious.
Andrew (PS08A) [3434] You'll go pop.
[3435] Did you have that many as well?
[3436] Did you?
Dorothy (PS087) [3437] What is Rosemary thinking of?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3438] I'm gonna tell Rosemary I had a biscuit at home.
Dorothy (PS087) [3439] And I'll be telling Rosemary what I think of her biscuit trips.
Christopher (PS089) [3440] And yesterday we had a treat.
Dorothy (PS087) [3441] Why, what happened yesterday?
Christopher (PS089) [3442] Because ... that girl came.
Dorothy (PS087) [3443] Oh yes, she gave you a lolly didn't she?
[3444] And your teeth will be dropping out.
Christopher (PS089) [3445] A lolly?
Dorothy (PS087) [3446] Mm.
[3447] Wasn't that what it was?
Tim (PS088) [3448] Lolly?
Christopher (PS089) [3449] What lolly?
Dorothy (PS087) [3450] Didn't you get a l a chewy lolly or something on a stick?
Christopher (PS089) [3451] Mm?
Dorothy (PS087) [3452] From that girl that he's had. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3453] At school?
[3454] The one
Dorothy (PS087) [3455] Wasn't that what you came home with?
Andrew (PS08A) [3456] Is that what you mean?
[3457] This treat [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3458] No?
[3459] What treat?
[3460] Was there another one then?
Christopher (PS089) [3461] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [3462] Yesterday at school this student girl, not the one at school?
Christopher (PS089) [3463] No.
[3464] You know that girl came?
Tim (PS088) [3465] [...] I want to watch the telly.
Dorothy (PS087) [3466] Oh, Ellie.
Christopher (PS089) [3467] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [3468] You want to watch the telly?
Tim (PS088) [3469] I want to watch video.
[3470] Video please.
Dorothy (PS087) [3471] Well she didn't give you anything to eat.
Christopher (PS089) [3472] She gave ... no she gave us a drink what was
Andrew (PS08A) [3473] Right.
[3474] I expect you can watch a bit of video.
[3475] A little bit.
Christopher (PS089) [3476] I had
Dorothy (PS087) [3477] She gave you a drink did she ... before you went to bed?
[3478] ... Oh.
Tim (PS088) [3479] Atchoo
Andrew (PS08A) [3480] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [3481] No wonder they were soaked of a night.
[3482] Yeah, go on. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3483] Nothing.
[3484] I had to have a bit because when I put the blackcurrant in there wasn't enough so I had to mix it up with [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3485] Oh.
[3486] We've run short of blackcurrant.
Andrew (PS08A) [3487] We haven't got much.
Christopher (PS089) [3488] No we've not got any now.
Andrew (PS08A) [3489] But we've got some lemonade and things like that [...] . ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3490] Thank you ... mister tom tom player. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3491] I've found a drum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3492] You know when these people came to school and played instruments, how many of them were there?
Christopher (PS089) [3493] Erm let me count. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3494] Hard work.
Tim (PS088) [3495] Can you see me?
Dorothy (PS087) [3496] No not quite. ...
Tim (PS088) [3497] There.
Dorothy (PS087) [3498] No, cheeks there.
[3499] There's loads on your cheeks.
[3500] I don't know what it is.
Christopher (PS089) [3501] Eight.
Dorothy (PS087) [3502] Eight.
[3503] A lot of them then?
Christopher (PS089) [3504] Yeah, all [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3505] Gosh.
Christopher (PS089) [3506] Right let me have another
Dorothy (PS087) [3507] Eight people came?
[3508] Oh goodness.
[3509] I didn't realize that many.
[3510] I thought it would be just two or three people.
[3511] ... Right that cheek's fine.
[3512] Now try the other cheek Tim.
Christopher (PS089) [3513] Two violins ... [...]
Tim (PS088) [3514] Mummy that's done.
Dorothy (PS087) [3515] A cello.
Christopher (PS089) [3516] Yeah.
[3517] One cello.
[3518] One, two violins one cello
Tim (PS088) [3519] [shouting] Mummy Mum [] . [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3520] er ... then
Dorothy (PS087) [3521] No, bit more.
Christopher (PS089) [3522] two things of them and I don't know what they are.
[3523] That's one two three four
Dorothy (PS087) [3524] Clarinet?
Tim (PS088) [3525] There.
Christopher (PS089) [3526] [...] one
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3527] Bit more.
[3528] ... Erm here. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3529] Seven.
[3530] There's seven.
[3531] There's that many mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3532] Oh right.
[3533] Was anybody on a drum?
[3534] Or anything like that?
[3535] A little you know.
Tim (PS088) [3536] I'm gonna play the drum.
[3537] I'm gonna play the drum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3538] Listen you're not even tidied up yet.
[3539] Come round here and I'll sort that cheek out for you ... cos you've still missed it.
[3540] ... Scrub it hard.
[3541] No, you're still missing it.
[3542] Bit further nearer your ea that's it.
[3543] Go on now try, no ... too far back.
[3544] That's it, try there.
Christopher (PS089) [banging]
Dorothy (PS087) [3545] Better.
[3546] What are your hands like?
[3547] ... Okay.
[3548] Can you take your bib off then? ...
Tim (PS088) [3549] Er you please.
[3550] ... No I'm playing.
[3551] I'm gonna go somewhere [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3552] No I had it first.
Dorothy (PS087) [3553] Can you take that in the kitchen please cos it is biscuits, actually.
Christopher (PS089) [3554] And it could break.
Dorothy (PS087) [3555] Correct.
Tim (PS088) [3556] No it couldn't.
Dorothy (PS087) [3557] Timothy!
[3558] Timothy, that is not a drum, that is a biscuit barrel.
[3559] Please take it in the kitchen.
[3560] Thank you.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3561] Can I have paper please?
[3562] Can I have paper?
Dorothy (PS087) [3563] What sort of paper?
Tim (PS088) [3564] Paper.
Dorothy (PS087) [3565] What for?
Tim (PS088) [3566] Just to write Tim on.
Dorothy (PS087) [3567] To draw on?
Tim (PS088) [3568] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3569] I'll see what we can find.
Tim (PS088) [3570] With felt tip.
Dorothy (PS087) [3571] With felt tip?
[3572] I think you're gonna get the felt tip on your hands.

8 (Tape 022202)

Dorothy (PS087) [3573] We can find some dressing up things.
Christopher (PS089) [3574] In here [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3575] That's it.
[3576] And where shall we sign it again?
Christopher (PS089) [3577] Does she live in that one?
Dorothy (PS087) [3578] Erm ... yes I should think so.
[3579] I should think this is her friend, don't you think?
[3580] Oop ... [laughing] oh look at [...] [] . ...
Christopher (PS089) [3581] [...] No, that one.
[3582] [reading] Look at the [...] had ... had
Dorothy (PS087) [3583] Hat.
[3584] Look at the
Christopher (PS089) [3585] Look at the [...] at ... the ... [] can't read that mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [3586] Well you've got le- and you've got li-.
Christopher (PS089) [3587] Lovely.
Dorothy (PS087) [3588] That's it.
[3589] Look at this lovely hat. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3590] [reading] I [...] ... I got a hat too ... look at my ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3591] What's she trying on?
Christopher (PS089) [3592] shoes
Dorothy (PS087) [3593] That's it.
[3594] Shoes.
[3595] Look at my shoes.
Christopher (PS089) [3596] I ... got those shoes too.
Dorothy (PS087) [3597] Ha ... looks funny now.
Christopher (PS089) [3598] look at my very
Dorothy (PS087) [3599] Pretty.
Christopher (PS089) [3600] pretty dress ... I got a pretty dress too.
[3601] ... Look at this lovely necklace [] ... necklace?
Dorothy (PS087) [3602] Beads.
Christopher (PS089) [3603] Beads ... beads, they're not beads?
Dorothy (PS087) [3604] Mhm.
[3605] Look at these lovely beads. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3606] [reading] Look at these ... pretty ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3607] What are those things in your ears, do you know?
[3608] ... Earrings.
Christopher (PS089) [3609] Look at [...] pretty earrings.
[3610] ... I I like ... dressing up.
[3611] I like dressing up too.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh] ...
Christopher (PS089) [3612] You look like a [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3613] Princess.
Christopher (PS089) [3614] Princess who?
Dorothy (PS087) [3615] I don't know.
[3616] Just a princess.
[3617] You look like a princess.
Christopher (PS089) [3618] [reading] And you look like ... my mum [] .
[3619] Where?
[3620] Let me have a ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3621] So she looks like a princess and she looks like her mum.
Christopher (PS089) [3622] Yeah that looks like her mum doesn't it?
Dorothy (PS087) [3623] Mm.
[3624] ... Oh here comes dad. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3625] [reading] Hello hello hello ... hello hello hello.
[3626] What are you doing?
[3627] ... Hello hello ... hello what are you do [] .
[3628] Why do I have to say it twice?
Dorothy (PS087) [3629] I don't know really.
[3630] I think the idea is that you just, they show you who's doing the speaking by putting it in that little bubble from the person and then they write it again at the bottom.
[3631] I don't know why.
[3632] You don't have to say it twice if you don't want to.
[3633] You can just read this bit if you like. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3634] [reading] Where ... doing
Dorothy (PS087) [3635] We're.
Christopher (PS089) [3636] we're dressing up.
[3637] ... I princess T
Dorothy (PS087) [3638] Tamla.
Christopher (PS089) [3639] Tamla and this is Liz
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3640] Liz is your mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3641] Liz is.
[3642] You are
Christopher (PS089) [3643] [...] [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3644] [...] .
[3645] Oh, that's it.
[3646] ... Well that was fun.
[3647] Now let's see if we can do these. ...
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3648] Yup.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3649] Yup.
Christopher (PS089) [3650] Reading.
Dorothy (PS087) [3651] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3652] Reading?
Dorothy (PS087) [3653] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3654] Shop.
Dorothy (PS087) [3655] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3656] Shopping.
Dorothy (PS087) [3657] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3658] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3659] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3660] Lake.
Dorothy (PS087) [3661] No.
Christopher (PS089) [3662] [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [3663] If you look at that bit, you know who that is don't you?
Christopher (PS089) [3664] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [3665] That's you.
[3666] Middle name.
Christopher (PS089) [3667] Market.
Dorothy (PS087) [3668] Market.
Christopher (PS089) [3669] Market.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3670] I really knew that all the time.
Dorothy (PS087) [3671] Did you?
Christopher (PS089) [3672] [laughing] I'm teasing you [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3673] Oh right.
[3674] Fine, market.
Christopher (PS089) [3675] Two three
Dorothy (PS087) [3676] And what's that's the number two remember.
Christopher (PS089) [3677] [...] ... tummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [3678] Well done.
[3679] I think you know all those don't you?
[3680] ... I'll pick any one of these, see if you can read it to me are you ready?
[3681] This one.
Christopher (PS089) [3682] Reading ... market [laugh] ... cup ... [...] ... tummy ... sun ... moon ... market ... reading ... two ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3683] I think you'll know those don't you, when Mrs asks you?
[3684] Hopefully she'll be back in school on Monday.
[3685] She wasn't there on Monday was she?
[3686] ... What else have we got in here?
[3687] We've got some plastic bags.
[3688] A very fine acrobat.
[3689] It needs a bit of sellotape there doesn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [3690] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3691] Do you want to sellotape him up?
[3692] I like this bit.
[3693] ... Oh I like his mouth.
[3694] That's good.
[3695] How did you do that?
Christopher (PS089) [3696] Actually
Dorothy (PS087) [3697] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3698] I [...] a bit like this
Dorothy (PS087) [3699] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3700] and if you look carefully on this you'll find some of those.
[3701] There's one mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [3702] Oh.
[3703] Oh yes I see. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3704] There's a great big [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3705] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [3706] [...] .
[3707] We could hang this up.
Dorothy (PS087) [3708] We could do.
[3709] If you get it st erm stuck down properly we can .
Christopher (PS089) [3710] Or I could make it into a puppet.
Dorothy (PS087) [3711] How did you get this stick then?
[3712] Did you have to saw this stick?
Christopher (PS089) [3713] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3714] That's good innit?
[3715] ... Which end did you saw?
[3716] This bit? ...
Christopher (PS089) [3717] Well I ... did it ... well that's a bit straight isn't it?
Dorothy (PS087) [3718] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3719] It might be that one.
Dorothy (PS087) [3720] I thought it would be that one cos you'd be a bit wobbly wouldn't you with your sawing?
[3721] ... Or were you straight with your sawing?
Christopher (PS089) [3722] Straight but mum we had a very straight thing which sta stood on the table very hardly and [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3723] Right.
[3724] You clamped it down did you?
[3725] You need some sellotape just there round that arm.
[3726] On that hand.
[3727] ... Away you go.
[3728] See what you can do.
Christopher (PS089) [3729] Round that?
Dorothy (PS087) [3730] No that one's alright, that one's stuck.
[3731] ... It's just this one.
Christopher (PS089) [3732] Well you can hold it .
[3733] Look [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3734] Mm very good.
[3735] We can hang it up.
[3736] We could hang it ... over the stairs instead of that fish.
[3737] We'll take the fish down ... put the clown up instead.
[3738] Whoops.
Christopher (PS089) [3739] It's an acrobat.
Dorothy (PS087) [3740] Oh, beg his pardon.
[3741] The acrobat up instead.
Christopher (PS089) [3742] [...] can he swing over?
Dorothy (PS087) [3743] No, not really.
Christopher (PS089) [3744] Yes he can. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3745] Ooh!
Christopher (PS089) [3746] [laugh] Oh
Dorothy (PS087) [3747] It would be better if he was stuck on properly.
[3748] Then we could swing him over.
[3749] Another sticking session.
Christopher (PS089) [3750] A [...] session.
[3751] A sticking [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3752] I've lost my cup of coffee.
[3753] What did I do with it? ...

9 (Tape 022203)

Dorothy (PS087) [3754] It was when you were playing with it with your fingers, do you remember?
[3755] Anyway it won't matter.
[3756] We can use some pliers or something to ... bend it back. ...
Tim (PS088) [singing] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3757] Hello hello hello hello
Tim (PS088) [singing] [...] []
Christopher (PS089) [3758] Mummy this is for winter this isn't it?
Andrew (PS08A) [3759] Hello.
[3760] Your er [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [3761] Yes.
Christopher (PS089) [3762] I don't suppose we could have it [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3763] For ... for the chilly days.
[3764] Well in the summer you won't need jumpers will you like this?
Christopher (PS089) [3765] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [3766] Hopefully.
[3767] If we have a good summer.
[3768] Mind you in the evening, if it gets quite chilly in the evenings so it might be a good jumper to wear in the evenings when we go for our ... evening walks by the sea.
[3769] Oh what a lovely thought daddy.
Tim (PS088) [singing] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3770] Next time we go to the sea.
[3771] [...] Oh it's the clip.
[3772] He's been playing with it, he's bent it out so it [...] .
[3773] It's on at the moment though.
[3774] ... [...] I tried doing it with my fingers but [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3775] I don't know.
Dorothy (PS087) [3776] Thank you dear.
[3777] Very helpful.
[3778] ... Very helpful.
[3779] Oh. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3780] Mum, what about giving him something for being very ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3781] Giving who something?
[3782] What do you mean?
Christopher (PS089) [3783] Here, I'm gonna whisper you something.
Dorothy (PS087) [3784] Go on.
Christopher (PS089) [whispering] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3785] Give you what?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3786] Why?
Christopher (PS089) [whispering] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3787] Oh I see.
[3788] Oh right.
Tim (PS088) [3789] Biscuits.
Dorothy (PS087) [3790] No no.
[3791] Nothing to do with biscuits.
Andrew (PS08A) [3792] Right.
[3793] We'll have to go
Christopher (PS089) [3794] Nothing to do with biscuits.
Andrew (PS08A) [3795] do we need to go upstairs first?
Dorothy (PS087) [3796] Er, I think we should. ...
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3797] Come on. ...
Tim (PS088) [3798] [laugh] Chips.
Christopher (PS089) [3799] [laugh] Chips.
Dorothy (PS087) [3800] I think we should have chips, don't you?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Tim (PS088) [3801] MacDonalds.
Christopher (PS089) [3802] Mac [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3803] [...] Erm ... have you got the purse mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [3804] Erm ... I don't know.
[3805] Have you got some money?
Andrew (PS08A) [3806] I haven't got any money [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3807] It's alright.
[3808] I've got loads of money somewhere.
[3809] It's just a matter of ...
Tim (PS088) [3810] It's stopped raining.
Andrew (PS08A) [3811] Good.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [3812] Has John got a new car do you think?
Dorothy (PS087) [3813] Oh well I saw that on Friday.
[3814] In fact yesterday we said I wonder if he's got a new car or ... whether he's got visitors.
Andrew (PS08A) [3815] [...] I should imagine it's a new car.
Dorothy (PS087) [3816] Very posh isn't it?
[3817] Is it new?
[3818] I mean
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3819] It's J reg is it?
Tim (PS088) [singing+shouting] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3820] I I I I told you to.
Tim (PS088) [singing+shouting] [...] []
Dorothy (PS087) [3821] Will it fit in the garage? ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3822] It's a bit bigger than our [...] ford escort.
Tim (PS088) [3823] It won't mummy.
[3824] I don't think it will.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3825] If it doesn't mum ... anyway it wouldn't fit in the garage because there's another car in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [3826] Oh that's a point.
[3827] That's a bit tricky.
[3828] Well we think that that might be a new car.
Andrew (PS08A) [3829] Yeah, we think it's [...]
Tim (PS088) [3830] [shouting] [...] [] .
[3831] [...] cos we're nearly there.
Dorothy (PS087) [3832] [laughing] We're not nearly there.
[3833] We haven't even started [] . ...
Tim (PS088) [3834] Nearly there.
[3835] ... Got to be quick.
Andrew (PS08A) [3836] [...] did you actually go to sleep mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [3837] I did.
Andrew (PS08A) [3838] Did you? [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3839] I was absolutely whacked out.
Andrew (PS08A) [3840] You've done very well [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [3841] Well I haven't.
[3842] You've done all the meals. [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [3843] Dad, could you walk it to MacDonalds?
Andrew (PS08A) [3844] Well you could.
[3845] It would be a little bit far for us.
[3846] But we could if we needed to.
Dorothy (PS087) [3847] Wouldn't be too bad cos you'd go down by the Jolly Farmer.
Andrew (PS08A) [3848] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [3849] You'd have to walk like Gemma walks to school wouldn't you?
Christopher (PS089) [3850] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [3851] Where does Gemma live?
Dorothy (PS087) [3852] Gemma lives ... Oakenshaw
Christopher (PS089) [3853] Yeah, near MacDonalds.
[3854] Near MacDonalds dad.
[3855] She lives right near MacDonalds doesn't she?
Dorothy (PS087) [3856] She does actually.
[3857] [laugh] Wonder if she goes to MacDonalds every night for her tea?
Christopher (PS089) [3858] No.
[3859] ... But she could walk it from her house couldn't she?
Dorothy (PS087) [3860] She could. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3861] Because it's not far.
[3862] Yeah all she has to do is go ... go round her bit ... round just a normal road, across the road ... down a little bit ... and she's there.
Dorothy (PS087) [3863] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [3864] It's not very far daddy, is it daddy?
[3865] A teeny [...] bit.
[3866] It's only round the corner ... from her isn't it mum?
[3867] ... It's only [...] . [...]
Tim (PS088) [3868] [cough] I found it ... over here.
Christopher (PS089) [3869] I can't see it.
[3870] There it is.
Tim (PS088) [3871] There it is.
Andrew (PS08A) [3872] There's a lot of people there.
[3873] Do you think we'll get a seat?
Dorothy (PS087) [3874] Ooh there's a lot of cars.
Tim (PS088) [3875] I see MacDonalds.
Dorothy (PS087) [3876] There's not normally that many people there are there?
Andrew (PS08A) [3877] No.
[3878] It's
Christopher (PS089) [3879] What?
Andrew (PS08A) [3880] it's a bit full.
Dorothy (PS087) [3881] Oh it looks crowded.
[3882] Perhaps there's a party. ...
Tim (PS088) [3883] It's not a party. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3884] Perhaps there's only one person in each car at MacDonalds.
Dorothy (PS087) [3885] [laugh] That's true.
[3886] I can't think that one person in a car on their own would want to go to MacDonalds too often. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3887] Like a mum or a dad or [...] ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3888] Everybody must have thought what a dismal day this is.
Andrew (PS08A) [3889] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [3890] Let's got to MacDonalds for our tea.
[3891] ... Mm it is quite full though.
Christopher (PS089) [3892] How do you know which way
Andrew (PS08A) [3893] It is.
[3894] Are we gonna get i I don't think we're gonna get in.
Dorothy (PS087) [3895] Course we are.
Tim (PS088) [3896] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [3897] I've never known it that full before. ...
Andrew (PS08A) [3898] Where to park? [...]
Tim (PS088) [3899] There's a space.
Andrew (PS08A) [3900] There aren't any spaces.
Dorothy (PS087) [3901] Well just keep going round.
[3902] There was some space at the other end actually.
Tim (PS088) [3903] There's a space.
[3904] Just missed a space.
Dorothy (PS087) [3905] I don't think we did Tim .
Andrew (PS08A) [3906] No there weren't any.
Dorothy (PS087) [3907] No.
[3908] I think there's one just over here.
[3909] ... Oh [...]
Tim (PS088) [3910] How you [...] space?
Christopher (PS089) [3911] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [3912] There.
[3913] That's the one I saw when I was coming in.
[3914] Don't know if you're meant to use it.
Andrew (PS08A) [3915] Well [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3916] Are those ... erm queuing up though?
Andrew (PS08A) [3917] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [3918] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [3919] [...] I'd better get out this side I think.
Dorothy (PS087) [3920] Why?
Andrew (PS08A) [3921] No, your side I mean.
[3922] Cos it's flowers and things.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh] ...
Tim (PS088) [3923] I [...] the door.
Dorothy (PS087) [3924] See Ronald MacDonald in person here on Sunday the twenty second of March.
Tim (PS088) [3925] I'll go round the door.
Dorothy (PS087) [3926] Appearances at noon and three PM.
[3927] ... I thought the man was dead.
Tim (PS088) [3928] I'm going out here.
Christopher (PS089) [3929] Who is dead?
Dorothy (PS087) [3930] [laughing] Ronald MacDonald [] .
[3931] Isn't he dead, Ronald MacDonald?
[3932] ... Or perhaps it's sort of some dressed up character.
Tim (PS088) [3933] Don't!
Dorothy (PS087) [3934] Okay.
[3935] Are you coming Christopher or are you going to sit here to have your meal?
[3936] Just wait Tim cos there's lots of cars.
Tim (PS088) [3937] I just going go round.
Dorothy (PS087) [3938] Well just go and stand on that path there cos there's another ... another car then.
[3939] Stay on the path.
[3940] Wait! ... just there.
Andrew (PS08A) [3941] Okay just stay, Tim!
[3942] Stay [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3943] On that path, go on.
Andrew (PS08A) [3944] Stay there.
Dorothy (PS087) [3945] Right stay there, don't move.
[3946] Yes. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3947] There's a car there. ...
Dorothy (PS087) [3948] Okay, right.
[3949] Away you go.
Tim (PS088) [3950] Ah be quick.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...] [...]
Tim (PS088) [3951] Look dad.
Dorothy (PS087) [3952] Yeah sit down.
[3953] Come on. ...
Christopher (PS089) [3954] Mum, how many straws do we need?
Dorothy (PS087) [3955] How many what?
Christopher (PS089) [3956] How many straws do we need?
Dorothy (PS087) [3957] I don't know.
Christopher (PS089) [3958] Shall I ask daddy and Tim?
[3959] ... How many we might need?
Dorothy (PS087) [3960] Yeah.
[3961] Twenty chicken nuggets please.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [3962] Twenty chicken nuggets.
[3963] Any sauce?
Dorothy (PS087) [3964] And er yeah ... tomato ketchup and sweet and sour ... please.
[3965] I can have two of each can't I?
[3966] And ... french fries.
[3967] ... Yeah two large [...] .
[3968] And two teas [...] two teas [...] two oranges.
[3969] ... Erm ... that's it.
Tim (PS088) [3970] Do you want a straw?
[3971] Mum do you want a straw? [...] straw.
[3972] Do you want a straw?
[3973] [shouting] Oy ... mum [] .
Christopher (PS089) [3974] Do you want a straw mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [3975] Would you not shout at me.
Tim (PS088) [3976] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [3977] Don't shout at me.
Christopher (PS089) [3978] Do you want a straw please?
Tim (PS088) [3979] Mummy do you want a straw?
Dorothy (PS087) [3980] I don't want a straw, no.
Tim (PS088) [3981] I I I I want a straw.
[3982] Mum mum [...] [shouting] mummy [] I want a straw.
Dorothy (PS087) [3983] Right.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [3984] Two thirteen change.
Dorothy (PS087) [3985] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [3986] Dave do you want to take [...] to that lady in the corner [...] .
[3987] Can I help anyone?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3988] Mum can I take these to the table?
Dorothy (PS087) [3989] Yes, just go and sit with daddy please.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3990] Now stop [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [3991] I'll take them.
Dorothy (PS087) [3992] No.
Christopher (PS089) [3993] Why?
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [3994] No thanks.
[3995] Just milk.
[3996] ... Can you two go and sit down with daddy please cos this is getting silly.
Tim (PS088) [3997] I want to watch.
Dorothy (PS087) [3998] No.
[3999] Go and sit with daddy.
Tim (PS088) [4000] I want to watch you.
Dorothy (PS087) [4001] Go and sit with daddy.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4002] No cos you keep shouting at me.
[4003] Now go away, please.
Tim (PS088) [4004] [...] shout at you.
Dorothy (PS087) [4005] Now please.
[4006] Go.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4007] Go on please.
Tim (PS088) [4008] [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4009] No.
[4010] I shall just say I'm sorry we don't want this meal and we'll go away.
[4011] Go and sit down with daddy please.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [4012] Okay?
Dorothy (PS087) [4013] [...] french fries.
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]

10 (Tape 022204)

Dorothy (PS087) [4014] Say how many Smarties come in a thing.
[4015] I shouldn't imagine you were.
[4016] I should think there would be about ... dunno ... thirty normally. ...
Christopher (PS089) [4017] It hasn't got holes in it has it?
[4018] Where's the holes?
Tim (PS088) [4019] It has.
Dorothy (PS087) [4020] It has hasn't it?
[4021] Yeah it's got loads of holes.
[4022] Er you could do with something to hold it with or else you're gonna get into a terrible terrible mess.
[4023] Where did you put all the paper? ...
Tim (PS088) [4024] In the bin.
Dorothy (PS087) [4025] Right.
[4026] Well just have this round it.
Christopher (PS089) [4027] Mum it's gonna take ages to eat these.
[4028] ... It's gonna take ages to eat these mum ... dad.
Andrew (PS08A) [4029] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [4030] Why?
Christopher (PS089) [4031] [...] mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [4032] I don't know.
[4033] Depends how long you want for it to take.
[4034] ... Do you want a cup of tea daddy?
[4035] Another ... cup of tea, or a coffee? ...

11 (Tape 022301)

Andrew (PS08A) [4036] This thing, is it on, off?
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [4037] Has it been on?
Dorothy (PS087) [4038] It's not been on, no, I've just switched it on.
Andrew (PS08A) [4039] Right, [...] ... toast and marmite, times two.
Dorothy (PS087) [4040] I think everything on this erm, machine is to do with food, don't you?
Andrew (PS08A) [4041] Probably is.
Dorothy (PS087) [4042] You need to sort of stop and talk when you have food.
Andrew (PS08A) [4043] Yes ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4044] Yes please ... cup of tea ... are making it then? ... [...] ... good!
[4045] ... I did manage to sort out ... the food for tomorrow and
Andrew (PS08A) [4046] Did you ... really?
[4047] ... That's very clever!
Dorothy (PS087) [4048] Well I thought [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4049] Did you manage to do alright?
Dorothy (PS087) [4050] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4051] Found [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4052] I mean pinched one of [...] for starters, that makes a difference.
Andrew (PS08A) [4053] Did you try it did you?
Dorothy (PS087) [4054] [laughing] No [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [4055] Ah ho, [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4056] A pathetic film on, I don't
Andrew (PS08A) [4057] Ah!
Dorothy (PS087) [4058] know what it was about, but it was pathetic!
Andrew (PS08A) [4059] Ah!
Dorothy (PS087) [4060] Mm.
[4061] ... What's happening tomorrow?
Andrew (PS08A) [4062] What do you mean, what's happening tomorrow?
Dorothy (PS087) [4063] Well what is it tomorrow morning and evening and things.
Andrew (PS08A) [4064] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [4065] What is it tomorrow morning and evening, and what are we going to do in the afternoon without [...] ?
Andrew (PS08A) [4066] [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [4067] [laugh] ... I know we'll cope but what are you going to do?
Andrew (PS08A) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4068] Are we inviting anyone?
[4069] ... I know we're not inviting anybody for lunch Christmas day ... couldn't cope with that but it would be quite to have them ... [...] in the afternoon ... [...] ... can't cope with the people!
Andrew (PS08A) [4070] Oh yeah.
[4071] ... Suppose we should do something, yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4072] Well that's what I was thinking, perhaps we could go with somebody somewhere.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4073] You know, like by a canal or something.
[4074] ... Perhaps, well if it's snowing it won't be quite the same.
Andrew (PS08A) [4075] That's right.
Dorothy (PS087) [4076] [laugh] ... Conducive to tripping about!
[4077] ... But if it's quite nice weather, it would be nice to invite somebody along ... I expect.
Andrew (PS08A) [4078] They could just ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4079] [...] ... Stratford?
Andrew (PS08A) [4080] Yeah ... the Stratford Warriors ... [...] running about every ... six weeks ... something like that.
Dorothy (PS087) [4081] Is it six weeks since we saw the last one then?
Andrew (PS08A) [4082] They didn't, they we , they have them more frequently now and they're getting even more and more infrequent now for the rest of the year.
Dorothy (PS087) [4083] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [4084] [whispering] And [...] next one [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4085] That's Mother's Day ... twenty second.
[4086] ... Is it?
[4087] ... No.
Andrew (PS08A) [4088] Mother's Day a fortnight
Dorothy (PS087) [4089] Twenty ninth.
Andrew (PS08A) [4090] Somebody will organize a party for Tuesday [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4091] Yeah they want a party piece on Tuesday.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4092] It's alright you don't have to, [...] of cake.
[4093] ... If I don't bake them now [...] my mother.
Andrew (PS08A) [4094] Yeah well tell your mother.
[4095] ... I'll have to
Dorothy (PS087) [4096] Yeah I will.
Andrew (PS08A) [4097] get one!
Dorothy (PS087) [4098] And it better be a nice one!
[4099] Pop into Marks and Spencers they have some ... amazing shapes in Marks and Spencers that the children will enjoy.
Andrew (PS08A) [4100] Really?
Dorothy (PS087) [4101] Mind you it might be expensive.
[4102] ... Tesco's are probably cheaper.
[4103] ... You remember that Tom and Jerry I got for Tim?
[4104] ... Because I couldn't be bothered to cook it.
Andrew (PS08A) [4105] Well, leave it up to me, I'll see what I can get ... I'll get [...] ... for the party.
Dorothy (PS087) [4106] Thank you dear.
Andrew (PS08A) [4107] Is that alright?
Dorothy (PS087) [4108] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4109] I'll get you some.
Dorothy (PS087) [4110] And I'll just make the rest of the [...] with salad in.
Andrew (PS08A) [4111] You're not supposed to [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4112] I've told you what we're gonna for Christopher haven't I?
Andrew (PS08A) [4113] I know, he went to school [...] to do
Dorothy (PS087) [4114] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4115] housework.
Dorothy (PS087) [4116] Is that naughty?
[4117] ... [...] Thursday morning.
Andrew (PS08A) [4118] Right, Christopher [...] will be back too!
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [4119] I wish I could [...] ... I'd like to [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4120] You what?
Andrew (PS08A) [4121] Out at the meeting again on Monday night.
Dorothy (PS087) [4122] On Monday?
[4123] ... Where are you going Monday?
Andrew (PS08A) [4124] Going to Sue's house.
Dorothy (PS087) [4125] Oh right ... the big ... housewife!
Andrew (PS08A) [4126] The housewife ... mhm.
Dorothy (PS087) [4127] [...] like cooking this week.
[4128] ... Ah, I'm having Jane for a piano lesson, aren't I?
Andrew (PS08A) [4129] What day?
[4130] ... Which day?
Dorothy (PS087) [4131] Monday.
Andrew (PS08A) [4132] Are you?
[4133] ... Oh well [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4134] So that fits in quite well ... I couldn't remember what I was doing on Monday ... but we said, sort of tentatively Monday would be probably quite a good day ... I think.
[4135] ... Better than Thursday anyway.
[4136] ... So could Tuesday night be Inspector Morse night?
Andrew (PS08A) [4137] Yeah cos my mum will be here then.
Dorothy (PS087) [4138] Oh right ... can we not take her home? ... [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [4139] [laughing] Unpaid [] !
Dorothy (PS087) [4140] Well she'll
Andrew (PS08A) [4141] We shall see!
Dorothy (PS087) [4142] have been here all day, won't she?
[4143] ... So she might want to go home! ... [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [4144] [laugh] ... she wants to tell us all about her wedding
Dorothy (PS087) [4145] Could you tell her we're going to watch Inspector Morse!
Andrew (PS08A) [4146] for the third or fourth time!
[4147] Will she have watched Inspector Morse?
[4148] She won't of watched it, cos it's bound to be on a Wednesday night!
[4149] ... Does she like Inspector Morse?
Dorothy (PS087) [4150] I don't think she watches it normally.
Andrew (PS08A) [4151] No, she probably doesn't like it.
[4152] ... A bit spicy!
Dorothy (PS087) [4153] I bet she would, she loves anything like that!
[4154] ... Bit of a body!
[4155] ... Mind you, it might be ... too complicated!
Andrew (PS08A) [4156] It was ... I remember reading in the paper ... that it's been ... it's been filmed at a house ... which no one 's ever been allowed to go in ... even the great ... sort of ... one of these country mansions, it was not Bradley Hall
Dorothy (PS087) [4157] Right.
Andrew (PS08A) [4158] And ... even people who write about [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4159] [laughing] If it was not Bradley Hall , it can't be Bradley Hall [laughing] again, they're always going in there [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [4160] Well that's fine.
[4161] ... It was some country mansion in Oxfordshire ... you know?
Dorothy (PS087) [4162] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [4163] It's as you come off the [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4164] And how did
Andrew (PS08A) [4165] and
Dorothy (PS087) [4166] they get permission then?
Andrew (PS08A) [4167] They somehow managed to persuade the owners, apparently it was [...] and it was ... and nobody else had ever been allowed in this place ... not even ... erm historians who write about famous buildings, even they had been refused access!
Dorothy (PS087) [4168] Where is it?
Andrew (PS08A) [4169] Somewhere in Oxfordshire.
Dorothy (PS087) [4170] Oh!
[4171] ... They don't know where?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4172] Oh ... [...] .
[4173] ... So
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4174] this was about last week's episode?
Andrew (PS08A) [4175] I think it was about last week's epi , but they seem to e ... imply that it was last week's episode that would
Dorothy (PS087) [4176] Oh.
Andrew (PS08A) [4177] do it.
Dorothy (PS087) [4178] We seem to have got one spare video if we don't get it watched before Wednesday.
Andrew (PS08A) [4179] Alright.
[4180] ... Well that's the only chance.
Dorothy (PS087) [4181] Oh yeah cos we're going to Maryland tomorrow.
[4182] [...] your dad.
Andrew (PS08A) [4183] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [4184] Erm ... not it wasn't about your dad, it was about my birthday ... cos
Andrew (PS08A) [4185] Cos yo
Dorothy (PS087) [4186] he'd realized that it was my birthday, and wha , what did I want?
[4187] ... So I said send me a cheque and I'll go and shop.
Andrew (PS08A) [4188] And?
Dorothy (PS087) [4189] And ... [...] last week cos she's ... quite generous isn't she?
Andrew (PS08A) [4190] She is a bit but it's [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4191] No, I didn't say anything.
Andrew (PS08A) [4192] I think that's the thing.
Dorothy (PS087) [4193] So your dad sent a cheque.
[4194] [laugh] ... Anyway I asked her if she'd heard from your dad, and she has heard from your dad ... apparently on Friday ... he went ... to the ... consultant
Andrew (PS08A) [4195] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [4196] and next week he's got his first ... well she didn't know whether it was radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
[4197] ... And she said he has to go trotting to Exeter two or three times a week now.
Andrew (PS08A) [4198] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [4199] I don't know how long it's going to go on for, or what it is exactly but I thought ... it would be a good idea to ring your dad up ... and see.
Andrew (PS08A) [4200] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [4201] [...] ... But at least things have moved, and at least they've gone round.
[4202] ... So I'm pleased really, are you?
[4203] ... Interesting that they've done it so quickly isn't it?
[4204] After seeing him, because he thought that once ... he'd seen the consultant it would then take some time to ... get the treatment started, but they must have got themselves over that.
Andrew (PS08A) [4205] Yeah.
[4206] ... Well I mean everyone [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4207] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4208] I think [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4209] Gotta get moving.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4210] And presumably whatever it was the GP had give him ... has had tha , upset that thrombosis again.
[4211] ... I don't know whether to ring him tonight, oh it's too late tonight now.
Andrew (PS08A) [4212] It's much too late.
Dorothy (PS087) [4213] Perhaps we could ring tomorrow afternoon when the children are up?
[4214] ... Well they love talking to them on the phone don't they?
Andrew (PS08A) [4215] I know they do.
Dorothy (PS087) [4216] We could can prime them up on what to say ... and types of things to talk about ... so they don't get ... moaned down or something [...] !
[4217] ... Bogged down [...] !
Andrew (PS08A) [4218] So he's had to go in, what did you say?
[4219] Three times a week?
Dorothy (PS087) [4220] I don't know ... she just said
Andrew (PS08A) [4221] Something like that
Dorothy (PS087) [4222] a few times a week ... and I think it sounded like three ... cos she was wondering how he would cope with driving and everything.
Andrew (PS08A) [4223] Mm ... a trial!
Dorothy (PS087) [4224] Well ... I hope not ... I mean no he won't be able to drive
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4225] but presumably your mum can do that for, they've got hundreds of people there, he's always driving people everywhere
Andrew (PS08A) [4226] That's right.
Dorothy (PS087) [4227] so I don't see why they can't drive him!
[4228] ... I'm sure they will
Andrew (PS08A) [4229] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [4230] cos they're very good aren't they?
[4231] I mean look at that woman doing her ... er ... [...] from the ... from the church.
Andrew (PS08A) [4232] At times like this it would be nice if we lived nearer ... could help out.
Dorothy (PS087) [4233] It would nice if we lived there but we can't so ... [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [4234] It's ... about [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4235] And write as well.
Andrew (PS08A) [4236] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [4237] Double dose.
Andrew (PS08A) [4238] Yes.
[4239] ... And pulled out.
Dorothy (PS087) [4240] Well it's sort of pulled out, but at least it's [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4241] We'll be paying for it as well.
Dorothy (PS087) [4242] And it's hard as well.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4243] We've been paying anyway, so it must of ... you know.
[4244] ... What does erm ... you see ... er ... Eileen's [...] ... and she's having chemotherapy isn't she?
[4245] By me , by medication, is
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4246] that right?
Andrew (PS08A) [4247] Well she takes all these tablet things.
Dorothy (PS087) [4248] That's right ... she has a sort of ... massive dose every now and then.
[4249] ... And that makes her feel ... what?
[4250] ... She's not in pain [...] is she?
[4251] More sort of ... dopey.
Andrew (PS08A) [4252] I wouldn't care if they made me dazed [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4253] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4254] [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [4255] Yeah.
[4256] ... I dunno.
Andrew (PS08A) [4257] Not gonna [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4258] Difficult to know.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4259] Oh yes, that was it!
[4260] ... I wonder how bad it is, that feeling's like, we don't really know ... how bad it is do we?
Andrew (PS08A) [4261] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [4262] Perhaps he will be able to say, you know?
[4263] ... But whether he'd tell us over the telephone, [...] you think ask.
[4264] ... I think he would wouldn't he?
Andrew (PS08A) [4265] I think so.

12 (Tape 022302)

Andrew (PS08A) [4266] What do you want on your toast?
Tim (PS088) [4267] [...] ... here's Marmite.
Andrew (PS08A) [4268] Right, shall I give the marmalade to you then?
Tim (PS088) [4269] Yes ... can we have
Andrew (PS08A) [4270] Watch your arm there!
Tim (PS088) [4271] Marmite?
Andrew (PS08A) [4272] Which half do you want?
Christopher (PS089) [4273] And marmalade.
Andrew (PS08A) [4274] Do you want some marmalade on it?
Christopher (PS089) [4275] Yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [4276] Which half do you want the marmalade on?
Christopher (PS089) [4277] That on?
Dorothy (PS087) [4278] Are you feeling alright before you sort of?
Andrew (PS08A) [4279] That one?
Dorothy (PS087) [4280] Oh I see.
Christopher (PS089) [4281] Daddy don't ... shout because ... I [...] ... when it's ... and then am I allowed ... [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4282] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [4283] I would be like that.
Andrew (PS08A) [4284] Will you?
Christopher (PS089) [4285] And I'll be
Andrew (PS08A) [4286] Do you want me to spread it for you?
Christopher (PS089) [4287] Yeah ... I want some milk?
[4288] And I like ... and not o , all over the place!
Andrew (PS08A) [4289] No, just over half of it ... that enough?
Christopher (PS089) [4290] No Marmite!
[4291] ... Don't put Marmite!
Tim (PS088) [4292] Ooh!
Andrew (PS08A) [4293] You're having a lot of milk Chris!
Christopher (PS089) [4294] But I like it!
Andrew (PS08A) [4295] [...] just cereal [...] .
Tim (PS088) [4296] Poo!
Andrew (PS08A) [4297] Christopher's had it all!
Tim (PS088) [4298] I want some!
Andrew (PS08A) [4299] Alright, don't get cross with each other!
Tim (PS088) [4300] I want some!
[4301] ... I want some more!
Dorothy (PS087) [4302] Try again Tim!
Tim (PS088) [4303] Please?
[4304] ... And I want daddy to go.
Dorothy (PS087) [4305] Why should daddy have to go?
Tim (PS088) [4306] You've finished that dad!
[4307] ... Okay.
Christopher (PS089) [4308] He made the breakfast with the milk
Tim (PS088) [4309] I want some toast!
Christopher (PS089) [4310] and you have to wash up!
Tim (PS088) [4311] Mum, I want ... mum [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4312] No [...] get me up for it.
Tim (PS088) [4313] I want to lie down.
Dorothy (PS087) [4314] That bad is it?
Christopher (PS089) [4315] Mum, do you want [...] ... [...] where am I, where am I going?
Dorothy (PS087) [4316] Oh no we're not gonna take another tape off!
Christopher (PS089) [4317] Why?
Tim (PS088) [4318] It's Sunday today.
Christopher (PS089) [4319] What?
Tim (PS088) [4320] It's Sunday.
Dorothy (PS087) [4321] Sunday today.
Christopher (PS089) [4322] Where are we going?
Dorothy (PS087) [4323] It's a different [...] .
[4324] ... Where do we normally go on Sunday?
Tim (PS088) [4325] [laughing] [...] [] !
Christopher (PS089) [4326] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [4327] Where do we normally go on Sunday?
Tim (PS088) [4328] Ch ch church.
Christopher (PS089) [4329] Yeah!
Tim (PS088) [4330] Here we go!
Dorothy (PS087) [4331] There's scramblers today.
[4332] ... Mm ... have you seen your scrambler pads?
[4333] Cos I can't find it.
Christopher (PS089) [4334] What's [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [4335] I've not seen it mummy , I've not seen it at all.
Christopher (PS089) [4336] In the church?
Dorothy (PS087) [4337] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [4338] Going to church today.
[4339] ... And you get to go to scramblers ... Christopher ... is going to [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4340] Chris is going [...] all weekend.
Andrew (PS08A) [4341] the chorus.
Christopher (PS089) [4342] I will [...] dad, it's upstairs.
Andrew (PS08A) [4343] Is it?
Christopher (PS089) [4344] In my bedroom.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4345] Can I have the Marmite?
[4346] ... Marmite!
Tim (PS088) [4347] The [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4348] Get that.
Andrew (PS08A) [4349] That's the one.
Christopher (PS089) [4350] [...] !
Tim (PS088) [4351] When we were at the park I took the [...] down there cos [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4352] You've done a lot of shouting today Chris!
Tim (PS088) [4353] [...] Hello!
Dorothy (PS087) [4354] Pardon?
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4355] You want a coat, why didn't use a coat, [...] what you're wearing ... put it on ... Why don't you get dressed?
Andrew (PS08A) [4356] I refuse to get dressed!
Christopher (PS089) [4357] I'm not cold [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4358] You're not cold ... you just want to be cuddled.
Christopher (PS089) [4359] [...] has another [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4360] Have you been to
Tim (PS088) [4361] Mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [4362] the toilet recently?
Christopher (PS089) [4363] Yes another [...] ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4364] Try it!
[4365] ... Helps you feel better.
Christopher (PS089) [4366] I er ... go and get a knock!
Tim (PS088) [4367] Mum?
[4368] ... That
Christopher (PS089) [4369] Look!
Tim (PS088) [4370] maybe [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4371] Oh good!
[4372] ... That's probably the trouble if you've been eating too much.
Andrew (PS08A) [4373] In future we'll get the [...] out.
Dorothy (PS087) [4374] I think so.
Andrew (PS08A) [4375] Really ... and erm, just absolutely
Dorothy (PS087) [4376] If he does that [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4377] [...] ... before I could stop him, he'd bought his ... [...] !
Christopher (PS089) [4378] Oy!
[4379] ... I want some ... I haven't got enough!
Dorothy (PS087) [4380] Oh Good morning dear!
[4381] ... So nice to see you this morning.
Tim (PS088) [4382] It [...] is.
Dorothy (PS087) [4383] Are you tired?
Andrew (PS08A) [4384] Different ... when you're not well ... you feel tired.
Tim (PS088) [4385] Mummy, can I get [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [4386] Well ... it's there!
Tim (PS088) [4387] Well [...] something to cover me up.
Dorothy (PS087) [4388] Well I think you should get dressed rather than do that.
[4389] ... And then you can have, be covered up when you're dressed.
[4390] ... Cos then you'll be warmer, especially round your feet.
Tim (PS088) [4391] I'm not cold!
Andrew (PS08A) [4392] You're not saying you are cold and then you're ... saying you're not cold!
[4393] Are you shivering?
Christopher (PS089) [4394] May I please [...] it?
Dorothy (PS087) [4395] Go on then.
Christopher (PS089) [4396] You!
Dorothy (PS087) [4397] How have you managed to Marmite round your eye?
Christopher (PS089) [4398] Eye?
Dorothy (PS087) [4399] Mm ... look.
[4400] ... Did he look ill before he started on his breakfast daddy?
Andrew (PS08A) [4401] I dunno.
Christopher (PS089) [4402] I was all [...] ... [...] to the fountain ... for daddy's [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4403] Oh!
Tim (PS088) [4404] Mum I didn't tell her ... twenty two days
Dorothy (PS087) [4405] Good!
Tim (PS088) [4406] I left school.
Dorothy (PS087) [4407] No you didn't, or this week.
[4408] ... They owe you forty P.
[4409] ... Thank you.
[4410] ... No.
Tim (PS088) [4411] [...] milk ... mummy!
Christopher (PS089) [4412] But he's [...] dad ... too.
Dorothy (PS087) [4413] Do you feel sick or what?
Andrew (PS08A) [4414] Ah well you eat that bit of toast , I'll leave it there.
Dorothy (PS087) [4415] Just achy.
Tim (PS088) [4416] Just
Dorothy (PS087) [4417] Tired.

13 (Tape 022303)

Tim (PS088) [4418] Here's my cracker?
Dorothy (PS087) [4419] Let me see.
Tim (PS088) [4420] It's gone.
Christopher (PS089) [4421] Your colouring book's here.
Tim (PS088) [4422] It's yo ... that's my colouring book.
Christopher (PS089) [4423] Well have you noticed it's missing?
Tim (PS088) [4424] He's my colouring book.
Dorothy (PS087) [4425] Oh.
[4426] ... I haven't looked actually.
Christopher (PS089) [4427] It is.
Dorothy (PS087) [4428] Is it [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [4429] And I haven't been doing it.
Tim (PS088) [4430] Here's my cracker!
Dorothy (PS087) [4431] Oh what a lovely cracker! [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [4432] Nothing in!
Dorothy (PS087) [4433] No you're not [...]
Tim (PS088) [4434] No.
Christopher (PS089) [4435] No.
[4436] ... He's opened it already, at the top!
Tim (PS088) [4437] Oh there's your ... I'll go upstairs ... cos I was going to ... scramble a badge with Christopher.
Dorothy (PS087) [4438] And explorer badge for Christopher.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4439] Scrambler badge for you.
[4440] ... Right ... you can have a lie down now.
Christopher (PS089) [4441] Mum I want to cuddled!
Tim (PS088) [4442] Bye!
Christopher (PS089) [4443] [...] ... I broke it!
[4444] ... I broke it!
Dorothy (PS087) [4445] Do you want a cushion for your head?
Christopher (PS089) [4446] Yes please.
Tim (PS088) [4447] I've got it!
[4448] ... I've got it!
Dorothy (PS087) [4449] Thank you Tim.
Tim (PS088) [4450] I've got it!
Dorothy (PS087) [4451] Oh do
Tim (PS088) [4452] Here you are.
Dorothy (PS087) [4453] Thank you ... we'll just put it on the little table here, look ... for a bit ... until it's time to ... put it on.
Tim (PS088) [4454] Here it is.
[4455] ... I can go [...] pig!
[4456] ... I did have a sweetie ... yesterday on the ... [singing] [...] ... di dee dee ... der sweeties ... [...] [] ... Bye!
[4457] ... Ooh!
Dorothy (PS087) [4458] Whoops a daisy!
[4459] ... Rice Krispies on the floor!
Tim (PS088) [4460] I'm bringing them back.
Dorothy (PS087) [4461] If you suddenly feel sick, there's the bowl okay?
[4462] ... No, just leave it on the edge, he doesn't want it up his nose!
[4463] ... That's it.

14 (Tape 022304)

Dorothy (PS087) [4464] Are you alright?
Christopher (PS089) [4465] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [4466] What's the matter?
[4467] ... Your jumper goes in, not the bottom drawer but the next drawer up.
[4468] ... You found it?
Tim (PS088) [4469] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4470] Oh good.
Tim (PS088) [4471] This cupboard ... [...] ... this cupboard [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4472] Oh that's in with your ... that's in with your trousers, did you take your jumper out?
Tim (PS088) [4473] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4474] Put it in this one, that's the jumper drawer.
Tim (PS088) [4475] Put the jumpers in here please!
Dorothy (PS087) [4476] Yes please.
[4477] ... Oops!
Tim (PS088) [4478] Put i ... Put your jumper in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [4479] Jumpers in that one, and then the bottoms in that one.
[4480] ... There's some more pyjamas ... where will they go?
Dorothy (PS087) [4481] Mhm.
[4482] ... I think there might be more pyjamas, I'll go and se
Tim (PS088) [4483] Can't do it!
Dorothy (PS087) [4484] Can't you?
[4485] ... If you leave that drawer open, I think there's more pyjamas to come ... so I'll get them for you.
[4486] ... There you are, there's the tops ... to the pyjamas.
Tim (PS088) [4487] I just closed the ... cupboard.
Dorothy (PS087) [4488] Right.
[4489] ... Right, the same drawer that you put the jumper in ... that one goes in.
Tim (PS088) [4490] [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4491] Mm.
[4492] ... Right, now then ... wait a minute!
[4493] ... The sock can go wi , the same as the jumper again.
[4494] ... That one.
Tim (PS088) [4495] No ... you can't get in the
Dorothy (PS087) [4496] Those are daddy's, okay?
[4497] ... Daddy's socks.
[4498] ... Now where are you putting daddy's socks?
Tim (PS088) [4499] In the ... in daddy's drawer.
[4500] ... In.
[4501] ... I just ... put it in this one.
Dorothy (PS087) [4502] Right.
Tim (PS088) [4503] Look.
Dorothy (PS087) [4504] Wonderful!
[4505] Now the bottom drawer over there, you can put my jumper in.
[4506] ... No the bottom drawer look!
[4507] ... That's for things like this, I put these in there.
[4508] ... Right, down below now you to, the bottom
Tim (PS088) [4509] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [4510] drawer.
[4511] ... Right at the bottom.
Tim (PS088) [4512] That one?
Dorothy (PS087) [4513] Yep.
[4514] ... No, that's the middle ... oh that's it, the bottom one, it's come out.
[4515] ... That's the one!
Tim (PS088) [4516] This?
Dorothy (PS087) [4517] Yep ... jumper can go in there.
[4518] ... The other side, look there, there's a space, can you see?
Tim (PS088) [4519] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [4520] Why don't you just stuff it in it'll just [...] !
[4521] ... That's it!
[4522] ... Thank you.
[4523] ... Now we
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4524] here your ... pants and socks and ... trousers
Tim (PS088) [4525] [...] go in the
Dorothy (PS087) [4526] that's a ... your bottom
Tim (PS088) [4527] socks.
Dorothy (PS087) [4528] drawer.
Tim (PS088) [4529] There ... is [...] ... my bottom [...] .
[4530] ... Come on!
Dorothy (PS087) [4531] I'm coming!
Tim (PS088) [4532] No ... where's should the ... socks
Dorothy (PS087) [4533] Right at the bottom.
Tim (PS088) [4534] Here?
Dorothy (PS087) [4535] Mhm.
Tim (PS088) [4536] This one?
Dorothy (PS087) [4537] Yeah ... and the pants and the trousers.
Tim (PS088) [4538] Yeah pe
Dorothy (PS087) [4539] Now these are all Christopher's ones.
[4540] ... Gotta put those in Christopher's drawer.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4541] And then there's just your vest now to go in the same drawer as your jumper.
[4542] ... No ... that's the trousers ... that's it!
Tim (PS088) [4543] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [4544] There's much there.
Tim (PS088) [4545] Two open.
Dorothy (PS087) [4546] Yeah that's cos the drawers are a bit peculiar!
[4547] ... Right ... good I think we've done it now.
Tim (PS088) [4548] No we haven't.
Dorothy (PS087) [4549] I think we have.
[4550] ... The rest is all ironing ... so we take that down to the ironing basket.
[4551] ... Alright?
[4552] ... Let's go and leave daddy in peace.
Tim (PS088) [4553] Where did I take it? ... [...] paper, where's my paper ... [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [4554] There's some paper in your
Tim (PS088) [4555] Well where about
Dorothy (PS087) [4556] bedroom.
[4557] ... There's some on the floor there look ... why don't you take that downstairs, and use it.
Tim (PS088) [4558] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [4559] On the floor.
Tim (PS088) [4560] No, write down on my ... boating one!
Dorothy (PS087) [4561] Your boating one.
Tim (PS088) [4562] I want to read to daddy.
Dorothy (PS087) [4563] I don't know which is your boati , oh I know, it's in my bedroom ... cos you were making mummies all over it.
[4564] ... Are you coming downstairs now?
Tim (PS088) [4565] I'm coming!
[4566] ... I wanna lift!
Dorothy (PS087) [4567] You wanna lift what?
Tim (PS088) [4568] [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4569] I'm not giving you a lift downstairs, come off it [...]
Tim (PS088) [4570] Yeah, oh!
[4571] ... I can't get down now!
Dorothy (PS087) [4572] Why don't you
Tim (PS088) [4573] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [4574] sit down, and bump down like you usually do
Tim (PS088) [4575] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [4576] when you want to go fast?
Tim (PS088) [4577] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [4578] Oh!
Christopher (PS089) [4579] Mummy!
Dorothy (PS087) [4580] Hello!
[4581] ... Are you still feeling pathetic!
[4582] ... I thought you might have recovered by now.
[4583] ... I thought you might have recovered by now.
[4584] ... Are you hurting?
[4585] ... Or are you just tired?
[4586] ... You're hurting.
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Tim (PS088) [4587] Mummy I want a lift!
Dorothy (PS087) [4588] Well I'm not coming up the steps, and lift you down the steps!
[4589] ... You're perfectly capable of coming down yourself!
Tim (PS088) [4590] [...] !
[4591] ... I can't go down cos I [...] now!
Dorothy (PS087) [4592] Sit down on your bottom and I'll catch you at the bottom, right you ready?
[4593] ... On your marks ... get set ... bump! ... be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp be domp, got you!
Tim (PS088) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [4594] Well done!
Tim (PS088) [4595] Aha ha!
Dorothy (PS087) [4596] Aha aha!
Tim (PS088) [4597] Aha!
Dorothy (PS087) [4598] You got a [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [4599] Ah.
[4600] ... Daddy's note book.
Dorothy (PS087) [4601] Daddy's note book ... ooh I shouldn't lose that!
[4602] ... Has that come out of his pocket?
[4603] ... It's probably got in it all his train numbers.
Tim (PS088) [4604] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [4605] It's probably got all his train numbers in.
[4606] ... I don't think these trees are gonna grow, do you?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4607] Oh yes, I can see one little seed!
[4608] Hey look at this!
Christopher (PS089) [4609] Oh What?
Dorothy (PS087) [4610] In here ... there's one very, very tiny little ... a sort of seedling coming up, can you see a little spark of green just there?
[4611] ... Just one.
[4612] ... Oh look there's another one!
Christopher (PS089) [4613] [...] see the [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4614] Two.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4615] Don't know if you'll see it over there, I think you might have to be in the light.
[4616] ... Here look ... inside here ... it's meant to be bonsai trees but I don't know whether I'll ever remem ... materialize.
[4617] Somebody gave us one for Christmas.
[4618] ... Can you see?
[4619] ... If you look very carefully you can just see a couple of little green shoots starting to come.
Christopher (PS089) [4620] I can only see one, I can't see another.
Dorothy (PS087) [4621] Oh
Tim (PS088) [4622] Mum [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4623] I can see one in a big lump.
Tim (PS088) [4624] You sit down.
Dorothy (PS087) [4625] One in a big lot?
Christopher (PS089) [4626] Big one ... but I can only see that.
Tim (PS088) [4627] Mummy!
Dorothy (PS087) [4628] Hello!
Tim (PS088) [4629] Sit down because I [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4630] There's a green looking spot there.
Tim (PS088) [4631] the [...] says I can't [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4632] Can you see any?
Tim (PS088) [4633] because of daddy.
Christopher (PS089) [4634] Look.
Tim (PS088) [4635] [...] please?
Dorothy (PS087) [4636] Okay, can I feed the fish first, cos these poor fish haven't been fed yet.
Christopher (PS089) [4637] Yes.
[4638] ... You sit down!
Dorothy (PS087) [4639] I will!
[4640] ... I'll sit down, I'll sit down, just hold on!
[4641] ... Finish doing the jobs.
Tim (PS088) [4642] Oh.
Christopher (PS089) [4643] Mum, is it meant to be a tree when it grows up?
Tim (PS088) [4644] You
Dorothy (PS087) [4645] Well
Tim (PS088) [4646] you coming back?
Dorothy (PS087) [4647] it's meant to be a bonsai tree which looks like a tree but it's only very small ... like that high.
[4648] ... But at the moment I think there's lots and lots of seeds.
[4649] ... I think there could be about fifteen trees in there, so far.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4650] That fish came zooming up to the top then, to see what you were doing.
Christopher (PS089) [4651] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [4652] Now then Tim, not too much, alright?
[4653] ... These are fish, not sharks.
[4654] Go on.
Tim (PS088) [4655] Ha ha!
Dorothy (PS087) [4656] Wah hey, look at that one, it must feel hungry!
Tim (PS088) [4657] Oh dear!
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Tim (PS088) [4658] That's a lot!
Dorothy (PS087) [4659] Oh it's not too bad.
Tim (PS088) [4660] A tiny bit.
Dorothy (PS087) [4661] Only a tiny bit now, yeah.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4662] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [4663] That's it, go on then.
[4664] ... That's it, lovely!
[4665] ... Put the top on.
Christopher (PS089) [4666] Put the [...] on.
Tim (PS088) [4667] The fish have got very ... big red ... do you put that bit in?
Dorothy (PS087) [4668] No, just put the top on.
Christopher (PS089) [4669] Ah oh!
Tim (PS088) [4670] A bit more in there.
Christopher (PS089) [4671] Ha ha ha !
[4672] ... Ha ha ha!
Dorothy (PS087) [4673] What's the matter with you?
Christopher (PS089) [4674] Aha aha ... aha aha!
Tim (PS088) [4675] Some in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [4676] Why don't we take that to the kitchen then, it'll be out of the way.
Tim (PS088) [4677] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4678] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [4679] Ha!
Dorothy (PS087) [4680] Looks rather funny that [...] , I think that lid's a little bit large do you?
Tim (PS088) [4681] Ma ee ee ee ee ee ee.
Christopher (PS089) [4682] What?
Dorothy (PS087) [4683] The lid, do you think it's a bit large?
Christopher (PS089) [4684] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [4685] Oh, you think it's alright?
[4686] ... Yeah, hold on ... these poor fish are gonna be able to jump out of there ... if they need ... if they want to.
[4687] ... Ooh ah ah ah!
Christopher (PS089) [4688] Don't be so noisy!
[4689] ... They will be frightened then.
Dorothy (PS087) [4690] Mm, they're probably used to it by now!
[4691] ... Come on.
[4692] ... Ow!
[4693] ... My toe!
[4694] ... Right, what are we drawing?
Tim (PS088) [4695] Daddy.
Dorothy (PS087) [4696] I think you need to go to the toilet don't you?
[4697] ... Yes ... oh dear, if
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4698] it's not one thing it's another!
Christopher (PS089) [4699] Is it wet?
Dorothy (PS087) [4700] It's just damp actually.
Christopher (PS089) [4701] Because the wee wee has dried up.
Dorothy (PS087) [4702] No, I just think
Tim (PS088) [4703] Wee wee please.
Dorothy (PS087) [4704] it's just sort of started.
Tim (PS088) [4705] Oh!
Christopher (PS089) [4706] Why did he [...] .
Tim (PS088) [4707] Oh.
[4708] ... And you go down ... and you catch me!
[4709] ... Could you go down ... and catch me?
Dorothy (PS087) [4710] Well let's wee first shall we?
Tim (PS088) [4711] There's no poo ... there's no poo ... there's no poo!
Dorothy (PS087) [4712] Right.
[4713] ... It was a good job I noticed, wasn't it?
[4714] Would you of noticed?
[4715] ... Mm?
Tim (PS088) [4716] Ee, if you've finished the ... toilet ... and you go down ... and catch me.
[4717] ... Yeah you go ... down and catch me ... please?
[4718] ... Go down ... then catch me down ... i ... you catch me ... Catch!
[4719] ... On ... er
Dorothy (PS087) [4720] Orgh!
[4721] ... Got you!
Tim (PS088) [4722] If you sit on
Christopher (PS089) [4723] Mum.
Tim (PS088) [4724] this one, cos you're
Dorothy (PS087) [4725] I like sitting on this one.
Tim (PS088) [4726] No ... if you sit here ... cos look ... I [...] ... and we sit here.
Dorothy (PS087) [4727] You can bring it here ... I've got sat down now, I can't cope, I'm too old!
[4728] ... Go on.
Tim (PS088) [4729] Now do this ... you put this ... there.
Dorothy (PS087) [4730] You're not going to draw first, no?
Tim (PS088) [4731] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [4732] Oh.
Tim (PS088) [4733] Cos I said ... I'm going to read this!
Dorothy (PS087) [4734] Okay.
Christopher (PS089) [4735] Mum?
[4736] ... Where's my aeroplane [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [4737] I want to do
Dorothy (PS087) [4738] Yeah, your aeroplane's upstairs.
Tim (PS088) [4739] colouring.
Dorothy (PS087) [4740] Do you want to do it?
Tim (PS088) [4741] I can do colouring.
Dorothy (PS087) [4742] Off you go then.
Tim (PS088) [4743] I'll do some
Christopher (PS089) [4744] Can you help?
Tim (PS088) [4745] colouring.
Christopher (PS089) [4746] Can you help me?
Dorothy (PS087) [4747] What, make the aeroplane?
Tim (PS088) [4748] Mummy
Dorothy (PS087) [4749] That's it.
Tim (PS088) [4750] you have to colour it ... cos ... it's a [...] by the cooker ... colour.
Dorothy (PS087) [4751] [laughing] A cooker [] !
Tim (PS088) [4752] No, colour.
Dorothy (PS087) [4753] Colour, right okay.
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4754] Are you going to get some pencil crayons to do
Tim (PS088) [4755] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4756] it with?
Christopher (PS089) [4757] Mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [4758] So instead
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4759] of getting ordinary crayons ... because
Christopher (PS089) [4760] Wendy got some Lego.
Dorothy (PS087) [4761] I think you should just get pencil crayons cos otherwise we'll never be able to use them.
Christopher (PS089) [4762] Rosemary got some Lego, did you know that?
Dorothy (PS087) [4763] Pardon?
Christopher (PS089) [4764] Rosemary got some Lego.
Dorothy (PS087) [4765] Rosemary's got some Lego?
[4766] ... Oh that's nice.
Christopher (PS089) [4767] [...] ... he got a boat ... a little boat.
Dorothy (PS087) [4768] Oh lovely!
[4769] ... Actually
Christopher (PS089) [4770] And
Dorothy (PS087) [4771] those won't be any use will they Tim?
[4772] Can you see those up there in the [...] ... those will be the best.
[4773] ... Shall I come and help you cos I don't think you ought to s
Tim (PS088) [4774] Let me do it myself!
Christopher (PS089) [4775] Not on the one is his.
Dorothy (PS087) [4776] Can't reach there.
Christopher (PS089) [4777] You'll see the names on them.
Dorothy (PS087) [4778] Oh right.
Christopher (PS089) [4779] Will you say to me [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4780] Or even better look, these ones ... these will be best ... for our job.
[4781] ... Shall we do it at the table?
Christopher (PS089) [4782] Have you got mine one
Tim (PS088) [4783] Yeah!
Christopher (PS089) [4784] [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [4785] Do you want to go and get your aeroplane, cos I can sit at the table and colour with one hand, and make aeroplanes with the other.
Tim (PS088) [4786] Mine!
Dorothy (PS087) [4787] No, his aeroplane.
[4788] ... Right, are we ready?
[4789] ... Here's somebody going to the dentist in this book.
Tim (PS088) [4790] Feeling a bit sick.
Dorothy (PS087) [4791] Do you darling?
[4792] ... Oh dear!
[4793] ... Are you coming Tim?
Tim (PS088) [4794] No not yet.
Dorothy (PS087) [4795] What you doing?
Christopher (PS089) [4796] I'm just trying to get them ... at the back ... did you know?
[4797] ... That book. ... [...] .
Tim (PS088) [4798] Come on, there's a chair.
Christopher (PS089) [4799] Did you know that [...]
Tim (PS088) [4800] No the
Christopher (PS089) [4801] said it was my fault and that [...] [...]
Tim (PS088) [4802] no the green
Christopher (PS089) [...] ... [...]
Tim (PS088) [4803] Thank you.
[4804] ... Can you er
Dorothy (PS087) [4805] Can't hear you properly, don't know what you're talking about.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [4806] If you ... have
Christopher (PS089) [4807] Mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [4808] Yeah, I'm not listening properly
Christopher (PS089) [4809] When you wanna say something
Tim (PS088) [4810] it go blue.
Christopher (PS089) [4811] [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4812] I can't hear you love, you'll have to come and talk to me in here.
Tim (PS088) [4813] No, if you have blue.
Christopher (PS089) [4814] Why can you hear me [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [4815] If you have blue.
Dorothy (PS087) [4816] Cos Tim's talking to me as well, and I'm not being that clever.
Tim (PS088) [4817] The blue ... there's a blue.
Christopher (PS089) [4818] I go [...]
Tim (PS088) [4819] Oh!
Christopher (PS089) [4820] with you talking.
Tim (PS088) [4821] Ah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4822] That's broken that one.
Tim (PS088) [4823] Have ... I think I need a
Christopher (PS089) [4824] Mum!
Tim (PS088) [4825] sharpener.
Dorothy (PS087) [4826] Tell me again, tell me about Christopher in the playground.
Christopher (PS089) [4827] Yeah, right ... I went in the playground.
Tim (PS088) [4828] Where's the ... no.
Christopher (PS089) [4829] and
Dorothy (PS087) [4830] You were in
Tim (PS088) [4831] Ah
Dorothy (PS087) [4832] the playground.
Tim (PS088) [4833] I have that one please.
Christopher (PS089) [4834] I was in the playground ... playing with Ve ... Verona ... and guess what happened?
[4835] ... I was just walking back to go ... and he'd got a
Dorothy (PS087) [4836] Oh right.
Christopher (PS089) [4837] Chris wanted to [...] into me on purpose.
Dorothy (PS087) [4838] On purpose!
Christopher (PS089) [4839] He was looking where he was going!
Tim (PS088) [4840] These are [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [4841] And he said it was my fault, but it wasn't!
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [4842] Was it mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [4843] Well I don't, I presume it wasn't.
Tim (PS088) [4844] Need a bin..
Dorothy (PS087) [4845] Mind you, if you were going the same way as he wanted go, and he was going the way you wanted to go
Tim (PS088) [4846] Need a bin.
Dorothy (PS087) [4847] and nobody wanted to move, then you would bang, and it
Tim (PS088) [4848] Need a bin!
Dorothy (PS087) [4849] would be both people's fault.
[4850] ... You do need a bin, you're right, it's over there.
Tim (PS088) [4851] Is she in the [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4852] Darren just
Tim (PS088) [4853] [...] [...] , Mummy!
Christopher (PS089) [4854] And also I was telling [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4855] Well that's [...]
Tim (PS088) [4856] Mummy!
Dorothy (PS087) [4857] what he was doing too.
Tim (PS088) [4858] If you look after these, and I
Dorothy (PS087) [4859] I'll look after those.
Tim (PS088) [4860] with the bin.
Dorothy (PS087) [4861] And while you're at it with the bin get yourself a tissue as well, to wipe your nose.
[4862] ... The trouble is, you see, if Christopher's doing what he wants to do, you're doing what you all want to do ... and then both ... both of you crash in the middle ... it's nobody's fault particularly is it? [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [4863] It ... I didn't go like that.
Dorothy (PS087) [4864] Well what you've got to do, you've both got to learn.
Christopher (PS089) [4865] I was ... I was ... there
Dorothy (PS087) [4866] You've both got to learn
Christopher (PS089) [4867] and I was there ... Jemima was there ... I was there, and Jemima there
Dorothy (PS087) [4868] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [4869] Chris was there
Dorothy (PS087) [4870] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [4871] and I went round there and he went straight into me.
Dorothy (PS087) [4872] Oh there we go.
[4873] ... I suspect that one day, you'll both learn to look where you're going ... and both move ... out of the way.
Tim (PS088) [4874] Can you get a nice [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4875] So nobody is to back [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [4876] Well I didn't [...] him coming, and Ian saw me coming.
Dorothy (PS087) [4877] Are you going to get that aeroplane?
Christopher (PS089) [4878] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [4879] [...] ... look [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4880] I know what number we're up to.
[4881] ... Erm ... number one ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4882] Ah you've ... already wiped your nose, you've wiped it over your cheek!
[4883] ... Yuk!
[4884] ... Urgh, what a mess!
[4885] ... Right, what are we doing now, sharpening this?
Tim (PS088) [4886] Yeah.
[4887] ... Cos it's you ... cos we've had blue.
[4888] ... I'm just gonna put [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4889] Shall I help you?
[4890] ... Cos I don't
Tim (PS088) [4891] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4892] think you're getting very far are you?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [4893] Okay.
Christopher (PS089) [4894] In the cu ... the little cupboard ... [...] ... and you've gotta [...] new book?
Andrew (PS08A) [4895] Yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [4896] Right ... I found that one.
Dorothy (PS087) [4897] Did you put it back in his pocket?
Christopher (PS089) [4898] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [4899] No.
[4900] ... I think you should, do you?
Christopher (PS089) [4901] But I don't know where it is.
Dorothy (PS087) [4902] Hello dear.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4903] Are you sorted?
Andrew (PS08A) [4904] I couldn't find ... can't find any books ... on
Dorothy (PS087) [4905] What books?
Andrew (PS08A) [4906] well you know ... we've been reading stories, little ones, that was only two I could find but there weren't any stories
Dorothy (PS087) [4907] Well no, cos they're all in the pile love ... somewhere.
Andrew (PS08A) [4908] Well, they weren't!
[4909] ... Cos I've had a look at those pile, they didn't include them.
Dorothy (PS087) [4910] Didn't ... didn't include what?
Andrew (PS08A) [4911] He was listing I should read a story on, mother feeding the five thousand
Dorothy (PS087) [4912] Oh it doesn't what you
Andrew (PS08A) [4913] or something like that.
[4914] ... But these are
Dorothy (PS087) [4915] what you mean the
Andrew (PS08A) [4916] the only ones that I've found ... well they were [...] , that was all.
Dorothy (PS087) [4917] I don't care what it was, it was just kind of, you know, a story that ... they might know.
Tim (PS088) [4918] Can you do it cos they're not [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4919] No, there we go.
[4920] I'll take that [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4921] [...] just happened to be the children's, that's all.
Andrew (PS08A) [4922] Does that matter?
[4923] ... I mean I'll bring them back again.
Dorothy (PS087) [4924] I suppose as long as you bring them back, it won't matter.
Andrew (PS08A) [4925] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4926] As long as they don't want to borrow them ... [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4927] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4928] Cos I thought it wasn't very fair to lend out the children's stuff
Andrew (PS08A) [4929] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [4930] I suppose for ... hours ... cos I had loads from when I was teaching so wi ... that, I've donated those cos ... our own children would never get to mark them.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4931] Oh well ma , we were considering ... ooh we got a green Jesus here!
Tim (PS088) [4932] A green face.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Tim (PS088) [4933] cos ... [...] ... like that but
Christopher (PS089) [4934] Right, now, we don't need that for a [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4935] Is little girl [...] still in bed, oh well we'll make her food up shall we?
Tim (PS088) [4936] Because ... that will be blue with that then.
Christopher (PS089) [4937] Right, I'm gonna make [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4938] [...] blue, are they?
[4939] ... Actually I don't think they are really you know!
[4940] ... Do I look blue?
Tim (PS088) [4941] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [4942] We have blue clothes sometimes
Tim (PS088) [4943] Er
Dorothy (PS087) [4944] don't you?
Tim (PS088) [4945] I've got blue ones.
Dorothy (PS087) [4946] You don't usually have a blue
Tim (PS088) [4947] I did you a blue face.
Christopher (PS089) [4948] But we [...] blue fa
Dorothy (PS087) [4949] Cos you don't usually have a blue face!
[4950] ... Still, when you're drawing, you can draw anything really.
[4951] ... Might have a red dress ... oh it's pyjamas I suppose, if they're in bed ... or a nightie?
[4952] ... Try and give her a red nightie.
Tim (PS088) [4953] That's the sky ... it's all
Dorothy (PS087) [4954] No, that's supposed to be what he's thinking look ... he's got little blobs coming from his head.
Tim (PS088) [4955] Why?
Dorothy (PS087) [4956] Cos he's thinking about Jesus.
[4957] ... I think he's going to the dentist or something, and he's a bit frightened ... so he thinks, he thinks of that.

15 (Tape 022305)

Dorothy (PS087) [4958] What's the matter Christopher?
Christopher (PS089) [4959] And you get ... a lot [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [4960] I don't need to ... do all of this from an actual point
Dorothy (PS087) [4961] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [4962] of view.
[4963] ... So, this is all food that is
Christopher (PS089) [4964] Wow wee [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [4965] That's fair enough.
Christopher (PS089) [4966] Do you know
Andrew (PS08A) [4967] Take [...]
Christopher (PS089) [4968] one thing you know how [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [4969] Whoops!
[4970] ... Whoops a daisy!
Christopher (PS089) [4971] It's, it's ... to have a piano
Dorothy (PS087) [4972] Do want some lemonade then?
Christopher (PS089) [4973] cos that is
Tim (PS088) [4974] Here.
Christopher (PS089) [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4975] Daddy!
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [4976] It will be best if you sat down ... don't you think mummy?
[4977] ... He ought to sit down shouldn't he?
Dorothy (PS087) [4978] Yep. [tv in background]
Dorothy (PS087) [4979] Hello ... do you want to come and join us?
[4980] ... [...] ... Do you need the toilet?
[4981] ... Do you want to switch the telly off then?
[4982] ... I should stay lying down if I were you.
Andrew (PS08A) [4983] You can carry on watching videos
Christopher (PS089) [4984] I feel dizzy!
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [4985] Dizzy?
[4986] Well lie down.
Christopher (PS089) [4987] No, mum when I lie down I get more dizzier!
Dorothy (PS087) [4988] Do you?
[4989] ... I would of thought you'd of been better if you just ... well just sit down then love.
[4990] ... Shall I switch this ... [...] to go?
Tim (PS088) [4991] He's got [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [4992] Still there.
Andrew (PS08A) [4993] I just think it's just [...] ... [...] the same hanky [...] .
Tim (PS088) [4994] And dad's [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [4995] I want a drink of water? [pouring]
Dorothy (PS087) [4996] There you go.
[4997] ... Just drink it gently now.
Christopher (PS089) [4998] Ha!
Andrew (PS08A) [4999] Try erm ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5000] Do you think you're gonna be sick again?
[5001] ... I'll [...] and get you a box.
[5002] ... I didn't realize they had got so ... one of these, I should ... bought some more shouldn't I?
[5003] ... Ah?
Andrew (PS08A) [5004] Pardon?
Dorothy (PS087) [5005] Open.
Andrew (PS08A) [5006] It's alright I've got a few tins, [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5007] It's a good job grandma's away really isn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [5008] Why?
Andrew (PS08A) [5009] Cut your chops up.
Dorothy (PS087) [5010] Cos she'll be [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5011] Should I make it small like my [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5012] happy to see you being sick!
Andrew (PS08A) [5013] No.
[5014] ... I can't do it [...] because I'll start chopping [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5015] What have you done all morning then?
[5016] ... I suppose it wasn't really that much of a morning ... by the time you got home again.
Andrew (PS08A) [5017] No.
[5018] ... [...] ... to make sure they're alright ... then they switched the telly on and fetched a couple of [...] ... [...] ... [...] , the adult programme [...] ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5019] What?
Andrew (PS08A) [5020] They want an invitation typed.
Dorothy (PS087) [5021] You're not having a [...] earlier?
[5022] ... Oh they have it early in the morning, about half nine or something.
Andrew (PS08A) [5023] They might, they might.
[5024] ... Yeah.
[5025] ... They seem to be mainly, sort of, business programmes or alternative ... my one was, sort of , how to keep the customers happy.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5026] Doing the bus conductor, do you remember the bus driver, the bus conductor?
Dorothy (PS087) [5027] [laughing] Must of been desperate [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5028] He was very happy wasn't he?
[5029] ... Kept on smiling and [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5030] How to keep them happy.
Andrew (PS08A) [5031] Yes.
Christopher (PS089) [5032] Ooh, who had he got?
Andrew (PS08A) [5033] He was talking to the passengers on the bus.
Christopher (PS089) [5034] But isn't he called?
Andrew (PS08A) [5035] And telling them things.
[5036] ... I don't know what his name was actually.
[5037] ... [...] double decker bus ... didn't he?
Christopher (PS089) [5038] [...] London one.
Andrew (PS08A) [5039] London.
Tim (PS088) [5040] Why?
Andrew (PS08A) [5041] Because he's a bus conductor.
Christopher (PS089) [5042] I can do the
Andrew (PS08A) [5043] And he [...] .
[5044] ... Anyway mummy, how was it?
[5045] ... From what you saw, [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5046] Well our little group of six was very nice.
[5047] ... Very clever.
Andrew (PS08A) [5048] Which ones were they?
Dorothy (PS087) [5049] Erm ... a new girl called Jadie ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5050] Oh yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5051] and Samantha.
Christopher (PS089) [5052] [singing] Ha ha ha er er [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5053] Samantha ... don't worry ... and ... Paul ... Paula ... who was very sweet, and told us about ... when her parents split up ... Reece ... who was also very sweet ... and erm ... Paula
Andrew (PS08A) [5054] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5055] who turned out to be able to read ... quite a lot.
Andrew (PS08A) [5056] Did she?
Dorothy (PS087) [5057] Mm ... cos we decided it wasn't worth splitting into two groups, everybody else [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5058] [...] .
[5059] ... So was Mary Beth helping you?
Dorothy (PS087) [5060] Mm.
[5061] ... I had her anyway, just in case.
Andrew (PS08A) [5062] Do you know if she minds or was she [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5063] No.
[5064] ... She's quite happy.
Andrew (PS08A) [5065] [...] so what are we going to do?
[5066] ... Lots of fun.
Dorothy (PS087) [5067] We just did what we were supposed to do really ... ha ha ... we actually read the first one of the quests together, so it was good ... you know, we decided what to do ... how to do it.
[5068] ... They all [...] ... one kind or another.
Andrew (PS08A) [5069] Is this the new library now, or is it ... the new extended [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5070] Well
Tim (PS088) [5071] He's only got a little.
Andrew (PS08A) [5072] Does that make sense?
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Andrew (PS08A) [5073] [...] since the adult [...] .
[5074] ... Oh Tim!
[5075] ... Tim, Tim!
Tim (PS088) [5076] Can I [...] ?
Andrew (PS08A) [5077] Yeah well let me change that bit over.
Dorothy (PS087) [5078] There's plenty of adult books that can be used, still.
Andrew (PS08A) [5079] Mhm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5080] But ... seems a pity doesn't it?
Andrew (PS08A) [5081] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5082] On that.
Tim (PS088) [5083] I don't want peas.
Andrew (PS08A) [5084] Don't you?
Dorothy (PS087) [5085] Well, eat up ... eat up the broccoli then.
Tim (PS088) [5086] What?
[5087] ... Eat what?
Andrew (PS08A) [5088] Eat up all your broccoli.
Dorothy (PS087) [5089] No I don't want you
Andrew (PS08A) [5090] Tim, come on
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Andrew (PS08A) [5091] eat some of it!
Tim (PS088) [5092] I don't want!
Andrew (PS08A) [5093] Oh
Dorothy (PS087) [5094] Oh!
Andrew (PS08A) [5095] Tim!
[5096] ... You haven't eaten any of this!
[5097] ... Just because it's crispy.
Tim (PS088) [5098] Mm it's crispy!
Dorothy (PS087) [5099] Put that down please, and cut it into ... pieces.
[5100] ... Timothy, that is disgusting!
[5101] ... There's too much when you do that.
Tim (PS088) [5102] The horrible [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [5103] Well it's only horrible cos you've put too much of it in your mouth at once.
[5104] ... Just have little pieces of it.
Tim (PS088) [5105] I can't!
Dorothy (PS087) [5106] Looks as though there's gonna be no pudding unless you do!
Tim (PS088) [5107] I can't [...] with this bit!
Dorothy (PS087) [5108] I think you're just being a bit too silly with your food!
Tim (PS088) [5109] I can't have it now!
Dorothy (PS087) [5110] Eat that bit.
[5111] ... There.
[5112] ... And eat it properly this time!
Tim (PS088) [5113] Oops!
[5114] ... Wooh!
[5115] ... She jumped off the tree! ... [...] ... oh oh oh [...] a tree.
Dorothy (PS087) [5116] There was only two of them in scramblers.
Andrew (PS08A) [5117] Only two in scramblers!
Dorothy (PS087) [5118] Mm ... very
Andrew (PS08A) [5119] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5120] low day today.
Andrew (PS08A) [5121] Really!
[5122] ... And there's you, who else was in scramblers with you?
Tim (PS088) [5123] Erm ... Sarah.
Andrew (PS08A) [5124] Sarah ... oh!
Tim (PS088) [5125] And nobody else!
Andrew (PS08A) [5126] And nobody else!
Tim (PS088) [5127] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5128] No they [...] .
Tim (PS088) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [5129] Yes that's true, yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5130] But no, no ... there was a lot of adults there but obviously not families.
Tim (PS088) [5131] I go ... [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [5132] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5133] And one or two had farmed on their children out over there, like you know, the [...]
Tim (PS088) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5134] and made a family.
Andrew (PS08A) [5135] Oh yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5136] They seemed to be a there in it's entirety and ... [...] ... erm ... Graham and ... Kirsty, they were away with their gran.
Andrew (PS08A) [5137] That was the beginning of the service [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5138] Oh very jolly, yes, they enjoyed that.
Andrew (PS08A) [5139] [...] he can't [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5140] What, sat
Tim (PS088) [5141] Go!
Dorothy (PS087) [5142] next to them, yeah?
[5143] ... Erm ... he was speaking and I think she was singing!
Andrew (PS08A) [5144] [...] ... stood up when [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5145] No.
Tim (PS088) [5146] Mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [5147] Everybody seemed alive this morning
Tim (PS088) [5148] Mummy!
Dorothy (PS087) [5149] you know, sometimes people, sort of, look as if they've just got out of bed!
Andrew (PS08A) [5150] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5151] Probably they had!
[5152] ... They seemed sort of keen and enthusiastic today.
[5153] ... That's nice
Tim (PS088) [5154] I don't want that there!
Dorothy (PS087) [5155] it sort of inspires everybody to be keen and enthusiastic then.
[5156] ... There seem to be ... large quantities of path finders going up and down like those.
Andrew (PS08A) [5157] Yes there were.
Dorothy (PS087) [5158] Mm.
Andrew (PS08A) [5159] You see, I know ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5160] Well, I asked them you know, and they said
Andrew (PS08A) [5161] Did you?
Dorothy (PS087) [5162] oh yes, it went very jollily.
Tim (PS088) [5163] I don't want this bit!
Dorothy (PS087) [5164] Well I'm not surprised when it's been in your mouth, and then you threw it out again!
[5165] ... You were a bit silly to put it all in at once, weren't you really?
Christopher (PS089) [5166] [whispering] Please may I take [...] [] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5167] Keep, your legs, what love?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5168] Your legs are hurting you?
Christopher (PS089) [5169] There.
Dorothy (PS087) [5170] Where is it hurting, just your legs?
Tim (PS088) [5171] Er er er er ah er er.
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Tim (PS088) [5172] It's a bobbly one!
Christopher (PS089) [cough] [crockery noise]
Tim (PS088) [5173] A butter bean!
Andrew (PS08A) [5174] Put them on there.
[5175] ... Thank you.
Tim (PS088) [5176] [singing] Da dor dor da dor dor dor dor dor dor dor dor [] .
[5177] ... Dad!
Dorothy (PS087) [5178] Do you think you ought to go back to bed?
Tim (PS088) [5179] Daddy!
Andrew (PS08A) [5180] Yes, okay
Tim (PS088) [5181] Daddy!
Andrew (PS08A) [5182] just a minute, I can't ... hold it at the moment Tim!
Tim (PS088) [5183] Dad!
[5184] ... [shouting] Dad [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5185] Tim, I can't hold it at the moment!
Tim (PS088) [5186] Daddy!
[5187] ... Dad!
Andrew (PS08A) [5188] Yes.
Tim (PS088) [5189] Here you are!
Dorothy (PS087) [5190] Does your head hurt?
Tim (PS088) [5191] I've got something.
Andrew (PS08A) [5192] Thank you.
Dorothy (PS087) [5193] Your head, ache
Tim (PS088) [5194] It's ... fizzy!
Andrew (PS08A) [5195] Right.
Tim (PS088) [5196] And that's it.
Andrew (PS08A) [5197] Yeah.
Tim (PS088) [5198] Here's one ... two more.
Andrew (PS08A) [5199] Right.
[5200] ... Thank you.
Dorothy (PS087) [5201] You cold?
Tim (PS088) [5202] No more!
Andrew (PS08A) [5203] I left the heating on.
Dorothy (PS087) [5204] He's ... sweltered actually!
Andrew (PS08A) [5205] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5206] He's got a temperature.
Tim (PS088) [5207] Oh!
[5208] ... Well where's our spoons?
Dorothy (PS087) [5209] Well some of us have got spoons here.
Andrew (PS08A) [5210] They're on there!
Tim (PS088) [5211] Where's my spoon?
Dorothy (PS087) [5212] Here.
Tim (PS088) [5213] Chris use this.
Dorothy (PS087) [5214] Christopher doesn't need one.
Tim (PS088) [5215] That spoon is spare!
[5216] ... [...] ... One, two ... [...] ... two ... [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5217] Oh mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [5218] Have a good cough, see if you can spit it up, whatever's [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Dorothy (PS087) [5219] If it comes out of your mouth spit it out, rather than let it go back down to your ... tummy.
Christopher (PS089) [cough]
Tim (PS088) [5220] I'm not going to [...] .
[5221] ... I, I'm gonna do these out.
[5222] ... Why only three?
[5223] ... I, I'll go and get them.
Dorothy (PS087) [5224] Right ... get them out.
Tim (PS088) [5225] Mum!
Christopher (PS089) [5226] Oh oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5227] Thank you.
Tim (PS088) [5228] There's yours ... spoon.
Dorothy (PS087) [5229] Going places?
[5230] ... Where you going?
Tim (PS088) [5231] Do some drawing ... erm ... oh!
Andrew (PS08A) [5232] Can you manage Tim?
Tim (PS088) [5233] No!
Andrew (PS08A) [5234] Shall I come and help you out?
Dorothy (PS087) [5235] Let me switch this thing off, it seems
Tim (PS088) [5236] I've done it now.
Dorothy (PS087) [5237] a bit silly having it on when we're [...] ... trying to [...] .

16 (Tape 022306)

Dorothy (PS087) [5238] Is there?
[5239] ... There's supposed to be two there!
Christopher (PS089) [5240] Yeah alright.
Dorothy (PS087) [5241] Oh ... a bit worrying, there's only one, we must of lost one.
Christopher (PS089) [5242] Can I have those?
Dorothy (PS087) [5243] What?
Christopher (PS089) [5244] I got [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5245] I thought you only got one?
Christopher (PS089) [5246] No I got ... that one there.
Dorothy (PS087) [5247] Oh I see , you got two yellows.
[5248] ... You can have those yellows if you like.
[5249] ... Right can you pass the [...] not being very well.
Andrew (PS08A) [5250] [yawning] Oh [] !
Christopher (PS089) [5251] But that, you can't take them [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5252] Okay.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5253] I don't think it will take much to count mine!
[5254] One, two, three
Christopher (PS089) [5255] [laughing] No [] !
Dorothy (PS087) [5256] four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5257] That's a lot.
Dorothy (PS087) [5258] I'm gonna guess, I'm gonna use the
Christopher (PS089) [5259] One
Dorothy (PS087) [5260] I'm gonna guess it's thirty two.
Christopher (PS089) [5261] Forty two.
Dorothy (PS087) [5262] Forty two!
[5263] ... Oh must of mis , misread it ... then there's probably sixty in the pack, [laughing] not fifty [] !
[5264] ... Forty two!
[5265] I think you've won.
Andrew (PS08A) [5266] Well done, Christopher!
Dorothy (PS087) [5267] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [5268] Right Tim, do you want a game?
Tim (PS088) [5269] Yes please.
Dorothy (PS087) [5270] Ooh no ... no ... he can't cope!
Christopher (PS089) [5271] And the cards [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5272] Shall we [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5273] bending up.
Dorothy (PS087) [5274] Stay here.
Christopher (PS089) [5275] Mm mm mm ... breaking up.
Dorothy (PS087) [5276] I'll put those back
Christopher (PS089) [5277] Mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [5278] in the bag.
[5279] Do you want another game of caterpillars, or a different game [...] ?
Tim (PS088) [5280] Oh oh oh oh!
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5281] Another game of that.
Christopher (PS089) [5282] I might not win this time.
Dorothy (PS087) [5283] True!
Christopher (PS089) [5284] Put those in the bag.
Dorothy (PS087) [5285] The bag's behind you there.
Christopher (PS089) [5286] I'm gonna be yellow this time.
Dorothy (PS087) [5287] Right.
Christopher (PS089) [5288] You can be pink.
[5289] ... Want to be pink?
Dorothy (PS087) [5290] You need a ... tissue.
[5291] ... [...] ... [laughing] [...] [] ! ... I'm just kind of, stuck here!
Christopher (PS089) [5292] Mum.
Dorothy (PS087) [5293] Mm?
Christopher (PS089) [5294] Did I have more than you thought I would?
Dorothy (PS087) [5295] Yeah.
[5296] ... I guessed thirty two ... cos I thought there was [...] in the pack.
[5297] ... Cor that's a good blow, you're getting good
Christopher (PS089) [5298] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5299] at blowing your nose, yeah, screw it all up ... and wipe the rest of your nose clean now.
[5300] ... That no
Christopher (PS089) [5301] Mum?
Dorothy (PS087) [5302] that's not a good place!
Christopher (PS089) [5303] Does that work?
Dorothy (PS087) [5304] Either stick it in your pocket for later
Christopher (PS089) [5305] Does that work?
Dorothy (PS087) [5306] yes it's working away.
[5307] ... Either
Christopher (PS089) [5308] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [5309] stick it in your pocket for next time or ... put it in the bin [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5310] Where's the bin then?
Dorothy (PS087) [5311] Good question actually.
Christopher (PS089) [5312] I can't
Andrew (PS08A) [5313] Out there in the kitchen.
Dorothy (PS087) [5314] Aha!
Andrew (PS08A) [5315] Cos it was [...] ... in the bin.
Dorothy (PS087) [5316] He was gonna record the [...] .
[5317] ... Right daddy, are you coming down to play or are you [...] at least you've got the table.
[5318] ... Think I could do with a table ... cos this one's really
Andrew (PS08A) [5319] Right, okay, can we go to the table then?
Dorothy (PS087) [5320] Thanks.
Christopher (PS089) [5321] Oh er ... is daddy gonna play?
Dorothy (PS087) [5322] I think so.
Andrew (PS08A) [5323] Am I allowed to play?
Christopher (PS089) [5324] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5325] What colour would you like to be, cos I'm gonna be yellow?
Andrew (PS08A) [5326] Any.
Christopher (PS089) [5327] Oh.
Dorothy (PS087) [5328] [...] circle.
Christopher (PS089) [5329] Yes.
Andrew (PS08A) [5330] Is Tim going to be any colour?
Dorothy (PS087) [5331] Are you going to play Tim?
[5332] ... No, he's not gonna play ... just wants to sit with [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5333] And if he played, there wouldn't be any places left ... because it's four.
Dorothy (PS087) [5334] We'd better bring the contraption with us.
[5335] ... That's fixed up.
Christopher (PS089) [5336] Ready?
Dorothy (PS087) [5337] Hang on a sec, take the microphone as well there ... [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5338] Right, mummy wants to be purple.
Dorothy (PS087) [5339] Who does?
Andrew (PS08A) [5340] What does Christopher want to be?
Tim (PS088) [5341] No!
Christopher (PS089) [5342] I want to be yellow.
Dorothy (PS087) [5343] Alright Tim, we'll just sit him down again in a different place.
Tim (PS088) [5344] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5345] Oh that's better ... got some pins and needles in my ... knees.
Andrew (PS08A) [5346] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [5347] Can we sit down like that Tim?
Tim (PS088) [5348] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [5349] Oh very well then, like that.
Tim (PS088) [5350] No [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [5351] What have we got?
[5352] Blue and ... red.
Christopher (PS089) [5353] Red.
Tim (PS088) [5354] Ahhh!
[5355] ... Wake up!
[5356] ... Wake up!
Dorothy (PS087) [5357] You can't wake up ... be too tired!
Tim (PS088) [5358] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5359] Tired.
[5360] ... I'm red ... okay?
Andrew (PS08A) [5361] Erm ... why are we going round that way?
Dorothy (PS087) [5362] I don't know ... that's the way you should do.
Andrew (PS08A) [5363] [laugh] ... And there just ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5364] Ah oh!
Christopher (PS089) [5365] There you [...] pink.
Andrew (PS08A) [5366] Shouldn't of done it that way.
Dorothy (PS087) [5367] It doesn't matter does it?
Andrew (PS08A) [5368] In fact ... if we'd done it the proper way you'd of had
Tim (PS088) [5369] Dad!
Andrew (PS08A) [5370] you'd of had mine.
Dorothy (PS087) [5371] No I wouldn't, cos I might have picked up a different thing.
Christopher (PS089) [5372] Blue.
Dorothy (PS087) [5373] That's funny!
Christopher (PS089) [5374] Well there's blue ... there [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5375] I'll get to do those
Christopher (PS089) [5376] just
Dorothy (PS087) [5377] [...] that will be even better!
[5378] ... Blue.
Andrew (PS08A) [5379] That's [...] mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [5380] Blue and red.
Andrew (PS08A) [5381] I wonder who's got a blue and a red!
Dorothy (PS087) [5382] Thank you.
Christopher (PS089) [5383] You've only got two ... that way you get me off ... thank you.
[5384] ... Red ... and also blue so that in that one [...] ... yellow, there's no yellows around.
Dorothy (PS087) [5385] Mhm.
[5386] ... Green.
Christopher (PS089) [5387] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5388] Could this be it daddy?
[5389] Could I be pinching yours?
[5390] ... Red.
[5391] ... No, wrong way round ... Oh it's brightening up the weather a bit now.
Andrew (PS08A) [5392] Take the [...] and come back and be outside there.
Dorothy (PS087) [5393] Pity we couldn't go for a romp round a canal isn't it?
Christopher (PS089) [5394] Yellow
Andrew (PS08A) [5395] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [5396] [laughing] I just fancied a romp round the canals today [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5397] Needed some
Christopher (PS089) [5398] Daddy!
Andrew (PS08A) [5399] Mm?
[5400] ... Wellington boots ... it's very muddy!
Dorothy (PS087) [5401] Yeah ... would of been alright.
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5402] Are you trying to tell me I wouldn't of liked it if I'd gone?
Andrew (PS08A) [5403] Not quite as much as a hot summer's day.
Dorothy (PS087) [5404] Red and green daddy that's
Andrew (PS08A) [5405] Well done mummy!
Christopher (PS089) [5406] You've got lots of red ones just [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5407] Somebody's eating my caterpillar!
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5408] Makes a change from the caterpillar eating our flowers!
Andrew (PS08A) [5409] Are they?
Christopher (PS089) [5410] Good.
Dorothy (PS087) [5411] No, I don't think they are
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5412] at the moment.
Andrew (PS08A) [5413] Are the slugs out yet?
Dorothy (PS087) [5414] [...] ... Well, I found hundreds
Andrew (PS08A) [5415] Don't want no slugs!
Dorothy (PS087) [5416] and hundreds of, you know ... baby things ... lurking under the leaves.
Christopher (PS089) [5417] Get there.
Andrew (PS08A) [5418] Really?
Dorothy (PS087) [5419] But they've all gone ... cos every time you rake up the leaves you ... throw away another fifty.
Andrew (PS08A) [5420] Mm ... oh! ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5421] Particularly at the front, there were hundreds!
[5422] ... Little grubs, you know?
Andrew (PS08A) [5423] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5424] [...] ... still covered ... blue
Christopher (PS089) [5425] [cough] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5426] red ... do one red please?
[5427] Oh no, it's the other way round, yes do a red please?
Tim (PS088) [5428] [shouting] I can't ... I can't reach [] !
Dorothy (PS087) [5429] Can't reach what love?
Tim (PS088) [5430] What?
[5431] ... Here.
Dorothy (PS087) [5432] Yellow and blue daddy ... oh no, it's the other way round ... yes it is.
Andrew (PS08A) [5433] Yellow and blue please ... Christopher?
[5434] ... Thank you.
Christopher (PS089) [5435] Mummy's got the longest ... red ... blue.
Dorothy (PS087) [5436] Red and blue?
[5437] ... That's not very clever ... if you don't mind me saying so!
Christopher (PS089) [5438] It is!
[5439] ... Because when you [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5440] This one seems to be perking up a bit, [...] .
[5441] ... He'll probably collapse [...] bedside ... I hope this doesn't mean we're gonna have a se , a week of this!
[5442] ... Could do with a good faith [laughing] [...] [] ... if it's not one [...] it's in the last
Andrew (PS08A) [5443] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [5444] place [...] is it?
Andrew (PS08A) [5445] I've gotta get up early in the morning.
Dorothy (PS087) [5446] Have you?
[5447] Where are you off to, to the office?
Christopher (PS089) [5448] No you can't snatch me!
Andrew (PS08A) [5449] Work ... I mean
Dorothy (PS087) [5450] I know you [...] for dinner.
Andrew (PS08A) [5451] Colnbridge
Dorothy (PS087) [5452] To do what?
Andrew (PS08A) [5453] Attend a meeting at eight o'clock.
Dorothy (PS087) [5454] Eight o'clock!
Andrew (PS08A) [5455] I know.
Dorothy (PS087) [5456] That's a bit anti-social, [...] seven
Andrew (PS08A) [5457] I know.
Dorothy (PS087) [5458] fifteen.
Andrew (PS08A) [5459] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5460] Why do they want to make a meeting at eight o'clock?
Andrew (PS08A) [5461] To squeeze more hours in the day.
Christopher (PS089) [5462] Red.
Andrew (PS08A) [5463] Obviously what they do when you're
Dorothy (PS087) [5464] What is it for?
Andrew (PS08A) [5465] Senior managers.
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5466] Oh look at that!
[5467] ... Red, green ... red, green, red, green, red green, daddy there's no
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5468] caterpillar left on mine!
Andrew (PS08A) [5469] Thank you very much my dear, that's very kind of you.
Christopher (PS089) [5470] That plays with you.
Dorothy (PS087) [5471] Look at that, I've only got four left!
Andrew (PS08A) [5472] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5473] [laugh] ... You wait, I'll get to you [...] and then you'll be sniggering the other side of your face!
Christopher (PS089) [5474] Yellow.
Dorothy (PS087) [5475] Ha!
[5476] ... A blue, there's blue.
Christopher (PS089) [5477] Yellow.
Dorothy (PS087) [5478] Ah!
Christopher (PS089) [5479] Oh I've got lots of yellow things.
Dorothy (PS087) [5480] Yellow!
Christopher (PS089) [5481] Yeah.
[5482] ... Come on daddy, don't sleep!
Andrew (PS08A) [5483] [...] blue.
Dorothy (PS087) [5484] I won't!
[5485] ... Could be getting the [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5486] Yes
Christopher (PS089) [5487] Mummy.
Andrew (PS08A) [5488] well done mummy!
Christopher (PS089) [5489] Erm ... the yellow ... Have I got the most?
[5490] ... I think daddy's got the most.
Dorothy (PS087) [5491] [laughing] Oh daddy [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [5492] I consider that very anti-social!
Andrew (PS08A) [5493] I thought you knew I was anti-social.
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Christopher (PS089) [5494] You've got four in there.
Dorothy (PS087) [5495] I know I'm back to four little pieces!
Christopher (PS089) [5496] Green.
Dorothy (PS087) [5497] Mhm.
Christopher (PS089) [5498] And I need a red.
Dorothy (PS087) [5499] Not a red!
[5500] ... Please!
Christopher (PS089) [5501] Red.
Dorothy (PS087) [5502] [laughing] Aha [] !
Christopher (PS089) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [5503] It's ages since we played this game, I'd forgotten how clever at it he can be ... particularly when you're not [...] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5504] Oh, they don't like [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5505] Yes, they do that.
[5506] ... He's very hard to actually know what they're supposed be like ... certainly around, but not round my ears.
Andrew (PS08A) [5507] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5508] Blue and red ... has somebody got blue and red, daddy?
Andrew (PS08A) [5509] Blue and red.
Christopher (PS089) [5510] Blue, red.
Dorothy (PS087) [5511] What's that one there, is that, oh it's just green
Andrew (PS08A) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5512] and blue.
[5513] ... Ah that's looking a bit better!
Andrew (PS08A) [5514] You've got the longest one now, I think.
Dorothy (PS087) [5515] No!
Andrew (PS08A) [5516] Guess who has?
Christopher (PS089) [5517] Me!
Dorothy (PS087) [5518] Mm mm ... Why don't you just
Andrew (PS08A) [5519] Blue and yellow please Christopher?
Christopher (PS089) [5520] Where?
Andrew (PS08A) [5521] Just one ... blue and yellow ... in the middle.
Dorothy (PS087) [5522] Oh.
[5523] ... Shall I take it out?
[5524] ... Trying to drive yours up, spread [...] on the table, not on the carpet, cos you he has to move everything on the carpet ... it's not so slippy [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5525] My go?
Dorothy (PS087) [5526] Er ... yes
Christopher (PS089) [5527] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [5528] it must be ... daddy's just done blue and yellow.
Christopher (PS089) [5529] Green ... there are not very many greens around.
Andrew (PS08A) [5530] No, haven't got many greens out.
Christopher (PS089) [5531] And yellow ... green, yellow please daddy?
Dorothy (PS087) [5532] Hello tiger!
Andrew (PS08A) [5533] [...] ... and
Dorothy (PS087) [5534] [...] everything in my ears ... [...]
Tim (PS088) [5535] Is it a
Dorothy (PS087) [5536] [...] ... what have you found?
Tim (PS088) [5537] These.
Andrew (PS08A) [5538] Leaves?
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Tim (PS088) [5539] I said these!
[5540] ... These.
Dorothy (PS087) [5541] What's these?
[5542] ... It's only the bit of ... [...] ... to stuffed down my ear hole.
Christopher (PS089) [5543] Mum, your go.
Dorothy (PS087) [5544] [laughing] It's completely done in [] !
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [5545] Mm.
Tim (PS088) [5546] I think he's gonna be sick of mine!
[5547] ... Yeah ... is that what you said, yeah?
Andrew (PS08A) [5548] Didn't say yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5549] [laughing] No [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5550] He's not normally as bad as this!
Dorothy (PS087) [5551] Oh!
[5552] ... Yellow and blue, oh good, daddy come on, yellow and blue please.
Andrew (PS08A) [5553] That's ... a bit anti-social mummy!
Dorothy (PS087) [5554] Very anti-social dear, and I love it!
Tim (PS088) [5555] Now daddy's got the smallest caterpillar.
Dorothy (PS087) [5556] And so he deserves ... [...]
Tim (PS088) [5557] No and
Dorothy (PS087) [5558] caterpillar [...] ... I'll have that yellow and blue in the middle there dear ... sneaking off with that ... thank you.
Andrew (PS08A) [5559] Right.
Dorothy (PS087) [5560] Right ... don't get anything for me please, green and red
Andrew (PS08A) [5561] Alright.
Dorothy (PS087) [5562] you want?
Andrew (PS08A) [5563] I think I'll be a green.
Dorothy (PS087) [5564] Ooh!
[5565] ... And a red as well, to go with I think.
Andrew (PS08A) [5566] Have another green I expect.
Christopher (PS089) [5567] Two?
Andrew (PS08A) [5568] He ... [...]
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Andrew (PS08A) [5569] just cos I saved you a green there love.
Christopher (PS089) [5570] Green ... ha!
Dorothy (PS087) [5571] Whoops a daisy!
[5572] ... That's made a mess of table!
[5573] ... The caterpillar's going into the microphone!
[5574] ... Excuse me microphone, could you just move!
Christopher (PS089) [5575] Green here.
Dorothy (PS087) [5576] Green and blue ... there, you can have one of mine if you like.
Christopher (PS089) [5577] Mum could you move the microphone out of the way?
Dorothy (PS087) [5578] Just make it twist round at the side and then it won't touch it.
Christopher (PS089) [5579] Have I got the longest?
Andrew (PS08A) [5580] Who's got the shortest now?
Dorothy (PS087) [5581] Daddy, has got the shortest!
Christopher (PS089) [5582] Mummy.
Dorothy (PS087) [5583] Is it me now?
[5584] ... Can't be many left can there?
[5585] ... Yellow ... and ... green.
Andrew (PS08A) [5586] Well done mummy!
[5587] ... You're going to pinch the lot from me, not a lot I can do!
Dorothy (PS087) [5588] Only one from you dear ... just seems like a lot
Andrew (PS08A) [5589] That's a lot!
Dorothy (PS087) [5590] [laughing] cos there's not much of your caterpillar left [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5591] Let's push him over here.
Dorothy (PS087) [5592] I'll move these as well.
[5593] ... Pinch dad's, pinch the tail off yours as well you haven't got much to arrange anyway!
Andrew (PS08A) [5594] I haven't ... bit of a long one that!
Dorothy (PS087) [5595] Bit of long one, but it might all disappear in one foul swoop when somebody takes these out of here ... your go please darling?
Christopher (PS089) [5596] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [5597] Oh is it my go?
Dorothy (PS087) [5598] Yep ... [...] ... two greens.
Tim (PS088) [5599] [shouting] [...] [] !
[5600] ... Dad going to win tonight!
Dorothy (PS087) [5601] That's it, has it finished?
Andrew (PS08A) [5602] Finished ... that's the end of the game.
Tim (PS088) [5603] Dad!
[5604] ... I can't reach!
Christopher (PS089) [5605] I think mummy's won.
Tim (PS088) [5606] Oh here!
Dorothy (PS087) [5607] How many have you got?
Andrew (PS08A) [5608] [whispering] Don't know yet [] .
Christopher (PS089) [5609] Twenty two.
Dorothy (PS087) [5610] Twenty two!
[5611] And how many have you got daddy?
Andrew (PS08A) [5612] Eight.
Dorothy (PS087) [5613] Eight ... so [...] , I've got two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty two, twenty four, twenty six, twenty eight ... thirty!
Andrew (PS08A) [5614] Well done, so ... who's the winner?
Dorothy (PS087) [5615] Daddy.
Andrew (PS08A) [5616] Mummy is!
Christopher (PS089) [5617] [laughing] Mummy [] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5618] Who comes second?
[5619] ... Christopher!
[5620] ... Who comes last?
[5621] ... Daddy!
Christopher (PS089) [5622] Daddy!
[5623] ... We thought daddy was gonna win didn't we?
Dorothy (PS087) [5624] Well we did at the beginning, cos he said [...] apologizing for being in that position
Andrew (PS08A) [5625] Did I?
Dorothy (PS087) [5626] at the table.
[5627] ... I'm glad you got that!
Andrew (PS08A) [5628] I've been beaten!
Dorothy (PS087) [5629] Erm ... up!
Andrew (PS08A) [5630] Right, what's gonna happen next then?
Dorothy (PS087) [5631] I don't know, this exciting afternoon that we're spending!
Andrew (PS08A) [5632] It'll soon be tea time won't it Tim?
[5633] ... Will you want any tea?
[5634] ... You will ... he's nodding.
[5635] ... [whispering] Is it hot cross bun day today [] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5636] Hot cross bun day today.
Andrew (PS08A) [5637] Does Tim like hot cross buns?
Dorothy (PS087) [5638] Yeah ... did last week didn't you?
Andrew (PS08A) [5639] I'll try not to burn them this week!
Dorothy (PS087) [5640] Do you like hot cross buns Tim?
Tim (PS088) [5641] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [5642] You don't want hot cross buns?
Andrew (PS08A) [5643] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5644] Oh!
Andrew (PS08A) [5645] Do you want them cold?
Tim (PS088) [5646] I want to go now!
Dorothy (PS087) [5647] Pardon?
Tim (PS088) [5648] No, I don't want no ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5649] Not on this day ... no.
[5650] ... If you were given the choice what would you like to eat?
[5651] ... Or didn't [...] to have anything to eat?
Tim (PS088) [5652] Only bread!
Dorothy (PS087) [5653] Just bread.
Andrew (PS08A) [5654] Just bread ... alright ... bread and jam.
Dorothy (PS087) [5655] And what about the other big boy?
Andrew (PS08A) [5656] Do you want anything ... or not?
[5657] ... Do you think it will make you sick?
Dorothy (PS087) [5658] Toast?
[5659] ... You don't mind some toast and Marmite?
Christopher (PS089) [5660] No.
Andrew (PS08A) [5661] Mm ... a big yawn!
Dorothy (PS087) [5662] Just go to bed.
Christopher (PS089) [5663] [whispering] [...] [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5664] Well go to the toilet, you might [...] , away you go ... that's allowed.
Andrew (PS08A) [5665] What would mummy like to eat?
[5666] ... You like hot cross buns ... they [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5667] I don't like hot cross buns, I only bought them
Andrew (PS08A) [5668] Don't you?
Dorothy (PS087) [5669] [laughing] because I thought [...] liked them!
[5670] ... So daddy, you'll be consuming four hot cross buns [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5671] I'm not having to consume four hot cross buns, thank you very much!
[5672] ... I'm not that keen on them.
Dorothy (PS087) [5673] I bought them specially on Friday, I thought oh ... [...] .
Christopher (PS089) [5674] What are these?
Dorothy (PS087) [5675] Hot cross buns.
Andrew (PS08A) [5676] Isn't it wonderful having a family ... you never know what sickness is gonna strike you down next!
Dorothy (PS087) [5677] Well everybody seems so well yesterday didn't they?
[5678] ... Well as much, so they didn't yesterday
Andrew (PS08A) [5679] Never know.
Dorothy (PS087) [5680] afternoon.
Andrew (PS08A) [5681] Never know ... I might [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5682] Well that's what I was wondering ... that's why I said go out into [...] fresh air, in the hopes that they might shake off the bug ... [laughing] I don't think it works like that, do you [] ?
Andrew (PS08A) [5683] I ought to go and catch [...] last time ... it was horrible!
Dorothy (PS087) [5684] I know.
Andrew (PS08A) [5685] Got another day off work ... already had more days off work this year
Dorothy (PS087) [5686] Last year.
Andrew (PS08A) [5687] in the whole time ... yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5688] Mm ... You can't help it, if you're ill, you're ill!
Andrew (PS08A) [5689] Absenteeism [...] in our department higher than average.
Dorothy (PS087) [5690] Is it? ... [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5691] And they obviously don't think caused by pressure.
Dorothy (PS087) [5692] If you've got your [...] as what?
Andrew (PS08A) [5693] My ... [...] !
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5694] I says, my illnesses haven't been caused by pressure have they?
Dorothy (PS087) [5695] Oh I see ... yeah.
Andrew (PS08A) [5696] Been caused by
Dorothy (PS087) [5697] Bad results and redundancies.
Andrew (PS08A) [5698] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5699] But I mean if you're puking up everywhere you can't obviously go into work can you?
Andrew (PS08A) [5700] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5701] It's not as if you can stagger in like when ... you've got a heavy cold, at least
Andrew (PS08A) [5702] Yep.
Dorothy (PS087) [5703] you can stagger in ... and look gormless!
[5704] ... At least you didn't catch the chicken pox, that's something.
[5705] ... We were gonna ring your mum and dad weren't we?
Andrew (PS08A) [5706] [whispering] Can't be bothered [] !
Dorothy (PS087) [5707] A very depressed [...] ! [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5708] He'll be screaming,yo ... you know, he wouldn't let you touch the phone or ... something! ... [whispering] [...] [] ... not tonight.
[5709] ... What happens tonight?
Dorothy (PS087) [5710] I'm just gonna, I'll to stay here, shall I?
Andrew (PS08A) [5711] No , it's okay.
[5712] ... See how he perks up after this.
[5713] ... What is it tonight, do you know?
Dorothy (PS087) [5714] No I don't.
Andrew (PS08A) [5715] No idea?
Dorothy (PS087) [5716] No idea ... just see [...] ... expect it's on the notices ... or send a [...] .
Andrew (PS08A) [5717] No because they always ... always [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5718] Going in.
Andrew (PS08A) [5719] Have you got the notice?
Dorothy (PS087) [5720] There's loads of stuff in there that ... been given to you.
Andrew (PS08A) [5721] Was there?
[5722] ... Oh well.
Dorothy (PS087) [5723] Stuff for the AGM and ... stuff for the room at the AGM ... er ... minutes from something or other to you ... from June ... what would that be?
Andrew (PS08A) [5724] I don't know actually.
Dorothy (PS087) [5725] There's no second [...] ... non-related to that ... there's a question of council members, I there's about seven.
[5726] ... How we doing, we're a week in advance though aren't we here?
Andrew (PS08A) [5727] There's another week to go.
Dorothy (PS087) [5728] You alright?
[5729] ... Do you want another lie down on the settee?
[5730] ... You've done very well for an hour or so.
Andrew (PS08A) [5731] Yeah [...] ... very well!
Dorothy (PS087) [5732] There's a tune there we need to sort o , sort out.
Andrew (PS08A) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [5733] What are we gonna do with you?
Andrew (PS08A) [5734] What would you like to do Tim?
[5735] ... Shut your eyes and go to sleep.
Dorothy (PS087) [5736] Shall we put your 'jamas on and put you to bed?
Tim (PS088) [5737] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [5738] No, I don't want to do that!
[5739] ... Ha!
[5740] ... Well I hope we're all raring to go in the morning.
Andrew (PS08A) [5741] What were we going to be doing in the morning if ... you've had the [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5742] It's story time in the morning.
Andrew (PS08A) [5743] Is it?
[5744] ... Lovely!
Dorothy (PS087) [5745] In the afternoon ... I meant to go swimming with Christopher, but I don't think we're going swimming
Andrew (PS08A) [5746] I think that's definitely off!
Dorothy (PS087) [5747] with Christopher!
Christopher (PS089) [5748] Mum!
Dorothy (PS087) [5749] Hello!
Christopher (PS089) [5750] Tomorrow's swimming.
Dorothy (PS087) [5751] That's what I'm just saying to daddy.
Andrew (PS08A) [5752] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [5753] Tomorrow's swimming.
Andrew (PS08A) [5754] But I don't think you'll be well enough to go swimming.
Dorothy (PS087) [5755] I don't think you'll be fit to swim, do you?
Christopher (PS089) [5756] I'll be even better tomorrow.
Dorothy (PS087) [5757] Well, you'll have to be very better tomorrow before we went swimming.
Andrew (PS08A) [5758] Do you think he'll be well enough to go to school?
Dorothy (PS087) [5759] I don't know ... the debate is on whether you'll go to school, let alone whether you go swimming!
[5760] ... Perhaps after a night's sleep he'll be okay?
Andrew (PS08A) [5761] So ... for tea Tim is ... Christopher's having
Dorothy (PS087) [5762] I don't know.
Andrew (PS08A) [5763] Bread, toast?
Dorothy (PS087) [5764] Do you want a bit of toast sweetie, Tim, erm Christopher?
Christopher (PS089) [5765] I want hot cross bun.
Dorothy (PS087) [5766] He wants hot cross bun. [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5767] What do you reckon to that then mummy?
Dorothy (PS087) [5768] Dry hot cross bun [laughing] he could have [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5769] Half a bit.
Dorothy (PS087) [5770] Yeah ... just have a little bit of hot cross bun, yeah?
Tim (PS088) [5771] May I have some [...] ?
Dorothy (PS087) [5772] You want lots of hot cross bun?
Christopher (PS089) [5773] Yeah, one hot cross bun.
Dorothy (PS087) [5774] You're not feeling sick then?
Christopher (PS089) [5775] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5776] You're not gonna sick it all back while daddy's in charge [laughing] tonight [] !
Andrew (PS08A) [5777] I dunno, I think I'll resign if that's the case!
Dorothy (PS087) [laugh]
Andrew (PS08A) [5778] Or [...] for you, resign from Church Council
Dorothy (PS087) [5779] You can't resign and use that one!
Andrew (PS08A) [5780] and resign from being a daddy!
Dorothy (PS087) [5781] [laugh] ... Are you going [...] anything?
[5782] ... You'll divorce
Andrew (PS08A) [5783] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5784] me!
Andrew (PS08A) [5785] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5786] Oh good!
Andrew (PS08A) [5787] Resign ... hand in my notice.
Dorothy (PS087) [5788] It will be expected!
Christopher (PS089) [5789] Ooh ooh! ... ooh!
Tim (PS088) [5790] Mum!
[5791] ... Mummy you can't play [...] cos I'm back!
Andrew (PS08A) [5792] Did you hear something?
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5793] Can I have a hot cross bun?
Tim (PS088) [5794] No, I'm just gonna read it!
Dorothy (PS087) [5795] Come on!
[5796] ... You don't need it, no ... that's alright then ... we'll just have it there [laughing] in case!
Christopher (PS089) [5797] Oh!
Andrew (PS08A) [5798] So what would you like to eat darling, cos you don't like hot cross buns?
Dorothy (PS087) [5799] Me, no, I'm not into hot cross buns, I'll have erm
Andrew (PS08A) [5800] Bread?
Dorothy (PS087) [5801] erm ... yes please, I'll have a salad sandwich please.
[5802] ... I'll have ham or chicken roll or something like that.
[5803] ... Are you making it again then?
Andrew (PS08A) [5804] Not this.
Dorothy (PS087) [5805] [laughing] This is about the fifth meal you've made [] !
[5806] ... Do you mind?
Andrew (PS08A) [5807] I don't mind.
Dorothy (PS087) [5808] There's not a lot we can do really is there, if I'm sitting here with this child?
Tim (PS088) [5809] [...] play something.
Dorothy (PS087) [5810] Pardon?
Tim (PS088) [5811] A game.
Dorothy (PS087) [5812] You want to play a game?
[5813] ... What would you like to play?
Tim (PS088) [5814] Er
Dorothy (PS087) [5815] Perhaps you can look at a book?
Tim (PS088) [5816] No!
Dorothy (PS087) [5817] Here's one.
Tim (PS088) [5818] Don't want that one!
Dorothy (PS087) [5819] You don't want that one!
[5820] ... Ha!
[5821] ... What would you like?
Tim (PS088) [5822] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [5823] What about the big one with the words in?
[5824] Something nice to look at?
Tim (PS088) [5825] Yeah ... [...] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5826] We can put that on the table and gaze at it together.
[5827] ... And there we are.
[5828] ... Which page shall we look at?
[5829] ... I know, we'll play I spy ... right?
Tim (PS088) [5830] Don't want to!
Dorothy (PS087) [5831] Don't want to play I spy, no.
[5832] ... Just look at it.
[5833] ... Oh look at the cat!
[5834] ... On the mat down there look, with the wool ... he's going to sleep.
[5835] ... Somebody fast asleep in bed there, that's just what I'd like to be right this minute.
Tim (PS088) [5836] Mummy where's ... where's somebody ... fast ... fast asleep?
Dorothy (PS087) [5837] Here ... in the bedroom with the book.
[5838] ... We'll just looking at the big book together ... [yawning] do you want to come and join us [] ?
Christopher (PS089) [5839] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [5840] Come on then ... there's a chair.
Tim (PS088) [5841] Mum ... back!
[5842] ... We don't sit!
Dorothy (PS087) [5843] Want this?
Tim (PS088) [5844] Yes ... I want sit here.
Dorothy (PS087) [5845] Right.
[5846] ... I can see a spider.
Tim (PS088) [5847] Where?
Christopher (PS089) [5848] My tummy [...]
Tim (PS088) [5849] Where?
Christopher (PS089) [5850] [...] .
Tim (PS088) [5851] Where?
Christopher (PS089) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5852] [...] going to spider ... it's under ... under the stairs, in a cupboard.
Christopher (PS089) [5853] What did you say?
Dorothy (PS087) [5854] A spider, we're looking for now.
Christopher (PS089) [5855] I can't see any spiders.
Dorothy (PS087) [5856] No, well you got to look hard!
[5857] ... There's a spider on the page, now can you see a spider in the picture?
[5858] ... Look under the stairs.
Christopher (PS089) [5859] Yes, I can see one.
[5860] ... Very hard.
Dorothy (PS087) [5861] Can you see it Tim?
[5862] ... No
Tim (PS088) [5863] No
Dorothy (PS087) [5864] just off ... hanging over the welly boots ... when somebody puts their feet in the welly boots they get a bit of shock!
[5865] The spider goes in.
[5866] ... I can see a fly as well can you see the fly?
Christopher (PS089) [5867] It's over there.
Dorothy (PS087) [5868] That's right, there it is ... and there's the other one.
[5869] ... Shall we turn over this [...] and see what we can find.
[5870] ... Oh this ... this page makes me laugh!
[5871] ... What have we got?
Tim (PS088) [5872] A duck in the washing.
Christopher (PS089) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [5873] [laugh] ... A duck in the washing, that's it.
[5874] ... And what else?
[5875] ... And somebody with a pan on their head!
Christopher (PS089) [5876] Like Norman.
Dorothy (PS087) [5877] Like Norman, yes.
[5878] ... Let's hope they can get that one off!
[5879] ... But daddy's looking a bit worried, he's doing the washing up.
[5880] ... And mummy's smiling in at him from the ... outside, look ... she's hanging the washing out ... pretending not to notice what's going on.
[5881] ... Daddy's having a ca , chaos going on in there!
[5882] ... It's a good job our daddy's better at things than that.
[5883] ... Oh no, look ... buns are going off on the floor everywhere!
[5884] This one's got ... plate ... plate smashed.
[5885] ... What else have we got?
[5886] Oh look what happening to the cat on the top of there!
[5887] ... See the cat?
[5888] ... Right on the top of cupboard.
Christopher (PS089) [5889] It's ... na ... that tasted like orange.
Dorothy (PS087) [5890] Mm, it's probably your orange coming back.
Christopher (PS089) [5891] Mm mm mm mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5892] That's all you've had all day isn't it really?
[5893] A drink of orange ... well since you were sick.
Christopher (PS089) [5894] I had a bit of ... dinner.
Dorothy (PS087) [5895] Okay, I'll point to something round here and you've gotta try and find it on the picture ... bulb.
Christopher (PS089) [5896] Is it on the ceiling or not?
Dorothy (PS087) [5897] Well what do you think?
[5898] Yes ... it's not on the ceiling.
Dorothy (PS087) [5899] It is on the ceiling.
Christopher (PS089) [5900] Yes it is bu
Dorothy (PS087) [5901] Mm mm, [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5902] Aha.
Dorothy (PS087) [5903] to the plates [...] .
[5904] ... Duster, want to find a duster?
Christopher (PS089) [5905] There is no more.
[5906] ... Aha, I can see one.
Dorothy (PS087) [5907] I can't ... where?
[5908] ... Oh yes, and polishing things up there ... there's the polish ... and the iron.
Christopher (PS089) [5909] Where's the iron then?
Dorothy (PS087) [5910] Next to the polish look, there.
[5911] ... I think they need to empty their bin don't you?
Tim (PS088) [5912] Where is it?
Christopher (PS089) [5913] I can see that bin.
Dorothy (PS087) [5914] Where, oh there.
Christopher (PS089) [5915] No.
Dorothy (PS087) [5916] Where's the hoover?
Tim (PS088) [...]
Christopher (PS089) [5917] Mum, when you
Dorothy (PS087) [5918] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [5919] talk about the hoover
Dorothy (PS087) [5920] Mm.
Christopher (PS089) [5921] I don't know if it's a train hoover
Dorothy (PS087) [5922] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Christopher (PS089) [5923] or ... [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [5924] There aren't many train hoovers left though are there darling?
Christopher (PS089) [5925] No.
Tim (PS088) [5926] Torn!
Christopher (PS089) [5927] Just one left now.
Tim (PS088) [5928] I just tore it!
Christopher (PS089) [5929] One left ... there's one left mum.
Tim (PS088) [5930] Woh!
Christopher (PS089) [5931] Cups.
Dorothy (PS087) [5932] The cups are ... there they are!
[5933] ... Teaspoon.
Tim (PS088) [5934] Teaspoon ... where's the spoon?
Dorothy (PS087) [5935] There's two teaspoons there ... and one in the cup.
Christopher (PS089) [5936] Oh ... I can see your cups!
[5937] ... There on the sink.
Dorothy (PS087) [5938] Oh so can I look!
[5939] ... And all the juice gone on the floor.
[5940] ... What about match in there, anybody seen the matches?
[5941] ... Where are the matches in the main picture?
Tim (PS088) [5942] Where's the matches?
Christopher (PS089) [5943] Can you see it?
Dorothy (PS087) [5944] Yep.
Tim (PS088) [5945] Where?
[5946] ... Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [5947] Ah, you'll have to look.
Christopher (PS089) [5948] But which ... picture is it ... that one or that one?
Dorothy (PS087) [5949] What do you mean?
Christopher (PS089) [5950] That there
Dorothy (PS087) [5951] Your side ... yeah.
Christopher (PS089) [5952] On this side o ... match box.
[5953] ... I can see it now.
Dorothy (PS087) [5954] Can you see it?
[5955] ... Where?
[5956] ... Just there ... [...] , oh this is a nice picture!
Christopher (PS089) [5957] And the [...]
Tim (PS088) [5958] No that!
[5959] ... Oh where is it?
Christopher (PS089) [5960] I can see the tap.
Dorothy (PS087) [5961] The channel.
Tim (PS088) [5962] Where's the channel?
Dorothy (PS087) [5963] Channel, somebody digging.
[5964] Oh there we are, look, he's dropped it ... now why has he dropped the [...] ... look at that!
Tim (PS088) [5965] What, cos why?
Dorothy (PS087) [5966] Cos look what he's being shown.
Christopher (PS089) [5967] A worm!
Dorothy (PS087) [5968] A worm, he doesn't like it, being picked up like that does he?
[5969] ... Do you like picking up worms?
Christopher (PS089) [5970] [whispering] No [] .
Dorothy (PS087) [5971] No.
[5972] ... When I was at the [...] , I put worms in a jam jar.
Christopher (PS089) [5973] There's a wasp and a bee in here, that's a bee and that's a wasp.
Dorothy (PS087) [5974] Oh yeah ... bit difficult to know which is which, that must be the wasp ... do you think?
Christopher (PS089) [5975] Yeah, that's bigger, and that's
Dorothy (PS087) [5976] And that's the bee.
Christopher (PS089) [5977] a little one.
Tim (PS088) [5978] And where's
Dorothy (PS087) [5979] The pram.
Christopher (PS089) [5980] I can see it!
Dorothy (PS087) [5981] Oh yeah, well done Tim.
[5982] And look at the teddy falling out!
Tim (PS088) [5983] Ah!
Christopher (PS089) [5984] Where?
Dorothy (PS087) [5985] There, she's throwing the teddy out look.
Christopher (PS089) [5986] And she's throwing the teddy out.
Dorothy (PS087) [5987] Oh no, what's happened to this man's paint?
[5988] ... It's going to be a bit of a disaster there!

17 (Tape 022401)

Sue (PS08P) [5989] Cos we've got the AGM in two weeks time
Margaret (PS08S) [5990] Mm.
Sue (PS08P) [5991] and we voted all these people that are here
Dorothy (PS087) [5992] What type [...] [...] of this?
Sue (PS08P) [5993] Well you just
Dorothy (PS087) [5994] It doesn't matter.
Sue (PS08P) [5995] you just come along don't yo you find out
Dorothy (PS087) [...]
Sue (PS08P) [5996] what we do with all the money, and you find out ... who's doing what, and who's doing ... you know?
Margaret (PS08S) [5997] Mm.
Dorothy (PS087) [5998] It's ... it's quite exciting really!
Roger (PS08T) [5999] If you [...] !
Sue (PS08P) [6000] But ... I've [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [6001] These little things [...]
Margaret (PS08S) [6002] You couldn't show me something [...]
Sue (PS08P) [6003] Alright
Margaret (PS08S) [6004] you see, cos it's
June (PS08U) [6005] We're confusing her now cos [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6006] This is where we're going ... not Towcester ... alright?
Sue (PS08P) [6007] This page?
Dorothy (PS087) [6008] This, yes ... we're taking over a couple of
Sue (PS08P) [6009] When, when's that then?
Dorothy (PS087) [6010] places in Leicestershire.
Sue (PS08P) [6011] When is it?
Dorothy (PS087) [6012] And we're going on a coach ... so you don't you
Sue (PS08P) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6013] have to worry ... no.
Sue (PS08P) [6014] Oh!
Dorothy (PS087) [6015] And it'll be really rather dolly, we'll have a little holiday you see ... together ... and we sort of go teaching together and
Sue (PS08P) [6016] How long is it for?
Dorothy (PS087) [6017] It'll [...] on a Friday afternoon, Friday night
Sue (PS08P) [6018] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [6019] you know, five, half five-ish.
Sue (PS08P) [6020] And what do you do?
Dorothy (PS087) [6021] And come back on a Sunday
Sue (PS08P) [6022] And
Dorothy (PS087) [6023] afternoon.
Sue (PS08P) [6024] you've been before?
Dorothy (PS087) [6025] Well we've never been this place before, but we've been on a similar do.
Sue (PS08P) [6026] And what do you do then?
Dorothy (PS087) [6027] Well, we have
Sue (PS08P) [6028] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [6029] all sorts of things organised
Sue (PS08P) [6030] Yeah, and pull out some special [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6031] people are coming to do some Christian teaching for us, you know ... somebody from the [...]
Sue (PS08P) [6032] Yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [6033] And then there's gonna be silly things like walks, you know and
Roger (PS08T) [6034] Lots of play!
Sue (PS08P) [6035] Oh yeah.
Dorothy (PS087) [6036] and lots of
Sue (PS08P) [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [6037] and lots of fun activities so they go ... and they do little trips out
Sue (PS08P) [6038] And have they got
Dorothy (PS087) [6039] you know, to the localities, you know?
[6040] ... And you get to know people, that basically
Sue (PS08P) [6041] Oh yes, yes!
Dorothy (PS087) [6042] it, and you can relax in these
Sue (PS08P) [6043] Is it
Dorothy (PS087) [6044] amazing little sitting rooms!
Sue (PS08P) [6045] I can ha , you know I don't know, if I go over there now to [...] and I said please ... show me this ... no, I'm not!
[6046] You see everything ... I won't go [...] , especially now since he's retired!
Dorothy (PS087) [6047] He doesn't wanna know!
Sue (PS08P) [6048] I won't go anywhere with, I don't want to go without him!
Dorothy (PS087) [6049] Well you tell him!
Sue (PS08P) [6050] I can't [...] [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6051] We want him here , we don't wa , we don't want
Sue (PS08P) [6052] Yes.
Dorothy (PS087) [6053] [...] just you.
Sue (PS08P) [6054] Unless ... I feel terrible about it! [laugh]
Dorothy (PS087) [6055] We can offer you , you know, a nice twin room!
Sue (PS08P) [6056] Twin room.
[6057] ... I thought it was lovely of him!
Dorothy (PS087) [6058] [laughing] A twin room [] !
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [laugh]
Sue (PS08P) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6059] [laugh] ... [...] seat belt, oh it doesn't tell you on that one ... wait a minute ... bargain break [...]
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [6060] [...] look at the price!
[6061] ... Look at the price!
Dorothy (PS087) [6062] Ah, [...] pension.
Sue (PS08P) [6063] That would be it, wouldn't it? [...]
Pat (PS0XM) [6064] Retired
Group of unknown speakers (KBWPSUGP) [...]
Dorothy (PS087) [6065] Yes, forty pound a go, see!
[6066] ... That's only about sixty
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [6067] Ah!
Dorothy (PS087) [6068] pound for a whole weekend in beds, breakfasts
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [6069] Is it really!
Dorothy (PS087) [6070] evening meal
Unknown speaker (KBWPSUNK) [6071] How much?
Dorothy (PS087)