11 conversations recorded by `Elizabeth' (PS08X) between 11 and 17 January 1992 with 5 interlocutors, totalling 1038 s-units, 6316 words (duration not recorded).

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 42

PS08X Ag1 f (Elizabeth, age 19, student, North-west Midlands, )
PS10H Ag1 m (No name, age 18, student, North-west Midlands, ) stranger
PS10K Ag1 m (Matthew, age 23, manager, North-west Midlands, ) brother
PS10L Ag4 f (Anne, age 48, clerk (pt), North-west Midlands, ) mother
PS10M Ag4 m (Mike, age 53, computer operator, North-west Midlands, ) father
KBYPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KBYPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

11 recordings

  1. Tape 057501 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Playing cards
  2. Tape 057502 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 057503 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 057504 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 057601 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Psychology lecture
  6. Tape 057602 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Psychology lecture
  7. Tape 057603 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Psychology lecture
  8. Tape 057801 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: English lecture
  9. Tape 057802 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: English lecture
  10. Tape 057901 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Environmental science lecture
  11. Tape 057902 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationStaffordshire: Newcastle Under Lyme ( College ) Activity: Environmental lecture

1 (Tape 057501)

Unknown speaker (KBYPSUNK) [1] Hi!
Anne (PS10L) [2] Gonna at least stop at Gerald's hasn't he?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [3] Oh he hasn't?
Mike (PS10M) [4] He has, yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [5] Oh what a pain!
Anne (PS10L) [6] You got that thing on haven't you?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [7] I know , but don't worry.
[8] Just keep talking normally.
Mike (PS10M) [9] Wha what, what thing?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [10] Tt!
Mike (PS10M) [11] Tt!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Mike (PS10M) [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [12] Came round
Mike (PS10M) [13] Oh yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [14] and he just started, [mimicking man] bloody hell!
[15] It's erm really stuff [...] who write er [] ... can I put the Channel four news on?
[16] I mean er ... [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [17] What the ra , [...] revelations?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [18] Mm.
[19] So ... he's leaving on Monday.
Anne (PS10L) [20] So he's moving on Monday.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [21] Oh that's good!
Anne (PS10L) [22] So
Elizabeth (PS08X) [23] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [24] while we're all waiting with a cooked dinner ... he's going to have to go up Gerald's.
[25] But, they've decided that they're pleased with what Gerald's done
Elizabeth (PS08X) [26] Oh God!
Anne (PS10L) [27] so he's got that job all the time now, he's working on
Elizabeth (PS08X) [28] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [29] Sunday.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [30] Super!
[31] ... Er ... looks a ... erm ... she said, oh am I coming over to see you tonight?
[32] So she's just rang up, her car's gone completely ... to bits ... and erm
Anne (PS10L) [33] Oh that's a shame!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [34] the ... the ignition's gone on her car ... and the erm
Mike (PS10M) [35] So it wasn't the clutch then?
None (PS10H) [36] No, said the
Anne (PS10L) [37] No she's lost the [...] .
None (PS10H) [38] only fou , she got the choke on.
[39] She'd driven from Newcastle to virtually to [...] with the choke on!
Anne (PS10L) [40] So wonder it doesn't stall.
[41] I did that once.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [42] Yeah.
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [43] Cos it's easily done
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [44] isn't it, cos you
Mike (PS10M) [45] Yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [46] just forget?
Mike (PS10M) [47] and it doesn't do any harm for a short distance but er
Elizabeth (PS08X) [48] She got, so she get to nearly to her friends and she realised that the ... she'd left the clutch on.
[49] Anyway, so it's not that.
[50] But she couldn't get the car started this morning.
Anne (PS10L) [51] So hasn't she been to college today then?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [52] Yeah , she'd been to college but she couldn't get her car started, she had to get her dad to drive her in ... and pick her up.
[53] And erm
Anne (PS10L) [54] Is she not coming tonight.
[55] Well she's not coming on Sunday is she, because of the
Elizabeth (PS08X) [56] No I said er ... and she said, I'm ever so sorry!
[57] I said it's okay I just erm ... you know, I don't ... I'll probably, I'm fine on my own, I've got things to do and I can watch T V and I
Mike (PS10M) [58] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [59] can, and she said, oh alright then, if you're sure?
[60] And she went ... how are you?
[61] I'm fine.
[62] She said, you don't sound fine.
[63] I said I'm feeling fine thanks honestly!
[64] Aargh!
[65] Mm!
[66] I just don't want to be treated like, you know, object of pity [laughing] or something [] !
Mike (PS10M) [67] You're rare because of the way
Elizabeth (PS08X) [68] [laugh] ... [mimicking North Yorkshire accent] Ee!
[69] Well I'm pretty damn rare that's rind here! []
Anne (PS10L) [70] Right.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [71] Have you heated the beans up?
Anne (PS10L) [72] Ooh no. [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [73] Are we having tea with this?
Anne (PS10L) [74] Ooh yes!
[75] Make some tea.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [76] Is it, is this a ... oh no.
[77] Anyway ... so er ... that's what she said.
[78] And she said er, what about Sunday?
[79] I said, well, I really feel I can [laughing] lead my own company [] section, I forgot Andrea was coming.
[80] She said, well alright then.
[81] She said, how about Ritzi's on Monday?
[82] I said, oh I don't think I could cope with that!
[83] I don't feel like it anyway.
Anne (PS10L) [84] Well ... doesn't it ma , I mean when you do you'll be [...] away with your different groups' points and he'll be
Elizabeth (PS08X) [85] Makes me angry cos it's, you know ... just
Anne (PS10L) [86] A waste.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [87] without energy.
[88] But
Mike (PS10M) [89] well
Elizabeth (PS08X) [90] erm ... oh no, just sort of like, and like he's being like, so considerate now!
[91] And he's like saying, how are you feeling and all that?
[92] I thought, well he could have done it
Anne (PS10L) [93] Should have said er ... [laughing] well I think you should go and phone Joe in the morning. []
Elizabeth (PS08X) [94] No.
[95] But you know, I felt like saying, well, you know ... he could have been a bit more considerate and concerned when we were actually going out with each other!
Mike (PS10M) [96] Well it's better to feel than never have felt at all isn't it?
[97] To me, he's an emotional cripple!
[98] As well as being a bloody idiot to you!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [99] That was more he said.
Mike (PS10M) [100] Was it?
Anne (PS10L) [101] And what did you sa , what did you just say?
[102] He's o , like your dad said all through his life [...] [laughing] the other way around [] .
Mike (PS10M) [103] [...] such into the shadows.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [104] Yes.
Anne (PS10L) [105] You've got to miss the shadow for the po
Elizabeth (PS08X) [106] But he's just a bit irritating cos he ... well ... you know ... I do , I don't understand how you go through a whole relationship and everything, and then come to end of it and not even feel the slightest bit
Anne (PS10L) [107] Well he probably does but he, obviously he's
Elizabeth (PS08X) [108] Horrible!
Anne (PS10L) [109] [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [110] Oh well, you know [...] ... er we're talking him and she says er ... something about ... I said ... er ... ooh you know, he's hardly ever cried since you got, he says, [...] Mm!
[111] That's what he says!
[112] Course, men can't cry can they?
[113] She said, I mean, she says I'm not prejudiced here, and she says there's obvious exceptions and they're not bad ... but the majority of them are a waste of time!
[114] She's given up smoking and casual sex [laughing] now [] .
Anne (PS10L) [115] Well I can [...] ... perhaps it's
Elizabeth (PS08X) [116] No, she says not, she says not all men but she says a lot of them have inbred to them that they can't cry and ... and all that.
Mike (PS10M) [117] Well it's a macho thing, you know.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [118] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [119] It isn't manly to
Elizabeth (PS08X) [120] She said that.
Mike (PS10M) [121] to cry.
Anne (PS10L) [122] I think we shall have to start.
[123] [...] ... How come bought these mini Snickers for there?
[124] American ones!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [125] Just cos you get them free, [laughing] I see [] !
Anne (PS10L) [126] No, they weren't free for us.
[127] Just came over and asked what we wanted.
[128] Going to put them in your stocking then.
[129] [laughing] That's the one [] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [130] [...] ... hurls it out of it wouldn't it?
[131] Or a lousy hairbrush and a ... can't even remember what the present was, it was ... enthralling!
Anne (PS10L) [132] Right, these are nearly ready now, but there aren't that many actually but just leave [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [133] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [134] Get that.
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [135] Did you use all the ones up love?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [136] She's cut
Anne (PS10L) [137] No.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [138] them all in twice in, in two.
Anne (PS10L) [139] No I, I had [...]
Mike (PS10M) [140] Maybe ... it might be an idea to get a deep fat fryer somewhere.
Anne (PS10L) [141] You ask Steven, I I can't.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [142] Steven knows what his parents want.
[143] ... You always put a deep fat fryer because
Anne (PS10L) [144] Well, I've got to replace that soon.
[145] They cost about fifteen pounds.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [146] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [147] Or ... twenty five pounds.
[148] I know it was a cheque.
[149] And gonna get
Elizabeth (PS08X) [150] Yeah but then , she's [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [151] No.
[152] It's not, supposed to be [...] something like modern, mind, yours'll be.
Mike (PS10M) [153] Do you heat them up under the er
Anne (PS10L) [154] No, [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [155] No. [...]
Mike (PS10M) [156] Ah!
[157] They act as a [...] . [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [158] [laughing] I think so.
[159] You'd never [...] [] !
[160] No it's just [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [161] Well I didn't know what the sort of, modus operandi is ... er
Elizabeth (PS08X) [162] Same as [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [163] you might as well, you see.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [164] It's cold isn't it?
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [165] Right!
[166] Erm
Elizabeth (PS08X) [167] We've lost all the mats!
[168] ... That's my brother!
[169] ... Mum I can't find any mats!
[170] The little round ones.
[171] They must have been about.
Anne (PS10L) [172] Look at this!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [173] I know you said.
[174] Somebody gave them
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [175] to you.
[176] That's nice of her!
Anne (PS10L) [177] [...] ... [...] .
[178] Yeah.
[179] You get the er ... the newest one Mike.
[180] Oh fine!
Mike (PS10M) [181] Well that's the [...] plan isn't it?
Anne (PS10L) [182] Yes, that's the one.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [183] Hey!
[184] That's a nice [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [185] I shall have to go into the garage tomorrow and get a ... I've got, I was gonna put it up there actually.
[186] It'll be alright overnight won't it?
Mike (PS10M) [187] I just
Elizabeth (PS08X) [188] Excuse me!
Mike (PS10M) [189] Yeah, I just put a drop of this erm
Anne (PS10L) [190] What time are you working tomorrow Elizabeth?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [191] Nine till one.
Anne (PS10L) [192] No I'm just thinking about ... erm ... next Tuesday, I'm supposed to working, it turns out ... but I shall try and work it so that I can still come shopping with you, but I shall have to leave
Elizabeth (PS08X) [193] Early.
Anne (PS10L) [194] well
Elizabeth (PS08X) [195] Well I've got
Anne (PS10L) [196] you know and have a quick ... browse.
[197] If we get up early, haven't you got any lectures at all on Tuesday?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [198] No I just got a teaching thing, but it's ... you know
Anne (PS10L) [199] Well we could get up there fairly earlyish couldn't we?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [200] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [201] I'll see what I've got when ... dear Les comes.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [202] Dear Gerald.
Anne (PS10L) [203] Oh don't be stupid now Elizabeth!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [204] There's a hole there.
[205] Because, I only said if you cut
Mike (PS10M) [206] Don't worry, there's plenty of bits.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [207] them all in half there'd be enough to feed the street wouldn't there?
[208] I looked for one of those sandwich box things for Gerald in Sainsburys and they hadn't got one.
[209] I think they must be getting [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [210] Perhaps they've only got them in [...] .
[211] Well do you want me to pick one up while you still go into
Elizabeth (PS08X) [212] Yeah.
[213] I'll, I'll have one, I'll come next time you do the monthly shop I'll get one, but I'll make him some biscuits.
[214] I'll make him some biscuits on Saturday afternoon I think.
Anne (PS10L) [215] Well I've er ... I'll probably go to the other Sainsburys on Saturday ah, do you want me to see if there's one in there?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [216] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [217] I'm glad somebody's appreciating his work.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [218] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [219] Maybe this'll be the end, the end of Christmas time.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [220] I don't want any of those beans.
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [221] That, you're not getting any.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [222] I don't want any beans?
Mike (PS10M) [223] Oh well, why not?
Anne (PS10L) [224] I'm almost ready now.
[225] So, do you want to just do those?
Mike (PS10M) [226] Yes I will if you want.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [227] Shall I pour the tea then?
Anne (PS10L) [228] Well I'm sure if whether we're at that stage or not.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [229] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [230] Oh yes.
[231] Go on then.
Mike (PS10M) [232] Erm ... well leave, leave me alone while ... till I can get the er
Anne (PS10L) [233] Why don't you take that in with some milk?
[234] And just put it on the coffee table, but keep it away from those books.
Mike (PS10M) [235] Mm.
[236] ... Just have a little ... milk shake.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [237] I'll just take the mugs through shall I?
Anne (PS10L) [238] Mm.
[239] ... These [...] are virtually ready now.
Mike (PS10M) [240] Mm.
[241] Bring the eggs over here and I, just take that through there.
Anne (PS10L) [242] Get your brother a mug.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [243] Well, is he coming down?
[244] Has he eaten?
Anne (PS10L) [245] No!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [246] Well I've only got three mugs here.

2 (Tape 057502)

Unknown speaker (KBYPSUNK) [247] Oh yeah!
[248] And Moira said ... she, she went into your shop to have a watch strap changed.
Matthew (PS10K) [249] [laughing] And we haven't got any [] !
Elizabeth (PS08X) [250] No.
[251] And they put it on back [laughing] to front [] and so she keeps on putting her watch on upside down, she goes ... and I was feeling dead sick and then it realised it was the stupid cow at the shop with
Matthew (PS10K) [252] Oh!
[253] Tell her to erm
Elizabeth (PS08X) [254] It's broken as well.
Matthew (PS10K) [255] The watch or the strap?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [256] The , the little bit which you stick the
Matthew (PS10K) [257] Tell her to bring it in if she's got the receipt so th
Elizabeth (PS08X) [258] Probably hasn't still ... I don't think.
Matthew (PS10K) [259] [laughing] [...] [] open tomorrow.
Anne (PS10L) [260] Why?
Matthew (PS10K) [261] Well for emergencies.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [262] They've brought you a farewell present but they think it's just too big.
Matthew (PS10K) [263] They got nobody [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [264] Don't they?
Matthew (PS10K) [265] Find out tomorrow.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [266] That's a pi , well when did you find out?
Matthew (PS10K) [267] I knew I was going ... to Stafford for a few days, but I don't think, I'll be there a fortnight.
[268] Erm
Elizabeth (PS08X) [269] Aha.
Matthew (PS10K) [270] [...] this was, I found out. [...] ... [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [271] Did Mr tell you?
Matthew (PS10K) [272] No, sorry!
[273] I found out tonight sorry, no ... er [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [imitates chicken]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [274] Hey!
[275] Don't put any chips at my lap!
[276] Thanks mum.
Matthew (PS10K) [277] Yeah so
Mike (PS10M) [278] [whispering] [...] [] .
Matthew (PS10K) [279] Whose crinkled chips?
[280] Mum made them?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [281] Dad. [laugh]
Matthew (PS10K) [282] And
Elizabeth (PS08X) [283] Thick aren't they?
Matthew (PS10K) [284] [...] crinkle are they?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [285] Mum says erm ... they're thinking of investing in a deep fat fryer.
Matthew (PS10K) [286] Oh yeah!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [287] Quiet.
Matthew (PS10K) [288] Gerald's mum's got one.
[289] Borrow there's see what it's like first.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [290] Oh that's a good idea!
[291] Ta.
[292] ... Mum would like that.
Matthew (PS10K) [293] Gerald's mum's got a deep fat fryer, let you borrow that first see how th , ah, what they're like.
Anne (PS10L) [294] Maybe she doesn't want to lend it me for [...] [...]
Matthew (PS10K) [295] Yeah , use it up though.
Anne (PS10L) [296] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [297] What kind of sausages are these?
Anne (PS10L) [298] There's a mark on this chair.
[299] Oh dear!
[300] ... There's bread with some butter.
Matthew (PS10K) [301] Is there [...] that clothes shop dad.
Mike (PS10M) [302] Yes it looks very nice. [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [303] Have you got some trousers?
Matthew (PS10K) [304] Yes.
[305] [...] for me.
Anne (PS10L) [306] Mrs telling me, she really needs this doesn't she?
[307] Vivien's coming this weekend.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [308] Is she?
Mike (PS10M) [309] That chap in there's very good as well.
[310] He were very good.
Anne (PS10L) [311] Well what happened was I, I rung erm ... sorry!
[312] What did you say?
Mike (PS10M) [313] No, it's alri , erm ... I was just saying about
Anne (PS10L) [314] Opened.
Mike (PS10M) [315] opened, you know.
Matthew (PS10K) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [316] Well ... I rung up Mrs , she said well ... she would do them, but Vivien was coming, and Dave so she'd rather not [...] .
[317] So I thought, ooh Brenda asked her.
[318] Oh Mrs , she said she'd be, she would do them but she'd felt ... absolutely terrified at the prospect because she had a [...] a few years ago cos Gerry never had trousers with turn ups.
Matthew (PS10K) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [319] Now he's a big boy!
Anne (PS10L) [320] But she would worry about them.
[321] I mean, she would turn them up, she would worry.
[322] So I thought, well I can't really ask her.
[323] I know how she's feels, like [...] .
[324] So I says, if we gotta get back to her [...] cos I went to Margaret's funeral [...] .
[325] Mm!
Mike (PS10M) [326] Yes.
Anne (PS10L) [327] Derek said ... how's Elizabeth?
[328] I said, she's alright, but ... it wasn't the ordeal ... that she thought it was going to be.
[329] He said, well she did [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [330] And what did you say then?
Anne (PS10L) [331] Goodbye.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [332] Mm.
Matthew (PS10K) [333] So [...] , saw [...] today, Coleen came up to me.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [334] Mhm.
Matthew (PS10K) [335] And she was saying about the [...] , she said that it was ... right wa , what was, it was quite bad in the car cos you right, [...] like laughing, joking things like that.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [336] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [337] Well ... if it's anything [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [338] Well Steven's told his mum.
Anne (PS10L) [339] Oh dear!
[340] What did she say?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [341] Erm
Anne (PS10L) [342] What sh , what did he say?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [343] I can't remember.
[344] She says, how how's Elizabeth [...] ?
[345] He said well, erm, or something about reunions and [...] told her.
[346] And he said she was getting dead pathetic and saying, who finished with who?
[347] Why di , why did you finish?
[348] And all this.
[349] And he said he just won't
Anne (PS10L) [350] Did he tell her that you finished with him?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [351] Who knows!
[352] Didn't ask.
Anne (PS10L) [353] And what she say?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [354] Well, I, he did tell me but I couldn't remember,sh
Matthew (PS10K) [355] [...] ... He will say hello to you.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [356] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [357] Did you ask him if he'd te , told his mum or did he just volunteer it?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [358] No I asked him.
Matthew (PS10K) [359] Is he okay?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [360] Pardon?
Matthew (PS10K) [361] Is he okay?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [362] Oh yeah!
[363] He's on top of the world!
Matthew (PS10K) [364] Well I, I'm gonna go out with somebody called Kath.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [365] Mm.
Matthew (PS10K) [366] It'll happen in his Ford Capri at least once a week. [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [367] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [368] So yo ... you don't know what time he's starting do you?
Matthew (PS10K) [369] Er, [...] tomorrow.
Anne (PS10L) [370] Who told you today?
Matthew (PS10K) [371] .
[372] ... Pass me the erm ... bread please?
Anne (PS10L) [373] And what did he say?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [374] I think these chips are slightly thick dad.
Matthew (PS10K) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [375] Alright.
Matthew (PS10K) [376] Er
Elizabeth (PS08X) [377] Cor!
[378] You could ... stop the door with here!
Matthew (PS10K) [379] Pass me the Flora again dad?
Mike (PS10M) [380] [...] ... You have to [...] into the potatoes [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [381] There's a thing called the happy medium dad!
Mike (PS10M) [382] Cor! [...] !
[383] ... Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [384] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [385] You better find out the train times just in case the weather turns.
Mike (PS10M) [386] Yeah I will do.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [387] Aren't you gonna need the car?
Matthew (PS10K) [388] Mm?
[389] I need to know.
Mike (PS10M) [390] I think the main part will be alright cos you'll be travelling down the A thirty four which is erm
Matthew (PS10K) [391] Good anyway.
Anne (PS10L) [392] He's better off
Elizabeth (PS08X) [393] It's horrible!
Anne (PS10L) [394] to go by train.
Mike (PS10M) [395] In actual fact, that car of his being light, I mean a front wheel drive will probably be able to ... and being light [...] probably be ... better served for getting out of difficult situations than the other cars.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [396] I'm gonna swap, Maurice, Maurice 's got a Citroen.
Matthew (PS10K) [397] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [398] Yeah.
Matthew (PS10K) [399] What's he got?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [400] Burgundy and ... cream one.
Matthew (PS10K) [401] What a two C V?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [402] Mhm.
Anne (PS10L) [403] What, who does it belong to?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [404] I dunno.
[405] It belongs to her mum and dad.
[406] Her mum probably.
Anne (PS10L) [407] This is good!
Matthew (PS10K) [408] [...] value for money.
Anne (PS10L) [409] Oh.
Matthew (PS10K) [410] Well I'd love to, if I get a choice I would loved to brought a brand new one.
Anne (PS10L) [411] Well perhaps you will if we start to pay off [...] .
Matthew (PS10K) [412] They make up an order [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [413] Oh.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [414] Ta.
Matthew (PS10K) [415] Didn't have much off my mum and dad.
Mike (PS10M) [416] Oh!
[417] If you're running around locally and having a cheap motor now.
[418] ... Still have to be considered, you know.
Matthew (PS10K) [419] Th the , they, they slow down when there's four people in, a full load but
Mike (PS10M) [420] Well, that Escort slows down when there's four people in it, full load.
Matthew (PS10K) [421] Well exactly.
[422] ... Aren't you gonna eat all of them?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [423] No.
[424] They're too thick and I've gotta [...] my sausages.
Matthew (PS10K) [425] [...] the chips are they?
Mike (PS10M) [426] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [427] Because we've had to wait for them
Mike (PS10M) [428] Yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [429] I feel, I ... I was quite hungry but the feeling's gone off.
Mike (PS10M) [430] Well they're nice [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [431] Do you like doorstoppers!
Anne (PS10L) [432] He made an effort!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [433] I know.
[434] I was only joking!
Matthew (PS10K) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [435] So did I.
[436] I opened the beans, cut the [...]
Mike (PS10M) [437] That's because
Elizabeth (PS08X) [438] cu cut the mushrooms up, did the sausages.
Matthew (PS10K) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [439] Set the table which was unset, so I set it again.
Anne (PS10L) [440] Ca , I'm going to make some carbonara tomorrow do you want to try some?
Mike (PS10M) [441] Mm!
[442] Yeah. [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [443] Ham ... and
Mike (PS10M) [444] And we well we got, yeah we got some ham haven't you?
[445] Or are you, would you
Elizabeth (PS08X) [446] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [447] You put bacon actually ... well this is
Elizabeth (PS08X) [448] and sultanas
Mike (PS10M) [449] nicest recipe.
[450] Bacon
Elizabeth (PS08X) [451] spaghetti, cream ... and
Anne (PS10L) [452] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [453] and cheese.
Anne (PS10L) [454] Cheese, [...]
Mike (PS10M) [455] Oh!
Anne (PS10L) [456] cheese, egg.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [457] You know the one which mum had.
Mike (PS10M) [458] Oh!
[459] The erm ... creamy one?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [460] Spaghetti one, yeah.
Mike (PS10M) [461] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [462] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [463] Mm.
[464] Okay, yeah. [...]
Matthew (PS10K) [465] Oh God!
Mike (PS10M) [466] You haven't finished.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [467] Oh Louise absolutely reeked of garlic this morning!
Anne (PS10L) [468] Who?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [469] Louise?
Anne (PS10L) [470] Mm!
[471] Has she said anything to you?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [472] No.
[473] She doesn't know yet.
[474] Well she'll know by now cos Matthew's probably told half the college!
[475] But she
Matthew (PS10K) [476] Well
Elizabeth (PS08X) [477] didn't know.
Matthew (PS10K) [478] it wasn't like any secret!
Mike (PS10M) [479] [...] ?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [480] Yeah.
Matthew (PS10K) [481] I mean she's not gonna
Anne (PS10L) [482] So what happened when you ... going to have the le , the lesson were you
Elizabeth (PS08X) [483] Well, I was already in and he came in and ... just erm ... I was here and he just suddenly came round that way and he sat down next to Louise and ... and he said how are you?
[484] I said I'm okay.
[485] You look good or something.
[486] And then ... that was it really.
Anne (PS10L) [487] He chatted to Louise did he?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [488] Yeah.
[489] Why break the habit of the lifetime eh?
Matthew (PS10K) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [490] Did he?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [491] What's wrong?
Matthew (PS10K) [492] Cracking!
Mike (PS10M) [493] Maybe he didn't [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [494] Maybe.
[495] Erm, and he spoke to me later, a bit later, we had a row.
Matthew (PS10K) [496] God!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [497] Yeah.
[498] And then I sa , saw him at break.
Anne (PS10L) [499] So he, when he came in he could of gone round that way and talked to you, or gone round that way and talked to Louise?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [500] I suppose so.
[501] It's a bit awkward though, I mean
Anne (PS10L) [502] Yeah.
[503] It is really.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [504] didn't really know how to act.
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [505] Well didn't like Louise tie him down?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [506] I know.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [507] Oh she stunk!
[508] She really did!
Mike (PS10M) [509] She could do [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [510] You know when grandma says it gets in the pores?
[511] It does.
Matthew (PS10K) [512] I like garlic but not in that [...] .
[513] I could look at that, at you all day.
Anne (PS10L) [514] I mean, she keeps going through that phase.
[515] Has Catherine told you when she met Mary?
[516] Yes she has hasn't she?
Mike (PS10M) [517] Mary?
Anne (PS10L) [518] Mary .
Mike (PS10M) [519] That's right, yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [520] After granddad's funeral
Mike (PS10M) [521] Mm mm?
Anne (PS10L) [522] they Mary, I mean she come to the funeral and said ... she went up to Catherine and she said er ... oh this is your aunty [...] and said, I don't you, you see
Matthew (PS10K) [523] That Derek's wife, yeah?
Anne (PS10L) [524] Mm.
[525] So ... aunty Edith said I'm Mike's sister.
[526] And Mrs says ... this is Elizabeth's friend, Ange.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [527] My adopted friend.
Anne (PS10L) [528] And Mrs erm, got in the [...] , and said and I know who you are!
[529] And le , it turned out just because ... at one point ... Mary put ... erm [...] .
[530] And it turned out that ... Mary was a big friend of ... Lisa's big si , you know, Christie?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [531] Yes.
Anne (PS10L) [532] You know Mrs nephew, Peter?
Matthew (PS10K) [533] Well vaguely.
Anne (PS10L) [534] Well
Matthew (PS10K) [535] Who's got the horrible children?
Anne (PS10L) [536] No.
[537] No.
[538] No, they aren't.
[539] Well his wife Christine is
Elizabeth (PS08X) [540] You know that [...] ?
Matthew (PS10K) [541] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [542] and his wife is ... a big friend of Mary .
[543] And it turns out
Matthew (PS10K) [544] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [545] that Mary er ... Mary's da , one of Mary's daughters and one of Christine's daughters, they're at the same college or something, they're big friends!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [546] Oh!
Matthew (PS10K) [547] Well there you go!
Anne (PS10L) [548] [...] Yep!

3 (Tape 057503)

Unknown speaker (KBYPSUNK) [549] Revolting!
Mike (PS10M) [550] Not really.
[551] It's alright.
Matthew (PS10K) [552] Alright.
[553] The big bit goes [...] .
[554] But they
Elizabeth (PS08X) [555] You don't have chips and sausage and that kind of thing.
Matthew (PS10K) [556] They se , they they, they them things
Anne (PS10L) [557] I don't, I mean we don't have them much but ... do we really?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [558] No.
[559] I [...] but I think, a bit, it's a bit too fatty for me.
Anne (PS10L) [560] It's a bit too fatty for me actually.
[561] Anyway, I do think we should rethink the deep fat fryer.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [562] I think we should have a healthier lifestyle.
Matthew (PS10K) [563] Well if you re , it's actually good I think you wanna stop it really.
Mike (PS10M) [564] Aha.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [565] That looks revolting!
[566] Look at the mess that's made there!
Matthew (PS10K) [567] You need to take the lid off.
[568] Look at ... that's egg.
Anne (PS10L) [569] Could you bring me another knife?
[570] I wanna [...] .
[571] Thank you.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [572] Thanks.
Matthew (PS10K) [573] Alright.
[574] ... I'm gonna [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [575] Got you one of those bone ... erm, [...] one.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [576] Are they bone?
Matthew (PS10K) [577] Well ... plastic.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [578] Plastic!
Anne (PS10L) [579] Oh!
[580] Plasticey [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [581] Did you have that when you were married?
Anne (PS10L) [582] Mm.
[583] ... I feel quite sick now!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [584] I do.
[585] That's why I had an apple. [singing] [...] [] . [humming]
Matthew (PS10K) [586] Did you fly, Fry and Laurie last night?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [587] No.
Matthew (PS10K) [588] Oh it was good.
[589] ... Never have a lesson with them! [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [590] So much [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [591] It only helps at lessons.
Matthew (PS10K) [592] No I'm only kidding!
Anne (PS10L) [593] [laugh] ... Oh yeah!
Mike (PS10M) [594] Found they probably [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [595] Oh yes!
[596] That was the one!
Matthew (PS10K) [597] [laughing] I didn't see that one [] .
Anne (PS10L) [598] Well, it was, they had this son, this this young lad came ... erm ... Stephen Fry was playing part of the ... the fa
Matthew (PS10K) [599] Is that the hippy?
Anne (PS10L) [600] No!
Matthew (PS10K) [601] Sorry!
Anne (PS10L) [602] He asks you something and then when you start to
Matthew (PS10K) [603] Sorry!
[604] Sorry dad.
Anne (PS10L) [605] so he was playing the father you see, and he asks his son to come into the study, and he said, but you do realise so , er that the ... Hugh Laurie is the son of his, you do realise that you were adopted?
[606] And he said, yes he did and [...] .
[607] Erm ... some,i i , something about a pen knife wasn't it?
[608] And
Mike (PS10M) [609] This is a talisman of Rabbara [laughing] and things like this [] !
Matthew (PS10K) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [610] So he went, he went to [...] .
[611] You're to go to Saffron Walden and then you're supposed to make friends and all this sort of, and he went through all this for about five minutes and this lad
Mike (PS10M) [612] The wise man of the [...] , fish!
Anne (PS10L) [613] So he goes out and th and his wife comes in and she's ... how did he take it?
[614] He goes ... oh well, yes I think
Mike (PS10M) [615] I think it worked cos I really
Anne (PS10L) [616] I think
Mike (PS10M) [617] like [...] bugger off!
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [618] [laughing] I think it , like it worked, he said ... let the lying little sod [...] or something [] !
Matthew (PS10K) [619] Can I have a bit of your apple please?
[620] Not just a whole one cos I don't want one.
[621] Thank you mum.
[622] Saw the bit where, it's got like ... tha that where he's been, he said, I think it's because ... I had the, I smoked pot [laughing] or something, marijuana once then I got [] ... [...] I got busted or something ... and [...] ! [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [623] Yes.
Matthew (PS10K) [624] Oh!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [625] Could feed a large family on that chip for a week [laughing] down in [] Ethiopia!
Matthew (PS10K) [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [626] You know that erm ... and of the famine in Ethiopia, and they reckon it's gonna kill even more than the one ninety eighty four did.
Anne (PS10L) [627] Yes!
[628] ... They're all too complacent that's their trouble!
Mike (PS10M) [629] The only thing is, at least the civil war is finished so er,wo once they get their distribution problem sorted out they reckon, sort of
Elizabeth (PS08X) [630] Erm, we're doing all about this in er E D S the other day ... and apparently ... from the pictures on the T V at the time everyone thought it was whole of Ethiopia that was starving, and it was only actually twenty five percent of the population.
[631] ... Because some of the areas are quite prosperous and they've got good farmland.
Matthew (PS10K) [632] They reckon [...] have got the cows on there.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [633] No, that's the rain forest.
[634] And erm ... she bought in all these pictures of erm ... like, Ethiopia ... like the prosperous parts.
Anne (PS10L) [635] Yes but the twenty five percent ... what they show, is pretty horrific wasn't it?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [636] Yeah , it was, and th ... erm ... but it's just saying it's not like that.
[637] And whe they ... you see, some people are trying to get the opinions of Ethiopia changed, cos like everyone seems to pity them and ... really, they should accept them and try and help them, but try and help them on, like equal terms.
Anne (PS10L) [638] Mm.
Mike (PS10M) [639] I mean, there's er Sudan who ... and other parts of Africa, and Bangladesh they've got er ... horrendous problems which are equally as bad!
Matthew (PS10K) [640] Yeah, because we're planning on shifting out [...] . [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Mike (PS10M) [641] Well, you got your evening mapped our [laughing] fairly well have you [] ?
Matthew (PS10K) [642] I'm not ... pessimistic about [...] .
Mike (PS10M) [643] Well they haven't.
[644] I mean, all the, all the respect [...]
Matthew (PS10K) [645] Well
Mike (PS10M) [646] As I say, it's it's from the [...] to have respectability.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [647] But you know erm ... the, media at the time, you know there's a pic , there was a picture of the time of a baby who was starving and screaming.
Mike (PS10M) [648] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [649] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [650] Well, they would have showed a wider picture of the actual picture, and apparently they take,co , the photographers had taken a baby away from it's mother [laughing] he's standing in the middle of a desert [] , and there's a picture of them with a baby and all these photographers [laughing] photographing it [] !
Matthew (PS10K) [651] [laugh] ... [laughing] Sounds a bit like that baby [...] [] !
Mike (PS10M) [652] Yeah. [laughing] [...] [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KBYPSUGP) [laugh]
Matthew (PS10K) [653] [laughing] Oh he'll be splattered by a [...] in Doncaster [] !
Mike (PS10M) [654] When you get a ... you get a dozen prisoners [laughing] who are [...] [] !
Matthew (PS10K) [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [655] Mum we start Wednesday.
Anne (PS10L) [656] [...] ... you were pining upstairs.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [657] I wasn't pining!
Anne (PS10L) [658] Yes you were.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [659] [laughing] [...] [] !
Matthew (PS10K) [660] Oh fiddle.
[661] That's particularly dirty word! [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [662] Oh God!
[663] He's gonna be quoting Fry and Laurie for the next ten weeks, like he did
Matthew (PS10K) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [664] with Ben Elton!
Anne (PS10L) [665] Is that granddad's watch?
Matthew (PS10K) [666] Yeah.
[667] I put a brand new strap, but the new strap was too dark for me.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [668] Too tight across the shoulders so I'm gonna have to
Matthew (PS10K) [669] [...] ... Got me a large strap for it. [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [670] You know if, that top that's too tight across the shoulders, [laughing] Can I have it [] ?
Matthew (PS10K) [671] You can have it for five quid.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [672] Can't be bothered to buy anything.
Mike (PS10M) [673] I owe you twenty quid.
Matthew (PS10K) [674] I even bought a top [...] .
[675] ... Got any money?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [676] One, two
Matthew (PS10K) [677] Yeah, yeah , I've got the money.
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [678] I owe you thirty pounds.
Anne (PS10L) [679] I know.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [680] You said you didn't want it.
Anne (PS10L) [681] [laughing] I did not [] !
Elizabeth (PS08X) [682] At the time.
[683] Do you know what though, I need to get some more money for the [...] Devon trip in ... soon.
Anne (PS10L) [684] I didn't say I didn't want it again.
[685] I don't want it
Elizabeth (PS08X) [686] I'm not I mean ... so
Mike (PS10M) [687] When is that
Elizabeth (PS08X) [688] I could always
Mike (PS10M) [689] that Devon trip then?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [690] February.
Mike (PS10M) [691] What are you going to do there?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [692] God knows!
[693] Visit a nuclear power station and
Matthew (PS10K) [694] Oh that's interesting!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [695] and sewage works and things.
Matthew (PS10K) [696] Oh the jobbys! [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [697] We did have a [...] .
Matthew (PS10K) [698] [laughing] Plenty of jobbys [] !
Anne (PS10L) [699] Yes.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [700] Did ... anyone fall in?
Anne (PS10L) [701] No.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [702] We , it was when I went to, when I, we were doing something with maps when I was at school and they were ... trying to find out what, it was the, where the local rates ... where the money was spent for the local rates and ... one of projects was taken down the sewage works.
[703] Ooh it smelt!
[704] It was awful!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [705] And erm, we're gonna go ... but I paid, I've paid the deposit so
Matthew (PS10K) [706] It'll be a case of
Elizabeth (PS08X) [707] Just the
Matthew (PS10K) [708] I tell you what [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [709] But I ... er i , if you like, I can pay the thirty pounds and then that'll make us equal.
Anne (PS10L) [710] Well let's have a think.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [711] Why?
Anne (PS10L) [712] Do you know what she did?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [713] Yeah.
[714] Oh!
[715] She's made a big parcel up in the
Anne (PS10L) [716] You don't honestly think that I couldn't help
Elizabeth (PS08X) [717] [...] ... [...] in carbonara do you?
Anne (PS10L) [718] No, a bit of a stir while I just jump into work.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [719] Alright.
[720] I'll just put some of my money [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [721] This is going to be awful!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [722] [...] Tuesday night couldn't we?
Anne (PS10L) [723] And how much is with that?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [724] Only about four pounds.
Anne (PS10L) [725] Er one pound [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [726] No, cos there's a pound.
Anne (PS10L) [sneeze]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [727] Bless you.
Anne (PS10L) [sneeze]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [728] Bless you.
Anne (PS10L) [sneeze]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [729] Bless you.
[730] ... Mm.
[731] ... I see.
Anne (PS10L) [732] Were you, you know,we , do you on erm
Elizabeth (PS08X) [733] Were you on work, [laugh]
Anne (PS10L) [734] and we can work with this er, we [...] for ... my dad died.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [735] Well, it came on erm ... it was coming on while er, you know the da , the day he died and I went into work?
Anne (PS10L) [736] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [737] And it was coming on then, but I didn't think anything of it, cos I, I hadn't had, hadn't got anything to eat all day
Anne (PS10L) [738] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [739] and I was upset and I thought it was just that but ... no, it was about two weeks before that I went down with it.
[740] ... I got my period due.
[741] Is that one got hole in it.
Anne (PS10L) [742] Is that going to be no good?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [743] Have to be careful it hasn't gone off.
[744] That's okay.
Anne (PS10L) [745] Chuck that one that over for me.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [746] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [747] Is this off?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [748] It smelt terrible didn't it?
Anne (PS10L) [749] Yeah, well it would help, it needs parsley you see in it.
[750] I haven't got any, they wo , I couldn't get any fresh parsley so I thought that might just give it a bit of colour, but I've got dried parsley if you'd rather use that.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [751] Well can you chop it up?
Anne (PS10L) [752] Thought I had done.
[753] Oh!
[754] Put dried parsley in next time.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [755] I told you, see!
[756] ... What's all ... in here?
[757] I want a little thing to crack into.
Anne (PS10L) [758] Mm.
[759] In there.
[760] You haven't gotta separate the whites and yo yolks yet have you?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [761] Oh.
[762] Oh yo, blah blah.
[763] [reading recipe] Beat the eggs with the cheese [] .
[764] It doesn't say anything about it being separate.
[765] No.
[766] Whoops!
Anne (PS10L) [767] I'm not helping you do it.
[768] I'm ... determined to [...] this you know.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [769] I put, well it's cos you'll be ... that's, that thing it'll be like ... prunes.
Anne (PS10L) [770] You know with that ... that looks very creamy with the cream on it.
[771] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [772] Put it, oh yeah.
[773] ... So I actually had to buy the, the cheese.
Anne (PS10L) [774] Oh! [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [775] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [776] Didn't she realise [...] what a sacrifice when I asked him to make it.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [777] It smells alright.
Anne (PS10L) [778] [sniff] ... That's alright.
[779] ... Good!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [780] Pardon.
Anne (PS10L) [781] Good.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [782] What time is Matthew gonna leave?
Anne (PS10L) [783] Dunno.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [784] Presumably he's telling the girls today is he?
[785] Something?
Anne (PS10L) [786] Yes.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [787] Is that to put this in?
Anne (PS10L) [788] Er, well I'm not sure.
[789] I haven't made the sponge yet.
[790] Yeah, I think it's
Elizabeth (PS08X) [791] Well I'll , I'll put it in this one because if ... it will half smell
Anne (PS10L) [792] Well I'm just trying ,co cos the cheese has got to go in there as well.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [793] I know.
[794] Just to make sure they haven't gone off.
Anne (PS10L) [795] Well if that's gone off then you just have to
Elizabeth (PS08X) [796] Well it hasn't, but
Anne (PS10L) [797] No it would
Elizabeth (PS08X) [798] but that one's gone
Anne (PS10L) [799] It
Elizabeth (PS08X) [800] off.
Anne (PS10L) [801] Yeah.
[802] So you put, you, that ones alright so you put it in there.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [803] Okay.
Anne (PS10L) [804] Then you do another one and put that in there.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [805] Alright then.
Anne (PS10L) [806] [reading recipe] Heat the oil and fry the onion and garlic until soft but not browned.
[807] Add the butter and bacon and fry until crisp.
[808] Add the [...] and simmer
Elizabeth (PS08X) [809] Right.
Anne (PS10L) [810] till it has evaporated.
[811] Meanwhile []
Mike (PS10M) [812] Have you got that that
Elizabeth (PS08X) [813] Cup of tea here dad.
Mike (PS10M) [814] [...] cup of tea have I?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [815] Yeah it's here.
Anne (PS10L) [816] It's over there.
[817] [reading] Cook the spaghetti in boiling salt water until just [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [818] Smells alright doesn't it?
Anne (PS10L) [819] [sniff] ... Then drain
Mike (PS10M) [820] Yes.
Anne (PS10L) [821] it with some hot water.
[822] Beat the eggs with the cheese and the parsley and season to taste with salt and pepper [] .
[823] Don't forget ... So I could actually start and do the ba , bacon actually couldn't I?
Mike (PS10M) [824] Aha.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [825] Yeah.
Mike (PS10M) [826] There a fair amount of parsley in there isn't there?
Anne (PS10L) [827] Yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [828] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [829] It's only a small piece you know.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [830] It smells alright.
Mike (PS10M) [831] Mm!
Anne (PS10L) [832] You smelt it?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [833] Then beat it.
Anne (PS10L) [834] Right.
[835] Two tablespoons of oil [...] so
Mike (PS10M) [836] Is it big enough?
Anne (PS10L) [837] Yeah.
[838] I don't listen to what she does actually.
[839] She says it's quite nice.
[840] She said something about, she should have added or something but I can't remember what she said.
[841] ... What's
Elizabeth (PS08X) [842] Hello Jenny!
Anne (PS10L) [843] Put two tablespoons of [...] in.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [844] [singing] Mary, Mary, la la la la la [] !
Anne (PS10L) [845] [singing] Mary, la la la la la la [] !
Elizabeth (PS08X) [846] [singing] Mary []
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [847] Do we need a salad?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [848] No.
Mike (PS10M) [849] You'll need, yes well you'll need a sa
Anne (PS10L) [850] We haven't got a proper salad, I shall have to start ... ju , shall I leave salad?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [851] Yeah.
Mike (PS10M) [852] Leave salad for now love, yes.
Anne (PS10L) [853] I got some gravy on.
Mike (PS10M) [854] Oh yes, we can have some [...] to mop it up, yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [855] Er, now, I asked you the table set haven't I?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [856] No.
Anne (PS10L) [857] Oh!
[858] Please can you set the table?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [859] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [860] Are you going drippy then?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [861] No, I'm tired!
Anne (PS10L) [862] Oh.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [863] No I
Anne (PS10L) [864] Alright.
[865] So I'll save this one
Elizabeth (PS08X) [866] Where's the, where's the tray?
Anne (PS10L) [867] That's already through there but it
Elizabeth (PS08X) [868] Oh!
Anne (PS10L) [869] has to be set, cos your dad was using the table.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [870] Oh I see.
[871] Okay.

4 (Tape 057504)

Unknown speaker (KBYPSUNK) [872] Who are the Cadbury's Creme Eggs for?
Anne (PS10L) [873] Oh!
[874] Er, I got them, Matthews cos he we , that's another one pound fifty he owes me.
[875] To give Mrs for the erm ... but don't tell anybody that I got them, you know.
[876] Cos
Elizabeth (PS08X) [877] To give to Mrs for doing the
Anne (PS10L) [878] Yeah.
[879] Well he said can I, can you get me three erm ... Walnut Whips for Mrs and I'll give you money?
[880] Well they hadn't got any Walnut Whips in Sainsbury's so I bought some eggs, so ... [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [881] Oh!
Anne (PS10L) [882] [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [883] [humming] ... Can I take the salt and pepper through or do you need it?
Anne (PS10L) [884] Oh I'll , I need that as it goes.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [885] Throw them away.
[886] ... That's each
Anne (PS10L) [887] So what, what we do here then Elizabeth is
Mike (PS10M) [888] The garlic and the onions are done together.
Anne (PS10L) [889] We'll do those until it's nice and soft as it said.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [890] Oh sorry!
[891] Erm ... [reading recipe] Heat the oil and fry the onion and garlic until soft but not browned.
[892] Add butter, bacon and fry until crisp [] .
Anne (PS10L) [893] So, see, so, I see so ... I've got to fry the bacon till it's what?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [894] Crisp.
[895] You've got to add the butter and the bacon ... and then fry them until crisp.
Anne (PS10L) [896] Well how am I going to get ... the ba , how's, how am I going to manage to get the ... bacon crisp without getting the onions cra ... brown?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [897] Well it says add.
[898] So presumably you just have it on a low heat.
[899] I don't know.
Mike (PS10M) [900] I think you'll find the bacon will cook erm ... brown
Elizabeth (PS08X) [901] Mhm.
Mike (PS10M) [902] more quickly than your onions will.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [903] Alright.
Anne (PS10L) [904] That's the right amount int
Elizabeth (PS08X) [905] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [906] it?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [907] Pardon me!
Mike (PS10M) [908] Well ... yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [909] That's on ... er ... with the spaghetti.
[910] You can start on it this year if you like Mike!
Mike (PS10M) [911] Ha!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [912] [laughing] Awfully sweet of her isn't it [] !
Anne (PS10L) [913] You know, I'm sure ... the bits of bacon isn't brown.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [914] It's not.
Anne (PS10L) [915] This is the first one.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [916] It's not.
Anne (PS10L) [917] [...] !
[918] The next time I'll just cook it!
Mike (PS10M) [919] I don't suppose you gotta remember about all the ... [...] which you should have, I mean they they just ... er ... be a, a sort of [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [920] I know.
[921] But they're
Elizabeth (PS08X) [922] [laugh] ... Well dad being a peasant, well maybe
Anne (PS10L) [923] Dad sent off some money to the erm ... Help the Aged hadn't you Mike?
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [924] Have you?
Mike (PS10M) [925] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [926] They sent this thing through ... costs twelve pounds in a third world country to ... to have a cataract operation.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [927] Mhm.
Anne (PS10L) [928] And it's, they've sent this piece of plasticey thing just to look through just the same effect as somebody who's
Elizabeth (PS08X) [929] Oh!
Anne (PS10L) [930] got cataracts.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [931] Where is it?
Mike (PS10M) [932] Been sent off now.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [933] But you ... haven't you got the plastic or anything?
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [934] Yeah, the plastic's in the bin actually.
[935] But, no,we well I don't suppose they want the piece of plastic back.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [936] In which bin?
Mike (PS10M) [937] Well ... the one in the erm
Elizabeth (PS08X) [938] In the living room?
Mike (PS10M) [939] dining room.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [940] In the living room?
Mike (PS10M) [941] It's the one in
Anne (PS10L) [942] Dining room.
Mike (PS10M) [943] dining room.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [944] Oh!
[945] Can I have a go?
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [946] [laughing] Not gonna make any difference to you, you're so blind [] !
[947] ... Go on Jen!
[948] Go on!
[949] Go on!
[950] Do you want to go outside?
Anne (PS10L) [951] Sling her out Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [952] Out you go.
[953] Sherry!
[954] Oh.
[955] She's gone out, out of her own free will.
[956] ... Oh they're terrible!
[957] Ooh!
[958] How awful!
Anne (PS10L) [959] Just imagine it's twelve pounds
Mike (PS10M) [960] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [961] [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [962] So you sent twelve pounds?
Anne (PS10L) [963] Mhm.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [964] You're sure lovely!
Anne (PS10L) [965] Mhm.
[966] ... We forgot to do it.
[967] We can't do this really till he comes in.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [968] Oh!
[969] He better not go to Cheryl's again!
Anne (PS10L) [970] I think he has.
[971] ... I don't he er ... [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [972] The gammies!
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Elizabeth (PS08X) [973] Mm.
Anne (PS10L) [974] Does it taste alright?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [975] Yeah.
[976] Fine.
[977] ... And Vic sometimes puts mushrooms in his as well doesn't he?
Anne (PS10L) [978] Oh!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [979] Not always.
Anne (PS10L) [980] Could of done.
[981] Shall I see if we've got any?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [982] Well he doesn't always put them in.
Mike (PS10M) [983] Well no , don't put out the recipe the way it is way, and then er ... add.
[984] Make sure that works then you can see if
Elizabeth (PS08X) [985] So much for creative [laughing] cookery I should think [] !
[986] ... [sneeze] ... [sneeze] ... [sneeze] ... Ah!
Anne (PS10L) [987] Actually there's, there's enough liquid in here to stop this going brown.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [988] That's probably why you have to add the extra butter.
[989] ... Oh dear!
[990] My eyes!
[991] Losing my [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [992] I'm going to get cross!
Elizabeth (PS08X) [993] Ha!
[994] She said ... [...] don't want everybody to [...] .
Anne (PS10L) [995] And then says Mrs .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [996] Oh!
Anne (PS10L) [997] You can have the wine in [...] .
Elizabeth (PS08X) [998] Oh.
Mike (PS10M) [999] That's what I like to see, no
Anne (PS10L) [...]
Mike (PS10M) [1000] Yeah.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1001] [mimicking] Then you say is that right?
[1002] Oh morning Derek!
[1003] You alright [] ?
[1004] ... [...] ... [mimicking] Mummy wants her baby boy home [] !
Mike (PS10M) [1005] Still it may be unfashionable to go for ... the majority anyway.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1006] Have you just eaten Matthew's
Mike (PS10M) [1007] He's very
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1008] sandwich again?
Mike (PS10M) [1009] Yeah.
Anne (PS10L) [1010] I think he did.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1011] He's perfectly clean though.
[1012] Can I be , mix up the cheese and put the eggs, and put the milk.
Anne (PS10L) [1013] Well if it looks as though it needs a drop we can always pour a drop in can't we?
[1014] ... I remember Ida said it needed something, but I can't remember what she said.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1015] Well I'll phone her, I can ask her if you like?
Anne (PS10L) [1016] No, it's okay.
Mike (PS10M) [1017] I know Vic has cream in his and
Anne (PS10L) [1018] How do you know?
Mike (PS10M) [1019] Well it said so on the menu, that's why.
[1020] It said, the potato had some cream in it didn't it?
[1021] ... And in the er
Anne (PS10L) [1022] [humming] ... It's ready now.
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1023] Let me see it.
Mike (PS10M) [...]
Anne (PS10L) [1024] [...] go get some cream.
[1025] Cos that's gotta be done [...] .
[1026] ... Is it cooked?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1027] Yeah.
[1028] It tastes as though it is.
Anne (PS10L) [1029] See I don't want to get it too wet [...] warm it up in a minute can't we?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1030] Mm.
[1031] Mm! ... [humming]
Mike (PS10M) [1032] [clears throat] ... Is that finished?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1033] Mm.
[1034] [...] them two.
[1035] Alright, I'll go upstairs then.
Anne (PS10L) [1036] Have you tidied your room up a bit?
Elizabeth (PS08X) [1037] Yeah.
[1038] Sort of.