BNC Text KC0

14 conversations recorded by `Enid' (PS08Y) between 21 and 27 February 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 8028 s-units, 45900 words, and 4 hours 0 minutes 12 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 103

PS08Y Ag5 f (Enid, age 70, housewife, London, )
PS090 Ag5 m (Noel, age 79, retired (master organ builder), London, ) husband
PS091 Ag5 f (Mollie, age 89, retired (musician), London, ) friend
PS092 Ag5 f (Ann, age 62, retired (teacher)) friend
PS093 Ag3 m (John, age 40, butcher, East Anglia, ) friend
PS094 Ag4 f (Pam, age 46, shop assistant, East Anglia, ) friend
PS095 Ag5 m (Stanley, age 95, retired (farmer), East Anglia, ) friend
PS096 Ag4 f (Patsy, age 50, computer programmer) friend
PS097 Ag2 m (Ian, age 34, advertising executive) friend
KC0PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC0PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

14 recordings

  1. Tape 033301 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: serving and eating supper
  2. Tape 033302 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( out ) Activity: shopping
  3. Tape 033303 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( out ) Activity: shopping
  4. Tape 033304 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( out ) Activity: shopping
  5. Tape 033305 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( visiting ) Activity: sitting and talking
  6. Tape 033401 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: serving and eating lunch
  7. Tape 033402 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  8. Tape 033403 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  9. Tape 033404 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( home ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  10. Tape 033501 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( visiting ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  11. Tape 033502 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( visiting ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  12. Tape 033503 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( visiting ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  13. Tape 033504 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationSuffolk: Earl Soham ( visiting ) Activity: sitting at leisure
  14. Tape 033505 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationSuffolk: Brandeston ( Brandeston Forge ) Activity: visiting

1 (Tape 033301)

Noel (PS090) [1] If you go round the other side please Ann.
Ann (PS092) [2] Yes ... I did call you Dominic didn't I?
Enid (PS08Y) [3] No I mean you
Ann (PS092) [4] There.
Enid (PS08Y) [5] mustn't leave it there too long.
[6] Do you?
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [7] Your marvellous cyclamen!
[8] You don't leave there do you, all time?
Ann (PS092) [9] Ooh no!
[10] Er indeed we've ... we hardly use that room since we had the territory room ... because that would grow
Enid (PS08Y) [11] Oh that's right [...] .
Ann (PS092) [12] so well!
Enid (PS08Y) [13] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [14] And you see it's [...]
Mollie (PS091) [15] [...] I should take it out now.
Enid (PS08Y) [16] I feel very ill!
Ann (PS092) [17] I will.
Noel (PS090) [18] What's that darling?
Ann (PS092) [19] The cyclamen, because I
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [...]
Ann (PS092) [20] I've
Noel (PS090) [21] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [22] It's so useful and we've seen it and enjoy it.
Ann (PS092) [23] I think I'll use it [...] .
[24] [...] is so very warm for it
Enid (PS08Y) [25] It's lovely, mm!
Ann (PS092) [26] there ... but
Mollie (PS091) [27] It's simply glorious!
Ann (PS092) [28] Hasn't it done wonderfully!
Enid (PS08Y) [29] You ought to [...] in that glorious bowl!
Ann (PS092) [30] [...] last
Noel (PS090) [31] Ooh, no look who's here!
Enid (PS08Y) [32] Yes, I know.
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [33] If you put them in a hot room they don't do so well.
Mollie (PS091) [34] Put it in there.
Enid (PS08Y) [35] I wonder what it would it look like in there?
Mollie (PS091) [36] Ooh yes, it would, it would perhaps ... I mean
Noel (PS090) [37] Exaggerate.
Enid (PS08Y) [38] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [39] Oh yes, I wouldn't dare [...] !
Noel (PS090) [40] It's been broken twice in my lifetime.
Ann (PS092) [41] Yes I know.
Mollie (PS091) [42] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [43] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [44] This wine is a shot in the dark.
[45] It was very much recommended by the Wine Society ... an Italian wine ... and I hope that
Ann (PS092) [46] I hope it's not full of this thing they're sending it all back for!
Noel (PS090) [47] Ooh I hope not no!
Enid (PS08Y) [48] [laughing] We won't try it [] !
Mollie (PS091) [49] Well that's lovely!
[50] Considering its name, [...] was as cheap white.
Ann (PS092) [51] There are limits to what I'd dare and
Noel (PS090) [52] This isn't a cheap wine!
Mollie (PS091) [53] No, well
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [54] I can just imagine he's probably hanging down [...] !
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS092) [55] It was a cheap wine that I thought [...]
Mollie (PS091) [56] Was it in [...] ?
Ann (PS092) [57] that
Noel (PS090) [58] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [59] er ... [...] .
Mollie (PS091) [60] He'll come to that club.
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [61] One of his fathers, yes.
Ann (PS092) [62] Girls, can I please persuade you not to touch the dish, whatever else ... if you need slide it then ... use [...] , you see that
Enid (PS08Y) [63] Mhm, yeah.
Ann (PS092) [64] sort of thing or ... Right!
[65] ... Doing it tidily is always the thing isn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [66] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [67] Well that's the thing I have ... I had to give up ... years ago.
Enid (PS08Y) [68] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [69] What, trying to do everything tidily?
Mollie (PS091) [70] [laugh] Tidily!
Enid (PS08Y) [71] Cos I can't quite no, that's nice.
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [72] I know, that's the problem.
[73] Mollie ... erm ... please don't touch that dish will you that's, er chipped potatoes in there ... and ... oh let me see what that is, can't you?
[74] That's ... gravy ... carrots and peas.
[75] You've had a problem with damp Mollie ... Noel tells me?
Mollie (PS091) [76] Well ... it isn't erm ... specifically in the erm ... cupboards it's just erm ... because I'm now ... coping with ... [...] who ... has acted like a erm ... shoemaker ... shoemaker's son do all your job ... I am coping with what he did thirty odd years ago
Ann (PS092) [77] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [78] and it's ... all gone bad!
[79] I mean the erm ... I still had to have completely new guttering in the summer because you cannot get anything to ... mend the other walls because it's the wrong side!
[80] And ... the only bit of damp I've got is in one corner of the house but it came from a blocked ... erm [...] pipe.
Ann (PS092) [81] Oh I see!
[82] A blocked pipe.
Enid (PS08Y) [83] Oh that's awful!
Ann (PS092) [84] No, no not a blocked one but I mean ... let's face it [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [85] It's alright now, carry on being all er ... carry on now and
Ann (PS092) [86] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [87] Tha , you know we can have a run of erm
Ann (PS092) [88] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [89] gutters they they they're in four piece, they're four yards or something.
Ann (PS092) [90] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [91] And then you have a join
Ann (PS092) [92] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [93] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [94] Well on that join ... I suddenly saw water rushing down the wall!
Ann (PS092) [95] You see ... that's a ... that's a comparable thing to what happened in ours ... and that was [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Noel (PS090) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [96] Erm, I'll do I'll do that cos, go on.
Ann (PS092) [97] Erm, [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [98] [...] assistant at any rate ... made water tip straight o out of the [...] and down the wall ... you could never [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [99] Into the , into the cabinet [...] and the old wooden structure!
Ann (PS092) [100] Well yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [101] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [102] It was!
Noel (PS090) [103] I had to clear it all off though the ... the original, what they sort of call, what the dog there
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [104] Oh really, [...] !
Noel (PS090) [105] Well they had to come out to
Mollie (PS091) [106] I think that maybe you should have done much more ... actually, but I I haven't ... argued because he's so [...] .
[107] It's no good him taking the bridge down ... out now, because he can't put the wall ... can't really re-brick there now ... much too wet!
Noel (PS090) [108] That's right.
[109] Oh yes!
[110] Can you manage love?
Enid (PS08Y) [111] Yes, thank you dear.
Mollie (PS091) [112] So that I'm suffering.
Noel (PS090) [113] The major thing I find so
Mollie (PS091) [114] But I , my personal suffering was erm ... in the summer, frightfully!
[115] And you see, you know the ball over the ... gutters
Noel (PS090) [116] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [117] well ... said it doesn't look as if it's been ... painted once since it was built!
Noel (PS090) [118] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [119] And that's all
Enid (PS08Y) [120] Yep.
Mollie (PS091) [121] wrong!
Enid (PS08Y) [122] Is no one any
Noel (PS090) [123] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [124] of this
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [125] of these
Ann (PS092) [126] Roast potatoes just there.
Enid (PS08Y) [127] potatoes.
Mollie (PS091) [128] Oh Anne, come on!
Ann (PS092) [129] No, I'm not a potato person!
Enid (PS08Y) [130] You slimming?
Ann (PS092) [131] No, I just don't like potatoes.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [132] Well I like potatoes.
Ann (PS092) [133] I always had hopes of you!
Noel (PS090) [134] Have some more Mollie.
Ann (PS092) [135] Huge hunks of bread, I had a huge hunk of bread at tea time.
[136] Go ahead.
Mollie (PS091) [137] Ah, you should never eat [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [138] up to supper.
Ann (PS092) [139] That's right.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [140] I just don't like [...]
Noel (PS090) [141] Not really as though you'd know it!
Ann (PS092) [142] potatoes, I don't like [...]
Noel (PS090) [143] Have a try.
Enid (PS08Y) [144] Oh come on!
[145] We've only got three bits there.
Mollie (PS091) [146] No, no, no, I've got crowds there!
Enid (PS08Y) [147] Really?
Mollie (PS091) [148] I've I've probably got much too much.
Enid (PS08Y) [149] Oh I think I'll leave it there the dishes are so hot!
Ann (PS092) [150] Oh leave them.
Enid (PS08Y) [151] You couldn't possibly cool
Noel (PS090) [152] I'll get them.
Enid (PS08Y) [153] Bon appetit!
Ann (PS092) [154] It's lovely!
[155] Very well thank you.
Noel (PS090) [156] [...] ... congress
Ann (PS092) [157] Right
Noel (PS090) [158] now.
Ann (PS092) [159] Cheers!
Mollie (PS091) [160] Cheers!
[161] Mm!
[162] Thank you so much for [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [163] That now.
Ann (PS092) [164] There's a very slight prickle with it isn't there Noel?
[165] It's not supposed to be a fizzy is it?
[166] They often do that don't they, you get a little funny prickle.
Noel (PS090) [167] What, with the wine?
Ann (PS092) [168] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [169] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [170] I know, I I was given ... [...]
Ann (PS092) [171] That's right!
Noel (PS090) [172] because ... it was well written up in the Wine Society ... I would descr ... describe it as nice, nice but innocuous.
Ann (PS092) [173] Yes it's alright, it's nice but
Enid (PS08Y) [174] [...] what darling?
Noel (PS090) [175] Nice but innocuous, I mean that's
Enid (PS08Y) [176] Oh I see.
Ann (PS092) [177] Mm, you can.
Mollie (PS091) [178] Surely that's not as nice as well innocuous!
[179] And not nasty and innocuous.
Ann (PS092) [180] It has got a very slight fizziness though hasn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [181] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [182] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [183] Very , very slight
Noel (PS090) [184] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [185] [...] .
[186] Which often
Noel (PS090) [187] It has.
Ann (PS092) [188] goes out of it when it's [...] .
Noel (PS090) [189] Well that's
Enid (PS08Y) [190] Well I mean
Noel (PS090) [191] Spumante and all, the lot of those
Ann (PS092) [192] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [193] Italian wines they're
Mollie (PS091) [194] Now it's reminiscent ... a that that can't be my deja vu who, cos I don't think you can in tastes ... but it's reminiscent of something to me.
Noel (PS090) [195] Oh is it really?
Mollie (PS091) [196] But I don't know what.
Noel (PS090) [197] Ha.
Enid (PS08Y) [198] What?
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [199] Well maybe white wines are ... er ... spritzy aren't they?
Ann (PS092) [200] Oh yes, and this isn't
Enid (PS08Y) [201] I think.
Ann (PS092) [202] not meant to be [...] .
[203] It often gets a little ... a little secondary fermentation in the bottles.
Noel (PS090) [204] Yes,i i it looks
Enid (PS08Y) [205] That's right.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ann (PS092) [206] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [207] Oh does it?
Ann (PS092) [208] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [209] Oh well.
Ann (PS092) [210] And it sort of fades.
Mollie (PS091) [211] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [212] You can if it's
Noel (PS090) [213] But that
Ann (PS092) [214] red one but it's very strange sort of
Noel (PS090) [215] I know that with the
Mollie (PS091) [216] Oh is that red?
Noel (PS090) [217] they'd already been
Ann (PS092) [218] I agree.
Noel (PS090) [219] Ya.
Ann (PS092) [220] That is very strange!
Noel (PS090) [221] It sort of erm ... [...] in Italian wine once or twice ... but ... when I ordered this I took the care to order ... up
Ann (PS092) [222] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [223] in the price range somewhat.
Ann (PS092) [224] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [225] Yes it's true.
Ann (PS092) [226] Actually ... you're not fond ... enough of white wine are you to
Noel (PS090) [227] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [228] No, I'm not either I think
Mollie (PS091) [229] No, no I'm not all that.
Ann (PS092) [230] [...] red of the two.
Mollie (PS091) [231] I mean I I
Noel (PS090) [232] You mean to say you ladies would have accepted red?
Mollie (PS091) [233] No. [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [234] Oh nice!
Enid (PS08Y) [235] Go and get a bottle of red.
Noel (PS090) [236] I'll go and get a bottle of red, quick.
Mollie (PS091) [237] Oh that's, no
Enid (PS08Y) [238] No.
Mollie (PS091) [239] oh no oh,ha oh
Ann (PS092) [240] No, and it doesn't really go with fish does it?
[241] Not really.
Mollie (PS091) [242] Mm mm.
Noel (PS090) [243] Not really.
Ann (PS092) [244] David and I have searched high and low for it
Mollie (PS091) [245] I don't see why not.
Ann (PS092) [246] but ... no but it doesn't quite
Mollie (PS091) [247] I don't see why not.
Ann (PS092) [248] it doesn't erm
Enid (PS08Y) [249] not with fish in cream.
Ann (PS092) [250] Oh does it improve the ... the wine at all
Noel (PS090) [251] No.
Ann (PS092) [252] [...] .
Noel (PS090) [253] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [254] I think fish in cream sauce is a very nice ... is one that doesn't need a [...]
Ann (PS092) [255] What kind of fish is this?
[256] It's very good.
Enid (PS08Y) [257] It's halibut.
Ann (PS092) [258] Oh
Mollie (PS091) [259] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [260] by jes
Mollie (PS091) [261] Yes, it's very nice!
Ann (PS092) [262] I'm glad I asked
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [263] but I'm glad I asked cos I ... couldn't quite work out
Enid (PS08Y) [264] No?
Ann (PS092) [265] what it was. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [266] Well if I tell you a little secret about this.
Mollie (PS091) [267] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [268] It's up at the fish shop in ... Framlingham
Ann (PS092) [269] Mhm.
Mollie (PS091) [270] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [271] and it now cheaper than coley!
Ann (PS092) [272] But [...] sometimes
Enid (PS08Y) [273] So
Ann (PS092) [274] happen don't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [275] Coley is two ninety five a pound.
Mollie (PS091) [276] [...] mm ... mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [277] And halibut fillet is two sixty.
Ann (PS092) [278] Really?
[279] Really?
Mollie (PS091) [280] Well cod, cod was stuff we used to moan when we children.
Enid (PS08Y) [281] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [282] Incredible!
Mollie (PS091) [283] And it was the cheaper fish ... than, cheapest
Noel (PS090) [284] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [285] fish.
Enid (PS08Y) [286] Well yes, mm.
Mollie (PS091) [287] I mean it was a common fish wasn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [288] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [289] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [290] Really delicious!
Ann (PS092) [291] They're trying to put us off in [...] because of the
Enid (PS08Y) [292] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [293] over fishing there's been.
Enid (PS08Y) [294] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [295] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [296] One you don't see much though is hake is it?
Mollie (PS091) [297] No you don't and when we were children well we
Enid (PS08Y) [298] That's much nicer than cod.
Ann (PS092) [299] My mother used to do a
Mollie (PS091) [300] Much nicer.
Enid (PS08Y) [301] A great big piece of hake
Mollie (PS091) [302] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [303] and ... with ... as if it was chicken ... with erm ... parsley thyme stuffing
Mollie (PS091) [304] Oh yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [305] a little bit of bacon
Mollie (PS091) [306] Mm mm!
Ann (PS092) [307] Lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [308] and it was baked and that was lovely!
Noel (PS090) [309] That would be it.
Enid (PS08Y) [310] Yes.
[311] Mm
Mollie (PS091) [312] Mm!
Enid (PS08Y) [313] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [314] Oh yes, I remember grandfather who was very knowledgeable about fish ... we used to say that
Noel (PS090) [cough]
Ann (PS092) [315] hake was the scavenger of the seas!
Enid (PS08Y) [316] Mm.
[317] Is that hake?
Mollie (PS091) [318] [...] a lot of people say they don't fancy hake [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [319] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [320] Well nobody used shrimps before.
Noel (PS090) [321] But the mackerel
Mollie (PS091) [322] If it had been a mackerel, yes exactly!
Noel (PS090) [323] Oh yes.
Mollie (PS091) [324] The mackerel
Enid (PS08Y) [325] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [326] is the one that mainly [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [327] I love mackerel!
Ann (PS092) [328] Those that eat, don't say it.
Noel (PS090) [329] I des describe it as a dirty eater, mackerel.
Enid (PS08Y) [330] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [331] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [332] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [333] Mm.
[334] Well fruit sundae was rather
Mollie (PS091) [335] Well shrimps and prawns
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [336] shrimps and prawns are aren't they?
[337] Mm?
Noel (PS090) [338] Mhm.
[339] And full of phosphorous.
Mollie (PS091) [340] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [341] Oh really?
Noel (PS090) [342] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [343] Good for our brains.
Ann (PS092) [344] Are, are they?
Enid (PS08Y) [345] Brains.
Mollie (PS091) [346] Oh yes they are.
Ann (PS092) [347] Are they?
Mollie (PS091) [348] They're
Enid (PS08Y) [349] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [350] the ones that shine ... in the dark when you're
Ann (PS092) [351] Mm mm.
Mollie (PS091) [352] coming home ... rather failing
Noel (PS090) [353] That's right.
Mollie (PS091) [354] and you ... that's right, you've got to run and ask them.
Enid (PS08Y) [355] And I've seen you do it in a lot of them.
[356] I don't know whether it was
Mollie (PS091) [357] Oh yes!
Ann (PS092) [358] Oh really?
Mollie (PS091) [359] Oh right, yes
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Noel (PS090) [360] Haddock was very [...] .
Ann (PS092) [361] Really?
Noel (PS090) [362] Haddock's got phosphorous in it?
Ann (PS092) [363] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [364] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [365] Mm mm.
Mollie (PS091) [366] Good heavens!
Ann (PS092) [367] Look what I've done!
[368] Oh bother!
[369] Oh look what I've done.
Enid (PS08Y) [370] I've never known it as that.
Mollie (PS091) [371] No, wasn't it a ... marvellous day today!
[372] Weather was
Enid (PS08Y) [373] Absolutely incredible!
Mollie (PS091) [374] You know tha that ... his lordship ... er ... cut the grou , the field.
Enid (PS08Y) [375] Really?
Ann (PS092) [376] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [377] [...] the field.
Mollie (PS091) [378] I wish would cut mine!
Noel (PS090) [379] Ne ne near the
Ann (PS092) [380] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [381] [...] in the holiday, aren't there holidays?
Mollie (PS091) [382] Why not, I've seen the
Enid (PS08Y) [383] I thought it was a bit early yet, there's a frost isn't it now?
Mollie (PS091) [384] There's morning [...] , I'm [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [385] No I mean that erm ... if you cut the grass ... just before frost it doesn't like it does it?
Mollie (PS091) [386] Oh but then, this is only [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [387] But when, that's right.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS092) [388] You shouldn't cut that though, but er
Mollie (PS091) [...] [...]
Ann (PS092) [389] I think a lawn, not, no.
Mollie (PS091) [390] No but she was sayi
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [391] That's right.
Mollie (PS091) [392] Now really but erm ... this year's been so peculiar that
Enid (PS08Y) [393] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [394] people are going to want to cut it.
Enid (PS08Y) [395] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [396] Their only choice.
[397] Well I mean the ... normally it would kill the grass, but it won't matter this year.
Enid (PS08Y) [398] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [399] I wonder if we'll get any snow?
Mollie (PS091) [400] No, no, no.
Enid (PS08Y) [401] No.
Mollie (PS091) [402] John the butcher ... at erm ... [...] butcher this morning ... and I said ... never say it's gonna snow, I said, it won't snow will it John?
[403] He said well you've been right since Christmas and if you say it's not going to snow, it's not going to snow!
Ann (PS092) [404] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [405] Mm mm.
Ann (PS092) [406] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [407] This
Ann (PS092) [408] What about the birds?
[409] And I walked up the village this morning ... the birds were singing their songs
Enid (PS08Y) [410] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [411] that they sing and the reels were
Enid (PS08Y) [412] I just think we've
Ann (PS092) [413] marvellous!
Enid (PS08Y) [414] we've had lots of rain!
Mollie (PS091) [415] Well the flood barrier!
Enid (PS08Y) [416] I know!
Mollie (PS091) [417] Well we
Ann (PS092) [418] A an
Mollie (PS091) [419] shan't, we shan't
Ann (PS092) [420] and [...]
Mollie (PS091) [421] have a flood.
Ann (PS092) [422] Anne is terribly on my side, she, still hasn't rained every time I see her!
Mollie (PS091) [423] Oh!
Ann (PS092) [424] I think, she said if you dig down [...] a way it's dry
Mollie (PS091) [425] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [426] from nineteen eighty
Mollie (PS091) [427] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [428] nine still!
Mollie (PS091) [429] Mm.
[430] I wonder whether that's ... what er, I wonder i you see it looks damp on the top doesn't it?
Ann (PS092) [431] Mm, very slightly, really
Mollie (PS091) [432] But
Ann (PS092) [433] but if you dig down
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [434] about six inches, it's dry!
Mollie (PS091) [435] Mm. [...]
Ann (PS092) [436] So they they [...]
Mollie (PS091) [437] gone and what they call [...] the head ... at least four times lately.
Enid (PS08Y) [438] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [439] Just walking in the garden I was ... [...]
Ann (PS092) [440] Very slightly isn't it?
[441] Very slightly.
Enid (PS08Y) [442] Mm.
[443] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [444] [...] though.
Enid (PS08Y) [445] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [446] Terribly frightening!
Noel (PS090) [447] Mm, mm.
Ann (PS092) [448] It just would be so awful to move our lovely trees ... cos they're all so, so dependent, that's it!
Mollie (PS091) [449] That's the [...] the trees.
Ann (PS092) [450] That's all I worry about.
Mollie (PS091) [451] Yes!
Ann (PS092) [452] It's no good worrying about it, I do know that! [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [453] Mhm.
[454] It is
Ann (PS092) [455] But
Noel (PS090) [456] worrying though.
[457] Well ... no, I've met pe ... also Lady
Mollie (PS091) [458] Mm mm.
Noel (PS090) [459] and she said David said he saw a few snow flakes.
[460] Well I said if I see three snow flakes we're off to Tenerife!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [461] Well we have, we have.
Enid (PS08Y) [462] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [463] Very slight snow shower about two days ago didn't we?
Noel (PS090) [464] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [465] It was powdery.
Mollie (PS091) [466] Yes, like, mm
Ann (PS092) [467] Very, a little powdery and
Mollie (PS091) [468] And it didn't stay.
Ann (PS092) [469] We were on the way back from visiting
Mollie (PS091) [470] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [471] er ... Richard, you know, and i
Mollie (PS091) [472] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [473] and I said, that's snow!
Enid (PS08Y) [474] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [475] Oh really?
Ann (PS092) [476] Just powdery.
Mollie (PS091) [477] So we half an hour of sleet once.
Ann (PS092) [478] Mhm.
Mollie (PS091) [479] That was [...] .
[480] And it bounced and bounced and bounced and I thought it was going on for ages but it didn't.
Enid (PS08Y) [481] No.
Noel (PS090) [482] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [483] Soon disappeared.
Enid (PS08Y) [484] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [485] Have you got any fish left in your pond Mollie?
Enid (PS08Y) [486] No.
Ann (PS092) [487] Haven't you?
Mollie (PS091) [488] Heron took the lot!
Enid (PS08Y) [489] Oh no!
Noel (PS090) [490] Oh God!
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [491] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [492] and we were having lunch, a late lunch on ... what day did I say?
[493] On Sunday ... cos they were going soon ... and erm ... James was clearing up the garden ... you see I've go , I can't ... I I can see gable
Ann (PS092) [494] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [495] and the gables over on ... erm ... the lodge ... and I can't see
Enid (PS08Y) [496] Past.
[497] Yes, Are they a bit nearer?
Mollie (PS091) [498] I mean i ... it all looks the same
Enid (PS08Y) [499] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [500] to me.
Noel (PS090) [501] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [502] And the heron you see is the same colour to me as the grass.
Ann (PS092) [503] Oh yes!
Mollie (PS091) [504] And James said, there's a heron slaughtering one of your big goldfish!
Ann (PS092) [505] Aagh!
Mollie (PS091) [506] You see.
Enid (PS08Y) [507] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [508] Oh and we all rushed out and said, shoo!
[509] And it flew o , flew away.
Enid (PS08Y) [510] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [511] And then ... Ted and I went out a little bit later and we sa , we found two goldfish ... and two golden [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [512] They damage them don't they? [...]
Mollie (PS091) [513] Oh, [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [514] so they haven't got a [...] or they
Ann (PS092) [515] No, they bite so, oh do they?
Mollie (PS091) [516] No they , they swallow them.
Enid (PS08Y) [517] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [518] I mean they swallow them quite nicely.
Enid (PS08Y) [519] And sometimes they just
Mollie (PS091) [520] And I said well that's [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [521] [...] next time.
Mollie (PS091) [522] And the next day I went off and there wasn't even a snail
Enid (PS08Y) [523] No.
Mollie (PS091) [524] in the pond.
Enid (PS08Y) [525] No.
Mollie (PS091) [526] Nothing at all!
Enid (PS08Y) [527] No.
Ann (PS092) [528] Oh God!
Mollie (PS091) [529] Cos I think I've
Ann (PS092) [530] That's terrible!
Mollie (PS091) [531] got a carp too.
Noel (PS090) [532] Oh yeah!
Ann (PS092) [533] Terrible!
[534] If perhaps you were to spread erm ... a wire netting over the pond Mollie?
Mollie (PS091) [535] Well yes I know, but I'm not having that!
[536] But erm ... what I am going to do but I can't do it until ... the spring ... erm ... at least until ... erm ... has cut the grass for the first time
Noel (PS090) [537] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [538] erm, out there.
[539] Then I'm going to do what is the proper thing to do which is chop that to size
Ann (PS092) [540] With the same as that , yes!
[541] Yes, [...]
Noel (PS090) [542] Oh yes that
Mollie (PS091) [543] that and [...] farm and
Ann (PS092) [544] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [545] [...] this black
Ann (PS092) [546] [...] so many creatures
Mollie (PS091) [547] black stuff
Ann (PS092) [548] Yep! [...]
Mollie (PS091) [549] so they could be thrown over ... Oh [...] this behaviour, no, they're so inflexible with their programme!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [550] Three feet from the wall from your [...]
Mollie (PS091) [551] [...] you see, and they get their
Ann (PS092) [552] I see!
Mollie (PS091) [553] feet tangled
Noel (PS090) [554] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [555] but I can't, it's no good doing it now because you see erm ... dogs can get in at present and
Ann (PS092) [556] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [557] and rushing about and [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [558] You needn't do anything horrid to them, terrible!
[559] I mean, [...] you can just er
Mollie (PS091) [560] Oh no!
Enid (PS08Y) [561] a wire cage [...]
Mollie (PS091) [562] they, no just go away.
[563] I mean I've seen it
Enid (PS08Y) [564] [...] them.
Mollie (PS091) [565] they don't like it.
Ann (PS092) [566] No.
Mollie (PS091) [567] They're incapable
Ann (PS092) [568] No.
[569] That's right.
Mollie (PS091) [570] because of the erm ... it's not wire, it's
Enid (PS08Y) [571] No.
Mollie (PS091) [572] just a a thread, you
Enid (PS08Y) [573] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [574] see?
[575] And they get a bit
Ann (PS092) [576] Mm.
[577] Mm mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [578] My father always used to do that for his crocuses because the birds ... loved the yellow ones, don't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [579] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [580] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [581] And his daffs, he was going to use his, lose his yellow crocuses of the year ... so he spread black cotton
Noel (PS090) [582] Oh yes mm.
Ann (PS092) [583] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [584] and they jolly well learned
Ann (PS092) [585] Yes, I know, simple.
Enid (PS08Y) [586] that that's what
Ann (PS092) [587] Oh yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [588] that it
Noel (PS090) [589] Mollie.
Enid (PS08Y) [590] was there!
Enid (PS08Y) [591] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [592] So we had to get used to the [...] ending up in
Enid (PS08Y) [593] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [594] black cotton against the sparrows I used to get really fed up with it! [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [595] Poor little things! [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [596] And I thought I'd got
Ann (PS092) [597] I understand now what it was.
Mollie (PS091) [598] knowing ... erm ... why all the purple cro crocuses [...] good cook ... and I thought I've got no ... [...]
Ann (PS092) [599] And at nights I used to feel like
Mollie (PS091) [600] and I had got
Ann (PS092) [601] cos they've come now haven't they?
Mollie (PS091) [602] Ah yes, that's
Ann (PS092) [603] And I
Mollie (PS091) [604] right [...]
Ann (PS092) [605] I told you!
Mollie (PS091) [606] All ... I've got all morning, [...]
Ann (PS092) [607] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [608] and I've got clumps of ... of snowdrops ... where I'd ... and some where I didn't know even know I had snowdrops and
Ann (PS092) [609] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [610] now I have found those lovely little erm ... wild ... purple crocuses
Ann (PS092) [611] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [612] I couldn't
Noel (PS090) [613] Good!
Mollie (PS091) [614] think what their [...] was?
[615] Right in the middle of a plot needless
Ann (PS092) [616] Mhm.
Mollie (PS091) [617] and they're all coming out!
[618] And they're round
Ann (PS092) [619] Good!
Mollie (PS091) [620] my [...] !
Ann (PS092) [621] Good!
Mollie (PS091) [622] And so I, I've found that there
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [623] but I've, but I've lost my baytree.
Ann (PS092) [624] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [625] How much
Mollie (PS091) [626] But that's moles.
Ann (PS092) [627] Mm.
[628] Oh moles!
[629] Oh dear!
Mollie (PS091) [630] Well they got down in the grass you see.
Noel (PS090) [631] There's quite a lot of them again this
Ann (PS092) [632] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [633] year.
Mollie (PS091) [634] They got them, mm?
Noel (PS090) [635] They have a lot again this year, moles.
Ann (PS092) [636] Will we?
Noel (PS090) [637] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [638] Well I've got millions!
Mollie (PS091) [639] Well I
Noel (PS090) [640] Have we?
Mollie (PS091) [641] I must ring erm ... r Eddy and ask him if you get them [...] ?
[642] I don't know whether you can get them wi ... weather like this.
Enid (PS08Y) [643] Oh!
Ann (PS092) [644] Why do you say there are more Noel?
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Noel (PS090) [645] Well I don't know why we've got more, but we've got a lot.
Ann (PS092) [646] Oh I'm sorry!
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [647] I thought you were prophesying.
Enid (PS08Y) [648] We've got some have we?
Noel (PS090) [649] Mm!
Enid (PS08Y) [650] Well I didn't know.
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [651] Oh!
Noel (PS090) [652] Even in the back now.
Mollie (PS091) [653] That is the [...] .
Noel (PS090) [654] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [655] They come from ... a bank and a ditch ... always.
Noel (PS090) [656] Well you've certainly got them.
Mollie (PS091) [657] Well I've never get it before now [...] right?
Noel (PS090) [658] Now ... who is Eddy ?
Mollie (PS091) [659] Well Mrs 's son.
Noel (PS090) [660] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [661] And erm, when I said to them ... because he's sharp so she says.
[662] My [...] .
[663] Well he's wonderful!
[664] And the wo ... mind you, he's much too heavy for me but ... of course, well my father was ... and they're arm things but I must get some fresh.
[665] And, I said ... well I don't know what I'm going to do without Jack because he was so wonderful with my moles last year ... he said ... you haven't had me yet!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [666] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [667] No erm, so I thought well
Ann (PS092) [668] Brilliant.
Mollie (PS091) [669] if he thinks he's as good as that then have him.
Ann (PS092) [670] Trouble is, if you remove moles ... you just leave an evolutionary niche for them and they're ... another lot move into the field, you can never get rid of them because if you ... remove your own private moles another
Enid (PS08Y) [671] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [672] lot come in, you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [673] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [674] Oh how lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [675] But do you mean ... that they wouldn't try and
Ann (PS092) [676] Oh they're really lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [677] visit if you had your own moles?
Ann (PS092) [678] Well no, but they won't over-densify, they wo won't make the population too dense, you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [679] I see.
Ann (PS092) [680] And th , you know,the they might spoil
Mollie (PS091) [681] Might be
Ann (PS092) [682] things.
Mollie (PS091) [683] mine come in [...]
Ann (PS092) [684] Yes, I'm sure they will.
Mollie (PS091) [685] and they go over the fields.
Ann (PS092) [686] Yeah.
[687] Yeah!
Mollie (PS091) [688] And there are hundreds of the wretched
Ann (PS092) [689] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [690] [...] .
Ann (PS092) [691] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [692] I consider four moles are too dense.
Ann (PS092) [693] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [694] Yes. [...]
Mollie (PS091) [695] One mole is too dense for me!
Ann (PS092) [696] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [697] Cos they always get under your favourite plant!
Ann (PS092) [698] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [699] Fay, can I pass you some more vegetables up?
Enid (PS08Y) [700] No, I'm doing fine thank you darling.
[701] But please encourage other people to have some.
Mollie (PS091) [702] Well I'm sorry
Noel (PS090) [703] I've been trying to.
Mollie (PS091) [704] I have [...] here.
Noel (PS090) [705] Ha have some more veg.
Ann (PS092) [706] No, [...] eat this one.
Noel (PS090) [707] And a little bit more.
Mollie (PS091) [708] No it
Ann (PS092) [709] I'm fine thank you Noel.
Mollie (PS091) [710] I hope you're never looking at me but I have to [...] dinner.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [711] Why not!
Ann (PS092) [712] I put my life down to fish and [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [713] Mollie , you know that my ... I dislocated my jaw in November ... mm.
Mollie (PS091) [714] Mm?
Ann (PS092) [715] How?
Enid (PS08Y) [716] Just eating a sandwich!
Mollie (PS091) [717] How could you?
Enid (PS08Y) [718] Cheese sandwich.
[719] I don't know!
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [720] Mm.
[721] And it clicked ... and I, well occasionally before ... and very occasionally and I [...]
Mollie (PS091) [722] Might have [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [723] I just [...] ... the slightest sort of movement has readjusted it ... and this would not move ... at all!
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [724] And erm ... I'm shovelling food now because it's so difficult!
[725] I still can't get it any wider [...] .
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ann (PS092) [726] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [727] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [728] Nope.
Ann (PS092) [729] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [730] Drop more wine Mollie?
Mollie (PS091) [731] No thank you, I'm alright.
Enid (PS08Y) [732] [...] .
[733] By the way those ... did I tell you they ... put me on some tablets to re ... to erm ... to erm
Ann (PS092) [734] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [735] relax the muscles, [...]
Ann (PS092) [736] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [737] Yes, [...] .
[738] Well there must be something in it because I feel so relaxed these days I can't get
Ann (PS092) [739] oh really!
[740] Well that's nice!
Mollie (PS091) [741] Don't flap about anything!
Ann (PS092) [742] Well er
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [743] [laugh] ... No quarrels.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [744] Erm, somebody tells me that Sarah is erm ... doing very well but has had a foul cold ever since she's been over there, is she very well now?
Enid (PS08Y) [745] Yes, she went with a ... yes she has.
Mollie (PS091) [746] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [747] I phoned her on the fourth night to say goodnight to her that was all.
[748] [...] spoken to her in the meantime
Ann (PS092) [749] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [750] and she was actually, at nine o'clock
Mollie (PS091) [751] Well she don't
Enid (PS08Y) [752] erm well in bed.
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [753] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [754] [...] lives at Foreham ... which is just the other side of [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [755] Mhm.
Ann (PS092) [756] She was very bad at start with the new people but then I'll take her up
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [757] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [758] She can't make a commitment.
Enid (PS08Y) [759] But she can be very , she can be very secluded there.
Mollie (PS091) [760] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [761] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [762] She can be just [...] .
Ann (PS092) [763] I reckon she wants to
Mollie (PS091) [764] Oh it's a lovely little lane I've ... I've always loved that lane.
[765] I know you think I'm
Ann (PS092) [766] Have you [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [767] Have you?
Ann (PS092) [768] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [769] And [...] lives on there.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [770] Well I've known Derek since I was ... six weeks old.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [771] I was taken there for the first time ... when I was six weeks old ... in a motor side car ... down from London ... to ... just within ten miles of Bury St Edmunds.
[772] Why I didn't die I don't know!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [773] We well, a motor side car!
Enid (PS08Y) [774] Yes, absolutely!
[775] I'm astonished [...]
Mollie (PS091) [776] [...] ... erm because my grandmother wanted to see her first grandchild before she died.
Ann (PS092) [777] Oh yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [778] And she died about two months later.
Enid (PS08Y) [779] At six weeks, [...]
Mollie (PS091) [780] You see I [...] Connie.
Ann (PS092) [781] Really?
Mollie (PS091) [782] and Connie, Connie's six weeks younger than I ... and ... grandma never saw her.
Ann (PS092) [783] Oh well she did
Mollie (PS091) [784] but she had a grandson ... before that, she had a grandson who was born in eighteen ninety three ... and his name was on [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [785] I don't even
Ann (PS092) [786] Oh really?
Enid (PS08Y) [787] think that in those days anybody would have considered taking a child out like that, you know!
[788] They do it now!
Ann (PS092) [789] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [790] It drives me
Mollie (PS091) [791] In a car
Enid (PS08Y) [792] me up the wall!
[793] Erm ... the things they will do for these new little things.
[794] I never used to feel
Ann (PS092) [795] I know.
Enid (PS08Y) [796] that mine were really here until they [...] .
Noel (PS090) [797] Did it have a lasting effect on you Mollie?
Mollie (PS091) [798] Well, you can be the judge of that!
Ann (PS092) [799] No, [...] got it I think, yes!
Mollie (PS091) [800] But then [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [801] You don't like motorbikes and side cars do you Mollie?
Noel (PS090) [802] It's amazing really!
Mollie (PS091) [803] No.
[804] Well I used to ride a motorbike a and ... my father had a Triumph motorbike because he bought ... I don't why he, why he bought it ... and he was terrified of it cos it was very fierce!
[805] And ... my brothers used to ride it, so I used to ride it ... and I rode it for miles!
Noel (PS090) [806] Did you?
Mollie (PS091) [807] Then I rode it in a ... in an old Burberry ... and I don't how I started it, I think it was kick start.
Ann (PS092) [808] Mm, yes.
Mollie (PS091) [809] Oh it must have been.
[810] And then we were at Frinton, masses of us, and we always used to go to Frinton in the summer ... because one of my uncles had a house there ... and we knew the people who erm ... dad used to play golf and mother used to knit ... on the beach, you know.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [811] Oh yes.
[812] Mm mm.
Mollie (PS091) [813] And we used to ... th masses of cousins there ... and erm ... one ... one of my ... Jean, my cousin ... about ten months younger than I ... said, can I have a go Mollie?
[814] And I said, yes ... you see, gave her a try ... and so she went ... if you know Frinton you could go, in those days
Noel (PS090) [815] Yes I know it.
Mollie (PS091) [816] you could go round, well it's the same now, but in those days you could go round, past the summer theatre and down Old Road where we were staying and on to a ... and do a circle you see?
Noel (PS090) [817] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [818] And we started her off and she went round ... and as she went past the second time she said I can't stop!
Enid (PS08Y) [819] Oh! oh! oh!
Ann (PS092) [820] Oh no!
Mollie (PS091) [821] And then she went round again and we said ... well push so and so
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [822] Oh my!
[823] How awful! [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [824] And nobody had told her how to stop you know.
Ann (PS092) [825] I can remember not being able to get off my sister's much bigger push bike, just an ordinary push bike
Mollie (PS091) [826] Oh yes!
Ann (PS092) [827] and I ... pedalled frantically round, didn't know how to get off again cos it was much too high.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [828] And I remember just sort of leaping onto some grass and just letting it go, you know, could of been [...] .
Mollie (PS091) [829] Oh I remember them emphatically
Ann (PS092) [830] Oh yes!
Mollie (PS091) [831] now, [...] .
Ann (PS092) [832] Yes, [...]
Mollie (PS091) [833] I know, I probably learn you see because I borrowed [...]
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [834] when I was about twelve ... and I remember bashing into a nanny with a pram.
Ann (PS092) [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [835] Oh, she was furious
Enid (PS08Y) [836] Oh dear!
Mollie (PS091) [837] with me!
Enid (PS08Y) [838] I bet she was.
[839] I bet she was.
Mollie (PS091) [840] [...] cos of nowadays, well they didn't then because she was beastly to me now!
Ann (PS092) [841] [laughing] Oh [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [842] Now this is where the meal gets a little bit French because ... I have sauce to deal with.
[843] So you are left with erm conversation
Ann (PS092) [...]
Noel (PS090) [844] [...] I'm going to top your glass up with a
Enid (PS08Y) [845] No thank you darling.
Noel (PS090) [846] No.
[847] ... I had an experience with a bike when I was very small ... a girl up the road ... was given a bike ... and I had quite quietly learnt how to ride a bike more or less.
Mollie (PS091) [848] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [849] And I, I said can I have a ride?
[850] And she said yes.
[851] And I went up and down the road and ... miles away then came back ... and I couldn't stop because this bike was very old fashioned and you had to stop it by pedalling back
Mollie (PS091) [852] I know.
Noel (PS090) [853] pedalling backwards!
Ann (PS092) [854] Oh yes
Mollie (PS091) [855] I know.
Ann (PS092) [856] I've heard of them!
Noel (PS090) [857] And I I
Mollie (PS091) [858] I remember those.
Ann (PS092) [859] Well!
Noel (PS090) [860] pedalling backwards
Mollie (PS091) [861] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [862] and I said there are no
Ann (PS092) [863] No.
Noel (PS090) [864] brakes!
[865] There are brakes!
Ann (PS092) [866] No.
Noel (PS090) [867] Oh dear!
[868] Anyhow I steered it straight up somebody's drive into their garden.
Ann (PS092) [869] Oh yes, up a hill or something.
Noel (PS090) [870] [laughing] [...] [] !
Ann (PS092) [871] No.
[872] How awful!
[873] I've never ridden one but I've heard of it, with this back
Mollie (PS091) [874] Yes, I've heard of it.
Noel (PS090) [875] Oh yes, that's right.
Mollie (PS091) [876] Yeah.
Ann (PS092) [877] Be quite good, although you maybe do it by accident sometime and be rather jerky!
Noel (PS090) [878] That's what I thought earlier.
Mollie (PS091) [879] That's very sudden you
Ann (PS092) [880] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [881] see.
Ann (PS092) [882] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [883] Back pedalling, mustn't you?
Noel (PS090) [884] Hey?
Mollie (PS091) [885] Yo , you might stop sort of suddenly.
Ann (PS092) [886] Stop very suddenly.
Mollie (PS091) [887] And then you'd [...]
Noel (PS090) [888] Yes,yo well I I I yeah, no I have actually got
Ann (PS092) [889] No.
Noel (PS090) [890] th ridden one.
Ann (PS092) [891] No, I never have
Noel (PS090) [892] But
Ann (PS092) [893] certainly but I have of that.
Mollie (PS091) [894] Well no not
Noel (PS090) [895] But I can remember riding this girl's
Ann (PS092) [896] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [897] bike ... can't stop!
[898] Can't stop!
Ann (PS092) [899] [laughing] [...] [] !
Noel (PS090) [900] And so ... er er can
Ann (PS092) [901] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [902] remember riding up
Ann (PS092) [903] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [904] up this slope into a
Ann (PS092) [905] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [906] onto grass or something.
Ann (PS092) [907] How are your erm, I heard about erm, I've erm heard Sebastian lately but how is little Romley getting on, is he alright?
Noel (PS090) [908] Oh he's fine, yes!
[909] The
Ann (PS092) [910] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [911] they make too much fuss of him and they bring him back
Ann (PS092) [912] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [913] too often but
Mollie (PS091) [914] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [915] Yes.
[916] Good!
Noel (PS090) [917] And John has got an order to build a new Orkingford Chapel.
Ann (PS092) [918] Oh at
Noel (PS090) [919] Which would
Ann (PS092) [920] John's!
Noel (PS090) [921] At John's.
Ann (PS092) [922] Oh how lovely!
Mollie (PS091) [923] Oh have they, good!
Noel (PS090) [924] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [925] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [926] And that's the second one
Mollie (PS091) [927] Oh that's lovely!
Noel (PS090) [928] since the war.
Mollie (PS091) [929] Mm?
Noel (PS090) [930] They had
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [931] Is it?
[932] Is it really?
Noel (PS090) [933] they had new one ... after the war.
Ann (PS092) [934] Why do they want another one?
Noel (PS090) [935] It's ... just isn't satisfactory.
Mollie (PS091) [936] How extraordinary.
Noel (PS090) [937] No.
[938] John's gotta ... build a new one.
Ann (PS092) [939] Oh!
[940] He's not complaining?
Noel (PS090) [941] No.
Ann (PS092) [942] No.
Noel (PS090) [943] And at your old ... stamping ground.
[944] Gotta
Ann (PS092) [945] For what?
Noel (PS090) [946] to build one for Chelmsford Cathedral.
[947] Mhm.
Ann (PS092) [948] Really?
Mollie (PS091) [949] I'm off Chelmsford
Ann (PS092) [950] Chelmsford?
Mollie (PS091) [951] Cathedral!
[952] It's ghastly!
Noel (PS090) [953] I gather it is.
Mollie (PS091) [954] And so is the bloody Bishop there!
Noel (PS090) [955] Yeah but he's
Mollie (PS091) [956] Absolutely awful!
Noel (PS090) [957] very nice.
Mollie (PS091) [958] And ... erm ... if you wanted to hear about Chelmsford Cathedral when Estelle who was a ... humorous and eighty something but ... still on the ball ... she'll tell you about ... the
Noel (PS090) [959] Who?
Mollie (PS091) [960] Chelmsford Cathedral.
[961] Estelle .
Noel (PS090) [962] Who is that?
Mollie (PS091) [963] sister.
Noel (PS090) [964] Oh sister!
[965] Oh yes
Mollie (PS091) [966] And
Noel (PS090) [967] I've met her, I've met her!
Mollie (PS091) [968] and erm ... ooh she's marvellous!
Noel (PS090) [969] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [970] She's be ,ei , eighty six and she lives alone ... and she's ... she's absolutely ... ge again, the Arch Deacon, it's the Arch Deacon there that's the trouble!
[971] He got a bulldozer to bull , to bulldoze up the erm ... aisles ... and bulldoze the sanctuary ... and he's thrown away, God knows what!
[972] I mean there are, there, there were erm ... all sorts of things there.
[973] And his, and he got rid of the beautiful eagle ... erm ... you know, reading desk ... and he got rid of the ... Bishops's ... erm, chair, the Bishop's ... what do they call it?
Ann (PS092) [974] Oh yes.
Noel (PS090) [975] Throne?
Mollie (PS091) [976] The Bishop's throne!
[977] And he's put all wrought iron one there!
Noel (PS090) [978] Yeah.
[979] Well I
Mollie (PS091) [980] Absolutely furious!
[981] Sh she won't
Noel (PS090) [982] I haven't been in
Mollie (PS091) [983] go near it!
[984] Do you know what she does?
[985] On [...] is the erm ... erm, nearly next door is the old erm ... Quaker Chapel
Noel (PS090) [986] Oh yes.
Mollie (PS091) [987] the most beautiful building and ... nobody can pull it down, but [...]
Ann (PS092) [988] Not the chapel Mollie?
Mollie (PS091) [989] No, [...]
Ann (PS092) [990] Not [...] .
Noel (PS090) [991] Meeting House.
Mollie (PS091) [992] Meeting House
Ann (PS092) [993] Meeting House
Mollie (PS091) [994] yes.
[995] And opposite her ... is where the erm ... Quakers meet now because they can't afford to run the chapel ... the erm ... Meeting
Noel (PS090) [996] Meeting House.
Mollie (PS091) [997] Meeting House ... as ... a big one and they are ... getting fewer.
[998] But she says ... I sometimes just walk across the road and go to the Meeting House at ... you know
Noel (PS090) [999] Well I've got a theory
Mollie (PS091) [1000] rather than the cathedral.
Ann (PS092) [1001] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [1002] I've got a theory ... I have a feeling there's going to be a great ... revival ... of people with a Quakered mind ... way of thinking.
Ann (PS092) [1003] Yes
Mollie (PS091) [1004] I I
Ann (PS092) [1005] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1006] do agree.
Ann (PS092) [1007] But the trouble is Noel, in the meantime ... erm ... the Quakers have fallen apart ... because the Quakers have filled themselves up with ... sort of barefooted raw carrot eaters with beads
Mollie (PS091) [1008] Well I know they have, yes I agree.
Ann (PS092) [1009] with the and haven't, but haven't ever read
Mollie (PS091) [1010] That's right.
Ann (PS092) [1011] the bible [...]
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1012] sort of Eastern religion type, meditation and thing and it's no good at all!
[1013] The old fashioned Quakers who were sikhs and everything.
Mollie (PS091) [1014] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1015] Now, what I have learnt at college this week which is ... rather interesting I think.
[1016] Well I think you'll be interested.
[1017] Erm ... in the bible ... in the new part, the new testament, there's a ... er an epistle of James.
Noel (PS090) [1018] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1019] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1020] Well [...] I am told that that is the earliest thing at all.
Noel (PS090) [1021] I'd say that.
Ann (PS092) [1022] That is his erm ... actually a brother of Jesus in his family
Mollie (PS091) [1023] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [1024] and so it's very much as he was thinking ... and it should be in the old testament really cos it was written ... you know, before Jesus
Noel (PS090) [1025] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1026] That's right.
Noel (PS090) [1027] before the, before the crucifixion.
[1028] Erm, and it's been quickly Christianized with just two little lectures at the beginning of two chapters to Christianize so it was popped in for new testament ... and it's the nearest we can get to ... to teaching.
[1029] And of course, it's totally Jewish
Mollie (PS091) [1030] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1031] but I'd say it's th it's th Je , the Jewish teaching as Christ would have preached it
Mollie (PS091) [1032] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1033] you see and it's for ... all the family.
[1034] And there's, towards the end of the ... first chapter ... there's a bit all about erm ... erm ... er temptation and deliver us from evil kind of thing which is obviously rather from the, from the Lord's Prayer and yet it's, rather explained rather nicely and it, it's a lovely, lovely book!
[1035] It's only five [...]
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1036] Do you know, I haven't ever read it.
[1037] I will do of course.
Mollie (PS091) [1038] I've heard about that.
Ann (PS092) [1039] It's lovely!
[1040] It really is lovely!
[1041] And you really feel that
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1042] here is a
Mollie (PS091) [1043] I shan't be able to walk home!
Noel (PS090) [1044] Really?
Ann (PS092) [1045] It seems to be
Mollie (PS091) [1046] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1047] everything ... sort of, in a nutshell, you don't need any of the rest
Mollie (PS091) [1048] Oh well!
Ann (PS092) [1049] of the new
Mollie (PS091) [1050] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1051] testament, that's just quite enough, it's just a ... just th the Jewish thing filled out slightly and and and a little bit less rules and, you know,i it's very, very lovely!
Mollie (PS091) [1052] Well apparently Chelms
Noel (PS090) [1053] I've never read it , but I shall.
Ann (PS092) [1054] We'll have a go, yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1055] Well that's what Chelmsford's got you see, Chelmsford was was full of Quaker!
[1056] I mean, I can, I can ... erm ... quote the Quaker the families who still live there.
Noel (PS090) [1057] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1058] Oh, all the important people were Quaker families when I lived there ... you see?
[1059] And the erm ... the .
Noel (PS090) [1060] The , I was gonna say them.
Mollie (PS091) [1061] Oh the were appalling!
Noel (PS090) [1062] Ah yeah, the , the and I knew them.
Mollie (PS091) [1063] Oh yes!
Noel (PS090) [1064] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1065] and erm
Ann (PS092) [1066] What about the ?
Noel (PS090) [1067] They're still there apparently
Ann (PS092) [1068] The were
Mollie (PS091) [1069] Oh yes, they're still there!
Ann (PS092) [1070] and the were the Norfolk more weren't they?
Mollie (PS091) [1071] Mm mm?
Ann (PS092) [1072] Were the Norfolk more, were they?
Mollie (PS091) [1073] I think they were.
[1074] Yes, I I mean I can't remember ... they and the and [...] .
Noel (PS090) [1075] By the time [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1076] I can't remember now but they're at least five.
[1077] I was thinking of them the other night, well they ... er, five at least erm ... ... [...] they were
Noel (PS090) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1078] th they were Quakers.
Noel (PS090) [1079] But er
Mollie (PS091) [1080] ,, ... and something else, I can't remember them.
Noel (PS090) [1081] I di , I always think of the , I met one or two of those.
Mollie (PS091) [1082] They're [...]
Noel (PS090) [1083] A when I go through
Mollie (PS091) [1084] Oh Mrs , [...]
Noel (PS090) [1085] off the train and [...] still standing there with her name on her side.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1086] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1087] Yeah, that's right.
Mollie (PS091) [1088] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1089] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1090] Oh they're lovely people!
Noel (PS090) [1091] But er
Mollie (PS091) [1092] They ran everything.
Noel (PS090) [1093] I'd been per wo ah ... I I feel that ... all this ... doctrine ... res religions are spoilt
Ann (PS092) [1094] That's what I said!
Noel (PS090) [1095] by doctrine.
Ann (PS092) [1096] Exactly!
Mollie (PS091) [1097] Oh no!
Ann (PS092) [1098] Nobody believes
Mollie (PS091) [1099] That's wrong!
Ann (PS092) [1100] any of it now!
[1101] I mean I think
Mollie (PS091) [1102] No I know.
Ann (PS092) [...] [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1103] I know.
Ann (PS092) [1104] Yeah, it's terribly sad!
[1105] It's terribly sad!
Mollie (PS091) [1106] I think it's [...] .
Ann (PS092) [1107] Even the Bishop of Durham, I've just recently bought one of his books ... and I rather wish I hadn't, I'm not liking it much ... erm ... he's still much too orthodox really.
Noel (PS090) [1108] Is he?
Ann (PS092) [1109] You know he's still hanging on to
Mollie (PS091) [1110] Oh he is [...] ?
Ann (PS092) [1111] and trying to
Mollie (PS091) [1112] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1113] show
Noel (PS090) [1114] Well I mean you can't ... you
Mollie (PS091) [1115] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1116] you can't get fish [...] from ... prize thinking fish
Ann (PS092) [1117] No.
Noel (PS090) [1118] can you?
Mollie (PS091) [1119] No.
Ann (PS092) [1120] But I know they blamed him for that.
[1121] And he says you can because he says it's important for it to be a living thing that's got to change with the time.
Noel (PS090) [1122] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1123] In all that way he's quite correct
Mollie (PS091) [1124] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1125] I think.
[1126] It's just that he hasn't, to me, changed enough, he's still stuck up with all these ... various things.
[1127] That really
Noel (PS090) [1128] Well I know ... let's face it, if he, if he was ... really convinced of the ... falsity of most it he
Ann (PS092) [1129] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1130] couldn't be a conscience to obtain his seat could he?
Ann (PS092) [1131] Well he reckons you can say it in a different way.
[1132] You can say
Noel (PS090) [1133] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1134] it entirely symbolically and spiritually and and
Mollie (PS091) [1135] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1136] things don't
Mollie (PS091) [1137] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1138] have to have happened in fact.
[1139] And that the stories were told to make a point and
Mollie (PS091) [1140] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1141] the trouble is, people have lost the point and kept the story!
[1142] Erm, you know, it's saying that
Noel (PS090) [1143] Well, the earliest man who ... used to think like this was Albert .
Ann (PS092) [1144] Yes, oh yes course it
Mollie (PS091) [1145] Yeah.
Ann (PS092) [1146] was!
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1147] He wrote that marvellous book!
Mollie (PS091) [1148] Oh
Noel (PS090) [1149] Well
Mollie (PS091) [1150] a lovely book!
Noel (PS090) [1151] I've got about six of his books in there!
Mollie (PS091) [1152] Well I had all of his books.
Ann (PS092) [1153] [...] famous
Noel (PS090) [1154] No, er, you mean erm
Mollie (PS091) [1155] I know quite a few [...] .
Ann (PS092) [1156] The er
Noel (PS090) [1157] Christ, the Historic Jesus.
Ann (PS092) [1158] Yes.
[1159] With that famous last
Noel (PS090) [1160] That is his best book
Ann (PS092) [1161] chapter which is so lovely when
Noel (PS090) [1162] Yeah.
Ann (PS092) [1163] he sort of says well you still can ... spiritually meet Jesus even though you know, it's a rather lovely
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1164] the last chapter!
[1165] I say, he moves him the more you ... search for him historically
Noel (PS090) [1166] Yeah.
Ann (PS092) [1167] but there is a ... there's something hanging about still.
[1168] But in a funny way, perhaps there is.
[1169] I don't know.
[1170] I'm very ... very, very, very, tied up with it, I I I invariably turn ... relatively happy with it all.
Noel (PS090) [1171] I don't think one has to worry too much.
Ann (PS092) [1172] Been brought up so much, bought up a Christian
Mollie (PS091) [1173] Yes, [...]
Ann (PS092) [1174] you just find it difficult to ... to admit that one's rather ... you know ... But certainly that epistle of James, to me, was just marvellous!
[1175] Just everything!
Noel (PS090) [1176] I, I can't
Ann (PS092) [1177] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1178] ever remember reading James, If I had, I've forgotten about it.
Ann (PS092) [1179] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1180] But I shall read him tonight.
Ann (PS092) [1181] Well certainly, you'll enjoy it.
Mollie (PS091) [1182] Oh [...]
Noel (PS090) [1183] Did you go to
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1184] 's er ... [...] ?
Ann (PS092) [1185] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [1186] Er ... I chose the reading.
Ann (PS092) [1187] Oh did you?
[1188] Oh
Noel (PS090) [1189] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [1190] how lovely!
Noel (PS090) [1191] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1192] Mm.
[1193] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1194] Yep.
[1195] It
Noel (PS090) [1196] Erm
Ann (PS092) [1197] was very nicely done!
[1198] Louis was very upset cos she forgot to erm ... have anyone to take the names ... erm
Noel (PS090) [1199] Well
Ann (PS092) [1200] so I wrote down
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1201] as many as I could ... think of
Mollie (PS091) [1202] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1203] and erm ... and I asked Margaret , they had a better view where she was
Mollie (PS091) [1204] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1205] and she told a lot of other people and so I think we got a pretty comprehensive list actually.
Noel (PS090) [1206] Oh, we couldn't er ... we
Ann (PS092) [1207] No.
Noel (PS090) [1208] we couldn't go anyhow.
Ann (PS092) [1209] No.
[1210] It was very packed in there [...] but I couldn't see a lot of anything.
Noel (PS090) [1211] But I was glad we couldn't because they asked me to read the lesson.
Mollie (PS091) [1212] No it ... it's miserable!
Ann (PS092) [1213] Oh yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1214] It spoils everything doesn't it?
Noel (PS090) [1215] I'm glad to say
Ann (PS092) [1216] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1217] [...] and stuck to it.
Mollie (PS091) [1218] I think there were some people there who didn't really know, but they maybe went because they'd got to a funeral.
Ann (PS092) [1219] Well it wasn't erm
Mollie (PS091) [1220] Oh [...]
Ann (PS092) [1221] it wasn't quite full enough.
Mollie (PS091) [1222] I think that's awful don't you?
Ann (PS092) [1223] I I do, I do Mollie!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1224] But, we're doing the right thing for
Ann (PS092) [1225] I
Mollie (PS091) [1226] the wrong reason.
Ann (PS092) [1227] No this was probably, a relatively
Enid (PS08Y) [1228] That's
Ann (PS092) [1229] original idea.
Enid (PS08Y) [1230] that's the, that's the wrong thing to do!
Noel (PS090) [1231] Straightforward from there.
Ann (PS092) [1232] Just having a cremation
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1233] cos you're talked into doing something [...] .
Mollie (PS091) [1234] [...] I was, it's not a very
Ann (PS092) [1235] And it's not very popular now.
Mollie (PS091) [1236] [...] after.
Ann (PS092) [1237] I must say, David worshipped rather well. [...]
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1238] but steered round it, saying how he admired them
Noel (PS090) [1239] You said it.
Ann (PS092) [1240] you're obviously going to make his daily
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1241] up and down the village and and er
Mollie (PS091) [1242] [...] I said one or two things [...]
Ann (PS092) [1243] You know, things you could say [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1244] That's quite
Ann (PS092) [1245] Erm
Enid (PS08Y) [1246] true.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1247] and he did decide that I would like a cup of tea [...]
Noel (PS090) [1248] [...] I wanted to say
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1249] he had a great dedication.
Mollie (PS091) [1250] and she said that if you couldn't go, or telling him.
Noel (PS090) [1251] And he was the only man in the British Legion who'd ever bought [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1252] That's right darling.
Noel (PS090) [1253] a drink.
Mollie (PS091) [1254] I I can manage [...] see me any time you want.
Enid (PS08Y) [1255] No, I did come [...] .
Noel (PS090) [1256] He didn't like.
Ann (PS092) [1257] David [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1258] He didn't.
Ann (PS092) [1259] me and I usually always tell him off.
Mollie (PS091) [1260] [...] and I've met people there who I know I knew.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1261] Yes, that's true.
Mollie (PS091) [1262] And I [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1263] That's true.
[1264] Absolutely!
[1265] Oh sorry!
Ann (PS092) [1266] But I thought it wasn't [...]
Noel (PS090) [1267] No, no, no, that's right.
[1268] No, when people are dead you must
Mollie (PS091) [1269] See you bury them.
Enid (PS08Y) [1270] Now Mollie that's, I haven't given you a large helping but it's a ginger pudding.
[1271] I've been dying to make a good ginger pudding for years!
Mollie (PS091) [1272] I like ginger pudding.
Enid (PS08Y) [1273] So wait and see if it's any good, I don't know.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1274] There now Mollie, there's some cream.
[1275] Erm, sorry, some custard.
Enid (PS08Y) [1276] Sauce!
Mollie (PS091) [1277] No I'll I
Noel (PS090) [1278] Sauce.
Mollie (PS091) [1279] Oh sauce.
[1280] Erm, is a, is is sauce essential?
Enid (PS08Y) [1281] I should think on this.
[1282] It it
Mollie (PS091) [1283] Okay.
Enid (PS08Y) [1284] moistens it.
[1285] It's an egg custard so it's, you know ... it's worthy
Mollie (PS091) [1286] Oh well
Enid (PS08Y) [1287] of your attention.
Mollie (PS091) [1288] I have, if you
Enid (PS08Y) [1289] Oh!
Mollie (PS091) [1290] don't mind [...] but I don't like
Enid (PS08Y) [1291] Heavens!
[1292] Come on have some [...] !
Mollie (PS091) [1293] I don't like normal cream on everything.
Enid (PS08Y) [1294] And it's only small helpings ... because you can come for more, okay?
Ann (PS092) [1295] Normally I'm staged up on
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1296] the straw potato you see.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1297] Smart girl!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ann (PS092) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1298] Good potatoes!
[1299] Erm erm ... thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1300] They're good for you
Ann (PS092) [1301] Some of them don't like
Enid (PS08Y) [1302] I wish I liked them
Mollie (PS091) [1303] Just plain boiled.
Enid (PS08Y) [1304] because erm ... I think they
Ann (PS092) [1305] [...] don't like them really.
Enid (PS08Y) [1306] I think
Ann (PS092) [1307] What was that darling?
Mollie (PS091) [1308] So as they're not, not just plain boiled and nothing else
Enid (PS08Y) [1309] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1310] with them.
Enid (PS08Y) [1311] What I've done with these is er
Ann (PS092) [1312] Or [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1313] er
Ann (PS092) [1314] Boiled part were they?
Enid (PS08Y) [1315] Parboil them.
Ann (PS092) [1316] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1317] And
Mollie (PS091) [1318] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1319] then pop them into
Mollie (PS091) [1320] That's loads
Ann (PS092) [1321] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1322] thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1323] and pop them in with the ... [...]
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1324] and [...] .
Ann (PS092) [1325] And I love them in their jackets!
[1326] But not down in
Mollie (PS091) [1327] Also company, because I can't cope ... very easily with
Ann (PS092) [1328] No.
Mollie (PS091) [1329] with my [...] .
Ann (PS092) [1330] I love jacket potatoes, then I won't, with a jacket I don't like the jacket.
Enid (PS08Y) [1331] Oh I love the jacket!
Noel (PS090) [1332] Oh I love the jacket!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1333] You see, I love the jacket but I can't cope ... because I can't cut it properly.
Ann (PS092) [1334] Yeah, I'm like that.
Noel (PS090) [1335] I'm always torn between conscience, eating a jacket or letting the birds enjoy it.
Ann (PS092) [1336] Yes.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1337] The birds do you see.
Ann (PS092) [1338] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1339] Don't they, they love it!
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1340] That's right.
Noel (PS090) [1341] Wish we'd got another robin, we haven't had one this year.
Ann (PS092) [1342] No I'm not, I haven't got a robin.
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1343] Oh I could
Enid (PS08Y) [1344] We haven't one that comes on our
Ann (PS092) [1345] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [1346] it's just [...]
Ann (PS092) [1347] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [1348] at the last minute now.
Mollie (PS091) [1349] Talking to my [...] or something, I mean ... why should he die?
[1350] I mean, my robin still comes around and tha , that's my joy!
[1351] I always
Ann (PS092) [1352] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1353] know when the robin's there.
Ann (PS092) [1354] We like them
Mollie (PS091) [1355] I have every year.
Ann (PS092) [1356] to be there on the [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1357] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1358] you know.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1359] Cats are very bad for them aren't they?
[1360] Cats
Noel (PS090) [1361] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1362] catch them easily.
[1363] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1364] We haven't got any cats lately
Enid (PS08Y) [1365] I don't like cats.
Noel (PS090) [1366] round here at all.
[1367] Around our house.
Mollie (PS091) [1368] I've got terrible cats!
Ann (PS092) [1369] One little nervous cat, it's such a nuisance to me [...] !
Mollie (PS091) [1370] So is mine!
Ann (PS092) [1371] He comes over ... he does all his jobbies in my garden!
Mollie (PS091) [1372] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1373] And he scrapes up all the soil, you see this , well Lindsay hasn't got any soil, she's just got grass, so obviously it go , comes round!
Mollie (PS091) [1374] Oh!
[1375] Can't you stop it?
Ann (PS092) [1376] Well I put some nice pretty flags on my flower bed cos it seems, well I just did it, you know and they're all, they're all
Mollie (PS091) [1377] [...] is that , tell me is that boy with the imitation chap outside?
Ann (PS092) [1378] Mm.
[1379] Mm mm.
[1380] No.
[1381] Well we
Enid (PS08Y) [1382] The Scot er ... we call him ... what do we call the Scot who lives along the way?
Noel (PS090) [1383] I call him, I call him Edgar.
Enid (PS08Y) [1384] Edgar!
[1385] We call him Edgar, is
Ann (PS092) [1386] I
Enid (PS08Y) [1387] that a first name?
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1388] Mm.
[1389] What?
Enid (PS08Y) [1390] Next door to the Post Office.
Noel (PS090) [1391] The door at the end cottage.
Ann (PS092) [1392] Yes I know. [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1393] No, no that isn't a girl, it's a boy!
Ann (PS092) [1394] No, no, but mine
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Ann (PS092) [1395] is a girl, this one's
Mollie (PS091) [1396] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1397] a boy but the one next to me is a girl.
Enid (PS08Y) [1398] Why Mark's [...] at her?
Mollie (PS091) [1399] Really?
Ann (PS092) [1400] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1401] Oh is it?
Noel (PS090) [1402] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1403] Oh yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1404] Perhaps he has boys there so it's not surprising you get them.
Ann (PS092) [1405] But that's nothing to do with this one nearby.
Noel (PS090) [1406] No, no, he's
Enid (PS08Y) [1407] No.
Noel (PS090) [1408] a boy.
Ann (PS092) [1409] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1410] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1411] I see.
Noel (PS090) [1412] Ah!
[1413] I've made a, one little mistake, I didn't tell you Edith!
Enid (PS08Y) [1414] Ah?
Noel (PS090) [1415] Erm ... I went in the mill to get some wood ... and noticed this ... young man ... and, I think I told you, I found him ... smoking in the, in the Porsche.
Mollie (PS091) [1416] Mm!
Noel (PS090) [1417] Well er ... I I said to young er ... what's his name?
[1418] Da da
Enid (PS08Y) [1419] Do erm
Noel (PS090) [1420] Daniel who owns the mill ... ah, the young man you've got there ... working for you ... he said, you're wrong ... it's a girl!
Enid (PS08Y) [1421] Oh
Mollie (PS091) [1422] Oh!
Enid (PS08Y) [1423] really!
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1424] We well was it to her that you said
Noel (PS090) [1425] It was a girl!
Enid (PS08Y) [1426] don't you dare come over
Mollie (PS091) [1427] But I can't [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1428] here smoking?
Noel (PS090) [1429] Yes, don't you dare come over smoking!
Enid (PS08Y) [1430] Yes, yes , mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1431] I can't tell the difference wha ... erm
Enid (PS08Y) [1432] No.
Mollie (PS091) [1433] erm, I mean ... very often the girl's hair is shorter than the boys isn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1434] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1435] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1436] She, in fact ... did look at me rather palsely once or twice.
Ann (PS092) [1437] Oh! [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1438] Mm.
[1439] Well John thinks everything German ... is that
Ann (PS092) [1440] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1441] much superior to everything British!
Mollie (PS091) [1442] Oh gosh!
Enid (PS08Y) [1443] So
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1444] the blasted erm
Ann (PS092) [1445] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1446] Germans in the factory now you see!
Mollie (PS091) [1447] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1448] Mm.
[1449] I don't think they're any better workers than ours
Ann (PS092) [1450] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1451] on the whole.
Ann (PS092) [1452] No.
Mollie (PS091) [1453] Oh no!
Enid (PS08Y) [1454] No, I don't think they are.
[1455] Not for
Mollie (PS091) [1456] And our
Enid (PS08Y) [1457] a minute!
Mollie (PS091) [1458] our people need the work!
Enid (PS08Y) [1459] I said that, as a matter of fact, absolutely so!
Ann (PS092) [1460] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1461] You try telling John that!
Ann (PS092) [1462] I'm surprised they get work permits cos America won't give them work permits will they?
[1463] People have a terrible job
Enid (PS08Y) [1464] Oh it's common knowledge you see.
Mollie (PS091) [1465] Well now
Ann (PS092) [1466] Of course!
Enid (PS08Y) [1467] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1468] Now Damen's erm ... erm ... erm ... daughter Damen ... who was ... waiting to go to Holland ... is it Holland?
[1469] Yes, Amsterdam I think ... somewhere there.
[1470] And erm ... on a job ... er on on an English railway starting with ... starting a factory out there ... and they are ... going to manage it ... she's worried stiff you see because she says ... now ... er, Germany and Holland are starting to move in the recession and ... once they're there ... if the recession comes they'll tack up ... her husband immediately
Enid (PS08Y) [1471] Quite rightly!
Mollie (PS091) [1472] and and they said they, the erm ... and anybody there and and chuck out the English workers because the Ho , the erm Dutch don't want English workers you see!
Enid (PS08Y) [1473] And yet, we have them over here.
Mollie (PS091) [1474] Yep.
[1475] We have them ... over here and they say [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1476] Absolutely!
Mollie (PS091) [1477] exchange
Enid (PS08Y) [1478] We had a letter a few
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1479] weeks ago, at Christmas time ... from erm the er, what is it?
[1480] Spain, Portuguese
Noel (PS090) [1481] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1482] er
Mollie (PS091) [1483] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [1484] family that we know ... and th , they're, one of their sons is ... fo erm ... in London I suppose erm ... adapt here ... and he's rather upset because she is now coming over to Britain ... to work for Telecom!
Ann (PS092) [1485] Oh really!
Mollie (PS091) [1486] Oh gosh!
Enid (PS08Y) [1487] Now why?
Ann (PS092) [1488] Oh dear!
Enid (PS08Y) [1489] I don't see it!
[1490] And I don't think they [...]
Ann (PS092) [1491] Well why can't some of our yobbos go away and get jobs elsewhere!
Mollie (PS091) [1492] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1493] Yes exactly!
Mollie (PS091) [1494] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1495] All our
Mollie (PS091) [1496] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1497] few unemployables.
[1498] Ha, mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1499] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1500] Really how I this this
Enid (PS08Y) [1501] It's ridiculous really!
Noel (PS090) [1502] this funny creature out of Mars ... but she's not very
Ann (PS092) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [1503] nice if she's female!
Ann (PS092) [1504] Wilf wants to , Wilf wants to know her [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [1505] I trust you won't be any more churlish, telling her not to smoke in the wood shop!
Noel (PS090) [1506] Course I shan't tell her tha , I, course I shall tell her if I find her smoking in or near the wood
Enid (PS08Y) [1507] Yes!
Noel (PS090) [1508] shop!
Enid (PS08Y) [1509] I think so!
Noel (PS090) [1510] She'll get even stronger!
Enid (PS08Y) [1511] Mm!
Mollie (PS091) [1512] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [1513] Yes!
Noel (PS090) [1514] [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1515] Mm!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [1516] Yeah!
Ann (PS092) [1517] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1518] Oh no ... but no course it ... i i it's er ... I I Mr discipline.
Ann (PS092) [1519] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [1520] Yes.
[1521] That's not quite
Ann (PS092) [1522] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [1523] the same.
Ann (PS092) [1524] [...] John's doing jolly well isn't he?
Noel (PS090) [1525] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [1526] He is [...]
Ann (PS092) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1527] He's just got
Ann (PS092) [1528] Well you're very lucky cos so, you might have easily of had nobody in the family
Enid (PS08Y) [1529] Oh absolutely!
Ann (PS092) [1530] it would take on.
Mollie (PS091) [1531] Well
Enid (PS08Y) [1532] Yes!
Mollie (PS091) [1533] he might usually.
Ann (PS092) [1534] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1535] He's just got Chelmsford Cathedral.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1536] Oh yeah!
Noel (PS090) [1537] Getting a new order
Enid (PS08Y) [1538] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1539] for Lincoln's Inn.
Ann (PS092) [1540] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [1541] Mm.
[1542] And St. John's College, Cambridge.
Ann (PS092) [1543] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [1544] St. John's College
Ann (PS092) [1545] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [1546] Cambridge.
Ann (PS092) [1547] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1548] Could I ... tempt somebody?
Ann (PS092) [1549] A tiny bit, that's lovely thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1550] A slither.
Ann (PS092) [1551] Absolutely delicious!
Enid (PS08Y) [1552] Well it's got real ginger in it, I think that makes
Ann (PS092) [1553] Oh nice!
Enid (PS08Y) [1554] it so good doesn't
Ann (PS092) [1555] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1556] it?
Ann (PS092) [1557] Very nice!
Enid (PS08Y) [1558] Do you know this was on Food and Drink last week on er, on the television.
Ann (PS092) [1559] Oh well, how ... so when what did they do, [...] it was going to be I didn't
Enid (PS08Y) [1560] That's right.
Ann (PS092) [1561] quite
Mollie (PS091) [1562] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1563] [...] .
Mollie (PS091) [1564] Jolly good!
Enid (PS08Y) [1565] And help yourself to the, I'm sad to say that that has curdled since I put it in the jug, do you want me to change it?
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1566] Do you ever cheat and put a little of cornflour [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1567] It's not gonna fit in though.
Ann (PS092) [1568] Oh it has though, that usually stops
Enid (PS08Y) [1569] Mm.
Ann (PS092) [1570] it.
Enid (PS08Y) [1571] And I thought I'd caught it.
Ann (PS092) [1572] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1573] And I had caught it, it was all over [...]
Ann (PS092) [1574] [...] .
[1575] No it will, no [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1576] Tell me, what kind of ginger [...] ?
[1577] What fresh ginger?
Enid (PS08Y) [1578] Er no, it's erm ... a flavouring beginning with R
Mollie (PS091) [1579] It's a flavouring is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1580] is the
Ann (PS092) [1581] The erm
Enid (PS08Y) [1582] er ... ground ginger of course.
Mollie (PS091) [1583] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1584] And then the
Mollie (PS091) [1585] And then, this stem isn't it?
Ann (PS092) [1586] And this is the
Enid (PS08Y) [1587] stem ginger.
Ann (PS092) [...]
Noel (PS090) [1588] Stem ginger, yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1589] Oh yes!
[1590] This is lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [1591] Will you have a soupcon more?
Mollie (PS091) [1592] Not for me.
[1593] Stem gin in the
Enid (PS08Y) [1594] [...] in syrup.
Mollie (PS091) [1595] In syrup.
Ann (PS092) [1596] Oh yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1597] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1598] The [...] ... whenever I want to ... erm ... I want to buy ginger ... dry ginger to grate
Ann (PS092) [1599] Do you want some more?
Mollie (PS091) [1600] you know.
Noel (PS090) [1601] Pardon?
Ann (PS092) [1602] Do you want some more?
Mollie (PS091) [1603] But I usually take mine
Noel (PS090) [1604] No thanks, that was nice
Mollie (PS091) [1605] with ginger rather than the ginger and
Ann (PS092) [1606] And it's not
Noel (PS090) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1607] What do you use then?
Enid (PS08Y) [1608] The fresh ginger.
Mollie (PS091) [1609] No, no, the dry ginger!
Enid (PS08Y) [1610] Oh the dry ginger
Mollie (PS091) [1611] This is my
Enid (PS08Y) [1612] ugh!
Mollie (PS091) [1613] dry ginger.
Enid (PS08Y) [1614] Like rocks isn't it?
Ann (PS092) [1615] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1616] What?
[1617] How can you do that?
Enid (PS08Y) [1618] It's li , it's like rocks isn't it?
Mollie (PS091) [1619] Well you ... well you halve
Ann (PS092) [1620] Well
Mollie (PS091) [1621] it you see and ... I mean
Noel (PS090) [1622] And you put it on that
Mollie (PS091) [1623] I mean I was thinking of making gingerbread
Enid (PS08Y) [1624] Mm!
Mollie (PS091) [1625] you grate the ginger
Enid (PS08Y) [1626] Mm!
Mollie (PS091) [1627] and as much there [...]
Ann (PS092) [1628] That's the [...] , you grate it very fine
Enid (PS08Y) [1629] [...] used to it , yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1630] Yes but, you see when I try to buy some ... I think the frozen fish is, shop in Woodbridge is silly, damn silly place anyway!
[1631] And erm ... they offered me a green ginger you see
Ann (PS092) [1632] Mm!
Enid (PS08Y) [1633] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1634] Well now, what could you
Enid (PS08Y) [1635] Which isn't what you wanted.
Mollie (PS091) [1636] do with green ginger?
Enid (PS08Y) [1637] You put it into casseroles and things or into the fruit
Ann (PS092) [1638] Is it for Chinese food [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [1639] Yes I know but do you eat it or do you just put it in to flavour it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1640] I think mostly flavour it, I I ... I suppose you can eat it but
Mollie (PS091) [1641] Well it's a waste of money!
Ann (PS092) [1642] And you put it in Chinese food!
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1643] But you can eat it.
Noel (PS090) [1644] Oh yes, but you put cloves in and you don't eat them, but they flavour it.
Enid (PS08Y) [1645] [...] to do a ginger, I I've eaten ginger ... of that kind
Ann (PS092) [1646] Oh you eat it.
Enid (PS08Y) [1647] beat it i in ... Chinese dishes.
Mollie (PS091) [1648] Because I got some by mistake cos it, yes I know it in Chinese dishes but I don't quite know what they do with it.
Enid (PS08Y) [1649] Mm.
[1650] It is [...] good piece I hope [...] ?
Mollie (PS091) [1651] Well they were, they were qui , they were as big as that.
Enid (PS08Y) [1652] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1653] I chucked it out in the end.
Enid (PS08Y) [1654] If I went to put it in, I was gonna say and I went to put it in er ... cos it dries off doesn't it?
Mollie (PS091) [1655] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1656] If I were to put it in er ... stewed apples or something I wouldn't eat the actual ginger ... but in a casserole, it's nice.
Mollie (PS091) [1657] No, but there's no point in putting it in ... in ... erm ... apples because you ... grate your dried [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1658] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1659] with them you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [1660] Mm.
Mollie (PS091) [1661] In there.
[1662] Or you can put erm ... ginger
Enid (PS08Y) [1663] I don't
Mollie (PS091) [1664] in a syrup
Enid (PS08Y) [1665] Yes.
Mollie (PS091) [1666] you can do that.
Enid (PS08Y) [1667] Yes.
Ann (PS092) [1668] Yeah I like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [1669] I've got a lot of, quite of lot of dry ginger, dried ginger.
[1670] Erm ... a little bit more ... just a touch more Mollie?
Mollie (PS091) [1671] Not for me, no thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1672] None?
[1673] I can remember the first time I ever
Mollie (PS091) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1674] came across dry ginger ... one of my school girlfriends was giving me a recipe, which, for which ... one er fo for erm ... ginger beer
Mollie (PS091) [1675] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1676] for Christmas, and it was delicious the way her mother made it so ... she started it with me writing it down, see, and she told me the ingredients and then she said ... you brews the ginger ... I thought
Ann (PS092) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1677] brews the ginger?
Ann (PS092) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1678] Fancy her saying it!
[1679] She was my grammar school friend, you see.
Mollie (PS091) [1680] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1681] You brews the ginger, so I thought well I'm blessed!
Ann (PS092) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1682] And of course it was ages before I knew she meant bruise.
Ann (PS092) [1683] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1684] Once I started to make it I realized,o what it was.
Ann (PS092) [1685] [...] , yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1686] B R U I S E.
Ann (PS092) [1687] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [1688] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1689] But it sounded very
Mollie (PS091) [1690] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1691] peculiar!
Ann (PS092) [1692] I
Enid (PS08Y) [1693] I must say!
Ann (PS092) [1694] Yeah.
[1695] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Mollie (PS091) [1696] Mother used to make wonderful ginger beer and we
Enid (PS08Y) [1697] Ooh!
Mollie (PS091) [1698] were bought up on it!

2 (Tape 033302)

Enid (PS08Y) [1699] It's a ... wine merchants now.
John (PS093) [1700] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1701] Yeah
John (PS093) [1702] it's a
Enid (PS08Y) [1703] An off-licence.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1704] Oh!
John (PS093) [1705] Not Oddbins, it's the other one.
Enid (PS08Y) [1706] No, the other one.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1707] Oh ... yeah, well I've never even been there before.
[1708] ... Look it up again then.
Enid (PS08Y) [1709] Yeah, there they are, those houses there, you know where them new shops are?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1710] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1711] Seconds Out and all that?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1712] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1713] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1714] That, that was o , there's Brill there, see.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1715] Oh yeah, Brill
Enid (PS08Y) [1716] We used to go up there, then their house there and th , and that pub was here.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1717] Oh what the
Enid (PS08Y) [1718] Exchange.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1719] Exchange.
[1720] Wheatsheaf?
Enid (PS08Y) [1721] And tha the Wheatsheaf, they've knocked that down.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1722] Yeah, it's not there.
Enid (PS08Y) [1723] Dorothy Perkins is there.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1724] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1725] And that's Oddbins now innit?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1726] Yeah, there.
[1727] ... Can't get out of my place [laughing] can you [] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1728] [laughing] How the west was won [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1729] [laughing] Wore cap [...] , [...] wore caps [] !
[1730] Didn't they?
[1731] Wear pa , caps and big moustaches when they grew up.
John (PS093) [1732] Well everybody wore caps in them days didn't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [1733] Yeah.
[1734] We even put a boater on.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1735] Yeah, he has, a straw boater.
John (PS093) [1736] Must of been a butcher or a baker.
[1737] [laughing] Or a candlestick makers [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1738] Or a candlestick maker!
[1739] Don't keep farting!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1740] Red Lion.
Enid (PS08Y) [1741] Near my mum's, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1742] Yep.
Enid (PS08Y) [1743] That looks like a canal along there dunnit?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1744] Hey?
Enid (PS08Y) [1745] Looks like a canal on there.
John (PS093) [1746] Yeah, I thought it was.
Enid (PS08Y) [1747] No.
John (PS093) [1748] What is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1749] It's a we wa wet road innit?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1750] Yeah.
[1751] Yeah, it says here, on a sunny day [...]
John (PS093) [1752] The Avon and Wokingham Canal.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1753] No, that's not even water is it?
[1754] It's just wet tarmac.
Enid (PS08Y) [1755] Yeah, it's a wet tarmac.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1756] Wet [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [1757] That's the bit they've knocked down to the put the ... Smiths and that, the other side of it, this bit.
John (PS093) [1758] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1759] Oh there's the King's Head.
Enid (PS08Y) [1760] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1761] Oh, so there's two together then?
John (PS093) [1762] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1763] Yeah.
John (PS093) [1764] Next door to one another.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1765] [...] there's the Red Lion there and the King's Head here.
Enid (PS08Y) [1766] Well it used to be a coaching inn didn't it?
[1767] The coaches used to go through there.
[1768] The same as the roads ... weren't it?
John (PS093) [1769] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1770] And the bus.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1771] Yeah, well th the roads actually,yo
Enid (PS08Y) [1772] The coaches used to
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1773] ta , you actually walk through the middle bit don't you?
Enid (PS08Y) [1774] No.
John (PS093) [1775] Yeah but yo yo ... you do there don't you?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1776] The coach.
John (PS093) [1777] You walk down the side of the
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1778] Yeah.
John (PS093) [1779] pub there?
[1780] But that used to be it, cos you go through that ar

3 (Tape 033303)

Enid (PS08Y) [1781] I'll just close that door for a minute, because my
John (PS093) [1782] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1783] goodness the wind!
John (PS093) [1784] That is er, yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1785] Mm!
John (PS093) [1786] Hello again!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1787] Hello John.
John (PS093) [1788] Er ... yes please?
Enid (PS08Y) [1789] Yes please.
[1790] Er two slices of ham please?
John (PS093) [1791] [...] right.
[1792] ... One twenty nine please.
Enid (PS08Y) [1793] And his bit of fat please, for the birds?
[1794] If you may?
John (PS093) [1795] Anything else?
Enid (PS08Y) [1796] Yes please.
[1797] What about er, this steak for braising John?
John (PS093) [1798] Yeah, that's alright, yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1799] It's nice, is it?
John (PS093) [1800] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [1801] A pound and a half please?
John (PS093) [1802] Thank you.
[1803] Do you want it cut up?
Enid (PS08Y) [1804] Er, no I shall use it probably in
John (PS093) [1805] In [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [1806] se , serving pieces.
John (PS093) [1807] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1808] That's lovely beef that you know?
John (PS093) [1809] Yeah, it's lovely beef that.
Enid (PS08Y) [1810] It looks nice.
John (PS093) [1811] You'll be alright with that.
[1812] ... Pound, five ounces, do you want a wee bit more?
Enid (PS08Y) [1813] Er, erm ... can I see it?
John (PS093) [1814] You can have a little bit more, here are.
Enid (PS08Y) [1815] I think that's ... yes, just a wee bit more to bring it er
John (PS093) [1816] Yeah, just a bit
Enid (PS08Y) [1817] only a little bit John.
John (PS093) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [1818] Thank you.
John (PS093) [1819] Yeah, that's it then.
[1820] Pound and
Enid (PS08Y) [1821] Thank you.
John (PS093) [1822] a half.
[1823] Alright?
Enid (PS08Y) [1824] Yes.
John (PS093) [1825] Anything else?
Enid (PS08Y) [1826] That's all just now thank you.
John (PS093) [1827] Thank you.
[1828] ... That's four seventy five then altogether.
Enid (PS08Y) [1829] Thank you.
[1830] And you've put the price on the eggs, I expect?
John (PS093) [1831] Yeah , that's on the box
Enid (PS08Y) [1832] Lovely!
John (PS093) [1833] see , yep!
Enid (PS08Y) [1834] Thank you.
John (PS093) [1835] Yeah.
[1836] There you go.
Enid (PS08Y) [1837] Thank you very much.
John (PS093) [1838] Alright
Enid (PS08Y) [1839] Thank you!
John (PS093) [1840] thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [1841] Can I have two chicken breasts please?
John (PS093) [1842] Bye bye then [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1843] Bye bye John!
John (PS093) [1844] Yeah.

4 (Tape 033304)

Enid (PS08Y) [1845] Butter please thank
Pam (PS094) [1846] Mam?
Enid (PS08Y) [1847] you?
[1848] Thank you, and I think the only other thing I need is erm ... you haven't a small caster sugar have you?
Pam (PS094) [1849] No, only that big
Enid (PS08Y) [1850] Just the one we , er, I'll take that one then
Pam (PS094) [1851] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1852] thank you.
Pam (PS094) [1853] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1854] And unless I'm being stupid I think that's ... really all I need this morning.
Pam (PS094) [1855] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [1856] I've got veg.
Pam (PS094) [1857] One eighty two.
[1858] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1859] Say it again for me, Pam?
Pam (PS094) [1860] One eighty two.
Enid (PS08Y) [1861] Thank you.
[1862] ... I haven't got the two is that alri , are you alright for change?
Pam (PS094) [1863] Yes, yes.
[1864] Thank you.
[1865] ... Thanks very much.
Enid (PS08Y) [1866] Thank you.
[1867] Thanks very much.
Pam (PS094) [1868] Lovely, thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [1869] I'm glad you're keeping your door shut because really
Pam (PS094) [1870] It's a bitter wind today
Enid (PS08Y) [1871] Oh!
Pam (PS094) [1872] isn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1873] Terrific wind today, yes it is!
Pam (PS094) [1874] Yes, it is!
Enid (PS08Y) [1875] Bye bye just now!
Pam (PS094) [1876] Thank you, bye bye!
Enid (PS08Y) [1877] Sorry!

5 (Tape 033305)

Enid (PS08Y) [1878] [shouting] Hello Stanley [] !
Stanley (PS095) [1879] [shouting] Good morning [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1880] It's me!
[1881] [laugh] ... Hello.
Stanley (PS095) [1882] Noel didn't come?
Enid (PS08Y) [1883] No he didn't.
[1884] He's got some writing he's got to get on
Stanley (PS095) [1885] Oh yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1886] with down there.
[1887] Erm ... yes, oh and you ... you haven't got your nice fire on yet?
Stanley (PS095) [1888] It smoked like the devil!
Enid (PS08Y) [1889] Oh!
Stanley (PS095) [1890] Come through here.
Enid (PS08Y) [1891] Ah!
[1892] ... Oh oh, that's better!
[1893] That's nice!
[1894] So you're sitting in here at the moment are you Stanley?
Stanley (PS095) [1895] Yes.
[1896] Yes, why not?
[1897] Why not?
Enid (PS08Y) [1898] Why not, indeed!
[1899] It is the bitterest morning ... that I've
Stanley (PS095) [1900] Oh it is bitter!
Enid (PS08Y) [1901] Thanks, it's lovely!
Stanley (PS095) [1902] It is bitter.
Enid (PS08Y) [1903] Oh that's a beauty!
[1904] Isn't it?
Stanley (PS095) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [1905] And what is the fi , is the kitchen erm ... chimney needing to be swept or something then?
Stanley (PS095) [1906] Er, no the dining room.
Enid (PS08Y) [1907] Er, I mean the dining room, sorry!
Stanley (PS095) [1908] Yes , yes, oh yes I've ... well you know the fires on that I had in all the winter I'm going to get on that today.
[1909] I know it wants er, sweeping.
Enid (PS08Y) [1910] Yes.
[1911] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [1912] It's smoking.
Enid (PS08Y) [1913] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [1914] I da , I I I tried to [...] but I'd smoke the place out!
Enid (PS08Y) [1915] Aha.
[1916] Oh that's a pity because that's the room that you
Stanley (PS095) [1917] Aye
Enid (PS08Y) [1918] use a lot isn't it?
Stanley (PS095) [1919] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [1920] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [1921] But because this in the centre is the warmest room cos there only one door here you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [1922] Yes.
[1923] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [1924] There's five in that other.
Enid (PS08Y) [1925] Yes ... it's lovely!
[1926] My goodness it's erm ... we were all saying yesterday it was summer!
[1927] Noel cut the grass yesterday can you believe it?
[1928] And I did
Stanley (PS095) [1929] He did?
Enid (PS08Y) [1930] Yes.
[1931] And I weeded the front garden, some of it.
[1932] Erm ... and now look at it today!
[1933] It's really cold!
Stanley (PS095) [1934] Ye , yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact, I walked up to the gate ... and I come back and I just walked across the lawn and I [...] ... I felt the sun.
Enid (PS08Y) [1935] Yes.
[1936] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [1937] Yes , felt the sun.
[1938] But after one that turned cold again don't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [1939] It does!
[1940] It does!
Stanley (PS095) [1941] Oh it's [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [1942] Yes.
[1943] And er, it was funny yesterday morning the birds in the village were singing ... just in the way they do in the spri , in the spring, you know, first light.
Stanley (PS095) [1944] Yeah, that's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [1945] And I thought gosh, if they don't know what's
Stanley (PS095) [1946] Well they've got another month
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [1947] before spring in.
Enid (PS08Y) [1948] That's true.
[1949] Well that's true!
Stanley (PS095) [1950] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1951] But you see you take it for granted.
[1952] Tell me Stanley ... erm, I brought your medicine from the doctor
Stanley (PS095) [1953] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [1954] er, was that because you've not been well this week or just is it a ,ro routine replacement or something?
Stanley (PS095) [1955] Well no, that's erm er, water [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [1956] Yes, but I, it's not because you've not been well?
Stanley (PS095) [1957] No!
[1958] No, no, no, no
Enid (PS08Y) [1959] Oh that's fine.
Stanley (PS095) [1960] no, no, no, no i , no it's a ... i i it's old trouble.
Enid (PS08Y) [1961] Yes I know.
[1962] I know.
Stanley (PS095) [1963] It's old trouble.
[1964] I think
Enid (PS08Y) [1965] I know.
Stanley (PS095) [1966] he's more interested in women than anything else!
Enid (PS08Y) [1967] Oh!
[1968] It's sad isn't it?
[1969] It really is, it's sad!
Stanley (PS095) [1970] I don't know, he come, he said to me ... er we we well he come over, you see when I come home from hospital he sa , he had to report [...] to come and see me ... he was a long while before he did come!
[1971] But er, he he hopped on one day and er ... had a talk with him and so on and ... took my temperature and pulse and that, this, that and other, he said well ... I'll call again he said, when I'm by, but he never did!
Enid (PS08Y) [1972] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [1973] He never called!
Enid (PS08Y) [1974] Mm.
[1975] I don't think he
Stanley (PS095) [1976] I had to ring!
Enid (PS08Y) [1977] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [1978] And I said to him, I said well I hope I don't mind er me ringing the doctor, well he said no that's what we're here for.
[1979] But he said, I've got three hours of paperwork!
[1980] Well that's nothing to do with it!
Enid (PS08Y) [1981] Absolutely!
[1982] Absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [1983] Nothing to do with it!
Enid (PS08Y) [1984] I mean, it doesn't stop him from going shooting and fishing does it?
Stanley (PS095) [1985] Oh no!
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [1986] No, no, that's the thing.
[1987] I think he's a little bit envious because ... er, I took those meadows back, you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [1988] Possibly , yes.
Stanley (PS095) [1989] Cos he used to go shooting there and [...] and they went in there and they shouldn't of done because Michael told them I'd taken meadows back ... and he sa , he said when Tony told them, they, they'd been there shooting he said well they're, they're out of bounds!
Enid (PS08Y) [1990] Mm.
[1991] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [1992] He said I told them ... that.
Enid (PS08Y) [1993] Mm.
[1994] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [1995] But they took advantage, the boys did and they don't care at all!
Enid (PS08Y) [1996] Ye , yes that's right, mm.
Stanley (PS095) [1997] They take liberties [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [1998] Yes, they do , they do, it's a shame!
Stanley (PS095) [1999] I think ... that [...] a little bit apprehensive on things like that, and course when he saw Tony ... asked whether ga , whether he could go and Tony said no, I'm sorry Doc but that he said I've got my ponies and things there and I don't want people shooting there!
Enid (PS08Y) [2000] Of course not!
[2001] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2002] There's them foals from [...] , round the back, they don't want them.
Enid (PS08Y) [2003] Yes.
[2004] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2005] I'm sorry to keep on.
[2006] But I'm sure you go down there yourself.
Enid (PS08Y) [2007] Yes.
[2008] Yes, that's
Stanley (PS095) [2009] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2010] true
Stanley (PS095) [2011] But they,th th th they just walk on, they don't have to pay anything
Enid (PS08Y) [2012] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2013] [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [2014] No!
[2015] [laughing] No [] !
Stanley (PS095) [2016] Walk over you!
Enid (PS08Y) [2017] Well they just think they're in a privileged position Stanley!
Stanley (PS095) [2018] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2019] And the only privilege they have is of looking after us isn't it?
Stanley (PS095) [2020] Yeah, that's right!
[2021] Yes, that's right!
Enid (PS08Y) [2022] [laugh] Really!
Stanley (PS095) [2023] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2024] And getting well
Stanley (PS095) [2025] And what you
Enid (PS08Y) [2026] paid for it!
Stanley (PS095) [2027] what you've got, they're entitled to!
Enid (PS08Y) [2028] Absolutely!
[2029] [laughing] That's right [] !
Stanley (PS095) [2030] That's nice of them!
Enid (PS08Y) [2031] [laughing] Yes, absolutely [] !
Stanley (PS095) [2032] Well that's right innit?
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2033] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2034] Oh dear oh dear!
[2035] Oh heck!
Stanley (PS095) [2036] Well, so ... there you are and I told them, he he said that he wanted erm ... a urine sample you see and so of course when the nurse come after he'd gone, later ... and I kept waiting and I thought to myself well I want to know the result!
Enid (PS08Y) [2037] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2038] Jackie said, well ring them,sh he should know something about it!
Enid (PS08Y) [2039] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2040] And that don't take a week, week to test anything like that!
Enid (PS08Y) [2041] It shouldn't do, no.
Stanley (PS095) [2042] When it's gone to hospital.
[2043] And, I rang, I better ask him you see, and of course, who was the lady in the office?
Enid (PS08Y) [2044] Oh she's called Jean.
[2045] She's very nice!
Stanley (PS095) [2046] Who is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [2047] Jean, her name.
Stanley (PS095) [2048] Jean?
Enid (PS08Y) [2049] I don't know her other name.
Stanley (PS095) [2050] She is a very nice person.
Enid (PS08Y) [2051] A very nice person.
Stanley (PS095) [2052] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2053] She is.
Stanley (PS095) [2054] Polite and such like.
Enid (PS08Y) [2055] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2056] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2057] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2058] Yes, I I think to, well what a nice person you are to, to talk to!
Enid (PS08Y) [2059] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2060] Nice personality I shouldn't
Enid (PS08Y) [2061] Very nice!
Stanley (PS095) [2062] reckon.
[2063] And I got that, well ... and she sa , [...] she said ... er, when I asked them fo for some er ... tablets he said ... alright, can you send down for them?
[2064] I said yes, he said alright I'll have them ready.
[2065] They'll be ready.
[2066] And same as those, she said, they'll be ready any time after lunch, so I
Enid (PS08Y) [2067] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2068] said thank you very much.
Enid (PS08Y) [2069] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2070] And er
Enid (PS08Y) [2071] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2072] but erm ... I said to her ... over there, I said er, well excuse me I said er da er er a doctor , I, I said took a urine test for me and I said I want to know that I, if he knew the results?
[2073] She said, well I'll look up ... well he never told her ... and he never told me!
Enid (PS08Y) [2074] No.
[2075] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2076] And so she looked up, she said, that is right ... she said, alright, and er he prescribed some more water pills.
[2077] Well why didn't he ... get on with it?
Enid (PS08Y) [2078] People complain that these tests seem to take longer than they need to.
Stanley (PS095) [2079] Well I think so, yeah!
Enid (PS08Y) [2080] Whether the hold up is at the hospital ... or in the erm ... surgery ... I
Stanley (PS095) [2081] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2082] honestly don't know!
[2083] But it does seem to take a while.
Stanley (PS095) [2084] Oh dear oh dear!
Enid (PS08Y) [2085] Oh what have I done?
[2086] What?
Stanley (PS095) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2087] Oh!
[2088] Oh it's just a
Stanley (PS095) [2089] You can't be
Enid (PS08Y) [2090] Yes I can Stanley it's just a
Stanley (PS095) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2091] it's just an outdated bill.
Stanley (PS095) [2092] Is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [2093] That's all, came out of my
Stanley (PS095) [2094] Well
Enid (PS08Y) [2095] pocket.
Stanley (PS095) [2096] the thing is, after all's said and done if er,i i if there's a little pain I get it, not him!
Enid (PS08Y) [2097] Absolutely! [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2098] So he can hang on can't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [2099] [laugh] ... That's right!
Stanley (PS095) [2100] There's a ... no, I don't think he's too obliged as he should be!
Enid (PS08Y) [2101] No, he's not a, I don't think he's as a as some
Stanley (PS095) [2102] They tell me that is a, is a, a lot better value.
Enid (PS08Y) [2103] He is wonderful!
Stanley (PS095) [2104] They
Enid (PS08Y) [2105] He
Stanley (PS095) [2106] say he's a nice little fellow!
Enid (PS08Y) [2107] My gosh, he's wonderful!
[2108] Everybody wants him you know.
Stanley (PS095) [2109] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2110] I should think his list is absolutely full by now.
Stanley (PS095) [2111] Yes, of course.
Enid (PS08Y) [2112] Erm, the first time I met him was when he was doing a very tricky ... stitching job, I took Mollie up
Stanley (PS095) [2113] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2114] because she'd cut her leg
Stanley (PS095) [2115] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2116] and er ... I took her up there ... and her si , skin is like tissue paper
Stanley (PS095) [2117] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2118] I don't know how that man ... managed to get the two edges to meet ... but he did a wonderful job on it!
[2119] And he was so nice to her when he was doing it.
Stanley (PS095) [2120] Yes, he's a nice person of
Enid (PS08Y) [2121] You're very nice!
Stanley (PS095) [2122] then Mrs erm ... er,, you know, who had the mu ... [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2123] Oh yes!
Stanley (PS095) [2124] she think a lot of him!
Enid (PS08Y) [2125] Lucky girl!
Stanley (PS095) [2126] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2127] Those people who live there ... in, up in Framlingham are very lucky!
Stanley (PS095) [2128] Ha?
[2129] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2130] And those people who live near enough
Stanley (PS095) [2131] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2132] you see, to the main surgery.
Stanley (PS095) [2133] Well of course when is out, they they give you the the 's number
Enid (PS08Y) [2134] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2135] in fact, one time when they was out ... they give me a number, I go , and I got !
Enid (PS08Y) [2136] Oh yes!
[2137] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2138] Well ... and I had er er erm erm ... what's the name?
[2139] Ha!
[2140] What do you call them, [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [2141] A tummy upset?
Stanley (PS095) [2142] No!
[2143] Skin!
Enid (PS08Y) [2144] Oh, not erm ... shingles?
Stanley (PS095) [2145] Shingles, I had a touch
Enid (PS08Y) [2146] Oh!
Stanley (PS095) [2147] of shingles.
Enid (PS08Y) [2148] Gosh!
[2149] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2150] And I said to him, he said what's the matter?
[2151] And I told him, I said I've got shingles ... so I said well I got them ... he said and ... red round the stomach.
[2152] Ha, ha, ha, he said!
[2153] I thought to myself, not so much of the ha, ha, ha!
[2154] That's what he's li , er, wasn't a way to tell nobody was it?
Enid (PS08Y) [2155] No, it wasn't.
[2156] You see, that's another one.
Stanley (PS095) [2157] He didn't feel it did he?
Enid (PS08Y) [2158] No, he didn't feel, absolutely
Stanley (PS095) [2159] No!
Enid (PS08Y) [2160] Stanley!
[2161] No, that's not
Stanley (PS095) [2162] I thought to myself, who's this then?
[2163] That's something I don't sa , not so matter that I could have told him!
Enid (PS08Y) [2164] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2165] That isn't a way to get through to people!
Enid (PS08Y) [2166] No it isn't!
[2167] No it's not.
Stanley (PS095) [2168] Cos after all, we don't go private but we're paying!
Enid (PS08Y) [2169] Tha abs
Stanley (PS095) [2170] And I've payed for years and years for myself and four other people besides!
Enid (PS08Y) [2171] Mm.
[2172] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2173] No, some
Enid (PS08Y) [2174] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2175] of them get too ... snooty in a way.
Enid (PS08Y) [2176] Yes , they get, they're a bit less committed.
[2177] I think the
Stanley (PS095) [2178] And, as you say with , well if he can go fishing and shooting, I don't know about that, they take priority!
Enid (PS08Y) [2179] Yes.
[2180] Yes, that's true.
[2181] Mhm.
[2182] There's another very nice one there, he's the latest to have come ... erm ...
Stanley (PS095) [2183] .
[2184] What in
Enid (PS08Y) [2185] oh and he's just
Stanley (PS095) [2186] at Framlingham?
Enid (PS08Y) [2187] Yes.
[2188] And he's very young, he's i , I met him ... twice, when I was with people who ... were dying
Stanley (PS095) [2189] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2190] and erm ... in fact, yes, but both of just had died and we sent for ... the doctor and it's
Stanley (PS095) [2191] Aha.
Enid (PS08Y) [2192] it was he who came ... and erm ... he was absolutely marvellous!
[2193] I thought his manner was ... just right.
Stanley (PS095) [2194] Makes all the difference doesn't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [2195] Oh yes!
[2196] It does make a lot of
Stanley (PS095) [2197] I mean
Enid (PS08Y) [2198] difference, yes
Stanley (PS095) [2199] a person like that ... can help another person to get well can't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [2200] They can!
[2201] They can.
[2202] I mean,th there is something to be said for the manner towards you isn't there?
Stanley (PS095) [2203] Ooh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2204] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2205] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2206] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2207] I mean, when you look forward to seeing the doctor and one thing and another, and saying, have a conversation with them, that's a different story innit?
Enid (PS08Y) [2208] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2209] And buck you up a bit.
Enid (PS08Y) [2210] Oh absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [2211] That's something you
Enid (PS08Y) [2212] Absolutely!
[2213] Yes!
Stanley (PS095) [2214] if you think to yourself well if I can have a ... a quarter of an hour's chat with him, that'd be worth something.
Enid (PS08Y) [2215] That's right.
[2216] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2217] Yes.
[2218] I don't know why some of them get like that, well of course they shouldn't be doctors any how.
[2219] And tha tha th th a doctor should have a nice personality!
Enid (PS08Y) [2220] He should.
[2221] I think in some cases, Stanley, not only in the me , medical profession ... the more people are paid ... the less committed they seem to be to the job!
Stanley (PS095) [2222] Yes, they do, they get independent!
Enid (PS08Y) [2223] Yes.
[2224] They begin to feel that the job is there so that they can earn a living, rather than that they are doing the job itself!
Stanley (PS095) [2225] That's right , yes.
[2226] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2227] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2228] Th th er theirselves, they take priority not the patient!
Enid (PS08Y) [2229] That's what I feel.
[2230] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2231] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2232] I'm sorry about it because ... you know, how I feel about the ... medical profession and the nursing
Stanley (PS095) [2233] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2234] profession.
Stanley (PS095) [2235] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2236] Ye , I mean I'm passionately keen!
[2237] But erm ... I I think some of them let us down a bit.
[2238] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2239] Yes.
[2240] Well there you are, I don't know whether it's wrong.
[2241] Course, they drop onto you any old time if they come but if they can't
Enid (PS08Y) [2242] Oh yes, if they want to come it doesn't matter if it's convenient to you or not [laughing] does it [] !
Stanley (PS095) [2243] Not a bit of it!
[2244] Not a bit of it!
[2245] Oh no
Enid (PS08Y) [2246] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2247] not a bit of it.
Enid (PS08Y) [2248] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2249] Well I mean after all they want er an appointment!
Enid (PS08Y) [2250] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2251] But you don't get no appointment!
Enid (PS08Y) [2252] That's right, you don't.
Stanley (PS095) [2253] Oh no!
[2254] You see
Enid (PS08Y) [2255] That's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2256] you take second place, definitely!
Enid (PS08Y) [2257] Yes.
[2258] I'm sorry
Stanley (PS095) [2259] Well
Enid (PS08Y) [2260] it is true with some
Stanley (PS095) [2261] I mean, after all
Enid (PS08Y) [2262] of them.
Stanley (PS095) [2263] you're, we're their customers!
Enid (PS08Y) [2264] Ah, that's right!
Stanley (PS095) [2265] That's their living innit?
Enid (PS08Y) [2266] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2267] Withou , they need er er anyone like ourselves, well, er er they'd have nothing to do!
Enid (PS08Y) [2268] That's right.
[2269] Absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2270] And of course they're not so hard pressed as people are in these big cities!
Stanley (PS095) [2271] Oh no!
Enid (PS08Y) [2272] You know, they have a nicer time of it here altogether don't they?
Stanley (PS095) [2273] Oh undoubtedly!
[2274] Undoubtedly!
Enid (PS08Y) [2275] Yes.
[2276] They do.
Stanley (PS095) [2277] Because, I mean, there you are, look, I mean ... for argument's sake, now , well they have e e every Tuesday off or some Monday or Tuesday off don't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [2278] Mhm.
[2279] He does.
Stanley (PS095) [2280] The same as that Doctor used to come down and er
Enid (PS08Y) [2281] Oh yes!
Stanley (PS095) [2282] for him.
Enid (PS08Y) [2283] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2284] He was quite a nice fellow!
Enid (PS08Y) [2285] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2286] So far.
Enid (PS08Y) [2287] Yes, he's in ... Debenham now.
Stanley (PS095) [2288] Debenham, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2289] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2290] He lived on the green didn't he, [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [2291] He did.
Stanley (PS095) [2292] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2293] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2294] Do he live at Debenham now?
Enid (PS08Y) [2295] Er, I think he does live at Debenham.
[2296] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2297] He [...] , yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2298] I know he operates from there anyway.
Stanley (PS095) [2299] Yeah.
[2300] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2301] Mm.
[2302] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2303] But then I mean ... come and saw me once, you see, when I wasn't there like that and ... he he tested from top to bottom, he said well ... ar ar after we sit and talked, and like he said well I better give you the once over, I said th er, certainly.
[2304] And so he he tested and such like and ... he shook his head and he said well ... I don't know, I can't find anything wrong with you.
Enid (PS08Y) [2305] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2306] And he said you're a better man than I am!
Enid (PS08Y) [2307] Really?
Stanley (PS095) [2308] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2309] Aha.
[2310] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2311] And that's what said, and that's what
Enid (PS08Y) [2312] That's what the hospital said!
Stanley (PS095) [2313] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2314] Remember?
Stanley (PS095) [2315] Yes!
[2316] And that is what er Doctor said!
Enid (PS08Y) [2317] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2318] And !
Enid (PS08Y) [2319] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2320] I've had four doctors tell me I'm a better man than them!
Enid (PS08Y) [2321] Well you wouldn't be ninety five if you were weakling would you Stanley?
Stanley (PS095) [2322] No I don't suppose so.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2323] I don't suppose so.
[2324] Poor old Doctor , he said you'll never wear your heart out.
Enid (PS08Y) [2325] Really?
Stanley (PS095) [2326] He said, whereas an ordinary man live till they're ... seventy ... you'll live till you're ninety!
Enid (PS08Y) [2327] Fancy!
[2328] He knew, you see.
Stanley (PS095) [2329] See an
Enid (PS08Y) [2330] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2331] and ... and when er erm come over here the last time ... er, I I told him a a that he say, Doctor , you see, told what he said, he is a clever old boy weren't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [2332] Yes.
[2333] Well he was.
Stanley (PS095) [2334] said that!
Enid (PS08Y) [2335] said that, yes, yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2336] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2337] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2338] And they don't often speak like that of one another.
Enid (PS08Y) [2339] No, they don't often refer to one another do they?
Stanley (PS095) [2340] No they don't, that's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2341] You see it's not thought to be the thing
Stanley (PS095) [2342] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2343] to do.
Stanley (PS095) [2344] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2345] Ah!
[2346] Yes.
[2347] Oh he was a, he was a lovely man, wasn't he, Doctor ?
Stanley (PS095) [2348] Oh aye, I liked him, yeah.
[2349] George liked him.
Enid (PS08Y) [2350] Did he?
Stanley (PS095) [2351] Yes, yes, quite good.
Enid (PS08Y) [2352] Yes.
[2353] Yes, well of course they
Stanley (PS095) [2354] Yes, he ought used to be, he was in Scotland he wasn't bro , brought George [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [2355] Did he?
Stanley (PS095) [2356] Oh yes, yes
Enid (PS08Y) [2357] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2358] yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2359] Oh he was a real gentleman.
Stanley (PS095) [2360] Yes , no problem like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [2361] Wonderful!
Stanley (PS095) [2362] Well George got on with a lot of people like that but of course, he was a Mason you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [2363] Oh, was he?
Stanley (PS095) [2364] He is that, but that's why he kept them [...] he used to go down there with him, he got a big photograph of Captain like that er, in his room here and so on.
Enid (PS08Y) [2365] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2366] Well [...] a man of nearly seventy years!
Enid (PS08Y) [2367] Is that so?
Stanley (PS095) [2368] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2369] My God!
Stanley (PS095) [2370] They had ... they had a few minutes silence for him when he died down Framlingham.
Enid (PS08Y) [2371] Did they?
Stanley (PS095) [2372] Yes, they [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2373] Did they?
Stanley (PS095) [2374] Because er ... er er Len a Mason you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [2375] Is he?
Stanley (PS095) [2376] Yes.
[2377] And he drives in London ... er er er for meeting!
Enid (PS08Y) [2378] Does he really?
[2379] They're very keen aren't they?
Stanley (PS095) [2380] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2381] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2382] Yes, David
Enid (PS08Y) [2383] Some
Stanley (PS095) [2384] what's-a-name, er er said to me, have you ever thought about?
[2385] I said I'm past that my dear!
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2386] I'm past that [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [2387] Noel's not keen on them, he's been asked to become a Mason sometimes
Stanley (PS095) [2388] Yes, right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2389] but he just, it's not, somehow it's hi , not his sort of thing.
Stanley (PS095) [2390] No well erm, I did ask, old Chris spoke to me once in the park and then there's [...] and things like that, cos a certain amount of secrecy in the , things like that ... and erm ... I I sort of turned it down and he even er er er ... well while [...] and [...] and Len that ... said Stanley did you ever think about joining the Masons?
[2391] Well I said I'm too old for that [...] now.
Enid (PS08Y) [2392] Mhm.
[2393] Mm.
[2394] Well you've
Stanley (PS095) [2395] So they
Enid (PS08Y) [2396] had plenty to do to fill your time without belonging to
Stanley (PS095) [2397] Well yes, after all's
Enid (PS08Y) [2398] that sort of thing.
Stanley (PS095) [2399] said and done, mm, after all's said and done course I ... well I said there's good, bad, and indifferent everything cos I know some Masons who are blinking great rogues, you know!
Enid (PS08Y) [2400] Mm.
[2401] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2402] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2403] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2404] Old George used to be an old [...] ... he was always keen to be executor for anybody you know.
Enid (PS08Y) [2405] Really?
Stanley (PS095) [2406] Oh yes, and he could get executor, he was executor for one poor old lady ... old Mrs used to live on the causeway ... er ... er er, the first little house ... you know where the th th , er you're coming this way ... on the causeway ... there's The Elms, ain't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [2407] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2408] And then on, at the back, there's a little cottage near the start there ... she used to live in that little cottage.
Enid (PS08Y) [2409] Oh yes!
Stanley (PS095) [2410] Well ... old Jack ... er, he di used to do the post round and he lived in the next cottage
Enid (PS08Y) [2411] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2412] they were two thick people.
[2413] And the old lady when he was out like that, before and he used to go to Framlingham carrying the bags and such like, and then deliver, come back poor old boy!
Enid (PS08Y) [2414] From the [...]
Stanley (PS095) [2415] He had a little shop ... not much, you know just a few things and such like, in those days.
Enid (PS08Y) [2416] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2417] Well, she used to sort of keep shop for him, she was deaf as a post!
Enid (PS08Y) [2418] Really?
Stanley (PS095) [2419] Yeah, she was deaf as a po !
[2420] But however, she us , poor old soul, she did her best ... well ... Jackie's mother used to go see her
Enid (PS08Y) [2421] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2422] and of course when old Jack died ... er, Jack ... he left things to her you see
Enid (PS08Y) [2423] Oh yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2424] and that, which is natural.
[2425] That was the time when there was a first portable radios come out
Enid (PS08Y) [2426] Oh!
[2427] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2428] er a Phillips I think, one, one of those portable ones, that was ... rather unique.
[2429] And ... there was a draw ... tickets for it ... and old Jack won it!.
[2430] Old Jack had won it!
[2431] Well, old was doing the the executorship for them because he poked his nose into everything!
Enid (PS08Y) [2432] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2433] He used to live up at The Dial.
[2434] And ... poor old Sarah said, well how much did she owe him you see?
[2435] Well he said he'd take the radio.
Enid (PS08Y) [2436] Oh good gracious!
Stanley (PS095) [2437] So he took the radio instead of, part payment you see, that was the first time.
[2438] Well then, cos he was doing executor for poor old soul ... poor old [...] ... and er ... Ivy used to go and see her pretty frequently, she said do come and see me Mrs ?
[2439] Cos she got a little bit lonely.
Enid (PS08Y) [2440] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2441] But of course,th , I'd been living at The Haven then, next to the butcher's shop.
[2442] Go and see her.
[2443] So one day she said to her ... Mrs , you haven't got a car have you?
[2444] Ivy said no we haven't, she said you will have one day.
Enid (PS08Y) [2445] Really?
[2446] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2447] If anything happened to me.
Enid (PS08Y) [2448] Really?
[2449] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2450] Judge, old was executor ... he went there one day ... and he got her to sign her will
Enid (PS08Y) [2451] Goodness!
[2452] Goodness!
Stanley (PS095) [2453] in favour of him!
Enid (PS08Y) [2454] Oh well that's awful Stanley!
Stanley (PS095) [2455] That's a Mason!
Enid (PS08Y) [2456] Yes, oh that's awful!
[2457] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2458] When Ivy went ... he took ... [...] clerk with them down at [...] ... as a witness.
[2459] When Ivy went to see her she said oh Mrs ... Mr came to see me yesterday afternoon ... he brought another gentleman with him, a nice gentleman so I ... she said ... I think they were taking the census, they got me to sign a paper.
Enid (PS08Y) [2460] Oh dear!
[2461] Oh!
Stanley (PS095) [2462] And she'd signed her own will!
Enid (PS08Y) [2463] Oh!
[2464] Dear oh dear!
Stanley (PS095) [2465] And so when ... she died, he swept the deck!
Enid (PS08Y) [2466] Oh, that is dreadful!
Stanley (PS095) [2467] That's a Mason!
Enid (PS08Y) [2468] Mm.
[2469] Mm.
[2470] That's dreadful!
Stanley (PS095) [2471] Yeah, that's a Mason!
Enid (PS08Y) [2472] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2473] Now, there's another one.
[2474] Old Mrs ... [...] old lady who was in Framlingham, the dentist?
Enid (PS08Y) [2475] No, I don't reme , no, I don't remember
Stanley (PS095) [2476] Well in any case
Enid (PS08Y) [2477] that name.
Stanley (PS095) [2478] She, she come from Walthamstow.
[2479] And then when her
Enid (PS08Y) [2480] Ah yeah.
Stanley (PS095) [2481] her husband died ... she'd picked out a bit of land ... all this [...] and I borrowed this and one thing and another, so well they never found a penny!
Enid (PS08Y) [2482] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2483] If we hadn't got the money to pay for cash on delivery I never want it!
Enid (PS08Y) [2484] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2485] I done without!
Enid (PS08Y) [2486] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2487] Well ... we kept on like that ... and ... er er ... people like that we were packing up wholesale ... so ... erm ... I've lost myself a little bit now.
Enid (PS08Y) [2488] No, you were talking about er ... about your ... cousin ... Mr .
Stanley (PS095) [2489] Oh yes, that's
Enid (PS08Y) [2490] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2491] right!
[2492] Yes, I was talking about ... he used to come over here a lot.
Enid (PS08Y) [2493] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2494] Come over here and spent his ... silver wedding just to come here and his golden wedding!
Enid (PS08Y) [2495] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2496] He loved to come here take a slog and go down the meadows.
Enid (PS08Y) [2497] Oh yes!
Stanley (PS095) [2498] That was his type.
Enid (PS08Y) [2499] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2500] He he he er loved that!
Enid (PS08Y) [2501] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2502] And he loved a horse better than he would a Rolls Royce!
Enid (PS08Y) [2503] Really?
Stanley (PS095) [2504] Yes
Enid (PS08Y) [2505] Mm mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2506] he was that type of person.
Enid (PS08Y) [2507] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2508] Well ... I knew someone in [...] and I thought to myself I, perhaps he might lend me a hand?
[2509] I did touch them one time you see but of course there was nothing doing he wan [...] me!
[2510] Some years afterwards ... walking down here after he'd ... been his for his ... silver wedding, golden wedding and so on er, coming down that ... dri drift down from the back [...] ... he looked at me ... he said I don't know boy!
[2511] I got a nice bit of money and such like ... I don't know who to leave it to.
[2512] ... I said, well I don't want it [...] .
[2513] I'd got on my feet you see
Enid (PS08Y) [2514] Yes, that's right.
Stanley (PS095) [...] [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2515] Yes.
[2516] Mhm.
[2517] That was good.
Stanley (PS095) [2518] He never forgot that!
Enid (PS08Y) [2519] Is that so?
Stanley (PS095) [2520] On two occasions he [...] , repeated me that like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [2521] Mm mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2522] He used to come over here.
[2523] He went off and told his gardener, Wilfred ... he said Stanley won't have any.
[2524] That was a surprise to him!
Enid (PS08Y) [2525] Mm.
[2526] Good on you!
Stanley (PS095) [2527] But I hadn't got much but I'd got on my feet.
Enid (PS08Y) [2528] That's right, and you didn't need anybody else's!
Stanley (PS095) [2529] And I thought to myself, keep it boy!
Enid (PS08Y) [2530] Yes.
[2531] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2532] I told him [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [2533] Yes.
[2534] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2535] But otherwise said I could have it, he would of left that to me.
Enid (PS08Y) [2536] Mhm.
[2537] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2538] Cos he always over here!
Enid (PS08Y) [2539] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2540] Always over here.
Enid (PS08Y) [2541] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2542] But that was the biggest shock he ever had!
Enid (PS08Y) [2543] [laugh] ... That you didn't want it.
Stanley (PS095) [2544] That was.
[2545] And
Enid (PS08Y) [2546] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2547] thought to myself, yes ... in a sense I could of done with that so far but I thought, no, I'll stick up and [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2548] Yes your independence
Stanley (PS095) [2549] stand on my own legs!
[2550] So I told
Enid (PS08Y) [2551] means a lot.
Stanley (PS095) [2552] him.
Enid (PS08Y) [2553] Ha.
Stanley (PS095) [2554] I told him.
Enid (PS08Y) [2555] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2556] And he
Enid (PS08Y) [2557] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2558] and Wilfred told me himself ... when I went up there!
Enid (PS08Y) [2559] Really?
[2560] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2561] Yes , he told me what [...] said to him.
Enid (PS08Y) [2562] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2563] It all comes round.
Enid (PS08Y) [2564] Oh yes!
[2565] And it's done you no harm
Stanley (PS095) [2566] It always comes round!
Enid (PS08Y) [2567] has it Stanley?
Stanley (PS095) [2568] Pardon?
Enid (PS08Y) [2569] It's done you no harm to stand on your own feet has it?
Stanley (PS095) [2570] No, it hasn't!
Enid (PS08Y) [2571] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2572] No, it
Enid (PS08Y) [2573] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2574] hasn't.
[2575] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [2576] That's the way.
[2577] If only people would be a bit more like that sometimes today.
Stanley (PS095) [2578] What I wa , what I want to get ... I've saved up an ,an an an an earned it and
Enid (PS08Y) [2579] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2580] [...] Lily and I like that ... and we bought the self and we felt independent.
Enid (PS08Y) [2581] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2582] And I've always was a little bit independent.
Enid (PS08Y) [2583] Yes.
[2584] Oh it's the best way to be Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2585] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2586] It's the best way to be.
[2587] Aha.
Stanley (PS095) [2588] And a fellow said to me ... about two ye , two to three years ago I expect it was ... two telegraph people ... up that pole out an ... just outside of my gate ... and he's still there and I walk along the gate ... and he turned round to me ... he say you're a lucky man!
[2589] I said what do you mean,yo , me a lucky man?
[2590] Well he said, living in a nice place like this.
[2591] You call it luck?
[2592] I said, when I earned a pound I spent nineteen and sixpence, not a guinea like some of you!
Enid (PS08Y) [2593] [laughing] Right [] .
Stanley (PS095) [2594] And he never said no more.
Enid (PS08Y) [2595] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2596] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [2597] Ah, they caught them.
[2598] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2599] Two people come now doing the water, the ... the stop cap ... and one fellow looked across ... coo he said a big [...] , I said I'll have a run a [...] over the left ... I said, now you wouldn't would you?
[2600] Cos I don't mind, I lo I thi , I'm not afraid of work.
Enid (PS08Y) [2601] No.
[2602] No.
[2603] Jolly good!
Stanley (PS095) [2604] They're the sort of people you get.
Enid (PS08Y) [2605] That's right!
[2606] Absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [2607] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2608] I I don't know, by the way, there ar , your gate is open and there is a er, red van out there.
Stanley (PS095) [2609] I opened it.
Enid (PS08Y) [2610] They do, oh!
[2611] Th , oh for me did you?
Stanley (PS095) [2612] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2613] Ah, that's sweet of you!
[2614] So when I go ... you'd like me to shut it probably would you?
Stanley (PS095) [2615] Well i i if you don't mind?
[2616] If not
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Stanley (PS095) [2617] I can shut it.
Enid (PS08Y) [2618] Oh no!
[2619] Well it doesn't take me a minute.
[2620] I just wondered whether it was because the erm ... men with the red van at the gate there
Stanley (PS095) [2621] Oh no no the
Enid (PS08Y) [2622] are doing something here.
Stanley (PS095) [2623] No, [...] no!
[2624] Cos I
Enid (PS08Y) [2625] They're working are they?
Stanley (PS095) [2626] I knew you were coming and so I went and opened the gate.
Enid (PS08Y) [2627] Ah, so you did.
[2628] That's sweet of you!
Stanley (PS095) [2629] I thought [...] [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2630] That's kind!
[2631] Stanley I do not
Stanley (PS095) [2632] You know
Enid (PS08Y) [2633] erm ... yeah?
Stanley (PS095) [2634] Pardon?
[2635] That take all sorts to make a world you know.
Enid (PS08Y) [2636] Oh yes , indeed it does!
[2637] Oh it
Stanley (PS095) [2638] Yep.
Enid (PS08Y) [2639] does!
[2640] And we've got them too, Stanley!
[2641] We've got them! [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2642] A lot of people
Enid (PS08Y) [2643] I think we've got all sorts!
Stanley (PS095) [2644] now like this.
[2645] Well George come the other day, now he's a working fellow!
Enid (PS08Y) [2646] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2647] He's got a little sense!
Enid (PS08Y) [2648] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2649] He earned a lot of money ... and he save it, he then bought a British car.
Enid (PS08Y) [2650] Mm, yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2651] He paid for it!
Enid (PS08Y) [2652] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2653] That's the sor ... he say, nobody need go short today!
Enid (PS08Y) [2654] That's true.
[2655] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2656] Other people ... what do they do?
[2657] They take the money ... they go and buy videos, they buy records, they go and ... bu ba for fo football and all si
Enid (PS08Y) [2658] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2659] they spend the money in the wrong direction!
[2660] There's no return!
Enid (PS08Y) [2661] No.
[2662] That's right Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2663] And then they
Enid (PS08Y) [2664] It's
Stanley (PS095) [2665] say they're short!
Enid (PS08Y) [2666] Yes.
[2667] That's what you've been saying all the time this sort of bank lending's been going on haven't you?
Stanley (PS095) [2668] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2669] Mm.
Stanley (PS095) [2670] Yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2671] It's madness really!
Stanley (PS095) [2672] Ooh yes!
[2673] And then
Enid (PS08Y) [2674] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2675] th a th th I mean th , all these repossessed houses ... they're lived far beyond their end zone!
Enid (PS08Y) [2676] Yes , they do.
Stanley (PS095) [2677] They're ordinary working people, they wanna be independent gentlemen!
Enid (PS08Y) [2678] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2679] And the banks and building societies have encouraged them!
Enid (PS08Y) [2680] They have, I'm afraid, they have!
Stanley (PS095) [2681] Pushed the money onto them!
Enid (PS08Y) [2682] And now of course they're paying the price too because
Stanley (PS095) [2683] Course!
Enid (PS08Y) [2684] they're in a mess!
Stanley (PS095) [2685] It's their own fault!
Enid (PS08Y) [2686] Absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [2687] As you make your bed you lie on it!
Enid (PS08Y) [2688] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2689] That's as simple as that!
[2690] After all said and done, people live
Enid (PS08Y) [2691] It is really.
Stanley (PS095) [2692] far beyond their income ... and when they get the money they spend it in the wrong direction
Enid (PS08Y) [2693] That's right, because they haven't
Stanley (PS095) [2694] haven't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [2695] had to work so hard for it perhaps, you see.
Stanley (PS095) [2696] No!
Enid (PS08Y) [2697] They've borrowed
Stanley (PS095) [2698] You see
Enid (PS08Y) [2699] it instead.
Stanley (PS095) [2700] you see ... go to a football match, or buying some ... er electrical appliance ... appeal to them far more ... than paying the rent!
Enid (PS08Y) [2701] Yes, that's right.
[2702] But a lot of people
Stanley (PS095) [2703] They don't pay the rent, no, ah ra , the tax payers have to make that up!
Enid (PS08Y) [2704] That's true in many cases ... that's true.
Stanley (PS095) [2705] They've got swelled heads, people have!
Enid (PS08Y) [2706] Yes , they have Stanley.
[2707] It's very foolish!
Stanley (PS095) [2708] I wonder if anybody would know ... that what happened here ... ah er er ... two or three year ago was a ... up till re recently ... they know very well that couldn't last!
Enid (PS08Y) [2709] Couldn't last, could it?
Stanley (PS095) [2710] Couldn't last!
[2711] I know, [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2712] It wasn't reality.
Stanley (PS095) [2713] went and borrowed an eighty thousand pound and bought a house
Enid (PS08Y) [2714] That's right.
[2715] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2716] well, he had to scrape to pay the rent at all!
[2717] Then, on the other hand he had to go short indoors, well then when the ... I er th th ,th er the interest went up, cos he [...] !
Enid (PS08Y) [2718] They don't work out how much they're paying for their money
Stanley (PS095) [2719] No, they don't!
Enid (PS08Y) [2720] do they?
[2721] No.
Stanley (PS095) [2722] They go to silly people like
Enid (PS08Y) [2723] It is really!
Stanley (PS095) [2724] that!
Enid (PS08Y) [2725] Is really.
Stanley (PS095) [2726] And the first thing they do th they go to the wo er er bo the boss of the firm where they work for ... and want more money!
Enid (PS08Y) [2727] That's right.
[2728] They can't manage.
Stanley (PS095) [2729] We couldn't do that!
[2730] What do you
Enid (PS08Y) [2731] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2732] think we are!
Enid (PS08Y) [2733] [laughing] Yes [] .
Stanley (PS095) [2734] They, and and they they've they've on the ba ba had their unions run the blessed country!
Enid (PS08Y) [2735] Well they did.
[2736] Certainly, they did.
Stanley (PS095) [2737] I sa
Enid (PS08Y) [2738] And they will again, Stanley!
Stanley (PS095) [2739] I said
Enid (PS08Y) [2740] If we get the wrong people in.
Stanley (PS095) [2741] that [...] Jackie will tell you the same, I told her mother anything from thirty to forty years ago ... I said, that don't matter some toss what political power they get in power you'll find the unions will run the country
Enid (PS08Y) [2742] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2743] the way they're going on!
Enid (PS08Y) [2744] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2745] They demand things!
Enid (PS08Y) [2746] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2747] If, for argument's sake, they want fifty pound, they demand sixty!
Enid (PS08Y) [2748] That's right.
[2749] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2750] And they know they'll get something.
Enid (PS08Y) [2751] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2752] Well
Enid (PS08Y) [2753] Mhm.
Stanley (PS095) [2754] all that money that they keep demanding from the ... er th wa th wa the firms and such like that ... ought to have been ploughed back into the firm!
Enid (PS08Y) [2755] That's right.
[2756] That's right Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2757] If they robbed the firm, they're robbing themselves!
Enid (PS08Y) [2758] Yes, and then they are.
Stanley (PS095) [2759] Anthony said years ago, when the rail ma men went on strike ... why do it?
[2760] You'll only bring misery and distress on your own country!
Enid (PS08Y) [2761] Absolutely!
Stanley (PS095) [2762] And that's as true today!
Enid (PS08Y) [2763] Yes.
[2764] It is!
Stanley (PS095) [2765] But they can't see it!
[2766] All of them around ... they kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
Enid (PS08Y) [2767] Well that's the trouble, they do!
[2768] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2769] Yes, but then
Enid (PS08Y) [2770] They do.
Stanley (PS095) [2771] these firms are gonna pack up!
Enid (PS08Y) [2772] Exactly!
[2773] Exactly, and then they lose the lot then don't they?
Stanley (PS095) [2774] [...] there's only one thought for th sa for them and that's for theirse [tape cuts off]
Enid (PS08Y) [2775] I got erm ... Patsy coming in for a bite of lunch
Stanley (PS095) [2776] Oh yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2777] erm ... because we didn't see her last week.
Stanley (PS095) [2778] Yes.
[2779] Well we
Enid (PS08Y) [2780] And we
Stanley (PS095) [2781] better get the sweeper sometimes then.
Enid (PS08Y) [2782] Oh you need to Stanley won't you?
[2783] Because er ... I can't bear to think of you without this room with that lovely fire in.
Stanley (PS095) [2784] Well, there you are.
[2785] There's always some, look at my birds!
Enid (PS08Y) [2786] Oh yes, the birds are there still aren't they?
[2787] [laugh] ... Here's some fat for them.
[2788] That's your medicine Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2789] Just a minute.
[2790] Come on sweetheart. ... [whistling]
Enid (PS08Y) [2791] Aren't they marvellous!
[2792] They come straight away don't they?
Stanley (PS095) [2793] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2794] They're wonderful!
[2795] That's your medicine ... there ... your eggs there.
Stanley (PS095) [2796] The instructions on them I suppose?
Enid (PS08Y) [2797] Sorry?
Stanley (PS095) [2798] The instructions on it are
Enid (PS08Y) [2799] Oh
Stanley (PS095) [2800] they?
Enid (PS08Y) [2801] Oh, it says, Stanley ... well you can read it I'm sure.
[2802] Please repeat the water test ... when you've finished the tablets.
Stanley (PS095) [2803] Please what?
Enid (PS08Y) [2804] Repeat the water test
Stanley (PS095) [2805] Oh yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [2806] when you've finished the tablets.
Stanley (PS095) [2807] Repeat?
Enid (PS08Y) [2808] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2809] Ah!
[2810] That's
Enid (PS08Y) [2811] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2812] the word I wanted.
Enid (PS08Y) [2813] After you've taken those.
Stanley (PS095) [2814] Righto!
[2815] I expect they'll tell you how many to take.
Enid (PS08Y) [2816] I sho , I suppose so.
[2817] Can I just check?
[2818] I'm sure they will.
Stanley (PS095) [2819] Yes, you look , you look at them.
Enid (PS08Y) [2820] I'm sure they will Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2821] You look at them.
Enid (PS08Y) [2822] Whoops!
[2823] Yes, that one's two tablets twice a day ... and that's for the water test.
Stanley (PS095) [2824] I see.
Enid (PS08Y) [2825] Alright?
Stanley (PS095) [2826] So I gotta take them both?
[2827] What
Enid (PS08Y) [2828] Er
Stanley (PS095) [2829] are they for?
Enid (PS08Y) [2830] bu , you take that ... to , er two tablets twice a day ... that's it.
[2831] Two ... tablets twice a day.
[2832] So that's probably
Stanley (PS095) [2833] Yes, well what are these?
Enid (PS08Y) [2834] morning and evening.
[2835] They are perhaps new ones, I don't know.
[2836] Are they?
Stanley (PS095) [2837] I dunno, I'll take them but
Enid (PS08Y) [2838] Yes.
[2839] Two twice a day.
Stanley (PS095) [2840] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2841] And then this is for your water test.
Stanley (PS095) [2842] Right.
[2843] And er, what
Enid (PS08Y) [2844] When those are finished.
Stanley (PS095) [2845] When those are finished?
Enid (PS08Y) [2846] Yes.
[2847] That's just to put the water in ... to put your urine in you see.
[2848] Let me see it before, ooh I mustn't open it because it'll be ste
Stanley (PS095) [2849] Oh no!
Enid (PS08Y) [2850] it'll be sterile, you see.
[2851] It is, it's
Stanley (PS095) [2852] Ooh he want, he want that for a test?
Enid (PS08Y) [2853] He wants that,yo , he wants you to put some water in that for a test, some of your water in that
Stanley (PS095) [2854] That's right.
[2855] Fine.
Enid (PS08Y) [2856] for a test ... [...]
Stanley (PS095) [2857] after I've used them?
Enid (PS08Y) [2858] After you've used those.
Stanley (PS095) [2859] That's alright.
Enid (PS08Y) [2860] And Stanley, we don't open that in the meantime because
Stanley (PS095) [2861] No, no!
Enid (PS08Y) [2862] it's sterile.
Stanley (PS095) [2863] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2864] And so it must be for your test, you see?
Stanley (PS095) [2865] Yes , quite.
Enid (PS08Y) [2866] Okay?
Stanley (PS095) [2867] So after I've finished those lot twice a day
Enid (PS08Y) [2868] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2869] Well they're the
Enid (PS08Y) [2870] Two twice a day.
Stanley (PS095) [2871] Two twice a day.
Enid (PS08Y) [2872] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2873] Well that's four a day.
Enid (PS08Y) [2874] It is.
Stanley (PS095) [2875] Then er, put some urine in there
Enid (PS08Y) [2876] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2877] and let him have it.
Enid (PS08Y) [2878] That's right!
[2879] That's it.
Stanley (PS095) [2880] Well I can send it down with anybody.
Enid (PS08Y) [2881] That's right.
[2882] Oh yes, well er ... er, yes you can because you need to send it down when it's fresh.
Stanley (PS095) [2883] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [2884] Er, so if nobody's going down give me a ring and I'll come and get it.
Stanley (PS095) [2885] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [2886] Alright?
Stanley (PS095) [2887] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [2888] So erm
Stanley (PS095) [2889] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2890] your fat, what
Stanley (PS095) [2891] I might get the old lady to go down for me.
Enid (PS08Y) [2892] Well er, only if she's going.
Stanley (PS095) [2893] If she's going.
Enid (PS08Y) [2894] Yes.
[2895] That's right.
Stanley (PS095) [2896] If she's going.
Enid (PS08Y) [2897] There's the fat Stanley.
Stanley (PS095) [2898] How much do you want?
Enid (PS08Y) [2899] It's one twenty nine please.
Stanley (PS095) [2900] One ... twenty did you say?
Enid (PS08Y) [2901] Er, one twenty nine Stanley.
[2902] Please.
Stanley (PS095) [2903] Twenty
Enid (PS08Y) [2904] If you've got a ten, I've got a one.
Stanley (PS095) [2905] I got, I've got one [...] .
[2906] Twenty five
Enid (PS08Y) [2907] Ah.
Stanley (PS095) [2908] six, seven ... eight, nine.
Enid (PS08Y) [2909] Good!
[2910] That's clever.
Stanley (PS095) [2911] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2912] You almost always have change don't you?
Stanley (PS095) [2913] Pardon?
Enid (PS08Y) [2914] Almost always have the right change.
Stanley (PS095) [2915] Yes.
[2916] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Stanley (PS095) [2917] Try to.
Enid (PS08Y) [2918] Yes.
Stanley (PS095) [2919] Try to.
[2920] Try to.
Enid (PS08Y) [2921] There.
Stanley (PS095) [2922] Thank you very much.
Enid (PS08Y) [2923] You're very welcome Stanley.
[2924] And I'll see you again ... next week, but if you need anything in the meantime give me a ring will you?
Stanley (PS095) [2925] I will, thank you very much.
Enid (PS08Y) [2926] Do that dear.
Stanley (PS095) [2927] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [2928] And, try to keep warm and keep out of this wind.
Stanley (PS095) [2929] Yes, that's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2930] Bye bye dear!
Stanley (PS095) [2931] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [2932] And I'll ... shut the gate.
Stanley (PS095) [2933] Alright.
Enid (PS08Y) [2934] Okay, so you tha , you don't need to come out at all.
[2935] There we are.
Stanley (PS095) [2936] Oh the wind is still cold!
Enid (PS08Y) [2937] It's keen!
Stanley (PS095) [2938] It's keen, indeed!
Enid (PS08Y) [2939] Yes it is.
Stanley (PS095) [2940] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [2941] Right.
[2942] Bye bye then Stanley!
Stanley (PS095) [2943] Bye bye!
Enid (PS08Y) [2944] Bye bye!

6 (Tape 033401)

Patsy (PS096) [2945] erm ... I think it can't be bad for you ... because ... you do quite a lot of the same exercise as you'd do in proper aerobics
Noel (PS090) [2946] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [2947] but you're in the water the whole time.
Noel (PS090) [2948] I don't even know what proper aerobics are anyhow.
Patsy (PS096) [2949] Oh you just keep moving the whole time.
[2950] Running on the spot and waving your arms about
Noel (PS090) [2951] Just seem to keep moving all the time without even running on the spot.
Patsy (PS096) [2952] Yeah well ... this is, this is ... you know [...] it's very difficult to run in the water
Noel (PS090) [2953] I know it is.
Patsy (PS096) [2954] cos it keeps getting round your feet and sort of
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [2955] making you drop over.
Noel (PS090) [2956] Yeah.
Patsy (PS096) [2957] And I suppose developing the muscles that keep you ... from dropping over ... it's pro can't be, can't be a bad thing.
Noel (PS090) [2958] I suppose it can't, no.
[2959] I
Patsy (PS096) [2960] And then you do other exercises like lying on your back, putting your feet ... your ... from the knees downwards over the edge of the pool ... and then trying to do sit ups.
Noel (PS090) [2961] Good heavens!
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [2962] I'm too old for any of that.
Enid (PS08Y) [2963] But Noel, isn't exercise against resistance is supposed to have some special benefit isn't it? ...
Noel (PS090) [2964] Well I'm doing that all the time, I'm doing it with you my love.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [2965] Oh come off it.
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [2966] [laugh] Erm ... I don't know, I, I, I, I ... I just feel that this is ... that sort of exercise where ... er
Enid (PS08Y) [2967] Ooh sorry.
Patsy (PS096) [2968] it only lasts an hour, it's not going to do any harm
Enid (PS08Y) [2969] No I'm sure it isn't.
Patsy (PS096) [2970] it's erm a good thing to be doing.
Enid (PS08Y) [2971] Because swimming's
Noel (PS090) [2972] I think something that does do harm is jogging.
Patsy (PS096) [2973] Yeah well
Enid (PS08Y) [2974] Well yes that's a beast.
Patsy (PS096) [2975] I, I did a little jog this morning with the dogs cos it was too cold to walk.
Noel (PS090) [2976] Oh [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [2977] Ah yes. ...
Patsy (PS096) [2978] And I've got another one this afternoon I think.
Noel (PS090) [2979] Have you ever been in the sauna at er Woodbridge?
Patsy (PS096) [2980] No I haven't.
Noel (PS090) [2981] Er er no I haven't either.
[2982] Er I one, went into one at Iceland that was ... it was lovely.
Patsy (PS096) [2983] I've been in a sauna in London ... I belong to a health club there.
Noel (PS090) [2984] Mm. ...
Patsy (PS096) [2985] I used to play squash.
Noel (PS090) [2986] Mm. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [2987] That's a violent one isn't it, squash? ...
Patsy (PS096) [2988] Yes. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [2989] I, I can't think that really violent exercise is a good thing generally is it?
[2990] Something that's more measured
Patsy (PS096) [2991] Oh I don't think ... I don't think it hurts when you're young, I think when you're older you should only do it if you've done warming up first.
Enid (PS08Y) [2992] I think so too probably, and you've been used to it.
[2993] That let's us off, isn't it nice? ...
Patsy (PS096) [2994] I think the warming up exercises in themselves are a good thing though
Noel (PS090) [2995] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [2996] even if you don't do anything after
Noel (PS090) [2997] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [2998] after warming up. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [2999] The class I go to on Monday evenings ... erm ... we do warming up exercises ... and I'd be quite happy if they just stayed warming up exercises for the whole hour.
Enid (PS08Y) [3000] Yes.
[3001] ... Have you got someone properly qualified taking them?
Patsy (PS096) [3002] Yes, she's very good.
Enid (PS08Y) [3003] Mm. ...
Noel (PS090) [3004] I went to a sauna in Iceland
Patsy (PS096) [3005] Mm?
Noel (PS090) [3006] and then was able to straight, in, in the hotel it was
Patsy (PS096) [3007] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [3008] straight up in the lift to my bedroom and it was lovely you know, yeah ... in the hot, in the [...] swimming pa pool
Patsy (PS096) [3009] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3010] or through the shower then in the swimming pool then back again ... and when I'd finished with it I went straight upstairs to my room and I went to sleep straight away, it was lovely.
Enid (PS08Y) [3011] I was waiting for him to say he went out and rolled in the snow ... because that's the proper end isn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3012] Mm and you should beat yourself with twigs as well.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3013] I'm not ... I don't know really about that.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3014] Oh you should definitely do that, I mean
Enid (PS08Y) [3015] That borders on the nasty I think. [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3016] They had a ... there was a sort of electric burner in the place as a whole
Patsy (PS096) [3017] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3018] where they kept on throwing on
Patsy (PS096) [3019] Water to
Noel (PS090) [3020] water with some erm sort of fir smelling in it.
Patsy (PS096) [3021] Oh yes, it made steam.
Noel (PS090) [3022] Mm.
[3023] Fine mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3024] That's it.
[3025] I should apologize for canned soup, but I spent so long talking to Stanley this morning
Patsy (PS096) [3026] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3027] you know sometimes you can just tell he wants you to talk to him, and erm ... so I er couldn't make a proper soup, sorry, but this is
Patsy (PS096) [3028] I think
Enid (PS08Y) [3029] good actually I think.
Patsy (PS096) [3030] Yes, which is it?
[3031] Is it Heinz?
Enid (PS08Y) [3032] Heinz tomato [laughing] [...] []
Patsy (PS096) [3033] I ... I made some stock the other day
Noel (PS090) [3034] Mhm.
Patsy (PS096) [3035] and I put some of it in the freezer
Enid (PS08Y) [3036] Yes, ideal.
Patsy (PS096) [3037] in erm sort of bowls.
Enid (PS08Y) [3038] What did you use for your stock?
Patsy (PS096) [3039] Some bones.
Enid (PS08Y) [3040] And? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3041] Oh ... some onions and ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3042] Carrot?
Patsy (PS096) [3043] carrot, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3044] Celery?
[3045] That gives a lovely flavour.
Patsy (PS096) [3046] I don't think I had any celery, I had, I had ... put in whatever I had in the house and sort of various herbs and spices and things.
Noel (PS090) [3047] Did you put the bones in the stock before or after the dogs had had them?
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh] ...
Patsy (PS096) [3048] During?
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3049] During [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3050] The dogs went into it instead.
Enid (PS08Y) [3051] Think what a luscious stock the dogs would make.
Patsy (PS096) [3052] No they wouldn't.
Enid (PS08Y) [3053] Mhm.
Patsy (PS096) [3054] Erm
Enid (PS08Y) [3055] All that hair.
[3056] Yuk.
Patsy (PS096) [3057] erm ... no what happened was that he gave me some bones that were far too big for the dogs.
[3058] So I made stock out of those.
Enid (PS08Y) [3059] Where they gorgeous marrow bones?
[3060] That [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3061] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3062] Oh yes, they make wonderful stock don't they?
Patsy (PS096) [3063] Mm.
[3064] Well normally when he gives marrow bones I ask him to chop them up a bit smaller
Noel (PS090) [3065] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3066] but he gave them to me practically
Noel (PS090) [3067] Mm.
[3068] ... He's an obliging chap isn't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [3069] Mm.
[3070] I always feel ... that when he's giving, [...] , because he gives them to one, doesn't charge for any
Patsy (PS096) [3071] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3072] er anything for the bones, one can hardly say ... erm give that another whack across the knuckle because
Noel (PS090) [3073] He wouldn't
Enid (PS08Y) [3074] the big knuckle has so much locked inside
Noel (PS090) [3075] He wouldn't mind.
Enid (PS08Y) [3076] it doesn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3077] I do.
Enid (PS08Y) [3078] Do you?
Patsy (PS096) [3079] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3080] I should really.
Noel (PS090) [3081] He wouldn't mind.
Enid (PS08Y) [3082] I ought to have courage.
Patsy (PS096) [3083] He charges high enough prices for his other things.
Enid (PS08Y) [3084] Yes he, you're right, mhm.
Patsy (PS096) [3085] Erm ... when you do your stock ... do you first of all ... roast the bone?
Enid (PS08Y) [3086] No but that is erm ... er a counsel of perfection or something isn't it?
[3087] It it's a method anyway.
Patsy (PS096) [3088] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3089] Erm ... do you?
Patsy (PS096) [3090] No.
[3091] Well I didn't because ... I just couldn't be bothered to put the oven on to get as hot as that for such short period of time.
Enid (PS08Y) [3092] [...] What in fact does it do? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3093] Oh I should think it erm melts out the marrow and does all sorts of quite good things for it.
[3094] It probably gives it a good colour too.
Enid (PS08Y) [3095] It gives it colour ... erm I'm sure because of the, of the fact that they're roasted.
[3096] There's one thing that erm I sometimes do to give it colour, is once I've taken off the outside skin of the onion, the very outside
Patsy (PS096) [3097] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3098] I put the next one in.
Patsy (PS096) [3099] Mm?
[3100] ... Does that, that gives it colour does it?
Enid (PS08Y) [3101] I read that somewhere, mm. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3102] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3103] But roasting them, I wouldn't like to get them with any sort of burnt ... taste.
Patsy (PS096) [3104] Well I don't think it would give a burnt taste but I think, I think it probably could do quite a lot of good for it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3105] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3106] Er I just read it in er I was reading Delia.
Enid (PS08Y) [3107] Mm, yes.
[3108] ... Oh yes she's good.
[3109] ... And she tells you to do that does she?
Patsy (PS096) [3110] Yes. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3111] It's the matter of the moment really, you just fling them into a roasting tin don't you and put it in the oven?
[3112] ... And that's alright if you've got a Rayburn but otherwise you have to start
Patsy (PS096) [3113] Yes, start from scratch.
Enid (PS08Y) [3114] heating it up, mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3115] Now ... when I was away staying with my cousins
Enid (PS08Y) [3116] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3117] he is a G P ... in High Wycombe ... and he's a fundholder.
Enid (PS08Y) [3118] Oh good, tell me about it.
Patsy (PS096) [3119] Well he's also been on hundreds of committees because they were sort of one of the early ones to be done
Enid (PS08Y) [3120] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3121] and they have a battery of sort of board members ... drawn from here there and everywhere, including a fair quantity of ... redundanted service people.
Enid (PS08Y) [3122] Oh.
Patsy (PS096) [3123] They had an S A S officer running, running them [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3124] [laughing] Is that to get you ri to get rid of the patients he didn't want [] ? [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3125] No, it was to get rid of the Health Service.
[3126] He, he, he said that at one point this chap had used the phrase that ... well that they were going for controlled destabilization from the Health Service.
Noel (PS090) [3127] Controlled what?
Patsy (PS096) [3128] Destabilization.
Noel (PS090) [3129] Oh.
Enid (PS08Y) [3130] The S A S man was?
Patsy (PS096) [3131] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3132] Why? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3133] That's what the aim of ... the people doing it was.
Enid (PS08Y) [3134] You mean the official government line?
Patsy (PS096) [3135] Mm or that's what they er ... or maybe that was his interpretation of it anyway this ... was a phrase that came out ... in, in the actual meetings.
[3136] And then he told me a hilarious story about the way in which the chairman of the committee, I'm not sure quite what particular branch in the world he'd come from but ... he was looking at the figures, I suppose it was an accountant ... looking at the, the figures saying now why is it that the amount spent on district nurses has gone up?
[3137] ... So he was told petrol has gone up.
[3138] ... He said yes but you now have your health centre and the district nurses work from there.
[3139] ... So erm they all looked at him, you know, the district nurses ... so John said to this man what ... there are some of our patients ... who are housebound ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3140] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3141] and some of them ... as well as being housebound, maybe aren't very well and are bedbound [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3142] [laughing] Mm []
Patsy (PS096) [3143] and the district nurses visit them in their homes.
[3144] He had to explain it to this man.
Noel (PS090) [3145] Good god.
Enid (PS08Y) [3146] Where did he fund this committee from one has to ask immediately.
Patsy (PS096) [3147] [...] he's not given his committee ... it's wished on him.
[3148] The local authority
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3149] the local authority creates the committee.
Enid (PS08Y) [3150] But I, I had no idea that he then had to be ... that, being given his own funding, he then had to be ... organized by a committee.
[3151] Oh that's outrageous.
Noel (PS090) [3152] Local council [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3153] I think it must have been some sort of
Noel (PS090) [3154] Yeah.
Patsy (PS096) [3155] thing like that, I don't know. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3156] Well it doesn't seem sensible, I thought it was the G Ps getting control.
[3157] ... I mean this is what's going to happen ... to the detriment of the health service right through
Patsy (PS096) [3158] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3159] administration by people who don't know what it's all about.
Patsy (PS096) [3160] That's right. ...
Noel (PS090) [3161] [...] what has happened to a lot of these hospitals hasn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3162] Well it seems to be still going on.
[3163] What do you make of this idea of building a new hospital at Norwich ... with fewer beds?
[3164] I can't understand it because if they've got fewer beds why don't they, they just hide a few of the beds they've got already?
Noel (PS090) [3165] Absolutely. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3166] Mm why do they have to have a green field site ... and start again?
Enid (PS08Y) [3167] Is it because they're going to incorporate a lot of high tech ... treatments?
Patsy (PS096) [3168] I think so, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3169] Mm and, you see erm ... it is a fact that they need fewer hospital beds nowadays because
Patsy (PS096) [3170] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3171] the, the hospital stays are dramatically shorter than they were.
Patsy (PS096) [3172] Mm yes but we're coming up to a time when er the quantity of old people is going to be rather high ... [...] than before because we're all healthier.
Noel (PS090) [3173] Mm.
[3174] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3175] They'll have something special for them like concentration camps.
Patsy (PS096) [3176] I know.
[3177] Th they've got those in Ipswich already haven't they?
[3178] That's what they've made the old Anglesey Road hospital into.
Enid (PS08Y) [3179] Is that so?
Patsy (PS096) [3180] Mm something like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [3181] I wonder how it really goes.
[3182] I wonder ...
Patsy (PS096) [3183] I don't know.
[3184] Erm ... well it's
Enid (PS08Y) [3185] Oh this is disappointing because I thought that with G P who'll ... knows what he requires ... and what his patients require was going to have ... erm a pretty ... er erm
Patsy (PS096) [3186] Well you can't leave a G P to spend the money like he likes, you've got to have a committee for it.
[3187] You think about it.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3188] You, you know?
Noel (PS090) [3189] Ah!
Enid (PS08Y) [3190] Ah.
Patsy (PS096) [3191] Yes anyway have you heard about how they do the costing?
[3192] Will was telling me about it, how [...] how [...] how they
Enid (PS08Y) [3193] Oh do tell me because I [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3194] how they cost erm ... something like a tonsillectomy.
Noel (PS090) [3195] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3196] And how do they?
Patsy (PS096) [3197] Well apparently they count the procedures that are involved in doing it
Noel (PS090) [3198] Mm?
Patsy (PS096) [3199] erm they have a price per procedure
Enid (PS08Y) [3200] Yes?
Patsy (PS096) [3201] and they tot it up.
Noel (PS090) [3202] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3203] But they haven't got it quantified to such a point where they can actually distinguish a tonsillectomy which might have a lot of procedures but actually takes about half a minute ... with er other things that are, you know, much much more complicated and the cost of tonsillectomies is unreasonably high ... compared with erm, you know, with [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3204] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3205] Really?
Patsy (PS096) [3206] Mm.
[3207] They haven't, they haven't got the pricing right.
[3208] And ... I can understand them not having the pricing right, I don't think they've spent long enough ... working out what the prices of things are.
Enid (PS08Y) [3209] They've dearly gone on for years not knowing, let alone tonsillectomies, what
Patsy (PS096) [3210] Yes, they didn't
Enid (PS08Y) [3211] these wretched erm
Patsy (PS096) [3212] they didn't know
Enid (PS08Y) [3213] transplants costs.
Patsy (PS096) [3214] they didn't know what they cost ... but equally being asked to budget ... against not knowing what things cost
Noel (PS090) [3215] Mm mm
Patsy (PS096) [3216] is er equally stupid.
Enid (PS08Y) [3217] Yes it is.
[3218] Because er er ya ... absol
Patsy (PS096) [3219] But then, but then the er the whole thing gets knocked for six anyway because of general ... unpredictableness of, of, of illness.
Enid (PS08Y) [3220] Well it does I suppose.
[3221] It does.
Patsy (PS096) [3222] You can you can apply statistics to it a bit but it's very unlikely the statis st statistics ... and what really happens ... will always add up in fact.
[3223] ... They, they've suddenly had a few outbreaks of polio haven't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [3224] Oh have they?
Patsy (PS096) [3225] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3226] I didn't hear that.
[3227] I say.
Patsy (PS096) [3228] Mhm.
[3229] ... Yep.
[3230] They've had the odd child who hasn't been erm whatnotted ... and some various
Enid (PS08Y) [3231] Ah!
Patsy (PS096) [3232] various men seem to have caught it from changing their nappies.
Enid (PS08Y) [3233] Yes!
[3234] I did hear of that.
[3235] I'm sorry I wasn't relating it to erm ... to polio.
Patsy (PS096) [3236] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3237] Erm ...
Patsy (PS096) [3238] Well you know, you've only got to get maybe smallpox back again and that will knock all their predictions for six.
Enid (PS08Y) [3239] Erm
Patsy (PS096) [3240] They say they've wiped smallpox off the face of the earth.
Enid (PS08Y) [3241] Yes they do you see.
[3242] That's the doubtful one isn't it, because it's gone.
[3243] It's supposed to be completely gone.
Patsy (PS096) [3244] Yeah but do they, do they inoculate children against it at all?
Enid (PS08Y) [3245] No I don't think ... no I don't think we have smallpox inoculation er of, of children do we?
Patsy (PS096) [3246] Don't know we I mean we used to [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3247] Because they say it's ... it's, it's ... gone completely.
[3248] Erm ... sorry love we need a fork for that.
[3249] Perhaps the meat fork from the shop would do nicely.
[3250] No er er ... [...] erm ... it's all in the cutting, of course it is very ... no that's pork and Noel daren't touch it so I've got two slices so that you and I could have one.
Patsy (PS096) [3251] That's very nice, thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3252] And Noel will have the other.
[3253] Erm
Patsy (PS096) [3254] I haven't had any pork for ages. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3255] it's so new to them that they're bothering to cost it, but how did we go on in the older days?
[3256] I'm trying to think.
[3257] Did we know anything about what our operations were costing?
[3258] I can't remember.
Patsy (PS096) [3259] Well if y you if if you go to a BUPA hospital you go pa you pay ... a sort of erm, you know, related type of [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3260] Yes a figure that's been around that anyway, yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3261] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3262] Ya. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3263] But I don't know
Enid (PS08Y) [3264] [whispering] I'm just having that to start with I think [] .
Patsy (PS096) [3265] erm ... I do I don't, I mean I don't know how accurate it is or whether it's sort of, you know, a set of figures they decided to put on.
Enid (PS08Y) [3266] It wouldn't relate to what it costs
Patsy (PS096) [3267] to keep to keep to keep their profits going.
Enid (PS08Y) [3268] Yes, that's right.
Patsy (PS096) [3269] Well it probably does relate
Enid (PS08Y) [3270] That's what it ... that'll be it.
Patsy (PS096) [3271] it probably does relate pretty well.
Enid (PS08Y) [3272] I bet it doesn't relate to an actual operation in a ... general hospital because you've got so many people wanting their rake off in a private one surely?
[3273] I mean haven't you?
Patsy (PS096) [3274] Yes.
[3275] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3276] That erm
Patsy (PS096) [3277] Yes their profit [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3278] Ya that's right.
Noel (PS090) [3279] [...] rather tired ... bit fed up with private medicine at the moment. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3280] Oh because of Richard?
[3281] I'm convinced that
Noel (PS090) [3282] [...] Richard
Enid (PS08Y) [3283] you know Richard ... er er ?
Patsy (PS096) [3284] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3285] Had he gone to a ... National Health hospital
Patsy (PS096) [3286] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3287] with the request to have that back thing done for him
Patsy (PS096) [3288] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3289] I'm convinced that at the age of seventy eight people do they would have said don't bother.
Patsy (PS096) [3290] Yes I'm sure they would have done.
Enid (PS08Y) [3291] Ya.
[3292] And er would have erm ... perceived that he wasn't greatly hampered by it, but once you've got a surgeon who is going to get a fat fee ... he did say to him are you sure you want this done
Patsy (PS096) [3293] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3294] but Richard was sure he wanted it done ... and nothing came between him and that ... intention.
[3295] And you see he's, it's going to finish him.
[3296] He's not going to get better.
Patsy (PS096) [3297] No.
[3298] Erm ... but ... did he tol tell you that ... the surgeon asked him if he really wanted it done?
Enid (PS08Y) [3299] Oh yes it's known that he did.
Patsy (PS096) [3300] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3301] He said er you're sure ... because it was quite a thought, for a man his age.
Patsy (PS096) [3302] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3303] But I think a surgeon in a National Health would have said ... look here I do not recommend this.
Patsy (PS096) [3304] Yeah but then the first thing he would have done would have been ... got up and gone off and got it done privately. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3305] That is the danger.
[3306] ... He would.
[3307] So er the end was I suppose always connectable.
Patsy (PS096) [3308] Ya.
[3309] ... If that's, if that's what private will do for you
Enid (PS08Y) [3310] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3311] Mm. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3312] I mean, I think, I hadn't realized that they would make different decisions on medical grounds. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3313] Mm ... they will, it's more permissive if you're in the private sector.
[3314] ... I'm sure of that.
[3315] ... It doesn't come so hea heavily loaded with advice against things. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3316] What, because it's all too good for the moneybags?
Enid (PS08Y) [3317] Yes it's, it's I suppose human nature to want to pursue your craft ... wherever you can.
Patsy (PS096) [3318] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3319] But erm ... but it's been a very bad thing for him. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3320] Yes. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3321] But you see ... they've had computers in hospitals now for ... years
Patsy (PS096) [3322] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3323] and are, are employing and paying people to work them ... but they don't ever seem to come to any ... let's say reportable ... conclusion about the cost of operations.
[3324] I think if we knew what those heart and lung transplants cost, people would be up in arms that the National Health Service is being expected to fund that.
Patsy (PS096) [3325] Mm.
[3326] ... Well y ... they're a little bit like ... nuclear electricity in terms of erm ... the expensive end aren't they?
Noel (PS090) [3327] Mm.
[3328] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3329] Yes I suppose that's so.
[3330] ... I wish the government could really ... tellingly ... er do down these dreadful lies and scandal erm ... scaremongering things that the ... Labour opposition is putting forward.
[3331] I mean they don't honestly care two hoots about people, if they can talk about the dreadful state the, the care of old people is in and ... all the rest of it and that it's going to get worse, frightening old people.
[3332] That's not caring for the community at all.
[3333] ... That's just erm ... politicking isn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3334] Yes.
[3335] I can think of nothing worse than Kinnock coming into power.
Enid (PS08Y) [3336] Oh!
[3337] ... Imagine ... how people like erm ... erm ... Helmut Kohl and
Noel (PS090) [3338] Cook?
Enid (PS08Y) [3339] Not Cook
Noel (PS090) [3340] Oh.
Enid (PS08Y) [3341] because he's in his own party, I mean Cook yes well he's a snidey little thing, I'm talking about the erm ambassadors and the politicians, the ministers who would be
Noel (PS090) [3342] Oh yes, oh lord yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3343] you know, opposing him.
Noel (PS090) [3344] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3345] They'd just, they'd just run over him ... absolutely, whilst he was grinning.
[3346] ... One can't see him in an ambassadorial role at all can one?
Patsy (PS096) [3347] No. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3348] It may not come to it. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3349] But this recession is quite a problem.
Enid (PS08Y) [3350] Oh it must be. ...
Noel (PS090) [3351] It's a worldwide thing though.
Patsy (PS096) [3352] Mm.
[3353] ... Yes but the trouble about it is that the English are so insular ... that lots of them don't, don't realize it or won't believe it.
Noel (PS090) [3354] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [3355] That's true.
[3356] They, they regard that as an excuse.
Patsy (PS096) [3357] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3358] Have some more chutney, it was given to us by our German daughter-in-law.
Patsy (PS096) [3359] Oh
Enid (PS08Y) [3360] So it will be perfect.
Patsy (PS096) [3361] Did she make it herself?
Enid (PS08Y) [3362] She did.
Patsy (PS096) [3363] Goodness. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3364] It was our Christmas present wasn't it?
Noel (PS090) [3365] I forget what it was, was it her present?
Enid (PS08Y) [3366] Mm.
[3367] ... [...] ... Well has it been nice not having to go to France?
Patsy (PS096) [3368] Mm.
[3369] ... Except of having to go to London instead.
Enid (PS08Y) [3370] [laugh] Mm I couldn't tell how many people would agree with you about that one ... that London could be at least a bit preferable to Paris. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3371] Well ... Helen's a bit like you ... she, she sort of perks up when she starts to smell the petrol fumes [...]
Noel (PS090) [3372] Mm!
[3373] [laugh] Ya.
Patsy (PS096) [3374] And she said she had a lovely time.
[3375] She went to an exhibition, she ... went for a browsing sort of shop.
[3376] She said the shops were empty.
Enid (PS08Y) [3377] Mm.
[3378] ... Shopping is much more comfortable now.
Patsy (PS096) [3379] Mm.
[3380] I'd better go and try and do some some time.
Enid (PS08Y) [3381] Mm.
[3382] ... There's a lovely suit in ... at the moment in the sale in ... what's that place called?
Patsy (PS096) [3383] [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [3384] Near ... [...]
Patsy (PS096) [...]
Noel (PS090) [3385] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3386] [...] ... it's really lovely.
[3387] Smart, one could go to town or anywhere in it.
Patsy (PS096) [3388] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3389] Why is it you don't buy it then?
Enid (PS08Y) [3390] Well because it's darkish in colour ... and I'd rather promised myself that if I have anything new now ... it'll be of a brighter colour.
Noel (PS090) [3391] Oh well go and buy the thing before somebody else does, go up this afternoon.
Enid (PS08Y) [3392] Dearest I'm saying it's a dark colour.
Noel (PS090) [3393] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3394] Yeah but you could wear it with, you could wear bright things with it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3395] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3396] Shush, don't
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3397] push me, I don't need pushing.
[3398] No no really ... I, I, I've resolved, it's charcoal grey you see
Patsy (PS096) [3399] It sounds very smart Enid.
Enid (PS08Y) [3400] Very smart.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3401] We're going to have Princess Diana.
Enid (PS08Y) [3402] My size too.
Patsy (PS096) [3403] Is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [3404] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3405] It's got your name written on it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3406] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3407] Why don't you go up and buy the thing?
Enid (PS08Y) [3408] No.
[3409] ... I'll phone her and ask her if she's got it in red. [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3410] You can pinch a bit more of my er [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3411] Like the telephone woman.
Enid (PS08Y) [3412] Mm?
Patsy (PS096) [3413] Like the telephone woman.
Enid (PS08Y) [3414] Oh er isn't she oh isn't she super?
Patsy (PS096) [3415] I don't like the advertisements they're doing for the telephone now though.
Enid (PS08Y) [3416] Which are they? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3417] Oh they have this silly man who ... picks up the telephone in a ... he's er got a chef's hat on and he says Giovanni's ... and then it was, it turns out to be one of his old friends so he lapses into sort of Glaswegian.
Enid (PS08Y) [3418] Oh no!
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3419] I haven't heard that one.
[3420] ... Oh but Maureen erm ... er what's she called?
[3421] Maureen Lipman, yes
Noel (PS090) [3422] Lipman, Lipman.
Enid (PS08Y) [3423] is very good on those isn't she?
Patsy (PS096) [3424] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3425] She's the right sort.
[3426] Erm ... the thing that I ... feel I couldn't go to see her in ... is erm Hello Joyce.
Patsy (PS096) [3427] Yes, that Joyce Grenfell thing?
Enid (PS08Y) [3428] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3429] A bit of it was on the television.
Enid (PS08Y) [3430] Yes, I saw that bit and it wasn't good
Patsy (PS096) [3431] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [3432] because sh Joyce Grenfell was such a lady, it came through.
[3433] And ... and wh and er ... Maureen Lipman is much more earthy
Patsy (PS096) [3434] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3435] and that came through and it was no good.
[3436] If you've seen Joyce Grenfell you, you couldn't [...]
Noel (PS090) [3437] Funny thing to put
Patsy (PS096) [3438] No.
Noel (PS090) [3439] a Jewess to ... to try to represent Joyce Grenfell anyhow isn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3440] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3441] Yes in a way, except she [...] ... well you could do, it could be done.
[3442] Did you feel that about her on television?
Patsy (PS096) [3443] Well I felt, I just didn't know what it was but it lacked the sort of charm that it had before.
Enid (PS08Y) [3444] Mm.
[3445] ... Completely.
[3446] Almost thought when she, when it was ... when it was erm ... er mentioned in the first place that she was going to do it
Patsy (PS096) [3447] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3448] I almost thought ooh ... you know I'd love to write and say oh don't, don't.
[3449] [laugh] Joyce Grenfell was such a lady.
[3450] You couldn't say that to her cos she didn't ... it would be insulting but ... in fact, that's the big difference.
Patsy (PS096) [3451] Mm.
[3452] ... Talking of things like this, you know ... er some people have postcards with their name on ... in black, across the top [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3453] Oh yes they do.
[3454] Yes that's right, they do.
Noel (PS090) [3455] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3456] Well ... er all sorts of funny people like have them like erm ... Iris has, has them.
Enid (PS08Y) [3457] Oh does she?
Noel (PS090) [3458] And does Jane .
Patsy (PS096) [3459] Yes.
[3460] Yes she has them
Enid (PS08Y) [3461] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3462] my aunt has them, my father used to have them.
Enid (PS08Y) [3463] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3464] and ... so I've always associated them with sort of erm, you know, what people had before all those sticky labels came [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3465] Mm yes.
[3466] People who did things properly?
Patsy (PS096) [3467] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3468] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3469] Well ... when I was in the London office one chap who is an ... east end Jew made good, his name is Ralph , erm suddenly gasped and said gosh isn't this wonderful?
[3470] So I sort of was called to look at it, and I said oh yes, all the people I know who have got those are over seventy.
Noel (PS090) [laugh] ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3471] [laugh] And was it one of his own?
Patsy (PS096) [3472] No no, someone had sent it to him.
Enid (PS08Y) [3473] Somebody had sent to him.
Patsy (PS096) [3474] And he, he thought that it was ... such a touch of class about it.
Noel (PS090) [3475] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3476] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3477] [laughing] And I expect he's gone away to get them printed now []
Enid (PS08Y) [3478] [laughing] Oh probably.
Patsy (PS096) [3479] because I s I said, I said
Enid (PS08Y) [3480] How funny [] .
Patsy (PS096) [3481] I said well they're just what people had before ... the sticky labels.
Enid (PS08Y) [3482] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3483] And he dragged out his sticky labels ... which, which had got blue stripes on them
Enid (PS08Y) [3484] No?
Patsy (PS096) [3485] [laughing] Yes, I thought [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3486] [laughing] No []
Patsy (PS096) [3487] that wasn't terribly elegant [] but anyway his blue labels had got, these little sticky labels had got blue stripes on them
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3488] [...] top and bottom. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3489] Oh how funny.
Patsy (PS096) [3490] Erm ... and so I guess he's gone away to get some made.
Enid (PS08Y) [3491] Mm [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3492] And I said ... and of course to do it really properly, you also have envelopes so that if you want to you can stick, stick the card in an envelope that will
Noel (PS090) [3493] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3494] fit it.
[3495] Cos that's what we used to have.
Enid (PS08Y) [3496] Mm.
[3497] Oh yes it wouldn't go naked through the post would it?
Noel (PS090) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3498] Well you can yes you can't
Enid (PS08Y) [3499] Mm
Patsy (PS096) [3500] you know, you could use it for quick notes
Enid (PS08Y) [3501] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3502] to drop on people's doorsteps
Enid (PS08Y) [3503] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3504] or, or
Enid (PS08Y) [3505] Which is useful.
Patsy (PS096) [3506] Yes.
[3507] Or if you just want to sort of signify a, a quick thank you to someone.
Enid (PS08Y) [3508] Mm yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3509] Or a quick come
Enid (PS08Y) [3510] Yes I hadn't thought about that.
Noel (PS090) [3511] Mm mm
Patsy (PS096) [3512] they're they are very useful, I've often thought of having some made
Enid (PS08Y) [3513] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3514] because, in fact every time I get one from someone else I always think why haven't I gone and got some of those yet?
Enid (PS08Y) [3515] I know why, because you're not seventy. [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3516] That's right, give me another twenty years.
Noel (PS090) [3517] We had those envelopes er and the cards for our concerts.
Enid (PS08Y) [3518] Well they were probably erm ... invitation to a concert.
Noel (PS090) [3519] Yeah but they were all fixed up to go into the same envelope sort of thing.
Enid (PS08Y) [3520] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3521] Yes [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3522] Oh yes you can't [...] , can't use them though.
Noel (PS090) [3523] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [3524] Got too much detail of where we lived and erm you know ... that it was a concert.
Patsy (PS096) [3525] But but these ... you know, you had your telephone number and [...] you know, just had a whole statement of everything about you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3526] Mm mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3527] And ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3528] And all you needed was the brief message that you had to send.
Patsy (PS096) [3529] Yes.
[3530] And it saved you hav it saved you having to do the preliminary thing of saying dear whoever you are
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3531] Of course, that's right.
[3532] That's right.
Patsy (PS096) [3533] which was sometimes quite a difficult thing to do.
Enid (PS08Y) [3534] Well on a personal card you're not supposed to put dear anybody are you so
Patsy (PS096) [3535] I know but
Enid (PS08Y) [3536] that does make it difficult.
Patsy (PS096) [3537] No it made it very easy.
[3538] You know, especially when perhaps you were having a mixed sort of meeting
Enid (PS08Y) [3539] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3540] wh I remember that when I was ... at home it was a mixed sort of meeting in which some of the people from the village were coming who you didn't really know but ... they had to be asked
Enid (PS08Y) [3541] Mm.
[3542] Mm.
[3543] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3544] [laugh] well you I mean you, you could cover er cover the whole thing couldn't you?
Noel (PS090) [3545] Mm mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3546] Without saying dear so and so.
Patsy (PS096) [3547] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [3548] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3549] And without really having to sign it.
[3550] You could just put your initial in the corner.
Enid (PS08Y) [3551] Of course.
Noel (PS090) [3552] Mm that's right it [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3553] Are they called gentle [...]
Noel (PS090) [3554] Yes
Enid (PS08Y) [3555] cards? [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3556] [laughing] Something like that, yes [] . [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3557] [...] safe distance cards. [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3558] I must go and get some made.
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3559] [...] indeed.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh] ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3560] Oh gosh.
[3561] Have you used any of these erm things called Post It? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3562] Oh yes they, they use them a lot at work.
Enid (PS08Y) [3563] Th but they're useful?
Noel (PS090) [3564] What are they?
Enid (PS08Y) [3565] Well er they're er like your autumn leaves that you used to leave on everybody's benches
Noel (PS090) [3566] Oh did I?
Enid (PS08Y) [3567] erm but they've got a sticky bit on them
Noel (PS090) [3568] Oh I know, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3569] and so you, you'd have stuck it on the bench you see erm ... and it comes off anything without making a mark on [...]
Noel (PS090) [3570] Oh yes we've got a little pack of them in London I think on the, by the telephone.
Patsy (PS096) [3571] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3572] That's right, some teeny weeny ones?
Noel (PS090) [3573] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3574] Mm Folly gave them to you?
Noel (PS090) [3575] They they ... they used to call them my autumn leaves er
Enid (PS08Y) [3576] [...] erm Patsy and more
Noel (PS090) [3577] Oh have some more
Enid (PS08Y) [3578] an another piece of ham, do [...]
Noel (PS090) [3579] have some more ham or you're getting some nice cheese in a minute.
Enid (PS08Y) [3580] Oh [...] cheese.
Patsy (PS096) [3581] [...] are we having some cheese?
Enid (PS08Y) [3582] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3583] Well I think I'll wait for some cheese [...]
Noel (PS090) [3584] Mm.
[3585] Ye yes I used to leave notes
Patsy (PS096) [3586] I'm I'm tr I'm tr I'm trying not to overeat you see?
Noel (PS090) [3587] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3588] Right.
[3589] Please yourself.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3590] I'm trying to avoid [...] ... being noticed if I overeat.
Enid (PS08Y) [3591] You're trying to, you're trying to avoid being starved all the time aren't you darling?
Patsy (PS096) [3592] You're allowed to have some water aren't you [...] ?
Noel (PS090) [3593] No no no no no [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3594] It's difficult for you but he's trying to avoid being starved.
[3595] Will that plate do?
Patsy (PS096) [3596] It'll be fine.
Enid (PS08Y) [3597] [...] dish you out a larger one.
Patsy (PS096) [3598] No no it will be absolutely fine, thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3599] Okay.
[3600] Well help yourself, I can recommend [...] cheese.
Noel (PS090) [3601] Well autumn leave is the best way out of, of ... of er communicating.
[3602] If I were to turn to a man on a bench
Enid (PS08Y) [3603] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3604] and say to him so and so and so and so he'd always answer back and say I want to do it this way
Patsy (PS096) [3605] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [3606] and er the time was wasted, but you give an autumn leaf ... a little note saying what it, what you, what you wanted done there wasn't much chance he could argue.
Patsy (PS096) [3607] Yes I heard a very interesting conversation on the way down here in that programme Just a Minute ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3608] Oh
Patsy (PS096) [3609] you know the one I mean?
Enid (PS08Y) [3610] I hate it but I'll tell you why in a minute.
Patsy (PS096) [3611] Mm mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3612] Go on.
Patsy (PS096) [3613] Well I don't like it very much but ... it has this very interesting discussion as to whether a fax was ... cheaper or more expensive than the telephone
Noel (PS090) [3614] Mm?
Patsy (PS096) [3615] and ... the biggest pro for a fax that I can think of is that you can send the message ... and that's that, there's no risk of it dribbling on into, into doubt [...]
Noel (PS090) [3616] Mm [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3617] As it would on the telephone, yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3618] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3619] How right.
[3620] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3621] So I thought that was quite interesting to think
Noel (PS090) [3622] Mm and they can't argue with a fax.
Patsy (PS096) [3623] think about. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3624] I hate that programme because ... I like ... I tend to come and ... listen to the content of what they're saying
Patsy (PS096) [3625] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3626] and they're only saying it for the sake of keeping going.
Patsy (PS096) [3627] Yes [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3628] And then er so it's never, it's never worth ... serious attention is it?
Patsy (PS096) [3629] Well just occasionally it is.
[3630] Sometimes you do get something interesting.
[3631] And and and and then
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3632] and then they get interrupted and you wish, you know, you wish they hadn't.
Enid (PS08Y) [3633] That's it, you see [...] that's full of frustration
Patsy (PS096) [3634] Yes it's [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3635] for me [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3636] [...] I don't like it, I, I prefer things like the news quiz
Noel (PS090) [3637] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3638] or ... even ... that one about that game with Mornington Crescent in it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3639] Mornington Crescent?
Patsy (PS096) [3640] Yes. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3641] I've heard that phrase used but I don't know what it's for.
Patsy (PS096) [3642] Oh well it's, it's where ... they say ... say a sequence of underground station names or or locations
Enid (PS08Y) [3643] Oh
Patsy (PS096) [3644] in London ... in, in a sort of clever way that makes it sound as though there's some terrific good reasoning for it
Enid (PS08Y) [3645] Oh.
Patsy (PS096) [3646] and they just say it totally randomly and the last one just ... the first pers person who says Mornington Crescent is the winner ... but they've made a great big sort of ... fiction as to how ... why, when it is suitable to say Mornington Crescent
Enid (PS08Y) [3647] You have to come to it
Patsy (PS096) [3648] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3649] I, yes I see. [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3650] Th there's no logic to it at all but they play it on.
Enid (PS08Y) [3651] How extraordinary, I've not heard that one.
[3652] Mhm.
Patsy (PS096) [3653] It's a programme where they also ... sing the songs of one tune ... wh to another tune. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3654] Oh ... you mean the programme where they do that?
Patsy (PS096) [3655] Mm. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3656] Erm well that's not ... that's not My Music is it?
Patsy (PS096) [3657] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [3658] No.
[3659] Erm
Patsy (PS096) [3660] That's erm
Enid (PS08Y) [3661] can't remember what it's called. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3662] Mm ... it's Jazz With Humphrey Littleton. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3663] Oh.
[3664] ... I, I'm, I'm not with you on that one because erm I'm sure I'm ... vaguely at the back of my mind I think I know what it is, I have heard of it I mean
Patsy (PS096) [3665] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3666] or heard it
Patsy (PS096) [3667] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3668] but I can't bring it to mind, it won't come to the front ... as it were.
Patsy (PS096) [3669] Well I can't remember what it's called. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3670] Erm ... yes apart from My Music I can't think of one.
[3671] I heard a very amusing thing on the radio this morning
Patsy (PS096) [3672] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3673] came in half way through it, at least half way erm but it was so obviously the voice of erm ... Freud, Clement Freud
Patsy (PS096) [3674] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3675] talking ... and he was telling about a visit he had paid to China for a whole week
Patsy (PS096) [3676] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3677] and how he'd seen ... prison and er they'd said they hadn't any prisons but he found one and ... erm ... hospitals and all that sort of thing ... and at the end of the week's visit erm one of the very high ups, whom he named and I've forgotten the name of him, I think I'll just use that, thank you ... erm sent for h he, he was brought before him as it were and the man said to him are there any questions er at the end of your week that you want to ask ... and he said ... well perhaps there is one ... he said erm Winston Churchill was here erm a month or two, a few months ago
Patsy (PS096) [3678] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3679] and he also, he like me stayed in the ... and he named the hotel in
Patsy (PS096) [3680] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3681] Peking ... he said can you tell me why ... his room was larger than mine
Patsy (PS096) [3682] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3683] and his room had three windows erm ... and I, mine only had two
Patsy (PS096) [3684] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3685] he said in spite of the fact that I've been in parliament for longer than he has, which surprised me cos I wouldn't have thought so ... this is the young Winston Churchill of course so the Chinese man said to him erm oh well the reason for that was that he had a famous grandfather
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3686] and so [laughing] Clement Freud [] said, not to him but now on this programme this morning, that's the first time I've ever been de-grandfathered [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3687] That was rather nice wasn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3688] Presumably his grandfather was Sigmund Freud was it?
Enid (PS08Y) [3689] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3690] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3691] The Chinese didn't know.
Patsy (PS096) [3692] No I shouldn't think the Chinese have got much time for that sort of approach to life.
Enid (PS08Y) [3693] I don't think they have either.
[3694] I don't think they'd have been impressed even if he'd told them [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3695] No.
[3696] Erm ... did you see that th they're, they're going to look for some sort of gene called the Churchill factor?
Enid (PS08Y) [3697] No.
Patsy (PS096) [3698] Well they want to find out why it is that someone who smoked so much and drank [laughing] so much []
Enid (PS08Y) [3699] Mm!
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3700] had to live so long.
Enid (PS08Y) [3701] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3702] Well it's obvious.
[3703] It's the same sort of factor that allows anybody who smokes a lot to not get cancer and not get bronchitis and live, also live a long time.
[3704] There are plenty of them.
Enid (PS08Y) [3705] Well that's true.
Patsy (PS096) [3706] I it's just a question of, you know, something in your make-up that is inoculating you and other people have a weakness.
Enid (PS08Y) [3707] Well that's right.
[3708] Other people go down with it.
[3709] You can't really I should think find a gene surely that's
Patsy (PS096) [3710] There must be something though Enid.
Enid (PS08Y) [3711] Mm there must be.
Noel (PS090) [3712] His father was a very weak man wasn't he?
Patsy (PS096) [3713] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [3714] His mother was a character but ... [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3715] She was not nice.
Noel (PS090) [3716] Not nice but she had a strong character.
Enid (PS08Y) [3717] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3718] But his
Enid (PS08Y) [3719] This reminds me
Patsy (PS096) [3720] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3721] might I just say this darling cos I've just remembered, I'll forget ... senile you see?
[3722] ... Erm ... we have a video of the last programme of the Churchill series
Patsy (PS096) [3723] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3724] erm which a friend in London very kindly made for us because we were out with her, her mother
Patsy (PS096) [3725] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3726] and couldn't see it
Patsy (PS096) [3727] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3728] and erm ... Joan's video has gone wrong in some way
Patsy (PS096) [3729] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [3730] Yes, she doesn't know how to work it to begin with but she
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3731] was working
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3732] [laughing] she was working [] on that, of course we don't know a thing about it, erm ... and the make, the erm ... the handyman chap came along and took a part away, it was faulty
Patsy (PS096) [3733] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3734] so we can't see it.
Patsy (PS096) [3735] Do you want to come and see it on mine?
Enid (PS08Y) [3736] I was going, I'm getting round to that you see aren't I?
Patsy (PS096) [3737] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3738] Erm ... we feel rather badly about not returning it to this person who made it for us
Patsy (PS096) [3739] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3740] because it's now a fortnight since we had it I think
Noel (PS090) [3741] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3742] Well come and see it on mine.
Enid (PS08Y) [3743] May we do that?
Patsy (PS096) [3744] Mm, sure.
Enid (PS08Y) [3745] But when, that's not going to disturb you? ...
Patsy (PS096) [3746] Don't know.
[3747] Erm ... let's think. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3748] Tomorrow morning?
[3749] No. ...
Noel (PS090) [3750] I'm taking, I'm going to London tomorrow afternoon, I
Enid (PS08Y) [3751] Afternoon.
Noel (PS090) [3752] I, no I've only just thought of it, I'd take it with me if, if we'd seen it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3753] Mm. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3754] I've got to go out this evening.
Noel (PS090) [3755] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3756] Well tomorrow, what happens to you tomorrow?
[3757] Is it your lazy day when you
Patsy (PS096) [3758] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [3759] Mm well we won't see it tom we'll keep it another week ... keep it another week ... I'll get my diary.
Enid (PS08Y) [...] ...
Noel (PS090) [3760] I'll get my diary, can't talk without a diary.
Enid (PS08Y) [3761] Okay.
[3762] ... We can't do it next Saturday ... because erm we've got two people, a Scotsman married to a Chinese
Patsy (PS096) [3763] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3764] coming to spend Saturday.
Patsy (PS096) [3765] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3766] So that's a dead day for next week.
[3767] And ... might be able to do it before the weekend perhaps
Patsy (PS096) [3768] Yeah think so, I'm just ... when does Noel get back from London? ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3769] Erm hoping Monday evening.
[3770] ... He's going to see Mr .
[3771] He has a little bit of a scratchiness in one of his eyes
Patsy (PS096) [3772] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3773] erm and ... phoned up and sort of semi made an appointment, not exactly
Patsy (PS096) [3774] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3775] erm because Mr was abroad ... and the girl said well I mean ... come in on Monday, when he'll be back
Patsy (PS096) [3776] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3777] and he may be able to see you then.
Patsy (PS096) [3778] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [3779] So ... come Monday morning, Sunday night in fact, Noel said gosh I can [...] this is, this seems to have gone light.
[3780] We've got some ointment from the doctor which didn't work last time he put it out
Patsy (PS096) [3781] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3782] and seems to have worked this time.
[3783] So he said I can't go along and bother a busy man when it's feeling much better.
Patsy (PS096) [3784] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3785] So erm ... he didn't go
Patsy (PS096) [3786] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3787] but he got a phone call on the ... Tuesday from Mr 's secretary to say oh Mr would like to see you anyway because er he feels it may have ... erm ... it was a letter, I'm sorry, which came
Patsy (PS096) [3788] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3789] in case it has any bearing on ... any difficulty you might have in the future so ... he's to go down [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3790] So he's got an appointment?
Enid (PS08Y) [3791] Mm ... Monday morning.
[3792] ... And then he's going to call at Sotherby's.
[3793] Do you know ... Sotherby's are the most dilettante people you've ever come across, they really are.
Patsy (PS096) [3794] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3795] With the exception of the one ... erm ... section leader that he deals with normally.
[3796] At the beginning of this week a girl phoned up and said that erm ... the chap he normally deals with is away
Patsy (PS096) [3797] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3798] but there's an organ is Sussex they want him to look at ... and erm so he said well ... send me a photograph er they've got a photograph of it you see
Patsy (PS096) [3799] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3800] send the photograph and that gives me an idea whether it's worth going to look at it at all.
[3801] ... That I think was about Tuesday.
Patsy (PS096) [3802] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3803] It never came.
[3804] This is what they do, they phone up ... asking [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3805] They could have they could have even faxed it.
Enid (PS08Y) [3806] Mm ... well we haven't got a fax.
Patsy (PS096) [3807] Oh no.
Enid (PS08Y) [3808] But ... the thing is, what they do tend to do is, they suddenly find themselves in a panic because they've behaved like this about it and the person at the other end is shouting when are you coming to see this organ
Patsy (PS096) [3809] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3810] I was talking about how dilatory S er Sotherby's are.
Noel (PS090) [3811] Oh.
[3812] Yes but I know the thing dear no
Patsy (PS096) [3813] Well of course they're not, they're not in a businesslike business are they?
Enid (PS08Y) [3814] No ... not really, no.
[3815] ... And I wonder if it seems to be that they prefer you come out of the upper drawer than come up with your brilliant A levels or whatever.
Patsy (PS096) [3816] They do, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3817] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3818] Exactly that.
Enid (PS08Y) [3819] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3820] They are erm ... a very, you know one, one of the last bastions where those sort of people can find a refuge.
Enid (PS08Y) [3821] Yes.
[3822] I suppose so.
Noel (PS090) [3823] I find them
Patsy (PS096) [3824] You know,l like, like the Duke of Kent's daughter.
Enid (PS08Y) [3825] Mm.
[3826] Does she work there?
Patsy (PS096) [3827] She works in art galleries or, or some art gallery
Enid (PS08Y) [3828] Or some art gallery.
Patsy (PS096) [3829] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [3830] Mm.
Patsy (PS096) [3831] And the man she's marrying ... is an art gallery.
Enid (PS08Y) [3832] So he is.
[3833] That's right.
[3834] So he is.
Patsy (PS096) [3835] [...] there has to be space for these people ... though somehow I always feel that they cream it all the same.
Enid (PS08Y) [3836] Mm I think they do cream it, yes.
Patsy (PS096) [...] ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3837] Oh that's [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3838] Well du during next week is what we think Noel.
Noel (PS090) [3839] Pardon?
Patsy (PS096) [3840] During next week erm I'm just trying to think, I've got very heavy days on Monday and Tuesday ... so
Noel (PS090) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3841] Wednesday's a possibility ... then in that case.
Noel (PS090) [3842] Er let's ... shall, can we leave it open?
Patsy (PS096) [3843] Mhm, certainly.
Enid (PS08Y) [3844] And then we'll arrange it with you, mm?
Noel (PS090) [3845] Yes.
[3846] Erm I don't know whether [...] I think [...] post rather erm er I see I'm not going to London after ... erm after this week [...] ...
Patsy (PS096) [3847] Ooh.
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Noel (PS090) [3848] Oh you're going to be making some of your special coffee are you love?
Enid (PS08Y) [3849] I am indeed.
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [3850] Ooh er ...
Noel (PS090) [3851] How's your barn proceeding?
Patsy (PS096) [3852] Don't know, it doesn't seem to be doing anything and what the [...] was that during the week when [...] was in residence ... one night the dogs barked and he went out to see what was happening and there was a young man who worked in it ... this was in the pitch dark, was up there taking some of his stuff away.
Noel (PS090) [3853] Oh.
Enid (PS08Y) [3854] Oh.
Patsy (PS096) [3855] So I wonder.
Noel (PS090) [3856] Has he run out of cash?
Patsy (PS096) [3857] Well, I wouldn't be surprised.
Enid (PS08Y) [3858] Why would he need to do it in the dark?
Patsy (PS096) [3859] Well if for instance it's approaching receivership ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3860] Oh oh oh
Patsy (PS096) [3861] you'd want to sort of, you know
Noel (PS090) [3862] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3863] Oh yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3864] get your stuff and you'd want it not to be obvious that you'd got your stuff.
Enid (PS08Y) [3865] Oh I see, yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3866] But that's, that's only a guess though
Noel (PS090) [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3867] I don't know.
Noel (PS090) [3868] you mean the young man who actually owns it or the man who's employed working on it?
Patsy (PS096) [3869] Well ... I don't know who exactly owns it
Noel (PS090) [3870] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3871] but the man who has been doing the work there who said he owned it
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3872] Oh I know, oh.
[3873] But the, the ... lady who was erm ... what's her name daughter, she used to live in the ... [...] erm ... erm live in the terraced house ... erm ...
Patsy (PS096) [3874] What Jo ?
Noel (PS090) [3875] Mrs what?
Patsy (PS096) [3876] you mean?
Noel (PS090) [3877] No er the people before them.
Patsy (PS096) [3878] The ?
Noel (PS090) [3879] What?
Patsy (PS096) [3880] The ?
Noel (PS090) [3881] yes, Ann 's daughter
Patsy (PS096) [3882] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [3883] who's got the farm up at [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3884] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [3885] and there's a ... there's a farm for sale opposite there, you never saw such a wreck in all your life.
Enid (PS08Y) [3886] Oh it is a wreck.
Patsy (PS096) [3887] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3888] Yes it really is.
Patsy (PS096) [3889] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3890] I think the vogue is dying isn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3891] Yes.
[3892] Erm ... they're being much stricter about what you can do to them.
Enid (PS08Y) [3893] Erm. ...
Noel (PS090) [3894] And how you do it perhaps.
Patsy (PS096) [3895] And how you do it and everything, yes.
[3896] I think that erm ... across the road from me he's just mucked around.
Noel (PS090) [3897] Yes.
Patsy (PS096) [3898] He hasn't done things in the sort of, you know, the preferred way.
Enid (PS08Y) [3899] That was the sign from the beginning wasn't it?
Patsy (PS096) [3900] Yes.
[3901] And he hasn't had ... building inspections at the right sorts of times.
Enid (PS08Y) [3902] Ah. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3903] So I think he's going to find himself in a lot of trouble.
Noel (PS090) [3904] That's good.
Patsy (PS096) [3905] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [3906] Well he didn't, he did deserve it didn't he, really?
Patsy (PS096) [3907] Yep. ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3908] But he paid dearly for it in the first place didn't he?
Patsy (PS096) [3909] I think it's such a shame that he's gone and put that wretched wirenetting fence so close to the road
Enid (PS08Y) [3910] I agree.
Patsy (PS096) [3911] across the road from me.
Noel (PS090) [3912] That what?
Patsy (PS096) [3913] Wirenetting fence across the road.
Noel (PS090) [3914] Yes ... it is wretched.
Patsy (PS096) [3915] Cos it's so close to the road, it doesn't give me any swinging round room
Enid (PS08Y) [3916] Well actually if he's [...]
Patsy (PS096) [3917] on my side of the road.
Enid (PS08Y) [3918] If he's having problems
Patsy (PS096) [3919] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [3920] you may be able to get that rectified mayn't you?
Patsy (PS096) [3921] Ya.
Enid (PS08Y) [3922] And say yes
Noel (PS090) [3923] Better arrange for the coal lorr lorry to back in to it one day.
Patsy (PS096) [3924] Ya I was I've been thinking of trying to have a big delivery of something. [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3925] I mean I would do you er have ?
Patsy (PS096) [3926] I don't have any coal delivered unfortunately.
Noel (PS090) [3927] Oh.
Patsy (PS096) [3928] I've go I've got some coal in the coal shed and it, you know,i it sort of lasts me.
Noel (PS090) [3929] Oh.
Patsy (PS096) [3930] I never seem to run out.
Noel (PS090) [3931] Because if you had old er ... what's his name? ...
Enid (PS08Y) [3932] Don .
Noel (PS090) [3933] Don , 's man ... er if you explained the bother
Patsy (PS096) [3934] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3935] er he would back his ... with a little encouragement from me he'd back his lorry right into it and [...] flatten it for you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3936] [laughing] Darling he's a very [] nice man.
Noel (PS090) [3937] I know he is, that's why he'd do it.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Patsy (PS096) [3938] Well unfortunately if, if I did have a delivery of coal it would come in through the other entrance.
Noel (PS090) [3939] Oh [laugh] that needn't prevent you from ... backing in er backing into it when he turns round. ...
Patsy (PS096) [3940] No it's been, it's been a tough week this last week.
Noel (PS090) [3941] Oh dear.
[3942] ... I'm sorry.
[3943] ... I feel very sorry for people who have to work for their living now, I really do.
Patsy (PS096) [3944] Mm.
[3945] Yes. ...
Noel (PS090) [3946] Oh we've got something else have we?
[3947] I thought [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3948] Yes we've got a little bit of Israel haven't you?
Noel (PS090) [3949] A bit of Israel?
Enid (PS08Y) [3950] Yes. ...
Noel (PS090) [3951] We had a ... box of oranges sent to us from Israel
Patsy (PS096) [3952] Oh I see
Noel (PS090) [3953] direct to me
Patsy (PS096) [3954] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [3955] friends of ours there.
[3956] Actually it's George 's son.
Patsy (PS096) [3957] Mhm.

7 (Tape 033402)

Noel (PS090) [3958] My wife's [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [3959] Hello Ian, oh I was hoping that you'd come and see us.
Ian (PS097) [3960] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [3961] That's wonderful.
Ian (PS097) [3962] [...] to see you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3963] I'm just getting, will you [...] tea?
Ian (PS097) [3964] Yes, I'd love one.
[3965] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [3966] Right I'll just get that.
Noel (PS090) [3967] Well how are things going?
Ian (PS097) [3968] Yes business okay
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ian (PS097) [3969] Mm ... no [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [3970] No?
[3971] Oh dear dear dear
Ian (PS097) [3972] not at all, no.
Noel (PS090) [3973] Is old [...] alright?
Ian (PS097) [3974] Just about yes ... yes.
Noel (PS090) [3975] That must be worrying, a lot of people feel like that don't they?
Ian (PS097) [3976] Yes.
[3977] No it's, it's been a very bad eighteen months er
Noel (PS090) [3978] Oh dear.
Ian (PS097) [3979] cos the, the business that I was
Noel (PS090) [3980] What?
Ian (PS097) [3981] the business I was a director of
Noel (PS090) [3982] Yes?
Ian (PS097) [3983] er last year ... went into receivership
Noel (PS090) [3984] Oh lord.
Ian (PS097) [3985] in January
Noel (PS090) [3986] Ooh.
[3987] Now does that have a er I, I know you lose the income but ... does it, does it penalize you at all?
Ian (PS097) [3988] Yes it does.
Noel (PS090) [3989] Oh dear.
Ian (PS097) [3990] Yes.
[3991] Yeah we've had er ... the D T I investigating
Noel (PS090) [3992] Oh lord.
Ian (PS097) [3993] cos it was quite a big company.
Noel (PS090) [3994] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [3995] But erm ... it just er hopefully because yeah but really they're just trying to investigate to make sure that we didn't act fraudulently in any way.
Noel (PS090) [3996] Oh yes.
[3997] Oh good.
[3998] I mean I don't suppose
Ian (PS097) [3999] Which, which we didn't.
[4000] You know it was the
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ian (PS097) [4001] it was the downturn that erm
Noel (PS090) [4002] Yes, ooh
Ian (PS097) [4003] you know that started nineteen ... nineteen ninety one.
Noel (PS090) [4004] What was the business what er did you do?
Ian (PS097) [4005] In, in advertising.
Noel (PS090) [4006] Advertising oh yes.
Ian (PS097) [4007] An advertising agency.
Noel (PS090) [4008] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [4009] Yeah.
[4010] But about ... a third of the top agencies in our sector all went bust in
Noel (PS090) [4011] Good god.
Ian (PS097) [4012] in the last eighteen months.
Noel (PS090) [4013] Cos living up here privately in retirement one doesn't realize these things.
Ian (PS097) [4014] I mean er unemployment in er ... white collar management ... area is, is, is very marked now.
Noel (PS090) [4015] Is it?
Ian (PS097) [4016] Yeah it's ... yes.
[4017] Yes it's really affect affected our, our businesses.
[4018] There's so many areas that have contracted so much.
Noel (PS090) [4019] Yes and i it's a, it's [...] long erm
Ian (PS097) [4020] It is, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4021] process [...]
Ian (PS097) [4022] Yes.
[4023] Affects everything.
[4024] But, you know, things are going okay.
Noel (PS090) [4025] But you, you managing just, just to hold on [...]
Ian (PS097) [4026] Just about yes.
[4027] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [4028] Cos as you know Ben's in Hong Kong
Ian (PS097) [4029] Yes? [...] yes.
Noel (PS090) [4030] He's suddenly swapping from the police to er security in ... a big bank.
Ian (PS097) [4031] Oh fascinating.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ian (PS097) [4032] Oh.
Noel (PS090) [4033] Erm I, I suppose it'll be a couple of years before he does that but [...]
Ian (PS097) [4034] Well, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4035] yes.
Ian (PS097) [4036] Cos he signed up for five, five years didn't he?
Noel (PS090) [4037] He signed up for three years with an option
Ian (PS097) [4038] Mm
Noel (PS090) [4039] to do another two.
Ian (PS097) [4040] Oh I see, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4041] And I think he's going to work out the other two and then go on to this ... forget the name of it at the moment, this bank
Ian (PS097) [4042] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4043] and er but he doesn't want to come back to England.
Ian (PS097) [laugh] ...
Noel (PS090) [...]
Ian (PS097) [4044] No I was sorry I missed him when he came over last year.
Noel (PS090) [4045] Last year, yes.
Ian (PS097) [4046] I just had a quick phonecall with him.
Noel (PS090) [4047] Oh he did speak to you?
Ian (PS097) [4048] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4049] Yes that's right mm
Ian (PS097) [4050] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4051] Yes see that time went like lightning.
Ian (PS097) [4052] Yes.
[4053] ... Such a shame.
Noel (PS090) [4054] Edmund is still in his job.
Noel (PS090) [4055] Aha.
Noel (PS090) [4056] He still hasn't got naturalization but he seems to be fairly ... erm fairly secure.
[4057] He's a journalist of course.
Ian (PS097) [4058] Yes.
[4059] Is he confident that he'll get the naturalization?
Noel (PS090) [4060] Oh yes, eventually he will.
Ian (PS097) [4061] Right.
Noel (PS090) [4062] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4063] W will that be this year or does it take much longer?
Noel (PS090) [4064] You can never tell
Ian (PS097) [4065] Really?
Noel (PS090) [4066] never tell, a ... girl we know went over at the same time as he did ... got it this year.
Ian (PS097) [4067] Really?
Noel (PS090) [4068] But er it's just the luck of the draw, it all depends upon the temper of the particular official that's handling it I think.
Ian (PS097) [4069] Yes. ...
Noel (PS090) [4070] I'll give you a ... funny article he wrote before you go.
Ian (PS097) [4071] Oh I'd like to see that. ...
Noel (PS090) [4072] [laugh] But er ... I'm just trying to think now er ... Ben [...] er the trouble with it is, Edmund can't leave the country ... whilst he's in a job ... until he gets naturalization because he's got to get a work permit and an entry permit and everything all the way through
Ian (PS097) [4073] Right.
Noel (PS090) [4074] and ... again er with the present state of unemployment in America it's unlikely he would get it.
Ian (PS097) [4075] It's very difficult.
[4076] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4077] But he, he managed to ... get his extension to his permit because he had these English connections and the paper he was on ... reckoned that he was very valuable to them and so they
Ian (PS097) [4078] Good.
Noel (PS090) [4079] they held him.
Ian (PS097) [4080] Good.
[4081] ... Well I'm sure he's
Noel (PS090) [4082] Are your wife and family well?
Ian (PS097) [4083] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4084] They're happy with you are they?
Ian (PS097) [4085] Yes they are, yes.
[4086] I wouldn't er ... bestow them er on you even for a short visit though.
Noel (PS090) [4087] Oh don't be silly.
Ian (PS097) [4088] The er the s the small one is er
Noel (PS090) [4089] Oh you've got two have you?
Ian (PS097) [4090] [laughing] Yes [] he's a real handful.
Noel (PS090) [4091] Is he?
[4092] Oh dear dear
Ian (PS097) [4093] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4094] dear dear.
Ian (PS097) [4095] Yeah he's er he's nearly two and it's a ... er they're trying times.
Noel (PS090) [4096] [laugh] I've had it five times.
Ian (PS097) [4097] Yes.
[4098] We're expecting another one in June.
Noel (PS090) [4099] Are you really?
[4100] You [...]
Ian (PS097) [4101] That'll be that'll be the third.
Noel (PS090) [4102] But I had five.
[4103] Every
Ian (PS097) [4104] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4105] one I said was the last but it [...] .
Ian (PS097) [4106] [laugh] Oh I see certainly feel that er we must be mad.
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4107] We must be mad. ...
Noel (PS090) [4108] And you're living in Chiswick?
Ian (PS097) [4109] Yes, yes.
[4110] Although we'll have to sell that house.
Noel (PS090) [4111] Would you?
[4112] What because of the financial position?
Ian (PS097) [4113] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4114] Oh dear oh dear
Ian (PS097) [4115] So er we'll have to wait ... we're, we're ... er we've put an offer in, in on a house in Weybridge
Noel (PS090) [4116] Oh yes?
Ian (PS097) [4117] in Surrey.
[4118] Erm ... not particularly because we, we wanted to go to Weybridge but er
Noel (PS090) [4119] Cos travelling's expensive isn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4120] It is actually.
[4121] Fifteen hundred pounds
Noel (PS090) [whistling]
Ian (PS097) [4122] for twenty five minutes' journey to Waterloo.
[4123] But it's got a huge garden which with the two boys I think will be marvellous.
Noel (PS090) [4124] Oh yes.
Ian (PS097) [4125] It's very unusual for a ... even in a, a suburban er
Noel (PS090) [4126] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4127] area.
[4128] Huge garden.
Noel (PS090) [4129] I know Weybridge slightly.
Ian (PS097) [4130] Do you?
[4131] Oh.
Noel (PS090) [4132] Mm.
[4133] Erm ... but will you make, be able to make much profit on the ... on your old Chiswick house to be able to buy the Weybridge one, will that be an economic move?
Ian (PS097) [4134] Erm ... we save quite a lot er which is what we're trying to do, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4135] Oh good, yes.
Ian (PS097) [4136] Erm ... and it's er it's a good area for schools
Noel (PS090) [4137] It is a good area for schools, mm.
Ian (PS097) [4138] a a and er it's you know a reasonable community
Noel (PS090) [4139] As a matter of fact I knew an old couple that ran a, had a nursery school there, a big one and a very successful one.
Ian (PS097) [4140] Yes I imagine it, it would be.
Noel (PS090) [4141] For a number of years they did have but er
Ian (PS097) [4142] It's a shame about le leaving ... Hounslow where Chiswick is
Noel (PS090) [4143] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4144] because they provide nursery places.
[4145] And
Noel (PS090) [4146] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4147] so Thomas who's three is at school.
Noel (PS090) [4148] Oh yes.
Ian (PS097) [4149] Whereas Surrey doesn't until they're five.
Noel (PS090) [4150] Oh dear.
Ian (PS097) [4151] So we'll have to put them
Noel (PS090) [4152] Even if they don't you can sometimes find that ... if you get behind the scenes that there is a way of doing it.
Ian (PS097) [4153] Yes.
[4154] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4155] Got to spin a hard luck story, something of that sort.
Ian (PS097) [4156] Yeah.
[4157] Yes.
[4158] But erm ... we're very lucky where we are.
[4159] The state schools are very good.
Noel (PS090) [4160] Are they, in Chiswick?
Ian (PS097) [4161] They do seem very good.
[4162] Very pleased with them.
[4163] But erm it's difficult living in London now.
[4164] The erm ... you really are aware, I don't know if you get up to London much?
Noel (PS090) [4165] Do occasionally, yes.
Ian (PS097) [4166] Yes but the erm ... the atmosphere
Noel (PS090) [4167] Oh I hate London, it's awful. [...]
Ian (PS097) [4168] Chris Christmas day ... I had a real chest erm ... and mouth and everything.
Noel (PS090) [4169] I can quite believe it.
Ian (PS097) [4170] And it's erm it's so oppressive and we really worry about it with the children.
Noel (PS090) [4171] Yes well I can see that, mm.
[4172] I er I very much dislike London.
[4173] We've got, still got a little house there
Ian (PS097) [4174] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4175] and er so it gets sort of
Ian (PS097) [4176] At the organ works?
Noel (PS090) [4177] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4178] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [4179] It's a bolt hole
Ian (PS097) [4180] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [4181] but I very seldom use it.
Ian (PS097) [4182] Yes.
[4183] ... How, how's the er organ business going?
Noel (PS090) [4184] They're up to their eyes in work.
[4185] Plenty of
Ian (PS097) [4186] Really?
Noel (PS090) [4187] of work.
[4188] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4189] Good.
Noel (PS090) [4190] Lot of it export.
Ian (PS097) [4191] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4192] Ian do you have milk in your tea?
Ian (PS097) [4193] Just milk, that'll be
Enid (PS08Y) [4194] Just
Ian (PS097) [4195] lovely.
Enid (PS08Y) [4196] yes right.
Ian (PS097) [4197] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4198] No sugar?
Ian (PS097) [4199] No thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [4200] Oh good lad. ...
Noel (PS090) [4201] Oh yes John s came back from Japan
Ian (PS097) [4202] Really?
Noel (PS090) [4203] They, he built a large organ [...] university of [...] or [...]
Ian (PS097) [4204] Yes, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4205] And er ... he was back there ten days ago for some or other to see another customer ... and when he came, only got back into the country on Monday or Tuesday
Ian (PS097) [4206] Aha.
Noel (PS090) [4207] beginning of this week ... and then today I've had a letter from an architect friend in America suggesting he gets in touch with an architect in [...] for another job [...]
Ian (PS097) [4208] Yes, yes.
Noel (PS090) [4209] I'm taking it down to him tomorrow.
Ian (PS097) [laugh]
Noel (PS090) [4210] But he's ... he's got work in there to come.
[4211] ... He's going to build a new organ for Chelmsford cathedral.
Ian (PS097) [4212] Oh that's good [...]
Noel (PS090) [4213] A new one for St John's College Cambridge, he's really quite busy.
Ian (PS097) [4214] Good.
[4215] Good well I'm pleased that er business is strong.
Noel (PS090) [4216] Oh yes he's alright.
[4217] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4218] Well Ian and how are you doing?
Ian (PS097) [4219] Oh not too bad.
[4220] Keeping fit
Enid (PS08Y) [4221] Really?
Ian (PS097) [4222] anyway.
[4223] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4224] You're keeping fit?
[4225] That's good.
Noel (PS090) [4226] He said he didn't bring the children because he thought that we were too old for them.
Ian (PS097) [4227] [laugh] I think we're, I'm too old for my children, well the smallest one.
Enid (PS08Y) [4228] [laugh] How lovely.
Ian (PS097) [4229] Harry is a ... a nightmare.
[4230] He's a real
Enid (PS08Y) [4231] Is he?
Ian (PS097) [4232] handful.
[4233] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4234] He's a handful is he?
[4235] Oh dear.
[4236] I'm just going to pour you a
Ian (PS097) [4237] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4238] I w I was letting it
Ian (PS097) [4239] Thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [4240] er brew a little bit just to
Ian (PS097) [4241] Yes that's fine
Enid (PS08Y) [4242] for you.
Ian (PS097) [4243] You're looking very fit anyway.
Enid (PS08Y) [4244] Oh that's kind of you.
[4245] Well we keep busy don't we darling?
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4246] Ya.
[4247] And erm ... we just love it here of course
Ian (PS097) [4248] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4249] so we've got nothing to grumble about at all really.
Noel (PS090) [4250] Ian was saying how
Ian (PS097) [4251] Good.
Noel (PS090) [4252] he's moving out of London t to Weybridge or hoping to.
Ian (PS097) [4253] Hoping to.
Enid (PS08Y) [4254] You are?
Ian (PS097) [4255] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4256] Oh are you?
Ian (PS097) [4257] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4258] That'll be nice.
Ian (PS097) [4259] I, I think so.
Enid (PS08Y) [4260] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4261] It's not ... it's not out of choice entirely because er ... the business that I was has, has gone very very badly over the last eighteen months
Enid (PS08Y) [4262] Do you mean that type of business or that particular firm?
Ian (PS097) [4263] Both.
Enid (PS08Y) [4264] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [4265] Yeah.
[4266] But the particular firm I was a director of went into receivership
Enid (PS08Y) [4267] Oh dear.
Ian (PS097) [4268] beginning of last year, it was about
Enid (PS08Y) [4269] Oh that's [...]
Ian (PS097) [4270] a year ago now and erm ... so er I mean fortunately it was bought er as a going concern
Enid (PS08Y) [4271] Good.
Ian (PS097) [4272] erm but everyone's financial position er suffered as a result.
Enid (PS08Y) [4273] Yes.
[4274] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4275] So I'm not as, on as good a contract.
Enid (PS08Y) [4276] You're not?
Ian (PS097) [4277] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [4278] No.
Ian (PS097) [4279] But them I'm lucky to have ... have a job really.
Enid (PS08Y) [4280] Well [cough] I mean these were the kind of jobs that weren't replaceable weren't they really?
Ian (PS097) [4281] Well ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4282] In a slump.
Ian (PS097) [4283] yes that's it.
[4284] I mean there's so little business around that erm
Enid (PS08Y) [4285] That's right.
Ian (PS097) [4286] so
Enid (PS08Y) [4287] It was, it was ... somewhat a good thing that somebody was prepared to buy it.
Ian (PS097) [4288] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4289] Now I'll pull this forward a bit erm ... Ian
Ian (PS097) [4290] Sorry is this your seat?
Enid (PS08Y) [4291] and ... no it isn't, no no no, not at all.
[4292] Now I'm going to leave those there
Ian (PS097) [4293] Yes.
[4294] Alright
Enid (PS08Y) [4295] and you'll just dive in to those won't you?
Ian (PS097) [4296] Oh lovely thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [4297] That's the thing.
[4298] I'm going to sit quite near to you because I can hear better when I do.
Ian (PS097) [4299] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4300] So.
[4301] Erm so this means that the house [cough] that you were so ... er happy with and have you continued to be happy with it?
Ian (PS097) [4302] Yes. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4303] Erm in er forgotten [...]
Ian (PS097) [4304] In Chiswick.
Enid (PS08Y) [4305] In Chiswick
Ian (PS097) [4306] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4307] that's right.
[4308] Aha.
[4309] So you've got to leave that now?
Ian (PS097) [4310] Yes.
[4311] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4312] Mm
Ian (PS097) [4313] But ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4314] Well this is life when you're young.
Ian (PS097) [4315] [...] i i it is really.
[4316] Yeah I mean we we're ... fatalistic about it, it's ... I, I think it is only a, a phase.
Enid (PS08Y) [4317] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4318] Things will change.
Enid (PS08Y) [4319] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4320] I'm sure we've learnt er I've learnt er [...] business er ... er secures as a result of it
Enid (PS08Y) [4321] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4322] erm so ... positive about it.
Enid (PS08Y) [4323] Yes.
[4324] It's the only way to be really isn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4325] Well yeah yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4326] Have you got a house ready for you in erm Weybridge?
Ian (PS097) [4327] Well we're buying it from an ol elderly chap
Enid (PS08Y) [4328] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4329] erm he's been in it twenty years ... and er he's had it on the market for some time.
[4330] It m probably not as long as a year but it's quite a while
Enid (PS08Y) [4331] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4332] er and he's accepted our offer
Enid (PS08Y) [4333] Good.
Ian (PS097) [4334] but he doesn't seem actually willing to move out
Enid (PS08Y) [4335] Oh [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4336] er which I can understand really.
Enid (PS08Y) [4337] You, one gets very fond of a house really.
Ian (PS097) [4338] I think he's he's split up with his wife
Enid (PS08Y) [4339] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [4340] although he must be sixty odd erm ... and it's obviously a very difficult time for him.
Enid (PS08Y) [4341] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4342] Erm so he's keeping us in limbo really
Enid (PS08Y) [4343] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4344] which is a bit infuriating cos er Alison's due our third in ... [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [4345] My!
Ian (PS097) [4346] [laughing] at the end of June []
Enid (PS08Y) [4347] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [4348] so er we have to be decided either way
Enid (PS08Y) [4349] [...] yes.
Ian (PS097) [4350] by then.
Enid (PS08Y) [4351] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4352] Oh we're quite happy to rent for a while.
Enid (PS08Y) [4353] I was going to say that's the alternative I suppose
Ian (PS097) [4354] Yes, yes
Enid (PS08Y) [4355] to, yes.
Ian (PS097) [4356] yes
Enid (PS08Y) [4357] And you might even have to do this er for an interim period or something
Ian (PS097) [4358] Yes
Enid (PS08Y) [4359] until he decides
Noel (PS090) [4360] Can you get
Ian (PS097) [4361] yes.
Noel (PS090) [4362] places to rent alright?
Ian (PS097) [4363] Yes you can actually, yes.
[4364] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4365] Mm yes, do help yourself Ian.
[4366] Erm so ... where would he be meaning to go if he does let you
Ian (PS097) [4367] He wants to move down to a smaller house in Weybridge.
Enid (PS08Y) [4368] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4369] Er which we're told shouldn't be difficult to find.
Enid (PS08Y) [4370] Er no no.
Ian (PS097) [4371] So erm, you know, hopefully that will be the case.
Enid (PS08Y) [4372] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4373] But erm ... I don't think he er realizes how difficult it is
Enid (PS08Y) [4374] No.
Ian (PS097) [4375] to set up
Enid (PS08Y) [4376] No.
Ian (PS097) [4377] a move and that really he's quite fortunate to have a buyer ... somewhere within the price he wanted.
Enid (PS08Y) [4378] Indeed.
Ian (PS097) [4379] Cos we've all ... you know, we've all not got as much for our houses as we want
Enid (PS08Y) [4380] No that's very true.
[4381] That's true.
Ian (PS097) [...] ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4382] Mm.
[4383] Oh well let's hope that he will.
[4384] I mean the thing is ... at the age of sixty he has no conception of what it's like to be your age at this period.
Ian (PS097) [4385] Mm.
[4386] Well, you know, he hasn't bought a hou sold a house within the last ten years
Enid (PS08Y) [4387] Mhm mm
Ian (PS097) [4388] which we've done a number of times
Enid (PS08Y) [4389] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4390] and it's not a pleasant ... it's a very stressful business.
Enid (PS08Y) [4391] I'm sure I'm sure it is.
[4392] I don't know how we escaped it so much but we have you see.
[4393] Because we lived on the business, that was
Ian (PS097) [4394] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4395] er a foregone conclusion and we never ... sought to move from there until he retired did we?
Ian (PS097) [4396] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4397] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [4398] So one doesn't know er exactly what it's like to do it.
Ian (PS097) [4399] No.
[4400] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [4401] Mm.
[4402] Gosh.
[4403] And tell us about the children, how old are they?
Ian (PS097) [4404] Harry is erm he'll be two in June
Enid (PS08Y) [4405] Mhm.
Ian (PS097) [4406] then Thomas will be four in August.
Enid (PS08Y) [4407] Oh I see, so they're nice spaces.
Ian (PS097) [4408] Yes there'll be two years between all of them.
Enid (PS08Y) [4409] Yes.
[4410] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4411] So which Alison feels is erm ... er you know the right sort of time
Enid (PS08Y) [4412] Ideal really.
Ian (PS097) [4413] for her
Enid (PS08Y) [4414] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4415] which is obviously important.
Enid (PS08Y) [4416] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4417] And erm they haven't had ... Thomas doesn't remember not having Harry around
Enid (PS08Y) [4418] That's nice.
Ian (PS097) [4419] whereas we've got friends who've got older children ... well a little bit there's, yeah, three or four years between
Enid (PS08Y) [4420] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4421] and they get er old enough to be er quite er happy that they're on ... you know,c centre of attention
Enid (PS08Y) [4422] Exactly.
Ian (PS097) [4423] which er Thomas hasn't.
Enid (PS08Y) [4424] It sours the relationship a bit.
Ian (PS097) [4425] Yeah it does a bit.
Enid (PS08Y) [4426] Yes aha.
Ian (PS097) [4427] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4428] Ah well I ... I [...] is this going to be, if it's a boy is this going to be a Benjamin?
Ian (PS097) [4429] I don't know actually.
[4430] [...] could be.
Enid (PS08Y) [4431] [laugh] [...] you've got two boys
Ian (PS097) [4432] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4433] and so
Noel (PS090) [4434] [...] the last of the tribe.
Enid (PS08Y) [4435] Oh the last of the tribe.
Noel (PS090) [4436] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4437] Well I think I think you know what I mean.
Ian (PS097) [4438] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4439] Erm that's what we did finally in desperation with Ben wasn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4440] [laughing] You decided to []
Enid (PS08Y) [4441] [laughing] He was five, number five [] .
[4442] Erm it would be nice to have a little girl then now wouldn't it
Ian (PS097) [4443] Mm
Enid (PS08Y) [4444] really?
Ian (PS097) [4445] I'd, it's funny because I always wanted a girl
Enid (PS08Y) [4446] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4447] but now I, I wouldn't know, I don't feel [laughing] I'd know what to do []
Enid (PS08Y) [4448] Mm well ... this is just how Ruth was.
Ian (PS097) [4449] Yes [...]
Noel (PS090) [4450] [...] got no choice.
Ian (PS097) [4451] Mm.
[4452] No that's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4453] This is what Ruth er felt cos she had two boys
Ian (PS097) [4454] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4455] but erm and she thought I shan't know how to deal with a girl at all
Ian (PS097) [4456] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4457] which is a funny thing for a woman to think isn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4458] Well Alison feels the same, yes
Enid (PS08Y) [4459] Does she?
Ian (PS097) [4460] Yes, yes she does.
[4461] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4462] It is odd isn't it?
[4463] But
Ian (PS097) [4464] And then she had
Enid (PS08Y) [4465] Oh, oh she adores her, and of course she said it's wonderful, I don't have to keep struggling to get boys out of their trousers.
Ian (PS097) [4466] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4467] This of course is passing now because the girl's
Ian (PS097) [4468] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4469] four isn't she Noel?
[4470] Four and ...
Ian (PS097) [4471] Really?
[4472] Gosh
Enid (PS08Y) [4473] she'll be five in April and that's the youngest one.
Ian (PS097) [4474] Oh.
Enid (PS08Y) [4475] And er, oh here they are
Ian (PS097) [4476] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4477] and er she said it was lovely to be able to put her in dresses.
Ian (PS097) [4478] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4479] That's the first day at school
Ian (PS097) [4480] Oh lovely.
Enid (PS08Y) [4481] for Catherine.
Ian (PS097) [4482] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4483] She, they all go to the same school.
Ian (PS097) [4484] Oh lovely. [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [4485] That's nice isn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4486] [...] children, yes it's great.
Enid (PS08Y) [4487] Mm.
[4488] So Ruth I think as far as, barring accidents, will regard that as being her final [...]
Ian (PS097) [4489] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4490] They live in Wells
Ian (PS097) [4491] Oh do they?
Enid (PS08Y) [4492] in Somerset.
[4493] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4494] Yes.
[4495] Oh lovely.
[4496] I don't know that area but
Enid (PS08Y) [4497] And they no ... they're very happy ... there [...] .
[4498] So ... that's them.
Ian (PS097) [4499] And I gather John's doing well.
Enid (PS08Y) [4500] Yes John is doing well, he's got three children too.
Ian (PS097) [4501] He's ooh
Enid (PS08Y) [4502] Yes and his are
Ian (PS097) [4503] [...] lots
Enid (PS08Y) [4504] the other way round
Ian (PS097) [4505] Aha.
Enid (PS08Y) [4506] erm a boy first and then two girls.
Ian (PS097) [4507] Well he's got three too.
Enid (PS08Y) [4508] Nice kids.
Ian (PS097) [4509] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4510] Mm yes nice kids.
Ian (PS097) [4511] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4512] And of course Margaret's not erm inclined for marriage, she loves her job.
Ian (PS097) [4513] No, yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4514] And erm I think she'll be ... she'll, she'll probably stay single unless
Ian (PS097) [4515] Mhm
Enid (PS08Y) [4516] she meets some nice old man.
Ian (PS097) [4517] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4518] Wh and where's Margaret working? ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4519] She's now at erm one of the girls public day school ... trust schools in Sydenham.
Ian (PS097) [4520] Oh.
Noel (PS090) [4521] Sydenham High School.
Ian (PS097) [4522] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4523] Sydenham High School ... For Girls.
[4524] Her dream really is to be teaching at City of London School [...]
Ian (PS097) [4525] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4526] And erm I'm ho we're hoping that she might
Ian (PS097) [4527] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4528] get a job there.
[4529] But she loves her work doesn't she Noel?
Ian (PS097) [...]
Noel (PS090) [4530] Very secure.
Enid (PS08Y) [4531] And she
Noel (PS090) [4532] And your mother seems keeping quite well.
Ian (PS097) [4533] Yes, yes she is.
[4534] She had a bad er ... flu over Christmas
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Ian (PS097) [4535] when she was due to come ... and she's still got a very bad chest
Enid (PS08Y) [4536] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4537] Oh I'm sorry to hear that, oh.
Ian (PS097) [4538] but er
Enid (PS08Y) [4539] That's the bit that hangs on always
Ian (PS097) [4540] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4541] isn't it?
[4542] Mm.
[4543] Yes I saw her, I went up to I went to ... keep fit with her
Ian (PS097) [4544] Oh you did?
[4545] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4546] and er
Ian (PS097) [4547] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4548] although I didn't last ... Tuesday, I did the Tuesday before and she seemed
Ian (PS097) [4549] Mhm
Enid (PS08Y) [4550] to be getting back on her feet alright.
Ian (PS097) [4551] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4552] Ah
Ian (PS097) [4553] She says she's much better [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4554] Mm.
[4555] [...] And what about Hamish?
Ian (PS097) [4556] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4557] Doing fine?
Ian (PS097) [4558] Mm.
[4559] Finding it quite difficult to get work but erm he was over at Christmas for a short time.
Enid (PS08Y) [4560] Oh yes.
[4561] I don't think
Ian (PS097) [4562] And I saw him
Enid (PS08Y) [4563] we saw him did we?
[4564] No.
Ian (PS097) [4565] Well he wasn't here very long
Enid (PS08Y) [4566] No.
Ian (PS097) [4567] but er they've got, they've se set up their own teaching business
Enid (PS08Y) [4568] Oh, have they?
Ian (PS097) [4569] and again because of the recession over there le learning English is, is one of the things that, you know, gets put, put back on the
Enid (PS08Y) [4570] It's not a priority.
Ian (PS097) [4571] [...] priority yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4572] Mm.
[4573] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4574] So erm ... but they se they seem to be working out okay.
Enid (PS08Y) [4575] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4576] They've taken somebody else on so things can't be that bad
Enid (PS08Y) [4577] Have they?
Ian (PS097) [4578] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4579] Oh good.
[4580] Mhm.
Ian (PS097) [4581] [...] er Alec is a re another real handful.
Enid (PS08Y) [4582] Is he?
Ian (PS097) [4583] He's a year younger than Thomas but he was ... the same height
Enid (PS08Y) [4584] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4585] and er sort of wild curly hair and
Enid (PS08Y) [4586] Oh really?
Ian (PS097) [4587] Yes.
[4588] [...] real wild
Enid (PS08Y) [4589] Isn't that funny?
Ian (PS097) [4590] but lovely, lovely boy yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4591] Yes, yes but, but lively.
Ian (PS097) [4592] Yes.
[4593] Mm.
[4594] Very much so.
Enid (PS08Y) [4595] Is that the only child they have at the present time?
Ian (PS097) [4596] Yes.
[4597] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4598] Mhm.
[4599] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4600] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4601] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4602] All they can cope with I think.
Enid (PS08Y) [4603] And of course he'll be bilingual.
Ian (PS097) [4604] Well he is.
Enid (PS08Y) [4605] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4606] He's quite slow as a result, which is quite common apparently
Enid (PS08Y) [4607] Is it?
Ian (PS097) [4608] with er ... children who are brought up with both languages.
Enid (PS08Y) [4609] Mm.
[4610] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4611] Erm ... bec they don't speak either very well to start off with.
Enid (PS08Y) [4612] And how old is he did you say?
Ian (PS097) [4613] He's two and a half [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4614] Oh well it's early.
[4615] It's such an advantage to them later on I think.
Ian (PS097) [4616] Oh well a absolutely yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4617] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4618] Er he ... because Toni, Hamish's wife
Enid (PS08Y) [4619] Mm
Ian (PS097) [4620] is half French ... so
Enid (PS08Y) [4621] Is she?
Ian (PS097) [4622] I'm, I'm sure he'll her pick up
Enid (PS08Y) [4623] Get three.
[4624] Trilingual.
Ian (PS097) [4625] Yes.
[4626] Cos they spend quite a lot of time, they spend their holidays in France.
Enid (PS08Y) [4627] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4628] So I'm sure that confuses him even more at this stage.
Enid (PS08Y) [4629] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4630] Course it does.
Ian (PS097) [4631] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4632] Yes but in the end it does seem to work.
[4633] I was always ... a bit doubtful about it
Ian (PS097) [4634] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4635] erm er you know, whether it could vu confuse children or not but in fact it doesn't seem to with John's children does it?
Noel (PS090) [4636] No no.
[4637] His
Enid (PS08Y) [4638] They use
Noel (PS090) [4639] his wife is German.
Ian (PS097) [4640] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4641] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4642] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4643] And they use both languages quite freely.
Ian (PS097) [4644] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4645] In fact she gets rather ... uptight because erm ... during the year at school when they're speaking English most of the time
Ian (PS097) [4646] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4647] which is very natural, and so she ships them off to Germany to the relatives
Ian (PS097) [4648] To put them straight.
Enid (PS08Y) [4649] Aye [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4650] That's quite right I think because it is a good, good thing.
Enid (PS08Y) [4651] That's right.
[4652] Well it is.
Ian (PS097) [4653] I wo I won't thanks.
Enid (PS08Y) [4654] Will you have another one?
Ian (PS097) [4655] No thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [4656] Well help yourself then if you want one.
[4657] Mm.
[4658] ... But
Ian (PS097) [4659] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4660] of course the, the, the slump is also, not the slump, the recession is also er operative in Italy is it?
Ian (PS097) [4661] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4662] It's everywhere.
[4663] Ian why do people
Noel (PS090) [4664] It's worldwide.
Ian (PS097) [4665] Well
Enid (PS08Y) [4666] make such a fuss about it erm I mean politically?
Ian (PS097) [4667] Well, yes well I suppose it's
Enid (PS08Y) [4668] Everybody's having to cope with it.
Ian (PS097) [4669] coming up to an election time and
Enid (PS08Y) [4670] Of course.
Ian (PS097) [4671] everyone er
Enid (PS08Y) [4672] They're bound to use it.
Ian (PS097) [4673] bound to use anything they can
Noel (PS090) [4674] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4675] er any angle they can get, get a grip of.
Enid (PS08Y) [4676] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4677] But er ... yes, no it is ... th I mean they had a lot of business from banks and areas like that [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4678] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4679] which of course have lost a lot of money in the last year or two.
Enid (PS08Y) [4680] That's right of course.
[4681] They have, they will be drawing back on most things.
Ian (PS097) [4682] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4683] [cough] But in fact ... they're the people aren't they who need bilingual people on the staff?
Ian (PS097) [4684] Yes they are.
[4685] They're much, much better.
[4686] I mean y er ... you know, although they're in recession I, I think there's ... you know in this country
Enid (PS08Y) [4687] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4688] we we're owned now, our company, by a French agency group ... and erm ... none of our directors are, are learning French.
Enid (PS08Y) [4689] Isn't it extraordinary.
Ian (PS097) [4690] And yet you've got ... people who run restaurants, small businesses of that sort erm ... just general businessmen who want, you know, know they have to speak English.
Enid (PS08Y) [4691] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4692] And they're just doing it as a matter of course over there.
Noel (PS090) [4693] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4694] They all seem to have more drive than our people, what's the matter with us? ...
Ian (PS097) [4695] It's certainly in the, in that area, it's the cosmopolitan business
Enid (PS08Y) [4696] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4697] attitude er ... and also it's complacency because we can
Enid (PS08Y) [4698] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4699] you can get away with it.
[4700] You know all the meetings
Enid (PS08Y) [4701] That's right.
Ian (PS097) [4702] are held in English.
Enid (PS08Y) [4703] Mm.
[4704] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4705] And er the French speak very good English
Enid (PS08Y) [4706] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4707] erm so there's, there's not enough incentive there.
Enid (PS08Y) [4708] No.
Ian (PS097) [4709] And I have to say that er I don't.
[4710] But I, I, I ... I ou really I, I know I'll have to be thrown into the situation of having to do it
Enid (PS08Y) [4711] You'd better get on with it and do it now.
Ian (PS097) [4712] Yes. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4713] But of course the beauty of it is you've done it at school haven't you?
Ian (PS097) [4714] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4715] And once you've done it at school, it comes back with a bit of an effort quite quickly.
Ian (PS097) [4716] Yeah I've got a reasonable vocabulary
Enid (PS08Y) [4717] Yes.
[4718] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4719] but never really spoken it at all.
[4720] I mean we never did any French trips. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4721] Didn't you?
Ian (PS097) [4722] was useless for languages when I was there.
Enid (PS08Y) [4723] Was it?
Ian (PS097) [4724] Yes absolutely hopeless.
[4725] We never did any ... trips of that nature at all actually.
Enid (PS08Y) [4726] And what was the teaching system?
[4727] Er had they ... by the time you were still at school ... come on to that new erm ... er system where you speak a lot more?
Ian (PS097) [4728] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [4729] No.
[4730] You've done it out of grammar books?
Ian (PS097) [4731] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4732] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4733] Yes.
[4734] I remember
Enid (PS08Y) [4735] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4736] it was, yeah vocabulary tests and that sort of thing which
Enid (PS08Y) [4737] Mm.
[4738] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4739] you know er well it's er it's a middle ages approach to [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4740] Well actually the one thing you can say about it is, it is a good grounding for what you now go on and do
Ian (PS097) [4741] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4742] because erm wherever you go now for ... refresher lessons, they will use the modern method.
Ian (PS097) [4743] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4744] And that's, that will build on that foundation.
Ian (PS097) [4745] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4746] You'll be astonished how quickly it'll come back.
Ian (PS097) [4747] Mm mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4748] You really will.
Ian (PS097) [4749] Hopefully.
Enid (PS08Y) [4750] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4751] Yes all we had when I was at school were l l yards of verbs and yards of nouns, we never knew how to put the two lots together.
Ian (PS097) [4752] No.
Noel (PS090) [laughing] [...] []
Enid (PS08Y) [4753] That's true.
Noel (PS090) [4754] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4755] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4756] The people who had the imagination or ability to do it where the ones that could speak the languages, the ones that didn't
Noel (PS090) [4757] Yes it was
Ian (PS097) [4758] made no connection at all.
Noel (PS090) [4759] Mm.
[4760] Because I knew a lot of nouns and a lot of verbs, I could get by when I went to Algeria in
Ian (PS097) [4761] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4762] nineteen forty ... but it was ... I envied those who could really speak.
Ian (PS097) [4763] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4764] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4765] But erm ... if you see some officer floundering for ... the word for a cabbage or something of that sort I could provide the word and he provided the conversation.
Ian (PS097) [4766] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4767] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4768] Yes.
[4769] Well actually ... you're going to a centre aren't you er in ... where there will be evening classes and that sort of opportunity?
Ian (PS097) [4770] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4771] I think probably
Ian (PS097) [4772] It's, it's it's well erm ... served for [...] for [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4773] Mm I would imagine it's quite well led.
Ian (PS097) [4774] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4775] Ya.
[4776] And you'll have no problem, yes.
Ian (PS097) [4777] Mm. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4778] [...] Aha.
Ian (PS097) [4779] I'll have to give up my art classes then which is ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4780] Art?
Ian (PS097) [4781] [...] haven't been doing them recently but when I've been able to get a, er an evening away that's what I
Enid (PS08Y) [4782] Mm mm.
Ian (PS097) [4783] spend my time doing ... over the past few years.
Enid (PS08Y) [4784] Yes but will it rule it out altogether do you think if you've got to do the French?
Ian (PS097) [4785] Well A Alison goes out for one evening so that means I have to get back early for that evening
Enid (PS08Y) [4786] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4787] and then if I, I go out for another one, that means two evening evenings back
Enid (PS08Y) [4788] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4789] leaving the office at ... five thirty on the dot and of course
Enid (PS08Y) [4790] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4791] I, I can't do that more than twice a week.
Enid (PS08Y) [4792] No.
[4793] No I see.
[4794] Your work itself is going to take more time than that.
Ian (PS097) [4795] Well yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4796] Is that just at first or is it ... regularly?
Ian (PS097) [4797] No I mean it's, it's always been the case.
Enid (PS08Y) [4798] Mm.
[4799] Mm.
[4800] ... Ya.
Ian (PS097) [4801] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4802] It's tough really.
[4803] It is tough.
Ian (PS097) [4804] It's very erratic the work as well, it's it's
Enid (PS08Y) [4805] Yes, is it?
Ian (PS097) [4806] very, you know, stop start [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4807] Yes.
[4808] Is it still advertising?
Ian (PS097) [4809] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4810] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4811] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4812] You must be pretty good at that by now.
Ian (PS097) [4813] Well I've got quite a lot of experience [...] I mean I've
Enid (PS08Y) [4814] Yes you have.
Ian (PS097) [4815] I've done it since I was, well it's getting on for fifteen years now.
Enid (PS08Y) [4816] It isn't?
Ian (PS097) [4817] Yeah, thirteen years in, in
Enid (PS08Y) [4818] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4819] the same area
Enid (PS08Y) [4820] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4821] [...] I've not really moved around a lot
Enid (PS08Y) [4822] No.
[4823] No.
Ian (PS097) [4824] in the actual function.
Enid (PS08Y) [4825] No.
Ian (PS097) [4826] Just sort of progressed up the ladder I suppose
Enid (PS08Y) [4827] Yes.
Noel (PS090) [4828] Mhm.
Ian (PS097) [4829] so, yes ...
Enid (PS08Y) [4830] Yes.
[4831] Oh well, you can only make the best of the thing you've got and that's the best thing to do rather than
Ian (PS097) [4832] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4833] unless you're forced to switch er horses, you know in, in mid stream.
Ian (PS097) [4834] Yeah.
[4835] Well i i I always say that er it always comes a surprise that I was good at anything.
[4836] And I always think back to the er the time I think Edmund and I were sitting in the back garden here ... and deciding that we'd go off and join the paratroopers
Noel (PS090) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [4837] Really?
Ian (PS097) [4838] [laughing] because we weren't going to get [] any O levels.
Enid (PS08Y) [4839] Oh!
Ian (PS097) [4840] And that was [laughing] about all we were good for [] .
Enid (PS08Y) [4841] [laugh] I'm sorry.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4842] How funny.
[4843] But in fact you did get your O levels didn't you?
Ian (PS097) [4844] So I remember [...] well I got a handful
Enid (PS08Y) [4845] Yes I remember
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4846] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [4847] And Edmund got a B A.
Ian (PS097) [4848] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4849] Ah but wait a minute, not until after that was it?
Ian (PS097) [4850] [...] yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4851] He got his O levels but that was it.
Ian (PS097) [4852] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4853] Decided [...] he'd had enough and I suppose you had too.
Ian (PS097) [4854] Mm well
Enid (PS08Y) [4855] Did you stay on for As?
Ian (PS097) [4856] Yes I did.
Enid (PS08Y) [4857] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [4858] But again I ... you know I always had the ability to er to know, to scrape by
Enid (PS08Y) [4859] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4860] or knowing what the minimum required was
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Ian (PS097) [4861] and er pitching myself at just over that point I think.
Enid (PS08Y) [4862] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4863] Which I suppose is some sort of [laughing] ability [] [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4864] Well it's a it's a, in a way that's quite true.
Ian (PS097) [4865] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4866] Yes it saves the er er the use of excess energy when you don't need to doesn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4867] Yes.
[4868] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4869] Ah.
[4870] Edmund was lucky because he got this chance to do ... a university you see in
Ian (PS097) [4871] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4872] in er New Hampshire wasn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4873] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4874] Erm ...
Ian (PS097) [4875] Well that's when er Ben and I saw him, when he was doing it
Enid (PS08Y) [4876] That's right, you did.
Ian (PS097) [4877] doing that, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4878] You did.
Ian (PS097) [4879] Yeah.
[4880] But I'd love to see him again.
Enid (PS08Y) [4881] Oh yes.
Ian (PS097) [4882] I'd love to get a trip out there.
Enid (PS08Y) [4883] It would be wonderful wouldn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4884] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4885] He'd so love to see people and of course at the moment
Ian (PS097) [4886] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4887] he daren't make trips, or at least it wouldn't be wise to make trips yet
Ian (PS097) [4888] I know, yes I know [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4889] because he's waiting for his
Ian (PS097) [4890] Yes, naturalization.
[4891] Shame really.
Enid (PS08Y) [4892] Yes.
[4893] That's right.
Noel (PS090) [4894] Can I pour you another cup of tea Ian?
Ian (PS097) [4895] I'm fine actually, thank you.
Enid (PS08Y) [4896] We've got photographs, recent ones, to show you anyway.
Ian (PS097) [4897] Oh good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4898] And we saw him in ... September October didn't we?
Noel (PS090) [4899] Yes [...] yes [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4900] End of September beginning of October
Ian (PS097) [4901] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4902] and stayed

8 (Tape 033403)

Enid (PS08Y) [4903] they had a barn just a little way from the house, you could see it but it
Ian (PS097) [4904] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4905] wasn't very striking
Ian (PS097) [4906] It was [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4907] No it was, it was just grey and, and, and
Ian (PS097) [4908] [cough] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4909] quite unobtrusive.
[4910] Well they've had a marvellous sort of conversion of that done
Ian (PS097) [4911] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4912] for guests and erm
Ian (PS097) [4913] Because they had a beautiful house anyway didn't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [4914] Oh a beautiful house
Ian (PS097) [4915] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4916] yes and they're still in the same house.
[4917] They they're
Ian (PS097) [4918] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4919] very fond of it.
[4920] And erm ... so now when we go they're awfully sweet and they bring Edmund at the same time
Ian (PS097) [4921] Oh right.
Enid (PS08Y) [4922] and we all three, Noel and Edmund and I, live in this barn.
Ian (PS097) [4923] Oh that's lovely.
[4924] [...] ideal.
Enid (PS08Y) [4925] Which is marvellous.
Noel (PS090) [4926] [...] for breakfast.
[4927] George did that, really, so that when his grandchildren came he hadn't got them under his feet.
Ian (PS097) [4928] No, it's a good idea.
Noel (PS090) [4929] And he, well he's, he was wealthy enough to do exactly as he wanted.
Enid (PS08Y) [4930] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [4931] Yeah.
[4932] It sounds ideal.
Enid (PS08Y) [4933] It's lovely.
Ian (PS097) [4934] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4935] It's very lovely.
[4936] They're such nice people.
Ian (PS097) [4937] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [4938] And of course they
Ian (PS097) [4939] I didn't meet him.
Enid (PS08Y) [4940] Oh didn't you?
Ian (PS097) [4941] No I only met erm Ellie
Enid (PS08Y) [4942] Ellie.
Ian (PS097) [4943] very briefly as well.
Enid (PS08Y) [4944] Well it was summer, wasn't it?
Ian (PS097) [4945] Yes ... er no it was April.
Enid (PS08Y) [4946] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [4947] April and the son
Enid (PS08Y) [4948] And had they gone away then?
Ian (PS097) [4949] the son was there.
Enid (PS08Y) [4950] Dan.
Ian (PS097) [4951] Dan was around and the other, the, the younger one.
Enid (PS08Y) [4952] Oh John.
Ian (PS097) [4953] I c I don't remember his name.
Enid (PS08Y) [4954] Er John was the youngest.
Ian (PS097) [4955] Yes I think it was him.
Enid (PS08Y) [4956] Mike wouldn't be, I think he was w er getting on a bit, oh I don't know
Ian (PS097) [4957] Dan lived in town
Enid (PS08Y) [4958] Mike was at university.
[4959] Yes
Ian (PS097) [4960] er and the, the son, I think he was at college himself
Enid (PS08Y) [4961] That's right.
Ian (PS097) [4962] and he was sort of back and forwards but he was based
Enid (PS08Y) [4963] That's right.
Ian (PS097) [4964] in the house.
Enid (PS08Y) [4965] Yes.
[4966] That was John.
Ian (PS097) [4967] [...] yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4968] Mike was down at er Providence.
[4969] He was in university.
[4970] They're all married, those boys now.
Ian (PS097) [4971] Are they?
Enid (PS08Y) [4972] Yes.
[4973] Dan is
Ian (PS097) [4974] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [4975] married.
[4976] Without any children
Ian (PS097) [4977] I remember Dan but I [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4978] oh yes Dan's a dear boy.
Ian (PS097) [4979] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4980] And er we're very fond of them all.
Ian (PS097) [4981] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4982] And erm of course er it's just like second home to Edmund.
[4983] They are so good to him.
Ian (PS097) [4984] Yes.
[4985] I must say it's, it ... must be good to have somebody like that er
Noel (PS090) [4986] Absolutely.
Ian (PS097) [4987] o over there cos it, it must be ... must have felt quite isolated [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [4988] Yes.
[4989] Oh he would if he hadn't got them
Ian (PS097) [4990] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4991] certainly.
Ian (PS097) [4992] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4993] I mean it's lovely because he ... er he adores to get into [...] does Edmund and that means that he and George go about this lovely big er ... grounds that they've
Ian (PS097) [4994] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [4995] got ... and Edmund does lots of grass cutting and er
Noel (PS090) [4996] [...] tree cutting and
Enid (PS08Y) [4997] all manner of things with
Ian (PS097) [4998] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [4999] George.
[5000] They've got a great com a great relationship going.
Ian (PS097) [5001] Good.
[5002] Good.
Enid (PS08Y) [5003] And of course he spends Christmas.
Noel (PS090) [5004] [...] let me see, Dan is the same age as John isn't he?
[5005] As Ben, no ... Edmund isn't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [5006] Erm
Ian (PS097) [5007] I think he's a bit older.
Enid (PS08Y) [5008] he's older.
Noel (PS090) [5009] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [5010] Yes
Enid (PS08Y) [5011] He's younger than John
Ian (PS097) [5012] cos Edmund and I are the same age
Noel (PS090) [5013] [...] Oh.
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5014] Are you thirty f
Ian (PS097) [5015] Thirty four.
Enid (PS08Y) [5016] four now?
Ian (PS097) [5017] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5018] That's right.
[5019] Well I should think Dan might be ...
Ian (PS097) [5020] Couple of years older?
Enid (PS08Y) [5021] Not as much as that.
Ian (PS097) [5022] [...] oh.
Enid (PS08Y) [5023] Well
Noel (PS090) [5024] [...] before they were married.
Ian (PS097) [5025] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [5026] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [5027] Gosh.
Enid (PS08Y) [5028] Yes Dan must be ... I would have thought it's only months probably, but it might be quite a few months.
Ian (PS097) [5029] Mm. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5030] Mm I don't think it's more because we soon had, started having our children didn't we?
Ian (PS097) [5031] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5032] Erm ... ooh wait a minute we're saying, we're saying than Edmund aren't we?
Noel (PS090) [5033] Yes mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5034] Of course, I'm stupid.
[5035] He was the eldest of their children.
Ian (PS097) [5036] Dan was?
Enid (PS08Y) [5037] Dan was.
Noel (PS090) [5038] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [5039] Oh right.
[5040] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5041] Ya.
[5042] So I'm v I'm a bit vague about it, you may well be right and it's two years
Ian (PS097) [5043] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5044] because of course we've got older children than Edmund.
Noel (PS090) [5045] That would line him up with Edmund though wouldn't it?
[5046] No
Ian (PS097) [5047] Yes
Enid (PS08Y) [5048] No
Ian (PS097) [5049] no [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5050] no, a couple of years you're quite right.
Noel (PS090) [5051] Mm?
Enid (PS08Y) [5052] Couple of years older I should think.
[5053] Yeah.
[5054] That's it.
[5055] But erm oh they're a great family they really are but I think George and J Joy's having Edmund because although Dan lives in the town er what's it called, New Haven?
Ian (PS097) [5056] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5057] Erm obviously he's got his own business, he's got a shop now, an outfitter's shop.
Ian (PS097) [5058] Yes [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5059] Did he have it that time?
Ian (PS097) [5060] He had something like that.
[5061] He was so vague though.
[5062] I mean
Enid (PS08Y) [5063] I know
Ian (PS097) [5064] he was delightfully vague
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5065] Oh [...] he's an absolutely
Ian (PS097) [5066] [laugh] but I was never really sure [laughing] what he was doing [] .
Enid (PS08Y) [5067] [laughing] No []
Ian (PS097) [5068] Er yes I ... I thought he had a shop, maybe yes ... [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5069] That's er he worked in a shop ... probably at that time.
Ian (PS097) [5070] Yes I think so yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5071] That's it, he worked in that er fancy goods shop
Ian (PS097) [...]
Noel (PS090) [5072] That's right.
Ian (PS097) [5073] [...] nine years ago
Noel (PS090) [5074] Visitors shop.
Ian (PS097) [5075] that we went.
Enid (PS08Y) [5076] Sorry?
Ian (PS097) [5077] I think it was nine years ago.
Enid (PS08Y) [5078] Was it?
Ian (PS097) [5079] Yes.
[5080] ... Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5081] It doesn't seem possible really does it?
Ian (PS097) [5082] The year before I married.
[5083] Eighty five.
Enid (PS08Y) [5084] Good heavens.
[5085] Was it really?
Ian (PS097) [5086] Is that no, no eighty five that ... no eighty three, that's right, yes, nine years.
Enid (PS08Y) [5087] Was it?
[5088] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [5089] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5090] Oh well that was a great thing for you really wasn't it?
[5091] You must have enjoyed it.
Ian (PS097) [5092] Oh it was a marvellous trip.
[5093] Splendid.
Enid (PS08Y) [5094] Was it?
Ian (PS097) [5095] Absolutely yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5096] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [5097] Really very good.
Enid (PS08Y) [5098] Mm.
Ian (PS097) [5099] I enjoyed travelling with Ben a lot.
Enid (PS08Y) [5100] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [5101] He's a very good er companion.
Enid (PS08Y) [5102] Yes he was a good travelling companion I should
Ian (PS097) [5103] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5104] imagine.
Ian (PS097) [5105] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5106] Yes.
[5107] He of course is
Noel (PS090) [5108] Ben's been all over the world since then [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5109] Well yes.
Ian (PS097) [5110] [...] I know.
[5111] I'm most envious of him I am.
Enid (PS08Y) [5112] And do you sometimes get any word from him?
Ian (PS097) [5113] Very rarely. [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5114] Mm well so do we.
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5115] Rarely.
[5116] Yes.
Ian (PS097) [5117] I must write to him myself actually.
Enid (PS08Y) [5118] Have you got his latest address?
Ian (PS097) [5119] I haven't, no.
Enid (PS08Y) [5120] I'd better give it to you because he has
Ian (PS097) [5121] Right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5122] changed it.
Ian (PS097) [5123] I did bring my address book with me.
Noel (PS090) [5124] I'll go and I'll go and get it for you and do make yourself another tea [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5125] Oh righto I'll just, excuse me a minute I'm [...]
Ian (PS097) [5126] Yes of course
Noel (PS090) [5127] You sit down, that's alright.
Ian (PS097) [5128] Right.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [...]
Noel (PS090) [5129] Oh yes. ...

9 (Tape 033404)

Enid (PS08Y) [5130] Oh I see.
Ian (PS097) [5131] [...] the day before he left.
Enid (PS08Y) [5132] Mm. ...
Ian (PS097) [5133] Is this on the sort of [...] or something?
Enid (PS08Y) [5134] Ah it's pretty, yes ... [laughing] it's that sort of place [] [laugh] ...
Ian (PS097) [5135] Have you been to Hong Kong [...] ?
Enid (PS08Y) [5136] I haven't been to Hong Kong to see Ben
Ian (PS097) [5137] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5138] because, but I did go to Hong Kong when I went to China.
Ian (PS097) [5139] Oh you went to China, that's right, yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5140] That's right for three weeks and erm ... then I wasn't impressed by it, I was much more interested in China.
Ian (PS097) [5141] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5142] But I would, in a way, love to go whilst he's there but he ... er he really feels that it wouldn't be a place that would suit pa and me on holiday.
Ian (PS097) [5143] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5144] So ...
Noel (PS090) [5145] I've heard that before.
Enid (PS08Y) [5146] What love?
Noel (PS090) [5147] Other people ... it's a noisy place. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5148] It isn't it isn't nice but for the young
Noel (PS090) [5149] Well Enid's been there I haven't.
Ian (PS097) [5150] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5151] It's nice for the young I think.
Ian (PS097) [5152] As far as I've been is the airport.
Enid (PS08Y) [5153] Mm.
[5154] Now can you see Edmund's cos he changed [...]
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5155] You see it's a terrible erm
Noel (PS090) [5156] Well I'll go and get it, I've got it written down there in my place.
Enid (PS08Y) [5157] Well it's here darling
Noel (PS090) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5158] but it's just a question of finding it, it's
Ian (PS097) [5159] [...] right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5160] Just go through, you'll find it certainly.
[5161] ... Is it
Ian (PS097) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5162] [...] that's it, is it [...] ?
[5163] That's it.
Ian (PS097) [5164] Oh
Enid (PS08Y) [5165] That's it, that's it.
Ian (PS097) [5166] Well that's lovely. ...
Noel (PS090) [5167] I'm going to get one of those articles that Ben wr Edmund wrote.
Enid (PS08Y) [5168] Oh yes, yes he'll enjoy that. ...
Ian (PS097) [5169] I've got no excuse now.
Enid (PS08Y) [5170] No. [laugh] ...

10 (Tape 033501)

Enid (PS08Y) [5171] Who's going to sit down?
[5172] That's right sit there.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5173] I expect si , don't know how Len's gotta sit down or whether he's gotta stand.
Enid (PS08Y) [5174] I'm gonna stand.
Enid (PS08Y) [5175] Are you happier standing?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5176] Yes it's his
Enid (PS08Y) [5177] [laughing] That's alright [] .
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5178] his back.
Enid (PS08Y) [5179] [laugh] ... Belinda ... if we can start with you more or less ... erm ... I heard the other day that you're ... half thinking that you might like to be ... a nurse?
Noel (PS090) [5180] Yeah, that's it.
[5181] That's right.
[5182] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5183] [whispering] Can you speak up a bit.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5184] Speak up a bit Belinda!
Enid (PS08Y) [5185] What erm ... what sort of nurse are you thinking about?
Noel (PS090) [5186] Nursery nurse, looking after young children in nurseries and stuff like that.
[5187] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5188] I can imagine you doing that.
Noel (PS090) [5189] Can you?
Enid (PS08Y) [5190] Aha.
Noel (PS090) [5191] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5192] I can.
Noel (PS090) [5193] Yes.
[5194] I'm going, for work experience I'm going to Saxted Ministry up there hopefully ... to see what it's like looking after children ... you know, like a nursery and everything.
[5195] So hopefully I can get the job there ... from that two weeks, and then [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5196] That would be wonderful!
Noel (PS090) [5197] what it's like.
[5198] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5199] I didn't
Noel (PS090) [5200] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5201] know there was one at Saxted
Noel (PS090) [5202] Yeah, it's called Rainbow.
[5203] I think, isn't it?
[5204] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5205] Oh that's right, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5206] And is that for children who are ... living there or just go in for the day?
Noel (PS090) [5207] Just go in for the day till their parents go to work I think.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5208] Mhm, [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5209] Oh Good!
Noel (PS090) [5210] I think it's something like that, yeah.
[5211] Aha.
Enid (PS08Y) [5212] And what qualifications mus must you have for that?
Noel (PS090) [5213] Erm, I don't really know at the moment, I gotta look up and see what it needs, like [...] and things ... [...] to do ... and study, things like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [5214] Mhm.
Noel (PS090) [5215] Mm.
[5216] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5217] Good!
[5218] So probably ... GCSE
Noel (PS090) [5219] Right.
[5220] Mhm.
[5221] It's all to do with GCSE coursework and ... see how we're getting on ... during the two weeks and ... we get experience for us when we leave school and go to work. [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5222] That's a good idea!
Noel (PS090) [5223] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5224] You get a feeling for it then.
Noel (PS090) [5225] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5226] I think it's one of the best jobs for a girl that there are don't you?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5227] Well I think so, I think ... erm ... as long as they can go and work with children ... and then ... they've got the time when they can leave off and come, but it's having the whole time, well then they've children all their life haven't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5228] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5229] This is the only thing if ... you go sort of privately ... you know?
Enid (PS08Y) [5230] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5231] You can fe ... start of with children and you are finishing up with children!
Enid (PS08Y) [5232] Well that ... well tha ... wo would tha would you not think that's a good thing?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5233] Erm
Enid (PS08Y) [5234] I mean, for instance, if you do the ... the very high grade Norlands nanny training ... they go on till they're ... grey and ... experienced it all
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5235] [laughing] Like me [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [5236] haven't they?
[5237] Well, you know i ... don't they?
[5238] Well
Noel (PS090) [5239] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5240] would you feel you'd not want to do it all that time then Belinda?
Noel (PS090) [5241] I don't really know ... actually, it's always
Enid (PS08Y) [5242] Can't yet.
Noel (PS090) [5243] the time, no.
Enid (PS08Y) [5244] That's true.
Noel (PS090) [5245] I don't know but, [...] that far ahead, you know.
Enid (PS08Y) [5246] Just a good experience for her ... for time, you know.
Enid (PS08Y) [5247] Indeed!
Enid (PS08Y) [5248] But I shouldn't want her do it all her life!
Enid (PS08Y) [5249] You wouldn't?
Enid (PS08Y) [5250] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5251] It's a very well paid job!
Enid (PS08Y) [5252] Oh yes, I know!
[5253] What about that, but I meant she gotta think about, she'll want children of own ... and then she'll have chi
Enid (PS08Y) [5254] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5255] Aren't you?
[5256] Aye Liddy?
Enid (PS08Y) [5257] Oh yes!
[5258] But then
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5259] don't you think that it's a, it's a marvellous training for her?
Enid (PS08Y) [5260] That's what I say, it's a training, nice
Enid (PS08Y) [5261] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5262] training for them, then say after about three or four year ... if they wanna get married, they got children and they got ... some good experience.
Enid (PS08Y) [5263] Absolutely!
Enid (PS08Y) [5264] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5265] It's invaluable.
[5266] Yes.
[5267] That can't be the kind of thing you're thinking of then?
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5268] [laugh] ... What do you want, what do you have er, in mind?
Mollie (PS091) [5269] I'd like to go into the farmer business.
Enid (PS08Y) [5270] Would you?
Mollie (PS091) [5271] Yeah, erm ... mixed farm with animals and sort of, cereal crops, stuff like that.
Enid (PS08Y) [5272] Good!
[5273] Well you're in the right place for that.
Mollie (PS091) [5274] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5275] Would you got to an agricultural college?
Mollie (PS091) [5276] Yeah, I'm hoping to go Ockleigh whe ... why am I, get older.
[5277] Sort of erm ... working on a farm for two days then going to the college ... erm ... that, so I do it like that.
[5278] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5279] It's a good place, Ockleigh
Mollie (PS091) [5280] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5281] Splendid!
[5282] And then, would you like to work in this area or would you like to go ... elsewhere?
Mollie (PS091) [5283] I don't know.
[5284] I hadn't really thought about it, it's erm ... it all depends on what farm I'm going on cos I've ... or erm ... cows an , cows and bullocks, you know.
Enid (PS08Y) [5285] Mm.
[5286] Mm.
[5287] And you won't have worked on a farm at all yet, will you?
Mollie (PS091) [5288] No.
[5289] Not yet.
[5290] Though, go and [...] sometimes and he's got bullocks so that's where I go, got it from.
[5291] And ... Dave .
Enid (PS08Y) [5292] Oh that's good!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5293] They got ponies haven't they
Mollie (PS091) [5294] Yeah and
Enid (PS08Y) [5295] Mm mm.
Mollie (PS091) [5296] these two erm, sort of mucking about ... [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [5297] You think you'd quite like to be with animals would you?
Mollie (PS091) [5298] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5299] Aha.
Mollie (PS091) [5300] And I, I wouldn't mind doing some ... sort of ... a rou , some amount of work.
Enid (PS08Y) [5301] Yeah, what I mean, all round agricultural work and on your [...] ?
Mollie (PS091) [5302] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5303] Is that it?
[5304] Well
Mollie (PS091) [5305] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5306] that's great!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5307] We've been gardening this morning.
Enid (PS08Y) [5308] I was looking at the garden as I came in, I thought I might have, even though I didn't know the number
Enid (PS08Y) [5309] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5310] I'd have known that was your
Enid (PS08Y) [5311] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5312] garden.
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5313] Because of all the trimmings.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5314] Well it's ... not very good this year aren't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5315] No, they're not very good at all!
[5316] Well bearing in mind
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5317] In fact , we're disappointed with it cos usually we have vegetables ... out of our own garden all the year round but ... they didn't do very well this year did they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5318] No.
[5319] It's
Enid (PS08Y) [5320] Why's that?
Enid (PS08Y) [5321] the worst garden had for years!
[5322] It's a dry summer time.
Enid (PS08Y) [5323] Really!
Enid (PS08Y) [5324] Last summer time, I mean
Enid (PS08Y) [5325] Ah yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [5326] last year I was ... cutting cauliflowers weighing nearly five and seven pound, but this year I shan't have ... one weight two pound!
Enid (PS08Y) [5327] Is that because of the dry winter?
Enid (PS08Y) [5328] Yeah, dry is ... dry autumn too, you see.
Enid (PS08Y) [5329] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5330] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5331] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5332] They didn't really get a hold did they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5333] They didn't get a hold, didn't get a start.
Enid (PS08Y) [5334] Really?
[5335] Aha.
Enid (PS08Y) [5336] See an a , I wouldn't like other people keep using the water cos they ... very careful on using the water
Enid (PS08Y) [5337] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5338] but if I'd have give it, had to give them some water they'd have ... done much better but I, like everybody else we kept hoping it were gonna rain, [laughing] but [...] [] !
Enid (PS08Y) [5339] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5340] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5341] And it never did at the right
Enid (PS08Y) [5342] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5343] time.
Enid (PS08Y) [5344] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5345] No, I see.
Enid (PS08Y) [5346] No, I mean we have to tops this time of year, we ain't got any in this year.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5347] We ain't bothered to put them did you?
Enid (PS08Y) [5348] No er, cos they'd have dry up but I didn't put none in.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5349] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5350] You'll
Enid (PS08Y) [5351] But
Enid (PS08Y) [5352] miss them.
Enid (PS08Y) [5353] Ooh well we have missed them!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5354] Yeah.
[5355] That's like the sprouts, they didn't do as well this year
Enid (PS08Y) [5356] No.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5357] either did they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5358] No one ate the [...] did they?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5359] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5360] Nor the cauliflow
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5361] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5362] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5363] Mm!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5364] So erm ... well he ... you took the sprouts up yesterday didn't you?
Mollie (PS091) [5365] And I put the other in.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5366] Yeah.
Mollie (PS091) [5367] They'd got erm ... but they weren't no good those ones dad.
Enid (PS08Y) [5368] No, nope!
[5369] I mean the ... a normal week would go on a garden and get free vegetables every day off our garden couldn't we, normal time, normal, every time?
[5370] Every day of the year!
Enid (PS08Y) [5371] Gosh!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5372] You know the
Enid (PS08Y) [5373] Mm mm.
[5374] That's wonderful!
[5375] Because
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5376] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5377] there's nothing like them is there?
Enid (PS08Y) [5378] Oh there isn't, no no!
[5379] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5380] Well, we'll probably pick some of the spinach ... today ... and then
Enid (PS08Y) [5381] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5382] he's gotta dig that up ... and make the garden.
Enid (PS08Y) [5383] Yes.
[5384] Do you like gardening too, Ben?
Enid (PS08Y) [5385] Ooh he love it!
Enid (PS08Y) [5386] Oh isn't that great!
[5387] Because very often you, a father can be very keen on gardening ... and getting the children to help him is just the last thing.
Enid (PS08Y) [5388] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5389] Well he's done ever since he was a little old boy, just
Mollie (PS091) [5390] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5391] start walk, walking.
Enid (PS08Y) [5392] Well
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5393] Have you?
Enid (PS08Y) [5394] Got , we got some photographs
Mollie (PS091) [5395] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5396] here when he, where he started digging, he weren't very old!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5397] No.
Mollie (PS091) [5398] Yeah, erm ... when I started digging up I was smaller than the fork, the fork was, yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5399] Really?
[5400] And they didn't buy you one the right size!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [...]
Mollie (PS091) [5401] No.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5402] way you do it at granny's.
Mollie (PS091) [5403] Yeah erm ... when I got a little older, I put these little forks in and ... when [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5404] Cos Miss , ain't seen any of my family's have you?
Enid (PS08Y) [5405] No, I haven't.
Enid (PS08Y) [5406] That's my older sister.
[5407] Died [...] last August.
Enid (PS08Y) [5408] Oh that's nice!
Enid (PS08Y) [5409] That's my older sister
Enid (PS08Y) [5410] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5411] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5412] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5413] That ... that little boy is o [...] but
Enid (PS08Y) [5414] Is he?
[5415] And do they live near?
[5416] Fairly near?
Enid (PS08Y) [5417] Er
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5418] Arborough
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5419] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5420] No!
[5421] Arborough
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5422] Arborough
Enid (PS08Y) [5423] Arborough man , is it ?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5424] Yeah,Arb , erm
Enid (PS08Y) [5425] What's her name of the farm, the innit?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK)
Noel (PS090) [5426] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5427] Farm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5428] Farm, Arborough
Enid (PS08Y) [5429] Arborough is that in ... Lincolnshire?
Enid (PS08Y) [5430] No.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5431] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5432] Er, Norfolk.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5433] Norfolk.
Enid (PS08Y) [5434] Oh , Norfolk!
Enid (PS08Y) [5435] Er
Enid (PS08Y) [5436] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5437] Just the other side of Halsam between Halsam and [...] .
Enid (PS08Y) [5438] Oh is it?
Enid (PS08Y) [5439] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5440] Yes.
[5441] Ah well
Enid (PS08Y) [5442] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5443] that's
Enid (PS08Y) [5444] and the
Enid (PS08Y) [5445] nice!
[5446] That's nice!
Enid (PS08Y) [5447] And tha , and that's her husband look.
Enid (PS08Y) [5448] Oh yes, that's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5449] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5450] And this was their ... golden wedding?
Enid (PS08Y) [5451] Yes, yes
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5452] It was last
Enid (PS08Y) [5453] last August.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5454] It was last August.
Enid (PS08Y) [5455] Isn't that lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [5456] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5457] And that's the farm house, in fact?
Enid (PS08Y) [5458] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5459] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5460] Is that farm
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5461] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5462] house?
Enid (PS08Y) [5463] That's the farm
Enid (PS08Y) [5464] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5465] house, yes.
[5466] They've
Enid (PS08Y) [5467] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5468] been there ooh well ... forty year I think.
Enid (PS08Y) [5469] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [5470] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5471] That's lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [5472] Mm.
[5473] They've had the ... his father
Enid (PS08Y) [5474] Lovely!
Enid (PS08Y) [5475] had a farm at [...] and they sold that and moved to that one.
Enid (PS08Y) [5476] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [5477] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5478] And that's Len's
Enid (PS08Y) [5479] That's
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5480] brothers on there.
Enid (PS08Y) [5481] That's all my
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5482] The wedding we went to, was it two years ago now?
Enid (PS08Y) [5483] Oh yeah.
[5484] Not long.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5485] Not quite two years ago was it?
Enid (PS08Y) [5486] No.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5487] Two years [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5488] That's all my brothers.
Enid (PS08Y) [5489] Ooh, look at that!
[5490] He is the image!
Enid (PS08Y) [5491] Mm.
[5492] And that's my
Enid (PS08Y) [5493] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5494] next to me that is.
Enid (PS08Y) [5495] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5496] And then
Enid (PS08Y) [5497] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5498] the girls are on there aren't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5499] Yeah, that's my sister ... the upper
Enid (PS08Y) [5500] Oh yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [5501] sister.
Enid (PS08Y) [5502] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5503] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5504] And that's Len's mother.
[5505] She's now ninety four!
Enid (PS08Y) [5506] She's ... still alive is she?
Enid (PS08Y) [5507] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5508] Ninety four!
Enid (PS08Y) [5509] Splendid!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5510] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5511] Has sh
Enid (PS08Y) [5512] Yeah sh , only the last two years she's gone a bit blind or otherwise she could do anything couldn't she?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5513] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5514] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [5515] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5516] Well we saw her Sunday didn't we?
Enid (PS08Y) [5517] We went over Sunday and see her.
Enid (PS08Y) [5518] She looks very smart
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5519] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5520] there doesn't she?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5521] That's ... that's Len's brother, the one who [...] on that ... book graph.
Enid (PS08Y) [5522] Oh yes, yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5523] Erm ... oh where's another one?
[5524] They ... old Grace is sitting
Enid (PS08Y) [5525] And that's Len.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5526] behind there
Enid (PS08Y) [5527] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5528] that's right.
[5529] That's another sister behind there.
Enid (PS08Y) [5530] Ah yes I see her.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5531] So that's just one, two, three sisters and
Enid (PS08Y) [5532] Mm!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5533] then
Enid (PS08Y) [5534] And three brothers?
Enid (PS08Y) [5535] Yeah.
[5536] And I got a sister, I got a sister in America
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5537] Three brother , no four brothers innit, you got?
Enid (PS08Y) [5538] Four brothers, yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5539] Four brothers?
Enid (PS08Y) [5540] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5541] So you were eight ... altogether?
Enid (PS08Y) [5542] Yeah , that's right, yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5543] Yes but the oldest brother is dead now isn't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [5544] Oh yeah oldest brother's dead, yes he
Enid (PS08Y) [5545] Is he?
Enid (PS08Y) [5546] yes he got
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5547] And that's where Belinda's [...] her, she's now got a little ... baby boy [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5548] Oh, that's nice!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5549] three months old?
Noel (PS090) [5550] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5551] Or two months old?
Noel (PS090) [5552] He's about eight weeks old.
Enid (PS08Y) [5553] Eight weeks?
Noel (PS090) [5554] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5555] Oh they're just beginning to be ... I always feel by the time they're eight weeks
Enid (PS08Y) [5556] Yes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5557] they're just beginning to be here really.
Enid (PS08Y) [5558] Yes, that's
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5559] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5560] right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5561] They're frightening until they're eight weeks old
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5562] aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5563] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5564] But of course this will be lovely for you!
Enid (PS08Y) [5565] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [5566] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5567] You might even be allowed to bath ... her or him?
Noel (PS090) [5568] Him.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5569] Him.
[5570] Michael.
Noel (PS090) [5571] Michael.
Enid (PS08Y) [5572] Mightn't you?
Noel (PS090) [5573] Mhm.
[5574] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5575] That will be nice!
Noel (PS090) [5576] Hopefully.
Enid (PS08Y) [5577] Whereabouts is this?
Noel (PS090) [5578] My erm ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5579] She lives at Martlesham.
[5580] Oh that
Enid (PS08Y) [5581] Oh where where
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5582] that
Enid (PS08Y) [5583] she lives.
[5584] Oh sorry!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5585] Martlesham
Noel (PS090) [5586] Martlesham village.
Enid (PS08Y) [5587] Martlesham.
Enid (PS08Y) [5588] Martlesham.
Noel (PS090) [5589] Mhm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5590] That was down at the ... the little wooden [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5591] That's Widdlesdale Church.
Enid (PS08Y) [5592] Widdesdale
Enid (PS08Y) [5593] Oh I see!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5594] And that's the first marriage they had in there for twenty five years weren't it?
Enid (PS08Y) [5595] Yep!
Enid (PS08Y) [5596] No!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5597] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5598] Is that so?
Enid (PS08Y) [5599] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5600] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5601] Bonny girl isn't she?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5602] You don't know who that is do you?
Enid (PS08Y) [5603] Oh I do!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5604] That's a lovely picture of you Belinda isn't it?
Noel (PS090) [5605] Mm mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5606] Lovely!
[5607] I always say that these ... two children, they're lovely to meet because erm ... oh that's nice too!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5608] We got one of those.
Enid (PS08Y) [5609] Because they always erm ... answer, whenever I, we meet in the ... village shop, we always have a chat don't we?
Noel (PS090) [5610] Yeah we do.
Enid (PS08Y) [5611] That's lovely!
[5612] Mm mm, what beautiful pictures!
[5613] Is that kiss or a whisper?
Enid (PS08Y) [5614] That's a kiss.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5615] It was a kiss.
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5616] The first one was so quick they had to get him to do it again!
Group of unknown speakers (KC0PSUGP) [laugh]
Enid (PS08Y) [5617] Because he's looking a little bit this way isn't he?
Enid (PS08Y) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5618] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5619] That's lo , oh they're lovely aren't they!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5620] When you erm
Enid (PS08Y) [5621] They're very nice!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5622] that's ... but the they, they're jolly expensive aren't they?
Enid (PS08Y) [5623] Cor!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5624] You know, they're a lovely lot
Enid (PS08Y) [5625] Well they are!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5626] of pictures, and you couldn't tell really which ones
Enid (PS08Y) [5627] They are nowadays, that's true!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5628] to have but you've got to just go for what you can ... erm ... well afford to.
Enid (PS08Y) [5629] Well yes, yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [5630] Well yeah it's
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5631] I only used to a little bit of [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5632] Well I mean if you had twenty or thirty that's only the same only ... a little bit different, that's all
Enid (PS08Y) [5633] That's right.
Enid (PS08Y) [5634] because many are the same but
Enid (PS08Y) [5635] You don't want all that many do you
Enid (PS08Y) [5636] No.
Enid (PS08Y) [5637] really?
[5638] That's true.
Enid (PS08Y) [5639] No it's
Enid (PS08Y) [5640] Do you do any photography at school?
Mollie (PS091) [5641] I haven't.
Noel (PS090) [5642] You can do but only in my year.
Enid (PS08Y) [5643] Can you?
Noel (PS090) [5644] Yeah, fourth year and upwards.
[5645] In art and design ... at lunchtimes and that ... and
Enid (PS08Y) [5646] Yes , it's one of those er, things you do in so , in sort of spare time at
Noel (PS090) [5647] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5648] school?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5649] Yeah.
Noel (PS090) [5650] Yeah.
Enid (PS08Y) [5651] Mm, yes.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5652] In the extra.
Enid (PS08Y) [5653] That's good because then you'll be able to do your own.
[5654] Is that er
Noel (PS090) [5655] That's erm ... the idea, sort of ... bullock farming and that
Enid (PS08Y) [5656] Oh!
Noel (PS090) [5657] I hope.
Enid (PS08Y) [5658] My word!
Noel (PS090) [5659] They're all er, that's sort of the marshes.
Enid (PS08Y) [5660] Really?
Enid (PS08Y) [5661] Mm.
Enid (PS08Y) [5662] Oh yes, all that, and look at that level land and then I would [...]
Enid (PS08Y) [5663] Yeah but down on the marshes, near, near The Wavey
Enid (PS08Y) [5664] Oh yes!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5665] Well you know when they had all hooha about erm ... dig our
Enid (PS08Y) [5666] Gravel.
Enid (PS08Y) [5667] Gravel pit down there, there's a lot in the
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5668] that's just behind there.
Enid (PS08Y) [5669] Oh is it?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5670] And when they had all those trees cut down ... erm
Enid (PS08Y) [5671] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5672] that farmer did all those trees.
Enid (PS08Y) [5673] Oh yes!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5674] And we had to move all them, there were ... a lot of hooha about it in the paper about ... what, a year ago?
Enid (PS08Y) [5675] No, it ain't a year ago.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5676] I don't think it's ... quite a year ago, about the trees.
Enid (PS08Y) [5677] Really?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5678] It was over a year ago about the gravel.
Enid (PS08Y) [5679] Did he do it without permission?
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5680] Yes he just
Enid (PS08Y) [5681] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5682] uprooted all these old trees and things
Enid (PS08Y) [5683] Ah!
Noel (PS090) [5684] That was when I was
Enid (PS08Y) [5685] These are nice!
Noel (PS090) [5686] yeah, I was five then
Enid (PS08Y) [5687] Ah yes!
Enid (PS08Y) [5688] Mm.
Noel (PS090) [5689] That's
Enid (PS08Y) [5690] Mm!
[5691] Ooh these are lovely aren't they?
Noel (PS090) [5692] And that er ... [...] he rides his ponies.
Enid (PS08Y) [5693] Ah yes.
[5694] Aha.
[5695] And you, you actually rode along in that did you?
Noel (PS090) [5696] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5697] Well I think they're old seaside carts, seem to be
Enid (PS08Y) [5698] Yep!
Unknown speaker (KC0PSUNK) [5699] rigged up.
[5700] And he changed them so that you get, so they're having one ... course in and