BNC Text KC1

32 conversations recorded by `Frank' (PS09E) between 21 and 28 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 3193 s-units, 20607 words, and 3 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 116

PS09E Ag4 m (Frank, age 50, tv engineer, Central South-west England, )
PS09F Ag4 f (Lyn, age 48, housewife, Lower South-west England, ) wife
PS09G Ag3 m (Steve, age 44, salesman, London, ) colleague
PS09H Ag4 m (Gerry, age 46, tv dealer, Central South-west England, ) customer
PS09K Ag5 m (Rex, age 60, tv dealer, Lower South-west England, ) customer
PS09L Ag4 f (Marge, age 58, tv dealer, Lower South-west England, ) customer
PS09M Ag0 m (Jonny, age 4, pre-school, Lower South-west England, ) son
PS09N Ag4 m (Brian, age 55, salesman, London, ) friend
KC1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

32 recordings

  1. Tape 040701 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: having evening meal
  2. Tape 040702 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: having evening meal
  3. Tape 040703 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing electrical goods
  4. Tape 040704 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing electrical goods
  5. Tape 040705 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing electrical goods
  6. Tape 040706 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing electrical goods
  7. Tape 040707 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing electrical goods
  8. Tape 040801 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: talking to customers
  9. Tape 040802 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: repairing tv's
  10. Tape 040803 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: repairing tv's
  11. Tape 040804 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: repairing tv's
  12. Tape 040805 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: repairing video
  13. Tape 040806 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: repairing video
  14. Tape 040901 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: knocking cupboard down
  15. Tape 040902 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: taking down wall cupboard
  16. Tape 040903 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: knocking cupboard down
  17. Tape 040904 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing tv's
  18. Tape 040905 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing tv's
  19. Tape 040906 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing tv's
  20. Tape 040907 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing tv's
  21. Tape 041001 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot () Activity: servicing televisions
  22. Tape 041002 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot () Activity: servicing televisions
  23. Tape 041003 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot () Activity: servicing televisions
  24. Tape 041004 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot () Activity: servicing televisions
  25. Tape 041005 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot () Activity: servicing televisions
  26. Tape 041006 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDevon: Newton Abbot ( home ) Activity: evening at home
  27. Tape 041101 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions
  28. Tape 041102 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions
  29. Tape 041103 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions
  30. Tape 041104 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions
  31. Tape 041105 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions
  32. Tape 041106 recorded on 1992-02-28. LocationDevon: Heathfield/Newton Abbot ( at work ) Activity: servicing televisions

1 (Tape 040701)

Frank (PS09E) [1] They're not really [...] are they, the Chinese or ... Oriental dancers?
[2] ... I don't think so anyway, they seem to be ...

2 (Tape 040702)

Frank (PS09E) [3] A lot of cars at the school this morning.
[4] ... I parked right on the end of the erm ... the lane, just
Lyn (PS09F) [5] Mm
Frank (PS09E) [6] in, there was just enough room for me.
Lyn (PS09F) [7] Mm?
Frank (PS09E) [8] Course we were late anyway ... well not late for John's but ...
Lyn (PS09F) [9] [...] ... Which way do you go
Frank (PS09E) [10] When I came back
Lyn (PS09F) [11] into [...] ?
[12] ... Cos you can cut through that [...]
Frank (PS09E) [13] I turn round and go back, yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [14] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [15] And of course the coach had come up the hill ... couldn't overtake where I was parked, blocking off the entrance to the lane where I'd just come out of so that the string of cars coming down the road and the first one wanting to turn in and of course the coach had covered it.
Lyn (PS09F) [16] Oh yeah
Frank (PS09E) [17] It was completely blocked off ... coach couldn't go backwards because there was cars behind it.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [18] So I gingerly walked down and crept into the car realized that I was the one that had caused all that
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [19] [laughing] and drove off [] [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [20] [laughing] And ignored [] ...
Frank (PS09E) [21] Slinked off into the mist. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [22] So he couldn't back back then [...]
Frank (PS09E) [23] No ... no that wa that was it, completely stalemate.
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [24] [...] big Volvo estate was facing [...] if he'd go down there, I can get through and he can come back again and [...] he wasn't gonna do that.
[25] ... Too much [...] brain damage [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [26] [...] there's a big notice at the end of the lane which says [...]
Frank (PS09E) [27] Well he'd come up from Totnes this morning.
Lyn (PS09F) [28] Oh, yeah.
[29] What they usually do is they go up and then back down by the church
Frank (PS09E) [30] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [31] and turn and go back again. ... [...] ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [32] Mm?
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [33] It is eight o'clock though [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [34] Mm [...] ... Perhaps I'll do some gardening. [...]
Frank (PS09E) [35] Did you do away with your [...] or [...] just put a plank over the top?
Lyn (PS09F) [36] I put [...] back so [...] and then I put [...] against the fence. ...
Frank (PS09E) [37] Oh Alex came in today.
Lyn (PS09F) [38] Ooh [...] [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [...] [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [39] Yeah
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [40] Well [...] he's got ... he's got plenty of money, right?
[41] And er the car arrives ... I looked [...] all I could see was mother sitting in the car and puffing this ... smoke puffing out through the window
Lyn (PS09F) [42] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [43] and erm ... in came [...] he'd had a ... a little tiny switch out of his black and white telly
Lyn (PS09F) [44] Oh yeah
Frank (PS09E) [45] and he said it's a [...] and the switch won't work.
[46] I said how long have you had this set?
[47] He said ooh about six years, I said yeah and the rest.
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [48] I said where did you get it from?
[49] He said well ... I used to work at [...] I got it from [...] .
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [50] I said how long is it since you retired from [...] ?
[51] ... Said ooh it'll be erm eighteen years this year.
Lyn (PS09F) [52] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [53] I said you've bought this since you left [...] ?
[54] Well I was trying to find how old it was.
Lyn (PS09F) [55] Mm
Frank (PS09E) [56] So he said oh no since I left.
[57] I said well I, I'd still reckon it's about ten years old now.
[58] Oh no it's only six years old.
[59] ... [...] fix the switch on I said you'll never get a new one anyway.
[60] ... And ... oh they were talking about Rod they was ... they were saying that, you know, about Rod getting married [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [61] Yeah?
Frank (PS09E) [62] Well I said well how old is Rod?
[63] ... I dunno he said er Steve how old's Rod?
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [64] I said well come on you're his dad, you should know how old he is.
[65] So he went out to the car and asked mother ... how old is Rod?
[66] She says I don't know ... [laugh] [...] don't remember having him [laugh] mind you I remember having him but I don't know ... I can't remember when it was.
[67] ... He's thirty something. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [68] Hard to put an age on him. ...
Frank (PS09E) [69] [...] Ray was thirty eight [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [70] Is he as much as that?
[71] ... Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [72] Well it must be ten years ago when he worked for the B B C and that, he must have been in his late twenties then
Lyn (PS09F) [73] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [74] so ... anyway he's [...] he's engaged and ... it's taken him two years to get engaged ... so it's gonna take another couple of years to get married.
Lyn (PS09F) [75] Yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [76] He's still got the M G and it's got three twen twenty three thousand on it now.
[77] It's
Lyn (PS09F) [78] Mm
Frank (PS09E) [79] S reg, got it from new of course, [...] .
[80] And some chap came down from the M G B Owners' Club and said he'd offer him six thousand for it.
Lyn (PS09F) [81] Mm
Frank (PS09E) [82] But he said he thought that was [...] price cos he said it's worth at least ten ... [...] the mileage originally, you know?
Lyn (PS09F) [83] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [84] [...] it's absolutely like new.
Lyn (PS09F) [85] [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [86] Mm?
Lyn (PS09F) [87] Where did he get it?
Frank (PS09E) [88] He bought it from brand new somewhere, [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [89] In Devon, yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [90] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [91] He's got a Metro at the moment they're driving around in, she drives, she passed her test at sixty eight.
[92] ... So ... he's seventy eight now [...] she's probably about the same I think.
Lyn (PS09F) [93] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [94] But they had a Mini before the Metro and er ... the day they bought the Mini they saw an advert in the paper saying that if you buy a Mini in the next few days
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [95] give you a free colour portable with it.
Lyn (PS09F) [96] Oh.
Frank (PS09E) [97] Of course they didn't get the portable with this, they rang them up, said where's my colour portable ... [...] ... said I'll put you on to the manager ... anyway [...] they had some deal that night that erm to launch this Mini Mayfair or whatever it was ... wine and cheese thing ... so he went to the wine and cheese thing ... and [...] worried he was gonna kick up a fuss [laughing] so they gave him a telly anyway [] .
Lyn (PS09F) [98] [...] yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [99] He's a penny pinching old bugger he is, god! ...
Lyn (PS09F) [100] I can't quite imagine [...]
Frank (PS09E) [101] No.
[102] ... [...] coming back in a minute.
Lyn (PS09F) [103] Yeah [...] ... What about [...] ? ...
Frank (PS09E) [104] [...] The dust wagon came up to the warehouse today, the usual [...] ... they'd got halfway to emptying the first dustbin in the back
Lyn (PS09F) [105] Oh yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [106] and the hydraulic hose on the back of the dustcart broke ... there was hydraulic fluid all over the
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [107] all over the car park.
[108] So the driver said can I use your phone?
[109] He came in ... and trampling this brake fluid all over the carpet.
[110] ... He got through to the ... base camp to find out when the ... chap was coming to fix it.
[111] ... Five minutes later he came in trying to tell ... tell us jokes and each time he'd been paddling through this brake fluid and the carpet is just ... you know, brains
Lyn (PS09F) [112] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [113] Hand picked for the job I should think.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [114] Well we didn't notice the footprints until he'd left. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [115] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [...]

3 (Tape 040703)

Gerry (PS09H) [116] Yeah ... of course once they get to know where you are
Frank (PS09E) [117] This is it
Gerry (PS09H) [118] and you don't o do you open weekends?
[119] You don't open Saturdays now?
Frank (PS09E) [120] We don't, no.
Gerry (PS09H) [121] No.
[122] Are you going to?
Frank (PS09E) [123] No we don't.
[124] ... I dunno, we're thinking about it but, you know it's erm
Gerry (PS09H) [125] Well if you're doing enough to keep you both happy and keep it
Frank (PS09E) [126] Well you see we're a bit further from home now and if we can do it for five days, great, we haven't
Gerry (PS09H) [127] Yeah
Frank (PS09E) [128] got that extra travelling, you know, this is the problem.
Gerry (PS09H) [129] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[130] You're looking better for it though.
Frank (PS09E) [131] Oh yeah I feel alright, yeah.
Gerry (PS09H) [132] Yeah.
[133] Frankie give me a b g er as I get stuff I'll bring it in to you, alright?
Frank (PS09E) [134] Yeah, okay lovely.
Gerry (PS09H) [135] [...] well you know you've only gotta give me a ring [...]
Frank (PS09E) [136] Alright [...]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]
Gerry (PS09H) [137] Yeah.
[138] You've only gotta get me, you know [...] I'll be [...]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [139] Picked your cheque up?
Gerry (PS09H) [140] Yeah it's in there.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [141] Yeah.
Gerry (PS09H) [142] See you shortly.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [143] Thank you very much [...]
Frank (PS09E) [144] See you [...]
Gerry (PS09H) [145] Tata [...]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [146] See you got a [...] on those, yeah.
[147] Bye now. ...

4 (Tape 040704)

Frank (PS09E) [148] Yes, a little drinkypoohs would certainly help. ...
Steve (PS09G) [149] And they say it's never been so good!
Frank (PS09E) [150] Well this is it isn't it?
[151] Mm.
[152] ... A little improvement certainly wouldn't hurt.
[153] ... Make sure this doesn't kill it stone dead.
Steve (PS09G) [154] [...] ... yes.
Frank (PS09E) [155] No with these is extra, is, there's [...] on the main board so I think I can get away with just one [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [156] Varying degrees is it? [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [157] [laugh] Yeah Phillips usually put two of these on but ... Right-y-o blast off. ...
Steve (PS09G) [158] [...] ... [...] innit?
Frank (PS09E) [159] That's a bit more like it.
[160] ... Cor yeah.
[161] ... [...] ... [...] ready [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [162] See those are cheap [...] sets we can probably buy them for about twelve quid apiece couldn't we?
Frank (PS09E) [163] Yeah ... that's right.
Steve (PS09G) [164] You can always get ... twenty five quid off the trade [...] [hiccup] [...] double your money, quick easy money. ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [165] Yeah.
[166] ... That's not a bad [...] is it really? ... bit of blue perhaps ... bit more like it innit? ...
Steve (PS09G) [167] Ooh.
Frank (PS09E) [168] Cor, fair near jumps out at you. ...
Steve (PS09G) [169] [laughing] Compared to what it was it's bloody brilliant innit [] ?
[170] ... She'll be well pleased with that. ...
Frank (PS09E) [171] Yeah it was a big [...] over to the main [...] you know that ... [...]
Steve (PS09G) [172] [...] and had a look at the, the [...] but ... Right, whereabouts [...] down there
Frank (PS09E) [173] Erm
Steve (PS09G) [174] Oh it's down there [...]
Frank (PS09E) [175] That there
Steve (PS09G) [176] Ah
Frank (PS09E) [177] was really black.
Steve (PS09G) [178] Yeah. ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [179] That's that [...] actually I'll do I'll do th no I've just been round most of those.
[180] ... I'll do this end as well I think ... be on the safe side.
[181] ... I've been right round the lot anyway so that's ... jolly good. ...
Steve (PS09G) [182] [...] over a period of time can you, [...]
Frank (PS09E) [183] [laughing] Yes that's it [] .
[184] I think some do.
Steve (PS09G) [185] Yeah, [...] ...

5 (Tape 040705)

Frank (PS09E) [186] Did you say it's from out of town this one? ...
Steve (PS09G) [187] [...] industrial estate ... she lives down [...] somewhere.
Frank (PS09E) [188] Oh this one is?
Steve (PS09G) [189] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [190] Oh.
Steve (PS09G) [191] Yeah.
[192] She phoned this morning ... and I said I can't come and collect it cos I'm here by myself she said oh I'll bring it in, that's alright, no problem but er we're going away to Gloucester at two o'clock
Frank (PS09E) [193] Oh I see I
Steve (PS09G) [194] oh I said we'll try and see if we can get it done I says, so [...]
Frank (PS09E) [195] Oh I see.
Steve (PS09G) [196] I said if it doesn't come in at two anyway and I'll lend you something
Frank (PS09E) [197] Mm very good.
Steve (PS09G) [198] so ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [199] Oh well that's good, right.
Steve (PS09G) [200] [...] otherwise we'll go down [...]
Frank (PS09E) [201] I think we could let her off this time. ...
Steve (PS09G) [202] [...] that's er all your overheads paid innit?
Frank (PS09E) [203] That's right, yeah.
[204] ... I think Ian used to sell these [...] things, whatever they are.
Steve (PS09G) [205] Yeah that's what I said he said no it didn't come from me he said but I think they did used to sell something like that.
[206] He popped in a couple of times.
[207] ... His missus earns nineteen grand a year.
Frank (PS09E) [208] Pardon?
Steve (PS09G) [209] His missus earns nineteen grand a year at the bank.
Frank (PS09E) [210] Cor!
Steve (PS09G) [211] And he gets about, he didn't say what he got but it's over the twenty three thousand drawings that er they're worried about the level of er tax, you know, for the next [...]
Frank (PS09E) [212] My goodness.
Steve (PS09G) [213] So he must, they must get forty grand a year [...]
Frank (PS09E) [214] Between them, yeah.
[215] ... Well I did a proje projection for the erm guy at Nationwide, I said well it's probably gonna be about a hundred and fifty grand turnover ... and about twenty five to thirty percent clear, you know
Steve (PS09G) [216] Ah
Frank (PS09E) [217] net profit.
Steve (PS09G) [218] Which is about right I suppose, yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [219] So I said
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [220] I said my share'll be about twenty five grand roughly so he's quite happy with that, yeah. [...]
Steve (PS09G) [221] Yeah cos I mean ... come the winter we'll ... we won't know ourselves.
Frank (PS09E) [222] We will, I shall have to stop playing golf again.
Steve (PS09G) [laugh] ...
Frank (PS09E) [223] Still it hasn't stopped me yet.
Steve (PS09G) [224] No.
[225] ... I took [...] erm [...] bank the other day I took [...] hundred quid out
Frank (PS09E) [226] Right.
Steve (PS09G) [227] so ... I mean you would still've got your golf thing out [...]
Frank (PS09E) [228] Oh right
Steve (PS09G) [229] money out there and I had the hundred quid that
Frank (PS09E) [230] Okay
Steve (PS09G) [231] that I gave Alan so [...]
Frank (PS09E) [232] Oh that's alright then.
Steve (PS09G) [233] we're all straight. [...]
Frank (PS09E) [234] No we seem to be s
Steve (PS09G) [235] [...] wages [...] cos we've been giving ourselves under wages over the last [...]
Frank (PS09E) [236] That's true, yeah it's all worked itself out hasn't it
Steve (PS09G) [237] [...] really.
[238] ... I took the two videos off the shelf and re-boxed them and as soon as
Frank (PS09E) [239] Oh yeah
Steve (PS09G) [240] come back I'll put on the shelf.
[241] No my friend's in the trade I said they're basically working but they've got a halt on somewhere because they've come back [...] you'll have to sort out the [...] you've got but er they're only one ten [...]
Frank (PS09E) [242] Yeah.
[243] I think they both actually probably work it's just they couldn't figure out the ... programming on them. ...
Steve (PS09G) [244] [...] you know?
Frank (PS09E) [245] Yes.
[246] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [247] I mean if I'd had the money [...]
Frank (PS09E) [248] I think so.
Steve (PS09G) [249] [...] first did it, you know and er
Frank (PS09E) [250] Yeah.
[251] And Jim, when he comes in, they're both, they're both all, I've pr priced them up on the top and er
Steve (PS09G) [252] Oh they're done are they?
Frank (PS09E) [253] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [254] Oh you
Frank (PS09E) [255] Yeah that's, that that's
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [256] yeah they cured that fault, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [257] Yeah, that was the springs off.
Frank (PS09E) [258] That was the springs off
Steve (PS09G) [259] Oh that was the springs off
Frank (PS09E) [260] heads clean, that was the belt that was gone
Steve (PS09G) [261] Oh yeah [...]
Frank (PS09E) [262] [...] plasticine.
Steve (PS09G) [263] [...] set back in the ... inside?
Frank (PS09E) [264] Yeah.
[265] But I told him about the telly that it's a bit beyond ... redemption.
[266] Mainly for where it's lived for the last three or four years I think. ...
Steve (PS09G) [267] Well yeah.
[268] ... If your person don't have the er [...] over there, I think Gary's helping out this week, he might [...]
Frank (PS09E) [269] Well I can always ring Bob and er confirm that.
Steve (PS09G) [270] Oh it was Bob weren't it?
Frank (PS09E) [271] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [272] And then if he don't want it then [...] ... [phone rings] [...] ... [...] ... [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [273] [singing] dee dee dee dee ... dee dee dee dee [] ...
Steve (PS09G) [274] [...] thanks very much ... ta ta ... [...] council.
Frank (PS09E) [275] Yeah?
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [276] That's very nice of them. ...
Steve (PS09G) [277] Yeah well we, we couldn't push for a new [laughing] [...] []
Frank (PS09E) [278] No, no
Steve (PS09G) [279] I was just happy to [...]
Frank (PS09E) [280] Well yeah it's ...
Steve (PS09G) [281] You're recording now are you? ...
Frank (PS09E) [282] Yes, I've gotta
Steve (PS09G) [283] Well you've got to get, get something on haven't you?
Frank (PS09E) [284] gotta get these tapes filled up.
Steve (PS09G) [285] How many tapes have you got to fill up? ...
Frank (PS09E) [286] There's twenty tapes altogether but [...]
Steve (PS09G) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [287] there's no way I can fill up twenty tapes.
[288] I don't speak that much [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [289] No [...] ... Should have had one in the bedroom last night with next door upstairs.
[290] My god she was making a racket.
Frank (PS09E) [291] Was she?
Steve (PS09G) [292] Cor!
[293] ... Grunting and groaning [...]
Frank (PS09E) [294] Really?
[295] Oh that sort of a racket yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [296] Yeah that sort of a racket, oh dear.
Frank (PS09E) [297] Well next door but one are having erm double glazed back window, you know that main ... lounge window and the ... the guy's parked halfway across the drive with the van, left it there all in disarray ... you can just about get your car up and round and ... brains that some of these people
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [298] No.
Steve (PS09G) [299] Hmm neat little telly innit? ...
Frank (PS09E) [300] Yeah, it's er ... it's only
Steve (PS09G) [301] Not working?
Frank (PS09E) [302] it's only frame collapse.
Steve (PS09G) [303] Oh ... well done then.
Frank (PS09E) [304] [...] service switch [...] ... ah!
[305] Hang on ... that's interesting ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [306] [laughing] Yeah [] ...

6 (Tape 040706)

Steve (PS09G) [307] If the worst comes to the worst Dave's found a place where we can get new tyres for about twenty five quid each for the M G.
Frank (PS09E) [308] Oh yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [309] He's still trying to find some ... he's phoned a bloke in Plymouth see if he can get them.
Frank (PS09E) [310] That's a nice tyre we got for the erm caravan for ten quid.
[311] ... It's er
Steve (PS09G) [312] [...] would be nice cos they look ni we had on the other white M G and they're a nice [...]
Frank (PS09E) [313] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [314] [...] .
[315] The other one's all arrived over safely and the bloke's driven it and he's all happy with it
Frank (PS09E) [316] Oh good.
Steve (PS09G) [317] and waiting for his next one to come [...]
Frank (PS09E) [318] Oh marvellous.
Steve (PS09G) [319] Er
Frank (PS09E) [320] Is he selling them over there?
Steve (PS09G) [321] No he's keeping them for just fun cars for himself, he's just got the money to burn over there
Frank (PS09E) [322] Marvellous
Steve (PS09G) [323] so ... he's only, he's got a ... one of the new ... B M W seven three five that er no the big Merc, a big new Merc through that's right, not the ... the latest Merc [...] so he says er er he's a bit disappointed with the brakes on the M G but ... Dave said they were a phenomenal brake for an [laughing] M G he said [...] []
Frank (PS09E) [324] Yes.
Steve (PS09G) [325] compare it against the latest Merc [...]
Frank (PS09E) [326] That's right.
Steve (PS09G) [327] [...] ... He's all
Frank (PS09E) [328] I expect
Steve (PS09G) [329] he's all been paid all his money and [...]
Frank (PS09E) [330] Mm but it's good in a way that he's got his money because he can sort of, sort of finance ours
Steve (PS09G) [331] Well yeah he is, he's got a little bit anyway [...]
Frank (PS09E) [332] till we, yeah yeah, I should imagine he is.
Steve (PS09G) [333] quite a few bits and pieces.
[334] ... It's getting Kevin in to finish it off.
[335] I phoned Kevin, I've got Kevin's mum and dad's phone number off Dave and phoned at home but he's gone out for the day or something they said.
Frank (PS09E) [laugh] ...
Steve (PS09G) [336] But he's got to strip the bonnet so Dave said well I'll get my lad to strip the bonnet this afternoon and er ... you know, [...] few hundred quid for the day we'll be glad to be able to finish off doing them and ... He's got too many [...]
Frank (PS09E) [337] Yeah cos you haven't been able to
Steve (PS09G) [338] to play with really er we c to clear ten we've still got two and a half grand left
Frank (PS09E) [339] Have we?
Steve (PS09G) [340] and so there's twelve and a half grand we're owed
Frank (PS09E) [341] Yeah yeah
Steve (PS09G) [342] [...] so if he charges, you know, fifteen hundred for his bit and then another grand to finish it off we're still clearing ten, you know, [...]
Frank (PS09E) [343] Oh well that's good then.
Steve (PS09G) [344] we might even clear a little bit more than ten but
Frank (PS09E) [345] Bit more than ten, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [346] I mean if he charges two and a half I wouldn't be disappointed cos it's been in his garage, he's pushed everything along and he's always [...] so
Frank (PS09E) [347] Yeah, oh and he's been pretty reasonable hasn't he?
Steve (PS09G) [348] we're all going out for a drink with yourselves I think.
Frank (PS09E) [349] Good.
[350] That sounds like a good idea.
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [351] Me, I don't drink.
Steve (PS09G) [352] [laughing] No don't drink [] any more [...]
Frank (PS09E) [353] Not at this moment.
Steve (PS09G) [354] starts tonight dunnit?
Frank (PS09E) [355] [laughing] It was funny []
Steve (PS09G) [356] [...] I'll see if he can arrange the old erm [...]
Frank (PS09E) [357] the guy's er filling out the form for the er mortgage and he's er ... said non-smoker?
[358] Yeah, yeah and Lynette yeah non-smoker, you know.
[359] When we got outside I said I couldn't very well offer him one I only had two left in the packet [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [360] [laugh] That makes quite a difference on your policy, the premium
Frank (PS09E) [361] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [362] if you're non-smokers.
Frank (PS09E) [363] She laughed, she thought it was hilarious.
Steve (PS09G) [364] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [365] Couldn't really offer him one. ...
Steve (PS09G) [366] Ah the well known tube company of ... Shung Wa
Frank (PS09E) [367] [laughing] Yeah []
Steve (PS09G) [368] [...] Toshiba tubes [...]
Frank (PS09E) [369] Chung Wa yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [370] Chung Wa
Frank (PS09E) [371] Wonder where these are made, oh Taiwan. ...
Steve (PS09G) [372] It must be the big companies that have gone and set factories up [...] mustn't they?
Frank (PS09E) [373] Yeah.
[374] I tell you what, what a beautiful little chassis that, I mean that's
Steve (PS09G) [375] [...] the technology just from a
Frank (PS09E) [376] I mean that's so easy innit?
Steve (PS09G) [377] It's beautiful innit?
[378] Easy to work on.
Frank (PS09E) [379] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [380] All you've gotta do is find out what's wr gone wrong with it.
Frank (PS09E) [381] Well I should think it's this little frame chip here, I'm
Steve (PS09G) [382] Oh
Frank (PS09E) [383] I'm gonna check all round I mean I should imagine that's what it must be.
Steve (PS09G) [384] Standard one is it?
[385] Or something weird.
Frank (PS09E) [386] Well it's bound to be something weird I suppose.
[387] [...] ... fifty, oh ... looks like a five five one thread ...
Steve (PS09G) [388] A N?
Frank (PS09E) [389] What do you make it?
[390] I think that's
Steve (PS09G) [391] Well [...] have a look.
Frank (PS09E) [392] I'll get the t the torch, that's what I want probably.
Steve (PS09G) [393] Ah ... yep, perfectly correct.
[394] A N five five one five ... you won't have one of them in stock will you?
Frank (PS09E) [395] No.
[396] ... Have a check see if the [...] go in that direction, pretty sure they do.
[397] [singing] la la la la la [] ... yeah, that's it, that's the frame output chip.
[398] ... I think I might just give it a solder over because it's er a bit dry in that area. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [399] Oh yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [400] That's [...] I've done all of that plus them others you [...]
Frank (PS09E) [401] Yes I'll just try these erm ... solder up this service switch and er ... [...] everything else seems alright, there's no [...] anywhere, mind you it's nine times out of ten it'll [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [402] Oh quite a nice design innit eh?
[403] The leaves are long enough to ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [404] Yeah ... I can leave the speaker off for a minute.
[405] ... I can just about get in behind without blowing myself up I think.
[406] ... No, that's what it'll be then
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...

7 (Tape 040707)

Steve (PS09G) [407] Yes, okay then ... thank you.
[408] ... That's alright ... [...] or anything ... just ask for what you want and ... that's it.
[409] ... Oh you wanted something else did you? [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [410] That's alright, that's something in Gerald's little telly, it'll probably need one of those little [...] but I'll, I'll look it up first, check it out first.
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [411] I'd better be sure cos this ... it's not a cheap one that one so that
Steve (PS09G) [412] No alright.
[413] ... It's no problem.
[414] ... [singing] Well that'll be the day [...] []
Frank (PS09E) [415] Lexy's not coming up till, what the weekendish?
Steve (PS09G) [416] Wednesday Thursday Friday [...]
Frank (PS09E) [417] Oh right.
Steve (PS09G) [418] [...] should be here today ... the old [...]
Frank (PS09E) [419] They did very well there actually didn't they, overall?
[420] I mean er we did alright as well but
Steve (PS09G) [421] Yeah.
[422] Oh they've only gotta get the two ... [...] done and they've got their money back haven't they?
Frank (PS09E) [423] Yes, that's right.
Steve (PS09G) [424] If they get that going they'll get two hundred and fifty for that.
Frank (PS09E) [425] Yeah.
[426] He was very cagey about the fault on that, he probably knows it.
Steve (PS09G) [427] Oh yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [428] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [429] Well didn't we, no we haven't told him what the fault is even though have we so
Frank (PS09E) [430] I told him it was a [...] there when it, it shut down but that's all, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [431] Oh
Frank (PS09E) [432] Didn't tell him about the er row of eights on there.
[433] It's probably a processor fault. ...
Steve (PS09G) [434] Ten quid'll have it fixed I expect.
Frank (PS09E) [435] Mm.
[436] If you could buy those ... that sort of thing [...] [laugh] we'd make good money with it er non-working.
Steve (PS09G) [437] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [438] It still came in as an F S T didn't it?
Steve (PS09G) [439] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [440] Mind you it's true he'd''ve got more for it probably if it'd been working but ...
Steve (PS09G) [441] How much [...]
Frank (PS09E) [442] how much more how many people want that sort of thing?
[443] You know.
Steve (PS09G) [444] One twenty five, one twenty for the trade I suppose
Frank (PS09E) [445] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [446] Innit?
[447] At a push. ...
Frank (PS09E) [448] Well I think we've wo er I think we've won that little erm ... forklift.
Steve (PS09G) [449] Yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [450] Doesn't seem to be ... a hire job does it?
[451] Usually [...] have them painted all over.
Steve (PS09G) [452] [...] probably quite expensive things [...]
Frank (PS09E) [453] Yeah bet they are. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [454] It's probably been left by the guy that was here before you know.
Steve (PS09G) [455] Oh probably, the [...]
Frank (PS09E) [456] Yes, pallets of frozen stuff around, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [457] Yeah.
[458] ... If anybody comes in for a car radio cassette, I've stuck one at the top there twenty quid if anybody [...]
Frank (PS09E) [459] Ah right.
[460] ... Is there just that, that big goes ... in front was it, or just pushed in?
Steve (PS09G) [461] What's that?
Frank (PS09E) [462] That bit.
[463] Oh I see it's just the front loose.
Steve (PS09G) [464] Just the cover that's all.
Frank (PS09E) [465] Yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [466] There!
Frank (PS09E) [467] I think I shall have to get is a decent FM radio, I use a radio more than a tape actually in the car, but mine's only a long medium wave job.
Steve (PS09G) [468] Yeah I use the radio all the time now.
[469] Must get Robert down here. ...
Frank (PS09E) [470] Yeah, any excuse to er contact him?
[471] Besides asking
Steve (PS09G) [472] Er
Frank (PS09E) [473] him for money. [laugh] ...
Steve (PS09G) [474] [...] diagram for ... for that erm mark five out there ... could you ask him for one of them?
Frank (PS09E) [475] I've got that from the lads.
Steve (PS09G) [476] Oh.
Frank (PS09E) [477] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [478] He doesn't know that.
[479] Well is there anything else you want?
Frank (PS09E) [480] That's true.
[481] Mm.
[482] [laugh] ... Wonder what the chassis, that must be [...]
Steve (PS09G) [483] Well I wanna order some more Toshiba flaps through him.
Frank (PS09E) [484] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [485] [...] down there.
Frank (PS09E) [486] I think this is the same ... I've got the manual for these.
Steve (PS09G) [487] [...] six ninety nine wannit or something?
Frank (PS09E) [488] Six ninety this one.
Steve (PS09G) [489] Six ninety.
Frank (PS09E) [490] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [491] Oh that'll be alright for er ... assessing [...]
Frank (PS09E) [492] That's a thought, yeah I can wang it on.
[493] ... This was working when I picked it up, I'm pretty sure it was.
[494] ... What does it do, anything at all?
Steve (PS09G) [495] [...] I can't remember.
[496] ... It's just erm ... like a sink innit?
Frank (PS09E) [497] Dunno I haven't seen it on.
Steve (PS09G) [498] I think. ...
Frank (PS09E) [499] Stand by.
[500] Oh.
[501] ... That's better.
[502] ... It's doing something anyway.
Steve (PS09G) [503] Yeah.
[504] I should think [...]
Frank (PS09E) [505] Perhaps that's what it is, lack of s
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [506] lack of stink.
Steve (PS09G) [507] This looks alright. ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [508] Contrast, colour
Steve (PS09G) [509] It's all there isn't it?
Frank (PS09E) [510] brightness ...
Steve (PS09G) [511] Could really set off a disgusting
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [512] Oh that's alright. ...
Frank (PS09E) [513] Oh ... colour's dropping out, let's have a look.
[514] ... [laugh] Oh it is a flap, I thought it was red tape on there.
[515] It's a red flap.
Steve (PS09G) [516] Yes.
[517] ... These Names of er well they must [...] enormous fortunes mustn't they?
Frank (PS09E) [518] Well yeah, and yes they've just asked them for forty grand more haven't they?
[519] Tony Jacklin and people like that.
[520] Just to keep the thing afloat.
[521] ... Oh it's starting to drift now ... that's where the colour's disappeared.
[522] Well that should be a freezable job ... if it's warming up and going wrong.
Steve (PS09G) [523] Yeah.
[524] ... Did you see the Nat West profit, they lost ... three hundred million last year.
Frank (PS09E) [525] Cor!
Steve (PS09G) [526] Erm not, they didn't lose it, they went three hundred million less than the year before profit though, two hundred millio er [...] bad debts
Frank (PS09E) [527] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [528] two hundred million [...] Maxwell.
Frank (PS09E) [529] Really?
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [530] [...] Lloyds made about six hundred grand didn't they?
Steve (PS09G) [531] They didn't do bad did they?
Frank (PS09E) [532] No, they did very well.
Steve (PS09G) [533] But erm
Frank (PS09E) [534] See the shares jumped.
Steve (PS09G) [535] I mean how did they lend him two hundred million without absolutely secure collateral?
[536] They wouldn't lend it to anybody else would they? ...
Frank (PS09E) [537] Well I thought that was funny about that guy that ... [...] watch Wogan on there last night, that girl that
Steve (PS09G) [538] No
Frank (PS09E) [539] just been on that film ... Barry Norman was on there and er
Steve (PS09G) [540] Oh [...] the one that [...] Drop the Dead Donkey, that girl?
Frank (PS09E) [541] Yeah.
[542] She was in this film and
Steve (PS09G) [543] He got, that's right, he got two hundred grand [...]
Frank (PS09E) [544] Two hundred grand from the bank.
Steve (PS09G) [545] but I should think that's security, it's the bloke's house probably that.
[546] Probably took a chance with it.
Frank (PS09E) [547] Yeah but it's a lot innit for a film that you never know is gonna
Steve (PS09G) [548] It is, yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [549] be any good.
[550] ... Ah mind you he could probably sell it to the TV companies for about that I should think.
Steve (PS09G) [551] Yeah [...] ... [...] very good though, [...] card number again or anything.
Frank (PS09E) [552] Oh it's brilliant that is.
[553] They're so cheap.
Steve (PS09G) [554] They're ever so quick.
[555] ... And they do it, and they've got it in stock, you know so
Frank (PS09E) [556] Yeah yeah ... very good.
Steve (PS09G) [557] Not no we're out of stock on that one, we're out of stock on that one.
Frank (PS09E) [558] Very efficient.
[559] Pity they didn't do other stuff besides
Steve (PS09G) [560] Yeah.
[561] I suppose that's how they've managed to be [...]
Frank (PS09E) [562] Yeah.
[563] Yeah just get the chips and that's it. ...
Steve (PS09G) [564] I phoned a customer last night and said that the [...] system should be done ... by the latest I would think next Monday like, you know?
[565] And I said I'll bring it round personally and er ... you know, get it switched on for her.
[566] Yeah I want a lot of grovelling she says, I want an enormous amount of grovelling when you come.
Frank (PS09E) [laugh] ...
Steve (PS09G) [567] [...] cos they've seen exactly the same one for five hundred and twenty five quid [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [568] Well it does look a bit like a T X ninety ... T X eighty five, that's a new one on me.
Steve (PS09G) [569] Well
Frank (PS09E) [570] [...] different again.
Steve (PS09G) [571] The plug's hanging off.
Frank (PS09E) [572] Eh?
Steve (PS09G) [573] That plug's hanging off.
Frank (PS09E) [574] Which one?
[575] Oh that one?
[576] Oh yeah.
[577] ... Yeah I don't suppose that happened when I pulled it out.
[578] It could do something.
[579] ... Cos I thought these were all working actually.
[580] ... Oh it's funny this one doesn't use a mains tranny like the others do.
[581] ... Remote control.
[582] ... Hmm swines ...
Steve (PS09G) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [583] This is
Steve (PS09G) [...] [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [584] tricky though. ... [tv on]
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [585] Yeah that's maximum colour. ...
Steve (PS09G) [586] [...] ... [...] decided to go up to Malden I think it was to stay with a mate of Derek's [...] twenty years
Frank (PS09E) [587] Yeah?
Steve (PS09G) [588] er Derek's forty ... four ... erm year younger than he is and er ... he's got ... he started, he bought a station and er, years ago, and a station master's office with a garage and all that, you know about twenty years ago and he dealt in tyres.
Frank (PS09E) [589] Oh yeah?
Steve (PS09G) [590] Er then he, there's only three houses in the road that he lived in, [...] , the next one along the road came up for auction and he sold his station and moved up to that and he said he's just bought the one at the end of the road now which is er ... seven hundred and fifty thousand he paid for it, a hundred and fifty thousand to have it interior decorated.
Frank (PS09E) [591] Cor!
Steve (PS09G) [592] There's a five acre lake, forty five acres island
Frank (PS09E) [593] My goodness.
Steve (PS09G) [594] This bloke's got two Lambourginis in the garage and er the latest BMW ... all from, he said he works seven days a week for it he said but he, you know, he's just an ordinary bloke who ... got it all just working [...] ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [595] Well it was [...] but whether it's erm ... try it again from cold I think.
[596] ... Right, let's stop and have a sandwich shall we?

8 (Tape 040801)

Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [597] I've ceased trading ... erm I'm now selling off all my stock which is left from my home
Marge (PS09L) [598] Goodness.
Rex (PS09K) [599] over the weekend, done four grand.
Steve (PS09G) [600] [...] unless you're gonna [...] for it.
Rex (PS09K) [601] [...] same price ... no guarantee
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [laugh]
Marge (PS09L) [602] Yeah [...]
Rex (PS09K) [...]
Marge (PS09L) [603] he's being greedy.
[604] Cos we had a twenty, twenty two and a twenty six didn't we?
[605] And he, the first bloke come and he said oh I'll have all three of them.
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Rex (PS09K) [606] [laughing] Yeah []
Marge (PS09L) [607] He, he didn't realize that I had more stacked in the other room ready to come out [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [608] Yeah.
Marge (PS09L) [609] We sold one telly the other week about ... no we sold one, one telly about six or seven times didn't we?
Rex (PS09K) [610] Yes.
[611] T V and a video we sold six times.
Marge (PS09L) [612] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [laugh]
Rex (PS09K) [613] We're not doing nobody down.
[614] No
Marge (PS09L) [615] No.
Rex (PS09K) [616] nobody wants to trade that way, I don't
Frank (PS09E) [617] No.
Rex (PS09K) [618] I don't wanna trade from home.
[619] Don't want
Marge (PS09L) [620] But last week
Rex (PS09K) [621] people coming into my house buying gear.
[622] When I go home
Marge (PS09L) [623] Last week, yeah
Rex (PS09K) [624] of an evening [...]
Marge (PS09L) [625] last week we had
Steve (PS09G) [626] Do you tell them you're a trader then?
Marge (PS09L) [627] No.
Rex (PS09K) [628] Not up until last week.
[629] Right my wife was selling as far as I was concerned.
[630] Not up until last week.
[631] But now this week, from what I put in the paper it's obvious that we're traders
Marge (PS09L) [632] Mm
Rex (PS09K) [633] now like innit?
[634] So
Marge (PS09L) [635] We had one bloke come last week ... he lives about fifty yards from the shop.
Rex (PS09K) [636] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [637] [laughing] Yeah [] ?
Marge (PS09L) [638] Comes all the way home to buy a telly
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Marge (PS09L) [639] for fifty quid ... b bought a cheap one
Steve (PS09G) [640] Yeah
Marge (PS09L) [641] for fifty quid and he only lives, well, hundred yards, if that, from the shop.
Steve (PS09G) [642] [laughing] Get off [] !
Rex (PS09K) [643] He could've come in the shop and bought them, yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [644] Yeah.
Marge (PS09L) [645] Oh I said [...] you'll have to go in K T V for servicing.
[646] And he never, he never queried it.
[647] He never said well are you anything to do with it or nothing.
Steve (PS09G) [648] Yeah.
Marge (PS09L) [649] And there's a photograph in th I never told him that
Frank (PS09E) [650] Mm
Marge (PS09L) [651] photograph in the middle [...] ... and you know, but ...
Rex (PS09K) [laugh]
Marge (PS09L) [652] Oh he was thrilled, he had a good deal.
Rex (PS09K) [653] Well he had a nice little T V.
[654] No we don't stitch them, no.
Marge (PS09L) [655] Oh yeah a nice ... no.
Rex (PS09K) [656] He had a Phillips G eleven, he took it home and plugged it in, it ran for two hours
Marge (PS09L) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [657] and the fuse went.
[658] So he phoned up, he said I know I didn't have a guarantee, can you do anything for me?
[659] I said yeah bring it back and have another one.
Marge (PS09L) [660] Well the next the next
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Marge (PS09L) [661] the next one was a joke.
[662] Bloke come and bought a Teletext with his friend, come all the way from Falmouth, he pulled on the front, paid me his money, saw the telly working, put the remote in his pocket, my son carried the telly down, put it in the back of the car ... the bloke shut the boot, he drove off the front, I picked up the phone ... he er and he just swung round off the front, the boot come open ... out come the telly!
Frank (PS09E) [663] Oh goodness.
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [laugh]
Marge (PS09L) [664] So he just got out, picked it up, shoved it back in and drove away.
Steve (PS09G) [665] Get off!
Marge (PS09L) [666] And I give him three mo cos I'd give him three months guarantee with that, I thought yes ... and I was standing there on the phone and I thought ... you dare come back! [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [667] [laughing] Oh yeah []
Marge (PS09L) [668] We haven't heard from him have we?
Frank (PS09E) [669] Oh.
Rex (PS09K) [670] No [...] he probably ain't going to is he?
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [671] No.
Rex (PS09K) [672] He ain't going to is he?
Marge (PS09L) [673] No [...]
Steve (PS09G) [674] Oh did he?
Frank (PS09E) [675] Mm
Marge (PS09L) [676] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [677] That's like a skating rink now then.
Rex (PS09K) [678] It may be alright though, it may be alright with a bit of luck, you know?
[679] I would've tried to help him out if we had a ... if we had a, a shot one with a case like, you know?
[680] Then we could've put it together for him.
[681] You know you can't be hard on people can you really?
[682] Or I don't think so anyhow, we'd've nailed it together for him for nothing and [...]
Marge (PS09L) [683] Well [...]
Frank (PS09E) [684] Yeah
Rex (PS09K) [685] [...] ? ...
Steve (PS09G) [686] It depends on his attitude, if he'd been trying to pull a fast one on you and er
Steve (PS09G) [687] Yeah [...]
Steve (PS09G) [688] this was like this when I bought it off you
Rex (PS09K) [689] Oh no no, if he, if he tried to pull a fast one ... we've already had one like that ... th that came in and bought a set ... unfortunately ... his father paid by cheque, oh no, well he paid by two cheques which, they had a card on them I know very well they can't stop them very well ... and he went out and er, and er the T V was only in the car and he went round a corner quick and he went brrrm like that you know
Frank (PS09E) [690] Yeah
Rex (PS09K) [691] and split the case and all on the T V and he come back in he said ... oh I picked this up he said and the case fell to bits.
[692] And I was there
Frank (PS09E) [693] Yeah, yeah
Marge (PS09L) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [694] [...] there and I said no ... my handsome you didn't pick that up and the case fell, fell to bi he, cos he was going on this is inferior ... not up to standard and so I said
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Rex (PS09K) [695] [...] I said now you can shut that up right away, cos I said you know it's not ... I said er ... now if you want us to try to help you out [...] on this you just tell us what you did.
[696] Anyway his father was there and his father had paid ... and I said no ... you know, you've done that.
[697] So anyhow he, his father said well that's right he said we'll be probably covered on the house insurance.
[698] And they were anyhow so they had a brand new telly.
Frank (PS09E) [699] Mm.
Rex (PS09K) [700] And we had that one back and nailed them together and sold them again.
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Rex (PS09K) [701] But he tried it, you know
Steve (PS09G) [702] Yeah
Rex (PS09K) [703] sneaky ... like that.
[704] ... Mind I know there's some that when you can pick up if you're, you know you could pick up something like that if you weren't careful and just pick it up from the inside
Frank (PS09E) [705] Yeah.
Rex (PS09K) [706] [...] and the bloody [...] will fly off won't it?
Frank (PS09E) [707] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [708] They're only stapled together in the corner aren't they?
Rex (PS09K) [709] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [710] And then er ... [...] ... That one just won't erm ... tune in in case
Frank (PS09E) [711] Oh.
[712] Toshiba
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [713] [...] aren't they?
Rex (PS09K) [714] Yeah we should [...] get sixty pound for them I should think.
Steve (PS09G) [715] That much you reckon?
Rex (PS09K) [716] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [717] [...] Well if you wanna pick the [...] up for them you've got one two three ... four [...] I don't know what you're gonna do [...]
Frank (PS09E) [718] Yeah the little Toshibas are remotes aren't they?
Steve (PS09G) [719] Yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [720] They're only a couple of quid, the flaps for those [...]
Rex (PS09K) [721] Yeah
Frank (PS09E) [722] if you wanna bother or not. ...
Rex (PS09K) [723] No I shall shove them out as they are. [...]
Steve (PS09G) [724] Nice little cabinets anyway [...]
Rex (PS09K) [725] [...] ... Actually we may have, we've got one or two mashed up sets, we may have flaps [...] for them, I dunno.
Steve (PS09G) [726] It doesn't detract from them anyway does it?
[727] I mean [...]
Rex (PS09K) [728] Not really.
[729] That's what you want really, you want about a thousand of them now
Steve (PS09G) [730] Yes.
[731] Yes if we could buy a thousand I think we'd have a thousand of them.
Rex (PS09K) [732] Yeah, yes.
Marge (PS09L) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...] ...
Rex (PS09K) [733] You can get plenty of what you don't want and a little of what you do want. ...
Steve (PS09G) [734] Start of the season you just don't see ... start of the season and Christmas you just don't see [...]
Frank (PS09E) [735] No.
Rex (PS09K) [736] Well I'll be quite honest with you, when I came in the other day you had a couple and I'm amazed that you've still got them.
Frank (PS09E) [737] We don't let them out.
Rex (PS09K) [738] Eh?
Frank (PS09E) [739] We don't sell them.
Steve (PS09G) [740] We don't sell them unless people [...]
Frank (PS09E) [741] Unless people buy big sets we don't sell them.
Steve (PS09G) [742] We won't just sell a portable to anybody.
Rex (PS09K) [743] You won't?
Frank (PS09E) [744] I mean you're lucky to get that one mate, I mean you must have been, caught him on a real good day.
Steve (PS09G) [745] I got forty six at Christmas.
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [746] Yeah if somebody's loaded down with them, if they've got [...]
Frank (PS09E) [747] End of season's the time to pick them up.
Steve (PS09G) [748] forty six videos.
Frank (PS09E) [749] Yeah, that's right.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [750] Oh yeah, yeah [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [751] Oh no I don't blame you.
[752] If you've only got [...]
Steve (PS09G) [753] Well it's unfair to everybody if somebody has the lot and then everybody can have a couple and keep a few of their customers happy.
[754] You can always sell them [...] within a couple of days of them coming in [...] ...
Rex (PS09K) [755] Thank you for the coffee.
[756] ... I dunno who you were gonna make it out to but make it out to [...]
Steve (PS09G) [757] I've just made it out to nobody at the moment.
Marge (PS09L) [758] Just make it out to nobody [...]
Rex (PS09K) [759] Right. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [760] I was thinking Rex might like that little G E C out there, that's a nice little ... [...] [...]
Rex (PS09K) [761] Less ten less ten percent he said for being a good customer [...] .
[762] He ain't got that written down there has he?
Steve (PS09G) [763] That's true, no I haven't [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [764] You must, you must get fed up with hearing it. [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [765] How much do you want for the, the little er?
Frank (PS09E) [766] Well I want forty quid [...] really.
[767] It's a very nice one owner set, we took it in
Steve (PS09G) [768] I don't know if you want [...]
Frank (PS09E) [769] part exchange actually.
Steve (PS09G) [770] See the G E C down there?
[771] It's just a basic
Frank (PS09E) [772] It's absolutely mint.
Steve (PS09G) [773] but it's a minty one.
Frank (PS09E) [774] The chap's had it, a single bloke
Steve (PS09G) [775] [...] box out there.
[776] On the far side
Rex (PS09K) [777] I can't even see it.
Marge (PS09L) [778] Underneath the [...]
Steve (PS09G) [779] See [...] portables.
Rex (PS09K) [780] Yeah.
Marge (PS09L) [781] There.
Frank (PS09E) [782] It really is tidy.
[783] I'll put it on if you want.
Steve (PS09G) [784] It's just a twenty two inch basic but it's extremely [...]
Rex (PS09K) [785] It is?
[786] And it's in
Marge (PS09L) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [787] perfect working order?
Frank (PS09E) [788] Oh yeah, I'll put it on for you.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [789] But we, I know the chap ... he doesn't watch telly that, he's a lon lon long distance lorry driver and he had to have remote and text so he swapped it, you know, and er
Rex (PS09K) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [790] Oh well don't bother about it, we'll soon sell it.
[791] No problem.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [792] No let me take a look at it, let me take a look. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [793] Right, I've got some money for you my man.
Frank (PS09E) [794] Right you'd better see the ... cashier ... big fat chap with the glasses. [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [laugh] ...
Rex (PS09K) [795] No I think [...] on that one.
Frank (PS09E) [796] Okay fair enough. ...
Rex (PS09K) [797] Only to be quite honest I pick up some stuff and mainly now the basics we get free.
Frank (PS09E) [798] No er when we get somebody in that
Rex (PS09K) [799] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [800] that wants a reliable one owner, not ex-rental sort of set, you know?
Rex (PS09K) [801] No no I know what you mean yeah.
[802] Yeah yeah
Frank (PS09E) [803] We'll er ...
Rex (PS09K) [804] I've had some basics [...] we got some nice, cos what we'll do if we have a set is stick it on the bench, we've got this foam cleaner, we spray it with the foam cleaner and clean it and when th
Frank (PS09E) [805] Yeah
Rex (PS09K) [806] that set comes down you see
Frank (PS09E) [807] Yeah
Rex (PS09K) [808] it's clean ... as he was when he was new.
Frank (PS09E) [809] Yeah.
Rex (PS09K) [810] He may be scratched ... but he's as clean.
[811] And then we just spray them with a polish and when they go down they're good.
Frank (PS09E) [812] Yeah but I mean when our loads come in we've got a chap here that p just purely cleans them.
Rex (PS09K) [813] Yeah, yeah.
[814] Well presentation is a great thing ... as far as er [...] have you got a loo handy?
Frank (PS09E) [815] Yeah yeah ... it's that first ... first door there.
Rex (PS09K) [816] This one here?
Frank (PS09E) [817] Yeah. ...
Gerry (PS09H) [818] Right we'll see you an hour and a half from now.
Frank (PS09E) [819] Right, okay.
Gerry (PS09H) [820] [...] if you're looking for one.
Frank (PS09E) [821] No this is just a pr it's a private, it's not an ex-rental one,i it really is in mint, it hasn't been used a lot.
[822] And erm we allowed
Gerry (PS09H) [823] What that set there?
Frank (PS09E) [824] forty quid on it, well th that's what I've gotta get for it.
Gerry (PS09H) [825] Oh
Frank (PS09E) [826] But it is very clean, great pictures on it.
Gerry (PS09H) [827] Is it text that one?
Frank (PS09E) [828] No it's just it's
Steve (PS09G) [829] Basic [...]
Frank (PS09E) [830] it's basic but I mean it is a nice
Gerry (PS09H) [831] Yeah
Frank (PS09E) [832] clean
Gerry (PS09H) [833] No I've got a [...]
Frank (PS09E) [834] reliable set.
Gerry (PS09H) [835] Hitachi chassis type job but er the tube's gone.
Frank (PS09E) [836] Yeah.
[837] Well you see that was like mint that one.
Gerry (PS09H) [838] So I'm just after the tube really.
Frank (PS09E) [839] Mm.
Gerry (PS09H) [840] [...] swap places with this gentleman [...] I can get him ... loaded up.
[841] Right. [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [842] Looks like it'll be a brilliant one if you get it going er ... just the ... [...] things.
[843] ... There
Frank (PS09E) [844] Oh yeah.
[845] It's like the tuner's dead innit?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [846] Oh [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [847] It's getting colder innit? ...
Steve (PS09G) [848] Get through alright?
[849] ... Mm?
[850] Get through alright? [...] ...
Rex (PS09K) [851] That's a nice one.
[852] ... What's this Kaitung one?
Frank (PS09E) [853] It's sold to those lads that just came in actually.
Rex (PS09K) [854] Ah.
Frank (PS09E) [855] It's not working.
Steve (PS09G) [...] [...]
Frank (PS09E) [856] It's it's ... it's not a worker.
Rex (PS09K) [857] No.
[858] I know, we're not er we ain't af we ain't afraid of a few bum workers cos we ... have got er ... good engineers like, you know? ...
Frank (PS09E) [859] This won't tune in this one, it might be the tuner itself [...] .
[860] But these aerial sockets on these Toshibas are in a, such a funny place that er
Rex (PS09K) [861] Yeah yeah.
[862] ... See what you want is a little workshop out of sight don't you?
Frank (PS09E) [863] Well I've got one in there but I'm just doing this as a ... to save me lifting it.
Rex (PS09K) [864] Oh I see. ...
Frank (PS09E) [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [865] Er ... no they're ... all about the same depth aren't they? ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [866] Bring the [...] through?
Steve (PS09G) [867] That's the same, yeah. ...
Marge (PS09L) [...] ...
Rex (PS09K) [868] If they're gonna go towards the window [...] shove something
Marge (PS09L) [869] Yeah I know
Rex (PS09K) [870] in between them.
Marge (PS09L) [871] yeah.
[872] I ... is doing.
Rex (PS09K) [873] Right, okay.
[874] ... Oh [...] reckon they'd get rid of some of this stuff [...]
Frank (PS09E) [875] No I don't understand it Rex.
[876] I suppose they've got a, they've got a certain contract to take new stuff all the time haven't they?
Rex (PS09K) [877] Yeah.
[878] I would've thought they could've ... like somebody with an older text, they could've took the old one out and shoved one of these back into it.
Frank (PS09E) [879] Yeah I mean that is, that [...] is current now, that's what they use now isn't it?
[880] ... That is their current model.
Rex (PS09K) [881] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [882] They use that chassis in Thorns and Bairds and things.
Rex (PS09K) [883] Yeah.
[884] So what's the ... tube alright on that is it?
Frank (PS09E) [885] Yeah it comes on, a [...] comes on and then it shuts down so it's some sort of shut down fault.
Rex (PS09K) [886] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [887] We haven't looked er we haven't even got a manual for it.
Rex (PS09K) [888] No.
[889] No no no.
[890] ... Well anybody that's anything like an engineer, as long as it's clean and tidy and not been chucked around
Frank (PS09E) [891] That's right.
Rex (PS09K) [892] they can fix it can't they?
Frank (PS09E) [893] Yeah, oh yeah it's all fixable.
[894] Long as the tube's alright, that's the main thing.
Rex (PS09K) [895] Yeah that's the main thing on that.
[896] That's a nice looking machine that one. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [897] Probably would actually wouldn't it, yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [898] Which would leave us room for the ... [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [899] What have you got one, one more to g
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [900] two more. ...
Steve (PS09G) [901] [...] ... different.
[902] Put er that on top of those ... put a portable
Marge (PS09L) [903] Have you got the little portable?
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Marge (PS09L) [904] [...] like that?
Steve (PS09G) [905] Two more?
Frank (PS09E) [906] Yeah there's that one and one more.
[907] ... Wonder if they would go ... cos th n n they're no different on their ends are they really?
Steve (PS09G) [908] Not really, no they're practically squares aren't they?
Marge (PS09L) [909] No they a yeah.
[910] ... Which is the smaller of the portables?
Steve (PS09G) [911] They're all about the same, there's hardly any difference in them.
[912] ... Hardly any difference at all.
[913] [...] the blanket ... [...] portables on the blanket.
Marge (PS09L) [914] We're not taking the blanket all out erm from underneath all of them. [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [915] Well we've got plenty of cardboard plenty of cardboard [...]
Steve (PS09G) [916] Plenty of cardboard, yeah.
Rex (PS09K) [917] With the blanket though he would, they would stop them from moving like, you know?
Marge (PS09L) [918] yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [919] Yeah.
[920] Erm ... haven't got anything like a blanket [...] ...
Marge (PS09L) [921] And we've got them two to go?
Frank (PS09E) [922] Yeah. ...
Marge (PS09L) [923] Can't we put the bigger, the bigger of them ... in [...] under my feet.
Rex (PS09K) [924] I [...]
Frank (PS09E) [925] If you put them on their sides they're too ... [...] .
[926] They'd go on their sides wouldn't they?
[927] Perhaps.
[928] ... If we had a
Rex (PS09K) [929] [...] blanket though we could have done that easy enough.
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [930] Oh I see you're gonna turn them on their sides are you. ...
Rex (PS09K) [931] [...] catching on reasonably well for the time of the year?
Steve (PS09G) [932] [...] ?
Rex (PS09K) [933] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [934] Yes.
[935] They've converted people to it [...] so they they find that they
Rex (PS09K) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [936] Well th they, they're used to selling cheapy stuff, they don't know if they can sell this, they've taken a couple on
Rex (PS09K) [937] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [938] trial
Rex (PS09K) [939] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [940] and they say you know that they've sold [...]
Rex (PS09K) [941] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [942] I made myself a nice [...] profit out of it. [...]
Frank (PS09E) [943] I think those two on the sides one on there er f [...] put that on its side as well perhaps.
[944] Oh no it's not any better is it on its side that one.
[945] ... And Toshiba could go in there couldn't it and the other one on its side in there.
Steve (PS09G) [946] What erm top to ... top to top [...]
Frank (PS09E) [947] Top to top yeah.
[948] ... And side to side. ...
Steve (PS09G) [949] [...] ... [...] is easy we can pack [...]
Rex (PS09K) [950] We're gonna need to put something in between that.
Frank (PS09E) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [951] A bit of cardboard between that [...] ... useful.
Frank (PS09E) [952] Gotta fix that aerial back on. ...
Steve (PS09G) [953] If I lift it could you ... slide that in [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [954] And I've put something in there so we don't get any [...] there
Rex (PS09K) [955] Yeah.
[956] We're away. ...
Steve (PS09G) [957] [...] but er ... I can't work out where [...]
Frank (PS09E) [958] Well if you put that one across under that one ... and then I can get this one up through the middle, it's just the depth in the middle there innit?
Rex (PS09K) [959] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [960] Oh I see, put this one
Rex (PS09K) [961] Over there.
Steve (PS09G) [962] [...] ... Alright?
[963] And then something in between these to stop any rubbing
Frank (PS09E) [964] That's it.
Steve (PS09G) [965] on there. ...
Steve (PS09G) [966] I need a little bit of wedge at the back there ... just to stop [...]
Rex (PS09K) [967] [...] again. ...
Marge (PS09L) [968] The keys are in the car then?
Rex (PS09K) [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Rex (PS09K) [969] Wonderful sir.
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [970] Alright?
Rex (PS09K) [971] Excellent.
Frank (PS09E) [972] Is your catch alright there?
[973] ... See if that closes alright.
Rex (PS09K) [974] Lovely.
Frank (PS09E) [975] Lovely.
Steve (PS09G) [976] [...] down on the axle.
Frank (PS09E) [977] Smashing.
Steve (PS09G) [978] Nice to see you again [...]
Rex (PS09K) [979] [...] young man
Frank (PS09E) [980] Yeah see you again.
[981] Cheers then.
Rex (PS09K) [982] See you again.
Steve (PS09G) [983] Got your hand sets?
Rex (PS09K) [984] Got the hand sets?
[985] ... I'll just have a word with my chief accountant [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [laugh]
Rex (PS09K) [986] Got the hand set?
Marge (PS09L) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [987] Right.
Rex (PS09K) [988] Right see you later.
Frank (PS09E) [989] Bye then.
[990] Good trip.
Steve (PS09G) [991] Thanks a lot

9 (Tape 040802)

Steve (PS09G) [992] That must be the ... the right hand set for that [...] because ... two five five R seven B, the R is remote innit?
[993] All the others are T for ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [994] Oh yeah?
Steve (PS09G) [995] aren't they?
Frank (PS09E) [996] Yeah.
[997] ... Yet we [...] didn't we?
[998] So it was the wrong back then, probably. ...
Steve (PS09G) [999] [...] wrote to them [...] complaints and
Frank (PS09E) [1000] No.
Steve (PS09G) [1001] [...] they switched on alright anyway [...] .
[1002] Right do you want [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1003] Well I've tried all those, I'll see what ... switches on, just do one more.
Steve (PS09G) [1004] Cos the tuner se seems to be working itself dunnit [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1005] Yeah I mean I assume it's the same tube in this as the er Grundig innit?
Steve (PS09G) [1006] Is it?
Frank (PS09E) [1007] Yeah.
[1008] It's a [...] innit?
[1009] Er
Steve (PS09G) [1010] Oh
Frank (PS09E) [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [1011] Mind you I think the Grundig was a little ... [...] might require a
Frank (PS09E) [1012] Yeah.
[1013] But this is only a basic set so I mean we'll know when there's a tube ... [...] yeah ...
Steve (PS09G) [1014] [...] seventy five and this is a basic [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1015] Yeah.
[1016] ... Let's try a different number [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1017] Tried a different number [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1018] Yeah yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1019] Yeah I thought maybe number one was worn out and ...
Frank (PS09E) [1020] Yeah, it's a knackered tuner innit?
[1021] ... Oh colour's gone, why's that?
Steve (PS09G) [1022] [...] blank screen then for a sec. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1023] Oh, that's where they ... that's where they are innit, round there.
[1024] ... It's either that or [...] ...
Steve (PS09G) [1025] [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1026] No it's a little erm ... well I should think it's gonna be the tuner innit?
[1027] ... Mm
Steve (PS09G) [1028] [...] sixty quid and one tuner, I mean you know ... don't mind if it's just
Frank (PS09E) [1029] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1030] a couple of quid on them do you?
[1031] And they go nice and
Frank (PS09E) [1032] No
Steve (PS09G) [1033] quick.
Frank (PS09E) [1034] Mind you it's had some spillage in here in the I F strip.
[1035] Ah ... oh yes it has.
[1036] Lots of spillage, that's probably the problem.
[1037] ... Yeah you see it ... you see it all round the chips
Steve (PS09G) [1038] Oh yeah, yeah [...] on it, yeah yeah
Frank (PS09E) [1039] all green, all green along there ... I wonder ... I was just thinking it's got all the bits in it to make that other one go
Steve (PS09G) [1040] It's still switched on so [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1041] No it's, it's got all the power bits to make that other one go.
[1042] It's got a tube that would make the ... the other one go.
[1043] Dunno.
[1044] ... But it's losing a set that way innit? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1045] See the tube for the Grundig I think ... it won't help [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1046] No be worth trying won't it?
[1047] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1048] And I could get [...] fifty five or sixty for this [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1049] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1050] won't tune ... and erm [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1051] Well I'll tr I'll try cleaning up that spillage.
Steve (PS09G) [1052] Shall I do it with a toothbrush and a ... ?
Frank (PS09E) [1053] You can if you like, yeah,i it pulls out, you know, you can get at it.
Steve (PS09G) [1054] [...] innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1055] Yeah.
[1056] Yeah it's not underneath it's just ... you can take that out the way
Steve (PS09G) [1057] [...] ... Well there's twelve hundred quid in there.
Frank (PS09E) [1058] Mm!
[1059] ... Well [...] a little drink [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1060] All in cash.
Frank (PS09E) [1061] Very good.
[1062] Old Rex, I see he had a pile of fifties there. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1063] Hmm.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1064] He did s yeah he did speak to her.
Steve (PS09G) [1065] Yeah?
Frank (PS09E) [1066] Yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1067] Well I've seen the toothbrush somewhere recently but I'm buggered if I can remember where.
[1068] It's not on my desk [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1069] [...] Mike will be useful next time he comes up to erm he probably knows how to connect those ... extension wires into th on the telephone doesn't he?
Steve (PS09G) [1070] Oh I should think so, yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1071] Do you want anything else to drink or are you alright for a bit?
Steve (PS09G) [1072] No thank you I'm fine. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1073] Thought I'd leave that little erm portable running ... this afternoon.
Steve (PS09G) [1074] Yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1075] Nice little tube in that one innit? ... [...] always good aren't they, as a rule?
Steve (PS09G) [1076] Yep.
[1077] [...] last night ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1078] And those last three portables, he talked me into those going out the door.
[1079] Jim that was.
[1080] ... It won't happen again.
Steve (PS09G) [1081] [laughing] No [] .
[1082] I don't know though, I don't think they're quite as busy as er they profess to be.
Frank (PS09E) [1083] No ... not after that conversation yesterday. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1084] Get a few more like Rex and we've cracked it.
Steve (PS09G) [1085] Yes.
[1086] Well we've got Terry [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1087] And Terry, yes.
Steve (PS09G) [1088] he's waiting to come up for another load.
Frank (PS09E) [1089] Yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1090] There's a, one of them little ... it's probably meant to be that colour, one of them little clay coloured things has got a black end on it there but er ...
Frank (PS09E) [1091] Oh yeah that's just erm
Steve (PS09G) [1092] A marker is it?
Frank (PS09E) [1093] a marker, yeah.
[1094] ... You, you've left a message for Derek didn't you about his erm ... telly?
Steve (PS09G) [1095] Oh yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1096] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1097] He phoned me last night at home and I said you got your message then?
[1098] No ... well I'm sure his machine ain't working, it's knackered. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1099] This little erm ... Sanyo I've got on the bench in here, I think we'll just keep that for spares then. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1100] Right.
[1101] [...] that, it's funny innit?
[1102] ... Oh ...
Frank (PS09E) [1103] Yeah, have a think about that one. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1104] Two little switches ...
Steve (PS09G) [1105] That one the tuner just keeps hunting so maybe the aerial cable's not connected to the ... tuner, we had one of them before didn't we, where they?
Frank (PS09E) [1106] Yeah yeah ... I'll just box this Sanyo up [...] out that way.
Steve (PS09G) [1107] I'll box this one up again and er ... [...] tuner.
[1108] ... You didn't happen to see this new series last night [...] Mulberry did you?
Frank (PS09E) [1109] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1110] Weren't it good?
Frank (PS09E) [1111] I quite enjoyed that.
Steve (PS09G) [1112] I thought it was bloody excellent.
[1113] Really [...] ... out of the ordinary.
Frank (PS09E) [1114] Lyn wanted to see it but she slept right through that.
Steve (PS09G) [1115] [laughing] Oh [] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1116] She said what time's Mulberry coming in, said oh it's just finished. ...

10 (Tape 040803)

Frank (PS09E) [1117] Well that's the trouble on that one, alright?
Steve (PS09G) [1118] Oh ... and you thought that the other one fitted did it?
[1119] The other [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1120] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1121] Oh.
Frank (PS09E) [1122] Yeah it's this little panel.
Steve (PS09G) [1123] So we can put that in the duff one and [...] anyway then can't we?
Frank (PS09E) [1124] That's right.
[1125] It's on that one erm ... it's off a text one actually I took this one off but er
Steve (PS09G) [1126] Well that's alright.
[1127] If we just get fifty or sixty back for the [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1128] That's right.
Steve (PS09G) [1129] we do fifty will tempt them, we'll lose a tenner but
Frank (PS09E) [1130] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1131] we'll get fifty to spend again, that's the important thing.
Frank (PS09E) [1132] Yeah, true.

11 (Tape 040804)

Frank (PS09E) [1133] Well they seem quite tempted.
Steve (PS09G) [1134] I can't remember what their names were, did you get their names again?
Frank (PS09E) [1135] No I didn't.
[1136] I know it was Princetown T V but
Steve (PS09G) [1137] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1138] Probably serve the prison I should think.
[1139] ... Well I must remember to memorize this this time.
[1140] ... Lovely tube on this innit?
Steve (PS09G) [1141] They're pretty good sets aren't they?
[1142] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1143] I should think it must be that one there or ... [snooker on the telly] James Wattana ...
Steve (PS09G) [1144] Fancy living here in preference to [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1145] Yeah!
[1146] He must be doing very well over here.
[1147] Very delicate.
[1148] ... Don't suppose he's [...] in his part time.
Steve (PS09G) [1149] No. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1150] Cor he is good, there's no doubt about that, look at that, right between the two.
[1151] Whoops
Steve (PS09G) [1152] Ooh!
Frank (PS09E) [1153] oh dear.
[1154] ... Cor [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1155] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1156] Excellent.
[1157] ... I know Jackie said well you shouldn't, you should try the Toshibas they're as good as gold those are. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1158] Telling the truth there. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1159] It's er Hitachis are the ones he didn't er rate at all.
Steve (PS09G) [1160] Oh yeah?
[1161] [...] Hitachi as well I think.
[1162] That's a duffer innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1163] [laughing] Yeah []
Steve (PS09G) [1164] Still if we move them on ... fifty five quid I reckon [...] nice set that'll tempt somebody.
Frank (PS09E) [1165] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1166] Or we could buy another one [...] then don't we?
Frank (PS09E) [1167] Yeah.
[1168] ... Right ... Oh that's right, that's what I ordered off Eddy today, two S D seventeen ten.
Steve (PS09G) [1169] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1170] That one.
Steve (PS09G) [1171] Quite a good set.
Frank (PS09E) [1172] Mm.
[1173] ... No I think I can probably make t one out of two of those.
Steve (PS09G) [1174] Well we'll get three of them, that price.
Frank (PS09E) [1175] Getting these done aren't we, gradually?
Steve (PS09G) [1176] Yeah [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1177] The non-working stuff.
Steve (PS09G) [1178] it helps dunnit?
Frank (PS09E) [1179] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1180] I mean some of these you ain't even looked at, the Panasonic and things like that, it might be
Frank (PS09E) [1181] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1182] something simple.
Frank (PS09E) [1183] it's a bit long in the tooth that one.
[1184] Still it's worth a look probably.
Steve (PS09G) [1185] It's thirty quid innit, to somebody like Jack ?
Frank (PS09E) [1186] Yeah.
[1187] Looked at the Sony ... that needs erm ... [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1188] Er a tuning fault or something innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1189] Yeah it's just got erm ... blank [...] in it.
[1190] ... That's another Hitachi isn't it down there the same as we've got over there? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1191] Oh yeah.
[1192] ... F S T Tosh there as well.
[1193] Shouldn't be too serious should it?
Frank (PS09E) [1194] We haven't looked at that have we, that one?
[1195] I'm not sure.
Steve (PS09G) [1196] Don't know. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1197] Or is that the one that has got the burnt out bits in it? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1198] But I can clear these out for ninety quid apiece I think I'd move them just to get rid of them don't you?
Frank (PS09E) [1199] Yeah.
[1200] Yeah.
[1201] ... He lives in Bradford, my goodness what a choice.
[1202] ... James Wattana
Steve (PS09G) [1203] In Bradford now is he?
Frank (PS09E) [1204] Yeah.
[1205] ... Must like the food up there I should think.
[1206] ... Ah that was a brave shot.
Steve (PS09G) [1207] Well [...] ... they don't have a ... test signal then. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1208] Mm.
[1209] Seems to have a bit of a [...]
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1210] Tried a tape in it?
Steve (PS09G) [1211] No. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1212] Just for a joke.
Steve (PS09G) [1213] Just sending out a pulse on them ... [...] stopped there.
Frank (PS09E) [1214] You can always [...] the tape ... [...] ... It's actually running.
[1215] ... That mains lead in front of you ... wants plugging in.
Steve (PS09G) [1216] Ah.
[1217] ... Ah right.
[1218] Stop, stop, stop
Frank (PS09E) [1219] Mm.
[1220] ... I really should er phone Breezy up and call his bluff and find out ...
Steve (PS09G) [1221] Which of these is [...] tuner?
Frank (PS09E) [1222] That's it.
[1223] ... Yeah you run the tape don't you to tune these in.
[1224] Run it without a tape I think it is to get the test signal.
[1225] Still
Steve (PS09G) [1226] Oh is it?
Frank (PS09E) [1227] you'll find it that way anyway won't you? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1228] Should go all the way up and then back down shouldn't it? [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1229] Yeah they do no they do go round.
[1230] ... Pretty sure they do anyway, [...] ... Blinking slow innit that direction?
[1231] Or is it blinks fast in the other direction?
Steve (PS09G) [1232] Oh I see.
[1233] Ah.
Frank (PS09E) [1234] One of them is a fast tune.
[1235] That's it, that's fast tune. ...

12 (Tape 040805)

Frank (PS09E) [1236] isn't it?
[1237] Unless that plate comes off mm ... somebody's hit that with a soldering iron at some stage.
[1238] ... Mm
Steve (PS09G) [1239] [...] I mean there's no [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1240] Yeah, I know you can feel those there, they're just more or less flush with the heads.
[1241] ... Perhaps [...] we could try another one and see er
Steve (PS09G) [1242] Are all heads the same [...]
Frank (PS09E) [cough]
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1243] Well it's the later type innit, that one?
Steve (PS09G) [1244] It's just that a lot of the heads have worn they
Frank (PS09E) [1245] Mm
Steve (PS09G) [1246] don't look to bad.
Frank (PS09E) [1247] Oh that's quite a tidy looking one as well innit? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1248] Yeah [...] worth switching on anyway, quite a few of them have got these er carriages in?
Frank (PS09E) [1249] No well they're not sure if that's the whole carriage but ...
Steve (PS09G) [1250] Quite a few have got them in.
Frank (PS09E) [1251] See what they look like on this one.
[1252] ... Oh it's a different ki different, totally different innit that one?
[1253] It's got nothing underneath that one has it?
[1254] ... If that bit can, you know, that's fixed ... there's nothing for the ... unless the tape just slides and sits
Steve (PS09G) [1255] On the plastic.
Frank (PS09E) [1256] on the plastic.
[1257] Probably it does. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1258] Plug it in and find out shall I?
Frank (PS09E) [1259] Yeah.
[1260] ... [laugh] Looks quite tiny that one doesn't it?
[1261] We might've been, might be pleasantly surprised with these.
Steve (PS09G) [1262] [laughing] Yeah [] ... [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1263] Right ah ... I'm gonna have a delve and see if I can find a similar model.
[1264] ... There's one at the bottom there.

13 (Tape 040806)

Steve (PS09G) [1265] Bloody hell!
Frank (PS09E) [1266] Rattling around.
[1267] ... Oh this has got [...] as well.
[1268] Head's gone on it anyway,he you know I looked at them closely, there's nothing there at all.
[1269] It's the same type as this type.
Steve (PS09G) [1270] Yeah.
[1271] ... Well if the other one's just head and the [...] it's not too bad. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1272] Let's have a look, it's a Phillips ... six four six two.

14 (Tape 040901)

Jonny (PS09M) [1273] Come on dad!
Frank (PS09E) [1274] I'll get you!
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [1275] Eh!
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh] [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1276] Don't ... no
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1277] Well ... have it [...] ... Have a break, have a Kit-Kat [...] [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1278] I don't feel I I don't feel I need any [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1279] [...] doesn't it really?
Lyn (PS09F) [1280] [singing] [...] twinges taking off the hinges []
Jonny (PS09M) [1281] [shouting] No []
Frank (PS09E) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1282] [...] then.
[1283] Hold the cup darling cos
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1284] Down a bit!
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1285] Put it down a bit!
[1286] ... Stick it in your ear in a minute won't I?
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1287] Stop shaking
Frank (PS09E) [1288] [...] aren't we at the moment?
Lyn (PS09F) [1289] Pardon?
Frank (PS09E) [1290] We're lacking some tools in ... at home.
[1291] I must have them
Lyn (PS09F) [1292] What do you mean?
Frank (PS09E) [1293] at work I suppose.
Lyn (PS09F) [1294] You have never looked in the garage ... there's a load down the steps.
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1295] You dump it in there [...] and then you suddenly expect me to know where it all is and I don't. ... [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1296] Ah! [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1297] It's wicked innit?
[1298] Whee!
[1299] My little [...] , can you hold that a minute?
Jonny (PS09M) [1300] Okay. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1301] Jonny there's a glove in there you can have look, there's a new one in there.
Jonny (PS09M) [1302] New?
Lyn (PS09F) [1303] Yeah it's brand new
Jonny (PS09M) [1304] Brand new what?
Lyn (PS09F) [1305] A glove, a golfing glove, it's brand new
Jonny (PS09M) [1306] [laugh] ... What inside?
Lyn (PS09F) [1307] [...] [laugh] Yeah you can put your hand in it.
[1308] It's just an ordinary little glove
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1309] but it's for playing golf in.
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Jonny (PS09M) [1310] Dad, look at the golfing glove. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1311] It's nice innit?
Jonny (PS09M) [1312] Mm. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1313] [...] just take that down [...] glass bowl was there and that tea pot underneath.
Frank (PS09E) [1314] I was only taking the [...] out.
Lyn (PS09F) [1315] Yeah ... but you would, I know you, you just start doing it [laugh] [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1316] Dad, try this on and see if it fits.
[1317] Daddy try
Lyn (PS09F) [1318] He's pinching your cake while you're looking [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1319] Mm mm
Jonny (PS09M) [1320] Oh oh no it's mine. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1321] [...] [singing] [...] twinges take it off the hinges ... we was getting nowhere [] What shall we ...
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1322] Can I try this glove on?
[1323] [...] ... Oh it's just right for me.
Jonny (PS09M) [1324] Then you can play golf
Lyn (PS09F) [1325] Do you like that?
Jonny (PS09M) [1326] with it on.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1327] Oh you can play golf with it.
Lyn (PS09F) [1328] Come on have a bit of your [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1329] [...] no thank you.
Lyn (PS09F) [1330] Don't you fancy it?
Jonny (PS09M) [1331] No I'm not ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1332] Oh.
[1333] ... You can turn it inside out.
Jonny (PS09M) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1334] Oh Jonathan don't [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1335] Sorry.
Lyn (PS09F) [1336] that's not very kind is it?
[1337] Oh dearie me.
Jonny (PS09M) [1338] Having a drink out the bottom.
Lyn (PS09F) [1339] No, look you've got juice on the table and that's enough.
[1340] Finish that cake if you want it.
Jonny (PS09M) [1341] I don't want to.
Lyn (PS09F) [1342] [...] stop mucking about.
[1343] Erm ... all you need to do [...] .
[1344] Jon!
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1345] Enough.
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1346] Let's see what's on this [...] cos one day [...] knock this cupboard [...] aren't I? ... [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1347] Yeah. ... [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1348] Now that's the sharp blades there that belong to that knife thing so watch it.
Jonny (PS09M) [1349] I'll be very careful.
[1350] I'll see if it still fits in
Lyn (PS09F) [1351] Go on then.
Jonny (PS09M) [1352] with, only with the bag getting on.
Lyn (PS09F) [1353] Yes, if you keep the bag on you'll be alright cos it won't catch you.
Jonny (PS09M) [1354] Yeah.
[1355] Let's see if it still fits.
[1356] ... Ooh it still fits.
[1357] ... Look at this! ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1358] Mm.
[1359] You should be able to press the ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1360] That?
Lyn (PS09F) [1361] That's it and then it should slide in there [...] . [...] ... [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1362] I do like this
Lyn (PS09F) [1363] Mm
Jonny (PS09M) [1364] when it's got that on.
[1365] ... Look at the blades!
[1366] ... Even look at them when we're allowed.
Lyn (PS09F) [1367] Mm.
Jonny (PS09M) [1368] I won't, I won't I promise, I won't switch it on ... cos when it's switched on it's dangerous.
Lyn (PS09F) [1369] You can cut yourself even when it's not cos this is so sharp.
Jonny (PS09M) [1370] You've gotta be very careful.
Lyn (PS09F) [1371] Yeah, put the cover back on just in case, cos you can cut yourself, it's never been used much and it's really like new sharp.
[1372] ... [...] sharp [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1373] Mm ever so! ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1374] Now I see what you mean.
[1375] You can even move it up and down when it's ... when it isn't s ... you can really even move it up and down look.
Lyn (PS09F) [1376] Yeah.
[1377] Oh this is [...] , oh that's useful.
Jonny (PS09M) [1378] It's [...] ?
Lyn (PS09F) [1379] Mm.
Jonny (PS09M) [1380] You don't know that did you?
Lyn (PS09F) [1381] No I didn't.
Jonny (PS09M) [1382] I did.
Lyn (PS09F) [1383] Well ... [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1384] I [...] the end. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...] ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1385] Tomorrow's an ordinary day for you Frank isn't it?
Frank (PS09E) [1386] Yes.
Lyn (PS09F) [1387] Steve is on his half day.
Frank (PS09E) [1388] Yeah. ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1389] I think he'll probably only take a half won't he?
[1390] I think he's dead keen to [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1391] He's taking ... half day tomorrow and all day Friday.
Lyn (PS09F) [1392] Mm. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1393] So I've got two full days [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1394] So I've got to ring Phil and see what time he's going to pick up the freezer in the morning?
Frank (PS09E) [1395] Yeah. [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1396] Mm?
Frank (PS09E) [1397] Or afternoon as the case may be.
Lyn (PS09F) [1398] Dunno, some mutterings about Wednesday morning.
Frank (PS09E) [1399] Oh is it? [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1400] So we still promised we'd see nanny and we haven't, and we still promised to go to aunty's and we haven't.
Jonny (PS09M) [1401] [...] in the way [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1402] Half term week goes so fast ... so of all the things we were gonna do this week.
[1403] ... really we might as well of gone away cos [laughing] [...] anyway [] [laugh] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1404] See if it had been nice this Saturday we could've gone and got the [...] ... wheel back on the caravan but
Lyn (PS09F) [1405] Yeah [...] wasn't it? [...]
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1406] Mum you'll [...] the cupboards out.
Lyn (PS09F) [1407] Yeah but then you had to have lunch, and I think it was three o'clock, and then we had to do [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1408] No it wasn't!
[1409] You don't half exaggerate sometimes to suit yourself.
Lyn (PS09F) [1410] I am not exaggerating!
[1411] What time did I take the dogs out? ...
Frank (PS09E) [1412] Half past two I think.
Jonny (PS09M) [1413] Look mum, don't look now.
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1414] I'll get it dad.
Frank (PS09E) [1415] Good boy.
Jonny (PS09M) [1416] I got this
Frank (PS09E) [1417] [...] actually. [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1418] The whole cupboard's [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1419] Apart from the side it's only hardwood at the sides. ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1420] I'm ready when you want [...] ... I'm going to [...] this time daddy.
[1421] ... I'm ready ... This is ready for daddy to give it to
Lyn (PS09F) [1422] [singing] [...] twinges taking off the hinges and we was getting nowhere []
Jonny (PS09M) [1423] Anyway you're not really [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [1424] [singing] [...] had a cup of tea [] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1425] But this is a very hard screw isn't it dad?
[1426] ... Dad look at that screw! ...
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1427] Yeah.
[1428] [...] ... I will
Lyn (PS09F) [1429] [...] [...] stand back on the stool by daddy. ... [...] ... [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1430] [...] daddy I got them, where do you want me to be.
Frank (PS09E) [1431] Alright.
Jonny (PS09M) [1432] Look how far I am [...] your side.
Frank (PS09E) [1433] [...] oh it's hard going this really is.
[1434] There's nothing holding her I just haven't got the screwdriver with the right shape tip on it, you know?
Lyn (PS09F) [1435] Oh.
[1436] Well ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1437] It's a really thin screwdriver I should have really.
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ... [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1438] Wherever you want the screws to be daddy [...] the little pot.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1439] Dad put the screws in the pot.
[1440] ... With the lid [...] ...

15 (Tape 040902)

Jonny (PS09M) [1441] Dad, how did you catch the shelf ... when er it was just about to fall?
Frank (PS09E) [1442] [...] shelf ...

16 (Tape 040903)

Jonny (PS09M) [1443] Yeah, I just bashed it out dad.
[1444] I'm bashing that bit out.
[1445] ... Whoops!
[1446] Sorry, I shouldn't do it the other side cos it wobbled.
[1447] Pretty well look dad.
Frank (PS09E) [1448] Yeah. ... [...] ... [banging]
Jonny (PS09M) [1449] Cor!
[1450] Daddy hold on to my back
Frank (PS09E) [1451] Yeah
Jonny (PS09M) [1452] cos I sure might fall.
[1453] [banging] ... Oops, and I [...] ... [banging] Big noise isn't it?
[1454] ... Dad I want to screw it.
Frank (PS09E) [1455] Yeah, I've just gotta get this bottom one out.
[1456] Can you give it a tap underneath there?
Jonny (PS09M) [1457] Oh yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1458] That piece.
Jonny (PS09M) [...] ... [banging]
Frank (PS09E) [1459] That's it [...] ... tap it up about here a minute.
[1460] See this piece goes up?
Jonny (PS09M) [1461] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1462] [...] ... [banging] Right, and give it a bash that way now.
Jonny (PS09M) [1463] But the screw on the top ... cos I can only screw [...]
Frank (PS09E) [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1464] Mum, look what I had to do.
Lyn (PS09F) [1465] Oh [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [...] ... [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1466] Mm
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ... [banging]
Jonny (PS09M) [1467] I'm just seeing if I can get these two shelves out.
Lyn (PS09F) [1468] Well you give it a good bash then. ... [banging]
Jonny (PS09M) [1469] Look I'm turning it that way.
Lyn (PS09F) [1470] That would be [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1471] Yeah [...] ... [banging]
Lyn (PS09F) [1472] [...] the ceiling ...
Frank (PS09E) [1473] I don't think it's fixed to the ceiling actually that, I think it's just purely a ... a framework bol
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1474] nailed to the wall [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1475] It's only a piece of wood that's ... do you know what that is?
[1476] ... That's only ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1477] So you could take the framework off the front
Frank (PS09E) [1478] Yeah I think that's just
Lyn (PS09F) [1479] which leaves the superstructure on [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1480] Yeah ... Screwdriver's [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1481] Now that must be wobbly.
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1482] That won't come off.
[1483] Well these shelves won't come off.
Group of unknown speakers (KC1PSUGP) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1484] Should happen [...] ... now it's got bended.
Frank (PS09E) [1485] Well [...] ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1486] Mum do you like the sound?
Lyn (PS09F) [1487] [laughing] No []
Jonny (PS09M) [1488] Then ... cover up the ears.
[1489] ... [...] it's okay now.
Frank (PS09E) [1490] It always amazes me [...] build things like that [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1491] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [1492] So how does that come off the wall, the wooden [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1493] It's held on [...] , it's gonna take some doing actually.
Lyn (PS09F) [1494] What the wooden part?
Frank (PS09E) [1495] Those slats, this back piece
Lyn (PS09F) [1496] Yeah
Frank (PS09E) [1497] are nailed to the wall [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1498] Yeah and that's only wall
Lyn (PS09F) [1499] Well, well I was just maybe wondering whether you might use a part of that to support the new cabinet [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1500] Do you know that's only wall ... that bit is only wall.
Frank (PS09E) [1501] Ten to one it won't match.
Lyn (PS09F) [1502] too terrible to get off.
Jonny (PS09M) [1503] Listen listen please
Frank (PS09E) [1504] Oh it's, you know [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1505] That's only wall
Lyn (PS09F) [1506] [...] Only wall?
Jonny (PS09M) [1507] Yeah, it's only [...] ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1508] Right [...] do for that cos [...] might [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1509] I don't whether, I'm trying to think if he goes
Lyn (PS09F) [1510] I don't know, I can't keep up with him but I expect [...] ... I think [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [1511] Don't fall, you're hardly on the stool Jon.
[1512] Erm ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1513] Ah!
Lyn (PS09F) [1514] When they done those windows down the bottom there it sounded though they were in ... right next door.
Frank (PS09E) [1515] Mm.
Jonny (PS09M) [1516] But you look there ... that's wall ...
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1517] those bits should come out.
Frank (PS09E) [1518] Oh don't knock this though cos [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1519] Why?
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1520] Because look ...
Lyn (PS09F) [1521] [...] ... [...] if it's [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1522] Those are very useful.
Lyn (PS09F) [1523] Do you realize that?
[1524] You can have [...] , you can take them [...]
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1525] Yes ... but the thing is what I would really like ... is get two there ... then waddle it in ... one there ... and then
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1526] waddle it in on there.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [1527] No I want them like that.
[1528] ... Dad could you nail them like [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1529] No I haven't got any nails have I? ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1530] Why? ...
Frank (PS09E) [1531] [...] say why I just haven't got any. ...
Jonny (PS09M) [1532] Well I just want them there ... now I'm going to hammer them.

17 (Tape 040904)

Frank (PS09E) [1533] So I suppose you want a coffee my dear man?
Brian (PS09N) [1534] Well I wouldn't say no, is that, that's reconditioned of course?
Frank (PS09E) [1535] Well
Steve (PS09G) [1536] They don't need to be reconditioned they're only about two or three year old aren't they, you know, [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1537] And how much [...] ?
Steve (PS09G) [1538] One ten plus the VAT [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1539] One ten plus VAT!
Steve (PS09G) [1540] For the trade, they'll probably [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1541] [...] cheap innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1542] Oh it is cheap
Brian (PS09N) [1543] Innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1544] Mm. ...

18 (Tape 040905)

Frank (PS09E) [1545] What is it you're after actually?
Brian (PS09N) [1546] [...] Rebecca.
[1547] Well she's lost her C D, she's lost her ... twin deck tape, she's lost the works, all been pinched.
Frank (PS09E) [1548] Yeah.
[1549] Don't forget that one's sold
Brian (PS09N) [1550] Camera
Frank (PS09E) [1551] Steve, that midi-system.
Steve (PS09G) [1552] Is it sold?
Frank (PS09E) [1553] Yeah
Brian (PS09N) [1554] That's sold is it?
Steve (PS09G) [1555] And it's definitely a good buyer is it?
Frank (PS09E) [1556] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1557] Oh. ...
Brian (PS09N) [1558] Oh well.
Frank (PS09E) [1559] Coming in tomorrow er ... Friday, yeah tomorrow.
Steve (PS09G) [1560] Oh right.
Brian (PS09N) [1561] Well she'll have to wait till Easter that's all, and when she comes back at Easter time
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1562] Well you'll have some more in by, by Easter won't you?
Frank (PS09E) [1563] By Easter we should sort someth
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1564] yeah we'll have the Samsungs in won't we, by then?
Steve (PS09G) [1565] Yeah, yeah.
[1566] Yeah they're er
Brian (PS09N) [1567] Alright.
Frank (PS09E) [1568] Actually we've got there, two there we've got to check through
Brian (PS09N) [1569] Eh?
Frank (PS09E) [1570] We've got two actually in stock ... to [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1571] You've got two to be checked over?
Frank (PS09E) [1572] Yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1573] Bloody [...] innit?
Brian (PS09N) [1574] Good picture innit?
[1575] ... It is a good picture.
[1576] Well I've got to be back [...] by ... ten to eleven, we've got a bit of a battle going on with SWET
Frank (PS09E) [1577] [laughing] Have you [] ?
Brian (PS09N) [1578] Yeah because they, they're ... y you know the Copper Dollar?
Frank (PS09E) [1579] Mm.
Brian (PS09N) [1580] Well they're taking all the power lines down in the village, or down through that part of the village which, fair enough, gets rid of the eyesore ... but they're gonna put now a bloody big transformer,abou thing about seven, eight foot bloody tall in, in the field ... right on the Copper Dollar
Frank (PS09E) [1581] Right.
Brian (PS09N) [1582] and originally they were gonna er mount it on the wall up against his lawn area where
Frank (PS09E) [1583] Mm
Brian (PS09N) [1584] people and all sit out erm ... the landlord turned round and said no way hos, I'm not having it there sort of thing.
[1585] Of course then they change their attitude SWET said well alright we'll put it right down there in the corner.
[1586] Now right down in the corner, bearing in mind my parents' garden shall we say is there and the field height is there
Frank (PS09E) [1587] Mm
Brian (PS09N) [1588] so the thing's gonna tower above their blooming
Frank (PS09E) [1589] Yeah
Brian (PS09N) [1590] wall for a start, plus the hum ... you get from these bloody things, in other words basically, as my parents spend a lot of time up in their top garden in the summer time, in the sunshine and all, you get the continual hum from that bloody
Frank (PS09E) [1591] Yeah.
Brian (PS09N) [1592] thing ... and I had a blazing row with them on the telephone
Frank (PS09E) [1593] And there's enough hums in the countryside without that. [laugh]
Brian (PS09N) [1594] Well and er yeah, exactly.
Steve (PS09G) [1595] Look at this Frank ... see these are fast text [...] it's got the memory on it, it's er [...] one 0 eight, one 0 seven
Frank (PS09E) [1596] Oh I see.
[1597] Memory text.
Steve (PS09G) [1598] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1599] Well that's alright, yeah but
Steve (PS09G) [1600] [...] a lot but it's ... a little faster in that respect [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1601] Yeah.
[1602] ... Yeah because my erm ... mark four had that, memory pages, it didn't have fast text as such. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1603] [...] T X L rotate, I don't know what that is. ... [...] what the number is.
Frank (PS09E) [1604] Yeah mine's got this on it, my er video one. ...
Brian (PS09N) [1605] Nice little set innit?
Steve (PS09G) [1606] Yeah [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1607] You pick you pick out a code of numbers with this one
Brian (PS09N) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1608] Oh I see
Frank (PS09E) [1609] and then it'll memorize the next three or four pages from that one.
Steve (PS09G) [1610] Oh so it is a fast text then?
Frank (PS09E) [1611] It is, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1612] So this is the right hand set for it then.
[1613] Didn't do it with the others, this has got a [...] and a
Frank (PS09E) [1614] Ah right.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1615] Yeah that's what has gone on mine er you move along to wh with the cursor
Steve (PS09G) [1616] Yeah
Frank (PS09E) [1617] hit that and then you can have that number and the next four or five pages.
Steve (PS09G) [1618] Does it rotate along there then?
[1619] Erm ... browse, what's browse? ... [...] for this
Brian (PS09N) [1620] Well you don't need a [...] here do you?
Frank (PS09E) [1621] We've got one. ...
Brian (PS09N) [1622] Oh you've got one haven't you?
[1623] Yes.
Steve (PS09G) [1624] [...] yeah.
Brian (PS09N) [1625] Did you put that up yourself or was it here when you come here?
Frank (PS09E) [1626] No we had it put up.
Brian (PS09N) [1627] You had it put up?
Steve (PS09G) [1628] But er ... we did it as a deal with a ... a bloke wanted a telly [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1629] Ah well fair enough.
[1630] ... Cos we're doing a s we're doing a system now for two hundred and ninety
Frank (PS09E) [1631] With two sugars?
Brian (PS09N) [1632] Yes please, two hundred and ninety quid fitted.
Steve (PS09G) [1633] That's very good.
Brian (PS09N) [1634] Good price innit?
Steve (PS09G) [1635] Very good, yeah.
[1636] Yeah.
Brian (PS09N) [1637] Yeah, two ninety five all fitted.
Steve (PS09G) [1638] Er [...] so it's er [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1639] Oh well
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Brian (PS09N) [1640] No, fair enough.
[1641] ... Thatta boy ... thatta a boy.
[1642] ... Yeah Becca had one of those pinched too.
[1643] Very similar to that one down there, very similar.
[1644] Yeah [...] Liverpool you see, bloody kids ... twelve to fourteen years of age [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1645] They've caught them have they?
Brian (PS09N) [1646] Only two little kids who was up in, well keeping watch on the outside, there were two in the house and two at the back, driving a bloody car at that age
Frank (PS09E) [1647] My goodness
Brian (PS09N) [1648] Yeah!
[1649] She said it's appalling, she said, in Liverpool.
[1650] We don't what it's all about
Frank (PS09E) [1651] No.
Brian (PS09N) [1652] [...] , we don't know what it's a
Frank (PS09E) [1653] No.
Brian (PS09N) [1654] every bloody house, every house, I'll tell you here and now, has got ... fire, er burglar alarms fitted, every bloody house
Frank (PS09E) [1655] Yeah.
Brian (PS09N) [1656] down all these Coronation Street type houses, and erm ... one of her friends was on the telephone the other night and er this chap draws up in the car and she says I, I won't be a minute, [...] and he comes straight out of his car, he said I'll give you one minute he said, I'll drive my car and come back down that ro up ... back to the telephone box ... and he said if you ain't gone by then he said I'll smash your fucking face in, that's exactly what he said to her.
Frank (PS09E) [1657] Cor!
Brian (PS09N) [1658] Yeah!
[1659] Yeah Rebecca saw some chap going around, course Becca was mugged, I probably told you she was mugged in er Liverpool.
Frank (PS09E) [1660] No you didn't.
Brian (PS09N) [1661] Yeah she was mugged ... er ooh about six months ago ... and erm ... and she said she saw a chap walking around a fortnight ago with a gun in his bloody hand.
Frank (PS09E) [1662] Cor!
Brian (PS09N) [1663] Yeah!
[1664] And she said erm where they have their big discos in the universities er you know, about two thousand five hundred of them come round of course they've got fire alarm systems [...] there, then she said you get the underground so called Mafia, whatever you like to call them she said, they are chaps she said in their thirties, and forties, arrive in shiny big white and red Porsches this that and the other and deliberately, cos they're club owners
Frank (PS09E) [1665] Mm
Brian (PS09N) [1666] or paid by the club owners, deliberately smash the break glass course everyone's gotta get out, the fire brigade all come in
Frank (PS09E) [1667] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS09N) [1668] the, the police all come in and of course the kids are not gonna hang around
Frank (PS09E) [1669] No
Brian (PS09N) [1670] they want their evening entertainment, then they go off down, then on down to the clubs.
[1671] She said it's horrendous up through Liverpool.
Steve (PS09G) [1672] You've got a button here, choice of fast or normal text, when you press the fast all the colours come on the bottom.
Frank (PS09E) [1673] [laughing] Oh my goodness [] .
Steve (PS09G) [1674] It's a different hand set again this one.
Frank (PS09E) [1675] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1676] Brings it up [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1677] Well I'm blessed. ...
Brian (PS09N) [1678] Does anyone want a cigarette?
Steve (PS09G) [1679] Not for me thank you.
Brian (PS09N) [1680] Do you want one Frank?
Frank (PS09E) [1681] Okay. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1682] There you are look [...] the fast the r the [...] number changes to yellow and the colours come at the bottom when you [...] normal
Frank (PS09E) [1683] Marvellous
Steve (PS09G) [1684] they disappear and it goes to white.
[1685] ... And do that when it gets to one two four again ...
Frank (PS09E) [1686] Mm
Steve (PS09G) [1687] the colours come up on the bottom again.
Frank (PS09E) [1688] That's interesting, I didn't kn didn't think you could cancel it off the screen, I thought it was there always.
Steve (PS09G) [1689] Ah!
[1690] So that's the right hand set for that one.

19 (Tape 040906)

Frank (PS09E) [1691] So how'd you get on?
Steve (PS09G) [1692] He, he can't because th these are a bloody expensive one
Frank (PS09E) [1693] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1694] and these aren't so expensive, but I mean these we know are fifteen so these have gotta be twenty five, twenty six quid
Frank (PS09E) [1695] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1696] so he said it's across the board [...] put four thousand quid's worth off him the other day and I only give fifty pence off he said so I can't do much for you.
Frank (PS09E) [1697] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1698] So he gets it at four quid but [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1699] Yes.
[1700] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1701] Or if we take this whole lot up to Malcolm, say that you know these are six quid across the board you know?
Frank (PS09E) [1702] Yeah yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1703] Well we could sell them to him well we we'll end up with one [...] hand sets for [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1704] That's right yeah. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1705] Cos it's super, he was selling that for eight or nine quid [...] you know.
Frank (PS09E) [1706] Cor yes!
[1707] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1708] It might be worth giving him a bell to let him know what's happening cos
Frank (PS09E) [1709] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1710] [...] ... Brand new Toshiba hand sets, give him the model number.
Frank (PS09E) [1711] The only problem is you see I'd like to try and get more Toshibas off him.
[1712] He might sell a lot more if he had the hand units.
Steve (PS09G) [1713] That's true.
Frank (PS09E) [1714] We might be
Steve (PS09G) [1715] Toshibas do sell well don't they?
[1716] ... We could do him a deal couldn't we with all, all Toshiba [...] I'd say how much [...] Toshibas.
Frank (PS09E) [1717] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1718] Probably get the black stripe [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1719] [...] [laughing] Yeah [...] [] ...
Steve (PS09G) [1720] Well those two are ... the ones that [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1721] [...] is it?
Steve (PS09G) [1722] Yes.
[1723] It's, he's got some erm ... oh what did he have there?
[1724] ... Forgotten what he said now ... something else was cheap.
[1725] He's got the little loop aerials at the back of portables, you know the
Frank (PS09E) [1726] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1727] [...] for twenty five pence each [...] ... He can do the er, if they've got any three thousand chassis ... [...] for us if we want any.
Frank (PS09E) [1728] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1729] If you come across it.
[1730] ... Oh the Toshiba, the Toshiba [...] transformers, that's what he's got a ... good range of and he's written down
Frank (PS09E) [1731] Has he?
Steve (PS09G) [1732] the model numbers here as well.
Frank (PS09E) [1733] Oh very good.
[1734] ... Is it on ... the fax coming through?
Steve (PS09G) [1735] That's [...] transformers there.
[1736] Two five five seven B [...] it is, yeah.
[1737] [...] seven B that's the erm ... [...] innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1738] Mm. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1739] What's the price of these?
Steve (PS09G) [1740] Hasn't it got a price on them?
Frank (PS09E) [1741] No. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1742] Do you want me to find out?
Frank (PS09E) [1743] No it's alright, no. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1744] Loads of speakers ... [...] but er ... The nine three eight four, which one's that?
[1745] ... Nine three eight three ... five hundred of them ... nine three seven two, he's only got ten left of them ... popular one that [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1746] Ten left after our thirty?
[1747] No
Steve (PS09G) [1748] [...] he's only got ten left in erm
Frank (PS09E) [1749] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1750] nine left now cos we've got one.
[1751] He's got two hundred and seventy six of ... them but erm
Frank (PS09E) [1752] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1753] two hundred and twenty nine then hundred and seventy five [...] but I mean ... if we could sell them [...] six quid a time well [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1754] Yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1755] but as you say we wanna get the tellies off him first don't we?
[1756] Otherwise he can just give them with the bloody tellies or trying to buy them with the tellies and the dealers have a lovely time
Frank (PS09E) [1757] Well yes.
Steve (PS09G) [1758] Well he could charge a tenner and the dealers would be happy wouldn't they?
Frank (PS09E) [1759] Oh yeah.
[1760] He would too.
Steve (PS09G) [1761] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1762] He'd charge eight anyway.
Steve (PS09G) [1763] And he said er ... these Toshiba tellies have a, a timer on ... thirty sixty ninety one twenty ...
Frank (PS09E) [1764] Oh yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1765] you set the timer and hit the buttons whenever you want it'll turn itself off off the
Frank (PS09E) [1766] Switch off yeah
Steve (PS09G) [1767] [...] ... If ever you pick it up and er you get that bleeping noise of a fax somebody's trying to send
Frank (PS09E) [1768] Mm
Steve (PS09G) [1769] if you just hit the start stop button ... and just hang on to the phone it'll ... come through
Frank (PS09E) [1770] Oh right.
Steve (PS09G) [1771] after a little while.
[1772] ... Well [...] those Toshibas go with a bit more of a swing, they were a blooming nuisance before.
[1773] I wanna try it on a [...] one to see if anything's working [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1774] Who had my monitor, Gary or ... Dave?
Steve (PS09G) [1775] Er Gary. [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1776] Did you have that Phillips hand set long ago?
Steve (PS09G) [1777] I put it back in the box again.
[1778] I'll go and get it for you.
Frank (PS09E) [1779] No it's alright I'll probably manage with it ...

20 (Tape 040907)

Frank (PS09E) [1780] Well I think that's a bit prettier. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1781] Oh that's a bit livelier innit?
[1782] ... It's more solid innit?
[1783] ... I'll get you the hand set [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1784] Mm [...] ... should [...] back.
[1785] ... Perhaps it wasn't [...] anyway. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1786] Think it goes by itself alright.
Frank (PS09E) [1787] When you get past [...] it's not too bad.
[1788] [laugh] ... That should er do it.
[1789] ... Oh that's still a bit high innit?
[1790] Got the width there. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1791] Quite good these fast text ones [...] aren't they?
Frank (PS09E) [1792] Yes excellent.
Steve (PS09G) [1793] Well you wouldn't have known [...] fast text without the right hand set would you?
Frank (PS09E) [1794] No you wouldn't.
Steve (PS09G) [1795] [...] said fast text on it.
[1796] ... Do you want your picture back so you can see [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1797] Yeah I'll put it on mix.
Steve (PS09G) [1798] Mix er ... I'm not sure what mix is on this one.
Frank (PS09E) [1799] That's it.
[1800] ... Mm typical dark screen at the top.
[1801] ... [...] I don't know, you can't tell can you?
[1802] No.
[1803] ... Let's got back to another station shall we?
[1804] ... Looks like it's alright. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1805] [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1806] Yeah, that looks alright.
[1807] ... Yeah that's alright.
Steve (PS09G) [1808] Yep.
[1809] It's a [...] innit [...] ? [...] it's just the edge of the screen innit?
[1810] Or is it?
[1811] Oh yes it's the black edge of the ... [...] reflecting on it innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1812] Yeah, that's alright.
Steve (PS09G) [1813] Yeah.
[1814] Yeah super. [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1815] Brilliant.
[1816] It's not brilliant but it's a lot better.
Steve (PS09G) [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1817] Had to laugh yesterday towards the end of er our round, it was really tipping down, misty, fog, couldn't see a hundred yards ... I had this almighty s I said well I'll let the six iron, I did this almighty swing ... the ball went one way and the club went right up the top of a tree.
[1818] It must've been fifteen foot at least up in the air ... teetering on a top branch.
Steve (PS09G) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [1819] I thought oh my god, lost me six iron, all of a sudden crash, it came down.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1820] Old Louis he didn't know which way anything had gone.
[1821] He said well I couldn't see any of that ... didn't even see the club go up the tree. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1822] [...] different hand set works the black stripe.
Frank (PS09E) [1823] Does it?
[1824] ... What one of Alistair's?
Steve (PS09G) [1825] Yeah, does it work everything though?
[1826] Doesn't work that does it?
[1827] No, it works the text ... doesn't work the ... colour [...] the on screen display, one of them, innit? ... and one of them ... and that ... er and that.
[1828] ... That one didn't work either [...] ... gonna try and ... there's no on screen display on these is there?
[1829] So [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1830] Shouldn't think s
Steve (PS09G) [1831] won't work will it?
[1832] This type.
[1833] So these are the only ones we can't put them with.
Frank (PS09E) [1834] Oh right.
Steve (PS09G) [1835] All the later ones we can ... but I've got a couple more of these ones that work this one coming anyway so ...
Frank (PS09E) [1836] But it changes channel dunnit?
[1837] And ... does it give you volume or not?
Steve (PS09G) [1838] Changes channel and does volume I think [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1839] And [...] and everything.
Steve (PS09G) [1840] Erm ... yeah that one does [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1841] So I mean it'll do everything barring ... [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1842] No that other one doesn't
Frank (PS09E) [1843] No.
Steve (PS09G) [1844] the one we got as a ... a master text one doesn't
Frank (PS09E) [1845] No.
Steve (PS09G) [1846] but one of these would.
[1847] That one would.
Frank (PS09E) [1848] Right. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1849] So if we want some of these as well well we ain't gonna get cheaper to go with these whatever happens we know that.
Frank (PS09E) [1850] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1851] [...] albeit the wrong one.
[1852] They have got manual settings on there haven't they?
Frank (PS09E) [1853] That's right, that's what I thought.
[1854] I mean it's
Steve (PS09G) [1855] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1856] you don't, how, how often do you use the brightness control on the
Steve (PS09G) [1857] Yeah yeah
Frank (PS09E) [1858] telly?
Steve (PS09G) [1859] Channel change, text ... 0 one ... four 0 one [...] oh
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1860] [...] just gives hold dunnit [...] ... yeah.
[1861] [...] don't work on that one then.
[1862] I'll try one of these others. ... [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1863] [...] well we haven't got the right one for those then. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1864] Still ...
Frank (PS09E) [1865] Don't see so many of those now erm ...
Steve (PS09G) [1866] I should think this is the same as the non-stereo one, for hand set-wise innit?
Frank (PS09E) [1867] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [1868] Try that last one.
[1869] Well it won't text will it?
[1870] No. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1871] [...] come in the bags do they, that lot?
Steve (PS09G) [1872] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1873] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [1874] Yeah [...] bags.
[1875] [...] know what they go with but
Frank (PS09E) [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1876] just give the bags.
[1877] ... Nice little [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1878] Yes. ...
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1879] Mm ...
Steve (PS09G) [1880] This one doesn't even text.
[1881] ... [...] ... No well that's alright.
[1882] We've got the two most important ones.
Frank (PS09E) [1883] I suppose there isn't a little knob on it that would just happen to work zeros? ...
Steve (PS09G) [1884] [...] er [...] ... no ... text ... well ...
Frank (PS09E) [1885] Very nice, [...]
Steve (PS09G) [1886] So we've got one two three four five six ... seven eight ... nine ... timer ... [...] You'd of thought it would erase that time on time off thing innit [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [1887] Yes.
[1888] Yeah.
[1889] [...] hit again usually.
Steve (PS09G) [1890] [...] ... Dunno.
[1891] Maybe [...] ... no ...
Frank (PS09E) [1892] I suppose it's cos it's the wrong [...] unit is it?
Steve (PS09G) [1893] Could be I suppose. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1894] [...] couldn't it?
Steve (PS09G) [1895] Yeah. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1896] Right.
[1897] ... Has Jim been in yet?
[1898] No. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1899] No. ...
Frank (PS09E) [1900] Oh [...] put that back into store now.
[1901] ... So when erm ... Robert comes in we've got one ... two ...
Steve (PS09G) [1902] There's three there I think.
Frank (PS09E) [1903] Oh yeah that grey one. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1904] Erm [...] still got [...] for Sanyos.
Frank (PS09E) [1905] Do they?
[1906] Mm that's interesting. ...
Steve (PS09G) [1907] Is that Fidelity ... have we ordered bits for that or is that er ...
Frank (PS09E) [1908] Yeah we did.
[1909] ... Well we tried to order a manual didn't we?
Steve (PS09G) [1910] Somebody wanted to buy it as a non-worker but I said well I said we'd ordered a part for it so ...
Frank (PS09E) [1911] Er now did we?
[1912] I'm trying to think.
Steve (PS09G) [1913] That's right, we ordered a ... [...] manual [...] they couldn't get [...] ...
Frank (PS09E) [1914] Oh yeah they've got one forty R on there but, I mean you look at the set and it says er ... where did I get the number?
[1915] ... Fourteen 0 four R. ...

21 (Tape 041001)

Frank (PS09E) [1916] Find out what to do about taking that band saw away I dunno.
Steve (PS09G) [1917] Yeah, I saw, I passed him this morning going down to ... the garage with some wood
Frank (PS09E) [1918] Was he?
Steve (PS09G) [1919] on his roof and all that.
Frank (PS09E) [1920] I mean there's all that wood we bought!
Steve (PS09G) [1921] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1922] It would useful!
Steve (PS09G) [...] [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1923] Be useful in here, you know.
[1924] Or e
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [1925] I wonder if he'll sell?
Steve (PS09G) [1926] No.
[1927] I have difficulty [...] some of them.
[1928] They're always, I'm taking stuff away from them.
[1929] Erm ... cos I'm a right bastard really I think!
Frank (PS09E) [1930] No, does me.
Steve (PS09G) [1931] But erm
Frank (PS09E) [1932] Hasn't got much to say to any of us.
Steve (PS09G) [1933] Find out about er ... you know, if that is going through we're gonna have to start flogging some of the stuff off to get some money back then.
Frank (PS09E) [1934] Yeah.
[1935] ... He was on his way to the garage you say?
[1936] He might bet there
Steve (PS09G) [1937] Yes.
Frank (PS09E) [1938] now mightn't he?
Steve (PS09G) [1939] Yeah.
[1940] Should be there.
Frank (PS09E) [1941] So which is Paul's number at the garage?
[1942] ... ... ... [phonecall starts] Oh, hello it's Frank here!
[1943] Is erm ... is Alan there do you know? ... [...] the little workshop, yeah.
[1944] He's not.
[1945] Who's that, Lloyd?
[1946] Oh it's Frank, you know, from the darts team.
[1947] Oh!
[1948] Alright.
[1949] Erm ... you could, yes, you could if you see him.
[1950] Yeah, he he's got my number there, yeah.
[1951] Alright.
[1952] Cheers Lloyd!
[1953] Bye [phonecall ends] !
[1954] ... I think I'll try him at home.
Steve (PS09G) [1955] Alright.
Frank (PS09E) [1956] This should be funny!
[1957] I bet bloody ... what's her name won't talk to me! innit?
[1958] ... [phonecall starts] Hello Sandy!
[1959] Ho how you doing, alright?
[1960] Is Alan about?
[1961] Ah, right.
[1962] Alright.
[1963] Can do or I'll ring him later on.
[1964] Whatever!
[1965] Yeah, alright Sand.
[1966] Cheers then!
[1967] Right, bye [phonecall ends] !
[1968] ... I don't believe that at all!
Steve (PS09G) [1969] What's that?
Frank (PS09E) [1970] She said he's out and I don't know what time he'll be back!
[1971] I bet
Steve (PS09G) [1972] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [1973] she knew exactly where he would be and ... [laughing] what time he'd be back!
[1974] She, she's got him on a string ain't she [] !
Steve (PS09G) [1975] She knows
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Steve (PS09G) [1976] wherever he goes.
Frank (PS09E) [1977] That's right.
[1978] Oh!
Steve (PS09G) [1979] Oh I tell you what he could have done for us ... have a look at that master ... that matchline thing.
Frank (PS09E) [1980] Yeah, well he's he's going to look at that for us.
Steve (PS09G) [1981] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [1982] Yeah.
[1983] I think he was gonna get a circuit for it or summat.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [1984] I must get ... a little tiny erm ... filing cabinet sometime.

22 (Tape 041002)

Frank (PS09E) [1985] Well they reckon the weather's gonna be nice for tomorrow don't they?
[1986] Says
Steve (PS09G) [1987] Yeah , bright in the morning clearing off look.
[1988] So does this morning, but yesterday it was supposed to be fine all day!
Frank (PS09E) [1989] Yes!
Steve (PS09G) [1990] You know!
Frank (PS09E) [1991] We really got caught out then!
Steve (PS09G) [1992] Yeah.
[1993] Is that all your [...] there's a ... ca ... cartridge in there ... er, cost us, pick up one like you know ... er ... and there's this Japanese bloke, Pan Wang somebody [laughing] te ten a month he turns out [] !
[1994] At one thousand six hundred and fifty pounds per cartridge!
Frank (PS09E) [1995] Cor!
[1996] These my cu erm ... Alan's?
Steve (PS09G) [1997] No I bought it.
Frank (PS09E) [1998] Brave chap!
[1999] See things in there ... make your hair curl I bet!
Steve (PS09G) [2000] But, what
Frank (PS09E) [2001] Yes.
Steve (PS09G) [2002] you know, you just wouldn't, you wouldn't go to that [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2003] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [2004] I mean that is unbelievable!
Frank (PS09E) [2005] See you're detached now, you can go to any level you like!
Steve (PS09G) [2006] Well yeah.
[2007] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2008] I can't wait to get back to detached, I'll go back into some big hi-fi!
[2009] Heavy stuff!
Steve (PS09G) [2010] Can't beat like the [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2011] No.
Steve (PS09G) [2012] A pleasant sound.
[2013] It's all stripped apart at the moment!
[2014] I thought to myself then, I thought ... black spot ... rack system
Frank (PS09E) [2015] Oh yeah?
Steve (PS09G) [2016] [...] , thirty eight quid!
[2017] Er ... all the ... there's three shelves on it, twenty by ... eighteen I think they are.
[2018] Er ... the Goldring one.
Frank (PS09E) [2019] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [2020] Er, and the shelves were spiked onto the sa ... stand and, and the stand was butted to the floor.
[2021] But I think, but that was ... just too big, I don't need all that bloody
Frank (PS09E) [2022] No.
Steve (PS09G) [2023] [...] !
Frank (PS09E) [2024] No.
Steve (PS09G) [2025] Well really I got [...] ... buy something else off his stall. [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2026] Yeah!
Steve (PS09G) [2027] [...] .
[2028] I wanna try it with one of these three, twenty three hour systems, supposed to work it [...] the last
Frank (PS09E) [2029] We might well do actually.
Steve (PS09G) [2030] He's had it played, no guarantees ... for eighty five ... but that's good!
[2031] Is that with a guarantee?
[2032] I thought, I dunno ... picked up a guarantee for twenty quid.
[2033] Ooh!
[2034] That much?
[2035] Find it hard to take a chance for six months [...] ... [...] for twenty quid.
[2036] So he's gonna take it and try it, play through the [...] .
[2037] Well done!
Frank (PS09E) [2038] Oh they do try it on!
Steve (PS09G) [2039] They do!
[2040] They do!
[2041] Well you're not wrong!
[2042] [straining to lift something] Er ah er ah!
[2043] Er ah er!

23 (Tape 041003)

Frank (PS09E) [2044] You don't know what's on channel one do you, at the moment?
[2045] Off hand?
Steve (PS09G) [2046] Er, I'm not sure.
Frank (PS09E) [2047] I can't tell with these ... blooming things!
Steve (PS09G) [2048] No I dunno.
[2049] I'm just a ... all tuned in but I don't know what's on one.
Frank (PS09E) [2050] Oh!
Steve (PS09G) [2051] Er ... er
Frank (PS09E) [2052] Er, no!
Steve (PS09G) [2053] Well got ... double frequencies shouldn't you?
[2054] Oh I dunno, got it?
Frank (PS09E) [2055] No.
Steve (PS09G) [2056] No it won't will it? [...] mark is it?
Frank (PS09E) [2057] Yeah.
[2058] See I've got one, I can see, cos that frequency's funny on this [...]
Steve (PS09G) [2059] Go on to I T V, maybe that tells you on there.
[2060] When you're on the right one.
Frank (PS09E) [2061] That's I T, channel three then isn't it?
[2062] I suppose.
Steve (PS09G) [2063] Yeah.
[2064] Th ... it tells you automatically then what station you're on does it?
Frank (PS09E) [2065] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [2066] Tune on to the next one then you'll be able to tell then.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2067] I usually cre
Frank (PS09E) [2068] Mm, it's going up.
Steve (PS09G) [2069] Four one three two innit?
Frank (PS09E) [2070] Yeah.
[2071] Four one three two.
Steve (PS09G) [2072] That's four ... that's one.
Frank (PS09E) [2073] Oh I see, just carries on
Steve (PS09G) [2074] Well
Frank (PS09E) [2075] through!
[2076] ... Don't it?
[2077] Yeah.
[2078] ... [...] ... Just cha programme search innit, that was, I expect?
[2079] And nothing tune ... four
Steve (PS09G) [2080] Four for four.
Frank (PS09E) [2081] cos that might not be what ... and it's up there then, perhaps, I dunno!
[2082] ... Suppose it must be mustn't it?
[2083] I'm just wondering
Steve (PS09G) [2084] Well I go through one of these and see what's on there.
[2085] Have a look.
Frank (PS09E) [2086] Forget what programmes are what on there!
Steve (PS09G) [2087] Try these stops and [...] .
[2088] That's four then.
Frank (PS09E) [2089] Ah, that is four with the [...] .
Steve (PS09G) [2090] Oh that is the one with the
Frank (PS09E) [2091] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2092] So is one or two?
Steve (PS09G) [2093] Yeah , that's the one!
Frank (PS09E) [2094] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [2095] Well that'll work, [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2096] Yeah, getting it going, it's
Steve (PS09G) [2097] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2098] it wouldn't tune in, it was something to do with this ... arrangement up here.
[2099] So, right that should
Steve (PS09G) [2100] Yeah they did work alright, they
Frank (PS09E) [2101] Which one's that?
Steve (PS09G) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2102] Oh yeah!
[2103] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [2104] I got another set, I've got [...] just got going.
Frank (PS09E) [2105] Yeah, it's probably the erm ... ace head you know on the side?
Steve (PS09G) [2106] Oh yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2107] On the other si

24 (Tape 041004)

Frank (PS09E) [2108] Have to watch the light on that.
Steve (PS09G) [2109] Aha.
[2110] Well
Frank (PS09E) [2111] That's a lot of light coming in on the back I think.
Steve (PS09G) [2112] Yeah.
[2113] Cut off after number fifteen with tho the top one as well but I'll
Frank (PS09E) [2114] Yeah.
[2115] Oh!
Steve (PS09G) [2116] I'll turn it off and er ... try it.
Frank (PS09E) [2117] See if the counter's going up and things like that.
Steve (PS09G) [2118] Yeah, the counter's going up it's er ... electronic one.
Frank (PS09E) [2119] Yeah but even so it's ... volt
Steve (PS09G) [2120] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2121] volt driven.
Steve (PS09G) [2122] Forged stop?
[2123] Oh, I wonder why it says that then?
[2124] ... That's five seconds, reset ... then [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [cough]
Steve (PS09G) [2125] It's got that again!
Frank (PS09E) [2126] Mm!
Steve (PS09G) [2127] Record that
Frank (PS09E) [2128] Mm, it's not ... not rotating somewhere is it?
[2129] See the caption's not turning round right, [...] .
Steve (PS09G) [2130] What's that?
[2131] Is it anything to do with this [...] ?
[2132] I can't drag away from it, while you're doing that.
Frank (PS09E) [2133] No, it's alright, we'll have a look.
Steve (PS09G) [2134] Do it later.
Frank (PS09E) [2135] Tube blew up.
[2136] ... Well do they play?
[2137] Does it play?
Steve (PS09G) [2138] It played for a little while, I didn't play it for long but it did play.
Frank (PS09E) [2139] Oh so, oh it switches itself off does it?
Steve (PS09G) [2140] Oh it's designed, it's giving me a fault [...] .
[2141] See it did play.
Frank (PS09E) [2142] Taking up.
Steve (PS09G) [2143] Wasn't bad play back when I fi ... oh it's not ... not doing as much as it did before now!
Frank (PS09E) [2144] Then catch it.
[2145] Can't figure out what's actually stopping.
[2146] Oh that's this one?
Steve (PS09G) [2147] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2148] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [2149] Is that the drive belt as well I think.
Frank (PS09E) [2150] Yeah, it's probably the idler wants to be cleaned in it.
Steve (PS09G) [2151] Oh.
[2152] Right.
[2153] Right!
[2154] Shall I do that from the top?
Frank (PS09E) [2155] Yeah,yo you can get up this ca ... the carriage only four screws and erm
Steve (PS09G) [2156] Right!
Frank (PS09E) [2157] You might get at it without the er ... where's the instruction?
Steve (PS09G) [2158] Does that wanna go from side to side does it?
Frank (PS09E) [2159] Yeah.
[2160] Probably.
Steve (PS09G) [2161] Okay.
Frank (PS09E) [2162] Might even get at that one there.
Steve (PS09G) [2163] Yeah.
[2164] Right!
Frank (PS09E) [2165] Also, that one could be ... that looks very shiny too!
Steve (PS09G) [2166] Right!
[2167] Do I do it with that pencil thing of yours or with er ... Amber Clean
Frank (PS09E) [2168] I'll try Amber Clean Just give it
Steve (PS09G) [2169] Right!
Frank (PS09E) [2170] a little spraying and ... and wipe it round.

25 (Tape 041005)

Frank (PS09E) [2171] Yeah, the front just ... hinges off at the top.
Steve (PS09G) [2172] It's not at the back of the [...] here is it?
Frank (PS09E) [2173] It mi , it may do, why?
[2174] Have you spotted something?
Steve (PS09G) [2175] Dunno if it's the second one ... down that way or not, but there's a crack across there.
[2176] Or is i is it a crack or a scratch?
[2177] ... This is the right one.
Frank (PS09E) [2178] Yeah, that's the right one.
[2179] Oh I'll get my ... magnifier.
[2180] ... Thing is, you're actually using, your eyes are not too good!
Steve (PS09G) [2181] Well I go ... get the magnifier to read the bloody ... magazine sometimes!
[2182] It's ridiculous!
[2183] I'm going back to the ... opticians with the , the new glasses I got are still flipping worse than these!
Frank (PS09E) [2184] No, it's just a scratch I think.
[2185] ... Mm, somebody's been ... working on this though haven't they?
[2186] The sound chip's in the wrong place.
Steve (PS09G) [2187] Crikey!
[2188] Well this [...] is high enough!
Frank (PS09E) [2189] Yeah, it's probably worth changing the control innit, to see what happens?
[2190] ... They've evidently looked ... you can see where they've scratched to get a screwdriver through there ... to try and get the sound ... the sound out.
Steve (PS09G) [2191] Couldn't you tell with the meter er ... th th th the control whether it's worth it or not?
Frank (PS09E) [2192] Yeah, you should be able to.
Steve (PS09G) [2193] Yeah, but I don't think the ... it'll do what you want [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2194] Yeah, you'll have to.
[2195] Mm!
Steve (PS09G) [2196] Want a se , want a screwdriver there?
Frank (PS09E) [2197] I got one there, yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [2198] [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2199] Yeah, I got one, yes.
Steve (PS09G) [2200] Gonna turn it as well?
Frank (PS09E) [2201] Yeah.
[2202] If you can ... oh, let's put it on.
Steve (PS09G) [2203] [...] around from one end to the other that is.
Frank (PS09E) [2204] Yeah!
[2205] Right!
Steve (PS09G) [2206] Right now ... one end to the other.
Frank (PS09E) [2207] Is it?
[2208] Oh!
[2209] Go that way.
Steve (PS09G) [2210] No.
Frank (PS09E) [2211] Well that's [...] .
[2212] I'll get there eventually!
[2213] That's not reading through anything that one.
Steve (PS09G) [2214] That won't read through [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2215] [laughing] Yeah [] , I think so.
[2216] ... Now, one end is joined ... so ... a bit.
[2217] Okay?
[2218] ... Nothing!
Steve (PS09G) [2219] No.
Frank (PS09E) [2220] So it was circuit then.
[2221] Just try the one above cos I think they're ... oh wait a minute!
[2222] I'm not looking at
Steve (PS09G) [2223] You don't want to go there.
Frank (PS09E) [2224] I'm not ... [whispering] silly sod [] !
[2225] Right!
Steve (PS09G) [2226] Right, that moves.
[2227] ... Not much there.
Frank (PS09E) [2228] It should go right ... across at one end.
Steve (PS09G) [2229] No!
[2230] No that's
Frank (PS09E) [2231] Oh it is open circuit then.
Steve (PS09G) [2232] Yeah, it's trying to go that
Frank (PS09E) [2233] Yeah.
Steve (PS09G) [2234] way.
Frank (PS09E) [2235] See if I reflected to this one I'll show you what the affect is.
Steve (PS09G) [2236] Tu turn
Frank (PS09E) [2237] Tu
Steve (PS09G) [2238] that [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2239] Yeah, turn that one, yep!
[2240] Even the [...] .
[2241] Remember where you can get it back to that's the only thing.
Steve (PS09G) [2242] Oh!
[2243] Oh it's back where it was.
[2244] [...] at one end.
Frank (PS09E) [2245] What are you doing this?
Steve (PS09G) [2246] Ah ha, let me just twiddle it.
[2247] Hang on th ... check this up and twiddling time.
Frank (PS09E) [2248] Yeah, see this is the wiper this should ... well assure itself back to that one.
Steve (PS09G) [2249] Goes when you touch it there.
Frank (PS09E) [2250] Yeah, just touching the ends together.
Steve (PS09G) [2251] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2252] Mm!
[2253] I'll try the other one ... cos I've got that in bits.
[2254] ... If you can ... twiddle that one I'll er
Steve (PS09G) [2255] Yep!
Frank (PS09E) [2256] second one down.
[2257] It ... reads totally different.
[2258] That's it!
[2259] Up one end ... down the other.
Steve (PS09G) [2260] More positive that one as well.
Frank (PS09E) [2261] Yeah.
[2262] That's
Steve (PS09G) [2263] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2264] what it should read like.
[2265] So it's definitely on the circuit.
Steve (PS09G) [2266] So it's down to the chip ... and we haven't had the chance of being [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2267] We might have to, we might be able to get away without having to take the board out, if I ... if I use the old de- solderer ... might be able to just hook it out and put the next one in.
[2268] ... Yeah but yo , that's what they did change, you looking for the fault?
Steve (PS09G) [2269] Yeah.
[2270] ... [singing] Mm mm mm mm mm mm [] ... Ah ah!
[2271] ... What was that in the [...] ?
[2272] I fo forgot now!
Frank (PS09E) [2273] Oh Feverack
Steve (PS09G) [2274] Oh yeah!
Frank (PS09E) [2275] Oh!
Steve (PS09G) [2276] Oh don't!
Frank (PS09E) [2277] Oh my good God!
Steve (PS09G) [2278] I've done the old [...] all been done in the packing!
Frank (PS09E) [2279] Oh yeah?
[2280] Do you know this bloody thing's jammed in the works somewhere, this control, it's fallen over!
[2281] It won't come out!
[2282] Swine!
Steve (PS09G) [2283] What a duff!
Frank (PS09E) [2284] Oi!
[2285] [sighing] Oh [] !
Steve (PS09G) [2286] Oh I thought it was crack, it was only a hair anyway! [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [2287] Oh is it?
Steve (PS09G) [2288] Brushed it off.
[2289] [...] have to come off with it.
Frank (PS09E) [2290] Mm.
Steve (PS09G) [2291] Oh that's probably what's wrong is it, oh?
Frank (PS09E) [2292] Don't e [...] too much!
[2293] Just ... Got the control out anyway!

26 (Tape 041006)

Jonny (PS09M) [2294] Dad?
Frank (PS09E) [2295] Interesting old thing
Jonny (PS09M) [2296] Where's
Frank (PS09E) [2297] isn't it?
Jonny (PS09M) [2298] mummy?
Frank (PS09E) [2299] No so
Jonny (PS09M) [2300] And why have you got [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2301] I don't know what this is do you?
[2302] Some sort of time switch.
Jonny (PS09M) [2303] No, it's erm ... it's a bit of a clock daddy!
Frank (PS09E) [2304] Is that what it is?
Jonny (PS09M) [2305] Mm, yes!
Frank (PS09E) [2306] Night and day.
Jonny (PS09M) [2307] Mum!
[2308] What's that you've got?
Lyn (PS09F) [2309] Washing.
Jonny (PS09M) [2310] Mm!
[2311] Ha!
Frank (PS09E) [2312] That's an interesting old time switch that innit?
Lyn (PS09F) [2313] Yes!
[2314] We thought it was a bomb!
Jonny (PS09M) [2315] I
Frank (PS09E) [2316] Mm.
Jonny (PS09M) [2317] that's right!
[2318] I there's a clock.
Lyn (PS09F) [2319] It is a clock isn't it?
Jonny (PS09M) [2320] There's a bit of the clock.
Frank (PS09E) [2321] Yeah, look there's a winder in the middle there.
[2322] If you put a clock bit on there
Jonny (PS09M) [2323] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2324] you could wind that up.
[2325] There's a big spring inside that!
Lyn (PS09F) [2326] Looks like a bomb!
Jonny (PS09M) [2327] Yes!
[2328] But
Lyn (PS09F) [2329] Oh it's a time switch with a bomb on!
Frank (PS09E) [2330] A could be I suppose.
Lyn (PS09F) [2331] Yeah.
Jonny (PS09M) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2332] She is
Jonny (PS09M) [2333] It's in there
Frank (PS09E) [2334] she's never out [...] the money in't she?
Lyn (PS09F) [2335] Oh I dunno!
[2336] ... Hang on!
Frank (PS09E) [2337] Oh!
[2338] That's a long screw innit?
Lyn (PS09F) [2339] Mm!
Jonny (PS09M) [2340] It is.
[2341] What is it?
Frank (PS09E) [2342] Oh it's a big sort of erm ... Rawlplug type thing.
Lyn (PS09F) [2343] [...] to the Oxfam shop that tall thing hopefully.
Frank (PS09E) [2344] What about this thing here?
[2345] This one you don't like?
Lyn (PS09F) [2346] I put, no this one I don't like.
Frank (PS09E) [2347] Oh those!
[2348] They're
Lyn (PS09F) [2349] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2350] horrible aren't they?
Lyn (PS09F) [2351] Don't like those.
[2352] Can you take them out [...] with that one.
[2353] This thing ... is an old cape which Andy wore once.
Frank (PS09E) [2354] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
Lyn (PS09F) [2355] Yes!
[2356] Sylv said that ... [...] over it.
[2357] What are those little things there look?
[2358] ... Candlesticks, are they?
Frank (PS09E) [2359] Yeah they are, and that's a candle.
Lyn (PS09F) [2360] This is Ken's though, when did he [...] ? ... [...] , that's the bedroom [...] ?
Jonny (PS09M) [2361] What's that?
Lyn (PS09F) [2362] That's the bedroom.
Jonny (PS09M) [2363] What's this?
[2364] You have to wait a minute!
[2365] Look what animals [...] comes down!
Frank (PS09E) [2366] Is she filling [...] over there?
[2367] I don't suppose there's ... much been done?
Lyn (PS09F) [2368] She was, yeah.
[2369] She was, well she's doing very well!
[2370] ... The shelves, I quite like these shelves they're nice!
Frank (PS09E) [2371] Is Petra still out?
Lyn (PS09F) [2372] No, she walked down.
[2373] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2374] Right, what have we got in this little box here then?
Lyn (PS09F) [2375] That little [...] , I know she won't [...] !
Frank (PS09E) [2376] Oh yes!
[2377] Oh no!
[2378] Don't get rid of those!
Lyn (PS09F) [2379] No, I'll take them back to her. [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2380] Mm?
Lyn (PS09F) [2381] Do you want to get anything out?
Frank (PS09E) [2382] Mm.
[2383] These are very good!
[2384] These are er
Lyn (PS09F) [2385] Yeah, just coming to those.
Jonny (PS09M) [2386] What
Lyn (PS09F) [2387] There's the most beautiful little owl too, look!
Frank (PS09E) [2388] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2389] [...] ... So they're either supposed to go to a car boot sale ... it would help.
[2390] They're absolutely [...] we can keep our [...] ... and then we ... ooh!
[2391] I haven't got a clue what they are, look!
[2392] Look at these!
Jonny (PS09M) [...]
Lyn (PS09F) [2393] Alright!
[2394] Anything to do with the [...] ?
[2395] Well
Frank (PS09E) [2396] Mm.
[2397] There's some chap's initials on all these.
Lyn (PS09F) [2398] Mm!
[2399] ... I'll take those ... that little teapot [...] . ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2400] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2401] Oh, can if I put those
Jonny (PS09M) [2402] Put them where I do!
[2403] Here!
[2404] I don't know quite what this is!
Lyn (PS09F) [2405] Oh!
[2406] Isn't that strange!
[2407] It's like a big suitcase!
Frank (PS09E) [2408] The pair of white mice are funny aren't they?
[2409] Quite [...] !
Lyn (PS09F) [2410] Now, if you lifted the lid up then I think you could
Frank (PS09E) [2411] Cor, I can smell them even without taking the lid off!
Lyn (PS09F) [2412] They're very smooth!
[2413] Erm
Frank (PS09E) [2414] Is that a teapot?
Lyn (PS09F) [2415] Yes!
[2416] I think that's pretty!
[2417] [...] . Loads of pennies!
[2418] But they look like ... I thought we'd have a look through those, they look good!
Frank (PS09E) [2419] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [2420] Take them up to.
[2421] This thing [...] . [playing instrument]
Frank (PS09E) [2422] There's still a pound coin there look!
[2423] Ooh ooh!
Lyn (PS09F) [2424] Makes up for the one lost [...] .
[2425] ... I don't like the jug.
[2426] They're the same.
[2427] And tapes.
[2428] Upstairs is the [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2429] Look at them knives ... [...] !
Lyn (PS09F) [2430] Yeah.
[2431] She thinks you, if he thought you'd turn them out, he probably likes them.
Frank (PS09E) [2432] Ah, lovely car boot sale stuff isn't it?
Lyn (PS09F) [2433] Well it is really.
[2434] If we could [...] taking it for her it'd be worth it.
[2435] We've got to [...] that, people will really enjoy it.
Frank (PS09E) [2436] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [2437] What if I got rid of the clothes and kept her stuff ... till we're ready to do a boot sale with it.
Jonny (PS09M) [2438] Dad, but are you doing ... are recording all this?
Frank (PS09E) [2439] Yes.
Lyn (PS09F) [2440] [laughing] Oh!
[2441] Lovely [] !
Jonny (PS09M) [2442] Oh oh no!
Lyn (PS09F) [2443] In here.
[2444] Did you look in here [...] ?
[2445] ... Look in there for anything?
Frank (PS09E) [2446] No, that's it.
Lyn (PS09F) [2447] That?
Frank (PS09E) [2448] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [2449] Rose on the tassel.
Frank (PS09E) [2450] Oh it's ideal stuff isn't it?
Lyn (PS09F) [2451] Yes.
[2452] What sort of stuff is in there?
[2453] Okay that's it.
Jonny (PS09M) [2454] Don't [...] !
[2455] That little room's for all the jumble sale ... of course!
Frank (PS09E) [2456] That little red hoover, is that a car hoover?
Lyn (PS09F) [2457] Yeah.
[2458] Shall I hoover it?
[2459] Do you want me to hoover it?
Jonny (PS09M) [2460] Yeah!
[2461] It's got a fuse in it and everything!
Lyn (PS09F) [2462] Hang on!
[2463] The second [...] has got to come inside.
[2464] Could we, you can play with the other one.
Frank (PS09E) [2465] Probably a good idea, yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2466] I'll have to wash it out.
[2467] Smells of fish!
Jonny (PS09M) [2468] We'll need the hosepipe.
Frank (PS09E) [2469] Mm!
Jonny (PS09M) [2470] There's a jar!
Lyn (PS09F) [2471] And it [...] ... and it's [...] .
[2472] You smelt inside it?
Frank (PS09E) [2473] Cor!
Lyn (PS09F) [2474] Yeah.
[2475] Might leave the lid open all the afternoon.
Jonny (PS09M) [2476] Anyway, this is the [...] this room!
Frank (PS09E) [2477] Certainly no weight to it is there?
[2478] Just awkward.
Lyn (PS09F) [2479] Just the [...] and I, funny we put it in the car ... and ... Jackie
Jonny (PS09M) [2480] Mum that had
Lyn (PS09F) [2481] her new neighbour from next door came out ... to give us a hand ... he was off taking it back in the house again!
[2482] Oh no!
Jonny (PS09M) [2483] Ooh, and we said ... what's he trying to do?
Lyn (PS09F) [2484] Ooh I know!
Jonny (PS09M) [2485] Put it back in!
Lyn (PS09F) [2486] That's [...] .
[2487] No.
[2488] I will ... sort these [...] , or should I?
[2489] That's your belt isn't it?
Frank (PS09E) [2490] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2491] Could I put them in ... the soft box?
Frank (PS09E) [2492] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2493] Well that's good!
[2494] That'll save me [...] .
Jonny (PS09M) [2495] Look at this gigantic screw!
Lyn (PS09F) [2496] Oh!
[2497] And these little black
Frank (PS09E) [2498] Ah!
Lyn (PS09F) [2499] We'll try that on Mike.
Frank (PS09E) [2500] They're nice aren't they?
[2501] I like that sort of thing!
Lyn (PS09F) [2502] I might keep those for myself at home!
Frank (PS09E) [2503] Is there two of them?
[2504] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2505] Yeah.
[2506] There's one up there.
Frank (PS09E) [2507] Oh nice!
Lyn (PS09F) [2508] I think we'll keep those over there.
Frank (PS09E) [2509] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2510] Oh that's a relief I thought!
[2511] Is that [...] ?
Jonny (PS09M) [2512] But ... you know, inside is a gigantic screw!
Lyn (PS09F) [2513] There's some
Frank (PS09E) [2514] It's a big Rawlplug.
Lyn (PS09F) [2515] screwdrivers there as well.
Frank (PS09E) [2516] Yeah, but it's a big screw in [...] !
Lyn (PS09F) [2517] Yeah.
[2518] They're both [...] , you could do.
Jonny (PS09M) [2519] Yep!
[2520] Yeah!
[2521] ... Yeah!
[2522] Do your ... a real good screw isn't it?
Lyn (PS09F) [2523] Yeah!
Jonny (PS09M) [2524] Very [...] !
Lyn (PS09F) [2525] Yeah it is a screw.
Jonny (PS09M) [2526] And, my mum would go er ... oh look ... you wanted to know what it is!
Lyn (PS09F) [2527] Frank, what about these earphones?
[2528] Shall we see if they're any good?
Jonny (PS09M) [2529] Yeah!
Lyn (PS09F) [2530] You plug into the telly? [...] ... [...] .
Jonny (PS09M) [2531] Ooh! [...] !
[2532] ... Dad, look at that, a gigantic screw!
Frank (PS09E) [2533] Yes!
[2534] Isn't it?
[2535] That's a big Rawlplug on there.
Jonny (PS09M) [2536] No it's a big ... gigantic screw!
[2537] I think.
Frank (PS09E) [2538] It is isn't it?
[2539] A long one!
Jonny (PS09M) [2540] Yes.
[2541] What does it actually do?
Frank (PS09E) [2542] Well you know when we had the ne , the new roof on the warehouse?
Jonny (PS09M) [2543] Yeah!
Frank (PS09E) [2544] And that's how they screwed the ... the roof on with those.
Jonny (PS09M) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2545] Er, yeah, they had a big electrical drill and they ... screwed them to the roof with those.
Jonny (PS09M) [2546] Anyway, this could be [...] fun!
Lyn (PS09F) [2547] Oh yes, here's a jacket look!
[2548] I thought I'd keep that, if ever I wanted to go fancy dress or something ... it's ever so pretty on!
Frank (PS09E) [2549] Yeah.
[2550] I don't remember Sylv wearing that do you?
Lyn (PS09F) [2551] Perhaps it's new, she bought ... I expect she bought it in the States I should think.
[2552] It's got one of those kind of belts with that
Frank (PS09E) [2553] Ah yeah!
Lyn (PS09F) [2554] and some Nell Gwynn stuff.
Frank (PS09E) [2555] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2556] Very pretty!
[2557] Dash that [...] .
[2558] And, she said would we like these shirts?
[2559] ... That's just a T-shirt ... and this
Jonny (PS09M) [2560] Mum!
Lyn (PS09F) [2561] is a new sweatshirt.
Jonny (PS09M) [2562] Mum!
[2563] You remember when they screwed it in ... daddy's old
Frank (PS09E) [2564] Oh they're nice!
Jonny (PS09M) [2565] roof?
Frank (PS09E) [2566] That's nice innit?
Jonny (PS09M) [2567] And put some new ... big tiles on the
Frank (PS09E) [2568] They're new, they must be.
Jonny (PS09M) [2569] big roof mum [...] .
Lyn (PS09F) [2570] They would be! [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [2571] Mum I, listen!
Lyn (PS09F) [2572] Yes?
Jonny (PS09M) [2573] listen!
[2574] Do you know
Lyn (PS09F) [2575] Yes!
[2576] Yes!
[2577] Yes!
Jonny (PS09M) [2578] when
Lyn (PS09F) [2579] Erm, they put some screws in the roof, yeah?
Jonny (PS09M) [2580] Well this is one of them!
Lyn (PS09F) [2581] Is it?
Jonny (PS09M) [2582] Big!
Lyn (PS09F) [2583] Oh well you can keep it in case we need to screw up the roof again then.
Jonny (PS09M) [2584] Big isn't
Frank (PS09E) [2585] Aha.
Jonny (PS09M) [2586] it though!
Lyn (PS09F) [2587] Right, those things then can go up in one of the drawers, I think they're [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2588] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2589] Good!
[2590] Did you find [...] to test them?
Frank (PS09E) [2591] I don't know, they might fit in the telly.
Lyn (PS09F) [2592] See if they're working or not.
[2593] Can you bring me ... the things up [...] we can't find ... [...] .
[2594] [tv on] ... Am I right?
[2595] Do they go?
Jonny (PS09M) [2596] Yeah!
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [2597] [...] .
[2598] Now plug it in there.
Lyn (PS09F) [2599] Yeah, they're fine.
[2600] Just keep them for the telly then.
Frank (PS09E) [2601] That's an idea!
[2602] Yes!
Lyn (PS09F) [2603] Alright then.
Frank (PS09E) [2604] Save using my good ones.
Lyn (PS09F) [2605] Just get these out.
[2606] ... Oh the ... they're keeping that wood!
Frank (PS09E) [2607] Oh well, that's nice!
Lyn (PS09F) [2608] Yeah!
[2609] The erm ... he said [...] soon they want to do ... for the [...] room ... in the porch there.
Jonny (PS09M) [2610] Dad!
[2611] Can't you hear me?
Frank (PS09E) [2612] Ah you're talking to me!
[2613] You shouldn't have done that you see!
[2614] Yes, what is it love?
Jonny (PS09M) [2615] Up through Wales it said!
Frank (PS09E) [2616] What rain, up through Wales?
Jonny (PS09M) [2617] Yeah!
[2618] You listen!
Frank (PS09E) [2619] Frost in Scotland?
Jonny (PS09M) [2620] Yeah!
Frank (PS09E) [2621] What have we got in Devon?
[2622] Oh, six degrees ... tonight!
[2623] Rain tomorrow.
Jonny (PS09M) [2624] Rain tomorrow, aye!
[2625] ... You're recording it.
[2626] I know you are!
[2627] ... You're recording it!
[2628] ... Yeah, it's plugged in ... and over there!
Frank (PS09E) [2629] Right!
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [2630] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Jonny (PS09M) [2631] Going!
Lyn (PS09F) [2632] Wash your hands!
Jonny (PS09M) [2633] Ooh ooh ooh!
[2634] Daddy!
[2635] Daddy!
Frank (PS09E) [2636] Thank you.
Jonny (PS09M) [2637] Ooh!
Frank (PS09E) [2638] Now mummy said that this was some ... special mixture for you.
Jonny (PS09M) [2639] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2640] Dunno what that is!
[2641] Must make bubbles I should think.
Jonny (PS09M) [2642] Oh ah.
[2643] Yep!
[2644] Just nice!
[2645] ... Ooh bubbles!
[2646] ... Just [...] that ... put some in see if it's real bubbles!
Frank (PS09E) [2647] Did you see Sylvia's cats today?
Jonny (PS09M) [2648] Mm, yeah!
[2649] ... Don't go in that!
[2650] Out!
Frank (PS09E) [2651] Is she getting this hou house ready to move?
Jonny (PS09M) [2652] Yeah.
[2653] Just fill it up.
[2654] ... Wow!
[2655] [...] ... Oh these!
[2656] And yo yo well how did you know that they're ready to move ... then daddy?
Frank (PS09E) [2657] Well because I work with Steve.
[2658] That's how I know that they were ready to move.
Jonny (PS09M) [2659] Cos you went to see them?
Frank (PS09E) [2660] No, I haven't seen the new house yet.
Jonny (PS09M) [2661] No, you all went ... to [...] today ... own house ... till they kept ... you know!
[2662] They er
Frank (PS09E) [2663] What the house you went to today?
Jonny (PS09M) [2664] Their old house.
Frank (PS09E) [2665] Yeah.
Jonny (PS09M) [2666] Have you seen the ol ... have you seen what's inside there?
Frank (PS09E) [2667] Yeah!
Jonny (PS09M) [2668] How?
[2669] [singing] Mm mm mm [] .
[2670] Well all where it came from.
[2671] But do you know what they did?
[2672] They gave us some swords ... too!
Frank (PS09E) [2673] Yeah, I saw those.
Jonny (PS09M) [2674] Ha!
[2675] But what they ... wonder why they gave us some swords!
Frank (PS09E) [2676] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [2677] Perhaps they got too many!
Frank (PS09E) [2678] Yeah, he ke
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2679] he save, he keeps swords.
[2680] He saves those.
Jonny (PS09M) [2681] Well ... oh do they save them?
Frank (PS09E) [2682] Mm.
Jonny (PS09M) [2683] Why do they save them?
Frank (PS09E) [2684] Well he collects ... things like that.
Jonny (PS09M) [2685] Mm.
[2686] They collect ... things?
[2687] ... Oh I do like these ... bubbles!
[2688] Look at, that's [...] !
[2689] ... Don't go and yell!
[2690] Did you get in that house?
Frank (PS09E) [2691] Yeah!
[2692] I meant [...] having to curse now and again.
Lyn (PS09F) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2693] Well what was that problem then?
Lyn (PS09F) [2694] I just put it on.
Frank (PS09E) [2695] Oh pressed the wrong one.
Jonny (PS09M) [2696] Yeah!
[2697] Put it on ... why did you have to leave it on?
Frank (PS09E) [2698] Right, I'm gonna tip this out now.
Lyn (PS09F) [2699] Alright.
Jonny (PS09M) [2700] Ow!
[2701] Could could
Frank (PS09E) [2702] Come on you!
[2703] Right!
Jonny (PS09M) [laugh] [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [2704] [...] I'm gonna tip this so soapy water
Jonny (PS09M) [2705] Ooh!
[2706] ... Daddy!
Frank (PS09E) [2707] What?
Jonny (PS09M) [2708] You should of did that!
Frank (PS09E) [2709] Why?
Jonny (PS09M) [2710] Then it needs some more in now!
Frank (PS09E) [2711] Well you can put some more in.
Jonny (PS09M) [2712] But I don't want you to do it!
Frank (PS09E) [2713] That?
[2714] It's alright!
[2715] You can't leave it there to get cold!
[2716] You may as well put it in the water.
Jonny (PS09M) [2717] Well can't, if I did it that way ... it would use your ... because it might all, take all the bubbles out!
Frank (PS09E) [2718] Oh!
Jonny (PS09M) [2719] That's, that's it.
[2720] ... Ooh!
[2721] You can't see the [...] .
[2722] The water can't go through.
[2723] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2724] Yes l

27 (Tape 041101)

Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2725] How's it going?
Frank (PS09E) [2726] Oh not too bad.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2727] No!
Frank (PS09E) [2728] [sighing] Ah ah [] !
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2729] Let's have a look at the first then?
[2730] Got rid of that cylinder thing have you?
Frank (PS09E) [2731] Yeah!
[2732] Three, mm.
[2733] Did you bring the machine with you, by the way?
[2734] With that base or not?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2735] It didn't have one.
Frank (PS09E) [2736] It didn't have one, right!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2737] I didn't have one.
[2738] It's erm ... but I erm, I have actually ordered one.
Frank (PS09E) [2739] Have you?
[2740] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2741] Mm.
[2742] Mm.
[2743] Mind you, it's twenty, twenty five quid for a base but ... the thing is these ... that particular tube in there is in ... most of those tissues isn't it?
Frank (PS09E) [2744] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2745] So ... and they, what they will start to get a bit low ... so ... that's, I mean if erm ... if that one ne , if he comes in, he'll probably be here ... Monday.
Frank (PS09E) [2746] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2747] Or Tuesday ... erm
Frank (PS09E) [2748] That one, just gonna have a little look at that one.
[2749] I think it's the same base again.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2750] Yeah.
[2751] Oh well
Frank (PS09E) [2752] Or the
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2753] see if I can get them out and do this.
Frank (PS09E) [2754] Mm.
[2755] [whistling] If I move this bre straight back is that enough room?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2756] Ya, [...] .
[2757] That's alright.
[2758] ... This one's dead I believe.
[2759] It's got
Frank (PS09E) [2760] [sighing] Oh, yeah [] I do , I don't remember what's er ... I think it's ... well it's three isn't it, altogether?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2761] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2762] We got a nice, cheap supply of Toshiba hand units now!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2763] Have you?
Frank (PS09E) [2764] Yeah.
[2765] Six and a half quid a throw.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2766] Cor!
Frank (PS09E) [2767] Brand new ones.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2768] Oh!
[2769] Mm.
[2770] I just bought one for that twenty erm ... that twenty ... four inch I've bought, he was
Frank (PS09E) [2771] What fast text?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2772] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2773] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2774] It was er ... twenty odd quid.
Frank (PS09E) [2775] Yeah.
[2776] ... Do you ever deal with Grandata
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2777] With who?
Frank (PS09E) [2778] Grandata
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2779] No.
Frank (PS09E) [2780] They n , do chips mainly, chips and transistors.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2781] Yeah.
[2782] No I
Frank (PS09E) [2783] Erm ... I think these ... quite common, you know the erm ... T D A four five O ... five.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2784] Mm, yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2785] They're like six quid from H O S and they're thre
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2786] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2787] three quid a piece from Grandata
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2788] Oh are they?
Frank (PS09E) [2789] Yeah!
[2790] Their stuff is, sort of half the normal price.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2791] Wonder why that is then?
Frank (PS09E) [2792] Dunno.
[2793] You just send erm ... they've got our credit card details and we just phone them up and it's there the next day!
[2794] It's half the price of normal stuff!
[2795] It's always good!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2796] Mm.
[2797] Oh bloody hell!
Frank (PS09E) [2798] And the T V make.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2799] Is it?
Frank (PS09E) [2800] Yeah.
[2801] They do things that you don't normally get from ... average ... places
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2802] No.
Frank (PS09E) [2803] you know.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2804] Ah!
Frank (PS09E) [2805] Very useful!
[2806] ... We still haven't seen anything of that chip yet, you know from
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2807] Eh?
Frank (PS09E) [2808] Fergie hasn't sent that chip yet.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2809] What, sorry?
Frank (PS09E) [2810] Fergie hasn't sent that yet so
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2811] Oh [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2812] he said it will be.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2813] Well I'll have to pop out won't I?
[2814] Oh!
[2815] Seeing that one ... what di , what did erm ... what are they running out at?
[2816] Haven't we got any left?
Frank (PS09E) [2817] We haven't got any left at the moment but
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2818] Aren't they [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2819] No, his ... transformer's O C, and C D don , doesn't work.
[2820] It's a wrecker really that one!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2821] Aha.
[2822] Only I've, somebody asked me about one with erm ... S C B, B grade one or whatever
Frank (PS09E) [2823] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2824] they are.
Frank (PS09E) [2825] There's a lot more to come down.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2826] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2827] So they will get some more.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2828] Alright.
Frank (PS09E) [2829] What are they like service manuals, Toshiba, price-wise?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2830] Er, we can
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2831] Er , well we get stuff ... well, actually I've bought a couple out my case.
Frank (PS09E) [2832] I'm trying to get one for this model here, we have a lot of these erm ... similar chassis in them.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2833] What model is that?
[2834] ... This is the new stuff I think.
[2835] It's probably too new.
Frank (PS09E) [2836] Twin amp power supplies, he uses that erm
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2837] Two O four.
[2838] ... Oh well I'll have to try, try keep going down to the courses down to Toshiba.
Frank (PS09E) [2839] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2840] Mm just
Frank (PS09E) [2841] They hold them in Plymouth do they?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2842] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2843] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2844] They do all the bloody [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2845] You haven't got that patch lead through yet I suppose ... for that
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2846] No!
[2847] I dunno why that never arra
Frank (PS09E) [2848] I mean it's not a problem, it's
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2849] Was it two one five volts then cos I'm tuning [...] , comes on okay but by the time you've [...] ... tape wrecker that was!
Frank (PS09E) [2850] Yeah I remember, ooh!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2851] Something flashing [...] the picture.
Frank (PS09E) [2852] Always useful, for the future because we'll be getting a lot
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2853] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2854] of Toshibas through.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2855] Well this is older stuff you see.
Frank (PS09E) [2856] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2857] The two five eight, that's the one like I had weren't it?
Frank (PS09E) [2858] Yeah, I've got them round here but it's a [...] label.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2859] The other, throw it away. [tv on - foreign language programme]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2860] Two one nine.
Frank (PS09E) [2861] Say that's erm ... mm.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2862] Two one five.
Frank (PS09E) [2863] Mm mm, we have lots of two one fives and two one fours.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2864] That's a two one nine.
[2865] Oh!
[2866] Goes on lower levels there.
Frank (PS09E) [2867] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2868] So erm ... keep the, well I'd like to keep it.
[2869] Can you copy that off?
Frank (PS09E) [2870] No, I work i I'll copy that off, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2871] Might come in handy.
Frank (PS09E) [2872] Yeah I'll get the machine under.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2873] Right!
[2874] This thing you've got, it ought to go to Devon.
Frank (PS09E) [2875] What this?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2876] Yeah.
[2877] Just gotta work it out er
Frank (PS09E) [2878] Do you want a copy of these?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2879] I've got that one?
Frank (PS09E) [2880] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2881] Yeah, I've got that one.
[2882] I've, I went into [...] .
[2883] Went in there.
[2884] A actually I, I went next door in the bank yesterday and the bloke in there sa one of the blokes said can I put this up here and [...] ?
Frank (PS09E) [2885] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2886] I walked in there and [...] I can se he had a ... he had a ... er some copies and ... and er ... he was getting one in the bloody phone!
Frank (PS09E) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2887] It's gone.
Frank (PS09E) [2888] We went the bank the other day and er ... the assistant manager was showing me a picture of his Range Rover.
[2889] I said I recognize that Range Rover I said, left hand drive innit?
[2890] It's co I said it's come from Dubai or somewhere?
[2891] He said, yeah!
[2892] I said Steve used to own that.
[2893] He said, he didn't!
[2894] Really upset him!
[2895] I said, yeah he sold it to some bloke out Ivybridge for er ... erm ... off, off road racing and stuff.
[2896] Oh he was really
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2897] Oh did he?
Frank (PS09E) [2898] upset [laughing] you know [] !
[2899] I said did it come from Ivybri ?
[2900] Yeah, he said it did.
[2901] Oh dear!
[2902] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2903] Oh!
Frank (PS09E) [2904] That put him off!
[2905] He was gonna spend a lot of money ... converting it back to right hand drive and ... I said it's air conditioned and everything innit?
[2906] He said, yeah!
[2907] That's right, that's the one.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]

28 (Tape 041102)

Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2908] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [2909] Oh no!
[2910] That's just, no isn't it?
[2911] Erm ... de depends whether it's path or not.
[2912] If it was path it would point one five wouldn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2913] Mm.
[2914] Point one will do, thousand volts then won't it?
Frank (PS09E) [2915] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2916] I'll see if I've got one out in the van.

29 (Tape 041103)

Frank (PS09E) [2917] I say, I'll pop in on the old [...] .
Frank (PS09E) [2918] Yeah!
[2919] Certainly, yeah!
Frank (PS09E) [2920] So I I'd do it today
Frank (PS09E) [2921] Fix you up with something.
Frank (PS09E) [2922] but I'm a bit pushed for time
Frank (PS09E) [2923] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2924] today.
[2925] Cos I'm
Frank (PS09E) [2926] The F S T's
Frank (PS09E) [2927] Cos I'm always, I'm always down here you see,e anyway.
Frank (PS09E) [2928] Yeah.
[2929] The F S T ones with the guarantee about one fifty, but that's
Frank (PS09E) [2930] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2931] about ... a four hundred ... could set you
Frank (PS09E) [2932] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2933] But, we get cheaper ones as well.
Frank (PS09E) [2934] Yeah.
[2935] Alright!
Frank (PS09E) [2936] Alright!
Frank (PS09E) [2937] Lovely!
Frank (PS09E) [2938] Cheers then!
[2939] ... Two boxes from Toshiba handsets.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2940] Ah yes!
[2941] Have you got any ... zero one two seven?
Frank (PS09E) [2942] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2943] Well actually I want some Toshiba ... zero two eights.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2944] Have you got some?
Frank (PS09E) [2945] Yeah.
[2946] Got some.
[2947] Ninety pence each, not too bad I suppose.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2948] Cheap!

30 (Tape 041104)

Frank (PS09E) [2949] And he dropped in a twenty seven inch Sony this morning.
[2950] But it took ... should of taken four of us to lift it really but
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2951] Somebody dropped one of them?
Frank (PS09E) [2952] Yeah.
[2953] It was a struggle for two of us to get it out of the car and ... weigh a ton don't they those?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2954] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2955] It's only the tube isn't it, where the weight is on those?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2956] Well ... [...] .
[2957] ... [...] is a bit whatever.
[2958] Does it fit there?
[2959] These bits
Frank (PS09E) [2960] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [...]
Frank (PS09E) [2961] Yeah, it's like a [...] ... crank case innit?
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2962] Bloody thing's blown everything in creation!
Frank (PS09E) [2963] Is it?
[2964] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2965] Mm.
[2966] Blown that ... blown ... blown that, blown that, that one's gone.
[2967] Sue wrecked it for us!
Frank (PS09E) [2968] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2969] Oh I'll do it myself.
[2970] Hundred and fifty ohm.
[2971] Think I've got one of them, yeah.

31 (Tape 041105)

Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2972] In fact this particular chassis I've never had er ... never done any work on.
[2973] That's why you said about that mod just now it's er ... it's all green to me!
[2974] I mean I'll, I'll have to find out about that.
[2975] What I'll probably do is try and get some running, I'll take that one and that one
Frank (PS09E) [2976] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2977] er, and then bring them back when they're ready.
[2978] But if
Frank (PS09E) [2979] Right.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2980] this one don't go either I'll probably take off of there.
[2981] Er ... oh I got my [...] didn't I?
[2982] That's the last of that.
Frank (PS09E) [2983] [laughing] Right [] !
[2984] Get some more of those.

32 (Tape 041106)

Frank (PS09E) [2985] Keep us amused in the winter months, er ... it's er ... gone quiet.
[2986] I say, they're both the same board.
[2987] That one's fixed.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [2988] So is that one.
Frank (PS09E) [2989] Yeah,th th th the guy thought it was erm ... spot killer circuit fault but it's not a monitor fault.
Lyn (PS09F) [2990] Yes I know that, yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [2991] Cos one board works differently than the other.
Lyn (PS09F) [2992] Does it?
[2993] This is the same board you say?
Frank (PS09E) [2994] Same game, yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [2995] And er, it says the fault on both so we keep
Frank (PS09E) [2996] Er er, two two different faults.
[2997] This will shut you down to a spot ... will take
Lyn (PS09F) [2998] And
Frank (PS09E) [2999] the scan away
Lyn (PS09F) [3000] and then it's that, that's that board?
Frank (PS09E) [3001] That's that one.
Lyn (PS09F) [3002] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [3003] And the other one, I think, when it shuts down ... it's just sort of se ... a semi-sa er scan ... [...] .
[3004] [phone rings] [telephone conversation starts] Devon T V, good afternoon!
[3005] [laughing] Just about!
[3006] No.
[3007] Right!
[3008] Yeah!
[3009] Yeah.
[3010] No, you saw Steve actually, he's actually moving house today but ... erm ... any chance you can come in Monday?
[3011] No.
[3012] Right!
[3013] I'm I'll ... I can't manage it this side of the weekend.
[3014] I'm on my own here today, you know.
[3015] Erm ... what was it you actually picked out?
[3016] ... Right.
[3017] Right.
[3018] Right, okay.
[3019] I T T, yeah on the mo ... I'll go and have a look, make sure it's still here ... cos a few went out yesterday.
[3020] ... Er, this is a ninety two which is a non-remote ... I think a remote one went out yesterday.
[3021] ... Yeah.
[3022] Oh, I know the one!
[3023] Yeah, that's still here.
[3024] It says remote control on the top but it's the wrong front, I think, on it I saw yesterday, yeah.
[3025] Yeah.
[3026] That's, that is still here, yeah.
[3027] Right.
[3028] [laugh] ... Er ... whereabouts are you?
[3029] Timbersfield.
[3030] Gonna be a bit difficult, we don't erm ... don't actually go that way.
[3031] No.
[3032] Erm ... no, I'm normally ... I'm, funny I was over that way last weekend cos er, you know, pop over to the beach and things.
[3033] But I'm not over there this weekend, bit tied up with it.
[3034] Yeah, I know.
[3035] I should be on a golf course really!
[3036] [laugh] ... I'll hang on to it anyway ... erm ... so that it's ... safe, you know?
[3037] And er ... five o'clock.
[3038] ... Yeah.
[3039] ... Okay.
[3040] Right, lovely!
[3041] Thanks a lot.
[3042] That's it.
[3043] Oh yeah, D T V ... D T V ... alright?
[3044] Okay.
[3045] Bye now [phonecall ends] .
Lyn (PS09F) [3046] Do you want my number?
Frank (PS09E) [3047] Oh right!
[3048] I'll give you our er
Lyn (PS09F) [3049] Erm
Frank (PS09E) [3050] Ooh ooh!
[3051] Just go in your Cortina then?
[3052] Ne nearly anyway!
Lyn (PS09F) [3053] [laughing] Nearly [] !
Frank (PS09E) [3054] Yeah, just!
[3055] Lovely!
Lyn (PS09F) [3056] Er, I mean that's the only thing about it.
[3057] ... Oh er!
[3058] This thing ... that's where I'll be [...] .
[3059] ... They're remotes aren't they?
Frank (PS09E) [3060] All remotes, yes.
Lyn (PS09F) [3061] Got two bits of string.
Frank (PS09E) [3062] Probably got a bit of maintenance wire somewhere.
[3063] ... Cheap repairing a [...] fuse they should be about right shouldn't it?
[3064] For the er ... repair?
[3065] Cheap tube, I mean.
Lyn (PS09F) [3066] Oh yeah!
[3067] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [3068] Mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [3069] They're [...] .
[3070] ... A tube.
Frank (PS09E) [3071] I'll er look out for some ... tubes, for you.
Lyn (PS09F) [3072] Yeah, but it's just ... really for the ... making up for the odd one I [...]
Frank (PS09E) [3073] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3074] really.
Frank (PS09E) [3075] Might be able to get ... one board out of the two mightn't you?
[3076] Those market boards.
Lyn (PS09F) [3077] Yeah, well I mean if you've only got to ... the one ... machine you don't need two boards necessarily do you?
Frank (PS09E) [3078] No.
Lyn (PS09F) [3079] Except er for spares.
[3080] Now ... where are they gonna go?
[3081] Ah!
[3082] Down below the bunker I think.
[3083] ... I've got miles of telephone cable.
[3084] ... Alright.
Frank (PS09E) [3085] Yeah, I've got a Cortina estate, I mean they're good old work busters these aren't they?
Lyn (PS09F) [3086] They are aren't they?
[3087] Yeah.
[3088] I did quite well with this!
[3089] Se six hundred pound, only forty thou , well less than forty thousand on the clock!
Frank (PS09E) [3090] Mm!
[3091] Very good!
Lyn (PS09F) [3092] Which wasn't bad at all!
Frank (PS09E) [3093] I got a two litre G L.
Lyn (PS09F) [3094] Yeah.
[3095] Sixteen hundred, well ... it doesn't pull sometimes but it's very economical!
Frank (PS09E) [3096] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3097] Got some slips on the er
Frank (PS09E) [3098] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3099] I've got your [...] .
[3100] ... Okay!
[3101] Right then Frank!
Frank (PS09E) [3102] Okay John?
[3103] I'll give you one of our er ... cards.
[3104] ... Okay, [...] , I'm on the card
Lyn (PS09F) [3105] Right.
Frank (PS09E) [3106] here.
Lyn (PS09F) [3107] Okay.
[3108] Thanks Frank!
[3109] If you hear of anybody that [laughing] wants a [] ... any, well a as I say I get to the point where ... I've got to need the work somebody, you know?
[3110] But er
Frank (PS09E) [3111] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3112] I'll see how things go.
Frank (PS09E) [3113] Well we haven't
Lyn (PS09F) [3114] Mind you, it's always the sa ... like it's the work th getting on with the machines I can sort of work through the
Frank (PS09E) [3115] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3116] the summer really.
Frank (PS09E) [3117] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3118] But er ... come sort of January it starts getting tighter and tighter.
Frank (PS09E) [3119] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3120] [laughing] I think it's a question of hanging on until []
Frank (PS09E) [3121] That's right.
Lyn (PS09F) [3122] Ha!
[3123] Bu but you normally start [...] .
[3124] Not so much money coming in these days.
Frank (PS09E) [3125] No, I mean we're, we're ticking over basically but
Lyn (PS09F) [3126] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [3127] er
Lyn (PS09F) [3128] Yeah.
[3129] Well you ... presumably ke presumably kept a lot of your customers and to do
Frank (PS09E) [3130] Ta oh, we've got a lot of new ones actually.
[3131] I haven't
Lyn (PS09F) [3132] Mm.
Frank (PS09E) [3133] seen many of the old ones.
Lyn (PS09F) [3134] Haven't you?
Frank (PS09E) [3135] No.
[3136] Since that advert, I mean we've picked up customers that would normally go to Bristol.
Lyn (PS09F) [3137] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [3138] And they find it easier to come here now.
Lyn (PS09F) [3139] Yeah.
Frank (PS09E) [3140] They find it very difficult to get into Torbay to try and trade ... cos it's ... very, I mean it's ... another hour on the trip really isn't it?
Lyn (PS09F) [3141] That's right.
Frank (PS09E) [3142] Going to Torbay just for
Lyn (PS09F) [3143] Well that's what ... the people have got to measure it up against isn't it?
[3144] People up at Avonmouth haven't
Frank (PS09E) [3145] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3146] they really?
[3147] But er ... and I suppose your problem is competing with them really? [...]
Frank (PS09E) [3148] Well we, we have the same price structure as them, so
Lyn (PS09F) [3149] You do?
Frank (PS09E) [3150] it's no different really, no.
Lyn (PS09F) [3151] Oh that's [...] innit?
[3152] Some people ... if you do that you'll ... [...]
Frank (PS09E) [3153] Yeah, we should do alright.
Lyn (PS09F) [3154] Well you got , got to take [...]
Frank (PS09E) [3155] We got a lot of Plymouth trade now.
Lyn (PS09F) [3156] Yeah.
[3157] That's good!
Frank (PS09E) [3158] Mm mm.
Lyn (PS09F) [3159] Well yo your [...] replaced really [...] .
[3160] You corner i unless somebody opens up in Plymouth [...] all the people that come here.
Frank (PS09E) [3161] Yeah.
Lyn (PS09F) [3162] Mind you, you could always open up in Plymouth as another branch couldn't you?
Frank (PS09E) [3163] That's right! [laugh]
Lyn (PS09F) [laugh]
Frank (PS09E) [3164] Alright John!
Lyn (PS09F) [3165] See you Frank.
Frank (PS09E) [3166] Nice to see you again!
Lyn (PS09F) [3167] Bye bye then!
Frank (PS09E) [3168] Bye now!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3169] I think [...] ... when we take that off.
Frank (PS09E) [3170] Right.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3171] I haven't got a room for [...] and that bloody
Frank (PS09E) [3172] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3173] Metro so frigging small!
Frank (PS09E) [3174] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3175] Er ... I'll take that one ... when I bring that one back ... I'll whip that one away.
Frank (PS09E) [3176] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3177] Alright?
Frank (PS09E) [3178] Yeah, lovely!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3179] Seeing as I'm ... sort of got half into that one really.
Frank (PS09E) [3180] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3181] That one's alright.
[3182] I've put that ... I've tipped that like that on the board is it alright?
Frank (PS09E) [3183] Yeah.
[3184] Good!
[3185] ... Oh it's fast text as well, oh that's good!
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3186] Yeah.
[3187] Well I haven't got a handset but
Frank (PS09E) [3188] Well we've got a handset somewhere for it.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3189] [...] text as well.
[3190] Right, I'm gonna go!
Frank (PS09E) [3191] Right.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3192] I left my cards there you can have.
Frank (PS09E) [3193] Oh I got them, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC1PSUNK) [3194] Yeah. [...]