BNC Text KC2

28 conversations recorded by `Fred' (PS09T) between 13 and 20 March 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 6625 s-units, 44626 words, and 6 hours 35 minutes 19 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 504

PS09T Ag5 m (Fred, age 77, retired, North-east Midlands, )
PS09U Ag5 f (Florence, age 71, retired, North-east Midlands, ) wife
PS09V Ag3 m (David, age 41, painter/decorator, North-east Midlands, ) son
PS09W Ag2 m (Clive, age 32, unemployed, North-east Midlands, ) son-in-law
PS09X Ag3 f (Marjorie, age 36, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) daughter
PS09Y Ag0 f (Gemma, age 11, student, North-east Midlands, ) granddaughter
PS0A0 Ag3 m (Steven, age 37, office manager, North-east Midlands, ) son
PS0A1 Ag0 f (Emily, age 7, student, North-east Midlands, ) granddaughter
PS0A2 Ag3 f (Sandra, age 39, housewife, North-east Midlands, ) daughter-in-law
KC2PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC2PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

28 recordings

  1. Tape 026001 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: talking to wife
  2. Tape 026002 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 026003 recorded on 1992-03-13. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 026004 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: expecting visitors
  5. Tape 026101 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: lunch
  6. Tape 026102 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: taking tea/playing games
  7. Tape 026103 recorded on 1992-03-15. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: taking tea/playing games
  8. Tape 026201 recorded on 1992-03-18. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden () Activity: visiting daughter
  9. Tape 026202 recorded on 1992-03-19. Location: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  10. Tape 026203 recorded on 1992-03-19. Location: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  11. Tape 026204 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( at work ) Activity: grandson talking to colleague
  12. Tape 026205 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  13. Tape 026206 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  14. Tape 026207 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  15. Tape 026208 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  16. Tape 026209 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  17. Tape 026210 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  18. Tape 026211 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  19. Tape 026212 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  20. Tape 026213 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working at bench on printed circuit boards
  21. Tape 026301 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working on printed circuit boards
  22. Tape 026302 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working on printed circuit boards
  23. Tape 026303 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working on printed circuit boards
  24. Tape 026304 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working on printed circuit boards
  25. Tape 026306 recorded on 1992-03-19. LocationNorthamptonshire: Wellingborough ( work ) Activity: working on printed circuit boards
  26. Tape 026401 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: talking to friends from Germany
  27. Tape 026402 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: talking to daughter
  28. Tape 026403 recorded on 1992-03-20. LocationNorthamptonshire: Rushden ( home ) Activity: talking and looking at photo's

1 (Tape 026001)

Fred (PS09T) [1] What time will we go to Eve's tomorrow?
[2] If we left
Florence (PS09U) [3] She said Elizabeth and Mat
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4] Steven gonna fetch us, about er ... quarter past one I think he said, have dinner round half past one he said, then
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [5] We're walking we're walking up it, at
Florence (PS09U) [6] We're walking up if it's a fine morning
Fred (PS09T) [7] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [8] get up there some time between one and half past
Fred (PS09T) [9] I didn't hear any, did you hear any weather on the news?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [10] oh yeah ... I will hear it tonight
Florence (PS09U) [11] It'll be on again later
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [12] yeah ... yes I wondered if David would be on bus, I saw Wendy having a ... he worked later today because he's got so much done on front of the er ... that weather he couldn't er, do any decorating outside ... still we never got nobbled down street providing the er ... canvassers
Florence (PS09U) [13] They'd all got too cold and run home I expect
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [14] this morning, but
Fred (PS09T) [15] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [16] it was thick cold
Fred (PS09T) [17] He said there were three er, down there canvassing for the main parties and er, well quite a lot of people there and of course rich pickings for, providing they can get anybody to stop and talk to them ... don't know, they'd drive around
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [18] I expect so ... this is that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [19] said that people are losing all interest in the election and they've got no faith in any of parties they all seemed to much alike and all fund ranges
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [20] well, er in a, in a sense it, it's, it, it been known since
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [21] Who?
Fred (PS09T) [22] they're talking none about the, the economy and turn up before the end of the year, this, the, the, they've been hanging on and on and on, and er slagging one another off all the time
Florence (PS09U) [23] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [24] they've
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [25] but er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [26] well both the Liberal Democrats put a candidate up anyway ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [27] Yes, I remember seeing any
Fred (PS09T) [28] Well they didn't do
Florence (PS09U) [29] if they, well, be having, well, didn't have any meetings
Fred (PS09T) [30] They left it a bit late didn't they
Florence (PS09U) [31] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [32] really?
[33] ... Maybe they had problems getting it
Florence (PS09U) [34] I wouldn't mind going to hear it if they do have a meeting
Fred (PS09T) [35] Well she's er, I don't know whether she still teaches, she did teach at Corby
Florence (PS09U) [36] Corby , yeah I saw a bit in the paper
Fred (PS09T) [37] well if she still does it didn't make it clear, and she lives at Knilton
Florence (PS09U) [38] Where's Knilton?
Fred (PS09T) [39] Well it's near
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [40] I've, I've never been there, I mean years back when we went cricket in the football one, we, we went to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [41] playing football, but in those days Corby steel works
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [42] And you're only a village
Fred (PS09T) [43] And you're only, still a village
Florence (PS09U) [44] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [45] yeah, but it's a, a fair size down, but er Middleton I've never been there, I don't know where it is, but it must be near Corby ... that worth finding on the er map
Florence (PS09U) [46] What?
Fred (PS09T) [47] We can find it on the map
Florence (PS09U) [48] Yes I expect so
Fred (PS09T) [49] To tell you the truth I've never heard of it
Florence (PS09U) [50] No
Fred (PS09T) [51] I just think that, there weren't many small villages in Northamptonshire that er well I didn't hear of, if, you know, I didn't know of, even if I hadn't visited them, but erm
Florence (PS09U) [52] Wonder if she'll be staying in Wellingborough, at least she'll have to travel
Fred (PS09T) [53] Pardon?
Florence (PS09U) [54] a lot to this constituency during the next few weeks won't she?
Fred (PS09T) [55] Did she what?
Florence (PS09U) [56] I wonder whether she would be staying in Wellingborough or
Fred (PS09T) [57] No telling, how she's got to, we all obviously she has to
Florence (PS09U) [58] Well these days in a car it's not many minutes drive is it
Fred (PS09T) [59] Yeah, no, no
Florence (PS09U) [60] from Corby and Wellingborough
Fred (PS09T) [61] makes several
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [62] unless we get a usual three inches of wet snow and that'll stop everything [laugh] , you never know do you?
[63] ... There's one thing a man
Florence (PS09U) [64] No snow now
Fred (PS09T) [65] Pardon?
Florence (PS09U) [66] Hope we've finished with the snow now
Fred (PS09T) [67] But there's one thing you've got to
Florence (PS09U) [yawn]
Fred (PS09T) [68] I've said to many years now about English weather in a sense it's, it, it, it's got a something of endearing quality, you don't like going through the bad weather, but the fact is that we do get generally good weather
Florence (PS09U) [69] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [70] at times
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [71] well there's so many areas in the world where they get lots and lots of er
Florence (PS09U) [72] Yes you know, you know what the weather's going to be like
Fred (PS09T) [73] Well you know what it's going to be like, it's sort of a set piece each, each season
Florence (PS09U) [74] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [75] but er, you can't say that er ... the British are
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [76] well we can do that we had some lovely spring, that day we went up to the park it was what spring like weren't it?
Fred (PS09T) [77] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [78] Now it feels cold again
Fred (PS09T) [79] It were March, February too weren't it?
Florence (PS09U) [80] That's right
Fred (PS09T) [81] Yeah, fantastic
Florence (PS09U) [82] the snowdrops there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [83] you know I remember ever so clearly, when I worked down the Totexas, Dentons
Florence (PS09U) [84] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [85] all those years back, in the late fifties were it?
Florence (PS09U) [86] It was the fifties yeah
Fred (PS09T) [87] I was down there in the late fifties
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [88] it was nineteen forty nine
Fred (PS09T) [89] and I remember one particular February, it will always stand out in my mind because er, it's a fairly long walk done to the factory from, from here and every day after the midday meal, when I set out to walk down there as quick as I could it had been cloudy since, it was raining, every day without fail I used to get to work soaked, first
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [90] What February used to be sort of reckoned for rain didn't it?
Fred (PS09T) [91] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [92] The way, the way they talk about March winds it was February rain they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [93] well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [94] you see, first in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [95] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [96] when I got there, several times he used to scruffle into the er packing room and come out with those two, three of those well a couple of those large sheets of brown paper that they pack, yeah, pack the few boxes in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [97] and I'm not used to that, shove them up
Florence (PS09U) [98] and, but, but
Fred (PS09T) [99] shove them up their trousers and pull the trousers up, expose the leg and wrap round paper around and that was a amazing
Florence (PS09U) [100] was that keep
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [101] and it dried the trousers out, and dried the leg and, it were lovely and cosy after
Florence (PS09U) [cough]
Fred (PS09T) [102] half an hour or so
Florence (PS09U) [103] backward a bit when you walked
Fred (PS09T) [104] Aye it did, but
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [105] it were a, it were a efficient way of er getting dry ... mm and the next day there would of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [106] this evening
Florence (PS09U) [107] Does what?
Fred (PS09T) [108] I wondered if David had got this evening to catch a bottle of wine
Florence (PS09U) [109] Perhaps not
Fred (PS09T) [110] could be ... the two of them they just, when er, when Lee set out ... on a Saturday evening with er Kevin ... and they often sit there and er have a, er a bit of a snack, supper, light supper and er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [111] Well, although you get a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [112] in the evening anyway don't you?
Fred (PS09T) [113] Yeah, but a lot of the time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [114] have a main meal waiting ... probably, have a lighter snack later on, have a glass of wine with it ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [115] Derby and Joans pair
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [116] how old is Wendy?
[117] Is she older than David?
Florence (PS09U) [118] Wendy, she's just a little bit older than David
Fred (PS09T) [119] Is she?
Florence (PS09U) [120] four or five years I think
Fred (PS09T) [121] Ooh I didn't realize that ... so Dave's forty one?
Florence (PS09U) [122] Forty , forty last June, he's coming up to forty one this year
Fred (PS09T) [123] forty one in May?
Florence (PS09U) [124] Yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [125] And Wendy's er
Florence (PS09U) [126] Wendy must be forty five at least
Fred (PS09T) [127] Ah, oh I didn't realize she was
Florence (PS09U) [128] unless she was, she's quite a bit older ... than Dave
Fred (PS09T) [129] at least she's older, but er not to that extent
Florence (PS09U) [130] I wasn't very happy about it at the time, anyway, I was, her being, I think he was only ... when were they married?
[131] ... Seventy ... three, the end of seventy three ... and he was twenty ... twenty two wasn't it they were married?
[132] ... She'd already been married and divorced and she was quite a bit older than him and I, I wasn't very happy about it to start, but they seem to have settled down alright
Fred (PS09T) [133] Well she's made David a good wife actually ...
Florence (PS09U) [134] Well they've never had any more youngsters go
Fred (PS09T) [135] Told me, she actually told me once that she considered herself lucky to er, have met David, I reckon she did because er, she, she was divorced then and er ... of course, didn't she have a son?
Florence (PS09U) [136] She has got a son, yeah, I don't think she sees him much now, he did come here to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [137] that she sees much of him, he's er ... about twenty or more now
Fred (PS09T) [138] Yeah ... I was surprised that er Kathleen is it, when Kathleen told us down street about her, her son
Florence (PS09U) [139] He went in the army
Fred (PS09T) [140] Yeah, or rather
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [141] that's the older one, the one who's friend of Mat's?
Fred (PS09T) [142] That's right yeah, for a little bit, I was on about the reference to er Embassy Service though ...
Florence (PS09U) [143] He'd a, he had some sort of operation or something, it's not, but at Debbie's wedding, Andrew weren't there because he ... some operation on his jaw or something that, can't remember now what it, what he'd had done ... were having his jaw bone
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [144] Oh yes I remember him, yeah, they were a bit concerned, well I would have been, and then
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [145] lucky with their
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [146] I was gonna say
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [147] jolly lucky ... whether they er, whether they all turn up on Friday to er, have a word with Eileen I don't know ...
Florence (PS09U) [148] Ah yes I think they all know he's coming now.
Fred (PS09T) [149] Does Steve know? ...
Florence (PS09U) [150] Well we told her last
Fred (PS09T) [151] Oh was she so
Florence (PS09U) [152] when she came up last Saturday
Fred (PS09T) [153] Oh did you?
[154] Oh, thank god for that ... Michael knows, Michael's manager he knows, did you tell him?
Florence (PS09U) [155] Yeah I told Michael, I phoned him this morning
Fred (PS09T) [156] Brian knows
Florence (PS09U) [157] Yes ...
Fred (PS09T) [158] come here
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [159] I've got some bits in there for her ... a few kittens in there for a couple of days I, so they'd go up, pick them up and they get left ...
Fred (PS09T) [160] Well we'll pop down, oh we can't pop down tomorrow unless we go before, get in the morning, before we go to work ... across to Steve's, if it's fine it'll be a good walk over there
Florence (PS09U) [161] No I don't mind walking if it's fine, I said to Sandra
Fred (PS09T) [162] so, we take
Florence (PS09U) [163] providing it's not raining
Fred (PS09T) [164] we'll take, we will take that she ought to go
Florence (PS09U) [165] won't it be muddy?
Fred (PS09T) [166] well we know I shall go through the fields, but we can still take the short er cut through the estate up Bedford Road, by the cemetery
Florence (PS09U) [167] Yeah, doesn't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [168] pass up by there?
[169] So you go through the cemetery
Fred (PS09T) [170] I well, you can go through the cemetery, yes, you can go through there
Florence (PS09U) [171] Well I didn't know where it was near a path
Fred (PS09T) [172] and then you go
Florence (PS09U) [173] well is it likely to be in the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [174] you go in at the top of
Florence (PS09U) [175] the church is
Fred (PS09T) [176] top of the road, what road's that running off from er High Street, South
Florence (PS09U) [177] Mm, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [178] can't remember
Florence (PS09U) [179] Stones Lane, I'd got used to Manners Lane, they call it something quite
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [180] since they've built up there, Mannings, Mannings Street or Mannings
Fred (PS09T) [181] You, you put down that you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [182] escape there and
Florence (PS09U) [183] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [184] and that's the best way, it'll er, oh you'll save ... ten minutes easy, it's a fair walk it, on the main road
Florence (PS09U) [185] I was hoping when they got that link road through they might connect up, but I don't suppose it, sort of roads gotta put parking towards the long piece of
Fred (PS09T) [186] Oh no, it won't be a
Florence (PS09U) [187] major road
Fred (PS09T) [188] it's just
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [189] no I'm afraid there'll be no footpath there, in fact, it hurts me a bit that because they're cutting straight, they're cutting along in line with that pub public
Florence (PS09U) [190] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [191] footpath
Florence (PS09U) [192] One thing if they
Fred (PS09T) [193] it's nothing wrong with
Florence (PS09U) [194] if they put a cycle path along the edge of each road when they build them
Fred (PS09T) [195] No, they're not as sensible as they are you ... remember in Prestley when we went there ... so what er, perhaps, especially for solid places, solid with the roads in Germany
Florence (PS09U) [196] Oh in Germany yes there's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [197] you've got priority there,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [198] statue and cross over.
Fred (PS09T) [199] I mean it, it's incredible in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [200] we, we went to, we travelled about a bit while we were there ... went into Holland and er came via through Belgium and Holland just to get there, and look how tidy
Florence (PS09U) [201] But before we went down into the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [202] the towns were
Florence (PS09U) [203] tried to borrow a bike for us so that we could bike round, but when she
Fred (PS09T) [204] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [205] she probably failed to er look
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [206] it's not as if there's anywhere where you can hire a bike I'm sure ... you know, but, I suppose you're going along on the road, across the road I ...
Fred (PS09T) [207] [sniff] course that's, that's the beauty of er biking it up the hill, that's some, there's so much scope for not being on the road, you've got special baths for someone
Florence (PS09U) [208] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [209] the only one I want to know in this area is a, you can
Florence (PS09U) [210] the one between the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [211] that's it
Florence (PS09U) [212] they put that there when they built that new school
Fred (PS09T) [213] they did that for the school children
Florence (PS09U) [214] so that the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [215] children could find the school ...
Fred (PS09T) [216] yeah and that's the only one I know of ... it's incredible to me ... either ...
Florence (PS09U) [217] Is it raining again?
Fred (PS09T) [218] No it could do in a moment or two though it er, it looks a bit ominous, you rub one or two er doubts, they are similar colour to these actually
Florence (PS09U) [219] Is that, that the first one that's opening a creamy coloured one?
Fred (PS09T) [220] Yes ... oh this Ellerdor is er playing around a bit now
Florence (PS09U) [221] Yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [222] but it's not as spectacular, not a very spectacular sight is it?
Florence (PS09U) [223] What that erm
Fred (PS09T) [224] Ellerdor
Florence (PS09U) [225] Oh it said in the, in the book when I read about it, it said it had green flowers, you say is that green flowers
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [226] I didn't even know there were any green flowers ...
Fred (PS09T) [227] I'd never even noticed the one next door, but the herb must have come from that
Florence (PS09U) [228] No, er Jane spotted cos she said that's where the seed must have come from
Fred (PS09T) [229] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [230] she said they seed freely, so we'll have to watch we shall have them all over the garden next year
Fred (PS09T) [231] Oh when you , when they've flown
Florence (PS09U) [232] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [233] she's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [234] cos er she said she's only got one she'd like another, and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [235] that we've got two, she should have this, smaller one down here
Florence (PS09U) [236] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [237] I'll dig it out for her
Florence (PS09U) [yawn]
Fred (PS09T) [238] What time we taking
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [239] I don't know, when you like,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [240] back over with you, I'll sort something out while I've got some small change in me purse now I've been shopping, I'll sort it out ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [241] there's another five, there's another five
Fred (PS09T) [242] Mm, you've
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [243] Is there two?
Fred (PS09T) [244] You've got some er, have much have you got upstairs to change?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [245] You've got er nine upstairs to change haven't you?
Florence (PS09U) [246] Yes I know I'll take it when I go down to the post office and I keep forgetting, don't like bothering with it on Thursday because they've always got a shop full and I ... go
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [247] any other day ...
Fred (PS09T) [248] These tomatoes are a bit hard, did you know?
Florence (PS09U) [249] They're what?
Fred (PS09T) [250] The tomatoes you bought down the market
Florence (PS09U) [251] They're what?
Fred (PS09T) [252] They're a little bit hard
Florence (PS09U) [253] Well there was some marked firm tomatoes, then there were the others, I had some of the others
Fred (PS09T) [254] It looks more
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [255] well I skinned them
Fred (PS09T) [256] if they were firmer than these
Florence (PS09U) [257] I'll have skinned a couple of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [258] well these, these are, there, I mean in, they, they'll are
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [259] without er, the other fruit
Florence (PS09U) [260] No , the ones at the front of the store were for seventy P and they were marked firmed tomatoes, the others at the back were sixty P and they didn't say firm on them so I thought well, firm probably means hard, I'll get the, get the others, so I'll skinned a couple of them for tea
Fred (PS09T) [261] Oh they're alright though
Florence (PS09U) [262] anyway, I've got to go upstairs, oh
Fred (PS09T) [263] I saw some nice Cox's orange on the market two pounds for a pound
Florence (PS09U) [264] Mm, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [265] to eat
Fred (PS09T) [266] well these looked er really nice and ripe
Florence (PS09U) [267] Oh

2 (Tape 026002)

Fred (PS09T) [268] [singing] If I worked magic, things that were tragic, would have no place beneath my waving wand.
[269] With great magicians I'll sit and converse, the whole universe would seem like a little pond, deer would swim by and as it swam by, ravage by war neglect and in great pain, I'll take it out just to wipe its poor face clean and then quietly put it back again, if I worked magic, magic []

3 (Tape 026003)

Fred (PS09T) [270] Yeah, what do you think to it?
David (PS09V) [271] That was really good, yeah, good tenner
Fred (PS09T) [272] What have I, well I haven't to, I've got to fit the erm cord symbols, you know, get the sequence of cords, I've written it down you see
David (PS09V) [273] Are you gonna piano rise it then?
Fred (PS09T) [274] I, yes that's why I arrive, piano er score for it, and er it's a sort of fairy tale lyric you know, I've
David (PS09V) [275] Very Paul McCartneyish, reminds me of him.
Fred (PS09T) [276] A bit changeable but er
David (PS09V) [277] Yeah, sort of thing that he'd be writing down
Fred (PS09T) [278] it's not a bad melody, I thought I'd get it down, and record it.
David (PS09V) [279] It sounds good
Fred (PS09T) [280] But if Lisa er ... would be plain and have a chat, put your
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [281] I think it might be a good id , I don't know whether, Lisa would like it better if you would let her know and let her get Kev talking on it, which perhaps be a better idea if she was in on it, but I'll, I'll have a word with her
Fred (PS09T) [282] Yeah, have a word with her and perhaps she'll like to listen to that to the er words sort of that, and then make her own comments, it's nice to get the opinions you know, the, the many of the family as you can
David (PS09V) [283] Really, I'm the sort
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [284] and er, it helps me to, it's only a hobby, you know, but er, it's one that I've had for donkey years, I want to er keep going with it as long as I can
David (PS09V) [285] Like somebody, somebody said on the radio the other day, everybody's got a song inside them
Fred (PS09T) [286] That's true
David (PS09V) [287] Some have more than one
Fred (PS09T) [288] Well I know
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [289] but I mean I, I expect it's true, everybody does ... well even those who er, well people who turn now, they must have, voices I'm told about work and they could er
David (PS09V) [290] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [291] write lyrics and er
David (PS09V) [292] well I refer
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [293] music
David (PS09V) [294] yeah, yeah, I suppose I'm what you call tone and deaf, I've got no music
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [295] at all
Fred (PS09T) [296] oh you were telling me, you used to
David (PS09V) [297] Oh David and me, oh yeah
Fred (PS09T) [298] Oh Dave, yeah, have you heard from Dave , you used to make
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [299] Oh yeah
Fred (PS09T) [300] He did it on the guitar and you were simply found a few words and
David (PS09V) [301] yeah ... yeah it's true
Fred (PS09T) [302] it was a long time ago but as I recall they weren't too bad, to even, if you'd have stuck at it, you'd have got better, it's the same with every job you get better at
David (PS09V) [303] Yeah, oh that's true, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [304] if you tackle it, even go out there, or wine making come to that
David (PS09V) [305] No everything painting and decorating
Fred (PS09T) [306] Even painting and decorating Dave as you say
David (PS09V) [307] yes, we're not in the rain no
Fred (PS09T) [308] no, no, why you not going to that anyway because er
David (PS09V) [309] Well I tried yesterday, but I got wet
Fred (PS09T) [310] How long were you there?
David (PS09V) [311] About four hours ... came home when it rained and then it stayed dry
Fred (PS09T) [312] I think it must have rained in Erchester not here though
David (PS09V) [313] It poured, round about twelve, twelve thirty ... not like this like heavy
Fred (PS09T) [314] No I don't record
David (PS09V) [315] poured but
Fred (PS09T) [316] like er
David (PS09V) [317] but this, we got some solid rain
Fred (PS09T) [318] we did have a bit
David (PS09V) [319] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [320] but er, you got more, you, of course you were nearer the river
David (PS09V) [321] Yeah that's true
Fred (PS09T) [322] It's time we could do with it
David (PS09V) [323] I know we need it, but, I would have been anywhere at the moment though
Fred (PS09T) [324] Ha, about twenty inches we need, is it two months?
David (PS09V) [325] Well, forget about that
Fred (PS09T) [326] Oh, we'd go down
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [327] [laugh] , just see them all paddling in the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [328] well this is the most, this is the most rain we've had for ... in such a period, no, in, in about a week something like that
Fred (PS09T) [329] Yeah, yeah
David (PS09V) [330] It's sort of rained
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [331] it's strange, because er last month and the month I wouldn't associate with rain and that November with distant fog, fallen leaves and
David (PS09V) [332] Yeah, well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [333] just to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [334] It'll do a lot of good I mean I've put both plants out during the week, they were fairly dry then, but now if you'd see that, that, they've taken already
David (PS09V) [335] Oh definitely this is sort of herb job
Fred (PS09T) [336] Yes, this is what I mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [337] Cor dear I wish I could
Fred (PS09T) [338] Tell when you gotta ... have knowing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [339] Is that, that plant, yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [340] usually down the front there, somewhere
David (PS09V) [341] Haven't got any
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [342] have you? [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [343] No, I have not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [344] Oh, what a minute, what?
[345] I, well I the erm, what er, herbs up underneath the apple tree
David (PS09V) [346] Do what?
Fred (PS09T) [347] the herbs under the apple tree, what are they?
Florence (PS09U) [348] Sorry I can't, I can't see against the window
Fred (PS09T) [349] The herbs under the apple tree, what are they?
Florence (PS09U) [350] Chives
Fred (PS09T) [351] Chives
David (PS09V) [352] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [353] sorry
Florence (PS09U) [354] I thought we gave Wendy some last year
Fred (PS09T) [355] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [356] do what dear?
Fred (PS09T) [357] No, he wants some
Florence (PS09U) [358] Oh, I've never heard, well I've heard of it, but I've never seen it ...
Fred (PS09T) [359] As for a recipe, you pick these recipes up and that's a stupid blooming herb
Florence (PS09U) [360] This paper's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [361] Taunton in Devon ...
Fred (PS09T) [362] Good old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [363] Hurry up then, come paying, there's a shopping precinct in Taunton, Devon
Fred (PS09T) [364] Did you see the name of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [365] town of Somerset
David (PS09V) [366] Did you see
Florence (PS09U) [367] What?
David (PS09V) [368] the name of the erm
Fred (PS09T) [369] That's unusual for the Observer
David (PS09V) [370] the Raving Loony Party member who's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [371] Paddy Ashdown
Fred (PS09T) [372] Yes
David (PS09V) [373] Patrick Ashdown
Florence (PS09U) [374] Oh that's it Patrick I'm, I saw the Patrick Ashdown, I didn't know what
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [375] his real name isn't Patrick, it's John
David (PS09V) [376] Yeah, I mean it's a bit, a bit naughty in a way innit?
Florence (PS09U) [377] Yeah
David (PS09V) [378] There could be a few older people that could make
Florence (PS09U) [379] it could be confusing cos people
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [380] Here you get
Florence (PS09U) [381] Although it does now say on paper what party they are, it never used to
David (PS09V) [382] No
Florence (PS09U) [383] but it does now, it does have a party as well as a name on the election paper
Fred (PS09T) [384] Well, a lot of old folk er, I don't think they're much bothered what they say, they know the name of the candidates and they seemed to
David (PS09V) [385] that's for the name, yeah so ,so , some of them will be confused, but not enough for them to have any problems I shouldn't have thought.
[386] Did you get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [387] I think they hold the balance at the end don't they?
Fred (PS09T) [388] Oh I think
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [389] getting in this er, seat it er
David (PS09V) [390] I bet it, as regards it cut down to about five
Fred (PS09T) [391] five, probably less
David (PS09V) [392] and Freda will get in as well
Fred (PS09T) [393] There's no doubt who the majority will go ... well most of it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [394] Powell will lose his seat
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [395] but Freeman Fry will be
Fred (PS09T) [396] But I don't like the way he'd er, all this, all about er ... how you'll be annually taxed under Labour because the truth is that even under the Conservatives, all the years they've been in, and all the years they've been reducing tax, taxes from time to time, indirect taxation increased
David (PS09V) [397] Oh I know, you only got to look at the VAT ain't you for starters
Fred (PS09T) [398] Yeah , taxation now if anything is harder than it was in seventy nine
David (PS09V) [399] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [400] they shouldn't talk
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [401] I, I, I'd would teach them to stand up and tell them the truth, there don't appear to be too many of them about these days
David (PS09V) [402] Well it's just brought out a budget to paper over a few cracks and make it look good because they knew that, they've got no more chances this is it innit?
[403] I think ...
Fred (PS09T) [404] Well do you think this really impress er Lisa?
David (PS09V) [405] I'll have a word with her when she's awake, she's still on a third dream I should think at the moment ... but she's er, certainly good talking, I could, I could try and get her without her knowing about it and see what happens, just dinner time I'll take it down and try it, oh you're gonna take it round Steve's ain't you?
[406] Today
Fred (PS09T) [407] Oh yes well you can perhaps do it tomorrow
David (PS09V) [408] Yes, through the week some time
Fred (PS09T) [409] do it a good turn if you could er
David (PS09V) [410] Well they normally stay in now, er, Monday and Tuesdays usually Lisa and Kev stay in with us and watch the telly with us ... they go, he plays pool Wednesday
Fred (PS09T) [411] Do they stay in on er, Sundays do they all
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [412] Well generally he comes up for dinner, but he ain't today so he'll be Rhys will come, be in for dinner, he'll turn up about three, and they sometimes stay, we sometimes play game in the afternoon, board game or something, it depends
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [413] Steve, you see, they often get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [414] Why, why bother about the football this afternoon?
Fred (PS09T) [415] See he'll watch it and all
David (PS09V) [416] Man City and Southampton ain't it?
Fred (PS09T) [417] Yeah
David (PS09V) [418] Yeah, don't bother me none ... as long as Southampton win mind you
Fred (PS09T) [419] Well Southampton er can pull er ...
David (PS09V) [420] Reg see where Tottenham are in the league?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [421] Pardon?
David (PS09V) [422] See where Tottenham are in the league?
Fred (PS09T) [423] No
David (PS09V) [424] They're about six from the bottom ain't they?
[425] They lost at home again yesterday ... they shall find themselves some trouble if they don't buck their ideas up ... whether they're lacking or not ...
Fred (PS09T) [426] Well they're
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [427] I expect
David (PS09V) [428] well they're
Fred (PS09T) [429] Well it, the way they started off in that cup final, last year
David (PS09V) [430] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [431] they're a danger to life aren't they?
David (PS09V) [432] Yeah it's terrible really
Fred (PS09T) [433] I've had him off with that first foul in the first minute, that he committed, ridiculous
David (PS09V) [434] Were Lineker weren't playing where he?
[435] No
Fred (PS09T) [436] Not yesterday?
David (PS09V) [437] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [438] All raving about Rob Jones ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [439] down again
David (PS09V) [440] yep afraid so can you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...]
Fred (PS09T) [441] get wound up
David (PS09V) [442] I know,would wouldn't surprise me either
Fred (PS09T) [443] Pity you know
David (PS09V) [444] He said that's half the reason that Brian Tolbrook took over at Tettron ain't it?,
[445] I think he had his eyes, he'd got his eyes on Tettron replacing
Fred (PS09T) [446] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [447] in the league
Fred (PS09T) [448] he probably looked into the future a bit and decided that er
David (PS09V) [449] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [450] well it cost them a hundred thousand to do it, but, I mean he's never been able to afford the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [451] yeah and he's deciding that Adam and he's deciding that Adam weren't worth it and
David (PS09V) [452] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [453] went for it, but
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [454] well he apparently spoke to erm, he had quite a lengthy conversation with Ron Atkinson apparently, cos Atkinson used to be the manager of Tettron didn't he?
[455] And he was telling them you know what a ... a good club it could be, it's the ground
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [456] they opened their own ground as well you see, but that was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [457] and, I mean don't, he's upset that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [458] a wound up, I mean if there was a league team like Kettering, Kettering like the fourth division, that would be brilliant ... be nearer to go wouldn't it?
Fred (PS09T) [459] Why they all have such a large ground
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [460] I've never seen it
Fred (PS09T) [461] I remember going there
David (PS09V) [462] bet it's got four star pitches
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [463] after the war and there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [464] and they had a record gate ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [465] It isn't a ground
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [466] near a ten, near the ground size of Kettering's
David (PS09V) [467] but they've got to, I remember when Rhys played in that, the F A bars quarter final, two seasons ago down here, they got well over a thousand down there then, and you just couldn't move, that were brilliant, all the way round the ground there were about four of five people deep
Fred (PS09T) [468] there's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [469] ground, it's a shame because
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [470] no point for promotion and weren't allowed to go off, cos of the state of the ground
David (PS09V) [471] I know that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [472] but they could win the league this, this season and not go up
Fred (PS09T) [473] That's right
David (PS09V) [474] The Taylor reports got a lot to answer for really
Fred (PS09T) [475] How did they get on yesterday?
David (PS09V) [476] Don't think they played
Fred (PS09T) [477] Well somebody said they're at Grantham
David (PS09V) [478] Were they?
[479] ... It weren't in my paper this morning
Fred (PS09T) [480] Well check it on the er back page inside ...
David (PS09V) [481] got to be the ...
Fred (PS09T) [482] they weren't in the ordinary fixed roll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [483] re-arranged
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [484] you see ... I met an old work mate of mine he said they were at Grantham ...
David (PS09V) [485] No
Fred (PS09T) [486] Well they're on the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [487] though, weren't he?
David (PS09V) [488] In the paper I saw they were supposed to been at Bury but they played Bilston, Bedford ...

4 (Tape 026004)

David (PS09V) [489] Oh, that's right, you did say didn't you?
Gemma (PS09Y) [490] Ann's gotta take my erm thingy in, my erm ... what's it
Marjorie (PS09X) [491] Game
David (PS09V) [492] Your game oh well
Marjorie (PS09X) [493] Windfall was it?
Gemma (PS09Y) [494] No, no
Florence (PS09U) [495] What's a what's it?
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Gemma (PS09Y) [496] erm, you, you know your computer, your thingy
David (PS09V) [497] oh the Amstrad?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [498] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [499] ye , no, the Amstrad
David (PS09V) [500] The Amstrad?
Gemma (PS09Y) [501] Yeah, I had a choice to take that in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [502] mm
Fred (PS09T) [503] Do you want a biscuit Gem?
David (PS09V) [504] Were
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh]
Gemma (PS09Y) [505] yeah
David (PS09V) [506] Oh yes, suppose so, fine dad, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [507] er, I'll leave them on there
David (PS09V) [508] Right-y-oh, help yourselves ...
Fred (PS09T) [509] David's been up
Marjorie (PS09X) [510] Make sure somebody saying what
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [511] yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [512] work
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [513] Check on the football results and that
David (PS09V) [514] Oh, I see
Gemma (PS09Y) [515] Nan ... he erm don't take them in every lesson
Florence (PS09U) [516] Oh
Gemma (PS09Y) [517] takes them in like erm ... turn it around every week, don't know yet
Florence (PS09U) [518] how often do you do french? ...
Gemma (PS09Y) [519] Four times a week
Florence (PS09U) [520] Four times a week
Marjorie (PS09X) [521] That's quite a lot for a
Fred (PS09T) [522] She said, she said four times yesterday
Marjorie (PS09X) [523] Oh
Gemma (PS09Y) [524] Science we have twice a week, but, it's double lessons
Florence (PS09U) [525] Oh
Gemma (PS09Y) [526] So I'd rather have it four times
Florence (PS09U) [527] yeah
Gemma (PS09Y) [528] er ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [529] we have
Florence (PS09U) [530] do you do cookery?
Gemma (PS09Y) [531] No
Marjorie (PS09X) [532] Well she done a bit didn't you?
David (PS09V) [533] You made them cakes that time didn't you?
Gemma (PS09Y) [534] Mm
Marjorie (PS09X) [535] She's done
Gemma (PS09Y) [536] on birthdays you go to a swimming club, at lunch time and your mates are there.
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [537] another year where your
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [538] mm
Florence (PS09U) [539] year ain't you?
Marjorie (PS09X) [540] Yeah, must be later on
Florence (PS09U) [541] I know Michael said Laura was doing some cookery, what was it he said?
[542] What see if I go, have I got something that Laura wanted cookery, I've forgot what she wanted now, I forget what she said it were, she was making ... see that bit about you, about you
Marjorie (PS09X) [543] No not yet I've
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [544] I didn't read the very far
Florence (PS09U) [545] Well she copes because she had the same problem as me with her hands if she's writing for long, her hands ache, so she can write a longer letter if she types, so I said I, I didn't really, I like a hand written letter best it seems more personal somehow, perhaps they do, having a typed letter means you can send a longer one, they all mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [546] Does she perhaps get with a, a
Florence (PS09U) [547] Well I do, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [548] write, it's now I have to ache, I, I wait a few minutes and then I, go on again when me hands had a rest
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [549] Well my hands ache
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [550] been in the garden last week, about
Marjorie (PS09X) [551] Yeah , that's where the fun is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [552] If I'm holding anything, so that I'm holding the hand in one position for a long time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [553] Yeah mine do that
Fred (PS09T) [554] They inject it in into animals
David (PS09V) [555] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [556] and er, and satisfactory results
David (PS09V) [557] oh
Fred (PS09T) [558] and of course there's, there's a lot of the testing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [559] yet before they can er ... decide to, inject into you
David (PS09V) [560] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [561] but they think that they could er be on the way to er ... actually making a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [562] cure
David (PS09V) [563] I see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [564] asthma's wound up, they reckon they've found a cure for that
Fred (PS09T) [565] yeah
David (PS09V) [566] now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [567] central
Florence (PS09U) [568] what's it, been on the television about it
David (PS09V) [569] There's now a cause Flo, it's a cause , they've found a cause
Florence (PS09U) [570] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [571] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [572] I saw something on the television today it's sitting there said they've a cause about it
David (PS09V) [573] Yeah, yeah, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [574] They say a cause
Marjorie (PS09X) [575] It won't be long
David (PS09V) [576] They can, they can work on it even further then, can't they, you know, to
Fred (PS09T) [577] They can look for something
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [578] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [579] that'll be a brilliant breakthrough
Fred (PS09T) [580] Well it would several of us have rheumatoid arthritis
David (PS09V) [581] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [582] I'll never, never
Florence (PS09U) [583] And a
Fred (PS09T) [584] on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [585] went back to my unit during the war
David (PS09V) [586] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [587] I, I helped a young girl get an old lady onto the er train
David (PS09V) [588] mm
Fred (PS09T) [589] and I, I, probably only a youngster then, well I was about twenty six or seven, but er, I shall never forget ... her fingers were like claws she couldn't move them they'd sort of set
David (PS09V) [590] Ooh
Marjorie (PS09X) [591] Oh how awful
Fred (PS09T) [592] clenched
David (PS09V) [593] lord terrible
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [594] this is different from the ... sort that we get, it, it, it doesn't only affect older people, children get it, it's so
Fred (PS09T) [595] Yeah I know
Florence (PS09U) [596] crippled with hands and
Fred (PS09T) [597] Well this old lady well she was
David (PS09V) [598] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [599] terrible she was
David (PS09V) [600] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [601] helpless
David (PS09V) [602] I mean to tell you that I'd seen old Ken
Fred (PS09T) [603] Well how's he getting on?
David (PS09V) [604] Well, he's had several heart attacks, he's been in hospital
Fred (PS09T) [605] Well I knew he was going in, he told her
David (PS09V) [606] Yeah, he's had several heart attacks
Fred (PS09T) [607] How long they keep him in do you know?
David (PS09V) [608] He were in there eight weeks
Fred (PS09T) [609] sshh
Marjorie (PS09X) [610] oh dear
David (PS09V) [611] yeah and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [612] well what the first thing he do and he has to go in the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [613] no, no, they leave her in the home ...
Florence (PS09U) [614] oh
Marjorie (PS09X) [615] It doesn't seem that long they'd taken her out
Fred (PS09T) [616] No he told me, he actually told me, they hadn't got a bed for him, they hadn't got a bed for him, so they looked after his own, the bungalow
Florence (PS09U) [617] Anybody in his er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [618] change of health, never looks after them afterwards
Fred (PS09T) [619] does she?
David (PS09V) [620] erm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [621] They always have someone go in every day anyway
David (PS09V) [622] There's, there's a nurse goes in to bath her everyday, put her in the bath, so then there's the home help visit, the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [623] yeah she's bedridden, she can't get out
David (PS09V) [624] no, no, oh no, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [625] you can claim
Florence (PS09U) [626] she's bedridden, she can't do anything
Fred (PS09T) [627] you know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [628] as well
David (PS09V) [629] It's awful ain't it?
Fred (PS09T) [630] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [631] But I mean er, a man in his state of health never ought to be left to look after a woman like that, but different if it's an ablebodied
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [632] umping disgraceful
Marjorie (PS09X) [633] I think it's disgraceful
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [634] Christine's only my age, I was at school with her
Marjorie (PS09X) [635] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [636] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [637] achieve don't I, but I mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [638] we knew Chris by error, but he's got a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [639] but he don't make any
Florence (PS09U) [640] she's been bedridden for twenty years now or whatever
Fred (PS09T) [641] no he didn't
Florence (PS09U) [642] perhaps when I see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [643] start thinking I'm getting old
Fred (PS09T) [644] yeah that's old er
Florence (PS09U) [645] [laugh] , still
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [646] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [647] it's funny, you don't feel any older inside it
Fred (PS09T) [648] I'm not old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [649] you, you speaking for yourself, now you know
Marjorie (PS09X) [650] Why do you feel older?
Florence (PS09U) [651] What, what you mean [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [652] Well, oh, me eighty two years
Marjorie (PS09X) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [653] and you just speak for yourself
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [654] imagine her when I'm eighty how I'll feel
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [laugh] ...
David (PS09V) [655] Yeah he done a real good time
Fred (PS09T) [656] Gemma's got a long way to go before she gets to eighty
Florence (PS09U) [657] You're not twelve yet are you?
Gemma (PS09Y) [658] No
Florence (PS09U) [659] When she goes back she didn't say anything about Kevin, it must have been a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [660] come to England, she, she said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [661] Probably see Deborah soon
Florence (PS09U) [662] but er she didn't say
David (PS09V) [663] probably make sure when she's coming
Florence (PS09U) [664] anything about coming, and yet Jenny came up and told me that she was coming on Friday, er before I got that letter, got that letter the next day
Fred (PS09T) [665] Oh, didn't know they were coming
David (PS09V) [666] Mhm
Marjorie (PS09X) [667] She must of erm got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [668] I don't know how long the letters take, when they come by air
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [669] You'd think she'd got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [670] A nice little red wine
Marjorie (PS09X) [671] It is nice
David (PS09V) [672] Yeah very nice
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [673] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [674] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [675] Yeah, I'd like to go
Gemma (PS09Y) [676] And me
Marjorie (PS09X) [677] and you, yeah ... take the animals with
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [678] said I was gonna try and learn a bit of German before I went again
Marjorie (PS09X) [679] [laugh] Laura's learning German and she's at school ...
Fred (PS09T) [680] Bloody, Ruth left er, were they married?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [681] She left him, hasn't she?
Marjorie (PS09X) [682] Yeah
David (PS09V) [683] Yeah , that's right, yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [684] yeah, they do these days
Fred (PS09T) [685] They've erm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [686] he tried to get into the house Rhys were
Marjorie (PS09X) [687] I didn't know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [688] But she came back
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...]
David (PS09V) [689] yeah but couldn't get in though
Florence (PS09U) [690] Well you'd have somebody had to go in with her to make sure she didn't take anything that belongs to him
Marjorie (PS09X) [691] Well
Fred (PS09T) [692] Didn't he run a market stall?
David (PS09V) [693] Yes dad, but, apparently enough he got into a lot of trouble with the tax
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [694] Oh, they're, they're after him like you know
Marjorie (PS09X) [695] The policeman up several times
David (PS09V) [696] The police have been up several times, you know that attache case I said the dustman found that time?
Fred (PS09T) [697] Yeah
David (PS09V) [698] Well that was something to do with him apparently enough
Marjorie (PS09X) [699] Police came up, they've been up, we've seen them up there several times
David (PS09V) [700] yeah, so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [701] What, been selling dodgy
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [702] or something
David (PS09V) [703] Pay your tax a day as you must
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [704] Oh
David (PS09V) [705] He's not been paying, but I suppose, with a business like that it'd be V A T wouldn't it?
Marjorie (PS09X) [706] Yeah, I bet you
David (PS09V) [707] Wouldn't it?
Marjorie (PS09X) [708] dodgy stuff
David (PS09V) [709] yeah V A T, be V A T thought it would
Florence (PS09U) [710] Get paid in tax and er don't have to make any record up
David (PS09V) [711] That's right yeah, yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [712] It could be direct tax as well they may not, they'd may not have declared er
David (PS09V) [713] Oh that's correct, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [714] He's probably earning you see, I mean
David (PS09V) [715] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [716] with a lock up in store
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [717] and a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [718] around, yeah you'll get round do you good and well in work
Florence (PS09U) [719] When Betty left, I, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [720] He went, he went the clothes mostly had in London
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [721] oh he went all over the place with that
Fred (PS09T) [722] What thirty quid market
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [723] I don't know whether Pettitcoat Lane, but I know he went up to London
Florence (PS09U) [724] Honest, honest
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [725] well he always seemed to me to be a bit of wise guy
David (PS09V) [726] Oh yeah he is, he is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [727] long, long conversation of
Florence (PS09U) [728] I've corrected her once about it [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [729] er, he told me how
Marjorie (PS09X) [730] Ah, shame that
Fred (PS09T) [731] Well he's got a lot of fishing equipment and I said you're a keen fisherman then, all walk in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [732] and mentioned it in passing, you know, and he said er, yes, he said er I've started
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [733] would you like one?
[734] I said well, of course I would
David (PS09V) [735] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [736] how much do you want?
[737] But I never got one
David (PS09V) [738] no, no
Fred (PS09T) [739] I didn't expect one either [laugh] so naturally I wasn't disappointed
David (PS09V) [740] [laugh] no
Fred (PS09T) [741] well although he told me he'd er, he'd, well he'd had a reasonable catch he'd er, remember them, bring one up ...
Florence (PS09U) [742] Well that's a trout we had Wendy gave us didn't she?
Fred (PS09T) [743] Yeah, it was nice weren't it?
[744] But her
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [745] fellow got two
Florence (PS09U) [746] That's right
Fred (PS09T) [747] a sea fisherman in Erchester and
David (PS09V) [748] Yeah, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [749] what's his name? ...
Florence (PS09U) [750] mm
Fred (PS09T) [751] was it, no it's Church isn't it?
Florence (PS09U) [752] What?
Fred (PS09T) [753] the chap at er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [754] I don't know his name
Fred (PS09T) [755] I think he's name's Church ... [music] ... see I work with a, a young chap from Wellingborough, Graham and er, he and his brother in law always went round the reservoir, Ramsthorpe, Grantham
David (PS09V) [756] Oh I know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [757] that your dad was working
Fred (PS09T) [758] Solhall
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [759] Then we came out by Buckingham Palace and somebody had or
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [760] the queen's home, the flag was flying
David (PS09V) [761] Ah
Florence (PS09U) [762] so Lisa said can we go in to see her
Marjorie (PS09X) [laugh]
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [763] She's only six, I said yes we'll just knock on the door and say I'm Lisa I've come to tea
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [764] Anyway cheers
Fred (PS09T) [765] Cheers Dave
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Marjorie (PS09X) [766] Is that the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [767] Well they're sparkling over
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [768] Mm, they're nice
David (PS09V) [769] They're better for you that way though ain't they?
Fred (PS09T) [770] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [771] You could produce them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [772] or the bananas, scrub out er, quarter of an hour or so
David (PS09V) [773] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [774] then strain the usual, and just use the juice
David (PS09V) [775] oh
Fred (PS09T) [776] use a chopper all the way
David (PS09V) [777] oh I see
Fred (PS09T) [778] it'll give you
Florence (PS09U) [779] Put plenty of lime in
Fred (PS09T) [780] wine with a stronger body
David (PS09V) [781] oh
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
David (PS09V) [782] How's your growing in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [783] What about that dragon trap? ...
Marjorie (PS09X) [784] Too many long
Gemma (PS09Y) [785] Haven't seen it yet
Fred (PS09T) [786] Oh
Marjorie (PS09X) [787] I mean it's not what you can tell
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [788] that time we went with him, we saw the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [789] It needs
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [790] don't it?
David (PS09V) [791] [laugh] oh ...
Florence (PS09U) [792] When Gem was up here the other day she was telling us about one of them teachers who plays computer games instead of giving lessons
Marjorie (PS09X) [793] Oh
David (PS09V) [794] Ah
Florence (PS09U) [795] who
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [796] Amstrad
David (PS09V) [797] Ah Amstrad eh?
Florence (PS09U) [798] In science I think she said wasn't it?
Gemma (PS09Y) [799] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [800] Well that's alright innit?
Florence (PS09U) [801] Yeah, they were playing Batman games it's a new computer
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Marjorie (PS09X) [802] Yeah I think some of the teachers
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [803] Do you like them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [804] Would you like a biscuit too with your wine?
David (PS09V) [805] Yes please dad, you can, yes please ...
Gemma (PS09Y) [806] Yeah, do you remember that time with
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [807] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [808] bought a ticket then.

5 (Tape 026101)

Sandra (PS0A2) [809] Right, who's where?
Steven (PS0A0) [810] Doesn't matter really, don't think it matters.
Sandra (PS0A2) [811] Well I've put the two girls on the end.
Steven (PS0A0) [812] Oh right
Emily (PS0A1) [813] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [814] No Emily don't want it ... where do you wanna sit then?
Emily (PS0A1) [815] Here
Sandra (PS0A2) [816] Alright well go there
Steven (PS0A0) [817] Alright
Sandra (PS0A2) [818] Where you gonna sit?
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [819] There or there?
[820] This one or that one?
Fred (PS09T) [821] Make your mind up
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [822] She's not sitting near me
Fred (PS09T) [823] You'll be a rose in between two thorns there
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [824] Right I'll bring a cloth in so you can get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [825] start
Emily (PS0A1) [826] Can I have er drink mummy?
Steven (PS0A0) [827] I say, go and get yourself something
Sandra (PS0A2) [828] You'll have to get yourself something
Emily (PS0A1) [829] Oh, can I have wine and lemonade?
Steven (PS0A0) [830] No you're not having wine and lemonade
Emily (PS0A1) [831] Can I mummy?
Steven (PS0A0) [832] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [833] You're not big enough to drink wine
Emily (PS0A1) [834] Can I?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [835] Can we?
Steven (PS0A0) [836] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [837] Say please
Emily (PS0A1) [838] Can we daddy ... mummy, mummy
Sandra (PS0A2) [839] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [840] can we?
Sandra (PS0A2) [841] No
Steven (PS0A0) [842] No I said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [843] Pardon? ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [844] There was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [845] in there, there's a table in there
Fred (PS09T) [846] Oh you could
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [847] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [848] Not much though is it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [849] unfortunately
Steven (PS0A0) [850] No, if, if
Sandra (PS0A2) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [851] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [852] It's only about three ain't it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [853] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [854] How old's your dad?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [855] Three, he's twenty, thirty seven
Sandra (PS0A2) [856] Right, always have to ask
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [857] how old he is, ah love? [laugh] ah?
Fred (PS09T) [858] Right, that's old
Florence (PS09U) [859] I never know when anybody is, I know what year they were born, I have to count it up and see how old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [860] I know how old mummy is
Sandra (PS0A2) [861] I'm meant to be twelve
Fred (PS09T) [862] Here are
Emily (PS0A1) [863] I'm eight nan, I'm eight in April
Florence (PS09U) [864] You'll be eight this year
Emily (PS0A1) [865] eight
Florence (PS09U) [866] you'll be eight in May
Sandra (PS0A2) [867] April
Florence (PS09U) [868] April, April
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [869] and I want, mum I want
Sandra (PS0A2) [870] Yeah help yourself
Fred (PS09T) [871] I will
Emily (PS0A1) [872] I know how
Sandra (PS0A2) [873] Peas, carrots
Emily (PS0A1) [874] I know how I want, an onion
Sandra (PS0A2) [875] sprouts and a bit of cauliflower
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [876] I know how old mummy is, she's forty
Sandra (PS0A2) [877] Sshh ...
Fred (PS09T) [878] Roast potatoes? ...
Steven (PS0A0) [879] Here are, go on ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [880] I'm not having carrots
Sandra (PS0A2) [881] Why not?
Fred (PS09T) [882] Roast parsnip , do you want some roast potato?
Emily (PS0A1) [883] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [884] Thank you
Fred (PS09T) [885] Mash potato?
Emily (PS0A1) [886] Please
Fred (PS09T) [887] How much do you want?
Florence (PS09U) [888] Pass me
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [889] oh dear
Emily (PS0A1) [890] cat fish
Fred (PS09T) [891] will that do? ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [892] I didn't bring the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [893] Ben ...
Steven (PS0A0) [894] How are the roast potatoes done?
[895] Do you want one?
Sandra (PS0A2) [896] Yeah please, I've done two each for us
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [897] Why is he
Fred (PS09T) [898] George, why, we'll swap over
Emily (PS0A1) [899] I want, I want the gravy, can I have the gravy?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [900] Oh that reminds me mum, where's my shoes, where's my diet pepsi?
Sandra (PS0A2) [901] I, still haven't got it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [902] You get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [903] don't you?
Sandra (PS0A2) [904] I got cake ...
Fred (PS09T) [905] Er ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [906] yeah ... I want
Florence (PS09U) [907] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [908] Have a bit more, no they they've got them, cos they don't like it when it's done round the meat
Florence (PS09U) [909] Yeah alright
Sandra (PS0A2) [910] and mum and Steve got a leg so you can help yourself
Fred (PS09T) [911] Don't you want some coffee?
Sandra (PS0A2) [912] Yeah, I will have a bit ...
Steven (PS0A0) [913] Do you want a roast mum?
[914] Er a roast potato?
Florence (PS09U) [915] Er no thanks
Steven (PS0A0) [916] Try and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [917] I'm supposed to, watching me diet and I haven't been eating roast potatoes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [918] Why you been on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [919] mummy
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [920] What else haven't you got?
Sandra (PS0A2) [921] Peas and carrots
Steven (PS0A0) [922] What you want?
Emily (PS0A1) [923] Gravy ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [924] do you want
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [925] yes please er Sandra ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [926] Er parsnips, Fred parsnips?
Fred (PS09T) [927] Yes, I've a ... had two roast parsnips ... it a
Sandra (PS0A2) [928] You got gravy?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [929] Mm, yes thanks ...
Fred (PS09T) [930] I'm rather partial to parsnips I'm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [931] Brings the flavour to it
Steven (PS0A0) [932] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [933] Once we had , once we had big ones better
Fred (PS09T) [934] They're big enough aren't they? ...
Emily (PS0A1) [935] You want
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [936] Er they're amazing these seeing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [937] Oh I know
Florence (PS09U) [938] I know when he was a kiddy he'd never eat them
Sandra (PS0A2) [939] I know, have you got your parsnip?
Florence (PS09U) [940] Me, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [941] it is tasty isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [942] no, have some more
Sandra (PS0A2) [943] right
Fred (PS09T) [944] Steve call it gravy, I call it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [945] Doesn't, why?
Fred (PS09T) [946] [laugh] I thought it was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [947] I call circles squircles
Steven (PS0A0) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [948] You call what?
Steven (PS0A0) [949] Pass the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [950] Circles squircles
Fred (PS09T) [951] Squircles?
Emily (PS0A1) [952] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [953] Oh that comes from that game you play with the cards don't it, when you call it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [954] What
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [955] She doesn't call it squircles
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [956] No
Fred (PS09T) [957] I should think a squircle is an irregular circle is it not?
Sandra (PS0A2) [958] No, it came about because she put down a what card and I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [959] to say squares and circles
Florence (PS09U) [960] Squares and circles
Sandra (PS0A2) [961] oh, she couldn't make up her mind and it come out squircles
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [962] Innit?
Florence (PS09U) [963] It's funny how names like that stick when, you know, it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [964] the child will say something
Sandra (PS0A2) [965] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [966] and you, you pick it up ...
Fred (PS09T) [967] It's obviously
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [968] Squircle
Sandra (PS0A2) [969] What?
Emily (PS0A1) [970] Can we play a game after din-dins?
Steven (PS0A0) [971] Lindard
Sandra (PS0A2) [972] What's that?
Emily (PS0A1) [973] Oh ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [974] Mum ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [975] You got pepper, you want pepper?
Fred (PS09T) [976] I've had some thanks er Sandra yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [977] Oh you've had some , where's the top to that one?
Emily (PS0A1) [978] I don't know mum
Sandra (PS0A2) [979] Oh it's over here
Fred (PS09T) [980] What don't you know?
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [981] Daddy ...
Fred (PS09T) [982] Are these the garden parsnips?
Steven (PS0A0) [983] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [984] Very nice
Sandra (PS0A2) [985] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [986] Yeah we picked them yesterday
Emily (PS0A1) [987] Once you had big, big, big ones, didn't we daddy?
Florence (PS09U) [988] Got early potatoes then yet?
Sandra (PS0A2) [989] No not yet
Fred (PS09T) [990] Well it's pretty quick yet
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [991] Er there ain't no trays ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [992] Bit late for
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [993] ain't it?
Emily (PS0A1) [994] Mum is that one more , one, four, one, four, one?
Sandra (PS0A2) [995] Yeah that , no I can't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [996] You'll want to wait till the end of the month before I put mine in
Emily (PS0A1) [997] Have I got alcohol?
Steven (PS0A0) [998] I've probably put them in
Sandra (PS0A2) [999] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [1000] Well that's the foremost for August
Steven (PS0A0) [1001] Oh dear
Fred (PS09T) [1002] Mm ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1003] well I'll have to work out how many I need, I might need some more yet ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1004] More what?
Steven (PS0A0) [1005] That broom I've got, cos I, I took the rest of them bushes out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1006] Did he?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1007] No
Fred (PS09T) [1008] What are you gonna put in with them?
Emily (PS0A1) [1009] Are we gonna play a game afterwards?
Steven (PS0A0) [1010] I spoke to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1011] If you like , what do you want to play?
Emily (PS0A1) [1012] Erm ... Cluedo?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1013] Mm
Emily (PS0A1) [1014] Cluedo?
Steven (PS0A0) [1015] I can mix it around and carrots and the
Sandra (PS0A2) [1016] Cluedo
Steven (PS0A0) [1017] parsnips and the fruit and veg
Sandra (PS0A2) [1018] Yeah, I don't mind
Steven (PS0A0) [1019] will be on this side, and the
Sandra (PS0A2) [1020] or see what the others want to do
Steven (PS0A0) [1021] beans and peas and
Emily (PS0A1) [1022] Do you want to play a game after this?
Steven (PS0A0) [1023] all the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1024] will be main bit
Sandra (PS0A2) [1025] Yes when we're finished.
Fred (PS09T) [1026] Good idea rotation plot
Emily (PS0A1) [1027] Cluedo?
[1028] We're gonna play a game of Cluedo
Fred (PS09T) [1029] What now?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1030] after ... din-dins
Fred (PS09T) [1031] I can't play it
Emily (PS0A1) [1032] dinner and din-dins
Fred (PS09T) [1033] I can't play Cluedo after all these roast potatoes
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [1034] I've only ever guessed that right once, a day over at Marion's once and that'll be break [laugh] ...
Fred (PS09T) [1035] Did you work it out or was it a guess?
Florence (PS09U) [1036] Mm?
Fred (PS09T) [1037] Did you work it out or was it a guess?
Florence (PS09U) [1038] I worked it out from what cards I'd got and what I knew somebody else hadn't got ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1039] We all went round with
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1040] and we're all pounding this little
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1041] dad's go and he got the wrong weapon, he crossed out the wrong one on his list
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1042] I went, the last time I played it, which was erm, about few weeks back, few weeks back, I had all the ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1043] I had all of the ... cards ... and
Florence (PS09U) [1044] All at one time?
Emily (PS0A1) [1045] all one time cards, all of them and it, there was a thing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1046] in, but, and, you took
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1047] those were weapons , yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1048] weapons, and it was the dagger and you couldn't work it out and kept on asking
Steven (PS0A0) [1049] I did
Emily (PS0A1) [1050] her, I kept on asking her
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1051] I've got there first
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1052] Only because I got, I had to go out of it ...
Florence (PS09U) [1053] Have you done any with your lace making kit yet?
Emily (PS0A1) [1054] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1055] Not a lot
Emily (PS0A1) [1056] You haven't, you haven't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1057] seem to have had, like, enough spare time to sit down and
Florence (PS09U) [1058] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [1059] you know, really study it ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1060] Can I have some more gravy please mum? ...
Fred (PS09T) [1061] Not too hot is it? ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1062] Where did they come from?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1063] It was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1064] when they had it at
Steven (PS0A0) [1065] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1066] at Christmas, I got him the beef
Florence (PS09U) [1067] Nice beef
Sandra (PS0A2) [1068] from Budgen's, when erm ah, you know at Chris , Christmas they had it down at one seventy nine a pound, didn't they?
Florence (PS09U) [1069] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1070] And I got this big bit then, put it in the freezer
Florence (PS09U) [1071] Lovely ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1072] I wished I'd have bought some more now
Emily (PS0A1) [1073] Is it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1074] So do I
Emily (PS0A1) [1075] [laugh] He didn't go out
Florence (PS09U) [1076] That's one advantage of having a big freezer you can get things when, when there's a bargain going
Sandra (PS0A2) [1077] Mm, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1078] We've got two little freezers we have
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1079] Oh they've got a couple of erm these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1080] down the market don't they?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1081] Mm , I've never been there
Fred (PS09T) [1082] We went round it ... I often er
Steven (PS0A0) [1083] Have you ever been to that Corby market?
Fred (PS09T) [1084] No, David has though
Steven (PS0A0) [1085] Yeah, supposed to be good
Fred (PS09T) [1086] erm, one of the er chaps that come to work and he's always on Corby ... that's what David told us ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1087] What sort of stall? ...
Fred (PS09T) [1088] Oh a stall of mixed each you know?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1089] No
Fred (PS09T) [1090] I think he provides game as well,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1091] like parsnip
Florence (PS09U) [1092] Got a bus pass token now, so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1093] you can travel round by the bus, or round the neighbourhood
Sandra (PS0A2) [1094] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1095] fares are already paid now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1096] got that
Florence (PS09U) [1097] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1098] on the bus a bit when the weather improves I shall like to go to Harrendle
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1099] But whether it was still
Florence (PS09U) [1100] you can get, get to Harrendle and Peterborough on the bus now
Sandra (PS0A2) [1101] Oh can you?
[1102] I didn't know
Florence (PS09U) [1103] what all those yellows
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1104] well they go in the week, you can on a Saturday
Fred (PS09T) [1105] You get six pound
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1106] seven pound fifty, on these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1107] thirty pounds worth ain't it?
Fred (PS09T) [1108] Oh yes, thirty
Florence (PS09U) [1109] Thirty pounds with each, were fifteen pound
Fred (PS09T) [1110] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1111] For fifteen pound?
Fred (PS09T) [1112] about sixty, yeah, because, say you pay out a quarter of the price from, you there
Steven (PS0A0) [1113] What you get a book of tokens or something?
Florence (PS09U) [1114] No it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1115] No they're, they're little silver thingies
Steven (PS0A0) [1116] Take them out as you use them?
Florence (PS09U) [1117] Well they're useful
Sandra (PS0A2) [1118] No
Florence (PS09U) [1119] on that little rider that's always
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1120] so far, and then we go on that at least once a week when we've been shopping
Sandra (PS0A2) [1121] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [1122] it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1123] it stops outside the gate
Sandra (PS0A2) [1124] Are those the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1125] Those are they
Emily (PS0A1) [1126] Let's have a look
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1127] They're like toy money aren't they?
Fred (PS09T) [1128] You get , you get them in ten pound batch
Emily (PS0A1) [1129] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1130] Aluminium
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1131] How do you know?
Emily (PS0A1) [1132] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1133] That it's safe
Steven (PS0A0) [1134] Oh you can tell ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1135] How?
Steven (PS0A0) [1136] against the light
Sandra (PS0A2) [1137] The difference how, for erm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1138] as well, can't you?
Florence (PS09U) [1139] [...] you can use them as
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1140] you've got a list of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1141] with a list of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1142] firms you can and
Fred (PS09T) [1143] and you
Sandra (PS0A2) [1144] so you can take them as well, don't they?
Fred (PS09T) [1145] Mm, mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1146] If you book Serve
Florence (PS09U) [1147] Serve, yeah Serve takes them, yeah I know
Fred (PS09T) [1148] You can use them on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1149] Oh can you?
Emily (PS0A1) [1150] Ooh
Fred (PS09T) [1151] Well er Fred and his wife went several times on them last year
Sandra (PS0A2) [1152] Oh ...
Florence (PS09U) [1153] Is that, I thought that the card and Serve take it out for the doctors a few weeks back when he got your bronchitis and you weren't too well and erm, car picked him up and took him up there, then you get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1154] he walked back, it was a nice day
Sandra (PS0A2) [1155] Oh no
Florence (PS09U) [1156] he walked back [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1157] You'd pay for that, ride back
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1158] I wrote to Eileen I said about your dad had a hundred and four and I said er, I'd a, sent a taxi from Serve to take him up, I said then he dismissed the driver and see he walked back, and I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1159] before I left, is er, got a mental pict , when you said dismissing the driver, mental picture of the, this chap in a cock cap and that, and your dad saying alright James it's enough
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1160] I'll walk back
Sandra (PS0A2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1161] I don't know how long you'll be in there, but I'll just go off now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1162] to er, old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1163] well I said well you mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1164] are you?
[1165] No problem mate I'll walk now, are you sure he say?
[1166] I said yes, I've walked
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [1167] it were that nice ... well I tale it all the veggies were your own produce?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1168] Oh not bad , no not the cauliflower ...
Fred (PS09T) [1169] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1170] I bought that yesterday, over the market, this spreads hard nan cos we run out
Steven (PS0A0) [1171] Oh, oh we've run out of 'tatoes as well we've run out of carrot and peas
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1172] We're
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1173] I thought we'd never end them
Steven (PS0A0) [1174] That's right
Sandra (PS0A2) [1175] Right but we did
Emily (PS0A1) [1176] Mum
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1177] carrots are
Steven (PS0A0) [1178] Carrots are, yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1179] Carrots are, yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1180] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1181] Emily eat a bit more please
Steven (PS0A0) [1182] We do more carrots next year
Sandra (PS0A2) [1183] Goody ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1184] Got to get me parsnips out
Fred (PS09T) [1185] So your spuds have lasted well haven't they?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1186] Yeah, yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1187] Yeah, erm
Steven (PS0A0) [1188] Perhaps I'll, I'll pop it down
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1189] not at much room this year, so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1190] What
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1191] put more carrots
Steven (PS0A0) [1192] I've got twenty one pound of seed, I had
Emily (PS0A1) [1193] Mum
Steven (PS0A0) [1194] twenty eight pounds last year ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1195] can I have a tissue please? ...
Fred (PS09T) [1196] Well I've got fourteen pounds
Steven (PS0A0) [1197] I should have more peas and beans this year
Emily (PS0A1) [1198] And carrots
Sandra (PS0A2) [1199] And carrots ...
Fred (PS09T) [1200] Yeah I think I'll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1201] give those er beans you grew last year will grow this year Steve ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1202] Oh
Steven (PS0A0) [1203] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1204] aren't they?
Steven (PS0A0) [1205] well ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1206] Mum
Sandra (PS0A2) [1207] Mm
Emily (PS0A1) [1208] if I eat this, can I er, can I leave the rest?
[1209] Oh ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1210] Some more mum?
Florence (PS09U) [1211] Mm little
Emily (PS0A1) [1212] Yes please , [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1213] for nan
Emily (PS0A1) [1214] yes please
Florence (PS09U) [1215] I had a glass and a half of your dad's home made wine before we came out
Sandra (PS0A2) [1216] Oh I [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1217] I'll be half asleep all afternoon ...
Fred (PS09T) [1218] What is it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1219] Spanish?
Florence (PS09U) [1220] Don't, Debbie usually come in er, Sunday morning, but er what, they've got somewhere else to go today
Emily (PS0A1) [1221] What's that there?
Florence (PS09U) [1222] so they didn't come, and I didn't go out and Gemma came up and I was sitting there talking and they had a drop, drop of wine and I had one with erm ... [cough] and Gemma finished her biscuits up, we've got to get some more biscuits now ... Gemma brings her
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1223] right up to me now
Sandra (PS0A2) [1224] Oh does she?
Florence (PS09U) [1225] [laugh] , well I didn't, I didn't do it for her
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1226] I just gave her a bit of a hand and ... these sort of questions where they've got so many alternatives answers to fill the spaces
Sandra (PS0A2) [1227] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1228] Finished them at school
Sandra (PS0A2) [1229] You finished them at school?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1230] Yeah ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1231] Are they ripe?
Steven (PS0A0) [1232] Do you want any more mum?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1233] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1234] Mm
Steven (PS0A0) [1235] Anything else, any more?
Emily (PS0A1) [1236] Aagh
Florence (PS09U) [1237] Erm, well I couldn't really,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1238] pudding then?
Emily (PS0A1) [1239] Oh
Steven (PS0A0) [1240] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1241] Mm, very funny yorkshire pudding [laugh] , that's one of the things I, say I shouldn't eat that is on that, those yorkshire puddings, but I'm having a holiday today
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1242] Actually , actually had a fried egg for breakfast today for the first time
Emily (PS0A1) [1243] Nan
Florence (PS09U) [1244] in a couple of months
Emily (PS0A1) [cough]
Florence (PS09U) [1245] scrambled in the morning
Emily (PS0A1) [1246] Nan ... nan
Florence (PS09U) [1247] Mm
Steven (PS0A0) [1248] There's some more meat if
Emily (PS0A1) [1249] can I have
Steven (PS0A0) [1250] anybody want's it, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1251] nan
Florence (PS09U) [1252] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1253] why, erm, at Dawn's we erm done this thing, and it was sort of, there was four sides of it and it was one, then there was two inside, well there was one at the back, erm, Henry and Mrs said when you get these back you'll see what you've got, and people, she said, people who have got over twenty of er, the better than the people who are lower and I got twenty one
Sandra (PS0A2) [1254] Oh did you?
[1255] What was it then, a test?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1256] Yeah we had a French test and, erm
Emily (PS0A1) [1257] no thirty out the lot
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1258] I was very , Martin got forty three, then White got forty one, Lorraine only got forty
Emily (PS0A1) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1259] and no one else got that many, forty one
Florence (PS09U) [1260] Alison is in Amsterdam
Sandra (PS0A2) [1261] Oh is she?
Florence (PS09U) [1262] gone with the, the, from the college there, she's been on an art course and they're going round er, art galleries and museums and places like that
Sandra (PS0A2) [1263] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1264] for ten days she's there
Sandra (PS0A2) [1265] Oh
Emily (PS0A1) [1266] I'm leaving that mum
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1267] Eat your veg
Florence (PS09U) [1268] actually married and said she wasn't looking forward to going, but I'd imagined she would enjoy it when she got there
Sandra (PS0A2) [1269] Mm
Steven (PS0A0) [1270] She wasn't?
Florence (PS09U) [1271] Mm?
Steven (PS0A0) [1272] She wasn't looking forward to go
Sandra (PS0A2) [1273] Yeah that's right
Florence (PS09U) [1274] How
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1275] Is it compulsory, yeah?
Florence (PS09U) [1276] Well it was part of their course I think, I, they didn't they paid the full cost of it, they contributed a bit, but I think Colin stood
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1277] That's what we're doing innit mummy?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1278] Yeah, she's going through they, is Gemma going?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1279] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [1280] Oh, she's going to, on day trips to France in July isn't she?
Emily (PS0A1) [1281] I'm going to London
Florence (PS09U) [1282] Oh
Emily (PS0A1) [1283] I'm going to London museum
Florence (PS09U) [1284] What they charge for that?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1285] No
Emily (PS0A1) [1286] Mum when are we going to London museum?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1287] Thirty five
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1288] I shall have ten pound deposit and I think there's twenty five pound left to pay.
Florence (PS09U) [1289] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1290] Thirty five, but that includes the meal as well, they'd have had a meal in the restaurant there won't you?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1291] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1292] It's a long day though
Sandra (PS0A2) [1293] It is
Florence (PS09U) [1294] Yes I know
Steven (PS0A0) [1295] and leave what half past?
Fred (PS09T) [1296] Yeah it used to be
Steven (PS0A0) [1297] They leave at half past four in the morning and get back just after midnight
Florence (PS09U) [1298] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1299] Five past
Florence (PS09U) [1300] Yes I remember some of the others going.
[1301] Sarah went when she was at school
Fred (PS09T) [1302] When you going next Friday?
Florence (PS09U) [1303] She said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1304] They usually go from
Emily (PS0A1) [1305] I know
Florence (PS09U) [1306] somewhere close, Bouloigne or somewhere on the
Sandra (PS0A2) [1307] I suppose they're going to Bouloigne
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1308] Yeah we're going to Bouloigne
Emily (PS0A1) [1309] Mum I know Julia's trying to find out I needn't go to school on Thursday so I can have a lie in
Florence (PS09U) [1310] So why she'd like to go to France on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1311] one of those day trips to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1312] Wish we co , if we're going on Friday yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1313] Too much of a strain going over and back
Florence (PS09U) [1314] She's still at school, she's not at home ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1315] You don't miss a day off school just because you're going to France for a day ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1316] Yeah, but the next day we'll have to have
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1317] a lie in
Sandra (PS0A2) [1318] No
Steven (PS0A0) [1319] Only if they speak English
Emily (PS0A1) [1320] I'm going to London
Sandra (PS0A2) [1321] Only if they speak English
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1322] to speak English?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1323] What with the school?
[1324] Round London, yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1325] British museum?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1326] The Toy
Fred (PS09T) [1327] Which British museum they going to?
Emily (PS0A1) [1328] Famous one
Sandra (PS0A2) [1329] Oh no.
Florence (PS09U) [1330] First time I went to London, I was about as old as Emily, I went with, we went with the Brownies for the trip, we went to the zoo [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [1331] They have
Sandra (PS0A2) [1332] A museum of childhood ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1333] Why?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1334] within childhood I think it's called
Florence (PS09U) [1335] Oh, what's it like, toys thing
Sandra (PS0A2) [1336] Toys yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1337] First time I went to the zoo I was ... erm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1338] I've never seen , the queen's doll's house at Windsor Castle
Sandra (PS0A2) [1339] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1340] Bethnal Green , Museum of childhood
Sandra (PS0A2) [1341] see erm, when we went to Windsor on the boat wasn't it, when we were going up and down the Thames
Emily (PS0A1) [1342] Thursday March
Fred (PS09T) [1343] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1344] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1345] Thursday March, twenty fourth
Sandra (PS0A2) [1346] a week on Tuesday
Florence (PS09U) [1347] Tuesday March the twenty fourth
Emily (PS0A1) [1348] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1349] When's Mother's day?
Florence (PS09U) [1350] Very nice
Sandra (PS0A2) [1351] Two week's today
Florence (PS09U) [1352] should be nice
Sandra (PS0A2) [1353] twenty ninth?
Florence (PS09U) [1354] a full set of toys that people used to play with in the old days, and that sort of thing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1355] Jolly
Sandra (PS0A2) [1356] That's gonna be a long day because the don't get back until about six o'clock at night
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1357] What time do they start?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1358] Well I presume, it doesn't say, I presume round about nine o'clock
Florence (PS09U) [1359] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [1360] Is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1361] Emily?
Florence (PS09U) [1362] Do they get them there or does take pack
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1363] I'm going as well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1364] You're going with them?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1365] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1366] penny
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1367] and I, I'm going to help
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1368] Lucy had, I've had frog's legs
Sandra (PS0A2) [1369] You have not
Florence (PS09U) [1370] Now then, what about Penny do you want
Sandra (PS0A2) [1371] Mum's having Penny
Florence (PS09U) [1372] Oh, mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1373] How about, have you ever had frog's legs?
Florence (PS09U) [1374] You put some gravy on that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1375] No, but they're very nice you can take it from me
Steven (PS0A0) [1376] Snails eat snails, escargot
Emily (PS0A1) [1377] I'm, I had, I used to
Sandra (PS0A2) [1378] What?
Florence (PS09U) [1379] Don't know if I want to go to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1380] have frog's legs
Sandra (PS0A2) [1381] No you did not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1382] I did, well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1383] On one of these trips to London when I was at school, good when we went with the Brownies, I went two or three times and er, one time when I was a bit older, I mean the first time I went as I say I was only about seven, but, when I was a bit older I went again, they said if
Emily (PS0A1) [1384] Me, oh
Florence (PS09U) [1385] if we'd got any young brothers or sisters if we wanted we could take them with us, fine, so I said to me brother Vic who's three years younger than me
Emily (PS0A1) [1386] Mum I'm leaving that , I'm leaving that, I'm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1387] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [1388] and that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1389] I know
Florence (PS09U) [1390] we went to Trafalgar Square and we stopped to look at the pigeons and we'd moved on and I, I suddenly realised I hadn't got Vicky with me, so I looked all round, couldn't see him, had to go right back to Trafalgar Square and he was still looking at the pigeons
Sandra (PS0A2) [1391] Oh god
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
Fred (PS09T) [1392] Wonder if pigeons
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1393] That, that, that, oh put those away we're having dinner
Emily (PS0A1) [1394] I know
Sandra (PS0A2) [1395] come and sit at the table and wait, come on, put those away ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1396] Usually have it pork and
Florence (PS09U) [1397] We don't have beef very often, but you get a bit small enough for just the two of you, by the time you've cooked it
Sandra (PS0A2) [1398] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1399] it's a bit sort of
Sandra (PS0A2) [1400] shrunk innit?
Fred (PS09T) [1401] Tends to shrink
Sandra (PS0A2) [1402] Mm ... how can you eat any more?
[1403] That's a burnt bit ...
Fred (PS09T) [1404] Roast potatoes were very nice
Florence (PS09U) [1405] But I tend to eat more chicken and fish and things like that now
Sandra (PS0A2) [1406] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1407] than I do red meat, don't eat
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1408] We don't eat that much red meat do we now?
Florence (PS09U) [1409] Supposed to be trying to watch me weight
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1410] I like bacon
Florence (PS09U) [1411] I got down to eleven stone and then I stuck
Sandra (PS0A2) [1412] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1413] for three weeks now I've been stuck on eleven stone, I got, I lost nearly a stone in first five or six weeks, now I've stopped
Sandra (PS0A2) [1414] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [1415] I think it's mainly because I don't really get enough exercise this time of the year I don't
Fred (PS09T) [1416] Ah maybe when you can get out in the summer
Florence (PS09U) [1417] I'm just hoping
Sandra (PS0A2) [1418] I'm losing weight as well, I was, fortnight ago Friday
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1419] Oh yes, my
Florence (PS09U) [1420] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [1421] I cut out all me, in, eating in between
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1422] sweets and chocolate
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1423] I couldn't [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1424] I think I've lost about half a stone so far
Florence (PS09U) [1425] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [1426] Yeah you will do, it's surprising
Sandra (PS0A2) [1427] Yeah even low fat
Florence (PS09U) [1428] Well I, I do
Sandra (PS0A2) [1429] on me bread and what have you
Florence (PS09U) [1430] I've tried to cut out chocolate, but er, get a bit now and again, hard weekends
Sandra (PS0A2) [1431] Yeah, I shall, I'm gonna treat myself at the end of each month
Florence (PS09U) [1432] You, you dad, dad usually gets
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1433] Dad
Florence (PS09U) [1434] some chocolate on the weekend
Sandra (PS0A2) [1435] Yeah, at the end of each month I'm gonna treat myself to some
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1436] Two, two or three week's running Jenny came up on a weekend and brought us a bar of chocolate each
Sandra (PS0A2) [1437] Oh [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1438] I said you're undermining my principles ...
Fred (PS09T) [1439] Well we didn't see them this week, they told us that they wouldn't be along didn't they?
Florence (PS09U) [1440] Oh they were
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1441] How much do you weigh nanny?
Fred (PS09T) [1442] They told us they wouldn't come this week
Florence (PS09U) [1443] They said they wouldn't be up this week they've
Steven (PS0A0) [1444] Eleven and a half stone
Florence (PS09U) [1445] got somewhere to go
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1446] Ten and a half stone
Florence (PS09U) [1447] forget where it was they were going
Steven (PS0A0) [1448] Eleven and a half
Fred (PS09T) [1449] They were going Dunstable
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1450] Eleven? ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1451] But you worried about the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1452] Oh yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1453] probably why they were going out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1454] well no, no not ... no it's, it's miserable innit really?
Florence (PS09U) [1455] Yeah , yes you've got a car and you can go and visit somebody and go door to door
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1456] I like
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1457] too bad
Sandra (PS0A2) [1458] Right
Florence (PS09U) [1459] but if you've got to go and get a bus and
Fred (PS09T) [1460] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1461] sort of spend the day out
Steven (PS0A0) [1462] Would you like some more wine dad?
Florence (PS09U) [1463] in the blinking rain it's not
Fred (PS09T) [1464] you ought?
Steven (PS0A0) [1465] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1466] but when the weather improves we shall, we shall go as far as Harrendle on the bus
Sandra (PS0A2) [1467] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [1468] I wanna go Black butchers on the square, last time we went to Harrendle Bob and Delph took us in the car
Sandra (PS0A2) [1469] Bobby
Florence (PS09U) [1470] and it was market day, and on the square near, where they have the market
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1471] there was this er butchers, and I went in there and I got some sausages, oh, er nobody said anything about these sausages I just thought well I'd better take something back for Fred's dinner so I went in and got these sausages, well they were the nicest sausages I've ever tasted in my life
Sandra (PS0A2) [1472] Really?
Florence (PS09U) [1473] they were just like the old fashioned kind ... and er we've never been to Harrendle since and whenever I get to Harrendle I'd get some more sausages.
Sandra (PS0A2) [1474] More sausages
Florence (PS09U) [1475] That's if it's still there [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [1476] They were lovely ...
Florence (PS09U) [1477] One of these family butchers, butchers who makes his own
Sandra (PS0A2) [1478] Yeah , I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1479] from erm erm, there's a butchers at Kinbolton
Florence (PS09U) [1480] Mm
Steven (PS0A0) [1481] you know the, the S bend by the school?
Florence (PS09U) [1482] I don't know, I don't remember Kinbolton, I've been through it I think
Steven (PS0A0) [1483] Oh well
Florence (PS09U) [1484] I don't think I've ever stopped there
Steven (PS0A0) [1485] there's one of our supervisors and because they work all over the place, you know, they, they travel around and he's
Florence (PS09U) [1486] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1487] he's sausage buff
Sandra (PS0A2) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1488] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1489] and he reckons they're the best sausages he ever, he's ever had, from Kinbolton ... I don't know the name of it, I know where it is, you know that S bend the tight S bend, Ferrari's club
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1490] it's on there, it's on that side
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1491] Side, left or right?
Steven (PS0A0) [1492] On the right as you come down this way, on the left if you go out there ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [1493] Couldn't have been our paper this morning they've moved on to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1494] [laugh] oh he's picture, one of the politicians, campaigning, said in Taunton, Devon,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1495] Please may I get down from the table?
Florence (PS09U) [1496] Somerset
Steven (PS0A0) [1497] That's right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1498] Please may I get down from the table?
Steven (PS0A0) [1499] How close is it to the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1500] It's not far
Steven (PS0A0) [1501] and that bloke
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1502] it isn't all that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1503] because er, Tavistock er
Steven (PS0A0) [1504] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1505] Why?
Florence (PS09U) [1506] Tavistock,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1507] that's it Tiverton went in the, that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1508] and that's not all that far from, from Taunton ...
Fred (PS09T) [1509] No Taunton can't be very far away
Florence (PS09U) [1510] Have to write to Hilda or ring her up or something, she can't write now her hands are so bad she
Sandra (PS0A2) [1511] Oh
Florence (PS09U) [1512] she can't write now, I haven't written to her for weeks
Sandra (PS0A2) [1513] No
Florence (PS09U) [1514] I said I'd ring her up on her birthday and I didn't
Sandra (PS0A2) [1515] Oh it's my brother's birthday today
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1516] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1517] Who's?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1518] Graham's birthday.
Florence (PS09U) [1519] Oh is it?
Fred (PS09T) [1520] How old's Graham?
Florence (PS09U) [1521] How old's he?
Steven (PS0A0) [1522] Thirty five I should think
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1523] What you got there?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1524] Thirty six
Steven (PS0A0) [1525] No thirty six even
Sandra (PS0A2) [1526] thirty six, he's about three and a half
Florence (PS09U) [1527] Cake, what happened to the cake?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1528] Ow ...
Florence (PS09U) [1529] [laugh] That's a nice one isn't it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1530] We had er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1531] I like the doggy
Sandra (PS0A2) [1532] Thursday afternoon me and mum looked after Daniel and Benjamin, cos erm, a relative of Sarah's died a week before and the funeral was Thursday, so, I said to mum yes I'd go up and help her
Florence (PS09U) [1533] You had them over here?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1534] We had them over here
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1535] and when they brought, they'd come about quarter, tea time I think and they said Benjamin's tired, he'll probably go to sleep
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1536] But he cried
Sandra (PS0A2) [1537] and he cried and cried and cried
Florence (PS09U) [1538] How old is he?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1539] He'll be one in a week
Florence (PS09U) [1540] I told you he was only about a year old
Sandra (PS0A2) [1541] Yeah, erm, we, we thought we'd got him calmed down at one point and he started up again and he was like that right the way up till I went to fetch Emily
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1542] and that's quarter past three
Florence (PS09U) [1543] Porky pig, [laugh] that's lovely, that is
Sandra (PS0A2) [1544] but he was, he was that tired but he wouldn't give in, he kept wanting to see what was going on
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [1545] Mummy
Sandra (PS0A2) [1546] but oh dear but he, mum did get him off to sleep in the end
Florence (PS09U) [1547] Oh that's nice isn't it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1548] Dan , Daniel was alright, he came with me to fetch Emily
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1549] from school
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1550] Ah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1551] Wasn't it James who was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1552] Oh I was shattered , I was shattered by the night time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1553] I think it's his neck the dodgy one
Sandra (PS0A2) [1554] We'll just cut
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1555] it is an unusual cake isn't it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1556] We gave him a drink, we gave him some chocolate buttons, we gave me a big
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1557] shoved to one side, ooh dear
Emily (PS0A1) [1558] What about the buttons?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1559] Oh that's nice isn't it?
Emily (PS0A1) [1560] That's the one I like, the doggy
Sandra (PS0A2) [1561] I like the dog one
Florence (PS09U) [1562] It difficult to make to look as realistic as that I'm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1563] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1564] and the, when that's after that the penguin
Florence (PS09U) [1565] Ah [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [1566] I wanna penguin for my birthday mummy
Florence (PS09U) [1567] Do you know what you're gonna get demands for some of these for birthdays
Sandra (PS0A2) [1568] I know
Steven (PS0A0) [1569] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1570] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1571] I wanna penguin
Florence (PS09U) [1572] I like that
Sandra (PS0A2) [1573] got a lot now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1574] Ooh, yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1575] I ended up using black you can't very, you can't get black very well
Florence (PS09U) [1576] Ice cream cones those
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1577] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1578] difficult
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1579] Ooh that's good the aeroplane ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1580] Yes
Emily (PS0A1) [1581] The wafer things
Florence (PS09U) [1582] Treasure Islands ... [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1583] Plastic
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1584] What are they Matchmakers?
Emily (PS0A1) [1585] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1586] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1587] I like Matchmakers, I like there's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1588] Wicked witch
Emily (PS0A1) [1589] Julia
Florence (PS09U) [1590] wicked witch of the west
Emily (PS0A1) [1591] don't tell us
Fred (PS09T) [1592] Is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1593] The garden I like
Florence (PS09U) [1594] You used to have a story book when I was a kid, there was a witch called Jenny Green Thing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1595] I can't drink it you, I still have a drink yet
Emily (PS0A1) [1596] Yeah it's a
Sandra (PS0A2) [1597] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1598] that's why I can't that's why I have different
Fred (PS09T) [1599] That's alright
Sandra (PS0A2) [1600] cos I'm on erm low alcohol wine
Florence (PS09U) [1601] They're made with swiss rolls
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1602] cos it's
Steven (PS0A0) [1603] It looks very nice
Emily (PS0A1) [1604] Ooh, ooh, ooh
Fred (PS09T) [1605] Ha, yeah it is a good wine
Florence (PS09U) [1606] Cut the swiss rolls into slices
Fred (PS09T) [1607] a ros, erm
Florence (PS09U) [1608] cos half of them don't need icing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1609] Yeah, no
Florence (PS09U) [1610] and the others are chocolate, and they've put them in a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1611] I hate chocolate
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1612] it's low alcohol
Florence (PS09U) [1613] That's nice
Sandra (PS0A2) [1614] they've only got five percent
Florence (PS09U) [1615] not, that wouldn't be very
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1616] I know you have to cut the cake up with all those little bits
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1617] Ooh I could do that
Emily (PS0A1) [1618] Ah
Florence (PS09U) [1619] Yuck Valentine cake
Sandra (PS0A2) [1620] Getting used to it now though, it don't bother me really ... I didn't do much for it anyway so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1621] Like it, mm swiss roll in there, yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1622] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1623] Oh keep turning
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1624] Oh that's nice that, thatch cottage
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1625] with the garden
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1626] [laugh] , I like that one
Florence (PS09U) [1627] A big red bus
Sandra (PS0A2) [1628] Yeah that's good innit?
[1629] I like that one
Florence (PS09U) [1630] It is good innit?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1631] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1632] I mean
Sandra (PS0A2) [1633] No you're not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1634] [laugh] ... look ... about all that meat you give her
Steven (PS0A0) [1635] No, Penny will have it
Florence (PS09U) [1636] Freddy frog
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1637] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1638] Mm, she doesn't eat a lot of meat
Florence (PS09U) [1639] Chuffa train
Emily (PS0A1) [1640] Choo, Choo
Steven (PS0A0) [1641] She never eats all her meat she eats all the potatoes
Florence (PS09U) [1642] Dinosaur
Emily (PS0A1) [1643] Choo, choo, choo, choo
Florence (PS09U) [1644] Toadstools
Sandra (PS0A2) [1645] Goblins
Florence (PS09U) [1646] and the goblins
Sandra (PS0A2) [1647] I like the lamp shade
Steven (PS0A0) [1648] Goblins in there
Florence (PS09U) [1649] Yes that's nice ... bumble bee
Emily (PS0A1) [1650] And flowers
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1651] Vegetables that's unusual, do I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1652] Fred do you want that?
Fred (PS09T) [1653] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1654] your dad's birthday like that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1655] Dad you gonna open one of them for your birthday?
Steven (PS0A0) [1656] All of these are a lot quicker than any of those dog food
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1657] Dad
Steven (PS0A0) [1658] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1659] You gonna make a
Sandra (PS0A2) [1660] A cake for your birthday with the guards on it
Florence (PS09U) [1661] [laugh] ... Rosie rabbit ... Tommy turtle
Emily (PS0A1) [1662] Tommy turtle
Florence (PS09U) [1663] Concorde, it's breaking
Emily (PS0A1) [mimics aeroplane]
Florence (PS09U) [1664] Sandcastle ... athletic's track [laugh] , they cater for all interests in here don't they, discus
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1665] That's the one I like
Florence (PS09U) [1666] the swimming pool
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1667] that's definitely the one I like
Emily (PS0A1) [1668] Yeah ... [laugh] steam
Florence (PS09U) [1669] The steam roller
Emily (PS0A1) [1670] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [1671] Noah's Ark, that's good, what do they do with the animals they can't make them out of
Sandra (PS0A2) [1672] No, those plastic mounds
Florence (PS09U) [1673] they must be model animals
Sandra (PS0A2) [1674] Yeah, yeah cos erm I like that
Florence (PS09U) [1675] Snooker table
Sandra (PS0A2) [1676] you can have that ...
Florence (PS09U) [1677] Ozzy owl
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [1678] that's nice
Sandra (PS0A2) [1679] We lost one
Florence (PS09U) [1680] you had an owl cake once did you or was it a cat?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1681] An owl one
Steven (PS0A0) [1682] It was an owl
Sandra (PS0A2) [1683] a birthday cake like an owl
Emily (PS0A1) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1684] I like that one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1685] snail
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1686] ooh, er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1687] [laugh] somebody who loves camping ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1688] I want to go camping with some of my friends
Florence (PS09U) [1689] Paddock, that's for somebody who likes horses
Sandra (PS0A2) [1690] Gemma
Florence (PS09U) [1691] Yeah Gemma's potty on horses ... Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow
Fred (PS09T) [1692] What did they all the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1693] Julia were there?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1694] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1695] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1696] What, what
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1697] what?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1698] Shall we start right at the beginning?
Fred (PS09T) [1699] What's he like, is he alright?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1700] No, I don't like teachers
Florence (PS09U) [1701] I think Porky pig that was the first one I saw, that's always good
Sandra (PS0A2) [1702] That's alright, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1703] very nice
Steven (PS0A0) [1704] We saw him at Old Trafford
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1705] What super match?
Steven (PS0A0) [1706] Not the last time we went, the time we went to see United against West Ham
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1707] we, we went and you know park where we normally park and went down to the United chip shop and er we got our chips and stood outside
Florence (PS09U) [1708] Have a chip shop?
Steven (PS0A0) [1709] and this bloke walked passed
Florence (PS09U) [1710] Yellow and white [laugh]
Steven (PS0A0) [1711] No, they were brilliant
Emily (PS0A1) [1712] Mum
Steven (PS0A0) [1713] Manchester United chip shop yeah, and it does, I tell you, it does a concert business
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1714] from about er
Fred (PS09T) [1715] It would do
Steven (PS0A0) [1716] I should think about half past ten until
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1717] about half past two
Sandra (PS0A2) [1718] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [1719] and there was a cast of flow of people cast a queue
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1720] out of the door and going in
Emily (PS0A1) [1721] Do you like this
Steven (PS0A0) [1722] there must a tremendous
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1723] and they were nice chips as well
Florence (PS09U) [1724] Don't it make the sounds?
Steven (PS0A0) [1725] I mean we stood outside and
Sandra (PS0A2) [1726] No it makes one sound
Florence (PS09U) [1727] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1728] this duck came past and er I heard Mick
Florence (PS09U) [1729] Have you seen this thing you put the button at the top to make their
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1730] two years headmaster and he was up there, he's got two kids, one of them's a West Ham supporter and the other is a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1731] supporter
Fred (PS09T) [1732] Oh dear ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1733] Who were they playing?
Steven (PS0A0) [1734] West Ham
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1735] West Ham
Fred (PS09T) [1736] A lot of rivalry there then I suppose
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1737] Did he tell you he didn't have his side of support, I told him as long as he shouts just United that's alright
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1738] well there you are the boys
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1739] teams, so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1740] What he do a smile that backed
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1741] [laugh] and it shook his little lad back
Florence (PS09U) [1742] Don't make the same sound every time doesn't it?
Steven (PS0A0) [1743] West Ham supporter, the best
Emily (PS0A1) [1744] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1745] Who won?
Steven (PS0A0) [1746] United did ...
Fred (PS09T) [1747] Two, none
Steven (PS0A0) [1748] No, two, one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1749] I was a bit worried yesterday it was
Sandra (PS0A2) [1750] Only if they're out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1751] in that pot in that little cupboard
Steven (PS0A0) [1752] They, they played a lot better second half than they did first apparently
Fred (PS09T) [1753] I'd have banked for a draw actually
Steven (PS0A0) [1754] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1755] What's this?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1756] I don't know, I can't drink
Steven (PS0A0) [1757] I let her do it all
Florence (PS09U) [1758] It's nice out there
Emily (PS0A1) [1759] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [1760] It used to be all green that's better
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1761] I'll try and catch the goals this afternoon, cos
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1762] Mum can I leave it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1763] Not now, put it away, put it away
Steven (PS0A0) [1764] They're bound to show all the action replays afterwards
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1765] Oh no
Sandra (PS0A2) [1766] birthday
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1767] You can watch the football in there why we tape
Sandra (PS0A2) [1768] Right there's erm ... it's a tin of fruit salad but I've put in some er kiwi and grapes ... so it's fresh fruit, it's in its own juice, so it's not in a heavy thick juice, there's Viennetta or you can have a bit of each
Florence (PS09U) [1769] Well I'll have a little bit of each then please
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1770] The Viennetta isn't spoilt,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1771] squashed side
Fred (PS09T) [1772] I'll go out and got to do that
Emily (PS0A1) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1773] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1774] Oh is there?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1775] Oh
Emily (PS0A1) [1776] Aagh
Florence (PS09U) [1777] What are they?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1778] What does that mean then?
Florence (PS09U) [1779] Meringue
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1780] Mum I
Fred (PS09T) [1781] The only thing that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1782] still qualified
Emily (PS0A1) [1783] er, don't want any of that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1784] It's been beaten yet has it?
Steven (PS0A0) [1785] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1786] Er, that's whipped cream and that's like whippy cream that hasn't been whipped [laugh] but that's, that erm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1787] Unwhipped cream
Sandra (PS0A2) [1788] er the
Florence (PS09U) [1789] Elmlea
Sandra (PS0A2) [1790] Elmlea
Florence (PS09U) [1791] I'll have this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1792] Dad what do you want?
Emily (PS0A1) [whistling]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1793] Do you want the same as mum or a little bit of each or
Fred (PS09T) [1794] Ah yeah, I'll have the same as well similar to mum's please.
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1795] Can I get mine please?
Emily (PS0A1) [1796] Mum I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1797] I know what I want
Sandra (PS0A2) [1798] What do you want?
Emily (PS0A1) [1799] I want, I want some of that, a big bit
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1800] No
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [1801] I want all of it
Steven (PS0A0) [1802] You can't eat it all
Emily (PS0A1) [1803] I can
Sandra (PS0A2) [1804] It's different , it used to be all green ice cream, but it's now got all white layers, got a white, white
Emily (PS0A1) [1805] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [1806] I think it's lovely
Sandra (PS0A2) [1807] Erm,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [whistling]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1808] I prefer it like that
Emily (PS0A1) [1809] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [1810] Yeah I
Emily (PS0A1) [1811] Yeah I want in there as well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1812] Are there any strawberries?
Steven (PS0A0) [1813] Anybody else want a meringue?
Emily (PS0A1) [1814] Me
Sandra (PS0A2) [1815] Dad?
Fred (PS09T) [1816] Yes thanks Sandra
Sandra (PS0A2) [1817] Right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1818] ordinary which I believe
Steven (PS0A0) [1819] Dad
Fred (PS09T) [1820] Er, ta
Emily (PS0A1) [1821] It's like your gonna have to have the
Sandra (PS0A2) [1822] No, no I don't want it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1823] [laugh] , mummy's going to have the broken one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1824] Broken one
Steven (PS0A0) [1825] I'll have the broken one
Fred (PS09T) [1826] No it's mine
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1827] I'll have mummy's
Emily (PS0A1) [1828] No ... oh I want one
Sandra (PS0A2) [1829] Oh
Emily (PS0A1) [1830] as well
Steven (PS0A0) [1831] I was
Emily (PS0A1) [1832] Got to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [1833] hoping I'd have it myself today
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1834] Mum what to it be in there to all fruit salad bowl
Emily (PS0A1) [1835] You've got one as well
Florence (PS09U) [1836] This
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1837] is nice
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1838] Yeah, well I don't want
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1839] Long lost
Emily (PS0A1) [1840] Oh
Florence (PS09U) [1841] That's yours
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1842] Where?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [whistling]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1843] Come on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1844] go on ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1845] Ta ...
Fred (PS09T) [1846] Of all the fruit I've never bought before, a couple of weeks ago, now you know, a mango.

6 (Tape 026102)

Florence (PS09U) [1847] I think I know who done it now
Sandra (PS0A2) [1848] I think I'll stay here actually
Florence (PS09U) [1849] six
Sandra (PS0A2) [1850] I'm staying there I accuse myself in the kitchen with the revolver or whatever it is, the revolver
Florence (PS09U) [1851] Who?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1852] the revolver
Florence (PS09U) [1853] The revolver, where is it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1854] Emily
Florence (PS09U) [1855] Have you got the revolver?
[1856] ... Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with the revolver
Sandra (PS0A2) [1857] No myself in the kitchen with the revolver
Florence (PS09U) [1858] Oh yourself Colonel Mustard did it ... no I haven't got any in there ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1859] Have you got any of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1860] I haven't got any in there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1861] the kitchen ... oh no, I hate the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1862] have you?
[1863] ... Have you? ...
Steven (PS0A0) [1864] Who's winning?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1865] Me
Florence (PS09U) [1866] I think I know who done it, but I don't know what with
Sandra (PS0A2) [1867] Oh I know who's done it , I don't know who, what with
Emily (PS0A1) [1868] I ne
Steven (PS0A0) [1869] Do you want a game of this?
Fred (PS09T) [1870] Oh, watch the match that's why we came in, put that on
Steven (PS0A0) [1871] Oh I was gonna say we can put telly on in here if you like, if you want a game ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1872] In a minute when we've finished this ...
Fred (PS09T) [1873] Weren't that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1874] There's not enough in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1875] we need three more pencils dad, if you want to play that
Florence (PS09U) [1876] They're going to see the football ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1877] Finish that game first
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1878] Emily have you got
Florence (PS09U) [1879] I think I know who done it but I don't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1880] kitchen
Florence (PS09U) [1881] no where or what
Sandra (PS0A2) [1882] where, with what
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1883] I know
Sandra (PS0A2) [1884] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1885] I know who's done it, I think I know what with and I'm, I think I know what, where.
[1886] Emily have you got kitchen, mustard or
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1887] have you?
Emily (PS0A1) [1888] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1889] Ya ho, I know what it, where it is ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1890] I don't ...
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [1891] My turn?
Emily (PS0A1) [1892] Yes ...
Florence (PS09U) [1893] Two, where am I, two ... I've got two ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1894] I'm gonna go
Emily (PS0A1) [1895] Meow, meow ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1896] I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [cat noise] ... [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1897] with the banner in the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1898] Banner coming through
Emily (PS0A1) [1899] Come on Julia
Sandra (PS0A2) [1900] Got that, Professor Plumb in the study with a spanner
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1901] [singing] know who it is [] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1902] I think I know who
Emily (PS0A1) [1903] Oh anybody shown who
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1904] Well I know that
Florence (PS09U) [1905] Six, one, two, three, four, five, six ... who turn?
[1906] ... Your turn? ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1907] Who's playing then?
Emily (PS0A1) [1908] Three ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1909] Got to go back
Florence (PS09U) [1910] Oh [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1911] I don't know what they're up to, I'll say
Emily (PS0A1) [1912] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Sandra (PS0A2) [1913] I choose myself in the kitchen with the spanner
Florence (PS09U) [1914] Spanner, where's the spanner?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1915] Myself in the kitchen with the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1916] er, Mustard, kitchen, spanner ... no I've only them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1917] Julia ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [1918] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1919] No, you've got to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1920] cos I've got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1921] no it's mine ... I took ... three and I don't know where, who and what, five, settle down Emily
Florence (PS09U) [1922] One, two, three, four, five ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1923] I choose Reverend Green in the hall with the lead piping
Florence (PS09U) [1924] With what?
Emily (PS0A1) [1925] Lead piping ...
Florence (PS09U) [1926] What?
Emily (PS0A1) [1927] hall, Green, piping
Sandra (PS0A2) [1928] fine ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1929] I wished somebody would show me a weapon
Sandra (PS0A2) [1930] Four
Florence (PS09U) [1931] Four, where are you?
Sandra (PS0A2) [1932] staying there
Florence (PS09U) [1933] Staying there
Sandra (PS0A2) [1934] I'll say it, in the kitchen with the revolver
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1935] revolver
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1936] I just have
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1937] Tell you what, Mustard, kitchen and gun
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1938] No I say the, Reverend Green done it
Florence (PS09U) [1939] No I haven't got any of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1940] Green, kitchen, gun
Florence (PS09U) [1941] So , sorry, I thought you said Mustard, kitchen, gun, oh alright
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1942] got any?
Florence (PS09U) [1943] No I still haven't got any ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1944] Do you, do you, do you Elly yes or no?
[1945] Oh ooh goody, I know who it is and where it is now
Florence (PS09U) [1946] Who's turn is it?
[1947] Can I stay where I am?
Emily (PS0A1) [1948] I know where it is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1949] and
Sandra (PS0A2) [1950] I know everything
Florence (PS09U) [1951] Can I stay where I am?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1952] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1953] It's the Reverend Green in the kitchen with the spanner
Sandra (PS0A2) [1954] Right
Emily (PS0A1) [1955] I haven't got any
Sandra (PS0A2) [1956] Yes that's it
Emily (PS0A1) [1957] Cos, cos I've got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1958] I've got , got, look, kitchen, spanner and Reverend Green
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1959] I got that about two rounds ago, but I'm not sure if it was either
Florence (PS09U) [1960] Well I knew it was Reverend Green some time ago, but I couldn't decide which it, I just got that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1961] that, about three goes ago
Emily (PS0A1) [1962] I did, I didn't know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1963] But I wasn't sure if it was Reverend Green, cos that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1964] what you do rub them, rub them out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1965] and then use them again
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1966] yes I know that
Florence (PS09U) [1967] mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1968] I know that
Florence (PS09U) [1969] oh, should, do you not much play when we've finished
Emily (PS0A1) [1970] I had
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1971] I think so yeah
Florence (PS09U) [1972] I don't know whether they all want to play or whether your dad and granddad wants to stay and watch the football
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1973] Yeah I think they say they want to play
Florence (PS09U) [1974] Go and find out what they're doing ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [1975] turn the sound down a bit
Emily (PS0A1) [1976] Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1977] Yes
Emily (PS0A1) [1978] we need the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1979] we do
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1980] I'm eating my penguin ... but, weren't that mine, that blue one?
Emily (PS0A1) [1981] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1982] there
Emily (PS0A1) [1983] Yeah, here are mum, we're gonna have to share them
Sandra (PS0A2) [1984] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [1985] me and dad ... Florrie will have that one [tv on] one for her and
Florence (PS09U) [1986] We've only got three in there
Emily (PS0A1) [1987] me and me mum
Florence (PS09U) [1988] these have got to be mixed up together ... is there nobody else coming in? ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1989] I'll have Man City erm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [1990] I think ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [1991] Mummy ... we're sharing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [1992] I wonder what piece, what are, where's two centre
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

7 (Tape 026103)

Sandra (PS0A2) [1993] They're little Ritz crackers ... help yourself.
Fred (PS09T) [1994] I've a erm
Florence (PS09U) [1995] We're spoilt for choice here especially when you're supposed to be on a diet
Fred (PS09T) [1996] The best of cheese
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [1997] No I got that down Budgens
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [1998] I've never had selection of Budgens
Sandra (PS0A2) [1999] Yeah, no I get me cheese from Budgens ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2000] Can you get some for me?
Fred (PS09T) [2001] Alright, we had fan on er Wednesday night
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2002] Nice is Wendy house, that we got when we were up in Yorkshire weren't it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2003] Why
Fred (PS09T) [2004] Oh yes
Emily (PS0A1) [2005] You know I only want white
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2006] Rubbish here dad.
[2007] How many erm, it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2008] Well I've got some more out there ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2009] Taste this, anybody want
Sandra (PS0A2) [2010] Emily leave it ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2011] Look, ding, dee, dee, dee ... granddad ... granddad, teddy bear
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2012] Can I have some teddy bears?
Steven (PS0A0) [2013] Say please.
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2014] Please ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2015] Pickled onion?
Fred (PS09T) [2016] Er, no thanks
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2017] [singing] Teddy bears, teddy bears, ooh teddy bears []
Emily (PS0A1) [2018] [singing] da, da, la, da, da, la []
Sandra (PS0A2) [2019] Salmon, ham from the bone
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2020] Er, I'll have a piece of ham please ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2021] Can I have some egg?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2022] Please.
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2023] Please.
Steven (PS0A0) [2024] Manners
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2025] No, I like egg
Sandra (PS0A2) [2026] Do you want that little tomato?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2027] Ooh, I don't, I've got enough does anyone else, want, else want any eggs, tomato ... does anyone else want any more egg?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2028] Look, wait and see
Fred (PS09T) [2029] Well I shan't er Julia ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2030] I want some more, I won't, well want some more
Sandra (PS0A2) [2031] Oh, well there's ham, there's ham oh I've got a shell, no I can't have one, cucumber
Fred (PS09T) [2032] Now I've had none
Sandra (PS0A2) [2033] Here it is, is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2034] Tomato anyone?
Fred (PS09T) [2035] Do you want a tomato?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2036] I've got one I've got
Fred (PS09T) [2037] Anything else?
Florence (PS09U) [2038] No, I've got some more out there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2039] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2040] Dish of ham?
Steven (PS0A0) [2041] Please
Sandra (PS0A2) [2042] No Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2043] Ah look a teddy bear without a head
Florence (PS09U) [2044] Oh, are they supposed to be teddy bears? [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2045] Yeah, a teddy bear without a head Julia, Julia he's lost his head ... mum
Sandra (PS0A2) [2046] What?
Emily (PS0A1) [2047] a teddy bear without his head
Sandra (PS0A2) [2048] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [2049] he's lost his head
Fred (PS09T) [2050] You've beheaded him
Emily (PS0A1) [2051] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [2052] poor old blighter
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2053] Poor little thing ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2054] Soon they'll, we'll be in half term with Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2055] [humming] [singing] If you go down to the woods today []
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2056] Do the song
Emily (PS0A1) [2057] [singing] da, da, da []
Sandra (PS0A2) [2058] Go ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2059] Yes please, thank you
Emily (PS0A1) [2060] Mum
Sandra (PS0A2) [2061] What? ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2062] I don't have tea
Sandra (PS0A2) [2063] No I know you don't have tea, you'll have to go and get yourself a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2064] coffee
Sandra (PS0A2) [2065] You don't want coffee do you?
Emily (PS0A1) [2066] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2067] Oh can I have a brown roll Steve please?
Steven (PS0A0) [2068] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2069] That's it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2070] Oh, erm I want May to December taping
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2071] Oh the Cable Simpsons
Steven (PS0A0) [2072] What time's it on?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2073] Quarter past seven
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2074] Why can't we watch it? ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2075] Yeah, why can't we watch it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2076] Cos I watch it Tuesdays when your dad's out, there's not much else on
Emily (PS0A1) [2077] Oh ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2078] Do you watch May to December?
Florence (PS09U) [2079] Do what?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2080] May to December
Florence (PS09U) [2081] Yeah, as a rule
Emily (PS0A1) [2082] Oh good
Sandra (PS0A2) [2083] Put it on while you're here then
Emily (PS0A1) [2084] Where?
Fred (PS09T) [2085] Tell
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2086] I'll erm
Sandra (PS0A2) [2087] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2088] What time does it come on?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2089] Quarter past seven
Florence (PS09U) [2090] When they changed the girl in it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2091] I didn't think I could get used to it again, but, it's surprising how well she's fitted in
Sandra (PS0A2) [2092] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2093] with the role.
Sandra (PS0A2) [2094] yeah , that's right
Florence (PS09U) [2095] Mm
Emily (PS0A1) [2096] It's seven now
Florence (PS09U) [2097] Little red head the first one and I remember her face
Sandra (PS0A2) [2098] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2099] I can't put a name to it ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2100] No
Emily (PS0A1) [2101] It's seven now
Sandra (PS0A2) [2102] cos she was in a new series not long afterwards wasn't she?
Florence (PS09U) [2103] That's right , yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2104] Mum ... mum, it's seven
Sandra (PS0A2) [2105] I said quarter past seven
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2106] Oh ...
Fred (PS09T) [2107] Got a quarter of an hour ... what's the old lady's name do you know?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2108] Stock, Stocker?
[2109] Is it Stocker?
Emily (PS0A1) [2110] Ah, ho
Sandra (PS0A2) [2111] Mrs Stocker I think ...
Fred (PS09T) [2112] It must be very fine ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2113] She actually
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2114] Mum
Sandra (PS0A2) [2115] Right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2116] Can I have the salt please?
Emily (PS0A1) [2117] Does anybody want to see a teddy bear?
[2118] Anybody want to see a teddy bear ...
Florence (PS09U) [2119] [laugh] got no feet
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2120] My teddy bear just disappeared
Florence (PS09U) [2121] It's only his feet
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2122] Can I have some, erm, cucumber?
Emily (PS0A1) [2123] Yeah it is
Steven (PS0A0) [2124] Please
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2125] use this mug? ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2126] Quite hungry
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2127] Mum ... that roll please ...
Fred (PS09T) [2128] The storm's getting a bit promising now
Steven (PS0A0) [2129] Right
Sandra (PS0A2) [2130] About the erm, with this erm Cotswold news, I think it's about two pound seventy a pound
Fred (PS09T) [2131] More like
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2132] no, I only have a small slice
Fred (PS09T) [2133] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [2134] every now and again
Emily (PS0A1) [2135] Thank you dad
Sandra (PS0A2) [2136] I just treat myself
Emily (PS0A1) [2137] Where's teddy bear?
[2138] Weeee
Sandra (PS0A2) [2139] Budgens do er, erm, cheddar with onion and chives as well now, that's quite nice
Emily (PS0A1) [2140] Huh, where's his arm gone?
[2141] We had a teddy bear without a head, a teddy bear without, with only feet, and know I've got a teddy bear with an arm, without
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2142] very much
Emily (PS0A1) [2143] without an arm, see there's only one arm left and that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2144] This teddy bear's doing the can can.
Emily (PS0A1) [2145] [laugh] This teddy bear's sitting down
Sandra (PS0A2) [2146] Oh yeah ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2147] I knew you saved this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2148] What they gonna do with the old post office?
Steven (PS0A0) [2149] I think it's being used now
Emily (PS0A1) [2150] Don't have any bum
Sandra (PS0A2) [2151] I still use, it's still used
Emily (PS0A1) [2152] he didn't have his bum, mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [2153] as a sorting office
Fred (PS09T) [2154] Oh I thought
Steven (PS0A0) [2155] Yeah after the run down
Sandra (PS0A2) [2156] Just aft , yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [2157] This one's going for a walk
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2158] I couldn't see how it was gonna work at Budgens to be quite honest, that new post office
Fred (PS09T) [2159] Oh I've seen it, but I haven't through, you know, been round front when we go to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2160] I passed up there and we go left
Sandra (PS0A2) [2161] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2162] but here we, we never go up and go in the general by the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2163] anyway ...
Fred (PS09T) [2164] Has he watered down the stock?
Florence (PS09U) [2165] for me
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2166] a quicker service there, than in the post office, I don't know
Sandra (PS0A2) [2167] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2168] I , as I say I haven't been
Fred (PS09T) [2169] Couldn't get any slower
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2170] No it's
Emily (PS0A1) [2171] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2172] they have got some new staff, yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2173] But that is Budgens' staff who are being trained
Emily (PS0A1) [2174] This one's angry
Steven (PS0A0) [2175] Oh are they?
Florence (PS09U) [2176] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [2177] Oh are they?
Emily (PS0A1) [2178] This one's angry
Sandra (PS0A2) [2179] They've got a security guard in there now
Florence (PS09U) [2180] Who?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2181] in Budgens
Fred (PS09T) [2182] Who?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2183] chap walks round as a security guard now
Fred (PS09T) [2184] That's right, I thought there was one
Florence (PS09U) [2185] New, a security guard
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2186] I saw it
Florence (PS09U) [2187] walking round
Emily (PS0A1) [2188] Look ... this one's walki , no angry
Sandra (PS0A2) [2189] I don't go in Budgens all that often, that's why I don't spend more if I go in it
Florence (PS09U) [2190] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2191] I went in there and bought some chewing gum ... when I went down to see it
Steven (PS0A0) [2192] That's what you got in there?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2193] Mm
Sandra (PS0A2) [2194] You could have got that from the little shop ...
Steven (PS0A0) [2195] Our
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2196] Yeah
Steven (PS0A0) [2197] little shop you went down?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2198] Six
Steven (PS0A0) [2199] Who was that?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2200] Me, Laura, Laura's mother, Sam, Sam
Florence (PS09U) [2201] Two Sams?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2202] Samantha and Samantha
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2203] Don't know her last name
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2204] What? ...
Fred (PS09T) [2205] Oh,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2206] Huh, why she went on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2207] Do you want coffee Emily?
Fred (PS09T) [2208] Have a cup of tea
Emily (PS0A1) [2209] I don't like it
Steven (PS0A0) [2210] Never heard of anybody who don't like tea
Fred (PS09T) [2211] Does she ever drink tea? ...
Steven (PS0A0) [2212] No
Fred (PS09T) [2213] Why?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2214] Cos she won't
Fred (PS09T) [2215] I'll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2216] her
Emily (PS0A1) [2217] Yours
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2218] around here ...
Fred (PS09T) [2219] What is it you don't like about tea then?
Emily (PS0A1) [2220] I'm not sure, I just don't like it
Sandra (PS0A2) [2221] You're not that keen on coffee
Florence (PS09U) [2222] I don't think Gemma eats as well as these two do, she's ever so finicky worse than you used to be.
Steven (PS0A0) [2223] I'm surprised they eat sometimes ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2224] Tut huh
Steven (PS0A0) [2225] Well she's not so much now, but she ... Julia would eat all day if we let her
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2226] I know er, who she takes after though ... what is
Emily (PS0A1) [2227] I'm
Fred (PS09T) [2228] it you do like?
Emily (PS0A1) [2229] coffee
Fred (PS09T) [2230] Yeah, what drink?
Emily (PS0A1) [2231] Blackcurrant
Fred (PS09T) [2232] To eat, to eat
Sandra (PS0A2) [2233] Food
Emily (PS0A1) [2234] Ham
Fred (PS09T) [2235] Ham
Emily (PS0A1) [2236] rolls
Fred (PS09T) [2237] rolls
Emily (PS0A1) [2238] them
Fred (PS09T) [2239] cheese
Steven (PS0A0) [2240] teddy bears ah? ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2241] I'm scoffing them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2242] I love gammon I do, gammon and pineapple, fish and chips
Steven (PS0A0) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2243] Julia I've got a teddy bear hopping on one leg
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2244] Have you? ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2245] You like how I make chips?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2246] Not as much as the chip shop though
Emily (PS0A1) [2247] They are
Sandra (PS0A2) [2248] They are aren't they Emily?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2249] What?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2250] Of course they are better than the chip, chip shop aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2251] No ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2252] They, they're the best in the whole world, I've ever tasted
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2253] No I prefer chip shop bought
Emily (PS0A1) [2254] Oh ... I like the sausage and chips you get from
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2255] I've never yet met a child who didn't like chips
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2256] they used to when they were younger, neither of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2257] Me?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2258] No you didn't use to eat chips when you were younger ...
Fred (PS09T) [2259] When you were younger you'd
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2260] Don't any more ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2261] Ah, I don't want any chips thank you
Sandra (PS0A2) [2262] We only have them once a week ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2263] Fish fingers, yoghurts
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2264] Only a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2265] oh look this is gonna do, this one's gonna do the splits
Sandra (PS0A2) [2266] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2267] We don't have chips very often, I make them now and again, I haven't bought any chip shop chips for some time, [laugh] we're having some Friday, cos er Eileen rang up Derek to say they were coming and said tell mum not to get anything ready we'll bring her some fish and chips.
Steven (PS0A0) [2268] Can they get fish and chips in Germany?
Florence (PS09U) [2269] Yes, there's a nice fish and chips at that van that came round in
Fred (PS09T) [2270] Oh yeah, on the camp
Steven (PS0A0) [2271] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [2272] but erm
Florence (PS09U) [2273] I don't know about the shops whether they sell chips
Steven (PS0A0) [2274] Do the towns and villages have them?
Fred (PS09T) [2275] What?
Steven (PS0A0) [2276] Fish and chip shops
Fred (PS09T) [2277] Didn't see any
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2278] We see a lot of English sheep
Sandra (PS0A2) [2279] Fast food
Fred (PS09T) [2280] There's some nice little, er German villages down and around the campers ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2281] began the camp, there all around this er village ... and they took it into the er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [2282] Is it a big camp then?
Fred (PS09T) [2283] Oh yeah, the largest
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2284] camp in Europe I should imagine.
Steven (PS0A0) [2285] Is it?
Fred (PS09T) [2286] There's one in America, Belgium, French, British,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2287] Does anybody want that egg?
Fred (PS09T) [2288] Dutch
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2289] do you want that egg?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2290] Well mum, do you want that egg?
[2291] Well mum, do you want that egg?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2292] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2293] Do you want that egg?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2294] I don't want any more, thanks
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2295] Can I have it?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2296] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [2297] Have it all
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2298] I'm going to
Emily (PS0A1) [2299] I don't want it, I don't like it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2300] I know, that's why I didn't ask you
Fred (PS09T) [2301] It reminds me of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2302] Me?
Steven (PS0A0) [2303] Julia
Emily (PS0A1) [2304] Do you eat it all?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2305] Yeah thanks
Emily (PS0A1) [2306] A whole day, a whole afternoon, a whole
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2307] morning
Fred (PS09T) [2308] Yeah, think we will
Emily (PS0A1) [2309] a whole, do you eat all this feed, food on this table, in the morning, afternoon and the night?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2310] She'd be, she'd be starving ...
Sandra (PS0A2) [2311] How long are Eileen and Tony going to be over there for then?
Florence (PS09U) [2312] They'll only be there for about twenty four hours, they'll go for about a week but they're spending most of it with er, Deborah down at erm, Bambury
Sandra (PS0A2) [2313] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [2314] I'll be over
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2315] for lunch
Florence (PS09U) [2316] He hasn't seen a lot of Deborah and Sarah
Sandra (PS0A2) [2317] No
Florence (PS09U) [2318] so they're coming erm Friday just before dinner time they said between eleven and twelve and er they're leaving Saturday afternoon about three
Emily (PS0A1) [2319] Julia do you want any of these?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2320] Oh
Emily (PS0A1) [2321] Any more of these?
Florence (PS09U) [2322] But they'll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2323] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2324] just be here overnight
Fred (PS09T) [2325] They're bringing fish and chips, it's Tony's favourite meal
Emily (PS0A1) [2326] Share them out
Fred (PS09T) [2327] and er mum I'll make erm
Emily (PS0A1) [2328] dad do you want any?
[2329] Do you want any?
Steven (PS0A0) [2330] No
Florence (PS09U) [2331] Well will I please make them an apple pie
Emily (PS0A1) [2332] Mum
Florence (PS09U) [2333] he likes apple pie
Emily (PS0A1) [2334] do you want any grandma?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2335] grandma?
Florence (PS09U) [2336] Have we got any apples?
Fred (PS09T) [2337] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2338] No, well, we've got a few wine haven't you?
Emily (PS0A1) [2339] grandma
Fred (PS09T) [2340] I thought you'd got some on the weekend
Emily (PS0A1) [2341] do you want any of these?
Florence (PS09U) [2342] No thank you
Fred (PS09T) [2343] You said you was gonna
Emily (PS0A1) [2344] Grand granddad, do you want any of these?
Steven (PS0A0) [2345] We've probably got some
Emily (PS0A1) [2346] Gran
Sandra (PS0A2) [2347] How many do you want?
Emily (PS0A1) [2348] gran
Sandra (PS0A2) [2349] I've got some apples erm I stewed and stuck in the freezer, to make
Florence (PS09U) [2350] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [2351] to make apple pies, you can have some of them
Florence (PS09U) [2352] oh, well I erm, I did do a few but I've used most of mine up I think, I can look in the freezer to see if there's any there, but I don't think there is
Emily (PS0A1) [2353] mum, do you want any of these?
Florence (PS09U) [2354] You know, I've only got that little bit on top
Emily (PS0A1) [2355] Dad do you
Florence (PS09U) [2356] of the fridge, it doesn't hold much
Emily (PS0A1) [2357] oh well
Florence (PS09U) [2358] it's not worth, supposed to be a freezer, it's mainly for storing frozen food, but you can freeze small amounts in it.
Sandra (PS0A2) [2359] I've got quite a lot of apple, so you can have some
Emily (PS0A1) [2360] There's yours Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2361] ain't it?
Emily (PS0A1) [2362] No
Sandra (PS0A2) [2363] I've got some bags of rhubarb as well
Emily (PS0A1) [2364] not a whole one
Fred (PS09T) [2365] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [2366] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2367] If I took that with me, they'll be alright in the fridge till Thursday would they?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2368] Yeah, yeah, cos they've been in the, yeah.
[2369] They're frozen so I'll get them out
Emily (PS0A1) [2370] So I've had three whole ones
Sandra (PS0A2) [2371] remember get them out just before you go and then you put them in your freezer when you get back.
Florence (PS09U) [2372] Yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [2373] Yeah Tony's very partial to your mum's apple pie.
Florence (PS09U) [2374] Last time I made one he ate nearly all of it himself didn't he?
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2375] Watch ...
Fred (PS09T) [2376] I'll buy for a cost of bottles of his favourite beer Grosche
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2377] What?
Steven (PS0A0) [2378] I've never had any of that
Fred (PS09T) [2379] Tony likes it, he said it
Florence (PS09U) [2380] Deb likes that too
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [2381] Deb always asks him to bring us a Grosche back
Fred (PS09T) [2382] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2383] it was er, couldn't get it here then
Fred (PS09T) [2384] it's a nice beer
Florence (PS09U) [2385] but you can now
Steven (PS0A0) [2386] Is it strong?
Fred (PS09T) [2387] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2388] I don't know what the strength is
Florence (PS09U) [2389] They've got beers from all over the world in Budgens, Mexican, goodness knows what
Steven (PS0A0) [2390] Is there?
Emily (PS0A1) [2391] Ah
Florence (PS09U) [2392] Mm, I couldn't buy it from there because it's too much expensive
Emily (PS0A1) [2393] Er
Florence (PS09U) [2394] to buy
Emily (PS0A1) [2395] are we gonna play a game?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2396] No
Steven (PS0A0) [2397] Not at the minute, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2398] Whoops
Fred (PS09T) [2399] I would buy a, er a four pack, so er Ton , Tony wanted to be
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2400] Oh
Steven (PS0A0) [2401] Oh well, I'll try them with yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [2402] I'm gonna read this book
Sandra (PS0A2) [2403] No you're not put it down, go away that's for Benjamin's birthday, I don't want it getting dirty while were having er tea ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2404] And afters
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2405] OK
Sandra (PS0A2) [2406] I don't know, teapots
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2407] teapot
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2408] lid
Emily (PS0A1) [2409] where
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2410] got a teapot in here
Steven (PS0A0) [2411] Let's have some more tea love
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2412] I've put my tea up there
Emily (PS0A1) [2413] Where's the teapot?
Florence (PS09U) [2414] This one please
Emily (PS0A1) [2415] Oh ... [laugh] ... er I'm glad there's enough room to put it all on
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2416] Have you seen any magpies up top of the garden lately?
Steven (PS0A0) [2417] No, I haven't
Sandra (PS0A2) [2418] I haven't
Emily (PS0A1) [2419] I have
Fred (PS09T) [2420] Your mum says we've got some
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2421] It'll be nice when these are grown up and you can sit back down and wait on you
Sandra (PS0A2) [2422] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2423] Mapgies are such a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2424] it'll be nice when these are grown up and you can sit back and let them wait on you
Sandra (PS0A2) [2425] Huh, I can just see that coming off
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2426] Ta
Emily (PS0A1) [2427] Mummy and daddy can wait on us ... aren't you?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2428] That's miss lazy nineteen ninety two that is ...
Florence (PS09U) [2429] When I was Julia's age I used to have to take my little brother and sister with me everywhere I went
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2430] I used to say to Emma, that little girl of yours she's a proper little mother, must have been er, see in the future I should think [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2431] Used to have to take erm ... my youngest one, was it, uncle
Emily (PS0A1) [2432] Grandma
Sandra (PS0A2) [2433] Pete, she was then
Emily (PS0A1) [2434] granddad, granddad
Sandra (PS0A2) [2435] or was it uncle Phil, one of the two
Emily (PS0A1) [2436] granddad
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2437] she always had to take him out
Emily (PS0A1) [2438] have you heard this before?
Fred (PS09T) [2439] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [2440] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [2441] She couldn't go out and play with the other kids, she had to take him round for a walk
Emily (PS0A1) [2442] That is the same as pardon me for being rude it was not me it was my food
Florence (PS09U) [2443] Yeah
Sandra (PS0A2) [2444] so
Emily (PS0A1) [2445] it just popped up to say hello, and now it's gone back down below [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2446] Say it again
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2447] Pardon me for being rude it was not me it was my food, it just popped up to say hello, and now it's gone back down below
Emily (PS0A1) [2448] it was not me it was my food, it just popped up to say hello, and now it's gone back down below
Florence (PS09U) [2449] but we used to take them to the pictures on Saturday afternoon my mum used to give me nine pence
Sandra (PS0A2) [2450] Oh
Florence (PS09U) [2451] penny to get in the pictures, and a penny
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2452] Pardon me for being rude it was not me it was my food
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2453] Pardon me for being rude it was not me it was my food
Emily (PS0A1) [2454] it came back up to say, say hello and now it's gone back down below ... hello [laugh] hello [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2455] No I've never, never heard that before
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2456] Pardon me for being rude, it was not me it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2457] it was my food, it just popped up to say hello, and now it's gone back down below
Sandra (PS0A2) [2458] Slowly
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2459] pardon
Fred (PS09T) [2460] Pardon
Emily (PS0A1) [2461] Pardon me for being
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2462] Pardon me for being rude it was not me it was my food
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2463] Come on Julia, I need some help
Steven (PS0A0) [2464] Sometimes
Emily (PS0A1) [2465] come on Julia, I need help
Steven (PS0A0) [2466] Shouldn't help
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [2467] No Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2468] How would you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2469] What's that, how do you ask when it's your birthday?
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking french]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking french]
Florence (PS09U) [speaking french]
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking french]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [speaking french]
Florence (PS09U) [speaking french]
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking french]
Sandra (PS0A2) [speaking french]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [speaking french]
Steven (PS0A0) [2470] Yes, we know you know ...
Fred (PS09T) [2471] Thank you Sandra
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking french]
Florence (PS09U) [2472] French is weird when you get to the highest
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2473] don't they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2474] When you get to, to eighty it's four twenties
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2475] and then it's
Steven (PS0A0) [speaking french]
Emily (PS0A1) [2476] What?
[2477] What's a hundred?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2478] Cent, C E N T, cent
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2479] Cent, cent de une [laugh] ... we had to try and remember all them.
Emily (PS0A1) [2480] God, can't remember
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [2481] It's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2482] Don't know
Steven (PS0A0) [speaking french]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2483] Yeah
Emily (PS0A1) [2484] What's a hundred and twen
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2485] what's a hundred and ninety nine?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2486] Don't know, it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS0A0) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2487] What's two hundred?
Steven (PS0A0) [2488] I don't know [speaking french]
Florence (PS09U) [2489] [speaking french] ... yeah [speaking french]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2490] What a strange thing
Sandra (PS0A2) [2491] What a mouthful just saying that in ninety nine
Emily (PS0A1) [2492] dad do you know
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [2493] Germany
Sandra (PS0A2) [2494] German
Steven (PS0A0) [2495] Not much no
Florence (PS09U) [2496] I told myself I was gonna learn a bit of German before I went to see Eileen again
Emily (PS0A1) [2497] German
Steven (PS0A0) [2498] Has Eileen, has she learnt any?
Florence (PS09U) [2499] But er, I can count up to about seven, I can say yes and no and please and thank you and
Fred (PS09T) [2500] Hard work, you know, Tony knows a fair
Emily (PS0A1) [2501] Say something
Florence (PS09U) [2502] good morning
Emily (PS0A1) [2503] thank you in German
Florence (PS09U) [2504] [speaking german] ... please is [speaking german]
Fred (PS09T) [speaking german]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2505] The term [speaking german] please and thank you and ya is yes and nein is no
Florence (PS09U) [2506] Very popular in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2507] I'm going to start learning some german
Steven (PS0A0) [2508] Yes that's right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2509] and [speaking german] is it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2510] What's that for
Emily (PS0A1) [2511] Ya
Florence (PS09U) [2512] Mother and father
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh]
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2513] Not very
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh] [speaking german]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2514] It sounds awful doesn't it?
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Steven (PS0A0) [2515] Nein, for no
Emily (PS0A1) [2516] Oh
Steven (PS0A0) [speaking german]
Fred (PS09T) [2517] They spent time in Luxembourg, did you know?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2518] Luxembourg
Emily (PS0A1) [2519] What was it?
Florence (PS09U) [2520] They had a weekend there
Emily (PS0A1) [2521] What was it for father?
Steven (PS0A0) [2522] Sshh
Fred (PS09T) [...] [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2523] hello [speaking german]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2524] What's wrong with that ham that's on your plate?
Emily (PS0A1) [2525] Oh
Sandra (PS0A2) [2526] Come on, pass it over
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2527] come on ...
Emily (PS0A1) [2528] I want to know why daddy
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Emily (PS0A1) [2529] I'll remember that one [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [2530] Haven't you got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2531] Come on Julia
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Steven (PS0A0) [2532] Poor old Penny ain't gonna get much out of that
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2533] I thought you wanted a
Sandra (PS0A2) [2534] Oh May to December
Steven (PS0A0) [2535] Too late
Florence (PS09U) [2536] What time was that on?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2537] Now, quarter past seven, it's not worth taping the rest of it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2538] Why?
[2539] Put T V on
Fred (PS09T) [2540] What's er, do you want, do want put it on here?
Sandra (PS0A2) [2541] Put T V on
Emily (PS0A1) [speaking german]
Sandra (PS0A2) [2542] Yeah put it on in here
Emily (PS0A1) [laugh]

8 (Tape 026201)

Marjorie (PS09X) [2543] Have you got any homework?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2544] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2545] Have yeah, what you got then?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2546] Question, only one question
Marjorie (PS09X) [2547] One question?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2548] Yep ... he sh , shouldn't of given it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2549] That is a lot that is isn't it?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2550] Shouldn't of given any
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2551] Oh, so you've got nothing else?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2552] Mm, mm.
Marjorie (PS09X) [2553] Nothing, did you get any homework to do for tomorrow?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2554] Mm, mm.
Marjorie (PS09X) [2555] Cos
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [2556] that bit ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2557] Come back yet, have they?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2558] No
Clive (PS09W) [2559] Why cos they're
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2560] Yes
Gemma (PS09Y) [2561] I'm going to take another one off him I am
Clive (PS09W) [2562] Can't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2563] Yeah, it's Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2564] it's Julia , I said to Julia
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [2565] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [2566] No, not now I have to take this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2567] I do a, well I suppose it's twenty eight days like everything else, that's what it is
Clive (PS09W) [2568] Mark at work he's always a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2569] Where from?
Clive (PS09W) [2570] Don't know where they're from
Marjorie (PS09X) [2571] What's this you're saying?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2572] Is that the one with the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2573] Bigger that that
Fred (PS09T) [2574] He won't set it out and call it a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2575] No
Marjorie (PS09X) [2576] Right, fine
Clive (PS09W) [2577] Yeah, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2578] No, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2579] No I thought you said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2580] They lost
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2581] Oh I don't know
Marjorie (PS09X) [2582] No, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2583] Oh don't worry I'll get it ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2584] No, I'm alright
Clive (PS09W) [2585] Yeah I
Fred (PS09T) [2586] You know I ain't had a look at them yet, I shall have to have a look
Marjorie (PS09X) [2587] You don't do it
Fred (PS09T) [2588] Ah, but they are now, been that one we laid the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2589] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2590] I think I'll go and have a look this afternoon
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2591] it's the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2592] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2593] the female does as
Marjorie (PS09X) [2594] Oh you've got to cut
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2595] brown colour aren't they all over?
Fred (PS09T) [2596] No they're a light
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2597] a bit nasty as well, but they're just not big
Marjorie (PS09X) [2598] Oh I thought they were, oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2599] No
Fred (PS09T) [2600] Who's is this?
Clive (PS09W) [2601] Paul's big erm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2602] This afternoon we'll ... it says in the instruction, at the end of every third tape change the batteries, so er, we'll take them two out tomorrow
Clive (PS09W) [2603] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2604] and chuck them away
Clive (PS09W) [2605] right
Marjorie (PS09X) [2606] OK
Fred (PS09T) [2607] That's what she said, she said you'll want a ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2608] I think bloody batteries
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2609] So er [dog barking]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2610] so er, talking for half hour
Clive (PS09W) [2611] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2612] and er ... I thought er, I've been playing about with the old ear for a song for a long time, but I ain't worked the cords out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2613] so, well between the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2614] and er, I was saying to old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2615] and we had a conversation about it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Gemma (PS09Y) [2616] Hello, yo, hi, how you doing
Marjorie (PS09X) [2617] No, don't do that Gemma that's why, that's why you're not supposed to know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2618] but, and er Dave would
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2619] our conversation we had, we were talking
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2620] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2621] and then in the afternoon you come up didn't you?
Clive (PS09W) [2622] That's right that's correct, yeah.
Fred (PS09T) [2623] Yeah ... and then er ... I'm told he works
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2624] there up there all day and
Marjorie (PS09X) [2625] You can have it on later
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2626] Oh yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2627] so this is the third of it, so have you got plenty of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2628] Yeah I will do
Fred (PS09T) [2629] Well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2630] on that one
Marjorie (PS09X) [2631] OK mate
Fred (PS09T) [2632] But, I mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2633] the ten tapes and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2634] and er, she said she needn't of left them, but er ... only the last batch you got, only if you get twenty tapes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2635] oh, right oh then, she said it's been done all over the country
Marjorie (PS09X) [2636] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2637] or whether she's covering Lancashire or
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2638] No, no, I think it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2639] innit?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2640] They've just been
Fred (PS09T) [2641] Yeah
Clive (PS09W) [2642] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2643] Direct, yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2644] If, should she come here at our house
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2645] I mean, does she go and pick people at random?
[2646] However she wondered about our pensioners
Clive (PS09W) [2647] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [2648] she just been over some house in Trafford Road ... and er, I think she left some, some by there by what she said or to who, who it were, but it must of been them who put them onto us, because she come in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2649] and she said er, I understand you write a lot of letters in the paper, I said well, I,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2650] It might of been a man.
Fred (PS09T) [2651] so she asked us if we would like to do this
Clive (PS09W) [2652] Oh, that's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2653] seeing as we've got a big family, I thought well
Clive (PS09W) [2654] Well yeah, that's right
Fred (PS09T) [2655] Get as many as I could possible
Marjorie (PS09X) [laugh]
Clive (PS09W) [2656] Yeah, I'd have done.
Fred (PS09T) [2657] Anyway, we'll all go down in posterity
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh]
Clive (PS09W) [2658] I should think we will
Fred (PS09T) [2659] Do you want a tea ma?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2660] Three years is no time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2661] No
Marjorie (PS09X) [2662] Three years? ...
Fred (PS09T) [2663] He's had all his hair cut and he's shaved his tash off
Marjorie (PS09X) [2664] What short, short?
Fred (PS09T) [2665] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [2666] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [2667] and he's shaved his tash off as well and he's always had that tash ever since I've been there, it was really funny
Marjorie (PS09X) [2668] Yeah, it's funny when someone's always had it.
[2669] I remember when Sue worked behind
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2670] beard and that all the time and he shaved that off, oh
Fred (PS09T) [2671] My boss was telling me about some old boy right he had a beard for all his life yeah?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2672] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2673] a really long beard right?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2674] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2675] And one day he shave it off, it took his wife three hours to notice and it took his mum all day to notice
Marjorie (PS09X) [2676] I think that's terrible and he's always had it?
Fred (PS09T) [2677] Yeah he's always had it, always, and they never noticed
Marjorie (PS09X) [2678] That's terrible, poor bloke ... oh dear
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2679] mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2680] ain't she?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2681] What?
Clive (PS09W) [2682] No
Marjorie (PS09X) [2683] Thought you were asleep
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Gemma (PS09Y) [2684] Mum
Marjorie (PS09X) [2685] What?
Gemma (PS09Y) [2686] have you got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2687] Can you go and get her please?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2688] I'll get her
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2689] Chew shut up
Fred (PS09T) [2690] That's enough Chewy
Fred (PS09T) [2691] Chewy ...
Marjorie (PS09X) [2692] Ah, I called you
Fred (PS09T) [2693] Look mum
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2694] What? ...
Fred (PS09T) [2695] there it is
Marjorie (PS09X) [2696] it's just that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2697] Yeah it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2698] but it's going white
Marjorie (PS09X) [2699] It's cert , it's going very pale yes
Fred (PS09T) [2700] it's certain in it bleach innit?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2701] Oh yes it's lots of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2702] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2703] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [2704] Ah which was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2705] probably it were not
Marjorie (PS09X) [2706] Yes I hope so,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2707] that one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2708] Did I?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2709] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2710] I didn't notice it until later on
Fred (PS09T) [2711] How's it spelt then?
Marjorie (PS09X) [2712] A M E M D E I
Fred (PS09T) [2713] Oh ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2714] I thought I'd catch his
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2715] more than that
Marjorie (PS09X) [2716] Yeah, he'll probably come back, probably have lots to eat, who knows, he looks friendly, I don't know, oh you know at ruggers his mum came up to me and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2717] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2718] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [2719] he's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2720] Is it?
Fred (PS09T) [2721] Yeah
Marjorie (PS09X) [2722] I still don't know a few ideas though
Clive (PS09W) [2723] It's prob , probably got the odd market
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2724] and I thought well, I, I asked cos I was so sure that was a male
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2725] It's been a male and female
Marjorie (PS09X) [2726] Just a male
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2727] big
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2728] I ain't been out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2729] Shall I go and have a look to see if there's any
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2730] Yeah you could do ... I don't think
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2731] or not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Clive (PS09W) [2732] Try now then ...
Marjorie (PS09X) [2733] Is that better Chewy? ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2734] [laugh] ouch ...
Marjorie (PS09X) [2735] Oh Chewy
Clive (PS09W) [2736] I know it sounds quieter
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2737] Is there any in there?
Fred (PS09T) [2738] No
Fred (PS09T) [2739] No
Marjorie (PS09X) [2740] I don't know, mind you it's early yet really, cos they're all
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2741] ain't they?
Clive (PS09W) [2742] Yeah, lines
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2743] yeah pulled it up to the shed and I've left it there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2744] I didn't know what to do about that, I put
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2745] and they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2746] I know it's not in there unless it's under the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2747] but I doubt it
Marjorie (PS09X) [2748] Maybe
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2749] I doubt it anyway
Fred (PS09T) [2750] Perhaps it's sold
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2751] yeah they do, I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2752] they all love that there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2753] Right I give you it, it's the same old
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2754] Could be
Marjorie (PS09X) [2755] I mean six months been out there
Fred (PS09T) [2756] Long time
Marjorie (PS09X) [2757] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2758] Yeah six months, not having no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2759] right
Fred (PS09T) [2760] may as well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2761] alright don't want them
Fred (PS09T) [2762] fix my
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [2763] Were they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2764] Thank you very much
Gemma (PS09Y) [2765] I'm tying up shoes,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2766] OK, do you want these Chewy?
[2767] Finish all the lunch off.
Fred (PS09T) [2768] That's nice
Marjorie (PS09X) [2769] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2770] Oh
Marjorie (PS09X) [2771] Should think dear [laugh] anything
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Marjorie (PS09X) [2772] Some more
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2773] I'm going upstairs to listen to some music
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

9 (Tape 026202)

Fred (PS09T) [2774] How big were they?
David (PS09V) [2775] About two, some of them were about two foot some of them were about four
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2776] How much were they each? ...
David (PS09V) [2777] Er twenty two pounds fift , er twenty two pounds fifty
Florence (PS09U) [2778] So, dear ain't it?
David (PS09V) [2779] Worked out less than, I don't know ... and they give us all the posters and everything, so weekend I'm gonna send away for another seventy
Florence (PS09U) [2780] No
David (PS09V) [2781] Yes, seriously
Fred (PS09T) [2782] You ain't got enough room in your garden
David (PS09V) [2783] Course I am ...
Fred (PS09T) [2784] that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2785] beginning of the extent or the end of the extent of the fish pond ...
Florence (PS09U) [2786] That's trying for them, twenty two inches apart
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2787] There is a saying ain't they?
David (PS09V) [2788] Yeah, if you want a hedge six, if you want a hedge six foot high, a good solid hedge six foot high, plant eighteen inches apart, so I've had, I've planted them between twenty and twenty two inches apart
Florence (PS09U) [2789] They take years to grow
David (PS09V) [2790] No they don't
Florence (PS09U) [2791] How long? ...
David (PS09V) [2792] Er, they reckon they grow two to three foot a year ... they're the fast grow ones, once they get a hold, they start growing and they shoot up each week and when they start shooting up, that's when, you've got to keep them watered, and you've got to feed them with that plant stuff do you know what I mean?
Florence (PS09U) [2793] Yeah
David (PS09V) [2794] Got the old watering can and then you get down on this plant, and then when they get a gist of that first time that they go whooo, you wake up in the morning, you've got co , conifers like Jack and The Beanstalk coming
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2795] I was gonna come over and see you about, about
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2796] Mm, mm.
Fred (PS09T) [2797] I could find out where you did your, that, that hall, I know people in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2798] know where it is in it?
Florence (PS09U) [2799] Yeah, but that, I don't know whether it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2800] knew anything
David (PS09V) [2801] See I told you they would
Fred (PS09T) [2802] No I don't think so, nobody does
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2803] What, what did they say about your tash?
Fred (PS09T) [2804] Do you know, I went in there right and the majority of people never took no blind bit of notice then suddenly one person walked through the door, you know, he's always playing next to me ... and he sits down, puts his trumpet there, gets his trumpet on ya, sits there, turns round and the next thing he were laying on the floor going
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2805] and that was it, everybody else turn round and ... oh, blah, blah, blah, blah and that's how it goes and that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2806] that actor oh blimey he's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2807] we say no, what does he remind me of?
[2808] And
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2809] going oh he looks like a bloody poofter know ooh, ooh
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2810] and then that was it and then a bit later on, that was all they said about me haircut and then during the break somebody else said, there's something else gone as well and they couldn't make out what it ... what done mine in, my musical director he come, he says you know what will look nice now with that haircut don't you?
[2811] I said what?
[2812] He said a patch, I went ... I said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2813] little one, he said no I've never noticed
David (PS09V) [2814] [laugh] never noticed you had it?
Fred (PS09T) [2815] no ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2816] I can't believe it's Thursday ...
Florence (PS09U) [2817] So you've got plenty of food on you?
[2818] Yeah, I see, you could possibly
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2819] for a fiver ...
Florence (PS09U) [2820] I think
David (PS09V) [2821] Ah?
Florence (PS09U) [2822] I think er, that
David (PS09V) [2823] Same with my missus, don't get suspicious
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2824] I know she thinks I'm picking you up, but, [laugh] I and Mark are gonna give you some money for
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2825] I said yeah, he is, I said he could do
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2826] where do you think you're going, I said London
Florence (PS09U) [2827] [laugh] You always tell her we're going to London don't you?
David (PS09V) [2828] I think one night, right, I'm gonna say Carol were gonna be out late, right, I'll tell her we've got two down, down buyers and sneak out
Florence (PS09U) [2829] Sneak out
David (PS09V) [2830] down
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2831] He, he wouldn't serve me though in the pub, cos he knows how old I am
David (PS09V) [2832] No, you'll be on it easy won't you?
Florence (PS09U) [2833] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2834] Yeah, I'll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2835] on his
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2836] won't it?
David (PS09V) [2837] Yeah it would as well, he'll probably bar me as soon as we walked in, he don't like me, does he?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2838] You won't be able to drink now you're driving
David (PS09V) [2839] So
Florence (PS09U) [2840] and over, my
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2841] and the car registration number is oh, oh, blah, blah, blah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2842] You always say
Florence (PS09U) [2843] You ain't got your Garrot Turbo sticker on your car.
David (PS09V) [2844] I know.
Florence (PS09U) [2845] I thought you said you had yesterday.
David (PS09V) [2846] No.
Florence (PS09U) [2847] You said, you were going on about, something about, when they sing oh Garrot Turbo sticker
David (PS09V) [2848] Yeah, but I haven't stuck it on yet.
Florence (PS09U) [2849] Where you gonna put it?
David (PS09V) [2850] I don't know yet.
Fred (PS09T) [2851] There ain't room is there?
David (PS09V) [2852] No.
Fred (PS09T) [2853] Anyway
Florence (PS09U) [2854] Oh, want to stick it on top of that dome like cowboys do
David (PS09V) [2855] [laugh] , I want, I want, I'm gonna laugh, yesterday
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2856] and there's all these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2857] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2858] Yeah slapped all over his car [laugh]
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [2859] There might be a load slapped on your car.
David (PS09V) [2860] Oh, it's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2861] walks down about eight o'clock, talk about long legs, she's got really long legs right, this one.

10 (Tape 026203)

Fred (PS09T) [2862] Get all the components done and that just leaves me to do the joints. ...
David (PS09V) [2863] What you gonna do them on your own?
Fred (PS09T) [2864] Oh I see, I mean, if we're still doing components tomorrow
David (PS09V) [2865] I will be won't I?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2866] Monday ...
Florence (PS09U) [2867] Well even if they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2868] They just want to check over
Florence (PS09U) [2869] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2870] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2871] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2872] Great ... I know the er, Dave has said about the er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2873] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2874] they get them out because
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2875] I mean they really are gonna be, you know, in a hurry to get stuff out the door ...
Fred (PS09T) [2876] Is that it, is that all of them?
David (PS09V) [2877] No, there's some here if you want
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [2878] Oh ... are they the last ones?
David (PS09V) [2879] Over there
Fred (PS09T) [2880] What?
[2881] Where?
[2882] The
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2883] Erm, can you get Jeff to do the first soldering for you?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2884] can you, you get them close, just say twenty
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2885] clean and then start to finish them
Fred (PS09T) [2886] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2887] alright?
[2888] And then Jeff just carries on finishing
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2889] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2890] But just, as soon as, er, er, when
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2891] soldering, I take it you haven't just checked any over yet
Fred (PS09T) [2892] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2893] before they go down?
Fred (PS09T) [2894] got these about four, four to put
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2895] in, then we'll start checking them over
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2896] Right and then get them down there, the machine won't be ready until about half past nine.
Fred (PS09T) [2897] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2898] If Jeff doesn't get those soldered allows you to get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2899] You'd better come in Monday morning, you won't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2900] through that will you?
David (PS09V) [2901] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [2902] I don't really
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2903] I think people who drink from the bottle want their bollocks chopped off.
Fred (PS09T) [2904] [laugh] Yeah
David (PS09V) [2905] You got any more of that?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2906] Yes please
David (PS09V) [2907] Pass, pass me a couple, one, or something
Florence (PS09U) [2908] I'd like to say hello to Ben, hello to all Ben's friends
David (PS09V) [2909] Bend friend
Fred (PS09T) [2910] Ben's car's going off the road in two weeks ...
Florence (PS09U) [2911] I'd like to say hello to Mr Major, hello then Mr Major I think your
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2912] It's election soon
Florence (PS09U) [2913] Yeah it's the election soon
David (PS09V) [2914] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2915] I don't think Major Morgan's gonna, gonna win, I think he's gonna be out, out, out
David (PS09V) [2916] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2917] out the door
David (PS09V) [2918] out the door, throw him out, get rid of him, up the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2919] vote Labour, Neil Kinnock, leader of the Labour
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [laugh] ...
David (PS09V) [2920] On this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2921] I can't pay
Florence (PS09U) [2922] No you don't wanna
David (PS09V) [2923] I wonder who took that poster what that they had?
Florence (PS09U) [2924] Somebody good, vote, vote what, right to the white, out the nig nogs ...
Fred (PS09T) [2925] You got one of these?
Florence (PS09U) [2926] Why won't it come out?
Fred (PS09T) [2927] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [2928] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [2929] that's good cos I want it
Florence (PS09U) [2930] I think there's just enough for those
Fred (PS09T) [2931] got some stairs anyway ...
Florence (PS09U) [2932] What we doing checking them over aren't we?
David (PS09V) [2933] Yeah just er, you know what's supposed to be missing don't you?
Florence (PS09U) [2934] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2935] that's right
David (PS09V) [2936] Yes,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2937] resistors and things like that, you see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2938] well that one's going in the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [2939] just make sure the, R C's are round the right way
Florence (PS09U) [2940] Yeah, that's what I do again, this time check the R C's innit?
David (PS09V) [2941] Yeah ... cos I've still got that card
Florence (PS09U) [2942] Of the red caps it should be twelve, thirteen, seventeen, twenty, twenty two, twenty three and twenty fours, no I'm thinking of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2943] I was gonna say you're reading and I'm thinking I ain't got them ones [laugh] .. e.
Florence (PS09U) [2944] And another thing to do is just make sure these caps are still straight, there's some on the left get pulled out when we
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2945] on the blue ones?
Florence (PS09U) [2946] And on the yellow ones ...
Fred (PS09T) [2947] This is an excellent song this is
David (PS09V) [2948] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [2949] Chariot's of Fire ain't it?
David (PS09V) [2950] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [2951] Excellent
David (PS09V) [2952] brilliant
Fred (PS09T) [2953] Yeah brilliant like Queen they're brilliant
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2954] Wembley
David (PS09V) [2955] Yeah.
Fred (PS09T) [2956] I hope the I R A don't plant no bombs in Wembley Stadium, time they all get together,
David (PS09V) [2957] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [2958] the Government ought to get
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2959] at Wembley Stadium, cos I don't want, I don't want to get blown up ... I hope you're listening
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [2960] Mr Government
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2961] was quite big we went to see last night, there was quite a few people around ...
Fred (PS09T) [2962] Well Jeffery ... [humming] ...
Florence (PS09U) [2963] How
David (PS09V) [2964] Which way does that green cap go in?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2965] Erm
Florence (PS09U) [2966] My mitt's just about come back to reality, last night when I was playing my trumpet right, it was numb, my fingers, I'd got no feeling in it, it was as though it was dead.
Fred (PS09T) [2967] It's horrible when you get that innit?
Florence (PS09U) [2968] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [2969] It lasts ages and ages no matter what you're doing ... it come back
David (PS09V) [2970] Me and my missus are actually going out with me in the next couple of weeks,
Fred (PS09T) [2971] That's our future
Florence (PS09U) [2972] For your band?
Fred (PS09T) [2973] Mm ... he was on about it last night, he says well I think all we really need is to look at is two hundred pound up front, buy the equipment, couple of decent speakers, a graphic equalizer and the twin deck tapers
Florence (PS09U) [2974] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [2975] and a foot switch
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [2976] press it and it starts the tape, it stops the tape
Florence (PS09U) [2977] Yeah, that's all we want.
[2978] Marcus has got loads of ideas going through his head
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2979] No, these are though, want them?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [2980] Er, yeah alright
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2981] yeah ... so I mean he said we're gonna have to go out for a drink and sit down and discuss it, you know ...
David (PS09V) [2982] Cos if you really want
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2983] booking on his own at the moment, three hundred pounds on bookings he's got, coming up in the next three weeks ...
Florence (PS09U) [2984] What just, what for him and you?
David (PS09V) [2985] No, just him
Florence (PS09U) [2986] Just him, mm, what's he play?
David (PS09V) [2987] The trumpet.
[2988] You know I told him
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2989] the other week
Florence (PS09U) [2990] Yeah
David (PS09V) [2991] I told him there was some , I said somebody was interested in, well he's got back in touch and he said can you come and do a twenty minute spot at this hotel in Bedford ... and he said really, I mean he's doing it ...
Florence (PS09U) [2992] That is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2993] easy money, twenty minutes ...
Florence (PS09U) [2994] I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [2995] ask him if come in Monday ... and he could say
David (PS09V) [2996] Don't know ... so I'm getting really excited about,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [2997] really serious ... you know there's some times when you can get two cabaret spots in the night, you do one, one somewhere and then
Florence (PS09U) [2998] Yeah ...
David (PS09V) [2999] and the best thing is that nobody's doing it, everybody's doing cabaret spots along the line ... jokes and stuff like that, but nobody's not doing cabaret spots with trumpets ...
Florence (PS09U) [3000] You're gonna see Andrea tonight ain't you?
[3001] ... Remember to say hello ...
David (PS09V) [3002] There's a resistor there that was in that tray I don't know whether it's fell out the board or
Florence (PS09U) [3003] Oh yes,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3004] Ah surely we ain't got to

11 (Tape 026204)

Fred (PS09T) [3005] But don't you get anything for your wife for your anniversary?
Florence (PS09U) [3006] No.
Fred (PS09T) [3007] Not at all?
Florence (PS09U) [3008] No.
Fred (PS09T) [3009] What, not even a card?
Florence (PS09U) [3010] Oh I got her a card, yeah.
Fred (PS09T) [3011] You're meant to buy present though?
Florence (PS09U) [3012] No.
Fred (PS09T) [3013] Yeah, you're meant to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3014] I ain't got no money have I?
[3015] What if you, if you lent us some dosh I suppose I could be with Louise tonight, right, I could go home with a big bunch of flowers cos I'll have a guilty expression on my face.

12 (Tape 026205)

Fred (PS09T) [3016] I could do
Florence (PS09U) [3017] Mm, well it's what you thought
Fred (PS09T) [laugh] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3018] Are you sure you two are playing at
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3019] No not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3020] there out via satellite ...
David (PS09V) [3021] Right, then you look
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3022] video tape they're gonna slap in the machine
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
David (PS09V) [3023] the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3024] seen when the machine is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3025] They could just say no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3026] [singing] Why do birds fall in love, why do birds sing so gay, why do they sing that song, why do they []
Florence (PS09U) [3027] Ah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3028] Phew what's that smell?
Fred (PS09T) [3029] You want me to, what, what have I got to put down on these then, they all be
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3030] I shouldn't need to push anything down
David (PS09V) [3031] Well yeah they should be, should be packed, tack down in fact should be
Fred (PS09T) [3032] So I should
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3033] without having to worry about pushing any down
Florence (PS09U) [3034] Yeah, right-oh
David (PS09V) [3035] Yeah, but you know just when you have fingers over the R C, just to make sure
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3036] well they're just, you know, don't push them hard though Jeff you'll bend the legs ... and snap the board ...
Fred (PS09T) [3037] About time you got on the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3038] I think ...

13 (Tape 026206)

Fred (PS09T) [3039] He's going to go loopy, he's gonna go
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3040] are you accusing me of drinking and driving?
[3041] [laugh] Just don't, but if they say oh yeah, you're gonna say
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3042] he's gonna say,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3043] and then when they breathalyse me, he's never, he never drinks anyway, he'll be negative, he'll say right see you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3044] that'll be too much, he says take you to court, try to harass me
Florence (PS09U) [3045] Yeah that's a nice word harass me
David (PS09V) [3046] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3047] same tone yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah that's a good word, that'll be the thing oh yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, mm, yeah, you'll see, mm, wicked, wicked, mm

14 (Tape 026207)

Florence (PS09U) [3048] Erm, I'm just sitting in the front of the car last night and erm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3049] Have you got my
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3050] yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3051] do you know what time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3052] the four of them working
David (PS09V) [3053] Was it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3054] the car wouldn't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3055] I was sitting in front of the car and erm ... everybody, everybody started beaten her up like
Fred (PS09T) [3056] Beating you up?
Florence (PS09U) [3057] Yeah, Georgina goes to me aren't you gonna stick up for her, stick up for her, so I did [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [3058] You did, stuck it up for her?
Florence (PS09U) [3059] Yeah, they got aerated started
Fred (PS09T) [3060] Aerated
Florence (PS09U) [3061] beating me up
David (PS09V) [3062] No, our
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3063] I don't want to see them tonight
David (PS09V) [3064] Who's them?
Florence (PS09U) [3065] dude, cos I'm only going to get the piss taken out of my hair aren't I?
Fred (PS09T) [3066] [laugh] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3067] He told them?
Fred (PS09T) [3068] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3069] No
Fred (PS09T) [3070] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3071] What did you say?
Fred (PS09T) [3072] I just told them you'd had your hair cut really short
Florence (PS09U) [3073] What's he say?
Fred (PS09T) [3074] Does
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3075] look funny and I said yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3076] If I get the piss taken out of me tonight
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3077] and I look more hard
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3078] especially if you're
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3079] I'm really
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3080] I'll send you round her house, I know where she lives
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3081] knock on the door
Fred (PS09T) [3082] I ain't going round
Florence (PS09U) [3083] You are, still a monkey wrestler
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3084] Oh yeah, I remember you saying ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3085] ah well
Florence (PS09U) [3086] Ah, got that record again Freddy , that's not good enough, mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3087] could warn him Marcus
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3088] would, wouldn't like, one, one would quite fond of you prince charming
David (PS09V) [3089] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3090] leader of the Labour party Neil Kinnock
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3091] Wentworth Dock
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3092] It would, must be ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3093] and then up early
Fred (PS09T) [3094] Have you got both keys missing?
Florence (PS09U) [3095] Mm, I ain't had one board yet with anything missing, I must have your boards
Fred (PS09T) [3096] [laugh] I found that board with half
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3097] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3098] I bet it's not, it's neither these,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3099] neither of them ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3100] Mm, that is
Fred (PS09T) [3101] Mm that's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3102] in ten there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

15 (Tape 026208)

Florence (PS09U) [3103] I've got a power supply at home I want to bring in and have it checked out.
Fred (PS09T) [3104] Have it checked out, you want me to check it out?
Florence (PS09U) [3105] See if it works.
Fred (PS09T) [3106] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3107] Ever since I check that what's your board
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3108] no
Florence (PS09U) [3109] I mean look that
Fred (PS09T) [3110] See look all that down there, you've blown it all up, and you're supposed to be clever
Florence (PS09U) [3111] Clever, I am clever ... I'm the cleverest one here
Fred (PS09T) [3112] Oh is checked at the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3113] innit?
Fred (PS09T) [3114] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3115] It's only like a C B power supply
Fred (PS09T) [3116] Ah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3117] missing as well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3118] it's not me, it must be your boards ...

16 (Tape 026209)

Florence (PS09U) [3119] What's the weather like today?
David (PS09V) [3120] It's sunny today.
Florence (PS09U) [3121] Well what's it meant to be like?
David (PS09V) [3122] It's supposed to be dry, warm and sunny, hello, hell what the time is erm, Marcus
Fred (PS09T) [3123] What?
[3124] ... Mm it's quarter to ten already ...
Florence (PS09U) [3125] Well
Fred (PS09T) [3126] Well
David (PS09V) [3127] I love summer, summer time you know it's special about summer time
Florence (PS09U) [3128] I like it when it gets dar , dark
David (PS09V) [3129] Ah?
Florence (PS09U) [3130] I mean I like it when it's still light at night
David (PS09V) [3131] [laugh] light at night, yeah so do I, mm ... well, oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3132] I'm glad he moved away, I ain't telling
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3133] oh dear ...
Fred (PS09T) [3134] So what we doing tonight then?
David (PS09V) [3135] What we doing tonight then?
[3136] Well what, what do you want to do tonight Marcus?
[3137] I mean if you like, I mean, I'll pick you up at normal time, then we'll just
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3138] I don't
David (PS09V) [3139] What?
Fred (PS09T) [3140] You see, I'm, I'm not sure where I'm gonna be
David (PS09V) [3141] Oh I see ...
Fred (PS09T) [3142] Glen's picking me up at half six, yeah
David (PS09V) [3143] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3144] I don't know if we're going to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3145] alright then, you know, get, I ain't bothered I mean I'm fine if you wanna, I'll kill a butcher somewhere
Fred (PS09T) [3146] I'll ob obviously be over in Attenburg or in Rushton
David (PS09V) [3147] Well I can't go down the square that'll be too much, but I mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3148] oh yeah I've been going bowling
Fred (PS09T) [3149] I can't believe
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3150] got up this morning, but I, Maria must of told you that
David (PS09V) [3151] No she didn't
Fred (PS09T) [3152] I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3153] I'm going, I'm going get a P A for my car and gonna drive past the square and
Fred (PS09T) [3154] And baa, baa
David (PS09V) [3155] baa, rah
Fred (PS09T) [3156] baa, baa, baa, baa
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3157] is she really busy?
Fred (PS09T) [3158] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3159] Don't she know nothing?
Fred (PS09T) [3160] She's like, accident prone
David (PS09V) [3161] No
Fred (PS09T) [3162] Yeah, she's, for the last three nights running, right, every night she's tried to get out of Ben's car when we drop her off home
David (PS09V) [3163] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3164] she's smacked her head [laughing] on top [] it's so funny, silly bitch
David (PS09V) [3165] Oh, she's scatty ain't she? ...
Fred (PS09T) [3166] Oh you know I tried to find out her phone yesterday
David (PS09V) [3167] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3168] She ain't on the phone
David (PS09V) [3169] [laugh] Oh Marcus
Fred (PS09T) [3170] she used to be, but she got a bill for erm five hundred pounds, so they had to have it cut off ...
David (PS09V) [3171] [singing] Little girl []
Fred (PS09T) [3172] Mm
David (PS09V) [3173] [singing] yes we're at Wembley, Wembley, Wembley, we're going to see Freddy Mercury and we're off to Wembley []
Fred (PS09T) [3174] I don't think I'd go and see Freddy Mercury
David (PS09V) [3175] Oh, I do,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3176] he'll be there, you'll be safe, he's only, he's not really gay, I think
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3177] do you really think

17 (Tape 026210)

Florence (PS09U) [3178] Is that all that's left just them twenty five?
Fred (PS09T) [3179] Mm, what's Jeff on about when we'll keep up with him? ...
Florence (PS09U) [3180] He didn't say that did he?
Fred (PS09T) [3181] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3182] [laugh] I bet he does as well shall we send a blank board up there, get that spare out, do put it in the tray and see what he says?
Florence (PS09U) [3183] No, he might be able to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3184] solder it, if we do
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3185] course he wouldn't, just, put the blank board in.
Florence (PS09U) [3186] No, it takes ages down there
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3187] big straight Dave, that's their manager, Dave the manager he's the one with the dodgy voice
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3188] dodgy voice, he, he, that voice, Birmingham accent, oh David
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3189] oh David
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3190] Ah?
Florence (PS09U) [3191] Don't you dare tell
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3192] my Prince Charles impression, don't you dare say anything to Ben about it
Fred (PS09T) [3193] No
Florence (PS09U) [3194] I nearly said it too loud then ... when does one, one could have one, one, [laugh] Diana

18 (Tape 026211)

Fred (PS09T) [3195] I reckon you should let me have one of your cappuccinos ... Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3196] Oh no
Fred (PS09T) [3197] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3198] Oh no
Fred (PS09T) [3199] I'll buy if off you.
Florence (PS09U) [3200] You can't can you because there's only two there
Fred (PS09T) [3201] So?
Florence (PS09U) [3202] and I want one at dinner time and one this afternoon.
Fred (PS09T) [3203] No you don't, you only want one at dinner time and that's it.
Florence (PS09U) [3204] No I don't.
Fred (PS09T) [3205] normal cup of coffee this afternoon
Florence (PS09U) [3206] No I couldn't do it, you wouldn't like it
Fred (PS09T) [3207] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3208] No
Fred (PS09T) [3209] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3210] No
Fred (PS09T) [3211] They look nice
Florence (PS09U) [3212] Mm they are nice, they're dear though.
Fred (PS09T) [3213] [laugh] How much are they?
Florence (PS09U) [3214] Ah?
Fred (PS09T) [3215] How much are they?
Florence (PS09U) [3216] Two twenty five for ten.
Fred (PS09T) [3217] How much?
Florence (PS09U) [3218] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3219] So how much does that work out each?
Florence (PS09U) [3220] Two twenty five for ten, twenty five P each innit?
Fred (PS09T) [3221] Oh, let me buy one off you.
Florence (PS09U) [3222] Oh no
Fred (PS09T) [3223] I'll give you thirty P, five P interest, five P interest
Florence (PS09U) [3224] Oh go on then thirty P
Fred (PS09T) [3225] Bloody hell
Florence (PS09U) [3226] Bloody limited this month right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3227] I ain't got thirty P in change I'll give it you in a minute
Florence (PS09U) [3228] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3229] I've only got pound coins
Florence (PS09U) [3230] That's all right
Fred (PS09T) [3231] Do you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3232] you just add water, you don't need sugar in that, that's got sugar in there
Fred (PS09T) [3233] Why is it sweet or not?
Florence (PS09U) [3234] No, not really sweet, no, you don't put extra sugar in if you want, but I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3235] you don't fill your cup right up with it because it'll make it too watery in your cup, cos them cappuccinos come very little
Fred (PS09T) [3236] Yeah they are aren't they?
Florence (PS09U) [3237] You only wanna fill half your cup up ... with water, otherwise it'll just come out like running hot water?
Fred (PS09T) [3238] [laugh] Running hot water
Florence (PS09U) [3239] Cos those little, cos they're only little cups about that big, the proper cappuccino really, it's watery enough in my cup, it's bearable.
Fred (PS09T) [3240] Mm, they're nice.
Florence (PS09U) [3241] Yeah, I wouldn't fill that up right at the top ...
Fred (PS09T) [3242] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3243] I reckon they should do tea here, I'm getting really bored of coffee I tell you ... I heard Georgina scratched Ben across the arm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3244] Right that's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3245] yeah, wouldn't need it, finished
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3246] These are done over here are they?
Fred (PS09T) [3247] Mm, mm, is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3248] for us yet?
David (PS09V) [3249] No, you'll have to clean it, I've started taking the stuff off
Fred (PS09T) [3250] Cleaner on?
David (PS09V) [3251] Yeah, cleaner's on, yeah, by the time you've finished there, there'll be some, some, some, some
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3252] right
Fred (PS09T) [3253] I thought Dave said Jeff would clean them?
Florence (PS09U) [3254] So did I, but he obviously hasn't ...
David (PS09V) [3255] What time did your
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3256] come then last night?
Florence (PS09U) [3257] They didn't come last night.
Fred (PS09T) [3258] What did they come in the day?
Florence (PS09U) [3259] They were already out when we got home
Fred (PS09T) [3260] What just left on the drive?
Florence (PS09U) [3261] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3262] In a big bag?
[3263] Ten in a bag?
Florence (PS09U) [3264] Oh my god
Fred (PS09T) [3265] I'm surprised they just left them there
Florence (PS09U) [3266] They were on the front doorstep, or round the front doorstep, probably say on the front doorstep, trouble is they found the front doorstep on the side
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3267] plastic bags ... being warned about perishable if delayed
Fred (PS09T) [3268] Perishable?
Florence (PS09U) [3269] Mm ... I mean they are perishable if delayed aren't they?
[3270] I mean perishable means, they'll perish, they'll perish
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3271] die well wouldn't they if they were delayed ...
Fred (PS09T) [3272] Why you whacked them in the garden already?
Florence (PS09U) [3273] I only bought ten in last night, I've got some more to put in tonight, it got too dark
Fred (PS09T) [3274] It didn't get dark till about just gone seven
Florence (PS09U) [3275] Yeah I know, but, well I got home, I didn't get back till five cos we went round me mum's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3276] we got back at five and oh dear me, there they were.
[3277] I was putting them round the back and sat thinking about it and I said well we ain't got no peat, so we had to rush over to Hetford and bought some very good peat, and erm, by the time I got back and started digging hole for them to go in
Fred (PS09T) [3278] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3279] quite
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3280] at first of them, on a small one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3281] Do they look nice?
Florence (PS09U) [3282] Mm, they're alright, they will do when they're, when they grow big ... I think they're excellent actually
Fred (PS09T) [3283] Well they're cheap and once they start growing
Florence (PS09U) [3284] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3285] you know, will, make will real good screen
Florence (PS09U) [3286] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3287] better than a bloody fence
Florence (PS09U) [3288] Look better don't they?
Fred (PS09T) [3289] They do, and they give off a nice piny smell as well
Florence (PS09U) [3290] Mm, mm
Fred (PS09T) [3291] Big style give me some boards to look at
Florence (PS09U) [3292] Er, what about them twenty there?
Fred (PS09T) [3293] I've done them
Florence (PS09U) [3294] Ah? ... [singing] with you [] , is this U 2?
David (PS09V) [3295] No
Florence (PS09U) [3296] I don't know who this is ... Jeffery and the five
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3297] [singing] always take the weather with you, everywhere you go []
Fred (PS09T) [3298] [singing] with you, everywhere you go always take the weather, everywhere you go always take the weather with you, everywhere you go always take the weather []
Florence (PS09U) [3299] Next week's gonna be really
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3300] Oh ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3301] ten to eight
Florence (PS09U) [3302] No
Fred (PS09T) [3303] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3304] Why?
Fred (PS09T) [3305] Dunno, had to me Theresa weren't ready, didn't expect until eight o'clock, I thought yeah I've got ten minutes, sitting in my bedroom drinking a cup of tea and I heard this bing
Florence (PS09U) [3306] Why's he do that then?
[3307] Oh I know why, I bet he thought if he's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3308] right that I'd be going over to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3309] and he'll be sitting up here, but he never got
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3310] or anything
Fred (PS09T) [3311] Quarter past right and
Florence (PS09U) [3312] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3313] gosh, couldn't you see this coming?
Florence (PS09U) [3314] No, the next bit I looked over me bit and you were parked up alongside me, why?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3315] OK ...
Florence (PS09U) [3316] I haven't done that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3317] Yeah, sorted all the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3318] didn't you? [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3319] It's gonna take fourteen days to build this, this stage at Wembley
Fred (PS09T) [3320] Really?
Florence (PS09U) [3321] Yeah, there's got in, it was in the paper the other night ... the team of a hundred people gonna take fourteen days to erect this mega stage for Queen that's gonna build at Wembley ...
Fred (PS09T) [3322] Build the stage
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3323] must be a good one
Florence (PS09U) [3324] Mm ... no mate, not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3325] Mm ... Comic Relief soon ain't it?
Florence (PS09U) [3326] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3327] You've got any more, boards to inspect?
David (PS09V) [3328] No
David (PS09V) [3329] No, right
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

19 (Tape 026212)

Florence (PS09U) [3330] Robert Plant
Fred (PS09T) [3331] Mm, can't remember what band he is out of, he's out of a big band ...
David (PS09V) [3332] That's what I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3333] he said he didn't know whether it was Pink Floyd
Florence (PS09U) [3334] It's not Pink Floyd. ...
Fred (PS09T) [3335] I know what it is.
Florence (PS09U) [3336] What?
Fred (PS09T) [3337] Led Zeppelin.
Florence (PS09U) [3338] Is it?
Fred (PS09T) [3339] Mm ... yeah ... I think he's the lead singer out of Led Zeppelin
Florence (PS09U) [3340] Mm ...
Fred (PS09T) [3341] Is Joey singing Queen?
Florence (PS09U) [3342] Yeah, er no, they're all gonna sing with Queen I think, they're all gonna do ten to fifteen minutes each
Fred (PS09T) [3343] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3344] then they, it'll be a mega band for singing for an hour, hour and a half, but what they've speculated is that, Queen's gonna be on there for an hour, hour and a half and then the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3345] like David Bowie will sing with them and ... everybody will take a turn singing with them, like that, that woman that sing that Barcelona you know, er whatever her name is ... I suppose she'll, she'll sing at erm, er and somebody else might sing that Barcelona you know that one
Fred (PS09T) [3346] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3347] there's one, that Italian singer as well.
Fred (PS09T) [3348] I ain't heard about
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3349] whatever his name is, he's that big fat opera singer.
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3350] Oh, la, la ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3351] somebody called Brian Murray
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3352] you know
David (PS09V) [3353] I've heard them before, I don't, you know, and, Roger Taylor and you, John Dean
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3354] They're gonna be there, they are, and if, if, if
David (PS09V) [3355] I wonder if Roger Taylor's getting married?
Florence (PS09U) [3356] Of course he's getting married.
David (PS09V) [3357] He's out of Pink Floyd.
Fred (PS09T) [3358] No he's out of Queen, Roger Taylor.
David (PS09V) [3359] Is he?
Fred (PS09T) [3360] Mm ... he's the drummer, it depends on Roger Taylor I mean, there's one in Duran Duran as well
David (PS09V) [3361] What's wrong with this board?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3362] I bet there's loads of them like it in there, these should be tapped in by both leads
Florence (PS09U) [3363] Mm, have to remember that in future ... Do you mean she's got over her illness then?
Fred (PS09T) [3364] I don't know, I suppose so, she hasn't said anything to me ...
Florence (PS09U) [3365] I haven't got patience for people who are ill
Fred (PS09T) [3366] [laugh] ... Most of my babies are my fish
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3367] mm
Fred (PS09T) [3368] cos one of my fish swim really near the bottom, on the gravel
Florence (PS09U) [3369] Yeah, that'll be alright
Fred (PS09T) [3370] I wouldn't know whether that is pregnant or not, it's taking deep breaths [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3371] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3372] she's laying on the bottom going [heavy breathing] , but I didn't move her cos it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3373] she's been like that for two days now
Florence (PS09U) [3374] Yeah ...
Fred (PS09T) [3375] Do you know anybody wanting baby rabbits?
Florence (PS09U) [3376] No, why you've got some?
Fred (PS09T) [3377] Well one of our bab , er one of our rabbits thinks it's pregnant, whether it is or not
David (PS09V) [3378] Better not if it is, you're gonna have to get rid of them pretty sharpish, as soon as they're old enough mate, you've got to anyway ...
Fred (PS09T) [3379] Still ain't got rid of that cockerel ... don't know where to, to get rid of it to.
Florence (PS09U) [3380] The bird's gonna have to be ended up on a Sunday dinner somewhere innit?
Fred (PS09T) [3381] No, that's why, that's why we don't want to get rid of it to anyone, just in case they chop it up [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3382] [laugh] Have it for dinner ... Couldn't do it could you?
David (PS09V) [3383] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3384] Neat
Fred (PS09T) [3385] Yes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3386] yeah, you gonna have to speak at
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3387] No
Fred (PS09T) [3388] Take that cowboy one off
David (PS09V) [3389] Can't do that
Fred (PS09T) [3390] Why?
David (PS09V) [3391] More than my life's worth
Florence (PS09U) [3392] What, cor
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3393] girl walked all the way from America
Fred (PS09T) [3394] Is that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

20 (Tape 026213)

Fred (PS09T) [3395] You've got to cut dead square across the back ain't you?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [3396] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3397] [laugh] , I'll shave him for you Mark
Florence (PS09U) [3398] No way ... well, well it's a bit long you see, but it's just
Fred (PS09T) [3399] Well you should of had it shaved.
Florence (PS09U) [3400] Er, no I don't want it shaved, no
Fred (PS09T) [3401] Not a lot, just, you know, take a little bit off
Florence (PS09U) [3402] There's a funny programme in a couple of week's time
Fred (PS09T) [3403] Is there?
Florence (PS09U) [3404] She only did it as a temporary measures just to
David (PS09V) [3405] Get it out
Florence (PS09U) [3406] sort it out, just to sort it out, it's like, it's like cutting a lawn innit?
[3407] You never cut it straight down low to start with
Fred (PS09T) [3408] No [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3409] You've gotta, you gotta chop big bits off and then, sort it out later ...
David (PS09V) [3410] So you shouldn't wait two weeks now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3411] Mm, or whenever ...
Fred (PS09T) [3412] How is it going Jeffery?
David (PS09V) [3413] Dunno
Florence (PS09U) [3414] Wiggler
David (PS09V) [3415] I'm not a wiggler
Florence (PS09U) [3416] wiggler, wiggler ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3417] [laugh] he let them have that, yeah, as soon as he starts crying [laugh] .
Florence (PS09U) [3418] I'm gonna bring in a hair tong today
Fred (PS09T) [3419] A what?
Florence (PS09U) [3420] A hair tong
Fred (PS09T) [3421] [laugh] Grecian Two Thousand
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3422] What's
Florence (PS09U) [3423] This , this don't taste like coffee
Fred (PS09T) [3424] What's it taste like?
Florence (PS09U) [3425] Mm, hot water ...
Fred (PS09T) [3426] You've put too much in it.
Florence (PS09U) [3427] No I didn't do it, I only filled it up
Fred (PS09T) [3428] Of course it taste like coffee
Florence (PS09U) [3429] It ain't, it ain't, it ain't got a real coffee taste
Fred (PS09T) [3430] Mm ...
Florence (PS09U) [3431] You've still got your other tomato seeds tomorrow ain't you?
David (PS09V) [3432] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3433] You're useless, what about that?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3434] Too hot to handle
David (PS09V) [3435] Yeah, it has to be on a day when I'm ready for it
Florence (PS09U) [3436] Ready for it
David (PS09V) [3437] cos I'm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3438] ready
David (PS09V) [3439] it might take me by surprise

21 (Tape 026301)

David (PS09V) [3440] It won't obstruct no light though because I told you the sun is more er, without the back it joins down the car
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3441] you don't get no light between the two houses anyway, we always have to have
Florence (PS09U) [3442] Does she get on alright do you know?
Clive (PS09W) [3443] Yeah.
Fred (PS09T) [3444] Well they ain't going to anyway does a ... two or three years, they're old age pensioners, the house is too big for them cos they're waiting for a place to move, that's why I want to get it, get this hedge grow before the next one comes in
Florence (PS09U) [3445] What size, what size is, is
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3446] oh the old boy next door he's alright, and the woman next door she's alright you'd never think much of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3447] Why?
Clive (PS09W) [3448] Well you wanna go on holiday
Fred (PS09T) [3449] Yeah, well he's already turned round and told my mother he's not knocking ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3450] mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3451] they said for a near six foot high plant eighteen inches apart, for a near ten foot high plant twenty four inches apart, anything over that plant
Clive (PS09W) [3452] Yeah but you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3453] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3454] So I've, I've got the actual main table for the pond and all that, went along that edge ... that should be in the ground actually, but, I just
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3455] all the way along
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3456] yeah, a big size electric
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3457] Yeah, but can you imagine it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3458] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3459] [laugh] That's mine
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3460] this, this, they only start from sort of like, there's the house, and it goes half way up the garden, so I want fifty up at one side, and put fifty to go up other side, I want fifty to go across the garden, and they're gonna go across the garden and cut the garden in half
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3461] no they haven't, they're gonna go all the way round the top section as well, but I just wanted to get the bottom section built first, get some of that plant food in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3462] when the old boy comes round and see what you've done with the old horse manure, spread some of that around and that'll make them grow as well
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3463] this one completely
Florence (PS09U) [3464] but they do last for years and years don't they?
Clive (PS09W) [3465] Oh yes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3466] Are you gonna come home and help me dig this pond out then Mark?
Florence (PS09U) [3467] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3468] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3469] Was that plastic any good?
Fred (PS09T) [3470] Well no not really, but [laugh]
David (PS09V) [3471] Not good
Fred (PS09T) [3472] No I'll get some, you know, what I'll do I
Clive (PS09W) [3473] Use
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3474] they've got holes in it Dave
Clive (PS09W) [3475] Have they, oh I dunno, I dunno
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Clive (PS09W) [3476] I just grabbed it from underneath the garage
Fred (PS09T) [3477] Yeah ... there's no, I, I use that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3478] of the actual
Florence (PS09U) [3479] You'll find two without, caps missing
Fred (PS09T) [3480] Mm
David (PS09V) [3481] Well can't we go down and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3482] packaging ...
Clive (PS09W) [3483] Buy yourself, buy yourself a plant because when it, when you open this all out it's a huge great er
Fred (PS09T) [3484] Yeah
Clive (PS09W) [3485] squares
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3486] yeah, well, you know, these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3487] even if you put two or three layers
Fred (PS09T) [3488] Mm
Clive (PS09W) [3489] to stop, so if one goes at least you've got another one to save underneath you know?
Fred (PS09T) [3490] See I want to get the same sort of material though as what the other liners, I want to stick the two liners together ... to make all one great big pond you see right the way across the garden ... but the other pond might be about two foot deep, this one's gonna go down
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3491] down to about five, five foot deep I think, four or five foot deep
Clive (PS09W) [3492] Right, so
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Clive (PS09W) [3493] well what do you want a pond four or five foot deep?
Fred (PS09T) [3494] So you can see the fish in it, me cousin's is five foot deep, maybe six, I think it is six
Clive (PS09W) [3495] Do you get it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3496] in the garden?
Fred (PS09T) [3497] No ain't gonna
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3498] no it's gonna be none of that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3499] were never know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3500] got a, a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3501] That's why you needed it that deep
Florence (PS09U) [3502] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3503] for the carp
Florence (PS09U) [3504] that's right, and then I
Fred (PS09T) [3505] You know what you're gonna keep all carp and that
Florence (PS09U) [3506] Yeah all carp in it , I've got all carp in me little one
Fred (PS09T) [3507] Have you?
Florence (PS09U) [3508] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3509] I thought you only had just normal goldfish in there
Florence (PS09U) [3510] No , I've got, there is goldfish in there, but they've got Koi, I've got three Koi in now I think ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3511] I need that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3512] you do ... definitely ...

22 (Tape 026302)

Florence (PS09U) [3513] It's nearly, it's nearly as deep as me
David (PS09V) [3514] Oh, oh, I'll probably be down about four, four, cos I'm five seven, as Mark?
Florence (PS09U) [3515] We'll see, we'll see how deep you can get.
David (PS09V) [3516] You can start digging about six foot though, start, start digging a long time ... is your missus now helping you?
Fred (PS09T) [3517] Sorry, yeah I said Mark's gonna come over and help me dig it.
David (PS09V) [3518] What's she say?
Fred (PS09T) [3519] Oh really ... are you getting cloud, smoke wafting up
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3520] over there
Fred (PS09T) [3521] Ah?
[3522] What's been over there?
David (PS09V) [3523] Getting teas in and stuff
Florence (PS09U) [3524] Getting the teas in
Fred (PS09T) [3525] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3526] tea's in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3527] Yeah I'll definitely come over if Andrea's there
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3528] it'll be at the weekend won't it?
Fred (PS09T) [3529] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3530] What this one?
David (PS09V) [3531] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3532] it's nearly empty Jeff
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3533] really bad for my stomach, ah, it's staying all hot ...
Fred (PS09T) [3534] When you burp in a minute, you'll get all the acid
Florence (PS09U) [3535] Ah, that's horrible that is
Fred (PS09T) [3536] just stay in your throat
Florence (PS09U) [3537] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3538] for about two hours ...
Florence (PS09U) [3539] Ah, my stomach's getting so hot ...
Fred (PS09T) [3540] I'm only gonna get it four foot deep with it anyway ... it wouldn't be four foot deep all over, it'll start off at two foot and then slightly slope down to the deep part
Florence (PS09U) [3541] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3542] I might go
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3543] I might just plant some, we'll, we'll see, we'll see, we'll, we'll design a piece of
Florence (PS09U) [3544] I'll design a piece of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3545] oh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3546] yeah, that'll do keep the old garden
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3547] You'll have to come over and pick me up though
Fred (PS09T) [3548] Mm, I can do it, on a couple of days when Tel's at work, you sit in a box, on a chair
David (PS09V) [3549] What
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3550] No, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3551] I was gonna say decide when you're gonna do it and have the days off work, but they won't, they won't let us both have days
Florence (PS09U) [3552] No, no, no , oh no I ain't having days off work cos he's altering bloody garden
David (PS09V) [3553] Why?
Florence (PS09U) [3554] Why ain't I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3555] off
David (PS09V) [3556] I can ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ... [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3557] Yeah, you definitely want a slope one better ...
Florence (PS09U) [3558] Cos if you have it deep, that deep all over the fish will just swim at the bottom you'll never see them
Fred (PS09T) [3559] No, these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3560] carps at, my, my cousin, they're really weird, you go to feed them, they come to the top, oh the water stays crystal clear
Florence (PS09U) [3561] Does it?
Fred (PS09T) [3562] Mm ... the water in my other pond is crystal clear, see straight down to the bottom, and another thing I want this hedge quite high cos keep the sun off my pond, if you let the sun on the pond it'll just go green
Florence (PS09U) [3563] Yeah, if you shade it
Fred (PS09T) [3564] like my cousin's it's well shaded, he started
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3565] mind you he's got a good filter system, he's got a U V light in it,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3566] see when the water comes back out the filter it goes through this pipe right, a big unit type of thing
Florence (PS09U) [3567] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3568] the water flows by, it's got an ultra violet light in it and the ultra violet light rays kill off the er ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
David (PS09V) [3569] can have enough of these you know.
Florence (PS09U) [3570] Enough of what?
David (PS09V) [3571] These insulator bits
Fred (PS09T) [3572] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3573] I dunno, there's about thirty boards left
Florence (PS09U) [3574] I've got ten here ... there might be enough ... don't worry ... what, what time are you coming out tonight?
Fred (PS09T) [3575] Probably be at Ruth's by about eight I suppose ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3576] If Brenda wanna go over here, or what, I'll go over anyway ...
David (PS09V) [3577] I can never
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3578] Wrong L E D
David (PS09V) [3579] No, that, that L E D has been
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3580] all the way round
Florence (PS09U) [3581] Well change it then, ain't you change that yet, you found that this morning early
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3582] all you have to do is pull it off, they do come off you know?
David (PS09V) [3583] Yeah but I can't be doing with it ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3584] I'm only going by what this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3585] They ain't very far apart ... they do grow big you know
Florence (PS09U) [3586] Yeah I know
Fred (PS09T) [3587] There's this old girl at er the top of the road you know, got them, she planted them half way down her garden, right, when they'd grown to about six foot high she said we could have the rest of their garden, so we did, that's how come our garden's so big cos people give our, give us the garden
Florence (PS09U) [3588] Mm ...
Fred (PS09T) [3589] Council come round our house they'll say yeah your garden looks big ...
Florence (PS09U) [3590] If you can't plant them closer together, instead of their roots going outwards they'll probably go downwards ...
Fred (PS09T) [3591] [laugh] Oh er
Florence (PS09U) [3592] Yeah, might do, there must be a reason why they say plant nineteen inches apart
Fred (PS09T) [3593] Of all the hedges I've seen they've been about eighteen two foot, about that far apart
Florence (PS09U) [3594] I'll have a look see how far ours are apart in the garden
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3595] yes and they've put in there and they're about two foot apart ...
Florence (PS09U) [3596] Could be ages to grow like that, now it's grown a real good hedge, in fact no it ain't a good real hedge it's got massive great gaping holes in it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3597] Who's that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3598] old man?
Florence (PS09U) [3599] Mm round their summer house ... at least they've got a summer house
David (PS09V) [3600] Who's got a summer house?
Fred (PS09T) [3601] We were gonna have a summer house built in our garden
David (PS09V) [3602] Are you?
Fred (PS09T) [3603] Yeah, that's, once the conifers are all growing up, we're going to have a garden shed a greenhouse and I'm gonna build a summer house up the garden, that's by, by round where the pond is
David (PS09V) [3604] What a proper greenhouse?
Fred (PS09T) [3605] Yeah, but we want a proper greenhouse ... don't have one in the stock room do you?
Florence (PS09U) [3606] No
Fred (PS09T) [3607] One of those aluminium greenhouses
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3608] they cost a lot of money they do
Fred (PS09T) [3609] Mm, I know, that's why I was
Florence (PS09U) [3610] cos it's made out of aluminium and you've got to put the glass in, it's really expensive I tell you
Fred (PS09T) [3611] Mm ...
Florence (PS09U) [3612] No, sheds are pretty expensive as well they're a couple of hundred quid aren't they? ...
David (PS09V) [3613] My mate used to fix sheds, the garden sheds, had this little card with Chad on it said what no shed [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3614] I remember that record this morning, let's think
David (PS09V) [3615] Yeah, fine ... I'll bring it tomorrow ... I even got it out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3616] No I want the green, I want the garden chair, I was thinking of getting a big garden chair and stick it in one of those lean-to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3617] and lean it up against the garden shed, you know what I mean?
Fred (PS09T) [3618] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [3619] If a, bloody greenhouse on it's own, when they
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3620] seriously
Fred (PS09T) [3621] When we had the gales a couple of years ago, I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea and I could hear all this glass smashing, and I went ooh what's going on, and the wind whistled across the field, it's all open field
Florence (PS09U) [3622] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3623] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3624] it flies down their garden and in between the two houses it acts like a wind
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3625] and you get gale force winds blowing down there and of course I opened the back door and there were panes of glass flying past
David (PS09V) [3626] No
Fred (PS09T) [3627] Yeah, swinging around us, literally big panes of glass and they were flying down and as soon as they got away from the houses, it opened up again, they were crashing down all over my drive and all over the road out there
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3628] What were they from?
Fred (PS09T) [3629] From the greenhouse
Florence (PS09U) [3630] Oh
Fred (PS09T) [3631] Something fell in greenhouse and broke the pane to allow the wind to get into the greenhouse, which is oh dear me, as soon as the wind got into the greenhouse as I say blowing the other panes out
David (PS09V) [3632] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3633] and as soon as the panes been blown out, it was such a force, it was blowing them between two houses, smashing on the road, and in the end, once a few more panes had gone that was it the whole greenhouse, I sat there watching this greenhouse, it just suddenly launched itself off the bit on it, over our fence, it went, there was glass everywhere for weeks afterwards, when I was cutting the lawn, oh dear the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3634] glass shattered ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3635] I'm not surprised, glass is really expensive now
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3636] Dave Lee Travis ...
Florence (PS09U) [3637] Having their secret talks in there ain't they?
Fred (PS09T) [3638] Mm ... there not very secret with this mike
Florence (PS09U) [laugh] ...
David (PS09V) [3639] Is that recording?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3640] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3641] Oh ...
Florence (PS09U) [3642] you didn't lend him another one, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3643] easier than that
Clive (PS09W) [3644] I suppose Carol rented that place with you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3645] mm, so do I, I would of said oh by the way, Dave wants to borrow that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3646] Keith come back here and say have you bought out a video and I'll say oh no I couldn't, Carol wouldn't let me bring it, they oh no hen pecked, ooh, ooh
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3647] I'm not hen pecked
Clive (PS09W) [3648] And does erm
Florence (PS09U) [3649] I'm not under the thumb
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3650] no way am I under the thumb ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Clive (PS09W) [3651] Right, who's finished on them boards?
Florence (PS09U) [3652] No one round here like
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3653] ah?
Florence (PS09U) [3654] There's no one round here big and strong
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3655] only me and I'm busy
Clive (PS09W) [3656] Sure
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3657] mm ... alright
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]

23 (Tape 026303)

Florence (PS09U) [3658] What's happening?
[3659] What's happening?
[3660] Might as well get the boards couldn't they?
David (PS09V) [3661] Well that didn't last long did it ah?
Florence (PS09U) [3662] How long were they made for?
David (PS09V) [3663] About five minutes ... what?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3664] I never want nothing on the side Dave
Clive (PS09W) [3665] You could if you have half the chance
Florence (PS09U) [3666] No I wouldn't
David (PS09V) [3667] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3668] No, oh, er, you'll be seeing Jeff when you're married ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3669] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3670] I ain't coming, I ain't doing after
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3671] no I am actually I'm going over Ruth's to pick Marcus up, I'm taking Marcus to see somebody ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3672] oh, oh, oh, what does he think I am?
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3673] Ah?
David (PS09V) [3674] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3675] Andrea ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3676] I seemed to have a thing about people with the name's A yeah, beginning with A
Florence (PS09U) [3677] Mm
David (PS09V) [3678] Andrea, Ann ...
Florence (PS09U) [3679] Annette [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3680] Annette who?
David (PS09V) [3681] Oh yeah I told er this old girl yeah, who told
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3682] I told her that I had you at work then yesterday, right, she says oh no another one, right, and ended up
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3683] I'm going no I already know that, you must of got that, where did you hear that from?
Florence (PS09U) [3684] Oh that's olden ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3685] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3686] You know Lydia?
Florence (PS09U) [3687] Lydia at reception?
[3688] ... [laugh] Quite funny really
David (PS09V) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3689] Yeah I know ...
David (PS09V) [3690] Where are all those boxes gone?
Florence (PS09U) [3691] Don't know
David (PS09V) [3692] I bet
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3693] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3694] How do you know?
Florence (PS09U) [3695] Cos I heard him say yes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3696] Do what?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3697] all those record sleeves
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3698] I used to have loads of records, they're all gone now, scrap
Florence (PS09U) [3699] Are they?
Fred (PS09T) [3700] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3701] I would of had them ... that's why the UB40 record's down there
Fred (PS09T) [3702] Mm, I know
Florence (PS09U) [3703] I could of done with them, I like UB40
Fred (PS09T) [3704] No
Florence (PS09U) [3705] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3706] [singing] I've got a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do, I've got a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do, I'm gonna get that rat that's what I'm gonna do []
Florence (PS09U) [3707] That's done me in lifting those boxes ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3708] likes UB40
Florence (PS09U) [3709] Yeah I know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3710] yeah, I know she likes UB40
Fred (PS09T) [3711] How do you know?
Florence (PS09U) [3712] Cos when I come over here, that was when Andrew was there you know, and she was going through all those records
Fred (PS09T) [3713] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3714] she got a UB40 record out and I said there'll
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3715] she said then ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3716] Elvis Presley record
Fred (PS09T) [3717] Elvis Presley?
Florence (PS09U) [3718] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [3719] Mm, [laugh] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3720] Oh well soon be Easter ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3721] April the twentieth ...
Florence (PS09U) [3722] You got them?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3723] Oh er, it works
Fred (PS09T) [3724] Seriously
Florence (PS09U) [3725] Well
Fred (PS09T) [3726] mm, this weekend I think Easter were last year
Florence (PS09U) [3727] How things can move back?
Fred (PS09T) [3728] It's a late Easter this year, they never have Easter Sunday
Florence (PS09U) [3729] Don't they?
[3730] I never knew that, well, learn something every day innit?
Fred (PS09T) [3731] I don't know why they never have Easter
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3732] You know I said we were gonna run out of these
Fred (PS09T) [3733] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3734] I'm right
Fred (PS09T) [3735] You're right
Florence (PS09U) [3736] Mm ... where do you think any will be?
Fred (PS09T) [3737] No idea spots
Florence (PS09U) [3738] What rivets
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3739] no plastic
Florence (PS09U) [3740] How many are you short?
Fred (PS09T) [3741] I dunno, I'll tell you in a minute, we'll have a count ... nearly dinner time
Florence (PS09U) [3742] It can't be, twenty minutes yet
Fred (PS09T) [3743] So that's nearer than, what it were half hour ago
Florence (PS09U) [3744] [laugh] ... Have you got salad again?
Fred (PS09T) [3745] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3746] Oh, how long you gonna keep this salad lark up for?
Fred (PS09T) [3747] Mm, you'll see, when I'm as skinny as you
Florence (PS09U) [3748] Oh are
Fred (PS09T) [3749] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3750] you'll never make it
Fred (PS09T) [3751] course I will, you'll just see ...
Florence (PS09U) [3752] Oh, well, you're gonna have to keep it up for about a month before you notice any difference
Fred (PS09T) [3753] Mm, I'm already noticing the difference
Florence (PS09U) [3754] Ooh
Fred (PS09T) [3755] you might not be but I am
Florence (PS09U) [3756] Instant loss of weight
Fred (PS09T) [3757] I'm feeling ... healthier ... nice to feel healthy
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3758] packed up smoking, that makes you feel healthier, you'll feel healthier if you packed up smoking, mm ... everybody ought to pack up smoking, I think smoking ought to be banned, ban smoking
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3759] ban smoking if you've given in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3760] you're wishing
Florence (PS09U) [3761] Oh er, anybody can stand for an M P
Fred (PS09T) [3762] You can
Florence (PS09U) [3763] When I Mr mayor
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3764] mayor?
Florence (PS09U) [3765] Mayor, is he?
Fred (PS09T) [3766] When I become the mayor of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3767] I'm gonna ban cigarettes
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Fred (PS09T) [3768] and I'm gonna ban ... ban
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3769] all single men will have to be shot ... over the age of forty
Florence (PS09U) [3770] That's Jeff gone ... what you doing Jeff?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3771] I ain't going over
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3772] Everybody's going
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3773] [laugh] no I
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3774] [laugh] ... You'll do Louise , she comes out at eight o'clock, by nine o'clock I wanna go anyway ...
Fred (PS09T) [3775] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3776] yeah ... and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3777] do I?
Florence (PS09U) [3778] Oh, you, er
Fred (PS09T) [3779] No honestly I try not to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3780] it's only the last week before I went back to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3781] I was out
David (PS09V) [3782] Oh yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3783] Yeah she did, cos you went out with Gavin
Fred (PS09T) [3784] Yeah, but that's all she thought, she, she still didn't realise that after Gavin had gone that I got in me car, come home and seen you, didn't she know?
Florence (PS09U) [3785] No ... good innit?
[3786] None the wiser
Fred (PS09T) [3787] Very good, the only way she, say, stop me going out tonight
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Clive (PS09W) [3788] Can have no room for conversation
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3789] Where do I put these
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3790] Marcus?
Fred (PS09T) [3791] Anywhere you like
Florence (PS09U) [3792] Well I don't know where you want them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3793] so they wanna go over here then don't they?
Fred (PS09T) [3794] Yeah ...
David (PS09V) [3795] A nice day out
Fred (PS09T) [3796] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [3797] Cold though
David (PS09V) [3798] No, cold
Florence (PS09U) [3799] It is ...
Fred (PS09T) [3800] Do you like it here?
Florence (PS09U) [3801] What?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3802] Seen, have you any in this box?
Florence (PS09U) [3803] There might be
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3804] there might be a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3805] there's three packets short
Clive (PS09W) [3806] Ah?
Fred (PS09T) [3807] there's four packets short
Clive (PS09W) [3808] No, look, there's loads here
Fred (PS09T) [3809] Where?
[3810] ... There's some anyway ... Why how many's in a pack?
Clive (PS09W) [3811] Ten ain't there?
Fred (PS09T) [3812] I don't know ... don't say ... I'll put them ten ... it looks like more than ten there though ...
David (PS09V) [3813] Why don't you take this down er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3814] How much is it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3815] How much
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3816] are they expensive?
[3817] We went past a garage yesterday they wanted fifty two P a litre
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3818] that was erm, where were we?
Clive (PS09W) [3819] Motorway?
David (PS09V) [3820] No, it was on the way to erm ... on the way to Earthenburg that the garage just before Earthenburg, last one on the
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3821] yeah, I think, yeah I think it was
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3822] cos it's a small garage innit?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3823] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3824] er, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3825] they can fill it up for you ...
Florence (PS09U) [3826] There are villages, there are villages sometime in
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3827] what those
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3828] yeah up, up the Northampton road
David (PS09V) [3829] Not the Northampton road
Florence (PS09U) [3830] Yes we have
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3831] no it's Northampton road
David (PS09V) [3832] Oh, on the way to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3833] you turn left there, the other side of the green, where that cartoon character is
Florence (PS09U) [3834] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3835] yeah
Florence (PS09U) [3836] Just up there on your left it used to be ... when I was a young lad, with their little forecourt with a little office in the middle ... two petrol pumps, I always remember that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3837] They've built houses on top of it now though ...
Clive (PS09W) [3838] They must of transferred it though
Florence (PS09U) [3839] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3840] built, built the houses on top of them
Clive (PS09W) [3841] What did they do built it out of concrete or sand?
Florence (PS09U) [3842] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3843] There a bit, years, twenty odd years ago since the garage was ever used so
Clive (PS09W) [3844] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Clive (PS09W) [3845] supermarket
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3846] You got your paving stones Mark?
Florence (PS09U) [3847] No way, bloody hell, they cost about four hundred quid the paving stones
Fred (PS09T) [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [3848] Seriously, more than four hundred quid cos they're two pound something each
Fred (PS09T) [3849] Each slab?
Florence (PS09U) [3850] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3851] No
Florence (PS09U) [3852] Yeah, six hundred by seven hundred
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3853] that's two pounds thirty nine for
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3854] and I want two hundred ...
Fred (PS09T) [3855] Is it worth it?
Florence (PS09U) [3856] Yeah ... I thought, I thought that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3857] they used to be cheap, there was a lot of one pound seventy, they're only a little slab, drive me boring doing the little ones, so you might as well get two of the big ones ... once you've done
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3858] no they will still go won't they?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3859] I say I would have found you the cheapest ones, and they were good quality ones as well, you know you go to some of these garden centres and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3860] well half of them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3861] price of them, you know you go into er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3862] cos they've got the big thick ones there
Florence (PS09U) [3863] That's what I want six of them by six hundred
Clive (PS09W) [3864] What's that thirty two?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3865] yeah they are
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3866] but that
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3867] they're not
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3868] Why is he always going and telling
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3869] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3870] why does he always tells
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Fred (PS09T) [3871] Still gonna be short of these, there was more than ten in that pack
David (PS09V) [3872] How many were there?
Fred (PS09T) [3873] I dunno, I ain't used them all yet ... still reckon we're gonna be short though
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3874] oh yeah, ow, [singing] na, na, na, na [] , we're still out of grey ones, couldn't use them though can we?
David (PS09V) [3875] What?
Fred (PS09T) [3876] Those grey ones
David (PS09V) [3877] No
Fred (PS09T) [3878] cos there not for this board are they?
[3879] That's for that other dodgy board ... did they ring up about
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3880] just gonna leave it?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3881] no, I didn't know him, well, no
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3882] we were some
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3883] short on boards, Dave
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3884] picket, and when they go out we all come back, reject work, such and such a component were missing, they sent us different components through
Florence (PS09U) [3885] [laugh] What did you say?
Fred (PS09T) [3886] Said
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3887] bloody do them he said ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3888] dodgy board though, he looks shifty don't he?
Florence (PS09U) [3889] Mm
Fred (PS09T) [3890] Above the eyes ... yeah, we're still quite a few of these short aren't we?
[3891] ... I know they want these in the bin
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3892] Snapper, well and
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3893] but I can put it in can't I?
[3894] ... I'll put it in, cos I sent some boards up last time
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3895] Yeah I know, didn't count hardly any of them did we?
[3896] Only the R C's, there would of been nothing really ... ah need another six and that's it
Florence (PS09U) [3897] Six?
Fred (PS09T) [3898] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3899] Have a look there might be some more in there ...
Clive (PS09W) [3900] If not have a look down the bottom
Fred (PS09T) [3901] Have a look in those bins innit?
David (PS09V) [3902] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [3903] There's bound to be some in there, well there might not be, but

24 (Tape 026304)

David (PS09V) [3904] Turning right
Florence (PS09U) [3905] Going round roundabout backwards
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3906] go to the, the one with the A forty five, A forty three lane, with the two
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3907] and there's suddenly
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3908] to the next lane, another one went there
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
David (PS09V) [3909] at the side of him, it's eeeerrrr, hand on hooter and all of a sudden he goes back over again, he, he just didn't even know I were there, no signal, no nothing.
[3910] I had visions it's for the thirty
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3911] and they still, they don't have a
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3912] don't they?
Florence (PS09U) [3913] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3914] They were
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3915] he's gonna have me in a minute, you know, and I thought hand on hooter ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3916] at all, but he weren't, you know, he weren't signalling where he was going he was just talking
Florence (PS09U) [3917] Mm
David (PS09V) [3918] so, I couldn't of got out the way if I'd of wanted to, cos I was about that much from the curb, I thought he's
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
David (PS09V) [3919] wandering a bit, you know, no one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3920] He was obviously looking for directions, but he certain
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3921] to the inside in, working his way round it, he came from the outside and then he was coming in, you know.
Clive (PS09W) [3922] Ooh, ooh, there is some maniacs driving, huh
David (PS09V) [3923] Well you're alright if you're concentrating, but you might
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3924] Mm,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3925] mm
Florence (PS09U) [3926] Mm ... we thought we'd see your Capri this morning
Fred (PS09T) [3927] You did, mm, mm
Clive (PS09W) [3928] It's a D reg
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3929] no I'm alright, you can see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3930] Was it clean when you sold it?
[3931] What you got?
David (PS09V) [3932] I won them,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3933] You trusted
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3934] next thing he knows after a week it er, finds it and then it's gone innit?
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [3935] Is there a price on it?
Clive (PS09W) [3936] Mm
David (PS09V) [3937] How much?
Clive (PS09W) [3938] Three, five, nine, five ... how much did he say for you saw it?
David (PS09V) [3939] Three, five
Clive (PS09W) [3940] So they're making ninety five quid?
David (PS09V) [3941] Yeah they'll make their money on them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3942] Is a knock on the price, you don't get a full profit with
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3943] get ten vehicles before you get your profit
David (PS09V) [3944] They
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3945] Wherever they pick my car up from
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [3946] auction
Clive (PS09W) [3947] Probably worked it out
Fred (PS09T) [3948] Mm?
Clive (PS09W) [3949] probably worked it out ...
Florence (PS09U) [3950] Well I don't see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3951] buying the car off er, them at Burton Lane, there's, there's, somehow you've got a good picture at Burton Lane ...
David (PS09V) [3952] What, because they want these vehicle raffle thing? ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3953] it might not be their car ... could be a load of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3954] raffle
Florence (PS09U) [3955] Oh no ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3956] Yeah the company who owned this
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3957] Products or whatever they're called
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3958] doesn't mean to say
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3959] that's not proof of ownership
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3960] Mm, yeah but it doesn't make a difference ... if you think about it, technically you buy a car on H P, that ain't your car ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3961] you pay for it, then it's your car, but it's still registered in your name
Florence (PS09U) [3962] Mm, that car is mine out there, it's not the H P
Clive (PS09W) [3963] No, but you know what I mean
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [3964] the log book doesn't mean anything really
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3965] they, they, well they just send what it for to the car, they didn't know what, what sort of car or the registration of it or something, they want to know, you know.
Florence (PS09U) [3966] They wanted to know what it roughly what it was for
David (PS09V) [3967] They said it doesn't matter what it's for
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3968] mm, holiday even or just money to spend
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [3969] My hair ...
David (PS09V) [3970] I bet you take ten minutes on your hair now won't you?
Florence (PS09U) [3971] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [3972] it stays like it permanent, when I wake up in the morning
David (PS09V) [3973] What it's like that?
Florence (PS09U) [3974] Yeah
David (PS09V) [3975] Oh er
Florence (PS09U) [3976] it is seriously, it's like that blindfold
David (PS09V) [3977] Oh er
Florence (PS09U) [3978] It is, it is ...
David (PS09V) [3979] So you're not cutting it off?
Florence (PS09U) [3980] No
David (PS09V) [3981] So if I mess it up then now, when you come over to pick me up later it shall still be messed up?
Florence (PS09U) [3982] No, alright, yeah
David (PS09V) [3983] Alright then, we'll see, I ain't got no aftershave to put on tonight, you're gonna have to bring a bottle out with you Mark so I can slap some aftershave on
Florence (PS09U) [3984] Why?
David (PS09V) [3985] Cos I ain't got none
Florence (PS09U) [3986] Well, you don't have to whack it on
David (PS09V) [3987] You do, you do when you're entertaining
Florence (PS09U) [3988] You said you don't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [3989] Ah [laugh]
David (PS09V) [3990] Oh I ain't
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3991] I might not be, I doubt if I will be
Florence (PS09U) [3992] Have to buy some
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [3993] I don't like Orion
Florence (PS09U) [3994] I do, I've got some Lynx spice at home
David (PS09V) [3995] You smell that and it smells like sweaty armpits
Florence (PS09U) [3996] It's horrible ... I wanted Jarva but they didn't have it
David (PS09V) [3997] Oh I like Jarva
Florence (PS09U) [3998] Mm ... mm I can feel little prickles coming through under my nose, mm
David (PS09V) [3999] Probably just nipped the skin when you've erm
Florence (PS09U) [4000] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4001] start growing again
David (PS09V) [4002] No you've probably nipped the skin when you took your moustache off
Florence (PS09U) [4003] Mm, it went numb yesterday, completely numb, and dead [laugh]
David (PS09V) [4004] I'm surprised
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4005] up there for ages, have you?
Florence (PS09U) [4006] No for years
David (PS09V) [4007] It's all
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4008] couldn't take it ...
Florence (PS09U) [4009] Like, whack, whack, like oh dear ... [laugh]
David (PS09V) [4010] Have you
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4011] some of them Mark?
Florence (PS09U) [4012] I might
Clive (PS09W) [4013] Oh
David (PS09V) [4014] Well if you wanna see me tonight [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4015] no I watch that tomorrow night
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4016] Oh I don't watch that, it's a load of rubbish, [humming]
Florence (PS09U) [4017] Enjoyed it last week
David (PS09V) [4018] Yeah, but Jeff I might be getting the real thing tonight, er, ah, you'll be
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4019] Mm
Florence (PS09U) [4020] On the way home we'll pop round the evening telegraph, tell them
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4021] oh, er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4022] dogs recorded [laugh]
Florence (PS09U) [4023] That's alright
David (PS09V) [4024] What
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4025] didn't it?
David (PS09V) [4026] What did?
[4027] No, sure you can record it as much as you like, it don't matter, mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4028] I'll be getting it tonight
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [laugh]
Clive (PS09W) [4029] She'll be too tired after her aerobics
David (PS09V) [4030] She said she's working till six, and then going to aerobics
Clive (PS09W) [4031] Mm, mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
David (PS09V) [4032] been on ages
Florence (PS09U) [4033] We're gonna play these tapes in my car tonight, have a good laugh, especially if somebody does turn up, I'll say here are listen to this, this is what I think of about all at work today, what I'm gonna do, mm she'll say come on then, better get on with it, and I'll go, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4034] baa, baa, shepherd, baa, baa, baa shepherd
David (PS09V) [4035] You'll be seeing
Florence (PS09U) [4036] humpty [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [4037] I had
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [4038] about that last night, Marcus Peter
Florence (PS09U) [4039] He reckons that he didn't say nothing
Fred (PS09T) [4040] No
Florence (PS09U) [4041] How did you know then?
Fred (PS09T) [4042] I was just going aahh
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4043] no way you saw
Fred (PS09T) [4044] do this, yeah , no way did you get it
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4045] Marcus pewtall wood, pewtall Marcus's nick name is pewtall wood [laugh] , pewtall
Fred (PS09T) [4046] I don't look like flumps
Florence (PS09U) [4047] You do
Fred (PS09T) [4048] You look like humpty dumpty
David (PS09V) [4049] Does he?
Fred (PS09T) [4050] Yeah
David (PS09V) [4051] No I don't
Fred (PS09T) [4052] Yeah and the we we
David (PS09V) [4053] Er?
Fred (PS09T) [4054] weeble
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Fred (PS09T) [4055] No he don't
Clive (PS09W) [4056] I bet he does
Fred (PS09T) [4057] He wouldn't, next one though I'm gonna stick a mark up me backside and do it, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Florence (PS09U) [4058] You'll hear it coming down the anal passage ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4059] There's still a penguin in that bottle
Fred (PS09T) [4060] I know there is
Florence (PS09U) [4061] Ain't you gonna eat it?
Fred (PS09T) [4062] No, a pick up a penguin
Florence (PS09U) [4063] A pick up a penguin ... right, great, come on then Jeff say something ... pardon it didn't pick that up ... he said bollocks, Jeff just said bollocks [laugh] , that's good ... oh if tonight we would, see me driving along in the car and got that on, oh no, it'll be really funny, we're gonna be sitting there going come on as if we'd said that today
Fred (PS09T) [4064] [laugh] ... Ben
Florence (PS09U) [4065] I won't have this tonight though
Fred (PS09T) [4066] Why?
Florence (PS09U) [4067] Cos I have to give it back
Fred (PS09T) [4068] Ah no, still got that other tape you taped from last night haven't you?
Florence (PS09U) [4069] Yeah
Fred (PS09T) [4070] You'll bring that out with you
Florence (PS09U) [4071] I ain't listened to it all myself yet
Fred (PS09T) [4072] Yeah we can listen to it in the car, I wanna hear what was going on ...
Florence (PS09U) [4073] I took this out last night Jeff, right, and er, I put it in my pocket and I put, put the mike, strap the mike to it, it's gone
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4074] like that, no one knew, I was driving the car and I recorded everything that was in the car all night [laugh] no one knew until the end of the night, I got the tape home, I go this is gonna be interesting [laugh] ... I had to do it on one of my tapes though
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4075] Cor a conifer's still in that bag ...
Clive (PS09W) [4076] It'll be alright cos they've been sealed in a plastic bag
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4077] there ain't no muck on the root, it weren't the root, it were washed ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4078] must be when I looked at it they'd been grown in the field, because it's burnt, you can see it's got this reddish muck where all the mud down
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4079] that area is reddish anyway, when you'll, and they've been washed you see, they've been rinsed off in water, to get all the muck off, and then put in bags of ten ... cos when you touch them you get all this red stuff all on you, red muck,
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4080] they come through the post
David (PS09V) [4081] In a big, big bag
Florence (PS09U) [4082] in a big plastic bag with a big warning perishable if delayed mm, so there ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4083] it ain't bad though I mean twenty two pounds for fifty, work that out ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4084] yeah, plus I didn't charge for postage either ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4085] two or three quid isn't there?
Florence (PS09U) [4086] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4087] mm, cos the bag
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4088] how long where you seen them?
[4089] About that round, massive great bag
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4090] mm
David (PS09V) [4091] You know he didn't take it in
Florence (PS09U) [4092] Mm ... well the little piece of
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4093] had been kind of, or whatever they are Mr F and then on the back it's got for Peggy's six foot high and under plant eighteen inches apart for high six foot plus plant two feet apart
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4094] I mean Christmas ones are only a couple of foot apart, there's only about that much between them, you know?
David (PS09V) [4095] And then, they grow together
Florence (PS09U) [4096] Mm?
Clive (PS09W) [4097] Yeah ...
Florence (PS09U) [4098] She gives you a better ground, ground cover
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4099] if they're two far apart, you get big gaps at the bottom
Clive (PS09W) [4100] Yeah, that's why you keep the tops chopped, cos they actually comes out by themselves, they'll come out
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [4101] and into the garden as well you see, not only longways, but quite wide
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4102] Yeah I'll be planting mine right up against the metal fence
Clive (PS09W) [4103] Yeah
Florence (PS09U) [4104] so hopefully they should grow through the fence, come out the other side and eventually the fence will be hidden such as
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4105] well it's got my electric cable running through that fence you see
Clive (PS09W) [4106] Oh ...
Florence (PS09U) [4107] Well it actually doesn't very, it doesn't touch the actual fence it erm ... all along the concrete poles they've got holes through them where you can put some wire different higher of fence you see
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4108] wire through each lead, you know, put back through each one, where you going?
Clive (PS09W) [4109] The shop
Florence (PS09U) [4110] What for? ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...] ...
Florence (PS09U) [4111] Thanks a lot, bye ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4112] Mm, that's right though, there should be a ... they make out,wh ,wh , what's all that about then, vote for at the next election or something?
Clive (PS09W) [4113] No
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4114] mm the B N P party ...
Florence (PS09U) [4115] What happened to the B N
Clive (PS09W) [4116] I thought it was the National Front actually ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4117] B N P huh ...
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Florence (PS09U) [4118] British Nationalist Party ... mm that sounds a good party to vote for ...
Clive (PS09W) [4119] Have you had your leaflet through the door yet?
Florence (PS09U) [4120] No
Clive (PS09W) [4121] You're obviously the last people to have them then, I think everybody else has had them
David (PS09V) [4122] I want the phone bill to lob into them as well, but I ain't got one
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4123] all round the trees, like that woman did with her husband ... cos she, she was a bit of a lunatic and er
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
David (PS09V) [4124] and er so one night she gave him, come in a bit paralytic, wanted a drink, so she give him a drink with a load of tranquillisers in
Clive (PS09W) [4125] Mm, mm
David (PS09V) [4126] he passed out that killed him and found him in the garden, it took four years to find him
Florence (PS09U) [4127] [laugh] really?
David (PS09V) [4128] Whenever, anybody asked where he was, oh he was abroad working abroad
Florence (PS09U) [laugh]
Clive (PS09W) [4129] Oh those trees will grow really quick anyway, cos they're so many goodness in the ground in their garden, it's bloody amazing never think to
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [4130] and I reckon what it is they spray the fields with all this stuff
Unknown speaker (KC2PSUNK) [...]
Clive (PS09W) [4131] and all that lot, yeah, and then when it, when it rains you see cos it's a lot of clay
David (PS09V) [4132] It can't be washed away so easy