BNC Text KC5

16 conversations recorded by `Gail' (PS0AJ) between 2 and 4 December 1991 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 3620 s-units, 22248 words, and over 2 hours 2 minutes 3 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 10

PS0AJ Ag2 f (Gail, age 30, housewife, Central South-west England, )
PS0AK X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0AL Ag2 f (Alison, age 28, housewife, Central South-west England, ) friend
PS0AM X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0AN Ag0 f (Natalie, age 7, student (state primary), Central South-west England, ) daughter
PS0AP X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0AR X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0AS X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0AT X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KC5PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC5PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

16 recordings

  1. Tape 009701 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 009702 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 009703 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationAvon: Bristol ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 009704 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 009705 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 009706 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 009707 recorded on unknown date. LocationAvon: Bristol () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 009801 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 009802 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 009803 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 009804 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 009805 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 009806 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 009807 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 009808 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Sister's Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 009809 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationAvon: Bristol ( Sister's home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 009701)

Gail (PS0AJ) [1] Yeah I got to pub at ten to eleven.
Alison (PS0AL) [2] But they give, they usually give her a lemonade, erm, like a drink innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3] Yeah pear juice, I like [...] as well.
Alison (PS0AL) [4] Is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [5] And he walks in the room and tell me what's going on.
Alison (PS0AL) [6] [...] .
[7] She had been at it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [8] Oh, but yeah, cos [...] so.
Alison (PS0AL) [9] Put the kettle on [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [10] Pretty cool out there [...] .
None (PS0AM) [11] Is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [12] Mm.
None (PS0AM) [13] [...] is dry as one does [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [14] [...] well I've finished the kitchen out there.
None (PS0AM) [15] Finished is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [16] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [17] The blind.
Gail (PS0AJ) [18] All you've got to do is put a little on and cut the quarter er cornice around the top.
None (PS0AM) [19] That's the cornice at the top is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [20] Yeah.
[21] It does look nice.
Alison (PS0AL) [22] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [23] Put all the doors on and all the rest of it.
None (PS0AM) [24] All the doors on the
Gail (PS0AJ) [25] On the units [...] that.
None (PS0AM) [26] Oh yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [27] It's great, it's very nice.
None (PS0AM) [28] Course you have [...] doors.
Gail (PS0AJ) [29] Yeah, it come flat pack, you've got to put them all together in order.
None (PS0AM) [30] There's no problem putting doors on?
Gail (PS0AJ) [31] No.
None (PS0AM) [32] There's no problem putting the doors on?
Alison (PS0AL) [33] No, cos it, eh, a, it's one of those things you already know how to do it or you don't, and he's pretty good though, I, know I can't, I've read the instructions and I put [...] that one, that one loose in the bottom and this one
None (PS0AM) [34] Ah.
Alison (PS0AL) [35] but I couldn't do it, but he just knows how, he just knows which way to do it.
None (PS0AM) [36] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [37] I think it is anyhow, they're all nice and level in.
None (PS0AM) [38] Pigs are doors to hang you know.
Alison (PS0AL) [39] Yeah ... yours look pretty smart up there now.
None (PS0AM) [40] I bet [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [41] Mm, have a look.
[42] Got to get the tiler in, just to tile [...] yeah.
None (PS0AM) [43] In between the [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [44] It's exactly three tiles it's eighteen inches so
None (PS0AM) [45] Three [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [46] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [47] [...] three?
Alison (PS0AL) [48] I don't know.
None (PS0AM) [49] How many tiles betw between the worktop and the cupboard there love?
Alison (PS0AL) [50] Gail!
Gail (PS0AJ) [51] Hang on I can't hear you.
None (PS0AM) [52] Alright don't matter, I'll have a look.
Alison (PS0AL) [53] How many tiles between the worktop and the cupboard?
[54] Is yours level with the top, the ceiling your cupboards?
Gail (PS0AJ) [55] Three.
Alison (PS0AL) [56] Three, what is it up to the ceiling?
None (PS0AM) [57] It's about erm ... eight or nine inches from top of cupboard [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
None (PS0AM) [58] That's how the were erm, [...] , first one on the right hand side here and little panels.
Alison (PS0AL) [59] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [60] He's got long cupboards from the window right up to the ceiling.
Alison (PS0AL) [61] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [62] It's right up tight [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [63] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [64] They're er [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [...] [...]
None (PS0AM) [65] [...] but olive green type of [...] doors.
Alison (PS0AL) [66] No, but this looks quite nice [...] .
None (PS0AM) [67] What, [...] you said wasn't it?
Alison (PS0AL) [68] Is it this sort of colour?
None (PS0AM) [69] Yeah, [...] mid oak, or lighter ...
Alison (PS0AL) [70] Might be [...] .
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [71] Do you like it [...] ?
None (PS0AM) [72] Yes, she's all for it now.
Alison (PS0AL) [73] That's [...] .
None (PS0AM) [74] Nice little, [...] out for a meal [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
None (PS0AM) [75] Long weekend innit?
Alison (PS0AL) [76] Yeah, it is if she gets into it innit?
[77] Love's sitting there, right into it she was.
None (PS0AM) [78] That only cost sixty pound, I said only, well it's better than a hundred pounds she said.
Alison (PS0AL) [79] That what she said?
[80] ... What's nice about it as well is they, if ever you did want one anywhere, can always sort of couldn't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [81] Yeah , he's had that before hadn't he?
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [82] No, he took her over there and pick her up later on.
Gail (PS0AJ) [83] Yeah ...
Alison (PS0AL) [84] What, you know, wouldn't mind her staying in there, she didn't mind it, so ... didn't wake Jo up.
[85] Nick says she had a bigger same d , same dinner as what he did, he said he's never seen a kid eat like it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [86] She do eat [...] bloody hell.
Alison (PS0AL) [87] And then while I was there she was eating a bit of chocolate cake, I mean she's right in the kitchen, she come back in and [...] said oh my god, I said what, she said I've never seen anybody pinch a bit of chocolate cake, on a plate as fast in all my life, Ben didn't want it so she whipped his an' all like.
None (PS0AM) [laugh] ...
Alison (PS0AL) [88] Still got [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [89] You tell, when you see Bruce tell him it's
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [90] [...] .
[91] No, it's too sweet for me.
None (PS0AM) [92] No [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [93] It's like a [...] funny that [...] .
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [94] What's it [...] again is it?
[95] Which one is it now? [...] .
None (PS0AM) [96] [...] .
[97] I wouldn't of gone and see [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [98] Our Scott woke up one [...] Saturday night about half past ... about eleven o'clock it was screaming, I said what's the matter, [...] , I thought I [...] , but he don't never ever cry [...] really did.
[99] I said to him just go to the toilet, I can't move [...] .
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [100] Yeah, he was in agony there, so any way carry him to the toilet, sat him on the toilet and sort of sat there with him a bit trying to make him go a wee, cos I thought perhaps he [...] full bladder and couldn't
Gail (PS0AJ) [101] Couldn't go yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [102] anyway he went to the toilet, went a wee and I put him back in bed and ... he was laid there and anyway and, and he eventually dropped off, anyway I was telling my mum about it yesterday, and I didn't sort of think no more of it the next day, right, and mum I said well if ever he gets that again she said you should [...] from the doctor she said, because, one of our boys had it she said and it was a blockage
Gail (PS0AJ) [103] Oh.
Alison (PS0AL) [104] yeah, so I thought I'd have to keep him [...] .
[105] But he was in agony and that.
[106] All day yesterday all I heard was didn't that suit you?
[107] Didn't that suit you?
None (PS0AM) [108] Oh, I get [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [109] [...] .
[110] Oh it's so funny, cos the second time he couldn't, he came back and I think I was upstairs, and [...] she didn't [...] shut the door and I said all [...] four, cos I've got to pick her up at five, he said oh, anyway he went back, after dinner he'd gone back and I said [...] told you about it's five o'clock [...] , he said are you [...] on me.
None (PS0AM) [111] Oh he said you didn't, you didn't listen to what I was telling you, [...] did you?
Alison (PS0AL) [112] I think it was when he come back [...] , I didn't wait, I just couldn't see [...] I just see, you know.
[113] [...] think I mind [...] says that I ask where you going now, going now or, well he's not been here.
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [114] And he come in and there was a, a film on Sky weren't there? [...] like one of erm, I can't [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [115] Oh yeah.
[116] [...] did you have a lump in your throat?
None (PS0AM) [laugh]
Alison (PS0AL) [117] Said what when the little girl with the bag [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [118] Did you watch that London's Burning last night?
Alison (PS0AL) [119] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [120] That was sad weren't it?
Alison (PS0AL) [121] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [122] It's a good effort, good series that innit?
None (PS0AM) [123] Yeah, it's ended now though innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [124] Yeah, what last in the present series?
None (PS0AM) [125] Yeah, [...] be on next oh yeah, next week is that bloody [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [126] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [127] Beadle's About's on isn't it?
[128] Not Beadle's About, You've Been Framed next week
Gail (PS0AJ) [129] Oh is it?
None (PS0AM) [130] Oh is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [131] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [132] What a new series or
None (PS0AM) [cough]
Alison (PS0AL) [133] I don't know, just said instead of Beadle's About.
None (PS0AM) [134] Oh ...
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [135] He's cutting my hair today instead of tomorrow.
Alison (PS0AL) [136] You're not having it cut, ain't got that long has he?
Gail (PS0AJ) [137] Oh [...] look at it.
Alison (PS0AL) [138] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [139] Be easier to dry it [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [140] Will it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [141] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [142] Oh [...] doesn't need to cut it does she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [143] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [144] What gotta cut it to thin it love.
None (PS0AM) [145] Why?
Alison (PS0AL) [146] So, you [...] cut it
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [147] Yeah, gotta cut it haven't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [148] Has she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [149] Mm.
None (PS0AM) [150] Thin your hair without cutting it love.
Alison (PS0AL) [151] What like scissors, you have to, yeah, you've got like a comb
None (PS0AM) [152] Not, not scissors [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [153] What she say want it thinned out or ordinary cut or what?
[154] She probably have got thinning scissors you know.
None (PS0AM) [155] I should think so.
Gail (PS0AJ) [156] What's the matter?
None (PS0AM) [157] Yeah, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
None (PS0AM) [158] Who's that [...] ?
Gail (PS0AJ) [159] Saturday.
None (PS0AM) [160] Saturday
Gail (PS0AJ) [161] Saturday morning.
Alison (PS0AL) [162] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [163] I was still in bed so I was
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
None (PS0AM) [164] Bloody Nora.
Alison (PS0AL) [165] Got a problem [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [166] Didn't [...] .
None (PS0AM) [167] [...] there's a [...] there's a [...] in there [...] out the back [...] side and he's about that much for the our, our top of our roof.
Alison (PS0AL) [168] That's nice.
None (PS0AM) [169] And he's coming down on all the way through there and he landed just across there and [...] landed, I think he very [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [170] Who [...] over where?
Alison (PS0AL) [171] Him.
None (PS0AM) [172] At the back of Mary [...] and down towards where [...] Home Mead.
Alison (PS0AL) [173] Bet that was a school [...] .
None (PS0AM) [174] [...] was.
Gail (PS0AJ) [175] [...] down there weren't it?
Alison (PS0AL) [176] No, it was up here.
[177] No, you think about Home Mead, the school playing field is in the Home Mead, yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [178] Home Mead innit?
[179] Yeah behind Home Mead innit?
Alison (PS0AL) [180] You [...] .
None (PS0AM) [181] Yes.
Alison (PS0AL) [182] Whole playing field, the green, the grass is [...]
None (PS0AM) [183] Yes, but he was, he was more in line with you know where Mrs [...] lives?
Alison (PS0AL) [184] [...] like , yeah.
None (PS0AM) [185] He was, I would say that he was from here, I would say he's more in line with er Mrs [...] lives, that's the sort of back end of er Earls [...] Court.
Alison (PS0AL) [186] I thought it was Magna Green.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
None (PS0AM) [187] Yeah, the, the [...] that way there, I wouldn't say that was [...] ... he were, I don't think he far enough to the right, to be on the playing field.
Alison (PS0AL) [188] If it was he didn't [...] .
None (PS0AM) [189] But if he was having trouble firing out
Alison (PS0AL) [190] Yeah, we'd go
None (PS0AM) [191] you see him pull this thing and he just says well [...] going out again, so I don't know.
Gail (PS0AJ) [192] Oh, didn't snap off, Saturday we was out at M F I Saturday [...] .
None (PS0AM) [193] Were you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [194] Well two ho till three
Alison (PS0AL) [195] Yeah what a relief was it?
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [196] There's another one in the distance, [...] .
None (PS0AM) [197] Oh is there?
Alison (PS0AL) [198] You're better not going out this sort of weather.
None (PS0AM) [199] This was er, from [...] club?
Alison (PS0AL) [200] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [201] Right then.
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [202] This is the part, [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [203] That's [...] Spring and Summer Catalogue Club.
[204] Arthur!
None (PS0AM) [205] Mm?
Gail (PS0AJ) [206] That's [...] new Spring and Summer Catalogue Club.
None (PS0AM) [207] Sorry?
Gail (PS0AJ) [208] My new Spring and Summer Catalogue.
None (PS0AM) [209] Spring and Summer bloody hell.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
None (PS0AM) [210] [...] .
[211] What book is that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [212] Grattan, I don't believe it [...] .
[213] [...] order anything, she said, you don't have order them do you?
[214] I said oh no way [...] , two bloody [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [215] Bloody hell.
None (PS0AM) [216] Down the Boarman they've had a [...] three, three offers of Hamper Agency for next year.
Gail (PS0AJ) [217] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [218] I said, who were they love?
[219] One was Swindon weren't it and er Littlewoods.
Alison (PS0AL) [220] Time do you [...] love [...] .
[221] Saucepan [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [222] Erm, what for the school? [...] so we ain't got to the [...] , both together in the
Alison (PS0AL) [223] Yeah
Gail (PS0AJ) [224] on, I thought it was this week but it isn't it's the seventeenth, so I rang Steve and he said I better [...] .
[225] I said [...] he said no, I said why you want [...] against her, he said yeah, he said what [...] and he said I would of got up and actually run.
Alison (PS0AL) [226] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [227] [...] my mate's [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [228] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [229] What she ought to do is, I know what I'd do is leave Anthony and Maria and they can put them down [...] and go and see
Alison (PS0AL) [230] What [...] headmistress and, and our Tracy said you should have bloody given, teachers have gone down there
Gail (PS0AJ) [231] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [232] I [...] go down and say that it's not good enough.
None (PS0AM) [233] Right [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [234] Alright Arf, tara then.
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
None (PS0AM) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [235] Got your [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [236] Cloths, chamois.
Alison (PS0AL) [237] Yeah, got your thing round your waist.
None (PS0AM) [238] No, that's [...] tara then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [239] Bye now.
Alison (PS0AL) [240] Bye bye Arf ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [241] Yes, he should of gone then, I don't think [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [242] Try and get it sorted out now if he ain't any better I'd get [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [243] [...] .
[244] What [...] ?
Alison (PS0AL) [245] Yes.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [246] Well, can't he be moved into a different class?
[247] ... What if he [...] special needs.
Gail (PS0AJ) [248] That Michael went there did he?
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [249] Well he's only gonna get worse.
Alison (PS0AL) [250] It's not fair on the other children is it?
[251] Cos they know he's been [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [252] He did [...] school didn't he?
Gail (PS0AJ) [253] Yeah, down by the shops, opposite the shops, by [...] and that.
Alison (PS0AL) [254] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [255] It's [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [256] Oh, Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [257] Sorry.
Alison (PS0AL) [258] You were supposed to have told me.
Gail (PS0AJ) [259] I forgot.
Alison (PS0AL) [260] When was it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [261] Last week.
Alison (PS0AL) [262] Did he get anything?
Gail (PS0AJ) [263] Erm, a couple of, a little thing for a little dolly for that stocking erm ...
[264] He got three things, oh a pastry things
Alison (PS0AL) [265] Oh yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [266] That was one twenty five and I give him [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [267] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [268] And [...] .
[269] It's all like for little kids, younger kids.
Alison (PS0AL) [270] Like Daniel?
Gail (PS0AJ) [271] Yeah.
[272] What sort of age three or ... [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [273] Did yeah?
[274] Right I suppose I've better got to do some housework Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [275] Yeah, got to [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [276] They [...] .
[277] How much were these Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [278] Sixteen ninety five.
Alison (PS0AL) [279] They're alright ... They look alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [280] Alright, aren't they?
Alison (PS0AL) [281] Yeah. [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [282] Not really.
Alison (PS0AL) [283] [...] the same.
Gail (PS0AJ) [284] If I put hers [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [285] Tell you how to do, see, right Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [286] It's an hour [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [287] Put her foot on it when she comes in [...] , that's her school bus, bus thirteen, do they fit her?
[288] Do they fit her?
Gail (PS0AJ) [289] Yeah ... only just, that's [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [290] When she comes in keep this out right?
Gail (PS0AJ) [291] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [292] And when she comes in, what's that one, put her left foot on it, right?
Gail (PS0AJ) [293] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [294] And if, if her foot overlaps it all, take them back, cos you might be better off just getting two anyway
Gail (PS0AJ) [295] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [296] cos Scott's, Scott's in a two football boot, there [...] sort of thing innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [297] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [298] She's gonna wear her thick socks with them, [...] dangling [...] aren't they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [299] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [300] That's what I'd be inclined to do ... [...] so
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [301] [...] on top of the telly, and say just put your foot on here a minute, now, they look quite thin now, but, that's what I was looking at, yeah, cos her feet are fat, yeah, but they, that do like that don't they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [302] Yeah, that, yeah , [...] spreads out to the side anyway, don't it?
Alison (PS0AL) [303] Yeah, put these [...] .
[304] Try her foot on it and if it don't, if her foot overlaps
Gail (PS0AJ) [305] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [306] then take them back up and get a two.
[307] Cos the thing is as well, I might be inclined to get a two anyway, because she wants it to last a little while don't she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [308] Anyway , yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [309] They're not gonna last very long not a [...] like that is it?
[310] ... Is that how it was?
Gail (PS0AJ) [311] Yeah. [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [312] That was quick [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [313] Yeah [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [314] Yeah.
[315] I'm not going to do no housework today.
Alison (PS0AL) [316] [...] , see mum and dad on Saturday at [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [317] Yeah. [...] ... [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [318] If erm
Gail (PS0AJ) [319] Go on.
Alison (PS0AL) [320] if her foot's wide, wider than that would it matter?
Gail (PS0AJ) [321] Well yeah, cos it ought to be tight on her, across.
Alison (PS0AL) [322] But if her foot's wider, you'll get the bigger size it'll take it up on the length bit.
Gail (PS0AJ) [323] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [324] So I'd be more inclined, let me have a look at her when she comes in, send her up.
Gail (PS0AJ) [325] Yeah ...
Alison (PS0AL) [326] [...] see, is it, I mean sometimes Scott's foot too wide for a [...] both sides.
Gail (PS0AJ) [327] Mm.
Alison (PS0AL) [328] Yeah ... [...] their trainers upstairs [...] they still, they fit alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [329] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [330] They're not tight, that's why I went for a one cos I thought it's like a trainer innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [331] Yeah ... yeah ...
Alison (PS0AL) [332] You look quite a way [...] . [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [333] Only other thing I can you do is try it on when she's asleep.

2 (Tape 009702)

Alison (PS0AL) [334] That's what I do with his football boots I bought him, [...] .
[335] I, I [...] looking at them [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [336] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [337] They look big enough don't they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [338] Yeah ...
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [339] Yeah, alright then.
Alison (PS0AL) [340] I'll see you later on.

3 (Tape 009703)

Gail (PS0AJ) [341] I'm sorry I, I nearly walked out, yeah, that's not him, not let him, that watch that, cos it is a bit
Natalie (PS0AN) [342] It's not too bad
Gail (PS0AJ) [343] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [344] It could be a lot worse.
Gail (PS0AJ) [345] No, there's been [...] she could say what she doing?
Natalie (PS0AN) [346] Yeah [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [347] [...] sort of takes it all in [...] says oh that's a bit rude. [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [348] [...] cup of tea on there.
[349] [laugh] Got this fantastic kitchen up here and he's still got [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [350] [laugh] Is that a bread knife?
Gail (PS0AJ) [351] Yeah, cut me finger on [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [352] Yeah, I know.
[353] I don't know [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [354] [...] , bionic make, bionic make yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [355] Ah your compost heap's gone in [...] , ah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [356] As you can tell I cut my finger up.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [357] Oh dear. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [358] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [359] [cough] You didn't mind changing?
Natalie (PS0AN) [360] No, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [361] How did you get on at the doctor's?
Natalie (PS0AN) [362] Alright, erm ... she, erm, she, he thought she had thrush, cos she like [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [363] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [364] But erm, think it's worms now.
Natalie (PS0AN) [365] What?
[366] Worms?
Gail (PS0AJ) [367] Yeah, they [...] before he said that's a classic symptom, like being red sore down below
Natalie (PS0AN) [368] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [369] course I didn't know until I went to put the cream on her, I thought oh what's that, little bit of tissue, it moved and [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [370] Oh my god.
Gail (PS0AJ) [371] Yeah, [...] , so erm, I've got to get some medicine for all of us in a minute, put the prescription in, but erm, you know, she's had it really for a week like, even though she was treated for thrush
Natalie (PS0AN) [372] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [373] [...] , I'm on antibiotics cos I got my [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [374] Oh ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [375] Quite thick my hair.
Natalie (PS0AN) [376] Mm ... when did she come in from school then Hayley?
None (PS0AP) [377] Just
Gail (PS0AJ) [378] Put in [...] two o'clock.
Natalie (PS0AN) [379] Yes [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [380] But [...] come over to you ... in it, right in, right in the end of [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [381] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [382] [laugh] .
[383] Don't like that.
Natalie (PS0AN) [384] No. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [...] [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [385] [laugh] The next [...] whiz round with the vacuum [laugh] , oh dear ... Jackie's got her new car now, then
Natalie (PS0AN) [386] She's got the new, what the new, new one?
Gail (PS0AJ) [387] The blue one.
Natalie (PS0AN) [388] I haven't seen that one yet.
Gail (PS0AJ) [389] Geoff's put the engine in it, the other one, the white one.
Natalie (PS0AN) [390] White one ... And you tape all the music as well.
Gail (PS0AJ) [391] Well what it was, we watch erm London's Burning
Natalie (PS0AN) [392] London's Burning. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [393] so we [...] it was on ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [394] We have to watch London's Burning, oh great.
Gail (PS0AJ) [395] Oh yeah, watch that.
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [396] That's [...] that's what happens.
Natalie (PS0AN) [397] Wasn't the last one was it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [398] Yeah, yeah ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [399] What, I didn't mean, I'm sure it's on again next week.
Gail (PS0AJ) [400] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [401] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [402] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [403] I [...] be funny if [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [...] ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [404] Haven't actually watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit yet
Gail (PS0AJ) [405] Yet, you ages ago, you, erm, she, oh she watched it.
Natalie (PS0AN) [406] She watched it on video , we ain't watch, we ain't watch it on Sky.
Gail (PS0AJ) [407] Not watched it on v
Natalie (PS0AN) [408] No, it's on tonight, she had it on video, eight o'clock
Gail (PS0AJ) [409] It's a good film though innit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [410] Yeah, cos she was watching at our house one day when she come down
Gail (PS0AJ) [411] Aha.
Natalie (PS0AN) [412] and she had to go home before it finished.
Gail (PS0AJ) [413] Ah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [414] It was eight o'clock I'd tape it for her, running out of tapes. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [415] Put on my Christmas list, [...] , put on [...] sometimes doesn't it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [416] [laugh] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [417] That's like erm, with that Pretty Woman, two people asked us to tape it, I thought well there's no way we can do it, cos we just taped for ourself, they'll just have to borrow it.
Natalie (PS0AN) [418] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [419] You know ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [420] [...] you never get them back otherwise. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [421] [laugh] ... Long innit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [422] Mm.
[423] What was the film on, did you watch that Memphis Belle?
Gail (PS0AJ) [424] Yeah, I didn't think much of it.
Natalie (PS0AN) [425] Didn't you?
[426] I thought it was good, I thought it was good.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...] ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [427] Well I thought it was a good film.
[428] I want to see that immediate family right afterwards.
Gail (PS0AJ) [429] No, I'm not into that either.
Natalie (PS0AN) [430] Oh, you don't want to see that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [431] No, no, we watched erm [...] you watch that last night?
Natalie (PS0AN) [432] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [433] Ah it's good weren't it, [...] like that, that little girl's image of my n my niece.
Natalie (PS0AN) [434] Is she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [435] Yeah.
[436] Even that's a little.
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [437] Yeah, [...] except for her, oh [...] got blonde hair
Natalie (PS0AN) [438] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...] ... [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [439] Yeah, she, she's upstairs [...] .
[440] That was the real [...] weren't it?
[441] It's just
Gail (PS0AJ) [442] Well yes, well they're actors, cos it's a real film innit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [443] [...] , gone with Father Christmas.
Natalie (PS0AN) [444] [laugh] ... Are they watching the bo , wrestling or
Gail (PS0AJ) [445] No, no.
Natalie (PS0AN) [446] Arthur watch it.
[447] I, I'd sit and watch it, if that's what, what was on but erm, I wouldn't put it on to watch.
[448] Erm, I got [...] [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [449] He hates it, he don't like it at all. [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [450] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [451] [...] he put on like ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [452] I [...] before Ghost is on I would think.
Gail (PS0AJ) [453] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [454] Out on video innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [455] Mm ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [456] There's this film like you know, when it's turn like cinema or not, Silvester Stallone, and it's called Oscar, did you ever see the preview of that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [457] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [458] Well it's a comedy, you know, like, a gangster who's trying to go straight, and apparently it's, it's hilarious make.
Gail (PS0AJ) [459] Is it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [460] And you see that when it comes out, but, if you [...] that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [461] Yeah, but erm, Total Recall's come on Sky isn't it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [462] What's that one then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [463] Arnold Schwartzenegger.
Natalie (PS0AN) [464] Oh is it?
[465] I'm not too [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [466] Oh I like ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [467] But I haven't even shown the kids it first.
Gail (PS0AJ) [468] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [469] I had that on video just before we had Sky Movies.
Natalie (PS0AN) [470] That right?
Gail (PS0AJ) [471] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [472] Is it that good?
Gail (PS0AJ) [473] Oh it's [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [474] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [475] Nat liked it.
Natalie (PS0AN) [476] Oh that Earnest film's on tonight.
Gail (PS0AJ) [477] Oh is it tonight is it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [478] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [479] What is it [...] it's not his sort of [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [480] Prefer it to [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [481] He don't like American comedy at all.
Natalie (PS0AN) [482] Oh doesn't he?
Gail (PS0AJ) [483] No, not what's, what [...] so [...] [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [484] Half six innit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [485] Yeah, [...] ... What's that [...] erm National [...] ?
Gail (PS0AJ) [486] Yeah, he don't like that either, [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [487] [laugh] ... That [...] don't half grow doesn't it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [488] I know ... glad it does.
Natalie (PS0AN) [489] Yeah [laugh] ... Saturday, did he tell you he see, he see me?
Gail (PS0AJ) [490] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [491] Oh, well he was over by erm
Gail (PS0AJ) [492] I was in bed Saturday
Natalie (PS0AN) [493] the toilets [...] ah?
Gail (PS0AJ) [494] I was in bed all day Saturday.
Natalie (PS0AN) [495] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [496] Yeah, I [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [497] Erm ... yeah he was, he was working on the [...] by the park
Gail (PS0AJ) [498] Oh yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [499] and that ... [...] or a [...] ... yeah, yes, we were coming back through that little lane in Berrison Way
Gail (PS0AJ) [500] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [501] and [laugh] who should be between the back of the houses, but [laugh] , he said my god, he said, you get everywhere, so I said so do you. [laugh] [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [502] What makes [...] the other day, I find out that erm Demi Moore
Gail (PS0AJ) [503] Mm.
Natalie (PS0AN) [504] who was in Ghost is married to Bruce Willis.
Gail (PS0AJ) [505] Is she?
Natalie (PS0AN) [506] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [507] I didn't know that either.
Natalie (PS0AN) [508] Yeah, [...] I would imagine
Gail (PS0AJ) [509] Oh ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [510] This is gonna be a year over with [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [511] I know.
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [512] Well, got your tree up at home?
Natalie (PS0AN) [513] No, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [514] Oh [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [515] It's too early, it is
Gail (PS0AJ) [516] Is.
Natalie (PS0AN) [517] it's a long time innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [518] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [519] Thing is this [...] you know, [...] too much excitement she want
Natalie (PS0AN) [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [520] Jackie said to me last week she said, well it's the first of December [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [521] We never, when we were kids, [...] about the week before.
Gail (PS0AJ) [522] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [523] It's horrible that, wait, about two weeks.
Gail (PS0AJ) [524] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [525] [...] put up with Claire's nagging.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [526] I've got the wrapping [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [527] Yeah. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [528] let alone anything [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [529] Yeah. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [530] the tree, all day yesterday.
Natalie (PS0AN) [531] [...] [laugh] ... So you like that Weekend at Bernie's then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [532] Oh yeah, that, [...] she's still on about it now went on again, went on again.
Natalie (PS0AN) [533] [...] [laugh] Trouble is it only comes on like it sort of early hours of the morning yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [534] Morning, yeah ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [535] The, the only thing is, it's an excellent film.
Gail (PS0AJ) [536] Mm.
Natalie (PS0AN) [537] I said tell mum to watch it, but she's, I said what do you think, she said well, actor who was playing Bernie was good. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [538] When you think about it, yeah he was [laugh] ... So what's been wrong over the weekend then you had a cold or ... ?
Gail (PS0AJ) [539] I got erm, like erm, I can't remember what you call it now, it's sort of like tricky erm, [...] , all in me
Natalie (PS0AN) [540] Brain. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [541] confused [...] , all in my tubes it is, and I had a temperature and that
Natalie (PS0AN) [542] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...] ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [543] It's alright when the [...] [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [544] What else [...] ?
Natalie (PS0AN) [545] [laugh] ... When I take two and found out at the end of it there was a bit of erm Die Hard [laugh] [...] [laugh] cos they're a bit at this [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [546] Long, yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [547] [...] that was nearly two hours long weren't it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [548] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [549] The adverts come on, I kept turning over I said for christ sake stop it [laugh] ... How's your mum?
Gail (PS0AJ) [550] Fine.
Natalie (PS0AN) [551] Good.
Gail (PS0AJ) [552] She come up the weekend but she didn't come over cos I wasn't very well, and I'd of [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [553] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [554] No, she, she said that erm [...] , didn't stay very long, but
Natalie (PS0AN) [555] Well can't blame [...] .
[556] [...] . Is [...] living in [...] ?
Gail (PS0AJ) [557] Yeah ... What's that with a relation innit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [558] No, with a man.
Gail (PS0AJ) [559] Oh with a man.
Natalie (PS0AN) [560] Yeah, with a man. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [561] [...] Harry.
Natalie (PS0AN) [562] Harry.
Gail (PS0AJ) [563] Harry [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [564] They're happy, it doesn't matter [...] ... There's some women and, you know, there's quite a few, I mean, there's [...] never ever looked at another man, do you know what I mean, and not being funny, [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [565] but erm, and yet there's some of them can't live without them.
Gail (PS0AJ) [566] No, I think I'd have one of those, it's not like being on a [...] ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [567] Cos she erm, said even he won't
Gail (PS0AJ) [568] She can't make up her mind about
Natalie (PS0AN) [569] What she can make herself sick [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [570] So, she's not one to play on it for not going to school though, so ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [...] [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [571] Hang on there, hang on [...] , there we are.
Natalie (PS0AN) [572] Thank you, that apple pie looks nice.
Gail (PS0AJ) [573] Do you want a bit?
Natalie (PS0AN) [574] Yeah. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [575] I don't know what [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [576] Only a little tiddy bit, I might be on a diet [laugh] ... you try and get rid of it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [577] No, want a bit Hayley?
None (PS0AP) [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [578] [...] yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [579] Very nice.
Gail (PS0AJ) [580] That big?
Natalie (PS0AN) [581] No, a bit smaller than that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [582] That big?
[583] That bit, go on [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [584] Yeah, I'll try it. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [585] Arthur's home made pies, get down.
Natalie (PS0AN) [586] Can you make pastry?
Gail (PS0AJ) [587] Eh?
Natalie (PS0AN) [588] Can you make pastry?
Gail (PS0AJ) [589] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [590] [...] he reckons I make better pastry than what I [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [591] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [592] Yeah. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [593] Hello Soph ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [594] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [595] Your own kitchen would of made a difference whatever way you done it, [...] did your cooker shrunk?
Gail (PS0AJ) [596] [laugh] Yeah, that's it, [...] double cooker actually [...] , gonna try, get some flooring down for Colin's mum, just gonna put some cheap lino down for now
Natalie (PS0AN) [597] Mm , mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [598] and er, get the rest of that wood before Christmas, I said and how you gonna do that, he said at weekends, I said yeah two,
Natalie (PS0AN) [599] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [600] he said well what about rainy days?
[601] Yeah lately [...] well he said I've got to do it. [...]
None (PS0AP) [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [602] [...] do you want a coffee? ... [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [603] That washing is, is drying, tis innit?
[604] Got [...] washing machine [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [605] Got a washing line?
Gail (PS0AJ) [606] No I don't.
Natalie (PS0AN) [607] What you do?
Gail (PS0AJ) [608] Well I have to go down cos of the greenhouse
Natalie (PS0AN) [609] Greenhouse?
Gail (PS0AJ) [610] and then [...] all back up.
Natalie (PS0AN) [611] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [612] So in the summer
Natalie (PS0AN) [613] You should of put all [...] [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [614] [...] [laugh] quite easy really,
Natalie (PS0AN) [615] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [616] [...] of course, now I put a lot of my [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [617] Yeah, yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [618] Oh that's better Sue, alright?
Natalie (PS0AN) [619] Yeah, that looks great.

4 (Tape 009704)

Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [620] No, don't, I just want you to put your foot on there a minute.
Natalie (PS0AN) [621] Why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [622] Take your shoe off.
Natalie (PS0AN) [623] Why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [624] Cos I want to, this is out of
Natalie (PS0AN) [625] Your taping me on there aren't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [626] Oh, you're not suppose to say that your taping me on there aren't you?, just be, just stand up ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [627] Why have I'd a [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [628] Put your foot back in there.
Natalie (PS0AN) [629] Why mum? ... why doesn't, mum my foot on here.
Gail (PS0AJ) [630] Cos I'm trying something a minute.
[631] If that was erm, a trainer, would that fit her? [...] .
None (PS0AM) [632] Only just.
[633] Put your foot down now let me see .
Gail (PS0AJ) [634] [...] .
None (PS0AM) [635] Are we [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [636] Cos her foot hanging right over this side.
None (PS0AM) [637] Yeah, her toes [...] heal of her toes though.
Gail (PS0AJ) [638] They were [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [639] Yeah there too [...] .
None (PS0AM) [640] Take your heal back a little fraction, that's it, ooh, yeah, only just ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [641] Mum, but why do we have to.
Gail (PS0AJ) [642] I'm just asking you, this is else, someone's trainer ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [643] Who's?
Gail (PS0AJ) [644] My friends ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [645] Why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [646] Cos she bought some trainers for her little girl, right, you know Karen?
[647] ... Adam's mum
Natalie (PS0AN) [648] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [649] yeah, well she bought some trainers for her little girl and she doesn't want to show her, she didn't know what size to get so she took [...] of it to see what size it was, and I said well Natalie's a thirteen, that'll be a thirteen if it fits her.
Natalie (PS0AN) [650] Mm, she didn't really want [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [651] and what's [...] a little.
Gail (PS0AJ) [652] Didn't have a size inside it I don't know, didn't ask.
Natalie (PS0AN) [653] So you can't do that with it mum?
None (PS0AM) [654] Yeah
Gail (PS0AJ) [655] Put your foot on it again ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [656] Thirteen ain't that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [657] No, its to [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [658] Thirteen ... thirteen ... [sigh] , I'd better take my [...] .
[659] Say something Arf.
None (PS0AM) [660] Pardon?
Natalie (PS0AN) [661] Say something.
None (PS0AM) [662] I don't want to say anything for, I'm reading and I don't read out er loud.
Natalie (PS0AN) [663] Yes, well, your [...] on there.
None (PS0AM) [664] Yeah, well in five minutes its all I'm gonna put it, cushion under my head and then you can tape me snoring .
Natalie (PS0AN) [665] I don't [...] , yes snoring .
None (PS0AM) [666] Well I'm so tired .
Natalie (PS0AN) [667] You won't be snoring I know it, you never do snore.
None (PS0AM) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [668] I think you use [...] ... I think you [...] snore, [...] don't [...] snore.
None (PS0AM) [669] You tell lies don't you?
Natalie (PS0AN) [670] No, my [...] doesn't snore.
None (PS0AM) [671] Well I woke myself up snoring last night.
Natalie (PS0AN) [672] [laugh] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [...] ...
None (PS0AM) [673] You [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [674] Don't be silly your [...] out the front door ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [675] For Lisa ... oh
None (PS0AM) [676] [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [677] I have [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [678] What is your spelling [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [679] In my school [shouting] and I'm not learning them now [] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [680] No, well I wonder what they are?
Natalie (PS0AN) [681] There hard.
Gail (PS0AJ) [682] There hard are they?
Natalie (PS0AN) [683] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [684] Oh, Nat ... get up and walk properly.
Natalie (PS0AN) [685] I am.
Gail (PS0AJ) [686] Oh Jesus, oh my god [...] ... it's not is it?
None (PS0AM) [687] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [688] [...] .
[689] No, you can make that [...] ... Oh your doing well by that, that Arf.

5 (Tape 009705)

Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [690] Hello, alright?, how much is left on me thing?
None (PS0AP) [691] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [692] Yeah.
None (PS0AP) [693] What number?
Gail (PS0AJ) [694] One eighty eight ... [...] pay for it today ...
None (PS0AP) [695] One eighty eight, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [696] Oh yeah, it's getting quite cold, I reckon were in for some snow.
None (PS0AP) [697] Yeah, well were suppose to get it, oh I hope it doesn't snow yet, [...] my son's got to come in yet.
Gail (PS0AJ) [698] Where's he?
[699] Where is he?
None (PS0AP) [700] He's at university [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [701] Is he?
None (PS0AP) [702] And he's coming in a fortnight Saturday gone, so it mustn't snow not till he gets in ,
Gail (PS0AJ) [703] No, not yet ,
None (PS0AP) [704] I'd hate for him to be stuck up there for last week in March
Gail (PS0AJ) [705] oh yeah
None (PS0AP) [706] sixty ninety nine.
Gail (PS0AJ) [707] yeah I'll pay for that then, alright, what is it Penny .
None (PS0AP) [708] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [709] [...] .
None (PS0AP) [710] Oh there's so much, I could do with Christmas at the [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [711] Yeah.
None (PS0AP) [712] [...] hire someone.
Gail (PS0AJ) [713] [laugh] .

6 (Tape 009706)

None (PS0AP) [714] Can you manage it like that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [715] Yes, that's alright.
None (PS0AP) [716] Bag isn't that good.
Gail (PS0AJ) [717] Oh, that's alright ...
None (PS0AP) [718] Six ninety nine please.
Gail (PS0AJ) [719] [laugh] .
None (PS0AP) [720] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [721] There's another one there.
None (PS0AP) [722] Yeah, I was gonna say there should be another ... six ninety nine, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Gail (PS0AJ) [723] Lovely, alright then.
None (PS0AP) [724] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [725] Yes,li oh in me handbag.
None (PS0AP) [726] Oh saw it down
Gail (PS0AJ) [727] Oh I forgot to bring it down.
None (PS0AP) [728] What's the matter with these bloody pens?
Gail (PS0AJ) [729] [laugh] .
None (PS0AP) [730] God.
[731] Neither of them do write, oh here he goes, he must of been a bit cold.
Gail (PS0AJ) [732] Yeah.
None (PS0AP) [733] It's cold in it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [734] It ain't cold.
[735] Thanks then Diane.
None (PS0AP) [736] [...] only going to cross it off and use it again [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [737] You ain't got no men's slippers have you, not really?
None (PS0AP) [738] No, no.
Gail (PS0AJ) [739] No, oh alright then, don't mind, alright, never mind, ta la Diane bye .
None (PS0AP) [740] Bye .

7 (Tape 009707)

Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [741] Hello.
None (PS0AR) [742] Hey, this is my lavatory here, they have to believe [...] work.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [743] Alright Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [744] Yes m'dear.
None (PS0AR) [745] Were talking about whether we should be going out to work or not?
Gail (PS0AJ) [746] No, [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [747] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [748] Hello sweetheart.
None (PS0AR) [749] I feel like I can be contributed towards [...] for I must admit that, I do feel as though I could be pulling my weight a bit, especially when Chris worries about money.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [750] Yes.
None (PS0AR) [751] Like, you know, I saw like, what [...] really, I'd sat there, I mean like you say, I [...] and I admit that I [...] odds and ends that'll probably take me about an hour in total
Gail (PS0AJ) [752] Mm.
None (PS0AR) [753] you know, I have got to get [...] , I mean we've got to be ready at four ain't we, which means we'll have to be ready before we get there,
Gail (PS0AJ) [754] My [...] , got nothing in there sweetheart, didn't get any sweeties.
None (PS0AR) [755] a good afternoon out me way innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [756] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [757] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [758] Yeah, go on then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [759] What you do then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [760] Down the shop, got Nat's Oh Penny thing, got to get her some bloody shoes, keep moaning her feet hurt, tut, new pair
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [761] Where [...] .
None (PS0AR) [762] What size does she have?
Gail (PS0AJ) [763] thirteen and a half, and that's blinking, that's Clark's, new pair September.
None (PS0AR) [764] Oh what happened to three months' bloody growing room then, I , I, take the [...] back, got the receipt?
Gail (PS0AJ) [765] Growing room, yeah .
[766] I don't know, [...] I don't think I have.
None (PS0AR) [767] Oh I've got receipt, [...] three months [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [768] They don't to September, October, it is innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [769] Yeah.
[770] Our Mat was moaning he's, he's got those suede boots and he was moaning the [...] , this morning I goes [raising voice] don't bloody [...] [] , I, I, more [...] .
None (PS0AR) [771] [...] trying to see, [...] you got Christmas, you got holidays
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [772] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [773] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [774] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [775] Well it's so [...] you can't do much about it can ya?
Gail (PS0AJ) [776] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [777] She ain't got a pair of trainers I [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [778] Yeah, she's got like your school [...] not there black, they're white ones, lace-up ones, they look like little pumps .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [779] They're different then to my Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [780] And er, she said oh yeah, but the laces is too short, so I thought I get some other laces.
None (PS0AR) [781] Yeah, put a longer pair of laces in .
Gail (PS0AJ) [782] Laces in, yeah
None (PS0AR) [783] Oh yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [784] Say wear those, cos that's what she was gonna wear Christmas Day with her shell suit, I thought
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [785] oh, ah, she ain't one for wearing trainers that, cos she won't wear trainers because her feet smell
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [786] [...] .
None (PS0AR) [787] [laugh] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [788] she won't [laugh] she won't wear them.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [789] [...] .
None (PS0AR) [790] You never guess what I didn't, forgot to get [...] at the shop .
Gail (PS0AJ) [791] Oh I got some on me, what you doing with my shoes?
None (PS0AR) [792] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [793] Yeah, I got, she erm, our [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [794] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [795] What?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [796] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [797] What you doing?
[798] I've got [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [799] What do you think of the tree then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [800] Fine.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [801] Got yours up yet?
Gail (PS0AJ) [802] No not yet.
None (PS0AR) [803] Seems a bit early yet Bud, I don't bother usually putting mine up till [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [804] [...] .
None (PS0AS) [805] No, I don't either, I'm not like, not into Christmas at all yet, I can't [...] .
None (PS0AR) [806] Nor are we.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [807] [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [808] It's only three weeks. [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [809] It doesn't seem right, does it?
[810] It just
None (PS0AR) [811] My God I think I'm going to [...] .
None (PS0AS) [812] That's [...] in it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [813] Innit though, that you people all a fucking [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [814] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [815] [...] , do you know what we spent, listen, listen, mummy do this, we spent a Christmas in Hungary right, their Christmases right, Christmas Eve the snowplough is out on the road clearing the snow, it was that deep, it was up in [...]
None (PS0AS) [816] Oh that's nice.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [817] and it was windy right, he got a tree a third of the height of that on a table, they puts it up on a table, and underneath the tree they have got one present which is member of the family from each member of the family, right, that is it, one present, it maybe a box of chocolates, you know, or a box of cigars, something like that, children wake up Christmas morning they have a bag which is about that big, with a [...] full of sweets and bits and pieces, little toy car thing and they have one big present, right, and I'll tell you what festivity over there is as well, that [...] must [...] , it [...] because it's not over dark because there no big glory about it, there so much more relaxed that, well Chris he said, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [818] [...] .
None (PS0AS) [819] Yeah .
[820] Oh Dummy popped, popped
None (PS0AR) [821] Too much now in it?.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [822] Chris he
None (PS0AR) [823] It's competition.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [824] it's, the festivities gone from this, all it is, is an excuse to drink in it?
None (PS0AR) [825] Yeah, yeah but you've just been [...] and then for us now, cos we're the parents it's a bag of shit in it Christmas?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [826] Yeah.
None (PS0AT) [827] But for the kid, this way
None (PS0AS) [828] Yeah, but who [...] .
None (PS0AT) [829] [...] .
None (PS0AS) [830] Yeah but would they, what I mean is that there are even for the parents
None (PS0AT) [831] What, I suppose every [...] comes along I want that .
Gail (PS0AJ) [832] Yeah.
None (PS0AT) [833] It's so relaxed
None (PS0AS) [834] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [835] Yeah
None (PS0AT) [836] It's so, I mean, wake up Christmas morning and they put a tray out, the first thing they do on, the last thing at night, Christmas Eve they put a big tray out and on the tray they got it's a [...] called [...] and they're like chocolate biscuits, they're like biscuits, right, and that gets [...] with every member of the house, say there's ten in that house, that [...] that gets lined round the outside of the tray, right, and then inside of that'll be now a circle of the wine, and then they have like whatever drink they got in the middle and the first thing that happens Christmas Eve morning is they get up and that gets poured and the tray goes round, if you sit down
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0AS) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [837] [...] .
None (PS0AT) [838] and the tray, that's it though, that is it actual Christmas drink that goes round the room and then the presents come out [...] I look out the window and the snow blow
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [839] Yeah.
None (PS0AT) [840] and ... it's sort of gone in five minutes [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [841] Yeah, [...] gets up bloody in the middle of the night.
None (PS0AT) [842] We got up at eight and I
Gail (PS0AJ) [843] Well she need [...]
None (PS0AS) [844] Yeah our Chris was up, our Chris was up, woke up about five o'clock and [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [845] Well Nat woke up at, half past one, she was awake then all night she kept coming in
None (PS0AT) [846] Oh
None (PS0AS) [847] Jesus Christ
None (PS0AR) [848] Oh God
Gail (PS0AJ) [849] right
None (PS0AT) [850] [...] putting my lot [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [851] and then er, so by half past four I just about had enough like, so five o'clock I said well for Christ sake come on open your stocking now like and waking Arthur up and he saying well I ain't [...] , and I said come on it's five o'clock, alright, and by six o'clock we're downstairs, half past six the door
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [852] I wish I could be like it, cos I'm so unorganised Christmas morning, by five o'clock I'm not even dressed.
Gail (PS0AJ) [853] Well then by half past ten, ten o'clock I'm down [...] ... and then Nat, Nat sees her [...] [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [854] And then I [...] all morning [...] have me dinner, Arf's done the dinner and [...] have me Christmas dinner and then go to sleep all afternoon [laugh] .
[855] Well we don't, we usually erm have a about an hour goes to sleep for an hour .
None (PS0AS) [856] I [...] setting the alarm this year, [...] .
None (PS0AR) [857] No, no.
Gail (PS0AJ) [858] I wouldn't like that, that seems terrible.
None (PS0AR) [859] Mind I wouldn't mind that [...] quarter past eight.
Gail (PS0AJ) [860] I haven't got to wake her up all morning, but Christmas Eve
None (PS0AR) [861] No, no, they don't usually wake [...] .
[862] I think because they don't go off to sleep so early, it's so late there going off [...] erm.
None (PS0AT) [863] I thought our Charlie was getting our [...] .
None (PS0AR) [864] Oh I don't put it up there, I don't even put it up.
Gail (PS0AJ) [865] I don't know if I'm going to do it this year cos this year she's chosen, I've got four, right there's two the same which she usually has up those, like she'll hang one up, fill one up and swop them over
None (PS0AS) [866] Oh
Gail (PS0AJ) [867] this year she chose a big one like I got for Arf last year, cos I ain't got a double of that so I'm going to have to tape it off, fill it up and then put it back on ... cos [...] in case she opens mine.
None (PS0AT) [868] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [869] Happy Christmas down the playschool.
None (PS0AS) [870] No.
[871] Mm, yeah.
None (PS0AR) [...]
None (PS0AT) [872] Yeah who is it [...] phone. [...]
None (PS0AR) [873] [...] .
None (PS0AT) [874] Yeah, I told her if I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [875] What you call fun, yeah, that's [...] .
None (PS0AT) [876] And she said last year I'd pulled that on the furniture, and like the first year you're old enough to really wrap [...] and there was a tap on the window and Theresa went out and she went, and come back and she went oh my God Father Christmas is out there and she said [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [877] [laugh] .
None (PS0AT) [878] [...] Christmas Eve and in he come said he got the, I, he don't recognise, they don't recognise him, he got like a black [...] he says [mimicking deep voice] Ho, Ho, are you all behaving yourselves [] , Victoria sitting there giving it yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [879] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [880] I mean that's brilliant in't it, they do it every year in that, just brilliant, I reckon that's real,
Gail (PS0AJ) [881] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [882] that is really the part in it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [883] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [884] Imagine your Janice face [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [885] [...] I bet she isn't, I bet when she ought to like Father Christmas [...] and they sort of
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [886] Well he [...] he [...] Father Christmas [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [887] That was Saturday weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [888] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [889] That was the best part when Chris was in, when the girls were in the nursery weren't it, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [890] You done it last year didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [891] You can't do it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [892] Yeah he did, yeah, cos the girls were in the first class and he [...] was in the nursery, yeah that's right, yeah, and they [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [893] Got hair on it
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [894] Nursery .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [895] They're not knowing this , he weren't, I think that the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [896] Don't work .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [897] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [898] You do it, you do it, you do it Dan, this time last year he was in bloody hospital weren't he? [...] got to blow ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [899] I likes it when it's the year [...] but I don't like the build-up to it, I don't like [...] mm
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [900] I don't like all my [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [901] No I don't, I can't stand the shopping, I can't stand the wrapping up, there's, your [...] all the time.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [902] [...] I wrapped a pile up last night.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [903] I did, I hate [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [904] Your, your mind is sort of like working overtime all the time innit, thinking Christ what else have I got to get, is there anything I've forgotten, that's what I don't like.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [905] Well, I remem , I remember [...] yesterday I went out, thirteen pound it cost me, oh that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [906] What do you want a drink?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [907] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [908] Yeah ... Do you want a drink Dan? ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [909] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [910] Yeah, here are then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [911] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [912] Mummy.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [913] Here.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [914] That's [...] gone out ain't she?
[915] She's real [...] are ya?
[916] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [917] Yes it's horrible, they're, they're all horrible.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [918] Oh, er, paper in me hand
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [919] Now you know why don't bother with them they're all bloody horrible.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [920] Twenty [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [921] [...] tree, show you the Christmas tree .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [922] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [923] Oh Charlie shut her up at, at Chris's mums funeral, when we went to Chris's mum funeral, she's erm, she said something or other about, request something or other about, pointing at the [...] I shouldn't've been there really because I didn't know her and Charlie said she felt [...] didn't know her and erm she said oh well Rose never spoke about her, or words to that effect, Chris says the reason our mum never spoke about her cos she never showed her face in here anyway, he said when was the last time you see your mum, at that, she shut straight up like that, her face went, she'd like saying that I shouldn't've been there cos I didn't know her, I mean yet, she ain't set foot in the house for fucking year like, you know ... she's a horrible cow, and like when we went in the church, when we went in the crematorium er you had, she had a nice, big one up on the hill is it Arnold's?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [924] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [925] and we went in and like the vicar greets you at the door don't he and she was like [...] up to the vicar like, you know, she's more fucking heavier than thou
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [926] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [927] there she [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [928] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [929] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [930] she had [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [931] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [932] As I remembered old nag, and he had his wife with her, you know, [...] really do, if there's one people I [...] if there's [...] people in this world that I hate, it's got to be the religion
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [933] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [934] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [935] Does anybody knock your doors Sunday, Saturday?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [936] Ah Jehovah Witnesses weren't it, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [937] I thought they were Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [938] Was it Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [939] Mormons.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [940] Mormons.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [941] Mormons.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [942] [...] Jehovah Witnesses,
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [943] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [944] They just don't shut up do they.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [945] What [...] erm
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [946] I've seen them wandering around, this is when I'm out shopping I find out [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [947] He's just like [...] , you know, they say [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [948] Isn't there any sort of erm church or anything like that, I'm sure there's one over there, is, do you know anybody round here that's sort of religious [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [949] [...] .
[950] Brrrm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [951] We usually pick, most of them keep their religion to themselves don't they for me I wouldn't know .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [952] Yeah, I don't know , I don't, I think religion's gone out the door to be honest with you, I don't think any religion with anyone really, erm, and is important in life that is used today, no, bloody don't, I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [953] Do you .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [954] But they do nothing do they?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [955] It's just another way of er [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [956] I think the only people, right, the only people that go to church is the religious people or ones that have something to feel shameful about.
[957] They go because they need to cover some sort of guilt, I'm convinced of that now, the more people that I know I mean fib of all people fib is now turned to religion .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [958] Oops you've dropped it , no, that way now Dan that way.
Gail (PS0AJ) [959] Have you ever heard anything so stupid in all your life, I mean she's committed all the sins under the sun
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [960] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [961] yeah, like [...] , well actually that is the one worse sin in it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [962] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [963] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [964] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [965] And she is now going up [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [966] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [967] [...] .
[968] Any of you ever [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [969] That'll be like me going up there
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [970] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [971] Well it's like all these [...] got these [...] of life in it, [...] come out what'll happen to her, the first thing they do is turn to God.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [972] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [973] It's gone.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [974] [...] Dennis Neilson and Jack, Jack the Ripper whatever his name is
Gail (PS0AJ) [975] Peter Sutcliffe.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [976] Yeah, Myra Hindley, who's another one innit, you know, off we go, if I don't praise God and you know [...] God it'll, he'll forgive me for all my sins, bollocks, in it?
[977] I mean it's not the likes of the normal people like me and you that go to [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [978] It'll be alright like, yeah .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [979] If I go to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [980] you might not [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [981] There's another fact [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [982] [...] no it's not yours.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [983] Oh sorry.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [984] They are, what, there, [...] they goes up the Catholic school where your sister's kids go
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [985] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [986] up there, right, there's the [...] she's on her fifth child, she's got four kids, she just about to have her fifth
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [987] Oh, Christ.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [988] and they are the most rude, arrogant, well
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [989] Obnoxious.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [990] yeah, him, I can't even bring myself to speak to him.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [991] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [992] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [993] Christ knows what she'll have [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [994] [...] what she'll have for this though, bloody Theodore or something.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [995] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [996] Yeah, something stupid, and they knocked on the door, do you know what I mean, the most kids it's like, it's hiya Matthew, hi aunty [...] , they knock on the door, I want to play with Hannah, I want to play with Matthew, Mat has, Mat has got to go out and play with them, and it's my Milky Bar you can't [...] not can I have one of your sweets Mat, my mother said I, I can have one of those sweets.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [997] Well my [...] there's never any please, there's never any thank you, there's nothing, I mean there are [...] aren't they, [...] when he was saying that all he's done for her and they virtually like turned their back on them, he got out in all those winds and weather weren't it, but, we built there [...] and he come out apparently and said I don't want you having anything else to do with my kids, [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [998] Where's the pen?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [999] I mean, [...] I don't mean that, I done the [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1000] Oh there he is, in my pocket, it's in my pocket.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1001] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1002] Yeah, that's Earl, that's it [...] never stand her, I could never, ever tolerate her.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1003] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1004] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1005] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1006] Oh, she goes up your school now with her little girl.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1007] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1008] She wears a brown rain mac, right, oh she yeah red and long dark grey greasy hair , [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1009] [...] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1010] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1011] And her pumps are like that, I'm, [...] like that, and she got, she [...] she got like this from there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1012] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1013] [...] she's really fat, [...] she's ginormous, never seen anything [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1014] Oh [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1015] Yeah, that fire, she had that bloody fire going.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1016] [...] turned it off.
[1017] Where's daddy [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1018] Bye, bye.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1019] Where's Steve?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1020] Bye, bye.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1021] Where's Steve?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1022] Well I'm going [...] now, you better watch that, you better watch that, and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1023] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1024] [...] in her mini-skirt aren't you Jack?
None (PS0AT) [1025] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1026] [...] . [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1027] Where you off to?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1028] Well I
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1029] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1030] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1031] Go and make yourself a [...] first.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1032] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1033] [...] and if we do some [...] I knew she had [...] but our [...] , and it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1034] And it makes you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1035] I bought
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1036] What [...] please .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1037] Hang on there love.
[1038] I thought there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1039] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1040] [humming the stripper's song] I was red, if I'm in the red light area, she's going off, banging her [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1041] Yeah, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1042] [...] kinky boots, kinky boots.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1043] Got on well.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1044] Here's Brendan for you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1045] Oh you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1046] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1047] [...] .
None (PS0AT) [1048] Bye bye children I'll see you all later.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1049] Bye, bye.
None (PS0AT) [1050] Four o'clock then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1051] Four o'clock, yeah.
None (PS0AT) [1052] Bye, bye then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1053] Ta la then see you later .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1054] Ta la Jack bye. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1055] You leave that alone. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1056] I don't, [...] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1057] [...] [yawning] Oh dear [] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1058] Got [...] .
[1059] No, I've never seen her before .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1060] [...] could you leave my tea-bag in there a bit longer, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1061] Yes, she likes her tea-bag [...] really strong .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1062] Strong .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1063] [yawning] do you want another coffee? []
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1064] Yeah, go on then, she's good [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1065] Is she, I don't know her .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1066] Yeah, she [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1067] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1068] [...] but she'd do anything for you, [...] if you say like midnight one night you got her out of bed and come down [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1069] Yeah .
[1070] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1071] Yeah, when she [...] when she bath, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1072] Yeah ... quite a laugh really.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1073] [...] up the top [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1074] I wonder where you was going [...] , anyone seen this bloody Avon book, don't know if they [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1075] I didn't have enough of that, mine was, not like
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1076] I thought it was quite good.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1077] oh I didn't .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1078] [...] down this week. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1079] Yeah, I thought it was about the best one ever.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1080] Your [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1081] Yes, [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1082] [laugh] ... I thought it was Kim sat there when I first come down the stair, I didn't know, didn't know her.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1083] Never seen each other before?.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1084] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1085] No, I don't think she have ... [...] called in here.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1086] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1087] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1088] Gone a long time [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1089] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1090] He's been gone a long time ...
None (PS0AS) [1091] Mm, no.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1092] [...] .
[1093] I said I ain't done anything, says you've made your bed and all that mum, the bathroom's clean, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1094] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1095] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1096] Who [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1097] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1098] Oh, [...] has she?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1099] Yeah.
None (PS0AS) [1100] What's the matter, what's the matter, matter.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1101] [laugh] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1102] He's as good as gold in' he? [laugh] .
None (PS0AS) [1103] Lovely, [...] lovely ... Eeer, who's had that?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1104] I should get her some lacy [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1105] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1106] No, I not bother with bloody shoes or that .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1107] Well I thought if she ain't gonna wear them over, there's two weeks she ain't gonna wear them over Christmas look
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1108] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1109] she's only got three weeks, well, three and a half weeks to go .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1110] [...] grow out of them again .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1111] Out of them, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1112] Ah ain't that nice, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1113] Not bad, going [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1114] Yeah, that's it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1115] Say night night.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1116] Ah, night night pet, there's a good boy [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1117] [...] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1118] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1119] Huh?
None (PS0AS) [1120] Oh, ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1121] That's pretty in it?
None (PS0AS) [1122] Oh pretty, oh.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1123] See she cut your hair alright then Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1124] Yeah, it's alright in it?
[1125] Thinned it out more than she cut it .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1126] Where'd you have that done?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1127] My friend done it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1128] Oh, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1129] One fifty [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1130] Bloody hell [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1131] She charges me , she charges me a five for me per for a perm.
[1132] I always gives her like six cos I thinks well, you know she comes , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1133] Yeah, [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1134] [yawning] oh God []
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1135] [...] this morning.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1136] Did you?
[1137] I gets too hot in mine.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1138] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1139] Oh God I do, I can't wear it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1140] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1141] Oh gosh, she is in't she?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1142] Anybody watch that erm, [...] last Friday.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1143] No, I had Sky on I think ... Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1144] [...] light on, well have you ever seen that [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1145] No , oh Alison my mate was on about that.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1146] Oh, it was terrible, I'd seen it on video, it's really sad.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1147] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1148] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1149] Get the saucepans out.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1150] Ah?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1151] I said here it comes, get the saucepans out.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1152] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1153] [baby talk] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1154] What, what is it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1155] [baby talk] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1156] Show mummy, what is it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1157] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1158] I don't know if it's a sweet or a ... Dan say Arthur.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1159] Arthur.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1160] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1161] Arthur .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1162] Arthur .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1163] Arthur , Arthur.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1164] Say Gail.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1165] Gail.
None (PS0AR) [1166] Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1167] Say Natalie.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1168] Natalie.
None (PS0AR) [1169] Natalie.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1170] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1171] Can't say Caroline, [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1172] Say Caroline.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1173] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1174] [...] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1175] [...] too hard, it is innit [...] .
[1176] Caroline.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1177] Bang, bang, bang.
None (PS0AR) [1178] Where's Matthew?, where's Matthew?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1179] Matthew.
None (PS0AR) [1180] Matthew .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1181] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1182] Say Matthew.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1183] Matthew.
None (PS0AR) [1184] [...] Matthew.
[1185] And Katie, [...] .
[1186] where's Katie?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1187] [sniff] , thanks Pat.
None (PS0AR) [1188] [...] ... here it's gonna snow the weekend innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1189] Supposed to, yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1190] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1191] Mm.
None (PS0AR) [1192] Mum said [...] did I, it was, oh no you weren't with me ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1193] Nerys.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1194] I don't know who Nerys is, you all talk about Nerys and
None (PS0AR) [1195] [...] talk about, I don't know what it is about her I don't like her, very often I sort of she, to me she's sarcastic, the way, the way she's talking to you there's sarcasm there all the time, you know, like
Gail (PS0AJ) [1196] Oh lovely Dan, yeah, mind me coffee.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1197] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1198] Put them out in the kitchen, out in the kitchen.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1199] [...] .
None (PS0AR) [1200] Yeah, she erm, she turns off ... er I can't tolerate that, you know, I can't [...] ... Jean tell you about that [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1201] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1202] Oh was that, that girl that was here, no, I've heard about her, yeah .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1203] Yeah .
[1204] She got, he got bronchitis.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1205] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1206] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1207] Good God ... you haven't heard if Karen's gone back in, no.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1208] What, who's Karen?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1209] My friend round the corner.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1210] She's not like thirty four weeks and the baby's only twenty six and she's got to stay in for a week at Southwood, then come home weekends and go back in.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1211] Oh, [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1212] Yeah, yeah and she's, yeah, and she says she's so fed cos to her there's nothing wrong with her [...] , the baby did put on weight last week, but she said you know, what do you do in here all day .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1213] They did that with me with Hannah, right, they, when er, she had B P P done, what they call a B P P, when they do a prick [...] of the baby
Gail (PS0AJ) [1214] Oh I don't know, she's had stuff taken from the placenta and all that's as well, yeah .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1215] That's it, that's what I had they told [...] and they said that it might be that she's just, she's just is small for her size, but it might be that Katie taken all the goodness from Hannah
Gail (PS0AJ) [1216] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1217] and erm, I mean they [...] I mean they were born [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1218] Good God, they reckon hers is gonna be three and a half to four pounds.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1219] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1220] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1221] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1222] Five.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1223] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1224] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1225] Course she's worried, cos like she smokes a lot and she's say what thirty and that's her first, and they keep going on to her all the time like, I said well don't worry about it, you know.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1226] [...] she does feel guilty perhaps she can just try and cut down a bit now.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1227] Well she has, she has, yeah, she's gone from twenty to five.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1228] Well
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1229] And it is five, do you know what I mean it is like what I used to say to Rose [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1230] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1231] [laugh] , [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1232] I mean Adam's lucky in that respect, I couldn't smoke when I was pregnant, I, it made me feel sick, I couldn't stand the smell of it, I had no urge to smoke at all, I went right off smoking, I [...] respect, I was lucky, but I do feel sorry for these people that smoking at present cos it must be ever so hard.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1233] Yeah, I didn't smoke for the first six months and then I finished work and I was at home
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1234] And you got bored.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1235] yeah, and I used to go round and see our Trace every day, and she was still smoking
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1236] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1237] and er, so I used to, I started again and then I didn't smoke until I come out of ho , when I come out, I didn't smoke
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1238] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1239] for about a month, six weeks, cos I had so much on me mind
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1240] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1241] yeah, there's only three weeks between Nat and Neill
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1242] Yeah, she's [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1243] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1244] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1245] Neill, he was seven pound odd ... so it makes you feel, sometime you think that makes you think well, it didn't affect, you know,
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1246] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1247] but there again everybody's different aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1248] I think they have got a point, I think it might, it might ,
Gail (PS0AJ) [1249] Yeah , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1250] have some effect on the baby.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1251] Well it's got to I think we've, look what it's doing to yourself
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1252] Yeah, I think it must have some effect there
Gail (PS0AJ) [1253] And seeing you've got another life inside you , it must be doing something to them mustn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1254] It's bound to harm, I mean I know what you said when he had all that problem, he sort of said reckon cos I smoke.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1255] You know I think you always bring the blame back don't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1256] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1257] That's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1258] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1259] I mean if your child was born with one arm you'll still fucking blame yourself for it wouldn't you at the end of the day.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1260] Yeah , yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1261] It must be difficult, like I said I was lucky in the respect that I had, it never ever appealed to, to [...] the minute I got pregnant, from the minute [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1262] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1263] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1264] I, I had to really stop meself.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1265] That really turned my stomach, even if, I mean I remember when I was carrying, when I was carrying the twins, [...] and he used to go out [...] huge things you know, [...] and so much so that if he came home in the night, right, and I was already in bed asleep, I would be able to er, he would wake me in the bedroom cos I could smell smoke on him, but he didn't smoke, but where he'd been the pub or a night club, I smelt
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1266] In the pub, yeah .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1267] He smokes now though didn't he?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1268] yeah, [...] ... and I would make him there and then no matter what time of night or morning it was, strip off and go in the shower and [...] , yeah, even in his hair, that's, that's how bad it was, I'd put his clothes downstairs in the washing basket not even in the bedroom one [...] .
[1269] I mean it was, it kept me awake [...] it didn't matter how [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1270] You were together when you moved in though weren't you? cos I remember you moving in like thinking cor look at her with three kids [laugh] , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1271] Yeah, we were, ah erm, we were together when we actually met, it was sort of on and off really .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1272] I remember Steve saying, remember called her, cor you seen that girl that lives down the road cor there [...] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1273] What [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1274] Yeah, [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1275] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1276] Cor you seen her, she's ever so nice, don't know what her name is [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1277] Oh don't you embarrass me.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1278] He said so, didn't he?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1279] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1280] God, I thought I was fat as hell when I moved up here, I felt really gross I'll tell you. [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1281] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1282] Cos you, I, I, [...] did I
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1283] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1284] Dan, he's after that ashtray mind. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1285] I hadn't seen you for months I didn't know you for er
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1286] It was a year
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1287] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1288] That was the year we moved in in the August, well that was the following summer
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1289] Following summer .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1290] so it was, even then, it was summer after that she was trying for Em, it was two years after.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1291] Was it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1292] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1293] How long have you lived here then Carol?
None (PS0AR) [1294] Three years.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1295] Good God.
None (PS0AR) [1296] Three and a half years.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1297] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1298] It's hot darling.
None (PS0AR) [1299] It's about three and a half years.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1300] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1301] Hot.
None (PS0AR) [1302] It was in the summer holidays and Matthew was going to start school, so he he's just had his fourth birthday ... just had his fourth birthday when he moved in here, the twins that were coming up to their second ... yeah Matthew like, like Gemma, [...] Gemma ... yeah and ... by the time I knew you ... that weren't the summer after
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1303] [...] .
None (PS0AR) [1304] because they started at nursery that summer.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1305] [...] worked down the garage, [...] .
None (PS0AR) [1306] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1307] Well that was before you coped out for him weren't it?
None (PS0AR) [1308] Yeah, that was two years
Gail (PS0AJ) [1309] Ages .
None (PS0AR) [1310] that was the second summer I'd been there ... when you used to come down, don't you be silly, cos he said to me, you remember Roy don't you and I said yeah, [...] and he use to er, like if he used to come back without me, [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1311] [...] are you? ...
None (PS0AR) [1312] Yeah, cos we was there in the August, they weren't, we moved in, in the July, there, and the girls were, Matthew was just four, cos just as we moved in ... our dad took Matthew to Hungary with him, it was like, it was like they were going on the following Wednesday, and he told me on the Friday, he came in on the Friday night, they planned, it was our dad, Crystal and Danielle, [...] Crystal and Danielle, [...] but she said even if I go out in the middle of [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1313] What's that noise?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1314] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1315] Little [...] what's that noise?
None (PS0AR) [1316] He said [...] that's when they put presents round [...] and er he come in on the Friday [...] on the Friday night and I mean I was in a right state, I mean we've been in there about seven weeks and I was like at the point of like a nervous breakdown [...] and he said to me how do you feel about me taking Matthew from you [...] , so I said I [...] he said I think you need a break [...] .
[1317] Cos the girls were a little bit different sort of understand, I think Matthew suffered, Matthew was the one that, that had suffered through it, he was four, and he was old enough to understand a little bit more he knew how [...] brushing off on him
Gail (PS0AJ) [1318] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1319] [...] , he was beginning to get naughty
Gail (PS0AJ) [1320] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1321] and he knew what way, I was at a low
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1322] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1323] one thing and another and I said oh I don't know, and there are [...] Sunday and said look [...] about taking Matthew, why don't you let him go and I said well it's a, it's a long time, you know for [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1324] Bye.
None (PS0AR) [1325] and I don't know how he, you are, [...] and in the end our cousins you, you know convince me that they'd take sort of control, you know that, if I was worried as well about or dad getting drunk, one thing or another like, you know, and [...] said look we're going, it's not as though we're not going, we're going and we'll have him in with us [...] and I let him go in the end [...] cos I went down in the [...] five weeks
Gail (PS0AJ) [1326] Oh God.
[1327] Five weeks .
None (PS0AR) [1328] [...] , we went in the August and they were back by September, so he could start back well [...] school ... and I'd been in, in the summer holidays and they said [...] ... and I felt poor little bastard, got to start a new school, he ain't gonna know anybody
Gail (PS0AJ) [1329] Anybody, yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1330] a new house, brand new house, you know, then he gets carted off to Hungary for five fucking weeks then
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1331] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1332] he was a different child when he got back, the break did do him good and, and thoroughly enjoyed it
Gail (PS0AJ) [1333] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1334] and he did enjoy that ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [1335] Take your bibby off.
None (PS0AR) [1336] but [...] make me laugh even now, she said the first, the first memories I've got of [...] new little boy that starting in [...] he looked at this little boy, she said, so, so excited by [...] said with this pure white hair and the [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0AR) [1337] said down the corridor he walked in his full uniform, the first morning say and that memory son will always stick ya, cos when I give her over that picture of the twins at Christmas, she, she looked up, she sort of looked up at me, she said I've got tears in my eyes haven't I, and I looked and like I was choked as well and I, she sort of, I said yeah you are and she said, every time I look at them it brings back those memories the first memories of this little boy
Gail (PS0AJ) [1338] Yeah
None (PS0AR) [1339] that we haven't ever seen cos he looks stuck in Hungary, she said and I'll never forget she said we put a name tag on him [...] I've been to Hungary.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1340] [laugh] .
None (PS0AR) [1341] And she said like I took to him instantly
Gail (PS0AJ) [1342] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1343] said my first reaction was what you know, what a gorgeous little boy ... and [...] and I [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1344] Well yes, it's not like a week away is it?
None (PS0AR) [1345] No, I missed him so much, that it really made me appreciate, you know.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1346] But , yeah, yeah ... oh [...] walking around.
None (PS0AR) [1347] [...] all through the weekend he wasn't sleeping at night, he was up all night and he was just really [...] yeah, he was really naughty and he was [...] erm, I mean I had the other two erm,
Gail (PS0AJ) [1348] Oh yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1349] I mean to [...] we had to literally eat in the one day
Gail (PS0AJ) [1350] Yeah.
None (PS0AR) [1351] and I mean he walked through the door, I walked through the kitchen in like you know, [...] and the back window, the kitchen window like [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1352] Oh God, cos you had it after Mrs weren't it? after the old women.
None (PS0AR) [1353] Oh fucking mess, I've never seen [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1354] Cos now, they don't do that nowadays though do they cos the [...] go in and
None (PS0AR) [1355] They bloody do.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1356] do they, I thought they had to
None (PS0AR) [1357] They will with an eviction
Gail (PS0AJ) [1358] Oh eviction, yeah, of course.
None (PS0AR) [1359] cos you can't refuse it, can ya?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1360] No, no.
None (PS0AR) [1361] You just get [...] what, whatever, you know, whatever they give you and that's it [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1362] I don't think Daniel's going to go to sleep.
None (PS0AR) [1363] No. [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1364] Who Ann?
None (PS0AR) [1365] Yeah, [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1366] [laugh] , oh God.
None (PS0AR) [1367] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1368] I imagine in a couple of years' time, Bud's gonna have a lot of trouble with him.
None (PS0AR) [1369] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1370] You can see it coming.
None (PS0AR) [1371] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1372] I can see it coming myself.
None (PS0AR) [1373] [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1374] Mm, mm get into trouble, you know, with police knocking on the door and
None (PS0AR) [1375] [...] .

8 (Tape 009801)

Gail (PS0AJ) [1376] Sorry?
[1377] ... [...] Oh thank you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1378] That's moisturiser, cleansing and that's [...] lotion ... actually ... pinch a bit a minute.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1379] Thanks Jack ... Ta.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1380] That's what I said, don't close your door a minute.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1381] Oh ... Are you going over the shops?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1382] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1383] I got to go and get some potatoes.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1384] Do you want some potatoes?
[1385] Don't buy any.
[1386] Just [...] five pounds back off [...] last week.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1387] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1388] and I forgot to leave a note for him today and he's left me another twenty eight pound.
[1389] Do you want to buy them?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1390] How much are they?
[1391] How much off, off of him?
[1392] What's twenty eight pound?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1393] Dunno.
[1394] That's half a sack.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1395] Well I usually pay one ninety nine for a big sack.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1396] What fifty five?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1397] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1398] Well [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1399] Alright then.
[1400] Oh flipping heck.
[1401] [...] I got to get Matt some sweets.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1402] Alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1403] And I got to get some toilet roll. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1404] Alright then.
[1405] Saving me going and get them won't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1406] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1407] Cos I ain't got none for tea.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1408] Yeah well [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1409] Alright then.
[1410] Well I just thought I'd go over now and I might as well go down the shop when
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1411] [...] I don't bloody want them.
[1412] I still got bloody about fifty pounds.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1413] [laugh] We gets.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1414] We got through a bag in about ... fivepence so it's not bad.
[1415] So I got to get another one now for Christmas so
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1416] Here you are.
[1417] That'll last you a couple of weeks [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1418] Yeah.
[1419] Well done. ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1420] I've been meaning to offload those on ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1421] Give us a fiver and they're yours.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1422] I've got to pay for th .
[1423] I've gotta pay before Friday
Gail (PS0AJ) [1424] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1425] So. ... [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1426] That's it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1427] [...] last for a couple of weeks then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1428] Yeah [...] ... Bloody all me nails splitting.
[1429] I just washed me car.
[1430] And I've left a bit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1431] I thought it looked lovely and clean.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1432] I've left a bit.
[1433] I've missed a bit.
[1434] Oh typical innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1435] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1436] It is for me anyway.
[1437] Bloody missing a bit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1438] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1439] But look that's all the black off the car.
[1440] But look see me nails are splitting like a [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1441] Oh yeah.
[1442] Yeah I never bite my nails.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1443] No I don't bite mine.
[1444] I only bite them cos I don't like them long.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1445] Alright Cynth?
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1446] Alright Cynth?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1447] [...] twenty quid's worth at her party?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1448] Yeah she said.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1449] Yeah.
[1450] I [...] wa a Walkman.
[1451] Five ninety nine.
[1452] Well
Gail (PS0AJ) [1453] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1454] Geoff wants a Walkman for when he walks the dogs. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [1455] On the erm ... door of our kid's classroom, there's a list.
[1456] Things they want for the Christmas party?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1457] Mhm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1458] Yeah like I've put me name down for crisps.
[1459] You got to put your name in erm
Gail (PS0AJ) [1460] Yeah.
[1461] You got to ... put your name down against something.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1462] Yeah go on I've already done it once.
[1463] It's probably on the inside the door.
[1464] Yeah.
[1465] You got a pen on you?
[1466] I haven't got a pen.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1467] Well bloody [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1468] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1469] What's this for then?
[1470] The Christmas party?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1471] For their Chris , for their party.
[1472] Yeah you got bring like crisps or biscuits or something
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1473] Oh we never had to do it before have we?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1474] No it's a new thing they brought out ... this term.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1475] [...] Oh look.
[1476] [...] a minute. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1477] Ah no. ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1478] Oh they want helpers for it as well do they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1479] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1480] When's that?
[1481] When is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1482] Eighteenth.
[1483] ... Wednesday the eighteenth.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1484] Oh I [...] that afternoon.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1485] Yeah well [...] yes I would think so.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1486] Hello.
None (PS0AK) [1487] I'm [...] play and it's about Scrooge.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1488] About what?
None (PS0AK) [1489] Scrooge.
[1490] Christmas Carol.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1491] What's that?
[1492] For the Christmas play is it?
None (PS0AK) [1493] Yeah Christmas Carol.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1494] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1495] That's alright then innit?
None (PS0AK) [1496] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1497] Hello Karen.
None (PS0AK) [1498] Is [...] Nicola allowed [...] tonight?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1499] No not tonight cos it's brownies tonight.
None (PS0AK) [1500] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1501] Alright?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1502] There it is, there look.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1503] Oh look how crooked that is.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1504] Actually I might put down for a s .
[1505] I might bring ... something else as well.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1506] One dozen sausages?
[1507] Is that all they need just one dozen sausages?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1508] Yeah yeah well if they bring a dozen and that one brings a dozen and that one brings a dozen.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1509] Oh I see.
[1510] Got to put down for one thing is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1511] Well I'm gonna put, I'm just gonna put ... something else on there as well.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1512] Can't do fairy cakes.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1513] [laugh] No I can't do fairy cakes.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1514] Erm got sausage rolls on the list?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1515] Yeah up there look.
[1516] Now then hang on a minute [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1517] I've seen, I've seen them
Gail (PS0AJ) [1518] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1519] Erm ... might as well do that then hadn't I?
[1520] ... What are you doing?
[1521] Crisps.
[1522] What's that one dozen?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1523] [...] six.
[1524] Packet of six.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1525] [...] the teacher.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1526] Yes mummy.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1527] She is in there.
[1528] Go and get a pen for us.

9 (Tape 009802)

Gail (PS0AJ) [1529] Can you just not bring a packet of ... packet of biscuits or something?
[1530] Fancy biscuits [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1531] I [...] do the food.
[1532] Are you gonna go up, come and do the food?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1533] No.
[1534] I can't.
[1535] Not on Wednesdays.
[1536] Sorry [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1537] [...] help prepare the food
Gail (PS0AJ) [1538] I'll put a star
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1539] [...] reserve.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1540] It's my shopping day. ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1541] Hey [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1542] [...] Alright?
[1543] ... There's not many ... names on there, hardly any on that one.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1544] [...] one is it?
[1545] Cos a lot of people, lot of us don't know about.
[1546] Is that Luke's is it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1547] Sue, Sue.
[1548] Got a pen?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1549] Er oh dear.
[1550] ... Oh hallo.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1551] Hallo.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1552] No I only want a pen.
[1553] [...] put on the list.
[1554] Cheers.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1555] Embarrassing.
[1556] ... I could do one dozen for them and one dozen
Gail (PS0AJ) [1557] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1558] for this one can't I then?
[1559] ... I better not put a star on this one though had I cos [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1560] Well no cos you'll be helping with them anyway won't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1561] She knows who my son is look.
[1562] Luke.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1563] She's ever so nice though.
[1564] I like her.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1565] Yeah.
[1566] I don't know, when I used to go swimming with her I didn't I didn't know.
[1567] You know I
Gail (PS0AJ) [1568] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1569] She was sort of she was sort of erm ... a bit snobbish.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1570] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1571] Do you know what I mean?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1572] But she isn't, not really I don't think.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1573] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1574] Not once you get to know her.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1575] [...] I gets on great with [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1576] Yeah .
[1577] Oh she's funny she is.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1578] And when our Nicky found out she was in her class.
[1579] Oh it was brilliant.
[1580] ... Cos I took Nicky in to see her first because ... our Nicky's one of those that erm ... takes a long time to get to know anybody?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1581] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1582] So I took her in so she could help her ... help her do something like for a while.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1583] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1584] Er ... When was that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1585] Eighteenth.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1586] Eighteenth.
[1587] Right must remember that.
[1588] Won't forget that will I?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1589] I'll remind you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1590] Yeah you remind me.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1591] Yes I'll remind you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1592] I've had so much on
Gail (PS0AJ) [1593] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1594] in the last month, I just don't know whether I'm coming or going.
[1595] ... Alright?
[1596] ... Alright Deborah, alright?
None (PS0AK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1597] Right did you get on alright?
[1598] Did you enjoy it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1599] Yeah he said he liked it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1600] He's coming to watch Sunday.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1601] Is he?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1602] Don't think he'll get a game but he's coming to watch look.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1603] What time?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1604] Well erm [...] quarter to six.
[1605] That alright?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1606] Yeah that's alright.
[1607] Cos his dad has him on a mon on a morning from nine till twelve so
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1608] Oh does he?
[1609] Alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1610] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1611] But erm they was quite impressed anyway.
[1612] They was impressed by his height more so than anything else.
[1613] [laugh] ... Alright you?
[1614] That's done my bit now.
[1615] I thought well they've got sausag .
[1616] [shouting] Cynthia [] Doesn't matter.
[1617] I shan't speak to her again.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1618] I said if I've got to do a dozen sausage rolls for one I'd better do them for the others.
[1619] She said there's only one, one [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1620] Do you want some stuff Wendy?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1621] Oh right Lisa [...] later on.
[1622] Is it still there later on?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1623] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1624] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1625] Oh right.
[1626] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1627] [...] .
[1628] And I'm going up to help anyway so.
None (PS0AK) [1629] Bye.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1630] Bye.
[1631] They said they'd more likely give you all a bit tom tomorrow.
None (PS0AK) [1632] Alright okey dokey.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1633] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1634] She ain't got much left have she?
[1635] She don't have much round there does she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1636] What's that, toys?
[1637] I'm not particularly interested in going round there I must admit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1638] Those drawing books are good though aren't they?
[1639] For forty nine pence.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1640] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1641] Do you see those?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1642] Yes.
[1643] I got a couple of books ... and a [...] tape.
[1644] I don't want anything [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1645] No I don't want anything.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1646] Hello Claire.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1647] Haven't started yet.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1648] Alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1649] I don't, know when you see me just now I was washing the car and I missed a bit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1650] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1651] I got a dirty bit on the back.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1652] [...] school today.
[1653] Alright?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1654] She seemed fine.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1655] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1656] Yeah I seen her I know just now.
[1657] Cos [...] .
[1658] Come out of school early yesterday ... cos she was sick.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1659] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1660] Mr thought it was cos it was choir practice.
[1661] Alright.
[1662] And I it well ... I don't think so cos she likes choir practice.
[1663] I said well what did you have for dinner because she ran out after dinner [...] being sick.
[1664] She said oh we had meat pie so I had extra extra extra helpings.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1665] Ooh [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1666] Yeah but that might not be it might it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1667] No but there again
Gail (PS0AJ) [1668] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1669] wouldn't have helped.
[1670] She was
Gail (PS0AJ) [1671] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1672] sick before because she ate ... one of the lads didn't fancy theirs.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1673] Set her a packed lunch this morning.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1674] [laughing] Can't eat too many of them can she? []
Gail (PS0AJ) [1675] He's little ain't he?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1676] Yeah our dog ate our margarine.
[1677] During the night.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1678] Ate your margarine?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1679] Sam that is.
[1680] Not Jake.
[1681] Jake never does that.
[1682] But our Sam does.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1683] He always did didn't he?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1684] Always have done.
[1685] You leave it out and he'll ... have it.
[1686] But ... you want to see what Jake's done.
[1687] He had the saucepan.
[1688] Got a sauce big saucepan that he has ... Sam has his food out of because erm Jake's got a big dish.
[1689] I goes upstairs to go to the toilet, and I've got no carpet anywhere.
[1690] It's it's just all pulled up.
[1691] Wh what he does.
[1692] He does it with a stone that's what, we g we got erm big stones out the back garden.
[1693] ... Got big stones out the big garden and he, what he'd to do, put it on the ground and then he ... like this with his paw, see?
[1694] Well he must have been doing that with the saucepan, he's pulled all the carpet up.
[1695] But in our bedroom as well as the hall.
None (PS0AK) [1696] [...] cos I want a drink .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1697] Oh no.
None (PS0AK) [1698] Course I had to rush to come up here ... haven't had time to sort it out.
[1699] Has Ann gone down yet?
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1700] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1701] Has Ann gone down yet?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1702] [shouting] Mum [] .
[1703] Yeah I think she has.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1704] Yeah ... lovely.
[1705] That's her car.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1706] That's her car at the end though innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1707] Yeah.
[1708] ... She usually stands here [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [1709] [shouting] But [...] my nails.
[1710] [] Look even my bestest one.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1711] Oh yeah.
[1712] ... They haven't got craft thing in there still have they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1713] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1714] I bet Luke's got a tall telling off today.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1715] Why?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1716] Cello's still in the boot.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1717] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1718] Forget to get that out of the boot this morning.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1719] Oh dear.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1720] Here you ought to see puppies.
[1721] They've started walking round already.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1722] Ah!
[1723] No I don't wanna see them!
[1724] They've [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1725] Oh they're [...] .
[1726] They are so cute.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1727] I see one the other day.
[1728] A white one.
[1729] Right?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1730] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1731] And erm ... it hadn't got it's tail docked.
[1732] They're not
Natalie (PS0AN) [1733] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1734] allowed to do it are they now?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1735] Well they [...] done theirs.
[1736] Certain vets'll do them.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1737] Yeah but after this month they're not allowed to do it after November.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1738] [...] .
[1739] Oh I didn't know that then.
[1740] Bud didn't want them to be done anyway.
[1741] [...] . She doesn't believe in it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1742] Yeah but it's part of their ... [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1743] [...] have a white one [...] if they're all white they got to be put down.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1744] [shouting] Michelle []
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1745] You only just got them.
[1746] ... Yeah they're not allowed to now.
[1747] Dock their tails.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1748] Well, seem funny a boxer going around with a tail won't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1749] Jack would love to see them but I'm not letting him.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1750] They are so cute.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1751] He'd have one.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1752] I mean [...] you say come on then.
[1753] And they comes up to the edge of the box and they're growling and barking.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1754] Yeah, here's Jan now.
[1755] ... Cos I got her stuff in my pocket.
[1756] ... [...] It wasn't the, the ... the rose one?
[1757] That she wanted it was the cocoa butter one and that's the only one I could find.
[1758] ... And that one she has cos her [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [1759] Does it?
[1760] Yeah I got dry skin [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1761] That'll be alright for you.
[1762] Does Phil use that soap and that Sue?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1763] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1764] Does Phil use that soap?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1765] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1766] Does he get on better with it?
[1767] Is his skin better?
[1768] ... It's just a sort ... an elimination progra erm process really.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1769] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1770] I ain't had to use that stuff in my hair again.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1771] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1772] Haven't had to use that stuff in my hair again and I haven't had dandruff since.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1773] Haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1774] I've used it twice.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1775] That's alright then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1776] You know how bad I were?
[1777] I mean look I can even run me fingers through me hair now.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1778] You suffered for years with it didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1779] Terrible.
[1780] I used to [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1781] What stuff do you put on?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1782] Linium Got it from down the chemist.
[1783] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1784] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1785] Linium.
[1786] It was only a little tube at one fifty five?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1787] Well sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1788] You want to use it, it's brilliant.
[1789] [shouting] Stop []
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1790] [...] .
[1791] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1792] That's the only cocoa butter one I had left [...] used little bit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1793] Oh that's alright.
[1794] It's only for me hands.
[1795] I Haven't got to put it anywhere personal.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1796] Alright?
[1797] See I remembered look.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1798] Thank you ever so much Jack that's lovely.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1799] [...] keep forgetting is the soap innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1800] [...] didn't like the soap [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1801] [...] Oh no [...] didn't like the soap.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1802] It's cocoa butter.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1803] Oh.
[1804] Supposed to have snow the weekend aren't we?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1805] Not bloody surprised [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1806] Bloody looks like it too.
[1807] I've got enough
Gail (PS0AJ) [1808] It do don't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1809] to open a little shop at home.
[1810] ... We do we do raspberry ripple bubble bath.
[1811] And it's absolutely beautiful.
[1812] You know when you put soap in and the bubbles go?
[1813] This don't [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1814] Well at least your Claire'll wear tights.
[1815] Nat will not put anything on but ankle socks.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1816] Yet before the summer
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1817] Yeah?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1818] it was just long socks.
[1819] And then it was summer to put ankle socks on she wouldn't take them off then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1820] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1821] No Claire came out last night she's fallen over and got a hole in them ... with a pair of woolly tights.
[1822] And Hayley come out last week with a hole in a pair of bloody tights.
[1823] ... Mind you we got our own video when she was about that ... no she was younger than that.
[1824] She'd just started school.
[1825] About this time of year.
[1826] She had a pair of great tights on.
[1827] Which is on video.
[1828] And she kept pulling it and making the hole ... go.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1829] That's what [...] wants for Christmas, a camcorder and he thinks I'm gonna buy him one.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1830] I tell you what.
[1831] They haven't half gone down in price [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1832] They have haven't they?
[1833] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1834] My uncle bought one about ten year ago and all there was about was Betamax then.
[1835] And he paid over a thousand pounds for it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1836] Yes, cos they yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1837] And yet you have a look at them now.
[1838] Four cheapest is about four
Gail (PS0AJ) [1839] Four ninety five innit?
[1840] Four seventy five?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1841] That's it.
[1842] You get it about four hundred and thirty.
[1843] Something like that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1844] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1845] But I ain't got four hundred and thirty pounds.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1846] When you think then he paid a thousand pound for a betamax one.
[1847] ... The same with videos when they first come out wasn't it?
[1848] They was hundreds and hundreds
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1849] They've come right down haven't they.
[1850] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1851] Yeah.
[1852] Yeah.
[1853] It'll be the same with satellite dishes.
[1854] Couple of years time
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1855] Yeah
Gail (PS0AJ) [1856] Mm.
[1857] So cheap.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1858] Still.
[1859] All comes down eventually dunnit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1860] I've thought about next thing they'll do is holograms next.
[1861] Cos we've got television and video and satellites and that, so it'll have to be hol holograms won't it next?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1862] [...] said years ago that you'll be able to get a C B where you've got a camera on it
Gail (PS0AJ) [1863] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1864] so's you can see, and the port radios's now
Gail (PS0AJ) [1865] Radio yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1866] erm erm phones have it now so you can see who's on the other line.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1867] On the other line yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1868] Handy in it?
[1869] You see the picture of it
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1870] To add to all this secret code ringing and everything.
[1871] ... Be handy wouldn't it, that would? ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [1872] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1873] You putting ... There's a list down Sue, on the boards for, on the classroom
Gail (PS0AJ) [1874] Sue
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1875] boards.
[1876] Oh no you know do you.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1877] Done my share.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1878] Yeah we done ours.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1879] What you [...] in?
Natalie (PS0AN) [1880] Six packets of crisps
Gail (PS0AJ) [1881] Oh and me! [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1882] packet of biscuits [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1883] But I got two classes.
[1884] I'm doing a dozen [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1885] sausage rolls for one and a dozen sausage rolls for the other.
[1886] And I'm coming to help.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1887] Oh are you?
[1888] I'm not.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1889] Ah.
[1890] But I'm in my element then aren't I?
Natalie (PS0AN) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1891] That's what I need.
[1892] A bit of cheering up.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1893] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1894] I was going out Friday night.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1895] I'm going out Thursday night.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1896] [...] Saturday night
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1897] That's the first time
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1898] and the Saturday after.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1899] first time since the op.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1900] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1901] Wait for this.
[1902] I'm going out Saturday night.
[1903] Got conned into going out Saturday night.
[1904] Right?
[1905] And he might be doing guard duty.
[1906] So I go on me own [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1907] Oh ... god.
[1908] ... Well I'm going out Thursday night.
[1909] Alison said oh great you can get drunk.
[1910] I said no I can't I'm on tablets.
[1911] First time I go out for a week and I'm on tablets!
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1912] [...] good excuse [...] good excuse.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1913] This Clean the do I go to Friday nights, Cleaneasy do.
[1914] None of them are taking their husbands see but they're taking friends.
[1915] So I said to our Deb, come with I?
[1916] So she said yeah alright then like cos sh she haven't had a night out since she had the baby and they got [...] .
[1917] Course, she went and told Geoff she was coming and Geoff kicked up then so Geoff and Paul are coming now.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1918] But since I said Geoff's coming all the others are taking their husbands now.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1919] Ah.
[1920] ... I don't, I don't ... I must admit I don't like going anywhere without Arf.
[1921] I'd rather him come with me.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1922] I'm going to the ... [...] country club look in
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1923] Yeah.
[1924] I'm not allowed anyway.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1925] in two weeks' time.
[1926] So I'm going on me own to that.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1927] [...] last time I went out [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [1928] You did didn't you?
[1929] You had a lot when you went out with union, weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1930] Yeah. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1931] Oh I th , he mi , he likes me going out.
[1932] Tells me to go without him.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1933] [...] home at eleven [...] . ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [1934] Well he even went, Arf lets me go see strippers and everything.
[1935] Don't mind.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1936] Do he?
[1937] I wouldn't wanna do that anyway? [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1938] Oh, so funny.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1939] Oh I would.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1940] I didn't think it was mine.
[1941] I really didn't think.
[1942] Oh god ... it was so funny.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1943] [...] I do.
[1944] Oh next time you go [...] let me know.
[1945] I want to go and see the Chippendales.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1946] It was so funny.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1947] That's what I wanna go and see.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1948] Did you watch Noel Edmunds show the other day?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1949] Ah brilliant.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1950] Oh I'd have died.
[1951] I kept thinking ... cos I was, wasn't very well Saturday so I was lying on the settee thinking well I hope it ain't me.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1952] Don't pick me. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1953] I'm alright.
[1954] I ain't on the phone.
Natalie (PS0AN) [1955] [...] watch it in two different rooms. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1956] It's embarrassing.
[1957] I reckon that programme's brilliant.
[1958] It was better the week before when they had erm ... Henry Cooper.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1959] Oh yeah that was funny.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1960] That was [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1961] He didn't know though did he? [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1962] [...] didn't twig though did he?
[1963] It took ages before he twigged.
[1964] And she in the blinking car
Gail (PS0AJ) [1965] She didn't have a clue did she?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1966] No, and she had to pay for the petrol.
[1967] What was it the copper said about going on the Wogan show?
[1968] And he said, she said in the back , if we get there [laughing] she said [] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1969] I liked it the week before when they did that Halloween thing
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1970] Do you watch that Sue?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1971] in the pub. [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [1972] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1973] That Noel's house party.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [1974] [...] a load of feathers all over his face.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1975] Yeah it's good it is.
[1976] They had a party, party game weren't it?
[1977] They started off with custard, and had to find an apple in the custard was it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1978] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1979] Then it was jam and then it was feathers.
[1980] ... Dean?
[1981] ... I looked in the paper ... it's not on tonight.
[1982] It's on Friday.
[1983] Is that what I got to tape?
None (PS0AK) [1984] Yeah I know because it said erm ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1985] Cos I looked at ... I can't see it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1986] It's on Saturday [...] 's on innit?
[1987] ... Oh no it was Thurs it was Thursday [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1988] There's there's wrestling on ... on Friday night.
[1989] It starts at eight, and it's on till ten and from ten till eleven.
[1990] It's on for three hours.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1991] That'll be alright.
None (PS0AK) [1992] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1993] Is that it?
[1994] Is that one alright?
[1995] I'll put it on that one alright.
None (PS0AK) [1996] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [1997] That's you buggered up. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [1998] Did you tape ... Pretty Woman?
Gail (PS0AJ) [1999] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2000] Right I'll have a borrow of that then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2001] I was watching that yesterday wasn't I when she come to do me hair.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2002] [...] three tapes since. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2003] Nat watched ... Nat watched it last night?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2004] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2005] Just sat there with Kate and then suddenly it was erm ... mum what's hooker?
[2006] ... I thought oh god.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2007] Arf what's a hooker?
[2008] Oh, right, yeah.
[2009] That's erm ... erm ... means prostitute.
[2010] Oh.
[2011] ... Kate said I've heard of that ... can't remember what it is though.
[2012] Mum what's a prostitute?
[2013] Arf what's prostitute?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2014] You wanna hear what
Gail (PS0AJ) [2015] Erm ... oh that's a hard one that.
[2016] That's erm ... erm oh a lady that sells herself [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2017] [...] the other, the other day we was on about, Nicola said about oh she goes like that to Luke.
[2018] I said oh you can't do that otherwise he won't be able to have babies.
[2019] So Nicola said but he
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2020] Hallo.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2021] doesn't have babies.
[2022] Women have babies.
[2023] I said well ... it comes from a man.
[2024] So ... Luke said well what are they like?
[2025] So I said well they're like little tadpoles.
[2026] And he went ... well I can't feel any.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2027] [laughing] And I couldn't help laughing [] .
[2028] And do you know what he said?
[2029] Luke turned round, he said ... god mummy's laughing.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2030] I just creased up.
[2031] I didn't know where to put myself when he said that.
[2032] He was literally feeling.
[2033] He was literally feeling himself.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2034] Feeling for his tadpoles.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2035] He was literally feeling his whatsits.
[2036] ... I mean how do you explain that one away?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2037] Oh dear.
[2038] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2039] Well they are like little tadpoles aren't they?
[2040] ... They didn't ask how they get from a man to a woman not that [...] knows anyway but
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2041] [...] washing then?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2042] Er?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2043] [...] erm Look Who's Talking.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2044] Look Who's Talking.
[2045] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2046] You've got that on tape have you?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2047] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2048] Betamax?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2049] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2050] [...] got any sweets mummy.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2051] No I haven't got no money to get sweets.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2052] [...] sweets.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2053] I haven't got a penny Nicola.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2054] Arf was saying for erm to Nat the other night.
[2055] He said oh look I got a baby inside me Nat.
[2056] She said no you can't have babies.
[2057] Ladies can.
[2058] Do you know how they get there?
[2059] Yeah but I ain't telling you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2060] I know.
[2061] You in the car or walking?
[2062] ... You can have a lift if you want.
[2063] ... No no I was just asking you.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2064] [...] lift.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2065] No it's alright [...] my new car if you want.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2066] Go on.
[2067] Have a lift in her new car.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2068] Mummy have you got any sweets now?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2069] No I haven't.
[2070] Richard's got to have the cello back.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2071] [...] [singing] to a party [] .
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2072] [...] I got to give you the cello.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2073] The what?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2074] Well Luke forgot to bring it.
[2075] It's still in me car but Richard's got to have the cello.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]

10 (Tape 009803)

Natalie (PS0AN) [2076] Have you done Mrs Neighbour?
None (PS0AM) [2077] No I don't know Mrs Nei Neighbour. [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2078] Right my dear?
None (PS0AM) [2079] Oh that's what I would have missed then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2080] What's that?
None (PS0AM) [2081] [...] remember rightly.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2082] [...] round this house.
[2083] I just stood on three bits when I come in.
[2084] There's another bit I missed over there.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2085] Where?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2086] Over there on the floor.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2087] Ah [...] oh.
[2088] What've I got in here?
None (PS0AM) [2089] [muttering] Oh fuck [...] []
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2090] [...] What mum?
[2091] ... What mum?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2092] Mm?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2093] Just what?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2094] He swore.
[2095] Our mum didn't sound very well did she?
None (PS0AM) [2096] Didn't did she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2097] Did, did Harry ans ... was he there, no he didn't answer the phone when I rang.
[2098] ... And she took a long time to answer it.
None (PS0AM) [2099] Did she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2100] Yeah.
[2101] Unless he'd gone out to get her something or other.
None (PS0AM) [2102] Oh he'd taken dog out I expect.
[2103] Hadn't been out since this morning.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2104] Oh hadn't she?
None (PS0AM) [2105] [...] Now then I need two ... no I need one.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2106] Is there any cards left?
None (PS0AM) [2107] [...] one of your Christmas card [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [2108] One?
None (PS0AM) [2109] It's a children's card.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2110] Why is it for children?
None (PS0AM) [2111] I probably yeah.
[2112] I probably need two [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [2113] Right. [...] ... [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2114] Nat you gotta have a bath my love it's what ... twenty five to nine darling.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2115] [...] like [...] .
[2116] Two different ones.
None (PS0AM) [2117] That's a lovely.
[2118] Any
Gail (PS0AJ) [2119] Envelope.
None (PS0AM) [2120] Any envelopes.
[2121] Any envelopes with them Nat?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2122] Yep.
[2123] Get you one now. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2124] Nat said her envelopes don't stick very well.
None (PS0AM) [2125] Don't it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2126] What?
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2127] Yeah.
[2128] Do you hear her get off the bed then?
None (PS0AM) [2129] Mm.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2130] What?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2131] Lady jumped off the bed.
[2132] She heard us come in.
[2133] ... [...] cake in the fridge Nat.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2134] I bet he don't eat it [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [2135] I don't know.
[2136] [...] don't eat a lot of cake do he?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2137] He eats all my cake though.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2138] Hello Lee ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [2139] Hello. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2140] [cough] Better get your spellings a minute as well Nat before you go up. ...
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2141] Is it?
None (PS0AM) [2142] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2143] Oh I know what I must do as well.
[2144] Ring my mum and ask what Margaret's address is.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2145] Why?
None (PS0AM) [2146] [...] aren't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2147] [...] yeah.
[2148] I wrote a card for Margaret.
[2149] Yeah I think I wrote those down.
[2150] Well I gotta write to inform her.
[2151] ... Put it that way.
[2152] ... I reckon this week's gone ever so fast.
None (PS0AM) [2153] Well it's only Wednesday love.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2154] No it's not [...] Thursday tomorrow.
[2155] ... Let's have a go at that Nat.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2156] And then you go and get your spellings.
[2157] You can do them before you go up.
[2158] Please.
[2159] [cough] Tonight.
[2160] ... [...] pen?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2161] This ain't a pen it's a piece of plastic.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2162] Ooh.
[2163] ... Now let me try and do it joined up writing like you do it. ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [2164] They's easy to do.
[2165] Joined up writing.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2166] Monday ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2167] [...] .
[2168] How do you join up a W then?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2169] I dunno.
[2170] ... What comes next an E?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2171] Went E yeah.
[2172] ... Oh I don't know [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2173] You don't join up a W.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2174] You don't join up a W do you no.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2175] No.
None (PS0AM) [2176] Pardon?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2177] How do you join up a W?
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2178] Yeah well they were supposed to be in flat and then when they're cut it out you supposed, their supposed to turn it over [...]
None (PS0AM) [2179] Oh I see.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2180] Well.
[2181] How do you join the W then Arf?
[2182] Like went?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2183] You don't.
[2184] [shouting] Mummy you don't join the W [] .
None (PS0AM) [2185] Yeah you do.
[2186] You do it from the bottom.
[2187] [...] of the W
Gail (PS0AJ) [2188] Oh [...] .
[2189] E N T.
[2190] I can't bear do joined up writing.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2191] I can.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2192] Went ... out [laugh] ... to
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2193] play ... with ... Kate
Natalie (PS0AN) [2194] [...] .
[2195] Is that your story?
[2196] Wednesday we went to play with ... Kate.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2197] No, it says out with Kate.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2198] Out with Kate then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2199] Out to play with Kate.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2200] Oh.
[2201] ... Let me
Gail (PS0AJ) [2202] Hello my little darling and what do you want?
[2203] He's been fed.
[2204] Not having nothing else.
[2205] No you're not.
[2206] [...] . ... I thought you'd written all your cards Arf?
None (PS0AM) [2207] No about
Natalie (PS0AN) [2208] Mum does that look like [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2209] No.
[2210] You've got ... you want W like, not [...] .
Natalie (PS0AN) [2211] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2212] You were saying Arf?
None (PS0AM) [2213] No, there's quite a few I'd forgotten there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2214] Is there?
None (PS0AM) [2215] Oh not forgotten.
[2216] I put er ... yeah [...] I'd forgotten [...] few I'd picked up as well.
[2217] Mrs .
[2218] Oh Mrs [...] go to Mrs .
[2219] ... That's she, and Mrs down to Mrs , that's she.
[2220] Now Mrs .
Natalie (PS0AN) [2221] What [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2222] Yeah.
[2223] Hurry up then love I want you to do spellings.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2224] Go and get them then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2225] Ah!
None (PS0AM) [2226] Mrs . ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2227] Have you drunk all that Cinzano have you?
None (PS0AM) [2228] Almost.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2229] God.
None (PS0AM) [2230] I'll get there ... next week.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2231] I bet you can't wait till next week can you?
None (PS0AM) [2232] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2233] Why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2234] Cos he's gonna start drinking.
[2235] Because he's gonna stop working next week for Christmas.
[2236] He's not gonna work [...] .
[2237] [...] week off.
None (PS0AM) [2238] I'm gonna allow myself plenty of excuses if everybody's turning, gonna turn up who says they're going to. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2239] Well how many How many have you asked then?
None (PS0AM) [2240] Oh.
[2241] Hundreds [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2242] Have you?
[2243] Who?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2244] [...] for Christmas
None (PS0AM) [2245] Oh I don't know.
[2246] [...] . Forgotten.
[2247] ... Now then.
[2248] Mrs erm ... [...] so.
[2249] If we get them all in a row, we could do ... that one ah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2250] Is that how you spell with?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2251] No.
[2252] Yeah W I, no T H love.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2253] Oh my god now [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2254] Oh yeah well you ought to ask, you ought to know how to spell with.
[2255] You've done it on your spellings.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2256] I know.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2257] You'd have had that one wrong if you'd done that.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2258] Alright.
[2259] Can't find a way to [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [2260] Is this a note in your bag?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2261] Yes.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2262] Well thank you for telling me then Nat.
[2263] ... Here I want you to take those felt tips and that up as well Nat.
[2264] You leaves everything downstairs.
None (PS0AM) [2265] Mrs [...] .
[2266] Oh.
[2267] Oh shit I've another one to take out now.
[2268] ... ... Anita ... [...] [carries on muttering names in the background]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2269] Come on then Nat.
[2270] You gonna do this?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2271] How do you spell friend.
[2272] Oh I know.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2273] E I.
[2274] Yeah?
[2275] Are you sure?
[2276] ... Friend.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2277] F R I E N D
Natalie (PS0AN) [2278] R
Gail (PS0AJ) [2279] I E N D.
[2280] Come on then Nat.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2281] Alright I'm doing it mum.
[2282] Right.
[2283] What is it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2284] One day Dale went to play with her friend.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2285] Yeah.
[2286] I'm gonna write more. [arf stops muttering here]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2287] No you're not because you're gonna do this.
[2288] Cos you need to have a bath and bed.
[2289] [...] that? ... [...]
None (PS0AM) [2290] Now then erm ... you wouldn't know erm Caroline brother's name would you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2291] No.
[2292] Haven't got a clue.
None (PS0AM) [2293] Oh well.
[2294] Mr and Mrs eh?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2295] Do you do what did you do her brother do you?
[2296] Up California Road?
None (PS0AM) [2297] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2298] Do you?
[2299] Oh with all the trimmings up?
None (PS0AM) [2300] We just started last .
[2301] Started last month yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2302] Ah.
None (PS0AM) [2303] Mm.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2304] Yeah [...] .
[2305] Went up them, they.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2306] T H ... E ... Y
Gail (PS0AJ) [2307] Them.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2308] No wait wait wait.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2309] Nat!
[2310] Them.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2311] Then.
[2312] T ... H ... E M.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2313] Them.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2314] T H E M
None (PS0AM) [2315] Oh shit.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2316] B's.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2317] T H E M E
Gail (PS0AJ) [2318] There.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2319] T H E R E
Gail (PS0AJ) [2320] With.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2321] W I ... T H
Gail (PS0AJ) [2322] Thank you.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2323] F
Gail (PS0AJ) [2324] No.
[2325] Not fank you.
None (PS0AM) [2326] Hm.
[2327] Sounds like thank you [laugh] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [2328] Yeah, she [...] .
None (PS0AM) [2329] It's not fank you, it's thank you.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2330] Thank you.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2331] T H ... A N K ... line Y O U.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2332] Something.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2333] S O M E ... T H ... I N G
Gail (PS0AJ) [2334] Thirty.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2335] T H ... E
Gail (PS0AJ) [2336] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2337] T H A?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2338] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2339] What O?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2340] No.
[2341] Thirty. ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [2342] U?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2343] Tut.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2344] Mum I [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2345] T H I
Natalie (PS0AN) [2346] Ah.
[2347] ... T H, T H I ... T
Gail (PS0AJ) [2348] R.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2349] R erm T Y?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2350] Yes.
[2351] What was it again?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2352] Erm T H I ... R T Y
Gail (PS0AJ) [2353] Good.
[2354] Thousand.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2355] Thousand.
[2356] F
Gail (PS0AJ) [2357] No!
[2358] Thousand.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2359] T H
Gail (PS0AJ) [2360] I can't hear you.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2361] [shouting] T H ... A
Gail (PS0AJ) [2362] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2363] O
None (PS0AM) [2364] Oh [laugh] . ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [2365] O U ... S A N D
None (PS0AM) [2366] Well done love.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2367] Through.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2368] T H erm O
Gail (PS0AJ) [2369] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2370] R
Gail (PS0AJ) [2371] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2372] O ... U ... what one is it, through?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2373] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2374] [...] G
Gail (PS0AJ) [2375] Yeah.
[2376] H.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2377] H.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2378] What was it again?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2379] Oh erm T H R O U G H
Gail (PS0AJ) [2380] Right.
[2381] Thought.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2382] T H ... O?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2383] Mm.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2384] U
Gail (PS0AJ) [2385] Mm
None (PS0AM) [2386] Oh shit.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2387] L?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2388] No.
[2389] Thought.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2390] Oh yes.
[2391] T H T
Gail (PS0AJ) [2392] That's it.
[2393] Good girl. ...
Natalie (PS0AN) [2394] There I wrote them all down.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2395] I know I could see you writing them anyway.
[2396] But at least you're spelling them.
[2397] Well you know you're writing them down aren't you?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2398] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2399] You're still sp , that's what you gotta do in school.
[2400] You've gotta write them down.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2401] Tell me some of them and ... [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2402] Right.
[2403] Let's do the ones you weren't very good at.
[2404] Thirty you're not very good at.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2405] Yeah.
[2406] No just give thirty now.
[2407] ... Tell me then.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2408] T H no let me write it down.
[2409] ... I
Gail (PS0AJ) [2410] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2411] R
Gail (PS0AJ) [2412] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2413] T
Gail (PS0AJ) [2414] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2415] Y
Gail (PS0AJ) [2416] Good girl.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2417] T H I R T Y
Gail (PS0AJ) [2418] Right.
[2419] Through.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2420] Oh [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2421] Yeah well that's the ones you're not very good at.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2422] Oh.
[2423] No.
[2424] [...] come back.
[2425] Please.
[2426] I want to copy it.
[2427] ... T H ... O
Gail (PS0AJ) [2428] No.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2429] R
Gail (PS0AJ) [2430] Yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2431] O
Gail (PS0AJ) [2432] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2433] U
Gail (PS0AJ) [2434] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2435] G
Gail (PS0AJ) [2436] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2437] H
Gail (PS0AJ) [2438] Good girl.
[2439] And thought.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2440] T ... H O
Gail (PS0AJ) [2441] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2442] U
Gail (PS0AJ) [2443] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2444] G
Gail (PS0AJ) [2445] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2446] H
Gail (PS0AJ) [2447] Yeah
Natalie (PS0AN) [2448] T
Gail (PS0AJ) [2449] That's it.
[2450] Good girl Nat.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2451] They're the same.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2452] Nearly the same.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2453] Yeah but it hasn't got a T on the end with an R in.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2454] Yeah hasn't got the R in, yeah.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2455] T and R.
[2456] Right, what else?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2457] Thousand.
[2458] Try thousand.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2459] Where is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2460] What love?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2461] Me pen?
[2462] Oh there it is.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2463] What one was it again?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2464] Thousand.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2465] T H ... A
Gail (PS0AJ) [2466] No.
[2467] ... Listen, in all the spellings you've got here, there is none A.
[2468] So don't bother writing an A in any of them, cos there isn't an A in any of them.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2469] Is in thousand.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2470] There isn't.
None (PS0AM) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2471] Oh there is, yeah. [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2472] [...] [laugh] Bloody had you look!
Natalie (PS0AN) [2473] Ha ha ha.
None (PS0AM) [2474] So there Nat.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2475] There is in sand.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2476] Sorry Nat.
[2477] Yeah well I meant at the beginning of them alright? [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
None (PS0AM) [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2478] [...] T H ... R?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2479] No.
[2480] T H O U.
[2481] Come on you had it right just then.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2482] Oh yeah.
[2483] T H O U ... is it S?
[2484] A N D.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2485] That's it.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2486] What else?
[2487] Something?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2488] Yeah go on then.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2489] S O M E ... T H ... I
Gail (PS0AJ) [2490] And there's an A in thank you as well isn't there?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2491] What?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2492] And thank you's got an A in as well hasn't it?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2493] Yes.
[2494] Where's thank you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2495] I should have thought it was at the bottom [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2496] Oh I ain't got a thank you on here.
[2497] ... I got something not thank you.
[2498] Right next?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2499] With.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2500] Oh.
[2501] W I ... T
None (PS0AM) [2502] What the bloody hell have we got those two over there for.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2503] H.
[2504] What one next?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2505] [...] Fair.
[2506] Come on then you gotta have a bath love. [...]
None (PS0AM) [2507] Well look at that.
[2508] That's supposed to be California Road.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2509] Never.
[2510] You haven't done them all [...] have you?
None (PS0AM) [2511] It doesn't, no, it doesn't, those two that's all.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2512] What Arthur?
[2513] What did you do wrong?
None (PS0AM) [2514] I put the wrong addresses on darling.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2515] Oh.
None (PS0AM) [2516] Oh and another one.
[2517] Three new people that have just started with me recently.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2518] Perhaps you'd put [...] cos that's what you done today?
[2519] That's what you've been cleaning today. ...
None (PS0AM) [2520] Tut.
[2521] What a pillock.
[2522] Erm no I did have more than that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2523] Have you dropped some or [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2524] Can you tell me [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2525] You can do any one cos you're going to have a bath now.
[2526] Going to bed.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2527] [...] T H E R E.
[2528] There.
None (PS0AM) [2529] [...] now.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2530] Yeah I thought you had. [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2531] One two three four five. [...]
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2532] I can't help you Arf cos I ain't got a clue.
None (PS0AM) [2533] Mrs [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2534] Oh oh oh oh
None (PS0AM) [2535] [...] Mrs [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2536] Could you pick your stuff up then Natalie my love.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2537] Yes.
None (PS0AM) [2538] Then we've got Mrs
Gail (PS0AJ) [2539] That can go upstairs, and that one can go upstairs.
[2540] That's ... Arf's.
[2541] Do you want that love?
[2542] ... Yeah?
None (PS0AM) [2543] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2544] Did you write it in the book or nothing?
None (PS0AM) [2545] No. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0AM) [2546] Gail's giving it up.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2547] And smoking [laugh]
Natalie (PS0AN) [2548] I'm gonna [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2549] Have you?
[2550] I haven't hardly had no fags today.
[2551] I've had two. ...
None (PS0AM) [2552] Oh [...] Nat Nat Nat [...]
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2553] I know it's still fags.
[2554] I know it's still fags.
None (PS0AM) [2555] Nat, don't believe her Nat.
[2556] She's such a liar.
Natalie (PS0AN) [2557] You are.
None (PS0AM) [2558] I ain't.
[2559] I
Gail (PS0AJ) [2560] Have you still got that Have you still got that horrible [...] on your hand?
Natalie (PS0AN) [2561] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2562] Come here. [...]
None (PS0AM) [2563] Nat.
[2564] She's smoked over forty today love.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2565] No she got [...] , she got her thumb in her mouth look.
None (PS0AM) [2566] Oh well.
[2567] In that case
Gail (PS0AJ) [2568] I bet she'll go up to bed now and she'll suck it.
[2569] If I can't see her.
None (PS0AM) [2570] We can't er we can't give up smoking if you're gonna keep on sucking your thumb.
[2571] Sorry.
Natalie (PS0AN) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2572] Yeah.
[2573] We'll put that in the fridge.
[2574] ... I bought you a nice little savoury egg.

11 (Tape 009804)

Alison (PS0AL) [2575] [laugh] And erm ... No I thought I'd you know I thought to myself
Gail (PS0AJ) [2576] Yeah cos Matt said for me to come in.
[2577] I thought well I don't wanna go giving it to you two as well you know.
Alison (PS0AL) [2578] [...] she said to me the other day, has my mummy been in?
[2579] And I said well I was told she was ill so I said I won't ring her up then but I was thinking of ringing you up but ... will you be alright hopefully for next Friday?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2580] Next Friday is it?
[2581] Yeah.
[2582] That's erm ... my new
Alison (PS0AL) [2583] Your new number?
[2584] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2585] Yeah that's the account and that's the sort, I don't know if you wanted the sort code as well.
[2586] ... Alright?
Alison (PS0AL) [2587] [...] when I've got the time.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2588] Right.

12 (Tape 009805)

None (PS0AM) [2589] And so she come back here.
[2590] Rang her [...] .
[2591] Super [...] .
[2592] And erm got through to the treasury and goodness knows else and they said erm ... she gotta open a separate bank account of her own.
[2593] [...] joint bank account.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2594] Mine's a joint one.
[2595] Was it, does it matter?
[2596] Well no
None (PS0AM) [2597] Oh no.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2598] Oh I was gonna say.
None (PS0AM) [2599] No [...] .
[2600] And then Sue tell her to go to the giro place.
[2601] And then ... [...] do that for a fortnight so she still didn't have any money.
[2602] And then erm erm ... she was all set to go out shopping you know what with [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2603] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2604] she couldn't go.
[2605] And then Monday, what happened Monday?
[2606] Started ringing up again to see if [...] sort it out.
[2607] Rang up the treasury again.
[2608] Said I can guarantee that you'll have it in a week or so [...] said that she got to have it
Gail (PS0AJ) [2609] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2610] one way or the other.
[2611] And [...] rang her up [...] .
[2612] yeah we put it in the Leeds for, well they said they won't give you any money because Leeds haven't sent the cheque back.
[2613] It were awful.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2614] It's not on is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [2615] [...] would you be [...] half past [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2616] Yeah ... next Friday.
Alison (PS0AL) [2617] hopefully we can have our dinner.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2618] [laugh] yeah.
[2619] ... How's Pauline getting on, alright?
Alison (PS0AL) [2620] Yeah, she's alright.
[2621] Yeah. [...]
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2622] Yes.
Alison (PS0AL) [2623] She's had a lot to put up with.
[2624] This funny business [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2625] Yeah
Alison (PS0AL) [2626] hearts and flowers.
[2627] It's a wonder she's sane innit really?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2628] Yeah.
[2629] She's good as gold she is.
[2630] She's so funny.
[2631] She's so ... well we wind her up.
[2632] Cos she's so, sometimes she's so slow.
[2633] She's [laugh] you know she don't get what you're on about for a minute.
[2634] It takes a minute to sink in like. [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2635] [...] Sue and Bert come in [...] on the Friday whenever [...] and then [...] open an account [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2636] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2637] So Sue and Bert come in the other day and she [...] I know.
[2638] So after dinner I said ... [...] and she rang the Leeds and they said [...] the cheque comes back here.
[2639] But wh , my argument [...] why they didn't cancel that cheque
Gail (PS0AJ) [2640] that cheque yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2641] Oh no they couldn't do anything like that.
[2642] So anyway she come off the phone there and I could see she was really [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2643] Yeah
None (PS0AM) [2644] and she said I oh she said I [...] no more she said, I get tongue-tied so I thought well I'm gonna have a go at them myself so I had a go at them.
[2645] And I said to them, here I said, her husband I said handles money and I said he knows what he's on about.
[2646] I said he didn't [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2647] But I I thought I had to sort of do something.
[2648] And I said the Leeds have told her [...] I said that it was ... [...] you know something might come this afternoon.
[2649] And she [...] few days.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2650] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2651] What about I said this number.
[2652] Oh he said it was the wrong number he said erm and Mrs erm
Gail (PS0AJ)
None (PS0AM) [2653] have have agreed to it.
[2654] So I said well you tell me the number.
[2655] I said you, I said I got the number, he said you've got the number?
[2656] I said I've got the number in front of me.
[2657] I said she was paid on a temporary form for the week [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2658] Wouldn't read it.
[2659] Yeah
None (PS0AM) [2660] [...] and you read the number to me I said to see if I've got it right. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2661] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2662] [...] and he said erm oh he said it was a digit round the wrong way.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2663] Tut.
None (PS0AM) [2664] There was two digits round the wrong way.
[2665] It made I mad but whether anything like that, you know.
[2666] And I said to him I said sh , I said this is six weeks.
[2667] Oh he said [...] I said it's six weeks' [...] that she's been here.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2668] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2669] Oh he said well I haven't been handling it for six weeks I said [...] .
[2670] And erm he rang her up and it was in the bank, it was literally in the bank yesterday morning
Gail (PS0AJ) [2671] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2672] so something, something was done quick then see
Gail (PS0AJ) [2673] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2674] but my argument was why couldn't they have done that last Friday?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2675] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2676] They could have done it last Friday [...] put up with mind
Gail (PS0AJ) [2677] Yeah, you know.
None (PS0AM) [2678] I said to him I said [...] .
[2679] I mean you should be paid [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2680] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2681] I said to him I said.
[2682] Just remember I said I shall get the stick for this.
[2683] I mean, you know
Gail (PS0AJ) [2684] Yeah, yeah
None (PS0AM) [2685] [...] ... Right you gonna have a coffee Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2686] Yeah go on then.
None (PS0AM) [2687] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]

13 (Tape 009806)

Gail (PS0AJ) [2688] You all ready for Christmas, or no?
None (PS0AM) [2689] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2690] No ... I'm getting there.
[2691] I got ev , all, all me food.
None (PS0AM) [2692] You haven't?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2693] Yeah.
[2694] Except for me fruit and me
None (PS0AM) [2695] Yeah?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2696] yeah all I gotta get is my fruit and veg.
None (PS0AM) [2697] Oh dear
Gail (PS0AJ) [2698] Got me nuts.
[2699] Got everything.
None (PS0AM) [2700] Oh Gail!
Alison (PS0AL) [2701] We'll send her out with a list then.
None (PS0AM) [2702] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2703] And the drink I got to go and get as well.
None (PS0AM) [2704] Ah dear, dear.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2705] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2706] You been up to
Gail (PS0AJ) [2707] Up erm [...] ?
None (PS0AM) [2708] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2709] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2710] What's it like?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2711] Erm ... the week I went it was quite quiet.
[2712] There wasn't many people up there.
[2713] But there's a few th , I got a few, few little things there.
[2714] It's ... bit, you know handier than going all the way down [...] like you know?
None (PS0AM) [2715] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2716] So I'm going again tomorrow with Alison. [...] . ...
None (PS0AM) [2717] I [...] that was lovely up there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2718] Was it?
[2719] I didn't, I didn't get any meat but
None (PS0AM) [2720] That Pauline said she bought something [...] ... got a [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2721] Bet you've lost a bit of weight haven't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2722] What?
[2723] Erm ... I I haven't ... I haven't gained any weight.
[2724] But I, I thought I would cos being in bed.
[2725] Arthur was just kept bringing me up food all the time.
[2726] I'm just lying there eating it. [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2727] Oh you you you [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2728] But I haven't put on any weight, so ... so that's one thing.
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2729] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2730] Lemon meringue today.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2731] Oh shut up.
[2732] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [...] ... [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2733] Will it be easier er next Friday seeing how you haven't got to do the staff?
None (PS0AM) [2734] Well I should think so.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2735] Should be, yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2736] Oh I was thinking Maureen what about them nursery teachers.
[2737] Are they coming?
[2738] Are their names down there? [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2739] You gotta do anything for the kids parties this year or no?
[2740] Cos I think all the mothers are bringing it
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2741] Yeah, yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [2742] Did they ask the mums?
[2743] If they would do it or something?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2744] Well, unless I never heard, I don't know but erm ... I went down to take Natalie in on a morning, and there's just a list on the door.
[2745] And you gotta put your name where you can take ...
None (PS0AM) [2746] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2747] you can take crisps in or sausages.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2748] Yeah, yeah.

14 (Tape 009807)

Gail (PS0AJ) [2749] I gotta go for another Christmas meal on next, next Friday.
[2750] So I shall have two. [laugh]
Alison (PS0AL) [2751] Oh. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2752] Erm Down in Downend there's a pub called The Folly?
Alison (PS0AL) [2753] Oh yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2754] And two friends ... are, we're all going out for a ... a Christmas meal like, so
Alison (PS0AL) [2755] That's alright.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2756] Shall have two Friday
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2757] Er last night Arthur said oh ... said I think I'll work ... extra tomorrow he said and I'll take you out for Sunday lunch Sunday.
[2758] So we're going out Sunday so that's the new Sunday lunch era.
Alison (PS0AL) [2759] Oh that's ever so nice.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2760] Mm.
[2761] And it breaks the day up.
[2762] I hate Sundays.
Alison (PS0AL) [2763] Yeah I hate Sundays.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2764] And I do.
None (PS0AM) [2765] Well I don't ... but I ... enjoy going out
Gail (PS0AJ) [2766] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2767] for lunch.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2768] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [2769] I've never done that. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2770] Well not last week but the week before we went up the Harvester.
Alison (PS0AL) [2771] you know but erm ... I, I would like that.
[2772] [...] that's lovely.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2773] My mum goes out every Sunday for lunch.
[2774] She don't never ... she never stays in.
[2775] ... Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [2776] Yeah [...] I think [...] lot's of people do.
[2777] It don't cost so much for a Sunday dinner .
Gail (PS0AJ) [2778] No.
[2779] What she said.
[2780] No
Alison (PS0AL) [2781] [...] quite cheap [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2782] That's it.
Alison (PS0AL) [2783] I reckon they do it when [...] ... Do you [...] that Lisa next door to [...] ? ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2784] Next door to you?
[2785] Don't know a Lisa.
Alison (PS0AL) [2786] Oh that's alright then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2787] One what hurt her leg?
[2788] No?
Alison (PS0AL) [2789] Has she hurt her leg?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2790] Was that Mrs erm ... I don't know.
[2791] ... Is she like a teenager.
[2792] She was she was on crutches ... is that her?
[2793] Yeah I don't ... I don't know her.
[2794] Why what had she done did you know?
[2795] Or
Alison (PS0AL) [2796] No I just wondered you know.
[2797] Seemed such a mystery about it all.
[2798] She seems to be staying with that girl that lives up in erm [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [2799] Yeah she walks up with her a lot don't she?
Alison (PS0AL) [2800] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2801] [...] I don't know [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [2802] Yeah it was that girl ... that erm ... that's why it's so strange.
[2803] ... She accused Mr of interfering with her.
[2804] He got arrested and everything.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2805] Never!
Alison (PS0AL) [2806] And then she with withdrew the statement.
[2807] And now ... [...] living there or something.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2808] Living there.
Alison (PS0AL) [2809] It seems very strange.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2810] Ooh.
None (PS0AM) [...] ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [2811] Yeah, Arthur cleans her windows doesn't he?
[2812] Yeah.
[2813] I don't know her. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2814] There's a biscuit in there Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2815] No, it's alright.
Alison (PS0AL) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2816] No eleven o'clock I'm usually starving. [laugh]
None (PS0AM) [2817] [...] have a roll [...] .
[2818] That's nice salad then.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2819] I can't, I can't wait till ... can't wait till Christmas cos I don't stop eating.
[2820] I'm eating all
Alison (PS0AL) [2821] Don't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2822] From the time I get up, open our stockings ... eat the chocolate out of it. [laugh]
Alison (PS0AL) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2823] Till the time we go to bed.
None (PS0AM) [2824] [...] She always [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2825] Oh I love it.
[2826] Yeah. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2827] Well.
[2828] She wanted a mountain bike.
[2829] Well she wants a mountain bike but we didn't know what to do.
[2830] Anyway, her dad ... bought her one.
Alison (PS0AL) [2831] Oh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2832] So we don't have to buy that.
[2833] Er he's bought, he's bought her two other things which we were gonna get her so we don't have to buy her those either.
Alison (PS0AL) [2834] Ooh.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2835] So erm I got her roller boots.
[2836] I'm gonna get her a dolly which you push his left arm and his, he cries and he's teeth grow or something [...] [crashing noise] .
[2837] She wants that.
[2838] Erm ... I got her a couple of games.
[2839] I didn't really know what to get her.
[2840] Cos
Alison (PS0AL) [2841] You don't do you?
[2842] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2843] can't afford a lot but ... you know.
Alison (PS0AL) [2844] [...] bit of a difficult age now.
[2845] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2846] That's it.
[2847] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2848] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [2849] Yeah she got her prams and her bicycles.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2850] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2851] That's right.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2852] That's it.
[2853] She wanted a new pushchair but ... to me she, she's too big for it.
[2854] You know the pushchair's sort of so small up to her.
Alison (PS0AL) [2855] I know, yeah.
[2856] For her now, yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2857] Yeah. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2858] Mind it's good how some girls are sort of stay like it [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2859] Yeah.
[2860] Like she loves her Cindy's.
[2861] I got her a couple of Cindy things and that.
Alison (PS0AL) [2862] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2863] She loves her Cindy's.
[2864] Or Barbie's whatever they are.
[2865] I got her ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2866] I got [...] one of them dogs.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2867] Oh no.
[2868] What goes
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2869] Yeah that's what Nat wants.
[2870] [laugh] . I thought oh god.
[2871] I said know you don't want that, you don't want that.
Alison (PS0AL) [2872] Yeah.
[2873] I didn't know what to buy her.
[2874] And she kept on and on and on.
[2875] So that's what [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2876] Yeah she wants Go Go, the white one.
Alison (PS0AL) [2877] Oh I don't know.
[2878] This one's white and bit [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2879] Brown and white yours yeah.
[2880] Yeah.
[2881] She wants just the plain white one?
[2882] I said oh you're not having that. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2883] Oh.
[2884] How can you be so cruel?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2885] [laugh] .
[2886] The funny thing was, her dad said to her right you've spent a lot of money.
[2887] He goes I spent a lot of money on you this year Nat.
[2888] Cos last year ... he wasn't working and ... he didn't spend a lot on her.
[2889] He said ooh about two hundred pound.
[2890] Well ... my sister's dog ... boxer hadn't long had puppies?
[2891] ... Well they're three weeks old and she's selling them for two hundred and fifty pounds.
[2892] So Nat thought ooh ... dad's spent two hundred pound.
[2893] He's getting me one of Bud's puppies.
[2894] I'm having a puppy, I'm having a boxer.
[2895] I said you're not.
[2896] You're not having a dog.
[2897] You're not having a dog [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2898] She really thought she was gonna have a dog like, you know.
Alison (PS0AL) [2899] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2900] Said no, you're not having a dog.
[2901] That's when she said I'll have Go Go instead then.
None (PS0AM) [2902] I reckon that's what my friend will have, a dog.
[2903] She moved like into a house, you know.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2904] Well yeah.
[2905] She might have one now [...] ...
None (PS0AM) [2906] And I bought Cassie er a [...] you know to go with [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2907] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2908] Most of the family have got erm ... Nat games.
[2909] Cos I didn't know what ... you know our mum got her a couple of games.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2910] Yeah, yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2911] And erm a mirror to go in her bedroom.
[2912] Cos she, she bought her this clock once to go in her bedroom.
[2913] Anyway she managed she get a mirror the same.
[2914] ... So she's got her that as well.
[2915] ... Cos really for Nat, with Christmas she's lucky cos she gets two lots of ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2916] Yeah she does.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2917] Cos off of Nick's mum as well look.
[2918] So
Alison (PS0AL) [2919] Yeah yeah [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2920] she's, she got like two, two er families like.
Alison (PS0AL) [2921] Yeah. ... [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2922] Yeah
None (PS0AM) [2923] [...] isn't she?
Alison (PS0AL) [...] [lots of crashing]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2924] [laugh] She was ever so good when I was bad.
[2925] She was.
[2926] Yeah she sent me up to bed.
[2927] Cos I come in on the Friday after I picked her up from school.
[2928] And I just cried.
[2929] I'd had enough, you know.
Alison (PS0AL) [2930] Yeah.
[2931] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2932] So Arf rang the doctor and then Natalie said come on mum up to bed, up to bed.
Alison (PS0AL) [2933] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2934] And she was up there playing cards with me and that.
[2935] And she got herself ready for bed and ... you know just went to bed by herself.
[2936] And ... she very rarely does that.
[2937] You know, usually I got to go in and tuck her in and that.
Alison (PS0AL) [2938] Just shows that she can do it [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2939] Yeah.
None (PS0AM) [2940] It's harder when [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2941] Mm.
[2942] ... Just, and I couldn't really say say where I hurt.
[2943] I hurt all over.
[2944] You know it was ... ooh. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [2945] I was [...]
None (PS0AM) [2946] Those table-mats are lovely Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2947] Are they?
None (PS0AM) [2948] I mean [...] .
[2949] But they're ever so good.
[2950] They're really good [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2951] Quality, yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [2952] Sometimes [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2953] But I think it's, you pay for what you, you know you have, pay for what you get now.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2954] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [2955] What you get. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2956] Yeah. ...
None (PS0AM) [2957] Did you get your [...] ?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2958] Yes.
[2959] Wrapped them up for Nat. [laugh]

15 (Tape 009808)

Gail (PS0AJ) [2960] Who's that?
[2961] Who's that I can hear?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2962] Oh it's Auntie [...] [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2963] Oh?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2964] Erm I've stopped her going as well.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2965] Going where?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2966] Over the chemist.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2967] I was only popping over chemist to get a bloody [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2968] Do you want Bud to go?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2969] Do I want to go?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2970] [...] in a minute.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2971] What's the matter sweetheart?
[2972] [baby crying] Oh I forgot.
[2973] Tut.
[2974] Oh sweets.
[2975] I always buy him some sweets.
[2976] I forgot.
[2977] I'm sorry.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2978] That's it Gail.
[2979] You've had it now.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2980] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2981] I know I forgot.
[2982] Got to give mummy, money some mummy.
[2983] Mummy some money.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2984] Yeah [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2985] I forgot [...] haven't paid it in yet.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2986] Alright then [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2987] Yes I'm alright.
[2988] Thankyou.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2989] Good.
Gail (PS0AJ) [2990] Except for my chest's killing me.
[2991] Suppose I'm gonna have to ring up again.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [2992] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2993] Did it get better?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2994] No.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2995] Did it get better when you was in bed?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2996] It ... yeah A bit.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [2997] Can't stay in bed can you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [2998] No.
[2999] ... oh it hurt so much, all down here.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3000] You wanna give up smoking.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3001] Well I've only had two this morning.
[3002] I'm not ... nowhere near as what I smoke
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3003] I can't cos it hurts.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3004] You're gonna have to go back.
[3005] Perhaps you need some of that
Gail (PS0AJ) [3006] Yeah cos he said it's all [...] .
[3007] I mean he give me antibiotics but that hasn't done nothing.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3008] Well you want to tell him that [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3009] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3010] When was that?
[3011] That was last week wasn't it?
[3012] Last Sunday?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3013] Yeah last Friday.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3014] It should be in you by now Gail [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [3015] Yeah well I've finished them now.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3016] And it still hurts?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3017] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3018] Hurt when you breathe
Gail (PS0AJ) [3019] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3020] or when you straighten?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3021] When I breathe.
[3022] Like in my heart, everything.
[3023] All ... all here like.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3024] What's the matter Dan?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3025] He ain't very happy at all.
[3026] I think he's bored.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3027] What's the matter?
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3028] Where's your shoe?
[3029] Your shoe's down there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3030] I've gotta go and get Nat some shoes tonight after school.
[3031] She got corns.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3032] Oh she hasn't.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3033] Oh they hurt.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3034] Yeah.
[3035] One on each foot.
[3036] I've been saying to her well you'll have to wait ... she's been saying her feet hurt, right?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3037] And you think oh [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3038] She only had them in bloody September like.
[3039] I said you can wait till after Christmas and then you can have some.
[3040] Well last night I thought oh I'd better cut her toenails cos I hadn't done them for ... weeks like.
[3041] I said oh Christ.
[3042] She got one ... that's, on one foot like.
[3043] That's the big toe
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3044] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3045] right, and it's on that one there, in between.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3046] Yeah.
[3047] And on the other one it's on the big toe there.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3048] She's had them growing [...] look.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3049] Yeah, that's what Arf said. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3050] So I'm just hoping those roller boots are gonna fit her now.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3051] Well.
[3052] Yeah but you got a bigger size.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3053] Yeah.
[3054] Got a one didn't I?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3055] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3056] But I took the insole out ... put her foot on the insole and her foot goes over the top of it.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3057] Oh no.
[3058] That's like Neil mind, with boots.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3059] So I didn't know what to do.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3060] [...] when you get ... if you get hers now [...] today.
[3061] Go up tomorrow
Gail (PS0AJ) [3062] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3063] and change them to a bigger size [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3064] Size, yeah.
[3065] ... Alison said even if you get a two ... they're gonna, you know ... bigger is better than
Gail (PS0AJ) [3066] [...] got a one cos it was bigger than what she wears.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3067] Yeah.
[3068] Dan!
[3069] What's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3070] Yes.
[3071] You wanna get her feet measured.
[3072] If they say she's a one
Gail (PS0AJ) [3073] And I'll have to get a two look, cos she was a thirteen and a half so I bought a one.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3074] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3075] Cos they're like trainers aren't they, roller boots?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3076] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3077] The ones I got her.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3078] Our Neil's got bigger feet than her and then he's a one, he's in a one already but he's gotta have a two in bumper boots.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3079] Yeah she has, thirteen and a half.
[3080] Yeah.
[3081] But she's so wide.
[3082] One of them's over a G
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3083] Yeah.
[3084] It's like with our Neil's is right up to C.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3085] Yeah, so course she said with the girls shoes they're slimmer look.
[3086] They're hard to do them.
[3087] So I thought
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3088] narrow foot yeah it's like [...] you don't have to sort of ones our Adie got is the best [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3089] Yeah I got [...] .
[3090] I could get him a chain to go on his St Christopher.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3091] I got Nat's blinking camera in here.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3092] Why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3093] I bought her a cam .
[3094] Cos I wanna get some flashes but I forgot.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3095] Yeah I thought if I come down here [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3096] What matter?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3097] One year [...] new chain and I had it in that little [...] on the tree?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3098] Mm?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3099] And he didn't know it was in there look.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3100] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3101] We've had it in the cupboard for years.
[3102] [...] turned the cupboard out.
[3103] I thought oh I'll get him [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3104] We got our Adie a chain, and earrings for Christmas.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3105] Yeah I got that [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3106] Well keep it I don't
Gail (PS0AJ) [3107] You sure?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3108] I forgot you had it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3109] Oh alright then.
[3110] I can keep it, it's been there since
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3111] Just keep it [...] Well put it somewhere a bit safer than that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh] [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3112] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3113] [playing with baby] Ooh.
[3114] ooh
Gail (PS0AJ) [3115] Oh last night Arf
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3116] Did he write on the wall?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3117] Oh.
[3118] They're mad.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3119] Oh Dan!
Gail (PS0AJ) [3120] Done that.
[3121] Like that but [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3122] Can't you go over it with a bit of pink?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3123] Yes.
[3124] Or I'll try and get it off first and then go over it.
[3125] Gail you don't look very well.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3126] I'm just, I'm just fed up with it hurting.
[3127] I really am.
[3128] I'm going out tonight so I'm trying to be well today. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3129] You coming next Friday?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3130] Yep.
[3131] Yeah.
[3132] [cough] . Well you said Friday I gotta work alright?
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3133] I gotta, no I gotta work up the school Friday.
[3134] That's another Christmas dinner I'm having so that'll be two.
[3135] [shouting] no []
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3136] Ah [...] Dan [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3137] Oh Daniel!
[3138] Put the top on.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3139] Perhaps he's a frustrated artist. [laugh]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3140] Yeah that's alright Friday.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3141] Good.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3142] Sorry?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3143] Sorry Bud.
[3144] Didn't give you a light.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3145] Oh well.
[3146] It's nice innit?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3147] Mm.
[3148] That'd suit me seeing that 's black more than navy blue.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3149] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3150] Black.
[3151] ... That'd fit me as well
Gail (PS0AJ) [3152] Yeah [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3153] I said to Carolyn you won't get your chest in that bloody bl blouse [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [3154] Carolyn borrowed it has she?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3155] Yeah.
[3156] She wants it ... she was gonna borrow it after our do
Gail (PS0AJ) [3157] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3158] but her do's moved forward so she said I'll have to borrow it before you [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3159] Who wants [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3160] I er I ... knew [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3161] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3162] And and when I rang her she said yeah bring the card over in the morning if you like. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3163] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3164] alright then she'd put the card [...] morning.
[3165] I says [...] I think she's a right bitch. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3166] Makes you feel like saying oh fuck it. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3167] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3168] My daughter's asleep innit [...] .
[3169] Trace, whatever's a going on here?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3170] What?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3171] She's having like a little party.
[3172] But [...] bought her a telly so she's not having too many.
[3173] So she said well I'm not telling you what I'm buying you.
[3174] She said but you can have someone to sleep if you want.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3175] Next Friday night you say?
[3176] Oh, tomorrow night.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3177] Dan.
[3178] What's the matter, it's not like you to be crying.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3179] He's been like this since I come in.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3180] Has he?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3181] I don't think its me.
[3182] I haven't done nothing to him.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3183] Come and stand on my feet like we do's.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [whimper]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3184] Come on.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3185] I think he was ready to go out look.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3186] Come and stand on my feet like we do.
[3187] ... Come on.
[3188] Come and stand on my feet ... and we walk round.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3189] Oh, why?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3190] [laugh] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3191] Well let's show Tracy.
[3192] Let's show Tracy.
[3193] Stand on my feet.
[3194] Come on then.
[3195] Come on.
[3196] Come on.
[3197] [...] steady.
[3198] Up on my feet.
[3199] Up on your feet.
[3200] [kiss] . Come on then, get on them.
[3201] Get on.
[3202] Get on.
[3203] No?
[3204] What do you want then?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3205] Nothing in there [...] darling.
[3206] All gone.
[3207] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3208] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3209] Ah.
[3210] Nothing in there.
[3211] Oh what's that?
[3212] Bit of cake.
[3213] You don't like cake.
[3214] ... You don't like cake though do you?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3215] No.
[3216] ... no no no no no.
[3217] Do you want some?
[3218] Do you?
[3219] ... Yeah.
[3220] Give me a kiss then.
[3221] ... Oh what're you doing?
[3222] All gone.
[3223] You can play with that if you like.
[3224] Bud do you want a bit of cake? ...
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3225] Do you like [...] Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3226] That's Diana Ross isn't it?
[3227] Yeah.
[3228] ... Want the box Bud? ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [3229] Oh no it's [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3230] Good boy.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3231] Hang on Danny.
[3232] ... There you go.
[3233] Put it in.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3234] [...] she said fill that water up
Gail (PS0AJ) [3235] And leave it in there, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3236] [...] Two fell in it last [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3237] Oh no.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3238] I took out at night. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3239] Which one?
[3240] ... What do you want then?
[3241] Hey?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3242] Ah Dan ain't got no juice.
[3243] ... Ah.
[3244] Who's that coming in?
None (PS0AR) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3245] Hark at her.
[3246] Hello Cas.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0AR) [3247] Look, this is what I do for [...]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS0AR) [3248] And I don't only try it on the [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3249] [laugh] Do you iron it?
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3250] Don't know what he's doing but he's ...
None (PS0AR) [3251] Yes.
[3252] Like er ... I've [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] [cough]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3253] I've had it for a week.
[3254] I've had antibiotics but they haven't done nothing.
None (PS0AR) [3255] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [3256] We're all the same.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...] [crying]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3257] Come on then.
[3258] We're going out now.
[3259] Get your shoes on.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [crying]
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3260] Just go and lock me car a minute.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3261] Right I'm going down
Gail (PS0AJ) [3262] Come on then Trace.
[3263] ... Go and lock me car.

16 (Tape 009809)

Alison (PS0AL) [3264] I was gonna do look in that ... did you say you looked in that Argos book for darts did you, or?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3265] Yeah there was about three sets in there and they ranged from about ... seven ninety nine up I think.
Alison (PS0AL) [3266] Yeah how do you know what, heavy [...] they are like?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3267] Well the heavier the better really.
[3268] Let's have a look. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3269] [...] flunter [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3270] Yeah what's er name flunter?
[3271] I don't know what [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3272] What it is, it was a duke When our Scott I had it.
[3273] I said it's for when you've got a blunt dart and you sharpen it.
[3274] Well he, if anything goes like ... blunt he calls it flunt.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3275] Oh
Alison (PS0AL) [3276] So he said oh you've got have flunter.
[3277] Course I went in and
Gail (PS0AJ) [laugh]
Alison (PS0AL) [3278] said that to all of them in there and they thought it was really funny.
[3279] So they [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3280] Yeah Reg's have got order it or something, that's what that Alison said.
Alison (PS0AL) [3281] They don't take very long to come.
[3282] ... About, well not long.
[3283] [...] ... That's the, that's the [...] I got [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3284] Oh you got that one?
Alison (PS0AL) [3285] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3286] Well I got Eric, that's what you played with last night, them there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3287] That is them is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [3288] Yeah, that's mine.
[3289] And they're a tenner look.
[3290] With the case.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3291] Oh [...] well that'll do.
Alison (PS0AL) [3292] And all that.
[3293] Well you better have a flunter with them, number five.
[3294] Twenty six ... so that's a bit heavier so that'll probably be better.
[3295] You'll get ... [reading catalogue] tungsten precision darts ... engineered nickel tungsten darts with one extra set of shafts. flights and key-ring dart sharpener [] .
[3296] So you get all that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3297] I'm not keen on the blobby bit at the end though.
Alison (PS0AL) [3298] What there?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3299] Yeah.
[3300] ... To me that's thick innit?
[3301] As though you're trying ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3302] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3303] I'd rather have the thinner ones.
Alison (PS0AL) [3304] What them there?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3305] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3306] Go for them, that's exactly the same as mine. [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3307] Eric Bristow ones, yeah. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [3308] They're like, they look similar to Carol's don't they?
Alison (PS0AL) [3309] Yeah.
[3310] They might very well be.
[3311] I don't know what hers are.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3312] No, what was it?
[3313] John Farmer's ones or something.
Alison (PS0AL) [3314] But they're a little bit heavier them there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3315] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3316] But I'd go for that if I was you.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3317] Yeah.
[3318] How much is a dart board [...] , just for curiosity?
Alison (PS0AL) [3319] [...] ... You got a fourteen ninety nine, nineteen ninety nine.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3320] That's those sort of top over things innit?
Alison (PS0AL) [3321] Yeah.
[3322] And the complete lot ... [reading catalogue] dartboard, dart set.
[3323] Bristle look, paper [...] dartboard.
[3324] In cabinet and blackboard.
[3325] Inside doors includes two sets of brass darts, dart sharpener, chalk, duster and P V C mat with ... oche markings, nineteen ninety nine [] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [3326] Never.
[3327] For all that?
Alison (PS0AL) [3328] It's cheap innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3329] Yeah. [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3330] Reckon they're for the kids really aren't they?
[3331] Mm. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3332] That's alright then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3333] Mm.
Alison (PS0AL) [3334] Innit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3335] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3336] But that's ... a nice scoreboard there, how much is that one?
[3337] ... That's what I'll probably get when I get the garage like that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3338] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3339] And ... I've got a dart board.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3340] You've got one have you?
Alison (PS0AL) [3341] Yeah.
[3342] Compliments of the Nag ... on Christmas.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3343] Oh yeah I remember.
Alison (PS0AL) [3344] And that's the bag.
[3345] There, I was gonna get Scott that one there.
[3346] ... Nine ninety nine.
[3347] Well it's alright innit?
[3348] That's similar to what you got Nat is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3349] Yeah.
[3350] But its not a great big thing like that.
Alison (PS0AL) [3351] No.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3352] It's only a little one.
Alison (PS0AL) [3353] I don't think that's that big though cos thats his shoulder there look.
[3354] It's only
Gail (PS0AJ) [3355] Oh yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3356] Well it might be
Gail (PS0AJ) [3357] Yeah that sort of thing with two pockets on and a clip going over.
Alison (PS0AL) [3358] Yeah. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [3359] Arf said to me last night oh done all the chris , got everybody's now then.
[3360] I said no, I ain't got Natalie's, why not?
[3361] ... I said oh I don't know.
Alison (PS0AL) [3362] What're you gonna get her?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3363] Dunno.
Alison (PS0AL) [3364] You got her boots.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3365] Yeah.
[3366] What else? ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3367] You got her loads of stuff.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3368] I haven't.
[3369] Not a main present like.
Alison (PS0AL) [3370] You have.
[3371] Her boots was thirty quid weren't they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3372] No.
[3373] Twenty.
[3374] ... I got her boots, I got her Oh Pen , and Oh Penny erm ... stable
Alison (PS0AL) [3375] Mm.
[3376] [...] listen to this [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3377] [...] [laugh] Erm ... two video tapes, two ponies.
[3378] ... Erm
Alison (PS0AL) [3379] Set of clothes haven't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3380] Two sets of clothes.
[3381] Got her shell suit and ski pants and jumper.
[3382] Socks which I got, I got them off Lisa, she ain't given me they yet.
[3383] Well they're up there, it's up there.
Alison (PS0AL) [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3384] Yeah actually I could have had that the other day if I'd have thought but I didn't bother.
[3385] Erm ... Got her a camera.
[3386] ... Erm.
[3387] Did I show you it?
[3388] Her little camera [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3389] You said something about it had a ... no you haven't shown me but you did tell me about it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3390] I got her flashies I bought her a flashies.
Alison (PS0AL) [3391] How much was it Gail?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3392] Two ninety nine.
Alison (PS0AL) [3393] That ain't bad is it?
[3394] For kids.
[3395] ... That's what I'd like, a new camera Gail.
[3396] ... I said that's what
Gail (PS0AJ) [3397] I bought her crayons and a brolly [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3398] That's what I'd like, a new new camera.
[3399] I wouldn't mind an Olympus Trip or [...] Sports.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3400] Yeah
Alison (PS0AL) [3401] Something like that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3402] It was three ninety nine [...] .
Alison (PS0AL) [3403] Oh look.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3404] Ninety p.
[3405] That's not bad, I thought that was quite good. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3406] Oh that's ideal isn't it cos she have a packed lunch don't she, at school?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3407] And even if, that's for [...] everything.
[3408] Ninety p. ...
Alison (PS0AL) [3409] That ain't bad is it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3410] [...] stocking.
Alison (PS0AL) [3411] That's ideal cos with what he do's.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3412] Yeah.
[3413] Innit.
Alison (PS0AL) [3414] It got a stop watch on it have it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3415] Well I think that's just for your, you know, you your seconds, you push them don't you?
[3416] Push it twice.
Alison (PS0AL) [3417] Mm it looks like there's a stopwatch on it somewhere.
[3418] ... Nice.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3419] Alright for ninety p innit?
[3420] Alright to go in his stocking.
[3421] ... Right well it was three ninety nine, not two ninety nine this.
[3422] But I thought it was quite good, an extra present innit?
[3423] ... Cos she got, I bought the flashies, yesterday.
Alison (PS0AL) [3424] Mm.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3425] And there's your little album. [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3426] What you got all that for that money?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3427] Yeah. [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3428] If you give that to somebody for a present, it looks a lot dunnit?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3429] Yeah.
[3430] And a album and a ... film.
[3431] It's alright though isn't he?
Alison (PS0AL) [3432] Mm.
[3433] She'll like that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3434] Cos it's a bit like mine, you know mine's
Alison (PS0AL) [3435] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3436] got a flash and that in it but ... and I thought well her own pictures she takes Christmas
Alison (PS0AL) [3437] Yes.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3438] she can put in there herself.
[3439] So that's why I bought the flashies.
Alison (PS0AL) [3440] Scott [...] photograph album.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3441] Does he? [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3442] Yeah.
[3443] I took, yeah, he, I got him one couple of years ago.
[3444] Cos I took some photographs of ... Sammy, he got a picture of Sammy in there, picture of Nat.
[3445] Picture of Dean.
[3446] All his little mates in it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3447] Mates, yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3448] But I, I wouldn't mind a new camera.
[3449] I'd like an, either an Olympus or [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3450] Yeah Steve got an Olympus and erm
Alison (PS0AL) [3451] They good?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3452] Yeah.
[3453] ... it's so easy.
Alison (PS0AL) [3454] Anything like this?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3455] Yes.
[3456] That's what they've got.
[3457] You know auto shutter.
Alison (PS0AL) [3458] with automatic focus on them
Gail (PS0AJ) [3459] Yeah and our mum got one of them.
Alison (PS0AL) [3460] And they takes lovely photos.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3461] Yeah I know.
Alison (PS0AL) [3462] Or a Canon Sureshot something like that.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3463] Yeah I can't remember what else I got Nat.
Alison (PS0AL) [3464] Yeah I though, with all what you been saying I thought you had, you got her a Barbie ... stuff haven't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3465] No.
[3466] Nick's mum got her all the Barbie stuff.
Alison (PS0AL) [3467] Oh.
[3468] ... But you got her a bike and that?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3469] Oh I got her a chocolate factory game.
Alison (PS0AL) [3470] Yeah.
[3471] L ... monopoly haven't you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3472] No.
[3473] Our ma's getting her that.
Alison (PS0AL) [3474] Oh.
[3475] ... Oh perhaps you've been saying what other [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3476] Saying what other ... getting yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3477] So what're you gonna get her then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3478] Well I'm gonna get her Mousetrap.
Alison (PS0AL) [3479] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3480] And
Alison (PS0AL) [3481] Yeah but you're still not getting her a main thing are you?
[3482] If that's what you're saying you're missing or [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3483] What I could probably get her is erm that ... dolly ... just
Alison (PS0AL) [3484] Oh yeah.
[3485] That's what you were saying.
[3486] With the teeth.
[3487] He's up the market isn't he?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3488] I don't know.
[3489] ... It's dearer in here what it is in Toys R Us.
Alison (PS0AL) [3490] Yeah I know it is.
[3491] ... And it's dearer in there than what it is John Lewis.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3492] Is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [3493] Yeah.
[3494] I tell you what that, I bought Scott's Playmobile pirate ship.
[3495] That was thirty four pound out Toys R Us right?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3496] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3497] And er in John Lewis it was twenty nine.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3498] Never.
Alison (PS0AL) [3499] Yeah.
[3500] An , Anything like with a brand name on it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3501] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3502] Like her Lego, Playmobile ... Etchasketches.
[3503] Anything like that is always cheaper in John Lewis
Gail (PS0AJ) [3504] Is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [3505] cos they got a price promise haven't they?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3506] Of course they have, yeah. [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3507] And it was ever so cheap Gail.
[3508] Couldn't get over it.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3509] I don't think there's any here.
Alison (PS0AL) [3510] What?
[3511] Yeah it is.
[3512] That dolly with the teeth
Gail (PS0AJ) [3513] Is it?
Alison (PS0AL) [3514] yeah, it's in the front there.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3515] Oh.
Alison (PS0AL) [3516] Baby first something or other isn't it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3517] Yeah.
[3518] Baby first teeth or something.
[3519] Baby [...] first teeth [...] I don't know.
[3520] ... [...] I can't find it in there.
Alison (PS0AL) [3521] Thought it was in there.
[3522] I'm sure I seen it, or was it, less it was only club book I seen it in.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3523] Well no, I seen it in there cos I have ... checked the prices with that and Toys R Us one.
[3524] ... But it was cheaper in the Toys R Us one.
[3525] ... And Laura's I gotta get, I haven't got Laura's yet.
Alison (PS0AL) [3526] What are you gonna get she?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3527] Oh well I've got to get her the [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [3528] Oh.
[3529] I've got [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3530] You wanna see her with her glasses on.
[3531] She's so cute. ...
Gail (PS0AJ) [3532] There it is in there look.
[3533] Baby's First Teeth.
[3534] Thirty four eighty seven.
Alison (PS0AL) [3535] Get her that then Gail.
[3536] ... I wants a [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3537] Oh I got her a lovely cute little teddy.
Alison (PS0AL) [3538] Who Nat?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3539] Nat.
[3540] I've wrapped it up now though.
[3541] Little bulldog.
Alison (PS0AL) [3542] Have you?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3543] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3544] How big?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3545] Little one.
Alison (PS0AL) [3546] Ah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3547] Down the market.
[3548] Two ninety nine. [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3549] What that [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3550] No it wasn't that one, erm Eastville it was.
[3551] I wrapped it up or you could have seen it.
Alison (PS0AL) [3552] Think [...] going over Eastville.
[3553] Is it a real ... to park.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3554] Well no, not if you go in erm ... I parks in [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3555] [...] .
[3556] Do you fancy going down there?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3557] Oh I don't mind.
[3558] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3559] I'll have to go up our Sam's first and whinge a bit of money out of her.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3560] Oh that's alright.
Alison (PS0AL) [3561] She owes Alan a [...] .
Gail (PS0AJ) [3562] Yeah, why not.
Unknown speaker (KC5PSUNK) [...]
Alison (PS0AL) [3563] I gotta, I gotta do [...] I must make a bed.
[3564] What time we gonna go then?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3565] Well whenever you're ... well I wanna clean that oven.
[3566] That cooker.
Alison (PS0AL) [3567] So shall we have a bit of tidy round here, say if we go in about hour?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3568] Yeah, alright.
Alison (PS0AL) [3569] Hour, hour and a half.
[3570] Say about half ten eleven.
[3571] Cos we got all day haven't we?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3572] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3573] Really.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3574] Well I gotta be back for ... you gotta help down the school.
Alison (PS0AL) [3575] Two yeah.
[3576] But I mean
Gail (PS0AJ) [3577] And I gotta be back for three.
Alison (PS0AL) [3578] Yeah.
[3579] Why have you gotta be home for three?
[3580] ... Oh.
[3581] ... Yeah, alright then.
[3582] That'll be enough won't it?
Gail (PS0AJ) [3583] Yeah.
Alison (PS0AL) [3584] Cos if we get there ... see ... car.
[3585] Whose car?
[3586] Oh I, no I might be able to go in mine.
[3587] I'll just see because I
Gail (PS0AJ) [3588] If mine's thawed out.
[3589] [...] well and yours is the same look
Alison (PS0AL) [3590] No and mine's the same but mind the sun don't get on mine.
[3591] But what I'm more worried about is ... is Alan's gonna go and have his hair cut.
[3592] Cos his hair's got so long, it's longer than mine.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3593] Yeah.
[3594] Go in mine.
[3595] I don't mind.
Alison (PS0AL) [3596] But if he, otherwise I could take mine.
[3597] I don't mi .
[3598] I mean I'm not worried about taking it but it's just ... it's just [...]
Gail (PS0AJ) [3599] Well I'm not worried.
[3600] Oh I'm not worried about taking mine.
[3601] Like you say by the time ... the sun comes round [...] ?
Alison (PS0AL) [3602] Yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3603] Should be alright shouldn't it?
Alison (PS0AL) [3604] Well should be alright yeah.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3605] Perhaps I don't ... like let the sun get on it.
Alison (PS0AL) [3606] I think, bet it's on there now in a minute innit?
[3607] I've got [...] lunch on.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3608] Oh I done mine.
Alison (PS0AL) [3609] Right, I'll see you in a minute Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3610] Yeah, alright then.
Alison (PS0AL) [3611] [...] See you later.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3612] Yeah, bye.
Alison (PS0AL) [3613] Bye.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3614] Ta ta.
Alison (PS0AL) [3615] [...] sun ain't on it yet Gail.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3616] No I didn't think it was.
Alison (PS0AL) [3617] See you in a minute.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3618] Eh?
Alison (PS0AL) [3619] See you in a minute.
Gail (PS0AJ) [3620] Yeah alright.
[3621] Bye.