BNC Text KC6

25 conversations recorded by `Gavin' (PS0BA) between 11 and 17 January 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 2413 s-units, 14962 words (duration not recorded).

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 33

PS0BA Ag2 m (Gavin, age 25, photographer, Merseyside, )
PS0BB Ag1 f (Sue, age 24, sales assistant, Central Northern England, ) fiancée
PS0BC Ag1 m (Richard, age 24, journalist, Midlands, ) colleague
PS0BD Ag2 m (Terry, age 26, hairdresser, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS0BE Ag1 f (Lindsey, age 24, hairdresser, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS0BF Ag1 f (Saranne, age 23, journalist, Midlands, ) colleague
PS0BG Ag2 m (Adrian, age 25, journalist, Central Midlands, ) colleague
PS0BH Ag2 m (Steve, age 25, journalist, Midlands, ) colleague
PS0BJ Ag1 m (Nick, age 20, office junior, Midlands, ) colleague
KC6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

25 recordings

  1. Tape 055601 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  2. Tape 055602 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in car ) Activity: travelling to work
  3. Tape 055603 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in car ) Activity: travelling to work
  4. Tape 055604 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in car and at friend's house ) Activity: picking fiancee up from work and visiting friend
  5. Tape 055605 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( at friends' house ) Activity: relaxing in friends' house
  6. Tape 055701 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 055702 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 055703 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 055704 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 055705 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 055706 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 055707 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( work ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 055901 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in office ) Activity: working
  14. Tape 055902 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in office ) Activity: working
  15. Tape 055903 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in office ) Activity: working
  16. Tape 055904 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in office ) Activity: working
  17. Tape 055905 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( in office ) Activity: working
  18. Tape 056301 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Home ) Activity: Preparing to go to work
  19. Tape 056302 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Home ) Activity: Preparing to go to work
  20. Tape 056303 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Home ) Activity: Preparing to go to work
  21. Tape 056304 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Car ) Activity: Driving to work
  22. Tape 056305 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Home ) Activity: Preparing to go to work
  23. Tape 056306 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Office ) Activity: Working
  24. Tape 056307 recorded on 1992-01-16. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Office ) Activity: Working
  25. Tape 056401 recorded on 1992-01-17. LocationWest Midlands: Birmingham ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 055601)

Gavin (PS0BA) [1] You alright babe, yeah?
Sue (PS0BB) [2] Yeah.
[3] ... [...] put in the car.
Gavin (PS0BA) [4] Mm.
Sue (PS0BB) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [5] [...] to work.
Sue (PS0BB) [6] [...] work?
Gavin (PS0BA) [7] Mhm.
Sue (PS0BB) [8] Mm.
[9] ... [...] have one piece of [...] ?
[10] Two pieces.
Gavin (PS0BA) [11] It's whole babe.
Sue (PS0BB) [12] Mm. [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [13] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [14] Need a [...] to do it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [sigh] ...

2 (Tape 055602)

Richard (PS0BC) [15] What's the address?
Gavin (PS0BA) [16] Some street like ... Sunny Bank Close.
Richard (PS0BC) [17] Sunny Bank Close. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [18] Ooh it's horrible and cold.
Richard (PS0BC) [19] [yawning] Oh it's so cold it's [] [singing] unbelievable [] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [20] [singing] Unbelievable [] .
[21] Sunny Bank Close ... Walsall?
[22] ... Mm?
[23] ... Hope it's not a new one.
[24] [cough] ... Ah it could be actually.
[25] ... [...] ... Sutton.
[26] ... Says like street like, ah s see that's street [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [27] Oh must be [...] , yeah.
[28] [...] [muttering to self] That must be it.
[29] [singing] Please lend a hand I'm only a person ... won't you listen [] Oh oh oh!
[30] [sigh] ... It's so cold, it's fucking [...] ... Want some petrol, we want some batteries, [...] ... I need some cigarettes. [yawn]

3 (Tape 055603)

Richard (PS0BC) [31] I suppose it goes all the way round does it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [32] Erm I don't know if it does ... erm but it does.
[33] [singing] Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning [] .
[34] I can hear some trousers.
Richard (PS0BC) [35] Fucking horrible taste in trousers.
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Richard (PS0BC) [36] Think he's been playing golf hasn't he or something?
Gavin (PS0BA) [37] [laughing] I don't know [] .
[38] I hope so for his sake.
Richard (PS0BC) [39] [...] golf [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [40] Hardly.
Richard (PS0BC) [41] I presume so, no one would turn up at home
Gavin (PS0BA) [42] Or maybe he's gonna play golf later. ...
Richard (PS0BC) [43] But they are nice houses.
Gavin (PS0BA) [44] Mm.
Richard (PS0BC) [45] I don't think I'd like to live in one. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [46] I would.
Richard (PS0BC) [47] I don't like big estates like this. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [48] I'm not sure.
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [49] I don't know. [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [50] but that's [...] Close as well though.
[51] Innit?
Richard (PS0BC) [52] Yeah. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [53] [singing] The sun comes [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [54] Mm they are nice houses. [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [55] on a Monday morning []
Richard (PS0BC) [56] [...] the houses it's just estates [...] big estates.
Gavin (PS0BA) [57] [...] reminds me of?
[58] Neil 's ex [...] player.
Gavin (PS0BA) [59] Oh why?
Richard (PS0BC) [60] Oh it's just that you know, I mean ... it's exactly, exactly the same as his house. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [61] It's alright for a couple, if I had kids there's no way I'd live here.
[62] Nowhere to fucking go for the kids. ...
Richard (PS0BC) [63] It's exactly, exactly the same as his house. ... [break in recording]
Gavin (PS0BA) [64] Oh well that's out the way, let's be home.
Richard (PS0BC) [65] Alright.
[66] Aye don't bring it back. ... [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [67] I hope the picture's alright.
Richard (PS0BC) [68] [...] only use the fucking one of those. [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [69] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[70] Try a little head shot of them. ...
Richard (PS0BC) [humming]
Gavin (PS0BA) [71] If the er the house is now worth two hundred and twenty five thousand they make a fourteen thousand pound profit don't they? [laugh] ... [...] that happy.
Richard (PS0BC) [72] Well I dunno, dunno what they're looking for.
Gavin (PS0BA) [73] I don't think they're looking for ...
Richard (PS0BC) [74] Well I suppose they wi they will be happy cos they're er ... conservative people.
[75] ... He look like just, just look like someone off Jes Yes Minister don't he?
Gavin (PS0BA) [76] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[77] ... Didn't wanna give his wage away though did he?
Richard (PS0BC) [78] No did he heck.
[79] Makes a lot more than that.
[80] ... I don't really like asking people that, you have to ask them and ... I don't know, I'd tell people it doesn't really bother me, [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [81] Aye it depends in what sort of area, I mean you know, I don't think I'd tell anyone public cos the news team would know what ... we're paid and ...
Richard (PS0BC) [82] I hate news team [...] ... fucking hate the bastards. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [83] You were gonna work for them at one point Rich. ...
Richard (PS0BC) [84] [sigh] Ooh well I was absolutely skint Gav, you know I was on my knees Gav.
Gavin (PS0BA) [85] I know.
Richard (PS0BC) [86] And I didn't.
[87] They offered me it, I turned it down again.
[88] Said yeah and then I changed my mind as soon as I got out the fucking door.
[89] Have you ever been in the office?
Gavin (PS0BA) [90] No I've not.
Richard (PS0BC) [91] Shit!
[92] It's so dirty.
Gavin (PS0BA) [93] Is it?
[94] Yeah.
Richard (PS0BC) [95] Yeah.
[96] It's big, bigger than ours.
[97] Well ... different ... design, different structure and
Gavin (PS0BA) [98] Well I've been in the Daily Mail's office, presumably much the same.
[99] But I don't know. ...
Richard (PS0BC) [100] Yeah once I'd got there, they'd offered me it er and I went home and thought about it ... actually thought about having to work for them, you know, not just to [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [101] Yeah.
Richard (PS0BC) [102] a story for them ... decided I couldn't do it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [103] Try to shit on occasionally.
Richard (PS0BC) [104] Just couldn't do it.
[105] Simple as that.

4 (Tape 055604)

Gavin (PS0BA) [106] What's in the bag babe? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [107] Magazine.
Gavin (PS0BA) [108] What magazine?
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [109] Oh.
[110] Did you buy any [...] ?
Sue (PS0BB) [111] No.
Gavin (PS0BA) [112] Oh.
[113] ... [sighing] Oh dear [] ... Cos we've not got any have we?
Sue (PS0BB) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [114] I was gonna buy some but I thought you usually buy some so
Sue (PS0BB) [115] I was gonna, went down and completely forgot about it till I got back to work. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [116] Did you phone me [...] ?
Sue (PS0BB) [117] Had you phoned ... well I didn't know if you'd phoned after I'd rung you, or before I'd rung you.
[118] I got back and they said erm oh Gav's r Gav did ring you and your mum.
[119] And I said oh when was that and she said just after you'd gone to the bank and I said oh I've just spoken to him.
[120] ... Why did, had you rung me afterwards? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [121] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [122] When did you ring me?
[123] Did you ring me before I rung you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [124] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [125] Oh that's alright then.
[126] What are you saying well did I ring you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [127] Cos I thought you were returning my call.
Sue (PS0BB) [128] No. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [129] Well I've been out all afternoon so ... I wondered if you'd phoned in this afternoon.
Sue (PS0BB) [130] No.
[131] No that was the first time I'd rung.
Gavin (PS0BA) [132] So I rang you and then Lyn said yeah I'll get her to call you and then you rang me back ... so it was as though Lyn had give you the message to call me
Sue (PS0BB) [133] No I rang on the way back from the bank.
Gavin (PS0BA) [134] Oh. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [singing] [...] [] [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [135] You're very cute.
Sue (PS0BB) [136] I know I am.
[137] I try.
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [138] I'm very tired.
Gavin (PS0BA) [139] Are you?
Sue (PS0BB) [140] Mm I was [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [141] How many's there meant to be?
Sue (PS0BB) [142] [yawning] [...] six [] .
[143] ... One person makes a lot of difference.
Gavin (PS0BA) [144] Does it? [sigh]
Sue (PS0BB) [145] Just the wrong amount for a [...] ... Shall we go and see what Terry and Lindsey are doing?
Gavin (PS0BA) [146] Mm.
[147] ... Certainly will. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [148] I got another erm [...] magazine but only because this one had erm a special supplement all about the Alliance and Leicester ... explaining about mortgages and everything
Gavin (PS0BA) [149] Oh right.
Sue (PS0BB) [150] but it doesn't go into it very thoroughly but erm you can send off for like an information pack.
Gavin (PS0BA) [151] Oh right.
Sue (PS0BB) [152] I will do.
Gavin (PS0BA) [153] Yeah, may as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [154] They're telling you like how much ... ho how to ge gauge how much money you're gonna be able to take out on a mortgage
Gavin (PS0BA) [155] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [156] [...] ... But with this one, think it's an endowment or something, I don't kn I don't know what that means ... but you've got to be able to give five to ten percent ... as a deposit.
Gavin (PS0BA) [157] Yeah. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [158] It's a lot of money.
Sue (PS0BB) [159] Oh eh.
Gavin (PS0BA) [160] So you've gotta find like something like four thousand quid.
Sue (PS0BB) [161] I know. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [162] Ooh there's been a crash. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [163] Ooh dear.
[164] Where?
Gavin (PS0BA) [165] Here. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [166] Oh yes. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [167] Everyone's so busy looking at it they're not even bothering to try and get on the roundabout.
Sue (PS0BB) [168] And that's how crashes occur.
[169] ... What time did you get home then?
Gavin (PS0BA) [170] Erm ... about quarter past two? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [171] Ooh.
[172] And was it cold when you got in?
[173] ... Ah my little love! [...] you do?
Gavin (PS0BA) [174] But I went straight out again.
[175] Went to the pub.
Sue (PS0BB) [176] Ah! [...] rang, you should have said you couldn't pick me up cos you'd been to the pub.
Gavin (PS0BA) [177] Why? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [178] Well I just meant you haven't had enough to drink apart from shandy.
Gavin (PS0BA) [179] Oh I just had two shandies.
[180] Oh it was only Rich. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [181] Oh.
[182] ... [...] drink [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [183] It doesn't matter.
[184] It makes more sense me picking you up dunnit?
Sue (PS0BB) [185] Yeah cos it means I can cook your tea for you doesn't it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [186] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [187] Yeah.
[188] [laugh] ... Come on, I usually help!
[189] ... I thought you were cooking a meal tomorrow?
Sue (PS0BB) [190] Well I am but I haven't got anything in have I?
Gavin (PS0BA) [191] Yeah.
[192] Well I'm not bothered about a meal anyway ... babe.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [193] Well we still can [...] but we don't have to have like a big posh meal do we?
Sue (PS0BB) [194] I might cook one on my day off.
Gavin (PS0BA) [195] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [196] [...] get anything this week.
Gavin (PS0BA) [197] I've got to go into work tomorrow by the way.
[198] ... Alright? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [199] What time?
Gavin (PS0BA) [200] In the morning some time.
Sue (PS0BB) [201] Early morning, mid morning?
Gavin (PS0BA) [202] Well the earlier I go in the quicker I'm home.
Sue (PS0BB) [203] True.
Gavin (PS0BA) [204] It's up to me.
[205] I've gotta get this
Sue (PS0BB) [206] Something to do with the Express?
Gavin (PS0BA) [207] No I've gotta get this Daily Mail [...] done that I did today.
Sue (PS0BB) [208] Ah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [209] Besides I've gotta see what happens on a Sunday morning anyway cos I often miss out on a Sunday morning.
Sue (PS0BB) [210] I often miss out on a Sunday morning.
Gavin (PS0BA) [sigh]
Sue (PS0BB) [211] We often miss out on a Sunday morning.
Gavin (PS0BA) [212] Come on, when you met me you knew damn well what I did.
Sue (PS0BB) [213] Yes I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.
Gavin (PS0BA) [214] This prat, silly cow has to sneak up her, it's one lane love.
[215] One lane and that means one lane one lane ... and so that means I've gotta squeeze you out.
[216] ... Do you want us to try Lindsey's now?
Sue (PS0BB) [217] Yeah I might as well.
[218] Er ... Saturday [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [219] Well it's up to you.
[220] It's either that or we have tea like straight away, go in and just put tea on straight away
Sue (PS0BB) [221] What and then go up later?
Gavin (PS0BA) [222] Yeah, yeah we can go up as soon as we've finished tea. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [223] Oh no let's go up now. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [224] I hate it when we sit around and sit around.
Sue (PS0BB) [225] I never sit around, I'm always the first person [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [226] I said ...
Sue (PS0BB) [227] What?
Gavin (PS0BA) [228] [...] nothing, nothing.
[229] You've just got your argumentative head on, you just couldn't take one s you know, it was a simple thing to say but no you couldn't take it.
[230] ... [sigh] What the fucking hell are you doing?
[231] ... Fucking hell love, you know, I could have parked a bus in there sideways.
Sue (PS0BB) [232] [...] it's a he actually see.
Gavin (PS0BA) [233] It's a he actually yeah. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [234] He, he, he, he!
Gavin (PS0BA) [235] Shut up.
Sue (PS0BB) [236] He!
Gavin (PS0BA) [237] Shut your gob.
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [238] Shut your neck!
Sue (PS0BB) [239] [...] ... [...] say.
Gavin (PS0BA) [240] Trouble is I know what, you were probably gonna start an argument so don't bother.
Sue (PS0BB) [241] Eh?
Gavin (PS0BA) [242] You were probably gonna start an argument with whatever you were gonna say
Sue (PS0BB) [243] I probably was actually.
[244] Yeah, probably, why's that? [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [245] Mm.
Sue (PS0BB) [246] I don't think they'll be in, I don't think Lindsey will be in but Terry might be. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [247] Well we'll see won't we?
Sue (PS0BB) [248] Yeah, I fancy going out anyway, I don't fancy sitting in Terry and Lindsey's flat all night.
Gavin (PS0BA) [249] Oh no I wasn't planning on staying at Terry and Lindsey's all night.
Sue (PS0BB) [250] Even if Lindsey's not going out I would rather go out.
[251] Unless you don't wanna go out? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [252] [sigh] I'll do anything.
Sue (PS0BB) [253] [clears throat] What would you like to do?
Gavin (PS0BA) [254] I'm not bothered.
Sue (PS0BB) [255] What would your preference be?
Gavin (PS0BA) [256] I'm nay bothered. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [257] [mimicking] Are you nay bothered [] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [258] We could always go to the pictures and then go back to ours or something? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [259] Mm see what everyone else is doing.
[260] They might have made arrangements for Gill's birthday.
Gavin (PS0BA) [261] Tt oh that's true.
[262] ... Shall we go and see?
Sue (PS0BB) [263] [...] she didn't know about a party.
Gavin (PS0BA) [264] No but bearing in mind she's talking of going out, saying that they're gonna go out Monday night for it aren't we?
[265] ... Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [266] Ooh.
Gavin (PS0BA) [267] What you oohing at?
Sue (PS0BB) [268] Ooh no [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [269] Well she might
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [270] she might. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [271] Why what do you wanna go to the pictures to see?
Gavin (PS0BA) [272] I'm not bothered, I don't even know what's on, that was just a suggestion.
[273] ... It's either that or, unless you wanna go to the Cocks? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [274] Mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [275] Oh you don't like it do you?
Sue (PS0BB) [276] Mm
Gavin (PS0BA) [277] Well what
Sue (PS0BB) [278] I don't mind if there's a few of you.
Gavin (PS0BA) [279] well what else is there to do?
[280] ... [...] ... Might not be in.
[281] ... But s somebody is. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [282] [...] sit at home and drink right.
Gavin (PS0BA) [283] Er what we usually do.
Sue (PS0BB) [284] Shut up!
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [285] Watch where you're walking.
Gavin (PS0BA) [286] I'm watching, I'm watching.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [287] I'm watching, I'm tiptoeing. ... [door opening] [door closing]
Terry (PS0BD) [288] [...] been doing today? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [289] I was working this morning.
Terry (PS0BD) [290] Were you?
[291] What's that on your neck?
Gavin (PS0BA) [292] It's a little microphone Terry.
Terry (PS0BD) [293] [laughing] Is it, yeah.
[294] What you been doing [] ? ... [laugh] [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [295] What's wrong Terry?
[296] Terry don't worry.
[297] They don't use it for anything.
[298] You can talk. ... [tv on in background now]
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [299] You'll be famous Terry.
[300] ... [sigh] Been working today Terry [...] ...
Sue (PS0BB) [301] Have you been filling that book in as you've been erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [302] Mm? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [303] Did you wear it when you went to see that couple?
Gavin (PS0BA) [304] No. ...
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [305] I could do but it's er I didn't want to ... I'm choosing when I wear it and when I don't. ...
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [306] [...] pub this afternoon with Rich.
Terry (PS0BD) [307] Yeah?
Gavin (PS0BA) [308] [sighing] Yeah [] . ...
Terry (PS0BD) [309] I was working [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [310] Well so was I but we finished about two.
[311] ... Went down the Cocks.
[312] ... Just took life easy ... with Cadbury's Caramel.
Terry (PS0BD) [313] What you do last night? [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [314] Nothing.
Sue (PS0BB) [315] [...] keep staying in.
Gavin (PS0BA) [316] [sigh] Did you go out? ...
Terry (PS0BD) [317] No cos Craig and Jane came round.
Gavin (PS0BA) [318] Did they?
[319] ... What you doing tonight? ...
Terry (PS0BD) [320] No idea.
[321] ... No idea [...] that much. ...

5 (Tape 055605)

Lindsey (PS0BE) [322] The layers on the side of his head [...] backwards [laughing] [...] [] .
[323] Because you know what he's like when he gets talking, he talks so much he just cuts all your hair off [...] [laugh] ... [laughing] Ye yeah it's all cut [] on the sides and ... cos, cos they're all taught to finger dry and what have you, he does all this [...] and what have you.
[324] So [...] ...
Sue (PS0BB) [325] Hello! [talking to cat]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [326] Craig couldn't get over last night how much [...] looked like [...] .
[327] And I [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [328] I think all cats look alike.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [329] Hey hey hey!
[330] Hey! ... [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [331] Alright.
[332] Where's the cat book gone?
Terry (PS0BD) [333] Well there, well there is such thing as tidying up.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [334] You fucking [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [335] Either that or you stood on it. ...
Lindsey (PS0BE) [336] [...] come and sit here Tobe. [...] sit here.
[337] Come here my little one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [338] Have you seen Jerry very much Terry? ...
Lindsey (PS0BE) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [339] Yeah I do [...]
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [340] It is rather good for that. ... [sigh]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [341] You realize when we get married Sue Lindsey'll get us a cat for our wedding present.
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [342] You're a miserable sod aren't you?
[343] You'll never let me have a pet will you?
Sue (PS0BB) [344] I will! [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [345] [...] pet you can have a goldfish.
Sue (PS0BB) [346] Urgh! [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [347] I want a dog.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [348] Spaniel. ...
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [349] I love them Terry [...] ... Either that or a labrador.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [350] Yeah did you read that?
Sue (PS0BB) [351] Mm.
Terry (PS0BD) [352] A labrador [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [353] And it's the same with short haired ones as well.
Gavin (PS0BA) [354] What l spaniels or lab or dogs in general.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [355] I don't like [...] Long haired spaniels. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [356] I'd quite like a labrador actually.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [357] They're lovely but [...] have got horrible faces.
[358] They're lovely when they [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [359] Either a spaniel or quite a big dog. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [360] You what Terry?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Terry (PS0BD) [361] [...] long walks.
Gavin (PS0BA) [362] I know but I like dogs Terry.
[363] ... I like them a lot.
[364] ... Eh?
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [365] I'll give it to you.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [366] It'd be knackered by the time it gets down to the Cocks Terry, from here.
[367] It'll say fucking hell [...] with Terry again he walks too fast.
[368] ... Hello.
[369] ... Hello [...] cat. ...
Lindsey (PS0BE) [370] Oh they're cute aren't they?
Sue (PS0BB) [371] Mm. ...
Lindsey (PS0BE) [372] Look at that, he's like Bagpuss.
Gavin (PS0BA) [373] Let's have a look Lin.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [374] [laughing] You what [] Terry?
[375] ... It's not from Scarborough is it? ...
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [376] Er I'm going to Scarborough in a couple of weeks Gavin, [...] ... Alright?
[377] Have you been?
Gavin (PS0BA) [378] I have actually.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [379] And what did you think?
Gavin (PS0BA) [380] I don't know, I was only about eight.
[381] All I can remember is having a pickled onion and my sister stabbed it with a fork and the middle shot across [laughing] the room.
[382] ... It's the funniest thing I can remember about Scarborough [] . ...
Sue (PS0BB) [383] [...] highlight of his holiday.
Gavin (PS0BA) [384] No I can remember we were in a [...] on the cliffs as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [385] Oh look a short haired. ... [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [386] Aren't those beautiful?
[387] Blue Burmese.
[388] Gorgeous aren't they?
[389] ... And that's nice int it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [390] Sue i int that a beautiful?
Gavin (PS0BA) [391] I wonder how they make that dog walk on the ceiling. ...
Terry (PS0BD) [392] They must, they must start the advert from the end.
Gavin (PS0BA) [393] They do.
Terry (PS0BD) [394] And, and just work it backwards.
Gavin (PS0BA) [395] They do everything backwards.
Terry (PS0BD) [396] [...] backwards don't they?
Gavin (PS0BA) [397] Yeah.
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [398] But I wanna know how they get the dog to walk on the ceiling.
Terry (PS0BD) [399] Special dog.
Gavin (PS0BA) [400] It's really good innit?
[401] ... Do you think it's really a special dog Terry?
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [402] Uncle Terry is there really a special dog that walks on the ceiling? ...
Terry (PS0BD) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [403] [...] Uncle Terry telling me that th there's a dog that walks on the ceiling.
Sue (PS0BB) [404] Well he's a liar.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [405] Look at that. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [406] Would you like one of them Gavin? ... [...] short haired? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [407] No I don't like cats like that.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [408] Don't you? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [409] Oh no is it, like, has it got like, is it like velvet?
Lindsey (PS0BE) [410] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [411] Is it one of those, yeah I like them.
[412] I, I don't like the ones that have got you know like ... almost no hair.
[413] ... If that's one of the ones I think it is where it's like, feels like velvet, but there's some that
Sue (PS0BB) [414] Oh my God [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [415] have al almost got no hair like the one that lives in our hou our old house.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [416] I like, I like tabbies.
Sue (PS0BB) [417] I like tabbies.
Gavin (PS0BA) [418] What was that one called that used to live in our ... where the flat was babe? [...] was that?
Sue (PS0BB) [419] [...] British spotted [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [420] I don't like those [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [421] [sigh] I just like big ginger and white ones like my cat.
Sue (PS0BB) [422] That must be what Jemima is, a British bi-coloured short hair, mustn't she?
Gavin (PS0BA) [423] Otherwise known as a mongrel. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [424] [...] horrible!
Sue (PS0BB) [425] Yeah it's awful.
[426] That looks like it's stuffed doesn't it?
[427] ... Oh look at that one!
[428] ... Th that looks like a [...] doesn't it?
Lindsey (PS0BE) [429] Mm.
Sue (PS0BB) [430] [...] pussy cat [...] , wire hair ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [431] Those are,th those [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [432] That's a bit like that thingy but it was bald and it'd got a bad, ever such a bad [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [433] That is lovely that is.
[434] Isn't that lovely?
[435] You'd like one of them wouldn't you?
[436] Little white ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [437] Oh it's too thin, it's got a pointed face.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [438] Oh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [439] I think [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [440] They're lovely aren't they? [...] ...
Sue (PS0BB) [441] I would like a purple cat.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [442] Yeah, be ace wouldn't it? ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [cough]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ... [tv on]
Gavin (PS0BA) [443] Oh and they've got three old grannies.
[444] I hate it when they have three old grannies on.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [445] Look at them!
[446] The viewing figure must go down by a half now.
Sue (PS0BB) [447] Yeah I reckon.
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [448] [laughing] Seriously [] they must.
Terry (PS0BD) [449] Is this the start of a new series then?
Lindsey (PS0BE) [450] Yeah it's vile int it?
[451] Is that it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [452] I'm not sure.
[453] Tell you the viewing figures will go down by half as soon as you see there's three old dears it'll be like oh see what, see what else is on love! ...
Sue (PS0BB) [454] Look at that one Gavin.
Gavin (PS0BA) [455] Oh it looks like a bat!
Sue (PS0BB) [456] That's like the one we saw on the telly [...] a bat.
Gavin (PS0BA) [457] Yeah.
[458] Strewth.
[459] Where'd you get the book from Lin?
Lindsey (PS0BE) [460] One of, one of the [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [461] Ah!
[462] Look at that one, look at that!
Gavin (PS0BA) [463] That's cute. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [464] I bet you didn't go to Safeways to get one of those dips did you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [465] No.
Sue (PS0BB) [466] No you didn't.
Gavin (PS0BA) [467] Nor did you ask.
Sue (PS0BB) [468] I said yesterday! ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [469] Oh you did actually, yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [470] I did actually [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [471] Oh I'm sorry. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [472] Bloody hell she looks a bit well doesn't she?
Sue (PS0BB) [473] Mm!
[474] How old is she?
Gavin (PS0BA) [475] Eighty four.
Lindsey (PS0BE) [476] Eighty four. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [477] Bloody hell she's well for eighty four isn't she?
Terry (PS0BD) [478] Yeah she is. ...
Sue (PS0BB) [479] [...] bingo. ... [watching tv]
Gavin (PS0BA) [480] [laugh] She's off her head she is.
Terry (PS0BD) [481] She's on Valium. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [482] What you doing tonight anyway, [...] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Lindsey (PS0BE) [483] I'm supposed to be meeting Gill at [...] ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [484] I'm not bothered babe.
[485] Do whatever you wanna do. ... [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [486] Go out, can't be bothered to stay in.
Terry (PS0BD) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [487] [...] been out, I haven't been out since New Year's Eve.
Gavin (PS0BA) [488] Well that's not my fault I don't keep you chained to the bed.
Sue (PS0BB) [489] [...] saying.
Gavin (PS0BA) [490] Only when you wanna be.
Terry (PS0BD) [491] [...] drink the other night.
[492] When, when you'd gone Lindsey said well why didn't you take me. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [493] Well wh
Lindsey (PS0BE) [494] [...] to me.
Terry (PS0BD) [495] Yeah that's what you said.
Gavin (PS0BA) [496] What when we, when we walked out at twenty past eleven? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ...
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [497] [laugh] ... His name's Sting [laugh]

6 (Tape 055701)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [498] Do you want a hand babe?
Sue (PS0BB) [499] I might do.
Gavin (PS0BA) [500] Why not?
Sue (PS0BB) [501] Well, you could do the washing up if you want.
Gavin (PS0BA) [502] Okay.
Sue (PS0BB) [503] It's hot!
[504] They might be coming back round.
Gavin (PS0BA) [505] In hand [...] .
Sue (PS0BB) [506] Yes please.
Gavin (PS0BA) [507] In hand!
[508] In hand!
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [509] It's not.
[510] It's not at hand.
[511] ... I'm starving!
[512] Are you?
Sue (PS0BB) [513] Yes, well I'm hungry.
[514] Good job I did rice.
Gavin (PS0BA) [515] Oh good!
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [516] Oh!
Sue (PS0BB) [517] Oh there was a call for her.
Gavin (PS0BA) [518] Oh yeah.
[519] ... I tidied up.
Sue (PS0BB) [520] I know you did.
Gavin (PS0BA) [521] I did.
Sue (PS0BB) [522] I know you did!
Gavin (PS0BA) [523] I tidied the lounge as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [524] Did you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [525] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [526] Oh, I'll come and inspect it.
[527] That's what [...] thought isn't it?
[528] Eh?
Gavin (PS0BA) [529] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [530] You was meant to, to tidy the lounge.
[531] Have you done your
Gavin (PS0BA) [532] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [533] job I wanted?
Gavin (PS0BA) [534] Yeah, I tidied the table.
Sue (PS0BB) [535] Ah ah ah!
[536] [kiss] ... My little love!
[537] ... [sigh] ... Ah!
[538] It was all cold when you came home today!
[539] Ah! [kiss] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [540] It was.
Sue (PS0BB) [541] Never mind.
[542] [...] ... [sneeze] ... I'm fine.
[543] I'll live tomorrow.
[544] And I don't what you're doing with that bloody ... there!
[545] I mean what's that supposed to be there for?
Gavin (PS0BA) [546] I'll put it back in my car.
Sue (PS0BB) [547] Oh I got erm ... the T V things for those, can you get some?
[548] And I oh, I'll pick this up it was quicker.
Gavin (PS0BA) [549] What was it?
[550] T V Quick?
Sue (PS0BB) [551] Something like that.
[552] I dunno.
Gavin (PS0BA) [553] Mm.
[554] Dear.
Sue (PS0BB) [555] This is probably better though, because that tells you ... shows you what's on Anglia television and, that one's got Central.
Gavin (PS0BA) [556] Oh, What's On T V?
[557] ... Tells you what's on Anglia but not Central?
Sue (PS0BB) [558] Well it does tell you for Central but it, up there.
[559] It'll give you a film, that's Anglia, but not Central.
Gavin (PS0BA) [560] Oh it's a Central only as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [561] What?
[562] Anglia we do , I mean what do we want Northern Anglian region for?
Gavin (PS0BA) [563] Every pa , everything says that.
Sue (PS0BB) [564] Does it?
[565] Oh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [566] T V Times and the Sun says that.
Sue (PS0BB) [567] Oh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [568] Central only.
Sue (PS0BB) [569] That's a good film!
[570] It's a bit weird though.
Gavin (PS0BA) [571] Racquel Welch is on next Friday.
Sue (PS0BB) [572] I know.
[573] That's good though.
Gavin (PS0BA) [574] Yeah I know.
Sue (PS0BB) [575] You seen it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [576] Yeah.
[577] That, same's on tomorrow as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [578] Ironweed.
Sue (PS0BB) [579] I think that's, a bit good tonight.
Gavin (PS0BA) [580] Oh you mean, Jagged Edge?
Sue (PS0BB) [581] Jagged Edge is it?
[582] One or the other.
Gavin (PS0BA) [583] Jagged Edge with th , Glenn Close?
Sue (PS0BB) [584] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [585] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [586] Is that the one you like?
Gavin (PS0BA) [587] Ah?
[588] What do you mean, is that the one I like?
Sue (PS0BB) [589] That film.
[590] Cos it sounds as if it's really good!
[591] Like th , that one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [592] Ironweed tomorrow.
Sue (PS0BB) [593] I can't watch that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [594] [reading television magazine] Jack Nicholson copes well with the challenge of playing down a down and out with a drink problem as well as a guilt complex [] .
Sue (PS0BB) [595] Say that again.
[596] Jack Nicholson playing a down and out?
Gavin (PS0BA) [597] Yeah. [reading]
[598] His trouble surviving the tough streets of depression era America.
[599] His wife walks out on him.
[600] Meryl Streep as [...] scru scruffy as the ex-singer becomes his friend [] .
[601] And Tom Waites is another one of his ... down and out alley pals.
Sue (PS0BB) [602] Sounds good don't it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [603] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [604] It sounds really brilliant!
Gavin (PS0BA) [605] Oh!
[606] Be quiet!
Sue (PS0BB) [607] And I've lost that [...] as well.
Gavin (PS0BA) [608] Marathon Man's on tonight as well.
Sue (PS0BB) [609] Sorry?
Gavin (PS0BA) [610] Marathon Man's on tonight.
Sue (PS0BB) [611] Oh!
[612] I've not heard of that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [613] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [614] Not heard of that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [615] Your joking!
Sue (PS0BB) [616] I haven't he , I've not
Gavin (PS0BA) [617] you we
Sue (PS0BB) [618] heard of it!
Gavin (PS0BA) [619] Don't be silly!
Sue (PS0BB) [620] I haven't!
[621] What is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [622] Dustin Hoffman.
[623] Marathon Man.
Sue (PS0BB) [624] Well I know, but I've not seen it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [625] The one where he gets tortured?
Sue (PS0BB) [626] I've not seen it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [627] Bazaar!
Sue (PS0BB) [628] Have you seen Imitation of Life?
Gavin (PS0BA) [629] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [630] What is it about then?
Gavin (PS0BA) [631] Well there's not a lot of point telling you la , if you've seen it is there?
Sue (PS0BB) [632] Cos you've not seen it!
Gavin (PS0BA) [633] You're the only person in the country who hasn't seen Marathon Man!
Sue (PS0BB) [634] Oh da ,me me me me , I bet I'm not!
Gavin (PS0BA) [635] You are!
Sue (PS0BB) [636] I'm not!
Gavin (PS0BA) [637] There was a survey once and it said everybody in the country has seen Marathon Man!
[638] And
Sue (PS0BB) [639] Give up you!
Gavin (PS0BA) [640] except one person in [...] Land who we're yet to find!
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [641] I'm gonna ring them up and say that I've found her!
[642] Er, can I collect my Willy Wonka gold ticket now!
Sue (PS0BB) [643] [singing] There's a golden day. ... [...] [] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [644] You glad that I cleaned up?
Sue (PS0BB) [645] Yes, I'm very glad!
[646] Because if I'd have come home and it'd been a mess I would have had a face the longest of all!
[647] ... I'd forgotten all about it actually Gav.
Gavin (PS0BA) [648] Had you?
[649] I even soaked the Christmas cake plate!
Sue (PS0BB) [650] Aha!
Gavin (PS0BA) [651] Have you got to peel some of the stuff off?
[652] Or is it all broken up?
Sue (PS0BB) [653] It's, no it had broken off a little bit, yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [654] Had it?
[655] Yeah.
[656] [sighing] Oh ah [] !
Sue (PS0BB) [657] That sink must have got a leak in.
[658] I think we must have bunged it up with some gunge!
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [659] Cos it's stopped leaking.
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [660] Cos I haven't a emptied it for ages.

7 (Tape 055702)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [661] Do you realise that the people on this table gonna realise ... oh just [...] clean it out.
Gavin (PS0BA) [662] Maybe that's why they're doing it.
[663] One that the
Sue (PS0BB) [664] This survey says men does the cooking.
Gavin (PS0BA) [665] Yeah, that th ... they've dra drawn a conclusion that men actually do cook a lot.
[666] ... Babe!
[667] You know damn well that you prefer cooking than I do!
[668] Don't you?
Sue (PS0BB) [669] It's not so much that, it's that I prefer my cooking to your cooking.
Gavin (PS0BA) [670] Well there you go!
[671] That's the answer to why you cook more than I do.
[672] And I'll remember that next time you tell me to cook!
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [673] And when I don't want to, I'll just turn round and say
Sue (PS0BB) [674] No!
[675] And I like ... I like to cook. [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Sue (PS0BB) [676] Would you really say that about
Gavin (PS0BA) [677] Yes!
Sue (PS0BB) [678] cooking?
[679] Ah!
[680] Not really.
[681] You've not cooked
Gavin (PS0BA) [682] Yes, but when you do it's very nice.
Sue (PS0BB) [683] In fact, I might just have to do a bit before I [...] , I might just buy
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Sue (PS0BB) [684] a couple.
Gavin (PS0BA) [685] [singing] Never been to me [] .
[686] ... [whistling] ... Ah!
[687] If we go for a curry later I'll be fat as fuck! [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [688] We might not.
Gavin (PS0BA) [689] I know, but if we do we'll be fat as fuck won't we?
Sue (PS0BB) [690] We don't have to go.
Gavin (PS0BA) [691] Yeah, but it'll be nice to though ... if everyone's going.
[692] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [693] Aha.
Gavin (PS0BA) [694] And you like your curries don't you?
[695] You blink a lot when I go like that.
Sue (PS0BB) [696] I know I do!
[697] Give up!
Gavin (PS0BA) [698] [laugh] ... It's quite funny actually.
Sue (PS0BB) [699] Stop it then!
Gavin (PS0BA) [700] Calm down!
Sue (PS0BB) [701] Cos you're gonna get a smack in a minute [...] !
Gavin (PS0BA) [702] People listen to this tape.
Sue (PS0BB) [703] Well!
Gavin (PS0BA) [704] They'll think bloody hell she's an ar argumentative bitch!
[705] How the fuck does he live with her!
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [706] Tt!
Sue (PS0BB) [707] Why do you live with me?
Gavin (PS0BA) [708] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [709] Why do you
Gavin (PS0BA) [710] I sometimes wonder that myself!
[711] Especially
Sue (PS0BB) [712] Ah!
Gavin (PS0BA) [713] after listening to these tapes back.
Sue (PS0BB) [714] Ah!
[715] Really!
[716] You'll have to let me listen to them.
Gavin (PS0BA) [717] I listened to one in car and yo , your like that again, you snapped!
[718] It's when I said, oh ... I wish occasionally we, you know, cook straight away instead sitting around.
[719] I don't sit around!
[720] I'm always first in the kitchen!
Sue (PS0BB) [721] Well I am!
Gavin (PS0BA) [722] Yes, but look at you!
[723] It's the way you speak to people.
Sue (PS0BB) [724] Erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [725] You speak to me like the stepbrother speaks to ... all the family.
[726] As though you just shit on his head and rubbed it in with your foot or something, you know!
Sue (PS0BB) [727] Very good Gavin!
[728] ... It's how Jane speaks to everybody.
Gavin (PS0BA) [729] Yeah, it is.
[730] Your Jane reminds me of Jay.
[731] She turns round and you say something in then goes ... you know ... with absolutely no [...] whatsoever ... and she turns round and goes like that like Jay does.
Sue (PS0BB) [732] I know she does!
[733] She's a right bloody
Gavin (PS0BA) [734] Yeah!
Sue (PS0BB) [735] sod!
Gavin (PS0BA) [736] And where's she got it from?
[737] Eh, I'm going in the other room.
Sue (PS0BB) [738] Right.
Gavin (PS0BA) [739] Well can we do anything.
Sue (PS0BB) [740] No.
[741] Well I've just gotta wash my hair.
[742] Gotta wash my hair.
Gavin (PS0BA) [743] Okay.

8 (Tape 055703)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [744] Hello love.
Sue (PS0BB) [745] Hello love.
[746] ... [singing] Sunshine on a rainy day []
Gavin (PS0BA) [747] Mm.
[748] ... Where's my keys?
[749] Right.
[750] ... You alright then babe?
Sue (PS0BB) [751] Yep!
[752] I'm ready.
[753] You got anything funny for your [...] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [754] Mm.
[755] No.
[756] Have you Joe's pre , Joe's money for the presents?
Sue (PS0BB) [757] No cos I don't know.
Gavin (PS0BA) [758] You what?
Sue (PS0BB) [759] No, because he's getting a [...] .
[760] And Joe's mum give me mostly pound coins and get it changed for a ten pound note.
[761] I said, what's that? [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [762] [laugh] ... Your off your head you are!
Sue (PS0BB) [763] And then I got all the ... she'd mis-changed me so I had to go back and get it.
[764] ... I was doing it for the drive anyway. ... [yawn]
Gavin (PS0BA) [765] We're gonna be broke tomorrow! [sniff]
Sue (PS0BB) [766] How much you got?
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [767] I've got a fiver.
Gavin (PS0BA) [768] We shall probably spend [laughing] that tonight [] !
Sue (PS0BB) [769] I'll spend the rest of that!
Gavin (PS0BA) [770] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [771] I'm not gonna say that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [772] I know.
[773] It's true.
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [774] Mm.
Sue (PS0BB) [775] Not a lot to live on then?
Gavin (PS0BA) [776] Not a lot.
Sue (PS0BB) [777] Have to go shopping soon.
Gavin (PS0BA) [778] You alright then?
Sue (PS0BB) [779] Yeah.
[780] In the next few days.
Gavin (PS0BA) [781] Oh I know.
[782] Well that's three weeks to live on.
[783] ... [sniff] ... Oh I'm all bunged up this morning.
Sue (PS0BB) [784] [singing] [...] [] .

9 (Tape 055704)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [785] [phonecall starts] Hello mate.
[786] Alright?
[787] ... Ju ... there's no interest!
[788] Yeah.
[789] Oh I phoned the er ... the Sun, Today, Telegraph ... the Standards ... and there wasn't any interest.
[790] They all wanted to forget Crufts they said.
[791] So ... that was nice, you know.
[792] What else can I do?
[793] If they don't want it ... they don't want it do they?
[794] You going up?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [795] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [796] I suppose you got your car edition this morning did you?
[797] Did you get [...] edition this morning.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [798] No.
Gavin (PS0BA) [799] Oh!
[800] Did you not?
[801] Oh that's alright.
[802] Oh well it's ... yeah.
[803] Well it's always gonna be your best move weren't it, I mean, you know.
[804] He said he's sending someone up there, when they're gonna provide a series, it's gonna be too late to make anyway.
[805] Oh well!
[806] No, there's no, no interest at all.
[807] I think, probably if it had been a cuter dog ... the [...] ... but it's a vile dog to photograph!
[808] Well it is innit?
[809] You know, it doesn't exactly look cute!
[810] Looks as if it needs a good smack!
[811] No.
[812] Yeah, mate, I've just got in myself [...] change stations but er ... Richard's just talking about some kid who died from meningitis but it doesn't mean a lot these days does it?
[813] Not unless they died under strange circumstances or ... [...] hospital or something.
[814] Oh yes, well I'll remind him in a minute.
[815] [...] ... Is he?
[816] Alright mate.
[817] I'll catch you later.
[818] Bye-bye!
[819] [phonecall ends] ... Pete's reminded you that Martin's away.

10 (Tape 055705)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [820] T S B have gone into the work Gav.
Gavin (PS0BA) [821] Oh!
[822] Have they?
Saranne (PS0BF) [823] Well they say it's to do with the [...] annual [...] .
[824] Oh!
[825] Oh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [826] But, but [...] best not go bust!
Saranne (PS0BF) [827] Oh!
[828] ... God!
[829] There were three hundred and twelve million in profit last year!
Gavin (PS0BA) [830] Oh.
Saranne (PS0BF) [831] Yeah I [laughing] know!
[832] That would be a bit sick wouldn't it [] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [833] And a bit.
Adrian (PS0BG) [834] Oh eh!
[835] I could do with a lie in! ... [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0BG) [836] I got back from Colchester the day we were [...] ... so ... she said [...] , looked at it, is a ... ten pounds or a hundred pounds.
[837] He said, oh!
[838] Is it just ten pounds she's won?
[839] He goes no, it's a hundred one.
[840] Said well I've only got ten pound here.
[841] He says well ... erm ... [...] .
[842] He said oh yeah, must be [...] .
[843] How can you get that lot for ten pound?
[844] He says [...] .
[845] It's not much for a hundred quid is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [846] It's not is it?
[847] There again, I suppose it's the esteem of winning it, you know.
Sue (PS0BB) [848] Or trying.
Saranne (PS0BF) [849] Amazing!
[850] [...] I'd be made up with you would you? [tapping on computer]
Adrian (PS0BG) [851] One of, one of, one of the women had got this final six [...] ... did she win?
[852] Did she win?
[853] She's crying out her eyes out with joy! ... [...] ... they're just weird people I found.
Gavin (PS0BA) [854] Oh dog owners?
Adrian (PS0BG) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [855] Ah yeah!
Adrian (PS0BG) [856] Bunch of old weirdos on it!
Saranne (PS0BF) [857] They're like fanatical about them though.
Adrian (PS0BG) [858] I know, yeah.
Saranne (PS0BF) [859] People with dogs.
Adrian (PS0BG) [860] Unreasonable.
[861] And fucking, these animals are they're stinking
Gavin (PS0BA) [862] Ooh [...] are.
Adrian (PS0BG) [863] smelling shitty animals!
Saranne (PS0BF) [864] [laughing] Shitty stinking, where did you go [] ?
[865] When I went in before they really like er
Adrian (PS0BG) [866] Aargh!
[867] Disgusting and they're
Gavin (PS0BA) [868] No they're not, they're [...] .
Adrian (PS0BG) [869] Did you go to the Crufts press office?
Saranne (PS0BF) [870] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0BG) [871] God!
[872] That big woman there, [...] !
Saranne (PS0BF) [873] Cos erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [874] Which one?
[875] The blonde one?
Adrian (PS0BG) [876] Yeah!
Gavin (PS0BA) [877] Oh rather nice!
Adrian (PS0BG) [878] Ooh!
[879] I just ... Swedish I reckon she er, Swedish or Dutch.
Saranne (PS0BF) [laugh]
Adrian (PS0BG) [880] She, she wasn't English you can tell the way she talks.
Gavin (PS0BA) [881] Ah? [...]
Adrian (PS0BG) [882] [cough] ... [singing] [...] [] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [883] Is the giant on his way in?
Adrian (PS0BG) [whistling]
Gavin (PS0BA) [884] I'm starving!
[885] I might have my bag of crisps now.
[886] I'm starving!

11 (Tape 055706)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [887] [phonecall starts] Hello darling.
[888] Did you Dessy yesterday?
[889] Did you do Dessy yesterday.
[890] Yeah?
[891] That's yours in this morning is it?
[892] This is yours in this morning?
[893] The Star.
[894] Picture of Dessy ... almost ki , like kissing another horse.
[895] Yeah.
[896] And then erm ... Cathy taking Dessy for and ... and her looking up at the Dessy's head.
[897] Oh!
[898] Yeah.
[899] Yeah.
[900] No.
[901] [laugh] ... You didn't do one from Tamworth yesterday did you?
[902] It's erm ... feud over the house that Jack built.
[903] Yeah, I know.
[904] But we were gonna do it erm, cos we got it on the Tamworth Heralds.
[905] ... I don't know, it's li , page three from Daily Star.
[906] No.
[907] I don't know.
[908] ... Presuming so.
[909] I would have thought they'd offered .
[910] Oh that's true!
[911] That's true.
[912] ... Yeah.
[913] Yeah.
[914] No, it's Claire's lead.
[915] Massive picture with him outside his house.
[916] Yeah!
[917] Erm ... [singing] ba la la [] , that's a point, I don't know.
[918] I'll tell you now.
[919] ... No, it's a different picture.
[920] Although it might be useful cos they might have given I suppose mightn't they?
[921] Mm?
[922] Mm.
[923] I don't know.
[924] I've not looked this morning's papers.
[925] Oh well better go!
[926] Alright mate!
[927] Catch you later! [phonecall ends]
Adrian (PS0BG) [928] Don't panic!
Steve (PS0BH) [929] Cor!
[930] Did you do it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [931] Oh, probably news team.
[932] Cos it's in the post as well innit?
Steve (PS0BH) [933] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [934] And he's got exactly the same clothes on in both pictures.
Adrian (PS0BG) [935] Probably only ones he's got! [laugh]
Steve (PS0BH) [936] Why can't somebody give it to the Star then?
[937] Why didn't you get an order on it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [938] Because, 's off ain't he?
Steve (PS0BH) [939] I spoke to him yesterday.
[940] Give me an order.
[941] A court case.
Gavin (PS0BA) [942] Has he made anything else?
Steve (PS0BH) [943] Making a car.
Gavin (PS0BA) [944] Mm?
Adrian (PS0BG) [945] Making a car.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [946] Yep!
[947] He's in.

12 (Tape 055707)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [948] Are they brilliant or are they brilliant!
[949] And that penalty shooting was the most disgraceful thing
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [950] Ah!
[951] Thanks!
Gavin (PS0BA) [952] I've ever seen in my life!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [953] What a laugh though!
[954] But it did it give you a laugh though?
[955] I laughed my head off!
Gavin (PS0BA) [956] He should o he should a , he should have been sent off.
[957] After the replay ... when the referee sees the replay he should be fined for that!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [958] That is ... [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [959] I mean, he he he took two steps ... dug his foot in ground and give him one of them!
[960] Fuck!
[961] I couldn't believe it!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [962] Guess what? sends off.
[963] [...] about the whole game ... kicking people, [...] at the neck!
Gavin (PS0BA) [964] [cough] ... That ki , that kid should be fined though for that!
[965] That er, because that is plain cheating!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [966] Why isn't Gary Speed English that's what I wanna know?
[967] Get in England side ... easily!
Gavin (PS0BA) [968] Good player ain't he?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [969] Easily get in England side.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [970] What with that Pearce doing yesterday?
Gavin (PS0BA) [971] Oh, he's a nightmare weren't it!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [972] [...] hold Chapman [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [973] Play, Chapman's good!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [974] Mind you, he shits himself doesn't he, cos Johnny Giles was ... it's controversial cos they wouldn't let him speak at the end of the game.
Gavin (PS0BA) [975] [laughing] No, I know [] ! [cough]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [976] [...] for him about the second half saying, you know that he wouldn't have said this, wouldn't have said that.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [977] What's this crap with, and I've missed it [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [978] You know, when you said he hated Leeds, and everyone hates Leeds and is disgusted they're near the top!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [979] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [980] That's why they're [...] .
Adrian (PS0BG) [981] You know what the Villa fans said to Terry Adams on Sa Saturday?
[982] What a waste of carrots!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [983] Right, have you ... have you been scared at all today?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [984] No.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [985] No?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [986] So what's on, anything?
[987] Is there any
Gavin (PS0BA) [988] Did you get through that pass.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [989] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [990] Nothing in the post today about [...] .
Saranne (PS0BF) [991] What?
Gavin (PS0BA) [992] Yeah, where did you get your pass off you last night?
Saranne (PS0BF) [993] No.
[994] Last night?
[995] What at?
Gavin (PS0BA) [996] Crufts?
Saranne (PS0BF) [997] Oh no.
Gavin (PS0BA) [998] How did you get in Crufts Rich?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [999] Oh hang on.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1000] All had a badge.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1001] I know. [phone rings]

13 (Tape 055901)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1002] He hasn't got a very good command
Gavin (PS0BA) [1003] You what mate?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1004] of English has he?
Adrian (PS0BG) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1005] Daily Mail. ...
Adrian (PS0BG) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1006] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0BG) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1007] Yeah. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1008] [...] from what we know.
[1009] On the anonymous letter [...] ... er right at the bottom [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [cough]
Adrian (PS0BG) [1010] you have a comment from ... Jason [...] her using this language [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] ...
Adrian (PS0BG) [1011] Can you imagine it?
[1012] How did, how did [...] invent using the language [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1013] It should because that was what was written and I wanted to show people what er [...] she didn't give me, the, the letter went to the kids. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1014] So it wasn't the kids to read?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1015] Yeah well d to read?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1016] [...] read it.
[1017] She went round the class and read it out.
[1018] Then they got some bloody er parent who said ... my Johnny's never heard of that word before [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1019] Hmm.
[1020] How old are the kids?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1021] Eleven to eighteen.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1022] Eleven to eighteen?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1023] Bit old aren't they?
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1024] Yeah.
Adrian (PS0BG) [1025] Everyone knows what that word means don't they, at eleven?
[1026] Bloody hell. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1027] Steve doesn't.
Steve (PS0BH) [1028] What word's that then? [phone rings]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] [phone rings]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1029] tel;
Adrian (PS0BG) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [sigh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1030] Yeah ... but I didn't really understand it.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1031] [...] find out what programme was on at half past seven, half past six. ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Adrian (PS0BG) [1032] Audrey isn't it? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1033] What for?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1034] I shouldn't go through her.
Steve (PS0BH) [1035] Well I mean ... try con convincing [...] press office.
[1036] Who's Education Chair?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1037] Byron.
Steve (PS0BH) [1038] Byron. ...
Adrian (PS0BG) [1039] Have we got one of those council handbook [...] ? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1040] We've got a [...] ...
Adrian (PS0BG) [1041] Where is it? [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1042] [...] Have you got that council handbook Sue?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1043] Well there's one there.
[1044] ... But that's not [...] [phone rings]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1045] Yeah.
[1046] ... [phonecall starts] [...] ... Yeah ... hello mate ... yeah ... yeah ... I don't know I've not received it yet ... no so I'm just waiting for er someone to bomb into my office ... yeah do you want it, what, what, do you want it colour mate or black and white?
[1047] ... Black and white.
[1048] Alright I'll give you a shout as soon as.
[1049] ... Cheers Steve, bye bye mate [phonecall ends] . ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1050] Come on baby! ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1051] I don't know what to do about this one, Chris says oh go down at dinnertime, try and [...] a picture at dinnertime. ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1052] I'll say
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1053] I'll say if he gets a good show [...] we'll see you right.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1054] I think we have on occasion, like, remember th er no were you aware on the girl who had the erm ... metal arm?
[1055] Metal hands?
[1056] Like she had her rebuilt [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [laugh] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1057] An exclusive for the Mail on Sunday. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1058] Was she okay?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1059] Oh God it was so complicated.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1060] Was it?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1061] Mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1062] What's this?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1063] Derek 's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1064] Oh right.
[1065] Is this [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1066] Well I mean [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [moan]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1067] so he'll probably get time to do it anyway [...]

14 (Tape 055902)

Gavin (PS0BA) [1068] [phonecall starts] Hi there, can I speak to your headmaster please, or headmistress.
[1069] ... M I'm from press agency in Birmingham. ...
[1070] Yeah.
[1071] ... Certainly [phonecall ends] . ...
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1072] Er do you remember [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1073] Where do we get that [...] from [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1074] [...] motorway [...] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1075] Oh we don't know cos he never turned up.
[1076] ... There's a warrant out for his arrest.
[1077] ... We'll have to keep checks on it really. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1078] Don't know what it means [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [1079] Well we got three or four orders on it though. ...
[1080] [phonecall starts] Good morning, is the [...] there?
[1081] ... Hallo [...] , sorry to bother you, Gavin from press agency in Birmingham.
[1082] I'm phoning about little Emma ... erm I don't know if you've seen the Evening Mail today ... erm there's a picture of Emma and her er young sister er Marianne, I presume it was taken at the school.
[1083] Erm what it is we're a press agency working for the national papers and about eighteen months ago we did Em Emma's story for the Sunday People erm and now I've just seen the Evening Mail today erm and I've got, you know the ... how she's grown nine inches in the past eighteen months, er and just thought the story might er ... might take another outing and I just wondered if it was possible f for you to help us contact her er her mother at all?
[1084] ... If you could that'd be great.
[1085] Erm as I say it's Gavin [spelling] [] ... erm and my number's ... That's lovely, thanks for your help.
[1086] Bye bye [phonecall ends] .
[1087] Well the headmaster of this school where the kid goes to is gonna see her mum this morning so [...] can give her the message. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1088] Is that okay then Gav?
[1089] The headmaster's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1090] Okay then. ... [phone rings]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1091] [phonecall starts] Hello .
[1092] ... Who's calling?
[1093] ... Sorry?
[1094] ... Hold on a second.
[1095] ... They're actually on the phone at the moment, can I take a message?
[1096] ... Oh yeah the off-licence, yeah. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1097] [phonecall starts] Have you got in touch with Mr er?
[1098] ... Mr [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1099] Yeah I think we're actually just trying to find out which, which er
Saranne (PS0BF) [1100] It's engaged.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1101] which one it was.
Steve (PS0BH) [1102] Oh he's engaged is he?
[1103] ... Okay then, cheers, bye [phonecall ends] .
Saranne (PS0BF) [1104] He's off the phone now Gav.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1105] Old Wine Shop, hold on a second Steve's actually free, let me er, let me put you across to him, hold on [] .
[1106] ... Can you take Staffs Police press office?
Steve (PS0BH) [1107] Who?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1108] Staffs Police press office.
Steve (PS0BH) [1109] Okay yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1110] You've got the name of the shop have you now?
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1111] The Old Wine Shop?
Steve (PS0BH) [1112] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1113] Take him anyway. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1114] [phonecall starts] erm headmistress cru crusaded against er
Saranne (PS0BF) [1115] I thought [...] again?
Steve (PS0BH) [1116] foul language in the school playground er sent a letter out with the word fucking [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1117] [phonecall starts] It's the Old Wine Shop.
[1118] Yeah.
[1119] ... Erm I think so, it might be a general store as well.
[1120] Okay and it's in Amington [spelling] A M I N G T O N [] [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1121] We just believe one parent said what a disgraceful example la di da di da. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1122] Oh right. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1123] That's the, that's the crux of the story, she's ... she's campaigning against bad language and she sent, has given a letter to all the [...] in the school with fuck you in it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1124] Might be a general store or a newsagents or grocers.
[1125] ... Oh ... might be a deli.
[1126] ... It's the Old Wine Shop it's called. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1127] Well, okay then.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1128] No?
Steve (PS0BH) [1129] Cheers, bye [phonecall ends] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [1130] Alright then, not to worry, thanks, bye [phonecall ends] .
Steve (PS0BH) [1131] Have you phoned up for the number? ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1132] Only th only Talking Pages, they couldn't find it.
[1133] ... Try Directories.
[1134] ... Talking Pages see aren't designed to look under names ... they find things that you're not sure of the names and things. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1135] What, do, do they charge the same rates or ... [phonecall starts] hallo, could you give me the, the number for the Old Wine Shop [...] ... erm [telephone conversation ends] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [...] ...
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1136] Sorry?
[1137] ... Did you get it?
Steve (PS0BH) [1138] It's not listed.
[1139] Police have got the address wrong.
[1140] ... Must have the address wrong.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1141] I I'll try again j cos sometimes you get a different one and ... So what did you say to her [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1142] [...] try and track it down [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1143] I will do.
[1144] ... [phonecall starts] It's the Old Wine Shop ... it's Amington [spelling] A M I N G T O N [] ... Oh it could be. ...
[1145] No?
[1146] Tt.
[1147] ... That's strange.
[1148] Alright then ... thanks, bye [phonecall ends] .
[1149] No.
[1150] ... I bet it's called something and the Old Wine, and Old Wine Shop, it'll be like a ... something ... Mahatma Gandhi's
Steve (PS0BH) [1151] Oh you know it's not, it's not that mega [...] .
[1152] What's happening [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1153] They've come back, so that's what I wanted.
[1154] Now he's gone
Steve (PS0BH) [1155] Well [...] where is he?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1156] What?
Steve (PS0BH) [1157] Where is he?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1158] Well he's gone ... he said oh that's what you want, okay I'll get back to you in a bit.
Steve (PS0BH) [1159] He's gonna get back to you [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1160] With a direct contact for this bloke. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1161] Anyone ever [...] police press office
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1162] [...] to the police press office [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1163] we've been told to refrain.
[1164] ... We got a telling off.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1165] I never do unless you tell me to.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1166] We got a telling off for it though.
Steve (PS0BH) [1167] No I know.
Saranne (PS0BF) [laugh]
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1168] Ray phoned up and said erm [phone rings]
Steve (PS0BH) [1169] I had a chat with [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1170] [phonecall starts] Good morning, ...
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1171] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1172] [...] a what?
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1173] Oh yeah?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1174] feminist, anti-racist, [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1175] [...] from Newport in Gwent ... erm [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1176] No it was a [...] picture, the girl we used, we was actually our own mobile phone ... erm tt
Steve (PS0BH) [1177] It's terrible.
[1178] And it's not like that at all.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1179] the girl we used was, is from a food, a dog food company ... which slips my mind
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1180] No we actually just gone in and picked it out [...] ... She was, she was actually erm a promo girl for the er ... for the dog food company who, who, who's mobile [...] the picture.
[1181] ... Yeah.
[1182] ... Yeah.
[1183] ... No problem, cheers, bye bye [phonecall ends] .
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1184] Yeah.
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1185] Erm ... a little bit straighter.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1186] Yeah.
[1187] ... Okay.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1188] More fac more factual than er er as she gazes at her, you know, her two kiddies playing ...

15 (Tape 055903)

Gavin (PS0BA) [1189] Oh that's what I said, I said [...] it is but if you can get him to ... say you know, Sting's deserted me ... you know he, he lets me live on a, you know, my twenty three quid a week pension.
[1190] ... Well it's like Richard said I think The Mercury probably tried that ... and then gone with this naff tale about the house.
[1191] ... It's like he said, he said it's a quote from, said I'm going down to stay with him next month.
[1192] ... But you say they make all the time, if you could get him to say it ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1193] He, he, he had something to, to [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1194] Does anybody want a cup of tea?
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1195] Love one please Nick.
[1196] That'd be very nice.
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1197] Eh?
[1198] ... What?
Steve (PS0BH) [1199] Er I think they've gone up to Sting's parents, er father- in-law to try and get him to say it.
[1200] ... Because th because he hasn't [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1201] Because they got it?
Steve (PS0BH) [1202] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1203] Mm.
[1204] Yeah.
Steve (PS0BH) [1205] [...] at all, basically [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1206] I think you're probably right, [...] right, he, he ... he is, he's gonna slag him off.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1207] Where's he live? ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1208] Er [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1209] It's worth a try. ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1210] He's not on the phone. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1211] Er you ca you couldn't do it on the phone anyway ... It's a case of [...] out and er sitting with, having a coffee with the old guy.
[1212] Innit?
Steve (PS0BH) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1213] You know if you can get him to say, you know ... tell him to forget the rai the rainforest for a, you know, for a while and think about his own family.
[1214] ... We're going out on a ... early February to do whatsername ... Rodney from Only Fools and Horses.
[1215] [...] from Wolverhampton.
[1216] ... Get a chat with him, you never know what comes out of them do you?
[1217] ... Like Richard said if we get him to say that he'd like to do Shakespeare, he's sick of [...] plon plonker ... good story.
[1218] He's in a play in [...] .
[1219] [...] It's a good story to get him to do Shakespeare cos we could write it in, you know, Shakespeare in Rodney plonker language ... [...] , you know.
[1220] ... Er Rodney you [...] and ... and Rodney plonker.
[1221] ... Well anything, you never know you know, get him to say he's jealous of er David Jason's success or ... you know.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1222] Yeah.
[1223] That's the thing, the sort of thing you should keep an eye open, an eye open for.
[1224] Which is what I meant to erm ... tt get on to Chris from the press office B B C ... Well I'll give him a bell and just organize it for one day.
[1225] ... [...] [phone rings] [telephone conversation starts] , good morning.
[1226] ... Who's calling?
[1227] ... Hold on [phonecall ends] Sergeant ...
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1228] Who?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1229] Sergeant [...] ... You what mate?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1230] You what?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1231] No it doesn't, that's the idea.
[1232] ... It's all going to ... it er, they're putting it into a ma massive voice bank.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1233] Just knock on your door ask you if you'll do it for them.
[1234] And give you twenty tapes, the Sony Walkman ... and you've gotta tape everything [...] conversations for them.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1235] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1236] No cos
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1237] when they get it back they don't know who it is do they?
[1238] ... Is it just called Pebble Mill that ... programme at one o'clock?
[1239] ... On
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1240] programme at one.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1241] B B C Pebble Mill.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1242] Pebble Mill [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1243] Pebble Mill it used, used, it's changed so often.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1244] [...] called Pebble Mill.
[1245] I don't agree with that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1246] I don't agree with that, I think they should change it.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1247] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1248] Have a word.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1249] I'm organi I'm organizing a dinner date for you you know.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1250] Oh yeah?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1251] With Chris the Pebble Mill press officer.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1252] Oh yeah?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1253] Okay?
[1254] [phonecall starts] Chris please.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1255] [...] yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1256] Gavin , the ... at .
[1257] ... Chris it's Gavin at .
[1258] You ... not so bad mate, you?
[1259] ... Goody.
[1260] Do you ... [...] of the erm Pebble Mill press office or is that somebody entirely different?
[1261] As far as actually Pebble Mill the programme.
[1262] ... Oh yeah.
[1263] ... Right cos what it is erm we'd like if, if possible to get like a daily list of who's due to appear on Pebble Mill [...] where pop stars and T V stars are worth a damn sight more in newspapers than ne hard news these days it er ... shouldn't be a bad idea for us to try and get a, get in on who's, you know, who's coming in to appear.
[1264] ... Oh I mean th that's fine, I mean you know I was [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1265] you know erm daily, just so we know when somebody does appear, if they're, you know, if we, you know, wanted a chat with them or, you know, to see what they're up to these days that ... yeah but I w er ... yeah ... yeah.
[1266] I mean obviously it's good for you as well cos you know er you know w , you know we'll obviously put [...] are appearing on Pebble Mill blah di blah di blah, er I was wondering if it was possib ... oh ... yeah that's okay mate.
[1267] ... Yeah.
[1268] ... Yeah [...] ... Yeah.
[1269] ... [spelling] [] ... it's and that's ... telephone and fax ... Yeah I mean that'll be great, yes.
[1270] ... Yeah.
[1271] ... [...] ... Yeah [laugh] [laughing] it doesn't work that way does it [] ?
[1272] ... [laugh] ... Alright [...] yeah not so bad mate, we'll have to erm take you out for a, for dinner one day soon and er give you a chat what, you know, what we look for and er to scratch m my back and I'll scratch yours.
[1273] ... Alright mate well I'll give you a shout.
[1274] Thanks.
[1275] ... Cheers Chris.
[1276] Bye mate [phonecall ends] .
[1277] ... Er you can give him a shout at some point Steve and er arrange to go for dinner with him.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1278] Oh right.
[1279] ... Just to sort of butter him up?
[1280] ... When it's a quiet day. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1281] Just tell him what we want him to give us, you know ... if he gave us the advance nod on something then we could either you know deal it exclusive or we'll put it all round, you know, whichever they prefer. ...
Nick (PS0BJ) [1282] Who was it they had on who ... a aging singer, what's his name ... just before Christmas in the Mail [...] who wanted us to go and see them and ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1283] Des O'Connor wasn't it?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1284] That's right yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1285] He's hardly an aging singer.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1286] [...] Things like that [...] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1287] Yeah well he's hardly an aging singer is he?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1288] Well he is isn't he?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1289] Television presenter isn't he?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1290] He's a singer as well though.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1291] Yeah but it's hardly his fir it's hardly his forte, it's hardly what he er
Nick (PS0BJ) [1292] Well it might be his forte.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1293] No, hardly put it down in his C V, Des O'Connor singer [laugh] ... Did they ever make that?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1294] Yeah, the actual story [...] , we didn't get er ... anything extra for it. ...
Saranne (PS0BF) [1295] [phonecall starts] Okay then I'll put you across [...] [] .
[1296] What you on Gav,?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1297] Who is it?
Saranne (PS0BF) [...] ... [phone rings]

16 (Tape 055904)

Gavin (PS0BA) [1298] Saturday.
Richard (PS0BC) [1299] [...] T one, two, three, four, fourteen
Gavin (PS0BA) [1300] That Money Mail job ... Daily Mail.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1301] What did you have to do? ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1302] Did you make it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1303] Eh?
Steve (PS0BH) [1304] Has it made it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1305] Well it's not for today.
[1306] ... You what Saranne?
Saranne (PS0BF) [...] ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1307] The one you set up.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1308] Oh that one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1309] Hello!
Saranne (PS0BF) [1310] Oh yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [1311] I've done so many of [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1312] [...] well if th if the, just a little announcement, if the milkman comes in to claim his money
Steve (PS0BH) [1313] He owes us some money for the, for the, the milk that was off.
Richard (PS0BC) [1314] He owes us some money but ... yeah rotten milk, he sold us a couple of pints of rotten mi the only trouble is Joan have fucking thrown it out.
Steve (PS0BH) [1315] Well we don't, we just don't pay for it
Richard (PS0BC) [1316] So
Steve (PS0BH) [1317] [...] normally take your word.
Richard (PS0BC) [1318] Yeah.
[1319] Because I'd k I'd kept it like as evidence
Gavin (PS0BA) [1320] [...] don't worry about it he, he won't want evidence, just tell him.
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1321] That's your story anyway Nick, the er white deposit at the bottom of the [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1322] Have you sent that teacher's story out have you?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1323] You mean, are you implying that I'm [...] wank [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1324] The swearing teacher?
[1325] Was it any good?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1326] Won't you need a picture of her?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1327] Was there a picture of her?
[1328] ... I didn't know it was gonna go out yet. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1329] You just lifted the parents' quotes Rich?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1330] You spoken to her? ... [phone rings] [...] at the school.
[1331] [phonecall starts] . ... Yeah hold on a second [telephone conversation ends] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]

17 (Tape 055905)

Gavin (PS0BA) [1332] Have you been?
Adrian (PS0BG) [1333] I got slightly lost.
[1334] Well I went dow back down the [...] Road cos there was a traffic jam ... and er I sort of went down ... oh sorry mate ... went down a road like which I thought was a good short cut, and they've got a lot of these roads and they've put like pavements across the end of them with bollards, and I went back and then there was a traffic jam and I got stuck because they were unloading a lorry ... so I've been er basically pissed about. [laugh] ...
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1335] Yeah she [...] a bit now ain't she?
Richard (PS0BC) [1336] I don't think she has.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1337] She has as far as pictures are concerned [laughing] Rich [] .
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [1338] She looks like er [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1339] Have you got a number for her?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1340] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1341] Different one?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1342] Yeah. [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Saranne (PS0BF) [1343] She's written it on the top of the letter. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1344] Looks like a bloke [...] unfortunately. ...
Saranne (PS0BF) [laugh]
Steve (PS0BH) [1345] Prime minister of Zaire in her spare time.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [laugh] ...
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1346] [...] Well she looks like she's ve very, very er
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1347] average looking.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1348] [sigh] Well I know what that is.
[1349] ... Did you ever draw a [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1350] No I
Gavin (PS0BA) [1351] He said you were gonna draw them for him.
Steve (PS0BH) [1352] [...] had time.
Adrian (PS0BG) [1353] No well I wasn't accusing you Steve.
Steve (PS0BH) [1354] I'm not a typesetter.
Adrian (PS0BG) [1355] Simmer down Steve. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1356] If you give me the details of the sports orders Adrian I'll
Adrian (PS0BG) [1357] You [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1358] I'll draw it.
Adrian (PS0BG) [1359] Okay.
[1360] Er [cough] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [1361] Oh it's alright for some innit?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1362] [laugh] Yeah we [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1363] [...] that one then, forget it.
[1364] ... I don't think it does matter in this case.
Richard (PS0BC) [1365] Didn't matter [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1366] She doesn't sound black at all.
Adrian (PS0BG) [1367] She doesn't does she?
[1368] I, I was expecting some forty year old white, well dressed, you know ... Conservative [...]
Steve (PS0BH) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1369] [...] that doesn't matter at all to the story [...] mention it really. ...
Nick (PS0BJ) [1370] You know they, they give me the military police at the school I tell you, who are you, well I'm Nick [...] , are you sure, yeah [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1371] [...] right [...] but it's like fucking hell, you know, like a seriously foul-mouthed black woman, he thought bloody hell.
[1372] [...] oh no way.
[1373] So I'll have to think what I'm gonna do about that.
Richard (PS0BC) [1374] Pitch it I suppose. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1375] She's got this [...] you know, all it is, it's a bit shocking but ... it's [...] , shocking and you think well it's a good idea.
Richard (PS0BC) [1376] Mm [...] down in the letter isn't it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1377] It doesn't matter where it is in the letter.
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1378] She is a headmistress isn't she Rich? ...
Richard (PS0BC) [1379] Yeah. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1380] Is it miss or ms? ...
Richard (PS0BC) [1381] Ms. ...
Gavin (PS0BA) [1382] How do you put that in writing?
Richard (PS0BC) [1383] [spelling] M S [] .
[1384] She's a miss really but she just ... she said to me she was miss, but she might have said ms, you know? ...
Steve (PS0BH) [1385] Well mister you can't tell [...] whether you're married or not so the feminist version is ms. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1386] Can I put fuck you on a caption [laughing] do you think [] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KC6PSUGP) [...] [keyboard noises]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1387] I suppose I'd best ring Scottie and see if he wants me to process something about a picture then?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1388] I know but, cos, you know what he'll s
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1389] You what mate?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1390] I know, that's what I mean, [...] ...

18 (Tape 056301)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1391] Hiya!
Sue (PS0BB) [1392] Hello.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1393] Don't forget to post your little letter today will you?
Sue (PS0BB) [1394] Definitely not.
[1395] ... Should we, because we're [...] for us today?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1396] Yeah.
[1397] That's right.
[1398] Oh when we go out, go out across now.
Sue (PS0BB) [1399] Well, I'll go
Gavin (PS0BA) [1400] Cos you'll get the first post then.
[1401] ... Or almost.
Sue (PS0BB) [1402] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1403] Cos you'll guarantee it more fo to get there tomorrow.
Sue (PS0BB) [1404] Mm.
[1405] Mm. ... [humming]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1406] [whistling] ... [sniff] ... Hiya!
[1407] ... Hiya!

19 (Tape 056302)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1408] Babe!
Sue (PS0BB) [1409] Mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1410] You know you got, about his butter?
Sue (PS0BB) [1411] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1412] You know about that little after taste it gives you, that really saltiness gives you ... like a
Sue (PS0BB) [1413] It's just a yucky taste to it.
[1414] ... I dunno if it's because it's melted a bit ... but when I tried it before
Gavin (PS0BA) [1415] Well I , I thought it was the peanut butter you see, and then I just thought what you said last night.
Sue (PS0BB) [1416] Because I spread it on really, really thin today.
[1417] It's right pickleey.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1418] [sigh] ... What day is it?
[1419] Thursday?
Sue (PS0BB) [1420] Mhm.
[1421] ... [singing] Addicted to love [] .
[1422] ... I had an awful dream today, I dreamt my nan, and I woke up and I'm crying.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1423] Dreamt your nan what?
Sue (PS0BB) [1424] I dreamt about my nan and I woke up and I was crying.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1425] Ah!
[1426] Come here.
Sue (PS0BB) [1427] And then I dreamt something weird about riding and then people, something stupid like that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1428] I had a very strange dream!
Sue (PS0BB) [1429] Must have been something we'd eaten.
[1430] Must be out of the stir-fry, that broccoli.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1431] I had a very weird dream!
Sue (PS0BB) [1432] I ha have you got to, going to brush my teeth.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1433] You what babe?
Sue (PS0BB) [1434] You what babe? [going up stairs]

20 (Tape 056303)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1435] Don't start again now then.
[1436] ... Otherwise you'll, I'm gonna take you over my knee and smack you!
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1437] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [1438] Will you?
[1439] Oh dear!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1440] Yes.
Sue (PS0BB) [1441] [humming] ... Alright.
[1442] My cake feels a bit hard.
[1443] Oh a new one!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1444] Right?
Sue (PS0BB) [1445] Yep.
[1446] Pick the post up?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1447] Yep.
Sue (PS0BB) [1448] Where is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1449] What?
Sue (PS0BB) [1450] Where is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1451] Well go and get it.
Sue (PS0BB) [1452] Up here?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1453] Okay.
Sue (PS0BB) [1454] Ooh!
[1455] Ooh!
[1456] Ooh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1457] Do you wanna post it later?
[1458] ... Hello.
[1459] Hello!
[1460] ... What's wrong?
Sue (PS0BB) [1461] I've got a pain in my, well not a pain, it's just an ache.
[1462] ... For just a minute I got ... [...] gone deaf.
[1463] All this pain inside.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1464] Well let it worry about it babe, I have, get them quite often.
Sue (PS0BB) [1465] But you're not a woman.
[1466] Men don't get [...] there.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1467] They have heart attacks though.
Sue (PS0BB) [1468] I'll give you one!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1469] What?
Sue (PS0BB) [1470] I could give you one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1471] You what?
Sue (PS0BB) [1472] Said, I could give you one.
[1473] I don't mean a heart attack.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1474] [laughing] Gonna say [] !

21 (Tape 056304)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1475] See the football last night?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1476] No.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1477] Leeds have got a be the unluckiest team!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1478] Have they?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1479] That was a penalty that was when Chapman [...] .
[1480] Well actually, Barnes didn't.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1481] I don't know, I I think he went and talked to Stuart er intimidate him I think it's sa
Nick (PS0BJ) [1482] Yeah, well it's that's a penalty ain't it Gav?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1483] I don't know if it is mate cos I, I do it all the time cos yo ya , a lot of it is jumping to intimidate.
[1484] That's what Graham Sharp does, he jumps
Nick (PS0BJ) [1485] Knock [...] out of goal.
[1486] The thing was Chapman ... was in front of him weren't he?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1487] I, I wouldn't honestly say that it, he did it deliberately to be honest.
[1488] I think it'd be very harsh to give a penalty.
[1489] I don't know.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1490] You see that film last night?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1491] What?
[1492] Does it say in the paper what's wrong with him this morning.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1493] Broke his arm or his wrist.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1494] You saw him, as he went down, if you looked at it his wrist
Nick (PS0BJ) [1495] He
Gavin (PS0BA) [1496] just went, like that.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1497] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1498] No, I didn't see that film last night.
[1499] The one about the musician killed, committed suicide?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1500] It was totally shit!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1501] Was it, yeah?
[1502] Oh, [laughing] I'm glad I didn't watch it then [] .
Nick (PS0BJ) [1503] Can you imagine the worst American teen corn movie ... that you've ever seen!
[1504] This was.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1505] Was it?
[1506] Yeah.
[1507] ... [cough] ... Anybody see Central last night?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1508] Er ... did I see it or not?
[1509] No I didn't see it last night.
[1510] ... Polished off three bottles of champagne last night!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1511] Did you?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1512] Jo Jo Joan had sixteen bottles of it!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1513] Who?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1514] Wi , Joan wanted to take it into the party the other night ... they wouldn't let her.
[1515] So she gave them to, loads to Joe, she got loads of [...] .
[1516] Joan had one and me and Mark had two which [...] .
[1517] ... Still got that teacher accused of er ... [cough] ... insulting the kids at [...] schools.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1518] What you looking at?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1519] Dunno.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1520] Just sign that for me?
[1521] Well you sign that.
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1522] Well don't bother.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1523] Don't bother?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1524] Why don't you wait till Colin's used more.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1525] Oh for fuck sake!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1526] Already done that.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1527] We've had it for years!
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1528] Do we know that?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1529] Because she sa , this woman said they've had it for at least two years!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1530] Did she?
[1531] Yeah?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1532] Yesterday , yeah.
[1533] But I can ring her up again and check.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1534] Just hold that!
[1535] See what you've done
Saranne (PS0BF) [1536] Well I thought I'd do something with it
Gavin (PS0BA) [1537] Yeah.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1538] but it's just gone out my head completely.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1539] Yeah.
[1540] See what you've done though, but erm ... I mean I'd hate you just to
Saranne (PS0BF) [1541] Okay.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1542] do it all ... and ge , and then be told by Roger, no I don't want it like thi
Saranne (PS0BF) [1543] I think he's like ... flogging a dead horse here I really [laughing] do [] !

22 (Tape 056305)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1544] The lying bastards!
[1545] ... Need a good scientist who say that ... last July went and discovered a ... planet larger than the earth ... in another solar system ... and now said, oh it was all a mistake!
[1546] We made a ... numerological error.
[1547] Like yeah!
[1548] Sure you did!
[1549] It's like yo ... you're you're not really trying to cover it up now!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1550] Dream on!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1551] [cough] ... They must find so much fucking stuff that they can't tell us!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1552] If I, if I could be a fly on a wall anywhere, it would be in governmental offices around the world.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1553] Especially the States.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1554] Secrets.
[1555] Oh, especially the States, yeah!
[1556] But, and England because it's [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1557] Yeah.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1558] system.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1559] See Germany have their little er ... fingers in the pie haven't they now?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1560] You what?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1561] Yugoslavia?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1562] Oh!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1563] Croatia.
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1564] It's German republic.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1565] Is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1566] Basically, yeah.
[1567] Under the Republic of Croatia or something like that.
[1568] Which means in any war ... if they can ba , if there's a war again in the Yugoslav states, er ... Germany are involved.
[1569] Bit naughty!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1570] We haven't got this country yet.
[1571] ... [...] six six seven five hundred and one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1572] Here the Germans go again!
[1573] ... Got a rather thick head this morning.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1574] Yes.
[1575] Richard from [...] .

23 (Tape 056306)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1576] Betty Boop made it to the
Richard (PS0BC) [1577] What?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1578] the regional story.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1579] What did it make?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1580] Erm, the Star.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1581] Have a read.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1582] Eight cars.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1583] Eight cars?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1584] It ain't gonna tell us ... they're only gonna sa , someone gonna lose this because a bloke got sacked from his job ... for having a Betty Boop ... tattoo.
[1585] That's big!
[1586] You're no average sort of [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1587] That's like the
Nick (PS0BJ) [1588] there right.
Richard (PS0BC) [1589] dots on erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [1590] Er, well I, I did send it out again on Monday.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1591] This guy got on Tuesday.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1592] Did we?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1593] Well for that nymph story.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1594] Oh yeah.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1595] Tuesday or Wednesday, what is it?
[1596] No Tuesday.
[1597] Which was out again yesterday with the John story.
Richard (PS0BC) [1598] Which one?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1599] The one about hi , that bloke what was li ... living with her.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1600] Urgh!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1601] People turn out on Sunday [...] small.
Richard (PS0BC) [1602] Send, the original one out as well.
[1603] Combine the two and send them out.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1604] Ni , dream machines.
Richard (PS0BC) [1605] We're not sure yet.
[1606] Last night ... the first C D we played ... Crime of the Century by Supertramp.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1607] Yeah.
Richard (PS0BC) [1608] We were in the kitchen having tea.
[1609] It was going on through this song it's ni, bur bur bur bur bur ... scratch right across the C D.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1610] There's a scratch?
Richard (PS0BC) [1611] Well, we jus , went to take off the C D then
Nick (PS0BJ) [1612] And a , you can't
Richard (PS0BC) [1613] we went ... record in five seconds.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1614] it can't be
Gavin (PS0BA) [1615] Could your C D making a line through it.
Richard (PS0BC) [1616] No, we think it is , we think it is the C D [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1617] Yeah well
Gavin (PS0BA) [1618] You'll find it is, cos mine mine's does that
Richard (PS0BC) [1619] We picked three other C D's afterwards and they all worked.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1620] Mine does that mate.
[1621] Don't worry about it!
[1622] What you'll find, if you clean your C D ... the actual C D's, it's the pla , the C D ... erm, with a soft cloth, breath on it and wipe it down you'll find it'll work.
Richard (PS0BC) [1623] I thought it was pretty er, ironic that we were playing Crime of the Century by Supertramp and I just got this bloody ... hi-fi off you and the bloody tape won't work!
[1624] Er, the
Nick (PS0BJ) [1625] I I
Richard (PS0BC) [1626] C D wasn't working.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1627] I tell you what it could be is that ... cos you gotta know that C D's use laser to read it
Richard (PS0BC) [1628] We thi , we , I think it's the C D because er
Gavin (PS0BA) [1629] It will be mate, cos my er ... C D used to do that.
[1630] I've got one C D that every time I put it on ... it erm ... speeds up really, really fast and it jumps the next track and does the same then.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1631] [cough] ... I've got a frog in my throat.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1632] [whistling] ... Whistle Saranne.
Richard (PS0BC) [1633] She can't, women can't.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1634] I can't.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1635] Why can't women whistle?
Richard (PS0BC) [1636] I don't know.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1637] I don't know.
[1638] I can sometimes
Nick (PS0BJ) [1639] It's meant to be something to do with their lips.
[1640] They've only got two muscles or ... [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Richard (PS0BC) [whistling] [radio on]
Saranne (PS0BF) [1641] I can do like, a couple but I can't do
Gavin (PS0BA) [1642] Go on.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1643] a tune.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1644] Whistle us a tune.
[1645] Go on try.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1646] I can't.
[1647] Do I have to?
Richard (PS0BC) [whistling]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1648] They're great [...] as well!
Richard (PS0BC) [whistling]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1649] Oi!
[1650] Give us a
Richard (PS0BC) [whistling]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1651] Give us a ... give us a sweet you git!
Richard (PS0BC) [1652] I haven't got any sweets to give.
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1653] Don't we all Rick.
Richard (PS0BC) [1654] Geez!
[1655] Well, what does he decide?
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Richard (PS0BC) [1656] Joe he's, I can't do it now [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1657] He's gonna play like that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [whistling]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1658] Ah!
[1659] Ah!
Richard (PS0BC) [1660] Can't even ... sitting on those chairs you see ... and she gave a really ... [...] and loud whistle!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1661] [whistling] ... Giant!
Richard (PS0BC) [1662] Excuse me!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1663] Read the Sport?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1664] You what mate?
[1665] Er er ... no, don't worry.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1666] Look you
Gavin (PS0BA) [1667] I ain't passing Betty Betty Boop.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1668] I don't mean it.
Richard (PS0BC) [1669] Is it that one?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1670] It's all three the same.
Richard (PS0BC) [1671] This is a
Gavin (PS0BA) [1672] Betty Boop made eight cars?
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1673] What?
Richard (PS0BC) [1674] To start with.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1675] Well ... well
Nick (PS0BJ) [1676] It's sa , I got a story coming through!
[1677] A Bloke's been sacked from a job for having a tattoo of Betty Boop. [...] ... so it says.
[1678] A tattoo.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1679] Oh!
[1680] The cot death.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1681] No, it took [...] she gave me the Times.
Richard (PS0BC) [1682] But she'll make a mistake.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1683] Saranne.
[1684] She gotta
Richard (PS0BC) [1685] Well she
Gavin (PS0BA) [1686] buy [...] later today you see.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1687] That's what I'm gonna do.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1688] No.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1689] The court case.
[1690] The bloke says bring it down for today.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1691] What?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1692] It's all fo , it's in ten minutes.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1693] [...] bloke didn't he?
Saranne (PS0BF) [1694] You don't want this?
[1695] What's on top of this
Gavin (PS0BA) [1696] Yeah. [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [cough]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1697] Tha , it was on, last thing on the R M B at [...] .
Nick (PS0BJ) [1698] Hey?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1699] It's on, [...] R M B at eight.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [blowing nose]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1700] Who's singing?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1701] But this is a second rate job.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1702] You what?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1703] This is a second rate job.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1704] I haven't supported it.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1705] Neither have I.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1706] Sorry?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1707] Do you want any fifty P's?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1708] Bri , I'll probably be alright actually, see, thanks.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1709] That was it!
[1710] Scene [...] going
Gavin (PS0BA) [1711] What man or woman?
Richard (PS0BC) [1712] Man.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1713] Probably a news team ... publicity stunts.
Richard (PS0BC) [1714] It's not.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1715] Probably a news team stunts! [phone rings] [radio very clear; conversation mostly unclear]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1716] [cough] ... When's that story?
[1717] Somebody having a dog [...] .
[1718] ... Is that really enough?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1719] What are they?
Richard (PS0BC) [1720] I fancy a little kit-kat, something like er ... Flake with the chocolate running through the ta , the er [...] .
Nick (PS0BJ) [1721] Hopefully not.
[1722] Better they don't sell them.
[1723] I 'll see. [...] [phone rings]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1724] [cough] ... [phonecall starts] Cases.
[1725] Hello mate!
[1726] Oh hello!
[1727] You what?
[1728] Ah now!
[1729] Oh!
[1730] Erm, no we don't [...] .
[1731] Yeah, we'll be able to get called on, yeah.
[1732] Most of the R S P C A telling us what's going on today.
[1733] And you know,th th there's anything, you know, give them a a ri ring so often [...] .
[1734] But apparently we are you know, it's so bloody hard!
[1735] These people in there that go away and leave the dogs behind you know, on their holidays or ... you know.
[1736] Don't throw any water [...] any more!
[1737] I know, yeah.
[1738] It's quite ... it's scarey!
[1739] ... Er ... well that's ... but, anyway ... anyway ... ta-ta then!
[1740] Okay my old love!
[1741] Catch you later!
[1742] Bye [phonecall ends] !
Richard (PS0BC) [1743] You with er ... [...] ?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1744] Peter said what?
[1745] What was that?
[1746] What's the dog cases on today?
[1747] And he said, they don't make anyway do they?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1748] [...] ... See, you lost two pages of news on Fergie.
[1749] ... Story, look a splash said on page four five ... oh!
[1750] This one from yesterday.
Richard (PS0BC) [1751] Oh!
[1752] What?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1753] The feller underneath, two pictures of her and erm ... some ... fuck you, Canadian ... on holiday
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1754] and ... the chap's on holiday and he's got er ... erm [...] . ... [cough]
Richard (PS0BC) [1755] Gav, there's one on page five with the Pope it's worth look.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1756] So!
Richard (PS0BC) [1757] Five nil.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1758] I could still take that already.
Saranne (PS0BF) [1759] Could you?
[1760] What?
Richard (PS0BC) [1761] Look at that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1762] It was known about a year that they were gonna bump the prices up on karaokes ... except
Richard (PS0BC) [1763] Yeah?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1764] people erm ... I bet they thought it was gonna be o , gonna kill it.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1765] Did it make more?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1766] Eh?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1767] Did it make more?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1768] I think so, but er, it also says erm ... it might not be true but there's a quote in here that says erm ... where is it?
[1769] ... Can't find it. ... [whistling]
Saranne (PS0BF) [1770] [singing] Hold on ... one more day [] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [1771] Yeah, I mean it it's a home office ruling ... that ... it's allowing local authorities to eat the fee.
[1772] Coventry did it yesterday.
Nick (PS0BJ) [cough]
Gavin (PS0BA) [yawn]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1773] Oldham Athletic are shit!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1774] Oh!
[1775] What did they do?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1776] Lost four two?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1777] Did they, eh?
[1778] I didn't watch the highlights later on, I just saw the er ... Leeds Man U game.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1779] Oh yeah.
[1780] ... Eh!
[1781] They've got a good player that new [...] .
[1782] Nice touch there!
Richard (PS0BC) [1783] Yeah.
[1784] A bit slow.
Saranne (PS0BF) [cough]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1785] Now Wolves are only three points behind Derby now!
Richard (PS0BC) [raspberry]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1786] Aha!
Saranne (PS0BF) [cough]

24 (Tape 056307)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1787] What do you reckon Titch?
[1788] Do reckon it was a penalty when er ... Chapman got ... pulled over?
[1789] I say no, I say it would have been harsh to give it.
Richard (PS0BC) [1790] Yeah, I think it would.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1791] [...] a definite penalty!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1792] I say, he went up just to erm ... frighten him and
Nick (PS0BJ) [1793] [...] left there.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1794] but I don't reckon he erm ... went up to deliberately shove him out the way.
Richard (PS0BC) [1795] Perhaps if he'd realized [...] .
[1796] Well I should think they are.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1797] It's probably really bowled one!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1798] Rich, the fact is, he should have put it in the
Richard (PS0BC) [1799] That cross by Geates What a ned!
[1800] That Williams is shite!
[1801] You can always tell the shit reserve players when they come in the side!
[1802] That bloody Williams bloke makes me puke!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1803] Well perhaps he's felt, oh well!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1804] [cough] ... I couldn't believe how many Chapman was missing though if you ask me!
[1805] That is that that header in
Nick (PS0BJ) [1806] I thought you wanted the [...] to clean, I thought ah!
[1807] He was [laughing] thinking of leaving [] !
Richard (PS0BC) [1808] [laughing] Can you Gav [] ?
[1809] It was a good cross though.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1810] Look out Danny!
Richard (PS0BC) [1811] Yeah.
[1812] Very good Lee Parker!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1813] [laugh] ... I don't know why you bother doing that!
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1814] I saw the film with Rachel last night.
[1815] [laughing] Part of it [] !
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1816] I hope [...] .
Richard (PS0BC) [1817] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1818] [...] fine then innit?
[1819] Leeds have been up three days ago.
Richard (PS0BC) [1820] Oh yeah!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1821] You prat!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1822] I say, you are, you owe me a tenner.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1823] I know!
Richard (PS0BC) [1824] Yeah, you owe me a tenner as well.
[1825] When are you gonna pay me that?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1826] End of the season!
Richard (PS0BC) [1827] When it's, when it's mathematically
Nick (PS0BJ) [1828] When it's [...] .
Richard (PS0BC) [1829] impossible!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1830] I shall have to [...] anyway.
Richard (PS0BC) [1831] I think it might be now actually.
[1832] Right?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1833] Stop there just a minute.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1834] No, it won't be yet.
[1835] ... Near enough for me.
[1836] It's near enough for
Gavin (PS0BA) [1837] Near enough but
Richard (PS0BC) [1838] Well it's impossible to know.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1839] I mean ... it's impossible in every other way but mathematically.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1840] Well you said [...] or else they'll [...] in the league this season.
Richard (PS0BC) [1841] It won't be a supreme [...] bet.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1842] Yeah.
Richard (PS0BC) [1843] Bet on one side Lu Lu Liverpool and Man U, and every other ... [laughing] there's two year's time [] !
[1844] That was, that was the [...] .
[1845] I just couldn't believe my ears when you started saying tenner, tenner [...] will win the league!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1846] Quite good!
Richard (PS0BC) [1847] See this erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [1848] I was a bit off my head, don't worry about it!
Richard (PS0BC) [1849] see this book th they got the true
Saranne (PS0BF) [cough]
Richard (PS0BC) [1850] the appalling pictures of the er ... er, the scene when she gets raped on telly! [...] fucking frightening she is!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1851] Let's see that Rich.
[1852] Let's have a look.
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1853] [laugh] ... Sh she'll need a hell of a lot of [...] !
Richard (PS0BC) [1854] Shame about that isn't it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1855] Yeah?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1856] What is?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1857] What, so he's told anybody then?
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1858] Eh?
Nick (PS0BJ) [1859] Said it remains for me to find out.
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1860] Don't start Rich!
[1861] ... But it's really clever so ... I just bought one.
Richard (PS0BC) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1862] Well it do it then then!
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1863] Yeah.
[1864] That's what I do, yeah.
Nick (PS0BJ) [1865] But erm ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1866] Do you know, do you know anything about [...] ?
Richard (PS0BC) [1867] Please just let me go early for once!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [laugh]
Richard (PS0BC) [1868] Make an interview out of it.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1869] That [...] .
[1870] Julia Roberts was voted the worst dressed woman in the world.
[1871] She's got some style!
[1872] She
Gavin (PS0BA) [1873] I know.
Richard (PS0BC) [1874] [...] if you can wear that top.
[1875] [...] and she goes, no she wears [...] it is!
Saranne (PS0BF) [...]
Nick (PS0BJ) [1876] Yeah!
Richard (PS0BC) [1877] Yeah!
Nick (PS0BJ) [...]
Richard (PS0BC) [1878] She can wear anything and carry it off!
Nick (PS0BJ) [1879] But ... they all notice about [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [1880] Just the bitchy America yo , cos somebody dresses you know with a bit of in ,in , you know ... individualism.

25 (Tape 056401)

Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1881] [cough] ... The fucker!
Sue (PS0BB) [1882] Ah!
[1883] Bloody Nick , eh?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1884] [cough] ... Who cares!
Sue (PS0BB) [1885] I'd sack him for that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1886] [cough] ... You what babes?
Sue (PS0BB) [1887] I'd sack him for that.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [1888] Yeah, so would I.
Sue (PS0BB) [1889] Sack him.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1890] [cough] ... Apart from anything else, it means I couldn't pick up what you said.
Sue (PS0BB) [1891] Ah ah!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1892] What did you say?
Sue (PS0BB) [1893] Fuck off!
[1894] [laugh] ... Eh!
[1895] Another [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [1896] Be able to pick that up you know.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1897] Er, oh aye, yes [...] .
Sue (PS0BB) [1898] They will! ... [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [1899] [laugh] ... You shouldn't be so bloody rude Gavin !
[1900] What do you wanna do tonight then babe?
[1901] Eh?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1902] Dunno.
Sue (PS0BB) [1903] So?
[1904] Hide them round there.
[1905] Is i , is this tape ten you've put in anyway?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1906] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1907] You'll have to change that then.
Gavin (PS0BA) [yawn]
Sue (PS0BB) [1908] Oh!
[1909] Why don't you just put a line through it.
[1910] Through ten and eleven.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1911] Aha.
Sue (PS0BB) [1912] And then, on tape ten just put ... Gavin and Sue at home.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1913] Rightio. [...] .
Sue (PS0BB) [1914] Shut dog in.
[1915] Shut that door!
[1916] Gosh!
[1917] It's ever so cold in this house!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1918] What do you wanna do tonight?
Sue (PS0BB) [1919] Dunno.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1920] Laying on the table in them jeans.
Sue (PS0BB) [1921] Tt!
[1922] You!
[1923] Enough!
[1924] [whispering] The tape [] .
[1925] I shall have a bath, wash my hair.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1926] What you wearing tomorrow night?
Sue (PS0BB) [1927] My black dress.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1928] Is it clean?
Sue (PS0BB) [1929] It's gonna have to be.
[1930] I think so, I think I washed it just before Christmas and I've only worn it once.
[1931] Did I wear it over Chris , I didn't wear it at Christmas time did I?
[1932] Or did I?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1933] I don't know.
[1934] [...] , what have you got to wear?
[1935] It doesn't matter if it's clean.
Sue (PS0BB) [1936] I'll have a look tonight.
[1937] Check tonight.
[1938] I'll get everything out tonight so you can just bring it with you.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1939] Yeah, okay.
Sue (PS0BB) [1940] You tired babe?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1941] Yeah, oh yeah!
Sue (PS0BB) [1942] Do you wanna stay in tonight or
Gavin (PS0BA) [1943] I don't know.
Sue (PS0BB) [1944] Erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [1945] [singing] bom bom [] !
Sue (PS0BB) [1946] Mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1947] Oi!
[1948] Stop biting your nails Sue!
Sue (PS0BB) [1949] I can't help it!
[1950] I just caught it!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1951] [...] .
Sue (PS0BB) [1952] Shut your gob!
Gavin (PS0BA) [1953] What have we got for tea?
Sue (PS0BB) [1954] I don't know.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1955] Yeah!
[1956] They're not going to in interview anybody with you.
Sue (PS0BB) [1957] Oh!
[1958] No, they might send me an application form back and then ... I'll send it back to them ... and they get an interview.
[1959] Seems a [...] when you're going for a bloody job!
[1960] You know, cos they're wanting another part-timer to do seventeen hours.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1961] Oh yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1962] And men don't particularly want that.
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [1963] Oh yeah.
[1964] I said somebody like a middle-aged woman would be best who's got grown up children at work
Gavin (PS0BA) [1965] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1966] and this, this guy came for it ... and, obviously Lynn can't say, we don't want to take a ma man on it'll be ... sex discrimination.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1967] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1968] But it won't be suitable, I mean, one he's bloody crap!
[1969] And erm ... [...] , it's only seventeen hours, it's four hours a day ... so that's why it would suit somebody who's married.
Gavin (PS0BA) [1970] Is he a nice bloke?
Sue (PS0BB) [1971] No!
[1972] He's just stupid!
[1973] He's, he's already come in for one form ... put it, he's obviously filled one form in, he came up and he said can I have an application form for that job in the window, so I gave him one ... and he went, oh well I've just filled one in.
[1974] I thought ... I thought, did he just say can I have ... can I have an application form or here's an application form?
[1975] And I looked at him, and he went ... [...] , no I made a mistake on it.
[1976] So he sto , do you know where the two tills are downstairs do you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [1977] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1978] They were on the erm ... the main one we use
Gavin (PS0BA) [1979] Yeah.
Sue (PS0BB) [1980] just by the step in, he was stood, resting on the erm ... perspex thing ... that is, that is erm ... till guard, and he's stood writing it on there cos he thought there was nowhere else.
[1981] And ... stood blocking like, how I get round to the till!
[1982] And you just couldn't absolutely see anything ... serving customer ... I was going to so , to move ... or change out my draw ... shutting it up, turning it off, going away ... and somebody else had come, he kept, kept, kept doing that and he was stood there all the time and I thought ... I thought you definitely won't get the job!
[1983] Well you're, you're not bloody suitable for it cos you keep getting ... under my bloody feet!
[1984] ... And then
Gavin (PS0BA) [1985] How old is he?
Sue (PS0BB) [1986] I dunno.
[1987] Probably about twenty three I think.
[1988] And he's filled all the front in and the back, like, referees and everything ... and he said ... inside you've got to give your details of your erm ... employment history ... and he'd not put anything in, said I didn't know whether to put anything on there cos I'm on a Y P.
[1989] I said, what you mean a Y T S?
[1990] He sa , and he looked and he went ... yeah, Y T.
[1991] And I says, well ... you know, is it, is it a job?
[1992] You've got to put it down.
[1993] And he went, well no it's not a job.
[1994] I said, well what is it then?
[1995] He said, well I'm training.
[1996] I said, well training to do what?
[1997] He says I'm training on a Y T S.
[1998] Jesus Christ!
[1999] Is he really thick or what!
[2000] I still don't know what he's doing!
[2001] He were working for an erm ... Macro or something.
[2002] Macro?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2003] Yeah.
[2004] Well maybe.
Sue (PS0BB) [2005] Oh I'm, I'm thinking of Macro ... Macro wholesalers.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2006] Well I know Macro.
Sue (PS0BB) [2007] And when he went, as he went, she says oh I don't think he'll have much choice, er, much chance do you?
[2008] ... And we got this mad bloke come in!
[2009] And ... the amount of people come in, with a cigarette ... I have to go up and tell them that it's a no-smoking area and they look at me as if I'm stupid!
[2010] Did I tell you about that bloke the other week who got, the one who just cocky with me?
[2011] Ooh God!
[2012] He really got my back up!
[2013] This young lad about ... probably about twenty three, twenty four, and he came in with a cigarette and I said excu ... excuse me but I'm afraid it's a no-smoking area.
[2014] And he looked at me, and he said well have you got any, he go , started like tutting and said well have you got any signs up?
[2015] And I must have been in a really funny mood, and I said yes we have it's on the till and he went ... well I suggest you get them in the windows then!
[2016] And I felt like saying fuck off and [laughing] get out [] !
[2017] But I thought ... they're obvious, do you know what I mean?
[2018] It's like ... going to a firework factory and ... sparking up a cigarette you just wouldn't do it would you?
[2019] ... You wouldn't!
[2020] And this bloke come in today ... and erm ... looked a bit, looked a bit like a tramp ... didn't quite catch what he said, I'm sure he said ... God sent me in here for a cigarette!
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Sue (PS0BB) [2021] I said, [...] , I said I'm sorry it's a no-smoking area.
[2022] And he looked at me, give me a really horrible look as well!
[2023] Felt like going ... you know, how when somebody put a lot of hate in their eyes?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2024] That's very, bad as what you give
Sue (PS0BB) [2025] No.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2026] me every day.
Sue (PS0BB) [2027] I can't do it.
[2028] You know like th ... if you look at someone ... and they always say your eyes ... are the souls ... o yo , like your soul aren't they?
[2029] You can always read people's eyes, especially with your kind of facial expressions, cos the eyes always tell the truth.
[2030] And he looked u like he really hated me!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2031] Probably did!
Sue (PS0BB) [2032] What, cos I told him ... he couldn't smoke?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2033] No!
[2034] Probably just hates everybody!
Sue (PS0BB) [2035] Probably, yeah.
[2036] ... Yeah, he was a bit weird! [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [2037] Ooh!
[2038] Get off!
Sue (PS0BB) [2039] Just ... [sigh] ... Hope he's not late.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2040] Yeah, so do I.
Sue (PS0BB) [2041] What time is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2042] Half seven. [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [2043] I don't know.
[2044] I think he picks me up after Coronation Street, are you going to be here?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2045] Yeah.
[2046] ... I wish I got this fish in butter.
Sue (PS0BB) [2047] I thought we put them back and had erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [2048] Ah!
[2049] We did do.
Sue (PS0BB) [2050] fish in breadcrumbs, that's why, we wanted fish.
[2051] Wanted something really tasty!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2052] Well you got it, it is really tasty!
Sue (PS0BB) [2053] No.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2054] What about those chicken things I bought?
Sue (PS0BB) [2055] Chicken what?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2056] [...] chicken things didn't we?
Sue (PS0BB) [2057] Did we?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2058] Cheese and pasta something.
Sue (PS0BB) [2059] Ah broccoli!
[2060] I don't fancy [...] cos I didn't enjoy that chicken wings last night and that had broccoli in it.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2061] Oh!
[2062] Narrows it down don't it, to mince pies?
Sue (PS0BB) [2063] There's only one.
[2064] I'll have that.
[2065] Ha!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2066] There is only one.
Sue (PS0BB) [2067] That, the mince pie's the only one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2068] Ah we got a big one haven't we?
Sue (PS0BB) [2069] That's it.
[2070] Well could have that.
[2071] Yeah, I quite fancy that actually.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2072] Roast potatoes ... and gravy.
Sue (PS0BB) [2073] We haven't got that much potatoes Gavin, that's what I said.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2074] Oh!
[2075] Have to have it with chips then.
Sue (PS0BB) [2076] Steak pie and chips.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2077] We've hardly got any chips in there.
[2078] ... Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [2079] No, but I could fry some new potatoes cos I think we've got some of those left.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2080] We have got a tin of those.
Sue (PS0BB) [2081] Have we?
[2082] Oh, they'll come in handy actually.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2083] I have some of them ... with beans.
Sue (PS0BB) [2084] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2085] [whispering] I fancy some [...] [] .
Sue (PS0BB) [2086] Yeah!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2087] I could do with putting that pie in now cos it's gonna take about forty minutes.
Sue (PS0BB) [2088] Yes you will!
[2089] That is really good thinking on your part !
Gavin (PS0BA) [2090] You can get it on now then [...] .
[2091] You get, you prepare tea ... and then don't know whether
Sue (PS0BB) [...]
Gavin (PS0BA) [2092] [...] finish it off in the ... shoot off.
Sue (PS0BB) [2093] Er
Gavin (PS0BA) [2094] And then, well if you're going out that way you take all this washing up.
Sue (PS0BB) [2095] Well, no actually cos I'm not going ... I'm not going up the stairs
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [2096] I'm going in the kitchen Gavin!
[2097] Oh!
[2098] The ham's gone.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2099] Yes.
[2100] Well that [...] .
Sue (PS0BB) [2101] Have you eaten them all you greedy pig?
[2102] Have you?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2103] I think there's, one left.
Sue (PS0BB) [2104] I kept kicking it the other day and I thought well it feels ever so light, I thought there was quite a few left.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2105] I had four.
Sue (PS0BB) [2106] Ah well you can go to Co-op then.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2107] And er ... [...]
Sue (PS0BB) [2108] Ah ah!
[2109] ... Got time to ... clean my teeth?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2110] Yes.
[2111] ... What I'd really like
Sue (PS0BB) [2112] Eh?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2113] What I'd really like
Sue (PS0BB) [2114] Well, [...] with that, those pork chops and I forgot.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2115] Pork chops!
[2116] Pork chops!
Sue (PS0BB) [2117] I'm going to have get [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [2118] What I'd really like
Sue (PS0BB) [2119] About half an hour.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2120] is erm ... a corned beef sandwich.
Sue (PS0BB) [2121] Well make one!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2122] Eh?
Sue (PS0BB) [2123] Well make one.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2124] I will.
[2125] And what I'd really like ... you know I have little things that bug you to death?
Sue (PS0BB) [2126] Yep!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2127] Well you leaving your fucking crusts on the top do my head in!
Sue (PS0BB) [2128] Gavin!
[2129] [shouting] I couldn't put them anywhere the bin is full [] !
[2130] You know, so come on get your act together!
[2131] Take the bin outside.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2132] Well you've put a fucking enough in the other one so what was wrong with that?
[2133] Oh!
Sue (PS0BB) [2134] Because
Gavin (PS0BA) [2135] Look, it's full up look they won't go in.
[2136] Ah look!
[2137] They're in!
Sue (PS0BB) [2138] Oh!
[2139] Shit!
[2140] Shit!
[2141] Shit!
[2142] Shit!
[2143] Shit!
[2144] ... Well ... I don't like [...] .
Gavin (PS0BA) [2145] I'll take it
Sue (PS0BB) [2146] It's full!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2147] out tomorrow.
Sue (PS0BB) [2148] Well I can't no more rubbish in Gav!
[2149] So, we'll have to take it out tonight, the both of us.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2150] No, forget it!
Sue (PS0BB) [2151] But we can't fit any more rubbish in!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2152] Mm.
Sue (PS0BB) [2153] You know what'll happen if I come home and it's not been done!
[2154] You'll get a big smack!
Gavin (PS0BA) [humming]
Sue (PS0BB) [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [humming]
Sue (PS0BB) [2155] I think we should have an early night.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2156] You were so nice to me last night.
Sue (PS0BB) [2157] Mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2158] It was lovely!
[2159] I felt
Sue (PS0BB) [2160] Mm mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2161] really close to you again then.
Sue (PS0BB) [2162] I felt close to you as well babe!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2163] You've forgotten it now but
Sue (PS0BB) [2164] That's gonna be a bit gonna be a bit loud that Gav.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2165] Well, they'll turn it down won't they?
[2166] Stop go stop going on about the bloody microphone!
[2167] Just forget it darling!
Sue (PS0BB) [2168] Shut your neck alright!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2169] Well you can't you make tea already?
Sue (PS0BB) [2170] No I haven't! [...] here.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2171] Where is it?
Sue (PS0BB) [2172] I have to go to toilet again.
[2173] Ooh don't!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2174] Oh well take that washing upstairs then if you're going upstairs.
Sue (PS0BB) [2175] No!
[2176] I'm not gonna take it upstairs!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2177] [laughing] Oh babe!
[2178] Don't be so fucking petty [] !
Sue (PS0BB) [2179] I'm not being petty Gav!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2180] [laughing] You are babe [] !
Sue (PS0BB) [2181] No , I'm not!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2182] You are!
[2183] I was gonna make a stand then.
[2184] I said I'll help you more than I do, than I do.
[2185] And I will.
[2186] But, when it comes to something that is either mine ... or yours [door bell]
Gavin (PS0BA) [2187] Our friend's here!
[2188] Then ... I won't do it!
[2189] As simple as that!
[2190] ... Come in!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2191] Hi!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2192] Cos you're sti still on tape so can you speak up.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2193] Ah right! [laugh]
Gavin (PS0BA) [2194] [laugh] ... Even up to the last.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2195] Very good!
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh] ... [yawn]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2196] Right, now there's a few questions I've gotta ask you
Gavin (PS0BA) [2197] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2198] and I thought ... now
Gavin (PS0BA) [2199] Sorry, it's so cold [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2200] Right.
[2201] Erm ... first thing, how many erm ... erm ... how many tapes have you used?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2202] I thought I'd used eleven
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2203] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2204] but I've only, in fact, used ten because ... someone took the microphone in and put it back in the wrong place.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2205] Right.
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2206] So that's just ten.
[2207] Right!
[2208] Erm so ... Haley paid you the comp , the booklet you filled in.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2209] Everyone [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2210] So hotel is right?
[2211] Right.
[2212] Er, now ... thinking of the experience of recording your conversations using the personal stereo and filling in the booklet how do you find this in general?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2213] Er ... doing the tape's is okay.
[2214] Erm ... you occasionally forget it's there ... which makes your conversation more natural but ... you also forget to turn the tape over
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2215] Right.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2216] every forty five minutes.
[2217] [laugh] ... Well, if you did you do, you'd use a damn sight more than twenty tapes a week so
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2218] Yeah.
[2219] Erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [2220] Filling the booklets a bit of a pain!
[2221] So she's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2222] Yeah, hang on a minute!
[2223] Erm
Gavin (PS0BA) [2224] Sorry!
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2225] Just supposed to be word for word but it's a bit of a ... erm ... Right, filling in booklet's a ... er a bit of a pain.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2226] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2227] Did you have any problems?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2228] No!
[2229] I must say that, no I mean a , by being a pain I mean er ... just try and remember to fill it in or do th people speaking with you.
[2230] With all
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2231] Yeah.
[2232] But generally speaking, you know, did you have any problems or
Gavin (PS0BA) [2233] No.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2234] No.
[2235] Yeah.
[2236] That's alright.
[2237] ... Erm ... of the conversations you had during the week about how many of them would you say you recorded?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2238] Erm ... most of them.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2239] Did you tend to count these?
[2240] The next one is er ... thinking about the conversations you did not record which of these was the main reason why they weren't recorded ... please just read out the numbers on the card.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2241] Can you read more than one
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2242] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2243] or
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2244] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2245] Yeah?
[2246] Erm ... one ... er ... four ... seven.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2247] And er ... were there any other reasons ... not [...] on the card?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2248] Erm ... I think [...] of those.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2249] Yes.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2250] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2251] Erm ... now, do you know anybody you spoke to, right?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2252] Yes.
Sue (PS0BB) [2253] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2254] did anyone you spoke to during the time you were recording object to being recorded?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2255] No.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2256] There i , there are a number of things that might affect the way in which we speak and how we use language in every day conversation, such as where we live, where we went to school, what
Sue (PS0BB) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2257] hobbies and interests we have and so on.
[2258] So I'd like to ask you er, I'll move on and ask you a few questions about places you've lived in the past.
[2259] Firstly, in which town were you born?
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2260] Is that, that Lancashire is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2261] Merseyside.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2262] It's in Merseyside.
[2263] And in which town an ... er were living when you were at primary school?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2264] Erm ... place called Tarleton ... actually in a little village.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2265] Yeah.
[2266] How do you spell that?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2267] T A R ... L E ... T O N.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2268] And what county's that?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2269] That's Lancashire.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2270] Now then, which town er, were you living when you were at secondary school?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2271] The same.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2272] Tarleton.
[2273] ... How long have you been living at this address?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2274] Erm ... in [...] ?
Sue (PS0BB) [2275] Actually in Birmingham or
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2276] No, this, this address.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2277] Erm about three weeks.
Sue (PS0BB) [2278] Yeah.
[2279] Three weeks.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2280] Three weeks.
[2281] ... Have you ever lived in any other places for three years or more since leaving school?
[2282] I mean in a different town, not just
Gavin (PS0BA) [2283] Well, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2284] a different address.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2285] Only my parent's.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2286] And where was that?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2287] Southwell.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2288] Oh!
[2289] Since leaving school was that?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2290] Yeah, well we moved
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2291] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2292] to Torquay.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2293] Oh after ... from that place?
[2294] ... Now er ... I'd like to move on about, to wha erm ... talk about what you do in your leisure time.
[2295] Do you ever watch television.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2296] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2297] Er, can you [...] ... Oh!
[2298] First thing, on average how many hours a day do you watch television nowadays?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2299] Er ... not a lot.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2300] About one, or about two
Gavin (PS0BA) [2301] About three.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2302] About three you say.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2303] About two.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2304] Er, on card C, which of these channels do you watch most often nowadays?
Sue (PS0BB) [2305] Coronation Street.
[2306] About eight!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2307] [laughing] Eight!
[2308] Yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2309] [laugh] ... Do you ever listen to the radio?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2310] Erm ... in my car when I work.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2311] Er, which radio station do you usually listen to?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2312] Radio One.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2313] Er, could you look at card D please?
[2314] Which of these daily papers do you usually read?
[2315] I mean, at least four issues a week.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2316] Every one.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2317] Well a a at least four times a week?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2318] Every one.
[2319] Not the financial times.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2320] So, the local one?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2321] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2322] Daily Express?
[2323] Daily Mail?
[2324] Mirror?
[2325] Daily Record?
[2326] You look at the Daily Record, that's a Scottish paper?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2327] Yeah, I get it delivered.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2328] Oh right.
[2329] Er, Daily Star?
[2330] Telegraph?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2331] No
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2332] Not Financial Times.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2333] Not Times.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2334] Guardian, Independent, The Sun, The Times, Today?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2335] Yeah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2336] Er, oh yeah!
[2337] It's not on there is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2338] Is it?
[2339] Oh it's not.
[2340] Is it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2341] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2342] It's not erm ... it's not on my list.
[2343] Oh!
[2344] It's not on th
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2345] on here?
[2346] That's why I read them out really, in case there's any
Gavin (PS0BA) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2347] sort of.
[2348] Er, on card E, which of these Sunday papers or colour magazines do you usually read?
[2349] Er, I mean at least three out of every four issues.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2350] Er ... I suppose there was, the Sunday Express ... Sunday Mercury, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People ... Sunday Sport ... Sunday Sport.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2351] And do you look at the You magazine with Mail on Sunday?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2352] Sorry!
[2353] The magazines.
[2354] Yeah, You
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2355] And the Sunday
Gavin (PS0BA) [2356] er, News of the World magazine
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2357] Mm.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2358] Sunday Express magazine ... Sunday Mirror.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2359] The others don't have one do they?
[2360] There isn't actually ... erm, on card F, which of these magazines or type of magazines do you usually read?
Sue (PS0BB) [2361] Erm
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2362] Just say the numbers that's all.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2363] Right.
[2364] ... Er ... eight ... did you say usually or
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2365] Just says usually read.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2366] Er
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2367] It doesn't give a definition what usually means.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2368] Yeah.
[2369] Nine.
[2370] Erm ... that's probably it.
[2371] I got the others occasionally but to name them would be er
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2372] Good!
Gavin (PS0BA) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2373] Could you look at card G.
[2374] Do you read or use books at all nowadays for any of the following reasons?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2375] Well only [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2376] So to help you work or study, general reference and interests all that sort of stuff.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2377] No.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2378] Now, thinking just about the last few weeks ... about how many hours a week, on average, have you spent reading books for pleasure?
Sue (PS0BB) [2379] Oh.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2380] Erm, [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2381] Er thinking about the last few weeks about how many hours a week on average?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2382] [laughing] One [] !
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2383] Only about one hour a week, right.
[2384] Erm, thinking about the books that you've read, er, for pleasure, over the last twelve months ... would you say they've been all, or mostly fiction?
[2385] All or mostly non-fiction?
[2386] Or about equal quantities?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2387] About equal quantities.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2388] Books you've read for pleasure.
[2389] About equal quantity?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2390] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2391] Think about your spare, or time, or leisure time in general, what regular hobbies or interests do you have?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2392] Music.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2393] How do you mean, erm listen to or play some
Gavin (PS0BA) [2394] Listen
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2395] or
Gavin (PS0BA) [2396] listening and er ... playing [...] .
[2397] ... Erm ... play tennis.
[2398] ... Sport I [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2399] Again, do you mean playing it, go and see it?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2400] No, watch it on the telly or playing it [...] . ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2401] [laugh] ... Anything else?
Gavin (PS0BA) [2402] Erm ... the cinema.
[2403] The theatre. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2404] If we were to carry out a similar survey in the future and recording conversations would you be willing to take part?
Sue (PS0BB) [2405] Yeah.
Gavin (PS0BA) [2406] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2407] Right thanks!
Gavin (PS0BA) [2408] Ta!
[2409] ... Turn this off, the tape?
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2410] Yeah.
[2411] Er
Sue (PS0BB) [cough]
Gavin (PS0BA) [2412] I'll turn this off now then.
Unknown speaker (KC6PSUNK) [2413] Yeah.