BNC Text KC8

11 conversations recorded by `Gillian' (PS0BY) between 29 November and 6 December 1991 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 1822 s-units, 18878 words, and 2 hours 42 minutes 29 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 29

PS0BY Ag2 f (Gillian, age 32, housewife, East Anglia, )
PS0C1 Ag2 m (Robert, age 34, computer programmer, East Anglia, ) husband
PS0C4 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0C5 Ag5 m (Dennis, age 60, retired, London, ) friend
PS0C6 Ag5 f (Iris, age 61, retired, London, ) friend
PS0C7 Ag3 f (Bonnie, age 40+, housewife, East Anglia, ) friend
KC8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

11 recordings

  1. Tape 019602 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: just finished lunch
  2. Tape 019603 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( home ) Activity: just finished lunch
  3. Tape 019604 recorded on 1991-12-02. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter () Activity: charity bingo
  4. Tape 019701 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car ) Activity: driving from home to Wisbech
  5. Tape 019702 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationCambridgeshire: Wisbech ( car ) Activity: driving from home to Wisbech
  6. Tape 019703 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Downham Market ( friend's house ) Activity: having coffee
  7. Tape 019704 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Downham Market ( friend's house ) Activity: having coffee
  8. Tape 019705 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Downham Market ( friend's house ) Activity: having coffee
  9. Tape 019706 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationNorfolk: Downham Market ( friend's house ) Activity: having coffee
  10. Tape 019801 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationNorfolk: Walpole St Peter ( car ) Activity: travelling from home to King's Lynn
  11. Tape 019802 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationNorfolk: King's Lynn ( supermarket ) Activity: shopping

1 (Tape 019602)

Robert (PS0C1) [1] It's running.
[2] And I've placed it in a strategic position.
[3] ... Where it can pick up everybody's conversation.
Dennis (PS0C5) [4] Yeah.
Robert (PS0C1) [5] Right?
Dennis (PS0C5) [6] But er ...
Robert (PS0C1) [7] You're not supposed to s
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Robert (PS0C1) [8] What?
Dennis (PS0C5) [9] This is when you go dumb.
Robert (PS0C1) [10] No, you don't have to worry about that.
[11] We [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [12] No, I say you don't, you do.
[13] You go dumb when you er ... when they switch on a
Iris (PS0C6) [14] I think it ought to be made clear that the ... the voices that you can hear, or will be hearing in the next half an hour or so will be that of the television.
Robert (PS0C1) [15] Yeah well that's a fact of life.
[16] She ... she has to make out a form, with erm what was happening at the time and everything.
[17] The duration ... and all that type of [...] .
[18] But so far she's managed to record five minutes of conversation between me and her.
[19] So ... and she's got twenty tapes ... C [laughing] nineties to do [] .
Iris (PS0C6) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [20] What was this tape?
[21] It wasn't bedroom er ... ?
Robert (PS0C1) [22] No no this was just
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Robert (PS0C1) [23] just some conversation we had during the day.
Dennis (PS0C5) [24] Oh.
Robert (PS0C1) [25] But ... if I can leave it running and it runs out it will ... suit me down to the ground.
[26] ... There you go Dennis.
[27] Eyes down for a full house.
[28] ... [snooker playing sounds] Cocked that up properly. ...
Dennis (PS0C5) [29] That's Loretta Swit.
[30] ... Have to get your eye in won't you, on this?
Robert (PS0C1) [31] Yeah.
[32] ... [...] that one. ...
Dennis (PS0C5) [33] Well I couldn't go to the bottom of the table because of the ... Eeeuk! ...
Robert (PS0C1) [34] Bit like pot black really isn't it?
[35] Clink
Dennis (PS0C5) [36] Yeah.
Robert (PS0C1) [37] clink clink. [...] conversation off this.
[38] ... Oh dear [laugh] ...
Dennis (PS0C5) [39] Ooh, [...]
Robert (PS0C1) [40] [mimics crying] ... Oh I'm sorry.
[41] I didn't realize you [...] .
[42] Erm, I broke so you [...] . ...
Dennis (PS0C5) [43] Yeeuk.
[44] That's all they'll get isn't it?
[45] That's all they're gonna here, eeeuk. ...
Robert (PS0C1) [46] Oh well, that's broken the duck anyway.
[47] ... There was too much power on that one.
[48] ... I definitely haven't got the action [...] .
[49] Definitely ... erm what I was trying to do was ... not do what I've been doing which is to jerk [...] .
Dennis (PS0C5) [50] Yeah. ...
Robert (PS0C1) [51] [singing] What are you making? [...]
Iris (PS0C6) [52] Thing is I had some wool ... and I had the ... thing.
[53] And I tried to do a pattern but it sent all my eyes crazy counting these
Robert (PS0C1) [54] Yeah.
Iris (PS0C6) [55] holes.
[56] So I'm just erm ...
Robert (PS0C1) [...]
Iris (PS0C6) [57] mixing up the colours that will go.
Robert (PS0C1) [58] [...] ?
Iris (PS0C6) [59] Yeah.
Dennis (PS0C5) [...] ...
Robert (PS0C1) [60] Choice [...] ... Almost.
Dennis (PS0C5) [61] Not good enough though.
Robert (PS0C1) [62] Put it up then.
Dennis (PS0C5) [63] Oh yeah. ...
Robert (PS0C1) [64] Yeeeuk.
[65] ... Pink.
Dennis (PS0C5) [66] Mark it.
[67] ... Mm
Robert (PS0C1) [68] [...] ... Probably happy with that Dennis.
[69] You got one didn't you?
[70] ... Don't think they're getting their value for money off this tape.
[71] What do you reckon?

2 (Tape 019603)

Gillian (PS0BY) [72] Do you want a tea or a coffee? ...
Robert (PS0C1) [73] Sorry?
Gillian (PS0BY) [74] Do you want a tea or a coffee?
Robert (PS0C1) [75] Cup of tea please.
Gillian (PS0BY) [76] I've just been filling in my books and reading all about it.
[77] ... I rang mum up.
Robert (PS0C1) [78] Mm?
Gillian (PS0BY) [79] And said to her about erm ... putting the kids to bed.
Robert (PS0C1) [80] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [81] And said we'll try and get something sorted out before you babysit on the ... nineteenth.
[82] I said we didn't do too bad.
[83] I said Ben was wet but I didn't, his bed wasn't, so ... god knows [...] ...
Robert (PS0C1) [84] Is it a marketing exercise for the Sony Walkman really?
Gillian (PS0BY) [85] Sorry?
Robert (PS0C1) [86] Is it a marketing exercise for this?
Gillian (PS0BY) [87] I don't know.
[88] Oh I've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris.
Robert (PS0C1) [89] Yeah?
[90] Was it any good?
Gillian (PS0BY) [91] Mm clank, click pheew clank click [laugh] .
[92] I couldn't understand what you ... you were saying to Iris though.
Robert (PS0C1) [93] Couldn't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [94] No.
Robert (PS0C1) [95] Oh well [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [96] Well you, all I heard was something about her sorting out some wool ... and
Robert (PS0C1) [97] She was doing a tapestry thing.
[98] ... I'm a little bit erm ... concerned with our Darrell. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [99] Yeah oh I think he's just peed off with his ... father.
[100] ... or
Robert (PS0C1) [101] Yeah but it just st strikes me he's losing perspective of who's doing what for who.
[102] ... I appreciate that the long term we gain as far as that property, yeah?
Gillian (PS0BY) [103] Yeah.
Robert (PS0C1) [104] But the short term, he is not making us rich is he? ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [105] Not by doing it the speed he's doing it.
Robert (PS0C1) [106] If he'd have taken his time and he'd have got himself some more work ... yeah?
Gillian (PS0BY) [107] Yeah.
[108] ... Well I think he, it's just Friday night and ... he's coming up here tomorrow morning.
Robert (PS0C1) [109] Is he, why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [110] Oh, I just said do we see you over the weekend
Robert (PS0C1) [111] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [112] and he says he's coming up tomorrow morning and erm ... but he's got places to go and people, you know how he says it, places to go ... people to see ... tomorrow afternoon and Sunday.
[113] I asked him if he was going on his boat and he said no.
Robert (PS0C1) [114] No, he's put it in his winter mooring hasn't he?
Gillian (PS0BY) [115] No idea.
Robert (PS0C1) [116] Fair weather sailor Jim.
[117] Despite all the rum bum baccy stuff. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [118] I think it's just Friday night and he's ... yeah, basically.
[119] ... I don't think Billy's telling him enough [cough] to be honest.
Robert (PS0C1) [120] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [121] I just don't.
Robert (PS0C1) [122] [yawning] What, he knows something's happened [] .
[123] But he doesn't know what it is. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [124] He doesn't seem to be involved in that many ... discussions about the company does he?
[125] [yawning] Or what's happening.
[126] I mean [] he was moaning about erm or those trade accounts weren't he?
Robert (PS0C1) [127] Mm.
[128] ... well it's not for me to say.
[129] I don't know anything more about this business than he does.
Gillian (PS0BY) [130] Oh no.
Robert (PS0C1) [131] [...] go as far as to say we probably know less about what's going on than he does.
Gillian (PS0BY) [132] Do we?
[133] Oh.
[134] Such is life.
[135] ... I had a word with Steph on the phone.
Robert (PS0C1) [136] Oh?
Gillian (PS0BY) [137] She's getting fat. ... [...]
Robert (PS0C1) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [138] Yeah.
[139] She goes to hospital on Thursday.
[140] Eighteen week appointment.
[141] She's had another scan.
[142] ... Got to work on Sunday.
[143] ... They're gonna work from ... nine thirty till four thirty this Sunday.
Robert (PS0C1) [144] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [145] And then every Sunday up to Christmas.
[146] And if the ... trading's good enough they're gonna carry it on.
[147] ... So ... how that will go with the Sun Sunday laws I don't know.
[148] ... I'm waiting for Tesco's to ... foreclose on what they said they were gonna do.
Robert (PS0C1) [149] And what's that then?
Gillian (PS0BY) [150] Well they're supposed to be opening on Sundays but didn't Texas and all those get fined last year?
Robert (PS0C1) [151] Mhm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [152] For opening on Sundays?
Robert (PS0C1) [153] Yeah but because there's a ... European Court ... ruling outstanding ... local authorities aren't gonna take them to court.
Gillian (PS0BY) [154] Oh. ...
Robert (PS0C1) [155] Because the ... shop can just put an injunction on them, stopping them taking it any further.
[156] Or they can sue them for loss of income.
Gillian (PS0BY) [157] Uhuh.
Robert (PS0C1) [158] Yeah?
[159] Are you having this bath?
Gillian (PS0BY) [160] Yeah.
[161] Are you happy about this car situation?
Robert (PS0C1) [162] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [163] You sure?
Robert (PS0C1) [164] Yeah.
[165] It's work I'm ... concerned with.
Gillian (PS0BY) [166] Why?
Robert (PS0C1) [167] [...] enough done.
Gillian (PS0BY) [168] You've got Monday haven't you?
Robert (PS0C1) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [169] You've got Monday haven't you?
Robert (PS0C1) [170] Sorry?
Gillian (PS0BY) [171] You've got all day Monday.
Robert (PS0C1) [172] Yeah but I need to do some typing.
[173] I'm trying to think how the fuck I'm gonna conduct this meeting ... with half the company round the table.
Gillian (PS0BY) [174] Yeah.
Robert (PS0C1) [175] How I'm gonna run it. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [176] Well how many's gonna be at this meeting?
Robert (PS0C1) [177] About twelve I think.
Gillian (PS0BY) [178] Including Jeff?
Robert (PS0C1) [179] Jeff, Fred.
[180] ... Brian who's their manager of operations.
Gillian (PS0BY) [181] Jo?
Robert (PS0C1) [182] No.
Gillian (PS0BY) [183] Oh!
[184] ... She's not getting a look in?
Robert (PS0C1) [185] Sorry?
Gillian (PS0BY) [186] She's not getting a look in?
Robert (PS0C1) [187] Not so far.
Gillian (PS0BY) [188] Ha ha, I bet she winkles her way in if there's a free lunch going.
Robert (PS0C1) [189] There isn't a free lunch on it, it's company internal software.
Gillian (PS0BY) [190] Oh.
[191] ... Do you want mum to come to Argos with me tomorrow morning?
Robert (PS0C1) [192] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [193] Well she isn't, I don't think she's doing anything tomorrow morning.
Robert (PS0C1) [194] Are you asking me?
[195] Why are you asking me?
Gillian (PS0BY) [196] Cos you said you'd come to Argos with me.
Robert (PS0C1) [197] I said I'd stay here with the kids.
Gillian (PS0BY) [198] Oh is that what's the plan of action?
Robert (PS0C1) [199] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [200] Sorry.
[201] Right.
[202] Okay.
[203] ... Erm, I said I'd try and get over and see Steph one day next week.
Robert (PS0C1) [204] Sorry?
Gillian (PS0BY) [205] I said I'd try and see Steph one day next week ... and take her some maternity clothes and erm ... I'll wash some of these baby things.
[206] ... If not I've only got to put them up in the attic ... and bring them down in ... three month's time.
[207] So I might as well take them over there and get rid of them.
[208] She said she don't mind having the stuff in the house.

3 (Tape 019604)

Bonnie (PS0C7) [209] Those new twenty pound notes frighten me.
[210] ... [...] ... Everyone's [...] .
[211] ... Sorry I asked.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [212] You have ain't you?
[213] Twice.
Gillian (PS0BY) [214] Yeah I was lucky.
[215] I [...] some meat ... and ... christmas pudding and brandy butter.
[216] ... [...] I said I've got some boring people coming on Sunday ... for lunch.
[217] So, oh they're vegetarians ... oh one, no the wife is vegetarian, she's a real mare ... [...] .
[218] I mean I don't mi the husband's alright ... the husband's alright.
[219] But she's really pathetic.
[220] And erm I got the vegetarian cookbook out this morning so Rob said what you looking at that for?
[221] So I said well Janet's a vegetarian I said, I can't give us lot roast lamb and give her ... you know.
[222] Said I've gotta do her something a bit decent.
[223] Said I know what to give her ... he said ever so excited.
[224] So I said ooh I said, what's that?
[225] He said Birds Eye frozen dinners.
[226] [laugh] He said you can [...] [laugh] I said you can't do that.
[227] But she ... she ate, the only meat she eats is chicken.
[228] She's vegetarian but she eats chicken.
[229] [...] see what I ... I might
Bonnie (PS0C7) [230] She isn't a proper vegetarian then is she?
Gillian (PS0BY) [231] do something with that tomorrow and freeze it and then reheat it, give it on Sunday for her.
Bonnie (PS0C7) [232] She isn't a proper vegetarian then?
Gillian (PS0BY) [233] Oh no!
[234] Too pathetic to do anything properly.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [235] Yeah that's her.
[236] ... I remember her now [...] [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [237] Well I'm not gonna laugh when she comes up here am I?
Bonnie (PS0C7) [238] No.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [239] No [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [240] Well no it was the way you said the jumper.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [241] No I said [...] jumper.
Gillian (PS0BY) [242] Oh I see.
Bonnie (PS0C7) [243] [...] .
[244] Oh that's nice. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [245] Will that be okay?
Bonnie (PS0C7) [246] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [247] Something like that?
Bonnie (PS0C7) [248] I want it quite [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [249] Yeah do, do you want in chocolate and vanilla?
Bonnie (PS0C7) [250] Yes please.
Gillian (PS0BY) [251] Right.
[252] Well I do, I do them all, try and do them all a bit different but it'll be something on that line.
Bonnie (PS0C7) [253] It's nice innit? [...] next one?
Gillian (PS0BY) [254] No there's [...] enough [...] .
Bonnie (PS0C7) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [255] No, it's just literally sponge and buttercream.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [256] It's all yours.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [257] Thank you.
Gillian (PS0BY) [258] Oh it's ... it it's on a ... it's on erm ... it's on a plate so you er I don't mind ... I'm, you know I don't mind not getting it back for the next month.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [259] Well you won't get it back till next week.
Gillian (PS0BY) [260] I'm not I I I
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [261] You don't want me to take all this [...] now?
Gillian (PS0BY) [262] No, I I'm not ... no, I've got enough plates to keep me going.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [263] [...] just have to wash an extra one out.
Gillian (PS0BY) [264] Yeah well she
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [265] Sure you'll have enough for Sunday?
Gillian (PS0BY) [266] Yeah well she might have a paper one.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [267] Not really, no.
[268] I've just got a bag of crisps.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [269] I'll go.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [270] Go on!
Gillian (PS0BY) [271] No!
[272] I [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [273] Come on then!
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [274] She's a worrier.
Gillian (PS0BY) [275] Why, what's the matter with her?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [276] She [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [277] Why?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [278] I don't know. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [279] Is she like that at home?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [280] She's obviously scared.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [281] I thought ... I thought if you spend time [...] my kids.
[282] [...] . I put ... the two of them are sleeping together in the same room ... and the other one's in, we've put her back in with us.
[283] When ... if one wakes up then we've got three up there I said to Robert no way.
[284] [...] if one of the eldest wakes up [...] got to go back to bed.
[285] Er Robert said ... Charlotte who's two and a half ... she's always been pretty [...] but erm ... [...] Robert said right, mother's babysitting on the nineteenth so [...] organize [...] I I've been getting them into bed [...] and then I've gave them a little bit of milk or whatever [...] they want ... and then they've had toast with jam on.
[286] When they've had that I say right you're going to bed now [...] .
[287] Well we had to [laughing] drag them down the hall [] .
[288] The first night I took them to bed at quarter past seven.
[289] Literally quarter past eight when the I mean oh god knows how many times I went in there.
[290] But I didn't lose my rag, I was in the right mood to deal with it [...] .
[291] So at quarter past eight I said right I said [...] go to bed said gonna turn that light out [...] .
[292] Saturday night I put them to bed ... erm they went to bed at half seven Saturday night.
[293] But I actually got [...] .
[294] So then Sunday night erm ... we was there for twenty minutes [...] for ten minutes.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [295] Oh no.
Gillian (PS0BY) [296] So I [...] better now.
[297] Mind you last Monday when I got home they was all up.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [298] They was all in bed [...] it was only Joseph who was up when I come out ... but he was nearly gone up.
[299] Rob said within twenty minutes of you gone, he said they was all up.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [300] [laugh] Oh dear.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [301] It's quite a good idea though.
[302] Cos I say that, that makes the money for the christmas party.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [303] [...] the raffles I want [...] they've got some prizes [...] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [304] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [305] Your Barry's in here.
Gillian (PS0BY) [306] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [307] Cos I said I think I should have [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [308] Oh my god.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [309] [...] .
[310] I said Gillian you see.
[311] [...] she said, has she [...] them?
[312] I said [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [313] Who was that?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [314] Mrs , the funny, oh no I think that was Mrs erm ... not Mrs , what's the other one?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [315] Can't remember [...] .
[316] Mrs .
Gillian (PS0BY) [317] !
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [318] Short hair.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [319] Grey hair.
Gillian (PS0BY) [320] Straight, straight short hair.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [321] Always [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [322] Quite tall .
[323] Never wears anything jazzy.
[324] Very plainly dressed.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [325] Rather tall and she's very [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [326] Mind you she's French ... she's taught French
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [327] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [328] [...] tell me what they were singing?
Gillian (PS0BY) [329] Who?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [330] Wheels on the bus.
Gillian (PS0BY) [331] Oh wheels on the bus that was.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [332] [...] on the bus goes swish swish swish.
Gillian (PS0BY) [333] [...] yeah Charlotte sings that bit.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [334] Pete's starting to sing [...] kind of mumbling the first two lines and all of a sudden she goes [singing] on christmas day [] [laugh] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [335] I dread to think what Ben's gonna be like on chr christmas.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [336] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [337] Well he's so hyped up now.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [338] I know, all the shops have got father christmas.
[339] Tommy goes shop father christmas father christmas
Gillian (PS0BY) [340] Well this is it.
[341] ... Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [342] is he coming tonight?
[343] No!
Gillian (PS0BY) [344] He's so hyped up ... it's unbelievable.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [345] Three twenty [...] then she started shooting off [...] [someone calling raffle winners over the loudspeaker]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [346] [...] number one eight six.
[347] Green one eight six.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [348] I've got it the other way round look.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [349] [...] [singing] all day long [] [...] something [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [350] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [351] [...] [singing] beep beep all day long [] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [352] Dark blue nine seven o.
[353] Nine seven o on the blue.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [354] Eleven.
[355] ... Ben's already tried to get one of his christmas presents, to get it out the box.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [356] Which one?
Gillian (PS0BY) [357] Well I mean I'd bought stuff they'd all share.
[358] And this is a sort of erm a [...] car station.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [359] On the yellow number two eight two.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [360] What?
Gillian (PS0BY) [361] A sort of a car station thing.
[362] You go up on it and ... it's Mr Chuff ... So I got him that.
[363] ... I got Charlotte the ... Mr Loops Yellow Bus.
[364] It's got all little people inside it.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [365] What, the toy bus?
Gillian (PS0BY) [366] Yeah, that one.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [367] Is it any good?
Gillian (PS0BY) [368] Well I ain't got it out the box yet.
[369] I ain't had ch I mean I haven't had the opportunity to erm ... have a look at it yet.
[370] ... And Joseph I got a couple of toys for as well. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [371] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [372] Well I might be going out, going to Pet
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [373] On the red number two eight six.
Gillian (PS0BY) [374] going to Peterborough to erm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [375] Two eight six on the red.
Gillian (PS0BY) [376] get myself something to wear if I don't hurry up and ... if I don't hurry up and get something.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [377] Yeah.
[378] ... So erm ... I might have to go to Peterborough yet on that day and get myself kitted out.
[379] ... Well I've looked round Wisbech and I've looked round Lynn.
[380] There's absolutely nothing.
[381] Evening dress [...] .
[382] I mean either that or they're right up to your backside, you know, and I mean ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [383] [...] pink number four five five .
Gillian (PS0BY) [384] He just kicked the bucket.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [385] Do you reckon that'll [...] ?
Gillian (PS0BY) [386] No that's that's well sellotaped up look.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [387] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [388] Blue nine four five.
[389] Nine four five on the blue. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [390] Did you see anything for dad, for [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [391] That's what I say.
[392] Was that jumper alright?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [393] He ain't tried it on yet.
[394] Come in, we had tea then he went out again. ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [395] Well what else is it [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [396] Tea and biscuits or tea and sugar [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [397] Back on blue number eight six seven.
[398] Blue eight six seven.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [399] I wouldn't have it, she's supposed to be spending it tonight.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [400] Well I think I could make [...] twenty quid go further than that.
[401] ... Well look better should I say.
[402] ... Look better. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [403] [...] his cake.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [404] Pink four three three.
[405] Four double three on pink.
Gillian (PS0BY) [406] Well what's in that flat box?
[407] Has anyone discovered yet?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [408] Well whatever it is no-one don't seem to want it.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [409] On the yellow number three five six.
[410] Three five six on yellow.
Gillian (PS0BY) [411] [laughing] I honked up this morning [] .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [412] Pardon?
Gillian (PS0BY) [413] [laughing] I honked up this morning [] .
[414] Rob made me a cup of coffee ... and erm I forgot it had been standing there ... and er ... I went to take a mouthful course I got a mouth full of skin didn't I?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [415] Ugh.
Gillian (PS0BY) [416] I thought now what do I do?
[417] Do I swallow it or do I, and I stood there debating over that was it, I went wheeuuu.
[418] [laughing] I thought well that's made up my mind for me [] .
[419] Oh god it was gross.
[420] ... I said to Rob I said well I'm a couple of pounds lighter.
[421] He said why, cos I've just honked up.
[422] He said you're not are you?
[423] I said no [laughing] I had that bloody cup of coffee you made [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [424] On the white now six two two.
[425] Six double two on white.
Gillian (PS0BY) [426] Well [...] that black [...] that black [...] .
[427] ... Well how much are those tin of Cadbury fingers?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [428] Well I ain't seen nothing like that on there have you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [429] That's it.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [430] Ten ten pound box of Quality Street [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [431] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [432] at least that's something worth having.
Gillian (PS0BY) [433] Precisely.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [434] Right it's on the white number six two three.
[435] Six two three on the white. ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [436] Oh ... god well it can't be anything that exciting then can it?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [437] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [438] The last one on the green number eight four o.
[439] Eight four o on the green.
Gillian (PS0BY) [440] No ... nothing folks.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [441] Right, let me turn the cake round.

4 (Tape 019701)

Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [442] Think it's used to you in that [...] I don't know what [...] , I don't tell Ron, well he knows how I felt cos I said course I'm [...] , god he said, is that a performance, he said I haven't sat on your knee for ages, I said no I just feel like it [laugh] , before we went out and er, I said well I don't think there's anything the matter do you, I said with him back there saying make sure Mr Hudson has the notes, and he said no, he said, he said he wouldn't leave it seven months he said
Gillian (PS0BY) [443] No
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [444] if he thought there was something up he would of sent you for an x-ray, or
Gillian (PS0BY) [445] Mm .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [446] a blood test ... he said I should think what's happened, that guy who's seen you, has, I, cos I said it was his understudy, yeah, cos he said Wendy had seen Mr Hudson so obviously the notes weren't in there were they?
Gillian (PS0BY) [447] No
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [448] You see, and, I, I now I've handled it a little bit better, but I couldn't focus much at all this morning.
[449] Huh, I think I had such a good night, [...] you know what you've bloody well done he said you've got up he said before you was ready he said, you knew you wanted to get on he said, and you've got up he said with the intentions he said, you had them bloody cakes he said before you had breakfast, well I had to with her coming ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [450] But did you know that erm, you was having Emma?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [451] No ... she went, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [452] Well next time she does that to you, you're out to meet somebody [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [453] I would have thought if she would have sat in the chair, I mean ... well she couldn't go the week ... aha [...] ... I don't [...] young enough [...] yeah, [...] about a month ago she just peed of somewhere and some , I don't know, she's alright, I said yes she'll be alright, I said I'm going to start cooking ... so she said I got to take these Heather, I said well they'll travel better in there, your father said you know Jane he said if you'd given her a hand
Gillian (PS0BY) [454] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [455] yeah, she ain't got a minute has she?
[456] I said I want them back today and I said erm ... this morning ... cos I said er I want them to put my cakes in, oh she said, oh, well are you going anywhere?
[457] So I said no, so I'd better get on with my cooking, so she said oh she said done it on pur colour co-ordinated, I'm a bit more colour co-ordinated than that I was yesterday I had a
Gillian (PS0BY) [458] You're doing very well
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [459] I had a red jumper, but this was a, to be a honest this was a bit grubby down the front so it meant [...] today
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [460] [...] meeting last night
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [461] [...] ... I ain't got a jacket with me, cold innit?
Gillian (PS0BY) [462] I think it's [...] I think it's
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [463] cold innit?
Gillian (PS0BY) [464] I've [...] ... Ron's well chuffed with this car
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [465] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [466] went down to Horsham yesterday and erm ... went down there and came back filled it up with petrol, and it worked out to five quid
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [467] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [468] [...] ... said we would get [...] a mile [...] ... B M W [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [469] Oh well
Gillian (PS0BY) [470] Small world then, life's [...] I mean erm, child seat, there was one child seat in [...] that was strapped to the [...] and erm there was erm the, the other car seats in the front of the [...] not strapped in [...] I had to hurry up and put them in the back, cos I was running a bit late ... I was running a bit late anyway.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [471] I was six [...] , I could have got another four little ones, I'd used like ... and I thought well ... er ... I perhaps get us [...] you see and you [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [472] Think about that.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [473] Raffle tickets Gilly, have you planned your conservative raffle tickets?
Gillian (PS0BY) [474] Yes, I've got them in my bag.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [475] I've said to Jay I don't know whether she don't want me to help her, I don't know, I, this is the second time I've said to her, and she said oh I don't know where they are, and I ain't gonna ask her no more, if they get there they get there and if they don't [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [476] No, I've put mine , put mine in the envelope so will you hand them in on Saturday?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [477] I'll tell Ang push them through the door [...] so they can get [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [478] I thought you might stand a better chance of winning if there weren't enough votes.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [479] I won last year
Gillian (PS0BY) [480] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [481] even if it was just [...] [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [482] So er, but I thought, Gemma's got [...] if you can come er Joseph in front
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [483] I bought, I bought his pushchair in.
Gillian (PS0BY) [484] Oh, then I can just go up to Co-Op
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [485] I thought , oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [486] I thought I'd go into erm ... I'd go to the bank on my way to [...] this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [487] Alright.
Gillian (PS0BY) [488] How about that for an idea?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [489] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [490] There's more than five minutes left.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [491] So which, which car park would you want to go in, the Rainbow on the roundabout going
Gillian (PS0BY) [492] Why?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [493] well they don't have [...] do they?
Gillian (PS0BY) [494] Oh so it's the [...] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [495] [...] and you [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [496] No.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [497] and then if you two let er [...] with Charlotte
Gillian (PS0BY) [498] Caroline, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [499] Caroline.
Gillian (PS0BY) [500] Oh, it's, it's Westgate.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [501] Yeah but you see it says Co-Op you see.
Gillian (PS0BY) [502] Oh I'm thinking of Rainbow ... why am I thinking of Rainbow, is that Co-Op as well?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [503] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [504] Oh well, that's where I'm getting right confused.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [505] [...] at the top [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [506] [...] ... yeah well as long as we get to school for half past, I mean ... but she'd got a nice little cauliflower and, I think she'd got a carton some sort of [...] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [507] George Benson [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [508] Yeah I did notice
Gillian (PS0BY) [509] well at least we've got a [...] keep an eye on [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [510] That's what I thought, I'd bring the pushchair in, so we don't [...] there [...] .
[511] A lot to fiddle with, but you know we'll use.
[512] [...] poor Derek, I mean I don't know whether Derek's away, [...] didn't bother to come up on, if [...] if he didn't bother to come Friday [...] well he's still laying on the bench, but if it's Jack you see, the other day she [...] ... well [...] give did you ask him, I said no I don't mention it till Friday to him ... and then when I get the next one I'll say well is it this week's or last week's?
Gillian (PS0BY) [513] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [514] I don't want him to say well she didn't come round, she didn't ask me for the money, I mean I haven't ask him for the money and, he'd like to on a Friday, when one come up, when the next one comes you [...] can you?
[515] I thought going out tomorrow, so I said to Bob, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [516] Well you know what a great big [...] appreciate your trip tomorrow won't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [517] No wonder you [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [518] That's right, it's just that I worked, I think, yesterday I couldn't get into [...] erm, I just couldn't get into and yesterday I must admit ... I felt really rough and erm, I thought at three o'clock I was going to have to ring Iris, cos I knew you were still out you see and at three o'clock I thought I was going to have to ring Iris er just to come in cos I can't [...] like your head was [...] my stomach was churning over, it wasn't till, soon as I get some food in front of me oh I get [...] , you see I didn't feel too cracking in the morning and I thought well there's lots of stomach bugs going about and I thought well I'm having one of them, and I didn't know what I fancied for lunch and I cooked the kiddies theirs, they had fish and what have you, and erm, I thought well what can I have, [...] I thought I what, I thought I got a little tin of salmon there, so I thought right I'll have a salmon sandwich and I had that and believe me I felt, by three o'clock I could see myself picking me up off the floor, I only got spots before my eyes as such, but, I just had, I had four, five cups of water, I didn't drink any tea, and I wish then, well I don't know whether I could have felt any worse when I had the sandwich or not to be honest.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [519] Your father said er David was poor yesterday, Monday, he kept coming over sick.
Gillian (PS0BY) [520] But, I felt, I know, at one point I really thought I was going to have to ring Iris to come and just sit with the kiddies, but I thought well if I drop down what the hell, devil this house gonna look like in, with three of them ... let loose in.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [521] But do you feel better today?
Gillian (PS0BY) [522] Yeah ... I feel one hundred per cent better ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [someone sings]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [523] Are you [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [524] No, I was, I was, came over all, I didn't feel right when I got up in the morning, I'll try and park outside Westgate, I didn't feel right when I got up in the morning, Kelly get round, yes I can go and oh [...] find Robert ... erm, yeah I didn't feel right in the morning, but as soon as the day went on as soon as I had this salmon salad, sandwich, and Rob said to me well you sure it wasn't that, cos he said sometimes that salmon could make people feel a bit, nothing wrong with that, it's just a tin of salmon, you know.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [525] Yeah, but I mean if you were like that in the morning well its worse [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [526] Anyway it's doing [...] feel hundred per cent worse ... you know ... but erm ... I got the, I had quite ... and when you come I was, I was playing peepo with my jumper weren't I?
[527] When you came to door I was pulling, pulling the head
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [528] Well [...] I was coming [...] didn't I?
Gillian (PS0BY) [529] Yeah, yeah well what time was that?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [530] Ooh, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [531] Fourish?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [532] Just after that.
Gillian (PS0BY) [533] Erm ... well just as you come, that's the best I felt all afternoon and I, all I was doing was playing peepo with them through me jumper, cos I [...] games [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [534] Where's he there going?
Gillian (PS0BY) [535] No he's chin wagging to someone ... well I'll drop you off here, well that's not a lot of good is it?
[536] ... Cos you won't know where I've parked.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [537] But no, but I can have a ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [538] Meet me outside Frank's, alright, I'll drive round and park outside Frank's
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [539] Mm, mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [540] If I'm not parked out, if there's, there's anyone going about I won't park out, erm if I haven't parked where that silver car is
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [541] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [542] just [...] can you nip in and get me a pound and a half of liver?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [543] Yes.
Gillian (PS0BY) [544] And can you have a look at the price of Mr or someone or other circus, it's Mr Toots or Mr Loots or
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [545] Right
Gillian (PS0BY) [546] turtles or, leave, leave her in here nan
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [547] You sure?
Gillian (PS0BY) [548] yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [549] She can come
Gillian (PS0BY) [550] No leave her in here.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [551] ok ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [552] Hello
Gillian (PS0BY) [553] Is
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [554] hello
Gillian (PS0BY) [555] hello, you ooh, oh she's gone.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [556] hello
Gillian (PS0BY) [557] Yeah nanny's gone look.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [558] hello, hello
Gillian (PS0BY) [559] Yeah we'll go with nanny in a moment lovely.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Gillian (PS0BY) [560] Nanny's not going without you, we're just going to get in another car park, right but nanny's got to nip in that shop quickly cos look, we're late picking Ben up, we've only got ten minutes and we've got to be at, be at the nursery, alright, and nanny's gone into that shop and we're now gonna drive round the other side of that, that square and then erm, nanny will be back, alright?
[561] ... Right lets turn of this machine for five minutes.

5 (Tape 019702)

Gillian (PS0BY) [562] But it's still, it's still cheaper in Argos yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [563] It's cheaper at ... twenty six ninety nine, I had to ask about that cos I couldn't see it
Gillian (PS0BY) [564] It's Mr something [...] is it flying circus or
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [565] I don't know I said a circus one you see and er
Gillian (PS0BY) [566] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [567] Hello, hello, hello
Gillian (PS0BY) [568] I know, she's eating a [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [569] She thinks she's going
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [570] No, Charlotte
Gillian (PS0BY) [571] Oh erm ... let me slow down this bit, erm ... no it's twen , oh it is twenty six ninety nine anywhere else, I've seen it but in Argos,Wi , well William looked in the catalogue on Tuesday for me, but he said it was nineteen ninety nine in Argos
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [572] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [573] but erm, had a little [...] with the children's Christmas presents [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [574] Who?
Gillian (PS0BY) [575] Was it Monday, no it was yesterday, I was in the loo and I could hear this paper being ripped and I thought oh they've got one of my club catalogues, I didn't think any more of it and then I could hear Joseph going weee, [...] I thought what the devil's he got, so went out, Joseph has got the flying circus bus that was meant for Charlotte and him and, Brenda and Charlotte was sharing the, the, garage thing that I've brought ... so I thought well now it's out, well they're not going to keep all that till [...] I said to him whatever is Father Christmas going to say, I said he's supposed to be taking these away to bring I said er, what's Father Christmas gonna say?, no Ben [laugh] [...] forget, so I thought while they're out I could see Joseph's playing a lot, way with this bus thing, he was having a whale of a time, he thought that was great, so I said to Charlotte I said do you like that bus?
[576] Cos that was meant for her you see, she said no, I want the house, she meant the garage, so I said don't you like the bus then Charlotte, no, bus for Joseph, bus for the baby, so I thought well that's decided it then now I, she, she better have Mr Toot and
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [577] Don't make a lot of difference really does it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [578] You see all
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [579] when it's
Gillian (PS0BY) [580] all the figures all erm sit er all the same
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [581] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [582] things you see, so erm, I thought right well that's it Ben can have the garage, I'll go and buy her the flying circus, Joseph can have the bus and call it a day.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [583] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [584] You know, I mean they've still got a couple of books each and I've bought three
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [585] Swing
Gillian (PS0BY) [586] the swing and I've bought them a couple of wooden puzzles where you pick the bits up ... so, I thought well then I'll call it a day there, and that'll be that
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [587] Well this is this is it Gilly cos I mean
Gillian (PS0BY) [588] Oh you can keep going though ... totally over the top ... I thought well Joseph's was twelve ninety nine and Ben's was fourteen nineteen ninety nine and that's just tough that I've got you know, I can't get Charlotte's any cheaper than that, but, I mean they're not gonna know how much I've, they're not gonna say well you've got five pound more than what I have cos they're not of that age so, that's how I've left it, that's what I'm gonna do, I'll get her the circus and then they can swap them over and Joseph will be happy that he got something on wheels
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [589] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [590] I said to Robert
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [591] He has got something on wheels from us
Gillian (PS0BY) [592] yeah, I said to Rob you can't keep buying them learning toys, they've gotta
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [593] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [594] play as well haven't they?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [595] well that helps them as much really don't it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [596] Yeah , so erm cos then I had the argument about putting them back in the box.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [597] Tell you what I've got, I keep getting, I, I shall think I'll have another one tonight, is a great big egg box
Gillian (PS0BY) [598] Mm, well you see, these, these are big boxes on their own there, putting them in another one
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [599] Yes, but I should you'd get one of those boxes in the end [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [600] Do you think so?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [601] Well, those size of those boxes
Gillian (PS0BY) [602] Yeah, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [603] I've, I've got three of them now
Gillian (PS0BY) [604] well I could do with, I could actually do with one cos little bits and pieces, but erm, course then when I've [...] them in
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [605] I do [...] rather use the [...] one, like me I'd like two, cos I've got one full of bits and pieces [...] and the odds, odds and ends I keep [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [606] Oh ... [...] I've got, the one that I've emptied this morning [...] .
[607] I think I found [...] just the tiny [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [608] Yeah ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [609] So this [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [610] I [...] come up to that cow upstairs alright, [...] alright
Gillian (PS0BY) [611] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [612] you know er, I think I've got to get me eyes tested, cos this can make
Gillian (PS0BY) [613] Well you said that months ago
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [614] this, well this can make you feel, can't it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [615] Mm, mm, I mean, its probably got to the st
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [616] Sometimes I look
Gillian (PS0BY) [617] its probably got to the stage where you want glasses all the time now, just you know erm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [618] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [619] I mean that doesn't help as well, I know [...] Sainsbury's or Tesco's and you have to keep taking them off and putting them on
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [620] Yes.
Gillian (PS0BY) [621] that doesn't help cos your eyes are not having time to adjust erm without the glasses before you put them back on again .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [622] And I can't cope walking around in my reading glasses but I've got to
Gillian (PS0BY) [623] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [624] when I want to look at prices.
Gillian (PS0BY) [625] Pair of bi-focals or something.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [626] Oh my god.
Gillian (PS0BY) [627] No, I meant the ones with the half moons in
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [628] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [629] or where they change half way down, so you haven't got to keep taking your glasses on and off
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [630] Yeah, they are got
Gillian (PS0BY) [631] Are they?
[632] ... I think bi-focals with the half brim bits ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [633] So erm ... Which I thought well where's that all [...] about the cake, other day, that three pound one, and then two of us went
Gillian (PS0BY) [634] Oh god [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [635] there must be a reason ... you know, they, they went well so I've got sixty of them, they take them with me tonight and they said would there be any cakes available for Saturday and I, I think and I nearly said to erm, well last year you reckon you couldn't sell cakes, but anyway I helped her
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [636] Nan, nan, nan [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [637] so, and er I said do you sell [...] butterfly ones, and she said I was going to have a go at making them, but she said I can't make them like you,
Gillian (PS0BY) [638] Aha
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [639] I thought well I ain't [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [640] It involves , it involves too much work, that's why she can't do them like you.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [641] Christmas fillers you see, so I, she, cos I've, I'm going to make a couple of fruit cakes, I said well I was going to bring in a couple of fruit cakes and said if you need them not, if not I said I'll take them back I thought no way is Sue gonna eat them, eat cakes like she did last year, or year before
Gillian (PS0BY) [642] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [643] she only had the bloody cheek to charge us last year for a turkey wrong, but I mean I did get that sorted out afterwards.
Gillian (PS0BY) [644] So are you helping with the catering side or are you running a cake stall?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [645] I can't run a cake stall Gilly cos when I got a book a someone erm wants to [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [646] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [647] That's right, oh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [648] say ya, nay, or ... and er, so I
Gillian (PS0BY) [649] Well as you said last year they really wanted something for nothing, for it
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [650] Yeah , so what I'm doing, I'll [...] these, gonna make about a hundred ... or one bit or a couple of bits and some butterfly cakes and the cakes and plates and cling film, charge them a quid, eight for a pound
Gillian (PS0BY) [651] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [652] and that, that would be
Gillian (PS0BY) [653] You're not telling me this Council driver can't go any quicker ... cos he'll try to get back to [...] before, before twelve o'clock ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [654] I can't [...] twelve o'clock dinner.
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [655] No we had a reasonably good dinner and, and we didn't want no tea when we come home, this could have been some of it cos all I had then when we did about seven o'clock when we decided we'd have a bowl of soup, erm, [...] we stuffed ourselves, we had toast and breakfast erm, we had one or two sweets in the hospital, er while we were waiting and then er, we went to Asda and then we got er
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [656] er pie, chips and peas, hot actually, bread roll and butter, for one ninety nine, I wasn't half pleased, well that just suit us cos it, we would have gone somewhere else and had coffee and a cake it would of cost you, one fifty each
Gillian (PS0BY) [657] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [658] so erm, we decided that we'd have this fish and chips before we got going, [...] cos it [...] we didn't eat, you know, an awful lot yesterday
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [659] so, erm, last night when we came home I looked at this Argos ticket which I couldn't find and I've, in that I've found what erm ... a Weight Watcher ... er menu, so I picked that out, so I've had erm ... don't know what you'll call it today, boiled egg and toast, eh bread and butter
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [660] Get down
Gillian (PS0BY) [661] Yeah, alright my love, just a minute.

6 (Tape 019703)

Gillian (PS0BY) [662] You'll have to come out this way because there's lots of cars on the road ... Oh, one, two, three ... be careful and walk
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [663] Oh it's very pretty ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [664] Yes, just a, yeah go on then off you go in the house ... [...] in the gate.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [665] I don't know whether Wills is here or not.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [666] See if your little boyfriend is here ... hi [...] up the stairs, hello Charlotte, love his nursery, hello Joseph
None (PS0C4) [667] Hello Kelly, what you got?
Dennis (PS0C5) [668] He got [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [669] Yeah,
Dennis (PS0C5) [670] He's got his [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [671] A bit of peace and quiet.
None (PS0C4) [672] Oh that's golly, on the shelf, [...] here, you've got [...] on your hair
Gillian (PS0BY) [673] I'll make myself at home [laugh] .
Dennis (PS0C5) [674] Which is mine, which is mine?
None (PS0C4) [675] Over there.
Dennis (PS0C5) [676] O K.
None (PS0C4) [677] [...] clean your hair for you now?
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
None (PS0C4) [678] Yeah, he's got mousse on him ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [679] Yeah I had to come to erm [...] so I thought erm, I tried to ring you yesterday, your phone was out of order.
Dennis (PS0C5) [680] Well, she's having a new one put on.
None (PS0C4) [681] Why we was paying the bill actually we paid to [...] Sunday us connect us the following Friday
Gillian (PS0BY) [682] Why?
None (PS0C4) [683] so I had it disconnected, had it disconnected ... and so I've asked for it to be re-connected, they can't do it until twenty seventh December
Gillian (PS0BY) [684] Oh no
None (PS0C4) [685] and he's got to pay forty five quid to have it done.
Gillian (PS0BY) [686] What did you have it cut off for?
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
None (PS0C4) [687] I didn't have it cut off, he did
Gillian (PS0BY) [688] No, why, why did you have it cut off?
Dennis (PS0C5) [689] I didn't want to talk to [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [690] Oh, so it's alright with one but not with the other?
None (PS0C4) [691] Yeah.
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
None (PS0C4) [692] What's this?
[693] This is yours.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [694] Oh yes, I can see what you've done, I tried to ring you and it said erm out of order, cos I was ringing to say I'm coming to the bank this morning so I'll pop in for coffee.
[695] I thought [...] god is it [...] , [...] [laugh]
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [696] [...] three times up the [...]
None (PS0C4) [697] A mask, want to put it on, want to put one on?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [698] No.
None (PS0C4) [699] Oh Chrissy, I use that [...] where's your eyes oh [laugh] , ooh, show mum, Gilly put one on?
Gillian (PS0BY) [700] No, no, no
None (PS0C4) [701] You got a black eye?
[702] No, no ... they're all fighting fit and in the best of health, eh, [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [703] Mum, I'm bored
Gillian (PS0BY) [704] Where's your little gun? [...] watching Play Bus and Hannah's asleep and
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [705] A gun , a gun
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [706] Pardon?
[707] Do you want to put this one on?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
None (PS0C4) [708] [...] I had Jehovah Witnesses round this morning.
Gillian (PS0BY) [709] Oh that was nice for you, oh so you've had three visitors then that's lovely
None (PS0C4) [710] Yes, the end the end of that one [laugh] ...
Dennis (PS0C5) [711] It's a [...] on the er [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [712] Bloody hell he didn't stop to take [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [713] You mean a black one?
Dennis (PS0C5) [714] Yes, with all his gold and rings and [...] is that real gold, he went berserk
None (PS0C4) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [715] he didn't start mate, they, they tried to get [...] on him.
None (PS0C4) [716] [laugh] [...] having him on [laugh]
Dennis (PS0C5) [717] Sure, bloody Goldilocks, [...] everywhere ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [718] So I haven't got to pick them up from nursery today, Jayne's picking them up.
None (PS0C4) [719] Oh that's all right
Gillian (PS0BY) [720] So erm, I thought right
None (PS0C4) [721] yeah [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [722] go and have a coffee.
[723] I rang up Mandy yesterday
None (PS0C4) [724] Oh yeah, how is she?
Gillian (PS0BY) [725] who was rather sarcastic, sarcastic, I said to her erm, oh you're still alive then, as if to say you haven't rang me [...] rang you [laugh] .
None (PS0C4) [726] What she say?
Gillian (PS0BY) [727] Yes she said we're going out to a dinner party tonight, I thought golly
None (PS0C4) [728] Here we go [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Dennis (PS0C5) [729] She's fallen I think straight on the face.
None (PS0C4) [730] Come on [...] let's have a look.
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
None (PS0C4) [731] There we go, [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
None (PS0C4) [732] There we are all done, all done.
[733] [...] how did you get on with [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [734] Erm, he was, on the first and second day, he was second in class and sixty fifth over all and then he was, the next day he was sec still second in class and fifty fifth over all and then once the prop shaft or something's broken, yeah I've got a spare one, but the car came back in one bit so erm, he's got an interview with T V S next week I think or the week after because erm when Rob lent him something that erm, did his, did a lot of [...] it's nothing to do with [...] erm, they sponsored him two thousand pounds
None (PS0C4) [735] Oh good
Dennis (PS0C5) [736] See you later
Gillian (PS0BY) [737] so er , mind how you go
Dennis (PS0C5) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [738] bye, so erm, he's got an interview with erm T V S and these two guys that erm ... sponsored him for it
None (PS0C4) [739] Brilliant
Gillian (PS0BY) [740] and er, in a, [...] and then Top Gear they want to do an interview with him for er, erm racing for the disabled.
None (PS0C4) [741] Do they?
Gillian (PS0BY) [742] Yes, so he's really
None (PS0C4) [743] bully for him.
Gillian (PS0BY) [744] getting into it.
None (PS0C4) [745] Cos I've watch it,recor record it a couple of times, but I didn't realize they each had different days.
Gillian (PS0BY) [746] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [747] [...] there look, it's my fork, stop biting my nails.
Gillian (PS0BY) [748] Pardon?
None (PS0C4) [749] Stop biting my nails.
Gillian (PS0BY) [750] You have?
None (PS0C4) [751] Yeah, yeah, [...] .
[752] Will see [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [753] What, where you going to go?
None (PS0C4) [754] Well I [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [755] You on your own or with [...]
None (PS0C4) [756] No, me and Derek
Gillian (PS0BY) [757] Oh
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [758] I think he's great as that, I think he
None (PS0C4) [759] He's really quiet actually [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [760] after his wife, I said to Ron when erm
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [761] before we come I said, erm, I said you realize I said that you gonna be under pressure really cos
None (PS0C4) [762] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [763] [...] alright he's met you for five minutes but he's come here I said this gang of children, I said the poor bugger's not going to know what hit him I said alright if it's just for Sally's three I said he's gonna be, he's not gonna be relaxed I said I know that for a fact I said I know what it was like when I used to go and visit your people when I was [...]
None (PS0C4) [764] Yeah, yeah .
Gillian (PS0BY) [765] so I know he's not gonna be relaxed ... but, but after you went erm when Rob come home he said well he said what time did the party break up?
[766] I said oh just when it got dark really I said we're having it down the house, I said erm [...] drank more port I said every time we went to the loo they filled up my glass
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [767] he said eh, what do you think Gill?
[768] I said I thought he was a right [...] in fact I've never seen Sally like it before I said I felt quite [...] really
None (PS0C4) [laugh] [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [769] No, but he seemed to be great, he said, he said well he said to, to me he said she's [...] with the real thing and she wants to go for it [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [770] But he said all he did was people he'd met quite a few times now, they say that you know like [...] cos he's very funny, he comes out with me, god Sally what's the matter with you, you've been drinking or something, I said no, that's how he is he's not
Gillian (PS0BY) [771] Yeah
None (PS0C4) [772] [...] himself.
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
None (PS0C4) [773] No, I think he's, I said to Robert I've got quite a good streak cos I've never seen Sally
Gillian (PS0BY) [774] We are competitive I know that
None (PS0C4) [775] more with someone than [...] it should be like
Gillian (PS0BY) [776] I know what it should be like but I [...] [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [777] I know we have people round here for actual [...] .
[778] Everywhere I go like he follows me know what I mean, I'm sitting up there at one stage and he, he'd spend a day sort of [...] curls, curls up and cuddles me.
Gillian (PS0BY) [779] That's what it should be like Sally ...
None (PS0C4) [780] He goes to bed sometimes at eight o'clock
Gillian (PS0BY) [781] I don't wish to know that.
None (PS0C4) [782] No, no, he lays there talking to his wine and stuff you know, it's really
Gillian (PS0BY) [783] That's what, that's what is missing out of Colin and I, Colin and I
None (PS0C4) [784] Mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [785] was conversation, we just didn't talk at all
None (PS0C4) [786] Talk about it
Gillian (PS0BY) [787] that's right ... I mean when, when you ask which position you want, you know,
None (PS0C4) [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [788] [...] you think god, you know, and after five years of marriage you think well have we tried everything, yeah [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [789] five years of marriage and three children you know, [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [790] [...] it gets better every day.
Gillian (PS0BY) [791] Mm ... oh I'm pleased about that, I'm just waiting for the wedding bells, I said to Robert I said if they can't get any one to witness it, I said we'll be there, [laugh] , he said, well you [...] I said what do you mean?
[792] He said you're the one who kept saying go for it
None (PS0C4) [793] Go for it [laugh] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [794] he said but don't wait he said I've only got you to blame [laugh] and he did ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [795] What you doing on Saturday night?
Gillian (PS0BY) [796] Oh we've got, I don't think we've got anything on Saturday night, erm, Sunday that we got, Graham, Graham and Janet and [...] for lunch, mum says why do you
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [797] why do you invite them, I says well, I said well you know
None (PS0C4) [798] Obliged to.
Gillian (PS0BY) [799] it's that sort of time of the year when you have all sorts of people there, but I mean she's such, so pathetic, words [...] gonna come over for lunch, I mean we have them over every year sort of Christmas time
None (PS0C4) [800] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [801] although we never get invited back
None (PS0C4) [802] [...] darling
Gillian (PS0BY) [803] we never get invited back you know, I think erm, [...]
None (PS0C4) [804] We will have you round here, we're thinking of having a party, erm, like an evening party.
Gillian (PS0BY) [805] Can't, erm Rob's do, erm you know what we've got to get to this year?
None (PS0C4) [806] Erm
Gillian (PS0BY) [807] Well I'll tell you, Christmas party you know it's really [...]
None (PS0C4) [808] [...] I think we will have one.
[809] We toyed with the idea of having one on the twenty first of this month, but if we did, but now that we've got someone interested in the house
Gillian (PS0BY) [810] Yeah
None (PS0C4) [811] erm, I don't think we will, I think we'll wait erm
Gillian (PS0BY) [812] wait for New Year, when everyone's finished partying.
None (PS0C4) [813] Yeah ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [814] Make it an engagement party Sally.
None (PS0C4) [815] Oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [816] Come on, I'm getting right excited about this
None (PS0C4) [817] [...] yeah, [...] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [818] No we've got them coming over on Sunday and she said oh don't do anything special just do sandwiches [laugh] , oh you invite them over for Sunday lunch, cos she's a vegetarian, except she eats chicken and [...] vegetarian that eats a chicken
None (PS0C4) [819] Oh no not a vegetarian
Gillian (PS0BY) [820] I think it's, I said to Robert it's just an excuse to have chicken every Sunday for lunch so that they can save some money, you know, [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [821] Yeah, more than likely
Gillian (PS0BY) [822] so I've decided I'm going to do erm something called Sunshine Chicken, which is just chicken e , chicken casserole, a bit different, she doesn't drink alcohol so I can't do anything in wine, erm so I'm doing that, I'm doing four portions of chicken of that cos the daughter eats chicken, erm
None (PS0C4) [823] take that off
Gillian (PS0BY) [824] and I'm doing
None (PS0C4) [825] What you got for Christmas Day?
Gillian (PS0BY) [826] sausage meat loaf with bacon and bits and pieces
None (PS0C4) [827] Cor lovely
Gillian (PS0BY) [828] jacket potato
None (PS0C4) [829] What instead of just doing [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [830] yeah, erm, what else am I doing?
None (PS0C4) [831] Oh cruel dude
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [832] Erm, veg, vegetable curry I'm doing, there's something else in the savoury line, there is four things in the savoury
None (PS0C4) [833] Something
Gillian (PS0BY) [834] that went with salad what was that?
None (PS0C4) [835] We're going to a party on Saturday night it's my friends birthday party, see if I can get you an invite [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [836] Erm, yeah just let me make sure I can get a baby sitter, it just depends what mum and dad are up to, I know they should have been out on Friday night ...
None (PS0C4) [837] Is your mum Mrs E ?
Gillian (PS0BY) [838] No B
None (PS0C4) [839] Oh, cos there was a little leaflet [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [840] over there.
Gillian (PS0BY) [841] I won a bottle of wine on that yesterday
None (PS0C4) [842] Did you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [843] Yes
None (PS0C4) [844] Good for you.
Gillian (PS0BY) [845] Children had erm ... er craft erm stall and a cake stall to raise money for the Christmas party Father Christmas so it doesn't come out of
None (PS0C4) [846] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [847] and erm, Jayne presented me with a bottle of wine this morning when she took er a bottle of sherry [...]
None (PS0C4) [848] Bottle of sherry [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [849] yeah, yeah Croft as well you know, oh, [laugh] we're away here [laugh] .
[850] I've got quite into port though, I'd finished that bottle of port by Tuesday night
None (PS0C4) [851] Cor we drink port and brandy [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [852] well I, I drink
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [853] I'd gone off of it until we opened that one on Sunday when you came over and I'd finished it by Tuesday, I was getting quite hooked on it
None (PS0C4) [854] Yeah we usually
Gillian (PS0BY) [855] and thought this is no good ... well ... we came up today
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [856] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [857] yeah, who was on it today?
[858] What's today Thursday?
None (PS0C4) [859] Was it the [...] bird?
Gillian (PS0BY) [860] It was [...] today was it? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [861] Was it, was it [...]
None (PS0C4) [862] Speak properly, pancake
Gillian (PS0BY) [863] She's going through a stage talk about cakey, cakey goes to [...] it's all sort of pathetic, oh yes hello Joseph, and erm she says [...] pardon, [...] pardon, she said daddy.
None (PS0C4) [864] [...] is that a pinafore?
Gillian (PS0BY) [865] No it's shorts, culottes
None (PS0C4) [866] Is it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [867] Yeah, [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [868] Ooh, ooh, ooh.
[869] Hannah got to go to Victoria hospital on twenty second of January.
Gillian (PS0BY) [870] Oh how's she getting on?
None (PS0C4) [871] Erm alright, she [...] ... you're alright, aren't you now?
Gillian (PS0BY) [872] I can see that this one's still not on his feet you obviously noticed, he'll walk about when you hold his hands
None (PS0C4) [873] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [874] he just won't go [...] he just takes a, but he's fine
None (PS0C4) [875] [...] heavy [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [876] [...] , yes I'll talk about you [...]
None (PS0C4) [877] You know I am as well don't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [878] You've got a big tummy , you got a big tummy.
None (PS0C4) [879] Give it back to Charlotte, well let her play with it then.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [880] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [881] Oh that clock's right I hope is it?
None (PS0C4) [882] Yes
Gillian (PS0BY) [883] Oh that's alright
None (PS0C4) [884] it's twenty five to eleven
Gillian (PS0BY) [885] as long as I've gone by, or I'm leaving here by eleven ... give me a half hour to get home.
None (PS0C4) [886] I go to Tesco's this afternoon I [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [887] It's like old mother hubbard today, old mother hubbardy
Gillian (PS0BY) [888] Oh ... [...] Oh Chris goes on this weekend?
None (PS0C4) [889] Does he?
Gillian (PS0BY) [890] Yeah.
None (PS0C4) [891] My god.
Gillian (PS0BY) [892] [...] there on Friday have one of these, [...] should be on on Friday
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [893] so there putting they
None (PS0C4) [894] [...] was really impressed by that.
Gillian (PS0BY) [895] I don't think it's that big and Dick came over the other day and erm he wait
None (PS0C4) [896] He wait till you get in there?
Gillian (PS0BY) [897] yeah, and he went up the plot and he come back and he said cor you can have plenty old erm cold sheds that he could have got, I said what do you really think, I played a free hand, you mean mum and dad's hand [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [898] Is it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [899] made to look so small.
None (PS0C4) [900] Yeah it does actually.
Gillian (PS0BY) [901] So if it was me walking his dog as he goes by he said we'll see what, he said we're rebuilding a new bungalow on the insurance claim [laugh] .
None (PS0C4) [902] Why does their house, their house shakes
Gillian (PS0BY) [903] Yeah and they've got some [...] cracks in there
None (PS0C4) [904] Yeah, they're not on a [...] are they?
Gillian (PS0BY) [905] They own nothing, I mean, it's over a hundred years old, so it's just, it's like [...] built on the soil
None (PS0C4) [906] Think about where [...] probably out that way somewhere.
Gillian (PS0BY) [907] Oh hope so, it'll be really good.
None (PS0C4) [908] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [909] Yeah move out that way ...
None (PS0C4) [910] Well [...] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [911] [...] and what we doing now is London, London yesterday and you, you should have been at home today but he had to go back to London again so I didn't keep him very much, given up is it?
None (PS0C4) [912] No it's not [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [913] Given up smoking?
None (PS0C4) [914] who Rob, why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [915] He gave up yesterday [laugh] no you have to laugh
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [916] he Monday, he hasn't had one since Monday night.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [917] I've got [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [918] and he made me feel right guilty yesterday [...] I, I had to buy a packet about three o'clock, so I didn't have any until three o'clock and then [...] [child talking] [...] talk to the cat [laugh] and I thought no it's no good, Margaret I'll have to hide this packet up [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [919] ooh does the cat understand you my love?
None (PS0C4) [920] [...] me and my mother have erm arranged it all, she's invited us down there [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [921] Oh god.
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [922] Let them get on with it Sally.
None (PS0C4) [923] Yeah, I couldn't even fight the thought that she'd asked him at [...] no what I mean.
[924] It really upset me, erm, but then
Gillian (PS0BY) [925] Well it'll be nice for you and Greg to have Christmas on your own
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [926] I know it'll be quiet, but
None (PS0C4) [927] We won't stay here
Gillian (PS0BY) [928] true, that is what I mean you, you'll be able to go away
None (PS0C4) [929] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [930] I think that's the trouble with Christmas, I said to Rob, in a way, I said I hope when I get to mum and dad's age I won't expect ... my children to think oh god you got to go there for [...] you know I said that I'd love to just once take the kids away and go somewhere
None (PS0C4) [931] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [932] for Christmas, but I mean erm, it's expected I mean they all come to ours anyway so, but erm
None (PS0C4) [933] I mean our, the more I think about it I think the main, we might even go to Germany to see my sister, [...] so it might be next year, but I can't get Tony to talk at the moment, I don't know [...] erm,
Gillian (PS0BY) [934] Oh thank you
None (PS0C4) [935] [...] sister's on Christmas Eve, she lives ... somewhere [...] they've got this brilliant pub down there called the [...] , Christmas Eve and then over to his mum and dad for Christmas Day, but I [...] , I wouldn't want to stay here ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [936] Oh they [...] organized Christmas let them get on with it ... cor this is the first bit of peace and quiet
None (PS0C4) [937] Mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [938] amazing what a sweet will do.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [939] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [940] Yeah, [laugh] you cheeky little monkey, oh what you mean here he's got a black eye?
None (PS0C4) [941] Mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [942] Yeah, he dropped, he was playing [...] kitchen table he dropped it, luckily it just caught the bottom of his eye ...
None (PS0C4) [943] I've been offered a job Gill
Gillian (PS0BY) [944] Who by?
None (PS0C4) [945] You probably won't believe it
Gillian (PS0BY) [946] Not Bernard, oh no, did they ever come back to you?
None (PS0C4) [947] No, Ian [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [948] Mm, I thought they were on the way here, I saw loads of for sale signs but I didn't see any new [...] ones

7 (Tape 019704)

Gillian (PS0BY) [949] This part of the conversation has been wiped off, it'll continue in a few minutes.

8 (Tape 019705)

Gillian (PS0BY) [950] You'll have to come out this way because there's lots of cars on the road ... Oh, one, two, three ... be careful and walk
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [951] Oh it's very pretty ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [952] Yes, just a, yeah go on then off you go in the house ... [...] in the gate.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [953] I don't know whether Wills is here or not.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [954] See if your little boyfriend is here ... hi [...] up the stairs, hello Charlotte, love his nursery, hello Joseph
None (PS0C4) [955] Hello Kelly, what you got?
Dennis (PS0C5) [956] He got [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [957] [laugh] Mind you I can't talk, I looked in the mirror a couple of weeks ago and my eyes are, I mean are really they're having a rough time indeed
None (PS0C4) [958] Oh my eyes are really [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [959] and my eyes under here were black and I
None (PS0C4) [960] Mine are most of the time
Gillian (PS0BY) [961] and I thought god I've got to do something, I've looked in the mirror and I though Gill this is disgusting, you know, it really is
None (PS0C4) [962] It's horrible isn't it sometimes?
Gillian (PS0BY) [963] So erm, I went out and I had my hair, oh I've had me hair permed again but you can't tell unless you put a brush through it though
None (PS0C4) [964] Got to get mine done again
Gillian (PS0BY) [965] and erm, I went up to mum's and she's got a load of Unique make-up, and she said if there's anything in that bag you want it, you'd better have it, so I said
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [966] I went through, and we did
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [967] destroyed all mine and put it all in the [...] , I mean lipsticks ten quid a time or whatever, seven quid a time, so I went through and Mary had a [...] she got this moisture [...] , oh I thought what does this mean, she said it's for removing lines, I thought right we'll have a sample this
None (PS0C4) [968] Yes
Gillian (PS0BY) [969] so we [...] put it under there and round here and everywhere and I went over to [...] on Saturday and erm ... crumbs she said you look, you look really good, [laugh] I thought [...]
None (PS0C4) [970] What's it called?
Gillian (PS0BY) [971] yeah [laugh] it's erm, moisture sturgeon it's by Clinique
None (PS0C4) [972] Oh it's [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [973] oh I don't know, this is just a sample pot, but er, it was one that she, if you buy, sometimes [...] you're buying make up you get a freebie gift, thing, and it was, it was in one of those
None (PS0C4) [974] Alright, don't panic, here you are, quick, quick, quick, need some of that [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [975] and er, she said my eyes really sparkled she said first time I've seen them sparkle for a long while so I was right chuffed about that.
None (PS0C4) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [976] Mum.
Gillian (PS0BY) [977] Hello, oh that's pretty ... Charlotte and Benjamin found their Christmas presents the other day.
None (PS0C4) [978] Did they?
Gillian (PS0BY) [979] Yep
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [980] I was, I was in the loo and erm ... they were, they went into the office and I could hear this rummaging of paper and I thought they've got a club book, I didn't think any more of it, and when I came out they got, both of them out of the boxes.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [981] Ben had got erm a Mr [...] garage thing and I
None (PS0C4) [982] Does he [...] as well?
Gillian (PS0BY) [983] and I bought her [...] but when I came out the loo he is playing with the bus going wheeee, he was having a great time with that, I looked at him and I said got to give that to Charlotte, no, no, I don't like it I want the house, meaning the garage, so I've gone out now and bought her a circus
None (PS0C4) [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [984] cos when I went, when Ben went to nursery school [...] erm he wanted a box out of the break out of the office, I said no you're not, I said Father Christmas is going to come and collect that, I said he's gonna wrap them and I said he's gonna come and deliver it
None (PS0C4) [985] Oh dear
Gillian (PS0BY) [986] no, no, no, I thought oh god I'm gonna have to get them out of the house
None (PS0C4) [987] Well we've had all this trauma about you know, cos I [...] do you, where do you want the [...] he said well don't see much of daddy or nan and granddad and nana and granddad said they moved in on Christmas Day [...] stay here and Rachael and Steven wouldn't come up, [...] stay here on Christmas Day, it's quite likely, quite likely to go with daddy [...] he said but, in many ways I [...] he said I know what we can do is when we send [...] up the chimney we could put nanny's address, nanny's address on it, shall we?
[988] I said yeah ok.
Gillian (PS0BY) [989] Well that's alright [...] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [990] We had a new battery put on the [...] Jenny [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [991] I did, I [...] to it [...] disconnected [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [992] It's not on, I mean he is, it's as much to his advantage as yours, what if he was taken ill?
None (PS0C4) [993] I know, that's what I said, that's what got it
Gillian (PS0BY) [994] And you need an emergency you, you gotta well,
None (PS0C4) [995] He's only recently started to take notice of Hannah like take her swimming and that on [...] and since he found out that she's got a heart murmur and [...] that's what it's like, cos he [...] for tea on the way back, and then he bathed the children and put them to bed, and last night [...] no, what he put them all in the bath again, put that down again
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [996] No, it's [...]
None (PS0C4) [997] [...] , he er, [laugh] he, erm,
Gillian (PS0BY) [998] Charlotte can you get any more in your hand?
[999] You know, I mean, what you've come to stay the night?
None (PS0C4) [1000] He put the boys
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1001] in the bath last night,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1002] I think Sam accidentally kicked Hannah, or kicked Hannah I don't know I wasn't there, but he came flying down, really got to curb that child he said, I said I beg your pardon, he said you've got to curb that child [...] kicking Hannah, I said if I'd seen him kick her [...] , he said that well I'm not sure that he actually kicked her it might have been an accident
Gillian (PS0BY) [1003] Oh
None (PS0C4) [1004] but you've got to curb him of that, I said ... make matters [...] I said Dan get yourself down here now I said did either of you kick Danny?
[1005] He said no, so I said don't lie to me yes you did, I said you just said you didn't know if he kicked her or not, and this argument went on, Danny ended up in tears and I ended up really angry so I said well I'll go down then, leaving all the kids screaming [...] fuming, but he actually knocks on the door now ... [laugh] .
[1006] Oh Sunday it was really bad cos he had these people turn up for lunch and erm, said it's Sam [...] arranged to come and collect him quarter to six and then we went up to Fore Gate for lunch and then we came back here and had erm [...] we were all standing in the kitchen here, knock on the door, a [...] walked in, I'd completely forgotten about it
Gillian (PS0BY) [1007] Oh no
None (PS0C4) [1008] [...] was standing near the washing machine, [...] , Simon gave him a filthy look, I said look I apologize for [...] I'd completely forgot that you were coming to collect [...] he said I know I can see that, he hadn't really [...] what with [...] the kids all running around and, so quickly got them [...] and er, I thought he got, did you bring your cheque round?
[1009] He said no I've forgot about it sorry, no I completely forgot about it sorry I'll bring it round later and give it, he posted it [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1010] And he's the one who sent it.
[1011] What he's, I bet what he doesn't like about it is that you're not running back to him saying look Simon come back to me I need you and it [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1012] Oh
None (PS0C4) [1013] Wynne my supposed friend fixed him up and [...] .
Gillian (PS0BY) [1014] Oh
None (PS0C4) [1015] Looking at them next stage, distribution centre then are we?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1016] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1017] Mind you this is getting quite frightening at his age lark
Gillian (PS0BY) [1018] Age?
[1019] Yeah
None (PS0C4) [1020] I mean Rob was saying he
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1021] watched a documentary on it the other night and he said even by kicking someone now, if you don't [...] haven't, isn't an accident [...] it's like kissing someone you [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1022] Ooh
None (PS0C4) [1023] Now it, now it, he says it's getting quite serious now, cos apparently [...] came up with erm these four cases where erm the people have lived an absolutely normal pure life
Gillian (PS0BY) [1024] Yeah
None (PS0C4) [1025] and the only thing that they've done is if you kiss somebody, kissing someone whatever you know, erm or [...] someone's dirty [...] and that is the only thing they can put it down to
Gillian (PS0BY) [1026] Oh my god
None (PS0C4) [1027] its quite frightening when it gets to
Gillian (PS0BY) [1028] yeah it is
None (PS0C4) [1029] things like that ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1030] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1031] What my love?
[1032] No you don't want that, oh you're making a lovely train here ... well we're going to stay at a hotel on the nineteenth this Sunday
None (PS0C4) [1033] Are you, ah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1034] Yeah
None (PS0C4) [1035] second honeymoon [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1036] No we're going to erm Horsham for the Christmas party, the works Christmas party ... and erm, the hotel where Rob stopped at last time when he was down in Horsham, that's where they're doing Christmas party [...] this year, so we obviously we staying in [...] a double room
None (PS0C4) [1037] Oh lovely
Gillian (PS0BY) [1038] for the night, so, cos the woman at the hotel said er, oh she said want a double room this time not a single
None (PS0C4) [1039] Oh yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1040] so he said I did say I'm bringing my wife, she said oh yeah how many times have I heard that before [laugh] [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1041] [laugh] , it could be really embarrassing
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1042] [laugh] , so what we'll do we'll stop over the night and erm come home Friday morning, and mother's
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1043] going to stay the night.
None (PS0C4) [1044] Stay the night at your home?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1045] Yeah, yeah, get the kids organized and that's [...]
None (PS0C4) [1046] Oh that'll be lovely.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1047] So, well I haven't got anything to wear yet, [...]

9 (Tape 019706)

Gillian (PS0BY) [1048] It's my bodyguard [laugh] , so where's he having that?
None (PS0C4) [1049] Oh I don't know [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1050] Where, is it his office?
None (PS0C4) [1051] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1052] [...] [...] a lunch do or
None (PS0C4) [1053] I finished at lunch time today, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1054] Oh I wouldn't go for anything like that, he knows that as well
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1055] Laugh if you said [...] I'm coming [...] and you didn't turn up [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [1056] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1057] I'll suggest that [...] ... I thought [...] is fucking crazy, you know
Gillian (PS0BY) [1058] [laugh] , I don't think you've got anything to worry about, have you seen that advert for Babycham no [...] erm the advert with Babycham, erm, er running on about true romantics and he goes through all the differences his [...] and this woman marrying this guy and she must be and she must be fifty five, and he's about twenty three, twenty four and Rob turns round the other day and said, [...] she's got [...] [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [1059] I haven't though, cos, I mean when he gets to those [...] he's not a normal twenty two year old, he's way beyond oh yeah, twenty two, but
Gillian (PS0BY) [1060] Does he want to go out?
None (PS0C4) [1061] Yeah at the same time I'm aware of the fact
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1062] Mum where's that cat going?
None (PS0C4) [1063] that he's maybe on a learning curve, do you know what I mean?
[1064] ... I mean his little friend that came around on Sunday, Mat
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1065] Mum what's that called?
None (PS0C4) [1066] and he's he's six feet seven tall [...] , he's twenty and you'd think he was thirty five
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1067] Oh, I might come round in that case [laugh] , that [...]
None (PS0C4) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1068] Hold on, go and get [...] Charlotte
None (PS0C4) [1069] What do you want?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1070] Bread
None (PS0C4) [1071] Yeah with what?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1072] the bread
None (PS0C4) [1073] Where's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1074] He's got [...]
None (PS0C4) [1075] He's gone to the [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1076] Oh yeah ...
None (PS0C4) [1077] What do you want on it?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1078] Erm, erm butter
None (PS0C4) [1079] Get down then, so I can do it ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1080] yeah [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1081] [...] through a snow a couple of weeks ago
None (PS0C4) [1082] Do you want some bread and butter with jam Charlotte?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1083] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1084] Please
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1085] please ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1086] [...] yeah, bring that one here then
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1087] paper
Gillian (PS0BY) [1088] Paper, yes,
None (PS0C4) [1089] Oh, that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1090] paper,
None (PS0C4) [1091] about eleven o'clock
Gillian (PS0BY) [1092] oh god,
None (PS0C4) [1093] Why you got to go out then?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1094] cos erm, Val will be home at half past eleven and [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1095] Oh [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1096] Yes, Sally says we'll do it, we'll change it in the car ... alright, just as I was saying we had erm, [...] we had roast dinner, Charlotte don't aggravate him, we had roast lamb, erm and I'd washed up by two o'clock
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1097] [...] mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1098] and you know the first time since we've been married I've been able to actually cook a roast dinner and washed up by two o'clock on
None (PS0C4) [1099] When was that, last Monday?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1100] yeah [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [1101] Well this Sunday we left all the washing up [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1102] Mum
None (PS0C4) [1103] gone and left us, half past eight, we were in bed by quarter to nine and [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1104] [...] mum , don't want some on mine
None (PS0C4) [1105] You don't want jam on yours?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1106] I like it
None (PS0C4) [1107] You do want jam or not?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1108] No, I just want butter
None (PS0C4) [1109] You just want butter?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1110] Yes mum
None (PS0C4) [1111] There's yours then ... sit up ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1112] That's [...]
None (PS0C4) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1113] So you gotta say so by [...] and David, you've got to travel down there on the Saturday.
None (PS0C4) [1114] Well I've got to get to King's Lynn on Saturday
Gillian (PS0BY) [1115] Oh King's Lynn, oh that's not too bad ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1116] I want some more jam mum.
None (PS0C4) [1117] Ah I knew this, I get this every tea time.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1118] Alright, alright let's see if you like it
None (PS0C4) [1119] I'm going through a stage where erm, I'm cooking them lunch and they just have a
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1120] I've got [...] on here mum
None (PS0C4) [1121] is he alright like that or?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1122] Yeah, put it there he'll feed it, he'll have it, hurry up, that's it hurry up and eat it cos we've got to go [...] erm, and they'll have sandwiches or something for tea and er if you point something they say no I don't want it and then when the other one [...] can I have it, oh [laugh] ... you're digging your finger in it
None (PS0C4) [1123] Yeah ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1124] Erm Graham and Janet little boys have got them at [...]
None (PS0C4) [1125] And what have they said about that?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1126] They're not doing anything about it
None (PS0C4) [1127] No, they probably won't back down ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1128] I mean when [...] tests and god knows what else
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1129] Oh, oh no
None (PS0C4) [1130] What are these?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1131] [...] ... what's that called?
None (PS0C4) [1132] Charlotte, she's a girl, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1133] she's like a ... tiger
None (PS0C4) [1134] She's like a tiger is she?
[1135] Is she pretty?
[1136] ... Is she pretty?
[1137] What?
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh] ...
None (PS0C4) [1138] Tell Gill where you'd go this afternoon? ... tell her ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1139] Mm
None (PS0C4) [1140] you little slug
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [1141] he is, I call him a slug
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [laugh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1142] Look Charlotte can't do anything without being messy, look, the other, the other erm morning I went to school to pick Ben up, er and I put her in the car seat, she's lovely and clean, and I give her a biscuit, by the time we got
None (PS0C4) [1143] Oh no
Gillian (PS0BY) [1144] by the time we got there, it was all, I mean it was only a plain biscuit but it dry all way round here [laugh]
None (PS0C4) [1145] That was like yesterday, right, it was all over his clothes, all over his jumper and all round his face and all in his hair, you're a slob, [...] a slob, shall I go and get [...] yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1146] I can't sit on seat.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1147] That's right you sit on there and I'll get the kiddies ... together
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1148] no Joseph
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1149] right, you gonna hurry up and eat that, because we've got to go sweetheart
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1150] Oh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1151] if the baby [...] right, let me go and put Joseph in the car ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1152] Why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1153] you sit here, you sit still for a minute and eat, eat your sandwich and I'll just put Joseph in the car ... oh what [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1154] hands
Gillian (PS0BY) [1155] yeah, eat it up then
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1156] just let me go and put the baby in the car and I'll be back for you in a minute, alright?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1157] Yeah, if you sit there and eat that
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1158] What?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1159] There's none there.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1160] [...] , yeah ... in there
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1161] don't want fork, [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1162] [...] baby
None (PS0C4) [1163] baby
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1164] baby , it's baby [...]
None (PS0C4) [1165] that's Charlotte, that's his hattie
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1166] hattie
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1167] hattie
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
None (PS0C4) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1168] look ...
None (PS0C4) [1169] there you go [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1170] [...] , mm,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1171] oh my mummy said hat ... just smack my head
None (PS0C4) [1172] No she doesn't want to smack your head ... there you are [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1173] get off her, there she is ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1174] I'm back, hello my lovey
None (PS0C4) [1175] she's looking at Charlotte
Gillian (PS0BY) [1176] Cor, [...] ...
None (PS0C4) [1177] [...] ... no gently with her would you?
[1178] Let her go, let her go ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1179] Where's that [...] gone?
None (PS0C4) [1180] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
None (PS0C4) [1181] That's alright Gill leave them
Gillian (PS0BY) [1182] Are you sure?
None (PS0C4) [1183] Yeah, after the devastation we left you in the other day
Gillian (PS0BY) [1184] Oh god, don't matter about that ... right then have you finished eating?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1185] Yeah, eating
Gillian (PS0BY) [1186] Right let's just quick, can I use, have you got a cloth, I can just wipe her hands with?
None (PS0C4) [1187] Oh yeah there's a [...] you'll have to use [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1188] I've gone to work
None (PS0C4) [1189] I know I've got baby fresh wipes.
[1190] I wonder what you was
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1191] Yeah alright, well I think you've eaten what you're going to eat [...] you don't eat crust anyway, right that's it put it down
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1192] Got [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1193] don't you leave anything will you?
None (PS0C4) [1194] Put the cards back up please
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1195] got [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1196] You've got some, oh,
None (PS0C4) [1197] you can't pick up, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1198] oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1199] Oh, come on Charlotte cos erm
None (PS0C4) [1200] Come on darling you've got to go, we see you another day, should we?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1201] No.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1202] Yeah, we'll come and play another day
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1203] no
Gillian (PS0BY) [1204] when we've got a bit more time
None (PS0C4) [1205] shall I find out cos I think I'll see Maria tonight, I'm sure she won't mind if you come, to the party on Saturday
Gillian (PS0BY) [1206] Oh it's Maria is it?
None (PS0C4) [1207] You know Maria do you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1208] Your baby sitter, she's the plumpish one
None (PS0C4) [1209] Yeah, yeah she's the big one [...] I was being polite.
[1210] I think she's got about eighty people going so it should be quite good and we got a [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1211] Hang on, just wait
None (PS0C4) [1212] I'll have a word then I'll give you a ring tomorrow
Gillian (PS0BY) [1213] yeah
None (PS0C4) [1214] Friday, yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1215] mm, yeah I shall be there, I shall definitely be there in the afternoon anyway
None (PS0C4) [1216] Yeah, ok
Gillian (PS0BY) [1217] as far as I know, when, when is it her party?
None (PS0C4) [1218] Saturday
Gillian (PS0BY) [1219] Saturday night?
None (PS0C4) [1220] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1221] Oh, in the meantime I'll just see if mum's available, she can baby sit
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1222] [...] , [...]
None (PS0C4) [1223] yeah, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1224] I haven't met, yeah, erm, where's he live?
None (PS0C4) [1225] Up the road, big [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1226] No, I haven't met him yet
None (PS0C4) [1227] and Mat and [...] are coming as well.
[1228] I mean I'll wait, we wait there and [...] , but I think she just wants as many people as she possibly can, do you know what I mean?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1229] How old is she?
None (PS0C4) [1230] She'll be twenty three
Gillian (PS0BY) [1231] And she's just had a party party
None (PS0C4) [1232] Yes, her mum and dad just gone off on a cruise for er, I don't know
Gillian (PS0BY) [1233] Oh god [laugh] , booze up time
None (PS0C4) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1234] Ok, well give us a ring then
None (PS0C4) [1235] I'll ring you tomorrow afternoon then
Gillian (PS0BY) [1236] erm, I shall be there as far as I know and in the meantime have a word with mum and dad if they're free
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1237] right bye, bye then sweetheart
None (PS0C4) [1238] wave bye, wave bye, bye
Gillian (PS0BY) [1239] bye, bye darling
None (PS0C4) [1240] bye.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1241] So [...] woke up and Will's now gonna show off for you, right we'll see you soon
None (PS0C4) [1242] Lovely to see you
Gillian (PS0BY) [1243] yes, I thought I'd just nip in, let you know I'm still alive
None (PS0C4) [1244] thank you, bye
Gillian (PS0BY) [1245] talk to you later
None (PS0C4) [1246] bye.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1247] let's just do the door ... right off we go ... look where you're going
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1248] step
Gillian (PS0BY) [1249] that's right, now we've got to hurry up and get home, we're late ... say what's new mummy ...

10 (Tape 019801)

Gillian (PS0BY) [1250] So you had a good day yesterday?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1251] Yes dear, very, very nice ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1252] I thought about you, about what time was it, about ten o'clock and I thought well it's no good gasping for air, she'll soon be able to have some yeah [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1253] [...] but as I was saying erm, it was erm ... when you think I sort of tend to worry if I see like Neville you know
Gillian (PS0BY) [1254] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1255] towards [...] or anywhere, but then you see it can be your weight as well
Gillian (PS0BY) [1256] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1257] to climb the stairs, and I think then you tend to panic a bit, I [...] and I felt most of the time I felt fine, and then you see getting up at five o'clock yesterday morning, by the time I got off, it was your father that fell asleep on that last drinking session, but I mean, as I said we ain't used to drinking in the day like that
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1258] I mean some of them at the [...] going in at dinner time and have a couple, three pints it don't hit them does it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1259] No
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1260] And erm ... I [...] they had to have [...] a couple of [...] I mean I think [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1261] yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1262] and er, well what they were saying on bus cos he had a sleep just in front of us last night, somebody said we're [...] Park Row and they said oh he's asleep in front there, well that was him you see, so I reckon he comes from there, see I mean, the rest must have just come in here or King's Lynn, well if they fell out [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1263] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1264] they could get ready for half past where with rather doing the [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1265] oh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1266] we had our alarm ooh after five, William called us just in case we laid late, so we was on the move ten, ten past five, so I mean we've been on the go perhaps two hours more than anybody else ... and eh, and then cos when, it was just [...] like that, but it was down here now I thought to [...] went to [...] that down on his [...] and a little
Gillian (PS0BY) [1267] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1268] bit here and I thought god that [...] so I thought right I'm gonna change places in that seat but your father's sitting on, [...] alright, I said [...] go in that back seat, just behind us there were [...] there or I said or I'm just coming to sit where you are, I said I can't do four hours sitting like this, I mean I'd have been boss eyed before I got, well I was I, I, all say look at that cloud [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1269] mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1270] I would have been boss eyed before I got out of Lynn, I could feel it you know, squint through
Gillian (PS0BY) [1271] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1272] [...] and I thought there was no good putting up with it just by not saying
Gillian (PS0BY) [1273] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1274] perhaps he's been forewarned and just swapped over sides with [...] , but I mean we had a full wind and light [...] through then, well sort of
Gillian (PS0BY) [1275] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1276] and er so that was ok and, you know, but they [...] I didn't know quite what to do with myself when I got home [...] then I watched, see the news, see about this Sharon er, no Sharon
Gillian (PS0BY) [1277] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1278] er I was listening to [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1279] well, I mean all erm [...] was erm
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1280] erm Wednesday night was a, an, an engineer
Gillian (PS0BY) [1281] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1282] well it's the next door neighbour ... and they said it's alive and [...] I asked Jayne cos I said what the, [...] hospital, yeah cos like it, it's that neighbour, well it's a neighbour
Gillian (PS0BY) [1283] yes, but [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1284] neighbour either side,
Gillian (PS0BY) [1285] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1286] but, I reckon it's the guy when they went down to Aunty Queenie, to that stream that day ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1287] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1288] because they, she said [...] that has this hay and straw, [...] so [...] ... so all in all [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1289] [...] ... so er will go on another trip?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1290] Oh yeah [...] ... I mean they were good company to go out with and I said to you [...] at dinner time and then since they've joined us, so we was all the same
Gillian (PS0BY) [1291] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1292] time, I [...] sort of thing, bit like [...] and Barbara did, but they were
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1293] What?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1294] [...] where you looking [...] this is the combine here look
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1295] but I mean they weren't [...] you know and I mean someone we didn't even know at all, so er ... you know all [...] erm ... but I mean Lionel sat with the guy that organized it and the bus driver so he didn't feel out of it, you know,
Gillian (PS0BY) [1296] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1297] [...] so you know all in all erm
Gillian (PS0BY) [1298] When could you go on one of these [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1299] [...] , but when they asked us to go, you know, I mean they [...] two seats to spare and old Bert wouldn't speak and came and said would you two like to go, he's on the committee, you see so he went and mentioned it to Lionel and Lionel got them out and said would you like to go and right I'll put your name down so
Gillian (PS0BY) [1300] How much did it cost?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1301] nothing.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1302] Huh, you can't complain at that can you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1303] Erm, [...] gone in that museum it was eight ninety five to go
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1304] and the meal would have cost, I should have think, well Dan said the Christmas meal was being advertised, it was gonna be served any time, erm [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1305] I mean you can't , you can't go any, I mean you can't even go to the Bridge [...] for er, erm, a meal under a fiver so
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1306] I [...] eight or nine pounds
Gillian (PS0BY) [1307] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1308] I think it was, was it six fifty for one lot of meal and eight for another?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1309] [...] , it's got the [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1310] Just got erm , I mean [...] was out in the stick ... I like to just half a dozen little flight of stairs perhaps with a dozen steps [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1311] Don't know, well what have you done with it?
[1312] Alright, well look, dear I can scrub that [...] and I'll, I'll get it for you so all in all er can you see the boat, you look and see them in a minute
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1313] [...] behind this one
Gillian (PS0BY) [1314] erm, oh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1315] I came along here the other day and I thought oh heck, if you were living in [...] actually [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1316] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1317] Mum, there's a boat
Gillian (PS0BY) [1318] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1319] boat
Gillian (PS0BY) [1320] I don't know what you're saying [...] ... we're going to go to the shops
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1321] shops
Gillian (PS0BY) [1322] That's right, we'll change the subject [laugh] , so er ... erm ... oh, forgot whatever I was going to say to you ... oh [...] are you doing anything Saturday night? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1323] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1324] Oh you got your market all day haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1325] No, I ain't promised I'll be there all day Gilly because I could
Gillian (PS0BY) [1326] well,noth nothing's happened as yet, but Sally's erm been invited to a party, her, her baby sitter's party
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1327] mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [1328] and there's only going to be a couple of people there she knows and she was gonna ring Marie and see if Rob and I could go, you know, really as a, to keep, make up a foursome sort of thing
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1329] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1330] and she said it's on Saturday night so I'm sor , you know, I'm sorry it's short notice and erm she said I'll ring Marie and find out, I said well you know ring her but I said I can't make any promises I said, I know mum should have been out Friday night and [...] I don't know what else she's got on ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1331] Oh it's only a [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1332] so erm ... it might not come [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1333] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1334] Yes Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1335] Pardon? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1336] I said I would make them a hundred butterfly cakes, and they either they'll eat them or they'll sell them, and I'll hav I'll try and have them ready for when [...] rings up at half past one and if they sell them and she brings me any [...] I wouldn't mind knocking a few more up for tomorrow, but I'm not gonna give them all
Gillian (PS0BY) [1337] Oh no
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1338] You know, I shall say look, er, a I'm a [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1339] So, what's the plan of action then, is dad going all day or
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1340] I don't quite know Gilly, what tomorrow?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1341] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1342] I don't quite know, er morning always seems that much busier as regards food, so Ivan's going up in the morning erm, you know ... why?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1343] Well is only, only asking ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1344] Father's gotta be up there as tomorrow night to take [...] to bring his stuff
Gillian (PS0BY) [1345] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1346] when they shut at three you know four
Gillian (PS0BY) [1347] Well I mean his erm, his father's up there and, I mean if you want to go up later on I'll run you through
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1348] yes, oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1349] if you decide you want to go sort of four, fourish or threeish
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1350] oh it closes at three
Gillian (PS0BY) [1351] oh well
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1352] so I mean I should want to sort of come home ... sort of then ... you know, er ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1353] Mum you should be alright for a lift home with someone shouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1354] Mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1355] I mean if you decide you want to go
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1356] But I don't want to go from eight o'clock
Gillian (PS0BY) [1357] no
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1358] or nine o'clock till three
Gillian (PS0BY) [1359] no ... cor look at this tractor and trailer look, can you see it Aysh?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1360] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1361] it's not got a number plate on it
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1362] tractor
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1363] and a trailer
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1364] No, er, we were sort of saying to Jayne everything was so pricey in that museum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1365] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1366] you know, erm, I said well we'll take them a little something home.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1367] Well, that's how a lot of these places make the money isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1368] Yeah ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1369] Tell you where I wouldn't mind going to have a look erm, [...] Crystal
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1370] What's [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1371] Well, there, if the things open today, cos erm I haven't got anything for Jayne
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1372] mm, mm.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1373] if they have got Aunty Jayne's present
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1374] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1375] have a, cos I bought her that umbrella
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1376] yeah, [...] skirt
Gillian (PS0BY) [1377] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1378] and earrings
Gillian (PS0BY) [1379] mm ... you couldn't wait could you?
[1380] ... I don't see the point in going mad cos you're not going to get there any quicker ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1381] Then you get some [...] clown like her
Gillian (PS0BY) [1382] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1383] or him
Gillian (PS0BY) [1384] god, they're half asleep today
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1385] with no [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1386] [laugh] ... perhaps if we can quickly, I mean I don't want a lot out of Tesco's, it will just save turning out, I don't mind turning out this afternoon but, if the traffic
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1387] It'll do more good at home can't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1388] Well it don't seem a lot of point in wasting petrol to come
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1389] Cos I don't, I don't
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1390] [...] hoover [...] my house ... but I mean father's now put irons and toasters on side the bed and oh Gilly ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1391] Oh, get this Christmas bingo out the way
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1392] So I got I've, I've have a
Gillian (PS0BY) [1393] you'll be alright
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1394] I'd rather have a couple hours
Gillian (PS0BY) [1395] [...] me
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1396] a couple of hours tonight wrapping up presents and rest and you know
Gillian (PS0BY) [1397] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1398] rather be up there with them ... they sanctioned to go up there on a Friday night and they said that, that lot of them do er ... you know, what you call it, there you go up and everyone's in the mood to sell you something, they let you, you know
Gillian (PS0BY) [1399] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1400] [...] ... and course with that Ron on the [...] , of course you know, he tells jokes and some of them are a little bit crude, but, they take all in good part, you know, I said to dad I said you don't always, he's that dry
Gillian (PS0BY) [1401] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1402] I mean he went to school, he went to oh [...] school, but he lived at Enfield and erm, you'd have never thought then that he had got it in him and, so dry I said to dad I said he never ought to be a bus driver, cos the things he comes out with, he'd have to be a comedian, I mean he's, I mean as er, what, they used to call the comedians didn't they, three or four of them on the telly, and I mean
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1403] Mum [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1404] they're all animals, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1405] [laugh] , I know, I think he wanted a pair of binoculars.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1406] er, so, with that er ... he never ought to be on the buses, I mean he ... old Bernard Manning and Charlie what was that, his name, Charlie what?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1407] Williams?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1408] They called it the old comedians
Gillian (PS0BY) [1409] Yeah, yeah , yeah, er well he was a half cast,wh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1410] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1411] oh god you definitely said they're out today, oh where's he going?
[1412] Oh ... ah, and they talk about women drivers, ain't got a patch on him ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1413] Where's he gone?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1414] Oh, oh, well he's still reversing, he's waving his arm about for everyone to overtake him but, he still sits in the same position ... [yawning] oh dear [] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1415] So I come there at [...] this morning with cramp in my leg and I said I've hardly had that,
Gillian (PS0BY) [1416] Oh there's that little old man mum ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1417] oh yeah, she came the other week with somebody, I reckon he ill treated her ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1418] I, he looks a bit weird don't he?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1419] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1420] Oh come on, stop having a chinwag ... [...] ... I see if I can park round by the post office first ... do you know what you want out of Argos or, oh you've written all the numbers down haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1421] Yes I did.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1422] That's what I call super efficient ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1423] There's the Argos ticket ... I don't know whether it's in ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1424] What's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1425] Alright, can, can I just park up then I'll get it for you
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1426] Yeah, where, look see where this light is up here, look, as soon as I've parked I'll get it for you but at the moment I can't reach it
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1427] alright?
[1428] In a minute I'll get it ... that's a school like Ben's, look Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1429] Can you see it?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [scream]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1430] That's a nursery like Ben's
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [scream]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1431] What's the problem Joseph?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1432] Well there are then drink it.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1433] There look there's the serviette.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1434] [...] isn't it?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1435] [laugh] ... oh what is the matter with everyone today? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1436] I think you might have to have a look Gilly, just to double check cos I've got two numbers on here.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1437] Oh, what was it you wanted?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1438] The police one
Gillian (PS0BY) [1439] Oh the police Lego, erm, Duplo?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1440] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1441] Look at the digger Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1442] Oh where the hell have I put that now?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1443] Digger
Gillian (PS0BY) [1444] look here ... well I, I know which one it is cos they're on a separate page in the Argos book
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1445] Oh no , no
Gillian (PS0BY) [1446] yeah, so I know what you're talking about ... well didn't you say you got the police one the other day?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1447] No, no, I couldn't get it
Gillian (PS0BY) [1448] Oh I thought you got, what did you get from As Asda?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1449] father got another set of lights
Gillian (PS0BY) [1450] No from Asda you bought two Duplo things, well [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1451] No I bought one
Gillian (PS0BY) [1452] one
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1453] that farm yard set
Gillian (PS0BY) [1454] ah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1455] the farm yard set for Katie ... but then, cos I haven't got her so much, so I thought we, she, I don't think she'd be into police, I thought if I bought police and that was dearer and the amount that I bought for Ben and Charlotte
Gillian (PS0BY) [1456] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1457] they'd better share the police and if it comes to the crunch I can get a farm yard for the birthday
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1458] you know what I mean?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1459] Oh look at this, for a handy spot
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1460] Well I don't know where I put the Argos ticket at all now, got the one you want, in [...] given you that one because er ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1461] Mummy
Gillian (PS0BY) [1462] Yes
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1463] mummy
Gillian (PS0BY) [1464] Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1465] mummy, [...] mummy [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1466] pardon?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1467] Try?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1468] Try?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1469] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1470] Try for what my love?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1471] try
Gillian (PS0BY) [1472] Try [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1473] There's my thirteen pound and your
Gillian (PS0BY) [1474] Oh you've got a speak problem today, the brain's not quite functioning with the mouth, is that right?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1475] don't want big one.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1476] Now is there anything else you want in town?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1477] Don't think so Gilly.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1478] Right, if we erm, nip off to Tesco's now, what's the time, half past ten ... are we going to go into Tesco's now Charlotte and have a ride in the trolley?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1479] Trolley
Gillian (PS0BY) [1480] Trolley
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1481] Are you gonna be a good girl in Tesco's?
[1482] I ain't got the reins with me, going to have a ride in the trolley, no
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1483] trolley
Gillian (PS0BY) [1484] yeah you can ride in nanny's trolley, won't that be nice?
[1485] In the front ... oh come on ... Argos has now open, open on erm Sunday
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1486] Sunday , yeah it was in the paper
Gillian (PS0BY) [1487] won't be any different to any other day of the week then will it?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1488] Rainbow,
Gillian (PS0BY) [1489] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1490] what I've seen in the paper today, we're both gonna join today, er this week, er [...] Council erm, er are looking forward to it, they approve of it ... bet you bloody [...] County Council will ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1491] So we're gonna catch every traffic light on red now ... there was something I wanted to go into Wisbech for but I can't think for the life of me what it was, I must get stuck into this Christmas shopping again, really must ... so much to do and such little time to do it in ... oh he's, he's put that car down five hundred pounds, that price of that car was, that he got for sale on it seven, seven, nine, five,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1492] What, [...] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1493] then it went down to seven, fifty, now it's six fifty ... it [...] looking good a nick in, he'd be lucky to get five I would have thought ... is there anyone you want a bit of crystal for?
[1494] Crystal ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1495] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1496] mind you it's perhaps not a good idea to go and have a look not with this
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1497] no
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1498] No, perhaps go one day
Gillian (PS0BY) [1499] I think there's only one I actually need to
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1500] No, but give me a chance just to have a
Gillian (PS0BY) [1501] oh [...] with the women, it's men I haven't got organized.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1502] What colour cords does Rob want?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1503] Erm ... black.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1504] You got the men sorted out?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1505] Who William and Dad?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1506] Yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1507] No ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1508] Well do you want that Littlewood's shirt that I've got, [...] still says that we're going, I get up on ... Sunday and go to [...] and [...] , no we've got to go to [...] with that coat, take that coat over
Gillian (PS0BY) [1509] Oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1510] so if you wanted to go [...] see if you change William's thing to the colour I want and if they had, he said ... he thought the shirt that the guy got [...] with it matched it better than the smaller check, so ... do you wanna give him that check shirt that I bought him?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1511] Yes, how much is that?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1512] Nine ninety nine.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1513] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1514] It was just a thought that I
Gillian (PS0BY) [1515] mm, alright
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1516] can take it back
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1517] that it was a nice one , it was a brushed one.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1518] No, that'll be al , I, I just haven't got a clue what to ... what to get him, I, I mean I'm still stuck for father ... women I, I seem to be getting on quite well for the women it's just ... finding some
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1519] What col , what col
Gillian (PS0BY) [1520] come on granddad move your bottom.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1521] what colour did you say?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1522] what colour
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1523] cords?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1524] Black ... why?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1525] Well I don't know.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1526] Oh I see, either black or navy, but erm, he's got more jum , more jumpers to go with black.
[1527] I've erm, I've got him a sagey coloured pair ... now you're gonna be a good girl today aren't yeah?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1528] So is he alright for sweaters?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1529] Erm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1530] You know, I've got to work it out
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1531] Mum
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1532] what I've,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1533] what William's will come to and
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1534] Well he's alright, he's got a navy sweater and a grey multi sweater
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1535] He'd, would he be into one of these?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1536] One of these what?
[1537] ... Waistcoats?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1538] Yes, for his cars
Gillian (PS0BY) [1539] Well actually I've, I've, I'm toying with the idea, I haven't quite made my mind up, erm I've seen some wax waistcoats
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1540] Oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1541] wax jackets but they're a waistcoat and I've, I've ordered one really just to see what it's, it's like, because erm at the moment I can, I just try and get a bit closer to the door, I think we'll go round again, erm ... cos in the, in my club book at the moment, I, I can get twenty percent off and which brings it down to, it's twe well say thirty pound so twenty per cent off it brings me down to erm ... brings it down to twenty four pounds and then erm with my commission off that brings it down to just under twenty one pound
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1542] mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [1543] so I'm toying, that's what I'm toying with at the moment, is this erm ... wax jacket
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1544] Oh.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1545] well it's not a jacket, it's a sort, as I say it's a waistcoat.
[1546] Oh there's one right in front of us, look, blind as a bloody bat Gill.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1547] Dad's just got in
Gillian (PS0BY) [1548] Oh gawld, move forward a bit, so that's what I was going to get, but erm in BeWise they've got erm checked shirts and they're five ninety nine this brushed cotton thing, so I thought if I get him that waistcoat and a pair of cords, erm and get him one of these brushed cotton shirts ... [yawning] that'll be that sort of colour []
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1549] How much are the cords then?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1550] What in the club book?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1551] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1552] Cords in general?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1553] eh?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1554] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1555] Mummy
Gillian (PS0BY) [1556] yes, we're now going sweetheart, erm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1557] mummy, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1558] I think they're about fifteen something like that, fifteen, sixteen, really depends whether you buy needlecord or erm this thickish cord
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1559] Well what do you want?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1560] Well I'm, I'm easy, I mean the thickish cord erm, washes ni , they wear better I think the thickish cord but I mean erm and they're a bit warmer, but if you shop about usually you can get them erm the same price as the needlecord ... I'll leave that with you, right.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1561] If we've got to go to Boston at some point, for the bras you see, so erm
Gillian (PS0BY) [1562] Mm, oh, oh I'll leave that with you anyway
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1563] I'm a bit concerned you know, about this, just this one week's wages you know because I would have thought once Jack got his time sheet out he would perhaps realised that
Gillian (PS0BY) [1564] Just ring Derek up
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1565] no ... but on the other hand I've got a certificate till ... then, so if the, if the money has run out for what he pays me
Gillian (PS0BY) [1566] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1567] and he claims back, I'm still entitled to er,
Gillian (PS0BY) [1568] oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1569] sick pay from somewhere aren't I?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1570] yeah, [...] you're allowed
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1571] and I, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1572] you're allowed twenty six, er twenty six weeks off
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1573] I thought I was.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1574] I'm sure it's twenty six weeks off on full pay and then you go on
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1575] Mm
Gillian (PS0BY) [1576] whatever, whatever
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1577] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1578] they call it this week, it changes names every week
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1579] yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1580] so you
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1581] it says [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1582] I wouldn't know that
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1583] statutory sick pay
Gillian (PS0BY) [1584] yeah, but I'm sure the, the first one's for twenty six weeks.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1585] Yeah, but I'm su , you know I did debate whether it was twenty
Gillian (PS0BY) [1586] No, no, I'm sure it was twenty six
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1587] I thought it was six, twenty six ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1588] if [...] Derek and he went away last weekend he perhaps stuffed it in here but then he drops it in when he finds it
Gillian (PS0BY) [1589] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1590] but Jack is so temperamental these days, I mean the other day he went by he said oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1591] I nearly forgot you, I mean one week [...] he rang me and had it pinched out of his car
Gillian (PS0BY) [1592] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1593] and then he found it, stuffed down the bottom, so he don't know what he does with it
Gillian (PS0BY) [1594] Oh so he found that?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1595] Yeah it was in his car ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1596] He reckoned it was pinched outside the post office
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1597] yeah he said oh Margaret wages have been took out me car ... he said I ge , I'll get it at some point for you Margaret he said when I go at the bank but he said, yours was taken out Jack's car
Gillian (PS0BY) [1598] What?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1599] he said yeah ... and then
Gillian (PS0BY) [1600] then he found it
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1601] and then er, I whether Jack or Derek came up with it he said it was found in the car.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1602] Well I think you ought to ring Well's [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1603] Oh I will after this weekend, you know, because if
Gillian (PS0BY) [1604] yeah, but
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1605] if they just bring one, I shall say well I've got choice then to say well is this this week's or last week's, now I don't want to give them that opportunity to say well she's worrying about one week's wages, I mean Jan could love that ... and that's given him chance to bring er, whereas if it pops through the door, or he comes
Gillian (PS0BY) [1606] mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1607] I shall say to him, what's happened is this this week's or last week's?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1608] mm, and if he says well I've already got last week's here.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1609] Oh well then I'll say well that ain't.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1610] [laugh] Right come on then off we go.

11 (Tape 019802)

Gillian (PS0BY) [1611] Hello there ... right, and what do you want, some mushrooms ... which mushrooms shall we have my love?
[1612] Two lots of these ... two lots of mushrooms
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1613] oh, right a cucumber ... you're being a very good boy today, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1614] yes,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1615] no
Gillian (PS0BY) [1616] you're not ... right, peppers ... I've got green peppers at home so they'll be alright, better have a few tomatoes,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1617] right will you just sit there for a minute while mummy gets to pick the tomatoes ... oh, oh don't panic, no-one's going to run off with you
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1618] Oh sorry darling I'm not running off with you.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1619] [laugh] ... [laugh] ... right tomatoes ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1620] Oh right, oh what cauliflower ... of course, yes [...] ... can mummy just try and clip this on her cardigan cos it keeps coming off?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1621] That's right, let's just hope we meet someone we know and have a decent conversation with them shall we?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1622] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1623] Right let's quickly catch nanny up, do I do cheese board for tomorrow?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1624] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1625] Oh why not ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1626] [...] green
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1627] we'll see if nanny can get us a celery tomorrow, I think cos that is really green
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1628] Mum, mum, mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1629] right go nan, nan, nan, nan, nan
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1630] nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, let's see if we can find her, shall we?
[1631] Daddy wants his chocolate
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1632] nan
Gillian (PS0BY) [1633] oh I think we'll take him a bar of this ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1634] oh let's have a carton of custard, seventy nine ... right, we've got one of those, right I want ... pasteurized milk ... four pints one oh five, oh that's not, no great saving is it?
[1635] ... If I buy eight pints, right this will do ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1636] Oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1637] Oh, right let's just have a look and see what's here
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1638] no cream cakes today we're on a diet ... mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1639] no, eat by the seventh so what's today's date the sixth, tomorrow's the seventh ... there's ... no hold on sixth today seventh ... eighth is Sunday, no it must be the ninth, oh god I'm totally out of date I don't even know what date it is ... let's have one of these that'll make a change
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1640] apple and raspberry, apple and rhubarb, no I think we'll have apple and raspberry, well that's one less dessert I've got to make ... right were alright for coffee we're alright for tea,
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1641] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1642] Charlotte, now what's nanny picked up?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1643] I can't remember [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1644] Oh I see ... can you oh, [...] here ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1645] mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1646] Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1647] Christmas
Gillian (PS0BY) [1648] Christmas, yes my love [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1649] Christmas
Gillian (PS0BY) [1650] Christmas again, well, goodness me, can you, also see if you can get me a stick of celery tomorrow?
[1651] Cos they're sixty nine here, but they're green, you know ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1652] What's that?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1653] Oh what is it my love?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1654] Erm, yes they did, er yeah you can pass me one actually, how much are they here?
[1655] Forty five, ooh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1656] [...] ooh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1657] ooh
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1658] mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1659] His face is black, whatever do you get up to in the car? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1660] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1661] Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1662] mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1663] right we'll have another ground black pepper erm see if Charlotte can tip that one down the sink.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1664] Where's the [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1665] Well I should think they'll be with them the [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1666] when we get in the car ... buy one get one free ... oh might have, have we had it?
[1667] Oh here, might as well, I wonder if nanny saw it ... oh it's one of these where you've got to send away for it ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1668] mum ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1669] well in that case then I might as well have a tested one and be stingy with it, erm ... oh where's sage and onion, oh here we are, sage and onion ... Right quickly go and find nanny again cos we seem to have lost ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1670] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1671] yes, we need one of these to make, clean out the deep fat fryer ... oh I want a french stick ... What's the problem?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1672] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1673] You getting a bit excited?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1674] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1675] Mum
Gillian (PS0BY) [1676] Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1677] Yes when we get in the car ... [...] anything else [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1678] I don't know where nanny is, here, here she comes ... I think this is a waste of time.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1679] Thank you, I mean, we'll turn this off put that on when we get to near the check out shall we?
[1680] Perhaps have a conversation with someone up that end ... erm well I, I, I can't see anything [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1681] Oh they seem to stick in my mouth.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1682] I don't hate them or anything I think they're really quite vile, oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1683] Well you can just wait, you want [...] you can go in mine [...] , erm ... do we ... could do with [...] and that would be it for the interview
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1684] What
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1685] [...] he was out moaning again yesterday, so ... I just thought it was getting a bit long round where the old septic tank used to be ... oh shan't [...] and we've done Tesco's so that clock's right isn't it?
[1686] ... That's that out of the way ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1687] She [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1688] Want to go back via erm South [...] , want, see what he's got, I keep, every time I come [...] have a look
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1689] Always go for fish and chips
Gillian (PS0BY) [1690] That's right [laugh] , that's what he had the other day when they came in ... There you are, good girl ... er, what's the plan of action this afternoon?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1691] I'm gonna make a fruit cake ... [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1692] Mm ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1693] Oh did I give you my library ticket?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1694] No.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1695] Bet it's due now ... see if I can win any of the luxury cars [...] [laugh] , I don't think it's possible to get that [laugh] ... there was the, [...] , you, you, you realise [...] make an insurance claim for it, oh, now, now what's he doing?
[1696] Got his hazard lights on but he's moving
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1697] [...] but he's moving
Gillian (PS0BY) [1698] he'll have more problems if he carries on moving ... don't panic, all is under control ... I think there's one [...] driving round the bend perhaps ... [...] talk about it all, where's [...] really first year he gonna know
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1699] No, [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1700] what it's all about ... oh pork chop, no it isn't proper pork
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1701] No.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1702] [...] all what erm
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1703] [...] , what you thinking about mother?
[1704] ... You look deep in thought.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1705] I, I [...] ... I should have gone about eight o'clock tonight
Gillian (PS0BY) [1706] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1707] you know so I, I [...] ... [...] you know ... [...] you know it's just a peculiar
Gillian (PS0BY) [1708] You know where all this stems from do you?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1709] What?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1710] Well from when you first had the operation and you was frightened keep bumping into you, and it's, I mean that's taken an awful lot of confidence away and you still got
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1711] Oh dear ... I feel worn out ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1712] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1713] Push it down then
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1714] Joseph's a good boy today
Gillian (PS0BY) [1715] Yeah, very good.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1716] Is daddy at home today?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1717] Yep, [yawning] he came, he came home from comes about []
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1718] he comes in about late [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1719] Yes, cos you just walked in didn't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1720] Yes, it was eight, half past and erm ... pardon
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1721] that's enough you two.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1722] Excuse me
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1723] what's that over there?
[1724] Is that a train?
[1725] Is it a car?
[1726] Is it superman?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1727] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1728] No, mm, mm, oh dear it's [...] again, god.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1729] [...] wafting over
Gillian (PS0BY) [1730] [...] and erm Health and Environment people you know
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [crying]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1731] and erm, it can't be good for your health [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1732] [...] er [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1733] Oh it shouldn't be [...] ... what do you say?
[1734] They're clean
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1735] [...] a right cold old weekend.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1736] I don't know ... one for you, good girl, there's a school there look like what Ben goes to, but that's a bigger school ... [yawn] , god I've got to get myself organised yet for next year haven't I?
[1737] Oh god ... [...] .
[1738] I says I'd rather can get Ben to [...] next September, Joseph, Charlotte starts on September and Joseph will be the next one.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1739] Which September could she go now or [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1740] She can't go till Sept September coming
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1741] Oh [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1742] ninety two , Ben er start, erm prim primary infants September ninety two, Charlotte will go at half days primary in September ninety three and Joseph's go at half days [...] erm September ninety four.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1743] Oh they start when they're four ?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1744] Yeah , yeah and then they'll be able to stay Joseph and Charlotte will be full time in January ... they're allowed to, I think what it is, is, they're allowed to start when they're small part time but they're not allowed to go full time until the term they're gonna be five in and you see Charlotte will be five in March and because I think that comes before the Easter of the Bank Holiday, erm she'll be able to start January ... full time, where you're supposed to, you know, three years they'll all be
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1745] Why do you [...] this three hours [...] did you see it on telly the other night?
[1746] They were interviewing grown ups in the street and ask them er, so many figures and add that on, she said [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1747] Oh god
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1748] I don't really know, you don't know, well the answer was the whole education [...] wants
Gillian (PS0BY) [1749] yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1750] to bring it back, said she didn't know, she said I don't know, and they asked another one, it was about what's a hundred and thirty one and thirty eight and something, not, [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1751] she tell you it was a, the answer should have been a hundred and twenty nine ... and they've got a thirty one in it ... yeah
Gillian (PS0BY) [1752] Oh it's lovely ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1753] Eighty eight, forty one, something, something of that effect.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1754] And he's got to add them together?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1755] I think add them together, well there was an old woman of about fifty, sixty, she said a hundred and twenty eight, well he said you're one out madam, a hundred and twenty nine, well they were amazed themselves, the girl said well a hundred and twenty eight
Gillian (PS0BY) [1756] Oh no
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1757] a hundred and twenty eight
Gillian (PS0BY) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1758] What do you say?
[1759] Please ... you gonna get another dent in the back if you carry on driving like that
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1760] I was gonna say do you want
Gillian (PS0BY) [1761] [...] ... I don't know if I agree with this, giving [...] seven year old, three hours tests, erm, I don't, see the child is, I mean can you just see sit Benjamin sitting down for three hours doing a test?
[1762] And they reckon what, what it, that's all it's going to be a three hour test ... I don't agree with putting a child of that age through a test ... I mean there's none of this nursery pick out who is slow on what, where, why and when, who's good at something who's, who's not so good at it, erm apparently [...] and er, put a seven year old through this exam, find out what they're good at and what they're not, well the teachers obviously aren't doing their jobs very well.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1763] Mm ... there was Ben's [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1764] He's quite good, but you know he, he, where, where he had that bash on his head
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1765] Oh god it stands out a mile, quite a good photo, it looks as though he just about
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1766] Yeah.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1767] It is quite good, quite [...] of Katie
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1768] Yeah she's [...] Katie she bought [...] what were her chances of re-ordering it you know ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1769] Well there was, but I can't remember what prices they want ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1770] Now, you've had two [...] of me ain't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1771] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1772] and I owe you seven, is that right?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1773] then what about the shopping?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1774] I haven't sorted that out yet, I'll sort that out this afternoon.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1775] [yawning] why do you owe me [] seven? ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1776] Oh no, I paid you three, didn't I?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1777] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1778] I gave you three for the bird box, you gotta deliver me a bird box
Gillian (PS0BY) [1779] Oh, right yes, yeah
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1780] I want Barry to find that, oh I see you owe me a fiver don't you?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1781] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1782] Yes cos I gave father the money for whatever [...] it was, so, yeah, I gave him five pounds worth of change
Gillian (PS0BY) [1783] and then there's erm, that shopping, bit of shopping you got for me
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1784] last week
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1785] I knew I owed you five ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1786] [yawning] oh dear []
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1787] You've got Christmas raffle tickets, get them all together, I've got you pounds worth on shelf the other week, [...] and then I got your two pounds worth, I, two pounds worth on
Gillian (PS0BY) [1788] Oh put it on the shopping list
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1789] No, I'll treat you to them, I make my lot to the nearest bottle with Unicare if I can, how many you've got?
Gillian (PS0BY) [1790] Erm, I've no idea, not [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1791] Well I sent three [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1792] But I mean if I think, if I think erm, if I remember rightly you were, you were buying erm couple or three weeks [...] [yawning] that's my first lot, oh dear excuse me []
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1793] Now what are they doing?
[1794] One's pushing it over and the other one's pulling it back, oh ... there isn't enough of them around as it is ... he's late isn't he?
[1795] He was late yesterday, got a brand new vehicle and, yet I mean if, if was getting here at one and yesterday he got to ours at half past eleven, so erm, it was half past eleven that's right, it was dead on, so erm, [...] erm whatever's he going to be like when it gets near to Christmas?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1796] Oh my goodness, they are out today.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1797] Whatever is it going to be like nearer Christmas?
[1798] I mean he can go it's the bus that can't.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1799] Yeah ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1800] Is this grass that you bring being delivered tomorrow morning?
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1801] Mum
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1802] Yeah, don't they come and [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1803] No that was the erm ... oh whatever was that called, it's the piece of wood that runs along the brick work
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1804] Oh
Gillian (PS0BY) [1805] that the rafters sit on, on the [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1806] [...] gates
Gillian (PS0BY) [1807] Oh bum I ain't paid the mortgage, oh only in the [...] I'll pay it [...] probably tomorrow ... Charles had his money [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...] ...
Gillian (PS0BY) [1808] [yawning] I'll try and nip up there tomorrow [] , if not I'll have to go on Monday ... I don't think any, I don't think [...] run away, what will Monday's date be, the ninth? [...] oh well ... There are those new Chronicles that have got to come out
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1809] I don't think any [...] are coming up now.
Gillian (PS0BY) [1810] Oh I thought erm, they said they chartered them cheap [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1811] No, I thought they're all up there watching and
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [sigh]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1812] Dear me ... I think Daryll was hoping the roof things [...] the best they can do was Saturday morning.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1813] No, you're not getting out today, nanny's got a lot of work to do, and she's got loads of cakes to make and all sorts.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1814] No, I'm sorry darling, come up later, we've got to go.
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1815] Let me get myself sorted out and [...]
Gillian (PS0BY) [1816] Nanny, nanny will probably have you up later when Ben helps Gramps to feed the dogs, and he won't do that either will he, [...] feed him
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1817] Cake, cake, cake
Gillian (PS0BY) [1818] Nanny hasn't got any cakes at the moment cos you've got to cook them, say bye, bye
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1819] No
Gillian (PS0BY) [1820] yes, come on
Unknown speaker (KC8PSUNK) [1821] Bye, bye
Gillian (PS0BY) [1822] say bye, bye.