BNC Text KC9

46 conversations recorded by `Ginny' (PS0CG) between 28 November and 6 December 1991 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 7182 s-units, 55039 words, and 6 hours 12 minutes 49 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 20

PS0CG Ag5 f (Ginny, age 65, housewife, North-east Midlands, )
PS0CH Ag5 m (Keith, age 63, design engineer, London, ) husband
PS0CJ Ag2 f (Dinda, age 25, customs controller, Home Counties, ) daughter
PS0CK Ag3 f (Vicky, age 40+, shop assistant, London, ) friend
PS0CL X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0CM X f (Jackie, age unknown, shop assistant) acquaintance
PS0CN Ag4 m (Turan, age 50, hair salon owner, Turkish, ) friend
PS0CP X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS0CR X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KC9PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KC9PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

46 recordings

  1. Tape 014001 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 014002 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 014003 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 014004 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 014005 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 014006 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 014007 recorded on 1991-11-28. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 014008 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationBerkshire: Crowthorne ( Shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 014009 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationBerkshire: Crowthorne ( Shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 014010 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationBerkshire: Crowthorne ( Hair salon ) Activity: having hair done
  11. Tape 014011 recorded on 1991-11-29. LocationBerkshire: Crowthorne ( Hair salon ) Activity: having hair done
  12. Tape 014101 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Ambarrow woods ) Activity: walking dog
  13. Tape 014102 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Ambarrow woods ) Activity: walking dog
  14. Tape 014103 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Ambarrow woods ) Activity: walking
  15. Tape 014104 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Ambarrow woods ) Activity: walking dog
  16. Tape 014105 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Ambarrow woods ) Activity: walking dog
  17. Tape 014106 recorded on 1991-11-30. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: shopping
  18. Tape 014201 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( newsagents ) Activity: buying newspaper
  19. Tape 014202 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: walking
  20. Tape 014203 recorded on 1991-12-01. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: walking
  21. Tape 014204 recorded on 1991-12-03. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Friend's house ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 014301 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 014302 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 014303 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 014304 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 014305 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 014306 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Walking
  28. Tape 014307 recorded on 1991-12-04. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( Shops ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 014401 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 014402 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 014403 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 014404 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 014405 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 014406 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 014501 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 014502 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 014503 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 014505 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 014506 recorded on 1991-12-05. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 014601 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 014602 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 014603 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 014604 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 014605 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst () Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 014606 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( hair dressers ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 014607 recorded on 1991-12-06. LocationBerkshire: Sandhurst ( hair dressers ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 014001)

Ginny (PS0CG) [1] Got you a glass of wine darling?
[2] ... Sweetheart.
[3] ... Keith.
[4] ... Keith, darling ... wake up.
[5] Wake up.
Keith (PS0CH) [6] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [7] I got you a glass of wine.
[8] ... The sun's well over the yard arm.
[9] How are you feeling?
[10] Isn't it time you stretched your back?
Keith (PS0CH) [11] Oh it's lovely [...] pain [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [12] You what darling?
Keith (PS0CH) [13] Pain is just goes [...] pain is [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [14] Oh ah.
Keith (PS0CH) [15] Mm?
Ginny (PS0CG) [16] [...] strong
Keith (PS0CH) [17] Thank you [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [18] Oh pleasure.
Keith (PS0CH) [19] Ooh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [20] That'll help [...] as well.
[21] ... It is nice isn't it?
[22] [...] . ... You alright?
[23] Do you want your water bottle filled?
Keith (PS0CH) [24] Beg your pardon?
Ginny (PS0CG) [25] Do you want your water bottle filled?
Keith (PS0CH) [26] Oh [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [27] Alright.

2 (Tape 014002)

Ginny (PS0CG) [28] Rocket!
[29] Come on.
[30] Come on.
[31] ... Hello darling.
[32] ... How are you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [33] Hello I'm bloody, ah!
Ginny (PS0CG) [34] What's the matter?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [35] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [36] So you've locked it all in there have you?

3 (Tape 014003)

Ginny (PS0CG) [37] Is she coming?
[38] Go and get her.
[39] Go and get her.
[40] Go and get her.
[41] ... Oh there's a lot of shopping.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [42] Yes.

4 (Tape 014004)

Dinda (PS0CJ) [43] Hi dad.
Keith (PS0CH) [44] Hi Dinda.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [45] How are you?
[46] Are you feeling ... you moving a bit better I think.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [47] Yeah.
[48] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [49] Did you go to [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [50] I haven't had time.
[51] This girl this morning she threw a wobbly.
Ginny (PS0CG) [52] Well what happened?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [53] I was doing something all I heard was the sound of this chair.
[54] ... And then she [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [55] And she threw a chair at someone?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [56] I think she was going to try and throw it out of the window but she didn't have the strength.
Ginny (PS0CG) [57] [laugh] What she threw, why would?
[58] I suspect she's for the chop.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [59] Mm.
Keith (PS0CH) [60] What was she [...] ?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [61] She was [...] .
[62] And Phil, bless his heart.
[63] Phil you know he's such a nice chap and anybody who's got any problems will go right to Phil.
Ginny (PS0CG) [64] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [65] So she rushed out and then ... the [...] came in and said can you go and have a chat to her.
[66] She, she wants to speak to you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [67] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [68] To you dear?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [69] No not to me, to Phil.
Keith (PS0CH) [70] Oh.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [71] But it was ... to cap it all her temp started today [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [72] Temps are used to it.
[73] Believe me temps get used to it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [74] But it was [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [75] [...] I don't know what had happened.
[76] Whether she had had a warning or what.
[77] But the thing is it's an open plan office and if you're gonna give a girl a warning you don't do it [...] office do you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [78] No.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [79] Not if you've got any sensitivity at all.
Keith (PS0CH) [80] Did did did, did somebody do that then?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [81] Well, we don't know what happened.
[82] All we know [...] twenty past five she threw a wobbly and [...] .
[83] No she's a nice girl.
Keith (PS0CH) [84] Was anybody talking to her?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [85] Well yeah she was, I think she was at Derek 's desk [...] .
[86] Oh well I don't suppose I'll see her on Tuesday. ...
Keith (PS0CH) [87] Oh you, you've got the day off?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [88] I'm off till Tuesday now.
[89] Isn't that nice?
[90] And Steve hates my guts.
Ginny (PS0CG) [laugh]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [91] He signed my form a month ago and, and so he said to me
Keith (PS0CH) [92] Are you going to ... take us down then?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [93] I can't.
Ginny (PS0CG) [94] Christmas shopping.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [95] I've got Christmas shopping, I'm doing it tomorrow night.
[96] I'm taking mummy.
[97] [...] . Steve who signed my form ... so he said to him Darinda's got tomorrow off remember?
[98] And he looked at me and he said oh no you haven't.
[99] Cos we're a bit overworked and understaffed.
Keith (PS0CH) [100] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [101] He said oh dear that really puts us in the shit and I said er ... well [...] [laugh] I'm not.
[102] And I said to Zoe for god's sake don't tell him I've got Monday off as well.
Keith (PS0CH) [103] John, John at work's got tomorrow off [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [104] Oh has he?
Keith (PS0CH) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [105] So what did your man say?
Keith (PS0CH) [106] I've put a vertebrae out.
[107] It was still out when he did it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [108] Vertebrae?
Keith (PS0CH) [109] He said it's ... you know it's it's ... it's not easily done but he's seen them quite a lot.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [110] Ah!
[111] Now what I put out is my discs. ... [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [112] Well he
Ginny (PS0CG) [113] Vertebrae is bone and disc is the cartilage between.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [114] He was worried that it was a disc.
[115] And he [...] pretty sure it's not the disc.
Ginny (PS0CG) [116] [...] vertebrae then?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [117] What's the worst?
Ginny (PS0CG) [118] I don't know [...] disc I would think.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [119] Well why, why do I, why does [...] ?
Ginny (PS0CG) [120] [...] that's your vertebrae.
Keith (PS0CH) [121] That's just, that's just ... that's just releasing.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [122] Just releasing.
Keith (PS0CH) [123] And obviously what he did to me [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [124] I'm seeing [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [125] Are you really?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [126] [...] gentle with me.
Keith (PS0CH) [127] What time?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [128] Six.
Keith (PS0CH) [129] I'll try and get there [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [130] No it's alright.
[131] What I'll do I'll leave at five fifteen.
[132] Then I'll park my car where you said and I'll sit there till [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [133] No.
[134] I I I I'll, I'll meet you here.
[135] I will be here at quarter to six.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [136] Well I can get here for quarter to six if I leave work early but I don't want to put you out.
Keith (PS0CH) [137] No no.
[138] I'll be here at quarter to six [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [139] Are you gonna see him again?
[140] ... Maybe
Keith (PS0CH) [141] I don't know, I
Dinda (PS0CJ) [142] maybe you could combine the two that's what I was thinking.
Keith (PS0CH) [143] Well no no.
[144] I won't be able to see him then.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [145] Oh.
[146] I mean ... at six thirty.
[147] I [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [148] I'll meet you at quarter to six.
[149] [...] . It's very quiet [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [150] Well I don't fancy it much even with [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [151] You're [...] ?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [152] Mm.
Keith (PS0CH) [153] If for some reason I can't get here [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [154] It's ironic really.
Ginny (PS0CG) [155] Yes [...] .
[156] Cos we're both trained in self defence then.
[157] Between the two of us we could [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [158] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [159] But er ... but he said it's, while it it was classic thing.
[160] I bent into the car, bent round and I [...] .
[161] And he said the twist ... extended it more he said and then the weight.
[162] He said and that can do it.
[163] He said your muscles are [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [164] Should do more exercises.

5 (Tape 014005)

Keith (PS0CH) [165] and to find the little place itself was ridiculous.
[166] I'm going out in the middle of a field.
[167] ... Literally out in the middle of a field. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [168] Well they should have a notice up shouldn't they? [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [169] There is a little notice there on the ... [...] .
[170] You don't see the notice till you're [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [171] So do you want another glass of wine?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [172] Nature's ... nature's anaesthetic.
Keith (PS0CH) [173] What are you eating tonight?
[174] I had, I had bacon and omelette for lunch.
Ginny (PS0CG) [175] [...] with mushrooms and [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [176] Mm.
Keith (PS0CH) [177] I think it was just [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [178] Not very ill.
[179] Pain made him hungry.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...] ...
Keith (PS0CH) [180] All brown .
Ginny (PS0CG) [181] And what about tonight?
Keith (PS0CH) [182] What are you doing for me?
[183] Lamb?
Ginny (PS0CG) [184] Cutlets.
[185] Cutlets.
Keith (PS0CH) [186] Not, not a lot [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [187] Well not really.
[188] You all eat them and say that's lovely.
Keith (PS0CH) [189] [...] proteins today.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [190] Well you were the one who had an omelette for your lunch .
Ginny (PS0CG) [191] We had salad last night.
[192] I offered you salad er lunchtime and you said no didn't want it.
Keith (PS0CH) [193] I'll have salad now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [194] No you haven't.
[195] Do you want me to make you some salad? [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [196] I'll do it.
[197] Why not just give me the stuff and I'll do it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [198] No.
[199] No way.
[200] You're not gonna start slicing and chopping ... [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [201] No problem.
Ginny (PS0CG) [202] Come on [...] .
[203] Tomato?
Keith (PS0CH) [204] Please. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [205] And you've got fresh fruit for afters anyway.

6 (Tape 014006)

Ginny (PS0CG) [206] Erm ... Paul wanted ... ring spanners?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [207] Metal ring spanners not [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [208] Cheap.
[209] ... Toolbox.
[210] Cheap.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [211] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [212] Er.
[213] A four diary.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [214] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [215] I'll get her an A four diary and [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [216] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [217] And
Dinda (PS0CJ) [218] I'll probably get her a book. [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [219] Oh I'll get him a bottle.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [220] A bottle?
[221] Yeah he asked for a bottle of wine.
[222] I don't know if he's [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [223] A bottle of wine?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [224] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [225] Not Jameson's or something? [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [226] No he's not, he doesn't really drink spirits.
[227] He drinks wine [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [228] Oh.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [229] Well he drinks brandy I expect but you know he doesn't really drink spirits [...] . ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [230] No he doesn't does he?
[231] ... So if it was wine it would have to be something special.
[232] ... Not just plonk.
[233] ... Must straighten all the books up. ... [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [234] They sell nice wine in M and S usually.
Ginny (PS0CG) [235] Beg your pardon?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [236] They sell nice wine in M and S.
Ginny (PS0CG) [237] They do don't they?
[238] ... Don't fancy a [...] to M and S [...] ... do you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [239] Not especially.
[240] ... I can't be bothered. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [241] The food department is very expensive.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [242] That's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [243] Do you want something to eat now?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [244] Mm something to eat?
Ginny (PS0CG) [245] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [246] No ... not really. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [247] Have you finished [...] now?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [248] No. [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [249] Well if all the lists [...] say [...] .
[250] Only one thing on the list. [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [251] Well I'm sorry but I've been working [...] .
[252] Since I've started with that I'm gonna carry on.
[253] ... and I'm, I'm the one [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [254] It isn't difficult because ... no cos they're two ... small families.
[255] ... And they're one small family.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [256] Mm. ... [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [257] I've a feeling that ... [...] .
[258] Hope I'm wrong.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [259] Mm.
[260] I hope you're wrong as well. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [261] I haven't heard anything from Jenny.
[262] I wrote to her.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [263] And enclosed some interesting bits for her [...] magazine [...] .
[264] She didn't mention anything to you when she phoned you last week that she got a letter from me?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [265] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [266] I forgot that ... I discovered that all our letters now are apt to be a day late.
[267] I didn't know until the other day.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [268] What because
Ginny (PS0CG) [269] Because they come through Aldershot and they all have to go through the scanner.
[270] They all have to go through a special scanner [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [271] Bad news isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [272] [...] .
[273] You know those white flowers have died.
[274] The other chrysanths are fine but those white daisy things
Dinda (PS0CJ) [275] Mm?
Ginny (PS0CG) [276] have given up the ghost. [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [277] Well I don't put the white flowers in with them.
[278] Spoils my arrangement.
[279] ... [...] conversation [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [280] No [...] .
[281] I'm reading.
[282] ... I'm reading.
Ginny (PS0CG) [283] Well I thought you were going to talk to me about Christmas presents.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [284] I have spoken to you about Christmas presents.
[285] I've told you about all I can tell you.
[286] Why don't you.
[287] Why don't you sit down and tell me what you want for Christmas.
[288] I mean that would be useful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [289] Oh darling.
[290] Tut.
[291] Nothing I particularly want for Christmas.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [292] Well you bought me the new vacuum cleaner.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [293] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [294] That kind of [...] thing which I don't think is any damn good at all.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [295] Send it back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [296] I'm going to.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [297] Waste of money.
[298] How did you pay for it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [299] Barclaycard.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [300] Good.
[301] ... Well send that back then.
[302] [...] Ah [yawn] oh dear excuse me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [303] Oh Tilly was thrilled to bits with that little ... plastic ... that little plastic thing with [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [304] Oh you've given it to her?
Ginny (PS0CG) [305] Yeah.
[306] Arrived yesterday.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [307] Mm.
[308] Kept the box?
Ginny (PS0CG) [309] No.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [310] Oh that's a shame. [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [311] I just picked it up and got rid of it.
[312] It would have been wouldn't it?
[313] I can always get good strong boxes from [...] .
[314] They're quite clean.
[315] They've only [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [316] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [317] Or wrapped apples or something.
[318] ... Did you want some sugar?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [319] Yeah, I'll come out in a minute.
Ginny (PS0CG) [320] You sure?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [321] Mhm. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [322] I like Anne Robinson on this programme.
[323] I think she's better than Jimmy Young.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [324] Really?
Ginny (PS0CG) [325] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [326] I can't stand Jimmy Young.
[327] Anybody's got to be better than Jimmy Young.
Ginny (PS0CG) [328] Ah.
[329] He ain't a bad fellow.
[330] ... I don't know what to do about these then love.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [331] About what?
Ginny (PS0CG) [332] These things.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [333] Oh right.
[334] ... I don't know. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [335] I'm very sad.
[336] ... I've decimated the ... the arrangement.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [337] Have you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [338] Absolutely.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [339] Ha ha ha.
Ginny (PS0CG) [340] Look.
[341] Over half of it.
[342] ... There's only two in this one.
[343] ... They had flower keeping stuff, you know the stuff you get in the packet?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [344] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [345] And they had half an aspirin, pinch of sugar.
[346] ... Lost one.
[347] ... Oh no [...] sugar in these ones.
[348] ... That's alright.
[349] ... Yeah you usually put sugar in those. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [350] There.
Ginny (PS0CG) [351] Oh very sweet.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [352] No it's [...] .
[353] I haven't put any sugar in.
Ginny (PS0CG) [354] Poor little Herbie he
Dinda (PS0CJ) [355] In yours.
Ginny (PS0CG) [356] he did look, he did look so sore.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [357] Ah!
[358] Poor
Ginny (PS0CG) [359] But what Mrs ... had done, she'd restructured his insides.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [360] [...] what?
Ginny (PS0CG) [361] She'd had to use, muscle tissue had wasted away ... where it had been stretched by the ... double hernia
Dinda (PS0CJ) [362] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [363] and ... she also had to remove part of his bowel.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [364] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [365] Just clip it up wherever she could.
[366] ... Fantastic surgery she's done.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [367] Really?
Ginny (PS0CG) [368] She said if you're worried about him at all he mustn't strain.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [369] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [370] He mustn't strain himself at all.
[371] She said [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [372] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [373] Poor little scrap.
[374] And he was trying to get round to his rear end to lick.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [375] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [376] And of course where [...] .
[377] But she's done a fantastic job.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [378] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [379] Hello!
[380] ... But I said to [...] well you know Dave and I will be in the rest of today if you do get worried.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [381] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [382] [...] check up is booked Monday at three o'clock [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [383] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [384] And I said well if you want to take him earlier.
[385] ... But I have planned to [...] shopping [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [386] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [387] Well we were there for ten you see.
[388] We had to wait and wait and wait.
Keith (PS0CH) [389] Hello.
Ginny (PS0CG) [390] Hello.
[391] All showered and managed to dry your own feet?
[392] That's something.
Keith (PS0CH) [393] Yeah I've I've got [...] .
[394] I I I lift my legs up to my ... head.
Ginny (PS0CG) [395] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [396] [laugh] Wish I could do that!
[397] ... He's practising for the [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [398] Poor little Herbie he'd erm, he'd got a double
Keith (PS0CH) [399] Hernia.
Ginny (PS0CG) [400] Hernia.
[401] Mm.
[402] They've taken away all the ... gubbins This is Mrs who looked after Debbie's cats.
[403] Do you remember?
Keith (PS0CH) [404] Taken away the grobbins?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [405] Grobbins?
Ginny (PS0CG) [406] [laughing] [...] [] .
Keith (PS0CH) [407] I don't know what ... I don't know what it is.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [408] Not even, not even I [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [409] [...] not grobbins no.
[410] They've castrated him at the same time
Keith (PS0CH) [411] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [412] otherwise they couldn't get at things properly.
[413] He's better off without them anyway.
[414] He's not a stud dog is he?
[415] But he looked so little.
[416] ... Looked so raw round his rear end.
[417] But she, she's restructured his insides.
[418] The muscle had wasted with the pressure of the double hernia.
[419] The muscle had sort of disintegrated almost.
[420] She's had to use what muscle she can to restructure his bowel.
[421] She's a marvellous surgeon.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [422] It's [...] of money [...] isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [423] Well the bill's nearly three hundred pound.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [424] Oh oh!
Keith (PS0CH) [425] Jesus!
Dinda (PS0CJ) [426] Now that wouldn't be feasible in your case because [...] .
[427] So what we'd have to do is trade him in [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [428] Ooh ah.
[429] It's better my back.
[430] It's in my lower back.
[431] I think it's where it's been, been higher up I think it's more [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [432] Being what?
Keith (PS0CH) [433] Well I've been holding it to save it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [434] Yes.
[435] That's why you should have aspirin to relax it.
[436] Cos it helps it mend.
Keith (PS0CH) [437] Ooh.
[438] ... I feel as if I want to ... it hurts and I feel as if I want to move it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [439] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [440] He's told me be very bloody careful cos it can go out just like that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [441] But he did tell you to move?
Keith (PS0CH) [442] Oh yes but very very gently.
[443] He said tell it you're going to move.
[444] Don't do anything sudden.
[445] Tell it you're gonna move.
[446] I like the way he puts it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [447] So the wrestling's out tonight is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [448] Oh [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [449] Ooh ... ooh
Dinda (PS0CJ) [450] Have to get with the [...] Rock.
[451] Alright Rock?
Keith (PS0CH) [452] Ooh Rocket ... ooh.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [453] Ooh ooh
Ginny (PS0CG) [454] Isn't it lovely?
[455] Ah!
Keith (PS0CH) [456] Ooh Rocket ooh
Ginny (PS0CG) [457] Do you like having your tummy scratched?
Keith (PS0CH) [458] Ooh Rocket ooh
Ginny (PS0CG) [459] Yeah we got there for ten o'clock and we had to wait till they'd finished all the out-patients before they'd let the in-patients.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [460] In Mrs 's surgery.
[461] There were two doggies in their pens still ... sparkers you know where they've had things
Keith (PS0CH) [462] What'd do they do?
[463] Do they keep the doggie under sedation whilst he's healing up?
[464] How long has he been there?
Ginny (PS0CG) [465] Oh yes.
[466] ... No, no Herbie's not under sedation.
Keith (PS0CH) [467] How long was he in there?
Ginny (PS0CG) [468] Just over a night.
[469] [...] operation.
Keith (PS0CH) [470] Oh he's had all that done?
Ginny (PS0CG) [471] Yeah.
[472] Did the operation
Keith (PS0CH) [473] How does he feel in himself?
Ginny (PS0CG) [474] Well he was ... he heard Audrey's voice in the waiting room
Dinda (PS0CJ) [475] [laughing] Pretty bloody awful [] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [476] and he was whining [whine] .
[477] She said it's alright Herbie I'm here and he [...] for a minute.
[478] And I said he's gonna do damage if he's trying to get up at the door
Keith (PS0CH) [479] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [480] the way a little Dachsie would you see?
Keith (PS0CH) [481] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [482] So we talked to him but erm we didn't actually see Mrs until about a quarter to eleven.
[483] And she said you know, on no account must he strain.
[484] Obviously he's got dissolving stitches in.
[485] On his insides.
[486] And she said there was so little muscle ... left.
[487] It had been so stretched and strained by [...] .
[488] But she had to do the best she could [...] .
[489] Peter will [...] .
[490] ... And of course Audrey's not too quick on her feet you see since she broke her hip.
[491] So I was trying to ... help Audrey and that and help Herbie.
[492] So Herbie didn't try and jump in the car before I could lift him and trying to get Audrey in with her stiff leg.
[493] ... And then get the rug across her [...] .
[494] ... She didn't turn a hair when [...] ... she said two hundred and ninety three pounds. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [495] I suppose it's like anything.
[496] You get an estimate for it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [497] Well it's cheaper than [...] I suppose.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [498] Parts and labour [...] .
[499] Parts and labour.
Keith (PS0CH) [500] Eh?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [501] Does it come with a three month guarantee?
Ginny (PS0CG) [502] Cheaper than princess ... princess Margaret or [...] .
[503] No Mrs said she was very lucky.
[504] She'd been to three lectures [...] .
[505] One of the topmost veterinary surgeons in Europe.
Keith (PS0CH) [506] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [507] And that's why Mrs asked her to do it.
[508] She'd actually seen it done.
[509] Seen slides and been to lectures on it.
[510] I don't know it must be wonderful to be able to mend [...] .
[511] To rebuild his rear end. ... [banging]
Keith (PS0CH) [512] Hope he comes out of it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [513] Well as long as nothing breaks, nothing gets [...] .
[514] No, now way must he strain so she's, she's got some liquid paraffin to drop on his dinner. [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [515] Quite a major operation.
[516] He's been ever so bright.
[517] Walking about quite well, he did turn to lick his ... under his tail but his little tail was wagging.
[518] And he was walking fine.
[519] He even stopped and had a tinkle.
Keith (PS0CH) [520] See they don't know it's to hurt.
Ginny (PS0CG) [521] No ... no.
[522] No I think I think animals are fantastic they way they put up with pain.
[523] Because they can't tell you.
[524] ... And after a major operation there he was wagging his tail and
Keith (PS0CH) [525] You don't know the threshold of pain in animals do you?
[526] ... Can't tell you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [527] Well no.
Keith (PS0CH) [528] Very seldom you hear a dog or a [...] in pain.
Ginny (PS0CG) [529] Oh you do. ... [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [530] Oh [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [531] What's the matter? ...
Keith (PS0CH) [532] Odd.
Ginny (PS0CG) [533] What's odd? ...
Keith (PS0CH) [534] [...] ... I think it's getting better.
[535] The muscle's gone
Ginny (PS0CG) [536] [...] ... Do you want a cup of coffee?
[537] ... Cup of herbal tea?
[538] ... An aspirin?
[539] ... Nothing I can do you for?
[540] ... Oh you're [...] book's upstairs.
[541] Do you want that?
[542] [...] . ... Is it actual pain then, or stiffness?
[543] ... Or just that you're frightened to move?
[544] ... Ache?
Keith (PS0CH) [545] Oh a bad, bad ache.
[546] General bad bad ache.
Ginny (PS0CG) [547] Well you could have just one aspirin.
Keith (PS0CH) [548] I've had one upstairs.
[549] I took one [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [550] No that was ages ago dear.
[551] It was half past seven this morning.
Keith (PS0CH) [552] It wasn't!
[553] When I came up.
[554] It was late.
[555] ... You were up getting dressed.
Ginny (PS0CG) [556] No.
[557] I brought you a hot water bottle [...] your aspirin.
[558] When I let the dog out.
Keith (PS0CH) [559] Yeah but I didn't take it then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [560] You didn't take it then no [...] .
[561] You could have another one love.
[562] It would relax your muscles. ... [...] ?
Keith (PS0CH) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [563] No it's probably gone.
[564] Nature will usually tell you [...] .
[565] ... What I always found with [...] with lumbar aches was erm ... putting the knee up sideways across your erm [...] . ...
Keith (PS0CH) [566] Hello Rocket.
[567] How are you Rocket?
[568] Hello Rocket.
Ginny (PS0CG) [569] [...] ... Oh he's pushing hard isn't he?
Keith (PS0CH) [570] Ooh ... ooh ... ooh ... ooh ... ooh ... ooh.
[571] ... Ooh!
Ginny (PS0CG) [572] Now what do you do?
[573] Do you want to be hauled up?
Keith (PS0CH) [574] No.
[575] ... No just lie.
[576] What've you done Rock?
[577] Rock what have you done?
Ginny (PS0CG) [578] He's fell on
Keith (PS0CH) [579] What have you done Rock?
[580] What did you do Rock?
[581] Rock what did you do?
[582] Rock?
[583] Rocket.
Ginny (PS0CG) [584] Are you alright then?
Keith (PS0CH) [585] Yeah.
[586] I just had to let myself go.
[587] I couldn't resist it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [588] Don't try and get up straight.
[589] [...] . ... What are you looking for? [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [590] Good try Rocket.
[591] Has he been out today?
Ginny (PS0CG) [592] Oh yes he's been [...] .
[593] Been round the woods at [...] haven't you?
[594] Then I went off and left him you see when I [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [595] Ooh.
[596] It's a good idea of yours putting me on the floor Rocket.
[597] Rocket.
[598] ... [...] . [...] face was awfully funny [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [599] So does yours.
Keith (PS0CH) [600] I wouldn't have recognized him.
Ginny (PS0CG) [601] Wouldn't you?
Keith (PS0CH) [602] No.
[603] ... No.
[604] He looked like a muppet.
Ginny (PS0CG) [605] [laugh] A muppet?
Keith (PS0CH) [606] [laughing] [...] .
[607] It's the eye make up I think [] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [608] Mm it would be.
[609] You've got glasses on.
[610] You'd look even funnier.
Keith (PS0CH) [611] Oh I must do.
[612] ... He likes his [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [613] [...] pulled it to pieces yet.
[614] ... Well Dinda got on alright in ... with her Christmas shopping.
Keith (PS0CH) [615] Did she?
Ginny (PS0CG) [616] She's got three or four ... presents I think.
Keith (PS0CH) [617] Good. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [618] Marks and Sparks is horrendous.

7 (Tape 014007)

Ginny (PS0CG) [619] Oh you've got up off of the floor.
[620] How did you do it?
Keith (PS0CH) [621] Climbed up the chair.
Ginny (PS0CG) [622] Climbed up the chair?
Keith (PS0CH) [623] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [624] And you [...] your side?
Keith (PS0CH) [625] Yeah I climbed, I went, I came up properly.
[626] Crawled [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [627] Rolled over on your side.
[628] Would you like a cushion?
Keith (PS0CH) [629] No it's alright.
Ginny (PS0CG) [630] Do you want a hot water bottle?
Keith (PS0CH) [631] No ... it's okay.
[632] Ooh that's [...] .
[633] Ooh it's [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [634] It's better when you sit up straight isn't it?
Keith (PS0CH) [635] Trying to relax it.
[636] It's ever so difficult.

8 (Tape 014008)

Ginny (PS0CG) [637] No, it takes quite a lot of [...] .
[638] ... Right sweetheart.
[639] You alright?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [640] Yeah.
[641] ... Are you gonna go in to erm ... Walton End or are you
Ginny (PS0CG) [642] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [643] gonna leave that until afterwards [...] ?
Ginny (PS0CG) [644] After what?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [645] After your hair.
Ginny (PS0CG) [646] No.
[647] ... No.
[648] Don't back up will you else you'll slice my head off.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [649] Well what's so funny about mum having her head sliced off?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [650] [laughing] He just did.
[651] [] . He just backed up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [652] He did?
[653] ... Perhaps he used his wing mirror.
[654] Like I do.
[655] That's a quite nice little [...] place there.
[656] And you don't pay over the odds prices because it's not an expensive place to ... have your shop.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [657] Oh.
[658] That's good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [659] You go to these big stores and they pay so much in heating and lighting and staff .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [660] This er pavement's quite nice [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [661] Isn't it attractively done?
[662] ... Done like parquet.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [663] Don't know who's paying for it all ... whether [...] council is ... or what?
[664] So do you want to go over there first?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [665] It's up to you.
[666] What do you want to do?
Ginny (PS0CG) [667] I don't mind a bit.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [668] Well we've got fifteen minutes, well thirteen minutes.

9 (Tape 014009)

Ginny (PS0CG) [669] Beautiful cakes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [670] Fruit crumble.
[671] Oh dear.
[672] ... It's a good job I don't eat that sort of thing any more .
Ginny (PS0CG) [673] [laugh] ... erm ... new era [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [674] New era?
Ginny (PS0CG) [675] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [676] This is all the ice creams.
[677] ... Oh you have a bag of something in the ... sweet box in the cupboard in the kitchen which you must take and put on your desk.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [678] Really?
Ginny (PS0CG) [679] And let everyone else eat them up.
[680] They're humbugs or something.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [681] Oh right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [682] That's what you're supposed to be having as well, isn't it expensive .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [683] Selenium?
[684] Who you are?
Ginny (PS0CG) [685] Didn't you read it in ... the magazine?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [686] You're having selenium are you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [687] No ... I'm not.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [688] What, what's it for?
[689] Is it for me?
Ginny (PS0CG) [690] Didn't you read it in Best?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [691] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [692] Last week?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [693] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [694] Mm.
[695] You're supposed to have it.
[696] To make all the other vitamins work or something.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [697] Oh Dad.
Ginny (PS0CG) [698] No, you I think.
[699] I think it was for you.
[700] ... Oh.
[701] Here we are.
[702] ... It's not that.
[703] ... T H I ... I, that's it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [704] Sounds alarming.
Ginny (PS0CG) [705] That's it, it really is a help.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [706] Is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [707] Yeah.
[708] Yeah.
[709] ... Camomile tea okay, I don't know how many is in your packet?
[710] I gave
Dinda (PS0CJ) [711] Erm ... probably drunk them all.
[712] I must remember to take one to, there the one's aren't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [713] Yeah they're much cheaper than Safeway.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [714] To [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [715] Christmas [...] bananas.
[716] I'm nearly out of feverfew.
[717] Better get some.
[718] ... Oh I never find it.
[719] ... It's in a box like that.
[720] ... Then one of the girls comes over and says here it is, straight away.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [721] [...] .
[722] It's down here somewhere I think.
Ginny (PS0CG) [723] Feverfew ... [...] just ridiculous.
[724] ... Here it is.
[725] Look.
[726] ... Hold on.
[727] Erm bananas I need. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [728] Do you want a bag? ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [729] You won't manage it.
[730] You need another hand.
[731] ... There's a clever girl.
[732] They don't want to open, do they?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [733] Hang on.
[734] You haven't done that very well have you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [735] [laugh] Oops.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [736] Oh mother!
[737] Hang on.
[738] Put it in there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [739] Well I've only got one hand as well.
[740] ... Should have had a basket.
[741] ... Eggs, new era, camomile tea.
[742] ... Christmas cards.
[743] In there [...] you've put bananas in there.
[744] Erm ... where's your eggs gone?
Jackie (PS0CM) [745] Eggs?
Ginny (PS0CG) [746] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [747] Just there.
[748] To your left.
Ginny (PS0CG) [749] Oh yes of course.
[750] Free range.
[751] ... Got lots more to put down. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [752] Is that the lot then?
Ginny (PS0CG) [753] No Christmas cards over the road and
Dinda (PS0CJ) [754] Oh yeah I know but I meant in here.
Ginny (PS0CG) [755] Casserole dish .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [756] I meant in here.
Ginny (PS0CG) [757] [...] .
[758] Sorry love.
[759] ... Great.
[760] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [761] Nine pounds thirty seven please. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [762] It mounts up, doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [763] It certainly does.
[764] ... Thankyou.
Ginny (PS0CG) [765] Thankyou.
[766] ... You're very quiet this afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [767] Pardon?
Ginny (PS0CG) [768] Very quiet.
[769] ... For a Friday and ... coming up to Christmas .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [770] It is isn't it?
[771] Yes. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [772] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [773] Would you like your receipt?
Ginny (PS0CG) [774] Not really.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [775] No?
[776] Right.
[777] It can go with the rest [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [778] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [779] Thankyou.
Ginny (PS0CG) [780] I don't think anyone ever wants the receipts.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [781] No.
[782] Goodbye.
Ginny (PS0CG) [783] Thank you very much my dear.
[784] Bye bye.
[785] I hope you've got my gloves?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [786] Yeah I've got them.
[787] Your gloves and your brolly.
Ginny (PS0CG) [788] I got Keith some rice mixture yesterday and ... he didn't eat it.
[789] He wanted ... come on then.
[790] ... It's warm enough to have the door open. [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [791] What do you need here?
Ginny (PS0CG) [792] Christmas cards.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [793] They're er ... they're in there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [794] They're good aren't they?
[795] ... Oh no that's, that's where I usually get them.
[796] In that ... bin.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [797] These are thirty p.
[798] They're quite [...] .
[799] And then robins on the front.
Ginny (PS0CG) [800] Oh they're nice aren't they?
[801] How many to a pack, six?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [802] I don't know.
[803] Er
Ginny (PS0CG) [804] Looks quite a lot.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [805] Ten.
[806] That's not bad.
[807] For thirty p.
Ginny (PS0CG) [808] Jesus incredible.
[809] Isn't it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [810] That's good isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [811] I suppose they're all alike but they've put different ones on the outside.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [812] Well they must be similar.
Ginny (PS0CG) [813] Erm ... casseroles.
[814] They probably won't have any cos it's winter now.
[815] They only sell casseroles and things in the summer.
[816] Oh look.
[817] ... There's one but it's not a, not a three pint.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [818] Three or four pints she said.
Ginny (PS0CG) [819] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [820] Is that Pyrex?
Ginny (PS0CG) [821] Well it's, it's the French equivalent.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [822] Is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [823] Mm.
[824] Arcal crystau d'arc yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [825] I don't know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [826] Or crystau d'arc whatever you like to call it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [827] No, she said ... well she means an oven dish.
[828] Still they're very nice.
[829] I wish they'd got a bigger one.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [830] What size are they then?
Ginny (PS0CG) [831] Two ... one and a half to two pint I would think.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [832] Oh they're not very big are they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [833] And ... that's a water set.
[834] ... Hello love!
Vicky (PS0CK) [835] Hello.
Ginny (PS0CG) [836] You haven't got any larger casserole dishes have you?
Vicky (PS0CK) [837] No [...] .
[838] You want the great big one [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [839] Mm
Vicky (PS0CK) [840] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [841] about a three pinter.
Vicky (PS0CK) [842] Yeah.
[843] [...] ten pound one.
[844] No we do one like this, in this [...] colour, Pyrex but a big one .
Ginny (PS0CG) [845] Oh that's alright.
[846] But you haven't got one?
Vicky (PS0CK) [847] But no, it's that one there.
[848] That's the size up from that one.
Ginny (PS0CG) [849] Yeah.
[850] That's what we want, yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [851] Yeah.
[852] ... But ... haven't got one.
Ginny (PS0CG) [853] Oh you rotten thing.
Vicky (PS0CK) [854] Actually ask the girls and if they get them, go up the warehouse next week ... they'll bring you one. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [855] They're nice, those.
Vicky (PS0CK) [856] They're ever so popular.
[857] We sell a lot of them.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [858] One point five Q T it's got on there.
[859] Quarts is it?
[860] One point five?
Ginny (PS0CG) [861] Quarts?
[862] One point five quarts.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [863] What's that in English? [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [864] Well one quart is two pints.
[865] And a half a quart is one pint.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [866] Right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [867] That'd make it the three pints.
Vicky (PS0CK) [868] So you'd want the next one up wouldn't you?
[869] That would be that one.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [870] Well it's a three or four pints she's after.
[871] It's probably a four [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [872] It doesn't look big enough.
[873] Are you sure it says one point five quarts?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [874] Well it says it on there somewhere.
Vicky (PS0CK) [875] [...] one point five quart.
Ginny (PS0CG) [876] Well.
[877] Perhaps it's ... perhaps they hold more than you think they do.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [878] I don't know. [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [879] What do you think Dinda?
[880] Should I take this one?
[881] While
Dinda (PS0CJ) [882] Erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [883] they've still got it.
[884] It's the last one.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [885] It's not chipped or anything is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [886] No. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [887] [...] I've got my hands full and you've got your hands full. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [888] Three pint.
[889] See we might not get one more in before Christmas.
Vicky (PS0CK) [890] I'll ask Gill and Maureen
Ginny (PS0CG) [891] Mm.
Vicky (PS0CK) [892] [...] take that but then if you, if you really don't think that will hold what you want then you'll have to bring it back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [893] It's a, it's a, it's a Christmas present [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [894] Oh I see yeah.
[895] Ah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [896] Three to four pints she said.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [897] That looks ... yeah looking at it
Vicky (PS0CK) [898] I think it [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [899] It's quite capacious, actually.
Vicky (PS0CK) [900] Yeah.
[901] ... I think
Ginny (PS0CG) [902] It's a nice dish.
Vicky (PS0CK) [903] Have you ... we haven't got a measuring jug.
Ginny (PS0CG) [904] Haven't got any what?
Vicky (PS0CK) [905] That is right isn't it?
[906] One pint is
Ginny (PS0CG) [907] Well a quart is two pints.
Vicky (PS0CK) [908] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [909] And point five of a quart is one pint.
[910] That makes it three pints.
[911] Why they can't put three pints on instead of one point five quarts .
Vicky (PS0CK) [912] But does she want a three to four one?
[913] If she wants a three to four you gotta have the next size up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [914] Three stroke four
Dinda (PS0CJ) [915] Well she said ... three or four.
Vicky (PS0CK) [916] Oh I see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [917] so obviously she was easy about the size.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [918] I think that would be ample cos usually there's only two of them
Ginny (PS0CG) [919] There's only two of them, yes
Dinda (PS0CJ) [920] to eat anything you know [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [921] yes, yes.
[922] True.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [923] Yeah I think we should grab it while we see it actually.
Ginny (PS0CG) [924] I think we should too.
[925] It'll be half the price it is in Boot's Cookshop .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [926] [laugh] Do you want me ... Do you want me to drop it or should you drop it?
Vicky (PS0CK) [927] I don't know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [928] [laugh] Do you remember Jackie, he used to be
Vicky (PS0CK) [929] [...] another one look.
Ginny (PS0CG) [930] Yes.
[931] And that that one holds quite a lot
Vicky (PS0CK) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [932] No.
[933] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [934] Do you remember Jackie?
[935] He used to be dark haired and worked in the ... toy shop in Sandhurst.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [936] Yes I do.
Ginny (PS0CG) [937] Yeah I thought you would.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [938] [...] I knew the face.
Ginny (PS0CG) [939] Used to go in for your model paints and ... coloured marbles
Vicky (PS0CK) [940] That's right, yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [941] There you go.
[942] Long time, long time ago.
Vicky (PS0CK) [943] All those years I was there
Ginny (PS0CG) [944] You haven't, haven't changed .
[945] You haven't changed.
[946] I mean your face I knew straight out.
[947] It was your hair that got me.
Vicky (PS0CK) [948] Well the grey come through and I was just sort of I thought I can't wait all those years ... with dark hair.
[949] I had a friend who had long hair and she, she let it grow right the way through.
[950] And for nearly seven years she looked like an old woman of eighty.
Ginny (PS0CG) [951] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [952] And I thought I am not gonna have that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [953] Well that's right.
[954] I agree with you.
Vicky (PS0CK) [955] So [...] I more or less had a crew cut.
Ginny (PS0CG) [956] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [957] And er of course it's still grey now
Ginny (PS0CG) [958] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [959] except like this bit here which er grows [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [960] I know, oh yes it always grows a dark bit.
Vicky (PS0CK) [961] but that all took ... I think, when you're older ... when you go grey it's, it, you look softer and you get away with the grey coming through on white hair.
Ginny (PS0CG) [962] Yes.
[963] That's right.
Vicky (PS0CK) [964] But on dark hair.
[965] I mean for years when I was young I was jet black and that was lovely.
Ginny (PS0CG) [966] Yes.
[967] That's right.
[968] You were.
Vicky (PS0CK) [969] I never had to touch it or nothing.
[970] But when you start going grey you look so
Ginny (PS0CG) [971] It's pepper and salt then.
Vicky (PS0CK) [972] And your skin changes.
[973] I used to be right tanned skin.
[974] And that, that even changes as you get older.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [975] Yeah that's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [976] Yes well I, I was very fair to start with.
Vicky (PS0CK) [977] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [978] And then it began to get a bit darker.
[979] Not my eyelashes and eyebrows they're silver.
[980] Always silver.
[981] ... Absolutely silver.
Vicky (PS0CK) [982] [...] Mine are ... yeah, dark still.
Ginny (PS0CG) [983] But my, I thought no I'm not gonna go pepper and salt.
Vicky (PS0CK) [984] That's right yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [985] I don't mind going silver.
Vicky (PS0CK) [986] That's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [987] This is natural silver on the temples.
Vicky (PS0CK) [988] That's right.
[989] Yeah, like, look here you see look.
Ginny (PS0CG) [990] Yes, yes you've got a silver.
Vicky (PS0CK) [991] I mean I've got, I mean I don't mind this but ... why shouldn't you do it?
[992] And my friend she looked about eighty [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [993] Yes I couldn't agree with you more
Vicky (PS0CK) [994] [...] but she still looks old for her age.
Ginny (PS0CG) [995] Yes.
[996] My best friend was your colouring and she always has a [...] rinse.
[997] It's her husband.
[998] She said I don't mind going grey but, but Paddy objects because he says it makes him feel old.
Vicky (PS0CK) [999] Oh.
[1000] But the thing is
Ginny (PS0CG) [1001] He' my colouring.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1002] also as well when you're black and you touch it up black when you're old you look hard.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1003] Yes.
[1004] They usually say go paler.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1005] [...] yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1006] They usually say go to chestnut rather than keep to black.
[1007] Mm.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1008] Actually I wish I'd gone like this years ago cos you get
Ginny (PS0CG) [1009] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1010] you know much more fun than when you [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1011] [laugh] You reckon?
[1012] I don't know cos I've never been brunette, Jackie.
[1013] So I wouldn't know love.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1014] [laugh] Oh yeah, I think, I think it's because I ... I had that severe hair style [...] I think, you know I looked hard.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1015] Well I was severe.
[1016] I had a severe style.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1017] That's right.
[1018] You always had yours [...] didn't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1019] The neat pleat mm.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1020] Yeah that's right yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1021] Mm the neat pleat.
[1022] But it was lovely for parties with a black velvet bow and ... sequins down the back.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1023] Oh yeah.
[1024] I loved it yeah.
[1025] Well when you go on holiday swimming.
[1026] Everyone was upstairs rolling up their hair
Ginny (PS0CG) [1027] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1028] and [...] .
[1029] And you could swim, just dry it and then just pull it back.
[1030] [...] big scarf and you were made weren't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1031] Yes.
[1032] That's right.
[1033] Yeah.
[1034] That's right.
[1035] Yeah it was very useful.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1036] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1037] Right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1038] Right.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1039] We will go round this way or round that way?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1040] Cor look at that bas oh no it's fine
Vicky (PS0CK) [1041] She ain't got that problem yet.
[1042] You wait till
Ginny (PS0CG) [1043] No.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1044] She's probably saying oh this is so boring this conversation but when she gets to our age that'll be the same.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1045] Well ... well she'll just she'll just go silver.
[1046] She was silver when she was little so ... I suppose she'll go back to silver.
[1047] Anything else you want to look at Dinda?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1048] No I don't think so.
[1049] It's probably about quarter to [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1050] Yes I expect it probably is.
[1051] Hello love.
[1052] We'll grab this casserole because ... erm
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1053] Hopefully I won't [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1054] what's her name wasn't sure if you'd get any more in of the next size up so
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1055] Right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1056] I thought better grab it while it's there.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1057] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1058] It's much, it holds much more than you'd think doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1059] Yeah, they hold quite, yeah they do these, don't they?
[1060] Yeah.
[1061] [...] just put it in a bag for you.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1062] [...] seven pounds [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1063] So's ... so's people don't think we've nicked it.
[1064] ... Mind you they ... they know we haven't nicked it.
[1065] ... Sorry my love, you want?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1066] Seven please.
[1067] [...] come back has it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1068] Mm.
[1069] ... I'm counting, I'm counting five ... isn't it silly they put on there one point five quarts?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1070] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1071] They couldn't put on three, three pints.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1072] No, no.
[1073] Yeah, that's right [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1074] European import.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1075] Next week when I come in you'll have the next size up.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1076] Yeah [laugh] Thankyou.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1077] Right.
[1078] Thankyou
Ginny (PS0CG) [1079] Never mind ... get my hair done.
[1080] Thanks a lot girls.
[1081] See you again soon.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1082] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1083] Your Christmas cards are fantastic.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1084] Oh good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1085] Marvellous value, aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1086] They are yeah.
[1087] You can't go wrong with them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1088] No.
[1089] No.
[1090] Great.
[1091] Thanks a lot love.
[1092] I haven't left my
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1093] Now then ma.
[1094] You've gotta be a good girl and cross at the traffic island which is up there opposite [...] .
[1095] I'll go and see if they've got my wildlife book and I'll meet you in [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1096] [...] coming to collect me.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1097] I'll try not to.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1098] Bye.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1099] See you dear.

10 (Tape 014010)

Ginny (PS0CG) [1100] Oh it's cold. ...
Turan (PS0CN) [1101] [...] if they have two minutes.
[1102] Not now, later. [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1103] Last Friday you were packed out.
Turan (PS0CN) [1104] No because that ... chair is there ... she can't sit comfortable, hair dryer's sitting behind.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1105] But you were packed last Friday.
[1106] You had got perms and heaven knows what on the go.
[1107] Strange isn't it?
[1108] One
Turan (PS0CN) [1109] Still ... we had two ladies doesn't come.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1110] Ah.
Turan (PS0CN) [1111] You see she was on telephone ... three o'clock she can't make it.
[1112] Because she's going to take her daughter somewhere.
[1113] It's alright for her but it doesn't suit us.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1114] Well not, not at that short notice.
Turan (PS0CN) [1115] I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1116] Unless it's an accident or something when you can't [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [1117] No no no she's just going out to daughter.

11 (Tape 014011)

Ginny (PS0CG) [1118] Thank you Turan, very much.
Turan (PS0CN) [1119] Okay.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1120] Don't know what, don't know what they'll make of all that gobbledegook. ... [...] bye bye love.
[1121] Have a good weekend.
Turan (PS0CN) [1122] See you soon [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1123] See you next week.

12 (Tape 014101)

Ginny (PS0CG) [1124] This is the wrong side, they must have rewound it without meaning to.
[1125] Well you're supposed to use side A
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1126] [...] it won't tape it doesn't matter .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1127] But it does to them, because they've got side A and side B on every tape.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1128] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1129] And if they haven't got ... side ... side one tape two following ... I mean side two side, tape two side A following tape one side B, it puts them out a bit I should think ... are you going up the dog path?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1130] Yeah, come on [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1131] When, when did you get all this stock of perfume?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1132] Erm, four years ago, three or four years ago [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1133] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1134] He went out on Christmas Eve, to find you present [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1135] That's right, I remember that .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1136] and he got this job lot of [...] perfume, and he said oh I can shot these out over the next few years, I said, oh if you really want to [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1137] Where does he keep them?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1138] I've no idea, in fact last year, did he give you some last year?
[1139] I can't remember ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1140] Yes, he did .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1141] he said alright, I, I, I was in trouble because I forgot where I hid them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1142] A miniature one.
[1143] I had to look in the top of his wardrobe.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1144] You'll have to look somewhere.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1145] Take it all away, he probably gave it to girls at work as well or something.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1146] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1147] Well no, cos it would be too late after Christmas wouldn't it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1148] Probably, no he doesn't give presents [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1149] Oh he does, he gives er his secretary and switch board girl a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine and ... but I do all the Christmas cards
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1150] Yeah, I know you do
Ginny (PS0CG) [1151] and all the [...] at work.
[1152] Hold on ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1153] Well I got to work all day and I'm still [...] ... oh do you think, want me [...] I can get you two [...] I'll write you a list, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1154] I don't have a list from him.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1155] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1156] Just have to try and remember
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1157] Oh.
[1158] Oh in that case this year I wouldn't mention it if I was you, you might get away with it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1159] Then of course there's always, oh he left last Spring, oh.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1160] Exactly, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1161] His up in Leeds.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1162] Well exactly, so don't bother [...] .
[1163] People [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1164] And can you do a Christmas card for so and so, because he's been, he's been delegated to help me with my machine
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1165] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [1166] development and ... mind you I like Larry ... and Ken
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1167] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1168] Well Larry's, I mean he's a genius, so he is a bit awkward to get along with, erm not awkward to get along his sweet, but he's ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1169] Peculiar.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1170] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1171] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1172] Hurry up, be a good boy.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1173] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1174] No.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1175] Said [...] garden.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1176] I don't think so when I went to let him in he'd pulled himself up round the patio and looked as though he expected to be walloped for being silly ... he's taken us this morning.
[1177] The trailers, the cars there, but I can't see, can't see another [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1178] Oh well now, when, when do you want to go into [...] on Monday, just after lunch?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1179] Yeah, be great.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1180] Well, yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1181] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1182] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1183] Well it could be after we've walked him in the morning.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1184] Walk, yeah [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1185] So long as I shove the washing in the ... don't like it in there it's dingy, unless the sun's out.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1186] Yeah, shall we [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1187] If you'd rather.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1188] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1189] Give us more freedom in the afternoon if we need to go into Wokingham instead, do you want to go that way for a change or this, or through the woods?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1190] [...] come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1191] I think maybe ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1192] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1193] Oh here's another dog ... I think ... oh it's Judy's, not it's not hello, haven't seen you for a long time, hello, haven't seen her for a long time, morning, good morning ... oh she's a sweetie isn't she? forgotten her name ... come and say hello, I haven't seen you for ages, so him once on the [...] , good morning.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1194] Oh dear
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1195] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1196] Oh, oh dear.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1197] About time I did walk round.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1198] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1199] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1200] Haven't got your wife with you this morning too much for her .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1201] No, [...] Saturday , well she's got [...] little jobs that she like's to do you know at home
Ginny (PS0CG) [1202] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1203] and so she's not come out.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1204] Yeah.
[1205] I've forgotten her name .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1206] When, when she does come out she usually likes to walk round on the flat
Ginny (PS0CG) [1207] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1208] that's why I go round this way on Saturday's
Ginny (PS0CG) [1209] Yes
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1210] cos I don't mind
Ginny (PS0CG) [1211] a bit of rough, mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1212] er, hoping over the [...] , but she can't
Ginny (PS0CG) [1213] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1214] go up those slopes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1215] No, no, I usually see you together on the [...] or along the flat path, yes .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1216] That's right, yeah , on the flat
Ginny (PS0CG) [1217] That's right .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1218] Gotta walk on the flat , [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1219] I've forgotten her name.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1220] Tessa, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1221] Tessa, yes Tessa, there's two Tess and Two Jess, oh dear, walk on the
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1222] Oh are there?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1223] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1224] Oh ...
Ginny (PS0CG)
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1225] But, they did write to them on the counter and that [...] that trouble, and she said that you know, that we can walk round there you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1226] Oh yes, oh, the rangers say the same thing, do what you've always done.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1227] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1228] Just somebody on the Council with a lot of, a lot of [...] , there's a
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1229] They're just a person keeping an eye, I suppose they've got to respond to it you see and then they, they were, you know, they don't come and look [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1230] The ranger's always bring their own dogs.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1231] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1232] Always have Digger with them.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1233] Yeah ... yes it's eh, it's just someone going awkward you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1234] Oh that's right.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1235] Someone just
Ginny (PS0CG) [1236] That's right .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1237] does,, he came in one day and I said that we really don't travel a lot you know
Ginny (PS0CG) [1238] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1239] we just go to [...] out here and, or the park or something like that
Ginny (PS0CG) [1240] Yes .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1241] and he said oh you don't go to [...] do you?
[1242] I said yes I go there n , most mornings ... oh he said it's a filthy place, a filthy place you know
Ginny (PS0CG) [1243] Who was this?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1244] er, the man that does my car
Ginny (PS0CG) [1245] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1246] you know, the chap from Yately
Ginny (PS0CG) [1247] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1248] and er, I said what you mean Charlie, cor all dog's mess all over the place, I said it isn't, I, I said have you ever been and he said no I, I said well there you are, I said if you haven't been I said you don't know what it's like, I said you're talking about some old girl that lives on, in Little Sandhurst, who's got a thing about dogs and I said kicking up a lot of fuss about it, but I said the women's a dam liar
Ginny (PS0CG) [1249] He's, [laugh] , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1250] and I think it's a friend of his.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1251] Too true.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1252] Yeah, [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1253] But it just shows how, here, I said, how embarr there's no different to any other place where ever you go.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1254] No, no ... oh I agree people shouldn't let dogs foul on the pavement and in shopping places and things, cos it can be dangerous, but out in the woodlands if it wasn't for all the animals we wouldn't have any green stuff, trees and bushes seagulls are up .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1255] No.
[1256] No, it's that , oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1257] It seems, it seems calm enough doesn't it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1258] Probably [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1259] Well we haven't got to go long for the shortest day.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1260] No.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1261] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1262] About three weeks
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1263] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1264] That's right, that's right.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1265] It's the first tomorrow.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1266] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1267] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1268] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1269] That's it, that's right, that'll be alright.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1270] Yeah I thought
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1271] Get January over and we shall be alright.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1272] Oh I don't know February can be horrible sometimes
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1273] Yeah , have snow in February before haven't we?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1274] Yes , we had the, we had the six foot drop in February do you remember? ... were [...] cos we live on a steep hill and
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1275] Oh
Ginny (PS0CG) [1276] it's great fun
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1277] [...] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1278] Getting up [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1279] Everybody comes from miles around, all the kids come and the parents last year, was it last year?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1280] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1281] [...] it look just like a ski resort all the bright jackets and the woolly hats and it was lovely, I mean they made it into, into an absolute skating ring for driving on
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1282] Couldn't get your car up [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1283] Which, every, every thing went sideways, but it was such fun
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1284] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1285] and the sun was shining and everyone had got pla plastic bags, anything they could get to slide on you know
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1286] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1287] they were going down our front lawn then down the, then down then down the roadway, cos it's a dead end you see, so there's not much , not much traffic
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1288] oh I see, oh you're alright
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1289] It's not, it's not when you get to the end of it [...] then there might be a couple of [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1290] Yeah if you, if you're coming up you daren't stop the driver and there's things hurtling at ya, there's kids on sledges coming at you at about fifteen miles an hour and you'll have to try and drive around them and
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1291] I'll stick to the old [...] what they've got in California then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1292] Oh yeah, erm, oh I'd rather have our climate I think.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1293] It get up over a hundred, people killed
Ginny (PS0CG) [1294] Oh it's horrible isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1295] [...] it's a high death rate some [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1296] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1297] Funny actually they couldn't, when the rescue people came they couldn't see where the damage was because of the dust.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1298] Really!
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1299] Mm, it's, it's, it's on this mornings news
Ginny (PS0CG) [1300] Oh .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1301] This dust, this dust [...] in California.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1302] I have heard, I have read about it .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1303] This dust [...] , and a, what's it a hundred and fifty cars all piled up on top of one another
Ginny (PS0CG) [1304] Oh shit.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1305] and there's a lot of people isn't it, and they don't know how many's dead because there's so much dust they can't see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1306] Oh how awful.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1307] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1308] Oh that's awful.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1309] So.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1310] I wouldn't like it that dry.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1311] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1312] It's the same as that place in Australia where they haven't seen rain for seventeen years, I mean there's children who are grown up now at college have never seen a spot of rain, I'd hate that ... I'd rather have our, sometimes dismal climate.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1313] Well look how we get don't we, when er we've gone too long with [...] shower of rain
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1314] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1315] you know the sun is nice
Ginny (PS0CG) [1316] That's right ,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1317] and all that, but it the air get's so dry, that, that, you feel it wants dampening down.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1318] that's right, and when you do get the thunder storm well my family get into their bathing costumes and go out and stand in it because it's so lovely to have the rain.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1319] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1320] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1321] Get away with that now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1322] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1323] [laugh] ... oh well, we, really the weather's not to bad, you, you haven't got to be to sensitive about things have you, you've got to just take it enjoy the lot, enjoy
Ginny (PS0CG) [1324] Yes, you have.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1325] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1326] Yeah, so far we've been very lucky in, in Britain I think, apart from the hurricane damage, once or twice, on the whole our climates is not bad.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1327] Oh, you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1328] Yeah, but, you're mad getting worried to much, you know we had our green house all smashed up and everything and it's been upsetting ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1329] Yes .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1330] erm, when you think about after all [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1331] Yes, exactly.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1332] Mm
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1333] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1334] Exactly, you can't spend your life worrying about things, people are important.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1335] You've got to try and enjoy life.
[1336] My wife's father er he said to me, cos he was, he worked hard you know, he had a tough life you know up in London and all that as, as a kid and that and he said to me what you want to do, enjoy everyday that you live, I said yeah, oh I said oh but you can't can you?, he said yes you can.
[1337] I said but when you're doing the job that you don't like, oh don't do it he said don't do another one [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1338] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1339] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1340] He's got the right out [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1341] Too true.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1342] He's got the right out look.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1343] [laugh] , but he died soon after that but he'd realised that he'd worked hard all his life
Ginny (PS0CG) [1344] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1345] you know
Ginny (PS0CG) [1346] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1347] really worked hard
Ginny (PS0CG) [1348] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1349] and at the end of it, see you always think that you're going on don't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1350] Mm, mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1351] and you think oh well I'll get my prize at the end.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1352] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1353] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1354] But, but, you don't know whether or not.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1355] You never think this is my last day .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1356] No, it can be can't it?
[1357] [laugh] . Go and enjoy every, every minute of it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1358] Yeah, every days a bonus.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1359] Yeah, get, get the best out of it anyway [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1360] Yeah, you're quite right, or he's quite right.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1361] You don't have to worry too much about money do you really so long as you can manage with it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1362] Ha Harry, Harry Secombe is said after his heart attack there's no pocket in the shroud.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1363] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1364] Well he's right, there are no pocket's in a shroud and he's seemed much happier since.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1365] Yeah, oh yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1366] It's a shame with .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1367] That's what annoys me with erm these big company's you know, opening on Sunday's really, because er, you can only get the money, I mean they've only got a certain amount
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1368] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1369] I mean if they could open nine days a week, they couldn't get any more money out of me because
Ginny (PS0CG) [1370] No, you haven't got it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1371] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1372] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1373] They're, they're ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1374] No, me neither .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1375] all they're doing is erm, where people do it on a Saturday they, they won't do their, go football or something and then go on a Sunday, now I think it's nice to have a, a day when nothing happens.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1376] Yes, when it's all quite all the shops are closed .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1377] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1378] Apart from religion or anything else, you know.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1379] Yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1380] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1381] It, I think it's nicer when, when it
Ginny (PS0CG) [1382] Oh yes, not necessarily religious grounds I agree with you, it's just nice to have one day a week where everything is peaceful.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1383] That's right, yeah, where as it's now they're all going to open up, gonna go chasing around
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1384] Just be like a Saturday , [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1385] we shan't know which day, there'll be no weekend, will we really
Ginny (PS0CG) [1386] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1387] it won't be a weekend.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1388] No ...
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1389] And that it's all for money and they're doing alright, I mean they're already making so many you know, millions they're making aren't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1390] Well the big ones are, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1391] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1392] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1393] There's only one thing, it might mean more part time jobs for college leavers and things if they go to work on a Sunday in the big stores and they did, give them a foot up to start a job, then get taken on you know as ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1394] But the one's that's gonna be hit I think are, people like old Lionel.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1395] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1396] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1397] Because he, he's not doing all that good you see, and when er, he, he re he reckons on Sunday
Ginny (PS0CG) [1398] Yeah Sunday morning .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1399] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1400] But I prefer Lionel, I'll go round the supermarket's but I'll shop at Lionel's on the way back.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1401] We do, we don't buy [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1402] Cos I can pick out his stuff or say I don't like the look of that one and he'll, he'll chuck it in the back.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1403] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1404] And he'll often say to me look there's a fresh box under there, help yourself to what you want, i haven't opened that box.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1405] And, and if you complained about anything, er like we found, perhaps had a banana that's not been quite ripe, he'll give you two or three the next time you go in if you say anything about it
Ginny (PS0CG) [1406] Oh yes indeed, indeed , well only last week I said do need some flowers, come on Thursday they're fresh, I said I want them now Lionel, I hate to be without flowers in the room and he said well have two for the price of one, he would insist that I had two bunches for the price of one.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1407] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1408] He's very good.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1409] I think he's alright really, he, he, suppose as fair as he can be.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1410] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1411] [...] dogs.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1412] Yeah.
[1413] Hello, good morning, good morning, all [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1414] Can't [...] supermarket's gonna be open, I'll be getting their green grocery's down there and that [...] really.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1415] Yes. [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1416] Told you it was a good idea to save throwing it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1417] Brilliant.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1418] [...] to it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1419] You taking them to Wimbledon?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1420] That's brilliant.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1421] My daughter says when, when did you go to Wimbledon?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1422] [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1423] [...] hold a racket .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1424] Good ball boy ... a girl, quite right, gosh she's the same shape as Rocket.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1425] They're all good dogs, but he doesn't give it back though.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1426] He does [...] , oh yes he does.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1427] He might [...] he might do.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1428] She, she, yeah she's given it, [...] oh well, we've got to walk old thing I suppose, and then go to Lionel's, get some more fresh fruit.
[1429] You see they're again there you don't get it in a packet you can pick out the grapes you want.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1430] That's right, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1431] You can pick them out yourself.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1432] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1433] Oh I, I find that [...] [noise - train] quite good, you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1434] And also, you know sometimes he's prices are much better than the supermarket's prices .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1435] Yeah , mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1436] You don't have to pay for all that fancy lighting.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1437] I've noticed that some of the apples you've been getting from Safeway haven't been very good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1438] No, Lionel's are better.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1439] They're quite sour.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1440] Mm, well apples at this time of the year are a bit sour.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1441] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1442] I'm sure Lionel's wouldn't be.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1443] Crunchy, yeah, true.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1444] I haven't had to buy any fresh [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1445] Had enough on the tree .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1446] Oh, you grow your own, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1447] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1448] Well I have only got a few courts,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1449] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1450] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1451] but in, in a month or two
Ginny (PS0CG) [1452] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1453] [...] picking [...] and my wife can't eat much in the way of apples
Ginny (PS0CG) [1454] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1455] she get's tummy trouble
Ginny (PS0CG) [1456] Mm, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1457] and they say not to eat apples and oranges, er, at one time they told you to eat the lot didn't they apples a day keep the doctor's away .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1458] That's right, that's right
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1459] See, I said it [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1460] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1461] And apples aren't all that digestible at times.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1462] I think, and the acid .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1463] I think apples are very acid .
[1464] Hello Tess, how are you.
[1465] You've got a funny thing on you, you've got a think on your head, Rocket's got a thing on his ear.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1466] Ah, there's two.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1467] A wart.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1468] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1469] Rocket's got one on his ear.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1470] Who?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1471] Rocket has got one on his ear.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1472] I [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1473] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1474] And when he went for his injections I said to the vet can you snip that funny little growth and he said oh we'll wait until he's under, complete anaesthetic and then, it's only a little wart he said.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1475] [...] , [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1476] I didn't like it .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1477] [...] take her and the, and the vet said the same, where that place is er a bad, a couple of years ago she had erm tick
Ginny (PS0CG) [1478] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1479] we took her up to Norfolk and I think among the sheep [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [1480] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1481] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1482] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1483] and she had a tick and we took her to the vet
Ginny (PS0CG) [1484] Hold on.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1485] And, and, [...] and gave her an injection, and that, [...] wart at.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1486] So many [...] .
[1487] Oh how strange, good morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1488] Good morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1489] Good morning.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1490] Hello Maxie
Ginny (PS0CG) [1491] Max.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1492] Max come on.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1493] But there's also another little one I've noticed, I just under her eye
Ginny (PS0CG) [1494] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1495] er, with [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1496] Doesn't bother her does it?.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1497] No, no, she's not worried, but when we took her up recently, he, he, he said it's only a wart like that, he didn't sort of worry
Ginny (PS0CG) [1498] Mm , mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1499] and when the hair goes over it doesn't notice much.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1500] No, you can't really see the one on Rocky's ear at the moment, you can in some lights.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1501] When ya, when ya, when you're grooming him you can.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1502] And that's happened just recently has it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1503] Yeah, yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1504] No, last week [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1505] Well we took him , took him for his injection in October
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1506] Yeah, [...] three or four months .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1507] They'd have been there about a couple of weeks .
[1508] But the little dog I went, I took a friend to collect her little dog from the vet it's had a double hernia, hasn't it, double hernia, it, it had a tremendous operation dear little thing, but she said he had a wart under he's eye and on it's own accord it dried up and dropped off.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1509] Oh did it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1510] Mm.
[1511] So, so Tessa's might
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1512] It might be it's just under the eye
Ginny (PS0CG) [1513] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1514] down below
Ginny (PS0CG) [1515] yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1516] it's very tiny at the moment.
[1517] but, we don't like the look of it, you know
Ginny (PS0CG) [1518] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1519] but eh, she, it doesn't seem to worry her it's not causing her any
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1520] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1521] Rocky, doesn't worry him.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1522] It seems to be worry you [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1523] Oh, I'm careful with the brush , I'm careful, obviously with a brush and comb, I'd hate to, hate to jab it ... well we've got to go I suppose.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1524] Ah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1525] That German Shepherd having a good, oh he's gone, it's the [...] ... oh dear
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1526] Were lucky to have this place aren't we?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1527] Oh it's lovely isn't it, it's beautiful.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1528] Were lucky to ... you go and lo look round anywhere else, no where like Sanders
Ginny (PS0CG) [1529] No.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1530] because, what with this, the bridges and rivers
Ginny (PS0CG) [1531] Edge Borough.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1532] [...] , yeah and, and then the recreation ground is, is, when the gypsies's are not there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1533] Yeah, yeah, well the di the difficult is now in Simon's Wood, in the car park at Simon's Wood.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1534] Ah .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1535] Are they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1536] Yeah, they've taken
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1537] Only .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1538] over the car, as National Trust.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1539] I, I noticed they got shifted, they went to Menley, weren't it [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1540] Yes, some , some went into the doctor's surgery car park in Aylesmore, it's full of caravans ...
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1541] I mean they're getting now that, that, [...] before they go any where now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1542] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1543] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1544] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1545] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1546] I think they'll find [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1547] Oh yes, it wouldn't surprise me at all.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1548] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1549] I'm not so sure, touch wood.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1550] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1551] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1552] Touch wood .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1553] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1554] Oh yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1555] They're going, they're, they're travelling [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1556] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1557] The mess they must have made in [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1558] [...] .
[1559] Hundreds of pounds you know clear all
Ginny (PS0CG) [1560] Oh the wreck was incredible wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1561] yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1562] It was like a rubbish dump, and yet there's good old erm, grounds man, as soon as the [...] had gone, they were down there, there was half a dozen of them and they got it cleaned in two days.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1563] Yeah, I notice that,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1564] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1565] and it look's good, you know the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1566] And the , where, where they've used all the, the woodland beside the lake as there toilet facilities
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1567] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1568] and they talk about dogs!
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1569] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1570] Gee, I know which I prefer.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1571] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1572] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1573] Well, that's why people [...] to do when they want to take that photograph of our dog that time, when that women
Ginny (PS0CG) [1574] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1575] kick up a row, I said you want to look at the dogs, just go outside and see all the old rubbish that get's chucked out there
Ginny (PS0CG) [1576] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1577] there, there's the [...] Kentucky chicken thing
Ginny (PS0CG) [1578] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1579] whatever it is, and throw their cartoons and there's coca cola tins
Ginny (PS0CG) [1580] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1581] I, I, said if [laughing] if there are [] , er people making far
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1582] more
Ginny (PS0CG) [1583] Sure .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1584] mess I said than the dogs.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1585] Mm, too true.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1586] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1587] Too true they do.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1588] Oh you, Dinda you've got to stand in one place.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1589] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1590] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1591] [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1592] Honestly doing this wrong.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1593] Well we bring a ball for Rocket and he'll, he'll run to it and then he'll walk off and leave it, so we have to keep, we have to keep finding it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1594] You have to run for it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1595] Yes, yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1596] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1597] Nice chatting to you.
[1598] Bye bye dear, take care ... they're a nice old couple.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1599] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1600] His wife's really slow now.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1601] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1602] She hangs on to his arm and
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1603] But they used to come into the shop.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1604] Oh yes, yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1605] They use to have a, is it a [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1606] She's a sweetie, she's always got a soft looking smile on her face, he's always smiling too please him ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1607] Oh excuse me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1608] Yes, he's worried were
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1609] Not a lot on tonight, there's only a very [...] apparently dropped.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1610] Really.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1611] So, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1612] Well anything else is a let down.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1613] Take [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1614] Want to get a comedy or a thriller or a drama .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1615] I don't know , [...] .
[1616] Dances with Wolves is coming out on video now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1617] Ooh, do you think?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1618] Well, it's going to be released on the twenty seventh .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1619] I'd love to see that .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1620] [...] .
[1621] It's a shame cos if they sold the video [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1622] Well I may not, I may not find it as good, don't, they always show you clips as trailers of the best bit's.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1623] I think it's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1624] But if it's got anything about
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1625] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1626] if they've got the American Indian culture in it then it will fascinate me, yeah .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1627] I think it has, it's [...] , it's got a lot of [...] .
[1628] It's basically a love story between him and a, see he's a, he's a cowboy officer, and she, she's a Indian Squaw obviously, they fall in love and they all this sort of vote of comment on [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1629] Yes, yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1630] But there is a lot of erm, obviously the [...] , the Indian ways and so on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1631] Yes, well course I.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1632] The scenery and photography and everything suppose to be absolutely wonderful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1633] Yes that's worth it .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1634] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1635] A lot of our modern hol
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1636] Hello Max.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1637] Modern ... [train] Come on, no she hasn't got anything for you, [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1638] Come on, come on, come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1639] You know, it, it makes me smile sometimes when I say ... come and try the mo modern politic approach to your ache, ache's and pains, your ailments.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1640] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1641] Most of it comes ... think so, I mean so much of it comes from the North American Indians that
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1642] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1643] and right back into the er, the Keltic legions and the medieval monks.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1644] That's right, there's certainly a [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1645] That's what I said to you, your dad when he didn't want to take Aspirins for his restrained back, and him, don't believe in these drugs and I said look, if a monk gave you this he'd, he'd give you the bark of a birch tree, pound it up in a pestle and water and you'd think it was magic ... and you'd take it and you, relax your muscles, is that what it is?,
[1646] I said yes that's what Aspirin is originally ... birch bark.
[1647] Well of course they used to use the poppy, for people in great pain
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1648] Oh yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1649] amputations, child birth ... gosh the leaves are thick.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1650] Mm, they're lovely aren't they?
[1651] When ever I see these big leaves you know these big ones
Ginny (PS0CG) [1652] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1653] they remind me of when I was at school.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1654] Sycamore oh, sycamore and [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1655] used to get told to go out in the Autumn and we used to get told by the, used to get taken out by the teacher into some woods and you would have to collect the leaves [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1656] Actually I
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1657] Could always , could always see if [...] biggest, biggest leaves like these you know, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1658] That is a Sycamore cos it isn't a, there isn't a conker tree around here that's Sycamore, there they are, that's it, that's a Sycamore tree, beautiful colour ... These are [...] Dances with Wolves.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1659] Oh, it's [...] in shop.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1660] If it's
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1661] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1662] If it's good, erm, can I say truthful background of the Indians .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1663] Well, [...] actually [...] and it might be based on a true story, don't know if it
Ginny (PS0CG) [1664] Do you remember when Vaughan was, Vaughan was doing his meditation
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1665] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1666] and he was trying to get in touch with a North American Indian, that a, thingamy in Wales was fixed up
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1667] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1668] Wonder what ever came of that.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1669] Always very hard to talk to Vaughan about things like that, because you asked a straight forward and he goes way, way, over the head
Ginny (PS0CG) [1670] Yeah, I know , he does versify.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1671] and within three seconds my brain just switches off [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1672] Well I try to
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1673] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1674] I, I just ask him if, and it, the question that I'm interested in the answer to, like how did it go? and, now he talks at me for an hour until Diane comes in and says enough Vaughany, [...] cos she can see I sort of trying to edge away ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1675] [...] suddenly cross your legs, ouch [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1676] That's a good idea.
[1677] She said to me just say to him like I do enough Vaughany, don't want to hear any more.
[1678] I said no, I, I would hate to offend him because it's all so well meant ... being a mother in law you have to watch it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1679] [laugh] , honestly you couldn't be much worse than [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1680] Oh [...] mother in law is.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1681] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1682] She's just .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1683] I'm not buying her a present, I mean I'll chip in with a present for you for her and Mark if it comes, but we'll have to go to [...] , but erm, you know, she, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1684] As a person, you know, I'd never have any time .
[1685] Yes, yes, I mean you never, she lives in that great place and she's got no money
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1686] [...] , they're not, they're not her presents are they, they're from Diane.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1687] No, of course, of course .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1688] So, I tell you what, if, if we do end up spending Christmas at [...] gonna give me the present I got to Di and said thank you Di for giving Stella the [...] Christmas present [laugh] .
[1689] It so [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1690] I mean as an acquaintance I could tolerate her but I .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1691] I couldn't I'm afraid.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1692] Well, could do, what I can't forgive is that she was so spiteful to my daughter, she's a sun shiny little sole and she's so full of love for everybody she's so generous
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1693] Why was she?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1694] she didn't want Vaughany to get married again.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1695] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1696] She used to say what Diane, I've never heard of a Diane, after they were married this
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1697] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1698] And when anyone treats my daughter like that I find it very hard to forgive, I know it hurts my kids, I'm much more up in arms than if they hurt me.
[1699] Remember that first Christmas when she put the cat among the pigeons by saying to me your husband told me that he can't really afford he's flying because you spend all his money, when I, when I've been backing him, saving money for his aeroplane and his lessons and
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1700] What did you say to dad? ... did you say that to dad didn't you say it [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1701] But I thought she was stirring it you see and so did Diane.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1702] What did you tell [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1703] I didn't believe her
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1704] You didn't, you never .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1705] But he said, I said it as a joke when she was asking me about my flying and I said I don't do as much flying as I'd like to, I've, I've got a wife to support and she takes all the money.
[1706] But I said I am the money ... I gave him his first flying lesson, I paid for it, like I bought his first three cars.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1707] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1708] I excused myself and went to bed I think ... but she repeated it so solemnly you see not as, say somebody saying a joking sort of way.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1709] Yeah, good stirring [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1710] And it was just after Frank had left her and gone to live in that place in [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1711] Does, does anybody know what he's doing, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1712] Don't know, last time I asked Diane she said oh he's, he's living with this machine he's got in
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1713] What machine?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1714] some magic machine.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1715] What machine?
[1716] Magic machine?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1717] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1718] What kind of machine?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1719] A machine he's designed, I don't know for what purpose, I didn't dare ask, I was going to ask Vaughan .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1720] It's not to, it's not to isolate gamma rays [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1721] Probably, but he was hiding he wouldn't come out because he said that the men from outer space were after him.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1722] It's funny you know, I've reading, I'm reading Silence of, Silence of the Lambs at the moment and er, you know, it's got in there, a lot of er, er, mentally ill patient's have got this idea that, men, men from Mars have [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1723] Well I said to Diane you know, I didn't laugh, I didn't think it was funny, I thought it was sad and I said but he needs help, if Vaughan's you know, he's got two sons, but Mark's a bit hopeless and he was at Oxford anyway, I said surely somebody should go and get him some ... some treatment, sanitation.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1724] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1725] You can get cranks, you just believe in flying saucers and a quite happy harmless, but, I think they need checking on to make sure that they are ... happy with the life they're leading ... it bothers me a lot
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1726] So where is he now?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1727] Well he's still in Manchester I think.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1728] Doing what?
[1729] Is he living with, living in a [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1730] I think he's in lodgings.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1731] Is he?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1732] But of course he got half the value of ... Trafford Hall, which was quarter of a million?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1733] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1734] Something like that, eighth of a million, it'll do me anyway.
[1735] Oh listen to that bird, isn't it beautiful it's a Thrush.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1736] Well [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1737] That's alright [...] degradable.
[1738] Oh isn't it beautiful, he must think it's Spring.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1739] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1740] Oh it's gorgeous ... oh you beautiful bird. [bird singing] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1741] Oh, [...] in't he?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1742] Like a spring sound.
[1743] I hope they don't start nesting and then get all there [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1744] [...] have a good time [...] wouldn't you?
[1745] Yes
Ginny (PS0CG) [1746] Yes ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1747] the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1748] this is, this is the end of November do not build your nest.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1749] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1750] Oh it's beautiful.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1751] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1752] Really doing his nut isn't he?
[1753] Perhaps that is his er, this is, this is my place, [...] .
[1754] Yes, there he goes ... yes it was a Thrush ... You must come and try and hear the nightingale's again ... [...] again [...] , you haven't
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1755] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1756] Oh, would you
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1757] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1758] Would you try, you're supposed to try wish, wish for luck when you tread in it you know.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1759] Luck ... come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1760] Ooh, where did you go? oh don't look like that, no one 's gonna hurt you baby, might smack your bottom once or twice.
[1761] Come
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1762] Come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1763] Come
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1764] In you get.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1765] Good boy, good lad ... , oh that Thrush song was a bonus wasn't it?
[1766] Wasn't it gorgeous?

13 (Tape 014102)

Ginny (PS0CG) [1767] I should buy some bulbs and ge , oh look at the pretty reeds.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1768] Oh aren't they lovely.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1769] Aren't they sweet.
[1770] Haven't got enough with me.
[1771] Hello, how are you?
Keith (PS0CH) [1772] Fine thank you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1773] I thought you'd gone away.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [1774] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1775] Gone away to the funny farm, yeah, they let me out last week.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1776] Oh.
[1777] That figures.
Keith (PS0CH) [1778] [...] help them out you see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1779] That figures.
Keith (PS0CH) [1780] Getting withdrawal symptoms you see, I only [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1781] Do you, if you don't sell
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1782] Well, [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1783] all the fruit, if you don't sell all the fruit cakes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1784] smell of them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1785] Yeah, smell of the fruit.
[1786] Now, er hello Ed, hello love, he's doing a starling job in your absence, isn't he?, isn't he [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1787] I'm warning [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1788] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1789] He can't leave the place alone, everyday he's here ,
Keith (PS0CH) [1790] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1791] grapes ... no not one twenty, yes, Keith goes through them like a hot mouth through butter.
[1792] These look drier than the ones at the back, it must be the latest one, or are they all the same?
Keith (PS0CH) [1793] No, all the same.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1794] That's alright my love ... you like grapes as well Dinda.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1795] I do [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1796] Oh look, a little baby one, given you voucher [...] I'll just have half a dozen for you.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1797] That's alright I ain't got nothing to pop back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1798] [...] have got loads in the garden.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1799] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1800] Erm, couple of, couple of pears.
Keith (PS0CH) [1801] There we are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1802] Couple of pears for a fruit compact, oh that look's a beauty ...
Keith (PS0CH) [1803] You don't normally come in on a Saturday [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1804] I usually come in every day for something.
Keith (PS0CH) [1805] Yeah [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1806] Especially now I've got so many
Keith (PS0CH) [1807] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1808] So many people on weirdo diets.
[1809] An iceberg, four salad tomatoes, some cress if you have it, I did, I did get banana's, and they haven't disappeared yet, oh look the clementine's are in Dinda isn't that beautiful, you could candy that, wouldn't it be attractive, candid to keep ...
Keith (PS0CH) [1810] There we are, er four seventy one [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1811] Oh aren't they whoppers .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1812] Two.
Keith (PS0CH) [1813] I say, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1814] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1815] Nice and [...] plenty, them [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1816] I've, I've got about four in the bottom of the fridge.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1817] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1818] Er what'd I say, cress, got some fresh cress for Keith's salad.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1819] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1820] Lot's of iron in that.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1821] What are they in, in the bunches .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1822] The bunches , mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1823] So if I grab
Ginny (PS0CG) [1824] That's it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1825] a bunch like that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1826] That's it, then it goes in my bars on the window sill.
[1827] I've got half an aubergine and I'm not going to make a veg pie anyway, it's a beauty isn't it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1828] No, I know, I'm just showing how much [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1829] Aren't these beautiful.
Keith (PS0CH) [1830] They are aren't they.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1831] Small and perfectly formed, like me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1832] That's a [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1833] It is, it is I have to polish them every day, aha, are you upset?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1834] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [1835] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1836] He's, he's got
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1837] I think, I think you should stop fondling it now.
Keith (PS0CH) [1838] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1839] He's got a university degree you see, so he knows what I'm talking about, when I say [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1840] Oh well
Keith (PS0CH) [1841] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1842] beautiful.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1843] there you are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1844] I didn't know you had it
Keith (PS0CH) [1845] I don't know about it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1846] I didn't know you had a degree until the other day and Lionel said oh
Keith (PS0CH) [1847] Oh yeah, yeah, I've [...] got enough money to
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1848] [laugh] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1849] give me [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1850] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1851] Oh I see.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1852] Forge his signature.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1853] And hope it doesn't come to any more than that, otherwise I shall will be in your debt .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1854] But I can't add , I mean I've got a degree but I might not, can't add.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1855] I've noticed you always used a machine .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1856] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1857] Is that it, I don't want the veggies, grapes, pears, iceberg, toms, cress, I think that's the lot .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1858] Do you want a bag?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1859] Well it wouldn't come amiss, though
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1860] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1861] I'd hate to drop the tomatoes half way across the road.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1862] I've already dropped [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1863] You want to drop the tomatoes.
Keith (PS0CH) [1864] Oh it's fun .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1865] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1866] Splat.
Keith (PS0CH) [1867] Part of the fun.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1868] I always leave [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1869] Yeah, two eight one, that's about right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1870] [laugh] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1871] There are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1872] Thank you love.
[1873] No you're not supposed to put that on top of the grapes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1874] Look dear, don't give him [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1875] You take the bag I'll take the money [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1876] No, I'll take the money, you take [...] .
[1877] I've got this the right way round haven't I.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1878] Come all the way from Amberry you see just to get, just to get stuff from you.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1879] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1880] I.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1881] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [1882] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1883] Keep a pound coin with me.
[1884] Do you want a few erm chestnuts sweetheart, you sure?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1885] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1886] You off sweets, eating two chestnuts instead.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1887] Absolutely, no, I'm [...] , I'm already.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1888] Thank you Ed
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1889] Bye .
Keith (PS0CH) [1890] See ya .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1891] Have your cup of coffee now, while it's quiet.
Keith (PS0CH) [1892] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1893] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1894] Take care.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1895] [noise - traffic] .
[1896] How much money have you got on you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1897] About one pound
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1898] How much do you think a yo-yo is?
Ginny (PS0CG) [1899] Oh gosh, that's good for you, you know it's good for your co-ordination.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1900] Cos I asked in here a few weeks ago and they said [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1901] My friend in here.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1902] If they're gonna be anywhere, they're gonna be around here.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1903] Ten, twenty, forty fi , hello love.
None (PS0CL) [1904] Hello love.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1905] Have you got any yo-yo's in yet?
None (PS0CL) [1906] No we haven't, were
Ginny (PS0CG) [1907] Oh .
None (PS0CL) [1908] waiting for them to come in.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [crying]
None (PS0CL) [1909] I'll ask again on Tuesday and see if they can just send me.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1910] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [1911] Who's it for you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1912] Yeah.
[1913] No it's not actually it's for my, my young nephew.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1914] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1915] Oh, oh, oh.
None (PS0CL) [1916] [...] a fuss.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1917] It's ever so therapeutic.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1918] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1919] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1920] I just saw somebody put it on them on the [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [1921] I used to be quite good at
None (PS0CL) [1922] and I'll ask again on Tuesday when I ring.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1923] It's supposed to be very good for you.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1924] I used to be very good at this, I use to [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1925] So did I
Ginny (PS0CG) [1926] Yes, you did, yes.
None (PS0CL) [1927] We'll put it on the list and I'll try on Tuesday for you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1928] [...] .
None (PS0CL) [1929] So that's all I've got with me after I've been to [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1930] Well, you've [...] anyway, so.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1931] If they're more than eighty, I, I can't have it anyway.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1932] So you want to keep
Vicky (PS0CK) [1933] Yo-yo, [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1934] Oh [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1935] I'm all ready if I got my handbag, but when I start walking because of the cars being broken into I don't carry a handbag, you see, I just carry money in my pocket.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1936] Oh, there's a lot had their cars broken into .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1937] I've had mine done twice, mine done twice, mm, the police were up the other day lying in ambush, and I'd spotted them and phoned the local police station and said there's men lurking in the bushes of [...] are they policemen?, she said yes madam, they're policemen.
[1938] I don't, I thought they looked to they looked to clean and, and well groomed
Vicky (PS0CK) [1939] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1940] to be erm, sort of scroungers.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1941] Right, it doesn't pay to leave your handbag in the car.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1942] No way.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1943] Certainly doesn't.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1944] It isn't the money because the insurance company pay me back the money
Vicky (PS0CK) [1945] Yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1946] the car insurance mends my windows, but it's, it's your bank books, and your credit cards
Vicky (PS0CK) [1947] I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1948] and your driving licence
Vicky (PS0CK) [1949] I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1950] your insurance, all those little things you know, and you don't
Vicky (PS0CK) [1951] Cos there's been a lot done, they've all done it left their bikes in the car [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1952] Yes, yes.
[1953] Well I was in the pet shop
Vicky (PS0CK) [1954] [...] tie round your neck .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1955] Ah, but they're again they
None (PS0CL) [1956] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1957] but then they could hit you on the head if they saw you've got it with you.
None (PS0CL) [1958] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1959] Mind you I've always got a dog and a stick .
None (PS0CL) [1960] [...] as a puppy
Ginny (PS0CG) [1961] Oh yeah.
None (PS0CL) [1962] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1963] Yes.
None (PS0CL) [1964] Stick him on the end that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1965] It's true.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1966] You want to get one of those waist belts and put it under your [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1967] In the Summer I have one of,
Vicky (PS0CK) [1968] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1969] Used to be , I bought it in here ,
Vicky (PS0CK) [1970] Yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1971] remember the
Vicky (PS0CK) [1972] yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [1973] shoulder-less purses on, on a
Vicky (PS0CK) [1974] yeah, yeah .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1975] well they are now, my daughter now has a proper bum bag, but this was just a school, purse for school, just for break time.
Vicky (PS0CK) [1976] Oh yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1977] And I use that in the summer, when I don't want big pocket's
Vicky (PS0CK) [1978] Yeah, yeah, good idea .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1979] I think [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [1980] Keep your hands free
Vicky (PS0CK) [1981] I must have washed me hands .
None (PS0CL) [1982] You have to think when you've got, like me with my two little grand daughters, you know .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1983] That's right , you need three hands. [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1984] True, if I'm, if I know I want, might want something extra, I, I, stick a fiver in, this pocket
None (PS0CL) [1985] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1986] If I loose it well, it's, hard cheese.
None (PS0CL) [1987] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1988] It's better than er
None (PS0CL) [1989] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1990] better than this thing
None (PS0CL) [1991] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1992] cos my daughter you see, I get so cross if anyone's at my car, I'm likely to go for them.
[1993] I nearly caught a man once erm, but I turned the whistle to the dog and he must of heard me, he dropped, into his car and drove off, if I could of got the dog in faster I'd, I'd chased him, my daughter said, no you stand back and take no not , but I'm not like that you see.
None (PS0CL) [1994] No, you think why should they get away with it .
Ginny (PS0CG) [1995] Yes, I'd whack him on the head with me stick or something.
None (PS0CL) [1996] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1997] And of course I'd get accused of assault.
None (PS0CL) [1998] Oh, you'd be the one in trouble.
Ginny (PS0CG) [1999] Oh yes, oh yes, I would, I'm sure I would.
[2000] Thank's a lot girls.
[2001] [noise - traffic] . Are you looking at they big doggy?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2002] I was looking at the scalectrix.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2003] Scalectrix, that's the next thing is it?
[2004] Oh look, come on, yeah Christmas lights are up ... not a lot mind you, a few bare bright bulbs.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2005] Mm, mm, shop [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2006] What is that patch for?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2007] I don't know. [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2008] [laugh] .
[2009] I don't know my dear.
[2010] Hello baby we weren't long were we?
[2011] Haven't seen Dan in there for a long time, I thought he'd left Lionel and gone off to get a ... a highly lucrative job somewhere ... You don't somehow expect to see a, a young man with a university degree working in your local green grocer do you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2012] Mm, what's his degree in?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2013] I haven't asked him, I didn't like to.

14 (Tape 014103)

Ginny (PS0CG) [2014] They must have been high up in the tree, [...] leaves.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2015] Is that a Beech tree?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2016] Yeah, that's a Beech tree ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2017] Where's the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2018] Beg your pardon, you're right
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2019] I didn't recognise it, it hasn't got any leaves on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2020] I beg your pardon, it does look like a Beech bowl doesn't it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2021] Yeah it does, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2022] Yes, you're quite right it is.
[2023] No up where the other's are, where they've just hidden in the bushes, I found sum brand new ones on Wednesday or Thur , after we had the heavy rain ... Why we going this way?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2024] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2025] Oh, I'm very fond of the meadow walk ... get any more wild [...] , [...] actually, I suppose there are rabbits and things up here.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2026] But there are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2027] We should come one day at dusk and the bunny hoppers will be out, or of course very early in the morning.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2028] Why, you wouldn't come very early in the morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2029] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2030] [...] .
[2031] [...] brooks lovely isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2032] The what?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2033] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2034] Oh yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2035] I don't think I've ever been to [...] , quite pleasant [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2036] Surely that's the , that is the house where Queen Elizabeth the first spent all her girl hood.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2037] I've no idea.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2038] [...] ... perhaps it was burnt down and re-built or something [...] didn't seem at all tudorish did it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2039] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2040] [...] .
[2041] You think all the big houses in London that are now [...] official Government [...] all along the strand big private houses, Savoy Palace, The [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2042] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2043] Way back in the thirteen, fourteenth century.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2044] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2045] And your name sake Barnard of Bolier that's his palace opposite on the other bank of the Thames.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2046] Mm ... [...] .
[2047] I'm still amazed about eighty gardens though.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2048] Eighty gardens, oh [...] made me laugh.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2049] Well that's not what amazes me, eighty gardens.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2050] Eighty gardens, but then as a place that size, and the didn't have any machinery don't forget everything had to be
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2051] Well I expect now, they've got about five .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2052] I should think they probably still, in the, in the high season, I should think they probably still need fifteen, twenty
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2053] Oh look, [...] tractor [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2054] I think it still belongs to the Duke of Devonshire because he was interviewed at the end wasn't he?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2055] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2056] And he said they have to systematically sell something to keep the place up.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2057] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2058] But if they can use that er beautiful water ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2059] Ah right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2060] to generate their own electricity, save them a bomb and they can sell some as well.
[2061] I know a lot of people say they shouldn't
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2062] Good idea .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2063] have houses that size, but I think it's an awful shame to let our heritage go.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2064] Yeah, I agree, if people did [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2065] I tell you another thing that amazes me, how any one with a Sovereign right, [...] were a Sovereign in those days, could have given up the palace of Westminster which is so beautiful, [...] palace, together I suppose reigned after the Duke of [...] is it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2066] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2067] It was only built erm, what a couple of hundred years ago wasn't it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2068] What Buckingham Palace?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2069] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2070] I don't know, I didn't realise.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2071] At Kensington, Kensington palace, but the palace of Westminster I think is the most beautiful building
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2072] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2073] and of course they had the Thames which was their main highway, Thames was much easier to use than
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2074] Well that was Buckingham Palace was er [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2075] Oh yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2076] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2077] Oh yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2078] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2079] I think Buckingham Palace is lovely compared to Westminster Palace, beautiful old stone and the, and the shape of it and it's windows, it's beautiful ... huge of course, there again the court then had loads and loads of er, there were ten [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2080] [laugh] . [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2081] And a lot of the Government, Governing people of the country ... Oh it is a bit chill and damp isn't it?
[2082] Did you mention anything to your dad about wanting to watch ... Dances with Wolves?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2083] Ah, I wouldn't of imagine for one second he would want to watch, so it might be better if I buy the video and see [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2084] No, no ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2085] you can watch it at your
Ginny (PS0CG) [2086] why you gonna get something
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2087] heart's delight.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2088] something more adventure, I don't want to buy it, I may, I may not be that keen on it
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2089] Well you know, in that case you'll have to wait until he goes away somewhere for the evening.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2090] Didn't like Fantasia, where I can listen to the music and watch them.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2091] Oh, we'll see what's going on, have a look [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2092] I would like to see Dances with Wolves ... he'll probably be asleep any way Dinda.
[2093] He puts the Variety Performance on he'll go to sleep.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2094] Mm ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2095] He's actually been out of his armchair today long enough to erm, spend ten minutes putting a washer on the hand basin in the loo.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2096] Oh, [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2097] And you could of done that last weekend, [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2098] Should of done, yeah ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2099] I owe a letter to Dida.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2100] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2101] I don't know whether I owe one to Madge or not, probably I do.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2102] Mm. [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2103] She owes me a letter, thank heavens, somebody who owes me a letter instead of vice versa.
[2104] Can't remember whether I owe Madge a letter or she owes me one.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2105] Here dog.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2106] He's probably having a visit ... [...] run like bat out of hell good gracious.
[2107] Oh look.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2108] Oh sorry.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2109] Hello magpie, there's two of them ... Ooh come on, come try again.
[2110] [whistling] . Are there's a playful one coming, ah, been called away what a shame.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2111] He's a devious one [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2112] Border Collie, a sheep dog.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2113] [yawn] .
[2114] I read somewhere that if you have a Collie
Ginny (PS0CG) [2115] Yes .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2116] Dog you must make sure that they're occupied
Ginny (PS0CG) [2117] Oh yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2118] cos they're such smart little dogs,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2119] They get into mischief.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2120] that erm, they have to be occupied doing
Ginny (PS0CG) [2121] Yes, yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2122] They are, aren't they, they really are very smart.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2123] Oh yes, well look how [...] Kelly could get.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2124] Oh yeah, they're like a hyperactive child.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2125] That's right, very much.
[2126] Kelly was alright, as long as he was doing things, but he wanted to be doing things all the time.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2127] He had so much energy even when he got old, he had so much energy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2128] Yes.
[2129] Remember when he went up to the aeroplane, Jim only hate to haul him away and slap him once and he learned, he didn't go near an aeroplane any more
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2130] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2131] kept right away from the aircraft.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2132] Mm ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2133] [...] there's a teddy bear again, gorgeous.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2134] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2135] [...] .
[2136] We'll have to say hello to her she's, oh yes you're so, oh, oh, oh my goodness, what have you done to your [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2137] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2138] Ah it's what.
[2139] She is isn't she?
[2140] When you gonna go off, ah, ah, ah, watch it, that's a lady, watch yourself.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2141] What do you want the lead?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2142] You need look like that.
[2143] It's when one is on the lead I think the other's feel the disadvantage ,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2144] Get on a bit .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2145] he should be about eight and a half, he's rescued.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2146] [...] dog you are, you're horrible.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2147] It's not like him to grumble at a bitch.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2148] You're horrible
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2149] Only nine months .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2150] Thought she was pretty young, she's going to be whopping when she's
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2151] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2152] Your horrible.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2153] Dad was that?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2154] What?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2155] Above your head.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2156] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2157] Here then, [...] get a bit too cold for them wouldn't you?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2158] Yes, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2159] She's longing to go for a gallop isn't she?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2160] Oh yes, yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2161] Oh, all full of energy aren't you love, she's a beauty, what's her name?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2162] Topsy .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2163] Topsy .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2164] Suit's her doesn't it?
[2165] She just growled and growled and growled, didn't she.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2166] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2167] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2168] She
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2169] Look for a new home for her now that's the trouble
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2170] Dad.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2171] You what?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2172] You've got to look for a home for her now, cos we're er, moving home .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2173] Oh no , oh you can't keep her?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2174] Not really, no, were going to America.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2175] They let British come into America
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2176] Yeah, it's the accommodations.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2177] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2178] Come on girl.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2179] Not the other way round of course.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2180] No, no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2181] Dogs from Britain can practically live anywhere
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2182] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2183] Hel hello Topsy, hello Topsy, I'll shall squeeze your feet if you do it any more, I'll shall squeeze your paws and you won't like it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2184] Is that a good way of stopping her doing it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2185] Mm, I always use to do it with my German Shepherd.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2186] Yeah, but they don't [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2187] Cos, cos they're big enough, if they even in love, they can knock a child, well they could knock a grown up flat on your back.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2188] She'll not be too [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2189] Yes, no squeeze the paws ,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2190] We got [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2191] not, not too hard for her but enough so that it's uncomfortable
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2192] yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2193] and they hate it, and after, after a week, after a week of having their paws squeezed every time they jump up, [...] stop [...] .
[2194] I've a lot, a lot of my friends have got ... big dogs and they say oh they will jump up and I say squeeze her paws, it usually works
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2195] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2196] in a week, ten days, something like.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2197] I'll have to do that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2198] They're a very [...] , but they can still knock you flat on your back.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2199] Oh yeah, well she's had a, a some old chap who was walking around here, she just ran past him
Ginny (PS0CG) [2200] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2201] and she just caught the back of his leg [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2202] Oh yeah , behind your knees you can.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2203] He just crumpled up.
[2204] I say she's only doing, she's only playing around.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2205] Oh yes, it's all affection.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2206] Mm, I'll have to try that with the feet, come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2207] Bye, bye.
[2208] Do you want to play?, want to play? ... get it, get it,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2209] Come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2210] get it, get it ... oh play Rock.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2211] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2212] Look.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2213] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2214] Another seven months.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2215] Seven months.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2216] And they can't keep her?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2217] Pardon .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2218] Moving , moving to America.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2219] Oh what a shame, have they got somebody to take.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2220] Well I'd imagine they'd go too [...] there, and they're still looking for someone .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2221] Oh, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2222] You'd like to take her would you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2223] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2224] When she was trained, stop jumping up and things she'd be a nice dog.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2225] [...] , if I wasn't at work I'd take her like a shot.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2226] Yes, so would I.
[2227] Wee, get it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2228] But erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [2229] Get it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2230] [...] , you should have told him to put an advert in [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2231] Have ads in where?
[2232] I don't think they're [...] been yet.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2233] I would imagine [...] .
[2234] Where you going?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2235] Into the dog walk.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2236] Come on ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2237] I don't know if the ranger's put any seed down or what, but they all seem to like, they all seem to like the smells round here ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2238] After you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2239] You be a good lad now?
[2240] Good boy.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2241] Whoops.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2242] Good boy.
[2243] God it's carpeted with leaves now.
[2244] Haven's seen Sam.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2245] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2246] Or Davey .
[2247] Good boy, hurry up ... Good boy Rocket ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2248] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2249] What, no, no, you'll try and go get back across the meadow, I expect.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2250] Probably will.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2251] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2252] Hello, alright ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2253] I wouldn't trust those two any further than I can throw them.
[2254] My instincts straight away.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2255] Mm.
[2256] You reckon, you reckon they're Bonny and Clyde do you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2257] I wouldn't be surprised if they were the sort of people who had the stolen bicycle down in the bushes.
[2258] Oh dear, they haven't go a dog, but they went on the dog walk!
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2259] Ah.
[2260] [...] again today.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2261] No, no, no, what every you like ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2262] [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2263] if you like dog crap on your shoes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2264] yeah, [...] at home [...] shoes off.
[2265] No Rocky, no, no, no
Ginny (PS0CG) [2266] What, what, maybe he wants to, maybe he wants to you know what.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2267] Oh come on, you know him, he'll just takes us up the woods for the hell of it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2268] Honesty.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2269] Come on then, come on ... come then, be a good boy, hurry up [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2270] He's eaten another dish of biscuits.
[2271] Cleaned out his dinner bowl and ... eat more biscuits.
[2272] Foxes you after is it?
[2273] Good lad, good lad, good lad.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2274] Hurry up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2275] Good boy ... good boy ... good boy.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2276] I'll have to try that.

15 (Tape 014104)

Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2277] You looking at your favourite tree again?
[2278] ... Gorgeous isn't it?, beautiful tree.
[2279] Strange how the lebanon should be cover with them isn't it?
[2280] ... Chance of bright spells this afternoon, getting horrendously murky.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2281] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2282] Oh look over there, it's, it's
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2283] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2284] black, except for the occasional, little topping of gold.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2285] Yeah, [...] is it? ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2286] Try and get one of these gadgets, and see if we can er get the nightingales next week.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2287] [...] ... There's [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2288] I don't suppose the radio part of this is put in then, [...] .
[2289] I'm not messing with it, just [...] recording playing back.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2290] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2291] Not that I like walking around with music blasting anyway, I'd rather listen to the birds.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2292] Mm ... oh, I'm warm now after that walk.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2293] Good.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2294] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2295] No sign of Sam, ah here he comes, hold on then, the dogs gonna have a talk.
[2296] Your friend's coming, your friend's coming, your friend's coming, look, look who's that, who's that, who is it?
[2297] Who's down there, who is it, who is it, who is it? [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2298] Hello Sam, hello, hello, hello, hello.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2299] He don't know who to say hello to.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2300] Hello Sam.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2301] He don't know who to say hello to [...] you or me or what .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2302] Three of us [...] he's gonna have a widdle, that'll sort all the problems out, hello.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2303] How's [...] , how's your eye.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2304] Keep still a minute, let's have a look, come here, Sam, Sam
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2305] Hey, Sam, Sam , come here.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2306] Keep your head still a minute we want to look at your nutter.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2307] It looks much better doesn't it?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2308] Getting your fur fur back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2309] That's right, you see to him, go on you see to him, you see to him, [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2310] Trouble is Rocky, Rocky's knackered from his walk and so is [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2311] [laugh] , hello Davy .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2312] That's great , Rocky, Rocky's panting a bit, seems a bit tired but Sam's all fresh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2313] He has, he hasn't been very active actually
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2314] There is an unfair advantage here
Ginny (PS0CG) [2315] He was looking
Jackie (PS0CM) [2316] [...] sleeping in the car today, that's what it is he's just woken up.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2317] Cos I looked [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2318] He's been asleep in the car .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2319] Yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2320] Oh, cos I looked him up and I thought
Ginny (PS0CG) [2321] Yeah, yeah, both coming back , now just had a bald patch.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2322] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2323] There's been [...] and that, he's been out this morning as well up to Hill and oh up to the Ridges as well
Ginny (PS0CG) [2324] Good gracious.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2325] [...] should be tired.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2326] Oh they do [...] up the Rid up the Ridges?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2327] Er, I didn't see any up there no .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2328] Simon's Wood?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2329] Nor Simon's, no I was in there yesterday there was none in there yesterday .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2330] Oh, they've, they've [...] then, good.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2331] Cos I think they'd gone some time ago.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2332] What a shame they've missed their walk together.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2333] Yes, still, you just going back now are you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2334] No, we came a bit earlier because it was so dingy.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2335] Just done the circuit, he has.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2336] Oh I see, I did the front of my car that's why I was a bit late, I usually I'm a bit earlier than this.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2337] We met er, a beautiful old English sheep dog, seven months old and they've got to find a new home for it, because they're off to America.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2338] Ah, that's a shame .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2339] Well I said they're except British dogs in America.
[2340] Dog's from England can go anywhere, it's just coming back in, the problem .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2341] Come back in yes, the erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [2342] And he said yes but it's, it's the accommodation we've got, maybe it's a Company move and they've given them an apartment or something, seven months old, you know, that big, so by the time
Jackie (PS0CM) [2343] It's a shame isn't it?,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2344] she's grown up, she's
Jackie (PS0CM) [2345] [...] don't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2346] Yeah, yeah, beauty, beauty.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2347] Still, they might hear of somebody who [...] wants one .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2348] Oh yeah, you know .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2349] Well I should think they'd probably advertise .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2350] [...] at the vet's and so on, you know.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2351] That's right, yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2352] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2353] [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2354] It's a pedigree, weren't he?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2355] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2356] She was a, she was a pedigree [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2357] Yes, Topsy, Topsy .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2358] I was just looking at that tree, the way it's stunted up there, I haven't really noticed before.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2359] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2360] That's where, where it fell off in all the hurricane.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2361] That's right, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2362] That's topped.
[2363] [...] it's top ...
Jackie (PS0CM) [2364] [...] , there's another one in there.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2365] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2366] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2367] Plenty of good firewood isn't there?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2368] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2369] There is.
[2370] A bit of it has rotted now though [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2371] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2372] It'll still, it'll still burn nicely
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2373] It's got to be [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2374] Oh it's still burn alright.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2375] Mm, I'm surprised they [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2376] Lovely smells to when it's burning.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2377] Mm, it is nice.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2378] And of course the erm, those sort with all the redden in them, muddly blue flames and they keep spitting and given pretty, pretty pictures, it's gorgeous.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2379] Yeah, Pine they do that don't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2380] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2381] They do [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2382] Yes, we have to trim our Pine trees occasionally, the firs, and ooh they smell beautiful on the bonfire .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2383] Even ones on the [...] , mm.
[2384] I had a go at that didn't I one year?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2385] Yes, you did .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2386] Made a real mess of it .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2387] Mm, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2388] And she did very well .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2389] Cutting down trees [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2390] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2391] [...] in Summer [...] big ones like that, sort of, I, I had to use the a chain saw.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2392] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2393] Joyce said oh we'll be alright this winter.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2394] Yeah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2395] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2396] I've got out of the way of, I've often said to Dinda, you know, I wouldn't mind going back to an open fire in the winter.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2397] No, I wouldn't
Jackie (PS0CM) [2398] I miss it now after all these years.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2399] Oh never mind, when I was first married, it was carry coals up two flight of stairs to start with.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2400] Oh [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2401] It was me who did it, not my husband.
[2402] He use to sit there and say, is it getting cold in here? and muggings I use to get up and feed the fire and go down and [...] , I, I can't believe it when I think back you know.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2403] Well you do exactly the same thing now ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2404] Yes ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2405] it's obviously in your nature isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2406] yes .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2407] Turn the heating up I should think.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2408] Yeah, yeah, you know if there's anything to be done, up she goes and does it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2409] Getting cold [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2410] Yeah, they told [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2411] Yeah, that's right.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2412] You know, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2413] Well we used to take it in our stride, I mean I grew up with an old Victorian house with potent fires and you had keep the fires going either wise in the winter it was bitterly cold, it was nice and cool in the summer coming out of the heat.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2414] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2415] But in the winter you needed the kitchen range and the dining room and drawing room needed fire then, and if anybody's was ill we had fireplaces in the bedrooms of course.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2416] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2417] But since I slept in, what used to be the maid's bedroom [laugh] , I was always
Jackie (PS0CM) [2418] I say, when you look at those days you wake up and [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2419] that's right, yeah, yeah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2420] I pull them open and do that now, I must admit.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2421] Old, old sash windows .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2422] I wouldn't, I wouldn't last five minutes [laugh] .
[2423] I need my heating .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2424] Oh, [...] you would , you would.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2425] Well not now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2426] With sash windows, with the wind howling round them.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2427] But, it's, it's funny though you [...] didn't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2428] Stone floors down stairs .
[2429] Would you know, we didn't have any serious illnesses as children, the only place we had a bit of warmth, used to have a valour lamp in the bathroom in the winter, had a valour lamp in there to keep the chill off .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2430] Remember those [...] ones we used to have, the yorkstone, did you ever, ever had one of those?
[2431] With the round [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2432] [...] , the valours were , yeah, with, with the little er, shiny
Jackie (PS0CM) [2433] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2434] handle with a bit of erm,
Jackie (PS0CM) [2435] It used to have a handle come right over when you lifted it up .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2436] That's right, yeah, that's it, yes , and about that tall with a sort of round top and a slim bit and then legs, four legs on the bottom,
Jackie (PS0CM) [2437] That's it four legs, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2438] yeah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2439] [...] I had for years.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2440] Yeah, yeah ...
Jackie (PS0CM) [2441] Making you run around is he Sammy?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2442] Done him the world of good .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2443] You're gonna sleep tonight aren't you Rocket? [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2444] I like the friendly nudge up the tail.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2445] He'll give you a kiss [...] .
[2446] Come on
Ginny (PS0CG) [2447] Give me a kiss.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2448] I'm honoured.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2449] He's a beaut.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2450] Mm, good old boy aren't you? mm.
[2451] I haven't seen him stand still in one place for this long for ages.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2452] No I haven't.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2453] [...] , it must be almost ten minutes [laugh] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2454] He'll make up for it.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2455] In fact Rocky's gone, Rock where you gone?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2456] Come Rocky
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2457] [...] .
[2458] Funny he gets the wonder lust when he meets Sam he goes off doesn't he?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2459] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2460] Mm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2461] Yeah, he thinks cor I'm off now Sam [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2462] Well they usually go off together you see.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2463] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2464] Go off, on, on forays together don't they?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2465] [...] .
[2466] How old is Sam?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2467] Gone fox hunting I think .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2468] How old is Sam?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2469] Erm he's about seven, but I'm not sure how old when I first had him, cos he's a stray, a stray [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2470] Yeah .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2471] Mm .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2472] I think he's about under a year when [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2473] Yeah .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2474] not much more than a year, but they've [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2475] He's about seven then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2476] Well he's much younger than Rocket who must be we reckon, no
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2477] Rocket must be about nine or ten , oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2478] well he should only be eight and a half, I mean they told us he was three and a half when he was rescued .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2479] well we'll call him nine , he must be about nine.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2480] They told us three and a half, but there again a lot of rescue people do cut the ages of their dog, but, but, our, our two vets agreed he was around three and a half, between three and a half and four, look at his teeth and his coat and his bones .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2481] His eyes .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2482] Had him five years so.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2483] Yes, he's probably about
Ginny (PS0CG) [2484] Yes, between eight and a half to nine, we just [...] in a dogs life a year, is seven of ours .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2485] Seven years .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2486] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2487] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2488] But, George's still just a great puppy aren't you?
[2489] Still a great puppy, yes, yes.
[2490] Rocket's fifty six, catching up on me.
[2491] Oh there's Sheba, she's aged, by Jove she's aged ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2492] [...] German Shepherd .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2493] I mean Roxanna at her age wasn't still very full of life ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2494] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2495] she's only a pup. [...] some dogs do [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2496] [...] aged quite rapidly, we were lucky with ours [...] cos at the time I couldn't, you know thought she was about twelve ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2497] She's very well looked after ,
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2498] till she was about twelve she was quite [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2499] ever so bright, yes , they were playing and chasing sticks and
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2500] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2501] I think it depends on the size .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2502] Thirteen she was .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2503] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2504] Actually she's not simply long coated like Roxanna was she's over coated if anything.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2505] Yeah, she is, very, very long .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2506] She is, she is , Very seldom you see a dog like that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2507] She's very heavy and the size of her feet.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2508] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2509] In fact she's a throw back, it's as almost as though she's got some ... some ... Alaskan type dog in her
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2510] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2511] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2512] or Husky type dog.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2513] You don't see many like that [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2514] No, no ... no she's not quite full of big boned, but by Joe
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2515] [laugh] , they've both stopped, [...] , I don't know what they're looking at [laughing] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2516] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2517] They're probably listening , listening for the foxes or something.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2518] Heard something over there.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2519] [...] , [whistle] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2520] Obviously they heard something.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2521] I'd have to take down the shore, [...] shore tomorrow [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2522] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2523] Saves leaving them in the car, probably only for about two hours, I don't know if it's better leaving at home or taking with me, there's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2524] Don't you , don't you find he'd rat he'd much happier sitting in the car?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2525] He seems to be, yes
Ginny (PS0CG) [2526] Than left at home, where you've gone away somewhere without him .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2527] Well I don't really know, cos I don't know what he's like at home, you see by himself, huh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2528] No, exactly .
[2529] But my dogs have always, much rather come shopping with me and sit in the, [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2530] It's a short time though isn't it?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2531] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2532] It's not very long, see I say, what [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2533] Oh I don't know the supermarkets the best part of an hour this time of year.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2534] I suppose it is, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2535] But, oh he's quite happy , he'll curl up in the back of a car, but when I come home and he goes so berserk if I've left him at home, I know that he's been watching and listening and waiting for me all that time.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2536] He usually sits up at the window [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2537] That's right, yeah ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [2538] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2539] but he knows where your car is you're not far away.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2540] Yes that's true.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2541] I think they work it out that way.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2542] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2543] At least you can let him, give him a run.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2544] Yes I can down there, yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2545] Yes, Mrs up just behind isn't [...] round by the air field [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2546] Oh yes, there's the air field there isn't there?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2547] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2548] I've never been to the air field.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2549] Oh, that's where we usually end up I'm afraid.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2550] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2551] [...] air field.
[2552] Well we go down there for all the permits and things anyway you see, recording there with the documents the P F A.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2553] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2554] Look at his tail going, no don't Sam, leave it,
Jackie (PS0CM) [2555] Come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2556] don't kill anything else.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2557] Sammy come on, [...] , come on.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2558] As long as it's not a fox [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2559] Yes, we can do without another fox fight.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2560] [...] , come on Sammy ... Sammy ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2561] This morning we heard two thrush's singer their spring song.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2562] Yeah, it was amazing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2563] Beautiful
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2564] Singing their hearts out.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2565] Was they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2566] Beautiful.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2567] Think it's spring I suppose this weather.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2568] [...] , they, remember last, end of last winter when it got mild after the cold spell, they were building their nests and then we got all that cold weather again, all the, all the fledglings were dead.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2569] They died [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2570] Nests I found when I was clearing the garden, put the little eggs in and they'd all gone cold.
Jackie (PS0CM) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2571] Yes, yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2572] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2573] But, you think they had [...] ... most of them do don't they?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2574] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2575] They heard the geese know when to fly North, and when to fly South and navigate by the stars and by the lay lines in the earth, it's just isn't it magical?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2576] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2577] No, no way, we used to, we used to, I mean ancient man did
Jackie (PS0CM) [2578] [...] , oh they did, yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [2579] They navigated by the, by the ley lines , that's why you find monuments built up on hills so they could stand in the middle of the of nowhere and they could see a, they could either feel it through their feet
Jackie (PS0CM) [2580] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2581] where the, where the main lines were, or they could look and see erm, what do you call them, those groups of trees on tops of hills they used
Jackie (PS0CM) [2582] Oh I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2583] there's one near Shoreham.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2584] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2585] Oh, [...] places like that.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2586] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2587] They could see them and navigate by them, if they haven't got the sun or the stars, yeah, yeah, we've lost all that of course, as we got what we called civilised, we've lost all those old skills.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2588] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2589] Yes
Jackie (PS0CM) [2590] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2591] Yeah,
Jackie (PS0CM) [2592] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2593] I was stationed right on the Pilgrims Way
Jackie (PS0CM) [2594] Really?, oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2595] Mm, mm, [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2596] [...] , I erm,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2597] Oh yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2598] I tried to phone the [...] , now who was it I saw, [...] on a Saturday wasn't it, a Saturday, ah, it's still in there
Ginny (PS0CG) [2599] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2600] and I, I went home, phoned them and he said well, I got [...] , there's nobody there, try he said between five and six that's his lunch hour [laugh] , so I phoned, couldn't get, oh no I, I thought well it'll be too if I don't get [...] so I [...] took it home
Ginny (PS0CG) [2601] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2602] and I tried all weekend trying to get [...] only there from five to seven, and I got him after five o'clock on Tuesday
Ginny (PS0CG) [2603] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2604] and er, I told him all about it, and I said I don't know what happened to [...] I spoke to somebody last Monday and he was coming down immediately for it, so he sort of said, well I'll come down for it, there's a different one, he got [...] , and he came down for it and he took it, so er, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2605] So, who, you took it out of the bushes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2606] Yes, I took it out of the bushes get [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2607] Yeah, it's gonna get rusted or, or
Jackie (PS0CM) [2608] Well somebody take it [...] the owner wanted it back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2609] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2610] So he's gonna look all the way through the records [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2611] So it wasn't the bicycle people that, that the two, that they were laying in ambush for, must of been the car thieves they were laying in ambush for.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2612] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2613] [...] four hours [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2614] Suppose they would, yes, yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2615] No, I think, I, I, he said, well, what with these, these he said, this is probably why he couldn't get down
Ginny (PS0CG) [2616] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2617] probably forgot it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2618] Oh.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2619] So anyway [...] , probably hear a name [...] who it was.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2620] Mm, mm ...
Jackie (PS0CM) [2621] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2622] Yes, I hope so too, but, I have the feeling that the next, the next time we looked I don't remember it having green peddles the first time you found it
Jackie (PS0CM) [2623] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2624] Sam found it.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2625] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2626] I mean they were bright green, and I thought it was a different bike, I didn't even ... noticed the second time if it was a ladies or a man's bike.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2627] Well it looked as [...] cos when I picked it up, there's a sort of [...] thing was blown over,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2628] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2629] so yes it could of been, yes, a long time actually.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2630] Yeah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2631] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2632] It wasn't muddy or rusted or anything.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2633] No, no, it's got a bit of rust around the cha bit on the chain
Ginny (PS0CG) [2634] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2635] but as you say, we haven't had much rain, have we ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2636] No, no .
Jackie (PS0CM) [2637] it could have been [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2638] Don't know, lost them both.
[2639] They've gone off together now [whistling] , another one joined in now, hello.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2640] Hello.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2641] Don't know where's Sam gone?
Jackie (PS0CM) [2642] Sammy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2643] I'd better grab Rocket.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2644] Come on quickly.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2645] No that's Rocket.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2646] Sam.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2647] Probably [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2648] Rocky come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2649] Ah could well be, we might see, we might see you tomorrow
Jackie (PS0CM) [2650] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2651] I don't think, I don't think we'll be at the air field tomorrow.
Jackie (PS0CM) [2652] Come on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2653] Have a nice day at Shoreham.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2654] Sam where are you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2655] Great, enjoy yourself, bye, bye.
[2656] Rocket come.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2657] Come on Rock, Rocky.

16 (Tape 014105)

Dinda (PS0CJ) [2658] I thought it might of been a women that was [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2659] [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2660] You were going to help [...] with the woman .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2661] I'm going to do my good deed for the day.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2662] Ah that's nice of you ... get Stella something in here.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2663] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2664] Why that thing at the front, that's a pretty arrangement.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2665] As long as you wrap it [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2666] Wasn't, fondue set.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2667] A fondue set, a set of glasses a cuddly toy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2668] A [...] hot tray.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2669] Look at these then ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2670] Well at least she'll be able to sit with it on her lap ... aha I like it ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2671] No loitering, don't loiter woman.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2672] I'm too much help to the police I don't think they've, I don't think they'd move me on.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2673] Are you loitering with intent? [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2674] I wouldn't look ... I like those, I wouldn't mind those in our little cottage, I like the Chintzy colours.
[2675] I keep looking at suits and have ah, erm, completely unzippable covers for cleaning.
[2676] Oh that's nice and warm.

17 (Tape 014106)

Ginny (PS0CG) [2677] Came out the end of last month didn't it?
[2678] Or the middle of this month .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2679] No this month .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2680] I got my [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2681] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2682] Oh it's got lot's of animals in this one ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2683] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2684] [reading] [...] things that happened to them while they were making the African Queen and, they've turned into a story [] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2685] Mm, I think we should get something a little less heavy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2686] A little less heavy?
[2687] ... Ah.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2688] [...] up there so that must be the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2689] [...] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2690] Well if you ask they might have some just brought back.
[2691] Can you get it down to read it?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2692] No, it's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2693] It's stuck there.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2694] That's stuck there [...] . [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2695] Oh no, [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [2696] It's sort of rather plain cream on the back ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2697] Well done mum, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2698] No sweetheart.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2699] Well why did it fall off then?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2700] Oh honestly I didn't touch it, I didn't
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2701] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2702] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2703] Erm.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2704] [...] [laugh] I've been mucked up, mucked it up completely now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2705] I didn't done anything honestly I didn't.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2706] Got a nail?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2707] Oh I see they stick into the felt.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2708] Not very well .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2709] They've got all things on the back.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2710] Oh that's [...] ... it's like, oh sorry.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2711] [laugh] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2712] Don't touch any more [...] tape.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2713] Look.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2714] Oh it's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2715] Well I, I wouldn't mind watching that, yes I, no I wouldn't I'd think it's silly, told you once I saw at the [...] I couldn't, this doesn't want to stay up this double sided tape.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2716] [...] , you go [...] .
[2717] I [...] comedy don't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2718] [...] .
Dinda (PS0CJ) [2719] I wonder if they've got, what was that one with Leslie Neilson, the good one, Naked Gun, that's funny, [...] is that.

18 (Tape 014201)

Ginny (PS0CG) [2720] Hello Emma, hello Jenny, you're up early this morning.
Turan (PS0CN) [2721] Hi.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2722] What got you out of bed so early?
Turan (PS0CN) [2723] What do you mean?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2724] It's a Sunday morning you didn't have to get up.
Turan (PS0CN) [2725] I did, I opened up this morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2726] You had what?
Turan (PS0CN) [2727] I opened up this morning, I was suppose to open up yesterday morning as well, but I over slept.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2728] I can't say I blame you.
Turan (PS0CN) [2729] I can't believe they [...] last night, not last night the night before, Friday night I went to bed early knowing I got to get up Saturday morning , [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2730] Yes , usually the way.
Turan (PS0CN) [2731] Sod's law in it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2732] Yeah, absolutely .
Turan (PS0CN) [2733] Late night I was in bed by twenty past ten, I was in bed and I say I must of been asleep by half past ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2734] Good girl ,
Turan (PS0CN) [2735] cos [...] said to me are you going to sleep?
[2736] I said yeah [snoring] , and then I was a sleep you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2737] yeah.
Turan (PS0CN) [2738] And this morning oh I didn't want to get out of bed, it was so warm, ooh, didn't want to get out at all.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2739] It's funny because Dinda does the same thing.
Turan (PS0CN) [2740] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2741] Weekends she's bright and early, half past
Turan (PS0CN) [2742] That's it ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2743] seven quarter to eight, the week days when she needs to get up at quarter to seven
Turan (PS0CN) [2744] to work, that's it .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2745] she said I could of
Turan (PS0CN) [2746] I'm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2747] slept this morning.
Turan (PS0CN) [2748] I'm generally ok during the week, thing is, I think it's probably the weather as much as anything, the days are dark isn't all ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2749] Yes ,
Turan (PS0CN) [2750] it was very dark all day
Ginny (PS0CG) [2751] yes ,
Turan (PS0CN) [2752] yesterday, and that makes you very tired, and it's very dark when you get up in the
Ginny (PS0CG) [2753] yeah .
Turan (PS0CN) [2754] morning's now, there you go.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2755] It's not natural really is it?
Turan (PS0CN) [2756] No, your body just doesn't want to
Ginny (PS0CG) [2757] And the animals don't want get up do they?
Turan (PS0CN) [2758] No, that's it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2759] Poor Jenny, and what time does Nina have to get up?
Turan (PS0CN) [2760] Emma.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2761] Emma what time does Emma have to get up?
None (PS0CP) [2762] This morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2763] Yeah.
None (PS0CP) [2764] I got up about half past eight.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2765] Oh that's not too bad is it?
Turan (PS0CN) [2766] No that's quite a nice time to get up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2767] Yeah, that's when I'm trying to stay in bed but I can't, on a Sunday.
Turan (PS0CN) [2768] That's like my mum, she can't .
None (PS0CP) [2769] Ok .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2770] I can't , thank you love.
Turan (PS0CN) [2771] [...] housework.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2772] Yeah.
Turan (PS0CN) [2773] Wakes up and got to hoover.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2774] Oh no I don't do that, I daren't ... it's week days and I usually want to go off back to sleep ...
Turan (PS0CN) [2775] I'm ok during the week, I've got into a routine of getting up and going to [...] and all the rest of it, but weekends I have every other weekend off, it's not quite a routine is it?,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2776] No ,
Turan (PS0CN) [2777] depends how possible it is.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2778] yeah.
Turan (PS0CN) [2779] [...] my lie in [...] so much [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2780] [laughing] , can't say I blame you. []
None (PS0CP) [2781] Bye, bye.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2782] Another dingy day today, oh, see you in the morning dear
Turan (PS0CN) [2783] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2784] Cheers.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2785] Yeah.

19 (Tape 014202)

Ginny (PS0CG) [2786] Here's Alison ... there's a good boy, there's my good lad ... Who's coming?, who's coming?, who's coming Rocket? ...
None (PS0CR) [2787] Hi.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2788] Hello ... Hello Henry, hello Lucy.
None (PS0CR) [2789] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2790] Hello love, your ,
None (PS0CR) [2791] I [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2792] you were quick.
None (PS0CR) [2793] [...] mouth full of toothpaste, what, toothpaste when you rang [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2794] That was quick.
None (PS0CR) [2795] Well, I thought, come on a dog walk special.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2796] Well I phoned you twice before, and there's been no answer so I must ,
None (PS0CR) [2797] Ah, last weekend I was away ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2798] oh you did tell me, yeah, but the weekend before that I think I was late .
None (PS0CR) [2799] and I decided I made it through erm , enough weekends, I really needed to go away and have a, get away from this part of the world [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2800] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2801] And er, it worked in consequences on which on the Monday morning I was back
Ginny (PS0CG) [2802] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2803] got up and went to work and had this bloody awful throat and I thought ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2804] Oh no ,
None (PS0CR) [2805] you know that awful viral thing that's going around and I meant to be pass the infectious now, or I wouldn't be here with you.
[2806] Good boy Henry, and erm, I think it's one of those [...] you can cope as long as you have too and as soon as you're relaxed, you're so run down, and tired
Ginny (PS0CG) [2807] something hits you ,
None (PS0CR) [2808] the first bug that comes along says right
Ginny (PS0CG) [2809] yep ,
None (PS0CR) [2810] I'll move in here,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2811] yep
None (PS0CR) [2812] and erm,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2813] Come and get it sweety, give it to me then .
None (PS0CR) [2814] I felt bloody awful this week , but erm at least I can run around a bit, come on Henry bally down, bally down, sit, good boy, go charging off up there and if you throw it, you won't see where it goes it's so dark .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2815] No, no, you have to wait .
None (PS0CR) [2816] Henry come back here you rotten thing.
[2817] Good boy, aunties got it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2818] Look.
None (PS0CR) [2819] He's so silly, he charges off with such
Ginny (PS0CG) [2820] Good girl Ludabelle.
None (PS0CR) [2821] he charges off with such enthusiasm, usually in the wrong direction [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2822] Oh poor old Rocket, he, he runs after the ball, then runs past it and leaves it
None (PS0CR) [2823] Oh no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2824] he won't, won't really play.
None (PS0CR) [2825] Well actually a girl friend of mine came round here yesterday, oh, lunch timeish was it, and erm, Henry forget his ball, he got so excited of the though of going out he put it down in the hall, came here and was thoroughly miserable all the way round, without his ball his lost, you know, a dog walk isn't a dog walk for Henry.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2826] A stick won't do?
None (PS0CR) [2827] No, chases it twice and then Lucy takes on and eats it for him.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2828] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2829] So anyway, how's life been with you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2830] Oh, not bad.
None (PS0CR) [2831] Good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2832] But tediously, but same as usual .
None (PS0CR) [2833] Does your daughter live with you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2834] Oh yeah
None (PS0CR) [2835] or is, she does?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2836] Oh yes, oh yes, still [...] .
None (PS0CR) [2837] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2838] Marvellous.
None (PS0CR) [2839] One human being on your side, if [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2840] Yes [...] .
[2841] Couldn't be more right .
None (PS0CR) [2842] [...] yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2843] Couldn't be more right, except that
None (PS0CR) [2844] It's a funny thing though, because mother's and daughter's [...] , and er, I love, when my mum comes up she's a dreadful sleeper and if you're having a bad time, you get up in the middle of the night to go and make a cup of tea, there's always a little voice says, yes, let's have a cup of tea dear.
[2845] And you can sit and rabbit
Ginny (PS0CG) [2846] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [2847] to the point where my father-in-law woken up in his room with hilarious giggles which don't take long to ensue
Ginny (PS0CG) [2848] [laugh] .
None (PS0CR) [2849] and it's one of life's real treats.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2850] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2851] Real treats.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2852] Mm, oh yes, Dinda is er, she's inclined to be a little too
None (PS0CR) [2853] Protective of you.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2854] yes and she cannot discriminate her feelings.
None (PS0CR) [2855] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2856] When she disapproves of something you've said or done.
None (PS0CR) [2857] As it comes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2858] Well she does, she doesn't say it, she
None (PS0CR) [2859] [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2860] doesn't say all that much, she'll probably just get up and walk out of the room or, or heave a big sigh or something.
None (PS0CR) [2861] yeah.
[2862] Was a [...] to have on your side around the place, it's probably without [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2863] You know I think I would.
None (PS0CR) [2864] Yes, I'm sure you would.
[2865] Oh mum rings up every now and again, father is driving me batty
Ginny (PS0CG) [2866] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2867] mother you do not have to stay there, why, I mean he's quite capable looking after himself for a weekend, you know my father had a series of stroke's when he was in his fifties
Ginny (PS0CG) [2868] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2869] mainly because of hard work, self induced, he was just a compulsive workaholic
Ginny (PS0CG) [2870] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2871] and, he loved what he did, he [...] that nobody could have survive, and then my mother who's mentally unimpaired, but in sudden decay [...] overnight and she has to look after him [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2872] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2873] but having said that she's got a [...] sort of ready meal, all you have to do is use one hand either pick your plate up, put it in the microwave and you've got a cooked meal
Ginny (PS0CG) [2874] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2875] and [...] on his own, and said to mum, come up here and get away for the weekend, cos it's a hell of a burden to carry, with no release, I mean even going on holiday, she has to book it, organise his packing, wash it, you name it, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2876] Isn't it?
None (PS0CR) [2877] Erm you [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2878] [...] .
None (PS0CR) [2879] more often than he was, but it didn't use to be like this.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2880] The first time we had a break together, Dinda said let's go out, I said well somewhere fairly close where we can take little Rocket
None (PS0CR) [2881] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2882] so we took a cottage on Canvey Island
None (PS0CR) [2883] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2884] I've always heard it was a bit of a sort of a
None (PS0CR) [2885] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2886] Blackpool type thing, it was beautiful, lovely countryside ,
None (PS0CR) [2887] You had a wonderful time ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2888] absolutely gorgeous.
None (PS0CR) [2889] mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2890] Would you believe that he said I've got to work on the aeroplane this week, I've got the week off, I've got to work on the aeroplane, I, you know, I shall be alright, down the airfield, er on the Wednesday he arrived to see how we were getting on, complaining like made because he hadn't been able to find where the cottage was, I said but I'd left you a detailed map ,
None (PS0CR) [2891] Oh god .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2892] I'd left you the full address, and the telephone number and a fully detailed map.
None (PS0CR) [2893] Why is he so helpless?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2894] I said, that, erm, begrudgingly I must admit, I said, you gonna stay overnight, no, no, I've come to take you both out to dinner.
[2895] He is good, I've got to work, that's an excuse
None (PS0CR) [2896] Oh I know does [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2897] but I've got to work on the plane tomorrow.
[2898] You know when we came back the next Saturday as we've gone through the front door, he'd gone to the Little Chef for breakfast because there weren't any crocks left to u , to use
None (PS0CR) [2899] Oh no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2900] the kitchen was piled up, I, I, Dinda took my suitcase upstairs, I'd seen to the dog, he was very, very good in the car as you know er, I took my suitcase, I couldn't get through the bedroom door, the bed clothes on the floor where it's, where we've had a sudden hot spell, he hadn't folded them up
None (PS0CR) [2901] Oh, thrown them off ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2902] and put them in the spare room
None (PS0CR) [2903] thrown them off.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2904] just, just, left them lying on the floor.
None (PS0CR) [2905] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2906] It's for spite, I mean, he was, he was quite capable of doing the [...] .
None (PS0CR) [2907] Oh yeah absolutely, like my father
Ginny (PS0CG) [2908] Just [...] .
None (PS0CR) [2909] My father likes being waited on
Ginny (PS0CG) [2910] Oh yes.
None (PS0CR) [2911] mum is there and is expected to do it, I mean mum is [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2912] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2913] It really annoys me, and every now and again I sit him down and say now look you, oh Henry, and he adores, the actual, personally my father adores my mother and the sun has always shone out, she's the only person in the world for him
Ginny (PS0CG) [2914] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2915] but, he will, I think, unwittingly use the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2916] Was he the only son?
None (PS0CR) [2917] He was the only child.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2918] Yes, yes.
None (PS0CR) [2919] Absolute menace
Ginny (PS0CG) [2920] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2921] but then, [...] married, married he was one of three boys, and his mother never worked, you know she would keep the house clean, as everything, they must have [...] father about [...] .
[2922] I love
Ginny (PS0CG) [2923] Go on.
None (PS0CR) [2924] I love wallowing in a hot bath.
[2925] Erm came [...] and shower occasionally and if you bath, I said to him, do your mother [...] ever, to pick a, a damp towel up off the floor, but, did you have a bath, and all [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2926] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2927] why was it my job always to go in pick them up and [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2928] [...] .
[2929] I mean I use to do a full time job outside the home, then come back and do all the housework and the washing and the children .
None (PS0CR) [2930] [...] .
[2931] This is what happen when [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2932] Let's have it then Henry, leave it.
None (PS0CR) [2933] Go and find daddy.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2934] Hello.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2935] Throw my ball.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [2936] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2937] Come on down.
None (PS0CR) [2938] Bally down Henry, come along, Henry, bally down, good boy, there, there, that [...] good and soggy and she'll really enjoy that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2939] Oh lovely.
[2940] [...] not throw it at the cyclist had I?
[2941] Better not throw it, wait
None (PS0CR) [2942] [...] , if you do up in the air, he's only got two dimensional vision Henry, he never looks up at anything.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2943] You too.
None (PS0CR) [2944] But, erm, I told you the story of our cleaning lady [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2945] No.
None (PS0CR) [2946] Well, two or three years ago, I said to [...] really mad, there's me working full time, him on shifts and me Monday to Friday, nine till five, come Friday night I start and I spend the entire weekend washing, ironing, cooking, and
Ginny (PS0CG) [2947] That's right.
None (PS0CR) [2948] [...] I was just in time for Sunday night, [...] bath, hair wash and all the usual things
Ginny (PS0CG) [2949] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2950] In order to fit and [...] to go back to work on Monday morning.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2951] That's right.
None (PS0CR) [2952] And I said to him I've worked out that less in the mornings [...] to have a firm come in, you know [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2953] Molly maid, yep .
None (PS0CR) [2954] to come in and blitz the place from top too bottom and if we just have them once a fortnight, the in between weekend I can whiz round,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2955] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [2956] because he wouldn't of got that awful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2957] Well, not with both of you out .
None (PS0CR) [2958] [...] , and they came for eighteen months, two years, at the end of which the quality of the work had deteriorated, price was rocketing up
Ginny (PS0CG) [2959] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [2960] and more seriously then, insisted on coming on a Wednesday lunch time.
[2961] Now Wednesday I do all the intensive care men and
Ginny (PS0CG) [2962] Yeah
None (PS0CR) [2963] it's not an easy option, you really need to come home lunchtime after all of them and
Ginny (PS0CG) [2964] Relax .
None (PS0CR) [2965] peace and quite , not [...] vacuum cleaner going round
Ginny (PS0CG) [2966] Mm, mm.
None (PS0CR) [2967] so I kept saying to her please would you do another day
Ginny (PS0CG) [2968] I don't know I'm not use to going in the meadows.
None (PS0CR) [2969] please would you, not, come on a Wednesday by all means
Ginny (PS0CG) [2970] Lucy.
None (PS0CR) [2971] but can you just avoid my lunch hour.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2972] Mm.
None (PS0CR) [2973] What we gave you is the time they come and the next weekend they were back again, and I'd warned them several times and in the end I said look forget it, and I had it, you know, the works gone off, erm, and as far as I'm concerned it's Wednesday nights, I've really got to [...] , and the price I started to pay, is no longer worth it to me.
[2974] [whistling] ,
[2975] Rocket.He's eating something little devil.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2976] Stop it, no.
[2977] Come, come, come, come on.
[2978] [...] as your told.
None (PS0CR) [2979] Erm, and I said to him you will help me won't you, you won't go back to me doing everything, oh lord he said, I'll, I'll do my share, so we went back to a routine, whereby I did, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, washing the car, mowing the lawn, doing the flower beds, and the doing the [...] , he walked the dog.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2980] [laugh] , oh typical .
None (PS0CR) [2981] And I was never terrible short , sorry Henry didn't mean to tread on you.
[2982] Never, take note, not down here [...] it's full of leaves and you'll never find it again.
[2983] I never saw that it was quite in balance, but you know you just, it's a case, if somebody else doesn't do something and you can't stand looking at it [...] you will get on and do it,
Ginny (PS0CG) [2984] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [2985] which is something they get to rely on ... and I should keep thinking, that's a hell of a [...] for them because he's never in all our married life washed a sock
Ginny (PS0CG) [2986] No.
None (PS0CR) [2987] I mean, clean clothes just magically appeared and [...] ironed, [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [2988] Mind you that [...] .
None (PS0CR) [2989] and at the moment he's living in a hostel where, I don't know too much about it, where you have clean sheets put on for them
Ginny (PS0CG) [2990] Oh, how nice.
None (PS0CR) [2991] endless hot water, but I mean I [...] .
[2992] I can't remember, his life, he's trying to find what an iron looks like, he's never ironed a hanky in his life.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2993] My husband hasn't.
None (PS0CR) [2994] Never, ever.
Ginny (PS0CG) [2995] I can't, I can't remember Pete ever changing sheets on the bed, ever.
None (PS0CR) [2996] No, it doesn't cross their mind .
Ginny (PS0CG) [2997] Not even when I got a new baby was it.
None (PS0CR) [2998] Did you ever, did he ever clean the loo's for you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [2999] No, oh no.
None (PS0CR) [3000] Why was, that's what really used to get to me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3001] I lead .
None (PS0CR) [3002] Come back
Ginny (PS0CG) [3003] I, I ,
None (PS0CR) [3004] from work as a somebody and at home I was the loo cleaner.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3005] yes, I had exactly the same thing, being a top flight secretary at work
None (PS0CR) [3006] Yes, come home and nothing but the lady with
Ginny (PS0CG) [3007] Yes ,
None (PS0CR) [3008] the Harpic, with her head down the loo.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3009] that's right, and not even, not even a word of appreciation for, a, a sale you've clinched or a good impression you've made on the end deal
None (PS0CR) [3010] It's that, that is the ultimate thing, that is the ultimate thing ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3011] or something.
None (PS0CR) [3012] no, it is all
Ginny (PS0CG) [3013] Which reflects on
None (PS0CR) [3014] taken as red, with no credit given to you
Ginny (PS0CG) [3015] your boss of course.
[3016] That's right.
None (PS0CR) [3017] if on the other hand he has [...] haven't done your chores, [...] on a Sunday, er, how do you expect him to live in a place like this.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3018] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3019] Excuse me we both live here, we both work full time.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3020] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3021] And in fact he had more useful hours of daylight in the evening than I did .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3022] Well I use, I use to work longer hours.
None (PS0CR) [3023] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3024] Than my husband did. [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3025] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3026] Cos I was out with my first daughter at quarter to eight in the morning to catch the bus to take her to adopted aunty
None (PS0CR) [3027] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3028] and he was still sort of erm, just [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3029] Jerking.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3030] Yes, exactly, and I'd be out in all weather's
None (PS0CR) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3031] to catch the bus,
None (PS0CR) [3032] yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3033] erm, and then get back and I, I was worked
None (PS0CR) [3034] It was [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3035] eight thirty to five thirty
None (PS0CR) [3036] and it's a long day and then you'd have to come back and your day's far from over.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3037] Oh too true.
None (PS0CR) [3038] Then you [...] and said right
Ginny (PS0CG) [3039] Yes .
None (PS0CR) [3040] It's not just the cooking, I mean he can [...] cook, but you need somebody else to say, what are we going to have and either go and buy it or this and that and [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3041] They don't think about it .
None (PS0CR) [3042] It's all that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3043] What about the clearing up when they have, when they have cooked.
None (PS0CR) [3044] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3045] The use three dishes and bowls for everyone
None (PS0CR) [3046] Oh yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3047] you've used.
None (PS0CR) [3048] oh absolutely, absolutely .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3049] It's horrendous .
None (PS0CR) [3050] Yes, they, it really is extraordinary.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3051] My son in law's, one of them is not too good
None (PS0CR) [3052] Good morning .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3053] but at least he does decorate, good morning, he does decorating and things and he helps like that ,
None (PS0CR) [3054] Henry bally please .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3055] and he will do a bit of washing up, they don't want to use the washing up machine.
None (PS0CR) [3056] Henry bally, come on bally down, come on Ginny [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3057] But my middle son in law is absolutely marvellous.
[3058] He wants, he wants to [...] [laugh] .
None (PS0CR) [3059] [...] did he come out off?, [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3060] I don't know.
None (PS0CR) [3061] Watch him Henry, watch him .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3062] His mother had two sons, and she said they're not going to be helpless, you've lost it stupid.
None (PS0CR) [3063] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3064] They both went into the Scout's and the Rangers and Edie made each of them do their own bed, do their bedrooms on Saturday's
None (PS0CR) [3065] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3066] and now, I mean, Debbie, Debbie has ... well Debbie is
None (PS0CR) [3067] And somebody somewhere is reaping the benefit of [...] appreciate all
Ginny (PS0CG) [3068] Debbie's got this horrendous pregnancy having lost two baby's you see
None (PS0CR) [3069] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3070] she's got this horrendous pregnancy
None (PS0CR) [3071] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3072] now, and Richard is working all day and because Debbie's been told she's got to have bed, bed rest
None (PS0CR) [3073] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3074] Erm, he'll come in in the evening he's done the shopping, he cleans the house, they live in a converted barn
None (PS0CR) [3075] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3076] so you can imagine how big it is.
None (PS0CR) [3077] don't.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3078] He vacuums, he cooks her a meal
None (PS0CR) [3079] Oh god
Ginny (PS0CG) [3080] To try and tempt her appetite because she's throwing up
None (PS0CR) [3081] Did you say she had two son's?, is the other one married?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3082] Two sons , the other one's dead.
None (PS0CR) [3083] Oh shame [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3084] Yep.
None (PS0CR) [3085] That's my sort of chap.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3086] Yep.
[3087] I'm afraid he er
None (PS0CR) [3088] Yet there are some around .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3089] he was one of the sixties products who got onto all the drugs and things
None (PS0CR) [3090] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3091] Yep, and had a stroke, a brain haemorrhage .
None (PS0CR) [3092] Oh lord .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3093] Mm.
None (PS0CR) [3094] But you know honestly, the mother's like Ken, who do their children absolutely no, no, they're now the proud owner's of three sons all of them, well John's on his second marriage, Ken's on his second marriage and [...] will be on his second marriage
Ginny (PS0CG) [3095] Yep.
None (PS0CR) [3096] and quite honestly, I think they not only do they not bring them up to do, I mean useful like that, but I thought Ken's [...] his family never showed any affection any warmth, any caring, any love, and I would do anything for anyone if they just say thank you, but with Ken
Ginny (PS0CG) [3097] My mother in law, was just, that, the other way round.
[3098] She was drooling all over him
None (PS0CR) [3099] Oh .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3100] in his fifties, it was my baby boy.
None (PS0CR) [3101] Oh [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3102] It used to make you want to throw up sometimes.
None (PS0CR) [3103] Believe .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3104] I couldn't believe it when I first, first year of marriage and when I got pregnant, er, we'd walk into her, well it's her daughter's erm sitting room, she'd struggle up out of an arm chair and I'd think oh gosh, I know she mustn't get up for me, got the tummy out here ,
None (PS0CR) [3105] Yes .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3106] and the baby [...] have this chair, not her pregnant daughter in law, but her baby boy.
None (PS0CR) [3107] Oh god.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3108] All six foot of him.
None (PS0CR) [3109] Oh poor little soul.
[3110] Oh Jesus how can you [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3111] No darling you mustn't do that, I'll shall, I'll shall take your cup out .
None (PS0CR) [3112] Let her get on with it?
[3113] Well I worked, he took me out
Ginny (PS0CG) [3114] Yeah, but, I had to take over, where she left off.
None (PS0CR) [3115] I know, it is alarming isn't it?
[3116] I, it took me a long time, time to realise that one can be [...] for a mug.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3117] otherwise the place was a tip.
None (PS0CR) [3118] Oh yes, I used to live, we used to live in a three bedroomed semi in [...] before we moved to our present house, and one Christmas Ken said why don't [...] all our family to us, which was his mother, his father, his elder brother, his wife, two little girls from them, Tony, Karen and their little one
Ginny (PS0CG) [3119] God.
None (PS0CR) [3120] [...] grandmother and I think there was an aunt, and I said Ken were living in a three bedroomed semi, oh they won't mind for Christmas.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3121] They won't mind.
None (PS0CR) [3122] And they rang up, and they said were sending you a list of what we expect to be available in the way of food at Christmas because we always have the same thing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3123] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3124] [...] , and I ended up virtually [...] people in a fish tank.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3125] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3126] And they all said now look is there anything we can do and I said no, it's not, if you're coming to me as far as I'm concerned I will do it, you need anything and I will cope.
[3127] [...] not one of those females worked
Ginny (PS0CG) [3128] Oh no.
None (PS0CR) [3129] they were all at home all day I was
Ginny (PS0CG) [3130] Oh no .
None (PS0CR) [3131] the only one who worked full time, they came on Christmas Eve with reluctant, because I said look I'm sorry but I have to work Christmas Eve lunch time, and they said right we'll be there at five past one, and I finish at one, there were there at five past one, they finally left two days after Christmas because I said I'm sorry I have to go back to work today.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3132] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3133] Oh, oh, well we'd better go then, but we'll come back next year because that was good I said no I'm sorry you won't actually I'm going [...] I've done my little bit for a while, no one else [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3134] [...] my daughter's now .
None (PS0CR) [3135] And I thought what a fool, none of them work
Ginny (PS0CG) [3136] No.
None (PS0CR) [3137] and I spend the whole bloody lot slaving all Christmas
Ginny (PS0CG) [3138] You should have said so and so could you come and do so and so love, my daughter's now do Christmas for me
None (PS0CR) [3139] Jesus .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3140] because one Christmas about four,
None (PS0CR) [3141] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3142] four years ago
None (PS0CR) [3143] [...] chain saw?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3144] I think so.
None (PS0CR) [3145] Henry, Lucy [...] [chain saw] Lucy, oh she's such a rat bag, hang on to go and get her [...] over here.

20 (Tape 014203)

Ginny (PS0CG) [3146] Come on, come on, it's a horrible noise isn't it?
None (PS0CR) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3147] Oh yes, it's just under growth.
None (PS0CR) [3148] You know we were saying about erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [3149] Foxes and rabbits
None (PS0CR) [3150] Claire and [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3151] Yeah, oh great.
None (PS0CR) [3152] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3153] Great.
[3154] But I found that
None (PS0CR) [3155] But erm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3156] now, I mean my girls used to come to me with boy, boy friends as they grew up and then husbands, but they always help, they always
None (PS0CR) [3157] yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3158] helped with the bedrooms and things like that you see,
None (PS0CR) [3159] now that's what I [...] the family would do.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3160] the clearing up, they always gave a hand, but even so, they, they didn't realise that the three weeks before hand
None (PS0CR) [3161] The sheer graft of trading round the shops, getting it all in , humping it all home,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3162] The lists, the planning, the food .
None (PS0CR) [3163] packing it all away
Ginny (PS0CG) [3164] Yes , yes, and all the rest of it .
None (PS0CR) [3165] and all the rest of it .
[3166] Oh my god.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3167] My husband's eh, never bought the Christmas presents, he buys one and usually he'd only get that from one of the girls, what shall I get mum can you do [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3168] So he doesn't actually go out and do
Ginny (PS0CG) [3169] He doesn't have to do anything, but about four Christmas's ago I had the whole lot down, I had nine of us for the whole Christmas week, erm, Boxing Day I went in the kitchen, two of Diane's friends had arrived, who lived in London and I went in the kitchen, I'd had a bad dose of the flu virus that was
None (PS0CR) [3170] Oh ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3171] going around and I'd worked right through it because of all the Christmas preparation
None (PS0CR) [3172] we don't have another option do you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3173] and I went into the kitchen and I fell down, first time in my life, I've never passed out, not
None (PS0CR) [3174] That's right ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3175] even in pregnancies or anything
None (PS0CR) [3176] mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3177] next thing I remember was being undressed and in bed with Debbie standing there with a boiled egg on a tray, saying mummy were so sorry you'll never do Christmas again, you've done it for us for forty years, we shall do it for you now.
None (PS0CR) [3178] Oh, bless her cotton socks.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3179] And they have ever since.
None (PS0CR) [3180] Oh bless them, and let them keep on doing it .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3181] But there again you see I go in the kitchen and say right, want to do spuds
None (PS0CR) [3182] Here I am , shall I start on this, or do you want me to do that, I know
Ginny (PS0CG) [3183] Yeah , what would you like me to do?
None (PS0CR) [3184] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3185] If, I say, if you want me out of the kitchen just say so, I don't want to be under your feet .
None (PS0CR) [3186] But if [...] absolutely you won't go quietly , but
Ginny (PS0CG) [3187] And they either say go and read the paper mum, I'll call you in half an hour.
None (PS0CR) [3188] Yes, and then you'll feel you don't want to be [...] , yes absolutely, I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3189] And we get on fine .
None (PS0CR) [3190] It takes you a long while to realise what a twit you've been for so long.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3191] Yes.
[3192] Oh bless their hearts, they'd always helped, but they hadn't realised I think .
None (PS0CR) [3193] Yes but until you are the one who does it you have no comprehension of what is involved.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3194] Yes, yes, Diane was the first
None (PS0CR) [3195] This year I have my mummy and my daddy coming up for a couple of days and that will be fine
Ginny (PS0CG) [3196] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3197] I enjoy
Ginny (PS0CG) [3198] But I'm
None (PS0CR) [3199] looking after them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3200] forty now you see, so.
None (PS0CR) [3201] Well I'm forty two.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3202] Yeah, well my eldest daughter's forty
None (PS0CR) [3203] Is she?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3204] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3205] Oh which is the one that is pregnant with the terrible time?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3206] That's Debbie, she's, she's, she'll be thirty this month ...
None (PS0CR) [3207] Yes, it's a funny old thing, actually I must tell you I feel an awful lot better since I've passed my [...] I suppose, last Friday I saw a Solicitor and the divorce is now actually sat up on it's merry way rejoicing, and
Ginny (PS0CG) [3208] I think you're much better off.
None (PS0CR) [3209] for the first time since he went
Ginny (PS0CG) [3210] I envy you .
None (PS0CR) [3211] I actually slept the entire night, because I thought goody, as soon as the divorce goes off, the sooner I'm on my way out of the ar oh Rocky [laugh] , Rocky your head was in the way it was your own silly fault
Ginny (PS0CG) [3212] He's got nothing left , he's got nothing left. [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3213] [...] , he's probably widdleing nothing, poor [...] that wasn't worth sitting down for, no to think that once I've gone on, which I did on Friday, I'm now on my way out the other end
Ginny (PS0CG) [3214] [whispering] [...] [] .
None (PS0CR) [3215] it's absolute bliss.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3216] [whispering] [...] [] .
None (PS0CR) [3217] Yes, I think I do.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3218] Oh [whispering] [...] [] .
None (PS0CR) [3219] I was talking to my girls [...] [...] honestly say, it never crosses my mind
Ginny (PS0CG) [3220] On my own with, with
None (PS0CR) [3221] to think I wish he'd come back I get back to how life was cos I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3222] [...] .
[3223] No, no .
None (PS0CR) [3224] Absolutely not for anything.
[3225] Oh life begins again and as I say I'm only forty two, it isn't that [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3226] Oh crikey no, you're just beginning love
None (PS0CR) [3227] And erm, I'm sure after this .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3228] I'd, I'd I'd got a four year old toddler and a and a eighteen month old crawler when, when I was your age.
None (PS0CR) [3229] Really?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3230] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3231] Good lord.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3232] Yes, so life had started again for me .
None (PS0CR) [3233] The bally down , bally down.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3234] Except, that, except that of course I was doing everything for everybody.
None (PS0CR) [3235] Yes, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3236] No, help with anything, that was after the emergen emergency Caesar and everything .
None (PS0CR) [3237] Henry come back here [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3238] I'm, I think I had to do a days [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3239] [...] , it's lovely.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3240] Don't throw it too far otherwise .
None (PS0CR) [3241] The longer you throw, the more , good boy, it's so well hidden in the leaves, it's exactly the same colour that's the trouble this time of year, but no, life is a funny thing, and I find it personally very hard to believe that only two months ago, I mean what is it nine weeks ago, and I suddenly had an enormous [...] view
Ginny (PS0CG) [3242] Yes,
None (PS0CR) [3243] and yet here you are ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3244] It knocks you on your heels doesn't it?.
None (PS0CR) [3245] absolutely .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3246] I can see it, it knocked you back on your heels .
None (PS0CR) [3247] But you find that you can do things you've never dreamt of.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3248] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3249] You find out who your friends are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3250] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3251] And erm, it's far from being the end of the world, and I think in a way
Ginny (PS0CG) [3252] Partly true, yes it is .
None (PS0CR) [3253] he's given me a life line, so jolly well it happened and enjoy life.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3254] Well both my daughters are married to
None (PS0CR) [3255] That's what I'm going to do ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3256] divorced men.
None (PS0CR) [3257] yes, and I sometimes think that way I know with Ken's two brothers the way they behaved with wife number one and the way they are with wife number two is a different world.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3258] Hello love.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3259] How are you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3260] Fine
None (PS0CR) [3261] Are you
Ginny (PS0CG) [3262] and you?
None (PS0CR) [3263] steam and strimmer?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3264] That's right, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3265] Isn't it noisy?.
None (PS0CR) [3266] You've got a job here haven't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3267] Do you wear
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3268] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3269] Do you wear ear things?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3270] Oh yeah.
[3271] Deaf pretty quickly.
None (PS0CR) [3272] Oh excuse us [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3273] Yes you would , be careful he get's between your legs and goes [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3274] Want to sing with a high pitched voice, you'll never have a better chance.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3275] [laugh] .
[3276] They both do that, Lucy and Henry both do that, shove their heads
None (PS0CR) [3277] Lucy [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3278] between your legs and go
None (PS0CR) [3279] yes they're both totally shame less and their heads are like that, Lucy come and see [...] say hello to [...] .
[3280] [...] mother who was the one they inherited
Ginny (PS0CG) [3281] Oh they ,
None (PS0CR) [3282] it from, so do be warned.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3283] come away from the foxes please.
None (PS0CR) [3284] Rocket.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3285] Come on away from the foxes, picks up any bits the foxes have left and then he get's an upset stomach and that's another thirty pounds at the vet.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3286] That much is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3287] Well, yes, once they have
None (PS0CR) [3288] Oh it's horrendous isn't it?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3289] an injection and been back for a check up, yes it's a good thirty pounds, you can't step in the door really without [...] twenty five pounds.
None (PS0CR) [3290] No, yes, I think it's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3291] Even for their injections every year you know, and the, their worming twice a year.
None (PS0CR) [3292] I can understand if they take time on a stray dog [...] I often wondered if they realise
Ginny (PS0CG) [3293] He was , he was in the rescue.
None (PS0CR) [3294] what they're walking into,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3295] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3296] the pet rules, were saying whether it's a pedigree [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3297] Oh well I've [...] it because I've had two pedigree's
None (PS0CR) [3298] Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't be horrible ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3299] It's alright .
None (PS0CR) [3300] don't be horrible.
[3301] [...] , right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3302] [...] I think they were only talking.
None (PS0CR) [3303] Oh, [...] oh thank you very much dog.
[3304] [laugh] , good think I'm in my dog walker's .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3305] And it was a white sweater, clean white sweater.
None (PS0CR) [3306] [laugh] , it's an oldy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3307] I put on my old trouser's and welly boots this morning, it said it was going to be so messy .
None (PS0CR) [3308] Well I thought of my wellies and I thought, I was just worried about falling of the pebbles, mind you, [...] safe as these.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3309] I can only wear short ones otherwise they catch on the back of the driving seat and I don't like that.
None (PS0CR) [3310] It's horrible.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3311] Anything that makes me,im impedes me, yes.
None (PS0CR) [3312] [...] normal progress.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3313] Yes, just happened at the wrong time.
None (PS0CR) [3314] Well this week I have to fly up to Liverpool on the early morning shuttle
Ginny (PS0CG) [3315] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3316] on Thursday, we go on a book buying expedition, every year, June and me, we choose a lot of books of [...] , but it's a lot more fun to go and actually pick the things off the shelve
Ginny (PS0CG) [3317] Oh lovely .
None (PS0CR) [3318] and there's a library supplier, advertised to a box shop up in Lytham Saint Anne's
Ginny (PS0CG) [3319] So it's all paid for.
None (PS0CR) [3320] oh yes, [...] shuttle
Ginny (PS0CG) [3321] Ah?
None (PS0CR) [3322] oh you'll love it, on the shuttle with the [...] representative of Midlands, the firm get's us the other end and drives up to, we spend all day hacking around [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3323] [...] on the shelves there .
[3324] I didn't know they had a big library.
None (PS0CR) [3325] Oh, yes, it's a three million books, it's called Help Jackson, it's one of the very, very old [...] and that, I literally
Ginny (PS0CG) [3326] Oh so, the public is nothing [laugh] .
None (PS0CR) [3327] [...] three million books on the shelve, and we don't have time going properly at the price so we go anything you want, bung it on the trolley and soon as the trolleys full it's taken away and another one given, and you poke around and then in the evening, you stay in a hotel overnight, and then the following morning, they get [...] and you just [...] sort of send up the money [...] and they just shout up the money as we go, then, [...] every time I get to a thousand they say one, two, and you say right, tell me when I get near three, [laugh] and I've got this erm, I'm dreadful at maths, I failed maths O Level three times and I [...] don't think about prices, I've never been more than fifteen pounds out .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3328] Carry a computer .
None (PS0CR) [3329] I can't, you haven't got time.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3330] No.
None (PS0CR) [3331] I've never been more than fifteen pounds out, at the end of the day [...] which is unbelievable.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3332] Well, very good .
None (PS0CR) [3333] It's just [...] somewhere.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3334] This is what the Government pay for?
None (PS0CR) [3335] This is all for provided for [...] Broadmoor.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3336] For the, for the inmates of Broadmoor?
None (PS0CR) [3337] Yeah oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3338] They have a, a life of Riley don't they?
None (PS0CR) [3339] Well, the trouble is that they've got a closed
Ginny (PS0CG) [3340] Think about it .
None (PS0CR) [3341] population, whereas in a public library there are people using the [...] , some of [...] for life so therefore you can't even send [...] year in and year out they have to constantly changing
Ginny (PS0CG) [3342] Huh, you have more sympathy for them than I do.
None (PS0CR) [3343] aha, ha.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3344] My first sympathy is with the people that they're in there because of, if you see what I mean?
[3345] Hello love, I mean if they, if they were in cells without any books to read or televisions to watch I wouldn't have that much sympathy, my sympathy is with the little girls
None (PS0CR) [3346] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3347] who've been left
None (PS0CR) [3348] Oh yes, I can understand that, but it's in the same way as
Ginny (PS0CG) [3349] assaulted in bushes ,
None (PS0CR) [3350] you don't hate someone, because they have to
Ginny (PS0CG) [3351] oh no I don't hate them.
None (PS0CR) [3352] you don't hate someone cos they have Leukaemia, you can't really hate someone
Ginny (PS0CG) [3353] Oh no ,
None (PS0CR) [3354] who has schizophrenia, they're, they're because they've
Ginny (PS0CG) [3355] no ,
None (PS0CR) [3356] done something, because of the illness .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3357] I feel sorry for them there, but for the grace of god, does anyone of us?
None (PS0CR) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3358] If they're sick in their heads , if they're sick in their heads and they have to rape little girls.
None (PS0CR) [3359] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3360] But my first thought is for the little girls
None (PS0CR) [3361] Oh yes, I [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3362] and I would stick a needle in their bottom while they were fast asleep, so they didn't wake up any more, just like you would with an animal that does that.
None (PS0CR) [3363] Mm, it's very easy to think that, until you know them as people, I must admit, there are ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3364] Yes, I can see your point ,
None (PS0CR) [3365] there is a hardcore, see, it's not necessarily what they've done, but when you meet them there's something instinctively repulsive about them
Ginny (PS0CG) [3366] yes.
None (PS0CR) [3367] and not in, not necessarily the most seriousness, something the way they look at you
Ginny (PS0CG) [3368] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3369] that to me is a hundred per cent unacceptable
Ginny (PS0CG) [3370] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3371] and you just think yuck
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
None (PS0CR) [3372] and you have to try and cover over, you can't say, god you're vile aren't you? [laugh] , but erm,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3373] Well I remember, so I used to talk to the nurses quite a lot when I walked Roxanna, my other German shepherd, in Wellington
None (PS0CR) [3374] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3375] and quite a lot of the nurses used to walk their nurses, I mean they're er war trained and unarmed combat and they're wardens, let's face it, they're not nurses, and one of them was saying to me, oh we had a fellow in the other day, he'd, he'd a, fallen up the police stations steps I think erm, he said that he'd been to see the do gooders, he had this interview
None (PS0CR) [3376] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3377] and he convinced them he didn't need an operation, he was, he was cured, he'd had his treatment,psy psychiatrist that seen him and he was all right thank you, he said, and they're so clever they can convince anybody on the outside
None (PS0CR) [3378] Oh yes, yes .
[3379] Yes we ask a psychopath now why [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3380] Exactly, and as they took him back to his room, not his cell, but his room, he turned to my, my mate who was with me and said er, I don't want an operation I like having sex with little girls, he said now I've got two little girls and I had to turn and walk away
None (PS0CR) [3381] [cough] mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3382] I said I can understand, he said I had to turn and walk away because my fingers were itching
None (PS0CR) [3383] Yes, I find it a lot easier actually not to know what they've done, when you start work there you tend to come over these cases, which [...] to do
Ginny (PS0CG) [3384] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3385] as much as anything, but it's only cos you're writing a letter, and you say oh hello you writing a letter to mum, he says no I killed her to come here, you don't put your foot in it a big way, but after a while because you know nobody there is nice it really makes a lot of difference [...] people
Ginny (PS0CG) [3386] [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3387] you don't think oh here comes a rapist, here's a sex offender, he's a whatever, just to take them as they come as people, because you've got to treat them all the same anyway
Ginny (PS0CG) [3388] Yes, but this fellow you see, I said to him erm, you had a lot to do with that fellow, he'd, he'd been down to collect him from someone on the South Coast as well with a police of course, and I said what happened to the little girl? he said oh she's been in psychiatric care, care for four years
None (PS0CR) [3389] [...] oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3390] and there's no chance of her, and she was shattered, her, her life was ruined .
None (PS0CR) [3391] Oh their life's can be totally wrecked, I don't doubt it for a moment.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3392] But I didn't have much sympathy for the man who was
None (PS0CR) [3393] There, there are those who it gives a [...] going out and
Ginny (PS0CG) [3394] Who's got a cigarette ration and his television ,
None (PS0CR) [3395] you think, oh my god, you know, I'll put loads of money on him, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3396] yeah, do you remember the one, two or three years ago who talked to do gooders, that he was, he was fine
None (PS0CR) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3397] and he was let out and first, within twenty four hours he'd gone down to the South Coast and killed his mother and his girl friend
None (PS0CR) [3398] Yes, oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3399] just like that.
None (PS0CR) [3400] Yes, there are those who [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3401] I mean I would, I would I'd stick a needle in their bottoms just like I would for a dog that had gone b , gone bad, I'd say poor creature can't help it
None (PS0CR) [3402] There are some, but then you see Ginny there's a girl in there .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3403] I feel sorry for the victims
None (PS0CR) [3404] There's a girl in there killed her daddy, but whey did she kill daddy, she killed daddy because
Ginny (PS0CG) [3405] Cos dad ,
None (PS0CR) [3406] he'd raped her and abused her from
Ginny (PS0CG) [3407] yes ,
None (PS0CR) [3408] the age of six and a half
Ginny (PS0CG) [3409] well she shouldn't be in there .
None (PS0CR) [3410] Who's, who's the wrong one there?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3411] She shouldn't be in there.
None (PS0CR) [3412] She needs help.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3413] She shouldn't be in there.
None (PS0CR) [3414] Exactly, but I mean I rest my case, there's, when you know their entire story, some of them, it makes you wonder who's more sinning against than sinning ... it's a strange affair.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3415] I think she had every right to [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3416] Yes, so do I, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3417] Just to fight [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3418] But then future is hatred of men, she's likely to go out and kill every other
Ginny (PS0CG) [3419] Yes ,
None (PS0CR) [3420] man she comes across.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3421] yes.
None (PS0CR) [3422] Your duties then is to protect the outside world and her from her health.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3423] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3424] So I mean it, it's obviously a lot more sort of complicated as it seems on the outside .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3425] [...] take everyone individual .
None (PS0CR) [3426] Henry, come back you silly thing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3427] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3428] [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3429] Come here and sit.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3430] What a lot of walk for your fuel wasn't it?
[3431] Can't you get your van down?
[3432] It's a long walk.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3433] [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3434] You like suffering be honest, you like suffering.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3435] You drove past me the other day when I drov , was it you?
[3436] When I
None (PS0CR) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3437] I did drive the other day, yeah .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3438] When I whipped him , when I whipped him into the side just down there.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3439] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3440] I heard this, this, a range rover coming ever so, ever so patiently behind me at walking pace, I suddenly realised there was something behind me.
None (PS0CR) [3441] Was that a Sunday morning walk [...] Ginny?.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3442] [...] a bit busier on the Sunday [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3443] I think so, yes, yes.
None (PS0CR) [3444] Walked all around yesterday lunch time, didn't see a soul in the pla , I saw one, was it you, on the back meadow?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3445] I wasn't there yesterday [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3446] There was one chap in the green thingy, yeah.
[3447] Oh you're so butch and [...] Henry, bye, bye
Ginny (PS0CG) [3448] Don't work too hard.
None (PS0CR) [3449] I'll see you, phone you one day in the week, I saw the post lady coming up the drive and I said to Henry who's that, he threw himself against the top window so there was indeed someone coming up the drive, tore into the dinning room, picked up his tennis ball, raced back to the window and wow, wow, wow , with his ball in his mouth, and I said Henry you're really going to frightened off intruders with a ball in your mouth, I said [laugh] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3450] Oh no , honestly he would, if there was strangers.
None (PS0CR) [3451] Yes, oh I'm sure he would, but I mean, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3452] Wow, wow, wow is enough , yes, he goes mad at the post, he drags it all across, all across the hall, all through the lounge.
None (PS0CR) [3453] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3454] Oh yes, I would too if they had one [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3455] [...] , ring up the [...] and say sorry my dog ate it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3456] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3457] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3458] Yes, oh Rocket, for the first few months I had him, after he was rescued, and he was so protective of me, because I'd given him a good home and never, never hit him in the face .
None (PS0CR) [3459] It's so [...] , take sides
Ginny (PS0CG) [3460] No he goes up, he puts his ,
None (PS0CR) [3461] Is he yours?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3462] no put's his paws on Keith and wags his tail and says, hit me.
None (PS0CR) [3463] I'll take it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3464] I'll take, that's what he was ... got used to you see
None (PS0CR) [3465] Really .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3466] Can't bear angry voices, first he used to go underneath the rocking chair
None (PS0CR) [3467] And hide.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3468] and hide, now, even if Keith's arguing with the television, which he would, Politician, he'll still go up and put his paws up on his knee, wag his tail, and bury his head and say, hit me instead ,
None (PS0CR) [3469] Here I am , oh
Ginny (PS0CG) [3470] I'm, I'm the punch bag
None (PS0CR) [3471] Oh painful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3472] and I'd call him
None (PS0CR) [3473] Oh ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3474] and then give him a game and take his mind off it, and take him in the kitchen give him
None (PS0CR) [3475] oh poor Rocket ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3476] a, give him a chew or a treat or something you know.
None (PS0CR) [3477] poor Rocket, god how awful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3478] Roxanna if ever, er god forbid, if ever he's raised his hand, Roxanna would have had him I think
None (PS0CR) [3479] Though she never did with you really because that, I [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3480] Threatened her once or twice .
None (PS0CR) [3481] [...] out the door like that [...] I'd put them out the door just like that .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3482] [...] yes.
None (PS0CR) [3483] You've got to [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3484] Oh yes, oh yes, now he knows better.
None (PS0CR) [3485] Good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3486] Dinda's er trained him along, [...] , well, a very good self defence.
None (PS0CR) [3487] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3488] And she's had no hesitation, she'll [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3489] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3490] Absolutely.
None (PS0CR) [3491] Unbelievable.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3492] She would knife him if she had too, and then of course she'd end up in Broadmoor,.
None (PS0CR) [3493] We'd love to look after her you see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3494] Yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3495] I use the word love very, very loosely, like be honest I don't think I [...] love, you can feel the [...] that love
Ginny (PS0CG) [3496] Yeah ,
None (PS0CR) [3497] is not one of the emotions.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3498] I think there is sympathy erm for the people who are sick of course I can .
None (PS0CR) [3499] I think some, some of the illness are so devastatingly terrified, that you can only think thank god, not to have that, because it must be so frightening, unlike some of these [...] schizophrenia are hair raising
Ginny (PS0CG) [3500] Yes,
None (PS0CR) [3501] but there are undoubtedly
Ginny (PS0CG) [3502] Yes,
None (PS0CR) [3503] is the good, bad and the ugly in there
Ginny (PS0CG) [3504] Yes,
None (PS0CR) [3505] and there are some who are on a very [...] trip from here to jail
Ginny (PS0CG) [3506] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [3507] because if some of ours were in jail, they'd be killed.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3508] Of course.
None (PS0CR) [3509] Sex offenders, and rape little girls, hurt policeman, they're not liked .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3510] They always get beaten up .
None (PS0CR) [3511] They would never survive
Ginny (PS0CG) [3512] Yeah, especially when it's their own little girl
None (PS0CR) [3513] never survive,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3514] their own little children.
None (PS0CR) [3515] but some of them are repulsive
Ginny (PS0CG) [3516] Yeah
None (PS0CR) [3517] I won't kid you, and it's very hard to say good morning John how are you, when you're thinking , and you're thinking you stay your side of [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG)
None (PS0CR) [3518] [...] hand full always
Ginny (PS0CG) [3519] from the back of your , back of your necks going.
None (PS0CR) [3520] in the [...] you think please god don't let Joe Bloggs come out this morning, good morning Joe, [...] first one out [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3521] Yeah, yes.
[3522] Ball done then, ball done, ball done, that's have the last one, thank you .
None (PS0CR) [3523] Bally down, last time, throw the bally , last one.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3524] Thank you.
None (PS0CR) [3525] Henry you're going the wrong way, as usual.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3526] This way, it's more easier to see, not quite so many leaves.
None (PS0CR) [3527] Good boy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3528] Can't play cricket with a jacket on can you?
None (PS0CR) [3529] [...] , good ball, you find it, where's Lulabelle gone?
[3530] Lucy!
Ginny (PS0CG) [3531] Rocket!
None (PS0CR) [3532] Oh no [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3533] They've taken each other for a walk, I think they, I think they're having a little flirtation, I think they're over there,
None (PS0CR) [3534] Lucy, I think I hear [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3535] Rocket come,
None (PS0CR) [3536] Lucy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3537] Come.
None (PS0CR) [3538] Come here darling.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3539] Come, come
None (PS0CR) [3540] [...] Henry and Lucy Lu.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3541] I'm glad to see you so happy and bright.
None (PS0CR) [3542] Oh I am, I'm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3543] Enjoying your job ,
None (PS0CR) [3544] I'm not letting the bugger get me down that's for sure.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3545] and, and if ever you think of it, just think Ginny would give her back, back teeth [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3546] Do you know, it's a most peculiar thing, a number of people who said, erm, one of our [...] really made me laugh, a couple of Friday's ago, came and said to me, typical [...] , Christ, he's done you a big favour hasn't he?
[3547] What you mean?
[3548] He said, it's bloody wonderful you said, it's taken years off you and I said thank you [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3549] It has, it has , it has.
None (PS0CR) [3550] It's not all bad Ginny, it really isn't, and a number of women who think, Christ [...] is alarming, [...] you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3551] Yes, yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3552] But now [...] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3553] Well to be quite , to be quite honestly sweety, I mean, I look at him and I think I'm not unfond of him
None (PS0CR) [3554] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3555] He's the father of my three girls
None (PS0CR) [3556] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3557] who's [...] in my life,
None (PS0CR) [3558] Oh yes, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3559] and if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have them,
None (PS0CR) [3560] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3561] mind you, I'd have somebody else's.
None (PS0CR) [3562] [...] your girls are your daughters
Ginny (PS0CG) [3563] Yes, but you know for years, when they were growing up in their teens, I was the ... the tennis net between him and his daughters, where's she going, who's she going with, who's bringing her home, is she wearing eye make up, why's she wearing nylons and not ankle socks ,
None (PS0CR) [3564] Oh no ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3565] I was always the buffer between the two, I used to say I agree with you dear, I don't want her to wear nylons, that's not the point, all her friends are wearing nylons and she's not going to be the
None (PS0CR) [3566] that's right, do you want [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3567] odd one out.
None (PS0CR) [3568] up on her own?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3569] She's not going to feel the odd one out.
None (PS0CR) [3570] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3571] It doesn't make much difference to us, we're not that hard up, that we can't afford
None (PS0CR) [3572] So you're really getting it all along the line aren't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3573] until they left home, first of all it was I break his bloody neck taking advantage of my daughter, cos they each lived with their
None (PS0CR) [3574] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3575] boy, boy friends before, they married them, they weren't sleep, if they'd been sleeping around then I would of said something, then I would of said something to them ,
None (PS0CR) [3576] Something else, oh yes, yes .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3577] but it was one man and they stuck to him, and they, they lived with them first and then they married.
None (PS0CR) [3578] Do you, honestly in this day and age I don't think that's a really bad thing, because until you're with someone all the time, who knows what, you'd never have got in, you'd never have gone in would you?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3579] Only too, god if I [...] lived with him first, I would never of married him, no, no, no way
None (PS0CR) [3580] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3581] No way, if I'd known him.
None (PS0CR) [3582] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3583] The whole courtship was a tissue of lies, you know.
None (PS0CR) [3584] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3585] Where he lived, where, when he was born, where he was born, what his parents did
None (PS0CR) [3586] Really?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3587] Everything was lies.
None (PS0CR) [3588] Can't believe him I really don't .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3589] Complete lies , yeah.
None (PS0CR) [3590] [...] .
[3591] Any way we'll continue this merry saga and put
Ginny (PS0CG) [3592] Yes .
None (PS0CR) [3593] the world's to right [...] weekend.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3594] And now I had a lovely fellow I'd grown up with in the same village, the same sort of background, we'd known each other since we were eleven, twelve ,
None (PS0CR) [3595] Oh dear, where's he now?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3596] he's still in love with me he says, in eh, working in Birmingham, living in Bristol.
None (PS0CR) [3597] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3598] Phones me up now and again, oh yeah, I'll have you.
[3599] Still dreams about me
None (PS0CR) [3600] Well you never, ever know Ginny [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3601] [...] .
None (PS0CR) [3602] one day I'll tell you a story.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3603] Met him in Stratford last summer when Dinda and I had a cottage ,
None (PS0CR) [3604] [...] tell you a story ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3605] Dinda and I had a cottage in Stratford last, we made sure that father was going to Plymouth to Debbie's for the week, he said he adores it down there
None (PS0CR) [3606] yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3607] he didn't really like it, but he had a lovely week, but at least we didn't come back to a house that's full of
None (PS0CR) [3608] Oh absolutely.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3609] full bedclothes and dirty crock.

21 (Tape 014204)

Ginny (PS0CG) [3610] Hello, hello, hello, [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3611] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3612] [...] She had, she had so many warnings
Jackie (PS0CM) [3613] And I thought oh god
Ginny (PS0CG) [3614] But he looks bright.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3615] He went yesterday, I was gonna come up this afternoon and tell you when Peter came home, can't leave him, he was so naughty yesterday, he licked ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3616] Atten ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3617] he licked that, although
Ginny (PS0CG) [3618] yeah ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3619] she said he mustn't lick it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3620] yes he'll have to have a collar on .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3621] I only went upstairs to get sort of washed and dressed, after the weekend, you have nobody around and er, oh eh, it started bleeding.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3622] But it's natural for them to lick a wound.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3623] It is, but it opens it up
Ginny (PS0CG) [3624] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3625] You see as it's quite nasty.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3626] Cos normally they aren't stitched, they have to heal by nature
Jackie (PS0CM) [3627] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3628] I suppose.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3629] He erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [3630] What a good boy aren't you?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3631] and I thought oh what she gonna say, because he went yesterday afternoon
Ginny (PS0CG) [3632] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3633] and she said, I told you he had been licking, she said oh, even with the licking, that's excellent I'm very pleased.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3634] Oh really has healed nice [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3635] And she said he's not out of the woods yet, but, I'll give you a collar, if he's naughty, very crafty, [...] and then I looked through the crack in the door and his looking [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3636] But how can he reach it with the collar on?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3637] Well I
Ginny (PS0CG) [3638] You've got the collar on back to front.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3639] I know, because he can still reach it the other way round.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3640] Oh, it should be [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3641] Yes, I did, I put it on that way
Ginny (PS0CG) [3642] And he could reach?.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3643] And he could, see he's got a little .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3644] It's so long isn't it?.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3645] Yes, this is it, you see, I don't think she thought of
Ginny (PS0CG) [3646] Cos it's a [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3647] Yeah, and even if, even
Ginny (PS0CG) [3648] Got long under carriage, haven't you darling.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3649] [...] mummy he's still licking, [...] I thought what am I gonna do?
[3650] So, I put it on the other way round this morning and he hates it, I've only just done it
Ginny (PS0CG) [3651] Oh they do hate it.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3652] and he, he can't get round there [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3653] At least he can see , I mean Roxanna
Jackie (PS0CM) [3654] Yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3655] had to have one for a short while, she was quite young and I, we'd only just moved here and I took her to the vet the used to be in Sandhurst, they said it was a bee sting, they put purple stuff on it
Jackie (PS0CM) [3656] oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3657] It didn't get any better and somebody told me about [...] and I took her down there, oh Mrs she's picked up mange, I said mange, I know she said you feel just like when your child's got nits in their hair
Jackie (PS0CM) [3658] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [3659] don't worry, it's, it's in the grass and she's just picked it up in the heat wave.
[3660] So to stop it [...] cos she always used to clear the foxes from the top garden, but er, because she worried it, it was about there on her patch
Jackie (PS0CM) [3661] Oh yes, a niggle .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3662] a bald patch , yes, so she had wear, actually we had to cut down a plastic bucket cos she was a big dog
Jackie (PS0CM) [3663] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3664] cut down a plastic bucket and fixed that, it was great she had a bucket round her, round her
Jackie (PS0CM) [3665] Oh she'd only do that when
Ginny (PS0CG) [3666] [...] thing .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3667] I sort of popping upstairs, when I'm here, I'll take it off him, but just now he, he was walking along like
Ginny (PS0CG) [3668] Let him get used to it.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3669] as though he could walk, but when you came to the door, here [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3670] Yeah, yeah, he'd forgot all about it, didn't he, he was putting it on you see.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3671] [laugh] , yeah, yeah, this is it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3672] They don't half get you at it, don't they?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3673] They do, they, they could wear you out.
[3674] But he's eating well going to the loo alright.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3675] Good, I, I thought of you following him around watching what he was going to do.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3676] Oh my dear I was, it, you sort of feel exhausted with the worry of it don't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3677] Yes and the
Jackie (PS0CM) [3678] And the strain.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3679] Of course you must of emptied his lower bowel, when she did the operation
Jackie (PS0CM) [3680] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3681] so there would of been nothing there for him to go for, you must of been ever so worried following him around watching him .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3682] I was , because I, I felt oh, if it all comes to pieces it's all gonna bleed
Ginny (PS0CG) [3683] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3684] but he was alright and he didn't strain cos he couldn't go
Ginny (PS0CG) [3685] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3686] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3687] Was there any way he
Jackie (PS0CM) [3688] And he's eating it alright.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3689] Oh good.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3690] I, I just put it on his dinner, cos there's no way that I squirt it in his mouth, I'd probably choke him.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3691] Yeah, yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3692] I just put it on his dinner and he, he's licking all his bowls clean
Ginny (PS0CG) [3693] Oh good.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3694] so, that it's working.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3695] So he's not off his food, that's a good sign.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3696] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3697] He's certainly alert, that's why I didn't want to ring the bell ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3698] Yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3699] so that he wouldn't upset himself by barking, that's why I tapped on the window when I saw you.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3700] [laugh] .
[3701] There Herbie.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3702] What a good boy.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3703] Yeah, you're still not having [...] he says ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3704] What a good boy ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3705] but he's quite bright eyed .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3706] he's aged , he's aged round he's eyes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3707] Yeah, ten and a half years old.
[3708] Your [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3709] It doesn't seem that long since you had him as a puppy
Jackie (PS0CM) [3710] I know .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3711] use to keep
Jackie (PS0CM) [3712] This is the thing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3713] keep Lancer company.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3714] Yeah, you did you perked Lancer up a treat didn't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3715] Is there any way she can tell what's going on inside, where she did all the reconstruction.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3716] I suppose is the only way if, if he started bleeding or if he felt loose, cos she said he's still swollen from the operation
Ginny (PS0CG) [3717] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3718] obviously, but he's, he's gone down, I, I can see he's gone down a little bit
Ginny (PS0CG) [3719] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3720] I mean before he was all loose and baggy
Ginny (PS0CG) [3721] That's right, he was.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3722] Were erm, where he had [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3723] And then of course he hasn't, he hasn't got testicles any more.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3724] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3725] But she's, so it's difficult to judge isn't it?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3726] Yes, yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3727] Cos you don't know how much she took away when she took the testicles out.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3728] No, he I mean he, he still got the little
Ginny (PS0CG) [3729] They're partly inside, they're partly outside
Jackie (PS0CM) [3730] a little bag, but there's nothing in them [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3731] Yes, yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3732] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3733] She did a marvellous job.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3734] Yes, a [...] nurse came round and she said hello Herby, she said oh you look quite bright, and I said did he play you up she said well he was very torn and I thought yeah I'm sure he was .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3735] Oh poor little soul , of course he was.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3736] [...] in all night.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3737] Is he getting treats, is that why's he's looking
Jackie (PS0CM) [3738] No, I, I only give him his food .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3739] So that he get's a treat .
[3740] Are you not getting any treats?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3741] And he's bowl of water.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3742] I nearly brought you down and treat, and I thought I'd better not until I've asked your mum.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3743] Yeah, he has had a bonio, he likes a bonio, he did eat one last night,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3744] Well that's only
Jackie (PS0CM) [3745] he usually has a bonio after he's dinner
Ginny (PS0CG) [3746] a food supplement isn't it?.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3747] this is it, but that's his sort of [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3748] Rocket has a chew usually .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3749] Oh yeah, got those.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3750] You know one of those hoof and horn chews
Jackie (PS0CM) [3751] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3752] Which there's nothing in them, there's noth , not fattening or anything.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3753] That's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3754] I mean I never have given my dogs chocolates or anything like that, a lot of people do .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3755] You now, he, he's had [...] , I'm just keeping him on the straight and narrow while he's on remission .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3756] Yes, oh yes .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3757] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3758] Yes, got to keep your insides in motion we have darling.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3759] [...] , she said he must not strain, and I've been petrified
Ginny (PS0CG) [3760] I remember she was, she was ever so adamant about that.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3761] [yawn] she said straining is going to push the stitches
Ginny (PS0CG) [3762] Yes
Jackie (PS0CM) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3763] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3764] but as soon as he start, get ready, go, and I go up to Lisa's and [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3765] And he tells you when he wants to go, or is it regular times of the day?.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3766] Well he looks all peculiar .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3767] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3768] [laugh] , I suppose like this morning after his breakfast, and he went and he, he, it was quite big
Ginny (PS0CG) [3769] Good.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3770] So erm, I was pleased.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3771] Good, so it's forming into a proper form.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3772] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3773] Proper shape.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3774] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3775] But it's sliding with the, the liquid paraffin.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3776] It comes out quite good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3777] Good, good, if it's forming properly that's a good sign isn't it of health, always.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3778] Yeah, cos, when he had he's hernia he, he's it used to come out flat.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3779] Yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3780] There's nothing there ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3781] Depressed ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3782] you see, it's gone like that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3783] yes.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3784] So erm, [...] round his bottom and it's all round know, and I keep looking for signs of bleeding and all this .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3785] Oh that's good, that means , that means their anal passage and his rectum were in the right shape again.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3786] That's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3787] Oh I'm so glad.
[3788] Oh I hope so, but [...] still not out of the woods yet ...
Jackie (PS0CM) [3789] Erm, well no I suppose he won't be until he's erm, had stitches out, she said it would be two weeks
Ginny (PS0CG) [3790] Mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3791] before we, you know, could really stop worrying.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3792] Mm, mm.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3793] But, she said I'm pleased with him so far, but we still got to be careful that's why she made him have this collar.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3794] Well remember I'm usually around, if I'm not there
Jackie (PS0CM) [3795] Thank you Ginny ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3796] the first time you ring, I'm usually only out long enough to walk the dog and do some shopping
Jackie (PS0CM) [3797] right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3798] so don't hesitate to call if you get worried about him or
Jackie (PS0CM) [3799] Alright, yeah, thanks very much.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3800] You know if he starts throwing up or well you, you think he seems he looks as if he's in pain or something.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3801] Yeah, but she said he's alright and erm ... I said he's he was jumping on the chair, should he ought to?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3802] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3803] He's, he's, he's jump, he, he, he goes up like a jump jet he goes
Ginny (PS0CG) [3804] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3805] like that, and she said oh, she said well I'm rather pleased to think that he feels likes doing it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3806] Of course.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3807] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3808] well that's the only way he can see out the window [...]
Jackie (PS0CM) [3809] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3810] he likes to watch doesn't he?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3811] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3812] I often see him watching as I go by.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3813] That's right, he usually sits up there, and I'm, not going to leave him on his own till I know he's alright.
[3814] But erm, she said don't worry too much about jumping, she said I'm quite pleased you know he can do that
Ginny (PS0CG) [3815] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3816] she said it's just straight [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3817] So she gave him more liquid paraffin did she?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3818] No I've still got the [...] bottle
Ginny (PS0CG) [3819] Yes, it's easy enough to get it [...] get the empty bottle and
Jackie (PS0CM) [3820] Yeah, I've got some up there any way, I'm sure that 'll be alright to use.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3821] I suppose
Jackie (PS0CM) [3822] So
Ginny (PS0CG) [3823] I suppose it's the same strength where ever you buy it.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3824] Well I can check on the bottle.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3825] Yeah.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3826] [...] .
[3827] Any way I'm going Thursday, if I need any more she'll give me some then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3828] You've got someone to take you Thursday?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3829] Yes, cos I couldn't get there till five o'clock [laugh] [...] .
[3830] I'll take it off when I come down stairs and you can go to sleep.
[3831] Yes I couldn't get an appointment until just gone five, so Pete will be, thanks Ginny.
[3832] But erm, it's really, not only, when you look at it, it makes me cringe, I think ooh, he licked it yesterday and it was all bleeding, and it, you know, [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3833] Well the stitches are pulling where they're, where they're trying to heal of course, they're pulling.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3834] Yeah, and with he's licking he's make it all soft and
Ginny (PS0CG) [3835] That's why he's licking cos it must itch like made.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3836] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3837] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3838] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3839] What a good boy, I would of thought she'd have put something on it, put some ointment on to stop it itching .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3840] And the other side is quite dry , yeah, that is the side he keeps on [...] but that's quite erm dry.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3841] I use Savlon ointment on any, any of mine.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3842] Oh I do.
[3843] Savlon [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3844] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3845] anything, yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3846] That's what I used on Rocket's tummy, when he done, got that had a G two cortezone bathed him with Savlon
Jackie (PS0CM) [3847] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3848] warm water, and then put Savlon cream on it, vet said you couldn't have done any better, cos he gave him an antidote, before I new what it was I would have given him funny itching rash that was making the poor soul
Jackie (PS0CM) [3849] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [3850] itch and
Jackie (PS0CM) [3851] that drives you made, if you've got an itch yourself
Ginny (PS0CG) [3852] Oh yes ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3853] it's ooh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3854] oh yes, yes.
[3855] Well I shall leave you to get on with it, go and put my washing out and go and unload my shopping.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3856] Yeah, thank you ever so much Ginny [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3857] More Christmas shopping
Jackie (PS0CM) [3858] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3859] yesterday, Dinda saved some of her holiday
Jackie (PS0CM) [3860] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3861] so she had Friday and Monday off, of course I had Keith at home on Friday with his poor back.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3862] Yeah, is he better?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3863] Erm, well it's still there a bit, but it's not, it's not too bad, he's moving around more easily now.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3864] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3865] But after all I mean, he's put in new plumbing, he's put in a new boiler, all the plumbing, he didn't pull his muscles at all, he went to pick a light carton out of the back of a car, twisted his
Jackie (PS0CM) [3866] [...] twisted.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3867] yeah, bottom of his spine.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3868] Painful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3869] Mm, you can do it so, the worst one I ever did was just filling a kettle of water and turning round to put it on the, on the cooker .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3870] Oh yeah, it's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3871] Yeah, and I came, for three weeks I was coming down stairs on my bottom like a toddler, I couldn't go from
Jackie (PS0CM) [3872] Where you, yeah .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3873] one step to another and the hospital, the hospital and I went up to Maidenhead hospital and they said don't stretch, don't bend, don't lift, don't carry and I said thank you I've got a school girl, a toddler and a new baby, and I didn't bother to go back any more
Jackie (PS0CM) [3874] Oh .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3875] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3876] [...] , [laugh] , yes, quite, another with [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3877] Yes, [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3878] Oh ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [3879] I hadn't got much, I mean if you go privately [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3880] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3881] She's the physiotherapist.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3882] Oh the physio
Ginny (PS0CG) [3883] She's do it, just planned the corner, in the new houses on, erm, oh what's the name of it?
Jackie (PS0CM) [3884] Where [...] up the hill.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3885] No the other, where the donkey's used to be in the fields, you know, all those [...] churched like houses
Jackie (PS0CM) [3886] Oh up the top there,Temp oh Temp
Ginny (PS0CG) [3887] Templux Close ,
Jackie (PS0CM) [3888] Oh, yes,
Ginny (PS0CG) [3889] she used to be in their Templux.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3890] Oh, oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3891] She's marvellous, and Debbie put her back out once, I phoned her and she was here in about three minutes
Jackie (PS0CM) [3892] Really.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3893] six discs, click, click, click, click, click.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3894] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3895] Debbie had called at the doctor on her the way back and the doctor had said I can't see anything wrong with your spine
Jackie (PS0CM) [3896] You need somebody like that
Ginny (PS0CG) [3897] when she came in absolutely like this, I thought [...] , I'll leave you while you answer the phone.
Jackie (PS0CM) [3898] It's probably Aida or [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [3899] No, no, no, no, no
Jackie (PS0CM) [3900] Thank's Ginny any way
Ginny (PS0CG) [3901] Well if you need any thing
Jackie (PS0CM) [3902] Thanks a lot then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3903] give me a bell I'll shan't, I'll shan't be out for long
Jackie (PS0CM) [3904] Will do
Ginny (PS0CG) [3905] [...] .
Jackie (PS0CM) [3906] Thank you.

22 (Tape 014301)

Ginny (PS0CG) [3907] No leave her.
[3908] She may not want you.
[3909] ... She may not want you Rocket.
[3910] ... Come on.
[3911] Come on [whistling] .
[3912] ... She's lovely isn't she? ...
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3913] Come on Domino.
[3914] ... You have to watch him he's going deaf
Ginny (PS0CG) [3915] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3916] and blind.
[3917] And he wanders off
Ginny (PS0CG) [3918] Oh yes you
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3919] in the completely wrong direction if I'm not careful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3920] Yeah you told me he was having a bit of ... trouble.
[3921] Course they see with their noses a lot don't they?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3922] Yeah.
[3923] Come on!
Ginny (PS0CG) [3924] He's a beautiful ... beautiful feathering.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3925] He's due for a trim but it's a bit cold really.
[3926] I must erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [3927] [laugh] oh ... yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3928] I think it's, I'll leave it a little while or else he's be
Ginny (PS0CG) [3929] Well he looks so elegant.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3930] freezing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3931] As long as you can cope with the brushing and combing.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3932] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3933] I mean he looks elegant doesn't he?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3934] He's got er he's got nice spots on his back.
[3935] Two big black spots.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3936] He's a blue roan isn't he?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3937] Yeah.
[3938] But when er
Ginny (PS0CG) [3939] Beautiful.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3940] the black grows quicker, longer than the white and it covers them up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3941] I think he's gorgeous with that little fringe along his side.
[3942] I love it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3943] Yes she she leaves his er his feathers on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3944] Yes, yes.
[3945] I love it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3946] Mm he's a lovely dog.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3947] And his britches too.
[3948] I've never seen one quite so rich.
[3949] As that.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3950] Come on puppy.
[3951] We'll be late for school if we're not careful. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3952] Oh yes.
[3953] ... Yes.
[3954] I usually come around this time.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3955] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3956] There's usually some, some mums who are meeting the school and ... and walking dogs at the same time.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3957] Yeah.
[3958] It's better really in the ... in the summer when you can come after school
Ginny (PS0CG) [3959] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3960] and [...] .
[3961] It's getting dark early now isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [3962] That's it.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3963] It's dark around four o'clock.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3964] Yes.
[3965] And very chill.
[3966] Bit raw today isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3967] It is.
[3968] It's gone very cold.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3969] It's colder than it was this morning I think.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3970] Mm it is because I, I just put er a dress on this morning.
[3971] I wish I'd put a jumper on
Ginny (PS0CG) [3972] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3973] in the end.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3974] Well I didn't have the heating on after it had gone off at nine o'clock you know.
[3975] But er before I came out I switched it on cos I'm not coming back to a cold house.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3976] Mm.
[3977] No.
[3978] I'm going round this way.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3979] You go through the meadow.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [3980] Yes.
[3981] Goodbye.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3982] Bye bye.
[3983] We've done the meadow.
[3984] Come on Rocket.
[3985] Come on, you've done the meadow.
[3986] Rock!

23 (Tape 014302)

Ginny (PS0CG) [laugh]
Keith (PS0CH) [3987] Who's that?
[3988] John, John ?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [3989] Yeah.
[3990] Can you ring him some time after eight or between eight thirty and nine cos he's gonna be [...] so we [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [3991] He can't because one of his favourite programmes is on.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [3992] Well make it after nine o'clock then.
[3993] It's going up.
[3994] It could be eleven o'clock [...] .

24 (Tape 014303)

Ginny (PS0CG) [3995] You feel it was worth the effort going do you Dinda?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [3996] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [3997] You feel more relaxed in your mind now?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [3998] Well not that.
[3999] It's just that you know it might do some good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4000] Well you feel more confident with the ... Cos you, you have improved your posture.
[4001] Well it must have been hurting you to make you do that.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4002] I'm just trying to improve my posture.
[4003] I know my posture's [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4004] You weren't huddling because of the ... trying to ease the pain a bit?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4005] No I was huddling because I'm lazy.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4006] Oh. [...] ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4007] Mm ... mm ... mm
Keith (PS0CH) [4008] What's that [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4009] I don't know.
Keith (PS0CH) [4010] Was it nice?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4011] No, it wasn't spicy it was just so tasty
Ginny (PS0CG) [4012] [...] almonds.
[4013] There's everything in this pie, there's almonds
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4014] You could put you could put courgettes in.
[4015] I love courgette.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4016] Yeah?
[4017] Well I had to have something to perk it up and ... vegetables are getting a bit iffy at this time of year.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4018] I think courgettes are wonderful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4019] I could have courgette and ... and aubergine.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4020] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4021] There's celery and onion and leek.
[4022] ... And nuts.
[4023] ... There's more out there in the kitchen.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4024] Mm. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4025] Go and get half of it.
[4026] ... I like it better with not so much ginger I think.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4027] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [4028] You what?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4029] I like it better with not quite so much ginger as last week.
[4030] Cos I remembered the
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4031] I asked her to slack off on the ginger a bit
Ginny (PS0CG) [4032] the garlic. ...
Keith (PS0CH) [4033] [...] the number of people that are trying to get towards this sort of diet that I'm on.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4034] Really?
Keith (PS0CH) [4035] Well, national thing last night.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4036] Yes ... yes.
[4037] ... It's a good thing.
[4038] Perhaps the shops'll make it easier for us now.
[4039] More stuff available.

25 (Tape 014304)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4040] You've got Solihull in Surrey.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4041] [...] .
[4042] I'm not from Surrey.
[4043] I was born and bred in Berkshire.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4044] That's right [...]
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4045] Wasn't I?
[4046] I was born in Berkshire.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4047] Yes.
[4048] ... and bred in Berkshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4049] [...] in Berkshire.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4050] Your [...] is in Berkshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4051] So I think I'll route for Solihull.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4052] Your [...] is in Berkshire.
Keith (PS0CH) [4053] You were born in
Ginny (PS0CG) [4054] Berkshire.
Keith (PS0CH) [4055] Buckinghamshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4056] Berkshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4057] It was Berkshire then. ... [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4058] You were born in Taplow.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4059] [...] You're quite right.
[4060] I beg your pardon.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4061] Taplow, Bucks.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4062] Yes.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4063] It was ... it was Berkshire.
Keith (PS0CH) [4064] No it wasn't.
[4065] It never was Berkshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4066] Wonder what it says on my birth certificate.
[4067] I'll have to go and have a look at it.
[4068] I've got my birth certificate with me.
Keith (PS0CH) [4069] Taplow, Bucks.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4070] Mm.
[4071] That's right.
[4072] We were in just over the border.
[4073] But postal wise we were in Maidenhead Berkshire.
[4074] But for the rates and the schools we were Buckinghamshire. ...
Keith (PS0CH) [4075] [...] saying that we are in Surrey now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4076] We're not in Surrey.
[4077] We're in Berkshire.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4078] But we're not in Surrey, are we?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4079] No we're in Berkshire.
Keith (PS0CH) [4080] Saying we were in Berkshire is like saying we're in Surrey now.
[4081] Same old thing.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4082] This is not true.
[4083] We are in the postal ... in Surrey.
Keith (PS0CH) [4084] The analogy's the same.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4085] Quite right.
[4086] Big words coming out now.
Keith (PS0CH) [4087] It's not [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [laugh]
Keith (PS0CH) [4088] We've got that [...] up there and it tells you [...] cos he's in trouble.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [laugh] [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4089] [shouting] [...] [] Oh [...] there's a bit left.
[4090] Do you want it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4091] No thank you dear.
Keith (PS0CH) [4092] Do you want any more Dind?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4093] No thanks.
[4094] ... That was jolly nice.
[4095] I had a light lunch.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4096] Yes.
[4097] You haven't had much filling stuff have you?
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4098] I didn't have any any ... any almonds for my lunch [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4099] Well will you have a ... slice of low fat cheese?
[4100] Slimmers cheese.
[4101] [...] and you haven't eaten that much and a vegetarian pie isn't
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4102] Yes it is. ... [...] potatoes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4103] Well I know it's got potatoes but it's not that filling.
[4104] ... And there's only fruit you see for afters.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4105] That's alright.
Keith (PS0CH) [4106] Well it soon went, that lot.
[4107] Didn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4108] Mhm.
[4109] ... About two hours preparation for about ten minutes eating. ...
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4110] [...] .
[4111] What did you say?
Keith (PS0CH) [4112] Well you can't say [...] enjoyment.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4113] About two hours preparation for ... ten minutes eating.
Dinda (PS0CJ) [4114] I thought all cooking was like that.
[4115] Which was I [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4116] That's true.
[4117] Very true. ...

26 (Tape 014305)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4118] You don't ever keep the pineapple juice?
[4119] Only orange.
[4120] Not much call for it.
None (PS0CR) [4121] No.
[4122] ... No.
[4123] We've never had we've never had pineapple juice.
[4124] Robert won't sort of get it in he said because it's so slow going.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4125] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [4126] We've got one white or one brown.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4127] One white. ...
None (PS0CR) [4128] Seventy seven pence then.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4129] Oh.
[4130] You don't need two [...] I suppose?
None (PS0CR) [4131] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4132] Thank you very much.
None (PS0CR) [4133] No.
[4134] There's not a lot of [...] . ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4135] Not as cold ... not as cold yet as I thought it was going to be.
None (PS0CR) [4136] No?
[4137] Other people have been saying it's colder, colder than they thought. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4138] Well yesterday I thought it was. ...
None (PS0CR) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4139] Yes.
None (PS0CR) [4140] [...] .

27 (Tape 014306)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4141] Get them Rock.
[4142] Rocket.
[4143] ... Rock.
[4144] Rocket.
[4145] [kiss] Hello baby.
[4146] Hello.

28 (Tape 014307)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4147] Hello. ...
Turan (PS0CN) [4148] [...] very lucky if she'll give it to you.
[4149] [laugh] . I haven't trained her yet. ... [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4150] Hello darling.
[4151] Come and say hello.
[4152] There's a love.
[4153] Can't be left out can she?
Turan (PS0CN) [laugh] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4154] And bouncy there gets all the fuss doesn't she because she's so ... she's so full of life.
[4155] But your an old love.
[4156] Look at her [...] . ...
Turan (PS0CN) [4157] Yeah.
[4158] You're always dopey aren't you?
[4159] Eh?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4160] Oh she [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4161] Suppose she's nice cos she's handier, don't have to bend down, [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4162] That's right.
[4163] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4164] Sally!
[4165] Now stop it.
[4166] Gosh ... end of the walk.
[4167] You should be tired.
[4168] ... Ah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4169] Well I'll have to have it if I want to throw it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4170] No she ... this is what she does.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4171] She wants you to chase her.
[4172] I can't chase you I'm far too old.
[4173] Ha ... got it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4174] [...] about three sticks on the way round so when we get here I've got one to throw.
[4175] As she brings up one I've got another one to throw and she drops what she's got.
[4176] And this is how we're going [...] .
[4177] She's been playing with the [...] .
[4178] I thought well that's good
Ginny (PS0CG) [4179] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4180] she doesn't need the extra ... belting around.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4181] Are you limping?
Turan (PS0CN) [4182] Erm ... my arthritis is playing me up this week.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4183] Ooh.
Turan (PS0CN) [4184] Don't know why.
[4185] Whether ... what's caused it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4186] Cold?
[4187] ... A chill?
Turan (PS0CN) [4188] My other knee got bad all of a sudden.
[4189] I mean I only had one bad knee but then this time I got two.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4190] Oh that's rough.
Turan (PS0CN) [4191] [laughing] It is [] .
[4192] Sal!
[4193] [shouting] Sally [] .
[4194] You do not [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4195] I'll squeeze your paws.
[4196] I will.
[4197] I'll squeeze your paws. [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4198] Now I keep trying that with you.
[4199] ... oops [laugh] ... [...] Might be the weather.
[4200] I don't know. [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4201] Have you strained?
Turan (PS0CN) [4202] I did [...] gardening.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4203] Oh.
Turan (PS0CN) [4204] Digging.
[4205] Could have been that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4206] Yes.
[4207] ... Finds your weakest spots doesn't it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4208] It sure does.
[4209] I'm not supposed to dig. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4210] Aren't you?
Turan (PS0CN) [4211] Not really no.
[4212] Cos it aggravates the hip.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4213] Yes. [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4214] [...] what annoys me cos I love gardening. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4215] I used to do, well I, I still do all, all the gardening that gets done.
[4216] I used to spend hours gardening.
Turan (PS0CN) [4217] That's what I like.
[4218] You go out there and you don't realize how long you've been out there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4219] No.
[4220] No you don't.
[4221] I don't do so much now.
[4222] I'm more a fair weather gardener.
Turan (PS0CN) [4223] Well I keep going out there trying to [laugh] keep the leaves down. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4224] That's impossible round here.
Turan (PS0CN) [4225] Well we've got an oak out the front ... and I've swept, I've got two bags [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4226] Oh I can imagine.
Turan (PS0CN) [4227] The rest I've put in the gutter ... off the path and of course the wind's blown them all back off again. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4228] Yes.
[4229] Yes.
[4230] It's funny whichever way the wind blows ... my back door and my front door both get covered with leaves.
Turan (PS0CN) [4231] Yeah.
[4232] I want
Ginny (PS0CG) [4233] It's magic.
Turan (PS0CN) [4234] really a continuous, strongish wind ... to blow in one direction for quite a few hours.
[4235] It may blow them all into one spot. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4236] Yes.
[4237] Never happens like that though does it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4238] We've got one corner of the garden out the front and if the wind's in the right direction it neatly puts them all together.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4239] Oh that's [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4240] Cos the wall stops them.
[4241] And they're much easier to pick up that way. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4242] That's right.
Turan (PS0CN) [4243] [cough] .
[4244] But she's still got a load of leaves on her, the old oak.
[4245] There's still a lot more to come.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4246] Yes.
[4247] Oh yes there are.
[4248] I saw a gadget the other day in a magazine.
[4249] It was just like two dustbin lids.
[4250] Pick up a heap of leaves at one point.
Turan (PS0CN) [4251] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4252] I thought well you could use dustbin lids instead of sending of ten pounds to get two of their pieces of [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4253] I use my dust pan.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4254] Yes.
[4255] Yes.
[4256] I do.
Turan (PS0CN) [4257] Because that's smashing for just scooping up.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4258] Yes.
[4259] And you can hold them with a ... with a brush or the broom.
Turan (PS0CN) [4260] Well I scooped it up and I got [...] there.
[4261] You can always
Ginny (PS0CG) [4262] Yeah.
Turan (PS0CN) [4263] always wear rubber gloves anyway.
[4264] So often I just scoop a [...] to put in.
[4265] And I even use it when ... I wanna shift snow.
[4266] ... I just, if it's a light snow
Ginny (PS0CG) [4267] Yes.
[4268] That's a good idea.
Turan (PS0CN) [4269] I just scoop it up with that.
[4270] I found it a lot easier [laugh] .
[4271] I mean I bought a lovely wide broom.
[4272] I thought oh that'll be smashing for the snow just sweep
Ginny (PS0CG) [4273] It's hard work.
Turan (PS0CN) [4274] And of course you do about a yard and then you're stuck.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4275] You can't move.
[4276] No I find the best thing for snow cos ... we've got an eight car driveway so you can imagine how much
Turan (PS0CN) [4277] Yeah.
[4278] That's like we have to.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4279] snow I have to shift.
[4280] I get a thin, long board and use that.
Turan (PS0CN) [4281] It's definitely easiest.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4282] As long as the board itself isn't too heavy.
Turan (PS0CN) [4283] Well this is it.
[4284] I have to, cos with the ... with the pan although I'm bending, it's, it's not too bad because it's not too heavy for me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4285] Yes.
[4286] Well I get a board about here ... and just walk and push.
Turan (PS0CN) [4287] Oh right.
[4288] It's alright, somebody had their windsc erm window smashed yesterday.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4289] I know.
[4290] A gentleman stopped me as I was coming back and he said ... do you own a white Austin Metro.
[4291] And it's funny because the last car that I saw the fellow's from ... I saw the fellow's who did it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4292] Oh you did?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4293] And got their car number.
[4294] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4295] Oh you have?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4296] And the police came and interviewed me about it.
[4297] That was a white Austin Metro.
[4298] Don't think it's the same young woman.
[4299] ... He said oh the car's been broken into [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4300] No because it was funny cos we were talking ... to the lady.
[4301] She's got a red setter.
[4302] And ... she'd just arrived.
[4303] And she apparently [...] .
[4304] She said, do you know she said we'd gone off to the woods and I suddenly ... remembered I'd left my purse in the car.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4305] Oh no.
Turan (PS0CN) [4306] She said so I went back and got my purse.
[4307] ... She said now ... apparently they've got a horse somewhere round here and she said when she came back there was this car about half hour later after they'd left here ... a car been broken into.
[4308] She said er it makes me wonder if I'd left my purse in the car if it had of been our car that might have been dumped.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4309] Yeah.
Turan (PS0CN) [4310] Well ... they'd gone off and before ... Anthea had gone and I was still fiddling about getting the windows clean.
[4311] This car drew in there and a chap got out and I thought, what dog's he got?
[4312] You know [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4313] That's what I always think.
[4314] I look for the dog or the jogging suit and if they haven't got a dog or a jogging suit ... I think what are they up to?
Turan (PS0CN) [4315] Well see he, he was quite tall and when he got out he was a bit scruffy looking, and his shirt was hanging out below his jacket.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4316] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4317] And he got out [whispering] I can't see any dog [] .
[4318] But he walked very purposefully erm straight up there and then I noticed he'd got a hook
Ginny (PS0CG) [4319] Yes?
Turan (PS0CN) [4320] instead of a right hand.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4321] That's useful for breaking into things isn't it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4322] And I, and I thought to myself ... oh no perhaps he's legitimate.
[4323] [laughing] He's just going for a walk [] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4324] No it's odd.
Turan (PS0CN) [4325] But it's a maroony ... dirty maroony ... and black I think it was car.
[4326] And it was a W M X, the letters were.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4327] Didn't you tell the police?
[4328] You should give them a ring and tell them if you saw a strange man.
Turan (PS0CN) [4329] Well yeah I did I mean he disappeared from sight whereas the others
Ginny (PS0CG) [4330] Well he would if you were waiting around here.
[4331] Of course you look as though
Turan (PS0CN) [4332] Ah I dunno.
[4333] One morning when I came here there was a car arrived here and it was a ... a dirty yellow one and thr two women and a bloke got out all dressed in ... black jeans and black jumpers.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4334] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4335] So I thought now that's odd.
[4336] They didn't look the sort to go ... for a ramble
Ginny (PS0CG) [4337] [...] perhaps.
Turan (PS0CN) [4338] And they come out and they sort of were looking around ... and there was a load of cars here.
[4339] And I thought I don't like the look of that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4340] Mm.
Turan (PS0CN) [4341] So I was standing there and I thought to myself pretend I'm looking at my watch and I'm waiting for someone.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4342] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4343] And they hung about and hung about and then they came across here, looked at the board and they kept turning round and looking where I was.
[4344] And I was still hanging there.
[4345] Then they walked down there, but not out of sight ... of the cars.
[4346] Then they came back, read the notice board again.
[4347] I must have been there about five or ten minutes?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4348] [...] neat haircuts?
Turan (PS0CN) [4349] They looked quite ... quite presentable.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Turan (PS0CN) [4350] One woman was very fat.
[4351] ... And I still stood there so I got in the car and wrote the number down.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4352] Good for you.
Turan (PS0CN) [4353] Cos I thought I'm never gonna remember it.
[4354] And eventually they got in and went off.
[4355] But they were, they kept on looking at me to see if I was gonna move and I thought I'm not gonna move till you move.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4356] Mm.
Turan (PS0CN) [4357] Cos the fact that they only went down there, came back and were milling around ... waiting I wouldn't have been a bit surprised cos the car was a filthy old car.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4358] You should have told you should have told the police.
[4359] Any car number you can
Turan (PS0CN) [4360] They hadn't done anything.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4361] No.
[4362] But any car number you can get if they're acting suspiciously please tell them.
[4363] That's what they keep telling me.
Turan (PS0CN) [4364] Oh I see.
[4365] Cos they had er
Ginny (PS0CG) [4366] Because they came and interviewed me.
[4367] If you see anything suspicious.
[4368] The last time I phoned up I said ... the bicycle that was hidden in the bushes.
[4369] Obviously been stolen.
[4370] Down there ... that erm Davey and I found together.
[4371] His dog erm found it, you know Sam?
[4372] Erm ... next day it was still there ... although he'd phoned the police.
[4373] So I phoned them up in the afternoon and I said the bicycle that ... my friend Mr reported yesterday afternoon is still in the bushes.
[4374] I said and I have a feeling that there was somebody there watching me ... I could feel it.
[4375] I said and as I came back up what I call the straight path parallel with the road there were two men loitering in the bushes against the car park.
Turan (PS0CN) [4376] Oi!
Ginny (PS0CG) [4377] Both very well dressed.
[4378] Jeans, but clean and spruce and I said ... I have a feeling they could have been police.
[4379] And he burst out laughing and said you're quite right madam, they were police.
Turan (PS0CN) [4380] No these didn't give me the feeling of being police.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4381] No.
[4382] But there's one I thought how stupid.
[4383] It's alright to park erm a non police car but there was a policeman actually sitting in the car while two of them loitered in there.
[4384] They were obviously staking out the place.
[4385] But while there's a man sitting respectably in a car no-one's gonna break into the other cars.
Turan (PS0CN) [4386] I know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4387] Not if they're witnessed, are they?
Turan (PS0CN) [4388] No I mean because I mean erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [4389] So the other police should have gone into the other ... should have gone away somewhere.
Turan (PS0CN) [4390] I didn't ... I didn't cotton on to these two er these three.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4391] And yet you feel uneasy?
Turan (PS0CN) [4392] Erm ... it was the way they sort of checked all the way round the car park as if they were looking to see which would be the best.
[4393] And I mean they did get out and have a little mooch around the car park.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4394] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4395] And I thought to myself no I'm not gonna go out, I did start to go out the park and I thought no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4396] Yeah.
[4397] I'm like you.
Turan (PS0CN) [4398] Because ... what if ... they do break in.
[4399] Perhaps I'm, I'm misjudging but perhaps ... what if they did, how would I feel?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4400] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4401] So I thought no I'll wait and see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4402] Oh you should give the police that number.
[4403] Just to be on the safe side.
Turan (PS0CN) [4404] I've lost it now cos I've chucked the matchbox out.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4405] Oh what a shame.
Turan (PS0CN) [4406] But it was a yellow car and it had like soft toys and that in the back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4407] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4408] On the back window ledge.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4409] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4410] Cos I thought to myself well I'll never remember the make of car.
[4411] I mean I'm, I'm hopeless with cars.
[4412] But I thought to myself oh you do ... you do look suspicious.
[4413] And then I was talking to somebody about this and ... they and they burst out laughing and said well we've got a friend, a male friend ... [...] a mate of mine he said and he loves walking.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4414] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4415] He said and what he often does ... is because he lives over this area.
[4416] He'll often cut through ... this way to go over to Wellington into Crowthorne and walk all the way round.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4417] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4418] He said he often walks through the woods on his own.
[4419] [laughing] I had to laugh.
[4420] He must forgive us ladies [...] do a sidestep [] .
[4421] He said he is legitimate.
[4422] He just loves walking.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4423] Oh yes.
[4424] But the police would much rather you told them ... when there's no
Turan (PS0CN) [4425] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4426] nothing to be ... nothing wrong with it than that you didn't tell them and there might be something wrong with it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4427] Oh I'll have to keep my eyes open.
[4428] Cos I thought well the couple had only just walked up there and I thought to myself oh well ... he might meet up with them, you know.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4429] The young, the young officer who came to me he said ... of course we're so glad you got the number, you're quite right it's a car that's been doing the same thing in Wokingham.
[4430] We only know that they live somewhere in the Wokingham area.
[4431] It's lads who earn their living at this.
Turan (PS0CN) [4432] Yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4433] They go from car park to car park.
[4434] He said er but of course the thing is they don't expect elderly ladies ... to notice their car numbers and remember them.
[4435] Now I may not remember always the make ... first glance off unless I look at it.
[4436] But this was an eastern European car so they didn't expect me to know the make.
[4437] But I do remember numbers.
Turan (PS0CN) [4438] Oh I've got a terrible memory.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4439] And I scratched it on there to make sure that I didn't forget it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4440] Oh I see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4441] And as soon as I got home I wrote it down.
[4442] I put it on there with my key.
[4443] ... # or whatever it was.
[4444] It's probably still there now.
[4445] It is ... it's still there.
[4446] ... . It's still there.
Turan (PS0CN) [4447] Oh this was ... this was ... er W M X.
[4448] I remembered that because ... what did it remind me of?
[4449] W M X. ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4450] Like a B M X bike I expect.
Turan (PS0CN) [4451] Yeah or a volk volkswagen or something.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4452] Mm.
Turan (PS0CN) [4453] Something clicked as I looked at the number.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4454] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4455] It's like with a lot of number plates.
[4456] Sometimes it ... oh that's so and so's.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4457] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4458] I mean a lot of mine I can't even remember me own number plate.
Ginny (PS0CG) [laugh]
Turan (PS0CN) [4459] But I [...] .
[4460] No I went back and got in the car and was fiddling about and I wrote it down on a matchbox you see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4461] Yes good idea.
Turan (PS0CN) [4462] But the funny thing is by the time I got home I still remembered it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4463] Yes.
[4464] Cos you'd written it down.
[4465] If you hadn't written it down you wouldn't have.
Turan (PS0CN) [4466] No.
[4467] Er this is, I mean I've just got that way.
[4468] I thought to myself well if I don't write it down now ... cos that's why I got back in my car.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4469] You should have told the police ... they'd have been interested.
Turan (PS0CN) [4470] Oh well then, another time then I'll remember that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4471] Cos you see I said why, why can't you trace the car?
[4472] I mean the number's quite, I said you, you reaffirmed that the number was the same one that had been doing the same thing in, in Wokingham.
[4473] He said ... the car belonged to an elderly lady in Wokingham.
[4474] We've traced it that far.
[4475] She had sold it and she hadn't told the erm Swansea people, you know?
Turan (PS0CN) [4476] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4477] The vehicle licensing people.
[4478] It's so easy to just write the slip ... and say I've sold my car to mister so and so.
[4479] I always do it.
[4480] Erm ... and then that person she'd sold it to she knew their address.
[4481] They went to him and he had sold it as well and they couldn't
Turan (PS0CN) [4482] Yeah cos since they've done away with the log book.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4483] And it hadn't been registered.
Turan (PS0CN) [4484] Where you used to have to send the
Ginny (PS0CG) [4485] Exactly.
Turan (PS0CN) [4486] log book in and it would come back.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4487] It hadn't been registered so they'd got, the police have got no way of tracing it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4488] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4489] Except keep driving round Wokingham looking for it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4490] I mean they ... at least they could pick you up cos they'd had the log book.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4491] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4492] In the old days.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4493] Yeah.
[4494] It was good wasn't it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4495] Yeah.
[4496] And each car they knew where they were didn't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4497] That's right.
[4498] And the previous owner and the previous owner.
Turan (PS0CN) [4499] That's it.
[4500] Cos it was all written down.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4501] Yes. ...
Turan (PS0CN) [4502] Oh all these [...] barred stuff.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4503] They've got everything on computers now and it doesn't work half the time does it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4504] [laugh] Well it's only as good as the person putting it in.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4505] Yeah too true.
Turan (PS0CN) [4506] That's what they used to say.
[4507] Still [...] human error. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4508] Yes.
[4509] Oh yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4510] Until you get a computer for computing a computer. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4511] Yes.
[4512] With a mind of it's own.
[4513] An intelligence.
Turan (PS0CN) [4514] That's what I mean.
[4515] Then that's frightening.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4516] Yes.
[4517] It is isn't it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4518] Oh I couldn't take that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4519] Well.
[4520] I love your accent.
[4521] Where do you come from?
Turan (PS0CN) [4522] Me?
[4523] Originally ... London.
[4524] Chiswick.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4525] I wouldn't ... don't hear any London.
Turan (PS0CN) [4526] Erm ... well ... sometimes it might come out is a bit of Devonshire.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4527] Devonshire?
[4528] Yes.
[4529] That's what it is.
Turan (PS0CN) [4530] I only spent six years of my childhood there during the war years.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4531] Well I can hear it.
[4532] It's a lovely soft ... soft accent.
Turan (PS0CN) [4533] Oh thank you.
[4534] Very proud of being Devon
Ginny (PS0CG) [4535] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4536] from Devon.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4537] Yes.
Turan (PS0CN) [4538] I expect, cos when I came back from there nobody could understand me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4539] Oh.
Turan (PS0CN) [4540] When I went back to London.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4541] My youngest daughter's there now.
[4542] Plymouth.
[4543] Well outside of Plymouth.
[4544] Little village.
Turan (PS0CN) [4545] Yeah I was at Dartmouth.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4546] Yeah it's lovely isn't it?
Turan (PS0CN) [4547] Oh it was gorgeous.
[4548] After I was there for six years
Ginny (PS0CG) [4549] Yes?
Turan (PS0CN) [4550] I wouldn't come home. [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4551] I can, I can hear it softly.
[4552] It's beautiful.
[4553] I like it.
Turan (PS0CN) [4554] I just wouldn't come home.
[4555] ... My mum tried bribery, everything.
[4556] ... I hated Lon er, well Chiswick it was sort of
Ginny (PS0CG) [4557] I hate London.
Turan (PS0CN) [4558] Chiswick, Acton.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4559] Oh I.

29 (Tape 014401)

Keith (PS0CH) [4560] Mike's witnessing his signature what he's already done.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4561] [...] two of them though.
Keith (PS0CH) [4562] Yes, but one of them I'll sign in your presence [...] Maisie and her twenty year old son [...] , not hundred per cent happy about it, I'd prefer older people cos youngest like that are inclined try to put their music on a bit loud or invite their friends in when mum's away, you know, and [...] .
[4563] No, no, they complain to us because [...] so does the secretary, I mean they're all very nice, they know us and they like us, talk to them when we go there, but any sign of a noise, somebody I'll be on the phone to me.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4564] Well that's hope [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4565] Yes, I hope he is, she's [...] apparently, she's erm a designer and the girl that makes it she designs the latest beautiful hats [...] and I thought to myself if they're those tall, biggest, you know those tall sort of round sort of like bowler hats,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4566] Oh yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [4567] I, I, remember something, [...] cos I thought they'd look awful stuck on the top of their heads, they weren't sort of like
Ginny (PS0CG) [4568] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4569] yes, yes, oh maybe they're hard
Ginny (PS0CG) [4570] Probably hard.
Keith (PS0CH) [4571] yes, yes
Ginny (PS0CG) [4572] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4573] You can put your lunch in, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4574] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4575] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4576] [...] , take a man with a woman to see some part of [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4577] Yes that's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4578] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4579] I thought [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4580] Or, or a, eh, the nearest they'll [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4581] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4582] Yes, yes of course.
Keith (PS0CH) [4583] I'll give you your's first.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4584] Oh lovely.
Keith (PS0CH) [4585] [...] .
[4586] Cos there was something about it in the Best magazine wasn't there?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4587] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4588] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4589] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4590] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4591] Hello you've dropped a negative ... don't think it matters [...] .
[4592] Must remember to take back [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4593] Do you want that [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4594] I, I've bought you back the whip and I'm just about to start the other one, so hang on to it at the moment, cos I don't like too many books around that I've borrowed, I've got two [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4595] [...] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4596] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4597] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4598] Is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4599] I put that there so you don't go without.
Keith (PS0CH) [4600] Oh right, oh your house looks nice.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4601] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4602] Right, that looks nice across there
Ginny (PS0CG) [4603] It goes doesn't it?
Keith (PS0CH) [4604] Doesn't it, yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4605] Yes it's so [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4606] And would, would, [...] trying to take a picture on the telly ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4607] I think I was just,
Keith (PS0CH) [4608] Oh yeah, you would
Ginny (PS0CG) [4609] just starting the film,
Keith (PS0CH) [4610] Aha.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4611] that was my birthday camera.
Keith (PS0CH) [4612] Looks nice.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4613] I think I was just getting a film .
Keith (PS0CH) [4614] Oh this is this is you here is it? [...] the other side of the [...] , cos I know when we tried to take photo's off John, [...] tried to take photo's of John on the television because he couldn't do it with all the [...] flash or [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4615] [...] , he's a beautiful cock bird and he's big and he's typically black bird and his black tail and his bright orange beak
Vicky (PS0CK) [4616] Ah, er, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4617] he's got two [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4618] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4619] [...] , and I called to Dinda one day look, [...] gosh yeah [...] trying and get a shot of him on a camera, she said I would too, she said try it from upstairs in my bedroom.
[4620] I tried I saw him one day on [...] , I crept up in my [...] and I took it out of the window and all I've got is the [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4621] Oh [...] .
[4622] Oh what a shame.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4623] I did [...] , so I was creeping up like this
Vicky (PS0CK) [4624] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4625] They can see movement behind the window pane glass.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4626] Yes, oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4627] He was feeding so happy, beautifully [...] I'm hoping it [...] , I don't feel [...] , [...] Magpie of mine,
Vicky (PS0CK) [4628] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4629] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4630] Yes, can you not can you not have
Ginny (PS0CG) [4631] [...] , oh you can have a [...] [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4632] I've not seen one
Vicky (PS0CK) [4633] I've never seen one, no, except in the book, I haven't seen it in our, in our, in both books.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4634] What, what [...] and in my garden I have a [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [...] [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4635] Oh Rose is [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4636] no, [...] stop the care for them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4637] When they're sitting in the middle of ... road there, I stop, I stop the car and I [...] sometimes they'll sit up and look at you
Vicky (PS0CK) [4638] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [4639] and you have to wait
Vicky (PS0CK) [4640] wait for them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4641] Yeah [laugh] .
[4642] Say why, what have erm, I think [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4643] Oh I'd hate to hit one of them, oh it's my, it's my horror though, a bird or a wild animal like you see in the, the lane
Ginny (PS0CG) [4644] That's right.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4645] Is when they [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4646] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4647] Yeah ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4648] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4649] See that [...] doesn't it though?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4650] I don't ever remember seeing, but there was [...] we weren't allowed to have hair down, was you?,
Vicky (PS0CK) [4651] No, no, no ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4652] we had to have ours clipped or, or tied back
Vicky (PS0CK) [4653] remember the brown ribbon?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4654] Yeah
Vicky (PS0CK) [4655] if they got told off [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4656] Oh yes [...] or have it slide tied, you weren't allowed to have hair that's not [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4657] Oh no, no, oh it had to be tied in yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4658] And I was always saying to the girls at school for heavens sake keep your hair back, it's only [...] bunches, whatever, back [...] when they was younger they always had plait or bunches, [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4659] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4660] But when they got older you know [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4661] Yeah, that's right, yeah ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4662] You can't tell a [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4663] Oh, I'm, I'm
Ginny (PS0CG) [4664] [...] I had it all chopped off.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4665] Oh, [laugh] .
[4666] [...] it does, it suits her doesn't it like that?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4667] I think it does [...] comes home every night
Vicky (PS0CK) [4668] And washes it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4669] No, [...] her hair.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4670] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4671] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4672] Yeah.
[4673] Oh no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4674] She's put on weight round here
Vicky (PS0CK) [4675] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4676] if you look at the picture of her [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4677] [...] .
[4678] Look she has got that cheeky bit there,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4679] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4680] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4681] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4682] I mean, it certainly suit her better like this doesn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4683] Than long hair.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4684] But I mean when you're young you can wear anything can't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4685] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4686] Oh doesn't [...] look funny with the hand bag [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4687] [...] , oh it's smashing isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4688] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4689] Well I don't know what he's doing, I can't remember what he's doing ... [laugh] oh yes, before we've eaten [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4690] Oh yes ... look at her, look, [...] Oh I like [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4691] [...] that's a good one.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4692] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4693] There's one good one of you there, [...] back of the head, that's a good one.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4694] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4695] Oh it's nice [...] aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4696] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4697] Better
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4698] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4699] Better, yes, better than erm, some, in the old days when you used to take those photo's they used to be awful didn't they, erm, everybody sort of look's as if they were staring and sort of all
Ginny (PS0CG) [4700] Yes, yes,
Vicky (PS0CK) [4701] Red eye
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4702] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4703] Ah, what you doing down there? ah
Ginny (PS0CG) [4704] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4705] Aha ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4706] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4707] Oh I've done about four, but we were having trouble with [...] he want's some books he likes books, but won't give us a clue and ... [laugh] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [4708] You could give him a book token let him do his own [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4709] Well that's a good idea , the thing, you see the thing is she says oh, we, I read anything, you know, buy anything, well I said well suppose you've already got it, you know, it's erm, and also we offered him some, some author's names so he didn't like this, and he didn't want that, you see, so, erm, but, in one hand he's saying buy me anything and the other hand he's saying I don't like this and I don't like that
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4710] Yes, yes that's right, yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4711] For a few hours.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4712] Yeah, Yeah, you've got
Ginny (PS0CG) [4713] Do you think that's true?
Vicky (PS0CK) [4714] Yeah, would you, but a couple of years because John was busy he bought us all tokens, erm, he bought the others tokens from Woolworths and me token from a body shop and we all, [...] and I we had great fun looking and seeing what we wanted to buy with, with the book tokens, er, maybe, maybe I mention it providing we can't find anything.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4715] It's [...] pleasure of going around [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4716] Yeah , and, and looking themselves, yeah.
[4717] The other thing he mentioned for his birthday was, would you believe, was a shirt with er, with sleeves that you can put erm cuff links in, would you believe?
[4718] He said I've not been able to get one, and I went to [...] he said I thought with an old
Ginny (PS0CG) [4719] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4720] Yeah, quite often they do don't, well they used to I don't know if they do .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4721] [...] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4722] Yes, but erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [4723] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4724] No, no, cuff links look nice don't they?
[4725] And I said to Polly they must make them, yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [4726] The only thing you can do is [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4727] Yeah.
[4728] Polly's got some nice ones, yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4729] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4730] Yeah [...] got some nice one's
Ginny (PS0CG) [4731] I get [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4732] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4733] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4734] Yes, I think they're [...] for myself, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4735] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4736] Yes, that's right, I see, but I said to him we'll try Alder's and the Army & Navy ... But I
Ginny (PS0CG) [4737] [...] [...] shirts even if they're only Marks & Sparks [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4738] Yes, I've got yeah I know they did, but I think after a while they stopped doing that I think the latest ones you'll find don't, don't do that, they gave, you know, after a while they gave that up, but I, I must check on that, I must check on [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4739] [...] ... if he wears a long sleeve shirt, as soon as he takes his jacket off, he won't go around with his shirt [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4740] No ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4741] roll his sleeves up.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4742] roll his sleeves up, yeah Tom's like that, yes .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4743] Even [...] , [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4744] Yes, yes, well I mean, that's, that's, if, I mean if we can get him one for his birthday that, get the problem of our shoulders sort of thing, that's his then, then he, he has to take his [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4745] We [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4746] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4747] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4748] [...] , what can you give him a [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4749] Well that's a good idea, as you say, erm, oh I must put [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4750] I mean it could be a bottle of Gin [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4751] Oh he's not.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4752] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4753] He was doing so well for three months.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4754] When he saw the [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4755] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4756] and he said you're [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4757] Yes, that's right, after three months, yes, and he did that?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4758] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4759] Oh, and he's still, he's going to do that right up to Christmas?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4760] But he won't eat the meat with potatoes
Vicky (PS0CK) [4761] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4762] the only time he has meat he has to have green salad or maybe a raw vegetable salad.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4763] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4764] But I mean , yeah, yeah
Vicky (PS0CK) [4765] [...] , calorie [...] and then for another meal he'll have ... he'll have this other stuff with a [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4766] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4767] he can't [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4768] No, no, [...] doesn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4769] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4770] Yeah, well John always swore by a [...] diet whether he [...] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4771] That thing I got, you know the Raptou use to
Vicky (PS0CK) [4772] Oh yes, yes,
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4773] help me with the vegetables, all the vegetables, I get so tired chopping
Vicky (PS0CK) [4774] yes
Ginny (PS0CG) [4775] I don't think it's gonna work, I [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4776] Oh why's that Iris?
[4777] It, it, looked alright, I, you know doing it on the telly, it did everything they said.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4778] But [...] didn't see it on the telly, only saw it on the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4779] Oh it was on quite a lot.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4780] Sorry I've [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4781] Oh no, [...] interest.
[4782] Why do you think it won't work?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4783] This I read [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4784] Oh, that's
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4785] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4786] My [...] are like that, going from the
Vicky (PS0CK) [4787] [...] ... oh er, he said I've taken, taken them out, [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4788] Have you tried it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4789] No.
[4790] I haven't even [...] it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4791] Oh.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4792] I looked at the illustration and I thought no way is that ever going to do any thing that chops
Ginny (PS0CG) [4793] Yeah, it
Vicky (PS0CK) [4794] it never slice, or make chips
Ginny (PS0CG) [4795] [...] ... oh it, they showed you pictures of things coming out the squares
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4796] Yes, [...] ... [...] chip [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4797] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4798] Doesn't take a chunky chop does it?
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4799] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4800] Well how can it, because it, it, I think it's got to go through the thing here, if you see what I mean, it, it, the chop you'd have to push it through a little bit and then have a,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4801] Yeah, a blade.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4802] a, yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4803] What's that then? [...] plate, oh I don't
Vicky (PS0CK) [4804] Oh that's the thing that you put behind it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4805] She could use that without putting [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4806] What, what, what, how can you stop it, how, how, how can you [...] , [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4807] Got to [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4808] [...] ... [...] bigger than [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4809] But I can't see any thing here [...] .
[4810] Push [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4811] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4812] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4813] That sliced then, that is slicing, [...] , nothing's got to stop them haven't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4814] The fact that you've come to the end of the [...] ... the [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4815] I can't think of any thing that would be of
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4816] It [...] .

30 (Tape 014402)

Keith (PS0CH) [4817] Now all I can think of doing is pushing it, you can push the turner things into chips then you've only got to chop them one way if you see what I mean, like erm, well is it worth these doing anything else?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4818] But why , [...] chop.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4819] I mean, what else would you use it for?
[4820] Do you use it to slice? or to grate? or to erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [4821] No.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4822] use the grate [...] like things like [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4823] Aha.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4824] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4825] I think that's why the [...] , it looks like it.
[4826] I [...] I think brass is [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4827] I've got a [...] oh, I've got a great big chip machine [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4828] I was a bit disappointed.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4829] Well, yes, I must admit still I still chop [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4830] But there's nothing in there to say it's from [...] there's nothing on the box to say it's.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4831] Well [...] [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4832] Could you be bothered getting that out unless you're prepared [...] wash all, all the bits afterwards.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...] ...
Vicky (PS0CK) [4833] [laugh] [...] , I'm sure it's [...] somebody else [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4834] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4835] I do because [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4836] Yeah, somebody else [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4837] Well
Ginny (PS0CG) [4838] What did you say [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4839] Yeah, you, you, get a, a thing on, ah there you are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4840] I thought, I thought it's [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4841] Usually they give you a, a thing to return it, you know, a thing that you don't want it [...] , [...] girls let you take the orders down [...] the ware house, oh, [...] put the [...] return it too cos the, cos there's nothing in there.
[4842] I, [...] .
[4843] You can buy those things that you push down on the top like that, and you
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4844] I thought that you can have one of those [...] that you roll side by side
Vicky (PS0CK) [4845] [...] .
[4846] It's like a knife but it's curved and it's got a [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4847] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4848] Yes, you just rock it backwards and forwards.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4849] Oh [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4850] [...] , [laugh] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4851] I don't know, you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4852] Ah, again, it might, it might [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [4853] I've, I've got a little knife, I don't know where I got it from, on it, on it, it says [...] steel and it's all broken the blade because, you know, it's been used so much and it's sharper for even being broken than any thing else I've got.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4854] Great.
Vicky (PS0CK) [4855] Yeah, I don't know where I got it from ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [4856] [...] ,
Vicky (PS0CK) [4857] no, heaven knows what will happen to me when I've, when I got it any more, I use it all the time.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4858] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4859] Well I'll go back, oh, back to me pictures and flowers ... one of you Rocky.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4860] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4861] Whether I arrived.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4862] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [4863] Yes I will.

31 (Tape 014403)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4864] Now I'll put the kettle on
Keith (PS0CH) [4865] The [...] have been a lovely colour this year, haven't they?,
[4866] I suppose that's [...] sort of weather, what, this is most intrigue you know, what made you take them?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4867] Something special, we hadn't seen any thing
Keith (PS0CH) [4868] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4869] and erm, it's that, extraordinary [...] you won't be able to see them
Keith (PS0CH) [4870] All white.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4871] all these are white, like [...] , and I couldn't make [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4872] Which one is it?, this one on your right, the one with your silvery leaves, when it [...] in the breeze, [...] sun shining, father Christmas tree, lovely isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4873] All through the year incredible.
[4874] Eh, eh, [...] pointed it out [...] , the leaves were so good, haven't got the [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4875] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4876] No, there was [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4877] But they're all thick and golden and oh so beautiful.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4878] Mm ... That was where I was trying to get the blackbirds [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4879] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4880] Quite dark.
Keith (PS0CH) [4881] Shame isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4882] Right were the black bird is, there, I focused from him and [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4883] [...] .
[4884] He shot off [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4885] No, he didn't he stayed there .
Keith (PS0CH) [4886] Stood there , stayed there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4887] I kept waiting for him to turn his head, so it, get, one properly.
Keith (PS0CH) [4888] Good view, never mind you'll have another go .
Ginny (PS0CG) [...] ...
Keith (PS0CH) [4889] Have another go.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4890] You can't stop flashing because it [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4891] No [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4892] Dinda can over ride hers, with her
Keith (PS0CH) [4893] Can she?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4894] with her very posh camera.
Keith (PS0CH) [4895] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4896] Puts [...] , but she knew that if she'd bought me one with all those buttons, I'd off just confused her
Keith (PS0CH) [4897] [laugh] , I'm not fussed.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4898] I'm not very technically minded.
[4899] I did, I did
Keith (PS0CH) [4900] Well, that would be nice
Ginny (PS0CG) [4901] [...] talking about electro magnetic waves ... how the Russian could, try and to ... use electro magnet magnetic waves to make a [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4902] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4903] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4904] so that the upper atmosphere would be intensified in density [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4905] Oh, oh
Ginny (PS0CG) [4906] and if they could do it [...] time
Keith (PS0CH) [4907] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4908] then they knew when a missile was coming in
Keith (PS0CH) [4909] Oh I see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4910] instead of a missile coming in ... withstanding two thousand degree centigrade
Keith (PS0CH) [4911] Mm, mm .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4912] [...] , and then it [...] make it down [...] to make it two thousand centigrade .
Keith (PS0CH) [4913] Yes, yes, that's right and it, it would be hotter wouldn't it? yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4914] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [4915] Get more friction on that, clever of somebody to think of that, didn't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4916] Yes, well done [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4917] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4918] Obviously it's a lot [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4919] That's what I said, well that's a lot [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4920] Sounds discouraging if that's how were going to wipe ourselves out.
Keith (PS0CH) [4921] Oh, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4922] We ought to really, although I said we'll leave them a lot of [...] behind than the dinosaurs.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4923] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4924] Mm, yeah [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4925] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4926] I know that motor mechanics [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4927] Yeah, to think
Ginny (PS0CG) [4928] They said you [...] I said yes [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4929] [...] .
[4930] [laugh] , it's the [...] mechanics fault?
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4931] [laugh] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [4932] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4933] Oh yes, Iris that's nice.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4934] I must come in and get on with it. [...] ... [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4935] Then Joan can give it to you.
[4936] Look I'll give that to Joan and Joan can give it to you ... [...] , watch it, you don't steel, no, no, you don't take things, you wait till it's given to you, no ... I'm watching you ... don't you dare beg at me, don't you dare, don't you dare, wait for Joan to give it to you ...
Keith (PS0CH) [4937] [laugh] , I've got you in me power have I?
[4938] Come on sit up then
Ginny (PS0CG) [4939] You have to throw it .
Keith (PS0CH) [4940] Sit up, sit, sit, sit , oh
Ginny (PS0CG) [4941] You have to [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4942] Oh [...] , good girl aren't you?
[4943] Well [...] do it.
[4944] Oh, look, look, Robert Maxwell [...] funny isn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4945] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4946] I wonder if those two young boys knew what his, their father was doing?
Ginny (PS0CG) [4947] I feel ever so sorry for them though.
Keith (PS0CH) [4948] Yes, I mean they've got, they've probably got less than nothing haven't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4949] [...] Sell the boat.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4950] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4951] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4952] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4953] No, [...] .
[4954] Standing empty in the mansion, oh [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4955] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4956] [...] ... sugar and
Ginny (PS0CG) [4957] Small sugar, very small sugar, little drop of milk.
Keith (PS0CH) [4958] This little girl of erm,, Terry isn't she sweet, [laugh] , when she was doing her dancing [laugh] , she lovely reminds me of our kids
Ginny (PS0CG) [4959] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [4960] when they were little.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4961] Yeah, yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [4962] They used to do that didn't they?
[4963] They used to do that sort W P C.

32 (Tape 014404)

Ginny (PS0CG) [4964] Shall I get a plate of biscuits?
Keith (PS0CH) [4965] [...] , his lord ship.
[4966] [...] loose a little bit of the tummy again at the moment, coming back.
[4967] It, it went, it went from [...] I ate chocolate [...] , but that, I mean I didn't
Ginny (PS0CG) [4968] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4969] oh really, oh well hope it all goes [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [4970] You [...] every body [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4971] [laugh] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4972] but I don't drink spirits, I don't like spirits, but I enjoy a glass of wine
Ginny (PS0CG) [4973] What you want?
Keith (PS0CH) [4974] I have the small glass which is half tonic
Ginny (PS0CG) [4975] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [4976] topped up with wine.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4977] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [4978] Three of the tall wine glasses [...] .
[4979] Now I'm spending a small fortune on wine now.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4980] [...] not spending so much on the beer.
Keith (PS0CH) [4981] No, well, in a, in, I'll, I'll pay [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4982] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4983] you see, the real [...] , four pounds forty for a [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [4984] You getting through that in two days?
Keith (PS0CH) [4985] Oh no, one, one evening.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4986] One evening.
Keith (PS0CH) [4987] About two each.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4988] Oh [...] .
[4989] But does he look alright still?
[4990] Is he [...] beginning to look haggard or anything?
Keith (PS0CH) [4991] Keeps the trousers at the back of [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4992] Oh yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [4993] No, no, [...] got a pair of trousers that do that.
Ginny (PS0CG) [4994] Yes, and he goes arriving [...] he's only got Frances then James and that I'm sure is [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4995] Yes you do, that's right you do
Ginny (PS0CG) [4996] Hold them on with your [...] , I'm sure that's not [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4997] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [4998] I'm sure if you work on [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [4999] More like the sort of things that I wear in trousers .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5000] Yeah, they're nice aren't they?
Keith (PS0CH) [5001] Yeah.
[5002] I got my new trousers
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5003] the only option was, navy, black or grey, oh erm, hang on a minute, I've got [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5004] Yeah
Keith (PS0CH) [5005] but it's in the last brochure had the extra warmth ones, which I like
Ginny (PS0CG) [5006] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [5007] [...] but erm
Ginny (PS0CG) [5008] Did, did you give a [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5009] [...] , yeah. [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5010] Did it, did it have , does it have to be a, a
Keith (PS0CH) [5011] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5012] What?
Keith (PS0CH) [5013] Thirty quid for [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5014] The thing that, you see I was going to send off for a pair of gloves cos I can't find my [...] thermal [...] , but when I looked on and saw all the bits and bobs of paper that come, there wasn't erm, little slip you get with a pound off, for postage and packing, which I've been getting recently haven't you? for erm
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5015] Oh yes, definitely [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5016] I mean about, what, recently I've been getting it for ages and this time it wasn't there, and I, and I thought to myself dam it I'm not going [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5017] They must have just forgotten ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5018] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5019] That's what I got
Keith (PS0CH) [5020] Yes and but, but they're
Ginny (PS0CG) [5021] I don't bother with these you can't drive in them
Keith (PS0CH) [5022] No, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5023] and I thought I'm not gonna pay a pound postage
Keith (PS0CH) [5024] No you're right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5025] I'm not gonna pay a pound postage for erm, a pair of gloves that cost five ninety nine ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5026] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5027] [...] , so I don't know whether they've stopped doing it, they haven't said any thing.
[5028] I mean several times I've bought things from them, there's stately homes, they do the same thing, don't they?
Keith (PS0CH) [5029] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5030] And the [...] , several times I've bought picture of them particularly because I haven't had to pay the postage,
Keith (PS0CH) [5031] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5032] postage [...] .
[5033] Sometimes you see, I quite often oh I like that and that, beautiful things for the house or
Keith (PS0CH) [5034] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [5035] maybe for the kids, and then I see add, I see at the bottom add two pounds fifty, yeah, and I think to myself no, no way, postage and packing [...] .
[5036] [...] if it's big and it looks worth it, but for a pair of gloves to pay a pound postage, er, er, you know
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5037] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5038] I got, don't know if they stop doing it altogether now, I really don't know what erm, you see, I've got an old one, but it says on it ... on the voucher it's not trans none transferable.
[5039] Do they mean none transferable from person to person or from book to book, erm, for everything it doesn't say ... and if they know, both of them stopped sending out those
Vicky (PS0CK) [5040] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5041] stupid reason, if you don't send them enough money, you have a cheque and use your Barclay card number [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5042] Then I make sure I put enough money on the barclay card the day after it arrives
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5043] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5044] [...] send a cheque which can get nicked, send the barclay card number, then pay it off [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5045] That's right, we've, we've, we pay most things by barclay card and [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5046] Does your [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5047] But you still right [...] on your
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5048] [...] . [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5049] Yes, what's, what's happened if we were at Sandhurst Auction it would go to Reading and then be re-directed to Aldershot and then [laugh]
Vicky (PS0CK) [5050] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5051] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5052] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5053] [...] send you these things, I go in for all the competitions and I never put a stamp on the envelope unless I'm ordering something
Vicky (PS0CK) [5054] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5055] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5056] I don't remember getting
Ginny (PS0CG) [5057] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5058] well, well it wasn't those, it's sort of the gloves they sell, erm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5059] Oh .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5060] were, wasn't those gloves, they, it, it was their thermolactal that they, they sell always cos they do them in black and grey
Ginny (PS0CG) [5061] That's right.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5062] maroon and erm, navy, which is what I like, and they are warm, and I like to wear my gloves all the time .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5063] [...] , I've got a grey duffel coat and I've got short grey boots,
Vicky (PS0CK) [5064] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5065] I wanted grey trousers
Vicky (PS0CK) [5066] Mm, yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [5067] or maroon which I've got
Vicky (PS0CK) [5068] Yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [5069] or black.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5070] Yeah,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5071] Mind you, they, they all erm, the grey maybe erm ,
Vicky (PS0CK) [5072] They're warm [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5073] they all sort of match in.
[5074] Going slow, I don't know.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5075] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5076] I'm glad, I'm glad I remembered to ask you, and erm, you didn't get one either. [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [5077] I think it's a good idea, got it all arranged.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5078] Yeah, so do I, I sound awful cos Peggy and I
Vicky (PS0CK) [5079] [...] phoned up the funeral arranger and say my mum's died,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5080] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5081] her name was so and so
Ginny (PS0CG) [5082] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5083] and he said yes I've got it all in hand
Ginny (PS0CG) [5084] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5085] would you like me to [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5086] I, I, I, think it's a good idea, I really do.
[5087] We don't, we, I don't even know where Penny want's to be buried.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5088] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5089] [...] make sure Keith our [...] want's to be cremated
Vicky (PS0CK) [5090] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5091] and have his ashes scattered from his aeroplane ... [...] , by his self.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5092] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5093] Oh dear.
[5094] The other morning, earlier on in the week, the phone rings quarter too six, [...] you know, it takes a while doesn't it before you realise what it is?
Vicky (PS0CK) [5095] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5096] and any way went down and answer it and I could hear him talking, erm, you remember he bought this aeroplane back from Americ erm from Australia, this one of [...] and it was Australian Air Force one that he had on Australian's [...] , erm came back and stayed in England for a little while and then he went back to Australia, [...] just killed himself [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5097] Oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5098] Told me [...] land and nobody, and a passenger, whether he was driving it or the passenger I don't know.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5099] He was Australian? [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5100] No he was, he was [...] but he was quite high up in the Royal Australian Air Force and having today which must have been in the middle of the night because Thursday, bit behind aren't they Australian's?
Vicky (PS0CK) [5101] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5102] A big erm [...] , funnily enough, although three of the other chaps that were involved in [...] , erm, one of them really upset me cos they run up together, he was navigator on [...] together [...] .
[5103] I mean he was a super chap, really lovely chap, ever so nice.
Vicky (PS0CK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5104] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5105] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5106] [...] , every time a pilot get's killed they have a pilot [...] count their hours and
Vicky (PS0CK) [5107] Well yes, and, and because he was young, because he was nice, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5108] The best trip Paddy had ever done like that, because they were such a lovely bunch
Vicky (PS0CK) [5109] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5110] but erm,
Vicky (PS0CK) [5111] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5112] all of a sudden saying something about it out of the blue, you know, and [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [5113] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5114] [...] I'll be glad when he's got his [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5115] When did this happen?
[5116] This morning!
Ginny (PS0CG) [5117] No, he's being buried today, I think it must of happened last Friday, or something like that.
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5118] Yes, yes ... , yeah, it's funny [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5119] That would be about [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5120] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5121] Yeah, [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5122] Any way, it's just that, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5123] Is this [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5124] No there's one place where you can put, the wedge of cotton wool in [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5125] [...] teeth away
Vicky (PS0CK) [5126] No, no, but, bearing up, I mean they were made before his teeth were taken out, [...] his plates had been gone, and they just add it, the, the extra teeth to it and they didn't know that it, it hadn't, you know, taken all the rest of the teeth out, it was then going to be further up in his mouth
Ginny (PS0CG) [5127] Mm.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5128] and catching a place up here, and he didn't catch it before.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5129] Said it got broke, [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5130] When he answered the phone, [...] lot of, [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5131] Well, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5132] I said if you don't get any satisfaction come and see [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5133] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5134] [...] .
[5135] [...] never satisfied with it, [...] the dentist that I have, [...] .
[5136] He looks so young to me.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5137] Mm, well they do look young don't they?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5138] I had a baby there you see .
[5139] I was recommended to go to this lady who's Irish and then she's gone back, [...] , and I've never, I mean, the examination was quick and painless he said, but just keep an eye on that double [...] on there, erm, there's a little tiny crack in it
Vicky (PS0CK) [5140] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5141] [...] your age probably [...] .
[5142] We'll just give them a scale and polish, I said oh with this, you know, [...]
Vicky (PS0CK) [5143] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5144] and all this scrapping and [...] burning your tongue or catching your l lip of something
Vicky (PS0CK) [5145] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5146] [...] , it's all done with some sort of ultra sound thing.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5147] Oh really.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5148] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5149] Yes, it's all new [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5150] It's incredible.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5151] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5152] And Dinda said she needed a filling, a re-filling actually and she said it's the first that she's been to a dentist that she could remember that she didn't notice the needle coming in, part she hates is the needle in the gum .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5153] Yeah, me too , yeah, yeah.
[5154] Well I had that with this little locum, but er, a South African [...] , didn't feel a thing, mind you [...] a lot of fillings came out thought just had to go back and have it put in again, but she drilled such a small whole that, that, the dentist I saw, another nice young man, cos my dentist had gone [...] , she's re-filled it, and [...] going to be alright because her fillings [...] out and it was a bit rough, they didn't sort of goes inwards sort of
Ginny (PS0CG) [5155] Mm, mm .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5156] and erm it's sort of [...] the difference between [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5157] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5158] Maybe [...] telephone you about your [...] not having [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5159] Well I have told him, I said to him he is, he is
Vicky (PS0CK) [5160] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5161] awful with [...] he's big and strong, that's why I always like gynaecologists who are fairly well built
Vicky (PS0CK) [5162] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5163] they don't have to exert any strength, therefore they're much more gentle.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5164] Gentle, that's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5165] I think it's more, sort of
Vicky (PS0CK) [5166] The new ones, I mean, the youngest they've all got a, erm, different, they've all got different
Ginny (PS0CG) [5167] That's right.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5168] they've all got different, they've all been taught different ways of doing things and, and really in a, when you thing of the old boys they're all erm, [...] date, I mean they've got the modern equipment, but, they don't use it much.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5169] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5170] [...] he must be knocking thirties that [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5171] Well yeah, that's right , yes I thought this girl was about seventeen, she had a mini skirt on
Ginny (PS0CG) [5172] Yeah.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5173] long curls and er, you know, a, a [...] then she, she, she looked a real dolly bird
Ginny (PS0CG) [5174] Yes.
Vicky (PS0CK) [5175] very pretty and er, it looks as if she ought to have been up the disco having a dance [laugh] , any way ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5176] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5177] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5178] [...] weekend.
[5179] You know that Dinda and I booked [...] college, [...] in June
Vicky (PS0CK) [5180] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5181] that is so popular
Vicky (PS0CK) [5182] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5183] it's so, all these horses and the [...] beautiful .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5184] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5185] Lovely yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5186] [...] balcony, the organised is worthy of the Albert Hall.
[5187] [...] choir is beautiful, the candles being light it, it really is [...] ,
Vicky (PS0CK) [5188] Very [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5189] and it's a beautiful chapel of course.
[5190] So [...] Sunday
Vicky (PS0CK) [5191] aha.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5192] and [...] service is [...] their was really to get, to make sure we could park and get in
Vicky (PS0CK) [5193] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5194] we need to be there by half past six
Vicky (PS0CK) [5195] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5196] we could of phone up, what two [...]
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5197] [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5198] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5199] Erm, and feeling there was [...] it must of been [...] he said today I've cooked [...] Sunday lunch and erm, she ate half of it and I thought [...] then she finished it [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5200] Oh good, yes . [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5201] She didn't , she didn't throw up or anything, she said, no, no, she [...] she still [...] , said she gets, that's where she wants, start doing everything for Christmas and after half
Vicky (PS0CK) [5202] Yeah .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5203] an hour she suddenly oh [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5204] And, and how long is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5205] [...] two and a half. [...] .
Vicky (PS0CK) [5206] Well, well it's a little bit dodgy [...] go and put her feet up [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5207] She's lucky to have a doctor who just says bed rest and signs a sick note and
Vicky (PS0CK) [5208] Yes .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5209] [...] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5210] Oh I'm glad she's improved.

33 (Tape 014405)

Ginny (PS0CG) [5211] I've got all sorts of people on [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5212] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5213] Oh yes, we'd check them, erm ... I haven't got any [...] this Sunday, Lisa Marie that's his eldest daughter by his first wife.
Keith (PS0CH) [5214] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5215] [...] this Sunday.
[5216] And I said oh that's right, he said and I, I'd come up and see her the first [...] we'll either take her out for a drink afterwards, I thought that doesn't seemed to mix in one glass, and I [...] going to a pub because she's [...] , but there you are, and she so's erm, can I bet you'll stay a bit, she said oh, I think December is your like it to be [...] , well obviously it's getting him settled you mustn't over [...] , she must off pushed him [...] and then he's said erm, I, I've told mum and dad that if they want to go as well, they can go [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [laugh]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5217] told mum and dad they [...] if that's alright, what can you say when he's already told mum and dad, that were waiting .
Keith (PS0CH) [5218] You have been right , [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5219] But I had to say I'm sorry Richard, and he said you're very welcome to come to the service
Keith (PS0CH) [5220] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5221] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5222] but I thought to myself, thirty youngest [...] being concerned in one big go, every, one of them would have at least four
Keith (PS0CH) [5223] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5224] people, parents or
Keith (PS0CH) [5225] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5226] brother's and sister's and parents, [...] .
[5227] I must have [...] one Sunday in the year when we have Sunday lunch at mid-day and not in the evening, because, you know I get to carol services on [...] And he said oh that's alright, mum and dad eat mid-day anyway so they only want, erm, they only want biscuits and cake and maybe a bit of bread and butter ... what can you do?
Keith (PS0CH) [5228] I don't know, I, I, I mean I know what I'd do cos I'm terrible I would make sure I went out [...] , [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5229] Would make a [...] ,
Keith (PS0CH) [5230] I'm not as kind hearted as you are .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5231] I mean he's such a good son in law to me, he really is, I mean he, he, he'll help Pete with any thing, especially when they lived here, he'll help Peter with any thing and erm, he's very, very good to Deb, he get's in after a days work, he does the shopping and [...] housework, look's after the cats which he doesn't particularly like
Keith (PS0CH) [5232] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5233] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5234] [laugh] , oh well.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5235] cooks the family [...] because she can't really, [...] her stomach is strong enough.
[5236] I've read somewhere a long while ago, [...] there was some sort of warning and I can't remember the details you know.
Keith (PS0CH) [5237] [...] , they don't, you don't need to worry about [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5238] Oh, I read it as a warning .
Keith (PS0CH) [5239] But I said , yes [...] different
Ginny (PS0CG) [5240] Perhaps they've changed their minds again, it's always , there's, they've got to frighten you all the time with sometime like that haven't they?
Keith (PS0CH) [5241] Mm, mm.
[5242] Well in [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5243] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5244] Saves a lot of [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5245] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5246] I think there's something [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5247] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5248] Yeah, yeah, make sure you [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5249] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5250] [...] cats and dogs being in the country there, were always about, the cat starts to go out just the same as the dogs did, they didn't [...] and they didn't [...] , even when we inherited that old, old tom cat in Sussex, he stayed with us and he, he [...] mangy old thing wasn't he, [...] in one of the stables [...] ... never accursed to me to [...] .
[5251] This cat had kittens which one of the cats [...] ... she looked after them, [...] I think my mother changed the lining
Keith (PS0CH) [5252] Oh yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5253] in the box where the kittens were
Keith (PS0CH) [5254] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5255] Oh [...] .
[5256] [...] teaching the dog to do his business indoors.
Keith (PS0CH) [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5257] Let the mother's clean up the baby and then, then teach them how to go outside and [...] then the bitch will with her puppies ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5258] I think I would of liked a cat [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5259] I know, I know Brian wouldn't [...] at least three [...] but [...] , and this, and this [...] wasn't really big enough and they use two side by side, whenever they were late or away for a weekend I took over and see to the cats feed, they were sweet erm ... [...] used to come on the porch and meow at me, it's my dinner time, come on, just get [...] not time yet, used to come to the porch, and tell me, they used to know when I wasn't coming home, how do they do it?
[5260] Mum wasn't coming so she'd come and fetch me.
[5261] But the two little trays in the middle of that beautifully re-furbished kitchen with every mod con, the whole of the floor was taken up with sheets of news papers, two big litter trays and a sack full of [...] .
[5262] The only job I didn't [...] thank god I'm not [...] three of them.
[5263] [...] in and out all day [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5264] Can't they use the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5265] so many trees and woods and things.
Keith (PS0CH) [5266] Yes ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5267] One of them a bit off colour or [...] , you know, hadn't been trained.
Keith (PS0CH) [5268] Is Debbie not coming up [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5269] No, no, I said to Richard is, is, Debbie not feeling well enough to come here, no I took her for a little ride round the [...] .
[5270] The devil lane's have all got those [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5271] Yes, yes, they have haven't they?, yes.
[5272] Oh dear, pity isn't it [...] ... [door bell - dog barking]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5273] Lady [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5274] Come on Rocky ... come on [...] come on
Dinda (PS0CJ) [5275] Sorry.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5276] That's alright, that's ok were in the garden
Dinda (PS0CJ) [5277] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5278] [...] , you heard didn't you, you heard that, you didn't hear as much as mum, your mother did, but they do, they erm, they do sense the things, we, we get quite [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5279] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5280] We, we erm, we get [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5281] Almost the same colour when you first [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5282] Yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5283] You haven't got a [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5284] No I haven't, I go slower I do ha, ha.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5285] You think [...] , you don't [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5286] [...] .
[5287] Well I mean it's,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5288] Everybody's got to try.
Keith (PS0CH) [5289] Well there's a even safer way that those on the [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5290] Yeah, yeah, cos our, our [...] be inclined to leave something on the front door step and go. [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5291] [...] it's a sign of
Keith (PS0CH) [5292] Oh yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5293] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5294] You don't want [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5295] Oh I've got a tuna sandwich for lunch.
Keith (PS0CH) [5296] Oh yum, yum, but let's not [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5297] I'm not supposed to be eating very much for lunch so.
Keith (PS0CH) [5298] Oh were having cheese.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5299] And I have got a little desert, [...] . [laugh] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5300] Goody.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5301] Thank you for the whip.
Keith (PS0CH) [5302] For the whip?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5303] The whip.
Keith (PS0CH) [5304] Oh the book.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5305] Thank you dear, lovely.
Keith (PS0CH) [5306] It was very good wasn't it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5307] Yes, yes, he was a poor little sole all the way through wasn't [...] , but, erm, she doesn't sort of tell you much about the good times at the end
Keith (PS0CH) [5308] No.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5309] which was [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5310] Have you?
[5311] Third one .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5312] Try to pass it on to you.
Keith (PS0CH) [5313] [...] I got my first one in the middle of November.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5314] Yes, we, we got one as well right now, he said don't put a date on it because I've got
Keith (PS0CH) [5315] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5316] I said er you might put housewife or you might put market researcher down, he said whatever you like ... so that's that one [...] . [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5317] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5318] I get me pen.
Keith (PS0CH) [5319] You don't want to use the same pen.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5320] No, no, [...] ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5321] I've got a [...] here.

34 (Tape 014406)

Unknown speaker (KC9PSUNK) [5322] Oh that's no trouble she said [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5323] Yeah.
[5324] I'm stuck on that town, I've done it all but for that rotten town.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5325] [...] I think, I don't think it's [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5326] Oh you haven't done it either.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5327] I have done it.
Keith (PS0CH) [5328] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5329] I've done it and I've sent it off ... No
Keith (PS0CH) [5330] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5331] It's the lens isn't it?
[5332] The tow , it's the, the town is, do you want me to tell you?
Keith (PS0CH) [5333] Yes, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5334] It's [...] .
[5335] And the town it's, oh yes, e, y, e, is the town.
Keith (PS0CH) [5336] Yes, and [...] what ever you, whatever they say, catch is it?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5337] [...] .
[5338] Actually I looked up [...] in all my reference books .
Keith (PS0CH) [5339] [...] is a fisher [...] it's the only one I know, I mean I know a few .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5340] If I'd tried [...] I'd of said yes .
[5341] I [...] , [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5342] Yes, that's right , yes last week there was a word and it wasn't in my dictionary and I never got round to looking at anything else, trying to find it and [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5343] I think that's why, I think [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5344] Mm, I couldn't find it in my, in my, in my dictionary so I didn't send it off last week.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5345] I didn't either I must of [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5346] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5347] Don't know why it [...] in there ... Oh another
Keith (PS0CH) [5348] I [...] put it inside cos I looked in [...] I looked up in the atlas and there is a town called [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5349] I remember the town of Ayr.
Keith (PS0CH) [5350] Oh do you, where
Ginny (PS0CG) [5351] Yes .
Keith (PS0CH) [5352] is that?
[5353] Where is it ... is it in the Midlands somewhere?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5354] ... I remember [...] somewhere, you don't hear of them.
Keith (PS0CH) [5355] No, I didn't, I didn't, no I thought well if, if there's a [...] there is a place [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5356] I did it so quickly, all the rest, I thought with The Times crossword, I'm, I whooping through this like mad.
Keith (PS0CH) [5357] Yes, but there's always one isn't there.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5358] And I sat and last week it was something down here.
Keith (PS0CH) [5359] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5360] Have you finished yours now?
Keith (PS0CH) [5361] Yeah.
[5362] [...] . Oh I think to my self [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5363] Oh you never know you might win that [...] , I only want to win it cos [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5364] [...] doubt very much whether [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5365] John or Bob? ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5366] Oh were getting John for lunch on Sunday [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5367] [laugh] .
[5368] [...] . That's something isn't it?
Keith (PS0CH) [5369] Well it is something, because he's [...] obviously you know, the mother
Ginny (PS0CG) [5370] He's [...] then .
Keith (PS0CH) [5371] with the little children that he went with last year died during the year [...] she was a West Indian or something [...] two lovely little children gone somewhere else to live with their aunt, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5372] He's funny isn't he, he's no interest in settling having a family of his own.
Keith (PS0CH) [5373] He can't find anybody, [...] , sort of girl that he wants to marry [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5374] [...] the, the fellow who's her favourite at work, she said he's a, a lovely fellow, he solves everybody's problems, anybody who's got a problem with work or family or anything always asks to see Phil, he's gay.
Keith (PS0CH) [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5375] [...] [dog barking] [...] and the other chap that brought it round was very nice and we were talking and she said we worked at Panasonic and I said to him [...] said yes, and I, I said oh I know somebody who works for Panasonic, [...] and she said oh they probably know each other and she told me [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5376] It's ever such a big place it's huge .
Keith (PS0CH) [5377] I know, [laugh] , I know, we, we, drove passed it, but I mean it was, it was sort of quite erm, coincidence,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5378] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [5379] and er
Ginny (PS0CG) [5380] Strange.
Keith (PS0CH) [5381] she didn't tell me his [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5382] He's a very nice man.
Keith (PS0CH) [5383] He wasn't even, he was a lovely chap the one that walk round, he's quite round.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5384] I said to Dinda well there's no reason why you shouldn't go out for a drink with him or
Keith (PS0CH) [5385] No,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5386] or a disco or something.
Keith (PS0CH) [5387] no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5388] Erm ... she said well perhaps his boy friend wouldn't like it.
Keith (PS0CH) [5389] No [laugh] . [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5390] Oh [...] .
[5391] See that's what you usually get in these things, thing to send them back if they're not suitable
Keith (PS0CH) [5392] Yes that's right [...] if you don't want them , yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5393] Shelve dividers, that's what he'll want .
Keith (PS0CH) [5394] Oh you got some shelve dividers
Ginny (PS0CG) [5395] Yes, keep his socks out of Dinda's knickers.
Keith (PS0CH) [5396] [laugh] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5397] I used to have a piece of cardboard up there ... shelve dividers sounded like a good idea.
Keith (PS0CH) [5398] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5399] It wasn't, it wasn't bad either because they're only four ninety nine
Keith (PS0CH) [5400] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5401] one set, I think there's four in a set.
Keith (PS0CH) [5402] Is that [...] ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5403] Curiosity
Keith (PS0CH) [5404] Oh is that [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5405] [clears throat] curiosity shop, looking like [...] big letters at the top
Keith (PS0CH) [5406] Mm, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5407] [...] but that, that is [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5408] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5409] [...] I said for heaven sake girls, not only trying to cut down on the expensive [...] just because obviously [...] trying to start up on their own.
Keith (PS0CH) [5410] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5411] [...] and erm, Debbie and Richard with a prospect of another [...] family on the way, as it, every year we say we'll cut down and every year it seems to get out of hand
Keith (PS0CH) [5412] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5413] and I said the other thing to cut down on, I know it's a beautiful around the tree to have all these fantastic wrapping papers and
Keith (PS0CH) [5414] Yes ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5415] bows and ribbons and, and
Keith (PS0CH) [5416] Mm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5417] erm the crisped coloured
Keith (PS0CH) [5418] yeah, yeah
Ginny (PS0CG) [5419] ribbons and things
Keith (PS0CH) [5420] it does, but there you are.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5421] Oh but it's they go straight into a the bin
Keith (PS0CH) [5422] Yes, that's right.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5423] to be burned or, I don't mind so much if it's recycled I think why don't we all agree to use recycled paper
Keith (PS0CH) [5424] Yes.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5425] this year, at least were saving some of the trees then.
Keith (PS0CH) [5426] Yeah, I, I bought [...] generally [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5427] Oh what a good idea.
Keith (PS0CH) [5428] [...] loads of it.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5429] [...] I've got a load of it.
Keith (PS0CH) [5430] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5431] Got a load of it, still upstairs from last year, [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5432] Mm, well it always, I mean it's the sort of thing keep [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5433] Well usually I don't buy enough, so then I go out and buy another package of it ,
Keith (PS0CH) [5434] Mm ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5435] and that is too much.
Keith (PS0CH) [5436] mm, and I've sort of.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5437] [...] so have I.
Keith (PS0CH) [5438] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5439] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5440] Give it to [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5441] Yes ... [...] ... [...] I've done it, I've ordered, ordered it from Katie , bunch of spring flowers, I know she loves flowers, and, and it'll, it'll give some [...] ... not very big are they?
Keith (PS0CH) [5442] What's that?
[5443] Your drawer dividers.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5444] Mm, shelve divider, slide that on the bottom of the shelve.
Keith (PS0CH) [5445] Oh I see.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5446] It could do with being that long for my airing cupboard.
Keith (PS0CH) [5447] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5448] [...] and the towels don't [...] shall keep bath towels on the right and
Keith (PS0CH) [5449] Yes ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5450] [...] on the left.
Keith (PS0CH) [5451] [...] isn't it? [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5452] But this, Dinda's underwear is so flimsy, bras, and pants and ankle socks and nylon, then [...] , minuet space for [...] airing off my bras, usually tuck them behind the pipes so they don't get mixed up with [...] but Keith's see rummages through the socks and [...] underwear ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5453] That's for the airing cupboard?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5454] Mm.
Keith (PS0CH) [5455] [...] , you can put one with [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5456] Oh of course I could.
Keith (PS0CH) [5457] Yeah, [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5458] Except we've got , we've got, fish net nylon stuff over the bottom because otherwise things kept falling through.
Keith (PS0CH) [5459] Mm, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5460] I used to have tea towels laid across the bottom keep them right [...]
Keith (PS0CH) [5461] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5462] [...] , so he left it all open and I kept finding rolled up socks and of course there's [...] in the bottom of the airing cupboard where the tank is, and to pick them up and give them a shake and put them back again.
Keith (PS0CH) [5463] Ooh that's good.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5464] Mm. [...] [...]
Ginny (PS0CG) [5465] Not nice fat rolls like I usually get, he'll just have to make do with this won't he?
Keith (PS0CH) [5466] Mm ...
Ginny (PS0CG) [5467] That's one of these [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5468] Mm, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5469] It's a good selling [...] postage and packaging,
Keith (PS0CH) [5470] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5471] they still leave you room to put it on the bottom of the thing and I just scrubbed that [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5472] Yeah [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5473] Mind you I think if you sent it without any postage and packaging charges I'm pretty sure that they would er, they would send you the goods because they wouldn't want to loose a good customer.
Keith (PS0CH) [5474] Well, no.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5475] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5476] Yeah, yeah, [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5477] I've got a card holder as well, and I can never find my card holder
Keith (PS0CH) [5478] Oh dear .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5479] when I want it.
Keith (PS0CH) [5480] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5481] Yes, this can go on the wall.
Keith (PS0CH) [5482] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5483] It's rather pretty look, snowman all doing things.
Keith (PS0CH) [5484] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5485] It's a big [...] ...
Keith (PS0CH) [5486] Mm, do it [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5487] [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5488] Oh it's [...] , they are, they are a bit.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5489] Oh and the dust, yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [5490] [...] yeah, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5491] And the dog jumps and wags his tail and then
Keith (PS0CH) [5492] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5493] Christmas cards go flying ... I did take a picture of all my birthday cards,
Keith (PS0CH) [5494] Yes I saw them.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5495] and Debbie's flowers.
Keith (PS0CH) [5496] Mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5497] I don't think much of the packaging paper.
Keith (PS0CH) [5498] Mm, I don't think so.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5499] No ... I really got it for the er card holder.
Keith (PS0CH) [5500] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5501] [...] it's two ninety nine.
Keith (PS0CH) [5502] Oh Christmas [...] grumble about that
Ginny (PS0CG) [5503] Not wrapped packed .
[5504] [...] was it the card holder [...] one pound fifty
Keith (PS0CH) [5505] Yes, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5506] [...] quite a lot there, but it isn't the sort of paper we normally use you see, we normally use that shiny paper.
Keith (PS0CH) [5507] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5508] Yeah.
Keith (PS0CH) [5509] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5510] Oh it does hurt me to see how much the girls have spent on Christmas wrapping paper
Keith (PS0CH) [5511] Yeah, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5512] and it's all crumpled up shoved into an empty box or an empty bag
Keith (PS0CH) [5513] [...] we go round and collect the little bows and [...] ,
Ginny (PS0CG) [5514] oh yes, keep it as a birthday present, yes, yes,.
Keith (PS0CH) [5515] keep it, keep it, glue them back on again can't you?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5516] Oh I can't bear to throw those sticky bows away, when they're not, they're not
Keith (PS0CH) [5517] Beautiful colours aren't they?
Ginny (PS0CG) [5518] Yes.
Keith (PS0CH) [5519] I, I, if nobody's looking I'll keep the [...] paper because you can always [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5520] I do, I do.
Keith (PS0CH) [5521] Use it on birthdays.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5522] Use it on the boxes with labels as well, oh it's not bad, it's not bad, have got a shiny finish.
Keith (PS0CH) [5523] Oh it has, oh it's nice [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5524] If you get it too cheap
Keith (PS0CH) [5525] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5526] and you're packing a book the corners will come through.
Keith (PS0CH) [5527] That's right, yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5528] Oh that's not bad at all.
Keith (PS0CH) [5529] Yeah.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5530] [...] ... oh that's pretty.
Keith (PS0CH) [5531] Mm, that's lovely, what about this bit?.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5532] I think they're pheasants
Keith (PS0CH) [5533] Oh, oh.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5534] tail feathers
Keith (PS0CH) [5535] [...] peacocks.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5536] peacocks.
Keith (PS0CH) [5537] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5538] Great big [...] .
Keith (PS0CH) [5539] [...] .
Ginny (PS0CG) [5540] Hippopotamus.
Keith (PS0CH) [5541] Mm, mm.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5542] [...] .
[5543] [...] paint brushes.
Keith (PS0CH) [5544] [...] you might have a grand child to ... wrap up something for.
Ginny (PS0CG) [5545] Yes,
Keith (PS0CH)