22 conversations recorded by `Gordon' (PS0DL) between 10 and 13 January 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 3033 s-units, 21431 words (duration not recorded).

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 24

PS0DL Ag2 m (Gordon, age 32, unemployed, Welsh, )
PS0DM Ag2 f (Debbie, age 29, housewife, Welsh, ) wife
PS0DN Ag2 f (Hayley, age 29, housewife, Welsh, ) cousin
PS0DP Ag2 f (Lyn, age 32, housewife, Welsh, ) friend
PS0DR Ag4 m (Tom, age 56, factory worker, Welsh, ) friend
PS0DT Ag0 m (Sean, age 6, student (state primary), Welsh, ) son
PS0DU Ag0 f (Kirsty, age 3, student (state pre), Welsh, ) daughter
KCAPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCAPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

22 recordings

  1. Tape 054101 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  2. Tape 054102 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: watching television
  3. Tape 054103 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: talking with children while husband tries on clothes
  4. Tape 054104 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: talking with children
  5. Tape 054105 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( mother-in-law's house ) Activity: visiting
  6. Tape 054106 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( mother-in-law's house ) Activity: visiting
  7. Tape 054107 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( in pub ) Activity: with friends
  8. Tape 054108 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( in pub ) Activity: with friends
  9. Tape 054109 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( in pub ) Activity: with friends
  10. Tape 054110 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: talking with children
  11. Tape 054111 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( at home ) Activity: talking with children while husband tries on clothes
  12. Tape 054112 recorded on 1992-01-11. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( in pub ) Activity: with friends
  13. Tape 054201 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Home ) Activity: Watching television
  14. Tape 054202 recorded on 1992-01-10. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 054203 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' house ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 054204 recorded on 1992-01-12. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' house ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 054205 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' house ) Activity: Eating dinner
  18. Tape 054206 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' house ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 054207 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' house ) Activity: Wallpapering and painting
  20. Tape 054208 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' home ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 054209 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' home ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 054210 recorded on 1992-01-13. LocationMid Glamorgan: Llanbradach ( Dawns' home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 054101)

Lyn (PS0DP) [1] Apart from that they could've sat on a wall and done exactly the same thing, she was [...] [laughing] in the street.
[2] She was going ment [] she's mental. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [3] When you moving then? ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [4] Not till [...] week.
[5] First week [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [6] [laugh] [laughing] Yeah [] ... well no I just wanna, it's, it's not [...] is it, I mean
Debbie (PS0DM) [7] Well is it all decorated in there now or
Hayley (PS0DN) [8] No it's all done in there but it's just gotta be decorated and like [...] clean and
Gordon (PS0DL) [9] [...] extension or kitchen or ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [10] I've never seen, do you know the bathroom, right?
[11] ... Well it's the tiniest toilet I've ever seen in my life.
[12] It's no it's not a, it's not a normal like, it's not a
Debbie (PS0DM) [13] I don't think I've ever seen the bathroom there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [14] an average size er well ... it was all there right and it was all tiled right, very plain, yellow and black wasn't it?
[15] I couldn't handle it, I thought no he's gonna make me
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [16] make do with this I thought, and then he's [...] and I did didn't I? [...] he'd gone along and [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [17] Well what is the what colour's the toilet [...] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [18] It's just a white like normal, like a normal ... like if it was a council house. [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [19] Yeah but it's old fashioned bathroom suite isn't it?
Hayley (PS0DN) [20] Yes but, yeah but it's a little little toilet, he won't get his arse on there [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [21] I could just about get mine on it.
[22] And the bath [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [23] It's real old fashioned cos you know the flush, when you pull a flush ... water comes up about that far from the top.
Hayley (PS0DN) [24] Yeah you've got there's some [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [25] If you had a shit in it your arse was nearly in the water like.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [26] Serious.
Hayley (PS0DN) [27] It's a little tiny toilet.
Lyn (PS0DP) [28] It's a bidet as well then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [29] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [30] It's a bidet as well.
Hayley (PS0DN) [31] Yeah, posh.
[32] ... I dunno I'm not having that.
[33] ... I want one of those corner ones anyway. ... [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [34] Is it a big bathroom then, or?
Hayley (PS0DN) [35] No.
Gordon (PS0DL) [36] It will be once the place, cos that's where the extension's going, right across there.
Lyn (PS0DP) [37] Mine's tiny my bathroom is.
Debbie (PS0DM) [38] I've got a small bathroom [...] small
Lyn (PS0DP) [39] You've got the toilet, sink and the bath.
Hayley (PS0DN) [40] You don't really need a big bathroom do you?
Lyn (PS0DP) [41] Oh I dunno, if you see a big bathroom it's nice.
Gordon (PS0DL) [42] It's nice to have a big bathroom [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [43] It is lovely, oh it would be nice.
Lyn (PS0DP) [44] Yeah.
[45] It is if you see it.
Hayley (PS0DN) [46] It's lovely like to have plenty of cupboard space for all your towels and all that.
Lyn (PS0DP) [47] Like in mine I've got a cur er a wicker unit thing that I stack towels on and whatever right?
[48] But you've got that, the toilet and the bath and that's it [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [49] That's me Lyn mine's exactly the same.
Lyn (PS0DP) [50] You just cannot get nothing else
Hayley (PS0DN) [51] Mm
Lyn (PS0DP) [52] in there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [53] Well most of them are aren't they?
Lyn (PS0DP) [54] And
Hayley (PS0DN) [55] They're basic.
[56] Gonna have a shower, most of them have a bath ... and that's it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [57] in our house if one of you's in the bathroom [...] in the bath like if Russell's in the bath I go and sit on the toilet and talk to him and the dog's in there as well ... and you can't move.
Hayley (PS0DN) [58] No well that's like we are, Gordon's in the shower, I'm on the toilet, the kids are both in the bloody sh in the bathroom with us.
[59] You can't go nowhere man.
Lyn (PS0DP) [60] No I know.
[61] We er well I mean there's only the two of us [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [62] Don't do that!
Hayley (PS0DN) [63] Not fair is it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [64] No it isn't. [laugh] ... [cough]
Gordon (PS0DL) [65] Well I
Hayley (PS0DN) [66] He do wait now until he gets up
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [67] and he gets in the bed.
Gordon (PS0DL) [68] Who?
Hayley (PS0DN) [69] Sean doesn't he? ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [70] And I've never seen a photograph, you a little boy.
Hayley (PS0DN) [71] Oh no?
Debbie (PS0DM) [72] No!
Gordon (PS0DL) [73] Well just look at Hayley
Debbie (PS0DM) [74] Who's he look like [...] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [75] just look at Hayley.
Hayley (PS0DN) [76] He's not, he's ... I can't, he's, I don't think he's like me.
[77] He ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [78] He is [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [79] Oh expressions he got of mine
Lyn (PS0DP) [...] ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [80] Oh
Gordon (PS0DL) [81] He's wild.
Hayley (PS0DN) [82] he's ... [sigh] he's hard, he's had me crying, he's [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [83] And I have smacked him really hard when he'd nearly had me crying right? ... [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [84] Don't hurt.
Lyn (PS0DP) [85] Well
Hayley (PS0DN) [86] He don't.
[87] Sometimes he does but y
Lyn (PS0DP) [88] [...] get on well.
Hayley (PS0DN) [89] bu but he's ... he's erm active, [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [90] He's like you Hayley he is.
Hayley (PS0DN) [91] Oh he's exactly like me.
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [92] Steve, I always said to Steven if we have a kid I said I hope it looks like me I said but I hope it got your temperament ... come out exactly wrong.
[93] He got my eyes, not my colouring but he's fairly blinky isn't he, watching the telly, well I am anyway and ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [94] I love them when they're naughty, I do I love them.
Hayley (PS0DN) [95] [laugh] Oh he's a bastard!
Lyn (PS0DP) [96] I do, I love them, except my nephew he's ruined right and he's been, all this week he's [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [97] Oh it's my fault he's like he is.
Lyn (PS0DP) [98] and he wasn't gonna go football tomorrow but he's gotta go cos if he don't go he's letting the team go because ... things he was saying to my mother last week, well you wouldn't believe it.
[99] Honest to God when he comes out with it ... he's disgusting.
Gordon (PS0DL) [100] With Sean now like what he do, he says [...] [whispering] fuck [] and he goes [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [101] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [102] And he will say erm ... he won't say ... he comes up and he says ... you're nothing but a ba stard ... and I say, what!
[103] He says ba he says I didn't say it, says I didn't say the word ... and then he sa he calls my niece he'll say to her, he ... she's getting boobs now like, she's twelve, and he goes
Hayley (PS0DN) [104] Ah!
[105] It's it's horrible at that age, innit?
Lyn (PS0DP) [106] let's grab your tits, [...] right yeah
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [107] and he really
Hayley (PS0DN) [108] Ah!
Lyn (PS0DP) [109] takes the mick out of her and I started him
Hayley (PS0DN) [110] I bet she's ever so embarrassed.
Lyn (PS0DP) [111] Yeah.
[112] I started it cos I started teasing her cos she's big chested for her age, right, she's gonna follow my sister cos my sister's got big boobs ... and I started, but of course he just carries it on and on and on now.
Hayley (PS0DN) [113] Well I dunno who I followed.
Lyn (PS0DP) [114] He goes and on and on and on about it now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [115] I dunno where I got it from, it's from erm
Lyn (PS0DP) [116] Look at her mam, she's got a bra on ain't she, and he's oh!
Hayley (PS0DN) [117] the ol the sisters innit?
[118] ... It's gotta be.
Gordon (PS0DL) [119] What was it like in [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [120] Pill pill is that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [121] Oh I said [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [122] [laughing] She [...] you bastard [] .
Hayley (PS0DN) [123] I said ... I said oh I said I can't wait to lose this guts and those two were sitting there while I dressed and I said oh my guts and oh how I hate them, I said but if I lost them ... I mean
Lyn (PS0DP) [124] Your boobs would look too big.
Hayley (PS0DN) [125] Oh God they'd look macha I'd have to strap them under my arms!
Debbie (PS0DM) [126] No but the trouble is when I go on a diet the first place I
Lyn (PS0DP) [127] I don't lost it off my boobs.
Debbie (PS0DM) [128] lost it is my boobs.
Lyn (PS0DP) [129] I haven't got big boobs though.
Hayley (PS0DN) [130] Oh in saying that, yeah when I when I had the baby
Debbie (PS0DM) [131] The first place I lose it is my bust.
Hayley (PS0DN) [132] I lost about four inches
Debbie (PS0DM) [133] And I can't afford to lose it there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [134] so that wasn't so bad.
Lyn (PS0DP) [135] I haven't got a very big bust, I haven't got a small bust but I haven't got an ultra big bust.
Hayley (PS0DN) [136] Oh I hate them I do.
Lyn (PS0DP) [137] I think if I had a bigger bust my guts wouldn't look so big.
Hayley (PS0DN) [138] First thing a man looks at doesn't he?
[139] He doesn't look at your face they're like that looking at her, well I hate that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [140] You should see this piece that co this, this girl that comes into [...] the long black hair ... she goes, she got like [...] and she's [...] ... she's small right, and s really skinny and she got massive [...] like that
Debbie (PS0DM) [laughing] [...] []
Gordon (PS0DL) [141] and they all take the piss out of her
Hayley (PS0DN) [142] Ah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [143] she always goes out the pub crying.
Lyn (PS0DP) [144] Well Russell was saying in work like right
Debbie (PS0DM) [145] Oh that's terrible [...] innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [146] Ah yeah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [147] They're massive though, they're really huge [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [148] But there again if she's trying her
Lyn (PS0DP) [149] they've got a girl that works there right and her name her name is Linda and they run this big machine and it's really long ... and he said if she's at the top machine he can't see down the other end of the machine cos her boobs are in the way and he's got [laughing] I said you don't ask her can sh [] he said yeah well he said [laughing] I've gotta ask her [] can she move out the way, he said if she sits on the table her boobs are resting on the table, I said oh [...] I'd crack up.
[150] He said me and the boys we're standing all day watching her when she's bending down putting box [laughing] in a sack []
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [151] Dirty c cows.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [152] [...] though haven't you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [153] Dirty bastards men are.
[154] ... Aye I suppose you have gotta look.
Lyn (PS0DP) [155] As long as you don't touch I suppose.
Hayley (PS0DN) [156] It's horrible window shopping innit?
Lyn (PS0DP) [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [157] Gordon says it's not natural if you don't erm ... if you don't look.
Lyn (PS0DP) [158] Oh I get, I get [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [159] As long as he don't touch.
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [160] Oh I don't know.
Debbie (PS0DM) [161] Well come off it Hayley, if there was a man now bloody sitting there with his bloody
Lyn (PS0DP) [162] With a massive knob down to his leg [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [163] one ball hanging out like [laughing] like I mean you couldn't help looking at it all the time [] [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [164] Oh no it wouldn't turn me on if their bollocks were hanging out [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [165] No it wouldn't turn me on [...] but you couldn't help looking could you?
Lyn (PS0DP) [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [166] Now be honest.
Hayley (PS0DN) [167] No but it wouldn't turn me on.
Debbie (PS0DM) [168] No it wouldn't turn me on
Lyn (PS0DP) [169] Well I tell you what I went to see have you seen the Chippendales?
Hayley (PS0DN) [170] Bollocks doesn't turn me on.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [171] I went to see the Chippendales ... well I've never seen anything like it in my life.
Hayley (PS0DN) [172] Oh a big dick, aye.
Lyn (PS0DP) [173] They didn't have big dicks.
Hayley (PS0DN) [174] [laugh] [laughing] No [...] [] crossed conversation going on by here.
Lyn (PS0DP) [175] Well I went to see the Chippendales right and I've never seen there's seventeen
Debbie (PS0DM) [176] Oh I don't call them men I don't.
Lyn (PS0DP) [177] No but they were a on ... no they're not really but they were absolutely
Debbie (PS0DM) [178] They're not men, rubbish.
Lyn (PS0DP) [179] gorgeous.
[180] I've never seen seventeen [...] lovely men in all my life.
Hayley (PS0DN) [181] Oh aye.
Debbie (PS0DM) [182] Where was that?
Lyn (PS0DP) [183] We went to [...] to see them.
[184] A gang of us went from the [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [185] Yeah but I mean they can afford to, it's just like women or
Lyn (PS0DP) [186] It was crazy.
Hayley (PS0DN) [187] they spend most of their time don't they, I mean
Lyn (PS0DP) [188] It was wild.
Hayley (PS0DN) [189] treating their skin and their hair and they ... they're on show, they've gotta be [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [190] Well what a [...] bloody er
Lyn (PS0DP) [191] [...] the Officer and the Gentleman, they all come out in these white suits, and I mean they're handsome right?
[192] ... And they had white, the whole lot like, and they stripped off right down to a white G-string, then they turned all the lights off and dropped them and by the time they'd put the lights black on, back on, I can't speak now, they'd had, they had a black one on so they, what they must have had, they ... well they do, they have loads of them on, they just peel them off like one after another ... never actually see them naked.
[193] I'd love to have a look mind cos I bet they're all, you know, small.
Hayley (PS0DN) [194] Oh I bet they are.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [195] Yeah but it's not the size it's what they can do with it innit?
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [196] Well one of them, there's a bed on the stage right?
[197] This is all being taped now but it
Hayley (PS0DN) [198] [...] , no Deb I couldn't handle a little skingy one.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [199] Oh no!
Lyn (PS0DP) [200] They had a bed on the stage and they had red satin sheets on it
Debbie (PS0DM) [201] Couldn't [...] with one.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [202] and what he'd done to this pillow was no one 's business.
[203] I'd've loved to have been that pillow, I really would er ... things he was doing to this pillow it was
Debbie (PS0DM) [204] Did it turn you on then?
[205] When you was watching it like?
Lyn (PS0DP) [206] Oh well I was l oh yeah he was you couldn't
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [207] cos he was handsome, you couldn't, you couldn't just ... you know ... he was wild he was.
Hayley (PS0DN) [208] Things like that don't turn me on see.
Lyn (PS0DP) [209] Well I'd never seen them, I don't say it turned you on but it made you
Hayley (PS0DN) [210] I don't like handsome, handsome
Lyn (PS0DP) [211] I mean it
Hayley (PS0DN) [212] pretty men I don't.
[213] ... Tt I don't.
[214] I don't like
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [215] Well they all look bloody fairies.
Hayley (PS0DN) [216] I don't like men that [...] handsome then that they think ... this sounds awful bigheaded, they are prettier than me.
Gordon (PS0DL) [217] They love themselves.
Lyn (PS0DP) [218] Oh yeah I know what you mean
Hayley (PS0DN) [219] Do you know what I mean?
[220] I've been out with, I've been out with loads
Lyn (PS0DP) [221] but I, they're nowhere like that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [222] right, and I mean ... they, they're talking to you right and all the time they're like this themselves like.
[223] Oh I fucking [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [224] I tell you what do you know a boy from [...] called Dan ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [225] [laugh] Yes.
Lyn (PS0DP) [226] Well I went out with him once, right, and I fucking hate him ... cos he always thought he was so lovely that no woman was good enough for him.
Hayley (PS0DN) [227] Mm.
Lyn (PS0DP) [228] Went to that party last week, to that tt remember I said to you know that guy in that farm, Richard? [...] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [229] Oh [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [230] Do you know him then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [231] Well I don't know him but [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [232] He's a right pillock.
Gordon (PS0DL) [233] used to have all them er barn dances every [...] .
Lyn (PS0DP) [234] Yeah well i it's a brand new spanking house right.
Gordon (PS0DL) [235] He's got a big well it's a brand new farm [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [236] What's it like?
Gordon (PS0DL) [237] Do what?
Lyn (PS0DP) [238] Oh it's fab the house is fabulous
Hayley (PS0DN) [239] Mm
Lyn (PS0DP) [240] really it is.
Gordon (PS0DL) [241] Well he, he bought all them fields didn't he?
[242] Just bought the farm and
Lyn (PS0DP) [243] But he's, yeah but he's a right prick.
[244] ... He is just
Gordon (PS0DL) [245] But I, I don't know him to talk to [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [246] he is just a right prick, right?
[247] I said to Russell I'll go upstairs and have a look at the bedrooms and I've got this thing that if it's a nice house I'd go and have a look at the bedrooms, he said well why?
[248] I said [...] ... So I said to this Richard, I said excuse me I said but your phone's not working downstairs I said have you got one upstairs?
Debbie (PS0DM) [249] You nosy cow!
Lyn (PS0DP) [250] Yeah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [251] He said yeah, he said it's in my bedroom.
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [252] So I'm walking up the stairs and he's walking up behind me, and all I can hear is Russell saying watch yourself cos he had his hands on me [...] watch yourself.
[253] [...] went to have a look in his bedrooms like and I ... they're all done out in pine, every bedroom is done out in pine.
[254] The old thatch you know, the ... well it's not, it's like tongue and groove now innit?
[255] There was one pink, one cream ... one blue and white, and that's four bedrooms, they were absolutely gorgeous bedrooms.
[256] They were lovely.
[257] So I said can I use your phone in that one? [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh] ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [258] But he is a pillock, he's ... I mean she, Catherine right his cous Russell's cousin ... she's really pretty, she's rea she's got a lovely skinny figure, everything ... and he's just a pillock, there's no other word for him.
Hayley (PS0DN) [259] But he got money.
Lyn (PS0DP) [260] Well that's it innit?
[261] You can't blame them can you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [262] No.
Lyn (PS0DP) [263] I don't blame her cos he's loaded. ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [264] Well ... has she grown to love him cos of his money?
Lyn (PS0DP) [265] Well she hasn't got much choice
Hayley (PS0DN) [266] It can be done.
Lyn (PS0DP) [267] has she?
[268] I mean
Hayley (PS0DN) [269] But, yeah, she did have a choice but I mean ... sh you do with people with money.
Lyn (PS0DP) [270] I don't know, I, I ... Yeah I suppose so.
Hayley (PS0DN) [271] You do, they gr they you see them in a different light.
Lyn (PS0DP) [272] Well her mother was saying, they got engaged and, you know, there was drinks [...] and her mother was saying oh the wedding's gonna be in February, it's gonna be a quick wedding and all this ... so I was talking to her, I said Cath I said when are you are getting married then?
[273] She said I, she said I'm not getting married.
[274] So I think her mother's gonna be in for a bit of a shock because they all think that they're gonna get married so quick, I think she just wanted to get that ring on her finger so she can reap the ackers ... and I think she's gonna do a runner.
[275] ... Which I don't blame her there again, if he's stupid enough to ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [276] If he can't see it, aye.
[277] ... I mean a lot of people [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [278] He had a helicopter in the garden an'all.
[279] ... I said to Russell I'd love to go in that helicopter he said Lyn you're pissed.
[280] [laughing] I said I don't care I'd still go up in it []
Hayley (PS0DN) [281] Oh.
Lyn (PS0DP) [282] I would, I'd
Debbie (PS0DM) [283] [...] helicopter was it?
Lyn (PS0DP) [284] Well I take it it must have been, yeah, there was a helicopter in the garden ... and somebody said he'd flown friends in ... in the afternoon, so I don't know.
Debbie (PS0DM) [285] God!
Gordon (PS0DL) [286] Rich bastard. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [287] But I says how can they make money now, how can they make money out of that?
[288] Where's he making it, he must have had money ... he didn't just buy those fields and make money and have a big house like that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [289] [...] he just bought that field and that, that farm, all, all the barns were there to start with.
Lyn (PS0DP) [290] [cough] It was an old house there and that's what she said, it was derelict, they knocked it down and rebuilt the new one.
[291] ... But it was an, a really old decrepit house there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [292] So what work does he do?
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [293] He's a farmer.
Debbie (PS0DM) [294] But how can he make money like that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [295] Cos they get money off the government don't they, farmers?
[296] Because like [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [297] Oh they should
Debbie (PS0DM) [298] [...] there must have been some money there first.
Lyn (PS0DP) [299] Yeah there had to be, yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [300] [...] a farmer a fa how the farmer makes his money, it's all like people going to university and how they get grants ... well farmers get grants [...] grants [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [301] Ah well I worked for one didn't I in [...] Farm
Gordon (PS0DL) [302] [...] money like.
Debbie (PS0DM) [303] and they knocked the old farmhouse, they had a house and the farmhouse, they had a farmhouse you know and [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [304] [...] farm [...] , Chris his name is, Chris and Liz ... Elizabeth her name is, she's having a baby ... she's having a baby now, her baby's due in er
Debbie (PS0DM) [305] Oh no I worked for another one but her name's not Liz it's Alison, but I don't like working for her and that's why I've stopped, I said to Sandra I'm not fucking scrubbing for somebody younger than me.
Lyn (PS0DP) [306] No I don't blame you I wouldn't either
Debbie (PS0DM) [307] I'm not doing it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [308] no I wouldn't.
Debbie (PS0DM) [309] Sorry.
[310] ... Cos er San Sandra agreed in the end she said oh ... I said you can do it on your own, you can have the nine quid if you like ... yourself I said but I'm not coming with you ... I said for three hours working for somebody who's twenty five. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [311] Well Liz is younger than me, Liz is only twenty one ... I mean
Debbie (PS0DM) [312] Yeah and she doesn't do any ironing, nothing.
Lyn (PS0DP) [313] No she, she doesn't do a thing I mean to cook a Sunday dinner she doesn't know what it is.
Debbie (PS0DM) [314] I don't mind if they're older and like they've got a profession and all that but I mean
Lyn (PS0DP) [315] Yeah that's it, I mean it's
Gordon (PS0DL) [316] That's just fucking lazy.
Lyn (PS0DP) [317] Russell's two cousins I don't know, I don't know if you know him
Debbie (PS0DM) [318] It's just mm yeah it is and that's what I don't like.
Lyn (PS0DP) [319] erm her father, Russell's cousin's
Debbie (PS0DM) [320] I'm not lazy.
Lyn (PS0DP) [321] father always had a shop on the [...] , Mervyn his name was, it was like a grocery shop
Debbie (PS0DM) [322] Oh yeah
Lyn (PS0DP) [323] Yeah well
Debbie (PS0DM) [324] yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [325] Mervyn and Georgina, well it's Alice the er mother and I mean they had two stunning looking girls right, but they've both married, they're both involved with rich farmers.
[326] Liz married a farmer from [...] ... when they got married, just before they got married it was her birthday and he bought her a Porsche.
[327] Well I mean
Gordon (PS0DL) [328] One of them must have been [...] , loads of make-up?
Lyn (PS0DP) [329] Yeah!
[330] That's it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [331] And the one, the one lives in er ... [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [332] Yeah that's it, [...] got a daughter.
[333] She doesn't, well that's the one who's just [...] married now to that guy Richard with that big farm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [334] It's not the one that comes
Lyn (PS0DP) [335] They are tarts, they are I'm not being horrible
Gordon (PS0DL) [336] it's not the one who drives
Lyn (PS0DP) [337] but they are.
Debbie (PS0DM) [338] Mm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [339] you know the one who drives that ... Porsche
Lyn (PS0DP) [340] Porsche yes?
Gordon (PS0DL) [341] used to go with [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [342] .
[343] No, no that's her sister.
Gordon (PS0DL) [344] That's her sister is it?
Lyn (PS0DP) [345] That's her sister, yeah.
[346] Well I went to school with Barry and when ... we all went to a party over [...] and [...] was there, [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [347] What school did you go? [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [348] The [...] Gwindy
Debbie (PS0DM) [349] You didn't go there?
Lyn (PS0DP) [350] Yeah I went to Gwindy I did, yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [351] Yeah well I was only in Gwindy for three years, then I went to Lewis Girls because I lived this end of [...] I had to go to [...] ... I loved Gwindy school.
Debbie (PS0DM) [352] And Gordon was in Gwindy school weren't you?
Lyn (PS0DP) [353] Yeah I loved Gwindy school I did.
[354] I hated it when I had to leave there [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [355] [...] school [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [356] But you, so you know them then?
[357] You know the girl well you know th you know Catherine then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [358] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [359] The one who used to go out with Barry .
Gordon (PS0DL) [360] They just, they were always [...] make-up you know?
[361] Have you seen them with their make-up off?
[362] Grrr rough they [laughing] are dogs [] .
Lyn (PS0DP) [363] [laughing] Well I haven't seen them with make-up off [] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [364] Real dogs.
[365] ... Cos ... we er ... did a job for [...] once, [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [366] But that must be awful [...] I al I've always thought for a, a woman who wears ... really loads of make-up
Lyn (PS0DP) [367] Well [clears throat]
Hayley (PS0DN) [368] and then they sleep with a fella right, honestly
Lyn (PS0DP) [369] And they wake up and it's terrible.
Hayley (PS0DN) [370] Well I mean that fella must
Lyn (PS0DP) [371] And they
Hayley (PS0DN) [372] look around and think ... tt oh God.
Lyn (PS0DP) [373] Liz the one who's married to the farmer from [...] right?
[374] The night before she got married we went over the house to take all her presents over
Gordon (PS0DL)
Lyn (PS0DP) [375] Mm?
Gordon (PS0DL) [376] Chris , is that his name?
Lyn (PS0DP) [377] He's er like a landscape gardener.
[378] ... He's got a big farm in [...] but he's like a land but Barry is a landscape
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [379] gardener as well isn't he?
Gordon (PS0DL) [380] [...] a coalman, a landscape gardener you name it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [381] [laughing] Yeah he does anything doesn't he?
[382] Yeah.
[383] But erm I went to see Liz the night before she got married and actually she had no make-up on right but she looked prettier without it, like Catherine
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [384] I should imagine Catherine does look a right tart.
Hayley (PS0DN) [385] That's nice.
Debbie (PS0DM) [386] I got it from my mother for Christmas.
Hayley (PS0DN) [387] It's nice.
Lyn (PS0DP) [388] But Elizabeth's not, Elizabeth is quite a nice person
Debbie (PS0DM) [389] And a necklace and earrings and
Lyn (PS0DP) [390] but Catherine is the one who's really tarty.
[391] That's the one who's just got engaged to this guy who's got the big
Gordon (PS0DL) [392] Well that's [...] ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [393] No put those crisps in your pocket.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [394] You going out tomorrow are you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [395] Oh I don't know ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [396] Do you go out on a Saturday now?
Hayley (PS0DN) [397] No I don't do I?
[398] It's not that I t I ... my friend come [...] cos I do have her little boy now ... straight from school, she pays for him to have a taxi from Endrodenny down to my house and I do have him until she finishes work ... and she said oh coming out tomorrow?
[399] I said oh yeah!
[400] ... I mean I wouldn't've minded if she said come up the house like ... and she mentioned Cardiff ... but I've gone so fat I don't wanna go!
Lyn (PS0DP) [401] [yawning] Oh don't be so stupid woman [] .
Hayley (PS0DN) [402] Honestly that's what I think, I just don't wanna
Debbie (PS0DM) [403] You always look smart [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [404] Yes she does.
Hayley (PS0DN) [405] I, yeah but I d I ... no I, I'm fat and I don't wanna go.
[406] And that's how I feel.
[407] Cos then she said oh Sandra are you coming?
[408] ... I thought no there's Alison like that, there's Sandra like that ... I thought oh no.
[409] ... Can't handle it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [410] I've got to find my keys now to get in.
Hayley (PS0DN) [411] I don't know, I'll see how I feel. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [412] [sighing] Oh well [] ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [413] How is Donna getting on anyway these days?
[414] I haven't seen her for bloody ages.
Hayley (PS0DN) [415] Oh she's alright.
Debbie (PS0DM) [416] She courting now?
Hayley (PS0DN) [417] No she wanna bloody leave it alone for a bit, I mean she's a disaster man!
Lyn (PS0DP) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [418] Fucking disaster.
Lyn (PS0DP) [419] [laughing] Why what's she do? ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [420] What don't she do.
Hayley (PS0DN) [421] Ah she's ... Lyn she's er got it all wrong I think, she thinks she wins men's affections like by sleeping with them all.
Lyn (PS0DP) [422] Oh.
Hayley (PS0DN) [423] She's just, that's just pulling their ... mind you I did say to her ... the last straw was Christmas day, can you imagine like, I mean ... me and him didn't have to, I didn't have to stay in and cook dinner, I done it cos she was there ... we'd all be together, she didn't fucking come home.
Lyn (PS0DP) [424] Where'd she go then?
Hayley (PS0DN) [425] Slept with this boy down this place, she woke up she didn't even know where she was.
[426] Well that's, you know come on!
Lyn (PS0DP) [427] Well where was she then?
[428] In some hotel somewhere?
Hayley (PS0DN) [429] No
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [430] in a house in
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [431] she couldn't even remember, she got so pissed up Christmas morning, she missed Christmas dinner ... I said come home and have Christmas dinner [clears throat]
Gordon (PS0DL) [432] We could've gone round my mother's [...] dinner.
Hayley (PS0DN) [433] Yeah. ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [434] But we said oh we'll stay cos Donna'll be on her own [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [435] Yeah.
[436] And you you couldn't go down ... his mother's and leave Donna like can you?
[437] ... She didn't come home anyway.
[438] Mind you I was glad cos I got hell of a temper ... that I kept myself alright cos I was gonna swing for her like.
[439] I don't like Christmas dinner anyway.
[440] And we sat there, it was boring wasn't it?
[441] ... Me, him and the baby like.
Lyn (PS0DP) [442] Yeah but you've gotta do it haven't you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [443] [laugh] I always
Hayley (PS0DN) [444] I hate it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [445] enjoy Christmas dinner I do.
Hayley (PS0DN) [446] Oh I hate it, anyway I, I
Debbie (PS0DM) [447] Oh I love it I do.
Hayley (PS0DN) [448] I hate veg cos, since Donna [...] she said oh just try it, my mother ne never made me eat it like.
[449] I think it's foul.
Debbie (PS0DM) [450] Oh I always enjoy a Christmas dinner me.
Lyn (PS0DP) [451] [yawning] Oh I like sprouts and [...] []
Debbie (PS0DM) [452] Roast parsnips and [...] sprouts.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [453] Brussel sprouts!
[454] Urgh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [455] Well that's why now I'm glad when I'm come on this diet that I can fill his
Lyn (PS0DP) [456] Plate with veg.
Hayley (PS0DN) [457] plate plate with loads of veg can't I?
[458] ... And he do like it so it, it's not so bad then. ... [yawn]
Lyn (PS0DP) [459] But she come home Christmas night then didn't she?
Hayley (PS0DN) [460] No cos we was ... my friend Pat said to me oh she said, cos everyone have always come up to my house Christmas night, I've always had the mess and that, she said oh she said, cos we've got a house now come down to me, I said oh great, I can clean up ... and every Boxing morning it's always been the same [...] hangover, fucking
Lyn (PS0DP) [461] Yeah, yeah it's terrible innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [462] clean up all the shit.
[463] And it was great, we went down there and she, and Donna come you know?
[464] That was great so we went down there didn't we?
[465] ... And er Donna walked in about ... nine-ish wasn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [466] Half past nine [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [467] Something like that.
Lyn (PS0DP) [468] She didn't [...] ?
Hayley (PS0DN) [469] She, no she, cos she'd s ... what, he'd ... done his business ... pel pissed off and left her in this house and she didn't even know.
Lyn (PS0DP) [470] Ooh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [471] Whose house was it?
Hayley (PS0DN) [472] His friend's, but I mean she couldn't even remember nothing about it.
[473] She said she woke up, well this girl woked her up, his sister

2 (Tape 054102)

Debbie (PS0DM) [474] Oh that's terrible innit? [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [475] So I said ... it was in Penrhos ... oh it's a nice place, [...] , I know when she told me and she said
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [476] [...] yeah, and she said erm ... she said they weren't so bad to me she said when I told them who I was living with.
[477] She said I live with Hayley.
[478] ... [...] you live with Hayley do you?
[479] Oh ... and they said oh well you'd better go now
Lyn (PS0DP) [480] She didn't even know who he was then?
[481] She just went and [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [482] Oh she knew the bloke, she'd be she'd been out with him a few times before right, he's, he's not a bad bloke but like I said ... like I said erm ... [...] but he's [...] respect for her [...] ... I said to her
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [483] No, I mean the first
Lyn (PS0DP) [clears throat]
Hayley (PS0DN) [484] the first night sh we run her down to meet him right, me and him, I said oh go on Donna, said he's a nice bloke, he's not ... nice looking in fact he's ... nothing, you know, nice looking at all but he's a nice bloke, he got a, you know, bit of money [laugh] and all that.
[485] I said well ... just tr I said you know it's a couple of nights out and that.
[486] ... Gets up in the morning I sees this pair of red shoes, I thought oh you stupid cow.
[487] Not only that she's bringing them back to my house, you know what I mean?
[488] Not Penrhos like, they're all like that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [489] Yeah but you don't need that anyway do you?
[490] You
Hayley (PS0DN) [491] No.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [492] Well that's it, it's when we moved down to the house [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [cough]
Debbie (PS0DM) [493] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [494] I, I don't wanna chuck her out or nothing.
Lyn (PS0DP) [495] [cough] [...] you can't really see
Hayley (PS0DN) [496] But she's making
Lyn (PS0DP) [497] and they pay rent and it's their own room and she can do what she likes in that own room.
[498] But there again it's your four walls innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [499] Well this is it innit?
[500] ... But I mean I can't say to her like, chuck her out, but I mean she's making no effort to save.
[501] For a start, right, erm ... all her clothes then right ... and I mean loads of them are ones [yawning] they're really [] horrible like but she just hangs them here, I thought well you can't wear them, you know, all horrible, you don't wear them ... fold them, put them away
Gordon (PS0DL) [cough]
Hayley (PS0DN) [502] cos when I ironed all my clothes and they were mach squashed, and like all his clothes [...] ... there's a wardrobe in the wall and a double one a ... and the three of us can hang clothes in there.
[503] Oh [...] and plus she was wearing all mine.
[504] ... You know she's as good as gold and all that but I mean
Lyn (PS0DP) [505] Yeah but
Hayley (PS0DN) [506] it comes to a point sometimes, I mean I even noticed then ... like when they're wearing all your clothes right?
[507] And I don't go out that much, but then she wears them to the garage, to work!
[508] I mean I go off cleaning in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and her er
Lyn (PS0DP) [509] Well you don't wear good clothes to work.
Hayley (PS0DN) [510] No!
Lyn (PS0DP) [511] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [512] But then she start putting my erm blouses on like, cos she probably seen somebody come in nice thinking oh ... dress up tomorrow and then I, in case he comes in ... and I used to think shit that had been in the wardrobe, alright I don't wear them but I mean they're still nice
Lyn (PS0DP) [513] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [514] int they you know?
[515] ... Tt ... [...] and er I mean the
Lyn (PS0DP) [516] I don't think I could handle somebody living with me like that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [517] and the thing is Lyn ... the ... thing that er used to piss me off was ... she used to wear my knickers ... and I can't stand that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [518] I, I hate it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [519] Oh I no I wouldn't like that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [520] Oh I wouldn't like that either.
Hayley (PS0DN) [521] No.
Lyn (PS0DP) [522] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [523] And I hate it, and no matter what I done
Debbie (PS0DM) [524] Oh that's a cheek though, going in your drawer for your knickers.
[525] Hasn't she got any of her own?
Hayley (PS0DN) [526] Ah well well no ... well she had but they're all [...] and horrible.
[527] ... And I mean he'll tell you right
Lyn (PS0DP) [528] So she's going somewhere nice, she'll go in your drawer
Hayley (PS0DN) [529] when I die
Lyn (PS0DP) [530] for a pair of nice
Hayley (PS0DN) [531] pair of kni knickers.
Lyn (PS0DP) [532] nice knickers.
[533] Oh I'd pr I wouldn't have that, I'm sorry.
Debbie (PS0DM) [534] Oh I'd crack her.
Lyn (PS0DP) [535] I wouldn't have that at all.
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [536] And I mean [...] a point when I was with her, right?
[537] I'd always buy like, I always have done, buy two pair of knickers or two pairs of knickers a week, I always have done ... right?
[538] And er she'd say erm tt what do you want all those knickers for?
[539] I'd say well as time goes on you throw old ones out don't you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [540] Out, yeah I do as well.
Lyn (PS0DP) [541] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [542] So I mean in the wash [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [543] You go through your drawer and you sort the old ones out and you think oh right er
Hayley (PS0DN) [544] And she used to say like what you chucking them out for!
[545] ... And I used to say oh they're gone.
[546] Oh I'll have them!
[547] ... And I used to say ooh [...] like, you know, but then ... then I'd think ... I used to see like, I used to say, well I said to you didn't I?
[548] If you get in the bath, I always do it right, take your knickers off ... I wash them, put them on the radiator.
[549] I used to do that, I used to get up in the morning and they were fucking gone, she had them on her fucking arse.
Lyn (PS0DP) [550] Oh never!
Debbie (PS0DM) [551] Oh my God!
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]

3 (Tape 054103)

Debbie (PS0DM) [552] Do you like that colour?
Gordon (PS0DL) [553] It's alright, yeah. ...
Sean (PS0DT) [cough] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [554] Ah I see, [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [555] I'm going mum. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [556] The sides have
Debbie (PS0DM) [557] Good boy.
Gordon (PS0DL) [558] the sides have erm [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [559] Good boy! ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [560] Two pockets. ... [cough] ...
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [561] Well leave it on then for goodness sake. ...
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [562] [...] use a bloody tape up. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [563] Like this it was is it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [564] Yeah.
[565] ... There it is, [...] ... that's a bottom look. ...
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [566] Try that one on then Gordon. ...
Sean (PS0DT) [567] [shouting] [...] [] this now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [568] Yes.
Sean (PS0DT) [569] What do you do on that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [570] Well whatever you see there look, you've gotta copy all the Fs across there, all the Fs is across there, all the T ... then you copy happy ... all along there look
Sean (PS0DT) [571] Mm. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [572] It's learning how to write [...] Sean. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [573] What are you making Kirsty?
[574] ... What are you making Kirst?
Debbie (PS0DM) [cough] ...
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [575] Summer bargains you just ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [576] What do you [...] ? ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [577] [...] aqua.
[578] ... Oh I [...]
Kirsty (PS0DU) [579] I'm making [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [580] And try and tie it inside now like I said, see the tassels inside?
[581] You've gotta pull it up look from the waist ... that's it ... [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [582] Mum I'm slipping.
Debbie (PS0DM) [583] What do you mean you're slipping? ...
Sean (PS0DT) [584] This pen ain't any good, it's slipping.
Debbie (PS0DM) [585] What's slipping?
[586] That rubber part thing? ...
Sean (PS0DT) [587] Well every t I, I ... I ... I can't hold it tidy, it hurts my hand.
Debbie (PS0DM) [588] Well take it off there then, you haven't gotta write with that. ...
Sean (PS0DT) [589] What's it for?
Debbie (PS0DM) [590] Well it's for younger children I suppose, like Kirsty, to learn, to show them how to hold a pencil tidy. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [591] Put it straight up the front then.
Gordon (PS0DL) [592] [...] got a zip [...] . ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [593] Get up! ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [594] Yeah?
Debbie (PS0DM) [595] Nothing wrong with that.
[596] ... I dunno whether I prefer the green, I don't know.
[597] Go and have a look in the mirror upstairs Gordon, you're better off. ...
Kirsty (PS0DU) [598] [shouting] In my room [] .
[599] ... [...] up bed.
Debbie (PS0DM) [600] Yeah. ...

4 (Tape 054104)

Debbie (PS0DM) [601] If you don't want it Kirsty'll have it cos Kirsty wants [...] don't you Kirst?
Sean (PS0DT) [602] Kirsty always wants Kirsty always has something.
Debbie (PS0DM) [603] Well you just said you didn't want it! ...
Sean (PS0DT) [604] I said I do want it but I don't like the game. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [605] Well that's a bit simple Irish Sean, you either want it or you don't want it.
[606] It helps you to r learn to write tidy.
Sean (PS0DT) [607] Oh I learned.
Debbie (PS0DM) [608] Trouble is you're too lazy.
[609] You're too lazy to be bothered.
Sean (PS0DT) [610] I'm lazy ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [611] That's the trouble. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [612] What are you making Kirst?
[613] ... Making it purple? ...
Kirsty (PS0DU) [614] No ... I'm taking them, that out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [615] Thirty five pounds this is
Gordon (PS0DL) [616] Taking it back out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [617] these coats are, thirty five ninety nine. ... [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [618] Pardon?
Sean (PS0DT) [619] Have you got a [...] ? ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [620] Go over there and get the tea towel off the floor [...] ...
Sean (PS0DT) [621] This one?
Debbie (PS0DM) [622] Kirsty make sure you put all them back in there tidy please. ...

5 (Tape 054108)

Tom (PS0DR) [623] tell you a true story, right, [...] tell you a story ... there's nobody you've ever seen [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [cough]
Tom (PS0DR) [624] and that's one thing that
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [625] Right well I never have either.
Tom (PS0DR) [626] Gospel truth, gospel truth ... I talked to [...] I er wrote to them yeah, and I told them I don't want that ... that's out that is.
[627] Lovebites are out.
Hayley (PS0DN) [628] Mm.
Tom (PS0DR) [629] I mean that.
[630] ... That is one thing I, I, I don't know why ... [...] ... I just [...] lovebites out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [631] I don't like lovebites though, I always think about cancer I do, when you have lovebites, because you're sucking the blood like
Hayley (PS0DN) [632] The blood
Debbie (PS0DM) [633] an'all, you're drawing
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [634] all the blood to the surface.
[635] Well it's not doing any good though is it, be honest.
[636] ... I don't think it is.
Tom (PS0DR) [637] But I don't I don't think it affects [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [638] You don't think at the time though sometimes do you?
Tom (PS0DR) [639] I don't think so don't think so.
[640] I don't think it affects [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [641] [laughing] Now it'll be on my mind now [...] []
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [642] Well I don't think
Hayley (PS0DN) [643] Oh I always think
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [644] about that.
Tom (PS0DR) [645] I don't think, I honestly don't think that, I don't think it's, it [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [cough]
Tom (PS0DR) [646] affect [...] in any way but ... it's, it's just something that I
Hayley (PS0DN) [647] I don't like [...]
Tom (PS0DR) [648] it's just something that er [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [649] Do you know I'd feel embarr after eight years of being married right
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [650] this year and if Russell done that to me now I feel embarrassed in front of my mother, now, and then I've been married
Hayley (PS0DN) [651] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [652] I would as well though.
Lyn (PS0DP) [653] Well I would, I wouldn't like it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [654] I would as well because you know what you've been doing.
Lyn (PS0DP) [655] Yeah, I wouldn't like it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [656] I mean they know you do it anyway [laughing] but [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [657] Mm mm yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [658] Yeah but I wouldn't like it.
Tom (PS0DR) [659] That's bloody nonsense.
Debbie (PS0DM) [660] to actually see them on your neck.
Tom (PS0DR) [661] That's nonsense!
Hayley (PS0DN) [662] Ah! [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [663] Ah no!
Lyn (PS0DP) [664] And I wouldn't do it to Russell when Russell's going to his mother's because I'd
Tom (PS0DR) [665] No I, I
Lyn (PS0DP) [666] die of embarrassment I would.
Hayley (PS0DN) [667] [laughing] Aye [] .
Lyn (PS0DP) [668] I'd say I didn't do it.
Tom (PS0DR) [669] You wouldn't would you?
[670] Would you honest?
Lyn (PS0DP) [671] Yeah I'd say I didn't do it, I'd say I didn't do it.
[672] I would [laughing] I'd say I didn't do it [] .
Hayley (PS0DN) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [673] That's t t tell me something ... don't ... do you think your mother and father don't do it now then?
Lyn (PS0DP) [674] Well no I don't say that
Debbie (PS0DM) [675] Oh I don't like to think of them doing it now like.
Lyn (PS0DP) [676] but I, I
Hayley (PS0DN) [677] No I
Tom (PS0DR) [678] Yeah but she, no but look, but seriously
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [679] No I know.
[680] Oh no.
Tom (PS0DR) [681] do you think that they don't do it like?
Lyn (PS0DP) [682] Well they're bound to aren't they?
Debbie (PS0DM) [683] I think they do it once a month perhaps.
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [684] [scream] [laughing] Hey how do you know they don't do it every night [] ?
Tom (PS0DR) [685] [laughing] They cut, cut the afternoons out [] .
[686] No but we joke
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [687] but, but being honest you, you've gotta look at life man.
Lyn (PS0DP) [688] Yeah I know but that's not the point is it? ...
Tom (PS0DR) [689] It doesn't matter my sweetheart.
[690] I mean what's ... with respect, what's your mum and dad now?
[691] Fifty four, fifty five?
Lyn (PS0DP) [692] Aye my mum's fifty five, my dad's
Tom (PS0DR) [693] Well that's
Lyn (PS0DP) [694] sixty two.
Tom (PS0DR) [695] Dad's sixty two?
Lyn (PS0DP) [696] No he's not.
Tom (PS0DR) [697] No he's not!
Lyn (PS0DP) [698] My dad's sixty one.
Tom (PS0DR) [699] Is he?
[700] I didn't realize Peter was that age.
[701] Superb.
[702] I said fifty four, fifty five
Lyn (PS0DP) [703] I d I think my mum's older than that as well, I think my mum's older, I don't know, Tom I honestly don't know how old they are.
Tom (PS0DR) [704] N no but alright alright
Lyn (PS0DP) [705] I don't think of things
Tom (PS0DR) [706] forget about it ... but it doesn't matter mind.
[707] If she, your sex, your sex life doesn't, it doesn't go ... well it doesn't.
Lyn (PS0DP) [708] No I know that but I still wouldn't like my mother to see
Tom (PS0DR) [709] It doesn't go.
Lyn (PS0DP) [710] my neck covered in lovebites.
[711] ... Or my father.
Tom (PS0DR) [712] But I mean if I see if I see my daughter [...] I, I go ... do you know what I say to her?
[713] ... Christ you had a tight shirt on last night, and that's how I do, that's how I just say to her.
[714] Well I do man, for Christ sake man.
[715] I mean ... I, I tell you straight ... I talks to my girls ... [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [716] Yeah well I do, I don't, it's not that I don't talk to them about it but I mean I'm pretty open with my mother and father
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [717] but I still wouldn't like my mother to see big lovebites all over my neck, I don't think it's ... I don't think it looks nice anyway.
Debbie (PS0DM) [718] No I don't.
Tom (PS0DR) [719] Tell you what it does, it, it says something I, I never in, in my time ... er like I, I, I've never wanted [...] lovebites like.
Lyn (PS0DP) [720] I can't say I've never had them cos I have, but I
Debbie (PS0DM) [721] Gordon don't like them [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [722] I hadn't thought about it at the time [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [723] I think once he had one off me ... on his neck and erm
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [724] he went mad [laughing] and he was trying to cover it up and that [] cos I mean over the club, and he goes there on a Saturday afternoon, he gets some stick over there.
[725] You know what the boys are like innit?
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [726] Yeah.
Tom (PS0DR) [727] [...] I do but I mean that's alright isn't it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [728] But not only that he just don't like having them anyway.
Tom (PS0DR) [729] There's nothing there's nothing wrong with them.
Debbie (PS0DM) [730] No I know that but I mean
Tom (PS0DR) [731] Did, did you conceive? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [732] Tom I'm going back years ago now.
Tom (PS0DR) [733] I know that darling, I was, alright my sweetheart.
Debbie (PS0DM) [734] Perhaps I did!
Lyn (PS0DP) [735] I done it to I done it to Russell one night messing around and he told the girls in work I'd been away for the weekend and he'd had somebody else there [...] ... honest to God he did!
Tom (PS0DR) [736] [laugh] Well.
Lyn (PS0DP) [737] It's a good job I know him.
[738] ... Cos they were all taking the mick out of him and he said oh she didn't do it he said she was away for the [laughing] weekend, I had somebody else there [] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [739] No, no Deb.
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [740] You sure?
Hayley (PS0DN) [741] Mm.
Tom (PS0DR) [742] What?
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [743] Yes we're fine now.
[744] That door's
Lyn (PS0DP) [745] Goodnight.
Debbie (PS0DM) [746] locked innit? ...
Tom (PS0DR) [747] That's all done love.
Debbie (PS0DM) [748] Oh lovely, thanks.
Tom (PS0DR) [749] Ta-ta [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [750] Goodnight.
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [751] Ta-ta Tom.
Lyn (PS0DP) [752] Goodnight.
Tom (PS0DR) [753] Don't lose track ... keep track cos I tell you what I was [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [754] I gotta be honest with you ... I'm a bit bashful now [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [755] if you want me let me know.
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Tom (PS0DR) [756] I tell you something else as well, if you want me to take you out ... any time you want me to take you out ... and, and I mean this honestly ... if you don't want sex you won't have to have it
Hayley (PS0DN) [757] Oh!
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [758] Oh thanks Tom.
Tom (PS0DR) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [759] Goodnight.
Debbie (PS0DM) [760] Ta-ta Tom.
Hayley (PS0DN) [761] Goodnight.
Tom (PS0DR) [762] Goodnight, God bless.
Debbie (PS0DM) [763] Goodnight.
Lyn (PS0DP) [764] Ta-ta.
Tom (PS0DR) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [whispering] [...] [] [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [765] [laugh] It's still on.
Lyn (PS0DP) [766] Turn it off now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [767] N no leave it on I gotta use the bloody tapes up.
[768] Oh I couldn't use it up with the kids you know.
Hayley (PS0DN) [769] Ooh!
[770] Ooh you've got him saying that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [771] It's [...] , they don't know who he is. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [772] But we've all been saying goodnight Tom. [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [773] [laughing] Aye but they don't know [] what Tom is, it could be Tom, Dick or bloody Harry.
Lyn (PS0DP) [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [774] [laughing] Couldn't it [] ? ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [775] Ooh God.
Debbie (PS0DM) [776] Hayley you're awful quiet tonight love.
Hayley (PS0DN) [777] Oh I tell y I know I, I'm not well myself, I'm not well
Debbie (PS0DM) [778] You're not yourself.
[779] Is she Lyn ... she's not herself is she?
Lyn (PS0DP) [780] Yeah [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [781] I'm not and I tell you honest it's, it is frightening me a bit.
Debbie (PS0DM) [782] Why, what's the matter? ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [783] She's got these pains in her back.
Hayley (PS0DN) [784] Terrible
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [785] Turn this off I'm not having this.
[786] I'm just [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [787] Leave it on you dopey cow.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [788] Oh no, stop it. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [789] Nobody knows who we, who we are man for Christ sake.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [790] What, you've only had them since you started taking those tablets?
Hayley (PS0DN) [791] I've never had these pains before.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [792] Like that.
[793] And they're in your back?
Hayley (PS0DN) [794] But I think it must be [...] , I got up when he went to work, half past seven and I haven't sat down I haven't even sat down then to eat because I [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [795] You know what
Hayley (PS0DN) [796] I had haven't sat down since half past seven
Lyn (PS0DP) [797] What you do is, cos
Hayley (PS0DN) [798] this morning.
Lyn (PS0DP) [799] I, right when I took them, I was taking
Hayley (PS0DN) [800] And I can't stop working.
Lyn (PS0DP) [801] I used to take them every day and I was like that right, and then what I used to do ... on a Sunday I wouldn't take one cos I used to think right I like my Sunday dinner and I will never give up my Sunday dinner when I'm dieting right
Debbie (PS0DM) [802] Oh no.
Lyn (PS0DP) [803] I'll always have my Sunday dinner
Hayley (PS0DN) [804] Oh I tell you what
Lyn (PS0DP) [805] so on a Sunday I used to say right I'm not gonna take my tablets today because it's a waste of a tablet if you're gonna eat ... like that, and on a Sunday I used to be absolutely exhausted ... because you take them all the time and they keep you going and then when you stop taking them ... they've just, you wind down
Debbie (PS0DM) [806] When you stop taking them altogether now do you mean?
Lyn (PS0DP) [807] and I yeah I went two months and he give me [...] right, they're called ... they're yellow like round tablets they are, like an aspirin but they're yellow right?
Hayley (PS0DN) [808] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [809] He give me them, I took them for three days, right, I didn't come down for a fortnight and Russell'll tell you that, I was high as a kite.
[810] Even my heart was racing and I was frightened
Hayley (PS0DN) [811] This is what I'm getting all the time yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [812] Your heart's racing as well is it?
Hayley (PS0DN) [813] And when I'm sleeping right
Lyn (PS0DP) [814] Your heart's going boom boom boom faster?
Hayley (PS0DN) [815] Yeah and has palpitati funny, and not only that right, my eyes seem as if they're going like that.
Lyn (PS0DP) [816] Yeah, I
Hayley (PS0DN) [817] Terrible.
[818] I can't sleep.
Lyn (PS0DP) [819] you, honestly I wouldn't take them Hayle.
[820] Stop them.
Debbie (PS0DM) [821] Oh Hayley not doing you no good love.
Lyn (PS0DP) [822] They're not doing any good.
Debbie (PS0DM) [823] Surely to God you can lose it some other way than bloody doing that?
Lyn (PS0DP) [824] Come to slimming club with me on Tuesday.
Hayley (PS0DN) [825] It's no good Lyn, no, what I'll do is is exercise.
[826] I enjoy it, I always used to run.
Lyn (PS0DP) [827] But honestly this slimming club I go to, honestly it's really good.
[828] I mean I lost weight on it last year.
Debbie (PS0DM) [829] You've got thin legs, it's only here Hayle you've gotta lose it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [830] She, exactly
Hayley (PS0DN) [831] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [832] I'm, I'm like that.
[833] I'm all [...] look, that's all fat.
[834] I haven't got fat legs really, I mean I put stockings on and a short skirt and I put something long on and ... from the back Russell said you look skinny he says, when you turn round and you see ... that
Debbie (PS0DM) [835] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [836] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [837] We've all got that though Lyn, I mean come off it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [838] it's all, I'm all, I'm all here.
[839] Yeah but not on
Hayley (PS0DN) [840] That's not fat!
Lyn (PS0DP) [841] Yeah but to er ... you haven't though Deb.
Hayley (PS0DN) [842] Mine is ... and it's lazy fat, that's what it is.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [843] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [844] But it's not only that, I'm not lazy or nothing
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [845] Sit ups you want to do.
Hayley (PS0DN) [846] it's the exercise I should do.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [847] Yeah but it's so boring exercising.
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [848] I haven't [...] exercise like cos I haven't I haven't hardly ... I've just er doing everything like, and I've been working hard but
Lyn (PS0DP) [849] Yeah but you're on cloud nine.
Hayley (PS0DN) [850] Yeah I am.
Lyn (PS0DP) [851] And when I took those [...] I didn't come down for a, and that frightened me, I said to Russell I will never ever take speed ... because it's if, I was er we were in the pub right on a Sunday morning and I was there but I wasn't there, I was somewhere else.
[852] ... And people were just saying to me what's the matter?
Hayley (PS0DN) [853] I've taken speed as powder right ... and ... erm ... it had an effect [...] like these ones. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [854] It's a [...] thirty ... have a look on the bottle if they're thirty
Hayley (PS0DN) [855] Thirty mils yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [856] They're thirty mils, they're the strongest ones see.
Hayley (PS0DN) [857] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [858] You can get twenty five.
Hayley (PS0DN) [859] Get fifteen too isn't there, sometimes you can
Lyn (PS0DP) [860] Yeah.
[861] You can get erm a red and a grey one ... I think that's the fifteen, then you can get a yellow and a grey one, that's the twenty five.
Hayley (PS0DN) [862] And the all yellow ones are the thirty.
Lyn (PS0DP) [863] Are the thirty.
Hayley (PS0DN) [864] Yeah.
[865] Perhaps I'm going a bit too strong see.
[866] ... Cos I mean for someone like me, I was saying that like, before I used to say to you ... I wouldn't eat all day, right?
[867] But then, when I le left you and went to work I'd eat those pasties and crisps and then perhaps I'm still hungry, sometimes I'd go and have a Chinese all at the wrong time, that's what all that is innit?
Lyn (PS0DP) [868] When I lost
Hayley (PS0DN) [869] And then lying on it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [870] [yawning] when I lost my weight with slimming we were try I was losing two pounds [] a week and I weren't starving, I was still drinking ... and it come off and I lost, I lost about ... I think it was about eighteen pounds, it was over a stone.
[871] I s I was still only down to sort of eleven stone, but if I get to like ten stone
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [872] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [873] something ... but I'm not a small person.
[874] I mean like you're quite small framed aren't you so, if you went up to ten stone you'd look huge
Hayley (PS0DN) [875] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [876] but ten stone something
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [877] I used to be eleven stone.
Lyn (PS0DP) [878] and I look quite slim because I'm not a small person.
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [879] I used to be eleven stone, when I was eighteen, nineteen I was eleven stone Hayle.
[880] And that's honest to God.
Hayley (PS0DN) [881] Never well you must've looked big Deb cos you're small.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [882] Oh I was massive man I had a double chin an'all.
[883] My arms were massive.
Lyn (PS0DP) [884] I don't remem [...] remember you like that.
[885] I never remember you like that.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [886] No well I wasn't.
[887] I moved to [...] from Nelson and that's when I was big.
Lyn (PS0DP) [888] And how did you lose all your weight then?
[889] You just lost it?
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [890] I went on an egg diet ... with the girls in work
Hayley (PS0DN) [891] Egg diet?
[892] I thought
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [893] Yes.
Hayley (PS0DN) [894] they were fattening.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [895] No it wasn't just eggs though it was erm ... like salads and there was steak, you could have one meal a day, right, but it was eggs for your breakfast, eggs for your dinner, your lunch
Hayley (PS0DN) [896] Now I love eggs [...] but I thought eggs
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [897] and then it was salad
Hayley (PS0DN) [898] binded you.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [899] They do.
[900] They do bind you
Lyn (PS0DP) [901] But you'd have to take something to make you
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [902] but the thing is you can you eat fruit in between see Hayle so you're having ... you know,you your roughage.
Lyn (PS0DP) [903] Yeah your roughage with that yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [904] Oh I see.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [905] As well like in between.
Lyn (PS0DP) [906] When I went to slimming I used to get [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [907] I tell you what I lost a stone and half in two weeks
Lyn (PS0DP) [908] I used to have erm
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [909] by sticking to that.
Lyn (PS0DP) [910] I'd get up in the morning I'd have my two pieces of wholemeal bread toasted with a scraping of marmalade on, right, and my butter cos I like that.
[911] For my dinner then I'd have er jacket potato with tuna ... then about four o'clock I would have an apple and an orange and maybe a Mars Bar cos [...] right.
[912] And then before eight o'clock then I would make myself a big meal, I'd have a, a huge salad ... I'd do tinned potatoes cos they were, on this diet tinned potatoes aren't fattening
Hayley (PS0DN) [913] Aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [914] No they're not.
Lyn (PS0DP) [915] No so I'd have tinned potatoes
Hayley (PS0DN) [916] I don't like them I don't like [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [917] I'd have tuna fish, I'd have ham, everything because you can eat as much meat ... you could sit down and eat ... cabbage, swedes, runner beans, cauliflower, peas ... every vegetable
Debbie (PS0DM) [918] That's what I'm doing for him now.
[919] But I don't like veg I don't.
Lyn (PS0DP) [920] and that's not counted in your, in your calories, you can just eat that, it's all free so you can eat as much as you like of that.
[921] Cos if I was really hungry I used to go upstairs, I'd get all the frozen veg out, I'd cook a bit of everything
Hayley (PS0DN) [922] It's not so bad [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [923] I'd slam a pork chop under the grill and I'd just eat that.
[924] And it used to fill me up and I'd
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [925] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [926] that's nothing then, I could eat as much as that as I liked.
[927] ... And bacon's not fattening grilled on this diet, you can eat as much bacon as you like as long as you cut the fat off and grill it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [928] That's on this Slimming World diet is it?
Lyn (PS0DP) [929] It's marvellous yeah, I lost weight on it. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [930] What we'll have to do Hayley right, when she starts now she'll have to tell us what she's eating every day
Lyn (PS0DP) [931] I've got a book in the house.
Hayley (PS0DN) [932] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [933] and then we can do the same.
Lyn (PS0DP) [934] I've got a book in the house.
Debbie (PS0DM) [935] And we can always
Lyn (PS0DP) [936] Well I'll have a new book now when I go, right, and you can have my old one.
Hayley (PS0DN) [937] Thing is it is healthier and I mean this tablet lark now more I'm thinking about it, right
Debbie (PS0DM) [938] Oh Hayley it's not doing you any good at all.
Hayley (PS0DN) [939] it w I, it can't be, I, [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [940] Hayley I tell you what, have a word with my mother because my mother's done it for years, always taken tablets, and I reckon this is half her problem now cos she's got to her old age ... she's on the change, and these things have affected her throughout her life now.
[941] Cos my mother has taken slimming tablets, I can remember a kid, being a kid and my mother always used to take slimming tablets to lose weight.
[942] She's done it all her life and
Hayley (PS0DN) [943] She stopped me in town funny enough erm oh a good couple of weeks ago like, she says to me ... oh have you heard, cos I was saying about oh we'd seen something in the shop, it was ever so nice, I said oh I'm too fat for that she said ooh have you seen, she must be erm infat you know bloody infatuated with dieting
Lyn (PS0DP) [944] My mother's infatuated with dieting.
Hayley (PS0DN) [945] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [946] Yeah. ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [947] Hi.
Debbie (PS0DM) [948] Hiya.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [949] No I shouldn't think [...] ... The girls bought you a bottle each look
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [950] you can either take them home or you can have one [...] ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [951] No?
[952] Do you want something, a soft drink before you go?
Gordon (PS0DL) [953] No [...] ... [sigh] [...] look.
Lyn (PS0DP) [954] Is it cold [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [955] Never.
Gordon (PS0DL) [956] Freezing.
Lyn (PS0DP) [957] Is it? ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [958] Absolutely bitter.
Lyn (PS0DP) [959] You don't realize when you're in here you see do you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [960] No and it don't look it does it?
Lyn (PS0DP) [961] No.
Debbie (PS0DM) [962] Mind I've been cold all night and I'm cold now. ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [sigh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [963] It's [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [yawn]
Debbie (PS0DM) [964] Oh it'll be bloody [...] in the house.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [965] [yawning] [...] [] ... Russell home?
Lyn (PS0DP) [966] He's in bed I expect.
[967] I [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [968] You should make him sleep on your side and then when you come in he should move over.
Lyn (PS0DP) [969] I've never seen him like this though, I've never se he hasn't shaved for about four days.
[970] That's not like him, he shaves every other day.
Hayley (PS0DN) [971] Why?
Lyn (PS0DP) [972] He's just not well, he's just really not well with this flu
Gordon (PS0DL) [973] Oh.
Lyn (PS0DP) [974] we've had it, went, he went back to the doctors today and she said it could take up to six to eight weeks to get out your system.
[975] ... He hasn't been back to work since Christmas.
[976] He'd''ve had really, well this is the ... he goes back on Monday and he've had a month off ... been off for a month.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [977] How you managing then, money-wise?
Lyn (PS0DP) [978] We're not.
[979] ... Just [...] innit?
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [980] He'll get sick [...] won't he?
Hayley (PS0DN) [981] The thing is
Lyn (PS0DP) [982] I haven't got a television licence.
[983] ... Oh aye he gets sick but he don't get [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [984] You should be wondering why [phone rings]
Debbie (PS0DM) [985] Yeah but he'll get tax back won't he? ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [986] We haven't got a television licence we haven't.
[987] I'm just waiting for a man to knock my door and say well, you know, cos you can fined a lot don't you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [988] Got your own telly?
Lyn (PS0DP) [989] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [990] Where'd you get it from? ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [991] Asdas years and years ago.
[992] Years ago this was when it was Carfours
Hayley (PS0DN) [993] And you've never had a visit?
Lyn (PS0DP) [994] No. ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [995] Oh perhaps ... when i when it was Carfour
Lyn (PS0DP) [996] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [997] Perhaps [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [998] Why what what [...] ?
Hayley (PS0DN) [999] Well no I just wondered if you've had your own telly and you've just got it private you know, I mean they wouldn't have no records
Lyn (PS0DP) [1000] We've had it for years.
[1001] Well Russell bought it when he was at home in his mother's house.
[1002] And then we, when we got married we took it to our house.
[1003] I mean it is a bit, well
Gordon (PS0DL) [1004] The only way they check [...] now is if you go [...] hire.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1005] About ten years?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1006] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1007] If you've just bought it from a shop ... and you've had it years [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1008] Yeah.
[1009] Anyway now they spot check.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1010] Yeah but [...] they can can't they?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1011] They can ch they can do you without having your telly on now, they can still
Lyn (PS0DP) [1012] If you've got a telly in the house without having a licence.
[1013] And I mean it's, it's a lot of money innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1014] and it's without havi without having a telly on. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1015] I've got erm ... [...] the other night, right, and next door
Hayley (PS0DN) [1016] And you can stop them from coming in as well if you've got debts like, yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1017] Yeah it says, I read the thing and it says ... I haven't gotta let them in unless they've got a warrant so the first time they come they wouldn't have a warrant, surely, so they're gonna have to go away and get a warrant and in that time then I'd have to get a licence wouldn't I?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1018] Well you could answer the door now and you say well I don't know love, I'm only the cleaner, they won't be back.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1019] Yeah well that's it.
[1020] So the other night my, the girl next door to us, her husband does painting and he'd just got himself a new van ... I said fucking hell I said to him sometimes I said there's a van outside [laughing] I wanna know who it is [...] [] , is that still on?
[1021] Oh no [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1022] Oh fucking hell!

6 (Tape 054109)

Debbie (PS0DM) [1023] Who turned it off?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1024] Dunno it just went click.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1025] You bloody liars.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1026] Did didn't it Lyn?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1027] You swear on there now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1028] You can swear on there!
[1029] You can say [whispering] fucking [...] []
Hayley (PS0DN) [1030] [screaming] Ooh [] [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1031] Ooh.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1032] Oh no Deb that's [...] the seat [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1033] It was me. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [1034] My mother said erm ... Christmas Eve wasn't time and a half, it was an ordinary night.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1035] Oh [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1036] But it's still not enough, for heaven's sake.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1037] No I know that she said it's not enough.
[1038] I mean like I said on a Friday we get thirteen seventy five till twelve o'clock.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1039] [...] Christmas Eve [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1040] [...] till half past eleven.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1041] I know.
[1042] ... So you get paid till half past twelve Christmas Eve look, so it's thirteen seventy five till twelve that we normally get paid on a Friday.
[1043] Ain't it disgusting?
[1044] We don't pay enough in the club man. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1045] They only pay [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1046] So you mean [...] Christmas Eve they paid you normal time?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1047] Yeah, normal time for Christmas Eve right.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1048] I won't work any time [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1049] Boxing night was time and half and New Year's Eve was time and half.
[1050] Now I ask you ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [1051] Everywhere else is double time.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1052] Well that's it
Hayley (PS0DN) [1053] [...] fifty quid last New Year's Eve didn't we?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1054] Yeah but you know why don't you?
[1055] Because they paid us extra because nobody else worked with us, it was only me and you and my mother.
[1056] So remember the committee said oh we'll pay you extra?
[1057] ... That's why.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1058] Yeah but there was more of you so the more of you that works they're not gonna pay you are they?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1059] That's it.
[1060] ... I said d do you know what I, I was the only
Lyn (PS0DP) [1061] So she's better off [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1062] Yeah but how stupid can they be because I mean the less of you are you, I mean you can't serve as many as ... it's, it's stupid innit?
[1063] I mean
Lyn (PS0DP) [1064] They're not taking as much [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1065] They're not taking as much
Debbie (PS0DM) [1066] No but not only that
Hayley (PS0DN) [1067] and people get pissed off don't they?
[1068] So they buy double usually don't they, well I would.
[1069] If I thought oh bollocks I'm not standing here again.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1070] Yeah but they get served in the end see, by the end of the night they get served don't they, you know?
[1071] Cos they, you know
Debbie (PS0DM) [1072] Yeah but not only that I mean, if they get paid double time everywhere else why should we be any bloody different?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1073] They don't get paid double time at the [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1074] Oh cos it's a con right.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1075] On er New Year's Eve.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1076] She buys them presents. [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1077] Oh my God!
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1078] Ev well I don't know about this year mind but every Christmas I worked there she never paid us double time for anything over Christmas, she was always bought us a present.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1079] Christmas Eve [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1080] And what was it the present?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1081] Well one, one year Russell had [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1082] Was it something good like or?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1083] he had aftershave and I had erm ... perfume I did.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1084] Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are two [...] double time [...] ... cos he wanted me to work [...] and I wouldn't cos it wasn't double time.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1085] Oh.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1086] Well do you know, out of all the girls who work New Year's Eve right, I told them on the night, oh I said we'll get about forty pound for tonight won't I, because it's double time ... and I was the only one who complained about it when I had my pay.
[1087] Nobody else because, no
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1088] but I said, I had a shock [...] on the Sunday and that's [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1089] How much did you have then, time and half?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1090] I get thirty pound twenty five pence.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1091] For New Year's Eve.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1092] Yeah for New Year's Eve.
[1093] I started at half past six and I worked until two o'clock in the morning.
[1094] And I got thirty pound twenty five for it.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1095] Half past six, half past seven, half past eight, half past nine, half past ten, half past eleven, half past twelve, half past one ... you're talking seven and a half hours.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1096] Seven and a, it's a full shift innit?
[1097] But not only that I mean it's New Year's Eve, everybody else is bloody getting drunk and enjoying themselves and you're stuck doing the bloody bar.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1098] Yeah cos no fucking [...] no one wants to do it do they?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1099] Yeah well then next year they'll have no one to do it will they?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1100] I'm not doing it next year, I said that.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1101] They won't have anybody doing it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1102] No but mother said she's gonna sort it all out before Christmas comes because she said otherwise I'm not gonna get the bar staff to work.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1103] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1104] Cos I told her I'm not working.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1105] And like, now, it's not fair [...] is it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1106] And I'm not working next year anyway cos I've done it for two years on the run and I'm not doing it next year.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1107] I've done it five, this is the first time in five years I've had New Year's Eve off.
[1108] And I was determined, and your mother was
Lyn (PS0DP) [1109] I'd done it for four years on the trot.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1110] looking at me as if hey erm and all [laughing] this like [...] [] you know she was looking as if
Debbie (PS0DM) [1111] In a way I think Gwynn had one too many New Year's Eve.
[1112] Because
Hayley (PS0DN) [1113] Never!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1114] honestly now [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1115] I told her [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1116] Yeah as long as one [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1117] No, no listen, listen, listen now right, last year when we both worked Hayley what was it like?
[1118] The committee were in there, they had all their special seats there, their drinks ready right, and they said right girls, you ready now to start?
[1119] And all of a sudden they unlock them doors out there and they come running
Hayley (PS0DN) [1120] Oh that's true, yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1121] in here
Hayley (PS0DN) [1122] Pair of us had panic attacks didn't we?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1123] I had a panic attack, I told her, I said I'm shaking all over.
[1124] And I thought if I go from behind this bar now I'll never go back behind it now.
[1125] So I calmed down see and I was alright after about ten minutes.
[1126] But this year it was much better because they'd let them all in because it was raining weren't it?
[1127] So they couldn't leave them all standing outside.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1128] Bloody stupid anyway.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1129] So when they walked in here it was packed in there and it was full in the bar.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1130] Even if they'd let them in let them get their seats and said look the bar is not open.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1131] Well that's what they should do every year because do you know what it was much better this year.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1132] They do it in the Labour Club, you can go in there
Debbie (PS0DM) [1133] Within ten, fifteen
Hayley (PS0DN) [1134] right
Debbie (PS0DM) [1135] minutes we'd serne served everybody by that bar this year.
[1136] Now what was it like last year, all night long we slogged didn't we?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1137] They let them stood out there in all that rain didn't they?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1138] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1139] I mean in most clubs I mean they come in, they have a game of cards
Lyn (PS0DP) [1140] They let you in but the bar's not open.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1141] don't they, get their tables and that?
[1142] ... They're too fucking old man, the commi you've got all this down and I've just slagged them off.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1143] Who?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1144] They might use this against us.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1145] What are you on about you
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1146] who's gonna use it against us, the club?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1147] I'm paranoid now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1148] You dopey cow. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [1149] Well she, like I say next year, if they're not paying double time she's gonna get no one to work is she?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1150] Well that's why she said she's gotta sort it out
Hayley (PS0DN) [1151] The thing is see Betty ... right ... I mean Olive by here, she's not [...] is she?
[1152] And Stan on the end.
[1153] They d haven't got a clue see have they now Bet?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1154] [laughing] No that's it [] .
[1155] [laugh] ... You like bacon crisps you [laughing] [...] [] [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1156] That's all [laughing] bacon [] .
Lyn (PS0DP) [1157] No I tell you why I chucked them is because they're a better make aren't they, K P?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1158] I like the Dragon though I do.
[1159] ... They're not bad really, they, no but I mean you do get a few damp ones now and again don't you?
[1160] They go off
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1161] Oh aye.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1162] Have you tried Asda onion rings?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1163] And you know what ... No I haven't
Hayley (PS0DN) [1164] Oh they repeat on you don't they?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1165] Oh I love them you know [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1166] Oh I love the Chipsticks I do, the salt and vinegar chipsticks, I love them.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1167] Oh what's those ones [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1168] Oh and I do.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1169] Mm.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1170] Oh strong as hell.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1171] I can have a bloody big bag in front of me
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1172] watching the telly and eat the whole bag it's
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [1173] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1174] Salt and vinegar chipsticks.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1175] I love them.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1176] I do that with those prawn Skips is it?
[1177] Those prawn things?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1178] Oh I, I like them but I prefer the crisp ones.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1179] But I ate myself silly on them last night and made myself feel sick so I'll never eat them again now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1180] What's those ones we've got, Skips?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1181] And don't you feel guilty after, you sit there and think
Lyn (PS0DP) [1182] Yeah, yeah but I, I ate
Gordon (PS0DL) [1183] [...] What's that crinkly crisp we've got [...] ?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1184] Oh you like them, I'm not fussed on them, you know those big chip potatoes with the, the ridges in erm
Gordon (PS0DL) [1185] Crinkly ones.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1186] Jackets
Debbie (PS0DM) [1187] Oh I know I know them.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1188] ones, he likes them, I don't but that's
Debbie (PS0DM) [1189] Yeah that's they're too hard for me.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1190] They're like a [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1191] Yeah, and me.
[1192] ... Too much like hard work.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1193] Well have I got time for another drink an'all?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1194] Has she love?
[1195] Do you mind?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1196] [...] aye.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1197] I wouldn't mind one either.
[1198] Well have one [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [cough]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1199] I'll have to pay for mine [...] I haven't got any in.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1200] What?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1201] Now Gordon, will listen to this tape now tomorrow right and [laughing] he'll say to me []
Hayley (PS0DN) [1202] I have, I've got three left so you can have one of mine.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1203] Ah I'll have one of Hayley's Deb, you can pour this [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1204] and he'll say to me it's [shouting] [...] [] [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1205] You stupid cow Bet. [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1206] [...] alright, [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1207] What you having Lyn?
[1208] Lyn.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1209] [...] , cider please.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1210] It's only cos I'm not going out tomorrow night this is.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1211] Aren't you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1212] No I haven't been out since Boxing night! ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [1213] [...] wh what are you doing there?
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1214] Getting packet of crisps.
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1215] Carry on now, they are for us.
[1216] I just [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1217] Yeah you can make me some, I don't know what I, I don't want anything but I dunno
Gordon (PS0DL) [1218] [...] all I've eaten in the last week and one day is ... [...] salads [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1219] Yeah well that's
Lyn (PS0DP) [1220] Oh you're on a diet as well are you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1221] Oh I, well the thing is he ... I can't cook chips Lyn if I'm doing it, it's not fair is it?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1222] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1223] I mean he got to anyway.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1224] So if you diet he's gotta diet?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1225] Me and him'd sit and eat from half past six
Lyn (PS0DP) [1226] I'm very lucky
Hayley (PS0DN) [1227] till we went to bed.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1228] I'm very lucky er I don't cook.
[1229] Russell does all the cooking, I never cook.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1230] Does he? ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1231] [...] [...] and I said right [...] so I had ... gammon pineapple peas and chips right?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1232] I enjoy it though Lyn I do.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1233] Well I don't like cooking, I do the washing up mind.
[1234] I mean I go out
Hayley (PS0DN) [1235] I enjoy cooking.
[1236] I'd cook anything.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1237] and clean up the mess after him.
[1238] He just cooks and
Hayley (PS0DN) [1239] Oh I do that as well.
[1240] ... Oh I enjoy it though, I've gotta be honest.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1241] [...] gone to bed right, say you've gone half past ten, eleven gone to sleep
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1242] woke up about two starving and gone out and cooked [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1243] We have, [...] that's how bad, that's why I have to t er have those tablets.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1244] What do you do, go downstairs and cook [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1245] Oh I [...] [...] bed and go to sleep.
[1246] We wake up and
Gordon (PS0DL) [1247] Well we go to bed about ... half past ten, eleven, go to sleep we wake up [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1248] We talk about food.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1249] she'll go down [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1250] And then you go down and make food do you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1251] I go down, yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1252] No matter what time it is? [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1253] No and eat chips. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [1254] [...] two plates packed with stuff right
Lyn (PS0DP) [1255] I know we, I've done that.
[1256] Well what I do is like put it on a tray, right what we do is ... in the night [...] right and [...] if you'd stayed up late I'd put cheese
Hayley (PS0DN) [1257] Do you want anything dad?
[1258] Soft drink or something or
Lyn (PS0DP) [1259] out and crackers out and [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1260] Then I'll do like, if I've got bread rolls I'll do them [...] and we'll go upstairs, we'll take drinks up with us and we'll eat that, and then the next morning we wake up and the bedroom's stinking of pickles and things like that you know?
[1261] Disgusting.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1262] I mean one Friday I come, I left here about ten to one I went in the house ... and I went to bed and I was starving and Gordon says oh I'm hungry I, so I went out straight down the stairs, come back up with a bloody big tray ... cups of teas now when I, after drinking down here, pasties now what I'd taken home what I didn't sell here, crisps, sandwiches ... and a after I'd ate it I felt so guilty.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1263] You couldn't go back to sleep then.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1264] I couldn't go back to sleep, but I felt so guilty about what I'd eaten. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [1265] Ooh I know.
[1266] Like say last week me and Russell never got up before, oh my mother and father come to the house right and it was quarter past ten ... and we were still in bed and my father put the milk ... cos the, my milkman leaves my milk by the gate because, with the dog, he always used to leave the gate open so I used to let the dog out in the morning and the dog would go out ... so I said don't put the milk by the door, leave it just, put it over the gate cos I like the gate left shut.
[1267] So that's what he does and my father come in, put the milk by the door, knocked the door and me and Russell were still in bed fast asleep.
[1268] I mean we'd been up
Debbie (PS0DM) [1269] Did they knock you up then?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1270] No she left us still.
[1271] And waking up about a quarter past ten, go downstairs and make tea and toast ... takes the paper up, I take Freeman's catalogue ... put the, the wireless on and he's looking through the paper and I'm [laughing] looking through Freeman's catalogue [] saying
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1272] oh this'll look nice in the summer like, yeah yeah [laughing] I know, and we were in bed [] .
[1273] Turn over then and go back to sleep for an hour and thought oh I've gotta get up now the dog's whining to go out, then we get up then when the dog starts whining to go out. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [1274] God I haven't bloody done that for years.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1275] We've done it a I said to Russell, I'm really gonna miss you when you go back to work on Monday I'll have no snuggle in bed in the morning.
[1276] He goes at half past five and I won't know what to do.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1277] W how long have he been off?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1278] God he goes early doesn't he?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1279] A month. ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [1280] Oh you'll ge start getting fed up now. ...
Lyn (PS0DP) [1281] Aye but I don't see, I don't, I don't mind him, no, you know
Hayley (PS0DN) [1282] You don't?
[1283] So you you don't like really being on your own then [...] ?
Lyn (PS0DP) [1284] Well ... I should say that but when he's at work he works shifts but I ... I am on
Debbie (PS0DM) [1285] Yeah but you're not used to him being home all the time are you Lyn, I mean ... for a long period of time like.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1286] Yeah I'm on my own, like when he's afternoons
Debbie (PS0DM) [1287] Like I am.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1288] he goes
Hayley (PS0DN) [1289] Oh D Deb I tell you what it must be amazing. [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1290] He been out of work since September the ... sixth.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1291] Because you, you bicker,yo you see [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1292] Four months now.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1293] Yeah I don't say we don't row, I don't say we don't argue and get on each other 's nerves, we do, but when he goes back to work now for a couple of days it'll take me ... three or four days to settle down into not having him there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1294] Oh y yeah that do, you [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1295] I mean when he's nights right, I'm on my own, I mean I love it, I have a bath [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1296] Oh I don't like it when he's nights.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1297] I paint my nails, I do what I wa I can do what I wanna do.
[1298] Like if I sit there painting my nails he'll say ... what started that?
[1299] What are you doing that for now?
[1300] Dog don't like the smell of that like, but [...] how you are
Hayley (PS0DN) [1301] Yeah I know.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1302] you know, but ... I'm there on my own I can pot do my hair, do what I wanna do ... go up the stairs, have a bath, you know, just do what I, drop my clothes where I wanna drop them ... and everything.
[1303] But I mean I do get used to being on my own and then like ... I mean I say he's there like the, the other morni he went down his mother's and he didn't come back till three o'clock so he's not there ... constantly all the time. ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [1304] No. ...
Gordon (PS0DL) [1305] We can't sleep in [...] the door. [laugh] ...
Hayley (PS0DN) [1306] Well it's
Debbie (PS0DM) [1307] Well it's like open house is it eh?
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1308] Oh d i er I dunno whether it's
Gordon (PS0DL) [1309] Fucking terrible, next door [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1310] it's not that, it's, it's next door but not only that ... I mean friends, my friends I mean
Gordon (PS0DL) [1311] But it's mostly next door, [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1312] What they do then, they're in and out are they?
Hayley (PS0DN) [1313] It's all borrowing!
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1314] I couldn't stand that see.
[1315] I mean I can't ... in, I like to shut my door, I mean I don't mind people coming to visit me ... but I couldn't stand people in and out, in and out my house all day, that would crack me up.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1316] Well
Lyn (PS0DP) [1317] My sister moved from [...] cos of that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1318] I never knew [...] until I mo
Lyn (PS0DP) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [1319] when I moved to Penrhyn and ... my mother said you won't like it now she said, she said they make you [...] she said
Lyn (PS0DP) [1320] Oh yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1321] and when I first moved up there I thought ... oh yeah, what's happening, yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1322] What's going on here, yeah.
[1323] I don't have it.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1324] There was kids in my door [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1325] It's quiet though where I live though.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1326] It's quiet where I live but they're, they're nosy.
[1327] ... They know your business even though you think they don't, they do cos I tell you [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1328] Oh well it's, I think it's like that wherever you live though.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1329] Do you know Maggie who works in the paper shop?
[1330] Glasses?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1331] Yeah.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1332] She lives next door but one to me
Debbie (PS0DM) [1333] Never!
Lyn (PS0DP) [1334] My mother and father know when me and Russell have had a row on Saturday night
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Lyn (PS0DP) [1335] right, before I even ... my mother knows before we know it if you know what I mean then.
Hayley (PS0DN) [1336] Mm.
Lyn (PS0DP) [1337] My mother has rung me on a Sunday morning and said oh you had a row last night and I'd say how do you know ... oh your father went to paper shop this morning.
[1338] Oh need you ask.
[1339] One night right Russell

7 (Tape 054110)

Gordon (PS0DL) [1340] [singing] always look on the bright side of life [whistling] ... bright side of life [] ...
Sean (PS0DT) [1341] I was drawing and I read and ... and I played with toys and I read ... this game
Gordon (PS0DL) [1342] Who'd you play with in school then?
Sean (PS0DT) [1343] and I played with David.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1344] Did you?

8 (Tape 054111)

Gordon (PS0DL) [1345] Yeah on the news today ...
Kirsty (PS0DU) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1346] bomb went off in London.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1347] I got
Debbie (PS0DM) [1348] Never!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1349] not far from ten Downing Street. ...
Debbie (PS0DM) [1350] Don't.
[1351] It's ridiculous.
[1352] Sean will you stop it.
Sean (PS0DT) [1353] [shouting] Ah ah ah []
Gordon (PS0DL) [1354] I don't think [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCAPSUGP) [...] [high pitched whistling]

9 (Tape 054201)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1355] There's one there.
[1356] Oh they're off!
[1357] And he didn't wanna go to bed so ... I put him up.
[1358] I could hear him running across the landing and messing about.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1359] What's that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1360] I could hear him running across the landing I said, and messing about.
[1361] ... But they went asleep after anyway.
[1362] ... Well I cleaned all the windows Gordon, right?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1363] Want to get
Debbie (PS0DM) [1364] All
Gordon (PS0DL) [1365] out?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1366] Yeah.
[1367] All the back, right?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1368] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1369] Outside as well.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1370] Window like?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1371] Yes.
[1372] And cleaned the windows up the side [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1373] Having a brain storm or what?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1374] And erm ... well I thought, I'd well I'll do my nets and put them up you see Gordon, cos then it'll be finished with wouldn't it?
[1375] So I ironed this big net here, [...] Gordon.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1376] What's that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1377] I ironed my big net here and it meant to go up in the window there.
[1378] But it's a little bit too long [...] there, so ... you know them nails that are in ... you know the nails, they're already in the window?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1379] Ah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1380] I tried to pull them out but I couldn't.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1381] What for?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1382] To, to put them nails up up a little bit on the window that's all.
[1383] Only about an inch see, that's all the ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1384] Maybe I should er
Gordon (PS0DL) [1385] Is it safe to go out alone?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1386] [...] only popping out then.
[1387] So I just ... [...] then you can pull them nails out.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1388] Do you want any potatoes?
[1389] Roast potatoes?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1390] Ah!
[1391] Go on, chuck another [...] .
[1392] And erm ... I got my ironing out the way and then I can go to my mother then, and start to paint, paint the bathroom tomorrow.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1393] Alright.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1394] And you see
Gordon (PS0DL) [1395] Windows are looking bright today!
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1396] Not for me, go and have a lay down.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1397] It's called Ironweed.
[1398] I ... well it hasn't long started.
[1399] It didn't start till ten past ten.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1400] Who's cat [...] ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1401] So

10 (Tape 054202)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1402] He said do you want a pint?
[1403] I said, no I don't bother.
[1404] I gotta let him go anyway.
[1405] He's [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1406] You should have made him buy you a bloody pint!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1407] Ah!
[1408] Ah, but I didn't want one did I?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1409] Especially with him now, you get him work.
[1410] ... Does that mean all them outings?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1411] No, I haven't got any more of them.
[1412] [...] ! Johnny fixes them.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1413] Well you [...] an hour aren't you now?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1414] They're hopeless anyway!
[1415] [...] . That's what they look like.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1416] How much do you get a pint over there now then?
[1417] It's twenty five pence off innit?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1418] Twenty pence.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1419] Oh Wayne told me it was twenty five pence off a pint.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1420] Oh Wa Wa , Wayne ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1421] Wayne .
[1422] ... And he said, all they did, they gotta pay a pound to go in.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1423] You mean you gotta pay a pound as well?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1424] No, I asked him, he said he's a member.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1425] Is he?
[1426] I didn't think about that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1427] So he's a member of the Comrades as well then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1428] Ah?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1429] He's a member of the Comrades and in the social.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1430] I know , aye.
[1431] Well you got a foreigner there [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1432] My mother had a complaint today, your family's old feller [...] ... but she said, whenever you get a better [...] she's always goes and sees somebody else.
[1433] My mother turned round and said, well you should, you tell her, you should say to her look, I'm next!
[1434] Serve me!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1435] Lucy and your mother comes to take the mickey don't she?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1436] Yeah well ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1437] No, well tell it to your mother.
[1438] No cos then Stuart [...] like, it's up to
Debbie (PS0DM) [1439] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1440] the cleaner to sort that out.
[1441] Complaints like.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1442] [...] sort it out.
[1443] But he did go up to my mother and say, like, you know.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1444] Well your mother should have said yo , you [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1445] My mother said, you wanna see Alison and tell her look, I am next!
[1446] You know, say what you told me, it's no good telling me!
[1447] ... Reg, oh Reggie it is.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1448] Yeah?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1449] The one with the bald head.
[1450] [...] ... I wish they could have [...] on one I hear.
[1451] Mm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1452] It's nearly midnight innit?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1453] Mm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1454] See
Debbie (PS0DM) [1455] Was is it a foul then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1456] I think it's silly to go over there, then they don't play bingo do they?
[1457] They spe spending it all on the ... snooker or whatever.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1458] What did you have to do with it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1459] Ah!
[1460] Well that [...] , just the command you get here [...] .

11 (Tape 054204)

Gordon (PS0DL) [1461] See the baby's teeth?
[1462] There are four down the bottom now, four up the top.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1463] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1464] All in front there.
[1465] Either that way [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1466] I bet they're [...] didn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1467] That's like his dad.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1468] And he's [...] .
[1469] Ain't he?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1470] Yeah, but no colour.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1471] Do you feel better now?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1472] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1473] Are you getting [...] ?
[1474] ... Oh!
[1475] Gordon went over the club like last night.
[1476] To pay his contributions and then go shaping up.
[1477] Fi four pound it
Gordon (PS0DL) [1478] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1479] for the year.
[1480] And he, had a glass of squash he was drinking all night.
[1481] He was in by ten, mind, time he'd played Elsie and shouted at, flyer a line ... twenty six pound.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1482] Never!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1483] So see, I told her I was working him well didn't I?
[1484] She said you can have it and do what you want with it!
[1485] But Gordon, he wants jeans badly they're all splitting!
[1486] She just said well get him some, get a pair of jeans out of it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1487] Nice of her.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1488] He said he wanted two for a flyer for a hundred pound ... wages!
[1489] ... So he kept saying, oh don't bother going out tonight go after next Saturday ... for an hour like.
[1490] He said, oh no I'll take his line and I haven't got the money to
Gordon (PS0DL) [1491] Oh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1492] pay out the way.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1493] I went and got [...] last night and I'm saying to him, now give me your numbers.
[1494] And ... Pam was se , serving ... you should see her numbers now.
[1495] And then ... I got another two ... and I was sa said some numbers in it, and Pam said, no they're not the ones they've put down she said.
[1496] I were too late anyway, she took it.
[1497] Those numbers come out!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1498] The ones you had put down?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1499] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1500] Bet she was off then.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1501] Mm!
[1502] ... [...] . Oh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1503] Have you paid for your tickets now?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1504] No.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1505] Let me pay for our tickets now then.
[1506] Then pay [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1507] No.
[1508] Well I think a they are.
[1509] ... Yeah.
[1510] The fire, central heating's on er down there.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1511] Was Alec there?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1512] No.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1513] Is he still shaving or
Gordon (PS0DL) [1514] Aye.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1515] What did dad say ... about ... what I did with Alec?
[1516] What I said about him saying he's not changed any?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1517] Dunno.
[1518] ... And he was going ... I know you don't mind Sheila he said, I'm gonna go, I'm going to Spain for holiday.
[1519] ... And when you going?
[1520] Beginning of June.
[1521] I says, oh aye!
[1522] [...] ... A great feller, I think, he said ... Oh!
[1523] It'll be alright she said.
[1524] Got her tickets, I'm coming he said she'll be, everything's paid.
[1525] And I said, what you on about? ... [...] , he said ... if I do , if I don't pay out two hundred and odd pound now that left for our tickets he said, I've only hundred and odd come in, he said you can have a drink on the rest!
[1526] ... If get out tonight.
[1527] He said,o I hope you're not thinking of [...] away so I can have these tickets he said?
[1528] Because, he said I'm not looking.
[1529] He said she's gonna give you ... six hundred pounds worth of tickets, you give her six hundred pound cheque.
[1530] Yeah?
[1531] Well, he said well we haven't had it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1532] Who is he?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1533] Aye, he's gonna, go for nothing.
[1534] Dunno what he was thinking of ... Val said.
[1535] Talking a load of rubbish!
[1536] ... Go round the again car again and throw them to the kids.
[1537] Perhaps they'll get a [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1538] Will you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1539] Mm!
[1540] [laugh] ... Now looks as if it's in her hair there the way things [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1541] No cos I got his
Gordon (PS0DL) [1542] Sean's jumper!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1543] she had erm,e , Sean bought it round there ... and I picked that one cos the other one was same as the one he already had.
[1544] And I get it green for her now.
[1545] And I get it green for when she stands up in class.
[1546] She was sitting there tonight she had to buy one of them ... [...] bar.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1547] What?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1548] [...] .
[1549] And Mandy was round there.
[1550] ... She's seen him and went in with the electric bill ... and he, he bought hundred and sixty pound in [...] stamps.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1551] What, is she taking in the night [...] dressing gown [...] is she?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1552] Because she said erm ... cos Chris is living there now he's gonna show us what he can do she said.
[1553] She said, he got his stereo on his stereo on upstairs on and off.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1554] Like she's been [...] innit?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1555] What?
[1556] I said, well why didn't you get up [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1557] She don't know where she put it then?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1558] I said, oh th fifteen pound a fortnight.
[1559] Well she said, well I worked out about ninety pound ... at the end of the quarter like.
[1560] She said, well mine, she said would be further than sixty pound at the end, a hundred and twenty at the end of the quarter, but she said oh this time it's gonna be about a hundred sixty so it's crippling me living here!
[1561] So she said, how much will I be putting in a fortnight she said in a ... electric cooker?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1562] Well it's about time her daughter paid it!
[1563] Give towards innit?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1564] Mandy won't be living at home now.
[1565] He's on the dole, lucky if he's gets thirty pound a week.
[1566] And Mandy gets thirty four pound a week, one year's benefit, and she'll get the family allowance ... set now.
[1567] But she's on about forty pound a week [...] .
[1568] And sh she don't take nothing off them, she buys all the food!
[1569] He's only on invalidity, Graham is!
[1570] And that Carole gets eighteen pound for herself.
[1571] Not invalidity.
[1572] Sixty pounds week.
[1573] So she's on eighteen pound, they'll owe ... say eighty pound a week rent.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1574] Won't she get a job?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1575] Oh mam!
[1576] But she's already in so bloody pain ... you know, like sick.
[1577] ... [...] then I found a bloody job!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1578] And I cal , I called Alec yesterday morning like ... and asked, you know I said to him there's only one [...] and I said it's the last one down there like.
[1579] Soon the place should go back to normal.
[1580] No he said ... leave it a at sixty five pence.
[1581] So of course, when we did
Debbie (PS0DM) [1582] Are you in it then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1583] Aye.
[1584] We're in it ... every day now and Tommy was on like last night when I went in, Tommy was on to now ... say it.
[1585] You know, like it should be ... back to normal because
Debbie (PS0DM) [1586] Well it was back to normal.
[1587] Way to back to normal weeks ago.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1588] Oh aye!
[1589] That's right, aye.
[1590] I, oh well.
[1591] But there's still a few [...] ... a few more.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1592] Aye.
[1593] Can't bloody keep any boilers there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1594] Nah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1595] [...] already then?
[1596] Penny?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1597] Penny. ... [sigh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1598] So give me your twenty pound eleven now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1599] And ma , mark it off your card so I know where I am.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1600] Right?
[1601] And if you give me dad's five pound well I can mark his off and then you can tell him then, I'll leave your card here and you can say you've paid and you owe me five pound.
[1602] He knows he's gotta give it to you then.
[1603] ... I've gotta have it now to sort the bloody money out!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1604] Gotta pen.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1605] Drawer.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1606] I ain't got five pound.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1607] Ah?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1608] I haven't got five pound on me.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1609] How much you got?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1610] Te twenty.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1611] Two twenties.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1612] There's mine.
[1613] Your father's given you there.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1614] Ah, oh it ... what?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1615] I'll give you twenty now.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1616] Right.
[1617] Date today, fourteenth?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1618] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1619] There are ... a month later the twenty eighth [...] .
[1620] Fourteen the first ninety two.
[1621] Twenty pound off ... you owe ten pound.
[1622] ... Then Carole'll give me five pound a week now look, and then you finish in two weeks love and then ... you can order covers or whatever you wanna order.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1623] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1624] I don't owe anything.
[1625] [...] coat now, I'm gonna start paying for it ... Friday.
[1626] ... And what's [...] gonna pay, five pound?
[1627] Or one fifty is it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1628] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1629] I'll leave dad's card you [...] .
[1630] Four ninety nine like he owes.
[1631] Well I'll see him anyway definitely when he comes back.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1632] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1633] I know.
[1634] ... [...] asking him then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1635] What?
[1636] Yeah.

12 (Tape 054205)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1637] I saw this right, on a
Gordon (PS0DL) [1638] You said that one today.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1639] Yeah.
[1640] And the green one there.
[1641] I'll get er ... too much sleep.
[1642] Are we going?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1643] No.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1644] Don't you fancy going up today?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1645] Not if I know the same [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1646] I know.
[1647] I'm sorry!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1648] Dad's pretty keen.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1649] Yeah.
[1650] Do you want that on?
Sean (PS0DT) [1651] Yes.
[1652] Well it said ... three wrong.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1653] Well you got that right didn't you?
[1654] Got that right.
Sean (PS0DT) [1655] Mm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1656] Is he coming down, he'll be down shortly.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [1657] Can I ... take that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1658] I think we're going out the movies.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1659] Are you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1660] Aye.
Sean (PS0DT) [1661] He just the essay then.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1662] So you didn't ask her to go.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1663] No I didn't. [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1664] Is she playing ... tonight?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1665] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1666] Did you play er whatsername?
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1667] Aye.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [1668] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [sigh]
Sean (PS0DT) [1669] The edge.
[1670] It's ... that that little ... he couldn't find it.
[1671] He couldn't find it.
[1672] Is that my mummy?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1673] And when this is going, turn round the other way.
[1674] No no!
Sean (PS0DT) [1675] No, no, no, no!
[1676] I know!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1677] That's enough!
[1678] No
Sean (PS0DT) [1679] Ah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1680] no, no, no!
[1681] Whereabouts, why would I put them there?
[1682] Oh he's put it off!
[1683] Ah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1684] [...] so what do you wanna with it?
[1685] Put it up li come up like that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1686] I've seen that.
[1687] I know that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1688] Well it was.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1689] There you are.
[1690] Very good!
[1691] There are you.
[1692] Thank you.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1693] Do you think I should [...] ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1694] Yeah.
[1695] Hang on!
Sean (PS0DT) [1696] We wanted to ride in those.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1697] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1698] Yeah well I'll tell you what's wrong with them. [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [1699] Ah!
[1700] Dad!
[1701] Didn't even know how to do this! [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1702] Oi!
[1703] Oi!
[1704] That's no way to talk Sean!
Sean (PS0DT) [1705] No, I I er, said no way, like I was gonna say
Gordon (PS0DL) [1706] Like you do this morning? [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [1707] you've lost your shoe.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1708] That's better.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1709] He was gonna tell you [...] this morning he said look at me with [...] daddy!
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1710] And slept alright didn't you?
Sean (PS0DT) [1711] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1712] Are you sleeping with us then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1713] I think she er ... woke up about ... what ti time did Kirsty wake up?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1714] I couldn't tell you what it is.
[1715] You know what it is.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1716] You wake up any ... any time last week at all?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1717] [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1718] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1719] What's that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1720] No I hope he didn't.
Sean (PS0DT) [1721] I er ... Kirsty went to sleep.
[1722] I couldn't ... ow!
[1723] Look she's hitting me!
[1724] You slept in there didn't you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1725] Yes I did.
[1726] Who told you?
Sean (PS0DT) [1727] No, nobody I just, just I ... can you Patrick if he was out there?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1728] Where?
Sean (PS0DT) [1729] He's coming to play with me.
[1730] Need someone to play with.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1731] Oh yeah.
[1732] It's up to there.
[1733] I dunno [...] .
[1734] ... Have you got a [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1735] Ah, you fix that up for me Sean would you?
[1736] Thursday or Friday or
Debbie (PS0DM) [1737] Thursday's better for us to go and then nanny took it apart [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1738] Yeah!
[1739] It's good!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1740] Because there's a lot of different parts u , I need to go there.
Sean (PS0DT) [1741] That's in the bathroom.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1742] I know you're gonna ... I know you're gonna
Sean (PS0DT) [1743] Cos you I need
Debbie (PS0DM) [1744] I know you're gonna put it on my chair.
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1745] What's that?
[1746] Do you want it to work?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1747] Yeah. ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1748] What has he put on the
Sean (PS0DT) [1749] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1750] [...] I dunno.
Sean (PS0DT) [1751] Oh no!
[1752] Why are you sending to it [...] with that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1753] I dunno.
[1754] We've got plenty of them in your box.
[1755] ... And did you wanna go that way?
[1756] Did you?
[1757] ... In the middle?
[1758] You know what they are there don't you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1759] What?
[1760] There are ... some withdrawal symptoms though don't he?
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1761] I've been
Debbie (PS0DM) [1762] Yeah.
Sean (PS0DT) [1763] sleeping in bed.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1764] I know you do.
[1765] Good girl aren't you?
[1766] What's on your head Kirsty?
[1767] [...] . Yeah, you've got something there! [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1768] Well ... never mind, it'll come out.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1769] Must have put your hair in [...] did you?
Sean (PS0DT) [1770] It looks just right for a helicopter man.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1771] There you are!
[1772] I told you there should be one there.
[1773] Only thing is, he hasn't got nothing on his head!
[1774] But you got plenty haven't you?
Sean (PS0DT) [1775] I know!
[1776] Put this on him!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1777] I've got the, where's Kirsty?
Sean (PS0DT) [1778] [...] as well!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1779] Yeah.
[1780] There's those coats Gordon, there's several of them after those coats that er ... I gotta take them for [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1781] What are they jackets or ... coats on Thursdays?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1782] Yeah yo one o , one of the red coats
Gordon (PS0DL) [1783] Talking about that one er er [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1784] in there
Gordon (PS0DL) [1785] there's [...] one's there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1786] No, no, no one is a red ... woollen coat ... you know, with the buttons up to the top.
[1787] And something else she said ... she, oh!
[1788] Oh, the pink ... jacket anorak
Debbie (PS0DM) [1789] Like the one I bought for Kirsty.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1790] don't fit she says ... she says we'll have it.
[1791] ... And I pu , I got a [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [1792] [shouting] Oh dad the wheel on [] !
[1793] He's [...] ... then moved it over a bit.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1794] Want anything else then Sean?
[1795] I haven't stuck the gears on.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1796] You can move them anyway you want to Sean, it's up to you to do that ... to work them.
[1797] So you're fast
Sean (PS0DT) [1798] And even then a lot of this stuff to get on and off.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1799] It's only part of the Lego this Sean and make a ... look holding the stick.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1800] I haven't stuck that as well have I Sean.
Sean (PS0DT) [1801] Well I know how to put it on anyway.
[1802] It tips, so you can put these on.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1803] Well, I didn't stick it all because
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1804] My, my book's come off
Debbie (PS0DM) [1805] so that you could play with it isn't it?
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1806] It looks good!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1807] So stick these back on.
Sean (PS0DT) [1808] Mm.
[1809] Oops!
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1810] Come stick with me.
Sean (PS0DT) [1811] Alright.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1812] That's this one.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1813] Is there two books in her hand?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1814] Lovely, lovely tractor!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1815] Is there two books in her hand?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1816] So Sean's got the [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [1817] And I put them in back of her hood cos she couldn't hold my hand.
[1818] So he put them
Debbie (PS0DM) [1819] Yes.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1820] in her hood and Sean watched her bringing
Debbie (PS0DM) [1821] Well you just pay for that.
Sean (PS0DT) [1822] And they never fell out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1823] You had to read it use Sean's library book.
Sean (PS0DT) [1824] Yeah, they used to mine.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1825] [reading] The Cooper Family Lived On It's Own [] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1826] We've got two of those!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1827] Have you?
[1828] [reading children's book] They were disturbing [...] at the top [...] .
[1829] And there was Nebbins.
[1830] Nebbins was Mr Cooper's only horse.
[1831] ... Nebbins was Mr Cooper's only horse who worked very hard, pulled the plough and the hay cart, and his, all the other jobs that a horse had to do on a farm.
[1832] Nebbins was happy!
[1833] He had lived with the Coopers nearly all his life and all Coopers like him, especially Tom [] .
[1834] There's Tom look!
[1835] Kirsty.
Gordon (PS0DL) [cough]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1836] See Tom with the apple there.
[1837] [reading] Tommy came to the barn every day after Nebbins work was finished and always brought him an apple, or a lump of sugar.
[1838] Great brother Jim gave him fresh water and plenty of oats.
[1839] One day a terrible thing happened!
[1840] And Mr Cooper and Nebbins were returning from the field [...] []
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1841] Like that!
[1842] Now they've picking hands look!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1843] Mm!
Sean (PS0DT) [1844] You can put them on the [...] and now it stings my hand cos I ... cos
Debbie (PS0DM) [1845] Never mind.
[1846] Never mind.
Sean (PS0DT) [1847] I caught , I caught took my hand to those cats.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1848] Dad bought your bike down here.
Sean (PS0DT) [1849] I didn't even feel like
Debbie (PS0DM) [1850] Only that you've not been on his bike [...] ... or yesterday.
[1851] I thought perhaps, you'd bring your bike down.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [1852] I got a little purse!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1853] I know!
[1854] That's lovely that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1855] I only just taken his bike for him cos it went a bit rusty cos out the back and er ... couldn't find [...] then could we?
[1856] I only once then we lost it again, lost the [...] somewhere, it's up the hill somewhere but I don't know where.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1857] Well I bought you a couple isn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1858] Yeah.
[1859] I it's up the hill somewhere but I can't find it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1860] [reading] Oh dad!
[1861] The tractor is here come and see!
[1862] Of course Nebbins had never seen a tractor before, he wondered what it was.
[1863] When they reached the farmyard there it stood, a great shiny red thing with big wheels at the back and little wheels in front.
[1864] And what a fuss everyone was making about it!
[1865] Tommy was climbing all over it!
[1866] And Jim was giving it a drink of water.
[1867] Why he was the one who had always bought Nebbins a drink when he came home.
[1868] Today, no one paid any attention to Nebbins, not even Tommy!
[1869] Old Nebbins felt hurt and slowly set off towards [...] [] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1870] What, well is Nebbins the tractor?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1871] No!
[1872] The horse!
Sean (PS0DT) [1873] Ah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1874] [reading] That Nebbins heard Mr Cooper and the tractor returning from the field.
[1875] Jim and Tommy were with him.
[1876] Mr Cooper drove it straight into the barn and stopped next to Nebbins [...] []
Sean (PS0DT) [1877] I can't fit the gear in now!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1878] I told you it was hard didn't I?
Sean (PS0DT) [1879] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1880] Have to take it out.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1881] You shouldn't of take him off see Sean.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1882] [reading] How dreadful thought Nebbins! [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1883] Let's see if I can do it for you.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1884] Mr Cooper and the boys rushed over [] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1885] No, you've glued it all up.
[1886] Now
Debbie (PS0DM) [1887] No I haven't glued this er ... gear bits on there.
[1888] Oh that, yeah!
[1889] Cos it fell off all the time.
Sean (PS0DT) [1890] Cos it, if erm ... if that
Debbie (PS0DM) [1891] If you could pull that off you can put it on [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [1892] Oh, I'll keep them on.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1893] Will you see if I can put it on too Sean?
Sean (PS0DT) [1894] No I don't want them to be there.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1895] [reading] How dreadful!
[1896] Nebbins kicking his knees out!
[1897] Mr Cooper and boys rushed over to calm him.
[1898] At last they were closing the barn door hearing Mr Cooper say ... Jim I could [] [tape change]

13 (Tape 054206)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [1899] You know the entrance to the [...] ?
[1900] The [...] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1901] aha.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1902] There.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1903] Oh aye.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1904] Do you want anything?
Sean (PS0DT) [1905] When you was up at Teddys thought a bit little and it was, it was ... achanical .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1906] Quite big isn't it?
[1907] It's not achanical , it's mechanical.
Sean (PS0DT) [1908] Mechanical because it's it's it's erm ... when it's [...] things need kind of things like that.
[1909] It looks mechanical don't it?
[1910] I I it looks like a little mechanical
Debbie (PS0DM) [1911] You know what mechanical, and I think he's on a train.
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1912] You know why they can't put more carriages on a train?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1913] Why?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1914] Platforms not long enough.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1915] But it's not stopping you see!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1916] No.
[1917] Well you
Debbie (PS0DM) [1918] You don't
Debbie (PS0DM) [1919] stop there but er
Gordon (PS0DL) [1920] Yeah!
[1921] But only certain times.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1922] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1923] But they ... nowadays they have a full [...] coming over.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1924] They can't stop, that's it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1925] Not big enough er
Debbie (PS0DM) [1926] Go along the line [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1927] it was in the paper about that.
[1928] It
Debbie (PS0DM) [1929] Yes.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1930] was in the paper about the other car coming along that one.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1931] No they announced it.
[1932] You see, because the two two quarters there look ... they overlap!
[1933] And yet, years ago they used to be long, long trains.
[1934] I it's the new, new ... [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [1935] Ah!
[1936] But that's a new station, new platform see.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1937] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1938] [...] is a longer one.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1939] I mean they could have gone, look how long Aberech station, er platform is.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1940] Be, be massive innit!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1941] It's massive!
Gordon (PS0DL) [cough]
Debbie (PS0DM) [1942] Can't they extend it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1943] That's what I'm doing now ripping it all out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1944] Ooh!
[1945] That's what you've been doing.
[1946] Oh!
[1947] That's good!
Gordon (PS0DL) [1948] Oh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1949] Because when people come to catch our train at twenty five to five i ... i it's announcing us that train.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1950] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1951] I've gotta be there now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1952] Don't stop at the [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [1953] Let me go and wash my hands first.
Sean (PS0DT) [1954] Grandpa.
[1955] Loo
Debbie (PS0DM) [1956] I'm the only one who done it yesterday!
Sean (PS0DT) [1957] Grandpa , look at my train!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1958] I'll be there now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1959] Let Grandpa wash his hands first.
Sean (PS0DT) [1960] Cos
Debbie (PS0DM) [1961] Is that the tea on?
Sean (PS0DT) [1962] ga , I'm collecting because, and stuff like this.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1963] I'll go and make a cup of tea.
Sean (PS0DT) [1964] And when are ... the diggers going on the road?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1965] [sighing] Oh [] !
Sean (PS0DT) [1966] And they dig a packet up.
[1967] He, and he
Gordon (PS0DL) [1968] Have you had breakfast?
Sean (PS0DT) [1969] come here, trailer and track.
[1970] Yeah.
[1971] And he says the Queen don't wanna
Debbie (PS0DM) [1972] Yeah, I've had breakfast.
Sean (PS0DT) [1973] carry it on here
Gordon (PS0DL) [1974] What about [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [1975] so, he carries it on the trailer like that
Gordon (PS0DL) [1976] [singing] What did you want for breakfast [] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [1977] on the road when they wanna go to another
Gordon (PS0DL) [1978] Er
Sean (PS0DT) [1979] building sites, and they finished the other building sites.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1980] What did she have for breakfast Gordon?
Gordon (PS0DL) [1981] Kirsty had Weetabix.
Sean (PS0DT) [1982] And this is a
Debbie (PS0DM) [1983] Yes.
Sean (PS0DT) [1984] rescue ... helicopter.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1985] And what did you have Sean?
Sean (PS0DT) [1986] Is that a helicopter or a plane?
[1987] Helicopter.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1988] Helicopter.
[1989] Do you like do you?
[1990] It was quite good that helicopter Gordon.
Gordon (PS0DL) [1991] Yeah.
[1992] What did you have for breakfast Sean?
[1993] You had toast didn't you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [1994] Did you have toast for breakfast?
[1995] You going out [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [1996] And there's so much little things on it!
Debbie (PS0DM) [1997] Are you going out with me today?
Sean (PS0DT) [1998] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [1999] With me?
Sean (PS0DT) [2000] Yeah?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2001] Are you sure?
Sean (PS0DT) [2002] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2003] And Kirsty?
Sean (PS0DT) [2004] Nan.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2005] After breakfast?
Sean (PS0DT) [2006] Yeah.
[2007] Nan?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2008] My chocolate sponge.
Sean (PS0DT) [2009] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh]
Sean (PS0DT) [2010] Nan?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2011] What love?
Sean (PS0DT) [2012] I'm glad you're coming with me ... cos ... it's so much little stuff on
Gordon (PS0DL) [2013] They are.
[2014] No I'm not doing it Sean.
[2015] I'll get it when we come back.
[2016] And [...] not doing it he or with you because he wouldn't even let, alright then.
[2017] I didn't glue them all there, I just glued some of it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2018] Some of it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2019] so that when it er, come apart ... you would have some of it together and some of it would bond together ... so that you could do it yourself then.
Sean (PS0DT) [2020] Yeah.
[2021] Anyway
Gordon (PS0DL) [2022] Alright?
Sean (PS0DT) [2023] anyway dad ... I ... well you started fixing this didn't you, on Christmas day?
[2024] And, when you come home you said ... mum ... did ... did you fix this?
[2025] And ... and mummy said no.
[2026] And then when you come in I was fixing it weren't I?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2027] Yeah.
Sean (PS0DT) [2028] I fixed
Debbie (PS0DM) [2029] Yeah.
Sean (PS0DT) [2030] it!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2031] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2032] There was one piece I couldn't fix on.
[2033] And I, I don't whether [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2034] Clever boy!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2035] [...] didn't I?
Sean (PS0DT) [2036] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2037] And when I come back you put it on yourself!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2038] Good boy!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2039] And I said you're a good boy didn't I?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2040] [...] ... You haven't got a flat bit there.
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2041] It's on your tape.
[2042] On the tape it is.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2043] Nanny put it away for you.
Sean (PS0DT) [2044] On the tape for me.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2045] [sighing] Oh!
[2046] I got you [] !
Gordon (PS0DL) [2047] What time did you start last night then ... to work?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2048] Te te , ten o'clock.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2049] Ten o'clock?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2050] Well about that.
Sean (PS0DT) [2051] Dad!
[2052] Look ee ... I made a little one!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2053] You want this?
Sean (PS0DT) [2054] And a mechanical helicopter?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2055] Do you want tea Gordon?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2056] Oh aye.
[2057] I'll have a cup.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2058] Yeah , I'll have a cup of tea mum please?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2059] Is that your bag there?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2060] Where?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2061] What do you carry in it?
[2062] Money?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2063] No.
Sean (PS0DT) [2064] I've got loads of money!
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]

14 (Tape 054207)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [2065] You could have sat on this then!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2066] No Sean.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2067] Yeah I'm coming out now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2068] I was watch him how to do it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2069] You could stand on that.
[2070] I dunno how to put
Gordon (PS0DL) [2071] You'd break it if you stand on that wouldn't you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2072] Why don't you go and put it on the table love, over there.
Sean (PS0DT) [2073] There?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2074] You want tea Gordon, yeah?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2075] And you won't get it [...] on here.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2076] I'll have a cup please, aye.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2077] Ah!
Sean (PS0DT) [2078] Mm.
[2079] Will mine
Gordon (PS0DL) [2080] Ma, do you want him to do that down here love?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2081] Ah, he's taking it all up. [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2082] How many's there?
[2083] How many down there?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2084] Three fellers.
[2085] It's not many.
Sean (PS0DT) [2086] Three!
[2087] Three's a lot!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2088] Kirsty don't like her dummy no more now!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2089] She don't.
[2090] No.
[2091] She told me that last week!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2092] Good girly, Kirst!
Sean (PS0DT) [2093] Is this three?
[2094] One, two, three.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2095] Good boy!
Sean (PS0DT) [2096] A stray 'copter.
[2097] Brrr!
[2098] Brrr!
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2099] I like that!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2100] What's that er ... over there?
[2101] Is that it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2102] Where?
[2103] No, that's Sean and Kirsty's.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2104] I mean in the ... they didn't really like that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2105] Took it back up didn't they?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2106] Oh cos
Debbie (PS0DM) [2107] Wherever they are.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2108] Down there?
[2109] Are you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2110] Oh I got it!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2111] See Manchester United won again yesterday.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2112] Did they?
Sean (PS0DT) [2113] Yeah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2114] Go back up to
Gordon (PS0DL) [2115] One nil against Everton.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2116] Liverpool won too.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2117] Two one they did weren't they?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2118] [...] I said it's three.
Sean (PS0DT) [2119] Here's a big one.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2120] The game's off.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2121] And Pontypool beat Swansea!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2122] Better be good.
[2123] Eh?

15 (Tape 054208)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [2124] Hello Rene.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2125] Hiya!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2126] Alright nan?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2127] Hiya!
Sean (PS0DT) [2128] A helicopter!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2129] And er ... we haven't had it, we haven't received it yet.
[2130] You haven't been out again mum?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2131] That's a lot slower.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2132] [sighing] Ah [] !
Hayley (PS0DN) [2133] I went ... the [...] , if I could have a cosy bag like you.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2134] Well I told you you'd have to order it.
[2135] Don't you order at all?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2136] Ooh!
[2137] Ta darling.
[2138] In a pin shop.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2139] I told you didn't I?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2140] I was ordering it when Becky told me, and then Becky and she said
Gordon (PS0DL) [2141] Yeah , but well you've gotta go the shop and tell her.
Sean (PS0DT) [2142] [shouting] Mum, can I have the telly on [] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2143] The
Debbie (PS0DM) [2144] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2145] I remember what it done with me.
[2146] The batteries [...] .
[2147] Anywhere'll sell batteries.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2148] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2149] But [...] you do come in
Sean (PS0DT) [2150] Oh. [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2151] and I told you could always pop in.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2152] You got Woolworths here?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2153] Oh yes!
[2154] Bu ... to give you all a hand with it wouldn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2155] Wool shop?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2156] Because you'd have to go and see whoever's in charge.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2157] No, they have them in stock and th they said last week.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2158] No!
[2159] They haven't got any as I
Gordon (PS0DL) [2160] Oh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2161] already told you!
Sean (PS0DT) [2162] This, nan?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2163] Hello.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2164] Do you like [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [2165] I haven't got something
Gordon (PS0DL) [2166] I haven't
Hayley (PS0DN) [2167] Would they like this?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2168] Ah!
[2169] We'll [...] .
[2170] I don't think they've tasted it before.
Sean (PS0DT) [2171] Granddad.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2172] Do you like these?
Sean (PS0DT) [2173] It's number three ... a motorbike.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2174] I put washing out on.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2175] Why?
[2176] What
Sean (PS0DT) [2177] The
Debbie (PS0DM) [2178] what [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [2179] This
Gordon (PS0DL) [2180] Ah!
Sean (PS0DT) [2181] th this this ... num num na ... this number
Gordon (PS0DL) [2182] This one
Sean (PS0DT) [2183] three, motorbike crashed the car.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2184] The things I pop on the back [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2185] And, and he got a book.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2186] She [...] ... got it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2187] Oh.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2188] Daddy, have you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2189] If she wants one get it on here.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2190] I'll have to buy one before then.
[2191] What?
Sean (PS0DT) [2192] I can see the whole of the time ... [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2193] That's what?
Sean (PS0DT) [2194] Goodness me!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2195] That's what?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2196] Let him [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2197] Oh they'll be giant!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2198] Give him one of them.
[2199] I gotta make you for them.
[2200] I got two er ... [...] and then a big one for me.
[2201] And I got ... [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2202] Have you finished?
[2203] Look i
Gordon (PS0DL) [2204] You're not finished yet.
Sean (PS0DT) [2205] it's the grapes ... with pips in them.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2206] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2207] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2208] I'm taking the pips out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2209] Let him go.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2210] What?
[2211] They'll be teasing us in the [...] club mother won't they?
Sean (PS0DT) [2212] I ... oh yes they will.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2213] I know, but the only thing is they'll be very, very special!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2214] Right.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2215] Can I move that tea cup a bit?
Sean (PS0DT) [2216] I was ... just gonna see
Hayley (PS0DN) [2217] What about [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2218] Big sink over there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2219] Could we go out there?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2220] Ah?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2221] I haven't sent over the card yet.
Sean (PS0DT) [2222] That's green.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2223] A sympathy card
Gordon (PS0DL) [2224] I asked Debbie yesterday.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2225] I don't know whether to go out.
[2226] But one thing I do fi you get a sympathy card I gotta go to the funeral isn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2227] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2228] You should post it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2229] Course not.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2230] already so that they [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2231] If you post this you don't, but don't give it back.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2232] What
Gordon (PS0DL) [2233] Right?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2234] like this?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2235] [...] ... post it or give it her.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2236] Well you could do.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2237] Well it's better than making it all up.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2238] No, it doesn't matter about after the funeral we got [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [2239] That's alright then, that's what I'm saying, aye.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2240] Erm, oh they're beautiful!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2241] Well if you posted it tomorrow look, she would have it wouldn't she?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2242] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2243] Yeah.
[2244] She'd have it Tuesday.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2245] I dunno.
[2246] I could have got her one up the road this morning.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2247] She'll wait three days.
[2248] You should have gone to get it down there.
[2249] I forgot to get one yesterday.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2250] I don't think I got one.
Debbie (PS0DM) [cough]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2251] [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [2252] When he [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [2253] I know.
[2254] I remember you saying.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2255] [sighing] Oh [] !
Debbie (PS0DM) [2256] Hasn't got erm
Gordon (PS0DL) [2257] I expect he'd be [...] .
[2258] I didn't have any, yeah!
[2259] Say, I've gotta change the [...] .
[2260] I could give it to her if I'd had it.
[2261] And I'd scraped the cooker [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2262] I had it there.
[2263] Isn't it, oh no, I paid her that
Gordon (PS0DL) [2264] Like one pound thirty he says.
[2265] Cos they were said, he just come in nanny, he said he's got the change.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2266] One pound twenty he said, innit?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2267] Thirty.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2268] No!
[2269] One pound twenty I think.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2270] One pound thirty then he told me.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2271] Oh!
[2272] I only give him one pound twenty.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2273] I got one pound twenty but er, in change but she said, like how much is a bet here and she said one pound thirty.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2274] [...] pound twenty.
[2275] Hello!
[2276] How are you? [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2277] I got people the wrong way!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2278] Yes.
[2279] A purse.
[2280] Oh give me that.
[2281] That's off her dress.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2282] Off your dress.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2283] That's to go with her dress.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2284] [singing] Oh these are [...] [] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2285] And then ... you are
Gordon (PS0DL) [2286] Oh Gordon, oh Suzanne phoning last night.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2287] And Jimmy?
Sean (PS0DT) [2288] Oh!
[2289] Oh!
[2290] Oh!
[2291] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2292] She said
Sean (PS0DT) [2293] Ha!
[2294] Ha!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2295] they sent us a parcel before Christmas ... three weeks before Christmas, and they were ringing ... se , because he knew with overseas or anything [...] .
[2296] So, she said that er
Sean (PS0DT) [2297] [singing] Oh oh, oh!
[2298] Ha!
[2299] Ha!
[2300] La [] !
Gordon (PS0DL) [2301] can we enquire ... about it.
[2302] But if you remember the last time they sent us a parcel er
Hayley (PS0DN) [2303] It's hardly worth you having anything at all o obviously it's out innit?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2304] they took out loads of things.
[2305] They take
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2306] a lot of things out see.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2307] Do they?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2308] Yeah!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2309] Yeah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2310] Yeah!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2311] They open it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2312] And when we went to Germany they would say, you know, she said you had our parcel and I said yes, and I said ... [...] did you have [...] ?
[2313] I said no!
[2314] Couple of things Bill wasn't it?
[2315] About three things they said that was in the parcel we never had.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2316] Where's my [...] ?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2317] They haven't come in yet.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2318] Oh God!
[2319] Bring my trousers woman, if anything!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2320] [...] ... got to ... got that Casanova that, [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2321] exactly like it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2322] He's, he's worse than all the kids!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2323] No!
[2324] You got a la
Hayley (PS0DN) [2325] I know, I can see it.
[2326] Right there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh] [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [laugh]
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2327] What are you gonna do about it do you know?
Sean (PS0DT) [2328] There.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2329] He's been on those hasn't he?
[2330] A little bit.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2331] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2332] What?
Sean (PS0DT) [2333] Look nan!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2334] Oh yeah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2335] What is it?
Sean (PS0DT) [2336] Look!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2337] Oh I know.
Sean (PS0DT) [2338] Look at that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2339] Oh that's great!
[2340] Yes!
Sean (PS0DT) [2341] The motorbike bashed into it and when he bashed into him he crashed
Gordon (PS0DL) [2342] When you woke up frightened there?
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2343] crashed into him
Gordon (PS0DL) [2344] What?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2345] When you woke up [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2346] and and cardboard
Gordon (PS0DL) [2347] Well I didn't wanna go.
Sean (PS0DT) [2348] and then his saddle come off ... and
Gordon (PS0DL) [2349] Ah?
Sean (PS0DT) [2350] then the rescue helicopter and that just one
Gordon (PS0DL) [2351] Daddy'll stay there or wait till I come home.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2352] If you're lucky.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2353] I've got your father there.
[2354] I tell you what
Gordon (PS0DL) [2355] He's gone off
Gordon (PS0DL) [2356] I told you
Hayley (PS0DN) [2357] What's that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2358] They didn't go out cos I said he could [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2359] [mimics motorbike] Brrr!
[2360] Brrr!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2361] Yeah?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2362] That's, yes that's
Sean (PS0DT) [2363] [mimics motorbike] Brrr!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2364] Oh yeah!
[2365] He can't go out anyway.
Sean (PS0DT) [2366] Did you two block ... yes, an accident.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2367] Ah well!
[2368] That's when I'm having my batteries.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2369] [yawning] Yeah [] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2370] Jump [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2371] But on her face she could get a [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2372] Oh!
[2373] [...] She is a bit.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2374] and she said er
Debbie (PS0DM) [2375] Can she mum?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2376] Yeah I don't mind.
[2377] I li , I can't look at any of them shops she said.
Sean (PS0DT) [2378] [shouting] Nan [] !
[2379] What's the
Hayley (PS0DN) [2380] They [...] looking at shops they're not ... [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2381] Nan!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2382] Ooh I say!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2383] There's grading in all shops like?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2384] Yeah!
Sean (PS0DT) [2385] Nan!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2386] But apart
Sean (PS0DT) [2387] Nan!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2388] from that, what love?
Sean (PS0DT) [2389] What's that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2390] What is it?
[2391] Let me see.
[2392] Oh gosh!
[2393] Erm
Gordon (PS0DL) [2394] I'll attend the funeral anyway we Tuesday.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2395] What you got in there?
[2396] Nothing.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2397] Anyway, [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2398] I'll do that [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2399] Something in the [...] , [...] measure.
[2400] Orange for you.
[2401] A Pear for you.
[2402] And half the grapes.
Sean (PS0DT) [2403] Well why didn't she tell them
Gordon (PS0DL) [2404] And the rest is
Sean (PS0DT) [2405] I am
Gordon (PS0DL) [2406] a bit hot.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2407] [...] never told mum did she?
[2408] How do you know that?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2409] Show me.
Sean (PS0DT) [2410] And some juice!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2411] Yeah , cos it was you with erm ... well it must have been some years ago.
Sean (PS0DT) [2412] Mm!
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2413] Hee!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2414] What day [...] she was here?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2415] Tuesday.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2416] I was coming from the road, I met Lil.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2417] Lil who?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2418] Lil er ... next door to me.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2419] Oh!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2420] I said well I don't see you very often.
[2421] She said no I'm in work.
[2422] And said I wonder what's the matter the next house next to me, she said I wi I ... I wondered if Penny come and live there, you know, from where she is now er
Debbie (PS0DM) [2423] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2424] I said, I dunno Lil, I I heard it was gonna go up for sale.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2425] Is that Olly's house?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2426] Yeah.
[2427] And she said, do you know her nan?
[2428] She calls her nan don't she?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2429] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2430] Mrs er , Mrs ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2431] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2432] She's nice lady int she?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2433] Yeah.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2434] They think she got cancer in the breast.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2435] Oh!
[2436] At her age?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2437] They're sending her down tomorrow.
[2438] Erm, I said, Miss
Debbie (PS0DM) [2439] Ah no!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2440] stayed up here, Mrs, er doctor I said to her, till the mother comes along.
[2441] And the nearest
Debbie (PS0DM) [2442] She got [...] will they?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2443] That's right then is it?
[2444] That
Hayley (PS0DN) [2445] Yes they will!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2446] Oh I don't believe it!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2447] How old is she?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2448] About ninety two.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2449] Oh well.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2450] And she said, she said to her mother last week she went up to see her and she said to me ... she said, out of the blue it come she said
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2451] tell me, how is Rene getting on?
Sean (PS0DT) [2452] Ah!
[2453] Ah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2454] [laugh] What you done?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2455] And then she said, I said oh she's alright she's still living next to me.
Sean (PS0DT) [2456] Oh!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2457] And she said ... and what about Betty ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [laugh]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2458] Oh she said, she's still there nan.
Sean (PS0DT) [2459] I'm a mechanic.

16 (Tape 054209)

Gordon (PS0DL) [2460] I'm not doing it because of that, I'm doing it because ... I prefer to do it, but it isn't that, it's just the fact that ... I won't be here tomorrow to go and
Hayley (PS0DN) [2461] No.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2462] water the flowers.
[2463] If I'd have known earlier I could have done it.
[2464] But I, I didn't [...] .
Hayley (PS0DN) [2465] No I'll er
Debbie (PS0DM) [cough]
Sean (PS0DT) [2466] Well
Hayley (PS0DN) [2467] Bill can give [...] , he can give it me to give her.
[2468] I must fill it out.
Sean (PS0DT) [2469] You jump
Gordon (PS0DL) [2470] What is it cancer, is it cancer research is it?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2471] Well anything I expect.
[2472] ... I expect it will be cancer cos her mother died of that as well.
[2473] And her father so I could have done that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2474] Did you enjoy your telly last night?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2475] What did we watch last night?
[2476] Oh I watched a er
Gordon (PS0DL) [2477] I couldn't get over you and [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2478] Debbie said there's nothing on telly tonight see.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2479] It was Dustin Hoffman.
[2480] I watched that er Marathon
Gordon (PS0DL) [2481] I turned it off
Gordon (PS0DL) [2482] Marathon Man?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2483] because I didn't watch that.
[2484] Watched the darts
Gordon (PS0DL) [2485] I've seen it before.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2486] I did.
[2487] Oh! [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2488] It was good!
[2489] I I watched the darts in the afternoon.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2490] Yes!
[2491] Weren't it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2492] Good!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2493] good?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2494] Great, the darts!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2495] I didn't, I didn't see the darts in the afternoon
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2496] I saw it last night.
[2497] Brilliant weren't it?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2498] Oh this is wonderful!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2499] And I turned over and I just caught the end of that film.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2500] And McBrady ... he had two chances to go and
Sean (PS0DT) [2501] Mum!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2502] he could have gone.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2503] Yes.
Sean (PS0DT) [2504] Mum!
[2505] Mum
Gordon (PS0DL) [2506] Yes.
Sean (PS0DT) [2507] where's the box?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2508] Couldn't finish.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2509] Couldn't , yeah.
Sean (PS0DT) [2510] At the back.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2511] I I enjoyed the Marathon Man.
Sean (PS0DT) [2512] The box that that
Hayley (PS0DN) [2513] I really enjoyed it!
Sean (PS0DT) [2514] come in?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2515] With the helicopter in?
Sean (PS0DT) [2516] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2517] I seen it before that one.
[2518] The Marathon Man.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2519] Yes, I have too.
[2520] I have too.
[2521] Ooh I love it!
[2522] Yes!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2523] And The Boys from Brazil was on in the evening.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2524] I watched that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2525] I taped that as well.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2526] Oh I didn't see that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2527] It's a great one that!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2528] Gregory Peck.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2529] Gregory Peck!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2530] Oh!
[2531] Because er ... I quite enjoyed that film.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2532] James Mason as well weren't it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2533] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2534] I watched it to end of er, darts then golf come on and I turned off then look so I
Debbie (PS0DM) [2535] Go and get a box for that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2536] What I done, I taped it back like that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2537] Mhm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2538] Gosh!
[2539] They'd had a match though didn't it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2540] Mm.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2541] Oh!
[2542] It's, bloody hell!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2543] Longest er
Gordon (PS0DL) [2544] Yeah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2545] longest thing though weren't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2546] I really enjoyed it!
[2547] And I was late back and I was [...] goes oh my gosh!
[2548] I wa really got into, I hadn't seen a [...] this good!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2549] Oh aye it was good!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2550] Only a bit in that and he told me, and she kept that [laughing] [...] [] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [2551] Oh aye, that's it.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2552] And I just know that
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2553] even [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2554] [...] ... and [...] off.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2555] I don't wanna know the answer.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2556] Ah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2557] And I turned over and I just caught the last bit there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2558] I've watched them all through the week see.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2559] But Steve Davis and er
Gordon (PS0DL) [2560] Have you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2561] I've watched them all through the week.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2562] Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2563] That was ... close that.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2564] I think , oh I missed that.
[2565] I Just caught the end of it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2566] I really enjoyed it!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2567] I I just caught the last frame.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2568] You just caught ye , ah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2569] Oh I do enjoy er ... er darts.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2570] But that wasn't darts.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2571] I'm sure I miss it too.
[2572] What it is, when you got snooker on and just snooker you're quite ... content to watch it, but when you got darts on one side and snooker on the other side ... darts is such a faster game
Gordon (PS0DL) [2573] Mm.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2574] Faster than snooker.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2575] Of course it is.
[2576] An and er, I mean, I love snooker but when there's a choice of darts and snooker ... I always watch the darts because it's faster, it's more counting.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2577] They reckon that er, er er er oh is it, er the whole family go there, children and all, you know!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2578] It used to be fifty thousand innit, the prize?
[2579] But it's gone down to twenty eight
Gordon (PS0DL) [2580] Twenty eight it's gone down to.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2581] twenty eight now innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2582] Twenty eight thousand so that's
Gordon (PS0DL) [2583] Mind you, that's better than nothing innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2584] I think there's about
Gordon (PS0DL) [2585] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2586] thousand in the [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [2587] I was about to say
Hayley (PS0DN) [2588] I er ... eight thousand difference in er ... first and second wasn't it?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2589] Bill I was thinking ... I wonder is your black tie over my mother's?
[2590] I bet it's up there.
[2591] And the last time you wore it was with that mac, remember that mac?
[2592] The long trench coat?
[2593] Do you remember?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2594] Was it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2595] I remember.
[2596] I remember.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2597] Ned's , Ned's funeral?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2598] Was it?
[2599] That's the last time you wore it.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2600] Oh!
[2601] Oh!
[2602] Eleven years ago!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2603] Wayne's?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2604] Wayne's I never got.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2605] Pouring with rain wasn't it?
[2606] Remember?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2607] Aye.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2608] I haven't had a lend of it since then have I?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2609] You've got one of your own!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2610] The very last one cos that means you had a loan of it from me.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2611] No, you've still got the same one you have.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2612] Don't have one of them do you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2613] Oh yeah he has.
[2614] You got the same one.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2615] No, you got the lend of the one, he had a lend of the one you give to Nicholas.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2616] Well that's our tie Mrs!
[2617] ... Have you looked all up upstairs then have you?
Hayley (PS0DN) [cough]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2618] Everywhere.
[2619] And then, I always put it on hanger I can tell you.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2620] Bloody awful!
[2621] I can't find my bloody, oh!
[2622] He
Gordon (PS0DL) [2623] I
Debbie (PS0DM) [2624] couldn't have worked out where my black is!
[2625] I had to give him a bloody week!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2626] I always put on hanger, every time I put it away.
[2627] He don't, but I do.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2628] Bet you had a lend of that didn't you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2629] No!
[2630] No he hasn't had a lend of your tie!
[2631] Nobody has!
[2632] I know they haven't, so ... that's the only thing I can think of is over there on er ... that [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2633] Have they [...] yet?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2634] Mm mm.
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2635] That
Gordon (PS0DL) [2636] Someone ill is there?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2637] Yeah.
Sean (PS0DT) [2638] I kno , I know I can make it separate like this in a corner.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2639] All in there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2640] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2641] Like that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2642] Well I went [...] on the [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2643] Had quite a bit recently [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [2644] not coming on it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2645] I didn't see it.
[2646] Was it good?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2647] No!
[2648] I didn't see it.
[2649] Betty's seen it and she told me about it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2650] What?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2651] Said she enjoyed watching [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [2652] I got a machine [...] with nothing on it.
[2653] Not, I out of the machine I think it is.
Sean (PS0DT) [2654] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2655] Which you could fit in an helicopter.
Sean (PS0DT) [2656] Yeah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2657] Well I think it must go [...] there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2658] But most of it is damn well dry.
Sean (PS0DT) [2659] Cos ... cos I've never had it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2660] Helicopter before have you?
Sean (PS0DT) [2661] any Lego.
[2662] But, you know police station I had?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2663] And there was helicopters in that weren't there?
Sean (PS0DT) [2664] Yeah.
[2665] But I accidentally broke it!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2666] Well where's all the parts that fell apart?
[2667] You could bring them down and we co ... keep that here for now that helicopter
Sean (PS0DT) [2668] And
Gordon (PS0DL) [2669] paper.
Sean (PS0DT) [2670] and you know on that Robin Hood one
Gordon (PS0DL) [2671] Mhm.
Sean (PS0DT) [2672] I could sit.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2673] Have you?
Sean (PS0DT) [2674] You know, like I done with the house ... I put different parts for there
Gordon (PS0DL) [2675] Yeah.
[2676] You done that with your
Sean (PS0DT) [2677] Mm.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2678] Robin Hood Lego?
[2679] That's good!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2680] Awful quiet Kirst.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2681] She is quiet today ain't she?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2682] Haven't come round yet
Sean (PS0DT) [2683] And
Gordon (PS0DL) [2684] have you?
Sean (PS0DT) [2685] And that ... there ain't much parts on the police station.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2686] Ain't there?
Sean (PS0DT) [2687] Well all the, all the helicopters, the big parts I've definitely lost.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2688] I bet they're up there in, in one of your boxes somewhere.
Sean (PS0DT) [2689] Are you alright na nan?
[2690] When I, I erm ... was calling out ... the first ... [...] , right?
[2691] I can remember on erm ... the other day ... I ... I accidentally dropped the helicopter on the floor and it, I couldn't find that
Gordon (PS0DL) [2692] The part to it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2693] th ... well I could find the part to it.
[2694] I could have fixed it, but ... but I couldn't find the thing
Gordon (PS0DL) [2695] [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [2696] like snake thing.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2697] The [...] , the [...] it is
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2698] of of, well, well you got one now haven't you, the best one?
[2699] If it's the same then he copies it er
Debbie (PS0DM) [2700] Is it that one, the helicopter?
Sean (PS0DT) [2701] What?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2702] Put the helicopters in your other one?
[2703] That's it, in there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2704] You like school lately?
Sean (PS0DT) [2705] Yes.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2706] Do you like school?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2707] Oh there you are then.
[2708] You, keep the paper, don't lose the paper!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2709] You do, do you?
[2710] What's your teachers name?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2711] Perhaps you can make it up on your own.
Sean (PS0DT) [2712] Th ... the
Hayley (PS0DN) [2713] Do you know your
Sean (PS0DT) [2714] what's in all the parts there?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2715] I don't know.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2716] What's that for?
Sean (PS0DT) [2717] Ain't the same parts from the two helicopter ain't they?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2718] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2719] Plenty in this one.
Sean (PS0DT) [2720] Anyway,i it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2721] Don't know.
Sean (PS0DT) [2722] didn't haven't just er
Gordon (PS0DL) [2723] They changed all the teachers round now because
Sean (PS0DT) [2724] When
Gordon (PS0DL) [2725] er
Hayley (PS0DN) [2726] Have they?
Sean (PS0DT) [2727] he had ... this
Gordon (PS0DL) [2728] Sean's teacher was taken ill
Sean (PS0DT) [2729] this in
Gordon (PS0DL) [2730] weren't she?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2731] Oh!
[2732] I didn't know.
Sean (PS0DT) [2733] down the bottom there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2734] So they moved the teachers all round now.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2735] Like that.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2736] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2737] One, Mrs , Mrs don't have the
Sean (PS0DT) [2738] Go in there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2739] class one now.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2740] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2741] There's another teacher looking after [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2742] Oh I think that
Hayley (PS0DN) [2743] Oh!
Sean (PS0DT) [2744] one's just
Gordon (PS0DL) [2745] Alright.
Sean (PS0DT) [2746] empty.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2747] Alright.
[2748] Pick all the, all the bits in your plastic bag.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2749] I don't mean that
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2750] I meant
Gordon (PS0DL) [2751] You got a nice case and you don't bring it up with anything in!
[2752] You carry it all in plastic bags!
Sean (PS0DT) [2753] What?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2754] Your case!
Sean (PS0DT) [2755] What?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2756] Why don't you bring down your case
Debbie (PS0DM) [cough]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2757] we brought you?
Sean (PS0DT) [2758] Is it much better?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2759] Yes!
[2760] Oh!
[2761] You can put all your Lego in that case.
Sean (PS0DT) [2762] Mm.
[2763] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2764] You didn't think of that did you?
[2765] Saves you carrying it in the bag.
[2766] [...] your school bag!
[2767] And you carry it in plastic bags!
[2768] And you bought a nice little case there.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2769] And you got a nice box.
[2770] Case is the word
Gordon (PS0DL) [2771] Sean.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2772] innit?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2773] Sean, you can put all your Lego in that.
Sean (PS0DT) [2774] Did you see that then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2775] No I didn't see that.
Sean (PS0DT) [2776] I'll show you.
[2777] I'll show you.
[2778] Like a [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2779] It's like er
Sean (PS0DT) [2780] sliding.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2781] a see-saw. [laugh]
Sean (PS0DT) [2782] Wee!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2783] Woo!
[2784] Look at that!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2785] Well that's a way to clean [...] ma.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2786] Look at that!
[2787] Well I don't see [...] .
[2788] Alright.
Sean (PS0DT) [2789] Er ... that's how they go ... and helicopter
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2790] heli helicopters don't go, wee!
[2791] They go, they go, brrr!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2792] Mm!
Sean (PS0DT) [2793] Then they'll be going ... after me.
[2794] ... I, oh I'm not putting it
Gordon (PS0DL) [2795] Well take them back there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2796] Shall we go
Hayley (PS0DN) [2797] Sean
Gordon (PS0DL) [2798] and get some
Hayley (PS0DN) [2799] Sean.
[2800] I haven't been, this is, where does that go?
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2801] Well you'll leave [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2802] Are you coming?
[2803] Because we're now gonna wipe over that now?
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2804] This is hot.
[2805] Who wears this hat?
[2806] Would you like that to go with your [...] ?
Sean (PS0DT) [2807] I know.
[2808] You tells me.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2809] Do You?
Sean (PS0DT) [2810] You told me.
[2811] You told me about six times!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2812] Oh well, I told you another time then!
[2813] I'll make it seven!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2814] Only manage Tuesday Bill, you'll ... you'll have to have half day will you?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2815] Aye.
[2816] Buying two ... er three, er four, five ... six, seven
Sean (PS0DT) [2817] Eight.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2818] eight ... [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2819] [singing] How many fools on the [...] you trading
Debbie (PS0DM) [2820] Yeah I go , I got one.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2821] for [] ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2822] You know what they said?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2823] That's one twenty there.
[2824] And if it's one thirty give him that as well.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2825] Alright then?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2826] One twenty [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [2827] [...] all round here.
[2828] I'll have to cha , change it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2829] Look gramps!
[2830] Ain't that good?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2831] Yes.
[2832] Are you doing it properly boy?
Sean (PS0DT) [2833] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2834] Oh well take that look.
Sean (PS0DT) [2835] A man building
Debbie (PS0DM) [2836] Mind the other piece there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2837] You haven't any Kirst have you?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2838] All do you wanna do, look, the fans li like this.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2839] Ah!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2840] [...] watch it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2841] All in there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2842] We'll have it on telly in about fifteen minutes.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2843] They're all in there ain't they?
Sean (PS0DT) [2844] Right.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2845] Ah!
Sean (PS0DT) [2846] What was that?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2847] Oh I put on a pound too.
[2848] Until I put in a [...] .
Debbie (PS0DM) [2849] [sighing] Oh [] !
Gordon (PS0DL) [2850] I forgot it was there now look, those eighty twos.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2851] I thought about running it back a while.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2852] What?
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2853] Then take it back it's only twenty.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2854] Aye.
[2855] Aye.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2856] [...] , is it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2857] Wasn't checking was she?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2858] Well I'll see if there's any more.
[2859] And pay her back so it'll make up the ... up to one thirty.
Sean (PS0DT) [2860] Dad!
[2861] I got ... Nan!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2862] Oh!
Sean (PS0DT) [2863] where's the red
Gordon (PS0DL) [2864] Pass me a paper over dad.
[2865] Sunday paper there.
Sean (PS0DT) [2866] Well, the I'll show you [...] when you come out.
Debbie (PS0DM) [sneeze]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2867] Have a glance through this and all.
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Debbie (PS0DM) [yawn]

17 (Tape 054210)

Unknown speaker (KCAPSUNK) [2868] Have you seen Alf?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2869] Oh I have!
Sean (PS0DT) [2870] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2871] Have you got it all still?
Sean (PS0DT) [2872] That one please?
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2873] Can I have it?
Debbie (PS0DM) [2874] Ah! [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2875] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2876] What's that one there?
[2877] No!
[2878] Dinner first.
Sean (PS0DT) [2879] Yeah, I'll finish this first.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2880] I asked you to take all that in.
[2881] If you're good.
Sean (PS0DT) [2882] Oh!
[2883] I thought
Gordon (PS0DL) [2884] What are you
Sean (PS0DT) [2885] I thought we'd have a Smartie one.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2886] Oh I, I didn't have no Smarties to put on it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2887] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2888] And you didn't have any here.
[2889] I would have bought some if [...] .
Hayley (PS0DN) [2890] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2891] Alright then [...] ?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2892] Alright, yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2893] Er
Hayley (PS0DN) [2894] Well I haven't been [...] so I wonder what it is like?
Sean (PS0DT) [2895] Not this one
Gordon (PS0DL) [2896] What's that?
Sean (PS0DT) [2897] I'm doing this one.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2898] My batteries ... for my ... front door bell.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2899] Oh yeah!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2900] It's two pound a year for the [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [2901] Well I said, said it again!
Hayley (PS0DN) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2902] That was a long time ago!
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2903] Bought that, weren't it, the last battery you had?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2904] Well I just put the last one in.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2905] What do you want?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2906] From Woolworths.
[2907] So I took the price off it when I give it back to Woolworths, er to er
Gordon (PS0DL) [2908] Linda's.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2909] Linda's [...]
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2910] Da da da da da da!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2911] [laughing] Oh dear [] !
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2912] Da!
Hayley (PS0DN) [2913] So I wonder how much it's gone up?
[2914] It's two pound eighty nine.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2915] You are [...]
Hayley (PS0DN) [2916] Oh let's give your mother some [...] .
Gordon (PS0DL) [2917] What?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2918] I reckon
Debbie (PS0DM) [2919] Right.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2920] One twenty and put ten pence back innit?
Hayley (PS0DN) [2921] Ooh!
[2922] Ooh!
[2923] Ooh! ha!
[2924] Have you got did you say?
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2925] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2926] Yeah.
[2927] He said one thirty see, she thought it [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2928] Oh!
[2929] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2930] Oh no!
[2931] One twenty.
Sean (PS0DT) [2932] Dad!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2933] It's ... they're always mucking about.
Sean (PS0DT) [2934] Nanny.
[2935] [...] Change around.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2936] What?
Sean (PS0DT) [2937] Look!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2938] Ooh!
Sean (PS0DT) [2939] You watch this nan.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2940] Three.
Sean (PS0DT) [2941] Nana, turn it around.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2942] Hold the [...] and
Sean (PS0DT) [2943] No.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2944] bounce it along.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2945] I haven't got thirty.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2946] I found
Sean (PS0DT) [2947] You we
Gordon (PS0DL) [2948] the three!
Sean (PS0DT) [2949] It's silly!
[2950] I was, granddad!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2951] [...] ... all the threes and your
Sean (PS0DT) [2952] And then you give it
Debbie (PS0DM) [2953] What?
Sean (PS0DT) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2954] Did you see the score draws on here yesterday?
[2955] Thirteen!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2956] I dunno.
[2957] I had
Gordon (PS0DL) [2958] Thirteen score draws.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2959] And I pulled them and it went wrong.
Sean (PS0DT) [2960] That's mine , that.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2961] I know!
Sean (PS0DT) [2962] Look nan!
[2963] Look!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2964] Mistake anyway.
Hayley (PS0DN) [2965] What?
Sean (PS0DT) [2966] I'll pull it down.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2967] If I'd had another one ... with a couple of
Sean (PS0DT) [2968] Look!
Debbie (PS0DM) [2969] I'm gonna keep it there and er
Sean (PS0DT) [2970] Ooh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [2971] I I, If I'd another one with a couple of
Sean (PS0DT) [2972] I I've done na , I know, I've done nanny's when she comes
Gordon (PS0DL) [2973] I'll leave it.
Sean (PS0DT) [2974] [...] ... I'll do it then.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2975] [shouting] Okay [] !
[2976] Who forgot to clear the table
Gordon (PS0DL) [2977] I had four
Debbie (PS0DM) [2978] please?
Gordon (PS0DL) [2979] on my
Gordon (PS0DL) [2980] Yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2981] own.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2982] Oh mind the ... this is hot.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2983] [...] getting to know you.
Debbie (PS0DM) [2984] Some roast potatoes and your [...] .
[2985] Right?
Sean (PS0DT) [2986] Oh good!
Kirsty (PS0DU) [2987] I like ... yeah!
Sean (PS0DT) [2988] Oh!
[2989] Roast potatoes!
[2990] I want more roast, yeah.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2991] Yeah.
Debbie (PS0DM) [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [2992] Oh!
[2993] [...] ... And she smelled to me and she's
Debbie (PS0DM) [2994] I want that putting
Sean (PS0DT) [2995] there.
Gordon (PS0DL) [...]
Gordon (PS0DL) [2996] Bit o , bit of a [...] for a walk and he
Gordon (PS0DL) [2997] You dropped it.
Gordon (PS0DL) [2998] wa walked back to the van and she can smell all the cows'
Sean (PS0DT) [2999] Who's getting that one [...] ?
Debbie (PS0DM) [3000] Aye.
Gordon (PS0DL) [3001] muck!
Debbie (PS0DM) [3002] Oh!
Gordon (PS0DL) [3003] Ah!
Debbie (PS0DM) [3004] She didn't like it did she?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3005] She didn't like the smell!
Sean (PS0DT) [3006] She didn't like the smell of it!
Debbie (PS0DM) [3007] Didn't you like the smell of the cows Kirst?
Gordon (PS0DL) [laugh]
Kirsty (PS0DU) [3008] No!
[3009] I didn't!
Debbie (PS0DM) [3010] Wah! [...]
Sean (PS0DT) [3011] Did you like the smell of the cows?
[3012] Ah ah, she didn't.
Hayley (PS0DN) [3013] Didn't she?
Sean (PS0DT) [3014] No.
Kirsty (PS0DU) [3015] No.
Hayley (PS0DN) [3016] That's [...] .
Sean (PS0DT) [3017] I, and
Gordon (PS0DL) [3018] What did you say there?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3019] Did you like Fish Called Wanda?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3020] Yeah, it's okay.
Gordon (PS0DL) [3021] Try answering it.
[3022] ... Is it well worth watching?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3023] Yeah I suppose so.
Debbie (PS0DM) [3024] What's that?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3025] A Fish Called Wanda.
Gordon (PS0DL) [3026] Fish Called Wanda.
Debbie (PS0DM) [3027] Any good Gordon?
Gordon (PS0DL) [3028] Er, I dunno.
Debbie (PS0DM) [3029] Sean your dinner!
[3030] It's on the
Sean (PS0DT) [3031] Oh!
Debbie (PS0DM) [3032] table darling!
Sean (PS0DT) [3033] Oh!