13 conversations recorded by `Graeme' (PS0DX) between 22 and 26 February 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 2686 s-units, 15326 words (duration not recorded).

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 122

PS0DX Ag5 m (Graeme, age 62, company secretary, New Zealand, )
PS0DY Ag4 f (Ann, age 58, housewife) wife
PS0E2 Ag1 f (Sarah, age 23, sales representative) daughter
PS0E3 Ag2 m (Antony, age 25, car salesman) son-in-law
PS0E4 Ag5 f (Joyce, age 60+, housewife) friend
PS0E5 Ag4 f (Hazel, age 53, coffee shop assistant) friend
PS0E6 Ag4 f (Zara, age 57, coffee shop owner) friend
KCBPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCBPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

13 recordings

  1. Tape 043001 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling to Wimborne
  2. Tape 043002 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling to Wimborne
  3. Tape 043003 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( shop ) Activity: buying flour
  4. Tape 043004 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  5. Tape 043005 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  6. Tape 043006 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  7. Tape 043007 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  8. Tape 043008 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  9. Tape 043009 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( in car ) Activity: travelling from Wimborne to Throop
  10. Tape 043010 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( daughter's home ) Activity: visiting daughter
  11. Tape 043101 recorded on 1992-02-22. LocationDorset: Throop ( daughter's home ) Activity: visiting daughter
  12. Tape 043102 recorded on 1992-02-24. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( in coffee shop ) Activity: talking to shop owner
  13. Tape 043201 recorded on 1992-02-26. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( at home ) Activity: talking

1 (Tape 043001)

Graeme (PS0DX) [1] Quickly!
[2] New what?
[3] New roundabout here so it's
Ann (PS0DY) [4] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [5] almost the ... now in operation.
Ann (PS0DY) [6] They could dig near, in the row below isn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [7] Yeah.
[8] Oh cos they've gotta be housing dow all through there haven't they to
Ann (PS0DY) [9] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [10] Altering the whole ... layout aren't they?
[11] ... Can't remember what was there now actually, some of the houses
Ann (PS0DY) [12] I can't, either!
Graeme (PS0DX) [13] they've pulled [laughing] down [] !
[14] ... Try that chemist shop at Kinson.
Ann (PS0DY) [15] What love?
Graeme (PS0DX) [16] I'll try that chemist at Kinson on the way through to ... Sarah's to see whether ... they've got that er ... cod liver oil.
[17] ... Well I like to get the Sanatogen brand, if I can, rather than the
Ann (PS0DY) [18] Well you'll have to
Graeme (PS0DX) [19] Seven Seas
Ann (PS0DY) [20] [...] the one.
[21] Cos when they
Graeme (PS0DX) [22] cos it's
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [23] Well it's a better value bottle as well.
Ann (PS0DY) [24] Yeah.
[25] ... Are we going to a ... going to John's er, in afternoon tomorrow?
Graeme (PS0DX) [26] Oh I'd expect so, yes.
[27] I'd expect that's ... that's their plan.
[28] Or they may be coming to us, I don't know.
[29] Perhaps they may come to us if they're going over to see Blanche and Tracey.
Ann (PS0DY) [30] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [31] So it's thirty mile an hour all the way down to there now!
Ann (PS0DY) [32] Yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [33] They've extended the ... the wo haven't they?
[34] Ha.

2 (Tape 043002)

Graeme (PS0DX) [35] A nice load of logs on the back of that for somebody's fire isn't there?
Ann (PS0DY) [36] Lovely!
[37] I'd like to go to ... the logs.
Graeme (PS0DX) [38] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [39] They're lovely!
Graeme (PS0DX) [40] [sighing] Well [] ... A few cars about in the car park!
Ann (PS0DY) [41] Yep.
[42] ... Do you always get this here?
Graeme (PS0DX) [43] Well I ... don't get down to [...] .
[44] ... There we are!
[45] I shouldn't be a minute!
Ann (PS0DY) [46] I'll stay here.
Graeme (PS0DX) [47] Okay.

3 (Tape 043003)

Graeme (PS0DX) [48] Excuse me.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [49] Can I help you please?
Graeme (PS0DX) [50] Six pound of granary flour please?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [51] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [52] This bag is for the granary George.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [53] No.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [54] [laugh] ... One six five please?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [55] [sneeze] ... [sneeze] ... Had a change round?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [56] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [57] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [58] Is that to fool the staff or fool the customers?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [59] Both, I think.
Graeme (PS0DX) [60] Both is it?
[61] ... Er er er
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [62] Twenty ... one ninety two please?
Graeme (PS0DX) [63] One ... I've got the two anyway, fifty, sixty ... eighty, eighty five
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [64] That's it!
[65] Exactly.
Graeme (PS0DX) [66] Exactly, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [67] That's a miracle!
Graeme (PS0DX) [68] [laugh] ... Cleaned me out!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [69] You worked that out didn't you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [70] I know, I hadn't.
[71] No I hadn't!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [72] Cleaned me out completely, there are. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [73] That's what we're like!
Graeme (PS0DX) [74] [laugh] ... Cheerio!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [75] Okay then.
[76] Bye!
Graeme (PS0DX) [77] Bye bye!

4 (Tape 043004)

Graeme (PS0DX) [78] That didn't take long.
Ann (PS0DY) [79] Did you take some?
Graeme (PS0DX) [80] Ye of course!
Ann (PS0DY) [81] You did?
Graeme (PS0DX) [82] Yes!
[83] Yes!
[84] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [85] Did they know?
Graeme (PS0DX) [86] No.
[87] [sigh] ... Two chaps just walked down through there ... oh I suppose they were ... upper fortyish ... they could have been older
Ann (PS0DY) [88] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [89] I would ... I would suspect that they were identical twins.
Ann (PS0DY) [90] Really?
Graeme (PS0DX) [91] Yeah.
[92] Absolutely the spitting images of each other!
Ann (PS0DY) [93] Oh.
Graeme (PS0DX) [94] Even to the sort of baldness in [laughing] their heads [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [95] Yeah.
[96] ... You have to ... excuse me being ... gruff.
Graeme (PS0DX) [97] Being gruff?
[98] Why?
Ann (PS0DY) [99] I don't feel very well.
Graeme (PS0DX) [100] You don't feel very well?
[101] ... Oh well, perhaps when we come back from Sarah's have a bit of a rest.
Ann (PS0DY) [102] Yes but it's too late th then.
Graeme (PS0DX) [103] Too late , yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [104] It's too, because it's
Graeme (PS0DX) [105] Well
Ann (PS0DY) [106] too late in the evening.
Graeme (PS0DX) [107] Yeah.
[108] That's true.
[109] Well at least put your feet up anyway.
[110] ... Used to be o on this road, I'm coming down through here.
Ann (PS0DY) [111] Yes.
[112] ... When
Graeme (PS0DX) [113] Quite funny in the shop, erm ... it came to one ... pound ninety two which is ... the usual price
Ann (PS0DY) [114] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [115] and it was exact amount of coins I had in my pocket!
Ann (PS0DY) [116] Good Lord!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [117] I'm very ha happy that we're going to Sarah's because quite honestly I go I've gotta get out of that ca house!
Graeme (PS0DX) [118] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [119] The more I can do it, the be the more I we ... the ha ha ha ... ha the happier I'll be.
Graeme (PS0DX) [120] Yes.
[121] ... Blimey, that's a bit restrictive [...] then.
Ann (PS0DY) [122] Pardon?
Graeme (PS0DX) [123] Bit ti er it's a bit restrictive at the moment to er, without transport isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [124] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [125] Whoops!
[126] ... Notice up there says, mini recycling centre, does that mean ... those on little bikes go for ... a re-training does it?
Ann (PS0DY) [127] Who's that?
Graeme (PS0DX) [128] That notice back there, mini recycling centre.
[129] Ah, I guess it's to do with ... cans and bottles and things, actually but
Ann (PS0DY) [130] I used to walk down here to the
Graeme (PS0DX) [131] Oh ah ... to the market wasn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [132] to the market.
[133] That's a long while ago.
Graeme (PS0DX) [134] Christ, what's this shop in there?
[135] A furniture shop of some sort there where the ... used to be the Spar shop I think, many years ago wasn't it like a ... haven't been there for, probably about since, Morris 's day you see, and that service station.
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [136] They've knocked it, flattened it down and rebuilt it by the looks of it.

5 (Tape 043005)

Graeme (PS0DX) [137] It seems ages since we've driven down this road.
Ann (PS0DY) [138] I haven't been here for ages and ages!
Graeme (PS0DX) [139] No!
[140] Normally use the bypass when we come out at the

6 (Tape 043006)

Graeme (PS0DX) [141] Er er er
Ann (PS0DY) [142] There, where are [...] you in?
Graeme (PS0DX) [143] I'm on the wrong road aren't I?
Ann (PS0DY) [144] I don't know!
Graeme (PS0DX) [145] Yes I am.
[146] Don't want to go to Ringwood or Woodchester do we?
[147] Not really.
[148] Can't get there, this road has taken us out of our way hasn't it?
[149] We'll have to do a little ... pas de deux here and turn the car around.
[150] ... The number of times I come off this roundabout onto the wrong road, it's
Ann (PS0DY) [151] It's alwa it's always the same isn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [152] It's just one of my habits I think.
[153] ... We want the Hampreston [...] Road.

7 (Tape 043007)

Graeme (PS0DX) [154] Noel Gardens, that's the gardens of the people who ran ... The Early Bird Gardens ... run now isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [155] Sorry darling?
Graeme (PS0DX) [156] Noel Gardens up there, that's the gardens that the people who used to the run The Early Bird Garden.
Ann (PS0DY) [157] Oh!
Graeme (PS0DX) [158] Maybe they run both, I'm not sure.
Ann (PS0DY) [159] Which way do we ge , come out of this?
Graeme (PS0DX) [160] Near there and go up to the Hurn Airport Road
Ann (PS0DY) [161] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [162] from here ... but turn down at West Parley, take the right hand turn instead of going on to the airport
Ann (PS0DY) [163] Oh I see.
Graeme (PS0DX) [164] and then go sa sa straight on down that road as it takes us ... down onto Castle Lane to ... then turn off for Sarah's.
Ann (PS0DY) [165] You know what?
Graeme (PS0DX) [166] What?
Ann (PS0DY) [167] I feel sick.
Graeme (PS0DX) [168] Oh!
[169] Why?
Ann (PS0DY) [170] I don't know, but it's horrible!
[171] ... Graeme, it's horrible!
Graeme (PS0DX) [172] Yes!
[173] What's the cause of that?
Ann (PS0DY) [174] Very much like it was on the, the aeroplane.
Graeme (PS0DX) [175] The aeroplane, yes.
[176] ... Do they use this golf course do you know?
[177] It's well laid out now isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [178] It's lovely isn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [179] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [180] Very nice!
[181] ... This reminds me of bringing i , coming up to Debbie's.
Graeme (PS0DX) [182] Ah!
[183] ... Oh!
[184] Policeman having a little word with a sa , motorcyclist down here by the looks of it!
Ann (PS0DY) [185] Where?
Graeme (PS0DX) [186] On the corner.
Ann (PS0DY) [187] Oh yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [188] Was there an accident?
[189] I dunno.
[190] This is an ambulance here
Ann (PS0DY) [191] An ambulance.
Graeme (PS0DX) [192] so it must be an accident!
[193] ... Looks like it doesn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [194] I feel sick!
Graeme (PS0DX) [195] Yes.
[196] That's not very
Ann (PS0DY) [197] It's terrible!
Graeme (PS0DX) [198] pleasant, all the
Ann (PS0DY) [199] Just like on the aeroplane.
Graeme (PS0DX) [200] Oh!
[201] ... And slow traffic lights to stop.
Ann (PS0DY) [202] I can't have the, some of the [...] ?
Graeme (PS0DX) [203] Well have this then.
Ann (PS0DY) [204] Oh yeah , [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [205] No!
[206] Got through it this time.

8 (Tape 043008)

Ann (PS0DY) [207] I ca don't think I've been down here before have I?
Graeme (PS0DX) [208] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [209] Have I?
Graeme (PS0DX) [210] Yes.
[211] It's the road from Rin er from er Ferndown.
[212] You'll know where you are in a minute.
Ann (PS0DY) [213] I know where we are.
Graeme (PS0DX) [214] That's right.
[215] ... I think there's a footpath to walk on but you ... can walk the other side of the road, will that do it?

9 (Tape 043009)

Graeme (PS0DX) [216] Go round to the
Ann (PS0DY) [217] Pardon?
Graeme (PS0DX) [218] Go round to the shopping centre.
[219] Cos we're a bit early so I'll go and see if there's a chemist shop there to get that
Ann (PS0DY) [220] Okay.
Graeme (PS0DX) [221] stuff for the ... Cos it's just half past three now and we're er ... said we'd be there at four [...] .
Ann (PS0DY) [222] Do you have erm, any money on you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [223] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [224] Will you get some sa , flowers for Sarah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [225] Some flowers?
Ann (PS0DY) [226] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [227] Yes, okay.

10 (Tape 043010)

Ann (PS0DY) [228] Hello.
Graeme (PS0DX) [229] Hello.
Ann (PS0DY) [230] Wait.
Antony (PS0E3) [231] Alright?
Graeme (PS0DX) [232] Hello, hello, hello!
[233] What is this carpentring?
Ann (PS0DY) [234] Ah yes!
[235] Well he
Antony (PS0E3) [236] Well cer I I mean I [laugh] ... if you can
Graeme (PS0DX) [237] Nice!
Antony (PS0E3) [238] call it that!
Ann (PS0DY) [239] What are you doing?
Antony (PS0E3) [240] Oh th
Graeme (PS0DX) [241] The
Antony (PS0E3) [242] cat flap, er cat flap!
[243] Er ... this blocks in
Ann (PS0DY) [244] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [245] but the hole's too small.
Ann (PS0DY) [246] Oh dear!
Graeme (PS0DX) [247] Oh yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [248] And it was ... a completely different fitting to the other one so ... I was gonna get one the same as the old one
Sarah (PS0E2) [249] Ooh I've got some flowers! [...] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [250] And it didn't
Antony (PS0E3) [251] so it made it easy.
[252] But
Sarah (PS0E2) [253] Want to sit down?
Antony (PS0E3) [254] you know.
Ann (PS0DY) [255] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [256] Oh alright.
Antony (PS0E3) [257] It was a bit different as it turned out.
Graeme (PS0DX) [258] Let her box if she wants to box, [...]
Antony (PS0E3) [259] Yeah.
[260] So
Graeme (PS0DX) [261] Oh yeah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [262] Hiya!
Antony (PS0E3) [263] And I, I was just coming
Graeme (PS0DX) [264] How are you?
Antony (PS0E3) [265] to finish.
Sarah (PS0E2) [266] How's you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [267] I'm alright.
[268] And you?
Sarah (PS0E2) [269] [...] Thank you ever so much for the flowers?
Graeme (PS0DX) [270] Sorry?
Sarah (PS0E2) [271] The flowers.
Graeme (PS0DX) [272] You're welcome.
[273] You're welcome.
Sarah (PS0E2) [274] Seen outside?
[275] All brand newly painted, all the wood ou outside?
Graeme (PS0DX) [276] Well I see the
Antony (PS0E3) [277] What?
Graeme (PS0DX) [278] I see the door's repainted.
[279] I noticed
Sarah (PS0E2) [280] And varnished!
Graeme (PS0DX) [281] that.
[282] Varnished!
Sarah (PS0E2) [283] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [284] It all looked nice before I started!
Sarah (PS0E2) [285] Doors reso , yeah they did actually.
[286] But the whole of the outside has been painted.
Graeme (PS0DX) [287] Yes, over the white work.
Sarah (PS0E2) [288] Yep!
Graeme (PS0DX) [289] I will go and have a look.
[290] No, I was too interested
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [291] in what was happening at the door.
[292] Excuse me, while I go out and have a look at what happening outside.
[293] All the doors sto ... oh yes!
[294] Is this this chap who
Antony (PS0E3) [295] But fortunately [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [296] Yes. [hammering]
Graeme (PS0DX) [297] Was this painted by this ... chap you got hold of ... or
Antony (PS0E3) [298] Yeah.
[299] He charged hundred and ninety five quid for the whole house, beams and windows, replacement
Graeme (PS0DX) [300] That's very good!
Antony (PS0E3) [301] windows
Graeme (PS0DX) [302] Do you think he'll do mine for
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [303] that? [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [304] No.
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [305] I wouldn't take it anyway.
[306] I thought it was quite cheap.
Graeme (PS0DX) [307] I think it's very good, a hundred and nin
Sarah (PS0E2) [308] Oh it's very nice to help us [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [309] a hundred and ninety five pound, if I could get mine done for five hundred I'd be laughing!
Sarah (PS0E2) [310] Well he [...] to do it because he very nearly
Ann (PS0DY) [311] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [312] You'll have to excuse it being a bit cold ... cos we're walking around with all windows
Graeme (PS0DX) [313] Well yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [314] are open.
Ann (PS0DY) [315] Doesn't matter anyway.
Sarah (PS0E2) [316] Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
Ann (PS0DY) [317] Well yes, yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [318] [...] I'm afraid.
Graeme (PS0DX) [319] Oh ... yes, yes, oh we know.
Sarah (PS0E2) [320] What a, no, no!
[321] You okay for a minute mum?
Ann (PS0DY) [322] Yep.
Sarah (PS0E2) [323] We've nearly finished this. [horse racing on the radio]
Graeme (PS0DX) [324] Oh we are looking posh aren't we!
Sarah (PS0E2) [325] Oh yes of course!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [326] Graeme?
Graeme (PS0DX) [327] Yes?
Ann (PS0DY) [328] Hang on to me.
Graeme (PS0DX) [329] I think they're steep compared to ours.
Ann (PS0DY) [330] Yep.
[331] ... Do you need some help love?
Sarah (PS0E2) [332] You'll have to excuse the washing.
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [333] Oh I almost went down another step that wasn't there!
Sarah (PS0E2) [334] I have been able to do the washing cos I haven't been able
Graeme (PS0DX) [335] Hello lazy!
Sarah (PS0E2) [336] to dry any.
Ann (PS0DY) [337] Oh that's lovely!
Graeme (PS0DX) [338] Here's lazy bones!
Sarah (PS0E2) [339] I haven't been able to dry the washing cos we haven't [...] out the
Graeme (PS0DX) [340] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [341] windows.
Graeme (PS0DX) [342] That's alright.
Ann (PS0DY) [343] This is lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [344] Oh it looks good doesn't it!
[345] Yes!
[346] Considering there's no
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [347] yet.
Graeme (PS0DX) [348] Yeah.
[349] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [350] Yeah, I think that's very good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [351] Oh that's a good colour!
[352] That's a good colour of it.
Sarah (PS0E2) [353] Nice and bright isn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [354] Yeah!
[355] Absolutely!
Ann (PS0DY) [356] It's lovely! [...] is lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [357] I'll get the [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [358] Very bright!
Sarah (PS0E2) [359] I must show you this blind.
Ann (PS0DY) [360] I cannot get down ... there.
Sarah (PS0E2) [361] And I have to sh ... make an Austrian blind.
Ann (PS0DY) [362] I can't get down!
Graeme (PS0DX) [363] Come on.
Sarah (PS0E2) [364] Making an Austrian blind for us at the moment.
Ann (PS0DY) [365] Aha.
Sarah (PS0E2) [366] Keep it the colour of downstairs.
[367] Perhaps I shall be making those, so if I
Ann (PS0DY) [368] Should the colour in here ... oh lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [369] same as that colour.
Ann (PS0DY) [370] Yes!
[371] They're lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [372] So
Ann (PS0DY) [373] Aren't they nice!
Graeme (PS0DX) [374] Mm!
Sarah (PS0E2) [375] And this is the Austrian blind, and I've got
Ann (PS0DY) [376] They're lovely those!
Graeme (PS0DX) [377] Mm!
Sarah (PS0E2) [378] I've got grandma's old sewing machine which was like ours, but it ... worked
Ann (PS0DY) [379] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [380] and now that doesn't work so
Ann (PS0DY) [381] Oh no!
Sarah (PS0E2) [382] I've gotta change [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [383] Well I keep meaning to ring up.
Ann (PS0DY) [384] Well we've got to, to have ours done.
Graeme (PS0DX) [385] There's somebody that advertises, I think it's either in the Wimborne or the ... Advertiser
Sarah (PS0E2) [386] Alma was going to get hers fixed and for the price it was gonna cost to get it fixed she, cos there's not anything really
Graeme (PS0DX) [387] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [388] [...] wrong with it, it's worth buying a new one.
Graeme (PS0DX) [389] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [390] And what I was going to be getting for myself at some stage cos I'd like to do the rest of the curtains myself.
Ann (PS0DY) [391] A new one?
Sarah (PS0E2) [392] Now I've started to think that I ... I am capable of it.
Ann (PS0DY) [393] Oh yes!
[394] Yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [395] Yes!
[396] Alright.
Sarah (PS0E2) [397] I'll buy one for myself, but I don't want anything that's like, mega-expensive or highly intri
Graeme (PS0DX) [398] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [399] intricate, I just want the
Ann (PS0DY) [400] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [401] [...] to make
Graeme (PS0DX) [402] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [403] a stitch, I don't need
Ann (PS0DY) [404] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [405] anything else.
Graeme (PS0DX) [406] Right.
[407] There is a chap advertising, I'm sure it's the Advertiser rath or the Wimborne Journal who
Sarah (PS0E2) [408] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [409] er, obviously freelances from home mend
Sarah (PS0E2) [410] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [411] yo sewing machines, any make so
Sarah (PS0E2) [412] But you like our dado rail and everything?
Graeme (PS0DX) [413] Yes!
[414] You've done a good job there!
Ann (PS0DY) [415] Looks nice dunnit?
Sarah (PS0E2) [416] I love
Graeme (PS0DX) [417] It looks
Sarah (PS0E2) [418] this colour!
[419] I fell in love with it on the wall!
Graeme (PS0DX) [420] Yeah, it's a lovely colour!
[421] It's very bright in here as well.
Sarah (PS0E2) [422] If you've got the Anaglypta, it looked nice just white but we thought, no!
Graeme (PS0DX) [423] Oh!
[424] It's painted on is it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [425] Yep!
[426] Painted over it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [427] Yeah.
[428] Looks good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [429] But it like, doubled the work but it looks
Graeme (PS0DX) [430] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [431] alright.
Graeme (PS0DX) [432] No, it's
Sarah (PS0E2) [433] The other thing is is that if we, if it does get [...] we can just get the paint out and
Graeme (PS0DX) [434] Ya.
Sarah (PS0E2) [435] go back over it.
[436] So
Graeme (PS0DX) [437] Oh, it's, it's looks ... very good indeed!
Sarah (PS0E2) [438] Looks totally different doesn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [439] Absolutely!
[440] Yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [441] It's much nicer.
Graeme (PS0DX) [442] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [443] My ducks [...] collect, I bought those
Graeme (PS0DX) [444] Well
Sarah (PS0E2) [445] especially.
Graeme (PS0DX) [446] Well, there you are you see, everything is there!
Sarah (PS0E2) [447] Just want to get like
Graeme (PS0DX) [448] Yo er
Sarah (PS0E2) [449] a corner, corner now.
Graeme (PS0DX) [450] You better , you better mind out Felix cos I'll paint you to match!
Sarah (PS0E2) [451] I don't think that's Felix, that's Charlie.
Graeme (PS0DX) [452] Is it, it's Charlie is it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [453] Yeah, so er ... we want to get like a corner
Graeme (PS0DX) [454] Yes it is Charlie
Sarah (PS0E2) [455] laundry cupboard ... like just
Graeme (PS0DX) [456] with, with a
Sarah (PS0E2) [457] a wood one,whi whi white wood one.
[458] So if we have [...] cupboard to go on there.
Graeme (PS0DX) [459] Oh this one er , yeah there's your bobbin there.
Sarah (PS0E2) [460] Ooh!
[461] And then it'll now be finished.
Graeme (PS0DX) [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [462] You should be able to white ... on little furniture.
Graeme (PS0DX) [463] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [464] I don't , as I say I don't want anything too big, but should be able to get one
Graeme (PS0DX) [465] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [466] for about seventy pounds, even the new ones that go, that just goes forwards and backwards, that's all I want it to do.
Graeme (PS0DX) [467] Well that desk will fit in there.
Sarah (PS0E2) [468] Yeah. [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [469] When you, when you come to collect it.
[470] What you
Sarah (PS0E2) [471] What we're going to do is, we're going to get Tony's [...] first before we bring anything else in here.
Graeme (PS0DX) [472] Oh!
[473] So you're gonna leave me with the dear stool then are you?
Sarah (PS0E2) [474] [laughing] No [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [475] Charming you are!
Sarah (PS0E2) [476] [laughing] You've gotta have a lot more room than us [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [477] [laughing] I'm afraid [] , no I haven't I want to put a table in there!
Ann (PS0DY) [478] Well we'll move the stool.
Sarah (PS0E2) [479] You wanna do it with what?
Graeme (PS0DX) [480] That's alright.
[481] I was just saying to
Sarah (PS0E2) [482] Saying what? [tv on - horse racing]
Graeme (PS0DX) [483] Sarah that ... where that little desk she used as a dressing table, as I said, the desk in our ... will fit in there nicely, she says but I'm leaving that till we
Sarah (PS0E2) [484] Tea or coffee [...] ?
Graeme (PS0DX) [485] redecorate the room and then I'll then I'll bring it over ... cos you've got more than we have.
Ann (PS0DY) [486] Erm,te tea please?
Graeme (PS0DX) [487] Dad?
[488] Tea?
Sarah (PS0E2) [489] Er , yes that'll do me fine thanks Sarah.
Ann (PS0DY) [490] Are you getting more [...] work?
Sarah (PS0E2) [491] Yeah, I'm
Ann (PS0DY) [492] That's good for you!
Sarah (PS0E2) [493] Bu but half off and half in at in moment cos I've taken the time off but there's lots of problems, like ... half the team's gone off sick with pleurisy, tonsillitis and everything
Ann (PS0DY) [tut]
Sarah (PS0E2) [494] else!
Graeme (PS0DX) [495] Oh dear!
Sarah (PS0E2) [496] So I'm like half in and out just doing the things that I'd like planned to do, like go to dentist and things like
Ann (PS0DY) [497] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [498] that.
[499] So ... [laughing] That's the only reason I'm actually going [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [500] To the dentist, yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [501] I said Antony, have you ever been to see Jonathan about the photographs?
Sarah (PS0E2) [502] No he ... you know I did it wrong ... that time?
Graeme (PS0DX) [503] Mm mm, no, no I don't recall that.
Sarah (PS0E2) [504] Well yeah, I did tell you [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [505] Oh well you prob
Sarah (PS0E2) [506] well that's why I'm on [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [507] Ah!
[508] Ah!
[509] No I don't recall that.
Sarah (PS0E2) [510] Tied up at the end and
Graeme (PS0DX) [511] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [512] they want somebody to go down so we could have [...] but ... a bit but, mum cos he said well you'll have to wait a while!
Ann (PS0DY) [513] Ooh you are awful!
Sarah (PS0E2) [514] I says, ooh ooh!
[515] Gary, I I am sorry! [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [516] You're terrible!
Graeme (PS0DX) [517] Well I'm sure
Sarah (PS0E2) [518] I know.
Graeme (PS0DX) [519] that he's wanted to know whether to destroy the negatives and things does he, yes?
Sarah (PS0E2) [520] Well the thing is he wants me to get them done.
[521] Yeah, I
Graeme (PS0DX) [522] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [523] we've gotta get it done.
[524] It's like ... try and sit down and work out
Ann (PS0DY) [525] That's right!
Sarah (PS0E2) [526] We've got yours, we haven't got anybody else's of what they actually want!
Graeme (PS0DX) [527] Well they can't afford it now with the ... new poll ta , er or the cou , no the poll tax isn't it, the next one?
Sarah (PS0E2) [528] Antony do you want a cup of tea?
Antony (PS0E3) [529] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [530] Graeme, I've got some, my [...] that
Graeme (PS0DX) [531] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [532] one again.
Sarah (PS0E2) [533] Well I just
Graeme (PS0DX) [534] Well I'm thinking of having them just ... take some of the pressure off.
[535] It's probably th they've left it on your ... skin.
[536] And that doesn't feel tight, it's probably over the day it's just pulling it isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [537] Hello red dog!
Antony (PS0E3) [538] What are you doing here?
Graeme (PS0DX) [539] Oh that's Cha that's Charlie trying to sneak up on me was it?
[540] I [dog barking] do you know, I I thought it was er, Felix but
Antony (PS0E3) [541] No it's Charlie.
Sarah (PS0E2) [542] Actually they're very much alike aren't they?
Ann (PS0DY) [543] Yeah.
[544] Oh ... but you know, in a way.
Graeme (PS0DX) [545] Yeah, see the paws
Ann (PS0DY) [546] The paws.
Sarah (PS0E2) [547] By the way
Graeme (PS0DX) [548] Paws, yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [549] bu , but the only other thing is Charlie's still got very much like kinky fur.
Ann (PS0DY) [550] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [551] The fur is very [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [552] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [553] and soft.
[554] Felix is the same, but ... very soft.
Graeme (PS0DX) [555] Come play with me.
Ann (PS0DY) [556] Sit down Graeme, I can't see!
Graeme (PS0DX) [557] Oh I'm sorry!
Antony (PS0E3) [558] Do you know where the pliers are Sarah?
Sarah (PS0E2) [559] Sorry?
Antony (PS0E3) [560] Do you know where the pliers are?
Sarah (PS0E2) [561] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [562] Upstairs?
Sarah (PS0E2) [563] No, [...] you put them hidden in the
Antony (PS0E3) [564] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [565] Well, we're going to try and get the bedroom done now!
Graeme (PS0DX) [566] Yes!
Ann (PS0DY) [567] Oh when?
Sarah (PS0E2) [568] Then to the bathroom.
[569] Ha, ha!
[570] Don't, mind your back.
Ann (PS0DY) [571] Actually I think the, the bathroom looks, look really nice!
Sarah (PS0E2) [572] It's totally different.
Ann (PS0DY) [573] It's super!
Antony (PS0E3) [574] Yeah, we've finished the bathroom.
Graeme (PS0DX) [575] Yeah.
[576] Yeah, it's very good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [577] Well the thing is, I mean ... it's like buying it as you're going ahead and just totally re-tiling it and going round.
Ann (PS0DY) [578] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [579] I mean, the Anaglypta we're painting looks lovely, but as I say you can re-paint it as it goes
Graeme (PS0DX) [580] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [581] That's right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [582] And then we're going to make a bi a little bit extra.
Ann (PS0DY) [583] I mean, it's lovely!
Graeme (PS0DX) [584] Well it's the same as our place,a that paper is ... as far as I can see is ... jet black underneath!
Sarah (PS0E2) [585] Oh!
Ann (PS0DY) [586] Which ones?
Sarah (PS0E2) [587] The paper in our lounge and in the hall, and tha where you put that piece to cover it up, it's all black under there where it's ... wearing on the corners of the wall ... where you go round and kno it looks black, so I'm sure it's black underneath and you just
Ann (PS0DY) [588] Where?
Graeme (PS0DX) [589] Th the ... the ... the paper through our house ... it is actually is black paper and you paint on it.
[590] The cur
Ann (PS0DY) [591] Really?
Graeme (PS0DX) [592] Yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [593] You've got wood chip haven't you, in some places?
Graeme (PS0DX) [594] It's Anaglypta, yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [595] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [596] Well it's, in the bedroom we're gonna paper it, Anaglypta and paint.
Ann (PS0DY) [597] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [598] Because, what?
[599] Something, we don't wanna pa paint the walls cos there's so many ... like ... bits that are wrong with the walls but we want ... if we Anaglypta it, it wo
Graeme (PS0DX) [600] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [601] it won't show them up.
[602] You're only going out again, you won't want your [...] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [603] Sorry?
Sarah (PS0E2) [604] No, I'm talking to the cat.
Ann (PS0DY) [605] Oh oh!
Graeme (PS0DX) [606] Oh you were talking to the cat?
[607] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [608] No , I'm not calling you a [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [609] But, no.
Sarah (PS0E2) [610] Erm ... but ... once you're [...] , erm ... we do really ... it's trying to wallpaper that'll go with our bedspread, er without
Graeme (PS0DX) [611] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [612] being too patterned.
Ann (PS0DY) [613] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [614] Can't really have it too patterned up there.
Ann (PS0DY) [615] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [616] If we really couldn't find anything for that, so what we'll ... like, we're gonna paint it,Anagly An Anaglypta it again
Ann (PS0DY) [617] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [618] then paint it ... a colour.
[619] And do it tha that way round.
Ann (PS0DY) [620] I think it really looks nice upstairs!
Sarah (PS0E2) [621] Yeah.
[622] And the it's outside!
Ann (PS0DY) [623] Yep!
[624] When is he coming?
Sarah (PS0E2) [625] Mm?
Ann (PS0DY) [626] When's
Graeme (PS0DX) [627] He's
Ann (PS0DY) [628] he coming?
Sarah (PS0E2) [629] No, we've had the outside
Graeme (PS0DX) [630] He's done it!
Sarah (PS0E2) [631] painted!
Ann (PS0DY) [632] Oh you've done it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [633] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [634] That's what I went out to look at.
Ann (PS0DY) [635] Oh I see!
Antony (PS0E3) [636] Mhm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [637] Had the whole lot done, he said it'd take about ... two and half
Ann (PS0DY) [638] Oh lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [639] days
Antony (PS0E3) [640] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [641] and [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [642] That's what I said, a hundred and ninety pound, I said if you could do my house for that I'd be laughing!
Ann (PS0DY) [643] I think it's marvellous!
Sarah (PS0E2) [644] But it's, well considering he had to re-putty all the windows, it wasn't just like he had to one
Ann (PS0DY) [645] I think that is very good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [646] he had to
Graeme (PS0DX) [647] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [648] literally
Ann (PS0DY) [649] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [650] smooth them all
Graeme (PS0DX) [651] Well my
Sarah (PS0E2) [652] down and go off to [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [653] Mine have got to be re-puttied as well, in places, quite a bit .
Sarah (PS0E2) [654] Mm.
[655] So yeah, he was very good!
Ann (PS0DY) [656] Seemed very good [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [657] Very good apparently round here!
[658] These are now having theirs done but he's done quite a number of them in this area.
Ann (PS0DY) [659] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [660] Good business for him I suppose.
[661] [...] . But then we're going to do the er ... garden.
[662] The [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [663] Yep.
Sarah (PS0E2) [664] and get that done. [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [665] Well I've had the mower ... serviced.
Sarah (PS0E2) [666] Yeah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [667] It looks, it's come back looking [laughing] like a brand new mower [] !
Sarah (PS0E2) [668] A ne ne ne new one.
Graeme (PS0DX) [669] No, very good.
[670] No they've really cleaned it up, it looks beautiful!
Sarah (PS0E2) [671] Good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [672] Well it's never been serviced since the day we bought it and that must be a good ten years ago.
Sarah (PS0E2) [673] Mm!
Antony (PS0E3) [674] Did you have the blades sharpened and that?
Ann (PS0DY) [675] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [676] Well I put new blades on actually
Ann (PS0DY) [677] Really, really good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [678] er ... and that was one of the problems, I couldn't tighten them, I didn't have
Antony (PS0E3) [679] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [680] the right equipment because, they're awkward to put on because the nuts are on the top of the ... on the top of the blade.
Antony (PS0E3) [681] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [682] So you gotta get away and underneath and I haven't got the ... rer rer ... the socket spanners that would do it, so ... well I haven't got a spanner let alone a socket ones that would do it!
[683] And er
Sarah (PS0E2) [684] Do you want a bit of lemon juice in your drink?
Graeme (PS0DX) [685] Yes please love.
Sarah (PS0E2) [686] Father.
Ann (PS0DY) [687] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [688] So, I told them that it had new blades on but they wanted it really tight, and they wanted tightening up and that so ... yeah.
[689] I saved them and I put them car engine oil [laughing] in [] !
[690] Which was partly the reason why I wanted it serviced, it
Sarah (PS0E2) [691] There's yours then.
Ann (PS0DY) [692] [...] , moved up the car is it over? [tv on]
Sarah (PS0E2) [693] It's okay.
[694] But George [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [695] [yawning] Yeah, I thought it was very good [] with this erm ... the thirty six for the servicing plus your part that they
Antony (PS0E3) [696] That's better!
[697] I had my er, serviced yesterday.
Graeme (PS0DX) [698] That wasn't thirty six pounds, I bet?
Antony (PS0E3) [699] Er, no, hundred and twenty for [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [700] Ye
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [701] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [702] But actually, I paid cash and it
Ann (PS0DY) [703] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [704] had everything done, it had brakes, had the lot.
[705] Whole lot!
Graeme (PS0DX) [706] Wish I could get mine done for that!
Antony (PS0E3) [707] Well it's a mechanic that we use
Graeme (PS0DX) [708] Oh.
Antony (PS0E3) [709] and er ... just did
Ann (PS0DY) [710] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [711] me a favour.
Ann (PS0DY) [712] Running.
Sarah (PS0E2) [713] Whe then again is yo could I go to Southampton and
Antony (PS0E3) [714] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [715] and back in it [...] ?
Ann (PS0DY) [716] Well exactly!
Sarah (PS0E2) [717] I expect my car to be ... [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [718] Of course it does!
Sarah (PS0E2) [719] Oh well!
[720] Cos I'm doing about what, about three hundred fi three hundred fifty miles a week just going to work and back [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [721] Oh that is ... what, fifteen thousand ... fifteen to twenty thousand a year isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [722] You do almost twenty thousand miles a year!
Graeme (PS0DX) [723] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [724] I know.
Ann (PS0DY) [725] Bits.
[726] Picks up all
Sarah (PS0E2) [727] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [728] the mess now in one go.
Graeme (PS0DX) [729] That's not bad actually Sarah, cos I mean ... when I come home for lunch at
Sarah (PS0E2) [730] It is when you [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [731] when I come home for lunch ... er, and things like that I clock up about ... two hundred and twenty, to two thirty, two fifty maybe a week just
Sarah (PS0E2) [732] I do forty miles a day
Graeme (PS0DX) [733] doing that!
Sarah (PS0E2) [734] going to work and back.
Graeme (PS0DX) [735] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [736] Yeah but Sarah doesn't use a car ... much er
Sarah (PS0E2) [737] Oh no.
Antony (PS0E3) [738] most of the time.
Sarah (PS0E2) [739] No that's right.
[740] Do on the odd occasion but
Graeme (PS0DX) [741] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [742] no you just use it for that ... and I'm not going anywhere else
Graeme (PS0DX) [743] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [744] cos once I'm parked, I'm parked.
Graeme (PS0DX) [745] Well yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [746] No ... I mean ... but there might be an earlier promotion now.
Ann (PS0DY) [747] Oh really?
Graeme (PS0DX) [748] Wha what this is in the management ... side?
Sarah (PS0E2) [749] Oh yeah, er well ... be a different one to that to start with ... but it'll be earlier.
[750] What's actually happened is, first of all Tracey's leaving, she's been promoted to Area Telesales Manager for Talking Pages ... so she's going up to Slough ... and ... Michelle will be going for that position, and one other girl ... [...] ... and the two others that are on management development, one is now leaving cos she's like, burnt out, she doesn't want to do it any more ... and the other one's going into the field so ... it's literally just me and this other girl and Michelle, but I'm obviously just starting, but next time around ... it'll just be me again Di , and Dianna is good at her work
Ann (PS0DY) [751] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [752] but she jus just hasn't got a [laughing] personality [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [753] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [754] Erm, she's a very aggressive person!
Graeme (PS0DX) [755] Oh right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [756] And manner
Ann (PS0DY) [757] Oh yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [758] not, not even like in the right situation, she's like just aggressive all the time and nobody particularly gets on with her or likes her because of this.
[759] And, they do say that they don't feel that ... unless she changed her personality
Graeme (PS0DX) [760] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [761] she probably wouldn't become a manager, because usually you think you can change and develop but ... I think she'll be then be able to become a manager and she'll ... sort of learn, [laughing] but she'd have to [] actually change her personality for it.
Antony (PS0E3) [762] Would she have to change her personality or not?
Sarah (PS0E2) [763] [whispering] Shut up [] !
[764] But, er, so hopefully Michelle will get this next ... Tracey's position, and obviously sort of in ... in the meantime and providing her position comes up they ... are bringing in a Telesales County Secretary, which wasn't gonna come in for about a year cos they wanted to sort of like, trial it, but now they've decided if that's what they want the position to do ... erm ... it'll probably happen in the next two months and they said for me to go for it from our division, so I said right, okay.
Antony (PS0E3) [765] [whispering] Oh she won't like that [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [766] That'll be in Southend, will it still?
Sarah (PS0E2) [767] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [768] Good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [769] Well it's actually just basically the team ... it's a new position that they've actually made ... within each team now, within each division ... which is like, you're dealing with higher accounts but a different type of account as well.
Graeme (PS0DX) [770] Oh, jolly good!
Ann (PS0DY) [771] Oh very good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [772] So
Ann (PS0DY) [773] Very good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [774] It's all looking good!
Ann (PS0DY) [775] Sarah?
[776] Sorry!
[777] Ca can I have some sugar?
Sarah (PS0E2) [778] Do you want sugar?
Ann (PS0DY) [779] Yes please.
Sarah (PS0E2) [780] Do you normally usually have sugar!
Graeme (PS0DX) [781] She has since
Ann (PS0DY) [782] Yes, in these.
Graeme (PS0DX) [783] she's been in the hospital.
Sarah (PS0E2) [784] [tut] [tut] [tut] , bad habit!
Graeme (PS0DX) [785] In fact, I bought
Ann (PS0DY) [786] I know!
Graeme (PS0DX) [787] I found in that chemist shop when I was looking there ... er, refill Nutrene.
Sarah (PS0E2) [788] What made you start on sugar again?
Graeme (PS0DX) [789] So those
Ann (PS0DY) [790] Well I I like it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [791] so she'll be able to refill all those two Nutrene packs, what
Ann (PS0DY) [792] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [793] you said, it was one in your purse to take with you and ... the one at, the bigger one at home.
Sarah (PS0E2) [794] Oh erm ... [...] and all
Ann (PS0DY) [795] Thank you.
Sarah (PS0E2) [796] that.
Ann (PS0DY) [797] Lovely!
Graeme (PS0DX) [798] Yeah, that's at home.
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [799] It's a sweetener.
Ann (PS0DY) [800] Well I can't tell the difference.
Sarah (PS0E2) [801] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [802] No, I like it.
Sarah (PS0E2) [803] Well you used to.
Ann (PS0DY) [804] Mm!
[805] I love it!
Sarah (PS0E2) [806] [...] ... How's it going?
Ann (PS0DY) [807] Especially ... with
Graeme (PS0DX) [808] Well
Ann (PS0DY) [809] co a cup of coffee
Graeme (PS0DX) [810] it's going well.
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [811] Well we got the bill from Mr
Ann (PS0DY) [812] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [813] for
Ann (PS0DY) [814] Ah!
[815] Yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [816] for your mother's treatment at the hospital ... six hundred and sixty pound!
Sarah (PS0E2) [817] Is that all?
Ann (PS0DY) [818] Tha that is the
Graeme (PS0DX) [819] Well he's the arthritis man
Ann (PS0DY) [820] just the arthri [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [821] Oh for the arthritis?
Graeme (PS0DX) [822] The arthritis man, yes!
[823] We haven't got
Sarah (PS0E2) [824] I was gonna say, for the other one
Graeme (PS0DX) [825] But we haven't got his yet.
Sarah (PS0E2) [826] That's gotta be [...] more than that, cos that's basically what my fares cost.
Graeme (PS0DX) [827] Well his'll be a thousand pound for the operation, being a major operation, it will be the fact that it's skull.
Ann (PS0DY) [828] It'll be very, very expensive.
Sarah (PS0E2) [829] Well when I had my boob done ... including consultation, his was about seven hundred pound.
Ann (PS0DY) [830] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [831] I had my face done, and oh God, it was about five hundred pounds!
Graeme (PS0DX) [832] Well Mr was over a thousand pound for the ... gall bladder operation
Sarah (PS0E2) [833] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [834] but
Ann (PS0DY) [835] I never
Graeme (PS0DX) [836] er
Ann (PS0DY) [837] even knew, [...] that one.
Graeme (PS0DX) [838] but he won't get that now for it because ... they've graded them, so that if it's, it's keyhole surgery type now it's er, it's a lower figure than
Sarah (PS0E2) [839] Because, you're not actually opening them up.
Graeme (PS0DX) [840] That's right.
Ann (PS0DY) [841] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [842] Oh!
Graeme (PS0DX) [843] So that was the embarrassment I had to do when we went and saw er, Mr erm ... ... I had to say to him, you charge BUPA rates do you?
[844] And, he said yes I do and waved the leaflet at me, he says I know all about that but ... but you've got to now otherwise you you
Sarah (PS0E2) [845] Mm!
Graeme (PS0DX) [846] could find yourself let in for two or three hundred pound ... because
Sarah (PS0E2) [847] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [848] BUPA won't pay it.
Sarah (PS0E2) [849] Well shall we go in the dining room?
Ann (PS0DY) [850] Did you know how much I'd lost?
Sarah (PS0E2) [851] Mm?
Ann (PS0DY) [852] Eight pounds.
Sarah (PS0E2) [853] Did you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [854] Well a bit more than eight pounds actually, it was over eight pound ... over half a stone.
Antony (PS0E3) [855] Well not only have you got a bit missing, you hadn't had anything to eat for ages did you?
Ann (PS0DY) [856] No, I didn't have anything for five days!
Graeme (PS0DX) [857] Five days on a fluid diet wasn't it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [858] Mm!
Graeme (PS0DX) [859] Most of which was water as well.
Ann (PS0DY) [860] Well I don't eat mu very much now do I?
Graeme (PS0DX) [861] Well no, you don't.
[862] You miss a lot of your meals though.
Ann (PS0DY) [863] Yep.
Graeme (PS0DX) [864] I measured the scar on your mum's tum last night, it's six and half inches without allowing for the
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [865] the wrin you know
Sarah (PS0E2) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [866] the wrinkles of the stomach, so I should think it's a good seven inches.
Sarah (PS0E2) [867] Eh?
Antony (PS0E3) [868] Ya.
Sarah (PS0E2) [869] Big one!
Graeme (PS0DX) [870] And I'm going to ask Mr when I see him that ... if he
Ann (PS0DY) [871] Graeme you can't!
Graeme (PS0DX) [872] I, course I will!
Ann (PS0DY) [873] Oh honestly he's so nice!
[874] I wish you wouldn't ask him that!
Graeme (PS0DX) [875] If he trained at Saint Swithin's!
Ann (PS0DY) [876] Honestly!
Graeme (PS0DX) [877] [laughing] Well you remember the film with Ru James [...] []
Sarah (PS0E2) [878] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [879] says er, where ... the chap put a tentative mark on the stomach and he
Sarah (PS0E2) [880] That's Doctor at Large, and Doctor at Sma , at Small isn't it?
[881] I remember that.
Ann (PS0DY) [882] That's right.
Graeme (PS0DX) [883] And he sa
Ann (PS0DY) [884] It was very good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [885] he berated him for being
Sarah (PS0E2) [886] Knife happy.
Graeme (PS0DX) [887] Yeah.
[888] Oh yeah!
[889] He just went, choo!
Antony (PS0E3) [890] Sarah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [891] Like this with the
Sarah (PS0E2) [892] Well that's the problem I had with my boob wasn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [893] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [894] The doctor started work the day I went in, and she pre-warned me and I said to him, no big cuts please?
[895] And she said to him, when I got out she said oh, was he knife happy?
[896] He usually is!
[897] I said, yes thanks!
Ann (PS0DY) [898] Oh dear!
Graeme (PS0DX) [899] Watched an interesting programme ... the other night on Q E D ... er, it was to do with people who ... have hare lips and cleft palates
Sarah (PS0E2) [900] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [901] where th ... the a apparently, you know, they put them right as se when you're very young now
Sarah (PS0E2) [902] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [903] but they have found that ... in a lot of cases that the ... bones starts growing so therefore, when you're ... in your late teens, twenties, maturing ... your bottom jaw is growing out from the rest of ... your jaw bone.
[904] So they had this girl which they showed er, where they had to ... break all the bone up under here
Sarah (PS0E2) [905] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [906] and rewire it and pull the who
Antony (PS0E3) [907] That's [...] , oh that was on telly weren't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [908] Sorry?
Antony (PS0E3) [909] That was on telly yesterday.
Graeme (PS0DX) [910] On Q E D.
[911] Yeah but ... but of course this chap has been doing this research in erm ... Bangladesh wasn't it, I think?
[912] But, you know, some of the cleft palates you saw and they were
Ann (PS0DY) [913] They were terrible!
Graeme (PS0DX) [914] Oh!
[915] Pull yo co co well you can imagine why people hid themselves away.
[916] And this chap, I mean he was ... oh this, it was almost sickening to look at!
Sarah (PS0E2) [917] Mm
Graeme (PS0DX) [918] And ... this ... th th this three surgeons go out from here ... and they do all their research on the various and they operate from eight o'clock at night to eight in the morning, non-stop, using three theatres, each doing a forty five minutes ... one, and then another one takes
Sarah (PS0E2) [919] Cos they can't eat properly with cleft palates anyway
Ann (PS0DY) [920] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [921] can they?
Graeme (PS0DX) [922] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [923] No.
Graeme (PS0DX) [924] And this chap in pen, and ... it showed them drawing on his ... lips when he was anaesthetized where you
Sarah (PS0E2) [925] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [926] thought he'd cut and things like this ... and then they showed you the chap the next day ... and he was completely different!
[927] He he could walk down the street without people looking and staring at him.
[928] They're amazing!
Ann (PS0DY) [929] Terrible for them!
[930] They're awful!
Graeme (PS0DX) [931] Amazing , what they can do now!
[932] But, but they're saying that, ooh apart from I think the ... what they're really saying is that it's ... better to wait till ... in
Sarah (PS0E2) [933] You're older.
Graeme (PS0DX) [934] you're older and do it then
Sarah (PS0E2) [935] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [936] because ... as I say,
Sarah (PS0E2) [937] At least
Graeme (PS0DX) [938] it stops growing.
Ann (PS0DY) [939] Mm. [scraping something]
Sarah (PS0E2) [940] Ha!
[941] Are you enjoying yourself there?
Ann (PS0DY) [942] Somebody's enjoying it!
Antony (PS0E3) [943] I haven't got a vice, but it ha
Graeme (PS0DX) [944] Well if you've do , If I'd known I'd have bought you a, a clamp over for you to
Sarah (PS0E2) [945] You got that clamp!
Antony (PS0E3) [946] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [947] Yeah, oh well would help, yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [948] It wouldn't really hold it tight enough.
[949] That should do nice, I've got one here.
Graeme (PS0DX) [950] Cos I've got the ones that Budgie had like that.
Ann (PS0DY) [951] We were going to have Gertrude this afternoon.
Sarah (PS0E2) [952] Mhm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [953] No the other way round
Ann (PS0DY) [954] And look after her.
Graeme (PS0DX) [955] We were gonna go there for tea.
Ann (PS0DY) [956] No they didn't!
Graeme (PS0DX) [957] She asked if we'd go over there for tea this afternoon!
[958] I said no, we're going to Sarah's.
Ann (PS0DY) [959] Oh I thought we were going to Sarah's today.
Graeme (PS0DX) [960] And then I said we were coming to Sarah's, so she sends you her love.
Sarah (PS0E2) [961] Yes.
[962] I'll send it back.
[963] Say hello to her.
[964] Have they heard from Cara?
Graeme (PS0DX) [965] I don't know.
[966] I ... Cara's
Ann (PS0DY) [967] Well she has done once.
Graeme (PS0DX) [968] Cara's due back next month.
Sarah (PS0E2) [969] Mm?
Graeme (PS0DX) [970] Cara's due back next month.
Sarah (PS0E2) [971] Yeah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [972] Yes, I didn't realize that but she's got to come back fo for an exam or something wasn't it?
[973] Yeah
Ann (PS0DY) [974] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [975] if it's in er ... I didn't think she was coming back till July when the term finished, but she's coming back in ... I'm sure Gertrude said March.
Ann (PS0DY) [976] I think it is March.
Graeme (PS0DX) [977] Cos she hasn't applied for a green card to work, cos there's point
Sarah (PS0E2) [978] Oh hasn't she?
Graeme (PS0DX) [979] because she's not gonna be there long enough to do it.
Sarah (PS0E2) [980] Oh!
[981] It can take so long to get one as well!
[982] She'd be better looking for a job, and when she gets ... give a
Ann (PS0DY) [983] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [984] job, getting it then.
Ann (PS0DY) [985] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [986] I think there's no difficulty over that, in the ... area they are, and the hospital they're at.
Sarah (PS0E2) [987] What's he doing?
Graeme (PS0DX) [988] Well he's at the sa , he's got the scholarship to this erm ... university doing advan an advance degree in ... what is it? [...] wood isn't it?
[989] Mm.
Ann (PS0DY) [990] I don't know!
Graeme (PS0DX) [991] Cos that's what he's into.
[992] He's into timbers isn't he?
Sarah (PS0E2) [993] Is he?
Graeme (PS0DX) [994] Mm.
[995] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [996] [...] ?
Ann (PS0DY) [997] I've no idea!
Graeme (PS0DX) [998] Well I should think
Antony (PS0E3) [999] They reckon that's [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [1000] treatments and preservation of the rain forest [laughing] and all this [] sort of thing, I imagine.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1001] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1002] Pardon?
Antony (PS0E3) [1003] Now turn ... that.
Ann (PS0DY) [1004] Well what did
Sarah (PS0E2) [1005] Yeah so he
Ann (PS0DY) [1006] you have to do anyway?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1007] Well our letter box is broken
Ann (PS0DY) [1008] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1009] we decided to get a new one, and use the new numbers.
[1010] Now that the [...] were rather dark for it, so we wouldn't be able
Ann (PS0DY) [1011] Oh I see!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1012] to see them.
[1013] And er ... we went to get one, and measured it and it was right size this box ... but
Ann (PS0DY) [1014] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1015] the other one, but ... even though it opens outwards, a bit comes in ... and a bit comes out and so he had to chip away at the
Ann (PS0DY) [1016] Oh I see!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1017] door so that it was around to there.
Ann (PS0DY) [1018] Have you been working since
Sarah (PS0E2) [1019] Well we got back, not very late
Ann (PS0DY) [1020] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1021] well, I did on Thursday.
[1022] I came in yesterday cos I had to decorate it so that er ... get it tiled, and get it furnished and
Ann (PS0DY) [1023] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1024] everything like that.
[1025] Monday I've got the dentist.
Antony (PS0E3) [1026] Ah!
Ann (PS0DY) [1027] Mm!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1028] I'm not looking forward to it cos I know
Graeme (PS0DX) [1029] Is that Mark?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1030] Yeah.
[1031] I know I've got a hole in my [...] [laughing] [...] []
Ann (PS0DY) [1032] Ah no!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1033] I'm not looking forward to it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1034] You can go in there and smile can you now?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1035] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1036] Your your ... cleared the account?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1037] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1038] Oh that's alright.
Ann (PS0DY) [1039] Er, well I, well I've ha ... well I know, I know who's turn, oh shut up!
[1040] Excuse me!
[1041] We've got to go and have our teeth done.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1042] Yes I know.
[1043] Mine aren't gonna be any problem at the moment are they?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1044] Antony hasn't been to the dentist for about six years!
[1045] Antony has got a temporary cap on one of his teeth but he's had it about twice really.
Ann (PS0DY) [1046] Yeah, if it's
Antony (PS0E3) [1047] Good grief!
Ann (PS0DY) [1048] only a temporary one.
Antony (PS0E3) [1049] It was when I was about ... twelve ... I broke the front of my tooth so I [...] ... I had a temporary cap put on, and it only lasted six months and came off!
Ann (PS0DY) [1050] Oh dear!
Antony (PS0E3) [1051] He put another one and it's been on ... since then!
Ann (PS0DY) [1052] Good
Antony (PS0E3) [1053] So
Ann (PS0DY) [1054] Lord!
Antony (PS0E3) [1055] twelve years?
[1056] They're only supposed to be sort of six monthly caps.
Ann (PS0DY) [1057] Good Lord!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1058] Well even a permanent cap ... probably wouldn't last that long under normal
Antony (PS0E3) [1059] Oh yeah!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1060] circumstances.
Antony (PS0E3) [1061] I've actually got very strong teeth, they [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1062] Cos er, when Deborah got ... Deborah got married, remember when she got married the crown came off mine
Sarah (PS0E2) [1063] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1064] and I [laughing] swallowed it [] !
Sarah (PS0E2) [1065] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1066] I don't, dislike going to the dentist ... but ... but I'm terrible with dentists, hairdressers, and all these things ... though I work quite hard, I never really sort of
Sarah (PS0E2) [1067] Your dentist is only round the corner from where you work though isn't it?
Antony (PS0E3) [1068] Oh yes, I know!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1069] Go for a quick
Antony (PS0E3) [1070] I can't find an
Sarah (PS0E2) [1071] appointment.
Antony (PS0E3) [1072] end!
[1073] Is it o ... Get off there!
[1074] One of those little ... [...] clips.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1075] Oh.
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1076] Well there you are you see, he'd forgotten!
Antony (PS0E3) [1077] Did you ... please take
Ann (PS0DY) [1078] You going out tonight?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1079] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [1080] No.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1081] Still haven't met your friend opposite, Laura.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1082] No?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1083] Met her father.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1084] He's ... dark haired, very dark
Graeme (PS0DX) [1085] Yes.
[1086] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1087] Yes.
[1088] Very, very, very dark
Graeme (PS0DX) [1089] Ye
Sarah (PS0E2) [1090] hair.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1091] Yeah, that's right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1092] Very sort of like golliwoggy hair.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1093] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1094] He's the French one.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1095] Oh i
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Antony (PS0E3) [1096] Hello darling!
[1097] Mm mm!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1098] Yes he wa ,wa ... over there the other lunchtime as we reversed out the drive.
[1099] Spoke to us.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1100] I always remember him ... he was alright bu but hi his mum was very ... sort of quite lenient, and he was really strict.
Ann (PS0DY) [1101] Really?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1102] Mm.
[1103] Laura didn't erm ... leave home ... she bought a house with Mark about three ... two, three years before they got married.
Ann (PS0DY) [1104] Oh, was that them?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1105] Yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1106] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1107] She didn't move in until the day she got married.
Ann (PS0DY) [1108] Really?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1109] She ... she stayed there weekends but
Antony (PS0E3) [1110] I thought that was funny!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1111] he didn't mind that, but she wasn't allowed to
Graeme (PS0DX) [1112] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1113] actually live there
Graeme (PS0DX) [1114] Move in.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1115] full-time until she married him.
Antony (PS0E3) [1116] I thought that was
Ann (PS0DY) [1117] Good Lord!
Antony (PS0E3) [1118] really funny!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1119] Then she was free
Antony (PS0E3) [1120] Wasn't they
Sarah (PS0E2) [1121] to leave home.
Antony (PS0E3) [1122] in in a flat?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1123] Yeah, but it was ... nothing like that.
[1124] So er ... that's them.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1125] Oh well!
Ann (PS0DY) [1126] Oh dear!
Antony (PS0E3) [1127] Sarah, would you make another cup of tea please?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1128] Some in the pot.
Antony (PS0E3) [1129] Oh would you pour it for me?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1130] Does anyone else want another one?
Ann (PS0DY) [1131] No I'm fine thank you.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1132] I wouldn't mind another one if there is one, not to worry otherwise.
Ann (PS0DY) [1133] I [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1134] But Jim, the chap who lives next door to them came over the other night to collect a pound from me as my contribution to the ... er, sign on the lamppost saying that this is a watch ... neighbourhood watch area, now it's
Sarah (PS0E2) [1135] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1136] and he ... I said to him, I said you got new neighbours?
[1137] And he said, yes he said er ... that place looks lo beautiful inside!
Ann (PS0DY) [1138] Mm.
[1139] I wish ours did!
Antony (PS0E3) [1140] It will!
Ann (PS0DY) [1141] Ours is terrible!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1142] Well a ... they, I mean they, as we say they mo , had everything done in the house before they moved in
Sarah (PS0E2) [1143] That's the ideal
Graeme (PS0DX) [1144] didn't they?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1145] if you were to get a place
Antony (PS0E3) [1146] Yeah that's
Sarah (PS0E2) [1147] before you move in
Graeme (PS0DX) [1148] Well that's ... that's pretty good!
[1149] Pretty good!
Antony (PS0E3) [1150] Got any letters Sarah?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1151] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [1152] Do you want to post something through here?
Ann (PS0DY) [1153] You've been to [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1154] Oh is it?
[1155] Ta open the door and show us.
Antony (PS0E3) [1156] No I want to post something through!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1157] Sorry?
Ann (PS0DY) [1158] Stop!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1159] What?
Antony (PS0E3) [1160] Right, we'll christen this.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1161] Let's have a look.
[1162] Oh marvellous! [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1163] Look at that!
[1164] It came
Ann (PS0DY) [1165] Well done!
[1166] Well done!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1167] Yeah!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1168] Well done!
Ann (PS0DY) [1169] Much better!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1170] Well that's doubled the value of the house for a start now!
Antony (PS0E3) [1171] Of course!
[1172] Yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [1173] Oh you!
[1174] Oh it's you!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1175] Oh hello!
[1176] [blowing kisses] You little ... come here!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1177] Haven't you got a home?
Ann (PS0DY) [1178] Does he still live at home?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1179] Yeah.
[1180] Come here!
[1181] Say hello [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1182] Well he can't get in and out their place can he? [blowing kisses]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1183] No.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1184] Hello!
Ann (PS0DY) [1185] Hello pussy!
[1186] Hello pussy!
[1187] Hello pussy!
[1188] Had something to eat
Sarah (PS0E2) [1189] The very first day he was a bit worried so
Ann (PS0DY) [1190] have you pussy?
[1191] Have you pussy?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1192] gets a bit worried.
[1193] Don't you
Graeme (PS0DX) [1194] Hello.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1195] Eh?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1196] Hello.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1197] You're such a soft cat aren't you? [phone rings]
Antony (PS0E3) [1198] She knows you're soft then she bites you!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1199] There it goes!
[1200] Well perhaps if you erm
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1201] Sarah?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1202] Hold on!
[1203] Ow!
[1204] Ow!
[1205] Ow!
Antony (PS0E3) [1206] [phonecall starts] Hello!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1207] Ow!
Antony (PS0E3) [1208] How's things?
[1209] Fine.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1210] Just put some lemon
Sarah (PS0E2) [1211] Yep!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1212] please?
Antony (PS0E3) [1213] Depends what it is really [phonecall ends] .
Sarah (PS0E2) [1214] Yeah I'd love to be able to
Graeme (PS0DX) [1215] Good Lord!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1216] take that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1217] That's a lot isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [1218] Actually their ... things
Graeme (PS0DX) [1219] Er sorry , Liz McColgan's just knocked ten seconds off the world record!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1220] Yeah!
[1221] Good Lord!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1222] That's a lot
Ann (PS0DY) [1223] Their , their telephone is much wo louder than ours.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1224] Yeah, but it's not the same as yours now.
Ann (PS0DY) [1225] It's not?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1226] No, cos our one like yours is broken
Ann (PS0DY) [1227] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1228] and put away for the [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1229] But our , ours builds up, it starts ... soft, and then gets louder, and the longer you leave it the louder and louder it gets!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1230] We've got low and high anyway
Graeme (PS0DX) [1231] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [1232] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1233] on, on that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1234] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [1235] I can't understand ours!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1236] Does your phone you have in the bedroom ring as well?
Ann (PS0DY) [1237] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1238] Because we've got
Graeme (PS0DX) [1239] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1240] sound down on ours.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1241] Well I've turned the one in the bedroom off for the moment cos if ... in the daytime if your mum's up re ... resting
Sarah (PS0E2) [1242] Having a rest.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1243] and then it's not ... disturbing her ... although we've been using the bottom bedroom really.
Ann (PS0DY) [1244] Although Colin, Colin rang last night, I didn't even know he'd been!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1245] No.
[1246] Well if the phone's next to me you ... pick it up fairly quickly after it gives it's first beep don't you?
[1247] So it's
Ann (PS0DY) [1248] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1249] But I've ... as I say I've got ... memory banks in for ... your number and ... Gertrude's number and ... the three
Sarah (PS0E2) [1250] Oh yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1251] numbers that reach me when I'm not at home and
Sarah (PS0E2) [1252] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1253] and things like that so, and Amber and Freda so ... all your mum has to do is press M R and the ... appropriate number.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1254] The one you want.
Ann (PS0DY) [1255] Well that's all I have to do I think.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1256] The danger number is five.
Ann (PS0DY) [1257] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1258] Cos that's Lyndsey!
[1259] [laugh] [laughing] They'll be calling me pretty soon and getting me on th []
Sarah (PS0E2) [1260] Is that a good to actually programme that one in then?
Ann (PS0DY) [1261] I think quite
Graeme (PS0DX) [1262] Well I don't
Ann (PS0DY) [1263] quite honestly it's very, ee, I think somebody's going to have it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1264] I only did it cos it was such a long number to put in all the
Sarah (PS0E2) [1265] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1266] time!
[1267] I didn't put Debbie's in because, we don't ring New Zealand as much as ring Hong Kong, but ... but I've thought of it being a dangerous number but I'm, there it is!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1268] Yeah.
[1269] ... [yawning] Ah [] !
Antony (PS0E3) [1270] We've got loads of numbers on this phone!
[1271] They're good these because ... if they've got display on them
Graeme (PS0DX) [1272] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1273] you can put the name in.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1274] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1275] So er ... say I want ring Sarah at work
Graeme (PS0DX) [1276] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1277] I put er ... er ... if I put the first letter of it, er er it's S [phone bleeping] ... that'll search it and it'll say Sarah work
Graeme (PS0DX) [1278] Oh I see!
Antony (PS0E3) [1279] and then the phone number ... then all you've got to do is press send and it'll ring it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1280] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1281] And then if I ... if I want to ring home ... see I'll press ... that [phone bleeping] ... that just brings up the
Graeme (PS0DX) [1282] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1283] yeah, then press that one ... is at home ... if I just press send
Sarah (PS0E2) [1284] Yeah? [phone rings]
Antony (PS0E3) [1285] and then it rings it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1286] Yeah.
[1287] That's off your
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1288] car is it?
Antony (PS0E3) [1289] Yeah, this is a car, put that out the way
Graeme (PS0DX) [1290] Car phone, yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1291] so tha that's all it is! [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1292] Yes I see!
Antony (PS0E3) [1293] Then you just
Graeme (PS0DX) [1294] Vodaphone or whatever it is.
Antony (PS0E3) [1295] you just plug it in there ... and charge the battery up.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1296] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1297] We got one for the car, you plug it in the cigarette lighter
Graeme (PS0DX) [1298] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1299] and that fills the battery up.
[1300] Great [...] !
[1301] ... They're a little expensive!
[1302] [sigh] ... Bloody expensive to use as well!
Ann (PS0DY) [1303] What are?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1304] Mobile phones.
Antony (PS0E3) [1305] Those phones.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1306] Yes!
Ann (PS0DY) [1307] Are they?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1308] Yeah, Cellnet phones
Ann (PS0DY) [1309] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1310] are.
Antony (PS0E3) [1311] That is ... twenty five pound a month ... line rental
Graeme (PS0DX) [1312] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1313] oh it, it depends, I don't think ours, we've actually got twenty five pound at the moment, that's, I dunno, that's, that's what it normally is ... and it's twenty five P or thirty
Graeme (PS0DX) [1314] Ooh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1315] five P a minute.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1316] Oh yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1317] So it's quite expensive.
Ann (PS0DY) [1318] It is very expensive innit?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1319] Well I know with Arnold and Antony is ... Arnold's not so bad cos he uses his quite a bit er ... but the tendency with Antony is, when the bill comes in each month ... th ... the rental is double what ... the usage is most of the time.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1320] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1321] Oh we try and use ours ... as little as possible but still we've had high bills.
[1322] Where's the [...] love?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1323] In the drawer behind you.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1324] Well I've switched my office phone over and, well they actually wrote to me, but I've switched mine over to this ... er ... discount, if you do more than a hundred pounds worth a quarter.
Antony (PS0E3) [1325] Is it Mercury?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1326] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1327] No, B T.
Antony (PS0E3) [1328] Oh!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1329] Er, B T.
Ann (PS0DY) [1330] Come on!
Antony (PS0E3) [1331] What is it, a regular users'
Graeme (PS0DX) [1332] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1333] phone?
[1334] Yo you pay to
Graeme (PS0DX) [1335] Yeah,the they've just brought it in.
Antony (PS0E3) [1336] you pay for the privilege then don't you?
Ann (PS0DY) [1337] Oh dear!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1338] Well no, don't pay for any privilege, it's just that they've
Sarah (PS0E2) [1339] That's for , for Antony.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1340] that they've just ... discounted ... users.
[1341] But you can't ... I only get it on line one ... because line two ... I just use as an a ... as an incoming call line, or if I'm ... .
[1342] caught on one and I want to ring out in the other at the same time I can use it.
Antony (PS0E3) [1343] Doug's got tha , a goo , a good system, which is another new one.
[1344] It's it's part of the Star system.
[1345] But he he's got a ... two lines on one phone
Graeme (PS0DX) [1346] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1347] and you only need a normal phone
Graeme (PS0DX) [1348] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1349] er, I suppose it's got one of those R buttons on
Graeme (PS0DX) [1350] Ah yes!
Antony (PS0E3) [1351] but it's now ... erm, if the phone rings and he picks it up ah, er and he's talking to someone on the phone ... someone else tries to ring
Graeme (PS0DX) [1352] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1353] erm ... it won't be engaged, they will get a er er er, a erm voice saying ... erm ... the caller is on another call at the moment please hold the line
Ann (PS0DY) [1354] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1355] and, you hear o this, er like three beeps ... and if you press the R it will hold wha , the conversation you're on
Graeme (PS0DX) [1356] You're on an ... you can now go
Antony (PS0E3) [1357] and you can speak to the other people, and then you switch back
Graeme (PS0DX) [1358] Mm, it's
Antony (PS0E3) [1359] or, hang up and then the phone will ring and you'll get the other who's
Graeme (PS0DX) [1360] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1361] there.
[1362] It's quite clever.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1363] But it could be annoying to the person holding on. [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [1364] And they've got
Graeme (PS0DX) [1365] cos you've been answered so you start clocking up don't you, at that point?
Antony (PS0E3) [1366] And they've got a call barring system as well, as well , I like that!
[1367] ... Erm ... say, you ca , you can ... tap in a code
Graeme (PS0DX) [1368] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1369] and that phone will be useless, won't be able to ring out on it
Graeme (PS0DX) [1370] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1371] or ... you can ha , tap another code in and it'll only make local calls ... and another code you can only make nationals
Graeme (PS0DX) [1372] Mm.
[1373] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1374] er , calls in this country ... and erm ... another code and it, you
Graeme (PS0DX) [1375] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1376] can phone anywhere you like ... all over the world.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1377] Yeah.
[1378] Trouble is with this quarter, with this discount I'm probably ... not going to get to a hundred pound at the office because I've been using it at home so much.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1379] Mm!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1380] But I now get er er er, get an itemized bill from ... Telecom, so I'll be able
Sarah (PS0E2) [1381] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1382] to ... re-charge on the basis of what's been charged.
Antony (PS0E3) [1383] So what happens, say if you pho , phone the dirty phone numbers?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1384] Th that'll be on.
Ann (PS0DY) [1385] That's right!
Antony (PS0E3) [1386] You can, you can find out.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1387] Well I only did it out of curiosity basically to ... to see how much ... er, one spent in ... in calls with th , like Lyndsey in Hong Kong.
Antony (PS0E3) [1388] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1389] And I suppose it's almost
Antony (PS0E3) [1390] Mind you, that's pre , I've only ever known that
Graeme (PS0DX) [1391] fifty percent of your phone bill on most occasions.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1392] The only
Antony (PS0E3) [1393] Only on
Sarah (PS0E2) [1394] unusual calls we
Antony (PS0E3) [1395] on
Sarah (PS0E2) [1396] make are er itemized.
Antony (PS0E3) [1397] on normal phone bills, but er the international calls ... international call they do.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1398] Yeah.
[1399] Well it only gives you units used though
Antony (PS0E3) [1400] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1401] it doesn't ... tell you the number it went to.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1402] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1403] And this does you see, you get it with the number.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1404] Do you know all that now?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1405] It's quite interesting that where you think you've ... you've rung say, Freda or Amber ... in the evening and you've had quite a lengthy conversation in, mentally you think that
Ann (PS0DY) [1406] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1407] and when the bill comes in you find it was only eighty six P or something like
Sarah (PS0E2) [1408] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1409] that.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1410] You expect it to be more like three quid or something.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1411] Yes tha that's right!
Antony (PS0E3) [1412] And, do you know now, from from Bournemouth ... erm
Graeme (PS0DX) [1413] That's er er, Antony
Antony (PS0E3) [1414] frequently used ... trunk calls
Graeme (PS0DX) [1415] there's some on the
Antony (PS0E3) [1416] frequently used trunk calls
Graeme (PS0DX) [1417] Mm.
Antony (PS0E3) [1418] erm ... are not ... for example, if you phone ... London from Bournemouth it's not ... the same band as ... if you phoned ... erm
Graeme (PS0DX) [1419] That's right.
Antony (PS0E3) [1420] Brighton from Bournemouth
Graeme (PS0DX) [1421] That's right.
[1422] There are
Antony (PS0E3) [1423] because it's
Graeme (PS0DX) [1424] numbers ... there are areas
Antony (PS0E3) [1425] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1426] now aren't there?
Antony (PS0E3) [1427] It's ... London, Bristol, Yeovil ... where else was it?
[1428] I wasn't really looking.
[1429] But not from
Graeme (PS0DX) [1430] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1431] they don't do it from ... Banford, for example, that's
Graeme (PS0DX) [1432] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1433] not the same ... exchange.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1434] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [1435] It must be this new dish that's changed, it must be ... I dunno.
[1436] Obviously some
Graeme (PS0DX) [1437] I was interested too that ... got the new phonebooks
Sarah (PS0E2) [1438] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1439] at work, and they got all the Mercury numbers in
Sarah (PS0E2) [1440] Yep!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1441] as well.
Antony (PS0E3) [1442] Ours has got our mobile number in as well!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1443] Has it?
Antony (PS0E3) [1444] Yeah.
[1445] And it don't cost any more.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1446] No, I know!
Antony (PS0E3) [1447] You could have one of the
Sarah (PS0E2) [1448] Oh it should have a Mercury numbers in cos all they actually do is rent a B T line and pay for it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1449] Yes, I know , yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1450] So
Graeme (PS0DX) [1451] But th they they ... cheaper to use aren't
Sarah (PS0E2) [1452] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1453] they?
Antony (PS0E3) [1454] Not for local, local calls cost a bloody fortune!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1455] Local
Graeme (PS0DX) [1456] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1457] calls are do
Graeme (PS0DX) [1458] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1459] about three, four times as expensive
Graeme (PS0DX) [1460] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1461] but er
Antony (PS0E3) [1462] Local calls are a fortune ... when you think
Sarah (PS0E2) [1463] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1464] if you've got no B T lines.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1465] Yes, it's only on erm ... trunk calls that you really
Sarah (PS0E2) [1466] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1467] score isn't it?
Antony (PS0E3) [1468] In fact, I think in Bournemouth you can actually make locals on Mercury now at the normal rate which is good!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1469] Well you might be able to get long distance [...]
Antony (PS0E3) [1470] I think it's all a bit complicated for me!
[1471] I can't understand it all!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1472] Well what used to be simple and straightforward now leaves you with th ... wondering whether you got the right card in your pocket
Ann (PS0DY) [1473] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1474] or something doesn't it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1475] Mm.
[1476] We haven't had a phone call so it must be good!
[1477] Mustn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [1478] Are you going to explain this to them?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1479] No,wha why, we'll talk later on, don't worry now.
Ann (PS0DY) [1480] Oh thank you.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1481] Mm.
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1482] I was watching the ice hockey on here last night, last night, the ... [...] and Czechoslovakia one ... and a Canadian guy scored a goal ... and the announcer said they'll be celebrating that in his home in Canada if they're watching, listen I bet they are!
[1483] He's got seven brothers, and [laughing] five sisters!
[1484] I said oh [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [1485] Can you imagine!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1486] I'd like to be their mothers!
Ann (PS0DY) [1487] I bet you would, yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1488] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Sarah (PS0E2) [1489] Big money!
Antony (PS0E3) [1490] You might be their money when they're all at work.
Ann (PS0DY) [1491] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1492] Be alright ... on your birthday!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1493] Yeah I suppose it wa , it's like Maureen's parents, both her mum and her dad are like, children of thirteen!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1494] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1495] I think, Maureen, I remember when we were about fifteen, at the last count she had forty nine first cousins!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1496] Wha
Ann (PS0DY) [1497] Really?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1498] Let alone second cousins, but first cousins, she had
Graeme (PS0DX) [1499] Heavens!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1500] forty nine!
Ann (PS0DY) [1501] Good grief!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1502] And they all buy each other Christmas presents!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1503] Oh dear!
Ann (PS0DY) [1504] Oh no!
[1505] Oh dear!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1506] But he couldn't!
Ann (PS0DY) [1507] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1508] Oh, ho ho ho ho!
Ann (PS0DY) [1509] How awful!
Antony (PS0E3) [1510] I don't even send my cousins Christmas cards, let alone the
Sarah (PS0E2) [1511] Can you imagine it though!
[1512] I mean
Graeme (PS0DX) [1513] Even if you only spent a quid, a couple of quid that's two hundred, er it's
Sarah (PS0E2) [1514] Even with the uncles, even with your aunt
Graeme (PS0DX) [1515] hundred pound isn't it!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1516] Even with your aunts and uncles
Ann (PS0DY) [1517] Well you spend a lot money
Sarah (PS0E2) [1518] and their other
Graeme (PS0DX) [1519] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1520] halves, you're looking at ... forty eight?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1521] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1522] No,mo more.
[1523] There's thirteen each side
Graeme (PS0DX) [1524] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1525] so that's twenty six
Graeme (PS0DX) [1526] Must be wonder
Sarah (PS0E2) [1527] so that's fifty two
Ann (PS0DY) [1528] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1529] aunts and uncles
Graeme (PS0DX) [1530] Mm.
[1531] But still
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1532] think of the presents you're getting [laughing] too [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [1533] Yeah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1534] Yeah,yo you get out a bank loan to do it, and then you ask for it, then you ask them for money for [laughing] Christmas, to pay it back off [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [1535] Can you imagine what weddings are like!
Ann (PS0DY) [1536] Can you imagine?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1537] [laughing] But er, nobody else can come the church is full of family [] !
Sarah (PS0E2) [1538] But er ... most of them [...] , but she's got a couple over here, I think.
Antony (PS0E3) [1539] You'd have thought that with a family er that big they wouldn't be like with cousins.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1540] I don't,sh
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1541] I don't think like more in, each kid in each family will buy ... each ... kid in every family
Graeme (PS0DX) [1542] No.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1543] their actual cousin to cousins, but the aunts and uncles of the family, they all buy each person a present.
Ann (PS0DY) [1544] Mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1545] But it's still a hell of a lot of presents!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1546] Yes!
[1547] Quite!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1548] Cor!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1549] Start buying after th

11 (Tape 043101)

Graeme (PS0DX) [1550] They're co ... sweeping the carpet up.
[1551] The mess.
Ann (PS0DY) [1552] As long as she doesn't sweep us away!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [1553] Stop it!
Antony (PS0E3) [1554] [...] ... No.
[1555] Catch!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1556] No, that's the car business Antony.
Ann (PS0DY) [1557] Bloody awful!
Antony (PS0E3) [1558] If you say so.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1559] What do say Sarah?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1560] Yeah!
[1561] Bloody!
Antony (PS0E3) [1562] Pretty good [...] this week ... but had a bad few weeks as well so ... not setting the world alight ... yet.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1563] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [1564] But we have, but we have put up the salaries which is good
Sarah (PS0E2) [1565] [yawning] Oh [] .
Antony (PS0E3) [1566] and dad's been away so I've sold Peter a few cars.
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1567] Did he tell you?
Antony (PS0E3) [1568] Take advantage.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1569] [laughing] I see [] !
Antony (PS0E3) [1570] One with a big engine, you see.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1571] Where's where's ... Bruce?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1572] Skiing.
Antony (PS0E3) [1573] Skiing.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1574] Oh he's gone skiing!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1575] Yeah.
[1576] What wi
Ann (PS0DY) [1577] So when do they come back?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1578] Haley and
Sarah (PS0E2) [1579] Tuesday.
Antony (PS0E3) [1580] Er, Haley, yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1581] Haley in the end
Antony (PS0E3) [1582] Got
Sarah (PS0E2) [1583] actually, flying to [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1584] Ah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1585] And that's what he likes to say anyway.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1586] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1587] [...] ... Plus he went skiing on his own at Christmas and he went down straight away.
Antony (PS0E3) [1588] He's really good is he!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1589] At the age of ... I think he's eighteen now.
Antony (PS0E3) [1590] Yes?
[1591] Something you'd like?
[1592] You're going to get the drill and have a go at the drilling session?
[1593] Mm?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1594] He likes the drills.
Antony (PS0E3) [1595] Oh cutie!
[1596] Oh!
[1597] Ah!
[1598] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1599] Th , the trouble with Felix is when you're doing something he likes to be there.
Ann (PS0DY) [1600] Oh course he does!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1601] That's right!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1602] And I was in upstairs
Graeme (PS0DX) [1603] It's interesting!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1604] and he
Ann (PS0DY) [1605] That's wha ... that's what our cat does.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1606] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1607] I'll have to wallpaper your bathroom, then paint it, I then have to touch up the door ... cos it's that kind of paint ... and I had it like, on the top of the loo, I was doing it up a bit, and the next thing I saw was Felix coming onto the back of the wind ah
Ann (PS0DY) [1608] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1609] window and I sort of pinged the cat's tray, you know, if I shut the door and walked back in and hid the paint on the side, and on a couple of occasions he was painting that window and suddenly this cat appeared outside
Ann (PS0DY) [1610] Oh dear!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1611] on the ledge!
[1612] It's like the man who was doing ... putting the two new windows in.
Antony (PS0E3) [1613] Oh God!
[1614] Put the glass in ... and he kept coming and si sit, trying to get on the bloody windowsill and getting out!
Ann (PS0DY) [1615] I bet!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1616] But Antony was doing it and you put her on the tumbledryer behind him, and it was so funny cos ... he's like this ... with his head going round Antony looking, every
Ann (PS0DY) [1617] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1618] time Antony looked round he went ... like this to
Graeme (PS0DX) [1619] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1620] say I'm not watching!
Ann (PS0DY) [1621] [laughing] You never look [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1622] Oh!
[1623] And his head was going back round watching.
[1624] ... He likes to get involved.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1625] Yes.
[1626] What would they do without you now, Felix, eh?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1627] Have a good [...] , put the cat flap in.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1628] Well
Ann (PS0DY) [1629] I suppose we ought to go ... Mr .
Graeme (PS0DX) [1630] Yes, I suppose we should.
Antony (PS0E3) [1631] Mr!
[1632] ... Where are you er
Ann (PS0DY) [1633] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1634] Your brakes sounded a bit squeaky in your car.
[1635] When you came up.
Ann (PS0DY) [1636] Did they?
Antony (PS0E3) [1637] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1638] Ya.
[1639] It's it's almost due for a service again.
Antony (PS0E3) [1640] Sounds like you had no brake pad in it whatsoever!
[1641] They were finished and ... which is the main reason to have it serviced.
[1642] Gotta go back to the [...] .
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1643] Actually, I've noticed that once or twice today.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1644] Yeah,we well it could be ... one of two things that's all.
[1645] Could be a bit of dirt on the pad which ... squeaks, that's all.
Antony (PS0E3) [1646] Unfortunately, brake pads nowadays, they're not allowed to put asbestos in any more.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1647] No.
Antony (PS0E3) [1648] [...] the sque the squeaking.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1649] Remember when we went on that ... caravan trip up to the [...] and we got dirt on the brake drums at
Ann (PS0DY) [1650] Oh!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1651] everywhere we went we screamed through town!
Antony (PS0E3) [1652] May I understand you have a caravan on the back at the time?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1653] Yes.
[1654] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [1655] Oh it's horrible
Sarah (PS0E2) [1656] Oh!
Antony (PS0E3) [1657] innit!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1658] Felix!
[1659] What are you doing?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1660] Yes, and Ho the Opel.
Antony (PS0E3) [1661] Ah!
[1662] Ah!
[1663] Ah!
Ann (PS0DY) [1664] We stayed at
Graeme (PS0DX) [1665] And then we ... there was a chap with another ... with another Opel who ... was a bit of engineering type, so he took my wheels off and cleaned the pads for me you see.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1666] Know wha do you know what about I remember about that holiday?
[1667] I just remembered the caravan, and like, we had the floods on the [...] Valley and everything like that and ... you all had the caravan okay, and on the way home in that petrol station!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1668] Station
Ann (PS0DY) [1669] Oh I know!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1670] yeah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1671] The caravan, we'd like, made sure that nothing happened cos we were renting it, and then as we went through a petrol station, on the way home
Ann (PS0DY) [1672] It did!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1673] it had taken five [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [1674] There was a bit jutting out wasn't there and
Sarah (PS0E2) [1675] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1676] she didn't ... we had to manhandle the caravan Orford otherwise, you know
Antony (PS0E3) [1677] It's hideous towing a caravan innit?
[1678] Oh!
[1679] I hate it!
Ann (PS0DY) [1680] Well tha Graeme hated
Antony (PS0E3) [1681] Mm
Ann (PS0DY) [1682] Abs
Graeme (PS0DX) [1683] I ne ... I I er
Sarah (PS0E2) [1684] Go on!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1685] It's alright once in a while, but I can't see what people see about being addicts and always towing one, it's
Sarah (PS0E2) [1686] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [1687] Do you remember going down th the
Graeme (PS0DX) [1688] Good Lord!
Ann (PS0DY) [1689] erm
Graeme (PS0DX) [1690] Look at that!
[1691] Norwich, three, Liverpool nil!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1692] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [1693] Do you remember going down a ... erm, a ha ... a ... ahem
Sarah (PS0E2) [1694] The other thing I remember though
Ann (PS0DY) [1695] thingamabob to do it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1696] What, when we were camping?
Ann (PS0DY) [1697] You took her down.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1698] When we were caravanning
Ann (PS0DY) [1699] I wouldn't go
Antony (PS0E3) [1700] Sarah.
Ann (PS0DY) [1701] down.
Antony (PS0E3) [1702] Sarah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1703] When we were caravanning?
[1704] Oh we
Ann (PS0DY) [1705] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1706] went down the slate mine.
Ann (PS0DY) [1707] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [sneeze]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1708] Did we?
Ann (PS0DY) [1709] Do you remember that?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1710] Remember we went down that slate mine?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1711] No I don't!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1712] Er, yes.
[1713] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [1714] Well I wouldn't go down it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1715] You and I went.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1716] Did we?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1717] Yeah,i , it wasn't a working mine, it was an old mine and they
Sarah (PS0E2) [1718] We went into a mine?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1719] Went into the slate mine, yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1720] I went into a mine?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1721] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [1722] Well I wouldn't do i [laughing] I wouldn't do it now [] !
Antony (PS0E3) [1723] Why not?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1724] It wasn't one you went down, you went
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1725] ah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1726] Oh right!
Antony (PS0E3) [1727] I don't see [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1728] [sneeze] Pardon me!
Antony (PS0E3) [1729] It's like going down a tube.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1730] Is that making you sneeze?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1731] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1732] I remember that ... when we were there we went on th , it was either a boat or something?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1733] A boat?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1734] Either a boat, something like that, and, like ... you know.
Ann (PS0DY) [1735] I can't remember ha half of these things!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1736] It was something like that.
[1737] Or an open top thing something like that.
[1738] But I remember going on it and I had those transfers on my arms
Ann (PS0DY) [1739] [...] ?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1740] You know, like the transfers you get
Ann (PS0DY) [1741] Oh yeah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1742] that the ... real tattoos and that.
[1743] I remember I had this one on my arm and we were we , I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and there was some Americans sat behind and I said,ca , I can just always remember one thing ... Gosh!
[1744] Her pa her parents letting her have a tattoo and [...] !
Ann (PS0DY) [1745] [laughing] Oh no [] !
Sarah (PS0E2) [1746] And I was like, giggling to them and everything, and ... they think I've got a tattoo on my arm!
Ann (PS0DY) [1747] Oh lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1748] I dunno.
[1749] It was great!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1750] I just can't remember doing that!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1751] I can't remember what it was on, but I just remember ... we were sat on something.
Ann (PS0DY) [1752] Do you remember going on a boat?
[1753] We did do
Sarah (PS0E2) [1754] Mi
Ann (PS0DY) [1755] we did go on a boat.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1756] What on that caravan trip?
[1757] Oh yes I know where it was!
Ann (PS0DY) [1758] Yes we did.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1759] Yes it was down in er ... ah!
[1760] Down in the South Wales wasn't it, where
Sarah (PS0E2) [1761] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1762] we
Sarah (PS0E2) [1763] On our way
Graeme (PS0DX) [1764] just got into Wales and we camped on that flat land and then we went up the riv , oh we've got it on the
Sarah (PS0E2) [1765] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1766] cinefilm haven't we?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1767] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1768] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1769] I can just remember the people being sat behind and then saying
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1770] gosh, how can she have a tattoo at her age!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1771] I don't re
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1772] Yes, I imagine you doing, yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1773] I remember going fishing?
[1774] Or attempted to with a net!
[1775] Cos I remember it rained and the caravan nearly came in the river.
Ann (PS0DY) [1776] I remember that!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1777] Something sa , it was something Gat wasn't it?
[1778] Er
Sarah (PS0E2) [1779] Mm, mm mm.
Ann (PS0DY) [1780] Go gol Ghayoit ... Ghayoit.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1781] No.
[1782] Er er er
Ann (PS0DY) [1783] Yes it was, began with a ... Gha ... Ja
Graeme (PS0DX) [1784] Yasunsgat
Ann (PS0DY) [1785] Ah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1786] Ya Yasunsgat we're talking about, it's a
Sarah (PS0E2) [1787] But I do remember that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1788] Yes you're right I'd ... forgotten that boat trip.
[1789] But we've got that on cinefilm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [noseblow]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1790] the boat trip, [...] I had a tattoo.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1791] Oh yes!
Ann (PS0DY) [1792] I think that's lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1793] But I think it's true.
[1794] Actually I had the ... [...] .
Ann (PS0DY) [1795] [laughing] Oh oh yo , trust you [] !
Antony (PS0E3) [1796] [sighing] Oh [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [1797] Er, that was quite a good place that Yasensgat whatever it's called, wasn't it?
[1798] It was ... I think we stayed an extra day didn't we?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1799] I honestly, can't remember
Graeme (PS0DX) [1800] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1801] the [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1802] It's quite nice there.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1803] I remember staying in Basgarat
Ann (PS0DY) [1804] Yes, I remember that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1805] Well we stayed,we well almost a week there didn't we? [door bell]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1806] Cos we went to Caernarvon Castle.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1807] That's right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1808] I remember that much.
[1809] And I remember staying by the river and going netting for ... collect tadpoles and that [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1810] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1811] You'll have to buy the batteries that [...] ain't they?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1812] Mummy hasn't got to buy those she [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [1813] Oh we'll have to buy them out of Felix's then.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1814] You er
Antony (PS0E3) [1815] Shall we tug at her tail?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1816] No!
[1817] Antony, don't be so horrible!
Ann (PS0DY) [1818] He doesn't mind.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1819] He doesn't ... but Antony doesn't mind, no!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1820] Felix minds!
Antony (PS0E3) [1821] I'm not that cruel!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1822] There, there
Graeme (PS0DX) [1823] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1824] Felix!
Antony (PS0E3) [1825] Gets too long, that one.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1826] I'll move the lounge round today so it's not
Graeme (PS0DX) [1827] Oh yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1828] a squash.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1829] Yes.
[1830] Well yo
Sarah (PS0E2) [1831] Get some space.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1832] can have a dance there now.
Ann (PS0DY) [1833] Yeah!
[1834] Very nice!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1835] Once that video's ... done, [...] .
Antony (PS0E3) [1836] It still worked alright though.
[1837] That
Sarah (PS0E2) [1838] Good excuse!
Antony (PS0E3) [1839] Beep beep beep beep!
[1840] Beep beep beep beep beep!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1841] I'm really [...] , lovely aren't they?
Ann (PS0DY) [1842] I think it's a lovely room though, that!
Antony (PS0E3) [1843] You're not papering your walls are you?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1844] He's papered by himself, that's true.
Antony (PS0E3) [1845] He's getting a bit of a boring old fart!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [1846] Aren't you?
[1847] Eh?
[1848] Boring old fart, in't you?
[1849] Won't play with your daddy any more?
Sarah (PS0E2) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1850] You doing any work today?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1851] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [1852] Good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1853] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [1854] I'm very glad to hear it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1855] It's Saturday!
Ann (PS0DY) [1856] Good!
Antony (PS0E3) [1857] Have you been working at home?
Ann (PS0DY) [1858] Are we going to have a ... Chinese meal tonight?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1859] Well ... that's a possibility, I
Ann (PS0DY) [1860] No
Graeme (PS0DX) [1861] suppose.
Ann (PS0DY) [1862] not a ... possibility!
[1863] Is it or isn't it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1864] Well, is it or isn't it?
[1865] That's a good question!
[1866] After due consideration, ya, I think so.
Ann (PS0DY) [1867] Good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1868] But I'll go to the other Chinese, I'm not going to
Ann (PS0DY) [1869] Oh, not the other one, no.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1870] Well, yeah, I had a meal from there when you were hospital but
Sarah (PS0E2) [1871] What, Ho Choi's
Graeme (PS0DX) [1872] Ho Choi's yes.
[1873] Well the last one we had there we thought was exce , excellent, but
Sarah (PS0E2) [1874] Ho Choi's use used to be brilliant [...] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [1875] But I had
Ann (PS0DY) [1876] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1877] one, I had a ... sweet and sour Hong Kong, and urgh, it was like leather!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1878] Yeah?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1879] It was awful!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1880] It was ... we had fried oysters in [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1881] Where can we get it from?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1882] Well get it from the other Chinese.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1883] Get it from the other one.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1884] Next to Zari's
Ann (PS0DY) [1885] Which other Chinese?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1886] Next to Zari's
Ann (PS0DY) [1887] Oh yes.
[1888] Okay.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1889] Peking Shop.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1890] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1891] Or thereabouts.
Antony (PS0E3) [1892] [talking to the cat] What are you doing?
[1893] What are you doing?
[1894] Got a new toy, toy?
[1895] Got a new toy, toy?
[1896] Got a new toy?
Ann (PS0DY) [1897] Mm mm.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1898] You wanted a cat toy, you better play with it!
Antony (PS0E3) [1899] Got it!
[1900] I've got it!
[1901] Yes!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1902] Let me borrow your coat a minute, I jus , I don't know if he'll do it, he usually does it if you're wearing something like that coat.
[1903] He wo , he won't hurt it?
[1904] Don't
Ann (PS0DY) [1905] No!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1906] worry about that.
Ann (PS0DY) [1907] Doesn't matter.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1908] Where's she's going?
[1909] Where's she gone?
Antony (PS0E3) [1910] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [1911] [laugh] ... Oh lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1912] Eh?
Antony (PS0E3) [1913] He'll ... curl up in it.
[1914] Here he goes.
Ann (PS0DY) [1915] Ah!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [1916] He's lovely!
[1917] I think that's great!
Antony (PS0E3) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [1918] Like a hidey-hole.
Ann (PS0DY) [1919] Oh isn't that lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1920] He loves it!
Ann (PS0DY) [1921] Look at him!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1922] You need a, you need a camera don't you?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1923] If you have a skirt on, or if you're wearing a dressing gown
Antony (PS0E3) [1924] When sh , Sarah comes in with a long skirt on ... he [...] , he goes up
Sarah (PS0E2) [1925] He goes straight up [laughing] my skirt [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [1926] How lovely!
Antony (PS0E3) [1927] I mean ... he he lies on the side of it and Sarah
Sarah (PS0E2) [1928] He'll sit on the back of it and I can't get up!
[1929] Even with a dressing gown as well, he loves it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1930] Oh!
Ann (PS0DY) [1931] It's lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1932] He was like that wasn't he?
Ann (PS0DY) [1933] I shall need a new one ... by the winter ... because I've had that for four
Graeme (PS0DX) [1934] Yes, that's ri
Ann (PS0DY) [1935] years!
Graeme (PS0DX) [1936] Yeah that's true.
Antony (PS0E3) [1937] Is it worn out?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1938] Are you coming
Ann (PS0DY) [1939] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1940] out?
Antony (PS0E3) [1941] It doesn't look worn out.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1942] Are you coming out?
Graeme (PS0DX) [1943] It's it's ... gone past its sell by date, you see.
Ann (PS0DY) [1944] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1945] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1946] Needn't be worn out, it's just the sell by date's expired.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1947] Are you coming out?
[1948] Mm?
Ann (PS0DY) [1949] [laughing] Ha [] !
[1950] ... I think that's lovely!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1951] Coming out?
Antony (PS0E3) [1952] [belch] .
[1953] Oh excuse me!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1954] You're lovely, eh? [...]
Antony (PS0E3) [1955] Oh!
Sarah (PS0E2) [1956] Eh?
Antony (PS0E3) [1957] Well so the outside's done then anyway, apart from the patio.
Ann (PS0DY) [1958] You've done very well!
Antony (PS0E3) [1959] Next month's the patio.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1960] Yes!
[1961] Been lucky to get
Ann (PS0DY) [1962] Yes.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1963] it done in this weather, too, hasn't
Antony (PS0E3) [1964] Actually April
Graeme (PS0DX) [1965] he really?
Ann (PS0DY) [1966] Mm!
Antony (PS0E3) [1967] April, I think we'll be [...]
Sarah (PS0E2) [1968] Well
Graeme (PS0DX) [1969] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1970] Yep.
[1971] Yep!
Antony (PS0E3) [1972] That'll be a big job.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1973] Yeah.
[1974] Tha ... it's the preparation really, that's the big job isn't it?
Antony (PS0E3) [1975] Well, I've gotta
Graeme (PS0DX) [1976] Once yo
Antony (PS0E3) [1977] fence it all as well.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1978] Oh yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1979] Ooh!
[1980] Having
Antony (PS0E3) [1981] You know, fence it all the way around.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1982] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1983] Having asked
Ann (PS0DY) [1984] You are?
Sarah (PS0E2) [1985] Bruce to
Ann (PS0DY) [1986] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1987] do this conservatory, Bruce has gotta come in and see how the problem [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1988] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [1989] Well we , it would be more than one percent ... inevitably.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1990] Well he's gotta get all the ... tiles up ... he's got to ... [...] hasn't he?
Antony (PS0E3) [1991] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [1992] And the low tiles cos then you ... [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [1993] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1994] Well it's the hard job getting the concrete down isn't it?
Ann (PS0DY) [1995] It is a long er , job.
Antony (PS0E3) [1996] Well you just dig round it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [1997] Yeah.
[1998] Or they can saw it off and then ... put the others in alongside.
Antony (PS0E3) [1999] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2000] But there's only really one that you're gonna have to move isn't it?
[2001] The one where the fence comes ... they've asked to fence this end, it's that, those thin bits ... over
Graeme (PS0DX) [2002] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2003] there.
Antony (PS0E3) [2004] Yeah.
[2005] Yeah we used all the old ones.
[2006] Well we, we get seventy pounds to match what we've got, those [...] .
[2007] Then there's er ... [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2008] So
Sarah (PS0E2) [2009] But but, but thing isn't on them as well.
[2010] So ... [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2011] Well there we are.
Antony (PS0E3) [2012] After me phoning that, for those tickets for er
Ann (PS0DY) [2013] Oh yes!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2014] Ah yes!
Antony (PS0E3) [2015] for er ... two hours that day
Graeme (PS0DX) [2016] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [2017] they sold them out the next morning, they'd
Graeme (PS0DX) [2018] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [2019] sold out.
[2020] And th they ... they've announced the next day that they're having the same concert as well!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2021] They're doing an extra
Ann (PS0DY) [2022] Ah!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2023] day then.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2024] Ah!
Antony (PS0E3) [2025] But I'd rather have it on the Saturday than the Sunday anyway.
Ann (PS0DY) [2026] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2027] Well , demand you see, they've decided that
Sarah (PS0E2) [2028] Well is Simply gonna be there ... at two o'clock?
Antony (PS0E3) [2029] Yes, well said three point two million pounds in takings they've had!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2030] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2031] They're gonna, the gates open at two
Antony (PS0E3) [2032] Not much really is it?
Ann (PS0DY) [2033] Not really is
Graeme (PS0DX) [2034] Oh!
Ann (PS0DY) [2035] it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [2036] they apparently don't go on stage till half past seven
Graeme (PS0DX) [2037] That's right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2038] and yo , you're gonna be there for seven or eight hours!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2039] Yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [2040] Take your pa , pack ... packed
Graeme (PS0DX) [2041] Oh yeah, yeah
Ann (PS0DY) [2042] lunch with you.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2043] Gonna take a picnic.
Antony (PS0E3) [2044] Erm
Graeme (PS0DX) [2045] Oh well.
Antony (PS0E3) [2046] seven hours or more.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2047] Yes.
Antony (PS0E3) [2048] It said in the E , the Echo ... I read in the Echo it's er, Friday's Echo ... that ... the first band comes on at four
Sarah (PS0E2) [2049] Mm. [...]
Antony (PS0E3) [2050] Simply Red don't come on till half seven
Sarah (PS0E2) [2051] Half seven
Graeme (PS0DX) [2052] Seven, yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2053] But do you think they're gonna be on a for at least well maximum, probably two hours
Graeme (PS0DX) [2054] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [2055] Right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2056] that's half nine, half nine, ten really, two till ten, eight hours.
Antony (PS0E3) [2057] That's five and a half hours ... and we've got to be there at two
Graeme (PS0DX) [2058] Yeah.
Antony (PS0E3) [2059] that's seven and a half hours [...] !
Ann (PS0DY) [2060] It is a long while isn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2061] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2062] The thing with th , with getting there at two for the gate right, because you can go in and get seats, for that amount of time you want a seat.
Antony (PS0E3) [2063] You can't take any booze in there either.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2064] No.
[2065] But it's best to get a seat for that length of concert.
[2066] Five
Ann (PS0DY) [2067] Oh well!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2068] Just goes to show doesn't it?
Sarah (PS0E2) [2069] Gonna be a hot summer's day in most places.
Antony (PS0E3) [2070] Get some of those little fold out chairs just in case we're er
Sarah (PS0E2) [2071] Yeah.
[2072] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2073] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2074] Too right!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2075] Quite!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2076] Quite a few cans of Coke and things like that, quite a few cans for relieving yourself!
Ann (PS0DY) [2077] Oh lovely!
Antony (PS0E3) [2078] I'll be er
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [2079] be pouring, pouring vodka into the Coke ... have a little swi ... a little
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2080] Oh dear!
Antony (PS0E3) [2081] smuggle it in!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2082] Well that's it, we'll take a bottle of Coke that's already got the vodka in it.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2083] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [2084] Have a lovely day!
Antony (PS0E3) [2085] Go out and have a look at outside [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2086] Yes, yes we'll do that!
Ann (PS0DY) [2087] Have a lovely time!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2088] Well it's not till ... Aug Aug
Graeme (PS0DX) [2089] So
Sarah (PS0E2) [2090] July, so ... [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2091] Well, by then you'll have the lovely we weather by then.
Sarah (PS0E2) [laugh]
Antony (PS0E3) [2092] Cor!
[2093] It'll be too hot!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2094] Oh, look at that
Graeme (PS0DX) [2095] That's right.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2096] patio!
[2097] Look!
[2098] Look! [tv on]
Ann (PS0DY) [2099] Ah!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2100] So
Ann (PS0DY) [2101] It looks nice doesn't it?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2102] Yes.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2103] Oh it's miles better than it was!
[2104] Seeing as it all peeling and chipping.
Ann (PS0DY) [2105] Oh super!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2106] That's right.
Antony (PS0E3) [2107] Pity the numbers aren't straight!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2108] They're alright!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2109] They're alright!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2110] Looks better than it did did!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2111] [...] ... looks very posh now!
Ann (PS0DY) [2112] I think it's
Antony (PS0E3) [2113] It's that
Ann (PS0DY) [2114] super!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2115] Well you'll just have to get some Brasso out and ... clean them up won't you?
Antony (PS0E3) [2116] Bit long!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2117] Well the bus peel off them, all the protection
Graeme (PS0DX) [2118] Oh I see!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2119] peeled
Ann (PS0DY) [2120] Yeah.
Sarah (PS0E2) [2121] off.
Antony (PS0E3) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [2122] It's very nice.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2123] Very good indeed!
Sarah (PS0E2) [2124] Just gotta tie a bit of wood on the end of that bit where it's rotted.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2125] Jolly good!
Ann (PS0DY) [2126] Good!

12 (Tape 043102)

Joyce (PS0E4) [2127] Hello!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2128] Hello!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2129] Hello [...] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [2130] Hello Joyce.
[2131] How are you?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2132] Oh ... okay thanks Graeme.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2133] Yes?
[2134] How did you get on with your eye.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2135] In my own little way!
[2136] Well
Graeme (PS0DX) [2137] Wha
Joyce (PS0E4) [2138] I've had a lot of troubles!
[2139] [laugh] ... Even now, you know.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2140] Are they
Joyce (PS0E4) [2141] Don't
Graeme (PS0DX) [2142] better, or ... getting bett
Joyce (PS0E4) [2143] Don't think I'll ever be the same again really!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2144] No.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2145] I don't.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2146] No.
Ann (PS0DY) [2147] [...] on both of them.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2148] Well, I had to go to Westbourne again, to the ... to the laser ... you know?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2149] Yes.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2150] And they were all haemorrhaging at the back.
[2151] But now I'm ... I'm sent four of everything, or more ... local ... [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [2152] So you got four husbands now?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2153] Oh God!
[2154] No, yeah
Graeme (PS0DX) [2155] Aren't you lucky!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2156] four husbands asleep!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2157] Oh I see!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2158] Yeah, cos he's been a great help to me!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2159] He told me he would of put mum on [laughing] [...] more or less []
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2160] [laughing] That's funny [] !
Joyce (PS0E4) [2161] No, not really.
[2162] ... No, but Kenneth's not what you call very helpful, if you know what I mean? [laugh]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2163] He thinks he's better keeping out the way, [laughing] she'll []
Joyce (PS0E4) [2164] Well I don't know what he thinks really.
[2165] He's so used to me doing everything that
Hazel (PS0E5) [2166] Does it, yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2167] That is my fault, I suppose.
[2168] But then I'm used to him doing all the ... sort of gardening and ... I mean, I wouldn't think of doing that, or decorating, you see.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2169] Mm.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2170] He's got a lot of matches this week, he's got ... he was on duty last night from six to ten, this morning he's got a match, tonight he's got a match!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2171] Yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2172] One Wednesday, one Friday morning.
[2173] It's either all or nothing at all down there.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2174] Yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2175] Coming to the end of the season now
Ann (PS0DY) [2176] What is it [...] ?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2177] and they got a lot to get in, you know ... before they start going
Ann (PS0DY) [2178] Where's Zara?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2179] outdoors.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2180] Sitting there!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2181] Of course they get covered mud and [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2182] That's where Ken and Zara went on Saturday night.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2183] T V.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2184] Yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2185] Did you know that Graeme?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2186] Sorry,yo , no?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2187] Royal bowls on T V this week.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2188] Oh is there?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2189] Every day
Ann (PS0DY) [2190] Oh.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2191] yeah.
[2192] So
Hazel (PS0E5) [2193] Erm
Joyce (PS0E4) [2194] you know
Hazel (PS0E5) [2195] need to keep him awake do I?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2196] But of course, I mean ... mm?
Hazel (PS0E5) [2197] Do we keep him awake do I?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2198] Well I keep threatening if he does fall asleep I'm not gonna wake him up!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2199] It's funny how he manages ... to keep awake!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2200] Er, when he comes off tonight just after two hours, say to him now don't drop off!
[2201] I won't!
[2202] I won't!
Graeme (PS0DX) [laugh]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2203] Oh it's coming from Preston!
[2204] It used to be in Bournemouth, they had it at Bournemouth for quite a few years.
Ann (PS0DY) [2205] Yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2206] Bu but David was playing yesterday and erm ... forget who he was playing, but David lost.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2207] Did you want coffee Graeme?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2208] Yes please er
Hazel (PS0E5) [2209] Oh!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2210] But of course, you know he's sitting there saying, you know all woods and ... ooh it's
Hazel (PS0E5) [2211] Yes that
Joyce (PS0E4) [2212] wide, or it's too short or ... [laugh] .
[2213] But he's going to watch it at his mothers [...]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2214] [laughing] I keep having a conversation [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [2215] And how have you been?
Ann (PS0DY) [2216] Alright?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2217] Good!
[2218] Thanks Hazel.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2219] Do you want
Graeme (PS0DX) [2220] Alright.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2221] any more?
Ann (PS0DY) [2222] No thank you love.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2223] Ooh!
[2224] Ooh! [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2225] We've decided now that you ... you mustn't treat me like a chi child.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2226] Don't you feel better, feel much better?
Joyce (PS0E4) [...]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2227] Well you know what I mean!
Joyce (PS0E4) [laugh]
Hazel (PS0E5) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [2228] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2229] I thought so.
Ann (PS0DY) [2230] Did you see, hear, see what I said?
Hazel (PS0E5) [2231] Gotta be a bit understanding [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2232] Yes, I heard what you said!
[2233] I'm just wondering why why
Ann (PS0DY) [2234] Hazel , Hazel thinks you shouldn't treat me like a child!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2235] Do you Hazel?
Hazel (PS0E5) [2236] I think you should let her get on with it Graeme.
[2237] The then she'll, she'll realize what she's missing!
[2238] She'll miss it.
[2239] Yeah?
[2240] Do you know what I mean?
Ann (PS0DY) [2241] Well I do a lot!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2242] Well I do, I do let her get on with it, but I ... have to make sure that she doesn't
Ann (PS0DY) [2243] Wait, wait for it!
[2244] Wait for it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2245] overdo it you see.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2246] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2247] And end up falling flat on her face or something like that!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2248] Yeah, perhaps it'll be a good thing actually!
[2249] [laughing] In fact she's just complained about what you're
Ann (PS0DY) [2250] That's right!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2251] doing for her [] !
Graeme (PS0DX) [2252] Oh!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2253] No, yeah I'll come with you [...] , you go off and stay with Joyce, look after her for a little while and let [laughing] Kenneth sort things out [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [2254] Look after me?
Hazel (PS0E5) [2255] Yes, I I think that she might appreciate [...] .
Ann (PS0DY) [2256] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2257] Actually, I don't really mi mind him looking after me, he's very good!
[2258] But I I don't like being treated like a child!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2259] You're not treated li
Joyce (PS0E4) [2260] Oh I'm sure we don't treat you like that!
[2261] I wouldn't mind someone doing the cooking!
[2262] Ha , I hear you're a good cook?
Ann (PS0DY) [2263] Oh he loves, loves cooking!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2264] Well that's what's annoying [...] , [laughing] I got the help [...] [] !
Joyce (PS0E4) [2265] Yeah but
Graeme (PS0DX) [2266] I don't stop her doing it if she wants to!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2267] Ann hasn't
Ann (PS0DY) [2268] Oh Graeme!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2269] Ye
Joyce (PS0E4) [2270] Ann hasn't done a lot of cooking for a long time though, have you really?
[2271] Because of the ... whatever you call it
Graeme (PS0DX) [2272] Well
Ann (PS0DY) [2273] I do do
Graeme (PS0DX) [2274] Oh yes!
[2275] Yeah she gets, she gets the evening
Ann (PS0DY) [2276] I do the ones that
Graeme (PS0DX) [2277] meals and
Ann (PS0DY) [2278] ev evening meals, things like
Graeme (PS0DX) [2279] and often a
Ann (PS0DY) [2280] that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2281] the lunches over weekend.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2282] So, the thing is you shouldn't be such a good cook Graeme!
Ann (PS0DY) [2283] That's right!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2284] That's the trouble!
[2285] That's what I tell everybody, when they say to me, oh no, ... you know, we never go out for a meal!
[2286] I say well ... shouldn't be such a good cook!
[2287] I mean, there's quite a few husbands I know that absolutely hate being out!
[2288] They only like their wives'
Hazel (PS0E5) [...]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2289] cooking!
[2290] And I said, you know, well ... if you weren't a good cook, he'd be glad to [laughing] go out and have one [] !
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2291] Ah, but that's no consideration for the cook then is it?
[2292] Cos she would like to go out and have a meal
Hazel (PS0E5) [2293] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2294] that somebody else has
Joyce (PS0E4) [2295] Yes, that's it!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2296] cooked, shouldn't she?
Joyce (PS0E4) [2297] That's right!
Hazel (PS0E5) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2298] Yeah.
[2299] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2300] Morning Zara!
[2301] How are you?
[2302] Or is it good afternoon now, isn't it?
[2303] Yeah.
[2304] ... Well, did you enjoy Saturday night?
Zara (PS0E6) [2305] Yes!
[2306] It was quite good!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2307] Good!
Zara (PS0E6) [2308] Yeah!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2309] Good!
Zara (PS0E6) [2310] Not bad.
[2311] Had it's er, moments, but
Ann (PS0DY) [2312] Ha!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2313] Oh!
Zara (PS0E6) [2314] You know that bit when ... in the last act where they're ... sometimes sticking together
Ann (PS0DY) [2315] Oh yes!
Zara (PS0E6) [2316] and felt that ... that was a bit hairy! [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2317] Oh!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2318] Well tha , they did that quite well I thought.
Zara (PS0E6) [2319] Yeah!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2320] Doing it properly in that.
Zara (PS0E6) [2321] Yeah.
[2322] Didn't have an awful of trouble with that ... six er, six pages of dialogue which ... sometimes they're speaking together and sometimes they're
Hazel (PS0E5) [2323] speaking alternately.
Zara (PS0E6) [2324] they're they're speaking alternately and er, it was
Ann (PS0DY) [2325] Oh dear!
Zara (PS0E6) [2326] it was very difficult!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2327] Mm.
Zara (PS0E6) [2328] Very difficult
Graeme (PS0DX) [2329] Needs good
Zara (PS0E6) [2330] indeed!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2331] timing doesn't
Ann (PS0DY) [2332] Oh.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2333] it?
Zara (PS0E6) [2334] Yes.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2335] Oh Yes.
Zara (PS0E6) [2336] Yeah.
[2337] And er, it was bit sort of not the place to learn yo , forget your lines!
[2338] No way!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Zara (PS0E6) [2339] It's a bit sort of stilted.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2340] Ah!
Ann (PS0DY) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2341] Well there
Zara (PS0E6) [2342] But
Graeme (PS0DX) [2343] you are!
Zara (PS0E6) [2344] er ... apart from that ... it all went very well.
[2345] The set was quite ingenious, I thought!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2346] Aha.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2347] Yeah , it was pretty good, it was
Zara (PS0E6) [2348] Yes.
[2349] The erm, bed-sit sort of on a raised bit
Graeme (PS0DX) [2350] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2351] you know?
[2352] Yeah.
[2353] The sitting room was on a [...] at the stage.
Ann (PS0DY) [2354] Mm.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2355] But er ... the timing with the doors is very good, I thought!
Zara (PS0E6) [2356] Yeah.
[2357] It all went quite smoothly that bit.
[2358] Well I tell
Hazel (PS0E5) [2359] I was
Zara (PS0E6) [2360] you
Hazel (PS0E5) [2361] wa we
Zara (PS0E6) [2362] wouldn't be my choice of play but erm ... i it
Graeme (PS0DX) [2363] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2364] was quite good, in a way.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2365] Were you there when you, ee, you talking about that, there were two mistakes on that one er er ... doorbell went and it wasn't telephone, it should have been the telephone!
Zara (PS0E6) [2366] Telephone.
[2367] Aha.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2368] And the other one was the car ... coming and going.
Zara (PS0E6) [2369] Going.
[2370] It was the wrong side.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2371] It was already i i er, no it was already in the room [laughing] and the car was [...] [] !
Zara (PS0E6) [2372] Oh Right!
Ann (PS0DY) [2373] Oh dear!
Zara (PS0E6) [2374] Oh well we got, the timing was out was it?
Hazel (PS0E5) [laugh]
Zara (PS0E6) [2375] Actually, they they ... they did one car
Hazel (PS0E5) [2376] Going away.
Zara (PS0E6) [2377] going away, but it was still
Hazel (PS0E5) [2378] and didn't come back.
Zara (PS0E6) [2379] on the wrong si , it was on the wrong side
Hazel (PS0E5) [2380] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2381] i it should have gone on
Hazel (PS0E5) [2382] Gone
Zara (PS0E6) [2383] the other side of th , you know, should have come from the other side.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2384] Was it a [...] ?
Zara (PS0E6) [2385] No!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2386] No!
Zara (PS0E6) [2387] No!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2388] No!
Zara (PS0E6) [2389] [...] , but
Graeme (PS0DX) [2390] No.
Zara (PS0E6) [2391] it wasn't!
[2392] You were meant to laugh it was a comedy, should of made it [...]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2393] It was very good!
Zara (PS0E6) [2394] really.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2395] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2396] Changed too many sets.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2397] Oh!
Zara (PS0E6) [2398] And it was, it was good!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2399] Oh I see!
[2400] Mm!
Zara (PS0E6) [2401] Emma did that.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2402] Oh that looks ... [...]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2403] Altogether, I think like each [...] it can be like
Zara (PS0E6) [2404] Yeah, I know.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2405] [...] what's it, McGee in a different type of play.
[2406] We saw him down at ... Coventry.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2407] Oh erm ... Henry McGee.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2408] Henry McGee.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2409] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2410] Right.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2411] Try to think back who we saw at, I know Terence A ,Terenc , Terence Alexander was one.
Ann (PS0DY) [2412] I'm, I'm trying to think.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2413] And I can't, I can't be sure whe ... whether it was Patrick Cargill or er Nicholas Parsons in the other
Hazel (PS0E5) [2414] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2415] part
Hazel (PS0E5) [2416] I know.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2417] I can't remember.
Ann (PS0DY) [2418] Didn't like him but, you know
Graeme (PS0DX) [2419] Yes.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2420] Broadstone Estate Agents, they've been there since last [...] . [laugh]
Ann (PS0DY) [2421] Did you find it much mu , mail?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2422] Cor!
[2423] A terrific lot of mail, yes!
Ann (PS0DY) [2424] Really?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2425] Yeah.
[2426] A lot of it I can just push aside but
Ann (PS0DY) [2427] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2428] one or two pieces I had to ... deal with, or bring home with me.
Ann (PS0DY) [2429] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2430] Ring people up.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2431] That's er , we hardly ever see Lynn do you?
[2432] Cos I must get to ask her, I don't know how she's getting on.
Zara (PS0E6) [2433] She's , she's still living with Murray.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2434] Oh!
[2435] Well you did say one or two things.
Zara (PS0E6) [2436] Well I saw Murray , yeah, I did once.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2437] Said one or two things.
Zara (PS0E6) [2438] She said yeah, she likes [...] a new baby [...] .
Joyce (PS0E4) [2439] Oh!
Zara (PS0E6) [2440] She said that er [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [sneeze]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2441] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2442] Didn't want to work, you know ... full-time if she can [...] talk to her mum.
Ann (PS0DY) [2443] Graeme, can you go round to Cara's
Joyce (PS0E4) [2444] Oh!
Ann (PS0DY) [2445] while I'm here.
Zara (PS0E6) [2446] But she's back talking to her mum.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2447] Not today.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2448] Oh no
Ann (PS0DY) [2449] Yes!
Joyce (PS0E4) [2450] she wasn't!
Ann (PS0DY) [2451] They're open.
Zara (PS0E6) [2452] Well she won't tell her
Graeme (PS0DX) [2453] On a Monday?
Zara (PS0E6) [2454] the truth.
Ann (PS0DY) [2455] They are open
Zara (PS0E6) [...]
Joyce (PS0E4) [2456] Oh I see!
Ann (PS0DY) [2457] on a Monday.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2458] Oh I thought they were closed on a Monday.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2459] Oh I see!
[2460] I thought that they
Ann (PS0DY) [2461] No, it's
Joyce (PS0E4) [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [2462] open.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2463] Oh well I'll go round then.
[2464] Fix an appointment up love.
Ann (PS0DY) [2465] Well, well put me in for
Joyce (PS0E4) [2466] I reckon she might be in [...]
Ann (PS0DY) [2467] fo
Joyce (PS0E4) [2468] Well they all went into
Ann (PS0DY) [2469] Wednesday.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2470] work ... and I
Zara (PS0E6) [2471] I didn't.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2472] and I
Graeme (PS0DX) [2473] Yeah.
Joyce (PS0E4) [2474] helped them ... I often think, was that part of the reason why I [...] wasn't on?
Zara (PS0E6) [2475] Yeah, he was going on a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2476] Yeah.
[2477] He was good was he?
[2478] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2479] Not bad.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2480] Oh good!
[2481] [...] . Hello love!
[2482] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2483] Look at you, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2484] Yeah.
[2485] How you doing, alright?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2486] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2487] Good!
[2488] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2489] Hello Neil!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2490] Hello Barbara.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2491] All the best!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2492] Yep, er yeah
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2493] isn't it shocking!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2494] Yeah.
Zara (PS0E6) [2495] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2496] Yeah.
[2497] Hi! [phone rings]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2498] Oh, it's a
Hazel (PS0E5) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2499] just trying to sort out this business of this ... the offices ... that we're being let in the Strand Theatre that er ... people are moving in this week and they've got no authority to move you see.
Ann (PS0DY) [2500] Really?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2501] This is what Ni , I spoke to Nigel about on the phone on Friday and said he could
Ann (PS0DY) [2502] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2503] stop it, so ... so he had to erm ... just talk to our solicitors this morning and try and get this sorted out ... between the two solicitors.
Ann (PS0DY) [2504] Did you get through to him?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2505] Yes, yes, got through.
[2506] Well not David it's a er, Susan ... got
Ann (PS0DY) [2507] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2508] Susan.
Zara (PS0E6) [2509] Have you read it now cos I shall have to
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2510] Hello!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2511] So erm
Zara (PS0E6) [2512] take it back?
[2513] I can't do it, can you do these
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2514] How have you been, alright?
Hazel (PS0E5) [2515] That a bathroom cabinet up there?
Zara (PS0E6) [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2516] so they're, you know, explain the situation to her because it's between the two solicitors to sort out now and get the writ, writ sorted out before ... anything could be signed to ... to allow them to ... move in.
Ann (PS0DY) [2517] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2518] It's a tricky situation actually because
Ann (PS0DY) [2519] Well what do you say the
Graeme (PS0DX) [2520] the lease
Ann (PS0DY) [2521] the [...] ?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2522] well th the, the people who have the actual lease of the offices ... have gone out o er ... gone out of business in a sense, they're no longer operating ... and ... because, they were part of a bigger organization, that bigger organization guaranteed the rents.
[2523] Now this bigger or , this other organization which ... wants to put th ... er ... another tenant in as in a, as a sub-let to their lease
Ann (PS0DY) [2524] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2525] and, I am saying that ... they haven't got the lease
Ann (PS0DY) [2526] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2527] even though they might be part and parcel of the same organization, they are not the leaseholders so they can't ... make the arrangements, so if they want to make the arrangement they must have the lease assigned to them first, then we will come to terms with them over land and to under le ... under let.
Ann (PS0DY) [2528] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2529] But, you know, they're just being ... going on as if they are ... i in a position to grant
Ann (PS0DY) [2530] To do.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2531] to do!
[2532] And, having said that we haven't, at this moment, approved an under-let anyway, so
Ann (PS0DY) [2533] No.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2534] But, you know, the situation is difficult in that ... if the ... people did move in there's ... not a lot you can do about it because ... it would mean that ... you would have to surrender the lease, which means you've let ... the guarantors off the hook for paying the then ... and you're left without a tenant whatsoever.
[2535] Erm it's, it's trying to get an amicable solution to it.
Ann (PS0DY) [2536] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2537] Oh.
Ann (PS0DY) [2538] Darling, will you get me a ... a scone, another scone ... teacake
Graeme (PS0DX) [2539] Teacake.
[2540] Aha.
Ann (PS0DY) [2541] and erm ... and a ... coffee.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2542] Okay.
[2543] Okay.
Ann (PS0DY) [2544] Can you er pay, pay
Graeme (PS0DX) [2545] Ye yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [2546] er
Graeme (PS0DX) [2547] Yep.
[2548] Teacake, I don't remember ... ooh ah, toasted teacake, oh it's fifty five.
[2549] What do you have, tea or coffee?
Ann (PS0DY) [2550] Coffee.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2551] Coffee?
[2552] Hundred and seventeen, a hundred and seventy two again isn't it?
[2553] So I will pay that.
[2554] ... What have you done to yourself that hurts?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2555] Put my back out again!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2556] Put your back out?
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2557] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2558] Oh!
[2559] One seventy two.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2560] Is it?
[2561] Oh right! [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2562] Thank you madam.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2563] Thank you.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2564] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2565] You oft are you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2566] I'm off now, yes.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2567] Okay then.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2568] Mm.
[2569] Yes, yes
Hazel (PS0E5) [2570] Anything
Graeme (PS0DX) [2571] yes.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2572] exciting at the office?
[2573] No! [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2574] Oh well, yes.
Ann (PS0DY) [2575] Well lots of mail.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2576] Lots of mail?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2577] Lots of mail.
[2578] An interesting situation which I've just explained to Ann, whereby at the weekend ... there's a set of offices in the Strand Theatre which ... the company that we're operating from there so ... stopped
Hazel (PS0E5) [2579] Can you manage?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2580] business
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2581] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2582] but they're part of a much bigger organization who
Hazel (PS0E5) [2583] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2584] was guaranteeing the rent, so the rent ... has been paid even
Hazel (PS0E5) [2585] Paid.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2586] though the office
Hazel (PS0E5) [2587] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2588] has been vacated ... and they wanted to grant an under-let to another
Hazel (PS0E5) [2589] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2590] body of people to try and reduce the rent they were paying ... erm ... but it, it's er, it's initially a difficult situation that we have said yes we don't mind you ... erm ... we don't mind granting you that, but ... we want to know ... if you will accept an assignment of the lease ... from the previous company cos
Hazel (PS0E5) [2591] Mm.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2592] from our point of view ... in nineteen ninety three, we have to deal with somebody over a revision of the rent ... and if the company doesn't exist ... it makes it very difficult!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2593] Yeah!
[2594] Yeah.
[2595] Quite!
[2596] Yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2597] You see, so ... these people were going to move in at the weekend so had to put a stop to that cos they had no authority to move in there ... until the solicitors try and get this thing sorted out.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2598] I wonder what they'll do?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2599] But it ma , it's a ... it leaves you this interesting situation in that ... if ... they had moved in ... what do you do, cancel the lease and get them out?
[2600] Which means the guarantor no longer has to pay you the rent so you ... you don't really want to forego that either, yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2601] So you really, bit of a clever stick aren't you?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2602] Yes.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2603] Yeah.
[2604] Very, very [...] .
Graeme (PS0DX) [2605] However, it'll all come out.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2606] It'll come out in the wash I guess!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2607] Right , yes.
Hazel (PS0E5) [laugh]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2608] So there we are.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2609] There we are.
[2610] Well thank you for your company this morning madam.
Ann (PS0DY) [2611] Thank you, yes.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2612] And erm ... It was nice!
Ann (PS0DY) [2613] Oh I enjoyed sitting
Hazel (PS0E5) [2614] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [2615] with you!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2616] Cos we weren't that busy that we were able to devote a little bit of time.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2617] Ta time.
[2618] Oh good!
[2619] Jolly good!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2620] It's lovely!
[2621] It was very nice.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2622] Yep.
[2623] So, we'll go home now.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2624] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [2625] We'll go home.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2626] Go home ... to a nice tough, clean house shall we?
Ann (PS0DY) [2627] Thank you.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2628] Yeah, it's nice when you walk in
Ann (PS0DY) [2629] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2630] and it's all clean
Ann (PS0DY) [2631] Lovely!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2632] and sparkling
Graeme (PS0DX) [2633] That's right, yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2634] isn't it?
[2635] Yeah.
Ann (PS0DY) [2636] Look after yourself.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2637] Yes.
[2638] You too.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2639] Right.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2640] See you tomorrow then
Graeme (PS0DX) [2641] She was let off
Hazel (PS0E5) [2642] yeah.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2643] she was let off lightly this morning cos there was hardly any ... ironing to be done you see, because I haven't worn
Hazel (PS0E5) [2644] Oh, so she had that.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2645] shirts all week really. [laugh]
Hazel (PS0E5) [2646] [laugh] ... So she can have a little bit to do [...]
Graeme (PS0DX) [2647] That's right.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2648] Bye bye love!
Ann (PS0DY) [2649] Yeah.
Hazel (PS0E5) [2650] See you then!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2651] Bye!
Hazel (PS0E5) [2652] Take care.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2653] See you so
Hazel (PS0E5) [2654] Bye!
Graeme (PS0DX) [2655] Bye bye Hazel.

13 (Tape 043201)

Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2656] Erm ... things getting, getting re relative to grow up and quite honestly I can't really get ma man imagine growing up I can't at all.
Ann (PS0DY) [2657] Well I don't remember it being any hassle for me.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2658] No I don't.
Ann (PS0DY) [2659] My mum and dad were nice, they never used to make life hard for us and if we wanted to go out, all they wanted to know is where we were going
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2660] That's right.
Ann (PS0DY) [2661] and perhaps who we were going with, you know.
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2662] Well we, we were so happy everybody
Graeme (PS0DX) [2663] Mm
Ann (PS0DY) [2664] and we were always told if we wanted to, we could take anybody home
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2665] That's right
Graeme (PS0DX) [2666] Mm
Ann (PS0DY) [2667] but I don't remember any hassle about it at all
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2668] I don't either , I don't either, I don't either, at all.
Graeme (PS0DX) [2669] We had , we had limits on what time to be back
Ann (PS0DY) [2670] Well yes
Graeme (PS0DX) [2671] yes, you know unless
Ann (PS0DY) [2672] yes, er
Graeme (PS0DX) [2673] it was a special occasion which they, then they'd accept that you'd be back after midnight, but
Ann (PS0DY) [2674] Yes, that's it, that's right
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2675] Mm
Ann (PS0DY) [2676] but if you were reasonable with them they were reasonable with you, I, I can't understand young people of today
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2677] We were very
Group of unknown speakers (KCBPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2678] it's the same when, when, when our kids were young and they were quite good weren't they?
Graeme (PS0DX) [2679] Mm
Ann (PS0DY) [2680] Well it was like Zara
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2681] really
Ann (PS0DY) [2682] I used to try and not say er, you know, to make her feel uncomfortable and that sort of thing, but I did use to draw the line when they used to be eleven and half past eleven saying goodnight and I had to get up at half past, six o'clock, seven o'clock
Unknown speaker (KCBPSUNK) [2683] Oh yes
Ann (PS0DY) [2684] in the morning and go to work
Graeme (PS0DX) [2685] morning, that's right , yeah
Ann (PS0DY) [2686] so I was started work then and I said well look I just can't do it and then