107 conversations recorded by `Helen' (PS0E8) between 31 May and 1 June 1991 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 5384 s-units, 33104 words, and 5 hours 19 minutes 52 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 501

PS0E8 Ag3 f (Helen, age 40, laboratory technician, Home Counties, )
PS0E9 Ag0 f (Clare, age 11, student (state primary), Home Counties, ) daughter
PS0EA Ag0 f (Amy, age 7, student (state primary), Home Counties, ) daughter
PS1KL X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6ST X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6T9 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TA X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KCDPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCDPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

107 recordings

  1. Tape 004701 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 004702 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 004703 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 004704 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 004705 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 004706 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 004707 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 004708 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 004709 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 004710 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 004711 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 004712 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 004713 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 004801 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: shopping
  15. Tape 004802 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: Bickley () Activity: shopping
  16. Tape 004803 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 004804 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 004805 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 004806 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 004807 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  21. Tape 004808 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  22. Tape 004809 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  23. Tape 004810 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  24. Tape 004811 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  25. Tape 004812 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  26. Tape 004813 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  27. Tape 004814 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  28. Tape 004815 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  29. Tape 004816 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  30. Tape 004817 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  31. Tape 004818 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  32. Tape 004819 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  33. Tape 004820 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  34. Tape 004901 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  35. Tape 004902 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  36. Tape 004903 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  37. Tape 004904 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  38. Tape 004905 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  39. Tape 004906 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  40. Tape 004907 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  41. Tape 004908 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  42. Tape 004909 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  43. Tape 004910 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  44. Tape 004911 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  45. Tape 004912 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  46. Tape 004913 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  47. Tape 005001 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  48. Tape 005002 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  49. Tape 005003 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  50. Tape 005004 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  51. Tape 005005 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  52. Tape 005006 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  53. Tape 005007 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  54. Tape 005008 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  55. Tape 005009 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  56. Tape 005010 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( tap dancing school ) Activity: Unspecified
  57. Tape 005011 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( car journey ) Activity: Unspecified
  58. Tape 005012 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  59. Tape 005013 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  60. Tape 005101 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  61. Tape 005102 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  62. Tape 005103 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  63. Tape 005104 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  64. Tape 005105 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  65. Tape 005106 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  66. Tape 005107 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  67. Tape 005108 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  68. Tape 005109 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  69. Tape 005110 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  70. Tape 005111 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  71. Tape 005112 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  72. Tape 005113 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  73. Tape 005114 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: Bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  74. Tape 005201 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  75. Tape 005202 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  76. Tape 005203 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  77. Tape 005204 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  78. Tape 005205 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  79. Tape 005206 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  80. Tape 005207 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  81. Tape 005208 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  82. Tape 005209 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  83. Tape 005210 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  84. Tape 005211 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  85. Tape 005212 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  86. Tape 005213 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  87. Tape 005214 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  88. Tape 005215 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  89. Tape 005216 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  90. Tape 005217 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  91. Tape 005218 recorded on 1991-05-31. LocationKent: bickley ( shopping ) Activity: Unspecified
  92. Tape 005219 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  93. Tape 005220 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  94. Tape 005305 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  95. Tape 005306 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  96. Tape 005307 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  97. Tape 005308 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  98. Tape 005309 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  99. Tape 005311 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  100. Tape 005312 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  101. Tape 005313 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  102. Tape 005314 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  103. Tape 005315 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  104. Tape 005401 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  105. Tape 005403 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  106. Tape 005404 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  107. Tape 005405 recorded on 1991-06-01. LocationKent: bickley ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 004701)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [1] Don't take too many.
Clare (PS0E9) [2] I only got I only got [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [3] No you didn't get.
Helen (PS0E8) [4] Amy don't tip the
Helen (PS0E8) [5] Come on not the whole packet out.
Clare (PS0E9) [6] I'm not.
Helen (PS0E8) [7] You just tip it carefully ... that will do for the time being and eat those first
Clare (PS0E9) [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [8] I don't feel we've done a lot this half term have we?
Clare (PS0E9) [9] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [10] I don't think we've done much this half term.
Clare (PS0E9) [11] Much?
Helen (PS0E8) [12] Not supposed to be to
Clare (PS0E9) [13] unclear
Amy (PS0EA) [14] unclear
Helen (PS0E8) [15] We're on the next tape
Amy (PS0EA) [16] Oi!
Clare (PS0E9) [laugh]
Helen (PS0E8) [17] Jenny's didn't come out very well.
Amy (PS0EA) [18] Didn't she?
Helen (PS0E8) [19] No couldn't really ... hear very well.
Amy (PS0EA) [20] Will I listen?
Helen (PS0E8) [21] No not now I'm going to put it away.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [22] Well it's not so easy when they're further away is it? ...
Helen (PS0E8) [23] That'll have a nice sound with you eating crisps ...
Amy (PS0EA) [24] Thank you. [cough]
Helen (PS0E8) [25] Amy!
[26] Behave!
Clare (PS0E9) [cough]
Helen (PS0E8) [27] Yeah exactly.
Amy (PS0EA) [28] You have a nice cough [laugh]
Helen (PS0E8) [29] Mm mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [30] Thank you ...
Clare (PS0E9) [31] Well if daddy goes back up to work tomorrow I think we might go out to London.
[32] You've booked Taff haven't you?
Amy (PS0EA) [33] We've got [...]

2 (Tape 004702)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [34] I wasn't really expecting to go into Jenny's.
Clare (PS0E9) [35] No ... I suppose she felt pretty awful about not inviting Amy to the party.
Helen (PS0E8) [36] Yes.
[37] She might do.
Amy (PS0EA) [38] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [39] I don't think she expected a present ...
Clare (PS0E9) [40] Why why didn't she?
Helen (PS0E8) [41] Well I think that Amy didn't go to Lucy's party I think
Amy (PS0EA) [42] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [43] I think if you didn't go to Lucy's party I don't think.
[44] Jenny was expecting a present.
[45] From what's come in.
[46] She looked a bit surprised didn't she?
Clare (PS0E9) [47] Yes hmm
Helen (PS0E8) [48] You know ... she'd rather do Chimneys or something tomorrow than London Zoo.
Amy (PS0EA) [49] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [50] We rather go to Chimney's tomorrow than to London Zoo.
Clare (PS0E9) [51] Oh.
[52] I was asking.
Helen (PS0E8) [53] Would you?
Clare (PS0E9) [54] Probably.
Amy (PS0EA) [55] Yeah.
[56] [...] to London Zoo.
Helen (PS0E8) [57] Don't you like London Zoo particularly?
Amy (PS0EA) [58] I don't ... Clare doesn't really like going round all the creatures do you?
Clare (PS0E9) [59] What?
Amy (PS0EA) [60] Would you like go [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [61] Might not be right.
[62] I would quite like to go to Chimneys actually.
[63] It's not too far aways.
Helen (PS0E8) [64] No it's easier.
[65] But it's easier if you got tact.
Clare (PS0E9) [66] Why [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [67] It's easier if you've got tact tomorrow
Clare (PS0E9) [68] Mm ... Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [69] Well ... because tac doesn't finish till till half past twelve.
Clare (PS0E9) [70] Don't you [...] got one of those [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [71] Don't know how they've decided whose has got one.
Amy (PS0EA) [72] Decide what?
Clare (PS0E9) [73] Could be just our way.
Helen (PS0E8) [74] I don't know how they decided who's got one ...
Clare (PS0E9) [75] Do you think it's worth twenty five pounds?
Helen (PS0E8) [76] [laugh] That must be it ...
Clare (PS0E9) [77] You can't get too many people doing it unless Marks and Spencers [...] free.
Helen (PS0E8) [78] I don't think Marks and Spencers will give them free.
Clare (PS0E9) [79] Twenty five pounds? ...
Helen (PS0E8) [80] Did you like Amy's ... suit?
Amy (PS0EA) [81] Not very much but I [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [82] Do you know what you can wear underneath it?
Helen (PS0E8) [83] I think you're supposed to wear a T-shirt.
Clare (PS0E9) [84] It's a bit cold.
Helen (PS0E8) [85] Hmm. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [86] I was just reading that.
Clare (PS0E9) [87] Peter.
None (PS1KL) [88] Huh?
Helen (PS0E8) [89] Who did Eve have on her plate ... Amy?
Amy (PS0EA) [90] Mrs Tiggywickle.
Helen (PS0E8) [91] Who did Eve have on her plate?
Clare (PS0E9) [92] Plate?
[93] Mrs Tiggywinkle.
Helen (PS0E8) [94] Mrs Tiggywinkle did she?
Amy (PS0EA) [95] I was telling her what it said.
Helen (PS0E8) [96] You haven't done any
Amy (PS0EA) [97] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [98] You haven't done any reading have you?
[99] ... You'd better read a chapter before we go out this afternoon.
Amy (PS0EA) [100] He's got a musical test which says don't they're tired they're tired and then he said the pig says I'm not [laugh] and then the people said Oh dear and then he said I'm hungry and then they said they're hungry and he says I'm not and he's sleepy [laugh] .
[101] I don't like [...] story.
[102] [cough] She read that to me.
[103] [cough] It was quite easy um I read it again to her ... .
[104] It was quite a good reason really.
Helen (PS0E8) [105] Well I think Jenny's um sort of
Amy (PS0EA) [106] We've never had hardly seen it before because I haven't lawn in that book before have I?
Helen (PS0E8) [107] You haven't had what?
Amy (PS0EA) [108] Lawn.
Helen (PS0E8) [109] Ah.
[110] ... The word you mean?
Amy (PS0EA) [111] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [112] Ah.
[113] Perhaps not.
Amy (PS0EA) [114] Pardon?
[115] Oh is that in her book?
Helen (PS0E8) [116] You could read it could you?
Amy (PS0EA) [117] Mm.
[118] But if I just she said lawn so I knew what it said.
Helen (PS0E8) [laugh]
Amy (PS0EA) [119] But she made it first than me.
[120] ... I've been through quite a lot.
Helen (PS0E8) [121] Mm.
[122] Yes you're doing quite well
Amy (PS0EA) [123] I've got two [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [124] Said long words like that kept using very long words.
[125] Like I shall excavate this house.
Helen (PS0E8) [126] [laugh] I hope not.
Clare (PS0E9) [127] [...] you aught to use long words.
Helen (PS0E8) [128] That's probably what they want to know.
[129] Which words you do use.
Clare (PS0E9) [130] Can't remember [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [131] In conversation. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [132] You going to take it to Jenny's with you tomorrow?
Helen (PS0E8) [133] I suppose so.
[134] I suppose we'd better take it wherever we go.
Amy (PS0EA) [135] Yeah you can just [...] about it [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [136] They can hear what you're saying now.
Amy (PS0EA) [137] Yes I can hear everyone.
Helen (PS0E8) [138] It only picks
Clare (PS0E9) [139] Hello! ...
Helen (PS0E8) [140] Stop it.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [141] No.
[142] Stop it.
[143] Not, well just behave.
[144] You shouldn't have done.
[145] Doesn't make it any better if you messed about ... it picked up what I said but it didn't pick up very well what Jenny said.
Clare (PS0E9) [146] Yep.
[147] But what I said.
Helen (PS0E8) [148] Don't know.
[149] I didn't listen listen to
Amy (PS0EA) [150] A bit better
Helen (PS0E8) [151] I think it takes you forty five minutes to listen to it all back again.
Clare (PS0E9) [152] Yeah. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [153] Is Jenny quite happy at the moment she's going to [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [154] I don't think she's much choice has she?
Amy (PS0EA) [155] She hasn't got much of a choice for what?
Helen (PS0E8) [156] Where Amy's going or you've got to go there and you ... think of the positive [...] ... When's their they've had their open day or is there another one?
Clare (PS0E9) [157] Don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [158] Thank you.
[159] ... Don't know quite what that was. ...
Helen (PS0E8) [160] I should think that was [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [161] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [162] I should think they'll have another one nearer the end of term.
Clare (PS0E9) [163] Oh yes. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [164] [...] people.
[165] She only has other people to her house.
Helen (PS0E8) [166] Well she only had a small party didn't she?
Clare (PS0E9) [167] Yes she's only got that small house.
[168] It's tiny ...
Amy (PS0EA) [169] Oh Amy you don't even like them.
Clare (PS0E9) [170] I am only looking at them.
Helen (PS0E8) [171] Come on eat up we want to get out.
Clare (PS0E9) [172] Quarter past two
Amy (PS0EA) [173] Not no nasty day.
[174] What does that say?
Helen (PS0E8) [175] No it's not a nasty day.
[176] It's a better day.
Clare (PS0E9) [177] No what that says?
Helen (PS0E8) [178] Oh those are those turtles.
Amy (PS0EA) [179] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [180] Nintendo.
Clare (PS0E9) [181] Oh I thought it said no
Amy (PS0EA) [182] No there not there the turtles.
Helen (PS0E8) [183] Are they?
Clare (PS0E9) [184] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [185] What's Nintendo?
Amy (PS0EA) [186] It's a super mummy [...] .
[187] Nintendo is like a pocket computer.
Helen (PS0E8) [188] Oh is it?
Clare (PS0E9) [189] Huh.
[190] You know better than those um ones that [...] has got you know?
[191] They cost seventy pounds.
Helen (PS0E8) [192] Lucy's had her er
Amy (PS0EA) [193] What's that say?
Helen (PS0E8) [194] [...] car.
[195] Sony.
[196] That's who makes it.
Amy (PS0EA) [197] Well [...] he's got one like that.
Helen (PS0E8) [198] Hmm.
Amy (PS0EA) [199] Red.
Helen (PS0E8) [200] Hmm.
Clare (PS0E9) [201] Not the colour I would have chosen.
[202] I think I would have chosen black.
Helen (PS0E8) [203] Would you?
Amy (PS0EA) [204] Hmm.
Helen (PS0E8) [205] Mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [206] Out of the other ones ... white if there was ... I would have chosen white.
Clare (PS0E9) [207] I would have chosen red.
Helen (PS0E8) [208] Don't you like red?
Amy (PS0EA) [209] No not much.
[210] ... I like yellow that's my second favourite colour.
[211] Nice bright colour.
[212] ... my favourite's that
Clare (PS0E9) [213] That's a lovely pink isn't it? [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [214] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [215] I like that pink ... I like peach as well
Amy (PS0EA) [216] That's a nice colour ... Everyone's got a favourite colour ... I wonder what daddy's is.
Helen (PS0E8) [217] Don't know really.
Amy (PS0EA) [218] Might be black.
[219] Ask him. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [220] Mummy that's like an [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [221] Yes not with your mouth full [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [...] ...
Amy (PS0EA) [222] Can I have another cutlet?
Helen (PS0E8) [223] That's your third.
Amy (PS0EA) [224] I know. [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [225] So you'd like a film for your camera.
Amy (PS0EA) [226] Yes please.
Helen (PS0E8) [227] I should think that Mr Staton would put it in for you wouldn't he?
Amy (PS0EA) [228] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [229] Um
Amy (PS0EA) [230] There's a competition for the best photograph
Helen (PS0E8) [231] Oh well you'd better take your camera then.
[232] Amy you can have that other little one if you like.
[233] Would you like that for your holiday?
Clare (PS0E9) [234] Yes please.
[235] I'd like it now for my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [236] Hmm you may have that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [237] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [238] You may have that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [239] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [240] You can have that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [241] Are we having a boat rip around the needles?
Helen (PS0E8) [242] Hmm.
Amy (PS0EA) [243] I might take one of the needles.
Helen (PS0E8) [244] Well take a few photographs.
Amy (PS0EA) [245] Yes
Helen (PS0E8) [246] I mean don't forget.
[247] You're usually hopeless
Amy (PS0EA) [248] All right.
[249] I'll put it in my back pack.
Helen (PS0E8) [250] And take a photograph of everybody ... as you set off.
[251] Mr Staton always takes a group one so if you say just a minute I'd like one too. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [252] I'll get pictures of Mrs. just about to fall in the sea or something [laugh] ...
Clare (PS0E9) [253] Just about what?
Amy (PS0EA) [254] And then Mr Staton asleep on the lake or something
Helen (PS0E8) [255] [laugh] You'd be lucky to find one of Mr Statton asleep
Clare (PS0E9) [cough] [laugh]
Helen (PS0E8) [256] I don't think he's going to go to sleep while he's in charge of thirty of you.
Clare (PS0E9) [257] Then [...] here you are just [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [258] Is he in charge?
Helen (PS0E8) [259] He's in charge, yes.
[260] He's Head Master.
Amy (PS0EA) [261] What comes if someone's ill?
[262] ... I suppose there are bound to be a couple of people. ...
Helen (PS0E8) [263] I don't know.
[264] ... Maybe if you really are they'll send you home.
Amy (PS0EA) [265] On your own?
Helen (PS0E8) [266] No.
[267] One of the staff would have to come with you.
[268] Not that [...] one of the ... that couple.
Amy (PS0EA) [269] Yeah
Helen (PS0E8) [270] You can't ring the doctors on the Isle of White. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [271] Oh if you have been really ill [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [272] I should think the one's whose most vulnerable is Clare Montgomery.
[273] She's just had her operation. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [274] I'm surprised she's still going on it so soon after.
[275] She gets a cough.
[276] If by any chance she catches it off me she's going to have a really sore throat isn't she?
Helen (PS0E8) [277] I think she wants to go.
[278] I don't think anybody wants to be left behind. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [279] [...] take more crisps.
Helen (PS0E8) [280] No I think you've had enough.
Clare (PS0E9) [281] Oh I've only had a few.
[282] I didn't have many did I?
Helen (PS0E8) [283] No.
[284] Don't know really. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [285] I'm quite looking forward to it.
[286] You know er you get your packet money each day and you can buy things.
[287] But I'm not over keen on nuts.
Helen (PS0E8) [288] Good fun .
[289] I think if Mr. Statton says you'll be so tired ... would you like to go and get your reading book and get a hanky and [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [290] You get prizes afterwards so that er one had the best kept room and another one
Clare (PS0E9) [291] Can you get a hanky?
Helen (PS0E8) [292] Where have you come?
Amy (PS0EA) [293] About five are the best people to live with.
Helen (PS0E8) [294] [laugh] You might get one from happiest.
Amy (PS0EA) [295] Happiest me?
[296] If I wake up with ear ache that's
Clare (PS0E9) [297] There isn't any?
Helen (PS0E8) [298] Aren't there?
Clare (PS0E9) [299] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [300] Is the box not in there or is the box empty?
Clare (PS0E9) [301] The box is empty.
Helen (PS0E8) [302] Is it?
[303] ... Hmm hmm.
[304] I'd better get another box.
[305] I'd better get some from Boots then I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [306] Yes because I've run out.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [307] Well you read a bit to Clare while I go and get the
Clare (PS0E9) [308] [...] next.
[309] Next morning on the shore was so happy that he wanted to jump.
[310] All right come along Lindy he shouted.
[311] Let's explore.
[312] I'll race you to the stone ... wall
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [313] To the stone wall by run as fast as I could ... [...] one one but Lindy did not mind.
[314] Your legs are longer she said are you argon
Amy (PS0EA) [315] Aught
Clare (PS0E9) [316] Aught to win.
[317] Let's explore either the water said Bill.
[318] At first Lindy did not want to go over the wall.
[319] There might be wild animals on the other side
Helen (PS0E8) [320] Right let's
Clare (PS0E9) [321] she said.
Helen (PS0E8) [322] Come on then here's a hanky.
Clare (PS0E9) [323] I'm not afraid said Bill Boyd.
[324] I'm not afraid of anything
Helen (PS0E8) [laugh]
Clare (PS0E9) [giggle]
Helen (PS0E8) [325] Good big blow good big blow
Amy (PS0EA) [326] Can I have another puff [blowing nose]
Helen (PS0E8) [327] Might be.
Amy (PS0EA) [328] Thank you.
Clare (PS0E9) [329] Girls are not afraid either said Lindy.
[330] Pardon me.
[331] When she come out after them.
[332] Once David got off off the wall
Helen (PS0E8) [333] There y'are
Clare (PS0E9) [334] they made the best ... discovery.
Helen (PS0E8) [335] Good girl.
Clare (PS0E9) [336] Of all there was a pond.
[337] It was a sa so big that it was almost a lake.
[338] Trees and bushes grew right down to the very edge of it.
[339] You could
Amy (PS0EA) [340] Friend's house .
Helen (PS0E8) [341] Pardon?
Amy (PS0EA) [342] I've got a friend's house [...] on the back
Clare (PS0E9) [343] stand on the bank and
Helen (PS0E8) [344] No I've done that
Clare (PS0E9) [345] throw little stones into the water to make
Helen (PS0E8) [346] It's here
Clare (PS0E9) [347] rings and splashes
Amy (PS0EA) [348] You recorded it at Jenny's
Helen (PS0E8) [349] Oh I've done that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [350] Mummy!
Helen (PS0E8) [351] Yes.
[352] Good girl.
Clare (PS0E9) [353] Um what did they make their best discovery what's their best discovery?
Helen (PS0E8) [354] The pond ... I think.
[355] There was a pond.
Amy (PS0EA) [356] So what shall I do now
Clare (PS0E9) [357] Discovery .
[358] They made the best discovery of all.
Helen (PS0E8) [359] Hmm
Amy (PS0EA) [360] Where?
Helen (PS0E8) [361] Just leave it at the moment I'm trying to here if you can't
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [362] If you can do it yourself do it but I'm trying to hear Amy read.
Clare (PS0E9) [363] It looks deep said Lindy.
[364] How deep deep do you think it is.
[365] It's deep deep
Helen (PS0E8) [366] It's deep enough
Clare (PS0E9) [367] enough to swim away
Helen (PS0E8) [368] It's deep enough to swim in
Clare (PS0E9) [369] in.
Helen (PS0E8) [370] Answered
Clare (PS0E9) [371] answered and deep enough for a boat if we had one.
[372] If we had a boat we could row across to the island of a picture
Helen (PS0E8) [373] for for a
Clare (PS0E9) [374] for a picture
Helen (PS0E8) [375] For a what do you think.
[376] Row across the island for a what might they have ...
Clare (PS0E9) [377] Pic
Helen (PS0E8) [378] Pic ... nic
Clare (PS0E9) [379] Picnic
Helen (PS0E8) [380] nic.
Helen (PS0E8) [381] Picnic
Clare (PS0E9) [382] I couldn't see where it was.
[383] Picnic.
Helen (PS0E8) [384] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [385] [...] The island was a small one in the this has got a heart middle of the pond I couldn't find the right line that's why I did that.
Helen (PS0E8) [386] All right
Clare (PS0E9) [387] It had all trees on it and looked as if it had been made for picnics.
Helen (PS0E8) [388] Hmm hmm
Clare (PS0E9) [389] The children looked all along the bank to see if they could find a boat.
[390] Suddenly they heard a quiet noise
Helen (PS0E8) [391] I should think [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [392] A quiet noise.
[393] Lindsy jumped with fright.
Helen (PS0E8) [394] Fright.
Clare (PS0E9) [395] What was that Bill? she whispered.
[396] Bill did not answer
Clare (PS0E9) [397] For a moment.
[398] He was frightened himself ...
Helen (PS0E8) [399] Though though
Clare (PS0E9) [400] though he did not want Lindy to know that they ... listened until they heard a noise again ... Then Bill laughed.
[401] Oh Lindy you were were
Helen (PS0E8) [402] You were
Clare (PS0E9) [403] Afraid he said.
[404] Girls are always afraid nothing
Helen (PS0E8) [405] Of nothing ...
Clare (PS0E9) [406] Girls afraid
Helen (PS0E8) [407] Girls are always afraid of nothing
Clare (PS0E9) [408] nothing.
[409] It was a
Helen (PS0E8) [410] It was only
Clare (PS0E9) [411] Only a only frogs.
[412] They must be at the end of the pond.
[413] Let us go and see then said Lindy.
[414] There might be some tadpoles too.
[415] The children went to ... on tip toe but the frogs stopped singing.
Amy (PS0EA) [416] Can I go can I go and play with tennis trainer?
Helen (PS0E8) [417] Yes if you like
Clare (PS0E9) [418] Where is she going to play
Helen (PS0E8) [419] Could you open my greenhouse and put it on that [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [420] Where's she going to play going to play tennis?
[421] Can she she can't play it on her boat oh yes that [...] thing.
Helen (PS0E8) [422] Hmm
Clare (PS0E9) [423] The water was warm and suddenly
Helen (PS0E8) [424] And shallow
Clare (PS0E9) [425] and shallow.
[426] There ... water lilies
Helen (PS0E8) [427] water lily?
Clare (PS0E9) [428] leaves spread
Helen (PS0E8) [429] Hmm hmm
Clare (PS0E9) [430] spread themselves like green plants on the water
Helen (PS0E8) [431] green plates
Clare (PS0E9) [432] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [433] plates
Clare (PS0E9) [434] green plate.
[435] They're plants I thought
Helen (PS0E8) [436] A bit like
Helen (PS0E8) [437] No plate.
[438] Very like it.
Clare (PS0E9) [439] Like plants.
Helen (PS0E8) [440] Hmm.
Clare (PS0E9) [441] On the water and bog
Helen (PS0E8) [442] Mm good girl bog
Clare (PS0E9) [443] bog plants.
[444] Does that say plants?
[445] Grow along
Helen (PS0E8) [446] All along
Clare (PS0E9) [447] I forgot.
[448] I thought that was that word.
[449] Croak croak croak one frog began to croak all by himself.
[450] Others ...
Helen (PS0E8) [451] Hm hm
Clare (PS0E9) [452] Enjoyed
Helen (PS0E8) [453] Joined
Clare (PS0E9) [454] Join
Helen (PS0E8) [455] Others joined
Clare (PS0E9) [456] in
Helen (PS0E8) [457] in
Clare (PS0E9) [458] from all over the pond until they made a long chorus croak croak croak they are saying.
[459] A frog climbed on to a lily leaf quickly
Helen (PS0E8) [460] quite
Clare (PS0E9) [461] quite oh where am I?
[462] Quite close to Lindy and Bill.
[463] His eyes stuck ... out from his head like little squab knobs
Helen (PS0E8) [464] [laugh] that's difficult.
[465] Knobs.
[466] It's a silent K.
Clare (PS0E9) [467] Knobs of I thought he was a squab knob
Helen (PS0E8) [468] Yes it's a bit difficult that one.
[469] It's a silent K you know like knees knobs.
Clare (PS0E9) [470] Cob knobs I said.
[471] [laugh] Knobs.
Helen (PS0E8) [472] Start from where it says little knobs he ...
Clare (PS0E9) [473] Okay.
[474] He looked could look at the children over
Helen (PS0E8) [475] Although
Clare (PS0E9) [476] Although he were needed
Helen (PS0E8) [477] Although they were nearly
Clare (PS0E9) [478] Nearly behind him ... Were him
Helen (PS0E8) [479] Watch him.
Clare (PS0E9) [480] Watch him Lindy said Bill and see if you can see if you can see his
Helen (PS0E8) [481] Tongue
Clare (PS0E9) [482] tongue shoot out or
Helen (PS0E8) [483] Shoot out our
Clare (PS0E9) [484] Our teacher told us that frogs ... toot
Helen (PS0E8) [485] tongues
Clare (PS0E9) [486] tongues are stick
Helen (PS0E8) [487] sticky
Clare (PS0E9) [488] sticky at the ends.
[489] That is why they can catch flies so easily with them.
[490] How would you like to catch your dinner by putting out your tongue?
[491] I would
Helen (PS0E8) [492] I wouldn't
Clare (PS0E9) [493] I wouldn't like it at all answered.
[494] Why wouldn't she?
Helen (PS0E8) [495] Would you like to catch your dinner by putting your tongue out to catch it?
Clare (PS0E9) [496] No
Helen (PS0E8) [497] No
Clare (PS0E9) [498] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [499] I wouldn't like it at all answered Lindy
Clare (PS0E9) [500] Lindy.
[501] But it must be nearly dinner time now.
[502] I do feel hungry.
[503] We better go home then said Bill but we shall come back here again.
[504] We may be able to find a boat next time.
Helen (PS0E8) [505] There.
Clare (PS0E9) [506] The apple orchard.
Helen (PS0E8) [507] Your reading's getting a lot better I think.
[508] You're doing very well.
Clare (PS0E9) [509] They are long chapters.
[510] I think that was quite enough.
Helen (PS0E8) [511] It's a long book.
[512] A hundred and twenty eight pages.
Clare (PS0E9) [513] I know
Helen (PS0E8) [514] Hmm
Clare (PS0E9) [515] What's that one?
[516] Well of course Miss MacDonald wouldn't have wouldn't mind you to keep a book for quite a long time.
Helen (PS0E8) [517] No.
[518] No it's all right.
[519] Right let me get cleared up and then we'll go into Bromley.
[520] ... You're going out with Clare?

3 (Tape 004703)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [521] Let's just have a look at your erm camera.
[522] What do you need your money for?
Clare (PS0E9) [523] Nothing.
Helen (PS0E8) [524] Nothing.
[525] You haven't made your bed.
Clare (PS0E9) [526] I know.
[527] I haven't really had time.
Helen (PS0E8) [528] Neither of you have thrown either of your old hankie boxes away.
Clare (PS0E9) [529] Amy keeps getting mine out of the bin.
Helen (PS0E8) [530] Well ... erm throw them in the bin down outside erm ... you got a two hundred.
Clare (PS0E9) [531] Why why can you put it on different things?
Helen (PS0E8) [532] Well you can have different fims .
[533] I thought it might be easier to get you what you've got in already ... you've still got tea round your mouth and have you cleaned your teeth cause they weren't very clean um ... you could take Tom's midnight garden with you ...
Clare (PS0E9) [singing]
Helen (PS0E8) [534] Oh you're not going in your earrings
Clare (PS0E9) [535] Oh mummy I never wear them otherwise.
Helen (PS0E8) [536] Well you won't wear them.
[537] You'll take them off.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [538] I don't think they're very suitable.
[539] They're for playing.
Clare (PS0E9) [540] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [541] They're for playing in.
[542] Not really suitable for ... come on throw your dirty empty tissue boxes away.
[543] Come on put your coat on then Amy.
[544] See if we're locked up.
[545] No. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [546] Mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [547] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [548] [...] wear the jackets with all the badges?
Helen (PS0E8) [549] Yes I should think so.
Clare (PS0E9) [550] Where is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [551] Do you want to wear that?
[552] I'm not sure.
Clare (PS0E9) [553] Can I wear this then?
Helen (PS0E8) [554] Erm
Amy (PS0EA) [555] No it wasn't Mum.
Clare (PS0E9) [556] It's not there.
Helen (PS0E8) [557] Is it in your bedroom?
Clare (PS0E9) [558] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [559] Is it hanging up in your bedroom?
Clare (PS0E9) [560] I've looked ...
Amy (PS0EA) [561] Nice little purse.
Helen (PS0E8) [562] Yes it's a nice little purse.
[563] Don't break the coat hanger. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [564] I've got to take the purse to the Isle of White.
[565] cause to put your money in.
[566] You get two pounds a day [...] .
[567] You can save it
Clare (PS0E9) [568] What on earth did you put in your pockets?
Helen (PS0E8) [569] Oh goodness knows.
[570] Well does it fit you?
Clare (PS0E9) [571] The arms are quite big but that doesn't matter ... [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [572] I'm not sure that it's mildly clean.
Clare (PS0E9) [573] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [574] I don't know that it's terribly clean.
Amy (PS0EA) [575] That's the Isle of White.
Clare (PS0E9) [576] Pardon?
Amy (PS0EA) [577] Badge.
[578] You've got the badge on the arm.
Clare (PS0E9) [579] Where?
Helen (PS0E8) [580] The Isle of White.
[581] Oh it fits you all right.
Clare (PS0E9) [582] Mm
Helen (PS0E8) [583] Din it?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [584] Oh you shouldn't do it right up at the top.
Clare (PS0E9) [585] Why?
[586] American?
Helen (PS0E8) [587] Yes I don't know go on.
[588] We seem to have a lot of dirty tissues and stuff.
Amy (PS0EA) [589] There not mine.
Helen (PS0E8) [590] Hmm I don't know whose they are. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [591] Have you got my hankies?
Helen (PS0E8) [592] Oh I've just thrown a whole load of screwed up ones out.
[593] Go and get a few more.
[594] Remind me we must get some handkies.
[595] Are you putting a coat on Clare or are you going like that?
[596] ... Let's hope we can find a parking space.
[597] Right.
[598] Is that everything.
[599] So you want a film and you want a back pack.
[600] And you want a
Amy (PS0EA) [601] I don't need a very big back pack because all it's got to carry is my [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [602] It's got to carry your lunch hasn't it?
Amy (PS0EA) [603] My lunch [...] and my camera.
Helen (PS0E8) [604] And a box and a
Clare (PS0E9) [605] Fits me doesn't it?
Amy (PS0EA) [606] If I put my camera in the front [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [607] Come on.
Clare (PS0E9) [608] The coat does fit me.
Helen (PS0E8) [609] Yes it looks rather nice.
[610] You've got France on it as well.
Clare (PS0E9) [611] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [612] France and you've got all your American ones.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [613] No France here.

4 (Tape 004704)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [614] Well it says jeans and a jumper or trousers and a jumper.
[615] I mean it it well no it says thick trousers and a warm cardigan or a jumper.
[616] Erm I mean I should think you want to take some shorts in case it's warm do you.
Clare (PS0E9) [617] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [618] You going to take your white trousers?
[619] Your new white ones?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [620] Are you going to wear those at the disco?
Clare (PS0E9) [621] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [622] Rather than your black ones?
Clare (PS0E9) [623] Yes. ...
Helen (PS0E8) [624] I thought you could probably take both.
[625] I don't think it's been very erm generous with out of school wear but you can change when you get back.
[626] I think you'd better take your Scots Park jumper and your red cardigan in case you manage to spill
Clare (PS0E9) [627] yes
Helen (PS0E8) [628] all your dinner down your Scotch Park jumper or something
Clare (PS0E9) [629] Yeah
Helen (PS0E8) [630] because you haven't got two.
Clare (PS0E9) [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [631] Well you've got that one that Daddy put on in the wash and washed too hot.
Clare (PS0E9) [632] Yeah ...
Helen (PS0E8) [633] I think we might have a job parking.

5 (Tape 004705)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [634] Now the problem is going to be finding any where to park.
[635] He's just ... he's just got one ... a long way out though ... right looks as though we've either just missed one and they Oh no they are just coming aren't they? ... just missed one there ...
Clare (PS0E9) [636] There's one
Helen (PS0E8) [637] Oh just missed one ... Oh no he's he's going in.
Clare (PS0E9) [638] [...] that car's going to be told off.
Helen (PS0E8) [639] It is
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [640] No.
[641] Ah there's one ... can't see one any better can you?
Clare (PS0E9) [642] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [643] Not the not the easiest place to get into but still
Clare (PS0E9) [644] Aren't we close up?
Helen (PS0E8) [645] Yes we'll park [...] can you?
Clare (PS0E9) [646] No.
[647] [...] only stand by.
Helen (PS0E8) [648] This way where ... good job we've only got as minute.
Clare (PS0E9) [649] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [650] I don't think I'll get daddy's in it ...
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [651] No a bit bigger [...] seems to me if we'd moved up a bit we would have had a bit more room.
[652] [...] exactly.
[653] [...] a large space here.
Clare (PS0E9) [654] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [655] They haven't given me a very large space.
[656] It's probably why it's left.

6 (Tape 004706)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [657] Right I think that Salisbury's is probably the best place for a back pack do you.
Clare (PS0E9) [658] Shall we go there first?
Helen (PS0E8) [659] Yes.
[660] Do you want a new washing bag and a salon to take with you or are you not bothered?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [661] Mm?
Clare (PS0E9) [662] I've got plenty.
Amy (PS0EA) [663] You can't take mine.
Helen (PS0E8) [664] [laugh] You can't have Amy's.
[665] You've only got the one.
[666] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [667] Oh nothing.
[668] I just thought you'd like a new one.
[669] Oh right.
[670] In that case.
Clare (PS0E9) [671] All we've got to have is
Helen (PS0E8) [672] Well I certainly wouldn't bother taking any shampoo if you can't have a hair drier.
Clare (PS0E9) [673] Well Charlie'll have to so we can all wash our hair.
Helen (PS0E8) [674] Well Charlie's not going.
[675] Why is hers very long
Clare (PS0E9) [676] Yes [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [677] She can sit on it can she?
Clare (PS0E9) [678] Yeah easily.
[679] It comes down to about here.
Helen (PS0E8) [680] Hmm.
[681] ... How often does Amy wash hers then?
Clare (PS0E9) [682] What
Helen (PS0E8) [683] How often does Amy wash
Clare (PS0E9) [684] Every day.
Helen (PS0E8) [685] Every day?
[686] Oh gosh.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [687] Oh careful.
[688] It's getting worse this road.
[689] Look at all this lot.

7 (Tape 004707)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [690] Yes what it say about four hundred?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [691] It doesn't say anything.
[692] Right where two hundreds. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [693] Three pounds twenty-six.
[694] Can we afford one of those?
[695] Hmm ... [...] [cough]
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [696] There's the one with the flash ... waterproof ... stretch.
Clare (PS0E9) [697] You were going to take on the ones we had last time.
Helen (PS0E8) [698] So they are all four hundreds.
[699] Hmm.
[700] You get long
Clare (PS0E9) [701] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [702] You get sort of extra long [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [703] Hmm hmm they look quite big don't they? ... [...] isn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [704] Yeah [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [705] [...] those pictures.
Helen (PS0E8) [706] No they should be the same.
Clare (PS0E9) [707] Go through all the pictures.
[708] I should like that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [709] I think I should your ... Jenny's taking hers I should take your camera.
Clare (PS0E9) [710] Mmm
Helen (PS0E8) [711] I mean you've just got to be careful and not lose it haven't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [712] Lose what?
Helen (PS0E8) [713] Lose her camera.
Amy (PS0EA) [714] Why doesn't she take that yellow one?
Helen (PS0E8) [715] I thought you could have that.

8 (Tape 004708)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [716] Do you think I'm well enough for my trip [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [717] No.
[718] I think we've got quite fit.
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [719] No it fits in a case.
Helen (PS0E8) [720] Yes.
[721] Yes.
[722] That's the one [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [723] Green one?
Helen (PS0E8) [724] What other colours is there?
Clare (PS0E9) [725] There're aren't.
Amy (PS0EA) [726] I will take the yellow one I think.
[727] You've got the white one anyway.
Clare (PS0E9) [728] You'd rather have that than the ... you know
Amy (PS0EA) [729] Yes
Helen (PS0E8) [730] Does this tooth Mum ... does this toothbrush fold up?
Clare (PS0E9) [731] No it's in a case so you don't get
Helen (PS0E8) [732] Does the boys [...] something [...] .
[733] When you
Clare (PS0E9) [734] When you want some soap ... hmm
Amy (PS0EA) [735] Is there a toothbrush inside that
Clare (PS0E9) [736] Hmm
Helen (PS0E8) [737] thing?
Clare (PS0E9) [738] She wants her soap and some tissues ... Erm ... I don't think you need teenage mutant hero turtles.
Helen (PS0E8) [739] Why?
Clare (PS0E9) [740] Well you need more that those.
Helen (PS0E8) [741] What are those?
[742] Those could be hankies.
[743] Teenage mutant turtle hero hankies.
Clare (PS0E9) [744] Don't you think you would be better having a proper size size box?
Helen (PS0E8) [745] [...] hankies.
[746] [...] Mutant hero turtles?
Clare (PS0E9) [747] She won't ... Yeah.
[748] You won't if you get a cold. ...
Amy (PS0EA) [749] Shall I take two [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [750] Well er ... [...] tissues anyway.
Amy (PS0EA) [751] I think that tissue paper's thick.
Clare (PS0E9) [752] Unclear.
Helen (PS0E8) [753] Eighty-one p.
Clare (PS0E9) [754] Well I think, I don't think there'll be enough for you for a week.
[754_1] Er I should take a box [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [755] Yes it will.
Clare (PS0E9) [756] You won't have all that much.
Amy (PS0EA) [757] Could I take this one?
Clare (PS0E9) [758] Yes all right.
[759] ... All right.
[760] Soap -camelia or rose?
[761] Which soap do you want?
Amy (PS0EA) [762] Camelia.
[763] What's camelia?
Clare (PS0E9) [764] Pink.
Helen (PS0E8) [765] That was the one I had.
Clare (PS0E9) [766] Orangey colour that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [767] I need this one because I lost it.
[768] I lent it to Bronwen.
Clare (PS0E9) [769] You want that one too?
Amy (PS0EA) [770] Yes [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [771] Well it's o do you want a new flannel or anything particular?
[772] We need a new [...]

9 (Tape 004709)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [773] Have you got a soap box?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [774] Have ou got a box for your soap?
[775] ... No that's a dish she wants a box.
Amy (PS0EA) [776] Oh!
[777] Right.
Helen (PS0E8) [778] They're only a pound.
[779] They're a pound.
[780] Deary me!
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [781] Yeah.
[782] Want that colour?
[783] Or a pink one or a blue one?
Amy (PS0EA) [784] One sort of flesh coloured. [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [785] Bit expensive aren't they?
[786] ... Can make up one. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [787] Amy have you seen my head shawl?
Amy (PS0EA) [788] You haven't [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [789] Oh yeah [laugh] oh look.
[790] Those the ones as well.
[791] No they weren't the ones.
[792] Yeah they got bristles.
[793] Maybe you'd like one of those.
Clare (PS0E9) [794] [...] this is a fish.
Amy (PS0EA) [795] That's the best one [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [796] There's a fish one.
[797] ... Well I should think the pink one look er hairbands apparently.
Amy (PS0EA) [798] Come on then [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [799] No Amy.
[800] Come on.
Clare (PS0E9) [801] Pardon?
Amy (PS0EA) [802] Buy one.
[803] Why can't we buy one Mum?
[804] Why can't we buy one?
Helen (PS0E8) [805] You're you're all right for a hair brush then are you?
Amy (PS0EA) [806] I'll take mine er [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [807] Oh mummy! mummy!
Helen (PS0E8) [808] Yeah that's sure. [cough]
Amy (PS0EA) [809] [...] Ah this is it. ... [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [810] Mmm ...
Amy (PS0EA) [811] Bright red [...] Oh there're good.
[812] I like the green one.
Helen (PS0E8) [813] White do you think?
[814] Yeah yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [815] Right that will do I think.
[816] Right let's go and get this lot then.
[817] That's all you need isn't it? ...
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [818] [...] Go on then.
[819] Oh we've still got next week if you ... here we are.
[820] There's a queue here.
[821] You need anything else ...
Clare (PS0E9) [822] Hair conditioner Mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [823] Well we've got some hair conditioner.
Clare (PS0E9) [824] Hair conditioner.
Helen (PS0E8) [825] Yes I don't think we need any more at the moment ... Oh I know what I want.
[826] I want some stuff for my nails.
[827] [...] nail varnish ... No ah.
[828] ... Right right there's one here.
Clare (PS0E9) [829] There's a hankie
Amy (PS0EA) [830] When will [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [831] Well Amy I'll get you one another day hey?
[832] We are just getting Clare what she needed to go away with.
Clare (PS0E9) [833] What's that?
[834] What's that?
Helen (PS0E8) [835] A soap box ... to put soap in.
[836] Otherwise everything will be tasting of soap. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [837] Aren't you [...] ? ...
Amy (PS0EA) [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [838] No no no no no Amy ... Now yu can put them out if you like.
[839] ... You wanted a er ... thing for your ... from erm Smith's didn't you?

10 (Tape 004710)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [840] Always on my mind
Clare (PS0E9) [841] Oh I don't [laugh]
Helen (PS0E8) [842] Why [...] that
Clare (PS0E9) [843] What that thing through the
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [844] Let's have a look and see if there is some ... [...] fruits or one ... [laugh] ...
Amy (PS0EA) [845] Those are mine.
Clare (PS0E9) [846] What? ...
Amy (PS0EA) [847] That's where she got these from.
[848] This one is mine.
[849] ... Sorry.
[850] Happy Birthday.
Clare (PS0E9) [851] No I don't want happy birthday do you?
Amy (PS0EA) [852] Miss you.
Clare (PS0E9) [853] Oh yes well that's not very ... appropriate is it?
Amy (PS0EA) [854] Thank you.
Clare (PS0E9) [855] No happy birthday that says.
Amy (PS0EA) [856] I know.
[857] I'm looking for [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [858] Let's see what that ... Oh that one there.
[859] No the big one.
[860] How much are these?
[861] Erm that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [862] Happy birthday.
Clare (PS0E9) [863] [...] where did you get it from?
[864] There that would be
Helen (PS0E8) [865] Why do you think we'll have to have one like that?
Clare (PS0E9) [866] Well don't you think that's quite appropriate?
Helen (PS0E8) [867] Hmm.
Clare (PS0E9) [868] Hmm?
[869] With the ballet shoes?
Helen (PS0E8) [870] [...] I'm cold.
Clare (PS0E9) [871] Now is that better?
[872] The ballet shoes are more appropriate don't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [873] Mm mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [874] She'll probably like that better.
[875] Ballet shoes.
Clare (PS0E9) [876] [...] away Amy.
Helen (PS0E8) [877] I like that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [878] You like that one?
Helen (PS0E8) [879] Hmm.
Amy (PS0EA) [880] That's not funny Mum.
Clare (PS0E9) [881] No I don't like I like that one better.
Helen (PS0E8) [882] I like that.
Clare (PS0E9) [883] No [...] that one's bigger.
Helen (PS0E8) [884] Pardon?
Clare (PS0E9) [885] That's got bigger.
[886] ... It's too expensive ...
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [887] I should get her the ballet shoes cause it was a ballet dancing ... that would be very appropriate and I'll get her some flowers.
Helen (PS0E8) [888] Well why don't we give her flowers? 'Cause we've given her flowers.
Clare (PS0E9) [889] I think she'd like the ballet shoes.
[890] It was a ballet exam wasn't it?

11 (Tape 004711)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [891] That's that card that Rhionna gave me.
Clare (PS0E9) [892] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [893] Can I have one of that card?
Clare (PS0E9) [894] Do they?
[895] No well they had quite a cheap way ... I think they had to pay for it all themselves.
[896] ... Well I don't think erm ... they had a lot of money.
Amy (PS0EA) [897] Take this one?
Clare (PS0E9) [898] No no you don't want a book to take with to read.
Amy (PS0EA) [899] Yes we are allowed to take [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [900] Well yu can take your [...] .
[901] You gonna Tom's midnight garden or anything?
[902] Or do you want to have look quick look.
Amy (PS0EA) [903] I will.
[904] I'm going to take something [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [905] Mind you don't ... [laugh] Goodness me!
Amy (PS0EA) [906] [...] terrible
Clare (PS0E9) [907] I know.
[908] No he wasn't they're being silly.
[909] ... Careful!
[910] No don't be silly Amy [cough] ...
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [911] Do you think that'll be enough?
Amy (PS0EA) [912] Hmm
Clare (PS0E9) [913] Sure?
Amy (PS0EA) [914] Hmm. ...
Clare (PS0E9) [915] They're all the same.
[916] Aren't they?
Amy (PS0EA) [917] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [918] Yes.
[919] Eight sheets ... same as that.
Amy (PS0EA) [920] Hmm.
Clare (PS0E9) [921] I don't think you're gonna take more notes than that in a week do you?
Amy (PS0EA) [922] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [923] No.
[924] all right?
Amy (PS0EA) [925] Yeah
Clare (PS0E9) [926] That'll do you.
[927] I don't think you'll need anything else ... I think it's still going round ... Here you are hold that.
[928] It's still going.
[929] It's still going.
[930] I think all click ... Oh that was the sort of thing [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [931] Why won't you let me do that?
[932] Why won't you let me do it?
Clare (PS0E9) [933] That's quite a nice present isn't it? ...
Helen (PS0E8) [934] That is a pen.
Clare (PS0E9) [935] Yes.
[936] A cartridge pen.
[937] That's a ball point pen and that's a cartridge pen
Helen (PS0E8) [938] Mummy .
[939] This is only one pound ten p.
Clare (PS0E9) [940] Yes but you don't need another one of those.
Helen (PS0E8) [941] Well mummy mummy mummy.
Clare (PS0E9) [942] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [943] [...] want one of these.
Amy (PS0EA) [944] You don't need one either.
Helen (PS0E8) [945] Well Clare's got lots.
Clare (PS0E9) [946] Well she could give you one of hers.
Amy (PS0EA) [947] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [948] Mum but I don't like Clare's.
Clare (PS0E9) [949] What ... you want a Tigger one?
Helen (PS0E8) [950] Pardon?
Clare (PS0E9) [951] You want a Tigger one do you?
Helen (PS0E8) [952] Mm
Clare (PS0E9) [953] Well what you going to put in it?
Helen (PS0E8) [954] But er I want
Amy (PS0EA) [955] What about that one?
Helen (PS0E8) [956] [...] a nice one.
Amy (PS0EA) [957] Two twenty five
Clare (PS0E9) [958] [...] two twenty five
Amy (PS0EA) [959] Those are more [...] Tigger cartoons [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [960] There're good.
Clare (PS0E9) [961] Hmm they're quite nice.
Clare (PS0E9) [962] [...] because I need pencil cases.
Clare (PS0E9) [963] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [964] I've never had that before.
[965] Who were you thinking of giving it to?
[966] Clare?
Clare (PS0E9) [967] Hmm no I was just having a look.
[968] A bit more than we usually spend.
Clare (PS0E9) [969] [...] my new pen.
[970] Mummy [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [971] Yes there's a few around though aren't there?
Helen (PS0E8) [972] Yes.
[973] Not one that I want though.
Clare (PS0E9) [974] Right.
[975] Oh dear.
[976] Thank you.
[977] Clare let's have your thing over here quickly.
[978] Just get that ... come there's no body ... Clare can I have that.
[979] No!
[980] That.
[981] You've got plenty of rubbish you can use one of the ones you've got ... You've got a cartridge inside.
[982] Right we'll get something.
[983] Well come on then ...
Helen (PS0E8) [984] Can I have five pence Mummy?
Clare (PS0E9) [985] Here ... Let's have a look.
[986] Are they washable.
[987] All right?
[988] That wasn't too long.
Amy (PS0EA) [989] You can get double. [...] ...
Clare (PS0E9) [990] And she has double ones was for bigger ones.
[991] ... Right.
[992] We'll have to go and queue up then.
[993] Oh Clare!
[994] That's permanent ... that's permanent blue black.
[995] You haven't got the same.
[996] I want a blue washable as well.

12 (Tape 004712)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [997] That's nice wrapping paper isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [998] Hmm.
Amy (PS0EA) [999] I don't like it at all that much.
Helen (PS0E8) [1000] Pardon?
Clare (PS0E9) [1001] I don't know that I like it all that much.
[1002] Sorry.
[1003] Yes yes she just clipped ... I like ... that's nicer with the teddy bear.
[1004] Do you want to have a piece of that ... for Deborah?
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [1005] No I'm not buying any more.
[1006] You have you have pinched
Amy (PS0EA) [1007] I can [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [1008] You have got about ten pencil cases okay.
[1009] I am not buying any more pencil cases.
Amy (PS0EA) [1010] They are Amy's.
[1011] I haven't got ... I haven't got [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [1012] I am not buying any more pencil cases.
[1013] No you go and take it back.
[1014] You've got a lot of pencil cases.
[1015] ... Come on then Amy.
[1016] ... You want to give that to Deborah?
Helen (PS0E8) [1017] Hmm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1018] Hmm?
[1019] Ah

13 (Tape 004713)

Unknown speaker (KCDPSUNK) [1020] You can take that tin that you got in er ... you can take that tin as a pencil case that you got pardon?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [1021] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [1022] You have got [...] if you've got one.
Clare (PS0E9) [1023] [...] oh they've all got holes in them.
Helen (PS0E8) [1024] Oh so I can throw them away can I?
Clare (PS0E9) [1025] Yep.
Helen (PS0E8) [1026] Well then why haven't you thrown them out? ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1027] They've all got two of them.
Helen (PS0E8) [1028] Well ... you should have shown me before.
[1029] You you've throwed them away first ... before you buy any more ...
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [1030] Yes.
[1031] Queen mother.
[1032] Right come on then.

14 (Tape 004801)

Amy (PS0EA) [1033] Where was that last one?
Helen (PS0E8) [1034] I think, umm ... we looked in Boots didn't we, they had cheap ones, but they were all black.
Amy (PS0EA) [1035] Might like [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1036] Get one from Marks and take it back after wards.
[1037] No, yes, I don't think I need chocolates, I don't think I need chocolates.
[1038] I thought your going to give her some flowers? ...
Amy (PS0EA) [1039] I like flowers.
Helen (PS0E8) [1040] Oh they've definitely have some, I don't think there awfully cheap.
[1041] I think erm, lets have a look in the shopping mall cos I think there's a sort of bag shop there Caroline said.
Amy (PS0EA) [1042] Where'd you meet her?
Helen (PS0E8) [1043] Just down here.
Amy (PS0EA) [1044] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1045] This is a nuisance this is.
Clare (PS0E9) [1046] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1047] I don't know otherwise.
[1048] I thought Salisbury's would of had loads ... Will have a look in a Army & Navy otherwise ... It's in here I think, oh I don't know whether C & A's would have any ... Now then, watch out for, I mean I think there's must be a logic shop or something.
[1049] I think that's where Caroline said we go for a cake.
[1050] Oh here I should think where these banks are.
[1051] Yeah.
[1052] I mean there's loads of ... bags like that, let's have a look.
[1053] It's all there've got.
[1054] Here's back packs.
Amy (PS0EA) [1055] Mum.
Helen (PS0E8) [1056] No, no, she's got to have something that goes on here back.
[1057] Oh it's a bit cheaper.
[1058] Price six ninety nine I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [1059] Where?
Helen (PS0E8) [1060] Eight ninety nine.
[1061] Well we've got [...] .
[1062] It's better isn't it?
[1063] That one.
[1064] Nine ninety nine.
Amy (PS0EA) [1065] Like that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1066] Nine ninety nine.
[1067] [...] Yes, I quite like that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [1068] [...] school.
Helen (PS0E8) [1069] Which one?
Amy (PS0EA) [1070] That one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1071] One like that has she?
Amy (PS0EA) [1072] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1073] Red one.
Amy (PS0EA) [1074] [...] .

15 (Tape 004802)

Helen (PS0E8) [1075] I think you better put them back where you found them don't you?
[1076] Where'd they come from?
Clare (PS0E9) [1077] They [...] come from there.
Helen (PS0E8) [1078] Where?
[1079] Now that's more your that's more what you could .
Clare (PS0E9) [1080] There's [...] ... A [...] there .
Helen (PS0E8) [1081] That's what ah.
[1082] That's more what you can do with poppet one like that.
Clare (PS0E9) [1083] No, [...] Clare like that one .
Amy (PS0EA) [1084] Do we need any thing else?.
Helen (PS0E8) [1085] No, not really.
Clare (PS0E9) [1086] This is something quite nice.
Helen (PS0E8) [1087] Oh it's pretty.
Clare (PS0E9) [1088] That's four to six. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1089] This is four to six.
Helen (PS0E8) [1090] Yeah, they always do them very long don't they?
Clare (PS0E9) [1091] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1092] You could do more with a nine to ten, eh nine to twelve.
Clare (PS0E9) [1093] This is quite long as well.
Amy (PS0EA) [1094] That's three to four.
[1095] Three to four.
[1096] It's still too long for me.
Helen (PS0E8) [1097] I should think this one's your size.
Amy (PS0EA) [1098] Oh label [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1099] She like that
Amy (PS0EA) [1100] Ooh.
Helen (PS0E8) [1101] She like that one Amy?
Clare (PS0E9) [1102] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1103] [...] .
[1104] Hm, yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1105] I don't mind.
Helen (PS0E8) [1106] Well you could probably do with that more than ... hm trousers.
[1107] You could probably do with a sun dress more than [...] .
[1108] Oh that one look's a bit to ... bit to tight doesn't it?
[1109] No, haven't got any twelve's, [...] with a twelve.
[1110] Right, that doesn't really suit me does it?
[1111] Right, let's go and get Amy's collage set that she wants.
Amy (PS0EA) [1112] What?
[1113] Did you say collage set?
Helen (PS0E8) [1114] Hm, hm, hm .
[1115] That what you want, your collage set?
[1116] Army & Navy the [...] bit of it and a that's all ... Then I'd like to look in Marks, Amy ... Early Learning.
Amy (PS0EA) [1117] Early Learning [...] have all these lovely things that you can play with.
Clare (PS0E9) [1118] That's my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1119] Hm ... Right let's see if we can .
Amy (PS0EA) [1120] Early [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1121] Come on then, [...] you.
Amy (PS0EA) [1122] Yeah, cos it's called Early Learning Centre.
Helen (PS0E8) [1123] Hm, hm, quick.
Amy (PS0EA) [1124] Learning Centre.
Helen (PS0E8) [1125] Then I want to go to Marks.
Amy (PS0EA) [1126] [cough] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1127] Hm, I was a bit disappointed with that dress.
[1128] I wonder if it looked better if it was a bit bigger.
Clare (PS0E9) [1129] Do you have [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1130] To tight .
Clare (PS0E9) [1131] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1132] What the orangey colours?
Clare (PS0E9) [1133] Yeah, they don't [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1134] Oh I quite, I quite like those.
[1135] I thought they were unusual.
Clare (PS0E9) [1136] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1137] I didn't think I like the cut of it very much or, I think it was to tight.
[1138] There started making erm tighter I think.
[1139] Oh Amy, sorry, wait.
[1140] You don't push in.
[1141] I think your getting a bit big for this [...] .

16 (Tape 004803)

Helen (PS0E8) [1142] It used to ... yes left handed, Blue one.
[1143] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [1144] Can I have some?
Helen (PS0E8) [1145] Why do you need some more?
Clare (PS0E9) [1146] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1147] Right, I suppose so. [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1148] Shall I go and pay for them [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1149] Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [1150] What time is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1151] Half past four, so I don't want to be too much longer.
[1152] I don't know, is that what you want?
[1153] Whoops ... I don't know.
[1154] They won't be all for it, Amy is that what you want?
[1155] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [1156] [...] .
[1157] What's that.
Helen (PS0E8) [1158] That's sewing.
Amy (PS0EA) [1159] What do they give ya?
[1160] How can you sew it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1161] Well you give you the, this.
Clare (PS0E9) [1162] What age?
[1163] Can I pay for this?
Helen (PS0E8) [1164] Well, will pay for them all together .
Clare (PS0E9) [1165] [...] .

17 (Tape 004804)

Clare (PS0E9) [1166] Are those the only two you get?
Helen (PS0E8) [1167] Yes, I think so.
Clare (PS0E9) [1168] Oh, you only get two.
[1169] I don't like those two [...] .
[1170] Oh I don't know, but.
Helen (PS0E8) [1171] Oh come poppet, because I want to go to Marks, so what do you think?
Clare (PS0E9) [1172] One of these are [...] .
[1173] Can you only do one?
Helen (PS0E8) [1174] No, you, you have to get some flowers in.
Clare (PS0E9) [1175] So there, they give you the flowers.
Helen (PS0E8) [1176] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1177] [...] heavy.
[1178] They do [...] it .
Helen (PS0E8) [1179] No, they just give you a press to press the flowers.
Clare (PS0E9) [1180] Is there only one?
Helen (PS0E8) [1181] Hm.
[1182] I thought you wanted the collage one.
Clare (PS0E9) [1183] I know, I didn't know there were these.
[1184] I like the [...] .
[1185] How many do they give you in there?
[1186] Lots.
Helen (PS0E8) [1187] I think you just get the pieces of square's and erm, the thing and the ribbon and you sew them.
[1188] Sew it, but.
[1189] Would you want to think about it?
[1190] I don't think you need a jigsaw puzzle do you?
[1191] Oh Amy come on.
Clare (PS0E9) [1192] You have to do to that?
Helen (PS0E8) [1193] Oh that's just, that's just erm, beads.
[1194] There mostly there for children that are younger than you.
Clare (PS0E9) [1195] Oh, I see it there, what's that.
[1196] Do you have to write it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1197] Oh, why don't you make what you've got cos you've got a lot of things to make at the moment, and then come back and choose another time, hm.
[1198] Cos you've got sewing to do haven't you?
[1199] You started that little duck.
Clare (PS0E9) [1200] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1201] Hm, your a bit too young to do knitting I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [1202] Like to age on [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1203] You've got the flower making one haven't you?.
Clare (PS0E9) [1204] Oh yes, I've [...] .
[1205] That isn't very easy is it?
[1206] It's a [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1207] Hm.
[1208] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1209] Colour [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1210] We don't really want to colour in a jigsaw puzzle do you?
[1211] It's only colouring in.
Clare (PS0E9) [1212] No, I [...] make them fit.
Helen (PS0E8) [1213] Yeah, well you got to have a, you've got to have some flowers and you just put them between that and leave them.
Clare (PS0E9) [1214] You could build happy birthday card.
Helen (PS0E8) [1215] Yes, but you've got to just leave the ... the thing, come on I think they want to close, and I want to get to Marks, so do you not really want the collage kit at the moment, you've got collage kit's haven't you?
[1216] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1217] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1218] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [1219] I have got a lot of collage.
Helen (PS0E8) [1220] Yeah.
[1221] Well leave it at the moment.
Clare (PS0E9) [1222] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1223] Hm, well you've got a, you've had a lot for your birthday haven't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [1224] No, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1225] Oh, we, no, I'm not just, come on let's find the scissors and the glue spreader.
[1226] Do you want me to take a book, and then you can choose at home?
[1227] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1228] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [1229] Right, come on then let's have these and.

18 (Tape 004805)

Clare (PS0E9) [1230] Painting?
Helen (PS0E8) [1231] That painting you haven't done yet have you?
Clare (PS0E9) [1232] No, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1233] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [1234] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1235] So you wanting to have a mooch, do you want to have a quick look at tennis rackets?
[1236] Well I don't know whether were going to get one now, cos I haven't really got a lot of time.
[1237] Oh [laugh] , the cars are still coming, the cars are coming now, I forgot about them.
Amy (PS0EA) [1238] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1239] I forgot the cars were coming down the road.
[1240] Got to go across to that Olympus, right shall we ... come on quickly.
Amy (PS0EA) [1241] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1242] I dunno, cos I forgot the road was open, huh.

19 (Tape 004806)

Helen (PS0E8) [1243] Ah, I think I like this one better don't you?
Amy (PS0EA) [1244] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1245] Twenty two pounds.
Amy (PS0EA) [1246] I'll pay you back.
Helen (PS0E8) [1247] Well I don't think we'll get one at the moment.
Amy (PS0EA) [1248] I will pay you back, I promise, as soon as I get payed, I give you the money back.
Helen (PS0E8) [1249] Well I don't think we can buy one quite as quickly as that.
Amy (PS0EA) [1250] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [1251] Well, cos that's a lot of money just to spend isn't it?
[1252] Is that a lot lighter than.
Amy (PS0EA) [1253] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1254] Is this, one like this?
Amy (PS0EA) [1255] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1256] Well if you don't do any thing else tomorrow, you could go and have a look in erm, Worpington.
[1257] That [...] shop there.
Amy (PS0EA) [1258] Yeah, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1259] Well I don't know, will see.
[1260] Come on then Amy.
Amy (PS0EA) [1261] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1262] Think you have to clear that with dad first.
[1263] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [1264] It's my money.
Helen (PS0E8) [1265] I know, but I want to see how much there worth, so there about, see if we can get one for less than twenty pounds can't you.
Amy (PS0EA) [1266] Why, they get heavier.
[1267] The heavier they are the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1268] Oh right, let's go quickly across to Marks.

20 (Tape 004807)

Clare (PS0E9) [1269] Aren't supposed to do that.
[1270] They look really nice those shoes.
[1271] I don't like the colours.
[1272] Mummy I don't really like those shoes.
Helen (PS0E8) [1273] Don't you?.
Clare (PS0E9) [1274] I don't like the colours there to dark.
Helen (PS0E8) [1275] Yes, I thought they might be quite useful for the summer, they don't seem to have any erm [...] .
[1276] Do you like these .
Clare (PS0E9) [1277] They do dark colours .
Helen (PS0E8) [1278] Do you like these sort of doesn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1279] I don't, these are nice colour, I like them.
Helen (PS0E8) [1280] Yes, well I [...] another pair [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1281] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1282] You like these better?
Clare (PS0E9) [1283] Yeah, there nice.
[1284] There's a pair of fours.
[1285] There's a pair of fours.
Helen (PS0E8) [1286] You like those better Clare?
Clare (PS0E9) [1287] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [1288] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1289] I do.
Helen (PS0E8) [1290] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [1291] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [1292] What you like those better?
Clare (PS0E9) [1293] I do.
Amy (PS0EA) [1294] Don't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [1295] Hm don't know really.
Clare (PS0E9) [1296] There's a pair of fours.
Amy (PS0EA) [1297] Take a pair of [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1298] Hm, quite like the white ones ... I think I probably like the white ones better Am's, let's have the white ones.
Clare (PS0E9) [1299] Can you take that one off, cos that one [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1300] Well there's a pair of four, right, let me, let my ones that I've got.
Clare (PS0E9) [1301] I didn't want the dark ones.
Helen (PS0E8) [1302] No, I don't.
Clare (PS0E9) [1303] There too dark.
Helen (PS0E8) [1304] They did do them in white, but they don't seem to have them here, I only saw one pair, they weren't my size the other day.
Amy (PS0EA) [1305] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1306] Right, let's just have a look at this other dress.

21 (Tape 004808)

Helen (PS0E8) [1307] Daddy's stuck this on and it's not even right the way round.
Amy (PS0EA) [1308] Stuck what on?
Helen (PS0E8) [1309] His drove my car and the, where the gears where, came off.
Clare (PS0E9) [1310] Who did?
Helen (PS0E8) [1311] Daddy.
[1312] Without a [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1313] He had [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1314] There are.
[1315] You could of given me a little bit more room.
Amy (PS0EA) [1316] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1317] Well if that car in front has not pulled up quite so far this way, I would of got out a little more easily.
[1318] [...] . Ah.
Amy (PS0EA) [1319] We've got a lovely [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1320] Yes, well he could of gone a bit further back, it wouldn't of mattered to him.
Amy (PS0EA) [1321] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1322] Any way, never mind, were out.
[1323] Now I've got to turn around.
[1324] I don't think I'm going to buy you any thing else or else this holiday's costing me a fortune.
Clare (PS0E9) [1325] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1326] I think you can manage with your thin anorak and probably your thick one.
Clare (PS0E9) [1327] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1328] Well that's right, I mean were see what the weather's like.
Clare (PS0E9) [1329] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1330] Before .
Clare (PS0E9) [1331] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1332] Oh yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1333] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1334] That'll have to be quite useful for your holiday in France and every thing ain't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1335] Yes.
Amy (PS0EA) [1336] What on earth he [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1337] What a back pack?

22 (Tape 004809)

Helen (PS0E8) [1338] Don't that I was over impressed with Tammy Girl, were you?
Amy (PS0EA) [1339] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [1340] What's Tammy Girl?
Helen (PS0E8) [1341] That shop that we went in when we had to go down stairs .
Amy (PS0EA) [1342] [...] Tammy Girl [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1343] Na, I think it's only girl's.
Amy (PS0EA) [1344] What's Tammy Girl?
Amy (PS0EA) [1345] That's the shop that [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1346] No, no.
Amy (PS0EA) [1347] Oh yeah, I know [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1348] I think a lot of erm.
Amy (PS0EA) [1349] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1350] I think a lot of your age go there.
Amy (PS0EA) [1351] Yeah, I think [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1352] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [1353] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1354] I didn't like the stuff for, it's very garish, I mean I didn't like Amy's bathing costume very much, did you?
Amy (PS0EA) [1355] No, but, you know, [...] I like, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1356] Yeah.
[1357] But I quite like her shell suit, there quite nice colours.
Amy (PS0EA) [1358] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1359] There's a lot of those in C & A's.
Amy (PS0EA) [1360] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1361] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [1362] She keep [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1363] [laugh] I doubt it.

23 (Tape 004810)

Helen (PS0E8) [1364] I should hope so, they were quite expensive, one pound sixty eight.
Clare (PS0E9) [1365] Dear.
Amy (PS0EA) [1366] How much were [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1367] I can't remember.
Amy (PS0EA) [1368] My [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1369] Yes, there left handed ones, hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [1370] [...] I've taken one pair up to the tree house and now I can't find any up there.
Helen (PS0E8) [1371] Oh.
Amy (PS0EA) [1372] [...] .
[1373] Oh well I bought all these stupid bent ones, there not very [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1374] Aren't they?
Amy (PS0EA) [1375] No, they don't hardly cut paper.
[1376] They don't cut any thing else.
Helen (PS0E8) [1377] Well I don't think those I'll cut any thing but paper, you'll have to get [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1378] Yes they do, they cut a lot of [...] string .
Clare (PS0E9) [1379] Well sellotape then.
Amy (PS0EA) [1380] They cut oh they cut sellotape, and they does cut string.
Helen (PS0E8) [1381] Well if you need another pair, next I go I'll get you a pair of.
Amy (PS0EA) [1382] They cut string.
Helen (PS0E8) [1383] Oh.
Amy (PS0EA) [1384] I don't think they quite [...] my other pair.
Helen (PS0E8) [1385] What your silver ones?
Amy (PS0EA) [1386] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1387] Where'da get them from?
Helen (PS0E8) [1388] Early Learning.
Clare (PS0E9) [1389] And they cut something [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1390] Why have you lost something, you have?.
Clare (PS0E9) [1391] No, don't worry.
Helen (PS0E8) [1392] They don't seem to have silver ones.
Clare (PS0E9) [1393] I bought two pairs.
Helen (PS0E8) [1394] Yeah, don't lose.
Clare (PS0E9) [1395] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1396] Right.
Amy (PS0EA) [1397] I've only got one pairs of steel.
Helen (PS0E8) [1398] Oh you haven't, you've got lots of little silver ones.
Amy (PS0EA) [1399] Can't find them.
Helen (PS0E8) [1400] Oh, well, there around somewhere.
Amy (PS0EA) [1401] [...] .
[1402] I know where there is some, in my collage [...] .
[1403] Collage box.
Helen (PS0E8) [1404] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [1405] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1406] Well, you don't need to leave a pair of scissors in there, cos.

24 (Tape 004811)

Helen (PS0E8) [1407] I was just thinking that the dinner's probably only just come on, I didn't quite know how long, how late we be huh.
[1408] Nice cup of tea any way, do my ironing I suppose ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1409] Shall I ask daddy to get me a label for my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1410] Huh, you can try.
[1411] Well you can do one with the erm, with the little thing.

25 (Tape 004812)

Clare (PS0E9) [1412] I don't need to take scissors or any thing [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1413] No, no.
Clare (PS0E9) [1414] What about some [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1415] No, don't think, don't give you any of the.
Clare (PS0E9) [1416] You got my erm.
Helen (PS0E8) [1417] I think you'll need a ... coat hanger for that, oh, any down here.
[1418] I'll go upstairs and get a coat hanger when you.
Clare (PS0E9) [1419] Haven't got, I haven't got any.
Helen (PS0E8) [1420] On the spare bedroom bed I should think there's some.

26 (Tape 004813)

Helen (PS0E8) [1421] Rfff, you pull.
Clare (PS0E9) [1422] Aah, it's white isn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1423] And wiggle it a bit.
[1424] [laugh] , you'll have to be able to do it or else you won't be able to clean your teeth.
[1425] I think you'd better make your bed.
Clare (PS0E9) [1426] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1427] Hm. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1428] It's in a mess my [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1429] If she don't put it, if you don't take it right down then it comes out.
Helen (PS0E8) [1430] Oh does it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1431] She just put it like that, but it's not [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1432] It's not, oh that's alright.
[1433] Just say if she's soaked some stuff written on it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1434] Yeah [laugh] .
[1435] Little fish in my erm thingys.
Helen (PS0E8) [1436] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1437] Cos that thing that normally sticks out the top.
Helen (PS0E8) [1438] I don't it says you've got to have a cagoule.
Clare (PS0E9) [1439] I [...] it did.
Helen (PS0E8) [1440] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1441] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1442] It might say preferably.
[1443] Right school sweatshirt, tee shirt, skirt, dress, casual trousers, jeans, warm jumper.
[1444] Changes of underwear, socks, shoes, trainers, night dress, carpet sleepers, washing kit, towel, hair brush, cagoule shoulder bag.
Clare (PS0E9) [1445] Cagoule and a shoulder bag.
Helen (PS0E8) [1446] No, [laugh] I, I think they .
Clare (PS0E9) [1447] Cagoule [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1448] I think they mean a back pack, warm jacket or coat, in-expensive camera and film ... I think they mean a back pack.
[1449] You could of had a shoulder bag.
Clare (PS0E9) [1450] What's that?.
Helen (PS0E8) [1451] Well, one that goes on your shoulder [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1452] They won't mind a [...] will they?
Helen (PS0E8) [1453] No, I think that's what they told you to take ... Oh, how often you expect me to write to you.
Clare (PS0E9) [1454] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [1455] You've got to take some stamps.
Clare (PS0E9) [1456] If I send one to grandma, one to you and Amy, and then I'll write one to grandma Lincolnshire, but I'll won't send it off, it'll be to expensive won't it?
[1457] Send it off here couldn't you?
[1458] If I send one to grandma and granddad, if I send one to you then send to [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1459] Yes, that's alright.
Clare (PS0E9) [1460] So it'll be a, take about five [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1461] If you wish [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1462] There will be [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1463] I don't need, look.
Clare (PS0E9) [1464] No, mummy, I'll give [...] look I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1465] Tidy it up then please.
Clare (PS0E9) [1466] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1467] Right, I think I'll shall do some.
Clare (PS0E9) [1468] [...] ..
Helen (PS0E8) [1469] Yes, I'll shall put it on the spare bedroom bed, not that there's a lot of room on there, but still.

27 (Tape 004814)

Helen (PS0E8) [1470] I think you've just cost me a fortune today.
Clare (PS0E9) [1471] Have I?
Helen (PS0E8) [1472] Take one of those boxes of tissues and use tooth brush, tooth paste.
[1473] What, got some soap have you?
Clare (PS0E9) [1474] Yes, yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1475] Right, your tooth paste.
Clare (PS0E9) [1476] Thank you.
Helen (PS0E8) [1477] Right, these two can go up, oh that's Amy's soap.
Clare (PS0E9) [1478] Bored with it, so I'll [...] it out every day.
Helen (PS0E8) [1479] Yes, right.
[1480] There's your film.
Clare (PS0E9) [1481] Ah thanks.
Helen (PS0E8) [1482] Right .
Clare (PS0E9) [1483] That's mine?.
Helen (PS0E8) [1484] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1485] Oh right.
Helen (PS0E8) [1486] There's your cartridges.
Clare (PS0E9) [1487] Do I need to take both packets?
Helen (PS0E8) [1488] I wouldn't think so, I can't think you'll get through ten cartridges myself, that seems rather excessive.

28 (Tape 004815)

Helen (PS0E8) [1489] We can probably leave packing till next weekend can't we?
[1490] We can probably leave packing until next week end. [music] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1491] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1492] Well I'll should take, I mean hopefully you won't have a cold.
Clare (PS0E9) [1493] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [1494] I should take a couple with you out of your box and erm, just take those ones.
[1495] I mean I hope you won't have a cold, so you shouldn't do.

29 (Tape 004816)

Helen (PS0E8) [1496] Hey, come on ... what's the matter?
Clare (PS0E9) [1497] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1498] Well, alright, well look it's no good doing it if your just going to get upset.
[1499] What's the matter?
Clare (PS0E9) [1500] Well I can't leave it like this can I?
Helen (PS0E8) [1501] Shhhh, well look, that's very difficult to put on isn't it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1502] Yes, but when I put some [...] back, [...] back packed.
Helen (PS0E8) [1503] Well then your better putting it back to the back place first.
Clare (PS0E9) [1504] [...] there as well.
Helen (PS0E8) [1505] Right, now you want to put that on again.
Clare (PS0E9) [1506] I know.
Helen (PS0E8) [1507] It's alright, cos it's very, that's very difficult .
Clare (PS0E9) [1508] I can do that holding the edge actually, have to hold the tall side.
Helen (PS0E8) [1509] Right, put them in the, doesn't even fit on very well.
Clare (PS0E9) [1510] Oh no, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1511] I can't see what I'm doing even.
[1512] I mean that's a silly place to put it Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [1513] I can't find any where else to put it .
Helen (PS0E8) [1514] Well why don't you put it on the table or on the little table, it doesn't even fit on that shelf, does it?
[1515] It's too big.
[1516] You can't really have that and these plates on that shelf.
Clare (PS0E9) [1517] Oh ok, I'll have it on the little table, but I want you to do it, not me.
Helen (PS0E8) [1518] Alright, well.
Clare (PS0E9) [1519] It's always falling [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1520] On the little table it'll fit, and you can put the cups .
Clare (PS0E9) [1521] That's what I said .
Helen (PS0E8) [1522] Cups and saucers on, well you can do that, look you can do that better than I can.
[1523] Here you are, there, it's on the little table, now you put the cups and saucers on it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1524] Ok, it doesn't matter they can stay [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1525] Go on, you can do those better than I can.
Clare (PS0E9) [1526] That, that goes in the middle.
Helen (PS0E8) [1527] There, but your trying to balance something that won't even balance properly.
Clare (PS0E9) [1528] Where's the other cup?
Helen (PS0E8) [1529] I don't know, have a look in the kitchen, can't really see.

30 (Tape 004817)

Helen (PS0E8) [1530] So is, your dolls house is alright now, mind the flex on the iron.
[1531] You shouldn't go that way, knock my iron off.
[1532] So your happy.
Clare (PS0E9) [1533] Mum [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1534] Where are your what? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1535] Oh we took them all upstairs.
[1536] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [1537] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1538] What your birthday presents, yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [1539] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1540] Your birthday presents are up stairs on your new shelves aren't they?
Clare (PS0E9) [1541] I know, I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1542] [yawning] I must go through the spare bedroom and sort that out as well.
Clare (PS0E9) [1543] Why?
Amy (PS0EA) [1544] Do I have too?
Helen (PS0E8) [1545] No I must, cos there's some of your stuff.
Clare (PS0E9) [1546] I'm not, I've just tidied up my dolls house.
Helen (PS0E8) [1547] I see , jolly good.
Clare (PS0E9) [1548] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1549] Well that's cos he moved it wasn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1550] Yeah.
[1551] Bit of a problem, that made me cry didn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1552] That did make you cry, yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [1553] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1554] It did.
Clare (PS0E9) [1555] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1556] But still if you, you, otherwise when it's tidy you just leave it alone.
Clare (PS0E9) [1557] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1558] When it's tidy, you don't play with it ... [noise] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1559] I've stopped my traffic.
Helen (PS0E8) [1560] You've stop the traffic have you?
Clare (PS0E9) [1561] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1562] Oh.

31 (Tape 004818)

Helen (PS0E8) [1563] Yes, it was at the back of the cupboard I think, I think I've seen it in there .
Clare (PS0E9) [1564] That's where I've [...] .
[1565] It's, pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1566] I think I have seen it in there.
Clare (PS0E9) [1567] Why didn't you bring it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1568] Well, will, put it, put it into be washed tonight and then you can use it if you like.
Clare (PS0E9) [1569] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [1570] Alright.
Clare (PS0E9) [1571] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1572] Yeah.
[1573] She's awake, yes it's alright ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1574] I'll read a chapter to myself, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1575] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [1576] [...] .
[1577] I'm not gonna play [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1578] Oh alright, you tell me if there's any words you don't know ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1579] [...] does that say [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1580] Sure.
Clare (PS0E9) [1581] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1582] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [1583] I thought it were fair, but I read the next bit [...] ... What's this one?
[1584] One day it's discovered the pond.
[1585] One day then they discovered the old apple orchard, what does that [...] mean?
Helen (PS0E8) [1586] It stretched.
Clare (PS0E9) [1587] Stretched right down [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1588] [laugh] . [clears throat] ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1589] [...] .
[1590] Does that say being?
Helen (PS0E8) [1591] Behind.
Clare (PS0E9) [1592] Oh [...] ... [talk in background] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1593] Oh gosh ... [cough] . [yawn]
Clare (PS0E9) [1594] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1595] Chaffinch.
[1596] Little bird, it's a little bird.
[1597] That's a difficult word.
Clare (PS0E9) [1598] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1599] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1600] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1601] Yeah, well brightening up a bit

32 (Tape 004819)

Helen (PS0E8) [1602] Right, we'll go and home some lunch, dinner then shall we?
Clare (PS0E9) [1603] Let's just [...] finished yet.
Helen (PS0E8) [1604] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [1605] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1606] Pink.
Clare (PS0E9) [1607] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1608] Goes on a long time does it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1609] [...] five, six, seven, eight, nine.
Helen (PS0E8) [1610] Oh that sounds a lot.
[1611] Right come on then I'll get you some dinner.
Clare (PS0E9) [1612] [...] ... [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1613] Right, would you, could you switch that off for me.
Clare (PS0E9) [1614] Haven't yet.
Helen (PS0E8) [1615] No the television poppet, I'll sort the oven out.
[1616] Right if you sent the table, I'll serve up the dinner.
Clare (PS0E9) [1617] Ok mum.
Helen (PS0E8) [1618] Right ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1619] [singing] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1620] Give Clare a shout, get my washing in as well.
[1621] Clare.
Amy (PS0EA) [1622] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1623] Dinner time.
Amy (PS0EA) [1624] Ok.
Helen (PS0E8) [1625] Well that was very quick. [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [1626] Right, I'm hungry too.
Amy (PS0EA) [1627] Wash my hands [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1628] Right ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1629] [...] I used to get [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1630] Yes, that's right, no, that's right, very good .
Clare (PS0E9) [1631] That's right for Clare.
Helen (PS0E8) [1632] Yes, that's right for Clare.
[1633] I don't know what time daddies coming in.
Clare (PS0E9) [1634] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1635] I don't know what time daddies gonna come .
Clare (PS0E9) [1636] His not going to get any food.
Helen (PS0E8) [1637] Well I was going to put him some dinner out and he'll have to heat it up again I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [1638] You can't put him knives and forks out.
Helen (PS0E8) [1639] No, well, he can get some out I think if he wants some.
Clare (PS0E9) [1640] I think I'll get the knives and forks out [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1641] Well I've no id ... I wouldn't bother.
[1642] I mean I don't know when he's, he might not be in for another two or three hours, I don't, I really don't know.
[1643] I might find I've cooked him a dinner and he doesn't want it.
[1644] Bit difficult isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [1645] So you don't have to.
Helen (PS0E8) [1646] Well I've cooked him one, cos it's no good if he waltzes in in half an hour and says his hungry.
Clare (PS0E9) [1647] He could [...] baked potato.
Helen (PS0E8) [1648] He could have a baked potato, I don't think he would have had very much all day knowing.
[1649] I don't think there's much food available where it, in this building site.
Clare (PS0E9) [1650] What's he having?
Helen (PS0E8) [1651] Well making, given him the same as us.
Clare (PS0E9) [1652] We'd give him a [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1653] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1654] Leave it, what do you do [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1655] Well I'll leave it out and he can do it on the microwave can't he?
[1656] Heat it up in the microwave ... otherwise he'll have to have it tomorrow.
Clare (PS0E9) [1657] [laugh] .

33 (Tape 004820)

Clare (PS0E9) [1658] Only goes up to a certain height.
[1659] Here, about up to here now.
Helen (PS0E8) [1660] Oh that's it the way it spreads out and then you can't see it. [...] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1661] Do you take the back pack round with you these day.
[1662] [...] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [1663] What you finished your work have you?
Amy (PS0EA) [1664] Not all of it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1665] Nearly or yes you have.
[1666] Nearly .
Amy (PS0EA) [1667] Got [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1668] Did you manage that one radius of a circle?
Amy (PS0EA) [1669] I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1670] What can choose choice ... oh you do them from that paper you mean .
Amy (PS0EA) [1671] No, we've got two tests .
[1672] And I did, I've done one test and I'll do the other one tomorrow.
Helen (PS0E8) [1673] Right, well don't forget.
Clare (PS0E9) [1674] Ouch.
Helen (PS0E8) [1675] I'm sorry it is a bit hot, they've got hula hoops in there.
Clare (PS0E9) [1676] Yeah.
[1677] [...] now.
Helen (PS0E8) [1678] Sshhh don't shout.
Clare (PS0E9) [1679] [...] and I [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1680] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1681] Yes, alright but.
Clare (PS0E9) [1682] [...] with it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1683] Well couldn't, could she, could she just go back one page and let's us see what it was she wants.
Amy (PS0EA) [1684] It wasn't one page .
Clare (PS0E9) [1685] I want [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1686] I think I've got listen I really don't think you need argue over it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1687] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1688] No [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1689] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [1690] Stop it, I've got two now stop it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1691] Taken it away from me.
Helen (PS0E8) [1692] Goodness me, are you both so young that you can't even share any thing?
[1693] I would have thought you both grown out of those things any way.
Amy (PS0EA) [1694] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1695] There, that's good.
Helen (PS0E8) [1696] That's play mobile.
[1697] We didn't actually have much play mobile when I, when I went and looked.
Clare (PS0E9) [1698] We haven't got all that, we haven't got that.
Helen (PS0E8) [1699] You don't play with your play mobile.
Clare (PS0E9) [1700] Think [...] just like looking.
[1701] The boat, you can't use it much because erm they every thing, they don't give you any thing do they?
[1702] And they don't give you any singles.
Helen (PS0E8) [1703] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1704] Do they?
Helen (PS0E8) [1705] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1706] And I have to [...] down the water.
Helen (PS0E8) [1707] You'd better write one to Christine as well.
Amy (PS0EA) [1708] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1709] Uhum that little Polly Pocket.
Amy (PS0EA) [1710] Oh yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1711] And those [...] .
[1712] Don't forget.
Clare (PS0E9) [1713] Flower making.
[1714] [...] that's a good page cos there's the collage [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [1715] [clears throat] .

34 (Tape 004901)

Clare (PS0E9) [1716] I've never heard the enormous crocodile.
Amy (PS0EA) [1717] I've never heard it but [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1718] I've never heard it, I don't know what happens.
[1719] What happens Clare?
Helen (PS0E8) [1720] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1721] [...] story.
Helen (PS0E8) [1722] Did they?
Clare (PS0E9) [1723] Hm. [...] i thought they don't.
[1724] There's the play bus jigsaw.
Helen (PS0E8) [1725] It's a bit like it isn't it?
[1726] Oh yes it is, yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [1727] Play bus.
Helen (PS0E8) [1728] Right, there's your Noah's Ark one.
Clare (PS0E9) [1729] I know it [...] and that says it has all the right people in it hasn't it, it's got wobba.
Helen (PS0E8) [1730] Womble.
[1731] Womble.
Amy (PS0EA) [1732] Hm, Womble.
Clare (PS0E9) [1733] It's a clown.
[1734] That little person.
Helen (PS0E8) [1735] Oh.
Amy (PS0EA) [1736] The wobbler.
Clare (PS0E9) [1737] Womble is like a clown, Womble.
[1738] You don't know the play bus people very well do you?
Helen (PS0E8) [1739] No I don't.
Clare (PS0E9) [1740] [...] one, Humpty Dumpty [laugh] .
[1741] Oh can't read that, off to school.
[1742] Hey Diddle Diddle, Teddy Bear Tales.
Helen (PS0E8) [1743] Got a lot of [...] bell ones.
Clare (PS0E9) [1744] No, I've only got one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1745] [...] .
[1746] [...] when you blow it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1747] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1748] Hm, they didn't have my naughty little sister.
Clare (PS0E9) [1749] No, they wouldn't of had it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1750] You haven't listen to that much.
Clare (PS0E9) [1751] Oh no.
Amy (PS0EA) [1752] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [1753] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1754] [...] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1755] On your little window sill I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [1756] Is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1757] I think so.
Clare (PS0E9) [1758] We have got that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1759] What at school?
Clare (PS0E9) [1760] No at home.
Helen (PS0E8) [1761] Who has?
Amy (PS0EA) [1762] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1763] I, we've got that one like that here.
Amy (PS0EA) [1764] Yes we have.
Clare (PS0E9) [1765] One like it, not exactly like it, was Blue, like it.
[1766] Have you seen that with a microphone?
Helen (PS0E8) [1767] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1768] Good isn't it?
[1769] N o t h e r s o n y [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1770] Sony.
Clare (PS0E9) [1771] What's Sony mean mean?
Helen (PS0E8) [1772] You make.
Clare (PS0E9) [1773] Make.
Helen (PS0E8) [1774] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1775] My first [...] my first Sony.
Helen (PS0E8) [1776] Hm.
[1777] I think it's a tape recorder I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [1778] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1779] I like that one [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1780] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1781] What does that do?
[1782] It takes play.
[1783] Can you pretend to play?
Amy (PS0EA) [1784] I don't know what it does actually.
Helen (PS0E8) [1785] [...] sound [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1786] Do you put sounds on the tape?
[1787] You've got tapes, put sounds on it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1788] Oh no, only noises and things.
Clare (PS0E9) [1789] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [1790] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1791] Be the percussion instrument or animal noises to accompany tape being played, the animals sound like are delightful to young ears while the percussion band will appeal to older children who wish to begin beating time more acc- ... accurately.
Helen (PS0E8) [1792] Hm.
[1793] Hm that sounds quite good .
Amy (PS0EA) [1794] Quite good .
Helen (PS0E8) [1795] I could do were both starving, I've finished mine.
Clare (PS0E9) [1796] I wasn't starving.
Amy (PS0EA) [1797] I was ... What times daddy coming home?
Helen (PS0E8) [1798] I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [1799] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1800] I would hope he won't be to late or he'll be exhausted.
Clare (PS0E9) [1801] Mummy, what we got stuck to the cleaner we've got that.
Helen (PS0E8) [1802] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [1803] We've got one of those at school but it had a bus on it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1804] Oh. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1805] Kathleen got that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1806] Has she?
[1807] Great Britains' [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1808] Yeah, but she hasn't got the flags.
Helen (PS0E8) [1809] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [1810] [...] Deborah's got one with the flags [...] when me and Deborah tried to do them ... once, we couldn't do it.
[1811] It was so hard.
Helen (PS0E8) [1812] [laugh] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1813] That was good.
Helen (PS0E8) [1814] [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1815] There good aren't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [1816] Hm, remember that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [1817] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1818] I remember that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [1819] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [1820] Hm, that one.
Amy (PS0EA) [1821] Oh yeah, with still got that one [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1822] Yes you might have .
Amy (PS0EA) [1823] Yes, we have somewhere .
[1824] We had it in the tree house.
Helen (PS0E8) [1825] Oh did you?
Amy (PS0EA) [1826] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1827] That's a good one isn't it?
[1828] That's a good counting one isn't it, it helps you count.
Amy (PS0EA) [1829] Can I have another [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1830] Only up to ten ... Two, one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1831] Amy can you get on with your dinner [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1832] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1833] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1834] Yes. [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1835] That's Postman pat.
Clare (PS0E9) [1836] Yeah.
[1837] [...] Jigsaw puzzle.
[1838] Then they start jigsaw puzzle [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1839] [...] seen it?
Amy (PS0EA) [1840] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [1841] Must clean your [...] things [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1842] That .
[1843] All the books Noah's Ark.
Helen (PS0E8) [1844] [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1845] The jolly postman.
[1846] The story of a digger.
[1847] Old Mac Donald had a farm.
[1848] It must be a song what.
[1849] Cheers a happy pig.

35 (Tape 004902)

Clare (PS0E9) [1850] Can you change Marks & Spencers vouchers into erm cash?
Helen (PS0E8) [1851] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1852] Can't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [1853] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1854] Won't they take them back?
Helen (PS0E8) [1855] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [1856] Why?
[1857] I thought they would.
Helen (PS0E8) [1858] Don't no.
Clare (PS0E9) [1859] Why wouldn't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [1860] Don't know, got vouchers you've got to buy something with it, but that's not usually a great problem.
Clare (PS0E9) [1861] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [1862] Not usually any great problem ...
Clare (PS0E9) [1863] Just eat this.
Helen (PS0E8) [1864] Right.
Clare (PS0E9) [1865] [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1866] Some what more than I was expecting to pay, but.
Clare (PS0E9) [1867] What nine ninety nine for the [...] ..
Helen (PS0E8) [1868] I was thinking more of five pounds.
Clare (PS0E9) [1869] Five pounds, you wouldn't get a very good back pack for five pounds.
[1870] That was my.
Helen (PS0E8) [1871] Didn't know we wanted a very good back pack.
Clare (PS0E9) [1872] What was my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1873] Wouldn't of been more than five. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1874] Got that at the Isle of Wight didn't we?
Helen (PS0E8) [1875] Take it back, [...] to go back to [...] .
[1876] Well [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1877] Huh, which boys?
Amy (PS0EA) [1878] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1879] Hey you plonk it down, what's in there that klonks?
Clare (PS0E9) [1880] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1881] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1882] We have peeled what off mummy?
Amy (PS0EA) [1883] What is a pack?
Helen (PS0E8) [1884] [...] something.
[1885] Solid [...] shape box.
[1886] Aah it's [...] you will be careful, that will break.
[1887] [...] washing bag.
Clare (PS0E9) [1888] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1889] Hm, that's what's clonking.
Clare (PS0E9) [1890] This will do with my cartridges.
[1891] Get another box of my cartridges.
Helen (PS0E8) [1892] There's nothing wrong with one of your pencils here.
Clare (PS0E9) [1893] No, suppose not.
Helen (PS0E8) [1894] Oh honestly. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1895] No, come on [...] . [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1896] Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [1897] [...] .
[1898] What's the matter?
Clare (PS0E9) [1899] I said I remember [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1900] Oh right, every bodies [...] .
[1901] Oh very good.
[1902] Is that better, feel better now?
Clare (PS0E9) [1903] Hm.
[1904] How much pocket money do we get a day then?
Helen (PS0E8) [1905] I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [1906] Two pounds I think she said.
Helen (PS0E8) [1907] Well it was going to be a pound wasn't it, not two pounds that will be an awful lot.
Clare (PS0E9) [1908] No it was two pounds she said.
Amy (PS0EA) [1909] [...] . [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1910] She'll deal it out, you know, but, if were going to Alan Bay she'll give us enough money for a ... a sand thing, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1911] What's the matter?
Clare (PS0E9) [1912] It's a long time till I was hungry wasn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [1913] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1914] [...] just going to Palace Brook Castle, she's not really sure she might just give us a pound for erm.
Helen (PS0E8) [1915] She won't give you so much.
Clare (PS0E9) [1916] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [1917] Well, you'll all have the same so, I don't know any of them [...] get's any ice cream [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1918] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1919] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1920] At least I can buy one.
Helen (PS0E8) [1921] You don't want to spend your money on a ice cream.
Clare (PS0E9) [1922] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1923] Well it's probably the best way, then your all in the same dish.
Clare (PS0E9) [1924] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [1925] You can see the difference when you go on the trip, some people are [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1926] So what did she say?
Helen (PS0E8) [1927] [...] hardly any.
Clare (PS0E9) [1928] So it's not very fair is it?
[1929] So the [...] got this huge [...] I want that, I always haven't got any money, don't they, s'not really fair.
Clare (PS0E9) [1930] Ricky got told off.
[1931] Erm Ricky erm, what do you do first, Ricky.
Helen (PS0E8) [1932] Oh Ricky, oh well Ricky's always getting told off [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1933] By what?
Amy (PS0EA) [1934] He took a couple of [...] I've just remembered this erm, he took ten pounds to you know the museum or somewhere.
Helen (PS0E8) [1935] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1936] [...] .
[1937] He thought.
Helen (PS0E8) [1938] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1939] Yeah, that must of been it.
[1940] He bought a mug, no.
Amy (PS0EA) [1941] What.
Clare (PS0E9) [1942] Mug with a museum picture on it and he bought about ten post cards, [...] when got back to school.
Amy (PS0EA) [1943] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [1944] She what?
Clare (PS0E9) [1945] Told him off.
Amy (PS0EA) [1946] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [1947] It probably wasn't his fault.
[1948] His mother shouldn't of sent him with so much money.
Clare (PS0E9) [1949] He said it was his money.
Helen (PS0E8) [1950] His going .
Amy (PS0EA) [1951] Don't think he lives with his mother.
[1952] Cos she's, cos she's.
Clare (PS0E9) [1953] Do him good.
Amy (PS0EA) [1954] Not quite sure what, he says erm, he was protected by Social Security, and it, and then they [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1955] What's it mean by protected?.
Helen (PS0E8) [1956] It means protect them.
Clare (PS0E9) [1957] So Ricky has now left.
Helen (PS0E8) [1958] Is he going .
Clare (PS0E9) [1959] School, but he's still going on this trip.
Helen (PS0E8) [1960] Oh his left .
[1961] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [1962] Yeah.
[1963] What you just.
Helen (PS0E8) [1964] Michelle Bond isn't there any more is she?
Clare (PS0E9) [1965] I don't know, she hasn't been at school.
[1966] Has she left?
Helen (PS0E8) [1967] I don't know, Jenny said she thought she'd left.
Amy (PS0EA) [1968] [...] no one 's heard any thing about it.
Clare (PS0E9) [1969] Well, I'm pretty su- ... .
Amy (PS0EA) [1970] Maybe she hasn't told her best friend that she was leaving.
Clare (PS0E9) [1971] I'm pretty sure that Matthew Paynes is still there.
Helen (PS0E8) [1972] Oh yes, I think so.
Clare (PS0E9) [1973] I've seen him, and I don't know why Michelle's moving, without his brother.
Amy (PS0EA) [1974] Michelle's, oh right, it's a different Michelle, no.
Helen (PS0E8) [1975] Michelle Bond, Lee Bond's sister.
Clare (PS0E9) [1976] Oh yeah she has left cos Lee's left, haven't they?
[1977] Cos they crossed him off the list register now.
Helen (PS0E8) [1978] Have you?
Clare (PS0E9) [1979] Yes, I have, Mrs MacDonald has .
Amy (PS0EA) [1980] [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [1981] His been crossed off for ever, [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [1982] He hasn't and his name, his name of his house is [...] his name is for sale.
Amy (PS0EA) [1983] [...] .
[1984] He erm, he left school, he only told them the day before.
Clare (PS0E9) [1985] Who?
Amy (PS0EA) [1986] [...] , do ... what his mum had phoned in about it.
Helen (PS0E8) [1987] [laugh] .
[1988] By the way, they won't be coming to school any more, when from next term.
Clare (PS0E9) [1989] No tomorrow.
[1990] [laugh] . It was a couple of days notice and they weren't to pleased about it.
Amy (PS0EA) [1991] And I'm sure that spoon ... What I want is a [...] me Catherine and [...] , [...] keep away from Matthew [...] we don't like him, his a mossy old boots.
Helen (PS0E8) [1992] His bossy, his.
Clare (PS0E9) [1993] His a terrible, so we didn't go near him right through on the playing field, and then Katherine, I found to get, I sat, found a way to get them near Matthew [...] and then Katherine said [whispering] [...] , I tickled him on the back, and I'd kept on doing that. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [1994] I don't think we need to make any more buns yet.
Clare (PS0E9) [1995] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [1996] No, I think that'll last you a little while.
Clare (PS0E9) [1997] We'll make a cake though, like we do on Sunday.
Helen (PS0E8) [1998] Alright.
Clare (PS0E9) [1999] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2000] Ok.
Clare (PS0E9) [2001] What kind of cake, chocolate?
Helen (PS0E8) [2002] Hm, if you want.
Clare (PS0E9) [2003] I would like normal.
Amy (PS0EA) [2004] Oh we always have normal.
Clare (PS0E9) [2005] Erm, then, coffee.
[2006] Oh I don't like chocolate.
Helen (PS0E8) [2007] Don't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2008] Not as much as a normal or coffee.
Helen (PS0E8) [2009] I've brought some stuff to make a lemon cheesecake, cos lemon's were reduced.
Clare (PS0E9) [2010] Hm, I'll make that for you then [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2011] Yes.
[2012] A lemon cheesecake.
[2013] I won't eat it but, any way.
Clare (PS0E9) [2014] Don't you like it?
Amy (PS0EA) [2015] I don't like it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2016] Simply adore that one, chocolate bun, strawberry moose.
[2017] Haven't made one of those for ages.
Amy (PS0EA) [2018] No, I love strawberry moose, that's delicious.
Clare (PS0E9) [2019] Then it first it's strawberry moose, then it's erm lemon cheesecake, then it's chocolate biscuit cake.
Amy (PS0EA) [2020] Oh, I don't know my order, I don't.
Clare (PS0E9) [2021] What d'you like best mummy?
Helen (PS0E8) [2022] Oh I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [2023] I'm not sure what I like best, I seem to like quite a bit.
Helen (PS0E8) [2024] A lemon cheesecake , bun, strawberry moose.
Clare (PS0E9) [2025] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2026] The trouble with strawberry moose is, it takes ages to make doesn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [2027] I like strawberry moose's .
Helen (PS0E8) [2028] Beat it for ten minutes, that's it seems an awfully long time to just stand there and.
Clare (PS0E9) [2029] Oh.
[2030] Can't you beat it with the erm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2031] Hm, for ten minutes.
Clare (PS0E9) [2032] I'll do that.
[2033] It's worth it strawberry moose.
Helen (PS0E8) [2034] Over the gas.
Clare (PS0E9) [2035] Over the gas?
Helen (PS0E8) [2036] Hm, you have to beat it in a pan of boiling water.
Clare (PS0E9) [2037] What, just beat?
Helen (PS0E8) [2038] The egg yolks and the strawberries and the sugar.
Clare (PS0E9) [2039] Oh, there lovely mixture, to watching boiling water.
Helen (PS0E8) [2040] Hm, trouble is it tends to come over the top of the bowl. [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2041] Ah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2042] [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2043] I didn't know you put them, glass on ... gas.
Helen (PS0E8) [2044] No you don't, you put the saucepan with some water in it, you boil that and put the bowl mixture in ... in the saucepan.
Clare (PS0E9) [2045] Oh right.
Helen (PS0E8) [2046] Your just boiling water round the outside.
Amy (PS0EA) [2047] Hm, yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [2048] What d'ya mean by put water on for boiling water?
Amy (PS0EA) [2049] You put your pan with some boiling water in and then you put the bowl with all the stuff in on top.
Clare (PS0E9) [2050] I just thought it was grass.
Helen (PS0E8) [2051] In the pan .
[2052] No, glass.
Clare (PS0E9) [2053] Oh glass, I thought you said grass, [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2054] What happens if you put boiling water on glass?
Helen (PS0E8) [2055] Nothing, depends what sort of glass it is.
[2056] If you pour boiling water on ordinary glass it will probably crack.
Clare (PS0E9) [2057] What, what's on there the glass [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2058] Yes.
[2059] If you fill a milk bottle with boiling water I would think it would crack, might do.
Clare (PS0E9) [2060] And a cup?
Helen (PS0E8) [2061] Pyrex is alright.
Clare (PS0E9) [2062] What's Pyrex?
Helen (PS0E8) [2063] That's my bowls are made off.
Clare (PS0E9) [2064] Is that real glass or is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2065] I don't know what they do to it, but it's a stand the temperature much better.
Clare (PS0E9) [2066] Is it still glass?
Helen (PS0E8) [2067] Pyrex.
[2068] It's glass of a sort, but I don't know what, I don't know what they do to make it much more heat resistant, you can put it in the oven.
Clare (PS0E9) [2069] Can you?
Helen (PS0E8) [2070] Oh yeah, that casserole tops Pyrex.
Clare (PS0E9) [2071] Is it?
[2072] I thought that was plastic.
Helen (PS0E8) [2073] If that was plastic it would melt.
Clare (PS0E9) [2074] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [2075] In the oven.
Clare (PS0E9) [2076] Well what you put in the oven ?
Helen (PS0E8) [2077] You can't stick it in the oven that's plastic.
[2078] Nothing!
Clare (PS0E9) [2079] The oven is made of plastic.
Helen (PS0E8) [2080] No it's not, it's made of glass and metal.
Clare (PS0E9) [2081] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [2082] It's not made of plastic.
Clare (PS0E9) [2083] Oh Clare.
Clare (PS0E9) [2084] Oh Amy, what.
Amy (PS0EA) [2085] Oh don't really [...] Gemma.
Helen (PS0E8) [2086] Oh she's ever so slow tonight.
Clare (PS0E9) [2087] I don't want to [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2088] What's one of them?
Clare (PS0E9) [2089] A cake.
Amy (PS0EA) [2090] What's that [giggle]
Clare (PS0E9) [2091] Is one of those.
[2092] A cake [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2093] Yes your exceedingly slow tonight, even slower than usual.
[2094] Don't pull a face.
Clare (PS0E9) [2095] I'm not.
Helen (PS0E8) [2096] I'll give you who's not .
Clare (PS0E9) [2097] I'm not ok . [laugh] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2098] Your not going to get a cup of tea, I gonna drop it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2099] [...] pet.
[2100] My first animal was [whispering] [...] a [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2101] Come on it's ten past [...] it's late.
Clare (PS0E9) [2102] Hm it's not late.
Amy (PS0EA) [2103] It's not late at all.
Helen (PS0E8) [2104] Yes, it's your bed time.
Clare (PS0E9) [2105] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [2106] Leave it alone, put it down.
Amy (PS0EA) [2107] Put it down there, it's very naughty of you to lift it up. [laugh] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2108] [laugh] .
[2109] Well what have you done to it?
Amy (PS0EA) [2110] Nothing.
Clare (PS0E9) [2111] Uhuh, hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2112] I copy you.
Clare (PS0E9) [2113] Who's that.
Amy (PS0EA) [2114] Oh yes I do ...
Clare (PS0E9) [2115] So what are we doing tomorrow?
Amy (PS0EA) [2116] Going to Pelgrin's Way.
Clare (PS0E9) [2117] No we are not, we've been to Pelgrin's Way.
Amy (PS0EA) [2118] No we haven't.
Clare (PS0E9) [2119] Yes we have.
Amy (PS0EA) [2120] The other one, Tunbridge Wells, that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [2121] I think a lot depends on what the days like.
Clare (PS0E9) [2122] It's going to be a nice day isn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2123] Depends on what daddies doing .
Clare (PS0E9) [2124] Don't you want to go to Chimneys?
Amy (PS0EA) [2125] Why? [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2126] Feed the jolly donkeys.
Amy (PS0EA) [2127] [laugh] .
[2128] Feed the stupid donkeys [laugh] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2129] [...] what's it? erm what's the telly, what's a.
Helen (PS0E8) [2130] Well if your a little more explicit.
Clare (PS0E9) [2131] What's it called the, [...] they bought this pig medicine [...] pig retained there trotters and every thing and then it goes [banging] any more of the erm dialysis put it, make a pig rock and roll.
Helen (PS0E8) [2132] If it doses it's feed.
Clare (PS0E9) [2133] Yeah, make a pig rock and roll.
[2134] Then he said the old bat needs [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2135] Very nice.
[2136] Erm, there's a, at the back of that Royalty and Empire magazine, you know it was telling you about Madame Tussaud's and the London Palladium, somewhere that the wax works that do all the rock and roll the, [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2137] Seen that .
Helen (PS0E8) [2138] Have you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2139] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2140] You've seen it or you've been there?
Clare (PS0E9) [2141] No, I've been there.
Helen (PS0E8) [2142] Have you, where'd you go there?
Clare (PS0E9) [2143] We went to Madame Tussaud's.
Amy (PS0EA) [2144] We've got this on [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2145] Oh yes, said erm, [...] , cos they've got Dolly Parton.
Helen (PS0E8) [2146] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [2147] Erm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2148] That was just a little bit of it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2149] Elvis Presley, Beatles, they've got everything, well.
[2150] They've just done one of Kylie Minogue.
Helen (PS0E8) [2151] Yes, yes. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2152] [...] .
[2153] No, I don't know what that's like, I think they play with music as well.
Clare (PS0E9) [2154] Yes, I've heard all the music, it's drop for a couple of seconds and [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2155] They do lady shows at the monetarium
Clare (PS0E9) [2156] Do they?
Helen (PS0E8) [2157] Hm, in the evenings.
Clare (PS0E9) [2158] What, outside?
Helen (PS0E8) [2159] No, inside.
[2160] [...] big dome.
Clare (PS0E9) [2161] Postman Pat.
Clare (PS0E9) [2162] Can you [...] it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2163] Chris said it's quite good.
Clare (PS0E9) [2164] Chris?
Helen (PS0E8) [2165] Chris Ellis.
Clare (PS0E9) [2166] There's so many Chris's.
Helen (PS0E8) [2167] Yeah, well the Chemistry one.
Clare (PS0E9) [2168] That's [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2169] Where's R?
Clare (PS0E9) [2170] Somewhere.
[2171] A, B.
Helen (PS0E8) [2172] R, there, what's that?
Clare (PS0E9) [2173] Oh thank you.
Amy (PS0EA) [2174] Do you think [...] till midnight?
Helen (PS0E8) [2175] I don't know.
[2176] Be jolly tired if he is.
[2177] No he won't be up to midnight if he hasn't got the car and the last train goes before then.
Clare (PS0E9) [2178] You should drive up and get him.
Helen (PS0E8) [2179] I wouldn't.
Clare (PS0E9) [2180] Wouldn't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [2181] No, not at that time of night.
Clare (PS0E9) [2182] Ha, ha.
[2183] Would you do it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2184] I don't know, I'll worry about that when it happens.
Clare (PS0E9) [2185] Hm, hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2186] If I have to drive up then you've all got to come.
Clare (PS0E9) [2187] Your not waiting till you've been up to London.
Helen (PS0E8) [2188] I expect somebody might of given him a lift up, I don't know.
[2189] Six o'clock this morning I wasn't really asking a lot of questions.
Clare (PS0E9) [2190] No.

36 (Tape 004903)

Amy (PS0EA) [2191] The icing didn't turn out what it might have done.
[2192] Huh.
Helen (PS0E8) [2193] Quite good English, the icing didn't turn out as it might have done, can't have what it might have done.
Clare (PS0E9) [2194] Mummy [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2195] In what way did it not turn out as you expect it.
Amy (PS0EA) [2196] Well the icing.
Helen (PS0E8) [2197] Well it's to runny.
Amy (PS0EA) [2198] No, I mean, the colour.
Helen (PS0E8) [2199] I told you, you don't get red.
Amy (PS0EA) [2200] Don't you.
Helen (PS0E8) [2201] No, no, that, the only way you can get red is that there is a little pot in there [cough] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2202] [...] look it says scarlet.
Helen (PS0E8) [2203] I no, but it doesn't come out scarlet, [...] how much you need.
Clare (PS0E9) [2204] Hey, there isn't any other magazines, there not there.
Helen (PS0E8) [2205] What maga- ... oh no there aren't.
[2206] Haven't got any other Early Learning Centre ones.
Clare (PS0E9) [2207] You had them.
Helen (PS0E8) [2208] Well I use to have, but I threw them away cos you don't really need two .
Clare (PS0E9) [2209] Oh mummy .
Helen (PS0E8) [2210] Oh I'm sorry.
[2211] I didn't know you were so interested in them.
[2212] You hadn't looked at them.
Clare (PS0E9) [2213] I want to look at them .
Helen (PS0E8) [2214] Your gonna have to choose something for Mrs Macdonald's baby.
Clare (PS0E9) [2215] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2216] When's the baby .
Clare (PS0E9) [2217] It's a long time off it's in August.
Helen (PS0E8) [2218] Yes, she's leaving in three weeks before the end of term.
Amy (PS0EA) [2219] Is she?
[2220] What the end of the year?
Helen (PS0E8) [2221] The end of this term.
Amy (PS0EA) [2222] Oh right, that is the end of the year isn't it?
[2223] ... Then Mrs Pitiful will be back.
Helen (PS0E8) [2224] She'll be back next term.
Amy (PS0EA) [2225] I won't see her again.
Helen (PS0E8) [2226] No, no.
Amy (PS0EA) [2227] She was nice.
Helen (PS0E8) [2228] Oh I expect you will.
Clare (PS0E9) [2229] I've never had her.
Helen (PS0E8) [2230] No I don't think you will do.
Amy (PS0EA) [2231] She was nice wasn't she mummy?
Helen (PS0E8) [2232] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [2233] I've never me her, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2234] I was a bit disappointed in those Laura Ashley dresses, they were to tight for a start.
[2235] They've gone ... they've gone more skimpy cos they fit last year.
Amy (PS0EA) [2236] What d'ya mean there've gone more skimpy.
Helen (PS0E8) [2237] Well they haven't made them so big.
Amy (PS0EA) [2238] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [2239] This year I would of liked Mr Stedlock.
Amy (PS0EA) [2240] Would you?
Helen (PS0E8) [2241] Would you rather have Mrs Macdonald?

37 (Tape 004904)

Clare (PS0E9) [2242] I like musical rabbit, before I had music rabbit.
[2243] Nine, nine, Little rabbit is very sleepy, peel the [...] and watch his, as he, what does that say?
Helen (PS0E8) [2244] Watch as he rubs .
Amy (PS0EA) [2245] Rubs .
Clare (PS0E9) [2246] Rubs his eyes, yawns, and moves his ears and ... legs to the music, colours make V A
Helen (PS0E8) [2247] Make varied is it?
Amy (PS0EA) [2248] Colours what vary, yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [2249] Varies, as birthday, birth twenty four months.
Amy (PS0EA) [2250] His birthday.
Clare (PS0E9) [2251] Little rabbit .
Helen (PS0E8) [2252] The birth his birthday was twenty four months, that means from when you can buy it for a new born baby or somebody up to two years old, will be suitable for it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2253] Right, so it wouldn't be suitable for me.
Helen (PS0E8) [2254] Not really, I don't think you need a bunny by the side of your cot now, do you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2255] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [2256] Haven't got one.
Clare (PS0E9) [2257] Ow haven't got a cot.
[2258] Little bear is very hungry, pull the string and watch his [...] watch as he licks the honey from the jar ... And moves his ears and legs to the music.
Helen (PS0E8) [2259] [...] .
[2260] Do you need your hanky?
Clare (PS0E9) [2261] I quite like this bunny, he can't lick his lips.
Helen (PS0E8) [2262] Here you are [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2263] So how.
Helen (PS0E8) [2264] Looks as though his yawning to me.
Clare (PS0E9) [2265] No, that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [2266] Oh, that one looks like a teddy bear not a bunny.
Amy (PS0EA) [2267] They say it's the one lollipop goes up .
Clare (PS0E9) [2268] It is, but he goes .
Helen (PS0E8) [2269] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [2270] It says that [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2271] How much is that?
Clare (PS0E9) [2272] Licks his lips.
Amy (PS0EA) [2273] Five pounds.
Helen (PS0E8) [2274] Oh, hey.
Clare (PS0E9) [2275] No they aren't, there four pounds ninety nine.
Helen (PS0E8) [2276] It's only a penny of five pounds isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [2277] Yes.
[2278] [...] . There quite nice aren't they, you can hang them on your cot that's good.
Helen (PS0E8) [2279] You can buy one of those for Mrs Macdonald if you wanted.
Clare (PS0E9) [2280] Yeah, but she might have already buy one for her won't she.
Helen (PS0E8) [2281] Well if you get it from there she can always take them back.
Clare (PS0E9) [2282] [...] that.
Helen (PS0E8) [2283] I what?
[2284] Oh that looks bit expensive.
Clare (PS0E9) [2285] Uh, sorry.
[2286] [...] eight pounds something.
Helen (PS0E8) [2287] Hm [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [2288] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2289] Eight pounds ninety nine, nearly ten , nine pounds.
Helen (PS0E8) [2290] Pardon.
Amy (PS0EA) [2291] Her husband's a lot older than she is.
Clare (PS0E9) [2292] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2293] Why have you seen him?
[2294] Has he been in?
Amy (PS0EA) [2295] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [2296] He hasn't.
Amy (PS0EA) [2297] He's at the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2298] At the summer fair last year.
Amy (PS0EA) [2299] Yeah.
[2300] Don't you remember?
Helen (PS0E8) [2301] Yeah, two scruffies.
[2302] I think Mrs Webb's husband looks quite nice.
Amy (PS0EA) [2303] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2304] Mummy, guess what do you have to do with this?.
Amy (PS0EA) [2305] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2306] Oh I don't think so, no. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2307] It's not, not as coarse.
Helen (PS0E8) [2308] It's got a short [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2309] Oh no, I don't think I'm inclined to buy one of them, ten, eleven pounds ninety nine.
Helen (PS0E8) [2310] [...] quite expensive.
Amy (PS0EA) [2311] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2312] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2313] You will do in the Isle of Wight.
Amy (PS0EA) [2314] Hm, hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [2315] Wonder who's after the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2316] Well, I should think you'll have Mrs Webb again.
Amy (PS0EA) [2317] Why?
[2318] Will she take the girls and [...] take the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2319] Hm, I'll expect the other friends will take something [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2320] Oh that'll be good, give her that.
Helen (PS0E8) [2321] I would think if she think's she's gonna be a bit nervous then I'll get [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2322] That's sixteen pounds ninety nine.
Helen (PS0E8) [2323] I'm not spending that amount my poppet.
Clare (PS0E9) [2324] Oh sorry.
Helen (PS0E8) [2325] Seventeen pounds or.
Amy (PS0EA) [2326] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2327] No, sixteen. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2328] No, I don't think I'll give her my [...] ... [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2329] You can make me a lemon cheesecake if you like after tea.
Amy (PS0EA) [2330] Now.
Helen (PS0E8) [2331] Alright.
Amy (PS0EA) [2332] Can I make one tomorrow?
Clare (PS0E9) [2333] Oh no, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2334] Well we won't be able to eat it then, it takes over night to set.
Amy (PS0EA) [2335] Eat it Monday
Helen (PS0E8) [2336] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2337] Eat it Monday night or make it tomorrow.
Helen (PS0E8) [2338] Well I thought if you make it tonight we could have it over the weekend.
Amy (PS0EA) [2339] Er, yeah, I'll make it [...] make it now.
[2340] How long will it take?
Helen (PS0E8) [2341] Not very.
Amy (PS0EA) [2342] Ten minutes?
[2343] About the same as the cakes?
Helen (PS0E8) [2344] Takes less than the cakes.
Amy (PS0EA) [2345] Oh, what you need is oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [2346] How much is it?.
Helen (PS0E8) [2347] Need biscuit in it .
Amy (PS0EA) [2348] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2349] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2350] One pound ninety nine, a tale of Beartrix Potter.
Helen (PS0E8) [2351] That's a game I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [2352] Oh, that's one pound ninety nine.
Helen (PS0E8) [2353] Grandma thought she might get you [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2354] Ah, thank you.
[2355] You told me that.
Amy (PS0EA) [2356] Hm.
[2357] What do you think it'll be a boy or.
Helen (PS0E8) [2358] I don't know.
Amy (PS0EA) [2359] What would you prefer asking for a boy or a girl?
Helen (PS0E8) [2360] What Mrs Macdonald?
Amy (PS0EA) [2361] Yeah, yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2362] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2363] Which did you want?
Helen (PS0E8) [2364] Oh I wanted a girl.
Amy (PS0EA) [2365] Did you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2366] What did daddy want? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2367] I don't know.
[2368] He probably would of liked a boy, it would of mean quite nice to have a boy and a girl, girl or a boy, one of each it would of been more expensive, couldn't pass the clothes down.
Clare (PS0E9) [2369] Mum he would, he would ... cos it's not very fair on him because he hasn't got a boy and were both girls.
Amy (PS0EA) [2370] He'd love to go to football matches.
Helen (PS0E8) [2371] [...] going slow, so I don't think I ought to of done [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2372] Could I tell her right.
Helen (PS0E8) [2373] [...] boys.
Amy (PS0EA) [2374] I'd quite like a boy then a girl.
Clare (PS0E9) [2375] I'd just have one, I'd have a girl there easier .
Amy (PS0EA) [2376] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2377] Well they're probably are for mummies.
Clare (PS0E9) [2378] Probably are for daddies as well.
Helen (PS0E8) [2379] I doubt it.
Amy (PS0EA) [2380] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [2381] Well, it's easier to bring up one, one like you while your [...] more understanding or something.
Amy (PS0EA) [2382] What, so you know what little girls like and.
Helen (PS0E8) [2383] Seem to, yeah [...] ... .
Amy (PS0EA) [2384] I wouldn't like as many as Daniel's.
Helen (PS0E8) [2385] What, no, no, oh, mean you .
Amy (PS0EA) [2386] Got about sixty .
Helen (PS0E8) [2387] Can't go out very far if you've got to take six people.
Amy (PS0EA) [2388] No .
Helen (PS0E8) [2389] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2390] Eh, I gonna take about four or five when I've left school.
Helen (PS0E8) [2391] [...] .
[2392] Four or five when you've left school?
Amy (PS0EA) [2393] I want six children, think four of them have left school.
Helen (PS0E8) [2394] They haven't.
Amy (PS0EA) [2395] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [2396] There was two younger than Daniel, so has Daniel left school?.
Amy (PS0EA) [2397] [...] .
[2398] Ok twins left school.
Helen (PS0E8) [2399] No they haven't.
Amy (PS0EA) [2400] They have now.
Helen (PS0E8) [2401] Amy's is still at school, so that's four I can think of still at school.
Amy (PS0EA) [2402] Who?
Helen (PS0E8) [2403] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2404] Yes, well, well then the others.
Helen (PS0E8) [2405] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2406] Hannah, one I don't know her name, she's got black hair .
Helen (PS0E8) [2407] Amy , Olivia, Pat, Amy, Daniel, Seth and the baby.
Amy (PS0EA) [2408] Yes, and there've got another one with fuzzy hair, don't know there names.
Helen (PS0E8) [2409] Well that was six, seven.
Amy (PS0EA) [2410] Oh I don't [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2411] [...] at school she thinks she's just left.
Amy (PS0EA) [2412] They weren't too pleased about it, so they kicked her out the house ... I think.
[2413] I think so she ... Daniel said she's not living with them any more.
Helen (PS0E8) [2414] Probably [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2415] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [2416] What's them?.
Amy (PS0EA) [2417] Hm, hm [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2418] Erm.
Clare (PS0E9) [2419] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2420] Open [...] probably.
Amy (PS0EA) [2421] Oh don't stop [...] that lot.
Clare (PS0E9) [2422] Two pounds .
Helen (PS0E8) [2423] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2424] One pound.
Helen (PS0E8) [2425] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2426] Put some cherries there. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2427] I don't know, I've never been.
Clare (PS0E9) [2428] [...] .
[2429] Hm I ... hm ... hm
Helen (PS0E8) [2430] Go and get the rest of my washing in, it's quite dull .
Clare (PS0E9) [2431] It's expensive .
Amy (PS0EA) [2432] Shall I make my bed first? [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2433] I think Hey Tiddle, Tiddle be quite nice, that's one pound ninety nine, Hey Diddle, Diddle.
Helen (PS0E8) [2434] What is it a tape?
Clare (PS0E9) [2435] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2436] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [2437] For a little baby.
[2438] Oh no, they won't have a tape recorder will they?
Helen (PS0E8) [2439] I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [2440] There's a book what be quite good, Sooty.
[2441] Hm quite hard, Alfie and Bunny Rooms.
[2442] Can't you sleep little bear.
[2443] Can't you sleep little bear.
[2444] There's a happy pig.
[2445] Now I'm not to good.
[2446] Oh Spot, yeah Spot, goes for little babies.
[2447] Spot goes to the farm, that's number F.
[2448] Letter F.
[2449] Number Ace one, two, Oh, one, two.
Helen (PS0E8) [2450] Don't think you'll really buy new born babies a book [...] not quite [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2451] Why can't we?
Helen (PS0E8) [2452] Perhaps have a look in Marks and see whether they've got any nice baby clothes, she might like something like that.
Clare (PS0E9) [2453] Well we don't know how big she is.
Helen (PS0E8) [2454] Well she won't be very big to begin with, if we get white it won't matter if it's a boy or a girl will it?
[2455] Well then, will have to see what they've got.
Clare (PS0E9) [2456] She doesn't know what it is.
Helen (PS0E8) [2457] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [2458] So what does it [...] ?
Helen (PS0E8) [2459] Well then you'll buy white, so it doesn't matter does it?
Clare (PS0E9) [2460] Why doesn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2461] Well you can always put babies in white, whatever sex they are.
Clare (PS0E9) [2462] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [2463] Doesn't matter whether ... whether it's a boy or a girl. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2464] Why don't you buy some trousers?
[2465] Then it doesn't matter, girls can wear trousers can't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [2466] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [2467] White trousers.
[2468] Eh I don't think I'd should able to do that, choose [...] before.
[2469] It's hard isn't it to decide?
Helen (PS0E8) [2470] It is hard to decide isn't it?

38 (Tape 004905)

Helen (PS0E8) [2471] No I should put your anorak on cos it's getting cooler.
Clare (PS0E9) [2472] Oh, alright.
Helen (PS0E8) [2473] I wouldn't be out too long cos, it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2474] Do what?
Helen (PS0E8) [2475] Well you tend to cough don't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2476] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2477] [sigh] I'd really rather you wo- ... got a bit better.
Clare (PS0E9) [2478] Is that [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2479] Pardon.
[2480] Are you going to put your anorak on?
Clare (PS0E9) [2481] No I'm not going to [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2482] What you going, oh, oh I see .
Clare (PS0E9) [2483] [...] .

39 (Tape 004906)

Helen (PS0E8) [2484] I sh- ... think you've only got to leave it till it's melted, has it melted?
Clare (PS0E9) [2485] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2486] Oh well switch it off then.
Clare (PS0E9) [2487] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2488] Well I've turned it down and then it blew out, there, right.
Amy (PS0EA) [2489] [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2490] Now be careful.
Clare (PS0E9) [2491] It's difficult.
Helen (PS0E8) [2492] Oh, well, I mean I really didn't need this at the moment with daddy coming in and everything. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2493] Well can you put that ... that tine of biscuits away.
Clare (PS0E9) [2494] Oh I know how to do that, I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2495] Cos I don't want it all over the floor.
Amy (PS0EA) [2496] Can I have a little go now?
Helen (PS0E8) [2497] Well I should let Clare do this it's not very easy.
Amy (PS0EA) [2498] Oh Clare promised me I cooked one.
Clare (PS0E9) [2499] Quick go but you won't be able to do it [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2500] Go on then.
Amy (PS0EA) [2501] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2502] You've got to press it hard.

40 (Tape 004907)

None (PS6ST) [2503] What've you been doing today then?
Amy (PS0EA) [2504] Shopping.
Helen (PS0E8) [2505] There you are, think you can pour it?
[2506] Poppet come here let me finish this, oh your getting in no end of a mess.
Clare (PS0E9) [2507] It's not very easy.
Helen (PS0E8) [2508] Well, no, no, no Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [2509] Want another biscuit.
Helen (PS0E8) [2510] I know well I don't, go and get a cloth and clear up the mess that you've made.
Clare (PS0E9) [2511] We haven't got all of them.
None (PS6ST) [2512] So you've been shopping what else?
Helen (PS0E8) [2513] Been round to Jenny's.
Amy (PS0EA) [2514] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2515] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2516] Come on Clare could you do that? and then you can go and get your stuff in from outside.
None (PS6ST) [2517] What have you been doing today?
Amy (PS0EA) [2518] I thought you done that.
Helen (PS0E8) [2519] No I haven't done that.
Amy (PS0EA) [2520] You said I could [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2521] Well, well then you'd better go and get some of ... you took it out.
None (PS6ST) [2522] Put your shoes on then.
[2523] [...] . What you been doing at Jenny's?
Helen (PS0E8) [2524] Well it's Lucy's birthday so.
None (PS6ST) [2525] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [2526] I took the present round, and had a cup of coffee.
Clare (PS0E9) [2527] She's [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2528] [...] don't put it on the [...] Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [2529] I know, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2530] Manage the garden [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2531] No it was last week.

41 (Tape 004908)

Clare (PS0E9) [2532] You done it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2533] No, look, I, I don't really feel like doing this at the moment.
Clare (PS0E9) [2534] But you said you've got to make cheesecake tonight.
[2535] You did but [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2536] But when it comes down to it you can't do it can you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2537] You said we could.
[2538] [...] . I'll get the margarine ready.
Helen (PS0E8) [2539] I've done the margarine, you ... you can get me the erm thing .
Clare (PS0E9) [2540] Where's the margarine?.
Helen (PS0E8) [2541] It's in here, it's melted, you've just watched it melt.
Amy (PS0EA) [2542] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2543] Can you get me the flan tin down there ...
None (PS6ST) [2544] [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2545] Yes thank you.
Clare (PS0E9) [2546] Do you want the bigger one?
Helen (PS0E8) [2547] No that one will do ... [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2548] Yeah and it causes me more washing up which I've only just finished.
Amy (PS0EA) [2549] Why do you have to turn to the other side, why can't you have it up the middle. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2550] Pardon.
Amy (PS0EA) [2551] Why haven't you got it on the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2552] Well, then I'll boil that side won't I? with all the cuts, right, mix that round if you like.
Clare (PS0E9) [2553] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2554] Now don't spill it every where.
Amy (PS0EA) [2555] [...] after her.
Helen (PS0E8) [2556] I don't think you can both stir it at the same time.
Clare (PS0E9) [2557] Amy. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2558] Oh come on, you can't both stir it, I'm going to get very cross, I'm too tired for this.
Amy (PS0EA) [2559] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2560] Now let Clare stir it for a bit and then let Amy have a turn, but don't slop it every where, or else you won't have a.

42 (Tape 004909)

None (PS6ST) [2561] What've you been doing all day today? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2562] Well we've been, I mean we were at Jenny's for a while, I went to the bank and eh, then we've been into Bromley all afternoon.
None (PS6ST) [2563] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2564] Shopping.
None (PS6ST) [2565] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [2566] Well stuff for Clare for the Isle of Wight really.
None (PS6ST) [2567] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2568] She needed a back pack and she needed some soap and a tooth travelling tooth brush, eh, yes that looks alright, knock ... knock it of the.
Amy (PS0EA) [2569] Can you get me a spoon please.
None (PS6ST) [2570] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2571] Eh a knife I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [2572] Pardon.
Amy (PS0EA) [2573] A knife I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [2574] [...] .
[2575] I'll do it ...
None (PS6ST) [2576] That's about all really, nothing very exciting, I mean we were probably at Jenny's an hour.
Helen (PS0E8) [2577] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2578] Erm, there's a sort of shop in the mall that sort of sells, oh it, it does key cutting and heeling and stuff, we got one from there in the end.
[2579] We had a look in Salisbury's but she didn't like any of them there.
[2580] There so expensive.
Amy (PS0EA) [2581] Now what shall we do?
None (PS6ST) [2582] You can wash the erm, the beaters, and you can put the cream next to the other bowl and I'll mix them altogether when I've got the lemon juice in.
Amy (PS0EA) [2583] [...] .
[2584] [...] in my hair.
None (PS6ST) [2585] Oh Clare you have, tt.
Amy (PS0EA) [2586] I thought I'd [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2587] tt oh.
[2588] Go on put the cream down, you don't wonder around with that.
[2589] Put it down here.
[2590] Oh come on.
Amy (PS0EA) [2591] I didn't mean to.
None (PS6ST) [2592] Well, would you like to wash and dry your hair?
[2593] Oh come on I'm tired .
Clare (PS0E9) [2594] Look what's Clare done .
Amy (PS0EA) [2595] Sorry.
None (PS6ST) [2596] Right.
Amy (PS0EA) [2597] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2598] Right, well would you like to go up and run Amy a bath then please, cos I haven't got this finished and.
Helen (PS0E8) [2599] What's this?
None (PS6ST) [2600] Oh my dress I need to shorten it.

43 (Tape 004910)

Helen (PS0E8) [2601] Look!
[2602] Clare you were asked to run a bath that doesn't mean to say you go across the landing six times, just run her a bath and Amy will you get in it and then come down Clare.
Clare (PS0E9) [2603] I know, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2604] I'm tired and I don't want to cope with you, otherwise you both go to bed this minute.
Clare (PS0E9) [2605] What did you say?
Helen (PS0E8) [2606] I said you run her a bath.
Clare (PS0E9) [2607] I am .
Helen (PS0E8) [2608] And then , well why is you clumpering across the landing six or seven times?
[2609] Why all the screams?
[2610] I'm tired.
Clare (PS0E9) [2611] [...] screaming.
Helen (PS0E8) [2612] Well just run her a bath and then come down.
[2613] If you don't, you go to bed.

44 (Tape 004911)

Helen (PS0E8) [2614] Alright, here you are.
Clare (PS0E9) [2615] Mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [2616] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [2617] Do you go up to half term and [...] .
[2618] What's half term?
Helen (PS0E8) [2619] Well your on half term now aren't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2620] Oh, well I can't just have lots of terms, half terms, cos the next one half term.
Helen (PS0E8) [2621] Half what?.
Clare (PS0E9) [2622] And then there's a lot more.
Helen (PS0E8) [2623] [yawn] What are you talking about?
[2624] You have a term and then in a middle of the term you have a half term don't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [2625] Then you have a nice place.
Helen (PS0E8) [2626] Well.
Clare (PS0E9) [2627] Go home.
Helen (PS0E8) [2628] Well I don't know whether you go home from boarding school, you probably just have a day off, I don't know, I haven't been to boarding school.
[2629] Right, were do we get, sharp words [cough] .
[2630] The spider affair as it was called went all over the school before the day was out, it caused a great deal of laughter.
[2631] When mother, Mams Arougeaye heard of it she sneered.
[2632] To think that a French woman should be so foolish she said, though I didn't like spiders or earwigs or moths or even snakes.
[2633] Mams Audyponch should be ashamed to make her exhibition of herself.
[2634] The first form talked about it more than any one else, of course they squealed with laughter when they saw the poor Mary Lou Manselle and Gwendoline, all falling victims to the same spider, jolly clever spider said Irene, it means the only three people in the form that it ... that would be scared of it, I take my hat off to that spider, can't think why it chose my desk said Mary Lou, no, that was a shame said Gwendoline, poor Mary Lou it must of been an awful shock for you when you saw it, I wonder who put it there?
[2635] There was a silence for the first time it occurred to first form that the spider might of been put there on purpose, they looked at one another.
[2636] It was a dirty trick to put it into to poor Mary Lou's desk said Jean, she can't help being scared of things I suppose, she almost jumped out of her skin when she saw it, I should of thought any joker in our form would of been decent enough to popped it into say Alicia's desk, not if it happened to be Alicia who popped it in said a sly voice, you do so love playing tricks don't you Alicia?
[2637] You and Daryl where in the first form room before afternoon school and I'm sure we'll all remember you saying you'd like to put a spider down Mary Lou's neck.
[2638] It was Gwendoline speaking, Alicia glanced at her, well I didn't do it she says, nor did Daryl, sorry to disappoint you darling Gwendoline, Mary, but we just didn't, if it was any one I should think it was you.
[2639] Mary Lou's my friend said Gwendoline, I wouldn't do that to her.
[2640] Well if you've almost drowned her one week I should think you could quite well bring yourself to put a spider in her desk the next week said Daryl.
[2641] It's pretty funny that you and Alicia were the only ones in the classroom before afternoon school persisted Gwendoline angry that no one seemed to agree with her suggestion.
[2642] Shut up said Catherine shortly, we know it wasn't Daryl or Alicia because they say so.
[2643] The spider must of got in there by accident and that's that.
[2644] Well I think began Gwendoline that the class took [...] at once.
[2645] Be quite Gwendoline, Gwendoline shut up, shut up Gwendoline, Gwendoline shut up.
[2646] There was nothing to do but to shut up, Gwendoline was sulking exasperated.
[2647] It had been such a good idea and all that had resulted from it was a double punishment for her and a complete failure to make anyone believe to Alicia or Daryl had played the trick.
[2648] True the first formers had had to go to bed an hour earlier, but they all voted it was worth it, Gwendoline felt vicious about the whole affair, she'd determining not to be put off by her first day there .
Clare (PS0E9) [2649] What [...] erm hours early.
Helen (PS0E8) [2650] She did.
[2651] She determine not to be put off by her first failure, but to go on doing things to Mary Lou so that in the end the class would have to put the tricks down to Alicia and Daryl.
[2652] She thought she would also hint to Miss Potts that Alicia and Daryl were at the bottom of things, but she didn't get very far with this, she had to go and see Miss Potts about some returned homework.
[2653] She stood very neatly beside her in the little room that Miss Potts shared with Mams Audiponde at North Tower.
[2654] Miss Potts I was awfully sorry about that spider affair the other day, she began, of course Alicia and Daryl were in the classroom before hand, I'm sure they know something about it, I heard Alicia say, Miss Potts looked up, are you trying to sneak she said, or in more polite language to tell tales, because if so, don't try it on me.
[2655] At the boarding school I went to Gwendoline we had a very good punishment for sneaks, all the girls in the sneak dormy gave her one good spank with the back of a hair brush.
[2656] You may have a lot of interesting things to tell me, but it's no use expecting me to listen.
[2657] I wonder if the girls here out the same punishment for sneaks, I must ask them.
[2658] Gwendoline went flaming red, as sneaks, fancy Miss Potts daring to call her that.
[2659] Gwendoline Mary Lacy a sneak, all because she just wanted to drop a kindly hint, Gwendoline didn't no what to say she felt as if she'd like to burst into tears, but Miss Potts always got very impatient with girls who did that.
[2660] She went out of the room longing to slam the door as she often did at home, but she didn't dare to here.
[2661] She felt very sorry for herself, if her mother new what an awful school she'd come to she would take her away at once, Miss Winter too would be horrified.
[2662] But Gwendoline wasn't quite so sure about her father, he can say things at times very like Miss Potts said.
[2663] The week went by, it was a very pleasant week, hot with a cool breeze that made games and swimming even more pleasant than usual, Alicia and Betty were practising hard for the school sport, both were excellent swimmers and divers .
Clare (PS0E9) [2664] That's what I use.
[2665] That's not very nice is it .
Helen (PS0E8) [2666] Hm no, well try not to keep banging it.
Clare (PS0E9) [2667] It does on her and it's quite sharp.
Helen (PS0E8) [2668] Oh dear.
[2669] Daryl tried to imitate all they did, she was good to, but not quite so good as they were, but she was quite fearless and divide of the highest diving board and went down a chute in all kinds of peculiar position.
[2670] The only unhappy person that week was Mary Lou.
[2671] She'd got into a lot of trouble over many little things, for instance, her clothes in the changing room were being thrown down in a pool of water, and was soaking wet, she had to take them to matron to be dried, matron was cross.
[2672] Mary Lou can't you hang your things up properly in that changing room?
[2673] You know there always puddles of water on the floor from the girls coming in and out of the pool.
[2674] I did hang them up matron said Mary Lou mildly, I know I did, then Mary Lou's tennis racket sudden showed three broken strings, they were not frayed, but looked as if they've been cut, Mary Lou was upset.
[2675] My new racket she said, look Gwendoline, who would think a new racket would go like that.
[2676] It couldn't said Gwendoline pretending to examine it very closely, those strings have been cut Mary Lou someone's been playing a trick on you, what a shame.
[2677] Mary Lou was miserable, she couldn't believe she had any enemy's, for when she found buttons cut off on her Sunday dress, she new someone was being unkind and mean, Gwendoline comforted her.
[2678] Never mind I'll sew them on for you, I hate sewing but I'll do it for you Mary Lou.
[2679] [cough] . So making a great show of it Gwendoline sowed on the six blue buttons one night.
[2680] The first former's stared at her in surprise, they knew she never mended any thing if she could help it.
[2681] How did those buttons come off asked Jean?
[2682] That's what I'd like to know said Gwendoline smugly, six buttons all ripped off I'm putting them on for Mary Lou because I'm so sorry any one should play at such a dirty trick.
[2683] I'd like to know who cut the strings of her tennis racket too, the first formers looked at one another, it certainly is queer the way things have been happening to poor Mary Lou lately, even her prayer book had disappeared and some of her pencils had gone.
[2684] True there'd been found in Alicia's desk, but everyone thought that was just an accident, now they began to wonder if someone had put them there, not Alicia, Lizzie wouldn't do a thing like that, but somebody, it was getting near half term and new the girls were excited because some of them were expecting visits from there parents.
[2685] Any parent who lived [clears throat] not to far away would be sure to come.
[2686] Daryl [...] because her father and mother were coming.
[2687] They lived a long way away, but they decided to take a weeks holiday in Cornwall and decided to see Daryl in the middle of it.
[2688] The girls began to talk about there families, I wish my three brothers could come said Alicia, we'd have some sport then.
[2689] I wished my little sister could come said Jean, I'd love to show her Mallory Towers.
[2690] Is your mother coming Sally asked Mary Lou?
[2691] No said Sally she lives too far away.
[2692] Daryl remembered something your mother had told her in a letter a week or two before, she said that she'd met Sally Hopes mother and had liked her and she said to that she'd seen Mrs Hopes baby.
Clare (PS0E9) [2693] Who?.
Helen (PS0E8) [2694] Sally.
[2695] Sally's sister a little girl of three months, Daryl had meant to tell Sally what her mother had said and had forgotten and now she remembered.
[2696] Oh Sally I expect your mother won't come because of the baby she said.
[2697] Sally went stiff, she stared at Daryl as if she couldn't believe her ears, her face went quite white.
[2698] When she spoke she sounded as if she was chocking.
[2699] You don't know what your talking about she said, what baby? we haven't a baby, my mother won't be coming because it so far I tell you.
[2700] Daryl was puzzled, but Sally don't be silly my mother says in a letter she's seen your baby sister she's three months old she said.
[2701] I haven't got a baby sister said Sally in a low [noseblow] queer voice, I'm the only one, mother and I have been everything to each other, daddy has to go, go away such a lot, I haven't got a baby sister.
[2702] [clears throat] . Girls looked at Sally curiously, whatever could be the matter with her she sounded so queer.
[2703] Oh right said Daryl and Elsie you ought to know I suppose any way, I'd suspect you'd like a sister, it's nice having one.
[2704] I should hate a sister said Sally, I wouldn't share my mother with anyone, she walked out of the room her face as wooden as ever, the girls were really puzzled, she's a funny one said Irene, hardly ever says anything, all closed up, somehow, but sometimes those closed up people burst open suddenly and then look out, well I'll shall certainly write and tell mother she's mistaken said Daryl and she did so.
[2705] Then the mesh, she told Sally the next time she saw her, I'm sorry I made that mistake about you having a sister she said to Sally, I've written to tell mother you've said you haven't one she must of been mistaken what your mother said.
[2706] Sally stood still and gazed, glared at Daryl as if she suddenly hated her.
[2707] What you want to go interfering for she burst out, leave me and my family alone, little busy body always sticking your nose into other people's affairs, Daryl's temper flared up, I don't she said, you gua rd your tongue Sally, I never meant to interfere and I can't think what all the fuss is about, either you have a sister or you haven't, I don't care.
[2708] You tell your mother not to interfere either said Sally, writing letters about my family.
[2709] Oh don't be so silly flared back Daryl really exasperated now, any one would think there was a deep dark mystery the way you go on, any way I'll just see what my mother says when she next writes to me and I'll tell you.
[2710] I don't want to know, I won't know said Sally as she put her hands ... put out her hands as if she was fending Daryl off, I hate you Daryl Rivers, you with, you with your mother who comes to see you often, sends you things and writes you long letters and comes to see you.
[2711] You boast about that to me you do it all on purpose, your mean, mean, mean.
[2712] [clears throat] . Daryl was utterly taken about, what in the wide world did Sally mean, she watched the girl go out of the room and sat down on the form completely bewildered.
[2713] Right, half term at last.
Clare (PS0E9) [2714] Half term at last.
Helen (PS0E8) [2715] [cough] Hm.
[2716] Right teeth cleaned at least I think.
[2717] Come on.
Clare (PS0E9) [2718] Teeth cleaned at last.
Helen (PS0E8) [2719] And bed.

45 (Tape 004912)

Amy (PS0EA) [2720] Zzz -Zzz, bob ock [...] noisy [...] on that.
Helen (PS0E8) [2721] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2722] Cockle.
Helen (PS0E8) [2723] Cockle doodle do.
Amy (PS0EA) [2724] Hello, hello doodle do.
Helen (PS0E8) [2725] [yawn] come on cos I'm very tired.
[2726] [cough] . I've still got these cheese cake to finish off, wash your hands.
Amy (PS0EA) [2727] I've got just testing the collage thing you know.
Helen (PS0E8) [2728] Qule age a vi vous
Amy (PS0EA) [2729] How old are you?
Helen (PS0E8) [2730] How old are you?
Amy (PS0EA) [2731] Put [...] in it.
Helen (PS0E8) [2732] No, quel, I think, it just sounded, will have to listen to that French tape again.
Amy (PS0EA) [2733] Make it collage.
Helen (PS0E8) [2734] Well that's probably just what it sounded like when you haven't any idea what she was talking about, but I think that.
Amy (PS0EA) [2735] [...] collage.
Helen (PS0E8) [2736] Well I think that's what she was saying.
[2737] How old are you?
Amy (PS0EA) [2738] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2739] You should of said Je Suis.
Amy (PS0EA) [2740] Sept.
[2741] I am are.
Helen (PS0E8) [2742] Je Suis.
Amy (PS0EA) [2743] I didn't know.
Helen (PS0E8) [2744] No you didn't know.
[2745] Well she didn't know you weren't French did she?
Amy (PS0EA) [2746] No, I said I couldn't do this [laugh] I didn't know.
Helen (PS0E8) [2747] Think then she probably gave up.
Amy (PS0EA) [2748] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2749] Well she didn't know English and you didn't know French.
Amy (PS0EA) [2750] No.
[2751] [...] say yes .
Helen (PS0E8) [2752] Come on let's see ya .
[2753] Come on open a bit wider so I can do those, that's better, don't want them back ones to go bad.
Amy (PS0EA) [2754] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [2755] You don't want those back ones to go bad.
Amy (PS0EA) [2756] I have brushed them well.
Helen (PS0E8) [2757] Good.
Amy (PS0EA) [2758] I have.
Helen (PS0E8) [2759] Hm ...
Amy (PS0EA) [2760] We don't usually [...] cos you can't get up there.
Helen (PS0E8) [2761] Oh, you have to try.
Amy (PS0EA) [2762] we try.
Helen (PS0E8) [2763] Those the ones that'll go bad.
Amy (PS0EA) [2764] I do do them.
[2765] But I do the back one's twice, cos I do them with water as well.
Helen (PS0E8) [2766] Right.
Amy (PS0EA) [2767] I brush my teeth twice today because toothpaste [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2768] She's been playing in her dolls house.
None (PS6ST) [2769] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2770] I tidied it up.
None (PS6ST) [2771] Where'd that come from then?
Amy (PS0EA) [2772] Well I think her feet you know kicking the carpet behind her.
None (PS6ST) [2773] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2774] [...] dad.
None (PS6ST) [2775] These things happen don't they.
Amy (PS0EA) [2776] Uhum, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2777] Worse things happen at sea.
Amy (PS0EA) [2778] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2779] Have you been playing with your dolls house?
Amy (PS0EA) [2780] Yes, well I have played.
[2781] I wasn't played with in with it.
[2782] I tidied it up, you didn't do what I wanted first.
[2783] Hm, hm, hm, hm ... mummy do this.
Helen (PS0E8) [2784] That's alright.
Amy (PS0EA) [2785] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2786] What is this?
Helen (PS0E8) [2787] Think there the bits from the Sindy house.
Amy (PS0EA) [2788] There the bits I don't need.
None (PS6ST) [2789] Don't you want a dust bin.
Amy (PS0EA) [2790] Huh.
Helen (PS0E8) [2791] I think it's suppose to be a casserole.
Amy (PS0EA) [2792] Yeah, and I can't have the casserole.
Helen (PS0E8) [2793] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2794] Haven't got room for it .
Helen (PS0E8) [2795] Hm it's a bit big isn't it?
Amy (PS0EA) [2796] Yes, and the things to go in the oven [cough] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2797] You haven't got an oven at the moment.
Amy (PS0EA) [2798] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [2799] You haven't manage to get an oven at the moment have we?
None (PS6ST) [2800] I'll make you an oven.
Helen (PS0E8) [2801] Oh, right.
[2802] Night, night, then.
Amy (PS0EA) [2803] Why do they [...] an oven?
Helen (PS0E8) [2804] [yawn] Well it hasn't come in.
None (PS6ST) [2805] Right.
Helen (PS0E8) [2806] Last time I wrote it, I hadn't got it.

46 (Tape 004913)

Helen (PS0E8) [2807] Oh I've seen this one.
Clare (PS0E9) [2808] Have you, is it good?
[2809] Oh, what you doing?
Helen (PS0E8) [2810] Well nobody can see if you sit right in front of it, can they?
Clare (PS0E9) [2811] Well where you going to sit.
[2812] I'll sit here.
Helen (PS0E8) [2813] Can you tell me why your song book has to be on the floor and the music on the floor behind it?

47 (Tape 005001)

None (PS6ST) [2814] Sue's just gone past at a hundred miles per hour.
Helen (PS0E8) [2815] Oh she'd been taking Matthew to work.
None (PS6ST) [2816] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2817] Would you like to go one hundred miles an hour? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2818] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2819] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2820] Yeah, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2821] [...] car, car [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2822] [...] we have to pay for it ... About the [...] didn't leave it on the living, kitchen table.
Amy (PS0EA) [2823] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [2824] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2825] What till next week end when you [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2826] Oh your not going next weekend are you?
Amy (PS0EA) [2827] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [2828] I [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2829] No, I don't want [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2830] What even if it means you [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2831] Yeah, even if it means I [...] .

48 (Tape 005002)

None (PS6ST) [2832] What do you want for breakfast?
Clare (PS0E9) [2833] Eh, can you get it?
None (PS6ST) [2834] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [2835] Oh thanks.
[2836] Erm can I have a few a that or erm, marmalade sandwiches please.
None (PS6ST) [2837] Or what?
Clare (PS0E9) [2838] Marmalade sandwiches please.
None (PS6ST) [2839] Ok.
Clare (PS0E9) [2840] Thank you.
None (PS6ST) [2841] Just for you.
Clare (PS0E9) [2842] I'm going away next weekend, not next weekend.
None (PS6ST) [2843] Monday.
Clare (PS0E9) [2844] Monday.
None (PS6ST) [2845] Wonder if you'll remember the things we saw when we were there.
[2846] What you, what do you remember about the Isle of Wight.
Clare (PS0E9) [2847] Rain.
None (PS6ST) [2848] Rain.
Clare (PS0E9) [2849] Huh.
None (PS6ST) [2850] What with cows.
Clare (PS0E9) [2851] Yeah ... I no what, I have [...] beach [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2852] It wasn't.
Clare (PS0E9) [2853] it was.
None (PS6ST) [2854] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2855] All the pictures of us on the beach, with got all [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2856] We haven't.
Clare (PS0E9) [2857] And the [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2858] No they weren't.
[2859] We, do you remember going down to Pedelow [...] , and going under the pier.
Clare (PS0E9) [2860] Yes, and I nearly crashed it.
None (PS6ST) [2861] And it was cold.
[2862] We had lots of nice ice cream there ...
Clare (PS0E9) [2863] Ah.
[2864] Hope to see that, when you put the handle on the table, the lights start flickering.
[2865] There, from there you can't see the light.
[2866] But if you put your hand on the table like this, look the light stops, look there.
None (PS6ST) [2867] Does it?
Clare (PS0E9) [2868] Look [...] .
[2869] [...] . Look.
None (PS6ST) [2870] Right, eh one [...] for breakfast.

49 (Tape 005003)

Clare (PS0E9) [2871] It is recording you daddy.
None (PS6ST) [2872] Is it?
Clare (PS0E9) [2873] Yeah ... Do you want to listen what you to what you've said?
None (PS6ST) [2874] No Clare, [...] .
[2875] Come on Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [2876] Come on Amy be a good girl, be a good girl, whoops, this pen has gone wrong.
None (PS6ST) [2877] Come on Amy.
[2878] [...] switch this on again.
Clare (PS0E9) [2879] Yeah, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2880] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2881] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2882] Hear the language you just [...] .
[2883] Have you seen this stupid cheque.
None (PS6ST) [2884] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2885] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2886] Got a [...] another one.
Helen (PS0E8) [2887] You don't get another one.
None (PS6ST) [2888] What d'ya get?
Helen (PS0E8) [2889] Don't get anything.
None (PS6ST) [2890] Oh, I'll change my banks.
Helen (PS0E8) [2891] They just let you run out.
None (PS6ST) [2892] Then what?
Helen (PS0E8) [2893] Well I rang them up yesterday because I got two cheques left.
None (PS6ST) [2894] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2895] And there still waiting on the twenty fourth May, I said well I haven't got it yet, he said no it's taking two weeks or so.
[2896] I like ordering my cheques in that time.
[2897] Oh well, we all have it.
[2898] Can't escape from the printer now not, not to [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2899] [noise] How long [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2900] How many got coming.
None (PS6ST) [2901] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2902] I should think it's about two weeks.
None (PS6ST) [2903] Oh [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2904] I know, you can't get a set cheque book.
None (PS6ST) [2905] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [2906] Well [...] I mean how'd ya get one?
None (PS6ST) [2907] You write to the bank and say.
Helen (PS0E8) [2908] I haven't got any cheque books.
None (PS6ST) [2909] Well.
Helen (PS0E8) [2910] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2911] Do you ring the printer then for a cheque book.
Helen (PS0E8) [2912] No, it's suppose to come, you [...] come automatically.
None (PS6ST) [2913] Well when you get another cheque book, you write on the back please can I have another cheque book.
Clare (PS0E9) [2914] Why can't you ask for two cheque books at once?
Helen (PS0E8) [2915] Well they don't usually issue, I mean I usually make so I ask for one in plenty of time.
[2916] [...] the next day, so.
None (PS6ST) [2917] Well they have to move the erm, the reminder, to get a cheque book.
Helen (PS0E8) [2918] Well I did, I took it, I took it out and said, alright when I went and enquired, I said well I would normally have a cheque book now cos I'm not always in the bank, and I had this slip to say I don't need [...] one will come automatically he said oh yes, but that [...] breaking down is hopeless, then I should fill it in now and I'll take it.
[2919] My [...] would come the next day, well it [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2920] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2921] Daddy.
None (PS6ST) [2922] What?
Clare (PS0E9) [2923] You can't just move [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2924] I add them up yesterday and said what's it, what do I do, I've not come to [...] , now they've sent me a temporary one.
None (PS6ST) [2925] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [2926] He said oh yes it's ordered, I said great, huh, going shopping this afternoon, what do I do when I haven't got any cheques left?
None (PS6ST) [2927] Abbey National.
Clare (PS0E9) [2928] [cough] .
None (PS6ST) [2929] Have cheque books there [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2930] Hm.
None (PS6ST) [2931] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2932] Just erm, Lloyds [...] convenient.

50 (Tape 005004)

Helen (PS0E8) [2933] Well it means I've got to go on a Thursday so if you run out of money on a Tuesday with run out.
Amy (PS0EA) [2934] [cough] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2935] And how ever long the queue is in Abbey National I've got to wait.
None (PS6ST) [2936] [...] bank [...] queuing.
Helen (PS0E8) [2937] No, nothing like Building Society.
None (PS6ST) [2938] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2939] Park virtually outside.
None (PS6ST) [2940] Well it is the most convenient bank for us isn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [2941] Yeah, it's only round the corner, you can park right.
None (PS6ST) [2942] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2943] Right by it.
None (PS6ST) [2944] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [2945] I mean you'd be the only one in, or if your not the only one, you wouldn't have to wait long.
Amy (PS0EA) [2946] Daddy .
[2947] Daddy you get eh a [...] over ten thousand pounds reward.
None (PS6ST) [2948] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [2949] If you see any one breaking into any bank around the country.
Helen (PS0E8) [2950] Probably do.
Amy (PS0EA) [2951] Do daddy, if that
None (PS6ST) [2952] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2953] [laugh] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2954] [...] do it.
Helen (PS0E8) [2955] Yeah, but they might arrest daddy at the same time.
Amy (PS0EA) [2956] No, well.
Helen (PS0E8) [2957] [laugh] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2958] Then he doesn't take any thing, then I get the ten thousand pounds.
None (PS6ST) [2959] Easy.

51 (Tape 005005)

None (PS6ST) [2960] Why've you got birthday girl on your.
Clare (PS0E9) [2961] Has that.
None (PS6ST) [2962] Dressing gown.
Clare (PS0E9) [2963] Super girl. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2964] I was gonna [...] underneath.
Clare (PS0E9) [2965] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2966] They only record what your saying then?
Clare (PS0E9) [2967] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [2968] Not at the moment.
Amy (PS0EA) [2969] No, but, couldn't they write it all down?
Helen (PS0E8) [2970] I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [2971] Don't talk about it, your not suppose to ...
Amy (PS0EA) [2972] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2973] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2974] This is too big a knife.
Helen (PS0E8) [2975] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [2976] This is too big a knife.
Helen (PS0E8) [2977] Well go and get another one then, be careful with it, don't use it like a dagger .
Clare (PS0E9) [2978] It's daddies one .
[2979] [...] daddy.
None (PS6ST) [2980] One.
Clare (PS0E9) [2981] It's your fault [...] that's my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2982] Your very [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2983] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [2984] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2985] Ah.
Clare (PS0E9) [2986] She usually spread marmites [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2987] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [2988] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [2989] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2990] Screw erm up, screw erm up.
Clare (PS0E9) [2991] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2992] She doesn't like the story.
Clare (PS0E9) [2993] Oh [...] got all the drips.
Helen (PS0E8) [2994] Oh, [...] her.
Amy (PS0EA) [2995] I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [2996] Highly commended her.
None (PS6ST) [2997] Oh.
Amy (PS0EA) [2998] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [2999] Screw them up.
[3000] Oh yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3001] She said did you know the story cos she doesn't like the story very much.
Amy (PS0EA) [3002] I know the story.
Clare (PS0E9) [3003] I know the story.
Helen (PS0E8) [3004] Oh that's all right then.
Amy (PS0EA) [3005] Why did you won't to know the story?
Helen (PS0E8) [3006] Cos she didn't know whether you'd like the story.
Clare (PS0E9) [3007] I know the story.
None (PS6ST) [3008] Was there a [...] cutter?
Clare (PS0E9) [3009] That's why .
None (PS6ST) [3010] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3011] [...] .
[3012] Here you go, here's a.
Helen (PS0E8) [3013] Erm, I think there cutting there deserts [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3014] I do [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3015] I don't know [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3016] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3017] Well I think she cut it.
Clare (PS0E9) [3018] Gonna get [...] back .
Helen (PS0E8) [3019] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3020] Bit naughty isn't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [3021] Gonna get some [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3022] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3023] [...] if he comes on a Thursday .
Clare (PS0E9) [3024] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3025] I see. [singing] .
None (PS6ST) [3026] Mind.
Clare (PS0E9) [3027] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3028] Oh your orange.
Clare (PS0E9) [3029] Orange.
None (PS6ST) [3030] Rose is just leaving.
Helen (PS0E8) [3031] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [3032] But it.
Amy (PS0EA) [3033] Could I look with you and mummy?
Clare (PS0E9) [3034] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3035] Gemma.
Amy (PS0EA) [3036] Tennis racket, yes.
None (PS6ST) [3037] Did it [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3038] No.
None (PS6ST) [3039] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3040] Daddy.
None (PS6ST) [3041] There all [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3042] [...] up hill.
None (PS6ST) [3043] [...] we'll walk up if you like.
Amy (PS0EA) [3044] No.
None (PS6ST) [3045] If you like [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3046] I'll [...] , I'm not packing any more.
None (PS6ST) [3047] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3048] No.
[3049] Okay forget it.
None (PS6ST) [3050] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3051] Daddy.
None (PS6ST) [3052] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3053] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3054] [...] it already. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3055] Daddy.
None (PS6ST) [3056] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3057] Daddy.
[3058] Don't talk .
Clare (PS0E9) [3059] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3060] Could we? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3061] I'm not going to drive in [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3062] Why?
[3063] What's wrong, daddy?
None (PS6ST) [3064] Well we can park right outside [...] , what, any way, who's playing [...] ?
Amy (PS0EA) [3065] I was.
Clare (PS0E9) [3066] She's a nice one for twenty two ninety five.
None (PS6ST) [3067] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [3068] But, that's the cheapest, so, no there's one for twenty one ninety nine.
None (PS6ST) [3069] Where are those from? [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3070] Olympus.
None (PS6ST) [3071] What sort of [...] is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [3072] I'll have to [...] in the Argos place.
Clare (PS0E9) [3073] Yeah, eh lets erm ride into one.
Helen (PS0E8) [3074] No, you can look in the catalogue you don't need to go in there.
Clare (PS0E9) [3075] No, but.
None (PS6ST) [3076] Only if I want to, I don't mind.
[3077] I mean in any case ten minutes [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3078] Does it, it does not it.
None (PS6ST) [3079] It doesn't [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3080] Yeah, for you, you go in first gear .
None (PS6ST) [3081] Let's say twenty minutes, won't take more than that [...] then we could get Clare you put your bicycle right outside of the shop, put it on the railings and go in, that's it then.
Amy (PS0EA) [3082] I'll ride mummies bike she's got gears.
Clare (PS0E9) [3083] Oh no your not.
Helen (PS0E8) [3084] Sshh.
Clare (PS0E9) [3085] Your not allowed to go on my bike, it's mine, you'll have to go on yours .
Helen (PS0E8) [3086] Amy she said mummies, not yours.
Clare (PS0E9) [3087] Oh, I thought she said Amy's.
Helen (PS0E8) [3088] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3089] [...] you've got gears instead of me.
Helen (PS0E8) [3090] Sally said you'll say that was the problem.
[3091] You said you weren't bothered.
Amy (PS0EA) [3092] Well I wasn't at the time.
Clare (PS0E9) [3093] Well your not allowed mine.
Amy (PS0EA) [3094] I am getting bigger.
Clare (PS0E9) [3095] I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3096] Yes ... Oh you look stuffed up as I am.
Amy (PS0EA) [3097] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [3098] Your about as stuffed up as I am .
Clare (PS0E9) [3099] [...] .
[3100] I tried to [...] when I was two didn't I?
Amy (PS0EA) [3101] Wonder what you blow it, it does [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3102] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3103] Got to get.
Clare (PS0E9) [3104] Has to [...] .
[3105] It's like [...] if you have names ... I haven't [...] much longer .
Amy (PS0EA) [3106] Daddy how much would you be prepared to spend for her, that I not [...] How much would you, when you were little how much would you pay for [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3107] [...] ninety nine isn't it? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3108] Go up and get the old [...] and see if [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3109] That [...] . [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3110] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3111] That helter skelter was [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3112] Yes, [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3113] Yes, [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
None (PS6ST) [3114] That depends how interest it was, I think [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [3115] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3116] What with [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3117] [...] that was [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3118] I hate [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3119] Go on.
Amy (PS0EA) [3120] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3121] Most impressive [...] .

52 (Tape 005006)

None (PS6ST) [3122] If I'd got a seat on the back of my bicycle Amy could have gone on my bicycle.
Clare (PS0E9) [3123] Well I've got my nice own bicycle.
None (PS6ST) [3124] Hm, but, you wouldn't be safe to peddle into Bromley.
Clare (PS0E9) [3125] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [3126] Those [...] are a bit cheaper. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3127] [cough] that's [...] .
[3128] [...] Your problem is.
Helen (PS0E8) [3129] Slazenger, sixteen ninety nine.
Clare (PS0E9) [3130] What are they, that's going to be heavy as well.
Helen (PS0E8) [3131] Reebok.
[3132] Puma nineteen ninety nine and the Dunlop twenty three ninety nine.
Amy (PS0EA) [3133] Dunlop would be best.
Clare (PS0E9) [3134] That, that the Dunlop what be the lightest.
None (PS6ST) [3135] It doesn't give weight [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3136] No.
[3137] There all aluminium ...
Clare (PS0E9) [3138] That's about [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3139] That's nice, [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3140] Does it say a variety of colours.
Helen (PS0E8) [3141] No. [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3142] Why, give me back my plate.
Helen (PS0E8) [3143] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3144] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3145] Please may I get down from the table?
Helen (PS0E8) [3146] You haven't had any milk yet.
Clare (PS0E9) [3147] Oh, well I've had get down.
Helen (PS0E8) [3148] Yes [...] , no, well go and get a hanky, blow your nose, is that yours?
Clare (PS0E9) [3149] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3150] You might want some [...] later.
Helen (PS0E8) [3151] Thank you.
Amy (PS0EA) [3152] I like the Slazenger one best.
[3153] [...] that's a very lot.
[3154] [...] . [...] that one especially is [...] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3155] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3156] Ok.
Amy (PS0EA) [3157] Huh, mind the cheaper they are, the heavier they go, there up from.
Helen (PS0E8) [3158] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [3159] Who told you that?
Amy (PS0EA) [3160] They are.
None (PS6ST) [3161] Who told you that?.
Helen (PS0E8) [3162] No they not .
Amy (PS0EA) [3163] They do.
None (PS6ST) [3164] Who [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3165] If you going into the, you know that shop.
None (PS6ST) [3166] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3167] [...] the heavier ones are cheaper then the [...] ones
Helen (PS0E8) [3168] Well you would stick in the cheapest one.
Amy (PS0EA) [3169] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [3170] That shop you were going at the cheapest one.
Amy (PS0EA) [3171] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [3172] So it was the heaviest was it?
Amy (PS0EA) [3173] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3174] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3175] Heavier than the head one, it's all right dad.
None (PS6ST) [3176] You'll probably find some of the expensive ones in the [...] it doesn't necessary follow.
Helen (PS0E8) [3177] No.
[3178] On the whole the cheaper ones are lighter, because there the junior ones.
None (PS6ST) [3179] These aren't one for short [...] short erm [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3180] You've got to something daddy .
Helen (PS0E8) [3181] Sort of they look all to big for me.
Amy (PS0EA) [3182] That's what colour Caroline's got.
Helen (PS0E8) [3183] Who said Caroline had got the one like you saw in the shop?
[3184] How many rackets has she got?
Amy (PS0EA) [3185] No, I meant the style like that, that's it .
Helen (PS0E8) [3186] They all look just the same, they just different colours .
Amy (PS0EA) [3187] They don't mummy .
[3188] Huh.
None (PS6ST) [3189] [...] size [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3190] [...] smaller.
Helen (PS0E8) [3191] Not one of those said [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3192] Alright, in a moment.
Amy (PS0EA) [3193] Oh, not going me [...] you said I would get some. [...] ...
None (PS6ST) [3194] Thank you ...
Amy (PS0EA) [3195] If you put it down it'll all goes on the plate.
Clare (PS0E9) [3196] I know.
Amy (PS0EA) [3197] No, it's soaking up all the bread crumbs. [...] ...
Clare (PS0E9) [3198] Next lot are going to shut ... shuttle cock, erm shuttle cock. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3199] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [3200] Not going to erm Badminton racket.
Helen (PS0E8) [3201] The trouble with Argo's is you can't really get them out to try them.

53 (Tape 005007)

Helen (PS0E8) [3202] There's quite a big sports shop in Orpington.
[3203] Is it Gamleys?
None (PS6ST) [3204] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [3205] We can go there.
[3206] Daddy, can't we?
Helen (PS0E8) [3207] Have you got tap dancing today Amy?
Clare (PS0E9) [3208] Hm yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [3209] We could go while she's at tap.
Clare (PS0E9) [3210] Pardon.
[3211] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3212] Ah, to Orpington I'm not biking to Orpington.
None (PS6ST) [3213] Were not biking to Orpington were biking to Bromley.
Amy (PS0EA) [3214] Well I don't fancy biking into Bromley.
None (PS6ST) [3215] Don't be such a lazy oath.
Amy (PS0EA) [3216] Well I don't.
[3217] Perhaps we'll go another day.
Clare (PS0E9) [3218] Please daddy can we go in the car?
Amy (PS0EA) [3219] I pay for the eh ... I pay ten pea or twenty pea or whatever for the ride.
[3220] [...] for the parking meter.
None (PS6ST) [3221] [...] .
[3222] Miles away from.
Clare (PS0E9) [3223] So, I don't mind.
None (PS6ST) [3224] You'll have to walk.
Amy (PS0EA) [3225] Daddy can I have another cup of tea please?
None (PS6ST) [3226] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3227] Paying two people, there's two people in the car.
Amy (PS0EA) [3228] I will, I will pay you twenty pea or whatever.
Helen (PS0E8) [3229] First find a meter before you go.
Amy (PS0EA) [3230] Otherwise I'll pay for the fine for being on a yellow line.
Helen (PS0E8) [3231] Forty pounds?
Amy (PS0EA) [3232] Forty.
Helen (PS0E8) [3233] [laugh] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3234] Thought you said it was twelve.
Helen (PS0E8) [3235] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3236] Double yellow lines are forty.
[3237] Aunty Monica got ticket her, fined for parking on a yellow line, didn't she?
[3238] Once grandma said, and I thought it was over [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3239] She isn't our aunty is she?
Helen (PS0E8) [3240] No not really.
None (PS6ST) [3241] What's that then?
Clare (PS0E9) [3242] Why do we call her aunty mummy?
Amy (PS0EA) [3243] Please can we go in the car ?
Clare (PS0E9) [3244] There be plenty of parking spaces if you go [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3245] Let's go on a bicycle, it'll be quicker I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [3246] Huh.
None (PS6ST) [3247] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3248] Pardon.
None (PS6ST) [3249] Wearing your [...] today.
Amy (PS0EA) [3250] Please.
None (PS6ST) [3251] Your such a lazy so-and-so you come on the bicycles.
Amy (PS0EA) [3252] No.
None (PS6ST) [3253] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3254] No, can't [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3255] Probably certainly not sending her on her own.
None (PS6ST) [3256] There you are Clare there's an altum for you.
Amy (PS0EA) [3257] What.
[3258] Please, probably go to Rainham any way.
Helen (PS0E8) [3259] No I said Rainham tomorrow.
None (PS6ST) [3260] Sorry I [...] that won't , that won't wash.
Amy (PS0EA) [3261] Why ?
[3262] Oh, please.
Clare (PS0E9) [3263] You have to wash the car remember, we can get off by [...] the car .
Helen (PS0E8) [3264] [...] than going in the car .
Amy (PS0EA) [3265] Go in mummies car if it's smaller to get in places, daddy.
None (PS6ST) [3266] Yes.
Amy (PS0EA) [3267] Do you want to?
None (PS6ST) [3268] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3269] Why?
None (PS6ST) [3270] Cos you've got to park a car.
Helen (PS0E8) [3271] I think you ought to go in your [...] really.
Amy (PS0EA) [3272] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3273] If you had a look in them in Bromley it's not a great big sports shop is it?
Amy (PS0EA) [3274] No.
[3275] Olympus.
None (PS6ST) [3276] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3277] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [3278] Well.
Clare (PS0E9) [3279] She's not working to [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3280] She's not biking to Bromley?.
Helen (PS0E8) [3281] I don't know where else you'll find one in Bromley do you?
Amy (PS0EA) [3282] Pay twenty pea for dad.
[3283] Tell daddy you'll pay twenty pea just for [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3284] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3285] Bet you can't [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3286] [...] a racket Alders?
Helen (PS0E8) [3287] They sell rackets?
None (PS6ST) [3288] [cough] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3289] They only sell good ones in Alders.
None (PS6ST) [3290] I think there's more shops than [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3291] I'm not cycling right the way up there .
Helen (PS0E8) [3292] Is there?
[3293] . I haven't seen one up there.
[3294] There's a, I mean there's a school shop and they sort of sell back pack, might have got back pack there.
Amy (PS0EA) [3295] What the sport shop?
Helen (PS0E8) [3296] The sport shop.
Amy (PS0EA) [3297] Oh.
Clare (PS0E9) [3298] Yes, there's a school shop.
Amy (PS0EA) [3299] We ought to start getting my school uniform.
Helen (PS0E8) [3300] Well might and wait till the second of July and get it all second hand.
Amy (PS0EA) [3301] Yeah, well say it's all sold out by then.
Helen (PS0E8) [3302] No, that's when there doing it, second of July.
[3303] The day you go to school.
Amy (PS0EA) [3304] What, so your at the uhum, place, while I'm at doing [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3305] It all available for you to buy at the end of the day.
Amy (PS0EA) [3306] For me?
[3307] Well no, me.
Clare (PS0E9) [3308] Not just you.
Amy (PS0EA) [3309] Pardon ...
Helen (PS0E8) [3310] Any way have a word with Mrs ... have a word with Mrs [...] look on the market for any thing uhum.
Amy (PS0EA) [3311] I've got a tee shirt uhum.
[3312] I've just got to start to get my school uniform now.
[3313] She must of forgotten.
Clare (PS0E9) [3314] Mrs [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3315] This not what I would get.
Clare (PS0E9) [3316] Took that to, give Clare the school [...] on umm.
Helen (PS0E8) [3317] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3318] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3319] Hm, trouble is we haven't seen any of them yet.
None (PS6ST) [3320] Haven't seen her in quiet a while.
Helen (PS0E8) [3321] Hm, oh though she said she's got some school uniform, but we haven't stop to think.
None (PS6ST) [3322] Well it's worth asking her when you see her.
Clare (PS0E9) [3323] You said it was rude to ask her for it.
None (PS6ST) [3324] Why [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3325] Well it was probably a bit rude in February.
[3326] I think you can probably ask her now.
[3327] Wonder if she's there, take over from.
Clare (PS0E9) [3328] Do you know her house?
Helen (PS0E8) [3329] Yes, I don't like to go down and knock on the door really.
None (PS6ST) [3330] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3331] I bet she [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3332] To talk, the teachers don't give you there telephone number if there's any trouble do they?
[3333] You sometimes get there address.
None (PS6ST) [3334] Would you very keen if [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3335] I know Mrs Woodruff's address, mummy parked her car outside her house.
Helen (PS0E8) [3336] [cough] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3337] She lives in Kent Wood .
None (PS6ST) [3338] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3339] oh .
[3340] I like those [...] ones .
Clare (PS0E9) [3341] Dad [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3342] There were one last night on uhum, [...] things.
Clare (PS0E9) [3343] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3344] Oh, I haven't had mine yet.
None (PS6ST) [3345] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3346] Well all your doing is nattering and.
None (PS6ST) [3347] Two, two teaspoons please Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [3348] There, there not a teaspoon, one for me and Clare can only have one [laugh] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3349] Why?
Clare (PS0E9) [3350] Cos I [...] have another one. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3351] One of these [...] books that they [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3352] He, he, he, he, he, he.
Helen (PS0E8) [3353] That the.
Clare (PS0E9) [3354] He, he, he, he, he, he.
Helen (PS0E8) [3355] You can't run with [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3356] That's mine .
None (PS6ST) [3357] No, you no, teaspoon .
Helen (PS0E8) [3358] [laugh] . [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3359] Clare wants a big [...] so I got [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3360] Look, funny that they print the [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3361] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3362] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3363] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [3364] Oh she can't have two that's [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3365] No I didn't.
Amy (PS0EA) [3366] Can I have a bit more Amy?
None (PS6ST) [3367] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [3368] Why? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3369] Hm, well that's, that's an awful lot actually, let, let, let Clare have some will you got to have a little bit less this time Amy.
Clare (PS0E9) [3370] Yeah, but [...] two.
None (PS6ST) [3371] It is your second, isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [3372] That your second?
Amy (PS0EA) [3373] I've hardly got any.
Clare (PS0E9) [3374] [cough] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3375] Hm, that was my chair.
Clare (PS0E9) [3376] Your next to daddy.
Amy (PS0EA) [3377] And what's wrong with that?
Clare (PS0E9) [3378] Your next ... [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3379] Don't know how much you've got.
Amy (PS0EA) [3380] What a mini t.v.
[3381] What.
[3382] Oh right.
[3383] [laugh] . Well you don't have to give it back do you?
None (PS6ST) [3384] [laugh] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3385] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [3386] uhum.
Amy (PS0EA) [3387] [cough] .
[3388] What?
None (PS6ST) [3389] Oh nothing.
Amy (PS0EA) [3390] No nothing.
Helen (PS0E8) [3391] How much?
None (PS6ST) [3392] I [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3393] Only said something, why.

54 (Tape 005008)

Amy (PS0EA) [3394] So how much are tennis, how much, no.
Clare (PS0E9) [3395] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3396] I should think he'd give her it.
Amy (PS0EA) [3397] Give her.
[3398] Why?
[3399] Has John McEnroe given his?
Helen (PS0E8) [3400] I would think so.
Amy (PS0EA) [3401] He breaks all of his, doesn't he?
[3402] He goes and breaks it in half when his lost.
Helen (PS0E8) [3403] I'm amazed at the sale of the manufactory exactly what they want.
[3404] Keep the rackets a main [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3405] Are they?
[3406] So they don't have to pay.
Helen (PS0E8) [3407] Don't know.
Amy (PS0EA) [3408] How much would they cost, you know, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3409] Lots of money.
Amy (PS0EA) [3410] What, five hundred.
Helen (PS0E8) [3411] Thousands I should think.
Clare (PS0E9) [3412] Finished that. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3413] Thousands .
[3414] Phew.
[3415] John McEnroe threw his into the crowd once.
[3416] He nearly killed someone .
Clare (PS0E9) [3417] Daddy I want to show you something.
None (PS6ST) [3418] Want to show me something .
Clare (PS0E9) [3419] And his [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3420] Oh wow.
Clare (PS0E9) [3421] Dad.
None (PS6ST) [3422] Ok.
Clare (PS0E9) [3423] Dad.
Amy (PS0EA) [3424] That's the one I made [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3425] It does.
Clare (PS0E9) [3426] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3427] That's quite a good one, isn't it?
[3428] Is that one of the [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3429] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3430] It was the [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3431] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [3432] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3433] It does [...] .
[3434] You [...] .
[3435] I forgot I made one like that.
[3436] You have two things to put the raspberry [...] and then they [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3437] That's probably why it was broke.
Amy (PS0EA) [3438] [...] .
[3439] Well that wasn't why, he didn't, well he didn't happen to that one.
[3440] It just.
Helen (PS0E8) [3441] How'd you know?
Amy (PS0EA) [3442] It just, [...] together and then [...] .
[3443] Especially if [...] it goes smash.
[3444] And then they [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3445] Go up and get the uhum Index catalogue and see if that's got any more in it.
Amy (PS0EA) [3446] Any more?
Helen (PS0E8) [3447] [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [3448] What they [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3449] [...] .
[3450] [...] . What do you fancy doing today then?
None (PS6ST) [3451] Uhum, I don't know.
[3452] Just a break [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3453] I wonder whether we go [...] . [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3454] No. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3455] No, that's what they want.
[3456] Just get that in Tunbridge Wells.
None (PS6ST) [3457] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3458] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3459] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3460] [...] wash this up [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3461] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [3462] [...] ... I [...] much doing the day might'n you.
[3463] Well we can't go out tomorrow cos Amy's got a party.
None (PS6ST) [3464] Yeah.

55 (Tape 005009)

Clare (PS0E9) [3465] They weren't actually on that boat were they?
None (PS6ST) [3466] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3467] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3468] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [3469] They weren't actually on that boat. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3470] Yeah. [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3471] What do you want to do today?
Clare (PS0E9) [3472] I want to go shopping ...
None (PS6ST) [3473] [...] while mummies getting dressed.
Helen (PS0E8) [3474] Nine ninety nine.
[3475] That's more like it.
Clare (PS0E9) [3476] No I don't like that tennis racket, I don't like the colours.
Helen (PS0E8) [3477] Much better.
[3478] Junior and Senior sizes, there you are.
None (PS6ST) [3479] Well we want you to decide don't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [3480] Yeah, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3481] The others can be every so [...] sweet.
Clare (PS0E9) [3482] Where put the picture of Amy.
Helen (PS0E8) [3483] Well that one comes in a junior size.
None (PS6ST) [3484] Which one dear?
Helen (PS0E8) [3485] That one for nine ninety nine.
None (PS6ST) [3486] Oh yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [3487] Amy come here.
[3488] Amy.
[3489] Look at the picture of you.
Helen (PS0E8) [3490] It says it's senior or junior sizes.
None (PS6ST) [3491] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3492] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3493] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3494] More the sort of price. [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3495] [...] .
[3496] Do you want your cup of tea Clare?
Clare (PS0E9) [3497] Yes please.
Helen (PS0E8) [3498] Well there it is.
None (PS6ST) [3499] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3500] I [...] if you really want to, better going into your [...] and having look in the [...] well ... Well this won't take much more than that though, do you?
[3501] Why don't you like that one?
[3502] Pretty it's green.
Clare (PS0E9) [3503] Let's, ask you what other colours they were [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3504] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3505] Hm, it's not worth paying a lot of money ... at the moment, when you get better at it ... Back pack's it is, seven ninety nine.
Clare (PS0E9) [3506] That's a head one.
Helen (PS0E8) [3507] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3508] [...] .
[3509] Don't like that one ... Difficult [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3510] Look, she look's to [...] .
[3511] Look, that look, see.
Helen (PS0E8) [3512] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3513] [...] .
[3514] I remember that, that was absolutely awful.
None (PS6ST) [3515] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3516] Did I take that picture?
Helen (PS0E8) [3517] No, I don't think so, Should think daddy did.
[3518] Think you were a bit young then to take pictures.
Clare (PS0E9) [3519] Yeah, cos I bought a camera in the Isle of Wight.
Helen (PS0E8) [3520] No you didn't.
Clare (PS0E9) [3521] Oh no it's Wales.
Helen (PS0E8) [3522] No it wasn't it was uhum Weymouth.
Clare (PS0E9) [3523] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [3524] [...] ... It depends really what [...] it wouldn't be very sensible.
None (PS6ST) [3525] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3526] Yeah, it was [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3527] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3528] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3529] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3530] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3531] I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3532] Never mind, see what the weather's like it won't be [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3533] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [3534] Oh yes I bought you some beads in [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3535] Oh you have, haven't you?
Clare (PS0E9) [3536] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3537] Pardon.
[3538] Yeah, bit [...] come off.
Clare (PS0E9) [3539] Yeah ...
Helen (PS0E8) [3540] Just give this a quick whizzo.
Clare (PS0E9) [3541] It's quite a sweet book.
Helen (PS0E8) [3542] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3543] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [3544] I don't want to [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3545] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [3546] I'm hoping for a new one this year.
Clare (PS0E9) [3547] What.
Helen (PS0E8) [3548] You [...] new one this year.
Clare (PS0E9) [3549] Possible [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3550] Ah, ah, you would [...] holiday [...] France.
Clare (PS0E9) [3551] I won't have any homework at all.
Helen (PS0E8) [3552] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [3553] Will I?
[3554] Not unless they give us some.
Helen (PS0E8) [3555] No, there won't be some, make the most of it, huh.
Clare (PS0E9) [3556] Yeah, but, won't they give us some before [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3557] I wouldn't of thought so.
Clare (PS0E9) [3558] You would or you wouldn't of thought so.
Helen (PS0E8) [3559] I wouldn't have.
Clare (PS0E9) [3560] Good.
Helen (PS0E8) [3561] Can't be sure.

56 (Tape 005010)

None (PS6T9) [3562] Well done, perfect day out.
Helen (PS0E8) [3563] Yes, [laugh] .
None (PS6T9) [3564] It's very good.
Helen (PS0E8) [3565] There you are, there you are.
None (PS6T9) [3566] Very good.
Helen (PS0E8) [3567] Yeah.
[3568] Have you got any of the tee shirts, that they were.
None (PS6T9) [3569] I think we have yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [3570] Are, did you want one to wear?
Clare (PS0E9) [3571] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3572] Pardon.
Clare (PS0E9) [3573] Yes, I'll have one.
Helen (PS0E8) [3574] No I think you can have a white one.
None (PS6T9) [3575] Do you want a white or a red one?
Helen (PS0E8) [3576] White one I think do you?
Clare (PS0E9) [3577] Yes please.
None (PS6T9) [3578] [...] small.
Helen (PS0E8) [3579] Oh yes I'd should think she's only small.
None (PS6T9) [3580] Uhum.
[3581] When does she start her other class?
Helen (PS0E8) [3582] I think that's quite big enough for you, don't you?
None (PS6T9) [3583] Think [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3584] Yes I don't think we could manage any.
None (PS6T9) [3585] You don't want it, do you want small, you wouldn't want a small would you ?
Helen (PS0E8) [3586] No, no no that should be fine.
None (PS6T9) [3587] Have a small medium?
[3588] No.
[3589] Small tee shirt in white one for a small child isn't it?
[3590] There we go.
[3591] Small adult.
[3592] The child's are very small.
Helen (PS0E8) [3593] Ah well one to fit this one.
None (PS6T9) [3594] Eh she looking in the large child? [...] because they shrink a bit in the wash.
Helen (PS0E8) [3595] They can wear these for tap can't they?
None (PS6T9) [3596] That's a large child, they wear the red [...] they wear red for tap.
[3597] That's a large child.
Helen (PS0E8) [3598] Yes, I think's that probably better.
None (PS6T9) [3599] But they usually wear a vest with it and [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3600] I think you'll have to have a red.
[3601] Do you mind a red? [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3602] Alright.
[3603] Do you like a red one?
Helen (PS0E8) [3604] Please.
Clare (PS0E9) [3605] Right, how much do we owe you for, sorry about that.
None (PS6T9) [3606] Uhum, children's one, five pounds. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3607] Oh that's a.
None (PS6T9) [3608] Yeah, [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [3609] Lovely, oh sorry, I haven't got a five.
None (PS6T9) [3610] Uhum.
Helen (PS0E8) [3611] There you are ... Oh thanks very much, sorry about that, right, you will be smart won't you?
None (PS6T9) [3612] Uhum [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3613] Eh large child I think, is it, can't tell.
None (PS6T9) [3614] Yes, large child.
[3615] There you are.
[3616] Right, pardon.
[3617] Well a small child will be too small for you I think, yeah.

57 (Tape 005011)

Amy (PS0EA) [3618] I've seen Jason Donovan live on stage.
Helen (PS0E8) [3619] Have you, where?
Amy (PS0EA) [3620] Yeah, it's Jason and his technicolour dream coat.
Helen (PS0E8) [3621] Well you won't of seen it yet.
Amy (PS0EA) [3622] I've seen it.
Helen (PS0E8) [3623] No, it hasn't started yet.
[3624] It starts today.
Amy (PS0EA) [3625] What does?
Helen (PS0E8) [3626] Jason Donovan and technicolour dream coat.
Amy (PS0EA) [3627] When are we going to see it?
Helen (PS0E8) [3628] Next Saturday.
Amy (PS0EA) [3629] Well actually it was on quite, quite a while ago when I was six it was on.
Helen (PS0E8) [3630] Yes, but not with Jason Donovan in it.
Amy (PS0EA) [3631] Yes, cos Jason Donovan, on that one Jason wore [...] Joseph.
Helen (PS0E8) [3632] Well yes his Joseph this time.
Amy (PS0EA) [3633] One that I watch Jason Donovan was actually Joseph.
Helen (PS0E8) [3634] Ah right.
[3635] Yes, well with seen it once before, but that was at Bromley.
Amy (PS0EA) [3636] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [3637] We've seen it before haven't we?
[3638] But that was at Bromley.
Amy (PS0EA) [3639] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3640] No.
[3641] There going up to London to see it.

58 (Tape 005012)

Helen (PS0E8) [3642] Ah, are you coughing, oh dear.
None (PS6T9) [3643] All right?
Helen (PS0E8) [3644] Oh [...] ding-a-ling, yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [3645] Hole in the swing.
Helen (PS0E8) [3646] Not as far as I've just left them.
Clare (PS0E9) [3647] Hole in the swing.
Helen (PS0E8) [3648] Yeah, [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3649] Do you know how long it goes on for?
Clare (PS0E9) [3650] Hole in the swing.
Helen (PS0E8) [3651] Got an idea it goes on till one o'clock, but, I mean they might as well keep them.
None (PS6T9) [3652] There was only a few people there, I don't [...] , busy one, there was about four children there.
Helen (PS0E8) [3653] Oh gosh, oh there's seem quite full.
None (PS6T9) [3654] I wonder if perhaps [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3655] Yeah, yeah, think so.
None (PS6T9) [3656] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3657] Yes, I don't know.
Clare (PS0E9) [3658] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3659] Yes it is isn't there, yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3660] [door bell] What's the date?
Helen (PS0E8) [3661] Oh yes, we were going to go out but [door bell] bother.
Clare (PS0E9) [3662] [...] . [door bell]
None (PS6T9) [3663] Michelle.
Helen (PS0E8) [3664] Have you been at work or did you.
None (PS6T9) [3665] Yes, I've [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3666] Yes, hello Arthur.
None (PS6T9) [3667] Ring the bell, come on, in you go.
Helen (PS0E8) [3668] Yes, had we been a little brighter, we were going to ring up and take Amy out yesterday [...] [laugh] we were also aah, and we struggled into Bromley and eh that was it.
[3669] Yes been hopeless hasn't it?
[3670] No [...] .
None (PS6TA) [3671] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3672] I wouldn't think so [laugh] .
None (PS6TA) [3673] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3674] I will ask him but I doubt it.
[3675] I don't know whether his uhum.
None (PS6TA) [3676] It's not like, I mean, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3677] Are they?
None (PS6TA) [3678] [...] of the [...] if your not careful [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3679] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS6TA) [3680] [...] to any changes, cos when there daughters leave they leave anyway.
Helen (PS0E8) [3681] They go.
None (PS6TA) [3682] [...] five years, so I was wondering if he would.
[3683] His not that sort of bloke?
Helen (PS0E8) [3684] He keeps a very low profile.
None (PS6TA) [3685] I thought I thought he was very all sort of, I thought he [...] or you know, good at delegating and eh.
Helen (PS0E8) [3686] [laugh] hm, I don't, I would doubt it, I mean he has absolutely nothing to do with our school.
None (PS6TA) [3687] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3688] No, no, muggins, muggins does, but.
None (PS6TA) [3689] You don't need, he, that sort of thing that turns you on or.
Helen (PS0E8) [3690] No, I wouldn't be on the committee, no, cos I could never guarantee he'll be home.
None (PS6TA) [3691] No, I [...] point.
Helen (PS0E8) [3692] No it's to much of a, I hate saying I'll go out at eight o'clock and tell him to be home and at quarter too eight he hasn't come and oh, I'm to tired really, but, so I've always played it that I will help when I ... when I can, but uhum, I don't go on the committee, cos then your stuck, you've got to go.
None (PS6TA) [3693] Oh yeah, well you can only [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3694] That's right, yeah, so .
None (PS6TA) [3695] Years, obviously you get roped into .
Helen (PS0E8) [3696] To do all the things whether you feel like it or not, oh no, I usually take a back seat and then when it's [laugh] , I'm [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3697] Well, well it's usually time to do it.
Helen (PS0E8) [3698] Yeah, I mean I do a stall and everything at the summer fair and stuff.
None (PS6TA) [3699] Well they often ask her, I mean [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3700] They usually want volunteers, yeah .
None (PS6TA) [3701] They're a hand short or, or there is functions then obviously there are [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3702] That's, that's more my style and then you know you're doing something or you not, you, you don't have to and if you're around, yes we got [...] oh pages of it from Bromley High the other day.
None (PS6T9) [3703] What uniform and stuff?
Helen (PS0E8) [3704] Uniform and swimming club and flute.
None (PS6T9) [3705] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3706] And, and this new, what's this new track suit like?
None (PS6T9) [3707] Haven't seen them, haven't seen a new one .
Clare (PS0E9) [3708] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3709] Fifty five pounds .
Clare (PS0E9) [3710] [...] . [...] .
None (PS6TA) [3711] Uhum, I dunno, I've, I've seen something [...] like grey track, like grey.
Helen (PS0E8) [3712] Grey and pink it said.
None (PS6TA) [3713] [...] pinky [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3714] Yes, I haven't seen it though, I haven't, I've heard of the new ones but I haven't seen it.
Helen (PS0E8) [3715] It must be a shell suit I think.
[3716] No, it says optional, I think it'll be very optional for us at the moment.
[3717] Uhum I mean she don't have to have it .
None (PS6T9) [3718] Especially the way there getting [door bell] .
[3719] And they grow quickly, I mean it sort of.
Helen (PS0E8) [3720] When there growing quickly .
[3721] Yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3722] I mean it's sort of shooting up every other term aren't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [3723] Yeah, yeah, so well.
None (PS6T9) [3724] Buy extremely large ones.
Helen (PS0E8) [3725] Ought to have Clare [...] .
[3726] Yes, well she goes on the second of July, she has a day at school.
None (PS6T9) [3727] Oh she has a day in school.
Helen (PS0E8) [3728] Yeah, yeah and lunch.
None (PS6T9) [3729] Yeah, [...] no stop it [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3730] So she can meet her teacher and all the other [...] starting with her so, quite excited about that.
None (PS6T9) [3731] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3732] Yeah, so there was a second hand uniform sale, so I thought great.
None (PS6T9) [3733] Yeah, [...] , I [...] they never give you date, yeah .
None (PS6TA) [3734] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3735] Oh, right, well, [laugh] .
None (PS6TA) [3736] In wonderful condition.
None (PS6T9) [3737] Well that's it.
None (PS6TA) [3738] They grow out of it quickly [...] .
[3739] Uhum, I mean [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3740] I mean if you buy, put your foot down .
None (PS6TA) [3741] Quarter of an inch or so, I couldn't believe it, you know .
Helen (PS0E8) [3742] No, no, especially if you've only got one daughter and it only goes threw once and, I mean the list is so long.
None (PS6T9) [3743] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3744] Yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3745] I, I have to look at the [...] I mean we looked at it when it first came through, when all our originals [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3746] When do you get all you know, all the cookery aprons and the.
None (PS6T9) [3747] Yeah, science overalls.
Helen (PS0E8) [3748] Science aprons and then the shorts for athletics and the swimming costume.
None (PS6TA) [3749] It must of cost quite a piece cos it obviously [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3750] Yeah, swimming [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3751] Yeah, yeah.
None (PS6TA) [3752] It's better to have that then eh to ruin the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3753] Oh yeah, but I mean it just goes on when you need it all new.
None (PS6T9) [3754] Oh yes, yes, you, oh yes, I have.
None (PS6TA) [3755] I think it's very kind of the uhum [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3756] Well it's on the second of Jan ... July.
None (PS6T9) [3757] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3758] When were here, so, yeah, oh I shall go and see what bargains I can get here, eh.
None (PS6T9) [3759] I've done it before.
Helen (PS0E8) [3760] Yeah, cos eh, that'll be good.
None (PS6T9) [3761] Yes, I might, I might pop in and [...] .
None (PS6TA) [3762] I saw a blazer that was going in the sale couple of weeks ago and I, I said.
None (PS6T9) [3763] Yes, I missed the date, I missed the date of the last one [...] .
None (PS6TA) [3764] I mean it's absolutely immaculate , I mean you, you sell it brand new from a shop, I agree yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3765] Yeah, well that's it basically.
None (PS6TA) [3766] It was a very small one, but it, you know.
Helen (PS0E8) [3767] They often don't wear them that much, so.
None (PS6TA) [3768] I think they [...] had a price on, it was something like, [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3769] Hm.
None (PS6TA) [3770] [...] I think they put there own price though, I don't know how they do it.
Helen (PS0E8) [3771] Probably.
None (PS6TA) [3772] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3773] Yeah, then you better pricing it low and getting rid of it then too high and.
None (PS6T9) [3774] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3775] Yes, I think we'll have to have ... have a good look, yes it's alright when you've got a few things to get, but when when you've got the whole list.
Clare (PS0E9) [3776] [door bell] Ding, dong, ding, dong.
Helen (PS0E8) [3777] It's a bit sort of horrific, but eh.
None (PS6TA) [3778] Why don't you [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3779] I think it's more than that for the seniors.
None (PS6T9) [3780] [...] .
None (PS6TA) [3781] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3782] I think.
None (PS6T9) [3783] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3784] Seventy five I think, yeah, seventy five I think they were paying for the.
None (PS6T9) [3785] You've got to get, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3786] You have no choice.
None (PS6T9) [3787] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3788] Oh, oh well they have said grey coat from anywhere, just a long grey coat, uhum.
None (PS6T9) [3789] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3790] Yes, what was it, then they said white blouses, just open neck.
None (PS6T9) [3791] Not necessarily [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3792] No, no.
None (PS6TA) [3793] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3794] The skirt is definite, you know, so many pleats, uhum, so obviously that is and the blazer's static, but quite a lot of it seemed to be fairly, you know, instead of grey, either the school track suit or just a grey track suit, so uhum, which it is, it's all these little bits like [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3795] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3796] Hockey stick [laugh] .
None (PS6T9) [3797] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3798] Oh yes, trainer, what am I thinking, oh lovely, yes well I'm a.
None (PS6T9) [3799] You do it all bit by bit, if you do it all in one fail swoop, you think oh my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3800] Bits [...] yes well Georgina round the corner apparently she has the lot new, because the bank moved them and they paid her and it was over four hundred pounds.
None (PS6TA) [3801] Oh I can believe that.
Helen (PS0E8) [3802] Yeah. [laugh] .
None (PS6T9) [3803] Keep working.
Helen (PS0E8) [3804] Oh dear, yes, yes, right, oh well.
None (PS6T9) [3805] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3806] Well I'll see you Tuesday won't we?
None (PS6T9) [3807] [...] she get's on alright.
Helen (PS0E8) [3808] You sure that's alright, that's.
Clare (PS0E9) [3809] [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3810] Oh yes now [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3811] Can you manage?
None (PS6T9) [3812] Hop over it don't ya?
Helen (PS0E8) [3813] No, what's the swimming club like, do you know?
None (PS6T9) [3814] It seems to be quite well run, we haven't, we haven't got round to joining it .
Helen (PS0E8) [3815] Yes, have you seen, have you seen the pool?.
None (PS6T9) [3816] Mainly because of the restrictions on.
Helen (PS0E8) [3817] The pool, I've seen the pool yes, Clare's been in it.
None (PS6T9) [3818] [...] Tuesday and a Saturday, you know, and it depends on what you're doing [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3819] [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3820] [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3821] Shoosh now please.
[3822] Saturday there are less in the morning, I don't know how, what time it actually [door bell] it's been used.
Helen (PS0E8) [3823] Probably when there at tap.
None (PS6T9) [3824] Well I mean, it's, it's, if your [...] I think perhaps Clare's age [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3825] Yeah, there to young.
None (PS6T9) [3826] [...] go with them we can't let them go on there own, I mean once there've [...] school, you've got to take [...] come back later or something.
Helen (PS0E8) [3827] Yes, yes, it's more useful probably in the holiday.
None (PS6T9) [3828] Yes, that's right.
Clare (PS0E9) [3829] Come up here, look.
Helen (PS0E8) [3830] Oh yes I think [...] ploughing through all this lot.
None (PS6T9) [3831] [...] information.
Helen (PS0E8) [3832] Yes, yes, would you like to join this, how about that, how about the other, oh dear, yes it was a, yes we said lessens, I don't know what there lessons were like.
None (PS6T9) [3833] There pretty good about it, there's two or three [...] that has the lessons there, so [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3834] Yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3835] No, don't bounce on there [...] you'll fall off the edge.
None (PS6TA) [3836] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3837] Yes, well, I mean Amy can swim, so uhum, yes it's just how much you can do, I mean Clare doesn't really need, need lessons I don't think.
None (PS6T9) [3838] Yeah.
[3839] Yes, then you can join and hope to use it.
Helen (PS0E8) [3840] To use it in the holidays, [...] .
None (PS6T9) [3841] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3842] Yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3843] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3844] Yeah.
None (PS6T9) [3845] Try and get a certain [...] people acting as life guard otherwise it [...] time, so [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3846] You've just wonder where your spare times gone [laugh] .
None (PS6TA) [3847] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3848] Yes, yes, just disappeared, yeah, right, right, well I'll ask Alistair, oh well uhum, I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope, huh, somehow, his uhum, he puts in an appearance at the summer fair for half an hour and looks round, says I think I'll go now, [laugh] , I'll leave you to it you know, keep the children, [laugh] , that's it, isn't it, his taken our Clare in to buy a tennis racket.

59 (Tape 005013)

Clare (PS0E9) [3849] Comes down to feet.
Helen (PS0E8) [3850] Suppose [...] they said it shrinks as well.
Clare (PS0E9) [3851] Hm, but it is a bit big, [...] isn't it?
Helen (PS0E8) [3852] No I think that's probably alright, they do have them long don't they?
Clare (PS0E9) [3853] [...] all the other children come up to, they don't go up to here, I think I'll have to [...] this don't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [3854] Let's have a look, does it say what size it is?
Clare (PS0E9) [3855] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [3856] Age nine to eleven it says.
Clare (PS0E9) [3857] Age nine.
[3858] It is a bit big though .
Helen (PS0E8) [3859] I think it's a bit big yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [3860] Oh mum, to, it'll fit Clare.
Helen (PS0E8) [3861] Yes, I think seven to eight would have fit you better.
Clare (PS0E9) [3862] Yeah, was there any seven to eight, I think we should of got [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3863] Stand, stand up and lets see.
[3864] Do you think that's to big?
[3865] Shall we go back and see if we can change it?
Clare (PS0E9) [3866] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3867] Well we'll just go back and swop it.
Clare (PS0E9) [3868] Ok.

60 (Tape 005101)

Clare (PS0E9) [3869] I don't know what to wear mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [3870] Erm
Clare (PS0E9) [3871] I think I'll wear some trousers.
Helen (PS0E8) [3872] Do you want to wear Koala?
Clare (PS0E9) [3873] Ok, thank you.
Helen (PS0E8) [3874] It isn't very nice is it?
Clare (PS0E9) [3875] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [3876] It is a very nice day.
Clare (PS0E9) [3877] Mm, [...] going to be a nice day.
Helen (PS0E8) [3878] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [3879] [...] in the morning nice and sunny, then it came darker.
Helen (PS0E8) [3880] It's clouded over and it's really quite cold.
Clare (PS0E9) [3881] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [3882] Getting a bit fed up with this weather.
[3883] It'll be nicer we might have gone out, it's I think it'll
Clare (PS0E9) [3884] [...] I wanted to go to Chimney's it would be nice if it rained at Chimney's cos there, we could go in the pond.
Helen (PS0E8) [3885] Yeah.
[3886] You don't want it to rain.
Clare (PS0E9) [3887] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [3888] You don't want it to rain.
Clare (PS0E9) [3889] Yes we do, cos the little river
Helen (PS0E8) [3890] Yes, but eh, I think it'll be too cold there, don't want to get Clare cold.
Clare (PS0E9) [3891] Penthurst.
Helen (PS0E8) [3892] We've been to Penthurst, I think we're going to have to stay at home.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3893] Mm, neither do I, shall I just leave them?
Clare (PS0E9) [3894] Ah mummy.
[3895] You just word, you used the word shh haven't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [3896] Mm.
[3897] Just used the word what?
Clare (PS0E9) [3898] Shoosh, haven't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [3899] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [3900] And [...] another word, you use quite a lot of words don't you?
[3901] Walking man that says.
Helen (PS0E8) [3902] Here , I'll use quite a few more, get your clothes on, you'll get cold.
Clare (PS0E9) [3903] Get your clothes on.
Helen (PS0E8) [3904] Yes, then you can come down and read your book, till daddy and Clare come back, god knows when they get back.
Clare (PS0E9) [3905] Back.
Helen (PS0E8) [3906] Well they haven't come back yet, have they?
Clare (PS0E9) [3907] Have they?
Helen (PS0E8) [3908] They've gone off into Orpington and they, get this tennis racket and we haven't seen them since.

61 (Tape 005102)

Helen (PS0E8) [3909] Did you get one?
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3910] Got, how much was that?
Amy (PS0EA) [3911] Erm, fourteen ninety nine.
[3912] She said it was a tiny bit small, but, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3913] What'd you take those for?
Amy (PS0EA) [3914] Put them in my handbag.
Helen (PS0E8) [3915] Oh, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3916] It's quite [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3917] Yes.
[3918] Is that from that shop?
None (PS6ST) [3919] Yes.
Amy (PS0EA) [3920] We've got this picture.
None (PS6ST) [3921] We bought another one, but, back again because eh, it was, it was too [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [3922] Mummy where's her cream it's not in her bedroom?
Amy (PS0EA) [3923] What?
None (PS6ST) [3924] That's a nice one.
Helen (PS0E8) [3925] Yes.
[3926] So she doesn't feel very well?
None (PS6ST) [3927] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [3928] I've got a temperature.
Helen (PS0E8) [3929] Mm, a bit warm.
[3930] Hang your coat up and then go and have a lie down.
Clare (PS0E9) [3931] [...] lie down.
Helen (PS0E8) [3932] I'd thought that was alright [...] ?
None (PS6ST) [3933] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [3934] Quite nice light one.
None (PS6ST) [3935] Yeah, and the lady just said erm, do you wish to open that one, I said is that the right size?
[3936] She put it down my [...] and said well you're [...] .
[3937] That's the right size [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3938] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [3939] Mummy.
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3940] Pardon?
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3941] Yeah, [...] afterwards.
[3942] Oh, that was about the sort of price I was thinking of.
None (PS6ST) [3943] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3944] You can't see them at [...] can you?
None (PS6ST) [3945] No you can during the week, but [...] what'll we do, she said well got a buyer [...] take it back to customer services.
Helen (PS0E8) [3946] Ha, oh I see, oh you bought that one did you?
None (PS6ST) [3947] Yeah, I had to buy one.
Helen (PS0E8) [3948] Oh.
None (PS6ST) [3949] It's quite nice, thought it'll be bigger than that.
Helen (PS0E8) [3950] Yeah.
[3951] That's quite a nice one for her.
[3952] [cough] Yeah, well she could do with something.
None (PS6ST) [3953] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [3954] She could do with being taken down to the tennis courts probably and have a knock up.
None (PS6ST) [3955] Mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [3956] Do you like it?
Helen (PS0E8) [3957] Yeah, I think that's a good one.
Amy (PS0EA) [3958] She said that was a bit small.
Helen (PS0E8) [3959] Well I think it's alright for you.
Amy (PS0EA) [3960] She, choose another one for about that big, but they got heavy.
Helen (PS0E8) [3961] Yes, well they will as they get bigger won't they?
Amy (PS0EA) [3962] So, she said put this down to your ankle and up to here, put it, put that
None (PS6ST) [3963] I, I thought that was erm was very light [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3964] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [3965] [...] some of the small ones.
Amy (PS0EA) [3966] There's tiny ones that [...] .
None (PS6ST) [3967] [...] I don't think they er were short [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3968] Ah, that looks rather nice.
Amy (PS0EA) [3969] She nearly made me have that, eh, other one, didn't she?
None (PS6ST) [3970] Mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [3971] Lower one.
[3972] There's this other boy there he choose the colours [...] , he said I'll have that one, that one and that one, [...] said there were.
None (PS6ST) [3973] He really wanted a purple one.
Amy (PS0EA) [3974] He said this one.
None (PS6ST) [3975] I don't think he wanted that one, but eh, erm, I don't [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3976] Oh I think that'll be alright for you.
Amy (PS0EA) [3977] Still think it'll still be there?
[3978] Wouldn't she?
None (PS6ST) [3979] Will she, that's probably why she didn't want to have the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3980] Have the [...] [laugh]
None (PS6ST) [3981] She thought it already. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3982] Mm, well, yeah think so, they have more there than yesterday.
Amy (PS0EA) [3983] They had a whole [...] full.
Helen (PS0E8) [3984] Oh they had yes, they had a lot yesterday but most of them were over a hundred pounds.
Amy (PS0EA) [3985] [...] price is only [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3986] Mm, that's quite a nice shop.
Amy (PS0EA) [3987] Yeah, [...] as well.
Helen (PS0E8) [3988] Mm, good, got to get it right for you.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3989] Mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [3990] There are others which was bright yellow, blue, and she [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [3991] I quite like the purple.
Amy (PS0EA) [3992] [...] like what?
Helen (PS0E8) [3993] I like the purple.
Amy (PS0EA) [3994] Yeah, purple and white.
Helen (PS0E8) [3995] Mm.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [3996] Yeah.
[3997] Rack attack.
Amy (PS0EA) [3998] Some of my friends has got silver in [...] .
[3999] They're not quite so girlish.
Helen (PS0E8) [4000] Oh, I like them.
Amy (PS0EA) [4001] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4002] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4003] Well I thought that was the place to go really.
Amy (PS0EA) [4004] You put one on, in next year, we had two.
Helen (PS0E8) [4005] Yes I know, they didn't have many.
Amy (PS0EA) [4006] [...] except the [...] wouldn't let me out there on Saturday.
Helen (PS0E8) [4007] For a new ... No.
Amy (PS0EA) [4008] So daddy bought it instead, it's like, it's like that big and [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4009] No, you better, no, no, no, no, no, you just
Amy (PS0EA) [4010] Can't I take it off?
Helen (PS0E8) [4011] No.
Amy (PS0EA) [4012] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [4013] You [...] it.
[4014] What's the matter?
Clare (PS0E9) [4015] Mummy [...] hurts.
Helen (PS0E8) [4016] Oh, well you put some cream on it.
[4017] You can't
Clare (PS0E9) [4018] I have.
Helen (PS0E8) [4019] Yes, I mean I can't see much more than that can I?
Clare (PS0E9) [4020] And it hurts [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [4021] [...] been to.
Helen (PS0E8) [4022] Oh did you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4023] Yeah, get daddy a chain [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4024] Amy's got a tee shirt, with Sally the cat.
[4025] Double U.
Clare (PS0E9) [4026] Are these for me?
Helen (PS0E8) [4027] No it's a W for Wilson.
Clare (PS0E9) [4028] It's an N for me when it goes back.
Helen (PS0E8) [4029] Amy put your shoes on.
[4030] You're not to go round like that, you'll ruin them.
[4031] They're very expensive.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [4032] They're nice trousers.
Helen (PS0E8) [4033] No, that's my dress.
Amy (PS0EA) [4034] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4035] What's her tee shirt, carefully.
Amy (PS0EA) [4036] Is that second [...] ?
Helen (PS0E8) [4037] No it was new.
Amy (PS0EA) [4038] It looks, it looks like a white one.
Helen (PS0E8) [4039] She's not allowed a white one for tap.
Amy (PS0EA) [4040] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4041] She has to have red for tap, but she wanted a white one.
Amy (PS0EA) [4042] Why she wanted a white one?
Helen (PS0E8) [4043] Mm.
[4044] You not so good.
[4045] You're very thick aren't you, [sigh] , no you must've stay in probably.
[4046] You seemed better yesterday.
Amy (PS0EA) [4047] I'm [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4048] Oh, has it come over you while you were going round shopping?
Amy (PS0EA) [4049] [...] .
[4050] I saw the twins.
Helen (PS0E8) [4051] Oh do you.
[4052] Oh they've been swimming have they?
Amy (PS0EA) [4053] I don't know.
Helen (PS0E8) [4054] Mm, did they see you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4055] Erm, they [...] .

62 (Tape 005103)

Helen (PS0E8) [4056] Oh that's a shame, I thought you'd go out and play with it.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4057] Rack attack.
Clare (PS0E9) [4058] What you say?
Helen (PS0E8) [4059] I thought Clare would go out and play with her new racket, she's not really
Clare (PS0E9) [4060] Nice cake.
Helen (PS0E8) [4061] mm, not really very well.
Amy (PS0EA) [4062] You don't [...] any more.
Helen (PS0E8) [4063] No, well they're aluminium, they won't warp.
[4064] Right do you want some lunch?
None (PS6ST) [4065] Yeah, just [...] .

63 (Tape 005104)

None (PS6ST) [4066] Amy got high [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [4067] [...] .
[4068] Ah, oh the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4069] No, I don't think anybody failed.
Clare (PS0E9) [4070] If they failed they get told and they don't get a certificate do they?
Helen (PS0E8) [4071] No.
Clare (PS0E9) [4072] And they [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4073] It's ever so loud that.
[4074] [noise] Do we have to have that on all through lunch?
Clare (PS0E9) [4075] Please may have a [...] ?
Helen (PS0E8) [4076] What [...] ?

64 (Tape 005105)

None (PS6ST) [4077] I think British Gas profits are unbelievable.
[4078] They er [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
None (PS6ST) [4079] Yeah, they buy gas at eighteen P and they sell it for forty three P.
[4080] [...] vast profit [...] and then they [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4081] How come, I mean, why does the big discrepancy?
None (PS6ST) [4082] Why that's what they're charging, never mind the discrepancy.
Helen (PS0E8) [4083] Who sells it to them at eighteen P?
None (PS6ST) [4084] The oil company.
Helen (PS0E8) [4085] The oil company.
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4086] So why are they allowed to charge forty three P to the consumers?
None (PS6ST) [4087] They're a monopoly aren't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [4088] I mean what do they do to it to justify charging any more? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4089] Don't do anything to it.
None (PS6ST) [4090] No, [...] .
[4091] Deliver it to your home ... Well, what I [...] to is the erm, getting involved in [...] .
[4092] Cos with British Gas you can't [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4093] Mm yes [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4094] Erm , [...] yourself on the gas side, because gas itself is not self [...] apart from.
Clare (PS0E9) [4095] I'd like to go down daddy.
None (PS6ST) [4096] [...] is very small.
Clare (PS0E9) [4097] Mummy that's [...] .
[4098] Have you got the new ones?
None (PS6ST) [4099] No, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4100] Don't think so.
Clare (PS0E9) [4101] You, have you?
[4102] Have you got the new ones?
None (PS6ST) [4103] No wasting the outside of that one.
Helen (PS0E8) [4104] Mm, mm.
None (PS6ST) [4105] I can't see a way.
Clare (PS0E9) [4106] Have you got the new ones?
Helen (PS0E8) [4107] I think they were thirty five dollars a packet.
[4108] I don't know poppet.
None (PS6ST) [...] ...
Clare (PS0E9) [4109] Mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [4110] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4111] At [...] we had erm, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4112] Mm.
None (PS6ST) [4113] I like the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4114] Yes, we'll have a few.
[4115] Think [...] oh it hasn't actually.
[4116] Thought you had to put the weight on by law?
None (PS6ST) [4117] Fright in asking what [...] ... Somebody [...] erm, sell all the stuff, sell [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4118] I wouldn't of thought they needed to.
None (PS6ST) [4119] They don't need to, but, erm, I mean nine, ninety eight per cent of their sales is on sale of gas, so the only way you can make a name for yourself is getting involved in things other than gas, one, installing central heating or kitchen [...] .
[4120] [...] talk about it.
[4121] The way British Gas get involved.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
None (PS6ST) [4122] [...] .
[4123] I mean their gas showrooms in the high street.
[4124] If you're running a business economically you wouldn't have those.
Helen (PS0E8) [4125] [cough] never anybody in them anyway.
None (PS6ST) [4126] No, but they weren't [...] for them, cos they, doesn't really matter, they've got so much pocket out of gas ... But the Gas [...] is erm, make them increase prices at five per cent less than the rate of inflation that way [...] .
[4127] [...] they get rid of [...] , saying that [...] privatised the price of gas is gone down fourteen per cent in the past [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4128] Has it?
None (PS6ST) [4129] Well, well.
Helen (PS0E8) [4130] I haven't noticed.
None (PS6ST) [4131] I mean nobody pick him up on that, but I mean, he might mean in real terms with, I don't think he has in real terms.
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
None (PS6ST) [4132] [...] has gone up.

65 (Tape 005106)

Amy (PS0EA) [4133] Oh
Helen (PS0E8) [4134] Sorry, I was just wondering if you actually asleep or not.
[4135] Want a cup of tea?
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4136] No.
[4137] I should have a cup of tea.
Amy (PS0EA) [4138] I don't feel well.
Helen (PS0E8) [4139] [sigh] You want a cup of tea?
Clare (PS0E9) [4140] Mummy, [...] on the [...] .
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4141] No, I wouldn't bothered.
Clare (PS0E9) [4142] Why?
None (PS6ST) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [4143] Why haven't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [4144] Yeah, she's nearly asleep.

66 (Tape 005107)

None (PS6ST) [4145] Was Amy a bit upset when she knew you got highly commended?
[4146] Eh?
Helen (PS0E8) [4147] Did she say anything?
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4148] Amy , she say anything about not getting highly commended?
Clare (PS0E9) [4149] No, not much.
[4150] Well I did [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4151] No that was a good girl ...
None (PS6ST) [4152] Well she got it last time so it's your turn.
Clare (PS0E9) [4153] I [...] to say, that erm , I would of liked to be highly commend with her, but, I don't really think, not [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4154] [laugh] I think you better say nothing aren't you.
[4155] Chris said she did very well.
Clare (PS0E9) [4156] Yeah, she was [...] .
[4157] I think she's a bit upset, I think she thinks I'm better, I'm better than her because I [...] beat her in that, and I think she's, a bit of shock for her.
Helen (PS0E8) [laugh]
Clare (PS0E9) [4158] Say, ah, what's this [...] .
[4159] The [...] children's [...] certificate.
Helen (PS0E8) [4160] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4161] Yours only say pass, not highly commended.
Helen (PS0E8) [4162] [laugh] We'll have to frame that won't we?
Clare (PS0E9) [4163] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [4164] We'll have to frame that.
Clare (PS0E9) [4165] Mm.
[4166] Only all the others got commended, then passed. [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4167] Who was the, who, who do you thinks the best [...] dance in your class?
Clare (PS0E9) [4168] Me.
Helen (PS0E8) [4169] Oh dear.
None (PS6ST) [4170] Before the exams, who did you think is the best?
Clare (PS0E9) [4171] Kate said [...] , but it wasn't, it was me.
None (PS6ST) [4172] What did Katie get?
Clare (PS0E9) [4173] Highly commended.
Helen (PS0E8) [4174] Commended I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [4175] Pardon, oh yes, commended, not highly.
[4176] She much of got [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4177] Didn't really look.
Clare (PS0E9) [4178] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [4179] Mm, mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4180] I didn't really look what the others got.
Clare (PS0E9) [4181] The [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4182] I think Natalie probably got pass cos she didn't know the dance.
Clare (PS0E9) [4183] No.
[4184] She's erm, she's not very [...] really.
Helen (PS0E8) [4185] Isn't she?
Clare (PS0E9) [4186] [...] .
[4187] I did too, but because I couldn't, I knew I couldn't, cos I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4188] And you didn't keep your [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [4189] Cos it, [...] come out with [...] , I didn't, it's a, it's not the fat [...] , that's why I didn't do it.
[4190] I couldn't believe it, I remembered all the way through.
[4191] I did [...] .
[4192] [...] because it's getting a, [...] hold your breath.
[4193] She thinks we don't have to hold our breath, you do it.
Helen (PS0E8) [laugh]
Clare (PS0E9) [4194] [...] .
[4195] You have to it's [...] . [...] ... [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4196] Oh I didn't expect Clare to go down ill again.
Clare (PS0E9) [4197] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [4198] She's alright yesterday.
[4199] [...] Thursday.
None (PS6ST) [4200] She's O K walking around the [...] .
[4201] So, [...] on the way home.
Clare (PS0E9) [4202] I [...] have for lunch.
[4203] I don't think she's really that ill.
None (PS6ST) [4204] She very well [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4205] She looks quite pale.
Clare (PS0E9) [4206] Does she?
Helen (PS0E8) [4207] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4208] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4209] Mm, she was alright walking around Bromley yesterday.
Clare (PS0E9) [4210] Pardon?
[4211] Yeah she [...] yesterday.
[4212] She might have a temperature.
Helen (PS0E8) [4213] Mm, she seems though she's a bit hot.
Clare (PS0E9) [4214] Yeah.
[4215] I'm opening all of these [singing] .
[4216] Ah I've won the [...] so I can scream on [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4217] Good job we're not going to Jersey tonight.
Clare (PS0E9) [4218] Mm.
None (PS6ST) [4219] When is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [4220] Nudge up a bit I mean it could've been tonight.
None (PS6ST) [4221] Is erm, [...] next Saturday?
[4222] No, I thought only the [...] was going.
Helen (PS0E8) [4223] No.
[4224] Oh, Diane, Rick are going but later on.
None (PS6ST) [4225] When you say later on, you don't mean later on in the year?
Helen (PS0E8) [4226] Yeah, I mean, yeah later on in the
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4227] No, I told Jenny and I told Caroline, but
None (PS6ST) [4228] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4229] It gets a bit involved.

67 (Tape 005108)

Helen (PS0E8) [4230] Oh, I don't like to see just [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4231] No.
[4232] One thing [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4233] No, I'll put that back.
[4234] I mean I thought she'd had something but she's, don't want anything.
[4235] Didn't have a cup of tea.
[4236] [...] a cup of tea on its own ... She was quite pleased with her t-shirt.
[4237] Seen it?
None (PS6ST) [4238] Mm, what is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
None (PS6ST) [4239] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4240] [...] over her leotard, so we kept, we bought one, they said oh, you know, you want a fairly big one, so they [...] , well it looked alright across here, when we got it home, she tried it on, it was nearly down to her knees.
[4241] When we opened it up it was aged nine to eleven, and she said I can't go in this.
[4242] [laugh] So we had to go back and swap it for seven to eight ...
None (PS6ST) [4243] I don't suppose [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4244] No, nine to ten was far too big.
[4245] They said well they have them loose, yes, but she said they don't have them right down there.
None (PS6ST) [4246] What do you want with money
Helen (PS0E8) [4247] Well there was a sale at eh
None (PS6ST) [4248] Oh, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4249] Yes, some second hand stuff, I
None (PS6ST) [4250] [...] it's sold?
Helen (PS0E8) [4251] No.
None (PS6ST) [4252] What'll do with it?
Helen (PS0E8) [4253] No I mean, I think you just leave it there and let [...] come around again.
[4254] I don't know how much gets sold, it's all a bit of a, I mean there's no room, it's only a very small anti-room isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4255] Oh it's in there?
Helen (PS0E8) [4256] Yeah because the erm, lessons are going on in there.
[4257] So it's all very, you know, on top of each other.

68 (Tape 005109)

Helen (PS0E8) [4258] I mean there's no point in the stuff sitting here, if they need it.
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4259] No point in me hanging on to the stuff, cos the baby's grown out of it, that's it, isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4260] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4261] Arthur was saying some of the second hand stuff at Bromley High is quite good.
None (PS6ST) [4262] Quite good.
Helen (PS0E8) [4263] Mm.
None (PS6ST) [4264] How do you mean?
Helen (PS0E8) [4265] There's a second hand sale, there's eight Lego's, two
None (PS6ST) [4266] Oh, I see.
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
None (PS6ST) [4267] Yeah ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4268] Feel like saying well if you're in charge of it, just keep [laugh] a set that will fit Clare in her size and we'll have it.
None (PS6ST) [4269] Been to an antique fair.
Helen (PS0E8) [4270] Yes, yes, he's organised it ... Chris has had to go to work for two days this week.
None (PS6ST) [4271] [...] .
[4272] What over half term?
Helen (PS0E8) [4273] Mm, well, they [...] in an office, so
None (PS6ST) [4274] Get some money and
Helen (PS0E8) [4275] I'll have some, [...] a bit.
None (PS6ST) [4276] Want some?
Helen (PS0E8) [4277] Are you gonna have another cup?
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4278] Then they go for a month to a, Sue's going on a computing course for a day on the tenth of June, the date Clare goes to Brompton, Isle of Wight, so I'll have to bring them home.
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4279] Well she wants me to take them and bring them home, but I said look, you know, I've got, Clare's got to be at school for half past eight on that Monday.
None (PS6ST) [4280] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4281] I erm, and I'd rather take Caroline because I think it would be good for her to have
None (PS6ST) [4282] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4283] [cough] I can't get Catherine and Deborah and Caroline and Amy and Clare and all their luggage
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4284] Well, I'm not quite sure, to, it's erm, run by the, one of these agencies.
None (PS6ST) [4285] By an agency?
Helen (PS0E8) [4286] Mm.
[4287] Whether it's going on what's available or
None (PS6ST) [4288] Mm [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4289] Suppose she thought she could probably get them to school, but can't bring them home.
None (PS6ST) [4290] What [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4291] I don't really want to be cope with Deborah and Catherine the day Clare goes off to Isle of Wight do we?
None (PS6ST) [4292] No ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4293] Though, she seems very keen to have a job, that [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4294] [...] .
[4295] You seemed to rather a lot for her.
Helen (PS0E8) [4296] Yes ...
None (PS6ST) [4297] Well I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4298] [...] I thought she's going to call [...] .

69 (Tape 005110)

None (PS6ST) [4299] Is John at work or is he, he starts on Monday?
Helen (PS0E8) [4300] I think he starts on the tenth, I think he starts that [sigh] that day.
None (PS6ST) [4301] Mm.
[4302] [...] or something.
Helen (PS0E8) [4303] Mm ... Yeah, I mean, a lot of us could do with a month off.
None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4304] Mm.
[4305] It's better when Deborah's only started school, so
None (PS6ST) [4306] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [4307] [...] so easy.

70 (Tape 005111)

Helen (PS0E8) [4308] Hello my pet, I don't like to see you like this.
[4309] I say it's a good job we're not going to Joseph's tonight.
Amy (PS0EA) [4310] Mhm. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4311] Mm ... I think you're a bit, think you're a bit hot, that's probably what's wakening you up [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [4312] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4313] I think you've got a slight temperature, not a lot, but, just a little bit, do you think you can manage a drink of orange?
[4314] Well you ought to drink something, it'll bring your temperature down and it'll help make you feel better.
[4315] The only thing is to drink.
Amy (PS0EA) [4316] Can I a little bit of orange?

71 (Tape 005112)

Amy (PS0EA) [4317] I'll drink the rest, in a minute.
Helen (PS0E8) [4318] Well try and drink it cos, you drink a bit, it'll bring this temperature down.
[4319] You haven't got much of a temperature, but it's just slightly up.
[4320] Slightly warm.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4321] It makes you feel very lethargic [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [4322] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [4323] Miserable doesn't it, temperature.
[4324] Oh shame as you've just got your tennis racket, I thought you'd be out in the garden [...] around.
[4325] I'm just glad we aren't going, I mean we could easily of had to go tonight.
[4326] You'd feel just like going up to London wont you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4327] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4328] Hope you're better next week ... Just put a bit of wallpaper up in your bedroom, then you can.
[4329] Don't like seeing [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [4330] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4331] You didn't seem too bad this morning.
Amy (PS0EA) [4332] Put [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [4333] Mum.
Helen (PS0E8) [4334] So does she go anywhere near these B and Q or Homebase, [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [4335] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [4336] B and Q and Homebase.
[4337] Yes, I knew you were better on, you [...] up Thursday night didn't you?
[4338] Then you were alright yesterday, you were alright going round Bromley, you didn't really seem to have any awful after effects did you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4339] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4340] Thought you'd recovered ...
Amy (PS0EA) [4341] It's a nice [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [4342] I can't keep anything up. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4343] [...] you've got this catarrh, haven't you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4344] Mm, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4345] Well if you don't get better at the beginning of the week, we'll have to take you and eh, get you some antibiotics, cos I don't want you ill.
Amy (PS0EA) [4346] What happens if I am ill at the Isle of Wight like this?
Clare (PS0E9) [4347] Ready.
Helen (PS0E8) [4348] Well I don't think, I don't know, somebody will stay at the hotel with you I expect.
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4349] Well hopefully you'll be alright.
[4350] [cough] You've just all seemed you've got rather catarrhed haven't we?
[4351] I mean I've got it as well.
[4352] Mm, I didn't feel very well on Tuesday or Thursday.
Amy (PS0EA) [4353] [...] .
[4354] Feel better tomorrow and be ill on Monday.
Helen (PS0E8) [4355] Hope not.
Amy (PS0EA) [4356] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4357] Well I mean it ought to have gone by next week, but be alright.
[4358] If you're not better by sort of Tuesday, Wednesday we'll have to go to the doctor's ... get you some antibiotics.
Amy (PS0EA) [4359] How do you have antibiotics, in water?
Helen (PS0E8) [4360] Yes, if, well sometimes it's medicine.
[4361] The norm it's medicine.
Amy (PS0EA) [4362] Oh.
[4363] Do you feel O K?
Helen (PS0E8) [4364] Yeah, I feel a bit lethargic, but don't feel like doing a lot, but
Amy (PS0EA) [4365] [...] wanted to do [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4366] Yeah, I don't feel like going to London Zoo or anything.
[4367] Mm or anything strenuous, but otherwise I feel alright.
Amy (PS0EA) [4368] Why don't you [...] ?
Helen (PS0E8) [4369] I don't know, you're sort of half dozing aren't you?
Amy (PS0EA) [4370] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4371] Have another little bit of your drink, Amy will you come and read a bit of your book to me?
Clare (PS0E9) [4372] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [4373] Can you read a bit of your book?

72 (Tape 005113)

Helen (PS0E8) [4374] You have a rest, I mean that's all you can do really isn't it?
[4375] What a nuisance.
Amy (PS0EA) [cough] [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4376] Pardon?
Amy (PS0EA) [4377] Is there anything on T V later?
Helen (PS0E8) [4378] Well you've got the book, so [cough] No we're on this one now.
[4379] The erm, the, the Derby.
Amy (PS0EA) [...] ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4380] Saturday, well it's Grandstand all afternoon.
Amy (PS0EA) [4381] What's on Grandstand?
Helen (PS0E8) [4382] Mm, show jumping at four twenty five, motor racing.
Amy (PS0EA) [4383] Is there nothing on after this?
Helen (PS0E8) [4384] Flying Doctors, That's Show Business, You've Got To Be Joking.
Amy (PS0EA) [4385] Is there nothing on I T V?
Helen (PS0E8) [4386] [sigh] ... There's a, there's an Indian drama on B B C two with English subtitles, it's in Hindi, that'll be interesting for you.
[4387] Half A Sixpence, oh you'll probably quite like that, that's here.
Amy (PS0EA) [4388] Now?
Helen (PS0E8) [4389] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4390] Tommy, Tommy Steele, like to sit up?
[4391] [tv on] That's Tommy Steele.
Clare (PS0E9) [4392] Where's the book?
Amy (PS0EA) [4393] Mm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4394] Here.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4395] Mm.
[4396] He's a lot older than that now.
[4397] Come on, you can read your book.

73 (Tape 005114)

Helen (PS0E8) [4398] Mm, let's wipe the tape.
Clare (PS0E9) [4399] Puff the Magic Dragon
Helen (PS0E8) [...]
Clare (PS0E9) [4400] lives by the sea.
[4401] For the story of the pink
Helen (PS0E8) [4402] The story of the pink, yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [cough]
Helen (PS0E8) [4403] See the little chaffinch?
Clare (PS0E9) [4404] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [4405] See the little chaffinch?
Clare (PS0E9) [4406] Yeah.
[4407] It was [...] .
[4408] It was like autumn, Pink the chaffinch was his friend, we hurry, so they flew off to a field where the corn had been thrashed.
Helen (PS0E8) [4409] Threshed.
Clare (PS0E9) [4410] What's threshed?
Helen (PS0E8) [4411] Mm, I think it's been cut and, they have to stretch it to get the actual bits of corn out of the middle of the seed, don't want the husk.
Helen (PS0E8) [4412] Threshed , in the [...] , E, E, A, S.
Clare (PS0E9) [4413] In the heat.
Helen (PS0E8) [4414] Heat of chaff.
Clare (PS0E9) [4415] Chaff?
Helen (PS0E8) [4416] Mm, that's what the outside of the grain of corn is called.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4417] It is and not the word [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [4418] They had all the grain of which they needed for a good breakfast to finish
Helen (PS0E8) [4419] [...] breakfast, to finish.
Clare (PS0E9) [4420] off the meal they eat some [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4421] Thistle.
Clare (PS0E9) [4422] Thistle?
Helen (PS0E8) [4423] Thistle, yes, it's a thistle.
Clare (PS0E9) [4424] That's hard isn't it [...] ?
Helen (PS0E8) [4425] Yeah.
Clare (PS0E9) [4426] Pink and, and
Helen (PS0E8) [4427] Pink was
Clare (PS0E9) [4428] Pink was a handsome bird, have cup
Helen (PS0E8) [4429] His cap.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4430] His cap.
Clare (PS0E9) [4431] Was da ... daler.
Helen (PS0E8) [4432] Dull.
Clare (PS0E9) [4433] Dal.
Helen (PS0E8) [4434] Dull.
Clare (PS0E9) [4435] He
Helen (PS0E8) [4436] His cap was dull.
Clare (PS0E9) [4437] Blue.
Helen (PS0E8) [4438] Blue.
Clare (PS0E9) [4439] And his back was brown and his chest was a lovely rosy brown, there.
Helen (PS0E8) [4440] Mm, it's a pinky brown isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [4441] Mm.
[4442] He had buns.
Helen (PS0E8) [4443] He had
Clare (PS0E9) [4444] Bands.
Helen (PS0E8) [4445] Bands.
Clare (PS0E9) [4446] [...] of white of his wings.
Helen (PS0E8) [4447] On his wings.
Clare (PS0E9) [4448] Mm, and when he blew he showed off more white feathers in his tail and little hen chaffinch always keeps near to Pink.
[4449] She was quite dark, she had no rosy breast and not a song worth, what's that say?
Helen (PS0E8) [4450] Not a song worth
Clare (PS0E9) [4451] Worth singing.
[4452] Pink took at very little boy not
Helen (PS0E8) [4453] [cough] notice.
Clare (PS0E9) [4454] notice of her, who's Pink?
Helen (PS0E8) [4455] The chaffinch isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [4456] Why's he called Pink?
Helen (PS0E8) [4457] Mm?
Clare (PS0E9) [4458] I didn't know he was called Pink.
[4459] Ah, winter came and it rain much colder, snow fell and covered everything Pink
Helen (PS0E8) [4460] Covered everything.
[4461] Pink.
Clare (PS0E9) [4462] and his friends could not find any of the seeds they liked to eat, they, they were hungry now and eat glad
Helen (PS0E8) [4463] Gladly.
Clare (PS0E9) [4464] gladly and
Helen (PS0E8) [4465] The
Clare (PS0E9) [4466] the corn
Helen (PS0E8) [4467] Crumbs.
Clare (PS0E9) [4468] crumbs.
[4469] A fat, [...] came.
Helen (PS0E8) [4470] Fat.
Clare (PS0E9) [4471] Kind people put out for them, they were expecting
Helen (PS0E8) [4472] Especially. [yawn]
Clare (PS0E9) [4473] especially glad when people put out dishes of water.
[4474] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [4475] [...] everything is frozen over they don't get any water do they?
Clare (PS0E9) [cough]
Helen (PS0E8) [4476] Oh it's a long story that one.
Clare (PS0E9) [4477] Mm, I want to read all of it.
[4478] Pink's beautiful feathers grow dull, why did they grow dull?
Helen (PS0E8) [4479] Again he's probably not eating the right things.
Clare (PS0E9) [4480] And dirty in all the rain and fog.
[4481] He longed for the white spring days, at last the morning were light
Helen (PS0E8) [4482] At last the mornings were lighter.
Clare (PS0E9) [4483] were lighter.
[4484] The [...] began to see to each other, I believe winter has gone, some of the days were quite warm and Pink started to pressured?
Helen (PS0E8) [4485] To practice.
Clare (PS0E9) [4486] Practice the song he knew.
[4487] They were not very good at the, he had forgotten all the best bits.
[4488] Then it really was spring the apples orchard was in flower.
[4489] Pink, Pink shouted the chaffinches to each other, oh Pink what a day
Helen (PS0E8) [4490] What a lazy.
Clare (PS0E9) [4491] lazy fellow is could lean
Helen (PS0E8) [4492] Never.
Clare (PS0E9) [4493] never , get to his singing as early as the blackbirds, the
Helen (PS0E8) [4494] As, as early as the blackbirds and thrushes.
Clare (PS0E9) [4495] thrushes, but ever
Helen (PS0E8) [4496] Even.
Clare (PS0E9) [4497] even so he was singing l ... long before spring
Helen (PS0E8) [4498] Sun.
Clare (PS0E9) [4499] spla
Helen (PS0E8) [4500] Sunrise.
Clare (PS0E9) [4501] rise he lovely, loved
Helen (PS0E8) [4502] Loved.
Clare (PS0E9) [4503] to sing and from time to time all from
Helen (PS0E8) [4504] All through.
Clare (PS0E9) [4505] through the day, his
Helen (PS0E8) [4506] Call.
Clare (PS0E9) [4507] call rang out.
[4508] Why did they have pink on it, that's why it's called Pink?
Helen (PS0E8) [4509] Mm.
[4510] That's why he's called Pink, I think.
Clare (PS0E9) [4511] He loved bathing.
Helen (PS0E8) [4512] Bathing.
Clare (PS0E9) [4513] Oh bath ... bathing.
Helen (PS0E8) [4514] Well it's called bathing isn't it?
[4515] You don't say I'm going to have a bathing.
[4516] I'm going bath, I'm going bathing.
Clare (PS0E9) [4517] Bathing to the winter fog.
Helen (PS0E8) [4518] Did you find it?
Amy (PS0EA) [4519] Yes.
Clare (PS0E9) [4520] He made his feathers dirty so he liked
Helen (PS0E8) [4521] So he looked. [cough]
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4522] For.
Clare (PS0E9) [4523] for one of those deep puddles made by the spring rain.
[4524] He dripped his
Helen (PS0E8) [4525] He dipped.
Clare (PS0E9) [4526] he, he dipped his head, that's what I said
Helen (PS0E8) [4527] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4528] under the splash
Helen (PS0E8) [4529] Under and splashed.
Clare (PS0E9) [4530] the water all over his self with the wings, with his wings, then he flew up into a tree to tie
Helen (PS0E8) [4531] Tidy.
Clare (PS0E9) [4532] tidy his feathers and dry in the sun.
[4533] His feather grow white every day until his breast was a good all colour.
[4534] Pink thought to himself I very fine bird.
[4535] He, and, he wanted a friend to admire him
Helen (PS0E8) [4536] Mm, good girl. [cough]
Clare (PS0E9) [4537] and listened to his songs, he every
Helen (PS0E8) [4538] He even.
Clare (PS0E9) [4539] He [...] thought of making a nest
Helen (PS0E8) [4540] I think that's for little babies isn't it?
Clare (PS0E9) [4541] Yeah.
[4542] What you say?
[4543] He [...] lady.
[4544] They're not the same birds
Helen (PS0E8) [4545] Mm, I think they're supposed to be.
Clare (PS0E9) [4546] cos that ones horrible and dirty with
Helen (PS0E8) [4547] Well that's the lady bird and they're never so pretty as the men birds.
Clare (PS0E9) [4548] Aren't they?
Helen (PS0E8) [4549] No, not the birds.
Clare (PS0E9) [4550] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [4551] It's always men that have the pretty colours.
[4552] Are you going to read this page?
Clare (PS0E9) [4553] One day he remembered the hen chaffinch thought
Helen (PS0E8) [4554] That.
Clare (PS0E9) [4555] that had flower
Helen (PS0E8) [4556] That had flown.
Clare (PS0E9) [4557] flown with him in the nest
Helen (PS0E8) [4558] In the.
Clare (PS0E9) [4559] in the winter and
Helen (PS0E8) [4560] She.
Clare (PS0E9) [4561] she was nice so, she would admire his fine colours and did not seem much herself, so, she wanted
Helen (PS0E8) [4562] So she would.
Clare (PS0E9) [4563] would listen to him, she is a wife I want Pink thought.
[4564] Thought Pink, the little hen was pleased, she too wanted to make a nest.
[4565] Pink took her to the garden and showed her the rose arch.
Helen (PS0E8) [4566] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4567] Look, oh yes that's it, dear.
Helen (PS0E8) [4568] Look my dear.
Clare (PS0E9) [4569] My dear, he said, this seems a good place for a nest.
[4570] Why does it seem a good place for a nest? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4571] Don't think she thinks much of it. [cough]
Clare (PS0E9) [4572] He no ... nobody
Helen (PS0E8) [4573] Nodded.
Clare (PS0E9) [4574] Nobody
Helen (PS0E8) [4575] She nodded.
Clare (PS0E9) [4576] nodded but looked at an apple tree over the hedge.
[4577] The next day they began to build the nest in the apple tree.
[4578] Is that the apple tree?
Helen (PS0E8) [4579] No, here's the apple tree, I think that's the rose arch, but she didn't think that was such a good idea, and she was probably quite right.
Clare (PS0E9) [4580] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [4581] She was probably quite right.
Clare (PS0E9) [4582] This one [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4583] Yeah, here we are.
Clare (PS0E9) [4584] The little hen worked all day getting moss and wood and bind up those
Helen (PS0E8) [4585] These.
Clare (PS0E9) [4586] These [...] put in a heap with
Helen (PS0E8) [4587] Where.
Clare (PS0E9) [4588] where two branches met.
[4589] When they
Helen (PS0E8) [4590] When they're. [cough]
Clare (PS0E9) [4591] there were
Helen (PS0E8) [4592] Enough.
Clare (PS0E9) [4593] enough to set it
Helen (PS0E8) [4594] She sat.
Clare (PS0E9) [4595] there was enough, she ... she sat in flat [...] of it and pushed herself r ... round and round, soon then there was [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4596] Was shaped.
Clare (PS0E9) [4597] shaped like a cup with bright
Helen (PS0E8) [4598] She bought, brought.
Clare (PS0E9) [4599] she brought more moss still and pressed into shape with in the same way.
[4600] Turning herself round and round
Helen (PS0E8) [4601] Have we nearly finished?
[4602] Yes you nearly finished.
Clare (PS0E9) [4603] Good.
Helen (PS0E8) [4604] Mm.
Clare (PS0E9) [4605] I wish you wouldn't keep trying
Helen (PS0E8) [4606] Turning.
Clare (PS0E9) [4607] turning round and round like that said Pink.
[4608] You make me feel quite dizzy.
[4609] Don't watch then she answered chaffinch
Helen (PS0E8) [4610] Cheerfully.
Clare (PS0E9) [4611] cheerfully, why don't you sit in the tree and sing to me, when all the moss and, was in place the [...] chaffinch went to find her hair.
[4612] Horse hair
Helen (PS0E8) [4613] Horse hair.
Clare (PS0E9) [4614] What's horse hair?
Helen (PS0E8) [4615] What, horse hair from the horses tail I should think.
[4616] Horse hair. [noseblow]
Clare (PS0E9) [4617] Horse hair for lying
Helen (PS0E8) [4618] For the lining.
Clare (PS0E9) [4619] lining the inside of the nest.
[4620] What's that?
[4621] Can I keep [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4622] Mm, make it nice and soft I should think.
Clare (PS0E9) [4623] It's beautiful sang Pink, how well it shows up Greg's
Helen (PS0E8) [4624] Against.
Clare (PS0E9) [4625] against the branches.
[4626] Shows up said [...] wife, little and
Helen (PS0E8) [4627] With a, with a little [...] .
Clare (PS0E9) [4628] with a little , mummy
Helen (PS0E8) [4629] Green.
Clare (PS0E9) [4630] Green
Helen (PS0E8) [4631] Don't want it to show up, does she.
Clare (PS0E9) [4632] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [4633] Well cos then it will be obvious and cats might come up and get the eggs or something.
Clare (PS0E9) [4634] [...] it must do.
Helen (PS0E8) [4635] It mustn't do that.
Clare (PS0E9) [4636] Do that.
Helen (PS0E8) [4637] She doesn't want it to show up.
Clare (PS0E9) [4638] Why, he looks a bit sad.
Helen (PS0E8) [4639] I don't think he's doing very much do you?
Clare (PS0E9) [4640] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4641] I think he's letting his wife do all the work.
Clare (PS0E9) [4642] Yes.
[4643] She flew to an old gate and picked
Helen (PS0E8) [4644] And pecked.
Clare (PS0E9) [4645] pecked of picked
Helen (PS0E8) [4646] Pieces.
Clare (PS0E9) [4647] pieces of grey
Helen (PS0E8) [4648] Lichen.
Clare (PS0E9) [4649] lichen.
[4650] Those she took, shook
Helen (PS0E8) [4651] Stuck.
Clare (PS0E9) [4652] stuck on

74 (Tape 005201)

Helen (PS0E8) [4653] [...] saves watching Half a Sixpence.
None (PS6ST) [4654] Oh is she [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4655] Yeah, well, hm, don't think she's up too much, so, got Tommy Steele in it so she might as well he looks a bit younger [laugh] .
None (PS6ST) [4656] Does he?
Helen (PS0E8) [4657] About twenty years ago, wasn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4658] Yeah, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4659] Right, shall I go and get.
None (PS6ST) [4660] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4661] Changed.
None (PS6ST) [4662] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4663] Lucky ... [...] on it, it'll be quite nice.
None (PS6ST) [4664] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4665] See what it looks like, [clears throat] How are you pet?
[4666] This quite good?
[4667] Well, about your level today isn't it?
[4668] About your ... hm.
[4669] Need watering a bit, have those back up there and ... really you seem even worse than ... oh were going to go and do your bedroom.
[4670] Try and get that drink drunk.

75 (Tape 005202)

Helen (PS0E8) [4671] Yep ... do we want the stuff to fill the holes with?
None (PS6ST) [4672] I don't know whether we did really to be honest, don't worry, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4673] Poly filler.
None (PS6ST) [4674] Poly filler and eh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4675] Got some sand paper.
None (PS6ST) [4676] I'm not going [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4677] Put it on the bed or something.
None (PS6ST) [4678] Put it on the bed.
Helen (PS0E8) [4679] Wants some poly ... uhum some sand paper?
None (PS6ST) [4680] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4681] Is it alright?
None (PS6ST) [4682] With the uhum, the putty knife.
Helen (PS0E8) [4683] Oh right.
None (PS6ST) [4684] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4685] Yeah.

76 (Tape 005203)

None (PS6ST) [4686] I said the putty knife.
Helen (PS0E8) [4687] What's the putty knife?
None (PS6ST) [4688] [...] flat [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4689] What, that one?
None (PS6ST) [4690] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4691] Well I don't know, I don't know where your putty knife is.
None (PS6ST) [4692] It's [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4693] It's the what?
None (PS6ST) [4694] Have too guess.
Helen (PS0E8) [4695] Well I don't know, they all look the same to me.

77 (Tape 005204)

Helen (PS0E8) [4696] I'm a bit upset if she's not very well though.
[4697] Seems to happen.
None (PS6ST) [4698] She's was alright [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4699] Hm, [...] very well on Thursday.
None (PS6ST) [4700] No she wasn't.
Helen (PS0E8) [4701] No.
[4702] And then she perked up in the evening, I think she wanted to play tennis and then she was alright Friday.
[4703] I don't like these things that you don't seem to get rid off and they just come back when you least want them.
None (PS6ST) [4704] Hm .
Helen (PS0E8) [4705] I was very glad were not, we ... we could easily of been going to [...] tonight.
None (PS6ST) [4706] Hm ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4707] We want the tape measure won't we?
[4708] We must of have plenty of pencils up here I would think.

78 (Tape 005205)

Helen (PS0E8) [4709] [...] have we got the ... we haven't got the thing to draw a straight line have we?
[4710] Is that.
None (PS6ST) [4711] That's in the, that's in the box in the corner.
Helen (PS0E8) [4712] What in that bluey ... what the box ... a box or uhum in your little cupboard.
None (PS6ST) [4713] Hm in the kitchen cupboard.
Helen (PS0E8) [4714] Yeah.

79 (Tape 005206)

Helen (PS0E8) [4715] Oh it's quite useful that Half a Sixpence is on.
None (PS6ST) [4716] Yeah, they both watching it?
Helen (PS0E8) [4717] No Amy won't watch television.
None (PS6ST) [4718] What she doing?
Helen (PS0E8) [4719] Playing with her marbles.
None (PS6ST) [4720] Right [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4721] I must get round to getting end of ... uhum ... curtain material.
None (PS6ST) [4722] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4723] Yes, I quite like that pink and white stripe one.
[4724] I quite like somewhere I could get uhum a cover for the bed to match.
[4725] Look quite nice wouldn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4726] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4727] We'd better measure it on the other wall, hadn't we?
[4728] It'll be wet.
None (PS6ST) [4729] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4730] Let's see.
[4731] Tape measures there some where.
None (PS6ST) [4732] So we have to do that.
Helen (PS0E8) [4733] Oh better measure other.
[4734] What's it twenty one?
[4735] Twenty and a half.
None (PS6ST) [4736] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4737] uhum, couldn't you go up in the other corner.
None (PS6ST) [4738] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4739] I can't cos that's left handed for me.
None (PS6ST) [4740] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4741] I can work that way, I've got to go the other way.
None (PS6ST) [4742] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4743] Can't you unhook it?
[4744] Does it unhook at the end?
None (PS6ST) [4745] [...] get the right length [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4746] And then it goes up ... under any way.
[4747] Twenty should be alright and just half an inch to go round the corner.

80 (Tape 005207)

Helen (PS0E8) [4748] Well it's certainly different paper.
None (PS6ST) [4749] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4750] Hm ... But it's quite good paper because it's got all the colours in it so you could put any thing with it can't you?
None (PS6ST) [4751] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4752] I didn't think [...] .

81 (Tape 005208)

Helen (PS0E8) [4753] You thought this was a big bedroom till you started trying to get.
None (PS6ST) [4754] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4755] Amy Johnson's a funny little one.
[4756] She was a, [...] going to see Joseph's.
None (PS6ST) [4757] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4758] Dream Coat next week end.
None (PS6ST) [4759] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4760] And she said, with Jason Donovan, I said oh do you like Jason Donovan? she said oh yes I've seen that with Jason Donovan.
[4761] Oh she said I've seen Jason Donovan in that, so I said well I don't think you have cos it didn't start till today.
None (PS6ST) [4762] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4763] [sniff] I have, I saw it a while ago with daddy.
None (PS6ST) [4764] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4765] I said yes, but I don't think it was actually Jason Donovan, oh it was, yes, it was Jason Donovan and I've got the paper [...] all [...] along, I give up in the end [laugh] .
None (PS6ST) [4766] Yeah ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4767] Very definite young lady .
None (PS6ST) [4768] Is she?.
Helen (PS0E8) [4769] Oh yes, ooh she wasn't going to have it that we were going to see it, cos she hasn't seen that particular one.
None (PS6ST) [4770] Do they, get on alright together?
Helen (PS0E8) [4771] Well, yes I think so.
[4772] Yeah.
[4773] I don't think Amy Johnson will be over pleased that she that Amy get's better than she is , no.
None (PS6ST) [4774] She is .
Helen (PS0E8) [4775] But Amy's very tactful so I just didn't say any thing.
None (PS6ST) [4776] Yeah. [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [4777] No she's quite, well I told her not to.
[4778] [clears throat] I mean this, the children are two young to have there noses rub with it, especially Amy Johnson, that wouldn't go down well, but eh, she's quite good, she doesn't sort of.
None (PS6ST) [4779] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4780] Can you measure it down that one or.
None (PS6ST) [4781] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4782] Is it going to stick? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4783] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4784] You know what the
None (PS6ST) [4785] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4786] I presume that that's the top wouldn't you?
[4787] At the beginning of a roll, and I would almo ...
None (PS6ST) [4788] In both ways or.
Helen (PS0E8) [4789] Yeah, I would almost say that [...] upside down, there seems to be more flowers going down than up don't they?
[4790] The pink ones going down, the blue ones going down.
None (PS6ST) [4791] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4792] Does it look better the other way up does it?
None (PS6ST) [4793] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4794] Don't you?
None (PS6ST) [4795] Yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [4796] I think the majority.
None (PS6ST) [4797] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4798] Alright.
None (PS6ST) [4799] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4800] Yeah, I think [laugh] some one way, some the other, look lovely.
None (PS6ST) [4801] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4802] Yeah.
[4803] It's not a very big pattern drops any rate.
[4804] It is different paper isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4805] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4806] Thank you.

82 (Tape 005209)

Helen (PS0E8) [4807] Her mummy was saying, you know Michelle, aunty Monica's daughter.
None (PS6ST) [4808] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4809] There in dire straights now.
None (PS6ST) [4810] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4811] Pardon?
None (PS6ST) [4812] In what respect, financially?
Helen (PS0E8) [4813] Yeah, they think there've got to sell the house and get out.
None (PS6ST) [4814] Why's that?
Helen (PS0E8) [4815] Why, they owe six thousand pounds on the various cards.
None (PS6ST) [4816] Cards?
Helen (PS0E8) [4817] Yeah, huh, I think there way behind on the mortgage.
None (PS6ST) [4818] [...] does Michelle work?
Helen (PS0E8) [4819] Well she did work full time in London, but she said that was to much for her so she's, she didn't work at all, now she's gone back to work three days a week in Orpington I think.
None (PS6ST) [4820] She's got what, two children.
Helen (PS0E8) [4821] Yes, but Ross gave up his job as a uhum, he was in with the Leeds, which was a bit stupid because he must of got a cheaper mortgage I should think.
None (PS6ST) [4822] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4823] To become an insurance sales man.
None (PS6ST) [4824] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [4825] And of course I don't think he would do any good at it, his quite a quite, shy.
None (PS6ST) [4826] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4827] And I mean it's not easy at the moment any way, is it?
None (PS6ST) [4828] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4829] Even for the pushiest ... But I mean, they've ... they were owing money years ago, they sort of said there having Christmas on Access.
[4830] [sigh] oh it's a shame when you lose your house though isn't it?
[4831] Yep.
None (PS6ST) [4832] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4833] Yeah, this is the top.

83 (Tape 005210)

Helen (PS0E8) [4834] Ah, I reckon that sticks a lot better, doesn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4835] [...] be easier to tear I think.
Helen (PS0E8) [4836] Yeah, it's not very thick, well it's got no strength in it has it?
None (PS6ST) [4837] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4838] But uhum, it sticks, whilst the other one just curls straight back up at the edges didn't it.
None (PS6ST) [4839] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4840] Dreadful.
[4841] But doing this, you know, what ever it's like, it, the other one was hopeless ...
None (PS6ST) [4842] Be interesting this one.
Helen (PS0E8) [4843] Yeah, at least you get a bit more of a ... how long you got a ... you got a [cough] , I mean I couldn't cope with [...] , I mean I'm not pleased with it now I've done it.
None (PS6ST) [4844] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4845] Otherwise it get's sore, but then every time I walk in there I can see every joint ... [...] a lot better.
[4846] Mind you, you just have to learn, you can only, you've got to put the paper up that sticks haven't you?
None (PS6ST) [4847] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4848] Got a sort of sheen on it hasn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4849] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4850] And there not that small any more are they?
[4851] I mean, you know there not going to go round with a felt tip pen.
None (PS6ST) [4852] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4853] There better not.
None (PS6ST) [4854] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4855] Hm.
[4856] Yeah I'll have it that way, I don't like it the other way up.
[4857] Most of the flowers are the wrong way.
[4858] Darling there is a joi ... a pattern.
None (PS6ST) [4859] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4860] Well it isn't for me.
None (PS6ST) [4861] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4862] [...] .
[4863] And then you fold, you paste the bottom first, then you fold that up.
[4864] Well I thought wall paper ought to stick because wall paper was on Amy's bedroom.
None (PS6ST) [4865] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4866] You know, ordinary wall ... that was just, just [...] wall paper wasn't it?
None (PS6ST) [4867] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4868] And eh that just stuck and the joins were alright ... It just took so long before as well didn't it.
None (PS6ST) [4869] It did.
Helen (PS0E8) [4870] Can I have the scissors?
[4871] Thank you.
[4872] I mean I not very happy with the lounge either.
None (PS6ST) [4873] No I'm not.
Helen (PS0E8) [4874] Just glad we didn't do the hall.
[4875] Driven me mad that would.
[4876] Or our bedroom.
None (PS6ST) [4877] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [4878] Or our bedroom.
None (PS6ST) [4879] Hm ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4880] Funny though I mean I've never known problem before.
None (PS6ST) [4881] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4882] It's not as if the house is terribly old or any thing that the plasters, even .
None (PS6ST) [4883] It isn't just the plaster is it, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4884] Yeah, it was all the new walls as well.
[4885] I mean it hasn't done it any good all the ... in Amy's bedroom where ... where it had to put the copydex it's all got brownish and, hasn't it? you can see where the.
None (PS6ST) [4886] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4887] Hm, yeah, it's not, it's not quite the same colour, you can see where the copydex has been.

84 (Tape 005211)

Helen (PS0E8) [4888] Well it doesn't like vinyl paper for some reason.
None (PS6ST) [4889] No, it'll dry out [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4890] Yeah ... It wasn't that ... it wasn't the lumps that bothered me it was the uhum, the fact that the edges just doesn't stay down.
None (PS6ST) [4891] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4892] I think I might cut another piece of paper, the side won't stay flat.

85 (Tape 005212)

Helen (PS0E8) [4893] Huh, I'm quite please about that.
[4894] Annoying when your not pleased with when you spent all your time doing it and then your not pleased with it .
None (PS6ST) [4895] Yeah .
[4896] Splendid.
Helen (PS0E8) [4897] Yeah. [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4898] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4899] Yeah I thought, just thought you might want to get behind it.
None (PS6ST) [4900] [...] ... [...] Ga- ... Gary's off the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4901] Hm, well he doesn't tell me either.
None (PS6ST) [4902] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4903] Well you probably lose a bit, it's not sticking properly to the wall.

86 (Tape 005213)

Helen (PS0E8) [4904] Is that when you take it round and eh [clears throat] .
None (PS6ST) [4905] Take what round?
Helen (PS0E8) [4906] What, you know, round the corner, and keep it straight.
None (PS6ST) [4907] [...] oh I see what you mean.
Helen (PS0E8) [4908] Another one after that rather than cutting [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4909] [...] where you've got some [...] in there it won't matter.
Helen (PS0E8) [4910] No.
None (PS6ST) [4911] You're alright.
Helen (PS0E8) [4912] Right.

87 (Tape 005214)

Helen (PS0E8) [4913] Nowhere near, half I should think.
None (PS6ST) [4914] Oh dear.
Helen (PS0E8) [4915] Come on [...] at it.
[4916] So [...] matches this side, not to low, it's to low on the other bit, [clears throat] .
None (PS6ST) [4917] Is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [4918] Hm ...
None (PS6ST) [4919] Watch your elbow on that cos you could knock it off couldn't you? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4920] What [...] .
None (PS6ST) [4921] Hm ...
Helen (PS0E8) [4922] Hm, hm.
[4923] Thank you.
[4924] Is Clare still awake?
[4925] Did you go down?
None (PS6ST) [4926] Yeah, yeah, she's a.
Helen (PS0E8) [4927] Right, I mean that's the time when a video is useful.
None (PS6ST) [4928] Right.
Helen (PS0E8) [4929] She's not really well enough to do any thing is she?
None (PS6ST) [4930] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4931] It's ... it's a bit boring for her just to lye there.
None (PS6ST) [4932] Got video's down here a hundred and fifty pound [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4933] [...] .
[4934] I don't really know how much we ... we use it really.
None (PS6ST) [4935] No, no, I mean I wouldn't a video to [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4936] [...] I mean [...] I mean during the week she never, she's going to get to the stage except that Chris is taking Amy to ballet, she won't see Neighbours at all.
None (PS6ST) [4937] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4938] No.
[4939] Don't want to come down too hard on her.
[4940] She misses it on Monday cos she goes to flute, she misses it, she wa- ... she sees it on Tuesday cos Chris takes Amy to ballet, she was, she misses it on Wednesday cos she goes skiing, she misses it on Thursday because we have to take Amy to uhum Brownies, she misses it on Friday cos of Amy's swimming.
None (PS6ST) [4941] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4942] No, no she doesn't want to watch, I thing honestly when she comes home from school she's tired out.
None (PS6ST) [4943] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4944] But, you know she just puts it on, she doesn't want to do any thing for a hour or so and just sit and recover.
[4945] I don't think you can really grumble.
[4946] Has she not ... I mean she never watches it after tea if you notice, she'll always go out and play or something.
None (PS6ST) [4947] I know.
Helen (PS0E8) [4948] She'll watch it half an hour in the evening before she goes to bed if she gets the chance.
[4949] She doesn't watch all that, she doesn't watch all that much really ... I think she gets more tired than Amy in a way.
None (PS6ST) [4950] Hm. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4951] I think Clare lives more on her nerves.
None (PS6ST) [4952] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4953] And that when she comes home, cos she's you know, had enough.

88 (Tape 005215)

Helen (PS0E8) [4954] Are we going that way next?
None (PS6ST) [4955] Well I [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4956] [clears throat] , this is when you'll need a plumb line for that won't you?
None (PS6ST) [4957] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4958] Is it a very good plumb, oh you've got [...] plumb line for the top and the bottom haven't you? [laugh] and hope.
None (PS6ST) [4959] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4960] Ah and the next piece is going to go over the window.
None (PS6ST) [4961] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4962] So you need it.
None (PS6ST) [4963] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4964] It down to get the line at the bottom .
None (PS6ST) [4965] Yeah , yeah. [clears throat] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4966] You won't [...] .

89 (Tape 005216)

Helen (PS0E8) [4967] Oh it's quite pretty.
[4968] That's about right cos you wouldn't want a big pattern in a room this size would you?
None (PS6ST) [4969] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [4970] [cough] .
[4971] I tell you what, eh you wouldn't get any.
None (PS6ST) [4972] [...] twenty.
Helen (PS0E8) [4973] Yes ... Steven's not having a particularly good week for his holidays is he?
None (PS6ST) [4974] No he isn't. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4975] Yeah.
[4976] I wouldn't be at all impressed with it.

90 (Tape 005217)

Helen (PS0E8) [4977] Oh Deborah was moaning cos she went to a party the other ... last one ... this week, I think at the beginning of the week, and the had Joey the clown and Mr Nuttey, she said oh I'd like them, but Sue said she went sort of a bit earlier and see how they got on and eh, she said oh it wasn't the same at five, they didn't respond and.
None (PS6ST) [4978] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4979] You know they were much quieter, it didn't go with a swing that Amy's.
None (PS6ST) [4980] How old is Clare, she's a bit older?
Helen (PS0E8) [4981] She's six.
[4982] She has it six, seven and eight.
None (PS6ST) [4983] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4984] Cos she said she thought, you know, they needed to be a bit older.
None (PS6ST) [4985] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [4986] I mean she's talking about it and I said well I thought at five they were probably a bit young.
None (PS6ST) [4987] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4988] We haven't, we didn't have it till they were six.
[4989] Deborah apparently wasn't pleased.
None (PS6ST) [4990] That's right, [...] .

91 (Tape 005218)

Helen (PS0E8) [4991] How are you then pet?
Clare (PS0E9) [4992] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4993] You've got a bit of colour back now.
Clare (PS0E9) [4994] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [4995] Could you ... could you manage another drink?
Clare (PS0E9) [4996] What was sue on the phone for?
Helen (PS0E8) [4997] She want's the uhum ... eh the plates and things for the party.
Clare (PS0E9) [4998] When she [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [4999] A bit later on.
[5000] Said she was very sorry.
Clare (PS0E9) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [5001] Hm.
Clare (PS0E9) [5002] Whole poached egg in [...] ...
Amy (PS0EA) [5003] Mummy, mummy look.
[5004] Mummy.
Helen (PS0E8) [5005] Oh poppet obviously going to [laugh] .
Clare (PS0E9) [5006] Can I [...] .

92 (Tape 005219)

Helen (PS0E8) [5007] Yeah, she looks as though she's got a bit more colour and she says she feels a bit better.
None (PS6ST) [5008] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5009] Oh I think you better cut, she's watching Kipps, says quite good, Half a Sixpence, she says it's quite good.
[5010] Enjoying it.
[5011] Would you like to come and cut this bit, cos it's left handed.
None (PS6ST) [5012] Which bit?
Helen (PS0E8) [5013] The top.
None (PS6ST) [5014] Yeah [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5015] Oh ... That bits left handed.
None (PS6ST) [5016] I can't, I can't left handed with right handed scissors can I?
Helen (PS0E8) [5017] Oh no, no, you seem better at left handed than I did.
None (PS6ST) [5018] Right, is that level?
[5019] Yeah?
Helen (PS0E8) [5020] No, I don't mean that, I mean here.
None (PS6ST) [5021] Oh there.
Helen (PS0E8) [5022] I not [...] the top.
[5023] It's gonna brighten up now.
None (PS6ST) [5024] Yeah it is.

93 (Tape 005220)

None (PS6ST) [5025] Well it seems to me, if you cut it, if you put that one there, then this other piece, it'll use to do in there.
Helen (PS0E8) [5026] What other piece?
None (PS6ST) [5027] Well, if we cut a piece round there.
Helen (PS0E8) [5028] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [5029] And the other piece that we got could do that one, that piece in there.
Helen (PS0E8) [5030] Ah, you not, yes, alright.
None (PS6ST) [5031] Ok ... [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5032] Well I mean half a bottle to do the top and the down, you can do that bit, measure if you like.
None (PS6ST) [5033] Yeah, ok, if you can measure it, then I can cut off. [...] . [cutting wall paper] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5034] Can't tell whether that's going to reach or not.
[5035] I don't think it is, I think, no, I think you've got to come down another pattern.
[5036] Oh that one down then [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5037] Got what you want?
Helen (PS0E8) [5038] Yeah.
None (PS6ST) [5039] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5040] Couldn't really see in the corner whether it was going, so tight.
[5041] Shall I go and get the other scissors out of the ... cut the right side.
None (PS6ST) [5042] Yes.

94 (Tape 005305)

None (PS6ST) [5043] Okay.
Helen (PS0E8) [5044] Right, now you've got a bit to match it with.
None (PS6ST) [5045] Yeah, that looks.
Helen (PS0E8) [5046] Well that bit was wrong.
None (PS6ST) [5047] What bit was wrong?
Helen (PS0E8) [5048] That bit.
None (PS6ST) [5049] Why was it wrong?
Helen (PS0E8) [5050] Well it's the wrong pattern, up side down for a start, with the other piece of ...
None (PS6ST) [5051] Right, so I have to [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5052] Hm ... Well your on that side and it's half an inch too short isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [5053] Let's have a go with a ... this roll down here then.
Helen (PS0E8) [5054] Haven't much choice have you?
None (PS6ST) [5055] No I haven't.
Clare (PS0E9) [5056] Where I'm going to sleep?
None (PS6ST) [5057] Your going to sleep [...] wall paper.
Clare (PS0E9) [5058] No I'm not ...
None (PS6ST) [5059] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5060] [...] sort of sort of just North of that Blue one.
[5061] Sort of across there and then.
None (PS6ST) [5062] Across there.
Helen (PS0E8) [5063] Hm.
[5064] [clears throat] . I know it's not the easiest thing to measure is it?

95 (Tape 005306)

Amy (PS0EA) [5065] Hello ...
Helen (PS0E8) [5066] Hello how what do you think?
Amy (PS0EA) [5067] It's nice.
Helen (PS0E8) [5068] It goes on a lot better than Amy's.
Amy (PS0EA) [5069] Does it?
Helen (PS0E8) [5070] Yeah.
[5071] ... Do you like their suit.
Amy (PS0EA) [5072] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [5073] Do you like their shell suit?
Amy (PS0EA) [5074] Like whose?
Helen (PS0E8) [5075] Deborah's and Catherine's? ...
Amy (PS0EA) [5076] Am I sleeping in here?
Helen (PS0E8) [5077] Yeah.
Amy (PS0EA) [5078] Or not up there?
Helen (PS0E8) [5079] Yeah, I mean wallpaper, you don't have to stay away from it.
[5080] Didn't you, I mean, it's not like paint.
[5081] There what d'you think?
[5082] Gone up quite well.
Amy (PS0EA) [5083] Pardon?
Helen (PS0E8) [5084] It's gone up quite well.
Amy (PS0EA) [5085] Yeah.
[5086] You can see the joins though [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5087] Well you won't so much when it's dried.
Amy (PS0EA) [5088] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [5089] You can't see them very well. [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [5090] You've still got the tape recorder on.
Helen (PS0E8) [5091] I know ... Oh I've got to get these tapes used up.
Amy (PS0EA) [5092] All of them?
Helen (PS0E8) [5093] Oh no, I don't think I should use all of them, about half of them I should think.
Amy (PS0EA) [5094] Ten, how many you on?
Helen (PS0E8) [5095] Seven I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [5096] Eight, [...] eight.
Helen (PS0E8) [5097] Does it?
[5098] Oh well, I'm on eight, I've done seven.
[5099] I've only got to do it to the end of today so, I don't think I'm going to use twenty do you?
Amy (PS0EA) [5100] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5101] Oh, fed up with this aren't you?
Amy (PS0EA) [5102] Hm ... What's [...] doing in my [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5103] He's written Clare's room, wallpapered on the first of June, that's a bit optimistic, by Helen and Alistair.
Amy (PS0EA) [5104] I [...] done that writing.
Helen (PS0E8) [5105] Probably.
[5106] What daddy's like.
[5107] ... Anyway makes it look a little smarter doesn't it, than with a green carpet, it'll look nice, yes.
Amy (PS0EA) [5108] I can't choose another carpet can I?
Helen (PS0E8) [5109] No.
[5110] It looks better all the same colour instead of some walls green, some walls white.
Amy (PS0EA) [5111] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [5112] So I assume Half a Sixpence is finished.
[5113] Was it good?
Amy (PS0EA) [5114] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [5115] Quite a nice film.
Amy (PS0EA) [5116] It's a weird story.
Helen (PS0E8) [5117] I had to do that for O'level.
Amy (PS0EA) [5118] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [5119] That story.
Amy (PS0EA) [5120] Writing?
Helen (PS0E8) [5121] No I had to study the book.
Amy (PS0EA) [5122] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [5123] Well for English literature they set you so many books to study, that was one of them.
[5124] [...] a stupid book .
Amy (PS0EA) [5125] [...] questions .
Helen (PS0E8) [5126] Yes, from all the characters and
Amy (PS0EA) [5127] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [5128] From all the characters and how they fitted into the story.
Amy (PS0EA) [5129] Did you pass?
Helen (PS0E8) [5130] Only just [laugh] .
[5131] I don't like that book at all, it was a book.
Amy (PS0EA) [5132] What other books are there?
Helen (PS0E8) [5133] You have a Shakespeare play, you had Silas Marner I think I quite liked that one.
[5134] I had one of J- ... uhum, oh I can't remember his name, another play.
[5135] George Bernard Shaw.
Amy (PS0EA) [5136] Hm, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5137] Thought that was fairly silly as well.
[5138] That was four, I think that was probably all I had, two books, two plays, it's quite enough.
Amy (PS0EA) [5139] What're you having for dinner?
Helen (PS0E8) [5140] Chicken casserole, and you can have a little bit.
Amy (PS0EA) [5141] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5142] Well you look better than you did, you've got some colour in your face now.
Amy (PS0EA) [5143] I'll have a tiny bit.
Helen (PS0E8) [5144] You can have a little bit of something to eat ...
Amy (PS0EA) [5145] Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.
Helen (PS0E8) [5146] I hope so poppet.
[5147] ... Hope to get you back to school on Monday, it seems awful if you've had a week off and then your not well.
Amy (PS0EA) [5148] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [5149] This was all a bit sudden, I though you were better.
Amy (PS0EA) [5150] Hm ... Have you finished yet?
Helen (PS0E8) [5151] Well I need daddy to a ... start along there [yawn] .
Amy (PS0EA) [5152] Why can't you?
Helen (PS0E8) [5153] Well the light has got to come off and you've got to drop a perpendicular so that you know, cut the paper straight, it helps if you put it up straight instead of wonky.

96 (Tape 005307)

Helen (PS0E8) [5154] Pardon?
Amy (PS0EA) [5155] What did she say?
Helen (PS0E8) [5156] Why, she want's the crates and the things for the party.
Amy (PS0EA) [5157] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5158] Well she, I told her you weren't very well, she was very sorry ... Didn't say a lot else.
Amy (PS0EA) [5159] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5160] Well not really, yet at the moment.
[5161] [yawn] We might need it yet to do another bit.
Amy (PS0EA) [5162] You got enough roll's?
Helen (PS0E8) [5163] I don't know yet.
[5164] I shall tell when we get to the end. [clears throat] .
Amy (PS0EA) [5165] Want to come down stairs?
Helen (PS0E8) [5166] I'm all dirty, I was really waiting for daddy to come back up.
Amy (PS0EA) [5167] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5168] [...] .
[5169] If I go down that'll be even more ages won't it?
Amy (PS0EA) [5170] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [5171] Hm cos I shall have to talk as well ...
Amy (PS0EA) [5172] There's nothing on T V.
Helen (PS0E8) [5173] Isn't there?
Amy (PS0EA) [5174] Don't think so [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5175] No.

97 (Tape 005308)

Amy (PS0EA) [5176] What do you think?
Helen (PS0E8) [5177] Can't decide whether I like those shell suits or not really.
Amy (PS0EA) [5178] What?
Helen (PS0E8) [5179] I can't decide whether I like those shell suits or not, you know, sort of thing.
Amy (PS0EA) [5180] Colour you mean.
Helen (PS0E8) [5181] No, I meant in general.
Amy (PS0EA) [5182] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5183] I think.
Amy (PS0EA) [5184] I don't like the [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5185] Hm.
Amy (PS0EA) [5186] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5187] I think a lot of them have, has Amy's got a hood?
Amy (PS0EA) [5188] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5189] Hasn't it?
Amy (PS0EA) [5190] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5191] Hm.
[5192] The uhum, C & A's has a lot of them, went down there looking for some shoes for Amy.
Amy (PS0EA) [5193] Did you get [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5194] No, she wanted some flip flops, but they didn't have any there either, but they had a lot of shell suits, cos I thought it was skiing ones at first.
Amy (PS0EA) [5195] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [5196] I thought they were skiing one's at first, and then I [...] .
Amy (PS0EA) [5197] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5198] There suppose to be quite warm I think.
[5199] I think there wind proof aren't they?

98 (Tape 005309)

Helen (PS0E8) [...]
Amy (PS0EA) [5200] The chain, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5201] No, don't worry.
Amy (PS0EA) [5202] Pardon.
Helen (PS0E8) [5203] I wouldn't worry, I think they can sort it out.
[5204] I don't think it's gonna last her long cos she pulls at it.
Amy (PS0EA) [5205] Does she?
[5206] Why?
Helen (PS0E8) [5207] Cos she doesn't leave any thing like that alone, does she?
Amy (PS0EA) [5208] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5209] Well she pulls, fiddles with any thing, doesn't she?
Amy (PS0EA) [5210] She got [...] tee shirt.
Helen (PS0E8) [5211] Catherine?
[5212] Oh yeah, did before Amy.
[5213] Amy Johnson's got a brace now, she doesn't speak very well with it.
Amy (PS0EA) [5214] Doesn't she, [...] why?
Helen (PS0E8) [5215] I don't know, just a band, you know round, like you had in.
Amy (PS0EA) [5216] Oh.
Helen (PS0E8) [5217] But she lisps, it's in her way she's got [mouth noise] , doesn't talk very clearly.
Amy (PS0EA) [5218] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5219] Well, she didn't have it last time I saw her, she's got it now.
[5220] So I suppose she got it some time this week.
Amy (PS0EA) [5221] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5222] No.

99 (Tape 005311)

Helen (PS0E8) [5223] What's the result guv?
None (PS6ST) [5224] He says money's a bit scarce at the moment.
Helen (PS0E8) [5225] What [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5226] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5227] Oh, well, there've just had a whole new di- ... bedroom suite.
None (PS6ST) [5228] [...] yes.
Helen (PS0E8) [5229] Oh, I presume his getting paid ... Going to lap that over?
[5230] That why he did his own decorating.
None (PS6ST) [5231] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5232] Your not getting as much of this new job.
[5233] That means the car goes back on.
None (PS6ST) [5234] No, I think he ... he says [...] taking over the car lease.
Helen (PS0E8) [5235] Oh.
None (PS6ST) [5236] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5237] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5238] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5239] Buy a new one.
None (PS6ST) [5240] [...] ... No matching up to do here.
Helen (PS0E8) [5241] No not really.

100 (Tape 005312)

Helen (PS0E8) [5242] Is that alright?
None (PS6ST) [5243] It's not far out is it?
Helen (PS0E8) [5244] What [...] that lot out I think.
[5245] [...] . Alright.
[5246] There's too many fingers in the way isn't there?
None (PS6ST) [5247] Well if we put a cut in here that might [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5248] [...] .
[5249] Oh no, I want these, [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5250] Just cut it [...] .

101 (Tape 005313)

Helen (PS0E8) [...]
None (PS6ST) [5251] Where's this off -here?
Helen (PS0E8) [5252] Hm.
[5253] [talk in background] . Yes [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5254] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5255] Yes, but I can't make the.
[5256] You can't just pull that across, might look a long way out [...] .
[5257] It's wrong, as from there, that's where it starts to go wrong.
[5258] Here.
None (PS6ST) [5259] Hm ... [talk in background] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5260] It's not easy is it?
[5261] ... [talk in background] . I suppose what we should of done is, done the next one along the drop down there and then matched it all up backwards isn't it?
[5262] Hm.
None (PS6ST) [5263] No, we do the next one.
Helen (PS0E8) [5264] I don't think it'll be a bad idea, I don't think I can match this one off, do you?
[5265] Well it's never going to go straight and it's going to put the whole lot out isn't it?

102 (Tape 005314)

Helen (PS0E8) [5266] What was that?
None (PS6ST) [5267] He was saying he doesn't do any [...] so his into the eh [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5268] [clears throat] Well he doesn't even take it.
None (PS6ST) [5269] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5270] [cough] .
[5271] Very high yesterday.
None (PS6ST) [5272] Ah yes, yeah his got two point three litres [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5273] Yeah, I bet he hasn't sort of tried to talk has he? [talk in background] .
None (PS6ST) [5274] Right.
Helen (PS0E8) [5275] [...] , if you hang that one and then will put this one up too it.

103 (Tape 005315)

None (PS6ST) [5276] That one worked fine.
Helen (PS0E8) [5277] Oh, good.
None (PS6ST) [5278] Right.
Helen (PS0E8) [5279] I think it'll probably got the other one.
None (PS6ST) [5280] Do what?
Helen (PS0E8) [5281] I think I've got another one.
[5282] The other one, completing the other. [talk in background] .
None (PS6ST) [5283] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [5284] Right.
None (PS6ST) [5285] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5286] Right, so if I cut the top of this.
[5287] So I think we put the, take the other one off and paper it.
None (PS6ST) [5288] [...] .

104 (Tape 005401)

None (PS6ST) [5289] It doesn't at that section.
Helen (PS0E8) [5290] Haven't got any underlay for her [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5291] There's gonna be wastage there isn't there?
Helen (PS0E8) [5292] Hm.
None (PS6ST) [5293] Unless there join a [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5294] Oh I think not.
None (PS6ST) [5295] Got to join it across the [...] .
[5296] I suppose [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5297] [...] can't turn it around [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5298] Uhum.
Helen (PS0E8) [5299] [...] the door way I think.
[5300] Width of the door.
[5301] And I don't [...] , can see where your going to have a strip the width of the room and add on the width of the door on the end.
[5302] So they cut it off and re-join it.
None (PS6ST) [5303] Cut it off where? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5304] Front.
None (PS6ST) [5305] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5306] Yes, I mean you've no choice you got to [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5307] Oh [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5308] Just how many joins you'd have otherwise.
None (PS6ST) [5309] Well, [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5310] About [...] .
[5311] You haven't lost a [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5312] How long is it sixty feet?
Helen (PS0E8) [5313] Seventy isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [5314] Yeah.
Helen (PS0E8) [5315] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5316] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5317] I mean [...] oh use to run it length ways and then the width is fixed isn't it? ...
None (PS6ST) [5318] Have a lot of waste.
Helen (PS0E8) [5319] Hm.
[5320] How wide is it?
[5321] Well it's not ten foot wide is it?
None (PS6ST) [5322] [...] the uhum seven foot wide, I should think, it's never six foot six.
Helen (PS0E8) [5323] So if the carpet was four foot wide you could.
None (PS6ST) [5324] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5325] [...] .

105 (Tape 005403)

None (PS6ST) [5326] I talked to John earlier.
Helen (PS0E8) [5327] Did he say what he'd been doing with himself?
None (PS6ST) [5328] Well [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5329] [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5330] I can't remember what that [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5331] Well, yes, it's, it's quite narrow isn't it at the back.
[5332] Just about get a, about three or four [...] one.
None (PS6ST) [5333] Yeah.
[5334] There a replaced [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5335] Hm.
[5336] Mind you there whole garden looks a bit.
None (PS6ST) [5337] Hm.
Helen (PS0E8) [5338] Bit difficult you know.
[5339] No doesn't pay for the [...] does it? [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5340] Hm. [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5341] Well there've got Michael [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5342] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5343] It's [...] tree.
[5344] It's all along the back isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [5345] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5346] Trouble is if we don't lay a patio he [...] .
[5347] Unless he lays it behind the garage.
None (PS6ST) [5348] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5349] Hm. [...] .

106 (Tape 005404)

None (PS6ST) [5350] What're you doing now?
Helen (PS0E8) [5351] If it doesn't rain I'll get a bit in the garden [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5352] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5353] If it doesn't rain I'll get a bit done in the garden tomorrow.
[5354] Get some plants [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5355] Yeah.
[5356] Is she, she sounds [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5357] Well they took her at the [...] there was a [...] I was gonna give one [...] .
[5358] Got one with a bigger bit gave [...] .
[5359] She hasn't had any thing think to eat since she had that biscuit.
None (PS6ST) [5360] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5361] [...] ... Oh, it's quite hard work isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [5362] I.
Helen (PS0E8) [5363] The trouble is you know she's get [...] and have a good go at it, it's not worth it with all the [...] .
[5364] [cough] . Cheese cake had [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5365] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5366] No I don't think she does, I, no need for putting it off.
None (PS6ST) [5367] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5368] She's dying to go out and play with her tennis racket.
[5369] She isn't very well.
None (PS6ST) [5370] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5371] Oh, I just hope she does get better next week.
[5372] [scraping plates] . The weather is so dreadful isn't it?
None (PS6ST) [5373] [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5374] Yes.
[5375] Sue said it rained on Gregory's birthday last year.
None (PS6ST) [5376] Did it? [...] .
Helen (PS0E8) [5377] Did you say that? [...] dead lucky, never of done [...] last three years it's rained.

107 (Tape 005405)

None (PS6ST) [...]
Helen (PS0E8) [5378] Oh it was quite useful to find Half a Sixpence [...] .
None (PS6ST) [5379] No.
Helen (PS0E8) [5380] she's not really a, sick for long.
None (PS6ST) [5381] Give her any thing else?
Helen (PS0E8) [5382] No she's [...] .
[5383] I thought for ten pence a week that was not bad rubbish.
[5384] Wouldn't say a lot for it, but I don't think ten pence out of the way [...] any way.
None (PS6ST) [5385] Hm.