20 conversations recorded by `Jane' (PS19L) between 2 and 9 April 1992 with 10 interlocutors, totalling 2998 s-units, 28227 words, and 3 hours 10 minutes 52 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 609

PS19L Ag2 f (Jane, age 33, housewife, North-west Midlands, )
PS19M Ag3 m (John, age 38, hgv driver, North-west Midlands, ) husband
PS19N Ag0 f (Stacey, age 7, student (state primary), North-west Midlands, ) daughter
PS19P Ag3 f (Chris, age 41, barmaid, North-west Midlands, ) sister-in-law
PS19R Ag5 f (Madge, age 65+, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) sister-in-law's mother
PS19S Ag5 f (Margaret, age 65+, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS19T Ag5 m (Bill, age 65+, retired, North-west Midlands, ) sister-in-law's father
PS19U Ag2 f (Lynn, age 30, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) friend
PS19V Ag5 f (Mary, age 64, housewife, North-west Midlands, ) mother-in-law
KCGPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KCGPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

20 recordings

  1. Tape 073801 recorded on 1992-04-02. LocationCheshire: Sale ( on doorstep ) Activity: talking to political canvasser
  2. Tape 073802 recorded on 1992-04-02. LocationCheshire: Sale ( on doorstep and indoors ) Activity: talking to political canvasser and with family
  3. Tape 073803 recorded on 1992-04-02. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: with husband
  4. Tape 073804 recorded on 1992-04-02. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: with husband
  5. Tape 073805 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: with children
  6. Tape 073806 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: having breakfast
  7. Tape 073807 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationCheshire: Sale ( brother's house ) Activity: talking to friends and in-laws
  8. Tape 073901 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: having lunch with friend
  9. Tape 073902 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: having lunch with friend
  10. Tape 073903 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking in lounge
  11. Tape 073904 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking in lounge
  12. Tape 073905 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking to husband over tea
  13. Tape 073906 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking to husband over tea
  14. Tape 073907 recorded on 1992-04-04. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking to husband over tea
  15. Tape 074001 recorded on 1992-04-08. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking with sister-in-law
  16. Tape 074002 recorded on 1992-04-08. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking with friend
  17. Tape 074003 recorded on 1992-04-08. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking with friend
  18. Tape 074004 recorded on 1992-04-09. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking while eating tea and washing up
  19. Tape 074005 recorded on 1992-04-09. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking while eating tea and washing up
  20. Tape 074006 recorded on 1992-04-09. LocationCheshire: Sale ( at home ) Activity: talking while eating tea and washing up

1 (Tape 073801)

Jane (PS19L) [1] I think the Labour Party's heart is in the right place, they want to take a positive approach and do what they can to help industry, to train, to put more money into training youngsters for industry then we have a skill work force, not a cheap, not a cheap unskilled labour force, er, you know, which is what we, what's happening now, because we've just not been trained, they're cutting the training, but it's all the same, anyway you know, I, I, I don't know, you say what can I do for ya, well er in the short run not much except to help the, the people who are on lower income and the children through the budget er which will be introduced, it'll be that why er through er child benefits and through er high, high benefits and through er, er lower taxes for the, everybody up to er twenty odd, twenty five thousand year or something, so, erm I mean that's in the short run and little that can be done, it's not as much as anybody would like, you put more and more into, into er, into training, er more money into industry to help them to invest, er you know you can have a sort of regional development banks to help industry to invest these in, in each of the regions, but I mean the, these are the positive plans and not like this one who's just letting things go.
John (PS19M) [2] If, if under, if and I hope that your crowd get in, see, I think
Jane (PS19L) [3] Yeah
John (PS19M) [4] as I say I'm just fed up with this lot, what is the outlook on er income tax?
Jane (PS19L) [5] Well
John (PS19M) [6] Cos I mean we know it's going up whoever gets in they're gonna put it up
Jane (PS19L) [7] well you know, John Smith laid out his budget for the next, study for the, to cover the next two years and there, I mean there's no intention to, to change it in the foreseeable future, I mean they've laid it out for two years so that the basic rate stays the same, that the personal allowances are being increased so that this will take a lot of lower paid people out of tax and that coupled with the child benefit will make everybody up to about twenty two thousand a year better off, and then from there they'll be a, a, a range of people who to it won't make much difference
John (PS19M) [8] No
Jane (PS19L) [9] overall certainly if they've got children, but if we get above thirty, forty thousand a year, it'll take more the other people who've gained so much
John (PS19M) [10] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [11] out of the last ten years
Jane (PS19L) [12] Yeah, yeah it's not, it's not been fair
John (PS19M) [13] Ooh aye it's not, it's not fair, I agree
Jane (PS19L) [14] and not, not only on income tax but on poll tax local tax
John (PS19M) [15] Yeah, yeah
Jane (PS19L) [16] That's right
John (PS19M) [17] cos I mean that, that's just a joke that
Jane (PS19L) [18] do you think Labour would alter the poll tax and put it back to its sort of original sort of rating system?
Jane (PS19L) [19] We're going back to a kind of rating system with the different assessment on valuations
Jane (PS19L) [20] Yeah, it's fair int it?
[21] The bigger the house the more money you should pay.
Jane (PS19L) [22] the Tories are gonna introduce their alternative, but they're still going to ... through this banding system, the whole objective of that is to, is to make sure that the better off people don't pay their full whack
John (PS19M) [23] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [24] instead of paying er, you know, three or four times in a, for a big house to, to a very modern poor house
John (PS19M) [25] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [26] er they only pay sort of one and a half or twice that's the, that's the purpose of the Tories
John (PS19M) [27] Well what el what's the other alternative for this VAT? cos I mean it was the Tories who brought this VAT system into operation, I mean it's wrong
Jane (PS19L) [28] Well
John (PS19M) [29] when you think about it, it's wrong you're paying tax on your wages at source and then you go to the shops and you've got to pay tax on your goods again
Jane (PS19L) [30] Well I hope that
Jane (PS19L) [31] That's right
John (PS19M) [32] it's totally wrong
Jane (PS19L) [33] when we got a

2 (Tape 073802)

Jane (PS19L) [34] A taxation system in place which would be fair, which means that the people in the big houses pay more, then we can do something about, maybe making the local people er pay more and reducing central taxes, reducing the VAT, it's not gonna be quick but
John (PS19M) [35] No.
Jane (PS19L) [36] there's, there's no commitment to reduce VAT in the, in the Labour manifesto, but I mean er that will be the spirit of what we wanna do to make the people
John (PS19M) [37] I hope you can, I hope you can do something with it, because being truthful I just, it's just
Jane (PS19L) [38] I'm just warming my hands, it's cold outside
Jane (PS19L) [39] Yeah you're welcome
John (PS19M) [40] it's just
Jane (PS19L) [41] anyway I'd better press on
John (PS19M) [42] it's just a joke what they do
Jane (PS19L) [43] He'll have you here all night [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [44] [laugh] Anyway you make sure you'll vote anyway
Jane (PS19L) [45] We will yeah
John (PS19M) [46] Oh yes without a doubt
Jane (PS19L) [47] thanks
Jane (PS19L) [48] Cheerio now
Jane (PS19L) [49] goodnight, come on in Michael
Stacey (PS19N) [50] Mummy what did the lady want? ...
Jane (PS19L) [51] Oh what did he want?
John (PS19M) [52] about me graphs, oh I know he will, this will happen now
Stacey (PS19N) [laugh] ...
John (PS19M) [53] He said ...
Stacey (PS19N) [54] Oh mummy
John (PS19M) [55] er ... I went in the office and he said er ... I'd been stood there about twenty minutes at the window and everybody was flitting around like a bee from flower to flower and they just left me stood there, so I never said anything, go on the back
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [56] I'm stood there and he said, all of a sudden he comes, cos he already had one of the lads in Ian
Jane (PS19L) [57] Mm.
John (PS19M) [58] says to me, er can I have your graphs please John for last week
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [59] Where's the time?
John (PS19M) [60] so I goes and gets them ... goes in the office ...
Stacey (PS19N) [61] [cough] Deana
John (PS19M) [62] and he kept, all he was interested in
Stacey (PS19N) [63] Deana
John (PS19M) [64] was erm
Stacey (PS19N) [65] Deana
John (PS19M) [66] it's fifteen minutes stop on the way back
Jane (PS19L) [67] Oh
John (PS19M) [68] so he said what's this here?
[69] Said I've been sorting the notes out, I've put them in order back in, so that when he comes to the window all that the office staff gotta do is look through, like we was told to do
Jane (PS19L) [70] Yeah ...
John (PS19M) [71] fifteen minutes ... he said but you've got twenty minutes here, I said well yeah Nick you've got to fill the return book in as well I said and, he said what, I said well what day was it?
[72] He said that was last Friday, oh I said I was filling my timesheet in and my expense sheet, not that long, I said well it takes as long as it takes don't it?
Stacey (PS19N) [73] Mum
John (PS19M) [74] No he says I could do it in a lot less time than that, he said and a lot neater, I said, you saying I'm a scruffy writer?
Jane (PS19L) [laugh]
John (PS19M) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [75] Don't think you'd have to
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [76] [laughing] I said that to him [] and he looked at me over the top of his glasses like that, cos he, in his office, he sits here, the door's there, he sits here and I, I, everybody else has had the door open, I went in and shut the door and I stood behind him, I didn't stand in front of him, stood behind him so, keep
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [77] away and then all of a sudden he gets his, calculator out and it's [whistling] I said excuse me Eric I said not wishing to be appear thick, I said but, what you doing?
[78] He said
Stacey (PS19N) [79] Mum have you got the tape recorder on?
John (PS19M) [80] I'm calculating kilometres into miles ... so
Jane (PS19L) [81] All you have to do is talk normally, just ignore it
Stacey (PS19N) [82] Oh right
John (PS19M) [83] said okay, I said and what's the formula that you use?
[84] And he told me, he told me, I've got it written on the back of me hand [laugh] I thought it was brilliant that, I thought little do you know what I'm gonna use that for [laugh] ... he never phoned me for a, he's not phoned me for [...]
Jane (PS19L) [85] Maybe he'll phone tomorrow, d'ya think I'll get four out of that?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [86] where do you think I'm going?
Jane (PS19L) [87] Birmingham
John (PS19M) [88] Wrong
Jane (PS19L) [89] Manchester
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [90] you know that don't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [91] It's only the kids that are gonna be able to have this you know
John (PS19M) [92] Well give it to the kids then ...
Jane (PS19L) [93] Michael stop it ...
John (PS19M) [94] I'm gonna have a rum in a minute
Jane (PS19L) [95] Mm?
John (PS19M) [96] I'm gonna have a rum in a minute, I think I'm gonna take a valium
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [97] oh it's a bit late for them starting
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [98] Jane I think
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [99] on Valium [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [100] They can have a biscuit
John (PS19M) [101] What's for tea?
Jane (PS19L) [102] Casserole
Stacey (PS19N) [103] Mum
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
John (PS19M) [104] have I time for a scrub or what?
Jane (PS19L) [105] Yeah
John (PS19M) [106] Eh?
Jane (PS19L) [107] Well Michael, right I'm gonna turn this off for a bit ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [108] You messing my work?
Stacey (PS19N) [109] No
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [110] right come on you two get on with it
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [111] Can I just
Stacey (PS19N) [112] you've got a little remote
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [113] What are you doing?, what did you do with Michael's bowl? ... try and, come on, are you ready for bed?
[114] You've cleaned your teeth and everything?
[115] ... Stacey come on ...
Stacey (PS19N) [116] I've done everything ...
Jane (PS19L) [117] Have you been on the loo?
Stacey (PS19N) [118] No I don't even need the loo
Jane (PS19L) [119] Er, well get on it please before you go to bed and put some cream on
Stacey (PS19N) [120] Can I have Michael's squeaky squeak?
Jane (PS19L) [121] Please yourself [sniff]
Stacey (PS19N) [122] Thank you, can Michael [...]
Jane (PS19L) [123] Where is he?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [124] Here
Jane (PS19L) [125] Come on, right tomorrow we're going to strip these beds
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [126] I know you've told me this
Jane (PS19L) [127] look at the state of it Deana look
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [128] I know keep, I picked everything up so I can get my lamp on, I, after I put the lamp on
Jane (PS19L) [129] that's been there all day, come on Deana, if you're gonna have the lamp on you're gonna have to put something away, some books or is that packet any good now?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [130] Well alright, but can you, can you not get rid of a couple of the boxes and what's this thing there? [...] well why don't you tip it up the other way and give yourself a bit more room, tomorrow Deana what's that, your dictionary?
[131] That book at the end of the shelf?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [132] That's a library book.
Jane (PS19L) [133] Talking of which, what's the date on it? ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [134] It should've been back by now, some day in March, twenty eighth of March
Jane (PS19L) [135] Mm
Stacey (PS19N) [136] Mummy can I play with this?
Jane (PS19L) [137] oh I wondered where it was, yes alright ... if you stand things up edge to edge, you'll have a bit more room won't ya?
[138] There's half that stuff on there doesn't have to be there does it?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [139] No
Jane (PS19L) [140] Eh?
[141] You wanna get it sorted out and tidied up tomorrow, it's too late to do it now ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [142] I just tidy this end up
Jane (PS19L) [143] quickly
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [144] quickly
Jane (PS19L) [145] and then tomorrow you can take everything off right, everything, dust it and rearrange everything, okay?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [146] Yeah, Stacey, Stacey said I could keep this like this, she said she wouldn't mind
Jane (PS19L) [147] Well you're gonna have to put the wire down, run it down the bottom
Stacey (PS19N) [148] Mummy is this my [...] ?
Jane (PS19L) [149] and you wanna run it down the back, Deana take the wire down the back of all your books on the shelf
Stacey (PS19N) [150] Mummy is this my [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [151] Shall I do it now?
Jane (PS19L) [152] No do it tomorrow, take everything off tomorrow and when we pull the beds out, strip the beds you can vac all behind the beds, right?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [cough]
Jane (PS19L) [153] And then sort it out properly
Stacey (PS19N) [154] Mummy this my one?
Jane (PS19L) [155] just for now put things up, look, what you can't get on your shelf put on the drawers because you know
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [156] I'll put on the drawers
Jane (PS19L) [157] what's gonna happen, you're only gonna lose them all down the back
Stacey (PS19N) [158] Mum
Jane (PS19L) [159] come on
Stacey (PS19N) [160] is this my
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [161] right sunshine what you up to?
[162] What have you got?
[163] Oh Michael stop it, oh Michael that's dirty ... come on, arms up, you're soaking wet ... come on wash your hands ... put your hands in, that's it, come here, no, leave the plug alone, what?
Stacey (PS19N) [164] Is this my [...] ?
Jane (PS19L) [165] The one that I left on your bed?
Stacey (PS19N) [166] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [167] Yeah, but use your other one up first, no Michael, put your hands in ... put your hands in, in the water, I'm gonna sm Michael ... put your hands in the water, right ... come here ...
Stacey (PS19N) [168] Mummy do I need a new one?
Jane (PS19L) [169] Whoop
Stacey (PS19N) [170] I need a new one
Jane (PS19L) [171] I can't
Stacey (PS19N) [172] I've run out
Jane (PS19L) [173] Let me see the other one first.
Stacey (PS19N) [174] I can't, I can't find it
Jane (PS19L) [175] Show me the other one first and you can find it ... oh no you don't, come here
Stacey (PS19N) [176] You put like [...]
Jane (PS19L) [177] we'll sort it out properly tomorrow Stacey ... Michael up, now what have you got?
Stacey (PS19N) [178] Mum I can't find it
Jane (PS19L) [179] Alright, start on your new one
Stacey (PS19N) [180] Thank you ...
Jane (PS19L) [181] Stacey I want you anyway, come in the bathroom, Michael leave it alone, open your mouth, open, come on ... that's right, open again
Stacey (PS19N) [182] Do you think I need a brace?
Jane (PS19L) [183] Oh, I don't know whether you need a brace or not, open, Michael [...] don't know what they are Stacey you'll have to wait for them to grow properly, open ...
Stacey (PS19N) [184] Them are going square and my teeth, all my teeth ...
Jane (PS19L) [185] Not everybody has a brace you know.
Stacey (PS19N) [186] look
Jane (PS19L) [187] Leave it, mm, yeah, well they look funny because all your other teeth are little teeth, will you come here please?
[188] You can have some medicine ... come on ... and put some vaseline on your lips please
Stacey (PS19N) [189] This is the wrong one.
Jane (PS19L) [190] No it's not
Stacey (PS19N) [191] Oh I remember that other stuff that used to have to have
Jane (PS19L) [192] Mm, mm ...
Stacey (PS19N) [193] and I didn't even like it so the doctor had to change it for me
Jane (PS19L) [194] Oh, well you've got it back now, right are you ready?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [195] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [196] Right get into bed, I'll be in in a minute, Michael ... is he in with you?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [197] Yeah ...
Jane (PS19L) [198] Right, look at, this is a tip this, what's this doing on the floor?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [199] Now that's a bit better isn't it mummy?
Jane (PS19L) [200] Yeah a little bit, the whole place is a mess though isn't it?
[201] It's gonna have to be really done tomorrow ... come on, oi, right come on, say goodnight to , oh up the top
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [202] Ah, ma
Jane (PS19L) [203] kiss, kiss ... that was a quickie, right kiss Stacey, kiss, kiss
Stacey (PS19N) [204] Urgh on me nose [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [205] right wave ni-night, ni-night
Stacey (PS19N) [206] ni-night, night, night
Jane (PS19L) [207] ni-night
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [208] right you've got till nine o'clock, give us a kiss
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [209] And nine o'clock for this
Jane (PS19L) [210] ni-night and Stacey you can lay down and listen to the story, come on put your stuff away and lay down, good night
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [211] Good night
Stacey (PS19N) [212] Good night
Jane (PS19L) [213] ah I did ask you to put those dresses away, will you do them please in the morning?
[214] Otherwise they're not gonna be fit for wearing ... ta ... where have you been?
[215] Even your feet are wet, what have you been doing?
[216] Eh? ... [laugh] ...

3 (Tape 073803)

John (PS19M) [217] Bill went out in the garage yeah and missed him
Jane (PS19L) [218] You would ... he said you could cut that tree down when you're ready.
John (PS19M) [219] Eh?
Jane (PS19L) [220] He said you could cut that tree.
John (PS19M) [221] You said it was Hilda
Jane (PS19L) [222] Well Hilda
John (PS19M) [223] I like [...]
Jane (PS19L) [224] while they're away, well, she never, she was quite happy to let you go ahead and do it ... she said, the only thing was, she said she'd miss having the privacy in that corner because of being overlooked at the back.
John (PS19M) [225] Does she want the stump digging up as well?
Jane (PS19L) [226] Well I don't know she never said any
John (PS19M) [227] Well I take a piece of that and I'll make you a bird table out of the piece of trunk
Jane (PS19L) [228] Alright
John (PS19M) [229] about that much
Jane (PS19L) [230] yes
John (PS19M) [231] and we'll put a cross on the bottom of it and I'll put you a piece of plywood across it and you can stick your nuts on or whatever
Jane (PS19L) [232] mm.
John (PS19M) [233] you only want something simple don't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [234] Oh aye, she's gonna put like er erm, you know, trailing stuff over the fence, I suppose that's what we'll use as well to brighten it up a bit look at that, int that a waste?
[235] She's taking one mouthful out of that
John (PS19M) [236] Who's that ?
Jane (PS19L) [237] That's that ...
John (PS19M) [238] [mimicking] Hark at me boy []
Jane (PS19L) [239] Are you gonna go up to him?
John (PS19M) [240] I was gonna wash the pots up so
Jane (PS19L) [241] Mm?
John (PS19M) [242] I was going to wash the pots ... I'll go and smack him round the head

4 (Tape 073804)

Jane (PS19L) [243] He's not been too bad but I tried to put him to sleep upstairs didn't I this afternoon?
[244] And he got upset, so I ended up having to bring him downstairs, give him his lunch first and then I put him to sleep in his pram ... this is all since the weekend this
John (PS19M) [245] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [246] he'd been alright before that.
John (PS19M) [247] Did he get you up last night?
Jane (PS19L) [248] Er ... what time was it?
[249] I got up to him a couple of times once he only
John (PS19M) [250] Go to sleep Michael
Jane (PS19L) [251] stirred ... I must of, don't know what happened this morning, I put the alarm off and turned over and went back to sleep again, it was about ten to eight before I finally got up.
John (PS19M) [252] And then the kids have gotta get up.
Jane (PS19L) [253] Yeah ... I had to iron their blouses as well forgot the blouses didn't I?
[254] I want Stacey's lunch box
John (PS19M) [255] Eh?
Jane (PS19L) [256] I want Stacey's lunch box ... that's
John (PS19M) [257] Go to sleep Michael, go to bo-bos, bo-bos time ...
Jane (PS19L) [258] I think we're just gonna have to let him moan ... I wouldn't mind, but until last weekend, he never give a dickie bird about going to sleep ... I think it was that came in and set him off ... she should've just left him on to it instead of trying to do it herself ...
John (PS19M) [259] These are [...]
Jane (PS19L) [260] Mm?
John (PS19M) [261] The plates
Jane (PS19L) [262] Yeah I know, do that last ...
John (PS19M) [263] What time's the plane in the morning?
Jane (PS19L) [264] I don't know, she said she was leaving here at quarter to five
John (PS19M) [265] Oh, well I won't see 'em, I've got a seven o'clock start.
Jane (PS19L) [266] Have ya?
[267] I don't want a cup of tea
John (PS19M) [268] You're not gonna get one.
Jane (PS19L) [269] it's too early
John (PS19M) [270] Please yourself.
Jane (PS19L) [271] if I happen to be awake at that time, then yes, but, if I don't have
John (PS19M) [272] Well make your mind up
Jane (PS19L) [273] No
John (PS19M) [274] yes or no?
Jane (PS19L) [275] I said if I'm awake when you get up then yes, but don't wake me up ...
John (PS19M) [276] I wouldn't get, I wouldn't mind if it was bloody six o'clock but it wasn't it was more like half past.
Jane (PS19L) [277] It wasn't it was more like twenty past and I was deep in the land of nod
John (PS19M) [278] You'd been asleep, you was not in the land of nod at all.
Jane (PS19L) [279] I was last week ...
John (PS19M) [280] That bloody pie's repeating on me.
Jane (PS19L) [281] It wasn't a pie, it was a casserole.
John (PS19M) [282] The pie
Jane (PS19L) [283] Oh the apple pie, sorry ...
John (PS19M) [284] That boy make noise, chuck him out of bed I would ...
Jane (PS19L) [285] Oops, sorry
John (PS19M) [286] You will be ... did you ask my permission?
Jane (PS19L) [287] No.
John (PS19M) [288] Then don't [...] .
Jane (PS19L) [289] Sorry.
John (PS19M) [290] You will be.
Jane (PS19L) [291] Oh dear, I hope it's not going to be one of those nights ...
John (PS19M) [292] [shouting] Go to sleep Michael [] just have a ... still won't go.
Jane (PS19L) [293] He will in a minute, I'll go up to him ... I'll leave you to do that dirty horrible casserole dish. [laugh]
John (PS19M) [294] I knew that was coming ... you only leave me to do the shit, I never get the good stuff just the crap ... ah shut up ... what was that?
Jane (PS19L) [295] What was what?
John (PS19M) [296] Dunno ...
Jane (PS19L) [297] I didn't hear anything.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [298] I don't think so, I didn't hear anything John ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [299] what, him knocking one of the cupboard doors or something ... John I didn't hear anything ...

5 (Tape 073805)

Jane (PS19L) [300] Here you are Stacey come on sit up ... come on ... oh managed to keep him in bed with you all night, here are
Stacey (PS19N) [301] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [302] Mum you know when you had to take Michael downstairs when he was screaming, Stacey was, he would've gone off just Stacey was chat was talking.
Jane (PS19L) [303] I don't think Stacey had a lot to do with it actually apart from disturbing him coming outside ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [304] Yeah well by then you'd, you'd already messed him up, she must've got him to sleep before she put him down in the cot did she?
[305] ... Nothing to do whether it was you from, from Saturday he's never been the same, will you pick up your pen ... before they go on the floor, what else have you got lurking on the bottom of your bed? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [306] how many do you want?
[307] Pass it to me please ... thank you, Stacey can you reach the erm, no Deana can do it, can you climb down and go and get me one of my tablets please?
[308] Which one's clean?
[309] Which one are you wearing?
[310] The pink one?
Stacey (PS19N) [311] The pink one I can't wear it.
Jane (PS19L) [312] Why?
Stacey (PS19N) [313] You, you, I've not got a slip
Jane (PS19L) [314] You're not wearing any of them?
Stacey (PS19N) [315] No.
Jane (PS19L) [316] You have got an underslip downstairs.
Stacey (PS19N) [317] I know it needs ironing.
Jane (PS19L) [318] Doesn't need ironing [yawn] ... Hello, what did you get on your hand?
[319] Mm ... give me your hand then ... what, no, coming out?
[320] ... Who is it?
[321] Who's that?
[322] Stacey, Stacey, say Stacey, who's, where's Deana, Deana in here
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [323] Hello
Jane (PS19L) [324] there she is, there she is
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [325] give kiss [...]
Jane (PS19L) [326] Go on Stacey get back in bed to drink your tea
Stacey (PS19N) [327] Hello, say hello, say hello on it, say ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [328] Oh the little man's coming, what's he doing?
Jane (PS19L) [329] Move over Stacey
Stacey (PS19N) [330] Oh you might knock it
Jane (PS19L) [331] No that's Stacey's, I'll give you yours in a minute, there you are, here are sit still, ta ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [332] mm ... you gonna put that yellow vest on then Deana?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [333] Yeah
Stacey (PS19N) [334] Mum
Jane (PS19L) [335] You might as well take
Stacey (PS19N) [336] can you take the tape recorder anywhere? ...
Jane (PS19L) [337] Oh here are ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [338] In her pocket
Stacey (PS19N) [339] Well why is she doing it?
Jane (PS19L) [340] I told you yesterday, erm ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [341] The money? ...

6 (Tape 073806)

Jane (PS19L) [342] Right Stacey sit down, pull the bench out please ...
Stacey (PS19N) [343] Can I open this one for you?
Jane (PS19L) [344] No leave it now ... come on ... come on, sit down and start copying those out as well please.
Stacey (PS19N) [345] How can I?
[346] I haven't got a pen.
Jane (PS19L) [347] I'm giving you a pen now ... copy them out and don't spill it, Deana sit down ... move up a bit.
Stacey (PS19N) [348] Deana
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [349] What?
Stacey (PS19N) [350] I go there.
Jane (PS19L) [351] Yeah, you'll have to let Stacey in the middle for doing her spelling
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [352] Okay.
Stacey (PS19N) [353] Why do I have to do it in the middle?
Jane (PS19L) [354] Told ya ... I always seem to use up all the cereals in one go.
Stacey (PS19N) [355] Do ya? ... [...]
Jane (PS19L) [356] Mm, no free samples though is there?
[357] I don't think, is there a free sample?
Stacey (PS19N) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [358] oh it's, it's a pen.
Stacey (PS19N) [359] A pen?
Jane (PS19L) [360] Yeah, they're asking you to do a survey thing.
Stacey (PS19N) [361] Can I open it?
Jane (PS19L) [362] If you want to, see if there's a coupon in it.
Stacey (PS19N) [363] Can I open this one?
Jane (PS19L) [364] No, let Michael have it, Stacey come on sit down and do your breakfast so we can do your spelling please.
Stacey (PS19N) [365] I want to open these, please. ...
Jane (PS19L) [366] Hurry up Stacey ...
Stacey (PS19N) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [367] Yep ... I've only just done one of those surveys the other week, is there a coupon with it?
[368] ... No Michael you're not having the pen, he's after the pen Stacey that's all. ...
Stacey (PS19N) [369] No I don't think there is, can I open this one?
[370] Michael's not playing with this ... [...] it's your favourite colour
Jane (PS19L) [371] What the pen?
Stacey (PS19N) [372] it's blue, you don't like black biros do ya?
Jane (PS19L) [373] No.
Stacey (PS19N) [374] No it's blue, Michael open it, Michael open it, mummy shall I open it for him?
Jane (PS19L) [375] If you want to.
Stacey (PS19N) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [376] No it's got a coupon as well look you sit down and get on with your breakfast, I won't tell you again. ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [377] Mum what is your favourite colour? ...
Jane (PS19L) [378] I don't know really, just a minute, let me open it, I can't get the top of that one, hang on ... here are, come on Stacey get on with it ... can you move up a bit? ...
Stacey (PS19N) [379] What? [...] why didn't you pull the bench out? ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [380] Cos she's just too lazy to get off of her bottom. ...
Jane (PS19L) [381] Get up please, go to the other end of the table ... right, go on
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [382] Oh I've got it all to myself.
Jane (PS19L) [383] come on, right time is nearly twenty past, now sit down and get on with it ... what? ... there are ... come on Deana you get on you're [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [384] I just can't help wondering something
Jane (PS19L) [385] What?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [386] Suit yourself.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [387] Tell you later.
Jane (PS19L) [388] Don't bother Deana ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [389] You'll find out in a minute when you ...
Jane (PS19L) [390] Right, come on, do you want some more milk Stacey?
Stacey (PS19N) [391] Yes.
Jane (PS19L) [392] Would you like to go and bring it over then?
[393] ... And you stop dropping your pen, can I do it please?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [394] Are you going shopping today?
Jane (PS19L) [395] [clears throat] Sort of.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [396] I think about it ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Stacey (PS19N) [397] This is yellow.
Jane (PS19L) [398] You must be Samson Stacey cos I couldn't do it?
Stacey (PS19N) [399] Do what?
Jane (PS19L) [400] Samson
Stacey (PS19N) [401] What's that?
Jane (PS19L) [402] Strong ... come on hurry up with those words
Stacey (PS19N) [403] Maybe hands were squeaking
Jane (PS19L) [404] I don't know what they were, I certainly wouldn't open that pen ... Michael you've made a right mess
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [laugh]
Stacey (PS19N) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [405] Come on ... come on Stacey concentrate on what you're doing
Stacey (PS19N) [406] I am ... look at that ...
Jane (PS19L) [407] It's cos you've got the paper wet, go over there a bit
Stacey (PS19N) [408] Oh no the pen won't work.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [409] Yes it will.
Jane (PS19L) [410] Cos the paper's wet
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [411] Look.
Jane (PS19L) [412] I told you move over to the other side a little bit, you've got plenty of room at the bottom, start again what's the, what letter are you doing?
[413] What word?
Stacey (PS19N) [414] Lay.
Jane (PS19L) [415] Lay, right, give me the pen, right do said and do lay after ... come on work your way across, hurry up Stacey please ... [clears throat] work your way across not down [sniff] and you've just dropped your pen haven't ya?
[416] ... Why didn't you start at the top and work across instead of working down?
[417] ... [sniff] ... Stacey don't write so big, you're making a mess ... [clears throat]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [418] We're not having spelling this week, with us, do you know why?
Jane (PS19L) [419] No.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [420] Shall I tell ya?
Jane (PS19L) [421] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [422] Because we forgot to do, we forgot to do the spelling test last Friday, so we had to do it on Monday so we didn't get any spelling this week, so right now we didn't have a spelling test, this is brilliant, guess what we do now?
Jane (PS19L) [423] What?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [424] Table test.
Jane (PS19L) [425] That's probably why you haven't got a spelling test.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [426] No it isn't we, we have, on Monday we had a spelling test and a table test, but the table was quite easy.
Jane (PS19L) [427] Have you been practising?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [428] We don't need to we've already done them.
Jane (PS19L) [429] You know them that well you can be cocky about it?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [430] No not cocky, but I know them.
Jane (PS19L) [431] So you know them
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [432] Six, seven eight, nines
Jane (PS19L) [433] so you know that you're going to get them all right?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [434] I hope so, I've got twenty out of twenty so far ... I have to do a spell test each day with twenty in, with twenty in each one
Stacey (PS19N) [435] Have I got all
Jane (PS19L) [436] In each week you mean?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [437] Mm, mm, do it today, we're doing that today.
Jane (PS19L) [438] What, your tables?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [439] Yeah.
Stacey (PS19N) [440] have I got all
Jane (PS19L) [441] Er you get on with what you're doing please ... what, what you mm-ing at?
[442] ... What have you dropped this time? ...
Stacey (PS19N) [443] Mum is this hoop?
Jane (PS19L) [444] Hope,ho hope, write properly, if it was hoop it'd have two Os wouldn't it?
[445] Hoop, has it got two Os?
[446] It's got the E after the P which makes the O become an O sound doesn't it?
[447] Write properly Stacey come on, say it out to yourself, what are you making such a row? ...
Stacey (PS19N) [448] Oh
Jane (PS19L) [449] What you've dropped your pen, well say pen then ...
Stacey (PS19N) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [450] Like you go to the doctors, you didn't [...]
Jane (PS19L) [451] Mm, come on Stacey.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [452] I think it's brilliant, and when I came out of hospital you said mummy, I said I want to stay here for a couple of days is that Stacey?
Jane (PS19L) [453] Are you saying that to yourself rope, hope?
Stacey (PS19N) [454] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [455] Cope, you haven't got cope on there.
Jane (PS19L) [456] You haven't got, has it got, it's not got cope.
Stacey (PS19N) [457] No.
Jane (PS19L) [458] Come on Stacey
Stacey (PS19N) [459] Why haven't I got it?
Jane (PS19L) [460] I don't know [...] you only put so many down can't you?
[461] Stac Deana I mean will you go upstairs and get the tray with the cups on it please?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [462] Yeah. ...
Jane (PS19L) [463] Put those in the fridge.
Stacey (PS19N) [464] Easy ... what have we got in our sandwiches?
Jane (PS19L) [465] Chicken.
Stacey (PS19N) [466] That's easy that, mummy.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [467] Did what?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [468] Did I do my bag yesterday?
Jane (PS19L) [469] No I did it last night.

7 (Tape 073807)

Jane (PS19L) [470] Now don't mind me and don't mind it. ...
Chris (PS19P) [471] Is it on now? [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [472] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [473] Don't you have to plug it in or?
Jane (PS19L) [474] No.
Chris (PS19P) [475] And what you want then?
[476] You want some extraordinary words to put in this dictionary like that
Jane (PS19L) [477] No it's just an ordinary conversation
Chris (PS19P) [478] Oh.
Jane (PS19L) [479] that people er, just ordinary talking.
Madge (PS19R) [480] Er will you play it back to us afterwards?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [481] Well er I sound like I sound like Hilda Ogden on the
Jane (PS19L) [482] You, you don't sound at all what you think you sound do ya?
Chris (PS19P) [483] No, no.
Jane (PS19L) [484] I was disgusted when I first heard my voice [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [485] Can you remember when you er Mike had it behind the settee at Pigmere Close and he played it backed?
[486] I sounded terrible.
Jane (PS19L) [487] Mm that's the worse one I've ever heard.
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [488] mm
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [489] oh she's bad enough when not on tape.
Jane (PS19L) [490] I know, she seems to screech don't she?
[491] But
Margaret (PS19S) [492] Well we got er Mrs that was in [...] she's like, when she comes on phone you've got to hold it like that.
Chris (PS19P) [493] Yeah, yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [494] I haven't, you know I haven't dared shown John's mum, but with Michael's birthday we got a video camera out and we videoed her talking, but I'm not
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [495] she heard herself on the video, I'm sure she
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [496] oh you've heard her [mimicking duck noise] [...] []
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [497] she is, she's terrible, I was gonna do that coupon
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [498] then she waves at you, she's spotted you, he's lovely ...
Margaret (PS19S) [499] Yeah and Uncle Frank was saying those bushes were nice, I hadn't even noticed them.
Jane (PS19L) [500] What, in new house?
Margaret (PS19S) [501] Yeah he must of erm
Jane (PS19L) [502] Well they've all flowered then.
Margaret (PS19S) [503] they must of started coming out
Jane (PS19L) [504] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [505] cos I said, oh we're having all sorts of different cuttings off from
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [506] yeah, but, if you flatten that you want to put
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [507] yeah I will do
Jane (PS19L) [508] cos there very expensive them bushes in there ...
Margaret (PS19S) [509] but I said to him, I said to him there's loads of bushes in the back as well
Jane (PS19L) [510] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [511] she were
Jane (PS19L) [512] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [513] saying they all flower in the summer
Madge (PS19R) [514] But is she gonna take any or not?
Margaret (PS19S) [515] No.
Madge (PS19R) [516] No.
Margaret (PS19S) [517] No cos she's got a great big garden like yours
Madge (PS19R) [518] Has she?
Margaret (PS19S) [519] she's actually, did I tell ya I asked her what Charmwood meant, you know cos it's called
Madge (PS19R) [520] Charmwood, yes.
Margaret (PS19S) [521] Charmwood the house and she was saying when her mum and dad were courting, where they used to do the co courting, like must of been a wood and that I think
Margaret (PS19S) [522] Yes
Jane (PS19L) [523] Oi
Margaret (PS19S) [524] there was a place close by called Charmwood so
Madge (PS19R) [525] There is it's near Betty.
Margaret (PS19S) [526] Oh is there?
[527] And also I think it was at
Chris (PS19P) [528] Oh it, I've been there.
Margaret (PS19S) [529] was it in the Midlands?
Chris (PS19P) [530] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [531] And there's erm, there was a firm Charmwood as well
Madge (PS19R) [532] Oh.
Margaret (PS19S) [533] so that's why her mum and dad called it Charmwood cos it's where they did their courting.
Chris (PS19P) [534] It's nice, it's lovely.
Margaret (PS19S) [535] Oh she said she's gonna erm, part of the garden in Wales she's having it made into like a rose garden or something it's like a, did she say it's an acre
Jane (PS19L) [536] Smallholding
Margaret (PS19S) [537] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [538] yeah it's like a smallholder
Margaret (PS19S) [539] and she's gonna call that Charmwood.
Jane (PS19L) [540] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [541] Oh can you imagine what that's like if they have one?
[542] She said she's had some
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [543] that extension
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Madge (PS19R) [544] She drives you bloody dizzy so I don't know what she's
Margaret (PS19S) [545] No she said she's been to have a look at, it's Glenys I don't, no not Glenys
Jane (PS19L) [546] Glenys, yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [547] Glenys has she had an extension?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [548] yeah and she said it was quite a good thing
Margaret (PS19S) [549] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [550] when I told her about ... and she come running back to me on phone the other week Glenys, Glenys, she said will you tell people if they spend twenty five pound at Tescos, I thought well that won't be me, or is it thirty, you get a thing and to take it to school to put towards computers
Margaret (PS19S) [551] Oh.
Chris (PS19P) [552] Yes I've heard about
Madge (PS19R) [553] Why's that at?
[554] What school?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [555] no because it's Saint Mark's, it's at Woodbone Road
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [556] mm, I've not heard of that one.
Madge (PS19R) [557] What?
[558] I won't be spending twenty five pounds
Margaret (PS19S) [559] Well on the what's the name next week on erm
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [560] you know that Granada report where they do, they cook a meal
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [561] Yeah
Margaret (PS19S) [562] er getting this woman to do erm
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [563] and it's gonna be lovely that extension is that, you know by the plans and the pictures.
Margaret (PS19S) [564] Yeah, I suppose to, you know with you saying it's quite a biggish house, I said erm, does she need it like so she said yeah because the two kids are in one bedroom.
Madge (PS19R) [565] Who's this, our Glen?
Margaret (PS19S) [566] Mm ... well she's having another bedroom which make it four bedrooms.
Madge (PS19R) [567] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [568] Oh it looks lovely, you know the, how the architect has done it from
Madge (PS19R) [569] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [570] the front, the side and the back ...
Madge (PS19R) [571] It'll be very nice Margaret when it's done.
Margaret (PS19S) [572] it was only with your mum saying it was quite a biggish house anyway
Madge (PS19R) [573] Well it is, I think she's just, she wanted to, to do a bigger third bedroom
Margaret (PS19S) [574] Mm
Madge (PS19R) [575] and she's had this bloke round and I think he's
Margaret (PS19S) [576] and they've taught her
Madge (PS19R) [577] he's recommended to her that instead of making the third bedroom bigger, to make four bedrooms because it would increase the value of the house more.
Chris (PS19P) [578] The house
Margaret (PS19S) [579] I mean anybody else would of made do with a little bedroom, I mean it's big enough to get a bed and a dressing table and what in, and it's bigger, it's a lot bigger than mine
Madge (PS19R) [580] What I suppose she thinks is if she can afford to do it, do it.
Chris (PS19P) [581] Who's this?
Madge (PS19R) [582] Pam,
Margaret (PS19S) [583] Pam.
Madge (PS19R) [584] she's had all her plans done for her
Chris (PS19P) [585] Has she?
Madge (PS19R) [586] extension, this bloke come round ...
Margaret (PS19S) [587] Come on pop what you doing, where's your [...] ?
Chris (PS19P) [588] This is for the son's bedroom?
Madge (PS19R) [589] Well it, when he, she originally wanted him to do plans to make the third bedroom bigger which would of been like an L shaped bedroom
Chris (PS19P) [590] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [591] but he recommended to her to actually make it into a fourth bedroom because it would increase the value of the house
Chris (PS19P) [592] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [593] and also
Chris (PS19P) [594] So where they gonna put the, the other bedroom?
Margaret (PS19S) [595] At the side.
Madge (PS19R) [596] At the side, so, but she's not having a garage or anything at the side, she's having a side extension down below, but the front bit she's having made into a shower room and then the back bit it's gonna be like a morning room to the kitchen
Chris (PS19P) [597] Oh right.
Madge (PS19R) [598] like where you go in the kitchen you turn right, like that one of mine over there, the sink's there on the right hand side
Chris (PS19P) [599] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [600] well she's gonna have that knocked into an archway through to a dining room
Chris (PS19P) [601] Oh right, lovely.
Madge (PS19R) [602] so it'll be lovely
Chris (PS19P) [603] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [604] but erm, she just get
Jane (PS19L) [605] So the third bedroom would go right across that extension then?
Madge (PS19R) [606] Yeah well that'll be their bedroom
Jane (PS19L) [607] That'll be the fourth fourth bedroom?
Madge (PS19R) [608] Well it'll be such a big room, she said it'll be, oh I don't know what she said about sixteen by twelve or summat like that
Jane (PS19L) [609] Yeah be lovely.
Madge (PS19R) [610] so her and Ma Malcolm are gonna have that and Emma will have the front bedroom
Chris (PS19P) [611] Come on Michael, come on.
Madge (PS19R) [612] and then there be the third little bedroom in the middle which Pam has as a sewing room
Jane (PS19L) [613] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [614] well no she has it as a toy room don't she?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [615] A good idea to have a toy room like that.
Madge (PS19R) [616] It is really.
Jane (PS19L) [617] Yeah, it's great if you've got the room on the side to do it.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [618] with her being in a corner Jane
Jane (PS19L) [619] I know.
Madge (PS19R) [620] she's not, I mean the next door round the corner, like she's on the corner and the house here, it's been extended on the side, but it won't bring it anywhere near Pam's extension
Jane (PS19L) [621] No.
Madge (PS19R) [622] because it's in the corner
Jane (PS19L) [623] Corner.
Madge (PS19R) [624] you know?
Margaret (PS19S) [625] She could do it on the back an'all, she's got a third of an acre of garden, it's bloody massive.
Jane (PS19L) [626] I think that's it, if you can get a house with plenty of, you know you can stay there and live for ever can't ya?
Margaret (PS19S) [627] Yeah you can, mm, you can do that can't ya?
[628] I just don't, hope they don't bring the rates back
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [629] into bloody force, but she will be with all that land [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [630] Mm, oh she will be won't she?
Jane (PS19L) [631] Mind you that's what Labour want to do don't they?
Madge (PS19R) [632] Mm.
Margaret (PS19S) [633] Well, well the Conservative, are they going to leave it as it is?
Jane (PS19L) [634] No, no they're just gonna
Chris (PS19P) [635] No they brought a new thing out, it's not the poll tax it's called something else int it?
[636] Er it's like, it's the same flaming thing really
Jane (PS19L) [637] But Labour want to bring back the
Madge (PS19R) [638] Ordinary rateable value
Chris (PS19P) [639] Yeah sort of more or less
Madge (PS19R) [640] sort of yeah, I think it'll be more means tested won't it?
Jane (PS19L) [641] Yes, we had the Labour candidate knocking on our door yesterday and I think John must of been in a right foul mood, cos he [laugh] he says come in and talk to me
Margaret (PS19S) [642] Oh my God.
Jane (PS19L) [643] in the end I mean normally it was the other way round, the Labour candidate couldn't wait to get out, cos you know trying to get out the door and John was
Margaret (PS19S) [644] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [645] giving it this
Margaret (PS19S) [646] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [647] he doesn't normally you know, but
Margaret (PS19S) [648] No.
Jane (PS19L) [649] normally they want to get in and start waffling
Madge (PS19R) [650] Well the bloody Conservative come er through with the er postman so I just picked it up, opened it, ripped it up and it was in bloody bin before postman got to gate ... bloody Major and that Lamont, and the post together, yesterday.
Jane (PS19L) [651] Was that today?
Madge (PS19R) [652] Yesterday.
Margaret (PS19S) [653] I got a Liberal one through the post.
Jane (PS19L) [654] And then the woman, the fella from Liberal Democrats come and he goes erm, can I rely on your vote?
[655] I said no actually [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [656] Mm, they've got the Labour and the Conservative both in same [...] .
Margaret (PS19S) [657] Oh have they?
Madge (PS19R) [658] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [659] Have they?
Madge (PS19R) [660] You see I put me poster up in the window and then me flipping dad said to me I don't know whether you should have that poster up, what if Miss is around, Conservative, so I bloody took it down and put it in a magazine, I thought when we've got
Jane (PS19L) [661] Oh she's bound to be
Madge (PS19R) [662] when we've exchanged contracts I'll put it back up again, no, well I mean like whatsername across the road, you know erm Stuart's brother
Jane (PS19L) [663] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [664] I mean he's a rank Labour, he's got everything up there cos he was telling Mike, I mean he's got his neck in a collar and he's been waiting
Jane (PS19L) [665] I know.
Madge (PS19R) [666] for that long to go and get it sorted out
Jane (PS19L) [667] Oh.
Madge (PS19R) [668] but he's so opposed to the National Health as it is at the moment, you see Margaret a lot of these figures are being conned
Margaret (PS19S) [669] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [670] what they're doing is like
Jane (PS19L) [671] What's that?
Madge (PS19R) [672] people like Mike
Margaret (PS19S) [673] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [674] who've had that little, little operation like that
Margaret (PS19S) [675] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [676] they're clearing the waiting list
Jane (PS19L) [677] Mm.
Margaret (PS19S) [678] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [679] because they just go in in the day and they come out on the
Margaret (PS19S) [680] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [681] same day
Margaret (PS19S) [682] Yeah, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [683] but a more intricate type of operation, where you've got to be in for a day, they're not
Jane (PS19L) [684] No.
Madge (PS19R) [685] getting rid of those at all, they're just getting rid of
Jane (PS19L) [686] Replacements and
Madge (PS19R) [687] yeah they're they're still waiting a couple of years for them Jane
Jane (PS19L) [688] I know.
Madge (PS19R) [689] all look at that, was it next year they got, somebody got er, what er, another date and it was next Febru who was it?
[690] That girl on the telly, from Tesco
Chris (PS19P) [691] Yeah, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [692] that we saw
Jane (PS19L) [693] I don't know.
Margaret (PS19S) [694] Well look at Billy he's waiting to have his eyes tested
Madge (PS19R) [695] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [696] be seen to at the eye hospital, Sir John said in January I'll send you to Altrincham because they have a specialist, go to the, like they have one go to the Cottage, each, a different like a skin one day, summat, so like you're there and you're not traipsing for the eye hospital
Jane (PS19L) [697] Mm.
Margaret (PS19S) [698] but this one goes to Altrincham er about six weeks after, July
Jane (PS19L) [699] Oh.
Margaret (PS19S) [700] but if he had sent him to the eye hospital he'd have waited two years.
Jane (PS19L) [701] Yeah. ...
Madge (PS19R) [702] Can't credit it and your eyes are precious aren't they?
Margaret (PS19S) [703] Mm, well I mean that's what they're gonna do take the eye test charge off and the teeth charge off as soon as they get in, well it'll all materialize don't they?
Jane (PS19L) [704] Well I hope so, does that mean I ought to wait, my appointment's the end of, oh the end of April I must just [laughing] be able to []
Margaret (PS19S) [705] Ooh, aye well oh what, that's what Sam over road said I mean he had open heart surgery, said I don't know what I'd of done without the National Health
Madge (PS19R) [706] Mm, that's it, int it you could say
Margaret (PS19S) [707] said I've no qualms about 'em, and yet he's, somebody that votes for bloody Green Party, eh, he's just been up and voted for Green Party, I said I'd of stopped at home if I was you
Madge (PS19R) [708] Er Theresa's friend she wants the hip redoing.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [709] I think it's come out
Margaret (PS19S) [710] You see the thing is is
Madge (PS19R) [711] three thousand quid.
Margaret (PS19S) [712] a lot of it is er propaganda by the Conservative if, if they were gonna get it right, why couldn't they get it right in the thirteen years that they've been in power?
Madge (PS19R) [713] Why haven't you done it in the time you've been in?
Margaret (PS19S) [714] He said no
Madge (PS19R) [715] But look look at that Denise, Pam's friend
Margaret (PS19S) [716] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [717] the
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [718] about the little boy that they think he's dead
Margaret (PS19S) [719] Oh yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [720] but she had to pay a hundred and eighty pounds in all
Jane (PS19L) [721] That's right, Chris was telling me.
Madge (PS19R) [722] so they've still got to go back in three months, she was, I hope I've not got to come back and pay, so what the
Jane (PS19L) [723] What they waiting to have done?
Madge (PS19R) [724] Something else, er, they can't determine it or something until he's a few months
Chris (PS19P) [725] A bit older.
Jane (PS19L) [726] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [727] Yeah cos he's still only a baby int he?
Margaret (PS19S) [728] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [729] It's very difficult until they can sort of reactions a bit quicker
Madge (PS19R) [730] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [731] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [732] int it?
[733] Michael ... what you've done?
Margaret (PS19S) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [734] What made me laugh was the Conservative broadcast on Wednesday was real propaganda, trying to frighten you to death that if the Labour got in
Jane (PS19L) [735] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [736] we'd have no nuclear weapons and
Jane (PS19L) [737] Oh aye yeah I know that
Madge (PS19R) [738] we'd be open to the Russians and all this sort of thing, it was really trying to frighten ya, what this soap box image he tries to give you know, a one man show, it's bloody path it's his voice
Jane (PS19L) [739] It's that smile.
Madge (PS19R) [740] his words no less
Jane (PS19L) [741] But Kinnock he was really good with Robin Day last night
Chris (PS19P) [742] Was he?
Jane (PS19L) [743] oh cos Robin Day was really trying to get him with this nuclear thing
Chris (PS19P) [744] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [745] he kept going on and on and on and he said do you think it was an error of judgment and he was trying to get Kinnock to say yes and he said yes it was an error of judgment the way he, he'd sort of said I think he must of said in the mid seventies, that if he got in power he'd get rid of all nuclear weapons
Madge (PS19R) [746] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [747] but he was saying times have changed, so cos times have changed your opinions change
Madge (PS19R) [748] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [749] the fact is as Russia is now
Madge (PS19R) [750] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [751] you know, you woul they wouldn't get rid of all nuclear weapons the Labour
Chris (PS19P) [752] No.
Jane (PS19L) [753] I mean they'd cut down on defence
Madge (PS19R) [754] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [755] but they won't get rid of all nuclear weapons, they know it's you know you can't
Madge (PS19R) [756] Impossible.
Chris (PS19P) [757] Oh he's, he's great Kinnock, but I still don't know whether I believe [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [758] I don't like him.
Chris (PS19P) [759] but I wouldn't vote, cos I didn't like him
Jane (PS19L) [760] No.
Chris (PS19P) [761] I wouldn't vote for anybody else.
Jane (PS19L) [762] [shouting] No [] you shouldn't really take it on him personally
Chris (PS19P) [763] No.
Jane (PS19L) [764] should you?
Chris (PS19P) [765] No.
Jane (PS19L) [766] You should take it on what the pu you see they keep going
Madge (PS19R) [767] That's it.
Jane (PS19L) [768] on about you're gonna be worse off, nobody who earns less than twenty two thousand is going to be worse
Madge (PS19R) [769] No.
Jane (PS19L) [770] off, and there's not a lot of people that I know of
Madge (PS19R) [771] No.
Jane (PS19L) [772] normal people like us, whose husbands earn more than twenty two thousand.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [773] how much is it a week?
Margaret (PS19S) [774] Well it's about four hundred pound a week int it?
[775] Over four hundred pound a week int it?
Jane (PS19L) [776] Yeah, what are you doing now?
[777] But they're not actually come out with that Margaret cos after tax and insurance it's a lot less
Margaret (PS19S) [778] Yeah. ...
Jane (PS19L) [779] but they, they would
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [780] is that what, there won't be much left of it, is that what erm, they won't be in the higher tax bracket though would they?
Margaret (PS19S) [781] No, they'd go into the mid one wouldn't they?
[782] But it's the ones that are earning over forty thousand
Jane (PS19L) [783] Ooh
Margaret (PS19S) [784] that would go up into the forty percent
Jane (PS19L) [785] Yeah, so what's the next one, is there one between twenty five and forty?
[786] There isn't is there?
Margaret (PS19S) [787] I don't know it, he work, he was gonna work that
Jane (PS19L) [788] Michael
Madge (PS19R) [789] It's alright.
Jane (PS19L) [790] You sure?
Madge (PS19R) [791] I'll pick it up in a minute.
Margaret (PS19S) [792] There's something on the national insu about the national insurance as well, I can't think how he's gonna work that ... because he said it is the ones that are on over forty thousand that are gonna be [...]
Jane (PS19L) [793] Come on there's gonna be nothing left of that.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [794] Black banana.
Jane (PS19L) [795] No.
Margaret (PS19S) [796] I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [797] erm, do you know what we were saying the other night?
[798] How could they be short of money when everybody's always paying in money?
Jane (PS19L) [799] Yeah and we've got all this money from the er North Sea Gas
Madge (PS19R) [800] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [801] Yeah, but that won't last for ever.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [802] but then they said work, they won't let them, the money that they've got on council houses, they won't let them spend it you see that?
Jane (PS19L) [803] They won't, they won't.
Madge (PS19R) [804] Well what's that staying as it is for?
Jane (PS19L) [805] I don't know, but they won't let them do with it
Madge (PS19R) [806] They should let them do all the houses up with it shouldn't they?
Jane (PS19L) [807] They should let them buy more land and do more council building.
Margaret (PS19S) [808] Yeah you see they've gotta
Madge (PS19R) [809] They've been trying to see about that lot where the boys' grammar school is int they?
Jane (PS19L) [810] Yeah, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [811] Because they want to sell that, but they want it to be sort of like half private
Jane (PS19L) [812] No.
Madge (PS19R) [813] and half I suppose council houses
Jane (PS19L) [814] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [815] cos it's quite a big plot of land that int it?
Margaret (PS19S) [816] It must be mustn't it?
Jane (PS19L) [817] Yeah. ...
Madge (PS19R) [818] But oh, I don't know, whoever gets in it'll all still be the same in years so
Margaret (PS19S) [819] Of course it will.
Madge (PS19R) [820] I can't see that it matters.
Jane (PS19L) [821] Michael
Chris (PS19P) [822] He's okay, he's only playing with them, aren't you love?
Jane (PS19L) [823] Until he breaks, them, he's broken two at home.
Madge (PS19R) [824] Has he?
Jane (PS19L) [825] Mm, snaps the tapes.
Madge (PS19R) [826] Ooh and he's such a lovely lad.
Jane (PS19L) [827] Oh you wouldn't of said that last night.
Madge (PS19R) [828] What, in the middle of the night?
Jane (PS19L) [829] No, last night going to bed he's been, he's been smashing until Saturday
Madge (PS19R) [830] You know he's been good going to bed.
Jane (PS19L) [831] Deana put him to bed
Madge (PS19R) [832] Saturday?
Jane (PS19L) [833] Saturday when we went out, Deana put him to bed
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [834] well she was stupid enough to let Deana put him to bed
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [835] no wait a minute
Jane (PS19L) [836] of course he got all upset so she had to then mess about and try and get him to sleep, which apparently she did
Madge (PS19R) [837] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [838] but he must of been all worked up and since then I've had a right struggle, most nights
Madge (PS19R) [839] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [840] I've had to go back up in to him, yeah, but I don't know what happened last night, I don't know whether he was not quite tired enough, erm, he must of got up as soon as I put him down and started sort of moaning then I went into the girls and I sorted them out he started screaming he did, so I had to go to him in and lay him down and making him lay down
Madge (PS19R) [841] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [842] and he was starting sobbing and he got that upset, in the end
Madge (PS19R) [843] He started screaming.
Jane (PS19L) [844] you know real, I've never heard him do that before.
Margaret (PS19S) [845] Aye, they can do that sobbing.
Madge (PS19R) [846] No.
Jane (PS19L) [847] So erm, anyway I went back in to him, I kept going up and down, I left him for a while, but he doesn't normally cry like that
Madge (PS19R) [848] No.
Jane (PS19L) [849] so er
Madge (PS19R) [850] Ee, ee.
Jane (PS19L) [851] eventually I went up and I tried to get him to go down to sleep again, and he was shutting his eyes and on his dummy, but he was [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [852] If they get that worked up, they can't calm down can they?
Jane (PS19L) [853] No
Margaret (PS19S) [854] No.
Jane (PS19L) [855] so I thought I couldn't, I couldn't let him go to
Madge (PS19R) [856] No.
Jane (PS19L) [857] sleep while he was like that so I picked him up and took him back downstairs again,
Madge (PS19R) [laugh]
Margaret (PS19S) [858] He knows he's doing this thing.
Chris (PS19P) [859] Is it, do you think it might be as well that it's a bit lighter Jane, cos I was reading a smashing tip
Margaret (PS19S) [860] Oh yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [861] in one of me magazines to blacken your curtains out, cos I thought I'm gonna do that on Joanne's
Jane (PS19L) [862] Yeah I don't
Chris (PS19P) [863] you know she moans, somebody suggested if you've got a curtain and you've got like you, a liner behind it
Jane (PS19L) [864] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [865] to fasten a black bin bag
Jane (PS19L) [866] Oh yeah, yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [867] between the curtain and the liner
Jane (PS19L) [868] Yeah I put a [...] over his
Chris (PS19P) [869] and it completely blacks over it was dark
Jane (PS19L) [870] when it was dark
Chris (PS19P) [871] but no, you know it does start getting lighter and you're gonna have problems then, you might try that cos you could, you've got liners on them curtains haven't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [872] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [873] Open up er, er a, a bin liner and pin it in between the two
Jane (PS19L) [874] In between the two.
Madge (PS19R) [875] Oh that's a good idea.
Chris (PS19P) [876] so it's completely black.
Jane (PS19L) [877] Blacks it out.
Chris (PS19P) [878] Blacks it out.
Jane (PS19L) [879] It is a good idea.
Chris (PS19P) [880] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [881] I didn't, it was so cold yesterday, we'd been out in the morning and I decided to put him in his cot, on the odd occasion I do, do, he's gone to sleep without any problems
Chris (PS19P) [882] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [883] but yesterday morn he was, yesterday morning he started crying didn't he, I didn't leave him for any length of time
Chris (PS19P) [884] No.
Jane (PS19L) [885] I brought him downstairs give him his dinner and then I put him to sleep in his pram in the front room, but I think that'd also er
Chris (PS19P) [886] Yeah, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [887] Upset him.
Jane (PS19L) [888] so I just hope, it's so annoying though, you'd just give him a cuddle, lay him down and that was it, that was all
Madge (PS19R) [889] I know, so I mean the thing is that we've always said haven't ya as long as you can sort of get 'em down
Jane (PS19L) [890] Mm.
Margaret (PS19S) [891] Yeah
Madge (PS19R) [892] to go to sleep so you can have a
Margaret (PS19S) [893] at least you've got some free time.
Madge (PS19R) [894] on your own, you can cope with waking up in the night can't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [895] Ten o'clock before I put him upstairs.
Madge (PS19R) [896] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [897] Cos you lose your patience.
Madge (PS19R) [898] What was wrong with ya?
Chris (PS19P) [899] Oh she's so calm.
Jane (PS19L) [900] No I'm not too bad really.
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [901] I lost me paddy with Stacey I must admit, cos he's by then screaming, I did get a bit cross last night
Chris (PS19P) [902] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [903] cos he's throwing a wobbly at the cot, he's thrown all his dummies out and Stacey comes out the door, I just wanted to leave him cos he's just, before he was ready and that
Margaret (PS19S) [904] No.
Jane (PS19L) [905] I was up there, stood on the landing where he couldn't hear me and couldn't see me I was
Margaret (PS19S) [906] No.
Jane (PS19L) [907] sort of just waiting to see what he was gonna do and then Stacey comes out, I can't sleep and I said get back in [laughing] that bloody bedroom [] oh dear
Margaret (PS19S) [908] What was that?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [909] over the road with Sam?
Madge (PS19R) [910] Er his mother, you know the one that works in Woolworths?
Jane (PS19L) [911] Yeah, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [912] They've had him from the Wednesday, was it the Wed er, no from the Saturday to the Wednesday cos she was working and they took him on to seaside somewhere and when come home, he's having stitches in his head where he'd fell, he hit it on the stone or summat and I said oh did he enjoy it apart from that, she said he was a swine last night, he was screaming and hitting me and she called her husband down from work, she couldn't control him, said she should of smacked his arse and put him in the cot.
Chris (PS19P) [913] Mind you I've heard them shouting at him.
Margaret (PS19S) [914] Oh it's awful.
Jane (PS19L) [915] How old is he?
Madge (PS19R) [916] He was two last Christmas, he's lovely an'all, but you see it doesn't take much to get out of a routine.
Jane (PS19L) [917] It does come nice after Christmas, Christmas it got him all out of plonk
Margaret (PS19S) [918] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [919] cos you know he was that shattered he was falling asleep downstairs before I put him in his cot, so it was a case then of putting him to sleep in his cot
Margaret (PS19S) [920] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [921] and even in the middle of the night on the odd occasion that he sort of disturbed a bit, I just used to shout to him
Margaret (PS19S) [922] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [923] lay down and go back to sleep and, sometimes he would.
Margaret (PS19S) [924] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [925] Oh, she's very lucky that a child of that age had gone, I mean she don't see his, his nana that much
Jane (PS19L) [926] No.
Madge (PS19R) [927] really, to have him from
Jane (PS19L) [928] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [929] er what was it?
[930] Yeah the Saturday to the Wednesday
Jane (PS19L) [931] Aye.
Margaret (PS19S) [932] d'ya know she's still at Woolworths?
[933] I told ya
Jane (PS19L) [934] Mm.
Margaret (PS19S) [935] it was that bit of
Madge (PS19R) [936] Ta.
Jane (PS19L) [937] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [938] is she there?
Jane (PS19L) [939] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [940] Not seen her since
Madge (PS19R) [941] Ta.
Jane (PS19L) [942] Yeah.
Margaret (PS19S) [943] I mean cos there's time when
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [944] to stay open late weren't it?
Jane (PS19L) [945] And she didn't want to do it.
Margaret (PS19S) [946] And she said I'm, I'm I'm not staying she said, I think it was New Year's Eve, she said I'm walking out so I might have no job, so I've not seen her since, so Madge said she's still there, that's in Altrincham int it?
Madge (PS19R) [947] Mm yeah that's how she's just
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [948] but he keeps going up to the gnomes and saying hello is that [laugh] no he come home the other night and the, we, no the other day Sam he tipped all the bloody soil out of the earth and done something else, he said he's a naughty boy and she's said to Sam he wants a smacking he said I'm not smacking him
Madge (PS19R) [949] Oh well he wouldn't do that.
Jane (PS19L) [950] He wouldn't do that would he?
Chris (PS19P) [951] She should tell him.
Margaret (PS19S) [952] and he's never got a nappy on him, he's like this
Madge (PS19R) [laugh]
Margaret (PS19S) [953] it's swinging all the time he's looking at [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [954] what is it, you doing a Josh?
[955] Mike came down yesterday morning, mind you he had been on his own quite a lot, a lot of time yesterday for the day Josh, cos I went to Altrincham with me mum at half nine and it, I'd taken him out for a walk to make sure he'd had his walk and Mike didn't get up till gone half two and when he come down he'd cut a report of Lisa's on the floor
Margaret (PS19S) [956] Oh.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [957] they call it achievement you know they call it record of achievement
Jane (PS19L) [958] Oh God, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [959] but fortunately I put it in a folder so the folder was destroyed
Margaret (PS19S) [960] But the
Madge (PS19R) [961] but the thing that he was
Margaret (PS19S) [962] was alright
Madge (PS19R) [963] actually caught with, I think he was just starting on that when Mike come down, er but, he got it out this magazine rack because it was at the back of there I put it, cos it's this year's the others I've got upstairs in a drawer
Jane (PS19L) [964] And he ferreted it out.
Madge (PS19R) [965] he ferreted it out, but I, you know I said to Mike well if er, if he's only chewing the paper
Jane (PS19L) [966] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [967] I mean he could start on the [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [968] Of course he could, he's not bad really.
Madge (PS19R) [969] Yeah, I found, only because I went out one night, and, it was when Mike was still next door and what I'd done I'd locked him in the back room and he said he was howling
Jane (PS19L) [970] Oh.
Madge (PS19R) [971] he doesn't, he doesn't like being cooped up
Margaret (PS19S) [972] In one room.
Madge (PS19R) [973] so if I leave the doors open
Margaret (PS19S) [974] Oh he's so good.
Madge (PS19R) [975] he can wander about you see and jumps up on the furniture and looks through
Jane (PS19L) [976] Careful.
Madge (PS19R) [977] the window and what have you, you know?
Jane (PS19L) [978] Yeah good lad.
Margaret (PS19S) [979] You're a good lad aren't ya?
Madge (PS19R) [980] You see that's where I really [...]
Jane (PS19L) [981] Aren't you?
[982] Aren't you?
Madge (PS19R) [983] I've got that burglar alarm over there, but I don't think I'd ever be able to use it
Margaret (PS19S) [984] You mean with the dog being loose
Jane (PS19L) [985] You want your socks on?
[986] Do you want some more?
[987] Ask Chris for some.
Margaret (PS19S) [988] or is it only to do with doors opening?
Madge (PS19R) [989] Well this is what I'll have to, we'll have to find out, I've not really gone into detail about it, I think it might be actually because it's er you, you've got two things
Margaret (PS19S) [990] When you open the front door
Madge (PS19R) [991] on a, on a thing haven't they?
[992] And they, if you go to it, I forget how it is, but that's how Jane's is, so
Margaret (PS19S) [993] Now, if you go through the door you've got so many seconds to get to the box to turn it off.
Madge (PS19R) [994] That's right, yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [995] Ours the same.
Margaret (PS19S) [996] Yeah, and there's a panic button at the front door and there's a panic button upstairs
Jane (PS19L) [997] What is it?
Madge (PS19R) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [998] Ah good lad, good lad.
Margaret (PS19S) [999] Come on Josh.
Chris (PS19P) [1000] That was Diet Vimto.
Jane (PS19L) [laugh]
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [1001] Oh I didn't like the taste of that.
Chris (PS19P) [1002] Didn't ya?
[1003] Oh I like it
Madge (PS19R) [1004] No.
Chris (PS19P) [1005] and Lisa, I get it for Lisa she likes it.
Jane (PS19L) [1006] It seems to have a bit of a different taste.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1007] Where is it?
[1008] Is it up there?, in your bag up there I think Marg?
Margaret (PS19S) [1009] Did you put it in the bag?
Chris (PS19P) [1010] Oh, yeah I think I did.
Madge (PS19R) [1011] You put it over there.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1012] no I put it back up there.
Chris (PS19P) [1013] [laugh] Josh ... [laugh] has Josh licked it?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1014] what was it like?
[1015] He needs to be thinner, he's like a bloody dustbin ain't he?
Madge (PS19R) [1016] Your mum said he was eating enough
Chris (PS19P) [1017] I give him two barm cakes and we had one each and before we'd finished, started our second half of our one, he'd ate the two, give him a custard and he'd ate it
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1018] in two mouthfuls, she said did you take
Jane (PS19L) [1019] So did you enjoy that custard?
Chris (PS19P) [1020] No wonder he don't get indigestion
Jane (PS19L) [1021] Two int it?
Chris (PS19P) [1022] he's such a gulper.
Jane (PS19L) [1023] Oh.
Madge (PS19R) [1024] See you next week Chris.
Chris (PS19P) [1025] Okey-doke ma.
Madge (PS19R) [1026] See you next week now.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Margaret (PS19S) [1027] right
Jane (PS19L) [1028] cos I'll see you again then Margaret
Margaret (PS19S) [1029] tarrah Jane
Jane (PS19L) [1030] take care.
Margaret (PS19S) [1031] bye bye Michael
Jane (PS19L) [1032] Say bye bye, say bye bye.
Margaret (PS19S) [1033] bye.
Jane (PS19L) [1034] Well wave bye bye then.
Margaret (PS19S) [1035] He's too busy licking his lips. [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [1036] Where'd you get them braces from?
Margaret (PS19S) [1037] Tarrah
Madge (PS19R) [1038] Tarrah.
Margaret (PS19S) [1039] tarrah Bill
Madge (PS19R) [1040] They're lovely aren't they?
Jane (PS19L) [1041] Mm, they'll last him for a long, long time.
Chris (PS19P) [1042] Yeah. [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1043] Oh, where you going, mm?
Madge (PS19R) [1044] To work?
[1045] ... Did you know
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1046] yes, you were saying
Jane (PS19L) [1047] I just hope that I've plugged it in properly.
Madge (PS19R) [laugh]
Chris (PS19P) [1048] Oh it's going great guns that ... I've got Len coming
Madge (PS19R) [1049] I'll take it home well and you can have, well there'll be nowt bloody said at our house after five o'clock so you don't
Chris (PS19P) [1050] I've got Len coming round at half past twelve [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1051] you'd just gone, it's a wonder you didn't see her coming round the bloody corner.
Chris (PS19P) [1052] Was this Wednesday?
Jane (PS19L) [1053] Wednesday, I'd got Michael outside in the pushchair, coat on and I think I'd just come down from the loo and I saw the car pull up [laughing] I quickly ran and got me coat on [] oh I, I'll come with you she said, so she come shopping with me.
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [1054] Who was this?
Jane (PS19L) [1055] Er, erm
Chris (PS19P) [1056] This is a friend she's a d she's a nice girl isn't she Jane?
Jane (PS19L) [1057] She is a nice girl
Chris (PS19P) [1058] But she's got problems a bit like
Jane (PS19L) [1059] Pat erm
Chris (PS19P) [1060] what I used to have with Betty
Madge (PS19R) [1061] Oh.
Chris (PS19P) [1062] you know one of those
Madge (PS19R) [1063] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1064] that you want to really help them and you feel dead sorry for them
Jane (PS19L) [1065] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1066] but no matter what you say you still end up doing what they want
Jane (PS19L) [1067] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1068] and whatever. ...
Jane (PS19L) [1069] She's very weak, I think that's what it is
Chris (PS19P) [1070] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1071] she knows what she wants to do and what she should do, but she just can't
Chris (PS19P) [1072] Nah.
Jane (PS19L) [1073] seem to be able to do it.
Chris (PS19P) [1074] Nah.
Jane (PS19L) [1075] Still the same now.
Chris (PS19P) [1076] Is she?
[1077] Shame.
Jane (PS19L) [1078] [...] other day when she locked herself out no matter what
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1079] what you suggested how she got in that, oh no you can't have that, well she kept coming and she kept aren't I a silly bitch, aren't I silly bitch Bill, and he looked [...] she was taking the mickey out and he said well what, what's your daughter's name, she said Jane, as if he was puddled he said no what's that name?
[1080] Anyway she, some bugger, you know Sue?
[1081] That er that's got the greengrocers, she got to know her daughter's phone number and phoned round for her
Madge (PS19R) [1082] Ta.
Jane (PS19L) [1083] well it didn't matter what you suggested
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1084] yes, that's what the lads were
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1085] no wonder it was, me dad was trying to get her into the house and everything and she said oh well so and so's got me key [...] well I said I'm not bloody phoning er their Nora
Jane (PS19L) [1086] He rang.
Madge (PS19R) [1087] He rang?
Bill (PS19T) [1088] Er are you talking about Nora?
Madge (PS19R) [1089] Well this girl she's got two children at [...] and Nora's got in with her, but her husband is an Iranian so she goes over to Iran every now and again, she's got a key, I said I'm not phoning to bloody Iran for you Nora.
Bill (PS19T) [1090] She's got a sister in Urmston, that's about
Madge (PS19R) [1091] A daughter.
Bill (PS19T) [1092] a daughter, what's er, what's her number the daughter, oh I don't know her number ... I said well what's her name it'll be in the book, she said it's Jane
Madge (PS19R) [1093] It's Jane I said [...]
Bill (PS19T) [1094] er, it got that bad that I thought she was taking the piss out of me.
Jane (PS19L) [1095] Yeah, did she get in in the end?
Madge (PS19R) [1096] You could, could the window tre the cleaner get through that window he said yes, but she'll have to, he'll have to force it, she said oh I don't want it forcing, no, somebody at the shop in the greengrocers rooted through the phone book, eventually got her daughter's phone number in Urmston, phoned for her and her daughter come down
Bill (PS19T) [1097] Urmston's not in our book you see.
Madge (PS19R) [1098] No.
Jane (PS19L) [1099] No it's not no.
Madge (PS19R) [1100] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Bill (PS19T) [1101] I said I'll go round the back and I said I can get in through that window for ya, I said well I'll have to force it, what d'ya mean force it?
[1102] I said I'll have to prise it open oh no, no
Madge (PS19R) [1103] No, no, no no.
Bill (PS19T) [1104] I said well do you know anybody with a good [...] ?
Jane (PS19L) [1105] [laugh] Oh blimey.
Madge (PS19R) [1106] Do you know Nora, Nora ?
Jane (PS19L) [1107] No I don't think
Madge (PS19R) [1108] In er Ashdon?
Jane (PS19L) [1109] No.
Madge (PS19R) [1110] Mind she's very lonely, she's on her own you know and she'll talk to anybody
Jane (PS19L) [1111] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1112] you can guarantee it she goes to shops about eleven o'clock, she don't come back till one because she's been talking on shops, that's her routine you know?
Jane (PS19L) [1113] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [1114] Very lonely, it's a shame, very, very good-natured as well
Jane (PS19L) [1115] Well where does she live, in Ashdon village?
Madge (PS19R) [1116] No, up our road
Jane (PS19L) [1117] Oh.
Madge (PS19R) [1118] er third one from the top ... gingery er talks a lot you know, gingery hair, nice girl, but as I say er ... funny girl ...
Jane (PS19L) [1119] Mm ... my John was in Sale on Saturday when he ran into John he was telling him about his
Madge (PS19R) [1120] Oh I [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1121] yeah, telling John all about his erm, he had an accident at work or something ...
Madge (PS19R) [1122] Well I don't know Jane, I don't really listen to any gossip up that end, you know what I mean?
Jane (PS19L) [1123] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [1124] But he's er, got a nice little girl
Jane (PS19L) [1125] Has he?
Madge (PS19R) [1126] Yeah fortunately
Jane (PS19L) [1127] He's still there then John ?
Madge (PS19R) [1128] Oh aye Sandra yeah, he lives in
Chris (PS19P) [1129] Oh does he?
Madge (PS19R) [1130] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1131] John er bumped into him on Saturday
Chris (PS19P) [1132] Oh yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1133] and he was showing him his arm, apparently he got erm
Madge (PS19R) [1134] Yes he did Jane he had an accident.
Jane (PS19L) [1135] trapped into er a machine
Chris (PS19P) [1136] Oh.
Jane (PS19L) [1137] at work, I don't know where he was working
Madge (PS19R) [1138] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1139] and pulled him into the machine and made a right mess of his arm.
Chris (PS19P) [1140] Oh God.
Jane (PS19L) [1141] Apparently he's had to have plastic surgery on his arm
Madge (PS19R) [1142] Yeah he showed us.
Jane (PS19L) [1143] so, yeah, mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1144] He'll get some compo for that.
Jane (PS19L) [1145] He's waiting for a claim going through.
Madge (PS19R) [1146] So what does he do Jane now?
Jane (PS19L) [1147] He's a taxi driver part-time.
Madge (PS19R) [1148] I think you mentioned it once about taxi driving
Jane (PS19L) [1149] Yeah and he, but he works for somebody else full-time, I can't think who he said it was now.
Madge (PS19R) [1150] Oh Serlison High, I cut through there going to, when I'm going to work.
Chris (PS19P) [1151] Why they got a little house down there
Jane (PS19L) [1152] There's loads for sale down there, they're quite nice little houses cos Eileen used to work at
Madge (PS19R) [1153] Oh give it to down there
Chris (PS19P) [1154] Nora's brother's got one.
Jane (PS19L) [1155] Yeah, have I got to buy you a bottle of Vimto?
Chris (PS19P) [1156] Oh he seems to like it don't he Jane?
Madge (PS19R) [1157] but er Eileen she's got four of them, you know, Margaret was living with that lad for ten years weren't she?
Jane (PS19L) [1158] I know.
Madge (PS19R) [1159] They got married and they've been together and apart for, ever since they've got bloody married
Jane (PS19L) [1160] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [1161] then there's Ellen, don't how the bloody hell she lives so or what have you
Jane (PS19L) [1162] There's only Anthony and he seems pretty normal, yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [1163] He's stuck with that girl I say cos I mean she's a lot older than he is, but they're stuck together ... yeah, cos Carol must be near my age ...
Jane (PS19L) [1164] Blimey.
Madge (PS19R) [1165] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1166] Every one of them she's had something with ain't she?
Madge (PS19R) [1167] Mm, I suppose, John, how many bloody wives has he since I don't know
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [1168] how many kids has he had by each one?
Jane (PS19L) [1169] I say he's had half a dozen kids to each girl he's been
Madge (PS19R) [1170] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1171] going out ain't he?
Chris (PS19P) [1172] Mm and just think Jane if you'd of stayed with him you'd have your hands full.
Madge (PS19R) [1173] Right, and I don't think he's even nice I don't.
Chris (PS19P) [1174] [laugh] Oh dear, must of said that about him
Madge (PS19R) [1175] Nosey hole
Chris (PS19P) [1176] [laugh] do you like that Diet Vimto then Michael?
Madge (PS19R) [laugh]
Chris (PS19P) [1177] Hiya
Jane (PS19L) [1178] He must have something though because I mean there's another
Chris (PS19P) [1179] Aye, very young int she?
[1180] Josh [...] for younger girls, they must think it keeps them young.
Madge (PS19R) [1181] Yeah, but he he doesn't acknowledge those children to Ellen, don't he, don't even acknowledge 'em, he's walked past them in our road and never acknowledged them.
Jane (PS19L) [1182] How can you do that to your own kids?
Madge (PS19R) [1183] Yeah and our Lisa's bloody bad as well.
Jane (PS19L) [1184] Is she?
Madge (PS19R) [1185] You know they make me laugh with Eileen they want to think back when she, how she cheated on John her
Jane (PS19L) [1186] Did she?
Madge (PS19R) [1187] Oh Christ she was the talk of the bl that was bloody disgusting that, oh aye.
Jane (PS19L) [1188] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1189] Folk they forget that, you know what I mean?
Jane (PS19L) [1190] Mm, and she's got the audacity to have a go at other people.
Madge (PS19R) [1191] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1192] I remember she had a go at me once, I was leading Margaret astray according to Eileen
Madge (PS19R) [1193] Oh aye oh Christ, my oh Margaret had Eileen like that Jane with what Margaret [...] mother, she daren't open her mouth to er Margaret because Margaret had copped her
Jane (PS19L) [1194] Had she?
Madge (PS19R) [1195] Oh aye.
Jane (PS19L) [1196] How long ago?
[1197] How old was she?
Madge (PS19R) [1198] Oh so long before John and I, but er, oh no they all had her under the thumb.
Jane (PS19L) [1199] Michael stop it. ...
Chris (PS19P) [1200] He was such a nice bloke John was.
Madge (PS19R) [1201] Oh he was a lovely man I think John knew you know, I mean look at Derek she still talks to him
Jane (PS19L) [1202] Mm ... I think you're in his place Michael.
Madge (PS19R) [1203] and yet you know that night Chris, and on that bloody Wednesday night knew what was going on, every bugger knew but Margaret .
Chris (PS19P) [1204] Mm. ...
Jane (PS19L) [1205] Josh don't be a mardy
Madge (PS19R) [1206] I'd love to be a fly on the wall about Wednesday night.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1207] is it still going?
Madge (PS19R) [1208] Ooh, every bugger's business is discussed.
Jane (PS19L) [1209] Does Margaret still go?
Madge (PS19R) [1210] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1211] Does she?
Madge (PS19R) [1212] Want to know how, what's going on in our road ask Margaret
Jane (PS19L) [1213] Ask Margaret.
Madge (PS19R) [1214] she knows more what's going on than I do
Jane (PS19L) [1215] Oh dear.
Madge (PS19R) [1216] I couldn't be that bloody interested though could you? ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [1217] watch out your brother's not up there Jane.
Jane (PS19L) [1218] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1219] Where is he? [...] [laugh]
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [...] [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1220] Careful Michael [...]
Madge (PS19R) [1221] Eh give us a kiss, oh
Chris (PS19P) [1222] He gives bootiful kisses don't you then lad?
Jane (PS19L) [1223] Oh you sloppy hap'orth.
Chris (PS19P) [1224] Oh eh Josh you got
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1225] mm, what's Josh doing?
Madge (PS19R) [1226] Eh between you and me, Alan isn't with her according to Margaret.
Chris (PS19P) [1227] Oh so don't say anything.
Madge (PS19R) [1228] No.
Chris (PS19P) [1229] She keeps trying to [...] girlfriend, Anthony's girlfriend, but I won't [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1230] He's here with Michael.
Chris (PS19P) [1231] they're both on window ledge
Jane (PS19L) [1232] Come here and have a look.
Chris (PS19P) [1233] [laughing] Ooh, oh [] what you looking at?
Jane (PS19L) [1234] They're both looking through the window [laugh] , aren't ya?
Chris (PS19P) [1235] [laugh] Come on in then, come on, have you drunk that drink all again?
[1236] That's two big cupfuls you've drank, good lad ... good lad, he's drank another cupful of that Jane
Jane (PS19L) [1237] Oh blimey, you have got a spare nappy here somewhere haven't you?
Chris (PS19P) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1238] Or you do have
Chris (PS19P) [1239] Er, just as well I did have, yeah, God knows where anything is now what, what you have to do with that now
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1240] eh Jane do you know what?
[1241] Mike rang the solicitor up yesterday and he said that he was sending out the contracts to us
Jane (PS19L) [1242] Yes.
Chris (PS19P) [1243] that he just received them like, about half an hour before Mike rang up, so he said I've got to get me secretary to type them out and then we, I'll send them to you and we've got to sign 'em, then what happens from there? ...
Jane (PS19L) [1244] Once you've signed the contracts?
Chris (PS19P) [1245] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1246] You've got to have a witness, haven't you, sign it in front of somebody?
[1247] Is that the one, no?
Chris (PS19P) [1248] I don't think
Jane (PS19L) [1249] Send it back and it should be pretty soon after that isn't it?
Chris (PS19P) [1250] Well he said Mike must have said, what has been holding it up if I, we were under the impression that when she left London, she was finished with her property
Jane (PS19L) [1251] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1252] cos it was put in the hands of Black Horse by Miss
Jane (PS19L) [1253] That's right.
Chris (PS19P) [1254] and they were dealing with it
Jane (PS19L) [1255] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1256] well seemingly it must be as simple as that
Jane (PS19L) [1257] No.
Chris (PS19P) [1258] so she's been dealing with her Manchester solicitors and a London solicitor
Jane (PS19L) [1259] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1260] so this is what's been holding everything up.
Jane (PS19L) [1261] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1262] So Mike must, said to him well, the thing is well we wanted to really get in before Easter
Jane (PS19L) [1263] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1264] so he said you don't have to move on a Friday cos Mike said well do we have to move Friday?
[1265] So he said oh no you can choose any day of the week.
Jane (PS19L) [1266] That's right, yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1267] I suppose it's mutual agreement?
Jane (PS19L) [1268] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1269] I mean we'll move any day, but it's whether Miss will you see
Jane (PS19L) [1270] Yeah, the only reason most people choose a Friday is because they get you over the weekend
Chris (PS19P) [1271] They get you over the weekend yeah, so erm, we'll just have to see what happens and have, just have the contracts out.
Jane (PS19L) [1272] Yeah, it should be a week then, shouldn't it?
Chris (PS19P) [1273] Hopefully, er what did you say five working days?
Jane (PS19L) [1274] It's normally five working days, yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1275] Mm, mm, you see, cos even if we sort of made it for like the middle of next week, er, no not next week, the week after
Jane (PS19L) [1276] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1277] would bring us like the Wednesday, that would be my birthday actually the Wednesday
Jane (PS19L) [1278] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1279] but it'll make it Easter weekend
Jane (PS19L) [1280] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1281] we'll, we wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind doing that
Jane (PS19L) [1282] No.
Chris (PS19P) [1283] because it'd give Mike an extra few days anyway, could actually have
Jane (PS19L) [1284] Get settled.
Chris (PS19P) [1285] the Wednesday off ... and all the following week
Jane (PS19L) [1286] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1287] which would give him a good break really to get a few things done.
Jane (PS19L) [1288] Yeah.
Madge (PS19R) [1289] Well it'll all be
Chris (PS19P) [1290] I'm not doing any, I'm, I'm, all this bloody panicking about getting a flaming gas fire sorted out and getting a carpet done, I'm not, not bothering, we'll just have to rough it for a while.
Jane (PS19L) [1291] Let 'em rough it for a week.
Chris (PS19P) [1292] Mm, we'll rough it for a while, because I know the downers, the only thing that Mike wants to do is put the fence and the gate up the side
Jane (PS19L) [1293] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1294] which Don said we could do
Jane (PS19L) [1295] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1296] to sort the dog out really
Jane (PS19L) [1297] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1298] but everything else we can sort, getting there, it's not as if we're gonna need a bloody fire is it Jane?
Jane (PS19L) [1299] Not really.
Chris (PS19P) [1300] I mean do you find you, you use your fire more?
Jane (PS19L) [1301] We have been doing over the past few nights
Chris (PS19P) [1302] Have ya?
Jane (PS19L) [1303] because I've been turning the heating, it's the
Chris (PS19P) [1304] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1305] I don't know, from tea time it seems to warm up the house
Chris (PS19P) [1306] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1307] and it's boiling hot
Chris (PS19P) [1308] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1309] from sort of eight o'clock so I could
Chris (PS19P) [1310] Then it cools off
Jane (PS19L) [1311] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1312] don't it?
Jane (PS19L) [1313] So I just put it on just to tick
Chris (PS19P) [1314] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1315] the room over really ... but I mean if you can keep your heating on for that little bit of length of time
Chris (PS19P) [1316] Mm, that's what I'll do I don't think we'll use the fire that much, I mean we, I, did I put it on?
[1317] No I didn't put it on last night, but I did leave me heating on, it clicks off at nine o'clock, but the house was warm
Jane (PS19L) [1318] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1319] and we went to bed anyway
Jane (PS19L) [1320] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1321] just gone ten.
Jane (PS19L) [1322] That's what, I mean we used to turn ours off of about nine, half nine and like you say it just used to tick
Chris (PS19P) [1323] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1324] over till about eleven, you could just feel it cooling down
Chris (PS19P) [1325] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1326] but, because I've been knocking it off that bit earlier
Chris (PS19P) [1327] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1328] sort of five minutes
Chris (PS19P) [1329] And how have you fi I think we're gonna end up like with a fire like yours to be honest, because we don't want to alter that fireplace if we can help it
Jane (PS19L) [1330] No, it's ever so nice.
Chris (PS19P) [1331] because we do like it
Jane (PS19L) [1332] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1333] and we thought well one night, I mean it's a bloody big radiator in that room
Jane (PS19L) [1334] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1335] which I think would be enough
Jane (PS19L) [1336] You wouldn't you'd probably find that you would use it half a dozen times through the year.
Chris (PS19P) [1337] Yeah, yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1338] No I won't get rid of mine.
Chris (PS19P) [1339] Have you sort of not, I suppose you haven't found out money- wise what it's costing ya?
Jane (PS19L) [1340] No, not really I should imagine it's not, I don't know you see, we don't, we'd of had the heating on anyway
Chris (PS19P) [1341] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1342] so I don't suppose it's cost us any more
Chris (PS19P) [1343] No.
Jane (PS19L) [1344] because we've hardly had it on.
Chris (PS19P) [1345] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1346] Still you
Chris (PS19P) [1347] You do find it warm don't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [1348] I do, yeah,
Chris (PS19P) [1349] Have you got a couple of settings on yours is it a high and a low?
Jane (PS19L) [1350] Well I've just got high and low that's all.
Chris (PS19P) [1351] But I mean it'll give you er a wattage er, whatever it is
Jane (PS19L) [1352] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [1353] it pumps out anyway?
Jane (PS19L) [1354] well I suppose so, I don't know what we've got.
Madge (PS19R) [1355] The
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1356] yeah, because as I say something like what Jane's got would fit in that fireplace, just right
Jane (PS19L) [1357] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1358] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1359] which like I say saw one up at erm ... I told you that fireplace shop on the corner, mind you I think we'll get Edwards in, he had some in about a hundred and sixty quid or so
Jane (PS19L) [1360] You should start looking round.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1361] erm I mean really ideally Mike would like one of those that actually fits perfectly
Jane (PS19L) [1362] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1363] in, in the fireplace
Jane (PS19L) [1364] I know what you mean.
Chris (PS19P) [1365] and it's got a back to it
Jane (PS19L) [1366] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1367] and it sort of throws the heat out into the room.
Jane (PS19L) [1368] Yeah, yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1369] Well I could, it could, it wouldn't justify it.
Jane (PS19L) [1370] But Chris I can't see them I can't see them making a fire like that that your heat's gonna go all up the chimney, no way.
Chris (PS19P) [1371] No, but what I'm saying is
Jane (PS19L) [1372] Josh come on
Chris (PS19P) [1373] if there wasn't
Jane (PS19L) [1374] come on Josh, Josh
Chris (PS19P) [1375] if there wasn't a good amount of radiator in that room
Jane (PS19L) [1376] Josh
Chris (PS19P) [1377] it would justify having a fire like that
Madge (PS19R) [1378] Come on
Jane (PS19L) [1379] Yeah, yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1380] but because it's got such a good
Madge (PS19R) [1381] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1382] Radiator.
Chris (PS19P) [1383] you know cos I told you Mike actually fancies one of these that actually fits right in the fireplace
Jane (PS19L) [1384] I know what you mean next door
Chris (PS19P) [1385] and there's a backing to it and it pumps it out into the room, they're dead hot
Jane (PS19L) [1386] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1387] but I don't think this room needs it Jane.
Madge (PS19R) [1388] No.
Jane (PS19L) [1389] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1390] I think it'll be a waste, and I don't want to go to the expense of
Jane (PS19L) [1391] Well they are bloody expensive.
Chris (PS19P) [1392] because
Madge (PS19R) [1393] It slipped [laugh]
Chris (PS19P) [1394] I think the fires are about three hundred quid
Jane (PS19L) [1395] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1396] but it's not that, you'd have to have a lot of the fireplace ripped up.
Jane (PS19L) [1397] Mm you would
Chris (PS19P) [1398] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1399] it's only a little square.
Chris (PS19P) [1400] Yeah, we'd have to have the pillars taken off
Jane (PS19L) [1401] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1402] and everything like that, so all that would have to be redecorated.
Jane (PS19L) [1403] Whereas like that one of ours, it'd be ideal wouldn't it?
Chris (PS19P) [1404] It be it just work right
Jane (PS19L) [1405] Must have your chimney swept.
Chris (PS19P) [1406] That's what I want to get that number off you for that as well because I some [...] would suggest anyway
Jane (PS19L) [1407] I got it somewhere yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1408] wouldn't he?
Jane (PS19L) [1409] I got it somewhere, I'll root it out for ya and I forgot to see Hilda about that
Madge (PS19R) [1410] Michael shout Mike
Chris (PS19P) [1411] There's no rush for it.
Madge (PS19R) [1412] Michael shout louder
Jane (PS19L) [1413] she's gone on holiday now.
Chris (PS19P) [1414] you know, some time
Jane (PS19L) [1415] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1416] if you think about it.
Madge (PS19R) [1417] Mike
Jane (PS19L) [1418] Funny enough I saw her yesterday
Madge (PS19R) [1419] in a minute or two
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1420] and she started talking about putting the freezer in the back garden
Bill (PS19T) [1421] Is it worth my taking a coat on?
Jane (PS19L) [1422] and that
Chris (PS19P) [1423] Oh.
Jane (PS19L) [1424] and it just slipped my mind.
Chris (PS19P) [1425] Well just any time, we won't be doing nothing until the end of May anyway.
Madge (PS19R) [1426] Michael, Michael shout Mike
Jane (PS19L) [1427] As soon as she comes back I promise I'll ask her
Madge (PS19R) [1428] Mike, shout Mike, Mike
Chris (PS19P) [1429] But what would you, see Edward said
Madge (PS19R) [1430] shout Chris
Chris (PS19P) [1431] when we decided we want something he'll come down and
Jane (PS19L) [1432] Be careful
Chris (PS19P) [1433] sort it all out.
Jane (PS19L) [1434] sort it out
Madge (PS19R) [1435] shout Chris
Chris (PS19P) [1436] Hopefully we can get away with that room Jane with just maybe having to emulsion it
Jane (PS19L) [1437] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1438] because I mean once you've taken all the pictures down, I think it did need it
Jane (PS19L) [1439] She's a smoker int she?
[1440] That's
Chris (PS19P) [1441] very much.
Jane (PS19L) [1442] Yeah that'll be your main thing then.
Chris (PS19P) [1443] Rather than decorate I think we'll just
Jane (PS19L) [1444] Paint it.
Chris (PS19P) [1445] er emulsion over it and maybe put a border around the picture frames.
Jane (PS19L) [1446] This is in the back room?
Chris (PS19P) [1447] Front room.
Jane (PS19L) [1448] Mm.
Chris (PS19P) [1449] Yeah, leave the front room, we'll have to, first week or so we'll have to live in that back room
Jane (PS19L) [1450] Yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [1451] until we've got [...]
Madge (PS19R) [laugh] ...
Jane (PS19L) [1452] Mike, Michael shout Chris, he does say Chris
Madge (PS19R) [1453] It's quite an easy one that, int it?
Jane (PS19L) [1454] say Chris, it's not that he can't though Madge, he just won't
Madge (PS19R) [1455] No.
Jane (PS19L) [1456] I've heard him say Deana and Stacey
Chris (PS19P) [1457] Mm.
Madge (PS19R) [1458] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1459] loads of times, he does moan mumma now he does that quite a lot
Madge (PS19R) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1460] but that is the only thing he says da, oh no
Chris (PS19P) [1461] Catch this.
Jane (PS19L) [1462] you'd better not have that had ya?
[1463] Had enough at the [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1464] Chris, Mike, Michael, da, da, shout Chris, where's Chris, where's Chris ... Chris ... shout Chris ... Chris, Chris, Chris
Bill (PS19T) [1465] Ah good boy, come on ...
Jane (PS19L) [1466] most people I've talked to their little lads have been two before they started talking, seems to be very slow
Madge (PS19R) [1467] Yeah, boys are a bit like that mind he walked pretty quick didn't he, he can't
Jane (PS19L) [1468] He's done everything very early really.
Madge (PS19R) [1469] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1470] Thing is he understands everything you tell him Madge
Madge (PS19R) [1471] Oh aye.
Jane (PS19L) [1472] I mean me friend come and picked up her two girls and her little lad, he's thirteen months, leave it, oh his dummy, erm, good boy, and his slipper come off his shoe, he only tried, the little'un to ram this slipper on, he understands everything you tell him
Madge (PS19R) [1473] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1474] telly off, telly on, give him a book and he'll put it on top of the telly, goes to the [laugh]
Madge (PS19R) [1475] He did to Margaret, she said where's me umbrella?
[1476] He went and brought it back in.
Jane (PS19L) [1477] Yeah, he does he understands everything
Madge (PS19R) [1478] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1479] but he just won't say it, not a thing ...
Madge (PS19R) [1480] Oh you going bo-bos?
[1481] You going bo-bos? [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1482] Saying that to him last night, go back upstairs in your cot
Madge (PS19R) [1483] Oh it's terrible int it?
[1484] Dead
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [1485] oh our Linda was the one, you'd get her settled down and you know what it, if you as much as turned the light switch off
Jane (PS19L) [1486] She'd wake up.
Madge (PS19R) [1487] Oh she was terrible.
Jane (PS19L) [1488] He's alright like that, last night, once he went to sleep I sort of like staying around in his room for a couple of minutes, but I, went and opened you know, sort, sorted the curtains out and
Madge (PS19R) [1489] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [1490] once he's asleep that's it
Madge (PS19R) [1491] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [1492] and I think it's just getting him that way, come on shall we put your
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Madge (PS19R) [1493] our Linda was the most terrible child
Jane (PS19L) [1494] Really?
Madge (PS19R) [1495] she never slept and our Edmond used to be worn out ...
Jane (PS19L) [1496] It does get you down actually.
Madge (PS19R) [1497] Oh aye that's why we moved from our house she had me up, had played bloody hell over it, no bugger was getting no sleep
Jane (PS19L) [1498] Aye.
Madge (PS19R) [1499] so we went out and bought that house in Maddors Road
Jane (PS19L) [1500] Oh.
Madge (PS19R) [1501] that's how she first got that
Jane (PS19L) [1502] Ee, ee, ee
Madge (PS19R) [1503] I can remember having [...] when she went in to have our Pam and er I thought on the Wednesday afternoon had a bloody good walk round
Jane (PS19L) [1504] Tire her out.
Madge (PS19R) [1505] I was that knacked not her, bright as a button, she still didn't sleep that bloody night, she's a swine, Linda wasn't very old when Pam was born was she?
Chris (PS19P) [1506] About fifteen months [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [1507] Ra, ra, ra, ra ... come here ... fasten you up, chin, chin, chin, chin, chin, chin chimney, come here ... er, stand up ... what, oh dear, there, right where's your ha ...
Chris (PS19P) [1508] But I'm used to wearing black, oh here he is, he's got his
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [1509] without the trouble
Madge (PS19R) [1510] Are you going skiing?
[1511] Are you going skiing?
Jane (PS19L) [laugh]

8 (Tape 073901)

Lynn (PS19U) [1512] And so she said oh I want to see that, d'ya mind if I come with you cos I don't want to go on me own, so ... and then we arrived, mum arrived first and, I said you don't mind Naomi coming do you?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1513] Mm
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1514] well if I'd known [...] enough company she said, I'd have been at home with me feet up
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1515] you know [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1516] But your mum wanted to see the film did she?
Lynn (PS19U) [1517] Well obviously she didn't really
Jane (PS19L) [1518] Mm, [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1519] anyway [...] to me on the way out, oh I really enjoyed that and we were crying our eyes out.
Jane (PS19L) [1520] [...] so she's glad she went in the end?
Lynn (PS19U) [1521] Mm [...] ... the last sort of six months [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1522] Mm that'll be nice won't it?
[1523] So you perked her up a bit
Lynn (PS19U) [1524] Well
Jane (PS19L) [1525] so when are you going away?
Lynn (PS19U) [1526] I don't know [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1527] I've got nothing to wear, you know I mean there's [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1528] When's the kids going out tonight?
Lynn (PS19U) [1529] Mm, when I've dropped them [...] I won't see them now till Sunday
Jane (PS19L) [1530] You've dropped them off from, straight from school?
Lynn (PS19U) [1531] Mm, mm and no, I dropped them off this morning, that's it, he's picking them up
Jane (PS19L) [1532] Oh right he picks them up from school
Lynn (PS19U) [1533] and then
Jane (PS19L) [1534] Jenny got some clothes at class and everything
Lynn (PS19U) [1535] dropped at erm took the suitcase, gonna leave it at, with
Jane (PS19L) [1536] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1537] nanny's down the road, but Carl was in this morning so I dropped it off to him ... it's gonna be a long time
Jane (PS19L) [1538] Mm, is that normally how it is from Fridays?
Lynn (PS19U) [1539] No it's normally from Saturday morning till Sunday morning ... [...] I just think we'll end up going for the day [clears throat] but he said, he's got Gerry coming up from Hull to mind the shop ... on Saturday, he said oh you're tired and you need a change and a rest ... he said something like erm
Jane (PS19L) [1540] Do you think he'll stay over Saturday night?
Lynn (PS19U) [1541] then we'd have to be back for eleven, can't, I don't know what's gonna happen to the dog
Jane (PS19L) [1542] Oh right, oh can't you take her, oh no you can't really can you?
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1543] You can't ... right ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1544] and you don't know what to do
Lynn (PS19U) [1545] I tried to
Jane (PS19L) [1546] for the best
Lynn (PS19U) [1547] Well I do know what I want to do, but ... it's knocked me for six cos I sort of felt really guilty
Jane (PS19L) [1548] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1549] sort of you can't kick them while they're down and
Jane (PS19L) [1550] Yeah, but you do it, it were a good time though.
Lynn (PS19U) [1551] Mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1552] [...] heard something on the radio, he said, oh will you still love me in a year's time, so I looked [...] That's how I am, horrible to him really ... it's worse than being married.
Jane (PS19L) [1553] So when're you gonna tell him, when're you gonna do it [...] take the bull by the horns? ...
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1554] Yeah I can still see you [...] in flaming two year's time simply because you're too frightened to say anything to him, to my son.
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1555] [...] hello ... you don't give yourself time to wake up before you start moaning
Lynn (PS19U) [1556] Say not her again [laugh] oh look, he's such a cutey
Jane (PS19L) [1557] Urgh
Lynn (PS19U) [1558] hello
Jane (PS19L) [1559] got a bit warm under there
Lynn (PS19U) [1560] I was gonna say he's got rosy cheeks
Jane (PS19L) [1561] I know, it's alright when the sun's out, but when the sun goes in it's freezing so I've had his plastic [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1562] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1563] he was a little git last night.
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1564] Well no just screaming at the top of his voice, our Ben had to bring him down in the end and give him a drink and start again, even then I had to stay with him until he went to sleep
Lynn (PS19U) [1565] Ah ...
Jane (PS19L) [1566] this all started after last weekend ... Deana put him to bed didn't she?
[1567] Instead of letting John's mum do it, consequently he got dead upset so
Lynn (PS19U) [1568] Oh
Jane (PS19L) [1569] so he was dead annoyed with it, all week I've been struggling to get him to bed ...
Lynn (PS19U) [clears throat]
Jane (PS19L) [1570] he, he was a treat before, just used to take him up, give him a cuddle, say night-night and that was it
Lynn (PS19U) [1571] So why did it disturb him with Deana?
[1572] Is it just
Jane (PS19L) [1573] Well I just
Lynn (PS19U) [1574] it's not like an adult?
Jane (PS19L) [1575] Yeah I suppose so, yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1576] It seems, it's comforting is it?
[1577] It's the same routine
Jane (PS19L) [1578] Yeah, of course you can't sort of cuddle him like that cos he's too heavy, I rock him you know for a, a couple of minutes, not that long, he's taken his braces off as well still do, don't ya?
[1579] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1580] Ah look at them ...
Jane (PS19L) [1581] there, I don't know, I don't know what you're gonna do, cos whatever it is you're not doing it, it's just letting time go by aren't ya, treading water if you like.
Lynn (PS19U) [1582] Last night I got really upset, I did in bed and erm ... he kept saying what's the matter?
[1583] What's the matter?
[1584] And you have
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1585] and everything, yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1586] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1587] but he'd just told me about the housing [...] with the car and everything.
Jane (PS19L) [1588] Is it, is he, is that right, is somebody coming down to value the house?
Lynn (PS19U) [1589] No, just coming back home to show me the flaming car, and that's what sa I didn't [...] but I feel dead awful really, but I didn't jump up and down
Jane (PS19L) [1590] I'm not surprised, I'd have done me fruit, if I was going around with somebody that, that say they're gonna put the house on the market for me, want to make a go, a go of the marriage, a new baby, two other kids and then oh, but yet, yet wants to play around in a, you know a little sports car, that nobody but two people can sit in
Lynn (PS19U) [1591] I know
Jane (PS19L) [1592] I can't
Lynn (PS19U) [1593] that's the weekend only and there's me [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1594] Well he's got so many debts Lynn it just doesn't seem right he's, he's living in cuckoo land, I mean when are you ever gonna feel secure with somebody like that?
Lynn (PS19U) [1595] Never
Jane (PS19L) [1596] You can't can ya? ...
Lynn (PS19U) [1597] Is there any more tea in the pot Jane at all?
Jane (PS19L) [1598] Yeah there might be ...
Lynn (PS19U) [1599] Well thanks that was beautiful tea, [...] sort of ready for it
Jane (PS19L) [1600] I'm not surprised with all that dashing around, he asks such a lot of you Lynn and I can't understand why he's like that when he says he loves you and everything, and he wants
Lynn (PS19U) [1601] I know [...] I don't know why I'm being so bloody docile no I really have and then
Jane (PS19L) [1602] I don't know he's gonna come a right bloody cropper
Lynn (PS19U) [1603] I keep burning [...] , I bet I didn't, I thought, pardon me, positive ... mm I popped round, I went in yesterday [...] I'm going to say something [...] and then he's going on about well I've sold me car to pay the mortgage and
Jane (PS19L) [1604] And then all he tells you is a pack of bloody lies
Lynn (PS19U) [1605] I know
Jane (PS19L) [1606] if he can lie that bloody easily
Lynn (PS19U) [1607] well he, he said he, he wanted it as a surprise well it's not a surprise for me is it?
Jane (PS19L) [1608] Yeah, but he knew you wasn't
Lynn (PS19U) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1609] you wasn't keen on the idea anyway didn't he?
Lynn (PS19U) [1610] Well that's right, yeah, cos then he asked me ages ago did I think he was being selfish, I said yes
Jane (PS19L) [1611] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1612] I said, but like you tell me it's your life, mm
Jane (PS19L) [1613] he's like a Jekyll and Hyde that bloke, I've told you before you wanna be bloody careful how it works out ...
Lynn (PS19U) [1614] and then he said to me how, how do you feel about your baby now?
[1615] Not, you know, and I said okay?
Jane (PS19L) [1616] It's going to be his baby when it's a good baby
Lynn (PS19U) [1617] I know
Jane (PS19L) [1618] but your baby when anything comes to actually buying for it and er looking after it I would imagine, I can't see him doing all what he says he's gonna do with it Lynn
Lynn (PS19U) [1619] No
Jane (PS19L) [1620] Oi you, he's playing with your
Lynn (PS19U) [1621] Oh let's have a, is it in there?
Jane (PS19L) [1622] [...] no ... right, we'll have another cup of tea and then we'll have that nice cake
Lynn (PS19U) [1623] Right ... look at you, eating all your crisps ... look it's going to rain
Jane (PS19L) [1624] I'm gonna go and bring my pushchair in then before it does, are you taking that with ya?
[1625] Or just [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1626] Yeah, I'm going to, I'm just working out
Jane (PS19L) [1627] I'll be back in a tick
Lynn (PS19U) [1628] mm, mm ...
Jane (PS19L) [1629] So you've still got your other [...] have ya that Alice had?
Lynn (PS19U) [1630] Mm, well it's at erm Carl's and
Jane (PS19L) [1631] Yeah ... but you could use it like when [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1632] mind you, you might be pleased with it when it's [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1633] Mm, I'm damn sure I will, I quite like doing things like that
Jane (PS19L) [1634] Yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1635] very [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1636] but they remember which one [...] ... I did, I think it was that Mothercare one ... they get grubby with the things and everything and it was a sunny day and I went outside with me bucket and me felt and me scrubbing brush
Jane (PS19L) [1637] Yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1638] and I just, I threw buckets of water on it to rinse it, and it dried because it was really warm and it came up like new
Jane (PS19L) [1639] Came up like new
Lynn (PS19U) [1640] cos you can have a real good go at the wheels that way outside
Jane (PS19L) [1641] Yeah, outside, it's like my pram, I mean, I was, Stacey was going in hospital last year to have her adeno adenoids out and Sue was having him and I thought well, he was too big for his carrycot, but take the pram down and he's got nothing to sleep in ... and er, I put him in it, it been six months since it was do well since he started using it, so I give that a good going over and the pram wheels come up lovely
Lynn (PS19U) [1642] I know
Jane (PS19L) [1643] you know I get a Brillo
Lynn (PS19U) [1644] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1645] and some Jif on it, but erm, it's not been done since, so when the next good bit of weather, I've got to get the pushchair out and give that a good going over
Lynn (PS19U) [1646] And do that
Jane (PS19L) [1647] and me pram as well
Lynn (PS19U) [1648] I know, I fancied a big pram, but there you go ...
Jane (PS19L) [1649] Well it's, whether you've really got somewhere to put it really that's the top and bottom of it
Lynn (PS19U) [1650] Well there's nowhere to walk to now, is there, you know [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1651] Well where would you, mind you I suppose like in the olden days you could only get big prams, they just had them in the living room didn't they?
Lynn (PS19U) [1652] Yeah, well it'd just have to go in the hall, but, no, this will be better, carrycot and ... that, [...] ridiculous prices though
Jane (PS19L) [1653] Well it is, it's different if you was, if you was starting from scratch I suppose ... you know, first baby you're inclined to, you want everything new don't you with these new ...
Lynn (PS19U) [1654] Well I sort of said to him as well about, I said and it's ridiculous, just because I said the bedding had been lo in the loft
Jane (PS19L) [1655] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1656] with the cot and everything he, he sort of er ... thought it was
Jane (PS19L) [1657] Well some lofts are lovely aren't they?
[1658] I mean our loft is a right mess
Lynn (PS19U) [1659] grotty I mean they're all in bin bags
Jane (PS19L) [1660] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1661] they only need washing [...] , I mean I might be wrong, they might have, they might have gone funny, but I doubt it ... they've not been up there that long really only about two
Jane (PS19L) [1662] Oh all of my stuff has been up in the loft ... it's like you say, I mean if they've been double wrapped and everything and you wash them
Lynn (PS19U) [1663] [...] he should put his hand in his pocket really and buy something
Jane (PS19L) [1664] Of course he should, you ought to just ask him for say a hundred, you know to buy a couple of packs of nappies and some cream and changing mat, a changing bag, you'll want all that won't you?
Lynn (PS19U) [1665] I know a changing bag could cost sixteen
Jane (PS19L) [1666] Fifteen sixteen pounds and then you've got another six or seven pound for a changing mat ... you wanna say to him, that you know, can I have er, some money, I want to start getting us a few things together, but you, I mean, what about clothes?
Lynn (PS19U) [1667] I know, he, he said er, he said about, plus when I mentioned the pushchair and the carrycot he said oh well [...] , so I said yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1668] Yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1669] I said that development, I said, [...] with the bargain coming up with a
Jane (PS19L) [1670] He alright?
Lynn (PS19U) [1671] Yeah he's alright there ... oh I just [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1672] Ooh, you've made a right mess with them crisps young man, ain't ya?
[1673] The thing is Lynn you've got to start early ...
Lynn (PS19U) [1674] Well
Jane (PS19L) [1675] it's all part of the, of the process of getting ready for it though int it?
Lynn (PS19U) [1676] Yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1677] where've you got these from?
Lynn (PS19U) [1678] Er the deli, you know in the village
Jane (PS19L) [1679] Oh they should be nice then
Lynn (PS19U) [1680] you might need a, get a fork to eat it with, you don't mind, you might need a fork because
Jane (PS19L) [1681] Oh right are these of, what did you have, is that what you had before one of these with the bits of carrot on
Lynn (PS19U) [1682] Yeah, but you might, I can't remember whether you really liked it and I thought oh
Jane (PS19L) [1683] Oh I did yeah.
[1684] So it was the deli not that other place, because there's er, a, a little cake shop int there in the village?
Lynn (PS19U) [1685] Near where, next to
Jane (PS19L) [1686] I know where
Lynn (PS19U) [1687] where the new florist is?
Jane (PS19L) [1688] Yeah, I know where the erm the delicatessen is, so you got them from there and not the other shop, cos
Lynn (PS19U) [1689] No
Jane (PS19L) [1690] I've been in is it
Lynn (PS19U) [1691] it's opposite erm, yeah not Parker Radburn
Jane (PS19L) [1692] what about Lingraves do they erm?
Lynn (PS19U) [1693] No they've gone, it's a florist now
Jane (PS19L) [1694] Oh really, I only went in there the other day, well the other week about a fortnight ago
Lynn (PS19U) [1695] I know cos I know when, when I got these [...] when I came, about two weeks ago
Jane (PS19L) [1696] Ah
Lynn (PS19U) [1697] they were in, I know they've been there years
Jane (PS19L) [1698] [clears throat] You know what's done it, I suppose Parker and Radburn going in there
Lynn (PS19U) [1699] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1700] and they just about managed didn't they with the [...] ?
Lynn (PS19U) [1701] cos they sell different sort of [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1702] Mm, me and John had a, er one from the Spinces the other day very nice
Lynn (PS19U) [1703] What, yeah they're oblong aren't they?
Jane (PS19L) [1704] Yeah ... you can have my, would you like my carrot?
[1705] You can take it off
Lynn (PS19U) [1706] Er will, will Michael like it?
Jane (PS19L) [1707] No it's marzipan int it?
Lynn (PS19U) [1708] Yeah ... right, erm thank you very much
Jane (PS19L) [1709] You like marzipan do you?
Lynn (PS19U) [1710] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1711] Yuck, yuck, I like almonds and everything but
Lynn (PS19U) [1712] You just don't like
Jane (PS19L) [1713] I just don't like marzipan, I think it was something that to do when I was a kid to be honest
Lynn (PS19U) [1714] They do another sort and that's really nice, it's called a nutty Vera
Jane (PS19L) [laugh]
Lynn (PS19U) [1715] and it looks like this but it's a similar texture, but it's a different taste, it's got walnuts on the, bit on the top
Jane (PS19L) [1716] Oh
Lynn (PS19U) [1717] and what it is, the man that bakes them, it's a [...] that makes his
Jane (PS19L) [1718] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1719] and he's related to ... Vera Duckworth out of Coronation Street cos it's [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1720] Oh it's because
Lynn (PS19U) [1721] something like that
Jane (PS19L) [1722] Oh
Lynn (PS19U) [1723] so he's done one after her, a nutty Vera.
Jane (PS19L) [1724] I bet that's nice
Lynn (PS19U) [1725] That's what she said anyway
Jane (PS19L) [1726] with nuts on instead of erm
Lynn (PS19U) [1727] Yeah ... d'ya know I could drink and drink and drink [...] ... you know there only [...] you get all the fingers caught, it's like with an ironing board int it?
Jane (PS19L) [1728] Oh God, yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1729] It's like looking at another planet to a man
Jane (PS19L) [1730] that's right ... what's that?
[1731] Is that marzipan?
Lynn (PS19U) [1732] That is isn't it? ...
Jane (PS19L) [1733] Yes it is, I'll have to dig that [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1734] Ah
Jane (PS19L) [1735] and it's everything just to stop you getting at [...] ... what, well get it then ... yeah, I've, I don't mind some of it, I've not had a bit of marzipan for ... I don't mind these erm almond slices, I quite like them, but I think it must be the texture of the marzipan
Lynn (PS19U) [1736] Mm, I love it, they do erm, German erm marzipan bar, chocolate bar
Jane (PS19L) [1737] Oh aye
Lynn (PS19U) [1738] have you ever made marzipan?
Jane (PS19L) [1739] No
Lynn (PS19U) [1740] I did it in the sixth form, it's really hard, it takes ages
Jane (PS19L) [1741] Does it?
Lynn (PS19U) [1742] That's why I would think, it's ground almonds they're expensive
Jane (PS19L) [1743] That's right, yeah
Lynn (PS19U) [1744] it, and it doesn't taste anything like, I mean this'll be probably be home, nearest to homemade, but that
Jane (PS19L) [1745] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1746] bright yellow stuff it doesn't taste like that at all
Jane (PS19L) [1747] No
Lynn (PS19U) [1748] it's, sort of very more of
Jane (PS19L) [1749] Here
Lynn (PS19U) [1750] a subtle taste, you know it [...] need loads of ground almonds
Jane (PS19L) [1751] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1752] just to make a small ... oh ...
Jane (PS19L) [1753] That come off rather easily, would you like my marzipan?
Lynn (PS19U) [1754] Hmm, well leave it there and I'll see how I go, cos I've had one carrot and I, sort of like, I had your carrot and I'm putting mine [...] ... quite rich though that's the thing, I quite like that bit there cos that's like brown sugar ... erm
Jane (PS19L) [1755] It's lovely
Lynn (PS19U) [1756] Carl started me on this, he was into carrot cake for years and
Jane (PS19L) [1757] Yeah?
Lynn (PS19U) [1758] mm ... and it's similar to a cake we used to have when he used to love erm [...] when we were engaged he introduced [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1759] That's another name for it int it apparently
Lynn (PS19U) [1760] Oh is it oh it was the same, but it was taller, and that sort of buttery cream that was all on top and that had nuts and things
Jane (PS19L) [1761] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1762] rather than
Jane (PS19L) [1763] we had, I told you, at this meal we went to, on Saturday they had erm carrot cake, but that was completely covered in like this cream cheese
Lynn (PS19U) [1764] Mm sounds nice, mm
Jane (PS19L) [1765] it was gorgeous but Chris was saying that Tescos do one, but they call it passion cake which is the same thing
Lynn (PS19U) [1766] Oh the same, mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1767] like a horse today, drinking
Jane (PS19L) [1768] Have you got a sore throat or something or just thirsty?
Lynn (PS19U) [1769] I don't know [...] catarrh but er [...] ... I've been thirsty the last few days ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1770] I remember we used to just fancy [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1771] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1772] [...] go and buy one and dash in with a cup of tea and he [laugh] I hoped no one called and no one
Jane (PS19L) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1773] it's more satisfying when you're desperate for something and you get home
Jane (PS19L) [1774] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1775] and [...] gulp it down
Jane (PS19L) [1776] [laugh] ... You're getting in a mess Michael ... [...] do it now, have you ever tried, bought, what, you can buy it in a slab can't you, but without the cream on
Lynn (PS19U) [1777] No I've not seen it
Jane (PS19L) [1778] like [...] can buy it the, just carrot cake
Lynn (PS19U) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1779] no, no, I've only just got onto [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1780] Oh
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [1781] There, I'm not too keen on the creamy soft piece
Lynn (PS19U) [1782] Mm, I like that ...
Jane (PS19L) [1783] You're a mess, mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1784] [...] oh that's not too bad, you know
Jane (PS19L) [1785] What were ya?
Lynn (PS19U) [1786] One thirty over eighty
Jane (PS19L) [1787] How much weight have you put on?
Lynn (PS19U) [1788] Well she weighed me with me boots, er everything on and on their scales it was nine stone eight.

9 (Tape 073902)

Jane (PS19L) [1789] What are you doing?
[1790] You're not having it
Lynn (PS19U) [1791] I'll have me mouth round the tap in a minute
Jane (PS19L) [1792] [laugh] not quite the same
Lynn (PS19U) [1793] there's that bottle there where did you [...] , is that what you meant the bottle?
Jane (PS19L) [1794] Over there by the er red basket
Lynn (PS19U) [1795] Oh right
Jane (PS19L) [1796] can you see it?
Lynn (PS19U) [1797] Yeah ...
Jane (PS19L) [1798] That marzipan on its own is filling though int it?
Lynn (PS19U) [1799] Yeah, well I [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [1800] I can't eat any more ... oh dear ...
Jane (PS19L) [1801] Was there enough?
[1802] Oh God you've only got a little bit
Lynn (PS19U) [1803] No I've just filled [...] up there
Jane (PS19L) [1804] Oh
Lynn (PS19U) [1805] I know there must be something wrong with me
Jane (PS19L) [1806] come on in the other room ... Michael, right, now you've got your dummy
Lynn (PS19U) [belch]
Jane (PS19L) [1807] Oh
Lynn (PS19U) [1808] Pardon me, hmm, ooh that's better, that's all I do is burp
Jane (PS19L) [1809] With all that liquid I'm not surprised ... can you watch him with that tin?
Lynn (PS19U) [1810] You monkey
Jane (PS19L) [1811] Okay
Lynn (PS19U) [1812] monkey, monkey, moo, yeah ...
Jane (PS19L) [1813] just put some water in the sink and we'll go and sit down, I'm not bothered about washing ... I just don't like it when it's stuck to the plates
Lynn (PS19U) [1814] I know what you mean, it's harder to wash when it's
Jane (PS19L) [1815] Mm
Lynn (PS19U) [1816] dried on, so you might as well

10 (Tape 073903)

Mary (PS19V) [1817] That's it do your sweeping
Jane (PS19L) [1818] Oh
Mary (PS19V) [1819] that's it do your sweeping up, is it raining?
Jane (PS19L) [1820] it's just a bit in the air, but you can tell it's going a bit damp now anyway
Mary (PS19V) [1821] Mm ...
Jane (PS19L) [1822] what will you do, be able to go into the hotel to make your butties into your room and do it, or
Mary (PS19V) [1823] We shall do them before we go out in the morning
Jane (PS19L) [1824] Yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1825] cos it's only
Jane (PS19L) [1826] that's a good idea.
Mary (PS19V) [1827] er, it's only er breakfast but I believe they're very good breakfasts
Jane (PS19L) [1828] Mm.
Mary (PS19V) [1829] er and you can have as much as you want I believe
Jane (PS19L) [1830] Oh you can help yourself there.
Mary (PS19V) [1831] so I said well ha, ha, gonna be cheeky
Jane (PS19L) [1832] Get your extra bits of bacon and take 'em away
Mary (PS19V) [1833] I'm, I'm gonna get a packet of freezer bags [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1834] Yeah, you want to
Mary (PS19V) [1835] and er, put one, just put one in me handbag in the morning and
Jane (PS19L) [1836] yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1837] if I see anything on the table I'll just pop it in a freezer bag
Jane (PS19L) [1838] yeah, you can have it for your dinner with some, with your barm cakes can't you?
Mary (PS19V) [1839] Yeah so I thought oh well I'll see what there is ...
Jane (PS19L) [1840] Good idea ... you can have bacon and egg for breakfast and bacon butties for dinner
Mary (PS19V) [1841] Yeah, well you never know do ya?
Jane (PS19L) [1842] a good idea
Mary (PS19V) [1843] Ah, ah, ah, ah, no, no, no
Jane (PS19L) [1844] Thank you
Mary (PS19V) [1845] where's your brush?
[1846] Where's your brush?
Jane (PS19L) [1847] Here are, there it is.
Mary (PS19V) [1848] There it is, go and get your brush.
Jane (PS19L) [1849] Get your brush and brush up for mummy ... there ... yeah these places you can get quite a good discount for being
Mary (PS19V) [1850] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1851] for staying there for your dinner
Mary (PS19V) [1852] Well I, I'd never thought of taking anything like that until she said, cos I, well you never pay, it's all new to me, I haven't done it before and she said oh no she said we take these small tins of stuff with us and er make our sandwiches, cos there's a supermarket I believe not far from there
Jane (PS19L) [1853] Yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1854] you can go and get some barm cakes [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1855] yeah that'll be nice, different
Mary (PS19V) [1856] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1857] they have different sort of rolls to us as well don't they?
Mary (PS19V) [1858] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1859] That'll be nice ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1860] on your travels
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [1861] you ought to see underneath the fridge, he does this in the kitchen and they've all gone under the fridge, when you're at the top shop or any other places where the [...] will you have a look on the cards in the window, I'm looking for a slide, you know, but a smaller one for him for the garden for the summer really, cos that's just about had it that one ... [...] ?
[1862] Cos you can only use them up to about four I would think cos other, other than that they get a bit too big for them don't they? ... [clears throat] he could do with a little slide in the garden ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Mary (PS19V) [1863] he will, Christmas
Jane (PS19L) [1864] I'd like to get it sorted out a bit for him really before the summer starts
Mary (PS19V) [1865] It'll be ideal
Jane (PS19L) [1866] Mm
Mary (PS19V) [1867] if you can just fasten him in the back it'll be smashing won't it?
Jane (PS19L) [1868] Well there's the gate, he can only go so far with the gate anyway, so it won't really matter ... yeah [clears throat] yeah ... you ought to see all the pegs at the back of me fridge ...
Mary (PS19V) [1869] Go and watch daddy [...] bring the tree down?
[1870] Watch it Michael, it's coming ... yeah, oh you have got hiccups?
Jane (PS19L) [1871] He's had them quite a bit these last few days [...] , they seem to come like that don't they?
Mary (PS19V) [1872] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1873] Then he'll go a month probably [...]
Mary (PS19V) [1874] there we are it's down
Jane (PS19L) [1875] Oh, fence nearly came with it [laugh] ...
Mary (PS19V) [1876] it'll seem funny won't it to see that tree down?
Jane (PS19L) [1877] I do think it's lightened this room up though when you think it [...] gone
Mary (PS19V) [1878] Yeah I mean it's better when you took that one from down there wasn't it?
Jane (PS19L) [1879] Oh yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1880] Yeah ...
Jane (PS19L) [1881] yeah ... the only thing about having those others of course you can see through the windows, but there's not a lot you can do about that.
[1882] ... John had a word with the bloke across the back there
Mary (PS19V) [1883] Oh did he?
Jane (PS19L) [1884] about, you know the garage?
Mary (PS19V) [1885] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1886] So he said he'd got no objections to John moving it back
Mary (PS19V) [1887] Oh well ... mm
Jane (PS19L) [1888] we'll probably end up doing a bit to the garden this year as opposed to er ... you know going to, we were gonna go down to Somerset in June weren't we?
Mary (PS19V) [1889] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1890] But that, with things as they are we might as well just hang fire
Mary (PS19V) [1891] Well, it's no use spending money you haven't got is it?
Jane (PS19L) [1892] No, well the thing is I mean you're talking of five or six hundred pounds
Mary (PS19V) [1893] This is it
Jane (PS19L) [1894] and if you can't replace it ... I mean we've booked, we've booked through, erm,Au August anyway, we're definitely going in August to Southport
Mary (PS19V) [1895] and it might be a little bit cheaper for yourself than going all that way, it certainly won't, it certainly won't cost you as much to get there anyway
Jane (PS19L) [1896] No, well that's it int it? ... so ... [clears throat] ... er if things are reasonable we might just go away for a long weekend or something, go find us a place in Southport for a weekend
Mary (PS19V) [1897] Yeah ...
Jane (PS19L) [1898] but really I mean you need the odd week at home don't you really to sort of do bits to it, you can't work and do it
Mary (PS19V) [1899] Well I mean I'm not going away this year, but it's not really bothered me an awful lot
Jane (PS19L) [1900] No no
Mary (PS19V) [1901] so
Jane (PS19L) [1902] you can't
Mary (PS19V) [1903] [...] gone to erm, oh I think I told you didn't I?
Jane (PS19L) [1904] Yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1905] Gone to Windsor today
Jane (PS19L) [1906] that's right
Mary (PS19V) [1907] and a day Eastbourne tomorrow, now that's a nice little break
Jane (PS19L) [1908] Mm
Mary (PS19V) [1909] just, just a few hours like that
Jane (PS19L) [1910] yeah ...
Mary (PS19V) [1911] [...] see some places you see go from Friday to Monday don't they?
Jane (PS19L) [1912] That's alright, I think that's ideal
Mary (PS19V) [1913] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1914] I think it's a good time to spend in the garden to be honest, I mean you can't, you can't, it's not really long enough to try and do it at weekends, not if he wants to move that garage back, it'll probably take the best part of the week to sort that out
Mary (PS19V) [1915] Oh it will yeah, cos you've got to empty it and
Jane (PS19L) [1916] That's right
Mary (PS19V) [1917] move your swing haven't ya and
Jane (PS19L) [1918] yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1919] everything, yeah and prepare the ground
Jane (PS19L) [1920] Yeah I don't know whether that swing will end up going to the tip if it comes down, it's a bit rusty int it?
[1921] ... Seen better days
Mary (PS19V) [1922] Just depends if the frame's strong
Jane (PS19L) [1923] Yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1924] you know you could always put a bit of paint on it
Jane (PS19L) [1925] mm
Mary (PS19V) [1926] to stop the rust, it just depends if it's strong enough to hold them, the frame
Jane (PS19L) [1927] mm, it's done well though, I mean
Mary (PS19V) [1928] You might, you might get a little something out of it for Michael
Jane (PS19L) [1929] Mm, we haven't got a seat on it
Mary (PS19V) [1930] Oh dear
Jane (PS19L) [1931] I don't know what happened to that one that granddad made Deana ... I know
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Mary (PS19V) [1932] is John going to the tip with all this tree?
Jane (PS19L) [1933] Mm ... me [...] broke as well
Mary (PS19V) [1934] Oh God
Jane (PS19L) [1935] it's alright having two, you never get two for twelve months
Mary (PS19V) [1936] Oh
Jane (PS19L) [1937] it's erm, it's not too bad this time of year, you can peg out, the legs come off it, you know that brown one that you bought me?
Mary (PS19V) [1938] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1939] I mean I've had it since, I remember getting, washing me nappies and putting them on there
Mary (PS19V) [1940] Oh I bought that one when Deana was a baby
Jane (PS19L) [1941] Yeah, it was before Deana was born
Mary (PS19V) [1942] was it before Deana was born?
Jane (PS19L) [1943] Yeah cos I remember, I was doing [...] hang all me nappies out
Mary (PS19V) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1944] before she was born, so I washed them all and put them on [...]
Mary (PS19V) [1945] Did ya?
Jane (PS19L) [1946] Yeah, so that was er, [...] eleven years ago aren't ya?
Mary (PS19V) [1947] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1948] And it's been used constantly, so it's not done bad, it's the way, the leg's been wiggly for a while, it just broke off the other day, so, I don't know whether John can mend it, he couldn't seem to think he can
Mary (PS19V) [1949] No they're not er, I've got one that's got a rivet come out
Jane (PS19L) [1950] Mm
Mary (PS19V) [1951] on this side, you know where the little piece that, that bend, that you uncatch it to fold it up
Jane (PS19L) [1952] I know what you mean yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1953] the rivet's come out
Jane (PS19L) [1954] Yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1955] and that, I find that very awkward, I've got a rubber band round it at the moment
Jane (PS19L) [1956] yeah
Mary (PS19V) [1957] but you see that only lasts so long they, they perish
Jane (PS19L) [1958] yeah, done well, I might re come winter I'll probably replace it, I won't bother now it's not worth it with summer ... says she having a nice summer
Mary (PS19V) [1959] Yes, well, we're bound to have something aren't we?
Jane (PS19L) [1960] Well I should think so
Mary (PS19V) [1961] We're bound to have something
Jane (PS19L) [1962] We live in hope don't we?
Mary (PS19V) [1963] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1964] [laugh] ... What are you doing?
[1965] Mind you don't [...] your tongue with that ... I tell you what they had in er Woolies market as well, I don't know whether you've seen them and I don't, I've not got you know an old Argos catalogue to compare prices, cos they've not got it in the summer one, but they have them in the winter ones, it's like a, a tool box, but it's on wheels and you make it up, you, you know all the screws and the wheels come out and you're not, it's all plastic, I think it must be from age three, because of the little bits, and it's like erm, I've seen it somewhere, where I've been, it has little figures sat in this erm, what would you, it's like erm, a bit like a truck, yeah, and it's got the, the figures in it
Mary (PS19V) [1966] I haven't I haven't actually seen one, but I once saw a lady on the bus with one
Jane (PS19L) [1967] if it, on the bus you can see
Mary (PS19V) [1968] it's quite a big thing isn't it?
Jane (PS19L) [1969] Yeah, yes
Mary (PS19V) [1970] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1971] on the box you can see it made up and then with all the bits and pieces separate
Mary (PS19V) [1972] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [1973] and I think it was something like, say twenty pound, it was on the market, but I have a feeling it was something like thirty odd

11 (Tape 073904)

Jane (PS19L) [1974] Good boy, good boy, thank you, no we're not taking them out ...
Mary (PS19V) [1975] Ooh cheeky, you are cheeks all over your face
Jane (PS19L) [1976] I don't think you should be chewing that one Michael cos if you, if you open it up it'll stick on your tongue
Mary (PS19V) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1977] int it?
[1978] Yes ... you think I can't see you just cos you're behind me.
Mary (PS19V) [1979] Trying to stick it onto your jumper ...
Jane (PS19L) [1980] You'd have laughed at him yesterday with his boo
Mary (PS19V) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1981] cos even John, you know, I mean, he heard him it was
Mary (PS19V) [1982] Yes
Jane (PS19L) [1983] as clear as anything, boo he says
Mary (PS19V) [1984] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [1985] and boo again and then that was it, he co he wouldn't do it again ...
Mary (PS19V) [1986] It'll perhaps come all at once
Jane (PS19L) [1987] Yeah, he's, he's into ev ... oh it must've been about six or eight weeks ago he started saying a couple of things and I thought oh he's coming now, but it stopped ... I think I got excited when he started saying dark, but that's as far as it got, int it?
[1988] Dark, is it dark?
Mary (PS19V) [1989] Dark.
Jane (PS19L) [1990] Is it dark ... not dark
Mary (PS19V) [1991] No he says it's not dark yet
Jane (PS19L) [1992] not dark
Mary (PS19V) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1993] not dark
Mary (PS19V) [1994] You're not fooling me ...
Jane (PS19L) [1995] Not fooling me ... do you mind ... mind you he does say mama now when he's moaning, it's definitely mama, he says now, if he wants something, mama, er, er, mama
Mary (PS19V) [1996] [...] your skin [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [1997] Ow that's sharp [...] , put it in there now please, put it in for mummy
Mary (PS19V) [1998] [laugh] Yes, he knows it's funny
Jane (PS19L) [1999] yes, in there, in there, put it away
Mary (PS19V) [2000] [laugh] Mine, mine ...

12 (Tape 073905)

John (PS19M) [2001] That way they're saving money on a night out, they're gonna save on er actual depot hours, where it's like taking us sort of like ten and eleven hours, it's only gonna take them eight, nine to do that ... cos they're there, they're on top of the job.
Jane (PS19L) [2002] Mm, either way though, I mean the thing is if they do, you, you would be in for a little bit of something, if you hung it out till be, to being redundant
John (PS19M) [2003] Yeah, but I mean it's like, it's
Jane (PS19L) [2004] but having said that [...]
John (PS19M) [2005] if ifs were ands, and ands were swings
Jane (PS19L) [2006] Yeah, then you I know, but John I mean you'd be up for a good couple of grand if you did stick it out.
John (PS19M) [2007] I don't know.
Jane (PS19L) [2008] You would ...
John (PS19M) [2009] Two grand's not everything Jane, you know that and I know that
Jane (PS19L) [...]
John (PS19M) [2010] what, what I propose to do anyway if it's agreeable to you
Jane (PS19L) [2011] Hand it in and see what happens.
John (PS19M) [2012] give 'em a go, let's go and sit and listen to what the bloke says
Jane (PS19L) [2013] Mm
John (PS19M) [2014] and let him sit and listen to me
Jane (PS19L) [2015] mm
John (PS19M) [2016] he might turn round and say I'm sorry Mr you're not suitable, alright, I've not lost nothing
Jane (PS19L) [2017] mm
John (PS19M) [2018] you just had, you've just had a bloody, you've had a [...] off work [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2019] The thing is I mean if you turn round and just say to them well they're messing about with all the hours we've put it down to the erm
John (PS19M) [2020] Recession.
Jane (PS19L) [2021] recession, but it's just the, I think it's just a bloody good excuse to streamline a company that's
John (PS19M) [2022] Oh it is
Jane (PS19L) [2023] you know I mean they, they do don't they, they overstaff and then they've got to cut back.
John (PS19M) [2024] Look at look at Llandudno
Jane (PS19L) [2025] Mm.
John (PS19M) [2026] one of the factories, they're shutting it
Jane (PS19L) [2027] Yeah but
John (PS19M) [2028] and where're they moving it?
[2029] It's going
Jane (PS19L) [2030] yeah, but when
John (PS19M) [2031] to Creda.
Jane (PS19L) [2032] when was it built all them factories it was built in the seventies when the boom was in
John (PS19M) [2033] I agree, I agree, yes I agree, that factory's old, it's out of date, it wants a lot of modifying
Jane (PS19L) [2034] so now there's
John (PS19M) [2035] so they've got
Jane (PS19L) [2036] it's just a good excuse to streamline
John (PS19M) [2037] yes
Jane (PS19L) [2038] all the staff.
John (PS19M) [2039] yeah, you see Creda now at [...] are already making some of the washer driers, that Llandudno used to make.
Jane (PS19L) [2040] Mm, what gets me is how Creda they're gonna, they're, they're coming up in the pink and
John (PS19M) [2041] They've got job security Jane
Jane (PS19L) [2042] But why haven't Hotpoint, the original Hotpoint drivers, I mean Hotpoint is the bigger firm
John (PS19M) [2043] Yeah, but having saying that
Jane (PS19L) [2044] Hotpoint take over Creda
John (PS19M) [2045] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2046] where are all Hotpoint's drivers?
John (PS19M) [2047] it's like, yeah but it's like, it's like any big conglomeration int it, if, if I was to buy you out as a company you're gonna [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2048] You'd have to keep me sweet
John (PS19M) [2049] you're, you're gonna say to him well there's conditions attached to this
Jane (PS19L) [2050] Mm
John (PS19M) [2051] I've, I've, those lads have served me well
Jane (PS19L) [2052] mm
John (PS19M) [2053] I want them looking after, and cou and you're gonna, I'm gonna say to you
Jane (PS19L) [2054] [...] you're gonna go to your ordinary man
John (PS19M) [2055] I'm gonna say to you yeah, alright, I'm, I
Jane (PS19L) [2056] thank you
John (PS19M) [2057] you're thinking long-term, yeah I can do this and then when it, a gentleman's agreement and then it comes to paper, and when that paper's signed you're stuck with it
Jane (PS19L) [2058] Yeah
John (PS19M) [2059] and I tell you what, this is, this is what I think's happened
Jane (PS19L) [2060] Probably has, yeah.
John (PS19M) [2061] being truthful ... do you know what I think'll go next?
Jane (PS19L) [2062] What?
[2063] Manchester?
John (PS19M) [2064] the double holiday pay
Jane (PS19L) [2065] Yeah I was thinking that actually
John (PS19M) [2066] and the profit sharing
Jane (PS19L) [2067] well the thing is they've
John (PS19M) [2068] I [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2069] gone down anyway on the basic rate
John (PS19M) [2070] d'ya know they've, well this is it, the profit sharing and the holiday pay as you say they've [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2071] [...] yeah
John (PS19M) [2072] d'ya know the profit sharing's up to thirty one percent, thirty one hours up to now and there's another one, another one to go in yet
Jane (PS19L) [2073] Is that good or bad?
[2074] I mean I don't know very much about
John (PS19M) [2075] It's better than what we had at Christmas
Jane (PS19L) [2076] How come?
[2077] How come?
John (PS19M) [2078] I don't know, but they tell us that they're not flogging anything
Jane (PS19L) [2079] Mm, just a good excuse int it?
John (PS19M) [2080] so who's, who's who's telling porkies here?
Jane (PS19L) [2081] That is it John ... that's it ... thing I, I mean the thing that I can't understand you've, you've always been
John (PS19M) [2082] You know I've never, I've never batted an eyelid have I?
Jane (PS19L) [2083] No you've always done what they said alright everybody has
John (PS19M) [2084] I've always, I might've had a little moan, but I've always [...] to myself
Jane (PS19L) [2085] Yeah, but everybody does, yeah but everybody has a, in your job John everybody's entitled to a bit of a moan
John (PS19M) [2086] I've never done it in the office, I've always gone, I've always probably gone in the canteen or in the of in the, in the wagon thing
Jane (PS19L) [2087] Mm.
John (PS19M) [2088] bleeding hell
Jane (PS19L) [2089] You don't have any time off
John (PS19M) [2090] and yet I'm being nailed
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2091] mm
John (PS19M) [2092] and look what he said on Friday, I wanted [...] on main lines he said, but you're not one of them ... and you're not getting a new motor
Jane (PS19L) [2093] Is that what he said to you you're
John (PS19M) [2094] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2095] not getting a new motor?
John (PS19M) [2096] that's what he turned round and told me.
Jane (PS19L) [2097] Did you ask him why?
John (PS19M) [2098] Well what can I say to him Jane, it's his property, he put, he gives the motors to who he wants, he's, he's the transport manager, I can't argue with him.
Jane (PS19L) [2099] I know, it's not fair though is it?
[2100] I'm cutting these steaks in half John, cos we've got one fatty one and one that's alright.
John (PS19M) [2101] So ... I mean, if Jane, if it's such a good job why are all these people leaving?
Jane (PS19L) [2102] Oh
John (PS19M) [2103] Eh?
[2104] Think of it like that
Jane (PS19L) [2105] Yeah I know
John (PS19M) [2106] why are these higher, you know Nick who used to be in Manchester?
[2107] Doing the, the mail order
Jane (PS19L) [2108] Mm
John (PS19M) [2109] I saw him
Jane (PS19L) [2110] er he went didn't he?
John (PS19M) [2111] He went to Grangewell he's running Grange now he said d'ya know something
Jane (PS19L) [2112] For Hotpoint?
John (PS19M) [2113] Yeah, he said it's the best move I ever made he said getting out of here
Jane (PS19L) [2114] Manchester?
John (PS19M) [2115] yeah, he said it's the best move I ev he said I don't, the lads don't give me any trouble he says I'm fair with them and they're fair with me
Jane (PS19L) [2116] Mm ...
John (PS19M) [2117] and I told him about the, him taking the wagon off me, he said that's bloody stupid that ... cos Nick used to do my run, work it out for me
Jane (PS19L) [2118] mm
John (PS19M) [2119] he knew, if he, if he treated me right, I treated him right
Jane (PS19L) [...] ...
John (PS19M) [2120] I'm telling ya, I've just had it up to there honest ... I told Dave this morning, he says well he says I can't, he, you're not losing anything, going and sitting and listening to the man
Jane (PS19L) [2121] No
John (PS19M) [2122] he said, he actually said, if it was m if I was in your position I'd go and have a listen
Jane (PS19L) [2123] mm
John (PS19M) [2124] see what the man's got to offer, it might be more ... but there again it might be less, but having saying that, it might be a lesser basic, but higher return
Jane (PS19L) [2125] If they can guarantee the overtime
John (PS19M) [2126] is it, who knows
Jane (PS19L) [2127] mm ... thing is, I mean you're like that aren't ya?
[2128] I mean if you stick it out with Hotpoint and hope that the hours come back, if the hours come back you're gonna be earning a lot more money aren't ya? ...
John (PS19M) [2129] Yeah but you see if it's
Jane (PS19L) [2130] This is it I know
John (PS19M) [2131] ifs and ands
Jane (PS19L) [2132] I know
John (PS19M) [2133] I mean look at Colin Jane, he got it made at, at
Jane (PS19L) [2134] mm
John (PS19M) [2135] take your bed there, now I know that
Jane (PS19L) [2136] mm
John (PS19M) [2137] take your bed there, money in abundance, even in this recession, well yeah the work's there, no problem, he just got a big new contract for some oh not Federal, give me another big haulage contractor, oh I can't think, T N T
Jane (PS19L) [2138] T N T?
John (PS19M) [2139] you know T N T, Taylors Nightly Trunk
Jane (PS19L) [2140] Is that what it is?
John (PS19M) [2141] Yeah, it's either Taylors Nightly Trunk or Turners Nightly Trunk I'm not sure, seventy new trailers ... ten grand a piece
Jane (PS19L) [2142] Why did Colin leave? ...
John (PS19M) [2143] I don't think he wanted the er, I don't think he could hack the way Cartwrights work
Jane (PS19L) [2144] On the trailers?
John (PS19M) [2145] Well
Jane (PS19L) [2146] You, he's back to like labouring again weren't he really?
John (PS19M) [2147] Cartwrights are very funny people
Jane (PS19L) [2148] Int he trained up as a welder now?
John (PS19M) [2149] He's not a fully fledged welder
Jane (PS19L) [2150] Have you
John (PS19M) [2151] he's, he's welding
Jane (PS19L) [2152] yeah, but
John (PS19M) [2153] but
Jane (PS19L) [2154] they trained him didn't they?
John (PS19M) [2155] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2156] That other firm.
John (PS19M) [2157] but he's not
Jane (PS19L) [2158] So what was he wel was he welding at Cartwrights?
John (PS19M) [2159] He was making er legs for the [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2160] Mm
John (PS19M) [2161] what they do, they're like a leg and
Jane (PS19L) [2162] and you have to weld them in
John (PS19M) [2163] no, this leg it's, it folds under
Jane (PS19L) [2164] Oh
John (PS19M) [2165] and what it is the box is stood there and then you back the motor under it and then you drop it onto the body and it folds
Jane (PS19L) [2166] Why didn't he like it?
John (PS19M) [2167] He said it was repetitive
Jane (PS19L) [2168] Boring?
John (PS19M) [2169] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2170] But the money was there
John (PS19M) [2171] This is it, take your bed there, Saturdays and Sundays and as many nights as you want ... now personally me, I'd have stuck that
Jane (PS19L) [2172] Yeah, for the money
John (PS19M) [2173] for the easy job, you set your stall out, you make a jig to sort it all out, you can slide it in, zip, zip, zip, done ... you could probably say what, three an hour out, if you're lucky, two and a half, three an hour ...
Jane (PS19L) [2174] [...] under there
John (PS19M) [2175] now I could put up with that, but obviously Colin couldn't, but having saying that I feel, I, I think I learnt a lot from being [...] bonus there
Jane (PS19L) [2176] Mm
John (PS19M) [2177] being on piecework there
Jane (PS19L) [2178] Was there, was it piecework then?
John (PS19M) [2179] Yeah to a degree, but not, not that bad if you know what I mean
Jane (PS19L) [2180] Let me go and see where Michael is, I've seemed to have lost him, he's very quiet ...
John (PS19M) [2181] Well, I tell you what
Jane (PS19L) [2182] we can have our tea out here
John (PS19M) [2183] I'm glad I had a word with Steve though
Jane (PS19L) [2184] Deana, do you think you could watch Michael please?
John (PS19M) [2185] Er, I'm gonna take the telly up there later on
Jane (PS19L) [2186] Yes
John (PS19M) [2187] and cut that board out alright?
Jane (PS19L) [2188] that's alright, I'm not bothered, do you know [...]
John (PS19M) [2189] I'll put the I'll put the, the chair, and put the telly back while I'm cutting it
Jane (PS19L) [2190] You know that film I taped last night with John Travolta?
John (PS19M) [2191] Oh aye
Jane (PS19L) [2192] It's, it's a comedy and it don't look half bad ... I just watched, I just watched about
John (PS19M) [2193] Come here you
Jane (PS19L) [2194] ten minutes of it
John (PS19M) [2195] Oh [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2196] No we'll get there eventually, one day John I suppose
John (PS19M) [2197] I feel rotten though, I do honest cos I know what
Jane (PS19L) [2198] I know
John (PS19M) [2199] I know ...
Jane (PS19L) [2200] we want so much and we just can't do it, it's frustrating John, I mean
John (PS19M) [2201] I feel as though I'm failing you though somehow
Jane (PS19L) [2202] Oh that's stupid though int it?
John (PS19M) [2203] Bo
Jane (PS19L) [2204] It's not your bloody fault
John (PS19M) [2205] I know it isn't, but that's the way I feel ... I don't know
Jane (PS19L) [2206] I [...] , right let's get this dished up
John (PS19M) [2207] I'll go and get me saw and everything out while it's still light
Jane (PS19L) [2208] Well, you're gonna have your dinner now.
John (PS19M) [2209] Yeah I know, I'm only gonna get it out
Jane (PS19L) [2210] Well go on then.
John (PS19M) [2211] while it's light then I can lock the garage up
Jane (PS19L) [2212] Right well you'd better [...]
John (PS19M) [2213] I will ...
Jane (PS19L) [2214] What have you got?
[2215] No Michael ... put it back, there's a good boy, come on, put it back ... Deana ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2216] Who me?
Jane (PS19L) [2217] sort Michael out please ... Michael no, Deana ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2218] Michael
Jane (PS19L) [2219] come on please ... John ...

13 (Tape 073906)

John (PS19M) [2220] I'll sort them out after
Jane (PS19L) [2221] It's a bit tough this steak, I think I made a mistake
John (PS19M) [2222] Vinegar, have you got some vinegar kid?
[2223] Ooh
Jane (PS19L) [2224] I didn't put it on, I didn't cook it on a high enough light ... silly me ... not quite like the one you had last week ...
John (PS19M) [2225] I think you'll be er, no I'm not gonna say anything, no, I'll keep me gob shut.
Jane (PS19L) [2226] What sort of erm, what you putting round the sides of this wood?
John (PS19M) [2227] Ah
Jane (PS19L) [2228] I want a nice curved edge so it's kiddie proof. ...
John (PS19M) [2229] well I've just got ordinary straight flat timber at the moment
Jane (PS19L) [2230] Can you not get that nice edging that's got a bit of a pattern on it?
John (PS19M) [2231] I was going to [...] it actually
Jane (PS19L) [2232] Oh.
John (PS19M) [2233] that's what I said to ya and you agreed with me, that's why I got it ... it's inch and half thick er wide, by half inch thick, it's under there.
Jane (PS19L) [2234] Can't you get this beading that's got a pattern in it? [clears throat]
John (PS19M) [2235] You can, but it doesn't really take
Jane (PS19L) [2236] Why?
John (PS19M) [2237] erm, doesn't like being varnished.
Jane (PS19L) [2238] Oh ... if you pull it, do you want any more?
[2239] Cos there's some in the
John (PS19M) [2240] No that'll do
Jane (PS19L) [2241] Pull it upside down
John (PS19M) [2242] Shut up, that will, that will do [...] woman, enough
Jane (PS19L) [2243] [...] to the bottom
John (PS19M) [2244] Mm. ...
Jane (PS19L) [2245] You didn't give your mum any money to get that C D did you that I was after?
John (PS19M) [2246] What C D that might be?
Jane (PS19L) [2247] That one about Cher.
John (PS19M) [2248] Which one?
Jane (PS19L) [2249] That Cher's C D I was after.
John (PS19M) [2250] Yeah which one?
Jane (PS19L) [2251] There's only one in the top ten at the moment ...
John (PS19M) [2252] Oh I dunno, I've been looking at a few, not that probably, not in the top ten
Jane (PS19L) [2253] No, but it's in the top thirty
John (PS19M) [2254] There's Heart of Stone
Jane (PS19L) [2255] No, it's just called Cher
John (PS19M) [2256] there's another one
Jane (PS19L) [2257] the one I was after is just called Cher
John (PS19M) [2258] You said to me that you wouldn't mind whatever one you got of Cher cos you like her music.
Jane (PS19L) [2259] Yeah, but the one that I, it's got all her latest stuff on, is just called Cher ... that's the one I was after, but I don't want it now, I told ya
John (PS19M) [2260] It's a bit bloody late
Jane (PS19L) [2261] Oh you've not bought it have you?
[2262] ... Told you not to John it's a lot of money.
John (PS19M) [2263] Shut up ...
Jane (PS19L) [2264] Which one did you get?
John (PS19M) [2265] Heart of Stone ...
Jane (PS19L) [2266] I've only ever seen one and the one that, the recent one is called just Cher and that's got all the last, the last few top ten hits on it.
[2267] ... Can't you change it?
John (PS19M) [2268] [laughing] [...] [] listen to it first and see what you think.
Jane (PS19L) [2269] No I don't want to. ...
John (PS19M) [sigh] [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2270] Oh I'm sorry, but there was only that one which is all, it's got her latest stuff on it, I'm not really keen on anything else, it's got those last, you know the sort of her last few records of it, on it I should say ... I didn't know there was any others around, when I told you I wanted the Cher one, it was the one that was out now not the old ones.
John (PS19M) [2271] [shouting] This one's out now [] . ...
Jane (PS19L) [2272] No, what I mean is er the new one sort of thing, the new Cher, it's in the top thirty, it was about number three a month about a month or so ago ... I didn't know there was anything else
John (PS19M) [2273] Well have this one and see what else develops ... listen to it, you might like it.
Jane (PS19L) [2274] Oh it's alright I'll change it John.
John (PS19M) [2275] Oh ... [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2276] Yeah, but what did I tell ya?
[2277] I told you not to bother
John (PS19M) [2278] [shouting] Oh Jane for Christ sake stop it
Jane (PS19L) [2279] Yeah, but I did
John (PS19M) [2280] stop it [] . ...
Jane (PS19L) [2281] I told you what I wanted ...
John (PS19M) [2282] Pissing me off now you. ...
Jane (PS19L) [2283] It's no use getting in a huff about it there's erm
John (PS19M) [2284] Don't bother Jane don't bother
Jane (PS19L) [2285] Ah it's your favourite word that don't bother.
John (PS19M) [2286] there's no point in going on about it now is there? ...
Jane (PS19L) [2287] I said not to spend any money, I said just get a little box of chocolates, that was all, finish.
John (PS19M) [2288] Shut up ... and since when did you ever listen to me? ...
Jane (PS19L) [2289] It's not that I was worried about, it was just the money, it's a lot of money for something that, was an idea a couple of months ago. ...
John (PS19M) [2290] You really know how to cheer people up don't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [2291] I'm sorry I told ya ... and not only that I bought that camera the other week didn't I?
[2292] ... What was Sandy saying to ya?
John (PS19M) [2293] What about?
Jane (PS19L) [2294] I don't know I wasn't there, you was talking to Sandy over the fence. ...
John (PS19M) [2295] She was asking what Steve had come up with ... job wise ... she said if ever I wanted a C V writing Graham'd do it for me
Jane (PS19L) [2296] Good idea ... won't be a bad idea ... mm, what I thought was the tough steak has turned out to be the, the one that's not ... I cut the steaks about a bit, one was a bit fattier than the other ... the one that I had I thought would be dead tough, is tender ... it's [...] int it? [...] they look more like a sirloin steak to me than a rump, even though it went under the name of rump ... it looked like [...] you can only tell the shape of it can't, oh God
John (PS19M) [2297] D'ya want me to go?
Jane (PS19L) [2298] No, I put

14 (Tape 073907)

John (PS19M) [2299] Who was that?
Jane (PS19L) [2300] Jane
John (PS19M) [2301] What she want?
Jane (PS19L) [2302] I don't know if you remember but ages ago, round about October time she borrowed some stuff for the Brownies, for erm, for Sian, Sian was going camping and she hadn't got shorts or anything, so she borrowed it off me, I was thinking of Stacey starting, I wanted the t I'm not bothered about the shorts, but I want the T-shirt and I'm just gonna get Stacey the culottes ... and she can wear her shorts and the cardigan with it ... buy, when she first starts and then we could, Deana's moving up to Guides this, so she can have that sweatshirt of er, I mean they're nine pound
John (PS19M) [2303] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2304] it's no good buying another one, she's not gonna need it in the summer is she?
[2305] ... I've cooked these steaks too long, trying to get them brown.
[2306] ... Will you do me a favour and keep the receipt and everything for that C D and the bag that it's in?
[2307] ... Sandy must be having company, pulled the blind down ... [...] ... I think that's why they've been good about the parking this week, cos I mean Irene's pulled her car, we saw Irene pull her car in ... was you here when she ... I saw her get in it, it must of been teatime yesterday
John (PS19M) [2308] No.
Jane (PS19L) [2309] she got in it, pulled it forward and put it in.
John (PS19M) [2310] Perhaps she's got the message.
Jane (PS19L) [2311] Hmm, I doubt it somehow and then Derek put his in and then Paul parked up where Eileen was ... Paul was waiting to get out ...
John (PS19M) [2312] So ... well Paul come out, I was talking to Steven and he said I come home last night and he said I couldn't park me bloody car up cos there were cars everywhere, and they were all theirs. ...
Jane (PS19L) [2313] Who said that, Paul?
John (PS19M) [2314] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2315] I didn't think he parked here last night.
John (PS19M) [2316] Well he was when I come home from work.
Jane (PS19L) [2317] What last night?
[2318] Oh ...
John (PS19M) [2319] They were all theirs.
Jane (PS19L) [2320] was it?
John (PS19M) [2321] Yeah. ...
Jane (PS19L) [2322] Was that blue Escort there, the one that parked behind us?
John (PS19M) [2323] I've not seen him
Jane (PS19L) [2324] No, I was gonna say ... mm won't do him any harm getting a bit of a taste of his own medicine.
John (PS19M) [2325] Hmm ... I personally think he's seen the light about it.
Jane (PS19L) [2326] About time.

15 (Tape 074001)

Chris (PS19P) [2327] We went and took Josh out didn't we?
[2328] Give him a bit of a walk.
Jane (PS19L) [2329] You've been for a walk eh?
Chris (PS19P) [2330] Mm, we went in that, we went and got me barm cakes and a bit, a few veg and that, went, oh I bought Li Joanne a little set of er [...] instead of an Easter egg, it's quite nice, I got it from that shop, you know erm next to Kingston and Hutch
Jane (PS19L) [2331] Oh yeah?
Chris (PS19P) [2332] er, what's it called er?
Jane (PS19L) [2333] Oh I call it the posh shop.
Chris (PS19P) [2334] Yeah, it's just like a select second shop in't it?
[2335] Really, but er
Jane (PS19L) [2336] Yeah, but a hundred times dearer.
Chris (PS19P) [2337] but I mean some, yeah, but I mean the stuff is cheaper compared to what you pay to other shop
Jane (PS19L) [2338] What sort of [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2339] it's nice it's just like, it's a sleeveless top, white, they had it in like lilac, jade and navy, erm and it's got, it's navy shorts with it
Jane (PS19L) [2340] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2341] and like a big tie through the, the waist and the top is like white edge with navy and it's got like a sailor collar at the back
Jane (PS19L) [2342] oh lovely
Chris (PS19P) [2343] with like a navy stripe and erm an anchor on each side, it's quite nice cos she's got, I thought it would do for her holidays
Jane (PS19L) [2344] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2345] but the top she could wear with like, she's got, well it's only cotton you see, shorts are only cotton
Jane (PS19L) [2346] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2347] but she's got some really smart erm navy shorts
Jane (PS19L) [2348] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2349] that I thought this top would look nice to wear
Jane (PS19L) [2350] very nice this
Chris (PS19P) [2351] at night, it's a smart set rath er rather than in the day
Jane (PS19L) [2352] oh lovely
Chris (PS19P) [2353] so I'm just looking for er a T-shirt or something for Lisa ... no you can't have the pen it's too sharp ... yeah, you're crafty you are aren't you, you can get zips open now ... mm ...
Jane (PS19L) [2354] So when you going in to sign the contracts?
Chris (PS19P) [2355] Not heard anything yet
Jane (PS19L) [2356] Not heard anything yet
Chris (PS19P) [2357] Velma called on Monday, erm, because I rang her up on Sunday to tell her what was happening, cos I mean she didn't know it, we signed our contract and erm I said to her well if we get a date this week, I said could, cos she's going back to Wales tomorrow, she won't be back till after Easter
Jane (PS19L) [2358] No
Chris (PS19P) [2359] so I said could Mike go in and do the fencing you see at the side, to keep the dog out
Jane (PS19L) [2360] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2361] so,sh oh she said you, oh first of all she said you can go and get the key, so I said oh no I'm not bothered about the key I said if you could just leave the side gate open, so erm
Jane (PS19L) [2362] Has it got a lock then?
Chris (PS19P) [2363] yeah I think, I don't, she must lock it from the inside window back through
Jane (PS19L) [2364] Back out
Chris (PS19P) [2365] you see, so er anyway when we got off the phone Mike said yeah but what about bloody power you see
Jane (PS19L) [2366] Oh
Chris (PS19P) [2367] so, anyway, she must of thought about this, so she called on Monday, and she said oh I've been thinking Michael'll need electric for the drill
Jane (PS19L) [2368] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2369] so she said what I'll do she said is I'll leave the key to the garage under two bricks at the side of the garage
Jane (PS19L) [2370] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2371] she said and then he can use the power in there
Jane (PS19L) [2372] mm, mm
Chris (PS19P) [2373] so as long as we've got a date by Saturday he can go and do it, if we still haven't got a date he won't be able to go and do it
Jane (PS19L) [2374] you can't do anything
Chris (PS19P) [2375] we've got the fencing well no, no you can't Jane because you're not insured you see until
Jane (PS19L) [2376] no
Chris (PS19P) [2377] you actually exchange, as soon as you've exchanged contracts we've got to get insured you see ... but erm ... I mean on the letter we got from the solicitor on Saturday it said, it, it looks as though your purchaser's ready to exchange contracts in the forthcoming week
Jane (PS19L) [2378] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2379] so we've just wait and see.
Jane (PS19L) [2380] she's doing everything by the book I think, so
Chris (PS19P) [2381] Oh I've never even seen anything of her Jane
Jane (PS19L) [2382] no
Chris (PS19P) [2383] I really thought I would see her round Sale, I've never seen anything of her
Jane (PS19L) [2384] no
Chris (PS19P) [2385] but, erm ... it might of taken longer than what she thought as regards her London ends you see
Jane (PS19L) [2386] start again
Chris (PS19P) [2387] really, that's what it is
Jane (PS19L) [2388] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2389] well I think Dawn is quite happy now, I mean I think she felt as though she'd been rushed at first, but I mean
Jane (PS19L) [2390] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2391] that was her choice really
Jane (PS19L) [2392] that's right
Chris (PS19P) [2393] I mean she said to me on Monday something about, I mean it's her that wanted to be in, in, by the middle of March, now I never said the woman wanted to be in by March
Jane (PS19L) [2394] no
Chris (PS19P) [2395] we were just discussing it
Jane (PS19L) [2396] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2397] but, I, Miss never actually said well I
Jane (PS19L) [2398] no
Chris (PS19P) [2399] want to be in by the end of March
Jane (PS19L) [2400] no
Chris (PS19P) [2401] I think she just assumed because she was coming down here with her job
Jane (PS19L) [2402] she was ready to move in
Chris (PS19P) [2403] that she'll be ready to move in you see
Jane (PS19L) [2404] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2405] but I said well at least you've got it all done, you don't have to rush around at the last minute.
Jane (PS19L) [2406] that's right.
[2407] How much money did she make in the end on er garage thing?
Chris (PS19P) [2408] She didn't say and I, I never thought to ask her, no she didn't say ... so we're just, that's why really as I say I don't, I think at first she was quite happy for us to go in and maybe take stuff in, but I don't think she was happy about us doing structural things on it
Jane (PS19L) [2409] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2410] cos I think her solicitor must of said something to her you see
Jane (PS19L) [2411] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2412] but I mean even, even if we, if we get a date for next week Jane, we can't get in, cos I'm not going to get a key and go in when she's not there
Jane (PS19L) [2413] no
Chris (PS19P) [2414] if it'd happened a couple of weeks ago when she was about I would of kept going over like she said I could do
Jane (PS19L) [2415] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2416] but we'll just leave it now
Jane (PS19L) [2417] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2418] to the day
Jane (PS19L) [2419] you might as well
Chris (PS19P) [2420] er, we'll get it all sorted, you know what you like, you sit there and you think oh I want it, to get it all sorted before I go and move, it'll just have to be in a tip for a while.
Jane (PS19L) [2421] yeah, you can't though can ya?
[2422] I mean you've got, it takes you so long to place things and
Chris (PS19P) [2423] No you don't this is it, we'll just dump everything, I said to Mark we'll just dump everything in the back room and we'll stay in the back room till we've sorted the front room
Jane (PS19L) [2424] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2425] out and then we'll move into the front room
Jane (PS19L) [2426] into the front room you've got Easter hopefully to go out and to sort out
Chris (PS19P) [2427] Well I hope so.
Jane (PS19L) [2428] your, your front room though ... I think you just want to get everything
Chris (PS19P) [2429] Well I think that's what it is Jane, but you can't
Jane (PS19L) [2430] tidy, but you know, you know in your own mind you can't
Chris (PS19P) [2431] you know in your own mind you can't
Jane (PS19L) [2432] no
Chris (PS19P) [2433] but
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2434] and Creg's on Monday [laughing] with the carpets [] , oh we shall have a right laugh with them two blokes, aye, they both go oh God not you again [laughing] you know [] and do I have a
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2435] have you thought of any that you like?
Chris (PS19P) [2436] Oh we do like that one in the window
Jane (PS19L) [2437] That's the
Chris (PS19P) [2438] that's the one Mike's mad on, and when I went in on, er
Jane (PS19L) [2439] that particular colour or a different colour?
Chris (PS19P) [2440] yeah it looks lovely in the square, yeah because I thought it was quite light, but it isn't actually
Jane (PS19L) [2441] It's the pinky one int it there
Chris (PS19P) [2442] it's erm, you shut up, no I went in, I've never been in Weeks, to go in and have a look and everything, it was Hamish that was in that time and you can have a right laugh with him, he's the one that came and sorted the hall and stairs
Jane (PS19L) [2443] Oh
Chris (PS19P) [2444] out for me and erm, when he went in on Monday, erm it was the other one the lad that actually owns it, so I was in there for about bloody half an hour and we came home with some samples and one that I quite liked it was up on the wall and he said that is my best selling Axminster that I had, and it was like, it was maybe it was a bit too busy, it was, it was greyey and it was all different other colours in it, but it was a lot of flowers on it, it wasn't a traditional Axminster you see Mike loves these traditional Axminsters and he doesn't really, he won't really entertain anything else, erm, anyway I brought that sample home ... and what else?
[2445] Oh yeah that's the only one I brought home, on Tuesday it was, well as soon as he saw, I brought it in and me dad looked at it and he goes yeah it's alright, I knew he didn't like it and then when Mike got in, he said oh I don't like that, so I said why?
[2446] Well you take it back I said and you pick the carpet
Jane (PS19L) [2447] Mm where's this for then?
Chris (PS19P) [2448] so, this is the front room
Jane (PS19L) [2449] The front room
Chris (PS19P) [2450] so er, he goes off and he comes back with three samples then, well one of them, it has been in the window as well, but it's a very definite diamondy shape
Jane (PS19L) [2451] More
Chris (PS19P) [2452] no quite big shaped diamond but it's in like pastel pink and pastel blue and it's very, very pastely colours ...
Jane (PS19L) [2453] Can't remember those
Chris (PS19P) [2454] but I would imagine down on a floor it would look very, the diamonds would be too much if you
Jane (PS19L) [2455] hit ya mm
Chris (PS19P) [2456] know wha what I mean, he brought that one home and he brought another quite nice traditional one, but it tended to be quite browny, and then another one and, er
Jane (PS19L) [2457] You're not ripping that up?
Chris (PS19P) [2458] and then you know the one that was in the window?
Jane (PS19L) [2459] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2460] He didn't bring a sample home of that cos he, he brought the same design but in a different colour, but it was more greeny
Jane (PS19L) [2461] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2462] so, anyway, I just, we've got it down on the floor and I says if we had a brown suite
Jane (PS19L) [2463] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2464] that would be ideal
Jane (PS19L) [2465] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2466] even though there was a bit of grey in it, it was the, really the brown that predominated it, I said it, it, the grey suite wouldn't go with it
Jane (PS19L) [2467] so you're gonna have the front room with your grey suite in it?
Chris (PS19P) [2468] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2469] then shall I
Jane (PS19L) [2470] You thought, have you thought of any colours for your back room?
[2471] No, this is, you're thinking this is for your front room now your carpet?
Chris (PS19P) [2472] Yeah, er, well, so I brought the sample of that one home
Jane (PS19L) [2473] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2474] the one that's in the window
Jane (PS19L) [2475] right it's the pink squares
Chris (PS19P) [2476] and it's the and, yeah, me and Joanne weren't very keen on any of the carpets either and as soon as she saw that she said oh that's lovely
Jane (PS19L) [2477] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2478] she said now I do like that, cos it looks nice and warm cos there's loads of colours in it, there's pink, there's burgundy, there's blue, green, every colour you can think of, you've bro
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2479] oh, you're determined to have that you are, aren't ya?
[2480] If he got a
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2481] wouldn't do him any harm, but it wouldn't half make him go ah, cos it's dead minty
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2482] what are ya?
[2483] ... What are ya?
[2484] Leave my handbag alone ... but you see when it was in the window Jane I thought it looked a bit too light, but I think what makes it look like that is they've got the light shining
Jane (PS19L) [2485] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2486] right on it
Jane (PS19L) [2487] I've seen it down Chris and I love it
Chris (PS19P) [2488] when you actually see it on the floor, it looks totally different
Jane (PS19L) [2489] Glenys has got it, very, very sim very, very similar, there's very, there's not a lot in it, I'll take those magazines off
Chris (PS19P) [2490] you see, oh Christ, erm ...
Jane (PS19L) [2491] but she got it in the greens
Chris (PS19P) [2492] yeah, well I, Mike says I brought that one home when we were looking for a hall instead, but I said no I said it was one very similar, but he said we couldn't have it because erm
Jane (PS19L) [2493] no
Chris (PS19P) [2494] with them being the squares you'd lose a hell of a lot coming down the stairs
Jane (PS19L) [2495] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2496] you know on the turn and everything
Jane (PS19L) [2497] it would spoil it I mean
Chris (PS19P) [2498] it would, you've got to have a big spread really haven't ya?
Jane (PS19L) [2499] yeah, yeah I mean I'd thought about it for ours
Chris (PS19P) [2500] But
Jane (PS19L) [2501] but I remember what you said about the squares
Chris (PS19P) [2502] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2503] I'd like it in here
Chris (PS19P) [2504] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2505] I really would
Chris (PS19P) [2506] it would go lovely with this
Jane (PS19L) [2507] I know
Chris (PS19P) [2508] because even though
Jane (PS19L) [2509] it's got all the colours hasn't it?
Chris (PS19P) [2510] even though this is erm not a plain, it's not dead busy is it?
Jane (PS19L) [2511] No
Chris (PS19P) [2512] If you know what I mean.
Jane (PS19L) [2513] but that, it's not, it doesn't, I don't see that carpet as being a particularly patterned car I know it has got a pattern
Chris (PS19P) [2514] It is it's a definite square, it's definite true, what your colours
Jane (PS19L) [2515] but to me I look at the, I call patterned carpets all the flowers and
Chris (PS19P) [2516] mm
Jane (PS19L) [2517] rounded patterns
Chris (PS19P) [2518] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2519] d'ya know what I mean but
Chris (PS19P) [2520] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2521] to me this is, a square doesn't look the same as the round
Chris (PS19P) [2522] no
Jane (PS19L) [2523] you know
Chris (PS19P) [2524] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2525] I know it sounds stupid, but I like
Chris (PS19P) [2526] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2527] I don't like the round
Chris (PS19P) [2528] no
Jane (PS19L) [2529] flowery carpets
Chris (PS19P) [2530] no
Jane (PS19L) [2531] er or the ones that have got leaves going into
Chris (PS19P) [2532] mm
Jane (PS19L) [2533] you know that sort you have
Chris (PS19P) [2534] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2535] to me that's patterned
Chris (PS19P) [2536] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2537] but that carpet that you're talking about to me is a plain
Chris (PS19P) [2538] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2539] but it's a plain square.
Chris (PS19P) [2540] yeah, as I say Mike says, reckons I
Jane (PS19L) [2541] Liked it
Chris (PS19P) [2542] brought the green one home cos I brought the three samples home, the one that we've got down and another one ... and another one for the hall and stair, but I said I'm sure it wasn't the same as that, but it might have been, but I have to say he always said we would [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2543] Mike said [...]
Chris (PS19P) [2544] but you see the fortunate thing about it Jane, with that one, most of the carpets are only twelve foot wide
Jane (PS19L) [2545] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2546] which would mean, cos the room's thirteen foot wide
Jane (PS19L) [2547] oh is it?
Chris (PS19P) [2548] we would of had to
Jane (PS19L) [2549] Have another piece
Chris (PS19P) [2550] buy an extra five square yards
Jane (PS19L) [2551] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2552] cos it was only twelve foot wide, anyway, they do that one in fifteen foot wide
Jane (PS19L) [2553] Oh do they?
Chris (PS19P) [2554] so it, we've got to have twenty one something square yards, I think he worked it out at
Jane (PS19L) [2555] Is it thirteen foot wide then the room?
Chris (PS19P) [2556] Yeah into the alcove
Jane (PS19L) [2557] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2558] the back room isn't, the back
Jane (PS19L) [2559] no
Chris (PS19P) [2560] room's only about eleven and a half, because you get the back room, the front room and then it goes in a bit
Jane (PS19L) [2561] right
Chris (PS19P) [2562] to the back room
Jane (PS19L) [2563] to the kitchen
Chris (PS19P) [2564] to the kitchen you see
Jane (PS19L) [2565] yeah.
Chris (PS19P) [2566] where it's
Jane (PS19L) [2567] So what's the length of the front room?
Chris (PS19P) [2568] Er fourteen ten, by
Jane (PS19L) [2569] It's bigger than what it looks really
Chris (PS19P) [2570] though it's bigger than what you think really
Jane (PS19L) [2571] I think it's deceiving because it's got such high ceilings
Chris (PS19P) [2572] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2573] the high ceilings sort of seems to take it off with
Chris (PS19P) [2574] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2575] I know it sounds silly, but perhaps if the ceilings was lower it would look big
Chris (PS19P) [2576] yeah, yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2577] higher that
Chris (PS19P) [2578] I think it's just maybe er how you have it as well
Jane (PS19L) [2579] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2580] I mean if you look at it now without the dining table
Jane (PS19L) [2581] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2582] it looks totally different
Jane (PS19L) [2583] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2584] I mean, Mike really likes that as a front room, he keeps saying that's gonna be our room, you know
Jane (PS19L) [2585] mm I like a front room
Chris (PS19P) [2586] he's, he's funny he does like a front room, so I thought well sod it, I hate picking carpets Jane, so I thought sod it he can pick
Jane (PS19L) [2587] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2588] the carpet and if it's not right he can
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2589] I don't think you can go wrong, far wrong with that one
Chris (PS19P) [2590] No, it is nice
Jane (PS19L) [2591] thinking of pink and grey in there
Chris (PS19P) [2592] yeah, and he wants to, he came home this morning and he said, he must of been thinking about it, and he said well we could emulsion the walls, he said erm, why don't we do an apricot white, I says well that's peach, I said the
Jane (PS19L) [2593] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2594] the carpet's pink
Jane (PS19L) [2595] yeah and, the suite
Chris (PS19P) [2596] it wouldn't, it wouldn't look right, I mean we have got apricot white on the walls in the back room now, but I said, he, I think he feels as though, a definite pink is not the right colour for a room, do you know what I mean?
Jane (PS19L) [2597] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2598] And yet it, I was quite happy with it to be honest
Jane (PS19L) [2599] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2600] Jane because I think it looks quite warm
Jane (PS19L) [2601] yeah, you can only put another colour into your curtains and bring it out with your carpet
Chris (PS19P) [2602] Yeah, well what I think he, I think he will emulsion over it cos I mean the ceiling's a bit, as you say she'd been a smoker
Jane (PS19L) [2603] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2604] and the ceiling in that front room is a very deep, deep pink I think, if I can remember rightly, I think we'll go over, we'll probably will go over it and
Jane (PS19L) [2605] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2606] erm we're not gonna go mad knocking picture frames down in that room, it's too much of a big job
Jane (PS19L) [2607] Yes it is, innit?
Chris (PS19P) [2608] I'm just gonna put a border round it
Jane (PS19L) [2609] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2610] seen like a border in perhaps like a bit of pink and bit of grey on it and it's like sort of scalloped edging
Jane (PS19L) [2611] Mm that'll look nice
Chris (PS19P) [2612] so put that over
Jane (PS19L) [2613] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2614] at the top of the erm
Jane (PS19L) [2615] in
Chris (PS19P) [2616] of the picture frame
Jane (PS19L) [2617] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2618] it sort of brings the ceiling down a little bit as well
Jane (PS19L) [2619] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2620] cos to be honest, the more Mike goes over there, the more he keeps saying he doesn't really want to pull the picture frames down
Jane (PS19L) [2621] no well with them being such a tall ceilings, they're probably
Chris (PS19P) [2622] I don't know why, yeah and I think he feels as though you, he says well if you decorate it right you can blend it in with the wallpaper
Jane (PS19L) [2623] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2624] anyway you know, so
Jane (PS19L) [2625] of course you will.
Chris (PS19P) [2626] I don't know I see I think we'll
Jane (PS19L) [2627] So what will you paint the picture rails white?
Chris (PS19P) [2628] Same colour as the walls
Jane (PS19L) [2629] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2630] I think, so it just blends in with the border round
Jane (PS19L) [2631] yeah, it'll look nice
Chris (PS19P) [2632] and then it'll just, it'll just be titivated up really, so we can live in it and then the back room can just be done at our own time.
Jane (PS19L) [2633] I, I'll definitely have those curtains for you this weekend, I'm gonna get them done.
Chris (PS19P) [2634] Well as I say Jane
Jane (PS19L) [2635] Well then you can put them straight up then can't you?
Chris (PS19P) [2636] well no she's already got them up.
Jane (PS19L) [2637] Mm, well what are they like?
Chris (PS19P) [2638] Well they're not very nice, but I mean er I'll leave them up till I come to actually er get everything done
Jane (PS19L) [2639] Mm, no I meant when you've dec once you've, you know painted in there and got your carpet down
Chris (PS19P) [2640] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2641] the grey curtains would go with your suite wouldn't they?
Chris (PS19P) [2642] Oh they would match up with it yeah, yeah well I, okay then if you want [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2643] I've been mean I've been, I would of done it last weekend, but, I don't, I had a load of washing and it depends
Chris (PS19P) [2644] Yeah, it is
Jane (PS19L) [2645] getting it all done
Chris (PS19P) [2646] you've gotta get up in the mood Jane, I did Saturday morning
Jane (PS19L) [2647] Mm
Chris (PS19P) [2648] it was fine, I thought right get up and get them bloody curtains washed, I had 'em on the line, but do you think our Mike noticed them, well when he came home from work, because I thought of having to put 'em back up again, I just
Jane (PS19L) [2649] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2650] got straight in from work
Jane (PS19L) [2651] oh
Chris (PS19P) [2652] and I had Mike ironing them while I was putting 'em up, I said right stand here and watch me hang this curtain, so I'm showing him how to iron it, so while I'm upstairs putting 'em up he's ironing
Jane (PS19L) [2653] He's ironing
Chris (PS19P) [2654] 'em, so I had 'em put back up again for quarter to six,
Jane (PS19L) [2655] That's alright that, I must have done six loads of washing, for some reason I just didn't seem to have enough to do me loads
Chris (PS19P) [2656] Yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2657] but then come Saturday morning
Chris (PS19P) [2658] it's all accumulated
Jane (PS19L) [2659] I had to, I was doing two what I call mid washes, this sort of colour
Chris (PS19P) [2660] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2661] and then I was doing two these colours and I'd
Chris (PS19P) [2662] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2663] got about three lots of er white it's unbelievable
Chris (PS19P) [2664] yeah, I've done that Jane you sort of look one day and you think there's hardly anything
Jane (PS19L) [2665] Stop it.
Chris (PS19P) [2666] there, I'll leave it
Jane (PS19L) [2667] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2668] and then you'll regret it the next day
Jane (PS19L) [2669] I know
Chris (PS19P) [2670] cos the bloody basket's full to the brim
Jane (PS19L) [2671] I'm determining to keep it, I'm just putting bits in now
Chris (PS19P) [2672] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2673] but a white load's there that I must put in and must get that put out this afternoon
Chris (PS19P) [2674] mm
Jane (PS19L) [2675] but er, oh dear ... I wanted to get them down and me others up while John's been in
Chris (PS19P) [2676] mm
Jane (PS19L) [2677] cos I didn't want to have no curtains up on me front
Chris (PS19P) [2678] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2679] so I shall definitely get him to give us a lift
Chris (PS19P) [2680] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2681] with them.
Chris (PS19P) [2682] well as I say don't worry about it cos that first week I won't even bother anyway cos I'll leave up what I've got
Jane (PS19L) [2683] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2684] cos he said, you see I've, I think it's a picture, I think it's erm, what do you call it?
[2685] A pelmet, I think
Jane (PS19L) [2686] right
Chris (PS19P) [2687] she's got wooden pelmets on everything
Jane (PS19L) [2688] Has she?
Chris (PS19P) [2689] so I'll want to take them down
Jane (PS19L) [2690] Yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2691] so they'll, that'll have to come down anyway
Jane (PS19L) [2692] yeah ...
Chris (PS19P) [2693] You see I hate choos that's another thing I hate choosing Jane
Jane (PS19L) [2694] Those windows are so big that you've got though, I mean I do I, they, they probably will fit, I think it will be a tight fit though
Chris (PS19P) [2695] They're twelve foot, I know that one in the front room is twelve foot wide, by seventy two drop
Jane (PS19L) [2696] Yeah, well I don't know ... there more than seventy two aren't they?
Chris (PS19P) [2697] Mm
Jane (PS19L) [2698] But erm, they only really just go in my bay
Chris (PS19P) [2699] yeah
Jane (PS19L) [2700] there's no, there's not a lot of gathering there at all, what?
[2701] You're not having the pen ...
Chris (PS19P) [2702] cos like Joanne's bedroom I'd measured that, that's sixty six drop ... so I ended up getting seventy two drop curtains
Jane (PS19L) [2703] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2704] and Pam was gonna shorten them and then I said no I think I'll leave them
Jane (PS19L) [2705] yeah
Chris (PS19P) [2706] cos it was only like sort of eight inches difference and I thought well when I wash 'em they might shrink anyway
Jane (PS19L) [2707] mm
Chris (PS19P) [2708] and er, it'll, it'll

16 (Tape 074002)

Jane (PS19L) [2709] Now Stacey, I remember, she used to, this is, must be mentioned within the bunk as well, cos I, for some reason I remember sitting her down on the chair to dress her by the bunk
Lynn (PS19U) [2710] Yes.
Jane (PS19L) [2711] cos Deana used to have a chair by the bunk so she could climb down onto the chair, shut up
Lynn (PS19U) [2712] Oh.
Jane (PS19L) [2713] and we always used to say what have you got?
[2714] And she used to say a big head [laugh]
Lynn (PS19U) [2715] [laugh] You rotten thing you, I know well Mike's
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2716] potato head cos he has trouble getting things over his head, and especially off, it hurts more off than on don't it when er [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [2717] Yeah, it's easier to get them on int it?
Lynn (PS19U) [2718] oh dear ... oh you've got plenty of
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2719] ready for this, mm [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [2720] [laugh] You've got nothing to play with it now.
Lynn (PS19U) [2721] Me or Michael? [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [2722] Why, do you want some thing to play with?
Lynn (PS19U) [2723] Don't [clears throat] don't ... oh what you doing?
[2724] Oh better not put you off your food.
Jane (PS19L) [2725] You won't put him off really, I think he's just got a great a, he's not, just got a great appetite I think, he'll just eat and eat and eat
Lynn (PS19U) [2726] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2727] once you're putting it in
Lynn (PS19U) [2728] But erm
Jane (PS19L) [2729] he won't feed himself or anything
Lynn (PS19U) [2730] has she not come, your friend?
Stacey (PS19N) [2731] Yes she has
Lynn (PS19U) [2732] Oh
Jane (PS19L) [2733] oh should of got you some more fromage frais Michael, oh I was looking at them as well wasn't I?
[2734] And I didn't get 'em, you'll have to have a, a wobbly, a strawberry wobbler.
Lynn (PS19U) [2735] I have a strawberry wobbler as well
Jane (PS19L) [2736] You what?
Lynn (PS19U) [2737] I have a strawberry wobbly every day [clears throat]
Jane (PS19L) [2738] Michael ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2739] no ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [2740] you alright?
Lynn (PS19U) [2741] there you go, gotta wee in a minute, aha.
Jane (PS19L) [2742] You don't have to go you know
Lynn (PS19U) [2743] Well you've got a lot of things to do and as I say erm, I thought I'll only go for half an hour, but I didn't really come
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2744] if I say that every time go and
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2745] I thought if I pop and see you then I gone, now I know I can
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2746] well now I know I can, that I shouldn't waste it, don't you think?
Jane (PS19L) [2747] Definitely, you vote for John cos he's
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2748] oh is he?
[2749] Can't he go somewhere else?
Jane (PS19L) [2750] No I don't think he can
Lynn (PS19U) [2751] No I suppose not a thing
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2752] the only thing I can do is to get somebody who doesn't know, who
Lynn (PS19U) [2753] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [2754] know and get, cos lot I've got his card all you have got to do is go in and say the name
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2755] yeah, I don't know who I could ask though really, Joe Bloggs up the street
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [2756] His car's got it on that
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2757] no
Jane (PS19L) [2758] Perhaps he'll keep it out there, well he had that patch to it didn't he?
Lynn (PS19U) [2759] Well he loves it, he loved it before he knew sort of we got
Jane (PS19L) [2760] It's a lot of work
Lynn (PS19U) [2761] we had it for the weekend once
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2762] he offered, I didn't ask him ...
Jane (PS19L) [2763] Oh well perhaps he don't want to have any.
Lynn (PS19U) [2764] Well he probably will, but if he's going off to Florida
Jane (PS19L) [2765] Well then you'll have to sort, by then with a bit of luck you might of been established with somewhere yourself ... mightn't ya?
Lynn (PS19U) [2766] I see
Jane (PS19L) [2767] I mean you, just say
Lynn (PS19U) [2768] there's no doubt I'd rather have him sort of
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2769] I mean he's not gonna sort of get up and go within the next twelve months is he?
Lynn (PS19U) [2770] No.
Jane (PS19L) [2771] It's gonna take a bit of time ... by then, hopefully you'll of got yourself sorted ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2772] I'll think about it then
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2773] is that nice?
Jane (PS19L) [2774] He's the type that you're gonna have to be firm with Lynn, tell him the only way he's gonna accept it, is you tell him you just don't love him
Lynn (PS19U) [2775] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2776] be, be truthful with him
Lynn (PS19U) [2777] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2778] otherwise you could have him knocking on your door and you know let's give it a go and
Lynn (PS19U) [2779] I don't want really want Darren, I don't honestly think, I think I'd have difficulty in the initial breaking, but then everything else would go
Jane (PS19L) [2780] Mm.
Lynn (PS19U) [2781] I don't think he'd come back
Jane (PS19L) [2782] He's just a baby int he?
Lynn (PS19U) [2783] Mm. ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2784] oh the hard boy
Jane (PS19L) [2785] Mm?
Lynn (PS19U) [2786] the hard boy and sort of yes I'm having his baby
Jane (PS19L) [2787] Mm you don't know, you don't want
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2788] you're not prepared to be his er, what you call it?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2789] his skivvy, he doesn't, you know
Lynn (PS19U) [2790] Well he's not erm
Jane (PS19L) [2791] prepare to give you anything else
Lynn (PS19U) [2792] well he said the house is going up for sale, I think he thinks I'll be patient in that direction, it's not that, it's just that if it was a nice house, a normal house where the kids can play out on a nice day and just hang the washing out, I could be getting on with it
Jane (PS19L) [2793] Yeah.
Lynn (PS19U) [2794] but you know, so
Jane (PS19L) [2795] Yeah, I mean
Lynn (PS19U) [2796] but I knew that before I moved there he says I know better
Jane (PS19L) [2797] mm, the thing is I mean, as well oh I don't know
Lynn (PS19U) [2798] [sighing] oh I love to [] maybe he'll shout
Jane (PS19L) [2799] I mean he would of put it up for sale knowing that you wanted to get somewhere between you, knowing that the house market is as it is
Lynn (PS19U) [2800] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2801] you know sort of say, well go and get what you need to er, to make it happen
Lynn (PS19U) [2802] Mm.
Jane (PS19L) [2803] well at least of all for the time being
Lynn (PS19U) [2804] No, he don't seem to care about
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2805] it's all material things for them int it you think about
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2806] he's probably had the car for God knows how many weeks, now he's got what car, you know, he could be, you don't know do ya?
[2807] You'd like to pull one over on him ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2808] You know what girls do with married men
Jane (PS19L) [2809] No.
Lynn (PS19U) [2810] I'm going for a wee
Jane (PS19L) [2811] Right
Lynn (PS19U) [2812] and I'll tell you what they do

17 (Tape 074003)

Jane (PS19L) [2813] He's going to kill me with me tea again, I was ready for a mess
Lynn (PS19U) [2814] Oh Jane I've got
Jane (PS19L) [2815] urgh , hmm
Lynn (PS19U) [2816] oh no, what you got?
[2817] What's this?
[2818] What's this?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2819] no you're not, you do it on purpose
Lynn (PS19U) [laugh]
Jane (PS19L) [2820] everybody does it on purpose
Lynn (PS19U) [2821] Yes ... [clears throat]
Jane (PS19L) [2822] see those little ones, what's this one there?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2823] boo
Jane (PS19L) [2824] What ... menace ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2825] Ooh watch the coffee
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2826] Can I take me jumper off?
[2827] It's boiling outside, it really is.
Jane (PS19L) [2828] No.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2829] Please
Jane (PS19L) [2830] No, I don't think it's that warm.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2831] It is isn't it Amanda?
Jane (PS19L) [2832] No Mandy's got her long sleeve thing on ... who's that?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2833] Can we have something cool to drink?
Jane (PS19L) [2834] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2835] Any ice?
Jane (PS19L) [2836] De Deana get a drink of water.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2837] Can we have an ice cream?
Jane (PS19L) [2838] No, get a drink of water and stop it
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2839] Oh it's water we can drink, I've only got a coloured
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2840] do you want a drink of water?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2841] No thanks.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2842] You sure?
[2843] ... Can I have a couple of these mummy?
Jane (PS19L) [2844] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2845] Anything to eat?
Jane (PS19L) [2846] No.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2847] Oh mummy I'm starving.
Jane (PS19L) [2848] No you're not, what's that lot nextdoor had?
[2849] Lovely
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2850] Please mummy, just a biscuit, Trio biscuit, please just a biscuit ... we get our bikes out?
Lynn (PS19U) [2851] [shouting] On, you getting your shoes on Jane?
[2852] Come on [] .
[2853] ... Ee ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2854] didn't I Rebecca? ... [clears throat]
Jane (PS19L) [2855] Cheeky ... oh, you, this thing under there like that ... I think ... I'm tired, just have me water on, I think, I had the gas fire up and I turned round and turned it off
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2856] Yeah, cos it's so warm
Jane (PS19L) [2857] so I thought I'll have me water on
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2858] urgh, what, you're noisy baba, what are ya?
[2859] What?
[2860] Noisy, noisy, noisy.
Lynn (PS19U) [2861] Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Jane (PS19L) [2862] Oh, so next time you're down here you'll be settled in your mothers will ya?
Lynn (PS19U) [2863] Oh I hope so
Jane (PS19L) [2864] You don't sound too sure.
Lynn (PS19U) [2865] I don't know what, no I don't mean it that way, I'm just weary and not looking forward to tonight and
Jane (PS19L) [2866] Are you going to do it?
[2867] That's the thing.
Lynn (PS19U) [2868] Oh I'm going to tell him, I've got to
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2869] I can't see him
Jane (PS19L) [2870] He's not gonna change now is he?
Lynn (PS19U) [2871] changing. ...
Jane (PS19L) [2872] No.
Lynn (PS19U) [2873] No ... what did I have?
Jane (PS19L) [2874] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2875] Mummy what's
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2876] oh Deana, what you gonna
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2877] It's not that hot.
Jane (PS19L) [2878] do in the middle of summer?
[2879] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2880] It's
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2881] outside, you go outside and in a second you
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2882] I tell you what you can do, you can bring my curtains in for me ... that'll keep you cool, go on
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2883] There mum
Jane (PS19L) [2884] be a dear
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2885] did I put it up there?
Jane (PS19L) [2886] What d'ya want?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2887] The invitation to Maxine ...
Jane (PS19L) [2888] John's got his income tax, that'll please him
Lynn (PS19U) [2889] Oh God ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Lynn (PS19U) [2890] thank you very much, so what they doing at Hotpoint?
[2891] Are they making redundancies or
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2892] no, they've just cut all the hours down and one thing and another, it's a pain in the bum
Lynn (PS19U) [2893] It is, yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [2894] yeah, it means he's getting less hours, so he'll be getting less money ... which we don't want at all at the moment
Lynn (PS19U) [2895] No.
Jane (PS19L) [2896] just about got ourselves reasonably tidy, you know, after Christmas and everything and set, managing to save ... and spend as well
Lynn (PS19U) [2897] Yeah.
Jane (PS19L) [2898] not a lot, but you know spend
Lynn (PS19U) [2899] But at least you've sort of
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2900] yeah ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2901] It's not fair is it?
Jane (PS19L) [2902] No, something always comes along and puts a flaming great big spanner in the works and that upsets everybody. ...
Lynn (PS19U) [2903] What will he do look for another or
Jane (PS19L) [2904] Well I don't know, just er, I don't know really, I don't want to mind cos he's been there five years, so if he does get made redundant he's got a chance of getting a little bit of money, not a lot, but it would help.
[2905] Story of four people [reading] this is a story of four people named everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody, there was an important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody could do it, anybody could of done it, but nobody did, somebody got angry about that because it was everybody's job, everybody thought anybody could do it, but nobody would [] .

18 (Tape 074004)

Jane (PS19L) [2906] You're not having it.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2907] I only had two.
Jane (PS19L) [2908] So that one's mine, I don't want it, I've had enough, you've had as much as me, get on with your pizza ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2909] mum please
Jane (PS19L) [2910] I don't want it ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2911] mummy I don't want a pizza.
Jane (PS19L) [2912] Well leave it then.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2913] It's because of the ham.
Jane (PS19L) [2914] What's wrong with the ham?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2915] I don't like cooked ham.
Jane (PS19L) [2916] No more Michael, it's all gone.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2917] Mummy, mummy
Jane (PS19L) [2918] Mm?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2919] no I've changed me mind about the ice cream
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2920] mummy
Jane (PS19L) [2921] it's too late for ice cream
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2922] you can have a bit of that whatsit
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2923] What whatsit? ...
Stacey (PS19N) [2924] I can't have anything.
Jane (PS19L) [2925] Yes you can.
Stacey (PS19N) [2926] What?
Jane (PS19L) [2927] Pass me your plate Deana please, sit, your head up.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2928] I don't want it.
Jane (PS19L) [2929] Why take it then?
[2930] Do you want it Stacey?
Stacey (PS19N) [2931] No thanks.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2932] Can I have something else?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2933] A piece of cake?
Jane (PS19L) [2934] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2935] A piece of cake.
Jane (PS19L) [2936] I haven't got any cake.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2937] What you got then, a piece of what?
[2938] A piece of that?
Jane (PS19L) [2939] Mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2940] that's mine
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2941] I know
Jane (PS19L) [2942] I don't see why I should give mine up ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2943] [cough] thank you
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2944] mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2945] What if I don't like it?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2946] do you like it or what?
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [2947] If you don't like it I'll have me bit back.
Stacey (PS19N) [2948] And I'll have the rest ... I like it
Jane (PS19L) [2949] You've got your book to read ... when you've finished tea ...
Stacey (PS19N) [2950] In the garden
Jane (PS19L) [2951] Oh Michael no ...
Stacey (PS19N) [2952] [reading] In the garden [] I want to see this, I'm not going to read this.
Jane (PS19L) [2953] bite ... bite ... bite it, bite it, open your mouth, open, bite ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2954] How much sugar have you put in this?
Jane (PS19L) [2955] Why?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2956] I can't taste none, why, how much have you put in?
Jane (PS19L) [2957] Three quarters like I always do.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2958] Can I have a bit more in?
Jane (PS19L) [2959] It's just that was sweet.
[2960] ... Come on ... urgh ... oh dear, you alright?
[2961] Alright?
[2962] ... Michael
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2963] He's been sick.
Jane (PS19L) [2964] alright, don't run off ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2965] probably cos he was coughing, turn that
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2966] Turn what off?
Jane (PS19L) [2967] Go and get me a cloth Deana, floor cloth ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2968] That okay?
Jane (PS19L) [2969] That'll do, wait a minute Michael
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2970] Okay sweetheart
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2971] alright ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Stacey (PS19N) [2972] it was awful ...
Jane (PS19L) [2973] Get me the er, some kitchen roll first please ... take those Stace, those things and put them up there ... give me your shoe ... you bet
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2974] you better get some more paper please
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2975] Stacey get some more paper, I'll look after Michael.
Jane (PS19L) [2976] He's alright, go and get some paper ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2977] Come here Stacey go and finish, God that's not enough
Jane (PS19L) [2978] No Stacey I don't want that, that's no good ... alright Michael
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...] ...
Jane (PS19L) [2979] Yes you, pest
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2980] Say it wasn't my fault, I coughed ...
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2981] yes, Michael
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2982] Can he come in my bedroom?
Jane (PS19L) [2983] Oh Deana, go and take him then, for God's sake ...
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2984] Go on, I'm sorry Michael
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2985] take that to another place then.
Stacey (PS19N) [2986] Okay then, take that where?
Jane (PS19L) [2987] Out of the way I said ... oh go up that end ... right get me a ... I'll get it

19 (Tape 074005)

Jane (PS19L) [2988] Deana, pass us a chair from out of the whatsit please?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2989] Eastenders are on.
Jane (PS19L) [2990] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2991] Eastenders.
Jane (PS19L) [2992] Right.
Unknown speaker (KCGPSUNK) [2993] Pardon?
Jane (PS19L) [2994] Alright, no Michael don't go out you've got nothing on your, come on you'll get cold, come here ...

20 (Tape 074006)

Jane (PS19L) [2995] Come on sit and start reading, leave the recorder alone.
Group of unknown speakers (KCGPSUGP) [...]
Jane (PS19L) [2996] it's not an M, where's the M?
[2997] It's not kimper
Stacey (PS19N) [2998] P P C